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M W f 'QL Y -T-' 1, , M in M vb, If 2 ,Q sm' , V 'Av ' V A way 'M E ,' lg' U A-' , .H 1 3 , ,i 5. wmv fun f V' -f . , i. V ik WW' A X , ' :Y cf , " 5 ffl '! 4 -,g .2 nf" W V W -rv' :fir Y ! ,Q"'-- gf' ' 1 , A W Q A N .,g ., Q wI'i1i . 1 I 'lv Finlw Q 4 I 'T .AI .,..:. . N D U Q i , Q f X I xwxx A gi wi ,A 1 B if r 'in vs r .rx 2 N Au J W: wk w . A v 1 1 1 A 'VW Q' WW W ' w i - w - "' A! ' , W rl -.- ..- X H: .',.,. A 'gg Q gi l Us. V1 v',f'3x"' - , xv V iga w zge gg' M. ' JZ: fx.: Y TTY? ,fy fi L, in Ml, rt , , w it 'f N- f st3.r'f ff ' N '-1 ' - -H --" " 1: -i".,,-f ,f I J 'L-r '55 ,Q FV 'l '11 L 1' . L ei' iii' f V54- 4 i" f -Kit i t -' .L-- Ve . 'Ii .N .- 'J -23? --' A Lag, . . ...j..-.Yi-Wiiy-Mya!! , :.',,'kig . ff A ' . 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Skiing Bhd Swimming Viffl-'ally imP0SSible- i STUDENT LIFE- age 84 Sunning under the big oak, standing for hours in registration lines, trudging through snow in -13 degree weather, pouring over hoards of re- quired reading, attending big name entertain- ment, Worrying, anticipating grades, hoping, fear- ing-all are student life. There are those who aspire to greater knowl- edge and those who merely wish to be graduated. There are those who make college a time of en- lightenment and those who Wade through dark- ness and never End the switch. No matter who one is or what his aims are, his student life is part of his education. There can be little learning without the teacher, but there will be no learning without the student. Life at Tech is planned with the student in mindg he is not always pleased and is rarely satisfied. Yet he learns that his life of the future is ever dependent on his life as a student. Alpha and omega-students line up to get their 'First ID card and, hopefully, four years later to receive a hard-earned diploma. .pi ,iii ,W iw., Willy Wy A purple and gold setting ot marigolds and petunias are seen only by those who brave summer school. J . l Q -'Y' 340' A V A ,R 5 th kv E 5 i A W 'P - ,ta -W Qtr: W W ww FQ W L I 'W I , WP 1 0 3 QW 7, wma H W Q, W K 'aw fs . -'S' fv .A V '-i,f.v ,AWN ,- Y ' M My M wg. 1' M , ,, HW, T.h"' A Q 1 f .7 f"""' NN J , W - A' . jx 9 'ri f as Elia Q1 5 f .' ' 'A' , :am '- ' 1. , , , a.., -wi , , .3 .r'? +1 ' 1"'-Q' ,is . Y ' ,.nn! f- - . 4+ -,+P 'Q ,, igfmz - 5 Y 64.4. V 5,1 ,iv ' W 1, -H 5 aa 'AM AH-,ya 7 gg V, f bi if 4"' .Q ' 33' q Q ,. ' fb - - fa Q I- W Mgt' 41' x.'L I dum 1 p A 'Z 'Q M . fx 'Ft - -:qv uv' ' - jr 11 ' - V . . '4' f " 3 x K' at fJ ' ' 1 MMM' 'av " 1 H2 3 YW K 'Y M ' ,, ' V- " ', A ml I FA L, Aw V- ,Q W " ' E -i my 1 Y. V ' VJ!-. - - , an 'K is I i .gf ? -we . , '1"-slr" , , , -7 ,. , V. V' g , -P I .B V 'fr ' l . AP , l U , V Q H' pn 5 f I .Q f , 2 I Q if 55 I . Pi" .ay-M, ,UA -lx ' .3 f ' 1. z .z fins-Q, H Vu' -nm. , , ' -vfffpff Y in M E U .. W, A W W A 'N M wx Q X ef K 4, ' as in 0 Q w Q uf' 1' nr V A in Q41 Q Elin. 5 Y -ew 1 at 5 Q-P' Q ev ll Q 'ldv . 21 1 4 C In ir 'I 6 Q 5? tt su 1 ii M 4 4' S i Q W 1 ,ig ,f G A' 1 his P Wm? 4 ,W W . 1-1. K 'v-x' V W M' Jw was , W W X x H, .fy wily fi- iw If iff: 1 QNAQKXBMXX jf Y VU Omg Y' ISI, EA .. fl ggffnm M AE ww A . W Q L..-6'.:l , ' - , 1 , 1' . , , Www .W W WM .W Www MW www? , 'w 1 ' ,ff ff ,M B I bf , Km YE' it "W nv M 1 5 if Us M v w I 4' 'lkx , M, 1 . C a:f" ,5. 2 v 31 : ""' .. .,:,!gw, '15-ji I: ,I 5 L 1 V Vx , fi fl FEA TURES - Page 150 Features is the showplace of the main product of Tech-students. 'These students are the elite, elected by their peers or appointed by the people who help-ed them become what they are. Each class elects two beauties, coeds who are at- tractive, neat and friendly. The student body as a whole elects senior superlatives who represent them as the top students, those who have contrib- uted most to the university in their four years. VVf1o's Wlzo members are nominated by a student-faculty group as being best scholars. The Features editor selects, on a point system. the live seniors who are the top students on the basis of scholastic ability and the degree to which they par- ticipate in the social activities of the university. DIANE BYRD Senior Class Beauty '51 W 0 m Q Nw. W z. f 0 1 L' P . W fnllil V-u ans ' 1 Q-1 JJ-in A If 1 , in p J ' in C' ' W is VV' Q ,, a r fi 1 -" J av qw tkig E ' 1 , ., A. 1 1 Y Ag M A 1' 1 J. . ' ' " ' V H " if' A 1 Q' V If 1 Ml! k ., Y. I L , ,nj-F 1- jam 0' :H .fb m'v' VJ Y. V 'L -1 a V - 1 'R F - " , A 6 xx 'ff' lvggl X- 'N X X X ,m4.,M,.--'-""""" 1 A Q .A S - A M H wngpumw ,Wn,,-.,.,. , W- ' A 1 PW W 4 -. . 433 ,' - 3 p. Xi' 9'-X. ,f ,mv W I M V N ! A Y Q T 1 A M ' ' "' -in '-f ' ' b . . A V ,x X, I H fmw " V ,. .V A . Q g B g 1 'W V 1 8 WL' 4 M, W o .X .M K -lu Q, bf We f Tl l -., 1, I V, N . 5,52-51,7 -Y . -,,, ' Q1 -Q. V, ' ' v.'C.f.-., , 'W' 5 M w WW QQ A ,WW Z' 'f.w h?fL 'D 'n'EHW Q11 '. p Mx I , ' , ' A X img, f ww,' ,. ,wh . ,wmr ,H 'FQ :Q ff! QQ g wwf ' ite!! v I ' su. 9.5. uw: A5 aug am Mg-'Q ' ' 5 H f:,,,,::5 . WWW , 113, .1 5 K- 31 W' , uw ' vi? 'f'4 2 Q '-'F f ,Q- "la ' Q92 D W sewqg , I fi- ts ' ..,w .,. q 9 , f". wad jf' ,ff gf' . U 7.3! X , K Q ,M - dilxfxklx , 14? lv . ,,, ,,, 3 I-Li - J ' ff H - 'K My r W M v v w MMA H -E' 9 F w an KJ u lllrh ul ' I M M lg 0 W' fy! ,Q 11 1 1 W 'A V -fl V . ,Q J . N 4- I V' ,W '4 f W W x ML .5 5-.1 . -N 1 .. , ,T , 'P . L' ',, ,. R LM" .',' . ' Wi KW'a1, X QW 1-A 'bf ' M Q., nm U V in mu X hw af' fi, 1.7 , - w , ' r-Ll ' .- --TM 4' V .. r - '.,., I - -X : Fifi P-f Y , 1 1' H- - - we vw -1-- M J Q I ,fn ....... r 3 fd wmv. -TJ: Mg . f-:jill . .135 H 41 l ,fy-. I ,Q 1415! w 'WG ,, P, s 'ir V H1 ,?P - ,...x:. I , W ,, Maia. ..l V717 ' 'xl - - 't' '. b ig, ' , b ' . fn., . ,.A,' D: s fl ., I V f -Q., V 5. x w , . Y I Z - -. I' .c-3, .r-,ZF LI. 'Q .r nw" gha- ".l-V? E - .Q . b . l"4 ' I fr ' iv ,, I K i ff' 443-5 5, ni, t Li . , iff" . T , -. -Q - A Q: .1-'1 f I " A. . i if.-.ry ,fir-.T 'cs X 1 l. All ggi,-jr' 'fil-wx , -1 , , 1 ,V ' 12 ,- 'T ' y 51 " :N .1 , K 4 . n. . fr:3"' 'M'-' H 1-K H ' .' '-1 . . , f, 'i , , -6'f , , pig' 44' ,,f 1 5- - ' J ' 1 1 xx If Q V , 4 fr ,Q M .. A ,, , , M A mf:fY5'fig Mu ..,- q . 5 ' N. A . , . A u 'iff f" Q r' N 1 'l M 'wr 'E s 4 ' Hi., r- -5 30 J, 1 -QL- , 'wi ' " -'T . ' X . ', UTM Q ' '7 Q" T' 'b '-.':..l,. x , 'Er"P. 5? 4 . ig - 1 . M N +51 . iid -BE .FLLM in , Q lin I VVWA -.3 - Hmm5 ED ' l 1 l Ufli I -IP " K-EWR 'EV' M 3 2515 4' 'W '5"'-' ' Ng. 1. w. , ,Q it N x .sv J tk W 4 1'--we fam 'J N-fi' 9 4 .-f ' . 995 A, ,. U, I ' " 'f If-3 1 1 'J 'Ill 5 2 'f' ' aw 3 WE 1" :J 'uw 'Y 'ff gl -. W J E m.3Zfjl1..Q xr, 'WML' .W H ' Q in L . ,tw , . S N X A Q K bs vp ,A . 43 . 4 " P. 1 ,Z-5, --,-f- 2 ..4-. N n- - ,gi ---3 ,f -if 5,2 'G ,N -v M. :"'w-fi'1 . Nr -- . W , W I vr-' E? ,-f if rf A P u IA is W .K V? M -' ' H' '.:.aa'- - I N 7 A.: QB in x v..':,w'j,,ij-. 1- 's-wif, E- , Q . .N xy A A x ' '- ..' f -PWR I I 4 M 4 n.. e, uf ' -, pf' 5 E.-AQI - f0'?f:?'+ 2 . 1 , wk 3 .lp - " .If ,ft 'J 1 5 6 5 : 'fgfgm I WWg?!ar f QM gl ' Q F .J .I T !i,i'i,4.:l.u' ' "W, Tm 3 V 'VXUWQ' up L' " " A' 1 F, g1.,,.l .. . 5 W FP' . .7 2 vv - ' 11 ' MN' Q Q 5 ,, I ' 3 - W K Plym: 5 'fn .- , . " lvl- . V 4' ,1 ' - 1 - A M, L Ur M. .W ww , Y w--mwsm- yn, w Lb-M , ,WJ ww, A N fu ug -Q Q ,lg W M W if iw 'Nl . wg .' , "" 1 fis f QM aw wr f he A , ,.... fi :Li C' 111, M. ff ' Wrf iiwf -O.. ,v 0 Bob Taylor checlts out a program he has just entered in the analog computer. CLASSES - Page 250 That 50-minute break most students take between trips to the dorm or the student union is spent pri- marily in one place-class. Whether it be lecture, lab or seminar, this time is used to cram bits of informa- tion into the brains of freshmen, sophomoresy juniors, seniors and graduate students. The new freshman usually learns rather quickly that he will be required to digest mentally almost everything he sees, hears or senses. The veteran sen- ior usually comes to realize that he has.only hit the high spots and Wishes that he had more time to prepare for his biggest test-that of success in his profession. It is in this section that We will picture those that Tech is preparing for the "world outside." Students in biology lab learn the basic processes of cell division by ob serving "the real thing" under microscopes and sketching what they see These coeds appear amazed at the marvels of science as they wait for results that are sometimes dramatic, sometimes routine. M1 -A-A. V-, , HA. 45 ,- IG usb ' I S-x 'mr " ., I 'W' I q, 1 'Arg 1 ' 34' y ' ' -V-F' W L M, a- i wi 1 ' -3"'w-W-"f1.- 4. Y ., p. :fn I' . 4f"'77'Ym5f7 f'5.f'f 5 ' ' , 3,35 M .Wu-N Q' .1 Q A , if '1i!ii'g. If W ,fl MQ, R W nf w' 1,1 I 3 We M '-, , . " , 1 " .. ' , , , - ,M f m - ' A J ' W wwf M -" ,: A1 W 1 " ' 1 f .N ,, , gr gh'-im ,V wfgigly- - , A I' . 1 13? - : Lg,A,TA,-Y :A A 1 Y, -if W ,H ina W J' ,, .-N 1 -9 1 f.-.JF 4, :J-f --'fe-' " L Kami-SJQY7 W, N, .W ...HI Mm.. wg- MM, ffff' , Y ,My :mr,M,.',, 3' X ff 1- - uf QM Q Y HU ,, 4 .gffgmf-,Q-f '33':?:?f" . at 1- - - 'T -- 5, ff, . L42 , H 'H' 31.1.5 . . L gvplgavqx- ff- lxxg-i,f'J, A ith? I .. X A aw-ty-will-W N,,v.A,,-W my 5+ N MM, mi ,aw .3 K ga , ' gg .SM 4,.. " 4 -. ,iw 1-W. 1 sl'-5 -Qi. x- " ff l ' A: 1. ' f Aw-.rj ,gi -' X ' g 11 ' N , V W ,, - 1 , Av, Q fix , 6. 3 , f,:? W, 'f'SJ'?.. fi 1' K P. " ' " " 'VN13W' V ' I M-Q. wWw..WQ,.,X L V , 1.5.1 vii-.fin 4 ,, QR 4 5. -s I swf, ff" ssss W +Q1Ww?M r A lqfixwz ,531 'Q' Mww-nmM,Q: Q 1 x ,iii 3177.11 1 L - , git? Q yga . . 4 Y I -:M-uv s- '. .,. A .. Q, . ..,. ...M A . A A QQ.,-51 ., f .- Bw ' fm" 51 ' ,-. I ' , 5' Y It W I "' ' bw- uvw- " 'Jigga ' 554: ?'S'K'5F9fi: , LQEMQQ' aw u , , .:: ' nf 11!s-!!"'.- - A-'-Y E uw 's Q Q Lff 2'.!-955 3 "sl W4 ..LQ3:M H VK, wr Y 1 4' , - ' hgq,-E'.ug., ' " 5 Vsflf' ' MF " Q 1' "T ' f' want to work there. but the food sure nior to a placement office assistant. ,,. ....-.+-- W- iff' sg ' s r'x L ,WMM . 1' . K . V - .111 . 3' , -.. sv ,, M. -r,,?-r' "--X , 1 ,Q ,,....f-"' 'sk N-Vx , , , I ,fv , Q X x, NY Q L . ' R' H ' M- 'MW' ' "Amin-" LII ., 4-Q-"7 :Lx ' -Tig, . , r W LQ Eg.. 5 .- , M .W v. Cookeville will never be the same again. Boih 'che city and Tech seem to be breaking loose at the seams. ' FF? ff .. - 'Q 'ilf'f,1x," . P ef A -?,4'Axi ' X ,A fe. ..-J . '-.4 -.f'.'S v lf, 1 1 1 'F . ' g'i'E,Q". . - , J -hr 9 ' -1 , , l 5 ii 1 g. 1 ', - ts' 1, ' Es ' f . gi -if ' L il 5 i y . . . , , . ' 1 W X 1- i X 55 . . , I W I r- -- ' f . 'I - I t X X L ,. , I , Y l - .- li. , ' I i , ' ' ' 1 i , -i 3 .. A i Y '31 , li , .N N :in . ,JMX1 ' Y , Y Y W Ml' 'Q .Q i l 1 N ' , . -' "h 1 4: ' --31 if, l ii All T' JZ'ElilJ?l,, ink: wi ' -ig -j I-11, Ji,.!.15l1.l4 W .ggi Hug, i 5 il A ,N W ix Ig E: .QE '.H,ii15., Kiwi Y N . a F' i 1' 4,912 a .lr A Q. , jjj' 13:4- .I l Ti, ,iii-T 1 ' 'i f'-I-115:vQ'i"1!'i '3""si'41.V' ' limi lb 231 il " N ,Xp a1'F':"f"fr.' Q5-' - if?-F.'i' ' .1-.J ii' ',5.:'DP' . "'if'f'if'7E,'f1" V . - fl: -yi :'.- UQ1? lg" 5I9WL-.1511 - ' . - . ' '. .- il.: ':g"gi5' :wg f -. -' - 'A' V 'fw--a."f-ir ,s .-'U 'gy ,, . 1 1.4 5. 51,55 J --,mannin- - lid! 4 iw. '-' -L Pal: Keller and Gail Peniclc search for the gowns that will catch their dates' eyes at the nexf ball. Tech coeds frequently visit Cookeville merchants when a special dress is needed for a special date. 1' N f 1.. .1 iw. wwww Y, FJ' w if ww . ' .Q1 , .H 1' -0. F 'SL pw , ,JN-L R ' L " 1 l Q .A ' , 7 Yan ., 4 .nf ' .- Q.,.. - w N! JL rf bf vm 55,50 .aw -T A w ,,w,w W "ww ww w Qwx I . w . ig . Emil N' W .. , ,NG Q ww X 'A Lil r, xv , -E AA? V -ff w, ww:-gas., r - ,xgkwi .N , 4 fm ',,. ,fm .Ay 4. R ,., - f-N w. w w 1 s lg wg w 1 Fa H W vw ww ,Hg ,1 .5 . WM, f l 1 w 435 w 1 www X w :xx ,WZ V ,SQ GIA? w ,, wwww w ww l J, H w w w rw . w faq ww L i X 4 l s w2'1-'ziggugw-X, ww w K5 if il ww, ' w IQ ,1iggqwEgwwww.w ww w - ' w- - ,wwww wwww vw -wi,-Qgjjkglgfww EQ .55 N:wx,Q,,. , ww 31 . . 'N val ,VF I .3 ui' , -5, ?.A -4 , A s mf Ke: W W z "serzer:"w' fhj gg: fl P M Q 3 P41 w 57 J I' :V 5 X H1 , I 'lie w SL w 452-' 5' E . ,1 -L ,M M V ,mw- JV. " 2 5 . ,sgujw . ' m., .N vl X. 3 x w ff: fx i ,-'fw,Vg.'f,JE ,nsfgw F12 N is M15 1 'il 2 Q Qui, 55 11 i, ,. S E 2 H Q. r gy "mv Q. .sv , W- ww 54 mv ju MQ ' X.. f my , 5, qw, ,. n' fi . 7 N' ".1'x f U' if MQ ff " in .KQQQY iv I fel' mm nf PRELUDE T0 TENNESSEE POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE A DREAM COME TRUE, 1909-1915 alles! alle es ' " I Qitvptrnxzbcv 2, l'iYl.'?.p - Zfzall 5,1-rm Einmmrg 13, 12333 M- Smfgarizag Qfvrni Around the turn of the century, Jere Whitson, a Cookeville merchant, donated I2 acres of land upon which to begin the construction of Dixie University lCollegej. Several of the buildings of the Tennessee Technological University today stand on this spot of land. Witli an endless ellort, Whitson and other inter- ested citizens built Dixie College. School opened September 2, 1912, in a building that was still under construction. lt was the only building that was con- structed during the short lile of Dixie College, and it stood where Derryberry Hall stands today. The foundation to a Bible school was laid where the Memorial Health and Physical Education Building is now located. The Bible school was something special to the Dixie Board of Directors, but the dream of a special building for the school faded shortly after the establishment olf the Tennessee Poly- technic Institute in 1916. The founders of Dixie College had two pur- poses in mind when they thought of how the school would serve the student: it would prepare the stu- dent for entrance to the state colleges, and it would Ifurnish a practical education for those who could not go to college 1909-Nov. 18-Charter granted for Dixie Uni- versity l9Il-May IG-Construction began on main building 1912-Sept. 2-School opened 1914-August-Dixie merged with Putnam County High School 1915-April 5-Dixie closed IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII APPRECIATION lllemhers of lhe Eagle slaff are inclelzlerl lo sev- Howard G. Ashburn Frances Lee eral jie-rsons' who were hizzcl enough lo loan us jilctuwres and other malermls for rejn'ofl'11ctiov'z in the lzisloriczll section of this hook. Attempting lo list names of all the persons who hrwe helped 'us wottlfl he cm impossible lash, lhere- fore, we have llslefl here those persons who furnlshecl IIS iIlCl7.H'6.S'. There were 7I1.ll'l'I.j' olher jfersorzs who helped its identify jiielures zmrl gave 'IIS suggestions. To those listed here fmfl to others who helped us, we say thfznlfs. -gEdit01,S Lisa Bedford VViIanne Little H. D. Craun Sidney McGee Joan Derryberry Mildred McGiboney Allison Ensor, jr. Luke Medley John M. Frazier Jimmy Miller Ima Scott Hill YV. C. Moore Robert Hutchinson B. H. Murphy IIIIIIIllllIIIIllIIIIIIIIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIIIIIIIIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIllIIIIllIIIIIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllIIllIIIIlIIIIIIllIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Page 18 Jere Whitson was the originator and promoter of Dixie College and led the tight to establish Tennessee Polytechnic Institute. 1 I. " X tg, f' mm. MRS. DAISIE REGAN BENNETTE Directress School of Music Piano "WllilllIalT'.i-I IlllllgllllHlllwizir "1 M1 1, . ily I iii Dfmlilwl'-Hn. rr in-N -,.l I , '- -yr: -H I ,pl1.fEf,fll" wi. M, M. I I 'Www I 1- y I llllllllll .I 'I I I, I I y Y I U I I lmllllllllllllll' , I IM . , I ,ff irrrm fgwW1r,,j an ,klllrlm y Wgg Ili I lglul,,'ll,,u . - rr,,!1,.i :ww ii if Yi WJ 'Y ll M ll ll I "Ill will U ,Ll"llHlllIllx'llll.l'II'' ' W ylllll. Mllllllvlvi JOHN EVAN DUNN President School of the Bible History and Moral Philosophy MISS BERTHA ENSOR Piano I r William Baxter Boyd was the first president of Dixie College from l9l2-I4. He taught English and sciences. MISS MAMIE LOU MORGAN Kindergarten, Harmony DIX IE FACULTY r .. . MISS ALINE GUTHRIE HANNA Latin, French and German The President's morning lecture always contained a coal lesson in s cholo 9 P Y 'JY- e + P ,X my X au Ii m WX WS, 5 'Q , 5 v ' ,NJ-'-'Q ,C ,V . ,f . ra" Asif! 'i 2 "ff Q' .- av " I, MISS MAMIE GERTRUDE ALCORN Piano MISS FANNIE KUYKENDALL Directress School of Art SAMUEL NICHOLS JARED Treasurer Mathematics, Physical Sciences ...1 Practically all student activities at Dixie Col- lege centered on the literary and debating societies, the Philomathean and the Apollonian. The socie- ties stressed speaking ability, confidence and self-con- trol. In 1914, the debate topic Was: "Resolved: That environment has more to do with the forming of A-: LITERARY OCIETIE HOLD SPOTLIGHT IN STUDE K, , . , , f f orifi- :Qfc1'V'1: , . , .41-1.g.g.::.g:f:Q:f, Q:f:Q:1:3:35:::5.- ' ,S -- . . N--J-g-:-,f - ' F. ..... .,.. . , ' e -.-L-I ,-.-I-.-,- 'I'P?F321PM-1'I-I-'-fm',1.1s'q'.' ' .. .-I'f.4'i"fi FW!" 44 " "'-'-T-'MI-'-'C "' . ""f . It... ,I1was-1:-:,E1Ifi-15:'elifgiiiliiifiif "fT'5fE55i5"' 1-I i5:'fi5:f1?E52:1n....X . :-,A-..5Ag3' 4g character than heredity." The best debaters from the , fQ,.gQQ,Q,Q' 'i5?gag5g5g1 fs, f'f'j5.ag.f:gaf' two SOC16t1CS faced 1'CpI'CSC11t2lt1VCS Of Baxter Scmlnafy. I Qiiigfjf 'E':ff5,i5i5 gf if - - - - - 1 " 15211253 '1E2Ef2'1i 2:1152-,',2, 'EE 55513. 'iii :I,?IEfEf?5f5 1g.t2s5E32i't s35i'fff:I ' 3?'f" ':'fTl!:L. DIXIC, SUTPTISIUSIY, represented the negatlve, and the I -' . . . . . ,,,A .- P-ggiggsga w y Judges, safely, decided it was a tie. D L: it ss: 5 . . . . . . . . s .nf e't' Discipline at Dixie 1S stated rather clearly in the Q ,- 1, ff - - 1' -.r., 'f1f1?5i55ii3:z:1r:i3E51f:feaEii+'-'i.E 1913-14 catalogue: A Brin but kind hand will rest Q5-' C - i s "t' upon every student. Among the cardinal and fun- I s "-, - - - sniff. ?2 .: :522f13:3252E?i:2-:. 'Ii-I '-'i 1iZi1if2i1f12E25121,-'iiiewezszti'2?e2:2:::1?fi damental school virtues which we shall exact might i W - - - 'w-'-'2:f:f.1 :1:z' .- - - be 1'I1Cl'1t1OI1CCl PTOITIPL ObCC1161'1CC, COLIITCOLIS bCll21V1OI', """' . ifiiiiiygzr 2255355 punetuallty, metal and gentlemanly conduct, and H ' ' Cheerful and dlgmied YCSPCG for every feqPe?t 9f the facultl' ---- The SuPfeme Oblect ef H11 dlsclphne 15 ' E ""' fo enable the Student to become the elmfe master 0 I ...,., 1 himself-" Dixie College was composed of one building. The building stood where Derryberry Hall stands today. Dixie's coed basketball team: Row 1-Myrtle Elrod, Gertie White, Mary Dudney. Row 2-Constance Gregory, Doris Dukes, Mabel Hamilton, Mabel Wooten, Grethen Boyd and Coach Earl Fry. school of art, under the instruction of Miss Fannie Kuykendall lex- rightl, offered courses in drawing from the flat and from ob- sketching from nature: work in crayon or charcoal, landscape, figure and portrait work: painting in water color, pastel and oil. Philomathean Literary and Debat- ing Society was one of such groups at Dixie: Row 1-Clark Dunn, Mar- shall Pickett, Rouss Dunn, John Dow, Fred Gibbs. Row Z-Alvin Wid, Lewis Botts, D. O. Griffith, Frank Dunn, George Hill. Row 3- John Anderson, B. C. Goodpasture, B. H. Murphy, Walter Cooper. Paae 21 COOKEVILLE OTED FOR ACCESSIBILITY, MORALITY, CULTURE ,Ir During Dixie College days, Cookeville had a Rf-wifwfr. uf- .fe E-1 W, 'c W population of about 3,000. Early publications de- VpiApq:.qA scribed the town as being semi-mountainous on the .,.- Tennessee Central Railroad with six passenger trains V a day, including through car service between Knox- sk .lll lga- j I . pv ' ' ville and Nashville, I l I "All roads go by Cookeville" was a common, lo- 1', f"- f :J,w gt' cal expression. Two lamous roads did cross Cooke- 1,-:t A,.'i:, Q ,Q I' nllq ville. VVa1ton Road carrie across the mountains from 4,', . east to west, and Fisk Road went across the state from I,i1 'iagkt e 'I' gx l, north to south. A total of IO pikes, all dirt roads, if brought citizens of the surrounding 211-ea to Cooke- Y tit-iiiiilti iiii Le, Q-t a i l ville. During winter months and rainy seasons, the I QQ" I U- , y i'-- s ' . roads were diflieult to travel. 1. in I , V p Citizens of Cookeville enjoyed boasting of the ' - sulyss g many advantages of their city. There is little doubt l "y- 'r A that many energetic men dedicated to cultural acl- M -::q Q vancement were present. A city school contained 10 s,: Mtfmfffw My teachers, a school of music and expression contained iii fax-e 5 or 6 teachers. The city also had a school of art and b .s l :TAX rf T- maintained alibrary. we ff- ee' we " i -3' V - ' There was one other "advantage" that a Dixie Col- - ,Q I f lege catalogue stressed: "The town enjoys an enviable -.-, 57 . reputation for its morality and substantial Christian 'll li' l ii' , f i krk G culture, havmgiperhaps the largest percentage ol' reg- y 1 1 ular church going people of any town in the entire H A ,,,q: ,,,, country. The thoughtful parent or guardian who I . c 4 . knows the meaning of environment, and who appre- dwg, ii ' i iw, I In-5 li- Q-gf 'i ciates the dangers ol? temptation, cannot overlook the .l ' z :ft r lppu fs,,,ffg,4ift advantages of a college career for his children so Ear i.-, Zz, r removed from temptations so common in larger cit- ' 77 ies. Phrasing of advertisements by Cookeville mer- chants also gave a key as to the type of area in which they worked: "Up-to-Date Groceries on close margin," "N ew, Clean, Progressive, Courteous," "Nothing over 25 cents," ''Safe-Sound-Conservative,'' "Cookeville,s New Movie Now Showing the Highest Class Pictures Ever Shown in Cookeville." So this was the Cookeville in which Dixie Col- lege struggled and eventually closed its doors. lt was the same Cookeville in which Tennessee Poly- teclmic Institute opened its doors in 1916 to 50 years of continuous growth. IlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIlllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllll Several publications aided in the construction of the historical section. Austin VV. Smitlzfs The Story of Tennessee Tech was invaluable. Other jnublica- tions fused include Dixie Derrick, Dixie College Cata- logue, The Tech Dynamo, The Tennessee Tech Oracle, and Techie catalogues and yearbooks. lIllIlllllllllIlllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIllIlllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllIIlllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllll Page 22 Cookeville homes had graceful lines and numerous porches. The James Cox house and the Lansden house are typical examples of American Colonial style architecture. Some of the noted buildings and scenes around Coo i I9I3 we th Pt Co nt Court Ho It n re e u nam u y use op the Presbyterian Church ltop rightl, a typical shady llower leftl, and the Nashville-Cookeville Pike Ilower Except for the cars, this scene of the Tennessee Central Depot and a Cookeville business block appears to have changed little in 50 years. EVERYTHING FORATHE FARMER EVERYTHING FOR THE HOUSEKEEPER l W EE C 0 Cookeville, Tenn. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL Furniture, Stoves, Queemsware, Tinware, Wall Paper, Sew- ing Machines, Sash, Doors, Glass, Paints, Oils, Roofing, Wire Fencing, Field Seeds, Fertilizer, Binders, -Mowers, Plows, Harrows, Drills, Hardware, Wagons, Buggies, Sur- reys, Harness, Saddles, Coffins, Caskets A I d h p d h D D k I9 4 I d d I H I at ap eare In I i ixie ef- In gf - ' 325458 H - f V, M ,Y A-f - , 2 aw W 'Is , H W I QW M-1 Q- mi-I Na, fmiiwfwf Page 23 E. ,. NQWV . E I, , .,., .,.. , I Lwmge I. 'X M L h - -- A If-32' I 'I af' ft - I W K ' .. -., HL f . M ,,,f.f,,L. ' ,ws ii M T N X, L L Bl, mr: ' s e . . X - - Y W iw f M: gt . L. " H II Q X iii ' 2, I . A A. S Us L - f L i' N T' 33 4- ,. L s- f M I ,, Eg M Z A :..aig A N : I . t, I . ll .M . . L f M Tl ' :F c.. 2- cz .-: 4- x we il. ' " ' ":'1.. . P. . V- .. V' ' N . if W W ' - -1 1 r E W swear '4 A f at ---A if M .1 - 2 4+ z . . Q ri " 4 T' 'A'5i.?E!eif'LgE f W' "iii" 3SiE7l 'Qi Q , . . ,. 4 ,wc Zi Y ,, . : Y A li ' ' F A ii 'W N . 1- 4 .K V . W M 'ik' ME... '. ' 'f"',iQ MTFMZTT W5 M F. - if Er-Ed, iii so i Jeremiah Whitson, the leader in establishing both Dixie College and Tennes- see Polytechnic Institute, stands beside the cornerstone of East Hall lKit- He was a striking trell Halll at the dedication ceremonies in April, l9l6. example of relentless determination. One cannot but wonder where he found the energy. West Hall was used as a dormitory and a dining hall. TECH OPENS AlVllD CRlTlClSMg WORLD WAR TAKES STUDENTS Turning a skeptical eye toward the possible suc- cess of Tennessee Polytechnic Institute would have been an easy thing to do-perhaps the logical. In its infancy in 1916, many persons throughout the state condemned the establishment of the school as a purely political move to build something that really was not needed. One short year later, Tech sent 30 of its students to help iight a World war. Some- how the school survived. The Tech Dynamo, the student newspaper, in january, 1918, made note of the troubles that surrounded the school: "Despite the war, the weather and almost every other trying condi- tion that may be named, our enrollment has in- creased very materially since the beginning of the second term. The dormitories are filled to capacity." Page 24 Thomas A. Early was the president of Tech from l9l6 to l920. The Tech Dynamo malres frequent references to his many business trips to the educational leaders in Nashville. :aww E Q B B A1 mm 5 m wx-45 ma wcmm Q H Saw E H ss we mxnm ss 1 fl M53 mm a an mem nw aw ms umm: -mn an Q ss we Nm- mn janv M-gy, 8E.fu55f.,QS?,FW 5 .,, ,m.L fuss- E-mamma, s W Elway-. we mms-it mga vw my md 3 W Wg .MNH M Mmssc -5553532325 29 -wwf , W,,?3w-is N - mains, MW mmm -- 589 1WQ'?.i5SM M :H H - w WEE me an ' .. 