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.-•■ " ■- " ■■ ' ' % ' ■- ■ V " ' ' ' } - •■ " ■..■•:l- . ' }]% }■ . v ■ ' ' . ' ■ » ' - ' ▼ . ' 1 ■ 1 ' , ' S r-%. ' 7». ♦ TV- 1 " - ' • »•« " . JCt 4 ,?., ■ 1 • »h.H ' -, T ' -lf •- ,- ' - V v,- ' ;.: ' , 3 30171 enneddee WeJe THE NOCATULA LEGEND A wounded English officer from Fort Loudon was befriended by an Indian Chief and nursed back to health by Nocatula, daughter of the Chief. The soldier, given the name of Connes- toga. " The Oak. " was accepted into the tribe and married Nocatula. A jealous suitor attacked Connestoga with a knife. As he lay dying Nocatula confessed her eternal love and plunged a knife into her breast. Buried to- ' gcther. the Chief placed an acorn Jh Connestoga ' s hand and a hackberry in Nocatula ' s hand, symbolizing undying love. From these there developed two trees which-; stood oh this spot for 150 years. euan y ( oile 9 eae . . . united in its efforts to crea te within its students sound scholarship and Christian ideals that produce mentally healthy persons, emotionally integrated, and socially cooperative. IRec ided in t6t — t6e n L ineieen Ixt t loccttuia v BETTY POTTER Editor CHARLES KETRON Layout Editor RICKY PERACHIO Photographer MISS JOAN BRIDGES Sponsor W«hf«f-Pfeiffer Library Tennises Wesleyan Coilege Atrmnt, Tennessee WELCOME, DR. MOHNEY DR. RALPH WILSON MOHNEY When Dr. LeRoy A. Martin left to become the President of the University of Chattanooga, the Board of Directors of Tennessee Wesleyan College indeed had a responsibility . . . to secure a man with the ability, devotion, and tact to meet the challenge that Wesleyan offers with its new status as an accredited four-year college. These qualities they found in the person of Dr. Ralph Wilson Mohney. Dr. Mohney holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Transyl- vania College in Lexington, Kentucky, a Bachelor of Divinity Degree from the Vanderbilt University School of Religion, and a Master of Sacred Theology Degree from Boston University. He has done additional graduate work at Harvard University and the Garrett Biblical Institute. He was also granted the honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree by Emory and Henry Col- lege. Dr. Mohney has served various churches throughout the Hol- ston Conference. When he accepted the presidency of Wes- leyan, he was serving as Superintendent of the Kingsport Dis- trict. He and his wife, the former Nell Marie Webb, and sons, Richard Bentley and Ralph Wilson, Jr., came to Athens in July 1959. At ceremonies held in Townsend Memorial Hall on October 3, 1959, Dr. Mohney was formally inaugurated as President of Tennessee Wesleyan College. £ T. r. I IN • All, INAUGURATION DAY Dr. F. Heisse Johnson, Dr. John O. Gross, Dr. Mohney, Dr. R. R, Kramer, Rev. Conway Weikel, Bishop Roy H. Short, Dr. Harold C. Case. Former President Dr. LeRoy A. Martin congratulates Dr. Mohney. Bishop Roy H. Short and Dr. Mohney chat after the Inauguration cere- monies. Many delegates remain for the Inaugural luncheon. The Mohneys greet guests at their home following the Inauguration. Dr. and Mrs. Mohney, Ralph Wilson, Jr., and Richard Bentley in their home. I ». m 6 Ml is frs fr - » ' • J ' ;.. ' : 7 ' -,. ' 4 ' J ? tfra; .«v £ 8H Aw- ' $S ; M , J , , . .... ? " : ' - rWsis » • V ' DEDICATION Dr. Richard Mann Johnson came to the cam- pus of Tennessee Wesleyan College in the fall of 1951 with a B.S. degree from Ohio State University and an M.S. degree from Tulane University. At that time, Tennessee Wesleyan College was a two-year college. There was talk of the possibility of Wes- leyan ' s becoming a four-year degree grant- ing institution. Dr. Johnson realized that to progress with the school it would be neces- sary to continue his education,- therefore he began to study for his Ph.D., which he suc- cessfully completed at the University of Florida during a year ' s leave of absence from Wesleyan in 1956. The knowledge he gained he shares effectively with his stu- dents. Dr. Johnson is held in high esteem by the entire student body as well as the faculty. For his scholarship, his high Christian ideals, his sense of duty and his friendly spirit, we dedicate to him this 1960 Nocatula. DR. RICHARD M. JOHNSON " Scholar " " Friend " " Leading Man " PRESIDENT AND DEANS OF THE COLLEGE RALPH W. MOHNEY, A.B., B.D., S.T.M., D.D. President of the College. ROBERT C. MILDRAM, Ph.B., B.D., M.A., Ph.D. Dean of the College and Professor of Religion and Philosophy. PAUL RIVIERE, B.S., M.A., B.D. Dean of Admissions and Registra FLOYD BOWLING, A.B., M.S., Ed.D. Dean of Students and Professor of Mathematics. « -s •- N . L» ' ' .fV :•« ; ••- x ! • ' .. 1 . ' ' - ■•Sfcr : S -.•. . ■ ' 1 l«r™ - • ' I JBB ] V tfr , " ■ ' 1.M W jt U(s? . . e . — . 1 ' ■ «-■ » L. v •• " ' " • .jb »T .- ! l V • - ■■ " ' ■ -, - ' ' •. A : rip m .h? ' . ■ % ' f 1 i •■ -, ■ ! s. - 1 1 i ' is . v . « b0PNflMMi WM is ft -•■.. a 1 " 4 • r s4dmt«U4t tto t «W ADMINISTRATION R. E. BRANHAM, C.P.A. Bursar. MARY NELLE GRAVES Administrative Secretary. EUGENE SADLER, B.S. Assistant to the Bursar. DIVISION OF SOCIAL SCIENCE NOT PICTURED RAY E. SHORT, A.B., B.D. Associate Professor of Reli- gion and Sociology. ALBERT H. BOWMAN, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Chairman of the Division Professor of History. J. VAN B. COE, A.B., M.A. Associate Professor of Economics and Sociology. 11 DIVISION OF EDUCATION, APPLIED ARTS, AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION WILLIAM BOYD CATE, B.S., M.A. Instructor in Physical Education, Basketball and Baseball Coach. FRED PUETT, B.S., LL.B.. Instructor in Commercial Subjects. B. T. HUTSON, B.S., M.S. Associate Professor of Business Administration. ALF H. WALLE, B.S., M.S., Ed.D. Chairman of the Division Professor of Education Director of Evening College. REVA PUETT, B.S., M.S. Assistant Professor of Home Economics and Assistant Dietitian. E. G. ROGERS, B.S., M.A. Associate Professor of Education Instructor in Geography. MRS. ROBERT C. MILDRAM, B.S. Instructor in Physical Education. 12 DIVISION OF LANGUAGE, LITERATURE, AND FINE ARTS JOAN BRIDGES, B.A., M.A. Assistant Professor of English. WM MARTHA B. HALE Instructor in Art. " ' " .- ™--« M ' — : «-— - - MARY L. GREENHOE, B.M., M.M. Assistant Professor of Piano and Organ. ROWLAND M. HILL, A.B., A.M., Ph.D. Chairman of the Division Professor of English. WILLIAM ARCHER, B.A., M.A. Associate Professor of Foreign Languages. JACK HOUTS, B.A., M.M. Associate Professor of Music and Chora! Director. NOT PICTURED HARRY W. COBLE, A.B., B.L.I., M.A. Assistant Professor of Speech and Dramatics. NOT PICTURED CLARYSE DAVIS MYERS, A.B., B.S. in L.S., M.A. Librarian. MRS. WILLIAM ARCHER, B.A., M.A. Assistant Professor of English. DIVISION OF NATURAL SCIENCE RICHARD M. JOHNSON, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Professor of Biology. CARL B. HONAKER, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Chairman of the Division Professor of Chemistry and Physics. NOT PICTURED HELEN M. RICHARDS, A.B., M.D. Assistant Professor of Biology. M. CLIFTON SMITH, B.S., M.S. Associate Professor of Education, Mathe- matics and Science Director of Athletics. RICHARD P. SAVAGE, B.S., M.S. Assistant Professor of Mathematics. FLOYD BOWLING, A.B., M.S., Ed.D. Dean of Students and Professor of Mathe- matics. 14 DIVISION OF PHILOSOPHY AND RELIGION GORDON A. STERCHI, B.A., B.D. Instructor in Bible. ROBERT C. MILDRAM, Ph.B., B.D., M.A., Ph.D. Chairman of the Division Dean of the College and Professor of Re- ligion and Philosophy. JOHN R. STEINER, B.A., B.D. Instructor in Bible. WILMER B. ROBBINS, B.Ed., B.A., B.D. Instructor in Bible. RAY E. SHORT, A.B., B.D. Associate Professor of Religion and Soci- ology. 15 STAFF CHARLES " BUDDY " LINER MRS. H. A. SMITH Director of Student Recruiting and Reader ' s Adviser. Alumni Work. MRS. FLOYD BOWLING Secretary to Dean of Students. LOUIE UNDERWOOD Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds. JANE ANN YARBROUGH VERA COE IDA RUTH LEWIS REBA PARSONS Secretory to Librarians. Assistant Librarian. Head Resident, Lawrence Hall. Head Resident, Ritter Ho NANCY SEEPE Secretary to Dean of the College. JUDY BURNETT Stenographer to Bursar. PATRICIA HOOPER, NANCY WHITE, LEE BRAKE- BILL Stenographer, Secretary, Assistant to Registrar. CLARYSE DAVIS MYERS Librarian. MARILYN JOHNSON Manager of Book Store. ROBBIE JEAN ENSMINGER Secretary to President. i44e4 ssaw »r • SENIOR CLASS OFFICE Uk f J - t • " w " " » i H , i. -. ■ ' " — raw? •■ ■■] J, ,■(■• - .