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I 1 I 7 n Y I S .f - .K if . , Qs il f g Q :la l 3 E . if ll i it l 3 . 5 fall l il ai "' I X fl ifw' EAGLE 1970 tennessee technological university was , coolreville. tennessee we volume 45 editor-julia jarrell business manager- 'lelix hoots advisor-hix stubblefield El photogra pher-don reese is 3 o 6'There's a world out there to be conquered!" For thousands of years man has tried to be victorious over his world. Columbus defeated a cen- turies-old fear by sailing off the edge of the earth and returning safely. Conquering is not always physical. Mental victories have inspired man and encouraged him to continue, even at the risk of his life. John Kennedy of- fered the younger generation a 'cnew frontierv on which to plan their fu- tures. Martin Luther King sought to guide his people to a new age of new goals, standards and concepts. Yet each time man conquers, he must also adapt. Customs and ideals are never the same in two different na- tions. In earlier centuries, schools did not include courses on the life and cus- toms of people on other continents. Today, however, education has be- come essential in helping man to un- derstand and appreciate the goals and aspirations of other peoples. A college is not merely a place for educating the mind from musty text- books. It is a center of experiences. It is a center of challenge. It is a cen- ter of adapting and coping. . 1 5, u, -H - ,' ,K ' E - , , . , X -. ..,,- , , M.. ,.. 1"" mf'-,uf " W ff . . . i Q 1, f sk, ,X V .A"'XXXXf is X' W' W' 1, f 1 wi e,,,w1fn1fwmai'gff "L" " , W O XFX, my W-fu, , U, X. wfgysymm Y , W X XXX X www. .. E mega: Q-,-. X X XXX M, XX X HM, . Wwe: MX X X X O , , ,, -z,'.-mf ww -wh, f "'Y-Fig 1- ' - A N 'If " U -- - - , ', BENQ iw, ,, ,, , X XX , X X, ,Q 1 ,AL v 1--1+ -'BPs'fv1': " " 4 V ' 53' 'H ,, . ,M ,111 M-mv'-'r1'ff M- X 2 Q. Lv? 11 X me-Q "TEV ' 1 ' ' 'T ' f f 1' ', ' V' " -, ', ' , Www,-ww-W f' " 5 ,1 - 1 T R P 5' M 1 , ' 1 ' ww' ' 'M"'M'M we X, ., www ' ' H 'W 2 ' ' Ml F I A, ,,, W 2 a . , X X ff X 1, ,X ' , , X M ,,X, X . ,XX N ,X, W X W -1 X XX ' X 5 X ' X , ' 5 EXXXX, wfwwrw X 'X X X X X ,J X V'WW"f1Mw W W F ' 'Q ' ' ' V' wmiwx +V ?s'?:f'9' ., fa rl" 5 ,LQHNW 'M Q," W. 4 M- -- , " ,, , .fm E f Q ,V ,,..,..f, X .. , V ,f W , ' Y' x , 'ff 1 , ',', 53-1557. f ,ww ' , . , , ., . ,, 1 , sri, , f, , ,, ,,- ,, dn' W , ' i ' A " W ,, W '-- f' H " Lv ul," 'W' ff ' ,X A 5 Xhmgqz XX ,, . '- - -3, A w ff-1 if -v,--4 i , m,,,,u,,55g M' V " ' , ., - :W - X"HM,Eg,Wia V 'V , ' 'a-1., v5f'4fgs?.,,,fwmi' " L ia' Y .,.,, sw X, XX Y 'X . XXX? X-XX,..--wav' XM N X N XX,,f' - , ,XXX ,Q 32513 ,gwufjgjp ., ,ei W- ,Q if , .A , , , H 1 "mi-iM,' f im? .4-.rg Q 1 S f ,X f , Wm 1,1 J-Q , ni: X X XXXXXXXX X,-ni-XX XXX X A X -X , X 'IIN wXX,M.W,M,,w Ti " wi' X w . F ' X P' ie X Q . , ., , , . -1 w,,xs,k M , , v . 1 1: gr- -!wN-N www - , -, " ,,,,, , , X X Xg' M YQ!-gg - L 9' "" 4 ' vusww'1','w'sW,m3X' """ MW- !'1'N'! H X, ,, ,, f,, gy 'M' .,J,,.,,,,,f,,,,.fpQof'j ,W-,w ,w?i Ww'Q",Nb ,,,,, ffl. " ' ' I Q I 1 S a xfwiwgw? 194- as 'Sta ' X ,.. h 1 . 3 . ex f w - , an 1 b 3 - -V-- V . 4 N" , , 5, ' ' 1 WF4f,vw:W, M , , ,. 'WM ' " J P' AL,-,..,w:.:g,:,4. , L:,,,:,,e',,.., , 'X J X N ' - 3, M y Vw? " f 3.5 X 55 W , 1' X X X ! 7' ff is vs I re Q n ' 'QUQNZQM-fr ' , ' " ? M 1 f ', ':,'Qf',? ' , f A 'iff V 7,7 K, H .:' V 1, 1 ' ' ,,,, , , af ' Hifi' , if , K f f ,mg , Q-, MN - , , , 'Em am I XX X , , , ,, ,,, ,- X Ee- ,-, ,,,,, ,xXuX1,,,Mg,, w X Z ,gg , ' Xu ,V , ,mm ,,,,,, ,sw wifqif W--Wm 2, W . - -M A-N, 'M My hiv '-'N ,Q 'W M 11 U ,, .M ,,,, ,X , ,. ,,.m.,,M5,g-, - Q ,, , aww ' af' Www, la-NBL S :WJ iff-,r , ,, ' R it X ii' gr' 4 1 KA' 1 i H, ' f , 1i::rf" ' IX , ,L X v ' ' v A X 'M 1 ' , f QQX nga- 5, , n mgmmk. Xfksm- X XXXXXAXXXW ,W 'M X XX X My pp., , f, ., if X X, ,,. ,. ..,..f,.52,,,,.,,.i,.,,, WWW , - V A ,MW J, H 1 W, LF,"-'y,,5 W Y . f ,, f' Wa A sa if Learning does not have to be con- fined to the classroom. Yet, here it has a planned beginning. The atmo- sphere and stimulant are available to help prove old theories and formulate new ones. Through classroom discussions, man has the opportunity to present his ideas and to hear those of others. Under the guidance of experienced leaders, he begins to shape the pattern by which he will live the rest of his life. This pattern may not follow his old con- cepts completely, yet, it will represent him as an individual. In the four walls of the core of learn- ing, he will learn to adapt, to explore, to see himself as a member of a pro- ductive society. Since his first moment on the college campus, he has adapted-to rules, to customs, to authority. He has learned that coping is often the stream of sur- vival. Page 4 W fur" fi f ' ' WV,' H v 9 T f i "' ,ifi ' rrtv ' 'M' if , f y , y ? Z irvi it ,yziy MEL I I 't' s.. , ,, 1 y ,,-W Q W? may is W 5 My ,,,, iimiflb ' I f""iii M I! fri y , ytt 1' I if'iiiii T i M , A 1 in ., y ' p,,, y rw 'M "'-sm, T !pQW in 2 igim 5 ,... . k Q L ig. . at x KW ., W R . iiifx :KV A sg ,iii Iix 'Bmw Qt' E .L ,Ds 9,5556 . if 1 'Hff i5f' 2 'M i'.n W' .. P' W. ka' S? 5 t e as X V X."N ! 1 9 ,f K 1 sk' fm, A 5. KK WN 'QQ 5 S 1 455. Sgr M .pf K 9 , ag .gt ' fx! Mfg, Q xmoww .,.., ' v 3' 6 9 15 ? if +V , 'Q G W It v if ' 'P lv 14,0 W Us s,i,5. 9 im '21 if K-ef 'V If ii -wa ' fl I - ! : . an . W. 'x .-J' rx x 0180! ....,,, e 5 s K f Qf Q ' f 4 ii x 'Q -ff: b t .1-H? 63, mm, i mmwwx 2 3 G 'Pk asv ,T . .. TTS JF Q 'H QM. . VT , w'g,i, ,K 'N' HX Q 1 3. ' P I --., 3- 3, 'E X im A A I Q g:k.k W .K K - ' . A g.-bfsfygw fifwiilf 1 M'if,'.-W in I Q V . -.L .guns S. A A -4- ay. X kwgadfi' :., 1 :N R 5 ., 'VL A S Q gf' -4 4 Nutz' N A an 4 . l"':'A ' - f- Ni... .. .,. ,V 'N ' N-if if ei- -gy f , --NP- T "P'mQ Oar is ' .ir Q' A f 0 hw N im .W , 4 1 s Tis . 3 , 1 , .O , . Q CR' Q. Q, . A was .'7'53f.. im -C 2 S 's "Q 4 . s A Od N G 's '-os:-3. . 9 'SV X X"6' egg P .v- 14' 'Nw' 'Ins .al 7' M-4 w mexdwk lx X I l Y 1, L I J R lx 1 y Y 1 1 kf' X11 'I X uf 1' 4 4' v L Vx, R lk. JV 4. y 0 Y XM 'YH il' aw mf , I M, 'Wx . w My I v MM M , it lv' 1 w . if VW F g V 4. fi" E. .:L.f12lw:.t9f aw . Eff . .t f,-1 .A it 's?51i,f.wY?.f ,. . ' 2 A W qxwqiffh. ' Q' . . av' i , ,,mw '-'ff X L ,, v,.ff,n,szJ ,f ,J .,,,, v 4" , - 3, mf.,M?Z.,,, f wa V ' ,g'1w'f eagigwfifgwwr- .W ,MW ,,,,,' 3 H V. 1, , I amy.. A 15 p 'figM.g'.' apggf ., , ., . AA A , . H ev, aaa , , ... 1 W-wtf-1-.-me Q-. V . . .. sf? , , ...W.,ig,,. . .. Q V . E E Outside the classroom, the student is his own teacher. He must treat every person he meets as a people. ln each person is a microcosm that, by itself, must adapt to support and defend its ruler. How it is ruled is determined by each individual. It has by its as- sociations adapted to the society and environment in which it has chosen to live. A student election is as important as a national one. Participation in campus elections shows the ability of the student to assess the contributions and goals of others toward progressive University life. In fact, a pattern set in college is often the pattern for life- good or bad. Extracurricular activities encompass all facets of experience. A fraternity meeting, a ballgame, a walk around the campus, a parking lot excursion are all scheduled during the four-year for morej stay. Protests have become a regular part of the University years. Women de- mand and get later dorm hours. A moratorium observance reveals pros and cons of war. Petitions telling, asking, demanding, forcing . . . Experiences outside the safe enclo- sure of a classroom are mandatory. Page 7 A strong body has always been re- quired in order for man to survive. Today, because machines do most of the once physical labor, man has fewer opportunities for extended periods of physical activity. In the University where academics are stressed, little time is allotted for physical exercise. Intramural sports give the most en- joyment to the student. He is not re- quired to be highly skilled in order to play. Instead, he is to enjoy the game andto learn for pleasure its techniques. Winning is utmost for any competitive event, yet, enthusiasm while trying is far more important than professional know-how. From this type of athletics, the stu- dent learns the value of teamwork, the extent of his own ability and the satis- faction of accomplishment. Page 8 fy KVM ' t W1 Page 9 i c I . " ' l 1 N. n I s ' X F , fx 11. '56 'iw E :Th 0 1. 3' .' We I A Q, , W4, : ang, Wi v ,,,, M, 1 , A ., 1 ' 1 rr? 9 3 , V 1. A ' 5 , , arg S . Q ' x Q A ' Q i "7 ii, 'ff , a' X . - 'I 3 'h 1 7 . - J' 'J ,jk fat .Dy 45 K em: Q 9'-V 17. J Aj," 'l 1,-X 1 -Q i 1, . i-l,L.: - 'IQ 5x 1 ' -3 L -..J ' ,--'C F ' "f" 1,- ,s.f- -Yr.-L'fL'-vt,,:d'5' f3:T'., Q '1 17 i J", J. ' ' N dn? 4. V 7- 9 ,Sf ' twig f ' h 2 1' ?v-Q ' - 44.2-SV it gun' as A 5 ,inf wif R, Q ' L gif-341. v 5 y Q Q5 ag w 1 ww ' 1, li' it vw A 5 'W Q Q91 ,wifi ' ,, h 4,332.9 . gf WE. 31 '4 ' M - J ' A 'ty . ," .X W ww ,atv 5, K . , l nfs 1 , jp: .lMw.,a.,,M ,ix 21.43-' ,fi ' Q 'A f ,xxx -QA x . 3 1-av .I :KL 'j .. ,f - 1 Q -Q Q H c ,-' ' - 1' .044 5, . PJ-1' W html' 4, . , E K' A x R -' K I Mgi 2 4 ... Q 0, A A4 . 1 A 2 Sak' ' , 'qi I A J. .1 A.. F .A 1 + . -4 in ..,,-f' 1 , '-ff. S fail' 'Www M NM ,, .,w, 1 n ? R,- rf, Mmm if , My Q jg A fn ,Qi if W , , gf My ' f 5 1 if f U 4 QQ 1 , J fs .J , 2' .W iw 'Ak M 5 , Q , Q 5 Q Xi Q? : f W W Muft i Ui O ga if X fx My ig bl, 3 gl. V, Q if 1 5? + i i . mm ..q ,, , ig X E4 1 Y , A i . " as Q 1 1 ' Q If . . 4 0 if Q g .Q IE V L 1 1 i M V 4 Z i 5 if-so V h f' pi 3-ii vw' ,W a 1,1-'ir ' .uvf - -x -'ff 5 0 - 'H 'oA Q Q ww N' wr 'f 'MW W ' 0 ' Q Q' 1' " ' 4 ' 1' . 5 , , . , ' . Q .' ,rs M N fs a' o 4 A-D :N 4 -W' pw- :- -' W. -fd is 7 -' '. - , 4 ' ' 5---' ,-.0.- ., " I asf. . , ' " ff P A -Q1 'W' ff 1 , ff , f f- A V 4' fri f U ,QP N MM- A ., mfumi. mv r i.Qfi,. .wifi in 1 L ,, A' ' ' I mg , L 1 ' Q . , .- A- ' . -, ,yn Af W Q V -iv-5 DQ 0' . - Q4 1' """ Q., 'V A ,Q :Q A If Sufi if LA' in 1 " 'M' ' , , 4 was Jw: f y f Q' M I .4 Andi, 0 W, ' fy aw.. ggi N11 'Q -1 ' , it ,-lawn . I 'rv 'W ' 'au'g,i9sO.'.. H' 1 6 ' W li' W ."' V - , I I f ' .XP W 0 1 f 1 ' "!f' ' ,' HL .4 1 Wm' ,wi 3.5" 1,445 .X Q ,M if ,:?WEx ' 'E 'Z ' A' AQ! 'voqU', . A 'J ..-- A 1 -A . .. ,' -F .- 6, W' ' H 1- wiv' J Q N ' K My ' . ' iw ' ' ' J e Q ,A ' , ' . . is n , . . -' ' . vnu'-f - ,fx , 0 0 X. 241-time 4 I I M mx? jr Y V . -f' .o'!'P. ' ffqli-f"',m. -v f .' .Q -V .m ' -'P Q' Qi 'M ,gr f, ' , . H " ,-Hr ef'l'1 ffiffg 'F F ' 4 .W ' al X AF ' w,,1 "ii ,n tg.. ' wi , I ."' '- I ui 0 1 VI an n 'W ' !'1K'N I ww-' ' Y N 35" 'W 5.14 M ' X I 'ir 'Q' - 2' ' - ' ' JL -P' ff V . Q 1' ' 4' sf ,, . . 'M 1254 3 , A, " H' 5 ' if -M ..'1W V ex W mr! 'xl' un!! 'Q N - . rw f 'H 'fa .6 ' .v . 77' ' 4"QM,.vg1.Mtl7Ul ww Y R . ., A . wt . K i f ,Q rkuiul- .n V l'w,,,nv M ,' - .fig wh-sifi, Q 'G' 'V - ' , W-few . M - Q4 W 'U 'Ng' . A , b 4, f , , 3' Q - M, " ' .49 "' Q 1 N3 v Dj 'A b ' A pf' . I xxx' . .qt 5 xr , I . gang x' I K - I .J R 4 0 A l - - , ,' 1 . ., A ax 9 ' ' . e ,,J, 3' A 1 - .s . ' N- ' 4' '- ' ' " ' ' 1 ' 7' ' "v '17, M . ff-:rw ' ' ' 15-'S v' ' "" ,.! ' - ' 'P . 1 -' C' " ' by ' ?' H W' W Y" Wfs' : 5 lx 41. 0 . , 'I 'A f fl.-4 1 ff.f-QW. ff, f- ' , 4:1 ' a 6 I 1 , 4 , . A X I oft! Vt? ,Q . 4 uf'.- Q 61,9 . . glrl' . l w t . s V Infr d t Sfucl 'cL-F Spof Gre k Feaf Clas The C p Adv f g Inde EAGLE Pht C24 small step for man, a giant leap for manlcinclw Cfi t NASA Neil Armstrong in f if uw 'f 3 ff-N A vw- N s ' -A ' Q c , A f- 1 ' . 4- wh ' sf' ' Q 3 f"""'i"" A s wx' iw- ! .-Ag. ' u. T plvqfxlsx ff Y Q Q ' ' I ' N A " - 1 5 '93 N ' .. Q 1' 'f ' tw, Fw XM w, . 'N - '!"' , 8 X Q s K HOUSING . . . Charley . . . last rites for Southeast and Early . . . Marshall Hall . . . 21 Dorm . . . UNIVERSITY CENTER . . . P.O. box . . . fish on Fridays . . . crowded tables . . . Mr. Fox . . . Saturday morning cartoons . . . REGISTRATION . . . lost Freshman . . . course cards . . . "Section 06 CLOSED" . . panic . . . confusion . . . Step 7 . . . MORATORIUM . . . for those who care. . .BURGESS FALLS. . . ? . . SPRING FLING . . . Crossville . . . rain . . . bar-b-que and brownies . . TECH . . . STUDENT LIFE debi fiske. editor -W,E, . YW Qi W M 5 ,Kwai 'wx - a .!..,..,,,.,, . K A 2,56 K W' ""'vw5i3swi Iiwil wk vu .-' .Q xl rf QA' 'Nm ,,,,. ' . Nag, V 3:-f ' - Q H N' "'1.0"' ' Q wx.. as :- -N, ' 'XP' ,X ,. wat km Q-gym WN, W M""H" S, " n "f Q ., A ww-- ' .. . .. . M A , 95' Ai--- fy -- x L I ,hy W. nw - ' A V - V c Q .V - v My J A 414, ' gm- , .,. 1" f...+.m., t K by L D--,MT ,fva f ,us A az Burgess Falls is one of ihe favorite scenic spots for Tech students. Page 18 Area parks, lakes attract students Student life at Tech is by no means limited to campus and city. When books and classes, tests and papers begin to give students feelings of confinement and con- fusion, freedom and relaxation may be found in the hills and woods surrounding the Tech campus. Several state parks are within a short drive of the campus, not to mention the large number of scenic spots in the nearby undeveloped woodland areas. The big favorite of students in the spring and summer months is Center Hill Lake, especially Floating Mill Park. This area provides various recreational activities for students such as swimming, skiing, boat- ing, fishing, camping and picnicking. Primitive scenic spots such as Burgess Falls and Cummins Falls make their beauty manifest to the Tech student the year round. Beauty such as this is some- thing to be sharedg and sharing the beauty and enjoyment of nature is one reason that Tech students enjoy close relation- ships with friends. 'HU' Debi Fiske cools her heels in one of the cool moun- tain streams in the wooded area near Tech. A ' Q . F "H-n.,, t , I6 . - -V , 5 ' . ' rig- ,., T i it T g T ' a, , i ' t "7 1. V, ' 5 il ,,,iea F i , 4 I , -Flu TT'.g9r"' Dottie Smith and Keith Qualls talre advantage of a chance to get their minds off of school. ,Y V .i 1: w., wwf' fill' 548' -7' ' Frank Collier and Kaye Poston experience the beauty of an autumn day in Tennessee. Page 19 fi .Q 9 2 c Freshmen honored during first Week on Tech campus Freshman Week at Tech is focused on the new students on campus and is used to introduce them to university life. Upperclassmen, as well as faculty and ad- ministrators, make an all out effort to welcome freshmen in becoming an active part of the university. Students are on hand to help freshmen move into the dorms, show them around campus and answer questions that might arise. Freshmen were given a chance to get acquainted with their fellow class mem- bers at a dance featuring the Poor Souls. A reception held in Memorial Gymna- sium gave them a chance to meet their fu- ture instructors. A picnic on the quad honored the new Tech students. Freshmen this year at Tech adjusted quickly and were soon taking an active part in student life. wen K is - 1- fs':.s:ffzfaz-fi, aw-f, s.,,r.r -ga., .,.- .. me - - r mare .,-f .,.,: ,.. -W 'W' straw- A an . rt.. I , o Q A Oo 1 gr 0,1 l V fi n . ,,., , .,,:f ,Pi "' F ir " fl s'c . iff e at c X Freshmen will. come to regard the Tech Eagle a s a This freshmen finds that moving into the dorm is a symbol In their lives forthe next four years. bigger job than she had anticipated Page 20 .f-fi if ...ggrf -.,.... .. Tech men are more than eager to help freshmen women move into the dorms. i a eff And' Bill LaFolletfe and Marilyn Edwards give advice to a group of new freshmen. Page 21 4 X' I X! 'xx -Q' -f , lk ,gi ,A ,,,, l i , f ,, ia l K1 if ' af' I W M A A .. ,K :iii 1. 'fo 0 vm ri Trig Loring and Sandy Dobbs try oui the newly in sfalled phones in Unit D. 11-' I ' ,dui My'7+'f. L, . i .nfo, ' Wanda Earp finds fhaf dances are Perfect for A pep rally builds enthusiasm for the coming foot- greeting old friends and making new ones. ball geagon, Page 22 K 5 J . Agfa-. ma.. ' K W ,if . kk A I ti .. .1 ss -,- ii- . . 'ff S a Jasmin , . . +1295 r .Q it . snoif Students soon find 'chemiselves back in the routine of classes, studies and rain. . snsss .s a f . 1 ,,s, . . " - if ' i - 'L A " - xffiffi . K if ' it fs-V E 542 Tk. W, fi. .3 1 is xiii - X w ft be e fig... .,-. . KA Q 'Yr' 'A' . sw.. ' ---L', sf-11.52 555:57 -ss . ffm, e .Qswifg ' 5' we w is ,s.. 1 ' . ,L"s' we s E' ' Hr ' X s-b' "1f1'fr'- in ' 1. is. ff N - - . . 5, .7 K. s,,g..yh . . ' X. '-f- F' W -Q is Mr ,. 1' ' ... .X 2- ' . N, 1 ' - we K ., WS, ,, A X 1 w Q' 54,5 1 - ,H ,. I Q3 - . K. bk ff W.--gi, X if S .as . if 'x X 3 Q S.. 1 . s , .. .5 i Mg gi .. .Mai i . .- 6,000 enroll for fall quarter With the last lingering moments of summer still fresh in their minds, 6,000 Tech students found themselves prepar- ing for a new school year. Students anticipated the reunion with friends and the excitement of meeting new people. All were eager to share the events of their summers and their hopes for the promise of an exciting fall quarter. Several improvements of interest and concern to Tech men and women wel- comed students back. Women in Units D and E returned to find phones had been installed in their rooms. Also, a dorm had been provided for women 21 years old or over in which a policy of no hours was observed. Parking areas had been changed to a color-code system. A pass-fail system was approved to begin winter quarter for seniors in good aca- demic standing. These developments helped to assure the students that fall quarter had promise. H .. .X X f fy --fx. v is A v .A . .. , x I Q .Q . - j K. in if jj X- .f ye.. wx M3 Friends gather to discuss the events of summer and plans For the new quarter. x Xyimsz . .AJP -.sr 4-40 ,gf 5 Page 23 ,.'-f-1.--1, in ,,,,..1 qv Girls in Unit A take some time out from their stud- ies to participate in a iam session. . . "Y' - use i , , -ii A M N I Q if if 4 33431 fx1:v23 K i se., iirrri 95 4 Sharon Layne finds that unlimiized hours give her extra time to spend on herself. Page 24 I!! Looks as if Donna Fusarini has been caught short- sheeting someone's bed. Unit : unlimited hours for Women This year women ages 21 and over were allowed the privilege of living in a dorm with unlimited hours. Unit A was selected as the residence for these young women. Unit A operates just as any other women's dorm except the residents are not restricted to certain hours. However, the sign-out system is still in use in the dorm. Other than the age requirement, the only other stipulation is that each woman must be willing to stay up one night a quarter to answer the door for women who wish to stay out later than 11 p.m. on weeknights and 1 a.m. on week- ends. Although Unit A was initiated only this year it has already proven successful in its operation. The smoothness of its opera- tion in this its first year is due to the co- operation of the women in the dorm, its counselors Linda Roach and Brenda Phil- lips, and the head resident, Mrs. Ralston. Dean Murphy has also contributed to the success of this system. Q9 U A but being the bright young man that he is Frannie Smith and Paul Macolly find that nil: . . . . bas its disadvantages, like a broken doorbell .... Paul finds .3 way iq fake gdvanfggq of moment, Tech Village has economic factor Married Tech students find living in Tech Village a good economic advantage -the way the majority of students must look at things. Rent is arranged so as to fit the budget of the average married stu- dent. Aside from the economic factor, Tech Village is conveniently located in relation to the campus. It also has those extras for comfort's sake which is a real advantage for the student's money. Students enjoy the availablity of a swimming pool in the summer months. They also have access to a recreation center and laundry. Apartments are attractive and can be rented with or without furniture. They have air conditioning facilities as well as heat. Students have a choice of one or two bedroom units. Debbie Botteniield, a Tech Village res- ident, iinds life in Tech Village enjoy- able. "Everyone shares common inter- ests, so friends are easy to make." big Q i .-t-4. . It ,e l. "" xxx ,fr ' f X !'l ,fa Joyce and Wayne Gleason take time out for a family jam session. Page 26 Larry finds time to study before supper. Debbie Botteniield makes sure her husband, Larry gets his fair share of kitchen duty. ..,,s,.e,.e-..5?....,s,....,, t .t.. ..... ,...,.s... ,,, K ksggtlgi,-1. ,. a 9. -ta ,. -R 5 fr ve 1 Muswell Jim Waddell and Tim Tarte can't resist the soft Dofmfesldenfs alW5Y5 find 50metl1l"'9 to 50. be if carpet in the new dressing room. counting snowflakes or showing peace signs. Menis dorms--one big happ ' This aspiring young student mixes pleasure with pain . . . stereo and studies. .5217 famll Life in the men's dorms at Tech is something one would seldom understand without having experienced it. Men oc- casionally find time to study or sleep be- tween shaving-cream fights and booby- trapping bathroom doors. Despite all the militant action that occurs in the dorms, the residents make one big happy family. This year Smith Lodge opened in the Smith Quadrangle. The lodge serves both male and female students with lounge facilities. The lodge features a game room and laundry room, a lounge with six living room suites, a television room, a snack room and an AM-FM stereo intercom system. Another new fa- cility serving Tech men is the new dress- ing room for Tech's football team. The dressing room is furnished attractively for its purpose, complete with carpeting and air conditioning. Living conditions for Tech men on campus have improved con- siderably in the past few years and the fu- ture looks even better. Page 27 Billy Edd Wheeler popular song writer was a high- light of fall quarter public programs. John Putnam was one of the interesting speakers that appeared in public programs. Page Z8 .1 g 6 Q E .ZZ ml- 4,2 1 3 i i Q l , r, .' .f .f 3 5, W' Y gb 4 bv M ,fl ,. 3: Y kk' Q Homecoming Queen Marcia Pearson and her court are all smiles as they ride in the Homecoming pa- rade. 'awk-eh 4 i X 3 -fa ffl fm K Q00 'fo My , 4 oolor W K ug Colorful displays are used to sell the traditional The brothers of AT!! start early to decorate their Homecoming flower. house for the big weekend. Page 30 Epic voya e for victorious Eagles fra-'M . Q .M , I .,. Suki' Marta Peters tries to keep the cold air away from Fulton Johns as they watch the parade. "An Epic Voyage-Follow the Eagles" was the theme for the 1970 Homecoming at Tennessee Tech. Homecoming events began on a Wed- nesday with special activities in Public Programs. Friday, Olympic games scheduled to be held on the quad were moved into the gymnasium because of snow. Sixteen teams, eight in each di- vision, entered. Up to par, the T-Club took first in the men's division while Zeta Tau Alpha captured the women's trophy for the second straight year. Tri-Sigs and ADPis won second and third, respec- tively. These places in the menfs divi- sion were won by Phi Delta Theta and Alpha Tau Omega. The spirit kickoff for Homecoming was the bonfire held Friday night. Freshmen were challenged by upperclassmen to see who could stack the highest pile of card- board in the commuter parking lot for the fire. Due to the bitter cold and snow, at- tendance was low. However, many at- tended the free dance following the bon- fire. The Southfield Expressway played for the Homecoming crowd in the Memo- rial Gymnasium. On-campus and off-campus decorations were judged Saturday morning. First prize winners were Sigma Chi for frater- nity decorations, Northeast Hall for men's dorms decorations and Unit C won first in women's dorm decorations. SNEA won organizational decorations. Later that morning crowds lined the streets to watch the parade. Queen Mar- cia Pearson and court looked radiant in spite of the bitter cold wind that whistled around their float. The IT department won first prize for the best float. That afternoon, a crowd of 9,000, shivered through Tech's homecoming game with the Austin Peay Governors. The bitter weather forced many to leave the stands, but those who remained were rewarded with a mighty 56-20 victory. Smokey Robinson and the Miracles en- tertained students and alumni in a vic- tory concert. Phi Delia Thefas prepare their house decoration for the officials to judge. ff.,-14 's. if , . 1455 Page 31 Home management house is training ground for majors Tech's Division of Home Economics held a 'tHome Economics Day" in Febru- ary for teachers and students from the Nashville area. Persons who attended the program were treated to a fashion show, tours of the campus and discussions of college life by Tech students. The home management house is instru- mental in helping the Division achieve its threefold purpose: the maximum devel- opment of the individual, achievement of a richer and more satisfying life, and pro- fessional specialization for various types of home economics positions. 6 lj There is always something to keep the home man- agement house residents busy. Page 32 Lynn Russell and Nancy Heislcell find it takes team- worlc to get things done. r-""""""' :D-xx Home economics students watch a demonstration on cleaning an electric waffle iron. 5 Larry Head examines samples from one of the crops planted by agriculture majors. Tech ggies hold national meetings, Graves honored Tennessee Tech's Division of Agricul- ture has achieved recognition for various activities and achievements this year. Its plant evaluation program was rated the best in the Southeast. Delta Tau Alpha, a national honorary agricultural fraternity, elected as its presi- dent, Ron Graves, a Tennessee Tech stu- dent in the Division of Agriculture. Tech was host to the national meeting of Delta Tau Alpha last spring quarter. The Division of Agriculture has held several other events such as the South- eastern Soil Judging contest fall quarter, and the State Soil Judging contest for FFA and 4-H clubs last spring quarter. Dennis Cunningham inspects the roots of a cotton plant on Tecl'1's Shipley Farm. Shoveling. Page 33 "-.f2r:,g- K, aff- 'N " H ' f f Wigwam' ., Y- -may , . , The creative writing class helps students in devel- oping and refining their creative ability. Arts and Sciences offers new services The College of Arts and Sciences has a number of improvements and new ser- vices to offer the students this year. Dr. Hunter of the biology department started a student-centered curriculum in the basic biology courses. The department has added a student lounge and library in the Biology building. A new 1620 IBM Computer has been added to the math department. In the department of sociology and philosophy a race relations course has been added, and the aspect of furthering sociology is now emphasized. Also, the first year chem- istry program sponsored aid to the stu- dent by means of an audio-tutorial sys- tem and a television. The department of English has added several new courses, the creative writing and creative writing-poetry courses being of special interest. The College shows promise of more improvements next year. Page 34 Chemistry students are tutored by tape in the Chemistry Department's audio-tutorial session. r ' ' ff. Z L 'K r 5. .... A lf- Q Sv my Vf,,.,, 'U MM 5 ,fa v ,M W 25 A ,H ,Q A , . my 'iff , ',w'W"w ' In , K ,Z , V, ,znqwm ,. Y-Uni" ff-P' W ' ' , M. , W.-.fa 'K x- ' A ...P " 'af 'WL' 4 ,, ' , , Q .W M, L-704 , ' -h , f -D ff' 5 ,,1,,,,, , M WM ,,,,, , , , ' 'f"iWq,, ., K, . I ' ., f v f , y ,.m6n.,. . -I his W , W-. ,s 'W ,, V H "" n, W ,I as ab u " 'f Wg' ., , 1--,wiv M. , in 4, ' ,U f V ,,,,,,,,,,K -f f 7 - ,NY E , " sk N ,y 'Vg . .. N in 'K up 'f - ... ,,,, .: A good reason for taking Nafure Sfudy is fhat the classroom has no walls-just sky and earth. ev f ep 0 -,a . -, -wus' ,. -f - ,A 1 Z 5 W. I 3 W 44" 5: 4? Ah ,Amp 555 1,-.-.3 11:5-5' l W ' Looo M Mex , R., 43224 .Q M' 3 Dr. Hunter finds an informal atmosphefe is best for the new biology class seminar. 'Q 144.90-.Z 1 Page 35 Engineers display Work Winter quarter The College of Engineering is one of the most notable colleges in Techjs uni- versity system. Aside from the standard training offered by the curriculum, the college does consultant work in the sur- rounding area with projects such as Proj- ect Concern. Winter quarter of each year, the Col- lege of Engineering celebrates Engineer's Day sponsored by Engineering Joint Council CEJCJ as part of the observance of National Engineering week. The theme for this year's Engineer,s Day was "Engineering in the Seventies? Exhibits this year did not emphasize exercises in technical process only, but attempted to show what the engineer does on the job and how he prepares for the job. Each department sponsored a proj- ect and cash awards were presented to first, second and third place winners in competition. Among the displays offered were laser beams, models of Saturn V, earthquake simulator and an acoustical fountain. ri It l , , assi' f ,- 3 s E' ' X itat, if sc Buster Walker explains an exhibit to students and visitors taking an Engineer's Day tour. v Engineer's Day gives engineering majors a chance It's not easy to understand the operation of these 'co show oFf their skill. machines, even with professional help. Page 36 mf . Jef 999 If ,NN 'S-.. WN R U mf ffri 'V This machine measures ihe sirengih of buildings in terms of ability to withstand earthquakes. Page 37 b if Linda Roach gets a preview fession while student teaching. Education,Business experience growth The College of Education formerly housed solely in the Education Building has expanded its facilities to include Bar- too Hall. The Learning Materials Center located in the Education Building pro- vides extra facilities for research and ref- erence so important to education majors. Student teachers this year had difficulty finding positions in schools because of the large number of education majors sched- uled to student teach. The old business building, Kittrell Hall, is beginning to feel crowded too. Students and professors are looking for- ward to moving into the new business building scheduled for completion by next fall quarter. Page 38 of the teaching pro- -.-.----.Q- aan--n--a-Q as 8, , ,,. .I ...,.m.-....-....-.........--.. as-...f..,.,....-....,....-.-.-- -...-.-1...-1-vm '?..."...""'...".W"'..2"...-a-. -.. Q... . - ... W..a..V.....-..--.-.--....-M.-.--.- ....--..--.-........----.. -.-...-.......V.-.. ..........m,...-.....,....-..................w,..v..-.. awww..,..-..a.....-.-.---......--.-.....-... ga. an nn. V -no T"..2"..T'.-",..1'...-"'m"'vM"'.,.""..." J...-"" .-ug--. -. .W W .a ... mi .- wwuuwq-Mmmmgp-011,-Q..-4 ...........,.............., .:':,."...':..-'.."'.."',..."'..-'.."'..."".'.f ..,............................... -....-...Q-......... .fun una an-magna'-..-. 'num-a--.-1-vnu M, .M- new-.U-au...--..--1 mm -.av-anne'-4.-.-ia. aa- -:- ....-.....-..- .1--quam.-.-upquvn-I--nu -4.-...--4-mn...--1. -.-..a-.-.u.Qn.-.- 2- ....-...-...-...-....,-............-.-.---.- el---......--ia.-...-----.1-.-.... ..-....- - -.-. -. .--.. .---..........-. an- -.......- ... --.-.1-Va..--- -.,.--...-.- .-H...---.--. V ......- ...,........................ fi 2'lA."""'T.-:23-"....,.""3:'-?.1'L.'Ti'-2'.-'7.'Ii1' N...-vnu...-.-,- -...--.w...........-.1 -...-K-aa-..-u.. ---wrap.-n...--.a E we-if.,-.-.-.r,.H.,....... 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T V if n?'f yr. v,l18k'57-?L..".L'21i'A'.G.."'Lf.'T'..".'!.T.1."'LlZ"lY T.::,f'L.:'f:':.."..":-2f.2s7T'tf':' 'ffigi ?7"1:' Mfm -7 ef'-Q"-'T-1f"J"fi -"YT-1 - 4, '-en -Q .' ,- wi Y2"'..-"'..."L,T."'.,,.."..."'..."I.f?g'.'7'ZIL'."'5' Q"'il1'f'..,'LLl.'ZZ'.."...'.."'-."1'LTt'W, "f4r':,y1E-..: -312-45 4':"""'-4'4'f'5r-A V-'V "FY 2 "" A ' ,, 'i "f" iT5E-Ei-345-:.-LTI.'W " A V L':.::"..:'.':':...'K,H K 'fr r,f"...':,:'fr'nf'.L,.""":"l""'wf-:?f: 73: ZQ 4' fi an f -fwiigxiliw T V V WM , ' , 1':.i"3,..""...Z.iTI,.ZZ.7I.'.L:Z..i"",....'1f"i V .4.,g,,4,g.,,..,,,,i1z.T,"J,.I7'3,L'.g,,.: JV wif 'ffi'ge?yV7ti X ,ff t we-','5,':2M1'f.'vr1i3ww:i':fe ,::.1f23e.mw V JfVff1a1,w- my" is s l gr A , W, , , :,:'.:,g-,,,,'eg,gg,':,.g,, W VV VV- ie' V, V llll t s ,f 3 "".."f.'.:1':'.:t'r:Q.:mV:. - .afvflnf ,i , f ' .. ' is V "':2'11"2'1mg2t' 'W r ,W wrt ' we . Q vii" W'-fl M525-f V'Z.,Q.L..f.2?" .:Xx'L:.'L:c:,.:f.. W fV -fx, ma.,, Hs, .-,,1,g , M p mag K ' ,V -eg M "M . , , ,, -,,fj",fw i", , I " fmf. 1 Qs, ' :t:.z':,,:cz "'ka " A K 'W Vi VV-- - ' ' tl wiv-1f:,YQV,whl WiL,LL..:.,,ci I Q M lm A M ,M 'V-N-I -T-fa, ,,., 0 .W--K .-.-.vp H Tim? ,, 355, I K. .. ' V A- fi U' '-ifA:"'lWa4.i 7 ' W ' f ' - N ' -V - V ,, . -M . l.,i : 3 af - :ff ' , we 1. "'f".. gig- 1 5s - g . , , b ,W 'f 'we' - ,V Vi -. V -'. 'ns-M' -' f 1 r ' '- if 'r Q t ,wi A -' -V A , iv" , '?"N"""" '- A " ,f' F, 2' :i,,5Qf" V.,""i27.-',f ' . ig, ' b. , V 'ef f - ' f g,g.,,, 1 2 V - we-, Q 'lf' ' x ' 2 M152 v., , 47 ' X 3 a..-- "'1. wV-ky ..i f,, , milf, ' :L ,NA I ' ' . ' '-fa. A--Leg- " W- V A... the Business Administration Building will replace Kittrell Hall. Near completion, ,f Derryberry Hall's steps give art students an excel- lent view ofthe campus. X r.- K Phi Kappa Phi installation honors students, faculty Phi Kappa Phi national honor society was installed on the TTU campus winter quarter of this year. Forty-five under- graduates, four faculty members and Five graduate students accepted invitations to join and were installed in March in cere- monies held in Concert Auditorium. Initiation activities and a banquet fol- lowed the installation. Tennessee Tech is the second univer- sity in the state of Tennessee to be granted a chapter of Phi Kappa Phi honor society. Phi Kappa Phi recognizes and encourages superior scholarship in all areas of study. To be eligible for mem- bership in the society, juniors must rank in the top five per cent of their class. Seniors and graduate students must rank in the top 10 per cent of their class. TTU already boasts of 30 of its faculty members being members of Phi Kappa Phi. Tech feels honored to have a pro- gram such as this to come to its campus as it is the only organization on campus to recognize achievement in all iields of study. , Q At its charter installation. Phi Kappa 53 members. i installed isp? 4 LJ-J -r it "' A ,gganil Dean Wallace Prescott signs the charter of the Dr. Richard Savage congratulates a new Phi Kappa new honorary society. Phi. Martha Brown. Page 39 Pla ers bring live theatre of high qualit to campus Both the Tech Players and the Wesley Players are deserving of credit for bring- ing live theatre of outstanding quality to the Cookeville area as well as to the Tech campus. Although Wesley players are not directly connected with Tennessee Tech, they make use of theatrical talent on the Tech campus in their productions. Tech players are under the direction of the new dramatics coach, Douglas Tid- well. Tidwell hopes to bring academic theatre to the area through university productions. Under his direction, the Tech players performed f'Star-Spangled Girlv a musical comedy by Neil Simon with Pam Limbaugh, Bruce McGlaughlin I r-'La -Q Tech Players Pam Limbaugh, Steve Vlesifield. and Bruce McGlaughlin act in "Star-Spangled Girl." Page 40 .3 ,Q and Steve Westfield. William Saroyan's pulitzer prize win- ning play, "The Time of Your Life'l was the next production. This play was con- cerned with the "do-your-own-thing" generation of today. Scott Galbraith, who portrayed a millionaire philosopher who sat in a bar all day giving money away, had the leading role. Among other productions was HA Thurber Carnivalv performed by Tech students and several players not con- nected with the university. "The Odd Couplei' was performed by the Wesley players under the direction of Margery Hargrove. l l 1 Q E , v it "et X Hal Denton and Mary Linda Elrod dance in "A Thurber Carnival" performed by Wesley players. Tech Players have done well in making their parts authentic and alive for their audience. PAHRA strives to lift restrictions on Tech Women The Peace and Human Rights Alliance CPAHRAJ was recognized by TTU this year as a campus organization. PAHRA was formed Oct. I5 following a prayer service held in Derryberry Hall as a me- morial to the dead of the Vietnam War. Membership in PAHRA is open to all students, faculty and administrative per- sonnel. PAHRA sponsored a memorial and candle light march for peace in observ- ance with the nationwide moratorium. The group also sponsored a petition sug- gesting changes in women,s hours, off- campus housing for women and entertain- ing of women in menls residences. The petition with approximately 2,000 signa- tures showed evidence of discontent with present policies. Largely through the efforts of PAHRA, restrictions on junior and senior women were lifted. PAHRA sponsors a candlelight march around the quad in observance of the moratorium. L GIGIT on au Nov. I3 EM A SLAC MUBAND Blacl: armbands become a symbol o'F peace on Tech's campus during the national peace morato- rium. 5 if I ' . ,WM it an i ISM . T i' a- ,yu -,,. , f 375' 'Yi' i f ' w' fz-,ff.vLf- H ..,, . V- . - - we Music for the annual military ball was provided by the 8Ist Army Dance Band. ROTC re-evaluated--chan es beneficial When the Reserved Officers Training the number of classroom hours were de- CF' Corps was reappraised this year, Tech's creased. military science department did some re- Structurally, the ROTC system was di- evaluating, too. A changeover from an vided into four units. MSIV,s were the emphasis on learning facts to practicing officers, From this group, the cadet bri- problems made the curriculum more in- gade commander, John T. Bobo, and bat- tefesting- talion commanders were chosen. Innovation and involvement were the Tiger Company was the MSHFS- The keys to the new program. The new ap- proach encouraged students to learn through practical experience. Leader- ship laboratory carried this concept to its fullest. Thursday afternoon drill was reno- vated. To get away from the strict left and right aspect of marching, the ROTC Though Situ-Htivns and ideals Change, department extended the classroom to the The major PUTPOSCS Of the militant Omcef drill field. Exercises in several practical training system does not. Since its begin- courses such as map-reading were given. ning, it has worked toward providing the Through this system of involvement, country with intelligent leaders. men in this group prepared for the annual summer camp at Fort Bragg, N. C. These men constitute the units on the drill field. MSI's and II's were the freshman and sophomore students. These men ac- counted for the masses on the drill field. Col. and Mrs. Edward Downing lead the dancing al: the Dance of the Brigade. Page 42 '7' "' " , ,fdlvv-?f"':vs I, h-Nw! ,, ,HY sv wi fa vpn Military field exercises give studenfs the opportu- niiy io malre off icer-decisions. 'v""W"- f t M. , ,,..v:' .' ,Jaw 9 .. v' ,,.,2-L. 'f , - 'ma -1 1-1 wi -5 Q Q .av f -' rzf Vi' wr-.M :gage I. , , ,. 4. ,P fy i., M ',' K. .MAA T C. r, , . 4 i -m, ,,.- . ,, 4. J, T ,T Aiwa A ' . . W., ,Ky 4 , ' V' M"-f-li ff '-2' ij W A, A V 1 V,., e ,M N A Y T A -,a 'gf V M 'f 'y , yffyitv ,Vp - f.-T F, '. 'M ,g,- ap' ' A if Sa 'gf Af' 5, 551, .salsa .5fi,iff5,2lZ1?lQ,,:'?QQ, is ,,,, gg kb, T yy 5 ,3,f,ggf,Zf,, T is F T fg3g3i,3pgf'X45 'ff' r.ef,5r55fs"T?24SQ251 T 1' 2 T, '--F. 'Th' Y J.. ' H "k?'V"'f :"O:'Wl' 'X-'V' . M A SGW'-"Q5.x"l"fl'5N56 iff K. it H A f1'5?'i,f:gi9Z,.:5'4 4'ff2?fi!,i23l".gl3'?'3.'l I 'T-'QL Y, 4 ' I ,-mzfj 1 ',7w',g.. ,I ig QM, ,, .,f' 56 af M ' ,V f fire "iw P Q' fifim "'f'ww'i','5"i"':i""' Q NZ W wi' MX 'hi , ,W,r , ,f Q ,.,.L1., ,177 .tp . , J.. ,, hx, Al . 'fl' Q., ' :ff Mliefv Z K gi 'Sill ,iLf,"lizF1'rf ".1-ml' 59.372 -1- ' '82 as T K' "Z 'av - The Rebel Rifle K ,- s march in the Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans. , hw in 'V :l is sv U Q55 ' xy l I C I xv il ,U L , gi n f ff' ik '- :L I if 3 51 , V 2 I l -il , I . .ll ' I gg ' ' x il R E T Trix l ii, ROTC d sponsor Julia Dowell helps publicize Tech an ROTC during Career Day. Page 43 Gift from local paper aids Oracle I 2'ff ii fi tr - Managing editor Randell Higgins uses one of the light tables in the Oracle office. 2' 4 Q. ,IWW ,,,,.-...,...-Q 'Ze A gift of two Justowriters from the Cookeville Herald-Citizen, newspaper, enabled the Oracle staff to move compo- sition work to the Oracle oH'ice from a commercial print shop. Other equip- ment, except a press, was purchased to complete a print shop section. Editors of the Oracle were given the right to cover the Student Activities and Welfare committee meetings through the efforts of the committee chairman, who also set restrictions on what the edi- tors could report. An editorial board of student editors and other experienced reporters was es- tablished. Meetings were held on Fri- days after publication to discuss the com- ing weekls issue and to make editorial- writing assignments. The Oracle has received only one rating below MA-Plus" during the past eight years from the National School Newspa- per Association. The Oracle is published weekly by a staff of volunteer workers. A special magazine section noting Engi- neer's Day was published in February. Na... M47 James Loggins, business manager, tries to convince Evfr l:ryif19 to l'eeP the SPOR5 lnfofmiflon Correa- a former editor, Rebecca Earhart, of the impor- M'lfe P"lle labels 5 Pmtufe- tance of advertising. Page 44 ,f av ,, , , JQGQ f he Q W 'IV' l fi rf!-'fx kg, 3, lofi", if hw ...,,.,: AM' X' Copy editor Rebecca Parvin checlrs a pasteup for typographical errors. X Hix Stubblefield, publications consultant, tries to help his confused editors. s. K J if KN -X Students watch as the new student union nears its completion. at 5-TN These Tech beauties vie for the title of Ugliest Man on Campus. Page 46 Campus activities involve all students , . 'Xl' S ' 4 4 L '.1 if 'iii 'V , Alwla 'F ' V, g , Y' is t N, r Rug . ,, l,J,,VfT.0' U ,I Q w iv g lij pi' A 4 ,I Q. 9- 1 g, ibL,.Q,!,i3.'gLi,A , IM? f. , ,. N vi., . A s A in affix, V y ,sv-i. A A ' f ,va-fa l 1 A , ,, pm: ay f ilhf l ,e e-N, X W 12" il. xnxx . my 4 -Bl KJ A W A ' ggjw . " Q Y i 3 T'lX. i,"3'q13' EM a a J " . N ...R 1 S 1 K Q- .Q '.7Q,.i,' 1p+RTn in 'V ml t:RM,'.'f'f'lPafwxf ' Q 'l l A I 21' X. it ,l- -if e i 1 an a i n. .. ,X-wi i hw . V V . rg ,Q fy A25 S fiagglib i if X I ' N :lg " "Pm: -r ,. 5 L E ,"i Sa if .nil 3 E ' N "aff, S rf ' 2 V A U5 , ff' 4 gl g e ,. A ,gy 1 -li, . -9' Y 3 Eg? .f fe ,fi-vi: a Ze:."Q."e:'fv1'i.g...'..:- '11 A Yami e ' ,.,- 'ff 'Q' v' fi -- . a i,xNw . in I , , l. al ,V .. .N P ,K , -was-.-4, vc'-f .-.. , Students falre advantage of a warm fall day lo do some lasi minute studying before class. N L in Snowy weather is a lime for busting 'friends in the head with snowballs. M li, Tech Slrydivers aitend the National Collegiate Championship in Phoenix, Arizona. Page 47 Tommy James and the Shondells captivate the Spring Fling audience with "Sweet Cherry Wine." Weather fails Neither rain, nor cold, nor a poor sound system prevented Tech students from participating in Spring Fling Week- end activities. A street dance scheduled for Thursday afternoon to ofiicially begin the weekend was cancelled because of rain. Thursday night approximately 4,000 students saw Sigma Chi win Grand Prize in Carnicus for the "Highjacking." First prize in the men's division Went to Alpha Tau Omega. Phi Mu Won iirst prize in the women's division. Friday night, Tommy James and the Shondells performed before an enthusias- tic and thrilled audience, despite ampli- lication problems. Cumberland Mountain State Park in Crossville was the site of the All-Campus Picnic on Saturday. Food and fun were the orders for the day. "Let yourself go!" was taken literally by many. The picnic ended in time for everyone to get back to Tech for the Alumni-Var- sity football game. Page 48 - - so . . 3 0 V E., i'l K K .E .A K . Q . ' f 'Ne F "Since this is a spring fling, let's fling!"-any Tech student during this weekend. to stop pring Flin 'M' -wie . P 9- ' - . txt 5' .L ,-ifiiliif 7 W i - 5 1' " f ,.ri'x-'w3.,f!V'? .j17:f,J?',-'f-' " Q '?f,:'l3 ' i To the woods, to the woods. . . ,fe if r ,1 i r Sigma Chis capiure the grand prize in Carmcus Good food ns always the trademark of the All with their performance of "The Highjacklng Campus plcnlc Allen Ray demonsiraies his athlefic group of amused onlookers. 'gfh .5 a':'7-YL , , f qi! 13' 'ii lk' 535. R533 llll Z!!! Bl!! Bill KISS NIUE nl!! lx lil! llll I P2'F 57 Ill llll Blll hill Hill Hill 33' mi Ill! il? Amid the hustle and bustle of spring quarter activ- ities some students find time to study. 1 !Ullf uiH"M Students try to hang on to the last fleeting mo- ments ot spring. To seniors of '70 spring is a sign that one phase of their lives is nearing completion. Page 50 '3- K Q r V Qqoiwilfe nn!! al 'Y' --,-..- 040-' 44,1-:paw-n-, -nav 'libre' wa Wav ,QQ NWN SP' SHI ALPHA .-' AMERICAN HRH r-HN" ATHLETE . . . Skill . . . practice . . . determination to succeed . . . THE GAME . . . BASEBALL . . . Barney Dickey. . .100 hits. . . 20-I0-I . . . TRACK . . . cinder track . . . Chilton 400-yard relay . . . TENNIS . . 20-2 OVC Championship . . . TIAC Champs . . . . - . . - 0 GOLF . . . Alexander . . . Barrett . . . Kelly . . . FOOTBALL . . . Schreiber . . . 4421 . . . Shinny-ninny . . . Great season . . . 5-5 . . . BASKETBALL . . . Inman's debut at top . . . the year of BOSNAK . . . cliyj'-hanger finishes . . . Kennon and Evans-new for the F rosh . . . ATHLETICS . . . excitement . . . fame showmanship . . . FINALE . . . SPORTS Inexperience marks Eagles debut A young Golden Eagle football team opened the season against Northwestern Louisiana State College in an explosively offensive game. A total of 59 points were scored and 805 yards of total of- fense were marked up. Tech played a tremendous first half. Larry Schreiber began his senior year rushing for two touchdowns and 181 yards in the first half, finishing the game with 255 yards-an OVC single game record. Tech went to the locker room with a 24-14 edge. The second half was dominated by Northwestern as the Blue Devils plowed through the Eagle defense, rolling up 263 rushing yards and scoring three touch- downs. The Eagle offense managed only 8l total yards and was held scoreless. Thus, the Eagles dropped a 35-24 deci- sion in its first home game. All-American Larry Schreiber begins to see vsions of a possible TD . . "Hi :i7'li' 'f -v f - i Q. ---iii-QQ., maxim 'Wm W Q Qian .iw fi r'-' , Q wma, , ,ffm M M., ,, M., . V-I 'W , - . ., .V W I .,,f ,. , ,V ,mm V A ,,,wta,wV' , WM g K .ft V' fav' a- ' . ' ' ' ...V is 'Q fu. 5 new ff" M-we 4549 ifwz' V .ff 'f V' WS! ey,-me i V . g ,J LW Q W f M- f ,, . . ,. 1' N. . if - ' -N , V1 ' ,s'a!D.f if W:'f ' ,is ,, K':' L., W i-,L.g' 'rii VW iW"?'2!f"'fiij:...iwg,Q'i w "l jr I z I ' V 'N U 'A' V V 'M ,,,,, mill? iw as a i .- neg P 1 3 , 4, . an em ,gm -:V '49 'Y 'Ph av -'HH Q .. wif , ,, H 1 ,, W. fn at ml if me 4' t 'X if an, f ,,' -af ,qs 4, ,,, ,J Q V .. ,...,, M, qw. aa, ,,V .. F ei W , ., fifggtf, V' " Wu ' 5 L ' i 'V "tw . " - if of Q, wg W' " .V Mgga W fr'-af -:An . ,., '- Hifi' 'V af' ,, -, V. , " '-I , , U .V l' Q""'fr if W ""' V :Wu 5 ' ' -an-V fmt' V' Q4TiM'ms93'3 , L. 0 , tg . ,. -W " ww- V " .. Gm, - K' me .,MV"'f,a 1-.,,,,, ww, , rzrferfm W Eagles down first O C opponent Murray, Kentucky was the site of the Eagles' next encounter and their first OVC battle. The Eagles were anticipating a heavy aerial attack. They were minus ace pass defender, Jim Waddell, who suf- fered a knee injury in practice. However, the Eagles rose to the occa- sion in an exciting sec-saw battle. The first half saw Tech leading 14-7. ln the second half, Murray tied the score, and the sec-saw battle continued. With less than two minutes remaining in the game, Buddy Warwick, left corner back, pro- vided the climax by intercepting a Mur- ray pass. With 25 seconds remaining, Larry Schreiber carried the ball six times to score the winning touchdown. This victory was a result of excellent teamwork and individual performances. Schreiber, Bill Swaggerty, Warwick and James Husky were all cited by Coach Wade for superb performances. Linebacker Bill Perkins receives instructions from headquarters. V ,VV. f r"' ' W-ara., ,fr ...air-MVV ilr rr i , lrsr illtfV...'i't'M r W' M t it M 0-at -ff ,, -5:,wa4 , 'v-t 1 t't"' ..,, q1,Q5wji. ,,,' .K jk, AKL: -iif ,gp ,,, .., LL.. H ,L V, , J iv VV 53,8 V., QM: "ws, fre- '-'f- -V .V MQ, ,M ., 'WN W . , J . ,,,, .gf wana, 'si 'Y , . , , , , QW 'ii' ' V . i... ' 'i', ,i,' 1-wb V . Y 1 Tx VVVA Q., ,, V giggfihfi ,,.. it , ,,, ,V M , W"'ML57" Vf r ' V N' V fewru 4wf2?"7' '-Wu-V,,.. "P 'V W., i 'ff , ' ', itv, 1 V N V fi Q .,. ff' V V 4'kiV4"" ' ' VM. A i f "V ' 2.42" ,, ,, V, 1, ,, , V,,,g.V ,,,,, . Vi s . V mn , . ,, V A V V M . V ' .. .V V L .... ,'.-- ,,,, W , V A, ' ,. 4, A ' " A 5 was 'W Wir-Va.. ii" rad ,-i'j,,,.' 'lg , jak' MV x " 4 , A' airy '25 1- " " -V. -' VV W' ' W """"'7J-' My w . ' V . ' ' V ' '3 V " The blocking paid off as Schreiber scores six more. Page 55 Mistakes costly-Arkansas Wins After the exhilarating victory over Murray, the Eagles were ready to take on nationally ranked Arkansas State. However, the young and inexperienced Eagles were unable to match their pre- vious performance. Petty mistakes and a fumbled punt late in the game allowed the Indians to score and win 29-22. Despite the loss, individuals continued to shine. Steve Dennison earned Tech's g'Back of the Week" honor for his two touchdowns and a 52-yard kickoff return. Jim Bishop was named top offensive line- man for his six receptions and outstand- ing blocking. David Francis received "Top Defensive Backu for his six unas- sisted tackles and a pass interception. Larry Schreiber played his usual superb game gaining 107 yards. The Eagles continued to have their problems the following week against East Tennessee State University. The Eagles offense completely broke down as Tech fumbled four times leading to three Buc- caneer scores. Bill Perkins, linebackerg David Francis, defensive backg and Schreiber were cho- sen as the outstanding players. Senior fullback Steve Dennison looks for daylight against Arkansas Slate. is ,ff if ' A 1 , a if -. 9 ,Q ' 5 . 1 sift'-2i??'gg.3 . -W x im, Offensive linemen Phil Rice, Paul Macolly, Gary Herting and company check the measurement. Page 56 tes 2 x as-sf. ss, J - 5 The suicide squad eagerly awaits the kickoff to Ar- kansas State. New star emerges after Western loss Tech suffered its most crushing defeat against the mighty Hilltoppers from Western Kentucky. The Eagles were trampled 42-O in a one-sided game that left little praise for the team's overall per- formance. Defensive back Joe Mulvihill, tackle John Chuy, guard Bill Swaggerty were the only bright spots in an otherwise dis- mal day as they each sparkled with excel- lent performances. The Young Eagles showed signs of ma- turing with their next battle against More- head as a new leader emerged to spark the team. Scrappy Steve Alley, 5-I0 freshman quarterback, led a brilliant sec- ond half attack completing five of six passes for 123 yards. His leadership in- spired both offense and defense to out- standing performances as Tech defeated Morehead 2l-6. Defensive end Doug Lewey excelled in plugging gaps, and safety Joe Mulvihill snared three timely interceptions. The entire defensive unit was outstanding in containing the More- head offense. Sparkplug Steve Ailey hurls one of the six passes he attempted against Morehead. Seniors Larry Schreiber, J. R. Mulvihill and Steve Dennison meet the challengers. 3 4 ff . Eiiiboist' at -' , 4 u Q ff Q "f , - - 1 . . l llcey Torbett stands on the bench to cheer his Gary Harley U71 assists the referees in signaling teammates to success. decisions to the fans. Confidence shown in defeating UC ,fb Page 58 With the confidence of a jelling defense and a potential aerial threat to comple- ment the consistent rushing game, the re- vived Eagles travelled to Chattanooga. This confidence was matched by the team's splendid performance in defeating the Moccasins 23-11. Schreiber gained 203 yards making him the seventh player in collegiate history to gain 4000 yards. Buddy Warwick was named top defensive player for his fine defensive play. Also cited were Bill Per- kins, Jim Bishop and John Trainor. The Eagles, despite a solid overall ef- fort from the defense, were unable to handle Eastern Kentucky. Tech man- aged only one touchdown in losing 17-7. Defensive back Jim Waddell, and tac- kle David Berryhill were given defensive honors, and fullback Dale Woodard and center Paul Macolly merited offensive laurels. "Face guards weren't made 'for men who drink!"- David Francis. 