5 ... H 2 ff Mme wr y., - Qi? Hmmm mvslgwl wh. an K H mn mx .glmgec V 2123 rf.: Q-xx Elec .r .fs L K wan W S355 ., J'- E. ,Z 'Y MQLWT. km? 3 H sqm. "'.-:.- w n me New xx: ax SF a was 1916-1929 IIIII1IIIIIlllllllllllilmlllllilIIIIIIIIIIIIIHllllllllllllllllllilllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIHllllilllllllliIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIUIllllllililllllllllllllIIIHHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIWIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII'L .li E Sufi fi.1fN"i" ' ' MH...af,,', WC - .1.S!3Eig.:wi2, . sfm-f'- yyw W - iegiigirx.. iw - ww. . . b7.:gZa..ggK V 2,2 . J, u 1 ,1'V'???2T. Hui? Mage.: -K ' ,lam I ff' sf-ff f- , fe. tiwffffirgiffg- yiffif Ufifff mug' ..Y:ff.g.?:11:f " X1-'N' Af' - W - y 2 2 Q Q-if : I Q M rf M gaekfniffr, .mnvlgfzzxeef 24 fir! . Q .. 5 ni . zfivgxfltvjf-:S Zgmlfz Maumee sam a1.rr::Q-ww:.".u..J V . .. p 9- . f'Uf,iMm?MkLL'ZL'.?W . W' - Qfg, W fm,g afffr' , v .1-xgnx 251455. 'W lzj . W ,- H L. ,Qg?f?l4if?., ,f2r'sf?f!012 Wwe'-.Q-5 ,lr '-Q32 .kviw - f- f fl .9 QC :,?g,f4ll6f.fl?i' fffefefvlrfaeufad .Lf.e.g,..:,f..Lgaf,.-wpwzaxgmw' ,g -.,., Q HH .'JlHf.5F'W. n...2'fek21i.'.. W W ii-JV. . .M -f ' J, f .V - ff Mg. sig? 'ii-I-wif., .. Z1 k K. ' M gy 5. 'Q rf-3 gffivzqggfzzf f1r1ggZ4fcrfrrfzrfJlIfF6 K H1 ,cw .. J, M 'EWR w.f::'5' L- ,., .. in . .Jn 9-S f 549346145 fofbfeffto Cggff , , H 959293 Lfw-WM M, X B X X mug? :gig .X Wk. ,- ME2f" Emilio -ff . 'ff-I 1 g . 5. M M N fi mf . M ' .M..4j'qf K f - 2 - i KJ ff Yg.1jfg!1:flmjgxgertirwilfg ' I 1 I . -In .AZ-rifzr 1,.v,j. up v I. W si gtiffffmffggwfgiirwff 2'35f""HM1Si5511f ff 522: uw 51.5 q,Qg5jgI223i?3g2gmigfm3'!Q.jgjg:g5ifgif?!..ggj"gj,i-M11 'MMM QW gQQ.J!j..' H. B mx 4 .M xw::m2Q H..s'f.?5rl5 '.""11E2ea. .6 - YK ""-Kwai.. -f QSEY-Beam gif-?Q,iA.ums't3f5.5T? HL- EQ?----y 2 RY .A ": email. A-'vm-G.-:: was. :aiifiwsf rr - . :MQW E555 ?3:3wQ ?5'W..WF,sg: rf.gMzg.Qf?23W . ...Km .Q .. - M . Ef'W51x.'.Bt-me ETQXEEWY iiw1?S?W Jmm"mQ7"'M Jniii. Fi mihsrzu if-4'zw'? - M- K B :Wy E153-'fkxs-w,w -mfkugn Q-.mfgivee f-uma -h-...ce f ' 951.22553 .zififaif wig' ' 'KV -fl.: L"f- wr :- ' - "'mgi1gm5WWxWi2im'MH. Q7 -A ff ,. mfxgngoggwgggggiagv-.foam...K 3-f-.,33yfW-wf-- . m y..1.g,- ' .vm-f: wmw,f.'Wff:1w..-A ,,,.,- x .Hlgrg 1 K . . f thimmullnmmnltlitliiminu mimmi1unl1mu as x - 3 we iimmlllliiillilihu1IIIIIruIlIHIumIIIIIn1HIInnIIumlmlmnmmmnnunuuumuunum ,fra M artoo Hall West Hallj, left, was under construction in l9I6 as was lttrell Hall fEast Halll, right. Both were constructed as dormitories at d onst ted In l9l2 e time In the center as the DIXIE College Bull mg, c ruc r u n 1 f 'I . 'r 1, , i A ix 1 if 1 ,S ,Huge 1 ,WCB an' ,aa 5 maggie mei we V ? mi A .L As a somewhat grim reminder of a special project of the early founders of Dixie College, the foundation to the building that would have housed the School of the Bible stood beside West Hall lBartoo Hall, where the gymnasium stands today. Although they do not appear to be dressed for the occasion, this crew posed for a picture while working in the school garden. The garden was located where the Smith Quadrangle stands today. S if? . 2 ...2-' r Y.-M35 wiv' 2 ,. . K -5 a :E .... .. '11 EE Q -az., V 2 -:-' is :"f - E -if .W , 1, ., M ,. is .fi :'!E"'Isf:fs":Q.5 EXP- ' riwai., 1 I I if ,mare fiyfgjgyir -:st'ffM 3 1, " vi ..,. : 1 i XX I ,yi i - ., ....,,,,. M-Q-E f...-.:- ' 5 F , Q 1 Mm X he-are Q - 15 in K W 53" QW misun- W 'iss Dr as W me ,f,,, V MM. 4 mn za ai M g . ?: J -S1 R an z .VM is :ww .4 wif as is X EEZ ITE E, 5 s E , 1 L A 5 -A fi: Q is P 1916-1929 na 5513153 1 Sefzwi K if is . H if ss Q A v 5 H r Q .E :-:: 1924 1927 1929 A llllllIlllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIillllllllllllllllIlllllIlllllIIlllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllIllllllllllllllllllIlllllIlllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllIIlllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllll 1915-Tech established by an act of the General As- sembly. 1916-Thomas Alva Early became president. -Sept. 14-School opened. -Work offered only on high school and junior college levels until 1924. 1917-The General Assembly appropriated 3El00,000 for construction of buildings. Funds were avail- able in 1921. 1920-Quintin Miller Smith became president. 1921-A dormitory for Women was constructed. -Administration Building enlarged by addition of auditorium and two classroom wings. -Daniel Hall constructed. -Some third-year college Work offered. -State Board of Education authorized a four-year college program to begin in 1928-29. -The General Assembly appropriated 5lB150,000 for the construction of buildings. -The last high school class graduated. -The first B.S. Degrees were conferred. -IlB225,000 appropriated for construction of En- gineering and Home Economics buildings. -Heating plant constructed. -Science Building constructed. lIIlllllIlIIllIIIIlIllIIlllllIIllIllIlIlllllIIIlIlIIIIIlllIIIIlIllIIIlIllIIllIIIIIIlIIIIIIllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllIIllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllIIlIllIIIIlllIIIIlllIlIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll .af N - Mg, . ,. "il ' 'i"h' i T' V .4 . i eee 1 115335559 'Ba i , or rut V A f N R5 55,5 EE HC .-E 5151755 1 1 ,.11'nl"M-:azz , ,..,.a: -" ' :r'. e ':1 e A .1.e'.e.-w e N w' .,,. -..,-...4,,,. -' , , -- --- . .2Zrifi.s?1?sg:aff141.f5'f,f+Qrf'1, ' q 4 . , g fa... W t'w1,vMfr'0l!?fffrh.7D771y211f.2l1y11Jfh11f fif11:,1 ff! 11411111 ff 01 . y pg U iiyzffzrmwwff,mfg!m011fm'21.a7i!11!1- if ffffrk' -?Ai1l1'aff if ',r1411'fQffi3fa11 ruin' llgl ,1911fl-,fy B I ll 1 . 1 . . ,J?d!fl7'l! I2 uyn111!frl, 01.1 f1fA,4f11d IHM rl!! M1 .fvyU6'p1'11'1!w4ff.1 111 f gli? Mfrfwffrl A n l l A ' . K: K .-Xi ae ' 5' i ffrw Q- f . .,. ., ,.,, . ,, ,. . fc., by . . - , W.. , 1 K dxf, rffliuvmf 1,-'fry' g ,fig 1 .f.,,, ,, r , MZ 1lf-'vuC.vC- 3, 'wks ,' f . in l 1 r - . Cgeaff.-Tw , mn mac. ,. .K .1 rx -.sr Tech offered its lasl: high school di- plomas in I929, the same year il: of- fered ifs first four-year college degrees. Miss Estelle Brandewie apparently found another task at Tech in addition to teaching music. She fdUgl'lt music from l9I6 to I9I9 and was responsible for the first organized dancing at Tech. Page 27 F i i -is w ,i 5 1 i i c tt at we . as l - he if - igNi .swf I , if f-N at 531 iilf ll. . . .y"?5l2i3f'1m! k Eta E 5-ri we ii iWi"iii'i2?i'h' a .XA ffm M mm . , ... AW I7 fffifffffl Xie fvfffffrff ifiydffdf fwfr!-iff1vsuf2,ff2f4.fffv.,ff'frlfkrf 1' 7 ffgfii tglillllllf if0lIl'flIlfL1ll'1llIlIflgUII IIIIIXAQ fnfgknff,-X16 y4f.m,,., XA, yfffefnyffvfiii 11.1 fff ff-1 ,,,,f,fVif,f,f-,,1f,'f,fyfJ.1,,ffff zffrflffvffff IIYYYZ' ff' ,4ff1!ffi15i3,f,' ffffrffnk if-'r'!'?"fcfff' fffyffffiff ffl' 4. ... .V . i MU ,I .ll 1, O. Aff. 1 iyfvfffffffffffkiifff fffffff 'aff l7f,?'ff'Z,i!Al7a"Z.'7? ,ymf ff.ffl7!fp?lf1Ti!Ul'U f'ffft'f?f?3f5f,'?i fAff?f"'9f alll Glffllllll lllll:-3 llflifilf ffmrfby ,wMf lYAf nyfflxfffffff fri! fy fffff fir.-'fin fy! t 41uff.ww 'W Wffff f,,,U,,,f,'j4ZQ flifffwllf if f.'?i'Af1.1fQffff ffffffff.1f,10f!KfZ0 ,riff fe' are wfsfseaff' .K j ,V . ,mf ,e .f W1 N21 . 4 V V ff N K . 55? 5 N 'Y' A .Ar On June 2, I922, Liza Denton Anderson lMorganl received her diploma for graduating from Tech's two-year college. She majored in home economics. President Quintin Miller Smith was president from I920-38. He saw Tech become a four-year college and directed it through a depression. PICNICS, PARTIE , COOK-OUTS SUPPLEMENT STUDE T LIFE Student life at Tech around 1920 was not one of uninteresting activities that a person might tend to think after reading the strict regulations set down by the college. Picnics, cook-outs, parties, fishing, boat rides and camping were highlights of every year. Burgess Falls and Cummins Falls were student haunts. In 1920 a picnic was held at Caney Forkg a pri- vate car was rented for the trip. A special treat at this picnic was taking excursions on the river in a motor boat. Literary societies were still active and furnished much of the social life. Inter-society debates always drew a full house, and heated discussions for two hours or more were common. The art of "hob-nobbingn in the halls of the school Was practiced by everyone. Page 29 x The Tech water tank in 1922 was located off the north end of campus on the Old Walton Road. 1916-1929 A 1921 baseball game drew several persons to the field on the southwest side of South Hall, which was under construction at the time. 1, 1 I Lv W j, 1 at ' ,4 'Ft ' ' 1. , , .in ., ' 5 Q3 ., , x . 31' fc- ., . Q W spa"?1Qjgg,e1, ,po V wr fy. -figs -3, 'bf' 4, .t X al V . t D .A jk A- , 1 aa, ..,,, ,.s,.i.-a. - ,amaifmmw ln 1922 the countryside north of campus looked lik Q 1 4 3, , K3 4 16:31 Q s 1 is. - . , . . 4 ww The l924 football team had a 5-3-I record. It held the best record of any other Tech team from I922 to I'-727. Coach P. V. Overall lextreme right on back rowl came to Tech in l923. He was to lead his teams in the years ahead to 95 victories, 9I losses and I7 ties. Lillian Johnson, two-year college graduate in l9I9, and Mary T Byrne high school graduate in I9l8, display items of which they appear to be proud - K ilk 553 4 F-run . .5 523133 'Q H21 .W 'Eff W awk Ji? V' 'W' WN. my W Z . M i 2 ,. 6 e .Pix-X :.5,Wm:5' . aw. . . . . 1 This was the Tech campus in the late l920's: the Girls Dormitory, West Hall, Administration Building, East Hall. The Science Building, north of West Hall, was also in use. TECH OFFER FIR T F0 R-YEAR COLLEGE DIPLOMAS IN 1929 The school year 1928-29 was significant for Tennes- see Polytechnic Institute. Its first four-year college graduating class received diplomas, and high school work was discontinuedg it applied for admission to the Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schoolsg Coach P. V. Overall directed the football to its first undefeated season, and a Tech cow named "Flossy" became the top jersey butterfat producer in the nation. Coach Overa1l's grid team scored 233 points to its opponents' 39 on a 7-game schedule. J. E. Conry made Tech's position in agriculture known nationally with his national champion dairy herd. "Flossy" was for years the top producer in the Jersey herd. J. E. Conry held the headlines at Tech in 1929 and in the early 30's With his Jersey herd that led the nation in butterfat production with an ZIV-C1'Z1gC of 601.11 pounds. "My first interest is boys," Conry said. "My next interest is milk cows." Q. M. Smith was president in 19295 A. W. Smith was dean, and T. W. Kittrell was bursar. Mildred McDear1nan was chosen Miss 1929. Many of the per- sons who graduated in 1929 remained in the Cooke- ville area to continue giving their support to educa- tion. Hazel Wall Leonard Crawford Bryce Douglas Stone Thomas Leonard Crawford Benton McMillin Carr Truman Richardson Newton Morgan Mayme Gibson Alva D. Starnes Myrtle Rockwell Moore Daisy M. Leonard Mildred McDearman Eddie H. Watson Pauline Hudgens Franlc Neely Tom W. Kitfrell Allen G. Scott, Jr. Percy Neely Lester King Lucy Whitson CLASS 0F 1929 Broad Street in the early l930's. TECH FACES MAJOR CRISIS AS Little occurred at Tech as far as construction Was concerned in the l930's. ln fact, when the depression hit, there was talk of closing Tech and other state schools. Funds for operation were cut two-thirds. During the 1935-36 school year, enrollment was 731, the lowest since 1927-28. In 1938, the instructional program was divided Miss Elsie Jobe and her l930 basketball team: Row 1-Jeanne Goldston, Hazel Langley, Frances Orgain, Marida Stringfield, Rema Schubert, Mildred Swindell, Reita Jones. Row 2-Miss Jobe, Mildred Bowman, Wilma Crowder, Susanne Saufley, Mildred Roberts, Lucille McCormick, Head Coach R. M. Smith. 1930-1939 DEPRESSION HITS lN l930'S into the Arts and Sciences and the Professional ana Technical Subjects. In the fall of 1939 Tech ap peared to be on its way back to a normal operation 5 new baseball held was nearing completion and new tennis courts were completed, enrollment was in creasing. On Sept. l, 1939, Adolph Hitler declar War on Poland. James Millard Smith was president of Tech 'From I938 in I940.. He re- signed his post to take a position in the Memphis City School system. ln I946 he was appointed president of Memphis State College. He was Commissioner of Education in Tennessee for a brief period in l938. "Rebel Academy," an operetta writien and directed by Charles Bryan, was presenled at Tech in I939. The cast was composed of the Tech Glee Club with music by ihe Tech Orchesira. Charles Faulkner Bryan, who came to Tech in I935 as a teacher and student, received national recognition for his work in folk music. CHARLES BRYA GIVES MARK 'OF GREATNESS T0 FOLK MUSIC Charles Faulkner Bryan came to Tech as head of the "Music Department" in 1935. He was the only music teacher at Tech, and he earned his B.S. Degree while teaching. In 1947, one of his musical compo- sitions, "Bell Witch Cantata," premiered in Carnegie Hall under the direction of Robert Shaw. Bryan developed a love for folk music and folk lore of Tennessee While working at Tech, and he did much for Tennessee music in contributing a large body of folk music, 60 published compositions, to the world of music literature. He received the Guggenheim Memorial Fellow- ship for creative music composition in l945 and took the year's study at Yale under the instruction of Paul Hindemith, noted German composer. He is best remembered at Tech for "Rebel Acad- emy," which he Wrote for his students and produced at the college with them as the cast. Another of his Well-known compositions is "Wl1ite Spiritual Sym- phony," which was played by the Cincinnati Orchestra under the direction of Eugene Goosens. Page 35 The Tennessee Tech marching band of I938 was com- posed of 32 members. It continued to grow each year, and in l965 it numbered approximately Il0 members. Page 36 Coach P. V. Overall has been the lifeblood of Tennessee Tech Athletics since their very beginning. P TTY OVERALL SYMBOLIZE TRE GTH, UNSELFISHNESS Coach P. V. Overall realized his dream of an undefeated football team in the season of 1929. As a man, an instructor, and head of the department of athletics, he has always Worked for the best of Ten- nessee Tech and its student body. He has found his Way into the heart of every student on this campus. About him clings the air of strength that comes from high ideals and a life filled with unselfishness and consecration. The naming of Tech's football stadium in re- membrance of him is only a small token in contrast to his vast and indispensable services and contribu- tions to this school. This year he was named to Ten- nessee Sports Hall of Fame. DERRYBERRY MADE PRESIDENT ON TECH'S 25TH ANNIVERSARY On Nov. 8, 1940, the State Board of Education elected a 34-year-old "youngster" to the presidency of Tech. Williaiii Everett Derryberry became president on Tech's 25th Anniversary. At the installation ceremonies on June 4, 1941, Tech faced many difiiculties. President Derryberry called attention to only a few of them at the ceremo- nies: "There are problems we must face-not only the problems of here and now, of wartime and national emergency, but of the future-the problems of just peace, of a difficult reconstruction, of a possible post- war depression." In 1941, Tech graduated 96 students. The cam- pus consisted of the Administration Building, Science Building, West Hall, Gymnasium, South Hall, Home Economics Building, East Hall, Industrial Arts Building, Industrial Arts Shop and the Heating Plant. IllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllll 1941-ji4115,000 appropriated for construction of In- dustrial Arts Building, Foundry and Infirmary. 1942-Foundry completed. 1945-47-General Assembly appropriated ,ill million 1940 1948 for Library, new women's gymnasium, addition to Heating Plant and a wing for a Mechanical Engineering Laboratory. -Dairy plant constructed. -Maintenance Building completed. 1949-General Assembly appropriated 51,150,000 for additional expansion. -First unit of Health and Physical Education Building completed. -Library completed. -Mechanical Engineering Laboratory wing added to heating plant. 1950-Tech Campus School constructed from old Sev- enth Street Elementary School. -Field House completed. 1951-ji500,000 appropriated for expansion. -New front units added to gymnasium. -Four apartment buildings remodeled for use by ROTC. -New wing added to South Hall fDaniel Hallj. 1952-Home .Management House constructed. 1953-,i9300,000 appropriated to complete Tech Union and remodel West Hall. -Nursery School constructed. IIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlIIlllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllIIllllllllllllIIIlllllllllllllllllIllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllIllllllIllllllIlllllllllllllllllllIllllll William Everett Derryberry became the fourth president of Tennessee Tech in I940, the same lvy covered in l940, the Administration Building is the year that Tech celebrated its 25th Anniversary. oldest building on campus, having been built in l9l2. 5 Page 37 TEACHERS, STUDENTS GIVE INSTRUCTIONS FOR AIR RAIDS Tech students received the following informa- tion on February ll, 1942: "The air raid signal is a flicker of lights five times, followed by a two minute blast of the Cookeville Hre siren. The all-clear will be given by a long blast of the whistle at the Max- well Handle Mill." Tech, placed on a wartime ba- sis, was prepared for something it hoped would never come. Tom Passons, head of the English department, was placed in charge of seeing that teachers and stu- dents were ready for any emergency. The basements of most of the buildings were designated as shelters. Tech had one of two units of State Guard allot- ted to colleges in the state. The unit, directed by Capt. Maurice Haste, went on maneuvers at Burgess Falls. IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII 1954-Tech Union completed. 1955-Appropriation and Federal Loan of l1l1,100,000 authorized for a series of women's dorms. -Pavilion for judging and showing cattle con- structed adjacent to the Dairy. 1957-Appropriation of l9750,000 allotted for remodel- A front unit was added to the old "shops," creating the Industrial Arts Building of today. The building came as a result of a I94I appropriation by the General Assembly. ing of East Hall, construction of the west wing of the men's quadrangle and extension of Heat- ing Plant. -Four residence halls for women completed. 1958-East Hall remodeled and renamed Kittrell Hall. 1959-An appropriation of lil million plus and HHFA loan of li350,000 allotted for remodeling and expansion of the Administration Building, com- pletion of the men's quadrangle, and construc- tion of a new women's residence. 1961-Appropriation of 31,213,000 plus federal loans of yS450,000 allotted for construction of a new men's dorm, a new women's dorm, the presi- dent's residence and New Science Building. -Smith Quadrangle completed. 1962-New freshman men's dorm constructed. -West Hall renamed Bartoo Hall. -Library named jere Whitson Memorial Library. -Administration Building named Derryberry 1963 1964 1965 Hall. -Old Engineering Building named Henderson Hall. -Appropriation for completion of New Science Building and construction of New Engineeering Building. -New Science Building completed. -New baseball yield built. -New Engineering Building completed. IllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllIIIIIIIIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Page 38 I- .v 'A Sig? 1 s x M H 3 X ,jk . i z Rf ., X ' X Q 'Ut 5 Nw, j' 4 I 4,,w11Q4 if S M gf fm' 11, 2 Ja W WMV , WX, Us 4-L ii 2 mf? 'w ,ei fx In I9 g Ietterman and 'Five others who had played before. 42 Tech 'fielded a football team with one return- Th e men, who are now faculty members, were t commanders of the State Guard in I943. Hooper Eblen Lt. William Lewis C. P. Snelgrove Lt. C. P. Philpot - WU' M' 'Q ' ' ww'-HQ I 1942-1943 ARMY AIR FORCE CADETS GET PRE-FLIGHT CHOOL TRAINING With World War II raging in Europe in 1943, Tech was aiding in the War effort by training Army Air Force personnel for flying school assignment. To accommodate the cadets, quarters were set up in the new Industrial Arts Building, completed the year before, and the cafeteria staff was doubled. Tech's Oracle ran a column that year called "Re- connaissance," which kept the student body informed of the progress of the war on the front lines. Copies of the paper were sent to service men until troop move- ment made mailing lists inaccurate. Julia Passons became Tennessee Tech's Bond Queen in May by selling more than 357,000 in War bonds. Tech sold more than 520,000 in bonds in only four weeks. An infirmary to the rear of South Hall and a field house under the gym were completed during 1943-44. 'mr me 1 . my ..,.. ,,. .:,:. :.,. " L. ,IE 2 ,ww ,. A 8 . The predominance of women on campus in the early I940's was due to World War ll when most of the men not fighting were in full-time training Forty slxth College Tralmng Detachment of the Army Air Forces arose at 5 I5 a m 'For a full day of training. Waiting for husbands and sweethearts to return 'From the 'fighting coeds talked over memories of pre-war years F 1 L 'E' , Q 'sf N .mf .Mg Q, K5 EW V P:-'Q 5 fa 5 lf ' F W' 5 ' f . . , 5 . 01 ' , W! ' my is 1 4 - 1 v. k eel 'S' 1 - E E 4 q ,gif E ftp, I. .n,,jLK?f,Q K Y 1m-Q' I 'L-N' 4 - '3 'VI' wg ' gush . 4 X-if H+ 4 M' 'ff ,, K' H1 f . fp Af W 44 .155 Q, Ati 4 M, 1 ' ,v N. , ul X., Q ,. , , . , M .N . , , , l, W . 7 , ff A. .1 Q , , ,F . ,. if 'v " ii 5 ' N X ,sa 2 fx 15 1 3" , I f fr X :Tift -Zi, vw 355, .S - I Q i X sz W 'sf was M, Q fi? Q f .Q . 915 U' 'sf' ,f' x. I J. iesaw g X' 5' y , T ZR., 5 jmifqjfga .sf Q f'f"' v + l . A ,C lu. 5 W . f Z fx" fi Mani, 'e ?,.zef?gF'2Qg,, ,K Q, 5,3 rr Ng . V. ' w' 'Q-H34 5 - I . ws E? 4 . -1 ' H ' " f' f A - f ,, V DN. qfffsff ,, Q ft A ,kgs 5 'Je .J-. yr: 1' 'V' -vi, N ' ' .A ' N M 3- 5-55 2 ?QQ'I,g-" gf51a"' "ge . ' 'fgwf 3?-ig? 3? . 0 f fi -il: , ' 2f'?'14' -242, m ' 5 ..,,, 'A figgrfg ly.-.ss In ' Q .....,, I ij 7 V BN g :.: ,, 4 Q ,.,. E A ff . 1 .. 1.5 an A BQ . 'eg--H -mf' NJ Afwgg. Q ,sf M T so ' Qk'd,,gl' A 5- .:. , my M W .M iam Q' fm' 'Sw Cottage Grove, sometimes known as "Box Village," was established in the fall of I945. In I946, Dixie Court was built to alleviate a housing shortage. COTT GE GROVE, DIXIE COURT ESTABLISHED FOR VETERANS In October, 1945, a plaque in honor of the men and Women from Tech who had served or were serv- ing in the War was erected in the Administration Building. Training more than 4,000 adults between Pearl Harbor and the end of I944, Tech was thinking to- Ward veteran education when Germany surrendered in May, 1945. Cottage Grove, set up on the north end of cam- pus, was established in November, 1945, to furnish housing for the influx of veterans. The units, fami- ly-type trailers, came from Oak Ridge and were used by married couples only. Unmarried veterans were temporarily housed in the foundry until fall of 1946 when they were moved into Dixie Court, prefabricated dorms con- structed during the sunnner. Page 43 COMMUNITY CO CERTS BEGI 5 'BULL' BROWN BACK AS COACH Several firsts were recorded at Tech during 1947, one of which was the founding of the Community Concert Association. Several musical and cultural programs were presented. A new system of registration was introduced al- lowing students to pre-register for classes during the winter quarter. Col. Maurice Haste became head of the music department, which had developed a major leading to the baccalaureate. Foreign languages was separated from the old department of literature and language with Dr. Sidney L. McGee as head. Formerly, "Doc" McGee had taught drama, radio, French, German and Spanish. Coach Raymond "Bull" Brown returned to his Alma Mater to coach on the same grounds where he previously had been an outstanding athlete. A new electronic football scoreboard was con- structed by the engineering department under the di- rection of C. P. Philpot. One of the assisting stu- dents was Albert L. Duke, who became head of the department of electrical engineering. This art cle is reprinted 'From the Oracle, May 7, I947. O N 'U DJ 'Q 0 A A H. :jun gi as 555 5.5 ga cm- 11 "' U1 H 'J' HGH: Og' ,"" mmm O Q: H1 mm :Bmw CD .1 '1f+?'T' ,WO +1 ...Ur-' 0 5'3Hr:BC:rf:gA5'om'5"29'-3i"C mgz mo 2 rs "" I3-+ mf3CCD3EDD:f"35-'E+-L51 220 U"'5"' wif-"" ?if6n::J':,1 41 SQ-fcmef 'J' mp.-. H-rp O 'SWIG Q-g,'m2mg',-,,oU'5"1UQ UI'-'Q NU-'2.g"1-7-,,,, ,,,,s::5E.p"Jg,- Earth lcaffgtf-f2.T'ga?,rD-5112. Q36 ,., ' 20-5 O..