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w 378.05 T256n 1954 21117 PROUDLY PRESENTING THE t954 w 37 05 95 Cx it UL Memer - PfeiBfer Library Jennessee WesJeyan College Athens, TenneMee TENNESSEE WESLEYAN i ' m •C ?nl .r " S« 3r it?i ' r ' -a " ' fui4 ' Kj -i Left: Merner-Pfelffer Library Right: C. H. Banfield Ha!l Editor: Robert Julian Hawk Assistant Editor; Edith Smalley Photographers: Kay Daniell Studio, Bud Sipe. Bill Kilpatrick Sponsor: E. G. Rogers Artists: Bob Allen, Paul Watkins WE ENTER INTO -Oi a ti «. . Rah! Rah! Bulldogs LAWRENCE HALL DRESSED IN WINTER ' S WHITE STUDY, WORK, AND GAY Wasn ' t It fun? Studying hard? Make +haf Goal! ACTIVITIES OF (fJUJkh, ' • m- 1 ACCURACY, fhen SPEED Hf ■f THINK T ' JJ H F B 4l lit 1 •»- ■ — ♦ ♦ ♦ AND THEN jiAuia.-- m DEDICATION . To Mr. E. G. Rogers, who has been such a help to the annual staff, and to the student body in general, this 1954 Nocatula is dedicated. He has been an inspiration to all of us. His sense of humor, high ideals, academic achievement and deep religious morals will be a guid- ing light to us in years to come. May he have many more useful, happy years here on the campus of Ten- nessee Wesleyan College. Zke PRESIDENT ONE man primarily responsible for the recent advancement of Tennessee Wesleyan College to its present position is President LeRoy A. Martin. His calm assurance and perseverance have provided the necessary cliallenge; his warm friendliness and cheer- ful disposition have made many new friends for the College; his administrative ability and organizational technique have created an efficient and cohesive educational unit; his concern for the students has brought in re- turn their own deep respect and understand- ing; but above all his vision and personal Zeal have brought within the realm of pos- sibility a new era for Tennessee Wesleyan The debt the College and each student owes our President can never be repaid; but tiiis note of recognition can at least let him know tiiat his efforts have not gone unnoticed or unappreciated. Mary Nelle Jackson Administrative Secretary Paul Riviere. Dean of Faculty F. Heisse Johnson, Dean of Administration J. Van Coe, Dean of Students C. O. Douglass, Registrar Minnie B. Rees, Bursar Memer - Pfeiffer Li ' rary Tennessee Wesleyan College Athens, Teaneesee A. H. Myers. English. Philosophy, Psychology G. A. Yates, Mathematics T. B. DoNNER. La)ignages E. G. Rogers, English Zke F ACU LTY Marilyn S. Johnson Assistant to the hihrarian Claryse D. Myers. Librarian F. B. Shelton Director of Public Relations Joseph A. Hardin, Speech William R. Smith, III, Speech Reva PuetT, Home Economics 1953 - 54 Carl B. Honaker, Chemistry and Physics R. Porter Ward. Biology Gertrude B. Millard, Head Resident, Ritter Hall Ida Ruth Lewis, Head Resident, Lawrence Hall Mary Catherine Morrison Or an and Piajio Diettt ' nin nith Kitchen Staff Sara E. Ranck, Nurse Janice C. Fitzpatrick Secretarial Science James Roy Fitzpatrick, Biisi)iess Ad uir istration FACU LTY Louis Underwood, Superintendent of Grounds and Bnildi i( s Not pictured: Martha B. Hale Bernard H. Zellner 1 . 1 ri i - s. em or OFFICERS President: RA • roND McQuain Vice-President: George Marc, rave Secretary: Anne Hutcheson Treasurer: Margaret Yates Wesleyan ' s seniors are serious-minded, hard-working and conscientious students whose various responsibilities as officers and leaders have helped to maintain Wesleyan ' s high standards. The two years here have been packed with continuous studying, recreation and meetings. Years from now, as we glance back, we will not forget our Alma Mater, T. W. C. BirrxY Jhan Anuhrsc n Athens, Tennessee MEDICAL SECRETARY Sigma Iota Chi, 1. 2, President 2; Pan Hellenic Council, 2; Bulldog Staff, 1; Choir, 1; Phi Theta Kappa. 1, 2, Treasurer, 2; Superlative. 2; Student Council, 2; Vice- President, 2. Dallas Anderson South Pi tsburg, Tennessee PRE-MEDICINE Theta Sigma Chi, 1, 2, Vice- 2; Student Council, 2; President, SCA. 2, President, 2. Mary L " inn Bcid Lenoir City, Tennessee BUSINESS S.C.A. 1, 2, Vice-Piesident 2, LSV 2, Wesleyan Fellowship, 1, 2, Kappa Delta Phi, 1, 2, Chaplam, Nocatula Staft, 2, Choir 1, 2. Waidrobe Custodian, 2, Phi Thela Kappa 1, 2, Vice-President 2, Superlatne, 2, Religious Council, 2 Theresa Gay Chappflear Athens, Tennessee MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY Eta Upsilon Gamma, 1, 2, President 2; Pan Hellenic Council, 2, Phi Theta Kappa, 1, 2, Coiicsponding Secretary 2, Stud ent Council, 2, Secretary, 2. W. A. COFER Chattanooga, Tennessee LIBERAL ARTS S.C.A. 1, 