-, - SENIORS CHARLES ABERNATHY Madisonville Tennessee B.S., Accounting Phi Sigma Kappa 3,4. LETHA ANN CHAPPELEAR ALLEN Williams Street C-4 Athens, Tennessee B.S., Education Transferred from Belmont College. JOHN JOSEPH ALISE Greenwood Avenue Butler, New Jersey B.S., Education Sigma Phi Epsilon 1,2,3,4; Sergeant- at-Arms 1 ; Pledgemaster 1- Presi- dent 3 ; " W " Club 1,2,3,4,- Sergeant- at-Arms 3,4; Football 1,2; Baseball 3,4; Drama Fraternity 3,4; Zeta Mu Epsilon Sweetheart 3. RICHARD WILLIAM ANDERSON 1444 N. W. 5th Avenue Ft. Lauderdale, Florida B.S., Secondary Education Phi Sigma Kappa 2,3,4; Reporter 2; Vice-President 3; Grand Councilman 4; Student Council 3,4; Boy Repre- sentative 4; Junior Class President; Religious Life Council 4 ; BULLDOG Staff 2,3,4; Sports-Editor; Social Life Committee 3; Director of Intramural Sports 4; Trcck 1; Captain. JOHN JESSE BACON, JR. Greer Apartments Loudon, Tennessee B.S., Accounting Transferred from East Tennessee State College,- Phi Sigma Kappa 3,4; Grand Councilman 3; Secretary 4, Alpha Beta 3,4; Vice-President 4, Veterans ' Club 2,3,4 ; Secretary 3 President 4. WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES MARY O ' DELL BAUGH Tazewell Virginia B.A., Religion Philosophy Student Christian Association 1 ,2, 3,4; Wesleyan Worship Chairman 2; Wesleyan Fellowship 1; Religious Activities Committee 1; Life-Service Girls 1,2,3,4; Dorm Program Chair- man 1; BULLDOG Staff 1,2; Social Life Committee 1; Independents 1. CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH BAKER Bluefield Virginia B.S., Religion Philosophy Transferred from Hiwassee College,- Zeta Mu Epsilon 3,4; President 3; Secretary 4; Music Fraternity 4; Stu- dent Christian Association 3,4; Life- Service Girls 3,4; Assistant Chapel Organist 4. JOHN RAYMOND BEAN Route 8 Maryville, Tennessee B.A., Religion Philosophy Transferred from Maryville College; Religous Life Council 4; Stu- dent Ministerial Association 3,4; Re- porter 3; Vice-President 4. 19 SENIORS DAVID HERBERT BECKLER Box 333 Ducktown, Tennessee B.S., Education Transferred from University of Ten- nessee,- Choir 3,4; Social Chairman 4 ; BULLDOG Staff 3,4; News Re- porter. GARY DEAN BEST Route 1 Fhendsville, Tennessee B.S., Education Sigma Phi Epsilon 1,2,3,4; Chaplain 2,3; Vice-President 4; Alpha Beta 3,4; Student Council 3; Vice-Presi- dent 3; Choir 4 ; Poetry Club 1,2,3; Vice-President 2; Student Christian Association 1 ,2,3,4; President 2,3; Vice-President 4; Religious Life Council 2,3,4; Social Life Committee 2; Wesleyan Roundtable 3,4; Presi- dent 4; International Club 3. WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES. CHARLES CURTIS BURNETT, JR. Route 9 Knoxville, Tennessee B.A., History Transferred from Hiwassee College; Student Christian Association 3,4; Student Ministerial Association 3,4. ALICE VAUDINECRAVEY 399 Forrest Avenue Athens, Tennessee B.S., Elementary Education Sigma lota Chi 3,4; Independents 1,2. BARBARA JANE CRUMLEY 303 East First Avenue Lenior City, Tennessee B.S., Religion Sigma lota Chi 3,4; Life-Service Girls 4. JUDITH MARIE DICKSON Route 5 Athens, Tennessee B.S., Education Zeta Mu Epsilon 1,2,3,4; Cor- responding Secretary 4; Baptist Stu- dent Union 3,4; Publicity 4. GEORGE WILLIAM DORSAM 446 Boston Post Rood Rye, New York B.S., History Transferred from Centre of Ken- tucky; Wesleyan Roundtable 4. ALLEN RICHARD DOUGLASS 234 Kings ' Road Madison, New Jersey B.S., Education Transferred from Hiram College,- Sigma Phi Epsilon 3,4. 20 SENIORS FRED GOODEN Route 7 Louisville, Tennessee B.A., Philosophy Sigma Phi Epsilon 4 ; Student Coun- cil 2 ; Poetry Club 1,2,3; Religious Life Council 3,4; Student Christian Association 1 ,2,3,4; Student Minis- terial Association 2,3,4; President 3; BULLDOG Staff 3; Religious Editor; Relig ion-In-Life Week Chairman 3,4. WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES LOUIS NICHOLAS GUARINIELLO 145 Paulison Avenue Passaic, New Jersey B.A., Religion Philosophy Transferred from Upsala College; Sigma Phi Epsilon 3,4; Chaplain 4 Student Christian Association 4; Stu- dent Ministerial Association 3,4. BETTY HAMPTON Lincoln Avenue Oxford, New Jersey B.S., Elementary Education Kappa Delta Phi 1 ,2,3,4; Historian 4 ; Choir 2,3,4; Student Christian As- sociation 1,2; Ritter Hall Dorm Coun- cil 1,2. CORNELIA RAE HARRIS Box 145 North Tazewell, Virginia B.A., Religion Zeta Mu Epsilon 3,4,- President 4; Independents 1; Pan-Hellenic Coun- cil 4; Alpha Beta 2,3,4; Treasurer 3,4; Choir 3,4; Section Leader 3,4 ; Librarian 3; Music Fraternity 2,3,4; Historian 3; Secretary-Treasurer 4; Life-Service Girls 1 ,2,3; Student Christian Association 1,2,3,4. WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES. WANDA LEE ELLIOTT 10 Forrest Avenue Athens, Tennessee B.S., Education Sigma lota Chi 1,2,3,4; Parchment Editor 2; Worthy Guard 3; BULL- DOG Staff 2. CARL RONALD ELY B.A., Music Pennington Gap Virginia B.S., Secondary Education Phi Sigma Kappa 3,4; Athletic Di- rector 3,4; Basketball 4 ; Baseball 3,4. MARY GRACE FEEZELL Route 1 Ten Mile, Tennessee B.A., English Education Eta Upsilon Gamma 1,2,3,4; Editor 3 ; Alpha Beta 2,3,4; President 4 ; Senior Class Secretary,- Choir 1,2, 3,4; Assistant Wardrobe Mistress 4; Alpha Psi Omega Drama Fraternity 3,4; Poetry Club 1,2,3,4; Secretary 2 ; President 3 ; BULLDOG Staff 2,3,4; Editor 3,4; NOCATULA Stoff 1 ,2; Student Christian Association 1,2, 3,4,- International Club 3; Parliamen- tarian 3; Lawrence Hall President 2,3,4. WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES FLORA MARGARET FRITZSCHE Box 254 Shelbyville, Tennessee B.S., Elementary Education Eta Upsilon Gamma 2,3,4 ; Vice- President 4; Junior Class Secretary; Women ' s Athletic Association 1 ,2, 3,4; Vice-President 4. 21 SENIORS BILLIE BEATRICE KENNEDY Box 507 Athens, Tennessee B.S., Education Sigma Iota Chi 1,2,3,4; Guard 2; President 3,4 ; Pan-Hellenic Council 3,4; Religious Life Council 4. BARBARA FOWLER KETRON 6 Forrest Avenue Athens, Tennessee B.S., Education Zeta Mu Epsilon 1,2,3,4; Secretary 2. CLAUDIA LAMB Jasper Tennessee B.A., English Transferred from University of Ten- nessee; Eta Upsilon Gamma 4; Choir 3,4; BULLDOG Staff 4; Reporter. RUTH AUGUSTA LEWIS Benton Tennessee B.S., Education Independents I; Baptist Student Un- ion 3,4. BILLY THOMAS HICKS Clinton Tennessee B.S., Education Sigma Phi Epsilon 2,3,4; Sergeant- at-Arms 3; Secretary 4; Choir 1,2,3; Assistant Business Manager 3; Poetry Club 1; Student Christian Associa- tion 3; Football 1 . JOYCE ELINOR HOWARD Blocker Lane Chattanooga 11, Tennessee B.A., Music Eta Upsilon Gamma 1,2,3,4; Senti- nel 2; President 4; Alpha Beta 2,3,4; Historian 3; Secretary 4; Student Council 4; Senior Class Representa- tive; Choir 1 ,2,3,4; Secretary 4; Music Fraternity 2,3,4; President 2,3; Vice-President 4; Poetry Club 1 ,2, 3,4; Treasurer 2; Secretary 3; NO- CATULA Staff 2,3,4,- Student Chris- tian Association 1,2,3,4; Women ' s Athletic Association 1,2. WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES JIMMIE DAVIS HUGGINS Jones Street Maryville, Tennessee B.S., Education Transferred from Hiwassee; Phi Sigma Kappa 3,4; Veteran ' s Club 4; Society for the Advancement of Management 4; Wesleyan Round- table 3,4. WANDA SUE JENKINS Delano Tennessee B.S., Secondary Education Baptist Student Union 3,4. 22 SENIORS ANNA CHRISTINE MOSES 608 Francis Street Athens, Tennessee B.S., Chemistry Kappa Delta Phi 1,2,3,4; Secretary 2; Vice-President 3,4 ; Student Coun- cil 3,4,- Secretary 3,4; Freshman Class Secretary; Sophomore Class Secretary; Alpha Beta 2,3,4; Re- porter 4; Choir 1,2,3,4; Librarian 2; Secretary 3; Treasurer 4; Religious Life Council 3,4; Cheerleader 1,2, 3,4; Head Cheerleader 2,3,4; Queen of Hearts 1; Athletic Queen 2; Har- vest Queen 4; Phi Sigma Nu Sweet- heart 2; Veterans ' Club Sweetheart 3. WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES JAMES BERNARD NICELY 607 Bernhurst Drive Fountain City, Tennessee B.S., Business Administration Transferred from Carson College. JOYCE ELAINE MULLINS 6224 Liberty-Fairfield Road Hamilton, Ohio B.S., Social Science Transferred from Lee College; Kappa Delta Phi 4 ; Student Chris- tian Association 3; BULLDOG Staff 4; Proofreader,- Ritter Hall Dorm Council 4. MARGARET ELIZABETH ORR R.F.D. 4 Athens, Tennessee B.S., Education Transferred from University of Ten- nessee. DAVID HERMAN LOVELACE 1511 Ringgold Road Chattanooga, Tennessee B.A., Religion Philosophy Sigma Phi Epsilon 2,3,4; President 4; Eta Upsilon Gamma Sweetheart 4; Choir 1,2,3,4; Vice-President 3; Business Manager 4; Pan-Hellenic Council 4; Student Council 2; Sophomore Class President; Fresh- man Class Vice-President; Student Ministerial Association 1,2,3,4; Stu- dent Christian Association 1,2,3,4; President 4; Religious Life Council 3,4; Cheerleader 1. WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES. HARRY BYERS McCLURG Mentor Tennessee B.A., Philosophy Transferred from Emory and Henry College; Sigma Phi Epsilon 2,3,4; Social Chairman 4; Choir 2,3,4; President 4; Student Christian As- sociation 2,3; Student Ministerial Association 2,3; Kappa Delta Phi Sweetheart 4. MARVIN TYSON LOWRY Greenback Tennessee B.S., Business Administration Transferred from University of Ten- nessee,- Phi Sigma Kappa 3,4; Ser- geant-at-Arms 3; Treasurer 4; Bas- ketball 1,2; Society for the Ad- vancement of Management 4. ALBERT CONLEY MEHAFFEY Big Stone Gap Virginia B.S., Business Phi Sigma Kappa 1,2,4; Treasurer 1 President 2 ; Pan-Hellenic Council 2 Eta Upsilon Gamma Sweetheart 2 Student Council 1,2,4; Freshman Class President; Sophomore Class President; Senior Class President; Religious Life Council 1,2; " W " Club 1,2,4; President 2 ; Tennis 1,2,4; Captain 2 ; Social Life Committee 2; International Club 2; President; So- ciety for the Advancement of Man- agement 4. 