--g.'i591fDH 55: r o :sf 53-0mO2fDU"""Qf""1 "09- lz ll 5+ QUE f-v-may-alll' 2 :I I3 HS sf-fm.ZED'1"2O0 Og' Um: 0 r-4 " v-- qgl 91"' gjrzridtfhgwg 52 is OS.:-Q. Q. M-wg 'ng 3,0 gm 5: l Q0 9.3 Acme fn HQ' mgfj ms We me H'-Q Cm I rv :: Own Hug 9.5 H. fb 2 A QD, QQS'-'acgg an Q.: Eva ? '1 Cgsimgglv 03" '-"Sd: 3 Ol :VS mug -f.-,mm 11541-4- , 5 53 :rmr13o.m:,-5-ra ,rr ,GCD 2 L-I -ff apgogawgs. ,gm gg-f mx 'D""1o:om29,o D5 re'-ix .:.. 2 momma A O., 'g- PL 2H':+'f.-Qgfl-gg 25' H50 P ,... D' l-O 5? gfgegcmgqgg gm M59 Q . D El ru 50.3 gms. .----2 ' 1? fD2'Dg1cs+aE O3 EZ: 1 ':. ,ml 2 go nm :gig :sn 531 ' 2 52 3 U.-rg Oo QW' Sm 2:5-'Q ' "' 16 f+ ms Bo Ho. O-- l x ff 3'-- DU' .. -2' - sa. 'aa ss: A :"1 .6 'lr O mm 5'-1 nc- '.f.fU In r-1, H 1.493 I Dar, """f-rt 'Fl 5 Q-to O gl m m"' 4-v-SN O "" 'C :Q ' ' sf gg ew are g sw .S m "1"" O s-aw u i-,ui Z'-1 O nf? . . xl Pa Q-9 gg ,IS '-T134 LC I UI m O wr. 7-34: ........ 'U g 315 0 0955, LTD' 23"-'QC '33 DQ.. .2 3 ig 3' Q41 IQ CD:-'U U29-f "SI :Q 9 Eg! I n 552 e on . 1-3 .- - .. , .. - - - - 3 lllllll 5 oo ... fn? 32 -0- Rrcnuarno Ro M pon J ' Orr-:cs Q f new .qgwffq QA". i' Now lcnown as West Annex, this building housed the student center in I947. T545 Eds and coeds went to the Stu- dent Center's "Rec Room" for coffee and talk during free time. Used until 1948, the old foot- ball field had only 2,600 seats. Page 45 -- ' i N 1 t s ww These 1 I I al' E . U d I' way 00 D, 0 pansron Program n e I . yml ' Y am-r engine-er's office, palm 'NW' S , I ry earpr-nt11:r"u H1091 cabwfi amp' n . a 11-if-surreal sham plumbing SHGP1 0 ri,-ci-wink room and !i1ffh!dff1?i' .r N - - , 't a on- Dun Flrmllnh """'cW' 'WM' iiilgnlnggdfoil. egggicgigvhc ,nam- ' ' I I' . . , t ,U - liiyhltklmmg th.. mi-H ' terruute engrmav-1'i BPWWMEM . ' n. - IWIIIIII my II13I1Ig5If1 Stage Will Connect 111It11t,sf.,I1I1:IIIgImIIII IIIIIIIIIIIM , gy n U 1, . , 5 u Tuners: c in it :livilrfriifvllllvllltiifiiirtgltkirfiggdnfnn "Wfm 3534 in the so ,gy so txt ly .xpnndlng umgvmh' 3 rf'P' Lru!-:ing the auxiliary wymgw- huilding.The stmcluress trimmf-si ,,g,,,,,,,1 f,,,,1,,,,., I, ii' "nf3,'ff- 11111111 with me aiu me win be ll with stone I3 are the lngiusirwl II, Lymt the bmmnmy mgxifslfmli: stings: 815 :WL dew And DWI, W Arts and Faundary Buildxngsgv 1 I 1-51111--r fmirrrnnlng paul Wm I, feet 2-ang, Marty thypg g1,m,, mb Dumas the rzurrrmerzwvf 5 midi r'-1r am- bv 'Starch 1940 0 nm' of UW 55222 in Tm-iw audi- f'm"5'lMQd on me dmv and lm, V, ,,,i 1-,.1,1 pl' ' ' " W' l0I'llJ!?T, 011,111 1-'n gr .. 1 - ' ph-mumbax'nx.'!'i'xunvW1yPe WU! , . 1 .mugmtw LI CI nn' I s it rue .. C.. Htl- , d I I model for fm., I1 art, 531-1111et1l 1-11mrLg1,,,.l,,,n, iufwh fltml. ivrwral c'c1rxr1lre,n:1:nrx super- 35 bflffsl 1151: -fix MINVIIH hay- I fun' os' um- all .1rmnry. I ffm l ' ' 'l.':-- 1'1-m-1s-l1- 35 by1'5 ft 1 gl 111- 1 11 11 t 111 -il II I I . I , WI 'mol - -.tv 15..1t1ng :Um ln- the mmf rl" ' ' II 1 ,,.g ff 'off f""!f f-left? 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""1Phm9 hu Hopkins, r'i'inIf1x't'lr'1.L sl-'vi carinnt ln- 1-f!f:eL- ,Il I1 I I I I -- IIMII " A J ' -' U Hs-rru "ye nlr rswlmmin' hole" in its present state of construction. mg fm- 5,1 191155 45 dfyrz. :intl con- ' ' ' 3 ' 2 ' -at---e-W-ss----1-MW... .-...W,.-,.. ...V .-,.. -,-.-.m...... Y .-f . -- . ,. ,. 1. 1. - -21- 1 . in 1 .L1.. tt-ggi 1,5 !..1 , -. str-iwxaoar w-1.31 iH1nI111lE'sm-fl WH- I ...I Q 1,t.:m " , ,,.,, - .xi-tr' " 5111-11-gm im' mf ilrv- 21.111-1.11116 uv ll be lu.-in-r 1.1 v ,111 f .r bun! 2 mnmh this Ulf! W , . , . 4 . 1, ,I 4 1 I 'lf vliv rn flu- 715. im :""w' "EM '-'I ' H I-if 2',',1zra.-iz! 11f f- -'-:f- 2 .4 ::l1'1i'Eug?c' nl T12-' Im-v.' Iigm :.i:i1tle:1IigI I ' ' -, zffvw-iz: :mai t-.1 i'l"' '-512-:I 'nf 1v1 nw. IE1- VH5'fff"1?l f' N" 1 7.irim's, and M 'SPH --1 Mrs? 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All Conair-tv will lst- ff' ""1'n URIWS 'T':"'fh'.'i H' 'S -, ,,, -3 -if l-1" l'5"f'ffZl!H':1'5 .wt .1-: .Q .tm r1.1.-1:11111 111111 111.-svn .LL 5 ,'2'l'-Qi' -l W -' .fi . lv--.m-ri .11 'rw ni,-xt nmnl11,Wzil:111- -'U f""'l1 l- lf- DV""'il 5 H ' 1 Construction which began in I948 transformed the old gym into the Memorial Health and Physical Education Building of today. LIBRARY, FOOTBALL STADIUM, Tech continued to grow in '48 with a 351 million program of expansion in full swing. In the field of athletics, a new swimming pool and other improve- ments were added to the gym. A new football com- plex, including field house and stadium, was dedi- cated to "the grand old man" of Tech football, Coach P. V. l'Putty" Overall. I-le was surprised at the dedi- cation ceremony by being given the keys to a new Buick. The presentation was made by the ASB presi- dent and President Derryberry in the name of the Walnut Hall, consisting of two men's dorms, was constructed in I947, south of the site of the present Smith Quadrangle. POOL HIGHLIGHT 1948 GRDWTH school. Murfreesboro was defeated 32-7 to climax thi grid season, and Coach "Bull" BroWn's cagers chalkec up a 14-4 record. Academically, a new library came into being, and various culturally enlightening concerts were pre sented at least once every month. Perhaps the high light of the year was a visit by Governor Jim Nance McCord, who went on record as saying that "thc hope of the future lies in the youth of the land." Q Page 46' . A ' - r f -e so l sf E W mlsglwgjff' if-'55 Coach P. V. Overall was presenied a new l948 Buick al: the dedicaiion of the football field named in his honor. . L. ze I ,,, ,1 . H M . -M Q The Presidenfs residence, serene in l948, was 'co suf- fer from 'che advancing con- struction of women's dorms. , . ---V . ,, , r e Y-.. - --.--Af mf- -Q- . r 53' , ' ev fi 'a , 1 -A -Am, v E QS-Q-'--J L. , . ' . -I 1 H' , -o'.f:'1f .'i i"'ef.::w3?l?'x B . 1, .t ,.h I ..q., Q IPQ .,3T2FfZZ1if.Z21'!.'i. GTZ. MSTAUWAQQ-r JAM ES S BROWN Jumor Class President ASB Vice President Eagle Features Editor TCA Vice President 40 ASB President Whos Who 4l, Alumni President 47. WALLACE PRESCOTT Who's Who '46g Eagle-Oracle Photographer '45g KME President '45: Junior Class President '45, FORMER SUPERLATIVES NOW FACULTY MEMBERS AT TECH In the course of researching Tech's history, it was found that several current Tech faculty members not only graduated from this institution but were lead- ing students in their day. Present-day campaigners could take a lesson from these one-time politicians, some of whom ran ads in the Oracle soliciting votes. The Eagle pictures here a sample of these former students, ranging from 1940 to 1955, who are well- known to students today. They are: Wallace S. Prescott, dean of facultiesg James S. Brown, dean of college of engineeringg Wilburn Tucker, head football coachg Charles C. Pangle, as- sistant professor of agronomyg Susan Harris Pangle, director of social activities. Page 48 WILBURN TUCKER ASB President '42g Who's Who '42. CHARLES C. PANGLE f 5 i Aggie President, Who's Who, Captain Football, Baseball Team, Bache- lor of Ugliness '45. SUSAN HARRIS Vice-President TWO '54g President TWO, Who's Who '55. LIBRARY COMPLETED I l949g TUDENTS WAGE MOVIE WAR Tech's new library was completed in September, l9fl9. Plans for other new expansions were made as Governor Gordon Browning's new education bill sparked a Hurry of activity on the campus. The old curricula were recognized and the college was divided into five schools. An Oracle-led, student campaign was waged in demand for change, asking for Sunday-afternoon movies in Cookeville. On November 12, however, in a general referendum, Cookeville citizens voted down the students' request and it was several years before Sunday movies were shown. 1949 "The Chocolate Soldier" was pre- sented lay the Music Department in the spring of I949 and again in I955. Xt' Construction on the library was begun in the summer of I948 by Gardner Construction Company. Finishing touches were added the following summer. A ,. 'tifim aiii Q Wilborn Todd's "shopping center," just off cam- pus furnished the "'49ers" with all necessities. Page 49 aaaa A 5125.000 addition transformed Seventh Street Elementary School of I95O into Tech Campus lTrainingl School of today. President Derryberry and the Rev. Charles N. Sharpe led an audience of 3,000 persons in the Litany of Dedication 'For the library in September, I950. TECH OBTAINS MICRO COPE, BECOMES UNIQUE lN NATIO Early in 1950, the School of Arts and Sciences purchased an RCA electron microscope for j58,000. Tech was reported as being the Iirst undergraduate college in the United States, perhaps in the world, to obtain such an important piece of equipment. Tech was awarded a Signal Unit of the Reserve Oliicerls Training Corps for the fall of 1950, thus be- ginning the ROTC program of today. A large four-faced scoreboard was built for the new gymnasium by senior electrical engineering ma- jors olf 1951 under the supervision of C. P. Philpot, head of the EE department. Enrollment fell sharply at the beginning of the Korean War in 1950 but was boosted again in the spring of 1951 with the arrival of several hundred U.S. Army Air Force crewmen. The "flying typewritersu came from Sheppard Air Force Base, Texas, for busi- ness training. Tech's s'Grand ole' man of athletics," P. V. Over- all, returned as head football coach in 1952. "Putty" stepped out of his tive years retirement to iill the va- cancy created by the resignation of Coach Star Woocl. Page 50 is ., Q, S at? 3 A M, ein We wage Memorial Health and Physical Education Building, com- pleted in I95I, replaced the old gymnasium built in l929. 'Ag Tig 0' :iw -rv - ., x ., 1 Q ' .o 1950-1952 ' 1,4 I 'N - I ,.., A . W :. I s - , U f . Q M t ti , , as t K .aft-.V ,, M Q X. Q RWM-4, m wb? , . all 'li M 2 ' we 4 ego 5 '1 - -9 151, -' r. an My V V , e I4 ,Z T . tixxkui -av A ' ' 1 . X, I 'N H. - ,ily-f ' K All A ml e , . . V we .. r-, Y, W 4' yew v....35,1-W M .. .4 ,,,ev-www, ' W 4: www-:af . Y,-xfs1.m.Sf'JfL QW? lb, ., 111 -ff J " . iv ,., 1 , Agwnsf., .Msn A.. A ,,, M-M W, a.. , 4 ..-e4 From April, l95I, to January, I952, Tech trained 675 Army Air Force crewmen as clerk-typists. Students referred to the crew- men as "flying typewriters." Coeds found them suitable dates. W., -."' me--., R Q -M ,JW -N1 .., lag' :Haig-' . The year i952 saw the end of the Home Economics A "1-ia .jW"J, mf? Daily Building of I930 vintage. Remodeling and addi- ?5Q?L?i fS?ff'?i,,5f,.if- tions were to change it into the new Student Union. su i ' Page 51 19611 .5 October, I952, the Home Economics Building was mod- ernized and exiended and renamed the Tech Union. Upon completion in H54 the new Tech Union was more than twice the size of the original building. fi fam-ggi? 5s?a'ff ' ' es4?iSs Page 52 STUDENTS HAVE MIND OF OWN: STEAL EAGLE, PLA T RUMORS Tech's Golden Eagle was notoriously acquired in 1952. It was not until October, 1954, that the mascot, which came from a Monteagle hotel, was perched atop the library. In May, 1955, President Derryberry announced the appropriation of 351,100,000 for the construction of a new women's dormitory complex on the site of Dixie Court. Elvis Pres1ey's music hit the Tech campus in 1956. Students were quoted in the Oracle as saying that "he would make a good hillbilly singer" and that he would not last "more than a year or so." Equipped and dressed as road surveyors, eight students drove to Crossville in May, 1957, for the purpose of creating a hoax. A few hints about mov- ing the courthouse and a few sheets of paper with the heading "Corpses de Engineers" were "accidentally" dropped. It was rumored in Crossville that a four- lane highway, a dam to Hood the town and a military base were planned for the town. Tech's symbol, 'che Eagle, began his vigil in Oc- tober, 1954, from his perch afop the library. fffffggfffff Remodeling, which Transformed West Hall into the bi- ology building, occurred during the summer of 1955. 1953-1955 Bartoo Hall was a men's residence hall be fore being converted into a biology building Page 53 Dixie Court, men's residences, were sold and razed in I956 to make way for a complex of women's dorms. Four women's dorms, Meadows, Rye, Early and Dixie Halls, were compleied in 1957. .W. SMITH SERVES 40 YEARS, WRITE HISTORY 0F COLLEGE A. W. Smith, who came to Tech in I9l6,as head of the history department and retired 40 years later as registrar, published his Story of Teimessee Tech in 1957. Smith was the last ol the original Tech faculty. Jimmy Hagan, All-American basketball star at Tech in 1959, received the Dell Crystal Ball Award, which was given to I5 players in the nation that year. Hagan set individual scoring records still in existence. Derryberry Hall, Tech's administration build- ing, was remodeled in 1960, and the Golden Eagle was moved to its permanent residence atop the build- 11lg1S tower. A. W. Smith made a significant coniribu- tion to Tech with his Story of Tennessee Tech, published in l957. Smith was act- ing president of Tech in the fall of I940. 1956-1961 Smiih Quadrangle, completed in 1961, is an eight dorm complex housing 700 Tech men. 1 'U-uh. Q Yft fm. The Administration Building, named Derryberry Hall in 1962, stands on the site of the original Dixie College building of l9I2. Page 55 Tech's most modern dorm in l962, New Freshman Dorm housed only first-year men. CAMPUS OF YE TERYEAR EXHAUSTEDg GROWTH CONTINUES With the completion of a new freshman men's dorm in 1962 and with additions to the women's resi- dence complex continuing, Tech had exhausted its construction space on the old campus. The movement proceeded to the north with a new science building in 1964 and a new Engineering Building in 1965, both of which are completely air-conditioned. Two new units Ueftl were added to the women's dorm complex, making space for 300 more coeds. A half century of growth has converted what is now Tennessee Technological University from a two-year college, which included grade school courses in its curriculum, into a state university that offers a five-year college program. The campus has grown from three buildings in 1916 to more than 50 in 1966. What the next 50 years hold in store for Tech is a matter of pure speculation. M . W Has ammgw Page 56 Bethel Sherlocl: Carrington, campus police man at Tech since I'-730, has seen Tech grow from a small college to a university. ll QQ l l 1 4 l l 1962-1965 17.1 he Q' afm Constructed in I964, the New Sc'- ence Building began the shift of progress to the north end of campus. " gggii , mi s.-..., ,,,A Q. Mg k.,,,. e 41.33.19 se E.. 1- fig ew, .f--x'-SN, -Q,.,"x,,. ww ,KF K - H Civ i l n .ewan W., A subcritical nuclear reactor and the D. W. Mattson Computer Center are housed in the air- conditioned Engineering Building. Page 57 E . Q. ra A f g n ma President and Mrs. Derryberry's romance began when he was attend- ing Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar. After he had re and taught a year. he went back to England where Page 58 .,,Y,W na Tech observes 25 years President Everett Derryberry has served Tech during half of its existence, and it is appropriate that the college observe his 25th anniversary during the university's Golden Anniversary year. President Derryberry completed high school in Columbia, Tenn., and received the Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Tennessee in 1928. He was graduated from UT Summa Cum Laude with the highest academic record in the history of the universi- ty. His scholastic achievements were recognized ear- ly by appointment as a Rhodes Scholar to Oxford, the "Celestial City," from which he received the Bache- lor of Arts Degree in l932 and the Master of Arts Degree in 1939. While a student at Oxford University, he met and married joan Pitt-Rew of England. After returning to the United States he taught at Burritt College and the University of Tennessee junior College, and was head of the department of languages and literature at Murray Kentucky State College. In Nov., 1940, he became president of Ten- nessee Polytechnic Institute. of leadership During his lirst years as president, he seemed to know what Tech would need and planned the acade- mic and administrative structure to serve a university. He has served as president of the Tennessee Col- lege Association, twice as president of the University of Tennessee Alumni Association, eight years on the Tennessee judicial Council and four years as chair- man of the Legislative Committee of the Tennessee Education Association. President Derryberry was one of three persons receiving honorary doctorate degrees at the University of Chattanooga's 1965 commencement. The degree was awarded in recognition of his devotion to litera- ture and his achievements as an educator. During the past year he has been appointed to the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Associa- tion of Colleges and Schools. This commission ex- ercises the responsibility of accrediting institutions of higher learning in the southern region of the United States. Its principal concern in accreditation is the improvement of educational quality in the institu- tions ofthe area it serves. their 25th anniversary at Tech, President and Mrs. Derry- members of the first freshman class at the university. Page 59 The 'Future Secretary of State Dean Rusk, standing third from left, was one of the President's close friends and a fellow member of the Lacrosse team. After returning to America, President Derryberry became head of the English Department at University of Tennessee Junior College. Derryherry makes record of distinction As a Rhodes Scholar, President Derryberry at- tended the University of Oxford, England, and re- ceived a graduate degree from the Honours School of English Language and Literature. In England he was a nieinber of the Oxford Uni- versity Lacrosse team Which won the English cham- pionship in 1931-1932. I-lis record in tennis brought him the captaincy of the team at St. John's College, Oxford, in 1932. Page 60 THE SECRETARY OF STATE WASHINGTON February 23, l966 Dear Derry: It affords me the keenest pleasure to send an old friend of my Oxford days Wholehearted congratulations on the completion of 25 years of dedicated and productive service in education. Let me also pay my respects to Tennessee Technological University on its 50th anniversary. I send you both my very best Wishes for con- tinued success in the years ahead. With Warm regards, Cordially yours, Buuuxfmvfm. Dean Rusk President Everett Derryberry, Tennessee Technological University, Cookeville, Tennessee. Th I tt b d by the Eagle from Secretary of State Dean Rusk. D R lc d E tt D ryberry were classmates and friends in England. V Page 61 Dr. LeRoy A. Martin, president ct the Universtiy of Chatta- nooga, conferred the honorary Degree of Doctor of Litera- ture on President Derryberry at the August commencement. ss' SX M ee' si as At the University of Tennessee Junior College Presi- dent Derryberry was head coach ot the football teams. His teams lost only one game in three years. Three of tl1e university's leading administrators appear to enjoy the TWO "protest march" as they watch from a window of Derryberry Hall. Page 62 :'- Wg uy.. L if ,,.,: ,T J f I WM--r 1 ..:: W9 z ,.,.,. ' ' ' -:':' I :a.,,I.I:, 1- :-: :gf ,gs . -5 ra-am, , mm, W -- 1.-:g:::,: A . . xl bf I l rv H fi Eg., H, , s ,H lg I Y as is lu 1 S Q wits N Ni xx sum .. 55' Q i it , 3, E' l I 'aff .f E if fl . F .i.,. . . . Xin sw mam usa 5 FE!f!.93' H1355 H525-Q afwffieiixfm af. P, ,W mx New wa 'nw ,,,, I' 5 :em nw Q44 wif, gg .Wag gg , ifik mul mx Q aw President Derryberry IS the only siranghf A student w o 'nber of the varsify football feam In the UflIV6l'SltY of T an at W Present and Future Graduate offerings increase with boost to university status July l, l965, Tennessee Polytechnic Institute became Tennessee Technological University as a re- sult of many years of careful study and consideration. The change to university status came as a prelude to the celebration of Tech's Golden Anniversary. To fulfill the obligations proposed by universi- ty status, Tech has placed more emphasis on quality instruction. In broadening graduate offerings, the Master of Science Degree has been extended to the Fields of Chemical Engineering and Electrical Engineering. Graduate programs in Engineering Mechanics and Systems Engineering were started last year, and the first students in these new programs will be graduat- ed this year. More than ever, students are witnessing the rapid growth of the campus as Tech continues its program of construction and expansion in an effort to meet the needs of the rapidly growing student body. On Feb. I7 an "extra" edition of The Tech Oracle proclaimed Tech's new status. The new engrneermg home as only the beginning of a planned engineering complex T 'fora TB8H5ll' KYK'lX3fEiI'1N 1. -eg sr- Q Page 64 Techn logrcal Univer Gina Simfduz new Rn hlhrvflzvt ltwsuv Lit.- ld Sumter In 3 at at 1 r if 1 M 1 1 v f s ra H mt rgwisn Kiwi: 1w.,sr..f1-1 me esswaawrm am. cmmm-A U' T alienges n. mmm ,.s.,1. aww-q new out 1 iggfiiku-an we cw'-f mists-in affirm! W et-uteum.-tas th..- 1, 31. -,.n1.-1.-sf in Fawn 1. .M au.. .Qi gm., mm mst..- -g,,ex,.r, nn My as ww. ,., nm. ,lg m..,..f:. iw is insist. 131.119 Wi -- X T M X. 'X XE, XX - Qi , X- .W W X M X- - vg iii! i z, ,Q Xl ' " XXLMX X X ll X 'S "fi X 7 lf ' E M FKJQX XX Zigi X. X., , X g nw ,, X K Q ,A . ., X ,X W' X X XX X We , , X X N fl- X, ff X W XX X ,. XXX X f rw .1 f 4 X ' X- -A A 1 XX X X ,Wg X X X X pu .5 X 1 X. X1 'MX 4 X ,, 1 A X 5 Z. A ' L5 X X X X X X , 42 . I X X X X X ,tk X X X l 1 1 X X X Q 5 , l K Q XX X XX XX X V -if 5: 9 X XX ' K -Q' 6 K 5.4 4 -1. -fu: ., Y, any , -' , S 2 2 gc- . , vii X X , ,eg J Xi xx M The new stadium begins to take shape as workmen place the remaining "I-beams." "You still can't get them all in here." Page 65 s v z A E L X A Y a xr? B E xx A cup of coffee and a newspaper malce the basement of the Uni- versity Center a "haven of rest" for those weary of early classes. MfiemiQfftl83 page n Q Tech students welcome the idea of a new I I Hit: V 'W :VN A will it 4 u' 'ici h'h'a' dt My .' sg s - m2x:,2rze,tz2:ge:szmh:S.uigz:1.,dQ sye l h 'eh e QVV 2- ml 'On ii, its , ifva l 't" H M t ' tt W A t E NNESSEE , y xsges? 'ggxwajessss TECHNOLQQICAL vmwsnsx ni: J I I Marie program set bib? returning alumna Page 66 N W 334935-ff: Wahl ,g ig my ietgrn 49 the campus fm Hnmemmsxw Nov. 1 6. ' f dfmntions program and saggi- - giritibgnf ibef ranhiiwiv I l hmsrse, m:53ed limbs, men-iings, lunch with feilm graiszetes and B. blifftt banquet wilt fill the dup' for Tern Akmgni actwiiisx officially begin temormw at 9 mn. wit-ini epeny1m1me,- qwgordimc to Tom Moran, direemr QF alurmzsi services amd development. AH dormitoriez and vblgmibsildings wiki be open fm: visitmss. as Sturm. Ftserdwrfir qmuafiiarly tnfwtikmgwsi the Emard of aiiieetors uf the alumni anfuciaxtion will he held us xm- gregiiiimwg goniereme mem, in Derribafry Heli. Dikcuwlf sion will include farmaiissm ,g,g."f'mp, g3mi,gem,5.,n grits uwliisthwagf, the nimsmi -1' T asiliwihtim Yuki he re ' an nrmwnr aims, me alumni W bdsm gm byvfxwgw Aim Ame, maxim or me fw- veiii be-xxpened te all aismmi. Thru ye-ar, as the parade mrwgymx, Munn said. yyy ereyyye I Sl? SS fl! .fsiggi One of the lcey structures of the Tech campus is tl-ie Uni- versity Center, now serving as lieadquarfers for student government as well as for the center of social gatherings. TE NNESS E PT f union approved Vol. 43 No. S 'rs 50111 year BY LYNN WHITAKER' "Please hand me ihe ,semi sms" "Pass the crepe giuperv "Is thnx halter straight ?" . . . These words might be lwurgl tonight as members of various clubs and organi- zations add last minute touches to their floats in preparation for tomorrow-'S Hornecoming parade. Homecoming activities were scheduled to begin to. day at 3:15 pun. on the quadrangle with contests a- mong the various clubs. These included snack race, ihree-legged relay, wheel- barrow race, football throw for aceuriwy. fooiball throw for distance Ami ox pleaeating Xfllll url Unk C Ind Marshall: Diario and RW: Early und M65- dn-vn, and WI No new danvsmrin. The merfa dormitories colnpclm for n 95 Hi-si prima :mul a US sec- ond Prize. B-nth monk and uomefns dofmi. Lnriiee compete for me revolving trophy given each year to the win- ner of me bear dornillanf decora- mm. The aiming domxlxnry will have its mme inscribed on the tro- phy along with "Hsmvecoming.- was " li mtl be placed in ni zrmlny we which is to be boil! in the Temli Union. acmrdinvi in Rankin Bnrinell, general rlzaimwn or Homecoming. JUDGE! of :he dormitory decom- lloos will he Bob Lewis.. can-inns minister at Wesley Fmmda!