2; L.S.V. 1, 2, Chaplain, 2; Choir, 2; Football, 2. Kathleen Ann Emert Sevierville, Tennessee LIBERAL ARTS S.C.A. 1, 2, Secretary-Treasurer, 2; Kappa Delta Phi, 1, 2, President, 2; Pan Hellenic Council, 2; Nocalula Staff, 2; Bulldog Staff, 2; Superlative, 2. Robbie Jean Ensminger Athens, Tennessee SECRETARIAL SCIENCE Sigma Iota Chi, 1, 2, Parchment Editor, 2; Bulldog Staff, 2. Assistant Editor, 2. Bob Davis Clinton, Tennessee GENERAL CULTURE Bobby Gibson Cleveland, Tennessee PRE-ENGINEERING Eta Iota Tau, 1, 2; Letter Club, 1, Basketball, 1, 2. Graciela Gomez Boijata, Columbia PRE-MEDICAL Kappa Delta Phi, 2; International Club, 1 ; English Award, 1. Kenneth Larry Gregory Etowah, Tennessee BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Eta Iota Tau, 1, 2, Secretary 2; Letter Club. 1, 2; Superlative. 2; Honor Council. 2; Football. 1, 2. AiiDRH ' i ' Joanne Groover Chattanooga, Tennessee SECRETARIAL SCIENCE S.C.A. 1, 2, President 2; L.S.V. 1, 2; Weslevan Fellowship, 1. 2; Kappa Delia Phi, 1, 2, Corresponding Secretary, 2; Choir, 1, 2, Librarian. 2. Gerald Lee Gulley Oak Ridge, Tennessee LIBERAL ARTS Theta Sigma Chi. 2, Secretar 2; Bulldog Staff, 2. H. L. Hamilton Cleveland, Tennessee BUSINESS Eta Iota Tau, 2, Reporter. Bulldog Staff, 2: Letter Club. 2; Football. 1, 2; 2, Manager. Basketball, 1, Nancy Carolyn Hammer Fountain City, Tennessee LIBERAL ARTS S.C.A. 1. 2; L.S.V. 1, 2. Secre- tary-Treasurer. 2; Wesleyan Fel- lowship, 1, 2; Nocatula Staff, 2; Library Assistant, 1. 2; Robert Julian Hawk Cleveland, Tennessee FRE-ENGINEERING Eta Iota Tau. 1, 2; Nocatula Staff. 1. 2, Editor, 2; Student Coun cil 2. Robert Daniel Hais Harriman, Tennessee PRE-MEDICINE S.C.A. 1, 2, Eta Iota Tau, 1, 2 Reporter, 1. President 2; Bull do« Staff, 1, 2, Editor, 2; Choir, 1. 2; Letter Club, 1; Delta Psi Omega, 1, 2; Superlative 2 Student Council 2. Martha Anne Hutcheson Chattanooga, Tennessee GENERAL CULTURE S.C.A. 1, 2; Weslevan Fellow- ship, 1, 2; Zeta Mu Epsilon, 1, 2, Secretary 2; Theta Sig Sweetheart 2; Nocatula Staff, 2; Bulldog Staff, 2; Choir 1, 2; International Club 1; Cheer- leader 1, 2; Football Queen 2. Joe Philip Money South Pittsburg, Tennessee PRE-MEDICINE Theta Sigma Chi, 2, Treasurer; Honor Council, 2; Gamma Sweetheart, 2. Shirley Faye Jenkins Loudon, Tennessee MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY Eta Upsilon Gamma, 1, 2, Secre- tary 2; Nocatula Staff, 2; Library Assistant, 1. Viola Huskey Sevierville, Tennessee physical EDUCATION S.C.A. I, 2; Weslev.an Fellow- ship, 1, 2; Kappa Delta Phi, 1, 2, Treasurer 2; Letter Club Cheerleader, 2; Basketball, 1, 2. Roy O. Johnson Athens, Alabama physical EDUCATION Theta Sigma Chi, 2; Letter Club, 1, 2; Vefs Club. 1; Football, 1, 2. Mary Ellen Kjmbrough Athens, Tennessee BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Sigma Iota Chi, 1, 2, Literary Chairman, 2; Library Assistant, 2; Choir, 1; Cheerleader, 1, 2; Girl ' s Letter Club, 2. Lewis Edwin King Cambria, Virginia GENERAL CULTURE David Wile ' i ' Kirk Clinton, Tennessee BUSINESS Phi Sigma 1. 2, Vice-President, 2; Letter Club, 1, 2; Basketball, 1, 2; Tennis, 1, 2, Clyde A. Kyle Cleveland, Tennessee PRE-MF.DICINE Basketball, 2. Recienia Fa-ie Lawson Athens, Tennessee MUSIC Sigma Iota Chi, 1, 2, Worthv Scribe, 2; Bulldoc StafF, 2; Choir 1, 2, Mary Belle Layman Athens, Tennessee secretarial science Kappa Delta Phi. 1, 2, Secretary Mar - RiiTH Leatherwood Lupton City, Tennessee GENERAL CULTURE S.C.A. 1, 2; Wesleyan Fellow- ship, 1, 2; Kappa Delta Phi, 1, 2, Athletic Chairman. 2; Nocatula Staff, 1; Bulldog Staff, 1; Letter Club, 1; Basketball, 1, 2; Captain, 2. Ra ' )- Arthur Ledford Athens, Tennessee PRE-LA V S.C.A. 2; Choir. 2; Letter Club. 2; Football, 2; Tennis. 2. Monreda Lee Madisonville, Tennessee secretarial SCIENCE J. D. Li wis Chattanooga, Tennessee PHYSICAL EDUCATION Choir. 2; Letter Club; 1. ; Football. 1. 2. Barbara Deborah Lowri ' Pembroke, North Carolina SECRETARIAL SCIENCE S.C.A. 1. 2; Weslevan Fellow- ship, 1, 2; Sigma Iota Chi, 1. 2, Worthy Patroness, 2. George A. Lusk Cleveland, Tennessee physical education Football, 1; Letter Club, 1. Nancy Kathern Miller Kingsport, Tennessee general culture S.C.A. 1, 2; Wesleyan Fellow- ship, 1, 2; President 2; Zeta Mu Epsilon, 1. 2, Sergeant-al- arms 2; Nocatula Staff. 