Tenney High School - Torch Yearbook (Methuen, MA)

 - Class of 1958

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I IH wx Q 'mvmw n Qs BmwfQf ff:fWwmw-w fvaf lufrllnllnn-naar U- .-4.-.1-m11nr-nvzmr mtl! L W WWW? x11p4m11ur'1 ll I Y .. . .19 - - 1 - . 1 -Q'f"2 r-w.f- 'e"".w:':-n f' -' 1" 13-'?"'1 :'9f'3"1EL'.,4 Hl 'f5 2.?.M.xQAmQ:f-QS-15' W 1- f iifqml. f R 1 'Q f' , s X5 ff-f ggiw-faifqe-,QD gifs .11 u g ' 44 W Q A . 0 o n 'P 4.-Nr 1.1-'Ki' -- .. 4' P " .V I I L L F 1 E 2 N V Q2 X lg Z M121 XX f XMIM X X 1 x X V , up' F 1- , x. xv, 'S F 2, To the memory of Miss Carrie Lyman who. in her many years of service. proved herself a dedicated teacher. a faithful mentor. and an understanding friend to all who sought to attain her own high standards of work and conduct. we respectfully dedicate this yearbook. Many friendships and countless happy events have brought us joy during our days at Tenney High. As the course of our lives is being rapidly changed in this age of satellites and missiles, our memories will tend to become blurred. To help restore a clear image of those who formed such a vital part of our lives for four happy years, the "Torch" presents a panorama of our senior year. To my staff and the many who have aided us in producing this yearbook my sincere and heartfelt thanks. of? 1 5 if A "3 4 4 , , 1' 'li . 1 4 l J ' 1 .. H 1'vc' "A" . ,:. saw. A Pk fs r if 3 Q. 1. u 19' 1' Q . 1 ,- .. . - r -4: X . C-,N T .5-A -- 4 x U . K. Axes "rf tl 1... -fha.:-..: ACULTY Ib- ,-'24 MR. URVILLE J. BEAUMONT A.B.. Ed.M., Principal MR. W. BEVERLY INGALLS Superintendent of Methuen Schools MISS DOROTHY CHADWICK, BS., Ed.M. Dean of Girls, Physical Education MR. W. KARL LISTIZR. AB.. NIA. Assistant l'r1'nc1'pal Kff' 1 -. ,, ,F-rg as . r i' lr afiim' a , " - Vw fu fy . L A125721 E, .1 J, "' l,,' " :fye -. 1 UN. if Q. NIR. ALFRED N. LAW. li. S.. lid. Nl. up C111'rl11nr'v lIirf'r'l0r Q- TOTlIEc0NsilTuloxqi:' mm. Q ',II5Il'liIIYF5llTh EQ en oe Grum g .,, 5, MR. JACK BARRY B.S. Director of Phvsical Education MISS MARY BROUDER B.S.. Ed.M. Home Economics MISS CATHERINE COLE B.B.A. Typing. Office Practice M R. EDVRARD COM PTOIS Clmrul Music MRS. HAZICI. IIADFIELD Orrin-f-tru 5 75 MRS. ETHEL BROADBENT MISS AGNES I. BROUDER Ph.B.. Ed.M. , if A.B.. Ed.M. Civics ,A Latin Zwf, f 'I+' I 1 , ...V '11, ,J 1--I V- . ww W n GLC? ' ' I' his MISS ALICE COULSON MISS ROSE DANELIAN A.B.. Ed.M. A.B.. Ed.M. English Civics 'ix lg MISS KATHLEEN M. DORAN B.S.. Ed.M. Stenography MR. JAMES FORD B.A. English, Science MR. JOHN J. HANNIGAN Ph.B.. Ed.M. MR. WILLIAM M. KENNEDY AB. History Problems of Democracy L, h X I an I 25 P 4:11 !,' 0 .211 fbi. '95 'fir 32 :Fifi gs! 'X J -i IRI gn ' lb I IW' WF' :nl IREM 'mul Uris iwfdf nn 'T will n ,fi wp- , 4 'TY' WP. 'irc NU. 'V If 1 'rv gb, fi In Qu Us r I F Q. -Pm ny-- E21 13 5 gi X ei W5 V3 s S? as A, r-"" 'I F44 I-.5 I P n L-,,. - -' .-fi? . X...- ry' -L... ,I e 12 . X x ,L .1 1-1.1.41 AS A-sggrguk QM 5 I X Lfmxsw .1,. x U. .::' ,fx 'ri rip-5, ' 1- f bl -LT.-1 I ni ',4r.f..4 1 . ' in-Q... .-f " if 'i A F5 , 3, . -.-4 5 - 'sly -X M 4 v s If ' 'fi W3 3... PY i'., :- I I --'mpg v ng 1,11 NWA 1 Seo? MEEOQ ,Q 'L HIGH SCHOOL' DRIVER ' S 00 Q QUON PM S 1 i XQ Z: Af- aw NIH. I.I10N.XIIIl N1.IIL'SII'I'0N IIF., I.d.NI.. NIHX. IIFUIUIVIIIN of IJQ'III1N'I'LlL'V Inw. Ifm'mwrl1ICN XIISS NIXILIHIIIF I.. SIIICIINIAN MII.. I'.II.NI, Xlgrllm NIISS I-Il.IZ,XI4Ii'ql'II I". SMITH XII.. I.1I.NI. IIINIUTN. Izngll-I1 ..x1.u.:.l,xxl-.1 II In 1-" 1'f .f--.Q llllu . I 5. ' ' 'Tse' Nm MH. WILLIAM RLISFQELL AB. I I Chemiftry. Physici' f' , WI F- I Q NIIIS. YIIULINI,-X WIIINI.-KN Q nf. t lfm-rn-ral 54'll'lIl'f' 'Y I n'fr'1+1f1ff l"4'51'Q,"1"'W""i"l 'Q' x "f1!t'fT'1 I gs' -fe -f"'c" f' ' 1.-' 1' 1' "I -H-n " 1 vi ' V Y V VV.. - H I P"3-L"" 'tr4-lxlg ' A . ,,,, ' I- A 'Q - 1' n - 1? x X -I 9 S CAROL ADAMS Igdlllllit' "XYliat's the lute-st liairzltff' .Ninbitioni I.:-gal 5m'c'r:'tary W vl 1-1-ns 1: 1,onnin-nt-1-nn-nt . Y.. lsln-rt-ltr: l lik Rt'f!ft'st'lll2i- llh' Z: Lollvgt- l.lub -ll Blur antl Whitt- -11 Various Cmn- ,JN i BARBARA ALCARESE Barb "Now you see her. now you 4lon't." Ambition: To live a life of bf"fVll'Q". Yearbook Editor: Honor So- Civty 3. -l-1 Fit-ld Hockey l. 25 J mittt-1--. Nlath Club lresident 2: Blue and Whitt- 3. -1: Student R Council 3: Student Exchange l 33 ll.-XR Cowl Citizenship Award 3: Cirls' AA 2: Vari- ou- tfoininittt-es. l'll.l'l.-XNUR .'XN'l'ONl'll,l,l JOHN ARAliELlAN lzllr ,lnluzerelm "A smile. at lllllsll llvwar l" "Neyer too busy to say he-llol" Ainbition: 54-vr:-tary Ainbition: Poultry lfarmer Coiinin-rrial Club 1: lllut- :intl Various Connnittevs. Wliitt- lg Italian Club. at 'uf A ,-S An" N 4. ,Q ii '-45: ROBERT ANDREW 1. B. Andrew "An all-round good fellow." Football 2. 3. 4: Cadets 1. 3, Captain 4: Various Commit- tees. f , A. Ft QQAX F,f1:"fAw f" ll, CLi,!VLf we BARBARA v. AUBERT Barb "A girl with a twirllu Ambition: Secretary Nlajorettvs 2. 3, 4: Basketball 2, 35 Hockey 1: Blue and White 3. 4: Girls' AA 1. 2, 3: Various Committees. , T f . it! ,fl GERALD S. ANDREWS fer "He isn't very noisy, nor is he very shy He has a win- ning smile and a twinkle in his eye." Ambition: IBM Operator Baseball 2: Track 3. MARIANNE BADOLATO "Every inch an artist!" Ambition: To study the arts Italian Club 21 Various Com- rnittees. .nxt-T' 'Q '11 ' is A EUNICE E. BAKER "Just be natural: you're nat- urally nice." Ambition: A successful future Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4f: College Club 4: Various Committees. z I f " , . fl f T 'x, , ,: ' . f ' 1 1' . jf' fr' I . . .,,. 'S" 2. ' ff "Qf?w'ff5a41x't.:-- M. CATHERINE BERGMAN Cathy "Mischief sparkles in her eyes, And her laughter never dies." Ambition: To be just plain happy- Cirls' AA 1: Various Com- mlttees. 3 'G '--Q GRACE BARRACLOUGH Cazie "As pretty as a daisy" is this new member of our class from Deering High School in Port- land, Maine. Ambition: To have a happy life Various Committees. DORIS BERNARD Dot "A little work, a little play." Various Committees. , .- -Q 'fT"'7 L 2 ,M Sq' Ng' "'fg7 -mx A . 4' m ' A . X 1 . , Y' ff 1 'K .' -i"'1. , -,.- 5. ." J , '.. 5 . , I . . + 1 I L l ' 'gil .' " rr, . wi .sf ', 1 ,V . . 1 'Q A.. ,: YQ 'ul -I Q .-'. ' , . ' 1 1' 'V' v' ' ' 'r ' , t ' - .-li-f-J . r . . 3- L . ., 'I .' v , . , ..,, ',,k , ,. ul 1' , GMX - f, of sf rn 1 'W fl: mil , 1' r ii. I t ' ..5i1'.? 4 LSR' 2 O . If kt V. . . , I. ,: H. -. .3 ,. . U.. Q. . RICHARD E. BENNETT M ousie 'IClear the road . , . Here comes Mousieln Ambition: Navy Cadets 1. WILLIAM LOUIS BOSCO Willyum "The sheik of Araby!" Ambition: Pharmacist Football 2. 3. 1 .5 v 5 :Lev 'I seo 'ii 1' EDWARD C. B1-3No1T, JR. Ted "How are you fixed for blades?" Ambition: Machinist Talent Show 2. 33 Clee Club 3, 4:.Senior Play: Basketball r I ' J ACQUELINE A. BOUDREAU Jackie "Ready and raring to go!" Ambition: Professional singer Clee Club I, 3, 4, Vice Pres- ident 2: Blue and White Staff 3, 43 Basketball 2: Talent Show 1, 33 Senior Play: Var- ious Committees. 'T7 4 4? N i X. I JOHN BR.-XCISKA Lilh Swish! And the score ocs up another notch!" Ambition: Salesman Basketball I. 2. 3. Captain 4: Baseball 1: Clee Club I, 2, 3, 41 Blue and While Staff 43 Various Committees. IDOROTHEA BLTDD Ilurric' "Life is a ja-st and all things show lt. l thought so once lbul now I kllltw it.u Ambition: A 5l1f'f'1'5'flll nursc Fit-lfl llnclu-y Alzlnagc-r fl. 'll lla-kvtball Nlanagt-r Zi. -1: Stu- dent lfounril fi. lit-corrling l Sm-iw-tary 'lg ifliccrlcatlcr 41 lllue- and Whitt- Staff l. 2. 3. 41 Girls' AA 21 Various flom- mittv:-s. 1 4 fi' 1 -allrsf' A., 1 .A X ' ,l .D ' of. ' 1 f A .fi l 5. , L x RUSSELL BREARLEY Bud "We're glad he's a member of our class." Ambition: Accountant. MAUREEN L. BURKE fllo "Begin each day with a cheery smile and a happy hello." Ambition: To bc successful Cheerleader 3. 4: Class Sec- retary 4, Senior Play, Col- lege Club 3, 43 Talent Show 21 Girls' AA 23 PTSA Rep- resentative 33 Cadet Queeng Various Committees. --ln. '55 1' MQQ PATRICIA BRETT Pat "Some think the world is made for fun and frolic, and so do I!" Ambition: Social worker Tri-Hi-Yg Various Commit- tees. JAMES CAMERON Porky 'Tull of pranks." Ambition: Draftsman. Dt' K1 414 ' 1 uv? 2 JUDITH BROUCK Judie "Give her a chance and she'lI find romancef' Ambition: A successful future Girls' AA 1, 23 Various Com- mittees. E All c- gg: .vc RICHARD CARBONNEAU 'gWhere women be, there be I also." Ambition: Optometrist Cadets 2, 3, 43 Basketball 2, 3, 4. .rs Q'-'A Nu. .. I ll " 'ii U A 0' L., A BERNICE ANN CIESLIK Bernie "An excellent medley for se riousness and fun." Ambition: A commercial art ist Tri-Hi-Y Ig Clee Club 2, 3, 4g Senior Play. .A .. vig, 4 V- ttiit . ..-Q - 7 '-' ., iglitifi,-'A DONALD EDWARD CROSSLEY . Don "Watch the world go by." Ambition: Draitsman. -if EMILY CONNELL Lee "Flitting here, flitting there!" Ambition: Nurse College Club 2. 3, 4, Math Club 23 Field Hockey Ig Blue and White Staff 3, Editor 4, Honor Society 3, 4g Yearbook Staffg Girls' AA 2, Various Committees. CAROLYN JOAN CRUCIUS Cal uShe may be quiet and de- mure. Maybe-don't be too sure." Ambition: Bookkeeper Commercial Club 4 3 Varioys Committees. t 1 - Iv' les ' Q gts- ,7 X . 2' MARGARET CONOM Peggy 'Something to think about." Ambition: Teacher Blue and White Staff 1, 2. 