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Cx Libri 21099 MERNER - PFEII FER LIBRARY TENi lESSEE WESLEYAN COLLEGE ATHENS, TENNESSEE FO eiDOUD -JBS In presenting ihis seventeenth volume of the Nocatula, the staff has endeav- ored to porlrav in pictures for ijou the college life and activities for the Vear. Associations nwrthv of pour re- m ' ' mbrance cannot he included, but happv memories for Ijour future map be found within these covers. Map thr, book rencTv pour thoughts of Weslepan during the pear of ' 36. J ? To the Junior Class of Tennesst:c Weslevan College, in recognition of their earnest and whole-hearted co- operation, their sincere and faithful mdusir}), their zeal and ardor for the cause of education and enlightenmenl. and their unbounded lo ' paltv to the institution from n hose halls n e are noiv passing. We, the Senior Class, aic happ ) to dedicate this, the seventeenth., volume of the Nocatula. DeDICRTIOn ADMINISTRATION BUILDING 4 BENNETT HALL 5 M K. siTur.s A. r,.. M. s., I ' ll. r . I ' liysii-s, CIliMuisliy. .iikI r.iol,i ' ;. .1 A.MRS 1.. nor. P. A. B.. M. A. I ' lHsilUMll ■. (I. I nl ' (;i..V I ' ... .M. A. K lur.llh,ll MESSAGE TO THE SENIORS Columbus, Ohio Members of the Senior Class ' -- , ' ' Tennessee IVeslevan College ■ ' Dear Seniors : The letter from the editor of the Nocatula lequesting a word from me for use in the annual has just reached me here where I am attending the sessions of the General Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, I hasten to complv with the request. I wish it Were possible for me to convev to each of )ou something of the insoiralion one receives from this great gathering of mm and Women, preachers and la )men, representing all quarters of the globe, h ortunately, one of your number, C. M. Turner, was here for a Weelf helping to represent the collcg:, and he can help you to grasp somethir.g of its significance. Lool(ing into the faces of :hese Godly men and Women, listening to their impressive addresses, one comes to visualize th " congregations in China, in Africa, in Europe, in South America, in the United States and elsewhere which ihry represent. There a rows upon one the conviction that here is a veritable regiment of the " army of the Lord " and that they are really " soldiers of the Cro:s. " What a rpirit of sacrifice and service is tiere represented! uh, I know there is an element of politics in the allocation of the office to he filled, and that there are occasional outcroppirgs cf the purely human. This may be expected when so many human beings are involved. But, over and above all this, there seems to me to be an earnest desire to discover and to perform the will of the Master. You, my dear seniors, will need to use all cf the human powers with which you are so richlv endowed as you go forward to your life taslfs. You will need more than this if you are to reach your greatest growth. You must have access to divine power, as well. You, too, can discover and peiform the will of the Master. I trust that your life at IVesleyan has impressed you with this important truth and has inspired yon to serve to bring it to pass. Sincerelv, ■ ■ JAMES L. ROBB A. m S.C. EVINS MARY EDWARDS LAWRENCE DIXON IRENE GEUNAS B.A.,M. A. ENGLISH BA., M.S. DRAMATICS ACA., A.B. COMMERCIAL A.B., M.A., 8-S. LIBRARIAN EDA SELBY FRANCES MOFFITT ANDREW J PETERS COACH R. N M5CRAY Aa.MA MODERN LANG. MUSIC B PIANO Ph.B., A.B., A M Soc Sci. Jft.Guid. A. 5 ATH DIRECTOR ETHEL PRYOR G.A.YATES ELIZABETH BRUBAKEFL OTHO Y BURN 8.5 HOME ECON AB, AM. MATH. AB, MA. BIBLE 6 S., M.S. EDUCATION " FmcmUj A. H. MYKRS KrI K,| I ' ll, l; A. .M. H I). MRS. MARTHA IlAl.K Art DAVE SftRRlSON VIRGINIA M?CAY EDITOR IN-CHIEF ASSISTANT EDIT WALTER ABEL EUGENE ROSS BUSINESS M6R SPORTS EDIT CARLTARPLEY VERA STRUNK PROFS. C. EVIN5 JESSIE SHERLIN WALTER DAVIDSON FACULTY ADVISOR RUTH BUTTRAM LOUIE BLACKWELL JULIA SELLERS LESTER REYNOLDS DOROTHY MARGIE MOSER ISABEL MOORE ALMA MILLSAP5 GRACE PARKER. CLft-r G-r rff»a ga fgMr-a?»