-iam, Mrx. James S. Brown, wife al the Dean ol the Coiiage ol Engineering, and Mrs. C. K. Crane, an nrt ln, atruvrinf in Cooitevlile, The Homecoming narmiv will ba. iii .iv-fouling fo Benn-eil. The final place Hoax neil also receive: is revolving trophy engrav- ud-wllh the name of ihe club and 'Humesomirxg-1985" In be placed in the Tech Union. N498 of Oh: floats are Dr. Ck' ff-61+ who www of Eawlfxlw Mn. Ma-visrio Hu-grove, drama ln- nrvdof. and Loon Dnlozlor, UNNUY of sho Ffiawcns Hhulro. The cars in the' Kcrneltrlmirri parade will include a 1927 Ford "1" Modal rusdxin- entered by ilu- Crnfinrmn Auwrmiisfe Car Club. Other' as-ganizaiionx having ears in tho panasie and pe,-was riding ln the cars are the Alpha Gamma Sigma ca: in which Alpha Gamma Sigma swmnem ifnmle Nirlinill ride: the Eagle ill uislch Eagle Ween Jane Oihorn will ride: lhe Jaycees in which Miss Panama Foamy and Jr. Y6i5f?ixirmm,'iE9au+ my will ride. HOTT! rieparlrzirni lil which RQTC sponsors ull! ride: New building to go lo University Center Recommendations for Z1 new S52 million student center were approved Nov. 5, 1965. Tentative plans for the project call for a minimum Hoof space of 120,000 square feet. To bc locatcd across from the new womcn's dor- mitory on North Dixie, the new center will be ap- proached by a circular drive and will conform to the traditional Georgian architecture of the campus. Tcrmcd by President Derryberry as "one of the most important construction projects of the universi- ty," the building will house a cafeteria, snack bar and student lounge complex, a walk-in bookstore, post oflice and various offices located in the present Uni- versity Center. With possible completion slated for summer of 1967, the building will have four floors and elevator service. Page 67 O -4-TF W Y: -X ,e x 'i E- 'ixQ,,4'g:,5MQ' 2 ,Bb-figA,,.:aA L4 Q ,we A - v-swf sofa' 1: .. . is-zsmufgjag vi- - WT ' yliilfigiv . ' sz-we y 1 'saga 1 1:1 'Q G we An image of progress appears on the northwest edge of the campus with con- struction of the new math and physics building behind the New Engineering Building. s 5 Football games were played beside the new men's dorm. which replaced the bleachers that formerly occupied the east side of Overall Field. Page 68 ,,.59Mg,:,Ne-xr - f-fe s-- M M 'QQ is Q 1 E iii it Si E Soon the Cookeville beagle hounds will have to find an- other place to hunt rabbits. These pipes will be used to chan- nel water away from the area of the new 'football stadium. A worlcman is dwarfed by the immenseness of the new chimney. Building expansion to cost S5 million At the bill-signing ceremony making Tech a university, President Derryberry outlined Tecl1's plans for a 355 million construction program during its first two years as a university. Several of these projects have already been realized. Two double unit dormitories were completed at the beginning of the year in order to accommodate ap- proximately 630 more students. The 150-foot chimney was completed in Feb- ruary as part of the expansion of the heating plant, estimated to cost over a half a million dollars. ln December groundbreaking ceremonies began a four-story mathematics and physics building to be located West of the New Engineering Building. Other projects included in the program are a new building for biology and agriculture, the Engi- neering Facilities Building and six additional dorms. Enrollment reaches new high on campus A record enrollment of approximately 5,000 marked Tech's first year as a university. This year's freshman class of 2,300 is the largest in Tech's histo- ry, an increase of 32 per cent over last year's class. When President Derryberry first came to Tech 25 years ago, the total enrollment for fall, Winter and spring quarters was 956, with 567 of these being males. Tech coeds are much luckier today, however, since the ratio of males to female is much greater. A student returning to Tech after l0 years would hardly recognize the campus. This year, for the first time in Tech's history, enrollment was large enough to necessitate excusing some of the seniors from Public Programs due to insuf-Hcient seating capac- ity. Some of the more conscientious Tech students violate parking signs, thus helping finance the ASB activities. Page 70 E nw, V as sg 21, f Q X A C ,- ,Q ,A ,AMI L ' lQ2n.ei.iflfAM9VQ iiiuwfwm Pia? 'T M, Q iw is-X nm - I K' 689' Zikmz, A' whrfw-ww Q. , -wg if 4 -'-- Q ,Q 5 Q is A I I 3 I 1' M :L K t,-' ,ff ACMF , , www' 4' 'la 0 K2 1 W 3? 'Tig ff?-2: 56 5 1' ' Q F " f ,ff 4 Quan "5s ?' , QW, 5 It if 'vm' i .A Y gb., FK? 1 , -5 5 ,M 4 Q N, 'A .. in .,,.:V,:- 3 Q? .,.,, px 1" A A.-. ' fl ,,i.r . f ,f ,A W :HIQ x ff' as ,L U figa? mv. Razing of the Tech apartmenfs begins as plans 'For the new complex materialize. J , e I Q, By fall of 1966 fhis scene may be drastically Tech Campus School lies behind the apartments married students. The apariments are being rel Housing improved for married students An architect's drawing of 'the new complex shows the p l a n n e d arrange- menl: of 'che buildings. Page 72 gp ess-all if , , , F., ,,,.,k- -gf .. rh lf'-Juv, A we Y-ia, .. .,. IIB . Zgsi H8 ,AE UQSSK Y LHR :- ..,, H552 H.iTu'i 'tg-asv .,H.,II.gaEBf- af?-, URBAN fi?-'M M'fQisw.f?T'5Z?L"' J EMIIIE,-fm-g5wImgsiggl-ss-mfg-EiME.n5IIsII1-3.Mr -ma 'I H-an-aEimmI?IIgIas-it-snagged BQ-i .t "NL: .. I - if Ifigwx mf' B nw . . IW f ws. 2-mm'mB: X- -mm . .M ww, . ., I ,g.' I igM EgY...W,,LII - --.gif M Q 'misses -it Q L W X IIN . ,I ., Em Q aa : as "' i M -.iz I.. .. M , .M x Ln I KM!--1-in I -in . , f at -M-. . M , 1 W M ,WI X -ff II 1 1 ':': is W . , - -H.,4: fs- 'ww . . X sc . 71- . .-fi.. is M... . , . S-Hifi" UTIQT m'Vi-' gII',f:l'-.f-, r"wif 'UL "lg -Q M f 4, - - M. , I - f I. .- an if a .f .H. Y m5X,. . NM, Wg. WI -Lf 'f . if Ninn ' ' as 5 ' U' fi M r MW - 1 - ,II 4 L S 2 - nf -' .M Q M- 1. -M. . ., W, .- . , J. - M M ' 1-ff . -.I aaasm jrj 1' as .,,,.,tgaI . .3,',,3I Isa., .2 M -TL ' III., ,i III,, MTII, .II. IIIVL. ?-II ,. . ., M' - ..a 4 ,- .V ' . t ls MII w-,R if 2 v 1 KI ff' M W.. A .I MM. .. NIM. . Q- .Mr 'V l l ,ff Q f . , I I Q : s ' - i ww L -- Iam M t, gr. ., . I ,.- . : . Q Egg? alma H Housing remains a problem at Tech as enroll- ment continues to increase each year. Plans for an apartment complex to house mar- ried students is one of the first steps toward solving of the problem. To replace the badly Worn apartments, the complex will have 18 build- part Tech ings which will have 150 units. The apartments in use were acquired from the hospital at Camp now Forest nearly 20 years ago. 5 2 "s'gfi5 .' Q Sgr 3 . I -s' K-M-'ff - - ...n,s?: ' I Y I' ' j-WMMLMQ 5 M. MQ: . EQ' .Q M. . - W? VTX I I :II I h LN-X1 N Dania... .g::- . - N is , ,,., III - I - .. if- s- 1 ' V .. ' " . -: ': ' 3.4 , - 1 - M 4 .,.. ,M--01" ,.,.. III3- 1-3 .,. ,Ia I. - . " . ,'i. i '.-fi' - ' t . if ..'-- . - .....Q , M H r w 'I il " ,I I- ' , T515 "" . ....'.. . t g .,.. I III I V ,, . M , ,... II III I ., ,.,.I . ,. aa -. A .K ,wwf -- .. " .1 . V I ., " If-,CIf'Q.Q.Q II... "" If' " .. ' -' 'If I I :T In III :af-: .: ' B Im IIIIIEI 5 W ,555 II I . QQIA .Iain II.: II IIIIIIIIEI35- II IIII II I .,.... II -I:"f'-' -- ' ., 1.. X II I . .,.,. . IIIMIIII I . . :- :se-sf gf -.--. 4 M M H W M ,, I ., . E : 14 ..II,.I my awww'-W-IIIMWII II M M in... ,...::: I,.:.:fI,5yI M II I I - jg f S M - ' ' .. , II i.. 35.':g,.. .III at as a .I a .I is A: H Maw 53?QIIIj2f-5jI ' it. Specific details of the married students' new ggifgmsxggfgfif -Qs, apartment buildings are shown in this drawing. Included in the complex, which will resemble a village, will be a launderette, a day care center for children of working mothers and a community cen- ter with storage space. To be constructed at North Willoiv and Ninth Street, the complex is expected to be partially com- pleted by September, 1966, so that married students may occupy the apartments fall quarter. gs, W .X ' zzz II ....... gr M - 'W ' . ..,.,,MM ,.. - 2 .f.f-':2212f as gi .gr I yi ..:a I - I I -, . I I I. - ' F Q 1, 'X H' Q if H . -' - W A .. KX V' -Q L. T' V X M ,fs ... gained' ,.g:5: , I M W M W- . all will-gm W U M i i Nw-Q -,www SHN 'l . 4 M- img wa-www V45 M II II 5 .. . I., S . a ,. E M N. M- ., .. 'asv :- 'K 5' - ' . Z was s H-'W' " I-i sr... ,E if-f ... f . r " ---- - 5. . .. . .... - -- - if ., - ,. . . II I I .1 .. .-... .,. . I I ,:, ga I.,.,.,p,I,,..I.iI.,.I-I- IIIIL ,. warg-fr qw' ali at A if 5 ,zzwrws ww' .tak www .. . I I ' -' . Q I ' L I I I . I . f I . I I,,,-'..Q' I:MaiwII.5-aww? ,, rag 5 L hw 12-1 N - was - ' -' - T - ' , W ' W .- I . i:'." "1-" W F . " . M5 E134 W H r ' a 252... :E2:fl " , . . ---....,..- -. .--. ia, , as- -- .. ,.. ,-T.-.M f ,,..s.,.s-as .fn , -., ,....w-QP" - M Page 73 K " ff as 2 - " ' ' Ii .I ' ' ' ' I .2 . ' ' II " I I . III . IIII " " M .f ',....aQ....., was M I .., 1 T Y I 'fr- T ' I' I M -I L ' ' ' . - K ' I, II . 1 .:.5....III1 f- ' . 1 :fri asf 1 ,I I ri. g I -.M-sw W " Y was , III.-'g IIII , I. ... . . 'il ' :..:E" - . ' if I" fi M , . - "ii . E55 fair: r Ig M ,egg III I Q' M 1 ,I I II II .V III,-I .I 'EZ E ' ' 'ii 'fi ' 5' M - " 555 BS r---Z M M 1 . : . . qsgaa wa r g I , II IIII.wMm-M II IMI-M . E I M - .. -- .,:."f -1 , .- ---- MJ, if? N . '::- if ,Nr MM . ' - 'M . s f -915 M . MMM ..a. U "' Q - 1 E' - . M-M vs F' Q M. M'?".W1 . gm .. . ,. .r Wm I. .. , I .. ,. . .. M- ma .3 .I. ,.. r QA I , , , . ,MW ,I I an ,. I .I W If I, I I 1 ' . ' i " . 4. gf .1 K L - '.':Ef': Q fi' at H . ':' 2 i, L : ' '1 :af Y T ' Y i lls: 5 Q ' M . if- .E:: - Eta' ' . .f:" :'. 'S T' .E'f5:g-2.. 2,. i ' ' .inf .,M-12?-M ' :if ,W . " - W 55,4 . ' - Wa. .. , II - ,ggi I, .... .va a-, Q Www- , vsp .... I Z - I ,K i .I 5 .W I .LI .... Q I II II . ,. In I .1 I I II .II III S M ,M 2 I I- , , at-,, 5.55, I II?,II--I- r I I, Q gI.,.-.: .. .. ...gm- II5 I L . : . ...r..,: .. ,M -- H I -1 -Mar ,I - - A Q7 X 'If ' ' ' I ff ., 5 .,..Ij'In "' Mfliw- -:I :.:'--F.: -'E' :5: 1.--5? ..'I:'-IES i" "2 '- .I IIII IIII -.I I .... . .. . -- - - M- I if :.I , W r ' ' .:. 'F Y MM I .I ..., 2 '::2" . I:..j - - I 52' -I-if 5 - II 5 B' M I I gf E .aria ,wi , II 'X Q if if' ' 1 . . .... . M Q - ' 155 I .I I I I ,I I I I . 5 ig I.IiIIIIaIIZ S II XI! I I I' sri . . II I. , .as?2l5"g,IWsnII:g,,.-rgtggrltisrm' MM 15- I5u:s:gII.I, ,QE " L 6 if ' '7 ' "'11gre"' A pretty Tech coed attempts to malce a "called" shot as her bewildered opponents look on. Co-ecls enioy new freedoms at Tech Twenty years ago a coed probably would have been dismissed from school if she was seen near a pool hall-much less, inside one. Today, however, the name has changed to "billiard parlor" and a new slant has been added. This year Tech coeds are ol-fered free instruction in the game by the owner of a billiard parlor which was constructed near the cam- pus. Also, physical education classes have changed Page 74 considerably since Tech's early years. At one time, girls were not permitted to dance anywhere on cam- pus. The school's first dancing of any type was looked upon by many persons as something quite undesira- ble. In The Story of Tennessee Tech we find that "many girls even refused to take physical education or demanded to drop the course when they learned that bloomers were required because of conscientious ob- jections of either themselves or their parents to that scandalous form of dress." . , , . as my xb Q g ,X .X xg Nigga Swap! lm MW is K E Fmvwww HHN - N 2 wjm1?w H an My 3 ,mxw 1 ' . y .aw , - Qi, w'5 l Qwqff ,f A Lwwgifi , ' my N 3 K W - . 1-Q19 m 3 ef , 'W A s Jw few A ! "M -. ,T. , :Ll ESQ! AH, ,-f"H Q32 'V ,gpg g 4 T aa ni VB we-sq 9 1 1 n,. 2 Q 1lmwfm 115 92:2 ' if z V ABQ Charles Smithson seems to be having second thoughts. Page 76 Properly attired in her granny gown, Peggy Pennington appears to be "the leader of the paclx' during the TWO's protest march against the lseards. The day of reckoning came when Randy Skidmore, President of the ASB, precisely measured the beards to determine the winners. Larry Haynes was one of those brave enough to accept the TWO's offer for a tree shave. ,m'W'3+ SKJPU -F7 I J ,V -Af K -WAQM ' ' rm' Lf . .' aww e - n ',. ---i!U""5L-f 'cr 1 .94 f .n , ,.J -- ' -mask S '1- na' A . bgw EW SD! Qgmm QPU. 1 sw? E 211, by 'V' f .,..f. , ,,,, Q l a , ' ,. i , I . 1 . V . -, ..,,.,-: A L EEE Q.: Q. n Limwl gsm' fi Zgmiin ssgw ,ei NK.. Qi :EE The exhibit on Thailand receives the 'Finishing fouches by industrious members of the Cosmopolitan Club. L tn ": V 1, .. Page 78 N aff- i Wt W International Week features handicrafts ot other countries For the past two years, the Cosmopolitan Club has conducted International YVeek to promote better un- derstanding of foreign students and their countries. As part of the week's activities, an international fair is held to exhibit handicrafts, pictures, slides, and other articles from foreign countries. Color films obtained from foreign embassies in the United States are shown in order to acquaint stu- dents with customs and policies of other countries. J! .ii I' in 'U n-vi 3 Q A A. is Fragopoulos, Thessaloniki, Greece, participaied in ihe Fair by exhibiting articles from his counfry. , if i X "W" fr V5 W H , f Y A L., .1133 flag ,Z I v in 5 4' I in --F, g 3, e s homecoming parade was given an inter- touch by the Cosmopolitan Club's float. Page 79 The latest addition to the complex of women's dor- mitories was completed during 'fall quarter, I965. Page 80 Immenseness of the new men's dormitory is clearly ev- ident in this aerial shot made during the summer of I965. lIHllllllllllllllllllllllIIIllIIIIIIllIIIllIIIlIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIHIIIHIIIIIIIllllllllllllllll I. Relocated Baseball Field 2. Campus School 3. Men's Residence Halls 4. Field House ito be relocatedl 5. Ind. Technology lto be relocatedl 6. Foundry lto be relocatedl 7. Maintenance ito be relocatedl 8. Men's Residence Halls 9. Residence Hall and Cafeteria I0. Maintenance and Central Storage II. Engineering Buildings II-A. Physics-Math Building I2. Engineering Buildings I3. Armory and Field House I4. Football Practice Field I5. Football Stadium I6. Men's Residence Quadrangle I7. Men's Residence Halls 18. Men's Residence Halls I9. lnfirmary 20. Health and Physical Education Building 2l. Bartoo Hall 22. Business Administration Building 23. Education Building 24. Derryberry Hall 25. Henderson Hall 26. Science Building 27. New University Center 28. Biology Building 29. The Tech Union 30. Whitson Memorial Library 3I. Kittrell Hall 32. Mechanical Engineering 8: Heating Plan 33. Residence Halls for Women 34. Life Sciences Building 35. The President's Residence 36. Future Sites-Residence Halls 37. Drill and Intramural Fields IllIIllllIIlIllIIllIIIIlIllIllllIIIllIIIIll1IIIIIIIIllIIIIIllIlIIIIIIHIIlIIIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllll The stately home of the Presi- dent is one of the newest landmarks of the Tech campus. !smfQ'Q.mii5 Af .. ,fi ss: I ' ' 3? s f 1 5 ' ' 1 I IM , V ' gli X -13 V.. Lx - 1 ? K ' -' L rj' . e,. 1 Q ii 1 'W ' .f km- r ...,., -, ,.,4I.l..,, NZ I , ,YA s ,,, g J x y'L,,5 - M 'S i I 4 W . A - f 2 V W Nz, .,..,,..,.,..., M ,,,. 1 ,..,,.,4M..,,,g ..w- y lfwwjg sy .WI 1 f - 'Z ' ' ,Y ' X ' ' - C K K ' ,... ...ggl,............,...1...,m,....L.fL2J2 1 , . , . . , f 1 ' ' ' 'lla I5 . 1 . , , 1. s A1 , , ., V .RI I V I 4, W X ., .W f ,, " .,.s1v ,S s EJ 1 - . V3 WA 4- - ss --, U f f NWI' Wills? , H I jg -,,..,.,.,.,,. . ' -- z...,.: 1 "' .W ..,L H I3 . . -Y - Us aa.,Mg1W JV N ij vfg.: V1 '4 , . ' 7 , wr A-,,-,YL-xi, . .ww -s . ,J I Q12 ' A Qi 1? 315. W' P Q w. N-m....-H...w..s.4....,....M..s,,,f f Kp- , . , 'Z 7 f " """' , " 1 'S T1 1 f N 9? 2 s- . L ei? . if ' s 1 "SQ ., N . 3 5,26 5 Ei Q 4- A w ' - ' - -f ...... , ' " - , A ,Q Z ' , 5 E ,. .. T. , , X Q f , f ..... 5..,:E,f, I V it . , ,.,. It , V +---sw E N 5' H n 2 . . w'23'is 4"ffpr'i-Q N. - 1--"f 4' A , V f ' . , I ' j Q ,M pl- x'1M,,,Q wg 4 ,. I If Af"2fiQjE Lgzgkuy H JEL, 'V Y ff ! , VA M ffm K f,....-ss fi Q . -if A qu' - f 2 .y , .A 4 ' X D. Q . . ffl A I J, . 7 2-ii ' il if s, 'L f X 4 4 WHTQWU? 4 L 'xr Milk, L . , , ' , ' 1, 32 'i,,-"Q-xii am" I ' M J: N lg if, ' ,,,,. I, ,Sl M Mn? ., JK ,ml M ',h,E.y. 5 Vxx. X 3 ' Q. W Q.. , ,fffgi 5' ri E. 41 f 2, . J . r , V :Q L. Us-qv Hr' Q, . ftp N1 A- A - jkj L--ws 475 , sf 'f M f - 4 : Q A M W if f 1. 11: rv- 1, 1, A W1 , V ,N A J,-ff H K 's1.w'N' , ,I V 3 - W h .. A Qs ' , mg., S 2 V- 1 , 61, - ,,,. Wfwwb fg 2 f s -5 N- . - 5 f N 1 sNss 35-fgfs.-W V 'ix s Q' . X " N- QI J' 11 f' 'I J -" ., ' ' sift nf "Airs 'A if A ' " ""'f-f".'I,s'j.-lx' K " ' f W s M-W ' " -1., Z ' N. fb " 2' 1 g, ev" Ykgikjifcjffh-Nlsi 'XX f'ffN.1,, N E N s bs- 1. af' if A 155: ,F Q--Mi ' ff fs X , ' ' M:-X . Y Q uf.-A A ,A fgrf 1, 4 , N As 1 - Q f 4 H KST4'-fl, - , ' ' A"' " ,Dx w 'J H 1 f A 1 X ,, Q - , ' ,j, I-x:.3W?S ' . gJQh5if9?gF ' ,, ,LL.- '1L,:-'W' K M . H--MQW - srQ,xjx,, V 'f X , s CAMPUS MASTER PLAN ' ISSO - l970 TENNESSEE TECHNOLOGICAL UNlVERSlTY evelopmeni: of the campus since Dixie College days an be easily seen by aerial view such as this. Page 81 M, TENNESSEE TEGHNOLOGIGAL UNIVERSITY GooKEv1LLEjTENNnssnE Ornon or THE PRESIDENT April 22 1966 To All Tech Students Faculty Alumni and Friends The celebration of Tennessee Tech's Golden Anniversary may be a Umany splendored th1ng,H but it is also a Janus faced observance Like the Roman deity of doors and gateways, we look back over the road of the past but we also look forward to a chal lenging future Tech's past contains many chapters in which our academic community may Justly take pride its advances in faculty training development of curricula, expansions of physical plant, and the performance of graduates from an ever increasing and respon sive student body yet the future beckons even more vigorously to Higher Education in the Space Age and points to prospective miracles and new responsibilities which are both exciting and awesome What of the next fifty years as Tech comes of age? Age 15 a relative thing Fifty years in the life of a man amounts to two thirds of the span of his days on earth Fifty years in the life of a redwood tree only brings it to its infancy thus does Nature put homo sapiens with all his brains and abilities into proper per first true flowering the dawning of its young maturity when its vigor and its po tential for future growth may be assayed Tech's birth was not an easy one nor was its childhood It had to fight and struggle for its life but that struggle made it tough and hardy Its adolescence came with the end of World War II when its growing pains really began It still has not outgrown them but now it stands firm emerging as a fine young giant flexing its muscles and standing tall and resolute among its peers What will the next fifty years bring to your Un1vers1ty's growth and develop ment? Many of us will not be here to see the answer to that question and the red wood tree will still be only a baby But, we know that the answer for this Univer sity lies in the work of a dedicated faculty the loyalty of devoted alumni and above all in the quality of its product the graduates who go out from its halls and quad rangles As Tech rounds the half way mark and presses on toward its first century may we increase our commitment in depth to the development of a quality program in all the Un1versity's concerns and remain steadfast as we move collectively ever closer to the dignity the role and the tradition of a great University Let these famil iar words unite us all in a common goal 0 Alma Mater Tennessee Tech God Prosper Thee ' Sincerely yours ED kh President Page 83 4lIIiII, . 3 , , ' ' I , - spective in the scheme of things. Fifty years in the life of a University marks its n 1 1 1 . , ., a I, 1, ,n . 1 .' 9 3 ZW? km . ,,... 1-. Aww . .. ' ef Q 5' iw, . EEfEQI,gg?? " . an 'fwvimi 1. 1, . , AJS -.Tw gg.: ' as LI . 55, .:. J 'Q K A . - 2.5-Q , 4 wa 'W 'sn ,vm QQ '-1 Q? as ww .1 m L 1 Q Ass G.: X, ,E , H1945 I . a I Izlzlz E.: F gf, ' . : F limi fyyg 1. -::: K sn - , ' r ss wwf HERB, ss ?"gs mv-sw W Z , . S E H :wmv gm mi- E ,ws B. ' ,J E .m,,. em-N m., 'E .m' .- J.. wx .vm E . y + D. 5,11 J 4 Www Q 3 . wi S3 ui Z E -4, gig 5 R ET' ' f- ' im SE: H A ,Q B513 B? " K 'mm ,W 2 1 M W2 . U ui 5155 A V , fx ,, x Q 1 W 1 H -4251125 ' 'M ME -Iwggg Z , f Mgjfyigjfx H ,N fl gk Q51 Q. k m,-Q w .. N Q zu M ,M M x y .aww Eff.: 5 eg-5 N, Q, HL, 2 if L bf H 2. EEQZQEEHGH EY ,MQESQEM . fs, du W1 . as wiv? Mzifgmg ki ,K , ix Q 1--H , - X -1' S- ,, .- T' M: " JW' . -.fu g zip? WL WM M Q - H K- f Ah if-Q Q 2 NTHQ H g T f - , 1- Q: Q FRIV, Wm, gw,wM.,,1,15.,w Q- +1 QQ H . Ig-' ff -35:53 :.:s-Q -j -:-. 5 -1:-gf.: -X , U -V B M L' I A-:M L A 3 A ,W fee -'X 55333 5 5 ff 'J 2 'WW " " 'F 'W "5 BS : ' .5 1 2 A -SrQgyUQ"'S2 24mlQ,w Hi na I A S ,v5'wg'5ESJL W 'Z vs 'If 'Z K1 Q-5 .2 1 5-1 my Aaxmimi 'Q Qgif? L B 1 if ' 'SEN' -X-Q A - 1 N f 2 an gm., my, 'Ha --myww-uWf'iM K umm Ni -Q"-: w Y N1 W sg wk if 'I ,fi-E f. H - . , ,,. 5 , U gli E, Q J'- lm L I 2 , . UM X. , -L ' , 'JQEQ3 K N N Qi Ji X E X ' 925 WM' LTA ,X 5 5.5. ig MQ H 5 wg my F W . A Q 3 Q 5 5 f. f' K -W 2 in - , ,MSE Q if 33544-ggi' Q P vi Q , W. Q ' Q I Wim, 1:4 : R4 wwf ,- 1e:fE:::f' .r -- 1:5-.-:::--ff Q "5 R N P w "" W- ww ME K fl .4541 f 4 ..a..::f:e 1 .iv ' 1' -..a:f1 ' -I: f W '-af'-jgjgg , Q . .. WF if Q M ww Wg nr Q! Q4 M u 1: 1 Awww sv-.W ww- E- 1 P. These heshmen are Handing in Hne to regkten as they have been 'For three hours. They are probably thinking that it they can get through this, the rest will be a snap. Are they ever in for a surprise! Page 86 Registration brings automated confusion Completely automated computer registration reached for the apex of perfection at Tech this year. Obviously, it did not quite reach it. For the first time in Tech's history, it became possible for a student to breeze through registration with no trouble. It was possible that he would re- ceive exactly what he wanted, at the exact time he wanted it, and never have to worry about going through the process of adding or dropping a course. Even surpassing all these attributes was the fact that it was possible that he would not have to stand in any long lines as he had in the past registration days. This year, "possibility" took quite a beating at Tech. The computer is not hard to get along with usually, but if you had to design class schedules for 5,000 stu- dents, you would probably bog down a few times too. "l'm sorry but we're sold out: of lOl Chemis- try books. Come back in about two weeks." Lynda Hyder's I.D. picture will probably have bloodshot eyes as did most I.D.'s made during the 'Fall quarter. "If this schedule doesn't work, bring it back, and we will give you another one. If that one doesn't work . . ." Complications of registration tend to malta one 'Forget the frivolity of Freshman Week. N .625 Page 88 44864-4-IBM's image of a frosh coed . VVhen Lynda Hyder attended high school, she was a typical student who took English, physical education and science. Everyone knew her name. Now she is attending Tennessee Tech. To most of the Tech men she is a beautiful young ladyg to some of her instructors she is a challengeg to the computer she is only a number. Instead of Lynda Hyder, she is 448644. Instead of taking English, she takes 040306, or some other number that only a ma- chine can remember. Instead of going to i'assembly," she attends "Public Programs 200." She no longer sleeps late on Saturday morning but rises bright and early for those Saturday morning classes-something which no one likes but everyone seems to receive on registration day. Instead of watch- ing television, she studies a Harbmce College Haml- book of grammar. Despite all the changes and ad- justments which must be made, she is a confused freshman who is proud to be a part of Tech. In the years ahead, Lynda and many others like her discover that college life is not all headaches. Lec- tures begin to mean more than information for a test. She quickly learns that every problem she meets is in its own way a test of how she will react to problems for years to come. If she is smart, she learns to dis- cipline herself to the task of studying when other ac- tivities beckon. Lynda sees a friend at the front of the line. She is thinking about going to spealc with her. i i. ny' we W sk 'flzyaisle Y Q, S 'zg1?f55 fait .fri-www 3,Qi13eyg,g312 iff A gif' COL WILLIAM G PATTERSON Professor of Military Science Col. Patterson passes the Colors to Caclet Col. Jan R. Roberts to marlc the begin- ning of a new year of military training. Page 90 New Director heads military science staff A new year . . . and a new commander for the mili- tary science department: Col. William G. Patterson came to Tennessee Tech in june of 1965 from the Naval Training Device Center in Port Washington, N. Y. Col. Patterson and his staff have had the job of turning some 2,004 military science students into a military unit, and, whether in the classroom or on the drill field, teach these basic cadets organization of the army, military history and basic tactics. Sigel M Q we .. 'L ,Q ,N-5. .My ,M M MMM wiki ,wvfiifw - . m , , r, W . H WMM .Mfg W -- M2323 A 'K Ms' ci' Mm - vw ., S' gsm: mm an Q MUN' .QU 'Ajax W, W3 L EE? MM 'L ,,-M-'H ms . ,. -' 14 Q38 1 2 wa? if V EL gy-,Hgh ,,.,.,,w na. , v F , M" :SCJ M Q spin: was-V HH M -, W Mm . S , ,fi-3'Mws?'75 Tix' QQEQMMSQQRWQEWF Lmifyfg 4 w M ,HX V ,- M mx J! M M-if' 'FMMffl"Q. X M ' if r 1 Q 1? . W WH . , ,,gf,Qf1f,u---MM ff ' , N X A X U, , M A M,,,,.,,N,,, ,MM TM mow 'N M"'5L'? w2?,s3M,g M 'W " 'M Q' Q 'fi ' ii-if k M M ' '-'flfim - M . I - ' I My . : H' .M M gi , MM MTQLQS iw if M , ,,,.yy 4 , W M , . ,M . me Sw A ,MWMMMM me., .:M 2 2.2 'mf' Egifts? H ' MJ I- ' i 'fJQf. M 'X K Z A ' 1 JL MQ - M M ,.'Q5'Lxf.x " - .gg , L WM , - f. M, . M, HMLMM , WMM, ML,-W. J ,, MM, , ,Q , ,, M QM ,M M ea," MN' 1 M' J N M' " f i 'E if L 7-fy' -' : Vw ,H ' '7 M ' :ffl M 'QQEQYQ "4 - W If ,, . -iff M1-'-515: R-52232, gli- M M A 3 M 21' ' ,em,a.g, Ni1f'?fQgQ1 . . , 1 My QFM-4,,f3MM.1 - Ig- ,M fe' M aw, T' M . gm! g kjieig W , . -M My. gg , -ff,-.fglimiik 5: . 