6 points scored against A SU Eagles Marty Jenkins 1861. John Matlock i8li and Mike Defino U91 prepare a bruising tackle. On a windy and snowy homecoming af- ternoon, the Tech Eagles were ready to meet the challenge of Austin Peay. Although the crowd was freezing, the weather only served as impetus to the fired-up Eagles. With eight minutes remaining in the first half, quarterback Ailey entered the game and led Tech to its first touchdown. He emerged the second half to engineer a 96-yard scoring drive, highlighted by Schreiber rushing to mid-field and a sur- prise 45-yard bomb to end Terry Weber. Thereafter, the game belonged to Tech. The Eagles put their highest score on the board in 19 years-56. A converted defensive back won the "Offensive Back" award, as senior Grady Brown did an outstanding job at blocking in his new position at fullback. He led 45 plays and scored a touchdown. John Trainor was again voted top of- fensive lineman. Linebacker Bill Per- kins was given the defensive award for his two interceptions and Hiiawless line- backinf' Ron Slaven merited defensive honors for his interception and .fumble recovery. Bill Swaggerty was also hon- ored for his hard hitting and superior play. Defensive back Ron Slaven pursues APSU's All- - American candidate Harold Roberts. Page 59 . . I Am, we 5, gf. We ff isix ni hiirhiivg ,"' f"ii"""'a't'u' suing ali, 7 X VL gun. ""' " A ,ff t' W 'A A --if -" 10 qs- t ' - page-... 'll gk John Fitzpatrick i361 'falls to Jim Waddell's i201 assistance after Waddeil's interception. .si , SEA.. , L ,L chreiberis injury doesngt stop Tech Tech's homecoming was marred only by the unfortunate injury to the irreplace- able Larry Schreiber. Before his injury, Schreiber gained 219 yards against the Governors. Schreiber ended his collegi- ate career with 4,421 total yards as well as numerous other records. However thc teammates who contrib- uted to the success of Schreiber also rose to the challenge of assisting Roger Hill. Against Middle Tennessee State Uni- versity, the Eagles exhibited perfect teamwork. The Eagles trailed 7-0 for a short time, but poised quarterback Ailey and end Bishop combined for the tying 'F' -L 1 .ii W IV -'lactic ' I 5 I W Q t , . 1 . .... l TD. The Eagles dominated the action for the remainder of the game. lnterceptions by Huskey and Perkins sti- tied possible Raider scoring threats. As time ran out, Tech was credited with a 21-7 victory. Schreiber was named OVC Player of the Year as well as Little All-American. Bill Swaggerty and J. R. Mulvihill were also named to the All-OVC Team. Re- ceiving honorable mention were Jim Bish- op and Perkins. Thus. the young Eagles grew from in- experienced and sometimes erratic indi- viduals to a poised and mature team. S iiiiiif iiiii 'iilznti S ...f .L , "F "M"""f1ii-"l.a:i A .. ,. , Ax . l yi f ,,.- X Felled in the Homecoming tilt, an injured Schrei- ber watches his teammates defeat arch-rival MTSU Thanksgiving Day. Hey, Dum Dum, l'm on your side!"-J. R. Mulvi- hill 5. ,Mamet The Lineup Player Steve Ailey Russ Quay Charles Acerra Buddy Warwick David Fair Garry Harley Steve Strickland Jim Waddell Turney McDowell Larry Conatser Tony Ashburn David Francis Rusty Wiggins Vincent Ingle Ronnie Slaven J. R. Mulvi-hill Jud Hickey Roger Hall Dale Woodard Tom Mecke Larry Schreiber Jerry Waites John Fitzpatrick Bob Bell Ottis Phillips Don Patricca Mike Martel Pos. QB QB SE DB OB QB DB DB Flk FB DB DB Flk TE DB DB NG FB FB LB TB LB DB DB Flk DB HB Butch Gentry DB-Spec. DB Grady Brown Roger Hill Steve Dennison Bobby Cromwell Barry Schwartz Bradley Baker Paul Macolly Bill Perkins Ron McNabb Jim Thomas Ben Thompson Mike Miller Craig Basile Lorraine Huggins Mike Johnson Dennis Wilson Gary Herting John Westmoreland Mike Clark Alan Stephens David Berryhill James Huskey Mike Wood Lafayette Spears Buford Self Phil Rice Bill Swaggerty Mike Schryburt John Chuy Tim Tarte Jim Werden John Tanner Howard Cochran Hollis Bolin John Trainor Mike Defino Harry Abofs John Matlock Ikey Torbett Terry Weber Doug Lewey Pat Malcolm Marty Jenkins Charles Engle Jim Bishop Ken Kudrey TB FB LB LB OT C LB LB C Spec. C LB OG DB OT OG OG OG MG NG LB DE DT OG OG OT DT DT DT OT OT DT DT OT DT Flk-TE DE DE SE DE DE DE TE TE TE Fr. srrr L- ' ,134-sf 5-5 Team Results C D Tech Opp. Northwestern La. 24 35 Murray State 28 2l Arkansas State 22 29 East Tennessee State 7 30 Western Kentucky 0 42 Morehead 21 6 UT Chattanooga 23 ll Eastern Kentucky 7 17 Austin Peay 56 20 Middle Tennessee 2l 7 Jam Bishop leaps high an the asf to pun dawn .3 I spectacular catch. ., ,ec .. ,ge ut.- 7 ,ssv r . - Umph! Defensive end Johln Matlock delivers ushing blow to a MTSU Page 61 Eagles fly to After u promising start, winning their hrst three games, Teeh's basketball Ea- gles began to lose. their magic touch. They lost four of their next five, and from then on the Eagles had to light to prevent a losing season. Their battle was in vain, however, as the Eagles dropped six of their last seven games. All six losses were in OVC con- tentiong thus, the eagemen ended the sea- son with a 4-l0 mark in the OVC, and a IO-I5 overall record, F' .fi After leading a 'fast brealr, Bill Bland tires a hook shot over a Chattanooga defender. Page 62 fast startg Win s cut later Qi V Leading scorer Art Bosnalr tosses in another two points against Austin Peay. N. 'F S5-.. gs ls. - .. " --w-mu.-...,., W Gb-A 1 , ., Mk eniors shine with sophomores? support Seven-footer Art Bosnak, the tallest player in Tech history, emerged as the team's leading scorer with 388 points on a 15.5 point average per game. Bosnak ranked in the top three in the OVC with a 50.9 shooting percentage from the field. Following Bosnak in scoring honors was sophomore Rich Stone who compiled 364 points for his first varsity season. Stone, in the forward position, captured the rebounding honors with an average of 10.5 per game. Captain Ron Sutton completed his var- sity eareer with a game average of 13.5 bounds. Another sophomore, Dan Furlong, in his varsity debut, pleased the fans in demonstrating his ability to lead the team. Senior guards Bill Bland, John Carmi- chael and Bob Chapman ended their col- legiate careers with game averages of 8.7, 6.4 and 4.3 respectively. Although the record indicates a poor season, the fans enjoyed exciting and tense moments as the Eagles participated in many tight games including two over- times, and four games won by a margin of less than two points. points. Sutton averaged 10.2 game re- ,A ,al 'i,', . ' .' 2'V 5efM 1 .af ...K We 'gif 7" ' a 4: , '17 a 4 l ajidafvfxg' Coach Inman, Coach Evans and Steve Moore study the action on the court. ssea e 4 B rfcn N , , b' b , d 't b! ow now Ig oy on gm The leaping Rich Stone nudges the hall over the rim for an Eagle score. Page 64 is 'S HL ew E 4 , - TENN4 TENN 34 TECH TECH TENN ENN 00 tfwliigi U5 251 Basketball team: Kneeling-Bob Chapman, Dan Art Bosnak, Ernie Hemmerly Ron Sutton Head Furlong, Bill Bland, John Carmichael, Butch Coach Connie lnman, and athlete d rector Hoope Wheeler. Standing-Coach Stan Evans, Bill Ken- Eblen. non, Rich Stone, Ed Kovach. Maury Schwegman, Season Record Tech Opp. West Georgia 112 Belmont 83 Virginia Commonwealth 88 Trinity University 88 Texas CAr1ingtonJ 98 Western Michigan 76 Toledo 67 Western Kentucky 70 MTSU 57 Murray State 78 Austin Peay 90 Morehead State 75 Eastern Kentucky 94 Iowa 68 Pan American 82 ETSU 62 UT-Chattanooga 83 ETSU 81 Murray State 70 MTSU 72 Western Kentucky 64 Austin Peay 90 UT-Chattanooga 84 Morehead 79 Eastern Kentucky 80 Page 66 A W, . fr- "You should see the other guy' moans the downed Maury Schwegman JFK als. i TEylNY.55Ef E E gk A j , as s We -'--M xr., i 4,1 A ,,, .fkmv . aaaa ,,,,W,,,. is , M I--rr With six seconds remaining in the game, Dan Fur- . . . hoping ihat this will be the shot that brealcs long carefully prepares to 'cake his free ihrow. . . the 88-88 tie. . . . . . and the swish of the net is a witness io the game-winning basket. ,.N0"""" ,,,..-fr , f f-"""'m' Ed Kovaclc snafches a rebound from the grasp of an ETSU player. c xi L. 1 Page 67 Youn Eagles suffer from grovvin pains Tech's freshman basketball team, coached by Stan Evans, was burdened by lack of height and depth all season. Steve Ledford, a 6-5 center, was the team's tallest player. Diminutive Tom Baker, 5-11, opened the season at for- ward before giving way to 6-3 Quinton Fox. Rick Llewellen, 6-4, was the other member of the front line. Four members of the team had scoring averages in double figures. Wayne Pack led the team with an average of 16.3 points per game and Llewellen averaged 13.9. Following close behind Lewellen was Ledford with an average of 12.8 counters per contest. Rounding out the quartet in double figures was Fox who tallied 11.3 points per game. Rebounding laurels went to Steve Ledford who pulled down 141 for the season. The frosh players, like the varsity, re- ceived valuable experience as they were involved in many close games, despite the 3-12 season record. Curt Janney tiptoes the line as he tries to save the ball from going out of bounds. ti-li A 'U 1 ts I against the MTSU Raid- s es Q man. Page 69 Strength shown in pitching, running Strong pitching, aggressive baserunning, and timely hitting. helped the Eagles pro-- duce a successful 20-10-1 season record. Although Techis team batting average was a meager .264, the hit-and-run, the stolen base, and the squeeze play were ef- fective weapons employed by head coach Ron Bargatze to produce the 130 runs scored by Tech. This also compensated for the Eagles' deficiency in power hit- ting. Tech baserunners stole 47 bases while holding their opponents to only 13, The superb pitching corps provided an unexpected lift throughout the entire sea- son. Techis team earned run average was a 2.71 as compared with the 4.07 compiled by the opposing teams. Eagle pitching shutout the opposing teams six times during the season while Tech was held scoreless only twice. A belligerent weatherman caused a fantastic 23 rainouts including three im- portant OVC games. After a mid-season slump which saw Tech lose five consecu- tive conference games, the Eagle team jelled. Tech embarked on a nine-game winning streak and began to see visions of the OVC championship. But the rains came. :al Af V ,Zia as 'L ,X - -V 1 . af my-1-5-Q yr. .1p,1.-1, '. 'K'-' .. 1.'.a,'a.f- ., 1. .,.,, fm ,- H'-Q.-. .4.:'- -fr - v . . w g . , A , 3 .. ,. . 11" . . '. gf: . -i't A ' "-- :L V Q The winning streak and the season were Over' The Eagles Hnished third in MVP Wayne Turner slams another double. Eastern division of the OVC with a 4-5 slate. Eagle pitching strikes again as Tech sweeps a doubleheader 'from Belmont. .. , . X an - I 4. ,, K . 'wk . -'pug 'W-.. 1 'va- ' 5? L ,.., N.. ., 'L' -f Page 70 . , ,ga My A ., .4 sm fijlf-+-. J ' T "1 A 74.111, "j 4-if 1- I ""' J,-.i ' A . V AQ A 'N vi N" Q 5 pn . J., g 're - 3955-1 ., fx . As .QAHGN , -ask Vwatk. --L ...Q -A-br lb- Q Q f- " . .- - ff .r'4',k'l -F. , 'V . . .,., cgi.. rf., . . M' 'Yi if 1 I 1' ' , .A elif f 24 ',, ,,. ..mv,w-f fc f af . . . . aw'-w me 4 " Y" af 1-assi," ':AA' ,Z-,lf wx, ,A -. .Q ,V ,L ff- J FL. wi ww n V Ig ,fivg-'ffA,.,r y climax vw., ' --1 - ". arf' , ., W, A W.. Ea' ' ,ig I r '-,.o- .'f - - , in-4 'm21'f"- 4-cfrf nf, .L ,wwf : ,, , f as ,... wr Coach Bargatze gives the "whoa" sign to Larry Smith as the outfielder sprints into third. K. Danny Huffines blazes his ,ia fg vw 'K' -1,-ef-A ,vw s 4 Nw , 4 ,. 2 5473- 3,4 n . " ' ' ft! fastball toward the plate. Juv- , , 1. ,, H, A, f"LsA sa Coach Hatfield chews tobacco as he contemplates Eagle strategy. Aa. :V -'ff' I1 vc s K WA, J if fr, M fe e xr W Page 71 I -5'f X 'Y :'4"'nm -"'uu.- , .x.,. -- X um ,gg va .ax as W f ASNQ fg . V gh ata Q-t??'a fa b k ...L. H L 5.1 "P ILA "' WR' if x""'5f 'QQ S 41" I ,N . -A , -K .N .. M. Nw . asa NQmfffw.,1y ,an'fQa aa Catcher Joe Adams puts on the fools of his trade as he peers across the diamond. Page 72 lisp-K xx xx Xxfx xxx xx A 'NX 'K R. X " fl ' 1: 'Q s at-.M Hft Q... .W.., x gy , lx R 1 '. X, W. an t q LL,. 5 " 'fra 'Ki-12? i':T.i'N:- ' L 'X ' 3552. ee:-'gg ,. fa. Pi-,, X fs. . -. -W-, x X K I Y" S-"R V . - -r. -. - - X . . w , it K X X 1 In x 4 X x x x kt X' X -evieg ' - , . Maxi. J-,H Q. v Wayne Turner congratulates Bill Field as he crosses home plate after hitting a homerun. Bill Maclin slides as players await umpire's verdict of the play at the plate. x .R 'tk K Q s. s . . . s . . , AQ a,NCk,5'-tg ,JN g in E. ' sfi- dis,-,-fy 1.--i3g'!1.f"'g 'X el, fs, KLA, .xg ff,'l:-,-4, at-s .W .f -. - L . ,lg 4 4 u 5' -1- -1'ig?-1.4-"ei r"' - ei Aefrffagwe if E Individual efforts bring success Many individuals on the Tech squad turned in sparkling performances on the field contributing to the successful base- ball season. Wayne Turner, voted the Most Valu- able Player by Tech coaches, played in every game. The versatile outfielder and first baseman compiled a .359 batting average and led the team with 17 runs batted in. Turner ended his Tech career by smacking two homeruns in his last game. Barney Dickey completed his four years at Tech with 100 hits, a Tech,rec- ord, and batting .329. Also sparkling with the bat was Jerry Reasonover with a .368 average leading the squad with 35 hits. Larry Smith was a menace on the bases using his speed to steal 10 bases in 10 at- tempts, enabling him to score 20 runs, the best on the team. Bill Field led in home- runs by belting three. The pitchers also had their share of glory with Rab Malcolm and Ron Dicker- son leading the way. Malcolm, the team workhorse, appeared in 10 games and posted a 6-2 record with two shutouts. He led the team in strikeouts with 74 in the 5416 innings he pitched. The lowest ERA of 1.73 belonged to Ron Dickerson for nine games with two shutouts. r"--. :segs . Page 73 'L lb I ' . W. 'A,' , A . . ,K ,s.. J- f ,. Kuff' . .Z y' I- K- t -f1- T ,V-',1-gui'-"A ' nf f I -1-V E -,hw , .-,,,,,.,-,,.,, ,g 1- .1 . .. - , at - -- -. '--rv" I -.g." 1 ff i4-41-'tx ri i?51ifT'fl' rfi-Qifelxii-STM 'fr ftif 1 -' A 5' . . my ff VL ,qqayk gif: -+V k .5 'iz vf 'ZH 3' Q Lum, ,rv 'M K at H' l M, ,,,, M ,tiny R A 4 Hr y I-I K L . -MUN L, ' 3- '-W4 - - , :M - J, -7 231 ,-fff,f."'Q:i,.,l+4,1j' 9 rg, V' ,xx t k, it 'fi' ,z. V iw-aft , -1-yi' 1' " '21, iff ,, . .-A , A 'tg . i -sf - , J, f Qs.. - QW A, M '74 4 is 7-4 K Ny ,hh , I 3' .., ' ' 1 1.4-it 'T 91' ff 'T P -3,-, 'Ai-34 4 --we K i'- ef ' ef , f V---4 -1: -ff. W Ur-5,9 0 5 'fwAt"i,.i 5' , G "A,.fPf7"' 'W' at ' J' 1' - Wd- wife-W-f-"--?r:f"er,, --:T ?iHfv?a1.ai"'tfrfr'ta' 3 M 1' 'Y' Q .1 + ,pr-1' is 3 V, 1- My-4' jfsig, ' -'fir-4 y. -,-- 1' .fn .. -L V- ' ,, ,gg -ti ,af 0 W Millilxin's infielders play Keystone cops as Joe Wesche swipes second base. Barney Dickey jumps back to the safety of first base on a pick-off attempt. 2010 1 t s Chipola Junior College 4-3, 3-1 ii , si Pensacola Navy 3-3, 3-5 K M fr 'lll 1 y Wayne State 1-0, 6-8 ' 'Q 1 H 4 East Tennessee State 2-1, 2-3 P, Belmont 13-4, 7-1 , Millikin 8-Y A ii Middle Tennessee State 5-3, 3-0 Columbia State Jr. College 0-1, 4-0 University of Tennessee 0-3, 5-0 pm Eastern Kentucky 2-4, 3-6 A t ' ' -',, 1 Morehead 4-12, 2-13 y, f ' W il ' ' an Western Kentucky 1-2, 3-2 igiff. M . " ,, 1, my I Middle Tennessee State 7-4, 8-3 University of Chattanooga 3-0 -' , ,Ml Eastern Kentucky 4-2, 4-0 K ii?','!' 2 ' " 1 H f at BClIT1Ol'1t 6-2, 9-1 Morehead D 5-4 y gg'-uw Tech scores listed first. yyyyy 4 yy t W. Page 74 BATTING RECORD 10 or more times at bat AB AVG. Roy, Bill 16 .375 Reasonover, Jerry 95 .368 Turner, Wayne 78 .359 Dickey, Barney 76 .329 Norris, Jim 32 .281 Smith, Larry 74 .270 Field, Bill 73 .233 Wesche, Joe 78 .218 Bryant, Terry 14 .214 Malcolm, Rab 19 .211 Maclin, Bill 39 .205 Irby, Morris 25 .200 Wiles, Emerson 79 .177 Adams, Joe 344 .176 PITCHING RECORD Malcolm, Rab Dickerson, Ron Powell, Bob Irby, Morris Bosse, Dave Hulines, Danny Miller, Bernie W-L E.R.A. 6-2 2.82 4-2 1.73 3-2 3.47 2-3 1.74 2-0 2.52 3-0 3.42 0-1 7.86 yi.-. . K .. ,MN . A-6-new , , . 3. f,... Emerson Wiles rounds first hoping io stretch liis single info a double. .,, .au .... A . -vu " ...L .,. , 3 1.35 .K Q! 1 1 Baseball team: Row 1-Rah Malcolm, Kenny Pack, son, Tom McMal'1an, Bill Roy, Larry Smith, Bill Field, Jerry Reasonover, Terry Bryant, David Bosse Joe Wesche, Morris lrby. Jim Norris, Joe Bill Ste- Maclin, Earl Bannister, Emerson Wiles, Dan Huffines, Bob Powell, Wayne Turner, Barney Diclrey, Bob phens, Coach Tom Hatfield. Row 2-Ron Diclrer- Doug Hamilton. Row 3-Coach Ron Bargatze, Bill Hagemann. Page 75 H L A , X, ,ss-f.:-M K X X if as .-'l , E,. . iii N -:-.. Lfl-- R gh X A .Q J :- f-L Q. N is X is 3 is Team records fall fast in 8-0 season Tech's track and field team posted an 8-0 dual season record bettering any pre- vious season. All eight victories were de- cisive, and in four of the eight victories, the Eagles more than doubled the op- ponents' scores. In addition to the outstanding season record, the team set 13 school records. The first school record to fall was the 220-yard dash. Fred Muench lowered the dash record to 21.6. In the same meet, the team of Ron Humphrey, Glen Loper, Mike Simpson and Fred Muench set a new 440-yard relay time of 41.9. The next day Jim Pearson added his name to the record books with a time of 38.2 in the intermediate hurdles. Although track records were falling fast, the field events were close behind as Kent Buckley recorded a vault of 14'4W". But the day of the records was yet to . , 3, come as six records fell in a period of one week. School marks were shattered in the two-mile relay, the distance medley, the discus throw, the 440-intermediate hurdles, the three-mile run and the sprint medley. During the remainder of the season two additional track records and one field rec- ord were set. Bill Boatman edged the old 880-yard dash record to l:53.7 while the mile relay teamxcut .2 seconds from the old time of 3217.3 In field events Roy Jones threw the shot-put for an extra foot to set a new school record. In tournament action, however, the Ea- gles failed to continue with their winning streak. In the OVC championships Tech finished fifth. After this disheartening de- feat, the trackmen faired much better in the TIAC meet by placing second. A second place position was also captured in the Blue Raider Relays. ,.'e . f1. . wr e tssxs Q, I - I . Q- Mark Walker hurls the discus. .- 5... Kent Buckley clears the bar with ease. liiwaunniu-spill Page 77 lb ,M ff: ,W , .ale . 1 as V 1 1 lf' km5iw'w 1 'T Q Dimitrios Fragopoulos charges out of the starting blocks in the 440 relay. TRACK AND FIELD RESULTS OPPONENT C8-OD Taylor 103 W -40W Fisk 92 -49 David Lipscomb 92 -40 Wheaton 103 -39 Cumberland 92 -5 1 Austin Peay 101 -41 Middle Tennessee 78 -66 Vanderbilt 92W -51W Tournaments and Relays: OVC-5th of 8 teams TICA-2nd of 7 teams Blue Raider Relays-2nd of 8 teams Tech scores listed first Exhausiion takes its toll after a gruelling distance run by Mark Shilliio. Page 78 , , M 'mfg gg was if ,nf fir 'Y-, 4' ,, ,J A . , J K V A .L , Q ' 'J f I ,, H 'f'. , ' 1 ,, V, D V559 91' If Q, K W . , 14 V my Vi", l f ,k,b Q I, ,f ,QW 5 H 4 , 1' 1, 1,1 ,iv ,, 4 "w..' ,,., 'VV' ffl, V fl W4 it wfl 164 ...tt in LJ' aww, ' '- t f ' 1 'M 6. K L " .Q , af, Z I ,mt ' i ' - - ."- .1 : "f, 1, ' 1 ,. B g y fr' f 22 5 f r , , ' H B 5 f is or Sudini fn M . - H ,I fy M 'Riga' "2 5 --an , .M W J- -s , 987 RL Q 4 --vs f , , th, Q ,f f ' ' " , A . W -"W-'P 'W ' ---v4.i':'+..-f-L fe-,W f 'Q 1 V 'M' ,M f W4-35-i fmL.4f1,.x- .-,,V,5,,a .rim-fs' ' .-.,, Jax , -2-'qu-,, , V W agp., dwg.-mgtf , , , , warn.,-, 3 K .. Ks.. .L . ,V V, V .. ' W. , X it ,,fa.:,,,1,,g.ge1.e1 X M K V .. B Y M. U - Lv if-Hwy, ,. -'X 1 i K " .. 1-,'3?',L ' ing "+V - X . M ,f mme-in , ' K' ' .A k A N 2 e . Q f 4 Q r, f , 2 ,..:7.-yu' farm' ,Hit ' ' i -ws 1 'L . W TQ?-"""', , - "' ' B as ' K: .,gW'N'r1'Z, ga. , M' ..L -'f-, 5 "ny, V e , A I y. . i' -if, if-' " ' v e J' ,1 ., . Q K y Ziff" ' s"..,, "' . . Y ' -A 'ln' ef- R' 'Z ' g - 5 , , - -. , f --' ki'-,..4 . .f - 4 4' " V ' s A. - . " lf' if-"' . -- A 4' f 'aff - V H T' .. -wwe If N M! -4 W Y, hi: If I Y , my KL, k V Y ' y tv-4. 1 ,1,,jv5 W, K , 'rf' ',,,4f' ,J,,f. . -' - . W A ' , "s W, , - .4 Q :A .M Mm... r s , V 4, y mtwg . , , , s ,,,,,.. K -1--V-" -5 f F ' Q.. ' . Q uf, Qs., V 1 k ' A 'i mfg' "1 "R Mr. I AA if ..,Qw...e J aw-,rap I If W e g Y, .I , . 336, MJ- . - ., .. ,mmf - ',f-f- s.-I ' ' , - - N41 w 6 ,, , f A M -Q W, -. ff , 35" l ' Q ,, y, f n. . --.v Roy Jones concentrates deeply on his forth then focusing his every ounce of strength. coming effort. . pivots and tosses the shot for a near record-breaking effort. '59 Q6- .af ,,f" 1.-A Track team: Row I-Jack Lanier, Dimitrios Frago- Humphrey, Jerry Maurice, Paul Gibson, Ed Hearn, Fred Maurice, Mike Myers, Terry Heverly, Bart poulos, Robert Bergeron, Kent Buckley, Glen Mike Simpson, Jim Pearson. Row 3-Ted Beverly, Freedman, Roy Jones. Loper, Mark Walker, Mark Shillito. Row 2-Ron V Page 79 hiltongs thinlies post Winning season The Tech cross country team, led by Coach Tom Chilton, began the 1969 sea- son by winning the first six meets before falling prey to Cumberland College. Thereafter, the Eagles were able to win only two of the remaining six meets. They suffered defeats in meets with West- ern Kentucky, the University of Tennes- see, and East Tennessee. In tournament action Tech placed sixth of eight teams, fifth of nine teams in the Western Kentucky Invitational, and sec- ond of live teams in the Tennessee Inter- collegiate Conference. However, Tech, competing with six other teams, won the Mid-State Championship. Jim Pearson, Marli Shillito and Jack Lanier turned in excellent performances throughout the season. Pearson ran first in six meets and placed in eight other meets. Shillito captured first four times while placing in seven others. One first was awarded to Lanier as well as places in eight other meets. The thinlies begin their four-mile jaunt through the Cookeville Country Club. L L .tn Linus has his blanket: Robert Bergeron has his white haf! Members of the team malte preparations 'for ihe upcoming meet. Page 80 Golfers have disappointin season rf' The golf team had a disappointing season with five victories and nine de- feats. The golfers began the season with promise by winning the first two matches against Belmont and David Lipscomb. They then dropped four straight, and for the remainder of the season could not re- gain their previous winning form. Jim Alexander, averaging 77 and Phil Kelly at 76.8 led the golfers. Alexander had a 9-3-2 record and Kelly won eight and lost six. Golf Results Opponent Belmont 21-9 David Lipscomb 21-9 ETSU 5M-12W Austin Peay 2-16 Georgia State 5M-12W University of South 5 13 Chattanooga 16-2 Murray 4M-13M David Lipscomb 23-7 Western Kentucky 370-356 Evansville 370-377 ETSU 8-13 - , Murray State 9M-11W iTlQil7'32','wR3irl.IlfionMf'fTi12'Q, Pl'i'l.Kffi'ZLalZL'Z Western Kenweky 6-12 Dewey Thrasher, Coach Bobby Nichols. Y -LA Z5- ,., Dewey Thrasher and Darnell Balmer gaze with disbe- lief as the ball lands on the green. Bill DeWees lreeps his eyes on the ball as he fol- lows through with his swing. Page 81 Ware pilots tennis flight to O C crown sw Nw, 'Y '- tg, Ayes gm.-wp whwai -in is :gulf ak.-Q. Q Adu 81" 5 ff it -,,1 15? ' 1 if f so iit, Page 82 The Tech tennis team, under the excel- lent leadership of Coach Larry Ware, rolled up an impressive 20 victories en- route to capturing its first OVC crown. Its 20-2 record was the finest in Techls history. The Tech netters were defeated only by Western Kentucky by a score of 4-5, and by Murray State by the same score. However, they did bounce back to defeat Western Kentucky by that same score. Outstanding individual performances were given by Larry Barr, Robbie Beer- man, Lester Brown, Ritchie Carpenter, Jim Misner, Steve Lynn and Macky Ma- Mahon. Barr, Brown and Misner took the OVC singles championship, while the Brown-Gary Burris team won the doubles competition. Not only did Tech win its first OVC, but it became the first Tennessee team to be OVC tennis champions. Ware was honored as Tennessee's first OVC tennis coach of the year. 4 ,,,,,,-X K ff saw -, 5 is f 'm ,.-- .'p. Y -'-ff Ilp 3 4 .. Jim Misner concentrates on his opponent for his upcoming match. Macky McMahon 'Follows through with his back- hand stroke. , 'xx Nw... . MI is ' New-and i s f f is e E'?3'?'?a+' V A K fr., N ,A avi 1 Q34 I - S1 an 3' K 051, Q i!! .. Yf?1?2fri fi X 1' H Q R T5 V1 v I , ui ,sys - 5, ., vu--6... . ..LLL I H Q V f - ,1wi1:f2if11:.E:1.. : , .::w,,.I1.L,.. .- init - .. iw- .e -"wlf1ii.5+i' A "-fflf'i435i"' Lester Brown gazes at the court action as Coach Ware maires the necessary racket adjustment. baseline volley. M7115-, 'H' Ritchie Carpenter demonstrates the baclzhand at M. iw? 'W' -1 4 "c .ggi vu ' 'hu ' f ' 4:1 f- in M., i ' - ' kiiiaii "" " A , i 7 i 337' , f , ,.,,,. 1 V ,,W ..r:i X f p1 T7 1--V, if . - .-1 L A- -1 q L f L . fum ,.-Gs' L , Hz, , - ' 1, :1fg.g4:au', jwfl J L VA ,ae 23' . .NAV Sh ias: '4+..f 3K'iw1-I M A .an - 1 w , , -...M f-w' N'en ' owl-A +4 ' LALHMQV -iw f v-f4" t-, N, .uf , ,, , Y . wg, i, ,. , "P" Tennis team: Row 1-Billy McKown, Larry Barr, Les- Ritchie Carpenter, Gary Burris, Macly McMahon, ter Brown, Jim Weeks. Row 2-Chuck Kriese, Coach Larry Ware. Tennis Results Opponent 120-22 Tampa 9-0 Lakeland Tennis Club 9-0 Mercer 9-O Oglethorpe 6-3 Bowling Green COhioJ 6-2 Wayne' State 9-O Indiana 5-4 Morris-Harvey 9-0 David Lipscomb 9-0 Memphis State 6-3 University of South 9-0 Western Kentucky 4-5 Western Kentucky 5-4 Murray State 4-5 Kentucky 5-4 Vanderbilt 7-2 Middle Tennessee 7-2 Austin Peay 9-0 Middle Tennessee 9-0 East Tennessee 8-1 Eastern Kentucky 7-2 Morehead State 9-0 e 't 4' than , l i , Q A , 5 , l - sez? iil' 1 iff? up p,T7Vr pp ypp E yyp,, 1, '-'- ,pw s i gi 1 fr: K , 7 . M... 2 ' G . :fm '..,, f 4, -- 'tgngaia mv,-sv , a , I " " gif it Q , , mee! 'fr' , . ., QQQQM ,gil is I f ., Q ,1 .1 , T alumni Wig? 'gg'-lllifiiiv 325-auf"l4':" s q w fag: W -2 "" S "' 'M' 'W' 2 ml" 'fact 'an 1 J if V la, ., one, ..'ik,,g,, 'ME-Lf I W Ag f , A . "3i':2!3233:''!222255'f""2Zi"Sift321232236 w"""""" 4 ' an gllll gg: ' Q - , 2 2 7 2 f r r . Ili . pi Q3 gill ,i , , -2 - lined' gqvll' guanine glifgf' new ge Arrr it f.-+ :Quiull""",,al-ll"F":ssuum' uaM'4aaeW"', , 2 Ilia Q, .QQ -'ll 43 ffl! , ff ,, ,aww ' A - W, V c V :lunar ni til' -'T w ----++ , Q 'lat an ,,4ggll ,iq ,,,-.- v ',,, .:coOIl:,,,,nl'4f, g g 4 ga 2, ' , i Q L M-"s,?ZTf f' ""f , ad! i ,. 2 Q , 2 is ' , r ' 4772 gf i 'J J Vk.' It M' - rr' as r 'T 1 ' is-or ff' ' 1 J ,w,,,,, 4-, Q Q- V Q "' , 4, !wvV4M,,,..,-.45,,i,..,9- ,,,,,,,., Z KN f W Q ' -we 1 f, NK K, ,. Q Q , rv' . f 1 1 ' iff' ' ,, .W , "N ' Y' ' r ' 1112. . . nailz..-f-grfttitttz -1 . iffy--.. s . A -7 u"Y" 2 H N4-f-'W' I -.pq-, 'v Nh f ' ' V,,gf-rf ' 1 ,r f ' ' 4-Q' "file'-1.-1-:fI"tf'J1"""' -sfiif2i,:2,:,,:,,11-1121--fr' it r,,r 23 3 'Tr'-,, - fe -9-17, K, N,,,,4,r1W-Q ,,f. law , ,, -0- K M , 54 . it ,a.,,,2-eff ' 'V 2,i,,22,..,-wifi? if f.,,,. ffw" ,. ,.-4-i'4r'?s" fa, .--- ft ' 4 7 .. -f-"t'3?, ' , 1 ,,.227.s.-.turf -t ' js +2 .I , , . it "'t'f'js, i, . o--er"5i"'?""'i4: Tis, ,al . - - ga ez - ,.f ff, , ,.,, ,, , V rf f - 2 ' -if w' - a , , Y 1 , , ai.: fr- , ,,,2,. Q r U . it-:V,jj'jj'j','ff,,,,,,, : Zigi - :fjjj Z . 2: jp 3. .y g1'Z,.,.2 , .f- ,,,-v 4' W . ' ,Af ,- 4,,..1,,..... W, 21:11,...lL:3i1,g,:,7.,ss-233-g-:3.ff.4 ---if .-""'.,n""",,fb1'?"F"'i':rff" -""""'i , Q ,724 v 44 at t V, . . 1- Vrrk ,J E ,,,,4a:w-"if- 2 ,-,-,2 ,A 7 2 Q, 2 , H 2 rryy ,I v ,2 72 Robbie Beerman loolrs 'For a match point as he lets go with a net smash. a ' wg, 17 1 Q WC- :,,,, rl al L . 94, V ' ' i"-1 we -"- E122 z.,, ,i A W,22 .,,, is y 1 22,2 2, ,,2,2, ,,- 2. 2 7 ofa- --,,,, , -- straw "You really have to lteep on your toes to win." Page 84 Robbie Beerman Ritchie Carpenter prepares to change Tech's favor. .,.-s ' 1 Q 2 N an-,wa g -' . ii - . A ,- i iki, - f.1, ..., I. -- t hh I V K. . ,. , . ,, b kkgw.: ,ig gf.s-,,::1ig g - - :jg - 3 a.x4 3 , e, ,.,. K.: ....,.p . Q-affvzfg 3+ the score in ,rw Page 85 Alfonso Larrea attempts an offensive overhead iticlr in action against Carson-Newman. Eagles enter state soccer league The Tech soccer team, in its third year, enjoyed another successful season. Player-coach Guenther Dietz led his team to a 4-1-1 slate. Since becoming coach three years ago, Dietz has had three winning seasons and has brought his group into the Tennessee Intercollegiate Soccer League. First league games are set for the fall of 1970. Tech defeated its first two opponents, Peabody and Bryan, and then tied Van- derbilt. Its only loss came at the hands of Carson-Newman. Tech ended the season strongly by winning its last three contests. Dimitrios Fragapoulos and Willie Flores were the team's leading scorers. Sophomore Steve Wilson plays e tight defense against: Carson-Newman. Page 86 ,, so-Q3 4. .,, ,-,, -- Q - e . ew .K -,S V-mfg . W .A i. - ..,,.. - lag. ..-ggrig-:Q -. S 'f'-ili'H,q?"X'5 I --A-7f'g.ik xii im rf- 9'-:Q - fel-l"" ' -- fly' 'is' Y L -W--fisgll Ak - 2 .zsqf A L3s,kg,,w,, fin? R ., K.--5 L+- - ff 'X 'L f"f-M . .-9' cf- -1- - F 'if 'Y ... Qu ,..', NA ' . . Q - --Q 'vivo ,f .M W .Mil 2 lv? .Q-anus... A ity, ,L W- ,w .N .. if X - , i . Kf.g.pQg,,i13.L.'r"f'--fi, fr .. Ae hr Nr.. . W I ,Vx-I , .. 4' K W jak- .,' .,.'4 M3-Q-ijrasi-2-5 is , .. Q .. wi d - - - ,. -viii Qwag-f.ya?ifN - K .45 K . V- Q ggsggirglgi 15.1 15, ' lx Q -A 3 - 1 Qfffsiiamu. 2lm.- 5 4' my ,Q If Q 4 x ln a race to reach the ball, Tech's Hugo Leon has the lead. :N iff w'5 fi Q., 'ig-Q ' K .W Mikasa!"-'-M FA ,L agony N -'W..,-s,-K-39,5 ,,,. i .ly TT' W has-4 ge 31,- -X394 5 . 4 P' Q 7 ,. L I ' .1,1...fq3fwTFf3 . ff - hm' ,V ,rl i f,,,S,qi3,,,23. ' K N, .. . fm- ,x 12+ .f -:rv " if,.4..gfS:, .V T -- ' 'l-fflfwfik f.-'if--if- S THQ A il 'iwxkg 'Lx T . l 1 .'-4.9T'W-l ' W -fix . V' H153-if j.. 31.2 T3 -X no "M ix- L - I K-N xwu K K 'A is . Sw., is --Q33 1 -g+Qg,z,g3g. ., V L K - .Af Q -f Q. Q K-.1 in .igfigi Q ,tg V ,..f"iH'f1.. mw,1,.., J ,..1 ex. Q 'A "yi" D' .Asbgw ,. . 4 w,.,gi -ff li n w A Q., .. .Y.,,...- - .W . ... .Y :---41 ' 'L - . 1 -Q lik.,-5'5s..,..h1 in 3 'vi-i q 'i 2- ""f3.51'L? .9 V. '- x, I -'W at , T. Z 4 ,Q n.,PiMNkyLg, rar. ,. W- nf 1. yi Y-. f wi K .Wim-W 25' nv.. A . A .N 4+ . -fWdQ'guwfQsmLg. l'wK..fi .1 'ix"g',sifgfi,ix , xf"fg1'-5? -7 1-K X j. ,.i,...,..'w if-K-5 ,X-.. fr 1' mg- ' - if - 5 4 'F Soccer team: Row 1-Tommy Fryar, Willie Flores, poulos, Kit Kasemsuwan. Row 2-Alfonzo Larrea, -Jack Bell, Richard Robinson, Bob Fattibene. Julio John Buchheister. Tom Topping, Dimitrios Frago- Johnny Gregory, Hugo Leon, Lorenzo Font. Row 3 Galariz, and Guenther Dietz. 'M - an ,-... Q' , 1 .- 'G Page 87 Individuals lead rifle team success The successful rifle team fired its way to a 4-1-2 intercollegiate record. Tech also enjoyed success in tournament action with individuals winning many awards. The team is coached by MSG Charles Gibson and the advisor is Major Joe Allen. Randy Schwartz, All-American last year, is the team's captain. The team of Randy Schwartz, Ray Carter, Robert Aylward, and James Van Cleave established a national record at the Annual Volunteer Outdoor Interna- tional Smallbore Rifle Tournament. This team tired 240 shots on a 50 meter firing range with a score of 2356. In the Ten- nessee Invitational Match. Tech broke seven national records. In the Atomic City Tournament at Oak Ridge, Ray Carter fired a sensational 792 out of 800 to win first place in the indi- vidual civilian collegiate category. Team- mate Jim Kock fired close behind with 790 to win first place in the civilian col- legiate category. Bob Kincaid uses the kneeling position as he aims for the target. Frank Van Cleave, in the prone position, tries for another bulI's-eye. Page 88 ATU Donnie Sharp rung for 5 Qguchdgwn dupig, The weaker sex demonstrates the luclung technique TKE purguerg, In a warmup before the game Drost expands intramural program Intramurals-everyone's game .... From the start of fall quarter until the last days of spring, a great majority of Techls students participate in the intra- mural program. Under the direction of Coach Ray Drost, intramurals have been expanded to include more than 10 sports, including ping pong, tumbling and handball. Since the number allowed in varsity competition is limited, intramurals pro- vide each student the opportunity to com- pete, exercise and win. Incorporated into the intramural pro- gram, the inter-fraternity league gave stiff competition. Sigma Phi Epsilon came out on top in a close race for first in touch football. However, Alpha Tau Omega ran away with the basketball champion- ship. Softball also went to the ATQS. Maclcy McMahon attempts a bucket the hard way as ATQ plays the Tech Eaglettes. Page 90 Hoping for control of the ball, Jackie Laxton leaps to tip the ball to her teammates. Peggy Simpson dribbles in for a layup against Bel- mont in the season opener. Eaglettes finish with 5-7 season Tech extramural Eaglettes had a disap- pointing 5-7 season. They lost the sea- son opener to Belmont. However, the Eaglettes gained revenge the next week by beating the University of Tennessee. Perhaps the most enjoyable game the Eaglettes participated in was the Alpha Tau Omega-Eaglette matchup. ATQS wore boxing gloves to give the Eaglettes an edge. However, the fraternity still managed to defeat the girls. The Eaglettes placed third in the Ten- nessee Tech Invitational Tournament de- feating UT Martin and Hiawassee. Jackie Laxton, Peggy Simpson and Alice Dalton paced the team in scoring. Kathie Butler was the leading rebounder. The coach is Marynell Meadors. She also coached the Tech Women's Volley- ball State Champions. 'I me T rrrl Q, rrr ,A rg.,y ..,rr, g or-sf' r 4 T M ': gg? NATIONALS . . . Installations . . . Charters . . . Brotherhood . . . Hoddy toddy SAE's . . . Go-0-o KO toEX...TKEistujf...525N. Walnut . . . the Red Door . . . Steve Desirey . . . ISC . . . Rush teas . . . ASA and the red and white . . . Slumber parties ? of Zeta . . . Tri- Sigs . . . THE SMART ONES. . . ADPI's Roaring 20's . . . The Pink Ladies . . . UMOC and All-Sing . . . Keystone Kapers . . . Lambda Chi's on Oct. 3If . . . DTD's Tug o' War . . . GREEKS mary evans. editor A A l'I s provide stiff competition With the open motto "We live for each other," each A.xII strives to improve her- self, her sisters and her school through work and compromise. However, this sisterhood does not keep 'its enthusiasm bottled within itself, but radiates its good- will outward into the community at large. The Amis visit elderly people's homes and underprivileged schools in the local area and help to aid poor families in Put- nam County. They made Easter baskets for underprivileged children in Knoxville last spring. As another service project this fall, the sisters kidnapped the frater- nity presidents at Thanksgiving and held them captive until their fraternity brothers came up with the ransom- canned foods for underprivileged families in the area. The AA1'I's musical skit placed second in last spring's Carnicus. They also placed in KQ's Chapeau Jour. Winter quarter, the group sponsored the Best Dressed Greek contest. Needy families benefit from the swapping of Greek presidents for baskets of food by AAU. A if 12.1. X .QQ The sisters of AATI participate in one of the time favorite money-raising projects of spring. 6 .F r 9 5' ffl I I Page 94 ik . A Qt fl, x, K Y " M0-4 ya rt :Q 'fl 1 , ,.. N wt .NL,, 'X 1 V.-.rv-v-'wr-an.., W1 xxx- . 'N Sharon Story and Linda Pope stack cans for AEA in KS2's Chapeau Jour. AZ2As progress as active members of Creek system Since becoming a national colony in March of 1969, AEA has been working busily and successfully toward that ideal sorority image for which all Greek sisters strive. Spring quarter, the AEAs outran enough men in the black derbies to take second place in KQ's Chapeau Jour. The next weekend the group ran the track again in ATQ's Keystone Kapers. Highlighting fall quarter was the sis- ters' installation as a national chapter of AEA on Oct. 11. The weekend was filled with dinners, socials and teas honoring the new chapter. Mary Goeke, national president, installed the women at the First United Methodist Church. All-Sing, a favorite activity, was enthu- siastically supported by AEA. Their Carnicus skit was a hilarious take off on Laugh-In. AEA were avid fans of Greek activities as well as organizers of service projects. gg. Kr X 'gif' Under the direction of John Balmer, AEAs practice for the third annual All-Sing. Page 95 '-up -. Y As 5 vw , WMA A . i EAGLESGCEN' YA AN UNC V0 -s, fx i'f "T"'.I..' H M-L-- xwg 1 eric, e"-t ' 1 1 or We L'A'X- 1:26 ""-' A-L-g Weag iasiiei ,..g1 -'g' isggfxdmewooailgledeawc .'fwJ?Q?img!Q A comical skit by Kls entertained their dates and K.Xs back Eagles in their successful attempt for guests at a spring quarter party. a homecoming victory. K A S recognized for scholarship With their installation, Kappa Delta became the second national sorority at Tech. This ceremony marked the start of an activity-filled quarter. Kas were active in all events spon- sored by the ASB and Panhellenic. The sisters' "Little Red Wagon" gave moral support to the Eagles in the Homecoming parade. An annual project of the group is a spaghetti supper. The money raised from this activity is used for philanthro- py and boosting the treasury. Well known to the other students on campus, Kas had one Homecoming at- tendcnt, ROTC Brigade Sponsor and the Honor Dorm assistant head resident. The talented Kappa Deltas placed third in All-Sing. Another well-deserved honor came to this sorority when it received the Panhellcnic scholarship trophy. Page 96 Alice Maddux and Margaret Hughes accept the Panhellenic scholarship award for their sorority. alll. 5 l ly ' 11 v i 5 s A i Zetais take U1 mpics nd straight year Cooperation, spirit and togetherness were the watchwords for the ZTAS as they participated enthusiastically in KQ's Cha- peau Jour, the Homecoming Olympics and other competitive events. Their ef- fort was well rewarded with the first place trophy in the Chapeau Jour competition. Having gotten under way with rush highlighted by a "mod partyf' the ZTA's social calendar continued with visits to the different fraternities on campus. The sisters agreed that these informal gather- ings offer a welcome respite in the some- what trying course of academic life. The Zetas also enjoyed following the Eagles and cheering them on to victory. Emphsis is not confined, however, to ath- letics and academics. A year would not be complete without a formal winter ball on which the girls worked hard. But a sorority is service as well as so- cial. The contributions of the ZTAS were exemplified by a helping hand in the Blood Drive. Zetas battle Tri-Sigs for points in KQ's Chapeau Jour in the spring. . N X ...N,Ms,,r,..,....fe-sw-f..r .gi A spirited Zeta, Pam White, gives enthusiastic sup- port to the Golden Eagles. Nancy Dickerson, Linda Keith and Jenny Spann hang posters promoting the Blood Mobile drive. .. . ., 1 "Ut A X' ,fe . .fy --. --.rx -'ro . v up-of Mi 4, f. ,, ,fy r' 1 7 V f ' ff-2 ,W . , 5. -'if ll'gIii"i 'QE' E! 'Sf' Page 97 gg . 1-F 3 a"l PJ 3? at V W, "' X b 'K eil! A 'iw Bsax EEE officers show their support for Tech Eagles The Tri-Sigs are enthusiastic as they prepare Christ- by riding in the Homecoming parade. mas stockings for the fraternities. A M .mist Tu miiwsfzz-,...t,w Sf ll' " Hn "'-l.m,lJs K ' 'nak'-f I , ,qi . ,.s in X f' K fi ff?-41:4 i' m e i' s ,411 .- ,f t. at Page 98 EEZ place second in Ol mpies After the hustle and bustle of rush, the E325 channeled their energies into Homecoming, supporting the Eagles in the parade and at the game. They also entered enthusiastically into the Home- coming Olympics and came out a second place winner. At Christmas, the sisters spent hours making and decorating stockings which they lilled and gave the fraternities in a gesture of goodwill to make the season bright. They also had a wonderful time Christmas-caroling, and they especially enjoyed giving a Christmas party for an underprivileged family. ln February the ills held their annual chili supper. Part of their earnings helped to sponsor a beautiful winter for- mal dance. ln the spring the sisters held their Founder's Day Banquet and partici- pated in K!2's Chapeau Jour and Carni- cus. Ellis turn out in full force to welcome their new pledges spring quarter. fIJM's on top with arnicus, ll ing Since becoming a chapter of Phi Mu in October, this sisterhood has been an asset to the community as well as to the Tech campus. Their help has been given to the March of Dimes, bloodmobile drive and TTU-VISTA. fI1M's favorite philanthropy was the Cookeville Senior Citizens' Center where their efforts were as entertaining as they were rewarding. Always on hand when competitive spirit permeates the Greek system, flfltls took the Hrst place trophy in ATS2,S Key- stone Kapers. Other top honors included first in Carnicus and All-Sing in the soror- ity division. "Turn about is fair play"-so the fbMs sponsored Lion's Roar for all fraternity men. The competition was keen, and the CDM Lion, Peggy Arnett, kept the spirits high. A popular group on campus, the QDMS had Homecoming queen, class beauties, ROTC sponsors and fraternity sweet- hearts. Phi Mus cheer on their contestant in the penny hunt during Keystone Kapers. 92 thx T ,fm Brenda Blackwood and Becky Holliman play cards at the Cookeville Senior Citizens Center. Mary Ann Hamilton, 'l'Nl's pledge president, pre- sents an Easter basket to 'PAH Steve Deslrey. Page 99 Keystone Kapers sparks " I-nf . it gE t f Q9 . 96 L SUPPGIA Of S ACTIVE-the first letter of ATQ could Cookeville scenery by planting trees on gf. , QM T well be defined this way. To start the Burgess Falls Road. The pledges swept it-' gi T spring quarter right, they sponsored Key- snow off the courthouse steps in the fall. we tttr T stone Kapers-crazy games for sororities Early one evening, 336 Peachtree was i Q 'gpyig g. Zgg -on the quad. swarming with beautiful women. The During Spring Fling, ATQS won the ATQS were going to select 20 Litde Sis- .t,' sl- . 'C lle T fraternity division in Carnicus. Their pa- ters from this group. Chosen on the ,Y "l- l tip triotic skit with hand-painted backdrops basis of beauty, personality and "love" of i was a highlight of the festivities. ATS2, the women were led by the fra- 772 V' iiiiiifiil if Nli True sportsmen, the ATQS have been ternity's sweetheart, Loralee Reuther. g T awarded the IFC All-Sports trophy for Not only active in fraternity affairs, gi, g 11s two consecutive years. Their intramural ATS? took pride in its campus leaders. To s g C g.ggg ,..13 basketball team put on boxing gloves and its credit were class officers, cheerleaders lii. i s C fig challenged the Tech women's extramural and senators. Some of the members of V... 1 ssts team to earn money for the women's uni- the fraternity were listed in the 1970 edi- C tt1.1,.,., g g T .ls gg. 3 ,.., forms- tion Of Whffs Who- iiit ere ...... ...,. efs ttf s ATQS take an active interest in many Aware of their responsibilities, ATQS ,,., p. :E iq Q P, izi other areas, too. Their national project is help-week projects. They added to the work toward improving the Greek system and keeping the competitive spirit high. ATQ lion shows the judges he's straight from the jungle in fIPM's Lion's Roar. 4 l l l i l Zero weather did not daunt A'l'Q's efforts in build- Keystone Kaper's Chief of Police, Bot: Paris, ing an original Homecoming house decoration. cheeks statistics with an official. Page 100 TT -VI TA gets Delts TV coverage ATA is well known for its participation in philanthropy projects. They have lent a helping hand to TTU-VISTA. National coverage over NBC helped pub- licize their efforts. Their other philanthropies include helping with the annual March of Dimes and the Heart Fund Drive. Intramurals are a popular portion of the ATA format. The Delts enjoy pitting their natural athletic abilities against those of other fraternities. They also carried the competitive spirit into Spring Fling by sponsoring a Tug of War and a chariot race. In the Lion's Roar competi- tion, the ATAs took second place. Delts, since their beginning in the Spring of 1967, have worked hard to im- prove in all the areas of Greek life. By working closely with the other groups on campus, Delts have helped keep the sys- tem well-organized and closely knit. Their enthusiasm helps assure the contin- uance and growth of fraternities at Tech. Cleaning house is a major chore for two Dells, Don Conner and Jerry Stallford. Delts Tug of War gave fraternities the chance to douse in the mudhole their favorite rivals. KE Techis first chartered Greeks May 2, 1969, Kappa Sigma became Tech's first chartered national fraternity. Spring quarter it also boasted the largest pledge class ever on this campus. Active in all phases of campus and Greek life, KES sought to improve the Greek image of Tech through its many worthwhile service projects. One of their most funfilled endeavors was the KE carnival complete with a Ferris wheel. Recognition for scholarship came fall quarter when KE was awarded the IFC scholarship trophy. Cookeville mayor Bobby Davis recogniies KZ as the first national fraternity on campus. Wm ,pew iivai a . W ..,.... ' it ' 1 Harlan Whitley operates one of the rides at the annual KZ spring carnival. President Don Freeman lleftl receives the charter F - - , riday morning colifee at 525 N. Walnut helps pro- of KaPPa Mu chapter of RE' mote good fraternity-sorority relations. Page 102 liz' 'l 4 iii' AXA and ZTA co-sponsor a haunted house on Halloween for underprivileged children. AXAsprovide fun at haunted house Fall quarter Lambda Chis made the big switch-from N. Willow to Dixie. Following the move, they co-sponsored with ZTA a haunted house on Halloween. In the spirit of the true Greek, the brothers of AXA entertained the women of the six social sororities at Wednesday night coke parties. Enthusiastic supporters of the Greek system, Lambda Chis participated in All-Sing and Ugliest Man On Campus. Larry Schreiber receives AXA publicity and sup- port. x . ld -QW" L f iSQj?if? ft t .SMguaarwi,f3 f s, lcanzuiip X x e t 1 i ,M if .,, -,fif Page 103 EAES Work for National chapter EAE's main efforts this year were di- rected toward raising the-money to meet national requirements for installation. This they did mostly through demolition projects and car washes. However, the brothers did find time for service projects. They helped in the Bloodmobile and participated in the Heart Fund Drive. Along with their weekend parties, the EAES sponsored successfully their annual Luau and also a ski trip. ASHEXG .t-Mi" EAE KZFIPAI never miss an opportunity to show their support for the Eagles. 71' A pep parade gives 2AEs a chance to ride with pretty girls and support Coach Wade. Page 104 . BW Rc...-,sf QQ PF -C7 X Faye Barton and Pam Knox give instructions to their Sig Ep Lion's Roar team. Victorious Sig Eps paint the final score on A'l'O's door-the privilege of winners. ATO --an-nn-' 5...-...,......... - Qi' ,,. 4: ,u Q, in Y Th flu -fa :MAY ,I he e Sig g pro EIDE Wins CDAGYS ugliest man at Tech After becoming a national chapter of 2111111 in September, the f'Big Redn started out the year on top by capturing the IFC football championship. The Thanksgiving day game found not only Tech victorious over Middle Ten- nessee, but also the Sig Eps, as they rolled over the Kappa Sigs of MTSU to win the intramural football title between the two schools. ln Homecoming activities, one of the Sig Ep brothers received the dubious honor of 'tUgliest Man on Campusf' Every month the fraternity has a guest speaker during dinner at the house. They also have each one of the sororities for dinner once during the quarter. Whether throwing a brother in the swamp after having pinned his girl or partying at the house, the Sig Eps enjoy their brotherhood. Ep's never enter competition without their minently displayed. Page 105 TKE s sponsor Boy Scout troop The TKES, with the motto t'Ya Gotta Wanna," have actively supported athlet- ics at Tech by following the Eagles on away games and also by winning the cov- eter "Spirit Stickv award. The brothers have also won two straight firsts in the Homecoming parade float competition. Further to their credit, they have two members of the All-Amer- ican rifle team. The fraternity had the privilege this year of installing a new chapter of TKE at Middle Tennessee, making a total of five chapters in the OVC. These chap- ters work together to make the brother- hood of TKE truly national. The TKES also sponsor an active Boy Scout troop, supplying leadership and friendship on hikes and camping trips. TKE's serenade their sweetheart at their installa- tion banquet. . K Glen Draper starts the celebration at TK tional installation. A wet Howard Clark shows TKE spirit at tug 'o war. eww' A H rv E's na- ATA's Q i gif f ,,"" , -.., M fair a ff ' A ' f " 1 I -wed. "t.4.2-swxa g WV my gi 5 V . v T If . A-5 -1155, 1 A I ' V.. ' if 4 . .s - . , 9? KLA' ff? ' as -,i i ,K if' ri wx ,VX A take-off on the moon landing helped EXs win the IFC house award. f -1 92 f Qfaeit my A if X S ' in ". . " -. ,ff fi fl 75525 ZXS Win troph for third year Homecoming injects its own special form of adrenalin into the main artery of the Greek system. For the first time since rush, the spirit of competition runs rampant, and imaginative displays of grandiose dimension emerge overnight. For the EXS, winner of the off-campus housing decoration for three consecutive years, it has been a combination of the fraternity's most creative minds and their pledges, ability to survive without sleep that has transformed their house into a showplace. However, the EX's list of firsts does not stop here. The brothers carried off the largest trophy in sIvM's Lion's Roar and won the grand prize in the Carnicus skit competition for their humorous pro- duction entitled "The Hijackingf, The Sig house still echoes with the feminine frolics of last year's highly suc- cessful Chapeau Jour. The girls involved are eager again to search for Sig derbies in this year's t'Derby Day." Among their other interests, the EXS are always ready to have a party. Whether it be a weekend bash at the house after the week's mounting pres- sures or a generous Halloween party for the appreciative children of Happy Haven, the brothers always have a good time. 1425? Support for KSZ's Chapeau Jour Comes from un- EXS entertain children al: Happy Haven with Hal- expected sources. loween party. Page 107 'eff I Z Tech's Phi Delts honor Dr. F. Story Musgrove, U. S. astronaut, a member of QA9 at Syracuse. The three-legged race is easy for Rick Pearson and Buddy Anderson in Lion's Roar. Page 108 CI? Qs look for ugliest mang sponsor All-Sing flaw was chartered at Tech on May 9, 19693 at by the end of the spring quar- ter, members had a scholastic average higher than any other Tech fraternity. In the fall, the brothers sponsored the Ugliest Man on Campus contest, giving the proceeds to a needy family in Mon- terey for a special Christimas. The Phi Phi Delts and friends work to finish their house decoration for Homecoming. Delts also won third place in oil-campus homecoming decorations, and presented the third annual All-Sing, "Songs of the Seasons." Fun for the CIJAGS included a week- end in New Orleans during the Mardi Gras and visiting other Phi Delt chapters in the state. Q A La MAIL.. 'iii'i'! IFC, Panhellenic improve system . Q M Serving as the mortar of the Greek Wifi' A S iQf foundation, the Interfraternity and Pan- hellenic councils worked toward making thc system strong at Tech. Steve Dcsirey took the reins of the IFC from his flute brother, Mickey Rabon. Working with the other members of the council, he has encouraged the expansion of all the groups. Panhellenic was officially started winter quarter. After successful, informal fall and formal winter rushes, the sororities . planned late-year activities. In cooperation with The Knook, Pan- hellenic sponsored a fashion show for .J s vig! prospective rushees. Models were mem- bers of sororities. With the unwritten theme that the Greeks need Tech just as Tech needs the Greeks, the councils cooperated with the administration toward making both Tech and the Greek system the best in the state. The IFC gavel is passed from one QA9, Mielrey vice-president: Mike Stewart, secretary and Frank Rabon, to another, Steve Desirey. Phil Loftis, Leuther, treasurer loolr on. if V Hmm ' D J ,,,. .1 . it " 'K ,gf Q 1 r ,..,,, ,.,,, i V' , fy ' V, ,,, K M i i Q 1 ' .g . ..... . - 0 -- Air., W.. f 3 ,,,,. I , . f V1 V, X :X . rv . ,..r f Vrrr 2 4 F f t ' . wa., ,.,,, , ,fp 1 4 -N " 1 fl .V - x' ml - -vs I 94' , I ' 'aff -sf X 5 r .2 r 1 Q9 15 Www 5 Gil. 49' if Panhellenic representatives: Row 1-Louisa Robbins, Bonnie Ferrill, Margaret Hughes and Marcia Pear- son. Row 2-Loralee Reuther, Jo Carole Hix, Wanda Floyd, Patsy Hoss and Pam White. Page 109 l sv B' f 5 as t , ,- , If is Q- " 5 Under the direction of Felix Hoots, women's first place winner, GPM, sings in public programs. Phi Mu and Sigma Alpha Epsilon ll- in captured "Songs of the Seasons," theme of the r 1970 fD.xc-J All-Sing, was a sellout. Emceed by Grady Nutt, a nationally- known humorist, the evening featured songs, funny stories, and tears. , "It was a very good yearv for BAE as they won All-Sing for the second consec- utive year. Under the direction of Jim Graves and Gene Johns, the SAE lions became the first group to place every year in this event. Love, a favorite song theme, brought a victory to the slilll lionesses. 