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ALLEN COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY “soni 31 6680 Lu EAGLE 1971 yr TENNESSEE TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY VOLUME 46 EDITOR—GRACE POPE BUSINESS MANAGER—JULIA JARRELL ADVISOR—HIX STUBBLEFIELD PHOTOGRAPHER—DON REESE must act to improve his world Man has used the earth to do many great things, but the time has come when the earth cannot provide man with unlimited resources. For many years man robbed the earth of its riches, never replacing the stolen goods. He failed to realize that his selfishness and carelessness would one day lead to a fight for his sur- vival. Even with his life at stake, he finds it difficult to give up a few conveniences in order to save his environment. Page 3 Page 4 MAN must learn before he can act To ensure that his action will be beneficial to his fellowman, man must possess knowledge. Although it is impossible for man to learn all the facts in every subject area, he should be acquainted with much. The learned man will value the knowledge that he can obtain from books for they represent the storehouse of in- formation of the past, but he will also value the lessons he acquires trom his experiences. Learning through his own efforts will teach him that accepting statements without proot can be harmful. He should be pre- pared to question proposed hypoth- eses and to search for his own answers. Man's possession of knowl- edge will enable him to improve him- self as well as help his fellowman and his environment. Page 5 MAN must be sound in mind and body If man is to take action with the knowledge he has gained, he must have a sound body. Every man can- not be as physically fit as the athlete, but he can keep his body healthy. A healthy body provides a better opportunity for a developed mind to act. The mind can show man what actions to take, but it can do nothing to make the body act if the body is unfit for action. A man with a healthy mind and body can finish the job he starts. ee muneeanunionaae en br sancanerntenianee ata Hi i WH a LOTTA si geeis HE K Nit | badadatadabedatatee alsaibslatutatadstetstetst B= HHHHHHHA HT Sah Hil Wt HHH aware of his fellowman In our society no man can completely isolate himself. It makes no differ- ence what race he is or what job he holds, he is constantly in contact with his fellowman. Man depends on others not only for economic rea- sons, but also for the friendship they have to offer. This friendship is im- portant to him because the sharing of his deepest emotions with some- one who cares is one of the prized possessions of our society. However, caring for his fellowman cannot stop with a few friends, he must be con- cerned with all of mankind. His awareness of the problems his fellow- men face enables him to share the responsibility of helping the poor, illiterate and elderly. Page 9 involved Man is a social creature living in a complex society. In our diversified society each man must accept and share a part of the responsibility if we are to move forward. He must stand for what he believes even if it means going against popular opinion. He should listen to what others have to say with an open mind, but if he sincerely believes in something, he should be willing to fight for it. He should not let ridicule keep him from participating in events that he be- lieves are justified. Even if he loses the battle, his self-defeat would be greater if he had ignored the prob- lem and joined the crowd. He can- not expect others to do more than he is willing to do. If he lets others do the job or passes the duty on to someone else, he has no right to complain. He must be willing to put forth effort if he hopes to accom- plish anything. He must be totally involved in his world. CONTENTS STUDENT LIFE ACTIVITIES . FEATURES SPORTS . ACADEMICS ADVERTISING INDEX Page 12 PHIL SHEPHERD Editor i Page 13 es ena Ey A at CSI SA ; i " : i ; i ry} i $3.6 million University Center opened The beginning of winter quarter saw the opening of the doors to the $3.6 mil- lion University Center which features ser- vices ranging from a mini-market to a barber shop. In the center one can find a new self- service bookstore which displays text- books. The new center offers a better postal facility, an extended shopping area and a recreation room. The modern snack bar not only acts as a fast food service, but also as a meeting place for students. An OVC room decorated with wall panel- ing of OVC school colors is used for conferences, reading and lounging. Also an auditorium is available with a seating capacity of 1,000. The third floor features many multipurpose rooms for conferences and workshops. The additional space in the new build- ing promotes more activities at Tech. The spiral staircase is one of the main focal points of the university center. a ee Workmen construct a staircase which extends from the ground level to the second floor. 11 ayo DR ris, The university center offers new concepts in student life at Tech. Po SSR EPR: A comfortable and attractive student lounge is Students find self-service is a new convenience of an added feature in the new facility. the university bookstore. S eo The snack bar provides a place where students can eat and relax between classes. Page 16 Faye Wyatt exhibits her skill at pool in the new pool room in the University Center. New Center offers variety for students With the opening of the new University Center came new facilities for students. Furniture placed throughout the new com- plex is very helpful to those who prefer to relax between classes. For those who are more energetic there is a recreation room with billiard tables. The modern snack bar provides quick food service. The new Center provides several areas for friends to meet and talk. New facilities add to students’ enjoyment A uni-turf was installed on the track encircling the football field. The football team gets ready to work out on the newly installed poly-turf. Page 18 Sg ole sy EF Son ae a. Re ee Tech’s campus has been expanding every year through construction. This year the new facilities include an artificial surface for outdoor sports, and a business administration building with new equip- ment and modern classrooms. Tech’s Overall Field has the largest ar- tificially turfed field in the entire world. Poly-turf was installed on the football field, and uni-turf was laid for the track around the field. The total cost for both artificial surfaces was $345,000. Putnam County paid $245,000 of that amount for 25 years’ use of the field by the county’s Senior and Junior High Schools. The new Business Administration Building was opened at the beginning of summer session, June, 1970. The build- ing contains 69,000 square feet of floor space which houses classrooms, student lounge, library, data processing equip- ment, closed circuit television and offices for the faculty members. It also houses the Upper Cumberland Development Dis- trict offices in 10 rooms in its northeast corner. The total construction cost of the building was approximately $1,250,000. oth inside and outside the classroom Pps Hy é: Sere he , t + re! sage é 3 Wses fe 4 } HHH i i i Sat EAM TA tg i aa it TUTTLE Gide Aen Ps Altes tls ths i Ey ipdairhgletsi ede Ue EAGT Hi iahadite late abeea AHH iiataht ents HT ifs Hi ih 8; 4 Hi est: ei silent Hf § § ; abseil isles iH} Pitti hatte y bit ele Wa dads en | oe f: PEORIA TN EeEi ATES yey meta “one foie Yt ' x © c 6 £ uw. oO 5 ne cu | o—w ze v= 2 § c : S © 2 4v 5 SE = 65 = —E 5 Tia Lo : 5 4 : 22 ‘3 o : = (ow) : B = 3 oe hae The men from Smith Quad enjoy a game of pool after a day of classes. Smith Lodge offers variety to students After approximately 18 months of con- struction, Smith Lodge was opened for the residents of Smith Quad and other students, all of whom were looking for the conveniences it offered. The lodge, decorated with dark oak mediterranean furnishings, has a lounge, television room, snack area, games and laundry rooms as well as living quarters for the overseer and two assistants. The ground floor of the mini-student center offers a color television, study lounge and snack tables. In the base- ment of the three floor structure is the game room with pool tables, ping-pong tables and laundry facilities. Page 20 The Snack Lounge can easily be converted into a study room. The main lounge serves as a place to study or a place to take a date. Me CI : oe ae : eee Freshmen find a time to relax and get acquainted at the picnic on the quad. 3 President and Mrs. Derryberry greet the new fresh- men at the faculty reception. 2,008 frosh adjust to college routine The first step for the freshmen was a matter of moving in and adjusting to dorm life. The freshmen were greeted at the dorm by their head residents. They were given a freshman package which contained an “Eagle” button, tickets and information concerning their first week at Tech. They were then asked to wear their name tag and beanie for the remain- der of the week. The freshmen’s first week was a week of orientation. Assemblies were held to acquaint the students with services of- fered by the university. A faculty recep- tion gave the freshmen a chance to meet their teachers. There were also a picnic on the quad, movies, and religious activi- ties at the local churches. Freshman week was concluded with an all-campus dance featuring the Funny Farm. One of the freshmen's first responsibilities was the bonfire for Homecoming. Page 21 A student finds a coke float and the late afternoon sunshine are relaxing after classes. Myra Rains and friends enjoy the lawn in front of Early Hall. During campus elections every available spot is uti- lized for campaigning . Page 22 BAAR dap ta nes HVA 2% ity to pportun s dorms. Many of the college men take an o acquaint themselves with the women Everyone anxiously awaits the arrival of mail with either a friend or money in mind. gather on a spring afternoon to enjoy the Students shady quad. The theme of Homecoming is captured by Tau Kappa Epsilon’s float entry. Everything is Beautiful’ reflects Homecoming “Everything is Beautiful” weekend at Tech was a flurry of enthusiastic response marking Homecoming competition on the Tech campus. The Homecoming Olym- pics, float-building, dormitory and fra- ternity house decorations and high school band competition attracted large numbers of entrants. On Friday afternoon contestants who entered the Homecoming Olympics par- ticipated in such events as: the sleeping bag relay, egg toss, toilet paper relay, life- saver-toothpick relay, sack relay and dizzy-izzy. Winners in the Homecoming Olympics were Phi Delta Theta in the men’s division and Phi Mu in the women’s division. Saturday featured the parade, football Page 24 game and a concert headlining “The Temptations.” Mrs. Mary Alice Little, a 1938 gradu- ate of Tech was chosen the 1970 Home- coming Parade Grand Marshall. She led the caravan of automobiles, marching bands and floats along the parade route. The first place position in the float building competition was captured by the National Society of Professional Engi- neers. McCord Hall won first place in the dormitory decorations competition among the men’s residence halls. Unit B took first place in the women’s dormitory decoration. The winners in house deco- rations category were Theta Tau and Phi Delta Theta. " The Temptations " perform for a capacity crowd after-the football game. ae eS With the help of the fire department the cheer- leaders show their pep in the parade. ny The Freshman class built a bon-fire for the pre- Unit B took top honors in the women's division of game pep rally. the dormitory decorations. me 3 : “ £ Queen Pam White and her court charm the parade with their beauty. Homecoming enthusiastically a ST ae ee ee deere WA a —_ RRS | RMS ? YB ii Students encircle the sack relay event at the Homecoming Olympics. - é M 2 « Some students find the Pep truck provides a better view of the Olympic games. Page 26 ER ccepted om SE EE ees + - - Tree i aly in rt = ose _ cae BN: Phi Delta Theta's Golden Eagle helped them win first place in fraternity house decorations. Twenty-four high school bands participated for top Dorms added a highlight to the parade by this en- band awards in the Homecoming parade. trant of their sweetheart. One of the events of the Homecoming Olympics Originality and a lot of hard work go into a Home- was the lifesaver-toothpick relay. coming float. Students respond to name concerts ¥ Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons start Spring The winter concert featured the " Ides of March " Fling activities with a well received concert. along with the ''Lightning Kite. " An enthusiastic crowd watched " The Temptations” perform medleys of their hit songs. Page 28 Kathy Howell is a contestant in the Spring Fling body painting contest. Sigma Chi's proudly accept first place in the char- iot race. PPro. Alpha Phi Omega sponsored the first annual Turtle Grand National. Spring Fling events involve entire campus Approximately 2,000 students partici- pated in Spring Fling activities. Spring Fling consisted of three days of student entertainment sponsored by the Asso- ciated Student Body and Student Enter- tainment Organization. The weekend began with Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons in concert on Thursday night. Friday afternoon events began with Delta Tau Delta’s tug-of-war. That night Peter Sayers, a nationally known enter- tainer, hosted “A New Dimension”— 1970 Carnicus. Carnicus gave campus groups a chance to give their version of events at Tech. Events began Saturday with the all- campus picnic which was returned to campus after being held at area parks for several years. The picnic which was to be held in Sherlock Park was forced in- side to the gym because of rain. A band was obtained to provide entertainment until the events got under way. A body-painting contest sponsored by Phi Mu Alpha began the competitive events. After the body painting contest Alpha Phi Omega set up the race tracks for the first annual Turtle Grand Na- tional. Several heats had to be run be- fore the champion of turtle racing could be crowned. After the rain stopped, a chariot race was held outside with prizes going to the winners. For the students whose inter- ests ranged beyond turtle and chariot rac- ing, an auto-cross car competition was sponsored by the Golden Eagles Sports- car Club. Also an exhibition of free fall jumps was given by the Tech skydivers. Page 29 Name talent plays at Tech Throughout the year dances provide entertainment Pete Sayers entertained students with his unusual for Tech students. musical talent. " The Funny Farm " played at the dance in the new University Center after the Homecoming concert. Page 30 . 2 Bewildered Steve Wilder receives an " Everett " from Danny Shipp in TKE's Carnicus skit. Carnicus grand prize goes to Phi Mu One last laugh before finals was offered at “A New Dimension, Carnicus ’70.” An evening of humorous skits, Carnicus was written and produced by students. Phi Mu sorority took overall honors with a take-off on “I Dream of Jeanne.” Pretty girls and beautiful scenery helped Zap up the big trophy. In the men’s division, Tau Kappa Epsi- lon won first by giving the “Everett” awards to many groups and individuals. Sigma Chi won second with its version of “Easy Rider.” Sigma Sigma Sigma won first in the women’s division with the “Wizard of Oz.” A trip to the moon won second place for Zeta Tau Alpha. Emceed by Pete Sayers of WSM in Nashville, Carnicus was one of the favor- ite activities of Spring Fling. It sailed off for a few hours of comic relief before the faculty got the last laugh. Page 31 The Tech Community Orchestra is directed by Dr. James Wattenbarger. Music groups tour state Tech’s musical groups toured the state widely in 1971. The International Brass Quintet toured with the Tennessee Arts Commission. Four members of the quintet comprise the brass faculty at Tech while the re- maining brass player is a student. A fea- tured soloist with the quintet is Carl Go- rodetzky, director of strings at Tech. This spring the quintet performed for the Southern Division of MENC in Daytona. Winter quarter the varsity choir made a tour through East Tennessee. The Tech Troubadours and the concert: band made individual visits to schools through- out the state spring quarter. The International Brass Quintet has performed in more than 25 programs this year. Tech's varsity choir rehearses for its major tour through East Tennessee. Page 32 Lane Miller proudly accepts the winning trophy for Kappa Sigma. All-Sing On Broadway production Teddy Bart, WSM's Noon Show emcee, hosts the 1971 All-Sing. The fourth annual All-Sing, sponsored by Phi Delta Theta social fraternity, was truly an “On Broadway” production. Emceed by Teddy Bart, a Nashville tele- vision personality, “On Broadway” pro- vided its participants an evening to show their originality as well as their talent. The event was open to any organized group on campus. Alpha Delta Pi captured the first place trophy and $75 in the women’s division for their rendition of “Hello, Young Lov-. ers,” “I Could Have Danced All Night,” and “Almost Like Being in Love.” Kappa Sigma took the top honors in the men’s division by performing “Hey, Look Me Over,” “How to Handle a Woman,” and “There’s Nothing Like a Dame.” In the men’s division Alpha Phi Omega and Sigma Chi earned the second and third place honors, respectively. Phi Mu and Kappa Delta took these honors in the women’s division. Under the direction of Mike Register, Alpha Delta Pi places first in the women's division. Page 33 Tech Players present drama each quarter During spring quarter the Tech Players presented “The Amorous Flea.” The production was a bawdy, three-act com- edy with music based on Moliere’s “School for Wives.” The lead was played by Douglas Tidwell, dramatics teacher and director of the Players. The fall production, “The Dark of the Moon,” was a folk drama set in an iso- lated area of the Smoky Mountains. The drama is derived from the simple, funda- mentalist religion of the mountain folk and their belief in the supernatural. Frank Gilroy’s “The Subject was Roses” was presented winter quarter. The rose was a symbol for love in the award-winning drama. The drama had only three characters with a modest set consisting of a living room and a kitchen. The Tech Players is an intricate part of Tech’s Campus. The use of both stu- dents and faculty in their productions has proven popular with audiences. Tech Players practice their parts for " The Amorous Flea " which was presented spring quarter. Mark Draper practices singing for his part in " The Amorous Flea. " Pam Limbaugh gets the final touches to her make- up just before the curtain rises. Douglas Tidwell, Mark Draper and " The Amorous Flea. Jane Carpenter perform in Tech Players the in Betty Jo Russell served as stage manager production of " The Dark of the Moon. " Harry Pose " The Dark in y portrays one of the mountain folk of the Moon. " Students from Tech Training school have a chance to welcome Cosmouse after his journey. Many hours of diligent work were spent assembling the rocket and its components. Page 36 Cosmouse: A new experience for Tech Cosmouse, a rodent not much larger than the palm of a hand, received front- page coverage in some of the largest dail- ies in Tennessee when he rode a rocket some 1,000 feet into the sky over Tech on May 22, 1970. One year after the launch, Cosmouse died of old age and his death once again became a front-page story. What was it all about? Dr. Elmo Dooley, professor of biology who had helped design some of the systems that were used in the United States’ initial space flights, decided that his students could learn a great deal more about prob- lems of space flight if an actual launch were made. So Cosmouse was wired for the flight so that his heart beat and other items could be monitored. Dr. Dooley and his students received calls from self-named humane society members in an attempt to block the flight. But the launch took place on schedule on a clear Monday with many students and newsmen watching the blastoff and recovery. After the journey into the sky Cosmouse was para- chuted back to Overall Field. Dr. Dooley pushes the button that sends Cosmouse 1,000 feet into the sky. The rocket is being placed on the launching pad at Overall Field. Monday luncheon-forums gave students and admin- istrators the opportunity to listen to each other. When Public Programs was deleted from the curriculum at the end of spring quarter, the President’s coffee was also eliminated. To encourage administration-student communication, a Monday _ luncheon- forum was initiated. All students, faculty members and administrators were invited and encouraged to attend. A question-and-answer session helped to show some of the problems on campus and how they are handled. Many pol- icies and regulations were explained. The sessions also gave administrators an opportunity to answer questions raised through letters to the student newspaper. What will be the next building to be constructed on campus? Will Tech have a speaker program to replace Public Pro- grams? What is being done to remove ice from sidewalks during winter months? Will Tech raise its tuition and mainte- nance fees? These were some of the questions that were answered. William Patterson, director of cooperative educa- tion, and ASB senator Rocky Hendrickson discuss the value of cooperative education. Page 38 As ASB president, Steve Dozier was one of the presiding officers at the luncheon-forum. Forum aids faculty-student communication ROTC continues re-evaluation A familiar sight on a Thursday after- noon is cadets wandering from one com- pany to another trying to find their par- ticular platoon and squad. However, this Thursday afternoon tradition may soon be coming to anend. The State Board of Education has made plans to phase out the mandatory ROTC program on state campuses. By 1972, ROTC will be of- fered strictly on a voluntary basis. During fall quarter, the military sci- ence department was given official aca- demic recognition by the University. It is now possible for a student to obtain a first minor in military science. Students who acquire a minor must take a com- mission in the Army upon graduation. The ROTC program at Tech is de- signed so that the student not only re- ceives classroom instruction, but also has applied leadership drills where each stu- dent assumes a leadership role. The Rangers, Scabbard and Blade, and Rebel Rifles are types of specialization which are active in military science. ROTC Sponsors Dee Higdon and Patti Womack meet with area civic leaders. Ray Carter, Dave Kaser, and Bob Aylward are rec- ognized for their shooting abilities. ROTC Cadets receive extra training by taking care of the flag in front of Derryberry Hall. Page 39 Dorms redecorated: lifted restrictions improve dorm life To make on-campus living more like home Tech sought out ways to improve Dixie Hall and Southeast Hall. Both of these dorms feature private rooms with telephones to be installed soon. Cable television was installed for those who like to watch TV in their room with friends. The halls and lounges were carpeted to help remedy the noise and to improve the general atmosphere. Tennessee Tech also has lifted some of the restrictions which are placed on Tech women. Last spring the Tech women were given extended hours. The upper- classmen who have parental permission may have unlimited hours, while the oth- ers enjoy midnight and 2 o’clock curfews. For the first time, women who are 21 can live off campus. . ‘I " A el | Av , Pag) x a Vicki Hale and Pam White enjoy television with the newly installed cable in Dixie Hall. Page 40 La Nothing could bring these men closer than some- thing to eat. ) ae em ie, Millie Smith is delighted to old friends. Sts ie Muay Le ARMY DIGE Claudia Loftis looks into her refrigerator for an afternoon snack. }eing able to relax and enjov a magazine is a part f dorm life. Page 41 Page 42 ee = oObwn— 18. iy . Derryberry Hall . Kittrell Hall . Jere Whitson Memorial Library . University Center . Smith Quadrangle (Men's Residence Halls) Austin Hall Wheeler Hall Miller Hall Millard Hall James Hall Quintin Hall Smith Lodge . Southeast Hall—(Men's Residence Hall) . Tennis Courts . Daniel Hall and Matthews Hall (Men's Residence Halls) . Infirmary . Memorial Health and Physical Education Building . Bartoo Hall . Fine Arts Building . Education Building . Henderson Hall . New University Center . Biology and Agriculture Building . Women's Residence Halls Rye Hall Dixie Hall Meadows Hall Early Hall Unit A Unit B Unit C Unit D Marshall Hall Unit E University Services Building Capitol Quadrangle (Men's Residence Halls) Browning Hall Evins Hall South Hall Cooper Hall Maddux Hall McCord Hall Ellington Hall Northeast Hall . Industrial Technology Building . Clement Hall—Engineering Building . Chemistry Building . Business Administration Building . President's Residence . Maintenance Building . Foundry . Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Building . Physics and Math Building . Chemical and Civil Engineering Building . Overall Field . Tech Campus School . Chemical Engineering Laboratory . Baseball Field . Coliseum . Intramural and R.O.T.C. Drill Field . Tech Village . Intramural ITU's growth influences future Tech’s growth can be seen through its expanded graduate program. In 1970 approximately 150 students applied for their master’s degree for the June or Au- gust graduation. Tech also graduated the largest engineering class in the state. The speaker at the 1970 June exercises was Dr. Edward J. Boling, the newly ap- pointed president of the University of Tennessee. Boling was the Vice-Presi- dent of Administration and Development before replacing Dr. Andrew D. Holt as president. Dr. Boling spoke on the good relationship between Tech and UT. He especially praised the work of Tech presi- dent Everett Derryberry. After Dr. Boling spoke, President Der- ryberry gave his annual charge to the graduating class. He told the graduates that the public would judge this institu- tion by “its measure of you.” The di- plomas were then presented to the class. A reception and luncheon was held in the cafeteria for the class and their Janet Dishman adjusts her fiance's cap before family and friends following graduation graduation exercises. exercises. a Cail) i cecienaeoneresnn a om er eg Bb os ree Seniors form the traditional processional across the quad for graduation. Page 44 KAREN NEAL Editor z % z Le fit. t : ® D — = % 2. New ASB constitution adds judiciary s_ J , — —— New TWO president Sherry Tucker is installed by Sherry Blanchard as the other officers look on. Page 46 Ck ee Aa ey _ gg 2 Under the leadership of Associated Student Body President Steve Dozier, a new constitution was put into action which instituted a judicial branch of gov- ernment. With this addition, the ASB was served by an executive, legislative and judicial branch. Powers vested in the judicial branch included the right of the Student Supreme Court to hear, try and pass judgment on all cases brought before it involving the constitution. It also allowed judgment on infractions not previously covered by ju- diciary systems concerning university reg- ulations. Chief Justice of the Student Su- preme Court was Richard Frounfelker. Prior to the beginning of fall quarter, the ASB sponsored a senate leadership conference at Hi-Lake resort. Various administrators and student leaders dis- cussed the forthcoming academic year and tried to present a plan of working ideas for the student body. Also active in the ASB are the Tech Women’s Organization and the Tech Men’s Dormitory Organization. The two groups worked for changes in dorm visi- tation and rules. TMDO President Jack Smith and Vice-President Bill Hite make plans for the new year. eC Sea eee fa hibte Gis OTE A pas seme oe tl .“4 Steve Dozier, ASB president, listens to the discus- sion of a bill that is on the floor. ASB Secretary Ruth Massey (right) examines a bill Bill Barber, ASB vice-president, presides over the while other senate members review the proposal. weekly senate meetings. Senators Bill Moran and Ronnie Swann discuss a proposal pending on the senate floor. Hi-Lake resort was the scene of the summer leader- ship conference sponsored by the ASB. Page 47 Precision marks band performances Golden Girls high-stepping routines add entertain- ment to half-time shows. Page 48 A march in the inauguration parade, precision routines and music highlighted a season of hard work and long hours for the Tennessee Tech Golden Eagle Marching Band. Directed by Wayne Pegram of the Tech music department, the band began drilling prior to the onset of fall quarter. The impressive field shows at football games and polished musical numbers which they presented served as a constant reminder of the band’s hard work. Graced by the lovely Golden Girls, headed by Patti Womack, the band trav- eled to various away ball games and to a number of parades cross the state. Among these parades was the inaugura- tion parade held in Nashville for the new- ly-elected Governor Dunn. The band is composed of music ma- jors, for the most part, and is an excellent way for participating members to acquire training in leadership as well as in music. Drum major Terry McNatt directs the band during a performance on Overall Field. The Tennessee Tech Marching Band performs many popular music pieces in their Homecoming show. Tech Golden Girls are Debbie Barnes, Lynne Ow- Miser, Carolyn Mars, Shelia Goode, Peggy Tigue. ings, Julia Dowell, Candy Holbrook, Mary Lee Patti Womack. The Eagle seems like a big bird to two of Tech's nn = young fans. ae — a cee meets. sae The varsity cheerleaders perform acrobatic stunts at Eagles’ games. Freshman cheerleaders are: Row 1—Donna Wade, Leesa Buskirk, Cindy Green. Row 2—Rita Chaffin, Cathy Krantz, Betty Jo Hunt. Page 50 First frosh cheerleaders elected This fall for the first time Tech fresh- men were represented by a group of ener- getic cheerleaders. They helped increase spirit at the freshman games. The varsity cheerleaders led by co-cap- tains Pam White and Larry Jones were always active at ballgames leading yells and performing difficult acrobatic stunts. Tech's Eagle relaxes and enjoys the half-time show at the homecoming game. . . ; se Varsity cheerleaders are: Row 1—Debbie Cassetty, Paul Whiteaker, George Goodman, Bill LaFollette, Beth Crecelius shows her spirit as she cheers the Linda Toombs, Marie Mattson, Jeanie Davenport, Larry Jones, co-captain; Dale Ballinger, Bryan Eagles to victory. Pam White, co-captain; Beth Crecelius. Row 2— Poaches. Page 51 ae nt = Seca a ¥ ue He wait ge Sa gee ee ate ees § e SS Wat ee HA A trio of Tech skydivers prepare for a jump. A sports car club member races against the clock Dr. Allen helps prepare a car for competition. as he maneuvers through a course. Tech skydivers 13th in national meet The Tech skydiver’s competition team Also very active in the Tech commu- placed 13th among 48 participating col- _ nity is the Golden Eagle Sports Car Club. leges and universities in the National Col- Sponsoring rallies frequently, the club legiate Parachuting Championship held in promotes good safety habits and driving Deland, Fla. this fall. skills while building the competitive spirit eee es among participants. Z Y SCS. Clubs and Honorary Societies College of Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Council; Avant-Garde (French Club); Chemical and Medical Sciences Club; Deutscher Verein (German Club); English Club; GEO Club; International Relations Club; Kappa Mu Epsilon (National Honorary Fraternity in Mathematics); Mathematics Club; Sociology Club; Phi Alpha Theta (National Honorary Fraternity in History); Physics Club; Pi Kappa Delta (National Hon- orary Fraternity in Speech); Sigma Tau Delta (National Honorary Fraternity in English); Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society; Tech Players; The Biology Club School of Agriculture and Home Economics Alpha Gamma Sigma (Professional Agriculture Fraternity); American Farm Economic Association; Block and Bridle Club; Delta Tau Alpha (National Honorary Fraternity); Home Economics Club; Kappa Omicron Phi (National Home Economics Society); Tech Aggies; Tennessee Tech Society of Agronomy School of Business Administration Accounting Club; Alpha Kappa Psi (Professional Business Fraternity); Asso- ciation of Business Clubs; Marketing Club; Phi Beta Lambda (Professional Of- fice Management Organization); Phi Gamma Nu (Professional Business Sorority) ; Pi Omega Pi (National Honor Society); Sigma Jota Epsilon (National Honor Society); Society for the Advancement of Management College of Education Health and Physical Education Club; Kappa Delta Pi (National Honor Society); Music Education National Council; Mu Phi Epsilon ( Women’s Professional Music Sorority); Phi Mu Alpha, Sinfonia Fraternity of America (Men’s Profes- sional Music Fraternity); Student National Education Association College of Engineering Affiliate American Institute of Chemical Engineers; American Foundrymen’s Society; American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics; American Institute of Industrial Engineers Student Club, Inc.; American Society of Civil Engineers; American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Engineering Honor System; Engi- neering Joint Council; Engineering Science Club; Eta Kappa Nu (National Elec- trical Engineering Honor Society); Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engi- neers; National Society for Professional Engineers; Pi Tau Sigma (Mechanical Engineering Fraternity); Tau Beta Pi (National Engineering Honor Society); Society of Industrial Technology; Theta Tau Fraternity (Professional Engineers) ROTC Department Rebel Rifles; Scabbard and Blade; Tech Rangers Non-Departmental Clubs Acacia Men’s Club; Alpha Phi Omega (Service Fraternity); Alpha Psi Omega (Drama); Black Student Organization; Circle K; Cosmopolitan Club; Gold Circle (Women’s Local Honor Society); Golden Eagle Sports Car Club; Interfaith Council; The Pinkerton Society of Tennessee Technological University (Speech Activities); Speleophiles; Stand Up for America Club; “T” Club; Tech Men’s Dormitory Organization; Tech Women’s Organization; Tennessee Tech Amateur Radio Society; Tennessee Tech Karate Club; Tennessee Tech Scuba Club; Ten- nessee Tech Skydivers; Tennessee Tech Veterans Club; Young Democrats of Tennessee Technological University; Young Republicans Club; Senior Class; Junior Class; Sophomore Class; Freshman Class National Social Fraternities and Sororities Fraternities: Alpha Tau Omega; Delta Tau Delta; Kappa Sigma; Lambda Chi Alpha; Phi Delta Theta; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Sigma Chi : Sororities: Alpha Delta Pi; Alpha Sigma Alpha; Kappa Delta; Phi Mu; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Zeta Tau ‘Alpha WK ME I My I a SS S Before a group of interested spectators, Bob Kin- caid makes a safe landing. WL QQ SSG. QQ wy° 7 s 2»2=E 'wwwww 00090, p11] ],},]]}_]” " 7F " |l.|FDOJW SY SH QQ | " l__?eJ’?’zIVvV.V.cs § SWWW'’ GF F=éanmtryWei yy ug ,J9WV)}jjjy WW _°e™0™5:()l. ’H.rvFDT’QQRvQKNd QQ A DD 0A I KX g.lQw,lilliiiiip i pF NV,l liiil }iiifiipi}§ BCWWMG WS I..N WL WV “ a 2 oO wn w aU NL EVALUATION PLOTS : na aac RU hy ed CONSERVATION Nau a . na ia Members of the agronomy club: Kneeling—Jesse Head, Dennis Cunningham, Tommy Whitaker, Da- Gillam, Lloyd Covington, Ronnie Charles, Roger vid White, Alton Freeman, Will Rivers, Joe Bryant, Pangle, Harry Boring. Standing—Carl Davis, Larry Dr. Wilbur Frye. Outdoor work, fun highlight activities for Tech students Accompanying any trend of warm weather, Tech students flock to the out- of-doors and to their favorite pastimes. Agriculture majors can participate in many activities as the School of Agricul- ture houses six clubs among which are the Block and Bridle and the Rodeo team. Being involved in activities related to their fields enables the Ag majors to learn about their work as they devote a great deal of time and effort to promoting their sport through rodeos. Below the surface of the earth, the spe- leophiles often can be found exploring the depths of caves. Traveling over the state, members explore and look for ex- citement as they discover a few of the earth’s beauties. A rodeo club member shows his riding skill on a bronco. Caving enthusiast Doug Wrinn descends into a pi of a cave. Page 54 Tech student Inderpal Gumer greets fellow Cosmo- Jo Anne Clark talks with Ray Farah, International politan Club members. Student Organization president, and Bernard Mey- erson, NAFSA consultant. Various interests highlighted by clubs Pinkerton Society president Steve Klasek discusses speech activities with other members. Page 56 A Tech Scuba Club member searches for under- water riches on a dive. Active campaigning by Steve Dozier, a Theta Tau, led to his election as ASB President. © T chapter voted national best Tech’s chapter of Theta Tau, national professional engineering fraternity, was voted among the top chapters at their bi- ennial convention held in Houston, Texas. Represented by six members, the chap- ter was recipient of the “Best Newsletter Award,” as well as being chosen to re- ceive the Eric J. Shrader Award, the highest award given to a chapter. Being active in campus life, Theta Tau exists as a top contender in intramural sports and has leaders in student govern- ment as well as in various other campus organizations. This year the organization moved into a new house on Walnut Street, as its membership continued to grow. Students who attended the national convention are: Row I: Tommy Freeman, Robert Bailey. Row 2: Buddy Lambert, John Lamb, Paul Reece and Richard Frounfelker. A®Q sponsors service projects to aid students Tech’s only service fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega, contributes to civic and ser- vice projects in the Tech community. Sponsoring the annual March of Dimes dance each winter quarter, Alpha Phi Omega contracted area rock bands to donate their time as they performed for the dance. All proceeds went to the March of Dimes. The group sponsored a blood drive to help the county reach its quota. For those persons without transportation to the bloodmobile, Alpha Phi Omega pro- vided the service. On campus the group assists in elections and registration. For the first time, Alpha Phi Omega participated in All-Sing this year, cap- turing second place in the men’s divi- sion. Directed by James Henry, the group sang their way to the winner’s position with a song from “Camelot”. Alpha Phi Omega members spend an afternoon “sprucing up’ the campus. Nick Cleghorn, Alpha Phi Omega member, assists with ASB elections. Sue Mason, a member ie La E | ; of Gold Circle senior women's honor society, presents a motion to the group. Kappa Omicron Phi (National Home Economics Society) members: (standing) Kathy Tongate, Linda Morgan, Sharman Wright, Diana Headrick, Page 60 iii Martha Shanks, Lucy Head, Sue McCloud, Linda Carrick. (Seated) Kaye Randolph, Patricia Bowers, Judy Lively. Phi Kappa Phi members: Row 1—Barbara Burch, Susan Range, Frances Gragg, Unice Avriett, Jan Whitehurst, Pat Brahmstedt, Donna Reddick, Nancy Hatmaker, Carol Swindell, Francis Roden, Ca ther- ine Deford, Betty Miller, Virginia Plummer, Char- lene Mullins, Mary Roberson, Rebecca Ganjehan- sani, Ruth Massey. Row 2—S. Lee Owens, E. S. Dooley, Vireshwar Sahir, Ray Kinslow, Kenneth Purdy, Ralph C. Boles, Robert DuBey, Reginald Mazeres, Richard Savage, Leighton Sissom, Allan E. Hribar, Dwyte Winningham. Row 3—Terry Town- send, Larry Walker, Joe Scardina, Fred Culp, Har- old Ayers, David Winchester, Walter Helton, Wil- bur Frye, Roger Purkey, Alan Jones. Honor societies note deserving students Delta Tau Alpha, national honorary agriculture so- ciety, national President Ron Graves congratulates national Vice-President Bill Draper. Leadership and scholastic abilities are only two of the many bonds common to those persons of the Tech community who are associated with national honor- ary groups on campus. Regardless of the college or. area of study represented in the various societies, those persons affiliated are chosen by out- standing characteristics in their field. The groups are designed to recognize stu- dents of superior abilities and high scho- lastic records. The promotions of these extracurricu- lar activities come from faculty and ad- ministrators alike, since these groups offer opportunities for the development of individual initiative and cooperation among the participants. Page 61 L Kappa Delta Pi (National Education Honor Soci- president; Ruth Massey, vice-president; Sue ety) officers are Mrs. Lynn, adviser; Susan Range, Mason, secretary; Donna Young, treasurer. Honor groups represent varied Phi Alpha Theta (National Honorary Fraternity for surer; Carolyn Willeford, president; William History) officers are Richard Davis, secretary-trea- Schrader III, adviser. Page 62 Pi Kappa Delta (National Honorary Fraternity for Bennie Stover, Robert Woodland, adviser. Seated Halfacre, Sam Byassee, Steve Klasek. Speech) members are: Standing—John Glascock, —Barbara Burch, Bob Luna, John Bailey, Marion Yee? = ae pity worn hel Aky " » GIV fen| CEREBRAL DNS Alpha Kappa Psi business fraternity members petch as Janet Ingle gives to the cerebral palsy rive. ee ah i 3 cfeieiges oS frac, — (ee a a Lil a nana a Honors groups contribute to campus life Several members of Phi Mu Alpha, Men's profes- sional Music Fraternity, are active participants in The many music oriented organizations on campus the Tech Troubadours. are well represented in the Tech band. Page 64 » te soncesiiaaniemesinel ‘ erates! wiawgiee sesshamcatoN é t : t i. ena oor Soa grat dinates tal Wn aii e. Seeee eee eeT ee BPEeeett SFeEPEEE LEER ELE LE a TEbEEES Rene eek e PRSSEREES SAR SEEEL PREELLLL CURE Sttitiih eat : Z eo 2% foe co 2 2 2 e — aaa eee .