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NOCATLLA 1937 w 378.05 T256n 1937 6x Libri 21100 MERNER - PFEIFFER LIBRARY ...olEYAN COLLEGE VTHENS, TENNESSFF DOCflTULR COACH R. N. McCRAY DSDICPTIOO In grateful recognition of his tireless work, and as a token of the affectionate regard in which he is held by the student body, we, the staff of the Nocatula dedicate this volume to Coach Reuben N. McCray • 2 ' BENNETT HALL OLD COLLEGE BUILDING 3. RITTER HOME PETTY MANKER HALL 4. OOCRfuLR jft DORIS COOPER ROSE RICKEY DOUGLA5 SIMPSON ANNA RHODES MARY ANN WATKINS RUTH 8UTTRAM INEZ BAILEY NOCATULA STAFF Editor-in-Chief Ruth Vaniman Associate Editor Ernest Bowery Faculty Advisor Samuel Carroll Evins Business Manager (Senior edition) Lawrence Eisenberg Business Manager (regular editions) Don Watson Advertising Manager E- K. Yates Feature Editor Rose Rickey Alumni Editor Inez Bailey Exchange Editor Mabel Wells Typists Rhoda Witt, Nina Mulkey Reporters: — Blanche Gilland, Wilma Dennis, Dorothy Elrod, Doris Cooper, Douglas Simpson, Anna Rhodes, Mary Ann Watkins, Ruth Buttram. 5. B»-g fr DOCflTULR =sg M F. STUBBS A. B., M. S., Ph. D. DEAN Physics, Chemistry, Biology JAMES L. ROBB A. B. M. A., President C. O. DOUGLASS A. B , M. A., Registrar Education MESSAGE TO THE SENIORS To The Members of the Class of 1937: A statement which I read recently was to the effect that we do not know what college spirit is and we never will know, adding, " In the markets of the world it isn ' t worth the cost of the price tag, but in the hearts of students and graduates it rates in terms of million-dollar libraries, scholar- chip funds, and thousand-mile trips to cheer the colors. " The statement edded further " You don ' t get college spirit. It gets you. " I dare say your experience at Tennessee Wesleyan covering the past two years gives you reason to comprehend the above statement. Two years ago the college was probably just another institution to you. Today it is an integral part of you, just as your family name, your nationality, and your church. How this change has been brought about you probably would have difficulty to explain, yet you recognize it. My hope is that the bene- fits that have come to you through this relationship will have increasing value through the years in helping you to cany out continuously the poet ' s injunction to " Build the more stately mansions, O, my Soul. " Our best wishes go with you as you advance to new undertakings, new opportunities and new responsibilities. Sincerely, JAMES. L. ROBB PRESIDENT. oc flTUrn = IE EC0NOniC5 FACULTY Tennessee Wesleyan is duly proud of its we ' .l-trained, versatile faculty presided over by diplomatic and resourcsful President J. L. Robb. It is large- ly through his efforts that the college has developed from a small strug- gling preparatory department into the fully accredited, well-organized junior college of today- Tennessee Wesleyan has been fortunate in securing the services of William F. Anderson, retired Bit hop of the Methodist Episcopal church, as instructor of Bible during the spring quarter. His classes in Old and New Testament, as well as his chapel lectures and informal advice have been a source of real help and inspiration to the students- Mrs Brubaker, who also holds the title of Dean of Women and Superin- tendent of Ritter Hall, has conducted a course in English composition during the Spring Quarter. CLAyye-r € DOCflTULR XENI3B.T RUTH E. VANIMAN Knighto-Philo Literary Society 36-37. Alpha Gamma Sorority 36-37 Pros. 37, Dramatic Club Chairman 37, Phi Bi Chem Sec. 37, Editor Nocatula 37, Y. M. C. A. 36-37, May Queen 37. GENEVA GRIFFITH Pi Nu Lambda Sorority 36-37, V. Pres. 37, Orchestra 36-37, Y. M. C. A. 36-37, Queen Esther 36-37, Interna- tional Relations Club 37, Knighto-Philo Literary So- ciety, 36-37. STEVE PORTER Chorus 37, Pres ' ,, Band 37, Tennis 37. Phi Pi Delta Fraternity 37, International Relations Club 37. DEAN K7ELLEY Sigma Tau Sigma 36-37, Home Pryor Club 36-37. In- ternational Relations Club 36-37, Queen Esther Club 36-37. Knighto-Philo Literary Society 3U-37, Vise Pres. International Relations Club 37. Y. W. C. A. 3G, Sec. Treas. Sigma Tau Sigma 37. WILMA BRISTOW Off Campus Women 37, International Relations Club 37, Sigma Iota Chi Sorority 37. RUTH GREGORY Queen Esther, 35-3G-L7, Y. M. C. A., Knitting Club 36-37; literary Society 35-36-37, bee. 36, Home Pryor Club 35-36. THEODORE WOFFORD Dramatic Club 3G-37. Y. M. C. A. 3C-37, Sec. -Treas. 37. Christian Service Club 36-37, Eta Iota Tau Frater- nity 36-37, Pres. Knighto-Philo Literary Society 36-37, Nccatuia Staff 37, International Relations Club 37, Phi Rho Pi. Off Campus Men 36-37, Orchestra 37, Second Prise, Sizer Prize Debate 37. IRENE BROOKS Knighto-Philo Literary Society, Phi Bi Chem, Pi Nu Lambda Sorority, Queen Esther, Dramatic Club. LURA V. THAMES Knighto-Philo Literary Society 36-37, Y. W. C. A. 36- 37. Queen Esther 36-37, Treas. 