'Felix Hoots, their director, collaborated with Herb Bingham to write the hrst of the slllll songs, "Seasons of My Love." Second and third places in the mcn's division were won by Kappa Sigma and Sigma Phi Epsilon, respectively. Alpha Delta Pi and Kappa Delta took these honors in the women's division. No season, nor beautiful song, was overlooked while the groups prepared for All-Sing. Beautiful costumes, special lighting effects and competitive spirit made All-Sing outstanding. Proud directors Jim Graves and Gene Johns dis- play the trophies EAE has won in All-Sing. Page 110 l X x fi' 7? L' Hs,-'. ' xN -' --,...,.,.a qnnmmn-mm-W-.. .uf xt Q A .. ., l sl' ll V ,V ...4,.i,' ,A 'F'-' l Colin Maxters, ZA E, and Doris Stockstill, Z'l'A, are LXII Best-Dressed Greek winners. Fra ternit weethearts A favorite election for the fraternities was the selection of their sweethearts. Nominations by the members were voted on by the group. The sweethearts and their courts served as the fraternities' ofhcial hostesses for all social events. Several fraternities had little sister or- ganizations. The sweethearts served as presidents of these groups. TKE Beth Crecelius K2 Leslie Martin PRIDE Dottie Smith PIX Peggy Arnett ATA Doris Stockstill AXA Kristen Kitts BAE Patti Womack KILXQQ Martha Brown ZTAQ EAE have Best Dresse Alpha Delta Pi's first annual Best Dressed Greek contest and dance was held winter quarter. Each fraternity and sorority entered one member. Plaques were awarded to the winners in the men's and women's categories. Doris Stockstill of ZTA won the women's division. Her after-five cos- tume was a long, pink, sequined pants suit. A perky plaid culottes ensemble was her choice for the campus wear cate- gory. 1AH's entrant, Colin Masters, won the men's division. He selected the currently popular mod-colored shirt-tie combina- tion. Colin's unique blend of styles and colors made him a winner. KE was awarded the dance door prize. Page 111 h Q,5!?g,Qiif'w L Sf KKL . i mx, i. Q if x , , Ax H S S i 7 gtk 5 I X TH sf W Q 'SNS X x - .,fJfw-- ,IH K Bm '1 .- : X - ff zarzsrif W"k1 ziiaij i hi y gki Q5 A 4 T Q Q if A KY f Y ' 1. 1 25 J 1 ,, f . si g M Ax ,KQV -W -- , Q .K X.. AN gi 2 ,.kL if 1 .1 5 1 "" 5 ELECTIONS . . . Petitions . ballots . . . winners . . . HOMECOMING . . . Queen Marcia . . Kathy . . l Loralee . . . Gayle ...Jo... ROTC Sponsors . . . Martha Brown . . . CLASS BEAUTIES . . . Kathy and Trish . . . Pam and Nancy . . . 3 for Juniors . . . Vicki and Linda . . . HONORS . . . Who's Who . . . Mary Evans . . . Sue Moser . . Ronnie Sharp . . . EAGLE Honor Society . . . ??? . . . POPULARITY AND PERSONALITY . . . Martha and Freddie . . . Marilyn and Larry . . . Steve and Io . . . Top FRESHMEN . . . Richard and Debbie . . CONGRATULATIONS . . . FEATURES ...M ..LL ----mm L.., N.. 5..m1-yr-N.ymiyk K 1 -sf' :M ,fa-ff ,f if X42 X Ron Graves, Agriculiure Economics Carolyn Brown, Home Economics Ronald Harris. Math Page 114 Ron Henry, Chemistry .105 casa,- lc- Sherry Blanchard, Secondary Education, French vin 'X...fev-f Sue Moser, Secondary Education. Math Who is Who Among Students 5 superior students represent Tech Thirty-tive Tech students were named this year to Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. They come from both the junior and sen- ior classes. These students excel in all phases of the college environment. They are those elite who expend their energies not only for personal improvement but also for service to their school. They are selected on the basis of ex- cellence in scholarship, leadership, par- ticipation in extra-curricular activities, citizenship, service to the college and promise of usefulness to business and society. These students are selected by a com- mittee of faculty from the various schools, the Activities and Welfare Com- mittee and students. Not pictured are Barry Woodcock, business educa- tion: Samuel T. Allexander, secondary education math: Phillip Wattwood, e n g i n e e r i n g science: Nancy Davis, music educaiion. John P. Hudson, Business Manager Allen Ray, Marketing Mary Evans Secondary Education French 5 , ,, 9 X' F f w .1 1' sr if ,gh J - 0 ? John Wright, Engineering Science W 9 W h ho S 0 Wanda Floyd, Elementary Education N of! 0 'ii' Peggy Estes, Health and Physical Education ,ae 2? Q 1"2""is Page 116 Susan Compton, Home Economics Joe Dooley, Engineering Science John Moore, Business Management lJ.nl 495-7 xx in Xi ., psi" 1 'W' N w? Nw - dl Q39 N sf Who? Who ., . X, ?f.....x.,.,,. ia S fe E Dianne Carver, Accounting Richard Frounfelker, Engineering Science Page 118 M- W-mn- Pat Gostel, Math Steve Lynn, Industrial Engineering iii S s 5 4 Fred Hackney, lndusiriai Technology I c C ' ,li',1 K l ' Q , 1 i lf L 'I 5' i ii ' ' ,La A, M,,,,,-f-f Joyce Diclrerson, Music James Gregory, Electrical Engineering "'-yr -QQ...-mwm kf 5 X Q Q "5-Q-,Q nM ,i F if n 3-41. -as Ruth Manny, Elementary Education Tom Alexander, Matli Ronald Sharp. Math Carolyn Willeford, History W--4, ueen Marcia Pearson is luck for Marcia Pearson, a petit blue-eyed blonde, was elected Homecoming queen in a campus-wide election held early fall quarter. She is a junior from Clinton majoring in health and physical educa- tion. Marcia is Panhellenic representa- tive for Phi Mu. Two women from each of the upper classes were selected as members of the court. Juniors were Loralee Reuther and Gayle Rodgers. Kathy Wey and Jo Car- ole Hix represented the seniors. Elected in a campus-wide vote, the court assisted Queen Marcia with her Homecoming duties. They were chosen on beauty, personal- ity, charm and campus involvement. Each added a lovely touch to "Follow the Eagles--An Epic Voyagel'-this year's homecoming theme. Though the temperatures were near freezing, the court smiled to the throngs of persons gathered to see both the pa- rade Saturday morning and the game that afternoon which pitted the Eagles against Austin Peay. Both the team and the Homecoming court reigned in victory. The coronation ceremonies were held during halftime of the game. The women wore full length velvet pants en- sembles in different colors. The queen and her court were escorted by members of the Homecoming Committee. x Marcia Pearson PDM, Page 120 ictorious Eagles in Homecomin Vova e Kathy Wey UNH Loralee Reuther IKA, V.: 'Pg , :,,,. . Jo Carole Hix IAAIU ,-- --- If I W. , kk'1 , . , kvkk -N. . , .. Susan Compton Martha Brown . ,Q si .gl tv l.. ,,. ,,, , nn A'n '33 ,T . L'f.g. . , .,h. . , I t Education leads Honor Society In 1958, the Tennessee Tech Eagle staff set up a standard point system for students based on active participation in extracurricular activities and on academic achievement. From this approved point system the five most outstanding seniors are selected and honored each year. Points are tal- lied from the senior information sheets filled out when senior pictures are taken. In presenting the members of the Ten- nessee Tech Honorary Society of Aca- demic Achievement, the Eagle hopes to promote scholastic excellence and to rec- Pago 122 ognize the leading contributors to student activities on Tech's campus. The Eagle would like to congratulate Martha Brown, Marilyn Edwards, Susan Compton, Sue Moser and Wanda Floyd for striving throughout their four years at Tech to excel in the various aspects of college life. During her four years at Tech, Martha has been active in school groups including Kappa Delta, ROTC sponsor corps, Pan- hellenic council, and the ASB Senate. Marilyn has been Homecoming Queen, Who's Who, ROTC sponsor, cheerleader, president of Alpha Delta Pi and. a mem- ber of Gold Circle. Besides the Senate, Susan is a member of Gold Circle and Kappa Delta Pi. Wanda shared her time with the Sen- ate, Kappa Delta Pi, Gold Circle and Zeta Tau Alpha. Sue was a member of KME, Kappa Delta Pi, Who's Who and received the Gold Circle award for scho- lastic excellence. Although the Eagle Honor Society is not limited to any particular school, this year's awards went to four education ma- jors and one home economics major. A f Marilyn Edwards Sue Moser fr! Wanda Floyd 1 .i .I t J ,i .2 .l . gif' X W f . I .LJ ' i , Q P. if g K W, , ff V gi 22-3 ,W 'aNd ,R,4 ia f f ,, Q A . I' ,,,,V .Sy 5, Q., 'S- Lt. Col. Marcia Pearson Li. Col. Ellen Kelly Ll. Col. Peggy Arnett Lt. Col. Jo Carole Hix Col. Martha Brown artha Brown leads RCTC sponsors Capt. Loralee Reuther Capt. Candy Holbrook Page 124 Each fall the beginning of ROTC drill is marked by the choosing of sponsors. The lovely young women add a dash of glamour, help build morale and add color to the dull routine of drill. The sponsors are chosen by each com- pany, the battalions and brigade to repre- sent them during the forthcoming year. This feminine corps spends many hours preparing and presenting precision drills. Besides the usual Thursday afternoon drill, sponsors participate in such activi- ties as the Homecoming parade, the Christmas parade, Career Day and Armed Forces Day. Excellent leadership was provided by Colonel Martha Brown, Lt. Col. Peggy Arnett, Lt. Col. Marcia Pearson, Lt. Col. Ellen Kelly and Lt. Col. Jo Carole Hix. Featured at the Military Ball, the spon- sors were presented long-stemmed red roses from the cadets in appreciation for their support. Martha Brown was crowned queen of the event. 1-f fl! S W N' 'mv Capt. Debbie Baldwin Capt. Frances Rcberts Capt. Kristin Kitts Capt. Debbie Cassetty MA? - iv., ...Q Capt. Karen Edmonds Capt. Connie Smith Capt. Claudette Bradley Capt. Doris Stoclrstill an .itf gl i -1 'dnl ' f it-an -.., Wi Capt. Carolyn Boatman Capt. Sharon McNabb Capt. Carol McCloud Capt. Darlene Free Page 125 Vlarll n and Larry hlghl honored Larry Schreiber and Marilyn Edwards were elected Mr. and Miss Tech by their fellow students for the outstanding quali- ties exemplified by both. Larry is a senior marketing major from Villa Hills, Ky. Marilyn is a senior busi- ness education major from Mt. Pleasant. As the number one rusher in the OVC, Larry was chosen Little All-American and will enter professional football upon graduation. Mailyn found time in her busy schedule to be president of Alpha Delta Pi, a member of Gold Circle, and a member of the Eagle Staff. She also reigned as Homecoming Queen. H "f.'i"""3" 'JK " '3..l'l ' A -Y Lwihl Bachelor finds ueen charming Steve Dennison and Jo Carole Hix, both seniors, were elected Bachelor of Ugliness and Spring Queen in a campus-wide election winter quarter. Voting was based on each candidate's campus activities, appearance and popularity. Jo Carole is a marketing major from Gainesboro. She has been a member of Tech's cheerleading squad for the past two years. As an active member of Alpha Delta Pi, she was chosen to serve as rush chairman for the current year. She is a lieuten- ant colonel in the ROTC sponsors corps. Steve has been on the varsity football squad for four years. A business management major from Jackson, he is a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon social fraternity. X 'x V f-, X to wi -, sa Q 4 'ts -.Ski I' W N it .1 :Q ft as 2 sm Q5 ii in Sis gg ., 2 3: X ti, 5 is ft af-Ilia' ,WW e is ,LW ,1 J ,321 'ill' li N 'K' 'r an i vw F x 1 vc " 'P 5 Egfr s- Q XS 4, x .X 2 'x ' Q 1 av.. , 'Hb ga R S, at - pg -f Q . A X S? :mfg sa g + S5 isa if it iggrd Nr ng SQ i sais r Q Q Z' Q23 P Y lm X 4' , X it 1 4 X alia ,IH-:Q 'if '.f.. Jo Carole Hix 1 in 'W-., SVJINX R an E ws, m5 H .a-iyk. .L Q 'HEP Lai H... , , iw 1 f, if , QA if wg ,,X ix if X X 4 gf X few 9 J X Qi 'f 4 Page 129 .Mn and flfss Freshman Richard and Elected by the freshman class to reign as this year's Mr. and Miss Freshman were Richard Bobo and Debbie Baldwin. The elections were held winter quarter to allow the new classtime to recognize its two top members. This election is in- deed impressive for these students have been at Tech only one quarter when elected. Debbie Baldwin, from Nashville, is ma- joring in elementary education. She pledged Phi Mu winter quarter. Richard is an accounting major from Lynchburg, Tenn. A pledge of Sigma Alpha Epsilon social fraternity, he takes an active part in many fraternity and campus activities. They were chosen on the basis of ap- pearance, leadership qualities, student participation and friendliness. It is fresh- men of this caliber that mark as having a friendly informal atmosphere. They rep- resent the freshman class well both on and off campus. Debbie honored by class Richard Bobo F' .M -'N Debbie B aldwm Class Beauties The dull dreariness of a frigid winter quarter was brightened up a bit with the election of class beauties. Twenty wom- en from the four classes sought the honor. Though the choice was hard, nine were selected. A tie in the junior class gave the title to Loralee Reuther, Sharon Jones and Connie Smith. Two were elected from the other classes. Kathy Schultz and Tricia Brock represented the freshmen. Nancy Deason and Pam Johnson were sophomore beauties. The senior class was well represented by Linda Weaver and Vicki' VanHook. g -1. rv . Connie Smith. Jr. lAAlll Vicki VanHoolr, Sr. MPM, NJ lf' Linda Weaver, Sr. HDMI 'N if 'NS' Sharon Jones. JT- lAAH, Page 134 'Y 55 ...t T s..i i"9'xx ' z ! . 1 .. . xv X Q .. ar 5 9, 5 - .Q 4 ,xi Q exam Q sly Lornlee Reuther, fKAl 5 . i E E 5 . W Xe 1 3 E' 'uf' Trish Brock, Fr. QAM!! yrs Q 'N Pam Johnson, Soph WM! Kathey Schultz. Fr. farm 473 N.f'-J "Sf s H ' x ,Nmap f' Nancy Deason, Soph. IAAIII I Page 135 ,1 ,u....j.,, J . ww Eh N J, . -my-.. I YQ X.. .aminwm . .1 fi ,XL A s fr W.. w-- -' - , 1 1 ,5 ' 5 ,sq 1' .fm L+ --:, R I W - ,.., I :kk N . sw W K, f f 'LfW W'X' ' . -:'- P Q 7 - 5' 'L' -R .H N I . , 1' FQ k FY' "' 8 X, X x -vs Y r 1 . -ff ,'sjf,.wf , 'Z in A fn Q " """+x, f' ..,, L ., 427888 . . . Please turn in your yellow course cards . . . Next class you'll be seated alphabetically . . . The assignment . ART . . . yinger paintings . . . Picasso . . . exhibit HISTORY . . . 1629 . . . Dr. Fowler. .. Russia . 1 . Past and Present . . . ENGLISH . nouns, verbs, etc .... English Qualifying Exam . . . MA TH .... s ubject closed . . . ENGINEERING . . . see MATH . AGRICULTURE. . .Doc Fleming. . . Animal Husbandry . . . Dairy . . . Tech Farm . . . HOME ECONOMICS . . . design recipes . . . flower arranging . . . home- . - . making . . . FOREIGN LANGUAGES . . . French . . . .7 . . . German . . . forget it . . . Spanish . . . oh well. . . THE GRADUATE. . . . CLASSES grace pope. editor 3 l gg . ,Q K :am 'S' ,-. , X. M L.,. ,M , - mx L. V , E. E 2 fs 2 , X ,,...f-"" Page 139 9? 3 i Q , 0 brings revision of campus rules 35 'li i . -of N Wallace S. Prescott William L, Jones Dean of Faculties Business Manager William H. Roden Dean of Student Services aww' ,fl-s.pQ Page 140 Hoyle D. Lawson Dean of Admissions and Records sf-V A Siate Board of Educahon Row 1-James WIIIIBMS D West T M Drvlne James J Jones F Thron Edward L Jennings Chairman J H Warf Mrs ton Strang E H Kennedy J Frank Taylor B A McDermott Dale Glover Row 2 Harold ggggggimfggeg Tennessee state 0ff1C131 SSISI 111 Tee gm ORGANIZATIONAL CHART TENNESSEE TECIINOLOGICAI. UNIVERSITY TENNESSEE HIGHER STATE BOARD EDUC COMMISSION OF EDUCATION ICOORDINATING coMMIssIoN1 IPOLICIES a CONTRDLI A DMINISTRA TIVE REL A TIONSHIP COORDINA TING RELA TIONSHIP FAcuI.rv JOINT ADMIN COUN PRESIDENT ADMINIS TRA Tl VE ASS T TO THE PRES ICHIEF ADMINIS TRA TI VE OFFICER2 RESEARCH ION UNIVERSIT Y SEIWICE5 OUNCI ACA D COUN STAFF AL. PLACE. AND DE M A THL E TICS BLD6S.8 GRNDS. EXTENDED SER. PUIL8 PUBLIC. RELIGIOUS ACT PUBLIC FROG. STUDENT FIN. AID STUDENT ACT ADMIS. 8 CREDIT CURRICULUM FACULTY RESEARCH LIBRARY GRAD. EX. COM. TEACHER EDUC. DIR ALUMNI DEVELOPMENT DEAN ADMIS. AND RECORDS L DIR., PI-Ioro. ssnwcs DIR., MATTSON coupursn csN I- DIR., PL ACE MEN SERVICE L IBRA RIAN AND STAFF DIR., PUBLIC INFORMATION I FROSH. ORIENT PUBLIC PROG. DEPT OF MIL.SCI. AL SERVICES T NT SE VI DEAN OF STUDENT SERVICES DEAN OF MEN FI CA PRO RAM BUSINESS MANA GER DEAN OF WOMEN DIRECTOR OF HOUSING AUX. ENTERPRISES FOOD BOOK SERVICE STORE DIRE C TOR OF COUNSEL ING DIR., SAFETY AND SECURITY BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS DIR., FINANCIAL A ID DIR., HE A LTH SERVICE DIR., SOCIAL ACTIVITIES PRIN TING SER VICE A DMIM DA TA I PROCESSING INSTRUCTION PROGRAM I DEAN, GRADUATE SCHOOL EXTENDED I DEAN, E SERVIC S I ASSOCDEANS, SCHOOL OF' AGRICI A ND HOME EC. DEAN, scnbol. OF ausINEss DEAN, COLLEGE OF EDUCATION DEAN, COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES I DEAN, COLLEGE or I ADMINISTRA TIONl I I ENGINEERING I - EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE RESIDENT CENTERS GRADUATE SEMINA I-'AcuI.1'Y IDUAL ASSIGNMENTI CL INICS SHORT COURS EXTENSIONS RS ES I DEPT CHAIRMAN I DEPT CHAIRMA N DEPT CHAIRMAN DEPT CHAIRMAN DEPT CHAIRMAAT I DEPARTMENTAL FACULTY DEPA RTMEN TAL FACULTY DEPARTMENTAL FACULTY DEPARTMENTAL FA CULTY DEPARTMENTAL FACULTY GEM AGRIC. ACCOUNTING ELEM. ED. SEC. ED. I CHEM., MATHI PHY IND TECH CIVIL ANIMAL INDUS TR Y BUS. MGT BUS. ED. ED, PSY 8 GUIDANCE BIOLOGY ENGLISH CHEM. ELEC. AGRONOMY MARKETING HEALTH 8 PHYS. ED. FOREIGN 'HISTORY a LANG. PgI..sc'I. MECH. INDUS HOME ECONOMICS ECONOMICS B FIN. MUSIC EARTH soclowsr SCIENCE 3 PI-III., ENGR. SCI. CO-OP ED Page 141 Directors of Services William H. Baker Administrative Assistant to President James R. Beckwith Director of Administrative Data Processing R. Hooper Eblen Director of Athletics John N. Flanders Director of Counseling Center Charles Groce Director of Safety and Security Charles Hood Director of Housing Hugh B. Kerr Director of Mattson Computer Center Gary W. Kirby Director of Food Services Charles B. Looper Director ot Alumni Services Frank R. Moss Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds Mrs. Elizabeth S. Murphy Dean of Women Mrs. Susan H. Pangle Director of Social Activities Malcolm P. Quillen Dean of Men C. P. Snelgrove University Librarian Notflet D. Williams Director of Institutional Research Not pictured are: Billy Gene Gaw, Admissions Counselor Grady Batten, Asst. Director of Public information C. M. Glasgow, Asst. Director of Housing Charles Dearman, Manager Bookstore 81 Associate Earl H. Hendricks, Asst. Dean of Admissions and Director of University Center Records Mrs. Crystal E. Fort, Director of University Mrs. Mary Virginia Maddux, Admissions Counselor Infirmary I . l William G. Patterson, Director of the Cooperative B. A. Fox. Director of Auxiliary Enterprises. Program University Center Page 142 J. Pate Pointer. Asst. Director of Administrative Processing Donald E. Reese, Director of Photographic Services Doug Stone, Director of Public Information Paul M. Wilmoth, Postmaster C. O. Wynne, Director of Student Financial Aid ann, A vw A e. . sczffgi ' . 6' . my i 3159 if 1-.X . I., Administrative Billy B. Arnold . . . Leo G. Bond , Kathleen Brown .. Mary Jane Brown Franlt Bush ,,.. Jewell Butler ., . Mary P. Davis . Gayle Declter . Elizabeth Evans Rosalind Fox ...,. Lillard K. Garrett Florence Harrison Rozelle Hunter , Josephine Huston Harley F. Jaclrson Cecil Jaquess . . Mary J. Jumper . Lois Livingston . Sharon Lovell .4.. Louise Lynch . . . Mary Minor , Jeanette Moore Linda Moran , Dot Myhr . . Jessie C. Oliver Suzanne Pearson Ester Piepmeir Terry Rector ..... Carolyn Richardson Frances P. Rolston Ima Dean Smith .. Brenda Stout . Peggy Taylor .. W. T. Thompson , Hazel Wall .... Helen White Staff Lab Technician-Engineering . . . .Head Resident-Unit C . . . . Athletic Office , , ,Computer Center . , Computer Center . . . . . . Secretary . Head Resident-Unit D . . .. .,,, . . Secretary ..Head Resident-Meadows . .... . .Business Office Lab Technician-Engineering .... . . .Student Services . Alumni Services ..,.Head Resident-Unit B . .. ,. Chem. Engr.-Staff Lab Technician-Engineering ,. ,, . . Secretary-GSPS .... Head Resident , .. Placement Office . ,,,, . Housing .. . Head Resident . , Counseling Center . . . .Business Office . . Secretary . . Head Resident ,... .Public Information . .. .. . Secretary , . . .Business Office ... .Housing . .Head Resident . .... Business Office . . ..,,., Business Office ..... . .Alumni Development Lab Technician-Engineering . . . , . . , . .Business Office . Dietician Library Staff Virginia Brown . , James P. Buch .. . Alberta Cameron . Barbara Dyer .,., Debra Groomes . . ,. Asst. Catalog Librarian . . . .Custodian, Tennessee Room , Asst. Prof. of Library Science . ......,.Library ,, ....., . . ,Library Christine Jones Asst. Professor of Library Science Linda Jones . ... . . ,. ...,Library Roger Jones , . . .Assoc. Prof. of Library Science Patricia Phillips Asst. Professor of Library Science Louise Pitts .. .. ,... . ., ...... Library Kay Reeden . , Elizabeth Warren . .Library . . Library Page 143 Deanis direct curriculum chan es Q If K 5 .f kxg N Dean C. Donald Caplenor Dean James S. Brown College of Arts and Sciences College of Engineering Deen W. J. Huddleston Dean Louis Johnson Dlvlslon of Agrlcullure School of Business Administration W H H Page 144 I .Dean Ma"Y Below Dean R. Marlin Peters Dlvislon of Home Economics Dean O. C. Stewart Exfended Services '33 'P Grad uate School Dean Edell M. Hearn College of Education il gl Page 145 Chairmen Ayers, Harold E. Chairman of Department of Economics, Finance and Marlceting Boles, Ralph C. Chairman of Department ot Mathematics Bonner, William H. Chairman of Department of Business Education and Office Management Culp, Frederick L. Chairman of Department of Physics Diemer. Richard D. Chairman of Department of Philosophy and Sociology 9 'I' wx Bedwell, Robert L. if ,-N Chairman ot Department s ot General Agriculture .Q ia as, 'fe ,5- ..a"' Q-qs... aen- . Fraser, Richard ' Vtyii, Chairman of Department of History and Political Science tgfeny- Helton, Walter L. Chairman of Department I of Earth Sciences Hiclcerson, Norris Chairman of Department of Civil Engineering Hunter, Gordon Chairman of Department of Biology Hyder, W. Clyde Chairman of Department of Animal lndustry Kinslow, Ray Chairman of Department ot Engineering Science Downing, Edward P. Chairman of Department of Military Science Lewis, W. H. Chairman of Department . ot Industrial Technology Owens, S. Lee Chairman ot Department of Business Management Sharpe, Joseph D. Chairman of Department ot Elementary Education Tolleson, Sherwell K. Chairman of Department of Educational Psychology and Guidance Sissom, L. E. Chairman of Department of Mechanical Engineering Smith, Flavious Chairman of Department of Health and Physical Education Thorne, Joe A. Chairman of Department of Accounting Wattenbarger, James Chairman of Department cf Music Turclc, Merton J. Chairman of Department of Secondary Education Warren, John W. Chairman of Department of English Departmental chairmen not pictured are: H. G. Ashburn, Department of Chemistry Wilbur W. Frye, Department of Agronomy John C. McGee, Department of Chemical Engineering Albert L. Dulce, Department of Electrical Engineering Sidney Gilbreath, Department of Industrial Engineering Page 146 'vN,a F4--.4-4' K-'nr' ...anv- 'Fig' ...anis t.-,A ,,...-an Ki IE 'K'-1-'x - um 5 . A Q S ,N , is I Y 1 'gli , 'I . 'Vi N. V1 .1 A a vw if 'CN William Balmer, assistant to the President, finds that his paperwork comes easier with a cup of coffee. N 65 we 'Higgs ' Marvin Adkins . Mkt. Betty Allen ., HEPS Capt. Joe Allen MS Vernon R. Allen , Chem. Avo Anderson , Eng. Lois Anderson . Eng. Billy Arnold , M. E. Reba Bacon . El. Ed. Eugene Ball ... .,Math S. K. Ballal .. .Bio. Jim Barr , .. Earth Sciences Marshall Bertram , . . . .. . ,H8iPS Thelma Bertram James Bilbrey ,. Richard Boyce , Capt. Arthur Boyd , Howard Brahmstedt Pat Brahmstedt Barbara Briggs Diane Briggs .. . ...Ed. .. Cam. Sch. . ..Sec. Ed. .MS , , .Music . Music . .Math EP8:G M '45 .fs 'hw -ax Page 147 Robert Briggs Mary Brown .. George Buchanan John Bullington , Franlr Bulow Frank Bush Mary Byrom Billie Cameron , Ralph Campbell William Carpenter Tom Chilton Whewon Cho John Clark ,. Susan Cole George Collier Don Cool! . Lt. Col. William Daniel, Robert Davis , . Catherine Detord . , Mary Delozier Mary Dietz Edmond Dixon Nancy Dixon James Dotson Robert DuBey . . Don Dulce Ralph Edwards O. T. Estes . Lottie Farr David Farrar Joe Floyd .. Robert Fort , raafgafei Frader Wilbur Frye , R. E. Fuson Page 148 Jr Math Comp. Center . . ES. .. CE . ., .Bio. Comp. Center .Ed. Bus. Ed. Fr. Engr. . Soc. . H8rPE Econ. .. HXPS . Soc. . Bio. , Acct. .MS Farm Mgt. Eng. . Hist. F. L. . .Math EPLC-3 . ,.EP8iG . ,. Sec. Ed. Acct. n Engn .Eng ,.chem. ,.,ir .. HEPE ...Hia ,, Agi ..HPhpks 7'4- 'GMO- 7 or-4, QFW' ww X 'r . yltt .3 gimme , .j W, lux 1 ,ith gala 4 ' " L :i . V 1 fi' fi .ff-cw" l J ' V4 -f f Mrs. Sally Crain explains some of khe basic con- cepis of art in an art appreciation course. si . 4. . .- 2 .e 4 - ,adv f ,MA 9' W Q1 X y r fi. Q A 5? r Ai 4 4 I 1 Z. f gmt! if ' ,,, g yflffi- My-.fy Vg, ' E if I Y y , an I M i Jw 2 5 -27 it ? " I Q Y qs... 'Lv- ana .guy Qs in-s William Goodman Frances Gragg Richard Griffin , John Harris Nathaniel Harrison James Harvey ,. Dan Hearn , Hasan Hejazi Marlin Hill David Hogan , Garry Hogan, Jr. . Allen Hribar Ju Chin Huang Jesse Hudelston Pauline Hudgens Conrad lnman . William Jenkins Amy Johnson William Jones Major John Joyce ' . . , Acct. . Eng. . . Acct. Bio. . Bio. ,.. ,Mkt Music ES . El. Ed. Bus. Man. . ,Chem. ME .,..ES . Eng. . Eng. H8iPE Eng. Cam. Sch. Math .MS Page 149 R. Reed Kearl ., Robert Keefauver Bill Kennon ,. George King .. Mary Byrd King , Richard Kleclcner Joel Lancaster Glenn Leddy John Lee , Francis Little ., Wilanne Little .. Dennis Luclcinbill Sara Lynn . Parvez Mahmud Marynell Meadors Marjorie Meadows Carolyn Medley Mozelle Medley .. Jon McDearman Jettie McWilliams ., , ME Sec. Ed. . . H8iPE . . Eng. . ..Cam. Sch. Earth Sciences Earth Sciences IT EGF Math Bus. Ed. . ME . EP8mG . .. Bus. . .H8iPE . Cam. Sch. Cam. Sch. . Ed. .. , EE ,. EPLG Colonel Edward P. Downing presents Captain Ar- thur R. Boyd with the Army Commendation Medal Page 150 f, wi. 1""'- 701' l r'-if " "5-"",-. bi M vox ,Xxx Paul Miller ,. . Eleanor Mitchell , William Mitchell . Jeremiah Mitchum .. Esther Montgomery . Betty Moore Fred Moore R. H. Moorman , Winston Morris Charlene Mullins Capt. Andrew Mundy Jewell Nolen , Dorrie Norwood . , . Capt. James Olivo William Orr , Donald Palk Barbara Parish S. A. Patil .. Capt. Donald Patterson Linda Pedigo ., Wayne Pegram Dorothy Pennebalcer Lorraine Peters .. Clifford Phifer Stanley Phillips .. D. R. Pitts ,. Virginia Plummer , Jerry Powell .. Kenneth Purdy Reb ecca Quattlelaaun Horace Raper Thomas Reddiclc . Miser Richmond Richard Rinks ., Mary Roberson ,. ME , Eng. ME Eng. H. Ec. lllsl. , .Hist. . Math ,Music , H.Ec. MS H8rPE . .Eng. ,. MS IT , El. Ed. .Cam. Sch. Math . MS FL . Music Eng. . H.Ed. Bus. Mgt. Bus. Mgt. ME . .Bus. Ed. , Math ME EP8rG Hist. Sec. Ed. Bio. .Chem. E. ..,.H. Ec. Page 151 J V 'A K--.., -.. I W5 1 .er ,.., f.r,:,:f -me . R f' Joseph Floyd points woodworking class. Frances Roden . Michael Ruhr .. Richard Rundeli . Richard Savage . . Juanita Shettlesworth Russell sim . Capt. Richard smaih J. E. spalman ,. Laura spalman , H. R. Stabler ., Floyd Stewart . James Stewart . Rose Stewart .. William Stradley Hix Stubbletield Robert Swindell ,. Khyson Swong .. Joe Thorne . . . . Wanda Thurman Major G. F. Tittle , Page 152 out the important facts in a H8rPE , .EP8rG . Agri. Math . ..FL Bus. Mgt. MS . ELF . .Bus. Ed. . .,Acct. . . ,Soc. FL ,. .Music .. Sec. Ed. . . Eng. . , Chem. Math . . . . Bus. , Cam. Sch. . .MS 'iw hu- wi li 5 25 I In F. R. Toline ,..., Sherwell Tolleson, Albert Van Cleave 5-an Carl Ventrice ,... ..,.., SFC Hiram Waller Il ,.... Elbert Ward ....,.., Mary Waitenbarger.. Bobby Wheatley ...,.. Powell Vflwitfielcl .... Carolyn Whitson. . Martha Wilson, .. Howard Wortham 4.,. emoriam N ei' G. xii. 'N i Leonard Crawford will be remembered for his enthusiastic speeches at career day, boys state, cheerleading camp and various other events that led many stu- dents to choose Tech. Although he was the director of field services and president of the Tennessee Education Association, he found time to be the announcer for Tech's football and basketball games. HU!!- W' Ralph L. Dunckel did much to aid in the growth of the co-operative program. Working with students who wished to re- ceive on-the-job training in their field of study, he helped many find a way to finance their college education. His ef- forts proved successful as participation in the program has increased. 3 ...HES ....Ed. ....Matl'1 ,, , , .Physics .,.,MS .....MBfl1 ....MuSlc ....,Econ. ....Sec. Ed. Education .,Bus. Ed. Bus. Mgt. Page 153 P fi f ,'5 2," ul' 'fn , a k ..bLk x lv, my i str' 'win' P' -41 'N 4 Dee Bostick adjusts her husband's tassel as Dorrie Norwood helps Dee with her cap. nr ..- Craduate school offers 9 areas of study at Tech More and more students are making graduate school a part of their plans. Tech offers graduate degrees in biology, chemistry, education, English, engineer- ing. health and physical education, his- tory, mathematics and physics. Being admitted to graduate study is based on meritg the student must have completed his bachelor's degree, and his undergraduate work must be of such quality as to indicate success in graduate school. Qualifying examinations are sometimes used to help determine a stu- dent's potential. The program is structured to be less formal than undergraduate work. Each student plans a course of study that will be benelicial to him in relation to his own background and needs. Graduate de- grees are given for scholarship, proli- ciency, reasoning and investigation, not necessarily for completion of a set num- ber ot' courses. To linance the extra cost of graduate school. loans and assistantships are avail- able. The assistantship, which pays maintenance fees. provides the student an opportunity to teach or do research in his lield of study. Row 1: Dean Martin Peters, Mary Greenwood, Dor- othy Rich, Elise Ingram, Frances Thompson, Mil- dred Simmons, Dee Bosticlc, Peggy Michaels, Mary Brady. Row 2: Dorrie Norwood, Janie Price, Kay Youngs, Martha Farmer, Rebecca Smith, Jane Carr, Peggy Wright, Betty McDonald. Row 3: Ralph Page 154 Booher, Clester Winningham, Robert Robertson, David Carlocir, Victor Green, Frank Farrar, Louis Butler. Row 4: Rolland Cisson, Frederick Roemer, Walter Jetfers, Kenneth Jolly, Thomas Gutridge, Frank Barth, George Bosticlr. Row 5: Hollis Lottis, l Charles French, Sam Matheny, Kenneth Fox, John Gilmore, Joe Wooden. Row 6: Jerry Tate, Gar- land Wright, Thomas Kirby, Glen Masters, Chris- topher Smith, Dan Tollett, Walter Shanlts, Thomas Potts, Bill Worrell. u. ga, .. Q, QQJ 2' Qian' ,, , 3-If ffl?-sill ug, x 1 ,' Q' if 5? . 4 N ff? aRe,,'. ,ws Q av ft, 4 futfmaamvm " i i Q' TT- S ' "Z t 1 - i d.f ang 'ii TIG. ff 8 f W sidenf Vice- resi en P d I: S R Harris L J M y A arry ones ar ECFG Br FSBSUFEF i y T nn Hamilton Dale Ballinger Harris elected to lead lass of 9 Page 156 Spring quarter Ron Harris was elect- ed president of the senior class. At the beginning of the new year, the re- maining ofiicers were elected. As fall quarter got into full swing, the senior was confronted with the joys and worries of his final year of col- lege. Student teaching, research pa- pers and sleepless nights all found their way into the senior's life. Unforgettable moments that will be cherished for a lifetime fill his last year. Homecoming, parties, concerts, superlative elections, spring fiing week- end and the senior picnic have a special meaning for him. Later in the year job interviews be- come of prime importance as the sen- ior prepares to utilize four years of study. His years of hard work begin to bring their reward. This year, however, he found a short- age of job opportunities as there were fewer openings in business and indus- try. As graduation draws near, each sen- ior is faced with a last check to see if all requirements have been met. If he failed or forgot to take the English Qualifying Exam he finds himself in a dilemma. A final notice from the Office of Ad- missions and Records helps assure the senior that he will not be pulled from the graduation line. Notices also come from the Alumni Office adding to the list of forms that must be filled out. All that is left now is the hope for 21 cool day as he puts on his cap and gown for the graduation exercises. A gym- nasium crowded with proud relatives listening to a commencement address ends the senior's four years. 'H-te..-fl N V50 3- ww.. Qin '19 W- fe i , my if .el 'NH guna.. hs..- QWV SW ffm anna.. ABBOTT, LARRY EDWARD, Maryville, Tennessee, B.S. in Chemical Engineering, Kappa Omega '66-'69, President '67, AlChe '67-'69, ACS '68-'69, ASB Senator '70, Fresh- man Football Team '65, lnterfraternity Football Team '66-'68, Who's Who '70. ADAMS, JAMES GARY, Antioch, Tennessee, B.S. in Busi- ness Management. ADAMS, KENNETH RAY, Buchanan, Tennessee, B.S. in Civil Engineering, ASCE '70, ACIADA Club '70, ADAMSON, MARILYN CHRISTINA, Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in Secondary Education, SNEA '66-'67, Tech Commu- nity Chorus '69. ADCOX, DAVID MURRAY, Hohenwald, Tennessee, B.S. in Industrial Engineering, Circle K '67, IE Club '68-'70, Alpha Tau Omega '67-'70, Secretary '69, Sophomore Class Treasurer '67, ASB Traffic Court Judge '69-'70, Intramural Basketball, Football, Softball '68-'70'. ADDISON, PHILIP ANDREW, Ft. Oglethorpe, Georgia, B.S. in Industrial Engineering, IE Club '68-'70, ROTC Band '67-'68, AKENS, LARRY GREY, Kingsport, Tennessee, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, IEEE '66-'69, NSPE '68, Kappa Sigma '69-'70. ALEXANDER, LARRY DALE, Columbia, Tennessee, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Pep Club '66-'67, ASME '68-'70, Pi Tau Sigma '69-'70, Kappa Sigma '67-'70, Treasurer '70, ALEXANDER, ROBERT EDWIN, Rockwood, Tennessee, B.S. in Civil Engineering, Society of Freshman Engineers '67, ASCE '68-'70, Tech Rangers '68-'69, Sigma Phi Epsilon '69-'70, Rush Chairman '69, lnterfraternity Football, Bas- ketball, Softball '69-'70, ALLEN, JOHN WILLIAM, Chattanooga, Tennessee, B.S. in Secondary Education, History, SNEA '69-'70. ALLEN, ONEDA FAYE, Algood, Tennessee, B.S. in Biol- ogy. ALLRED, KENNETH LEE, JR., Rockwood, Tennessee, B.S. in Marketing, Tech Rangers '66-'70, Scabbard and Blade '69-'70, President '70, Pep Club '66-'67, Scabbard and Blade ROTC Award '69, American Legion ROTC Award '69. AMENT, JACQUELINE SUE, Cookeville, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Education, Phi Gamma Nu '68-'69, Sigma Sigma Sigma '68-'69, Treasurer '69, Intramural Football '68, ln- tramural Softball '69, AMONETT, FRED G., Byrdstown, Tennessee, B.S. in Agri- culture Science, Tech Aggies '69-'70. AMONETTE, GWENDOLYN ELDER, Byrdstown, Tennessee, B.S. in Home Economics Education, Home Ec. Club '67- 70. ANDERSON, HELEN PAGE, Gainesboro, Tennessee, B.S. in Elementary Education, SNEA '66-'69. ANDERSON, JERRILYN LEE, Kensington, Maryland, B.S. in Home Economics Education, Home Ec. Club '67- '70, Kappa Omicron Phi '70. ANDERSON, JOSEPH N., Kensington, Maryland, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, IEEE '68-'70, Kappa Mu Epsilon '68-'70, Tau Beta Pi '69-'70, Eta Kappa Nu '69-'70, Vice President '70. ANDERSON, MICHAEL CARL, Franklin, Tennessee, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, Kappa Sigma '67-'69, Circle K '67-'69, SEO '69, IEEE '68-'69. ANDERSON, RUTH GRIBBLE, Sparta, Tennessee, B.S. in Elementary Education, SNEA '69-'70, ANDERSON, WILLIAM HUGH, Gordonsville, Tennessee, B.S. in Chemistry, ACS '68-'70, President '69, Chemistry 8: Medical Science Club '70. ANDERSON, WILLIAM WAYNE, Shelbyville, Tennessee, B.S. in Mathematics. APPLE, VICKEY GOOLSBY, Gainesboro, Tennessee, B.S. in Elementary Education, SNEA '68-'69. ARCHER, MICHAEL FREED, Aberdeen, Maryland, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Pershing Rifles '66-'69, Executive Officer '69, Scabbard and Blade '69-'70, Executive Officer '70, ASME '69-'70, Superior MSII Award '68. ARP, WILLIAM BRIAN, Rossville, Georgia, B.S. in In- dustrial Engineering, Lambda Chi Alpha '67-'70, IFC '67- '69 ASHBY, JOE RANDALL, Fayetteville, Tennessee, B.S. in Wildlife Management, German Club '69-'70. ASKEY, THELMA J., Millington, Tennessee, B.A. in His- tory, Gold Circle '70, Secretary '70, Honor Hall '69-'70, President '69, Secretary '70, Mu Phi Epsilon '69-'70, Cor- responding Secretary '70. ATNIP, DEBORAH LEAH, Livingston, Tennessee, B.A. in English, SNEA '70. Page 157 BABBITT, JESS ALBERT, Covington, Tennessee, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, ASME '69-'70, Secretary '69, Co-Op Club '68, Pi Tau Sigma '70. BABCOCK, SHEILA ANN, Elgin, Tennessee, B.S. in Health 81 Physical Education, HLPE Club '66-'70, Kappa Delta Phi '69-'70, SNEA '66-'69, TWO '66-'70, Intramural Basket- ball, Softball '67-'70, Intramural Badminton '69, BAKER, ROBERT WALKER, JR., Etowah, Tennessee, B.S. in Chemical Engineering, AIChE '67-'69. BARKER, SHIRLEY C., Cookeville, Tennessee, B.S. in Office Management, Fhi Beta Lambda '69-'70, BANDY, JOHN W., Memphis, Tennessee, B.S. in Industrial Engineering, Alpha Phi Omega '70, AIIE '68-'70. BARNES, HARRY EDWARD, Gallatin, Tennessee, B.S. in Chemical Engineering, Phi Delta Theta '69-'70, AIChE '66-'69, Treasurer '69, AIAA '67, Co-Op Club '68, Secre- tary '68. BARNETT, MICHAEL E., Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in Mar- keting, Marketing Club '66-'67. BARRETT, DAVID G., Birchwood, Tennessee, B.S. in Busi- ness Education, Intramural Softball, Football, Basketball, Volleyball '68-'70, BARRY, CHARLES DENNIS, Liberty, Tennessee, B.S. in ln- dustrial Technology, Society of Engineering '67, IT Club '69-'70, AES Club '69-'70. BARTON, JOHN DOUGLAS, Lafayette, Tennessee, B.S. in Marketing, Marketing Club '67-'69, ABC '70, Miller Hall President '68, American Marketing Association '70, Young Republican Club '66-'70. BARTON, STEPHEN HAROLD, Jacksonville, Florida, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Scuba Club '69, ASME '69, Gamma Chi '68-'69, Intramural Softball '68. BASSHAM, ROBERT JOHN, Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, B.S. in Industrial Engineering, Tenn. Tech. Amateur Radio Society '66-'67, NSDE '67, IE '66-'68, Intramural Paddleball '67 BATES, BRUCE N., Lobelville, Tennessee, B.S. in ln- dustrial Engineering, Society of Engineers '67, AIIE '68- '70, Treasurer '69. BAUGH, REBECCA DERRYBERRY, Kingston, Tennessee, B.S. in Secondary Education, English, SNEA '67-'70, Sigma Tau Delta '69-'70, Kappa Delta Pi '69-'70, English Club '70, Tech Community Chorus '67-'6Y. BAUMGARTNER, JAN, Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in Biol- ogy, Biology Club '68-'70, Arts Si Science Exploratory Committee '69-'70, COSIP Committee '69-'70. BAYLESS, PATRICIA JEAN, Pikeville, Tennessee, B.S. in Mathematics, Math Club '67-'70, Cosmopolitan Club '67- '69, Secretary '68. ICS wg., cs... Q""'n is Q e- if si B fw- are Y:-v CVO an--Q ag, 94 yu... fi , , -s , ,r . I Y an Q1 . 3 0 enior do tudent teaching Four years of study are put to practical use when seniors student teach. Page 158 'map- ,- tc' BEAM, WALTER LYNN, Athens, Tennessee, B.S. in Ac- counting. BEASLEY, SARAH DALTON, Dixon Springs, Tennessee, B.S. in Elementary Education, Transferred from George Peabody College '67, Tech Speleophiles '68-'70, Assistant Secretary '67, SNEA '67-'70. BECK, CAROL JANET, Waukegan, Illinois, B.S. in Ele- mentary Education, SNEA '65-'66, Alpha Sigma Alpha '67-'70, Corresponding Secretary '70, Counselor '70. BELL, LANNY PARTIN, Tracy City, Tennessee, B.S. in Me- chanical Engineering, Society of Engineering '66, NSPE '67-'70, Vice President '68, EJC Representative '69, Presi- dent '70, ASME '68-'70. BHOOMSIRI, NOPPAPHORN, Bangkok, Thailand, B.S. in Political Science, Cosmopolitan Club '69-'70, IRC '69. BICKFORD, SHARON LYNNE, Sparta, Tennessee, B.S. in Biology, Arts 81 Science Exploratory Committee '69, Ger- man Club '68-'69, Biology Club '68-'70, General Biology Staff '69, BILBREY, BOBBY G., Livingston, Tennessee, B.S. in Mar- keting, Marketing Club '69-'70, BILBREY, JACKIE B., Rickman, Tennessee, B.S. in Elemen- tary Education, SNEA '65. BILBREY, RALPH BENTON, Crossville, Tennessee, B.S. in Accounting, Sigma Phi Epsilon '68-'70, BINKLEY, FREDERICK HOLLIS, JR., Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in Civil Engineering, ASCE '69, BIRDWELL, JOYCE MARIE, Bloomington Springs, Tennes- see, B.S. in Business Education, SNEA '69-'70. BIRDWELL, MARILYN MAE, Red Boiling Springs, Tennes- see, B.S. in English, SNEA '67-'69. BIRDWELL, WILMA JEAN, Cookeville, Tennessee, B.S. in Home Economics, Home Ec. Club '70. BISHOP, JANE L., Clinton, Tennessee, B.A. in Elementary Education, Young Democrats Club '68-'69, SNEA '67-'69, BLACK, KENNETH MONROE, Silerton, Tennessee, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, ASME '67-'69, BLACK, MARTHA GAIL, Columbia, Tennessee, B.S. in Secondary Education, Sociology, SNEA '67-'70, Residence Hall Counselor '68-'70. BLACKWELL, RODNEY BURKE, Cleveland, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Management, Society of Engineers '67, IT '68, SAM '68-'70. BLOCKER, JAMES RICHARD, JR., Columbia, Tennessee, B.S. in History, IRC '68-'70. BOAZE, JOHN LEE, Lynchburg, Virginia, B.S. in Wildlife Management, Biology Club '67-'69, German Club '67-'68. BOBO, JOHN T., Lynchburg, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Management, "T" Club '67-'68, Sigma Alpha Epsilon '68-'70, President '70, Who's Who '70, Sophomore Class President '68, Junior Class President '69, Varsity Football '66-'67. BOBO, RUPERT LYNN, Lynchburg, Tennessee, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, IEEE '70. BOND, DAVID CLARK, McMinnville, Tennessee, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, IEEE '66-'70, EJC Representative '69, Vice President '70, Eta Kappa Nu '69-'70, Co-Op Club '66-'70, Pep Club '65, Intramural Official '67, Intra- mural Basketball, Softball '69, BORUM, LARRY KINSEY, Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in Civil Engineering, Sigma Phi Epsilon '69-'70, Intramural Bowling '68. BOTTENFIELD, DEBORAH BLISS, Knoxville, Tennessee, B.S. in Secondary Education, English, SNEA '65-'66, Intra- mural Softball '68. BOWERS, LINDA CAROL, Livingston, Tennessee, B.S. in Secondary Education, English, Alpha Sigma Alpha '69-'70, SNEA '69-'70. BOWERS, PATRICIA KAY, Oliver Springs, Tennessee, B.S. in Home Economics, Kappa Omicron Phi '70. BOYD, BEVERLY CAROLYN, Pikeville, Tennessee, B.S. in Home Economics Education, Home Ec. Club '70, Kappa Omicron Phi '70, Kappa Delta Pi '70, American Home Ec. Association '70. BRADFORD, MARTHA ELIZABETH, Lenoir City, Tennes- see, B.S. in Elementary Education, SNEA '68-'70, Page 159 BRADFORD, TOMMY G., Cookeville, Tennessee, B.S. in History. BRADLEY, RONALD TAYLOR, Sparta, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Management. BRATTON, GEORGE ROBERT, Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in Engineering Science, ES Club '68-'70. BRAY, JAMES DAVID, JR., Kingsport, Tennessee, B.S. in Accounting, Delta Tau Delta '67-'70, Secretary '69, Presi- dent '70, Sigma Iota Epsilon '70, IFC '68-'70, Accounting Club '70, Intramural Softball '68, IFC Basketball '69-'70, IFC Football, Softball '68-'70, BRIGGS, JERRY LEE, Springfield, Tennessee, B.S. in Ac- counting, Accounting Club '68-'70, Band '65, Kappa Omega '66-'70. BRIGGS, ROBERT DAVID, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Pi Tau Sigma '67-'69, Secretary '69, ASME '68. BRINK, DAVID BRADFORD, Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, B.S. in Marketing, Marketing Club '67-'70, Sigma Phi Delta '67-'69, Corresponding Secretary '68-'70, ABC '69, Presi- dent '69, Pep Club '67-'68, Alpha Kappa Psi '68-'70, ln- ,N tramural Football, Softball '68-'70, Interfraternity Golf '69 BROOKMAN, MARY ERMA, Tracy City, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Administration, Phi Gamma Nu '69-'70, Sky Div- ing Club '68, Intramural Softball, Basketball '68-'69. BROOKS, CARLIN THOMAS, Bolivar, Tennessee, B.S. in Secondary Education, Transferred from Freed-Hardeman College '68, SNEA '69-'70, English Club '69-'70. BROOKS, JERRY D., South Pittsburg, Tennessee, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Kappa Sigma '60-'70, ASME '70, Football '65-'69, Softball '65-'66. BROOKS, KENNETH PRESTON, Erin, Tennessee, B.S, in Mechanical Engineering, AIAA '66-'67, Secretary '66, ASB Senator '69. BROWN, BETTY CAROLYN, Cookeville, Tennessee, B.S. in Home Economics Education, Home Ec. Club '67-'70, His- torian '68, President '70, Kappa Omicron Phi '68-'70, Re- porter '69, President '70, Gold Circle '70, Treasurer '70, TWO Town Council '68-'69, Vice-President '69, TWO Board '69, Kappa Delta Pi '69-'70, Who's Who. BROWN, BILLY CARLOS, Bloomington Springs, Tennes- see, B.S. in Industrial Technology, IT Club '66-'70, AFS '66, Co-Op Club '68. BROWN, CONNIE SUE, Cookeville, Tennessee, B.S. in Secondary Education, Sociology, SNEA '67-'70, Sociology Club '70, BROWN, DOUGLAS R., Oliver Springs, Tennessee, B.S. in Health Bi Physical Education, "T" Club '68-'70, President '70, HLPE Club '67-'70, Varsity Football '66-'69. BROWN, MARTHA CLAIRE, Cookeville, Tennessee, B.S. in Health 8: Physical Education, Tech Chorus Br Choir '66-'67, HGPE Club '66-'68, Program Director '67, Aquatic Club '66-'68, SNEA '66-'68, ISC '67-'69, Parliamentarian '67, President '68, Kappa Delta '67-'70, Rush Chairman '67, Chaplain '68-'69, Mu Phi Epsilon '66-'68, Kappa Delta Pi '67-'69, ROTC Sponsor '67-'69, Pershing Rifle Sponsor '68, Brigade Commander '69, Homecoming Court '68, Who's Who '68, Gold Circle '69, Phi Delta Theta Sweet- heart '69, ASB Secretary '69, Intramural Basketball '66-'68. Lab tudy essential for en ineers Chien-Yung Wei prepares a machine for use in the x-ray defraction lab. -1 ,. - Q ' 523 :J WY Page 160 ll' .t Ig 'var V fn i':" wk' r' ff if M .Ma I-4 an , WUBIYW' Orff-A 'Elf Qian N,-'Mr '-..,, BROWN, NANCY GALE, Crossville, Tennessee, B.S. in Office Management, Intramural Football, Softball '67-'6B. BROWN, THOMAS G., Gainesboro, Tennessee, B.S. in Music Education, Tech Troubadours '67-'70, Student Leader '70, Phi Mu Alpha '67-'70, Historian '67, Tech Choir '67-'70, Tech Community Orchestra '69-'70, Brass-Art Chamber Quintet '70, Band '67-'70. BRUCE, TOMMY DALE, Baxter, Tennessee, B.S. in In- dustrial Technology, IT Club '67-'70, Treasurer '67, AFS '67-'70, Veterans Club '68-'70. BRYAN, JACKIE HARREL, Tullahoma, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Management, Intramural Football '68. BRYANT, LEWIS ARLEN, Cookeville, Tennessee, B.S. in Secondary Education, History. BRYANT, RICHARD CARLYLE, Dunlap, Tennessee, B.S. in Industrial Technology, IT Club '66-'70, AFS '70, Intra- mural Softball, Football, Basketball '66-'70. BRYCE, ROBERT NATION, Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, IEEE '67-'70, Tech Rangers '66- '69. BULLA, JOHN TERRY, Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in Civil Engineering, ASB Traffic Court Judge '69-'70, ASCE '68- '70, EJC Representative '69-'70, Counselor '67-'69. BULLINGTON, DAVID THOMAS, Milan, Tennessee, B.S. in Industrial Technology, IT Club '69-'70. BUTLER, DONALD JEFFREY, Tullahoma, Tennessee, B.S. in Industrial Technology, IT Club '66-'70. BUTLER, SANDRA FAITH, Gallatin, Tennessee, B.S. in Health 8: Physical Education, HEPE Club '66-'69, Gymnas- tics Club '67-'69. BUTT, STANLEY R., Portland, Tennessee, B.S. in Wildlife Management, Alpha Tau Omega '67-'70, Biology Club '67-'70, BYRD, MELINDA SUSAN, Virginia Beach, Virginia, B.S. in Secondary Education, Biology, Intramural Softball '67-'69, Intramural Football '68. CALBAUGH, RONALD THOMAS, Dayton, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Management, SAM '68-'69. CANNON, ELINOR GWEN, Franklin, Tennessee, B.S. in Health 8: Physical Education, Gymnastics Club '67-'69, HLPE Club '67-'69. CANTRELL, CHARLES WAYNE, Smithville, Tennessee, B.S. in Health 8: Physical Education, Transferred from Cum- berland College '67, HGPE Club '68-'70, SNEA '70, Intra- mural Football, Softball, '67-'69, CARDWELL, DIANA HEIDLE, Wartburg, Tennessee, B.S. in Secondary Education, Math, SNEA '67, Alpha Sigma Alpha '68-'69, Treasurer '69. CARMACK, BETTY'ANN, Cookeville, Tennessee, B.S. in Secondary Education, Sociology, Sociology Club '70, SNEA '70. CARMACK, BOBBY LEE, Cookeville, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Management, SAM '70. CARNEY, JULIA CAROL, Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in Elementary Education, Band '66, SNEA '66-'69, TWO '68, CARPENTER, MARILYNN JANE, Cary, North Carolina, B.S. in Music Education, SNEA '66-'67, MENC '67-'70, Tech Choir '67-'70, Mu Phi Epsilon '67-'70, Chorister '68, Treasurer '69, President '70, Kappa Delta Pi '68-'70, Histo- rian '70. CARTER, NELDA WILMORE, Monoville, Tennessee, B.S. in Elementary Education. CARTER, SHARON WOMACK, Doyle, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Education, Pi Omega Pi '68-'70, SNEA '67-'68. CARUTHERS, MICHAEL EUGENE, Columbia, Tennessee, B.S. in Industrial Technology, AFS '67, Co-Op Club '68, Intramural Basketball '66-'67. CARUTHERS, SIEGFRIED JEAN, Rockwood, Tennessee, B.S. in Electrical Engineering. CARVER, PATRICIA ANN, Clinton, Tennessee, B.S. in Ele- mentary Education, SNEA '67-'70, Intramural Football, Softball '68-'69, Intramural Basketball '68. CASTLE, WILLIAM ALBERT, Hendersonville, Tennessee, B.S. in Health li Physical Education, "T" Club '65-'68, H8iPE Club '65-'68, Intramural Basketball, Football '65- '68. CAVENDER, ERNEST FARRIS, Kingston, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Management, Transferred from Freed-Hardeman College '69, SAM '70, Page 161 CHADWELL, JEFFERSON D., Kingsport, Tennessee, B.S. in Animal Husbandry, Tech Aggies '67-'69. CHAFFIN, TERESA FAY, Cookeville, Tennessee, B.S. in Health 8: Physical Education, H8iPE Club '68-'69, Secre- tary '69, Intramural Volleyball, Softball, Tennis, Badmin- ton, Basketball '69. CHAMBERS, DELBERT LARRY, Oneida, Tennessee, B.S. in Secondary Education, Social Science, Lambda Chi Alpha '69-'70. CHRISTIE, MARY JOYCE, Memphis, Tennessee, B.S. in Elementary Education, SNEA '67, Dorm President '69. CLARK, BENTON LEE, Tullahoma, Tennessee, B.S. in ln- dustrial Technology, IT Club '69-'70. CLARK, GENEVA FAYE, Cookeville, Tennessee, B.S. in El- ementary Education, SNEA '68-'70. COLE, RAYMOND DALE, Cookeville, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Management. COLQUITT, PATRICIA ANN, Chattanooga, Tennessee, B.S. in Secondary Education, SNEA '68-'69. COMPTON, SUSAN CLAIRE, Cookeville, Tennessee, B.S. in Home Economics Education, Home Ec. Club '66-'70, Treasurer '68, First Vice President '69, TWO Town Council '67-'68, Freshman Representative '67, Vice President '68, TWO Board '68, Kappa Delta Pi '68-'70, Treasurer '69, Kappa Omicron Phi '69-'70, Vice President '69, Secretary '70, Gold Circle '70, President '70, ASB Senate '70, Who's Who '70. CONATSER, DAVID EUGENE, Jamestown, Tennessee, B.S. in Accounting. CONNELLY, DONALD EDWARD, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, B.S. in Industrial Technology, Transferred from Freed- Hardeman College '68, IT Club '70, CONNER, DONALD LOWELL, Miami, Florida, B,S. in Electrical Engineering, Society of Engineering '66, IEEE '68-'70, Delta Tau Delta '68-'70, Vice President '70. COONCE, JOHN EDWARD, Cookeville, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Management, Alpha Kappa Psi '68-'70, SAM '69- '70, Veterans Club '69-'70. COOPER, FRIEDA GAIL, Lewisburg, Tennessee, B.S. in Secondary Education, History, SNEA '67-'70. COOTER, VICKI JOY, Crossville, Tennessee, B.S. in Jour- nalism, Alpha Delta Pi '68-'70, Historian '69, Oracle Staff '67-'70, Editorial Editor '68, Assistant Advertising Editor '69, Eagle Staff '69-'70, Features Editor '70, lntersorority Football '69. COPPINGER, VIRGIL EDWARD, Chattanooga, Tennessee, B.S. in Civil Engineering, ASCE '70, Veterans Club '70. CORNWELL, KATHERINE, Carthage, Tennessee, B.S. in Secondary Education, Math, Kappa Mu Epsilon '68-'70, Kappa Delta Pi '69-'70, SNEA '69-'70. COWAN, CAROL TIPPS, Madison, Tennessee, B.S. in Sec- ondary Education, Sociology. COWAN, ELAINE MCCALEB, Gordonsville, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Education, Pi Omega Pi '68-'70, Vice President '70, Kappa Delta Pi '70. COWAN, TERRY SEWELL, Madison, Tennessee, B.S. in Civil Engineering, Society of Engineers '66, ASCE '68-'70. CRAIGGE, EDWARD ARNOLD, Portland, Tennessee, B.S. in Industrial Technology, NSPE '67-'68, AFS '69-'70, IT Club '69-'70. CRAVENS, BILLY WAYNE, Clarkrange, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Management. CRAWFORD, JOSEPH MORGAN, McMinnville, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Management, SAM '68-'69. CRAWFORD, MARY SUSAN, Cookeville, Tennessee, B.S. in Elementary Education, Alpha Sigma Alpha '67-'70, His- torian '69, Scuba Club '68-'70, Secretary-Treasurer '68-'69, Vice President '70, ROTC Sponsor '69, TWO Board '69. CREEK, ALAN DAVID, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, B.S. in Ac- counting. CRISP, SUE LEFTWICH, Baxter, Tennessee, B.S. in Ele- mentary Education, SNEA '67-'70, CROSS, BARBARA ROSE, Oneida, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Education, SNEA '67-'70. CROSS, RETTA GLEE, Byrdstown, Tennessee, B.S. in Ele- mentary Education, SNEA '68-'70, Page 162 1' 'X pf 1 S.. qw-Av V ts..