‘ - @ a oe Vv 22.0 oe 2% —w me - Eo oeow Soe —E s co zor ° = am o-2 £= 5 oF Ow Esls S @ = = S £ o AOS on’ § QAnOs Page 65 Features editor Teresa Halfacre finds information for Penny Taylor. Editor Grace Pope and business manager Julia Jarrell examine a past Eagle. Grace Pope, Julia Jarrell direct Eagle Three quarters of planning, scheduling pictures, talking with a printer culminated in a crash course in a nervous breakdown near the end of the winter quarter as edi- tors tried to meet the final deadline. It was met by night work between quarters. Trying to keep the book on schedule became difficult. The 1971 Eagle editors suffered through the usual persons who would not answer memos and who would not call the photographer when they missed their picture appointments. Grace Pope, editor-in-chief, spent most of her spare moments in the Eagle office or out on campus trying to locate an elu- sive administrator or one of her own staff members who had “promised” to do something. Julia Jarrell, business manager, found working with owners of business concerns enjoyable. Julia learned the whole year- book production racket. She was edi- tor-in-chief of the 1970 Eagle. Organizations editor Karen Neal talks with a club member about a picture. Page 66 Student life editor Phil Shepherd, takes a break and thumbs through past annuals. Bob Hagemann, sports editor, has a difficult time choosing sports pictures. Classes editor Tom Fleming is assisted by Bill Jip- ping in typing copy. Oracle staff members gather at night to begin ed- iting and composition work on another issue. Oracle coverage relates Tech to national issues National and local problems dealing with such topics as abortion, drug abuse, student unrest, smoking and pollution be- came major stories in Tech’s weekly stu- dent newspaper. Keeping up with the news surrounding some 6,000 students pushed the staff into many late night sessions in the Oracle office. Frequent trips to administrators’ Office, the city police department, and a trip to cover the inauguration ceremonies of Governor Dunn were a few of the Bob Hagemann, alias sports statistician, sports edi- tor of Eagle, edits sports for The Oracle. Page 68 things that took time outside the office. Two new editorial positions were created this year to assist with paste-up and news coverage. Jessie Shelley be- came assistant business manager and Joyce Redden became editorial assistant. Fred Snow was circulation manager. Walter Presswood, editorial page edi- tor, wrote a series of articles on social problems. His writing drew fire from several quarters. Louis Moore showed local business men that an ad in The Oracle produced results. Le - f Julia Jarrell kept her work on the yearbook going while doing paste-ups for The Oracle. . Tiisetees = Miiiiissress peestessrstss SStistissersstitety Sst seetts Siiiststeessttstasy eitteresets SaaS “aisesss Te Rebecca Ganjehsani and Walter Presswood were Donna Cooper, entertainment editor, found jobs managing editor and editorial editor respectively. other than writing easy to come by on The Oracle. David and Marion Moore, a husband and wife Joyce Redden explains to Joe Farris her job as ed- team, kept type and proofreading on schedule. itorial assistant. Page 69 Reese checks his camera equipment in his new stu- dio before taking a picture for the Eagle. A back-up camera swings from Reese's neck just in case number one fails to work. Shooting movie film for Nashville television stations is a common task for Reese. Page 70 Don Reese—one of nations top college photographers Don Reese, director of photographic services, takes pictures for the Eagle; The Oracle; and News, Alumni, and Public Relations. He is rated as one of the top 10 university photographers in the nation by the University Photog- raphers Association of America. What glamour there is to his work is offset by long hours of walking and stand- ing with cameras and other equipment swinging at his side. Persons failing to keep photographic appointments is one of his major headaches. Student assistants help him meet his demanding schedule. Charles Chilton gets set to shoot a picture with a Nikon. Chilton is a photo assistant. Margie Kinnaird, another assistant, is a depend- able lab worker and photo file clerk. Dean Carothers brushes lint from a negative be- fore attempting to print a picture. Ralph Harvey processes film in the new photo lab in the University Center. Page 71 AT Q has outstanding athletic season This was the year for sports for Alpha Tau Omega as they clearly proved their abilities on the athletic field. The brotherhood captured first place in inter- fraternity football and first in interfrater- nity softball. Again this year the ATQs put on box- ing gloves and played the women’s extra- mural basketball team to raise money for the teams. Sponsoring their annual Keystone Ka- pers with competitive games for the so- rorities, Alpha Tau Omega provided each sorority with a team of coaches for the games; the coaches helped each group prepare for the competition. “Little Sister Rush” was held again this year for the ATOQs. Women were se- lected on the basis of beauty, personality and loyalty to the brotherhood. Keystone cops Don Sharp and Larry Jones confer with the judge and scorekeeper at Kapers. Page 72 PRR a pet spcnee tonal ag DEST Da ; at + 3 3 oe BESS eR e]saishasajs Dale Ballinger leads the singing at an informal rush meeting. ATA colony receives - ae | | | national charter CAN 2s es eee Re sirea Delia as toy were 21g established as a national chapter. P Participating in many campus activities . Delta Tau Delta sponsored a slave sale in which they sold women from each soror- ity. These women were purchased by many persons to do odd jobs and work for the afternoon. Also sponsored by the Deltas was their annual tug-of-war competition between fraternities and sororities held during spring fling. Fraternity teams pulled across a pit of water, while sororities competed over a designated line. As fund raising project, ATA auctioned sorority women for an afternoon of work. su es Tee erent ta oe Bo Sn Oe penance DACAAR Tenneson Gechenabapesl 280, AY -;—D j (ee ATA president, Dave Lannom and President Derry- Delts and friends prepare their Homecoming deco- Rey receive the charter from the national presi- rations. ent. Page 73 KS's Mike White and James Clemons sell flowers for homecoming to raise money for their group. Kx sings way to first place in All-sing 4 ren ; | +f =) om i ai J Kappa Sigs perform at Lion's Roar. Page 74 Kappa Sigma brothers sang their way to success in the fourth annual All-Sing this year, entitling them to a large trophy and cash prize. Presenting songs from “South Pacific’? and “Camelot,” the group performed for the Cerebral Palsy Telethon. The brothers of Kappa Sigma also were busy remodeling their house and preparing for rush. All efforts seemed to pay off as the brotherhood boasted a large pledge class of 20. Civic projects and fund-raising activi- ties kept the Kappa Sigs busy this year. For the first time, they published the Kappa Sig calendar which was sold to the student body. The group was also very active in campus activities such as Lion’s Roar, intramural sports and the Home- coming games. Lambda Chi Bubba Hart and Susan Quinley enjoy a day at the lake with the fraternity. I a el en eae ee cal A 3% SERS : JD 2 A spaghetti supper draws a lot of attention at the Lambda Chi house. AXA becomes inter-fraternity basketball champ Despite tremendous competition, the inter-fraternity basketball team of Lambda Chi Alpha won the title of champions in that league. Great team work and hard practice united to give the Lambda Chis that extra edge necessary to win. They also participated in other sports always promising to be stiff compe- tition, whatever the game. This year as in previous years, the Lambda Chis sponsored a “Haunted House” on Halloween. Entertaining un- derprivileged children at this party, the brothers dressed in costumes and pro- vided the children with a memorable “spook” party. Enthusiastic supporters of the Greek system, Lambda Chis have many campus leaders in both government and depart- mental organizations. Lambda Chis are " Halloween spooks " for under- privileged children. PA © wins first in house decoration “Bury the Colonels” was the theme of Phi Delta Theta’s first place winner in the off-campus Homecoming decorations. Displaying a huge, _ brightly-dressed Eagle, the Phi Delts worked many hours building this decoration. One of the Phi Delts’ largest projects of the year was the sponsoring of the fourth annual All-Sing. “On Broadway” was selected as the theme of this year’s program which was emceed by Teddy Bart, a Nashville television personality. The fraternity awarded large trophies and cash prizes to the winning groups. Active in campus activities, Phi Delta Theta won first place in Lion’s Roar and Homecoming Olympics this year. They also sponsored the Ugliest Man on Cam- pus contest. This contest raises money for needy families in the Cookeville area. 15 Sea COU tapag i Hh A i HH aly Ih ff tiie Phi Delta Theta receives a Christmas gift from one of the sororities. = or dat ot erst Cae THE ‘ COLONELS Se 3 . Ed es 3 he Everything was beautiful as the Phi Delts' house decoration won them honors in Homecoming. Phi Delts chant " We're number one " after winning first place in Lion's Roar. Projects finance XAE remo The large “Green house” on Willow Street has undergone renovation this year with the total remodeling of the interior of the house. In order to do this deco- rating the brothers had numerous work projects. Among these were chopping and selling firewood, holding car washes, clearing land and doing odd jobs for local townspeople and merchants. The brothers of SAE are not only in- terested in working for themselves, but have held many service projects. Sigma Alpha Epsilon collected a large number of contributions for the Heart fund. The brothers also worked for the bloodmobile and helped the city by unloading license plates. As a part of the largest national fra- ternity, Tennessee Delta chapter also sponsors many of the activities that are representative of their national fraternity. Each year in the spring a Luau is held. All attending are attired in appropriate Hawaiian dress and are treated to Hawai- ian foods. Fulton Johns and Barry Schwartz pass an orange in Lion's Roar competition. Chopping and selling firewood is one of many fund-raising projects of DAE. deling DAE Buddy Warwick entertains rushees with a hu- morous story. Sigma Chi's annual party for children at Happy Haven serves as a service project. Sigma Chi's discuss the Spring Fling chariot race in which they netted the first place trophy. Page 78 =X realizes ambition— moves to new house Highlighting fall quarter for the men of Sigma Chi was their transition to a beau- tiful new fraternity house on Dixie Ave- nue. Since their move, the fraternity has continued to be active and has held many functions at the new location. This year for the first time, selection was made of “Little Sigmas.” These women, chosen by the brotherhood, ac- tively support the fraternity. Their new role allows these women to assist in rush and to aid the fraternity in many of their service projects. Trophies have also become a perma- nent fixture at the Sigma Chi house as they have recorded many victories in campus activities. By receiving the sec- ond place award for off-campus housing during the Homecoming festivities, Sigma Chi’s took honors in that category for the fourth consecutive year. A well pre- sented satire on “Easy Rider” won them a second place in the men’s division in Car- nicus, and a good performance in All- Sing netted the third place men’s trophy. XE holds Day Care Christmas party As a service project Sigma Phi Epsilon held a Christmas Party at the Cookeville Day Care Center. Providing presents for the children, as well as refreshments, the brothers entertained the children and helped make the holiday season more enjoyable for all. The Sig Ep’s also participated in vari- ous campus activities throughout the year. Intramural sports found the Sig Ep’s as top contenders. Carnic us and All-Sing were also among the activities of the brotherhood. During fall quarter, dinner was served at the Sigma Phi Epsilon house to each of the sororities on campus. The Sig Ep’s are the only group on campus who regu- larly serve meals to their members at the fraternity house. Lion's Roar coach Brenda Long watches events with team members. The brothers of SPE honor their sweetheart with a formal banquet. ERE AALS RB RATA ante ile | Sig Ep's Ben McNew and David Johnson wait for | dinner to be served. Page 79 ca ai eS 4 a a a TKE places first in Caticas men's division The presentation of a comical skit won the brothers of Tau Kappa Epsilon first place in the men’s division of Carnicus. Also highlighting the TKE’s spring quarter was the second place victory in the chariot race competition during spring fling. Intramurals were a field of victory for the TKEs as they placed first in the vol- leyball competition in the fraternities. Interfraternity football saw the TKEs win- ning the second place trophy. Active in community civic projects, the TKEs entertained at their annual Christ- mas party for underprivileged children, sponsored an area boy scout troop and collected donations for a heart patient. TKE's beard growing contest encourages Tech stu- dents to put aside the razor. TKEs play cards by their colorful piano. : — A -_ pisecis. KING OF BEERS ee ee te rere oe oats BREWED AND ( Littheu ) Page 80 TKE's Dennis Kirby and Kenneth McPeak collect donations for a heart patient. IFC officers are Sam Hagan, president (seated); Doug Herrod, secretary; Bill McCaw, treasurer and Rick Sampley, vice-president. IFC strives to promote fraternity rush Acting as a common bond between the various fraternities on campus, the Inter- Fraternity council is constantly striving to improve and promote the Greek life on Tech’s campus. Working together, men from each of the respective fraternities share the com- mon goal of building the Greek system to being an important part of college life. This year the IFC spent a great deal of time and money in promoting rush week. Signs were posted; broadcasts were made on local radio stations, and advertise- ments were run in the area papers. The IFC also directed printing of pamphlets which provided information on each of the individual fraternities. Don Roberge works for the IFC distributing letters to be mailed to the men in Vietnam. Page 81 cq cc e 8 See S, oan wenes Ee «hi 82 aa Ss a2 oh sf ah 36 $a 82 Go Ou eee noe One 2a 9 US « ©? oS 8) 6] sac een 2 Ay BK So cas Ao i | 2 of fa yo G2 Be 40 $e) 22s A one Sm 2 x mbes, Soe 2) E ma zm 4 | : eure Tt NSH ni nth Mn ‘il nu Hl TAT REE titty LE or i i i! MS Whit ‘| ; : ‘ Mt Wtie HHE 1. Page 82 Fraternity sweethearts elected A AII rates number one in All-Sing Dressed in azure blue gowns, the sis- ters of Alpha Delta Pi sang their way to the winner’s circle in the fourth annual All-Sing. Their renditions of such tunes as “Hello, Young Lovers” and “I Could Have Danced all Night” earned the sis- ters the right to perform for the Cerebral Palsy telethon. This year the Epsilon Psi chapter held its first annual Black Diamond Ball, honoring the newly pledged sisters. The sisters of AAII have worked reg- ularly in civic and service projects such as the book drive for the public library. AAII also sponsors the “Best Dressed Greek” contest and dance. Pledge Nancy Anderson and escort Larry Lynch “Pi Guys " were entertained by the sisters when a are present at the Black Diamond Ball. Christmas party was given in their honor. Car-washing is one of the favorite money-making projects of AAII. Sisters of AAII anxiously prepare to greet their new pledges. ks AA members vote to discontinue Winter quarter of this year the mem- bers of Alpha Sigma Alpha voted to dis- band on Tech’s campus. Alpha Sigma Alpha participated in many campus activities. Derby Day and the Homecoming Olympics were among the competitive games in which the sisters took part. The sisters of Alpha Sigma Alpha also held suppers for the various fraternities as well as holding service projects in the community. Several members were ac- tive in honorary and professional groups on campus. Alpha Sigma Alpha Suzanne Horner represents the drill team as their sponsor. Members representing AZA in the Homecoming parade are: Kay Randolph, Becky Winningham, Marie Hayes and (in front) Robbie Jackson. na Page 84 Pe Kappa Delta co-sponsors a Christmas party with Theta Tau for underprivileged children. Members of Kappa Delta find car washing an en- joyable project. KA captures scholarship trophy three quarters Scholarship was a goal attained by the sisters of Kappa Delta this year as they accepted the Panhellenic trophy for the highest scholastic average among the so- rorities for three consecutive quarters. Within the sisterhood, academics were also stressed by awarding a trophy to the member with the most improved grades for the quarter. Kappa Delta played an active role on campus. They won the second place honors in Derby Day and third place in _All-Sing competition this year. Each month the group also presented an award to a fraternity man who they felt contrib- uted a great deal to campus life. Amy Newport serves a young customer at their an- nual spaghetti supper. Tite A country theme was used by the sisters of KA in rush winter quarter. in the Homecoming Olympics. X= sponsors needy family at Christmas In conjunction with the Putnam As another service project, Tri-Sigs County Welfare Agency, the sisters of worked for their national project by send- Sigma Sigma Sigma sponsored a needy ing contributions to the children’s wing at family during the Christmas season. The the polio research center at Chapel Hill. Tri-Sigs helped provide the family with Funds were raised by the annual 33% food, clothing and toys. leaf rake at Homecoming. Betty Pritchett serves as the President of Sigma Tri-Sig used a western theme at the second rush Sigma Sigma. party fall quarter. 4 Sara Smith finds Sigma Chi's musical ice buckets is a chilling experience. ‘ ‘7 . ® ; Vl 2 ofgimas is Page 86 Pe ak al Phi Mu, Debbie Baldwin, sits in the " cold seat " in Mrs. Sara Lynn, Phi Mu adviser, acts as a judge in ATQ Keystone Kapers. ®M Lion's Roar. ‘ OM wins grand championship in Carnicus By putting a little bit of magic into Carnicus, Phi Mu was named Grand Champion. Frances Smith captured her hero and took him to her bottle in a take-off on “I Dream of Jeannie.” After the fun of Carnicus was over ®M’s resumed helping at the Senior Citi- zens’ Center. A bridge benefit was held in thc fall to aid the SS Hope. Fall quarter fraternities were wel- comed back to school by surprise parties. Earlier all sororities, fraternities and friends of Phi Mu were greeted on their return to campus by special banners. Again, ®M sponsored Lion’s Roar for the fraternities. In the Homecoming Olympics and Keystone Kapers, Phi Mu took first place trophies. Phi Mu’s represented many other groups on campus, including the ASB senate, honorary and professional organi- zations and fraternity little sister groups and sweethearts. The sisters of Phi Mu support their team at the Homecoming Olympics. REE: Members of Zeta Tau Alpha get together to dis- cuss some of their activities. BS ZTA Ellen Kelly and Terry Wyatt play games with the children at a party for the mentally retarded. Page 88 Carleen Alexander and Melinda Bilbrey pose for a picture at a ZTA rush party. Mentally retarded become project for Zeta Tau Alpha In accordance with their national proj- ect of working for the National Associa- tion for the Mentally Retarded, the local chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha sponsored a Christmas party for the mentally retarded in this area. Held in the community cen- ter, the group entertained the children with games and refreshments. Also as a service project, the Zeta’s helped clean the fraternity houses on campus. Held fall quarter, this project assisted the fraternities in preparing for rush. Active in campus activities, members of ZTA presented the first place skit in the women’s division of Carnicus spring quarter as well as participating in Sigma Chi’s Derby Day. The sisters of Zeta Tau Alpha also captured the third place honors in Key- stone Kapers and second place in the Homecoming Olympics. Panhellenic Council publishes first rush booklet For the first time the Panhellenic Council distributed a rush booklet to ac- quaint potential rushees with the Greek system. One of the largest jobs done by the council is that of setting standards and guidelines for both formal and informal rush. The Panhellenic Council is the advis- ory governing body of the six sororities on campus. Primarily it is concerned with coordinating the activities of the so- rorities. Friendship and understanding among the sororities is an additional ben- efit. Led by Panhellenic President Melinda Bilbrey and Advisor Dean Elizabeth Murphy, the group strives to promote Greek life on campus. The council urges each group to actively participate in cam- pus activities as well as to place stress on scholarship. The council strives to provide supervi- sion and direction for the sorority system as a whole. Any infraction of Panhel- lenic rules are tried before a group of Panhellenic members. Terry Hagemann and Dianne Carver talk with a rushee at a coke party. JF The Panhellenic Council held a coke party for po- tential rushees fall quarter. 4 Members of the Panhellenic Council: Row 1—Me- linda Bilbrey, Betty Prichett, Nancy Dickerson, Libby Lusk, Brenda White. Row 2—Dean Murphy, Sara Stubblefield, Donna Larrick, Joyce Garton. Page 89 TERESA HALFACRE Editor Page 90 vote WHITTAKER acidic baiicuct | FRESHMAT, Do You Care ECAR Ee Page 91 Homecoming Queen and Court Pam White reigns over beautiful’ day Pam White Pam White reigned as the 1971 Homecoming Queen. Hi selection underscored other honors awarded her as a Tech c ed. Pam led the Golden Eagles cheering squad this yea Sigma Alpha Epsilon chose her as its sweetheart. Pam is member of Zeta Tau Alpha and represented that group on Pai hellenic. Majoring in secondary education-English, Pam from Cookeville. Kathy Howell Kathy is, too, representative of Tech spirit. She is an ele- mentary education major from Cookeville. The Tech Choir, Chorale, and Concert Choir are her favorite activities. Alpha Tau Omega selected her as its sweetheart; she was a “‘little sis- ter” last year. Kathy was historian for Phi Mu. Amy Newport Amy is from McMinnville and is majoring in English. She is Kappa Sigma sweetheart and calendar girl, Amy was se- lected for membership her freshman year in the Freshman Women’s Honor Society. While a member of the Avant-Garde, she was the secretary. Amy is a member of Kappa Delta. Gayle Rogers Gayle has many superlative titles to her credit. She was a freshman class beauty and Queen of the Engineer’s Ball. She was Sigma Phi Epsilon sweetheart and TMDO calendar girl twice. She is ROTC Brigade Sponsor and a member of Alpha Delta Pi. Gayle is from Kingston and is an English major. Connie Smith From Conway, Ark., Connie Smith is majoring in History. She has been a ROTC sponsor twice—Scabbard and Blade sweetheart and Rebel Rifles’ sponsor. Last year she was a jun- ior class beauty. Sigma Chi chose her as a “Little Sigma.” Connie is a member of Alpha Delta Pi. Page 93 Mr. and Miss Tech Debbie and Andy active in campus life Miss Tech, Debbie Cassetty, is a health and physical educa- Mr. Tech, Andy Thompson, is an industrial engineering tion major from Gainesboro. Debbie was a varsity cheerleader major from Cookeville. He has been active in class activities this year. She has been an ROTC sponsor and has participated and in intramural sports. Andy has served as president and actively in intramural sports. She is a member of Phi Mu. vice president of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Ye te wn (= poll rad e | r 5 5 | % a i sl yeu) +4 f “Me | . i a -_ Re i fos . w 1 aa. (e4 ; % : nA leg OS ions ae ; Page 94 } Debbie Cassetty Andy Thompson Debbie and Andy look through some new books in the university bookstore. Page 95 Gayle Rogers Rocky Hendrickson Gayle and Rocky stop by the staircase to talk. Page 96 wring Queen and Bachelor of Ugliness jayle and Rocky—an enthusiastic pair Gayle Rogers is a secondary education English major from David “Rocky” Hendrickson is an industrial technology ngston. Gayle was a member of the Homecoming court for major from Harriman. Rocky has served as a senator from the o years and has served as Brigade sponsor for ROTC. She college of engineering and has participated in the cooperative a member of Alpha Delta Pi. education program. He is a member of Sigma Chi. Page 97 Tech Sweetheart and Prince of Personality Amy and Marion share the limelight Amy Newport is an English major from McMinnville. Amy Marion Halfacre is a marketing major from Granville. has been a member of the French Club and SNEA. She was Marion has been a member of Pi Kappa Delta, Alpha Kappa elected as Kappa Sigma sweetheart and calendar girl. Amy is a Psi and the Marketing club. He has served as a senator from member of Kappa Delta. the college of business. Marion is a member of Sigma Chi. Page 98 Marion Halfacre Amy Newport 4 bs ik Amy and Marion find the universit y center patio is 1 good place to talk. Mr. and Miss Freshman Debbie and Steve chosen by class Miss Freshman, Debbie Garretty, is an elementary educa- Mr. Freshman, Steve Jared, is a pre-pharmacy major from tion major from Hendersonville. She was elected as a “Little Cookeville. Steve has been active in many freshman activities, Sigma” by Sigma Chi. Debbie is assistant historian for Phi Mu. and winter quarter he pledged Sigma Chi. Page 100 eee ee eee Steve Jared Debbie Garretty ie, Steve holds the elevator door for Debb Superlatives members of social groups 4 While waiting for the photographer, Connie Smith and Debbie Cassetty congratulate each other. Ruth Ellen Huggins, Freshman Sharon Spears, Senior Page 102 Kathy Howell, Junior Ruth Ellen Huggins entertains a young friend at Happy Haven orphanage. Connie Smith, Senior Maureen Sullivan, Junior Pam Masters, Sophomore Page 103 Patti Womack, Brigade Staff Patti Womack, Julia Dowell and Gayle model the new ROTC sponsor uniforms. = g Julia Dowell, First Battalion Page 104 a” Donna Young, Second Battalion Teresa Gravley, Band oe a ae Dee Higdon, A Company Kathy Bradshaw, B Company Sharon Spears, C Company Karen Edmons, E Company Deedra McDougal, F Company Mary Napier, Freshman Company Dianna Sheeks, Freshman Company Page 105 Whos Who Business Administration John Glascock, Econ. John Binkley, Math. hoy Barbara Burch, Biol. Jenny Cannella, Pol. Sci. Lynn Chester, EE Karen Cordell, Fr. Stephen Klasek, Pol. Sci. Amy Newport, Enel Brenda Patton, Eng. Page 107 Agriculture and Home Economics Education Judy Morrison, Elem. Ed. ee : ‘ ; : a Doane Reddick, Elem. Ed. Sherry aba HPEd. Page 108 m. Lovitt, Terry Townsend, ME Page 109 5 seniors chosen for Eagle Honor Society The Eagle Honor Society is based on the student’s active participation in extra- curricular activities and on academic achievement at Tech. A standard point system is used to determine members where points are given for each activity, honor or scholarship the student has re- ceived. The tabulation of points is based on the information the students supply on their senior information sheet. The five students with the highest number of total points are selected for the Eagle Honor Society. Since the selection is dependent on achievement at Tech, these students rep- resent the leading contributors to activi- ties on Tech’s campus. Although these students may not hold any campus-wide office or honor, they are among the ones that work for the school behind the scenes, The Eagle would like to congratulate Dianne Carver, Grace Pope, Marion Half- acre, Ronnie Sharpe, and Julia Jarrell for their achievement in the various as- pects of college life. el agg toa at Creereerrnee = Page 110 Dianne Carver Julia Jarrell J corre ancestors tiesto an RAR tai yn gre emcee Grace Pope Ronnie Sharp Marion Halfacre Page 111 BOB HAGEMANN Editor Ca ie {isp Turf premiere is a little on wet side Tech’s Overall Field was covered with an artificial surface prior to the 1970 sea- son, just in time to catch the rains of Cookeville’s unpredictable weather. As workers were putting the finishing touches on the 103,800 square feet of green Poly-Turf and gold Uni-Turf blan- keting the football field and encircling track, Tech’s gridders made their season debut on the road at Youngstown, Ohio. A tremendous offensive show, includ- ing 429 yards total offense (396 of them coming on the ground) was the key to a 32-19 Tech victory over the Youngstown State Penguins, marking the first time since 1963 that the Eagles had won their initial season contest. Meanwhile, rain had drenched Overall Field prior to Tech’s first home game of the year and it was still coming down when Murray State kicked off to Tech to start the contest. But the rain didn’t slow Butch Strick- land, whose 41-yard touchdown return of a intercepted pass turned out to be the clinching score as the Eagles knocked off the Racers, 21-7. Golden Eagle players congregate around the coaches for a pre-game. prayer. Page 114 The installation of more than 100,000 square of Poly-Turf gave Overall Field a new look. feet Jim Youngblood, Craig Basile and Lorraine Hug- gins surround a Murray running back. AIUUUUUUUU UCU TUL Season Record 4-6 TTU Opp. Youngstown State 32 19 Murray State 21 ef UT Martin i, 6 East Tennessee i 30 Western Kentucky 0 28 Morehead State 10 31 UT Chattanooga 7 21 Eastern Kentucky 13 20 Austin Peay 6 10 Middle Tennessee 17 13 IOVUUTVUUUU ULLAL Neither rain, nor mud, nor coldness of day stops a 1970 spring practice session. Eagles pla y in streaks: win io Quarterback David Fair, forced out of the pocket, scrambles around right end... . . and hurdles a fallen teammate on his way to a good gain against Eastern Kentucky. Pa Page 116 , f a then lose 6 The Eagles extended their winning streak to three games after beating Mur- ray by edging the University of Tennes- see at Martin, 17-6, in a bruising de- fensive battle. Then good fortune turned to bad and the Eagles proceeded to lose twice as many games as they had won. Everything went wrong at East Ten- nessee and Tech fell for the second straight year by a 30-7 score. Back home the next Saturday against conference powerhouse Western Ken- tucky, the Eagles managed a paltry 135 yards on offense and were shut out for the fourth year in a row by the Hilltop- pers, this time by 28-0. Junior David Fair relieved sophomore Steve Ailey at the starting quarterback spot the next week against Morehead and performed well, completing eight passes, one of them for a touchdown, but Tech was beaten soundly, 31-10. UT Chattanooga, winless up to this point in the season, supplied a crushing blow by whipping the Eagles in the sea- son’s seventh game, 21-7. The skid then reached its climax on Homecoming Day as the Golden Eagles put up a valiant effort but were beaten by strong Eastern Kentucky, 20-13. David Fair's pass, too long for Hank Patterson, barely eluded the grasp of an Eastern safetyman. John Fitzpatrick and Mike Wood team up to bring down an Eastern Kentucky runner. Page 117 4 a? so Tackle John Chuy blocks out a Murray lineman to " ,..So you're busy Friday night? ... Saturday too? clear a path for quarterback Steve Ailey. . . - How about next weekend? " —Ron McNabb. 4 i a ; a 2 pata i SST : es jie David Francis hits the turf after picking off an er- rant Western Kentucky aerial. Page 118 Butch Gentry can't believe it: he's just missed a 24 yard field goal attempt. ian eis Doug Lewey goes the overland route and Howard Cochran takes to the air in rushing the passer. ee Steve Ailey scrambles around right end against East Tennessee behind Terry Weber's blocking. Page 119 Shinny-Ninny renews lease; Tech whips Raiders, 17-13 The Golden Eagles salvaged a 4-6 sea- son in their final game of the season, the traditional Thanksgiving Day clash with Middle Tennessee, by defeating the Blue Raiders 17-13. It was the third straight year that Tech Rushing Record Att. Yds. TD Avg. Roger Hill SOO 76 ee eo Bill Hasselo 68 258 O 3.8 Dale Woodard 67 242 3 3.6 Doug Brown 42 Lid One 2.7 Ottis Phillips 24 89 2 Sun John Zeigler 33 80 O 2.4 David Fair 61 70 1 ine al Xt (eal oa The offensive and defensive lines gird for the hard hitting which typifies a Tech-MTSU game. Page 120 had bested MTSU, thereby keeping Shin- ny-Ninny, the totem pole which goes to the winner of the contest. Butch Strickland was the hero of the game, returning an interception 68 yards for the deciding touchdown. Passing Record Att. Comp. Comp. TD % David Fair 1S 39 53.4 Z Steve Ailey 45 19 42.2 2 John Zeigler 18 6 3333 0 Pass Receiving Recd. Yds. TD Avg. Jim Bishop 30 3550 11.8 | ee, = 7 BSS wa - A We ares SN To DEES Ba a ee i o = Shee + ” wou " . s ., : ee ui in a rs Tech's Golden Eagle mascot struts along the side- lines as his grid counterparts thrash MTSU. 30 With six Blue Raiders chasing him, Dale Woodard sprints toward daylight. There weren't many friendly jerseys in sight when Steve Ailey carried against ETSU on this play. Page 121 Cagers slump to worst season in history Losing eight of its last nine games and 10 of its last 12, Tech’s Golden Eagle basketball team fell from a promising start to a miserable 7-17 season record. The 17 losses are the most ever re- corded by a squad of Eagle cagers. After recovering from five losses in their first six contests by winning four of their next six, the Eagles could register victories only against Pan American and Austin Peay the rest of the way. Tech finished with a 4-10 OVC record. Taking one of his infrequent shots, Tom Price fires’ | Maury Schwegman gets Tech off to a good start from the corner. against Murray by winning the opening tip. Page 122 Al Lewis, John Tanner and Maury Schwegman bat- tle taller Western Kentucky players on the boards. Maury Schwegman takes a break against North Carolina as Ed Kovach looks on. AIUUQIUUOUQQSUOECUVQUOOU000ETEUUOONEETUCUONUUCLUEU COCO OEE COU ETE Season Record 7-17 North Carolina (Charlotte) 49 Arkansas State UT Chattanooga Trinity University St. Bonaventure St. Francis Arkansas State Middle Tennessee Western Kentucky Austin Peay Murray State Morehead State Eastern Kentucky Pan American Pan American East Tennessee UT Chattanooga East Tennessee Western Kentucky Middle Tennessee Austin Peay Murray State Morehead State Eastern Kentucky TTU Opp. 62 a2: 81 66 90 101 86 58 82 69 89 85 69 74 58 82 95 81 79 63 64 iS 69 67 79 719 86 80 74 FA 78 75 96 66 69 a 67 60 69 102 91 69 YW? 719 85 91 95 IIUUUUAUUOUUUOUUOGUUUUORUUOUUUUOUOUUECUEUUE AVOUT Page 123 High-scoring guards pace Eagle offense The Golden Eagles, burdened by a lack of height all season, were carried of- fensively by three top-shooting guards. Backcourt men Al Lewis, Wayne Pack and Dan Furlong were the only Eagles with scoring averages in double figures. Lewis led the team with a 17.6 aver- age, made 49.5 per cent of his field goal tries, and established an Ohio Valley Conference record by making 32 consec- utive free throws in nine games. Pack, only a fraction of a point behind Lewis with a 17.5 scoring average, hit on 46 per cent of his field goal attempts, but his major contribution to the team was his dribbling and passing ability. Named to the All-OVC team as a sophomore, Pack recorded a season total of 161 assists, including a Tech record of 16 in one game against Morehead State. Furlong, who sat out the first seven games due to a shoulder injury, shot 48 per cent from the field and averaged 13.8 points per game. Ed Kovach, the only senior on the squad, tossed in 9.9 points per contest and was the Eagles’ leading rebounder with an 8.5 average. Center Maury Schwegman helped out on the boards by pulling in an average of 7.8 grabs per game. Wayne Pack's leaping ability enabled him to shoot over taller North Carolina opponents. Tom Price and Ron Scott lead a fast break in the North Carolina game. Al Lewis appears to be sitting down on the job while Ed Kovach fights for the ball. A Maury Schwegman and Wayne Pack have this Mur- ray State Racer surrounded. Maury Schwegman didn't block this shot, Wayne Pack bombarded Western Kentucky with did block the view of his 49er opponent. many long-range jump shots. Page 125 es Maury Schwegman slips between two Murray de- fenders in a driving layup attempt. Page 126 Miller leads frosh to 9-9 season slate Paced by Howard Miller, a 6-8 center, Tech’s freshman basketball team posted a 9-9 record in 1970-71. Miller was the fledglings’ leading scorer with an average of 19.9 points per game and also was the top rebounder with a 13.5 mark. Guard Jim Clemens tossed in 18.5 points a contest and running mate Mark Robinson sported a 17.9 average. Mark Bray rounded out a quartet of double-figure scorers with a 14.7 mark while Scott Mauger, the other starting forward, chipped in with 10.2 rebounds per game. The Baby Eagles had a 2-6 OVC rec- ord, defeating Austin Peay twice and los- ing to East Tennessee twice, Western Kentucky and Middle Tennessee. The ball appears to have Mark Robinson, Mark Bray and opponents hypnotized as it falls. Willie Anderson is set to pounce on a loose ball against Vanderbilt. Mark Robinson's layup try is foiled by a Vandy guard in the final frosh game of the season. Page 127 Diamondmen sparkle, win division crown Winning its last seven conference games, Tech’s baseball team won the Eastern Division championship in 1970 for the first time since 1956, only to lose the OVC title to Murray in the playoff. Under the able leadership of head coach W. A. Wright and assistant coaches Dave Pratt and Jim Whaley, the Golden Eagles rolled to a 21-14 season record and posted a 9-3 conference slate. The Eagles built their offensive attack around hustling, aggressive and heads-up play, utilizing the stolen base, squeeze play and hit-and-run. Those go-go tactics helped the Eagles win their first seven games and 11 of their first 12. A batting slump then sent the “Mod Squad,” the nickname given Tech for its striking purple and gold home uniforms, into a tailspin which was finally halted after six straight losses. But the Eagles finished strong, averag- ing nearly eight runs per game in their last eight regular season games. Tech then lost to Murray, 6-3 and 5-3, David Crutcher barrels into Eastern Kentucky's . : third baseman in a successful steal of third. for the conference championship. wet Bill Maclin gets himself into a rundown against Western Kentucky after a bunt attempt failed. Page 128 Sir Pie eS Morris Irby and friend take a break between games. Se meNegam ER « That's Morris holding the leash. Emerson Wiles is a study of concentration while up at the plate. IIODUOUAUUOUUOQUQQUQUQOQOGN0000000NEEUOTTDOOUUOOUODOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOEOEET ETUDE Season Record 21-14 TTU Opp. St. Joseph’s College St. Joseph’s College Wittenberg Wittenberg Millikin Millikin Belmont College Belmont College Western Kentucky Western Kentucky East Tennessee State East Tennessee State Carson-Newman College UT Chattanooga Christian Brothers College Carson-Newman College Carson-Newman College Middle Tennessee State Middle Tennessee State UT Chattanooga UT Chattanooga Austin Peay State Austin Peay State University of Tennessee University of Tennessee East Tennessee State East Tennessee State Eastern Kentucky, Eastern Kentucky Morehead State Morehead State Morehead State Morehead State Eastern Kentucky Eastern Kentucky IUOUUQOVEUEOUYOQUEEOUCCYOEEOUAUOOEEEEUEQUEEEUUEOOET TATE aa — WA TRE NOANANFRFONMFRPONFO HRP DCO ANANYNRK NWR COD oO AB AY —_— ONMNNOANRFWAOAAHAINAwWWWNYNYON FP AIAMArRUNUBPDONUDOONWWWUO ll Page 129 The Eastern Kentucky outfielder's relay is too as Eric Brown dives back to the bag. Lif beige EP Sopp ok Ball one. Page 130 dang ot ‘ = az «age MOET | gt a i, a. Emerson Wiles evades a West- ern Kentucky hurler's pitch into the dirt. . . late ds . and then takes ball two, a little too comfort, followed by. . . close for . . . pow! This one was to Emerson's he laced it to right field for a hit. liking and Irhy-led Eagles rewrite record book Tech baseballers tied or surpassed the amazing total of 59 team and individual records in 1970. Morris Irby led the assault on the record book, shattering six old batting marks and nine former fielding standards, including season records for most runs scored (39), most stolen bases (21), most bases on balls (28), most times hit by pitched ball (tied, 5), and most as- sists by a third baseman (83). Bill Maclin established a new season mark for most doubles with eight and tied the record for triples with five, as well as setting a new standard for putouts by an outfielder with 64. Tom Turner set a single-game record by drawing four walks against Morehead and Irby tied two others by scoring four runs and stealing four bases, both against Morehead in the same game. As a club, Tech set marks for most hits (246), most doubles (40), most triples me (17), most extra-base hits (69), most Eric Brown explains a few of the finer points of the bases on balls (152), most stolen bases game to pitcher Randy Ayer. (78) and most strikeouts (186). Tom Turner's perfect squeeze bunt drove home a decisive run against Eastern Kentucky. Page 131 Bill Maclin hits the dirt after blasting a two-run triple against Eastern Kentucky. The quick wrists of Jim Norris enabled the pint- sized outfielder to hit two homers in 1970. Page 132 Five Eagles shine on All-OVC squad Outstanding individual performances placed five Golden Eagles on the 1970 All-OVC team. Joe Wesche, named to the team as a shortstop for the second consecutive year, earned the spot by hitting .333 and set- ting a Tech record by driving in 30 runs. Bill Maclin, Tech’s leading hitter at .394, and Jim Norris, .296, were all- league outfielders. Danny Huffines, with a 14-0 regular season pitching record, was an_all- conference right-handed hurler, and Eric Brown made the team as a_ rookie catcher. Second baseman Emerson Wiles (.317) and third baseman Morris Irby (.327 and five home runs) made honora- ble mention. se, ee ted = = a a eo he ae Br a i gk 5 os = Be pin: Sa eg ag “ i eS he es teres di Pace ae teins a, 4 ee “9 ee ES OS Mei a ea ee, ex Vie = ee 3 si -_ a am Morris Irby peers through the dust at the umpire, who has already signaled his verdict—safe. Eric Brown nails a popup to his mitt. “nl . é ia a My - ee i The Golden Eagles mob Randy Ayer following the lefty's 6-2 victory over Eastern Kentucky. Page 133 HHNUUUIVQUUUUQDUUQUOEUUUEEUU0E0E C0000 C0EU UCU Batting Record G AB H RBI Avg. Bill Maclin 35° 109 43=21) 7394 Joe Wesche 35 209833203) Morris Irby 35 104 34 12 .327 Emerson Wiles 34 101 32 14 .317 Jim Norris 30 81245 159296 Dickie Prince 4 lice ae SO Tom McMahan 34 88 25 17 .284 David Crutcher 22 25 7 0O. .280 Sam Noffsinger 8 12 3 O .250 Terry Frye 19 5229 a 21 Eric Brown 337 -89 717 a8. 