23 SENIORS EDNA CHRISTINE WATKINS 1604 Idlewild Road Johnson City, Tennessee B.S., Religion Zeta Mu Epsilon 2,3,4; Reporter 3; Treasurer 4; Independents 1; Alpha Beta 3,4; Alpha Psi Omega Drama Fraternity 4; Life-Service Girls 1,2, 3,4; Reporter 2,3; Student Christian Association 1,2,3,4; BULLDOG Staff 2,3,4; News Editor 4; Women ' s Ath- letic Association 1,2,3,4. ELIZABETH ANN WATKINS Route 5 Elizabethton, Tennessee B.A., Education Kappa Delta Phi 1,2,3,4; Cor- responding Secretary 4; Choir 1 ,2, 3,4; Assistant Wardrobe Mistress 4; Student Christian Association 1,2, 3,4; Life-Service Girls 1,2,3,4; Senior Class Treasurer; Ritter Hall Dorm Council 4; Vice-President 4. SALEEM H. SAFFAR Baghdad Iraq B.S., Business Transferred from Southern Illinois University,- International Club 3. FRANK HILLSEABOLT 400 Clay Rogersville, Tennessee B.S., Education Sigma Phi Epsilon 3,4; Choir Veterans ' Club 2. RICHARD EDWARD SWETT 17 Vinton Road Madison, New Jersey B.S., Business Administration Sigma Phi Epsilon 1,2,3,4; Treasurer 4 ; Choir 1,2,4; BULLDOG Staff 4; Harvest King 4; Basketball 1,2; Ten- nis 3,4. RICHARD VERN WALLE S. Matlock Road Athens, Tennessee B.S., Education Sigma Phi Epsilon 3,4; Rush Chair- man 4; Social Life Committee 4; Re- ligious Life Council 4; Student Coun- cil 4 ; Vice-President; BULLDOG Staff 2,4,- Columnist; NOCATULA Staff 4; Sports Co-Chairman. ROBERT KENNETH WHEELER 902 W. 5th Street Big Stone Gap, Virginia B.S., Secondary Education Transferred from Hiwassee Col- lege; Phi Sigma Kappa 3,4; Ser- geant-at-Arms 4; Basketball 1 ,2. HAROLD DOUGLAS WHITE Glenwood Park Athens, Tennessee B.S., Accounting Phi Sigma Kappa 3,4; Vice-President 3,4; Society for the Advancement of Management 4; President; Veterans ' Club 4; President. 24 SENIORS KENNETH WILBURN Chatsworth Georgia B.S., Education Phi Sigma Kappa 3,4; President 4; Pan-Hellenic 4; Alpha Beta 2,3,4; Veterans ' Club 1,2,3,4; Student Council 3,4; Boy Representative 3; President 4; Football I. SENIOR SUPERLATIVES FIRST ROW, Left to right: John Bacon, Mary Grace Feezell, Cor- nelia Harris, Joyce Howard, Tina Moses, David Lovelace. SECOND ROW, Fred Gooden, Harold White, Kenneth Wilburn, Dean Best, Dick Walle, Al Mehaffey. 25 WHO ' S WHO IN AMERICAN DAVID LOVELACE TINA MOSES JOYCE HOWARD DEAN BEST 26 30171 COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES FRED GOODEN MARY GRACE FEEZELL CORNELIA HARRIS JOHN BACON 27 i@TO ' 3r - P fefffer Library SQ a ' .-yan College i ■P ' t 1 hi WBHiffillll M " i ( ' aVi Hi III ■■■iil 2 i H r M Hl lfll ■ m H HHll I J. m 1 11 HI Cr - M ■ ■ ir - Wl 1 ■) MMmmmL 1 1 11 t m mum j V ■ " 1 A »u ' 0 • " I v ! ■:.J» ' - " : Mary Ann Carpenter Secretary Don Allison Vice-President ield. - v .BtllStorn " ' President S arah Loftis Treasurer, wm JUNIORS PATRICIA ALLEN Sweetwater Tennessee DONALD EUGENE ALLISON 3802 Mark Twain Circle Chattanooga, Tennessee JUDY ANN ASHLEY 30 South Germantown Chattanooga, Tennessee PAULINE BANKS Middletown Oh,o JEWELL BARNARD Route 4 Athens, Tennessee EDNA RAMONA BATES 19 Lafayette Street Athens, Tennessee MELVIN BEAL 2500 Brice Street Knoxville, Tennessee WILLIAM BIGHAM Route 2 Athens, Tennessee REBA JO BRAKEBILL Niota Tennessee LYNN W. BRANDON Route 5 Manchester, Tennessee ROBERT BURGIN, JR. PHYLLIS ANDREA BUTCHER ROXIE JEANCALFEE MARY ANN CARPENTER DWIGHTCREASMAN 1 1 30 Pennsylvania Avenue Route 3 Route 5, Box 413 Route 2 William Park E towah, Tennessee Churchill, Tennessee Cleveland, Tennessee Loudon, Tennessee Athens, Tennessee SALLY MAE DEWITT STARR DIXON SANDRA ELAINE EDENFIELD NAN EWING CHARLES FLEENOR Niota 3130 Clearwater Drive 4401 Fulton Drive 509 Shasta Avenue Pennington Gap Tennessee Middlesex, North Carol na Knoxville, Tennessee Dayton, Tennessee Virginia 30 JUNIORS JUNIORS HAROLD DON FRENCH Stratton Virginia BETTY HOLMES Florence Kentucky SUE FULLER Norton Virginia CLAIRE JOHNSON Box 5 Dunlap, Tennessee RALPH GREEN 2521 McCallie Avenue Chattanooga, Tennessee DONALD JONES 54 Park Place Suffern, New York CHARLES GUINN, JR. 200 3rd Street Etowah, Tennessee CHARLES KETRON 159 Green Street Athens, Tennessee RONDA HAMMONTREE Pine Street Maryville, Tennessee SHARON KING Route 3 Oneonta, Alabama 31 JOAN LOCKE SARAH LOFTIS MARY SUE LONGMIRE MARY LEE McAMIS FRANCIS MADDUX Route 1 231 Athens Pike Route 1 Route 2 Spring City Spring City, Tennessee Etowah, Tennessee Andersonville, Tennessee Sweetwater, Tennessee Tennessee CHARLOTTE MARSHALL RANDALL MILLER JAMES MOORE FOUAD MOUSTAFA LOISMULLINS 1909 Emoriland Boulevard Route 2 117 Pine Street Baghdad 6224 Liberty-Fairfield Road Knoxville, Tennessee Magnolia, Kentucky Athens, Tennessee Iraq Hamilton, Ohio 32 JUNIORS JUNIORS NANN PEERY BILLIE JEAN PERKINS GLENDA PETERSON BETTY POTTER DONNA ROBERSON North Taz ewell Jacksboro 305 18th Street 900 Columbia Avenue Pound Virginia Tennessee Alma, Georgia Knoxville, Tennessee Virginia HASSAN SAFFAR PEGGY SEDMAN BARBARA SELF CHARLES STANBERY GERALD STANBERY Baghdad Apison Box 312 Route 3 Route 2 — Wildwood Iraq Tennessee Copperhill, Tennessee Maryville, Tennessee Maryville, Tennessee 33 JAMES STEELE 8 St. Joseph Drive East Longmeadow, Massachusetts FERN STOOKSBURY Maryville Tennessee BILL STORM 1113 Georgetown Road Cleveland, Tennessee LINDA STYLES 34 Virginia Apartments Chattanooga, Tennessee PETE VON DREELE 2217 Hillside Road Wilmington, Delaware 5 CLYDE WEBB Athens Tennessee MARY ANN WHITAKER Cedar Springs Drive Athens, Tennessee PAT WIGGINS 300 Dogwood Drive Maryville, Tennessee ELIZABETH WOODY Box 174 Etowah, Tennessee FRED WOMACK 215 Blount Street Riceville, Tennessee 4£ ALLEN YORK 2803 Tarleton Avenue Knoxville, Tennessee JUNIORS 34 HARVEST MASQUERADE RALL One of the highlights of this year was the Harvest Masquerade Boll, sponsored by the senior class. The Harvest King and Queen candidates were: Seniors — Ricky Swett and Tina Moses; Juniors — Allen York and Betty Potter; Sophomores — Jerry Edmonds and Patricia Stowe; Freshmen — Doug Reed and Judy Bull. Due to the success of this party the past two years, it has become an annual event on the campus. First prizes were cap- tured by Mary Baugh and Charles Ketron. A skit, written by Joyce Howard, lent a very comical note to the program. Jack Houts served as master of ceremonies. The Harvest King and Queen for 1959-60 were Ricky Swett and Tina Moses, representing the senior class. :., « ? K ; ..SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS 5 «Tv ' W ' ♦y-.- V " - % S? " J ' P ' Tr , b - V,- r il IP . • :■ • . v i 3 ' ; - 1- ' Sffi •v», ■■iiiin i Harry Stutzman Boy Representative Dot Jones Girl Representative Mort Trew Vice-President Patriciajstpwe Treasurer SOPHOMORES ELISE AYTES Dandridge Tennessee COLIN BAGWELL BOYD BAKER JERRY BECK 510 Oakhurst Drive Box 56 Athens Knoxville, Tennessee Dandridge, Tennessee Tennessee JAMES BRAKEBIIL 336 E. Madison Athens, Tennessee GLENDA BREWER Dandridge Tennessee JAMES BROWN Denville New Jersey GAIL BUTTRAM 9 Elizabeth Street Athens, Tennessee LOUISE CAMPBELL Route 1 Corryton, Tennessee LILLIAN COOK 1204 McFarland Rossville, Georgia ELIZABETH CURTIS Friendsville Tennessee EMMA SUE DELOZIER Route 1 Rockford, Tennessee 37 SOPHOMORES ANNETTE FRAZIER 5018 Straw Plains Pike Knoxville, Tennessee STEVE FUTTERMAN 1486 East 4th Street Brooklyn, New York RICHARD GALBERAITH Route I, Box 723 Lakeland, Florida ELIZABETH GRANT Daisy Tennessee A DEAN GRANT 520 First Street Athens, Tennessee ANN GRAY Route 1 Newport, Tennessee JAMES GREGORY Box 97 Brandon, Florida CAROLYN HAMMOND Glade Springs Virginia WILMA HANEY PHYLLIS HIGHLAND GARY HOLT MERLE HOWARD 1108 Club Drive 517 W. 28th Street Route 1 293 Ingleside Cleveland, Tennessee Baltimore 11, Maryland Newport, Tennessee Athens, Tennessee 38 SOPHOMORES JANICE HURST Route 1 Newport, Tennessee FAIZ ISMAIL Adhamija Baghdad, Iraq JO ANN JACKSON Route 1 Ten Mile, Tennessee BOBBY KETCHERSID Spring City Tennessee ANNETTE KINSER Route 2 Madisonville, Tennessee SYLVIA LAMBERT Old Niles Ferry Road Maryville, Tennessee ROY LATOURETTE Route I Auburn, Pennsylvania BARBARA MAbitr 109 Linden Street Lookout Mt., Tennessee A DON MOORE 1 17 Pine Street Athens, Tennessee NANCY MOORE Box 51 Englewood, Tennessee U. S. MYERS 2404 Crutchfield Street Chattanooga, Tennessee MARY FRANCES MYNATT 413 Cunningham Maryville, Tennessee 39 SOPHOMORES HARRY NEWMAN 2614 Magill Street Maryville, Tennessee BETTY OUSLEY Maynardville Tennessee RICKY PERACHIO 64 Oriole Lane Trumbull, Connecticut MARY PETREE Newport Tennessee JOHN PIERCE 140 Henderson Street Athens, Tennessee CAROLYN POWERS 209 Scott Street Athens, Tennessee JUDITH QUALLS McCord Avenue Athens, Tennessee JUDITH RIDEN Route 2 Athens, Tennessee MARY LYNNE ROBINETTE ARTURO RODRIGUEZ LAMETA SAGERS BRENDA SMITH 1002 W. Main Street C alles 78 2325 Westville Road 1917 Chamberlain Avenue Rogersville, Tennessee Marianao, Cuba Atmonesson, New Jersey Chattanooga, Tennessee 40 SOPHOMORES MARY ANNA SMITH 211 2 W. Irish Street Greenville, Tennessee KAY SPRADLING M4 Lynn Avenue Athens, Tennessee PATRICIA STOWE 910 Schmitt Road Rossville, Georgia HARRY STUTZMAN 404 W. Main Street Lykens, Pennsylvania SWEE LEAN TEH 28 Main Street Selangor, Malaya TOM THOMPSON Route 3 Madisonville, Tennessee WANDA TREVENA Route 2 Sevierville, Tennessee MORT TREW Etowah Tennessee LINDA VARNELL 3615 Westview Cleveland, Tennessee ROSIE WEBB Box 224 Jasper, Tennessee DAVE WHITFORD 4814 Rodney Road Richmond, Virginia MARY TIM WILSON Route 2 Cleveland, Tennessee 41 SOPHOMORES