- 1? gt. Q., Q lb- L. semor recall con tru tlon era CROSSMAN, WARREN S., Cookeville, Tennessee, B.S. in Civil Engineering, ASCE '66-'70, Tau Beta Pi '67-'70. CUNNINGHAM, BURLEY NELSON, JR., Brownsville, Ten- nessee, B.S. in Health In Physical Education. CUNNINGHAM, KAY ANN, Brownsville, Tennessee, B.S. in Elementary Education. DANIEL, HOWARD LESLIE, Knoxville, Tennessee, B.S. in Finance, Lambda Chi Alpha '67-'70, Freshman Baseball '67, Intramural Softball, Football, Basketball '67-'70. DARDEN, GEORGE L., JR., Jacksonville, Florida, B.S. in Industrial Engineering, Society of Engineers '66, IEEE '67, Veterans Club '67-'70, Secretary '68, Treasurer '69, Vice President '70, AIIE '69-'70, Engineering Honor Society '67-'70, Intramural Basketball '68-'70. D'ARMOND, JOHN MARION, Crossville, Tennessee, B.S. in Marketing, Marketing Club '69-'70. DAVENPORT, JAMES RANDOLF, Watertown, Tennessee, B.S. in Engineering Science, Theta Tau '68-'70, ES Club '67-'70, Secretary-Treasurer '68, President '69, EJC Repre- sentative '69, Society of Engineers '66, NSPE '68-'70, AIAA '68, ASB Senator '69, Intramural Softball, Football '68-'69, Intramural Basketball, Badminton '67. DAVIDSON, WALTER HOOPER, Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in Civil Engineering, Society of Engineers '67, NSPE '68- '70, Treasurer '69, ASCE '68-'70, Engineering Honor Soci- ety '70, Pep Club '67-'68. DAVIS, HUBERT LEE, lll, Athens, Tennessee, B.S. in Ge- ography, Geography Club '68-'70, Intramural Softball '67-'b8. DAVIS, JOHN FRANKLIN, Ill, Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, B.S. in Engineering Science, Kappa Mu Epsilon '67-'70, Sigma Alpha Epsilon '67-'70, Vice President '69, ASB Sen- ator '69, Intramural Football '67-'70. DAVIS, NANCY HELEN, Crossville, Tennessee, B.S. in Music Education, Mu Phi Epsilon '68-'70, Chorister '69, Re- cording Secretary '70, Kappa Delta Pi '69-'70, Vice Presi- dent '70, Gold Circle '69-'70, Tech Choir '67-'70, Miss Tennessee Tech '70, Who's Who '70. DAWSON, JUDITH LU, Marblehead, Massachusetts, B.S. in Health 81 Physical Education, HIIPE Club '67-'70, Intra- mural Softball '67. DAWSON, WANDA KAY, Harriman, Tennessee, B.S. in Secondary Education, History. DENNING, JAMES LLOYD, JR., Gallatin, Tennessee, B.S. in Accounting, Intramural Softball '68-'69. DENNING, 'SANDRA JO, McMinnville, Tennessee, B.S. in Secondary Education, English, SNEA '67-'68, Intramural Basketball '67-'68, Softball '68-'69. DENNISON, STEVE STAFFORD, Jackson, Tennessee, B.S. in Marketing, Football '66-'69, Sigma Alpha Epsilon '67-'69, Co-Rush Chairman '68-'69, T-Club '67-'69, House Counsil '69, President '69, Marketing Club '68-'69, Fraternity Football Coach '66-'69, A senior's hopes of using the new facilities dim wHh hh approacmng graduabon. Page 163 DENNY, LINDA GAEL, Kingsport. Tennessee: B.S., in Ele- mentary Education, SNEA '66-'67, TWO Representative '68, Sigma Siqma Sigma '69-'70. DENTON, JOHN HAROLD, Culleoka, Tennessee, B.S. in Secondary Education, Math, Kappa Omega '68-'70, Rush Chairman '69, IFC '69, Secretary '69, Tech Rangers '66- '67, Intramural Football '68, DENTON, RICHARD NEIL, Cookeville, Tennessee, B.S. in Civil Engineering: NSPE '69. DESIREY, STEPHEN THOMAS, Madison, Tennessee, B.S. in Chemical Engineering, AIChE '67-'70, Secretary '69, ACS '69, IT Club '67, Phi Delta Theta '68-'70, President '68, Charter President '69, ITC '68-'70, President '70. DEVANDRY, DONALD EUGENE, Dickson, Tennessee, B.S. in Industrial Technology, AFS '69-'70, IT Club '69-'70, ASB Senator '67. DEVANEY, RITA NADINE, Kingston, Tennessee, B.S. in Home Economics, SNEA '70. DISHMAN, JANET, Livingston, Tennessee, B.S. in Second- ary Education, Math, Band '67-'68, Intramural Basketball '67, Intramural Softball '69. DODSON, RICHARD PIERCE, Lebanon, Tennessee, B.S. in Secondary Education, History. DOOLEY, JOSEPH BROOKS, Cookeville, Tennessee, B.S. in Engineering Science, Library Club '68-'69, Vice Presi- dent '68, President '69, AIAA '67-'70, Secretary '69, Vice President '70, ES Club '67-'70, President '70, NSPE '67-'70, Tau Beta Pi '69-'70, Kappa Mu Epsilon '69-'70, Who's Who '70. DORRIS, SHERRY LYNN, Donelson, Tennessee, B.A. in French 81 Spanish, SNEA '67, Eagle Staff '67, French Club '67-'69, Treasurer '69, Spanish Club '68-'69, President '69, TWO Judiciary Board '69, Chairman '69, TWO President '70, Kappa Delta Pi '68-'69, Arts 8: Sciences Council '69, Kappa Delta '68-'69, Secretary '69, Gold Circle '70, Intra- mural Basketball '67-'69, Who's Who '70. DOUB, DAVID MANNING, Chattanooga, Tennessee, B.S. in Marketing, Society of Business '67, Marketing Club '69-'70, Kappa Omega '67-'70, President '67, Pep Club '67-'70, Intramural Wrestling, Paddleball '67-'6B. DOUGLAS, DONALD LAVELLE, Memphis, Tennessee, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Pi Tau Sigma '69-'70, ASME '69-'70. DOW, SUMNER ANDERSON, Stone Mountain, Georgia, B.S. in Horticulture, Alpha Gamma Sigma '69-'70, Re- cording Secretary '70. DRAPER, MYRTLE BARNES, Shelbyville, Tennessee, B.A. in Secondary Education, English, Transferred from Tennessee Wesleyan College '68, Intramural Softball '68. DRISKILL, MICHAEL HARRISON, Amherst, Virginia, B.S. in Industrial Technology, AFS '68-'69, IT Club '68-'69. DULWORTH, CAROL SUE, Livingston, Tennessee, B.S. in Elementary Education. DUNAWAY, JAMES WILLIAM, Kingston, Tennessee, B.S. in Health and Physical Education, H8iPE Club '68-'69, Baseball '67-'68, Intramural Football '67-'69. DUNCAN, JOHN TURNER, JR., Hampshire, Tennessee, B.S. in Civil Engineering, ASCE '67-'70, Acacia Men's Club '69-'70, CE Club '69, Intramural Football '66, Intra- mural Softball, Basketball '68-'69. DUNN, BARBARA ELAINE, Etowah, Tennessee, B.S. in Ele- mentary Education, Pep Club '67, SNEA '67-'70, Sigma Sigma Sigma '67-'70, Historian '67, Corresponding Secre- tary '69, Karate Club '67-'68. DUNN, JAMES WILLIAM, Hixson, Tennessee, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, IEEE '69-'70, Tau Beta Pi '69-'70, Treasurer '70, Eta Kappa Nu '69-'70, Secretary '70, Kappa Mu Epsilon '69-'70, Intramural Basketball, Softball '69. DUREN, PEGGY MEREDITH, Turtletown, Tennessee, B.S. in Accounting. DYER, GARY RICHARD, Cookeville, Tennessee, B.S. in Industrial Technology, Co-Op Club '68, Society of Engi- neering '67, Intramural Basketball '67. EARNHART, JUDY SMITH, Dalton, Georgia, B.S. in Ele- mentary Education, SNEA '70, EATON, HARVILL CARLTON, Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in Engineering Science, Theta Tau '67-'70, Cor. Sec. '68, President '69, E.J.C. '67-'70, V. Pres. '69, Engineering Eci- ence Club '67-'70, V. Pres. '69, EJC Rep. '68-'70, AIAA '67-'68, '70, Treas. '68, Sigma Delta Phi '67, Dorm Vice- Pres. '67, Tenn. Intercollegiate State Legislature '68-'70, Chairman '70, NSPE '68-'70, Kappa Mu Epsilon '68-'70. EDWARDS, MARILYN, Mt. Pleasant, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Education, TWO Treasurer '67, Recording Secre- tary '69, Cheerleader '68-'70, Alpha Delta Pi '67-'70, Pres- ident '70, Recording Secretary '69, TMDO Sweetheart '68, TMDO Calendar Girl '70, EJC Sweetheart '68, SNEA '67- '70, Kappa Delta Pi '67-'70, Pi Omega Pi '68-'70, Vice President '69, Sophomore Class Beauty '68, Who's Who '69, Gold Circle '69-'70, Homecoming Queen '69, Lt, Colonel '69, Eagle Staff '69-'70. EDWARDS, MARTHA ANN, Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in Elementary Education, SNEA '66-'69. ELI, STEPHEN WAYNE, Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in Civil Engineering, ASCE '67-'70, Co-Op Club '68. ELLIS, SHARON RENEE, Lafayette, Tennessee, B.S. in Ele- mentary Education. Page 164 Warm eather brings book out id Patsy Carver, Jim Werden and Janet Goule de- cide the quad is a fine place to study. ,. ts -A, 'R ,ye ti ' 3 vs QS' L 1 -Ag au... 1 ,W C.,- x"Q""P.X fem ELLISON, MARY JUNE, Dandridge, Tennessee, B.S. in Home Economics, Home Ec. Club '68-'70, ELMORE, LINDA ELAINE, Baxter, Tennessee, B,S. in Ele- mentary Education, SNEA '68-'70, Vice President '69. ELVERT, MARY CATHERINE, Jackson, Tennessee, B.S. in Sociology, Sociology Club '68-'69, Spanish Club '68, ENGLAND, BERT CALDWELL, Huntland, Tennessee, B.S. in Civil Engineering, Tau Kappa Epsilon '67-'70, ASCE '67-'70, NSPE '69-'70, Intramural Football '68-'70. ESCUE, STEPHEN LEON, White House, Tennessee, B.S. in Industrial Engineering, AIIE '68-'70, Secretary '70, NSPE '68-'70, Theta Tau '69-'70. ESTES, PEGGY JANE, Cookeville, Tennessee, B.A. in Health 81 Physical Education, HSPE Club '67-'70, Trea- surer '69, Zeta Tau Alpha '67-'70, Secretary '68-'70, Cheer- leader '68-'70, Captain '70, Kappa Delta Pi '69-'70, Intra- mural Paddleball, Volleyball, Basketball '68-'70, Who's Who '70. EVANS, CLYDE, Fombell, Pennsylvania, B.S. in Secondary Education, Tech Rangers '67-'70, Ranger Staff '70, Biology Club '70, Pep Club '67, Intramural Basketball '67. EVANS, DIANA RIGGINS, Fayetteville, North Carolina, B.S. in Elementary Education, Transferred from George Peabody College '68, SNEA '67-'68. EVANS, JACKIE DEAN, Lynchburg, Tennessee, B.S. in His- tory, German Club '70, Vice President '70, IRC '70. EVANS, ROBERT FULTON, JR., Clarksville, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Management, Alpha Phi Omega '68-'70, Scab- bard 81 Blade '69-'70, TMDO Council '69, SAM '69-'70, Intramural Softball, Football '69-'70, FARD, GHOLAMHOSSEIN HOSSEINI, Borudjerd, Iran, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Cosmopolitan Club '66- '70, ASME '69, Intramural Tennis '66-'67. FATTIBENE, ROBERT VICTOR, Oxon, Maryland, B.S. in Marketing, Marketing Club '69-'70, Intramural Football, Basketball, Softball '69-'70, FEATHERSTON, JOHN MARK, Crossville, Tennessee, B,S. in Secondary Education, History, Phi Alpha Theta '69-'70, Phi Mu Alpha '68-'70, Secretary '69, Kappa Delta Pi '69- '70, Pep Club '67, Band '67-'70, SNEA '69. FELTS, JAMES H., JR., Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in ln- dustrial Engineering. FERRILL, BONNIE KAYE, Rockwood, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Education, SNEA '66, Sigma Sigma Sigma '67-'70, ISC Representative '68, President '68, ISC Second Vice President '68, President '69, Pi Omega Pi '68-'70, FINE, EVANS GROVER, Dayton, Tennessee, B.S. in Sec- ondary Education, Biology, Tau Beta Kappa '63-'64, Rebel Rifles '63, Biology Club '68-'69, Intramural Football, Softball '63-'64. Page 165 FISKE, DEBORAH LORRAINE, Houston, Texas, B.A. in En- glish, Eagle Staff '66-'70, Student Life Editor '70, Avant Garde '69, English Club '69, SNEA '67, Intramural Base- ball, Football '69-'70. FITZPATRICK, MICKIE FAYE, Gallatin, Tennessee, B.S. in Music Education, Tech Choir '67-'70, Tech Community Chorus '67-'70, MENC '67-'70, Mu Phi Epsilon '67-'70, Cor- responding Secretary '68, Warden '69-'70. FLATT, JERRY EDWIN, Sparta, Tennessee, B.S. in Animal Science, Delta Tau Alpha '69, Vice President '69, Block 8: Bridle Club '68-'70, President '69, Reporter '6B. FLATT, PAMELA JO, Granville, Tennessee, B.S. in Ele- mentary Education, SNEA '67-'69, FLOOD, JOHN MICHAEL, Clinton, Tennessee, B.S. in Secondary Education, Scabbard B Blade '69-'70, SNEA '69-'70, Intramural Softball '67-'68. FLOYD, EDDIE WAYNE, Hohenwald, Tennessee, B.S, in Industrial Technology, IT Club '66-'69, AFS '66-'67, Intra- mural Football '67-'69. FLOYD, WILLIAM M., Richmond, Kentucky, B.S. in Civil Engineering, Transferred from Eastern Kentucky University '68, Young Republicans '67, Accounting Club '67, Pi Kappa Alpha '68, NSPE '69-'70, Alpha Kappa Psi '69-'70, ASB Treasurer '70. FOLLIS, BETTY LYNN, Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in Ele- mentary Education, Kappa Delta '68-'70, Freshman Engi- neering Sweetheart '67, FOREHAND, ANDREW MICHAEL, Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, AIAA '67-'70, Vice Presi- dent '69, President '70, ASME '68-'70, NSPE '69-'70, Pi Tau Sigma '69-'70, Treasurer '70. FOREHAND, JANYCE CRAIN, Goodlettsville, Tennessee, B,S. in Home Economics Education, Home Ec. Club '67- '70, Kappa Omicron Phi '68-'70, Treasurer '70, AIAA Sponsor '69, Pep Club '67, FOUST, TROY LYNN, Lake City, Tennessee, B.S. in Sec- ondary Education, HXPE Club '67, SNEA '67, Intramural Football, Basketball, Softball '67-'69. FOWLER, JAMES FOWLER, Columbia, Tennessee, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, IEEE '68-'70, NSPE '69-'70. FOX, BOBBY CARTER, Galnesboro, Tennessee, B.S. in Agronomy, Tech Aggies '67-'70, President '69, Agronomy Club '67-'70, Vice President '69, Alpha Gamma Sigma '68-'70. FRAGOUPOULOS, CHRISTOS THEOLOGOS, Thessalo- niki, Greece, B.S. in Mechanical 81 Electrical Engineering, Cosmopolitan Club '65-'70, Vice President '65, President '68, Greek Association '67-'69, Library Club '69, President '69, ASME '68-'70, IEEE '68-'70, NSPE '68-'70, Soccer Team '65. FRAGOPOULOS, PEGGY ADAMS, Cookeville, Tennessee, B.S. in Secondary Education, Cosmopolitan Club '66-'69, Corresponding Secretary '68, SNEA '69. FRANKLIN, CARY DAVID, Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in Chemical Engineering, Tau Beta Pi '69-'70, CE Club '68- '70, President '70, EJC '70, Intramural Football '67, Intra- mural Basketball '67-'70, D"x 3 'Ra'-'ff' Walk ys busy bet een class S Becky Holliman, Kathy Howell and Stacy Farris lead the procession to the classroom. Page 166 4 eng, T21 .Q-Q in L... 'sa "'2:'- XA . f 'Q' 1- ...V 'i , AIN Y-Ny we 'Ct CWC an 'Rv' age., .-.... fa-f 1-s xv .,,..4 FREEMAN, ROBERT ALAN, Chattanooga, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Management, Alpha Kappa Psi '69-'70, His- torian '69, SAM '69-'70. FREY, JEWELL DONNIE, JR., Estill Springs, Tennessee, B.S. in Biology Education, Cheerleader '68-'70, Co-Cap- tain '70. FRITCH, JOHN NEILSON, Chattanooga, Tennessee, B.S. in Sociology, SEO '70. FROUNFELKER, RICHARD EDWARD, Cookeville, Tennes- see, B.S. in Engineering Science, AIAA '67-'70, Secretary '68, President '69, ES Club '68-'70, Secretary '69, Kappa Mu Epsilon '69-'70, Theta Tau '68-'70, NSPE '70, ASB Sena- tor '70, Who's Who '70. FUDGE, TOMMY L., Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in Chemis- try, Biology Club '68-'70, Chemistry Medical Science Club '68-'70, German Club '6B. FUQUA, DURWARD BENTON, Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in Industrial Technology, IT Club '67-'67, AFS '67-'69, Pep Club '67. GAFFIN, DONALD TERRY, Sparta, Tennessee, B.S. in Wildlife Management, ROTC Rifle Team '66-'67, Ranger Executive Officer '68-'70, Scabbard In Blade '69, Intra- mural Football '67-'70. GAMBLE, DEWEY WAYNE, Sparta, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Management, Scuba Club '68-'70, Secretary-Trea- surer '70, Tech Skydivers '70, GANDY, CHARLES E., Hohenwald, Tennessee, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, IEEE '68-'70, GANN, JAMES DEAN, Harriman, Tennessee, B.S. in Ac- counting, Alpha Kappa Psi '69-'70. GARRETT, JUDY CAROL, Allans, Tennessee, B.S. in Home Economics Education, Home Ec. Club '67-'69, Sigma Sigma Sigma '69, Intramural Softball '69, GEBHARDT, ALLEN SINCLAIR, Donelson, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Management, Tech Players '67-'68, Lambda Chi Alpha '67-69, Treasurer '68, Alpha Kappa Psi '68, ln- tramural Track Team '69. SEER, MILDRED JOHANNA, Sparta, Tennessee, B.S. in Secondary Education, Math, SNEA '68-'70, Secretary '70. GENTRY, JUDY E., Cookeville, Tennessee, B.S. in Office Management, Zeta Tau Alpha '69-'70, Intramural Volley- ball '68-'69. Intramural Paddleball '67-'68. GENTRY, ROBERT WILSON, Lexington, Kentucky, B.S. in Business Management, Kappa Omega '68-'70, SAM '70, IFC '69, Intramural Softball, Volleyball, Tennis, Football, Basketball '68-'69, GEORGE, JOSEPH RICHARD, Lewisburg, Tennessee, B.S. in Health If Physical Education, HLPE Club '67-'69, Vet- erans Club '69, Intramural Basketball, Tennis '69. GIBBS, PATRICIA DIANN, Spring City, Tennessee, B.S. in Secondary Education, Math, Zeta Tau Alpha '68-'70, Trea- surer '70, SNEA '70. GIBSON, JOE A., Cookeville, Tennessee, B.S. in In- dustrial Technology. GILBURTH, KENNETH RILEY, Newcomb, Tennessee, B.S. in Chemical Engineering, Society of Engineers '67, AlChE '68-'70, Co-Op Club '68-'69, Theta Tau '68-'70, Secretary '70, Intramural Football '69-'70. GILES, RALPH BLACKWELL, JR., Hopkinsville, Kentucky, B.S. in Engineering Science, ES Club '68-'70, Treasurer '70, NSPE '68-'70, Reporter '69. GILLIAM, ROBERT LEE, Clinton, Tennessee, B.S. in ln- dustrial Technology, IT Club '68-'69. GIVENS, ROBERT LEE, Chattanooga, Tennessee, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, ASME '66-'70, NSPE '68-'70, Soci- ety of Engineers '66, Counselor '67-'69, Theta Tau '68-'70, Vice President '70, Intramural Football, Basketball '66-'70. GLASBOW, MICHAEL GARNER, Ashland City, Tennessee, B.S. in Civil Engineering, Transferred from Vanderbilt University '68, ROTC Rifle Team '66-'67, ROTC Color Guard '67, Pi Sigma Kappa '66-'67. GLEASON, WAYNE DAVIS, Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in Industrial Technology, IT Club '64-'70, AFS '64-'70, Veter- ans Club '70. GOFORTH, JOHN LEROY, Erwin, Tennessee, B.S. in Civil Engineering, ASCE '68-'69, Co-Op Club '68, Society of Engineers '67. GOINS, PRESTON H., Cleveland, Tennessee, B.S. in Busi- ness Management, Society of Engineers '67, IT Club '68, AIAA '67-'68, SAM '70, Lambda Chi Alpha '69-'70, Intra- mural Softball '69-'70. GOLDENBERG, JACK STEVEN, Newark, New Jersey, B.S. in Engineering Science, Theta Tau '67-'70, Pledge Master '68, Society of Engineering Science '66-'70, EJC Rep. '68, AIAA '68-'70, Treasurer '68, NSPE '68-'70, EJC Rec. '69-'70, Tech Aquatic Club '67, Intramural Softball and Football. GOLDSTON, ELIZABETH ANN, Harriman, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Management, SAM '66, SOBA '66, SNEA '66, Intramural Basketball '67-'68, Intramural Foolball '67. Page 167 IT club fir t in Homecoming contest ,...,,.,, ' ' we, , x 3' 9'x,. X54 ' use-silo' ,afar ,,,,,, . .,, ... xx el IT float captures first place in the Homecoming parade by planting the Peays. GOSTEL, PATRICIA ANN, Franklin, Tennessee, B.S. in Secondary Education, Math, Golden Girl '67-'68, Kappa Delta Pi '69-'70, Kappa Mu Epsilon '68-'70, ACS '67-'68, SNEA '67-'70, Pi Omega '67-'68, Gold Circle Award '69- '70, Who's Who '70. GOULD, JANET, Crossville, Tennessee, B.S. in Marketing. GRAHAM, JOE T., Sparta, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Management. GRAVELY, RICHARD GARY, Jackson, Kentucky, B.S. in Civil Engineering, ASCE '69-'70. GRAVES, JAMES RAY, Knoxville, Tennessee, B.S. in Music Education, Sigma Phi Delta Fraternity, Best Char- acter Actor '68. GRAVES, RONALD NELSON, Eagleville, Tennessee, B.S. in Agriculture Economics, Tech Aggies '68-'70, Ag Econom- ics Club '68-'70, Secretary '68, President '69, Alpha Gamma Sigma '68-'70, Corresponding Secretary '70, Delta Tau Alpha '70, Vice President '70, SLP '68, ASB Senator '69, Aggie Contact Staff '68-'69, Editor '69. GRAY, GARY LEE, Clarkrange, Tennessee, B.S. in Medi- cal Technology, Chemistry It Medical Science Club '70. GREENE, WILLIAM A., Sparta, Tennessee, B.S. in Sec- ondary Education, SNEA '70. GREENWOOD, SAM D., Cookeville, Tennessee, B.S. in ln- dustrial Engineering, Theta Tau Fraternity '69-'70, AIIE '70. GREGORY, JAMES DAVID, Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, Eta Kappa Nu '68-'69, Tau Beta Pi '68-'69, Kappa Mu Epsilon '69-'70, IEEE '68-'69, President '69, Co-Op Club '68-'69, President '68, Intramural Basket- ball '69, Who's Who '70. GRISHAM, HARRY STEVEN, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, B.S. in History, Chemistry lr Medical Science Club '67-'69, History Club '70, German Club '68, Pep Club '67, Sigma Alpha Epsilon '67-'70, Intramural Softball, Football, Bas- ketball '67-'70. GROGAN, WILLARD GENE, Dayton, Tennessee, B.S. in Animal Husbandry. GROOMS, THOMAS FLETCHER, Shelbyville, Tennessee, B.S. in Social Sciences, Pi Kappa Delta '67-'70, President '68, '70, Kappa Omega '69-'70, IRC '68-'70, Speech Club '67-'70, Karate Club '70, ASB Senator '69. GROVES, JOHN CHARLES, Portland, Tennessee, B.S. in Health li Physical Education, HlrPE Club '67-'70, SNEA '67-'70, Intramural Basketball, Football, Softball '67-'70, GRUBB, TERRY STANLEY, Erwin, Tennessee, B.S. ln Civil Engineering, ASCE '69-'70, Sigma Pl Epsllon '69, Intra- mural Football, Basketball, Softball '69-'70. GRUMBACH, HARRY EDWARD, JR., Vlrglnla Beach, Vlr- glnla, B.S. ln Health li Physical Education, HIPE Club '67-'70, SNEA '67-'70, Kappa Sigma '68-'70, Freshman Football '66. Page 163 -:Sl .ll - 14' 'S'- 'rv' 'uu- 'Aug "ff"" Ez. gan- . 'W 'I , ' w Qi M gl" . ' f 11 'I is 0 A' I A ,f . .. 4. 1 F M' - 'lZ?"'u 4' HA G- is ,K 'Hi 'lbs- av'l 1' if ., "I " . ' 1- , .41 '!'1""7 alev ,I by X' I 4- if is-f ' 1. ,,,,.! iq . . qty! -I 954 'il if Il fr' 4 Q, nr- 1... fin ibn-, ,J in -p--A. GUNNELS, JAMES EDWARD, Allons, Tennessee: B.S. in Civil Engineering: ASCE '70. GUNTHERBERG, STEPHEN ANDREW, Elora, Tennessee: B.S. in Secondary Education, Biology. GUSCHKE, H. MICHAEL, Pulaski, Tennessee: B.S. in ln- dustrial Technology: AFS '68-'70, Treasurer '69, President '70 HACKETT, STEPHANIA ANN, Carthage, Tennessee: B.S. in Business Education: Phi Gamma Nu '68-'70, Secretary '70, Kappa Delta Pi '69, Speech Club '67, Freshman Debate Team '67. HACKNEY, FREDDIE ANDREW, Kingsport, Tennessee: B S. in Industrial Technology: IT Club '69-'70, Resident Advi- sor '67-'69, Co-Op Club '68-'69, Society of Engineers '66, AFS '69, ASB Senator '69-'70, ASB Pulse Chairman '69, ASB Homecoming Chairman '70, Kappa Omega '67-'70, Parliamentarian '67, Historian '68, Secretary '69-'70, Who's Who '70. HAESE, RUSSELL DEAN, Oak Ridge, Tennessee: B.S. in Physics: Physics Club '67-'70, President '70, Arts 81 Sci- ences Council '70. HAGAN, ANTHONY ENSLEY, Lebanon, Tennessee: B.S. in Social Science: Transterred from Cumberland College '68, SNEA '69, HAIRSTON, WILLIAM MICHAEL, Union City, Tennessee: B.A. in Engineering Science: Pep Club '66, Society of Freshman Engineers '66, Tenn. Tech Choir '66-'68, Engi- neering Joint Council '6B-'69, Treasurer '69, Society of En- gineering Science '67-'70, National Society of Professional Engineers '67-'70, Ethical Practices System lEngineering Honor Systeml '68-'70, President '69, Theta Tau Profes- sional Engineering Fraternity '68-'70, Corresponding Sec- retary '69-'70. HALE, MARGARET ANN, Athens, Tennessee: B.S. in Busi- ness Administration: Alpha Delta Pi '68-'70, ROTC Spon- sor, '69, Intramural Football, Volleyball '69. HALE, RICHARD J., Jacksonville Beach, Florida: B.S. in Physical Education: Track Team '68-'69, "T" Club '68-'69, H8rPE Club '68-'70, Lambda Chi Alpha '69-'70, Intra- mural Softball, Football '69-'70, HALEY, SARAH CAROLYN, Hartsville, Tennessee: B.S.in Home Economics Education: Home Ec. Club '67, Library Club '69, Counselor '69. HALL, ALVIN VIRGIL, Midway, Tennessee: B.S. in ln- dustrial Technology: IT Club '69-'70, Intramural Football, Volleyball '69-'70I HALL, FRANK LEROY, JR., Sparta, Tennessee: B.S. in ln- dustrial Technology: Veterans Club '69-'70, IT Club '69- '70, Scuba Club '70, Intramural Basketball '69-'70, HALL, JANET RUTH, Hermitage, Tennessee: B.A. in En- glish: Counselor '68-'70. HALL, LINDA JOAN, Cleveland, Tennessee: B.S. in Busi- ness Education: Pep Club '67, SNEA '67, Pi Omega Pi '69-'70, Secretary '70, HALL, ROBERT HENRY, Cookeville, Tennessee: B.S. in Electrical Engineering: IEEE '70, Intramural Football, Bas- ketball '66-'67. HAMDORFF, MARGARET NAN, Dickson, Tennessee: B.S. in Secondary Education, Biology: Transferred from David Lipscomb College '69, SNEA '70. HAMILTON, MARY ANN, Sweetwater, Tennessee: B.S. in English: SNEA '67-'70, TWO Vice President '69, Dorm President '68, Social Standards Council '67-'69, Phi Mu '69-'70, Vice President '70, Senior Class Secretary '70, In- tramural Softball '6B. HANCOCK, ALFRED RAY, JR., Liberty, Tennessee: B.S. in Civil Engineering: ASCE '67-'70, Theta Tau '68-'70. HARDISON, ROY LANE, Columbia, Tennessee: B.S. in Ac- counting. HARGROVE, JUDITH PERRY, Brentwood, Tennessee: B.S. in Secondary Education, English: Rho Epsilon Rho '66, SNEA '66, Homespun Staff '67-'69, May Court '66. HARLESS, JANIE LAWRENCE, Chattanooga, Tennessee: B.S. in Elementary Education: SNEA '66-'67, Pep Club '66-'67, ROTC Sponsor '69, Alpha Sigma Alpha '67-'70, Vice President '68, President '69-'70, Intramural Football '67. HARRIS, RONALD SCOTT, Columbia, Tennessee: B.S. in Mathematics: Pep Club '67, Math Club '67-'70, Social Standards Council '67-'70, Alpha Tau Omega '67-'70, Cir- cle K '67-'68, ASB Treasurer '68, ASB Senator '69, Senior Class President '70, Intramural Softball '69, Intramural Football '68, Who's Who '70. HARROD, DOUGLAS GRAYSON, Athens, Tennessee: B.S. in Mechanical Engineering: ASME '69-'70, Kappa Sigma '68-'70, HARVILLE, JOSEPH GARY, Carthage, Tennessee: B.S. in Mathematics: Math Club '67. HATMAKER, NANCY ANN, LaFollette, Tennessee: B.S. in History: SNEA '67, Kappa Delta Pi '69-'70, Phi Alpha Theta '70, IRA '70. HAYES, BOBBY L., Liberty, Tennessee: B.S. in Agronomy: Agronomy Club '67-'70, HAYES, J. DENNIS, Nashville, Tennessee: B.S. in Industrial Engineering: IT Club '68-'69, Intramural Softball '69. Page 169 HAYES, J. STEPHEN, McKenzie, Tennessee, B.S. in Electri- cal Engineering, IEEE '70. HAYS, SANDRA ALEXANDER, Smithville, Tennessee, B.S. in English, Alpha Sigma Alpha '67-'69, ISC Representa- tive '69, SNEA '67, Pep Club '67, Intramural Football '68. HEADY, DONALD WAYNE, Sparta, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Management. HEDDEN, LARRY HOWARD, Huntsville, Alabama, B.S. in Industrial Technology, Society of Engineers '66, Sigma Phi Epsilon '67-'70, IT Club '68-'70, SEO '70, Intramural Foot- ball, Basketball '69-'70, HEISKELL, NANCY ANN, Sweetwater, Tennessee, B.S. in Home Economics Education, Home Ec. Club '67-'70, Sigma Sigma Sigma '69-'70. HELTON, FREDERICKA LAFEVER, Smithville, Tennessee, B.S. in Elementary Education, Alpha Sigma Alpha '67-'69, Secretary '68, SNEA '67, Young Republicans Club '67, In- tramural Football, Basketball '67. HELTON, SAMUEL THOMAS, Lebanon, Tennessee, B.S. in Secondary Education, Tech Players '68-'70, Alpha Psi Omega '69-'70. HEMBREE, RONNIE DALE, Cookeville, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Management, SAM '70. HENDERSON, ALLEN LEE, Lewisburg, Tennessee, B.S. in Industrial Technology. HENRY, JAMES PEYTON, Cookeville, Tennessee, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Alpha Phi Omega '67-'70, Sec- ond Vice President '69, ME Club '70, Soccer '68, Intra- mural Football, Basketball, Softball '67-'70. HENRY, LINDA CASE, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, B.S. in Chemistry, Biology Club '70, Chemistry Club '70, ACS '70. HENRY, RONALD GLOVER, Green Bay, Wisconsin, B.A. in Chemistry, "T" Club '67-'70, Reporter '69, Alpha Tau Omega '68-'70, Corresponding Secretary '69, Chemistry 81 Medical Science Club '69-'70, French Club '70, Intercolle- giate Golf '67-'70, Intramural Basketball, Volleyball '69, Who's Who '70. HENSON, BAXTER MELOY, Jackson, Tennessee, B.S. in Chemical Engineering, Society of Engineers '66, CE Club '68-'69, AlChE '69-'70, Tech Rangers '65-'66, Intramural Football '66. HENSON, ELMER LEE, Ill, Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in ln- dustrial Technology, Alpha Phi Omega '67-'70, Sargent at Arms '70, Intramural Softball, Football, Basketball '68-'70, HEWITT, JANE HOPE, Clinton, Tennessee, B.S. in Ac- counting, Transferred from University of Tennessee '66, Pep Club '67, Accounting Club '67, Women's Rifle Team '67. HICKS, JOAN PETTY, Lewisburg, Tennessee, B.S. in Sec- ondary Education, English, Transferred from Belmont Col- lege '68, SNEA '68. HILL, KATHERYN PHYLLIS, LaFollette, Tennessee, B.S. in Elementary Education, SNEA '67-'69. HILL, KENNETH FRANKLIN, Cookeville, Tennessee, B.S. in Agronomy, Tech Aggies '64-'68. HILLIS, LADDIE ZERA, McMinnville, Tennessee, B.S. in Industrial Technology, American Foundryman's Society '68-'70, Treasurer '70, Industrial Technology Club '68-'70, Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity '69-'70. HILLIS, LONNIE EUGENE, Daisy, Tennessee, B.S. in Sec- ondary Education, History, TMDO Vice-President '68, President '69-'70, Alpha Phi Omega '68-'70, Social Stan- dards Council '68-'69, Pep Club '66, Young Democrats '66, Dorm President '66-'68, Who's Who '68, ASB Senator '69-'70, Intramural Softball '66. HINSON, JAMES ROBERT, Mt, Pleasant, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Management, Alpha Kappa Psi '69-'70, Veter- ans Club '69-'70. HITCHCOCK, GLEN HAROLD, Cookeville, Tennessee, B.S. in Agronomy, Agronomy Club '69-'70, Vice President '70, Tech Aggies '68-'70, Intramural Football '67-'69. HITCHCOCK, J. C. JR., Dunlap, Tennessee, B.S. in Me- chanical Engineering, Co-Op Club '66-'69, ASME '70. HITCHCOCK, LONNIE GRAY, McMinnville, Tennessee, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. HIX, FRED WAYNE, Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Management. HIX, JO CAROLE, Gainesboro, Tennessee, B.S. in Mar- keting, Marketing Club '67-'70, Secretary '69, Sigma Iota Epsilon '68-'70, Secretary '69, Alpha Delta Pi '68-'70, Rush Chairman '70, ISC '69-'70, Treasurer '70, Junior Class Beauty '69, TMDO Calender Girl '70, Cheerleader '69-'70, Intramural Basketball, Football, Volleyball '68-'69, Home- coming Court '70. HOBBS, ROBERT SMITH, Lewisburg, Tennessee, B.S. in Accounting. HODGES, BETTY JOYCE, Spencer, Tennessee, B.S. in Ac- counting. Page 170 WW sn... -Q- 2, rn.. , D' ,, ,F ,F ,h ,- ww., 5 A, M J Qw- Twp. 'Uma 'CZ' Q"s- hav- HODGES, DAN GALEN, Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in Busi- ness Management, Tech Choir '66, Delta Tau Delta '67- '70, Treasurer '67, Vice President '68-'69, Tech Rangers '66, Alpha Kappa Psi '70, Tech Track Team '67, Intra- mural Basketball '67, HODGES, GLORIA COTHRON, Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Education, ROTC Sponsor '69, Phi Gamma Nu' '68-'70, SNEA '70, Intramural Softball '68. HOLDER, WANDA KAYE, Bolivar, Tennessee, B.S. in Ele- mentary Education, SNEA '67-'69, Pep Club '67, TWO Board '67, President Marshall Hall '67, Counselor '68-'70, Kappa Delta Pi '68-'70, Eagle Staff '67, ASB Senator '69, Secretary Sophomore Class '68, Gold Circle '68-'70, His- torian '70, Zeta Tau Alpha '67-'70, President '70, ISC '68- '70, Historian '69, Rush Chairman '70, Who's Who '7lJ. HOLLAND, SANDRA LEE, Cookeville, Tennessee, B.S. in Elementary Education, SNEA '67-'70, Alpha Delta Pi '68- '70, Corresponding Secretary '70, ISC '69, Corresponding Secretary '69, Kappa Delta Pi '69-'70, Secretary '70, Eagle Staff '67-'69, Greeks Editor '69, ROTC Sponsor '68, Intra- mural Football, Softball, Basketball '68-'70, Intramural Volleyball '69-'70. HOLLINGSWORTH, CLAYTON EDWARD, Doyle, Tennes- see, B.S. in Animal Science, Alpha Gamma Sigma '68- '70, Tech Aggies '69-'70, Corresponding Secretary '69, Block 8: Bridle Club '68-'70, Treasurer '69-'70. HOLMAN, JUDY, Sparta, Tennessee, B.S. in Secondary Education, English, SNEA '67-'69. HOLT, BETSY JAYNE, Tullahoma, Tennessee, B.S. in Office Management, Counselor '68-'69. HOLT, HUGH H., Newport, Tennessee, B.S. in Industrial Technology, IT Club '68-'70, Treasurer '70, AFS '69-'70, ln- tramural Basketball '67-'70. HOOPER, DAVID CARL, Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Management, Kappa Omega '68-'70, Alpha Kappa Psi '68-'70, SAM '70, Intramural Basketball, Soft- ball '68-'70. HORNE, DORRIS N., Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, B.S. in Bi- ology, Biology Club '69-'70, Tech Rangers '66-'68, Scab- bard 8: Blade '68-'69, Counselor '67-'69, Biology Staff '69, Alpha Sigma Psi '68-'69, Delta Tau Delta '69-'70, German Club '69-'70. HORTON, BLANCHE CHRISTINE, Harriman, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Management. HOUSTON, MARGARET JANET, Crossville, Tennessee, B.S. in Health 8: Physical Education, HEPE Club '67-'70, SNEA '67-'70, Intramural Basketball, Football, Softball '67-'69. HOWARD, MARY FRANCES, Cookeville, Tennessee, B.S. in Secondary Education. HOYLE, GARY EARL, Winchester, Tennessee, B.S. in Mathematics. HUDDLESTON, CAROLYN LOUISE, McMinnville, Tennes- see, B.S. in Elementary Education, SNEA '70. HUDGENS, RICHARD THOMAS, Sparta, Tennessee, B.S, in Business Management, Homespun Staff '68-'70, Intra- mural Golf '67-'68. IM. ' K. Q KE .. :V 'A ' 5' Q.. 'TNQ f9,,, rr-er X a ,-,- lei. s. e .V in QI . I K is V4 :kk L , Vkqyk K .fi pt. I used for home mana ement sw' S, TW Z, 'SJ' RI" .. 1 'I .ii 4 .' I, ., 4 , sl Is Judy Young finds that work is still to be done while living in the home management house. Page 171 HUDGENS, ROY DOUGLAS, Cookeville, Tennessee, B.S. in Chemistry, ACS '68-'70, German Club '68, Interfaith Council '67, Chemistry Club '68. HUDSON, GARY A., Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in Ac- counting. HUDSON, JOHN PAUL, Cookeville, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Management, Alpha Kappa Psi '69-'70, Sigma Iota Epsilon '69-'70, SAM '69-'70, Who's Who '70. HUDSON, MICHAEL AUBREY, Camden, Tennessee, B.S. in Biology, Biology Club '67-'69, Intramural Football '67- '68, HUFFINES, DANNY JOE, Gainesboro, Tennessee, B.S. in Health 8: Physical Education, Freshman Basketball '67, Varsity Baseball '67-'70, "T" Club '68-'70, SNEA '68-'70, HEPE Club '68-'70, Intramural Basketball, Football '67- '69. HUFFINES, JENNIE DYCUS, Gainesboro, Tennessee, B.S. in Elementary Education, SNEA '68-'70, Treasurer '69, Kappa Delta Pi '68-'70, HUGGINS, MICHAEL DAVID, Madison, Tennessee, B.S. in History, Intramural Football, Basketball, Tennis '67-'69. HULL, DONALD CORDELL, Hohenwald, Tennessee, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Pi Tau Sigma '69-'70, Presi- dent '70, ASME '69-'70, Kappa Mu Epsilon '70, Trans- ferred from Freed-Hardeman College '68, HUMMEL, JOHN H., Dayton, Ohio, B.S. in Business Man- agement, lntramural Softball '68-'69. HUNT, STEVEN CRAIG, Savannah, Tennessee, B.S. in Music Education, Band '67, Tech Choir 81 Chorus '67-'70, Phi Mu Alpha '68-'70, MENC '67, ROTC Band '67-'70, Ex- ecutive Officer '69-'70. HUTSON, J. MARVIN, Cleveland, Tennesee, B.S. in Ac- counting, Lambda Chi Alpha '68-'70, Vice President '69, Accounting Club '69-'70, Intramural Football, Softball '68-'69. IHRIE, RONALD LEE, Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, B.S. in Electrical Engineering. IKARD, CYNTHIA ROWE, Decherd, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Administration, Pep Club '68, Kappa Delta '68- '70, Recording Secretary '70, Transferred from Wesleyan College '67. IRVIN, TERA SHELBY, Algood, Tennessee, B.S. in Elemen- tary Education, SNEA '68-'70. JACKSON, GEORGE EVERETT, Claymont, Delaware, B.S. in Animal Husbandry, Intramural Softball, Basketball '67-'69. JAMES, JUDY CAROL, Springfield, Tennessee, B.S. in Ele- mentary Education, SNEA '69-'70, Kappa Delta '69-'70. JANEWAY, HELEN ESTHER, Maryville, Tennessee, B.S. in Home Economics, Home Ec. Club '67-'70, Vice President '69, SEO '69-'7O. JARRELL, NANCY FAYE, Clarksville, Tennessee, B.S. in Office Management, TWO Board '67, Phi Mu '67-'70, Sec- ond Vice President '69-'70, Eagle Staff '69-'70, Assistant Greeks Editor '70, Counselor '68-'70, Phi Beta Lambda '70, Business Club '69, Home Ec. Club '67, Alpha Kappa Psi Sweetheart '70, Business Curriculum Committee '70, Intramural Football '67-'69. JEAN, JAMES MAURICE, Nashville, Tennessee, B.A. in History, German Club '68-'70, IRC '69-'70, Vice President '70, Phi Alpha Theta '69-'70, JENKINS, INA McDONALD, Ashland City, Tennessee, B.S. in Home Economics Education. JEWELL, RICHARD EUGENE, Columbia, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Management, Alpha Kappa Psi '69-'70, Sigma Iota Epsilon '69-'70, Treasurer '70, SAM '70. JOHNS, EUGENE JUDSON, JR., Cookeville, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Management, Sigma Phi Delta '69-'70, Amateur Radio Club '67-'68, Intramural Tennis '69. JOHNSON, BRENDA ANNE, Brockport, New York, B.S. in Health Bt Physical Education, SNEA '67, HIKPE Club '67- '69, Gymnastics Club '68-'69, Intramural Softball '67, In- tramural Basketball, Tennis, Badminton '69, JOHNSON, CHARLIE RICHARD, North Wilkesboro, North Carolina, B.S. in Political Science, Veterans Club '68- 70, President '70, IRC '70. JOHNSON, DAVID WINTERS, Gainesboro, Tennessee, B.S. in Civil Engineering, ASCE '70, Sigma Phi Epsilon '70, Varsity Football '68, Intramural Softball, Football '70. JOHNSON, DIANA, Rock Island, Tennessee, B,S. in Sec- ondary Education, Sociology, Alpha Sigma Alpha '69, ROTC Sponsor '69. JOHNSON, EDDIE GARLAND, Sparta, Tennessee, B.S. in Accounting. JOHNSON, EMMA JEWEL, Pikeville, Tennessee, B.S. in Home Economics Education, Kappa Omicron Phi '68-'70, Home Ec. Club '67-'70. Page 172 If Q 5 .mx is 'X I W W ' ' , 'le , 4 QL'- GW-I ,xg on- "Cf,- , X Y 1 . I f "' 'lf ms- V fit? ,J it ' J" 9 We.. 'MIM Z VVS 0? Center Hill Lake provides an escape from the hec- tic pace of studying. JOHNSON, FRIEDA LOUISE, Gainesboro, Tennessee, B.S. in Elementary Education, SNEA '66-'68. JOHNSON, ROGER DALE, Watertown, Tennessee, B.S. in Secondary Education, Social Science. JOLLEY, RANDALL EARL, Chattanooga, Tennessee, B.S. in Secondary Education, Biology, Sigma Phi Epsilon '68- '70, Recorder '69, HEPE Club '67, SNEA '69-'70, Intra- mural Basketball, Softball '67-'69. JONES, DIANNA GAIL, Bradenton, Florida, B.S. in Home Economics. JONES, GWENETH LEATRICE, Sunbright, Tennessee, B.S. in Elementary Education, SN EA '68-'69, JONES, LARRY NELSON, Long Beach, California, B.S. in Secondary Education, Alpha Tau Omega '68-'70, Cheer- leader '70, Senior Class Treasurer '70, Scuba Club '70, Varsity Track '69, Intramural Football, Track '69-'70. JONES, MERVYN DAVID, Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in En- gineering Science, ES Club '67-'69, AIAA '67-'68, NSPE '67, SEO Chairman '68, Phi Delta Theta '67-'70, Historian '67, Treasurer '68, President '70, ASB Senator '6'7, Intra- mural Football, Basketball '67-'69. JONES, ROGER LEWIS, Rocky Mount, Virginia, B.S. in Industrial Technology, Transferred from Virginia Com- monwealth University '70, Epsilon Pi Sigma '68-'69, Stu- dent Government Association '68-'69, JONES, RONALD WALLACE, Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in Mathematics, Counselor '67-'70, JUDKINS, JOE R., Sunbright, Tennessee, B.S. in History, Lambda Chi Alpha '68-'70, IRC '69-'70, Intramural Foot- ball, Basketball, Track '68-'70. 'QT KEETON, PHILIP DAVID, Oneida, Tennessee, B.S. in Ac- counting, Alpha Kappa Psi '70, Intramural Basketball, Football, Softball '67-'69. fa' KEISLING, PAULINE LOURA, Monroe, Tennessee, B.S. in Health Br Physical Education. KELLER, CLARA KATHERINE, Cookeville, Tennessee, B.S. in Elementary Education, Kappa Delta Pi '68-'69, SNEA '67-'69. KEMMER, BARBARA JANE, Crossville, Tennessee, B.S. in Health 81 Physical Education, HGPE Club '67-'70, Trea- surer '7O, Gymnastics Club '68, Intramural Basketball, Softball, Tennis, Badminton '67-'70. KENNEDY, WILLIAM LARRY, Rickman, Tennessee, B.S. in -ev Animal Husbandry, Tech Aggies '67-'70, Block 8: Bridle Club '69-'70, Secretary '70, Delta Tau Alpha '69-'70. KING, JOHNNY VANCE, Sparta, Tennessee, B,S. in Busi- Senior flock to lake durin prin ,Wm is be 4-...... 'W-v an-f Vw X 61" bw ,mee use .,. Ok 'Tix ww 43, f Cc! A7 Z, W., we If ness Management, Alpha Kappa Psi '6?-'70, Secretary '70, Intramural Football '69-'70, Page 173 IT major learn elding procedure KING, PEGGY LYNNE MASON, Cookeville, Tennessee, B.S. in Home Economics, Home Ec. Club '67-'68, Kappa Omicron Phi '6B-'70. KINNAIRD, JUDITH ANN, Cookeville, Tennessee, B.S. in Mathematics, TWO Board '68, Town Council '69, Math Club '67-'70, Secretary '69, President '70, Arts li Sciences Council '70, Kappa Mu Epsilon '68-'70, Kappa Delta '68- '70, Corresponding Secretary '69, Scholarship Chairman '69-'70, Intramural Football '69. KINSOLVING, JOSEPH RAY, Goodlettsville, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Management, Alpha Phi Omega, '69-'70, Recording Secretary '70, Sports Car Club '68. KIRKPATRICK, MARION BAKER, Lebanon, Tennessee, B.S. in Industrial Technology, IT Club '65-'70, EJC '70, AFS '65-'70. KIRKPATICK, ROBERT DEAN, Chattanooga, Tennessee, B.S. in Chemical Engineering, AIChE '67-'70, Tau Beta Pi '70, Corresponding Secretary '70, ACS '70. KITCHELL, JOSEPH VIYCKOFF, JR., Union, New Jersey, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, Pep Club '67-'69, Society of Engineers '67, NSPE '68-'70, IEEE '68-'70, Tech Skydivers '67-'69, Scabbard i Blade '69-'70, Tech Rangers '68. KNIGHT, ALTON RAY, Carthage, Tennessee, B.S. in Mathematics, Speech Club '67, Math Club '67, Debate Team '67, German Club '67, SNEA '69-'70. KNOLL, JOSEPH CARL, South Pittsburg, Tennessee, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, IEEE '68-'70, NSPE '68-'70, Tau Beta Pi '69-'70, Kappa Mu Epsilon '68-'70, Eta Kappa Nu '69-'70, Theta Tau '68, KNOWLES, THOMAS WESLEY, Sparta, Tennessee, B.S. in Animal Husbandry, Tech Aggies '69-'70, Reporter '69, President '70, Block In Bridle Club '68-'70, Alpha Gamma Sigma '68-'70, Intramural Football '67-'70. KYLE, JAMES RICHARD, Athens, Tennessee, B.S. in Geology, Society of Engineers '66, CE Club '68, Co-Op Club '67, Geology Club '69-'70, Circle K '68-'70, Trea- surer '70, Intramural Softball '68. LAFEVER, RAY DONALD, Smithville, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Management. LAMB, JAMES HAMILTON, Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Sigma Delta Phi '67, Theta Tau '68-'70, Secretary '70, IEEE '66-'67, ASME '67-'70, NSPE '66-'70, ASB Senator '69, Intramural Football, Basketball, Softball '66-'70. LAMBERT, FREDRIC ALTON, JR., Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in Industrial Technology, IT Club '67-'70, AFS '67, LANG, KENNETH FRANK, Katcnah, New York, B.S. in Biology, Delta Tau Delta '68-'70, Treasurer '68, Karate Club '67, Intramural Basketball '69-'70. LANHAM, GWENDOLYN LOUISE, LaFoIIette, Tennessee, B.S. in Home Economics, Home Ec. Club '66-'68, LANSFORD, JIM WILLIAM, Crossville, Tennessee, B.S. in Agronomy, Agronomy Club '69-'70, Corresponding Secre- tary '70, Tech Aggies '68-'70, Alpha Gamma Sigma '69- '70, Vice President '70, Delta Tau Alpha '70, Secretary '70, Veterans Club '67-'68, Intramural Basketball '6B. Useful application of electrical welding is an essen- tial for IT majors. Page 174 lk W ., 'A l T 1,, wg.--1 LAWRENCE, JAMES A., Henderson, Tennessee, B.S. in Civil Engineering, Phi Delta Theta '67-'70, ASCE '68-'70, CE Club '69-'70, Intramural Football, Basketball, Softball '68-'70. LAWRENCE, STEPHEN WILSON, Watertown, Tennessee, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, IEEE '69-'70, Speleophiles '67 LAWS, BRENDA GAIL, Calverton, Virginia, B.S. in Busi- ness Education, SNEA '69-'70. LAYCOCK, JAMES REED, II, Athens, Tennessee, B.S. in Industrial Engineering, Society of Engineers '67, AIIE '69-'70, Sigma Phi Epsilon '67-'70, President '70. LAYNE, REBA SHARON, Dunlap, Tennessee, B.S. in Health 8: Physical Education, HKPE Club '67-'69, SNEA '67, Chi Omega Beta '67-'68, Secretary '68, Alpha Sigma Alpha '69, Intramural Football '67-'69, Intramural Volley- ball '67. LEDFORD, JUDITH CAROLYN, Livingston, Tennessee, B.S. in Secondary Education, English, SNEA '67-'69. LEE, CAROL ANNETTE, McMinnville, Tennessee, B.S. in Secondary Education, Math, SNEA '67-'70, Treasurer '70, Kappa Delta Pi '68-'70, Kappa Mu Epsilon '67-'70, Pep Club '68, Intramural Softball, Football '68-'69. LEONARD, CHARLES SPURGEON, JR., Chattanooga, Ten- nessee, B.S. in Industrial Technology, Alpha Phi Omega '69-'70, Tech Rangers '67-'70, Commander '70, Scabbard 81 Blade '70, AFS '67-'70, IT Club '67-'68, Intramural Foot- ball, Softball '68-'70. LEWEY, JAMES MARSHALL, Tuscumbia, Albama, B.S. in Health lx Physical Education, "T" Club '67-'69, HBIPE Club '67-'68, Fellowship of Christian Athletes '67-'69, Var- sity Football '66-'68, Intramural Basketball '67-'69. LEWIS, SHERRIL ANN, Rickman, Tennessee, B.S. in Soci- ology. LEWIS, WILLIAM MICHAEL, Cookeville, Tennessee, B.S. in Biology, Chemical In Medical Sciences Club '68-'70, Debate Team '67-'68, Pi Kappa Delta '67-'68, Sigma Alpha Epsilon '67-'70, Vice President '69, President '70. LIGON, LARRY BLAND, Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, IEEE '69. LINDSAY, CHARLES DAVID, LaFolIette, Tennessee, B.S. in Industrial Technology. LINNELL, DOUGLAS NORMAN, Kenton, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Management, Intramural Basketball, Soft ball '68-'69. LINNELL, RENARD DAVID, Kenton, Tennessee, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, ASME '69-'70, Intramural Basket- ball '67. LITTLEJOHN, NATHAN RAYMOND, ll, Memphis, Tennes- see, B.S. in Political Science, IRC '68-'69. LIVELY, ROGER LEE, Oliver Springs, Tennessee, B.S. in Accounting, Alpha Kappa Psi '69-'70. LOFTIS, PHILIP GENE, Baxter, Tennessee, B.S. in In- dustrial Engineering, Lambda Chi Alpha '68-'70, IFC '69- '70, Vice President '70, Cheerleader '69-'70, Circle K '69- '70, IT Club '67-'70, Vice President '70, TMDO Treasurer '69, Intramural Softball, Football, Basketball '68-'70. LOGGINS, JAMES ROGER, Mountain City, Tennessee, B.S. in Marketing, Oracle Staff '67-'70, Business Manager '70, Sigma Phi Epsilon '69-'70. LOOPER, LILLIE ANN, Livingston, Tennessee, B.S. in Home Economics, Home Ec. Club '70, Intramural Basket- ball '67, LOOPER, SHELIA DIANA, Rickman, Tennessee, B.S. in Office Management, SNEA '66, Phi Beta Lambda '65-'67, Vice President '67, Phi Gamma Nu '68-'70, Treasurer '69, ABC '69, Secretary-Treasurer '69, Kappa Delta '69-'70, SAM '69, Counselor '69, Pep Club '68. LOVE, RONNIE JOE, Smithville, Tennessee, B.S. in Busi- ness Management, Veterans Club '6B-'70, Alpha Kappa Psi '68-'70. LOVELL, CHARLES EDWARD, Chattanooga, Tennessee, B.S. in Industrial Technology, AFS '67-'70, IT Club '67-'70, Co-Op Club '68-'69, Intramural Basketball '67. LOVELL, ELIZABETH ANN, Chattanooga, Tennessee, B,S. in Sociology. LOWE, ROBERT JACKSON, Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in Engineering, Scuba Club '65-'70, President '69, IEE '67- '70, NSPE '67-'70. LUTHER, PAUL FRANKLIN, JR., Bon Aqua, Tennessee, B.S. in Wildlife Management, Delta Tau Delta '69-'70, President '69, Alpha Sigma Psi '67-'68, Vice President '67, IFC '68-'70, Treasurer '70, French Club '69, Tech Rangers '67, Intramural Football, Softball '68-'70, Intramural Bas- ketball '69. LYNN, CHARLES STEPHEN, LaGrange, Georgia, B.S. in Industrial Engineering, AIIE '69-'70, "T" Club '67-'70, Secretary '68, Alpha Tau Omega '68-'70, Tennis Team '67-'70, Captain '69, Intramural Basketball '69, Who's Who '70. McCALEB, BARBARA SUE, Cookeville, Tennessee, B.S. in Secondary Education, English. Page 175 McCLAlN, LEMUEL R., Cookeville, Tennessee, B.S. in In- dustrial Technology, IT Club '67-'69. McCLANAHAN, LINDA LOU, Lafayette, Tennessee, B.A. in English, English Club '70, Oracle Entertainment Editor '69 MCCORMICK, DONALD LOUIS, Livingston, Tennessee, B.S. in Animal Husbandry. McCORMlCK, TOMMY F., Cookeville, Tennessee, B.S. In Economics. McCULLOUGH, BOBBY RAY, Carthage, Tennessee, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Scabbard 81 Blade '69-'70, Pi Tau Sigma '69-'70, ASME '70, McCULLOCH, JERE NEAL, Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, B.S. in History, Sigma Alpha Epsilon '68-'70, Vice President '68. MCDONALD, KENNEY F., Medina, Tennessee, B.S. in Civil Engineering, ASCE '70. McDONALD, LARRY JAY, Meridian, Mississippi, B.S. in Business Management. MCGAHA, WILLIAM DUDLEY, Alcoa, Tennessee, B.S. in Civil Engineering, ASCE '68-'70, Karate Club '67-'70. MCGAUGHY, JAMES LEGRAND, Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in Accounting, Intramural Basketball, Softball '68-'70. MCHENRY, JOSEPH MANN, Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in Industrial Technology, IT Club '67-'68, Sigma Phi Epsilon '69-'70. McKEE, LESTER PAUL, Gordonsville, Tennessee, B.S. in Secondary Education Social Science, Kappa Delta Pi '69- '70, President '70. McKENZlE, JEROME FRANKLIN, Uak Ridge, Tennessee, B.S. in Biology, Tau Kappa Epsilon '68-'70, Intramural Football, Basketball, Softball '68-'70. McMlNN, WESLEY THOMAS, Chattanooga, Tennessee, B.S. in Engineering Science, Kappa Mu Epsilon '67-'70. MCNABB, LARRY DAVID, Bloomington Springs, Tennessee, B.S. in Mathematics, Math Club '67. McNElLL, MARIE HENRY, Knoxville, Tennessee B.S. in Bi- ology, Band '68, McNELLY, JAMES LARRY, Rockwood, Tennessee, B.S. in Education, Biology. McREYNOLDS, WALTER STANLEY, Cookeville, Tennessee, B.S. in Industrial Technology, IT Club '67-'70, AFS '69-'70, MADDUX, MARGARET ALICE, Cookeville, Tennessee, B.S. in Sociology, Odyssey Club '67, Sociology Club '69, Christian Student Group '67, Kappa Delta '67-'70, Presi- dent '70, MAHLER, JAMES WALTER, JR., Cookeville, Tennessee, B.S. in Industrial Engineering, IE Club '69-'70, Society of Engineers '67. MAHLER, ROBERT LLOYD, Manchester, Tennessee, B.S, in Accounting, Tech Rangers '67, Young Republicans Club '68, MAINORD, JUDY ANN, Algood, Tennessee, B.S. in Home Economics, Home Ec. Club '67, Tech Chorus '67. MAJORS, TONY HOUSTON, Hartsville, Tennessee, B.S, in Secondary Education, HBPE Club '67, SNEA '70, Intra- mural Softball '69-'70. MALONE, CHARLOTTE ANN, Harrison, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Administration, Pi Omega Pi '70, Treasurer '70.- MANFULL, EDWARD M., Erwin, Tennessee, B.S. in Ac- counting, Kappa Omega '67-'70, Circle K '68-'69, IFC So- cial Parol Board '69-'70, IntramuraI'FootbaII, Softball '67-'70. MANN, ALVIN L., Cookeville, Tennessee, B.S. in Dairy Husbandry, Block li Bridle '66-'70, Tech Aggies '66-'70, Sigma Phi Epsilon '69-'70. MANTLO,-JAMES RONALD, Springfield, Tennessee, B.S. in Industrial Technology, IT Club '68-'70, AFS '68-'70, Kappa Omega '70. MARQUARDT, JAMES EARL, Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in Industrial Technology, Alpha Phi Omega '68-'70, IT Club '69-'70, AFS '67-'70, Intramural Softball, Football '67-'69. Page 176 MARRS, KELSO, Fayetteville, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Management, Veterans Club '69-'70, SAM '69-'70, Trans- ferred from Middle Tennessee State University '68. MARTIN, ANDREW D., Tullahoma, Tennessee, B.S. in Ac- counting. MARTIN, LEONARD, JR., Johnson City, Tennessee, B.S. in Industrial Engineering, IE Club '70, Delta Tau Delta '69- '70, Corresponding Secretary '70, Intramural Football, Softball '69-'70. MASON, WILLIAM LARRY, Chestnut Mound, Tennessee, B.S. in Animal Husbandry, Block 81 Bridle Club '7U. MASTERS, COLIN K., Lynchburg, Tennessee, BS. in Health 81 Physical Education, "T" Club '67-'70, Sigma Alpha Epsilon '6?-'70, Intramural Basketball, Football '69-'70 MASTERSON, RONALD FRED, Spring City, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Management. MATHERLY, EVELYN GAYLE, Kingsport, Tennessee, B.S. in Secondary Education, English, SNEA '67, Alpha Sigma Alpha '68-'70, Vice President '7O. MATTHEWS, LARRY D., Jamestown, Tennesse, B.S. in Ac- counting. MATTHEWS, LINDSEY TURNER, Columbia, Tennessee, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, Theta Tau '63-'70, IEEE '68-'70, NSPE '69-'7U. MAXWELL, RICKY BRUCE, Algood, Tennessee, B.S. in Agronomy, Agronomy Club '69-'70, Recording Secretary '70, Tech Aggies '69-'70. MAY, NORMAN FIELDEN, Knoxville, Tennessee, B.S. in Industrial Technology, Alpha Phi Omega '69-'70, MEANS, JAMES HAROLD, Rickman, Tennessee, B.S. in Agronomy, Tech Aggies '67-'70, Treasurer '67, Secretary '70, Alpha Gamma Sigma '67-'70, Parliamentarian '70, Agronomy Club '67-'70, Reporter '69, Delta Tau Alpha '69-'70, Scabbard 8 Blade '69-'70. MERCER, NANCY LOUISE, Ten Mile, Tennessee, B.S. in Elementary Education, Transferred from Hiwassee Junior College '68, SNEA '69-'70, Intramural Football, Softball '69-'70. MESSINA, TERRY EDWARD, Madison, Tennessee, B,S. in Secondary Education, Kappa Omega '67-'70, Historian '68, SNEA '69-'70, Intramural Bowling '67, Intramural Bas- ketball, Football, Volleyball '68-'69, Varsity Track '69, METZGER, LYNN M., Spring City, Tennessee, B.S. in Busi- ness Management, Veterans Club '68-'69, Secretary '69, MICHLINK, FRED PAUL, Chattanooga, Tennessee, B.S. in Chemical Engineering, AlChE '64-'70, Circle K '68-'70, Sigma Alpha Epsilon '69-'70, Co-Op Club '68-'70, Intra- mural Football, Softball '64-'70. ga., yu--,vt New 'ss:2: ,:1l5 f . . L, g H 4 li aw,- av .,. N X 'ik .fgffkf ne' if , . c y libt- We--V 'Qu3f'pgg,, 'Nw , 4 'Img +A. ,.. i fr QM -an-a Q., I 4 S'-4 Band receive appreciation a ard 5 . .