3, 4g Glee Club: Girls, AA 2g Various Committees. JOAN MARIE CYR Sparky "A girl with an appealing smile, Her line of pals ex tends a mile." Ambition: Hairdresser Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4. in Wi Wt' jf, y- I 1 IV 41 , I 102 -z ,,,m-as .' l, 1? S' r 6- x PATRICIA CROSS Pat "A face that wins friendsg a personality that keeps them." Ambition: To get married Y-Teens 4g Commercial Club 43 Various Committees. WILLIAM I-I. DALTON Bill "My car is my weakness!" Ambition: Engineering Band l, 2, 3, 4. .Q .75 41' 'V!s. BS? , ,l I 1 If I "'7 1,1 JOYCE NI. De-:KN DRLS "St-in:-tiin:-s gran-. smnetimes guy . . . liut we like her 1-wry way." Ainlvition: Xl:-dical Secretary Girls' .NX l: llasketball Klan- ager 12. 3. fl-1 lilue and Whitt- 3, ll lfivltl lltvclwy 1. 21 Nluth Club 2: Various Com- mittt--'-. I XJ -Q ,ukyvg yo Qllinl 1 'Q V 4 ,A l ,, h X 'X i U rx t lx 4' J UJ ' CONST.-XNCE T. DONOVAN ljonnie "A girl who may se-ein quiet In you. llut ask he-r friends if this ls true-. Ambition: Nursi- Yt'llt'llu0l4 Staff. :X-sislilnl itor: tjollf-gp Club 3. -1: lion- ol' Society fi. -lg Girls' AA 21 Various fi0llllllilll'l'N. Ill gl 1 I x ' Q "x '- if :nk Y. ,', .J 1 ' 1 JAMES DELANEY laeques "Trouble never troubles him." Ambition: Artist. RUTH E. DOYLE Doolhy Royale "She conceals only what she limmws n0f." Ambition: Biologist Various Committees. 5555 I x. TH MARY DERDERIAN With always a smile as she goes past, what a wonderful friend is this charming lass." .L Ambition: To travel Yearbook staff, Assistant Ed- 'itorg Blue and White 43 Col- lege Club 2, 3, 4g Honor So- ciety 3, Treasurer 43 Clee Club 1, 2g Y-Teens lg Com- mencement Usheretteg Vari- ous Committees. LIONEL DUPONT Butch "Beyond dull carell' Ambition: Draftsman. if i Q L CHARLES M. DE PIETRO Chuck "He isn't very noisy, nor is he very shy. He has a win- ning way, and a sparkle in his eye." Ambition: "To own a 'new' car" Band 1. 2. 3, 4. DOROTHY ELDON Dotly "A touch of deviltry lurks in her eyes ps Ambition: Secretary Band 3, 43 Commercial Club 49 Talent Show 1. 33 Various Committees. We ' 118 'i EDWARD ELIAS JR. Elmer "Silence is deceiving" Ambition: Officer in the Ser- vice Baseball 1: Various Commit- ICES. E' ' ' ,-'Sai' V - , . '- .' - . J.: v,. 133:-4 in , A , im' 1 ' . 1 X51 ff"D f QW , -sv k L ELSIE S. ESPERIAN Ellie "Where there's fun, she's al- ways in it." Ambition: Private Secretary Class Treasurer 1, 2: Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, 45 Tri-Hi-Y lg Basketball 2: Various Committees. ELAINE ELIET Lani "Quietly she goes her way, Does her share with little to say." Ambition: Secret Girls' AA 25 nd White Staff 5 Y- ns 1'l2g Com- mercia 4giJ Various fx Cf 5 n r ! . Lf' - esif :yi J gg tg' , M lr, f 1 fl,-'fig ' . ,,,,, 1f,Zd.z'f L RACHEL FARELLI Cuddles "Cheerfulness and personality plus!" Ambition: Nurse Various Committees. 'df' i N nl CAROLE ANN EPP Carrie "She shines in her sincerity." Ambition: Medical Secretary College Club 4g Various Com- mittees. CAROL FARQUHAR Squeaks "Look in her eyes, see an an- gelg look again. see an imp." Ambition: Physical Therapist Glee Club 4: Yearbook Staff. Art Chairman: Various Com- mittees. MARGARET ELIZABETH EPP Muggs "She has a friend for every smile, and a smile for every friend." Ambition: Psychologist College Club 4: Various Com- mltlees. V. 9 .Si Q3 Lv CAROLYN FAY Faye A girl with a great big smile To make life happy all the while." Ambition: Secretary Y-Teens ll Girls' AA 2: Commercial Club 43 Various Committees. if 1' l in I' A , .91 'l its li- UW U11 1.-fd V er 9 f-3 405 3- on N , Wi. J G X GERALD FAY Buster 'irilvml All WOI'k'-Sfmd playin Ambition: Pilul Various Coiiiiiiitteffs. JOANNE FERRARO ,lu "A person worth knowin Ambition: Secretary Various c:llIIlllllIll'f'N. ,P Six 1r""" ' ri 'L l ATHENA FELIDES Chubs at "Let swing be kingfu Ambition: Secretary Talent Show 3: Commercial Club 4: Senior Play: Various Committees. 4 - 1 to 'Ziff CARNIELA FICHERA Camie "Shes carefree and smart: that's Camie at heart." Ambition: To marry a mil- lionaire Yearbook Staff. Assistant Ed- itor: Honor Society 3. 4: Col- lege Club 2. 3, President 41 Girls' State Representative: DAR Good Citizenship Award 2: Blue and Whitt- 3. 4: Ital- ian Club 2: Cleo Club 1. 2: Yarious Committees. --1 5 Q tx .. 1 Lf: -1 vi' fi Q- if 7 SRs .rfut if 1 x D46 It r 'UA I if . I . MICHAEL FERRARA .Hike "His bark is worse than his bite." Ambition: Band Leader Band 1. 2, 3. 4. ANNE PATRICIA FLUET Anne "Petite in sizefgreat in mind." Ambition: Nuclear Physicist Yearbook Staff: College Club 3. 4: Honor Society 3. 4. sd T' 14" .J GERALDINE FERRARO Geri "A bundle of fun!" Ambition: Nurse Various Committees. PAUL F LUET "Merrily on his way!" Ambition: Accountant Commercial Club 4. If 'x I I n lil it 1 W- ' l qi sur' FRANCES C FOSTER F rannze A winning way a pleasant smile Dressed so neat and quite in style Ambition Teacher Glee Club 1 2 Blue a d White Staff 4 Yearbook Staff Girls AA 2 Basket ball Manager 2 3 4 Honor Society 3 4' Commencement Usherette 3' Field Hockey 1 2 3 Captain 4' Various Com- mittees. JACQUELYN GXGNE Jackie "We like you for your genial a'r, Your artistic talent is really rare.' Ambition: Secretary Basketball 1 3 Commercial Club 4. fag MARGARET FOX Peggy I silence many virtues hide Ambition Airline Hostess Commercial Club 4 Various Committee MARILYN GAGNE yn "A pleasant smile, a winning way.' Ambition: Secretary Commercial Club 4g Girls' AA 2. - I rv' Cal' 4, l 1 'N-I i GENE FRAGALA "Where to find his equal would be hard to tellfl Ambition: Accountant Commercial Club 4. PHILIP GAGNON Flash "Flash is ready, off goes the gun, The tape is broken, the race is won." Ambition: Military Policeman Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4g Baseball 1, 2g Track lg Cadets 1, 23 Color Guard 1. MILDRED FRYE Millie "Alert and happy all the while, Millie's witty remarks bring many a smile." Ambition: Airline Hostess Commercial Club 43 Girls' AA 23 Various Committees. PATRICIA GALLANT Pat "And 1 haven't got a worry in the world." Ambition: Receptionist Y-Teens 43 Commercial Clu' 4g Various Committees. fa fx? , "'-rr .ff 1 I fm 419 X F CEll'l'lll'ltE GIAHIIIYELLA Tfffl 5tlv't'ttv' -5-f-.ilu for ilwlf... Anihitii-ni Hi-t vt-tioiitrt ELAINE MARIE GL ELI Effie "lou only think you km-wr hir," ,Xiuhiti-vii: 'l'-- pas- Finii hnalt-li tiling- tlulf 2. l: Italian tluil .ig Miriotis t--iuxziittv-ts. Q . 'C "f'fD .g .-3 S' N1 '::.7' Nr RICHARD GOBEL Dick "A well liked member of our Class." Ambition: Navy Yarious Committees. C 1. R ' f .E '- x ' - ,fu 4 Q ,U C:-fnxf L. V' PETER Cl,-GLIELXIIXO Pete LT:-n-hun. you alll" Amhiti-In: Air Force Kiatlvts fi. 4, 2 .55 Q '59' in 35 -ef' is T' .17 BEVERLYANN M. GRASSO Jinx "One of the crowd." Ambition: Medical Secretary Y-Teens 1, 4: Girls' AA 2: Various Committees. EDVCWARD HABEEB Hajji Bubba "Edward Habeeb is my name Dc-n't you think l'll gain some flillltffu Ambition: Dedicated father Cadet 0ffiCer 3. -1: Yariou Committees. fl' T' 21 ai'- '52 VINCENT GRECO Grinnie "A flash of color, and a whir of tires. There goes the guy the girls admiref' Ambition: To win the Indian- apolis 500 Football 3. 4: Clee Club 3, 4: Talent Show 35 Track 3: Various Committees. ROBERT HABEEB Bob "Now here's a boy wh0'5 on the beam. To most of the girls he's quite a dream." Ambition: Electrical Tech- nieian Clee Club 3. 4: Various Com- mittees. lr Ei RUTH ANN HABEEB Ruth "Friendship is something to be treasured." Ambition: Dedicated elemen- tary school teacher. Clee Club 3, 43 Orchestra 1, 23 Girls' AA 2g Field Hock- ey Manager 4g Blue and White 43 Various Commit- tees. ANN MARIE HAMILTON Ann "We searched and searched 'til at last we found, A red- head who was with no temper endowed." Ambition: Nursing Specialist Clee Club 4g Blue and White 1, 2g Girls' AA 2g PTSA Representative 1, 2g Various Committees. ' ' Q.. I, 5,-: flritv. I If il, ., x t N ' YY QP ' . Y , ,P 'V' , ll ,X I ' 1 5 . b. , U .X ' . ' 'T' . f eff n 7 BARRY HAJJAR Little Butcher "Happy am I. from care I'n I free, Why aren't they all con- tented like me ? " Ambition: Devoted meat cut ter Various Committees. WILLIAM HASWELL Will "A man of few words is he." Ambition: Engineer Various Committees. -Sl i' X? A, CLIFFORD HALLER es. -Po? CHARLES HA NI BLET Cliff Chuck St3'nd'PY- 3 mighty man if "We can start now. Charlit-'s passing. ht.n.g" Ambition: Mechanical Engi- .An,1,m0n: Enginepr neer Basketball I. 2. 3, 41 Baseball 1. 2. 3. 4: Class President I. 2, 3. 43 Yearbook Circulation Chairman: Senior Play: Cood Citizenship Award 2g Honor Society 3. -lg Various Com- mittees. FRANK HAYDEN Doc "A captivating smile and wavy hair, Will get Frank anywhere." Baseball 2, 3. 43 Basketball 4g Senior Play, 1 sl. -ff' Basketball 1. 2. 3. 4: Base- ball 2: Cadets l: Class Svc- retary 23 Class Vice Presi- dent 4g Blue and White 2: Senior Play: Yearbook Busi- ness Chairman: Honor Society 3, 4-Q Various Committees. ROBERT HERTRICH Helrh "Be happy-go-lucky." Ambition: Mechanic Cadets 2, 3. 4: Bowling 3. -l-1 Various Committees. -C - if' '-1 3. hi' Uh its dsl' M It V 74 K T231 ' t . , t -x . 4 f l.fk"if J lil.-XXX JOHN HOBBS HlCClXBOT'l'0Xl Hobby? lliggi "You-ooo send mel" lfnllliisidxlil is ng-xpr l3q'killg1,u Alllllllltlni Elt'Cll'iC3l TCCll- Xmliilii-ii: l'ritalf- Secretary 'Hman th... mul, 1- 2. 3. 4: Girlx- Various Committees. l X.-X 2: Y'l'vi'iis lg Various UlIllllllll'l'r. I-TXITII llUl.lllfN JOHN T. HOLGATE in '-1A t ami lowly." lark xmhmnn. 