191 Tom Turner 27 OSesl Lee losee Oe Jerry Waites Se wRE ee, of) A Doug Hamilton 8 Saati OFel25 Danny Huffines 7 17 2 O .118 Dave Bosse + OF Ti OP LET Jim Bishop See) oe ee O67, Bob Powell Jen LO gee tes Oa GS Randy Ayer 6 Sam O a0 ae. 000 Barry Denham 9 8 0 O .000 Pitching Record G IP W-L ERA Barry Denham 9 24% 0-4 2.19 Bob Powell 7 49 3-4 2.20 Randy Ayer 6 24% 3-0 2.55 Sam Noffsinger 8 45% 3-2 3.57 Danny Huffines 7 45 5-0 4.40 COE BP PE Rs Dave Bosse 4 21% 1-1 469 (eee eit ee = =e Jim Bishop Soma7 6-2 GE5:59) seeeneeeee Doug Hamilton 2 3 mil I5.e Bob Powell raises the white flag against Eastern Kentucky following a questionable umpire's call. WUUUTUUTUUUTTTHTHVHTHVUVUUUOUOUUUCUUUUUUUUUUULUULLULUUULUULUCUCCEEAGAUUAUeeCeUUULUULULULLULLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL eX Tt tte 7 ae a ss ; “S34 “t ye Fe CaS Baseball team: Row 1—Terry Frye, Emerson Wiles, Randy Ayer, Eric Brown, Mike Guidara, Tom Mc- Wright, Jerry Waites, Tom Turner, Dave Bosse, Joe Wesche, Jim Norris, Barry Denham, Morris Mahan, Donnie Yates, David Crutcher, Doug Ham- Jim Bishop, Bob Powell, Bill Maclin, Danny Huf- Irby, J. C. Bagley. Row 2—Kenny Coleridge, ilton, ‘Bob Hagemann. Row 3—Coach W. A. fines, Dickie Prince, Dan Rust. Page 134 Tom McMahan whoops it up seconds after Randy Ayer (32) blanked Eastern for the division title. Page 135 Son . » The starter signals the beginning of the two-mile run in Tech's clash with Middle Tennessee. Terry Heverly's long strides and leaping ability make him Tech's ace hurdler. Shot putters Roy Jones (kneeling) and Mark Walker prepare a toe board prior to a meet. Tracksters start fast, fall Tech’s track and field squad breezed to easy victories in its first six dual meets of the 1970 season, but then faltered in the season finale and the subsequent Ohio Valley Conference meet. The Golden Eagles dropped a 73-71 thriller to Middle Tennessee in the year’s last regular season meet and then finished a disappointing fifth in the OVC tourney. Tech also finished a close second to Middle Tennessee in the TIAC tourna- ment. Paced by javelin hurler Ed Hearn, who finished first in his eve nt eight times, shot putter Roy Jones, with six first-place fin- ishes, and pole vaulter Kent Buckley, also with six winning efforts, the Eagles set or tied 12 school records during the season. IULUOUUVERCUUNTUOUOTTATUOOLUTUOTUUOETUUUUT UCU Season Record: 6-1 TTU Opp. Florida Junior College 101 67 Waters College 101 12 David Lipscomb 114 31 Fisk University 124 20 Western Carolina Oo a2 Austin Peay nS 2A Middle Tennessee a1 13 IDIVIUOUOUTUOOUUOOOUUOUTLUOUUUUTEUEUUUOU COUT 7 Jim Alexander and Larry Lockhart look on as track coach Tom Chilton keeps tabs on his thinlies. es Ed Hearn, Tech record holder in the javelin, pauses before his final practice throw. at finish Page 137 Pee NS Stoner ae Go SE PEA aes Bob Barnes leads the harriers around a turn, fol- lowed by Jack Lanier and Robert Bergeron. ATTHTLUUUUHULLUUUGHHCLLUUGHHOLLUUOEHALLUCOULALUUUULHRLOOUHOULILOGHILUGOGHALUUGLUOLULCOGHORLUCUETLPUCOLTLUPUOOL EL Eagle runners Robert Bergeron (left) and Jim Season Record: 8- 2 a sea se TTU Opp. Bryan College 13) 47 Middle Tennessee Dy, 28 Western Carolina US 30 Kentucky State 15 46 Austin Peay 15 48 Cumberland (Ky.) College 22, B35 David Lipscomb 21 36 Western Kentucky 23 34 East Tennessee 52 DS Tennessee 39 19 Low score wins. IUUDUOUOUUVUOUUQU00UNQ000 00000 EN EEUU Page 138 Cross-country runners post successful season Veterans Robert Bergeron, Jim Pear- son and Jack Lanier helped guide the Golden Eagle cross-country team to an 8-2 dual meet record in 1970. Bergeron won first place laurels in each of Tech’s first five meets, three times finishing in a tie with Pearson. The harriers ran to victory in their first eight meets of the season, including sweeps of the first five places against three opponents. Tech’s only losses came at the hands of Tennessee and East Tennessee in a dou- ble dual meet at the end of the year. The Eagles also copped second place in the Western Kentucky Invitational at Bowling Green, and in the TIAC meet at Dayton, Tenn. Jim Pearson and Robert Bergeron duck one of the many obstacles on the Eagles' home course. s a ‘ EO SN ab al Da ae if et. Jack Lanier (with shades) strides into the lead, Ted Beverly chugs ahead of an East Tennessee run- ahead of mates Robert Bergeron and Jim Pearson. ner on a rain-soaked course. Page 139 —— eee Netters’ title bid foiled in stretch ay ) EAE dae eh thar Coach Ware is johnny-on-the-spot when Lester Brown snaps a racket string. Rasusekekaneare Tr ee heey : inte e ttt +444 a th es ie set ats RA fete hate : Sr on tt My i 52 ST Ty ‘ Ma i: 7 +t ert ; | Sa . Snaclcaach : 7 : } t t SS Sea bee etter UGE teeana cue sf tir. iff ba ry oe Pb Ligh de beng ange prot | 5 . foe +--+ oon oer ey r i. . he t + ee { i 3 de genet ty ne = Pits . rt dot ni + - . » ane? ae nie, M tema Ga a tte nye ee ee aa PE pte bt . +. Ef ¢ a pt? Ping — " | e+ Ot 5k : tre? PP tbl Tot pr gpd ° ° , _ : ? ? ’ , ? . y P. $4 . . PS Png et nih e? ; Ly POS oes ina Og eed Let PL Pd hn : Pe + ghee gh oD ; 47 hb OT Poe . PP then gy ere , o 4. bg er ay A gen, : Pre 4 4. Po TOe- 4 6..8 ENR ca Se ct T+ rhs. Tk Pepe} se » s+ , r : } a niet Re No Dat tt i r i Pak T t+ Rot + TI lla . ? os fe aie i hee ; } Ppt at roe + 2 3 ty ety Me Not every return makes it back over the net, as Macky McMahon finds out against Lipscomb. Page 140 Losing its last three matches of the season, Tech’s tennis team failed in its stretch run for the OVC championship, placing a close second to Western Ken- tucky. However, Gary Burris and Rich Car- penter won conference singles titles at their respective positions while the Bur- ris-Lester Brown and Carpenter-Larry Barr duos copped doubles crowns. Tech won the five-team TIAC crown. ere i a le Rich Carpenter shows why his backhand is a strong part of his game. AMLINUUOUUQOOOUUNUU00000U000UUEUUUUES UOTE Season Record: 19-4 TTU Opp. University of the South Appalachian State The Citadel Presbyterian College South Carolina Oglethorpe Miami (Ohio) Wisconsin Oglethorpe Middle Tennessee East Tennessee Tennessee Wesleyan Middle Tennessee Austin Peay David Lipscomb Carson-Newman Morehead State Eastern Kentucky East Tennessee Austin Peay Murray State Western Kentucky Middle Tennessee PWRODIWOOONIOAAIONOUOAWANAN OY MANMNOWNRFOCONOWNONCOFRFFK CO IDOUUQQQVEEOUUUONEEOOUUCQUEETUUUUONOEEOUUAEOOEEUA AONE The tennis team practices for an upcoming game. “ashes Getting a bird's-eye view of the action, coach Ware scrutinizes his players on the court. ecy McMahon displays the intense concentra- tion during a game. Page 141 Randy Darcy, Sam Young and Bobby Barbee, a trio of freshmen, sparked Tech’s golf team to its first winning season in years in 1970. The linksmen also broke an 11-year victory drought on the tournament trail, capturing first place honors in rae Se- Andy Thompson follows the flight of his approach shot to the green. mF ta ey Came ecg! Totaling the score is an important phase of the Bobby Barbee's ball has found the rough against game, and Randy Darcy does so on the | 8th green. East Tennessee. Page 142 | Freshmen spark golfers SER tee wanee Invitational. Darcy had the best individual match record on the squad, posting a 7-3-2 mark, while Jim Alexander’s 76.2 18- hole stroke average was the team’s low- est. SG ) WWW Fé»? 70° " " » " »F » | " hlh»[|nwwvr0 SSG DQy]}WWw 0 Ve epolbW._rqyh gg Seen Record: 7- 6 TU Opp. Virginia Tech 7 14 Vanderbilt 458 452 UT Chattanooga 15 3 Northeast Missouri 15 a East Tennessee 12% 11% University of the South 10% 1% Austin Peay th 11 St. Bernard 1% 4 Vanderbilt 14 4 UT Chattanooga 382 383 Western Kentucky 8 10 Western Kentucky 5 13 Miami Invitational 9th of 89 East Tennessee a 14 wy °°” ” " °° °° °° = °° v° e' ee °° e e i ° " " ° " E " Ns ih $f OS ee xo Seis Se foe Ate fil tk hee st nee = Ray Carter, Dave Koser, Randy Schwartz and Bob Aylward were named to the All-America team. Members of the Rifle team: Row 1—Jim Koch, Ray Carter, David Koser, Randy Schwartz. Row 2—Tom Byrne, Alvin Lookofsky, Susan Smith, Frank Sanders, Coach Robert Glass. Row 3—John McClain, Mike Corley, Bob Alyward, Dave Avril, Aaron Hupman. Riflers are second in nation to Murray Under the expert coaching of Sgt. Rob- ert Glass, Tech’s sharpshooting rifle team marched to a second-place national rank- ing in 1970, being runner-up to Murray State. Four Eagles were named to the All- American Rifle team: Bob Alyward made the first team; Ray Carter and Randy Schwartz made the second team; and Dave Koser made honorable mention. Early in the 1971 season the Tech firers eclipsed the national record by post- ing a 1186 score out of a possible 1200 in a bid to capture the national title. Glass, who nominated 10 Golden Eagles for All-America honors, predicts victory prior to every dual match and foresees the national crown in 1971. Page 143 4,500 students participate in intramurals Action gets tough under the boards at an intra- mural basketball game. oe — - eo im eee rer 5 - Making a catch on the run is not always an easy thing to do. Page 144 Mike Edwards of Alpha Tau O the ME's passer in the championship game. The intramural program has grown about 10 per cent in the last year. Some 4,500 students, about two-thirds of the student body, have participated in at least one sport of the intramural program. Basketball was the sport capturing the most interest with more than 2,000 par- ticipants. Football and softball was run- ning a close second with more than 1,500 participants. Tennis was third with a lit- tle more than 1,000. Many areas of intramural competition exist at Tech. They range from basket- ball to wrestling, from tennis to track, from horseshoes to archery. The pro- gram has been expanded to include gym- nastics and cricket, bringing the total to 19. The list is at present being expanded to include rugby. The mechanical engineers became all- campus champs in football when they de- feated ATO. They ended the season with a 10-0 record. w J a. PM iP segs om we . Pay bi saan i gh - | 3 ae . F aS aoe — Bs aoe re - al ‘oo A good swing helps if you want to play intramural Macky McMahon jumps against Howard Miller in softball. an intramural-freshman tilt. Mechanical engineers becamed All-Campus foot- ball champs by defeating Alpha Tau Omega. Page 145 A sport for everyone is goal of intramurals “A sport for everyone,” said Coach Ray Drost, “is the whole idea behind the intramural program. I would like to see every student on campus involved in at least one intramural sport. “With such a wide range of choices, it is difficult for a student not to find some- thing he would like to do. If a student can’t find something he likes to do on the list, a new activity can be added. Any activity can become intramural if at least 25 people are interested. Card games, chess, and checkers are good examples.” Despite the flourishing outlook of the intramural program, it also has its draw- backs. The three greatest needs of the intramural program, according to Coach Drost, are “Indoor facilities, indoor facili- ties, indoor facilities.” Coach Drost has often stated that Tech’s intramural program could com- pare favorably with any intramural pro- gram found in any other college or uni- versity in the state. Players watch closely as the ball is served for the start of the game. Page 146 Performing on a trampoline is not as easy as it sometimes appears. Learning to perform on the rings tice and strength. takes much prac- Nn Z cot ms ZZ Elinor Cannon receives assistance in attempting a Keeping in shape is important for Elinor Cannon, a head stand. physical education instructor. sia aes David Bosse gets a piece of the action under the Tennis is a favorite sport during spring quarter. boards at an intramural game. Page 147 Volleyball team: Row 1—Missy Hemminger, Brenda —Janie Carson, Terri Deal, Lucy Carmichael, Janet Choate, Co-captain Jan Moore, Co-captain Alice Derrick, Pam Smith, Coach Marynell Meadors. phy. Dalton, Bobbie Blalock, Saundra Windham. Row 2 Faglettes have The volleyball team started the year by winning all the matches at the MTSU In- vitational Tournament. The team went on to fake second place in the TTU Invitational, losing to Car- son-Newman and MTSU. The team then traveled to the TCWSF State Tour- nament to defend its title of State Champs; the team had to drop to third place. “They’re a great team, but they needed a little more experience,” said Coach Marynell Meadows. In basketball Tech took first place in the TTU Invitational and the TCWSF District Tournament. They kept the rec- ord up by taking second place in the TCWSF State Tournament. The Eag- lettes ended the season with a 15-5 rec- ord. Jackie Laxton led the offense with an average of 13.5 points a game. Following closely were Debbie Voiles with 11.7 points a game and Marilyn Jef- fers with 10.7 points a game. Wanda Heidel with an average of 10.4 Page 148 rebounds a game and Bobbie Blaylock with 6.2 interceptions a game led the de- fense. Row 3—Regina McCoin, Jill Honey, Wanda Hei- winning season Women basketball players became a common sight in memorial gymnasium. del, Marilyn Jeffers, Anita Austin and Dianne Mur- — say cs gots a. : Player-coach Guenther Dietz escapes a trap set by King College soccer players. Soccer team: Row 1—Bechara Boury, Omer Soykan, Mike Noss, Aood Chanthothai, Tom Topping, Wil- lie Flores, Lorenzo Font, Alfonso Larrea, Supavat Pistpong. Row 2—Lance Haffner, David Stutzman, Jack. Bell, Jim Sapp, Larry Skinner, Bill Turczyn, Tim Dewey, Julio Galaviz, Charlie So, Jorge There- Soccer team wins Eastern Division Championship This year the men’s extramural soccer team captured the Eastern Division championship with a season record of 4- 1-1. Four years ago five young men, who will graduate this spring, founded Tech’s soccer team. The team has enjoyed four winning seasons with a 21-4-2 record. One season they were undefeated. The team will lose seven members this spring, but the remaining players are looking forward to a winning season next year under the direction of Guenther Dietz who is returning as a full-time coach. 4-]-] TTU Opp. Bryan Soccer Club 3 2 Tusculum College (overtime) 3 2 King College 8 1 Carson- Newman 3 1 Bryan Soccer Club 5 2 MTSU 1 1 The existence of a Tech soccer team is due to these men who originated it. They are all grad- uating seniors—Willie Flores, Lorenzo Font, Tom Topping, player-coach Guenther Dietz, and Dimi- trios Fragopoulos. sin, Dimitrios Fragopoulos and Coach Guenther Dietz. Page 149 TOM FLEMING Editor : 4 ; SaaS stn ne President speaks at UT commencement In 1970 President Derryberry recom- mended Dr. Wallace Prescott for the po- sition of Vice-President of Tech. The State Board of Education approved the President William Everett Derryberry was chosen to speak at the winter com- mencement exercises at the University of Tennessee where approximately 750 stu- dents received degees. President Derry- berry, a straight “A” graduate of the Uni- versity of Tennessee, has the highest aca- demic average of any other athlete who has ever been graduated from the Univer- sity. Zz President Derryberry talks with Dr. Wallace Pres- cott, Tech's newly appointed Vice President. Page 152 recomendation. This position was created to denote the next in authority in the absence of the president. This year President Derryberry was named Chairman for the National Science Foundation Liaison of the American As- _ ARIE ht eA A TOA NT RENIN nC IEE AID: eMC TIES BE eee sociation of State Colleges and Universi- ties. This organization is composed of 276 state supported colleges and regional universities. President Derryberry also serves as the state representative to the association. This year marked 30 years of service to Tennessee Tech by President Derry- berry. Mrs. Joan Derryberry and her grandson discuss a piece of art at an art exhibit. Dr. William Everett Derryberry President President Derryberry views a scale drawing of the campus which has been constantly expanding dur- ing his years of service. Page 153 State officials change with new Governor Former Governor Buford Ellington in the last year of his term had much influ- ence on the education program. Ellington’s term expired in January and Winfield Dunn was sworn in as gover- nor. With Dunn’s administration came a change in Tennessee’s education of- ficials. State Commissioner of Education J. Howard Warf was replaced by E. C. Stimbert. Warf served as commissioner for more than eight years. During his term of office appropriations for educa- tion rose from $146,696,000 in 1961-62 to $378,364,400 in 1970-71. Under his e ww, ) f Ey 1970 State Board of Education: Row 1—George John Folger, J. Frank Taylor, Dale Glover, F. leadership the vocational program Was Barnes, James Williams, Chairman, J. H. Warf, Thornton Strang, James J. Jones, Edward L. Jen- 2x DE od and con initv c e e Mrs. B. A. McDermott, T. M. Divine. Row 2— nings. oorenos : oe yy ollee s begun: Hugh McDade, Harold D. West, E. H. Kennedy, Stimbert has been active in many edu- cational organizations. we me é m ‘ _ e z - ta Governor Winfield Dunn Former Governor Ellington and Governor Dunn ex- change greetings at the inauguration ceremonies. Former Governor Buford Ellington Page 154 Prescott appointed ITU Vice-President Dr. Wallace S. Prescott was appointed to the newly instituted office of university vice-president. President Everett Derry- berry recommended Prescott for this po- sition and the State Board of Education approved the recommendation. The purpose of this office is to desig- nate and identify the senior adminstra- tive official in the absence of President Derryberry. In the past a successor-in- authority had never been officially declared. Vice-President Prescott also holds his former title of Dean of Faculties. Prescott stated that the added role of vice-president would mean very little dif- ference in his duties from that of his posi- tion as Dean. Wallace S. Prescott y Vice-President and Dean of Faculties William L. Jones William H. Roden Business Manager Dean of Student Services EP POe LAR NINN LS NEE RRR Re LL TE tO, werner nes mer wane : Page 155 Fraser, Griffin—newly appointed Deans Dean Griffin replaced W. J. Huddles- ton who retired as director after 19 years of service. Griffin was a member of the faculty at the University of Tennessee be- fore coming to Tech. Dr. Richard H. Fraser was appointed Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, winter quarter, and Dr. Sumner A. Griffin was appointed: Dean of the Division of Agriculture. Dean Richard H. Fraser College of Arts and Sciences Dean O. C. Stewart Extended Services Page 156 Dean Fraser was the former head of the department of history and _ political science and coordinator of social sciences and humanities. Fraser heads the Fac- ulty Committee of Research. Dean Sumner A. Griffin Division of Agriculture ssid sath ll) Maal Dean R. Martin Peters Graduate School Dean Louis Johnson Dean James S. Brown College of Business Administration College of Engineering Dean Mary Below Dean Edell M. Hearn Division of Home Economics College of Education Page 157 William H. Baker Administrative Asst. Nofflet D. Williams Director of Institutional Malcolm P. Quillen Dean of Men Elizabeth Murphy Dean of Women Hoyle D. Lawson Dean of Admissions to the President and Records Administrative Staff Barbara Baker Office Manager, Placement Charles Dearman Manager, Bookstore; Associate Director, University Center R. Hooper Eblen Director, Athletics John N. Flanders Director, Counseling Center Crystal E. Fort Director, University Infirmary B. A. Fox Director, University Center C. M. Glasgow Administrative Assistant for Housing Charles E. Golden Coordinator of Off-Campus Instruction Charles Groce Director, Safety and Security Earl H. Hendricks Assistant Dean, Admissions and Records Charles A. Lanford Manager, Printing Services Frank R. Moss Superintendent, Buildings and Grounds Susan H. Pangle Director, Social Activities William G. Patterson Director, Cooperative Education Program Donald E. Reese Director, Photographic Services C. P. Snelgrove University Librarian Doug Stone Director, News, Alumni, Public Relations Paul M. Wilmoth Postmaster Robert L. Wilson Purchasing Agent C. O. Wynne Director, Student Financial Aid Page 158 Chairmen Ayers, Harold E. Chairman of Department of Economics, Finance and Marketing Boles, Ralph C. Chairman of Department of Mathematics Bonner, William H. Chairman of Department of Business Education Boring, Landin F. Chairman of Department of Military Science Campana, Phillip Chairman of Department of Foreign Languages Culp, Frederick L. Chairman of Department of Physics Diemer, Richard D. Chairman of Department of Philosophy and Sociology Duke, Albert L. Chairman of Department of Electrical Engineering Frye, Wilbur Chairman of Department of Agronomy Gilbreath, Sidney Chairman of Department of Industrial Engineering Hickerson, Norris Chairman of Department of Civil Engineering Hunter, Gorden Chairman of Department of Biology Hyder, W. Clyde Chairman of Department of Animal Husbandry Kinslow, Ray Chairman of Department of Engineering Science Lewis, W. H. Chairman of Department of Industrial Technology McGee, John C. Chairman of Department of Chemical Engineering Owens, S. Lee Chairman of Department of Business Management Sharpe, Joseph D. Chairman of Department of Elementary Education Sissom, L. E. Chairman of Department § of Mechanical Engineering Smith, Flavious Chairman of Department of Health and Physical Education Stephenson, Paul Chairman of Department of History and Political Science Thorne, Joe A. Chairman of Department of Accounting Tolleson, Sherwell K. Chairman of Department of Educational Psychology and Guidance Turck, Merton J. Chairman of Department of Secondary Education Warren, John W. Chairman of Department of English Wattenbarger, James Chairman of Department of Music Page 159 Adkins, Marvin G, Allen, Betty Allen, Joe M., Captain Allen, Vernon R. Anderson, Lena Avo Anderson, Lois S. Ayers, Jerry B. Bacon, Reba Broyles Ball, Eugene Ballal, S. K, Barr, Jim L. Bertram, Marshall Bertram, Thelma Bilbrey, James Bonner, Martha Boyce, Richard Brahmstadt, Howard K. Brahmstadt, Pat Briggs, Barbara Briggs, Robert Brown, Raymond H. Buchanan, George R. Buck, Daniel K. Bullington, John A. Bulow, Frank J. Bustamante, R. B. Byrom, Mary Ann .. Cameron, Billie Campbell, Ralph W. Cannella, Albert A. Carpenter, William Cho, Wheivon Clark, John B. Cole, Susan Cook, Don R. Page 160 Earth Sci. H PS El. Ed. Cam. Sch. Bus. Ed. Sec. Ed. ..Cam, Sch. Bus. Fr. Engr. S P .. E F .. H PS S P Acct. Copenhaver, Donald V. Davidson, Phyllis Martin Deford, Catherine E. Delozier, Mary G. Dietz, Mary Ann Dixon, Edmond Dixon,- John L. Dixon Nancy meni naan Doran, James M. ..... Dotson, James R. .... DuBey, Robert Dukes Dongen Edwards, Ralph C. Ehinger, June M. Estes © alle Farr, Lottie Farrar, David T. Floyd, Joe M. Fort, Robert C. Frasier, Margaret Fuson, R. E. Goodman, William P. Gragg, Frances B. Griffin, Richard B. Griggs, Edwin |. a ae ets Be ares? ——— aa = z Cam. Sch. ..Cam. Sch. Eng. H PS aris Associate Professor Woodland instructs high school students at a summer debate clinic. Harriss John iruneertacen ee icie: Harrison, Nathaniel A. Harvey, James Hearn, Dan Hoejazinriasan) Acie eee Hewitt, Hudy Creel Hodges, William O. Hogan, David Hogan, Garry R., Jr. Holland, William D. Hribar, Allen Huang, Ju-Chin Hudleston, Jesse D. Hudgens, Pauline Inman, Connie Jenkins, William W. Johnson, Amy Jones, William J. Joyce, John A., Major King, George M. King, Mary B. Kleckner, Richard L. . Lancaster, Joel R. Leddy, Glenn Lee, John T. Little, Wilanne L. Luckinbill, Dennis Lynn, Sara G, .... needy RATS McDearman, Jon R. ........... ME .. H PE Bus. Mgt. Chem. CE H PE Eng: ..Cam. Sch. McLarty, William T., Jr. Captain ... McWilliams, Jettie Crisp Mason, William L., Captain Meadors, Marynell Meadows, Marjorie Medley, Carolyn C. .. Page 162 Math MS Eng. Cam. Sch. Earth Sci. Earth Sci. Cam. Sch. Cam. Sch. Local school administrators register at the Superin- tendent's Workshop sponsored by Tech. Medley, Mozelle S. .................. Cam. Sch. Millers Paull Rar monet tenet ek coco ene ME Mitchell aeleanone erase renee rae Eng. Maetalh NAG Ss oocancesseseaedusdoanee: ME Mitchumenernia ise tennre Eng. Montgomery, Esther -....................- H.Ec. Mookherjee, Harsha N. .................... S P Moocre.s Bettye cet etc eee ee H PS Moore, Fred on ciccc tis. cae BN eee eae ree H PS Morrispa Winston aan eer scien ree ree H PS MullinsseGharlenessenen cree noe eee H.Ed. Mundy, Andrew J., Jr, Captain ............. MS Neufeldt, Harvey G. ................... Sec. Ed. Nobles; Addie Bite sass tae Cam. Sch. Nobles Melvins Acme emetic nee CE Norwood =iDorriesye: sear ene eet ne Eng. Olivo; James A., Captain s..025.5.20- eee MS Oree Williamibl oe eeee eroeeee IT Palk Donald See a cert cok et a eee El. Ed. Parish Barbara ees wpensnn mentee. Cam. Sch. Page 163 Educators look at brochures at the Educational Conference held at Tech. Patil, S. A. .. ne Math Pedigo, Linda FL Pegram, Wayne Music Pennebaker, Dorothy a ee ..Eng. Peters, Lorraine D. H.Ec. Phifer, Clifford C. : Bus. Mgt. Phillips, Stanley J. .....Bus. Mgt. Pitts, D. R. ME Plummer, Virginia W. ... ... Bus. Ed. Powell, Jerry R. my ; Math Purdy, Kenneth R. ....ME Quattlebaun, Rebecca EP G Raper, Horace W. ..... hoy _ .H PS Reddick, Thomas ’ a: Sec. Ed. Richardson, Lawrence D., Captain ee MS Richmond, Miser hs .. Bio. Rinks, Richard : Waxes Robertson, Mary Della wees. AE. Roden, Frances .... H PE Roe, Betty Daniel seers Jeon bls Ed: ixoler, doe Rn ANN ovdanvoonaseseasagunecen EP G RohripMichaelt Emery pe tee eae ee EP G Rundell, Richard W. ........... etre: Gen. Agr. Saint-LoonsGlairep ei: eee ee ee FL SEH om MER TA pe the corte: srcloteeaee npn meee oe EP G SavagerRichardapwaee crt ene Math ScardinamJosephy lamee tee neee ES Shettlesworth, Juanita ....................... FL Sircy sRonaldiiepr se ethane ee Math Sissomm Le gntonp amare rere tenant nee ME SloanmRussell viet cas .9 one eee Bus. Mgt. Smith DallasuG? mar qnc om ieee etree Ae erere ES Smithwinichardsonm Captains ee MS Spilmanicd! Exper er tte cee rate an ear ere E F SpilmantLlauragerncet. ieee eee: Bus. Ed. Stabler-aHs . Frank® 2n5cn neds onan ec ho Acct. StewarteFloyduerecry pcre eee S P Stewart sRose gererern err eee eee Music Stradley mm wWilliams Bae re eee Sec. Ed. Stubblefield:slixaeas nae ere enn ee Eng. Swindell Robertmer cre nae nce ee Chem. SwongiiKhyson'; eae cee pee oe ee Math TayloreAlvingl: Sgt: cee ae ester creer. MS Thurmanyaey.c nicl aera nee Cam. Sch. Lidwell Douglasy Amer rey eect eer ee Eng. hidwella.M arvinigweccp ease ees eee oe Physics ittlows GradyalsmiMca jor a ene rea eee MS TolineS ERR aes net ee eee eee ES Tollett3 Daniel Jmana cmc ae Sec. Ed. Tolleson, Sherwell ........... Seay: EP G VaniClave, Albert: Di. eee ee Math Vontricesc:CarlsAcge erent ner ees EE Weallerstl Hiram, Bs SEC soe anes ae nee ee MS Ward pElberti Fares ate: arn nee Math Wattenbarger, Mary ..................... Music Page 165 Wells, John C., Jr. eae . _. Physics Wheatley, Bobby . PR aie aint .... E F Whigham, John A., Major MS Whitfield, Powell Pee SOC TEC: Williams, Elaine T. nee Sociology Williams, Grady F. Se ee EE Williams, Harold Acct. Williams, Steven Dale .... a H PS Woodland, Natalie - Eng. Woodland, Robert H. ay Rs ..Eng. Wortham, Howard : Bus. Mgt. Wright, Cleveland Maloy ..MS Yarbrough, David W., Sgt. f MS Zummo, Joseph J., LTC. . eee MS Col. Edward Downing dies of heart attack Col. Edward P. Downing, professor of military science at Tech, died suddenly of a heart attack at his home in Cooke- ville during the Christmas holidays. Downing, 52, came to Tech in Sep- tember, 1969. He received his Army commission as a second lieutenant at Eastern Kentucky State University and a science degree from the University of Nebraska. His active military career started as a member of the 21st Field Artillery Bat- talion, 5th Division, Ft. Knox, in 1940. During World War II, he commanded a firing battery and was a member of the battalion staff in the S-3 (planning and teaching section) and served in five cam- paigns in the European theater. His most recent tours of duty were with the 4th Armored Division in Europe, the Joint Task Force 4, Atlantic Com- mand, and the Continental Command, Hampton, Va. Downing was replaced by Lt. Col. Landing Boring, a TTU graduate, who returned to Tech in September, 1970. A heart attack in December claimed the life of Col. Edward P. Downing. Page 166 Administrative Staff Arnolds BiliyaG ee en enrenter ME Lab Technician Baker, Barbara A. ........ Placement Office Mgr. BondiMrsail-eo. Omens ys ee Head Resident Bottenfield, Debby Bliss ........ _ASB Secretary Brown, Kathleen ...............-- Athletic Office Brown, Mary Jane ............. Computer Center Bush mrrankasee- spree team Computer Center Butlers owe! man arr ener Secretary Chandler, Patsy J. ........ Secretary Chem. Engr. GlarkaJozAnne me mannrncrecia once Adm. Staff Clarke Nedranleotalem ener eaner Secretary Davis Mary Pace ecerarres aoe Head Resident DavismeRobertanaer ere ersa eee ee Farm Mor. Deckers Gaylet aye autre oS ha os ee Secretary Evansmclizabe thie eaa nn ane Head Resident Foxy Rosalind area tan eee foe oe tare Bus. Office Garrett, Lillard K. ........... ME Lab Technician Goodwin, Catheryn ........ Student Financial Aid Harrison, Florence .............. Student Services Huston, Josephine ............... Head Resident Jlacksonwlanle ya seen ae Chem. Engr. Jaquesss. Cecil nmmnreer arr eer Engr. Service Jumpers Many) Jase ees ee Secretary GSPS NeiVing Stone (ols ee einer Head Resident Lovell Sharon aoe eee ee Placement Office Evach mi Loulse mp ene reenter Housing McWilliams, Karen Louise ............ Eng. Dept. Mills Joyce mer tgercert tai een Business Office Minor Mary a,c cee 4 ees Head Resident Moran Uindasuntanee. wate eee ere Business Office Moore, Jeanette ............. Counseling Center Pearson, Suzanne ............. Public Information Piepmeier, Ester ........ Secretary College of Ed. Pointer, John Pate. Administration Data Processing Rolston, Frances P. ............-. Head Resident Page 167 Rector, Terry Bus. Office Richardson, Carolyn Housing Smith, Ira Dean Bus. Office Taylor, Peggy : Alumni Development Thompson, W. T. .ME Wall, Hazel Bus. Office White, Helen .. Dietician Library Staff Brown, Virginia Asst. Catalog Librarian Cameron, Alberta Asst. Prof of Library Sci. Dyer, Barbara A. Staff Jones, Christien Spivey Asst. Prof. of Library Sci. Jones, Linda Staff Jones, Roger Assoc. Prof. of Library Sci. Moore, Jean E. Asst. Prof. of Library Sci. Phillips, Patricia R. Asst. Prof. of Library Sci. Pitts, Louise Staff Reeder, Kay . Staff Simms, Sheila Fay Staff Whitson, Carolyn Asst. Prof. of Library Sci. Warren, Elizabeth Staff Walter Davidson explains a “Control Pollution " ex- hibit at Engineer's Day. Page 168 ir POLLUTION HURTS EVERYONE yr? Five teachers retire from service at Tech ie. peed ETL’ a Five teachers retired from Tech during : at the period covered by this yearbook. They are Willis J. Huddleston, dean of the Division of Agriculture of the School of Agriculture and Home Economics; Joyce S. Howard, Mary H. Jenks, R. H. Moorman, and Miser R. Richmond. Dean Willis J. Huddleston directed Tech’s Division of Agriculture from 1959 until his retirement at the end of the 1969-70 academic year. He joined the Tech faculty in 1940 as an assistant professor of agronomy. Prior to his coming to Tech, he was a teacher of vocational agriculture. His name appeared in numerous agricultural honor societies. In 1961 he coached the winning team in the first National Soil Judging Contest. The Soil Conservation Society of America labeled him as “one of the pioneers in teaching soil conserva- tion in the classroom.” Dean Huddleston is a graduate of Tech and George Peabody College. He did graduate work at Iowa State University and Mississippi State University. Kk Joyce S. Howard, associate professor of English, came to Tech in 1946 after receiving her Master’s degree from the University of North Carolina. She re- | ceived her Bachelor’s degree from the | University of Tennessee in 1927. | Mary H. Jenks, professor of English, came to Tech in 1955. She was grad- uated from Maryville College, 1942. In 1945 she received her Master’s degree from the University of Tennessee. She returned to UT after beginning her work at Tech and completed her Doctor’s de- gree in 1957. R. H. Moorman, professor of mathe- matics, came to Tech in 1940. He re- ceived his Bachelor’s degree from Roa- noke College in 1933, his Master’s degree from Vanderbilt University in 1934, and his Doctor’s degree from George Pea- : body College in 1940. He did additional a graduate work at the American Univer- sity. ae CE Miser R. Richmond, associate profes- sor of biology, came to Tech in 1948. He received his Bachelor’s degree from Maryville College in 1926, and his Mas- ter’s degree from The University of Ten- nessee in 1939. He did additional gradu- Dean Willis J. Huddleston speaks at a banquet ate stud given in his honor. Dean Huddleston took over J direction of agriculture at Tech in 1959. Page 169 In the fall of 1970, 579 graduate stu- dents were enrolled at Tech. This repre- sented the largest graduate enrollment in the history of the University with its 12- year-old graduate program. The number of graduate degrees given is now more than 150 with the June and August grad- uations combined. The graduate faculty has a member- ship of 110 regular members and 16 as- sociate members. Practically all of the regular members hold the doctorate, have published articles, and have had research and teaching experience. In the spring of 1970 the first post- master’s program, the Specialist in Edu- cation, was begun. Approval was also given for a Ph.D. program in Engineer- ing although authorization to begin the program has not been received. Graduates take a break before beginning the processional into the gym. = Graduate students pose for the traditional picture. Page 170 ae a meld] yan add ETT a 7 fiat) “be SF Letika Waykole, a physics graduate student, laboratory work is necessary. Mike Morrison and Bill Pack, Jr., work on project for mechanical engineering. finds their BURA egy ASRS Sit hee: Fie) Page 171 Constructing projects such as this one for water fil- tration takes time, effort and knowledge. Brad Willard demonstrates how his model water fil- tration system works. " Sy r .. ‘ti } LEM Pag ; Page 172 a — . esx ret A micro-teaching session is aired over closed cir- cuit television to a graduate assistant who critiques the lesson. Graduate research increases at Tech Research has become an essential ele- ment of graduate study. The student is now expected to make some contribution from his area of study. Because the graduate program is structured to be less formal than the undergraduate work, a greater responsibility has been placed on the student as he is expected to do re- search and gather data on his own. To finance the extra cost of graduate school, loans and assistantships are avail- able. The assistantship provides the stu- dent with an opportunity to teach or do research in his field of study. This was a graduate project of an engineering stu- dent. Page 173 In chemistry lab students learn experiments must be accurate. Page 174 Arts and Sciences changes dean and curricula Dr. Richard H. Fraser was appointed Dean of College of Arts and Sciences. Fraser, former head of the department of history and political science, still heads Tech’s faculty committee on research. Dr. Edmond D. Dixon was named the ad- ministrative assistant to Dean Fraser. Dr. Jung Lin in physics won the “Out- standing Young Faculty Award.” In En- glish, a literary symposium was initiated where faculty members could present scholarly papers. The department of mathematics implemented a minor in computer science. With the aid of a $300,000 grant from the National Sci- ence Foundation, a biology station was developed on Center Hill Reservoir. The National Outdoor Leadership School planned to make use of the area during | the summer. | The computer in the math department may be op- erated by the student. Writing and key-punching your own program is re- Individual students using the film projectors is part quired in most computer science courses. of the new procedure in biology. Page 175 Students develop their shorthand skills through timed dictations. To m aintain their speed in typing, students must practice often. — ’ Ce A desk calculator is used in much of the computa- tional work of business. The new Business Administration building houses new facilities for students. Graduate program proposed in Business A graduate program has been pro- posed for the College of Business Admin- istration. This proposal would permit the university to offer work leading to the Master of Business Administration de- gree. The proposal has been approved by the Graduate Committee, but must go to the Joint Council and the State Board of Education for approval. The College of Business Administra- tion moved into new facilities in early June. The first classes met in this build- ing during the summer of 1970. Mrs. Bonner supervises timed writings in a typing Learning to use different types of machines is the class. purpose of the machines laboratory. Page 177 Assistant Professor Minor adjusts a video taping device which is used in micro-teaching. Plans have been completed for renovating Bartoo Hall which will be used by Education. Page 178 College of Education uses micro-teaching in teacher preparation The Micro-teaching laboratory began being used extensively during 1971. Through micro-teaching the student is given the opportunity to practice teaching techniques with a small group. The stu- dent is video taped while he attempts his lesson plan, and later he is critiqued by graduate assistants over closed circuit television. The College of Education is offering a new degree program Ed.S., education specialist, which is a degree between the master’s and doctor’s providing for a high level of specialization. Tech is one of four colleges offering the degree in Ten- nessee. A Career Opportunities Program was started to help high-risk college students. These are students who would not ordi- narily attend college without more help or who lack the usual academic background. Students find education reference materials and guides in the Learning Resource Center. PPS CAS Mike Nivens shows Becky Winningham how to op- erate audio and visual aids used in teaching. Micro-teaching gives the student a chance to prac- tice his teaching techniques. Page 179 900 persons attend Engineer's Day Again the College of Engineering held its annual open house, known as Engi- neer’s Day, a form of tribute to George Washington, this nation’s first engineer. Sponsored by the National Society of Professional Engineers, the event had as its theme “Engineering to improve the quality of life.” Many displays stressed methods of controlling various forms of pollution. Some 900 high school stu- dents and other persons atfended. Tech graduates more engineers than any other school in Tennessee and more than many of the other engineering schools in the nation. Full time enroll- ment during winter quarter in the Col- lege of Engineering was 1,236, second to the College of Education with 1,394. Studying is a must for engineers. ieee been eee Pasires LISP Se: nam Professor Richard Rinks checks equipment in a civil engineering lab. Page 180 srenperersreereernrnemenseyeereconeen 2 saa ey ese. The vacuum chamber is used by many engineers in their laboratory work. Delbert Wynn explains an analog computer simu- lation at Engineer's Day. Page 181 on i v lS ‘ ? jm ‘sates. Chrissa Wendt tells students what to look for in a Mary Ann Ford finds the small details are impor- cut of meat. tant in a crafts class. Students develop their sewing skills in an elemen- tary clothing class. “sit ween Pie EA LOTTI a eI ALFALFA pli= 60 Phos.