-fr:v ' ' ifit;i i«- 4 nOCflTULfl )®niin®ir CUmi WALTER ABEL Diam.itii Club 35. Y. il. C. A. 35. Ir applio-Atheninii Lifeiai S.iciftv :- ' .5-36. I ' hi Pi Delta 35-36. Stiuleiit (•oniKil 35. Fo„fl,all Maua-fi- 36, Phi Pi Delta Frat. Pie., : ' 6. Pan-Hellenif r jiiinil 36. Basketball Mana,!;or :16 Intel n.itional Kelatioiis 36. D( )XXA TODD Glee Club 35. Off Campus Girls 35-36. Art Club 35, Etowah Club 35. Sisnia Tan Sigma 36, International Kflaticiiis 36. VIKGIXIA MtCAY Pies Sigma Tan Sigma 35-36. Afisoeiate Ed. Nocalnla .■ ' .6, Y. W. C. A. 35-36. Phi Bi Chem 35-36, Girls ' Cliouis 35-36. Knishto-Phihi I,iterai-,v Society 35-36. Diamatic Cliili. 35-36. International Relations 36. Qnee;i Esther 35-36. .JESSE KIXSER Inti.iniural L ' lsket Lall Cliamps 35, Y. JI. C. A. 35-36. Knighto-Philo Societ.v 35-36. Phi Pi Delta 36. Intematiinial Relations 36, Off-Campus Jlen See. 36, LESTER REY ' XOLDS I ' ll Pi Delta Fraternity 35-36, Y. il. C. A. 3!5-36. OfL- ( iiiipus Club 35-.36, ■■Etowah " CI ib 35. Off Campu., AI, n (Pies) 36, N, iatiila Staff 36. Sapplio Atheiiiai» Society 36, Intenintion.il Kelati(.iis 36. ALMA illLLSAPS Knulito-Pbilo Literary Society 35 36, Home Pryor Club 35-36, Dramatic CUib 35 36, Y. W. C. A. 35-36. (Jueeii E ther .■■!5, Xoeatiila Staff 36. Sigma Tan Sigma 36, Plii Kho Pi 36. Inleiiiational Relations 36. .ICLIA SELLERS Art Club (Pro .) 35. Y. Y. C. A. 35-36. Kni-hto-Philo Literary Society 35-36. Florida Club (Vice-Pres.) 35, Alpha Gamma 35 36. Queen Esther 3.5-36. Ritter Council 35. Y. W. C. A. (Pres.) 36. Kuiglito-Phibi Lit. Society Secretary 36, Clirisfiaii Service Club 36, Home Pryor Club (VicePres.) 36, Phi Theta Kap .a (Vice-Pres.l 36, Xocatula Staff 36, Student Cniincil 36, Alpha (Janim-i ( Vice-Pre.s. ) 36. Religiors Coiini-il (Pres.) 36, l ' ,iii HeHenic Council (Sec.) 36. ALBERT SIVILS HIT Firteniity 3.5-36. Y. M. C. A. 35-36. P. K. Club ' 35 : ' .6. HIT Fraternity (I ' rc .) 36. BEATRICE H. (iARRISOX Glee Club 35. Home Pryor Club 35. Knighto-Philii Lit. ' i.iry Society 35. Y. AV. C. A. 35. Special Chorus 35, International Re ' ations 36. DAVID PEKKIXSOX Phi Pi Delta 35-36. Intramural Ba.sketball ( bainps (Capt.) 35, Football 35-36, Y, M. C. A. 35-36. Phi Thet.i Kaiipa 36, Student Council 36. Iiiteriiational Relations 36, IQ OOCflTULn " 5? 5(gnnn®ir Oag HITII IldF.ACK •■M " Club 35, (.Iff-CiUiiMus Women ( Vice Pies.) 35, Glee t ' hib 35-86. t i)eoi:iI Chnnis 35-36. Y. W. ( ' . A. 35-3o, JsiKina Icita Chi 35-36. XAT KlYKEXDALL I ' res. .Jmiioi- Chi.s.s 33, Student Council 33 36 Phi Bi Chem (Pre«.) 33, P. K. Club { Vice-Pres.) 33-36, Phi Pi Delta 33-36, Y. M. l. A. 33-36. Chorus 33-36, Phi Bi CI. em (Sec.) 36. Off-Canii)us Men 3d. KOBEKT gi ' EEXER rootl)all 35-36, E ' asketball 35-36, W Club 36, Y. M. C. A. 35-36, International Relat.ons 35-36. Basketball (Cayt. 36. DOKOTIIV .MdKKlSdX T. W. C. A. 35-36, Queen E.-ther 35-36, Easkjtball 36, Alpha Gamma (Trea.s.) 36. International Relations (Sec.) 36, Xocatnla Staff .36. Knishto Plillo Literar.v Societ.v 35 36, Draniatii- Club 3. " j-:;6. Home I ' .yor Club :.. " i. .MARGIE JIOSER Y. W. C. A. 35-36. Queen Esther 35-36, Basketball : ' .5 36. Sigma Tan Si);ni a (Sec.