LARRY WIMBERLY JANICE WOLFE DARRYL WOOLERY NADYNE WOOLSEY NEAL WORMSLEY Niota Maynardville 1528 Akins Drive 603 E. Main Street 2301 Old Knoxville Pike Tennessee Tennessee Chattanooga, Tennessee Newport, Tennessee Maryville, Tennessee 42 RELIGION in LIFE WEEK CHRIST IN YOU. ..YOU IN THE WORLD APRIL 13-16 TOWNSPEOPLE INVITED 43 J_l FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Roy Blankensh ' ip oy Representative Margie DeFoe Secretary Dennis Gillikin Dave Morton k ? FRESHMEN CARLOS PAUL ALDUNATE CAROLE JEAN ANTHONY ROLAND WILLIS AYTES JOHN BAIN CHARLES EUGENE BALLEW 187 Nassau Road 1720 E. Broadway Box 44 Athens 5 Mary Street Hunt, New York Maryville, Tennessee Dandridge, Tennessee Tennessee Rossville, Georgia EDWARD ROY BLANKEN5HIP JANE CAROL BOWLING EDWARD BOWNE, JR. KATHLEEN BRYAN GLENDA BRYANT 245 Thomas Street Athens Newfoundland 1333 Harle Avenue Route 1, Jones Drive Kingsport, Tennessee Tennessee New Jersey Cleveland, Tennessee Knoxville, Tennessee 45 JOHN BUCKHEIT Box 7 Charleston, Tennessee FRANCIS JOSEPH BURGER Riceville Tennessee JONNIE SHARON CARTER Surray Lodge Road Chartham, New Jersey GEORGE DANIEL CHANDLER 204 E. 11th Street Bowling Green, Kentucky STEVE CHAPIN 441 1 Cypress Lane Knoxville, Tennessee JAMES COBLE, JR. Cleveland Tennessee JOYCE COOK Route 2 Greenback, Tennessee SYLVIA CAROL CORN Route 1 Etowah, Tennessee JOYCE COULTER Route 3 Maryville, Tennessee MARY FRANCES CRESWELL Route 19 Knoxville, Tennessee FRESHMEN 46 FRESHMEN CHARLES CULBERSON 242 S. Jackson Athens, Tennessee JOHN DIXON 3308 Adeline Street Kingsport, Tennessee HAROLD DAVIS Kingsport Tennessee MAX DOUGLAS Spring City Tennessee LARRY DEAL Route 1 Niota, Tennessee CAROLYN DUNBAR Limestone Tennessee MARGIE DEFOE Route 8 Maryville, Tennessee MALCOLM DUNN 418 Union Street Hartford, Kentucky DORIS DICKEY 51 1 Broad Street Sweetwater, Tennessee JOHN EAKIN Box 12 Gatlinburg, Tennessee 47 DANNY FARBER WANDA GAYLE FRENCH LYNDA CAROL GARRISON TROY GILES DENNIS GILLIKIN 3000 Brighton, 12 Street Route 1 Box 22 Route 4 27 Martling Avenue Brooklyn, New York Greenback, Tennessee Spring City, Tennessee Clinton, Tennessee Staten Island 10, New York JOHN GOTHARD BARBARA JEAN GRACE BARBARA GRAHAM EUGENE HAMILTON, JR. NANCY HARMON Wildwood Stonega 504 Central Avenue Holmes Street 505 Longview Road Georgia Virginia Cranford, New Jersey Boonton, New Jersey Knoxville, Tennessee FRESHMEN 48 FRESHMEN LOU ANN HARRIS WILLIAM J. HARRISON, JR. ISSAC PAYTON HAYES, JR. JAMES HICKEY, III GAYNELL HIXSON 1 18 East Tennessee Avenue Broadway Box 486 Moloney Road Route 3 805 Auburn Street Oak Ridge, Tennessee Lenoir City, Tennessee Spring City, Tennessee Knoxville, Tennessee Chattanooga, Tennessee CHARLES HOOD LOUISE HUDSON DORIS HUGHES JOE JAGUISH MIKE KADDOURI 2530 Fountain Park Boulevard Route 2 Route 2 North Avenue Baghdad Knoxville, Tennessee Knoxville, Tennessee Niota, Tennessee Athens, Tennessee Iraq 49 DIANNE KILLOUGH RICHARD KIMSEY MARY GEORGE KING LINDA KNOX GARY A. KOTLER 3409 Hartfort Drive Route 1 Fort Lauderdale Sunview Drive 46 Old Town Lane Chattanooga, Tennessee Evansville, Tennessee Florida Athens, Tennessee Halesite, New Jersey GLADYS KYLE KAY LILLY ALICE LOOMIS FOUNTA LOVE JOHN ANNA LOVIN Athens Sweetwater Athens 347 S. Jackson Street Box 66 Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Athens, Tennessee Tellico Plains, Tennessee 50 FRESHMEN FRESHMEN JOHN MARTIN 2106 Market Street New Albany, Indiana JENNIE MEREDITH Beaver Creek Drive Powell, Tennessee BRENDAMILNER 643 Guille Street Athens, Tennessee CAROL MINK 938 N. 4th Avenue Knoxville, Tennessee CARMEN MOLINA 38 Ft. Washington Avenue 63 New York, N. Y. RUTH ANN MOODY Route 8 Kingsport, Tennessee DAVID MORTON Route 1 Friendsville, Tennessee GLENDA SUE PANTER Copperhill Tennessee CHARLES PEMBURN 2 Norton Street Albany 5, New York ANN PENDLETON 1829 Fairoaks Road Kingsport, Tennessee 51 NAOMI PENNELL EUGENE PHILLIPS SHIRLEY PRICE DONNA REED DOUGLAS REED Route 3 2141 N. E. 17th Street Route 2 Dayton Fisher ' s Landing Concord, Tennessee Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Erie, Tennessee Tennessee New York, N. Y. ANNE RIVIERE JERRY ROBERTS PHILIP SCHRADER BILLIE SCOTT DAN SELF 249 North Jockson Street Box 117 Dandridge Sweetwater Athens Athens, Tennessee Niota, Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee 52 FRESHMEN FRESHMEN AL 5HABIBI JUDITH SMITH PAMELA SNELBAKER HARRIET STRATTON CAROLYN SUE SUTTLES Baghdad Box 103 41 Cooper Street Willochs Avenue 100 Main Road Iraq Church Hill, Tennessee Woodbury, New Jersey Maryville, Tennessee Maryville, Tennessee CURTIS SWAFFORD JEANETTETATE KARL TROTTER NANCY ANN WADE RANDALL WEBB Route 2 Tellico Plains West 5th Street Decatur 2428 Lawson Avenue Riceville, Tennessee Tennessee Etowah, Tennessee Tennessee Knoxville, Tennessee 53 FRESHMEN JOAN WHEELER JUDY WILSON CARLETON WRIGHT POLLY YORK RAYMOND BRIDWELL 2817 Gaston Avenue Montvale Road, Route 6 410 W. 7th Street Etowah Indian Springs Knoxville, Tennessee Maryville, Tennessee New Albany, Indiana Tennessee Tennessee 4ctcuctce dte cU JZije D 14UH , Student s4cttvitte4 CULTURAL LIFE TENNESSEE WESLEYAN COLLEGE Athens, Tennessee Fine Arts Calendar 1959 - 60 The Cultural Life Committee arranges Sunday after- noon and Friday assembly programs in the arts for audiences of students and townspeople ... on the committee were Mary Greenhoe, Harry Coble, Carl Honaker, Jack Houts, and student representatives Linda Styles and Harry Stutzman. . dates included are subject to change without notice . . . . detailed information concerning all events is avail- able through sponsoring departments or organizations as well as through local newspapers . . ... a publication of the College, including events of the departments of music and drama, Athens Civic Music Association, the Wesleyan Rountable. and student-faculty Cultural Life Committee . . . FINE ARTS CALENDAR TENNESSEE WESLEYAN COLLEGE 1959-60 OCTOBER Fri., 30th ... Barbara Lockard, mezzo-sopra- no. Townsend Auditorium, 10:00 a. m. NOVEMBER Sun., 1st ... Ted Strongin, arts critic, Chat- tanooga Times, guest lecturer. Com- munity Hall, 4:00 p. m. Thurs., 12th... Mildred Dilling, harpist. Athens Civic Music Association. Townsend Auditorium, 8:00 p. m. Fri. -Sat., . . . Wesleyan Drama Department: 13th-14th " The Glass Menagerie " . Townsend Auditorium, 8:00 p. m. DECEMBER Wed., 2nd. Sun., 6th Sat., 12th Fri., -8th JANUARY Sun., 10th Mon., 18th Fri., 22nd Sun., 24th ... Student Recital: Townsend Au- ditorium, 10:00 a. m. ... Ellsworth Snyder, pianist, Hin- demith. Ravel. Chopin, Liszt, Saint- Saens Concerto No. 4. Community Hall, 4:00 p. m. ... The Bishop ' s Company: " The Great Divorce " . Townsend Audi- torium, 8:00 p. m. ... College Choir: A program of Christmas music. Townsend Audi- torium, 10:00 a. m. ... Foreign Film: " The Last Bridge " , starring Maria Schell. Com- munity Hall, 3:00 p. m. ... Marina Sveltova Ballet: Athens Civic Music Association. Townsend Auditorium, 8:00 p. m. ... " The Summit " : Dr. Schonhach, Consul of Federal German Republic, Atlanta, Georgia, Townsend Audi- torium. 10:00 a. m. Little Theatre of Chattanooga: " Night Must Fall " , Townsend Audi- torium. 300 p. m. FEBRUARY Sun., 7th ... The Play of Daniel: W. H. Au- den ' s narration read by Harry Coble, The Cloisters ' recording of Green- berg ' s musical setting. Community Hall. 4:00 p. m. Thurs, 11th... Senior Recital: Joyce Howard, pianist. Townsend Auditorium, 8:00 p. m. Sun., 21st ... Foreign Film: " La Strada " . Com- munity Hall, 3:00 p. m. Thurs., 25th . . . Junior Recital: Sandra Eden- field, Sarah Loftis, Charles Stan- bery. Townsend Auditorium, 8:00 p. m. ... Drama Department! " Arms and the Man " . Townsend Auditorium, 800 p. m. ... Wesleyan Rountable: " Segrega- tion " . Townsend Auditorium, 10:00 a. m. ... Soulima Stravinsky, guest lec- turer, composer-pianist. Community Hall, 4:00 p. m. ... Soulima Stravinsky, pianist. Scarlatti, Mozart, Chopin, Stravin- sky. Townsend Auditorium, 8:00 p. m. ... Curtis String Quartet. Civic Music Association. Townsend Audi- torium. 8:00 p. m. ... Nelson and Neal, duo-pianists. Athens Civic Music Association. Townsend Auditorium, 8:00 p. m. ... Maryville College Drama De- partment: " The Way of the Cross " Community Hall, 4 00 p. m. ... Faculty Recital: Mary Greenhoe, pianist. Townsend Auditorium. 8:00 p. m. COMING EVENTS TO BE ANNOUNCED: Spring Festival. Dates and title. Walter Terry, dance critic, New York Herald Tribune. Date and subject. Foreign Films: Tennessee Weslevan Col- lege. Fridays, 10:00 a. m., January-April. Dates and titles. MARCH Thurs 3, 4. .-Sat., 5 Fri., 25th Sun., 27th Mon., 28th Mon. 21st APRIL Tues. 5th Sun., 10th Tues , 19th 56 GUEST ARTISTS Barbara Lockard The Bishop ' s Company Soulima Stravinsky Ellsworth Snyder Chattanooga Little Theatre BARBARA LOCKARD, mezzo-soprano, star of " The Stephen Foster Story " and of many on- and off-Broadway productions including those of the New York City Center Opera Company . . . Miss Lockard presented a recital at Friday Assembly on October 30. 1959. WALTER TERRY, dance critic for the New York Herald Tribune, spoke in May, 1959, to a Sunday afternoon audience and re- turned to speak again this year. 57 THE BISHOP ' S COMPANY The Bishop ' s Company, religious drama repertory group, appeared for the second time at Tennessee Wesleyan in December, 1959. 