1; Art Club, 1; Library Assi.stant, 2; Religious Council, 2. Leonard Virgil Mincv Athens, Tennessee BUSINESS administration Barbara Ann McIntvre Kingsport, Tennessee GENERAL CULTURE S.C.A. 1; Sigma Iota Chi, 1, : Vice-President, 2; Bulldog Staff, ; Choir, 1, 2, Treasurer, 2; Charles K. McJunkin Etowah, Tennessee PHYSICAL education Football, 2 ;Theta Sigma Chi, 1, 2. Raymond French McQuain Oak Ridge, Tennessee pre-engineering Theta Sigma Chi, 1, 2, President, 2; Pan Hellenic Council, 2; Vet ' s Club, 1; President of Senior Class, Superlative, 2. Margaret Andrew Ogle Pigeon Forge, Tennessee liberal arts S.C.A. 1, 2; Kappa Delta Phi, 1, 2, Vice-President, 2; Chuir, 1, 2, Secretary, 2; Honor Council, 2; Superlative, 2. Charj.es a. ORhar Chattanooga, Tennessee PHYSICAL EDUCATION Theta Sigma Chi, 1, 2; Bulldoi; Staff. 2; Letter Club. 1, 2; Fdo.b.ill, 1, 2; Mana- ger, 2. Jami;s William Pennincston Cha ' tanooga, Tennessee liberal arts S.C.A. 1. 2; L.S.V. 1. 2. President 2; Library Assistant. 1; Choir, 1, 2, Business Manager. 2; Student Council. 2; Stage Manager, 2. Betty Ross Powell Athens, Tennessee Dorothy Jean Riddle Athens, Tennessee SECRETARIAL SCIENXE Zeta Mu Epsilon, 1. 2. President 2; Pan Hellenic Council. 2; Phi Theta Kappa 1. 2, President 2; Student Council. 2. ViRc.iNiA Sue Riden Athens, Tennessee MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY S.C.A. 2; Weslevan Fellowship, 2; Eta Up- silon Gamma, 2. Shirley Jean Runyon Athens, Tennessee GENERAL CULTURE Sigma Iota Chi, 1, 2, Treasurer 2; Bulldog Staff, 2; Choir. 1, 2. Dorothy Louise Scott Riceville, Tennessee LIBERAL ARTS S.C.A. 1, 2; Eta Upsilon Gamma, 1, 2, Treasurer 2; Edith Miriam Smalley Westerville, Ohio LIBERAL ARTS S.C.A. 1. 2; L.S.V. 1, 2. Vice-President 2; Eta Upsilon Gamma 1. 2. Vice-President. 2; Nocatula Staff. 2, Assistant Editor, 2; Bulldog Staff, 1, 2, Library Assistant, 2. Jimmy Lou Vestal Athens, Tennessee SECRETARIAL SCIENCE Zet.i Mu Epsilon, 1, 2, Reporter, 1, 2. Choir, Kent Wear Thomas Kodak, Tennessee GENERAL CULTURE S.C.A., 2; Phi Sigma, 1, 2, President 2; Pan Hellenic Council, 2; Choir, 1, 2, President Audrey Walker Harriman, Tennessee SECRETARIAL SCIENCE S.C.A. 1, 2; Weslevan Fellowship. 1, 2, Secretary 2; Zeta Mu Epsilon, 1, 2, Vice- President 2; Letter Club, 1, 2; Basketball, 1, 2, Co-Captain, 2. John Paul Watkins Dungannon, Virginia LIBERAL ARTS S.C.A. 1, 2; Eta Iota Tau, President 2; Pan Hellenic Council, 2; Noctula Staff, 1, 2; Bulldos Staff, 1, 2; Art Cub, 1, 2; Library Assistant, 1; Choir, 1, 2. Marvin F. Webb Athens, Tennessee BUSINESS Bulldog Staff, 2; Editor, 2; Letter Club 1; Vet ' s Club, 1; Student Council, 2; Football, 1, 2. Kenneth White Ocoee, Tennessee PHYSICAL EDUCATION Letter Club, 1, 2; Football, 1, 2. Newton J. Willbanks Canton, Georgia GENERAL CULTURE Football, Vonne Ellis Williams Servierville, Tennessee GENERAL CULTURE Phi Sigma 1, 2; Treasurer 2; Choir, 1, 2. BiLLV Joe Wilson Cleveland, Tennessee BUSINESS Eta Iota Tau, 1, 2; Vice-President, 2: Letter Club, 1, 2; Basketball, 1. 2; Captain, 2. Hugh O. Wilson Athens, Tennessee GENERAL CULTURE Margaret Yates Rutledge, Tennessee HOME ECONOMICS S.C.A. 1, 2; Weslevan Fellowship, 1, 2; Zeta Mu Epsilon, 1, 2; Treasurer 2; Nocatula Staff, 2; Letter Club, 2; Treasurer. 2; Basketball. 2. 0 21117 Junior O r r I v b K i) ll -f- JHTOL ' ' ' tfTi mStA a ' f gif«i lO ' vMMJMhiORIM 11 || " Mfl! J Ji n President: Harry McDaris Vice-President: Charlotte Milton Secretary: Barbara Akers Treasurer: Nadien Trotter Wesleyan certainly has some fine and outstanding members in its junior class of 1953-54. All are dependable and willing to join in the work and fun, as shown by their prompt participation in sports, classroom work, and campus life. l iERNER - PFEIFPER LIBRARY TEf ESSEE WESLEYAN COLLEGE ATHENS, TENNESSEE Barbara Lou Akers Bill Fred Allen Marv Sue Barnes Carole Joyce Boylan Dorothy Hazel Jessie Lou Calhoun Cannon Bobby Edd Allen Bobby Kyle Bright AL rtina Delois Calhoun Robert Spencer Albritton DeArnold Robert Barnette Carmelia Jo Bryant Thomas Fred Carrico Claude Frank Catron Eleanor Maude Burnette JUNIORS Shirley June Caudle Betty Lou Chaney Mary Catherine Clay Nettie Grace Coates Clara Louise Cranfield IvA Lou Crisp Bill M. Crowson Hazel Cunningham Helen Joyce Davis DoRTHA Patricia DeLozier Billy Max Dillard Merita Louise Dixon Harold Boyd Duff Oscar Gilbert Dykes. Jr. Beverly Adele Eaves Charles Leslie Elliott Phyllis Ann Fox Joan Elrod GuiLLERiMO GRACIA Okan David Elrod |ohn Allen Emory George Schuyler Flint Eleanor Jeanne John Mack Gilliland Billie Dean Haley Groover Larry Wayne Hamby William Hoyet Hill Roma Faye Harris Arvil Alton Holt Anne Elizabeth Hayes Marion Andrew Howard 1954 Jo Ann Hunt Robert Marshall Johnston William Arvin Jones Doris Kay Kesterson JUNIORS Scottie Robert Kidd Annie Mildred