-Tre.is ) 36. Internation il Relation 36, X(K-atnlii Staff 36. Kn-hto-Philo Literaiy Societ.v 3.5-36, Sigma Tan Siga.a 3i)-36. Hitter Council 35. CECIL THORXTOX Y. II. C. A. 3.5-36, Phi Pi Delta 35 ,6, Fo(,tball 35- ' ,6. Basketball 3.5-36. Y. M. C. A. (Pre-.l .iG, Phi Pi Delta (Vice-Pres.) 36. Religions Council 36. V Club : ' .6. International Relations 36. KiiiKlilo-Pliilo Litcra.. Societ. ;;6. IIOYLE HAMBKIGHT Off Camiius .Men 35-36. HIT Frateruit.v (. ' liem 35-36. HIT Fiaternitv (Vi(-. ' -P.cs Phi Hi I.OEITA ALLEY Y. W. C. A. 35-36, Queen Esther 35-36, B.isketball 35-36, Si;inia Tan Sijinia 3.5 .30, Sapiiho-Athenian ( ' ice-Pres.) 35, Sigma Tan Sigma I Vii-e-Pi-es. ) 36, S.-i|Miho-.Vtl:eni:i:i 35-36, Chorus 36, -W Club 36. LOREXE DT ' CK WORTH Off-Campus ' omen ( ' ice-l les. ) 35. Women (Pres.) 36, Y. W. C. A. (Vice-Pres. lita Chi (Vice Pres.) 36, Phi Theta Kappa Student Council 36, " W " Club 36. Sigma Lit Phi Theta Kappa 3.5-36, Girls Chorus 36. L. B. BLACKWELL Knighto Philo Literar.v Societv 35-36, Y. M. Christian Service Club 35-36, Ih-:imatic Club C. A. (Vice-Pres.) 36, I ' hi Bi Chem 36. Offt am i;s ) 36, Sig .n I (Treas ) .!6 a Ciu 35 :.6, C. A . - !6. 35 :;6 . M. II - nOCflTULR )©irn®ir Oni DAVIC (iARRISOX ..i:itula Staff .•J.. " i, IntiMiniu-al E ' .itiketball Chaniiis 3r)-M6, I ' lihli.ity Dcpr. S " ), Off-CamiiHs lien 35 86, Edilor X.Maliila 36. Inti-iiiaf ioiial Relations (Pres.) 36. Y. M. C. A. 3;-i-36. AXX SLIGH Y. W. ( ' . A. 3. " !. Ba ketl all 35, Student Council 35. Saiipho-Athenian Scii-ielv 35-36, Sigma Iota Clii 35-36. 1 hi Bi t ' liem ( Vice I ' res.) 36. Saiiplio-Atlienian (Pres.) 36, Sigma Iota Chi (Sec.-Tieas. ) 36, Diamatie Clui) (I ' les.l 36. Carnival ( leeii 36. Senior Clas I Vii-e-Pres.) 36. I ' nn Hellenic Fn!o;i . " .6. iHlltcTllV .M.KAllY 1, V. C. A. 35-36. (Mi-Cain|iii, Women .• ' .5-:!6. Girls Cih.rus 35. All Cliih 35, Sisnia Iota Chi : ' .6. KEXXKTII FARMER Konthall 35 36, BasketlKiU 35-36. Tennis .36. Cocke Ci.unt.v Club 35. Y. M. C. A. 35-36. CHARLES McXABP, Fool hall 35-36. Phi Pi Helta 35-36. Sapiiho-Atheniaii Societ.v 35-36, Y. M. C. . . 35 36. International Relations 35-36. Phi Pi Delta (Se, I : ' .6. -W " CInli 36. .MAXINE Z1K(;LEU Knijilito-Philo Literar.v Societ.v 35-36. Y. W. C .A. 35- :!6, (,)iieen Esther 35 36, Chorus 35-36, Alpha Gamma 35- 36. Pan Hellenic Council 35-36. Glee Club 35-36. Vico- I ' res. Student Bod.v 36. Home Pr.v.u- Club (Pres. I 36. .Music- Clnh ( Vice-Pres.) 36. Christian Servi ' o Club 36. Snuleut Council 36. ■• V Club 36. AXX PEUKI.XSoX Y. V. C. A. 35-36, (ilee Club 35, ( Iff ( ■auipii,- Wouu-n 35-36. -McMiun Club 35. Dramatic Club 35, Y. V. C. . . (Se,-.) 36. Clieei- Leadi-r 36. Si-ma Iota Chi 36, Dramatic (lull ( ' ire-Pres.) 36, Christian Servii-e Club 36. FRED .MILLER Phi Bi (hem Club 35-36, Y. M. C. A. 35-36. Kuijihto- Pliilo Society 35.36. Christian Service Club 35-36. P ' . ' i I ' .. Cliem Club ( Pres. i 36. Y. M. C. A. (Sec.Treas. i 36. Kuighto-Philo (Treas. I 36. Cheer Leader 36. -MAKIl-: TKdTTER ( ' If Campus Vonleu . ' 15-36 Intel national Relations : ' .5-36 , V. C. A. 36 RIIS1-: .MILLARD Y. AV. t A. 35-36 ( ' ff-Campus YVomen 35-36 Christian Service Club 38 12 - nOCflTULfl iv )©i5in®ir Oni (HY MiKIXXEV HIT Fraternity 3o-S6. Intei-iiatiunal Relations 35 36. Dramatic Club 35-36, Glee Club 35, Y. M. C. A. 3. " i-.36. HIT Frateniil.v (Pim.s.) 36. KuiKhto-Pliil,, (Pies.) 36. Phi nil " Pi 36, D. ' iMliiiL; Tc:iii. .36. -W " Cluli 36. .M. I)(;K P.. KE1! Y. ■» ' . C. A. 3.6 Xni-Mtilla Stall ' 36 .Mnflitl . Illsil ' Cluh 3,6 EI) VI OUAVES Rule Essa.v C.iute-t (seconil jirizel 36. P. K. I ' liili 36 Knislitii-Pliil., Literaiy Sdc ( Pres. i .35, Eta Iota Tao 35-36. lOfa lota Tau ( Vife-Prcs. I 36. Plii Tlieta Kanna 3.5-36, Phi Ulio Pi 35-36, Y. . I. C. . . 35-36, I " . K. Cl.iii .35-36, I» .