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riri.:«fl9 5 ;w«,; ' i -iK •! KyUP ( Oll(: 9 eae 2 A — 58 TENNESSEE WESLEYAN COLLEGE Of the Methodist Episcoprchurch SoX Te Of the Methodist Church continuously. j A separate charter was issued in 1925 to Tennessee Wesleyan College by the State of Tennessee. It operated as a junior college from 1925 to 1954 and as a senior college since 1954. TENNESSEE HISTftfllCAl. CCMK!I?IS(PN 6841 4 cctuneeC ch t NINETEEN FIFTY-EIGHT As Tennessee VVesleyan College began a second century, the year was filled with the excitement and challenge of a new start and more progress toward the fullest possible service as a senior college. The staff of the 1958 NOCATULA has tried to record in these pages the significant events of this year and to give recognition to those — stu- dents, faculty members, and administrative officers — who have made these events a reality. More than that, if those students who are and will become alumni are reminded of names and faces and places that they remember with pleasure and appreciation, this yearbook will serve its purpose well. Eddie Deal Editor-in-Chief Frank Kennedy Layout Editor Anne Godsey Copy Editor Don Jones Photography Editor Bill McGill Advisor 37 ' S .oS Merner Pieirter Liorary Tennessee Wesleyan College Athens, Tennessee .)i .Mts ,Mimiiimmiam 7 S SicfUe V ' ea e a TUw ca k -i rou eSe oord DEDICATED TO Dr. ALF H. WALLE On the faculty of every college there are those who serve willingly and effectively far beyond their official duties and responsibilities. Such a person is Dr. Walle, who became acting dean of the College in the summer of 1957. He has continued his directorship of the evening college program and his teaching in the Department of Education while serving in the administration. In appreciation of his genuine interest in Tennessee Wesleyan College and his cordial concern for students, the 1958 NOCATULA is gratefully dedicated to Dr. Alf H. Walle. 4 PRESIDENT OF THE COLLEGE LeROY A. MARTIN, A.B., S.T.B., M.A., D.D. As Tennessee Wesleyan College begins a second century, the vigorous and visionai-y leadership of President Martin is given even greater opportunities. Encouraged by the progress of the last few years and challenged by the possibilities for the future. President Martin seeks the loyal and intelligent support of faculty, students, alumni, and friends of the College as he continues to provide creative and imag- inative guidance to the entire academic community. DEAN OF THE COLLEGE ROBERT C. MILDRAM, Ph.D. In chapel on January 10, President Martin announced the appointment of Dr. Robert C. Mildram as Academic Dean of the College, effective March 1, 1958. Coming to Wesleyan from the campus of Rutgers University, Dr. Mildram was edu- cated at the University of Vermont, Andover Newton Theological School, Columbia University, and Yale University, from which institution he holds the Doctor of Philosophy Degree. Having served as pastor, teacher, writer, and administrator, Dr. Mildram brings a rich and varied background to his new position. We welcome Dr. and Mrs. Mildram and their three children to the campus and to Alliens, and we look forward to a long and fruitful association. ADMINISTRATION Mary Nelle Jackson Administrative Secretary Paul Riviere, B.S., M.A., B.D. Dean of Admissions and Registrar R. E. Branham, C.P.A. Bursar DIVISION OF LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE Claryse Davis Myers, A.B., B.S. in L.S., Librarian, As- sociate Professor of English William M. McGill, B.A., M.A., Assistant Professor of English Enid Parker Bryan, A.B., M.A., B.A. in L.S., Ph.D. Chairman of the Division, Professor of English and Classics The division continues its effort to expand the curriculum and improve instruction as majors enter the four-year program. In particular, Mr. Harry Coble is working toward the development of a program in drama which will give interested stu- dents an opportunity to participate in all phases of the theatre. The program is designed primarily for students who will teach or enter the field of reliffious education. E. G. Rogers, B.S., M.A., Associate Professor of Eng- lish Harry W. Coble, A.B., B.L.I. , M.A., Instructor in Speech and Dramatics T. G. Richner, A.B., M.A., Ph.D., Associate Professor of Modern Languages DIVISION OF PHILOSOPHY AND RELIGION Ray E. Short, A.B., B.D., Chairman of the Division, Associate Professor of Re- ligion and Sociology, Chap- lain of the College Wilmer B. Robbins, B.Ed., B.A., B.D. Instructor in Bible The addition of Chaplain Short to the department has meant an emphasis upon more effective worship services for Wednesday chapel and further coordination of the total religious program of the College. With the counsel and cooperation of administration, faculty, and students, this aspect of the work of the division is promising indeed. William R. Smith III, A.B., B.D. Instructor in Bible DIVISION OF SOCIAL SCIENCE For the past few years interest has grown in this division, especially in the area of business admini- stration. Plans call for further expansion in the field of social studies as soon as possible. Arthur H. Myers, Ph.B., AM., B.D. Instructor in Geography J. Van B. Coe, A.B., M.A , Associate Professor of Eco- nomics and Sociology Albert H. Bowman, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Chairman of the Division Professor of History B. T. Hutson, B.S., M.S . Associate Professor of Busi- ness Administration Fred Puett, B.S., LL.B., In- structor in Commercial Sub- jects 10 DIVISION OF NATURAL SCIENCE As world affairs call increasing attention to the importance of science and as the South becomes more and more important as a center of industry and commerce, this division is constantly concerned with improving its facilities in order to serve more effectively in teaching and research. Carl Boggess Honaker, B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Associate Pro- fessor of Chemistry and Physics M. Clifton Smith, B.S., M.S., Associate Professor of Edu- cation, Director of Athletics Richard Mann Johnson, B.S., M.S. Chairman of the Division Associate Professor of Biology G. A. Yates, A.B., M.A. Professor of Mathematics Helen M. Richards, A.B., M.D., Assistant Professor of Biology 11 DIVISION OF EDUCATION, FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Jack