--sk .www-4, H 'gigs 1, The Tech band received the I969 Collegiate Foot- ball Centennial Band Award for its spirit at games. . rr: 1 Wi .QQ Page 777 MIGLIORE, THURMAN MICHAEL, Cookeville, Tennessee, B.S. in Marketing, Marketing Club '68-'70, President '70, Alpha Tau Omega '66-'70, Circle K '66, Student-Faculty Exploratory Committee Chairman '70, Intramural Softball '69 MIGLIORE, VICKI SMITH, Cookeville, Tennessee, B.S. in Elementary Education, Phi Mu '67-'70, Alpha Tau Omega Sweetheart '68. MILLER, FRED STEPHEN, Decatur, Tennessee, B.S. in Ani- mal Husbandry, Alpha Gamma Sigma '67-'70, Phi Delta Theta '69-'70, Historian '70, Tech Aggies '67-'70, ASB Sen- ator '70. MILLER, JIM F., JR., Brownsville, Tennessee, B.S. in ln- dustrial Engineering, Kappa Omega '68-'70, Treasurer '68, Freshman Football '67, Intramural Football, Basketball, Softball, Volleyball '66-'70. MILLER, ORION C., Crossville, Tennessee, B.S. in Sec- ondary Education, Kappa Delta Pi '69-'70, Treasurer '70, Kappa Mu Epsilon '70, President '70, SNEA '67-'69. MINGIE, KENNETH MICHAEL, Knoxville, Tennessee, B.S. in Social Science. MITCHELL, CLIFFORD PAUL, Ten Mile, Tennessee, B.S. in Agricultural Science, Tech Aggies '69-'70, Pep Club '67, Agronomy Club '68-'69. MITCHELL, EDDIE LYNN, Bradford, Tennessee, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, NSPE '69-'70, MOFFITT, DEBORAH JANETQ, Spencer, Tennessee, B.S. in Accounting, Phi Gamma Nu '69-'70. MONKS, MYRA GALE, Fayetteville, Tennessee, B.S. in El- ementary Education, Transferred from Martin College '68, SNEA '70. MONTAGUE, RONALD ARTHUR, Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in Chemistry, ACS '66-'70, Oracle Staff '69, ASB Sena- tor, '70, Intramural Football '70, Intramural Basketball '66-'70, MONTGOMERY, RONNIE L., Chattanooga, Tennessee, B.S. in Finance. MOON, ROBERT ABNER, Decatur, Tennessee, B.S. in ln- dustrial Technology. MOORE, CONNIE, Sparta, Tennessee, B.S. in Elementary Education, Transferred from Freed-Hardeman College '69, MOORE, JIMMIE TERRELL, Cookeville, Tennessee, B.S. in Secondary Education, Social Science, SNEA '68-'69, Vice President '69, Young Democrats Club '69-'70. MOORE, JOHN W., JR., Jasper, Tennessee, B.S. in Ac- counting, Kappa Omega '67-'70, Secretary '69, Alpha Kappa Psi '69-'70, President '70, SAM '68-'70, ASB Sena- tor '70, Junior Class Vice President '69, Intramural Bas- ketball '68-'70, Who's Who '70. MORGAN, JOHN ELLIOTT, Goodlettsville, Tennessee, B.S. in Chemical Engineering, AIChE '68-'70, Society of Engineers '67, ACS '69-'70, Intramural Basketball, Soft- ball, Football '68-'70. MORRIS, LINDA T., Lynchburg, Tennessee, B.S. in Ele- mentary Education, Phi Mu '68-'70, SNEA '68-'69. MORRISON, MICHAEL WEBSTER, Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Pi Tau Sigma '68-'70, Kappa Mu Epsilon '68-'70, ASME '69-'70, Co-Op Club '67-'69, Intramural Basketball '68, MORTGAT, CHRISTIAN PIERRE, Brussels, Belgium, B.S. in Civil Engineering, French Club '67-'69, Cosmopolitan Club '67-'69, Tech Players '69, Kappa Mu Epsilon '69, ASCE '69. MOSER, MARSHALL WILLIAM, JR., Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in Industrial Technology, IT Club '67-'70, AFS '67-'70, Tau Kappa Epsilon '69-'70, ASB Senator '70. MOSER, PATRICIA SUE HOLLIS, Clarksville, Tennessee, B.S. in Secondary Education, Pep Club '67, SNEA '67-'69, Kappa Mu Epsilon '68-'69, Kappa Delta Pi '69, TWO Board '69, Phi Mu '68-'69, Corresponding Secretary '69, Gold Circle Award '68, Who's Who '70. MOSER, RALPH WILLARD, Harrison, Tennessee, B.S. in Accounting. MULLICAN, JOANNA, Sparta, Tennessee, B.S. in Home Economics, Home Ec. Club '67-'70, MULLINIX, MICHAEL LEE, Livingston, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Management. MULLINS, JOSEPH CHARLES, Cookeville, Tennessee, B.S. in Agriculture Economics, American Farm Economics As- sociation '68-'70, President '69. MULLINS, RAFFORD GENE, Harriman, Tennessee, B.S. in Health 8 Physical Education, "T" Club '67-'70, Tau Kappa Epsilon '69-'70, HIIPE Club '68-'69, Student Sports Trainer '66-'70, Intramural Football, Basketball '69-'70. MUNDY, CARSIE DURHAM, Cookeville, Tennessee, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, IEEE '68-'70, Eta Kappa Nu '69- '70, Tau Beta Pi '69-'70. Page 778 1 fl H M Q, S fr 4 , Q. -n 1 Ha 'X if 5 z . P , ali' f in A? ' , 'lk' s fi., F ,j 5 , ,- ,gn -vw I E ,X we Class observation system chan , -lil t at .4-" i -., ig gg . .ig Y 'swf s mi Although fewer observations are required, viewing the actual classroom situations prove helpful. QQPN .XX s tif, ,era P sun We MURFF, CAROL BEASLEY, Nashville, Tennessee, B.S, in Elementary Education, Sigma Sigma Sigma '68-'70, Pep Club '67-'68, Intramural Football, Softball '67-'68, MURPHY, FRED ANTHONY, Cleveland, Tennessee, B.S. in Civil Engineering, Society of Engineers '67, Co-Op Club '67-'69, NSPE '68-'70, ASCE '68-'70, Treasurer '70, Intra- mural Softball '68. MURPHY, GLEN ARTHUR, Cookville, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Management, SAM '70, Intramural Basketball, Football '66-'67, MUSE, MARILOU, Fayetteville, Tennessee, B.S. in Sec- ondary Education, Math, Kappa Mu Epsilon '68-'70, Kappa Delta Pi '69-'70, SNEA '67-'70, Pep Club '68, Intra- mural Softball, Football '68-'70. NASH, CHARLES LEE, Cookeville, Tennessee, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, IEEE '67-'70, Sigma Alpha Epsilon '68-'70, Tech Rangers '65-'66, NSPE '69-'70, SEO '68-'69, NEAL, BRUCE ALLEN, Erwin, Tennessee, B.S. in Industrial Technology, IT Club '70, Co-Op Club '67-'69, Sports Car Club '70. NEAL, CLYDUS DIANN, Rickman, Tennessee, 8.5. in Busi- ness Education, Phi Gamma Nu '68-'69, Editor, '69, Pi Omega Pi '68-'69, President '69. NEBLETT, JEFFREY WAYNE, Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Society of Engineers '66, ASME '68-'70, Alpha Tau Omega '68-'70, Phi Kappa Lambda '67-'68, Intramural Softball, Basketball '68-'70. NELSON, DONALD MARTIN, Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Management, Lambda Chi Alpha '67-'70, Alpha Kappa Psi '69-'70, Tech Players '68-'70, Intramural Soft- ball, Basketball '68. NELSON, RUFUS WALTER, Shelbyville, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Education, Alpha Kappa Psi '68-'69, ROTC Band '67-'68. NELSON, SAMUEL CLYDE, Lake City, Tennessee, 8.5. in Electrical Engineering, IEEE '70. NIXON, GARY LaNEAL, Smithville, Tennessee, B.S. in Sec- ondary Education, Chemistry, Medical 8: Chemical Sci- ences Club '66-'68. NOLAN, PHILLIP RYAN, Bruceton, Tennessee, 8.5. in Me- chanical Engineering, ASME '69-'70, President '70, Pl Tau Sigma '70, Recording Secretary '70, Tau Beta Pi '69-'70, Co-Op Club '68, EJC '70, Who's Who '70. NORRIS, JAMES RAY, Madison, Tennessee, B.S. in Health lr Physical Education, H8rPE Club '68-'70, Kappa Delta Pi '69-'70, Varsity Baseball '69-'70, Intramural Basketball '68, Who's Who '70. O'CONNOR, PATTI LOUISE, Hermitage, Tennessee, B.S. in Secondary Education, TWO '66-'70, Treasurer '69, Alpha Delta Pi '67-'70, Treasurer '69 Ir Vice-President, Health lr Physical Education Club '68, Counselor '69, OGLE, KENNETH LAVOY, Cleveland, Tennessee, B.S. in Chemical Engineering, Lambda Chi Alpha '69-'70, High Gamma lr High Phi, Kappa Epsilon '69-'70, President, Chemical Engineering Club '69-'70. Page 179 ONYEBUAGU, CHARLES SUNDAY, Biafra-Nigeria, B,S. in Business Management, Cosmopolitan Club '69-70, Vice- President '69-'70, Debating Club '69-'70, Management Club '69-'70, OOTEN, JUDY PERKINS, Wartburg, Tennessee, B.S, in El- ementary Education, SNEA '65-'69, OOTEN, RONALD TERRY, Oakdale, Tennessee, B.S, in Electrical Engineering, IEEE '69-'70, Treasurer '70, Tau Beta Pi '69-'70, Vice-President '70, Eta Kappa Nu '69-'70, Treasurer '70, Scabbard 8 Blade '70, Theta Tau '70, OWENS, CHARLES EDWARD, Decatur, Albama, B.S, in Business Management, Alpha Kappa Psi '69-'70, Society for Advancement of Management '69-'70. OWENS, EDWARD LEE, Daisy, Tennessee, B,S. in ln- dustrial Technology, IT Club '69-'70. OWENS, ELLIS GENE, Morristown, Tennessee, B,S. in Health 81 Physical Education, Health 81 Physical Education Club '69-'70, Scabbard 81 Blade '69-'70, Intramural Foot- ball '66-'70, Intramural Basketball '66-'70. PACK, KENNETH H. Tullahoma, Tennessee, B.S. in Busi- 'kl- ness Management, Freshmen Baseball '67, Varsity Base- ball '68-'70, Intramural Football '68-'70, Intramural Bas- ketball '67-'70. PACK JR., WILLIAM FRANCIS, Tullahoma, Tennessee, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, ASME '68-'69, Pi Tau Sigma '69, Intramural Softball '69, Intramural Football '68 A-vw PANGLE, CHARLES COPENHAVER, ll, Cookeville, Ten- nessee, B.S. in Business Management, Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon '66-'70, Marketing Club '68, Scabbard and Blade '68-'70, Tech Rangers '65-'66, Tennis lnterschool '67, Inter- Fraternity Football, Softball, Basketball '66-'70. inu- PARK, SUSAN LYNN, Chattanooga, Tennessee, B.S. in Ele- mentary Education, Pep Club '66, SNEA '66-'70, Alpha Delta Pi '7O. PARKE, GARY ALLEN, Winchester, Tennessee, B.S. in En- gineering Science. PARKER, JOHN WESLEY, Manchester, Tennessee, B.S, in Animal Husbandry, Block and Bridle Club '67-'70, Pho- tographer '70, Alpha Gamma Sigma '68-'70, Steward '70, PARKHILL, WILLIAM F., Newburgh, New York, B.S. in ln- dustrial Technology, Kappa Omega '67-'70, Vice-Pres:dent '68-'69, Circle K '67-'70, President '69-'70, PARKS, JANET LOUISE, Franklin, Tennessee, B.S. in Music Education, Tech Marching Band '67-'70, Concert Band '67-'70, MENC '67-'68, Tech Players '68-'69, Arena Players' -Q--W '69 ' -nu' , B+ PARNELL, JANIE LOU, Oneida, Tennessee, B.S. in Sec- ondary Education-Biology, SNEA '68-'69, Library Club '69. PARSLEY, ALVIE VESTER, Smithville, Tennessee, B.S. in Histcry, History Club '66-'67, SNEA NCSS '68-'69, Foot- ball '66-'69, Baseball '67-'69. 'f ah ' ' 1 , We " . . Rain greets Student at career da 41:8 S. qs... Bad weather cannot stop Allen Ray from showing interested students around campus. Page 180 nwgx-4xv14nmw1axv1vAwm PARSONS, CONSTANCE RACKLEY, Crossville, Tennessee, B.S. in Home Economics, Home Economics Club '66-'67, PARSONS, STEPHEN JOSEPH, Crossville, Tennessee, B.S. in Accounting, Sigma Iota Epsilon '69-'70, Vice President '69-'70, Accounting Club '69-'70, PATEL, DEVENDRA C., Itola, Gujaret, India, M.S. in Mathematics, Cosmopolitan Club '70. PATEL, JAGDISH I., Borsad, Sujarat, India, B.S in Me- chanical Engineering, Cosmopolitan Club '68-'70, INDIA Association, ASME '69-'70, PATEL, VINOD C., Khandhli, India, B.S. in Industrial En- gineering, Cosmopolitan Club '69-'70, Associate member AIIE '70. PATTERSON, BOYD MARSCELL, Columbia, Tennessee, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, Alpha Tau Omega '67-'69, IEEE '68-'69. PATTERSON, JR., JAMES GAINS, Columbia, Tennessee, B.S. in Chemical Engineering, Veterans Club '65-'68, Wes- ley Singers '67-'70, Alpha Phi Omega '67-'70, Vice-Presi- dent '67-'6B, President '70, PATTERSON, JENA MERLE, Manchester, Tennessee, B.S. in Medical Technology, Intramural Basketball '66-'69, Intra- mural Bowling '67. PEARSON, CHARLES ALLAN, Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in Accounting, Tennessee Tech Rifle Team '66-'68, Team Captain '6B. PEARSON, MARJORIE HESTON, Ocoee, Tennessee, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, TWO '66-'70, Tennessee Tech Diving Club '64-'65, Girl's Rifle Team Captain '67-'68. PELLICCIOTTI, ALICE SIMPSON, Lynchburg, Tennessee, B.S. in Home Economics Education, Kappa Omicron Phi '68-'69, Kappa Delta Pi '69, Home Economics Club '67- '68 PEOPLES, HOYTE DEAN, South Pittsburg, Tennessee, B.S. in Industrial Technology, Intramural Football '67-'69, ln- dustrial Technology Club '67-'70, President '70, AFS '67- '7o, EJC '70, PERKINS, JACKSON L., Columbus, Georgia, B.S. in In- dustrial Technology, Circle K Club Secretary '68-'69, Vice-President '69-'70, IT Club '69-'70, Oracle '68, BSU Softball '68, BSU Basketball '69. PERKINS, WILLIAM ELVIN, Griffin, eeofgiag B,S. in Health and Physical Education, Varsity Football '66-'69, T-Club '67-'70, Kappa Sigma '68-'69, Physical Education Club '67-'70, House Council Vice-President '68, PERRY, DUKE RODNEY, Chattanooga, Tennessee, B.S. in Industrial Technology, Alpha Phi Omega '69-'70, Corre- sponding Secretary '70, American Foundrymen Society '69-'70, Vice-President '70. PETTY, SAMUEL ROY, Humboldt, Tennessee, B.S. in Civil Engineering, ASCE '68-'67, NSPE '68-'69. PHELPS, PATRICIA LEE, Brentwood, Tennessee, B.S. in Secondary Education, SNEA '66-'67, Zeta Phi '67-'69, ISC Representative '67-'68. PHILLIPS, BRENDA LOU, Donelson, Tennessee, B.S. in Secondary Education-Sociology, Judiciary Board '70, SNEA '69-'70, Phi Mu '69-'70, Counselor '70, PHIPPS, MICKEY VERNON, Greenbrier, Tennessee, B.S. in Industrial Engineering, Theta Tau '68-'70, Treasurer '69, EJC '69-'70, Scabbard and Blade '69-'70, AIIE '6B- 70, NSPE '69-'70. PICKETT, BARBARA MOORE, Livingston, Tennessee, B.S. in Elementary Education. PICKETT, WILLIAM REECE, Chattanooga, Tennessee, B.S. in Electrical Engineering. PIKE, GERALD DEAN, Oneida Tennessee, B.S. in Agron- omy. PIPPIN, KENNETH E., Algood, Tennessee, B.S. in Second- ary Education, SNEA '68-'7O. PIRKLE, JOE THOMAS, Cleveland, Tennessee, B.S. in Civil Engineering, ASCE '67-'69, Softball '67-'69, Football '69, Basketball '69. PITTARD, DARRELL DENNIS, Stone Mountain, Georgia, B.S. in Business Management, Alpha Tau Omega '67-'70, Treasurer '68, Secretary '69, Sophomore Vice-President '67, Co-Chairman Social Standards Council '69, Freshman Football '66, Interfraternity Football '67-'69. PITTS, LARRY PAUL, Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in Music Education, Band '67-'70, Orchestra '68, Phi Mu Alpha '68-'69, Caving Club '67-'68. POORE, BETTYE RUTH, Sparta, Tennessee, B.S. in Ele- mentary Education,'SNEA '67-'69, Debate Club '67. POPE, LINDA LUCILLE, Shelbyville, Tennessee, B.S. in El- ementary Education, Band '67-'70, Varsity Choir '68-'70, Mu Phi Epsilon '67-'70, Alpha Sigma Alpha '69-'70, Pledge Chairman '69, SNEA '67, TWO Corresponding Sec- retary '70, Faculty Advisory Committee '69. Page 181 Homecomin 9 0 a cold P '15 4 ic voya e Kappa Sigs find decorating for Homecoming a chilling experience in the sub-zero weather. POSTON, BRENDA KAYE, Jamestown, Tennessee, B.S. in Secondary Education, Sociology. POWELL, GARY LYNN, Oakdale, Tennessee, B.S. in Sec- ondary Education. POWELL, WILLIAM ALEXANDER, Alameda, California, B.S. in Business Management, Kappa Omega '67-'70, Cor- responding Secretary '70, Alpha Kappa Psi '68-'70, Vice President '70, SAM '6B-'70, President '70, ABC '70, Intra- mural Football, Basketball, Softball '67-'70. PRATT, LARRY JOSEPH, Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in Marketing, Sigma Phi Delta '68-'70, Marketing Club '70. PRESLEY, BOBBIE DIANNE, Cookeville, Tennessee, B.S. in Secondary Education, Sociology, SNEA '67-'68, HBPE Club '67-'68, TWO Town Council '68-'69, Junior Repre- sentative '69, Zeta Tau Alpha '68-'70, Intramural Bowling '67, Intramural Tennis, Softball '68-'69, PRESLEY, THOMAS GRADY, Ooltewah, Tennessee, B.S. in Accounting, Pep Club '67-'68, Accounting Club '6B. PRINCE, MARK DICKSON, Winchester, Tennessee, B.S. in Biology, Varsity 'Baseball '67-'69, Intramural Football '67- '70 PUCH, HENRIETTA, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, B.S. in Sec- ondary Education, Young Democrats Club '68-'70, Tech Community Chorus '68-'70, SNEA '69-'70. PULLUM, HARRY ALBERT, Newport, Tennessee, B.S. in Chemical Engineering, CE Club '68-'70, Intramural Bas- ketball, Softball '67. PUTMAN, BASIL WAYNE, Hixson, Tennessee, B.S. in Busi- ness Management, Alpha Phi Omega '68-'70, Treasurer '70. PYLE, DAVID WARREN, Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in ln- dustrial Technology, Tech Rangers '67, IT Club '67-'68, AFS '67-'68, Pep Club '67, Intramural Basketball, Football '67. QUALLS, DAVID RANDALL, Jamestown, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Management. QUINTON, ROBERT WILLIAM, Springfield, Ohio, B.S. in Secondary Education, History, SNEA '67, Varsity Football '66-'67, RADLEY, ROBERT ERNEST, Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Theta Tau '69-'70, American So- ciety of Mechanical Engineers '69-'70, National Society of Professional Engineers '69-'70, Pi Tau Sigma '69, Tau Beta Pi '69, Freshman Basketball '67, Varsity Basketball '69, Intramural Badminton, Basketball, Softball, and Foot- ball '67-'70, Tech Rangers '67. RAFEEDIE, SAHIH FARIS, Kensington, Maryland, B.S. in Chemical Engineering, CE Club '67-'70, Co-Op Club '66. RAGLAND, PATTYE SUE, Sparta, Tennessee, B.S. in Busi- ness Education, SNEA '67-'70. Page 182 as 13' K' --N... if Nm.,- weve' 'sr 1... 57 4, .5 A , W ' I ,I I 1 4 'J ,M 1 as " ,,,, C:-I Qing, l. is Ur QW-wr RAGSDALE, CLYDE D., Cleveland, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Management, Lambda Chi Alpha '68-'70, His- torian '70, Pep Club '67, TWDO Representative '67. RAMSEY, LARRY BRADLEY, Livingston, Tennessee, 8.S, in Electrical Engineering, IEEE '68-'69. RAMSEY, THOMAS MURPHY, Viola, Tennessee, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, NSPE '69-'70, Treasurer '70, Scuba Club '69-'70, IEEE '70, Society of Engineers '67. RANDOLPH, LEILA REBECCA ROCKWELL, Crossville, Tennessee, B.S. in Elementary Education. RARDIN, RODNEY ALAN, Chattanooga, Tennessee, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, Amateur Radio Society '67-'70, Kappa Mu Epsilon '69-'70, IEEE '70. RAY, JAMES TERRY, White House, Tennessee, B.S. in ln- dustrial Engineering, Tech Rangers '67-'68, Society of En- gineers '67, NSPE '67-'69, IE Club '68-'69, Theta Tau '68- '69, Scabbard 8: Blade '69. RECTOR, DALLAS E., Knoxville, Tennessee, B.S. in Ele- mentary Education, SNEA '67-'70, Kappa Delta Pi '68-'70. RECTOR, GERALD RAY, Rockwood, Tennessee, B.S. in Agriculture Science, Tech Aggies '68-'70, Delta Tau Alpha '69-'70, Pep Club '67, Agriculture Economics Club '69-'70, Vice President '70, REED, MORTON WALLACE, Franklin, Tennessee, B.S. in Chemical Engineering, CE Club '67-'70, Tech Speleophiles '68-'69, AlChE '69, Freshman Football '66. REEVES, MARK EDWARD, Spring City, Tennessee, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, ASME '69-'70, Tau Beta PI '69- '7O, Recording Secretary '70, Pi Tau Sigma '69-'70, Corre- sponding Secretary '70, AIAA '70, EHS Council '70. RENEGAR, JAMES RANDALL, Lynchburg, Tennessee, B.S. in Accounting, Accounting Club '70, SAM '70. RHEA, BECKY CONQUEST, Gallatin, Tennessee, B.A. in Journalism, Social Standards Council '68-'69, Secretary '68-'69, Counselor '68-'69, Oracle Staff '68-'70, Copy Editor '68, Managing Editor '69, Editorial Editor '70, Freshman Class Treasurer '67, Who's Who '69. RHINE, ROSALIE DALE, Cambridge, Ohio, B.S. in Elementary Education, SNEA '67-'70. RICE, GARY ALLEN, Harriman, Tennessee, B.S. in ln- dustrial Technology, Veterans Club '67-'70, IT Club '70, AFS '70, Intramural Basketball, Softball '69. RICH, WILLIAM H. BELLINGER, Charleston, South Caro- lina, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, Math Club '67-'68, IEEE '69-'70. , RICHARDSON, JERRY LEE, Lafayette, Tennessee, B.S. in Industrial Technology, IT Club '68-'70. RICHARDSON, LARRY GENE, Linden, Tennessee, B.S. in Secondary Education, Chemistry, Sigma Phi Delta '69-'70, Young Republicans Club '67, Chemistry Club '67, SNEA '70, Intramural Football, Basketball '69-'70. RICHMOND, GERALD LEE, Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, ASME '69-'70, Library Club '69. RIDGWAY, JOHN GARY, Five Points, Tennessee, B.S. in Mathematics. RIFENBURY, THOMAS ELBERT, West Chester, Pennsylva- nia, B.S. in Marketing, Transferred from Pearl River Jun- ior College '6B, Alpha Phi Omega '68-'70, Intramural Basketball, Softball '69-'70. RIGNEY, SYLVESTER LAYNE, Ill, Summitville, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Management. RISKO, JANICE MIGNON, Chattanooga, Tennessee, B.S. in Home Economics Education, Home Ec. Club '69-'70. ROACH, LINDA CAROL, Concord, Tennessee, 8.5, in Secondary Education, Drama Club '67, Secretary '67, House Council '68, Counselor '69-'70, TWO Treasurer '70, Phi Mu '69-'70, SNEA '69-'70. ROBBINS, W. LOUISE, Cookeville, Tennessee, B.S. in Bi- ology, Phi Mu '67-'70, Second Vice President '69, Presi- dent '70, Panhellenic Council '68-'70, Treasurer '69, Sec- ond Vice President '70, SEO '69, ROTC Sponsor '69, Eagle Staff '69-'70, Intramural Football '67-'68, Intramural Softball '67. ROBERTS, HARRY HUGH, Chattanooga, Tennessee, B.S. in Industrial Technology, IT Club '67-'70, EHS Represent- ative '69, AFS '67-'70, Sigma Phi Epsilon '68-'70, Intra- mural Football, Softball '69. ROBERTS, RONALD DEAN, Red Boiling Springs, Tennes- see, B.S. in Health 81 Physical Education, HEPE Club '67-'70, SN EA '69-'70. ROBINSON, RICHARD LAFAYETTE, JR., Sheffield, Ala- bama, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Alpha Tau Omega '67-'70, ASME '67-'70, Soccer '68-'70, Intramural Basketball, Softball, Volleyball '66-'70. ROCK, VICKI LEE, Donelson, Tennessee, B.S. in Elemen- tary Education, SNEA '67, Community Chorus '69, Kappa Delta Phi '68-'70. Page 183 ROGERS, CAROL ANNETTE, Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in Health 8- Physical Education, H8iPE Club '67-'70, Extra- mural Volleyball '67-'69, Intramural Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Softball '67-'69. ROGERS, RALPH ARNOLD, JR., Cleveland, Tennessee, B.S. in Accounting, Lambda Chi Alpha '68-'70, Treasurer '69, Accounting Club '70. ROLLINS, JAMES O., Indianapolis, Indiana, B,S. in Health 8- Physical Education, Intramural Basketball '68, ROMINGER, ROBERT DALE, Cleveland, Tennessee, B.S. in Industrial Technology, Society of Engineers '67, IT Club '70, AFS '70, Intramural Softball, Basketball '68-'70, ROSE, AURORA JANE, Crossville, Tennessee, B.S. in Office Management, Zeta Tau Alpha '67-'70, Historian '69, Alpha Kappa Psi Sweetheart '6B. ROSE, MARY LYNNE, Etowah, Tennessee, B.S. in Second- ary Education, Pep Club '66, Sigma Sigma Sigma '69-'70, Recording Secretary '69, SNEA '67, Calendar Girl '67-'69, Junior Class Beauty '69, Intramural Basketball, Football '69, ROY, BRENDA FAYE, Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in Market- ing, Pep Club '66, House Council '66, Young Democrat Club '66, Marketing Club '69, Kappa Omega Sweetheart '67. RUSH, BOBBY D., Gainesboro, Tennessee, B.S. in Biol- ogy, Avant-Garde '68, Chemistry 8: Medical Science Club '69-'70, Biology Club '69-'70, Math Club '67. RUSSELL, SANDRA LYNNE, Jamestown, Tennessee, B,S. in Home Economics Education, Kappa Delta Pi '69-'70, Home Ec. Club '69-'70, Kappa Omicron Phi '68-'70, Trea- surer '68-'69, President '70. RUST, JAMES RICKEY, Coalmont, Tennessee, B.S. in ln- dustrial Technology, IT Club '70, AFS '70. RUTHERFORD, CYNTHIA PHIPPS, Bristol, Tennessee, B.S. in Secondary Education, SNEA '67-'69. RUTHERFORD, GEORGE EDWARD, Bristol, Tennessee, B.S. in Industrial Technology, Delta Tau Delta '67-'69, Pledge Master '68, IT Club '67-'69. RUTHERFORD, STANLEY WALTON, Horse Cave, Ken- tucky, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, Tau Beta Pi '69-'70, Kappa Mu Epsilon '67-'70, IEEE '69-'70, SAMPLEY, RICHARD ALAN, Monterey, Tennessee, B.A, in English, French Club '68-'69, Lambda Chi Alpha '70, Sec- retary '70, Alpha Psi Omega '66-'67, President '66, Tech Players '66-'67, President '67. SANDEFUR, JOYCE KAY, Sparta, Tennessee, B,S. in Mar- keting, Marketing Club '70, Phi Mu '69-'70, Reporter '70, Dormitory Vice President '6B. SAUNDERS, REBECCA LUCINDA, Cookeville, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Education, SNEA '68-'69. SAWYER, MACK ANDERSON, Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in Industrial Engineering, Society of Engineers '67 Lambda Chi Alpha '67-'70, Secretary '69, President '70, Freshman Football '67. SCHMIDT, JULIA MELISSA, Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in Home Economics Education. SCHREIBER, LAWRENCE ANTHONY, Villa Hills, Ken- tucky, B.S, in Marketing, "T" Club '67-'69, Varsity Foot- ball '66-'70, All OVC '67-'68, Marketing Club '68-'67, House Council '68, SCHUBERT, ROBERT ALLEN, Chattanooga, Tennessee, B.S. in Chemistry, Alpha Phi Omega '69-'70, Chemical 81 Medical Sciences Club '67-'70, Deutscher Vereren '68-'69, ACS '67-'70, CE Club '67, Arts 81 Sciences Council '68-'70, ASB Senator '68-'70, Soccer '68-'70, Intramural Softball '67-'69, SCHULTZ, RICHARD L., Oak Ridge, Tennessee, B.S. in Biology, Chemical 81 Medical Sciences Club '67-'70, Sigma Alpha Epsilon '68-'70, Secretary '68-'69. SCOTT, PERMELIA NAN, Cookeville, Tennessee, B.S. in Elementary Education, SNEA '69, Kappa Delta Pi '68-'69, Phi Mu '68-'70, Junior Class Secretary '69. SEABORN, DONALD JAMES, Cleveland, Tennessee, B.S. in Civil Engineering, ASCE '67-'70, NSPE '66, Intramural Softball, Football '68-'70, SELLS, PATRICIA ANN, Dalton, Georgia, B.S. in Elemen- tary Education, SENECAL, RONALD RAYMOND, Marlboro, Massachu- setts, B.S. in Industrial Engineering, AIIE '69-'70. SHADDEN, JANET ELAINE, Birchwood, Tennessee, B.S. in Home Economics Education, Home Ec. Club '67-'70, SHELTON, RICHARD LEE, White Bluff, Tennessee, B.S. in Accounting. SHAH, MAYANK J., Dholka, India, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, ASME '69-'70, Cosmopolitan Club '68-'69. Page 184 'WW fi Q 9:1 ,Tis aa- -. 6..- l MV i s f sa: ma- ' 4. 4954 Am,-+ 1 -i,,. 7 . ,if ff "' ' Z sf:-.ZMQ ,If 'ff .af 1 I 'F' agp, 'P i . "Pa sr ' I V, K ..., x A V. .,,., WW ,yrs , ,,,, rf, -5-uv f . 4. . .1 'r Q xl r 'ill ,gs 1 f L agn- Nr, ss-w,..,, Ss Hopes of graduatin motivate Stud, SHEPHERD, KENNETH DWIGHT, Ripley, Tennessee, B.S. ' , in Mechanical Engineering, ASME '69-'70, SHERMAN, HARRY STEPHEN, Alexandria, Virginia, B.S. Q in Health 8 Physical Education, HXPE Club '68-'70, sa ew ,Sit "' , v Aquatics Club '68, SNEA '68-'70, Intramural Football, ,L ,, , A 45,1 ' Softball, Basketball, Volleyball, '68-'70, 'Y' .21 A. .Ce SHOEMAKER, DIANA sue, Oneida, Tennessee, B.S. in Ei- ' ' , ementary Education, SNEA '67-'70, Pep Club '67. 'T SHULL, NORMA R., Newtown, Pennsylvania, B.S. in Home es 'W Economics, Tech Players '69, Home Ec. Club '68-'70. dmtgs SHUMATE, SHARON DIANE, Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in ' Elementary Education, Home Ec. Club '68, SNEA '69-'70. lx SIERRAALTA, L. ANTONIO, Caracas, Venezuela, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, IEEE '69. 4' iv ,gp SIMMONS, KAY, Spring Hill, Tennessee, B.S. in Second- A - ary Education, English. ' SIMMONS, RICHARD LEIGHTON, Manchester, Tennessee, BS in Industrial Engineering, Society of Engineers '67, IT Club '69. SIMMONS, ROBERT WAYNE, Shelbyville, Tennessee, B.S. in Agriculture Economics, Agriculture Economics Club '67-'68. SIMMS, ALLAN WAYNE, Fayetteville, Tennessee, B,S. in Wildlife Management, Intramural Football '67-'68, 9-1. We SIMPSON, JAMES MeLv1N, Nashville, Tennessee, s.s. in Marketing, Marketing Club '67-'69, Vice President '69, 'N A Alpha Tau Omega '67-'70, ABC '68-'69, Intramural Foot- ball, Softball '67-'69, SIMPSON, LAWRENCE C., JR., Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, ASME '70, Society of Engi- neers '67, NSPE '70. SIMPSON, MICHAEL LEE, Louisville, Kentucky, B.S. in Secondary Education, "T" Club '67-'70, Treasurer '68, Pep Club '67, Track '67-'70, Cross Country '67-'69, Intramural Basketball '67-'69, SIMS, JOHN STEPHEN, Dayton, Tennessee, B.S. in Ac- ccunting, Sigma Phi Epsilon '67-'70, IFC '68-'69, SAM '68-'70, Accounting Club '67. SLIGER, PHYLLIS ELAINE, Cookeville, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Education. SLOAN, WILEY GRAY, Fayetteville, Tennessee, B.S. in Accounting, Pep Club '67, Alpha Kappa Psi '68-'70, Trea- surer '69, Accounting Club '69-'70, ABC '70, President '70, ASB Senator '70, Kappa Sigma '69-'70. Seniors 'Find the problems do not get any easier during their last year ot college. , ,IWW L .1113 . 3 t ' A "" . Klee, . , , , , 77, ,Y , WX , Y , ports car club hows dn mg klll if I i Iii' Zinn An interested group watches as a member of the sports car club displays his driving ability. SMARTT, CHARLES BYRON, Morrison, Tennessee, B.S. in Animal Husbandry, Tech Aggies '67-'68. SMITH, DONALD W,, Cookeville, Tennessee, B.S. in Busi- ness Management, SAM '6l, Veterans Club '67-'69, Vice President '69. SMITH, DONNA BINNION, Madison, Tennessee, B.S. in Secondary Education, English, Oracle Staff '68-'70, Copy Editor '69, Kappa Delta Pi '69-'70, Counselor '69, Fresh- men Women's Honor Society '68. SMITH, DOROTHY CAROL, Cookeville, Tennessee, B.S. in Health 8- Physical Education, HGPE Club '67-'70, Pep Club '67, Alpha Delta Pi '67-'70, Calendar Girl '68, Sigma Phi Epsilon Sweetheart '69, SMITH, GARRICK ELDON, Knoxville, Tennessee, B.S. in Biology, Scuba Club '67-'70, President '70. SMITH, JERRY VINCENT, Centerville, Tennessee, B.S. in History, Alpha Tau Omega '67-'70, Vice President '69, President '70, IFC '67-'69, Vice President '69, German Club '69-'70, President '70, Arts 8: Sciences Council '70, Phi Alpha Theta '69-'70, Kappa Mu Epsilon '68-'70. SMITH, JOHN OLIVER, Dunlap, Tennessee, B.S. in In- dustrial-Technology, IT Club '67-'70, Intramural Football, Softball, Basketball '67-'69. SMITH, LARRY GWENN, Madison, Tennessee, B.S. in ln- dustrial Engineering, AIIE '68-'69, Intramural Basketball '67-'68. SMITH, MYRTLE DIANE, Daisy, Tennessee, B.S. in Ele- mentary Education. SMITH, WANDA SUE, Kingston, Tennessee, B.S. in Home Economics Education, Home Ec. Club '67-'69. SMITH, RICHARD ELLIS, Loveland, Ohio, B.S. in Sec- ondary Education, Social Science, Scabbard 8: Blade '69- '7O, Inter-Faith Council '67-'68, Intramural Softball, Foot- ball '68-'69. SMITH, STEPHEN GEORGE, Decherd, Tennessee, B.S, in Biology. SNYDER, LARRY MONROE, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, IEEE '68-'70. SOUTH, BEVERLY LYNN, Grimsley, Tennessee, B.S. in Sec- ondary Education, SNEA '68, Caving Club '68-'70, Cosmo- politan Club '67-'70. SPENCER, DIANE K., Newton, New Jersey, B.S. in Health lr Physical Education, TWO Representative '68, House Council '68, HEKPE Club '67-'69, Extramural Volleyball '67-'68, Intramural Softball, Basketball, '67-'68. SPURLOCK, BELLE LOFTIS, Cookeville, Tennessee, B.S. in Home Economics. Page 186 STAFFORD, CARLA RENEE, Kingsport, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Education, Pi Omega Pi '68-'70, President '70, Kappa Delta Pi '70, STEAKLEY, MELODY LOUISE, Cookeville, Tennessee, B.S. in Elementary Education, Alpha Delta Pi '69-'70. STEPHENS, JAMES S., Cleveland, Tennessee, B.S. in ln- dustrial Technology, Pep Club '67, Lambda Chi Alpha '67-'70, Pledge Master '69, Vice President '70, AFS '70, IT Club '68-'70, Intramural Football, Softball '67-'70, Intra- mural Official '67, STEPHENS, MICHAEL L., Livingston, Tennessee, B.S. in Industrial Technology, IT Club '70. STEPP, WILLIAM GORDON, JR., McMinnville, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Management, Pep Club '67, Alpha Kappa Psi '69-'70, Chaplain '69, SAM '69-'70, Vice Presi- dent '69, STEVENS, RODNEY KEMP, Pulaski, Tennessee, B.S. in Chemistry, ACS '68-'70, Vice President '69, President '70, Chemical 81 Medical Sciences Club '67-'70, Alpha Tau Omega '67-'70, German Club '70, Intramural Softball, Football '67. STEWART, LARRY MARTIN, Mountain City, Tennessee, B.S. in Chemical Engineering, AlChE '67. STEWART, MICHAEL RAY, Chattanooga, Tennessee, B.S. in Industrial Technology, TMDO Council '67, Sigma Phi Epsilon '67-'70, IFC '69-'70, Secretary '70, AFS '69-'70, IT Club '69-'70, Intramural Softball, Football, Basketball '69-'70. STOCKTON, DONALD WAYNE, Livingston, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Management. STOCSTILL, FRANKIE STEPHEN, Lewisburg, Tennessee, B.S. in Secondary Education, Math, Math Club '67-'70, Deutscher Verein '67-'68, SNEA '69-'70, Young Democrats '67 STOUT, DONNITA CAROL, Buffalo Valley, Tennessee, B.S. in Office Management, Phi Beta Lambda '68-'69, Re- porter '68, Calendar Girl '66, ROTC Sponsor '67-'6B. STOVER, MARCIA LOUISE, Livingston, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Management. STRAUB, ANNA LAURA, Crossville, Tennessee, B.S. in Secondary Education, Interfaith Council '68-'70, Secretary '69, Young Democrats '69, Secretary '69. STULTS, CAROLYN DORAN, Cookeville, Tennessee, B.S. in Sociology, Sociology Club '70. SUDDATH, JANICE LEAH, Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in Biology, Chemistry 8: Medical Sciences Club '67-'70, Sec- retary '69, TWO Judiciary Board '69-'70, Pep Club '67, Kappa Delta '69-'70, Intramural Basketball '67-'68, Soft- ball '68-'69, Football '69, SUITS, DEBORAH MAE, Cleveland, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Education, SNEA '67, Alpha Delta Pi '68-'70, Re- cording Secretary '70, Pi Omega Pi '68-'70, Secretary '69, SULLIVAN, GARY LESLIE, Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, Scuba Club '65, IEEE '69-'70, Theta Tau '67-'70, Scabbard ln Blade '69-'70, Rifle Team '65. SULLIVAN, MARIAN FAITH OSBORNE, Chattanooga, Tennessee, B.S. in Accounting, Accounting Club '68-'69, Phi Gamma Nu '68-'69, - SULLIVAN, ROBERT EDWARD, JR., Fayetteville, Tenessee, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, IEEE '65-'67. SWALLOWS, JAMES MARVIN, Crossville, Tennessee, B.S. in Industrial Technology, IT Club '68. SWALLOWS, JANICE FAYE, Baxter, Tennessee, B.S. in Hcme Economics Education, Home Ec Club '70, SWALLOWS, MICHAEL LEE, Livingston, Tennessee, B.S. in Marketing, Marketing Club '69-'70, Sigma Phi Delta '70. SWEENEY, DONNA KENNEDY, Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in Secondary Education, English, Sigma Sigma Sigma '68- '70, Vice President '70, Pep Club '70, SNEA '67-'70, Ora- cle Staff '68-'70, Intramural Football '69. SWEENEY, GARY DENNIS, Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in Industrial Technology, Society of Engineers '67, Tech Rangers '67-'68, IT Club '70, Sigma Phi Epsilon '68-'70, Varsity Baseball '67, Intramural Football, Softball '68-'70, SWEET, NANCY BELLE, Knoxville, Tennessee, B.S. in Sec- ondary Education, English, SNEA '67, Chi Omega Beta '68, Sigma Tau Delta '69, Mu Phi Epsilon '68-'70, Alum- nae Secretary '70, Oracle Staff '69, Band '67-'69, Tech Choir '68-'69, Community Chorus '67. SWOFFORD, WILLIAM G., JR., Erwin, Tennessee, B.S. in Chemical Engineering, AIAA '66, AlChE '68-'70, EHS '70, Soccer '69-'70, Transferred from U.S.A.F. Academy. SWOR, CARL THOMAS, Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in Wildlife Management, Scuba Club '67, French Club '68, Intramural Football, Softball '69. SYKES, CAROL SUE, Smithville, Tennessee, B.S. in Ele- mentary Education, SNEA '67-'69. Page 187 SYKES, RONNIE H., Smithville, Tennessee, B.S. in Agron- omy, Agronomy Club '70. TALBOTT, BOBBY RAY, Albany, Kentucky, B.S. in ln- dustrial Technology, IT Club '67-'70, AFS '67-'70, Sigma Phi Epsilon '67-'70, TANKSLEY, RANDALL REA, Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in Accounting, Accounting Club '69-'70. TAYLOR, FELICIA McCORMlCK, Cookeville, Tennessee, B.A. in English. TAYLOR, JOHN DeWITT, Rockwood, Tennessee, B.S. in Accounting. TEAGUE, JOHN ARTHUR, Madisonville, Kentucky, B.S. in Political Science, Alpha Psi Omega '68-'69, President '69, Tech Players '68-'69, President '69, IRC '68-'69, Veterans Club '67-'68. TEHRANI, JAFAR GH, Tehran, Iran, B.S. in Industrial Technology, Cosmopolitan Club '65-'67, IEEE '66-'67, IT Club '68-'70, AFS '68-'70, Soccer '68. TEHRANI, SHIRLEY SAMPLEY, Monteagle, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Management, Cosmopolitan Club '68, TEMPLETON, LINDA IRIS, Sparta, Tennessee, B.S. in Sec- ondary Education, SNEA '67-'70, Sigma Tau Delta '69-'70, Oracle Staff '68. TERRY, DOUGLAS WAYNE, Gallatin, Tennessee, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Society of Engineers '67, Co-Op Club '67-'68, Intramural Football '67, THOMAS, GERALD LEE, Boaz, Alabama, B.S. in Health 81 Physical Education, "T" Club '67-'70, HBIPE Club '67- '7O, FCA '67, Varsity Football '66-'68, Intramural Basket- ball '67-'70, THOMASSON, DOROTHY ANNE, Chattanooga, Tennes- see, B.S. in Biology, Tech Speleophiles '67-'70. THOMPSON, JOHN WILLIAM, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Management, Sigma Phi Delta '68-'70, In- tramural Football '68, Softball '68-'70. TINSLEY, HARVEY THOMAS, Adairville, Kentucky, B.S. in Biology, Tech Speleophiles '67-'70. TOLINE, ERIC McPHERSON, Cookeville, Tennessee, B,S. in Engineering Science, ES Club '67-'70, Vice President '70, AIAA '67-'70, EJC '67-'70, Kappa Mu Epsilon '68-'70, Tau Beta Pi '69v'70, Debate Team '67, TOPPING, THOMAS EDWARD, Oxford, Pennsylvania, B.S, in Secondary Education, Tech Players '67-'67, Soccer Team '67-'70. pring perform Dudng spdng quader many hnd H hard to dudy as the campus is hit by spring fever. Page 188 '-Q' - at s,,. sr , .. ,, ...- JP 2 .vegg- Q Ei . Q .f-- "' Rf'L."' vu.. ...Rr qi fw an 5, X KV' TRAPP, ELEANOR MARY, Falls Church, Virginia, B.S. in Secondary Education, Sociology, Interfaith Council '67- '70, Secretary '69, IRC '69, Sociology Club '69-'70, Coun- selor '68-'70. TREWHITT, MADISON SLOAN, ll, Cleveland, Tennessee, B.S, in Civil Engineering, TUCKER, LINDA BEBBINGTON, Cookeville, Tennessee, B.S, in Home Economics, Home Ec. Club '67-'70, AHEA '69-'70, TURK, LARRY JOE, Chattanooga, Tennessee, B.S. in Mar- keting, Marketing Club '69-'70. TURNER, KATHEY ANNE, Madison, Tennessee, B.S. in Secondary Education, Alpha Delta Pi '68-'70, TWO Ju- diciary Board '69-'70, ROTC Sponsor '68, Eagle Staff '68- '70, Features Editor '70, ASB Senator '68, Kappa Delta Pi '69-'70, TURNER, LINDA SUE, Doyle, Tennessee, B.S. in Secondary Education, Math, SNEA '69. TURNER, RICHARD OLIVER, Chattanooga, Tennessee, B.S. in Chemical Engineering, CE Club '69-'70, Lambda Chi Alpha '70, Intramural Bowling '69-'70. TURNEY, ROBERT WILLIAM, Cookeville, Tennessee, B.S. in Finance, Sigma Iota Epsilon '69-'70, President '70. UPCHURCH, SHERRAN ROBINSON, Baxter, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Education. VADEN, ROBERT D., Franklin, Tennessee, B.S. in Health Si Physical Education, HXKPE Club '67-'70, President '70, SNEA '67-'70, IFC '69-'70, ASB Senate '69-'70, Lambda Chi Alpha '70, Intramural Football, Basketball, Softball '67- '70, VALENTE, JOSEPH, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, B.S. in Mathematics, Kappa Mu Epsilon '68-'70, Math Club '67- '70, Scuba Club '70. VAN CLEAVE, JAMES FRANK, Tullahoma, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Management, Pershing Rifles '69, Rifle Team '67-'69, Intramural Basketball, Softball, Volleyball '68-'69. VANHOOK, VICKI SUE, Manchester, Tennessee, B.S. in Elementary Education, Phi Mu '69-'70, Pledge Director '70, SNEA '67-'69, Pep Club '67, Oracle Staff '67, Theta Tau Sweetheart '70, VAN HOOSER, PAULA, Franklin, Tennessee, B.S. in Music Education, Band '66-'70, Secretary '68, Community Chorus '67-'68, MENC '67-'70, Mu Phi Epsilon '67-'70, Cor- responding Secretary '68, Kappa Delta '69-'70, Wind En- semble '67-'70, Band Queen '68. VAUGHN, JOYCE SETA, Livingston, Tennessee, B.S. in El- ementary Education, SNEA '70. VEACH, CLARENCE WAYNE, Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, Co-Op Club '66-'68, Tau Beta Pi '69-'70, Eta Kappa Nu '69-'70, President '70, IEEE '69-'70, Vice President '70, VERBLE, DAN R., Alqood, Tennessee, BS in Sociology. VIAR, DONNA ROACH, Chattanooga, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Education, Pep Club '67, WALKER, LARRY BARTON, Spring City, Tennessee, B.S. in Industrial Technology, IT Club '68, Scuba Club '68, AFS '68. WALKER, LARRY PAUL, Lafayette, Tennessee, B.S. in Chemical Engineering, AIChE '68-'70, EJC Representative '70, Pep Club '67, Sigma Phi Epsilon '69-'70, Intramural Football, Softball '67-'70, Basketball '69-'70. WALKER, ROBERT EARL, Manchester, Tennessee, B.S. in Chemical Engineering, CE Club '68-'70, ASC '70, Trans- ferred from Vanderbilt '67, Intramural Softball, Football, Basketball '68-'69. WALLER, ROBERT EDWARD, Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Management, Sigma Phi Epsilon '68-'70, Scuba Club '68, Pep Club '67, Pershing Rifles '69, Intramural Softball '68-'69. WARREN, RANDALL DEE, Lebanon, Tennessee, B.S, in Civil Engineering, ASCE '68-'70, Kappa Mu Epsilon '68- '70, Tau Beta Pi '68-'70. WATSON, LINDA KAY, Huntsville, Alabama, B.S. in Ele- mentary Education, Pep Club '67, SNEA '68-'70, Alpha Delta Pi '69-'70, Intramural Softball '68. WAY, DeFOREST R., Morristown, Tennessee, B.S. in Busi- ncss Management, Tech Speleophiles '68-'70, Intramural Basketball '6B. WEAVER, LINDA TERESA, Palmer, Tennessee, B.S. in Sec- cndary Education, TWO Council '68-'69, Dorm President '69, Phi Mu '68-'70. WEAVER, RICHARD ALAN, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, B.S. in Industrial Technology, Alpha Tau Omega '67-'70, IT Club '67-'69, AFS '67-'b9. WEBB, D. BROCK, Harrison, Tennessee, B.S. in Market- ing, Kappa Omega '69-'70, Marketing Club '70, Society of Engineers '67, Intramural Softball '69-'70. Page 189 WEBBER, CHARLES DAVID, Gallatin, Tennessee, B.S. in Industrial Technology, IT Club '67-'70, Tech Players '66- '67, Alpha Psi Omega '66-'67, President '66. WEBER, LAWRENCE CHRISTOPHER, Donelson, Tennessee, B.S. in Secondary Education, Geography, Gamma Chi '66-'68, Intramural Basketball, Bowling '67-'68. WELLS, AMY LYNN FINNEY, Shelbyville, Tennessee, B.S. in Elementary Education. WESCHE, JOSEPH WILLIAM, JR., Memphis, Tennessee, B.S. in Health E Physical Education, Varsity Baseball '69- '70, Sigma Phi Delta '68-'69, FCA '69, Intramural Foot- ball, Basketball '68-'70. WEST, ALBERT EDWARD, Oliver Springs, Tennessee, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, Kappa Sigma '69-'70, IEEE '66- '70, Scuba Club '70. WEST, HELEN CAROL, Gainesboro, Tennessee, B.S. in EI- ementary Education, SNEA '67-'69, Kappa Delta Pi '68-'69. WEY, KATHERINE LU, Gadsden, Alabama, B.S. in Sec- ondary Education, English, Circle K Sweetheart '69-'70, TTU Vista '69, Scuba Club '68, Sociology Club '67, Phi Mu '69-'70, Oracle Staff '68, TWO Board '69, Homecoming Court '70. WHEELER, RONNIE H., Tullahoma, Tennessee, B,S. in ln- dustrial Engineernig. WHITE, JOE HARLAN, Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, B.S. in Finance, Sigma Alpha Epsilon '69-'70, Eagle Staff '67. WHITE, SYLVIA BELINDA, Columbia, Tennessee, B.A. in French, French Club '69-'70. WHITLEY, STEPHEN GARY, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, IEEE '67-'70, Delta Chi Delta '66-'68, Tech Rangers '67-'68, Counselor '68, Intramural Basketball, Softball '66-'69, WILES, MARVIN EMERSON, JR., Birmingham, Alabama, B.S. in Health li Physical Education, "T" Club '68-'70, HLPE Club '67-'70, Varsity Baseball '65-'70, Intramural Football, Basketball '67-'70. WILKINS, JAMES ROBERT, Columbia, Tennessee, B.S. in Engineering Science, Kappa Mu Epsilon '68-'70, Scabbard I Blade '69-'70, Freshman Basketball '67. WILLARD, PATRICIA JOHNSON, Cookeville, Tennessee, B.S. in Secondary Education, English, SNEA '70. WILLEFORD, CAROLYN PUCKETT, Livingston, Tennessee, B.S. in History, Phi Alpha Theta '69-'70, IRC '69-'70, Pres- ident '70, Arts li Sciences Council '70, Exploratory Club '70, Gold Circle '69. WILLIAMS, DANIEL CLAYBORN, Decherd, Tennessee, B.S, in Industrial Technology, IT Club '69-'70, AFS '69-'70, Band '65, Community Chorus '67. WILLIAMS, LINDA ROSE, Fayetteville, Tennessee, B.S. in Elementary Education, Transferred from Martin College '68, SNEA '70. WILLIAMS, NANCY KAY, Kingsport, Tennessee, B.A. in Elementary Education, Community Chorus '69-'70, SNEA '68-'70, Intramural Softball '67. WILLIAMS, PAMELA MAE, Cookeville, Tennegee, B.S. in Marketing, Marketing Club '67-'70, Pep Club '66, TWO Board '67. WILSON, DONNA GAIL, Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in Bi- ology, Biology Club '67-'69, Phi Mu '67-'70. WINTON, VETRON KAY, Tracy City, Tennessee, B.S. in Elementary Education, SNEA '67-'70, Zeta Tau Alpha '69- '70, Young Democrats '67, House Council '69, Intramural Softball '69. WISER, JAMES NEWMAN, Wartrace, Tennsessee, B.S. in Engineering Science, ES Club '67-'69, Co-Op Club '65- '69. WITCHER, SANDRA LUCILE, Red Boiling Springs, Ten- nessee, B.S. in Home Economics, Dorm President '67, Home Ec. Club '67-'69, Secretary '67, AHEA '67-'69. WOLAVER, MARSHA LYNNE, Smithville, Tennessee, B.S. in Secondary Education, English, SNEA '69-'70. WOLF, STEPHEN L., Tullahoma, Tennessee, B.S. in In- dustrial Engineering. WOMAC, HELEN LOUISE, Centreville, Virginia, B.S. in Pre-Medical Technology, Chemistry In Medical Science Club '68-'69, Intramural Softball '68-'69, Basketball '67. WOODLING, DAVE R., Hendersonville, Tennessee, B.S. in History, Pershing Rifles '66-'69, Sigma Phi Epsilon '69-'70. WOODS, ALLEN DEE, Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in Me- chanical Engineering. Page 190 un-f,,,L ... W Rv- sms ,, sae ,wr Ov 511 'hw Q x ig? Qs , s QQ: Q ' Ql,,. X -i s. ' V I ' i ,gg ,j', 5 i Q i " I 5 iii' E ' ix X . , W ' ' -' A ' :zk , s.. , . A e L K g . !""5' . K g , . e , ., "" ,f when-js Le.-f may - 'lt' S' fig. N" 1? -, I, ,iv sy, y I i .,,,. K 5 ? , Q i WOODS, HARRIETTE ANN, Chattanooga, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Education, Phi Beta Lambda '67-'68, Pi Omega Pi '68-'70, Treasurer '69. WOZNIAK, WALTER THOMAS, Northfield, Massachusetts, B.S. in Civil Engineering, ASCE '69-'70. WRIGHT, ELOISE, Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in Elemen- tary Education, SNEA '70. WRIGHT, JOHN EDWARD, Goodlettsville, Tennessee, B.S. in Engineering Science, ES Club '69-'70, Co-Op Club '67, Whc's Who '70. WRIGHT, JOHNIE J., Ill, Cookeville, Tennessee, B,S. in Accounting, Young Democrats '69-'70, Accounting Club '70. WRIGHT, JUDITH ANN, Benton, Tennessee, B.S. in Ele- mentary Education, Alpha Sigma Alpha '68-'70, Secretary '70, SNEA '68-'70. WRIGHT, RONALD JOE, Dyer, Tennessee, B.S. in ln- dustrial Engineering, NSPE '67-'70, Vice President '70, AIIE '69-'70. WRIGHT, SIDNEY PAUL, Goodlettsville, Tennessee, B.S. in Geology, Geology Club '69-'70. WRINN, DOUGLAS C., Sweetwater, Tennessee, B.S. in Bi- ology, Tech Speleophiles '67-'70, President '70, Tech Rang- ers '67-'70. WYATT, BILLY JOE, Crossville, Tennessee, B.S. in Animal Husbandry, Block 8: Bridle Club '67-'70, Tech Aggies '68- '70. YARMAN, DENNIS WILLIAM, Cookeville, Tennessee, B.S. in Secondary Education, History, Tau Kappa Epsilon '66-'70, Veterans Club '67-'70, Soccer Team '67-'70. YARMAN, JUDY BROWN, Woodbury, Tennessee, B.S. in Secondary Education, IRC '67-'70, Debate Club '67, Sec- retary '67, Alpha Delta Pi '67-'70, Vice President '69, Young Democrats '66-'67, Freshman Class Secretary '66, ROTC Sponsor '66-'67, Cadet Colonel '67, Calendar Girl '66, Pi Kappa Delta '66, Intramural Basketball '66-'67. YORK, ELLEN RUTH, Huntsville, Tennessee, B.S. in Ele- mentary Education, Home Ec. Club '67, Community Cho- rus '68-'69. YOST, JAMES THOMPSON, Wooster, Ohio, B.S. in Busi- ness Management, Sigma Phi Delta '68, Varsity Football '67-'68. YOUNG, FRED R., Nashville, Tennessee, B.S, in Electrical Engineering, IEEE '68-'70, Amateur Radio Society '69-'70. YOUNG, JUDY CAROL, Hendersonville, Tennessee, B.S. in Home Economics, Home Ec. Club '67-'70, AHEA '6?- '70, Pep Club '67-'68. YOUNG, LINDA SUE, Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in Sec- ondary Education, English, SNEA '68-'70. YOUNG, RONALD JACKSON, Smithville, Tennessee, B.S. in Chemical Engineering, AlChE '69-'70, ACS '67-'70. ZHEMAN, DAVID I., Jerusalem, Jordan, B.S. in Chemical Engineering, CE Club '69, Tau Beta Pi '68-'70, Soccer Team '68-'69. Page 191 YEBSUFEI' lit, PM ice- resi en resi en T V P d t S t y P d t John Hornaday Mike Roberts D L lr B la B I o ris an Brislan selected to lead junior class Page 192 Last spring the class of '71 selected as their president Bob Brislan. Fall quarter, Brislan held an election to fill the remaining offices at a called class meeting. Finally, the juniors have earned the right to be classified as true upperclass- men. And, who says being an upper- classman is all fun? The juniors find their days are still filled with work and worry. Doing research on their own and preparing outside papers become important factors in their studies. Each junior now begins the major course work in his curriculum, having completed all the general requirements outside his major field for the bacca- laureate degree. The time has come for him to decide if what he has chosen is what he really wants to do for his life's work. Of course, the juniors are firm be- lievers in the theory that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. When the occasion arises, they are willing to forget the worries of school and have fun. Finding a car for their ofiicers in the Homecoming parade and enduring the cold weather was only a minor problem for them. They could look forward to next year and hope their last Home- coming will be a happy one. Taking the English Qualifying Exam is another headache for the juniors, fail- ing it means the required English lab. 5,!i' wa,55 .f gkqel E?j . f 1 A L l xll dhie 1 , - ,U E Yiffiifi W 1 .. 'J l J. 1- 31 . T ? A A .. -S . 4-at 24 2 it, it k we , l qt: 4 Vkk- K .Q . r 4 Q 'li . 1. hs. x. 'ict ' H , ws he a t .wt 1. km, iw, W -' . . Q, 3. A kkhk X A E : .., .. xr' ern- 1. -.- :gt g ,, . . , .,E' l .Hg 6 .':- ,gag w, 'N' A P 'ii SR' . ni A .fem llc, A ' A' ' I gg' ggwzgvl ,x K V fl I 'K ' A 2 1 19 .- -. L L R' fl -.L L 'sa di 3 V rx - l K T' . . i' V e e in .B an if I 'N ti A A. 2 1392? A -:Pri A X Y' D 'N i iffi' 5 i5??ii 'P' well 131 2:1 gm X 'i.5 5. X .f . .7 R. 7 A A A R .I .X . 0 -r , ' I '- 4. W fi if - - . - 2 N . B A, , . .1 , . .3 . W , -af B TWV' mwiixfd Qgt ' il l, S.f' hal . iii? - . Sea L f ' . I ' 0Adair, Jerry D. ..... . Adcock, Roy A. ..... . Alexander, Michael H. Alexander, Samuel T. . Alexander, Steven B. . Anderson, Glenda D. . Anderson, Robert C. . lArmstrong, Clyda J. . Armstrong, Donna L. Bacon, Beverly A. Bailey, Walter W. Bain, Gary K. ..... . Baker, John R. ...,. . Baldwin, Robert L. 0Ball, Steven M. ,... . Bane, William D. .. Barber, Bill .....,.. Barger, Willa M. Barnes, Phyllis E. Barnett, John A. Barrett, David G. .. OBates, Howard P. Bauer, Thomas M. .. Bean, Daisy C. Bell, Jack L. ....,.. . Bell, Robert C. ...... , Bennett, Horace W. Bennett, Ronnie J. OBennett, William H. .. Bergeron, Robert D. .. Bhoomsiri, Noppaphorn Biddy, Barbara J. Billings, Connie J. Bingham, Rickey D. 0Blankenship, Patricia A. .. Blaylock, Nancy P. Boatman, Carolyn .... Bomar, Bruce W. .. Bonine, Gary K. .. Borden, Phyllis J. Bowe, Nathaniel W. .. 0Bowers, Patricia K. Bowker, Elizabeth A. Boyd, John K. ....,.. . Boyett, Joe B. ..... . Brackin, Raymond ..,. Bradley, Sam E. Branam, Larry B. 0Brasfield, Robert D. Brashears, James M. .. Britt, Joseph R. .,.... . Broadway, Mike T. Brock, David A. Brock, Elsie D. Brock, Willard C. .. lBrown, Gary R. .. Brown, Linda F. Brown, Nancy G. .... . Buchanan, John F. Buck, James R. ..., . Bullion, Roger D. Bullock, John H. OBulIock, Ricky H. .. Burch, Barbara K. .. Burge, James D. Burkett, Rachel L. ...,. . Burkhalter, Randall B. Burnley, Betty L. ..,.. . Burtch, William D. -..Hohenwald . . . . .Nashville ......Baxter . ...Jackson . . . . .Nashville .. . . .Knoxville ....Jacksboro . . .. .Knoxville .......Joelton ,....Wocdlynne ..,.....Portland .. . . .Englewood ........Jellico .Kingsport .. ...Newport ......Lebanon ....TuIlahoma .......Knoxville . . . . .Chattanooga ....Lupton City ...Birchwood ..............Lebanon ...............Nashville . , . . .Red Boiling Springs , ..,.......... Kingsport .........Donelson ....,.......Gallatin .Hendersonville ...........Cookeville ................AIgood Benson, Geraldine ...... .,,... . . .. .Atlantic Beach, Fla. .............Cookeville . . . , .. . . .Chattanooga ....DubIin, Ga. . . .. .Oakdale . . . .Cookeville . . . .. .Harriman .. .. .Cookeville ......Tullahoma .....,,......Chattanooga ..........,...........Gallatin The Haque, Netherlands . .... Oliver Springs .........NashvilIe ....GreenevilIe . .. .Humboldt ..........Cleveland ..............Dickson .....Galnesville, Ga. . . . ,Manchester . . . . .Kingston . . . .Lexington .......NashviIle . . . . .Shelbyville . . . .Cleveland .