|,:ite Cliili 35-36, Sln.leiil Pli ' idcnt 36. Phi l! ' i.. Pi (Plrs.) :;6. Sizei- PlizH DrUHr Wimicl ' 36, ■«■ Cliili .36. VERA STIM.XK Kuinhto Phi ' o Lit. Society ( ' i...-Pivs.) 35, Y. V. C. A. 35-36. .Vlph.-i (i.ininia iPiv..) :;5-36. Knif;lito-Ph:l.i iPr.-.i 36. (iiil. (horns 36. Iloii,,. Pim.i Club 35 3,6. .X.caliiia Sl.dl ' 35-3,6. I)r.-i]iia I i.- Cliil, 36, Pa n I lell.Mi i.- 36, ' i. V. C. . , (TiLa-.) 3,6. ■W ' Chlh .36. Chlislli.r S.iviir Cluh 36. OPAL PPETT Y. W. C. . . 3.5-36. i ir-( aniims V(.ul.■ll 35-36. Itlti-lli.-ilioii.il Uclat:oUv 36. Hi ' li.uliT (Ul-Cani|i..s ' o!ui :! 36. Ei.i .- p.i:rii CASS Off-Campus ' ' o nell .35-3.6 Etowah Club 35 Siiima Iota Chi 36 KEXXETIl IlKiClXS Plii V. Chem Cluh 36. F..othall 35-36, Pl.i Pi llplla 3,5 36, Debate 35, Sapiiho-.Vtlieuiaii 35.36. -W " Club 3.5 :;6, Y. :M. C. a. 35-36, Inteiuatioiial K. ' lalious .35. Diauiali, Club 35. HEEEX EdiKMll.l.EU Sijjuia lola Chi 35-3.6, Art Cluh 35-36, ( liihesti,-i ■.;r,. lutciuatioual Ki-lataiu.s .--,5-36, Sifjuia Iota Clii (Pif l 36. .Mu-;.- I ' liib 36. ALICE (!UrBP, Pi Xu LainlMla 36 Art Club 36 Y. W. C. A. 36 Ijueen Esther 36 13 nocfljULpr 5? - )(gian®ir Clmi .1 ESSIE SHERLIX Advertising Manager of Xocatula 35, Y. W. C. A. SS; ' ?, Piii Tlieta Kappa 35-36. Off-Campus Women 35-36, " M " Ciiib (Tres.) 35, lloffitt Music Club (Pre.s.) 36, Phi Theta Kappa (Pres.) 36, Ot ' f-Canipus Women (Vic- Pri ' s.l 36, Xocatula Staff 36, Pan-Heltenic Council 36. PATX DELAXEY i(e Pres, .Juui.ir Claw 35, Football 3.5-36, Basketball 35, Tennis 35-36, Mr. .Iimior 3.5. HIT Fraternity .35-35. Attendant Carnival 35, International Relations (Yic( - Pies ) 35, Pres. if Senior ChiiJs . ' ib. Student Class 36. HIT Fiaternity ( Vice-Pres.) 36. ISOP.EL MOORE Fti w ill Cj ' ili 35, Clee ( " ub 35, I )ff-Cani|iUfi Women 35- 16 W Club 36. Sigma Tan Sigma 36, Y. W. C. A. 36, MILDRED HTMEERD W I ' . A. 35, Knighto-Pliilo Literary Society 35, C. ' ueeu Esther 35. Internaticn ' 1 Relations 35. ELIZABETH P.UHHS lutiunational Rehitions 36. Y. W. C. A. 35 36, I ' lii Tliela Ka:)pa 35-36, Xoi-.itula Staff 35, (Iff-Crin ' )uis Women ;!5- " 6, McMinn CIul. 35, Plii Thpt:i Kappa (Sec.) 36, S.-iliitatorian 36. RIKIDA .lAXE S YAFF()RD . W. ( ' . A. 36. Knighto-Philo 36, Dramatic Club .■ ' 6, Intel national Relations 36. ,1 nil XX IE TRdTTER Off Campus Wiuueu 35-36 V. W. C. A. 36 C. : I. TFRXER I ' lii Rhn Pi (Sec.i :-15-:;6, Y. M. C. A (Chaidaiu) 35, P. K. Club, 35-36, Phi Bi Chem Club .■■5-36. Knighto Ph ' lo 35-36, Cliri. tiaii Ser.ice Club 35-36, ■ V Club 36, Y. . 1. C. A. 35-36. r- ' :?:ssiE perkixs lieliatiug Club :13, S:ipidio-Allieuian 33, Y. W. C A. .■-;5, liff-Campiis Women 36. 14 nOCflTULR S(iian®ir CBsisg DOLL IK ' riI(}. L S Off ( ' .11111. us W..I1H11 :;6 Y. w. c. A. :;6 WAUKEX JlrGHEE FiM,tl..ilI :;.-,-: ' ,6. Haskctliiill X-1-86. W Cliil. :!6. S.ippli,,- AtlH.iii.iii :;riM6. .M..-l ' .ilii:il):e Football ALm Hfi, F,.(it;).ill ( ' ,,-( ' .i|ii.) :!6. Iiilcrii.ili..iiiLl Relatiiiiif; ( Vii-t--rrcs.) .j6. V. IL C. A. :i6. ZKLLA KLKrXS V. V. ( ' . A. : r,-:;6, Iiitpnialiniinl Kciali.iiis :;r.-: ' ,6. (Mf- Caniiiiis Wiimi ' ii : ' .. " i-;!6, .McMiiiii Cluli . " .ri. Aii Club : ' ,o. KVFLV.N IIILI Knislito-n.ni) I,il. Sniii.|, : ' .ri, Aliilin Cam uas .■ ' .ri: ' .6. cIhi ' ciiii. :;.-,. An cinh :!.--:;6, An cinh (I ' n.s.i .-.e, Y W. C. A. M6. KDXA DUAKE Kiiii:iii.. riii ' ,, :;.-., ( (ii,.,.ii i;-iii.T :;r, rs. v. w. c. a. v.r.- •■!6, (J 11 Estlici ' I " iic-l ' ri.s.i :;6. Clii-istiaii Siu-vicv Chill (Si ' i-.) Me. ELLE KENXEDY Kiiidiio-I ' liil,, SniMcty i ' . Y. W. C. A. :;.-|. An Cliili .;6. Jliumilir Club 86, Inteinatiiiiial Ui ' latious : ' ,6. MIXEUVA IKWIX Kiii hi.i-I ' hil.. l.ii. .