37. Pi Nu Lambda Sor- ority 36-37. Sec. -Treas. 37. Chorus 36-37. International Relations Club, Dramatic Club 37. CLAUDE CUPP Knighto-Philo Literary Society. Phi Bi Chem Pres, Y. M. C. A., P. K. Club. Chorus, Dramatic Club. BILLY MACKEY Eta Iota Tau Fraternity 36-37, Phi Theta Kappa 36- 37. Off Campus Men 36-37, Student Council. Phi Bi Chem 36-37, Tennis 37. INEZ BAILEY Phi Theta Kappa 36-37, Alpha Gamma Sorority 36- 37, Nocatula Staff-Alumni Ed. 37. Y. W. C. A. 36-37, Religious Council 36-37, Sec. 37, Knighto-Philo Liter- ary Society 36-37 Chaplain 36, V. Pres. 37. Pres. 37, Chorus 37. Dramatic Club 36-37, P. K. Club 36-37, Queen Esthers 36-37 Pres. 37, Phi Bi Chem Club 37, Music Club 36. 1(1 nocnT " uLR 3fr -Sg XENICR BERNICE CRAIG Sigma Iota Chi Sorority 37, Basketball 37. Off Campus Women Pres. 37. FRENCHY WILKINS College Play 37. Parchment Ed. and Director Sigma Iota Chi Sorority 37. Dramatic Club 27, International Relations Club 36, Off Campus Club 3G-37, Manager Girls ' Basketball Team 37. ROSE RICKEY Alpha Gamma Sorority 36-37, Treas. 37. Knighto- Fhilo Literary Society 36-37. Phi Theta Kappa 36-37. Pres. 37, Home Pryor Club 3C. Y. W. C. A. Sec. 36-37. Feature Ed. Nocatula Staff 37. Phi Bi Chem. V. Pres. Chorus 36, Basketball 33. Queen Esther 36-37. ROY FO T SCLAW Off Campus Club, Phi Bi Chem Club, Y. M. C. A. 36- 27 International Relations Club 36-27. Etowah Club 36-37. DELBERT PUETT InternationalRelations Club 36-37. Vice Pres. 37, OfT Campus Club 36-37, Etowah Club 36-37, Soft-Ball Champs 36. PAULINE XARIE CASTEEL Sigma Iota Chi, Vice. Pres., International Relations Club, Off Campus, Pan Hellenic Union. RUTTI BUTTRAM Sigma Iota Chi Sorority, Off Campus Women 36-37, Y. W. C. A. 36-37, Special Chorus 36. International Relations Club 36. Student Council 36, Nocatula Staff 36, V. Pres. Student Council 37, Glee Club 36-37. Dra- matic Club 37. Y. W. C. A. 36-27. M?mbership Chair- man 37. • GEORGE KIMBROUGH TAYLOR Y. M. C. A.. International Relations Club. Off Camp n Men, Etowah Club, Chem 36. Tennis 36. Football 36-37. Phi Bi BLANCHE TALLENT Alpha Gamma. Y. W. C. A. NANCY ROBERTS Knighto-Philo Literary Society. Editor Nocatula Sum- mer Quarter. Queen Esther, Y. W. C. A.. Phi Theta KauDP Home Pryor Club, Pi Nu Lambda Sorority. MABEL WELLS Y. W. C. A. 35-37. Knighto-Philo Literary Society 36- 37. Queen Esthers, Program Chairman 36-37, Ex- change Ed. Nocatula Staff 37, Alpha Gamma Sorority 26-37, P. K. Club 25-37, Glee Club 36-37, Art Club 36. Home Piyor Club 36. Phi Bi Chem Club 36. Interna- tional Relations Club 37, Pan Hellenic Union 36-37 Sec. -Treas. 37. JIMMIE HEISKELL " W " Club 36-37, Football 36-37, Student Council 36, International Relations Club Pres. 36. Athletic Coun- cil 37. Y. M. C. A. 36-37. Off Campus Men 36-37. Phi Pi Delta Fraternity 36-37, V. Pres. 37. II. E9- C DOCflTLMLR " XENI3RX m VIRGINIA ZIEGLER Knighto-Philo Literary Society 36-37. Chaplain 37, Y. W. C. A. 36-37, Home Pryor Club 36, V. Pres., Queen Esther 36-37, Knitting Club 37, Dramatic Club 37. RAY HARGRAVES P. K. Club 37, Eta Iota Tau Fraternity Sec.-Treas. 37, Phi Rho Pi 37. RAYMOND HUSKEY Pres. " W " Club 36, Pres. Student Body 37, Bas- ketball 36-37, Track 37, V. Pres. International Rela- tions Club 37, Phi Pi Delta Fraternity 36-37, All- Tournament Forward, Junior College Basketball Tour- nament 37. MILDRED KING Alpha Gamma Sorority 37, Y. W. C. A. 37, Knighto- Philo Literary Society 37, Queen Esther 37. LEE VESTA ERWIN International Relations Club 36, Off Campus Women 36-37. First Prize Rule Essay Contest 36. WILLARD EAVES Football Co-Capt., V. Pres. Senior Class, V. Pres. Junior Class, International Relations Club Sec.- Treas., " W " Club, Off Campus Men. MARY ESTHER ATHEARN Alpha Gamma Sorority 36-37, Y. W. C. A. 36-37, Christian Service Club 36-37, Knighto-Philo Literary Society 36-37, P. K. Club 36-37, Dramatic Club 37, Glee Club 36-37, Queen Esther 36-37, Home Pryor 36. MARGERY COCHRAN Sigma Iota Chi 36-37, Pres. 36-37. Off Campus Girls 36-37, Sec. 36-37. International Relations Club, Vice Pres. (fall quarter I Y. M. C. A. 36-37. Chorus 36-37. MARGARET ELIZABETH BEAN Sigma Tau Sigma Sorority 36-37, V. Pres. 37. Y. W. C. A. 36-37. Queen Esther 36-37, Knighto-Philo Liter- ary Society 36-37, International Relations Club 36-37. Sec.-Treas. 37, Home Pryor Club 36-37, Cleveland Club 36-37. CURTIS WAGNER Band, leader 36-37, Christian Service Club 36-37. Y. M. C. A. JOHNNY THOMPSON Sigma Tau Sigma. 