Houts, B.A., MM. Associate Professor of Music Choral Director Frances J. Biddle, B.S., A.M., Instructor in Physical Education Mary L. Greenhoe, B.M., M.M. Assistant Professor of Piano and Organ Reva Puett. B.S., M.A., As- sistant Professor of Home Economics, Assistant Dieti- tian Martha B. Hale, Instructor in Art Alf H. Walle, B.S., M.S., Ed.D. Chairman of the Division Professor of Education Director of Evening College With continued enthusiasm con- cerning the reality of a new fine arts building as soon as possible, this division is planning an en- larged program, emphasizing the area of church music. The teacher-training program grows each year, and work progresses in the fields of art, home economics, and physical education. Frances S. Graves, B.A. Instructor in Art 12 SPECIAL INSTRUCTORS AND STAFF MEMBERS Vera Coe, Assistant to the Librarian Louie Underwood, Superin- tendent of Buildings and Grounds Marilyn S. Johnson, Mana- ger of the Bookstore ■k - — V Q ( BH T ' ' t l — 1 ■ 1 ■ i- jI ■ Robbie Jean Ensminger, A. A., Secretary to the President Patricia Hooper, Stenog- rapher for the Registrar Nancy W. White, A.A., Sec- retary to the Registrar Betty Lenoir, Secretary the Bursar Ida Ruth Lewis, Head Resi- dent, Lawrence Hall Reba Parsons, Head Resi- dent, Ritter Hall Geraldine Owens, R.N., Col- lege Nurse 13 STUDENT COUNCIL FIRST ROW: Bubba May, Vice President; Betty Robinette, Dwain Farmer, Hal Hook, President; Helena Mason, Sandra Copeland, Harry Vestal. SECOND ROW: Phyllis Baker, Nancy French, Secretary; Jon Lackey, Lynn Brandon, Eddie Deal, Richard Smith, Al Mehaffey, Nellie Rose Posey, Shirley Hixson, Treasurer. 14 iweScREXTDffl: iJ SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Allen Culpepper, Vice President; Barbara Huffaker, Secretary; Dwain Farmer, President ; Audrey Wise, Treasurer. 16 CANDIDATES JAMES W. ACKERMAN Decatur, Georgia B.S., Physical Education Football 3,4; " W " Club 3,4; Vice- President 4; Transfer from West Georgia State College. DAVID ARNURIUS Norris, Tennessee B.S., Business Administration CHARLES W. CAMPBEL L Greenville, South Carolina B.S., Physical Education Phi Sigma Nu 3,4; Football 3,4; " W " Club 3,4; Eta Upsilon Gamma Sweet- heart 4; Transfer from Lees McRae College. GERHARD F. CHAMBERS, Jr. Cleveland, Tennessee B.S., Biology Transfer from University of South Carolina. PAUL RUDOLPH CONNER Box 455 Englewood, Tennessee B.S., Education DEGREES ANNE ADAMS Orchard, Tennessee B.A., Religious Education Independents 3,4; Student Christian Association 3,4; Life Service Girls 4; Wesleyan Fellowship 3; BULLDOG Staff 3. TEDDY BAKER 1 18 Springdale Knoxville, Tennessee B.S., History EDDIE CARTWRIGHT 1280 Parker Street Cleveland, Tennessee B.S., Education Eta Iota Tau I; Basketball 1,2; Base- ball 1; Independents 2,3,4; " W " Club 1,2,3,4; BULLDOG Staff 1. ROBERT E. CLARKE Broadford, Virginia B.S., Business Administration Eta Iota Tau 3,4; Treasurer 4; Choir 1,2,3,4; President 4; Future Business Leaders of America 2 ; Alpha Beta 3,4; Vice-President 4; Veterans Club 2,3; Treasurer 2. JERRY CROWE Marshall, North Carolina B.S., Physical Education Football 3; " W " Club 3,4. 17 CANDIDATES ALLEN CULPEPPER Route 4 Waycross, Georgia B.S., Education Football 3,4; " W " Club 3,4; Senior Class Vice President. C. V. DUFF Cleveland, Tennessee B.S., English JAMES WILLIAM GRANT 520 First Street Athens, Tennessee B.S., Chemistry Student Christian Association 1,2,3; NOCATULA Staff 1,2,3; BULL- DOG Staff 1,2,3. SAMMY HABOBY Baghdad, Iraq B.S., Business Administration SHIRLEY HIXSON 805 Auburn Chattanooga, Tennessee B.A., Religion Eta Upsilon Gamma 1,2,3,4; Presi ' dent 4; Vice President 3; Secretary 2 Student Christian Association 1,2,3,4 Secretary 3; Student Council 3,4 Treasurer 4; Religious Life Council 2,3; Social Life Committee 4; Pan- Hellenic Council 4. FOR DEGREES W. EDWIN DEAL Route 1 Niota, Tennessee B.S., Chemistry Eta Iota Tau 1,2,3,4; Vice President 3; Secretary 2; Choir 1,2,3,4; Business Manager 3,4; Student Council 4; Cheerleader 1 ; NOCATULA Staff 3, 4; Editor 4. ROY PARKS FARMER 360 Short Street Cleveland, Tennessee B.S., Biology Veterans Club 4; Transfer from the University of Tennessee. PAUL GUFFEY, Jr. South Matlock Avenue Athens, Tennessee B.S., Chemistry Veterans Club 2,3,4. MABEL HICKS Madisonville, Tennessee B.S., Education HAROLD B. HOOK, Jr. 613 Benninghaus Road Baltimore, Maryland B.S., History Phi Sigma Nu 3,4; Secretary 4; Stu- dent Christian Association 2,3,4; Student Council 3,4; President 4; Social Life Committee 4; BULLDOG Staff 1,2,3; Editor 3; Co-Editor 2; NOCATULA Staff 2. Transfer from Baltimore Junior College. 18 CANDIDATES BARBARA HUFFAKER 1317 Hixson Pike Chattanooga, Tennessee B.A., Religion and Philosophy Eta Upsilon Gamma 1,2,3,4; Presi- dent 3, Vice President 2; Student Christian Association 1,2,3,4; Presi- dent 2; Alpha Beta 2,3,4; Repwrter 4; Religious Life Council 2,3 ; Pan- Hellenic Council 3: NOCATULA Staff 1; Senior Class Secretary; Freshman Class Student Council Representative. JOYCE IRWIN Route 2 Sweetwater, Tennessee B.S., Education Sigma Iota Chi 3,4; Sergeant-at-Arms 4; Student Christian Association 1,2; Future Business Leaders of America 1. ROBERT EARL KEEBLER Route 4 Athens, Tennessee B.S., Social Science RAY LAMB Louisville, Georgia B.S., Physical Education Football 3,4; " W " Club 3,4; Transfer from Middle Georgia State College. CAROLE LEE 810 West North Street Wytheville, Virginia B.A., Religion Sigma Iota Chi 2,3,4; Secretary 3; Treasurer 4 ; Student Christian Asso- ciation 2,3,4; Life Service Girls 4; BULLDOG Staff 3,4. FOR DEGREES RAMONA HYBERGER 1080 Trunk Street Cleveland, Tennessee B.S., Social Science Student Christian .Association 3,4; Wesleyan Fellowship 3,4. HELEN H.AMMER JENKINS Jefferson City, Tcnncsese B.S., History Eta Upsilon Gamma 1,2,3,4; Treas- urer 2; Student Christian Association 1,2,3,4; Student Council 2; Alpha Beta 2,3,4; NOCATULA Staff 2; Editor 2; Sophomore Class Secretary and Treasurer. RONNIE KNIGHT Greenville, South Carolina B.S., Business Administration Basketball 2,3,4; Captain 4; Co- Captain 2,3; Independents 2,3,4; " W " Club 2,3,4; Vice President 2,3; Student Council 1,2,3, Vice President 3 ; Freshman Class President. CHARLES E. LANIER 1120 South Boulevard Petersburg, Virginia B.S., Social Science Veterans Club 1,2,3,4; " W " Club 1,2, 3,4. RALPH G. LEWIS 605 Elizabeth Street Rahway, New Jersey B.A., History Eta Iota Tau 1,2,3,4; President 3,4; Choir 1,2,3,4; Student Ministerial As- sociation 4; Student Christian Associ- ation 1,2,3,4; Student Council 3; Religious Life Council 4; Social Life Committe 4; Pan - Hellenic 3,4; BULLDOG Staff 3; NOCATULA Staff 3. 