Kidwell LiAN Teck Seng Robert Bales Litton Billy Gerald Kilpatrick Billy Lawrence Martin William Rudolph Jimmy Edward Lasater KiNZER Charlotte Virginia Milton- Lane Moore Dolores Elaine Mvnatt Patsy Jo McAfee Harry Lee McDaris Lolise Gertrude Orr Carolyn Dorothea Phillips Barbara Sue Pickel Jack Coogan Ramey Mary Frances Riddle James Donald Riden Ronald Gene Saylor James Allen Shamblin William Fredrick Sha x ' Bill Simmons Betty Lou Smith Lester Gene Smith JUNIORS Vivian Carol Stanbery Ai ' RFLiA Joyce Stephens Creed Lovada Stephens Margie Sue Stokes Patricia Ann Taylor Edward Franklin Tennyson Carlos Tobar Hernanden Barbara Ann Trevathan Betty Frances Trew Nadien Ann Trotter David Francis Tucker Harold Lane Turner Odessa Underdown Jimmy Earl Vestal Mary Ellen Warner Nancy Ann Wati:rs Ray Aii.een Watkins Patsy Louise Whitaker Virgil Lynn Whitlock Don Paul Williams Phyllis Mae Williams JUNIORS Margaret Rachel Williams Hugh Layman Wilson Johnie Pauline Wilson Boyd Woooy ' On uUj Xum W. WlJViUljIlWYlciljitjg V liOINmiSKlUI B . ■ - i " 1 4. ■ • ' i 1 . " :,- " ■ ' ■ 1 -1 ..J T. W. C. Choir Jack Hours, Director Dolores Mynatt. Publicity Manager and Technical Director For its forty members and director, Jack Hoiits, the Tennessee Wesleyan College ChoT lias been the source of many hours of fun, hard work, and spiritual inspiration. This has been true in years past, and will undoubtedly hold true for years to come as long as its members continue to keep the fine spirit of teamwork now displayed. Under the leadership of its director this organization has brought religious inspiration to congregations not only throughout the Hols- ton Conference, but in Georgia, Virginia, and Florida. In past seasons it has appeared on television in Atlanta, assisted in a beautfiul rendition of the " Messiah " , and presented its own successful production of the musical come- dies, " Red Mill, " " Desert Song, " " Rose Marie, " !■— ■— ■— ■a»»iB»» ' Top Right Center, reading clockwise: Anne Hutcheson, Man Ellen Warner, Frances Trew, Margaret Ogle, Patsy McAfee. Doris Kesterson, Mary Lynn Boyd, Sue Barnes, Barbara Trc- athan, Jimmie Lou Vestal, Paul Watkins, Ray Ledford, Danny Hays, Vonne Williams, Kent Thomas, Jim Pennington, W. A. Cofer, Bill Simmons, Charles Seepe, DeArnold Barnette, lohn Allen Emory, J. D, Lewis, Regenia Lawson, Patsy DeLozier, Phyllis Fox, Barbara Pickel, Joanne Groover, Jeanne Groover, Vivian Stanberry, Shirley Runyon, Hazel Cannon. Not Pictured: Nadien Trotter, George Flint, ClifF Guinn, Wayne Riden, Barbara Mclntyre. and " Naughty Marrietta, " under the inspiring leadership of Jack and Charlotte Houts. In addition to the more serious side is a lighter one which brings memories of fast friends made, laughter, tears, hard work, fel- lowship, and a lasting feeling of satisfaction. Then there is that inexplicable something which causes a suspicious glistening in our eyes when we recall how much the choir, its members, and its leaders have meant to each of us. BiLLiE Dean Haley, Accompanist First Row, Left to Right: Aileen Wntkins, Carole Boylan. Mr. Myers, Mr. Donner, Louise Orr, Nancy Hammer, Charlotte Milton. Second Row, Left to Right: Kay Kesterson, Joanne Groover, Betty Smith, Jimmy Pennington, Edith Smallev, Vivian Stanbery, Mr. Ward, Sue Barnes. LIFE SERVICE VOLUNTEERS The Life Service Volunteers is composed of students who have decided to enter some type of professional service in the Christian church. Some students are planning to enter the ministry, others are planning to become directors of religious education or to serve in the mission field, or to become teachers of religion in church-related colleges. The organization meets twice monthly to consider preparation required for work in one of these fields, to study the opportunities and responsibilities of the Christian church in society today and for the purpose of fellowship. Members of the faculty, under the leadership of Professor Myers, co-operate with the Life Service Volunteers in carrying out a program which consists of devotional meetings, forums conducted by guest speakers, and social life which includes Christmas party at the home of Professor and Mrs. Myers and an annual social evening in the home of the President of the College. IFXflH W - - ' S . i Tt f pP — . J j IJ, ► i L jj T " ' ! ' " ' f H 7 ■ ; ■ 1 H K 1 ' ' ' iiM I ' i ■ . ' , 1 m , -1. t J bill First Row. Left to Right: Edith Smalley, Joanne Groover, Nancy Miller, Mary L. Boyd, Barbara Akers. Second Row, Left to Ri«ht: Mr. Ward, Mr, Myers, Mr, Donner, Mr, Hardin, Jimmy