'l',,m.lu,r lliml you get a slioeli. ,la mm, and yum., 4. yariuu Ambition: Electrical Engineer loiiimztl :-m' -. Railio filulr 3. -1. -1? -me ' ,+- Li' D l . A I 1 '4 x 'Q . L , L JANE HODGE Janie "A merry maid is she." Ambition: Nurse Clee Club 2: Girls' AA 23 Cheerleader 3. 4: Honor So- ciety 3. Secretary 4: Senior Play: Various Committees. SANFORD HORSKIN JR. Sandy "Ever friendlyu Ambition: Agricultural School Football 1. QW"-if - Nf"..27 3 X 11 WILLIAM JOSEPH HOFFMEIR Bill "There's humor in every thing." Ambition: Forestry Football 3. 43 Track Basketball 4. JUDITH ANNE HOUGHTON fu dy "And then there was danc ing- Ambition: Nurse Glee Club 4: Various Com mittees. fi l JOHN HUGHES ack Xou ve got to he happy. Ambition Rich Bachelor Track 2. , ...Li . -. -iii 1 53:1 -2 . ., 'S f f . wif Q", ' ' CHRISTINE .IESSER Chris "Mischief is her delight, laughter her goal." Ambition: Hairdressing Commercial Club 4: Y-Teens 4: Girls' AA 2g Various Com- mittees. PRISCILLA ALDEN HURLBUTT "Full of ambition, she's sure to succeed, She has the brains that she will need." Ambition: English Teacher College Club 2, 4: Com- mencement Usherette 3: Hon- or Society 63, President 43 Italian Clu 43 Blue and White Staff 4. WILLIAM R. IANNALFO Bill "Never get that work done, sleeping in the sun." Ambition: Business School Commercial Club 4. -'Q Q Q DAVID JOSEPH JEAN Dave "There is always time." Ambition: Armed Service Football 45 Basketball 4. JOHN JOYCE LEO E. .l. JUSKO WILLIAM KADY ,lack Peepers Bill "Happy days are here again." "He watches from his lofty "And why worry what to- Ambitionz Navy heights." morrow brings." Cadets lg Glee Club 3, 4g Ambition: Baker Ambition: Electronic Engi- Various Committees. Italian Club 2: Various Com- nw mittees. Various Committees. W '23 lt rv 1. J. i 4 1 ill! it hifi FB 99 is :TP bw. V. I V 'fav gb. cv Th Oak 0 F . o I ,X sf-rr 7' AXRLINE JOAN KAHAN "A ltulit heart liws longer. Ainlution: Nur-e lianil l. 2. 3. el: Nlath Club l. .21 1.1-llf-ge 4.lub 2. 3. 4 N ariou- toiumittt-e--. ll'lJI'l'Il ANN KILCUYNE ,llllill uxlllllfl' Ll rule' llltlf' l .iilivn :intl lwls ol fun, Xmliition: Nur-e IVLU l,l4-.- l.lub ,l. 1: Narious Lom ruittvvs. 2 S l BEVERLY KENNEDY Beth "A sunny nature wins lasting friends." Ambition: Feeretary Field Hoeliey ll Clet' ClulJ'3 4: Conimercial Club 4: Y Teens 4: Various Committees MARY LOL' KING Shorty "A regular eardf' Ambition: Civil Engineer Nlatlt Llub -ll Orchestra l. 2 3: College Club 4. if VI. '7 ROBERT KENNEDY B011 "Better late than never." Ambition: Teacher Band 1. 2. 3. 4, I I JANE ANNE KINLOCK "A dramatic touch. a witty word," Ambition: Biology teacher- like Mr. Hardacre Talent Show 1: Cheerleader 3. 4: Blue and White Staff 2,1 Yearbook Staff: College Club 2, 3. 4: Girls' AA 23 Various Committees. KHALAF E. KHALAF Kal "Argument is the gift of nature." Ambition: Businessman Student Council 4: Glee Club 3. 4. MARIE LAMBERT "Sailing through the sea of life." Ambition: Nurse Majorette 3. 4: Honor Soci- ety 3. 4: Commencement Ush- erette 3: College Club 2, 3, 4: Girls' AA 23 Various Com- mittees. ix w..Tf I GLORIA LAMONTAGNE Glo "We like your genial air." Ambition: Dietician Clee Club 3, 4g College Club 3, 4, Various Committees. ff- - -' .'g,,..-A-Ig gr , t' RICHARD LEACH Dick "Mirth is my companion." Ambition: Draftsman HENRY McGREGOR LANCASTER Hank "'Tis folly to be wise." Ambition: Armed Forces Football 1, 2-g Baseball 1, 2, 4g Cadets 3, Officer 4, Vari- ous Committees. JEFFERSON M. LEE Speedy "A valuable link in our chain of classmates." MARY LAORENZA May "I'm sitting on top oi the world." Ambition: Secretary Y-Teens lg Talent Show 3: Commercial Club 4-g Senior Play. JOYCE LEES Flees "Lovely to look at, delightful to know." BARBARA LAWRIE Barb "Silent and sweet, she always looks neat." Ambition: Airline Hostess Commercial Club 4, Y-Teens 1. MARY ELLEN LEVESQUE "Ciggle, and Mary Ellen gig- gles more." I Q 'C if ' i 'J'-. l 4 9 s Cadets 1, Bowling 3, Vari- ous Committees. Ambition: Lawyer. 29 -dd Ambition: Cosmetologist Student Council 3, President 43 Yearbook Stafig Major- ettes 3, Various Committees. Ambition: To see the world College Club 2. 45 Math Club 2, 4: Girls' AA 2g Various Committees. CAROLE MARSLAND Peanuts ISABELL JOAN NIARTELLE "Quiet, but efficient." Is Commencement Usherette 3. 'Sincere friendliness." Ambition: Policewoman Y-Teens 1. 2: Commercial Club 4. V... W-.3 , -. -Q W- . - ' ' -W6 ,Ji -. ', " 'UF"f '-- 'if' 5212. . .,-., . " 'fs'vi- ,XX . , RICHARD MAZIARZ JOHN NICANDREYV Dick Brother "Make haste slowly." "A little nonsense ncw and Cadets 1, 4. then. ls relished by the bc-I of men." Ambition: Electrical Engine-cr Band 1: Math Club 1. -1: Various Committccs. 3- CAROLI NE XIATHEWS Patchy "Her voice was ever soft. gentle. and low." Ambition: Model Y-Teens 3. 4: Orchestra 1. BYRON P.-Xlil. XIcCA RTHY .llac "Alany a fcnialc bt-art flu! tcrsf' Ambition: Electrical linsint-cr Band 1, 2. 3. -1: Nlath Llul 41 V3l'l0ll4 Coniniittcci. 1 A faf 'o V T 1- NIARGIQERITE Nl. MAX Uidge "As free ai the breeze. Ambition: Secretary it Commercial Club 4. TIMOTHY Nh-C-XRTHX Tim "Newer on furtiic miscli Q bcnt. HPQF always on bii lar intent." Ambition: Hiilory and Soc Skiiflnl-fx t.t-llc-'e Club 2. 32 It-XR bl ti I lfitize-nship Award 3: Cb: Llub 3. -1. Y S-4 i .l-bg? wr' 1' Q if fi Q3 X, 4 X JOHN JAMES Nh-NIORROW, jli. lim 'IX hvurtx laugh ix :owl lIli'1l' it-in.-." ' A .-Xmhition: lint:-r the l'niwr- wily of New l'lan1pNl1irv Colle-gi' Club 2: Orvlir-xtra l. C:XliUl,lf A. Xll'iYl'lli "Km-p your funny xirlv up." Nmlntion: 'lio ln- fiivwvftil in ulmh-xv-r l rlo. 'liri-lli-Y l: Stull:-nt fQoum'il 2. l. i,Illill'-Iblilllilllg N-1-rr-larry 33 Stuilv-nl lfxvllarigv Jig 4lllf"'lll'Lllll'f fi. llapluui 1: lvxlllum-lt Ftullg Milla' XX 2: Xarious lfommiltw-1--. 15? s- TTT' S- I I :F ,QQ- BRENDA MELLOR Cookie "She has a smile for every- body." Ambition: Travel through Canada Girls' AA 23 Commercial Club 4: Various Committees. WILLIAM MORELLE Ill' l"'ll""' "f lt' Ambition: Certified Publiv Bill "A frii-nil worth having." Acvountunn f . fl llllllK'l'N. ' T - . C f zu. K Vg QA- 'Vx jp 7.5 MAUREEN METCALFE Moe "Always full of fun, you bet: Just the girl you can't forget." Ambition: Comptometrist Talent Show 3g Y-Teens 43 Commercial Club 4g Various Committees. wx, 4 S-f Z' CAROLE MURACH Wow "Always be happy." -h.. 'UN - -'QL 1 ROBERT MURAD Bob "Happy, and from care I'm free: As long as Eleanor sits near me." Ambition: Radio and tele- vision technician Cadets Ig Secretary Radio Club 3, President 4. L' . wff"0 V. ,- . is gy? PATRICIA A. 0,NEIL N. R. "Cute as a trick, and just as much funf' Ambition: Airline Hostess Talent Show 3: Y-Teens 4: Various Committees. K PATRICIA MURPHY Bonnie "Cheerful, snappy, and always happy. ' Ambition: To get married Y-Teens 4: Commercial Club 4: Various Committees, SHIRLEY MAE PATCH 'QA pleasing way wins a friend each day." Ambition: Secretary Majorettes 2. 1 OLGA CLAIR NASSAR LIICIIIY "5he's trim and neat from head to feet." Ambition: Be a nurse: marry a doctor and have six kids Student Council lg Blue and Wlhite 2: Yearbook Photogra- phy Chairman: Senior Play: Math Club 2: Debating Club 2: Honor Society 3. Vice President 4-3 Field Hockey I, 2: College Club 2, 3: Various Committees. MARGERY A. PAUK llargie ullowcler your face with sun shine." Y fl NINA NICOLOSI Alielf "l'd rather be small and shy. than be large and east a shad- ow." Ambition: Fashion Designer Commercial Club 4: Italian Club 2: Various Committees. .- !-, Y STELLA C. PEPIN Slel "lille longer you know her. the lll'llI'li yllll like llt'r." Ambition: Pliztrinacist Ambition: Airline llostr-ss College Club 11: Cl:-e Club XLIYIIIUSf.UIl1IIlllIt't'S. lg Various Committees. 5 N,-L' P ITL!! W K. ' 0 t Q' I Fil gl YB gl, F N h X- .Yo tyr- 7 f flxflvf n ,", uk' u' '33 Q . Y I N :J , V' Ez XIXHY PERDI5 PETER PERONT T, me f,6f6 Kun-.:1z1,::- nu. .1 writ "High if rain," X :'.: I-4.1, . .arw K "'I"..ii 171,11 +1 imit- ' "" :ii lf.-viif 3: Yi?- 1 - -. X , 1 I u f v 1 , X 'E WARN PIERCE jig.-ff.,.11': .x t: l Us z W 5ExNDRx R. PIEROG 1 X l'.5Q:'f cyl- .it ,a .fiffw v 1 N I 5. m---m- 1 .. Yr. .1 1 ...1 'N ,7 - o 1 NEIL PERRY JAMES PI-CARILLO '-nv 1- golden . . , II PM a r iQ I-waking." "Yi em in one ear and out th -ifthPr." Ambition: Navy , CEP Club 3. 4: Talent Show 3.1 I 'Q 3 N nf,- " WM, 9 .1 A. faff- ' ' J . 5 - C -A , j 1 V. , W. A ,xr E x , L -'L ' . X . .. -,fi SANDRA, LEE, PLATl'f . . , ' S5211 RICHARD PIROZEK "X r.iiI1f 21.321 IS .2 '-use :t1.a:." 'Fife sip' and Q'-51.1 and. Fix: lg Atifftic Haze: Us 55 f""f'E:-- X ' 1 L l. 2. 5. Uffzsfr A:1:i:g::: Dfztal Hygienist N-Hfc: Play: C-:lege Club 2. ---- v X 15 56 - Q GEORGE POMPHRET "Easy is as easy does." SAN DRA MARY POTVI N Cadets 1. Sandy "Little girl with a turned up nose." Ambition: Commercial :Xrtiet Senior Playg Clee Club 1. 2. 3, 4g Italian Club 4. C M 4 fi 2 ' - ff '-'eff Y RICHARD RALPH EDWARD V. REED Rick Ed 'The man of independent 'LSpea.king of antiques . . -ln Ambition: Engineer Basketball 1, 2g Baseball 1, 2: Cadet Officer 49 Color Guard 4. Ambition: College Professor + , I af -C f-ff! wi 42 f' , f 14 ,p ..' A,4" ' - X NIARIIIYN PFHQNIEFL Llc. --xt L,-fn 1 . " , :l4.,, 5 .'xl'TTl'i.fif.f2I S- Y-'l'Pe:1f L1 'QL 1 3. 4: f,i,mn1ef'... ' Vaimgf Cf,::.t" SEBASTIAN SAM REITANO xfr-rt-, 'WPA-P 'Y-.1-1-1 1 agf. College Club 2. 3. 