2 , :...: M, 'fn :f Q .:. 5:3 ak Hs , MQ r Q' 9 L ,M X' 'H XQLF M' '. . 5-5 M 5, W-1: 4 , ,, , M '- aa.: MMP -- . Mew f M 5 ,,..W M .,. . , f M X . , , .M Q 1. Asia, W ,M , g W. W g , W H, ,4 I ,S M MM? M M . M 'M , .2 - M Y . W .114 . .yy J: ' If f -, 1, f fefagfa if-1' M M K7 -'M H mMwJwwfwwMM uw Q M M11-,Mn-"4 M: sf Q M... .L , ' M Riff. cf .W M L M .. , - L , M M ff: , M Yf' 'Qi' 'M QM 1 ,M fl. ' L, J. gsm? M" Milf? mv QM- 13,Wxgf4' vi' j'W 3,5 I M M . , M . . M , M . M yu 'Vg-H2 M Mi- 4.-:LEM . 5 M-Q gk jj MM . gil M, M, L wg if K thy, M' X M . J,-,fl ,ggi f ,z-ggi, f-Vi W M M Zz 1 w. 'V S, ', . K "r A ' K ,M 'M 1,31 ifgmf Q1 ' L M I fifs, ' KM? M 9 gi' M535 QMU Mai QEQi?? ' ' N W 7 M L, -' 3.1, .,.. X Q , qi ijt TX- ? B K .m cg :.:... ? ,Y -A M ' . Mgr- M- -'- A .MM -hi, , ., ,Magik 31,5 , M 'nf ' fi' xv is -"L '. .- W .. My M muww -gg' --KKTA .Q 1, ,GM J -1 ,Xl 211.5 , -T M N M X: 3 35 M Maw 5' gf J' UE: Y' 'Wifi' Ziff .V N X ' M .ul .,,-V5 .M .,, 1 ' wr Q A ., I ffm' ., . L 8. M . HQJEM, ,, ww ,A V,-,W was MM. M.i551fg, .,. 1 MB ' Mi wi. M, pals-M1 W'- 192 if 'ff V225 .1 'EQ' Q ? .-f MH K, f wfw , E M .M3 - , . V. I-S Q 1 , MH, M M , , F , 1 1155?-Qf"' 'L- , iii? ,M KW, V M 3? hm v-aj? 4 ' uwfft, W , .MA kiwi? M M . Llp W if' ,M MQ nm 4 1 QQ 'li' ' W M ..- L Q , -I Lg. K? 53 si 1, WR! E-L zwgf. e4 if ,J M QT-M QW gif ,vpn 2, .A W 'cuz 43 v. we 5 J f ', r M M X M, Nz if M' x ' gg. u ,S . J :.,.... - : :':!:':' .:.: Ms. if EQ - "Wm, M ., 16 - We W kwa. Mm 2 Lfife .- M M X, .f 'if'-'ek 39+ 5' w "x 4' QRQQM ms 4e'y:1, Qw,iX. 45 51' , I' A J S --Us i,.,'Y-Qi.-, M N1 'if CADET COL JAN R ROBERTS Brigade Commander Cacieis get top rank After completron ol srx weeks of ROTC SLIIUIHCI camp at Iioit Bragg N C by MS III cadets a new group ol cadet ofHce1s emerged to take command of the Tech br rgade Cornmandmg the bugade was an R Robeits, Cadet Col: Walter T. Holland Cadet Lt. Col. Brigade Executive Oflicerg Larry M. Nichols, Cadet Lt. Col. lst Battaliong ack L. Barton, Cadet Lt. Col. Top dignitaries View the brigade as if passes 2nd Battalion. in review in honor of Armed Forces Day. CADET LT. COL. WALTER T. HOLLAND. JR. CADET LT, COL, LARRY M, NICHOLS CADET LT. COL. JACK E. BARTON Brigade Executive Officer Batfalion Commander' lst Bn Battalion Commander, 2nd Bn Page 92 n. v Z wig , yy.- ..,.v U -'.- A ' k gms?-'Q,..' fi wavwwe "Q , an 2 sh in 7 Q xzy :Alix f my 4 A-Q x Y. 1 337:23 km:-', A m 'I -sf 1 " . , V 'I AJ. .' ai sf,z,.f'? ft :" -,,., ae. - A, JHWWRWAKWHQ W, jwqwg, Q V Hr? 22 IX 'C X' if P-ffm-V 'Kia mfg? W '15 5957 ,.,, f A A M,-rg -W' ,, ix X k i ix :YW Q'i:2,"s:af -Q23 ' la, ' 'R' is 1 'S a Y.. if :wiv Q' :K 4 . ,., MS V3.5 34 'Nm -Q 'hm ,. 52' . Fm , if ,,,.,a,Q wx K, 5 X L r ef: ,L was 9 gl " 'J 1 'E . i1w5'ea. '2xf?'N-m, if A55 .K ,4 , ivy, X' Vw .., - ,3,,qZWA,- ,. R L N W .. .YS . ' XMH 632.1131 w fm ,4 W , Q ,-we . -4 - I 3 W -, ,ff 5,544 -f - vm' -M: X-"K'P?' - JH' 5:5 ff Q u 'H "1 Charm added To drill by ROTC sponsors Adding charm and a dash of glamour to the rou- tines of military drill are the lovely young ladies known as the ROTC sponsors. These young ladies learn movement and marching procedures, partici- pate in the regular Thursday drill, military reviews and the Homecoming parade and compete among themselves for individual and company' honors. One should not be fooled by thinking that being an ROTC sponsor is all fun and excitement. The hours of practice are long, and the learning is difficult. a is i . iw :six Li. E DA TUGGLE CAROLYN LOWERY Isl: Batfalion Headquarters. Isi Battalion .L he W2 B fga5sWSNs 5-ggiag--'s, si SARA TATE JULIE NOWLIN B Company C C0mPanY q's W E fri? s We E is x E2 Egg ' ,fm 'Qf.,'. 'E We LYNDA HYDER , .. ew wwwsc.-'K so rf W . . W i W 2f?f'?i5w:fwQa.rfw2': fjfflf. . if .HSE -51 B 1 Brigade was-sm E fvfamzvigg ,lf Fargo'-'Wir' Qiifissif-i33'lgsSye?k5wg5'wQ?i?ssswm9?3 Wgigfixrwwsmg iii QE? .nwgmigswww fi ws was .. , U mira 'surf-QM, Reima W M SS ine'-Arggwl WEMBWEWEBQQYMLELVHEK- ,xr 'I ' Ximmf mmweszzrrgih awww "Es , HWMHMNMQMM .fziweglfgisw Miggsewgg z 71.-.zesevaaws -swf less rw- 'ww M Wm am-fel Qs if W ' 'gigs as ALICE BROWN A Company 315 52532331 5 ig 55 H 2 VE l Z 5 G 2 s iss S5 22262227333 5 'w"s?s DONNA RASH Rebel Rifles M .,. sl M ,mg DIANNE NAPIER D Company Wil.. .F W "K or I i CATHY FORD Band SISSY NORRED Rangers Capt. Wayne Long introduces spon- sor Sara Tate to the company with which she will spend many long hours. Page 95 ' 1. re FV! Jlwv A4 Miele V: Hur- ,- Wvilw we The Tennessee Tech ROTC Marching Band pre- pares to sound "Retreat" at the close of weekly drill. Tech Rangers aclopi symbol ol US Special Fo Members of the Tech Rangers discuss stralzegic maneuvers during a realistic field problem. '99 sex' W' ees " .hfif Desai refs Berets distinguish the cadets of the newly formed Rangers Company from the other members of the Tech ROTC Brigade. The idea for the berets came from the berets Worn by the U. S. Army Special Forces. Tech Rangers wear red berets for basic cadets and black for cadet ofhcers. This year approximately 240 Rangers, under the supervision of Capt. Stanley Bonta and SFC Lesley Raulerson, will take part in the Held problems and exercises carried on by previous rangers. The ROTC band is composed of basic cadets who have experience in music. They provide music for parades, reviews and retreats. Commanding this year's band is Cadet Capt. Donald Craighead and sponsor Cathy Ford. Rangers seek cover as they prepare to surprise the enemy. Nu Tech Rangers' Combat Patrol proceeds with caution to its objective. News . 'hw 'f EXTYZP' ' s ,Pg .. 4 , Page 97 "Practice makes perfect" appears to be the motto of the Tech rifle team as prac- ticing is what the members of the team spend many of their afternoons doing. nf A WMV RE Tech Rebel Rifles perform during Armed Forces Day ceremonies. we we are 2 is we if mm-isa Page 98 The Tecl1 Rebel Rifles leacl the I965 Homecoming Parade llfxcellence' - keynote lor rifle, drill 'reams "The Tennessee Tech Rifle Team wins again!" This is the familiar refrain heard each Wednesday in Public Programs as the student body learns of an- other victory. The rifle team, under the direction of SfSgt. Rex Lineberry and team captain Cadet lst Lt. Lawrence H. Connell, is well on its way to an undefeated sea- son as the yearbook goes to press. The Rebel QPershingj RiHes drill platoon spends many hours, in all types of weather, practicing, drilling and perfecting every group and individual movement. All this does not go without just reward. The reward comes from holding a record of excellence. Page 99 John Russell, graduate biology student, is wondering if fishing with a net is illegal in the laboratory. Graduate school rises to meet growing needs oi specialized society In the beginning, Tennessee Tech was, in es- sence, nothing more than a technical high school. From this it progressed to a general college then to a university. Tech is now known not only for being a university but also for its rapidly expanding graduate training. Tech's graduate school, under the direction of Dean Albert H. Cooper, offers degrees in the fields of biology, chemistry, education, engineering, history and mathematics. One graduate student, John Robert Russell from Athens, Ala., has been conducting biological research in connection with his study for a Masters Degree. His Work deals primarily with the diseases of lish found in local areas. By keeping and observing these diseased fish under controlled laboratory con- ditions, Russell can determine the probable cause and effect of the diseases. Page 100 "Now how in the world did those ants get into this test tube? Diseased fish are my business 17 t Q eifg ,V i f at Haifa 'Fl L ' ' t Wifi f Q"'255'f l -' 4 a A 325' . 'P " -M f 2, L7 ' gee! '33 ' lm' F L .If '?.E:E'f...lf. 2 . was-.gig ' ' w ra, Q:'i.2-ii Robert Wynn talces a close-up look at a stress pattern on a plastic plate. Graduate work aids ARO's space study Robert Wynn has been Working toward his Mas- ter's Degree in Engineering Mechanics in conjunction with ARO's space studies concerning meteorite impact upon space vehicles. Wynn's research deals with the study of stress concentration in plates with small holes or depres- sions by means of fringe patterns. Fringe patterns are produced by using polarized light and a plate with an irregularity which will always experience a stress build-up. It is at the point of greatest stress concen- tration that structural failure is most likely to occur. By using a method called 'gphotostressf' it is possible to determine the type of failure which may occur and consequently a means of preventing the failure may be ascertained. an-5' ct "I wonder what will happen if l push this red button?" Research work can be lonely at times. -' sz' Wai Page 101 "Why won't this c bee is interested X X K X X X i i X ,xx W llln 5 mm-at .- H... I I I .W W W- Leads e e T Hfsgeffew . -wi L3 ??XQX?'Xa2mE2f'E5y-Znfas-5 Wwwiis ?X.. H isis-gem? ,,fg,fgmsQe,.:Xs. ..,rf' ggwifmegrl XX: TM" ikwwwxao fXX:XfXXX?rTL:1 -' -Sw XXXWXXQHQEA3 TXXQ5WUmif'WXXfEfgiiiits' Q? were W wie Q5Z?",,,.,f. Niieivlgffw' Jeifziam "f,ywQi'XXQiX:.- as?5ig5".f?XaiiXXaXa W WW. ff. X., V- ' V 'V' K : Q 1 1 W A' f- X .M Nw fisigsp., :.,.. ' .. rw. My fm- nXXEi.9295:J- i .XP ,XXX fggw a M 7M51if1Zf9i'l'.. A 1-1 --fri! . 'W M3eXF,s seg :WX H an Q- 'a53iif7.'T Kiwi? 5. M T QT ?i' FM13Z ffl' -f' . n?, ww . M M reg? .,.:--41:ey1L.J.wSM.,f5 wfwieiaieillw . .g:-.:ge:WXM..-Mass -gX1XX-'WX- X. .X 1+ 'us My if .-Xf-X ,gy .X .X-As H 58552. XXX ' ',".i .A W '94 'Z ww 'Q ' J A .'s.'N'f H Timm T ff.. --ww'-'-fe Uugzlfh - sfffufrlnge. U, KM X. V317 mm .. M TF ' XXM:eX, Sim W lfffi.-MY3 3' lm ifarrxfmii-Z KQQMJQXW' AEXXKXX XX X XXXwMXkii.3jB:: 'QT . Epi V X Kai? .,:h 5. f.mgggf- X XXW isa r .ni3:.s,Q if ' 1 -X- X SN .. - ,Heli , X .flg B ' X., M 4 if 2. X X fagafei XX , 7 " L . KZ! 'A :X - Y H ' A RX 5He! QQQMN 'T fella' 5 si M: Efwl, I .. XXWLWL galil We -1-MW K F- . :.. X i Si "L V . gl Z ,A W X35 . . W. WU! ., A 2 ' Z X X W g M X . X X l Know what graduate student Richard Turner is focusing his trusty telescope on? No! not the girls' dorm. He is using the polarimeter to analyze organic compounds. in petroleum fuel analysi JJQMW 5.-. XX af XX n XX: XX XXX XX, E - X X X.W, ,Kae- 4...,, f. ,.xX raw looking radio work? James Riggg- "Let's see now, the recipe calls for some 90 proof . . . I mean noi music, 90 per cent alcohol." Eddie Howell seems to enjoy his work. X,,,.W,X ..,.. Ek, Ejwaii - ZZ IX -.135 ea-is XFX., XX X 'JQZEXXT X T Q.X.,.,.s ewan as X xE-x- ESM: Mass Q W ...msgwfm X me was Q M X-XWXX... 'Hi QUBLEE as 'fiiw-2525 -XXXXXXHZX H.. M :wiasgf-EE.. wwjgsf ., ,fella X X " ,.eX,,,. M.. . .L M ,ei X 9.5224 r'bmE'?3'5Z a .X -WX Page 102 X np- XX. Mary Jean Delozier, Dcrrie Norwood and Harry Griffin are shown with their tools of research. "H-.Xa Graduate studies oifered in various fields Most ol? Tech's graduate students are enrolled in the study of some field of engineering or the physical sciences. Perhaps a little less known at Tech, but certain- ly no less important are the political sciences-history, government, law, etc. Here at Tech, there are 10 students working on advanced degrees in history. Their research is most- ly intangible-reading, making notes and remember- ing. They do not work in a laboratory as one usually 1 thinks of the word. Instead of a glass enclosed ster- ile room, their laboratory is the library. Instead of test tubes, geiger counters and Oscilloscopes, their tools are the card catalogue, the microlilm reader and the typewriter. The Tennessee State Board of Education author- ized the organization of a graduate program at Ten- nessee Tech in May, l958, and the first Work for grad- uate credit was offered in the summer of 1958. Since then the program has increased phenominally. Page 103 You're wrong. This is not the Witch House in Salem. It is the home of Tech's English Lab. "Hey, Joe! What does this flashing red light marked 'Radiation Level Dangerous' mean??" Theory receives test in Tech laboratories In the study of any subject there are two aspects of learning-theory and practice. Theory is taught in the classroom, but the practical side is learned in the laboratory. Everything from writing correct sentences to the atomic disintegration of helium nuclei can be learned first hand in the modern Well-equipped labs here at Tech. The variety of labs found is too nu- merous to mention. Every department has its own labs-physics, chemistry, biology, agriculture, educa- tion, home economics, engineering and languages. One of the newest and most modernly equipped is the foreign language laboratory located in the basement of the New Science Building. This lab con- tains some of the most modern recording equipment available for use in this field. fContinued on page 109j ,gbgfibd 5 X Q 35,126 5559? L A ,W 5 Q , .ffqmfxef ,J E ,ff WV ,W ':"' xv! , R 5 L. NMA, ,X gg ,V v-.J X viii? M ,,fa,Q,,f21.1!, ,L , , M14 K N,. -- in.-M., WJ. was Q Wm V fm us b - lu ome ody messed up my still. Tommy Biggs tries out some new "Something tells me I used the wrong acid." W .... .. , Q, ..,.. L 2 i.,.. we " ',,',4i-'S' ,V ----- :,,, "IQ ,nll jij""-:':':-, ',.::iEii :rif e .5 f f ,:,:,,,:. 1 ----- - Mr.,-,.:.:: ,gas 231354 xi' 2 5355 , ..,: X ,R H B, ae A W -: EQIQSQQ " "Iles: . me 'F s , . .N A . V f I :-rj :::,::u .,. f""tM:fi'i "'Qfwgf-- E73 A"'2K"F3"i' E were-X ease f WW if rj is fx' fm we wwwwsfwiwe Q f ff K . . M Page 106 . , Q2 A . 4: M 'V A , W ' E1 sf-"e'wfF':1YJ eww YYEZC' M M . , .. .-,..ra1g, .nf .'3fR2.45::i' ...:q:. 'M EW,-,Q A: M M get me -,M ufwizigfw-w.:3s"S?..i1 mags chemistry equipment. "Does that H25 ever have an odor!!! .Q .. L -' H H Q 3151 :si-ESQ", ,Kms Q f 5 ---732 P- . Qh9f.K5K"' f,r.-2J5?gei'f? f qi 3 P :ei W 5 T K 2 f-- V 3 .aw fe ge I Si 4 :L V ,MA E I' A L: M ,.., M , ,AT r i.,:..i -W-N. , Q fEgZ15LXMEn33.,5A i - W 5 M af K x Mfiawws 1 M-e V "'-437 'VSZQ 3? 2 5 1 1-ig-. X - M Q - f e L . Avegjmj se, F - ' ie WL in K x Q 1 N X X X ., '. ,, eil, X K ss Q . I, Q ,fe P gs Swiss yr in ' , K 5 'ij may we Q 5 E eve e Y E7 551 MSW! WX W ' W 2:-Eaafjisi: : . we f is efag if :-:-:f:fs:f':::1.-, f M f 'f QW X 2 N 9 ifih if J -f 'E M Q-Q 1 Q - 5 N s 3 5 , . R wer: "' i ww 43,6 gil? 5, I :M ,, MQW? MX we Q. . 1 ..5..:-:f:g- 1 wwf s. 1 M - as a M e e - J 5 53.99 :QAM - Us EM? ,s.22M.,,W, W az M MMM an ff Mm .MPI . M MMM . Q S5 1' M M 2 fmif T M ff 1 is ,Mx , ,MMM ,M5'3-ffM-- M a wg M, . M H 5 M Wi! -a 1 M MiM.wSQ.1 W . :Q M W I, MW i ang 5 I E H M M . -i M M M H E M M H 1 E gg ,Ui ' ,. . ' , . M M . in if - 2 S M5 MM, 1 5 2 A7 E.-' - . '4 U QHMQNE .M 'MQSQEEQX -MTQM ,Q iflrMgJQ,',55i1S M H M . .. M., LM-M,-,ggi J' M... W, ,M M-, .MMM H, -M M ,A ,M ,, M M Q, M MMM M we ,:,,., ,. ,.,. z ...:. M .. .... H H W W? 5 K .5222:1:+'s:5Z:::::::Z'r2 1:29 megan asiEg:MMs? 5M .... .,-M My Q '13 5 Wk -WMM Q Q 1 Mf -1 i E W M M W if V M .jf M ' " M ' v T M M M M M pM-M M M Xi. 25 ,.,,45 M , WaM,MV.pQfMMM,.Mp,M -Ke. M Mf M M Mfwf1M-fQgMiwfgQg,- M- M S' , M ' MW " 1MMfwfM.5T- 2 M M ' ' A w 5 3 X, Q M M M - W A ,W M, f : M , M M W Q5 W T 'f' ,M ,M WMHM 'gwmwu E, " -11225. A T ir M 5, .MSFM321-Q 5i?Mgif'MMim iL M: M . , . e., . M M. . H 3 Q 5,55 Q ' ' " M ' M W - 'TMQMPW M M n Ha "E 5 5:a.2:zI:Is-- M. : E S M- :.:5,:,Q 1 fr v P1 ::: :::1 -M - M MMM I M H M , .1 . H-as Q M 5-M M322 M M - n, hxMM?Bmxaggww , . 2 'K L M W . Q iw W N. M' HQVYQHM' ' WX . .- M M V M . ' is in is Eu- as I - 1 E WE! ,x W i M H Q : fm . ' M , M--ff-in-M.-M., M MM M - 9 MQW, Mx. M .Mw. M Mf5:aMZ",.FMf. M M M H M Q if - Y fu HM ip ff W 'N W, . M , M ., I H, M -MWYQ . ., -,M ,H '-MBL.. :WMM-, .AM M if 1 '.MQm .'Mf ,, ' f: was-a--.,.,:g',5,:g:gM 5- I I -5 :, I M. M in ,, new-1-:-:-:-,M 2 2- --,.,. - . .5 K A Johnny, the teacher thinks I am writ- lab report . . . ," writes Carol Fisher. .I Page 107 Too bad for 'chese guys if the lab instructor returns while they are "hard at work." Q x 'Se "Well I'll be! Iclidn't know an oscilloscope would pick up Batman." "A most interesting view . . . Marshall Hall Page 108 X 2:55. Swim Y .WF .. A .. . maxima in a ana-ia-f Q Q . t ea in :em F? . was as? 5 iw nw These biology lab students are very interested in to- day's experiments. They deal with "birds and bees." LABS- fC0ntinuecl from page 104i Another lab in use at Tech is one which most people would forget in making a list. It is the "co- operative education program" in engineering which may correctly be called a lab. In the co-op pro- gram, a student alternates his classroom work with periods of work with an industrial firm. This Work period is analogous to being enrolled in a laboratory with the exception that the student receives a salary instead of a grade. Still another type of lab, completely dilferent from all others, is the English lab. The only materi- als required are pencil and paper. The English lab is conducted for students who have approached gradu- ation and who have shown by examination that they have forgotten the fundamentals of communication taught in basic English courses. Students graduating from Tech must pass an En- glish examination consisting of a 500-word theme. Failure to pass such an examination means that Eu- "Electronic brains" that never forget: this com- - ' , ' , puter is one oi a kind-it never remembers. 311511 lab attendance 15 lequued' Page 109 an an gm, 552212. gf: g.:IfJ?!- ' 3 :Q M,-: ,iw 3535? EEF :eg M Fi? Eg ge: 93 mi 1 7 Sf .5133 'UL , , ww. 51 aw M , A i ,xv W . . H' ms K4 Lf v Q 1 2 :wil I me :5' W W W i M. ? . 45" W V' ' 4-1 Wm: - Q . ,J ,, ., , Ao sr Wikixmi UQ Q I was B ' A W -.-:-:-:-:-:-: , lg ? :. ,E:,.., .... X 2 45 ::-- . 4 - .... : -Q ,ff -:-' WW W -ss' . 1 gif M - IP 1' ::E. I -:: :..'v:r:,':r ii 'I' " " -'-E' " :-:'E:E1" 533' P' E' - 'rs 115. 5: .:. 3 i z" 'L' 5 : ,., I n :' f V '55 .,.. ..., 1 :...: .... : E:-1 .4...-uu- lim H' h W ' 'f K. f 'W E Mis sa:-: .gg-, Q A - Q - Q E Q A S5329 53: E-as W K E QE Q ' W Q L., 5: 'Q' 4 A Q 2 ,. .. .. .. .. 2 "W" . , , ..,2. , A L , N15-M . E if -. 5 gc. R V Q -- - "" M 8 bmsawwiiyv - ..... ' ' , 1? ZW' is W' fs M L Q sf V' 5: gg M 'E F5 V1 3 ':' :f-5:5.:.:-.:.:.' if 51:5 isa 1 f - H ....: Q ye p' WE w . - - Q W wg W ' A - l .,.,:. -4 fs- . 0 , ' -- .... : , t - if -:-fi' . '23 E as I 'K W 4 0 .. , 'ff , W E' ' I .. . , 4 ,, , :sae ..,. : ,,, 1 , , G- G.,. .. 3 ., I M f I ...Y S ' ' ,M 1 f . gx 4 . P' ' Y . . Q , I a ' r 5 ss wi '35 mm-M 3 W i A we nn: 49 Rf. .:..1 , Y F ,- ,, - -' -::,.,. N ff! -sf in 4- ' 0 f V IIU, F, .-: - ,KL SR BW ' 'Tv S f -3.1- s If ' "' as ..L ,K rf 5 - A zifzizjrg . :- , 4.9 '- 4 ' an ,ww ' :h a f."5-Eggs' f ...,.,W ....:...- -, 1, ,A .Q E f ' ..,: . K . K Q, . 5.5 Mm. .xr r. . L 1 U 1 ,Xie sa. '27 iff-if: .tfw , A 233325 26419. f fu'3gjW-G ' ""Q,?iQI5Iq, bl wfgixix- 4 ,4 ,iw wg sm we H 1,1 N wa K. W ,wi L U . ,mv ,f ,. ,..-V ,www KL, W , MN-L Umm, WH 2 . fm Jerry Cooper prepares for a swinging week-end after five days of teaching. Education maiors spend quarter student teaching The education of our children is somewhat like the weather-everybody talks a lot about it, but no one does anything about it. However, at Tech there are several students who are doing something about it. Education majors at Tech, as well as those in other state colleges, are required to spend one quarter teaching under supervision as a requirement for their degree. For one quarter during his senior year, the education major is assigned to a nearby school where he teaches as if he were on the staff. Some students view this venture as a game be- tween themselves and their students g some accept it as though they were on a permanent job, to all it pre- sents a challenge which most of them meet whole- heartedly. Page 112 Dr. Paul Whitfield works est iii f i Q J' X tr E sin' 'pi V ana weft "Where did you get a book like this at your age?" "l wonder if it's true that he never flunirs seniors." with . D, A -n: yea his student teachers. Most student teachers live in the town. 'For the quarter, where they feach. "We will now sing hymn number I33." Jackie Wheeler is really teaching math. 7 'ji ,ff Page 113 "Now people, this is a rabbit .... " One of his students brought a 'friend to meet Jimmy Dyer. "l bet l can get the Lone Ranger on this. Practice teaching gives taste ot real thing The young lady on the front row isn't interested in the lesson. The gentleman at the board trys to explain a unique way to figure age. .,:'. Eiigyy. ff ",, ft " Q ""1 'i': ,'i1" A ., Page 114 1 .BZ s ,if . N32 ' A v Q , V 1 R ig ..,. -- - H J Q A 4 3 1 A . 5 .:.:-:I- ':' FAQ, 2::f:,5:2 f 53 j:Qg,ff5:i'a5:, ,f S vi,-2::' af '23 V .::., pm-If " v as W, W-'J' sm' Mary Dosseos, senior beauty, eniers ihe gym. Dee Whitnel is thinking, "Oh you lucky girl." Sarah Lowe is crowned May Queen by Wibby Fidler . . . The Queen's Court. Page 116 May Queen reigns in lOriental Garden' In the setting of "An Oriental Garden," Tech cel- ebrated the annual May Day festival. The Queens throne was represented by a large statue of Buddha. Members of the Queens Court were attired in green and gold brocade satin while her majesty wore white brocade satin. The festival, which was presented in honor of seniors and campus superlatives, featured the Tech Concert Band and Tech Chorale. Highlighting the night's activities was the crowning of the May Queen, Sarah Lowe, by Wibby Fidler. Fidler was ASB presi- dent during the l964-65 school year. Following the program, a dance was held with music provided by the Tech Troubadours. -, WJ? . ::'-'-as.-.: h K 2 mf?f?" ?' ,XY ,L , ras. 1' :' Q 1 4 , 2 ' Yr! r 4 'M E 1 . Y e if - -K G 'N :is A 3 A 1 . Miss Sarah Lowe, May Queen, shows the victory smile. "Whai is that man with the camera doing?" E Page 117 nf A fa 2556, JH B Ev' f 5.,e'1,,:4 ax . Ls iv Q 2 Z , El' Q. 1512325 f 5, E 1 my W , ir L ' X , '-12157 S a S2 1 x ff 5' P '. X ' 4 J lgfiigwq as . w S Q, 355 if ww S A S Q' GR J' 0'-I-EGES naw ,cv Y, K T QE ,T Qjgff iw ali" ' M 'M ii Y T if Steiff ', 52 flirt? ,H 1 M HW' . 65 W eww W5 ,iiiscSa Q EW T 9 ff C wry? i , nf gi W5 One new activity of the Tech alumni is the sponsoring of a booth at the Putnam County Fair to acquaint local people with the new role of Tech as a university. James Petey, a Tech alumnus now with the Charleston Naval Shipyards, interviews a prospective Tech graduate. Ylllfllll -Y .E 1 Bmpr.. t. 5 as f lets at Alumni members are given a guided tour of Tecl'1's new facilities in the College of Education New alumni program aids interest in Tech During the past year, a much needed active alumni association was formed. Tom Moran was named Director of Alumni and Development at Tech. The Office of Alumni and Development was established last June upon recommendation of the Alumni Association to organize alumni and channel their interests back to Tech. Moran came to Tech after working in industry. He and his wife are former Tech students. One of the goals of the ofhce is to have alumni participate as partners in the continuing growth of Tennessee Tech. Any person who has completed one quarter of satisfactory work at Tech is considered an alumnus. According to Moran, there are three kinds of alumni: active, honorary and non-active. A year ago there were 135 active members of the association. There are now ISO active meinbers from a total of 0,000 alum- fll. At present there are alumni chapters in Win- chester, Tullahoma, and Huntsville, Ala., and in Davidson, Wliite, Putnam and Hamilton counties. SCHO LS AIJWVI SBE? gg WE 1 X is RALPH JOHNSON Editor-in-Chief TONY BEASLEY Business Manager Planning-biggest iob for Eagle Staff Many persons think that yearbook Work is all fame and glory with 1'1Ot much work involved. Let us follow a single page of an Eagle, lroin its conception to its delivery. The Iirst part, and perhaps most difhcult, is the conception of what is to be conveyed to the reader and the best means of conveying it. Once this decision has been made, a date is set for the photographer to make the pictures which will be placed on the page. While the pictures are being processed, a page layout is drawn showing the exact size and arrange- ment of all pictures and printed matter to be used. Also at this time, the copy for the page is written. After the pictures are finished, they are cropped to the correct proportions and cutlines are written explaining what the picture shows. This work is Page 122 done by the section editors who then turn everything -layout, copy, pictures and cutlines-over to the editor-in-chief. He checks each page, writes head- lines, and makes minor corrections. If the page is approved by the editor, it is passed, on to the facility advisor who double checks each step. Il' the page is correct, he sends the material to the printer. The printer makes a proof sheet following the layout and sends it back to the editor. The proof shows the way the page will appear when printed. Any mistakes are corrected on the proof sheet and it is returned to the printer. After each page has been through this process, the annual is printed and bound and is ready for distribution. Jane Osborn really has nothing to smile about. Her classes section is two weeks late. lt's just that she is good at faking. Mistakes that come back on page and picture proofs must be corrected for a printer's deadline-one of several deadlines. Bonnie Gordon had no photo problems with her organiza- tions section . . . Most clubs didn't wish to be in it. Kenneth Johnson thinks the picture should be included. Lyndell Sparlcman, C0- editor, does not think so. Another good historical section picture bites the dust. is a a a f i X as ea ff E i i 1. Wmfes K mae, 3:,"3'.i.1X ' - -gi Q. .5-fi'-we W-sefeesg we an is ea -r is ww m . we -95 T if K, X X33 'k, 13 sk 2 1, 1 L 1 rx 3 -kit Who could resist buying an acl from a business staff like Lynn Draper, Dee Whitnel, and Peggy Brown. The illustrious work 'Force of the I966 Eagle: Debi Fiske, Geeta White, Joyce Ballinger, Donald Freeman, Susan Hunt, Kay Moss, Mary Patterson, Jo Kathleen Smith and Ann Avriett. 