- ncipt.v . ' iri-.S ' B. (.li ' iTii E-iImt ::. " . ■:6. I ' i Xn LaniiMia :;.-, ::6. V. w. c. A. .sri-:i6, p. K. Club ;!.-.- ::6. i ' i Xii Laiiibd.i (Vr,. I ' li.s.l .-,6, Cliiistiau S.tv;-. ' I ' liii. :;6. . ]t Club :;6. iiiiiTiiiiiioiiui K..|atinus :;6 iImuh. I ' l.v..! ' Club :;6. OKA SCIilLTZ Kuifjlito-I ' .iiio Lit. S.ic-icl.v •. ' , ' ,-•. ' 6 Kni;;litn-Pliil,, (So .1 H6, Y. W. C. A. Mo-Se. Cliriyfiau Scrvici ' Club : a-: 6. (ilw Club ;-!5-S6. Alpba (Jaiiiiua .-in .- ' .e. I ' lii Hi Cluau :;.-.- :i6, .-- ' i.viiu- ami Corki. Coiinlv C ' lib :!.-,-:i6. Clirisli-u Scrvi.,. Club (Chanlaiul :;6. (Jb ' c Club ll ' r,...) :;6. .IAME.S (L XTT Valfili.toiiaii. Y. M. C. A. :!.-i-::6. I ' lii I!i Ciuuu Club :i5-o6. Iiiliaiuiiral I ' .aslii tliall Cbauiiis :i.-.-:;6 .M,,si siudiini.s Ho.v :•,-,. off-c:,,„,„if, M.ui ;i,-i:;6 n i Tii,.- , Kai.pa .• ' .6. , 15 - r OCflTUlLPM -s© JUNIOR CLASS Firsl Row — (Rcadir.g from left to right) Herschcll Elliott, Esteller.a Fancher, John Seihold, Lee Vesta Erwin. jack Blalock, Ruth Smith, Orble Erivin. Second Rorv — Frer.chie IVillfins, Walter Davidson. Lola Dean Ledford, Delbert Puett, Lulu Cais, Theodore CLr.e, Ruth Cregorv. 7 hird Rnn — Acbulon ShcrriU Johnnie Thompson, Billv Maclfav, Virginia Z.iegler, Paul Hutsell, Mcxime Davidson, Kenneth Smith. Fourth RoU ' — Hehn Fitzgerald, Lc id Needhan:, Josephine Walscn. Curtis Wagner, Marjorie Cochran, Marl:; " Broolfs, Pauline Stephens. Fifth Rorv — Carl Tarpley, Ruth Stemarl, Eulvs Ihvani. Margaret Rav, Loivell Cregorv, Charlotte Card, Kimbrough Taylor. 16 - DOCflTULn JUNIOR CLASS first Rcw (Reading from Left io Right) Spcr.cer Robb, Grace Parker. Earl Crumpion. Elizabeth Rhodes. Margaret Bean. Edgar Eldridgc, Marv Sue Kennedv. Second Row— Martha Warren. Claude Cupp. Bcnlah Dovis. Gerald Hatch. Rose Rickev, Mabel yVelh. Theodore Wofford. Third Row y. D. Brock. Texas Roberts. J. R Fhillippe. Lura Thames. Elizabeth Ellison. Gladys Simpson. Ha Mae Armstrong, Fourth Row Ruth Buttram. ha Roderick. Ruth Hampton. Robert Walker, Stella LeVan. Reha Goff. Geneva Griffith, fifth Row Audrc}) Lambdm. Jimmie Heiskell. Mildred Delanev. Mildred Bryson. Inez Bailey. Raymond Huskey. Esther Atheron. Eugene Ross. 17 ORGflmzfiTion b ' ' yr-, i;:fitirv i ' 3i. ' . " ._, 11 II jii I :Mi 19 - nocflTULn STUDENT COUNCIL JIMMIE HEISKELL JULIA SELLERS DAVID PERKINSON MAXINE ZIECLER PAULDELANEY NAT KUYKENDALL LORENE DUCKWORTH SPENCER ROBB GRACE PARKER DAVE GARRISON Note: Dave Garrison, editor of the Nocalala, is not in the picture. 2U nocflfuLfl " 3? ■§s RELIGIOUS COUNCIL The Religious Council is composed of the presiJen. ' j of the sludenl religious organizalior.s on the campus, together mith a representative faculty group. It is responsible for planning conferences, speci ' a services, and affiliated church membership for students; sending delegates representing the college to Christian conferences elsen ' here; and developing and shaping campus opmion on religious matters. Its members have charge of one Sunday mghl meeting per month at the zithers M. E. Church, and the fmal " Candle Lighting " Service at Commencement. Among oth r Christian leaders, the Councd has brought to the campus this year, Birhop W . E. Brown cf the M £.. Church: Rev. Walter Smith of Trimly M. E. Church, Knoxville : Rev. C. M. White of Canton. North Caro- lina; Rev. H . W. Williamson, Conference Director of Religious Education end James Flcs:; of the State Y. M. C. A. Miss Julia Sellers has represented the Religious Council in the Wesleyan Student Council. 