4: Clee 3 - Club 1, 2: Chess Club 3. -L: iE-b2L-'-'E- -51'-f'f4-'-- Various Committees. QB.. ,Q E-1 w lifli 1, 'vi-P" on o ' ox I iF ""7 'sfeik I -,1--"-'- "L 4? fd 'Q ET XNLEY PFQZNIAK firm ' ' ,un 3: i:-Q wink 7 31" 'iff' Eff: 'na..r- f',,.,. ' u Q 0::,4.F,. ,-. ,. -. ,. ... ,. . -v- - . - . Fir'-1 - u--1 5 1- Eur-f ...'..- ,. ..-. 1. r.-.i ,I.'f1'12.:1-'G' SHIRLEY RICCI cpm. 'f"f .1 CHIPS: U- -Dil. I .- .1,.,..L.. '... , . . ,... . xr, -,, ... ., I, . . 1 ,., - N, 1,.u CH :xi WEL- lg Nl fu, . .,- - sf- V 'N 11' - , ,".. " I .ll ' AA. -. -.. - 1 1 ,nr n- -we fe ..' 'I I' - , TS! J I DOROTHY RILEY JOHN RIVIZZIO Dot R0C1f ".-X little bit of mischief done "One of the boys." UP in 3 -mall I'3l'li3S"-U Ambition: Lowell Tech. Alnlritionz To work in the nf-is police -lution Tri-Hih ll CI--Q' Club 4: Coiiiiiivrvial Club 4: Coms llll'IlL'!'IIlf'IIl Ishcrctte 3: lar ious Coinniittecs. BEVERLY ROSSI "A smile- u day keeps tluflrir away." Italian Club 4. the REGINA RUDIS Ginger "Full of fun. full of llfP.u Ambition: Business Adminis tration Y-Teens 21 Commercial Club 4: Various Committees. '15 Ili gfxv. 'Q'-5 I V4.1 3' X ELIZABETH ROBERTS KATHLEEN ROEGER Betty KUUU' "Quia-t. yet not so quiet." "The QYUS have il-ll Ambition: Office work Ambition: Secretary Commercial Club 4. Girls' AA 2g Y-Teens lg Glee IANICE RUSSELL Ian "The world is made for fun and frolicf' Ambition: Secretary Girls' AA 2: Y-Teens 1: Var- ious Committees. Club 43 Various Committees CYNTHIA SABBAGH Cindy "To know her is a pleasant fate." Ambition: Dietician College Club 2, 3, 4: Blue and White 4g Various Com mittees. Fa-I6 -Q-1 1,1 NELLA DAWN SANBORN Nella "With patience, friendliness, and faithfulness combined, she's the nicest girl we could ever find." Ambition: To be a success in bgx TIMOTHY SANTANGELO Tim "Gives his best to every task." Ambition: Bookkeeper Glee Club 3, 43 Commercial Club 4. ' ' v'i whatever I choose. 3 I I, ,H ' I Basketball 2, 3, 43 Field .i ,fbi ' Hockey 2, 3, 43 Student " " 'N I 1 , iff Council Treasurer 43 Band lg I el 1 Cheerleader 43 Orchestra lg i, :Q f' PTSA Secretary 4g Girls' AA ' A L X " 23 Various Committees. 1 K ...F ,1..?L,.3l fl' ' a GEORGIA SCANLON SANDRA SEGLIN Skeets Sandi - "She aims to please." "Always cheerful company." Ambition: Medical Secretary Ambition: Singer Blue and White 43 Commer- Basketball 1, 2, 3, -43 Field cial Club 43 Various Commit- Hockey 1, 2, 3, 43 Girls' AA tees. 23 Talent Show 1, 2. .' ' Q: K 'x "9"7 xx JOSEPHINE SAPUPPO Jo "She knows how to sew, She knows how to bake3 Oh! What a wonderful wife she will make." Ambition: Nurse College Club 2, 43 Blue and White 3, 4g Girls' AA 2g Various Committees. .3 3 '33, . lt, AA gf! JOHN L. SERIA Seria "Women delight me not." Ambition: Constructive En- gina-er Italian Club 33 Chess Club 33 Bowling Team 3, 4. ,C ...N I 13- ROSEMARY R. SAVONA Ro vs "Every day is a holiday. Ambition: Illustrator Y-Teens 13 Italian Club 23 Talent Show 33 Glee Club 33 Commercial Club 43 Various Committees. Q A 111 V. ,., 1 gp tj-: -1 xx If JUDITH SHEARER Judie "On with the dance." Ambition: Secretary Y-Teens I, 23 Commercial Club 43 Various Committees. Z? tr' ie .159 'fs ,' 0 1' r I EDWARD A. SKEIRIK DAVID SKELLY Sky Dare "Silence, Genius at work." "KIerrily on his way." Ambition: To become a fa- Ambition: Draftsman mous mountain climber Band 3' 4: Cadeti 1. 2. 3. 4 Cadets I. GENE SMITH I. . Sniirly If ln-s athletic You know that it' Ambition: Lawyer and witty. s Sllllltylu Ifootlmll I. 2. 3, 4: Track 2 3. 1. -P l w Og C 'I ml N! J JOSEPH SOBEL foe "Oh. for the open road!" Ambition: Aeronautical En- gincer Golf I1 Band 1. 2: Clee Club 3, lg Bowling I: Various Committees. 3 X X DIANA JEAN SLEEPER Dinni "When you're tall. there's more of you to like." Ambition: Nurse Clee Club I, 2. 3, 4: Field Hockey I, 2. 3. 4: Girls' AA 2: Various Committees. EDWARD LAWRENCE STRONDAK Larry "Always ready to laugh." Ambition: Mechanical Engi- neer Football 3. 1 . ' Xl if... RICHARD SLOIVIBA Dick "Tall, dark. and handsome." Ambition: Draftsman Cadets 13 Clee Club 3, 43 Various Committees. URSULA BRENDA STUNDZE Bulldozer "Good worker, good sport, good friend." Ambition: Physical Educa- tion Teacher Field Hockey 1. 2, 3, 4: Bas- ketball 2, 3, 4g Girls' AA 23 Y-Teens I, 3. 4: Various Committees. K K ' '2 BARBARA JOAN SUGDEN Barb "Speak out: hide not thy thoughts." Ambition: Private Secretary. . JOHN PHILIP TOMBARELLI Johnny "Liked by all who know him." Ambition: Pilot Football 3, 4: Basketball 4: Track 4: Glee Club 3g Cadet Officer 4: Various Commit- tees. Y JOHN TAYLOR Johnny "Man of the hour." Ambition: Law and Business Administration Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Yearbook Staff, Various Committees. - , -lk - p x -f , ft t . BETTE ANN VENTURA Peaches "A penny for your thoughts." Ambition: Private Secretary Blue and White 43 Italian Club 2: Commercial Club 4. I ' - -f A Q N s ROBERT TETLER Bob "Nothing ever worries him." Ambition: Business Executive Football l, 2, 3, Co-captain 4: Basketball 1, 2, Baseball lg Cadets 1, 2, Officer 3, 45 Senior Play: Color Guards 2. KENNETH VIVENZIO Ken "Pleasure first, let work take care of itself." Ambition: Retire on a gov- ernment pension Track lg Cadets 2g Clem- Club 3, 4: Various Committees. Q' y in-v rf!! 50 BERT TKACH Peck "None but himself can be his parallel." Ambition: Football Coach Football l, 2, 3, Co-captain 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Base- ball l: Track 2, 3, 4: Class Vice President I, 2, 33 Vari- ous Committees. LARRY WAITE Herbie "You've got to be a football hero." Ambition: Coach Baseball 1, 2, 4, Co-captain 3, Football I 2 3 C0-Caitain 4' - . v I 1 Basketball 1, 2, 3, Cadets 1, 2, 3, Officer 43 Various Com- mittees. V ! ,za-GN I r' -0 ,-rt: ,VV we MI Q N. LEE WYARD Lhing "A girl with a million assets." Ainliition: l.:-gal Se-ere-tary tilt-e lQlnli l: lilue and Whiti- nl, -lg llonor Navi:-ty 3. 42 X- lt-i-ns 2, 3. 41 Yarious Loun- Ittlltz-vs. CAllOl.lQ XYILSON Will "Let .1 -inilv' lw your um brrllu, Amliition: llotisr-wife anti moth:-r Mlm- Lluln 1. 2. 3. 4: Ftuilent tft-nnril 2: tfltiss Treasiiri-r IS. -1: 4Qoininv-nm-nn'nt lslier- V . , 1 . . rllr .51 httflull- l,umm1IIi'e's KX 'Ta S 0i 'c"'f7 r it K .. PHYLLIS PATRICIA WHITAKER Phyll "A merry heart for all the day." Ambition: Hospital work Hneliey Manager 4: Italian Club Treasurer -ll Commence- ment Usherette 3: Various Committees. CAROLYN VVLODYKA Cal "Clothes mal-ce the woman as well as the man." .-'tmbition: Airline Hostess Blue and White Staff 3. 4: Girls' AA 2: Commencement lisherette 3: Various Com- niitlees. ALFRED WHOLLEY A1 "Liked by all who know him" is this new member of our class from Central Catholic High School Ambition: Navy career. PATRICIA ZELLES Pa! "Wliat's life without a smile 'f N Ambition: Teacher College Club 23 Various Com- mittees. Senior Play: Yearbook Busi- ness Chairman: Honor Society 3. 45 Various Committees. lin 'fis- ELEANOR WILK Elly "A shout, a laugh, a crowd that's gay, With Elly in its center every day." Ambition: Teacher Y-Teens 2, 3g Basketball 2, 3, Captain 4, Class Secretary 1, 3g Clee Club lg Blue and White 3, Assistant Editor 4g Yearbook Staffg Math Club lg Honor Society 3, 4-g Com- mencement Usherette 3g Col- lege Club 2, 3, Secretary 43 Girls' AA 2, Various Com- mittees. -'Q-0di'.-+'q5"".11" x sr-4 1 4 ' :"""6'- xi :L1.z'gf'1r:r1-SF1. . 1 1 Wd I 2 2 L K A 'I F-45 u W 1 r i l'res1'fIen1 L L L L CLIFFORD IIALLER Vice l'resz'1lenr L L L CHARLES HAMBLIQT Secremry . IVIAUREICN BURKE Treasurer CAROLIC WILSON O w eu 600 -vi-Q -- 'V+ -f -- -v'+."' -1.x-Erkb.,--f".'f-R 'f"-M -':QM,4:'?N..Ai:B!kte tlffieii-Hxfhhfagtqulhhfaxwut I 4 J I 66444 Zaeea MAUREEN BURKE W444 7550? CLIFFORD HALLER -P .-1, ,.. 1,ll I vy- Si' Q Yr? 'Sir diff Uh LLLH U U Liu, -1 fi I 'JSF FJ I ffl' pf-1 H25 32 :am -B37 ,Q iq, 'TE' UU! Hr" ' N03 QRS Fw 50- pm . YQQI ix fx 'D s x ag, ,gf FP! ,- 45 n I L Nlmzlm R I H1 web lla nrvr Rm' Kennedy 5 I Et x X Ps ,Q 2 1 I :mf II HKU' 1 Q rx fc," EN .f'11'lor mul Aclrvss Ted Rmmil Sllllfh' Pntvin All 1 , f Q, ,X I by 1 ny I Q X ' ,fx UN. c' I Q A ,fr 5+ ' , , ,Mx QIPEIJH sl ohm Hobbs - -A W. ,U .VJ F? y rf 'Q I KW 'NU UW' bud 1311.91 1'.sl I .4990 E firule- Xvilsun 1 f v 'TI x Q .W , -K4 TA 1 ,I If S f, 3 911 x es! Carole Epp John Hobbs U' Omanlzalu' Mos! 411116116 Boy and Czrl Larry Walte Urcula Stundze fu , -. --.."-4. -.. "- . Q1 . L. - i., u- -,V - M' " '--- I Q. on 4 . V, "--.. -4-. - -..r---4. 1-M- - 4- A -1:-,, -- -us-Qt'-nik-mx L Lg, "mn N, g- ,Q-T--45---Q-Q -hw ,, 3 'faq -lr 1, ' , A ' -. ., -..,'---.- -- '--.xv -' Q Q--. '-........ "'r-. - .. -- . , A -Q - ---.. --- '--- ----- ik- --- -.Q ii -W.. 1' -L -.,, A W rl Q M--..,. Q-.- ---- -Vi -N . Q - -..f.., -5- - -., -----.. - .-. -... ---..'---.: --- '-' - 1--.- - -1- , . Y Q., ...Q ,g ---.-,, -Q-., I .. . B-r., ,N Q N ---,,:-- ' f--.--R, -., -Q-. :.1'.,n- J'--.-. ,- -- 4 .. f , - - -A ---.::,--:4 -.L:--:----'a- - :- ' -Wg 35, -..r,.-..., -' V -..A-- x-.,- --, ,,s..-: v ,...--1. - f---A ,- -.., --- --... ---.,,, '-, , --- ,,---., --- ""--lfheg, 1 Q.: -' ' --- --.1-- :sg r,-N.'::-,tp fl N-'-Q. A - ft: -T-'.': - f4':--- '.--Jr: -N: P P - , . ... N- --.L ' -. -hu .-,'.'---,mi ..- " - - --- ,--.' .. -' -V. psf., 41I.'..':L-57.53-' N :-:- -.:.:: '- -..,. A Y. - -... , -. .,--W-,---.. "-- - f --I--x-.?.:--Y L-:4-- -rf -: .. v... ..:- -.1T:. --.-FQ -,, ,1-,-,-,, . 5-N VA.- -T N I "' , ," - ' -:- ' ---- ' . ... 'nf -Q., .,--..