35-36-37, Basketball 36-37, Literary Society 36. IRENE REYNOLDS Sigma Tau Sigma Sorority 37. International Relations Club 37, Y. W. C. A. HERSCHEL ELLIOTT Football 36-37, Y. M. C. A. 36-37, Phi Pi Delta Fra- ternity 36-37, International Relations Club Pres. 36. Off Campus Men 36-37, Student Council 36-37, " W Club. EDITH HUTCHINS Y. W. C. A.. Off Campus Women. 12. DOCATULR XEN1CCX EULYS ERYANT Phi Pi Delta Fraternity 36-37. International Relations Club 36-37. Sappho-Athenian Literary Society 36. WILMA R. DENNIS Y. W. C. A. 36-37. Knighto-Philo 36-37, Queen Esther 36-37, P. K. Club. Mu-i- Club 37. Vice Pres.. Dra- matics 37, Glee Club 36-37. Senior Play Reporter Noc- atula 37. International Relations Club 36-37. Sigma Tail Sigma 36-37, Home Pryor Club 36-37. CATHERINE GILT ILAND Y. W. C. A. 36-37, Music Club 37. Queen Esther 36-37. Knighto-Philo Literary Society 36-37. Home Poor Club 36. Art Club 37, Glee Club. TEXAS ROBERTS Kni»hto-Philo Literary Society 36-37 Pres. 37. Alpha Gamma Sorority 36-37, Y. W. C. A. 36-37, V. Pres. 37, International Relations Club 37, Pres. 37. Queen Esther 36-37. Phi Theta Kappa 36-37. Treas. 37. Chris- tian Service Club, Phi Bi Chem Club. SPENCER ROBB Y. M. C A 36-37 Pres. 37. Pres. Jur i " r Class, Pres. Senior Class, V. Pres. Off Campus Men 37, Football 36-37, Basketball 36-37. Capt. 37. Tennis 30-37, Inter- national Relations Club 36-37. E a Iota Tau Frater- nity 36-37. Student Council 36-37. King nf t ' -e Car- nival 37, Religious Council 36-37, Boys Glee Club 36 FTHET, PAULTNE LINDSAY Phi Theta Kappa 36-37, Sec. 37, International Rela- tions Club 36. Y. W. C. A. 36-37. Off Campus Women ?6-37. Pan Hellenic Union. Etowah Club, 1st Prize Rule Essay Contest. STELLA LE VANN Phi Theta Kappa 36-37. V. Pres. 37. Alpha Gamma Sorority 36-37, Knighto Philo Literary Society 36-37 Official Delegate to P ' i Theta Kappa Convention 37. JOSEPHINE WATSON Sigma Tau Sigma 36-37, Pres. 37, Home Prvor Club. Y. W. C. A. 36-37 Oueen Esther 36-37. Knighto-Philo I iterary Society 36-37. J R. PHILLIPPE Eta Iota Tau Fraternity 36-37, V. Pres. 36, Knighto- Philo Literary Society 36-37. Chaplain 36, Christian Service Club 36-37, Pres. 37. P. K. Club 36-37, Y. M. C. A. 36-37, Religious Council. RUTH HAMPTON Student Council 37, Pan Hellenic council V. Pres. 37, Religious Council Pres. 37, Y. W C A. 36-37, Pres. 37, Alpha Gamma Sorority 36-37 Sec 37. Christian Ser- vice Club 36-37. V. Pres. 37. Phi Bi Chem Club 37, Oueen Esther 36-37, Dramatic Club 36-37. Knighto- Philo I iterary Society 36-37. ALMA STOUT A " t Club, International Relations Club. Off Campus Women. CLYDE N. ROGERS Y. M. C. A.. Christian Service Club. Relations Club, Off Campus Boys. International 13 XENI3C RUTH STEWART Literary Society 36-37, Music Club Pres. 37, Y. W. C. A., Dramatic Club 3C-37, Glee Club 37. Special Chorus 36, International Relations Club, Pi Nu Lamb- da 37, Queen Esther. MILDRED ERYSON International Relations Club 36-37, Art Club, Off Campus Women 36-37, Y. W. C. A. 36-37. JOHN CATE Phi Pi Delta Fraternity 36-37, V. Pres. 37, V. Pres International Relations Club 37. MILDRED F. DELANEY Alpha Gamma Sorority 36-37. Off Campus Women 36-37, International Relations Club 36-37. Y. W. C. A. 36-37, Etowah Club 36-37. REBA GOFF Pi Nu Lambda Sorority 36-37, Pres. 37. KnigTilD- Philo Literary Society 36-37, International Relations Club, Y. W. C. A.. Queen Esther 36-37. TILDA BEST Y. W. C. A.. International Relations Club. . PAUL HUTSELL Eta Iota Tau Fraternity 36-37. Football 36-37, Track 37, International Relations Club. ILA MAYE ARMSTRONG Alpha Gamma Sorority 36-37, International Relatione Club 36-37. Off Campus Women 36-37, Etowah Club Reporter 37, Y. W. C. A. 37. FRANCES CAVALERI Literary Society 36-37, P. K. Club 36-37. Pres. P. K. Club 37, Tewesco Players 37, Nut Farm Cast 37, In- ternational Relations Club 36, Y. W. C. A. 36-37. Home Pryor Club 37. Alpha Gamma 37. Queen Esther 3C-37. ALLEN POWERS " W " Club, Sappho-Athenian Literary Society 36. Football 36-37. Track 37. International Relations Club 36. V. Pres. Student Council. EDGak A. ELDRIDGE Phi Rho Pi 36-37. Pres. 36-37, Eta Iota Tau Frater- nity 36-37 Pres. 1st quarter 37, Cheer Leader 37, Drum Major in Band 37, Christian Service Club 36-37. P. K Club 36-37, Knighto-Philo Literary Society 36-o7 Pres. 37, Boys Glee Club 36-37, International Relations Club Pres. 37. Y. M. C. A. 36-37. Student Council, ran Hellenic Pres. 37. RUTH E. SMITH Attendant to May Queen 37, Nocatula Staff 36-37, Music Club 36-37, Art Club 36-37, Dramatic Club 36- 37, Y. W C. A. 36-37, B. O. B. Pres. Club 36-37, Stu- utnt council 37. Phi The.a Kappa 36-37. ELIZABETH ELLISON Y. W. C. A. 36-37. Knighto-Philo Literary Society 36- 37, Queen Esther 36-37, Citz. Sec. 36-37, Dramatic Club 37, Glee Club 36-37, Senior Play 