-MED ° Potash-MED e 28 { - » x = wt, x 4 Ay : es : hr % a Fe j ‘ ee DE ODS he Beas ¥ Were ie The soil judging team watches as high school stu- dents look for soil types. School of Agriculture, Home Economics Be expand programs The School of Home Economics has an enrollment of 200 majors and provides service courses for approximately 700 students majoring in other fields. This year two city student teaching centers have been added for those obtaining teacher certification. This gives the stu- dent an opportunity to live and teach for one quarter in an inner city environment. In other courses students are given the chance to observe and work with family members of various ages in both govern- ment and private sponsored agencies. The School of Agriculture with newly appointed Dean Sumner A. Griffin is composed of three departments—general agriculture, agronomy, and animal hus- bandry. The school now offers eight areas of study. The Block and Bridle and Rodeo Clubs are active in the School of Agriculture. Page 183 0-op plans major expansion program Dr. Wallace Prescott listens as consultant Dr. Roy Wooldridge (center) talks with William Patterson. John Dill (right), senior accounting major, does computer work at USN Air Engineering Center. Page 184 Expansion was the keynote in Tech’s co-operative education program during the winter quarter as plans began to take a definite form for wider campus involve- ment in co-op. Dean Roy L. Wooldridge, vice-presi- dent and dean of co-operative education at Northwestern University in Boston, visited Tech in February to assist with problems being encountered in expan- sion. Dean Wooldridge pointed out dur- ing several conferences that Tech’s prac- tice of placing students on co-op for a full year was unique in the United States. Shortly after Dean Wooldridge’s visit, Dr. Irvin Miller from the University of Houston was invited to visit Tech to dis- cuss problems encountered in co-op work. Plans call for expansion of co-op work into all five colleges of the University, especially into the College of Arts and Science. Approximately 100 Tech stu- dents were on co-op assignment at one time during 1971. Larry Hester of Cookeville was named Co-op Coordinator in March to assist William Patterson, Co-Op director. os nsaaneanenestnceie $ Milton Davis (right) discusses a problem with a fellow worker at the Arnold Engineering Center. John Tittle works with reactive power curves to aid distributors in deciding on power capacitors. Jim Steelman is one of many co-op students who have worked at Huntsville's Redstone Arsenal. Page 185 Page 186 ADAIR, JERRY DWAIN, Hohenwald, Tennessee; B.S. in Secondary Education; Ecology Society '70; Kappa Sigma '69-'70. ADAIR, TERRY WAYN E, Hohenwald, Tennessee; B.S. in Secondary Education. ADCOCK, ROY A., JR., Nashville, Tennessee; B.S. in Ip- dustrial Engineering; Society of Engineers '68; AIIE ‘71. ADCOX, CONSTANCE ELAINE, Madison, Tennessee; B.S. in Elementary Education; SNEA ‘71; Alpha Delta Pi '69- a7 ALDRIDGE, MARSHA ELIZABETH, Nashville, Tennessee; B.S. in English; Transfer from Cumberland College '69: SNEA '70; Kappa Delta Pi '7I. ALEXANDER, MICHAEL HOWARD, Baxter, Tennessee; B.S. in Mathematics; Math Club '70-'71; Tech Rangers '68-'69. ALEXANDER, STEVEN BAKER, Nashville, Tennessee; B.S. in Industrial Technology. ALEXANDER, TOM, Jackson, Tennessee; B.S. in Physics; Math Club '68-'69: Kappa Mu Epsilon '70, Vice-President '70; Football, Basketball, and Track Statistician '68-'69; Caving Club ‘68; Who's Who '70; Intramural Football " 68. ALIKHAN, MIR SULEMAN, Hyderabad, India; B.S. in Civil Engineering. ALLEN, WALTER MARK, Cookeville, Tennessee; B.S. in Economy; IRC '69-'70. ALLEN, WILLIAM COOPER, Nashville, Tennessee; B.S. in Chemistry; Chemistry-Medical Sciences '68-'70; Pinkerton Society '70. AMONETT, NORMAN G., Byrdstown, Tennessee; B.S. in Animal Husbandry; Block and Bridle Club '69-'7I, Presi- dent '70-'71; Delta Tau Alpha '69-'71, Vice-President '71; Tech Aggies '69-'71. ANDERSON, GLENDA DARLENE, Knoxville, Tennessee; B.S. in Elementary Education; SNEA '69-'71. ANDERSON, PATRICIA JOAN, Baxter, Tennessee; B.S. in Mathematics; Math Club ‘68-'71, Secretary ‘71. ANDERSON, ROBERT C., Jacksboro, Tennessee; B.S. in Accounting. ANDERSON, STEPHEN E., Nashville, Tennessee; B.S. in Civil Engineering; TMDO '68-'69; Society of Freshman En- gineers '68; A.S.C.E. '69-'71. ARMSTRONG, DONNA LYNN, Joelton, Tennessee; B.S. in Elementary Education; Kappa Delta '69-'70, Scholarship Chairman. ARMSTRONG, VIRGINIA POLK, Nashville, Tennessee; B.S. in Sociology; PAHRA '69-'70; Sociology Club '68-'71. ARNOLD, MARILYN ELIZABETH, Athens, Tennessee, B.S. in Secondary Education-Social Science. ARNOLD, WILLIAM LEE, Camden, Tennessee; B.S. in Mechanical Engineering; ASME ‘69-'71; NSPE ‘68-69. BACON, BEVERLY ANN, Woodlynne, New Jersey; B.S. in Elementary Education; VOICE '69-'70; SNEA ‘69-'70. BAILEY, WALTER WESLEY, Portland, Tennessee; B.S. in Engineering Science; ES Club ‘71. BAIN, GARY KENDALL, Englewood, Tennessee; B.S. in Industrial Technology; IT Club '68-'71; AFS '70-'71. BAKER, DARRELL FLOYD, Homestead, Florida; B.S. in Health and Physical Education; Golf '69-'71; Intramural Football, Basketball, Softball, Volleyball '69-'71. BAKER, JOHN EDWARD, Mendota, Virginia; B.S. in Music Education; Marching Band ‘68-'71; Concert Band " 68-'71; Brass Choir '68-'71; Tuba Ensemble '68-'71; Varsity Choir '68-'71; Phi Mu Alpha '69-'71; Soccer '68-'69. BAKER, JOHN RANDOLPH, Jellico, Tennessee; B.S. in Accounting; Kappa Sigma '70; Alpha Kappa Psi '70; Ac- counting Club '70; ABC Representative ‘70. BAKER, LINDA SUSAN, Sparta, Tennessee; B.S. in Busi- ness Education; SNEA '70-'71; Pi Omega Pi '70-'7I, Presi- dent. BAKER, MARY TACKETT, Lake City, Tennessee; B.S. in Elementary Education; Community Chorus '69; Tech Wives Club '68-'71; TWO '67; SNEA '70-'71. Page 187 BAKER, WYNNE ERVIN, Sparta, Tennessee; B.S. in Ac- counting; Alpha Kappa Psi '69-'71, Vice-President '71; Ac- counting Club '68-'71; Veterans’ Club ‘68-'71. BANE, WILLIAM DEWEY, Lebanon, Tennessee; B.S. in Electrical Engineering; Kappa Epsilon '68-'69, Vice-Presi- dent. BALDWIN, ROBERT LYNN, Kingsport, Tennessee; B.S. in Business Management. BARNES, PHYLLIS ELAINE, Chattanooga, Tennessee; B.S. in Elementary Education; SNEA '69-'71; SEE '70-'71; Intra- mural Softball '69. BARNETT, J. ALVIN, Lupton City, Tennessee; B.S. in Busi- ness Management; Basketball, Softball, Tennis Intramurals ‘68-'70. BARR, LARRY LEE, Hollywood, Florida; B.A. in Spanish; " T " Club '69-'71; Phi Alpha Theta '70-'71; ROTC Band '70; Fellowship of Christian Athletes '69-'71; Spanish Club '69; Outstanding College Athletes of America '70; Tennis Team '68-'71. BARTHELEMY, JEROME JOHN II, Pittsburgh, Pennsylva- nia; B.S. in Health and Physical Education; Veterans Club '68-'71: Health and Physical Education Club '68-'71; SNEA '70-'71; Homespun Staff '70-'71; Dorm President '69-'70: Basketball, Football, Horseshoes, Volleyball Intra- murals '68-'71; Softball Intramurals '68-'69; Paddleball In- tramurals '69-'71; Boxing Intramurals '68-'69. BAXTER, ALANA MARIE, Madison, Tennessee; B.S. in Business Education; TWO '68-'70; SNEA '69-'71. BAUER, THOMAS MICHAEL, Nashville, Tennessee; B.S. in Industrial Engineering; Tech Rangers ‘68; Alpha Phi Omega '68-'71, Pledgemaster '70; AIIE '70-'71; TMDO Scholarship '70; Football Intramurals '68-'71; Basketball, Softball Intramurals '70-'71. BEAN, DAISY CARLENE, Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee; B.S. in Home Economics Education; Home Ec. Club '67- '68: Intramurals: Basketball '67-'68, Football '68-'69; Soft- ball '69-'70. BECKER, ROBERT STANLEY, Nashville, Tennessee; B.S. in Engineering Science; NSPE '65-'66; ES Club '65-'66; CO- OP '65-'68: Tech Village Council ‘70. BELL, JACK LESTER, Kingsport, Tennessee; B.S. in Busi- ness Management; Soccer Team '70-'71. BENSON, GERALDINE, Algood, Tennessee; B.S. in Home Economics Education; Home Ec. Club '67-'71, Historian '68-'69, Advisory Council '67-'68. BERGERON, ROBERT DEREK, Jacksonville, Florida; B.S. in Biology Pre-Vet; ATO '68-'71; Delta Tau Alpha '69-'71; " T' " ' Club '68-'71; Outstanding College Athletes of Amer- ica '69; Track Team ‘67-'71; Cross Country Team '67-'71. BERRYHILL, CARL DAVID, Richard, Tennessee; B.S. in Health and Physical Education; ''T'' Club '67-'71; Foot- ball '67-'70. BIDDY, BARBARA JOYCE, Chattanooga, Tennessee; B.S. in Home Economics Education; Home Ec. Club ‘67, '70- '7l; SNEA '70-'71. BIGGS, JOHN FRANKLIN, White House, Tennessee; B.S. in Mechanical Engineering; SFE '67; ASME '‘70-'71. BILBREY, JOHN HAROLD, Cookeville, Tennessee; B.S . in Business Management. BILLINGSLEY, JOHN SCOTT, Nashville, Tennessee; B.S. in Industrial Technology. BISHOP, JAMES E., Boaz, Alabama; B.S. in Health and Physical Education; ''T'' Club '68-'71; Football Team '67- ‘71; Baseball Team '69-'71. BLACKWOOD, WILLIAM STEVEN, Somerville, Tennessee, B.S. in Mathematics. BLANCHARD, RONALD D., Tullahoma, Tennessee; B.S. in Electrical Engineering; Pep Club '65-'66; FE Club '65-'66; CO-OP Club '66-'67; CO-OP Georgia Power Co. '67-'68; IEEE '66-'67, Treasurer '69-'70, Publicity Vice Chairman '68-'69: Intramurals: Basketball '68-'69, Softball '69-'70, Volleyball '69-'70. BLANKENSHIP, PATRICIA ANN, Etowah, Tennessee; B.S. in Elementary Education; Phi Mu Sorority '69-'71, Chap- lain '70-'71; Library Club '6%; ASB Senator '70-'71. BLAYLOCK, NANCY PEARLE, Harriman, Tennessee; B.S. in Elementary Education; Life Service '68-'69, President Summer '69; SNEA '70; Wesley Foundation Ecumenical Chairman '71; Choir '69-'70; President's Council of Reli- gious Activities '70; Interfaith Council '70, Vice President; Cheerleader Counselor, Summer '70. BOLIN, HOLLIS EDWIN, Crossville, Tennessee; B.S. in Health and Physical Education; Health and Physical Edu- cation Club '67-'70; ''T'' Club '68-'71; Football Team '67- ‘70. BOMAR, BRUCE WILLIAM, Shelbyville, Tennessee; B.S. in Electrical Engineering. BORDEN, PHYLLIS JEAN, Gallatin, Tennessee; B.S. in El- ementary Education; SNEA '69-'70. BORDEN, RUSSELL EDMOND, Allons, Tennessee; B.S. in Agronomy; Tech Aggies ‘'70-'71; Agronomy Club ‘69-'71; Softball Intramurals ‘69. Page 188 CO __.. eee People throughout the community find local works of art fascinating. BORING, GARY M., Oneida, Tennessee; B.S. in Agron- omy; Alpha Gamma Sigma '69-'70, Secretary and Trea- surer '69-'70; Delta Tau Alpha '70, Secretary '70-'71; Agronomy Club '68-'71, Treasurer ‘70. BOSSE, DAVID WARREN, Knoxville, Tennessee; B.S. in Health and Physical Education; ''T " Club '68-'71; H PE Club '68-'71; Intramural Football '68: Intramural Basket- ball '68-'71; Baseball Team '68-'71. BOTTENFIELD, LARRY CARL, Oak Ridge, Tennessee; B.S. in Accounting; Lambda Chi Alpha '70; Gamma Chi ‘ 68- 69: Intramural Football and Basketball '69-'70; Baseball Team '63, '68. BOWDEN, JAMES ALLEN, Chattanooga, Tennessee; B.S. in Political Science; Tech Chorus '66; Pep Club '66; Vet- erans Club '69-'71, Secretary '70-'71; Intramural Football " 65. BOWE, NATHANIEL WOODSON, JR., Memphis, Tennes- see; B.S. in Marketing; Alpha Tau Omega '69-'71, Trea- surer '71; Pi Kappa Delta '68-'71; Speech Activities '68- '69, Secretary-Treasurer '68: Marketing Club '69-'7]; Inter- fraternity Basketball '69, Football '69-'71; Intramural Soft- ball '68-'71, Bowling '70-'71, Tennis '70-'71. BOYETT, JOE BRUCE, Humboldt, Tennessee; B.S. in Chemistry; SAACS '69-'71, Vice-Chairman, ‘70. BOYETT, RACHEL LANELL, Humboldt, Tennessee; B.S., in Elementary Education; Zeta Tau Alpha '69-'70, Ritual Chairman '69-'70; SNEA '67-'71;. Transferred from Union University at Jackson, Tennessee ‘69. BRADEN, D. LAYTON, Oneida, Tennessee; B.S. in Sec- ondary Education; Tau Kappa Epsilon '68-'70; Sociology Club '68, Vice-President '68. BRADLEY, HARRY E., JR., Lynchburg, Virginia; B.S. in Industrial Engineering; AIIE '70-'7!; Softball and Basket- ball Intramurals. BRADY, JERRY D., McMinnville, Tennessee; B.S. in In- dustrial Technology; AFS ‘71. BRAMLETT, TYSON DeWITT, Old Fort, Tennessee; B.S. in Industrial Technology; Lambda Chi Alpha '69-'71, Social Chairman '70; IT Club '70-'71; Intramural Football and Basketball '68-'71: Interfraternity Football and Basketball '69-'71. BRANAM, LARRY BRUCE, Gainesville, Georgia; B.S. in Chemical Engineering; Delta Tau Delta '67-'71, Recording Secretary '70, Vice-President '71; Pi Guy '71; AIChE '69- 'Tl; Aquatics Club '67; Karate Club ‘67. BRASFIELD, ROBERT DUANE, Manchester, Tennessee; B.S. in Wildlife Management; Biology Club '67-'68; Intra- murals '68-'69. BRASHEARS, JAMES MICHAEL, Lenoir City, Tennessee; B.S. in Agronomy; Agronomy Club '68-'71; Tech Aggies '68-'69: Alpha Gamma Sigma '68-'71; Delta Tau Alpha '70-'71; Football Manager '68-'71. BRIMER, CLYDE RONALD, Whitwell, Tennessee; B.S. in Engineering Science; Tau Beta Pi '70-'71; Kappa Mu Epsi- lon '70-'71; NSPE '71; Alcoa Scholarship '71. BRISLAN, ROBERT HUGH, Knoxville, Tennessee; B.S. in Engineering Science; Sigma Chi '68-'70, Social Chairman 68-'69; SFE '67; ES Club '68-'70; Junior Class President " 69; Senior Class President '70; Activities Chairman Homecoming '69; Football Team '67; Interfraternity Foot- ball and Basketball '68-'70; Assistant to President of ASB " 70; Student Entertainment Organization, Chairman ‘70; Who's Who '70. Page 189 BROCK, ELSIE DEAN, Cleveland, Tennessee; B.S. in Sec- ondary Education-Biology; SNEA ‘'69-'71; Biology Club '70-'71. BROWNE, MARSHALL ALLEN, JR., Franklin, Tennessee; B.S. in Business Management. BUCK, JAMES RICHARD, Forbus, Tennessee; B.S. in Health and Physical Education; Oracle Staff ‘68; H PE Club '68-'70; Freshman Basketball '68; Intramurals (All Sports) '68-'70. BULLION, ROGER DALE, Obion, Tennessee; B.S. in Busi- ness Management; NSPE '69-'70, Parliamentarian ‘70; Theta Tau Fraternity '69-'71. BURCH, BARBARA KATHRYN, Murfreesboro, Tennessee; B.S. in Biology; Biology Club ‘'68-'70, President ‘70; Young Democrats Club '69-'70, President '70; Biology De- partment Advisory Council Secretary '69; German Club '69-'70: Arts and Sciences Council '70, President '69-'71; Speech Activities '68-'69; SNEA ‘68: Pi Kappa Delta; Tech Faculty Women's Club Scholarship '68; Pinkerton Speech Award '68; Freshman Women's Honor Society '68; Gold Circle '70-'71; Phi Kappa Phi '70-'71. BURDE, STEVEN DOUGLAS, Cedar Grove, New Jersey; B.S. in Industrial Technology; IT Club '70, AFS '70. BURTON, CLAUDIA JANE, Nashville, Tennessee; B.S. in Sociology; Sociology Club '70. BUTLER, JACQUELYN CAROL, Tullahoma, Tennessee; B.S. in Business Education; Zeta Tau Alpha ‘69-'71; Phi Beta Lambda '70-'71; SNEA '70-'71; Dorm Counselor '69- '7|; Extramural Tennis Team ‘68, '70-'71; Intramural Soft- ball '68, Tennis '70. CABLE, FRANCIS ISAAC, McEwen, Tennessee; B.S. in Electrical Engineering; Tau Beta Pi '70-'71; Eta Kappa Nu '70-'71; Kappa Mu Epsilon '70-'71; IEEE Softball ‘71. CALBAUGH, DAVID KENNETH, Dayton, Tennessee; B.S. in Industrial Technology; AFS '70-'71. CALLIS, SHIRLEY BUCHANAN, Martin, Tennessee; B.S. in Elementary Education. CAMPBELL, MAE ANGELYN, Nashville, Tennessee; B.S. in History; Transfer from Peabody College ‘68. CANAAN, AUGUSTO ANTONIO, Salcedo, Dominican Republic; B.S. in Industrial Engineering. CANATA, R. DENNIS, Chattanooga, Tennessee; B.S. in Accounting; Sigma Phi Epsilon '69-'71; Bowling '68-'71. CANNELLA, JENNY LEE, Cookeville, Tennessee; B.S. in Political Science; IRC '69-'71; Tech Players '68-'69, Secre- tary-Treasurer '69; Young Democrats Club '70, Treasurer '70; French Club '68; Who's Who '70-'71; Intramural Bas- ketball ‘68. CANNON, JAMES STANLEY, Sparta, Tennessee, B.S. in Health and Physical Education; H PE Club ‘68-69. CAREY, JACK WILLARD, Hartsville, Tennessee, B.S. in Chemistry; Chemistry-Medical Science Club '69-'71I. CAREY, MARTHA JOAN, Crossville, Tennessee; B.S. in Secondary Education English; Sigma Tau Delta '70-'71; Kappa Delt a Pi '70-'71. CARLSON, DANIEL COE, West Palm Beach, Florida; B.S. in Mechanical Engineering; ASME '70-'71. CARLTON, JOHNFRED GARVIS, Linden, Tennessee; B.S. in Electrical Engineering; IEEE ‘69-'71; EJC Representa- tive '70-'71. CARPENTER, JOSEPH LEE, JR., Old Hickory, Tennessee; B.S. in Business Management; Phi Delta Theta '69-'71; In- tramural Basketball, Football, Baseball, Track '68-'71. CARRICK, LINDA JOYCE, Sparta, Tennessee; B.S. in Home Economics Education; Home Ec. Club Vice-Presi- dent '71; Kappa Omicron Phi Distaff Reporter ‘71. CARTER, DUDLEY WINFIELD, Nashville, Tennessee; B.S. in Industrial Technology. CARUTHERS, CHESTER LAWRENCE, Crossville, Tennes- see; B.S. in Accounting; Sigma lota Epsilon '70-'71; Vet- erans Club '67-'69; Management Club ‘68-'69; Accounting Club '70-'71; Intramural Basketball '67-'69. CARVER, PATRICIA DIANNE, Madison, Tennessee; B.S. in Accounting; Alpha Delta Pi ‘'68-'71, Treasurer '69-'70, President '70-'71; ASCE Sweetheart '68-'69; Engineers’ Ball Queen '69; EJC Sweetheart '69-'70; Sigma Phi Epsilon Sweetheart Court '69; TMDO Calendar Girl '69-'70; ASB Senator from School of Business '69-'70; Who's Who'' ‘69; Sigma lota Epsilon '70-'71, Treasurer '70-'71; Gold Circle '70-'71, Secretary '70-'71; EAGLE staff '67-'71; Student Life Editor '68-'69; Work Scholarship '67-'71; Intramural Foot- ball, Softball, Basketball '69-'70. CASE, JOHN ISAAC, JR., Nashville, Tennessee; B.S. in Engineering Science; Alpha Phi Omega ‘67-'71; Scabbard and Blade ‘'69-'70; FE ‘66-'67; Intramural Softbal l and Football '69; Intramural Basketball '67-'68. CASSETTY, DEBORAH DIANNE, Gainesboro, Tennessee; B.S. in Health and Physical Education; H PE Club ‘'69- ‘71; Phi Mu ‘69-'71, Pledge Director '70; ROTC Sponsor ‘70; Cheerleader ‘71; Intramural Basketball '68-'69; Intra- mural Paddleball '70. CAYCE, THOMAS HENRY, Nashville, Tennessee; B.S. in Civil Engineering; ASCE ‘71. Page 190 CHAFFIN, JOAN CAROLYN, Nashville, Tennessee; B.S. in Home Economics; Home Ec. Club '68; Kappa Delta Pi '70-'71; TWO Board ‘70. CHAMBERS, RONNIE OWINGS, Maryville, Tennessee; B.S. in Health and Physical Education. CHANDLER, GEORGE H., Winterville, Georgia; B.S. in Civil Engineering; NSPE '70-'71, Vice-President '71; Veter- ans Club '70-'71, Vice-President '71; ASCE '70-'71. CHAPLIN, MARTHA FRANCES, Sweetwater, Tennessee; B.S. in Elementary Education; Kappa Delta Pi '70-'71; Transfer from Carson-Newman College ‘68. CHEATHAM, GRANVILLE JIM, Columbia, Tennessee; B.S. in Electrical Engineering; Tau Beta Pi '69-'71; AIEEE '70-'71; EJC '70-'71, Secretary '70-'71; Kappa Mu Epsilon '70-'71; HKN '70-'71; NSPE '70-'71; EJC Scholarship ‘70- ile CHESSOR, ALVA JEAN, Lewisburg, Tennessee; B.S. in Secondary Education; ACS '69-'71; SNEA ‘68-'71; Intra- mural Basketball '68-'69. CHESTER, LYNN GRAY, San Bernardino, California; B.S. in Electrical Engineering; |EEE '70-'71, Chairman ‘71; Eta Kappa Nu '70-'71; Tau Beta Pi '70-'71; Kappa Mu Epsilon '69-'71; Veterans Club '70-'71; NSPE ‘71. CHIPEN, TAKASY REYNOLD, Moen, Truk, Micronesia; B.S. in Elementary Education; Cosmopolitan Club ‘69; SNEA '69-'71, First Vice-President '7I. CLAIBORNE, HUGH SAMUEL, Nashville, Tennessee; B.S. in Health and Physical Education; Lambda Chi Alpha '70-'71; Jr. High Alpha '70; B B Club '67-'68; H PE Club 69-'71; SNEA '69-'71; Interfraternity Softball '70-'71. CLARK, CLIFFORD EZEKIEL, Calhoun, Tennessee; B.S. in Mechanical Engineering; Tau Beta Pi '70-'71; Pi Tau Sigma '70-'71, President '71; ASME '69-'71, Treasurer ‘71; Intramural Basketball and Softball '70-'71. CLARK, SHARON ELAIN, Sparta, Tennessee; B.S. in Ele- mentary Education; SNEA '69-'70. CLEMMONS, HUBERT DENNIS III, Lebanon, Tennessee; B.S. in Civil Engineering; ASCE '69-'71. CLEMMONS, SHERLYN ARMS, Lebanon, Tennessee; B.S. in Secondary Education English; SNEA '69-'71. COBB, TERRENCE LEE, Hermitage, Tennessee; B.S. in Business Management; Phi Delta Theta '68-'71, Vice-Presi- dent '71; ASB Senator '69. COFFELT, ROGER DALE, Springfield, Tennessee; B.S. in Accounting; Accounting Club '68; Alpha Kappa Psi ‘69- '70, Chaplain '69-'70. COLE, JOANNE MARIE, Crossville, Tennessee; B.S. in Sociology; Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society ‘69-'70. Campus Policeman McHenry guards the gates to the girl's dorms during an attempted panty raid. Page 191 Construction continued for engineering COLEMAN, ERNEST WILSON, Lebanon, Tennessee; B.S. in Electrical Engineering. COLLEY, MARY CATHY, Donelson, Tennessee; B.S. in So- ciology; Math Club, '68-'69; German Club '68-'69; Society for Environmental Enlightenment '70-'71; SNEA '70-'71. COLLIGNON, JAMES OLIVER, Knoxville, Tennessee; B.S. in Marketing, TMDO '67-'68, President of South Hall, Vice-President of Northeast Hall '68-'69; Sigma Chi Fraternity '68-'71; Table Manager '69; Marketing Club '70-'71; Extramural Softball " 69, Football '68-'69. COLLINS, DANNY MILFORD, Hollywood, Florida; B.S. in Sociology; Tech Rangers ‘'69-'70, Staff Officer '70; Scabbard and Blade '69-'70; Assistant Head Resident of Millard Hall '70; Dorm Council of Millard Hall ‘70. COLVARD, SUMNER LEIGH, McMinnville, Tennessee; B.S. in Education; Alpha Delta Pi ‘69-'71. CONLEY, ERNESTINE, Ripley, Tennessee; B.S. in Elemen- tary Education; Interfaith Council, Tutor ‘69: Secretary and Treasurer of Dorm '70; Black's Student Organization '69-'71; VISTA Tutor '69. CONLEY, LLOYD MICHAEL, Blend, Tennessee; B.S. in Agronomy; Scuba Club ‘68-'71; Agronomy Club ‘68-'71; Tech Aggies '68-'71; Transfer from Cumberland College. CONNELLY, GAYLE GIBBS, Oak Ridge, Tennessee; B.S. in English; Transfer from Freed-Hardeman College,; SNEA '69-'70. CONSIDINE, STEPHEN EDWARD, Massapequa, New York; B.S. in Sociology. COOK, CHARLES MICHAEL, Columbia, Tennessee; B.S. in Industrial Engineering. COOK, VICKI LARUE, Kingston, Tennessee; B.S. in Sec- ondary Education English; Zeta Tau Alpha ‘69-'71; Calen- dar Girl '68; Phi Delt Sweetheart Court '69; Zeta Tau Alpha Inter-Sorority '67, '70; Football and Softball. COONCE, JAMES L., Naperville, Illinois; B.S. in Business Management. COPAS, KATHRYN JEAN, Red Boiling Springs, Tennes- see; B.S. in Home Economics; Chemistry Medical Sci- ence Club '67-'68; Intramurals Football '68-'69. COPP, JOHN JUDSON, Del Rio, Tennessee; B.S. in Soci- ology; Karate Club '68; Sociology Club '71; AXA ‘71. COVINGTON, LLOYD RAY, Cookeville, Tennessee; B.S. in Agronomy; Agronomy Club '67-'71, Treasurer '69; Tech Aggies '67-'71. COX, SHEILA ELAINE, Daisy, Tennessee; B.S. in Elemen- tary Education; Alpha Sigma Alpha '70-'71; SNEA '69-'70. Page 192 An expanded engineering program resulted in a facility for the chemical and civil engineers. Sia Tatas meet CRABTREE, LYNN McKAY, Shelbyville, Tennessee; B.S. in Secondary Education English; English Club '69-'71; SNEA '69-'71; Transfer from Middle Tennessee State University. CRAIGHEAD, JOHN DAWSON, Old Hickory, Tennessee; B.S. in Accounting; Phi Delta Theta '68-'71, Treasurer '68- ‘69; Interfraternity Football, Basketball and Softball '68- wal CRAIGHEAD, KAREN WARREN, Old Hickory, Tennessee; B.S. in Elementary Education. CRAWFORD, CORDELL HULL, McMinnville, Tennessee; B.S. in Sociology; Sociology Club '70-'71. CRAWFORD, JAMES MICHAEL, Dayton, Ohio; B.S. in Marketing; Marketing Club '70-'71; Intramural Softball, Football, Basketball and Volleyball '69-'71. CRAWFORD, WILLIAM RAY, Mansfield, Tennessee; B.S. in Industrial Technology; IT Club ‘'70-'71. CRIGGER, BARBARA JEAN, Lewisburg, Tennessee; B.S. in Home Economics; FHA '67-'68. CRIPS, EDDIE M., Dowelltown, Tennessee; B.S. in Ac- counting; Transfer from Cumberland College. CROMWELL, MARY LOU, Burrville, Tennessee; B.S. in Home Economics Education; Home Ec. Club '67-'68; Dorm Counselor '68-'70. CROUCH, DANNY HOWARD, Nashville, Tennessee; B.S. in Business Management. CROWDER, JOHN DENNIS, Portland, Tennessee; B.S. in Engineering Science; FE '67; ES Club '68-'69: NSPE ‘70. CRUISE, JUDITH KAY, Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in Home Economics Education; Home Ec. Club ‘'68-'7I, Vice-President '69-'70; Alpha Sigma Alpha ‘69-71. CUMMINGS, DONALD EUGENE, Portland, Tennessee; B.S. in Chemistry. DAVENPORT, SEREPTA SUZANNE, Chattanooga, Tennes- see; B.S. in Chemistry; ACS '70-'71; Marching Band '68; C MS Club '68-'71. DAVIDSON, ROBERT T. III, La Follette, Tennessee; B.S. in Civil Engineering; Tech Rangers '67; CO-OP Club '68; Scuba Club '69; ASCE ‘70-'71. DAVIS, GEORGE LYNN, Nashville, Tennessee; B.S. in Business Management; Sigma Alpha Epsilon '69-'71, Vice- President '70-'71; Freshman Class President '68; Zeta Tau Alpha Sweetheart. DAVIS, REBECCA GAIL, Lafayette, Tennessee; B.S. in El- ementary Education; SNEA '69-'70. DAVIS, RICHARD GLENN, Horse Cave, Kentucky; B.S. in Secondary Education; Phi Alpha Theta '70-'71, Secretary- Treasurer '71; SNEA ‘71. DAVIS, SEWELL WILLS, Nashville, Tennessee; B.S. in In- dustrial Technology; Delta Tau Delta '67-'70; IT Club '69- '70; Interfraternity Softball '69. DEAN, JOHNNY MELVIN, Morristown, Tennessee; B.S. in Secondary Education History; Alpha Phi Omega '69-'71, Historian '70-'71; Football ‘68; Intramural Softball '70-'7!. DeJONG, JACQUELYN DAVIS, Sparta, Tennessee; B.S. in Sociology. DeJONG, JOHN WILLIAM, Sparta, Tennessee; B.S. in Accounting; Alpha Kappa Psi ‘71. DEMING, WOODIE MONROE, Henderson, Tennessee; B.S. in Engineering Science; ES Club '68-'70; Kappa Mu Epsilon '69-'70. DENNIS, JERRY LEE, New Lebanon, Ohio; B.S. in Health and Physical Education; H PE Club '68-'71; Representa- tive to Physical Education Faculty '68-'69; Intramurals '68-'71. DENNY, PAUL DAVID, Cookeville, Tennessee; B.S. in Business Management; Sigma Alpha Epsilon '70-'71; SAM Nake DePRIEST, HAROLD EDWARD, Linden, Tennessee; B.S. in Electrical Engineering; IEEE ‘71. DePRIEST, JANE BAKER, Linden, Tennessee, B.S. in Ele- mentary Education; SNEA ‘71. DICKINSON, HOWARD SMITH, Franklin, Tennessee; B.S. in Civil Engineering; NSPE '70-'71; ASCE '70-'71. Page 193 = DIETZ, GUENTHER, Heidelberg, West Germany; B.S. in Secondary Education German; German Club '67-'71; Soc- cer Team ‘67-'71, Coach-Captain '67-'71; Volleyball Team '70: International Student Committee '69, Chairman '69; SEH '70-'71; Kappa Delta Pi '70; Track Team Manager '70; Outstanding Athlete of American Universities for Soccer '70. DIXON, HENRY POWELL, Chattanooga, Tennessee; B.S. in Secondary Education; Delta Chi Delta '65-'67; Educator '66: Sigma Phi Epsilon '67-'71; Interfraternity Softball ‘69. DOBBS, JOHN LANIER, Gallatin, Tennessee; B.S. in Busi- ness Management; Dormitory President '65, Vice-President 68: " 'T'’ Club '65-'66; Tennis Team; Intramural Basketball '68-'70: Intramural Football '68-'70; Intramural Paddleball '68-'71. DOBBS, SANDRA ANITA, Gallatin, Tennessee; B.S. in Business Education; TWO '67-'71; SNEA '70-'71. DODSON, LAWRENCE MORGAN, Morristown, Tennes- see; B.S. in Civil Engineering; ASCE '67-'71; TSPE ‘69. DOERING, BARBARA MARGARET, Lexington, Kentucky; B.S. in Elementary Education; SNEA '69-'70. DOUGLAS, JIMMIE THOMAS, Portland, Tennessee; B.S. in Engineering Science; ESC '70-'7I. DOWELL, JULIA ANNE, Cookeville, Tennessee; B.S. in Home Economics; Golden Girls Majorette Corps '67-'71; ROTC Sponsor, Ranger Company '70, Ist Batallion ‘71; Alpha Tau Omega Little Sister '71; Home Ec. Club '7I. DOYLE, SHARON ANN, Humboldt, Tennessee; B.S. in Secondary Education English; Sigma Tau Delta '70-'71, Vice-President '70-'71; Math Club '67-'68: SNEA '69-'71; German Club '67-'68; English Club '70-'71. DOZIER, JAMES STEVEN, Nashville, Tennessee; B.S. in Business Management; Theta Tau ‘68-'71; Scabbard and Blade '70; FE ‘67, Treasurer ‘67; EJC '69-'70, President '70; AIAA '69: IE Club '68: ASB President '71; ASB Sena- tor from Engineering '69-'70; Who's Who '70; Tech Ran- gers '67-'68: NSPE '68-'69; TMDO ‘67; Dorm Treasurer '67. DRAPER, WILLIAM GORDON, Bell Buckle, Tennessee; B.S. in Dairy Husbandry; Alpha Gamma Sigma '69-'7I, President '70-'71, Historian '69-'70; Delta Tau Alpha '69- ‘71, National Vice-President '70-'71, Reporter '70-'71; Block and Bridle Club '68-'71; Tech Aggies ‘68-'71; Intra- mural Volleyball '69-'70; Intramural Football '70; Intra- mural Basketball '68-'70. DUKE, NORMAN D., Mt. Juliet, Tennessee; B.S. in Ac- counting. DUNAWAY, LINDA ISOM, Kingston, Tennessee; B.S. in English; SNEA '70-'71. DUNN, LEONARD LEE, Memphis, Tennessee; B.S. in Biol- ogy; SEE '70-'71; Biology Club ‘68-'71. DYCUS, BRENDA KAYE, Sparta, Tennessee: B.S. in Sec- ondary Education; SNEA ‘67-'68. EARNEST, JAMES VON, Charleston, Tennessee; B.S. in Civil Engineering. State Board of Education voted this year to gradu- ally phase out mandatory ROTC. Page 194 EATON, LOIS ACUFF, Chattanooga, Tennessee; B.S. in Sociology; Zeta Tau Alpha '69-'71; Tennessee Intercolle- giate State Legislature '67-'68; Sociology Club '68-'7!. EGGLESTON, PATRICIA BLYTHE, Ft. Campbell, Ken- tucky; B.S. in Secondary Education History; Alpha Sigma Alpha '68-'71, Rush Chairman '69-'70; Phi Alpha Theta '70-'71; Kappa Delta Pi '69-'71. EINECKER, DONALD JOSEPH, Sparta, Tennessee; B.S. in Industrial Technology; Rebel Rifles '68-'71, Staff Officer '70-'71; Sigma Phi Epsilon '70-'71, House Improvements Chairman; FE '67-'68; ROTC Scholarship '69-'71. ELLEDGE, DONALD RAY, Smithville, Tennessee; B.S. in Political Science; Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity ‘68-'71, Rush Chairman '69; IR Club '69-'70; Intramural Football and Softball '68-'7!; Football '67. ELLIS, RICHARD ALLEN, Fort Myers, Florida; B.S. in Chemistry; Chemical-Medical Science Club '69-'70; Sky- diving Club '69-'70. ENGLAND, LYNN WOOD, Sparta, Tennessee; B.S. in Music Education; Tech Band '67-'71; Tech Choir '67-'71; MENC '67-'71; Phi Mu Alpha '70-'71; Tech Symphony Or- chestra '70-'71. ENSOR, MICHAEL EVANS, Gallatin, Tennessee; B.S. in Marketing; Marketing Club '70-'71. EVANS, MARY MAGEE, Clarksville, Tennessee; B.A. in French; Avant-Garde '70-'71; EAGLE Staff '70-'71; Greeks Editor '70-'71; Who's Who '70-'71; Phi Kappa Phi '70-'71; Gold Circle '70-'71; Kappa Delta Pi '70-'71. EVANS, MICHAEL M., Rockwood, Tennessee; B.S. in Business Management; Sigma Alpha Epsilon ‘'70-'71; Sigma Phi Delta '68-'71; Intramural Football, Basketball and Softball '68-'71. FAIR, SAMUEL DAVID, JR., Chattanooga, Tennessee; B.S. in Health and Physical Education; T-Club '67-'71; Varsity Football Team '67-'71. FARMER, ROY DENNIS, Winchester, Tennessee; B.S. in Political Science. FINNELL, PRISCILLA LYNN, Ooltewah, Tennessee; B.S. in Sociology; VOICE '70-'71; Peace and Human Rights Alliance '70-'7I. FINUFF, KERRY WAYNE, Honolulu, Hawaii; B.S. in Eco- nomics; Lambda Chi Alpha '70-'71; Jr. High Gamma '70-'71; Intramural Softball '68-'69. FISHER, HORACE McKINLEY, JR., Spring City, Tennes- see; B.S. in Accounting. FLATT, LARRY DAVIS, Gainesboro, Tennessee; B.S. in Electrical Engineering; Sigma Chi '70-'71; CO-OP Club '67-'7|; [EEE Club '68-'71; FE Society '67-'68; Intramural Football '70-'71; Intramurals '69-'70. FLATT, NANCY LOUISE, Cookeville, Tennessee; B.S. in Chemistry; Chemical and Medical Sciences Club '68-'71; ACS '69-'71. FLEMING, WALKER JAMES III, Nashville, Tennessee; B.S. in Wildlife Management. FLETC HER, BEN P., Jr., Lynchburg, Tennessee; B.S. in Animal Husbandry; Intramural Basketball '69-'70; Intra- mural Softball '69-'70. FLORES, GUILLERMO, La Ceiba, Honduras; B.S. in Hor- ticulture; Alpha Gamma Sigma ‘'69-'70: Tau Kappa Epsi- lon '69-'71, Secretary '69-'70; Agronomy Club '68-'69, Sec- retary '69-'70; Tech Aggies '68-'69; Tech Scuba Club '68- " 69: International Student Leader '70-'71; AGGIE CON- TACT '69-'70, News Editor '69-'70: Soccer '68-'71; Intra- mural Football, Track and Volleyball '69-'71. FLY, CHARLES SMITHSON, Goodlettsville, Tennessee; B.S. in Electrical Engineering; Tau Beta Pi '70-'71; HKN '70-'71; [EEE '70-'71. FORD, BRENDA CAROL, Monterey, Tennessee; B.S. in Sociology; Sociology Club '68-'70; Alpha Sigma Alpha 69-'70, Parliamentarian '69-'70, Treasurer '70-'71, Vice- President '69-'70: Dormitory Officer '69-'70; Intramural Football '70-'71. FOUST, JOSEPH DAVID, Lake City, Tennessee; B.S. in Electrical Engineering; Tau Beta Pi '70-'7l, CO-OP Club '68-'69: IEEE Club '68-'69. FOUST, PATRICIA DIANE, Lake City, Tennessee; B.A. in Health and Physical Education; H PE Club '69-'71; SNEA '70-'71; Intramural Basketball and Softball '69-'70. FOUTCH, JEANNE VANATTA, Smithville, Tennessee; B.S. in Finance. FOX, EDNA H., Bloomington Springs, Tennessee; B.S. in Home Economics Education. FOX, JIMMY CHARLES, Memphis, Tennessee; B.S. in In- dustrial Technology; IT Club '70-'71. FRANCIS, DAVID HARRY, Claymont, Delaware; B.S. in Business Management; Tech Choir '68-'69; Wesley Singers " 68-'69: Business Management Club '70-'71; Intramural Basketball and Softball '69-'71; Intramural Football and Volleyball '70-'71. FRANCIS, JOHN DAVID, Oak Ridge, Tennessee; B.S. in Health and Physical Education; Lambda Chi Alpha '69- ‘71; " 'T'' Club '67-'71; TMDO '67-'68; Varsity Football '67- '71; Intramural Basketball '68-'71; Intramural Softball '68- ville Page 195 FRANKLIN, ALBERT P., Gallatin, Tennessee; B.S. in In- dustrial Technology; Pep Club '65-'66; Young Democrats '65-'66: Phi Kappa Lambda '65-'66, Vice-President '66, Pledgemaster ‘66; Alpha Tau Omega ‘'69-'71; Veterans Club '70-'71; Industrial Technology Club '66, ‘69-'71; AFS '66, '69-'71; Intramural Football '65-'66; Sing-Out Tech '66; Intramural Softball '70-'71. FROGG, SAMUEL SPEARS, Harriman, Tennessee; B.S. in Health and Physical Education; SNEA '68-'70; H PE Club '68-'70; Intramural Football, Softball, Basketball and Vol- leyball '68-'70. FRYAR, WILLIAM THOMAS, JR., Soddy, Tennessee; B.S. in Biology; Alpha Phi Omega '69-'71; Scuba Club '69-'71; Scabbard and Blade '70-'71; Soccer '69-'70. GAINES, STEVEN ALLEN, Nashville, Tennessee; B.S. in Industrial Technology. GANJEHSANI, REBECCA PARYIN, Cookeville, Tennessee; B.S. in Secondary Education English; Kappa Delta Pi ‘71; Phi Kappa Phi '70-'71; Sigma Tau Delta '70-'71; ORACLE Staff '69-'71, Copy Editor '70, Managing Editor ‘71; Transferred from Warren Wilson College ‘69. GARRETT, JANET SUE, Allons, Tennessee; B.S. in Home Economics Education; Home Ec. Club ‘69-'70. GARTON, JOYCE ELAINE, Donelson, Tennessee; B.S. in Business Education; Kappa Delta ‘'69-'71, Membership Chairman '70-'71; SNEA '70-'71. GASS, PEGGY LEE, Kingsport, Tennessee; B.S. in Elemen- tary Education; Caving Club '68-'69; Softball and Foot- ball Intramurals '68-'70; Basketball Intramurals '68-'69. GAZLAY, WILLIAM DUGGAN, Nashville, Tennessee; B.S. in Business Management; Alpha Tau Omega '70-'71, Wor- thy Usher '71; Dorm Secretary ‘69; Intramural Bowling '69-'70: Intramural Basketball '70; Intramural Volleyball " 69. GENTRY, BETTY JOE, South Wilmington, Illinois; B.S. in Secondary Education English-Drama; Pep Club ‘67; Inter- faith Council '68; French Club '69; Tech Players '67-'71, Secretary '70, Vice-President '71; Alpha Psi Omega 'é8- '71, Historian '70; Arts and Sciences Council '70-'71; Tech Players' Best Costuming Award '68-'69; Tech Players’ Best Actress in Minor Role '70. GENTRY, GARY W., Lebanon, Tennessee; B.S. in Ac- counting. GENTRY, JAMES LUTHER, Etowah, Tennessee; B.S. in Secondary Education History; Transferred from Cleveland State Community College ‘69. GEORGE, PHYLIS SUE, Lewisburg, Tennessee; B.S. in Secondary Education Social Science; Unit C Basketball Team '67-'68. GIBBS, RONALD PRESTON, Gordonsville, Tennessee; B.S. in Secondary Education Social Science; SNEA '66-'67. GIBSON, NATHAN LEE, Humboldt, Tennessee; B.S. in Industrial Engineering; AIIE, Representative for Engi- neer's Joint Council; CO-OP Club; Pi Lambda Epsilon; Board Member,Engineering Honor System; Co-chairman, Engineer's Day '71; Tau Beta Pi '70-'71. GIBSON, PAUL DOUGLAS, New Philadelphia, Ohio; B.S. in Secondary Education English; ''T'' Club '69-'71; English Club ‘'69-'70; Transfer from Kent State University, Ohio ‘67; Cross-Country Team '67-'70; Track Team ‘68-'71; Bas- ketball Intramurals '69-'71. GIBSON, PETER ALDEN, Pikeville, Tennessee; B.S. in Marketing; Marketing Club '68-'71; Lambda Chi Alpha; Intramural Basketball '68-'71; Intramural Football '68-'71. GILL, JACK WILLIAMS, Monterey, Tennessee; B.S. in In- dustrial Engineering; CO-OP Club ‘67, Secretary ‘68; AIIE '68-'71; Theta Tau '70-'71; Tau Beta Pi ‘70; Intra- mural Football ‘66. GILLEN, GLENDA FAY, Sparta, Tennessee; B.S. in Busi- ness Education. GILLEN, ROBERT LEWIS, Sparta, Tennessee; B.S. in In- dustrial Engineering; AIIE ‘71. GILLIAM, JOHN DAVID, JR., Spring Hill, Tennessee; B.S. in Electrical Engineering; Tau Beta Pi '70-'71, Vice- President ‘71; Eta Kappa Nu ‘'70-'71; IEEE '70-'71; Intra- mural Basketball '70; Intramural Softball '70. GILLIAM, LINDA SUE, Westmoreland, Tennessee; B.S. in Secondary Education History; Transfer from Martin Col- lege; SNEA '7I. GIVENS, BRENDA GLADYS, Nashville, Tennessee; B.S. in Secondary Education English; Sigma Sigma Sigma ‘69-71; SNEA '69-'71. GLASCOCK, JOHN LESLIE, B.S. in Economics; Speech Activities '68-'69; Pinkerton Society '70-'71, Vice-President '70, Publicity Chairman '71; Pi Kappa Delta '68-'71, Vice- President '70, President '71; Young Democrats Club '69- ‘71; Pinkerton Scholarship Award '68, '69; Pi Kappa Delta " Gavel " '70; Varsity Debate Team '70-'71; Sigma lota Epsilon '70-'71. GLENN, LEE DENTON, McMinnville, Tennessee; B.S. in Industrial Technology; Sigma Chi '68-'71, House Manager '69-'70; Veterans Club '68-'71; IT Club '69-'71; AFS '69-'71. GOFF, DAVID EUGENE, Sparta, Tennessee; B.S. in Ac- counting; Alpha Kappa Psi '69-'71, Public Relations '71; Accounting Club '70-'71, President '71; SAM '70-'71; Asso- ciation of Business Clubs '71, Vice-President '71; Senator from School of Business '71; Who's Who '7I; Intramural Football '69; Kappa Sigma '70-'71. GOINS, DIANA KAY, New Albany, Indiana; B.S. in Sec- ondary Education Sociology; Phi Beta Lambda '68-'69, Vice-President '68-'69; Sociology Club '70-'71. GOLSTON, TOMMY D., Whitwell, Tennessee; B.S. in In- dustrial Technology; IT Club ‘65, '69, '71; AFS ‘69-'71, Vice-President '69, President '71; Senator from College of Engineering '71; FEF Scholarship '69-'71. Page 196 — Ce na a neal lal GOOLSBY, NOLAN RAY, Cookeville, Tennessee; B.S. in Business Management; Alpha Kappa Psi '70-'71, Alumni Secretary '71; SAM '70-'71, Vice-President '71; Student Af- fairs Committee '70-'71. GORDON, DAVID A., Manchester, Tennessee; B.S. in Me- chanical Engineering; ASME ‘'69-'71; Intramural Football and Softball '68-'71. GRAHAM, TERRY LYNN, Charleston, Tennessee; B.S. in Industrial Technology. GRAVES, KENNETH DARYL, Nashville, Tennessee; B.S. in Business Management; Tau Kappa Epsilon '70-'71, Scholar- ship Chairman '7I. GRAY, MARTHA GAIL, Livingston, Tennessee; B.S. in El- ementary Education. GREEN, BOBBY L., McMinnville, Tennessee; B.S. in In- dustrial Technology; IT Club '70-'71. GREGORY, CHARLES WAYNE, Hartsville, Tennessee; B.S. in Industrial Technology. GREGORY, HARWARD GERALD, Gallatin, Tennessee; B.S. in Civil Engineering; Alpha Phi Omega ‘69-'7I, Pres- ident '71; ASCE '69-'71; Intramural Softball, Football and Basketball '70-'71. GREGORY, JUDY ANN, Hartsville, Tennessee; B.S. in Secondary Education Sociology; Transfer from Cumber- land College '69. GREGORY, ROBERT WILLIAM, Nashville, Tennessee; B.S. in Business Management; Phi Delta Theta '69-'71, Secre- tary '70; Career Day Committee '70; ASB Senator; School of Business '7I. GRESSMIRE, GARY LEE, New Johnsonville, Tennessee; B.S. in Sociology; TMOD '70; Sociology Club '70-'71; Alpha Phi Omega '67-'70; Senate Leadership Program Lous GRIBBLE, ROGER W., Newport, Tennessee; B.S. in In- dustrial Technology; Sigma Chi '67-'71, Historian '68-'71; IT Club '68-'71, Secretary '70; AFS '68-'71; ASB Senator, College of Engineering ‘71. GRIDER, TOMMY DOYLE, Chattanooga, Tennessee; B.S. in Secondary Education History. GRIFFITH, BONNIE K., Robbins, Tennessee; B.S. in Health and Physical Education; SNEA '67-'70; H PE Club '67-'70; Intramural Basketball '67-'70, Softball '67-'70. GRIMES, PETER W., Summertown, Tennessee; B.S. in Me- chanical Engineering. GRINER, DAVID SYDNEY, Hohenwald, Tennessee; B.S. in Civil Engineering; ASCE '70-'71. Dr. Turck assists students in pre-registration during summer quarter. Page 197 GRISSOM, DALE HOWARD, Cookeville, Tennessee; B.S. in Industrial Technology. GROCE, BEVERLY DIANN, Byrdstown, Tennessee; B.S. in Elementary Education; SNEA '68-'70. GROCE, VANITA HELEN, Cookeville, Tennessee; B.S. in Elementary Education. GROOMS, DEBRA COBB, Shelbyville, Tennessee; 8.S. in Business Management; Sigma lota Epsilon '70-'71; Phi Gamma Nu ‘71. GRUBB, RONALD LEON, Erwin, Tennessee; B.S. in In- dustrial Technology; Intramural Softball '69-'70. GRUBB, TERRY S., Erwin, Tennessee; B.S. in Chemical En- gineering. GUFFEE, MITCHELL SLOAN, JR., Nashville, Tennessee; B.S. in Business Management. GUIDARA, THOMAS J., Crossville, Tennessee; B.S. in In- dustrial Engineering; Intramural Basketball '69-'70, Foot- ball '69-'70. GUMER, INDERPAL S., Ludhiana, Punjab, India; B.S. in Civil Engineering; ASCE '69-'71; Cosmopolitan Club '69- ‘Ti; India Student Organization '69-'71, Secretary '70; NSPE '70-'71; ASB Senator, College of Engineering '70- Uae GUNTER, LINDA LOU, Sparta, Tennessee; B.S. in Sec- ondary Education English; English Club '71; Alpha Sigma Alpha '69-'70, Scholarship Chairman '70-'71; Chemistry Club ‘71. HAGAN, BARBARA SIMS, Lebanon, Tennessee; B.S. in Elementary Education; SNEA '7I. HAGAN, LESLIE HAROLD, Lawrenceburg, Tennessee; B.A. in Political Science; Phi Delta Theta '68-'71; Interna- tional Relations Club '70; Interfraternity Council '68-'71, President '71; Sophomore Vice-President ‘69. HAGEMANN, ROBERT EARL, JR., Memphis, Tennessee; B.A. in Mathematics; Oracle Staff '70-'71, Sports Editor 'T|; Eagle Staff '71, Sports Editor '71; German Club '69; Official Statistician '68-'71 (Baseball, Basketball, and Football); Math Club '7I; Varsity Baseball! '68-'71; Intra- mural Basketball '69-'71. HALE, VICKI LYNN, Chattanooga, Tennessee; B.S. in Mathematics; Phi Mu '69-'71, Scholarship Chairman '69, Assistant Treasurer '70-'71; Kappa Mu Epsilon ‘69-'71; Math Club '68-'71, Secretary '69-'70. HALES, RANDOLPH F., Columbia, Tennessee; B.S. in Chemical Engineering; AICHE '69-'71, Vice-President ‘71; Kappa Mu Epsilon '69-'71; Tau Beta Pi ‘70-'71. HALEY, EDGAR WAYNE, Manchester, Tennessee; B.S. in Electrical Engineering; IEEE '68-'71, Secretary ‘71; Eta Kappa Nu '7I; Tau Beta Pi '7I, Treasurer ‘71. HALFACRE, MARION HAILE, Granville, Tennessee; .B.S. in Marketing; Pi Kappa Delta '67-'71, President ‘69, Sec- retary '70; Speech Club '67-'70; Alpha Kappa Psi '70-'71; Marketing Club '68-'71; Sigma Chi '68-'71, Treasurer ‘70; Debate Team '67-'70: ASB Senator '71; Interfraternity Football, Basketball and Softball '68-'71. HALL, JO ANNE, Knoxville, Tennessee; B.S. in Music Ed- ucation; Mu Phi Epsilon '69-'71, Treasurer '70-'71; MENC '68-'71; Kappa Delta Pi '70-'71. HALL, ROGER DALE, Portland, Tennessee; B.S. in Electri- cal Engineering; Marching and Concert Band ‘66; IEEE '67-'71; IEEE Football '71, Basketball '69-'71. HAMNER, DIANNE SMITH, Hendersonville, Tennessee; B.S. in Elementary Education; Kappa Delta Pi '66, '7I; SNEA '71; Basketball and Volleyball Intramurals ‘65-'66. HANCOCK, CHARLES WAYNE, Lebanon, Tennessee; B.S. in Accounting. HARDAWAY, ROBERT EARL, Chattanooga, Tennessee; B.S. in Industrial Technology; BSO '69-'71, Treasurer ‘70, Head Councilman ‘71; IT Club '69-'71; The Brothers (Football, Basketball, Volleyball) '67-'71. HARNER, JAMES LINCOLN, Clarksville, Tennessee; B.S. in Electrical Engineering; Tech Rangers '68; IEEE '69-'71; EHS '70-'71; Tau Beta Pi '71; Eta Kappa Nu ‘71. HARNER, NINA SUE, Gallatin, Tennessee; B.S. in Sec- ondary Education; English Club '69-'71; SNEA ‘'69-'71. HARPER, PAUL D., Nashville, Tennessee; B.S. in Chemis- try; Chemical-Medical '68-'71. HARRINGTON, STEVEN MICHAEL, Nashville, Tennessee; B.S. in Industrial Technology; AFS '69-'70. HARRIS, CAROLYN SUE, Monterey, Tennessee; B.S. in Office Management; Phi Gamma Nu '68-'71, Secretary '70-'71; Phi Beta Lambda '68-'71; ASC ‘'69-'71, Secretary- Treasurer '69-'71. HARRIS, GLEN BARRY, Goodlettsville, Tennessee; B.S. in Electrical Engineering; IEEE '69-'70; EHS Representative '70; |EEE Softball '70. Page 198 Women find it is dangerous to attempt to cross the street in front of their dorms. HARRIS, JAMES DANIEL, Germantown, Tennessee; B.S. in Agronomy; Rebel Rifles '68-'70, Staff '70; Sigma Phi Epsilon '70, Chaplain ‘70; Interfraternity Football '70. HARRISON, ELLEN ELIZABETH, Oak Ridge, Tennessee; B.S. in Elementary Education; SNEA '69-'71; Kappa Delta Pi '70-'71; SEE '70-'71; Intramural Softball and Tennis ‘69. HASSLER, DONALD EUGENE, Crossville, Tennessee; B.S. in Secondary Education English; Transfer from Freed- Hardeman College '69. HAWKINS, JAMES WILLIAM, Gainesboro, Tennessee; B.S. in Accounting; Basketball and Softball Intramurals 7 0}. HAYES, EMILY ANN, Celina, Tennessee; B.S. in Second- ary Education Sociology. HAYES, JAMES EDWARD, Nashville, Tennessee; B.S. in Chemistry; Chemical and Medical Science Club '68-'71; ACS '69-'71; Tau Kappa Epsilon '69-'71; Intramural Foot- ball '69-'71, Softball '69, Volleyball '69-'70, Track '70 HAYES, RAYMOND L., Oak Ridge, Tennessee; B.S. in Business Management; Tech Rangers ‘'67-'70, S-3 (Training and Operations Officer) '70, Plt. Sgt. ‘68; Alpha Phi Omega '67-'70, First Vice-President '69-'70, Recording Secretary '68, Chairman of Publicity Committee ‘67; Scabbard and Blade '70-'71; ASB '68, Chairman of Pub- licity Committee '68; Superior Cadet Award (MS IV) '70; Distinguished Military Student '70; Brigade Deputy Com- mander '70; ROTC l-year Scholarship '70; Regular Army Commission. HAYES, SHARON SUZANNE, Celina, Tennessee; B.S. in Home Economics; Pi Omega '68-'69, Historian '68; Carni- cus '68, '69: All-Sing '69. HAYNES, DAVID LYNN, Oak Ridge, Tennessee; B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. HEAD, LUCY DAVIS, Lawrenceburg, Tennessee; B.S, in Home Economics; Home Ec Club '68-'71, Historian '70; Kappa Omicron Phi '69-'70, Historian ‘70; Freshman Women's Honor Society '68; House Council ‘67. HEARN, EDWARD JOSEPH, Nashville, Tennessee; B.S. in Business Management; ''T'' Club '68-'69; Phi Delta Theta '69-'71: Sigma lota Epsilon '70, '71; Track Team '68-'71. HELMS, LOIS, Baxter, Tennessee; B.S. in Business Educa- tion; SNEA ‘68. HENDERSON, ELIZABETH ANNE, Boynton Beach, Flor- ida; B.S. in Music; EMNC '67-'68; Wind Ensemble '67-'71; Symphony Orchestra '67-'71; Mu Phi Epsilon '70-'71. HENDERSON, FREDERICK LEE, Manchester, Tennessee; B.S. in Business Management; Tech Rangers ‘65, '66, '67; Tech Sports Car Club '66-'68; IT Club '67-'68; AFS '67- '68: Veterans Club '70-'71; Scuba Club '70-'71; B.S. in In- dustrial Technology '68. HENDRICKSON, DAVID MARTIN, Harriman, Tennessee; B.S. in Industrial Technology; SFE '65-'66; Sigma Chi '66- ‘71, Chapter Editor '69, Pro Consul '70; IT Club '69-'71, Vice-President '70; Engineering Honor Society '69-'71, Sar- geant-at-Arms '70-'71; Cooperative Education '66-'69; Sen- ator from College of Engineering '70-'71; Engineering League; Industrial Technology; Baseball; Softball '69-'71; Cooperative Education Club '67-'68; AFS '69-'71; Interfra- ternity Football, Softball, Basketball and Golf '66-'71. HENLEY, DAVID KEITH, Rockwood, Tennessee; B.S. in In- dustrial Technology; IT Club '67-'70; Basketball '67; Intra- murals '69-'70. Page 199 HENLEY, JOYCE WEBB, Cleveland, Tennessee; B.S. in Home Economics Education; Home Ec. Club ‘68-'69; In- tramurals ‘70. HENLEY, ROBERT LOUIE, Lenoir City, Tennessee; B.S. in Industrial Technology; Tau Kappa Eplison '70-'71; Society of Industrial Engineers '70-'71. HENRY, MAYNOR RHEA, Cookeville, Tennessee; B.S. in Secondary Education; Transferred from David Lipscomb College, Nashville. HENRY, QUENTON FARLEY, Sunbright, Tennessee; B.S. in Wildlife Management. HICKEY, KATHY LANE, Sparta, Tennessee; B.S. in Ele- mentary Education; Alpha Sigma Alpha '68-'70, Editor '69-'70. HIGGENBOTTOM, FRED WESLEY, Sparta, Tennessee; B.S. in Industrial Technology; Intramural Football and Basketball '67-'69. HIGHTOWER, GLENDA, Lebanon, Tennessee; B.S. in Secondary Education; Kappa Delta '69-'71, Vice-President '70-'71. HILL, DON, Blend, Tennessee; B.S. in