-..-g -1 .- -,.-.,..,:gg '-3 ---u ,-, fo ' R , -N -3 ...-.. A 1 V... 1 ' I . '-xg-4 - ..H. 1 Q, . . "'?Em:?.s ' L - '- - , k '1-A L.. ',.fA nj- -.,,-',.p- 7 q xy, ff' -ar: Q 3 r Lf iv Flzrl, IJOITIG Budd Czgolo, John Braclska Nearest Girl and 0 Kathy Roeger Chuck Hamblet x R-Z 1 l,I'l2lII.l'.Vf II 1 N c Slnu lofr D 110 one 317316, Wfilq f sl fo 166 306051 O11 nw i Huff, 1 - ua 1 F ,F rg Y -x fun 1 cl' Most Carefree Chris ,lesser C- : ' 1 Prule Bob Andrew Bain ace gaudy Platt M051 7 'f,1,, ,, , M 1 ,!l'l'U Yr- 54, Jackie Boml,.',au .Q 51' if W' wr M Tw u qu ml TUIka,uFf7 - lkexrxk x V X! Ffler1rHle,gf 121111 lgfaciska v Uxe 5 Ha 53H11orn 5, I fulm f mrka- N Y R N66 in 'Nm 323, N , ll? M IS s Cha lck 11415, 4 ?j, I 1 ima ' 4 , ,' f Z. .V X M-1111 P SGS 35 V -f Mr. Barry V un 5 1 7.4 Mr. Rolwrlw . X. Y Ifnfxfk Ml' -3 'nn-wg., Kvn D 11.1-34 E 'cv uw Gi Wu 0 .1 xk 'J E51 Q Q WW F .s F ,Cf 1 '.3'qix Vin' " at YY .85 1K awk' YN'-ekyuben so. RMAOYCYA. Lbkwtn Q .Lgtim iAmf.k.hu.0l3Q czrdovu' NACTXQS ,g K5 bu' Qnkhv N0 wx Nahum -Y, 1 c, Me. :M we f it ii IQ Ng? -, in. I i ii ' .it A ' 79 2' Q" -1 ' ' rn .- 4 . in llercis to our winning team. Due In the invincihle comhination of team skill and school spirit. our Rangers have made the 1957 Football Season one of the most outstanding in Wlethuenis history. For two consecutive years we have Succeeded in overcoming our arch- rival Andover High School. L l 'A' 'po 4r,,. ..0,l ' ,- i SMITH 63 DAVHJ .IH-XY HOFFMEIER 26 C0-Captain, lslilfl 'IK U Ii GRECO 30 C0-Captaxn, I.MiRY V. .XII I. TOMBARELLI 88 Co Caplam, BOL lP.l Lhli ANDREW 397 Sex, q - Q f Cljif' I' "4 Sql .-,dur 711' 'Bw -0 Q1- lf! "-'JJ' yn U6 On' xx Q- I BQXNXXW P1 Du A1 ST. Anvfs N o ST. AT A? A1 fl. Tl' 70 GZ 90 '-I5 L2 '-I6 58 'Iii Andovar A1 Dorwzrs At Lcominf-,fqr Woodburn A1 Andovax Ncwbufejpovf Cambridge, Lnfin Norwood fTtck.5 'Bdmord cTc.e.h., 55' 105 45 'IL 55 70 6? 79 58 QNX XX f 7 XUHLM c,THU,g- ' I as Hx J QQ Vik Ex 1 5 Vw J xfkv' xo Q 4 N ff W , Z , 1 Jim -gg ff vi? my 1 ui, 1 fl 1 n N 1 N ,Q .. 4 Wa E21 X231 W 4 My 52 1 fir' ua cv IW Q 11 41 If ,x if 'lvl E' Qi Wifi' Q 'gf 75 . P is b X'-F' ,al J-, ' 551' -,,. -8- 'Sr- -5? ' 4 '4-in. Lvjr lo right: Diana Sleeper, Frances Foster, Miss Cluulwick, Sandra Seglin, Ursula Stundze, Elsie Es- pr-rian. Nvlla Sanborn. Q Captain: FRANCES FOSTER 5, QW 'Hif- '?'if?" 53 572 53 R iz aaa 6' 1 riff' Fw .05 Linn 'uv :gl -l . W.. lw - : 'lwilxf W'--, :U-' gh!! ' .-.in n w "wx M 3' 9" U91 is Ly. 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QQ. 1 H, 1, g- Q- ,I Q V- gi - .qt , ,- If ' ' . ' ,-L. '.l A- 4. T" ' rx.. - 4. rr' A -4' .' '-"- -,-. ',r-- - K 1 '- V 4... v -.1 . :- - ,A 5 5, ,. h-:,.4L,'Q" I JN. .-2 W- " V LQTEL, - x , 9' J I' " 11'-ln'-"' -.ff r'Jff" 'PV' " .' 'L' N -' ' V 1-s., 1 - x' ' ' ':- " ' 'ri' "'r-5-N - - 'T ,-' 44.4 ' ..,. . - -, 'M mf'-5 "' ' .- . H we 1 , W,-I Yi iq-. . J . . 1' .Cg.,Q,,,- - -Uk.E,,,g.-- l A. Q., 3- N, A? J .M fy!-I "- - ' " 1 5 L- ' ""A ' .' QHPZ-' QQ. L -A, 7 -1-A1 44 JVq..?4.- f, 5, -gif' -'gl "f '-Il' as 4. .vs , :JS .- MI -1- 1 Af-gf ,, a 'N S -S- A I S -en? U, 'cel :s Il -"fJ-I. , ' V li .. --A--'ii Q1-1-QA! . ,... 54 f.--wr----f 'mf lf no 3' .5 ...Ao inf!! 'E-'N' Q fir ' QQMMJ -A , , Wm wry- fx , 5 , ij? W Q, 1 3 Z x -1 A 'f . -"' 314659 2 -' X A 1 N' K fu gpm 7 L-4 iw 14? gg vi' MF 7 SW! NX ., r . X. ,tiggoofl . NX ' wk '41 ,,.L,x .I '6 , I Q Z and Z' 514,454 Smmling: Circulation Manager. Clifford Halle-rg Assistant Editors, Mary Derderian, Constant-0 Donovan: Art Editor. Carol Farquliar: Business Manager. Charles Ham- lilvt. Smtctl: Assistant Editor. Carme-la lficlwrag Editor-in-Cltivf, Barbara Alcareseg Pliotograpliy Editor. Olga Nassar. Stamling: lfirvulation. Joyce Lees. Bert Tkavli: Pliotograpliy, Loc Connvll: Busi- 11955. .lolin Taylor. Anim' Fluvt. Seated: Art. .lanv Kinlovk. Carol Mt-yer: Photog- raphy. lflvatitii' Willa, Francvs Fostvr. 5 SM!! Standing: Circulation Manager, , Lee Wardg Business Manager, x Barbara Alcarese. Seated: As sistant Editor, Eleanor Wilkg Editor-in-Chief, Lee C o n n e l l Literary Editor: Priscilla Hurl butt, not present. Q6- T9 an Q42 11 f up Un F71 ,le VD 337 Q9 in 'TY 18: KV' W l f L. 'nf S0 F9 Th 0 a Wh 1 1 tl' Wann 5 'ig f I 1 T5- ri il r i, -Nr A'-fun-rmhuafy 1 Mnmling: Xlr. William Kennedy, Advifurz Anne Fluet, Marie Lambert. Charles Hamblet. Con- -tancu lhmuxan. Clifford Haller. Carmela Fichera. Barbara Alcarese. Seated: Lee Ward, Frances l'111Nlf'I'. lam' Hodge. Olga Nasear. Mary Derderian. Lee Connell. Eleanor Wilk. l,ff'.Sl-IIPIH l'RlSiQlI-I,rX lll'Rl.lll'TT 2 lf l'1w1flwr1l I H11 x XXNNXH V l 1 xi l l Treasurer MARY DERDERIAN Secretary JANE HODCE r gf iw 5 '-in , -, I Y Tuden T ouncgl VS " n V . ,msn Pf8Sid67IlJ JOYCE LEES 'Q-......eviz...i Advisor: MR. ALFRED N. LAW 1 df Y J Y I , 9 n , , ,Z ...rv 1-41191 l Standing: Eileen Zingali, Rose Matsvs, Kathy Chuwlvk. YilN'4'lll Hlllin, 121-mwgv Flnvlx, lfmlwgml frltillllllr ljmln Hnnlu-ll, filllfl'NlNlllllillgl Secretary: bandra Dietrich, Susan Hajjar. lin-ndu llujjur. Sum-fl: fjuwlv XI4-wr, ll.-rnlln-.I Ilnuhl. livwnluung N-1-I-.rzmyg AIn,,-.- L.-.-Q, l',-,-Ng. dentg Nella Dawn Sanborn, 'I'rcasurm-rg Khalaf lflius Klmlaf. A li :Q 1 14 W1 .wr 'af no im., Qi n 'n an A-f Egli Up? 1 ' gg an Q4 UM 911' Wm '4 x-QW W .Avg W 1 4 N I. I ,Q .5 .u ax I I 2 'Pj I M b , . ' M, I '-P 1 T7 I 1 I I X ! u ' K 'y ,tm 1 OFFICERS Treasurer , ,,7,,,,.. ,,,,,,,,7,,7,7,,7,.,,,,, C AROL HAJJ.-XR Vice President ,,.. , ,,.,,,,,,,,,, ROSANN CAT.-XLANO Corresponding Secretary 7,,,,,, , , MARGARET EPP Presifleni ,, ,,,. ,A,,,, , ,, ,, ,,,,,,,,,,, CARNIELA FICHERA Revorrlirzg Sfcretary ,,,, ,, , ELEANOR YVILK Aflrisors ,Y,, .7,7,,,,,,,, , ,, MR, THOMAS HARDACRE NIR. WILLIAM KENNEDY 1 2 g h Y X X 7 3 1 X xx S X 3 S5 a X m 1 . Q K x A .- .aa ! T., WMD I 'sz '7 Q. - II MEIN' , 'mv .'L,.,,W .L Q : F'-:n Zi fi has Vice President ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, CATHERINE BERCMAN Advisor ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , ,,,, ,, ,,,,,,,,, Treasu rer 7.,A77..,, President A,,,,,A ,,,,,,,Y,,A,,A, , , Secretary ,,,,vv, ,,,,,A X IU! LL. I A' . 1' . 1 1 1 Kfi pf-5 ,TVA l - A I 5 I 5 13 'fi iw I . T ' L 2491 li., 1 'TF' 52914 'GM WW mg L0 MQ ., P vw 5 px ,IP- 1 Y i V l in f 1: R53 " , x 4 z 6 12. ,X 4 '4 i l I 'Q 1' fs- Y l Roii Gerald Bad: row, Nlr. Piccerillo, Salvatore Coco, Henry Carpenilo. Roberta Robinson, Nlary Travers. Bever y ,S , Xuiicri Ronald Piiocchelli. Front row: Janet Policella. Ross Faucher. Secretary: Augusta Rizzo, Presidentg Phyllis I Petlcruto. Carmvl Mclisi, Vice President, absent. Wliiltalavr. Trvasurerg Jane 4 'X 'x ' 'dent' .. . .. - - Bron McCarthy, Vice Presi - 4 , I U R, xmwm 30115, john Nlmkiulruw, 5 Q H K , K K H4 1. x lu. yr, lmxiil lm ln. Q . , S, ,T mmf, Front f01L- X M Nh I W"hm'r' yi-t '-..f-.i..,1,. lL.-.-w.- Slack, ll:-wird Mraiclwn. Rosann Lalalano, JCTCWU T03 1. ., . I, L "- Q - ' F . - , ' i ,, , .. " -.-L, Nlgux lull--n lmw-qiiv.C.arimlal'i1li1id. I if r 1 Q iiIlHrl'1 lliul llimlll ll 1 N iii lm lui lm l' iw ii-il Kunz. .iw 1 ' M- V- " A-1 ,U M-, ,L Ang, Back row: Mr. Hardacre, Raymond Shoeff. John Jacobs, Elaine Cumparone, Ralph Byran, Bruce Crabbe, Donna Andersqn, Tralee Don- nelly, Carol Pomphret, Guy Pitocelli. Front row: Allen Potvin, Edward Reed, Vice Presidentg Timothy McCarthy, Presidentg Judy Garland, Secretaryg Kay Tully, Treasurer. ag lf? xt, ff' , rf , i 5,5252 '. 1 , h H' .-.. .al -1-l 11513 Mia . ll U, 1. P3541 QQ 'Iwi X in ,Ai .df , . lj, 1 4?-1 X PM ew ,WY my i lflfqli 'bij 1 , , .I 1 .I4 ,Q N il , ,. I 'i I X ir :Lv .l NU: Lil. 'rv -eva- wr 771' OJ? sq ,. SQ, ay-h ' mx 1 1 0 -eLvi fan-- ' ca X-I D ,,,,,,g,,,, Mn, W. RUSSELI llfr f'f:',g1'1fl'111 lmfwlffnz IQUUYCHW' VUKM7 .S1'fy1'lf11'y 1 , x Wi ff 1 1 -Nf'l'l'l"f,l! Nh. XY. Hu-N.-Il, l,4-U l'uIimlIi. Phillip l.m-linmln. lfvlin Ilulluvi, liuln-rl Sulnis, Nirholus Ricci, Joseph Xwlflfvm XXnII1.ml Iimlf-rnranlm, Srulwfl: Wie-lam-I ehxlunk. Janna-N llvlmwy, Ruln-rl Murad, John llolgulc, Thx-odorc' ffl.:--1 if .Tf,,,T' Q 4 4 gp.,-u-mfr" 1 ff--, f f-A H if I' - F, 'T' F3 v. 1' YK 159 .--' I I, fC Yu Us X l'r1'sirlrn! JOHN HR.-XCISKA Director MR. COMTOIS ,K Q1 X N f Secretary P A'-3' ,, o RQBERT HABEEB :FQ Vice President FRANK HAYDEN DIANA 1 1 41' Ei fx KI E X Treasurer VINCENT GRECO Publicity gwf tudent Conductor R ,,, MICHAEL FERRA A u 'TY X 7 s , Treasurer LIAM DALTON v -ui-4 4-.1 i... A Us Secretary DOROTHY ELDON Vice President BYRON McCARTHY i President JOHN TAYLOR Ildiiiii-iii?-E typ! 'T 44,1 , irnhhf a TW 4 'A, 1 -I J l',l,'1 1 1 x A ,J '1 lPM,.v Y sw ll 'J i 71044 'M KA .. :gf ki- Q' if -.x I'- 'wig M-xx 'B .A li .. M'-N Q 4 ' use - an bm. .1-A L16"i,v1::g,t'-"'?',1ff'xf':""'fI'n ni 'A X.- 15 Q 'ri ,P ' 'w 7 ':.' .1 '..i..'5" ' f an 1 11 Fw 5" 9 rg.'?sf fin . X", - ' 5 ... 1:5 sf A - f 4 .g J Tl N WF-fi QQ A fl. S , 1 . . - 1 . . ' .- 21431, 'Q ,IA J: .