4r""" Page 125 "Okay, tl'iat's your story-what's his?" Editorial Managing Editor Carolyn Lee keeps everything Page Editor Bill Thompson is a born slteptic. running smoothly and efficiently-sometimes. News goes through many hands to press Work on an issue of The Oracle begins when assignments are made by the editors. The hnished sto- ry is turned in hopefully by the deadline to the copy editor who checks it for style, grammar and clarity. The edited copy is sent to the managing editor, sports editor, or editorial page editor who assigns headline sizes according to the dummy, a scaled drawing of the finished newspaper page. The stories, Betsye Thompson was assistant man- aging editor during fall quarter. Page 126 with headlines and accompanying pictures, are then sent to the printing plant. At the print shop, students do final page compo- sition and with the help of shop employees, who do the mechanical end of the operation, another edition of The Oracle rolls oil the modern offset press. This year The Oracle received its 8th consecutive A-Plus rating from the National Newspaper Service. Phyllis Strong is explaining to Charles French, busi- ness manager, the process of halttone reproduction. Assistant Managing Editor Lynn Whittaker finds that assign- Copy Editor Donna Liddington is amused at mistakes in a story ment deadlines and the time copy reaches her are days apart. She didn't think it so funny when she discovered she had written it. Paste-up is the last step before the plates are made for the press. ggffpaffanf G9f6'5M , cabhdafiii - g LM! 'gf ,W fr. .11 WVWW 1' 4 K K In Wh are wef flflil' lil 'Wefffa2ir? for , are? i .M is . me 5:61-- Page 127 Oracle staff: Vera Whaley, Delores Suits, Lynn Draper, Carol Shoub and Billy Barnes. Sports Editor Grady Batten works diligently to meet the deadline. Circulation Manager Glen Dra- N per is caught up in a day- dream about being on the lake. Oracle staff: lStandingl Carolyn Odom, Kay Lee, Jim Hazard: lSeatedl Nancy DeValI, Ann Murphy, Ann Carpenter, Bill Bradley, and Shirley lngle 5 5 1 l 3 2 F Page 128 Pl1otograpI1er's life hectic at deadlines The individual who is the single element most important for quality pictures in any yearbook is the man who makes all the pictures-the photographer. Upon the photographer and his assistants rests the responsibility for shooting and processing not only the pictures used in the yearbook but those for the entire school as well. Wliile most jobs require a simple eight hours of work a day, such is not the case in the life of a photog- rapher. To be sure, there are slack periods when he has little to do, but this leisure is more than offset when newspaper or yearbook deadlines are drawing near. At these times, the end of eight hours means only a coffee break rather than the end of the work day. Many times it is necessary for the photographer to remain in the darkroom long after midnight and perhaps even until daybreak. The university photographer, Don Reese, trains student assistants to take pictures, process Film, mix chemicals, print pictures. Mfhen the work load is especially heavy, the student assistants are invaluable. A new enlarger and copy camera combination was added to the darkroom equipment this year in order to process the large number of old pictures acquired for possible use in the historical section of this book. MIKE GREEN ALBEN SIMMONS BILL BARNES Student Asslgfanf Student Assistant Student Assistant Page 129 , 1.1 --r ..Y41"!"'fZiisea JACK R. QUEENER Aggie Contact Editor Contact members are James D. Watts: George Bullion, ad- visor: Jack Queener, Russell Watson a lx nd James Hickey. f1ft't'i'zmf,fz,:f ,Q is' Editorial experience received by students Two departmental student publications which appear on campus are the Aggie Contact, sponsored by the School of Agriculture, and H017Z6SjJ'll,71, spon- sored by the English department. The Aggie Contact, which is published quarter- ly by a staff selected from the Tech Aggie Club, con- tains news of current Aggie activities as well as re- ports on Tech agriculture graduates and general news of interest to all agriculture students. Homespun is published annually during the spring quarter by Sigma Tau Delta and the English Club. Material for the magazine is taken from poe- try and literary selections submitted by the student body. Its purpose is twofold-to give the student body a literary magazine they can enjoy and to pro- mote creative writing among the student body of Tennessee Tech. -M -.-. ,.... W .W , -. t img: fi Page 131 gs., A prize-winning float starts with a lot ot sweat. 50th Anniversa ry- Homecoming theme The 50th Anniversary Homecoming was proba- bly the most impressive in Tech's history. Activities began early Friday afternoon with several contests being held among the various clubs on campus. These included a sack race, three-legged relay, wheel-barrow race, football throwing for accuracy, football throwing for distance and a pie-eating con- test. Prizes were awarded to individual contest win- ners and to the club which had the greatest point to- tal. Festivities continued into the night with a bonfire and pep rally sponsored by the pep club, Rho Epsilon Rho, followed by a marshmallow roast and later a combo dance in the gymnasium. The celebration continued Saturday morning with the judging of the various dormitory decora- tions. First prize went to the combined entry of Mea- dows and Early Hall. Although home decorations were ineligible for competition, many students liv- ing in town participated. Largest of the home decora- tions was a 40-foot, 700-pound golden eagle which had to be placed into position by a crane. fContinued on page 136j Page 132 Students worked late the night before the parade putting box after box of tissue in chicken wire. Students use lots of newspapers and sticky glue. mm Yi I' l an L ,bmw I"'3-9? F M 555531 WQSEJH- F. s, ' sm A K lf, ? ' I' I ' li'1"'! ,,P umm rm m mm-fs W M. Q Ewa fx I E Xia ss he ,S Q 2 W If . , , W Ei-E gi I Q E :.:.:.: 1 Ev fl mm mg Hgh as gm ,Q B mn gixw. ss a 'EEN 22 W WW Wg aww W 's N Ewa mn a ' a s .Wi EL .Pg um M Q ,NEW WMM smug W E Ei S ,fi 2121533525 W H E -5:-:-.if::,':'f'::: ,Wi BMWH B Em 525 WW .,. SWE W 1 mn ss . 'A' N HB WW .ww ,w ss S was msn Bm x . WE :M is W :..: K Ss ss E W ..,. W5 WW . .... .:. ..... .. I W,:E xg Mm 2 Q --1:55 .:. A 1 M H nik. W W . 'Wff ' -RW W W W "" 'sizx :M Q W W - W :II Ei'--:EEE E:: 5' 5 S S 5 S E m 5 3 ZW-1 YE :-1 : , 5 W W We 5 EW s W W W W WW ., W ix, ll, W W W WE E , ss E gn E 3 jawn SEM ss WE in W Ei WEB Q E wiv-ww Wa QW W maya X E Q H Q WE WEE SW. Va A contesi-winning appetiie is demonstrated in the pie-eating contest. MSE mm WE W4 mn Fa.. -Q 1 sf B ss ' W s ni.. 5: ' z.: ' H E .. ss B X ' ,QW-M Wx A Q 25559525 Wm, 314155 Emi.. W:n5,,gwgW1 45:55 ' wma ss These fellows are on a strict diet io lose weight. Page 134 Q -9 S gfsf. ll Q .W A '-YH ws. . ,, Www' W: Wi , wer? ,fa wa A ,pgs-1 .aa .,' 1 W-3 Wggaw ,H gsm, nw- A 'Q ,W M:.a.,"'2.-M' NW. my W..-nm 5 -w nw A. m Even the football field itself was decorated 'For Homecoming-wikh green dye mv WSE , a Eva' E5 EW W W W ss ss w if uf lm X ,E ,EW E 5 Ein N W www ss 'iii W E sv? W ,vii LW mi: EEN" Hiya BEWEXK 2 WEN B A :Win W ENE H31 35.2 E E WEW A ,. 5554 as W QW W ' E x.B ii E K X Q K3 55W iii WW WEE E W5 ii .W EM W has W EQ 25225 BEZHWERWEZ METQEFE iw Wa-gm E WWW ?5'EgE?,qWW H,,,,5g'E RW ES. SEQ H EE z Kiwi 5 nm W SEQ E ss Ei 55119 22-4- M 1 m sf aka Symbolizing 50 years of -r. .gsxffilg has kk ,., r growfh :fm 1 is aff' gms? + 5 ,, A155 'SAW' -.. ' ,Q in W var w aura L W 'fm 5, L if 355, KWH aw sf. ' W .4 MH ff W 2 f 1 M- H L wx GSW A .1 H A sw 9' faixffyi X , W , 1 wif 'A ss K x X 5 m xv E A H H if W, Egg., LL F ,R 4 ig ,, H J, ig., Q 2 3, ffm 5 Lf 1 I ,xl g ,ggfi-ma . B ,M , 6 M, ,S L if N . 'V D' W -WQLLQE QSE .. S gg - 'Q K V- Q. 5. an .. T V A. -in . .595-. fi QE vs 1 ,,,5455,3B, .,?,..A , .f Q F m il, --. V, E, Wim W Q l X ZR my H H Y F x ffvifh 2 ,':- : . fi? , f 1 fag, M M I m:5wf1f-QQEEQ M"K:J' 'A wfiwfs,: H ,ff wsmfu-gfwk H- gg, 3 , H 'UQ' L ,Q sw' 2 Q H mms? E we ' E S ,hm ., - JE, ss 2 - Q L E ? 'K S X25 5 gif - Q 1 k X. 5 '53 5, Q av -QQ M E E Q S H Q K ey E m an a w ,Q nf ...F 'N 'mfg -I wk. D -A -5 fw,,, Y.. v- Am, - fx 3. M Q., Af .Q vw , A vi ,, RIFE my w f :HE Hi I .1 Y, qw, 1- wi XQH a S .3-S, K ' an 1, ,X My .1 xi A wx .issm . 'Wu .X YNAS-Q -N X Q .tv ., W AM , hw Q W S wx WM. A Q xx xyv . -N ,--X B -. -. H A . Ejiiggxsf X, A V- frmw 45 . 'H M5255 Xa ma,-My ,, Y -f , Ttlqiy E - 5. -Mui P1 N .. : , 4' . ., .1 LM , fabifx. ,fuiwzwg - - -'mx ' L ff-H' Utah . - R922 - A " K ' Nj -Q. F 1 H325 . X "' up 'K N, 9 1 4, X4 gat 4-'HX Q ml . 9' 5:2 W . . f 5 , Rf ' 9 'xx g , 6 t H 0 ' we- af W ' im-wj. mm 1 - L ., NNN Vx .EEE.:..,:i 11.3 Page 135 Bands are an essential pari: of a parade. Pretty girls are another essential part of a parade. Scuba Club members must have gone fishing. W1X.,,.' s ::,f 'Nu HOMECOMING- fC0ntinued from page 132j The next major event was the Homecoming Pa- rade With its 14 floats and numerous cars, many of which reflected the theme-Milestone: Homecoming 1965. Floats were judged on creativeness, appropri- ateness and construction, with top prize going to the Society of Industrial Technology for its float repre- senting a steam roller crushing the Eastern football squad. Immediately prior to the game, with Tech's Eagles going against Eastern Kentucky, ceremonies were held at which Homecoming Queen Marilyn Crews and her court were presented. Highlight of the weekend was the game between Tech and Eastern Kentucky. Tech took it on the chin 28-14. During half time, performances were given by the Eastern band and by Tech's Golden Girls. The activities were brought to a close Saturday night with a big-name concert, sponsored by the "T" Club, and the traditional Homecoming dance. WF' Mrs. Tom Moran helps her husband greet returning alumni. it 5 K E X . ee 2 T W We M W W X1 l M if H e W "J awe +, u u This is just like when I went to Tech. Standing in line, signing forms, Isffff n ips-faq... n A eqwgmms mee ' smear -.., t' ...:.-.: H Nw, . Q z ' H L. 325 M W T' -' f - A iw an 'N M W 1 z E ' 3- I. gs L 3 X F A Tech alumnus registers at the alumni reception. 'Y'-- , 'iiilui Illill Page 137 if , l as an 'Aw an - an was S551 I E s s H H s H ass s H wwe E - -were sm,-Q I ce-- , are ' gy ffgifzgma . -'sms - KH !QB r i H B- i -ga r so B.. U, .ei ,K gee? nl nl ' 6 E ma- sm egg? s -sl ss E :H sei as s ,ss gs me wg M - :Rigas S8 HH ' BE E E SSE IRQSIEE mil SS V'-Q -WW: ggggxma is H s M9553 fx sms E E I -img-a as ss M s B -- .H sm is ei ,ws -we sv- .g. W, a E a B an E ASB Vice-President Charles O. French and President Randy Skidmore enjoy good jokes. ASB proiecis give students more service Standardizing selection of club activity dates, establishing a radio program, and sponsoring a beard- growing contest are a few of the successes of the Asso- ciated Student Body for the year. ASB president Randy Skidmore and the senators during fall quarter standardized a procedure by which all clubs are given an equal chance to sponsor weekend activities. Cooperating with the ASB, Cookeville merchants helped bring "Sing-Out '65" to Tech. Beginning fall quarter the ASB initiated a 15- minute radio program on Station WH UB. Announce- ments made by Skidmore in Public Programs were rebroadcast for seniors unable to attend the assem- bly. Ground work has been laid for a discount serv- ice by which students may purchase goods from Cookeville member stores at l0-percent discount, Page 138 - s WW s I 2 H laser E E W Eswmjwmm H . -M -Q .E s an -W-f'!E'fY-T51 s mms we E H ss as sm. s S s s W H is ESB H B M s s s s s fgxmfigy ss ss is -. M H aliases w.,e?wss..s.l I me ,I Q-gage lm ei H ss sw' -s E BBS Hmmm B mx R W H W s. W Bs eemkm s 55 it an H -m--- ss- M a new ff mi fd an gm-is E ,ME age. ,. Bsfresfifsi few? is -mmm sm H V M Em s s 'H . s . H , s .- im mine a "Smsm', : YH Ethan Im' swf-em eggs as :?s E ga E a fa is Ein s iss H ss s a is a is mem a is is is-Q E W, Wm ' is S"-' :e s 3 , E s .A H , L. . emalisire E. s s ms as s. Treasurer Bill Head and Secretary Judy Castle keep check on each other. Mrs. Susan Pangle, Director of Social Activi- ties, is a frequent "visitor" in the ASB office. l w These are the many faces of an election. Knfefl EE Am ,Q GLU FG3Su M,A Z ..:, VGTE FOR : : JUNE NOVL it i V i M5 Smmn C1455 if a ,Q ' lEE'E'Q'fuxs: A E S 1 filers M L1 N if ri ' Neal 4 4 13' 25. Q 2 i, 1 V , 2 X 12 ir i , K 1 04 Q nw.. fa These two students are about to be promised something lit cloesn't matter whatl by the campaigner in the door. w l University Center, the place where a 'few students voted, a few looked on and most avoided during election, is plastered with campaign signs. Page 139 ur- f ,Tl ff' 5-ia, 'fl A 'ff City Electric Department gets up in the air over Tech's Christmas tree, an ASB sponsored activity. National spotlight hits ASB loearcl growing In recognition of the 50th anniversary year, the ASB sponsored a beard-growing contest that was re- ported on national news media. In addition to mon- etary prizes, the winners were presented with gold razors by the Tech Women's Organization. The razors were furnished by the Gillette Razor Company. The student government rented temporary bleach- ers seating 600 for the Homecoming game as the new dorm construction next to the football field has edged out half the stadium seats. 'vm "FelIas, I just can't understand why all the bulbs are gone every morning." Page 141 xv- ti- gr Q' z Aff' A-W'Qg 5 , ng 4 W R ,, -.U ,.,, Nl. .W ---ff - - , --M--1 Associate Justice of lhe Supreme Court. Wil- liam O. Douglas, addresses Tech students. Informed speakers present world scene This year brought to Tech some of the most well known personalities in the nation today. First ol? these was the noted poet, translator, teacher, edi- tor, and lecturer John Ciardi. Ciardi, formerly pro- fessor of English at Rutgers, is poetry editor of "The Saturday Review." He also writes critical articles and a column entitled "Manner of Speaking." Another famous personality who came to Tech was NBC newsman Sander Vanocur. Vanocur, who was one of the most well received speakers at Tech in a long time, delivered an interesting lecture on the problems facing the United States in the Viet Nam crisis. He said, "It is time the American people were given the facts concerning Viet Nam." Vanocur, who receives most of his assignments from day to day, says he enjoys the variety more than any other aspect of his work. Page 144 Vanocur said that his greatest experience was the coverage of the Kennedy assassination and the four days that followed. For those interested in the Held of news correspondence as a possible career, he said that a person needed "a skeptical mind and the ability to write a simple declarative English sentence." Still another important man to address Tech students was associate justice of the United States Su- preme Court, William O. Douglas. Douglas spoke on "Democracy versus Communism in Asia." Douglas told students, "I urge you to become preoccupied with China. Your generation must learn to do what my generation has failed to do. . ." Justice Douglas, a na- tive of Minnesota, was appointed to his position by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1939. He is the author of 19 books. ...,I5,i, ., .K N. .- :wx ffsiid' 2 2 l, N if M 5 mesh Q , L, K Newsman Sander Vanocur presented a stirring lecture on Viet Nam. Following his lecture, Vanocur held a question-and-answer session. At this session in the library auditorium, students had many ques- tions about the problem of Viet Nam and what to do about it. Page 145 ,. hae, w' gf NM ,i ,wwf .- 'lx K if 552529 ,, Q , Eyigfa 3 7 'l kv ,A ,. it asf? ae --jamie, wg xwrgii, 5? e 5, ,Q what qc , ,E 2 J -'mfr :V ., ,, If 3 X 1 Q J 51 faili- fwf Hemi Q. i--fi MALE ' -1 4 if mm get , i.. P gi' Quia 'Ji Hr 41 V13 we SQ ,, 25:51. mi W M 'QQ , ez: tw, " W swsffey? f '4 Q25 Z . ,5.. W 82 5: we fm' 51 55- 155 iff! may 1. 1,5.fs-Mwigfw Ringing: .?7l?5i"f'1 Maurice Haste, Public Programs chairman, introduces Shearean Elebash to Leonard Crawford. Elebash is a musician-humorist. Red Auerbach, who spoke in Public Programs, A spealcer who held the interest of all stu- is coach of the Boston Celtics basketball team. dents is noted poet and lecturer John Ciardi. Page 146 Q 5 if J f.. S: 1 xg '3f?3't 21 Ii' R- M . f .. ,Q "',r"?2 . W 1,,,.,,..,"x lif fgq FA "' I' A. .E ,, -, X W I K w za W' H 1' ,1 ,M 1 , .. 'fag W ffgag X R' 3 9 T? X W A ,W 3 f - Y kg V, W A A N gg Qjjf Q .sw f WN fi ,Y A' 'EIA ' E - My N, swf- Q ,.,,,... Q51 311 v W 0 ' EW f1' ' M igz if N 'M' ffgffv K, P, ' ff f '-""" 5. .-: t ga, ' ' 1 -. ff gnu , 1,9 5 W as 41l. 2' , wil ,mf 5 eg S AS. ,AN Q2 Wes ,- an V -gy S. Lines at graduation grow longer and longer In 1917, Tennessee Polytechnic Institute gradu- ated its lirst class of 9 students. In its First year, Tennessee Technological University will graduate almost 1,000 students. During the 50 years which have evolved between these events, approximately 9,000 degrees have been conferred upon individuals who have taken their place in this ever expanding and changing World and who have been proud to say, "I received my degree from Tennessee Tech." Today's graduates, as well as those who have gone before, will still have to measure the quality of their education by how well they can apply them- selves and to the standards set by our complex socie- ty. "Will the gentleman in the 'Fifth row please sit clown so l can continue?" Barbara Scott seems to be wondering if it is all just a dream. Maxwell, I hear beginning salaries engineers in Viet Nam are excellent." ,csv ,au A ,. M fp -, .X .RSX W 'Y X ggi X1 Q '- 9 gf my mi , YS ,'- Hg Hz uni W 4 1 ,UI 'vrfw Fwagim, Mxwix, - 'mg Sf. L iq' E i 2 ,WH , 5 ml f A 11 2 11 1 , 1 1 1 1 ' ' 11 11 11 1 1 11 E , 4 2 , A, H: 'nl A pf iss Cnc JULIE BROWN Secondary Educaiion. Social Sciences Major Madkon,Tennesee Hected by the student body Page 152 L f Q: ,- 1 -'H5'X,s.:w ,Q :'fM?:f1w:WX?: avg: fag ' gm, hgwwifgi -M., 2 Mw:-- - A ifwisf Raimi- wx-ff?fS.E'g W' Lzw l if , gkggmi, .1 Y ay:-M , 2, W3 Af 'ffm ,791 5 N V155 Q ,W N X ME ,, -f " H U31 ww,wM59gg11p3VSQ mmwmfm"iwfw-H " W' ' iran HEZQWQ Jw-,ffff4: ' 1, W- sf tw, ,v SW? Z 2- - waving - -1?Y'gffg?gfv . M .MV : 'M " 1: fs 31: F W ' M ' in-Al fmtfv 9? ' :MSM my :www W1q,,gM W M wgmagm 4 ,TQ ,.:fi,W,, f X. auf w 4 x HX 5 , 1 .1 ,. 'QQEM gf- 'Qg-2 . f W 1 wifi .RWM Nw .Agway W, 'fm 1-,x-7534:-,Mkmw 2 W? tam? Q -W W LM - .. 7.M.M,f , 9555 . 1:1 , Q3 aclzelor 0 ug mess STEVE HAYES L Health anal Physical Education Major Bowling Green, Kentucky Elected by the student body Page 154 eff: ' L Cleef: Sweetheart CAROLYN LOWERY Home Economics Major Bloomington Springs, Tennessee Elected by the student body Page 155 yfndy M8841 PATTY SETTLE Marketing Major Gainesboro, Tennessee Heated by the dudent body Jenin-MEM:-'-, 2 , ., 5 TH Y J, , L E: A-4 if , ' 5 1 im -, - 17. M21 ,, :H 10,1 ' 3 ww fgg, 'rwfigiff-M f fzmawv .'4af,g,.u,-ww, .f iv, .nw V 52 ' :.'..e ff f f f I T 2 QW 1 E 55331 fx 1 M '13 visa 3 Mfi K ,, '. Hx Q T, E P X My xl fww f . 22533: 3? 4 Sf , " .sf na if .. 1 3? W 11 v 5 Page 156 ,fy JAM, , .- ,. gn s 1 ,wi png rr, g j ,. 7 M'f325i:.' fn 1525 -. 5 S mm, 5 wig "wi A1534 5 ,,,,,Qj2. ' img , xi 1 I M .,,, mi, ff , mba .MY A 'f'?5'f4wi-31 P ,v , 2, KL I, QL xiww Q4 -.WM :Q-1f:Lfxm3g6x51,-fgg.gg5 .Begg F ,qw 4 -ww, f s, nf ,nw 'LL A Lim xx Www s Muir. :Mg-jgf -ww me HEI H: sm: me , ,Hp ,1 ge M 'Y . Q V, an new xx a ss ss m nn A 1- EM nm wsu a Emu a ss mm w zu ss H 5 nm my we ss m mn E as .f - 1 5 5 A M N ani? 3? R Si P 2 Q e E 2 , A Q 5 . A A iw L, ww-Q w og M 1 Q, .1 :K 2 Q is ' -mi.Q"'S Q 21 B E B sf 2 SJ A E we M X ,Q E H ,ge , W M 5 , M W .5 ,,, 5? Q .fm-A w sam A nf ix M M, .,S. J? ff: fi-Affvx ,,,, Y -EM: ,.,.. iv ,ne :M Um .K 0,5 , ,. :K um We We w ,1 A-.fn x B H ww an qu an an en ms an Y.- rince of Lcbersonahty GUS STONE Healih and Physical Education Major Lookout Mountain, Tennessee Elected by the student body Page 157 omecomlng ueen MARILYN CREWS Home Economics Education Major Afhens, Tennessee Elecied by the student body . . . ana! Her Ourt Me -'A , , vnl1'F"Hi"N"WQ M ,MM fm A - M W-S,mm , o M .,M Mwaym. H. M ms ,mg , - 1 I M 1 . nm- , mwg 4 f -wmv I I ' W nMMN- Q Z 1 xv. DIANE BYRD ELIZABETH FIDLER The three runners-up were honored in the Homecoming parade as the queen's court. mmvggg AW" K. 4 aw? w K . x w nx- Q .,h-UU H . I ' x . 37.41 v X X X K up i X M 3, 3 H 1 JUDITH LUTTRELL Y me it H 4 M 13 ,L ,M 5 M,, Xqigwgf, is iasis M-fa f ,. M M mm ,M M S, Q-,Q wg.. A 'aw 'Q - LEE! Mk . if ' :"?a'g 9 1 E fbi. , 5 ' B WMF - 3322 1:15 M15 M , an X " 'QKWUM ifww ni' 2 ., is .Maui . ,SME r Y FW . --E sw, Q 1 'QM ,A Mm 55:51. N .: ' f H, -'woo '-W1 ML. nr M '-war 62, 321 4 gk ? fx W , M -1-1 gon we r N v M-.MJ . Vip M f-, 2? Q gt, W f Y No ,M Q W4 A mn Eiwif' www Q I fe' LM M a r M ' L v A- S L EU. 1 Mi gpg M R fkxmfafhff ' - 5.51 F fo' ' Page 159 1 x sf. V JANE OSBORN Secondary Education Major Nashville, Tennessee Chosen by the Eagle Staff Page 160 gdgk M8841 orotbczff Queen 1 I al' l JUDY DUNHAM Business Education Major Sparta, Tennessee Chosen by the football team JOAN COPPINGER AL HARRIS English Major Engineering Major Chattanooga, Tennessee Chattanooga, Tennessee Elected by fhe Freshman Class Elecized by the Freshman Class 41 ana! mz'ss Cgjfes man CATHIE FORD . WL Elementary Education Major l Hendersonville, Tennessee l Chosen by the band members 1 C! CSjf9OfLSO4' Sensor SARA STOUT Junior HYDER Freshman WWW MARTHA HOLLAND Sophomore 'Sz .fi r Q1 V x s r Q ,dig S W was ,, ,. W -iw-hw .,.. ---. 1 - - Q 5, .az -5z:gf "3 . 1. 2,... , E E ,.,,V.. . .1 A' A , 'A' . , , N - ' ':" ' , --2--1 Yvzv -:'--': " -' " F: Tris 1 III --'-:I - .'-, - ai: :': . ,I - .14 , -:-:v S ,By . ., ., ,.,W1.:q,2pWf 1g7r:.55,,qw5 .2 .r - .w ffxevfv -U Q, -rf -f , - , ' 'dy ' BETTY HAMNER Junior , .. X ' , 3:9 'V ti ' f .V -A , , ,V , .J . Q ,- 1 , S' . , J Y PATSY CURTIS Sophomore sf-4321 as rg 4 . -M 9.31 fa gx 4 2245 . Q? ' BARBARA JONES Senior ,.-.. -W3 vw f 21 Q XV, 4 sl .-1 4 4 DIANE NAPIER Freshman ,gi f A huh mlm Amnng Svtnhvnta n Amvrimn Qlnllrgva zmh Hniuvraiiirn Who's Wlzo Among Students in American Col- leges and Universities is an annual publication which recognizes the merit and accomplishment of the top college students in the United States. Each year 34 Tech students are named to Who's Wlzo by a joint committee of students and faculty representatives. These are the outstanding scholars, leaders and citizens of the university community. Grades are a primary concern, but every one of these students is active in some phase of the extracurricular life on campus. JUDY CASTLE Home Economics Major C. RAN DY SKIDMORE Accounting Major JOHN C. PARKS Industrial Engineering Maior EDMUND H. ELKINS Industrial Technology Major -Page 154 SAM K. WlNFREE Animal Husbandry Major GAYLE GILLEN WARD Home Economics Major JAMES T. BROYLES Agricultural Economics Major ROBERT WILSCN Agricultural Science Major JULIE ANN BROWN Secondary Education Major JERRY D. CANTRELL Industrial Engineering Major WILLIAM B. LUTTRELL Industrial Engineering Major Page 165 M51 gf, f A 5,4,5,- Q Q my 3 - .m .l isa r , ' WE L ' ' .a ' , A X em ' kr fx? .W Mx -V' sfffial Sn-25 v 653 " 22 ,. ,J M --zz. 45.5 .jf .g m s-, E ' A 'I' .,, . :., zz, 4. A 1 5 me Q - Q , Kg Ag ri-.x i W Q a mg 5 MQ Mm Eiga ,E EE EE W ww is N qw fs :S Ag ,M af-as Mm Sdn , has win S 4 'Q Ei WEEKS, E nl QW M S -S 1.2 E H, 1 ng: 2 E S :QEW2 Q 5 WMM ' , 1 .si I M .. s-171' Ewmi, ,. msg, Maw? sexi? Aww Q Q-'E :ss 'li A 2 E A W, gg HHS 'SWE B V . E HE 9' 1 H , f.n'F'd.' ::::a?a:5 A nl' .. -1: QB ,, ' .2222 Ei: - ,, : 2- Q H sg. df. gm, , ik M 3 T i S E I Q ., ' 13- if " T 1 1 f 1 , .,W 5-is M ' E ,ap , WT " 3 .:. gin W' 1' 'L sf Q Wg . '. w w M 3 A I :.,. EFI' 1 1 X ' Saga - , LW :fm z'f2awL. . my ' E 'zjfi' 55 QI wa-fm Q as M .. .W ggi W: :NE ug? ,. ' ' "'z W WY? "1 ms w 2 , Wwmaw ,gag B are aw. QE was M W E EQEQYA .,2Mu3m:E ff SI w ' wha! 1 - 1 Nav u 3,545 52 I : fx-L: mms I H 5 , wkgvafg M K . Mg. W Y M 1 DEAN C. ANDERSON Economics Major GAIL MARIE TEXTOR Office Management Major BOBBY RAY LAYCOX Business Management Major MICHEAL A. BROWN Music Education Major NANCY CAROLYN SHORT Music Education Major VERA SUE WHALEY Elementary Education Major GUS E. STONE. JR. Health and Physical Education Major Page 167 RON R. REEVES Electrical Engineering Major DENNIS L. DICUS Engineering Science Major CHARLES S. EVERETT EIecI:ricaI Engineering Major PHILLIP D. WILLIAMS EIecfricaI Engineering Major WI1o's Who CHARLES F. BROWN Mathematics Major Page 163 CLYDE E. DANIEL, JR. Mechanical Engineering Major PEGGY ANN JOLLY Home Economics Major JERRY LEE ANDERSON Civil Engineering Major QQGQY , y ' . - C'Sf I .. - ff. wi of A c a d .em.i.c..