Agronomy; Tech Aggies '68-'71; Agronomy Club '68-'71; Alpha Gamma Sigma '70-'71. HILL, RICHARD STEPHEN, Lynchburg, Virginia; B.S. in Marketing; Marketing Club. : HINCH, CATHY JO, Crossville, Tennessee; B.S. in Sec- ondary Education English; English Club ‘70-71; SNEA '70- Tle HITCHCOX, BETTY LOUISE, Pikeville, Tennessee; B.S. in Secondary Education Math; Kappa Delta Pi '70-'71; SNEA '70-'71. HITCHCOCK, THERESA KAY, Hixon, Tennessee; B.S. in Business Management; Tech Women's Executive Board '68-'69: Dorm President '69; Society for Advancement of Management ‘70-'71. HOBBY, GAYLE, Belfast, Tennessee; B.S. in Secondary Education Social Science; SNEA ‘'70-'71. HOFSTETTER, JAMES WILLIAM, Donelson, Tennessee; B.A. in Business Management; SAM ‘70-'71. HOLLAND, CURTIS L., Clinton, Tennessee; B.S. in Busi- ness Management; Tech Rangers '66-'67; Marching Band '66, '68: Sigma lota Epsilon '70-'71; Tau Kappa Epsilon '69-'71: House Manager Chaplain; Boy Scouts of Amer- ica Assistant Scout Master '69-'71; Cooperative Education '67-'68. HOLLIS, THOMAS COLEMAN, Nashville, Tennessee; B.S. in Mechanica! Engineering; ASME '69-'71; Kappa Epsilon '67-'71, President '69-'71. HOLMES, GEORGE DOTSON, Westmoreland, Tennessee; B.S. in Industrial Technology; IT Club ‘67-'70; Intramural Football '67-'70. HORNADAY, JOHN CLINTON, JR., Nashville, Tennes- see; B.S. in Chemistry; Sigma Phi Epsilon '69-'70, Scholar- ship Committee Chairman. HORNE, DONALD LEE, Russellville, Arkansas; B.S. in Secondary Education Math; Lambda Chi Alpha '70-'71; Interfraternity Intramurals '70-'71. HORNER, SUZANNE McKINLEY, Algood, Tennessee; B.S. in Secondary Education Sociology; SNEA ‘'67-'69; Kappa Delta Pi '69-'71; Alpha Sigma Alpha '69-'71; Intra- mural Basketball '70. HOWARD, GARY LEE, Sparta, Tennessee; B.S. in Agri- culture Scie nce; B B Club '69-'71, Vice-President '70; Alpha Gamma Sigma '69-'71, Corresponding Secretary '69: Delta Tau Alpha '70-'71; Tech Aggies '69-'71, Editor Aggie Contact '71; Dairy Judging Team ‘69. HOWARD, JUDY T., Rockwood, Tennessee; B.S. in Busi- ness Administration; Dormitory Secretary '65-'67, Counse- lor '66-'67; Intramural Basketball '65-'66. HOWARD, PATRICIA DIANNE, Cookeville, Tennessee; B.S. in Accounting; Accounting Club '69-'71; Intramural Basketball '68. HOWARD, SHARON ELAINE, Morrison, Tennessee, B.S. in Home Economics; Zeta Tau Alpha '70-'71; Home Eco- nomics Club '70-'71. HUBBARD, JULIA FAYE, Lebanon, Tennessee; B.S. in Office Management: Phi Gamma Nu ‘69-'70, Assistant Ed- itor '69-'70. HUDDLESTON, GARY STEPHEN, Mt. Juliet, Ten nessee; B.S. in Business; Tenn. Tech. Rangers ‘'66-'67; Sociology poe '68-'69; Marketing Club '70-'71; Intramural Softball " 68-'69. HUDDLESTON, LANNY BURTON, Oliver Springs, Tennessee; B.A. in Music Education; Phi Mu Alpha '68- " 71; M.E.N.C. '68-'71; Marching Band '68-'71; Concert Band '68-'71; Brass Choir '68-'69. HUDGENS, LYNDA MAE, Sparta, Tennessee; B.S. in Sec- ondary Education English; SNEA ‘'67-'68; English Club '70-'71. Page 200 HUGHES, SANDRA FAYE, Concord, Tennessee; B.S. in Health and Physical Education; H PE Club '68-'71; Extra- mural Volleyball '69-'70. HULVEY, DANNY MACK, Manchester, Tennessee; B.S. in Industrial Engineering; AIIE '68-'70; Intramural Softball '67-'70; Intramural Football '67-'70. HUNT, JUANITA FAYE, Lewisburg, Tennessee; B.S. in Secondary Education English; SNEA '70-'71; English Club '70-'71; Biology Club '70-'71; Sigma Tau Delta '71; Intra- mural Basketball '70-'71. HUTCHINS, JAMES A. II, Lawrenceburg, Tennessee; B.S. in Engineering Science; CO-OP '67-'68: AlAA '66-'67; So- ciety of Engineering Science ‘68-'71. HYMA, JAMES LEON, Chattanooga, Tennessee; B.S. in Industrial Engineering; Scuba Club '70-'7!; Kappa Sigma ‘Tl; Industrial Engineering Honor Society '70-'71; Intra- mural Football, Basketball and Softball '68-'71. IRANI, DARIUSH, Teheran, Iran; B.S. in Industrial Engi- neering; Cosmopolitan Club ‘68-71. IRBY, MORRIS, JR., Cookeville, Tennessee; B.S. in Busi- ness Management; Varsity Baseball '67-'71; Alpha Kappa Psi '71; BSO '70-'71; Business Committee '70; Who's Who '71, Outstanding College Athletes of America '7I; Intra- mural Basketball ‘71. IRICK, WILLIAM THOMAS, JR., Nashville, Tennessee; B.S. in Business Management; Alpha Tau Omega '68-'71; IFC Representative '70-'71; Intramural Bowling '69-'70; In- tramural Basketball '69-'70: Intramural Volleyball '70-'71; Interfraternity Softball and Track '68-'71. IRVIN, DAVID JONATHAN, Algood, Tennessee; B.S. in Engineering Science; ES Club '68-'71; AIAA '68-'69; Theta Tau '68-'70. JACKSON, CARL RAYMOND, Fayetteville, Tennessee; B.S. in Mechanical Engineering; Transfer from Middle Tennessee State University '70. JACKSON, LEONARD LEE, JR., Nashville, Tennessee; B.S. in Mechanical Engineering; ASME '69-'71. JAQUESS, NELDA RAE, Cookeville, Tennessee; B.S. in Office Management; Sigma lota Epsilon '70-'71. JARED, ANN WILSON, Cookeville, Tennessee; B.A. in English; Avant-Garde Club '68-'69: English Club '69-'70. JARRELL, JULIA IRENE, Clarksville, Tennessee; B.S. in English Journalism; Phi Mu '68-'71, Vice-President '69-'70, Reporter '69-'70; Alpha Gamma Phi '67-'68: EAGLE Staff '67-'71, Organizations Editor '69-'70, Editor '70-'71, Busi- ness Manager ‘71; Oracle Staff '70-'71; Residence Hall Counselor '68-'71; SEO '69-'70; Work Scholarship '68-'69; Intrasorority Softball '67-'68: Student Leadership Pro- gram '68-'69: Sweetheart, Alpha Gamma Sigma '70-'71; TWO Board Member '68-'69. JEFFERS, KEITH ALAN, Helenwood, Tennessee; B.S. in Agronomy; Agronomy Club '68-'69. JEFFRIES, DAVID WHITMAN, Chattanooga, Tennessee; B.S. in Industrial Engineering; FE Club '67-'68; Golden Eagle Sports Car Club '68-'69. Tanya Matlock watches her father John play ball at the Homecoming game. Page 201 Tech offers sp JENKINS, BAXTER BATES, JR., Nashville, Tennessee; B.S. in Marketing; Intramural Football '70-'71; Intramural Bas- ketball '70-'7}. JOHNSON, DONALD LEWIS, Dunlap, Tennessee; B.S. in Industrial Technology; Society of Freshman Engineers '68- '69: IT Club '69-'71, Vice-President '70-'71; AFS '70-'71; In- tramural Softball '68-'71; Intramural Football '69-'71; In- tramural Basketball '68-'7]. JOHNSON, JAMES McCAW, JR., Cowan, Tennessee; B.S. in Industrial Technology; Tau Kappa Epsilon '68-'71; Hegaman '69-'71. JOHNSON, JAMES EMMETT, Memphis, Tennessee; B.S. in Secondary Education English; Sigma Phi Epsilon '69- 'T1, Pledge President '69; Alumni Chairman ‘69, Secretary '70-'71; English Club '70-'71. JOHNSON, JOHN THOMAS, Baxter, Tennessee; B.S. in Accounting; Alpha Kappa Psi '69-'71, Treasurer '70-'71; Accounting Club '69-'71, President '70-'71; SEO ‘69-'71; Lambda Chi Alpha '70-'71; Sigma lota Epsilon '70-'71; In- tramural Basketball '69-'70; Intramural Softball '69-'71. JOHNSON, MARY JANE, Dunlap, Tennessee; B.S. in Office Management; Zeta Tau Alpha ‘'68-'71, Standards Chairman '69; Dormitory Treasurer '68-'69. JOHNSON, PAMELIA SHERYL, Lebanon, Tennessee; B.S. in Secondary Education Social Sciences; Florida College " 68-'69; Cumberland College '69-'70; Honor Council '69- '70; House Council '70-'71; Residence Hall Counselor '70- '71; Kappa Delta Pi '70-'71; Intramural Basketball '70-'71. JOHNSON, PAUL STEPHEN, Nashville, Tennessee; B.S. in Sociology. JOHNSON, RANDELL GAW, Cookeville, Tennessee; B.A. in English; EAGLE Staff '68-'69; Tech Players '68-'71, His- torian '68-'69; Alpha Psi Omega '69-'71; Summer Theatre Productions '68-'69. JONES, ALAN KEITH, Jefferson City, Tennessee; B.S. in Business Management; Alpha Tau Omega '70-'71; Sigma lota Epsilon '70-'71, Vice-President '70-'71; Phi Kappa Phi '70-'71. JONES, CAROLYN LOUISE, Oak Ridge, Tennessee; B.S. in Business Management; SAM '70-'71. JONES, GARY CONRAD, Clinton, Tennessee; B.S. in En- gineering Science; Alpha Nu Delta '67-'68, Pledge Class Officer '67-'68: ES Club '68-'71; CO-OP Student at Oak Ridge '67-'69; SEE '70-'71, Executive Committee '70-'71; Interfraternity Football '67-'68; Interfraternity Softball " 68-'69. JONES, SHARON LOUISE, Knoxville, Tennessee; B.S. in Marketing; Marketing Club '68-'71, Secretary '69-'70; Alpha Delta Pi ‘69-'71; Junior Class Beauty '69-'70; ASB Senator '69-'70; Lambda Chi Alpha Sweetheart '68-'69. KADERLY, NILES S., Knoxville, Tennessee; B.S. in In- dustrial Technology. KARLENE, GARY L., Kane, Pennsylvania; B.S. in Agron- omy; Tau Kappa Epsilon '69-'71; Agronomy Club '70-71. KASPAR, THOMAS EDWARD, Massapequa Park, New York; B.S. in Business Management. Page 202 eed reading course Marlin Hill teaches a non-credit speed reading course for interested students. KEITH, JAMES E., Taft, Tennessee; B.S. in Industrial Technology; IT Club '70-'71, President '70-'71. KEITH, LINDA GAY, Bristol, Tennessee; B.S. in Secondary Education English; Zeta Tau Alpha '68-'71. KELLY, ELLEN FRANCES, Donelson, Tennessee; B.S. in Secondary Education English; Zeta Tau Alpha '69-'70; Alpha Psi Omega '68-'70, Secretary-Historian '69-'70; Sweetheart, Alpha Tau Omega '70-'71; ROTC Sponsor '69-'70; Sigma Tau Delta '70-'71. 4 KERR, CONNIE ELAINE, Athens, Tennessee; B.S. in Ele- mentary Education. KERR, JIMMY RAY, Delano, Tennessee; B.S. in Secondary Education Chemistry; Kappa Delta Pi '70-'71; SNEA '69- '71; Chemical and Medical Sciences Club '69-'70. KEY, ELBERT RONALD, Gallatin, Tennessee; B.S. in Civil Engineering; FE Club '68-'69: FCA '70-'71; ASCE '70-'71-: Resident Hall President '70-'71; TMDO '70-'71; EJC '70- '7|, Representative '70-'71. KIMBLE, WILLIAM R., Nottingham, Pennsylvania; B.S. in Business Management; Sigma Alpha Epsilon '68-'71, Trea- surer '69-'70: SEO '69-'70, Treasurer '69-'70. KING, ROY THOMAS, Nashville, Tennessee; B.S. in Elec- trical Engineering. KIRBY, JOSEPH W., Sparta, Tennessee; B.S. in Business Management. KIRKPATRICK, JAMES THOMAS, JR., Hendersonville, Tennessee; B.S. in Electrical Engineering; IEEE '69-'71, Activities Chairman '70-'71. KITTRELL, JIMMY ALLEN, Nashville, Tennessee; B.S. in Business Management; FE Club '68-'69; SAM '70-'71; In- tramural Basketball '68-'71. KITTS, KRISTIN ELIZABETH, Lake City, Tennessee; B.S. in Secondary Education English; Zeta Tau Alpha ‘68-'70, Scholarship Chairman '69-'70;: ASB Spirit Committee '70- 'Tl; IFC Sweetheart '69-'70; Lambda Chi Alpha Sweet- heart '70-'71; ROTC Sponsor '68-'70; TMDO Calendar Girl 10271, KLASEK, STEPHEN ALOYS, McMinnville, Tennessee; B.S. in Political Science; FE Club '67-'68: ES Club ‘'68-'69: In- terfaith Council '68-'71, President '70-'71; Resident Hall President '68-'70; International Relations Club ‘'70-'71, President '70-'71; Phi Kappa Delta Outstanding Debater '69-'70: Pinkerton Speech Award Scholarship '70-'71; De- bate Team '68-'71; Speech Activities Club '68-'69; Pinker- ton Society '70-'71, President '70-'71; Pi Kappa Delta '70- '7l; Marching Band '68-'69: ROTC Superior Cadet ‘68; SAR Medalist '70-'71. KNOX, JAMES MICHAEL, Deer Lodge, Tennessee; B.S. in Secondary Education French; Tech Players ‘'67-'7I, Vice-President '69-'70, President '70-'71; Alpha Psi Omega '68-'71, Vice-President '69-'70, President '70-'71; Avant- Garde Club '67-'71; Arts and Sciences Council '67-'71: Exploratory Committee A S Council '69-'71; Homespun Staff '69-'70: Best Actor in Minor Roles ‘69. LaFEVER, MARY SUSAN, Sparta, Tennessee; B.S. in Sec- ondary Education English; English Club '69-'71; Kappa Delta Pi '69-'71; Sigma Tau Delta '70-'71; SNEA '69-'71; TWO Board '69-'71; Residence Hall Officer '69-'70. LaFOLLETTE, WILLIAM VICTOR, Gatlinburg, Tennessee; B.S. in Business Management; Lambda Chi Alpha '68-'71; Cheerleader '69-'70; Interfraternity Football '68-'71, Soft- ball '69-'70. LaLANDE, ALAN ANTHONY, Nashville, Tennessee; B.S. in Industrial Engineering; Sigma Chi '68-'71, Alumni Re- lations Chairman '69-'70; AIIE '69-'70; TMDO '68-'69; Resi- dence Hall President '68-'69. LAMBERT, LUTHER SAMUEL, JR., Nashville, Tennessee; B.S. in Industrial Engineering; Theta Tau '68-'71; FE Club '66-'67: SEO '68-'70; NSPE '68-'71; AIIE '68-'71, Secretary '70-'71: Intramural Football, Basketball, Softball, Bowling and Golf '68-'71. LANCASTER, JAMES H., Woodbury, Tennessee; B.S. in Accounting; German Club '67-'68; Intramural Football and Softball '67-'69. LANCE, CHARLOTTE SMITH, McMinnville, Tennessee; B.S. in Secondary Education Sociology; Sociology Club '69-'70; SNEA '70-'71. LANDERS, DALBERT ANTHONY, Maryville, Tennessee; B.S. in Secondary Education History; Residence Hall President '68-'69; Young Republicans Club ‘'68-'71, Executive Board '68-'71: Lambda Chi Alpha '69-'71, Pledge Class Presi- dent '69: TMDO Board Member ‘'69-'70; ASB Senator '70-'71. Assistant Head Resident '70-'71. LANE, STEPHEN RAY, Kingsport, Tennessee; B.S. in Ac- counting; Alpha Kappa Psi '69-'71, Secretary '70-'71; Ac- counting Club '69-'71; ABC Representative '69; Business School Committee on Student Affairs '70-'71; Tech Rangers '67-'69- Intramural Football, Volleyball and Softball '69-'70. LANGHAM, LAWRENCE HARRIS, Nashville, Tennessee; B.S. in Mechanical Engineering; Theta Tau '69-'71, Secre- tary '70-'71; ASME '70-'71; Scuba Club '70-'71. LANGHANS, EMILY CLAIRE, Franklin, Tennessee; B.A. in Sociology; Transfer from David Lipscomb College, Nashville '70. LANNOM, DAVID CLELL, Kingston, Tennessee; B.S. in Engineering Science; IFC '70-'71, Scholarship Chairman '71; Delta Tau Delta '68-'71, Treasurer '70, President '71; Intramural Football and Basketball '70-'71. LARREA, MARIO GILBERTO, Guayaquil, Ecuador; B.S. in Mechanical Engineering; Soccer '67-'68. LARRICK, DONNA LEE, Cookeville, Tennessee; B.S. in Elementary Education; TWO '67-'68, Town Council Presi- dent '68-'69; Resident Hall President '70-'71; Senate Stu- dent Leadership Program '68-'69; SNEA '69-'70; Alpha Gamma Phi '68-'69, Secretary '69-'70; Phi Mu '70-'71, Pan- hellenic Delegate '71, Panhellenic Rush Chairman '70-'71; Junior Class Secretary '69-'70; Tau Kappa Epsilon Sweet- heart Court '69-'71. LEDBETTER, DWIGHT STEPHEN, Nashville, Tennessee; B.S. in Business Management; Phi Delta Theta ‘68-'71, Treasurer '70, Secretary '71; IFC Football and Softball '68-'70. Page 203 LEDFORD, DON CLAYTON, Lewisburg, Tennessee; B.S. in Business Management. LEDGERWOOD, STEFFAN SCOTT, Knoxville, Tennessee; B.S. in Business Management; Marching Band '66-'69, As- sistant Drum Major '68-'69; Concert Band '66-'69; Tech Troubadour Jazz Band '69; Wind Ensemble '66-'69; Alpha Psi Omega '68-'70; Scuba Club '69; Caving Club ‘'66-'70, Vice-President '67-'68, President '69; National Speleogical Society '67-'70. LEE, JOHN WINFIELD, Dayton, Ohio; B.S. in Secondary Education; Sociology. LEE, NUEL GARRY, Gainesboro, Tennessee; B.S. in Health and Physical Education; H PE Club ‘68-'70; Intra- murals '68-'70. LEE, RUSSELL EUGENE, Chattanooga, Tennessee; B.S. in Industrial Engineering; CO-OP '68-'70; AIIE '68-'69, '70- vale LEE, VIRGINIA DEAN, Byrdstown, Tennessee; B.S. in Ele- mentary Education; SNEA ‘68-'69. LEISEY, JEAN DIANE, Cressona, Pennsylvania; B.S. in Health and Physical Education; H PE Club '70-'71. LENOX, ROBERT MICHAEL, Cynthiana, Kentucky; B.S. in Health and Physical Education; Golf '70-'71. LESTER, GARY EUGENE, Chattanooga, Tennessee; B.S. in Business Management; Tech Rangers '67-'68. LILLARD, CONNIE LEATH, Hendersonville, Tennessee; B.S. in Health and Physical Education; H PE Club; SNEA; Basketball '67, '70-'71; Volleyball '67; Football '67, '69-'70; Softball '68, '70-'71; Badminton '68, '70-'71; Tennis ‘68: Horseshoes ‘68. LINDSEY, OSCAR HORACE III, Lawrenceburg, Tennes- see; B.S. in Engineering Science; Sigma Alpha Epsilon ‘67-'71. LITTLE, BELINDA CHRISTINE, Lexington, Tennessee; B.S. in Elementary Education. LIVELY, JAMES F., Chattanooga, Tennessee; B.S. in Sec- ondary Education; Alpha Phi Omega ‘69-'71, Treasurer ers LIVELY, JUDY LEACH, LaFollette, Tennessee; B.S. in Home Economics; Kappa Omicron Phi '69-'71, Distaff Re- porter '69-'70, President '70-'71. LIVESAY, PATRICIA S UZANNE, Morristown, Tennessee; B.S. in Elementary Education; House Council '66-'67. LOCKHART, LARRY GENE, Dunlap, Tennessee; B.S. in Health and Physical Education; H PE Club '68-'70; SNEA '7|; Softball '68-'71; Football '68-'71; Basketball '69-'71; Horseshoes '69-'71. LONDON, SHARON LYNN, Cookeville, Tennessee; B.S. in Elementary Education; SNEA '68-'71; Zeta Tau Alpha ‘69-71. LONG, ELEANOR JANE, Old Hickory, Tennessee; B.S. in Business Education; SNEA '68; TWO Judiciary Board ‘69- '71, Chairman '70. LOPER, GLEN DOUGLAS, Jacksonville Beach, Florida; B.S. in Industrial Technology; ''T'' Club '68-'71; IT Club '70-'71; AFS '70; Sigma Chi; Varsity Track Team '68-'71; Intramural Football. LORING, JANE TRIGG, Smithville, Tennessee; B.S. in En- glish and Speech Education; Zeta Tau Alpha '69-'71, Sec- retary '70-'71; Crescent Club '70-'71; Judiciary Board '70- '71; SNEA '70-'71; Sigma Tau Delta '69-'71; English Club '70-'71; Crescent Court, Lambda Chi Alpha '70-'71. LOTT, ROBERT ERIC, Nashville, Tennessee; B.S. in Busi- ness Management; FE Club ‘68-'69; SAM '‘'70-'71; Intra- mural Basketball '68-'71; Intramural Tennis '68-'67. LOOPER, THERESA ANN, Monterey, Tennessee; B.S. in Home Economics; Kappa Omicron Phi '70-'71; Kappa Delta Pi '70-'71. LOVELL, JAMES CECIL, Harrison, Tennessee; B.S. in Health and Physical Education; H PE Club '67-'71; Intra- mural Basketball, Football, Softball and Volleyball '67- ‘70. LOVITT, THOMAS LESLIE, Milan, Tennessee; B.S. in Engi- neering Science; TMDO '67-'69, Secretary '69-'69, Vice- President '69-'70; Tau Beta Pi '69-'70, President '70-'71; Theta Tau '69-'71, President '70-'71; Curriculum Commit- tee '70-'71; Kappa Mu Epsilon '68-'70; ES Club '68-'71; Phi Kappa Phi '70-'71. LUFFMAN, GARY NEAL, Lawrenceburg, Tennessee; B.S. in Industrial Technology. LYNN, JANICE ELLEN, Cookeville, Tennessee; B.S. in En- gineering Science; ES Club '69-'71, Secretary '70-'71; Tau Beta Pi '70-'71; FE Club '68-'69. MACLIN, WILLIAM HENRY, Covington, Tennessee; B.S. in Mechanical Engineering; FCA '68-'71, Treasurer '70-'71; ASME '70-'71, President '70-'71; Interfaith Council '68-'69; FE Club '68-'69; EJC '70-'71; Pi Tau Sigma '70-'71; Tau Beta Phi '70-'71; Alcoa Scholarship '70-'71; Varsity Base- ball '68-'71; Intramural Football '68-'69; Intramural Bas- ketball '69-'71. MAHANEY, PEGGY LOU, Gainesboro, Tennessee; B.S. in Business Education; Pi Omega Pi '70-'71; SNEA '69-'71; NBEA '69-'71; Phi Beta Lambda ‘70-71. Page 204 Ee lien MAJORS, JENNINGS BRYAN, Rockwood, Tennessee; B.S. in Education; Intramural Football '69-'70; Intramural Soft- ball '70-'71. MALONE, BOBBY GLEN, Cookeville, Tennessee; B.S. in Engineering Science; Scuba Club '68-'69; Caving Club '66-'67; CO-OP Student at NASA '67-'68. MANGRUM, SONDRA LEE, Cookeville, Tennessee; B.S. in Home Economics. MANTOOTH, JAMES RANDALL, Cleveland, Tennessee; B.S. in Electrical Engineering; Kappa Mu Epsilon '69-'71, Treasurer '70-'71; Tau Beta Pi '69-'71; Eta Kappa Nu ‘69- " 7 WEEE 169-711 MARCH, JERRY ANDREW, Solvay, New York; B.S. in Ac- counting. MARLOW, LARRY WILSON, Baxter, Tennessee; B.S. in Business Management. MARTIN, JACK THOMAS, Pleasant Hill, Tennessee; B.S. in Business Management; SAM '70-'71; Residence Hall Officer '68-'69. MARTIN, BENNY EDWARD, JR., Madison, Tennessee; B.S. in Electrical Engineering; Tau Beta Pi '70-'7I; Eta Kappa Nu ‘'70-'71; Phi Kappa Phi '70-'71; |EEE '70-'71. MARTIN, HOUSTON VANCE, JR., Brentwood, Tennes- see; B.S. in Sociology; Pep Club '64-'65: Biology Club '64-'65; SEE '70-'71; Sociology Club '70-'71, President '70- ‘Tl; Caving Club '70-'71; Arts and Sciences Council '70-'71, Vice-President '70-'71. MARTIN, KATHRYN HOUSTON, Lebanon, Tennessee; B.S. in Music Education; Kappa Delta '69-'71, Vice-Presi- dent '70, President '71; Mu Phi Epsilon '69-'71, Vice-Presi- dent '70; Kappa Delta Pi '69-'71; MENC '68-'70, Secretary ‘69, Treasurer '70; Band Queen '70. MARTIN, RONALD LUTHER, Kingsport, Tennessee; B.S. in Mechanical Engineering; Scuba Club '69-'71; ASME '70-'71. MASON, SUSAN TERRY, Columbus, Ohio; B.S. in Health and Physical Education; Home Ec. Club '67-'68; H PE Club '69-'71; Judiciary Board '68-'71; Alpha Delta Pi '69- ‘Tl; Kappa Delta Pi '69-'71; Gold Circle '70-'71, Secretary '70-'71; Gymnastics Club '67-'71, Vice-President '70-'7I; In- tramural Basketball '68-'70; Intramural Baseball '68-'70. MASSA, SARAH ELIZABETH, Cookeville, Tennessee; B.S. in Civil Engineering; FE Club '67-'68: ASCE '67-'71; Work Scholarship '67-'70. MASSENGILL, BELINDA SUE, Lenoir City, Tennessee; B.S. in Home Economics Education; Home Economics Club '70-'71; Residence Hall Counselor '70-'71. MASSEY, RUTH LYNN, Madisonville, Kentucky; B.S. in Elementary Education; SLP '68-'69; Avant-Garde Club " 68-'69; SNEA '69-'70; Residence Hall Officer '69-'70; TWO Board '69-'70; ASB Senator '70-'71; ASB Secretary '70-'71; Who's Who '70-'71; Kappa Delta Pi '70-'71, Vice-President '70-'71; Gold Circle '70-'71, President '70-'71; Phi Kappa Phi '70-'71. MASSEY, THOMAS E., Manchester, Tennessee; B.S. in Bi- ology; SEE '70-'71, Secretary '70-'71; Biology Club '70-'71; COSIP '69-'70. The new speed zones were erected to protect stu- dents although they are rarely enforced. Page 205 Rain, another obstacle in ge Students find that neither rain, sleet nor snow can stop a class from meeting. MASTERSON, PATRICIA PORTER, Spring City, Tennessee; B.S. in Home Economics; Home Economics Club '67-'68; Kappa Delta Pi '70-'71. MATHENEY, RAYMOND DION, Mt. Juliet, Tennessee; B.S. in Business Management; SAM '65-'66; Alpha Kappa Psi '70-'71; Intramural Football '67-'67; Intramural Basket- ball '67-'68. MAY, MAURICE M., Tullahoma, Tennessee; B.S. in Engi- neering Science. MAYS, SYLVIA LARAINE, Hixson, Tennessee; B.S. in Health and Physical Education; House Council '70-'71; Residence Hall Officer '70-'71; H PE Club '70-'71; Intra- mural Volleyball '70-'71. McCANN, RONALD JAMES, Jacksonville, Florida; B.S. in Health and Physical Education; Phi Delta Theta '70-'7I, Historian '70-'71; Athletic Chairman '70; FCA '70-'71; Var- sity Track '70-'71; Cross-Country Team '70-'71; Intramural Volleyball, Basketball and Football '70-'71. McCARTY, GEORGE ROWLAND, Nashville, Tennessee; B.S. in Chemistry; Scuba Club '69-'70; Chemistry and Medical Science Club '69-'71; Transfer from Cumberland College '69. McCRAWLEY, JAMES ROY, Cookeville, Tennessee; B.S. in Chemistry; Sigma Alpha Epsilon '68-'70; Medial Arts and Sciences Club ‘68-'69: Interfraternity Football, Soft- ball and Golf '68-'70. McCLELLAN, SHIRLEY A., Cookeville, Tennessee; B.S. in Home Economics; Home Ec. Club '67; Black Student Or- ganization '70-'71. McCOWAN, CARLIE, Rickman, Tennessee; B.S. in Agron- omy; Tech Aggies '68-'71; Agronomy Club '68-'71, Trea- surer-Reporter '69-'70. McCRACKEN, TONY WINFIELD, Boonshill, Tennessee; B.S. in Secondary Education Math; SNEA '67-'68; Tau Kappa Epsilon '69-'71; Interfraternity Basketball ‘70. McCULLEY, THOMAS MAHLON, Sparta, Tennessee; B.S. in’ Animal Husbandry; Alpha Gamma Sigma _ ‘'69-'70, Treasurer ‘71; Block and Bridle Club '69-'71; Tech Aggies '69-'71. McDANIEL, BARBARA JEAN, Spring City, Tennessee; B.S. in Elementary Education; SNEA ‘'68-'71; SEE ‘71; Kappa Delta Pi '70-'71; Intramural Volleyball '69-'70; In- tramural Softball '70. McDONALD, PHYLLIS JUNE, Crossville, Tennessee; B.S. in Sociology; Sociology Club; Zeta Tau Alpha. McDOWELL, PHILLIP RHEA, Winchester, Tennessee; B.S. in Accounting. McFARLAND, ANITA CAROLE, Crossville, Tennessee; B.S. in Elementary Education; SNEA '69-'71; Kappa Delta Pi '69-'71. McGUGIN, MARTHA FRANCES, Algood, Tennessee; B.S. in Elementary Education; TWO '68; German Club '69; Phi Mu, Treasurer '69-'71. Page 206 tting to class McINTYRE, GARY ALAN, Morristown, Tennessee; B.S. in Sociology. McKINNEY, RICHARD ERIC, Carthage, Tennessee; B.S. in Mathematics; Kappa Mu Epsilon '69-'71; Math Club '69-'71, Treasurer '70, Vice-President '71. McMAHON, CLETUS JOSEPH, JR., Oak Ridge, Tennes- see; B.S. in Pre-Medical Science Biology; ''T'' Club ‘68, ‘69: Varsity Tennis '68-'71, Captain '69-'70; Alpha Tau Omega '69-'71; Intramural Basketball and Football '68- " 69. McMAHAN, GARY LYNN, Manchester, Tennessee; B.S. in Electrical Engineering. McMAHAN, JOHN THOMAS, Knoxville, Tennessee; B.S. in Business Management; Baseball Team; Alpha Tau Omega '69-'71; Fellowship of Christian Athletes '69-'71. McMILLAN, LARRY E., Lenoir City, Tennessee; B.S. in Business Education; IRC '69-'71. McNABB, SHARON ELAINE, Kingston, Tennessee; B.S. in Health and Physical Education; Pep Club ‘68; Calendar Girl '68-'70; IT Club Sweetheart '70; ROTC Sponsor ‘70; Sigma Phi Epsilon Sweetheart Court '71. McNELLY, ALICE W., Rockwood, Tennessee; B.S. in Sec- ondary Education History; TTU Choir '67-'71; Community Chorus '67-'68; Madrigal Singers '67-'70; MENC ‘'67-'68; Mu Phi Epsilon '70-'71; Transfer from Tennessee Wesleyan College ‘67. McPEAK, KENNETH O., Lebanon, Tennessee; B.S. in In- dustrial Technology; Tau Kappa Epsilon '68-'71, Historian '70-'71, Scholarship Chairman '69-'70; IT Club '70-'71; In- tramural Paddleball '69-'71; Intramural Volleyball '69-'70. McPETERS, JAMES FRANKLIN, Wartburg, Tennessee; B.S. in Marketing; Veterans Club '70-'71; Marketing Club '70- Baila McSPADDEN, LEM LUCIOUS, JR., Athens, Tennessee; B.S. in Industrial Technology. McSWAIN, JOSEPH RAY, Jacksonville, Tennessee; B.S. in Business Management. McWILLIAMS, ALVA L., Murfreesboro, Tennessee; B.S. in Industrial Technology; Tau Kappa Epsilon '70-'71; IT Club '70-'71. MECKE, THOMAS ARTHUR, Glen Ridge, New Jersey; B.S. in Health and Physical Education; H PE Club ‘70- '7|; Intramural Official '70-'71; Varsity Football '69-'70; Intrafraternity Volleyball, Basketball and Softball '70-'71. MELTON, DANNY THOMAS, Calhoun, Tennessee; B.S. in Mechanical Engineering; Pi Tau Sigma '70-'71; ASME ‘70- 'T|; Alcoa Scholarship '70-'71. MELTON, ROSELAND JEAN, Nashville, Tennessee; B.S. in Mathematics; Alpha Sigma Alpha '68-'71; Panhellenic Representative '69-'71. MICHLINK, DOUGLAS LEE, Chattanooga, Tennessee; B.S. in Chemical Engineering; Sigma Alpha Epsilon '68- ‘71, Pledge Trainer '69-'70; AICHE '70-'71; Intrafraternity Football, Basketball and Softball '69-'71. MIDDLETON, ROBERT GERALD, Etowah, Tennessee; B.S. in Geology; GEO Club '68-'71; Speleophiles '67-'70, Vice-President '69-'70. MILLER, BETTY CATHERINE, McMinnville, Tennessee; B.S. in Sociology; Community Chorus '68-'70; Womens’ Glee Club '70-'71, President '70-'71; Varsity Choir '69-'70; Sociology Club '69-'71; Gold Circle '70-'7!, Historian '70-'71; Phi Kappa Phi '70-'71; Who's Who '70-'71; TWO Board '69-'70. MILLER, CHARLES LANE, Memphis, Tennessee; B.S. in Finance; SEO '69-'71; Kappa Sigma '68-'71, Secretary '69- '70, President '70'-71; Alpha Kappa Psi '70-'71; Interfra- ternity Council '70-'71; ASB Faculty Committee Represent- ative '70-'71; Freshman Varsity Basketball '67-'68; Interfra- ternity Football and Basketball '68-'71; Interfraternity Softball '69-'71. MILLER, EMKY SHARON, Sparta, Tennessee; B.S. in Busi- ness Education; Pi Omega Pi '69-'71, Historian '70-'71; Kappa Delta Pi '69-'71; Phi Gamma Nu '69-'71, Chaplain '70-'71; Phi Beta Lambda ‘68-'71, Secretary '69-'70; Resi- dence Hall President '69-'70. MILLER, HAROLD RAYBOURN II Engineering Science. MILLER, JERE LYNN, Etowah, Tennessee; B.S. in Second- ary Education History. MILLER, VIRGIL KYLE, Morristown, Tennessee; B.S. in Accounting. Dallas, Texas; B.S. in MILLS, MARY ANNE, Jefferson City, Tennessee; B.S. in Health and Physical Education; H PE Club '68-'71, Secre- tary ‘70-'71; Intramural Football, Softball, Tennis and Horseshoes '67-'71. MILLS, SHARON ELANE, Spencer, Tennessee; B.S. in Office Management; Phi Beta Lambda ‘'70-'71; Phi Gamma Nu ‘'70-'71. MINTON, STEVEN MILLER, Goodlettsville, Tennessee; B.S. in Industrial Technology. MITCHELL, KAREN SUE, Sparta, Tennessee; B.S. in Health and Physical Education; Alpha Delta Pi '70-'71. Page 207 MITCHELL, SHARON ANN, Sparta, Tennessee; B.S. in Secondary Education English; SNEA '70-'71; Alpha Delta Pi '69-'71. MONROE, TERRY WILLIAM, Decatur, Tennessee; B.S. in Biology; Biology Club '68-'71; SEE '70-'71. MONTGOMERY, ARTHUR WILSON, Cookeville, Tennes- see; B.S. in Industrial Technology; IT Club '67-'71; AFS '67-'71. MOONEYHAM, SHARON E., Crossville, Tennessee; B.S. in Biology; Biology Club '69-'70; SEE '70-'71. MOORE, JUDY KAY, Nashville, Tennessee; B.S. in Ele- mentary Education; SNEA '68-'71. MORAN, WILLIAM MADISON, Albany, Kentucky; B.S. in Political Science; Phi Delta Theta '70-'71; International Relations Club '69-'71; ASB Senator ‘70-'71. MORGAN, DIXIE OWEN, Red Boiling Springs, Tennes- see; B.S. in Pre-Medical Technology; Chemistry and Med- ical Sciences Club '70-'71. MORGAN, LINDA ROSE, Ahoskie, North Carolina; B.S. in Home Economics Education; Home Economics Club '68-'69: Kappa Omicron Phi '70-'71, Treasurer '70-'71; Kappa Delta Pi '70-'7I. MORRIS, SHARON LYNN, Powell, Tennessee; B.S. in Ele- mentary Education; SNEA '70-'71; Zeta Tau Alpha '70-'71. MORRIS, W. GARLAND, Lynchburg, Tennessee; B.S. in Business Management; Sigma Alpha Epsilon '68-'71; ‘'T " Club '69-'71; Manager, Varsity Football Team ‘68-'71. MULLICAN, SHARON GENIECE, Sparta, Tennessee; B.S. in Business Education; Kappa Delta Pi '69-'71; Pi Omega Pi '69-'71, Treasurer '70-'71; Phi Beta Lambda '69-'71. MULLINAX, DAVID L., Cookeville, Tennessee; B.S. in Health and Physical Education. NASH, LILA ELAINE, Sparta, Tennessee; B.S. in Second- ary Education History; SNEA '70-'71. NEDWED, GORDON CHARLES, Port Washington, New York; B.S. in Health and Physical Education; H PE Club '69-'71; Sigma Chi; TMDO Dorm President '71; Senator from College of Education '70- '71; Sigma Chi Pledge President ‘71; Intramural Football, Basketball, Softball and Volleyball. NELSON, MARILYN KAY, Oakdale, Tennessee; B.S. in Bi- ology; Biology Club '70-'71; SEE '70-'71; Young Republi- cans Club '70-'71; Intramural Basketball and Softball '70- Ths NEVILLE, ALLEN SNEED, JR., Nashville, Tennessee; B.S. in Geology; Geology Club ‘71. NEWMAN, DORIS JEAN, Baxter, Tennessee; B.S. in Health and Physical Education; H PE Club '68-'70, Pro- gram Chairman '70-'71; SNEA '68-'70; AHPER '69-'70. NEWPORT, AMY LOUISE, McMinnville, Tennessee; B.A. in English; French Club '68-'69, Secretary '69; SNEA '70- '7l; Kappa Delta Sorority '69-'70, Editor '70; Freshmen Women's Honor Society '68-'69; TMDO Calendar Girl '68-'69; Kappa Sigma Sweetheart '70-'71; Kappa Sigma Calendar Girl '70-'71. NICHOLS, JACKIE SUE, St. Louis, Missouri; B.S. in Home Economics Education; SLP '67; Dorm Vice-President '69, Treasurer ‘70; Alternate Cheerleader '68; Alpha Delta Pi '69-'71, Standards Chairman. NICHOLS, L. SHARON, Smithville, Tennessee; B.S. in Secondary Education Sociology; Sigma Sigma Sigma ‘70- ils NICHOLS, SAMMY KAY, Riddleton, Tennessee; B.S. in Agriculture Economics; BSO '69-'70. NICKELL, JAMES LARRY, Centerville, Tennessee; B.S. in Electrical Engineering; IEEE '70-'71; |EEE Basketball and Softball '7I. NICKENS, BARBARA JEAN, Monterey, Tennessee; B.S. in Elementary Education; SNEA '68-'71. NIVENS, JAMES MICHAEL, Livingston, Tennessee; B.S. in Business Management. NOBLE , ELIZABETH ANN, Cookeville, Tennessee; B.S. in Elementary Education; Phi Mu Sorority '69-'71; Arts and Activities Chairman '70-'71; SNEA '67-'68. NORDEN, BURNICE NELSON, Huntingdon, Tennessee; B.S. in Engineering Science; Transfer from David Lips- comb College '67; NSPE '68-'71; AIAA '69-'70, Treasurer ‘71; Engineering Honor System ‘69; Engineering Science Club '68-'71, Vice-President '71; CO-OP Club '68; Speleo- Philes '67; Optical Society of America '70-'71; Young Adults Club at MSFC NASA '70, Vice-President '70; Tau Beta Pi '71; Who's Who '7I. NORRIS, JOHN WAKEFIELD, JR., Oak Ridge, Tennessee; B.S. in Industrial Technology; IT Club; Golden Eagles Sports Car Club, Treasurer; Veterans Club, Publicity; AFS; Tech Marching Band '58-'60: ACS '58-'59. NORRIS, MARY GALL, Clinton, Tennessee; B.S. in Home Economics; Tech Wives Club '70-'71. Page 208 The Golden Girls perform at half-time under the direction of Patty Womack. NORTH, JAMES A., JR., Concord, Tennessee; B.S. in Marketing; Sigma Alpha Epsilon '70-'71; Marketing Club '70-'71. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, President of Pledge Class '70; Interfraternity Football, Basketball and Softball '70- vil ODOM, DAVID H., National Park, New Jersey; B.S. in Industrial Engineering; AIIE '69-'71; Tau Kappa Epsilon 69-'71. O'NEAL, CLAUDIA SHARON, Chattanooga, Tennessee; B.S. in Secondary Education English; SNEA '69-'71; Sigma Tau Delta '70-'71; Kappa Delta Pi '70-'71. OSBORNE, BILLY NATH, Lynchburg, Tennessee; B.S. in Business Management; Sigma Alpha Epsilon '71; Veterans Club '7I; Interfraternity Football ‘71. OSBORNE, JOHN GREGORY, Clarksville, Tennessee; B.S. in Secondary Education Geography; Block and Bridle Club '67; Rodeo Team '67-'68; Varsity Football ‘68; ''T " ’ Club '68-'71; Kappa Omega '68-'69; Sigma Chi Fraternity '70- " 71. OTTINGER, DAVID THOMAS, Kingsport, Tennessee; B.S. in Mathematics; Alpha Sigma Psi '67-'69, President '67; Delta Tau Delta '69-'71; Interfraternity Council '67; Math Club '67-'68: CO-OP Club '68-'71; Interfraternity Softball, Basketball and Golf '69-'71. OTTINGER, JUDITH P., Kingsport, Tennessee; B.S. in Home Economics Education; Pep Club '67-'68; Home Ec. Club '70-'71; Rifle Team '67, ‘68. OWENS, CHARLOTTE FAYE RUARK, Gallatin, Tennessee; B.S. in History. OWENS, STEPHEN, Newport, Tennessee; B.S. in Chemical Engineering; AIChE '71; CO-OP Club '67-'71. PAGE, DONALD WAYNE, Smithville, Tennessee; B.S. in Biology; Biology Club '70. PALK, BARBARA K., Bloomington Springs, Tennessee; B.S. in Business Education; SNEA '69-'71; Kappa Delta Pi '70-'71; Pi Omega Pi '70-'71, Vice-President ‘71. PALMER, STEVEN WAYNE, Silver Point, Tennessee; B.S. in Industrial Technology. PANGLE, ROGER TRENT, Maryville, Tennessee; B.S. in Agronomy; Lambda Chi Alpha '69-'72; Tech Aggies '69- ‘71; Agronomy Club '69-'71; Circle K '70-'71; Interfrater- nity Football and Softball '69-'71. PARHAM, DONNA KAY, Harriman, Tennessee; B.S. in Secondary Education Math; German Club '68-'69; Chem- istry Club ‘68. PARIS, JOEL DAVID, Cookeville, Tennessee; B.S. in In- dustrial Technology; AFS '68-'70; IT Club '68-'70; Veterans Club '64-'65; ASCE '64-'65; NSPE '64-'65. PARKS, DOMINIQUE SUZANNE, Chattanooga, Tennes- see; B.S. in Elementary Education; Pep Club '68-'69; Dorm Counselor '70-'71; Freshman Class Secretary '68; Sophomore Class Secretary ‘69. Page 209 PARKS, LORA KAY, Athens, Tennessee; B.S. in Home Economics Education; Home Ec. Club '70-'71. PATTON, BRENDA RAGLAND, Cookeville, Tennessee; B.A. in English; German Club '68-'69, Secretary ‘68, Vice-President '69; Chemistry Club '68; Kappa Delta Pi '70-'71; Sigma Tau Delta '70-'71; Homecoming Committee '69: English Club '67-'70, Publicity Chairman '69, Vice- President '70; Editor of Homespun '69-'70; Tech Women's Society Town Council Representative '67-'68; Gold Circle '70; English Laboratory Assistant '69-'70. PATTON, ELAINE LANGFORD, Cookeville, Tennessee; B.S. in Home Economics Education; Home Ec. Club ‘63, '69, '70; AHEA ‘69, '70; Kappa Omicron Phi '70; Kappa Delta Pi '70. PATTON, WAYNE L., Crossville, Tennessee; B.S. in Engi- neering Science; AIAA '68-'71, Vice-President ‘71; ES Club '69-'71, President '71; NSPE '71; Tau Beta Pi '70-'71; Kappa Mu Epsilon '70-'71. PAYNE, PAUL DANIEL, Ooltewah, Tennessee; B.S. in In- dustrial Technology; Phi Delta Theta '69-'71, Pledgemaster '69-'71: IT Club '71; AFS ‘71. PEACH, DONALD WAYNE, Franklin, Tennessee; B.S. in Agronomy; Agronomy Club '70-'71. PEARSON, MARCIA JEAN, Clinton, Tennessee; B.S. in Health and Physical Education; H PE Club '67-'71; SNEA '67-'68: Phi Mu ‘67-'71; Panhellenic '68-'71, First Vice-Presi- dent '68-'69, President ‘'70-'71; Miss Freshman ‘'67-'68; Sophomore Beauty '69; Homecoming Queen '70; ROTC Sponsor '69-'70; TADO Sweetheart '68-'69. PEARSON, ROBERT WAYNE, Columbia, Tennessee; B.S. in Industrial Technology. PECK, DANA CURNUTT, Clinton, Tennessee; B.S. in Ele- mentary Education. PECK, GEORGE EUGENE, Tullahoma, Tennessee; B.S. in Secondary Education; Rifle Team '68-'69. PENDYGRAFT, REEBCCA RIDINGS, Hermitage, Tennes- see; B.A. in English; Kappa Delta Pi '70-'71; English Club rr PENDLEY, KENNETH NEAL, Goodlettsville, Tennessee; B.S. in Electrical Engineering; Tau Beta Pi '70-'71; Eta Kappa Nu '70-'71; Phi Kappa Phi '70-'71. PENLEY, WILLIAM MARTIN, Dunlap, Tennessee; B.S. in Math; SFE '69:; SNEA; Softball '69-'71; Football '69-'71; Basketball '68-'71. PENNEY, B. KAYE, Daisy, Tennessee; B.S. in Elementary Education; SNEA '68-'71; Alpha Sigma Alpha '70-'71. PERRY, DUKE, Chattanooga, Tennessee; B.S. in Industrial Technology; AFS ‘69, ‘71, Secretary ‘69; Alpha Phi Omega '69-'71, Second Vice-President ‘71. PERRY, PAUL EDWIN, Nashville, Tennessee; B.S. in Civil Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega ‘'68-'71, President ‘71; ASCE '69-'71; IFC '69-'71; Interfraternity Football '68-'7I, Softball and Basketball '69-'71. 