Pennington. RELIGIOUS ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE The Religious Activities Committee at Tennessee Wesleyan College is the coordinat- ing organization for the three societies concerned with Christian living, and for any movement which has to do with the general religious welfare of the student body. Those three societies are the Student Christian Association, the Life Service Volunteers, and the Wesleyan Fellowship. The general movements include " Religion in Life Week, " " Brotherhood Week, " and an annual campaign to raise funds for some worthy charitable organization, the bringing of outstanding religious leaders to the campus for a day ' s visit or for at chapel address, and any other event of a religious nature that involves the entire student body. The personnel of this committee consists of the presidents and vice-presidents of the three religious organizations just mentioned, plus three or four members of the Faculty, The committee holds regular monthly meetings, with additional called meetings if necessary. It has an annual budget to finance the activities stated above, and also the budget provides for the expenses of delegations to Holston Conference, State, and National Conferences, and for sending out deputation teams and individual leaders for church and inter-campus Christian service. The committee functions also to prevent overlapping and to schedule activities for campus religious groups. First Row: John A. Emory, Paul Watkins. Second Row, Left to Right: Nancy Miller, Edith Smalley, Margie Stokes, Merita Dixon, Dolores Mynatt, Mildred Kidwell, Graciela Gomez, Carole Boylan, Betty Chaney, Beverly Eaves. Third Row: Left to Right: Louise Orr, Doris Kesterson, Aileen Watkins, Charlotte Milton, Sue Barnes, Pat McAfee, Frances Trew, Margaret Yates, Margaret Ogle, Dot Scott. Fourth Row: Left to Right: Mary Lynn Boyd, Barbara Akers, Joanne Groover, Anne Hutcheson, Mary Leatherwood, Phyllis Fox, Betty Smith, Hazel Cunningham, Virginia Riden, Gracie Coates, Phyliss Wil- liams, Nancy Hammer. Fifth Row: Left to Right: D ' eArnold Barnette, Mr. Myers, Mr. Ward, Mr. Donner. Barbara Pickel. Not Pictured: Nadien Trotter, Charles Elliot, Lian Teck Seng, Viola Huskey, Jeanne Groover, George Flint, Dallas Anderson, Kent Thomas, Eleanor Burnette, Barbara Lowry, Audrey Walker, Jim Pennington, W. A. Cofer, Bob Welch, Ann Emert. THE S.CA The S.CA. is one of the relii ious or- ganizations on the campus which is open to each student who wishes to become a mem- ber. It trys to plan its programs around stu- dent problems, and to give guidance and courage to each of its members. It not only helps its students but tries to be of assistance to the people of Athens. It has, at least once a year, a project that benefits the general public. The officers are chosen in their junior year for service in the following year by their character and leadership. Under the leadership of its wonderful sponsors and officers, the S.C A. has done well in the past and will continue to go forward in the future. OFFICERS President Joanne Groover Vice-President Mary Lynn Boyd Secretary-Treasurer Ann Emert Social Chairman Paul Watkins WESLEYAN FELLOWSHIP The membership of the Wesleyan Fellowship is made up of the Ritter girls who meet each week for devotional services with an occasional guest speaker. Various welfare projects are undertaken during the course of the year and gifts of money and clothing are given to the needy. OFFICERS President Nancy M ' ller Vice-President Barbara Akers Secretary Audrey Walker Treasurer Grace Coates Sponsor Mrs. Millard First Row, Left to Right: Shirley Caudle, Joan Elrod, Graciela Gomez, Roma F. Harris, Anne Hays, Margaret Yates, Virginia Riden, Barbara Lowry, Jeanne Groover, Second Row, Left to Right: Delores Mynatt, Mary L. Boyd, Kay Kesterson, Merita Dixon, Mrs. Millard, Sue Barnes, Frances Trew, Betty Chaney, Charlotte Milton, Anne Hutcheson. Third Row, Left to Right: Beverly Eaves, Mary L. Moore, Joanne Groover, Mary Warner, Ruth Leatherwood, Barbara Trevathan, Phyllis Fox, Betty Smith, Hazel Cunningham, Phyllis Williams, Grace Coates, Barbara Pickel, Viola Huskey, Audrey Walker, Barbara Akers, Nancy Miller, and Nancy Hammer. THE NOCATULA STAFF Editor, Robert Julian Hawk Assistant Editor, Edith Smalley Not Pictured: E. G. Rogers, Sponsor Front Row: Carole Bovlan and Edith Smallev Second Row: Nancy Ham- mer and Boh Allen First Row: Left to Rifiht: Edith Smallev, Bob Hawk. Boh Allen. Second Row: Left to Right: Margaret Yates. Nancv Hammer, Louise Orr, Sue