19 CANDIDATES DAVID LOWRY Athens, Tennessee B.S.J Business Administration Phi Sigma Nu 3; Veterans Club 1,2. HUGH " BUBBA " MAY Sandersville, Georgia B.S., Education Phi Sigma Nu 3,4; Football 3,4; All- Conference 3; Student Council Vice President 4; " W " Club 3,4. BILL ORR Box 507 Hendersonville, North Carolina Eta Iota Tau 4; Veterans Club 4; Religious Life Council 4; Social Life Committee 4; Transfer from the Uni- versity of Tennessee. RICHARD RAPACIOLI Iselin, New Jersey B.A., Religion Student Christian Association 1,2,3,4; President 3; Cheerleader 1. PATSY ROBINETTE SEABOLT Clem Jones Heights Athens, Tennessee B.A., Education Kappa Delta Phi 1,2,3,4; Vice Presi- dent 3; President 2,4; Choir 1,2,3,4; Secretary 3; Treasurer 4; Student Christian Association 1,2,3; Wesleyan Fellowship 1,2,3; Pan-Hellenic Coun- cil 2,4; NOCATULA Staff 1; Dormi- tory Council 3; Eta Iota Tau Sweetheart 3. FOR DEGREES HELENA FRANCES MASON Madisonville, Tennessee B.A., Education Zeta Mu Epsilon 3,4; President 4; Wesleyan Fellowship 3,4; Music Club 4; Pan-Hellenic Council 4; Student Council 4. DORIS CROWELL MOORE 206 Madison Avenue Athens, Tennessee B.S., Business Administration VERMONT OWENS Mount Verd Road Athens, Tennessee B.S., Education Football 2; Baseball 3; Veterans Club 1,2,3,4. BARBARA RUSSELL McCaysville, Georgia B.S., Business Administration NANCY HARRISON SEEPE Avalon Heights Athens, Tennessee B.A., English Kappa Delta Phi 1,2,3; Vice Presi- dent 2; President 3; Choir 1,2,3; Librarian 2; Alpha Beta 1,2,3,4; Sec- retary 2; President 3; Pan-Hellenic Council 3; Junior Class Vice President. 20 CANDIDATES GEORGE D. SMITH Madisonville, Tennessee B.A., History V. DENNIS TRAMEL Ardmore, Tennessee B.S.) Social Science Choir 3. Transfer from Martin College. WALTER WILSON 605 Rule Street Maryville, Tennessee B.S., History Student Ministerial Association 3,4; Student Christian Association 3,4. FOR DEGREES BOBBY TABS Colquitt, Georgia B.S., Physical Education Sergeant-at-Amis 3,4; Football 3,4; " V " Club 3,4. Transfer from Middle Georgia State College. EDWIN WILLIAMS Route 1. Box 122 Sparta, New Jersey B.A., Religion Eta Iota Tau 1,2,3,4; Chaplain 3; Choir 1,2,3,4: Student Ministerial .Association 4: Student Christian As- sociation 4; Student Christian Associ- ation 1,2,3,4; Religious Life Council 4; NOCATULA Staff 4. AUDREY WISE 1641 Rockford Place - Cincinnati, Ohio B.A., English Kappa Delta Phi 1,2,3,4; Treasurer 2 Choir 1,2,3,4; Wardrobe Mistress 3,4 Student Christian . ' Association 1 Women ' s .Athletic .Association 1 ; Presi- dent 1; Wesleyan Fellowship 4; Future Business Leaders of .America 1 ; Drama Club 4; NOC.ATULA Staff 3,4; Senior Class Treasurer. 21 COMMENCEMENT SPEAKER- JUNE 9, 1958 LEON E. HICKMAN Mr. Hickman is a native of Sioux City, Iowa. Having received the B.A. degree from Momingside College in 1922 and the LL.B. degree from Harvard Law School in 1925, he was engaged in the practice of law in Pittsburgh from 1925 — 51. Since 1951 he has been Vice President and General Counsel and Director of Aluminum Company of America. A distinguished layman, he is Vice Chairman of the Coordinating Council of The Methodist Church and reserve member of the Judicial Council of The Methodist Church. 22 RELIGION-IN-LIFE WEEK, APRIL 14-16, 1958 Dr. Laymon, Editor of Adult Publications for the Board of Education of The Methodist Church, related the theme for the week — " Christ, Crisis, and You " — to the life and teachings of Jesus. An outstanding preacher, teacher, and writer. Dr. Laymon made a distinctive contribution to the entire program. CHARLES M. LAYMON, A. B., S.T.B., TH.D. Mr. Stair, Minister of the First Presbyterian Church of Hickory, North Carolina, is a native of Knoxville and a graduate of Davidson College. ' While at Davidson, he was active in student political and athletic affairs as well as an outstanding student, honored by Phi Beta Kappa and Omicron Delta Kappa scholarship and leadership frater- nities. His effectiveness as a speaker and discussion leader while on the campus was gratefully appreciated by the members of the college community. The third exciting and challenging member of the team was Dr. George K. Schweitzer, of the Department of Chemistry of the Uni- versity of Tennessee, who discussed with faculty and students the problems in the area of science and faith. 23 FREDE. STAIR, Jr., A. B., M. TH. CLASS OFFICERS I ' ly CLASS OF 1959 President, Jon Lackey Vice President, Henry Webb Secretary, Harriette King Treasurer, Sue Roddy CLASS OF 1960 President, Dave Lovelace Vice President, King Ensminger Secretary, Tina Moses Treasurer, Wanda Kidd Wk M ' jV- h-M f CLASS OF 1961 W ' Hs « f President, A! Mehaffey Vice President, Hoyal HoUoway Treasurer, Fannie Queen 24 DANA ANDERS Cedar Springs Drive Athens, Tenn. CHARLOTTE BAKER PHYLLIS BAKER Bluefield, Va. 427 Wabash Avenue Athens, Tenn. WAYNE BROOKS Copperhill, Tenn. JACK BROWN 1508 Chilhowee Knoxville, Tenn. CLARA LEE CARROLL 575 20th Street N.W. Cleveland, Tenn. ROSEANN CACCIOLA REBECCA DAUB PAT DOYLE 15 Clarendon Street Appalachia, Va. Ooltewah, Tenn. Maiden, Mass. NANCY FRENCH Friendsville, Tenn. MARY GIBSON Box 624 Andrews, N. C. CLYDE GRUBB Decatur Road Athens. Tenn. JOHN HESTER Star Route Cherokee, N. C. NANCY HUFF 1677 Jefferson Ave. Kingsport, Tenn. PHILLIP HUFF Gatlinburg, Tenn. ROBERT JOINES Route 1 Sweetwater, Tenn. KATHERINE JUSTIS GHAZI KADDOURI Box 226 Baghdad, Iraq Bulls Gap, Tenn. CLASS OF 1959 25 CLASS OF 1959 STERLING, KANE Fries, Va. FRANK KENNEDY 234 Auger Street Hamden, Conn. PAUL KETRON 2609 Bloomingdale Pk. Kingsport, Tenn. EWING KIDD Box 28: Route 1 Bastain, Va. MARGARET KILLEN 681 North Jackson Athens, Tenn. EDGAR KING 701 Woodman Street Athens, Tenn. HARRIETTE KING MUSTAFA KUBBA JON LACKEY 352 Lynn Avenue Baghdad, Iraq Box 46 Athens, Tenn. Vonore, Tenn. VIRGINIA LADY JACK THOMAS LIDDY MARIAN LOWE Route 10 28 Nassau Street Route 16 Kingsport, Tenn. New Brunswick, N. J. Knoxville, Tenn. PATSY MARRS Edge Hill Circle Johnson City, Tenn. BOBBIE