37, Interna- tional Relations Club 36-37, Pi Nu Lambda Sorority 36-37. Home Pryor Club 36-37, Music Club 37, Phi Li Chem Club. ZEB SHERRILL Student Council 36, Y. M. C. A. 36-37. Phi Bi Chem Club 36, Pres. International Relations Club 37, Sap- pho-Athenian Literary Society 30. Nocatula Staff 3u. 14. OOCATULA ENICR J. D. BROCK, JR. Off Campus Club 36-37, International Relations Club, Y. M. C. A.. Etowah Club. CHARLOTTE CARD Special Chorus 35-36, Chorus 36, Queen Esther, At- tendant to May Queen 36. ETHEL WOMAC Glee Club. Knighto-Philo literary Society, Y. W, C. A., Knitting Club, Queen Either. WALTER WAYMAN Football 36-37. " W " Club 36-37, Track 37. Y. M. C. A. 36-37. International Relations Club 36-37. ORBEL ERWIN Eta Iota Tau ' 36. ' 37, Secretary ' 37; Off -Campus Men. International Relations Club; Y. M. C. A.; English Im- ! provement Prize ' 36. REBA S. REYNOLDS ' Sigma Tau Sigma Sorority 37. Y. W. C. A. 37. Inter- 1 national Relations Club 37. Cleveland Club. BEULAH DAVIS ' Sec.Treas. Senior Class. Y. W. C. A. 36-37. Queen Esther 36-37. Knighto-Philo Literary Society 36-37. i Band Sponsor 37. Home Pryor Club 36, Art Club 37, Glee Club. GRACE E. GRUBB Phi Theta Kappa 36-37. International Relations Club. Oft Campus Women, Pan Hellenic Union. SUE DYE Dramatic Club 37. Phi Rho Pi 37. Alpha Gamma Sor- ority 37. Queen Esther 37, Knignto-Philo Literary Society 37, Christian Service Club 37, Y. W. C. A. Chaplain 37. International Relations Club V. Pres. 37. JACK BLALOCK Knighto-Philo Literary Society. Phi Pi Delta Fra- ternity Pres. 37, " W " Club, Y. M. C. A.. Football. Basketball, Track, Pan Hellenic Council, Dramatic Club. Ar Club. International Relations Club, Pres. May King. MARGARET ROWLAND Knitting Club. Y. W. C. A. CORA E. HATFIELD Dramatic Club 37, B. O. B. Club Sec.-Treas., Art Club, International Relations Club, Y. W. C. A. MARY FRANCES CHAPMAN Off Campus Women International Relations Club, Etowah Club, Y. W. C. A. EARL CRUMPTON Y. M. C. A.. Off Campus Men Pres., Eta Iota Tau Fraternity 36-37. . .,v, A " f 15 WMQ nOCATULP I JUNIOR CLASS First Row — (Reading from left to right) — Virginia Bradford, Ralph Turner, Doris Cooper, Guy Pleenor, Edna Crsswell, Don Watson, Margery Allen, E. K. Yates- Second Row — Lorane B aker, Jeanette Slagle, Lawrence Eisenberg, Sara Jane List, Margaret Ann Lackey,, Eugene McXinney, Pearl Welch, Helen Northcutt. Third Row— Hugh Chance, Annette Hillard. Ha Huff, Betty Vamell, Frances Miller. Robert Dew, Pauline Rutherford, Ernest Bowery. Fourth Row — Frances Andes, Rankin Hudson, Sue Ashley, Mary Henry, Agnes Lillard, Ruby Wilson, Winifred Brown, Blanch: Inman- Fifth Row— True Cambill, Johanna Banks, Rhoda Witt, June Hoback, Marie Goes, Ernest Jones, Irene Ellis, Jerrene Chambers. 16 OOCATULA " 3 «3 -Sg Offlffj V r JUNIOR CLASS First Row (Reading from left to right) — Douglas Simpson. Dorothy Abel, Willard Bacon. Rita Kate Masters, Paul Dake, Rowena Craig, Walter Rose, Edna Best. Second Row — Blanche Gilland, Herbert Rawlings, Anna Rhodes, An- derson Bailey, Alice Bates, John Henderson, Edith E.izabeth Hodge, Martin Luther Greer Third Row — Horace Forshay, Helen Wilson, Joel Armstrong, Bessie Shultz, Maurice Scott, Helen McDonald, Stiril Pickens, Dorothy Elrod- Fourth Row— Helen Maher, George Mize, Sue Robinson, Howard Hol- lingsworth, Drucilla Reed, Helen Bailey, Walter Pickering, Viola Kyker. Fifth Row — Valerie Lindsay, Eula Thomas, Ben Simpson, Starr Pannell, Harry Davis, Mary Ann Watkins. J. D. Millsaps, Lenora Day herty- 17. ADMINISTRATION BUILDING 18 mSHEPZ ORGflmzflTion FIVE CANDLES BURNING BRIGHTLY Into the hearts and lives of Tennessee Wesleyan students there shine the warm radiant rays of five candles burning in the spirit of Christian ideals. Those candles are known as the Y. W. C. A., the Y- M. C. A, the Christian Service Club, the Queen Esther Circle, and the Religious Council. During the past years, these candles have lighted the pathway of every student who belonged to Tennessee Wesleyan. Their glow has been felt in every activity whether scholastic, social or spiritual- And strange as it may seem, each one has grown taller, throwing its rich light forward and upward as the years have passed. With the beginning of this past year, warm beams of welcome reached out and drew new friends into their cir- cles. Then the intense flame of cooperative service burned into the hearts of our Christian young men and women until now we see the realization of aims and hopes of ' 36 and ' 37. Those who found a deep spiritual life seem- ingly beyond their reach have been drawn by their fellow students into the circle of candlelight which symbolizes the citizenry of Christ ' s Kingdom here on earth. Drawn into the light of these organizations, our students seek to carry away with them a single shining ray to guide them — onward and upward. The circle of ' 36- ' 37 is now broken by the parting of students whose work has been completed. Nevertheless, soft shadows remain to encourage others to carry the torch of duty faithfully and loyally. To those who await the com- ing year and those who will start anew, may your services of love and fellow- ship and duty to God, add to the brilliance of our candles- May each future year find them beckoning on the threshold of a Christian college and light- ing the halls of that college with the rays of love and service Five Candles Burning Brightly. 