Barnes, Carole Boylan. Not Pictured: Ann Emert. Shirley Jenkins, lean Riddle. Paul Watkins. Left to Right: Eleanor Burnette, Pat Taylor, George Margrave, Marvin Webb, Robbie Ensminger, H. L. Hamiitun, Joyce Davis. Not Pictured: Bob Litton, Virgil Mincy, Regenia Lawson, Bob Allen, Barbara Mclntyre, Lovada Stephens, Gerald Gully, DeArnold Barnette, Vivian Stanberry, Edith Smalley, Mrs. Richard Johnson, Sponsor. THE BULLDOG STAFF Editor Marvin Webb Assistant Editors Robbie Jean Ensminger, Bob Litton Business Manager Virgil Mincy Assistant Business Manager George Margrave Feature Editor Regenia Lawson Sports Editor Bob Allen Circulation Managers Lovada Stephens, Joyce Davis, Eleanor Burnette, Gerald GuUey, DeArnold Barnette, Vivian Stanberry, Edith Smalley. Sponsor Marilyn S. Johnson ART CLUB Seated: Phyllis Williams, Eleanor Burnette, Joe Pardue. Standing: Jolinie Wilson, Bob Welch, Paul Watkins, Mary Lewis Moore. Merita Dixon, Gracie Coates, Edith Smalley, Mrs. Hale. Not Pic- tured: Viola Huskey, Bob Litton, Joyce Davis, Kent Thomas. LIBRARY STAFF First Row, Left to Ri ht: Nancy Hammer, Mrs. Myers. LJuh iMn.ilky. iicoND Row, Left to Ri ;ht: Mrs. Johnson, Nancy Miller, Mary Ellen Kimbrough, Louise Orr, Margie Slokes. GIRLS ' LETTER CLUB First Row: Audrey Walker. SncoND Row, Left to Right: Mary Ellen Kim- broush, Mary Rulh Lea.herwood, Viola Huskev. BOYS ' LETTER CLUB First Row, Left to Right: Kenneth Gregory, Bill Crowson, Bob Allen, Marvin Webb, Chuck O Rear, Claude Catron, Coach Hudson. Second Row, Left to Right: Dave Tucker, George Margra e, Mack Gilliland, Bill Allen, H. L. Hamilton, J. D. Lewis. Third Row, Left to Right: W. R. Kinzer, Vir- gil Whitlock, Lee Asbury, Ray Ledford, Jimmy Vestal. Fourth Row, Left to Right. Toddy White, Harold Turner, Charles Mcjunkin. Seated, Left to Right: Mr. Ward, Mrs. Jackson, Dvan Coe. Mr. Honaker, Mrs. Richard Johnson, Mr. Fitzpatrick, Mrs. Heisse Johnson, Standing. Left to Right: Betty Jean Anderson, Kent Thomas, Jean Riddle, Paul Watkins, Ann Emert. Raymond McQuain, Theresa Chappelear. PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL The Pan-Hellenic Council functions as the co-ordinating agency for the fraternal organizations of the college. The President of each fraternity and sorority, their spon- sors and two faculty representatives appoint- ed by the President of the college, make up its membership. The Dean of Students serves as co-ordinator of Pan-Hellenic. Reading from Left to Right: Mr. Douglass, Mary Lynn Boyd, Jean Riddle, Betty Jean Anderson, and Dallas Anderson. PHI THETA KAPPA Song: May our aspiration ever upward reach; Grant we may never Unworthy thought or deed Lower our standard. Be our Guide! Officers: Jean Riddle President Mary Lynn Boyd Vice-President Theresa Chappalear Secretary Betty Jean Anderson Treasurer Dallas Anderson Reporter C. O. Douglass Sponsor Phi Theta Kappa is the Junior college honorary scholastic society with chapters all over the nation. Our yearly activities include a student-faculty basketball game and an annual trip to our national convention. We wish to congratulate our sponsor and wonderful friend. Professor C. O. Douglass, for his untiring efforts with the fraternity for the full 21 years of its existence at TWC. His standards and high ideals have helped many students to obtain and uphold our goals: W isdoiii. Aspirdt on. and Purity. First Row, Lett to Right: Audrey Walker, Betty Chaney, Merita Dixon, Jean Riddle, Martina Calhoun, Nancy Miller. Second Row, Left to Right: Anne Hayes, Phyllis Williams, Jessie Calhoun, Maigaret Yates, Beverly Eaves. Third Row. Left to Right: Mrs. Fitzpatrick, Roma Faye Harris, Mary Lewis Moore, Anne Hutchcson, Mary Warner, Jimmy Lou Vestal. ZETA MU EPSILON Motto: " May ideals be to us as lamps in darkness. " OFFICERS Jean Riddle - President Audrey Walker Vice-President Anne Hutcheson Secretary Margaret Yates Treasurer Mrs. Roy Fitzpatrick Sponsor Kenneth Gregory Sweetheart Mrs. Roy Fitzpatrick, Sponsor Jean Riddle, President First Row, Left to Right: Shirley Jenkins, Theresa Chappelear, Billie Dean Haley, Carolyn Phillips, Sue Barnes. Second Row, Left to Right; Vivian Stanbery, Edith Smalley, Margie Sue Stokes, Jo Ann Hunt, Dorothy Scott. Third Row, Left to Right: Joyce Stephens, Barbara Pickel, Phyllis Fox, Virginia Riden, Mrs. Johnson, Clara Cranfield. ETA UPSILON GAMMA Motto : " Be strong in the truth. ' OFFICERS Theresa Chappelear President Edith Smalley Vice-President Shirley Jenkins Secretary Dot Scott Treasurer Clara Cranfield Sentinel Phyllis Fox Chaplain Barbara Pickel