MARTIN Walland, Tenn. BOBBIE MASON 41 1 Pennsylvania Ave. Etowah, Tenn. STALEY McPEAK CHARLYE FAYE NEWMAN JOAN OGLE Max Meadows, Va. Route 19 Route 2 Knoxville, Tenn. Sevierville, Tenn. 26 JIMMY PARRIS BARBARA POWELL ISAL S RIVERA BETTY ROBINETTE SUE RODDY PAUL SEATON 806 Park Ave. Sweetwater, Tenn. Puerto Rico Sweetwater, Tenn. Athens, Tenn. Route 3 Athens, Tenn. Athens, Tenn. CARROLL SISK PHYLLIS SMITH IVORY STEFFEY LARRY TURNER HARRY VESTAL DON WADE Route 6 2630 Woodbine Ave. Clenchco, Va. Box 297 Route 1 422 Summitt Street Maryville, Tenn. Knoxville, Tenn. Crossville, Tenn. Athens, Tenn. Athens, Tenn. KENNETH WALKER OGLE WATTENBARGER HENRY WEBB Box 31 Box 99 Vonore, Tenn. Sevierville, Tenn. Niota, Tenn. DON WILKERSON CORNELLA WILLIAMS JO WILLIAMS Route 2 Route 1 Route 3 Louisville, Tenn. Cosby, Tenn. Maryville, Tenn. Memer - Pfeiffer Librar Tenneaaee Wesleyan College Athens, TefBieBs ec 27 CLASS OF 1959 CLASS OF I960 JOHN ALISE 216 Main Street Butler, N. J. JOY ALLEN Box 18 Harriman, Tenn. DICK ANDERSON 1444 N.W. Fifth Ave. Fort Lauderdale, Fla. LEONARD ARNOLD CHARLES ARP MARY BAUGH Route 6 Copperhill, Tenn. Tazewell, Va. Kingsport, Tenn. DEAN BEST CAROLE BISHOP LYNN W. BRANDON LARRY BURGER PHYLLIS BUTCHER LEON CLARKE Route 1 509 Oak Ave. Manchester, Tenn. Route 3 Route 3 Broadford, Va. Friendsville, Tenn. S. Pittsburg, Tenn. Athens, Tenn. Church Hill, Tenn. PATSY COLVARD VAUDINE CRAVEY BARBARA CRUMBLEY BARBARA DENTON ALLEN DOUGLAS WANDA ELLIOTT 601 Laurel Ave. 399 Forrest Avenue 303 First Ave. 6003 Hanover Drive 234 King ' s Road 10 Forrest Ave. S. Pittsburg, Tenn. Athens, Tenn. Lenoir City, Tenn. Knoxville, Tenn. Madison, N. J. Athens, Tenn. 28 MARY FEEZELL Route 1 Ten Mile, Tenn. ANNA CAROLYN FOX 2422 Sevier Ave. Maryville, Tenn. FLORA FRITZSCHE 815 East Lane Ave. Shelbyville, Tenn. ELEANOR GODSEY 1006 East Main St. Waverly, Tenn. FRED GOODEN Route 1 Louisville, Tenn. JO ANN GRAHAM City 10. Buckner Add. Cleveland, Tenn. CAROLE ANN GRAY 161 Henderson St. Athens, Tenn. HARRY GROSS Route 1 Clairfield, Tenn. BETTY HAMPTON Lincoln Ave. Oxford, N. J. BETTY HARDIN 108 S. Crest Road Chattanooga, Tenn. CORNELIA H.4RRIS North Tazewell, Va. BILL HICKS 612 Hendrickson St. Clinton, Tenn. NANCY HOLMAN 14 Mountain Ave., Randolph, Vermont GRANVILLE HOOPER JOYCE HOWARD 428 Third Street 1037 Green ' s Lake Rd. Athens, Tenn. Chattanooga, Tenn. TOM HOWARD 6905 Sherwood Drive Knoxville, Tenn. RONNIE INGRAM Eighth Street Cleveland, Tenn. NORMAN JACKSON Dunlap, Tenn. CLASS OF I960 29 CLASS OF I960 WANDA JENKINS Delano, Tenn. KAREN JOINES Route 1 Niota, Tenn. KAY KELLY Dunlap, Tenn. BILLIE BEA KENNEDY BARBARA KESSING WANDA KIDD Bo.x 507 82 Nelson Drive Route 2 Athens, Tenn. Kingston, Tenn. Maryville, Tenn. BOBBY KNOX Sunview Drive Athens, Tenn. DAVID LOVELACE MARTHA LUNDY 1511 Ringgold Rd. Chattanooga, Tenn. Chattanooga, Tenn. JANE ANN MARTIN VAN McCAMISH Box 332 Madison Ave. North Tazewell, Va. Athens, Tenn. BAR,BARA McCRACKEN 4308 Saint Ehno Chattanooga, Tenn. TINA MOSES MICHAEL B. NASH LEE NEAL 608 Francis Street 1 12 Timothy Ave. Chattanooga, Tenn. Athens, Tenn. Clinton, Tenn. CHARLES PAINE 118 Jay Street Sevierville, Tenn. HILDA PARKS Calhoun, Ga. EDWARD F. PEEK 1755 N.W. Ocoee Cleveland, Tenn. 30 DARRES PELFREY Maryville, Tenn. BETSY POE Ooltewah, Tenn. NELLIE ROSE POSEY ANN NELL PYLE Copperhill, Tenn. 303 Park Street Bristol, Va. EMILY RAYFIELD ARCHIBALD REESER Route 7 Leaksville, N. C. Knoxville, Tenn. SUE RODERICK Athens, Tenn. TRUDY ROBERTS 108 Grubb Street Hertford, N. C. KARRY SAFAR Baghdad, Iraq CAROLYN A. SCOTT FRANCES SLEMONS JERRY SMITH Sunview Drive 912 Iskagna Drive Athens, Tenn. Athens, Tenn. Knoxville, Tenn. GLEN H. STONE Soddy, Tenn. ELEANOR STUBBS Box 243 Plymouth, Fla. JOANNA TREW Forrest Ave. Athens, Tenn. CHARLES WAGNER 1642 Echo Drive Kingsport. Tenn. NANCY WALLACE RICHARD WALLE 218 Broad St. Athens, Tenn. Sweetwater. Tenn. CLASS OF I960 31 CLASS OF I960 JULIA ANN WARX) CHRISTINE WATKINS LIBBY ANN WATKINS TOM WEEKS Decatur, Tenn. 206 Magnolia St. Route 10 Charleston, Tenn. Maryville, Tenn. Kingsport, Tenn. BRUCE WENTWORTH KENNETH WILBURN 2 Windsor Terrace Chatsworth, Ga. White Plains, N. Y. WANDA ABBOTT Route 5 Maryville, Tenn. DON ALLISON 3802 Mark Twain Cr. Chattanooga, Tenn. BOB ARNOLD Route 6 Kingsport, Tenn. JUDY ARROVVOOD Route 5 .Athens, Tenn. JUDY ASHLEY 3206 Montview Drive Chattanooga, Tenn. VILLL M BALLEW 8th Street Etowah. Tenn. DAVID B.A.RKER Box 294 Dunlap, Tenn. EDNA BATES 19 Lafayette Street Athens, Tenn. MELVIN BEAL 2500 Brice NE Knoxville, Tenn. MARY LINDA BEST Tellico Plains, Tenn P.A.TRICIA BIBLE Guild, Tenn. REBA BRAKEBILL Box 136 Niota, Tenn. BOBBY BROWN DON BROWN ROXIE JUNE CALFEE ROBERTA CAMPBELL WAYNE C. RDIN 403 E. Street Route 1 Route 5 Benton, Tenn. Box 485 Lenoir City, Tenn. Charleston, Tenn. Cleveland, Tenn. Englewood, Tenn. JANE c;arpenter Route 9 Maryville, Tenn. CLASS OF 1961 33 CLASS OF 1961 MARY ANN CARPENTER PHYLLIS CLUCK, DAN COOPER Route 2 13 Orton Drive Route 1 Loudon, Tenn. Maryville, Tenn. Knoxville, Tenn. SANDRA COPELAND ELLEN DAVIS Route 1 53 N. Merridian Knoxville, Tenn. Lebanon, Ind. LYNN DERRYBERRY Box 653 Copperhill, Tenn. SALLY DeWITT Niota, Tenn. JUDITH DICKSON JUDITH DOSS DWAIN EALY Route 5 5002 Tennessee Ave. Route 4 Athens, Tenn. Chattanooga, Tenn. Clinton, Tenn. SANDY EDMONDSON SARAH EDWARDS 1442 N.W. 33rd St. Route 1 Miami, Fla. Envin, Tenn. PEGGY JEAN ELSEA Route 2 Bristol, Tenn. BARBARA FOWLER ELIZABETH GABY RICHARD GALBRAITH GENE GILLIAM Abingdon, Va. 171 Douglas St. Route 1, Box 723 Route 2 Athens, Tenn. Lakeland, Fla. Niota, Tenn. NEIL GRIFFITH 845 20th St. Knoxville, Tenn. 34 GRACE HAMBY BYRON HARRIS GWENNYTH M. HENDRIX HOYAL HOLLOWAY REED JENKINS Turtletown, Tenn. Tennessee Ave. 217 West McKec St. Lakeside Drive Route 3, Topside Rd. Etowah, Tenn. Greenville, Tenn. Spring City, Tenn. Knoxville. Tenn. CLAIRE JOHNSON Box 5 Dunlap, Tenn. JAMES JOLLEY DONALD JONES 752 Taylor Ave. 54 Park Place Athens, Tenn. Suffern, N.Y. CHARLES ROSS KETRON JOHN KILPATRICK EDWIN LOWE KYLE 159 Green Street 1305 N.E. 2nd St. Route 2 Athens, Tenn. Mulberry, Fla. Cleveland, Tenn. MICHAEL LATHAM Rt. 1, Johnson ' s Ct. Athens, Tenn. JERRY LITTON JOAN LOCKE SARAH LOFTIS 530 Elmwood Ave. Spring City, Tenn. 231 Athens Pike Kingsport, Tenn. Etowah, Tenn. MARY LONES 2915 Avondale Ave. Knoxville, Tenn. MARY