58 NIGHT MUST FALL Members of the Chattanooga Little Theatre ap- peared in a Sunday afternoon production of the mystery, " Night Must Fall. " The Cultural Life Com- mittee provided coffee between acts to relieve the audience ' s tension. 59 DRAMA Under the leadership of Mr. Harry Coble, the Drama Department pre- sented " The Glass Menagerie " in Townsend auditorium on November THE GLASS MENAGERIE November 14-15, 1959 13-14, 1959. Lead parts were played by Mrs. Barbara Hill, Tommy Watson, Sharon Carter, and Paul Ziegler. ALPHA PSI OMEGA Left to Right; John Alise, Harry Coble, Sponsor, Mary Grace Feezell, President. NOT PICTURED: Frank Kennedy, Bruce Wentworth, Christine Watkins. A chapter of Alpha Psi Omega, national drama fraternity, has been organized on the Wesleyan campus this year. The purpose of the fraternity is to stimulate interest in and appreciation of live drama in the college community, and to bring outside groups to present productions on the campus. Membership in the fraternity is based on a point system. Points are given for roles in a play and for technical assistance. MR. AND MISS T. W. C. ?t ;t ATHENS, TENNESSEE AL MEHAFFEY BIG STONE GAP, VIRGINIA ficor h(M mix «. :U RELIGION-IN-LIFE WEEK DR. ROBERT HAMILL, Convocation Speaker DR. GEORGE K. SCHWEITZER DR. E. E. WILEY DR. THOMAS F. CHILCOTE 64 NOVEMBER 16 - 19, 1959 " A HEART OF CONFESSION IN A WORLD OF CONFUSION " One of the major events of the school year is Religion-In-Life Week. Interest in this pro- gram has grown encouragingly during the past several years, and students have been stimulated by the intellectual and spiritual challenges which have been presented to them through chapel addresses, forums on topics of interest suggested by students, and informal discussions in the dormitories. Religion-ln-Life Week is a time when the students and faculty have the opportunity to grow spiritually. The Convocation speaker for this year was Dr. Robert Hamill, director of the Wesley Foundation at the University of Wisconsin, and pastor of the University Method- ist Church. Prior to that, he was the pastor of Ottawa Street Methodist Church in Joliet, Illinois. In popular demand as a speaker and leader in Methodist Student Movement Work, he was program leader at the 1958 Methodist Student Movement Convocation. He was winner of a nation-wide contest among Methodist ministers for the outstand- ing peace sermon for 1955, and is the author of the book, GODS OF THE CAM- PUS, a penetrating analysis of student spiritual life. Other speakers featured during the week were Dr. George K. Schweitzer, Associate Professor of Chemistry, the University of Tennessee; Dr. Thomas F. Chilcote, Minister, First Methodist Church, Maryville, Tennes- see; Dr. E. E. Wiley, Minister, Centenary Methodist Church, Chattanooga, Tennessee; and Rev. Marquis Triplett, Minister, Broad Street Methodist Church, Cleveland, Ten- nessee. 65 STUDENT CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Dean Best, Vice-President; Betty Potter, Corresponding Secretary; Sandy Edenfield, Recording Secretary; David Lovelace, President; Christine Wat kins,- Mary Petree, Linda Styles,- Fred Gooden,- Allan York; Don Allison. SECOND ROW, Sarah Loftis,- Carolyn Hammond; Joyce Howard; Louise Hudson,- Nadyne Woolsey; Brenda Smith; Lillian Cook; Mary George King; Mary Grace Feezed; Don Jones. THIRD ROW, Nancy Harmon; Phyllis Butcher,- Charlotte Baker; Mary Baugh; Betty Jo Kelso; Phyllis Highland; Lameta Sogers; Barbara Grace; Glenda Brewer,- Elise Aytes. FOURTH ROW, Claire Johnson,- Connie Harris,- Lou Guarinello. 66 PRE-MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION Left to Right: Allen York, Don Allison. Roy Latourette, Bill Bighorn, Charles Pemburn, Lou Guariniello. John Bean, Fred Gooden. David Lovelace. Darryl Woolery, Don Jones, Ton Lynch. LIFE-SERVICE GIRLS FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Wanda Trevena, Mary Petree, Brenda Phyllis Butcher, Nan Ewing, Christine Watkins, Phyllis Highland, Smith, Sandra Edenfield, Barbara Crumley, Carolyn Hammond, Charlotte Baker, Nadyne Woolsey, Lillian Cook, Louise Hudson, Donna Roberson, Lameta Sogers. SECOND ROW, Mary Baugh, Betty Jo Kelso. 67 RELIGIOUS LIFE COUNCIL I FIRST ROW, Left To Right: Don Allison, Tina Moses, Billie Bea Kennedy, Lillian Cook, Pat Wiggins, Fred Gooden, Don Jones. SECOND ROW: Dean Best, Dick Anderson, John Bean, Dean Robert Mildram, Roy La- Tourette, Professor Ray Short, President Ralph Mohney. Trinity Methodist Church, our church host! The excellent attendance of the Religion-in-Life Week chapel services has proven to be worthwhile to both students and to the Council members, who spent numerous hours in preparation for these services. 68 R G N N TENNESSEE WESLEYAN COLLEGE CHOIR Accompanist: Nancy Kelso. FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Joyce Howard, Barbara Grace, Swee Lean Teh, Nan Peery, Claire Johnson, Linda Styles, Tina Moses, Sarah Loftis, Annette Frazier, Mary Lynne Robinette, Sandra Edenfield, Glenda Brewer, Lillian Cook. SECOND ROW, Joyce Coulter, Betty Hampton, Linda Varnell, Claudia Lamb, Sylvia Lambert, Phyllis Butcher, Charles Hood, Don Jones, Allan Best, Connie Harris, Brenda Smith, Mary Petree, Barbara Self, Lois Mullins, Donna Roberson. THIRD ROW, Elizabeth Kennedy, Dot Jones, Anne Riviere, Charles Pemburn, David Lovelace, Charles Stanbery, Jim Brown, Sam Nesbitt, Joe Jacquish, Dough Reed, Allen York, Ed Bowne, Mart Trew, Dura Under- wood, Mary Grace Feezell, Beth Grant, FOURTH ROW, Nodyne Woolsey, Carole Anthony, Pamela Snelbaker, Mickey McClurg, Frank Seabolt, Jim Gregory, Gene Hamilton, Ricky Swett, Colin Bagwell, Paul Oot, Dennis Gillikin, Dean Best, David Beckler, Betty Potter, Gay- nell Hixson, Elise Aytes. The Tennessee Wesleyan College Choir, under the direction of Jack Houts, has been very successful this year. They sang for the dedication of St. Luke ' s Methodist Church in Knoxville, and the annual church meeting of Munsey Memorial Methodist Church in Johnson City. In December, the choir presented the " Song of Christmas " on a Mayfield Dairy Farm Presentation over two television stations, WATE in Knoxville and WDEF in Chattanooga. Also the choir presented the first live stereophonic program in Athens with the aid of the Athens and Etowah radio stations. The choir gave an outstanding performance each time it sang. Besides touring churches in the Holston Conference, the choir lends a worshipful atmosphere to the sacred chapels by singing each Wednesday. Each year the choir presents a Spring Show in which the students spend a great deal of time. Being a member of the choir requires much of one ' s time, but they who are members love it. JACK HOUTS 70 OFFICERS Left to Right: Sandra Edenfield, Assistant Librarian; Joyce How- ard, Secretary; Tina Moses, Treasurer; Mary Grace Feezell, Assistant Wardrobe Mistress; Connie Harris, Librarian; Elizabeth Kennedy, Assistant Wardrobe Mistress; Mickey McClurg, Presi- dent; Phyllis Butcher, Wardrobe Mistress; David Lovelace, Busi- ness Manager; Charles Stanbery, Assistant Business Manager; David Becker, Social Chairman, Randy Miller, Technical Assist- ant. SECTION LEADERS Left to Right: Sandra Edenfield, Soprano Section Leader,- Nancy Kelso, Accompanist; Connie Harris, Alto Sec- tion Leader; Sarah Loftis, Bass Section Leader,- Joyce Howard, Tenor Section Leader. 71 FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Jim Gregory, Claire Johnson, Charles Ketron, Nan Peery, Linda Styles, Director Jack Houts, Sarah Loftis, Beth Grant, Claudia Lamb, Mary Lynne Robinette, Joyce Howard, Joan Wheeler. SECOND ROW, Mickey McClurg, Elizabeth Kennedy, Charles Stanbery, Doug Reed, Charles Pemburn, Jim Brown, Phyllis Butcher, Mary Grace Feezell, Joe Jacquish. THIRD ROW, Gaynell Hixson, David Lovelace, Frank Seabolt. Mort Trew, Dean Best, Donna Roberson, Sandra Edenfield, David Beckler. FOURTH ROW, Dot Jones, Carole Anthony, Allen York, Dennis Gillikin, Gene Hamilton, Ricky Swett, Paul Oot, Partricia Stowe, Dura Underwood, Charles Hood. " ■ " " " •v " «. " Now, Pete, be sure and watch the programl " 72 " Careful fetlowsl ' ii THE RED MILL " MAY 8-9, 1959. 