-3 y,..,, - ,- r U.. . I ,Q ii SX 1-I Q .1- , GX 1- J' ffe f'y:,.,if , 'ai Qqsitfg' r.6 B , n l,p q,Q H! l' ITS A """ X 831 mi ak Ji-my-, ki r - -g A 'I Carol Adams, 25 Union St. Barbara Alcarese, 40 Beverly St. Robert Andrew, 11 Barker St. Gerald Andrews, 44 Strathmore Rd. Eleanor Antonelli, 196 Jackson St., Lawrence John Arakelian, 175 Tyler St. Barbara Aubert, 25 Merrill St. Marianne Badolato, 8 Pleasant Circle Eunice Baker, Lowell Rd., Windham, N. Grace Barraclough, 31 Jane Rd. Richard Bennett, 38 Mystic St. Edward Beniot, 13 Kimball Rd. Catherine M. Bergman, 17 Spruce St. Doris Bernard, 6 Washington Court William Bosco, 82 Oakside Ave. Jacqueline Boudreau, 17 Beverly St. John Braciska, 50 Causway St. Russell Brearley, 8 Norgate Rd. Patricia Brett, 26 Oakland Ave. Judith Brouck, 18 Court St. Dorothea Budd, 488 Broadway Maureen Burke, 330 Hampshire Rd. James Cameron, 27 Camden St. H. Richard Carbonneau, 106 Hampshire Rd. Bernice Cieslik, Dracut St. Emily Connell, 64 Lowell St. Margaret Conom, 55 Hampstead St. Patricia Cross, 55 Strathmore Rd. Donald Crossley, Gage Hill, Pelham, N. Carolyn Crucius, Range Rd., Windham, Joan Marie Cyr, 521 Lowell St. William Dalton, 2 Short St. Joyce De Andrus, 21 Houston Ave. James Delaney, 117 Vermont St. Mary Derderian, 55 Arlington St. Charles Di Pietro, 25 Weisner Parkway Constance T. Donovan, 96 Ashland Ave. Ruth Doyle, 45 Green St. Lionel Dupont, 125 West St. Dorothy Eldon, 105 Pleasant St. Edward Elias, 47 Cypress Ave. Elaine Eliet, 11 Tenney St. Elsie Esperian, 8 Barker St. Carole Epp, 24 Swan Ave. Margaret Epp, 24 Swan Ave. Rachael Farelli, 17 Somerset St. Carol Farquhar, 634 Prospect St. Carolyn Fay, 9 Longwood Drive Gerald Fay, 3 Woodside Ave. Athena Felides, 17 Wellington St. Michael Ferrara, 43 Ridge Rd. Geraldine Ferraro, 29 Milk Ave. Joanne Ferraro, 39 Center St. H. N. H. Carmela Fichera, 22 Milk St. Ann Fluet, 25 Jackson St. Paul Fluet. 9 May Court Frances Foster. 71 Edgewood Ave. Margaret Fox, 12 Hampstead St. Gene Fragala, 1 Hilltop Rd. Mildred Frye. 5 Brown St. .lacquelyn Gagne. 367 Howe St. Marilyn Gagne, 367 Howe St. Philip Gagnon. 110 Pelham St. Patricia Gallant. 102 Jackson St. Gertrude Giardinella. 1 Renfew St. Richard Goebel, 471 Lowell St. Beverly Grasso, 99 Lawrence St. Vincent Greco, 119 Lawrence St. Elaine Gueli, 13 Gleason St. Peter Guglielmino, 39 Simone St. Edward Habeeb, 24 Newport St. Robert Habeeb. 24 Newport St. Ruth Ann Habeeb, 11 Caswell Ave. Barry Hajjar, 20 Linden Ave. Clifford Haller, 111 Lowell St. Charles Hamblet, 12 Houston Ave. Ann Hamilton, 8 Summit Ave. William Haswell, 400 Broadway Frank Hayden, 122 Haverhill St. Robert Hertrick. 71 Davis Rd. Diana Higginbottom, 14616 Oakland Ave John Hobbs. 18 Joy Terrace Jane Hodge. 18 Clinton St. William Hoffmeier, 197 Oakland Ave Faith Holden, 9 Barry Ave. John Holgate, 8 Miller St. Sanford Hoskin, Pelham, N. H. .ludy Houghton, 22 Tenney St. John Hughes. 7 Tenney St. Priscilla Hurlbutt. 11 Gleason St. William lannalfo. 101 Birchwood Rd. David Jean. 31 High St. Christine Jesser. 1,18 Nlerricack St. John Joyce, 9 Burgess St. Leo Jusko. 9 Clayton Ave. William Kady. 193 East St. X X. 'une lxahan. l 18 Lowell St. lit-xerlj. Kennedy . 19 Linion St. llolnerl Kennedy. 171 Phillips St. lxhalaf lf. Khalaf. 55 Spruce St. Lawrence Judy Kilcoyne. 85 Phillips St. Xlary Lou King. 19 Barker St. Jane Kinlock. 191 Phillips St. Nlarie Lambert. 24 Emery St. Gloria Lamontagne. 491 Lowell St. Henry Lancaster. T5 Terrace Ave. Mary Laorenza. 263 Merrimack St. Barbara Lawrie. 18 Tenney St. Richard Leach. 25 Camden St. Jefferson Lee. 461 Howe St. Joyce Lees. I Durrell St. Nlary Ellen Levesque. 171 Pelham St. Rolwert Lima. 132 Broak St. Nlary Jane Linehan. 9 Ashland Ave. Carolynne Los. 1 East River Pl. Richard Lynch. 50 Woburn St. Patricia Mahoney. T0 Union St. Robert Mailhot. 128 Pleasant Valley St. Walter Magerison. 46 Tenney St. Carole Marsland. 44 Cypress Ave. Isabell Martelle. 183 Broadway Brenda Marsh. 129 Oakland Ave. Caroline Mathews. 12 Hartung St. Marguerite Max. T1 Milk St. Richard Marziarz. 18 Westland St. John N1cAndrew. 119 Winthrop Ave. Byron McCarthy. 47 North St.. Timothy McCarthy. 12 Union St. John James McMorrow, 1 Kimball Rd. Carmela Melisi. 20 Joy Terrace Brenda Mellor. 189 Hampshire St. Maureen Metcalfe. 461 Prospect St. Carole Meyer. 5T1Q Oakland Ave. Clarice Miele. 310 Merrimack St. William Morelle. 10 Hampstead St. Carole Murach. 61 Oakland Ave. Robert Murad, 19 Linden Ave. Patricia Murphy. 112 Oakside Ave. Olga Nassar. Morrison Rd.. Windham. N. H. Nina Nicolosi. 31- Merrimack St. Patricia O'Ncil. T2 Ford St. Shirley Patch. 145 Center St. Margery Pauk, 83 Boston St. Stella Pepin, 79 Pinehurst Ave. Mary Perdis, 9 Arthur St. Peter Peront, 35 Maple St. Neil Perry, 15 High St. James Picarillo, 4 Hemenway St. Mary Pierce, 4 Ashland Ave. Sandra Pierog, 16 Brown St. Richard Pirozek, 103 Broadway Sandra Platt, 511 Prospect St. George Pomphret, 32 Mystic St. Sandra Potvin, 96 Taft Ave. Marilyn Prunier, 92 Bay State Rd. Stanley Puzniak, 40 Arlington St. Richard Ralph, 5 Kimball Rd. Edward Reed. 28 Cage St. Sabastian Reitano, 481 Prospect St. Shirley Ricci, 285 Merrimack St. Dorothy Riley. 16 Arnold St. John Riviezzo. 23 Oakland Ave. Elizabeth Roberts, 26 Gage St. Kathleen Roeger, 83 Ashland Ave. Beverly Rossi, 189 Oak St. Regina Rudis, 536 Merrimack St. Janice Russell, 18 Cage St. Cynthia Sabbagh, 15 Albion St. Nella Dawn Sanborn, 98 Pleasant St. Timothy Santangelo, 17 Weisner Parkway Josephine Sapuppo, 204 East St. Rosemary Savona, 14 Madison St. Georgia Scanlon, 4 Hudson St. Sandra Seglin, 34 Camden St. John Seria, 11 Linwood Ave. Judith Shearer, 128 Oakland Ave. Edward Skeirik, 143 Jackson St. David Skelly. 85 Pelham St. Diana Sleeper, 19 Somerset St. Richard Slomba, 85 Ames St. Eugene Smith, 30 Dewey St. Joseph Sobel, 106 Howe St. Lawrence Strondak, 40 Westland St. Ursula Stundze, 168 Tenney St. Barbara Sugden, 64 Phillips St. John Taylor, 10 Arnold St. Robert Tetler, 10 Carroll St. Bert Tkach, 90 Birchwood Rd. John Tomborelli, 40 Paris St. Bette Anne Ventura, 27 Buswell Ave. Kenneth Vivenzio, 663 Prospect St. Lawrence Waite, 12 Cypress Ave. Lee Ann Ward, 155 Hampshire Rd. Phyllis Whitaker. 16 Spruce St. Alfred Wholley, 162 Tenney St. Eleanor Wilk, 132 Hampshire Rd. Carole Wilson, 29 Lincoln St. Carolyn Wlodyka, 119 Merrimack Patricia Zelles, 18 Kimball Rd. "F fi L 0 ' H Gi' 1 A Q X Qi? Q X W gjhfydlr Q Q J 'I G Q if 75 6 ' X 'X f Y !77UWJ -' Q ima - x2m ' it Q' K ,xt V1 1' f f - ' X F A 4 ' 't f Y' 7: i-5 "f'Ti""' O Q K". ' '11, l- 1 Si ax er. : X 6 r1lIh'. .L5'9+? is AIN' . ,gf , l I 1 'A C If q ff 6 T f ' , .:':3gsQg.s - 7 Q r XY-2 4 .'5'5'2SrfS 1 W X if U- -JN- ,Qf 1.1 N I . ' 5 J 1 X fg g 5 ,K 1' Y ,N X F. X K 5 'zilx fu wk' 'R Q ' -3 aft K A 2 3 'I , ,nr X , 10 Ox i wuxxnuu..,,,,,, X N X Q ' 1 E J 'gf 3 N J , f S Q' 3 S ' . O -EX c 2 mm 1 , X XXV It ' 7 .af 1 s 5' n l J A., 4l',A x xg? 43 f' Nw 7 . xx ' 3 xfg- x' Q O I gm 0 V at ggi 'gh , XX f. N is ! xxffgf , X: 9 'K+ N., xii ' ,A f' ' 'Q 367 Boyls+on Sfreei' BOSTON, MASS. The Senior Class of '58 wishes +o express iis ap- precia+ion for your efficiency and excelleni' pho+ography, which has assisfed us in making our yearbook a success. lv. l . ,,.., :h w 9 1 I 1 1 . Eg -4. 1 W 5 wi s . -. Al." , Kia! qi -if -. wi sv- l lf' ' 'T A. I i 1 -, 7' 'li as ., 1- Q' .p 1, ' '1 i' ld S .-fs? fr V, v u ' if X . I up S ., T .-- f -:Us x 1-1 ' 4 - 'V . 'lg ... N 4, I ,mr lx 31. Fi? vu V 'I Mrs Mrs. Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Alexander Adams Thomas H. Alcarese Harold J. Andrew B. Aralcelian H. Leo Auber+ Herman E. Balmer Mrs. Josephine Bergman Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mrs Mrs Mrs. Mrs Mrs Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Louis F. Bosco James L. BreH' Ralph Brouclc William L. Budd Edward Cieslilc Hugh H. Connell Charles Conom William H. Dalfon Vicfor A. DeAndrus Mrs. H. Derderian Mrs. Michael J. Donovan Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. James Eldon Marfin G. Esperian Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Mrs Mrs Mrs. Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. G. Warren Hamblef, Jr Joseph E. Haswell John P. Houghfon J. Harold Kennedy Elias Khalaf Rene P. Lamberf James A. Kilcoyne. Sr. Wal+er King Roland Kinlock Rene P. Lamberi' Henry O. Lancasier Ferdinand Los James A. Mellor John McAndrew John B. McCar+hy John McMorrow Samuel J. Nassar Alfred E. Neuman, ll Mrs. Alice B. Ricci Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Sabbagh Mr d Dr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Farquhar . an Mrs. Sam Sapuppo Mr. and Mrs Richard F. Fay Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Savona Mr. and Mrs. Alfred R. Fichera Mr. and Mrs. James S+uar+ Mr. and Mrs. Arihur H. Fos'rer Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Ward Mr. and Mrs Ar+hur Goebel Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Wilson WHITE WAY MACARTNEY'S - Correcfly S+yled Clolhes for Young Men 575 Essex S'rree+ LAWRENCE, MASSACHUSETTS Lawrence Telephone: Mu-35649 Haverhill Andover Complimenfs of: LAWRENCE WHOLESALE DRUG COMPANY 25 Wa+er S+ree+ LAWRENCE, MASSACHUSETTS A. G. BATTERSHILL, Treasurer A. M. MAHONEY'S PHARMACY, INC. A. M. MAHONEY, Reg. Pharm. Phones Mu-3-OOI7 and Mu-9-9727 Cor. Swan and Prospeci' Sis. METHUEN. MASS. THE RED TAVERN 5 Pleasa nl' S'I'ree+ METHUEN. MASSACHUSETTS Telephone: 3 I 246 Complimenls of THE TAYLOR SHOP 398 Essex Sfreei' LAWRENCE, MASSACHUSETTS MELODY BEAUTY SALON 7 I 3 Haverhill S+ree+ METHUEN. MASSACHUSETTS Telephone: Mu-8-87 I 3 Complimenfs of GLEN FOREST MARKET Com plimenls of THE DEN MERRIMACK VALLEY NATIONAL BANK Our Eigh+ Convenieni' Offices Merrill S. Gaunl Square and 58 Broadway METHUEN, MASS. Andover No. Andover Georgefown 'Lawrence Haverhill Merrimac Deposifs Insured by The FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Con+inuous Communify Service Since I8I4 'COMING SOON Complimenfs of COMMUNITY DRUG, INC. F. J. BURGESS-W. A. HALL, Reg. Pharm. SU 300 Broadway Telephone: Mu-2-4336 Swan Sheei, METHUEN. MASSACHUSETTS METHUEN. MASSACHUSETTS Complimenls of HTUG LSONISH VENTURA BROWN DERBY OIL we Excel in SEFo::::Ii?esand Sandwich LAWRENCE' MASSACHUSETTS 3 Hampshire S+ree+ METHUEN "Merrimac Valley's Leading Family Deparimeni S+ore" 309-325 Essex S+ree+ LAWRENCE, MASS. V - -- . ,. -. .