4,000 students attend Tech's Career Day Students from approximately 200 area high schools participated in Career Day events. Page 210 —— 23 Weleome To Genntssece deel PERRY, SHARON REE, Gallatin, Tennessee; B.S. in Ele- mentary Education; Phi Kappa Phi '70-'71; Kappa Delta Pi '70-'71; SNEA '70-'71; Dorm President ‘70. PETERSON, DENNIS MICHAEL, Erwin, Tennessee; B.S. in Electrical Engineering; IEEE '70-'71; CO-OP '6é6-'71. PETERS, THOMAS DAVID, JR., Bristol, Tennessee; B.S. in Industrial Technology; NSPE '68; IT Club '69-'71; Kappa Omega '67-'70; Sigma Chi '70-'71; EJC '71; EHS '70-'71. PHELPS, ROY WILLIAM, Brentwood, Tennessee; B.A. in Industrial Technology. PHILLIPS, JOHN TRAVIS, JR., Algood, Tennessee; B.S. in Biology; Caving Club '68-'71, Vice-President ‘71; Tech Rangers '67-'68; Karate Club '67-'70; Scuba Club '68-'69. PHILLIPS, HORACE K., Griffin, Georgia; B.S. in Health and Physical Education; Alpha Phi Omega '69-'70; ‘'T " Club '69-'70® Student Trainer '68-'70; H PE Club '67-'70; Freshman Football '67-'68; Interfraternity Softball ‘70. PHILLIPS, RONNI LEE, Helenwood, Tennessee; 8.S. in In- dustrial Technology; IT Club ‘69-'70. PHILLIPS, STEVEN ALLEN, Shreveport, Louisiana; B.S. in Marketing; Transferred from East Tennessee State Univer- sity and Cumberland College; Marketing Club '68-'71; Alpha Tau Omega ‘68-'71; Interfraternity Basketball and Softball '68-'70; Interfraternity Bowling ‘69. PICKEL, BILLY E., Kingston, Tennessee; B.S. in Secondary Education History. PIEPMEIER, CAROLYN HALL, Neola, lowa; B.S. in Music Education; MENC '69, '70, '71; TWO '69-'71; Tech Choir '69-'71; Tech Chorale '69-'71; Community Chorus '69-'71; Kappa Delta Pi '70-'71. PITTMAN, MARY ANN, Morristown, Tennessee; B.S. in Business Education; Phi Beta Lambda '68-'69, President ‘69; Phi Gamma Nu '69-'71, Pledge Trainer '70, President ‘Tl; Alpha Sigma Alpha '70-'71, Recording Secretary '70- ‘71; Housing Advisory Committee '70; Faculty-Student Committee, School of Business '69-'70; Dorm President '70; Alpha Sigma Alpha Softball '70. PITTMAN, THOMAS STANLEY, Chattanooga, Tennessee; B.S. in Electrical Engineering; IEEE '66; NSPEE ‘66; Theta Tau '66-'71. PLUMMER, MARGARET STOCKSTILL, Cookeville, Tennes- see; B.S. in Elementary Education; SNEA '70-'71; Zeta Tau Alpha '68-'69. POACHES, BRYAN BENEDICT, JR., Winslow, New Jersey; B.S. in History; Cheerleader '71; Intramural Volleyball kip POINTER, ROBERT LEE, JR., Troy, Ohio; B.S. in In- dustrial Technology; IT Club '67-'70. POINTER, MARTHA MANNING, Johnson City, Tennes- see; B.S. in Math Education; SNEA '70-'71; Dorm Counse- lor '70-'71. POOLE, LYNDA, Knoxville, Tennessee; B.S. in Pre-Medi- cal Technology. POPE, MARY GRACE, Lebanon, Tennessee; B.S. in Math- ematics; Phi Mu ‘69-'71, Assistant Treasurer ‘70, Treasurer '7l; Kappa Mu Epsilon '69-'71, Secretary '70; Kappa Delta Pi '70-'71; Math Club '68-'71; Arts and Sciences Ex- ploratory Committee '71; EAGLE Staff '70-'71, Class Edi- tor '70, Editor '71; Band '68-'69. POSTON, FRED CHARLES, West Alexandria, Ohio; B.S. in Industrial Engineering; Caving Club '67-'68; Golden Eagle Sports Car Club '68-'69. POWERS, PATTY JANE, Cookeville, Tennessee; B.A. in French; French Club ‘68-'71, Secretary ‘71. PRATER, EUGENE JACKSON, LaFollette, Tennessee; B.S. in History; IR Club '70-'71. PRATER, RICHARD MORRIS, Griffin, Georgia; B.S. in Health and Physical Education; ''T'' Club '70; Football and Track Student Trainer '68-'70. PRESSWOOD, WALTER ANDREW, Benton, Tennessee; B.S. in English-Journalism; Young Republicans ‘70-'71; En- glish Club '70-'71; The Oracle Staff '70-'71, Editorial Edi- tor '70-'71; Sigma Tau Delta '70-'71; Transfer from Cleve- land State Community College; Circle K Service Award; Who's Who in American Junior Colleges, CSCC ‘69; Cleveland State Faculty Award '69. PSEMENSKI, HARRY SCOTT, Belleville, Illinois; B.S. in Business Management; Sigma Phi Epsilon ‘'69-'71; Intra- mural Bowling '69, Softball '70. PULLUM, JUDITH ELAINE, Buffalo Valley, Tennessee; B.S. in Secondary Education English; SNEA '69-'71; En- glish Club ‘71. PURKEY, ROGER FRANKLIN, Morristown, Tennessee; B.S. in Accounting; Phi Kappa Phi '70-'71; Faculty Scholarship (Bus. Adm.) '71. PURKEY, RONALD ERNEST, Morristown, Tennessee; B.S. in Civil Engineering. PURVIANCE, JACKY H., Springfield, Tennessee; B.S. in Business Management; Intramural Bowling ‘67. Page 211 QUALLS, KEITH, Jamestown, Tennessee; B.S. in Industrial Technology; Lambda Chi Alpha ‘69-'71; IT Club '70-'71; Intramural Softball '69; Interfraternity Softball ‘69. QUALLS, SHARON LORETTA, Livingston, Tennessee; B.S. in Home Economics Education; Home Ec. Club '68-'71; Rodeo Team '68-'71, Co-Captain '68-'69, Captain ‘70. QUINLEY, SUSAN OLIVI A, Oak Ridge, Tennessee; B.S. in Home Economics Education; SLP '67; Dorm Secretary '67, Vice-President '68; Alpha Delta Pi '69-'71, Chaplain, Membership Chairman. RADER, HILDA RUTH, Westmoreland, Tennessee; B.S. in Accounting; Phi Gamma Nu '68-'71, Parliamentarian ‘68- '71; Dorm Secretary '69; TWO Board '69. RAINS, MICHAEL HOWARD, Kingston, Tennessee; B.S. in Business Management. RALL, JOHN CHARLES, Dyersburg, Tennessee; B.S. in Geology; Speleophiles '67-'69. RAMSEY, JOAN, Cookeville, Tennessee; B.S. in Home Economics Education; Home Ec. Club ‘67. RASMUSSEN, MICHAEL FORREST, Nashville, Tennessee; B.S. in Geography; Alpha Tau Omega ‘68-'71, Parliamen- tarian '69; Tech Rangers '67; Young Republicans Club '70-'71, Executive Committee; Intramural Football '67; In- tramural Softball '69. RAUDEBAUGH, JAMES BENSON, Thousand Oaks, Cali- fornia; B.S. in Industrial Technology; ''T'' Club '64-'65; Football '63-'65. RAY, R. CAROL, Cookeville, Tennessee; B.S. in Home Economics; Pep Club '67-'68: Home Ec. Club '67-'69; Or- acle Staff '67-'69; Chi Omega Beta '68-'69, Best Pledge '68, Chaplain, Scholarship Chairman, Rush Chairman; Home Economics Scholarship ‘67. RAYBURN, RALPH EUGENE, Knoxville, Tennessee; B.S. in Secondary Education History. RECTOR, JUDITH NELLE, Crossville, Tennessee; B.S. in Elementary Education; Intramural Basketball '68; Intra- mural Football '69; SNEA '70-'71. REDDICK, DONNA MONTGOMERY, Springfield, Mis- souri; B.S. in Education; Phi Kappa Phi '70-'71; Kappa Delta Pi '70-'71; SNEA '70-'71. REDDY, A. VENKAT NARSIMHA, Hyderabad, India; B.S. in Civil Engineering; Cosmopolitan Club ‘69-'70; Indian Student Association '69-'70, Vice-President '69; Football ‘él. REDMON, WANDA STRINGER, Cookeville, Tennessee; B.S. in Elementary Education; SNEA '62-'63, '71. REED, RAYMOND HOWARD, Lebanon, Tennessee; B.S. in Electrical Engineering; CO-OP '66-'71; GESCC '68-'71I, Secretary '70-'71; [EEE '70-'71. REGISTER, G. MICHAEL, Jacksonville, Florida; B.S. in Music Education; Tech Choir '68-'71, Student Director '69-'70, President ‘69; Tech Chamber Chorale '68-'71; MENC '70-'71; Phi Mu Alpha ‘68-'71, Vice-President ‘70. REYNOLDS, KENNETH LEE, Lebanon, Tennessee; B.S. in Accounting; Scuba Club '67-'70; Baseball '67-'68; Intra- mural Softball '68; Intramural Volleyball ‘70. REYNOLDS, PATRICK A., Granville, Tennessee; B.S. in Marketing; Pi Kappa Delta Speech Fraternity '68-'69, President '69; Debate Team '68-'69; Speech Club ‘68-'69; Alpha Tau Omega '69-'71, Treasurer '70; ASB Treasurer abe RICHARDSON, JAMES MARION, Hixon, Tennessee; B.S. in Chemical Engineering; AIChE '69-'71, Secretary '69-'71; Intramural Football '69; Intramural Basketball '69-'71; In- tramural Softball '68-'71; Engineering Softball and Bas- ketball '70-'71; Intramural Golf '70-'71. RICHARDSON, JAMES WILLARD, JR., Hendersonville, Tennessee; B.S. in Civil Engineering; ASCE '70-'71, Activi- ties Director '70; Intramural Softball and Basketball '70- Erika RICHARDSON, MICHAEL DWIGHT, Rickman, Tennessee; B.S. in Secondary Education History. RICHMOND, HENRY RUSSELL, Cookeville, Tennessee; B.S. in History; Young Republicans Club '70-'71, Vice- Chairman '7|; Phi Alpha Theta '71; SNEA ‘70. RICHMOND, SARAH, Sparta, Tennessee; B.S. in Second- ary Education English; Black Student Organization '69-'70. RICKMAN, WILLIAM SAMUEL, Hartsville, Tennessee; B.S. in Chemical Engineering; Kappa Mu Epsilon '70-'71; NSPE '68; Tau Beta Pi '70-'7). RIDGELL, JOHN MARVIN, Monterey, Tennessee; B.S. in Animal Husbandry; Alpha Gamma Sigma '70-'71, Pledge- master ‘71; ASB Senator '71; Tech Aggies '67-'71; Block and Bridle Club ‘71; Interfraternity Football, Basketball, Softball and Volleyball '70-'71. RIGGLE, TERRY LYNN, Nashville, Tennessee; B.S. in Electrical Engineering; TTARS '67-'71; Pistol Team ‘68; Lambda Chi Alpha '67-'70. RILEY, JUDY WHITAKER, Nashville, Tennessee; B.S. in Home Economics Education; Student Entertainment Or- ganization '68; Kappa Omicron Phi '69-'71; Home Ec. Club '68-'71; American Home Economics Association '69- ‘71; Dorm Counselor '69; Intramural Basketball and Vol- leyball ‘68. Page 212 me 2 a Siamese tan Es tain I TLE Soin ROARK, MELINDA KATHLENE, Westmoreland, Tennes- see: B.S. in Secondary Education; Oracle Staff '67-'70; SNEA '69-'71; English Club '9-'71; Dorm President '69; Sigma Tau Delta '70-'71. ROBBINS, BARBARA SMITH, Jamestown, Tennessee; B.S. in Elementary Education; SNEA '69-'71, Recording Secre- tary '71; Kappa Delta Pi ‘70. ROBERSON, HERMAN WELLINGTON, JR., New Hope, Alabama; B.A. in Mathematics; Transfer from U. S. Naval Academy; Sigma Chi '70-'7!1, Derby Daddy '70, Chapter Editor '71; Math Club ‘71; French Club ‘71; In- tramural Basketball, Football and Softball '70-'71. ROBERSON, RANDY EARL, Oak Ridge, Tennessee; B.S. in Business Management; Intramural Football '67, Softball 68. ROBERTS, DAVID, Gainesboro, Tennessee; B.S. in Ac- counting; Intramural Football and Softball. ROBERTS, GLORIA MAY, Nashville, Tennessee; B.S. in Music Education; MENC '7I. ROBERTS, GRADY SCOTT, Nashville, Tennessee; B.S. in Business Management. ROBERTS, MICHAEL RAY, Cookeville, Tennessee; B.S. in Biology; Chemical and Medical Sciences Club ‘'69-'70; Sigma Phi Epsilon '68-'71, Secretary and Parliamentarian '70; Junior Class Vice President ‘70. ROBERTSON, CHARLOTTE ANN, Jackson, Tennessee; B.S. in Secondary Education; VOICE '70-'71. ROBINSON, ROBERT DANIEL, Gainesboro, Tennessee; B.S. in Accounting; Scabbard Blade '65-'66; Scuba Club '70-'71; Accounting Club ‘71. RODGERS, SANDRA FAYE, Cookeville, Tennessee; B.A. in French. ROGERS, BETTY GAYLE, Kingston, Tennessee; B.S. in Secondary Education English; SNEA '68-'70; English Club '70-'71; Alpha Delta Pi '69-'71; Freshman Class Beauty ‘68; Queen of Engineers Ball '68; Sigma Phi Epsilon Sweet- heart '68-'69; Calendar Girl '67-'69; Homecoming Court " 69. ROGERS, LINDA JO, Sparta, Tennessee; B.S. in Elemen- tary Education; SNEA '68-'70. ROGERS, OLIVER LEON, Marion, Kentucky; B.S. in In- dustrial Technology. ROMANS, MAIVERINE, McMinnville, Tennessee; B.S. in Secondary Education English; English Club '69-'70, Presi- dent '70; SNEA '70; Arts and Sciences Council '70; Sigma Tau Delta '70. ROSE, MARGARET JEAN, Nashville, Tennessee; B.S. in Accounting. Learning to use the computer has become a basic need for engineering majors. San necar ee T} ¥ Page 213 ROSSON, ROLAND L., Lebanon, Tennessee; B.S. in Busi- ness Management; Bowling Team ‘67-'68. RUCKER, RAYMOND WALLACE, Winter Haven, Florida; B.S. in Civil Engineering; ASCE '70-'71. RUDDER, EDDIE RAY, Rockwood, Tennessee; B.S. in Sec- ondary Education Biology; Biology Club ‘68-'70; SNEA '69-'71: Baseball Team '68-'70; Intramural Football and Softball '67-'71. RUSHING, PRISCILLA DALE, Nashville, Tennessee; B.S. in Office Management; Phi Gamma Nu ‘'69-'71, Chaplain ‘70, ABC Representative '71; Phi Beta Lambda ‘68-'71, Vice-President '71, Secretary-Treasurer '69; Association of Business Clubs '71; Young Republicans '69; Intramural Softball '69. RUSSELL, GARY WAYNE, Watertown, Tennessee; B.S. in Marketing; Marketing Club; Intramural Softball. RUTHERFORD, MICHAEL CHARLES, Clinton, Tennessee; B.S. in Physics; Society of Physics Students '69-'70. SANA'AT, HASSAN ALI, Isfahan, Iran; B.S. in Chemical Engineering; Cosmopolitan Club '68-'70. SANDLIN, CARL WALKER, Union City, Tennessee; B.S. in Chemical Engineering; SFE '68; NSPE ‘69-'71, Secretary '7l; AICE '69-'71, Southern Regional Treasurer ‘71; Theta Tau '69-'71; ASB Senator Engineering '70; Golden Eagle Marching Band '68-'70; Tech Tuba Ensemble '68-'71; Wes- ley Foundation Student Council '69-'71, Vice-President '70, Treasurer '7I. SAUNDERS, KATHRYN PARKER, Nashville, Tennessee; B.S. in Office Management; Phi Gamma Nu '68-'71, Presi- dent’ '69-'70; Student Counselor ‘69-'70. SAULA, AMRUTLAL KANJIBHAT, Bombay, India; B.S. in Electrical Engineering; Cosmopolitan Club '69-'71; IEEE '70-71; Tech Players '69; Transfer from Bombay University ‘67. SCHELL, JUDY CAROL, Castalian Springs, Tennessee; B.S. in Office Management; Phi Gamma Nu '‘70-'7I, Editor ‘71; Phi Beta Lambda Editor '70; Sigma Sigma Sigma '70-'71, Treasurer ‘71. SCHWARTZ, LOUIS RANDOLPH, Miami, Florida; B.S. in Diary Husbandry; Tau Kappa Epsilon '69-'71; Rifle Team '69-'71, Captain '70; All-American Rifle Team '69-'70. SCOTT, RONALD WAYNE, Fayetteville, Tennessee; B.S. in Engineering Science; SFE '67; NSPE ‘69-'70; Engineer- ing Science Club '69-'71; CO-OP Club ‘69. SEALE, JOHN BERRYMAN, JR., Signal Mountain, Tennes- see; B.S. in Electrical Engineering; Sigma Phi Epsilon '69-'71. SEALE, THURMA JO M., New River, Tennessee; B.S. in Home Economics Education; Home Ec. Club '67-'71; Sigma Sigma Sigma '69-'71; Keeper of Grades '69-'70. SEALS, B. JEAN, Harriman, Tennessee; B.S. in Business Education; Phi Gama Nu ‘'69-'71; ABC '70; SNEA '‘70-'71. Page 214 One of Tech's prettiest snowfalls dents were home for the holidays. came while stu- SELF, JAMES HAROLD, Cocoa, Florida; B.S. in Account- ing. SHADDEN, GWENDOLYN DIANE, Wartburg, Tennessee; B.S. in Elementary Education; SNEA '70-'71. SHARP, DONALD ALAN, Oak Ridge, Tennessee; B.A. in Chemistry; Alpha Tau Omega '69-'70, Vice-President ‘70; Interfraternity Council '70; Dorm Representative '69; Baseball Team '68; Intramural Football and Basketball ‘68. SHARP, JOHN STANLEY, Knoxville, Tennessee; B.S. in Business Management. SHARP, RONALD DAVID, Oak Ridge, Tennessee; B.S. in Mathematics; Math Club '68-'71, Treasurer '70-'71; Kappa Mu Epsilon '69-'71; Alpha Tau Omega '69-'71, Secretary '70-'71; Young Republicans Club '70-'71; Who's Who ‘'69- ‘Tl; Phi Kappa Phi '70-'71; Intramural Basketball, Foot- ball, Softball, Track and Volleyball '68-'71. SHARPE, TERRY NEIL, Lake City, Tennessee; B.S. in Ac- counting; Alpha Phi Omega ‘68-'71, Second Vice-Presi- dent '71; Intramural Football '69-'70; Intramural Softball ‘70. SHARPE, WILLIAM RILEY, JR., Smyrna, Tennessee; B.S. in Geology. SHAW, CLARK LEE, Nashville, Tennessee; B.S. in Electri- cal Engineering; IEEE '69-'70. SHERRARD, JO ANN, Smithville, Tennessee; B.S. in Ele- mentary Education; SNEA '70-'71. SHURAN, MICHAEL JAMES, Winchester, Tennessee; B.S. in Electrical Engineering; |EEE '70-'71; NSPE '68-'69. SHUSTER, RITA ELAINE, Walling, Tennessee; B.S. in Sec- ondary Education; SNEA '69-'71; English Club '69-'7I, Secretary '70; Homespun Staff '69-'70, Secretary ‘69; Sigma Tau Delta '70-'71, President '71; Kappa Delta Pi '70-'71; English Lab Assistant '70-'71; Work Scholar ‘68- wills SIMMONS, DAVID MICHAEL, Manchester, Tennessee; B.S. in Business Management; SEO ‘'70-'71; Intramural Football and Softball '67-'71. SIMMONS, HENRY CLIFTON, JR., Portland, Tennessee; B.S. in Industrial Technology; SFE '68; AFS ‘71. SIMPKINS, VICKI JANE, Nashville, Tennessee; B.S. in Secondary Education. SIMPSON, BRIAN EUGENE, Chattanooga, Tennessee; B.S. in Chemical Engineering; SFE '68, Treasurer ‘68; AIChE '69-'71, Treasurer ‘71. SIMS, GLORIA ELLEN, Dayton, Tennessee; B.S. in Pre- Medical Technology. SIMS, LYNDA LOU, Humboldt, Tennessee; B.S. in Sec- ondary Education History; VOICE '70-'71. SLOAN, NEIL BURTON, Chattanooga, Tennessee; B.S, in Horticulture; Delta Tau Alpha '70-'71, Treasurer; Scuba Club '69-'71. SLOAN, SHEILA ANN, Chattanooga, Tennessee; B.S. in Chemistry; Chemistry and Medical Sciences Club '68-'7I; ACS Secretary-Treasurer '70-'71. SMITH, CONNIE JEAN, Conway, Arkansas; B.S. in His- tory; IRC '70-'71; Alpha Delta Pi '69-'71, Courtesy Chair- man ‘70, Social Chairman '69; ROTC Sponsor '70-'71; Rebel Rifles Sponsor ‘71; Junior Class Beauty ‘70-71; Scabbard and Blade Sweetheart '70-'71; Homecoming Court '70-'71. SMITH, DANNY LEWIS, Jamestown, Tennessee; B.S. in Sociology; Sigma Phi Epsilon '69-'71, Recording Secretary '70-'71; Sociology Club ‘68-'71. SMITH, HOMER LYNN, Byrdstown, Tennessee; B.S. in An- imal Husbandry; Tech Aggies '70-'71. SMITH, IRA DAVID, Dunlap, Tennessee; B.S. in Biology; Alpha Phi Omega '69-'71, Sergeant-at-Arms '70-'71, Chair- man, Pep Truck Committee '70-'71; Intramural Softball '69-'70. SMITH, LARRY JOE, Antioch, Tennessee; B.S. in Business Management; SAM '70-'71; Representative to Associated Business Clubs '70-'71. SMITH, PRISCILLA GORE, Sparta, Tennessee; B.S. in Secondary Education English; SNEA '68-'71; Basketball and Sof tball Intramurals '69-'70. SMITH, RALPH E., Dunlap, Tennessee; B.S. in Chemical Engineering; AIChE '69-'70; Alpha Sigma Psi '68-'71, Pledge Master '68-'69; Delta Tau Delta '69-'71, Guide '70-'71, House Manager '70-'71; TMDO Council ‘'67-'68; CO-OP Club '68-'69: IFC Social Supervisory Board '70- '71; Intrafraternity Football and Softball '68-'70. SMITH, WILLIAM BRADFORD, Brentwood, Tennessee; B.S. in Industrial Engineering; Alpha Phi Omega ‘'69-'71; AIIE '70-'71; Intramural Softball '69-'71; EJC Softball '70-'71; Intramural Football '70-'71. SMITH, WILLIAM MEDEARIS, Fayetteville, Tennessee; B.S. in Engineering Science; Theta Tau '69-'71; AlAA '69- ‘71, Chairman '71; ES Club '68-'71, EJC Representative '7|; Tau Beta Pi '69-'71; Kappa Mu Epsilon '68-'71; NSPE " 68-'71. Page 215 SO, CHARLIE, Medan, Indonesia; B.S. in Civil Engineer- ing; Alpha Phi Omega '69-'71; ASCE '68-'71; Karate Club '69-'71; Soccer Team '70-'71. SPARKMAN, DONALD E., JR., Baxter, Tennessee; B.S. in Industrial Engineering; EHS '70-'71, President ‘71; AIIE '70-'71, Vice-President '70-'71; IE Honor Society '70-'71; AIIE Basketball '70-'71; AIIE Softball '70-'71. SPARKS, BERNARD C., Chattanooga, Tennessee; B.S. in Chemical Engineering; Black Student Organization '69- '7|; Intramural Basketball '68-'69. SPEAKMAN, BARBARA MAE, Columbia, Tennessee; B.S. in Secondary Education English; English Club '70-'71; SNEA '70-'71; BSU Volleyball '69-'71; BSU Softball '70-'71. SPODECK, DAVID ALAN, Nashville, Tennessee; B.S. in Business Management; Phi Delta Theta ‘68-'71. SPRINGER, JAMES LOUIS, JR., Columbia, Tennessee; B.S. in Accounting; Alpha Kappa Psi '70-'71. STARK, MICHAEL JOHN, Tarpon Springs, Florida; B.S. in Chemical Engineering; Sigma Chi '69-'71, Steward '70- '7l; Circle K '68-'69; AIChE '70-'71; Intramural Football and Basketball '70-'71. STEAKLEY, JAMES LOUIS, Cookeville, Tennessee; B.S. in Business Management; Alpha Tau Omega '69-'71; IFC Football and Softball '69-'71; IFC Volleyball and Bowling '70-'71. STEELMAN, JAMES TAYLOR, Elora, Tennessee; B.S. in Electrical Engineering; IEEE '70-'71; CO-OP Club ‘'67-'71. STEPHENS, BARBARA ELIZABETH, Livingston, Tennessee; B.S. in Medical Technology; Kappa Delta '67-'71; Medical Sciences Club '67-'68:; TWO, Vice-President '69-'70; Extra- mural Tennis '68-'69. STINSON, GARY JOHN, Madison, Tennessee; B.S. in Civil Engineering; ASCE '70-'71; Intramural Basketball '68-'71. STINSON, PAUL THOMAS, Nashville, Tennessee; B.S. in Electrical Engineering; IEEE '69-'71, Vice-Chairman ‘70- '7|; Kappa Mu Epsilon '69-'71; Eta Kappa Nu ‘69-'71; Tau Beta Pi '70-'71, Corresponding Secretary '70-'71. STOCKTON, MARY ELIZABETH, Algood, Tennessee; B.S. in Sociology; Odessey Club '67-'68: Sociology Club ‘68- '70, Vice-President '69-'70; Spanish Club '68-'69; Interfaith Council '67-'69. STONE, MARTHA JANE, Sparta, Tennessee; B.S. in Busi- ness Education; SNEA '69-'71; Phi Beta Lambda '69-'71. STOKES, MARSHA GAYLE, Etowah, Tennessee; B.S. in El- ementary Education; SNEA '60-'61; BSU '68-'71, Secretary '68-'69: Sigma Sigma Sigma '69-'71, Music Chairman ‘69, Keeper of the Grades '70-'7| STOUT, BRENDA SUE, Gainesboro, Tennessee; B.S. in Home Economics Education; Kappa Omicron Phi '69-'71; Kappa Delta Pi '69-'71; Phi Kappa Phi '70-'71; Home Ec. Club '69-'71. STOUT, RONNIE H., Buffalo Valley, Tennessee; B.S. in Secondary Education History. STOVER, BENNIE R., Livingston, Tennessee; B.S. in Sec- ondary Education Social Sciences; SNEA '69-'71; Pinkerton Society '69-'71; Pi Kappa Delta '70-'71, Secretary-Treasurer '70-'71; Kappa Delta Pi '69-'71, Treasurer '70-'71; SEE '70- sate STUBBLEFIELD, SARA ANN, Cookeville, Tennessee; B.S. in Secondary Education English; TWO Board ‘67-68; Alpha Delta Pi '69-'71, RUSH Chairman '70-'71; Panhel- lenic Council '69-'71, Recording Secretary '70-'71; Sopho- more Class Officer '69-'70. STUTZ, MICHAEL D., Chattanooga, Tennessee; B.S. in Mechanical Engineering; CO-OP Club '67-'68; Alpha Phi Omega '70-'71. STUTZMAN, DAVID KARL, Richmond, Virginia; B.S. in Civil Engineering; Tech Sky Divers '70-'71; Soccer Team '70-'71. SUBLETT, ROBERT DONALD, Phenix, Virginia; B.S. in Marketing; Sigma Phi Epsilon '70-'71; Circle K Club '70-'71. SUITER, DWIGHT SMITH, Clarksville, Tennessee; B.S. in Mechanical Engineering; Pi Tau Sigma '70-'71, Treasurer '70-'71; ASME '70-'71; Intramural Softball '70-'71. SULLIVAN, HILLIOUS, Nashville, Tennessee; B.S. in Busi- ness Management; Residence Hall Officer '70-'71. SWAGGERTY, WILLIAM SHIELDS, JR., Strawberry Plains, Tennessee; B.S. in Health and Physical Education; " T'' Club '67-'71, Secretary '69-'70, Vice-President '70-'71; H PE Club '67-'69; FCA '69-'71; All-OVC Football Team '69-'70; Honorable Mention, Little All-American '69-'70; Varsity Football '67-'71; Intramurals '69-'71. TARPLEY, DOROTHY LYNNE, Chattanooga, Tennessee; B.S. in Secondary Education; Alpha Delta Pi ‘'69-'71; Alpha Tau Omega Little Sister '70-'71; SNEA '69-'71; Bi- ology Club '68-'71. TAYLOR, DEIDRIE LORIS, Clinton, Tennessee; B.S. in Business Education; Zeta Tau Alpha '68-'71, Membership Chairman '69-'70, President '70-'71; Pi Omega Pi '70-'71; SNEA '70-'71. TAYLOR, FRANK HORACE, Columbia, Tennessee; B.A. in Electrical Engineering; Eta Kappa Nu '69-'70; Tau Beta Pi '69-'70; IEEE '69-'70: German Club ‘'69-'70. Page 216 i ae SS sand Seana Tt et Students voiced their opinions in the Tennessee : ; ‘ legislator's race as well as in campus elections. TAYLOR, PENNY BEATY, Nashville, Tennessee; B.S. in So- ciology; Phi Mu '68-'70 Standards Chairman '70-'71; Pep Club '68-'69: SNEA '68-'70;: H PE Club '68-'69; Residence Hall Officer '66-'67; All-Sing '70-'71; Freshman Class Sec- retary '67-'68: Circle K Sweetheart '68-'69; Intrasorority Football and Softball '68-'69. THAXTON, STEVEN FRANKLIN, Smithville, Tennessee; B.S. in Chemistry; TMDO '69-'70: House Council '69-'70, Vice-President '69-'70; Sigma Phi Epsilon '70-71; Skydivers '69-'70: Chemistry and Medical Sciences Club ‘68-'71, President '70-'71; Arts and Sciences Council '70-'71, Presi- dent '70-'71; ASB Senator '70-'71. THOMAS, KATHERINE KAY, Kingsport, Tennessee; B.S. in Mathematics; Sigma Kappa '70-'71; TWO '70-'71. THOMPSON, BENNY RAY, Watertown, Tennessee; B.S. in Health and Physical Education; " 'T'' Club '68-'71; H PE Club '68-'71: Football '67-'69; Baseball '70-'71. THOMPSON, JOEL ANDERSON, Cookeville, Tennessee; B.S. in Industrial Engineering; SME ‘68-'71; Sigma Alpha Epsilon '68-'71, President '70-'71, Vice-President '69-'70, Pledge Trainer '68-'69; IFC Football, Basketball, Softball and Track '68-'71. THREADGILL, ROBERT GEORGE, JR., Nashville, Tennes- see; B.S. in Civil Engineering; ASCE '69-'71; NSPE '70-'71; Karate Club '69-'71, Treasurer '70-'71. TICE, MAX EDWARD, Lawrenceburg, Tennessee; B.S. in Secondary Education English and Speech; Pinkerton Soci- ety '69-'71: Homespun Staff '70-'71. TONGATE, KATHRYN ANN, Sparta, Tennessee; B.S. in Home Economics Education; Kappa Omicron Phi '70-'71, Keeper of the Achies '70-'71, Vice-President ‘71. TOOMBS, LINDA MAY, Old Hickory, Tennessee; B.S. in Elementary Education; SNEA '67-'71; Alpha Delta Pi '68- 'Tl; Cheerleader '70-'71. TOWNSEND, BETTY RAMINGER, Cleveland, Tennessee; B.S. in Elementary Education; SNEA '70-'71; Tech Wives Club '70-'71; BSU '70-'71. TOWNSEND, BRENDA DARLENE, Harriman, Tennessee; B.S. in Secondary Education; SNEA '68-'71. TOWNSEND, TERRY ERWIN, Cleveland, Tennessee; B.S. in Mechanical Engineering; BSU '70-'71; ASME _ '70-'71, Vice-President '70-'71; KME '70-'71; Pi Tau Sigma ‘70-'71; Phi Kappa Phi '70-'71; Transfer from Cleveland College. TROTTER, CHARLYN LOUISE, Etowah, Tennessee; B.S. in Secondary Education; SNEA '69-'71I. TROXLER, ROBERT WARD, JR., Shelbyville, Tennessee; B.S. in Civil Engineering; Tau Beta Pi '70-'71; Phi Kappa Phi '70-'71; ASCE '69-'71; NSPE '69-'71; Who's Who '69- '70. TUCKER, SHERRY HELEN, Clinton, Tennessee; B.S. in Health and Physical Education; H PE Club '67-'71, Social Chairman '69-'70; Alpha Delta Pi '68-'71, Honors and Ac- tivity Chairman '70-'71; SNEA '68-'69; Alpha Tau Omega Little Sister '70-'71; Student Intercollegiate Association of Student Government Treasurer '70-'71; Residence Hall President '69-'70; President TWO '70-'71; Intramural Foot- ball, Softball, Volleyball, Tennis and Basketball '67-'71; ASB Senator '70-'71. TURNER, FRANKLIN LEE, Nashville, Tennessee; B.S. in Secondary Education; Residence Hall Officer '66-'67; ASME '67-'68; Intramural Football and Softball '67-'8. Page 217 Registration frustrating even for seniors After three years at Tech, Keith Mason still finds registration confusing. TURNER, HOWARD BRUCE, Stanford, Kentucky; B.S. in Economics; Sigma Alpha Epsilon '69-'71, Secretary '69-'70, Treasurer '70-'71; Tech Choir '69-'71. TURNER, SANDRA MARIE, Kingston, Tennessee; B.S. in Business Education; Phi Mu '70-'71, Scholarship Chairman '70-'71; ASB Senator '70-'71 UMBERGER, DIEDRE TRIMMER, Columbia, Tennessee; B.S. in Biology; Biology Club '67-'71; Phi Kappa Phi '70- ‘Tl; Biology Award '67, ‘69. VADEN, MARY KATHRYN, Atlanta, Georgia; B.S. in Ele- mentary Education; Sigma Sigma Sigma '70-'71; SNEA '70-'71; Kappa Omega Sweetheart '69-'70; Residence Hall Treasurer '69-'70. VANDAGRIFF, RONNIE WILLARD, McMinnville, Tennes- see; B.S. in Civil Engineering; ASCE '70-'71; SFE '68-'69. VANHOOSER, MATTIE CASSETTY, Gainesboro, Tennes- see; B.S. in Elementary Education; SNEA '69-'70. VANTREASE, DAVID LEHN, Watertown, Tennessee; B.S. in Industrial Technology; IT Club '70-'71; Veterans Club '70-'71. VERNON, JAMES DONALD, Nashville, Tennessee; B.S. in Secondary Education Social Science; Marching Band '68- " 205 VICK, DONALD STEVEN, West Point, New York; B.S. in Business Management: Kappa Sigma '70-'71; Intramural Football, Basketball and Softball '68-'71. WADDELL, JAMES WILLIAM, JR., Brownsville, Tennes- see; B.S. in Health and Physical Education; Lambda Chi Alpha '69-'71; ''T'' Club '68-'70; Varsity Football '68-'70; Intramural Basketball '69-'70. WALDEN, CHERYL MARIE, Cookeville, Tennessee; B.S. in Pre-Medical Technology; Kappa Delta '69-'71, Press Chairman '69-'70; Medical Sciences Club '67-'68. WALKER, BILLIE CAROLYN, Byrdstown, Tennessee; B.S. in Secondary Education; SNEA '70-'71. WALKER, EDWARD THOMAS III, Nashville, Tennessee; B.S. in Civil Engineering; Kappa Mu Epsilon '69-'71; Tau Beta Pi '70-'71; Phi Kappa Phi '70-'71; ASCE '69-71, Vice- President '70-'71; Advanced ROTC '70-'71: NSPE '70-'71; TSPE '70-'71; TSPE Scholarship '70-'71; Intramural Basket- ball '67-'71. WALKER, JOHN PRICE, Chattanooga, Tennessee; B.S. in Industrial Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega '68-'71; AIIE '69-'71; ASE '69-'71; Alpha Delta Pi " Pi Guy'' '69-'70; Phi Kappa Lambda '66-'68: IFC Football '67-'68: IFC Softball and Volleyball '67-'68. WALLACE, MORGAN EDWARD, Buffalo Valley, Tennes- see; B.S. in Sociology; BSU '67-'71, President, Interfaith Council '69-'70, International Chairman '69-'70; Intramural Football and Softball '69-'70. WANTLAND, RONALD HUGH, Columbia, Tennessee; B.S. in Industrial Engineering. Page 218 WARREN, TIM C., Algood, Tennessee; B.S. in Horticul- ture; Agronomy Club '69-'71; Tech Aggies '68-'71. WARKWICK, DAVID E., JR., Knoxville, Tennessee; B.S. in Business Management; Varsity Football '67-'71; ''T'' Club '68-'71, Treasurer '70-'71; FCA '68-'71, Vice-President '69- '10; Sigma Alpha Epsilon '69-'71: Residence Hall Vice- President '69-'70; House Council '68-'69; Advanced ROTC '69- " 71. WATSON, HELEN RUTH, Crossville, Tennessee; B.S. in Sociology. WATSON, SHARON KAY, Spring City, Tennessee; B.S. in Secondary Education Mathematics; SNEA '70-'71; Kappa Delta Pi '70-'7!; Intramural Softball ‘70. WATTS, PHYLLIS MARIE, Carthage, Tennessee; B.S. in Business Education; Phi Gamma Nu '69-'70, Treasurer ‘70- ils WATTS, ROY LEIYE, Baxter, Tennessee; B.S. in Secondary Education History; TMDO '68-'70; Residence Hall Presi- dent '68-'70; VOICE '69-'71, Chairman of Executive Com- mittee '69-'70; Pinkerton Society '69-'70, Secretary '69-'70. WATTWOOD, PHILLIP DOUGLAS, JR., Clarksville, Ten- nessee; B.S. in Mathematics; FE Club '68-'69; Deutscher Verein '69-'70; Math Club ‘70-'71; Phi Kappa Phi ‘70-'71; Who's Who '70-'71. WEAKLEY, DAVID MICHAEL, Nashville, Tennessee; B.S. in Accounting; Lambda Chi Alpha ‘'69-'71, Treasurer '70- ‘71; IFC Representative '69-'70; Intramural Football, Bas- ketball and Softball '66-'71. WEAKLEY, STEPHEN RUFUS, Gallatin, Tennessee; B.S. in Industrial Engineering; AIIE '70-'71; Intramural Softball and Basketball '70-'71. WEBB, EDDIE JACKSON, Nashville, Tennessee; B.S. in Marketing; FE Club ‘'68-'69; Marketing Club ‘70-'71; In- tramural Football and Softball '68-'69; Paddleball '69-'70. WEBB, MARVIN NEAL, Portland, Tennessee; B.S. in Mathematics; Phi Kappa Phi '70-'71; KME ‘'70-'71; Math Club '70-'71. WEEKS, MARILYN MARTIN, McMinnville, Tennessee; B.S. in Secondary Education; TWO '67-'71. WEIS, MICHAEL LEO, Covington, Tennessee; B.S. in Mathematics; Math Club '68-'71, President '71, Vice-Presi- dent '70; KME '69-'71, President '70-'71; Tech Marching Band ‘'68-'70; Intramural Bowling '70-'7I. WELCH, MICHAEL EVANS, Crossville, Tennessee; B.S. in Business Management; ABC '70-'71, President '70-'71; Alpha Kappa Psi '69-'71, Master of Rituals '70-'71; SAM '70-'71; Intramural Softball, Volleyball and Football ‘68- Baile WELDON, CHARLES ALAN, Union City, Tennessee; B.S. in Mechanical Engineering; NSPE '69-'71, Secretary ‘70, President '71; FE Cub '68-'69; Theta Tau '70-'71, Editor '70-'71; ROTC Band '69-'70; ASME '69-'71; EJC '70-'71. WELKER, MALCOLM EARL, Lewisburg, Tennessee; B.S. in Industrial Engineering; AIIE '70-'71. WELLBORN, R. EDWARD, Hollywood, Florida; B.S. in In- dustrial Technology; Transfer from Freed-Hardeman Col- lege '68; Sigma Chi '68-'71, Vice-President '69-'70, Presi- dent '70-71; IT Club '70-'71. WELLS, RICHARD RONALD, Wartburg, Tennessee; B.S. in Industrial Engineering; FE Club '68-'69; AIIE ‘'70-'71; Intramural Basketball, Football and Softball '68-'71. WEST, AGNES JEAN (SMITH), Lancing, Tennessee; B.S. In Home Economics Education. WEST, RANDALL CLAY, Lafayette, Tennessee; B.S. in Business Management. WEST, SHARON STORY, Byrdstown, Tennessee; B.S. in Mechanical Engineering; FES '67-'68; Alpha Sigma Alpha '69-'71, Treasurer ‘'70-'71, Rush Chairman '70-'71; ASME '70-'71, Secretary '70-'71. WHITE, ANTHONY EDWARD, College Grove, Tennessee; B.S. in Dairy Husbandry; Block and Bridle ‘68-'71, Vice- President '69-'70, Treasurer ‘70-'71; Alpha Sigma Gamma '68-'71, Pledge Master '70-'71; Dairy Judging Team '69- ‘70, Coach '70-'71; Intramural Softball '70-'71. WHITE, BRENDA LEE, Knoxville, Tennessee; B.S. in Sec- ondary Education Biology; Alpha Sigma Alpha '69-'71, Vice-President '69-'70, President '70-'71; Mu Phi Epsilon '68-'71, Historian '69, Chaplain '70; Panhellenic Council ‘69-'71, Historian '70-'71; Phi Mu Alpha Sweetheart '69- '70; Band Queen '7I; Intramural Softball '70-'71; March- ing Band '68-'71; Concert Band '68-'71. WHITE, CHARLES PHILIP, Nashville, Tennessee; B.S. in Accounting. WHITE, DAVID EUGENE, Knoxville, Tennessee; B.S. in Business Management; Marching Band ‘67-'69; Concert Band '67-'68: Scuba Club '69-'70. WHITE, MARGARET DIANE, College Grove, Tennessee; B.S. in Business Education; Phi Beta Lambda '70-'71; Kappa Delta Pi '70-'71; Pi Omega Pi '70-'71, Secretary ails WHITE, PAMELA D., Cookeville, Tennessee; B.S. in Sec- ondary Education Sociology; Cheerleader ‘68-'71, Co- Captain '70-'71; Zeta Tau Alpha '68-'71; Panhellenic '69- '70, Recording Secretary '69-'70; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sweetheart '70-'71; Homecoming Queen '70-'71. WHITE, SANDRA JO, Hartsville, Tennessee; B.S. in Home Economics; Home Ec. Club ‘68-'71; Intramural Softball '69. Page 219 Tech Aqua Biological Station started The Aqua Station, located at Center Hill Lake, will be used for teaching and research projects. WHITEHURST, MICHAEL SCOTT, Nashville, Tennessee; B.S. in Electrical Engineering; IEEE '70-'71; Intramural Softball '67-'71; Intramural Football '67-'69. WILCOX, CHARLES STEVEN, Lenoir City, Tennessee; B.S. in Secondary Education English; SNEA '67-'70, President '69-'70: Sigma Tau Delta '70-'71, Secretary Treasurer ‘70; Kappa Delta Pi '70-'71; English Club '70-'71; Work Schol- arship '67-'71; English Lab Assistant ‘69-71. WILKEY, ARCHIE McCOY, Evensville, Tennessee; B.S. in Electrical Engineering; Tau Beta Pi '69-'71; IEEE ‘71; In- tramural Softball '69. WILKEY, RICK CONWAY, Asheville, North Carolina; B.S. in Civil Engineering; ASCE '70-'71; NSPE '70-'71. WILLIAMS, ALICE MARR, Decherd, Tennessee; B.S. in Home Economics. WILLIAMS, DONALD W., Greenbrier, Tennessee; B.S. in Business Management; Rebel Rifles '68-'69; Scabbard and Blade '69-'70; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Scuba Club '66-'67. WILLIAMS, REBECCA JANE, LaFollette, Tennessee; B.S. in Elementary Education; SNEA '70-'71; TMDO Calendar Girl '69; Theta Tau Sweetheart '69; Kappa Delta Pi ‘70- alle WILLIAMSON, DEWEY EDWARD, Turtletown, Tennessee; B.S. in Industrial Technology; AFS '71. WILLIAMSON, JOSEPH MILTON, JR., Cookeville, Ten- nessee; B.S. in Chemistry; Chemistry Club '62-'64, 71; University of Tennessee ‘66. WILLINGHAM, REBECCA SUE, Spring City, Tennessee; B.S. in Elementary Education; SNEA '69-'70; Young Re- publicans '68-'69; Alpha Sigma Alpha ‘70. WILLIS, PATRICIA ANN, Oak Ridge, Tennessee; B.S. in Mathematics; Math Club '70-'71; AIChE '69-'70; AIChE Sweetheart '70; House Council '68-'69; Powder Puff Foot- ball '67. WILSON, CHARLES E., Cookeville, Tennessee; B.S. in Business Management. WILSON, DOROTHY MARIE, McMinnville, Tennessee; B.S. in Secondary Education English; TWO Judiciary Board '68-'69; VOICE '68-'70; PAHRA '69-'70; Phi Alpha Theta '69-'70: Extramural Volleyball and Basketball '68- ‘69: Intramural Basketball '68-'71. WILSON, JENNIFER SUSAN, Corbin, Kentucky; B.S. in Pre-Medical Technology; Tennessee Tech Marching Band '68-'69; Chemistry and Medical Technology Club '68-'70; Community Chorus '70. WILSON, JOHN MELVIN, Cookeville, Tennessee; B.S. in Business Management; Scabbard and Blade '69-'70. WILSON, SHERRILL LYNN, Nashville, Tennessee; B.S. in Biology; Pep Club '68; Zeta Tau Alpha '69-'71, Treasurer ‘70, 71; Biology Club '71; Dorm Treasurer ‘70. Page 220 —= SS ss sere en So OE NS i me ON —_——oe WINCHESTER, JAMES EDWARD, Brownsville, Tennessee; B.S. in Electrical Engineering; IEEE '69-'71; CO-OP. WINKLES, VICK! BROWN, Sparta, Tennessee; B.S. in Secondary Education Math; Transfer from Presbyterian College, South Carolina 1970. WINNINGHAM, ALBERT DWYTE, Crossville, Tennessee; B.S. in Accounting; Accounting Club '70-'71, Vice-Presi- dent '71; Sigma lota Epsilon '70-'71, President ‘71; Phi Kappa Phi '70-'71, Vice-President '71. WOMACK, PATRICIA MAE, McMinnville, Tennessee; B.S. in Home Economics Education; Majorette '67-'69, Head Majorette '69-'71; Alpha Delta Pi '68-'71; Home Ec. Club '69-'71- Sophomore Class Beauty '69; Intramural Football and Basketball ‘69. WOOD, DENNIS NATHANIEL, Sparta, Tennessee; B.S. in Music Education; Phi Mu Alpha '68-'71; MENC ‘68-'71; TMDO '69, Dormitory President '69; Tech Choir '68-'71; Tech Chorale '68-'71; Tech Community Chorus '68-'71; TMDO Scholarship Winner '70. WOOD, MELBA JEAN, Woodbury, Tennessee; B.S. in So- ciology; Sociology Club '68-'71, Treasurer '69-'70; German Club '69-'70, Treasurer '69-'70. WOODARD, DEBRA LYNN, Cookeville, Tennessee; B.S. in Elementary Education; SNEA '69-'70; Library Club '69. WORTHINGTON, BARBARA GAIL, Pikeville, Tennessee; B.S. in Secondary Education English; SNEA '70; English Club ‘71. WRAY, WILLIAM THOMAS, JR., Kingsport, Tennessee; B.S. in Business Management; Dormitory Vice-President " 68. Student Leadership Organization '68; Freshman Class Vice-President '68: Alpha Kappa Psi ‘68-'71, Secretary '70, President '71; Sigma lota Epsilon '71; Intramural Volley- ball and Softball '70; SAM '70-'7I. WRIGHT, DA VID L., Cookeville, Tennessee; B.S. in Agronomy; Agronomy Club '68-'71, Reporter ‘68, Corre- sponding Secretary '69, President '70; Alpha Gamma Sigma '69-'70, Chaplain; Tech Aggies '69-'70, Vice-Presi- dent; Safety Committee '69-'70; PCA Scholarship '67-'68. WRIGHT, SHARMAN, Cookeville, Tennessee; B.S. in Home Economics; Home Ec. Club '69-'71; Kappa Delta Pi '71; Kappa Omicron Phi ‘71. WYNN, DELBERT L., Riverton, lowa; B.S. in Engineering Science; ES Club '70-'71; NSPE '71; Veterans Club ‘71. YORK, LINDA LOU, Huntsville, Tennessee; B.S. in Ele- mentary Education; SNEA ‘69-'71. YORK, WILLIAM RONALD, Grimsley, Tennessee; B.S. in Animal Husbandry; Block and Bridle '70-'71. YOUNG, CHARLES AARON, Livingston, Tennessee; B.S. in Accounting. YOUNG, DONNA KAY, Shelbyville, Tennessee; B.S. in Secondary Education; SNEA '67-'70; Counselor '69-'70; TTU-Vista '69; Kappa Delta '69-'70; Kappa Delta Pi '69- '70, Historian '70; Gold Circle '70, Treasurer ‘70. YOUNG, RICHARD NEAL, Nashville, Tennessee; B.S. in Mechanical Engineering; Caving Club '68; Scuba Club ‘68: Lambda Chi Alpha '71; Freshman Rifle Team '68; In- trafraternity Softball ‘71, Page 221 @Carter, Linda @Alexander, Brenda A. Alexander, lona M. . Allen, Fred J., Jr. .. AmEnde, Bruce A. .. Anderson, Richard B. Argo, Boyd W. Armistead, Susan D. @Boston, William T. Bow, David C. Sp a ene eat arrears te he eG BEI A Ne I Bowers, Mary A. ee ; Bowman, Dale L. Brackett, Sterling Bradley, Claudette Bradley, Linda J. .... Brooks, Douglas H. Broome, Larry E. .... Brown, Dorothy L. Brown, Linda -D. Brown, Mary F. .... Brown a Tatssde ys @Brown, Teresa A. .... Brummitt, George O. Bryant, Joseph P. ... Bucky Janet) Eques es Burchfield, Esau e@Brittian,, Robert G. 255....--4..: Burton, Claudia J. ey Butler, Sally E. @Byassee, William S. Calliham, Mark T. Cantrell, Andrew W. Cantrell, Patty W. .. ie Carroll JamesiMrsee cee sees Hee : ; RA eer Ge Jeers. Columbia Garters Dudley) Wa esac ene Carroll, William M. Sou eres ROSSVIIG ... Ellington, Conn. ee Nasbvills Teles ttt Noe ey McMinnville Clarksville @AYersattarol dn Esme tenetee erat sr .... Cookeville Baeuerlin, Carl R. ...Cincinnati, Ohio Bales, David P. Sweetwater Ball, Daniel H. Ba rarer ae Ween .. Soddy Barnes iCarol Anmrniccoaneas americas Bane. Livingston Barnes, Deboralt, Es rc acmencetm dee: ate aerarcs Erin Barnes) James (Cy snes cauaeteneeaaaes be meee Cookeville @Bagnett Larry Re saseacecnscwsaue coanacinnan an Normandy Barton, Doris Fameceeeciccte rene coca meee . 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Kingsport Gordonsville Ae ets Jamestown ee Livingston Vandalia, Ohio Kingston .. Gatlinburg .. Sparta Gere Eee Knoxville .. Sunbright .. Chattanooga .. Gainesboro eae .... Granville ieee on Old! Hickory Sob aehe wooan Harriman Sle Nashville rine caras cate Kingston ..Marrowbone, Ky. veee.ees.... Jamestown Robbins ... Nashville .. Oneida tyne Bete Columbia 72 teeeene Dyersburg RN We McMinnville McMinnville ... Etowah Nashville Bevan hpasiteeMcen eeu Indianapolis, Ind. Cardwell, Sandra I. ............. eect New Tazewell GasernJamest Lome enecaer ea pearance Hendersonville Chandler Ruby Jin decctersarecoatace ae ron: New Market Chanthothai, Iddhidej .. Bangkok, Thailand Childne Williams Bikes, Sah oe ene Nashville Clark, Gary A. ..... ea cMensmeiee Bradley, III. Page 223 e@Clark, Larry G. Clark, Rebecca D. Clayton, Chris Ann Cleghorn, Nick B. Clemmons, Sherlyn D. Cobb, Bonny R. Coffey, Tony C. @Cole, Rosemary Coleman, Stephen C. Conners, Mary N. Cooper, Donna J. Cooper, Russell A. Copas, Virginia G. Cordell, Karen J. e@Cordner, John Crain, Roy E. Crockett, June A. Crockett, William H. Curl, Thomas E. Dale, Alberta A. Dalton, Alice F. @ Dalton, Sharon E. Daniels, Betty S. Davis, Debbie D. Davis, Donna G. Davis, Lucy E. Davis, Virginia D. Dayton, James W. @Dearing, Jim Deason, Nancy J. Deathridge, Owen S. Delk, James Y. Denney, Patsy E. Dickerson, Nancy M. Doak, Patricia G. @Dobbs, Garlon T. Dodson, Barbara A. Dowell, Mark A. Downa, William S. Draper, David C. Draper, William C. Dyer, Barbara J. @Edmonds, Karen M. Edmonds, Roberta E. Edwards, Robert J. Edwards, William M. Eisenbise, Michael J. Elam, James D. Eleazer, Clark W. @Ellenberger, Mark D. Elliott, John R. Elliott, Walter L. Ellis, Pamela C. Elrod, Larry D. Elrod Mary L. Evans, Jackie @Evans, Johnny R. Farmer, Linda J. Farris, Joe R. Farris, Johnny W. Fickey, Don G. Flatt, Peggy A. Flatt, Teddy L. @Fletcher, Linda |}. Fletcher, Marshall R. Forkum, Danny R. Foster, George T. Francisco, Charlene Frasier, Wanda J. Freeman Alton G. Page 224 Bremen, Ky. Cleveland .Cleveland Hixson Lebanon New Lebanon Oneida Baxter McEwen Nashville Kingsport Oak Ridge Red Boiling Springs Birmingham, Ala. Woodlynne, N.J. Goodlettsville Gainesboro Gainesboro Franklin, Ky. Livingston Jamestown Knoxville Cookeville Chattanooga Morrison Lawrenceburg .. Cookeville Nashville Jackson Lawrenceburg .. Gallatin Hampshire Clinton Nashville McMinnville Chattanooga Livingston Cookeville Kingsport Gainesboro .. Gallatin Cookeville Midland, Mich. Crossville Jackson Oak Ridge Kingsport Morrison Dickson Fayetteville Gallatin Gallatin Nashville Cookeville Old Hickory Gallatin Jasper Winchester ea ..,, Leoma Jefferson City Rockwood Gainesboro ....Gainesboro Lynchburg .Dunlap .. Gainesboro .Nashville Kingsport Sparta Cookeville @ Freemans CarolitAy gar scare sneer saienaccl Chattanooga Frogg, Samuel S. ...... ee eR an ea _.. 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Hutchison, George D. Ingle, Linda G. Jackson, Robbie J. Johnson, James C. e@Johnson, James G. Johnston, Jerry L. Jolley, Nelda S. Jones, Ann E. Jones, Lovell C. Josephson, Jon B. Kanter, Linda F. @Keen, Leon Keisling, Nancy Kerr, Patricia A. Kimery, Joe F. King, Nancy G. Kinnaird, Marjorie C. Kirby, Martha L. @Kirk, Sharon D. Kirkpatrick, Sylvia Knott, David L. Knowles, Robert L. Knox, Pamela A. Krouse, Mary H. Lackey, Robert A. e@lafon, Walter C. . Lambert, Eddie R. Lamprecht, Elizabeth D. Langford, Mary C. Larson, Pamella L. Lasater, Nancy A. Langhon, Ollie G. Page 226 Rossville, Ga. Hendersonville Wartburg Morristown Morrison Sparta Hendersonville Baxter Cookeville Nashville Memphis Decatur Cookeville Pikeville Glasgow, Ky. Cookeville Byrdstown Brentwood Nashville Knoxville Cookeville Springboro, Ohio ; Columbia Cookeville Shelbyville Jamestown .. Cookeville .. Cookeville .... Baxter .. Lebanon .. Williamsport Sparta ... Athens Knoxville .Nashville Atlanta, Ga. Chestnut Mound Loretto .. Cookeville Hermitage Hillsboro Lynch Station, Va. e@Llecuona, Mario M. ........... ....Caracas, Venezuela Leet Virginia De tare mann seen Aoki eee Forbus Lembke, Robert T. ....................Amsterdam, N.Y. Bowis® JohnuiRecaameenccontiamecsnenceen-ee Athens, Ala. Long Deborah Jb. ....0- 0-0. ....Red Boiling Springs Longa Jentys Wise eco nretsnniccaig ane a enrns Gainesboro LoopeteJean Ramer erent seni ae ee Monterey @loveday,, Janice Kay ween sci icyscre sss starersiattrsrncieralcrs Knoxville Lovett; (George B, 0.2... ...0-7-----+5--.9tatesboro,, Ga. LovyettGrady Avg saancenceninenienenccne Statesboro, Ga. Maberry, sohnny: Ds ss eitrtceia sieeve Cookeville Maberry; shirley Ra sesccmsce ce. sieeaasnercene Cookeville Maddoxar Jerry il eens tae neers cr LaFollette eek lire ACliqi Sooctomisancabocteornostoss Spring City @Madéwell-aierry: Lin qestuccnemeceeet scree sti Hixson MannwConnien rien ans cater ninanenten Meten Knoxville Marks?) 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Manchester McDonald, Charles B. ..... vise dee eevee Ordonsville McLaughen, James H. ....................Chattanooga Merryman), (Donna) Ms ...-2-002-0---- ......Hartsville @ Milburn Terry Was cecsiccscrceeeecss erste Manchester Millers Sohne Wt cea sewisn mc cco rayon eee e: Athens Misers:Mary Lyeec-scne. See eae a eee Maryville Moore Emily. Jeers ates: son cvon cone cree Nashville Moores Jeanie R.go.0- sec caracn soserumeutae Chattanooga beers, dein hG uocoucsoneconoboncasepcosesges Newcomb Morgan? Coy: |Diraecmoemecniice beccacsen ae Portland eMorgan. Ralph Es cccicc ceed cesawecoonen Gainesboro Morrison a Jud ithiwAs mrmasecciicmenaciss eis eee: Nashville Moss bindarSa erring atecrarmeied castes ccerecter sea erscten Baxter Napiers Mary. ween cce dois, igs onatoniue sraniget. Austin, Ind. NashieDavidi) Exar eet. era one. COOKeVILIE Neal Jamesilec jaca concert, Goodlettsville Nelson Marilyn (Kos. .a ge sscens setae seen Oakdale @Newby; Philip: Bo sec sn. ese ceeaceewoe asec Oak Ridge Norman® James IDs, secs. emurcosauisemie airs petra Waverly Osborne® JohniaMc: " occnticies once seo arorecior Nashville Palk Gary! Diz. sus fs eleatnotinsnaa caine see ie Cookeville Palko ElainesMi wa rcmcc-t.caciisdndtaacdeen tts Oak Ridge ParistMichaels'G. eerste sani: ce inne aeere es Madison Parkers James: -Awerre een eee eee McMinnville @ Partlow Jerry: G5 sen me cne eee aaine ane socio Lebanon Patterson, Charles H. .............. .. Signal Mountain Patterson; Rudolph) Goce .s. ence Oliver Springs Pearson Richard) Al tsccce scaler eerie Old Hickory Penicks Robert Hist ccsccneecnnernacres Batesburg, S. C. Lier MALUEL ESS oogepancoupgayeoashansenane Nashville Phy seMichaeheR. gta. cobthh errant Cookeville @ Porters William: Ke sie eaceummnse duce coer a Lebanon Prescott: Michael As sic.Secccsceoemacenas Clermont, Fla. Prince Harry: Bo itge cciminriscrsaeiicts Maser: ete Winchester Pritchett Betty. 