Consul Vivian Stanbery Reporter Mrs. F. H. Johnson Sponsor Phil Honey Gamma Sweetheart Mrs. F. H. Johnson, Sponsor Theresa Chappelear, President First Row, Left to Right: Viola Huskey, Patsy McAfee, Doris Kesterson, Hazel Cannon, Graciela Gomez, Patsy Whitaker. Second Row: Mrs. Houts, Frances Trew. Joanne Groover, Jeanne Groover, Dolores Mynatt, Ann Emert. Third Row: Hazel Cunningham, Gracie Coates, Mary Belle Layman, Mary Ruth Leatherwood, Mary Lynn Boyd, Margaret Ogle, Jean AcufF. Not Pictured: Nadien Trotter, Rita Ledford, Mrs. Richard Johnson. KAPPA DELTA PHI Motto : Beauty, Democracy and Friendship, In these three words you find our motto, exanimo, which means sincerity. OFFICERS Ann Emert President Margaret Ogle Vice-President Mary Belle Layman Secretary Viola Huskey Treasurer Joanne Groover Corresponding Secretary Mary Lynn Boyd Chaplain Ruth Leatherwood Athletic Chairman Jean Acuff Pledge Chairman Mrs. Houts, Mrs. Johnson Sponsors Mrs. Jack Houts, Sponsor Ann Emert, Presidtm First Row: Mary Catherine Clay, Mary Ellen Kimbrough. Rachel Williams, Aileen Watkins, Joyce Davis, Barbara Lowry, Eleanor Barnette. Second Row: Re enia Lawson, Betty Jean Anderson, Pat Taylor, Lovada Stephens, Robbie lean Ensminger. Third Row; Mrs. Jackson, Frances Riddle, Barbara Trevathan, Nancy Waters. Not Pictured: Shirley Runyon, Barbara Mclntyre. blUIVlA lUIA CHI Mrs. Frank Y. Jackson, Sponsor OFFICERS Beny Jean Anderson, Preiideiil Betty Jean Anderson President Barbara Mclntyre Vice-President Regenia Lawson Secretary Barbara Lowry Pled.ge Mistress Robbie Ensminger Parchment Editor Mary Ellen Kimbrough Literary Chairman Shirley Runyon Treasurer Mrs. Jfackson, Mis H.inimer Sponsors Mrs. Rhoa Hammer, Sponsor First Row: Lian Teck Seng, Joe Pardue, Charles Thompson, Kent Thomas. Second Row: Lester Smith, Don Johnson, Lawrence Martin, Arvil Holt. Third Row: Billy Simmons, Hugh Wilson, Harold Duff. Fourth Row: Mr. Ward, Vonne Williams, Mack Gilliland. PHI SIGMA OFFICERS Kent Thomas President David Kirk Vice-President Lester Smith Secretary Vonne WiUiams Treasurer Mr. R. Porter Ward Sponsor The Phi Sigma Fraternity is composed of students who have as their aim the betterment of the school and the community. Last year the Phi Sig ' s won the award for having the highest scholastic standings among the three fraternities. Audrey Walker, Sweelbean OFFICERS Mr. R. Porter Ward. Sponsor; Kent Thomas, President; Vonne Williams, Treasurer; Lester Smith, Secretary. Not Pictured: David Kirk, Vice-President. Mr. R. Porter Ward, Sponsor Kent Thomas. President First Row: Left to Right; Bob Allen. Bill Allen, Paul Watkins. H. L. Hamilton. Second Row: Danny Hays, Mr. Carl Honaker, Jim Riden. Third Row: Kenneth " Gus " Gregory. Larry Hamby, Bill Wilson. Not Pictured; Clyde Kyle, Bobby Hawk. ETA IOTA TAU OFFICERS Paul Watkins President Bill Wilson Vice-President Kenneth Gregory Secretary-Treasurer Danny Hays Sergeant-at-arms Mr. Carl Honaker Sponsor SueetheMt: Mary Lewis Moore Bub Hawk, Mary Lewis Moore, Siceethcjit, Paul Watkins, President. ( eecC We the members of the Greek fraternity, the Eta Iota Tau, estab- lished on the campus of Tennessee Wesleyan College, in order to pro- mote better fraternal feeling, to create life lasting friendships, to encourage high scholarship, and to develop high ideals of integrity, truth, loyalty, and faith do hereby establish this as our creed. Enjoying the Dance First Row, Left to Right: Roy Johnson, Fred Shaw, John Allen Emorv, W. R. Kinzer, H.irrv McDaris, Claude Catron. Second Row; Charles Seepe, Scottie Kidd, Don Williams. Bob Johnston, George Margrave. Third Row: Dallas Anderson. Gerald Gulley, Phil Honey, Buddy Mcjunkin. Fourth Row: Harold Turner, Fred Carrico, Lee Asbury, Raymond McQuain THETA SIGMA CHI OFFICERS Raymond McQuain President Dallas Anderson Vice-President Gerald Gulley Secretary Phil Honey " . Treasurer Mr. Fitzpatrick Sponsor Siceelheart, Anne Hutcheson lii V OFFICERS Phil Honey, Treasurer: Ger.ilJ Gulley, Secreuiry: Dullas Anderson, I ' ice-Presidti I, R,iymond McOu iin, Pies de:. ' Nineteen fifty-four compiete.s tlie Theta Sig ' s eightli year on the Wesleyan campus. In anticipated departure we shall look back with heavy hearts and with rejoicing upon the activities of another successful year, We at- tribute success to the fact that our group consisted of boys as fine as can be found upon the campus. Our sweetheart of 1954, Miss Anne Hutthescn, has been a great inspiration to our organization. We wish to thank her for her many contributions. Although life ' s path will