-Ac h is ie ve me n 'r Y Y M Presented By A y The TENNESSEE TECH EAGLE Sorting through file after file of sen- ior information sheets, the Eagle features staff annually selects five outstanding seniors based on a point system estab- lished and approved in 1958 by the Ea- gle editors and the Associated Student Body. In presenting the succeeding classes of the Tennessee Tech Honorary Society of Academic Achieveinent, the Eagle hopes to promote scholastic excellence and to rec- ognize the leading contributors to student activities on camjms. RANKIN P. BENNETT MICHAEL R. BUSBY JIMMY R. LOFTIS TONY L. BEASLEY RALPH E. JOHNSON iw' , Es. 1 2.1 0 Page 169 3:5 ma EE.-5 wa W W ,Z igzgwrxg 2 gm 2 E Q n-' mf S Q 55 f S If 'ww ws ss as w x ,MSL-l Q, W gm S 535. H 5' NW4 N .B 'ww mamma KN-:Nm www X S - M, m AM- mm 1. - gs mi , .lkfswvg ' msn X A fmP?gm,.1g: D sa spa E-.-ul H . E V H W i ' H RW? H' an . L za Q. -1 Sfrgs 35 BE R 85 a m, 5 mv ' ,Q wg .,'. gf NR E 011 H . Q v 2 fs. if w Q H 1 M f Kei K Wg. , -. I B 'F .. ...::, . X25 Tm W 5 W H ,C Em Q ,, , me may vga Q lm -5 H 41 F1.:. L15 -2' . . ,. +1 , X: xg ,- Ziiiii Eiifgizfgywfiwx Ha4 m.m if hw mr -F1 . Hr'l':'.. 'I -3'r nu mnrmglwgig K w .S 1 .,Y Bw! I I Il Y f " "' 'if 13 s I v4 n ll 1 w -M29 ffl N JE.L 4,fft,1 A100 J ' V Cross Country Record i6-03 Tech Ojnponent I9 Middle Tennessee 40 22 University of Kentucky 38 I8 Cumberland College QKy.j 40 I5 Bryan College 50 24- Western Kentucky 32 I5 Austin-Peay 47 Willa low score zuimzing, Tech placefl first in the Termemee I11le0"c0lleglafe Athletic Conference with I6 points, cmrl the Eagles jfmislzerl thi-rd in Ohio Valley Conference meet with 90 jnoinls. 'Fruits of labor are sometimes rewarding. Steve Mays puts on his 'crack shoes in preparation for another race. A mixture of Tech and Middle Tennessee runners round one of the flags on the Cookeville Golf and Country Club course. The l965 undefeated cross country team: Row 1-Scott John- son, Don Henley, Gary Sulolett, Steve Mays, Bill Wells. Row 2-Lee Byrd, Coach Tom Chilton, Keith Short, Gary Harrell. Cross Country men post perfect record Tech's cross country team, composed of freshmen and sophomores, compiled the school's first undefeat- ed season in dual meets. The Eagles were also the only school to defeat powerful Western Kentucky in a dual meet. For the second straight year, Tech defeated the University of Kentucky from the Southeastern Con- ference. The Eagles completely dominated the Ten- nessee Intercollegiate Athletic Conference meet by scoring l6 points. The nearest team to the Eagles was Middle Tennessee with 42 points. Low score wins. Tech also won third place in the Ohio Valley Conference meet with 90 points, the best showing ever by a Tech team. Page 173 P mx a 'f a Amelia Davis exhibits that 'free 'Form which wins many ball games. Intramural program extended for women The addition ol? women's teams in several sports has broadened both the interest and participation in Tech's intramural athletic program. Under the leadership of Tom Hatfield, Tech's student intramu- ral director, Tech men and Women participated in a wide variety ol? activities, such as football, basket- ball, softball, paddleball, table tennis, tennis, horse- shoes and wrestling. Equipment for various sports is available to students in the intramural equipment room. Several hundred students participate in intra- murals each quarter. Spring quarter is especially a busy time. As far as percentage is concerned, intra- murals far outclass varsity sports. An increase in inter- est may be noted by the increasing number of specta- tors who come to watch intramural tournament play. The girls' basketball program provided a means of recreation for many of Tech's women. 257295 mega Action is sometimes quick and rough in men's basketball. A touchdown in a football game is something to be remembered, es- pecially if one is made by a girl. All eyes are on the basketball as a well-aimed shot is taken. Tech's intramural football champs prepare to leave for Murfrees- boro to compete against Middle Tennessee's intramural winners. Page 177 -7 QT? x jf 'am ,M- 'Eglin ',.,, M-Xt. fi M, ,f M JUL W M x x x MAMMMM x WM 'fvwfw-fWwwM fm X K K X xx ,g ,x as a M Mm ' f, aiu -X-al , , M M M MMM M, 'fbi E., 3' .Nag L , if ax, ma 4 H W5 , ws mnk M H- -WEP -nl M-,HM -Mzwx ff ax MWQWMQM i., Hg ga.: 2 if Ms M ' qs 'eww W xx ,M gif QW 52538 Y WF: L x 2 'iv' gs ww .r b M41 ,F ,gl 1 Q K W YHQ iff 52 - W ma , M f s hes' M -I VX .::z:. 15: 552 Q w W . M '-1 E2 E A 2 - .M - Nl 1 'Q A D fl ' . E Q .: Y if f - "' , f M Ms-1 NM. f - Us ,f - AM 1 M G 1 9:3 m 1 - 0 :Y 35252. .. f UWM 35 as 1 , . ,, Q vs ., :z l v gf? Sf 5 M 423 HQ S gb: Q53 .4 3 ,M 1 -Q ' 12 ' ' H W "X Ass? 5 MQ 5 , in L W w M L M ,M MMMMN , 'gk-'A W it . ,iLi,,,L M -L.:M.,M A 5 'Mg- M iM fi?" U" -:M ' L Yu. Wx N M , - H X 75, sf W SE TQ M T5 si' A gd M M K M g 7 .3 if M M M K 4'f235ni8SW" - ,QS M M .WM M M . x mf , T, f,M,5.x, , sf: MES? if Q Q 4,955 sqijf ' M0479 my ,M .M f-sg M 551 Maw z NRM :Y x Ms, 4 gm 'L , ew 1 S 33 HM 255 .M M M. if my A K-' mm., -JL ' ,- .iwsiqx Q Tig? E Bm .Q Maxim' k An unidentified Eagle sets one of Austin Peay's Governors to flight. Although the Eagles improved the i964 record by 300 percent, they could muster only 3 wins in a disastrous football season. After losing the first 3 games, the Eagles moved their average to .500 by winning 3 straight ball games, but then fell to 4 strong opponents. Fumbles and other bad breaks seemed to plague the Eagles, destroying the line effort which the men showed they were capable of producing. Although they dominated most of the games they played, they came up short on the scoreboard in 7 of 10 contests. Tech played a freshman schedule this year for the lirst time since l958, and the addition of these highly successful recruits to next year's varsity should add greatly to Eagle football teams for the next few years. The addition of several assistant coaches to the Eagle coaching stalf should also help the sagging football fortunes at Tech. A look at the statistics shows that the margin of ability in everything but scoring was rather close. Tech outdistanced its opponents in rushing by l,989 to l,67'7, in first down by 189 to l57. In passing yard- age, Tech was on the short end with 1,061 to l,ll5g however, total offense gave the edge to the Eagles 3,050 to 2,792 Eagles show inconsistent ability in poor season l965 Football Team: First row-Gus Stone, Dan Fluker, Dale Swain, Danny Cross, Tommy Turner, Mike Collier, Andy Odom. John Travis, Sammy Scott, Tommy Cassell, Gil Shearon, Jimmy Daves, Tommy Van Tone, Jim Broyles. Second row-Jim Fuchs, Joe Raleigh, Joe Hamner, Dennis Younkin, Roger Holman, Lynn Smith, Tate Moorer, Emory Harrison, David Hudson, Bob Rob- erson, Larry Jinright, Jim Stamps, Jim Whaley, Terry Parks, Bryan Draper. Third row-Gene Holloway, Glenn Sexton, Bill Castle, Bill Lindsey, Roy Sinko- vich, Ron Reeves, Chuck Hynes, Rick Somerall, Joe Mac Lipscomb, John Wichelman, Sherold Walker, Jim Raudebaugh, Travis Hearn, Robert Dom- inick, Jerry Cantrell. Page 179 Ron Reeves, Tecl1's hard-running fullback, talces a handoff from Van Tone and rips off yardage in the middle of Arkansas State's line. Jerry Cantrell, one of Tecl1's linebaclters, re-enters the game to try and stop an Arkansas State drive. Page 180 Late Arkansas rally plucks Eagles, 7-12 Tech's opening game of the 1965 football season seemed to be typical of the fortunes which would be encountered all season long by the Eagles. Tech was ahead of the invaders from Arkansas State until late in the game when Arkansas State scored to win the hard fought contest, 7-l2. ' Early in the second quarter Gene Holloway blocked an Arkansas punt, and the ball was recovered by Tech on the Arkansas State 21-yard line. It took the Eagles just 4 plays to score. Tommy Van Tone, Tech quarterback, chalked up the first six points of the year on a two-yard run. The kick for the extra point gave Tech a 7-0 lead. With less than two min- utes left in the half, Arkansas State mounted a drive and went 80 yards in 7 plays for its first touchdown. The try for the point after was no good and the Ea- gles led at the half 7-6. This lead held until late in the fourth quarter when State capped an 85-yard drive by scoring on a 23-yard run. In the statistical account, Tech was behind in ev ery department. The Eagles net offense in passing and rushing was 192 yards, 100 of which Ron Reeves coul credit to his account. Arkansas netted 247 yards. Tecl had 15 first downsg Arkansas posted l7. A Murray back finds 'che going a little rough against the Tech defense. i Terry Parks gets some great assistance from his block- ers againsi Arkansas State. i 1 Costly fumbles make opponents look good Chattanooga's Moccasins added to Tech's football woes by defeating the Eagles 21-0. The teams were more evenly matched than the score indicates, but Chattanooga scored a touchdown in every quarter ex- cept the second. While Chattanooga was scoring 21 points, its de- fense held Tech pointless and was never seriously threatened by the Eagle offense. Tech just couldn't move the ball over Chattanooga's goal line, and Coach Scrappy Moores charges walked off the field with a Well deserved victory. iisiifaliffllsisalls Six Tech fumbles and a pass interception in the Eagles' Hrst OVC game kept Morehead in the game from start to finish. Tech managed to score first on a six-yard pass from Tommy Van Tone to end Jim Stamps. Morehead tied the score just before the half on a 15-yard pass, and the score stood 7-'7 until the Eagles scored in the fourth quarter. Leading 14-7 Tech fell when More- head scored on a 40-yard pass play and made the all important 2-point conversion for a 14-15 victory. Page 181 Tech's power rips East Tennessee, Western Tech spotted East Tennessee one touchdown and then slaughtered the Buccaneers 34-14 for the first victory of the year. Hungry for victory, the Eagles scored 5 touchdowns and all but annihilated East Tennessee's defense in a 444-yard total offense effort. Ron Reeves led the Eagles with 119 yards rush- ing in 20 attempts. The Buccaneers scored first in the first quarter on a 9-yard run and led 7-0. This lead was short lived, however, as the Eagles roared back with one touchdown in the first period on a four-yard run by Roy Sinkovich. Sinkovich and quarterback Tommy Van Tone each scored in the second frame on runs of eight and three yards respec- tively. East Tennessee scored once more just before the half ended and Tech led 21-14. This particular Saturday was all Tech's, however, as the Eagles scored in the third quarter on a 26- yard pass play from Van Tone to halfback Terry Parks. In the fourth period Joe Raleigh scored Tech's last touchdown on a three-yarcl run. East Tennessee was never in serious contention, and the defense of the Eagles never intended for them to be. Sfudenfs in the new dormitory, which replaced the east side bleachers watch 'che Tech defense cut down a Morehead runner. 3? :XC :Xi 116 fl? :lf Tech gained revenge for the 1964 homecoming loss to Western Kentucky by blasting the Hilltop- pers 46-6 in the Eagles' third OVC game. For the second straight week the ballgame be- longed only to Tech, as the Eagles left the field at halftime with a 27-point lead. Tech completely reversed its form in earlier games by recovering two fumbles in Western territory. Tommy Van Tone wasted no time in getting the Eagles on the score- board. In the first period he connected on a 23-yard aerial strike to end Sammy Scott for the first touch- down. Before the half had ended, the Van Tone to Scott combination clicked for 2 more touchdowns of 18 yards each. Van Tone scored the fourth touch- down himself on a 13-yard run. Terry Parks put the Eagles on the scoreboard first in the second half by going off tackle for 13 yards. After another drive Ron Reeves drove for the iinal yard and six more points. Western Kentucky then scored their lone touchdown before Dale Swain topped the scoring off with a 30-yard touchdown run for Tech. The 543 total yards offense was Tech's high- est for the 1965 season. Eagles 'rrim Murray in 4th quarter effort After falling behind by 14 points early in the game, Tech scored 3 touchdowns and a safety to de- feat Murray State 23-14. Murray scored early in the first quarter and again in the second on one-yard runs. Jim Stamps then scored on a nine-yard pass from Tommy Van Tone, and Tech was back in the ball game. After exchanging punts, Tech came back for 7 more points on a 10-yard run. The third quarter saw a good defensive effort by both clubs, and neither team scored. The Eagles were not to be denied and scored eight points in the final frame on a one-yard run by fullback joe Ra- leigh and a safety when jim Broyles tackled a Mur- ray back in the end zone. End Sam Scott goes high in an effort fo get a pass in the Middle Tennessee game. E Pr rt Q Tech's freshman footballers converge on a Southern Illinois back as Dennis Chandler gets a good shoulder into him. Iniuries plague Tech in loss fo Louisiana Disaster in the form of injuries hit Tech in their 14-28 loss to Louisiana Tech. The Eagles scored first on a nine-yard pitchout to Roy Sinkovich in the first period. Before the half was over, Louisiana Tech scored 2 touchdowns on runs of 57 and 2 yards respectively and on a 37-yard runback of a Tommy Van Tone pass. The second half saw no change in the score, but it left Tech crippled in the wake. Final score was 20-6. 511 il: 96 IX: S6 its Eastern Kentucky then produced the next defeat for the Eagles when they scored three touchdowns be- fore Tech could get on the scoreboard. A late surge by the Eagles fell short, but the two touchdowns in the second half by Tech proved that the Eagles had not given up. Jim Whaley, Tech defensive back, in- tercepted an Eastern Kentucky pass on the Maroon 31-yard line. The payoff pitch was a pass of eight yards from Van Tone to Sammy Scott. The two point conversion was good. Both teams scored once in the fourth quarter, Tech's 6 points coming on a 17-yard pass from Dale Swain to jim Stamps. Page 185 End Sammy Scott catches another pass in Tecl'1's 46-6 victory over Western. Raiders intercept pass, topple Tech Tech played one of its best games of the year, but fell 21-28 to the undefeated Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders on Thanksgiving Day. Tech scored first in the opening quarter on a one-yard plunge by halfback Terry Parks. Middle Tennessee came back and scored twice before the quarter was over, however, on passes of 13 and 12 yards. An 11-yard scoring toss in the second period gave Tech's biggest rivals a 20-7 lead. Dale Swain promptly got Tech back on the scoreboard when he hit Parks with an aerial shot for 62 yeards and 6 points. Middle Tennessee led at the half 20-14. The third quarter saw no scoring. In the fourth quarter, Tommy Van Tone passed to Tommy Cassell for the score, and the Eagles led 21-20. Witli 4:09 left in the game, disaster struck. A Van Tone pass was picked off by a Middle Tennessee defensive back who raced 85 yards untouched to kill a valiant effort by the entire Tech squad. Page 186 Governors defeat Eagles in OVC play Austin Peay's Governors built a 23-point lead and then held on to defeat Tech 23-12 in an Ohio Valley Conference game. Austin Peay struck quickly in the Hrst quarter on a 26-yard run by Tim Chilcutt and thwarted every offensive effort of the Eagles in the first quarter of play. A second quarter touchdown by Governor full- back John Ogles and a two point conversion put the Eagles down by 14. A 78-yard scoring pass by Rodney Rogers, Gover- nor quarterback, during the third period put the game out of Tech's reach. Tech quarterback Dale Swain threw two scoring passes during the final quarter, but the struggle was in vain. Fullback Joe Raleigh concentrates on the action on tl-ie field. ' rr rr' " of 'M 1 e M, M---'H MW- mf- M---M- - Mf-MM'- - M - M , 21 s - - - Q - E e tile 2 is We it ' M , M 1 - W E H H M M H H wa . if fs , wg ?w,mEiMs ge 5 .. M 5 5 H 9. 5 L, s. 5 Q 5 , M M 1 was s. . - 2 . - , s s We Wai: ai 5 " : ' . , - M ,- I 9 . s M s s A " ' 3531 5 MF M K as . ex . . , .Els W " 3'i 't" E H 5 git t... ' ' an H M ., , M ,,,M W : V. Q E ji W M -X A r an .es M 1 - Q 1 I-. .. wap.. M MJ ... 'tE,.,.ga,.,,. ,: M . . it-ff' 3- ' ZF' .. ssl' : 2 ai M 7 M lg, K' ,. . .L 2 : .a.':"' air 2:l',Qf. ,,'::yaga . -:- .. - . I " ' - Y S iz.:-1 ' . M 1. sera it M - 'ff , at ""t""',:,5::.: . " T M , so 1.5: 2:1 5, 'H H if 1 I-1 bs ' J '- Q ' - ig . N U T xr '17 . ' I .ii ., H' H N' ' "' if" , ' ' -.: i V A l . .A - ,. M Q 5 .51 A S M, 2 . 4? 4. tw , , ..,. . , - ,WW W , N , -Pg 2 M I ., ee sa if 1 Mrigajgg Mg W I I ga----am . V-:::- in M- . 4 if t . . M H my 555: . New W as :'.'- . :.:-:,:-:- N W K s E B "' ,. "z M H W' T f' bi . .se 1. -,, wt H,gm.,., l Q it g ee - ia.-:5:... aei..:1:...f5as in me 2. ,M , : l Y' S 'ft iw . t 2 52 'fx Y x s st L .,,.,,, gg R P m- , mtg E-swam QHEETQUWQBW 5' ' mstmgig , if isklmsmgsm 1 W 9 H WA E 5 z 'S gm 4. 1 H we WS 17 gs x 2 XX M me P T i l 1 3 l i E . alms? A M X725-Vigil - 1 Freshman strength noted in 2-1 record Tech's freshman football team was considerably more successful than their upperclass counterparts and posted a 2-1 record for 1965. Freshman coaches Carlton Flatt and Manning Hitt directed the baby Eagles to two victories over Marion Institute of Ala- bama before falling to powerful Southern Illinois, 20-18. Both of Tech's touchdowns in the 13-12 victory over Marion came in the second quarter. Quarterback Don Scalf threw a 16-yard scoring toss to end Louie Ladd for the lirst 6 points and set up the second with a 15-yard pass to Ladd. Jerry Hughes capped the drive with a one-yard scoring plunge. Marion scored twice in the second half, but missed both extra point attempts. For their second victory, the Tech freshmen trav- eled to Marion and again defeated the Alabama squad but by a larger margin, 35-13. In the Southern Illinois game all of Tech's touchdowns came in the first halt with the help of two Salukis fumbles. Quarterback Bob Wagiier set up the first score with a 50-yard run on an option. Southern Illinois came back to score three times in the second half, and added two of the extra points to haul down the win. Freshman quarterback Don Scalf pick: up a few pointers from coach Raymond Brown and Head Coach Wilburn Tucker. 1965 'Freshman football squad: Row 1-Jim Franklin, Tom Rogers, Rob Mal- colm, Larry Abbott, Steve Dillard, Dennis Chandler, Bill Holloway, Marshall Lewey, Gary Osborne. Row 2-Eddie Ingram, Jerry Hughes, Chester Cochran, Gary Jamison, Stan Nelson, Louie Ladd, Jerry Smith, Dale Groce, Wayne l Turner. Row 3-David Bernard, Don Scalf, David Finley, Donnie Brewster David Kisabeth, Jim Miller, Bill McPherson, Greg Brown, Joe Hammonds Tom Gent. Page 187 ff E '52 Q kg K? k PW , , Q 5? BL Q if X 4 , X Eg fb M 1:5562 H1 ,f- . :, .:g .,.- ' an 4 3 ' I : Wg si,T1 :Z ,Q Il " 1, . ' Q Y? : 9... - 3 1 SEK -. , .Wx ' Ai? y 35 lb: X5 amy . b1',. -W-E ah in an -N2-."! 295 'WNW 'EQEZSZ . ,mix gm A X as A MJ- 1 as - ,I E 5 hid' mmm 1 51:22 K z- Q Q 5 1 B ss an sw Y esp' Ev nl' E SE a fm NNJ3' .1-hw: M wr sm' Nziiimm mess ss-.1 wig ss sfdTvxx4 , 5? m ww. im-ummm .wi Q52 , ' rffwaqxjk J ,L Q: Steve Hays does not give Pan American a chance to rebound his foul shots as he helps strengthen'd1eTecl1lead. Pan American's coaches and substitutes look on in dismay as the Eagles continue to run up the score Basketball team has record setting season Breaking 5 school records and tying another, the 1965-66 basketball team compiled a 17-8 record. Coach Sidwell's charges scored more points in one season than any other Tech team in history at 2,143 Other records broken were best scoring average 85.75 most Held goals attempted, 2,0563 most field goals made, 857g and most rebounds, 1,4-06. Ron Filipek, Tech forward, tied Jim I-lagan's all-time scoring rec- ord 01:48 points, which broke the home scoring mark. J Techis highest scoring performance lor the year was 108 points against arch rival Middle Tennessee, but the Eagles went over the hundred mark four times. The 17 victories was the most since 1957-58 and only the fourth time in history that a Tech squad has won as many games. This was Kenny Sidwe1l's second year as head basketball coach at Tech. Last year his team ended the season with a 14-1 1 record. Sidwell is himself a former Tech StZl1'. He helped bring Tech its first outright OVC championship in 1958. Page 191 Two Tech players on All-OVC team Although the success of the Eagles was due to a Hne team effort all year, Tech did have some indi- vidual stars. Henry Jordan, sophomore forward from Rockwood, led the Eagles in rebounding and was elected to the All-OVC tournament team. jor- dan and junior forward Ron Filipek were selected to the All-OVC team at the close of the season. Filipek led the Eagles in scoring with an aver- age of 17 points a game. Jordan was second in that department with a l6.l average. Also named to honorable mention on the All-CVC Team were guard Joe Hilson and Tech's captain Ron Hobson. As a team, Tech outscored all other members of the conference with an average of 85.7 points a game. Weste1'1i was second with an 85.2 average. jordan and Filipek were fourth and fifth in the conference respectively in rebounding, and both will be returning next year. Coach Sidwell goes over some last minute instructions during a timeout. Page 192 Henry Jordan moves the ball with lightning speed. Ron Filipeit gets set to haul in an other rebound against Austin Peay 5 2-. If 'TJ' T' I . 1 rd' 4,14 -' ,g , ,M N QE., E . ,, E 'r I 1 I u FFT M :.: l f fr-EP Ax, E W 4 E E ,, uw ., Muff W . , V ,I nv Y' '2' H . 53 4 fl ii Q . 1? mg sr if Q mm Q , . a Qs 1 u I M 'Q V x l W , Q 'H J v, w' az , M H , , H H E H .575 ma wa .na 'w ,Hmm E ,E , Qggm-:ss ss E . 'sa vu - ss www?- rm mm -Wanaka-.W -- mn ss B. my , -. H uw mem pg., -, mmf 'mf "Q Q4 B ss ss Q1 Q. ' n ff B . mm gx, ,nw Q1 H E ss V ww ww Q in ss sq s ma - ms my-awww sa nm - X is ms ss mmmmgmamms nm Emma m K xi m B, . as-A -ss -mmm" -sf I V, Nw -mu ss sa Q m ss hs W mn ,wx H my ,H . as . HF' 'g -E www Q gm 5-5-WWW 1 H 55 E 5 na 5.3 -LH .B "EM H H H . E.. E Ps E Bm--ss-an -mn K E F .E H , ,, ,a:1,,'m' ff E' 5 N .X 1- H E A 5 E 5 H M Q. as n 1 3 , m I 'K 5 . ::::-: ff? W Q " aim a s X 5 H. ' -a 2 n --. i if f'. - 4' 5.:.:.:.:.:. mg r . ' V", Af hex ss ' B B M-K w: I A 'ss-:xv .4 wx 3 , ,E Y x- Q1 .1 'Q N55 . 5 H ' H -.Sm 1 - N 1 Qi 1. W . Q' mag P x a in me :.: E mg r ,Eh mm Mm ms ma , B mw5mav.m,n Eu mass,,E,e9's:ssEi'm HE mf E 'il ms H gs H- sm gs ss W gaw- 'fe nu . ms SF BSS'-HW L- H-me sw . H sm an -ss wx-as gs ml . K s., n is-, M sf w. 5 'H Wx nm , .2 'QRS' E is -55 w 1 K W, H mfg ss, .,- -6 pdgmg E my-, , W HH E' ,fa .. H V- V H efawww -Q mama w:Mq,- sm: 1-WN as. mm' K E . X H , 1-- ,Mm W m Mums: .1 K - 1 Q H- -M 95 -E H XX 1. E Q -, 1 - . 1- 5 , 8 xv. ..