2 cocks messin consists Las eee Alcoa Procton@i-arny’ Dies treneemae sents Kimberlin Heights Pullum Judith Eeroa seer secaniaekereee Buffalo Valley QuallsewilliamaH ie wewasccce-srcc sour concn Algood Page 227 @ Ramsey, Charles E. Ramsey, James C. Randolph, Nancy K. Raper, Edward B. Ray, Sandy L. Ray, Sherry J. Redden, Linda J. e@Reed, Harry E. Reynolds, Freddie W. Rhodes, Calvin B. Rickman, Charles A. Rivers, William D. Robbins, Barbara S. Robert, Daniel N. @Roberts, Sandra R. Robertson, Martha J. Robertson, William F. Rogers, Dennis W. Rogers, O. Leon Rose, Alan G. Rose, Malcolm F. @Ross, Anthony D. Schramm, Harry F. Schwartz, Robert A. Scoggins, John N. Sears, Clyde P. Seaton, William G. Sells, Karen R. @Semore, Jerry W. Sexton, Barbara S. Shadden, Brenda C. Shallenberg, James L. Shanks, Mary R. Short, Brenda D. Skimmyhorn, Jerry e@Slagle, Diane Smith, Deborah L. Smith , Paula F. Smith, Ronnie D. Smithson, Kenton D. Spann, Jennifer E. Speakman, Barbara M. @Spears, Sharon A. Stamps, Larry W. Stansell, Glenda D. Steffy, Richard E. Stephens, Patsy A. Stephenson, Ricky L. Stockton, David L. @Storey, Samuel B. Sutton, Bobby L. Swann, Ronald K. Swanson, Barbara L. Swing, Joe E. Tallon, Wesley C. Taylor, Cheryl M. @Taylor, Eunice D. Thackston, Lou M. Thomas, Brenda A. Thomas, Ronald D. Thrasher, Dewey Y. Tollett, Janice E. Tomlinson, Becky S. @Tompkins, David B. Tool, Karl E. Townsend, Brenda D. Tucker, Paul H. Vaught, James W. Walker, Nancy J. Walrond, Linda D. Page 228 Hilham .. Livingston Crossville .. Cookeville Nashville ... Athens Nashville Cookeville .. Manchester Concord ..Fort Knox, Ky. Franklin Jamestown Harrisonburg, Ya. Byrdstown Nashville Nashville Columbia Marion, Ky. Cookeville Nashville McEwen Cowan .. Vineland, N.J. Quebeck Hendersonville Kingsport Livingston .. Hampshire Austin, Ind. Birchwood Tullahoma Hermitage ... Celina Cookeville Cookeville Nashville Crossville Dayton Brentwood .. Nashville .. Columbia .. Baxter .. Baxter Hixon Nashville Athens Nashville Tullahoma Robbins eis Hixon .... Cookeville Fairborn, Ohio Lynchburg Chattanooga .. McMinnville Nashville Murfreesboro ee _.Clairfield .Newport .. Cookeville .. Wartburg .. Hartsville .. Nashville Elmont Harriman Winchester Nashville Jefferson City Goodlettsville Dr. Boles talks to visiting students about Tech's math program during Career Day. system @ Walton, Sandra Ez 5 ect.cses eee ceoiese Morristown Watson, Larry M. ..... Sitoataeniie otesieaerae ... Hickman Watts: Phyllis Mi wens caccseuncowet a. sn ceeae Carthage Weatherspoon, Terry L. ..... Ne erRet eer DICKSON Webb: Gaill Qc ere. rt asroncertun me ies Cookeville Wheat, eNancy: Aseticc. conte acne noose: Hilham Wheaton; Larrys Wiser s.assiensocmeenes eek: Jamestown @ Wheeler) James: Riss... nena seeremecune: Knoxville Wheeler. Linda (Les -cemancditsenncnueaiumeae: Crossville Wheeler; Richard Bo 2.222 s254-.0c000 ss Hollywood, Fla. Woheeler)-SharoniJ acme steer even Bloomington Springs White.) Frankseresscareercticiitr cic jaieencrreicati Gallatin Whitfield Philip: Wiens seceasedse arrears Cookeville Williams; James? Kj erenceny cinema: Goodlettsville ‘eo WilliamsseSami Favecerrerer sacccrer mere Fayetteville Williamson, Richard A. ........... .... Wytheville, Va. Wilson’ Joanna, cereretescaictscte circ menrs McMinnville Winfree Cathy Co pera. usacenn ace cuase Gordonsville Wintree: William iW soscaste scanner Gordonsville Wiisers:Steveny ey. junit oor aes Miron erenie Wartrace Wood! Marciar li mrax nian aat sn aerre nce eins Johnson City @ Wooten co Linda S$.) ccc. naescsetworce duce ceieaer Madison Wright Sharman, rae eepetimeeer eee unin pies: Cookeville Noork:y:Billiien: J ipacetscrtcettrcrie tone gaseictanciecaciers step Huntsville Page 229 , ke Class of 1973 j Page 230 @Abott, Sandra G. Adams, Deena L. Addington, Sheila N. a Agee, Michael L. Allen, Edith L. Allen, Paul H. Allmon, Carolyn A. Ament, Sandy Amonett, Myra K. @Anderson, Katherine J. Astin, Bonita S. Austin, John L. Austin, Steve P. Aylward, Robert W. Bailey, J. Dwayne ... Baker, Allen W. Baker, Tommy R. ... Baldwin, Debbie J. e@Ballard, Janet G. ... Balls, William H. Barger, Stephen D. Barker, Deborah A. Barlow, Billie C. Baskin, Jerry C. Beaird, Sharon G. ; - A Beaman, Linda R. ... Beaty, Stephen L. .... @Benzenhafer, Thomas H. Berry, Brenda A. Bilbrey, Alice C. Billingsley, Don E. .... Bingham, Eddie D. Birdwell, Terry E. . Blair, Bob A. . Bobo, Richard Bohannon, Dale @Boles, Jan E. Boone, Daniel K. Boyd, Chris A. Boyd, Fred D. Boynton, John B. Bradley, Charles A. Bradley, Charles T. Bradshaw, Kathy L. Brady, Cynthia J. @Bratcher, Chanse W. Bright, Teresa D. Brink, Robert H. Britton, Ronnie H. Brock, David W. Brocks, Susan M. Brown, David R. Brown, Mike L. Bryant, Edward F. e@ Burgess, Donna J. Burke, William D. Butterworth, Kathy J. Byrd, Buris A. Cameron, Jill L. Camp, Phillip E. Cannon, Linda G. Caplenor, Jere M. Capshaw, Johnny R. e@Carlisle, Cheryl J. . Carter, Bruce L. Carter, Ray P. ee Castleman, Vicki L. Chambers, Sandra S. Chandler, Joe W. Clark, Patricia N. Climer, Terry D. Collins, Linda G. @Collier, James S. Condra, Marilyn Conner, Mary K. Coonce, Danny F. Cooper, Rebecca O. Copeland, Johnny E. Crabtree, Judy D. Crabtree, Larry D. Crawford, Phillip L. @Creson, Michael A. Crockett, Cynthia E. Cross, Rhuvenda J. Crosslin, Debbie L. . Crowell, Mark R. Crunk, Jessan Curtis, Randall S. Dailey, George A. Davenport, Jenny L. e@Davidson, David L. Davidson, Kendle D. Davis, Kenny L. Davis, Steven D. Deal, Terri A. Deasy, Sylvia A. DeMoss, Thomas M. Denmark, Michael W. Dennis, Alice L. . Maryville 7 ...... Algood Jacksonville, Fla. Nashville Chattanooga Nashville .Gordonsville Cookeville Byrdstown .. Waverly Hermitage Pikeville E Baxter San Francisco, Calif. Tullahoma ......Clinton New Middleton Nashville ... Cookeville Powell Wartburg Nashville .. Gainesboro Murfreesboro ..Rockwood .... Gallatin Sparta ; Harriman .....Oak Ridge Celina ....Oneida en .. Oakdale Red Boiling Springs = Cookeville .. Lynchburg .. Monterey ss Z Gallatin ..Fort Smith, Ark. Kingston Old Hickory Pikeville Nashville Lebanon f Clinton McMinnville .McMinnville Athens Lawrenceburg ..Huntland ..Nashyille Carthage ‘ Jasper Union City Lawrenceburg Oakdale _. Athens Goodlettsville ae ..Clinton .. Spring City Dyersburg Baxter Lebanon McMinnville Moss é Granville Alexandria, Va. Nashville Gallatin Nashville Cookeville 3 Lebanon Battle Creek, Mich. Pigeon Forge Nashville Nashville Cookeville Columbia Kingston Hermitage .... Cookeville ..McMinnville ... Winchester Ten Mile Byrdstown Sparta Carthage College Grove Shelbyville Kingston Cookeville Clarksville .. Byrdstown Deer Lodge ..Delano Sparta Portland Nashville Chattanooga Pasadena, Texas Page 231 @ Dick, James D. Dillehay, Hoyt K. Dillon, Connie J. Draper, Roger L. DuBose, Thomas A. Dubree, Brenda J. Dunn, Lena M. Dunn, Terry H. Durham, Garry W. @Eachus, Patricia L. Easter, Rosemary Eck, Thomas W. Eggleston, Carolyn R. Einecker, Sandra L. Elam, Betsy Ellis, Michael E. Ellis, Tamara S. Elmore, Bill R. @Elmore, Gary P. Emery, Stephen G. Feisler, Jan A. Fields, Nancy Fisher, John R. Flatt, Alma J. Flatt, Wayne A. Fleming, David R. Fleming, Thomas F. e@Ford, Linda F. Ford, Mary A. Ford, Pamela Freedle, Ralph H. Freeman, Tommy G. Gaffin, Becky S. Galaviz, Julio A. Gantz, Rebecca J. Garmon, Marsha A. e@Gibson, Jackie A. Gibson, Sheila A. Gibson, Susan J. Goodman, George W. Gore, Judy Gore, Suzanne Grace, Rhondell K. Graham, Henrietta Graffis, Elaine V. @Gravley, Julia T. Griffith, John E. Griffith, Mark G. Griggs, William E. Groves, Gary P. Gundlach, Charles R. Gunterberg, Rebecca C. Gwaltney, William |. Haggard, Roger L. @Hale, Marjorie A. Halfacre, Robert L, Halfacre, Teresa J. Hall, William L. Hamilton, R. Kay Hancock, Phillip R. Hardie, Pamela A. Hardin, Gene L. Hargrove, Joseph R. @Harp, Mary H. Harper, Jim B. Hart, Nancy K. Harvey, Claudia M. Hawkins, Teresa G. Hayes, Andrea L. Haynes, Shirley L. Head, Arlene Hendrixson, Ronnie L. @Hill, Deborah L. Hinson, Sarah K. Hobbs, Margaret F. Hobbs, Terry M. Holder, James R. Holland, Andrea F. Holland’ Charles R. Holloway, Harold G. Holt, Jerry L. @Honey, Jennifer A. Hooper, Ronald C. Hopper, Kathy M. Horton, Joseph A. Howard, Deborah L. Howard, Stephen F. Howell, Sandra L. Howland, Thelma J. Huffines, Betty A. @Hughes, Nancy K. Hunt, Ruby N. Hunter, Karen E. Hutson, John E. Hyde, Elizabeth M. Hyde, John T. Hyder, Nancy J. Jared, Marsha J. Jeffers, Nancy L. Page 232 Centerville Carthage Crossville Gainesboro Tullahoma Cookeville Cookeville Baxter Nashville Rockwood Rockwood Kennworth, N.J. College Grove Sparta Kingsport Clarksville Sparta LaFollette Baxter Romney, W. Va. Erie, Pa. Cookeville Manchester Granville Hermitage Nashville Nashville Winchester Falls Church, Va. Cookeville Portland Union City Viola Zenezuela, D.F. Orient, Ohio McMinnville Kingsport Gadsden Crawford Maryville Kingston Carthage Oakdale Crossville Towson, Md. Etowah Oneida Nashville Nashville Portland Nashville Elora Old Hickory Chattanooga Crossville Granville Granville Brentwood Sweetwater Liberty Sparta Linden Nashville Lafayette Nashville Oliver Springs Oliver Springs Portland Silver Point Mitchellville Lafayette Smithville Cookeville Celina McMinnville McMinnville Gallatin Sparta Cookeville Crossville Greeneville Carthag¢ Nashville Madison Johnson City Rockwood Shelbyville Harrison Nashville Red Boiling Springs Kingston Nashville Tullahoma Sparta College Grove Springfield Crossville Buffalo Valley .Winona e@Jenkins, Darryl W. Johnson, Harold W. Johnson, Ronny D. Johnson, Sandra G. Jones, Keven Joubert, Lorraine E. Judge, Larry Y. Keckler, Sheila S. Keene, Willie D. @ Kendall, James D. King, Paul D. Kirby, Bettye A. Klasek, Martin A. Knott, Erol M. Knott, Katina K. Kolodi, S. Michael LaChapelle, Deborah J. Landrum, Jarrett C. @Lane, Margaret A. Larrea, Alfonso E. Layne, Stephen K. Ledbetter, Mary F. . Ledford, Connie R. Ledgewood, D. Brent Lee, Jerry R. Lee, Joyce A. Lee, Larry K. e@Lewallen, Rosemary Lewis, Jane C. Lewis, Kathleen M. Loveday, Vicki J. Lusk, Elizabeth P. Lynch, Tom P. Lynn, Pamela A. Lyons, John R. .. Mahon, Mary M. @Marchbanks, James S. Marlow, Louetta Margolin, Charles F. Martin, Pamela G. Mason, Sandra K. Masters, Mary H. Masters, Pamela A. Mathes, Douglas B. Maynord, Charles V. @ McBride, Brenda F. . McClintock, Joseph T. McCormick, Shirley T. McGugin, Janet G. McKamey, Claude L. McMillan, Philip E. . McNew, Ben F. Ree McQueen, Randy E. Meyer, Janet M. Nashville Baxter Alamo Ashland City Manchester Athens Winchester Nashville Hendersonville Union City Hermitage Springs Lebanon McMinnville Decherd Old Hickory Atlanta, Ga. Nashville Hermitage Cookeville Guayaquil, Ecuador i Whitwell Cookeville Rockwood Knoxville Cleveland Byrdstown a Red Boiling Springs Oneida as Sparta Windsor, Conn. Knoxville Nashville Winchester Cookeville Memphis Sparta Sparta Helenwood Jacksonville Nashville Quebeck Cookeville Sparta .. Louisville, Ky. Livingston ....McMinnville Cornersville Livingston .Algood .. Lake City Cookeville ; Clinton Shady Valley Palmer Future civil engineers practice surveying techniques on Tech's campus. Page 233 e@Milam, Joyce A Miller, Ronald S. Mills, Dexter Moore, Carolyn J. Moore, Louis R. Moore, Teresa A. Morgan, Robert H. Morrell, Patricia G. Morris, Dorothy A. @ Morrow, Helen G. Mullins, Ralph H. Murphy, Catherine J. Murphy, Danny R. Murphy, Harold L. Murphy, Margaret D. Murphy, Richard E. Neal, Karen A. Netherton, Patricia L. @Newman, Robert W. Newsom, Ronald K. Nickerson, Daniel J. Nichols, Janet A. Norris, Brenda S. Norval, Linda J. Norwood, William A. Oakes, Joyce D. Oliver, Betti A. @Osborne, Bette A. Owen, Sam E. Parker, David A. Parks, Roger D. Parsons, P. Rebecca Patterson, Kathy Pennington, Wendell L. Pitt, Betty C. Pittman, Janice M. @Poe, Thomas C. III Porter, Alice E. Porter, Elyce E. Powell, Martha D. Pratt, Sam L., Jr. Price, Gloria L. Proctor, Carolyn R. Pugh, Roy N. Qualls, Elizabeth @Raasch, Mary K. Rains, Sheila K. Reynolds, Mary R. Rhea, Kenneth T. Rhoton, William D. Rickard, Katherine N. Riddle, Ronald D. Riggan, Sam R. Robbins, Sara B. Page 234 Oak Ridge Clinton Sparta Bassett, Va. Old Fort Sparta Columbia Tullahoma Dayton, Ohio Lawrenceburg Cookeville Knoxville Jackson Cookeville Cookeville Gallatin Erwin Cookeville McMinnville Memphis Towanda, Pa. Nashvi Banner Spring Cookevill Cookevi Spence Cookevill Alcoa Hixson Tullahoma Riceville Monterey Decherd McMinnville Springfield Morristown Nashville Nashville Nashville Jamestown Franklin Orlinda Oak Ridge Liberty Livingston Etowah Jamestown Greeneville McMinnville Lynchburg Oak Ridge Huntland Savannah Monterey d cheerleade . i | z - ; renin o ] a Pa Even though the Eagles may be behind, Tech's cheerleaders fire enthusiasm into the crowd. de : é fo) A aE @Roberts, Larry G. .............. .... Shelbyville Roberts Rogen assoc pees cee ee Celina Roberts SusanvE.n 2-2-2. cnoeti eee Rockwood RobinsoneaChanles Jpmermansenreresis Nashville Rodgers, Billy Regeusmentenee ce ... Lawrenceburg RogerspAlfred: Wate oreacascce eee Winchester RogarsiaiMarjorie. Pisa se eset a em aeeers Athens Rogglim ePatty, Desereeean: eae eee eee ees Cowan Rossmater, John) FE: secmsa-s.neennaen ei Savannah @ Russell Billyrde csamaaeace rere eres Madison Rutledgetathomase Way eter eee eee Elora Savage, James Di 2. or. cec.c cece: McMinnville Scissom, Deborah D. ..... isa sanea. Wihitwell Seehorn; ‘Caroline’ . ..0..cecmaestru rset ce Newport SeibersDebbierG serene oer ....Clinton SOxtOn al Ony) Wetewerae crete anise e Kingston ShanpyeedWwarnd Dseeeeen erat rere .Nashville Sharpes arry G acess oes aa ree Hixson @Shelton, Woody ..... PAS he Oh ote ees Nashville Shepard®) BrendatS:wenase stereo. Morristown Shepherds Phillip sees eeiee Lebanon SherrilleiKayuC: aeaancceree eter Crab Orchard Shugarts Brenda Js s-ecneereeenee ee ee EtOwan silversss Katherine: Olea reece aa Rockwood Silverswesattellin Gomer er etee tiene Rockwood Simpsons Peggy I) vec cumeccis sees eer Sparta Skelton wiReggyi Casement: Waukegan, Ill. @dliger? Karen S.. jn ninos cae ceoer es Cookeville SmitheeBarbanals eens eerie Waynesboro SmithieGeonges Rp seeeaeeee a eer: LaFollette Smith-ecLetitia PAP sccitenacnsen siscce ree Baxter Smiths Lindale werner acest Cookeville Smith, Mack S. ...................Andersonville Smith Mildred Sommer eeeee McMinnville Smith Sue-Aj ceeeee ae see ..Mountain City Smithy Vinson) Esseetne aeceteeer eee Gordonsville e@Spurling, Gary C. ....0- 50s .e0 22 os Chattanooga spurlock, Kenyon’ Ni2 22.) 28292 a: aecte Nashville Standifer, Nancy A. ................McMinnvilke Stanfield, Mark B. EPA ae eee Kingston Steffey,) Judy: Ge ficrateccecc untae cies Kingsport stockton, Nancy) Feeemesn ease eee Livingston Stooksbury, Debbie J. ..................Clinton Swaney, Deborah D. .................. Nashville Talley, Janice K. ..... eee LeWISDULg @Tenpenny, Larry A. .................MceMinnville Terry-Stephens Deuces cemucsnarcene cee Gallatin Mhomas, Michael) Ex 2...-2.42- 4202-20. .eallatin Thompson. Angela Fo —.5.0s200+--2. 222+. Elkton Thompson, Danny R. ..... ye anteces RAaIrView, Thompsons Jenny. lan accaeaanaaanastrt Oneida ihompson™ William) Gina eee eee Monterey Tidwell, Marsha R. ....................Memphis Tigue, Peggy A. ...................... Rockwood @tollett Winda: Ad acca nec accen ee Pikeville ihompkins) ‘Corwin Rey senescent Armathwaite mucker® Wilitiaiadl.9 cack serene seen McMinnville furcks| Karla Jesanaaceaetens eee cOOKeVille Turnbtlley Linda: saacsssse see o see te Clinton Underwood, Deborah D. ................ Athens Upchurch: Debra IS) Wieneauecsoe cea Jamestown Vanhooser, Joe Ke eset se.eneeeinenene Gallatin Waldrop: Frieda: iD scree ae nee tae ee Clinton @ Walker CharlottesA. soon. scence tert Moss Walker; ‘Carol E.) 25:2. oscastasaseaaas Spring City WeaalkenssNatiey: bo ep iaccter ee aisterccresse Chattanooga Walker Stevens iD. ceccscsetes costs cee Kingston Warren, Bobbye Js (2..5.-4..6-- Buffalo Valley Westaenryily saceme ince ceamor Clearwater, Fla. Wheaton, Clyde Es 22..-2.-..9-s4-- Jamestown Whitneys (Gregg Ka toncqssos:0-0 00: McMinnville Willard Gordons namaste merci ee Rockwood @Williams; Barbara Lao caeeeesen cnet Cowan Williamss Cyril (Di 22.22 ..... Sevierville Williams, Donald L., Jr. ........... Green Brier Williams Steves Aan casacenonere ue Union City Williford, Linda D. ......-...-s.-.--.Oak Ridge Willis 2:Steveni Woaeskec acct es tess Manchester WWAITIGS SUCICHEN GUE. gama feesdonenreencecdce Clinton Wilmore dohnny Essen sa eacae Monoville Wilson. iNaney”-J.. 4.5 sceuasemr eins ocr Athens @ Wilson, Susan EL oc icc sccecsmeces ....Wilder Winfree, Wesley A. .............-. Gordonsville Witcher, Deborah N. ......Red Boiling Springs Wood! SILOIs) Mist ures passat nes emielane Sparta Woodss Willliamitdipssn:cenastqs areata Huntland Mentschis Caroll Ace mewcene ra: ... Chattanooga Young, ‘Charles bo) 202s 22h pss odin tee Lebanon Woungi Johny MG, cencetsce nas -tctets cera -Gallatin Young, Sam L. .. ee eae Nashville @ Yusypehuk, Gene J. .............05. Wayne, NJ. Page 235 Page 236 @Abel; Gary Di Betasccees ctenns ern oeeeeney Bristol Abernathy, John K. .............. Hendersonville Adams, Janet K. ................Hendersonville Adams, Philip: We cacesee ones eeee Sierra, Arizona Agee: Carolyn’ scacees ces vate Gordonsville Agnew, Debbie oincce odes muroanee Brush Creek Akins, (Kathy Uiteascacee cs cicncrcc Westmoreland Akmalii Javad! (iaodesseaosnen- .... 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Nashville Conatser, Sandra M. .............- .Jamestown Cooper mBruce sD jesse ernst ere Chattanooga Coopers Earnest: HS (aes ic ae tie Pulaski Coopenphathiclamaecncr cece nits Etowah iGopeland)) James) Hit) Gace sence osme ine Kingston @Gopelandy Markalicgnn.- soci canecraen Maryville GornssRoberts ls, eercsneecyeem tere Columbia Cothrony Rortiaycectesetyac science Lafayette GrottssiBobbys Acmen ee ner aa eeroavannan Cutimaners Onn ed heme ter a tdstcauete sere Nashville Cyphers Judy uBatesccene.cacacsaameh eee ALONS Daniel; William He songs wees Cookeville Davis Anne Wea ccms ccs ter Chattanooga PER IMEMN Pk coonnosbpavonoconecs. cod Lafayette Page 237 YOUR tashion Center Featuring the Best im Ladies Ready-to- Wear West Side Shopping Center Cookeville, Tenn. @Davis, Pamela J. Cookeville Davis, William D. Hendersonville Deal, June F. Nashville Deane, Jimmy C. Maryville DeBerry, Mary E. Cookeville DeLay, Bryan E. : Jasper Denney, William H. 2 Dickson Dewey, Timothy P. Memphis Diatikar, David H. Nashville @ Dillingham, James E. . Nashville Dillon, Harry W. Madison Donihi, Robert M. : Nashville Donoho, Wyondetta E. Lafayette Doss, Kathy A. Lafayette Duffell, John G. Hermitage Duncan, Donna S. Springfield Dunn, Mary A. : Etowah Dykes, Charles G. Jonesboro e@Eastridge, Rita L. .. , . Coalfield Eldridge, Hollis L. .. Hendersonville Eller, David W. Cookeville Ellis, Dana G. 3 ; Sparta Ellis, Gerald L. Dandridge Farmer, William M. Kingston Felts, Deborah J. : .. Smithville Fentress, Bobby R. so ..se..... Goodlettsville Fisher, John H. Gallatin @Flatt, Larry W. .. Cookeville Flatt, Wanda L. . Spencer Fletcher, Barbara A. States sa MINGSPOrt Fletcher, Peggy L. Livingston Floyd, Jerry D. ... Hohenwald Foster, Leon H. .Cookeville Frame, Paul D. South Pittsburg Frye, James E. ..Dandridge Gabrielle, Sanford R. ; ........Nashville @Garrett, Carol A. .. Nashville Garrett, Rhondda R. .. Jamestown Garretty, Debbie K. : ... Hendersonville Garrison, Lynda L. ; Livingston Garrison, Mary L. rote nists ose. Powell Geary; (LilliesAs weuseece sera: Tracy City Geer, Deborah A. ..... ‘is ‘ ..... Wilder Gentry, Charles A. ........... eee Bristol Gentry, Patricia J. es Brownsville Page 238 @Glascock, Richard F. III Nashville Glenn, Steven E. Brentwood Goff, Starlyn G. ..... ... Sparta Gower, Daniel A. ... Nashville Gray, Nancy E. Mountain City Gray, Tedye R. Englewood Gray, Tom C. Bristol Graybeal, Brenda A. : Mountain City Greene, Ara L. .., Oliver Springs @ Griffin, Nancy G. Albany, Ky. Grimes, William R. Old Hickory Guinn, Alan . f : : Bristol Gumm, Steve L. Berkeley Heights, N.J. Gunter, Dewell A. Armathwaite Hafele, David A. Kingsport Hall, Michael T. .. : ....Nashville Hall, Rebecca J. ‘ ; Oak Ridge Haltom, Deborah A. .. .... Collierville @Haney, Joe C. Medina Hartley, Mark B. 5 om Hermitage Harvey, Donald E. Dunlap Harvey, Donna M. Oliver Springs Harvey, Frank A. Knoxville Harvey, Ralph C. Knoxville Hasty, Randall R. Goodlettsville Hatcher, Kenneth D. ae Maryville Hauber, Patricia F. Oak Ridge @Hawkins, Janice L. Cookeville Hayes, Carolyn VY. Nashville Hayes, Peggy 3 Celina Head, Ginger E. Nashville Headrick, Alfred D. ; ; Oakdale Hendrickson, Sheila J. Harriman Hennessee, Billy C. ee : Wartburg Henry, Martha ; Abilene, Texas Hensley, Julia A. ; ae Cookeville @Henson, Janet Gainesboro Herd, Mary L. ; Sparta Higdon, Beth A. Powell Hindman, Andrew L. .. Nashville Hitchcock, Phil R. Hixson Holder, Tim K. .. Charlotte Hollis, Larry M. Franklin Holman, Erwin D. Manchester Holt, Carolyn J. Nashville @ Hudgens, Kitty A. Sparta Huff, Jack D. Knoxville Hunt, Bobby R. Hendersonville Hutcherson, Joe B. Ill _.. Hixson Irvine, Noma M. Cookeville Ivins, Jane ... : ; ahead Etowah Jackson, Donald D. Louisville, Ky. Jamruz, Karen L. Oak Ridge Jarrell, Lillian M. Clarksville e@Jasinski, Anthony J. Franklin, Ky. Jenkins, Terry W. Mt. Juliet Jipping, William J. Bolivar Johnson, Anna M. Sparta Johnson, Ina C. . Rock Island Johnson, Nancy J. . : Carthage Johnson, Sharon A. . Chattanooga Johnson, Vickie E. Oak Ridge Johnston, Michael R. : ...... Kingston @Jones, Donald E. Harriman Jones, Kathryn S. ; Gainesboro Jones, Lester K. t .. Boliver Judge, Larry Y. ae aie eee WeAnchesten Kennedy, Linda .. . Cookeville Keylon, Rena C. : _ ... Kingston Kilgore, Martha L. ....Tracy City Kilzer, Larry W. PENA ......Watertown King, Brenda E. .. ee Jamestown @King, Donnie C. ; Cookeville King, Kevin A. Knoxville King, Mary M. .... .......... Cookeville King, Vergie A. Ran Jamestown Kious, Pamela S. P Lynch, Va. Kittel, Michael A. ..... Hermitage Klasek, Theresa L. .. a : McMinnville Knoll, Jerry F. .. South Pittsburg Krantz.) Cathy) Soca 7-0... ...,..Clarksville e@Kuhnert, Ralph R. Hendersonville Ladd: (Betty Ly ...ick2 Gene neato Madison Largent, Nancy .... .... Knoxville Ledbetter, Barbara G. .... .... Mt. Pleasant Ledgerwood, Roberta L. : ....Rockwood Lee, Joyce A. eee BristoleVas LeMarbre, David J. . ..Centerville, Mass. Lewett, Barbara A. .. Sena Spting) City; Lewis, Elizabeth J. Sparta @Lewis, Robert G. is ...... Alexandria Lewis, Susan W. seNerats i Brownsville Lewis, Teresa A. ... h seisig tos Crossville Littleton, Del A. 3 Maynardville Lively, Donnie E. .... ......., Oliver Springs Locke, Patsy D. ..... Pavan tiinte ..Nashville LongwAnna Guanes ssa. 20) sm encnattanooga Long, Teresa D. .. } ....Nashville Coopers Donnage smc scem ieee .. Rickman Page 239 e@love, Rebecca M. Luna, Robert K. Lynn, Nancy J. Mahaney, Patsy A. Massengale, Starlet A. Mayhew, Paul D. Mayo, Earl R. Mayo, Joyce L. McComas, Steven T. @McCormick, Arnold G. McDonald, Brenda S. McDonald, Marcia McDonald, Marcia Y. McFadden, Steven R. McHenry, Frank P. McIntosh, Sarah E. McLemore, Stephen W. McMurry, Brenda F. @ McQueen, Deborah S. Mee, David K. Melton, Brenda J. Merritt, George D. Miller, Carol J. Milner, Anne Mingle, Steve A. Moates, Patrick C. Molodecki, Barbara A. e@ Moore, Cheryl A. Moore, Lynne M. Morgan, Steven H. Morrison, Hamp A. Moss, David L. Murray, Linda K. Neas, Michael G. Nettleton, William S. Nicks, William L. @ Nixon, Patricia L. Ogunribido, Ebenezer A. Old, Dodge P. Overstreet, Janice L. Owens, Janet G. Owens, Jerry K. Palmer, Deborah A. Pangle, Jack D. Parks, Linda F. Cookeville Nashville Clinton Gainesboro Coalfield Union City Joelton Cedar Hill Greeneville Dayton, Ohio Cowan Cookeville . Sparta Henry Madison Manchester Jackson Cookeville Shady Valley Nashville : Dover Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Mountain City Monteagle Nashville Kingston LaVictoria, Venezuela Knoxville Nashville Hixson Cookeville Brentwood Kingston Greeneville Memphis Dickson Carthage Hle-Oluji, Nigeria Fayetteville Elmwood Jamestown Oneida Baxter Chattanooga Lynchburg GREENWOOD'S DRIVE IN COME IN—DRIVE IN COUNTER, CURB SERVICE “Courteous, Efficient Service” Phone 526-6514 Broad and W. Spring Street Cookeville, Tennessee Reavis, C. Lucy @Parsly, Thomas F. Oak Ridge Parsons, David R. Mt. Juliet Partain, Connie Nashville Partin, Judy K. ... Hillsboro Paul, James M. oa Cleveland Pearson, Linda M. .... : Clinton Pennington, Lois M. Hohenwald Pentecost, Mary S. Nashville Perry, Stephanie J. .. McMinnville @Peterman, Faye L. ....... Livingston Pevahouse, William N. Waverly Pharris, Barbara J. Gainesboro Phifer, Kathy G. ..... ...McMinnville Phillips, Michael L. ......... ; Erwin Pickle, Jerry T. Shelbyville Pippin, Pamela E. Sparta Pobst, George H. : Bristol Powell, Mary N. ... ; : Chapel Hill @Price, Donna J. é Spring City Price, Sandra J. Knoxville Prigge, Jane IE: ..........+..-..4.-Atlanta, Ga, mas, [RMS ING. eo aceas Huntsville, Ala. Puckett, Deborah J. cheaters Norris Puckett, Sandra K. ... Algood Quinn, Bobby L. Humboldt Rains, Janice H. Clarkrange Hendersonville @Redden, Glenda J. Madison Reedy, Linda B. .. Powell Reeves, Debbie L. Spring City Richwelsinc an Camene Garden City Rifenbury, Robert Westchester Roberts, Donna G. ...... Cookeville Robinson, Melissa C. .... : Smithville Rock, Robert, Jr. : ....Donelson Rogers, Alice A. Cleveland @Rogers, Ronald S. Jasper Rowden, Mary F. Cleveland Rundell, Lelia K. Cookeville Ryan, Margaret A. Crossville Sadler, Linda T. Memphis Sain, Larkin, Jr. Manchester Sanders, Ilo A. . Hendersonville Sanderson, Arthur E. Kingston Sandlin, George S. Union City THE KNOOK 8 4 8 N. Jefferson Hurry to Stitch’n Sew Fabric Shop 855 E. 10th St. Cookeville, Tenn. 526-9191 Page 241 eSawell, Robert Scarbrough, Martha C. Scott, Gerald L. See, Howard S. Sells, William Serafin, John P. Sheeks, Dianna L. Sherrill, Vicki A Short, Joyce A. e@Simmons, Kathaleen Sisson, Kim D. Skeen, Michael A. Slate, Paul W. Slaven, Joyce A. Smith, Brenda G. Smith, Dorothy B. Smith, Pamela L. Smith, Virginia eSmith, Virginia F. Speck, Sharon L. Spicer, Sue E. Sproles, J. Stephen Stanton, Vicki D. Stephens, Garry M. Stephens, Larry C. Stephenson, Glenn A. ES Stephenson, Shirley J. eStewart, Sara VY. Stooksbury, Judy L. Stoppenhagen, Carl Ee Sudekum, William J. Sutton, Joe J. Swann, Mark H. Swiney, Karen R. Tabor, Stephen J. Taubert, Jessie S. e@taylor, Don E. Taylor, Evelyn J. Taylor, Harry N. Taylor, Victor M. Teeple, Alice F. Terrell, David R. Thearp, Gwendolyn Tolbert, Nancy L Toombs, Don e@lorbett, Linda Y. Tranum, Mike Tucker, Margaret R. UhIman, Angie L. R. Unkenholz, Robert D. Vanzant, Robert M. Veir, Peggy L. Vest, Beverly J. Vitriol, Jonathan P. @ Wade, Donna A. Wagnon, Kathy D. Walker, Mark D. Wallace, Lynn E. Wallace, Rebecca J. Webb, Billie F. Webster, David R. Webb, Sharon Welch, David L. @Welch, Dona E. Wheaton, Cecilia G. White, James D. Whitehead, Archie G Whitehead, Joe E. Wilbanks, Robert L. Wilbourn, Dana B. Williams, Gregory P. Windle, Lynn @ Wilson, Carol F. Winnard, Melvin C. Wolfe, Robert L. Woolard, Carolyn S$ Woolbright, Helen Wright, Barbara K. Wright, Jerry L. Wynne, Jan E. York, Arlene K. @Young, Patricia A. Zeman, Anne M. Zollars, Jan E. Page 242 Lo Chattanooga Murfreesboro Oak Ridge Nashville Livingston Murfreesboro Greenwood Crab Orchard Celina Signal Mtn. Oak Ridge Nashville Hendersonville Oneida Shelbyville Old Hickory Hendersonville Knoxville Pikeville Livingston Livingston Corbin, Ky. Athens Chattanooga Chattanooga Nashville Cookeville Athens Norris Stanton Hendersonville Manchester Springfield Livingston Lawrenceburg Jamestown Chickamauga, Ga. Hendersonville Dickson Nashville Clarkrange Smithville Niota Sparta Estill Springs Englewood Bristol Gainesboro Knoxville Nashville Winchester Mitchellville Knoxville Iselin, N. J Cookeville Cookeville Strawberry Plains Trade Athens Livingston Nashville Rickman Hendersonville Crossville Jamestown McDonald, Pa. Tallassee Hermitage Red Bank Chattanooga Nashville Livingston Jamestown Gordonsville Montgomery, Ala. Muncie, Ind. Monterey Harriman Hermitage Cookeville Etowah Madison Nashville White Pine The look of the 70's. Geis the real thing! BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY Coca-Cola Bottling Co., Cookeville Page 243 HH He oe Opgugsezesees sgemeeeacice : ne Ht Hd at, eee wi Fo Cece ns Seis al 2 sete Pe Pe ¥ Sethe arty me Prec rateatee cite IN THEATRE OR VARSITY CINEMA OR PUTNAM DRIVE PRINCESS THEATRE Ee aes 2m % Goa c 3 = ew Euecpec 5 emt roe 6 Ke i = A WK CA A QA TECH COLOR, _JAMES STACY Page 244 Fleet lari Np Filters Fuel Filters DIVISION OF CUMMINS ENGINE COMPANY, INC. Hydraulic Filter Systems Oil Filters COOKEVILLE, TENN. Wateracilters Ralph Dyer Paul Dyer JOHNNY’S YE OLE PIZZA SHOP Dyer FUNERAL HOME Chicken, Lasagna, Spaghetti, 798 South Willow Ave.—P. O. Box 711 Telephone 526-7158 Hamburgers, Short Orders elephone COOKEVILLE, TENNESSEE 38501 Visit Johnny’s 700 Block N. Dixie Complete Funeral Service in Modern Facilities Red Lion Building Open at Triangle 24-hrs. daily Ample Off-Street Parking Air-Conditioned Free delivery 526-9519 from 3-12 p.m. Oxygen Equipped Page 245 SUPER MARKET Home of Red Carpet Service Village Shopping Center Cookeville, Tennessee e@ Evinrude Motors e@ Glasspar Boats @ Used Cars Clarence Stewart Auto Sales N. Washington and Algood Rd. Cookeville, Tennessee Telephone 526-9767 @ New and Used Mobile Homes @ Travel Trailers Page 246 Office Supply 19 S. Jefferson Phone 526-7131 A proud and dedicated friend of Tenn. Tech Students and Faculty See us for all your needs in office machines, equipment and supplies Noble Cody, Owner DISCOUNT Prescriptions and Drugs Cosmetics Phone 526-9786 Corner Washington and Algood Cookeville, Tennessee COOKEVILLE FEDE RAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION All Accounts Insured By An Agency of the Federal Government Cookeville Federal Savings and Loan Association East Broad Street Cookeville, Tennessee Anticipate Tomorrow by Saving Today BOB POTEET’S HARDWARE 526-2542 NORTH AMERICAN ROYALTIES, INC. Gordon Street, President Chattanooga, Tennessee 37402 OIL AND GAS DIVISION Minerals ownership, WpeTE Vex. Shel aiae, exploration and development. WHELAND FOUNDRY DIVISION One of the nation’s largest and most Cookeville, Tenn. modern production facilities. Page 247 Carl Bean’s BOB'S BODY SHOP DAIRY QUEEN les @ Expert Body W ork Shakes @ Sundies @ Malts Sandwiches @ French Fries 669 West Broad Street Cookeville, Tenn Cedar Ave. and Spring St. Phone 526-2358 Cookeville Tennessee Specialist in School Photography and Yearbooks. Better Portraits—Finer _ : Yearbooks—We Do Both. It Is a Pleasure to Serve The Tennessee Tech J. Bonner McEntire Eagle. District Representative 2411 Dundee Lane DELMAR PHOTOGRAPHERS — Osnis° " TTT err ya ta TTT TTT rrr GP ee Tn 3 ‘ : TTT Fi ‘ i wy Page 248 4, soos a QPP eer rere nt bab aba-ae HOPE RHO HG ab beet MANES “Why, pa ayyise MeL eet et wt Hesaae® Hip + ® “Serving the GROWING Upper Cumberland” CITIZENS BANK Cookeville, Tennessee Member Federal Branches Deposit Insurance at Algood and Baxter Company and Village Shopping Center Page 249 CUSTOM BAKING OUR SPECIALTY WHOLESALE — RETAIL Breakfast, Sandwiches, Coffee Soft Drinks 24 HOURS A DAY Dial 526-5200 29 N. CEDAR - COOKEVILLE Lis BOB'S $ West Side Shopping Center Page 250 Sammie s Florist we sell every blooming thing also beautiful imported gift items 47 N. CEDAR AVE. PHONE 526-6422, 526-7545 NIGHT 526-6746 TELEFLO Sap HOP FOR MEN “You [ lever Dress (Better Sor Elec ENSOR’S Books Gifts Hobbies Office Supplies West Side Shopping Center Cookeville, Tennessee Phone 526-4743 Welcome Tech Students JACK FROST RESTAURANT Phone 526-4787 57 W. Broad St. _ CAR WASH PRICES MERLE NORMAN Free Demonstrations Given by Appointment 46 East Broad 526-6576 HI-SPEED CAR WASH 261 Shipley Avenue Cookeville, Tenn. CAR WASH Gal. Purchased | Car Wash Price | |e Free 20¢ WITH PURCHASE OF GASOLINE You must buy gas so why not buy fromuUsignd. Chie =e 4 fo clean car for pennies? CAR WASH $2.00 — HONORED — Shell Credit Cards — Master Charge — Bank Americard Page 251 “We Call For and Deliver E Sid Sh | in Cookeville Daily” ast side S COTTAGE CLEANERS Cleaning, Pressing, Repairing Cold Storage for Out-of-Season Garments NZ Tune-ups, Fishing Supplies 55 N. Washington Ave. WE GIVE TOP VALUE STAMPS Cookeville, Tennessee Phone 537-9522 Algood, Tenn. Phone 526-2062 a Ca FURNITURE SHOWROO VILLAGE FURNITURE STORE 228 E. BROAD ST. VILLAGE CENTER PHONE 526-3301 PHONE 526-7136 Page 252 COOKEVILLE SHIRT COMPANY Manufacturers of MR PEE ® Dress Shirts 106 North Walnut Cookeville, Tennessee The Fabric Shop 216 W. Spring Phone 526-7071 Service Cookeville, Tenn. Complete Line of Dress Goods, Patterns, Notions, Etc. Drapery Material and Drapery Hardware J. J. Foutch Son Packing Co. Dieeperiet MasentotOrder” COOKEVILLE, TENN. 38501 Page 253 Page 254 The Gift Gallery wl gift for your every need “Ladies’ ready-to-wear’ 214 Spring Street Cookeville, Tennessee RALPH'S DONUT SHOP st Open Q4 hours a day— 7 days a week ... 30 vartetsies of donuts Pete specialize in cakes and. cookies for all occastons Phone 526-4231 Cookeville, Tenn. HARDING STUDIO FINE PHOTOGRAPHS Kodak, Bell Howell and Polaroid Dealer Amateur Finishing 43 West Broad Street COOKEVILLE, TENNESSEE 526-4510 ACCURATE COMPLETE COVERAGE PUTNAM COUNTY CATYV inc. 404 East Broad Street by your daily community newspaper .. . 11-CHANNEL COOKEVILLE Herald: Citisen “Serving Cookeville and the Upper Cumberland Since 1903 " TV CABLE SERVICE ae =o ca ; e ae eT OT tere er | COOKEVILLE RECAPPERS | “Your B. F. Goodrich Store” | Recap ping — Repairing — Kelvinator Appliances — Motorola TV ) 407 E. Spring Phone 526-4862 Page 255 Tech ee. VILL A INN 203 East Ninth enljoy Phone 526-8011 WALTER BRACEY FURNITURE COMPANY JACK SELLS DRUGS Specia lizing Exclusive Dealership rn in Putnam County | Diem | ee cre tor FRIGIDAIRE Appliances and SEALY Bedding and Day 526-7193 Living Room Furniture Nights 526-4982 13 N. Cedar Corner of Dixie and Broad Cookeville, Tenn. Cookeville, Tennessee Phone 526-5540 Page 256 MADDUX HARDWARE JENKINS ede ee DARWIN BROS., INC. - Pay Cash and Pay Less Phone 526-2134 A Good Store in a Good Town On the Square Cookeville, Tenn. Home of Usual and Unusual Items 35 W. Broad Cookeville, Tenn. WHITSON FUNERAL HOME e Phone 526-2151 e 30 N. Dixie Avenue Branch - Baxter Funeral Home O GS ; t Baxter, Tennessee ROG eRe OGU Palen Page 257 Mid South Pavers, Inc. Agricultural Limestone Crushed Limestone for Every Purpose Serving Putnam and Adjoining Counties Phone 537-6535 Formerly Algood Limestone Co. Algood, Tenn. McADOOS’ Headquarters of Nationally Known Brands A Good Store In a Good Town Cookeville Tennessee Kirst National Bank Cookeville, Tenn. Supporters of Tennessee Tech Since 1915 Page 258 PUTNAM PRINTING COMPANY 1927—Our 44th Year—1970 Now in Our New Building To Serve You Better Ralph H. Wirt Jack Wirt OFFICE STATIONERY WEDDING ANNOUNCEMENTS CARDS 115 West First Phone 526-6288 Cookeville Tennessee Powers Television and Appliances SALES AND SERVICE Zenith—Magnavox Color TV—Stereos Tape Recorders 21 West Broad Cookeville, Tenn. Phone 526-6316 Village Squire Men’s Shop VILLAGE SHOPPING CENTER Cookeville, Tennessee 38501 Home of Hart Schaffner Marx Suits G Sero Shirts Putnam Farm Supply 801 S. Jefferson @ JOHN DEERE FARM EQUIPMENT @ ALLIED MILLS FEED @ U.S. STEEL PRODUCTS A private enter prise doing business with private people” Phone 526-6666 526-2382 Owner Clarence B. Palk, Jr. Page 259 HOOPER AND HUDDLESTON FUNERAL HOME, INC. MEMBER BY INVITATION NATIONAL SELECTED MORTICIANS Modern Air-Conditioned Funeral Home Phone 526-6111 Ambulance Service A Booster of Tech also the new ALGOOD CHAPEL Phone 537-6312 MICKEY’S DAIRY | Anpams a DINER | a thrastiess " Home of the Slim Jim Inc. and Tech Burger” MANUFACTURERS OF Thick Shakes Malts FOOTBALL Mons Thurete 7A Meanie PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT i 7 A.M.-12 P.M. 9 A.M.-12 P.M. 10 A.M.-12 P.M. P.O. BOX 489 TELEPHONE 526-2109 1403 N. Washington Avenue COOKEVILLE, TENNESSEE Cookeville, Tenn. Phone 526-5741 Page 260 CECIL DAVIS’ West Side Drug West Side Shopping Center Medical Center Pharmacy Oak and Third Ghe ,, YB ua “everyone welcome” Park Village Shopping Center Cookeville, Tenn. The White Studio Portraits of Distinction 137 East Broad Cookeville, Tenn. Page 261 WOODFORD TAKE HOME MOTOR CO. BUICK—PONTIAC—GMC TRUCKS “Will Meet or Beat Any Deal” 708 West Spring Street Cookeville, Tenn. ig ie EAD - THUNDERBIRD MOTEL CLARA’S RESTAURAN’ Phone 526-7115 AN Page 262 DRAPER LUMBER COMPANY BUILDERS HARDWARE ¢ STORM DOORS AND WINDOWS e WINDOWS—DOORS PANELING—PLYWOOD e SHEETROCK e FLOOR COVERING TILE INSULATIONS e ROOFING SIDING 121 Poplar St. “General Line of Hardware’ Cookeville PA) a sate ae nae ‘e. °60 Units « ORE aurant e Swimming Pool P Selephone in every room ®° AINLSFIN Radio Perey ease B Color SJ) Free Reservations from Coast-to-Coast B OU SY, Page 263 Near Interstate 711 Spence Lane Nashville, Tennessee 37202 Phone 244-2151 The Central South’s Leading Creative Printer Page 264 EK W WPTN, Inc. AMUSEMENT CO. AM—1550 KC FM—94.3 MC The latest hits first in phonograph Mobile News records Award-winning News Complete Vending Service Phone 526-7144 or 526-7145 Phone 526-4011 Washington Ave. Shopping Center Cookeville Tennessee Cookeville 39 West Spring Cookeville Tennessee Phone 526-7390 Maddux Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Shop Page 265 B B Grill and Recreation Center Specialty: all types of short orders Open.7 ’til Midnight 7 Days a Week Behind BSU—Cedar and 7th Cookeville Phone—526-3039 Page 266 Checkmate! Checkmate your education at an institution where students’ names still mean more than numbers. Tennessee Technological University 1916—1971 Cookeville Motor Company since 1916 GL INCiwley Ga Ral Cee and James Maullinax FORD FALCON MUSTANG THUNDERBIRD MERCURY COMET COUGAR LINCOLN CONTINENTAL MACH III Phone 526-3325 1115 East Spring Cookeville, Tennessee iy, ae Se foe Beat ss SSNS SSNS S SSeS TS WSS ay ei ¥ = Be eae ty PEP OS! ours PGi Pouleg Page 267 So a McMurray-Roberson Shopping Center of the Upper Cumberland The Home of Style and Quality Inc. On the Square Cookeville Tennessee One Hour | MARTINIZING THE MOST IN DRY CLEANING Tittsworth-Denny Motor Co. Two Locations | Palos | CARS Dodge TRUCKS P. O. Box 657 55 N. Walnut 6th Cedar (Behind BSU) (1) One-hour service Beeler e nee (2) Three-hour shirt service (3) Alterations (4) Drive-in window SALES DEPARTMENT SERVICE DEPARTMENT 728 West Spring (5) All kinds of monogramming 121 E. Broad Bob Tittsworth Phone 526-5227 Charles Denny Page 268 : e HK Se ERER wpe: c xy 2 4 yi EET Peace alii seep nal GRADY’S DRY GOODS West Side Shopping Center 526-2033 GRADY’S FABRIC CENTER Cookeville ONE TERI IER it i Page 269 EN OUREARISISORN KEEN OGReAmia KEENE KEENE KEENE COR PORATIOO'N © © O BRR OUR AlTICO NSC ORRGE Os pe aacas K KEENE KEENE KEENE KEENE KEEN KEENE KEENE CORPORATION KEENE KEENE KEENE KEENE Keene Keene KEENE CORPORATION CORPORATION CORPORATION CORPORATION Page 270 Page 271 1400 on your dial RADIO ieee ewe a 29 we appreciate . 1ness A 2 ae, s 5 a = 2 =) O mf TY pL. BF = Z SOMETHING EVERYONE the your nas 6 Jack Sells Bookstore INSTITUTIONAL WHOLESALE CO., INC. “We Specialize in a Complete Line of Quality Institutional Products to Serve Your Needs” Jimmy Mackie Leroy Mackie 25 §. Whitney Ave. noe oee Cookeville, Tenn. THE WESLEY FOUNDATION A celebration of love and joy’ —the Campus Center is open daily— Robert H. Lewis, Jr., Campus Minister Margery Hargrove, Fine Arts Director Mike Register, Choir Director Teresa Ensor, Secretary-Receptionist Mary Linda Elrod, President, Council H. Bishop Holliman, Chairman, Board Page 272 LEADERSHIP MANAGEMENT SALUTES TRAVEL TENNESSEE TECH PRESTIGE 1971 SCHOLARSHIP (} THE MILITARY SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Page 273 onl! wit Jd 1 versity THE UNIVERSITY CENTER BOOKSTORE “Serving Your Un DUNN’S AUTO PARTS Briggs Stratton and Clinton Engines Complete Line of All Auto Parts 125 East Spring St. Telephone 526-6134 Open 7 Days A Week Sunday thru Thursday 11:00 AM - 1:00 AM Cookeville Tennessee Friday and Saturday 11:00 AM - 2:00 AM 1070 NORTH WASHINGTON WE DELIVER 528-1524 | Sriendly Service L | Above Ul Slee... € am “ey a) oe f 3 BORDEN | JEWELRY ‘Yewelers Since 1900 136 East Broad Street | Phone 526-4632 Cookeville ug iv—— tS o41 MEMBER_ OF t% (rine ser 4 ‘ RMR RANE eo a . a Bridal Copies bree i pee ea Aa pie ok Page 275 Page 276 ‘The Dingo Man. He's no ordinary Joe. Boots are his thing. They’re part of his image. He knows just how to wear boots. With style. He knows when to wear them too. Whenever he feels like it. But don’t try tocon The Dingo Man into a boot made by ashoemaker. His boots are real. The label inside all of them reads “Dingo.” If you don’t believe us, ask any girl Joe Namath knows. WORLDS LARGEST BOOTMAKER AVAILABLE FROM Acme Factory Outlet Retail Store Now 2 Locations CLARKSVILLE HWY. 41A COOKEVILLE SPARTA RD. SECONDS — DISCONTINUED STYLES — ODD LOTS Who's An Intellectual Snob? THE ORACLE EAGLE STUDENT PUBLICATIONS A newspaper and a yearbook that are rated A-plus nationally and that send top-notch reporters to Newsweek, The Houston Post and The Army Times acquire a certain luster that could be called pride or even snobbishness. Week after week, THE ORACLE previews campus issues of local and national importance before they become prominent or while other campus publications are still thinking about them. THE EAGLE highlights the year's activities through excellent photography and creative reporting. Is this snobbish? Maybe. But it makes great conversation. Besides, THE ORACLE and THE EAGLE probably are the only snobbish pleasures you can enjoy for no pence at all. WAYNE’S ARCO SERVICE Electronic Phone 526-8036 Owner: W heel Balancing 410 N. Washington Charlie Netherton Page 277 Page 278 ae shack = oe ay pal A state-supported university offering the degrees of Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Master of Arts, Master of Science, and Education Specialist Degree, with high academic standards, a well trained faculty, and many new plant facilities. A convenient location in the midst of a diversified recreational and scenic area. An outstanding R.O.T.C. program. Tuition free tor Splendid training at low cost in five undergraduate col- leges—Business Administration, Agriculture and Home Economics, Education, Arts and Sciences, and Engineer- ing (including strong pre-professional curricula)—and the Graduate School. Emphasis upon a student-centered program and _ par- ticular attention to the individual on one of America’s friendliest campuses. esidents of Tennessee. Address correspondence with the university as follows: Admissions and General Inquiries College and Career Days Degree Requirements. . Financial Aid, Scholarships, Student Employment General Academic Policies General Administrative Policies Graduate Studies PIGUSING eee ss Extended Services Classes: Off-Campus Classes (Resident Centers and Extension) On-Campus Evening Classes International Students Transcripts of Record Tennessee Techn ._Dean of Admissions and Records Dean of Admissions and Records ..Dean of the College or School in which the curriculum is offered Director of Student Financial Aid Vice President and Dean of Faculties Eee The President . Dean of Graduate School Administrative Assistant for Housing Dean of Extended Services Dean of Extended Services International Student Advisor Dean of Admissions and Records ological University COOKEVILLE, TENNESSEE 38501 Abbott, Sandra G.—231 Abel, Gary D.—237 Abernathy, John K.—237 Adair, Jerry D.—187 Adair, Terry W.—187 Adams, Deena L.—231 Adams, Janet K.—237 Adams, Philip W.—237 Adcock, Jr., Roy A—187 Adcox, Constance H.—187 Addington, Sheila N.—231 Agee, M. C.—237 Agee, Michael L.—231 Agnew, Deborah J.—237 Akins, Kathy L.—237 Akmal, Javad—237 Alderson, Michael H.—237 Aldridge, Marsha E.—187 Alewine, Rosemary—237 Alexander, Brenda A.—223 Alexander, lona M.—223 Alexander, Michael H.—187 Alexander, Samuel T.—187 Alexander, Steven B.—187 Ali-Khan Mir S.—187 Allen, Edith L_—231 Allen, George E.—237 Allen, Paul H.—231 Allen, Walter M.—187 Allen, William C.—187 Allen, Wilma R.—237 Allen, Jr., Fred J.—223 Allmon, Carolyn A—231 Amende, Bruce—223 Ament, Cassandra Jean—231 Amonett, Myra K. C_—231 Amonett, Norman G.—187 Anderson, Glenda—187 Anderson, Katherine J.—231 Anderson, Matilda F.—237 Anderson, Patricia J.—187 Anderson, Richard B.—223 Anderson, Robert C.—187 Anderson, Stephen E.—187 Anderson, William T.—237 Argo, Boyd W.—223 Armstrong, Brenda L.—223 Armstrong, Donna L.—187 Armstrong, Virginia P.—187 Arnold, Elizabeth—1 87 Arnold, William Lee—187 Ashrafzadeh-Kian, Aziz—237 Astin, Bonita $.—23| Atchley, Cheryl L—237 Atkinson, Margaret L—23] Austin, Sharon L.—237 Austin, Steve P.—231 Ayer, Nancy L.—237 Ayers, Harold E.—223 Aylward, Robert W.—231 Bacon, Beverly A.—187 Baeuerlin, Carl R.—223 Bailey, Gary W.—237 Bailey, Jerry D.—231 Bailey, Jr., Walter W .—187 Bain, Gary K.—187 Baker, Allen W.—231 Baker, Darrell Floyd—187 Baker, John E.—187 Baker, John Randolph—187 Baker, Karen G.—237 Baker, Linda Susan Swindel—187 Baker, Margaret A.—237 Baker, Mary E. T.—187 Baker, Tommy R.—231 Baker, Wynne E.—188 Baldwin, Deborah J.—231 Baldwin, Robert L.—188 Bales, David Paul—223 Ball, Rebecca $.—237 Ballard, Janet G.—231 Ballard, Jeffrey Loman—237 Balls, William H.—231 Balthrop, Deborah L.—237 Bane, William D.—188 Barger, Stephen D.—231 Barker, Deborah A.—231 Barlow, Billie C.—231 Barlow, Shirley A.—237 Barnes, Carol A.—223 Barnes, Deborah E.—223 Barnes, James C.—223 Barnes Michael G.—237 Student Index Barnes, Phyllis E—188 Barnett, John A.—188 Barnett, Larry R.—223 Barney, Dona Eileen—237 Barr, Larry L—188 Barrett, Richard C.—237 Barthelemy, II, Jerome J.—188 Barton, Carol A.—237 Barton, Doris F.—223 Baskins, Jerry Cleveland—23| Bauer, Thomas M.—188 Baxter, Alana Marie—223, 188 Bay, Robert T.—223 Beach, Marjory A.—237 Beaird, Sharon G.—231 Beaman, Linda R.—231 Bean, Malchus H.—223 Bean, Ralph D.—237 Bearden, Vyron C.—223 Beasley, William F.—237 Beaty, Amanda A.—223 Beaty, Stephen L—231 Beazley, Jr., Raymond W.—237 Beck, Patrick M.—223 Becker, Robert $.—188 Bee, William R.—237 Beesley, Donna F.—223 Bell, Jack L._—188 Bell, Kathryn E—223 Belson, Debra J.—237 Bem, Lorraine F.—237 Benson, Geraldine—188 Benzenhafer, Thomas H.—231 Bergeron, Robert D.—188 Bernal, Suzanne M.—237 Berry, Brenda A.—231 Berryhill, Carl D.—188 Biddy, Barbara J.—188 Biggs, John F.—188 Bilbrey, Alice C.—231 Bilbrey, Ann B.—237 Bilbrey, John H.—188 Bilbrey, Lola |—237 Bilbrey, Margaret L—223 Bilbrey, Melinda M.—228 Billings, Deborah D.—223 Billings, Linda G.—237 Billings, Sharon L—237 Billingsley, Brenda J.—237 Billingsley, Don E— 231 Bingham, Eddie D.—231 Bingham, Terry M.