SUE LONGMIRE Route 1 Andersonville, Tenn. GLENN MacKINNON 310 Williams St. Boonton, N.J. CLASS OF 1961 35 CLASS OF 1961 MARILYN MARTIN MARTHA MARTIN MARY LEE McAMIS LOIS McCARTY 431+ High School St. Clarkrange, Tenn. Route 2 2222 Belvoir Ave. Knoxville, Tenn. Sweetwater, Tenn. Knoxville, Tenn. SARAH McCLANAHAN HARRY McCLURG Route 5, Box 1 Mentor, Tenn. Cleveland, Tenn. DeANNA McCROSKEY CATHERINE McINTYRE aL MEHAFFEY 133 Ragsdale St. 1825 Kenwood Drive Big Stone Gap, Va. Kingsport, Tenn. Kingsport, Tenn. CLYDE MITCHELL Pikeville, Tenn. DON MOBLEY 1317 Lafayette Rd. Rossville, Ga. CAROLYN MOREHEAD Bland, Va. DAVID MORGAN HELEN MOYER % Mann 3026 F Box 183 Fort Campbell, Ky. Spring City, Tenn. FRANCES ORTON Cedar Springs Dr. Athens, Tenn. SHERMAN PATTERSON BILLIE PERKINS Route 4 Jacksboro, Tenn. Athens, Tenn. JOHN LOUIS PIERCE 203 South Kilgore Athens, Tenn. 36 FANNIE E. QUEEN TOMMY REDDING Strawberry Plains, Tenn. 1817 Melrose Ave. Knoxville, Tenn. CECIL R. RIDLEY Bridgeport, Ala. CAROLYN RILEY 3669 Larry Lane Chattanooga, Tenn. PEGGY SEDMAN Route 2 Ootlewah, Tenn. BARBARA ANN SELF Box 302 Copperhill, Tenn. RICHARD SMITH Old Jonesboro Rd. Abingdon, Va. SANDRA SMITH 4102 Sunbury Ave. Chattanooga, Tenn. JAMES STEELE MARTHA STONE 18 St. Joseph Drive 21 15 E. Broadway East Longmeadow, Mass. Maryville, Tenn. FERN STOOKSBURY LINDA LOUISE STYLES Route 9 34 Virginia Apts. Maryville, Tenn. Chattanooga, Tenn. MARGIE SUSONG 210UnakaSt. Greenville, Tenn. NATALIE TEEPLES Route 4 Athens, Tenn. BARBARA TINDELL CORDELLA TOMPSON JERRY TORBETT BEN WALKER St. Augustine, Fla. Route 3 Route 5 Route 1, Box 14 Madisonville, Tenn. Athens, Tenn. Harriman, Tenn. CLASS OF 1961 37 CLASS OF 1961 TOLITHA WALL Central Avenue Athens, Tenn. JAMES WALLING Diinlap, Tenn. SYLVIA WALLIS 94 East Howard Pontiac, Mich. HOYT WARD 150 22nd Street Cleveland, Tenn. MARY WHITAKER Cedar Springs Dr. Athens, Tenn. JANICE WHITE Route 5 Maryville, Tenn. TOMMY WILLIAMS MARY WILSON Rock Springs, Ga. 802 Walnut Ave. Kingsport, Tenn. FRED WOMACK 319 Ohio St. Athens, Tenn. 38 MERNER PFEIFFER LIBRARY " »«»■ HI CI - WHO ' S WHO IN AMERICAN Ralph G. Lewis Patsy Robinette Seabolt Nancy Harrison Seepe Ronnie Knight 40 COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES Helen Hammer Jenkins Joe Crabtree Dwain Farmer Barbara Huffaker Rapacioli 41 SENIOR SUPERLATIVES These students were chosen by the members of the Class of 1958 as most representative of the seniors on the campus. They were selected for their general contribution to the College — scholastically and socially. FIRST ROW: Helena Mason, Shirley Hixson, Audrey Wise, Barbara Huffaker. SECOND ROW: Ralph Lewis, " Bubba " May, Teddy Baker, Joe Crabtree, Dwain Farmer, Ronnie Knight. 42 THE SUNNY SOUTH We had some snow? 43 FRESHMAN INITIATION Aye, the Jury. Shave and a haircut... Joe Dan Who asked whom? All uh God ' s chillun got shoes. But Judge. . . 44 RELIGIOUS LIFE COUNCIL FIRST ROW: Professor William McGill; Helena Mason, Rebecca Daub, Betty Hardin, Chaplain Ray Short; Ralph Lewis. SECOND ROW: Lee Neal, Audrey Wise, Bill Orr, Dean Best, Don Allison, ]o Williams, Ed Williams. 46 FRESHMAN TALENT SHOW H K Ih L " I ' m Available ? " Move over, Elvis! Hi, Cuuutiee! B H F l f ■ fc.M 1 I ■ " Honest, I ' m innacint, Zeb! Beauty or beast? " How are them cows? " 47 MARCH 6-7, 1958 The Monarchs Nellie, Bobbie, and Frenchy Where ' s " Stinky? " " Mr. M. C. " " Dream along with me. " 48 LIFE SERVICE GIRLS AND STUDENT MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION FIRST ROW: Virginia Lady, Ann Adams, Vice President; Chaplain Ray Short; Rebecca Doub, President; Nancy Huff, Secretary-Treasurer; Clara Lee Carroll. SECOND ROW: Phyllis Butcher, Mildred Bellamy, Jo Williams, Charlotte Baker, Betty Hardin, Mary Baugh, Christine Watkins, Carolyn Morehead, Darres Pelfrey. FIRST ROW: Ralph Lewis, Don Jones, Secretary-Treasurer; Jack Brown, President; Chap- lain Ray Short; C. V. Duff. SECOND ROW: Robert Par due, David Lovelace, Ronald Ingram, Fred Gooden, Ed Williams, Mickey McClurg, Ted Baker. 49 STUDENT CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION FIRST ROW: Jane Carpenter, Barbara Denton, Mary Baugh, Clara Lee Carroll, Secretary- Treasurer; Anna Carolyn Fox, Vice President; Dean Best, President; Mary Grace Feezell, Anne Godsey, Emily Ray field, Joyce Howard. SECOND ROW: Charles Ketron, Marian Lowe, Fern Stooksbury, Nellie Rose Posey, Phyllis Butcher, Pat Doyle, Sandy Edenfteld, Ann Adams, Darres Pelfry, Shirley Hixson, Bobbie Jean Martin, Faye Higgins, Cornelia Harris, Nancy Huff, Jack Brown. THIRD ROW: Chaplain Ray Short, Freddie Gooden, Sterling Kane, Rebecca Daub, Lynn Brandon, Wanda Kidd, Patsy Marrs, Betty Hardin, Ralph Lewis, Ted Baker, C. V. Duff, Jo Williams, Ed Williams. 50 .1 -..S i -i ' t i-s.--- - ' Si TENNESSEE WESLEY AN THE CHOIR p r 1 r ' Wf 1 _ ._; ■ ■1 1 r |i ! ilM ■ f i i Id . 11 n H .J ji mim ■1 9 IS % % ! 1 -F ' J I- fo ,! mmmmmm m T miMMMiim «A«« liilHliBiikiSiiiBliiBtiiiJKilife — ' — — — — — — _ — ■- - . -.. — _; : — - • -■ __-. , • • ' • " - ' ■• ;?g»f;pyr aaaa —i FIRST ROW: Sarah Loftis, Claire Johnson, Linda Styles, Joyce Howard, Sandra Eden- field, Libhy Watkins, Virginia Lady, Charlotte Kelly, Sharon Peery, Nancy French. SECOND ROW: Phyllis Butcher, Sandra Copeland, Trudy Roberts, Nellie Rose Posey, Bobbie Jean Martin, Audrey Wise, Faye Higgins, Marian Lowe, Patsy Seabolt, Billie Jean Perkins, Mary Sue Longmire. THIRD ROW: Catherine Mclniyre, Mary Ruth Gibson, Bob Clarke, Ralph Lewis, David Lovelace, Tom Howard, Ed Williams, Don Jones, Ed Dodd, Charles Ketron, Barbara Self, Mary Grace Feezell. FOURTH ROW: Frances Slemons, Frank Seabolt, Harry McClurg, Bruce Wentworth, Bill Russell, Bill Hicks, Eddie Deal, Ken Walker, Dave Morgan, Charlie Chamberlain, Harry Vestal, Edwin Peek, Joan Ogle. 52 COLLEGE CHOIR OFFICERS Bob Clarke, President; Joan Ogle, Vice President; Patsy Seabolt, Secre- tary; Audrey Wise, Wardrobe Mistress; Tina Moses, Librarian; Bobbie Jean Martin, Treasurer; Eddie Deal, Business Manager; Bruce Went- worth, Assistant Business Manager. " Pull harder, Audrey. " During the last twelve years, the Tennessee Wesleyan Choir has sung almost four hun - dred sacred and secular concerts and pro- grams, covering almost thirty-five thousand miles in twelve states. Nearly a quarter of a million people have heard the choir, includ- ing delegates from the forty-eight states and forty nations at the 1956 General Conference in Minneapolis. Approximately five hundred students have sung in the choirs that have made this record. While in college, members of the choir strive to deepen their own worship experience and that of those who listen. The choir furnishes musical leadership for the weekly religious chapel. After college, their contribution should be even more significant and permanent as they assume positions of responsible leadership in their own churches and communities. If participation in the choir contributes to this larger service, the purposes of the organization will have been acliieved. 