20. DOCATLILn - Y. W. C. A. - Y. M. C. A RELIGIOUS COUNCIL 21. JTUDENT CCLNCIL Reading From Left to Right, (Sitting) ;Ruth Vaniman, Herschel Elliott, Virginia Bradford, Raymond Huskey. Ruth Buttram, Ed Eldridge, Ruth Hampton, Ruth Smith. (Standing): Billy Mackey, Ralph Turner, Spencer Robb, Lawrence Eisenberg. DOCATULP pq p o CO z o w z o M H Z K w H Z co I CS to i- w 3 » CO ° « H -a n v Ph _ ■3 S O to u CO 2 as c3 ft s o ■D ft : : i, O C3 a o O 3 — MOO) p_ o s- » S " £ I J 42 -- OJ 4? s -5 c 43 u n O H w M £ ° 3 C — . T3 2 a. § c3 % .2 ft cs 4) - a co ccj s 2 3 " cu T3 CO CO s QD w 3 CS 3 M to r co is 0) 3 3 cu H S =5 2 c 5 a u ■a ft o M c u 03 -3. a CO j-. co O C. O C3 CD — •a 03 " .2 U -S CO U 43 S O 3 •u ;-. ft " O _ c a o K ' " 5 43 iS 2 5 OS bX) c3 3 - O £2 OJ 5 3 s ' ? .2 3 .5 43 cy 3 3 = « a £ 8 3 — o o 3 , cu.ii - 43 3 3 H ft CO 3 aj O .3 42 ri ' cu « cS cu c3 .. 3 M — O 3 3 o Ci ft fi «!, CD cy m +3 ' S 43 3 n, r- »-t ii «-n r rl Ut i-t to OJ o 5g 2 CJ J J 2 ORGANIZATIONS ON THE CAMPUS Because of the close fellowship and cooperation of the different clubs and organizations on the campus. Wesleyan is drawn very closely together. They are not only of an educational ad- vantage to the students but lend a social life as well. It would be difficult to determine the mo.it important of these organizations but one that is enjoyed by practically all the college is the Knighto-Philo Literary Society. This group meets each Saturday night in the attractive Liter- ary Hall and enjoy some very profitable programs. 1936 and 1937 was one of the most success- ful yeais the society has ever known. New officers were chosen at the beginning of each new quarter, and the management of the organization ran very smoothly under the capable leader- ship of the students. The new officers are: President Robert Dew Vice President Faye Smith Secretary Sue Ashley Critic Lenora Daugherty Treasurer Martin Luther Greer Sarg. at Arms Lawrence Eisenberg Cnaplain Rosa Jones Pianist Doris Cooper All students of a dramatic mind belong to the dramatic club known as the Tewesco Play- ers. The very capable Mrs. Harry T. Bums was sponsor of the club during the past year. Each meeting brought very interesting programs to the members. A very successful production of " The Nut Farm " was put on by this group and was presented several times in Athens and nearby towns. The officers of the Tewesco Players are: President Sue Dye Vice President Ruth Vaniman Sec. Treas Jerry Chambers However. Wesleyan ' s organizations are not confined merely to the campus, for a very im- portant group is the Off-Campus Club. This club is made up of all the off-campus students attending the college. They have their regular meetings and have sponsored several affairs dur- ing the year. Perhaps one of the most significant was the chapel program put on at Christmas tune. Much credit and honor should go to the sponsor. Mrs. Brubaker and to the officers: President Bernice Craig Vice President Virginia Bradford Sec. Treas Mary Ann Watkins A very successful band has been organised by Curtis Wagner and it has been very im- portant to Wesleyan all year. It has played for many various affairs both on and off the campus. Under the direction of Mr. Evins the Phi Rho Pi has gone forward in leaps and bounds during ' 36 and ' 37. At present each member of the debating class belongs to the National So- ciety. In March, Wesleyan ' s Phi Rho Pi Club was represented at ihe conference at Wing ' ate North Carolina, and all through the year its members have participated in debates with other colleges. The officers for the year: President Ed. Eldridge Vice President Claude Cupp Sec. Treas Theodore Wofford One of the foremost organizations on the Campus is the P. K. Club — iP. K. mean- ing Preacher ' s Kids) all sons and daughters ot ministers may belong to this Club and all min- isterial siudents may be honor members. Devotional services were held twice a month and a; various times socials were enjoyed. The club this year was one of the largest in several years as there were