—223 Binkley, John R.—223 Birdwell, Terry E.—231 Bishop, James E.—188 Bishop, Kenneth A.—223 Blackwell, James E.—223 Blackwood, William S.—188 Blair, Robert A.—231 Blanchard, Ronald Dudley—188 Blankenship, David G.—237 Blankenship, Patricia A—188 Blanton, Marvin G.—223 Blaylock, Barbara J.—237 Blaylock, Marian E.—223 Blaylock, Nancy Pearle—188 Bledsoe, Danny R.—237 Bledsoe, Louis M.—237 Bobo, Richard W.—231 Bohannon, Dale—231 Boles, Jan E—231 Bolin, Hollis E—188 Bolton, Donald A.—223 Bomar, Bruce W.—188 Booker, Karen E.—223 Boone, Daniel K.—231] Borden, Russell E.—188 Boring, Gary M.—189 Bosse, David W.—189 Boston, William T.—223 ; Bottenfield, Larry Carl—189 Boury, Bechara Fouad—237 Bow, David C.—223 Bowden, James A.—189 Bowe, Jr., Nathaniel W.—189 Bowen, III, Jere E.—237 Bowers, Mary A.—223 Bowman, Dale L.—223 Boyd, Chris A.—231 Boyd, Fred Dudley—231 Boyett, Joe B.—189 Boyett, Rachel L—189 Boyne, Kathleen H.—237 Boynton, Roger L.—237 Boynton, Thomas B.—237 Boynton, Jr., John B.—231 Bozanich, Alexis A.—237 Brackett, Sterling—223 Bradley, Charles A.—231 Bradley, Charles T.—231 Bradley, Claudette—223 Bradley, Linda J—223 Bradley, Jr., Harry E.—189 Bradshaw, Kathy L—231 Brady, Cynthia J.—231 Brady, Jerry D.—189 Bramlett, Tyson D.—189 Branam, Larry B.—189 Brasfield, Bobby L.—189 Brashears, James M.—189 Bratcher, Chanse W.—231 Bridges, Barry Thomas—237 Bright, Teresa D.—231 Brimer, Clyde R.—189 Brink, Robert H.—231 Brislan, Robert H.—189 Brittian, Robert G.—223 Britton, Ronnie H.—231 Brock, Elsie D.—190 Brooks, Douglas H.—223 Brooks, Susan M.—231 Broome, Larry E.—223 Brown, Barbara—237 Brown, Daniel H.—237 Brown, David R.—231 Brown, Don M.—237 Brown, Dorothy L.—223 Brown, Linda D.—223 Brown, Mary F.—223 Brown, Michael Lynn—231 Brown, Miriam P.—237 Brown, Tate J.—223 Brown, Teresa A.—223 Brown, Wanda F.—237 Browne, Marshall A.—190 Browning, Jacqulyn R.—237 Brummer, John A.—237 Brummitt, George O.—223 Bryant, Edward F.—231 Bryant, Joseph P.—223 Bryant, Larry D.—237 Buchanan, Lawrence C.—237 Buck, James R.—190 Buck, Janet E.—223 Buckner, Terry E.—237 Bullion, Roger D.—190 Bumbalough, Mary 1.237 Burch, Barbara K.—190 Burchfield, Esau J.—223 Burde, Steven D.—190 Burgess, Donna J.—231 Burke, William D.—231 Burris, Dianne F.—237 Burton, Claudia J.—223, 190 Burton, Deborah A.—237 Bush, Mary E.—237 Butler, Jacquelyn C.—190 Butler, Nancy L.—237 Butler, Richard E.—237 Butler, Sally E—223 Butterworth, Kathy J.—231 Byassee, William S.—223 Bybee, Marcella |—237 Byrd, Buris A.—231 Byrd, Thena B.—237 Cable, Francis |—190 Calbaugh, David K.—190 Callihan, Mark T.—223 Calloway, Samuel J.—237 Cameron, Jill L—231 Camp, Kenneth S.—231 Campbell, Mae A.—190 Campbell, William J.—237 Canaan, Augusto Antonio—!90 Canata, Roy D.—190 Cannella, Jenny L.—190 Cannon, James S.—190 Cannon, Linda Gail—231 Cantrell, Andrew W.—223 Cantrell, Patty W.—223 Caplenor, Jere M.—231 Capshaw, Johnny R.—231 Cardwell, Sandra |.—223 Carey, Martha J.—190 Carey, Jr., Jack W.—190 Carlisle, Cheryl J.—231 Carlson, Daniel C.—190 Carlton, Johnfred G.—190 Carlton, Richard J.—237 Carothers, Thomas D.—237 Carpenter, Jr., Joseph L—190 Carrick, Linda J—190 Carroll, James M.—223 Carroll, William M.—223 Carson, Lida Jane—237 Carter, Bruce Lee—231 Carter, Dudley W.—223, 190 Carter, Linda L.—223 Carter, Ray P.—231 Caruthers, Chester L—190 Carver, Patricia D.—190 Case, James L.—223 Case, Jr., John |.—190 Cassetty, Deborah D.—190 Castleman, Vicki L.—231 Cayce, Thomas H.—190 Chaffin, Joan C.—191 Chaffin, Rita G.—237 Chambers, Ronnie O.—191 Chambers, Sandra $.—231 Chandler, George H.—191 Chandler, Ruby J.—223 Chandler, II], Joseph W.—231 Chanthothai, Iddhide J.—223 Chaplin, Martha F.—19] Cheatham, Granville J—191 Chessor, Alva J.—I9I Chester, Lynn G.—19| Childs, William B.—223 Chipen, Takasy R—191 Clark, Clifford E—191 Clark, Gary A——223 Clark, Larry G.—224 Clark, Patricia N.—231 Clark, Rebecca D.—224 Clark, Sharon E.—191 Clayton, Christopher A—224 Cleghorn, Nicholas B.—224 Clemmons, Hubert D.—191 Clemmons, Sherlyn D.—224, 191 Climer, Terry D.—231 Clotfelter, Marsha K.—237 Cobb, Bonny R.—224 Cobbs, Terrence L.—191 Coffelt, Roger D—191 Coffey, Tony Cleona—224 Cole, Emily $.—237 Cole, Joanne M—191 Cole, Rosemary—224 Coleman, Alan E.—237 Coleman, Diane—237 Coleman, Ernest W.—192 Coleman, Stephen C.—224 Coley, Steve M.—237 Colley, Marty Cathy—192 Collier, James E.— 28! Collignon, James D.—192 Collins, Carolyn A.—237 Collins, Linda G.—231 Colvard, Sumner L.—192 Colvin, Robert J.—237 Conatser, Sandra M.—237 Condra, Marilyn—231 Conley, Ernestine—192 Conley, Lloyd M.—192 Connelly, Gayle G.—192 Conner, Mary K.—231 Conners, Mary N.—224 Considine, Stephen E.—192 Cook, Charles M—192 Cook, Vicki L.—192 Coonce, Daniel F.—231 Coonce, James L.—192 Cooper, Bruce D.—237 Cooper, Donna J.—224 Cooper, Patricia L_—237 Cooper, Rebecca O.—231 Cooper, Jr., Earnest H.—237 Cooper, Jr., Russell A.—224 Copas, Kathryn J.—192 Copas, Virginia G.—224 Copeland, James Howard—237 Copeland, Johnny—231 Copeland, Mark T.—237 Copp, John J.—192 Cordell, Karen J.—224 Cordner, John—224 Corn, Robert L—237 Cothron, Portia D.—237 Covington, Lloyd R.—192 Cox, Sheila E—192 Page 279 Crabtree, Judy D.—231 Crabtree, Larry D.—231 Craighead, Johnny Dawson—193 Craighead, Karen Warren—193 Crain, Roy E.—224 Crawford, Cordell H.—193 Crawford, James M.—193 Crawford, Phillip L—231 Crawford, William R.—193 Creson, Michael A.—231 Crigger, Barbara J.—193 Crips, Eddie M.—193 Crockett, Cynthia E—231 Crockett, William Henry—224 Cross, Rhuveda J.—231 Crosslin, Deborah L.—231 Crotts, Bobby A.—237 Crouch, Danny H.—193 Crowder, John Dennis—193 Crowell, Mark R.—231 Cruise, Judith K.—193 Crunk, Jessan—231 Cuffman, Jr., John B.—237 Cummings, Donald E.—193 Curl, Thomas E.—224 Curtis, Randall Scott—231 Cyphers, Judy F.—237 Dailey, George Anthony—23| Dale, Alberta A.—224 Dalton, Alice F.—224 Dalton, Sharon E.—224 Daniel, William H.—237 Daniels, Betty S.—224 Davenport, Jennifer L—231 Davenport, Suzanne S.—193 Davidson, David L.—231 Davidson, Kendle D.—231 Davidson, III, Robert T.—193 Davis, Anne W.—237 Davis, Deborah D.—224 Davis, Donna G.—224 Davis, George L.—193 Davis, Kenny L.—231 Davis, Lucy E.—224 Davis, Mary J.—237 Davis, Pamela J—238 Davis, Rebecca G.—193 Davis, Richard G.—193 Davis, Sewell W .—193 Davis, Steven D.—231 Davis, Virginia Dale—224 Davis, William D.—238 Dayton, James W.—224 Deal, June F.—238 Deal, Terri A—231 Dean, Johnny Melyin—193 Deane, III, James C.—238 Dearing, James V.—224 Deason, Nancy J.—224 Deasy, Sylvia A—231 Deathridge, Owen S.—224 Deberry, Mary E.—238 Dejong, Jacquelyn E. D.—193 Dejong, John W.—193 Delay, Bryan E.—238 Delk, James V.—224 Deming, Woodie Monroe—193 Denmark, Michael W.—231 Demoss, II], Thomas M.—231 Denney, Patsy Elaine—224 Denney, William H.—238 Dennis, Alice L—231 Dennis, Jerry L—193 Denny, Paul D.—193 Depriest, Harold E.—193 Depriest, Jane B.—193 Dewey, Timothy P.—238 Diatikar, David H.—238 Dick, Il, James D.—232 Dickerson, Nancy M.—224 Dickinson, Howard S.—193 Dietz, Guenther—194 Dillehay, Hoyt K—232 Dillingham, James E.—238 Dillon, Connie J.—232 Dillon, Harry W.—238 Dixon, Henry P.—194 Doak, Patricia Gail—224 Dobbs, Garlon T.—224 Dobbs, John L.—194 Dobbs, Sandra A.—194 Dodson, Barbara A.—224 Dodson, Lawrence M.—197 Donihi, II], Robert M.—238 Page 280 Donoho, Wyondetta E.—238 Doss, Kathy A.—238 Douglas, Jimmie Thomas—194 Dowell, Julia A—194 Dowell, Mark Anthony—224 Downa, William Steven—224 Doyle, Sharon A.—194 Dozier, James $.—194 Draper, David C.—224 Draper, Roger L.—232 Draper, William C.—224 Draper, William G.—194 Dubose, Thomas A.—232 Dubree, Brenda J.—232 Duffel, John G.—238 Duke, Norman D.—194 Duncan, Donna S.—238 Dunn, Lena M.—232 Dunn, Leonard L.—194 Dunn, Mary A.—238 Dunn, Terry Houston—232 Durham, Garry W.—232 Dycus, Brenda K.—194 Dyer, Barbara J.—224 Dykes, Charles G.—238 Eachus, Patricia L._—232 Earnest, James V.—194 Easter, Rosemary—232 Eastridge, Rita L—238 Eaton, Lois J—195 Eck, Thomas W.—232 Edmonds, Karen M.—224 Edmonds, Roberta E.—224 Edwards, Robert J.—224 Edwards, William M.—224 Eggleston, Carolyn R.—232 Eggleston, Patricia B—195 Einecker, Donald J.—195 Einecker, Sandra Leah—232 Eisenbise, Michael J—224 Elam, Elizabeth U.—232 Elam, James D.—224 Eldridge, Jr., Hollis L—238 Eleazer, Clark W.—224 Elledge, Donald R.—195 Ellenberger, Mark D.—224 Eller, Zelma J.—238 Elliott, John R.—224 Elliott, Jr., Walter L—224 Ellis, Dana G.—238 Ellis, Gerald L—238 Ellis, Michael E.—232 Ellis, Pamela C.—224 Ellis, Tamara $.—232 Elmore, Bill R.—232 Elmore, Gary P.—232 Elrod, Larry D.—224 Elrod, Mary L.—224 Emery, Stephen G.—232 England, Lynn W.—195 Ensor, Michael E.—195 Evans, Johnny R.—224 Evans, Mary M.—195 Evans, Michael M.—195 Evans, Jr., Hardy G.—224 Fair, Jr., Samuel D.—195 Farmer, Linda J.—224 Farmer, Roy D.—195 Farmer, William M.—238 Farris, Joe R.—224 Farris, Johnny W.—224 Feisler, Jan A.—232 Felts, Deborah J.—238 Fentress, Bobby R.—238 Fickey, Donald G.—224 Fields, Nancy |.—232 " You left my picture out of last year's EAGLE! " Finnell, Priscilla L—195 Finuff, Kerry W.—195 Fisher, John H.—238 Fisher, John R.—232 Fisher, Jr., Horace M—195 Flatt, Alma J.—232 Flatt, Larry D.—195 Flatt, Larry W.—238 Flatt, Nancy L.—195 Flatt, Peggy A.—224 Flatt, Teddy L.—224 Flatt, Wanda L.—238 Flatt, Wayne A.—232 Fleming, David R.—232 Fleming, Thomas F.—232 Fleming, III, Walker J—195 Fletcher, Barbara A.—238 Fletcher, Linda |.—224 Fletcher, Marshall R—224 Fletcher, Peggy L—238 Fletcher, Jr., Ben P.—195 Flores, Guillermo—195 Floyd, Jerry D.—238 Fly, Charles S—195 Ford, Linda F.—232 Ford, Mary A.—232 Ford, Pamela—232 Forkum, Danny Ray—224 Foster, George T.—224 Foster, Leon Howard—238 Foust, Joseph D.—195 Foust, Patricia D.—195 Foutch, Jeanne—195 Fox, Edna S. H—195 Fox, Jimmy C.—195 Frame, P. D.—238 Francis, David H.—195 Francis, John D.—195 Francis, Charlene—224 Franklin, Albert P.—196 Frasier, Wanda J.—224 Freedle, Ralph H.—232 Freeman, Alton G.—224 Freeman, Carol A.—225 Freeman, Tommy G.—232 Frogg, Samuel $.—225, 196 Fryar, Jr., William T—196 Frye, James E.—238 Fuller, Peggy D.—225 Gabrielle, Sanford R.—238 Gaffin, Rebecca $.—232 Gaines, Steven A.—196 Galaviz, Julio A—232 Ganjehsani, Rebecca P.—196 Gantz, Rebecca J.—232 Garmon, Marsha A.—232 Garrett, Carol A.—238 Garrett, Janet S.—196 Garrett, Rhondda Rae—238 Garretty, Debra K.—238 Garrison, Linda K.—238 Garrison Mary L.—238 Garton, Joyce E.—196 Gazley, Wm. D.—196 Geary, Lillie A—238 Geer, Deborah A.—238 Gentry, Betty J—196 Gentry, Carol M.—225 Gentry, Charles A—238 Gentry, Deborah J.—225 Gentry, Gary W.—196 Gentry, James L.—196 Gentry, Patricia Jill—238 Gibbs, Ronald Preston—196 Gibby, Patricia E—225 Gibson, Jacqueline A—232 Gibson, Nathan L.—196 Gibson, Paul D.—196 Gibson, Pete A.—196 Gibson, Sheila A. W.—232 Gibson, Susan J.—232 Gill, Jack W.—196 Gillen, Glenda F.—196 Gillen, Robert L—196 Gilliam, Linda S.—196 Gilliam, Jr., John D.—196 Givens, Brenda G.—196 Givens, Gregory L—225 Glascock, John L.—196 Glascock, II, Richard F.—239 Glenn, Lee D.—196 Glenn, Steven E.—239 Goff, David E.—196 Goff, Starlyn Gail—239 Goins, Diana Kay—196 Golfeiz, Iraj—225 Golston, Tommy D.—196 Goodman, George W.—232 Goolsby, Nolan R.—197 Goolsby, Norma K.—225 Gordon, David A.—197 Gore, Judith R.—232 Gore, Suzanne—232 Goulder, Gordon K.—225 Gowan, Andrew D.—239 Grace, Rhondell K.—232 Graffis, Elaine V.—232 Graham, Henrietta—232 Graham, Terry L.—197 Grantham, Susan L.—225 Graves, Douglas C.—225 Gravley, Julia T—232 Gray, Martha G.—197 Gray, Nancy E.—239 Gray, Tedye Ruth—239 Gray, Thomas C.—239 Gray, Wayne N.—225 Graybeal, Brenda A.—239 Green, Clyde E.—225 Green, Deborah J.—225 Green, Donna G.—197 Greene, Ara L.—239 Greer, Jr., John D.—225 Gregory, Charles W.—197 Gregory, Harward G.—197 Gregory, Judy A.—197 Gregory, Robert W.—197 Gressmire, Gary L.—197 Gribble, Roger W.—197 Grider, Tommy D.—197 Griffin, Nancy G.—239 Griffith, Bonnie K.—197 Griffith, John E.—232 Griffith, Mark G.—232 Griggs, Jr., William E.—232, 225 Grimes, Peter W.—197 Grimes, William R.—239 Griner, David S.—197 Grissom, Dale H—198 Groce, Beverly D.—225 Grogan, Billy H.—198 Grooms, Debra K. C.—225, 198 Groves, Gary P.—232 Grubb, Ronald L—198 Grubb, Terry S.—198 Guffee, Jr., Mitchell S—198 Guidara, Thomas J.—198 Guinn, Henry A.—239 Gumer, Inderpal $.—198 Gumm, Steven L.—239 Gundlach, Charles R.—232 Gunter, Dewell A—239 Gunter, Linda L—198 Guntherberg, Rebecca C.—232 Guschke, James M.—225 Gwaltney, Jr., William |—232 Hafele, David A.—239 Hagan, Barbara $.—198 Hagemann, Jr., Robert E—198 Haggard, Roger L.—232 Hale, Marjorie A——232 Hale, Vicki L—198 Hales, Randolph F.—198 Haley, Edgar W.—198 Halfacre, Marion H.—198 Halfacre, Robert L.—232 Halfacre, Teresa J—232 Hall, Jo A—198 Hall, Michael T.—239 Hall, Rebecca J—239 Hall, Roger D.—198 Hall, William D.—225 Hall, William L.—232 Haltom, Deborah A.—239 Hamilton, Retta K.—232 Hamner, Dianne S.—198 Hancock, Charles W.—198 Hancock, Phillip R.—232 Haney, Joe C.—239 Haney, Peggie G.—225 Hardie, Pamela A.—232 Hardin, Gene L.—232 Hargrove, J. R.—232 Harmon, Betty $.—225 Harner, James L.—198 Harner, Nina $.—198 Harp, Mary H.—232 Harper, Paul D—198 Harper, Jr., Jim B.—232 Harrington, Steven M.—198 Harris, Carolyn S.—198 Harris, Cathie L.—225 Harris, Dorothy A.—225 Harris, Glen B.—198 Harris, Marcella A.—225 Harris, Ill, James D.—199 Harrison, Ellen E.—199 Hart, Nancy K.—232 Hartley, Mark B.—239 Hartsock, Laura M.—225 Harvey, Claudia M.—232 Harvey, Donald E.—239 Harvey, Donna M.—239 Harvey, Frank A.—239 Harvey, Ralph C.—239 Hassler, Carolyn J—199 Hasty, Randall R.—239 Hatcher, Kenneth D.—239 Hatfield, Delois M.—225 Hauber, Patricia F.—239 EINBAUGH HARWOOD © RODGERS This plaque in the first floor lobby of the new Uni- versity Center announces another milestone in Tech's growth. Hawkins, James W.—199 Hawkins, Janice L.—239 Hawkins, Teresa G.—232 Hawkins, Jr., Jesse E—225 Hayes, Andrea L.—232 Hayes, Carolyn V.—239 Hayes, Emily A—199 Hayes, James E.—199 Hayes, Peggy C.—239 Hayes, Sharon S.—199 Hayes, III, Raymond L.—199 Haynes, David L—199 Haynes, Shirley L—232 Haynes, Jr., Walter M.—225 Head, Arlene—232 Head, Ginger E.—239 Headrick, Alfred D.—239 Headrick, Diana G.—225 Hearn, Edward J.—199 Heidel, Wanda G.—225 Helms, Joseph H.—225 Henderson, Eliz. A—199 Henderson, Frederick L.—199 Hendrickson, David M—199 Hendrickson, Shelia J.—239 Hendrixson, Ronnie L.—232 Henley, David K.—199 Henley, Joyce Webb—120 Henley, Robert L.—120 Hennessee, Billy C—239 Henninger, David $.—225 Henry, Martha M.—239 Henry, Maynor R.—120 Henry, Quenton F.—120 Hensley, Julia A.—239 Henson, Janet K.—239 Herd, Mary L.—239 Herod, Brenda $.—225 Hester, Teddy C.—225 Page 281 Hickey, Kathy L—225, 120 Hickman, Carl M.—225 Hickman, Jerome H.—225 Higdon, Beth A.—239 Higgenbottom, Fred W.—120 Hightower, Glenda—1! 20 Hill, Deborah L.—232 Hill, Richard $.—120 Hinch, Cathy J.—120 Hindman, Andrew L.—239 Hinson, Sarah K.—232 Hitchcock, Phil R239 Hitchcock, Theresa K.—120 Hitchcox, Betty L—120 Hobbs, Margaret F.—232 Hobbs, Terry M.—232 Hobby, Gayle—120 Hofstetter, James W.—120 Holder, James R.—232 Holder, Timmy K.—239 Holland, Andrea F.—232 Holland, Charles R.—232 Holland, Curtis L.—120 Holland, Phyllis D.—225 Hollis, Larry M.—239 Hollis, Thomas C.—120 Holloway, Harold G.—232 Holman, Erwin D.—239 Holmes, George D.—120 Holt, Carolyn J.—239 Holt, Jerry L_—232 Honey, Jennifer A.—232 Honeycutt, Larry W.—226 Hooper, Ronald C.—232 Hopper, Mary K.—232 Hopper, Steven G.—226 Hornaday, John C.—120 Horne, Donald Lee—1!20 Horner, Suzanne M.—120 Horton, Jr., Joseph A.—232 Howard, Deborah L.—232 Howard, Debra R.—226 Howard, Gary L—120 Howard, Judy A. T.—120 Howard, Patricia D.—120 Howard, Robert N.—226 Howard, Sharon E.—226, 120 Howard, Stephen F.—232 Howell, Kathy D.—226 Howell, Sandra L.—232 Howland, Thelma J.—232 Huddleston, Garry S.—120 Huddleston, George W.—226 Huddleston, Lanny B.—120 Huddleston, Lorene—226 Hudgens, Kitty A239 Hudgens, Lynda M.—120 Hudgens, Sara P.—226 Huff, Jack D.—239 Huffines, Betty A232 Hughes, Marcia E.—226 Hughes, Nancy K.—232 Hughes, Sandra F.—201 Hulvey, Danny M.—201 Hunt, Bobby Randall—239 Hunt, Juanita F.—201 Hunt, Ruby N.—232 Hunter, Karen E.—232 Hutcherson, III, Joe B.—239 Hutchins, James A.—201 Hutchison, George D.—226 Hutson, John E.—232 Hyde, Elizabeth M.—232 Hyde, John T.—232 Hyma, James L.—201 Ingle, Linda G.—226 Irani, Dariush—201 Irby, Mary E.—201 Irick, Jr., William T.—201 Irvin, David J.—201 Irvine, Noma M.—239 Ivins, Sara J.—239 Jackson, Carl Raymond—239, 201 Jackson, Robbie J.—226 Jackson, Jr., Leonard L—201 Jamruz, Karen L. M—239 Jaquess, Nelda R.—201 Jared, Gary $.—201 Jared, Marsha J.—232 Jarrell, Julia 1.—201 Jarrell, Lillian M.—239 Jasinski, Anthony J.—239 Jeffers, Keith A201 Page 282 Tech photographer Don Reese photographed the fifth man ever to step on the moon, Alan Shepard. Jeffers, Nancy L—232 Jeffries, David W.—201 Jenkins, Darryl W.—233 Jenkins, Terry Wayne—239 Jenkins, Jr., Baxter B—202 Jewett, Barbara A.—239 Jipping, William J.—239 Johnson, Anna M.—239 Johnson, Donald L.—202 Johnson, Harold W.—233 Johnson, Ina C.—239 Johnson, James C.—226 Johnson, James E.—202 Johnson, James G.—226 Johnson, John T.—202 Johnson, Mary J.—202 Johnson, Nancy J.—239 Johnson, Pamelia S.—202 Johnson, Paul S.—202 Johnson, Ronny D.—233 Johnson, Sandra G.—233 Johnson, Sharon A.—239 Johnson, Vickie E.—239 Johnston, Jerry L—226 Johnston, Michael R.—239 Jolley, Nelda $.—226 Jones, Alan K.—202 Jones, Ann E.—226 Jones, Carolyn L.—202 Jones, Donald E.—239 Jones, Gary C._—202 Jones, Kathryn $.—239 Jones, Keven—233 Jones, Lester K—239 Jones, Lovell C.—226 Jones, Sharon L—202 Josephson, Jon B.—226 Joubert, Lorraine E.—233 Judge, Larry V.—233, 239 Kaderly, Niles $—202 Kanter, Linda F.—226 Karlene, Gary L.—202 Kaspar, Thomas E.—202 Keckler, Sheila $.—233 Keen, Leon—226 Keene, Willie D.—233 Keisling, Nancy V.—226 Keith, James E.—203 Keith, Linda G.—203 Kelly, Ellen F.—203 Kendall, James D.—233 Kennedy, Linda—239 Kerr, Connie E.—203 Kerr, Jimmy R.—203 Kerr, Patricia A.—226 Key, Elbert R.—203 Keylon, Rena C.—239 Kilgore, Martha L.—239 Kilzer, Larry W.—239 Kimble, Jr., William R.—203 Kimery, Joe F.—226 King, Brenda E.—239 King, Donnie C.—239 King, Kevin A.—239 King, Mary M.—239 King, Nancy G.—226 King, Paul D.—233 King, Roy T.—203 King, Vergie A.—239 Kinnaird, Marjorie C.—226 Kious, Pamela $.—239 Kirby, Bettye A.—233 Kirby, Joseph W.—203 Kirby, Martha L—226 Kirk, Sharon D.—226 Kirkpatrick, James T.—203 Kirkpatrick, Sylvia—226 Kittel, Michael A—239 Kittrell, Jimmy A.—203 Kitts, Kristin E—203 Klasek, Martin A——233 Klasek, Stephen A.—203 Klasek, Theresa L.—239 Knoll, Jerry Franklin—239 Knott, David L.—226 Knott, Erol M.—233 Knott, Katina K.—233 Knowles, Robert L—226 Knox, James M.—203 Knox, Pamela A.—226 Kolodi, Stanley M.—233 Krantz, Cathy $.—239 Krouse, Mary H.—226 Kuhnert, Ralph R.—230 Lachapelle, Deborah J.—233 Lackey, Robert A.—226 Ladd, Betty L.—239 Lafever, Mary $.—203 Lafollette, Wm. V.—203 Lafon, Walter C_—226 Lalande, Alan A203 Lambert, Eddie R.—226 Lambert, Jr., Luther $.—203 Lamprecht, Elizabeth D.—226 Lancaster, James H.—203 Lance, Charlotte A.—203 Landers, Dalbert A.—203 Landrum, Jarrett C.—233 Lane, Margaret A.—233 Lane, Stephen R.—203 Langford, Mary C.—206 Langham, Lawrence H.—203 Langhans, Emily C.—203 Lannom, David C.—203 Largent, Nancy M.—239 Larrea, Alfonso E.—233 Larrea, Mario G.—203 Larrick, Donna L.—203 Larson, Pamella L.—226 Lasater, Nancy A.—226 Laughon, Jr., Ollie G.—226 Layne, Stephen K.—233 Lecuona, Mario M.—227 Ledbetter, Barbara G.—239 Ledbetter, Dwight S.—203 Ledbetter, Mary F.—233 Ledford, Connie R.—233 Ledford, Don C.—204 Ledgerwood, Douglas B.—233 Ledgerwood, Roberta Leigh—239 Ledgerwood, Steffan $.—204 Lee, Jerry Ray—233 Lee, John W.—204 Lee, Joyce A.—233, 239 Lee, Virginia D.—227 Lee, Larry K.—233 Lee, Nuel G.—204 Lee Russell E—204 Leisey, Jean D.—204 Lemarbre, David J.—239 Lembke, Robert T.—227 Lenox, Robert M.—204 Lester, Gary E—204 Lewallen, Rosemary—233 Lewis, Claudia J.—233 Lewis, Elizabeth Jayne—239 Lewis, John R.—227 Lewis, Kathleen M.—233 Lewis, Robert G.—239 Lewis, Susan W.—239 Lewis, Teresa Ann—239 Lillard, Connie L.—204 Lindsey, II], Oscar H—204 Little, Belinda C.—204 Littleton, Del A— 239 Lively, Donnie E.—239 Lively, James F.—204 Lively, Judy C_—204 Locke, Patsy D.—239 Lockhart, Larry G.—204 London, Sharon L.—204 Long, Anna C.—239 Long, Deborah J.—227 Long, Eleanor J.—204 Long, Jerry W.—227 Long, Teresa D.—239 Looper, Donna J.—239 Looper, Jean P.—227 Looper, Theresa A.—204 Loper, Glenn D.—204 Loring, Jane T.—204 Lott, Robert E.—204 Love, Rebecca M.—240 Loveday, Janice K.—227 Loveday, Vicki J—233 Lovell, James C.—204 Lovett, George B. C.—227 Lovett, Grady A.—227 Lovitt, Thomas L.—204 Luhn, Gary W.—204 Luna, Harold D.—240 Lusk, Elizabeth P.—233 Lynch, Thomas P.—233 Lynn, Janice E.—204 Lynn, Nancy J.—240 Lynn, Pamela A.—233 Lyons, Il, John R.—233 Maberry, Johnny D.—227 Maberry, Shirley R.—227 Maclin, Wm. H.—204 Maddox, Jerry L_—227 Maddux, John T.—227 Madewell, Terry L—227 Mahaney, Patsy A.—240 Maheney, Peggy L.—204 Mahon, Mary M.—233 Majors, Jennings B.—205 Malone, Bobby G.—205 Mangrum, Sondra L.—205 Mann, Constance W.—227 Mantooth, James R.—205 March, Jerry A.—205 Marchbanks, James $.—233 Margolin, Charles F.—233 Markham, Jr., Frank T.—227 Marks, Jr., William G.—227 Marlow, Larry W.—205 Marlow, Louetta—233, 227 Martin, Benny E.—205 Martin, Jack T.—205 Martin, Kathryn H.—205 Martin, Pamela G.—233 Martin, Ronald L.—205 Martin, Jr., Houston V.—205 Masengill, Van H.—227 Mason, Sandra K.—233 Mason, Susan T.—205 Mason, Jr., Roy C.—227 Massa, Sarah E.—205 Massengale, Starlet Ann—240 Massengill, Belinda S.—205 Massey, Ruth L.—205 Massey, Thomas E.—205 Masters, Mary H.—233 Masters, Pamela A.—233 Masterson, Patricia P.—206 Matheney, Raymond D.—206 Mathes, Deuglai B.—233 Matlock, John W.—227 Matthews, Rhonda J.—227 May, Kenneth Y.—227 May, Maurice M.—206 Mayhew, Paul D.—240 Maynord, Charles V.—233 Mayo, Earl R.—240 Mayo, Joyce L—240 McBride, Brenda F.—233 McCall, Jr., Ray B.—227 McCann, Ronald J.—206 McCarter, Brenda L.—227 McCarty, George R.—206 McCawley, James R—206 McClellan, Shirley A.—206 McClendon, Janie K.—227 McClintock, Joseph T.—233 McCloud, Dennis E.—227 McComas, Steven T.—240 McConnell, James H.—227 McCormick, Arnold G.—240 McCormick, Ronald—227 McCormick, Shirley T.—233 McCowan, Carlie—206 McCracken, Tony W.—206 McCulley, Thomas M.—206 McCullough, Ladonna G.—227 McDaniel, Barbara J.—206 McDaniel, Judy C.—227 McDonald, Brenda $.—240 McDonald, Charles B—227 McDonald, Marcia—240 McDonald, Marcia Y.—240 McDonald, Phyllis J—206 McDowell, Phillip R—206 McFadden, Steven R.—240 McFarland, Anita C.—206 McGugin, Janet G.—233 McGugin, Martha F.—206 McHenry, Jr., Frank P.—240 McIntosh, Sarah E.—240 McIntyre, Gary A.—207 McKamey, Claude L—233 McKinney, Richard E.—207 McLaughen, James H.—227 McLemore, Stephen W.—240 McMahan, Gary L.—207 McMahan, John T.—207 McMahon, Jr., Cletus J.—207 McMillan, Larry E.—207 McMillan, Philip E—233 McMurry, Brenda F.—240 McNelly, Alice W.—207 McNew, Jr., Benjamin F.—233 McPeak, Kenneth O.—207 McPeters, James F.—207 McQueen, Deborah $.—240 McQueen, Randy E.—233 McSpadden, Jr., Lem L.—207 McSwain, Joseph R.—207 McWilliams, Jr., Alva L_—207 Mecke, Thomas A.—207 Mee, David K.—240 Melton, Brenda J.—240 Melton, Danny T.—207 Merritt, George D.—240 Merryman, Donna M.—227 Meyer, Janet M.—233 Michlink, Douglas L._—207 Middleton, Robert G.—207 Milam, Joyce A.—234 Milburn, Terry W.—207 Miller, Betty C.—207 Miller, Carol J—240 Miller, Charles L—207 Miller, Emily $—207 Miller, Jere L_—207 Miller, John W.—227 Miller, Ronald $.—234 Miller, Virgil K—207 Mills, Dexter C.—234 Mills, Sharon E.—207 Milner, Charlotte A.—240 Another column is added to the growing number Mingle, Stephen A.—240 Minton, Steven M.—207 Miser, Mary L.—227 Mitchell, Karen $.—207 Mitchell, Sharon A.—208 Moates, Patrick C.—240 Molodecki, Barbara A.—240 Monroe, Terry W.—208 Montgomery, Arthur W.—208 Mooneyham, Sharon E.—208 Moore, Carolyn J.—234 Moore, Cheryl A.—240 Moore, Emily J.—227 Moore, Jeanie R.—227 Moore, John R.—227 Moore, Judy K.—208 Moore, Louis R.—234 Moore, Lynne M.—240 Moore, Teresa A.—234 Moran, William M.—208 Morgan, Coy D.—227 Morgan, Linda R.—208 Morgan, Ralph E.—227 Morgan, Robert H.—234 Morgan, Steven H.—240 Morrell, Patricia Gail—234 Morris, Dorothy A.—234 Morris, Sharon L.—208 Morris, Wesley G.—208 Morrison, Hamp A.—240 Morrison, Judith A.—227 Morrow, Helen G.—234 Moss, David L_—240 Moss, Linda Sue—227 Mullican, Sharon G.—208 Mullinax, David L—208 Mullins, Ralph H.—234 Murphy, Catherine J.—234 Murphy, Danny R.—234 Murphy, Harold L.—234 Murphy, Margaret D.—234 Murphy, Richard E.—234 Murray, Linda K.—240 Napier, Mary—227 Nash, David E.—227 Nash, Lila E—208 Neal, Karen A.—234 Neal, Jr., James T.—227 Neas, Michael G.—240 Nedwed, Gordon C.—208 Nelson, Marilyn K.—227, 208 Netherton, Patricia L_—234 Nettleton, Jr., William $.—240 Neville, Jr., Allen S$ —208 Newby, Phillip B—227 . Newman, Doris J.—208 Newman, Robert W.—234 Newport, Amy L.—208 Newsom, Ronald K.—234 Nichols, Jackie $.—208 Nichols, Janet A— 234 Nichols, L. Sharon—208 Nichols, Sammy K.—208 Nickell, James L.—208 Nickens, Barbara J.—208 Nickerson, Daniel J—234 Nicks, William L.—240 Nivens, James M.—208 Nixon, Patricia L_—240 Noble, Elizabeth A.—208 Norden, Burnice N.—208 Norman, James D.—227 Norris, Brenda $.—234 Norris, Mary G.—208 Norris, Jr., John W.—208 North, James O.—209 Norval, Linda J.—234 Norwood, William A.—234 Oakes, Joyce D.—234 Odom, David H.—209 Ogunribido, Ebenezer A.—240 Old, Dodge P.—240 Oliver, Betti A—234 Osborne, Billy N.—209 Osborne, Elizabeth A.—234 of straight lines. wy | ) | Page 283 In the clothing lab, Pam Lynn tries to finish her project before final exams start. Osborne, John—227 Osborne, John G.—209 Ottinger, David T.—209 Ottinger, Judith P.—209 Overstreet, Janice L.—240 Owen, Samuel E.—234 Owens, Charlotte F. R.—209 Owens, Janet G.—240 Owens, Jerry K.—240 Owens, Stephen—209 Page, Donald W.—209 Palk, Barbara K.—209 Palk, Gary D.—227 Palko, Elaine M.—227 Palmer, Deborah A.—240 Palmer, Steven W.—209 Pangle, Roger T.—209 Pangle, Jr., Jack D—240 Parham, Donna K.—209 Paris, Joel D.—209 Paris, Michael G.—227 Parker, David A.—234 Parker, James A.—227 Parks, Linda F.—240 Parks, Lora K.—210 Parks, Roger D.—234 Parks, Suzanne D.—209 Parsly, Thomas F.—24| Page 284 Parsons, David R.—24| Parsons, Pansy R.—234 Partain, Connie C.—24| Partlow, Jerry G.—227 Patterson, Clara K.—234 Patterson, Rudolph G.—227 Patterson, Jr., Charles H.—227 Patton, Brenda R.—210 Patton, Elaine L—210 Patton, Wayne L.—210 Paul, James M.—241 Payne, Paul D.—210 Peach, Donald W.—210 Pearson, Linda M.—241 Pearson, Richard A—227 Pearson, Robert W.—210 Peck, Dana L. C.—210 Peck, Geo. E..—210 Pendley, Kenneth N.—210 Pendygraft, Rebecca A. R.—210 Penick, Robert H.—227 Penley, Wm. M.—210 Penney, B. K.—210 Pennington, Lois M.—241 Pennington, Wendell L.—234 Pentecost, Mary S.—24| Perry, Paul E.—210 Perry, Sharon R.—210 Perry, Stephanie Jane—241 Peterman, Faye—24| Peters, Jr., Thomas D.—210 Peterson, Dennis M.—210 Pevahouse, William N.—241 Pharris, Barbara J.—241 Phelps, Roy W.—210 Phifer, Kathy G.—241 Phillips, Horace K.—210 Phillips, Jr., John T.—210 Phillips, Michael L.—241 Phillips, Ronnie L—210 Phillips, Steve A— 210 Phillips, William E.—227 Phy, Michael R.—227 Pickel, Billy E—210 Pickle, Jerry T.—241 Piepmeier, Carolyn H.—210 Pippin, Pamela E.—241 Pitt, Betty C_—234 Pittman, Janice M.—234 Pittman, Mary Ann—210 Pittman, Tommy S.—210 Plummer, Margaret S.—210 Poaches, Jr., Bryan B.—210 Pobst, George H.—24| Poe, Ill, Thomas C.—234 Pointer, Martha M.—210 Pointer, Robert L.—210 Pope, Mary G.—210 Porter, Alice E.—234 Porter, Elyce E.—234 Porter, William K.—227 Poston, Fred C.—210 Powell, Martha D.—234 Powell, Mary N.—241 Powers, Patty J.—210 Prater, Eugene J.—210 Pratt, Jr., Sam L.—234 Prescott, Michael A.—227 Presswood, Walter A.—210 Price, Donna J.—241 Price, Gloria L.—234 Price, Sandra J.—241 Prigge, Jane F.—241 Prince, Harry B.—227 Pritchett, Betty J.—227 Proctor, Carolyn R.—234 Proctor, Larry D.—227 Pruitt, Eve Annette—241 Psemeneki, Harry $.—210 Puckett, Deborah J.—241 Puckett, Sandra—241 Pugh, Roy N.—234 Pullum, Judith E.—210, 227 Purkey, Roger F.—210 Purkey, Ronald E—210 Purviance, Jacky H.—210 Qualls, Ann E.—234 Qualls, Keith—212 Qualls, Sharon L.—212 Qualls, William H.—227 Quinley, Susan O.—212 Quinn, Bobby L.—241 Raasch, Mary K.—234 Rader, Hilda R.—211 Rains, Janice H.—241 Rains, Michael H.—212 Rains, Sheila K.—234 Rall, John C_—212 Ramsey, Charles E—228 Ramsey, James C.—228 Ramsey, Joan—212 Randolph, Nancy K.—228 Raper, Edward B.—228 Rasmussen, Michael F.—212 Raudebaugh, James B.—212 Ray, Ruby C.—212 Ray, Sandra L.—228 Rayburn, Ralph E.—212 Reavis, Catherine L.—24I Rector, Judith N.—212 Redden, Glenda J.— 241 Redden, Linda J.—228 Reddick, Donna M.—212 Reddy, A. V. N.—212 Redmon, Wanda J. $.—212 Reed, Harry B.—228 Reed, Raymond H.—212 Reedy, Linda B.—241 Reeves, Deborah L.—241 Register, George M.—212 Reynolds, Freddie W.—228 Reynolds, Kenneth L.—212 Reynolds, Mary R.—234 Reynolds, Patrick A.—212 Rhea, Kenneth T.—234 Rhodes, Jr., Calvin B.—228 Rhoton, William D.—234 Rich, Linda C.—241 Richardson, Michael D.—212 Richardson, Jr., James W.—212 Richmond, Henry R.—212 Richmond, Sarah J.—212 Rickard, Katherine N.—234 Rickman, William $.—212 Rickman, II], Charles A—228 Riddle, Ronald D.—234 Ridgell, John M.—212 Rifenbury, Robert G.—24| Riggan, Robert J.—234 Riggle, Terry L—212 Riley, Judy W.—212 Rivers, William D.—228 Roark, Melinda K.—213 Robbins, Barbara $.—213 Robbins, Barbara $.—228 Robbins, Sara B.—234 Roberge, Daniel N.—228 Roberson, Randy E.—213 Roberson, Jr., Herman W.—213 Roberts, David R.—213 Roberts, Donna G.—241 Roberts, Grady $.—213 Roberts, Larry G.—235 Roberts, Michael R.—213 Roberts, Roger H.—235 Roberts, Sandra R.—238 Roberts, Susan E.—235 Robertson, Charlotte A.—213 Robertson, Martha J—228 Robertson, William F.—208 Robinson, Charles J.—235 Robinson, Melissa C.—241 Robinson, Robert D.—213 Rock, Jr., Robert M.—241 Rodgers, Billy R—235 Rodgers, Sandra F.—213 Rogers, Alfred W.—235 Rogers, Alice A.—241 Rogers, Betty G.—213 Rogers, Dennis W.—228 Rogers, Linda J—213 Rogers, Marjorie F.—235 Rogers, Oliver L—213, 228 Rogers, Ronald $.—241 Roggli, Patty D.—235 Romans, Maiverine—213 Rose, Alan G.—228 Rose, Margaret J.—213 Rose, William M.—208 Ross, Anthony D.—228 Rossmaier, John F.—235 Rosson, Roland L.—214 Rowden, Mary F.—241 Rudder, Eddie R.—214 Rundell, Lelia K—241 Rushing, Priscilla D.—214 Russell, Billy J—235 Russell, Gary W.—214 Rutherford, Michael C.—214 Rutledge, Thomas W.—235 Ryan, Margaret A— 241 Sadler, Linda T.—241 Sain, Jr., Larkin G.—241 Sanaat, Hassan A.—214 Sanders, Ilo A.—241 Sanderson, Arthur E.—241 Sandlin, Carl W.—214 Sandlin, George $.—24| Savage, James D.—235 Savla, Amrutlal K.—214 Schell, Judy C.—214 Schramm, Jr, Harry F.—228 Schwartz, Louis R.—214 Schwarz, Robert A.—228 Scissom, Deborah D.—235 Scoggins, John N.—228 Scott, Ronald W.—214 Seale, John B.—214 Seale, Thurma J. M.—214 Seals, Bobbie J—214 Sears, Clyde P.—228 Seaton, William G.—228 Seehorn, Mary C.—235 Seiber, Deborah G.—235 Self, James H.—215 Sells, Karen R.—228 These students find that the quad is a good place to relax and preview the new edition of the year- book. Semore, Jerry W.—228 Sexton, Barbara $.—228 Sexton, Tony L.—235 Shadden, Brenda C.—228 Shallenberg, James L.—228 Shanks, Mary R.—228 Sharp, Donald A.—215 Sharp, Edward D.—235 Sharp, John Stanley—215 Sharp, Ronald D.—215 Sharpe, Larry G.—235 Sharpe, Terry N.—215 Sharpe, Jr., William R.—215 Shaw, Clark L.—215 Shelton, Woodrow J.—235 Shepard, Brenda S.—235 Shepherd, Phillip L—235 Sherrard, Jo A.—215 Sherrill, Kay C.—235 Short, Brenda—228 Shugart, Brenda J.—235 Shuran, Michael J—215 Shuster, Rita E—215 Silvers, Katherine J.—235 Silvers, Saffell C._—235 Simmons; David M.—215 Simpkins, Vicki J—215 Simpson, Brian E.—215 Simpson, Peggy J.—235 Sims, Lynda L.—215 Skelton, Reggy C.—235 Skimmyhorn, Jerry—228 Slagle, Dianne—228 Sliger, Karen S.—235 Sloan, Neil B—215 Sloan, Sheila A—215 Smith, Barbara J.—235 Smith, Connie J—215 Smith, Danny L.—215 Smith, Deborah L.—228 Smith, George R.—235 Smith, Homer L.—215 Smith, Ira David—215 Smith, Larry J—215 Smith, Letitia A.—235 Smith, Linda C.—235 Smith, Mack $.—235 Smith, Mildred $.—235 Smith, Paula F.—228 Smith, Priscilla A. G.—215 Smith, Ralph E.—215 Smith, Ronnie D.—228 Smith, Sue A.—235 Smith, Vinson E.—235 Smith, Wm M.—215 Smith, Jr., William B.—215 Smithson, Kenton D.—228 So, Charlie—216 Spann, Jennifer E.—228 Sparkman, Jr., Donald E.—216 Sparks, Bernard C.—216 Speakman, Barbara M.—228, 216 Spears, Sharon A.—228 Spodeck, David A.—216 Springer, Jr. James L—216 Spurling, Gary C.—235 Spurlock, Kenyon Neal—235 Stamps, Larry W.—228 Standifer, Nancy A.—235 Stanfield, Mark B.—235 Stansell, Glenda D.—228 Stark, Michael J—216 Steakley, James L.—216 Steelman, James T.—216 Steffey, Judy G.—235 Steffy, Richard E.—228 Stephens, Patsy A.—228 Stephenson, Ricky L.—228 Stinson, Gary J.—216 Stinson, Paul T.—216 Stockton, David L_—228 Stockton, Mary E.—216 Stockton, Nancy F.—235 Stokes, Marsha G.—216 Stooksbury, Debbie J—235 Storey, Samuel B.—228 Stout, Brenda $.—216 Stover, Bennie R.—216 Stubblefield, Sara A.—216 Stutz, Michael D.—216 Stutzman, David K.—216 Sublett, Robert D.—216 Suiter, Betty G.—216 Fe | Sullivan, Hillious—216 Sutton, Jr., Bobby L._—228 Swaggerty, Jr., William S.—216 Swaney, Deborah D.—235 Swann, Ronald K.—228 Swanson, Barbara L.—228 Swing, Joe E.—228 Talley, Janice K.—235 Tallon, Wesley C.—228 Tarpley, Dorothy L.—216 Taylor, Cheryl M.—228 Taylor, Deidrie L—216 Taylor, Eunice D.—228 Taylor, Frank H.—216 Taylor, Penny B.—217 Tenpenny, Larry A.—235 Terry, Stephen D.—235 Thackston, Lou M.—228 Thaxton, Steven F.—217 Thomas, Brenda A.—228 Thomas, Katherine K.—217 Thomas, Michael E.—235 Thomas, Ronald D.—228 Thompson, Angela F.—235 Thompson, Benny R.—217 Thompson, Danny R.—235 Thompson, Jenny L.—235 Thompson, Joel A—217 Thompson, William G.—235 Thrasher, Dewey Y.—208 Page 285 Threadgill, Robert G.—217 Tice, Max E.—217 Tidwell, Marsha R.—235 Tigue, Peggy A.—235 Tollett, Janice E—228 Tollett, Linda L—235 Tomlinson, Rebecca $.—228 Tompkins, Bigler David—228 Tompkins, Corwin R.—235 Tongate, Kathryn A.—217 Tool, Karl E—228 Toombs, Linda M.—217 Townsend, Betty L. R.—217 Townsend, Brenda D.—217, 228 Townsend, Terry E.—217 Troxler, Jr., Robert W.—217 Tucker, Paul H.—228 Tucker, Sherry H.—217 Tucker, Wilma J.—235 Turck, Karla J.—235 Turnbill, Linda K.—235 Turner, Franklin L—217 Turner, Howard B.—218 Turner, Sandra M.—218 Umberger, Diedre T.—218 Underwood, Deborah D.—235 Upchurch, Debra L.—235 Vaden, Mary K.—218 Vandagriff, Ronnie W.—218 Vanhooser, Joe K.—253 Vanhooser, Mattie C.—218 Vantrease, David L—218 Vaught, Jr., James W.—228 Vernon, James D.—218 The simplification of registration procedures is due mainly to Assistant Dean Earl Hendricks (standing) and Dean Hoyle Lawson of the Office of Admis- sions and Records. Page 286 Vick, Donald $.—218 Waddell, Jimmy W.—218 Waldrop, Frieda D.—235 Walker, Billie C—218 Walker, Carlotta A—235 Walker, Carol E—235 Walker, John P.—218 Walker, Nancy J.—228 Walker, Nancy L—235 Walker, Steven D.—235 Walker, Il], Edward T.—218 Wallace, Morgan E.—218 Walrond, Linda D.—228 Walton, Sandra E—229 Wantland, Ronald H.—218 Warren, Bobbye J.—235 Warren, Timothy C.—219 Warwick, Jr., David E—219 Watson, Helen R.—219 Watson, Larry M.—229 Watson, Sharon K.—219 Watts, Phyllis M.—229, 219 Watts, Roy L.—219 Wattwood, Phillip J—219 Weakley, Stephen R.—219 Weatherspoon, Terry L—229 Webb, Eddie J—219 Webb, Marvin N.—219 Webb, Nancy G.—229 Weeks, Marilyn Y.—219 Welch, Michael E—219 Weldon, Charles A.—219 Welker, Malcolm E.—219 Wellborn, Raymond E.—219 Wells, Richard Ronald—219 West, Jerry L—235 West, Randall C.—219 West, Sharon E .S$.—219 Wheat, Nancy A.—229 Wheaton, Clyde E—235 Wheaton, Larry W.—229 Wheeler, James R.—229 Wheeler, Linda L.—229 Wheeler, Richard B.—229 White, Anthony E.—219 White, Brenda L—219 White, Charles P.—219 White, David E—219 White, Frank H.—229 White, Margaret D—219 White, Michael D.—219 White, Sandra J—219 Whitehurst, Michael $.—220 Whitfield, Philip W—229 Whitney, Gregg K.—235 Wilcox, Chas. $—220 Wilkey, Archie M.—220 Wilkey, Ricky C.—220 Willard, Gordon L.—235 Williams, Barbara L—235 Williams, Cyril D.—235 Williams, Don W.—220, 235 Williams, James K.—229 Williams, Rebecca J.—220 Williams, Steve A.—235 Williams, Jr., Sam F.—229 Williamson, Dewey E.—220 Williamson, Richard A.—229 Williamson, Jr., Joseph M.—220 Williford, Linda D.—235 Willingham, Rebecca—220 Willis, Steven W.—235 Willis, Teresa J—235 Wilmore, Johnny E.—235 Wilson, Joanna—229 Wilson, John M.—220 Wilson, Nancy J.—235 Wilson, Sherrill L—220 Wilson, Susan E.—235 Winchester, James E.—22] Winfree, Cathy C.—229 Winfree, Wesley A.—235 Winfree, William W.—229 Winkles, Vicki A—22I Winningham, Albert D.—221 Wiser, Steven L—229 Witcher, Deborah N.—235 Womack, Patricia M.—221 Wood, Dennis N.—22! Wood, Lois M—235 Wood, Marcia L—229 Wood, Melba J.—22I Woodard, Debra L.—22I Woods, William J—235 Wooten, Linda $.—229 Worthington, Barbara G.—221 Wray, Wm. T.—221 Wright, David L—221 Wright, Sharman—229, 221 Wynn, Delbert L—22I Yentsch, Carol A—235 York, Billie J—229 York, Linda L—221 York, William R.—22I Young, Charles A—221, 235 Young, Donna K.—22! Young, John M.—235 Young, Richard N.—22I Young, Sam L.—235 Yusypchuk, Gene J.—235 Adkins, Marvin G.—160 Allen, Betty—160 Allen, Joe M ., Captain—160 Allen, Vernon R.—160 Anderson, Lena Avo—1 60 Arnold, Billy B.—167 Ayers, Harold E.—159 Ayers, Jerry B.—160 Bacon, Reba Broyles—160 Baker, Barbara—|67 Baker, William H.—158 Ball, Eugene—160 Ballal, S. K.—160 Barr, Jim L—160 Battlefield, Debby Bliss—167 Bertram, Marshall—160 Bertram, Thelma—1I60 Bilbrey, James—1 60 Boles, Ralph C.—159 Bond, Mrs. Leo G.—167 Bonner, Martha—1 60 Bonner, William H.—159 Boring, Laudin—159 Boyce, Richard—1!60 Brahmstadt, Howard K.—160 Brahmstadt, Pat—160 Briggs, Barbara—| 60 Briggs, Robert—1 60 Brown, Kathleen—1 67 Brown, Mary Jane—I67 Brown, Raymond H.—160 Buchanan, George R.—160 Buck, Daniel K—160 Bullington, John A.—160 Bulow, Frank J.—160 Bush, Frank—167 Bustamante, R. B.—160 Butler, Jewell—167 Byrom, Mary Ann—160 Cameron, Billie—160 Campana, Phillip—159 Campbell, Ralph W.—160 Cannella, Albert A.—160 Carpenter, William—160 Chandler, Patsy Jo—167 Cho, Wheiron—1I60 Clark, Jo Ann—167 Clark, John B.—160 Clark, Nedra Leota—1 67 Cole, Susan—160 Cook, Don R.—160 Copenhaver, Donald—161 Culp, Fredrick L—1I59 Davis, Mary P.—167 Davis, Robert—1 67 Davidson, Phyllis Martin—161 Dearman, Charles—158 Decker, Gayle—1 67 Deford, Catherine E.—1I61 Delozier, Mary G.—I6I Derryberry, W. Everett—152, 153 Diemer, Richard D.—159 Dietz, Mary Ann—I6I Dixon, Edmond—161 Dixon, John L.—16I Dixon, Nancy—161 Doran, James M—I61 Dotson, James R.—161 DuBey, Robert—161 Duke, Albert L—159 Duke, Don—161 Eblen, R. Hooper—158 Edwards, Ralph C.—16I Ehinger, Jane M.—161 Estes, O. T—I6I Evans, Elizabeth—1I67 Farr, Lottie—161 Farrar, David T.—1I61 Flanders, John N.—158 Floyd, Joe M.—161 Fort, Crystal E.—158 Fort, Robert C.—161 Fox, B. A—158 Fox, Rosalind—167 Frasier, Margaret—l6l Frye, Wilbur—159 Fuson, R. E.—161 Faculty and Staff Index Garrett, Lillard K—167 Gilbreath, Sidney—159 Glasgow, C. M.—158 Golden, Charles E—158 Goodman, William P.—161 Goodwin, Catheryn—167 Gragg, Frances B.—161 Griffin, Richard B.—161 Griggs, Edwin T.—16| Groce, Charles—158 Harris, John—1 62 Harrison, Florence—|67 Harrison, Nathaniel—| 62 Harvey, James—162 Hearn, Dan—162 Hejazi, Hasan A.—1 62 Hendricks, Earl H— 158 Hewitt, Judy Creel—I 62 Hickerson, Norris—159 Hodges, William O.—162 Hogan, David—I62 Hogan, Gerry R., Jr.—162 Holland, William D.—162 Hriber, Allen—162 Huang, Ju-Chin—1 62 Huddleston, Jesse D.—162 Hudgens, Pauline—1 62 Hunter, Gordon—1I59 Huston, Josephine—I 67 Hyder, W. Clyde—159 Inman, Connie—1 62 Jackson, Harley F.—167 Jaquess, Cecil—| 67 Jenkins, William W.—162 Johnson, Amy—| 62 Jones, William J.—162 Jones, William—1I55 Joyce, John A., Major—1I 62 Jumper, Mary J.—168 King, George M.—1I62 King, Mary B.—162 Kinslow, Ray—1I59 Kleckner, Richard L—162 Lancaster, Joel R— 162 Lawson, Hoyle D.—158 Leddy, Glenn—I 62 Lee, John—162 Lewis, W. H.—159 Little, Wilanne L—162 Livingston, Lois—1 67 Lovell, Sharon—167 Luckinbill, Dennis—1 62 Lynch, Louise—I67 Lynn, Sara G.—162 McDearman, Jon R.—162 McGee, John C.—159 McLarty, William T., Jr.—162 McWilliams, Jottie Crisp—162 McWilliams, Karen Louise—167 Martin, Bob—158 Mason, William L., Captain—I 62 " You all remember Sherman's march through Geor- Meaders, Marynell—162 Meadows, Majorie—1 62 Medley, Carolyn C._—162 Medley, Mozelle $.—163 Mills, Joyce—167 Miller, Paul R—163 Minor, Mary—167 Mitchell, Eleanor D.—163 Mitchell, William S.—163 Mitcham, Jeremiah—I 63 Montgomery, Esther—1 63 Mookherjee, Harsha—1 63 Moore, Betty—163 Mcore, Fred—1I63 Moore, Jeanette—| 67 Moran, Linda—167 Morris, Winston—1 63 Mullins, Charlene—! 63 Mundy, Andrew J., Jr., Captain—163 Murphy, Elizabeth—158 Neufeldt, Harvey G.—163 Nobles, Addie B.—163 Nobles, Melvin A.—163 Norwood, Dorrie—1| 63 Olivo, James A., Captain—163 Orr, William H.—163 Owens, S. Lee—159 Palk, David—1 63 Pangle, Susan H.—158 Parish, Barbara—I 63 Patil, S. A—164 Patterson, William G—158 Pearson, Suzanne—1|67 Pedigo, Linda—| 64 Pegram, Wayne—| 64 Pennebaker, Dorothy—|! 64 Peters, Lorraine P.—1 64 Phifer, Clifford C.—164 Phillips, Stanley J—164 Piepmeier, Ester—167 Pitts, P. R—164 Plummer, Virginia W.—167 Pointer, John Pate—1 67 Powell, Jerry R.—164 Prescott, Wallace—155 Purdy, Kenneth R.—164 Quattlebaun, Rebecca—1 64 Quillen, Malcolm P.—158 Raper, Horace W.—164 Rector, Terry—167 Reddick, Thomas—I 63 Reese, Don—158 Richardson, Carolyn—1 67 Richardson, Lawrence D.—1 64 Richmond, Miser—1 64 Rinks, Richard—| 64 Robertson, Mary Della—|64 Roden, Frances—| 64 Roden, William—155 Roe, Betty Daniel—| 64 Rohr, Judy Ann—1 64 Rohr, Mike E.—165 gia; well, this is Hogan's march through 103 chem- istry! " Garry Hogan, March 30, 1971. Rolston, Frances P.—|67 Rundell, Richard W.—165 Saint-Leon, Clair—165 Sapp, Gary L.—165 Savage, Richard P.—165 Scardina, Joseph T.—165 Sharpe, Joseph D.—159 Shettlesworth, Juanita—165 Sircy, Ronald—165 Sissom, Leighton E.—159 Sloan, Russell—165 Smith, Dallas—165 Smith, Flavious—159 Smith, Ira Dean—167 Smith, Richard G., Captain—1I65 Snelgrove, C. P.—158 Spilman, J. E—165 Spilman, Laura—165 Stabler, H. Frank—165 Stephenson, Paul—159 Stewart, Floyd—165 Stewart, Rose—1I65 Strandley, William P.—165 Stubblefield, Hix—1 65 Swindell, Robert—165 Swong, Khyson—165 Taylor, Alvin—165 Taylor, Peggy—I67 Thompson, W. T.—167 Thorne, Joe A.—159 Thurman, Wanda—165 Tidwell, Douglas—1 65 Tidwell, Marvin—165 Tittle, Grady F., Major—I165 Toline, F. R—165 Tollett, Daniel F.—165 Tolleson, Sherwell—159 Turck, Merton J.—159 VanCleve, Albert D.—165 Ventrice, Carl A—165 Wall, Hazel—167 Waller, Hiram Il, SFC—165 Ward, Elbert F.—165 Warren, John W.—159 Wattenbarger, James—159 Wattenbarger, Mary—165 Wells, John C., Jr.—l66 Whigham, John A., Major—166 White, Helen—1I67 Whitfield, Powell—166 Williams, Elaine T—166 Williams, Grady F.—166 Williams, Harold—166 Williams, Nofflett—158 Williams, Stephen Dale—166 Wilmoth, Paul M.—158 Woodland, Natalie—1I 66 Woodland, Robert H.—166 Wortham, Howard—166 Wright, Cleveland Maloy—166 Wynne, C. O.—158 Yarbrough, David—166 Zummo, Joseph J., LTC—166 Page 287 Page 288

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