73 NOCATULA STAFF Left to Right: Jane Bowling, Nancy Harmon, Dick Walle, Betty Potter, Sarah Loftis, Miss Joan Bridges, Bit Storm, Ricky Perachio. Left to Right: Miss Joan Bridges, Mr. Wendell Deyton, American Yearbook Com- pany Representative, Betty Potter, Pat Wiggins. Left to Right: Charles Ketron, Miss Joan Bridges, Jane Bowling, Pat Stowe, Nancy Harmon, Mr. Wendell Deyton, Betty Porter, Sarah Loftis, Pat Wiggins, Pete Taylor. Nocatula editors were guests of The Ameri can Yearbook Company at Hannibal, Mo. 74 SOCIETY FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF MANAGEMENT Left to Right: Harold White, President; Denny Lee, Fred Womac, Sonny Newman, Ann Crockett, B. T. Hutson, Ricky Swett, John Bacon, Vice-President; Harold French, Jim Huggins, Clyde Webb, Clyde Link. Car! Richardson, President of the Chattanooga Senior Chapter presents charter to B. T. Hutson, sponsor. Looking on are John Bacon, Vice-President; Harold White, President; Charles C. Thompson, Vice-President of student activities of Chattanooga chapter, and Mrs. B. T. Hutson. Carl Richardson presenting Ricky Swett with S.A.M. pin. BULLDOG STAFF The Bulldog Published during the school year by the students of TENNESSEE WESLEYAN COLLEGE, ATHENS, TENNESSEE Friday, February 5, 1960 THE STAFF Editor Assistant Editor ... Business Manager News Editor Feature Editor „„. Religious Editor „ Sports Editor Circulation Head . ._ Mary Grace Feezell Dave Whitford Joan Locke Christine Watkins Mary Petree _ Freddie Gooden Dick Anderson ... Wanda Trevena News Reporters — Linda Styles, David Beckler, Claudia Lamb, Louann Harris, John Anna Lovin, Carlos Aldunate, and Carmen Molina. Feature Writers — Sam Nesbitt, Bob Fair, Dean Grant, Ricky Swett, Dot Jones, Dick Walle, and Allen York. Proofreader Joyce Mullins Typists — Mary Lynn Robinette, Ann Roberson, Kathleen Bryan, Lilian Cook, and Elizabeth Gaby. Circulation Staff Charlotte Marshall and Bill Storm Advisor Mrs. Mildred Archer 76 STUDENT COUNCIL FIRST ROW: Left to Right: Tina Moses, Secretary; Kenneth Wilburn, President; Dick Walle, Vice-President; Claire Johnson, Treasurer. SECOND ROW: Dennis Gillikin, Freshman Class Vice-President; Bill Storm, Junior Class President; Dot Jones, Sophomore Class Repre- sentative; Al Mehaffey, Senior Class President; Roy Blankenship, Freshman Class Representative; Mort Trew, Sophomore Class Presi- dent; Bobby Ketchersid, Sophomore Class Vice-President; Don Al- lison, Junior Class Vice-President; Sandra Edenfield, Junior Class Representative, Harry Stutzman, Sophomore Class Representative; David Morton, Freshman Class President. NOT PICTURED: Wayne Standefer, Senior Class Vice-President; Dick Anderson, Senior Class Representative; Joyce Howard, Senior Class Representative; Dwain Ealy, Junior Class Representative; Lou Ann Harris, Freshman Class Representative; Randy Miller, Junior Class Vice-President. 77 VETERANS CLUB Left to Right: Harry Stutzman, Jim Huggins, John Bacon, president, Harold White, vice-president, Bobby Coker, Boyd Hooper, Fred Womack, Clyde Webb, treas urer, Jim Riden, Oran Creaseman, Charlie Guinn, Bill Storm. 78 WESLEYAN ROUND TABLE FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Professor J. Van B. Coe, Charlotte Marshall, Linda Styles, Co-Secretaries; Dean Best, President; Don Jones, Vice- President; Dr. A. H. Bowman, Sponsor. SECOND ROW: Claire Johnson, George Dorsam, Steve Futterman, Charles Guinn. The Wesleyan Round Table, formed on the Wesleyan campus in 1959, has attempted this year to extend its program to include informative and interesting programs on Fri- day assembly periods for the entire student body. The Round Table, comprised of stu- dents interested in current events, is under the sponsorship of Dr. A. H. Bowman. One of the outstanding presentations of the year was Dr. Karl Schoenbach, German consul from Atlanta, who was the guest of the Round Table during the month of January. Other speakers on the agenda included Mr. Martin Ochs, editor of the Chattanooga Times, who delivered an address on segregation. 79 ALPHA BETA Left to Right: Tina Moses, Connie Harris, Dean Best, Mary Grace Feezell, Buddy Bacon, Pop Wilburn, Chris- tine Watkins, Joyce Howard. OFFICERS Alpha Beta Honorary Fraternity is the only campus group based on high scholastic standing. Membership in the group is a coveted honor. A person may be considered for membership only in his junior or senior year. The group al- ways has a project for the school. This year they are con- cerned with reworking their constitution and planning a leadership organization. The main purpose of the group is to promote scholarship. Left to Right: Tina Moses, Reporter; Connie Harris, Treasurer; Mary Grace Fee- zell, President; Joyce Howard, Secretary; Buddy Bacon, Vice-President. 80 LAURA T. SHERMAN MUSIC FRATERNITY FRONT ROW, Left to Right: Joyce Howard, Sandra Edenfield, Miss Mary Greenhoe, Sarah Loftis, Joan Wheeler. SECOND ROW: Mary Lynne Robinette, Cornelia Harris, Dona Roberson, Nann Peery, Charles Stanbery, Swee Lean Teh, Allan York. " Like Man, THIS ' PAD ' SURE IS HOT! " WAKE UP CONNIE! The music fraternity began its third year with four old members and twelve new merr bers. The purpose of the music fraternity is to create an awareness and appreciation of music among the student body and to strengthen the music department. Joyce Howard, Sandra Edenfield, Charles Stanbery, and Sarah Loftis gave recitals dur- ing the winter quarter. Among other of the year ' s programs there were several ones on " Beatniks. " During the spring quarter, the fraternity brought Ellsworth Snyder to the campus to give a recital in assembly. 81 PAN-HELLENIC COMMITTEE FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Joyce Howard, President of Eta Upsilon Gamma; Mrs. Albert Bowman, Sponsor of Sigma lota Chi; David Lovelace, President of Sigma Phi Epsilon; Phyllis Butcher, President of Kappa Delta Phi; Connie Harris, President of Zeta Mu Epsilon; Billie Bea Kennedy, President of Sigma lota Chi. SECOND ROW: Mr. Harry Coble, Faculty Sponsor; Kenneth Wilburn, President of Phi Sigma Kappa; Dr. Floyd Bowling, Faculty Sponsor; Mrs. Nancy Seepe, Sponsor of Kappa Delta Phi; Mrs. Richard Johnson, Sponsor of Eta Upsilon Gamma; Jack Houts, Sponsor of Sigma Phi Epsilon. The Pan- Hellenic Committee is composed of the presidents of the Greek Organizations on campus; their sponsors; and faculty sponsors. This is the con- trolling body of all the Greek activities. Presidents of Greek Organizations inform freshmen of campus fraternal life. 82 FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Rosie Webb, Mary Petree, Carolyn Hammond, Ann Roberson. SECOND ROW: Elizabeth Gaby, Charlotte Marshall, Linda Styles, Sarah Loftis, Claire Johnson, Joyce How- ard, Jane Bowling. THIRD ROW; Glenda Brewer, Dot Jones, Joan Locke, Louise Hudson, Kathy Bryan, Nadyne Woolsey, Betty Potter, Claudia Lamb, Flora Fritzche, Pat Wiggins, Mrs. Richard Johnson, Judy Ashley, Mary Sue Longmire, Ann Gray, Billie Jean Perkins, Brenda Smith, Lillian Cook, Wanda Trevena, Mary Grace Feezed, Elise Aytes. ETA UPSILON GAMMA OFFICERS GAMMA GUY David Lovelace FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Linda Styles, Treasurer; Claudia Lamb, Corresponding Secretary; Joyce How- ard, President. SECOND ROW: Flora Fritzsche, Vice-President; Pat Wiggins, Recording Secretary; Mrs. Richard Johnson, Co-Sponsor. 84 GAMMAS This year has been one of much work and re-organization for the Gammas and the beginning of definite steps in the direction of national affiliation, for in keep- ing with the great progress being made at Tennessee Wesleyan, we too look for- ward anxiously to moving forward more rapidly as a national senior-college soror- ty. Returning to the campus in September were twenty Gammas and three Gamma pledges, and soon after school began three more girls were pledged. Joining us in the fall as our new sponsor and co-sponsor, Mrs. Alf Walle and Mrs. Richard Johnson have been invaluable to us this year. Throughout the year we undertook several projects, among them sending news of Wesleyan students to their home- town newspapers and helping the Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity with their benefit Christmas party. Social activities included a party in honor of our 1959-60 GAMMA GUY, David Lovelace, and our honorary sweetheart, Al Mehaffey; our rush party on the theme " Teahouse of the Gamma Moon " ; an overnight " stagette " party for members and pledges; and the final Spring Banquet given by the new members. Gammas were proud this year to have Mary Grace Feezell, Joyce Howard, and David Lovelace elected to WHO ' S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES and they, along with Al Mehaffey, were chosen senior super- latives. Also among our sisters were the editors of the NOCATULA and the BULLDOG, and other student body and organizational officers. 