53 SIDELIGHTS The case and its contents Chow time June what? " Take the bus and leave the driving to us. ' Just as the College feels that the choir is important both to those who sing and to those who listen, so the purpose of tlie choir is two-fold. First, the academic purpose of the organization is training in sound musicianship, in botli individual and choral performance. This training involves more than mechanical vocal and musical skill. It involves rigid self-discipline of time, energy, and talent. Once this personal discipline has been achieved, the individual choir member must dedicate his best efifort to the finest performance of the group. Only in pursuing the imobtainable — perfection — can the group realize its fullest potential. However, academic and technical excellence is not enough. The second purpose of the organization is its contribution to the College and to those who support it, both within and without the Conference. As one of the leading organizations on the campus, the choir is loyally committed to the aims and purposes of the institution. These aims and purposes emphasize a high quality of personal achievement dedicated to the enrichment and service of man. 54 ARTS SERIES LIONEL NOWAK . . . FREDERICK TAYLOR WILSON David Julian and Edna Hurd with auto- graph hunters. in scene from the dramatization of O ' Henry ' s " The Five-Dollar Bill. ' Something new has been added ... an arts series which may well become a college tradition. In addition to dramatic and musical productions, student and faculty recitals, and other performances of our own, artists and lecturers were brought to the campus in a varied program of events. Lionel Nowak, composer-pianist, pre- sented two recitals, held a master class, and spoke in assembly during a two-day visit. Esther Doyle, specialist in oral interpretation, was also here for two days, pre- senting formal and informal programs. The Village Players staged scenes from famous comedies. Painting and photographic exhibitions, a recital by Julius and Charlotte Hegyi, and three evenings of films were included in the series. THE CURIOUS SAVAGE NOVEMBER 21-22, 1957 " Somebody loves me. ' Newspapers are bad. " Where did you hide it? " One . . . and two . . . ana 57 LAURA T. SHERMAN MUSIC FRATERNITY Jo Williams, Secretary; Cornelia Harris, Joyce Howard, President; Miss Mary Greenhoe, Sponsor; Nellie Rose Posey, Helena Mason, Joan Ogle, Vice President; Sandy Edenfield, Treasurer; Virginia Lady, Catherine Mclntyre, Faye Higgins. The music fraternity is the newest organization on campus. Its first pro- ject was a successful facuhy talent and variety show. Providing music for the dining hall and entertaining guests of the College who participated in the cultural life series have been among its other acti -ities. This growing organi- zation plans to make a substantial con- tribution to the music department and its work on the campus. IP i WSSi llH m «yi HjI hK r ' M ni Ml! ' i i ' p it 1 ni ' WM m -Jp Where ' s my pick ? Whose deal? O ' Reilly should have closed earlier. No encore, please! 58 Send me in, Coach! POETRY CLUB FIRST ROW: Mr. E. G. Rogers, Sponsor; Anne Godsey, President; Joyce Howard, Treasurer. SECOND ROW: Betty Robinette, Louise Martin, Mary Grace Feezell, Secretary. THIRD ROW : Bill Hicks, Dean Best, Vice President; Ronald Ingram. FOURTH ROW: Freddie Gooden. 59 LIBRARY STAFF B £L H H 1 1 I ' MT pc vcs H HI I BIHj l f ttjF H -UHT r X.f b H BhI Av ' . r l Kd F L fjj ri ™ ■ H m k Hll ilr!!Sil . r - HV 1 L. -B JH ■ " Jjr F j ti v V ' » ■ I Kv t K 2 1 H 1 " f ■ il ir ' ■ EBm ' ' J " " 1 1 f J P mf . ▼ 1 H||K?jm nShHH [ J4 ■ 1 1 . t j BImh ' Slb a H u| 1 H f ETUF N ■ H BOQ ■ H ■ I Cf ■ 1 FIRST ROW: oyce Irwin, Janice White, Clara Lee Carroll, Nancy Tipton, Dean Best, Barbara Fowler, Margaret Wagner, Sue Roddy. SECOND ROW: Lynn Brandon, Judy Ashley, Barbara Powell, Cornelia Williams, Sue Evans, Mrs. Claryse Myers, Librarian; Mrs. Vera Coe, Assistant Librarian; Barbara Denton, Anne Godsey. 60 i ta Bpsilon 6amiiia Eappa Btlta. phi igma lota dhi ta Mu €psilon o iii l!ta lota lITau iphi igma Bu SOCIAL LIFE AND PAN-HELLENIC COMMITTEES Professor Jack Hauls, Joan Ogle, Helena Mason, Phyllis Baker, Shirley Hixson, Tom Weeks, Harold Hook, Ralph Lewis. FIRST ROW: Helena Mason, Shirley Hixson, Phyllis Baker. SECOND ROW: Tom Weeks, Joan Ogle, Ralph Lewis, Professor Jack Houts. 62 INDEPENDENTS FIRST ROW: Barbara McCracken, Barbara Kessing, Flora Fritzsche, Betsy Poe, Carol Ann Gray, Sandra Easter, Helen Moyer. SECOND ROW: Sandra Smith, Charlotte Kelly, Vaudine Cravey, Martha Stone, Dorothy Wilson, Joann Graham, Clara Lee Carroll, Jackie Sue Roderick, Edna Bates, Joann Locke. THIRD ROW: Cornelia Harris, Hilda Parks, Judy Ashley, Patricia Bible, Katherine Justis, Fannie Queen, Judy Doss, Joy Allen. 63 ZETA MU EPSILON MEMBERS FIRST ROW: Jo Williams, Janey Tucker, Charlye Faye Newman, Bobbye Campbell. SECOND ROW: Helena Mason, Jane Ann Martin, Carrie Ann Watson, Virginia Lady, Patricia Neal, Nancy Tipton, Nancy Hug. THIRD ROW: Mary Ann Carpenter, Theresa Thomas, Faye Higgins, Maria n Lowe, Charlotte Baker, Judith Dickson, Christine Watkins, Barbara Fowler, Marilyn Martin. 64 SORORITY OFFICERS FIRST ROW: Jo Williams, Vice President; Helena Mason, President; Janey Tucker, Secretary. SECOND ROW: Carrie Ann Watson, Treasurer; Faye Higgins, Sergeant-at-Arms; Virginia Lady, Reporter. SWEETHEART ' Bubba " May With eleven new members initiated this year, the Zeta Sorority held a dance honoring their Sweet- heart, " Bubba " May, and their Mascot, Bruce Wentworth, and they sponsored a Valentine din- ner for the student body. For the first time, the National Convention of the Sorority was held on the campus in April. 