sixteen active members. The Rev. Frank Porter of the First Methodist Episcopal Church of Athens was the sponsor. Because of the many students coming irom Etowah, an Etowah Club has been organized on the campus. A large group, twenty-two in all. belong to this club. Lucy Frye is president. Vice President — Kim Taylor, Secretary-Treasurei — Agnes Lillard. " Last but not least is the Moffitt Musi? Club. This is a branch of the National Musi? Society and much interest is di played by both the sponsor, Miss Moffitt and the members of the club. Meetings were held once a month, sometimes on the campus, but often at different homes of the members living in town. Two honor members were taken into the club at the last meeting. Mrs. C. O. Douglass and Mrs. C. O. Foree. The officers of the club: Sponsor Miss Moffitt President Ruth Stewart Vice President Wilma Dennis Sec. Treas Doris Cooper 24. nocflTULn 25- OFF CAMPUS CLUB LITERARY SOCIETY •M 1 1 21100 m-m nocflTULR ■- 3 -ST " BAND PHI RHO PI WERNER - PFEFFFER LIBRARY TENNESSF ri .VZoLEYAN COLLEGE ATHENS, TENNESSEE I WATKIN5 R05E RICKEY RrtODA WITT ALICE BATES BETTY VARNELL EVELYN GRUBB ■ 5 LAWRENCE EI5ENBERG LENORA DAUGHTREY JEANETTE SLAGLE PROF CO DOUGLAS TEXAS ROBERTA VIOLA KYKER BILLMACKEY fiOft STELLA LEVANN DOUGLAS 5IMP50N ETHEL LINDSAY HER5CHEL ELLIOTT EULA THOMAS RUTH SMITH INEZ BAILEY- PHI 1HETA KAPPA The Beta Chi Chapter of the Phi The ta Kappa Fraternity, National Honor Fraternity for Junior Colleges, was organized in 1931. Its purpose is to encourage the highest possible scholastic attainments among college men and women and to promote fellowship among such junior college students throughout the United States. Its aim is to ever strive and seek to acquire wisdom, purity, and inspira- tion. Its members upon acceptance by the local chapter and National Secretary, dedicate their faculties to the development of high and nobler purposes of life and the acquisition of knowledge as the Key to success- Each year the National Phi Theta Kappa Convention meets and brings together representatives of local chapters throughout the country. Stella LeVann and Douglas Simpson went to Little Rock, Ark., as Tennessee Wesleyan delegates for ' 3G- ' 37- Officers of this year are: President Rose Rickey Vice-President Stella LeVann Secretary Ethel Lindsay Treasurer Texas Roberts Reporter " . Evelyn Grubb Its members hold some of the most worthy positions on the campus. Douglas Simpson was elected President of the student body and Lawrence E ' s nberg was elected Editor of the Nocatula for the coni ' ti " ; year. Two girls. Eth°l Lindsay and Eula Thomas, won first and second prizes respectively in the Rule Essay Contest. May the fraternity continue in its noble work and be ever a symbol of wisdom, purity and aspiration. 28. DOCflTULfl - HELEN MAHEP-CHAPLAIN BETTY HODGE - PRES. MARGARET BEAN-V. PRES. DEAN KEUEY-SECY-TREAS JOHNNIE THOMPSON ANNA RHODES RHEBA REYNOLDS WILMA DENNIS RITA KATE MASTERS IRENE REYNOLDS JOSEPHINE ' .VAT SON HELEN, NORTHCUTT UGHA TAD MMli CECEITy COLORS—Red and White FLOWER— Gladiolus OFFICERS President Betty Hodge Vice-President Margaret Bean Secretary-Treasurer Dean Kelley Chaplain Helen Maher Sponsor Mrs. R- N. McCray Throughout the years the Sigma Tau Sorority has been one of the most active sororities on the campus. The outstanding social event of the year was the annual Sorority Banquet held at the Robert E. Lee Hotel- 29. DOCATULA 3fl ss 1 ' I M. 1 V BERNICE MARY BETTY MARGARET ANN EDNA MARJORIE CRAIG HENRY VARNELL ■ LACKEY CRESWELL -ALLEN. SIGMA ICTA CHI CECCITy Founded at St. James, Xavier 1903 Beta Iota Chapter Established at Tennessee Wesleyan in 1932 21 Active Chapters COLORS— Purple and Gold FLOWER— Violet Sponsor Miss Eda Selby President Marjorie Cochran Vice-President Pauline Casteel Secretary-Treasurer Ruth Buttram Parchment Editor Frenchy Wilklns 30. DOCRTULR ..Jtj- " 6 RAYMOND hUSKEY STERLING PORTER R.N M5CRAY . .- DSE £» n O TRUE GAMBILL EULYS BRYANT HERBERT RAWLINGS RALPH TURNER HERSCHEL ELLIOTT JOHN GATE. EK- YATES MAURICE 5C0TT JIMMY HEISKEU PHI PI DELTA The Phi Pi Delta Fraternity was organized at Tennessee Wesleyan Col- lege by membrs of the graduating class of 1930. It is a vital organization on the campus and enters wholeheartedly into activities of the campus. The past year has been another fine chapter in the history of the Fraternity, from both social and scholastic points of view. OFFICERS President Raymond Husky Vice-President John Cate Secretary-Treasurer Eulys Bryant Reporter True Gambill Sponsor Coach McCray 31. -4r noc flTULR JEANE T TE SLAGLE RUTH VANIMAN ROSE RICKEY SUE DYE RHODA WITT SARA OANE LIST ILA MAE ARMSTRONG ASNE5 LILLARO MABEL WELLS ESTHER AThEAPN MR3.M.F.5TUBBS