-.1, ' 1, .' '- 1- '7,- ':U"""A 'fi' I V 1 ' A 'Na 1 1 1' A I.. "1 ' ' - 1' ..' fl 13 2325? 35.5.-P-Hx-5--." it-"QQ-l":Q.1ff Tel. 64955 CHARLES F. DEWHIRST JR. Associa+e CHARLES F. DEWHIRST FUNERAL HOME 80 Broadway fNear Cenfer Sf., METHUEN. MASS. Tel. Mu-3- I4I0 S. REITANO 8: SON Complimenfs INSURANCE AGENCY of Insurance-Real Es+a'l'e A 263 Essex Sireef LAWRENCE, MASS. Bes+ fo All Complimenfs 'F CANDY COMPANY BEN FRCANKLIN LEON FREEDMAN Sales Represenfaiive Complimenfs of +he SENIOR JUGS: :fb ff: LAMEY-WELLEHAN Marie Dome 33I Essex Sfreei' Mary Ellen Rug, LAWRENCE, MASSACHUSETTS Mary Lou Nella Peggy Fran Brenda LYNN HOSPITAL SCHOOL OF NURSING Lynn Hospifal School of Nursing, fully approved by fhe Massachuse'H's Sfafe Board of Nurse Regislrarion and 'lhe Naiional Nursing Accrediling Service, offers a 'l'hree-year course leading +o a diploma and sfale regis+ra+ion. Graduafes desiring +o pracfice in o+her sfales may apply for a license by reciprociry. The Hospifal, which is approved by +he American College of Surgeons, fhe American Hospilal Associalion, and by fhe American Medical Associafion for +he fraining of Residenis and lnferns, offers ouf- sfanding clinical experience for The sfudenl' nurse. Excellenf recreafional, social, healfh and insfruclional programs are under fhe direclion of a well-qualified faculfy. A minimum of sixleen unils of high school work are necessary for admission and eighl' and one-half of +hese musf be in fhe required area. Scholarships and granfs are available +o young women possessing superior scholasiic abilify and acceplable personal qualificalions. Furlher assisfance in 'The form of loans consisfing of adiusfmenfs in +ui+ion or fees is available +o applicanfs wifh a salis- faclory record. The +o+al fuilion for +he 'Three years is 5300.00 wilh 5200.00 payable on admission fo lhe school and 550.00 payable a+ fhe beginning of 'lhe second year and 550.00 payable a+ fhe beginning of +he fhird year. The School of Nursing assumes 'I'he 'following ex- penses in behalf of +he Sludenl' while in The school: complele mainlenance and heallh and sickness care. Classes are admi'H'ed in Seplember. For furlher informafion, please conlacl' DIRECTOR, SCHOOL OF NURSING Lynn Hospilal 2l2 Bosfon Sfreel' Lynn, MassachuseH's Telephone: Ly-8-5l00 Complimenls of Complimenls THWAITES' MARKET of METHUEN, MASSACHUSETTS A R. 81 A. AUTO COMPANY 945 Riverside Drive METHUEN, MASSACHUSETTS Telephone: Mu-b-4360 Used Cars and Park 0 ,,. . L, 1 r 7. " 3 ' xx. w 3, I Q1 1 JN "' x.. W In v 'W BZ 1 8 .,. - w 1, P9 214 3 i -1 X , nv. 1 Q, 5 P 'E fic .KM 'ev 3411 W SIL ' re Sy 'P X J' T 1 - . ...1: ' E nllaa Q -Ill- . - , W I V V V 41 . - 1 N -Y " 'N . AA - ,yu .4"'- if' ' U' M x 11 '9 1'EQ ,11 ' 'Q' 'Y' m n sLbl"fx ,E' . - 4 3 'Vw 9 K 1 ' " .L . ,. A if . . . 1 , ,Q Us ' ' x", I . f 1 I If Vx I, X -, Aj , -- 1 1 J J I I X X, ' x ,. ,-Q., . I C 2 cg . X f is X The myht lms 11 llmusami cyfs Ami tin' day but amz Wt ilu' lzylzf fyf flu' bflyflf uvrld 1112's ll W1 the dymg sun. Y' !4f '.?,i,!'.'3"'5l-45'F1fR'?.l!,Ji'.1Y.CiL1'EKt124h.Jl'Ml".33N'i3 .A 'xf" """" " "" "" ""' '7 'Q " t. . -w+.f,,,,Q 1 fyqfg agp' xv SN ' .- ' 52: ,I I- 4' in x 'LPIL LI ,111 an I U ' J El.. -Pr Y I LP, . ,Q 1r f "fr 4,3 i 4 , Q in'.'.,41:.vl.h.u w-M Ku- PM ugq 'ls 104.01 AIPA' U .'w411f,,3,gf,g'Q4q.-1 rr- qv-.11 www, ,lllaG arm gg,-. X XXHN V sw Lu Eg N ? X- WM .jig ! M lgm t --D S lr' U rung- Nlwlnm-l J 'gr "X" , 'E s T' 99 55-1' EW' 4.4 J 1 'rl Q Six W Z! f.x li l f u. 5, V Snkol. John Wil-nn, Rnln-rl Smith. David jean, William Huffmier, Captaing Malcolm Winsper, Kennth Whileside, v n Xlr Hanna an lfamh Front mu Rncharfl Knlenda Charles Kenney Raymond Farelll Robert Farquhar mph l un K Q 1 , .9 xl Q .,'.A,y-Q .3 .Q .,v.1..A. A vil'1'l'Qv11:?,'l'l" -vb! 6 . . A - . .X l, 4 . " V ' 144, Q 'fu ' -Xlgq, ' ,nv PV ,Q liz 4 fy. ' IN. ' TuYvl-"'5inw- . 'i , 'f' - - 1, -1, KI Vi! 4 1 '55 f I -7' .ALA-"' i L Q 1 -W H I J ,UI .fL,' .ir?,lfu1JM BVI 4 Ill' 44 4' 4:41 Nffq 4-ir flfltiililtil ffflffffil I N g .X X 'f R1 , V in 0 U 1 ' i 71: 'Nunn air? S . . 4. 'Ht'- 4 fx' 1 .. Q .dim Lim-AhiEzSi'u2.ilwnh157a.lNhuXvN ' Q 1 ' 5 n 4 41 f Af 'fs r H ' C . N" E U K 11 L Ji' 'J 'fi ff . 'wg' ir. nfl? 4 I N u 4 U 'E 1 I - .---A..-.- -.... 'f xl if? ' , ' ,X 1' Q. N' , v" L,-" , ,' x I "- ' 1 ' S Yg"2"" ,W e- Ml 41 ng? in xx N If A 1 AN QHLX - ,nf T' iq ' 6 - n In ltv-JE ff V 1 'Wg g, .!l" 'LA 9 1 ,fi 4m-f 1 I QQ n x' 'A ' x-A ..-'uf 5 r E- .'A'f..' V r ,'U"fZf'fQ g1'!.1"k'.S.- M64 f ' A ' ' Trtvfijf , -f - - l . ' 4 i v I Y 1 i fi 2 d v--. I 'WTR Qui : Au :Mn ,, f ' ' 1' I ' -K 1 lx 'I I Jw4+L Q 1.1 . I -.f -, P-f.g - I , ,gf Lx. i I -All-,IQ - It V 5 eg, "J I W "OL, is 7 lf W . r, - .-.Q 'v',:'y- wg 2 ' -a 'X P . 'il " ll., fi :Q 'A '1 it S -f 2 - E.-.Nqr My 4 5' , I 11, RM ! S if 5-H 2' ' Y"f fd " 2' W U F U I 6' if X "" ri f , . fS?F., V C 66444 Time: 1969 Place: Broadway, Methuen Cliff: Excuse me, miss, could you tell me where the new Methuen High School is? Elly: W'hy certainly. Well, if it isn't Cliff Haller! Gosh, l haven't seen you for such a long time! Cliff: Why, Elly Wilkl ltls good to see someone l know in this big city. What have you been doing with yourself? Elly: l'm principal of the Searles Elementary School, and the class of ,58 is well represented on the faculty. Ruth Habeeb is the assistant principal, Fran Foster is the reading supervisor, Faith Holden teaches handwriting, Peg Conom is the drawing teacher, Elaine Gueli is the guidance director: and Mel Melisi is the gym instructor. But what brings you here? Cliff: Pm here to attend the National Convention of Engineers and Draftsmen. l arrived this morning by Methuen Transworld Airlines, which is owned by Pete Gugliel- mino. The plane was piloted by Walt Margerison and co-piloted by ,lack Joyce. Boy, what a ride! Jack was telling me that lan Russell, Marilyn Cagne. Millie Frye. Peggy Fox, Regina Rudis, and Stella Pepin are serving as hostesses for the same airline. Elly: Some of our classmates are also here for the convention. They are: Chairman Camie Fichera, Bob Mailhot, Bob Hertrick, John Hobbs, Neil Perry. lim Cameron Larry Strondak, Bill Haswell, Bob Murad, Bill Kady, Bill Dalton, and ,lohn Seria. Cliff: As l walked along Broadway, l noticed that many of our old friends are operat- ing successful businesses right here in Methuen. Elly: Yes, just look at those signs! Hajjaris Meat Marketg Crucius' Typewriter Shop: Iusko's Moonray Bakery: Brouck Detective Agency: Pauk K Wholley Pharmacy: Lee Oriental Tea Companyg Crossley 8 Tombarelli Garage: The Gagnon-Skelly Salvage Company, and the Holgate Fruit 81 Produce Co. They buy their products from the Horskin-Reitano Farm, and their legal business is taken care of by the Peront Asso- ciates. t Cliff: By the way, lim staying at the McMorrow Hilton Hotel. Jim has bought the old Hilton chain and has become a big success in the hotel business. Elly: Yes, Chris lesser manages a beauty shoppe in the McMorrow Hilton, and making over the customers' faces are Georgia Scanlon and Betty Roberts. The most widely used product in the shoppe are the Doris Bernard cosmetics. Right next door to the hotel, Carole Meyer and Nella Sanborn are managing a school for cheerleaders. Cliff: ln a letter l recently received from Bert Tkach. he said that Ted Benoit is making a name for himself as a psychologist. Business must be pretty good! His secre- taries are Diana Higginbottom and Bev Kennedy. Joyce DeAndrus is the receptionist. Elly: Speaking of Bert, heis teaching history at the high school. which was designed ,, ' pat- 'J.,,.t.L,.aEn!. "W 3.1, lu, YF. ,ri Un.-1 -- K' Y.r.' .f,'.1 .. , lt 1 . .. I ' A J s . W l 'ltr' tc.:-mrmlhgltl i by George Pomphret. lim Piccerillo. and Dick Leach. Eddie Reed is the Principal there. and some of the teachers are Bob Andrew-science. Bob Kennedy-Latin. Jane Iiinltack-biology, Lee Ward-shorthand. Ruth Doyle-art. Priscilla Hurlbutt-English. The coaclies are I'rsula Stundze. Bob Tetler. and Larry Waite. Cliff: .Xnother new building is the massive Blomba office building. which was designed by Stan I'uzniak and Buss Brearley. lilly: I know. Some secretaries working there are Shirley Ricci-real estate agency: .ludy Shearer-Optoinetrist office: Elaine Eliet. Dot Riley. and Bey' Rossi-lawyeris office: Nlary Derderian and Eunice Baker-trayel agency: Jackie Gagne, Eleanor Antonelli. and Mary Perdis-theatrical agency: Pbyl Whitaker and Geri Ferraro- doctor's office: Jean Neale. Carolyn Wlodyka. and Pat IVIahoney-insurance agency: Carol lfpp and Grace Barraclough-doctoris office: Carol Adams-Boeger Beauty Salon: Barbara Sugden-dental laboratory: Bette Ventura-sdetective agency: and Bey' Grasso. who has finally. after eleven years. graduated from IVIcIntosh. is doing secretarial work for a criminal lawyer. Cliff: Bert also told nie that Barbara Alcarese is operating her own library. and she employs Athena Felides. Cynthia Sabbagh. and Gloria Lamontagne as bookworins. While I was in New York. I saw Pat O'Neil. Pat Gallant. Moe Metcalfe, Mary Laorenza. Vin Greco. and Chuck Depietro. who are still performing as the Darnelles. lflly: 'Xt the Powder Puff. here in Nlethuen. Nlike Ferrara and his band are performing with Sandy Feglin. Jackie Boudreau. and Tim Bantangelo as the featured vocalists. Cliff: I noticed as I was walking from the airport that Ioan Cyr. Margerite Max. Xlary I,int-han. and Clarice Nliele are operating a beauty salon. Elly: Yes. and located in the same block is the First National. which is managed by .Iohn Taylor: Barbara 'Xubert is assistant manager: Shirley Patch is the accountant: Dot lfldt-n is the bookkeeper: Gertrude Giardinella. Elsie Esperian. and Pat Brett are cashiers. The dancing scliotil owned by Xlary lfllen I.eyesque was built by John Arakalian and lfddic Ilalwt-I-. The adyertising for the school was done by liosie Sayona. Sandi Potyin. and Bernice tiit-slak. tilitfr I haye heard that thi- at-counting firm uf Nlaziarz. Nlorelle. and Iannalfo is yery -my.