separate many of uur brothers, our feeling of unity will exist forever. Mk. In I .fa 1 rick. Sponsor Raymond McOl ' ain, President Jean Guinn, ' 55 Sweetheart Raymond McQuain, President Anne Hutcheson, ' 54 Sueetheart Seated, Ltft to Rij lit: Ruma Faye Harris, Harry McDaris, Margaret Ogle. Standing, Left to Right: Kenneth Gregory, Raymond McQuain, Phil Honey. HONOR COUNCIL A recent innovation on the campus is the honor system which is governed by the honor council, a six member board which tries and punishes any offender. The four senior and two junior members are elected by the student body at the recommendation of the Stu- dent Council. After just two years of operation this new organization has taken its place among the most respected and active groups at Wesleyan. Left to Right: Dolores Mynatt, Bob Hawk, Theresa Chappelear, Dallas Anderson, Betty Jean Anderson, Bob Allen, Jean Riddle. Not Pictured; Marvin Webb, Lee Asbury, Jim Pennington. STUDENT COUNCIL The student council which is an elected body of the various classes and representative student groups is the clearing house of ad- ministrative relations between the faculty, the student body, and the administration. Through this group an effort is made to maintain a proper and effective working re- lationship in a democratic spirit among the groups concerned. OFFICERS Dallas Anderson President Betty Jean Anderson Vice-President Marvin Webb Bulldog Editor Lee Asbury Jean Riddle Senior Representatives Dolores Mynatt Bob Allen Junior Representatives Bob Hawk Nocatula Editor Jim Pennington Religious Council Representative Theresa Chappelear Pan Helenic Council Representative BARBARA AKERS SptMian fiecuiZij, MARGARET OGLE «i MemdL lieautii ■V ' «s» vUe i cu ' i ' S cJianddjcmiedi Senior: Kknneth Gre(;ory Junior; Harr " ! ' McDaris Most l-aleiiled: Paul Watkins Regenia Lawson W itt ' est: Warriin Brew ' stkr Nanc - Millhr Most popiihir: Betty Jean Anderson Ra-imond McQuain Fr ' .endliest: Betty Jean Anderson Raymond McQuain Mary Ellen Kimbrough It was worth all Ihe hard work, Chun! ' ffUH ♦!- Gammas decorating their Homecoming Float Sigmas Homecoming Hop and its big shot(s). Everybody ' s doing it (Bunny Hop) ' i Bl m ■■■■ " ._ - I ■ ■:;l- ' ;,t .•=%;, s .--JBBh xT M EF. •-irl pr ' - ' IH ■ ' ' tCi i %L - S ' __ 3-S- i m . z r I W ' . ., ' ' f i 4 i ' i m (j tk etCciL Lc )A( H Rankin Hudson John Scoble, Assistant to the Coach Phillips and Johnson 1953 ' Cat " Allen and Ledford McElroy and Willbanks ' -. ■mc. .%, ! ■■ % f %• 3S-5 ' ' " g ' « ' -.E. - s ' S. ' " . " ■», ?» i: ' r . First Row: Left to Right; Coker, Manager, Scottie Kidd, John Allen Emory, J. D. Lewis, " Chun " Phillips, Roy Johnson, George Margrave, Bob Johnston, H. L. Hamilton, Bob Watson, Claude Catron, Don Williams. Second Row: Assistant Coach, ]ohn Scoble, Lee Asbury, Gene Sliger, Charles Seepe, Ray Ledford, Julian Headrick, Harry McDaris, Marvin Webb, Bill Crowson, W. R. Kinzer, Ray Roberts, Gus Gregory, Don McElroy, Coach Hudson. Third Row: Jimmy Vestal, Manager, D.ive Tucker. Jimmy Dodson, W. A. Cofer, Bill Allen, Bob Allen, Jim Shamblin, N. J. WiUbanks, Bobby Harrrs, Kenne;h White, " Catfish " Allen, Virgil Whitlock, Joe Bridges, Harold Turner, Buddy Mcjunkin, Chuck O ' Rear, Manager. FOOTBALL Ro ' i ' " Hod " Johnson MUG v ETOWAH PILEOaiVER. BASKETBALL Coach Rankin Hudson Left to Right: Boyd Woody, Don Johnson, David Kirk, Bob Welch, Clyde Kyle, Bill Wilson, Jim Barger, Lewis King, Bobby Gibson, Charles Elliott. Kneeling: Coach Hudson, limmy Vestal. Manager. • • • E V ■ IHr BOTTLE r 4 ■ ice «. « V coi Top Row: Left to Right: ForwarJ, Bill Wilson; Forward, David Kirk; Guard, Bobby Gibson; Center, C. A. Kyle; Guard, Jim Barger. Second Row: Left to Right; Forward, Lewis King; Guard, Charles Elliott; Forward, Bob Welch; Forward, Don Johnson; Guard, Boyd Woody. Captain Bill Wilson and Coach Rankin Hudson GIRL ' S BASKETBALL Dean Coe, Girls ' Coach, Audrey Walker and Mary Ruth Leatherwooc Co-captains. Left to Right: Graciela Gomez, Roma F. Harris, Patsy Whitaker, Johnnie Wil.son, Phyllis Williams, Audrey Walker, Mary Ruth Leatherwood, Gracie Coates, Mary Warner, Viola Huskey, Margaret Yates, Barbara Akers. Kneeling: Merita Dixon, Manager, and Dean Coe, Coach. SOUTHEASTERN JUNIOR COLLEGE TENNIS CHAMPS Left to Right: Pete Wilson, Ray Ledford, Johnny Mc- Kenzie, Dick Creech, David Kirk, Coach Cce. Not Pic- tured: Gary Clark. No. 3 Man: johnn - McKenzie For Reference Not to be taken from this room • ,; .a.JlMi v ¥ iiiKtiiii f i

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