-.Clinton . . . . .Dunlap .......Athsns ....Crossville .. ..... Erwin .....Forbus ........Obion . .Nashville .......Nashville -..Shelbyville ..-Nashville ........Humboldt ...........NashviIle ,...........Hartsville ....Woodbury, N. J. Page 193 OButler, Jacquelyn C. Cable, Francis l. Camp, Kenneth S. .. Campbell, Ginger L. Campbell, Mae A. ... ......... Nashville Canata, Roy D. ....,. , Cannella, Jenny L. .. lCantrell, Michael R. Caplenor, Philip A. Carderi, William J. Cardwell, Michael L. Carrigan, Danny R. .. Carrington, Fred E. . Carter, Kenneth R. . lCaruth, James E. Ceruthers, Chester L. Carver, Patricia D. . Cass, Eddie C. .... . Cayce, Thomas H. .. Chaffin, Joan C. Chambers, Ronnie O. 0Chaplin, Martha F. . Charlton, Shearon D. Chester, Lynn G. Chipen, Takasy R. .. Claiborne, Hugh S. . Clark, Cecile A. .... . Clark, Clifford E. .. 0Clark, Don C. ..., . Clark, Geneva F. . Clark, Sharon E. ., Clarke, Thomas A. .. Clemmons, Hubert D. Clifton, Joyce A. .. Cole, Joanne M. .. QColley, Mary C. . Collignon, James O. Conquest, Becky W. Cook, Vicki L. ..... . Cooper, Samuel H. . Copas, Kathryn J. Copp, John J. QCreasman, Larry E. ..,....Tullahoma .........McEwen Signal Mountain ...,...LaFollette ...Chattanooga ...Cookeville -..Nashville ...,...Riddleton .. .. ...Columbia ...FrankIin, Ky. ...,,..Donalson ...Cookeville .. ...Liberty . . . ,. .Lebanon .....Crossville .....,Madison ...Cookeville . . . . .Nashville . . , . .Nashville . . . . ,Maryville . . .Sweetwater .-.Nashville ...Cookeville .Micronesia . . . . .Nashville ...Rickman . ..Calhoun ...Dayton, Ohio . .. . . .Cookeville ..........Sparta ,...McMinnville . . . , . .Lebanon .....Oak Ridge ..,..Crossville . ..DoneIson . ...Knoxville . ...Gallatin ...... Kingston . . . . . .Cookeville . .... Red Boiling Springs ..,..Newport . . ..... Soddy Crawford, Joseph M. .... McMinnville Cravens, Patricia G. .... ........ J amestown Craighead, Johnny D. ,..... Old Hickory Crabtree, Wayne G. ...... Cookeville Cox, Sheila E. ...,.. ...,..... D aisy Covington, Lloyd R. .... Cookeville 0Crockett, Robert H. ,. Nashville Cromwell, Mary L. ., ,... Burrville Crouch, Danny H. .. .... Nashville Crowder, John D. ...... Portland Cruise, Judy ........., ,...,. D onelson Cummings, Donald E. .... Portland Curnutt, Dana L. ..., ..... C linton 0Currey, James G. .... . .... Nashville Dake, David J. .... . Davenport, Brenda J. ......Chattanooga .........,Lebanon Davenport, Suzanne S. .. ...... Chattanooga Davidson, Karl S. ..... . Davis, George L. Davis, Nina S. 0Davis, Rebecca G. .. Davis, Richard G. .... .... Davis, Robert E. , ....... Nashville Nashville ...Gallatin . . . . ,.., Lafayette .Horse Cave, Ky. . .........,... Decatur Dean, Johnny M. ,... .. ........ Morristown Dedmon, William T. Dawson, James P. .. Deming, Vloodie M. Page 194 ......Lebanon . ,... Harriman .Henderson 2. - sw . 4 . .I .QW Q J, .... .. e , fri , L' -Q .5 Saw' A A 'M ff 127 ,I f K' 'em " 461 i 'QF' , fm- f 5. ya :H Us IL A gy .. Y , N. fs. Q at A .. . - '4- "" ' 'f ' 'P ' :W i , f A H ' I I 4 if mi W 4 A Q 7' , 4. I 5... . " 4 wr 5 fa Y :Q 1, J vs . "" I . " ,Q 'V VV Q it 4' ,atv A" L as f .... ...... , . ' at as 2 aarrr s T . J llil ,M Q E i :rs N, if ai, Q an s ,,....,. . .I 3 if if fi47'i'7 'F 1. '1-W " ,urs 11 2.1 r n t It KX. 'cr G' 'rf ' "'i TREES... afsl G5 , f , an . 4- . " . 'M' ..., - AW'- . .3 . . M, , g A 5 . -.1 5 fi . . f A r L'i-i .. T "T 0Denney, Dexter F. Dennis, Jerry L. .... . Denny, Paul D. DeVaney, Rita N. .. Dietz, Guenther .... Dixon, Henry P. . Dobbs, John L. ,. 0Dobbs, Rodney D. Dobbs, Sandra A. .. Doering, Barbara M. Douglas, Jimmie T. .. Dowell, Julia A. ,. Doyle, Sharon A. Dozier, James S. QDraper, David C. , Driver, Mike E. .. Dukes, Charles T. .. Duncan, Clyde T. Dunn, Leonard L. . Dycus, Brenda K. Edwards, Thomas H. gEggleston, Patricia B. Einecker, Donald J. ., Ellis, Richard A. Ellis, Sharon R. Ellison, Mary J. Elmore, Linda E. .. Elrod, Dan F. .. gEnsor, Michael E. Erwin, William J. .. Estes, Jerry W. .. Evans, Garry K. Evans, Mary M. Farley, Ronald D. Fazakerly, William T. 0FinneIl, Priscilla L. .. Finuff, Kerry W. Flatt, Ratricia R. Fleming, Walker J. . Fletcher, Ben P. Flowers, Eric R. Ford, Brenda C. lumor back Eagle 111 tough sea . ..,.. .,.., C hattanooga New Lebanon, Ohio ........,.,........CookevilIe .......................Kinqston .....Heidelberg, W. Germany ..,.,......,.....Chattanooga ...,,...,....... Gallatin . ,..., Kingston ..........Gallatin ....Lexington, Ky. .. .,.... Portland ......Cookeville ...Humboldt ..-Nashville ....Gainesboro . . . , .Nashville .........Nashville . . . . .Chattanooga .......Memphis ........Sparta ....FrankIin -..College Grove ..............Sparta .....Ft. Myers, Fla. . . . . . . . .Lafayette ..,..,Dandridge . . . . . .Cookeville ..-Chattanooga . . . .Gallatin . . . .Cookeville .,. .Cookeville ....Tracy City . ..... Clarksville . . . . . .Cookeville ......Memphis .....Ooltewah -..Oak Ridge ...Cookeville .....NashvilIe ...Lynchburg ....Dyersburg ..-Monterey Peggy Estes and Jo Carol Hix give the Eagles sup- port with the help of the student body. Page 195 Pep truck takes on ne look in Alpha Phi Omega sponsored the rebuilding of the pep truck, symbol of Tech spirit. OFord, Merrill ......., Ford, Richard D. Foster, Jessie L. Foust, Patricia D. Fox, James A. .......... .. Fragopoulos, Dimitrios Franks, Sherry G. ...,.,. . . 0Friederichsen, David L. Fryer, William T. Fuqua, Susan J. Gaines, Steven A. Gamble, Dewey W. Garrett, Janet S. Garrison, Linda K. .. 0Gazlay, William D. . Gibson, Nathan L. .. Gill, Jack W. ...... . Glascock, John L. Goff, David E. Goins, Diana K. ....... .. Goolsby, Nolan R. ,.,. . QGould, Janet ....... Graves, Barry H. Gray, Michael C. Gregory, Charles W. Gregory, Harward G. Gressmira, Gary L. .. Griffith, Bonnie K. .. 0Grigsby, William H. Grubb, Ronald L. .. Guffee, Mitchell S. .. Guthrie, Susan J. Hagan, Leslie H. Halo, Owen W. Hale, Vicki L. .. 0HaIes, Randolph ..... Halfacre, Marion . Harnblen, Betty ..... Hamilton, Robert H. . Hancock, Charles W. Hardaway, Robert E. Harley, John S. Page 196 ......Monterey ....Winchester ........Dickson Lake City .......,.Sweetwater Thessaloniki, Greece .... . . . .Manchester ...Chattanooga .........Soddy . . . .Nashville ...Nashville .. ...Sparta . ..... Allons ..-Cookeville . . . . . .Nashville .....Humbcldt . .. .Monterey .,...........Allons ..............Sparta ...New Albany, Ind. .......,..Cookeville ....Crossville -..Humboldt .......Bristol ....Hartsville .......Gallatin .....JohnsonvilIe . .. . . .Robbins .....St. Joseph ............Erwin ..DoneIson ....Lynchburg, Va. ......Lawrenceburg . . . .White House ..-Chattanooga . . . .Columbia .....GranviIIe .. .. .Nashville . . . . .Nashville .......Lobanon ..-Chattanooga ....,Gallatin iiiivmi if ini V. 2 J i Z, .fi few . . me vw '15 rw' .i 1. sv . yyyy . ,,,, ,,, as .l s il . G' if if... r.k,kL , J ir A a .l . ,. ...e e Q ' -2 e fr 114' A-KE . l . 1 . 1'..1f',! 1, 3 . . E K . , ....,,.. L, i 5 Clan Q -11 if -s: f - " is i2E.s2i.f 4 ii, ,wail if X . ' I 3 wr .,, . Q W 1 s L 2. L . D it it . . R a -B I 3 I S' . 1 K 0 0' w N ,wi . . X 1' at '? T, ' Q ei. ' . sw' . . T ' A f l V. ' 5.. ' Q x Vi R. Lew -. . fe vi i n V. V .. T K . l . it .. A .9 - 'rm' . . is 0217. gen' en. 73' it N , Y 51 1. 4- 6- ,., . . YW V - ,. , . 4... mi. as-A y " " Q if . 4+ x ' 'J A V ' 7 imlf',.-1" ' I I ..e A L 1 A L - N-. I 'vi 9 B' . fe, 4 1 L. 3 ,gf . ie," .5 - - an is X 1.. F "" . W. lf V.. . . vs A A ,L.. .,..,.V .1 'V' . - L V g.. I rl fwr M W- rf 1 4 1 T if 1, . by 1.5, ., 't i ff A fn . 'W . . W. 'a " " My ' 57, 'is is L. . J, -5 -X if, 5. S ii L' - . V 4 C- , si . . ' K ' , Q w w.. . V I ,tv j cf ka W f , ,,,,,,f ' B: e.. .ee . f of f- . . L . .,,, V I QHarner, James L. ...,. . Harriman, Barbara J. Harrington, Steven M. .. Harris, Carolyn S. Harris, James D. ,. Harris, Mike L. Harrison, Ellen E, OHart, William G. Hayes, Emily A. .. Hayes, James E. .. Hayes, Suzanne Haynes, David L. Head, Larry N. Helms, Lois ..... Ot-lenderson, Elizabeth A Henderson, Michael S. Henry, Quenton F. Hereford, Kenneth M. Hershiser, llo ....,.... Hicks, Phillip S. . Higgenbottom, Fred W. .. QHitchcock, Theresa K. Hitchcox, Betty L. .. Hodge, Roy M. ,... . Hodgin, Roger D. Holdredge, Teresa A. . Hollis, Thomas C. Holt, Betsy J. 0Hornaday, John C. ..... . Hoskins, William P. Huddleston, Lanny B. . Hudgens, Lynda M. .. Hudson, Lanny R. .. .. Hudson, Ronnie D. Hughes, Margaret . 0Hulvey, Mack D. Hutchins, James A. Hyder, Gwen J. Hyma, Jimmy L. .. Irvine, Susan E. .... . Isbell, Thomas G. .. Jacobs, Ellen C. .. 0Jaquess, Nelda R. . Jarrell, Julia I. Jeffers, Keith A. ..,. . Jeffries, David W. Johnson, Donald L. Johnson, James E. Johnson, James M. QJohnson, John T. Johnson, Mary J. . .. Johnson, Rendell G. . Jones, Alan K. ,.... . Jones, Carolyn L. . . Jones, Kenny L. Keith, James E. QKeith, Linda G. Keller, Larry W. .. Kelly, Ellen F. ..... . Kemmer, Barbara J. .. Kerr, Jimmy R. ..... . Kamal., William n. eKing, Charles C. King, Robert L. Kitts, Kristin E. ...., . Klasek, Stephen A. Knox, James M. .. LaFever, Jo A. ,.... . LaFever, Mary S. .......Clarl:svllle . . . . .McMinnville . . . . . .Nashville Monterey ... Memphis . . . . . . .Jackson ....Oak Ridge ......Stanford, Ky, ...........Cellna ......Nashville .......Celina ....Oak Ridge .Moss . . . . .Baxter Boynton Beach, Fla. ...Middletown, Pa. ............Sunbright . .Fayetteville .. ...Cookeville .....Madison .. . .Sparta .Chattanooga . . . . . .Pikeville ....Sale Creeli .. .. Crossville . . . . .Cleveland . .1 . . Nashville ..-Tullahoma ........Donelson . ....,.. Knoxville . . . .Oliver Springs ..........Sparta ...Lafayette ...Dunlap . . . .Livingston . .,.. .Manchester -..Lawrenceburg ........Harriman .. . .Chattanooga . . . . . .Nashville . .... Winchester . . . .McMinnville .Cookeville -..Clarksville ....Helenwood . . . .Chattanooga Dunlap Memphis . ...Winchester ..... Baxter ....Dunlap . . . . . . . . .Cookeville . . . . .Jefferson City . .. .. .Oak Ridge ...Chattanooga ...........Taft ..... .Bristol ....Huntland ..., .Nashville ......CrossviIle Deland ...........Gallatin Key, Elbert R. .... . . .....Nottingham, Pa. .......BristoI .......FrankIin .-.Lake City ...,.McMinnville ......Sunbright .......Baxter .. .. .Sparta Page 197 .......,..Donelson Junior 0LaLande, Alan A. Lamb, John A. Lane, Stephen R. Lannom, David C. Larrea, Mario G. Larrick, Donna L. Laxton, Gail ,... 0Layne, Ford N. .... . Leach, Judy C. , ........ . Ledbetter, Dwight S. Lee, Janes H. .... . Lee, John W. Lee, Nuel G. Lee, Russell E. .. QLester, Gary E. Levan, Larry N. Lewin, David F. .,.. . Little, Belinda C. .. Little, John D. Little, Linda F. Lockhart, Larry G. 0London, Sharon L. Long, Eleanor J. Loper, Glenn D. .. Lott, Robert E. Lovell, Jimmy C. Lusk, George T. McCarter, Brenda L. .. OMcCawley, James R. ., McClard, Roger L. ....... . McCIuskey, Margaret A. .. McCracken, Tony W. McCuIley, Thomas M. McCullough, Alley C. McDaniel, Barbara J. 0McDonald, Sally K. McFarland, Anita C. .. McGugin, Martha F. McKinney, Richard E. McLain, Michael J. McLoud, Carol A. McMahan, Larry T. omen named to Gold Cncle ...Nashville ....Oak Ridge .............Kingsport .......,.,.,....Kingston ...,.GuavaquiI, Ecuador .............Cookeville ......Oneida ..,..Tracy City .....,.LaFollette . ...Hendersonville Dayton, Ohio .,..,.Gainesboro . , ,Chattanooga ..,.Chattanooga . . . . . .Nashville ....Oak Ridge ... .Lexington . . . .Nashville ......Monroe .,..Dunlap .,........,.....Cookeville Hickory Jacksonville Beach, Fla. ..........,,....,.Nashville ...............,Harrison , . , ,Monterey . ..,. Sevierville -..Cookeville . .,.., Lafayette ...,,Mt. Juliet ....Boonshill .......Sparta , ,. . . .Nashville ..-Spring City . ,. , .Cookeville .....Crossville ........Algood .,,...Carthage . . . , .Kingston ..-Kingston ., . .Nashville Susan Compton and Sherry Blanchard greet prospective members of Gold Circle. . Page 198 aww. is 'EJ' gf , l ,...- .yy .. .fi 8 G QMcMahon, Joseph McNabb, Sharon McPeak, Kenneth McWilliams, Alva Mackie, James Maclin, Bill .... Mahaney, Peggy . QMalons, Billy ,... Malone, Bobby , Malone, Mike .... Mangram, Sandra Manning, Martha . Mantooth, James . Marshall, Herschel QMartin, Glen Martin, Jack ..... Martin, Leslie .... Martin, Ronald Mason, Susan Massa, Sarah .. Massey, Leon 0 Massey, Ruth ...,,.. Masterson, Patricia Masterson, Ronald Mears, John . ,.,...., Melton, Danny . Melton, Roseland Messenger, Bruce ... 0MiIler, Betty C. .. Miller, Charles . Miller, Emily ..... Miller, Randy ,... Mills, Mary Anne . Mills, Sharon .,... .. ...Oak Ridge ......Kingston ,.......,.Lebanon ....Murfreesboro .,...,.NashvilIe . .. . .. .Stanton .Gainesboro ......Cookeville .......CookevilIe .Chattanooga ........CookevilIe .....Johnson City ......Cleveland . . . .Columbia ...Columbia -..Pleasant Hill ......Columbia ........Kingsport .....Norfolk, Va. . . . , . .Cookeville . . . . .Chattanooga ...Madisonville, Ky. ......Sprin,g City ........Spring City ....HicksvilIe, N.Y. ..........Calhoun . . . . . . .Nashville .....Sparta ......McMinnville ......Tullahoma ...........Sparta ..........Tullahoma .Jefferson City ..........Pikeville Minton, Steve .... .... G oodlettsville lMonroe, Terry .... ,... D ecatur Montgomery, Jerry .... Wartburg Moore, Judy ..... ....... N ashville Moore, Shannon .... ............ T ullahoma Moran, William .... ............ A lbany, Ky. Morgan, Dixie .... ...,. R ed loiling Springs Morgan, Linda .... ..,. P ineville, W. Va. 0Morris, Sharon , ..... Powell Mullican, Sharon .... ......... S parta Mullinax, David ....... ..... C ookeville Mulliniks, William .... Crossville Mullins, Donald .... Mullins, Thurma Napier, Jack 0Nelson, Frank .... Neville, Allen Nichols Homer Nichols: Jackie Nickens, Barbara Niles, Bruce . .... , Nipper, Martha .. ONoble, Ann ..... Nunley, Elaine .... Odom, David .... .......Forbus -..New River .......CeIina .. .... Clarksville ,,.........NashviIle .....Scottsboro, Ala. .....St. Louis, Mo. .........Monterey ..........Norris ..,...PikevilIe ...........Cookeville .................Athens .,... National Park, N.J. Ottlnger, David .,.. .............. K ingsport Padgett, Ronald , Padgett, Wilburn . Page, Donald 0PaIk Barbara Pangle, Roger Paris, Joel ...... Parker, Terry .... Parks, Lora ..... Partin, Charles .... Partin, Hugh . . . ............. Ducktovln .. ..,.. Cartersville, Ga. ..........Smithville lloomington Springs ......,...,.,Maryville ..-Cookeville . . . . .Kingston .......Athens ..-Fayetteville ......Decherd Page 199 QPeach, Donald ,.,, Pearson, Marcia . Pearson, Robert ,... Peck, George .,. Penley, William .,.. Penney, Brenda .. Perry, Paul ..... QPerry, Sharon .. Peters, Thomas Pickney, Charles . Pierce, Hugh ..... Pierce, Janice .... Pigue, Stephen Pittman, Mary Ann OPointer, Robert Pope, Grace .... Posey, Harry Powell, Charles .. Presley, Dorothy .... Presswood, Walter Priest, Judy ....... 0Psemeneki, Harry Pugh, Willard ...., Purlcey, Roger .... Purkey, Ronald Qualls, Sharon .. Quinley, Susan Rader, Ruth ..... 0Rankin, Marion Ray, John ...... Ray, Carol ....,. Reardon, Alan ..., Rector, Harlan Reece, Jimmy .... Reeves, Roger 0Renegar, Benny Renegar, James . Reynolds, Patrick . Richardson, David Richardson, James Richmond, Pat ..... Rickman, William QRiggan, Robert .. Riggle, Terry Roark, Melinda .. Robbins, Jerry Roberson, Don ,.,. Roberson, Randy . Roberts, Gloria ,. 0Robertson, Rod ,...... Robinette, Randolph Robinson, Fred ...... Robinson, William Rogers, Gayle .. Rogers, Linda Jo .... Romans, Maiverine eltominger, Betty Rose, Margaret .... .. Rushing, Priscilla Russell, Joseph ..... ..,. Rutherford, Mike .. Sadler, Edwin .... Sandlin, Carl QSaunders, Kitt .... semen, Judy ........ .. .Columbia . . .. .Clinton . . . ., .Columbia ......Tullahoma ....,..DunIap .......Daisy . . .. .Nashville . . . .Gallatin .....,..Bristol . . , . . . .Nashville .-.Shelbyville . . . . .Kingston , . . . .Nashville . . . . .Morristown -..Cookeville .....,...Lebanon ...,.Chattanooga ....,.Tullahoma . . . . .Cookeville . ...... Benton -..Jasper .,..BellevilIe, Ill. .,.....Monterey . . .. .Morristown .-.Morristown . . . .. .Livingston .. . .. .Oak Ridge . . . . . .Westmoreland ....,LaGrange, Ky. ......,....Athens . . . , . . .Cookeville . . . . .Chattanooga ....,.Crossville .. , . .Nashville .....Joelton .... Fayetteville ......Lynchburg . . . . . . .Granville -..Fayetteville .......Hixson -..Knoxville ...,Hartsville .. .. ...Savannah ...........Nashville .,....Westmoreland . . . . . . .Cookeville ...,..Cookeville .....Oak Ridge . . .. .Nashville .Chattanooga . . . . . .Clarksville . .. .Spring Hill . . . . .Nashville .Kingston .,......Sparta ..,.McMinnvilIe ...Cleveland . . . . . .Nashville ...........NashvilIe Red Boiling Springs .,.........,.Clinton ....,...WhitIeyvilIe ,....Union City ..........Nashville ...Castalian Springs Schmitt, Julia ........ ........ C hattanooqa Seals, Bobbie Jean Sewell, William ...... Shackleford, Jack ..,... Shedden, Gwendolyn .... Page 200 ......,..Harriman .........,Baxter . . , . . .Chattanooga .....Wartburg " A 0 ' ". fi ' my . V . A It .. , xx I .5 1 'sn J -.ty -Ji, keg . r r an DVA. ,M .' . is t -. 1' I ' -,X H X, I I 'f i. JJ lll ' , i' Ji Q23 4. . W J WL: -. 4 ' 'Z W D J J lel J ff JJ . ' ' . ' N. Q, ' , - J - Q ,. , . Sk. . i'Bw- Qi 7412" 'X Q H . '7 ' l '- v .',',.. . ' J ' ,e f A ,,.,LA :J inns! 'S VV no I .f W I . A. Q. . L. g, Q, E V" Z J 're- ' ,,,. 2 ' , 'f ' 'M 'i t r V' 'I in X 'Q' .:1tt1n.---,-...,. .,..M.W.,.M..M. . . ... .. r., . Q y . JJ sr . in 9, 2 I V fgv J . X I ww qi 5 . X ..x. J 'i"'fli. .J 51 ,. ' -2. ...11r..- J JJ J 1. Q is-'N J.. .zz fia .Q 'li J ww .ff 'M' ' fx . . .J x 1 ,, f Q .J we , YN 'f ,W fr ef ff -, 9, it ,I . , 'K' 4 -l 5 ,..., ,, , - '12 ,., ,. if 1-X f .... J ei. P .AL ae ., ..,. J ' L .J J JJ X J . - 1, .. A A ' ,X ,J ,sa 6 . , 'Wy .Q no B 'HW' 5 ' " . -4 ,X I .,,, ..., JJ - Foreign language curriculum changed . i I . N - . . S . ' , ,1 .ii gggg- W . 'Su' . P' ' W f - if ' 1 ' U K k 7 1 5 ,k" yi - K. fr, gjia ., , ig he x - 5 E f' K I X ' S "gg L A' ' . A - 3, . his 1. f.-f af, f 3- H s ,. ..,, K... , - ,, - gg A f t S . i. i .gg, t it I K i ,,,,, V, I , v v-..,. Y . . - ff: "'L , F faq , - kk',h i if S 1, Q S ,Mgt S 1 A edge S fff 13' ,Q ,. gg S 1 y S I c E4 y . gggg - of in M- 0Shanks, Martha Sharp, Donald .... Sharp, Ronald .... Sharpe, Terry Sheffey, John .... Shelton, Micheal Sherrard, Jo Ann .... 0Shoub, Dee ., Shuran, Michael Shuster, Rita ...... Simmons, David .... Simpkins, Vicki Simpson, Bart ,.,. Simpson, Brian 0Sims, John Smeal, Keith Smith, Connie Smith, Danny Smith, Homer .... Smith, Ira ...... Smith, Stephen .... QSmith, Steve ,... Smith William ,.... Spain: Sam ..,,....... Sparkman, Donald .... .... Sparks, Beverly .... Spears, Ronald .... Speight, Robert 0Spodeck, David Starr, Gary ,,,,.... Steakley, James Steele, Shirley ..,... Stewart, Kenneth .... Stewart, Robert Stinson, Gary .... ..Cookeville ..Oak Ridge ,.Oak Ridge ...Lake City .,..,.Midway . .Manchester . .. .. .Sparta .. .Nashville . .Winchester . . . . .Walling . .Manchester Chattanooga ..Roqersville Chattanooga -..Dayton ......Lavrens . . . .Savannah .Jamestown . . .Byrdstown ..,...DunIap ...,.Dechard .-.Madison ..-Brentwood ,.Watertown .......Baxter Chattanooga . . . .Nashville . . , .Charlotte ....Nashville .,Oak Ridge . . .. .Cookeville . . . ,Morrison . , . . .Madison .Spring City , .,.. Madison Many foreign language students find lab hours can be helpful in studies. Page 201 Machines lab essential in IT tudie 0Stinson, Paul ...., Stockton, Mary . Stokes, Marsha Stone, Martha .. Stone, Michael Story, Sllanon Stout, Brenda OStubblefield, Sara Stutz, Michael ,... Suddarth, James . Tarpley, Dorothy . Taylor Deidrie Teffer, Gertie Mae Thomas, Gerald .. 0Thompson, James Thompson, Joel .. Thompson, Martha Threadgill, Robert Tittle, John ...... Townsend, Terry .... Trammel, Harold QTraylor, Donald .. Trotter, Charlyn .. Tucker, Sherry Turner, Franklin ..,. . . Turner,-Howard .. Umberger, Diedre Vaden, Kathy ..,. 0Vandagriff, Ronnie Vanhook, Michael VanHook, Jackson Vernon, Jim ,.... Vick, Donald .,.,. Walden, Cheryl .. Walker, Billie QWalker, Edward . Walker, Ronnle Wallace, John Warren, Karen Warren, Terry Watson, James .. Watson, Jimmy .. .,....Nashville .,...AIgood ,.....Etowah ...Sparta ..,..,Nashville .......Byrdstown ..-Gainesboro ....,..Cookeville ...Chattanooga .,...,..,Labanon ...Chattanooga ,..,..,.Clinton .. . . .Spring City ...,..0ak Ridge ....Oak Ridge . . .. .Cookeville ,. . . .Rockwood ,.,.Nashville ........Loudon .-.Cleveland , . . . .Portland . . . . .Madison ........Etowah ..........Clinton . . , , . .. .Nashville ....Stanford, Ky. . . . . , . , .Columbia -..Nashville .....McMinnviile Tullahoma ...Oliver Springs ,....... .... C leveland West Point, N.Y. ..,.,.,CookevilIe ...,,...Byrdstown , . . . .Nashville ,,.....Neshville ...........Athens .Old Hickory ,,..HohenvleId Pensacola, F-Ie. ...,.......Norrne IT majors find there is much to be learned from their experiences in lab. Page 202 VL, .jx wi X ' A 1 I .. ...... er .lr W -v X v ii? :H js A... ' ,S te .4 gf I 'll' .. Y . ...,,..,,.. : A K sq . Q .ii tk if V' at ge ,fw- Z to .nv 4. r Wa! +5 gl: ,ill XE? Y 'Q r gy . as l L 7 S . X ,Q LEM f-I' xlnsqgs ir'--Y lumor bu rmg from new compan QWatson, Sharon Wattwood, Phillip . Weakley, David ,... Weatherford, Gary ..., Webb, Eddie Webb, Marvin ,,.., Weis, Mike ,... OWeIdon, Charles Welch, Michael .... Welker, Malcolm West, Edward ,.,,. West, Randall ....., Wheeler, Brenda .. Wheeler, Joe .,.. QWhite, David .... White, Mike .. White, Pam White, Ronald ,.... White Sandra ...,. Whitelwrst, Michael wi-aewofen, Michael 0Wilcox, Charles .... Willrey, Rick ...,,. Williams, Donald Williams, Jerry .... Williams, Rebecca . Williams, Ronald .. Willingham, Rebecca QWillis, Patricia .... Wilson Marie .. Wilson Glynn Wilson, Jennifer Wilson, Michael Wilson, Sherrill .,.. Winche ster, David .. . 0 Winchester, James .... Winningham, Albert Womack, Patty ..., Wood, Dennis Wray, Bill ....... Wright, David Yates, Wayne ..., 0Yarbrough, Robert York, Ellen ....,... York, Linda .....,, Young, Donna Young, Linda ..... Young, Richard Zerth, John .,... . . . . .Spring City . . . . . .Portland ....DoneIson . . , . .Columbia ..,,.,Nashville , . , . . .Portland ,. . .Covington .-.Union City .....Crossville .,...Lewisburg .....TuIlahoma . . . . . . .Lafayette .. .Chattanooga .......Donelson ......Knoxville ....,Tullahoma ...Cookeville .....,.McEwen ......,HartsviIIe .. . . . . .Nashville ...Decatur, Ala. ,....Lenoir City Asheville, N.C. . , . , .Greenbrier .. ...Lexington ..,..LaFollette . . .. . . .Carthage . .. .Spring City .-.Oak Ridge ....McMinnville .,Lexington ........,.Jellico Huddleston, Va. ...,...NashvilIe ..,..Brownsville . . . .Brownsville .....Crossville ....McMinnville ..,.,...Sparte . . . . .Kingsport .. ...Cookeville . , . .Lebanon .Athens . . . . .Huntsville .-.Huntsville . . . .Shelbyville , , . .Nashville . . . .Nashville ...Nashville Page 203 Secretary President Vice President Treasurer Nancy Dickerson David Morgan Jack Glover Mary Lee Miser ophomores set trend in elections Page 204 This year for the first time the soph- omore class selected all their officers by secret ballot. J ack Glover, a can- didate for vice-president, petitioned the student government for a secret ballot vote on the basis that the old system of election did not represent the majority of the class. In the past the president of the class, who is elected by secret ballot during the spring quarter, chooses the method for the election of the other officers. This procedure has consisted of a hand vote by a small percentage of the class at a called meeting. Since this method did not necessarily express the opinion of the class, the new system was adopted. The new procedure was so successful that the other classes probably will be using this method next fall. Homecoming brought happiness and frustration to the sophomores as they had the duty of building the float for the queen and her attendants. Snow and freezing temperatures did not keep them from completing their task. Winter quarter many sophomores joined the recruiting program for Tech by visiting area high schools. By giv- ing of their time and interest they were helping expand Tech's educational pro- gram. The sophomores by the end of spring quarter were glad to finish their last quarter of required public programs. X 93" 8. - v ri my 1 . is in ' ci Y 'N' x . '- S. Q- ev N- l 5 H Q- ft -,,. 3 I nu, .. f. .x 1:1 tl, I aw 1 X' -Q s li X 'b 3: if Q-e . - gp 'F ri- -. 1 . ., X Q 31 ii? , 4-. Eff' ! ... J, -it 1:1 vs- gs ly 5 Ei' OAdkins, March .. W R. ., ' A ' fi l X L-as -SQA Q.- am, le , N X A j x' j Q H 1 A Xi , w ,,, an -. 5 ... . ,.... X-. 'Lk gg N. is s R Alexander, Brenda Alexander, Iona .. at r Allen, Fred ..,.. . V . Cr' ' f f AmEnde, Bruce .. Anderson, Richard - . Anderson, Toni . Apple. i Y' is i it oAmeu, Bailey, Ray .... Argo, Boyd ..., Margaret .. Baeuerlin, Carl .. Kathy ,,.. 2 Baker, Gerald L A- Bales, David t my A- Ball, Daniel .... . ' Barnes, Barnes, Barnes, Barton, . ' Baxter, Carol .... Deborah .. James ... 0 Barnett, Larry .... Doris ... Alana .. - -- 'W xi 'W' Bay, Robert ..... sg, xr- V ' Bean, Dixie ..... Bearden, Vyron .. Beaty, Karen . Beavers, John .. ' Beck, Patrick .. , Bilbrey K KL , fy, Bilbrey Bilbrey, K Q- g, Billings, I I Binkley Bishop, Bishop, y ,we 0Beesley, Donna Bell, Kathryn .... Margaret Melinda Sandra .. Deborah .. John ,.,.. Kenneth . Sharon ... K 0Blackwell, James ,... V 'K Blankenship, Betty ' ' es - fs s Blanton, Marvin 1. sv., -in a. .X . S' QF' Bolton, Blaylock, Marian . Carl ,,., K s . Booker, Karen 1 X Boston, I A William ,. Bow, David .... Bowers, Mary .. 0Bowman, Dale .. Brackett, Sterling A. Bradley, Claudette Q- XLV. - K 3 Bradley, Linda - Brasel, Linda ,.,. Brittian, Robert .. in sr- ,-Y . .5 Q X Q w Brown, Brown, ' 0Brown, Brown, ve. , , L Brown, . -r Broome, Larry Dorothy Linda ... Mary .... Phyllis .... Tate ... Teresa ,... . Brummitt, George , q . -. f--. ' . K Bryant, Joseph ... :. in se- Buck, Janet .... 1 'www ' Q 1 is .V 5 K ' 5 ST ' "' IC Brown 0 1 e. . 2 X 2 Q- Q Y .- a 1 K X , Q-'iii' i N' if z J AND! s. I X 5- V v..,.v K A X 33 i - Vs' ,ff-f, Burnett, Elizabeth 'H is 6 gi A ii sk' ww ,1 , TJ .1:t"'.' '."1.'3cU-I-'v 0 Burton, Burnett, Jane ,... Claudia . Butler, Sally .,., W- . ,. Byassee, William L - J calliham, Mark .. f ' Cantrell, Andrew . . Carroll, James .. Q . I l X 'X i Carroll, William .. " 09" 7 is s. , . ,... . v 'F sr x 2 N i X .5 ,., 0 .N fr 9 fbi Xi fi Vs V' , 'E' YH' 's -en-. s- ax ' I 'li Carter, tttl 'ii . Ce ffsf- Dudley . Linda .. . OCartwright, Martha .. , 1. Case, James . .L . 4- Cathey, Leslie . ' . 'uf -T, , 0 of .ff . Childs, . My N., 'VH "X Chandler, Ruby . William . Clark, Larry .. . Clayton, Chris J Cleghorn, Nicholas Clemmons, Sherlyn .sei-.. 0Cobb, Bonny . Coffey, Tony ' Cole, Rosemary . Coleman, Stephen wa, Conners, Mary .. Cooper, Russell . - .Axel ic' fi' X ' ri , Ay , fill g ss . grip, 1, ' j K Conatser, Linda sQ"'. se-. -ve' :,.lf..,gg .g.- .-9,2 Copas, Virginia .... . . Cordell, Karen .. Q 0Corey, 3 1 8 Q Cowan, ' 7 fi K 4Y,,, Walt Larry .. Cox, William .. Crabtree, Michael Crain, Roy ..,.. 'ss' .fy : . 5 T Curl, Thomas . ., ' 1 i Cutrell, Cherisse . Dale, Alberta . . Dalton, Alice . Bristol ..Monroe .Baxter ......Rossville, Ga. ...ElIlngton, Conn. .. . . Nashville . Alcoa .....Gainesboro .....McMinnville .. Cookeville ...Cincinnati, Ohio Kingston ...Shelbyville . . . .Sweetwater .........Soddy . . . . .Livingston ...Erin ...Cookeville .Normandy .. ........ Athens . .....,..., Nashville .....Gahanna, Ohio Red Boiling Springs ...... . Shelbyville Rickman . . . . .Cleveland ...Springfield ......Manchester . ..Chattanooga .. .. .Hilham .Cookeville . ,.... Cookeville ....Sparta .... Lawrenceburg ..... Henderson ......Benton ...Shelbyville . .. .Cookeville ....Oak Ridge . ...Harriman . .... Memphis ... .Kingsport . . . .Gordonsville ..... Jamestown .. .. .. ...Livingston .... Vandalia, Ohio ...,.....Kingston ...Gatlinburg Sparta . .. .Oak Ridge .. ..Knoxville .. Chattanooga ... Gainesboro .. Granville ....Old Hickory . . . .Cookeville Harriman .Nashville .Kingston ...Marrowbone, Ky. ..Jamestown ..Clinton .Springfield .. Nashville . . . .Oneida .. . Columbia .. ..Dyersburg . ..McMinnville . . Etowah .. . . Columbia ., .Nashville Mlndianapolis, Ind. . .Chattanooga ., Hendersonville . . Nashville . New Market . . .Nashville Bremen, Ky. . .Cleveland .. . Hixson .... . Lebanon New Lebanon, Ohio .. ...Oneida . . .... ... Baxter . ..McEwen .. Old Hickory .. .... Nashville . .. .. Oak Ridge .Red Boiling Springs .. Birmingham, Ala. .. .. Knoxville ...Cookeville . . . , . .Kingston ... ...... Nashville . Goodlettsville ....Franklin, Ky. . . ...Lafayette .. ...Livingston ...Jamestown Page 205 Uffieer election procedure changed 0Dalton, Sharon .. Davidson, Michael Davis, Debbie .. Davis, Donna Davis, Lucy ,... Davis, Virginia .., Dayton, James Dearing, Jim Deason, Nancy O Deathridge, Owen Denney, Patsy ...., Dennis, Joyce ..,. Dickerson, Nancy . Doak, Patricia Dobbs, Garlon Dockery, Lola Dodson, Barbara Dodson, Barbara . 0Dolan, David .. Dowell, Mark .. Draper, David ..., Draper, William . D er Barbara y , ,.,. Edmonds, Karen ..,. Edmonds, Robert Edwards, Robert .. Edwards, Ronna .. 0Edwards, William Eisenbise, Michael Elam, James ,.,,,, Eldridge, Annette Eleazer, Clark ..,.,., Ellenberger, Mark Elliott, John ...., Elliott, Walter Ellis, Margaret lEllis, Pamela Elrod, Mary .. Enix, Richard .. Eskridge, Joyce ... Evans, Donald .. Evans, Johnny . .. Farmer, Linda ... Farris, Johnny .. Fine, Betty . 0Fine, Rita .. .. Flatt, Peggy .... Flatt, Teddy ,... Fletcher, Linda . . Foley, Donna Francisco, Charlene Frasier, Wanda Free, Darlene Freeman, Alton OFreeman, Carol . Froqq, Samuel .,.. Fuller, Peggy .. Gentry, Carol ,,,, Gentry, Deborah Gibbs, James ,. . Gibby, Patricia .. Givens, Greg .. Golfeiz, lraj .. . .... .Knoxville . . .Ashland City . . Chattanooga ... Morrison .. Lawrenceburg ,.....Cookeville . , . . . .Nashville .. .,,.. Jackson .. ..... Lawrenceburg .....Gallatin .. . .Clinton Cookeville . Nashville ...McMinnville . . . . .Chattanooga . ...Cookeville .. .Livingston ........Lebanon Signal Mountain . .... Cookeville .. Gainesboro Gallatin . . . . .Cookeville .... Midland .. .Crossville .. Jackson . . . .Franklin . . , .Oak Ridge .. .Kingsport .... Morrison .... Nashville . ..... Dickson . ..Fayetteville .., ..Gallatin . . . .Gallatin ..Abingdon, Va. . ..., .Nashville ...Old Hickory . .... Lake City . . . .Harriman .... Nashville .. . .Jasper .. . Winchester Jefferson City . . Lenoir City . .Cookeville ....Gainesboro ......Columbia . . . , .Lynchburg ..,. Nashville . . . .Kingsport ..,. Sparta .. . Oneida . . Cookeville . .. .Chattanooga ...Harriman .,,,Lewisburg . ..Baxter . .... Baxter ., ,,Leoma .. ...Lake City .Chattanooga .,..Shira1, Iran The Hackney-senatorial team checks lD's during one of Tech's frequent elections. Page 205 1 aj- 8 . . F . it it f . .. if ifefe F' 9 - I , l . Q 4 .:,., 'Q 8' V, of ,, - gt , .. rrkk K , K li? xv Q0 . ,ff g N . I J 1 ,E,.i 1 3 'l S E If 1 as it . . L . ' -'P WP ' 7 f. . ia? E9 r' J :L F- 4 si - .13 . if v ,r fi ' ' , . .. ..,. y .. . J L- , 1 e 'r sr . 2 MC' Fl L L. f 5 lil Y f Rf' . . i W .. 'B 'si 9 K ' A X a x I ee Y: . N . 'I we 4 ii H MIQ s ,A ,. N.- A ...Humboldt 0Goolsby, Norma Gosnell, Donald Goulder, 'Gordon . Gower, Donna , as 4 'JC' " 2 Gragg, Carol ,4,. Q , ' ' l K . -Q h Grantham, Sue 1 ' ' Graves, Barry ' . in ' Graves, Douglas , L Graves, Caroline .. 2 0Green, Clyde ..... Green, Deborah .... Greer, John .... .. ' M S his 6. Griggs, William .. 3 ,. if-N 5- gi- .. A L 'N 1: K - ' ff' K Y ' Grooms, Debra ' Grimes, Michael Groce, Beverly , N . . . 9 . K I i- Grossman, Cathy .. Guschke, James S 'R rt lHall, Catherine ... Hall, William K Harmon, Charles .. L Harris, Cathie ,.,. l Harris, Dorothy .. e f . Cf tv -- L -.," 4 .' X Harris, Marcella .ITS . 'W N. f , wg 1, i 'si L Hartsock, Laura ig : - .. . . Q 1 i 5 Qt ry. gf i K' , ..,,,,'l K X K. j Hatfield, Delvis X K J- . f. Hatfield, Joe .... Es X ee Li " " xx ... . X li J it ' J ' ' 0Hawkins, Jesse Hayden, Kathleen . . Haynes, Walter ,... Headrick, Diana f . Heidel, Nina ....,. L V K "J Henderson, Joseph Herod, Brenda .,., David ,... Hester, Teddy .... , K icq ei 2-. ,Z -' Hester, K e AA A , gary : iftgix miii 0Hickey, Kathy ..,.. Hickman, Carl na, . L. R- Hicks, William time Holbrobk, Larry .... fi 'SN Holt, Bonny ...... xr X Honeycutt, Larry .. i ,"'Q 0Hopper, Steven .. L M Hurner, Kathreen .. Howard, Sharon Si. W' es. -,- " Le. is -L s I at Howell, Kathy 5 ff- .tg 'nl ' A Huddleston, David Q Huddleston, George f' - 1 E ' S ' Huddleston, Lorene I Hutchison, George ' 0Hutchison, Thomas . Jackson, Robbie Johnson, David Johnson, James S Johnson, James - I Jones, Karen i Johnson, Steve vb, ew f .,. px g V Hickman, Jerome .. Hinson Pauline .,,, Holland, Phyllis Hughes, Marcia ....., Eg I ...,... Lia.. ' Jolley, Nelda 0Jones, Ann .,.... M Jones, Lovell . .. Jones, Timothy .,.. Josephson, Jon ... 'Q Judd, Dennis ... Kanter, Linda ... fi. hndipqrgw Karch, Phyllis ... ff Keele, Jerry ..... 0 Mu' .' is Kirby, Knott Keislinq, Nancy OKendrick, Kathy Kerr, Patricia , Kimery, Joe .. ' L 1 A King, Jane ......, . ' King, Nancy ..,.... Kinnaird, Marjorie . Martha .... ' Kirk, sharon David ...,. K y K K i 0Knowles, Robert ... . f- ', ,. wi si? 'i Krouse ,," as we , " sw Mary X N K L . ix 4 X J A Lackey, RobertA.'.'.'... .' v. .v , Q, Q, . , , , ,g , - k, ' Lambert, Eddie 1 1354 , "l.::'1.- N V... f J,a.'.?'-.U-"U ' 111: :.:.. Egg...-1, '14-J, ,xvlgpytt ,Zi Lamprecht, Elizabeth ' ' "ii,iG1f5,2ff ff, Lane, Richard ...., . ... if Y 'T nrt, in-A Q -p ,sf ,hx 'Nm l X X E i1 S 2?fi'2-E'211-wzw ' -i-sS"-:'-- :f.f'-r-- ' 1321311 I av Lannom, Donna ?V . ' 3 Q - is . ,- 2 3 Q . -is. 4 ew 4.x t X V g- , . n. . Lecuona, Mario 0Lee, Karen ,,.. Lee, Virginia L S ' i I .- Lewis, John J . Linnville, Terry Long, Deborah .... Looper, Pam ...... Loveday, Janice McCall, Ray ,...., McCarter, Brenda .. .....Cookeville . . . . .Nashville Covington . . . . . . . . .Springfield ... ..... Rickman Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. ..........Shelbyville ....Humboldt ....LaFollette . .Maryville .. ...Lebanon . . . . .Nashville -..Wartrace . . .Byrdstown . ..Shelbyville ... Columbia .....Pulaski .-.Fayetteville . . .Bush Creek . . ,.... Oneida Cookeville .. .. .Nashville ....Kingsport . . .. .Nashville .Byrdstown ....PlkevilIe ......Lebanon ....Danville ......Portland . . . . .Oakdale ....Wartburg ....Cleveland .....Nashville .Hixson .....Hixson .........Sparta ............Soddy ......Straw Plains ......Tullahoma . . . .Monterey ...........CIlnton ......McMinnville ......Tullahoma ....Rossville, Ga. . . . . .Hendersonville .........Nashville .......Morrison ...........Sparta . . . . .Chattanooga .Hendersonville ..........Baxter .. . . . . .Nashville .. ...... Memphis Myers, Fla. ..........Decatur ....Cookeville .....Winchester . . . . .Pikeville .. ...Glasgow ........Erwin ......CIeveland . . . .Byrdstown . . . . .Brentwood .. . . .Nashville . .. . . .Gallatin . . .. .Knoxville . . . . . . .Kingston .....Cookeville . ...Monterey ......Vanleer . . . .Columbia ..-Calhoun . . . . .Cookeville .....Shelbyville ......Monterey -..Jamestown .. ...Cookeville . . . . .Cookeville ...........Jasper . . . . .Williamsport . ...... Sparta . . . . .Knoxville ...........NashviIle .... . . .Atlanta, Ga. . ......... Chestnut Mound ............Loretto ..........Nashville ' LaFon, Courtney ...... .. ...............Kingston ....Caracas, Venezuela .............Smyrna .....Forbus ...............Athens ..............Hartsville Red Boiling Springs ..............Monterey . . ...... .. .... Knoxville . . . . .Shelbyville .....SevierviIIe Page 207 ophomore fini h required RGT R f ' T it rl , he f . S l' , S i i"" 'Ll' --'-ff 53 "'-..a.L'isgr,af-Qifiifr "' A I Completing the ROTC requirements brings happi- ness to many sophomores. 0McClendon, Janie .Wartrace McCloud, Dennis ..,4. .,... M onterey " McConnell, James ..... ...,. K ingsport , , . , McCormick, Ronald .... .... L ivingston ' Q , ,ap Q I ri l McCowan, Lois ........ ..... M onterey - Zi LNNI 5, L W S- if .. l K ii ' L 'W' McCullough, LaDonna .... ...,. B ell Buckle , f K A:,-- Y' Q ilr Q .,:i 5 'xv' ., S ,R McDaniel, Judy ......,. ....... M anchester iiii J 'kif K ,- , V A "' .. ,.,. V ' Y ' K M McLaughen, James .... ..... C hattanooga I T ,iii T T '1 : ' 1 'i McNash, David ...... ., . .Cookeville : J 0Maberry, Johnny . ,.Cookeville " 5 i Maberry, Shirley .. .Cookeville Maddux, Jerry ,., . ,.,LaFollette I Maddux, John .... .Spring City . if 42, - Madewell, Terry .,. ..,...,. Hixson km K Y X f , K t. , Mann, Connie ,... ..,.. K noxville wr- v-l "5 ' ,yyr I tts 'ff Marks, William ,.., .... L ebancn i J ' W -,,,k krix f J fri, , W J 1" Miipi, Markham, Frank ' ...... Tiptonville J 37,1 Q X Marlow, Louetta ,.... Helenwood I V J , 4 CMasengill, Van Hix ...., ..., M orristown J :ii Matlock, John ..... . ..r.r... Jackson I Maxwell, John ...,,. Johnson City ,V J - K E. i May, Kenneth ,.... ,... , Oliver Springs if Q A 5 f, 5' 3' v K 3 5' May, Vickie .....,.,., ....,,., L aFollette 5- K f 0-" ,,, , K T ' - ' tr ,., Merryman, Donna ... ., ,..Hartsville ' A hd' J' ' Q - W ' ,fl Milburn, Terry ..... .. . .Manchester s . K ' ' uf J Miller, Charlotte ..., Campaign " V '. , Miller, John ...... Athens 5 , ' I XX i O Minton, Debra . . . ........... Dunlap i ii Miser, Mary ..,. .........., M aryville K Mitchell, Roger .. ,... Hampton, S. C. , ' "aww 6 Mitchell, Thomas .,....... Nashville I -cg J ' L, 'A 3, Monks, Myra .,.,. ..... F ayetteville - i ii Elf, ' Q. Moors, Jan ....., ..,...... N ashville qt , Moore, Jeanie .... .,.,. C hattanooga i ' 1 ' Moore, John .,.. ....... N ewcomb i A ' Morgan, David .. .,.... Portland J . 0Morgan, Ralph .. ...,. Gainesboro K i , Morrison, Judith ...,... Nashville y K ,, i P' ' , Moss, Mildred ,.... ........ C ookeville , 5 6 , V A Xi, , L 0- ' Mundy, Pamela ..,. ...,. W hites Creek . fi K I if S! ji, S K 3 J Murrell, Sandra ,,,. ,...,.. K ingsport "" ,-si 'Ir 9 Y' ' K ' - i J' "' '- Naifeh, Eugene ,,.. ....,.. S tanton -sw j J - WM W Napier, Mary .... . ..Austin, Ind. P N 'X ' X f -I " Neal, James ,..... .... G oodlettsville V A ' 1 ' lf Needham, Beth .... ,. .... Knoxville J I la.- H 'QQ 0Nelson, Marilyn ..,. . ,... ,Oakdale K f Newby, Philip .... ..... O ak Ridge A ,, Newport, Amy ... ., McMinnville T' L' 19. V g - - ' Norman, James .. . .. ... ,...... Waverly ' ' V- V' " , is f is Norris, Doris ..... ,,.,..., ....,... A I pine E' J X", ., L 'F' J North, Virginia ,. .... Red Boiling Springs 'A , 'i J J 2 Oakley, Martha ,... .,..,......, L ivingston X 1 ., , Osborne, John ,.......... Nashville Q, V g Palk, Gary .,.., ,,..,. C ookeville J 0Palko, Elaine ..... .... O ak Ridge ii Paris, Michael ...,,.. Madison ,, I K in Parker, James .,.. .... M cMinnville "' , A K 5' i , Partlow, Jerry ....., .. , . .Lebanon 3 Q- , -ra up ,Up f Q ' C. Patterson, Charles .,.. , Signal Mtn. P ' ' X F' Pearson, Richard ,,....... Old Hkckory l . ' I . Penick, Robert ..,..... ..... B atesburg, S. C, T E 1 . I .A I ' Pentecost, Michael ........... Nashville ' ll i.Hik'ii , Phillips, William .......,. Nashville Page 208 ,A 5. 4-.14 A r - ' Q K sf... - Q WF' , XX lv- QV ilk A 9 I . lf :yi R W-f-,. 'Wi -'32 C' L Qs' . gl . ' i .LS AL- , V' in A ' 'sag-in 5, A. - V- 4 :F , Q-'Q t"f -... - . -Q xx fe. J if 4 r .x , 'Q sm ' saftggl lmrzsxxzzv 'ty- a- G ,S .,. X ,C x 4. x 4 t, ,V Q E gg r as i 1 - o za , a', fm v Qt X 6- 'KA T ' 'F' wr 4 'S' ,I ,. . , Q, f S ix k C li 'ks f-I 1 Sis? Golden Girls strut in new uniform OPhy, Michael . Plumlee, John . Porter, William Prescott, Mike Prince, Harry Pritchett, Betty Jane Pullum, Judith Qualls, William Ramsey, Charles 0Ramsey, James Randolph, Nancy , Raper, Edward . . Ray, Randall Ray, Sandy , . Ray, Sherry Redden, Linda Reed, Harry Renaud, Linda . . 0Renegar, Ben Rhodes, Calvin .. Rich, Laura Ridings, Becky ., Rivers, William ..., Robbins, Barbara .. Roberts, Sandra ., Robertson, Martha Robertson, William ORogers, Dennis Rogers, Leon , Rose, Alan .. Rose, Malcolm ., Rose, Anthony Savage, Virginia Schramm, Harry ., Scoggins, John Seaton, William OSells, Karen .. Sexton, Barbara A ' Sexton, Carol . Shadden, Brenda Shanks, Mary Ruth Simmons, Suellen . Simpson, Sheila . Skimmyhorn, Jerry Slagle, 0Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Dianne Deborah Jack Margaret Miles . Paula .. Ronnie Smithson, Kenton . Spann, Jennifer Spann, Katherine . Golden Girl Candy Holbrook waits 'For the signal for the start of a half time show. .,. Cookeville , . Hixson ., Lebanon Clermont, Fla. Winchester Alcoa . Buflalo Valley .. Alqood .. Hilham ,.,..Livinqston .... Crossville , .. Cookeville Goodlettsville .. . Nashville .., ..., Athens Nashville . . . .Cookeville . Nashville Taft . ,. .... Concord Red Boiling Springs ..,.,,.,..Hermitaqe . . Franklin .. Jamestown ,. .Byrdstown .. Nashville ., Nashville . . .Columbia . .Marion, Ky. .,. Cookeville .. .Nashville , McEwen , Livingston , . .Cowan . Quebeck . Kingsport . .Livingston , Austin, Ind. Helenwood Birchwood , .,l-lermitage Spring Hill . . Alcoa Cookeville Cookeville , Nashville .. Nashville Nashville ,, Lebanon , . Crossville Dayton, Ohio . Brentwood .Nashville . Franklin Page 209 Future 0Speakman, Barbara Stansell, Glenda Stanton, Sally Steffy, Richard .. Stephens, Patsy . Stephenson, Ricky Stockstill, Doris . Stockton, David ,, Storey, Samuel Columbia , .,Hixson ....Cookeville . , Nashville .., Athens .. Nashville .. .Cookeville .Tullahoma .,. ,... Robbins entertainment questionabl 'v' ,-. .. 1 L . s E F , 2 5, . . it. . sl . s , c Yr,-rs i L 6. all luis gf . ia 5 a 1- Q tx t xr 's if L 5 , '-tr 0Stout, Rosemary ,. Sutton Barbara . Sutton, Bobby . Sutton, Danny Swann Ronald , Swing, Joe Tallon Wesley .,. Taylor Cheryl , Taylor Eunice .. 0Thackston, Lou Thomas, Brenda Thomas, Ronald . Thornton, Philip , Thrasher, Dewey Tool, Karl Townsend, Brenda Tucker, Paul Upchurch, Mary OVaught, James . Walker, Nancy .. Wallace, Patty .. Walrond, Linda .. Walton, Sandra Watson, Larry ., Watts, Phyllis . Weatherspoon, Terry Webb, Gail . 0Webber, Donald Wells, Judy , West, Lillian , Wheat, Nancy . Wheeler, James . Wheeler, Linda Wheeler, Sharon .. Wheeler, William White, Frank , 0WhitfieId, Philip Wilkey, Timothy Williams Aaron , , Mountain City .,.Nashville , .. Hixson .Oak mage ," g is. " , Cookeville ., Lynchburg Chattanooga , McMinnville . Nashville " jj V, ' . f ' 3 ff: g Murfreesboro ,K ,T . Clairfield , Newport ..., Cookeville .Elmont, N.Y. Harriman , ,. Winchester .. Nashville E. Nashville , ., Jefferson City 1 I . . , Knoxville A - if .Q s vt I os K n tk QFIX z,,tq it m mf ' l ' "' f we J S , .. Q ,,,, T ., Rock Island nv- , 1 , i i ..Gaaalemvirle -gg. ., 1 a 'Y ,Q swf if i . , Morristown ' J L "J , K' fi . L ... Hickman A . , l L , , . Carthage - ' ' . , ' " -K ,, Dickson , 5. 1 , i - Q. i s t 1 I ity Y' he ,.,,Cookeville . Clinton , J K Hopkinsville, Ky. , . . :V , ' S' 'S . , . Cookeville ' , 1 . Q ,J V.. . . Hilham . ., . . Knoxville , Crossville . f X Bloomington, Springs Q , ,, i x x I ' Q . , shelbyviue 5 s Q.. lf-5 Q , "is, , , Gallatin , . .Cookeville ' . , , J N . ,,Evensville .A .W - ., , , , Nashville ' '- ' K S .V ,, , Williams, James Williams, Larry . Williams, Sam , . Winfree, Cathy ., Winfree, William , Winningham, Suzi ., 0 Wiser, Steven Witcher, Rebecca Wood, Marcia ,, Wooten, Linda Wright, Sharman York, Billie .. Young, Stephen X 'Tl '-4' it ' P S . Goodlettsville . ' is S. f ,,,, I .. ... Decherd , Fayetteville ., Gordonsville , Gordonsville Cookeville ,, Wartrace Lafayette ,, Johnson City Madison . Cookeville Huntsville McMinnville Bringing big-name entertainment to Tech is a prob- lem because of a lack of student support. Page 210 4 r ,,,s .. T 1' w N 1 , v it i C 6: , tr, 5 ,gg y 24357 ',, jx s l Y' -N1 .q"' a YY Q x fit? 2 7- P .-lb., vig . ,,-U '-, Vice-President Treasurer Secretary President Jack McCall Bobbye June Warren Diane Murphy Freshmen Freshmen began fall quarter with the election of their officers. Since they had not had time to really get to know each other, campaigns had to be or- ganized with speeches, posters and handbills. By the day of election the whole campus was covered with the candidates' slogans. The freshmen found they had to make a quick adjustment to college life if they were to survive. Their first midterms were nerve-wracking with the threat of any deficiency being sent to their parents. For the freshmen their first Home- coming was exciting but a little cold. Their traditional duty of building the bonfire had its problems as the weather elect Davidson and upperclassmen tried their hand at destroying it. The bonfire proved to be successful even though it had to be composed entirely of cardboard be- cause of unauthorized wooden mate- rials used in last year's bonfire. Winter quarter brought the election of the freshman class beauties and Mr. and Miss Freshman. In the past, the winners were presented at the Fresh- man Banquet, but the banquet was can- celled because of lack of interest. Spring quarter provided some new experiences for the freshmen as the campus schedule was filled with activi- ties. Campus games, spring fling week- end and trips to the lake became essen- tial in everyone's plans. ' s N N x president Page 211 0Addington, Sheila N. Addison, Cheryl G. Agee, Michael L. .. Allen, Edith L. ...Jacksonville, Fla. ........Rossville, Ga. Allen, Mable J. .... . Ament, Sandy ...... Anderson, Katherine Astin, Bonita S. Austin, Steve R. 0Aylward, Robert W. Baird, Robert E. .. J. .........Nashville . . . . .Chattanooga . ..,.,. Huntsville .. .... .Cookeville . ..... Waverly ...........Hermitage Baker, Tommy R. Baldwin, Debbie J. Ballard, Janet G. .. Barker, Deborah A. Baskin, Jerry C. Beaird, Sharon G. . Beaman, Linda R. .. lBeaty, Stephen L. .. Berry, Brenda A. Bewley, Deborah J. Bianco, Vince ...,.. Bilbrey, Alice C. .. Billingsley, Don E. Birdwell, Terry E. .. Blackburn, Jackie R. Bobo, Richard ..... 0Boles, Jan E. .... . Boyd, Chris A. .,.,. . Boyd, Fred D. ..... . Bradley, Charles A. Bradshaw, Kathy L. Brady, Cynthia J, .. Bratcher, Chanse W. Brink, Robert H. Britton, Ronnie H. . 0Brittian, Roy B. .. . Brock, David W. Brooks, Carol T. .. Brown, David R. Brown, Mike L. .... . Burke, William D. .. Butterworth, Kathy J. Byrd, Buris A. ..... . Camgron, Jill L. lCamp, Phillip B. Cannon, Linda G. .. ..............Baxter San Francisco, Cal. ...........Nashville ....New Middleton . . . . . . .Nashville ......Cookeville .........Nashville ..-Murfreesboro . . ...... Rockwood Caplenor, Jere M. Capshaw, Johnny R. Carlisle, Cheryl J. .. Carter, Bruce L. Carter, Ray P. ...., . Castleman, Vicki L. Chambers, Sandra S. 0Chrisman, Roy W. .. Clark, Annie L. Climer, Terry D. ..,, . Collier, James S. Collins, Linda G. Condra, Marilyn Conner, Mary K. Cooper, Rebecca O. ....Gallatin ..........Sparta .. ...Oak Ridge .....'Greeneville . . . . .Nashville ..............Celina ....Oneida Red Boiling Springs .Goodlettsville .....Lynchburg .......Gallatin .........Kingston .....OId Hickory .......Nashville ...Clinton .. McMinnville ...McMinnville ....Lawrenceburg .........Huntland ...Hampton, Va. ... .,,,. Nashville . ..... Nashville .. ....... Jasper . .Union City .........Athens ......Goodlettsville .........Clinton ....Spring City ...Dyersburg ........Baxter . ...,... Lebanon ........McMinnville .............Moss ...........Granville ....Alexandria, Va. . . ....., Nashville .. . .Gallatin .Old Hickory .........Sparta ............Lebanon . .... Pigeon Forge Battle Creek, Mich. ...........Nashville .. ,.... Nashville ... .... Columbia Copeland, Johnny .... lCrabtree, Larry D. .. Crawford, Phillip L. Crawford, Sylvia L. Crockett, Cynthia E. Cromwell, Naomi F. Crosslin, Debbie L. Cross, Rhuveda J. .. ....Harriman .. ...,. Cookeville ...,.. McMinnville .....Carthage ..... Ten Mile ....Sunbright . . ..... Sparta ......Byrdstown Crowell, Mark R. ,.... .,.... C arthage Crunk, Jessan .... 0Curtis, Randall S. .. Davidson, David L. .. Davis, Kenny L. Deasy, Sylvia A. Denmark, Michael W Draper, Roger L. Dubree, Brenda J. Durham, Garry W. . Eachus, Patricia L. . 0Easter, Rosemary Eggleston, Carolyn R Einecker, Sandra L. . Ellis, Tamara S. .,.. . Elmore, aiu R. Elmore, Gary P. .. Emery, Stephen Feisler, Jan A. Fields, Nancy 0Fisher, John R. Flatt, Wayne A. .. Fleming, David R. . Fleming, Thomas F. Florence, Melissa E. Ford, Linda F. .... . Ford, Mary A. Ford, Pamela ..... Foster, Vicky C. Page 212 . . . . .College Grove .. ..,.. Shelbyville .. ..,.... Clarksville ..-Deer Lodge . . ......, Portland . . . . .Chattanooga ....Gainesboro .. . ...Cookeville .. .... Nashville . . ...... Rockwood . . .,....,. Rockwood . ..... College Grove .. ....,...... Sparta . ..,.... Sparta .... LaFollette .........Baxter .....Romney, W. Va. ...........Erie, Pa. ......Cookeville .Manchester .. .. .Hermitage .. ..... Nashville .. ..... Nashville .. .......... McEwen . . . . . . . . .Winchester ....Falls Church, Va. . . . . . . .Cookeville ......Oneida M -ff 1. . ff -r s 324 ' V., 3 5 ' 'N V ? is-K ... i " "" X f ag. 'jx' a . - . V V ' 5 f.' Zflxj, 2 K 'I .f ,, I .1 AQ ,.f,,g1' ..i' . ' f I .R 6. X ' " 1 S y Q' A sf 5 . 3 2, I , 1 'L 3 . K yw 3 la! I . .31 if ? f I . R fi H ' ' L' fx' i . if ' A -.fe w ' . -' g . f v i si . . 4, 'A , ... . . . . ,' g. ' ..' Q.. . A is any ' . Q G f . ' "C f. -1' I N ' L K f '41 A l R 1 J' all ..f'H. -913 W . -l g . . Y 'rf- g V, V ik., ' x L ' gg,-Q .. A H V V V ' N I N J A xx ' f . 'ii Q X Af. it R1 VV gl 5 I Ao. . A ,.., Vg, ya. - .1 I l s 't V 'i .3 3' ,z tg .. XY," J' ' ' 3--K , i K ogy. x fx 1, i i ,LQ ia- Z n.. X 1. 4s L 1: 5 I W V iii, eg S g sa .f 1 X 'R . . M 1 his I , ,. L V. F 6, 1 ' 'bv wr- 'X' A v , s r- ,.. 'V . e ' . lx V v A K J 5 . til. o . .s - ' ,K Y I N 4 rs x Regi tration altered to horten line ' 0Foust, Linda 'G. ..., .... L ake City ' f V lgeermanh Tcamngy G. .. .... Union vCity 4. M a ln, ec y . ..,.., ......... i ola VT' , vm 1 ' Qu Q I 0 wi, Gaines, Mickie E. ..,. ...,. N ashville ' .gk K 2 Q V I ,,-' ' L. .Lt 1, IIGV - Galaviz, Julie A. ......Venezuela i n - ii r , 'H L V Gantz, Rebecca J. .....Orient, Ohio . it . r ' ,' , X 7 ' . Garmon, Marsha A. ., ..... McMinnville . " 'YQ ,L 4 , L" . 55 4 Gentry, Harriet ....... .-.Cookeville it l lknem o l R Gibson- Jackie A- -tW- ---wwpoff 0Gibson, Sheila A. ,... .,... G adsden Gibson, Susan J. ......, .,... C rawford at Goodman, 'George W. ..,.. Maryville 1 if , Gore, Judy .....,...... , .,,.. Kingston 3 Gore, Susanne ..,.... .,..... C arthage 5 ' Gower, Pamela B. ..... Springfield J X, gram: tEJla,ineEV. ..... Towsoa, Mdd. l ' ,, YI I , o n . .... .,.,.. n ei a Tl Nfl X Griffith, Mark G. .. ...,. Nashville I 0Graham, Henrietta .,...... Crossville Grant, Pamela K. .. .... Goodlettsville fm- 1- 0 ,., . Gravley, Julia T. ....... ..,...... E tovnah f 55, Gregory, Johnny ......... ...,. N ashvllle " Guntherberg Rebecca C. ..,......,, Elora .. 'P Hale, Marjorie A. ........ .... C rossville f A mx A M Halfacre, Robert L. .... ...,. G ranville . 'Zi My? 'A I FH Halfacre, Teresa J. .. ..... Granville . Y 1 Hall, William L. .... .... B rentwood 0Hamilton, Kay ....... .... S weetwater ' ,Z , . A v Hancock, Phillip R. .. ...,... Liberty ' gr , "" g Hardin, Gene L. .... .......Linden 5 G Y v sl Harp, Mary H, ...... ....... L afayette X V . 'K ' 'X ' 5 ,ls Hargrove, Joseph R. ............ Nashville " "',, K ,F Hart, Nancy K. ............ Oliver Springs , Harvey, Claudia M. .....,.0liver Springs ', I Hawkins, Teresa G. ...... Portland .K X X. Hayes, Andrea L. ...Silver Point , - , 0Hayes, Tony B. .... Jamestown ' V 'by F 5 - Haynes, Shirley L. ...... Mitchellville 5 J- 8 ' , 2 , no ' F W Head, Arlene ........,. ....... L afayette , .N " ' ,l ' I L , l Headden, Kendal B. ...... .... M cKenzie HK' m-T ' I ' C' -VWV X T' ff' Hendrixson, Ronnie Lee ......,.SmithviIle ' I I " ' Y Hill, Deborah E. ........ . .....MaryvilIe , l 4 'M Hinson, Sarah K. ......,. ......... C elina ,wb , , Hobbs, Margaret F. ..,...... McMinnville 1 Sw. f 5 Hobbs, Terry M. ..... ...... M cMinnville ,. . 0Holder, James R. .... ....,. G allatin v ' . it Holland, Andrea F. ...., Sparta W V Q, 'Q 7 A Holloway, Harold G. .... Crossville I Q, ,,,,V N- 53 V K Honey, Jennifer A. .... ...... C arthaqe 4' , X A ' Hood, Linda L. ...... ..... M anchester . - I W T Hooper, Ronald c. .. .... .Nashville ' bf U " ' Hopper, Kathy M. . ...,. Nashville Q fi S Howard, Stephen F. .. .... Shelbyville l ' A Howland. Thelma J. .. ..... Nashville Step 6 seems to come much earlier since the new registration system went into effect 'fall quarter. Page 2 13 .. Manchester S' Q . 