21 DOCflTULPT - Y. M. C. A. " OOCflTULn CHRISTIAN SERl ' lCE CLUB nocnTULn i KNICHTO-PHILO LITERARY SOCIETY SATPHO-ATHENIAN LITERARY SOLILIY 24 nOCflTULR u w II n II I DRAMATIC CLUB SPECIAL CHORUS 25 - DocnTuin THE INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB h or four years Professor Peters has fostered an International Relations club in his social science classes. The organization holds regular monthly meetings and the interest and participations never lag. The purpose of ih ' -: organization is dual in motive. The first aim is to secure current literature on present national issues from the League of Nations Headquarters, Cenevc. Switzerland, and from the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, New York City. The second aim is to interest as many students as possible in a research-comparative study of the economic, commercial, and political policies of the United States as they are related to lil(e policies of other nations. Special attention is given to the study of the racial, social, economic, and political possibilities of elimination of war, and the establishment of Permanent M ' orld Peace and continued progress among the national sovereign states. 26 21099 OOK Jp il C7 i£ix7 6 Yui K LORENE DUCKWORTH JESSIE SHERUN C O. DOUGLAS ' S EDWIN GRAVES _ PRESIDENT SPONSOR DAVE PERKINSON JULIA SELLER5 ELIZABETH PARRIS JAMES 6ANTT PHI THETA KAPPA II iii i 3i PHI RHO PI MERNER = Pf¥!FFER LIBRARY TENi ESSEE WESLEYAN COLLEGE ATHENS, TENNESSEE VIRGINIA M CAY PReStDENX lU ' SORORITY Ik... -- LOLITA ALLEY CE- PfiESIOENT ISABEL MOORE MAR6IE MOSER MARY EDWARDS PAULINE STEPHENS SEC-TREA . SPONSOR. ALMA MILLS APS DONNA TODD MARGARET BEAN JOHNNIE THOMPSON HELEN FITZGERALD LOLA DEAN LEDFORD JOSEPHINE WATSON 28 nocflTULpT I HELEN LOCKMILieR LORENE DUCKWORTH 1 4l H GERTRUDE HARRiaL DOROTHY MShAMY „ MISS EDA SELBY a i ' T ? . fer ■ W - .ELIZABETH CASS MARJORIE COCHRAN RUTH HOBACK ANN SLIGH Founded al St. Jam;s. Xavicr 1903 Bcla lota Chapter Established at Tennessee IVesleXian in 1932 21 Active Chapters Colors Purple and Ccld Flowers Violet Sponsor - Miss Eda Selhxi President Helen Lockmiller Vice-Pres Lorene Duckworth Sec. Trear Ann Slioji 29 MAVME DAVIDSON INEZ BAlLEV RUTH HAMPTON ORASHULTZ ' I LA MAE ARMSTRONG ESTHER ATHERSON (V ILDRED OELANEY 30 FRATERNITY A c NATHENIAL KUYKENDALl CECIL THORNTON CHARLES WSN ABB KENNETH H166iNS ■ VlCE-PRcSS- sec T-R = S DAVID PERKINSON LESTER. REYNOLDS JESSE KINSER CARLTARPLEV EUGENE ROSS JIMMIE HEISKELL HER5CHELL ELLIOTT EULVS BRYANT JACK BLMGCK RAYMOND HUSKY WALTER DAVIDSON 31 - M| j: o rs ▲ w £r IOTA TAU Al 7]u cCcLinbdjCL SORORITY MINERVA IRVIN REBA GOFF LULU GAS? IVA RODERICK U ,1 W ' »- LURA THAMES ALICE 6RUBB GENEVA SRIFFIT k 32 ATHL6TIC t 33 m- nOCflTULn Warren McCbee Co-Captain Rube McCray Coach Clen Kerlev Co-Captain The Tennessee IVeslevan Bulldogs waUfed over all opposition to rack up the greatest football record ever achieved fcjj a IVesleVan team. The M ethodisis Tvon their fourth consecutive Southeastern Junior Conference title, n ' innir.g eight of the ten games plaved. dropping a doubtful 9-7 decision to the L niversitv of the South of the Southeastern Conference, and tieirg King College 7-7. The Bulldog, Were undefeated in the conference, and gained m.ore ground than any team faced in the season ' s play. Rated as the highlights of the season are the smashir g 1 3-0 defeat of Marpville College, ancient rivals of the McCray Men, and the games rvith King and University of the South. 