85 FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Roxie Calfee, Marlyn Booker, Sandy Edenfield, John Anna Lovin, Wilma Haney, Swee Lean Teh, Mary Frances Creswell. SECOND ROW: Pat Stowe, Tina Moses, Phyllis Butcher, Libby Cur- tis, Betty Hampton. THIRD ROW: Nancy Seepe, Mary Lynne Robinette, Annette Frazier, Lois Mullins, Joyce Mullins, Nancy Kelso, Helen Ellis,- Elizabeth Ann Kennedy, Beth Grant, Barbara Massey, Emma Sue De- Lozier, Janice Wolfe, Linda Varnell, Ann Begley, Betty Ousley, Di Anne Killough. KAPPA DELTA PHI OFFICERS KAPPA KING Mickey McClurg FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Tina Moses, Vice-President; Phyllis Butcher, President; Libby Curtis, Treasurer. SECOND ROW: Pat Stowe, Recording Secretary; Joyce Mullins, Reporter; Helen Ellis, Athletic Director; Elizabeth Ann Kennedy, Corresponding Secretary; Beth Grant, Guard; Barbara Massey, Chaplain. KAPPAS Kappa Delta Phi began this school year with the ambition of becoming a national sorority and because of the devoted energies of members and President Phyllis Butcher and faculty sponsor, Mrs. Nancy Seepe, this goal draws ever closer. To really start the year off right, the Kappas pledged six girls and elected their sweetheart, Mickey McClurg. In the fall, a hayride was given in his honor and in December a Kappa Kotton Ball was held when Mickey was presented his crown and scepter as Kotton King. At Christmas, the Kappas assisted the Sigma Phi Ep- silon Fraternity in their Christmas party for underprivileged children. The annual Christmas Feast was given the members by the patronesses at which two newly wed members were " showered. " The Italian Rush party, pizza and all, was a great success and eight more pledges joined the ranks! The pledge dance, the Spring Banquet and the Easter Egg Hunt for underprivileged children — all annual events are always big events in the Kappa diaries. Four Kappas hold class offices this year, four hold offices in Ritter Hall, and Tina Moses was Harvest Queen, Sen- ior Superlative, Miss T.W.C., and chosen as one of eight for WHO ' S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES. CI FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Jane Ann Yarbrough, Nann Peery, Dr. Helen Richards, Sponsor, Pauline Banks, Mrs. E. G. Rogers, Co-Sponsor, Charlotte Baker, Connie Harris. SECOND ROW: Glenda Peterson, Lou Ann Harris, Christine Watkins, Sue Fuller, Phyllis Highland, Mary Lee McAmis, Mary Ann Carpenter, Judy Dixon, Barbara Ketron. ZETA MU EPSILON OFFICERS SWEETHEART Ricky Swett FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Mary Ann Carpenter, Vice-President; Judy Dixon, Recording Secretary. SECOND ROW: Mrs. E. G. Rogers, Co-Sponsor; Dr. Helen Richards, Sponsor. THIRD ROW: Connie Har- ris, President; Charlotte Baker, Corresponding Secretary; Christine Watkins, Treasurer; Sue Fuller, Re- corder; Mary Lee McAmis, Alumni Secretary; Phyllis Highland, Sgt.-at-Arms. ZETAS The Zeta ' s, under the leadership of Connie Harris, began the year with nine mem- bers returning, and six new pledges being initiated within the first few weeks. The first big event of the year was the announcement of our new sweetheart and mas- cot at an Italian dinner and dance. The theme of the occasion was " Three Coins in a Fountain, " with Mr. Jack Houts singing the theme song. The main event of the evening was the unveiling of the portrait of our sweetheart, Richard Swett, and the presentation of Rick Perachio as a most handsome and marvelous mascot. The members and their dates dined and danced by candlelight about a fountain en- twined with ivy. An informal party honoring Mrs. E. G. Rogers, co-sponsor, was given. Dr. " Helen, " our sponsor, was presented an honorary pin as she was rec- ognized as a member of Zeta Mu Epsilon by nomination of National Council At Thanksgiving, the Zeta ' s delivered a basket of food to one of the families of Ath- ens, and then at Christmas, we worked with the Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity in furnishing and preparing the refreshments for the underprivileged children. A gala time was enjoyed at the Zeta rush party which took place in the setting of a Beatnik Coffeehouse in the Community " pad. " A few weeks later, the nevi pledges of ' 59- ' 60 were presented at their pledge party and dance. In April, we donned our " glad rags " and headed for Greenbriar College in Lewisburg, W. Vir- ginia for National Convention. A banquet was held in May for all members and their dates. Our president was elected as a Senior Superlative and named as one of eight in WHO ' S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES. Christine Watkins was elected WORLD CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY CHAIRMAN in Nashville. Nann Peery was chosen sweetheart of Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity, and was a candidate for Athletic Queen. 89 FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Glenda Bryant, Suzie Wilson, Donna Reed, Wanda Elliott, Linda Knox, Vaudine Cravey, Judy Bechstron. SECOND ROW: Peggy Sedman, Gail Buttram, Mary Ann Whitaker, Sally DeWitt, Billie Bea Kennedy, Mary Bratton, Carolyn Powers, Sara Dickey. THIRD ROW: Kay Spradling, Ann Riviere, Reba Brakebill, Ann Davis, Doris Hughes, Barbara Brakebill. SIGMA IOTA CHI OFFICERS SWEETHEART Don Allison Left to Right: Mary Bratton, Worthy Scribe; Peggy Sedman, Pledge Directress; Carolyn Powers, Worthy Proctectress; Billie Bea Kennedy, Worthy Matron; Gail Buttram, Sgt.-at-Arms; Mary Ann Whitaker, Worthy Treasurer. 90 SIGMAS This is Sigma lota Chi ' s twenty-eighth year at Tennessee Wesleyan. The Sigma lota Chi Sorority began the school year with fourteen returning members. We were glad to have Mrs. A. H. Bowman as our sponsor for the third year. For the second year the Sigmas were under the leadership of Billie Bea Kennedy. We have been very busy this year, being invited to the home of Mrs. Rhea Hammer for a special meeting and for our pledge service, to the home of President and Mrs. Mohney and to the home of a member for a chili supper. Our annual Christmas party was held at the home of Gail Buttram. Both actives and pledges had a very good time at our annual meeting with our alumnae chapter. At this meeting the pledges were introduced to the alumnae. Our rush party, which was held at the home of Mary Bratton, was entitled " My Fair Lady. " Our spring banquet was a success, thanks to our pledges. We again observed Founders Day. We are very proud that President Mohney accepted our invitation to become an honorary member of our sorority. Don Allison was re-elected Sigma Sweetheart for the second year. The Sigmas and the Phi Sigs held a joint sweetheart party for our sweetheart, Don, and for their sweetheart, Peggy Sedman. The Sigmas are all proud of Peggy for being elected sweetheart of the Phi Sigs and also very proud of Mary Bratton, who is Athletic Queen. We again enjoyed our week-end at the lake. Our projects for the year were to sell baked goods and records for the March of Dimes. We also prepared a large basket for a needy family at Christmas. 91 FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Charles Hood, John Eakin, Dick Walle, Joe Burger, Mort Trew, Charles Ketron, Lou Guaraniello, Allan Best, Al Douglas, David Lovelace, Sonny Wright, Charles Stanbery, Ricky Perachio. SECOND ROW: Don Yarbrough, Jim Brown, Allan York, Mickey McClurg, Lynn Sanders, John Alise, Charles Guinn, Harry Stutzman, John Martin, Jack Houts, Sponsor. THIRD ROW: Dean Best, Doug Reed, Lynn Brandon, Sam Nesbitt, Fred Fuller, Ed Bowne, Calvin Miller, Don Jones, Dave Morton, Richard Gal- beraith. FOURTH ROW: Fount Love, Ronnie Edwards, Roy Sellers, Danny Centers, Gene Hamilton, Randy Miller, Ricky Swett, Tom Watson, Gene Bellew, Charles Fannon, Dennis Gillikin, Fred Gooden, Bill Hicks. SIGMA PHI EPSILON . i i OFFICERS SWEETHEART Miss Nann Peery FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Lou Guaraniello, Chaplain; David Lovelace, President; Dean Best, Vice- President; Mort Trew, Recording Secretary. SECOND ROW: Don Jones, Corresponding Secretary; Ricky Swett, Treasurer; Harry Stutzman, Historian. SIG EPS Hey, Hawk! The bosses! Sig Ep football team 1 td -JS| ; MISS NANN PEERY, Sigma Phi Epsilon Sweetheart. Herman, Vern, and Byers smacky mouth with Sig Ep pin. " Boy, I like THIS party! " This has been a big year for the Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity. Everything, and everybody points to one thing — March 26, 1960. This is the date upon which the old Eta lota Tau ceased to be and the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity took up where the old left off — continuing many years of cam- pus leadership and service. The year began with service with the produc- tion of the first T.W.C. Student Directory. This was followed by the " Sweetheart Dance " at which Miss Nann Peery was chosen from a bevy of wonderful candidates to be the Sweetheart. A turkey raffle followed to help raise money for the Christmas party. Sigma Phi Epsilon came in second in the intramural football tournament, and then a project of Christmas tree selling raised the remainder of the needed money for the Christmas party for underprivileged children at which 45 were en- tertained, given a good time, and in short, given a Christmas. Reorgani- zation, of course, took plenty of time and hard work, but under the lead- ership of David Lovelace and Dean Best, great strides have been taken. The Honorable Jack Houts also deserves a great deal of credit. Although a new name has been assumed, the old traditions will still go on, adding new ones, and improving upon the old. We fondly look back on Eta lota Tau, and proudly assume the new name of Sigma Phi Epsilon. f. " A -C5 f t- — nri .: Jt J kmOfy p IM ! F 9 J m Sig Ep Sweetheart candidates and escorts. 93 FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Guy Henry, Lloyd Barham, Jack Townsend, Jack Harrison, Bill Cate, Malcolm Dunn, John Pierce, Jim Richardson, Roy Blankenship, Luke McAmis, John Bain, Dick Kimsey. SECOND ROW: Harry Newman, Ken (Pop) Wilburn, Jerry Crow, Larry Gaby, Bob Kerchersid, Gary Holt, Dwain Ea!y, Harold French, Gene Vest, Brent Mills, Charles Abernathy, Jim Huggins. THIRD ROW: Tom McBee, Elbert Carlton, Fred Womack, John Bacon, Steve Futterman, Don Allison, Francis Maddux, Al Mehaffey. FOURTH ROW: Harold White, Bob Joines, Bob Wheeler, Dick Anderson, Eddie Crawford, U. S. Myers, Ronnie Ely, Marvin (Blue) Lowry, Wayne Standefer, Charles (Her key) Paine, Charles Fleenor. PHI SIGMA KAPPA OFFICERS lipll ' %Al£ SSS: ItFlH 1 v , jiP ' j v H SWEETHEART Miss Peggy Sedman FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Bob Wheeler, Sgt.