MILDPED DeLANEY DOROTHY ELROD TEXAS ROBERTS STELLA leVANN FRANCES CAVALERI FRANCES ANDES RUTrl HAMPTON HELEN BAILEY INEZ BAILEY MILDRED KINS ALPHA GAA4 HA CRCRITy (Founded in 192G) First known as Black Fiends of New Moon; later changed to Alpha Gamma. COLORS: Gold and Black MOTTO: Fearless Virtue Bringth Boundless Gains Sponsor Mrs. M, F- stubbs President - Ruth Vaniman Vice-President Mildred DeLaney Secretary Texas Roberts Treasurer Rose Rickey 32. DOCATULfl 2 m - r - THEODORE ROBERT DOUGLAS PAUL RAY EUGENE WOFFORD DEW SIMPSON MUT5ELL HARGRAVE5 M? KINNEY U.R. EDGAR DEAN EARL WALTER RANKIN PH1LLIPPE ELDRIDGE M.F.STUBB5 CRUMPTON PICKERING HUDSON £5 ft ft . LAWRENCE SPENCER. • DON ORBEL EISENBERG ROBB WATSON ERWIN HUGH BILLY CHANCE MACKEY ETA ICTA TAU TCATECNITy The Eta Iota Tau Fraternity, better known as the " Hit ' s " has done a great deal during the past year to promote a wholesome worthwhile social life at Tennessee Wesleyan college- It has sponsored three banquets as well as numerous hikes and informal get-to-gethers. This fraternity claims the special honor of having two of its members elected as officers of the student body— Douglas Simpson as president and Lawrence Eisenberg as Editor of the Nocatula. By following their motto " Hit; don ' t miss " this fraternity maintains a code of high ethics and sincere fellowship. Their weekly meetings, held in the third floor of old College Building were presided over by the following officers: President Walter Pickering Vice-President Douglas Simpson Secretary-Treasurer Ray Hargraves Sargeant at Arms Eugene McKinney Sponsor Dean M - F - Stubbs 33. m-f fc DOCflTULR j fr " 3 J J ■ ' »• BESSIE SHULTZ LURA V.THAMES HELEN .WILSON EDNA BEST IK REBA.GOFF MRS.JROGERS CARROLL GENEVA GRIFFITH IRENE BROOKS j 4 $ ( RUT-H 5TEWART HELEN MCDONALD VALERIE LINDSAY ELIZABET+I ELLISON PUB NL LAMBDA XCKCRIiy The oldest sorority on T. W. C. Campus MOTTO: Pluck Not Luck COLORS: Green and White Sponsor Mrs. Carrol President Reba Goff Vice-President Geneva Griffit Secretary and Treasurer Lura Thames Chaplin Ruth Stewart Reporter Bessie Shultz 34- ATHLCTIC EWS« DOCflTULA rCCTBALL The Tennessee Wesleyan Bulldogs trampled all opposition to rack up the greatest football record ever achieved by a Wesleyan team. The Bulldogs went through the entire season without experiencing defeat- In winning every game on their schedule the Methodists won their fifth consecutive Southeastern Junior Conference title and their first National Junior College Championship. Rated as the highlights of the season were the smashing victories over King College, who tied Wesleyan last year, and University of the South, the only team to defeat Wesleyan the previous year. Much credit for this successful season goes to the able coaching of Coach Mc- Cray and to the playing of both the line and the backfield. Co-captain " Wit " Eaves was the outstanding lineman in the Bulldog line. Spencer Robb, at end, also deserves much credit. Smashing Red McGee, fullback, and co-captain J. R. Hud- son at quarter were the main cogs in t he Wesleyan backfield- The entire team played great ball to give Wesleyan its only season without a defeat in the history of the school. 30 =SE ■■■ " - -m?vv 1 FOOTBALL RECORD Tennessee Wesleyan 12 Bristol College- 6 Tennesee Wesleyan 13 Georgia Military College Tennesee Wesleyan 31 Bluefield College Tennessee Wesleyan 19 Milligan College 6 Tennesee Wesleyan 19 University of the South 7 Tennessee Wesleyan 40 Maryville College 7 Tennessee Wesleyan 35 South Georgia State Tennessee Wesleyan 35 University of Chattanooga Frosh Tennessee Wesleyan 24 Hiwassee College 6 Tennessee Wesleyan 40 Wingate College r y nocflTyLfT -« BASKETBALL The Wesleyan basketball team of 1936-37 was one of the strongest Bulldog teams to ever takke the floor. The Metho .lists played some of the strongest teams in this part of the country and emerged with an enviable record. Their most praise- worthy accomplishment was their victory over the University of Chattanooga. De- spite the fact that Wesleyan is only a Ju nior college, the world champion Original Celtics chose her as their opponent for this section of Tennessee when making their annual tour of the South. The Wesleyan attack was built aroun d the four veterans of the squad, Bob Queener, floor-man de luxe, Raymond Huskey, the scoring ace, Blalock, the sharp- shooter, and Robb, the bulwark of defense. Huskey led the Wesleyan scoring with an average of almost 15 pbints per game Bob Queener had an average of almost 10 points per game and Captain Robb ' s average was slightly below that. Ram- r y, the only freshman on the team played bang-up ball all season and will form the nucleus for the Bulldog team for ' 37- ' 38- The entire t c am played great ball and gave Wesleyan a record she can be proud of. 38 ia-T nocnfIJLR3 g TENNIS TEAM GIRLS BASKETBALL TEAM £? 