1 he Bulldogs gained fourteen first donms against the King Tornado that could move the chain only four times against the Wcsleyanitcs. King tied the tussle with a long pass in the closing moments. The Bulldogs lost a lough one to the Univeisi y of the South team in Sewanee, D ' ien Dame Fortune failed to smile. The Bulldog ' s Were caught twice by the whistle when in the shadow of the Sewanee goal posts. Much of the credit for a successful season goes to the powerful Bulldog line, the heaviest ever to wear IVeslcyan colors. Outstanding in the play of the linemen was the performance of " Truck " Masters, the most consistent of all Wesleyan Imemeri. Co-captair.s Clen Kerley, tackle, and Red McChee, fullback, ' i ' d much to give IVeslcyan her fourth consecutive crown. Kerley played commendable ball m his tackle position, and McChee was easily the most valuable back ' " ' conference. Paul Delaney, chisive quarter and half, was the fastest ball-carrier m the conference, and was the spear-head of the IVtsleyan attack- - DOCflTULR ' - ' ' • t ' FOOTBALL RECORD 1935 Tennessee IVeskvcn 26 A ajs Hill College Tennessee IVedepan 1 (Nile) King College 1 I cnnessee Weslevan I 3 Univ. of Chatlanooga Frosh 6 Tennessee Weslevan 1 8 J-Fts ern Carolina Teachers Tenness;e Wesle !an 7 Universilv of the South 9 Tennessee Weslevan 7 Mar])ville College " cnnessee IVer.le ian I 3 (Nile) Middle Georgia 6 Tennessee IVeslevan 1 3 South Georgia Stale Tennessee IVselevan 34 Piedmont College 1 2 Tennessee IVeslepan 30 Hin assee College 3i - DOCflTULfl Hix. 59 " - Warren McChee (Center) Dob Quccnci {Captain and Guard) Ken !• armer (Forward) The IVesleVan baslfctball team of 1935-36 mas bevond all doubt the strongest to wear the Cold and Blue in the historv of Weslevan athletics. The Bulldog cagers plaved some of the strongest teams in the South, and emerged rvith an enviable record, annexing their second conference cage crown in as man]) licars. The Bulldogs dropped onh one coufereme game and defeated some of the strongest teams in this section. Their most praise-worthv accompli.-ihment was the humiliatirg defeat of the highl )-touled Bostains. Despite the fad that Weslevan is onlv n junior college, her basketball team defeated the University of Chattanooga twice, downed .Milligan College, defeated Lincoln Memorial twice, and easily outclassed such powerful aggregations as Pikevilh-. Cumberland, and other teams from the neighboring states. The IVedeVan offense was built around the smooth attack of IVesk Van ' s four all-conference men. Bob Queener, captain and floor-man de luxe, and Big Red McChee. towering center, have been all-conference choices for the past two pears. Noe! " Hook " Swinev. fork-hand artist, was all-conference in 33 and Ken farmer was chosen m ' 34. Robb. the onlv freshman on the team, was a bulwark of defense and Was rated the best defensive man in the conference. The entire starting line-up was Weil over six feet tall, and onlv two men of a twelve man squad failed to reach this mark- The Weslevan Reserves were undefeated during the regular season, and climaxed their fine record by taking the crown in the B Division of the conference tourney. 36 - nocflTum BASKETBALL RECORD 1935-36 Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. IVcsleVan 33 Wesleyan 22 IVesleyan 46 lVesle ian 4 I IVesleVan 29 lVesle )an 30 lVesle )an 27 IVede an 39 Wesleyan 34 [Vesle )an 43 lVesle])an 46 Wesleyan 39 Wesle])an 34 Wesle an 34 Weslevan 42 Wesley an 32 lVesle )an 53 (over- ime) PFes el;an 3 I Wesley an 35 H ei eijan 28 lVesle )an 65 PFes e];an 30 Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. EngleWood Bears 1 4 t niv. o Tennessee 44 Lincoln Memorial University 24 LenoiV Ci ' ; All-Staiers 30 Bosiains 24 Lincoln Memorial Universil}; 25 Un-.versilv of Chattanooga 22 Woodruff ' s Sfjort Shop 46 (7nive;si l; o :c 5ou i 26 M,7 ;gan Co Zege 28 Cumberland College 28 Mary. ' ille College 45 Likeville College 20 Hiwassee College 21 I ' ikeville College 37 Transylvania College 37 Centre College 60 Cumberland College 