-at-Arms; Harold White, Vice-President; Wayne Standefer, Sentinel; Marvin Lowery, Treasurer; Kenneth Wilburn, President; John Bacon, Secretary. SECOND ROW: Harry Newman, Scholarship Chairman; Dwain Ealy, Histori an; Al Mehaffey, Reporter; Don Al- lison, Chaplain; Harold French, Pledge Master. THIRD ROW: Bobby Ketchersid, Project Chairman; Dick Anderson, Corresponding Secretary; Ron Ely, Athletic Director; Charles (Herkey) Paine, Assistant Pledge Master; Elbert Carlton, Public Relations Chairman. PHI SIGS FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Jackie Townsend, Jack Harrison, Guy Henry, John Pierce, Jim Rich- ardson, John Bain. SECOND ROW: Lloyd Barnham, Bill Cate, Malcolm Dunn, Luke McAmis, Roy Blankenship, Richard Kimsey. Careful boys, it ' s just a picture! Phi Sig football team who won Intramural Championship! At the beginning of the school year, two fraternities which were on the Wesleyan campus last year, Alpha Tau and Phi Sigma, combined and formed the Phi Sigma fraternity. The Phi Sigma fraternity won the intramural football cham- pionship with an over-all record of 7—0. We were scored on only one time and our total number of points scored against the other teams was 175. Several members of the team were elected to the intramural all-star team. The lovely and congenial Miss Peggy Sedmans was chosen for our fraternity sweetheart. We had a very nice sweetheart dance in her honor, in conjunction with the Sigma lota Chi Sorority, who honored as their sweetheart one of our broth- ers, Don Allison. The Phi Sigmas petitioned for membership in the Phi Sigma Kappa national fraternity at the beginning of this school year. We were initiated at the University of Tennessee on December 5, 1959, and we are now the Omicron Tetarton chapter of the Phi Sigma Kappa. The Phi Sigma Kappa members are very active in school activi- ties. We have six members on the twenty member stu- dent council. Our president, Pop Wilburn, is the President of the Student body this year. We gave a dance free of charge to the student body on Jan- uary 15, featuring the Blenders of Knoxville. This dance was staged to celebrate our going national. Tentative plans for the future include a trip to Florida during Spring vacation. We also have a Spring Banquet planned. 95 M| jm ATHLETIC DIRECTOR AND BASKETBALL COACH MR. CLIFTON " TIP " SMITH COACH WILLIAM BOYD CATE " Tip " wos born in Greenville and now resides in Cleveland. His formal education began at Carson Newman College, from which he received his B.S. with a major in Chemistry and a minor in Mathematics. His M.S. degree is from the University of Tennessee, with a major in Physi- cal Education. He has coached at Charleston High School for seven years, at T.M.I, for two years, coached and was principal of Bradley County High School in Cleveland for ten years, coached here at Wes- leyan for three years, and is now in his second year here as Director of Athletics. " Tip " must smile to himself when he reads of a rare case where a coach has won over three hundred games, for he has won over five hundred. Coach " Buddy " Cate has an excellent basketball background. He was an outstanding basketball player at Cleveland, Tennessee. Upon graduation, he entered the service and returned to enroll in Kentucky Wesleyan at Bowling Green. There, for three years, he was a member of the famous " Western Five, " and during his senior year, received honorable mention for All American. Following college he played one year of professional basketball with the Waterloo Hawks, and after six years of high school coaching, came to Wesleyan, where, in two short years, he has made quite a name for himself. He has brought the T.W.C. five to championship in the Volunteer State Athletic Conference and also in the Smokey Mountain Conference. Al C Wesleyan 68 Wesleya n 94 Wesleyan 82 Wesleya n 66 Wesleyan 88 Wesleyan 57 Wesleyan Ill Wesleyan 73 Wesleyan 79 Wesleyan 108 Wesleyan 95 Wesleyan 72 Wesleyan 78 Wesleyan 57 Wesleyan 77 Wesleyan 64 Wesleyan 67 Wesleyan 68 Wesleyan 82 Wesleyan 92 Wesleyan 76 Wesleyan 83 King 53 Tusculum 85 Georgia St 72 Milligan 65 U. of Chart 85 Marville 67 King 76 Jacksonville 65 Howard 63 Emory and Henry 63 L.M.U 81 Carson Newman 69 U. of Chatt 61 Maryville 61 Milligan 65 L.M.U 73 Howard 85 Berry 61 Carson Newman 75 Georgia St 56 Tusculum 87 Jacksonville 58 98 BASKETBALL 1959-1960 FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Don Jones, statistician,- Jerry Edmonds, 6 ' 1 " , 175, 19, sophomore from Grant, Alabama; Sonny Wright, 5 ' 10 " , 150, 18, freshman from New Albany, Indiana; John Martin, 6 ' 1 " , 1 85, 20, fresh- man from New Albany, Indiana; Ronnie Campbell, 6 ' 1 " , 185, 20, fresh- man from Decatur, Tennessee; Dave Morton, 5 ' 8 " , 185, 18, freshman from Friendsville, Tennessee,- Reed Wright, Assistant to Coach Cate. SECOND ROW: U. S. Myers, 6 ' 1 " , 170, 23, freshman from Chattanooga, Tennes- see,- Charles Fannon, 6 ' 3 " , 170, 18, freshman from Kingsport, Tennessee; Tommy Springfield, 6 ' 5 " , 175, 19, sophomore from Soddy Daisy, Tennes- see; Bill Storm, 6 ' 3 " , 185, 24, junior from Athens, Tennessee; Ronnie Ely, 6 ' 5 " , 170, 21, senior from Pennington Gap , Virginia,- Randall Kyker, 6 ' 2 " , 1 75, 1 9, sophomore from Athens, Tennessee; Buddy Cate, Coach of the Bulldogs. 99 VARSITY BASKETBALL JERRY EDMONDS Oh ix; U RON ELY -zc w i! i BILL STORM TOMMY SPRINGFIELD SONNY WRIGHT 1 RONNIE CAMPBELL JOHN MARTIN TROY GILES , 0 1959 - 1960 RANDALL KYKER DOUG REED MALCOLM DUNN ;harles fannon U. S. MYERS MAX DOUGLAS DAVE MORTON MISS MARY BRATTON Athens, Tennessee BASEBALL FIRST ROW, Left to Right: John Alise, Eddie Fox, Dean Small, Clyde Link, Hoyt Ward, Bob Lancaster, Pat Cook. SECOND ROW: Jerry Edmonds, Charlie Guinn, David Holtackers, Bill Irwin, Coach Buddy Cate, Randy Miller, John Romano, Jim Wales, Bobby Blankenship. BbhMH HH B HH d " 104 TENNIS SEATED, Left to Right: Dewey Davidson, Al Mehaffey, Lawrence Martin. STANDING: Bill Storm, Ricky Swett, Jim Mays. Mehaffey wins with fine style! Dewey takes another onel Don docks opponent! 105 BULLDOGS IN ACTION 102 103 BOYS ' INTRAMIRALS 108 BOYS ' INTRAMURALS 109 KITCHEN AND CAMPUS COLLEAGUES MRS. EDITH WALKER, Dietitian LEFT TO RIGHT: Clarence Rue, George Arnwine, Arnold Snowden, Cuedella Witt, Bell Davis, Annie Rucker, Dora Hammond, Jennie Baylew, Callie Nelson. Many students this year have been making comments about the food in the dining hall. They have said on numerous occasions that the food is much improved. Only under the watchful eye of Mrs. Walker has this been possible. Mrs. Walker has spent un- told hours planning well-balanced meals for the students. Our hats are off to Mrs. Walker for a job well done. Many of us have noticed improvements in the beauty of the cam- pus. New grass has been sewn, buildings have been painted, and other noticeable " helps " have been in effect this year under Louis Underwood and his staff. Louis is a hard worker him- self and he expects his men to work equally hard, AND THEY DO. On behalf of the student body, the NOCATULA takes this time and space to say a well deserved " THANK YOU. " FIRST ROW, Left to Right: William Bradley, James Scruggs, James Sher- man. SECOND ROW: Woodrow Thrasher, Ralph Sherlin, Carl Pass- more. THIRD ROW: Gleen Snowden, Louis Underwood, superintendent of grounds, Ora Lee Lillard. 114 RILEY ' S STUDIO LAVON RILEY Specialist in Senior Portraits HAVE CAMERA WILL TRAVEL — WEDDINGS — Telephone 1703 — 1704 128 A. E. Washington Avenue Athens Cleveland, Tennessee CHEERLEADERS FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Donno Reed, Gory Holt, Judy Wilson. SECOND ROW: Gail Buttram, Helen Ellis, Emma Sue Delozier, Tina Moses, Head Cheerleader. " 14799 W " CLUB FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Dave Holtackers, Herky Paine, Don Allison, Al Mehaffey. SECOND ROW: Hoyt Word, Glenn MacKinnon, Ron Ely, Bill Storm. WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Beth Orr, Roxie Colfee, Norm Peery, Gail Buttram, Janice Wolfe, Emma Sue DeLozier, Charlotte Baker. SECOND ROW: Libby Curtis, Carolyn Pardue, Phyllis Butcher, Carole Ann Gray, Helen Ellis, President, Flora Fritzsche, Vice-President. NOT PICTURED: Fern Stooksbury, Secretary- Treasurer. INDEPENDENTS FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Judy Bull, Secretary-Treasurer, Mary Tim Wilson, Vice-President, Carole Ann Gray, President. SECOND ROW: Louise Campbell, Carolyn Pardue, Shirley Price. GIRLS ' INTRAORALS INDEPENDENTS, winner of Girls ' Intramural Basketball Tournament. FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Ruth Ann Moody, Carol Mink, Beth Orr, Carole Ann Gray. SECOND ROW: Shirley Price, Gaynell Hixson, Judy Bull, Wilma Haney. 110 GIRLS ' INTRAMURALS ETA UPSILON GAMMA SORORITY, runner-up of Girls ' Intramural Basketball Tournament. FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Joyce Howard, Claudia Lamb, Wanda Trevena, Elizabeth Gaby. SECOND ROW: Dot Jones, Joan Locke, Pat Wiggins. NOT PICTURED: Flora Fritzsche. Ill FINE CLASS RINGS ANNOUNCEMENTS YEARBOOKS AWARDS J O S T E N ' S Since 1897 - V ' r - ■■ i i 7 . ' • - ■ ' '

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