0Huffines, Betty A. Red Boiling Springs Hughes, Nancy ,, .... . Kingston Hunt, Ruby N. . .. Nashville Hyde, Elizabeth M. ..,, College Grove Hyder, Nancy J. ., . Crossville Jeffers, Nancy L. Winona Johnson, Harold W. Baxter Johnson, Ronny D. Johnson, Sandra G. 0Jones, Keven ., Joubert, Lorraine E. Judge, Larry V. , Kanter, Shirley A. Karch Alfreda Keckler, Sheila S. , Keene, Willie B. Kemp, Susan M, Kendall, James D. lKerr, Donald J. . Kirby, Bettye A. ,, Kirk, Wendell B. Kittrell, William C. Klasek, Martin A. .. Kolodi, Michael , LaCharpelle, Deborah Lane, Margaret A. ,. Larrea, Alfonso E. 0Ledbetter, Mary F ,. Ledford, Connie R. Ledgerwood, Brent Lee, Brenda G. .. Lee, Joyce A. . Lewallen, Rosemary Lewis, Jane C. ,. Lewis, Kathleen M. Lewis, Richard A. 0Lofty, Steven D, Loveday, Vicki J. Lynn, Elizabeth Lyons, John R. , . Lusk, Elizabeth P. . . Mahon, Mary M. ,. Marchbanks, James S. Martin, Gary D. , . Martin, Pamela G. . . OMason, Richard E. , Mason, Sandra K. Masters, Pamela A. . Mathes, Douglas B. Mathis, Larry D. . Mayberry, Stanton G. May, James A. . . Maynord, Charles Y. McBride, Brenda F. OMcCall, Jack B. McClintock, Joseph T McGugin, Janet G. McQueen, Randy E. McMillan, Philip E. McNew, Ben F. .. . Melton, Lonnie B. Meyer, Janet M. , Milam, Joyce A. . 0Mills, Dexter , Mills, Dianna H. Miller, Sarah C. Moore, Louis R. , Moore, Teresa A. , Morgan, Robert H. Morris, Dorothy A. Morrow, Helen G. Mullins, Ralph H. 0Murphy, Danny R. Murphy, Harold L. Murphy, Margaret D. Murphy Richard E. Neal, Karen A. Neal, William O. Netherton, Patricia Newman, Robert W. Newsom, Ronald K, 0Nichols, Janet A. Norval, Linda J, Norwood, William A. Nunley, Rebekah J. Oliver, Betti A. Parks, Roger D. Parsons, Rebecca Patterson, Kathy Phillips, David . , OPhy, Roger N. Pinkston, Danhy V. Pittman, Janice M. Porter, Alice E. Porter, Elyce E. Powell, Ebbie R. Powell, Martha D. Price, Gloria L. Pugh, Roy N. . ., Page 214 , . ...Alamo ,. Ashland City . .,Athens . Winchester Cookeville . Monterey ... . Nashville ., Hendersonville .. Carthage . Union City ., Maryville , . Lebanon . Tullahoma .. Gallatin McMinnville Atlanta, Ga. J. ,... . Nashville .. ., Cookeville Guayaquil, Ecuador , Cookeville Rockwood , . Knoxville ,.. Monterey .. Byrdstown . . , Oneida ,,., . . Sparta .. Windsor, Conn. . .,. Alexandria South Pittsburgh .,. . Knoxville . .Cookeville . , Memphis . . Nashville ,. ., Sparta , Sparta Tullahoma . . Nashville Walling Quebeck .. , Sparta ..... Louisville, Ky. . .Wartburg .. .. . Sparta . Cottontown Livingston McMinnville Carthage ,. Cornersville . Algood Shady Valley . Cookeville . , Clinton ,Livingston ,, . Palmer Oak Ridge . Sparta . Pikeville ., Nashville . . Old Fort . ., Sparta .. . Columbia . Dayton, Ohio .Lawrenceburg . Cookeville Jackson Cookeville . . Cookeville . Gallatin Erwin Jasper Cookeville . . McMinnville Memphis Nashville Cookeville Cookeville Athens Cookeville Riceville Monterey Decherd Lake City Nashville Whitesburg Morristown Nashville , . . Nashville .. Signal Mtn. Jamestown Orlinda Liberty 4' 6 J Z. l .5 t 'Y' i' 'L A :A at , L tl , A wt. 2. , .f 'Iv " Q . N- A 'fi , it get A 4. . .. - 1 - , A .3 ,P . il ii , T' -5 , is , in . 6-5 is .,,,. . ., V' iy-ie 7 if' K 8 H My .1131 ' . F -H 5. ,Ll . . A ,X , u ..., g , , K N-re . I VV.- f v . gn 4 it h ES. wi 15. A ti . ' . . '5 ., .c 'ge Y A 'K R , 5 6- J at v mx F 'Y . 1 ii. ' f V- , 1 , V A , ,gs 5 Q gf- 'Q B K .4 D W f ,, . .3 .V 6 lei, jg. .T 75 . A A vein , . ij ' nz. is I i S ' . 5 C, M - , mi ll ' " , Xcel 1' 1 ' . f K S -fi A 'H j it ' S i m ,,, . v Q .' ji ,N w, ' ,N , , D 5 N., S 6 gf , ,F .3 . -if Q f A Z . ix X, , . A." .."s :' J. af 'x A L4 in A A 'i , ,, '. " A - f . 'E 3 if 1 0Qualls, Ann E. . Raasch, Mary K. Rains, Myra L. . Rains, Sheila K. Randolph, Cheryl L. Rascoe, William S. Reynolds, Mary R. Rhea, Kenneth T, Rhoton, William D. lRickard, Katherine N. Riggan, Sam R. Robbins, Sara B. Roberts, Susan E. Roberts, Larry G. Rogers, Alfred W. Roggli, Patty D. Rossmaier, John F. Russell, Billy J. 0Savage, James D. Schild, David A. . Scoggins, Thomas D. Sharp, Edward D. Shepard, Brenda S. Shepherd, Phillip L. Sherrill, Kay C. .. Shugart, Brenda J. Simpson, Cynthia L. W F ,L . I , ,, ,Q , Sliger, 9 ' . - , , smith, 1 'f sf- Smith Smith, ff ' smith, .. smith, Spilma lSimpson, Peggy J. f Skelton, Reggy C. Karen S. .. Barbara J. George R. Letitia A. Sue A. Vinson E. n, Carol A. . 6 "L . 'lt ir 5 Q Qi I , f'1 tv. -uf - 'l ,,,, it ' I it L 0 1-K I X X l if K . JA .l - 5 ar A , ' gs. i LLM ii x A f , ey . , 6 1 ,Fin I ,M . w Q 0Spurlock, Kenyon N Standifer, Nancy A. Steele, Phillip R. . Steffey, Judy G. Stockton, Nancy F. Stooksbury, Debbie Swaney, Deborah D. Talley, Janice K. Tenpenny, Larry A. 0Terry, Stephen D. Thompson, Denny R. Thompson, Jan S. Thompson, Jenny L. Thomas, Michael E. Tigue, Peggy A. .. Tollett, Linda A. Turck, Karla J. Turnbill, Linda K. J.. I Underwood, Deborah D, Upchurch, Debra L. Vanhooser, Joe K. . Vaughn, Wilma J. Walker, Carlotta A. Walker, Carol E. Walker, Nancy L. Waller, Eva A. . Walters, Sheila A. 0Warren, Bobbye J. . West, Jerry L. White, Beverly A. Whitney, Gregg K. Williams, Donald L. Williams, Patti L. Williams, Barbara L. .. Williams, Cyril D. Willard, Gordon L. 0Williams, Steve A. .. Williford, Linda D. .. Willis, Steven W. .. Willis, Teresa J. Wilmore, Johnny E. Wilson, Nancy J. ......, . Winfree, Wesley A. Livingston ., Etowah , Pall Mall Jamestown .Hermitage Murfreesboro Greeneville McMinnville Lynchburg Oak Ridge Savannah Monterey . Rockwood . Shelbyville Winchester . Cowan Savannah . . Nashville McMinnville Atlanta, Ga. Quebeck . Nashville . Morristown . Lebanon Crab Orchard . Etowah Decatur .. . Sparta Waukegan, lll. Cookeville Waynesboro LaFollette , Baxter . Mountain City Gordonsville Cookeville Nashville ,McMinnville Nashville Kingsport Livingston Clinton Nashville Lewisburg . McMinnville . .. Gallatin . Fairview .. Chattanooga Oneida Gallatin Rockwood ., Pikeville Cookeville Clinton . Athens . Jamestown . Gallatin Nashville . . Moss . Spring City . Chattanooga , Nashville Portland Buffalo Valley Clearwater, Fla. . ..OId Hickory McMinnville . Green Brier , Shelbyville .. .Cowan .. Sevierville Rockwood ....Union City Oak Ridge . . . .Manchester Clinton Monoville .Athens . .Gordonsville Winningham, Carolyn J. ........ Crossville Witcher, Deborah N. Red Boiling Springs OWocdall, William J. Yentsch, Carol A. Young, John M. Yusypchuk, Gene J. .. .. . . . .Chattanooga . ...Chattanooga ..,......Gallatin ...Wayne, N. J. Page 215 New honorary SOCIETY on Campus Phi Kappa Phi honorary society was oflicially established on Tech's campus March 6, 1970. TTU is the second uni- versity in the state to be granted a charter of the honor society, following UT. Invitations were extended to undergradu- ates, graduates and faculty members. This group is concerned with the individ- ual's work in general, rather than in any one field of study. All other honorary fraternities on cam- pus are related to some area of study. ln these groups a member must maintain a high grade average in his particular field, plus a high overall average. Phi Kappa Phi encourages its members to learn about all fields of study. Dr. Savage with other Phi Kappa Phi members ad- mire Tech's newly acquired charter. Delta Tau Alpha is a national honorary fraternity for agriculture stuclenls Page 216 Carla Stafford presides over Pi Omega Pi, the honorary business fraternity. Kappa Mu Epsilon: Orion Miller, Pres.: James Mantooih, Treas.g Grace Pope, Sec.: Tom Aiexan- cler, Vice-Pres. fl 'vu Page 217 W---M-. -W , , , -W 1 L gk L i Alpha Kappa Psi shows off fheir sweetheari Nancy Jarrell in the Homecoming parade. Honor groups active Tau Beta Pi is the honorary group 'For recognizing achievemenf in ali fields of engineering. S ii, fr an 3' 2 . op.' V -ea aaro . Q i f Page 218 m-I if 'x ww I 1 2 The agriculiure fraternity, Alpha Gamma Sigma, Doses with its sweetheart, Brenda Blackwood. x,?YW Gllhlfllq WGA, 'I 44 DELTA CHAPTER 5 H 2 H , l X: ff . 5 . ,V fi '1 :Q M, Z 55 ffl I , K3 Y Afof , 2+ :Xiang V 7-"". 'fu' 4' 2 . -1 va .png ..,, M f-,,1-WN W, i A 'G f wwfww., Thelma Askew and Susan Compton represeni Gold Circle in ihc Homecoming parade. Page 219 Patterson named new co-op director The co-operative program is under the administration of the College of Engi- neering, though it also includes the fields of business, mathematics, chemistry and physics. The primary purpose of this program is to give a student work experi- ence and training in his field of study. It has been useful in providing financial aid to the student although it makes no guar- antees in this area. Under this program a student attends school for one calendar year, then works for a calendar year. He continues work- ing alternate years until graduation. Set up on the basis of a five-year period, the system includes two years being spent at on-the-job training. Even though the student is on this type of program, he must meet the same requirements for graduation as other Tech students. This year 240 students are involved in the co-operative program. In this group, 102 are employed in full-time jobs. The remainder are furthering or finishing their college education. The program has proven to be successful as more and more students are becoming involved in it. Jerry Estes adjusts an electronic control panel at the U.S. Naval Avionics Facility. NASA assigns Gary Fain to the testing of an ex- perimental "chatter indicator." Randy Rankin runs a liquid limits test on a soil sample in a district laboratory. s s s si! s sis p sisg s ' s s X s .COD I :'l-.: : ' ssfs's ss s I sis ss fssssxsisgs sfs ltlflil svsfs sslssssfsis sssss s sssiesfs: ssssss 5 Q ssss ,si sgsst Iss 1 2 gn., I i i gs. .2 'e- ,......-.-.- Page 220 CQ if-iff gssfif 3 ' is CC In , Numerous charts help Wayne Veach in his work at South Central Bell Telephone Company. Charles Smith finds testing is an important part of the Ford Company. 'nv 'Q' all .Q QQ 'nu- ' 5 5 'O ":":S":w""'s"' 5. 'C sm 1 6. S' 5' S' sf W0 in 5 'Q 15 C .lb CC S 5 g in 8 N CC C .W"s,i:x-yigsssxkpavv, ' ' 55 '55 Q5 0 x 35,85 gs' ,gs In 0. 'CC Q sig. '55 -0 QQ u vi XS Y- 0 Q ' s V s s 1 'ar J .IP uf- A ,.'0 'J s 0 C , 9:3-'sz -"ar:"5lP me sei-51 C warg- C 5 C its Xian Ct Q' SI--""i-1-"'s:.f t"4'.-S" C Aa' an C F C ,V -:Tie-eff.-'L' 'fs i f?-v Gerald Wrye, employed by Aladdin Industries, makes a time study of machine operation. X Q.. 4 CC 1 f I f Page 221 li, . ' A ' x f - ' ' . 5 'fi f ' ' i qi- 1 , ff K - .1,,-rm, Q E fi M f . . eg . fi 3 Qi Wg Q89 s ' Q --'I X A is . f Xfiy K t Q' 5:2 fl Ki A -' 'ii E If 2' T x? 1199 W ' , ici 223 1g s-5, v im S73 ' iii? if 2235 i. ' Q, ,Q BUILDINGS . . . four walls . . . Georgian architecture . . . columns, columns everywhere . . . CONSTRUCTION . . . Business . . . Student Center . . . another engineering addition . . . ALREADY FINISHED . . . Smith Lodge . . . Biology . . . D and E . . . Engineering facilities LANDMARKS . . . Derryberry Hall . . . The Quad . . . Overall Field . . . PROUD NEW RESIDENTS . . . ROTC . . . Football . . . Track . . Tennis . . . FOREVER WILL BE HERE . . . Bartoo . . . Kittrell . . . Infirmary Steam Plant and T-Tower . . . INSIDE . . . Labs . . . specialized equipment . Research areas . . . chalkboards . erasers . . . chalk . . . the usual . THE CAMPUS . . . THE CAMPUS V I 1 L 1 7 1 wwf ,,,,, M... L,,,,J,fi 1 Tech 1970 H Page 224 w AVL Tech 1960 sd? Page 225 -214 'Q' 4, xl '. N A it J 'S' ""i, V V 'r ':"' I X ,4 My Lv., :inf xi.-, 'IL V bi. , mx ,G X Mm, s V if gm' .xx t ,tx gi K Q .Jump --,f...,-of-' v... , 'x' .-. Yi -. t . , . Us in i i el ' J 1 ' Z V f, VVI. ui .VLQ 2 3 .Y 1 f wi -' ," Vg ww, ' 4 A I ,f--ff lE,Wf',,,., , 5 1 if ' tsii S i ' E- . 4, , ,l,1, .. , ' HY I ,y , V " S s . S S ' S.. ififi t its V -aff fi I ' ' V' ' w M ' my ig it V A AV . ,,, Q ff' 'fa 1 44 2 A " ' 1 ff. .fi 2 . . V .b ,, Li 1' 1 ' x , ii I if 1 fx, , pw-'il 'I Bill Draper uses one of the farm's favorite animals, Bossey, in a diary husbandry problem. grieulture utilizes both . Much of the land on the farm is used 'For raising ll GOI' Zll I PI'21Ct1CC and edging te'dC'oPS' If total acreage of each college was tal- Q' 6-sf 5. . . . . . - fit lied, the Division of Agriculture would far out distance all the others. fm- ' W as . Z ,ff X Offices and classrooms are in the Biol- i ogy-Agriculture Building. Here theories are formulated. Students plan farms, crops and livestock. -f ' But the farm is where the practical ex- perience is utilized. Every student works on problems involving every phase of farm life. Specialized equipment enables them to get better results. When Tech was put on university sta- tus in 1965, the School of Agriculture and Home Economics was formed. Since then the Division of Agriculture has expanded to meet the requirements and demands for agricultural specialists. Presently, the division offers three four-year programs and a two-year pre- forestry curriculum. Dennis Cunningham compares the varieties of grass that are available for pastures. Page 226 , m u 4 6 tk, I A 4 . J l 'ff 2 til Colorful displays are a regular feature in the home economics hallways. l The lounge is a favorite place for the home eco- nomics women to study between classes. E , Home Ee. uses Chemistry Building Using interior design, the Division of Home Economics has turned the top floor of the Chemistry Building into the "ideal" classrooms. A large, comfortable loungefor study- ing, meeting friends and resting is a fa- vorite room of the home economics ma- jors and faculty. Featured in this building are kitchen work areas, dining areas and spacious classrooms. Offices for instructors are also on this floor. Apartment J in Tech Village is the cur- rent home management residence. Offering two four-year curricula, the Division of Home Economics is under the supervision of Mary Below. Page 227 The newest structure for the College of Arts and Sciences is the Biology-Agriculture Building. Arts and Sciences headquartered in Henderson Hall With its diversified curricula, the Col- lege of Arts and Sciences covers more area than any other college at Tech. Headquarters for the college are in Henderson Hall. This building also houses the English and history and politi- cal science departments. Completed in 1968, the Biology-Agri- culture Building is the newest structure used for an arts and sciences curriculum. Lecture rooms, lounges for faculty and students and laboratories are the main- stay of the building. The Physics-Math Building, parallel to Overall field, not only houses mental ex- ercise, but because of its distance from the center of campus, getting to it takes physical stamina. Bartoo Hall and the Chemistry Build- ing are two other structures on campus used by the College of Arts and Sciences. The former is the home of philosophy and sociology. Foreign languages and chemistry are found in the latter. Paqe 228 A centrifuge app a chemistry lab. aratus is used to test formulas in Business Building to be completed by end of 970 Housed for many years in Kittrell Hall, the College of Business Administration will be moved to its new building by the end of 1970. With this new structure, there will also be expansion. Considerable more floor space in the building will allow room for more sophisticated equipment, lecture halls and better classrooms. Built in 1916 as East Hall, it was con- verted to the Business Administration Building in 1957 and renamed Kittrell Hall. The structure was named for Tom W. Kittrell, a former bursar of Tech. When the new building is completed, all business classes will be taught in the same building. Now, several courses in management are being taught on the top iloor in Derryberry Hall. Since its organization, Louis Johnson has been dean of the School of Business Administration. Under his guidance, the school has shown significant improvement and growth. X, 4 1.45 fl ...QQ-we -1 -. nr""r'aaqs Janie Rose practices shorthand dictation with the Cutting Slenclls requlfes 6 5fYlUS- ll9l1f Stand and L Q f l l ll li 'lx l 1 H aid of a tape recorder in shorthand lab. Patience- ii' itat..-.f The eclipse of the sun was viewed by many with Stress patterns are checked by an engineering un- the equipment in the engineering departments. dergraduate in a lab. En ineering soon to have six buildings Five buildings plus one under construc- tion make up the core of the engineering complex. The newest, an electrical and mechanical engineering structure, is two years old, the oldest, 28. Honoring the late governor, Frank Clement, Clement Hall houses the ad- ministrative staff of the College of En- gineering. Also included in its 62,000 square feet of floor space is the D. W. Mattson Computer Center, a suberitical nuclear reactor and nuclear engineering laboratories. Built in 1942, the Foundry is used by the industrial technology department. It has been equipped with the most sophisti- cated machinery available. To be completed by 1971, the Chemi- cal and Civil Engineering Building will cost approximately 552,365,000 It will be almost twice the size in floor space as Clement Hall. Tech has long been noted for its out- standing Collcge of Engineering-these facts are part of the reason. Page 230 These beams will support the sixth building in the engineering complex. Wd 5-5. ""'F"P s :mf J,-1 -s, V .dv ipusaiblvvw- www' '4""""b""1 " v - 4 .-. in if '55, ,:,. fl? F515 f 'i-- 'v5h'5l:e?M!V . Q'f?595,11'i2i3gg5gi ,W WHA. ..,,yw-Q-v-n 4? ,C 1 J zxll s S i , E 1 3 ,L A 3 Q- 1 i 7 f , 3 iii Joel Williams runs an experiment in the fluid me- chanics lab. Page 231 Education additions improve curricula Two major improvements have in- creased the value of the teacher-training program in the College of Education. Under one new program, education majors have the opportunity to see them- selves as teachers. Television has been utilized to set up micro-teaching situa- tions. In this methods course, the stu- dent teaches a 10-minute class to local students. Following the filming, the stu- dent is criticized by the rest of the class. A second improvement was made in the Learning Research Center-formerly the Learning Materials Center. Functioning similar to a small library, the LRC contains books, pamphlets, papers and other resource materials. During the 196O's, the College of Edu- cation showed significant growth. The increase, however, was not seen only in the new facilities-the College of Educa- tion now ranks as the largest college within the University. 3 Wafer safety classes are iauglii in the indoor pool in Memorial Gym. Page 232 ,I I .......'9 C' W Q K' g lp H k,,. The Education Building has become one of the most familiar buildings on campus. ---vi f vw Rebecca Parvin uses resources materials in the Learning Research Center to prepare a paper. X v 5 , x '7 2 lf L l wx, . K W ,Y E Micro-teaching has proven to be a valuable evalu- ation aid for future teachers. Page 233 MN"""'-'K ---.4 'W' Q13 53 lv if ,NHY 99' QM "' +4 N- 'QW ' M-:ii 'Wa K KK ' ,. Hfwi--:WM , va., lufg M u ,F M YI XAWQQK-N ny ' Q? 'v f, we .. 1 ., x Q, ' ' t A312 X ,K g , ,- ,. . -- 1 - Q ' 4 A 1 ww . - Ns. 'ik'N- wif. ' 2' I " ,.... fi .--.h k .M ,Q ,,4' E X' ,".K"T5 iv'f 5 L yr , . , . , 11- ' ' -- 3' X Ls H Q-ff E +. K - X if YK? 'N 'jr gKK , Y we mf' , m m, x V wi Q , 'M 4 K K L-,1 K 1 ,. 1 - K A +-K KK ' . . K .K K K K .. 4? KKK KK ,K tifyw. KK .2 A KK. SK ,X KK K K K I Mew www vp' un. ' KK K ff K--. KK mx 'K ,K14 U . , . Kg 23 A KR K K . . . ... , , ,V , - Q ' . . . i , 4 ' QS K if K 1 if. K , ' ,A KK aff -ax, K ,. KK ,KK K ' K K ,. 'Q J " 'xx A N I ' L? 'K' x Wwe 'i' K 'E 4 in 'V' r- - ' K K . ,N KK.KK j.g..K-, ..qK Km KK 'KK 'W fee - K K AKWK K KKKKKK K A ..,. KK K K . ., ,-x.,, . . K , Kai, . - J . ' su.. , ,s , . . mm Y Q A 1' -- -L ,.'A i, Q - , L -A E . . A ,L - A A A K K K . f Q K -Y,,. .M - qw KK K K, . KS KKKK K K K , . .L . 2' KK KK KJKK K . 4. i,,KK KM KKKK - s 4 ' 1 2 H :TER KK K w,,.,,i K f A My L ' L L .L K .,., . f ' A ' ' ' - J, . M 11 ' .K K KK KKKK K K K A KK KK KK K ,M KK -K WK Y ., . . .. -..,,,, .V K . KMKKMKKKK- K KK 3 - K ' f LL1-- W . I ' x 4 53. - , - KKKK , , ...,. ,,.. , ,,KK KKKK KK gh L 'd" 2,h. L 4 ' x' '. ,-W.M A.. - , Welcome back to Tech SALE . . . 50721 of . . . Fashion shows . . . The Knook No. Washington'Avenue Shopping Center . . . End of the year SALE . . . SHOP ON THE SQUARE . . . McMurray Roberson . . . shoes . . . dresses . . . suits . . . everything . . . GAS UP . . . Wayne's . . . Hi-Speed . . . ICE CREAM . . . Tastee-freez . . . 50 flavors . . . Dari Dip . . . RALPH'S donuts . . . Grimsley's . . . HUB of the Upper Cumberland '. . . I-40 . . . WHUB, Voice ofthe HUB . . . WPTN . . . Carry-out service . . . Pizza . . . Johnny's . . . LaLones . . . Wednesday afternoon closing hours . . . Saturday morning RUSH . . . COOKEVILLE ADVERTISING .,, ,. , ,gQY,,YQ155J, ' -Rf' 'W5-M vQ7X . M q4vg.-1gW,ww 2 , Ima, Q fix..,je,R'fQwx.,NxkX'ix-wl'::N"'+. T ., F-'N Q fr-fv t,gx . ' 'ME Um ' , " , Y'w.f wg maaf Eefix42, ' J K E x ' bb' ' " WN - W N 39 an N iff M L K NM "N , ,f i5w,7K?,' Q y3AXwl XAQV f U .,,. QV? x K K W , nb K., ,V . VM M W ,N .,: , , A , wg E x .L fbi w ,wg M, K, hw W I , gb, V Ta 'W-V, V, I 'W 1: I f , W, , , , 4,15 Anim, fy, I wfp, sm. ' K KA,-'Pf:"zf -ffsv . ' - a -'L, 5w,,Q,? yay, 'r,,3LH',g-f'..e", jigs., 571',.,.g, V, 'Q , . , g4s15," ,Ji 1, Q ,W " k'g?Tfy7 ' W Mae, ' '-My W! jf, w1.'4:'fVg' hfiu M H ,V-.hyiwwf ' . . , fn, ,..,h.,H 4- ,gffsf-iifk-, , , . ff-.1 .Vps pn , .' - , Ang 3i5,N , , ,M,l,f ,'Qy, ,QA-,g3QgQ fwLnn, V, i -WAXQZA ,,, A.4 .,2 '34 3 f .Lf :M ' ,iw ' ' 1' 'I ' 1 ' , ' , ,, Qs? L, 'A arch? fy. A . L' wr, t i,-QR Q ,Nbr -4 ' ,.,, V ,wvz ,, ,f f 1 wp 4. , W' 'VV ' K A -in 1 Y. 1 .W f we , V, f 'gf if ..,- ,Q -' Q1MKw'y?M- 9.1 1 Q jf F 4,-Q, 7, ,r vfffiw H f ,:,,,.' 3:',.4, Q , -Q ,fs Q f. X' Q f ' aa'- ' NV, vw' 'rffix ., .W-,W A, 5,4 fm 'wry 'lg 4 ,,. w,2f"E2L' .V+ ,rg A y W' in , '-V a 2, P E PS I QW Vg Q epsi-Colg Qozzlmg t 0 Goofewffe, QIIIIQSSQQ Page 236 Eagle Advertisers APPLIANCES Powers TV and Appliances AMUSEMENTS F8rW Amusement Company AUTOMOBILES KDealers, Supplies, Repairsl Bob's Body Shop Dunn's Auto Parts Clarence Stewart Auto Sales Goodyear Tire Center Titsworth-Denny Motor Company Woodford Motor Company BAKERIES RaIpl1's Donut Shop BANKS First National Bank fCookevilleI Cookeville Federal Savings and Loan First National Bank iSpartaI BARBER SHOPS Cookeville Motor Company Cookeville Recappers Grimsley's Bakery Citizens' Bank College Barber Shop BEVERAGES Coca-Cola Company Royal Crown Bottling Company Pepsi Cola Company BOOK STORES Jack Sells Bookstore The University Center CAR WASH Hi-Speed Car Wash CLEANERS Cottage Cleaners Model Cleaners and Laundry Ideal Cleaners One-Hour Martinizing CLOTHING STORES Bob's Shop for Men McAdoo's Ideal Men's Shop McMurray-Roberson, Inc. Jayson's The Knock Jenkins and Darwin Brothers Village Squire Men's Shop COMMUNICATIONS Herald Citizen WHUB Putnam County CATV WPTN, Inc. COSMETICS Merle Norman DAIRY PRODUCTS Cream City Ice Cream DRUGSTORES Jack Sells Drugs The Village Drug Medical Center Pharmacy West Side Drug Super-D Drugs FABRIC SHOPS Fabric Shop Stitch 'n Sew Fabric Shop Grady's Dry Goods FARM SUPPLIES Putnam Farm Supplies FIVE AND DIME STORES Lays 5 8: I0 FLORISTS Gunnel's Florist Sammie's Florist FOOD WHOLESALERS Institutional Wholesale Company Robert Orr and Company Kern's Bread J. J. Foutch and Son FUNERAL HOMES Dyer Funeral Home Whitson Funeral Home Hooper 8: Huddleston Funeral Home - FURNITURE STORES Furniture Showroom Walter Bracey Furniture Company Village Furniture Store GIFT SHOPS Gift Gallery GROCERY STORES Food Town Super Market HARDWARE Bob Poteet's Hardware INDUSTRY Maddux Hardware METCE Adams Plastics Cookeville Shirt Company Fleetguard Keene Corporation M id-South Pavers, Inc. Power and Condon Putnam County Chamber of Com- JEWELERS Williamson Jewelers LUMBER COMPANIES Cookeville Planing Mills Draper Lumber Company MILITARY Department of the Army, Tennessee Tech University, Military Science Dept. Borden Jewelry . MOTELS 8: HOTELS Rice Ramada Inn Thunderbird Motel SI1al'IIKS MOFQI Winona Mofal MOTORCYCLES Maddux Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Shop MUSIC Cookeville Music Company OFFICE SUPPLIES COCIY OHICE SUPPIY Hargrove Office Supply Ensor's Office Supplies PHOTOGRAPHERS Delmar Photography Martine Studia Harding Studio White studio 1 . PRINTING COMPANIES Herald .Ir Citizen Putnam Printing Company Memphis News Company Universal Printers McQuiddy Printing RELIGIOUS OPPORTUNITIES The Wesley Foundation RESTAURANTS B 81 B Grill Burger Chef Carl Bean's Dairy Queen Clara's Restaurant Greenwood's Drive-In Jack Frost Restaurant Burgess Falls ESSO East Side Shell Princess Theatre Putnam Drive-in Johnny's Ye Old Pizza M 8: R Dairy Mart Mickey's Dairy Diner Tastee-Freez Villa Inn SERVICE STATIONS Highland Rim ESSO Wayne's Pure Service TH EATRES Varsity Cinema Shop fig' V-Z f K -Y tl' 'A-:sr ' i1s'Sof P 1+ B , .x."s'-e'- V' ' ' Cm ik - Q, a , ' t THE WESLEY FOUNDATION The United Methodist Church at Tennessee Tech ' vez: fi f,,,.- ...l.......... TTT' - ..,,r ::,. f ,, I, ,T ur 12 Sunday 10:15 a.m. 7:00 p.m. Wednesday 6:00 p.m. Thursday 6:30 p.m. Friday 7:00 a.m. 7:30 p.m. Worship Forum Wesley Singers Holy Communion Koinonia Film Festival Coffee House FUSE Groups Arena Players Upperman Lectureship Conferences, Retreats, Luncheons Facilities-Arena, Campus Center, Men's Residence House -the Campus Center is open daily- Robert H. Lewis, Jr. Campus Minister Margery Hargrove Fine Arts Director Carolyn Chapman Choir Director Teresa Ensor Secretary-Receptionist Bob Bryce President, Council Donald Caplenor Chairman, Board Page 237 --V- , i mvmwg A Francbised nationwide by Burger Chef Systems, Indianapolis FOOD GOOD ENOUGH TO LEAVE HOME FOR 310 East Tenth St. Cookeville, Tenn. THE MEMPHIS NEWS COMPANY WHOLESALE BOOKS ADVERTISING SPECIALIST BOOK MATCHES Since 1864 141 Neil St. Memphis, JACK SELLS DRUGS CSDFQCEU !l.Zt-ng in Qersonalilzed Cslervice Day 526-7 I 93 Nights 526-4982 Corner of Dixie and Broad Cookeville, Tennessee P 238 Around the Corner rom ig W gl I f Y f, -A n W Romeo UNDER Aun-loklrv OF THE cocA-coux COMPANY av . . n c ' Coca-Cola Bottlmg Co., Cookeville Pg 239 Portraits by . . . filmftine Northside Center Cookeville, Tenn. 5 2 6 - 5 1 8 1 It you think there is a Communication Problem on campus, then do something about it! Join the EAGLE and ORACLE staff Be a part of the BEST! The Crdcle JoHNNY's YE OLE PIZZA SHOP Visit johnny's at our new location . . . 700 Block N. Dixie 449' l l l ll Sammie's Florist in Red Lion Building we sell every blooming fhing also beautiful imported gift ifems X 47 N. CEDAR AVE. Free deliyefy 526.9519 TEE PHONE 526-6422, 526-7545 '39, 'mf' NIGHT 526-6746 YOUR Cggaslzion Genter JAYS 0 N 'S geaturing tlze Qest lin efaclies y gieaclg-tw wear West Side Shopping Center Cookeville, Tenn. Page 241 7 The Gift Gallery Zi for QOLM' 808111 H894 ZI4 Spring Streel: Cookeville, Tennessee MODEL CLEANERS AND LAUN RY Phone 526 9 9 526-21 COTTON JOHNSON O BRANCH OFFICE 705 Mahle A Phone 526 Complete laund y d d y l g s C k ville T Phone 526-7I I5 AND THUNDERBIRD MOTEL CLARA'S RESTAURANT COOKEVILLE FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION All Accounts Insured By An Agency of the Federal Government Cookeville Federal Savings and Loan Association East Broad Street Cookeville, Tennessee Anticipate Tomorrow by Saving Today ' il , I ll ,S in ilt xii ' I ' , x ' ll 60 Ylnits ' csjwimmlng moo! Near Interstate Cgeleplzone in every room ' .gm-gm Radio S H. h Cgree Gofor ' Gfaras mestaurant on parte Ig way Page A mee ., , lf, a , J.. ,JI ' W till . i r ,ff l ,A UTUQRINQ Q! ,, V 1 2 V M ,V 1 A , A, i ky iwrmrffq JC' 9, Ilr, I' ., ' ' V 'W A far ., n. 1 .1 fl-4 A' ,I , A, H ,,, -2 f, J 'A lf ir' Ill Ill IFE ll 'Wil Y" 1 ? l.lV .-,"" " I fr lmmlml m -if if: ' M H V V 4 V A , . l IFB i In , 1 Q J i . 7 " Q L of 1 T , , iw' --www" H -a.i"'.: 4 f, rf"" l-'flu , 'Ah' " X "7 . V- L " -H -we -f -A - ""- ' ' 1' 'ffl 2 m .w-E70 AT , f ?ff'2'1f -TL-7'-ffl " YW 'Wai A M 'eifl' NWWV' mi' " f- ,W H I , ,- -, 'wo n mf, 1f+K ,,f a"H ' W? :wi-" ' 'ef 1 'Wg-4 , 44 it 1, A' V "' , .' uw ,.,,,,, ,,,, A if "gn . ". . . in "' "ofa-WwmM.fm+4+mswh.uum.QwaQ ffl.-..,..,,,.,,,,.,' ' U V A if ,lf ' 'if i J " 1 A 1 fu .M , . .M n l r"ffi', f?f-Q.-'h-v-44of4-'ff-1--1y'.1'e:vsv,, A' ' -nv n s ,L - . A' ' -.7 "2 V , n "M ',2'?""7'l-XG:-:gn-..'y2MW V' KA. ' ' Q I- b ,, ,ww - J ,777 H 7 , ,I ww 3, 'gy . . V. w s. ,.V,,,-yy. I,,,: ,, A .- , ..-- U ,, ,A -- ' A -,aww , il ag .-,, A. RN A. A 'A A A:g,g?: V rw: ,V , i '2 1 , V4 A' W ,, .a -gifs,-,yQ,,,:,,,f '31 ,AQ .M A so Q' .Egfr A 5? ' ez ff , of fw,,,-i:l,5 L l. pq, ' ,R It ',,. ci ,. 6 X ' 1 , H-,W M - W thai, V- ,,q,g,'Qef A ' '1 -- gf, ' J, , , .vw .V aw '-3,1 l egg S . , . .aafg5,5ig4,g:,ff,JeQf:z 1 nf .1 ,. r .,., , - W M ' . . Ik! 1 14r""4,,.H gg -f . H. ' vi g " 'i.'., Q, ?n1's1,g,.,,jgjgng,.?1 . .f,Ay,,,43"3iiTXa:.f' 5' ---4- A. 3 ,7,, - 4 ' V ' 1 I h A ,, ep ' , 3-.Iggy , I i - Q L 3' ,mx .xi -, ,, , H M 'uv Q grim 1- is - 'Hz ' A - ,,, ,, ,Q 'NN :...' ' .. ' ' ' ' '. V i. Th- S - w 3 5. 1' ,rffi?"'Tsfn-rag-Q'gu,?1 .4 " cxefxu 2' fl i f 'r' ii,,., 'g w w ' ' an 9 -fr Q A g2 ,.frM.. -Q.. 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Cookeville, Tennessee Telephone 526-9767 0 New and Used Mobile Homes 0 Travel Trailers 0 Hertz Rent-a-Car I l I Ael'l E ill s,:, ,':' .,.nt:: 2 f . . .,r,.,,,.....,r.....,,. C . ' ..'Z5 S' Ill ,o . .,v t Q l'l4 l"' "': :"' CUSTCM BAKIYG OUR SPECIALTY WHOLES LE - RETAIL Breakfast, Sandwiches, Coffee 8: Soft Drinks 24 HOURS A DAY Dial 526-5200 29 N. ceouz - cooxevme Twi WHITSON FUNERAL HOME Branch-Baxter Funeral Home QI 6 . e t 0 Phone 526-2I5l Baxter, Tennessee 'gym qwpm n ' 30 N- Dixie AVGUUG Page 249 W 4 ':ffL!Qg:fHm,,v y.,,,,,, eww' I 1 ,4- f f Xrrk .. F ,Af fe?f?f?If . ",, A V . . T I., COOKEVILLE RECAPPERS Your B F. Goodrich Store Recapping - Repairing - Kelvinator Appliances - Motorola TV 407 E. Spring Phone 526-4862 AD 1, Z Village Squire ' ' ' ' ElFi.'is Men's Shop MANUFACTURERS OF VILLAGE SHOPPING CENTER FOOTBALL PROTECTIVE EOUIPMENT Cookeville, Tennessee 38501 P. O. BOX 489 TELEPHONE 526-ZIO9 Home of COOKEVILLE, TENNESSEE Hart Schaffner C? 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Box 3l3 Phone 526-9749 Page 253 A ig 7 Welcome Tech Students K DQQG STORE' DISCOUNT B , JACK FROST Qrescrzptaons and RESTAURANT A Qamgs Gosmetlcs Phone 526-9786 Corner Washington and Algood Cookeville, Tennessee Phone 526-4787 57 W. Broad St GODDYEAR TIRE CENTER STOP IN- CHOOSE FROM Gef OUR COMPLETE UNE, GDDDHEAR AI fh " T" fortgggjfiri drgtilzr. TIRES - nu . U T, mn csmg , A ,T T www on '.'.-.- 'M - 9 vm-mrs :K 1 . I :."' ' 'ku I ffl etftvt EEFEEF 4 '15-- he POLYGLAS 40,000 MI. TIRE for every cor - every need. SERVICE DE PT. - ' MAJOR MOTOR TUNE-U PS ' BRAKE 8- ALIGNMENT ' MUFFLERS 8- SHOCKS Free Inspection DIAL 526-9569 MS 126 S. JEFFERSON AV COOKEVILLE Pg 254 W! wave WHUB I400 kcs. AM In the 98.3 mcs. FM Uppef Cumberland I Powers Television Lay S and Appliances Variety Store Raymond H. Ballard -Manager West Side Shopping Center 8-I0 West Broad Phone-526-4748 SALES AND SERVICE Zenith-Magnavox Color TV-Stereos Tape Recorders 2I West Broad Cookeville, Tenn. Phone 526-63 I 6 HOOPER AND HUDDLESTON FUNERAL HOME, INC Modem Air-Conditioned Funeral Ho Phone 526-61 1 1 me bl S ' also the new AB fT h ALGOOD CHAPEL Phone 557-6312 fi IUERLE HORITIHH Free Demonstrations Given by Appointment 46 East Broad 526-6576 b 1 5 ze XX 2: H uwy to Stitch'n Sew Fabric Shop 855 E. 10th St. Cookeville, Tenn. 526-9191 Cookeville Motor Company F 85 W since 19:6 AMUSEMENT CO. gz ,C mceawfey, g,.,02a1,,A mceawfey am! games Tnulflnax The latest hits Fggclsgrxl first in phonograph MUSTANG "ffm THUNDERBIRD MERCURY Complete Vending Service CQMET COUGAR Phone 526-4011 17 W. Broad Cookeville Phone 526-3325 III5 Easl: Spring Cookeville, Tennessee SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE al: the Jack Sells Bookstore we apprecla te your husiness ,,.,-.X l e 1 X .XY 'ae if Pago 257 Any night is a good night VARSITY CINEMA OR PRINCESS THEATRE to enjoy a good OR h movie at t e PUTNAM DRIVE-IN THEATRE A .pin .. .z .i S 1 . QiS,:,: Page 258 iii f . as I 4- " ' .- i I I -fl J . 31 4-in . MCMurray,RObCrSOn Shopping Center of the Upper Cumberland The Home of Style and Quality IHC. On the Square Cookeville Tennessee P.O.BOX 1087 NASHVILLE 2 TENNESSEE ROBERT URR 81 . uf' 7 as F t -"N" ,iz Q5"""t55' . . ,'l2""'l'9! WJ322? A 'l04tl1 Anniversary COMPLETE LINE 0 Frozen Foods 0 Canned Goods 0 Paper Supplies ' Sanitation Needs 0 Restaurant Supplies 0 Coftee Roasters 0 Fresh Fruits 8. Vegetables 0 Equipment Engineers Cookeville Music Co. East 1st 8: Washington 1526-16121 Pianos 6 Organs Band Instruments Kimball King Baldwin Bach Drums Buescher La Chambre Rogers AP0110 Guitars Amplifiers gig: Fender Hofner Gibson A1 Ace Tone varez Musical Instruction Sheet Music Piano Tuning 84 Repair Method Books Musical Accessories Rental-Purchase Plans Page 259 s GRADYS DRY GOGDS AND GRADY'S FABRIC CENTER West Side Shopping Center Cookeville 526-2033 COLLEGE BARBE Ill- PEEII CAR l' A H 1 261 Shipley Avenue Cookeville, Tenn. E YVn WV 727 Y Y YY M W 210 aSt 8th Street 1 CAR wAsH GlgiiRUfClldS6d jrgargllash Price l 21 Free l JUST oFF THE CAMPUS WITH p 'rffggf' ,wif ,om 743 PURCHASE i '7 he l 51' Rl l, ,QL oR59L,,, ,l We Need Your Head in Our Business OF I lj M fm 1 13 V 335 l G soLlNE E A-l gl: l A' 1b f i.o7 1 Y p ' 9 C 21 gs l HAIRSTYLING You me b Y Ho iw R eu? R ie 2115? 1 nof buy f and drive X ' 6 51.39 "W X Eflean :cf f ennies?M 5 51,477 H l CAR 52.00 Cookeville Tennessee +RH0N0RED : Sh ll C dt C rds - Masler Charge - B k A d Pg 260 Wie DUN N'S AUTO PARTS Briggs 8: Stratton and Clinton Engines Complete Line of All Auto Parts 125 East Spring Sr. Telephone 526-6134 Cookeville Tennessee RALPH'S IJUNUT cgpen Q4 X 7 Jays a week X . . . 30 varieties of cfonuts lzours a alay- e specfa :ze in cafes anal coofles or a occasions Phone 526-423 I Cookeville, Tenn. JENKINS af DARWIN BROS., INC. Pay Cash and Pay Less A Good Store in a Good Town Cookeville, Tenn. 35 W. Broad Pg 261 PUT A TIGER IN Ml TANK! MICKEYS DAIRY ii ? 'on li n DINER Burgess Falls EA Esso h "Home of the Slim Jim , and Tech Burger" Owner: ll F d Tl' Thick Shakes 8. Mans lnferstate 40 8: Burgess Falls Road I403 N. Washington Avenue Cookeville, Tenn. Cookeville' Tenn. Phone 526-91 I2 Phone 526574' COOKEVILLE SHIRT COMPANY Manufacturers of "Washington Dee Cee" Dress Shirts 106 North Walnut Cookeville, Tennessee ARMY ROTC The opportunity for leadership is avail- able to all. Leadership need not be lim- ited to the elite. Although most male campus leaders are ROTC cadets, as- piring for the tremendous opportunities of a commission in the uniformed ser- vices of their country, ARMY Second Lieutenant Commissions are available to all who qualify and have initiative. YOU, TOO, CAN BE A LEADER. Opportunities for further education and for duty in specialized areas of en- gineering and management are available to those who desire to serve their coun- try in the most admirable way, as a com- missioned officer. The horizon is bright and the oppor- tunities are great for those who have initiative. ARMY ROTC teaches the tools of leadership, the ARMY and the Nation uses them. Become a part of the move- ment for a better America: learn to lead, JOIN ARMY ROTC. Colonel Edward P. Downing and the Tech Military Science Department con- gratulate the I970 Graduates of Ten- nessee Tech. 'ROTC plus STUDENTS with INITIATIVE equate to LEADERS FOR THE FUTURE. Page 63 GUNNELS FLORIST "Home of the Tenn. Tech Mum' IO4 N. Washington Ave. Cookeville, Tenn. Putnam Farm Supply S. Jegefson o JOHN DEERE FARM 216 W. Spring Phone 526-7071 EQUIPMENT 0 ALLIED MILLS FEED O U.S. STEEL PRODUCTS "A private enterprise doing business with private people" Phone 526-6666 526-2382 Owner Clarence B. Palk, jr. Cookeville, Tenn. Complete Line of Dress Goods, Patterns, Notions, Etc. Drapery Material and Drapery Hardware "Draperies Made to Order" Page 264 B 81 B Grill and , Recreation Center Specialty: all types of short orders Qfluq open 7 'til Midnight 7 Days a Week Phone 526-5822 "everyone welcome" ere Q ' like U7 Park Village Shopping Center Cookeville, Tenn. Behind BSU-Cedar and 7th Cookeville Phone-526-3039 DRAPER LUMBER COMPANY BUILDERS HARDWARE 0 STORM DOORS AND WINDOWS 0 WINDOWS-DOORS PANELING-PLYWOOD 0 SHEETROCK 0 FLOOR COVERING 8: TILE INSULATIONS 0 ROOFING 8: SIDING 121 Poplar St. "General Line of Hardwaren Cookeville Page 265 Jlllf Wll.I.IlIIVlSUN JEWEIERS Phone 526-4551 32 West Broad Cookeville, Tenn. gewel ers o fbistinction MADDUX HARDWARE .if COMPANY IZQI Q21 I x Phone 526-2134 M .. ,7 On the Square Home of Usual and Unusual Items Cookeville, Tenn. NORTH AMERICAN ROYALTIES, INC. Gordon Street, President Chattanooga, Tennessee 37402 WHELAND FOUNDRY DIVISION One of the nation's largest and most modern production facilities. OIL AND GAS DIVISION Minerals ownership, exploration and development. Paqe 266 KEENE KEENE KEENE KEENE CORPORATION KEENE FLUID HANDLING DIVISION if M fwifw J Y, , Us ,, ,v,,,,.., , ,, ,,,,. A O 'W 2,M"Qw, U f-5 ' I , Hi , J f V .,,, , ,,,. THE UNIVERSITY CENTER BOOKSTORE "Serving Your University" Pg 268 f - . E2 2 1 i - - .. sl k.KNN' A 5 ' - , 1 k Q lunu "' 3 xl. gl I K T ,vw .. xv H n-an W-1-ff' "lf" Mm ,W , kg Q V.-x:,,,.,,.... - k 'V A T , 4 Ag MK: gl' 15, , K- my '-' .4 'I-fif' ll . My ' E Q rug wild f 1. - ' -Y' X W f ,,, mil- fb , - f fi' , Q, -,-.xx T FQQH.'w.n::z5Q37Uf is EEER E 'f 1 ETE 'X L. ' lf, I ' . V X' Q-M215-Sf, . E N BOB'S BODY SHOP Ex pert Body Work 669 West Broad Street Cookeville, Tenn. Phone 526-2558 One noun 'YIIMIMIZIIIGT' 55 N. Walnut Phone 526-5227 One-hour service Three-hour shirt SCIVICC Alterations Drive-in window All kinds of monogramming Cgliencfltg CSJ8I'Ut.C8 jhove else . . . BORDEN JEWELRY 'gewelers Since 1900 H I36 East Broad Street Phone 526-4632 Cookeville nnnuuuunuuznnhanunuuui- 534121-.fx-2,-ef 4. . f ,gl MEMBER on v iw? ff' .1 1 ' X i V'h.'ZIUlZrf'L ' E ., 73f"1':ff1f,Qf1' :f!'r':' I - lliuu-w , L. Q I l i I Arr Filters Fuel Filters DIVISION OF CUMMINS ENGINE COMPANY, INC. Hydraulic Filter Systems Oil Filters COOKEVILLE. TENN. Mid South Pavers, Inc. B' 'Al is Agricultural Limestone Service Y E A R S in Meats Crushed Limestone for Every Purpose Serving Putnam and Adjoining Counties Phone 557-6535 Formerly Algood Limestone Co. J. J. Foulch 8. Son Packing Co. ' COOKEVILLE. TENN. 3850! Algood, Tenn. Page 270 Office HARDING STUDIO Supply FINE PHOTOGRAPHS I9 S. Jefferson Kodak, Bell eff Howell and Polaroid Dealer Amateur Finishing Phone 526-7 I 3 I A proud and dedicated friend O of Tenn. Tech Students and Faculty 45 West Broad Street See us for all your needs in office machines, equipment COOKEVILLE, TENNESSEE and supplies 526-4510 39 West Spring Cookeville Tennessee Phone 526-7390 Maddux Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Shop --. 5 age 271 HUHBERSS -,Q 1--ci- X at , S AH.,-f L., lismm mmww .-fff',:e:',.F'k 2-v 3. E. it's fun to eat at 33 226- Q22 NEAR CAMPUS AND SPARTA ROAD COOKEVILLE. TENN. X .M-"' PUTNAM Slmnkg PRINTING COMPANY otor Hotel 1927-Our 44th Y6211'-1970 Drive-in Registration at N010 in OW' New Building Motor Entrance To Serve You Better Ralph H. Win jack Wirt AIR CONDITIONED Telephone: Area Code 615: 526-9708 OFFICE STATIONERY WEDDING ANNOUNCEMENTS CARDS Corner Broad and Cedar Cookeville, Tennessee West First PhOI'1C Cookeville Tennessee ,, L, 1?'f,1'e , f . , I L A 2 we f I - ,V . . - . v- --.L- WAYNE'S PURE SERVICE Electronic Phone 526-8036 Owner: Wheel Balancing 990 N. Washington Charlie Netherton Page 273 Specialist in School Photography and Yearbooks. Better Portraits-Finer ' Yearbooks-We Do Both. lt ls a Pleasure to Serve The Tennessee Tech Bonner lvlcEn-lilre District Representative Eagle- 24:1 Dundee Lane DELMAR PHOTOGRAPHERS NaShSlfifem' Carl Bean's DAIRY QUEEN Shakes 0 Sundies 0 Malts Sandwiches o French Fries Cedar Ave. and Spring St. Cookeville Tennessee HIGHLAND RIM SERVICE STATION all type repairs complete tune-ups wheel balance air-conditioning service Sparta Highway at I-40 526-9513 Pg 274 BOB POTEET'S HARDWARE 526-2542 227 E. Spring Cookeville, Tenn. "We Call For and Deliver in Cookeville Daily" COTTAGE CLEANERS Cleaning, Pressing, Repairing Cold Storage for Out-of-Season Garments WE GIVE TOP VALUE STAMPS Phone 537 9522 Algood, Ten WALTER BRACEY FURNITURE COMPANY Exclusive Dealership in Pufnam County for FRlGlDAlRE Appliances and SEALY Bedding and Living Room Furnifure I3 N. Cedar Cookeville, Tenn. Phone 526-5540 CECIL DAVIS' West Side Drug West Side Shopping Center Medical Center Pharmacy Oak and Third Pg 275 65. . .se -QQ T1fSWOfIh - Denny X05 Q6 CJ Motor CO. lcgsqfx I koi Lag DODGE t Cleaners and Men's Shop Power-GD" Tnucxs 'DQR II8 N Cedar Cookevulle You can tell we re good guys I S We all wear wbzte hats' sIKiAIUII FURNITURE SHOWROOM VILLAGE FURNITURE STORE 228 E. BROAD ST. VILLAGE CENTER PHONE 526-3301 PHONE 526-7156 P9 I 'Y fa 'Qu QQ 9' 'Q 01 THINK FIRST OF . . . First National Bank Cookeville, Tenn. Supporters of Tenn essee Tiech Smeg 1915 Ralph Dyer Paul Dyer Dyer East Sicle Shell FUNERAL HOME 798 South Willow Ave.-P. O. Box 7lI Telephone 526-7l58 COOKEVILLE, TENNESSEE 3850i SHELL NlW Tune-ups, Fishing Supplies Complete Funeral Service Moclern Facilities 24-Hour Ambulance Service , 55 N. Washington Ave. Cookeville, Tennessee Phone 526-2062 Air-Conclifionecl Oxygen Equipped Tech students ' A 203 East Ninth enloy Phone 526-8011 Pg 278 N 1 -,,..-s-nlf- -... ,,. ,S K M 8: R DAIRY MART Tasty Food and Snappy Service Owned by: Melvin 8: Reba Gentry West Broad EAST SIDE MC ' T BEAUTY SHGPPE Owner Rffsalie TiPf0H Headquarters of nationally 0PWf0'f gfnown Qrands Sylvia Long Juanita Bartlett A Good Store In a Good Town Linda Carr Paulette Roberts Also service and sell bairpieces, wigs, falls and wiglets on the square Cookeville above Marchbanks Drug Store Tennessee Pg 279 Putnam County Chamber of Commerce salutes The Upper Cumber1and's Greatest Asset -- Tennessee Technological University H ui s U11iVCfS21 Printin Com an I Thesis bl' lo d ' Esta is e m 1912 0 Election Materials O Resumes 0 Posters-Tickets All Kinds of Building Lumber . Social Invitations Robert W. Lowe, jr.-Owner . Small Publimliom 660 W. spring Cookeville, Tennessee Telephone 526-9771 Cookeville Phone 526-4142 Page 230 HIKE HUIWE BREAD MB Ad Py 312,000,600 w A This is the amount of revenue that , Zan, Tech brlngs to Cookevllle annually E? q Support Eagle X? 0 . Q 0 Adzfertzfem 'i v i . 0 I Th' fig courtesy of Putnam County Ch b f C Abbott, Larry Edward-I57 Adair, James Gary-I57 Adair, Jerry Dwain-I93 Adams, Kenneth Ray-l57 Adamson, Marilyn C.-I57 Adcock, Roy Alton, Jr.-I93 Adcox, David Murray-I57 Addington, Sheila Nannette-2I2 Nelda Wilmore- I 6 I Anderson, Addison, Cheryl Godfrey-2I2 Addison, Philip Andrew-l57 Agee, Michael Lee-2I2 Akens, Larry Grey-I57 Alexander Alexander Alexander Alexander, Alexander Alexander, Alexander, , Brenda Ann-205 Iona Maryann-205 Larry Dale-I57 Michael Howard-I93 Robert Edwin-I57 Samuel Thomas-I93 Steven Baker-I93 Allen, Edith Lynn-2I2 Allen, Fred Jackson, Jr.-205 Allen, John William-I57 Allen, Mable Jean-2I2 Allen, Oneda Faye-I57 Allred, Kenneth L.-I57 Am, Ende Bruce-205 Ament, Cassandra Jean-2I2 Ament, Jacqueline Sue-157 Amonette, Freddie G.-I57 Amonette, Gwendolyn Lane E.-I57 Anderson, Glenda-I93 Anderson, Helen Page-l57 Anderson, Jerrilyn Anne-I57 Anderson, Joseph Nelson-l57 Anderson, Katherine Jo-2l2 Anderson, Michael Carl-I57 Anderson, Richard Burton-205 Anderson, Robert C.-I93 Anderson, Ruth Gribble-I57 Anderson, Toni Lynn-205 Anderson, William Hugh-I57 William Wayne-l57 tudent Index Barton, John Douglas-I58 Barton, Stephen Harold-I58 Baskin, Jerry Cleveland-2I2 Bassham, Robert John-I58 Bates, Bruce Nelson-l58 Bates, Howard Peyton-l93 Bauer, Thomas Michael-I93 Baugh, Rebecca Derryberry-I58 Baumgartner, Jannie Kay-l58 Baxter, Alana Marie-205 Bay, Robert Thomas-205 Bayless, Patricia Jean-l58 Beaird, Sharon Gay-2I2 Beam, Walter Lynn-I59 Beaman, Linda Ray-2l2 Bean, Daisy Carlene-I93 Bean, Dixie Alene-205 Bearden, Vyron Calvin-205 Beasley Sarah Dalton-l59 Beaty, Karen Beth-205 Beaty, Stephen Lane-2I2 Beavers, John Thomas-205 Beck, Carol Janet Skelton-I59 Beck, Patrick Martin-205 Beesley, Donna Frances-205 Bell, Jack Lester-I93 Bell, Kathryn Elizabeth-205 Bell, Lanny Partin-I59 Bell, Robert Charles-l93 Bennett, Horace W.-I93 Bennett, Ronnie Jimmy-I93 Bennett, William Herman-l93 Benson, Geraldine--I93 Bergeron, Robert Derek-I93 Berry, Brenda Ann-2l2 Bewley, Deborah Jean-2I2 Bhoomsiri, Noppaphorn-I59 Bianco, Vincent Alton-2I2 Bickford, Sharon Lynne-l59 Bidd Barbara Joyce-I93 Bobo, Apple, Ray Arthur-205 Apple, Vickey Goolsby-I57 Archer, Michael Freed-l57 Argo, Boyd Wayne-205 Armstrong, Donna Lynn-I93 Arnett, Margaret Ruth-205 Arp, William Brian-I57 Ashby, Joe Randall-I57 Askey, Thelma Jane-I57 Astin, Bonita Sue-2I2 Atnip, Deborah Leah-157 Austin, Steve Patrick-2I2 Aylward, Robert William-2l2 Babbitt, Jesse Albert-I58 Babcock, Sheila Ann-I58 Bacon, Beverly Ann-I93 Baeuerlin, Carl Richard-205 Bailey, Kathy Lucilla-205 Bailey, Walter Wesley, Jr.-I93 Bain, Gary Kendall-I93 Baird, Robert Edward-2I2 Baker, Gerald Lee-205 Baker, John R.-I93 Baker, Robert Walker, Jr.-I58 Baker, Tommy Roy-2l2 Baldwin, Deborah Jean--2I2 Baldwin, Robert Lynn-I93 Bales, David Paul-205 Ball, Daniel Harlan-205 Ball, Steven Michael-I93 Ballard, Janet Gail-2I2 Bandy, John William-I58 Bane, William Dewey-I93 Yu Bilbrey, Alice Charlene-2I2 Bilbrey, Bobby Gerald-I59 Bilbrey, Jack Bruce-l59 Bilbrey , Margaret Lucille-205 Bilbrey, Melinda Moore-205 Bilbrey, Ralph B.-l59 Bilbrey , Sandra Gail-205 Billings, Connie Juanita-I'-73 Billings Deborah Orvilene-205 Billingsley, Don Edwards-2l2 Bingham, Rickey Dale-I93 Binkley, Frederich H., Jr.-I59 Binkley, John Raymond-205 Birdwell, Elwyn Terry-2l2 Birdwell, Joyce Marie-I59 Birdwell, Marilyn Mae-l59 Birdwell, Wilma Robbins-l59 Bishop, Jane L.-I59 Bishop, Kenneth Alan-205 Bishop, Sharon Ann-205 Black, Kenneth Monroe-l59 Black, Martha Gail--l59 Blackburn, Jackie Ray-2I2 Blackwell, James Edward-205 Blackwell, Rodney Burke-I60 Blankenship, Betty Ann-205 Blankenship, Patricia Ann-I93 Blanton, Marvin Glynn-205 Blaylock, Marian Elaine-205 Blaylock, Nancy Pearle-I93 Blocker, James Richard, Jr.-l60 Boatman, Carolyn- I 93 Boaze, John Lee-l60 Bobo, John T.-l60 Bobo, Richard Wayne--2I2 Ru pert Lynn-I 60 Barber, Billy Ray-I93 Barger, Willa Maurine-I93 Barker, Deborah Anne-2l2 Barker, Shirley Carol-I58 Barnes, Carol Ann-205 Barnes, Deborah Elizabeth-205 Barnes, Harry Edward-I58 Barnes, James Cyril-205 Barnes, Phyllis Elain-I93 Barnett, John Alvin--I93 Barnett, Larry Roger-205 Barnett, Michael Eugene-I58 Barrett, David Gardiner-I58, I93 Barry, Charles Dennis-I58 Barton, Doris Faye-205 Page 282 Boles, Jan Ellen-2I2 Bolton, Carl Thomas-205 Bomar, Bruce William-I93 Bond, David Clark-I60 Bonine, Gary Kenneth-I93 Booker, Karen Elaine-205 Borden, Phyllis Jean-I93 Borum, Larry Kinsey-I60 Boston, William Terry-205 Bottenfield, Deborah Dewar-I 60 Bow, David Carl-205 Bowe, Nathaniel Woodson, Jr.-I93 Bowers, Linda Carol-I60 Bowers, Mary Alane-205 Bowers, Patricia Kay-I60 Bowker, Elizabeth Anne-I93 Bowman, Dale Lee-205 Boyd, Beverly Carolyn-l60 Boyd, Chris Allen-2I2 Boyd, Fred Dudley-2l2 Boyd, John Kyle, Jr.-I93 Boyett, Joe Bruce-I93 Brackett, Sterling-205 Brackin, Raymond, Jr.-l93 Bradford, Martha E.-l60 Bradford, Tommy G.--l6O Bradley, Charles Allen-2l2 Bradley, Claudette-205 Bradley, Linda Joy--205 Bradley, Ronald T.-I60 Bradley, Samuel Edward, Jr.-I93 Bradshaw, Kathy Lou-2I2 Brady, Cynthia J.-2I2 Branam, Larry Bruce-I93 Brasel, Linda Sue-205 Brasfield, Robert Duane-l93 Brashears, James Michael-I93 Bratcher, Chanse Wayne-2I2 Bratton, George Robert-I60 Bray, James David, Jr.-I60 Briggs, Jerry Lee-l60 Briggs, Robert David-I60 Brink, David Bradford-l60 Brink, Robert Howard-2I2 Britt, Joseph Ronald-I93 Brfttian, Robert Gregory-205 Brittian, Roy Bradford-2I2 Britton, Ronnie Harlen-2l2 Broadway, Michael Thomas-I93 Brock, David Anderson-I93 Brock, David William-2l2 Brock, Elsie Dean-I93 Brock, Willard Carl, Jr.-l93 Brookman, Mary Erma-l60 Brooks, Carlin Thomas-I60 Brooks, Carol Jean-2l2 Brooks, Jerry Don-l60 Brooks, Kenneth Preston-I60 Broome, Larry Elmer-205 Brown, Betty Carolyn-l60 Brown, Billy Carlos-l60 Brown, Connie Sue-I60 Brown, David Russell-2I2 Brown, Dorothy Lou-205 Brown, Douglas Roger-I60 Brown, Gary Ray-I93 Brown, Linda Dianne-205 Brown, Linda Faye-I93 Brown, Martha Claire-l60 Brown, Mary Frances-205 Brown, Michael Lynn-2l2 Brown, Nancy Gale-I6I Brown, Phyllis llene-205 Brown, Tate Jennings-205 Brown, Teresa Ann-205 Brown, Thomas Gailbreath-Ibl Bruce, Tommy Dale-lbl Brummitt. George Owen-205 Bryan, Jackie Harrel-Ibl Bryant, Lewis Arlen-lbl Bryant, Preston Joseph-205 Bryant, Richard Carlyle-I6l Bryce, Robert Nation-Ibl Buchanan, John Frederick-I93 Buck, James Richard-193 Buck, Janet Elaine-205 Bulla, John Terry-l6l Bullington, David Thomas-Ibl Bullion, Roger Dale-l93 Bullock, John Harold-l93 Bullock, Ricky Harrell-I93 Burch, Barbara K.-I93 Burge, James Dalton-I93 Burke, William Don-2I2 Burkett, Rachel Lanell-I93 Burkhalter, Randall Briggs-I93 Burnett, Elizabeth Ann-205 Burnett, Jane Winifred-205 Burnley, Betty Lynn-I93 Burtch, William Donald-I93 Burton, Claudia Jane-205 Butler, Donald Jeffrey-I6l Butler, Jacquelyn Carol-I94 Butler, Sally Eliiabeth-205 Butler, Sandra Faith-I6I Butt, Stanley Reed-lol Butterworth, Kathy Jean-212 Byassee, William Sam-205 Byrd, Buris Anne-2l2 Byrd, Melinda Susan-I6I Cable, Francis lsaac-I94 Calbaugh, Ronald T.-Ibl Calliham, Mark Tucker-205 Cameron, Jill Lovelace-2I2 Camp, Kenneth Starr-I94 Camp, Phillip Burton-2I2 Campbell, Ginger Lynn-I94 Campbell,.Mae Angelyn-I94 Canata, Roy Dennis-I94 Cannella, Jenny Lee-I94 Cannon, Elinor G. Posnack-l6I Cannon, Linda Gail-2I2 Cantrell, Andrew Wibber-205 Cantrell, Charles Wayne-I6I Cantrell, Michael Randolph-I94 Caplenor, Jere Mac-2l2 Caplenor, Philip Alan-I94 Capshaw, Johnny Randall-2l2 Carden, William Jasper lll-I94 Cardwell, Diana Kay-l6l Carldwell, Michael Long-I94 Carlisle, Cheryl Joan-212 Carmack, Betty Ann-I6I Carmack, Bobby Lee-l6I Carney, Julia Carol-l6l Carpenter, Marilynn Jane-l6l Carrigan, Danny Ray-I94 Ca rrigan, Fred-I94 Carroll, James David-205 Carroll, William Marshall-205 Carter, Bruce Lee-2l2 Carter Carter, Dudley Winfield-205 I Kenneth Roy-I94 Carter, Linda Louise-205 Carter, Carter, Ray Porter-2I2 Carter, Sharon-lbl Ca rtwr ght, Martha Ray-205 Caruth, James Edward-I94 Caruthers, Chester L.-I94 Caruthers, Jean Siegfried-I6l Caruthers, Michael E.-l6I Carver, Patricia Ann-I6I Carver, Patricia D.-I94 Case, James Larry-205 Cass, Eddie Carrol-I94 Castle, William Albert lll--lbl Castleman, Vicki Lynn-2l2 Cathey, Leslie Karen-205 Cavender, Ernest Farris-I6I Cayce, Thomas Henry-I94 Chadwell, Jefferson Dorton-I62 Chaffin, Joan Carolyn-I94 Chaffin, Teresa Fay-I62 Chambers, Delbert Larry-l62 Chambers, Ronnie D.-I94 Chambers, Sandra Sue-2I2 Chandler, Ruby Jane-205 Chaplin, Martha Frances-I94 Charlton, Shearon D.-I94 Chester, Lynn Gray-I94 Childs, William Brenton-205 Chipen, Takasy Reynold-I94 Chrisman, Roy Wayne-2l2 Christie, Mary Joyce-I62 Claiborne, Hugh S.-I94 Clark, Clark, Clark, Clark, Annie Lee-2l2 Benton Lee-I62 Clark, Cecile Ann-I94 Clifford Ezekiel-I94 Don Cecil-I94 Clark, Geneva Faye-l62 Clark, Larry Gene-205 Clark, Sharon Elaine-I94 Clarke, Thomas Arthur-I94 Clayton, Christopher Ann-205 Cleghorn, Nicholas Boyce--205 Clemmons, Hubert D.-I94 Clemmons, Sherlyn Dana-205 Clifton, Joyce Ann-I94 Climer, Terry Dean--2l2 Cobb, Bonny Rue-205 Coffey, Tony Cleona-205 Cole, Joanne Marie-I94 Cole, Raymond Dale-I62 Cole, Rosemary-205 Coleman, Stephen Clark-205 Colley, Mary Cathy-I94 Collier, James Steve-2l2 Collignon, James D.-I94 Collins, Linda Gale-2l2 Colquitt, Patricia Ann-l62 Compton, Susan Claire--162 Conatser, David Eugene-l62 Conatser, Linda Faye-205 Condra, Marilyn-2l2 Connelly, Donald Edward-l62 Conner, Donald Lowell-I62 Conner, Mary Kathryn-2l2 Conners, Mary Nancy-205 Conquest, Becky W.-I94 Cook, Vicki Larue-I94 Coonce, John Edward-I62 Cooper, Frieda Gail-l62 Cooper, Rebecca Odell-2l2 Cooper. Russell Andrew, Jr.-205 Cooper, Samuel Howard-I94 Cooter, Vicki Joy-l62 Copas, Kathryn Jean-I94 Copas, Virginia Gail-205 Copeland, Johnny-2l2 Copp, John Judson-l94 Coppinger, Virgil Edward-l62 Cordell, Karen Jean-205 Corey, Walter Carleton-205 Cornwell, Katherine W.