28 (ynivsrsiij) o Chattanooga 26 Hixvassee College 38 BZounf F-8 ' 5 39 House of David 37 Pf ' ' csZei)an 5 I Hiwassee 30 Fe5 el;an 49 Mars i7 44 pf es ejian 66 Marion Institute lib 37 - nOCflTULfl GIRLS ' GYM CLASS E. mj}iMiiy!iuji ' i ¥-y)iB ' iiyjiiyjiiy!iiyiijy§y{iMi}L§ THIS SPECIAL EDITION OF THE NCCATULA WAS PRINTED BY THE P€$T-ATHENIAN CC FRED E. WANKAN PIBLISHER iailg f uflt-AtliPiuan ATHENS, TENNESSEE THE PICTURES In This Senior Edition of the NOCA TULA Are By Stanfield Studio CLEVELAND, TENNESSEE .n?ifr rrr iy i?raiy? it7TiifrT itajimiaiins!igiir 39 31 Funeral Home I I i Alliens T. ' iui , l-h,.iic 44 TENNESSEE MOTOR CO. RIGGS SERVICE STATION DE SOTO PLYMOUTH Shell Products Athens — Cleveland Goodyear Tires Phone 34 tViniplinients EVANS SON Always Look For ih.- ■SIGN OF THE SAW H. V. .11 IH S( ) . ( iwiiHi- ATHENS HARDWARE CO. STRAND THEATRE Athens, Tenn. -The IIous,. of QiKilitv " PFItFKCT SOFNI) ATHENS TABLE CO. AlHENS TABLE CO. BURN ' S COMMISSARY EVERYTHING TO ■■M:ikHrs ol ' Gourt Tables ■■Where Vou Get Better WEAR Sinre 1(1(15 " (iood loi- Less Money " A Home ( " orpor.itoin Phone S Athens. Teiin. . lhpn . Tenn. Athens. Tenn. M. GOODFRIEND Floorsheim Nunn-Bush SHOES BLUE GRASS DAIRY " A BOTTLE OF MILK A BOTTLE OF HEALTH " R. F. D. 1 ATHENS, TENX 40 ?lM ' i ia li! i! li ilMIMliU{IMIiyil ' i l ' i ' liU¥Ai)li g. DAVIDSON ' S CLOTHIERS MARKET ST. ( -HATTAXOOGA, TF.W. WOCO-PEP AND TIOLENE Stpeoializod Liilii ' ieation Sei ' vi ' e E. F. Peek. Jr., Dist. m WELCH ' S MAYFIELD ' S rdniplinu ' iits CREAMERY CAFE ATHENS MOTOR " BEST RESTAURANT Jersey-Made ICE CREAM (•(IMI ' AW IN ATHENS " Pasteurized Milk Afhen-i. Teiui. ENGRAVINGS IN THIS EDITION BY Knoxville Engraving Co KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE 41 I ' nniiilinii ' iits ATHENS HOSIERY MILLS Athens. Tcim. HOTEL ROBERT E. LEE BEST OF FOODS AT NO EXTRA COST CHEZ-MARIE BEAUTY SALON .l.ihiiM.ii I!l,i .. Atli.-i,-. Ti-iiii. JENKINS DARWIN BROTHERS AlliHi).,, T. ' i.n. I nlill.luili ' lJs MRS. IRA M. BOLTON .TKWELEU Alliens. Tcnn. CENTRAL SERVICE STATION Texaco Gas and Oil ll|„.ii -24 U.Mir- M I .i T..|,|,ln„H. ILM OFFICE SUPPLY STORE Allit-ns. T.-iin, • ' cuuiilinu ' nts WHITE STORE I ' liil S ' w.-ninc!-, Mur. T. J. PAYNE CO. Sl;;ti( n( ' rs. Olfici ' OuHiltcr.- Kvciylliiii- r..r tlic Si-llnul 821 Mniik. ' t St. ( ' ■Unttii i, Tenn. McKELDIN FLORAL COMPANY ' ■FI,(iWKI!S F i!; Al.I. OCCASIIPXS ' Athens. Tenn. SINCLAIR H. C. GASOLINE Stni s Knocks Adds Pdwei- .1, 1 ' . iC.McliI ( ' ;iit vrisht Distiibiitor ifW Ttraitraiffa?? irsi?f ffi? fnfi?n? .. ? fflin{i?i it? ig ?iff ?i?n i?rfflff i 42 Heird Dru $ Store " WHERE THE GANG MEETS " When in Town Purchase Your Toiletries. Cigars. Tobacco. Candy And Those Big Sundaes PRESCRIPTIONS FILLED ANY TIME Phone 33 WE DELIVER Athens, Tenn. ATHENS INSURANCE Fur Exci ' lh ' iil .- .M-vir.. WAYNE RAY ' S AGENCY MARKET I ' AII. WAI.KKK. I ' n.,, V,., t , MEATS (JKUCERIEK I ' KUDI ' CE l ' li..nc 72 ALLEN ' S BARBER ■Til.. iruusH nf (}iuilily " (ifiiei ' iil Iiismnrtc-i .-iiid SHOP PIm.ii. ' x TC ;niil . " id Bull, Is AiiH.ns, ' IVnii, 1 i i i i 1 1 I I i i I i i i i 1 1 I I I 1 LAY AND COMPANY 1 i I i i i A. A. SPIGGLE I SON I i (inicfrics. Gns .-iiiil Oil p I ' liune 205 Mt. Venl Piki- Athens, Ti nii. ' rinplinn ' iils of §1 F, W. WOOLWORTH CO. 5c to 10c Store ( ' ompliiiifiits SHERMAN - HAMMER SUPPLY CO. 1 mii.iiEits sri ' i ' MEs Phone IM Athens, Tenn. CoTniilinuMits THE GILDED DOME " SAXKWICH SHOPPE " CREED LINER. Pioi). tirnlltntlff ff lfi ijntlii flS fiy 43 44 Autographs Autographs A utographs Autographs ,1 :jv For Reference Not to be taken from this room

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