65 SIGMA IOTA CHI MEMBERS FIRST ROW: Frances Orton, Margie Susong, Eleanor Stubbs. SECOND ROW: Peggy Sedman, Darres Pelfrey, Wanda Elliot, Sue Roddy, Phyllis Baker, June McMillan, Billie Sea Kennedy. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Albert Bowman, Co-sponsor; Given Hendrix, Mary Ann Whitaker, Carole Lee, Joyce Irwin. Barbara Vincent, Miss Robbie Ensminger, Co-sponsor. 66 SORORITY OFFICERS FIRST ROW: Phyllis Baker, President; Sue Roddy, Vice President; Joyce Irwin, Sergeant-at-Arms. SECOND ROW: Rohbie Ensminger, Co- sponsor; Carole Lee, Treasurer; Darres Pelfrey, Pledge Directress; Barbara Vincent, Secretary; Mrs. Albert Bowman, Co-sponsor. SWEETHEART Tom Weeks The Sigmas had another successful year with many varied activities. The sorority sold programs at the football games, participated in the Home- coming Carnival, held a dance with the Gammas and Phi Sigs, and cooperated in other activities on the campus. The group welcomes a new Co- sponsor, Mrs. Albert Bowman. KAPPA DELTA PHI MEMBERS FIRST ROW: Judy Wilson, Harriette King, Carole Bishop, Betty Hampton, Grace Hamby. SECOND ROW: Catherine Mclntyre, Sandra Edenfield, Trudy Roberts, Audrey Wise, Patsy Colvard, Barbara Tindell, Phyllis Butcher, Patsy Seabolt. THIRD ROW: Ann Nell Pyle, Libby Watkins, Sandra Copeland, Betty Hardin, Joan Ogle, Sandra Edmondson, Nancy Holman, Judy Arrowood, Natalie Teeples, Dorcas Tull, Roseann Cacciola, Rosemary Card, Carolyn More- head, Tina Moses, Helen Ellis, Barbara Self. 68 SORORITY OFFICERS FIRST ROW: Audrey Wise, Vice President; Joan Ogle, President; Tina Moses, Secretary. SECOND ROW: Trudy Roberts, Historian; Patsy Colvard, Treasurer; Nancy Holman, Reporter; Ann Nelle Pyle, Guard. SWEETHEART Clyde Grubb The Kappas began 1957 with fourteen members returning to the campus. The major activities of the sorority during the year were the traditional Thanksgiving party for vmderprivileged children, a Christmas party, a dinner in honor of Clyde Grubb, and the annual pledge dance. 69 ETA UPSILON GAMMA MEMBERS FIRST ROW: Elizabeth Gaby, Anne Godsey, Mary Grace Feezell, Lee Neal SECOND ROW: Nancy French, Joyce Howard, Lynn Derryberry, Shirley Hixson, Bobbie Jean Martin, Phyllis Cluck, Betty Potter. THIRD ROW: Betty Robinette, Linda Styles, Claire Johnson, Barbara Huffaker, Nellie Rose Posey, Fern Stooksbury, Pat Wiggins, Mrs. W. B. Robbins, Sponsor; Emily Rayfield, Phyllis Smith, Anna Carolyn Fox, Wanda Kidd, Gayle Carroll, Jane Carpenter, Patsy Marrs, Pat Doyle. 70 SORORITY OFFICERS FIRST ROW: Nancy French, Treasurer; Shirley Hixson, President; Bobbie Jean Martin, Vice President. SECOND ROW: Anne Godsey, Corresponding Secretary; Mrs. W. B. Rabbins, Sponsor; Pat Doyle, Recording Secretary. SWEETHEART Bill Campbell As the Gammas began another year, Shirley Hixson assumed the duties of the president of the sorority and Bill Campbell was chosen Gamma Guy. Mrs. Wilmer Robbins and Mrs. Carl Honaker were elected Co-sponsore for the group. Social activities included a Halloween party, a fornial dance on November 15, and a rush party in honor of eleven pledges. The sorority was com- plimented widi the selection of Shirley HLxson and Barbara HufTaker as Senior Superlatives and of Helen Hammer and Barbara HufTaker to mem- bership in Who ' s Who in Amei-ican Colleges and Universities. 71 PHI SIGMA NU MEMBERS FIRST ROW: Professor Richard Johnson, Co-sponsor; Dave Morgan, Dick Anderson, Al Mehaffey, Tom Weeks, Harry Gross, Bubba May, Dr. Albert Bowman, Co-sponsor. SECOND ROW: Hoyt Ward, Wayne Cardin, Dan Cooper, Bobby Knox, Ben Walker, Bud Reeser, Ken Walker, Hal Hook, Eddie Stevens, Glen Stone, Norman Jackson, Bill Campbell. 72 FRATERNITY OFFICERS FIRST ROW: Al Mehaffey, Treasurer and Chaplain; Tom Weeks, President; Harry Gross, Vice President. SECOND ROW: " Bubba " May, Secretary; Hal Hook, Grand Councilman; Dick Anderson, Reporter; Bill Campbell, Sergeant- at-Arms. SWEETHEART Tina Moses The Phi Sigs have enjoyed a successful year, with one of the new features of their program — a dinner meeting once a month. Their activities have included a dance widi the Sigmas and Gammas, a private party, participation in the Homecoming Carnival, a week-end camping trip, and several money-making projects. 73 ETA IOTA TAU MEMBERS FIRST ROW: John Alise, Leonard Arnold, Charles Chamberlain, Bruce Wentworth, Mike Nash, Ralph Lewis, David Lovelace, Frank Kennedy, Professor Williarti McGill, Sponsor. SECOND ROW: Ed Williams, Tom Howard, Jim Steele, Mickey McClurg, Jimmy Parris, Bill Hicks, Eddie Deal, Larry Burger, Ricky Swell, Bill Orr, Dean Best, Harry Vestal, Raul Rivera, Paul KetTon, Bob Clarke, Carlos Corredor, Don Jones, Ed Dodd. 74 FRATERNITY I R I i 1 • 1.. 1 4 ■ A. .:.:.- - J ALJ« M ■ l i ' rf -v. OFFICERS FIRST ROW: Bob Clarke, Treasurer; Ralph Lewis, President; Bruce Wentworth, Secretary. SECOND ROW: Larry Burger, Pledge Master; Dean Best, Chaplain; Frank Kennedy, Vice President; John Alise, Sergeant-at-Arms. SWEETHEART Jo Williams The major work of the fraternity this year has been the organization of the group more in keep- ing with senior-college status. A board of direc- tors was elected and the constitution and by-laws were rewritten. The annual Christmas party, with the cooperation of the Athens Male Chorus, was an even greater success than in the past. Social activities included a party each quarter and a most enjoyable pledge party. The group pur- chased a fraternity flag and blazers. 75 ALPHA BETA FIRST ROW: Pat Doyle, Barbara Huffaker, Roseann Cacciola, Nancy Seepe. SECOND ROW: Richard Rapacioli, Harriette King, Bobbie Martin, Bob Clark. 76 HONORARY FRATERNITY NEW MEMBERS FIRST ROW: Mary Grace Feezell, Barbara Denton, Nancy French, Joyce Howard, Tina Moses, Jo Ann Hayes, Robert Joines. SECOND ROW: Carlos Corredor, Ralph Lewis, Darres Pelfrey, Carolyn Scott, Carrie Ann Watson, Ken Wilburn, Henry Webb, Ann Godsey, Anna Carolyn Fox, Cornelia Harris, Betty Hardin, Shirley Hixson, Emily Rayfield. OFFICERS Roseann Cacciola, Treasurer; Harriette King, Secretary; Robert Clarke, Vice President; Barbara Huffaker, Reporter. PRESIDENT Joe Crabtree 77 FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA FIRST ROW: Robert Joines, Janey Tucker, Secretary; Bruce Wentworth, President; Carole Bishop, Treasurer; Patsy Colvarii. SECOND ROW: Ray Seaton, Frank Kennedy, Charles Paine, Hilda Parks, Betsy Poe, Sandra Copeland. 