-I63 Covington, Lloyd Ray-I94 Cowan, Elaine McCaleb-I63 Cowan, Carol Tipps-I63 Cowan, Larry Dean-205 Cowan, Terry Sewell-I63 Cox, Sheila Elaine-I94 Cox, William Allen-205 Crabtree, Larry Douglas-2l2 Carbtree, Michael Callann-205 Crabtree, Wayne Gore-I94 Craigge, Edward A.-I63 Craighead, Johnny D.-l94 Crain, Roy Elbert-205 Cravens, Billy Wayne-I63 Cravens, Patricia Gail-I94 Crawford, Mary Susan-I63 Crawford, Phillip Lee-2l2 Crawford, Sylvia Louise-2l2 Creasman, Larry Edward-I94 Creek, Alan David-I63 Crisp, Sue Leftwich-I63 Crockett, Cynthia Ellen-2I2 Crockett, Robert H.-I94 Cromwell, Mary Lou-I94 Cromwell, Naomi Ferrel-2l2 Cross, Barbara R.-I63 Cross, Retta Glee-I63 Cross, Rhuveda Joyce-2l2 Crosslin, Deborah Lyn-2l2 Crossman, Warren Steven-I63 Crouch, Danny Howard-I94 Crowder, John Dennis-I94 Crowell, Mark Rodney-2l2 Cruise, Judith Kay-l94 Crunk, Jessan-2l2 Cummings, Donald E.-I94 Cunningham, Burley N-I63 Cunningham, Kay Ann-I63 Curl, Thomas Eugene-205 Curnutt, Dana Lou-l94 Currey, James Gower-l94 Curtis, Randall Scott-212 Cutrell, Cherisse Ann-205 Dake, David J.--I94 Dale, Alberta Ann-205 Dalton, Alice Faye-205 Dalton, Sharon Elizabeth-206 Daniel, Howard Leslie-I63 Darden, George L., Jr.-I64 Darmond, John-I64 Davenport, Brenda Joyce-I94 Davenport, James R.-l64 Davenport, Suzanne S.-I94 Davidson, David Lester-2l2 Davidson, Karl S.-I94 Davidson, Michael Stephen-206 Davidson, Walter H.-l64 Davis, Deborah Dale-206 Davis, Donna Gail-206 Davis, George Lynn-I94 Davis, Hubert Lee-I64 Davis, John Franklin-I64 Davis, Kenny Lee-2l2 Davis, Lucy Ellen-206 Davis, Nancy Helen-I64 Davis Nina Sue-I94 Davis Davis Davis Rebecca Gail-I94 Richard Glenn-I94 Robert Edward-I94 Davis, , Virginia Dale-206 Dawson, James Phillip, Jr.-I94 Dawson, Judith Lu-I64 Dodson, Richard Pierce-I64 Doering, Barbara M.-l95 Dolan, David Blair-206 Dooley, Joseph Brooks-I64 Dorris, Sherry Lynn-I64 Doub, David Manning-I64 Douglas, Donald L.-I64 Douglas, Jimmie T.-I95 Dow, Sumner Anderson-I64 Edwards, Ronna Carol--206 Edwards, Thomas Henry-I95 Edwards, William Murray, Jr.-206 Eggleston, Carolyn Rebecca-2l2 Eggleston, Patricia B.-I95 Einecker, Donald J.-l95 Einecker, Sandra Leah-2l2 Eisenbise, Michael Joseph-206 Elam, James David-206 Dayton, James William-206 Dean, Johnny Melvin-I94 Dearing, James Vernon-206 Deason, Nancy Jean-206 Deasy, Sylvia Ann--2l2 Deathridge, Owen Scott-206 Dedmon, William Terry-I94 Deming, Woodie Monroe-I94 Denmark, Michael Wayne-2l2 Denney, Dexter F.-l95 Denney, Patsy Elaine-206 Denning, James Lloyd, Jr.-I64 Denning, Sandra Jo-l64 Dennis, Jerry Lee-l95 Dennis, Joyce Ann-206 Dennison, Steve Stafford--I64 Denny, Linda Gael-I64 Denny, Paul David-l95 Denton, John Harold-I64 Denton, Richard Neil-I64 Desirey, Stephen Thomas-I64 Devandry, Donald Eugene-I64 Devaney, Rita Nadine-I64 Dickerson, Nancy Marie-205 Dietz, Guenther-I95 Dishman, Janet-I64 Dixon, Henry Powell-I95 Doak, Patricia Gail-206 Dobbs, Garlon Thomas-206 Dobbs, John Lanier-I95 Dobbs, Rodney Darrell-I95 Dobbs, Sandra Anita-I95 Dockery, Lola June-206 Dodson. Barbara Alice-206 Dodson, Barbara Ann-206 Mike Migliore instructs Vicki VanHook and Dowell, Julia Anne-l95 Dowell, Mark Anthony-206 Doyle, Sharon Ann-l95 Dozier, James Steven-I95 Draper, Davicl Carl-l95 Draper, David Gilbert-206 Draper, Myrtle Barnes-I64 Draper, Roger Lee-2I2 Draper, William C.-206 Driskill, Michael H.-I64 Driver, Michael Ewing-I95 Dubree, Brenda Joyce--2l2 Dukes, Charles Taylor-I95 Dulworth, Carol Sue-I64 Dunaway, James William-l65 Duncan, Clyde Thomas-l95 Duncan, John Turner, Jr.-l65 Dunn, Barbara Elaine-l65 Dunn, James William-l65 Dunn, Leonard Lee-l95 Duren, Peggy Meredith-I65 Durham, Garry Wayne-2l2 Dycus, Brenda Kaye-l95 Dyer, Barbara Jane-206 Dyer, Gary Richard-l65 Eachus, Patricia Louise-2l2 Earnhart, Judy Elaine-l65 Easter, Rosemary-2l2 Eaton, Harvill Carlton-l65 Edmonds, Karen Martha-206 Edmonds, Roberta Eileen-206 Edwards, Marilyn-l65 Edwards, Martha Ann-l65 Edwards, Robert Joseph-206 Nancy Crawiordnloieph Morgan' Jr'-'63 Jarrell in the can smash for Keystone Kapers. s 4' ',. .,a49,, s- , ., -H ,,,,,'7'Ani ,. ,xxx Eldridge, Annette-206 Eleazer, Clark Wayne-206 Eli, Stephen Wayne- I 65 Ellenberger, Mark David-206 Elliott, John Roger-206 Elliott, Walter Leroy Jr.-206 Ellis, Margaret Elaine-206 Ellis , Pamela Charlene-206 Ellis, Richard Allen-l95 Ellis , Sharon Rene-I 65 Ellis, Tamara Sharon-2 I 2 Ellis on, Mary June-l65 Elmore, Bill Ray-2I2 Elmore, Gary Preston-2I2 Elmore, Linda Elaine-l65 Elrod, Daniel F., Jr.-I95 Elrod, Mary Linda-206 Elvert, Mary Catherine-I65 Emery, Stephen Gardiner-2l2 Engla Enix, nd, Bert Caldwell-l65 Richard Howard--206 Ensor, Michael Evans-I95 Erwin, William-l95 Escue, Stephen Leon-I66 Eskridge, Joyce Ann-206 Estes, Estes, Jerry Wayne-l95 Peggy Jane-l 66 Evans, Clyde Loveall-I66 Evans, Diana Riggins-I66 Evans Evans Evans Evans Evans Evans , Donald Wesley-206 , Garry Kelly-I95 , Jackie Dean-I66 , Johnny Ray-206 , Mary Magee-l95 , Robert Fulton-I66 Page 283 r1 -- Fard, Gholamhossein H.-I66 Farley, Ronald David-I95 Farmer, Linda Joyce-206 Farris, Johnny Wayne-206 Fattibene, Robert Victor-I66 Fazalcerly, Wm. Thomason. Jr.-I95 Featherston, John Marlc-I66 Feisler, Jan Allison-2l2 Felts, James Harold-I66 Ferrill, Bonnie K.-I66 Fields, Nancy Irene-2I2 Fine, Betty Carole-206 Fine, Evans Grover-I66 Fine, Rita Annette-206 Finnell, Priscilla Lynn-I95 Finuff, Kerry Wayne-l95 Fisher, John Ronald-2I2 Fislre, Deborah L.--I66 Fitzp Flatt Flatt atriclc, Miclcie Faye-I66 , Jerry Edwin-I 66 Pamela Jo--I66 Flatt: Patricia Revene-I95 Flatt , Peggy Ann-206 Flatt, Teddy Lee-206 Flatt, Wayne Alton-2l2 Fleming, David Royce-2I2 Fleming, Thomas Fredericlr-2I2 Fleming, Wallrer James lll-I95 Fletcher, Ben Payne, Jr.-I95 Fletcher, Linda lone--206 Flood, John Michael-I66 Florence. Melissa Elaine-2I2 Flowers, Eric R.--I95 Floyd, Eddie Wayne-I66 Floyd, William Millard-lbb Foley, Donna Faye-206 Follis, Betty Lynn-I66 Ford, Brenda Carol-l95 Ford, Linda Faye-2I2 Ford, Lubert Merrill-I96 Ford, Mary Ann--2I2 Fo rd Ford , Pamela-2I2 , Richard Dale-I96 Forehand, Andrew Michael-I66 Forehand, Janice Crain-I66 Foster, Jessie Lynn-I96 Foster, Viclsy Carol-2I2 Foust, Linda Gale-2l3 Foust, Patricia Diane-I96 Foust, Troy Lynn-I66 Fowler, James Alfred-I66 Fox, Bobby Carter-l66 Fox, James Alvin-I96 Fragopoulos, Christos T.--I66 Fragopoulos, Dimitrios T.-I96 Fragopoulos, Peggy Adams-I66 Francisco, Charlene-206 Franlrlin, Cary David-I66 Franlrs, Sherry Gail-I96 Frasier, Wanda June-206 Free, Darlene Ann-206 Freeman, Alton Glenn-206 Freeman, Carol Anne-206 Freeman, Robert Alan-I67 Freeman, Tommy Glenn-2I3 Frey, Jewell Donnie, Jr.-I67 Friederichsen, David-I'-76 Fritch, John Neilson-I67 Frogg, Samuel Spears-206 Frounfellcer, Richard E.-I67 Fryar, Wm. Thomas, Jr.-I96 Fudge, Tommy Lester-I67 Fulle r, Peggy Diane-206 Fuqua, Durward Benton-I 67 Fuqu Gaff Gaff Gain Gain Gala Gam a, Susan Dawn Jalres-I96 in, Donald Terry-I67 in, Rebecca Sue-2I3 es, Miclrie Elaine-2I3 es, Steven Allen--I96 viz, Julio Alberto-2I3 ble, Dewey Wayne-I67 Gandy. Charles Elvin-I67 Gann, James Dean-I67 Gantz, Rebecca Jo-ZI3 Garmon, Marsha Annette--2 I 3 Garrett, Janet Sue-I96 Garrett. Judy Carol-I67 Garrison, Linda K.-I96 Gazlay, Wm. Duggan-I96 Gobhardt, Allen Sinclair-lb7 Page 234 tudent Index - continued 5+ t .. sf. ,f M , his Sis 1 . , . 1 V HY . I "Uh one and uh two and uh three"-Tom True strilres up the Golden Eagles marching band. Geer, Mildred Johanna-I67 Gentry, Carol Marie--206 Gentry, Deborah Jeanne-206 Gentry, Harriett Rowenia-2I3 Gentry, Judy E.-I67 Gentry, Robert Wilson-I67 George, Joseph R.-I67 Gibbs, James Gilbert-206 Gibbs, Patricia Diann-I67 Gibby, Patricia Evelyn-206 Gibson, Jacqueline Alice-2I3 Gibson, Joe Albert-I67 Gibson, Nathan Lee-I96 Gibson, Sheila Anne-2I3 Gibson, Susan Jane-2I3 Gilburth, Kenneth R.-I67 Giles, Ralph Blaclrwell, Jr.-I67 Gill, Jaclr Williams-I96 Gilliam, Robert Lee-Ib7 Givens, Gregory Lugar-206 Givens, Robert Lee-I67 Glascoclc, John Leslie--I96 Glasgow, Michael Garner-I67 Gleason, Wayne Davis-I67 Goff, David Eugene--I96 Goforth, John Leroy-I67 Goins, Diana Kay-I96 Goins, Preston Haven-I67 Goldenberg, Jack Steven-I67 Goldston, Elizabeth Ann-Ib7 Golfeiz, lraj-206 Goodman, George William-2I3 Goolsby, Nolan Ray-I96 Goolsby, Norma Kay-207 Gore, Judith Rose-ZI3 Gore, Suzanne-ZI3 N in-K, Gosnell, Donald Paul-207 Gostel, Patricia Hagelgan-I68 Gould, Janet-I68 Goulder, Gordon Keith-207 Gower, Donna Louise-207 Gower, Pamela Bauhofer-ZI3 Graffis, Elaine Velma-2I3 Gragg. Carol Maudean-207 Graham, Henrietta-2l3 Graham, Joe Thomas-I68 Grant, Pamela Kaye-2l3 Grantham, Susan Lavera-207 Gravley, Julia Teresa-2I3 Gravely, Richard Gary-I68 Graves. Barry Howard-I96 Graves, Douglas Coleman-207 Graves, James Ray-I68 Graves, S. Caroline-207 Hester, Graves. Ronald Nelson-I68 Gray, Michael Clark-I96 Gray, Gary Lee-I68 Green, Clyde Eugene-207 Green, Deborah Jean-207 Greene, William A.-I68 Greenwood, Sam D.-I68 Greer, John David, Jr.-207 Gregory, Charles W.-I96 Gregory, Harward G.-I96 Gregory, James David-l68 Gregory, Johnny Ray-2I3 Gressmire, Gary Lee-I96 Griffith, Bonnie Kay-I96 Griffith, John Earle-ZI3 Griffith, Mark Gail-ZI3 Griggs, William Edward Jr.-207 Grigsby, William H.-I96 Grimes, Michael L.-207 Grisham, Harry Steven-l68 Groce, Beverly Diann-207 Grogan, Willard Gene-I68 Grooms, Debra Kay Cobb-207 Grooms, Thomas Fletcher-I68 Grossman, Cathey Nell-207 Groves, John C.-I68 Grubb, Ronald Leon-I96 Grubb, Terry Stanley-I68 Grumbach, Harry E., Jr.-I68 Guffee, Mitchell Sloan, Jr.-I96 Gunnels, James Edward--I69 Guntherberg, Rebecca Colle-2l3 Guntherberg, Stephen A.-I69 Guschke, Henry Michael-+I69 Guschke, James Merlin-207 Guthrie, Susan Jean-I96 Hackett, Stephania A.-I69 Hackney, Freddie A.-I69 Haese, Russell Dean-Ib9 Hagan, Anthony Ensley-I69 Hagan, Leslie Harold-I96 Haiston. William Michael-I69 Hale, Margaret Ann-I69 Hale, Marjorie Ann-ZI3 Hatfield, Delois Mae-207 Hatfield, Joe Taylor, Jr.-207 Hatmaker, Nancy Ann-I69 Hawkins, Jesse Earl, Jr.-207 Hawkins, Teresa Gail-2I3 Hayden, Kathleen Ann-207 Hayes, Andrea Lynn-2l3 Hayes, Bobby Lowe-I69 Hayes, Emily Ann-I97 Hayes, J. Dennis-I69 Hayes, James Edward-I97 Hayes, John Stephen-I70 Hayes Sharon Suzanne-I97 Hayes: Tony Butch-2 I3 Hopper, Mary Kathleen-2I3 Hopper, Steven Garrett-207 Hornaday, John C.-I97 Horne, Dorris Neal-I7I Horner, Kathreen Amelia-207 Horton, Blanche C.-l7l Hoskins, William P.-I97 Houston, Margaret Janet-I7I Howard, Mary Frances-I7I Howard, Sharon Elaine-207 Howard, Stephen Franklin-2I3 Howell, Kathy Diann-207 Howland, Thelma Jeanne-2I3 Hoyle, Gary Earl-I7I Jones , Janice Karyn-207 Jones, Kenton Lloyd-I97 Jones Jones Z Larry Nelson-I 73 Jones, Jones, Keven-2 I 4 Lovell Coulson-207 Mervyn David-I 73 Jones, Roger Lewis-I73 Jones, Ronald W.-I73 Jones Jones: Timothy Paul-207 Steve Howard--207 Josephson, Jon Beard-207 Joubert, Lorraine Elise-2I4 Judd, Dennis Leonard-207 Judge, Larry V.-Z I 4 Haynes, David Lynn-I97 Haynes, Shirley Launa-2I3 Haynes, Walter Maddin, Jr.-207 Hays, Sandra Alexander-170 Head, Arlene-2I3 Head, Larry N.-I97 Headden, Kendal Bailey-2I3 Headrick, Diana Gail-207 Heady, Donald Wayne-l7O Hedden, Larry Howard-I70 Heidel, Nina Faye-207 Heiskell, Nancy Ann-I70 Helms, Lois-I97 Helton, Fredericka Lafever-I70 Helton, Samuel Thomas-I70 Hembree, Ronnie Dale-l7O Huddleston, Carolyn L.-I7I Huddleston, David Nathan-207 Huddleston, George Wayne-207 Huddleston, Lanny B.-I97 Huddleston, Lorene-207 Hudgens, Lynda Mae-I97 Hudgens, Richard T.-I7I Hudgens, Roy Douglas-I72 Hudson, Gary Alan-I72 Hudson, John Paul-I72 Hudson, Lanny Richard-I97 Hudson, Michael Aubrey-I72 Hudson, Ronnie-I97 Huffines, Betty Ann-2I4 Huffines, Danny Joe-I72 Huffines, Jennie Dycus-I72 Judkins, Joe Richard-I73 Kanter, Linda Faye-207 Kanter, Shirley Ann-2I4 Karch, Alfreda-2I4 Karch, Phyllis Sue-207 Keckler, Sheila Sue-2I4 Keele, Jerry Nelson-207 Keene, Willie Dean-2I4 Keeton, Philip David-I73 Keisling, Nancy Viann-207 Keisling, Pauline Loura-I73 Keith, James Edgar-I97 Keith, Linda Gay-I97 Keller, Clara K.-I73 Keller, Larry Wayne-I97 Kelly, Ellen Frances-I97 Henderson, Allen Lee, Jr.-I70 Henderson, Eliz. Anne-I97 Henderson, Joseph Richard-207 Henderson, Michael S.-I97 Hendrixson, Ronnie Lee-2I3 Henry, James Peyton-I70 Henry, Linda Louise Case-l70 Henry, Quenton Farley-I97 Henry, Ronald Glover--I70 Henson, Baxter M.-l70 Henson, Elmer Lee-I70 Hereford, Kenneth M.-I97 Herod, Brenda Sue-207 Hershiser, Sharon Ilo-I 97 David Walter-207 Huggins, Michael D.-I72 Hughes, Marcia Ellen-207 Hughes, Margaret-I97 Hughes, Nancy Kay-2I4 Hull, Donald Cordell-I72 Hulvey, Danny Mack-I97 Hummel, John Howard-I72 Hunt, Ruby Nell-2I4 Hunt, Steven Craig-I72 Hutchins, James Alton-I97 Hutchison, George David-207 Hutchison, Thomas Reid-207 Hutson, J. Marvin-l72 Hyde, Elizabeth Marcelle-2I4 Hyder, Gwendolyn Joy-I97 Hyder, Nancy Janel-2I4 Kemmer, Barbara Jane-I73 Kemp, Susan Marie-2I4 Kendall, James David-2I4 Kendrick, Katherine Sue-207 Kennedy, William L.-I73 Kerr, Donald Junior-2I4 Kerr, Jimmy Ray-I97 Kerr, Patricia Ann-207 Key, Elbert Ronald-I97 Kimble, Wm. Roy, Jr.-I97 Kimery, Joe Frank-207 King, King, King, King, King, Charles Clyde-I97 Jane Ann-207 Johnny Vance-I73 Nancy Gail-207 Peggy Lynne-I74 Hale, Hale Hale, Owen Williams-I96 Richard Jesse-I69 Vicki Lynn-I96 Hales, Randolph F.-I96 Haley, Sarah Carolyn-I69 Halfacre, Marion H.-I96 Halfacre, Robert Lloyd-2I3 Halfacre, Teresa June-2I3 Hall, Alvin Virgil-I69 Hall, Catherine Olivia-207 Hall, Frank Leroy-I69 Hall, Janet Ruth-I69 Hall, Linda Joan-I69 Hall Robert Henry-I69 Hall: William David-207 Hall, William L.-2I3 Johnson, James Gerard-207 Hamblen, Myra E.-I9b Hamdorff, Margaret Nan-I69 Hamilton, Mary Ann-I69 Hamilton, Retta Kay-2l3 Hamilton, Robert Hall-I96 Hancock, Alfred R., Jr.-I69 Hancock, Charles Wayne-I96 Hancock, Phillip Reed-ZI3 Hardaway, Robert Earl-I96 Hardin, Gene Leslie-ZI3 Hardison, Roy Lane-I69 Hargrove, J. Richard-2I3 Hargrove, Judith Perry-I69 Harless, Janie Lawrence-I69 Harley, John Steven-I96 Harmon, Charles Eugene-207 Harner, James Lincoln-I97 Harp, Mary Helen-ZI3 Harriman, Barbara J.--I97 Harrington, Steven M.-I97 Harris, Carolyn Sue-I97 Harris, Cathie L.-207 Harris, Dorothy Ann-207 Harris, James D. Ill-I97 Harris, Marcella Ann-207 Harris, Michael Leon-I97 Harris, Ronald Scott-Ib9 Harrison, Ellen Elizabeth-I97 Harrod, Douglas G.-I69 Hart, Nancy Kay-2I3 Hart, William Guy, Jr.-I97 Hartsock, Laura Mae-207 Harvey, Claudia Maxine-2I3 Harville, Joseph Gary--I69 Hester, Teddy Clinton-207 Hewitt, Jane Hope-I70 Hickey, Kathy Lane-207 Hickman, Carl Mitchell-207 Hickman, Jerome Herman-207 Hicks, Joan-I70 Hicks, Phillip Stanley-I97 Hicks, William Ray-207 Higgenbottom, Fred Wesley-I97 Hill, Deborah Elaine-ZI3 Hill, Katheryn P.-I70 Hill, Kenny Franklin-I70 Hillis, Laddie Zera-I70 Hinson, James Robert-I70 Hinson, Pauline-207 Hinson, Sarah Kay-2l3 Hitchcock, Glen H.-I7O Hitchcock, J. C., Jr.-I70 Hitchcock, Lonnie G.-I70 Hitchcock, Theresa Kay-I97 Hitchcox, Betty L.-I97 Hix, Fred Wayne-I70 Hix, Jo Carole-I70 Hobbs, Margaret Faye-2I3 Hobbs, Michael Terry-2I3 Hobbs, Robert Smith-l70 Hodge, Roy M.-I97 Hodges, Betty Joyce-I70 Hodges, Dan Galen-I7I Hodges, Gloria Cothron-I7I Hodgin, Roger Dale-I97 Holbrook, Larry Wade-207 Holder, James Rickey-2I3 Holder, Wanda Kaye-I7I Holdredge, Teresa Ann-I97 Holland, Andrea Faye-2I3 Holland, Phyllis Diane-207 Holland, Sandra Lee-I7I Hollingsworth C. E.-I7l Hollis, Thomas C.--I97 Holloway, Harold Gale-2I3 Holman, Judy-I7I Holt, Betsy Jayne-l7I Holt, Bonny Jeyne-207 Holt, Hugh Herbert-I7l Honey, Jennifer Ann-ZI3 Honeycutt, Larry Wayne-207 Hood, Linda Lea-2I3 Hooper, David Carl-I7I Hooper, Ronald Cornelius-ZI3 Hyma, James Leon-I 97 lhrie. Ronald Lee-I72 Ikard, Cynthia Rowe-I72 Ingle, Linda Gail--207 Irvin, Tera Shelby-I72 Irvine, Susan Ella-I97 Isbell, Thomas Gary-I97 Jackson, Jackson, George E.-I 72 Robbie Jayne-207 Jacobs, Ellen Carol--I97 James, Judy Carol-I72 Janeway, Helen Esther-I72 Jaquess, Nelda Rae-I 97 Jarrell, Julia Irene-I97 Jarrell, Nancy Faye-I72 Jean, James Maurice-I72 Jeffers, Keith Alan-I97 Jeffers, Nancy Lou-2I4 Jeffries, David W.-I97 Jewell, Richard Eugene, Jr.-I72 Johns, Eugene Judson-I72 Johnson, Brenda Ann-I72 Johnson, Charlie Richard-I72 Johnson, David Kent-207 Johnson, David W.-I72 Johnson, Diana Faye-I72 Johnson, Donald L.-I97 Johnson, Eddie G.-l72 Johnson, Emma Jewel-I72 Johnson, Frieda L.-I73 Johnson, Harold Wilson-2l4 Johnson, James Carl-207 Johnson, James Mc., Jr.-I 97 Johnson, John Thomas-I97 Johnson, Mary Jo-I97 Johnson, Randell Gaw-I97 Johnson, Roger Dale-I73 Johnson, Ronny D.-2I4 Johnson Sandra Gail-2 I4 Jolley, Nelda Sue-207 Jolley, Randall E.-I73 Jones, Alan Keith-I97 Jones, Ann Era-207 Jones, Carolyn Louise-I97 Jones, Dianna Gail-I73 Jones, Gweneth Leatrice-I73 King, Robert Lewis-I97 Kinnaird, Judith Ann-I74 Kinnaird, Marjorie Carol--207 Kinsolving, Joseph R.-I74 Kirby, Bettye Ann-2I4 Kirby, Martha Louise-207 Kirk, Sharon Dianne-207 Kirk, Wendell Boyd-2I4 Kirkpatrick, Marion Baker-I74 Kirkpatrick, Robert-I74 Kitchell, Joseph W., Jr.-I74 Kittrell, William Colin--2I4 Kitts, Kristin Eliz.-I97 Klasek, Martin Andrew-2I4 Klasek, Stephen Aloys-I97 Knight, A'ton Ray-I74 Knoll, Joseph Carl-I74 Knott, David Ladd-207 Knowles, Robert Leland-207 Knowles, Thomas W.-I74 Knox, James Michael-I97 Kolodi, Stanley Michael-2l4 Krouse, Mary Helen-207 Kyle, James Richard-I74 Lachapelle, Deborah Jo-2I4 Lackey, Robert Allen-I74 Lafever, Jo Ann-I97 La Fever, Mary Susan-I97 Lafever, Ray Donald-I74 Lafon, Walter Courtney-207 La Lande, Alan Anthony-I98 Lamb, James Hamilton-I74 Lamb, John Anthony Junior-I98 Lambert, Eddie Ray-207 Lambert, Frederic A., Jr.-I74 Lamprecht, Elizabeth D.-207 Lane, Margaret A.-2l4 Lane, Richard Arthur-207 Lane, Stephen Ray-I98 Lang, Kenneth Frank-I74 Lanham, Gwendolyn Louise-I74 Lannom, David Clell-I98 Lannom, Donna Nanette-207 Lansford, Jim William-I74 Larrea, Alfonso Efrain-I98 Larrick, Donna Lee-I98 Lawrence, James A.-I75 Lawrence, Stephen W.-I75 Page 285 tudent Index - continued . .et V. Q X ex. 'f""ii""4Yjf,' ..--, ' H' we evfwi?"Ltf f -,?,,s,a- jp '. . -' 11481 ff ,,.2.,'f, -.vate . , as , if-gil? 4.1, waxy 'Vg .Q t is fs A my -,4,,., , za., W-.x . xl .As -t Mantul, c v, , -fu. 'fa-4 59' 1 we N . 'gig - fr dn, SQEIQS gr- fee. L wfeew- 1-H ee is fr , L., ee, we 7 Q'-NF P w,.'f1 rw- , W5 Jf"'f-rife s. Ni., .4 as-ee-is J if J - akiMYwg,,.q,.,vX Eb J "Come look!" An enthusiastic visitor to a campus art show on the quad points out an unusual paint- ing to a friend. Laws, Brenda Gail-l75 Laxton, Gail-I98 Laycock, James Reed Il-I75 Layne, Ford Nelson-I98 Layne, Reba Sharon-I75 Leach, Judy Carolyn-I98 Lecuona, Mario Miguel-207 Ledbetter, Dwight Stephen-I98 Ledbetter. Mary Frances-2I4 Ledford, Connie Rose-2I4 Ledtord, Judith Carolyn-I75 Ledgerwood, Douglas Brent-2I4 Lee, Brenda Gale-2I4 Lee, Carol Annette-I75 Lee. James Howard-I98 Lee, John Winfield-I98 Lee, Joyce Ann-2I4 Lee, Karen Gail-207 Lee, Nucl Garry-l98 Lee, Russell Eugene-I98 Lee, Virginia Dean-207 Leonard, Charles S., Jr.-I75 Levan, Larry Norman-I98 Lewal len, Rosemary-2I4 Lewey, James Marshall-I75 Lewin, David F.-I98 Lewis Claudia Jane-2 I4 Lewis: John Robert-207 Lewis Lewis Lewis Page , Kathleen Margaret--2l4 , Richard Allen-2l4 , Sherril Ann-I75 286 Lewis, William Michael-I75 Ligon, Larry Bland-l75 Lindsay, Charles David-I75 Linnell, Douglas N.-I75 Linnell, Renard David-I75 Linville, Terry Lynne-207 Little, Belinda Christine-I98 Little, John Dwight-l98 Little, Linda Faye-I98 Littlejohn, Nathan Raymond-I75 Lively, Roger Lee-I75 Lockhart, Larry Gene-l98 Loftis, Philip Gene-I75 Lofty, Steven Daniel-2I4 Loggins, James Roger-I75 London, Sharon Lynn-I98 Long, Deborah Jean-207 Long, Eleanor Jane-I98 Looper, Jean Pamela-207 Looper, Lillie Ann-I75 Looper, Shelia Diana-I75 Loper, Glenn Douglas-I98 Lott, Robert Eric-I98 Love, Ronnie Joe-I75 Loveday, Janice Kaye-207 Loveday, Vicki Joan-ZI4 Lovell, Charles Edward-I75 Lovell, James Cecil-I98 Lowe, Robert Jackson-I75 Lusk, Elizabeth Peyton-2I4 Lusk, George Thomas-I98 safa- '?x . as as at wa. ,-.. Luther, Paul Franklin-I75 Lynn, Charles Stephen-l75 Lynn, Elizabeth Otto-2I4 Lyons, John Russell ll-2I4 McBride, Brenda Faye-2I4 McCaleb, Barbara Sue-I75 McCall, Jackson Brim-2l4 McCall, Ray Barnett, Jr.-207 McCarter, Brenda Lue-I98 McCawley, James Roy-I98 McClain, Lemuel R.-I76 McClanahan, Linda L.-I76 McClard, Roger Louis-I98 McClendon, Janie Kay-208 McClintock, Joseph T.--2I4 McCloud, Dennis Edward-208 McCluskey, Margaret--I98 McConnell, James Hillman-208 McCormick, Donald L.-I76 McCormick, Ronald-208 McCowan, Lois Ann-208 McCracken, Tony W.-I98 McCulley, Thomas M.-l98 McCullough, Alley Chadwick-l7b McCullough, Bobby R.-I76 McCullough, Ladonna Gene-208 McDaniel, Barbara J.-l98 McDaniel, Judy Carol-208 McDonald, Denney F.-I76 McDonald, Larry Jay-l7b McDonald, Sally Kay-I98 McFarland, Anita Carole-I98 McGaha, William D.--I76 McGaughy, James L.-I76 McGugin, Janet Gay-2I4 McGugin. Martha F.-I98 McHenry, Joseph Mann-I76 McKee, Lester Paul-I76 McKenzie, Jerome F.-I76 McKinney, Richard Eric-I98 McLain, Michael-I98 McLaughen, James Hunter-208 McLoud, Carol Ann-I98 McMahan, Larry T.-I98 McMahon, Cletus Joseph Jr.-I99 McMillan, Philip Edward-2I4 McMinn, Wesley T.-I76 McNabb, Larry David-I76 McNabb, Sharon E.-I99 McNeill, Marie Henry-I70 McNew, Benjamin F.. Jr.-2l4 McPeak, Kenneth D.-I99 McQueen, Randy Elmo-ZI4 McReynolds, Walter S.-I76 McWilliams, Alva Lee, Jr.-I99 Maberry, Johnny Dudney-208 Maberry, Shirley Rose-208 Mackie, James David-I99 Maclin, Wm. Henry-I99 Maddox, Jerry Lee-208 Maddux, John Thomas-208 Maddux, Margaret A.-I76 Madewell, Terry Lee-208 Mahaney, Peggy Lou-I99 Mahler, James W., Jr.-I76 Mahler, Robert L.-I76 Mahon, Mary Margaret-2I4 Mainord, Judy Ann-I76 Majors, Tony Houston-I76 Malone, Billy Albert-I99 Malone, Bobby Glen-I99 Malone, Charlotte Ann-I76 Malone, Michael J.-I99 Edward M.-I76 Mangrum, Sondra Lee-I99 Mann, Alvin Lee-I76 Mann, Constance W.-208 Manning, Martha Ellen-I99 Mantle, James Ronald-I76 Mantooth, James Randall--I99 Marchbanks, James Stanton--2I4 Markham, Frank Turner, Jr.-208 Marks, William Guthrie, Jr.-208 Marlow, Louetta-208 Marqua rdt, James Earl-I 76 Marrs, Kelso White-I77 Marshall, Herschel W.-I99 Martin, Andrew Dudley, Jr.-I77 Martin, Martin, Martin, Martin. Martin, Martin, Martin, Maseng Mason, Mason, Mason, Gary Deane-214 Glen Russell-I99 Jack Thomas-I99 Leonard, Jr.-I77 Leslie Ann-I99 Pamela Gayle-2I4 Ronald Luther-I99 ill, Van Hix-208 Richard Eugene-2I4 Sandra Kay-2I4 Susan Terry-I99 Mason, William L.-I77 Massa, Sarah E.--I99 Massey, George Leon-I99 Massey, Ruth Lynn-I99 Masters. Colin Kerry-I77 Masters, Pamela Ann-2I4 Masterson, Patricia Porter-I99 Masterson, Ronald F.-I77 Matherly, Evelyn G.-I77 Mathes, Douglas Brown-2l4 Mathis, Larry Dean-2I4 Matlock, John William-208 Matthews, Larry D.-I77 Matthews, Lindsey T.-I77 Maxwell, John David-208 Maxwell, Ricky-I77 May, James Arlen-2l4 May, Kenneth Y.-208 May, Norman Fielden-I77 May, Vickie Earldean-208 Mayberry, Stanton Geer-2l4 Maynord, Charles Villard-2I4 Means, James H.-I77 Mears, John Morgan-l99 Melton, Danny Thomas-I99 Melton, Lonnie Birch-2I4 Melton, Roseland J.-I99 Mercer, Nancy Louise-I77 Merryman, Donna Marie-208 Messenger, Bruce W.-I99 Messina, Terry Edward-I 77 Metzger, Lynn M.-I77 Meyer, Janet Marie-2I4 Michlink, Fred Paul-I77 Migliore, Thurman Michael-I78 Migliore, Vicki D.-I78 Milam, Joyce Anne-2I4 Napiefr, Jack-I99 Napier, Mary--208 Nash, Charles Lee-I79 Neal, Bruce Allen-I79 Neal, Clydus Diann-I79 Neal, James Thomas, Jr.-208 Neal, Karen Adair-2l4 Neal, William Owen-2l4 Neblett, Jeffrey W.-I79 Needham, Beth Overton-208 Nelson Donald Martin-I79 Nelson, Frank Berton-I99 Nelson Marilyn Kay-208 Nelson, Rufus Walter-I79 Nelson, Samuel Clyde-I79 Mitchell, Clifford P.-I78 Milburn, Terry Wayne-208 Miller, Betty C.-I99 Miller, Charles Lane-I99 Miller, Charlotte Ray-208 Miller, Miller, Emily Sharon-I99 Fred Stephen-I 78 Miller, James F., Jr.-I78 Miller, John Walton-208 Miller, Orion C.-I78 Miller, Randy--I99 Miller, Sarah Celeste-2l4 Mills, Dexter Carroll-2l4 Mills, Dianna Hartence-2I4 Mills, Mary Anne-I99 Mills, Sharon Elane-I99 Mingie, Kenneth M.-l78 Minton, Debra Ann-208 Minton, Steven Miller-I99 Miser, Ma ry Lee-208 Mitchell, Eddie Lynn-l78 Mitchell, Roger Dudley-208 Mitchell, Thomas Murray-208 Moffitt, Deborah Janet-l78 Monks, Myra Gale-I78 Monroe, Terry William-I99 Montague, Ronald A.-l78 Montg Montg Moon, Moore omery, Jerry Michael-I 99 omery, Ronnie L.-l78 Robert Abner-I7B , Connie-I78 Moore, Emily Jan-208 Moore, Jeanie Ruth-208 Moore, Jimmie Terrell-l78 Moore, John Russell-203 Moore Moore Moore Moore , John W., Jr.-l78 , Judy Kay-I99 , Louis Randall-ZI4 , Shannon Lee-I99 Moore, Teresa Ann-2l4 Moran, William Madison-I99 Morgan, Coy David-20B Morgan, Dixie Belle-I99 Morga Morga Morga Morga n, John Elliott-I78 n, Linda Rose-I99 n, Ralph Edward-208 n, Robert Hill--2I4 Morris, Dorothy Ann-2l4 Morris, Linda Tipps-l78 Morris, Sharon Lynn-I99 Morrison, Judith Ann-208 Morrison, Michael W.-l7B Morrow, Georgeanna Helen Mortgat, Christian P.-I 78 Moser, Marshall William, Jr.-I 78 Moser, Patricia Hollis-I 78 Moser, Ralph Willard-I 78 Moss, Mildred Irene--208 Mullican, Joanna-l78 Mullican, Sharon G.-I99 Mullinax, David Lowe-I99 Mulliniks, William R.-I99 Mullinix, Michael Lee-l78 Mullins, Donald H.-I99 Mullins, Rafford Gene-l78 Mullins, Ralph H.-2l4 Mullins, Thurma Jo-I99 Mundy, Carsie D.-l78 Mundy, Pamela Hobbs-208 Murff, Murph M urph Murph Murph Carol Beasley-I79 y, Danny Royce-2l4 y, Fred Anthony-I79 y, Glen Arthur-I79 y, Harold Lee--2I4 Murphy, Margaret Dianne-ZI4 Murph Murrel Muse, y, Richard Erwin-ZI4 l, Sandra Dianna-208 Marilou-I79 Naifeh, Eugene F.-208 -2I4 Netherton, Patricia Louise-2l4 Neville, Allen Sneed, Jr.--I99 Newby, Philip Brian-208 Newman, Robert Wesley-2I4 Newport, Amy Louise-208 Newsom, Ronald Keith-2I4 Nichols, Homer William-I99 Nichols, Jackie Sue-I99 Nichols, Janet Ann-2l4 Nickens, Barbara Jean-I99 Niles, Bruce Compton-I99 Nipper, Martha Bess-I99 Nixon, Gary La Neal-I79 Noble, Elizabeth Ann-I99 Nolan, Phillip Ryan-I79 Norman, James Daniel-208 Norris, Doris Anita-208 Norris, James Ray-I79 North, Virginia Lynn-208 Norval, Linda Jeanne-2I4 Norwood, William Alan-2l4 Nunley, Maria Elaine-I99 Nunley, Rebekah Jean-2l4 Oakley, Martha Gail-208 O'Connor, Patti L.-I79 Odom, David Harry-I99 Ogle, Kenneth Lavoy-I79 Oliver, Betti Alice-214 Onyebuagu, Sunday C.-I80 Ooten, Judy Perkins-IBO Ooten, Ronald Terry-I80 Osborne, John-208 Ottinger, David T.-I99 Owens, Charles Edward-IBO Owens, Edward Lee-IBO Owens, Ellis Gene-I80 Pack, Kenneth H.-I80 Pack, William F., Jr.-l80 Padgett, Ronald C.-I99 Padgett, Wilburn E.-I99 Page, Donald Wayne-I99 Palk, Barbara Kathleen-I99 Palk, Gary Dale-208 Palko, Elaine Marie-208 Pangle, Charles C.-IBO Pangle, Roger Trent-I99 Paris, Joel David-I99 Paris, Michael Gordon-208 Park, Susan Lynn-l80 Parke, Gary Allen-IBO Parker, James Allen-208 Parker, Terry Lee-I99 Parkhill, Wm. Formes-IBO Parks, Janet Louise-I80 Parks, Lora Kay-I99 Parks, Roger Dale-2I4 Parnell, Janie Lou W.-l80 Parsley, Alvie Vcster--I80 Parsons, Constance Rackley-I8l Parsons, Pansy Rebecca-2I4 Parsons, Stephen J.-I8l Partin, Chas. Edward-I99 Partin, Hugh Ben-I99 Partlow, Jerry Gilpin-203 Patel, D. C.-l8l Patel, Jagdish l.-l8l Patel, Vinodchandra C.-IBI Patterson, Boyd M.-I8l Patterson, Clara Kathleen-2I4 Patterson, Charles H., Jr.-208 Patterson, James Gain-l8l Patterson, Jena Merle-IBI Peach, Donald Wayne-200 Pearson, Charles A.-I8l Pearson, Marcia Jean-200 Pearson, Richard Allen-208 Pearson, Robert Wayne-200 Peck, Geo. Eugene-200 Pellicciotti. Alice S.-IBI Penick, Robert Howard-208 Penley, Wm. Martin-200 Penney, B. Kaye--200 Pentecost, Michael Joseph-208 Peoples, Hoyte Dean-I8I Perkins, Jackson L.-IBI Perkins, William Elvin-ISI Perry, Duke Rooney-l8l Perry, Paul Edwin-200 Perry, Sharon Ree-200 Peters, Thomas D. Jr.-200 Petty, Samuel Roy-I8I Phelps, Patricia Lee-I8I Phillips, Brenda Lou-l8l Phillips, David Edward-2l4 Phillips, William Edward-208 Phipps, Mickey Vernon-l8I Phy, Michael Roy-209 Phy, Roger Nathan-2l4 Pickett, Barbara Moore-lBl Pickett, William Reece-I8l Pickney, Charles L.-200 Pierce, Hugh Melvin, Jr.-200 Pierce, Janice Ellen-200 Pigue, Stephen Dale-200 Pike, Gerald Dean-l8I Pinkston, Danny Van-2l4 Pippin, Kenneth E.-I8I Pirkle, Joe Thomas-ISI Pittard, Darrell D.-l8l Pittman, Janice Marie-2I4 Pittman, Mary Ann-200 Pitts, Larry Paul--l8l Plumlee, John Newman-209 Ray, James Terry-I83 Ray, John Millard-200 Ray, Randall Gale-209 Ray, Ruby Carol-200 Ray, Sandra Louise-209 Ray, Sherry Jo-209 Reardon, Alan Ronald-200 Rector, Dallas Eugene-I83 Rector, Gerald Ray--l83 Rector, Harlan Ronald--200 Redden, Linda Joyce-209 Reece, Jimmy Lee-200 Reed, Harry Bruce-209 Reed, Morton Wallace-l83 Reeves, Mark Edward-I83 Reeves, Roger T.-200 Renaud, Linda Denine-209 Renegar, Benjamin Dee-200 Renegar, James R.-l83 Reynolds, Mary Ruth-2l5 Reynolds, Patrick A.-200 Rhea, Becky Conquest-l83 Rhea, Kenneth Ted-2I5 Rhine, Rosalie Dale-IB3 Rhodes, Rhoton, Rice, G Calvin Burnette, Jr.-209 William Dale-2I5 ary Allen-I83 Rich, Laura Nell-209 Rich, Wm. Hagood B.-l83 Richardson, David L.-200 Richardson, James M.-200 Richardson, Jerry Lee-IB3 Richardson, Larry G.-I83 Richmond, Gerald Lee-IB3 Richmond, Pat Joseph-200 Pointer, Robert Le e-200 Poore, Bettye Ruth-I 8I Pope, Linda Lucille-l8l Pope, Mary Grace-200 Porter, Alice Elizabeth-2l4 Porter, Elyce Elena-2l4 Porter, William Kendall-209 Posey, Harry Howard-200 Poston, Brenda Kaye-lB2 Powell, Charles Tho-200 Powell, Ebbie Ruth-2I4 Powell, Gary Lynn-l82 Powell Martha Dianne-2I4 Rickard, Katherine Naomi-2l5 Rickman, Wm. Samuel, Jr.-200 Ridgway, John Gary-I83 Ridings, Rebecca Ann-209 Rifenbury, Thomas Elbert-l83 Riggan, Robert J.-200 Riggan, Sam Ray-2l5 Riggle, Terry Lynn-200 Rigney, Sylvester L.-I83 Risko, Janice Mignon-I83 Rivers, William Dorris-209 Roach, Linda Carol-IB3 Roark, Melinda K.-200 Powell, Wm. Alexander-l82 Pratt, Larry Joseph-l82 Prescott, Michael Alan-209 Presley, Bobbie Dianne-I82 Presley, Dorothy Lee-200 Presley, Thomas Grady-l82 Preswood, Walter Andrew-200 Price, Gloria Lee-2I4 Priest, Judith R.-200 Prince, Harry Biles-209 Prince, Mark D.-l82 Pritchett, Betty Jane-209 Psemeneki, Harry S.-200 Pugh, Henrietta-I82 Pugh. Roy Nelson-2l4 Pugh, Willard Cleve-200 Pullum, Harry Albert-l82 Pullum, Judith Elaine--209 Purkey, Roger-200 Purkey, Ronald Ernest--200 Putman, Basil Wayne-I82 Pyle, David Warren-l82 Qualls, Ann Elizabeth-2l5 Qualls, David Randall-I82 Qualls, Sharon Loretta-200 Qualls, William Harrison-209 Quinley, Susan Olivia-200 Quinton, Robert Wm.-I82 Raasch, Mary Kathleen-2l5 Rader, Hilda Ruth-200 Rafeedie, Samih Faris-l82 Ragland. Pattye Sue-IB2 Ragsdale, Clyde D.-IB3 Rains, Myra Lynn-2I5 Rains, Sheila Karen-2l5 Ramsey, Charles Edward-209 Ramsey, James Clifford-209 Ramsey, Larry B.-I83 Ramsey, Thomas M.-l83 Randolph, Leila R.-IB3 Randolph, Nancy Kaye-209 Rankin, Marion R., Jr.-200 Raper, Edward Brookshire-209 Rardin, Rodney Alan-I83 Rascoe, William Sidney-2I5 Robbins, Barbara Smith-209 Robbins, Jerry Dale-200 Robbins, Sara Beth-2l5 Robbins, W. Louisa-IB3 Roberson, Donnie Joe-200 Roberson, Randy Earl-200 Roberts , Gloria May-200 Roberts, Harry Hugh-I83 Roberts , Larry Greg ory-2 l 5 Roberts, Ronald Dea n-l 83 Roberts Roberts , Sandra Raye-209 , Susan Elaine-2I5 Robertson, Martha Jo-209 Robertson, Roddy L.-200 Robertson, William Forrest-209 Robinet te, Randolph James-200 Robinson, Fred M.-200 Robinson, Richard Jr.--IB3 Robinso n, William M.-200 Rock, Vicki Lee-I83 Rogers, Alfred Watdon-2I5 Rogers, Betty Gayle-200 Rogers, Carol Annette-IB4 Rogers, Dennis Wayne-209 Rogers, Linda Jo-200 Rogers, Oliver Leon-209 Rogers, Roggli Ralph Arnold-I 84 Patty Dale-2l5 Rollins, James Odell-I84 Romans, Maiverine-200 Rominger, Betty Louise-200 Rominger, Robert D.-l84 Rose, A Rose, A lan Gordon-209 urora Jane-l 84 Rose, Malcolm Franklin, Jr.-209 Rose, Mary Lynne-I84 Ross, Anthony Dwayne-209 Rossmaicr, John Francis-2I5 Roy, Brenda Faye-l84 Rush, Bobby Douglas--I84 Rushing, Priscilla D.-200 Russell, Russell, Russell. Billy Joe-2I5 Joseph Anderson-200 Sandra Lynne-l84 Rust, James Rickey-IB4 Rutherford, Cynthia Ellen-I84 Rutherford, George Edward-I84 Page 287 Taylor, Rutherford, Michael C.-200 Rutherford, Stanley-I84 Sadler, Edwin Gray-200 Sampley. Richard Alan-I84 Sandefur, Joyce Kay-I84 Sandlin, Carl Walker-200 Saunders, Kathryn P.-200 Saunders, Rebecca L.--I84 Savage, James Douglas-2I5 Savage, Virginia Ann-209 Sawyer, Mack Anderson-I84 Schell, Judy Carol-200 Schild, David Alexander-2I5 Schmitt, Julia W.-I84 Schramm, Harry F., Jr.-209 Schreiber, Lawrence A.-I84 Schubert, Robert A.-l84 Schultz, Richard-I84 Scoggins, John Nicholas-209 Scoggins, Thomas Daniel-2I5 Scott, Permelia Nan-I84 Seaborn, Donald James-I84 Seals, Bobbie Jean-200 Seaton, William Glenn-209 Sells, Karen Rosalie--209 Sells, Patricia Ann-I84 Senecal, Ronald Raymond-l84 Sexton, Barbara Sue-209 Sexton, Carol Ann-209 Shackleford. Jack Ray-200 Shadden, Brenda Carolyn-209 Shadden, Gwendolyn D.-200 Shadden, Janet Elaine-I84 Shah, Mayank Jayantilal-I84 Shanks, Martha Summers-20I Shanks, Mary Ruth-209 Sharp, Donald Alan-20I Sharp, Edward Dowe-2I5 Sharp, Ronald David-20I Sharpe, Terry Neil-20I Sheffey, John Charles-20I Shelton, Micheal Ray-20I Shelton, Richard Lee-I84 Shepard, Brenda Sue-2I5 Shepherd, Ken Dwight-I85 Shepherd, Phillip Lee-2I5 Sherman, Harry S.-I85 Sherrard, Jo Ann-20l Sherrill, Kay Carol-2I5 Shoemaker, Diana Sue-l85 Shoub, Janet Dee-20I Shugart, Brenda Joyce-2I5 Shull, Norma Ruth-IBS Shumate, Sharon Diane-I85 Shuran, Michael James-ZOI Shuster, Rita Elaine-20I Sierraalta, Antonio L.-I85 Simmons, David M.-20I Simmons, Katherine-l85 Simmons, Richard L-I85 Simmons, Robert Wayne-I85 Simmons, Suellen-209 Simms, Allan Wayne--I85 Simpkins, Vicki Jane-2Ol Simpson, Brian Eugene-20I Simpson, Cynthia Louise-215 Simpson, James Melvin-I85 Simpson, Lawrence, Jr.-I85 Simpson, Michael Lee-I85 Simpson, Peggy Jean-2l5 Simpson, Sheila Raye-209 Sims, John Stephen--I85 Skelton, Reggy Covin-2I5 Skimmyhorn, Jerry-209 tudent Index - continued Smith, Ira David-20I Smith, Jack Wiseman lll-209 Smith, Jerry Vincent-I86 Smith, John Oliver-I8b Smith, Larry Gwenn-I86 Smith, Letitia Ann-2I5 Smith Margaret Bennett-209 Smith Miles Anthony-209 Smith Myrtle Diane-I86 Smith Paula Fa e 209 Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Y .. Richard Ellis-I86 Ronnie Dale-209 Stephen George-I86 Steven Dennis-20I Sue Anne-2I5 , Vinson Elmer-2l5 ,Wanda Sue-l85 , William Bradford, Jr.-201 Sweene Sweet, y, Gary Dennis-l87 Nancy Belle-I87 Swing, Joe Edward-2I0 Swofford, William Glenn, Jr.-I87 Swor, Carl Thomas-I87 Sykes, Carol Sue-I87 Sykes, Ronald Harper-I88 Talbott, Bobby Ray-l88 Talley, Janice Karen-2l5 Tallon, Wesley Carlisle-2l0 Tanksley, Randall Rea-I88 Tarpley, Dorothy L.-202 Taylor, Cheryl Marie-2IO Taylor, Deidrie Loris-202 Taylor, Eunice Dianne-2l0 Taylor, Felicia McCormick-I88 John Dewitt-I 88 Viar, Donna Roach-I89 Vick, Donald Steven-202 Walden, Cheryl Marie-202 Walker, Billie C.-202 Walker, Carlotta Ann-2I5 Walker, Carol Elizabeth-2l5 Walker, Edward T. III-202 Walker, Larry Barton-l89 Walker, Larry Paul-IB9 Walker, Walker, Walker, Walker, Wallace, Nancy Jean-2lO Nancy Lee-2I5 Robert Earl--I89 Ronald Lee-202 John Thomas-202 Wallace, Patty Jean-2l0 Waller, Eva Ann-2I5 Waller, Robert Edward-I89 Smithson, Kenton Dale-209 Snyder, Larry Monroe-I86 South, Beverly Lynn-IB6 Spain, Samuel Alfred-20I Spann, Jennifer Elaine-209 Spann, Katherine Bowling-209 Sparkman, Donald E., Jr.--20I Sparks, Beverly Jean-20l Speakman, Barbara Mae-2I0 Teague, John Arthur-l88 Teffer, Gertie Mae-202 Tehrani, Jafar Gh--I88 Tehrani, Shirley S.-ISB Templeton, Linda I.-I88 Tenpenny, Larry Allen-2I5 Terry, Douglas Wayne-l88 Terry, Stephen Dale-2I5 Thackston, Lou Margaret-2I0 Walro Walte Walto nd, Linda Dianne-2I0 rs, Sheila Annette-2I5 n, Sandra Elaine-2I0 Warren, Bobbye June-2I5 Warren, Karen A.-202 Warren, Randall Dee-I89 Warren, Terry Wayne-202 Watson, James Alexander, Jr.-202 Watson, Jimmy Lee-202 Spears, Ronald Wayne-20I Speight, Robert Berton-20I Spencer, Diane K.-I86 Spilman, Carol Ann-215 Spodeck, David Alan-20I Spurlock, Belle L.-IB6 Spurlock, Kenyon Neal-2I5 Stafford, Carla Renee-I87 Standifer, Nancy Ann-2I5 Stansell, Glenda Diane-2I0 Stanton, Sara Lou-2l0 Starr, Gary Craig-20l Steakley, James Louis-20I Steakley, Melody L.-l87 Steele, Phillip Randall-215 Steele, Shirley A. S.-20l Steffey, Judy Gay-2I5 Steffy, Richard Earl-2l0 Stephens, James S.-I87 Stephens, Patsy Ann-2I0 Stephens, Michael L.-I87 Stephenson, Ricky Lynn-2I0 Stepp, William G.-l87 Stevens, Rodney Kemp-I87 Stewart, Kenneth R.-2OI Stewart, Larry Martin-I87 Stewart, Michael Ray-IB7 Stinson, Gary John-20l Stinson, Paul Thomas-202 Stockstill, Doris Kaye-210 Stockton, David Lynn-2I0 Stockton, Donald W.-l87 Stockton, Mary Eliz.-202 Stockton, Nancy Faye--2I5 Stockstill, Frankie S.-IB7 Stokes, Marsha G.-202 Stone, Martha Jane-202 Stone, Michael Nichols-202 Stooksbury, Debbie Jean-2I5 Storey, Samuel Boyd-2l0 Story, Sharon Elaine-202 Stout, Brenda Sue-202 Stout, Donnita Carol-l87 Stout, Rosemary-2I0 Stover, Marcia Louise--I87 Straub, Anna Laura-l87 Stubblefield, Sara A.-202 Stults, Carolyn Jean-I87 Thomas, Brenda Ann-2 I 0 Thomas , Gerald Allen-202 Thomas, Gerald Lee-I 88 Thomas , Michael Ellis-ZI5 Thomas, Ronald Dan-2 I0 Thomas son, Dorothy Anne-I 88 Thompson, Danny Ray-2 I 5 Thomps on, James Finley, Jr.-202 Thompson, Jan Stewart-2 I 5 Thom ps on, Jenny Lorraine-2 I 5 Thompson Joel A.-202 Thom ps on: John W.--IBS Thornton, Philip Young-2 I 0 Thrashe r, Dewey Young-2 I 0 Threadgill, Robert G., Jr.-202 Tidwell, Tinsley, Robert W.-2l5 Harvey-IBB Tittle, John Harvey--202 Toline, Tollett, Eric M.-IBB Linda Ann-2I5 Tool, Karl Edward-2l0 Topping, Thomas E.--IBS Townsend, Brenda Darlene-2I0 Townsend, Terry Erwin-202 Trammel, Harold L.-202 Trapp, Eleanor Mary-IS9 Traylor, Donald C.-202 Trewhitt, Madison S. II-I89 Trotter, Charlyn L.-202 Tucker, Linda Lee B.-l89 Tucker, Paul Howard-2I0 Tucker, Sherry Helen-202 Turck, Karla Jo-2I5 Turk, Larry Joe-I89 Turnbill, Linda Kay-2l5 Turner, Franklin Lee-202 Turner, Howard Bruce-202 Turner, Kathey Anne-IB9 Turner, Linda Sue-IB9 Turner, Turney, Richard O.-I 89 Robert W.-I 89 Watson, Watson, Watson Larry Martin-2I0 Linda Kay-I89 Sharon Kay-203 Watts, Phyllis Marie-2l0 Wattwood, Phillip, Jr.-203 Way, De Forest R.-IS9 Weakley, David Michael-203 Weatherford, Gary M.--203 Weatherspoon, Terry L.-2l0 Weaver, Linda Teresa-I89 Weaver, Richard Alan-I89 Webb, Delbert Brock-I89 Webb, Eddie Jackson-203 Webb, Marvin Neal-203 Webb, Wanda Gail C.-2I0 Webber, Charles David-I90 Webber, Donald Larry-2I0 Weber, Lawrence C.-I90 Weis, Michael Leo-203 Welch, Michael E.-203 Weldon, Charles Alan-203 Welker, Malcolm Earl-203 Umberger, Diedre Trimmer-202 Underwood, Deborah Dianne-2I5 Upchur ch, Debra Lynn-2 I 5 Upchurch, Mary Jo-2I0 Upchur ch, Sherran R.-I 89 Wells, A my L. Finney-I90 Wells, Judy Paulette-2I0 Wesche, Joseph William, Jr.-I90 West, Albert Edward-I90 West, Edward Allen-203 West, Helen Carol-I90 West, Jerry L.-2l5 West, Lillian Edith-2l0 Wey, Ka therine Lu-l90 Wheat, Nancy Ann-2l0 Wheeler, Brenda Gail-203 Wheeler, James Riley-2I0 Wheeler, Joe Nicodemo--203 Wheeler, Linda Lee-2I0 Wheeler, Ronnie Henry-l90 Wheeler, Sharon Jan-2l0 Wheeler, William Norris--2I0 White, B everly Ann-2 I 5 White, David Eugene-203 White, F White, J rank H.-2I0 oe Harlan-I90 White, Michael David-203 White, Pamela Dean-203 White, Ronald Evan-203 White, S White, S and ra Jo-203 ylvia Belinda-I90 Slagle, Dianne-209 Sliger, Karen Sue-2l5 Sliger, Phyllis F.-I85 Sloan, Wiley Gray-IBS Smartt, Charles Byron-I86 Smeal, Keith William-20I Smith, Barbara Jean-2I5 Smith, Connie Jean-20I Smith, Danny Lewis--2OI Smith, Deborah Lynn-209 Smith, Donald Walter-I86 Smith, Donna L. Binnion-I86 Smith, Dorothy Carol-I86 Smith, Garrick Eldon-I86 Smith George Ray-2I5 Smith: Homer Lyn n-20 I Page 288 Stutz, Michael D.-202 Suddarth, James M.-202 Suddath, Janice Leah-I87 Suits, Deborah Mae-l87 Sullivan, Gary Leslie-I87 Sullivan, Marian Osborne-IB7 Sullivan, Robert Edward, Jr.-I87 Sutton, Barbara Jean-2I0 Sutton, Bobby Leon, Jr.-2I0 Sutton, Danny Neal-2I0 Swallows, James M.-I87 Swallows, Janice Faye-I87 Swallows, Michael Lee-I87 Swaney, Deborah Diane-2I5 Swann, Ronald K.-2I0 Sweeney, Donna Kennedy-I87 Vaden, Mary Kathryn-202 Vaden, Robert D.-IB9 Valente, Joseph-I89 Van Cleave, James Frank-I89 Vandagritf, Ronnie W.-202 Vanhook, Jackson-202 Van Hook, Michael E.-202 Van Hook, Vicki Su:-l89 Vanhooser, Joe Kenneth-2I5 Van Hooser, Paula-I89 Vaughn, Joyce Seta-I89 Vaughn, Wilma Joy-2l5 Vaught, James Ward, Jr.-2l0 Veach, Clarence Wayne-IB9 Verble, Dan Royce-l89 Vernon, James Donald-202 Whitehurst, Michael Scott-203 Whitfield, Philip Warren-2I0 Whitley, Stephen Gary-I90 Whitney, Gregg Katherine-2I5 Whitworth, Michael B.-203 Wilcox, Chas. Steven-203 Wiles, Marvin Emerson, Jr.-l90 Wilkey, Ricky Conway-203 Wilkey, Timothy Lee-2l0 Wilkins, James R.-I90 Willard, Gordon Lee-2l5 Willard, Patricia J.-I90 Willeford, Carolyn Puckett-l90 Williams, Aaron Jackson, Jr.-2I0 Williams, Barbara Lee-2l5 Williams, Cyril Dean-2I5 Ronald Jaclrson-I9l Williams, Daniel Clayborn-I90 Williams, Don W.-203 Williams, Donald Lee, Jr.-2I5 Williams, James Kenneth-2I0 Williams, Jerry Brown-203 Williams, Williams, Larry Neal+2 I 0 Linda Rose-I90 Williams, Nancy Kay-I9O Williams, Pamela M.-I90 Williams, Patti Lyn-2I5 Williams, Rebecca J.-203 Williams, Ronald Neal-203 Williams, Sam Franklin, Jr.-2l0 Williams, Steve Allen-2I5 Willitord, Linda Dianne-2I5 Wilson Wilson Glynn Richard+203 , Jennifer S.-203 Wilson Marie-203 Wilson Michael Dale-203 Wilson Nancy Jane-2l5 Wilson, Sherrill Lynn-203 Winchester, David A.-203 Winchester, James E.-203 Willingham, Rebecca-203 Willis, Patricia Ann--203 Willis, Steven Wayne-2l5 Willis, Teresa Jean-2l5 Wilmore, Johnny Eldon-2I5 Wilson, Donna G.-I90 A welcomed sight tor Eagle fans-a victory over the Murray Thoroughbreds. Wintree, Cathy Carol-2I0 Wintree, Wesley Allen-2I5 Winfree, William Wilson-2I0 Winningham, Albert Dwyte-203 Winningham, Carolyn Jean-2l5 Winningham, Suzanne-2l0 Winton, Vetron Kay-I90 Wiser, James Newman-I90 Wiser, Steven Lee-2I0 Witcher, Deborah Neel-2l5 Witcher, Rebecca Gail-2l0 Witcher, Sandra L.-l90 Wolaver, Marsha Lynne-I90 Wolf, Stephen L.-I90 Womac, Helen Louise-l90 Wcmaclc, Patricia Mae--203 Wood, Dennis N.-203 Wood, Marcia Lynn-2I0 Woodall, William Joseph-2l5 Woodling, Dave Roy-l90 Woods, Harriette A.-I9I Wooten, Linda Sue-2I0 Woznialc, Walter T.-l9l Yarbrough, Robert D.-203 Yarman, Dennis William-l9l Yarman, Judy Brown-l9I Yates, Vaughn Wayne-203 Yentsch, Carol Angelia-215 Yorlc, Billie Jean-2l0 York, Ellen Ruth-l9I Yorlc, Linda Lou-203 Wright David Lee--203 Wright Eloise-l9l Wright John Edward-I9I Wright, Johnie J. lll-I9l Wright, Judith Ann-I9I Wright Ronald Joe--l9l Wright Sharman-2IO Wright, Sidney Paul-I9l Yost, James T.-I 9 I Young Donna Kay-203 Young, Fred Reese-l9l Young, John Milton-2I5 Young, Judy Carol-I9l Young Linda Sue-l9l Young, Young Jay Stephen-2I0 Yusypchuk, Gene Joseph-2 I 5 Wrinn, Douglas Cornelius-I9I Wyatt, Billy Joe-l9l Zarth, John Harlan-203 Zheman, David Ismael-I9l Page 289 Harris, John--I49 -v- - ' Adkins, Marvin-I47 Allen, Betty-I47 Allen, Major Joe-I47 Allen, Vernon R.-I47 Anderson, Avo-I47 Anderson, Lois-I47 Arnold, Billy-I43 Ayers, Harold-I46 Bacon, Reba-I47 Baker, William-l42 Ball, Eugene-l47 Ballal, S. K.-I47 Barr, Jim-I47 Beckwith, James-I42 Below, Mary-I45 Bertram, Marshall-I47 Bertram, Thelma-I47 Bilbrey, James-I47 Boles, Ralph-I46 Bond, Leo-I43 Bonner, William-I46 Boyce, Richard-I47 Boyd, Capt. Arthur--I47 Brahmstedt, Howard-I47 Brahmstedt, Pat-I47 Briggs, Barbara-I47 Briggs, Diane-I47 Briggs, Robert-l48 Brown, James-I44 Brown, Kathleen-I43 Brown, Mary-I48 Brown, Mary Jane-I43 Brown, Virginia-I43 Buchanon, George-I48 Buck, James-I43 Bullington, John-I48 Bulow, Frank-l4B Bush, Frank-I43 Butler, Jewell-I43 Byrom, Mary-I4B Cameron, Alberta-I43 Cameron, Billie-I48 Campbell, Ralph-I48 Caplenor, Don-I44 Carpenter, William-I48 Chilton, Tom-I48 Cho, Whewon-I48 Clark, John-I48 Cole, Susan-I48 Collier, George-I48 Cook, Don-l48 Culp, Fred-I46 Daniel, Davis, Davis, Lt. Col. William, J Mary P.-I43 Robert-l48 Decker, Gayle-I43 Detord, Catherine-148 Delozier, Mary-I48 Diemer, Richard-I46 Dietz, Mary-l48 Dixon, Dixon, Edmond-l48 Nancy-I48 Dotson, James-l48 Downing, Edward-I46 Du Bey. Robert-I48 Duke, Don-I48 Page 29 0 Facult and taff Index Dyer, Barbara-I43 Eblen, Hooper-I42 Edwards, Ralph-I48 Estes, O. T.-I48 Evans, Elizabeth-I43 Farr, Lottie-I48 Farrar, David-I48 Flanders, John-I42 Floyd, Joe-I48 Fort, Robert--l48 Fox, Rosaline-I43 Fraser, Richard-I46 Frasier, Margaret-I48 Frye, Wilbur-l4B Fuson, R. E.-I48 Garrett, Lillard-I43 Goodman, William-I49 Gragg, Frances-I49 Griffin, Richard-I49 Groce, Charles-I42 Groomes, Debra-I43 Harrison, Florence-I43 Harrison, Nathaniel-I49 Harvey, James-I49 Hearn, Dan-I49 Hearn, Edell-l45 Heiazi, Hasan-I49 Helton, Walter-I46 Hickerson, Norris-I46 Hill, Marlin-I49 Hogan, David-I49 Hogan, Garry, Jr.-I49 Hood, Charles-l42 Hribar, Allen-I49 Huang, Ju Chin-149 Huddleston, W. J.-I44 Hudelston, Jesse-I49 Hudgens, Pauline-I49 Hunter, Gordon-I46 Hunter, Rozelle-I43 Huston, Josephine-I43 Hyder, Clyde-I46 lnman, Conrad-I49 Jackson, Harley-I43 Jaquess, Cecil-I43 Jenkins, William-I49 Johnson, Amy-I49 Johnson, Louis-I44 Jones, Christine-I43 Jones, Linda-I43 Jones, Roger-I43 Jones, William-I49 Jones, William-I40 Joyce, Major John A.-I49 Kearl, Reed-l50 Keefauver, Robert-I50 Keer, Hugh-l42 Kennon, Bill-I50 King, George-l50 King, Mary Byrd-l50 Kinslow, Ray-I46 Kirby, Gary-I42 Kleckner, Richard-l50 Lancaster, Joel-I50 Lawson, Hoyle-I40 Leddy, Glenn-I50 Lee, John-I50 Lewis, W. H.-I46 Little, Francis-l50 Little, iWilanne-I50 Livingston, Lois-I43 Looper, Charles-I42 Lovell, Sharon-I43 Luckinbill, Dennie-l50 Lynch, Louise-I43 Lynn, Sara-I50 Mahmud, Parviz-l50 Meadors, Marynell-I50 Meadows, Marjorie--l50 Medley, Carolyn-l50 Medley, Mozelle-l50 McDearman, Jon-I50 McWilliams, Jettie-I50 Miller, Paul-l5l Minor, Mary--I43 Mitchell, Eleanor--l5l Mitchell, William-I50 Mitchum, Jeremiah-l5I Montgomery, Esther-I5I Moore, Betty-I5l Moore, Fred-l5l Moore, Jeanette-I43 Moorman, R. H.-I5I Moran, Linda-I43 Morris, Winston-I5I Moss, Frank-I42 Mullins, Charlene-l5l Mundy, Capt. Andrew-ISI Murphy, Elizabeth-l42 Myhr, Dot-I43 Nolen, Jewell-I 5l Norwood, Dorrie-I5I Oliver, Jessie-I43 Olivo, Capt. James A.-ISI Orr, William-l5l Owens, Lee-I46 Palk, Donald-I5l Pangle, Susan-l42 Parish, Barbara-ISI Patil, S. A.-l5l Patterson, Capt. Donald A.-I5i Pearson, Suzanne-I43 Pedigo, Linda-l5I Pegram, Wayne-I5l Pennebaker, Dorothy-I5l Peters, Lorraine-l5I Peters, Martin-I45 Phifer, Clifford-l5l Phillips, Patricia-I43 Phillips, Stanley-l5l Piepmeir, Ester-I43 Pitts, D. R.-l5l Pitts, Louise-I43 Plummer, Virginia-I5l Powell, Jerry-ISI Prescott, Wallace-I40 Purdy, Kenneth-I 5l Quattlebaun, Rebecca-I 5 I Quillen, Malcolm-I42 Raper, Horace-I5I Rector, Terry-I43 Reddick, Thomas-I5I Reeden, Kay-I43 Richmond, Miser-I5l Richardson, Carolyn-I43 Rinks, Richard-ISI Roberson, Mary-I5I Roden, Frances-l52 Roden, William-I40 Rolston, Frances-I43 Ruhr, Michael-l52 Rundell, Richard-I52 Savage, Richard-I52 Sharpe, Joseph-I46 Shettlesworth, Juanita-I 52 Sisson, L. E.-I46 Sloan, Russell-I52 Smith, Flavious-I46 Smith, Ima Dean-I43 Smith, Capt. Richard-I52' Snelgrove, C. P.-I42 Spilman, J. E.-152 Spilman, Laura-l52 Stabler, H. R.-I52 Stewart, Floyd-I52 Stewart, James-I52 Stewart, O. C.-l45 Stewart, Rose-I52 Stout, Brenda-I43 Stradley, William B.-I52 Stubblefield, Hix-l52 Swindell, Robert-l52 Swong, Khyson-l52 Taylor, Peggy-I43 Thompson, W. T.-I43 Thorne, Joe-I46 Thurman, Wanda-l52 Tittle, Major G. F.-l52 Toline, F. R.-I53 Tolleson, Sherwell-I46 Turck. Merton-I46 Van Cleave, Albert-I53 Ventrice, Carl-I53 Wall, Hazel--I43 Waller, SFC Hiram, ll-I53 Ward, Elbert-I53 Warren, Elizabeth-I43 Warren, John-I46 Wattenbarger, Mary-I53 Wattenbargegr, James-I46 Wheatley, Bobby-I53 White, Helen-I43 Whitfield, Powell-l53 Whitson, Carolyn-I43 Williams, Nofflet-I42 Wilson, Martha-I53 Wortham, Howard-l53 A state-supported university oifering the degrees of Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Master of Arts and Master of Science, with high academic standards, a well trained faculty, and many new plant facilities. 7 A convenient location in the midst of a diversified recreational and scenic area. An outstanding R.O.T.C. program. Splendid training at low cost in three undergraduate colleges-Education, Arts and Sciences, and Engineering fincluding strong pre-professional curriculaj-two undergraduate schools-Business Administration and Agriculture and Home Economics-and the Graduate School. Emphasis upon a student-centered program with par- tiular attention to the individual on one of America's friendliest campuses. Tuition free to residents of Tennessee. Address correspondence with the university as follows: General Administrative Policies ,.,...President Admissions and General Inquiries ....... Dean of Admissions and Records Alumni Affairs ,,... ......,. .... ......,.. D i r ector of Alumni and Development College and Career Days ..... I .,.,...,.,............ Dean of Admissions and Records Degree Requirements ,... .,,.... D ean of the school in which the curriculum is offered Financial Aid, Scholarships, Student Employment ............ Dean of Student Services General Academic Policies ..,.........,,.,...,,.... ....... D ean of the Faculties Graduate Studies ..,.....,....,..,..,. ..., . ,. .. ..Dean of Graduate School Extended Services Classes for Teachers Ott-Campus Classes ...,........, .,... C hairman, Extended Services Department Saturday Classes on Campus. . ..,.. ....... C oordinator. Saturday Program Housing .......,.......,,..... .... ...,,.,...,.... D i rector of Housing Transcripts of Records ..., ,..., . . ...,. Dean of Admissions and Records Tennessee Technological University COOKEVILLE, TENNESSEE 3 I Page 291 Reese uses radios to keep 111 touch Don Reese, director of photo services, finds little time to relax. His calendar of photo assignments leaves him little time to do darkroom work. As a result, he has equipped his facilities with two-way radios in order to talk with his student assistants and his secretary while away from the oflice. Reese stays on his feet throughout most of the working day with heavy camera equipment his constant companion. Edward Melton student assistant the action. Q11 Larry Meyers and Bob Penick process pictures to be used in the yearbook. .qs f fl . operates the University photographer, Don Reese focuses In on Xu 1 ibm' r l W i My f .M-fi., get 1,4 , lf JA ,wg 7 if w.,.e,.f-15, f r if W, ff7f'??' ,f ,, ,V I , V u,-,W , N Mike Green, student photographer, gets in close for an interesting picture. C li! Loaded down with equipment, Richard Hargrove and Joel Williams take a break at halftime. miiiiw Clean regatlves are a must tor sharp pictures WWW Edward Melton prepares a negative for printing lb... real rf! f zf. 2 W, Think about Y romormn . . 3 if we don't l upo Q mxflnflnmul C44 IW ,I 7' K fe 1 1 nlfiy X 3 W M "ual Y.. V , rf fa... 12 , '45 . 1 'wi 5 Felix Hoots tries hard to encourage the editor-his smirks and sarcasm do not help at all. Encouragement from the big EAGLE 'Father comes frequently to urge the staffers on. Page 294 Vicki Cooter works hard to finish the features sec 511550655 SHEETS. l-OUFSG R0bbiI1S and Mike Regis tion before spring break-no luck. ter. foial the clay's ad receipts. Eagle completed between quarters xx sf -1' X L ' gi?Qf45jQFiiigQ5 i .iqf .,g. ew ,N 1.., . 'AXA . ' 1 so wwe e e 5' X 5 AQ t - zz. .., is Brenda Blackwood relied heavily on Bob Hagemann Classes Editor Grace Pope lleftl shows Sue Moser to get tl1e correct statisiics for sports. l10W to check lille lr'-?Sl1fT19n PlC'fUI'9S. --...-K i4lr . A if f Student Life ediior, Debi Fislce, kries lo beat the Ma."Y Evans. Greek edlfof- ClY9Cl'5 Proof with her deadline during quarier break. a55'5lanl' NHUCY Jiffell- Page 295 And now 1970 . . . What will it reveal? Up to this point, man has accomplished the unbelieva- bles of the l960,s. What are the unbelievables for the '7O's? Cures for diseases are always being sought. Improved equipment for all fields is an ever-present demand. Mars is not a landing strip, yet. Conquering a detrimental idea - praying for peace-killing a neighbor -condemning a massacre-the uni- versal way of life . . . Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin grabbed the moon for man in '69. ln 1970 man must develop the lunar sur- face for mankind. He must decide what the moon has to offer his civiliza- tion-to help solve its problems. How will Tech's students prepare to meet the problems of this decade? This edition of the EAGLE is an attempt to preview the '70's-and to point out that the real show is still performed by the individual. julia jarrell editor R

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