39. The Photos in This SENIOR NOCATULA Were Made By STAN FIELD STUDIO CLEVELAND, TENN. Portrait and Commercial Photographers The Engravings In The SENIOR NOCATULA By KNOXVILLE ENGRAVING COMPANY KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE 40 H. G. HILL STORE It ' s a fact you always do better at Hill ' s For the best in Quality, Quantity, and Service. Phone 433 Athens, Tennessee ATHENS DRY CLEANING CO. For Your Cleaning and Pressing, see J. D Millsaps, Phone 364 Athens, Tennessee M. GOODFRIEND Quality Wearing Apparel Florsheim — Nunn-Bush Shoe;: Athens, Tennessee PHILIP WYNER SHOE SHOP Expert Shoe Repairing " Best In Town " Reasonable Prices — Guaranteed Work Compliments LINDER BEAUTY SHOP Phone 300 Athens, Tennessee KUHN ' S 5 and 10 CENT STORE Stock Up On Our School Supplies Candies and Notions " On The Square " ATHENS FEDERATED STORES Owned And Operated By KETRON ' S, INC. Everything In Ready-To-Wear Phone 40 TENNESSEE TENNESSEE MOTOR COMPANY De Soto Plymouth Athens and Cleveland SMITH CLOTHINNG COMPANY " Athens ' Only Exclusive Men ' s Store The Best of Furnishings For Men and Young Men 41. RIDDLE ' S Nunnally ' s and Martha Washington Candies Parker and Schaefer Pen and Pencil Sets •The Rexall Store in Athens " Newest and Best Equipped Soda Fountain in Town Phone 49 Prescriptions We Deliver CENTRAL Compliments STANFROD ' S Service Station ROBERT E. LEE Sandwich Shop Compliments Texaco das and Oil Barber Shop Sport and Recreation McMINN MOTOR CO. Open 24 Hours a Day It Pays To Look Well Center Ford Dealers Telephone 124 Aihens, Tenn. Athens, Tenn. Athens, Tenn. Complnnnets Compliments VV. M. ANDERSON PRCFFITT ' S D«:-p:» rime lit Compliments Ladies ' Ready- Store Compliments To-Wear E™st Si3e Square F. W. RAY Athens. Tenn. Athens, Tenn. WOOLWORTH COMPANY COAL CO. 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Authorized Chevrolet " For Better Eyesight Use Dealers Better Lights " QUALITY HARDWARE AND FUNITURE YOU CANT FORGET V z - ? Those Big, Delicious Banquets = ' ' -W - ■ ? " ■ ' Served At The " At The Sign of The Saw " Athens Hardware Co, ROBERT E. LEE Harry C. Johnson HOTEL Owner 43. BLUE GRASS DAIRY " A bottle of milk is a bottle of health " T B. TESTED COWS RFD No. 1 Athens, Tenn. Welch ' s Cafe " Best Restaurant in Athens " Compliments of Hammer Supply Co. Builders Supplies Phone 13 Athens, Tenn- MOORE ' S HARDWARE Hardware and Furniture Everything for Home And Farm Phone 1 Wayne Ray ' s Market Meats — Groceries Produce " The House of Quality ' Phones 56 and 76 Sinclair H-C Gasoline Stops Knocks Adds Power J. P. (Coaeh) CARTWRIGHT Distributor 1937 GRADUATES: we wish you the best of success. We have appreciated your patronage. MINIT CAFE WHITE STORE NOCATULA BOOSTERS JIM TUELL GROGERY A- G. BUTTRAM Doug Simpson, M. Guy Fleenor, J. Lawrence Eisenberg. Puett Macker, Ran- kin Hudson, Joe H. Rayder, Ray Hargraves, Eta Iota Tau, Martin L. Greer. J. R. Phillippe, A Jarvis, Andy Bailey, Gene McKinney, Jud and Virginia, Sara and Sis, Bacon, Ed Eldridge, Don Watson, Coach Ru ' oe N. McCray, Ralph Turner, Hugh Chance, Ernest B. Bowery, Useless Bryant, Lawrence W. Dixan, George and Edna. Sigma Iota Chi Marjorie Prenchy Polly Ruby Doris Mary .ferry Margie i Edna Rcwena Bernice Margaret Ann Durscilla Betty Oibel Erwin Tuggie Sue Ashley Fiances Andes Dot Abel Lenora Dot Elrod Mildred King Val Lindsay " Frankie " , " Ruthie " To room 40 — Ritter Hall — Long may it rave — Rose and Ruth The three Newport- ers: Betty Rita Helen Ruth B. Geneva Griffith Reba Goff Walter Rose " Herb " R. F. Porter A. II. Myers Scott C. N. Rogers O. S. Vaniman ALPHA GAMMA ' S PI NU LAMBDA 44. HEIRD DRUGSTORE " The Gang ' s Hang-out " Doc Heird wishes the Graduating Class continued success and happiness When in town, remember where you get those big Sundaes, " Cokes ' , and Candies. Prescriptions Filled anyiime We Deliver PHONE 33 — ::— ATHENS, TENN. Rigg ' s Service Station Shell Products Goodyear Tires PHONE 34 1937 GRADUATES: We have enjoyed your patronage dur- ing these two years. Best wishes for your continued success. STRAND THEATRE " The House of Perfect Sound " McMinn County Hardware Company Hardware and Furniture PHONE 14 Athens, Tenn. Athens Insurance Agency PAUL WALKER, Prop General Insurance and Bonds PHONE 72 J. O. CHARLES DRY CLEANING CO, Insured Moth-Proof Cleaning on all Woolen Garments McMinn County ' s Leading Cleaners Curb Strviee Phone 55 Athens, Tenn. 45 AUTCeCAPHJ- ALTOeCAPHJ " AUTCGEAPHJ AUTOGRAPH AUTCGEAPttf For Reference Not to be taken from this room -

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