78 NOCATULA STAFF FIRST ROW: Barbara Denton, Anne Godsey, Eddie Deal, Editor; Don Jones, Bill McGill, Advisor. SECOND ROW: Bruce U ' entworth, Catherine Mclntyre, Joyce Howard, Charles Ketron, Frank Kennedy, Audrey Wise, Mary Grace Feezell. 79 BULLDOG STAFF FIRST ROW: Mary Grace Feezell, Emily Ray field, Dick Anderson, Betty Robinette, Editor; Janey Tucker. SECOND ROW: Darres Pelfrey, Anna Carolyn Fox, Patsy Marrs, Jane Ann Martin, Mary Baugh, Bill Campbell, Hilda Parks, Frank Kennedy, Charlye Faye Newman, Anne Godsey, June McMillan, Clara Lee Carroll. 80 ■ ' ' ! » ' M ..» It !: ' . I . mmmtMimd KM ,1 MM - E V4 35§: : S 1 ' - -S- HOMECOMING QUEEN Miss Barbara Ann McCracken 82 HOMECOMING, 1957-1958 HOMECOMING CARNIVAL 83 VARSITY FOOTBALL, 1957-1958 HEAD FOOTBALL COACH LeRoy B. Anderson 84 VARSITY FOOTBALL, 1957-1958 SENIOR LETTERMEN In the course of a football season, at least one game is a " heart-breaker. " Such was the case in Wesleyan ' s game with Emory and Henry this year when we ended up on the short end of a 7 - score. However, the men gave all their stamina and skill and knew when die final whistle blew that they had played a fine game for Wes- leyan. Head Coach LeRoy Anderson and his assistant, Junie Graves, should be commended on their fine work. Our 4 - 4 record is no indication of a mediocre sea- son. Three other games — U - T Fresh- men (14-6), Mary ' ille (14-7), and Geor- gia Military (7-6) — could have gone our way; they were all that close. On the brighter side, we had victories over West Georgia (45-0), Marion InstUute (33-0), Georgetown (26-0), and Howard (31-14). James Ackerman Bill Campbell Allen Culpepper Hector Lamb " Bubba " May Bobby Tabb " Shine " Williams 85 VARSITY FOOTBALL. 1957-1958 r FIRST ROW: Bob Thompson, Don Finley, Van McCamish, Bill Campbell, Don Williams, Jack Henderson, Jim Ackerman, Bobby Tabb and John Boughton. SECOND ROW: Clyde Grubb, Buddy Long, King Ensminger, " Bubba " May, Allen Culpepper, Jack Liddy, Clyde Mitchell, Hoyal Holloway and Richard Smith. THIRD ROW: Jim Crigger, Glenn Mac- Kinnon, " Herky " Paine, John Alise, " Red " Cochran, Hector Lamb, " Shine " Williams and Dwain Ealy. 86 Wesleyan defeats Georgetown 33 — 0. BULLDOGS Coaches Anderson and Graves watch the action. ' Proudy " helps Jack get his second wind. McMinn Band provides half-time entertainment ' W CLUB FIRST ROW: Bob Thompson, Bill Campbell, At Mehaffey, Harry Gross, Bob Tabb, Sergeant-at-Arms; Allen Culpepper, Jim Ackerman, Vice Presi- dent; Hector Lamb, Leonard Arnold. SECOND ROW: Buddy Long, Presi- dent; King Ensminger, Jack Henderson, Bubba May, Jack Liddy, Jerry Crow, " Shine " Williams, Roy Cochran. THIRD ROW: Max Carroll, Clyde Link, Doyle Fowler, John Boughton, Sergeant-at-Arms; Sam Craig, John Leonard, Elbert Prewitt, Dwain Farmer. WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION FIRST ROW: Lee Neal, Betsy Poe, Secretary-Treasurer; Nancy French, President; Carolyn Ann Gray, Vice President; Bobbie Jean Martin, Joyce Howard. SECOND ROW: Anna Carolyn Fox, Elizabeth Gaby, Nellie Rose Posey, Charlye Faye Newman, Flora Fritzsche, Katherine Justice, Rosemary Card. THIRD ROW: Clara Lee Carroll, Anne Godsey, Emily Ray field, Shirley Hixson, Phyllis Butcher. 89 Dwain Farmer Joe Cr abtree Ronnie Knight VARSITY BASKETBALL Sammy Craig Max Carroll Ricky Swett V H H l fl HP 4 ' ' x l L» M 90 Clyde Link Bob Arnold Wayne StandifFer 1957-1958 Sterling Kane Dicky McGhee Johnny Leonard ' ' 1 1 K " m% Wi m 3i H H H ■ % H H n 91 VARSITY FIRST ROW: Max Carroll, Dwain Farmer, John Leonard, Dick McGhee, and Clyde Link. SECOND ROW: Elbert Prewitt, Ronnie Knight, Wayne Standeffer, Sammy Craig, Joe Crabtree, Bob Arnold, and Sterling Kane. 92 BASKETBALL Wesleyan vs. Georgia State Two more points? Nice form. Tell ' um, Coach. Athletic Queen — Tina Moses Queen and attendants. 93 REMEMBER? CHEERLEADERS KNEELING: Barbara McCracken and Barbara Tindell. STANDING: Randy Webb, Dana Anders, Helen Ellis, Tina Moses and Eleanor Stubbs. 95 ATHLETIC QUEEN Miss Tina Moses 96 FOUNDERS ' DAY AND SERVICE OF REDEDICATION -OCTOBER 18, 1957 The 1957-1958 academic year began the second century of Tennessee Wesleyan College. In keeping with this significant moment in the life of the institution, the annual observance of Founders ' Day was also the occasion for the rededication of the Colleare to the ideals of Christian hiafher education. Representatives of the administration and faculty of the College, the student body, the Board of Trustees, and The Holston Conference of The Methodist Church joined in tribute to earlier leaders and in new commitment to their own responsi- bilities. President Martin presided at the service and reviewed the history of the institution. Bishop Roy H. Short, presiding bishop of the Tennessee and Holston Conferences of The Methodist Church, challenged the col- lege community to be worthy of the sacrifices of the past in loving service to the Church and her people. Distinguished guests included The Reverend Mr. Ralph W. Mohney, Mr. G. F. Lockmiller, a former member of the Board of Trustees, Bishop Roy H. Short, Dr. F. Heisse Johnson, and Dr. W. D Sullins. 97 THE PRESIDENT ' S HOME BLAKESLEE HALL The home of the President was a gift to the College in 1905 by Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Blakeslee of Macksburg, Ohio. While extensive improvements have been made during recent years, its original dignity and charm have been carefully preserved. 98 THE NEW MEN ' S DORMITORY mil II III F!T Sill ' s lk-JliJ . ' - i mil ii III II CENTENNIAL HALL The residence hall for men to be opened in the fall of 1958 is the newest addition to the Wesleyan campus and will provide living quarters for approximately 115 men. It is to be dedicated to the presidents of the College and the chairmen of the Board of Trustees during the first one hundred years of the institution. 99 " ■.- Til t. w.r 7m iKf ..d;. ' ' fi2 For Reference Not to be taken from this room

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Tennessee Wesleyan College - Nocatula Yearbook (Athens, TN) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


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