-.-ssfttl. illheir motto is: "kYt'4'ot1lilanytllilig.cycltsltccpln Xkhat is the building on Nlama lfryi-is llill? lxlly: fha! is the newest wing of tht- Bon Voyage Hospital. John b'IcAndrew and llyion Xltefiaitby dcsigncd the electrical wiring. yybivli was installed by ,Iini Delaney ltl1tlfit'llt'l'il'ilQillil. 'llhc landscaping was done by Bill lloffmeier. ffliffz 'l'lit-rc must bt- quite a representation of the class working as nurses there. lzllyz W--s, four ot the su wry isols art- ,lane llodffe. Nlarie Lambert. Carol Los. and Io I :- Sapnppo: tht- physical therapists art- Connie llonoyan. Sandy Platt. Sandy Pierog. and ln- tionnt-Il: doing wt-ll as X-ray technicians arc'I,ucky Nassar and Ann Hamilton: Pat A ,. . , 4 ,..e 1-I'-'L . gr- :ws ff' 4' 7... .' 1: f""'-T ff 'Y ' 4 fr uf '-f+'iv'1+"1" -"' ' " 'v4'4'fsf 'fill lit!" W fe iff! 't's.?7T:3I, -.v E1.'Ff?B1.'iv'FL.yC..2L.vJ.i4.aL31itls'f t .QL CJ "V" ' Zelles, Muggs Epp, Rae Farelli, Judy Kilcoyne, Judy Houghton, and Dorrie Budd are all working in surgery. Carole lVlarsland and Carolyn Fay are working at the switch- board. Have you heard anything of Carole Wilson lately? Cliff: Yes, sheis the vice president of the First National Bank in Boston, which is owned by Jerry Andrew. The tellers are Pat Cross. Bonnie Murphy, Carol Murach, and Joanne Ferraro. Branda Marsh is the cashier: and the Board of Trustees consists of Joyce Lees, Brenda Mellor, Caroline Mathews, Marilyn Prunier, Barbara Lawrie, Joan Martelle, and Cathy Bergman. Elly: Did you see in the New York Times that Nina Nicolosi and Marianne Badalato are the top clothes designers in the country, and that they designed a wardrobe for Mo Burke, who is touring the world after being crowned Miss America of 1968? Cliff: Yes. and did you know that Joe Sobel and Jack Hughes are on the staff of the Times? Joe is the weather forecaster and Jack is a cartoonist. Elly: Yes, many of our friends are in the news this year. Our class is well represented in the coming elections. Cliff: l know. Tim NlcCarthy. teamed with Ed Skeirik. is running for president against Ken Vivenzio and Jerry Fay. Khalaf Khalaf is running for governor of Massachusetts. Elly: The Boston Celtics won the championship again. Johnny Braciska and Chuck Hamblet played an important part in their victories. Cliff: They are very successful in the off-season. Chuch is president of the Boys' Clubs of America: and Johnny is running a magazine distributing agency. Elly: Did you hear that Anne Fluet is designing rockets for the government? Cliff: Yes. From her plans. both the Navy and the Air Force have built rockets. which they will send to the moon. Ricky Ralph. Dave Jean. and Lionel Dupont compose the Air Force crew: while Frank Hayden. Bob Habeeb. Ed Elias. Dick Bennett, Bill Bosco. Dick Goebel. Dick Pirozek. and Paul Fluet make up the Navy crew. The top brass thought that it would be quite a contest to see who would reach the moon first: but it seems that Dick Lynch. Dick Carbonneau. and Bob Lima "borrowed" the Air Force rocket and beat everyone in the race to the moon! Elly: Yes, it looks that way. l hope you enjoy your stay in Methuen. and I wish you luck at the convention. Cliff: So long. but maybe l'll see you again before l leave. Elly: Either that or the next class reunion. Cliff: Bye. Elly: Good-bye. ELEANOR WILK CLIFFORD HALLER cf! We the inf-inbers of the Senior Class of Tenney High School. being of sound mind and body. do hereby make this last will and lt.'slLilItt'l1l. 'lio the younger members of the group, Judy Bevin and Dan O'Neil. we do leave our "Rocking Times." Pat O'Neil. Raye Farelli. Higgie. Cal Wlodyka. Dinne Sleeper. and Pat Xlahoney. I. Pat Brett. leave to my cousin. Marie Chadwick. my ability to be the last one into all my classes. We. William Kady. Sanford Horsken. and Khalaf E. Khalaf. leave our trouble ambassador. Sam Cabour. to take the place of ollll former ambassador. Leo Jusko. to the Class of 39. We. Chris. Pat. and Bonnie leave-IN A HURRY! We. Nlarrianne Badolato and Peggy Conom. do hereby leave our desert boots and shetlands. to be filled by two collegiate freshmen. Brenda Badolato and Paula Conom. I. Jane Hodge. do hereby leave to my brother. Russell. my seat in Mr. Kennedys American History class. I. Shirley Ricci. leave to my cousin, Elaine Kudzia. my editorial talents. l. Joyce DeAndrus. leave to Miss Coulson the memories of a quiet well behaved girl. I. Carole Wilson. leave to next year's class treasurer the nickname. Sandy MacWilson. I. Joyce Lees. leave to Eddie Croteau the privilege of experiencing the trials and tribulations of being President of the Student Council. I. Lucky Nassar. leave to some ambitious Junior. my en- tire social life. with the wish that he or she may benefit by it as much as I have. i I. Carole Meyer. leave two wilted blue pom poins to Head Cheerleader. Jan Pollicella. I. .-Xrlene Kahan. leave Mr. Ramsbottom a box of cigars. We. Chuck De-Pietro. and Don Crossley. leave to next yearis seniors who have Miss Coulson for homeroom. the right lo use the corridor along the side of the auditorium as a drag strip for racing to lunch. We. the loquacious girls of Tenney's most famous lunch table. Nlo. Pat. Kathy. Dot. Ruthie. Faith. Pat. Jackie. Peggy. Nl:-I. Cathy. lflsiff. Dinni. and Pat. leave our connoisseur. Xlr Ii tfi . . -N i-. I, Mel Melisi. do hereby bequeath to some deserving Junior girl who has Miss Lange for homeroom, my ability to write said Junior's own notes and make them look authentic. I. Khalaf Khalaf. leave Mrs. Derby my seat in the third row. We. Josephine Sapuppo and Cynthia Sabbagh. leave to two deserving juniors. the honor and privilege of sleep- walking the corridors each morning while collecting the attendance slips. l. Jeff Lee. leave my tea leaves to the cafeteria. f We. Mr. Rushton's girls. Pat. Faith. and Ruthie. leave our chubby little blistered fingers. We. Joe Sobel. Dick Slomba. and Ken Vivenzio. leave Mrs. Richardson Peace and Quiet. I. Maryanne Badalato. leave Mrs. Monroe still wondering where I get all my gum. I. Carole Murach. leave to a deserving junior. the burnt food in Home Economics. Bob Kennedy leaves Denise LeClair in the custody of Chuck Preneveau. I. Carolyn Wlodyka. leave to some weary junior the wholesome task of straightening out Mr. Ramsbottomls desk which at the end of every Week looks like the remains of a hurricane. I. Brenda Mellor. leave to my cousin. Alan Sifferlen. Tenney High with the hopes that his last two years are better than mine. I. Cliff Haller. leave to Elaine Kolba a compass with which to find her way around school. We. Pat Q'Neil. Cathy Bergman. and Pat Mahoney. leave to .Iudy Bevin the right to stop Dan O'Neil from getting to lunch on time. We. Margery Pauk and Mary Ellen Levesque leave our back seats in Miss Lange's sixth period English class to some lucky juniors in hopes that they may have as much fun as we had. I. Nella Dawn Sanborn. being of sound mind and body, hereby leave. my permission slip from Mr. Lister to some undeserving junior. We-. tht- my-rnbers ol the Senior Class do hereby leave to the incoming Freshmen. four years of hard work and fung to this yr-.iris Juniors. the privileges and enjoyment of being a Senior: and to all Underclassmen. the privileges of using this fini- school in hope that they enjoy it as much as we have Signed and vvitnt-..t-d this 'ith day of June. in the year of Our Lord nineteen hundred and fifty-eight, as the Last Will and ,li4'Nl2lllll'lll of thi- Class nl N58 of 'l'z-nncy High School. Sign ell Olga C. Nassar Timothy McCarthy Mr. Ilrville Beaumont Mr. William Kennedy KV. .", ,I . . Q, Nl ,id I 1:1 'Q 4 EQEEQIQ - Q 222551565 915-'L vi X . IW ff-it iw! 191 ,uh ii! .', 'X E E. -N 'TP Mx E1 Un' had Hr A F iw X! ,F ,km I O 74Qh'! 77aldc'446-rq DALLAS, TEXAS XTNHAH CIHNHLSIOW SI 3019 EIHHS I-IH ONDIDILS HHHDHS 0.1. HHOH EINO .IHS P1008 .LEVI - HEIAOD :IO EICIISNI - XOOGHVHL :IO XDVEI NI PIDILS CINV EHTI9 NILLSIOW v 1 xi 4' an wr vi' W1 W x "W'W" xfmsmfm. mrh 'him -, I . Q , Q' L ' A IAK I 1,1 . 1 -. , - -J 4 N K WJ ll , v1 ' af M35 nl- 0 .Mig ' - f rl V , ii 5 3-ii' J ,., h A iq 1 ..A .1 'N .I l A. s Lg X . 4 Q PM 'Gr gm: 4 'S in ,K E' Q x WX N

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