- w 1 --4 1 vi? Q Ji ,iw Ketchel Strauss drags another rebound off the boards. Strauss was the top rebounder for Tech. Freshman squad: Row 1-Coach Connie Inman, Larry Smith, Bill Padgett, Bill Frosh team stocks varsity prospects If Tech's freshman basketball is any indication of things to come, the Eagle backers certainly have something to look forward to on the hardboards. Un- der coach Connie Inman, Tech's freshmen posted a 15-3 record for the 1965-66 campaign. Although not a high scoring team, the freshmen held their opponents to an average of only 66 points per game. The offense was potent, however, as a 76- point average was posted by the baby Eagles. Frank Bartleson led Tech in scoring with a 15.3 average and was followed by Ketchel Strauss with 15.2 points per game. The height of several freshmen should contribute to next year's varsity, since the frosh aver- aged 59.l rebounds an outing. The highest total for the year was a 91 point performance against East Tennessee's freshmen. In addition to regular season victories, the fresh- men won two tournaments, the Rotary Tournament at Franklin, Ky., and the Valentine Tournament at Henderson, Ky. Row 2-Frank Bartleson, John Trenlcle, Byron Knott, Ketchel Strauss, Larry Hoclcaday, Earl Carwile, Jim Sutton, Joe Trueblood, Buddy Clark, manager. Stoolcsbury, Assistant Coach John Hays. fam -.1 Page 195 air, gg M Lf E Baseball Record Tech 6 8 8 2 7 3 7 4 I 1 7 3 5 S I I0 4 9 .70 9-10 OiJ1lJ0'lt67'll' Alabama 15 Howard 11 Morehead 4 Morehead 6 Middle Tennessee 4 Middle Tennessee 9 East Tennessee 5 East Tennessee 0 Weslsern Kentucky 3 University of Tenn. 5 Eastern Kentucky 0 Eastern Kentucky 4 Morehead 8 Morehead 12 Middle Tennessee 3 Middle Tennessee 0 Eastern Kentucky 3 Eastern Kentucky 2 Westerfn Kentucky 6 Larry Maxwell concentrates on the ball as he attempts to lay down a hunt. Southpaw pitcher Dave Pratt shows his batting form against Eastern. ww iighqqlw M' W , -awe: Larry Maxwell beats out a hit. Baseball squad: Row 1-Jerry Blevins, David Little, Joel Hardison, Butch Rader, Ronnie McGaha, Wayne Coleman. Row 2-Johnny Crook, Tony Bertolino, Phil Wilbourn, Herbie Muniz, Richard King, Mickey Stanton, Jerry Greg. Row 3-Dave Pratt, Steve Barr, Alex Morris, Bob Yonlcer, Gerry Slow beginning keeps season in loss column Trying to follow the 16-8 record of the 1964 Ea- gles seemed to be too much for Coach Sid I-latIield's 1965 baseball team. After a slow start, the Eagles posted a dismal 9-10 record. They were second in the Eastern Division of the Ohio Valley Conference. The Eagles lose only four seniors and should come back strong next spring. All the team's leading pitchers and hitters will be returning, and last year's experience should make the '66 Eagles a contender for the conference title. Harris, Jerry Hawkins, Larry Maxwell, Harold Lusk. Row 4-Assistant Coach Richard Turner, Tommy Prince, Bruce Haga, Dudley Carter, Dan Woodall, Don Shell, Coach Sid Hatfield. Page 197 ,N M -on f A ulip Q-151--,re-Sq...-11-.-1-sneak' Page 198 Everyone comes off the bench when a run is scored. Manager Bruce Haga helps catcher Steve Barr fasten his chest protector. Crimson Tide floods Eagles in opener Tech's baseballers lost their season opening game in Tuscaloosa, Ala., against a strong University of Alabama nine. Alabama clubbed the Eagles worse than any team they faced all year. When the big bats of the Crimson Tide stopped booming, the Tech team had suffered a 15-7 loss. A second defeat at the hands of Howard College took place before the Eagles got on the winning trail by blasting Morehead 8-4. The high- light of the season came when Tech took a double- header from East Tennessee at Johnson City. In the second game, Alex Morris pitched Tech's only no- hitter of the year and drove in all four runs as the Eagles won 4-0. Joel I-Iardison, Tech's third baseman, and Dave Pratt, the Eagles' leading pitcher, were chosen to the Ohio Valley Conference All Eastern Division team. Steve Barr, freshman catcher, led the Eagles in the hitting department with 15 hits in 38 times at bat for a .397 average. Al Morris has a good day wiih the bat . . - - - and CUf5 OPP 1:1:1:1:!:!:2:l:-:- -:-:-:-:-: Pitching Record Dave Pratt Herbie Mvtniz Alex Morris Wagvne Coleman Harold Lusk john Crook joe Malone W 4 2 2 0 0 0 0 BaH:ing Record f20 or more at-Batsj Steve Barr Alex IVIorris B'll,l'Cll Rader Phil Willlorlrn Ioel Harclison Dave Pratt jerry Blevins Dave Little Dan Wooclall lillcleey Stanton . . .,. . ........ , ............ , ...... I . ., .'.,...,.,.'.,. .1-.-.-.'.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-. L 3 1 3 1 1 1 1 .397 .333 300 .293 270 .25 0 234 21.3 .207 125 ies o Jerry Blevins worr pp g pitcher after safely reaching firsi g hifi .,,,.w-H., ,, , .. Y , NW, - .. Wee swung Golf Record O-81 Tech Olbjwnent M3 Nliclclle Tennessee 265 4 W A nstin-Peay 225 7 M2 Birminglumz Southern 1 0 M2 1 Austin-Peay 1 7 2 Chattanooga 25 9 M, VVestern Kentucky 1 7 W S Eastern K 6'l'lf7lCliy 19 2 Chattanooga 25 Tech was 7th among 11 teams in the TIAC zfouwrnaznent and was Sth in the OVC torzrmzanzent. One of the most imporiant aspects of a golf shot is concentration. Sometimes that eighteenth hole is the toughest: Terry Humphrys climbs a fence in search of a ball. Mack Huddieston takes his time and sinks a I2-foot putt. Team members: Row 1-Terry Humphrys, Bill Elliott, Mason Long. Row 2- Jeff Caplenor, Jerry Young, Mack Huddlesion. Bob Ammons, Coach Ray- mond Brown. Golfers complete 2nd winless season Tech's golf fortunes matched last year's as the Eagle team compiled a dismal O-8 record. Academ- ic problems hit the golfers before they started the season and left coach Raymond Brown without the services of several of his best men. Leading the Eagles were Mack Huddleston, Bob Ammons and Jeff Caplenor. They furnished the only bright spots in a dark season. Mack Huddles- t0I1 took the honors in a match with Eastern Ken- tucky by shooting a one over par 73 on the Cooke- ville Golf and Country Club course. In a match against Western Kentucky, Bob Ammons and Jeff Cap- lenor defeated their opponents 3-0 and 2-l respec- tively. It was Ammons again in a 2-l victory in the Austin Peay contest. Tech's golf future looks considerably brighter because of the addition of five scholarships to the golf team. Page 201 The clubhouse lrightl has a welcome look after a long afternoon on the course. Long afternoon shadows start forming before some matches are completed. Coolceville's Golf and Country Club provides a picturesque setting for the Eagle team. l l l 1 Those long hours of practice often pay off in the sinking of a long putt. Page 202 ' Q '5"- .. E:E ,,3:.- ,. V -Q --,. M ' 'JF E 1. MSL. if RM, -2 x 5 MMM as-21' M E S4 B5 :.::.-:- r Ji 12513529 'tg-R Q5 few ,,. 5 K M w-was 'W uw I If wiv! fs ,w h 5. n T "W 5: - " gk ax-354 ffm My -. N Q Y if J' .,... w 5 H: . ve F f -,535 www' F N mm - 'N Q M ..:E :,., w M Ama 42 W1 M242 MM G, an M M v f' 5955? ,M X Ag ..,,.., MX ' S M A aa r 1 51 I Mr., -M :M gwxggx ' 52 xv i w ,, w Q. wigs . QA ' .. . ,M MMA 5:5225 --" T 4 .-.34 Wg . A M. M- ,, A My-wp? 3 H4 my M M A A UE ,M H amy , .. f - f gy . :. W, J W" fy , :5,3g5ug'+ Mg: .M .... .M W x M .sg :::::,-- f FF Wm' V ..: in W A 435 JW ' 'xr' "" -W H fgmm Vi,-. 'H ' i ffigax. .H nf- A -rsh Ewa ' ' Q- 8 SW s "5E1':.:. ff K' MSX, lf? .gy M M ' ,M:g,:gM W' I 5 SS wif? M M ,. 5, - , , ,N 65.4 ,fi ' M dis? T UW: QQ W .Eg I MEM, W M uw WeLui..j,?i5f?m'Qf,,L .law-."Q'f A I 3 fa.vM-W.,7g J, H3559 1' - 5 sm Llyhwuiggwiw wx in gmggmy , len s? ' ' 3 K Y M 5 Em -.. ' M M ':::..:::..E:5' Mxgyg ix w N f 'Q' um if ' W. , Q 4 3?5Q,35Q, WW : my Mi? L fm -gms' 1' ","f-sy"'31?QQ?g5,.. 1 'jwju ' 't ' Y jgf 1-? fi Q ,Q ggi:-u.?,1Q N , Q I: J ' ' A EW . , W VR' '- .L A sw- m ss ms md Kim HE Wm ff - Jimi? M., Lg W5 Mg, WMM Q if M H L- -zx--1--fMw'ffm-Mau,EqgxxMu-'QAM--K-1,1 W. Eh--T.7?,A' 2- .QKFMMHMM vw :W UM- f .. is as 5 H EM m' Q K N X E 5 sms Q Q Zim--umm E E M H 1 - M4 -2 W bf E :M Kg, wfM?T5,gW,gM V is E ER Q 2 N 2 5 3,5 mf - M sg IS nl R H Q if ' - H E H 25 - , H B E X Q 5 ., gf, 5 5 M M M . W g 1 ' 1 M A ., M. .M 5 U X M W ' w E H M '4 . M B ,X . M 1 M N W i Q 1 LVM . B , Q Q K.. M H .:. M R ,X ,A P -' :V 2 2 g f f- H gf , .,... . , M. w 2 Q L if --S F ' W '- 'H V 5.,:.fEf'f,..r,:ssf:iwH H 2KHMgMfQPMf2aEg?EQMaM T ' . 'H 5 S S M ff ' X 5? ' "sg" W g M M M , M,s :. w mum mm- ms mn .H- 'aM mga ss vs-Q ss gaps ima' ss mn ,N M ,,.. F15 i Lu X Sa P? EM EM E .M .11 Mm ff. .4 11 M3 if? 3 ...,. .. 2 M :L -X- ab., -Mx mmm was mf H' AM N52 ...,. Ms S My E233 X83 3 ES mum M135 F Ma. , ,ww M ,gr L M N M Y EM M Pi M ,,E,,B,, . .M-ZX ss ffm' M53 . mm 'H my ME I M , mil. 7533 Mfg--V,g.f,w5 ETFEKT Q. U FW mix R .ag UNK 2 M u.m.fm X fu M .,. M X . ME . M mn H E mm l 5 H mzwildfi - s 22:5 159 LQ ss E Q md wiki se H HSE mgg ma sa E s 5 72-12:- WZP' WYE? Qi?-Z H.-,fm REBER 55 MM, ,wa QL, .yu gf-mmf gwawg ,,.:.pu. M Tsf -- an . m V1.2 xf' ,y ,A Q. MX e M ,. .Wixw . is . '22 Q mm Egg E ESQ Q is ..,,f,. ,M vs-KM LEBL ,L W zgw ..,..,2. H gui H H 1 ,- w 133104 7 M V U 1 I ,rg gn- W ,f - 2 ,K E52 .X mf ,Q 5- ,, K -mz,5g,gm1Tvl M 'msn -is 'z-n M M.,..,...,, :., mM. kin X 'WW maxi' "QM" ' i -:- :5: as Sfmxgigm M M E E x' M . . 1 wigs E 95 ,Ji 5- E E E ' 25? gwimwfgs, H-. Jisiiisw mm H' Mm: WM - - M-ss ww ea xv,-,M -was--fww iii? ,M-an mg MQ H155 .Wu E gnmgsaia E www - - sg M an 5.1, M Bi-15 ,E E 5453 ETER- Sisii E 'W g?E g s2 'a ,X WK - 5: ..,,,,:-:- SQ E5 5 is MS 5235555 H : M wwf' K g M HQ'gQaHH2iH m -gfzmmx WE 1 MM 75,4532 -RMEHQEW I my 1 5 nm. gpm Sig 2 Egg 2 UW 'ETH' .Nasa wax R-:fag QEMMMQMQ -MM M- M M--EQEQFSZI xm-Hfs' wg mann m?msA" Q35 Mxs MM, :max-1: 3 Mg2xs5gva2:j5gx2g1 we Hwmsfzggfiifi ASN Wit ,ww xg 5 K' iF EMM nw- E B ,fd ff Maajkmgy mx g???,:,5 slime: Mbawgw fsggxg, W msgfsgsz! wen- dzim M uf' -xmx Qsmi E H595 wg! a M BF ii EE - -- H SS W M Msg. .,. . . EEK, wary- M -. M W 4 mm ,-488 : i,wTW52.2w Qi: sgmwvig Tfnsxs Huge? ,M gel Maxam - ISKEEESTF HMM M f- ,- zz M, : M ikisfga T'3'i'i5 29 : win. - Q ..Mzf awww, Kai iim E' 9 g W? .W LQELMMTX ,Wai Q Y af I P1 , nf- 5 gym gm ss'-wx M W, gm EM 1 'QM?WE5???D'T E -i -2,1 LF U' .QM M New HM MMMMM,-I wm-M'x- Sings "H Xian HM :HZ':55iQ K1 gm M E+ . 'MQ' f W1 M-sms-ima W' '13 E asf Mn-:wi Quai mgi: if za-vias Envijwvfi 3.3 gami - Mkxdf- ,-1 ' ' ss muff' S sm-- W., Is. . Tiiiffmfi Wsxwiin -mlm 1 Samfimii 2 12 ,E wwf 1-M nf 1, l965 'cennls 'ceam Coach Kennefh Wright Roy Sexton, James Wallis Bull Bu ford Dennis Mapes, Steve Gibson zz ss mx Q E B1 E E ln doubles play, one player must count heavily on his partner. Bill Buford, the team's only sen ior, stretches to return a lob Roy Sexton prepares fora powerful return. Page 206 Time spent in practice comes in handy when the match finally gets started. Tennis team strong despite 2-6 season Despite closing the season with a Win, Tech's tennis team had a losing record with two Wins and six losses during the regular match play, both Wins at the expense of Austin Peay. The squad, composed mostly of sophomores and juniors, played sporadical- ly in losing by big margins and then blasting their last opponent. Bill Buford, senior math major from Cookeville, led the steady improvement of an inex- perienced crew throughout the season. Buford was supported by the play of juniors Roy Sexton, Jr., and Steve Gibson, who will be returning to add strength and experience to next year's team. Also returning will be james Willis and Dennis Mapes, sophomore and freshman respectively. The Eagles finished sixth in the Ohio Valley Conference tournament with two points. gf YQ? . r.: ir.. V' , its - f Lg'-Qag 4 ' W, . Qi 4 TTQFV 1: as T e 'Ut' LJ, M r xx Mc ff :iz .iii 5 it? ,gnu fxxah Sb! . s-. 3. ,..f-it-,WW yi Wfffmfffg we Y? Track Record C1-45 Tech Opponent 85 A ustin Peay 60 41 Weste1'1i Kentucky 104 5 6 Tennessee State 89 47 Middle Tennessee 98 3 9 Eastern Ken tacky I 03 Tech finished third in the Piedmont Re- lays College Division with 25 pointsg third in the TIAC meet with 40 points, and eighth in the OVC meet with I3 points. Travis Hearn prepares for the shot put againsi: Ausfin Peay. Gary Harrell, one of Tech s dIStBTlC9 runners, concentrates on the job at hand. Track team: Row 1-Mickey Skelton, Roger Springer, Don Meyer, Jerry Row 3-Gary Harrell, Ora Main, Bill Wells, Bill Boafman, Gary Sublett, Tom Wilson, Jim Jordon, Ben Hunter, Coach Tom Chilton. Row 2-Jerry Martin, Daniels. Don Doar, Richard Hightower, Barry Woodcock, Ken Bohannon, Rocky Graf. Track team strong on track, lacking in field events Jerry Wilson surveys the track as his team members ready their starting blocks. Y. '.-L .pwievqkir The Eagle track team came through about as Well as other Tech spring sports' teams by compiling a 1-4 record in dual meets. Austin Peay was the only team on Tech's schedule to taste defeat at the hands of the Eagles. Tech collected 85 points against 60 for the Governors. Barry Woodcock blazed the victory trail with 15 pointsg jerry Fisher was close behind with 10. The Eagles seemed to be strong on the track but weak in the Held events. In other meets, Middle Tennessee State University rewrote three of its school records in giving Tech a 47-98 loss. Westerii Kentucky gave Tech only one lirstg Ken Bohannon took the victory in the inter- mediate hurdles. Construction on the Tech campus kept the track team Without a track, and all meets were away from home. Luck smiled on the Eagles in the Piedmont Re- lays College Division, however, and the Eagles hnished third with a total of 25 points. Tech also finished third in the Tennessee Intercollegiate Ath- letic Conference meet with 40 points. Page 209 Roger Springer sirains for 'chose exira inches MA. in the broad pump ,.m.AV' ww L fy, .Q W, Erma .,. . W .X V' f' Y 9? " rx A .. : 1.5313 EERE? ,. Q26 2 H gm . . H H H f 1 Q f ifsggsms Ei w aiuifaijfge if H .U nfww:QMW vsr.gfMa,w.4 -x, Qk,.-f?w2...W ,Q1..f..aDg.g. .33 Q..- F .. , Bqmggw , ...,. ...W HKS. kms mggngiwfi "x5?mwg 'B E ,A . , M B H Q81 :I -A I 'N' . N 5iime1.,qHww?gM .Exim wmm.f.w 5 M -' 525.-wing. 5 fig? 5 Q H 1 QH,1s1wi5,5,,,..m Q.. - gp .imma WN My Wi., P31-A . niggas.-. -Hg ...:E:,d. .,,.: S Q. Q: ww- g. 3 Aww-by ,wr . ,. L 4 M g sf . ??i??gE?3?w' 55:21 fvf' K .M ilvwwfwfg H1 A 1 T Z d .wgg Q1 if if N ' N " 'A . ' gr: . .f,qw.gQ.Q . .dm ,, , A-ex 21552 Z 1 giigifguy ' -'f Wm M Y. .f B if H X Z g:g..g'g. 'l hs 5 5 ' 'A , . M ' 'F -1. fjiisfgw ' 1 z 5 ,,,.K. gg i ,g,mv5 , M 5mW'qwH XREM---qpg -'Y .W B Q :l' I 5 355 Fmril' W . Y LMX K W 531 5 2 1 - - X! ggiirw mflff Mgfi. . if u I R Q M' W -W . -. if . ...EV .V W A sa. .. 2 if ,. x : M if Y 5 r:!wmxiwkmwm w:f.fwHgQf . 9 -L a 3,327 'i. "-- :gf.1 a,- G 53, H, Q lf: ' was , - E ... q may F 9 .,. 3 W , gig 52 7:'fl slag. 'W vi-sara EQQSS- - T .Q 'i 553 Y. , ' ww .. 3 .' 7 W ::: ,' 3-is -:Q 934352 - H . , Wd: wi fr. M ?5kMQ5m 'M?W:w 'QE E f -5481 W' . :- -- . TE 4 V' sf " H if 252.54 ,, MM Q, . . 1' W EW ..... T yg.,'e' MM Q.. ' Q' ' 'ISSJ We q H H. -151,7 ,W-'QNENKB 11, ig A V . Lang. J. ,,. .1 E NVQ. M35 - , TW! ...esiw-WM' ,S- W., W ,K rw 1 R .1 1 .K i X mx - Mwgxn, r :1 2, . 3. 1 W1 . . if-A .Y yrs. . ..., na W , M x - U S . A Q' 'S K , KN k , 4 T - i Sf 'N '55 wa. 5 fi f N is .- .M .122 .Qs ww ggsts Lisa Coach Tom Chilton gives some last minute instructions to team members. Barry Woodcock is "neck and neck" with an Austin Peay hurcller. Woodcock was one of the Eagles' outstanding performers during the I965 campaign. After the race is over, several Tech runners find a stretch in the grass is very relaxing. Q Page 211 l aw' as xmmsp 519' xx S 1- Ja? ,gawk Szxwrw ' ya WH 'SQ mu We N sm mi? -gig 531252 'WNW 9 ww Wigw- f"E wein wif'-f5f5f-2 EV WQS5. -1: - my ,w u,,,w1E 'Q ww ju W- M I I. any . 4 M A PN' 31 7 L new 5 . M W, Y iiuxg,3,wwt, I Aka 1f?'7z1Ew:.H Elrjxiwgl Q.- w xsvxiu-sffzxfxgm 'ws T7 W - J-9,3 m9,gW,g and 'U H ' M, -X55 T' Tj . Q,fivfW,8vwf,,g,,5gi Q ,M xxx-,fggyixl l,Q'gwAi"Qj - 5 ww1xf'wwj!-g-Qgigifw EL N A A vw, ,, M wi A ,, . if A if 1 . 3? ,Q H, .-si uf-- W 5 f'7r"'w ii Aim, u .M Y ,T .:. Z.. .3 3 : f sa 1 .'f!:I:' 5-5'IEEf E22 .5281 ' -L- . .:..:.::.:. .:..,.. :.:..:. . ,, gf was S' ' .1 ..,1Q, , - ' D""5Z. 5 W2 ,ni S MQ Q M by ww. 1' W.-., -,,, 4- - ,Q .. V155 3 H Swag? W M 2,11 is X M., , MfqWl,,n ..,, ff WW, ' - M nf , A J- . ...... : , A M ww' W E YL. .. f may 1 EMQHEMH is . :.:. E N F, f,g1Tw'-fs.Q5g, .. ....... 5 ma,,gQ,:w5,gg5g,5 fx me , -W Em '- 'W?qf?wT'i'?m?'?5i,"-ig- ,-4,,M.Qww?1r "Elf X 'KB--'fgaigimisggiiiw -A W' A ff' Mi E . I M1 Q X egg .meggffixgm Wmgagsi S , , X M M' 5 mf L,,5,,, Q, ,,,.A,M,..Q .MEM . M W A A ,Egg Nl XM, 4,5 ff ug 3 Kgfgwgwgfguiawgf 233 'LESS' fg T,jCM'V,ivf AL : 955 lim, E ,.,,.Hs, EMR' 'P uw 1112- 5 has N T W ' - ' 9 Q :JMU-SAGE way Q. Q ? N5 ,WU I , K ,ay in was-am, -Q Lx - - i'37?'1af1Ff-QW!-2-fiwv-. Y ,H ' ,Q U, fiiiiimgfff. .,gfg,L 21 H ., ,wswwg ,iw N- 4 -1, Q- , ,Q Amps'-, 1. f .lg-gihfwmgff .J Mg., 1 T - W W ms T iw -- 5 ,www ,W -1 .. .-f.?'a: wi -M Sf: - S N. G' W S X W XX A Ae, Mwj,g'5f I H Q,-M, 1 KSMQMNK 257:-. Qi, :mimi g Qimhwfnm ,M W ,, Q - ,Z ., H aww ww mf, X 5. f M mf: as f'1H'H' 'W' ,W . W 7 f -4 . , - Y: fi 'Pi S -' Ha . V2 .. L' 'V' ' 'Lf Q5a5,'gbRMg xffkmmshsi'ga1"-.Q?Qkw9'5fEQsLijil.,gvxLm gmjgff M--'iff-iswgv"aa-,ixugxffwghgmi izhkgx 5-gihb, LXSHQQZQQE E131 A QM-H - - S ff 1 V 'A .31 Sv: 1 fm wg-gm ,kavzdsyafl . EEE. Q' i x. 3 1 QE Y 5 -gsigmrw , -, ,L ' WL 'Emir ,:'mg.sfM - bw. ,M sr L .pwggpg . W ,E-13 f H M 1. , -M r. W. .. fn L H ,ML M - Q . ., - 'E Z ' 'gl-he Milf-' gf ' . - 4 ' .-':'2?E'gf,,,51::2sPh' :ff 3.1, . W Q 31 X9 fi mm -M' A " , ' WE: arfQ?"fW N' ' 1 'H' if 'Ne Ki ff' ,QSfggir?K2ff3" ' Mu? :i,'g1w,PLQ, TLS? 22? 2' givf ,. E limi -ff., T, cg., . v if-M wi. ,UL -132 'yrmgz : N, -f amsaz, ,Q . . sz -n LT, 1 v "'1-Liisyi-xfz wx. f 2,?f5m-mTj.:54fi M . gl gawk-,E:, 2,35 I I - z Y M A TA fx, "K, A-6 A Q , :5,f,w.Yw .JW , ,M, - 9 ,A , QM xgja I , W -3 ffl f K2 5 .1 , W" - 1 Q ,652 .Q .,r ' H , 5 Y V, I , 1 T ,. , x , , ax as l 1 M5 W -W L Fgx J k Q V. , :ff ,LC 1 A . 6 as gif , I , . W K 1 U 7 r N 1 L . K ,gn E , . , -1 . i A aim. wiv. ,E .Z xy ., . ' 1 E.-KWH , -' " , ' . L. w W "ww ,:fH'..,- 'f X X. ' 1 nz. I . I A Q ,X M N 1 2 i. 5 ihgfkwfr ' ' N , S we 5 'Mi .. I t 3 ,Q v ,ff .,.. . 3 -H Q f V - ,JN 7 ' ':' 5 . 4 E - ' ":s..,.,:., . 1-I-'-:gay-iw 1 , W . W 22: -' .:. ' V 1, 1 N 1 f , . . A J' r. A . A- 'W f - -"-gn' - .-f.:g-j'::5:j- --55 1 3 . . A f . J 4 A , I y cl S : ,,..:. E I 4 2 x- 1 if Si: Q, J'Ya W X . . .i -H M ' xv, xxx 'X 3 fa uf Q N i,fT..sf: . , 5 2-saw. mm. ,Q . Q Y 12251 W W W - 5 Vee ,W '-vii. firm,- H-287224 We an ' :S y. . . . 3.A.x . d.'A ,miami ,W sh 5' M-'sew gf ,ai MQ, Z asf- Q., as if 'sl -Q n ,-Q...-4 r '- ' if LJ f" -W -' W' f"'f" 'W fi? jUf Q11 -5 6 C8 , Afjfifyfv 'z,,f-i',,'11'lffAf 1wi"if'-.'ff Jil,-1 Ii Gene North leads the Troubaclours in a bit of "Joshua Rock." Band, Golden Girls, cheerleaders carry Tech's image high In addition to providing halftime entertainment for all home football games, the Tech Marching Band's 113 members performed for the spectators at Middle Tennessee State University and East Tennes- see State University during the season. Always attracting attention to the purple and gold unit are the Golden Girls, Tech's majorette force. Spectators of the lntersquad Game at Tullaho- ma between the Tech varsity and freshman football teams saw these seven beauties put on one of their best precision twirling routines. Leading and channeling Tech's school spirit are the nine members of the cheerleading squad who can always be counted on for a hardy cheer for a line effort. Page 214 The Golden Girls, Tech's majoreites. are Viclci Tilley, Marco Noland, Cather- ine Ford, Joan Graham. Donna Spitler, Barbara Jones and Charlene Jewell. "l wish the guy on the next trombone would play the same song the rest of the band is playing." ln perfect siep, members of 'che Tech Marching Band "show their stuff" to spectaiors at the Homecoming parade. I965-66 cheerleaders are Dee Whitnei, Skip Barih, Carol Lowery, David Shocky, Judy Castle, Doug Butirey, Joan Coppinger. Seated are Dianne King and Margaret Inglis. Page 215 i Walter Rutledge checks an accounting problem for Bill Armstrong and Tommy Crawford lslzandingl. Clifford Pliifer passes management literature along to these 1 tm" S ivtef. 1 W Page 216 5 , ai:- :.-i il 2. Q, f r . .., members of SAM. ral. sat' aim? ,V 'W Mx Business clubs get practice, take trips To gain experience in business sales, members of the Accounting Club hold mock auctions and act as both buyers and sellers. As a member of the Society of Business Administration, the club sponsors big- name entertainment on campus. Under the guidance of faculty advisor joe Thorne and other experienced accountants, the club learns new concepts to be used in accounting proce- dures. Local business firms invite members to study their accounting procedures and to suggest improve' 11161'1tS. The Society for the Advancement of Manage- ment gives its members training and experience in business management. SAM made a Held trip to Du- pont Co. in Old Hickory fall quarter. Management clinics were held in fall and winter under the spon- sorship of Southern Bell and Firestone Rubber Co., respectively. Gary Wyatt posts an announcement of the next SOBA meeting. Whewon Cho gives SOBA members a Few pointers in Economics to Bobby Smith, Gary Wyatt, Judy Dunham and Ronnie Thomas. Field trip highlight ot SCUBA activities Associates Capital Corporation gave 35250 to Tech to be used as a scholarship in the School of Business Administration. The award goes to a junior or sen- ior inan and is based on need, leadership, personal qualities and scholarship. At the invitation of the Federal Government Ac- counting Association, 18 students and faculty mem- bers of the Society of Business Administration made a field trip to Redstone Arsenal, Huntsville, Ala., in No- vember. Other fall quarter activities included building a Homecoming float in cooperation with SAM and Alpha Kappa Psi and selling concessions at the Ar- kansas State football game. Members of SOBA work on a float for Homecoming. Page 217 The year's 'First concert was presented by the High- waymen, under the musical direction of David Fisher. ....-, W r- ,T ms cnentznagac noun comcntf nn: mcinzunw I nnrsxms 4'UI concern PRESINW - 'N THE TH! llllll' llllllilll IENN. MEMRIBL MEMURIELV Gi MM? 1 ,lr gms smnnn Dennis Dicus seems to be a good ticket salesman for the concert. EJC establishes freshman society for engineers As a coordinating body for all clubs in the Col- lege of Engineering, the Engineering Joint Council established a new organization, the Freshman Engi- neers' Society, during fall quarter. The EJC enlist- ed approximately 575 members for this new club. One of the most successful activities held at Tech during the fall quarter was the Highwaymen concert, sponsored by the EJC. Engineering Science Club members ex- amine Tech's subcritical nuclear reactor. Semi-monthly meetings of the Engineering Science Club feature speakers, films, and present discussions of nuclear and aerospace engineering. The ES Club is one of ll departmental organizations at Tech devoted to professional engineering interests. Membership is restricted to engineering science majors, however, anyone interested may attend. Page 218 Sam Carrington is surrounded by "gooey" newspaper as he helps build the IT Club float. IT Club float places lirst in Homecoming parade l l Ed Elkins lrightl, Homecoming chairman, presents the first-place trophy to Bob Elam, IT Club president. Building a prize-winning float is not an easy job, but the Society of Industrial Technology was equal to the task. o am, presi en, an is co-wor ers spen B b El d t d h k t many long hours spreading wallpaper paste, newspa- per and cutting crepe paper to cover their float. How- ever, it was all Worth it for that first-place prize money in the Homecoming parade. Membership in the society is limited to IT ina- jors. Semi-monthly programs feature professional speakers, research problems, and films on industrial procedures. Co-sponsoring with the American Foundrymen's Society, the club gives one scholarship each year to a freshman IT major with the highest scholastic aver- age. Members enjoy an animal banquet, picnic, as Well as educational tours and promotional meetings. Page 219 Pledgemasters prepare for the candlelight initiation ceremony. Alpha Gamma Sigma officers are Hugh Birclwell, Robert Hoplcins, Cecil Brown and Jerry Wilkes. viii Kappers sponsored by Aggie fraternity Alpha Gamma Sigma is a professional frater- nity founded to further professional training in agriculture and related trades. The fraternity brought the Kappers combo to the campus for one of the more successful dances of the quarter. Delta chapter of AGS was established on the Tech campus in the fall of 1960. In spite of its youth, the organization already has more than 30 members. Page 220 Dan Framer, Les Bur- rough and Chester Bush line up for refresh- ments after a meeting. ms wa nm hm i 5 E 11 M A , Uni 1,3595- X. ,. ummm asia ma rm mszxw e x 1 r W A Mmm, ,, , z wa mm ,rffi ,B , H :xr , Um., mms an 15' M, wk J Xiu? w E Ji :ag fa an AWN ,mms Z 'Mk 'Q mmm J ma ax. Y xx. 1? , , VZ- .ii A h. Q Qfiiffhi I X V. J ., M ,aglfgawl :1'f2'f?7ii,vfsx-, Q, ' Eg R F , Y , Vibe-fx jf?-Sfl m WW. ill E - TE 2533 I " ..... sw1'?' Y w i 2 rg 242- .... M Wm' 5 W ,jaw px. DOSW -lg, Q 1. V, w M if T, Jw N A u EH ' f ,, 3 1 S H ,A Qw i . , ' 1253 WM . fffir ' W 251' 'Jaffa ,fm TE K . HW., V 1- Ri1Q15i3gi,j'fUfi5,:fQagQ Q-17 - , . mJ"f,Jf,xgx,g' Wai vaQg?aEm:fg!1,2,.'Qewp, iw :i,1gi,"i smhgw-....e wg: f : A - 1 : f M-U, L?f:LEXfi"?ff12fXf,??QQi?Z'Hi5 qifziia Nils at k N 1:-z?ff'fK:if' wx ,Q - 2-5-fam, L , ,. . f - -, Wse www if , .-fb. . MH gs wins ZW? Sw gf W 335255- 'W Q Fw Q N1 L QA :fl L'-it .: wi jSAZfgQ,gfg3i?gX3g Q53mZiW.. ,. 2 E fi ,Qi ij .,..::a ww M,,Qf,e1 fwf2eQg1,,m.-fr.-- , Mil? i N wmv as ,gg ,ifgiii 33 wP:sfg31x ., Aitggfxqa 1 ,.6,-pm, F, ,A MJ- ,K A,,wNWAf X- f.w:g:Aa4Wf:2imgrL5Qif2F '?.:'3?' 7ju.swfgf.fV.i" ufxqgugfi 72325 -fide fS51.2,, Q1 7 WWi212: 'x g.1M'-gsg.s2aw.z3s,-fE2'4,2- ,afggnxa - ' M -- A is A. fQLX5?Lf?5giQQff,l ffilw 2fE,,iSfg,L5 Q A ' M W wi M ax W im W1 LQ wig rw w fsiggag Q .REQ ,QFI W g 5 1 E my ' 'Y?5"7x'i Ww'w591' ?vif,,,,,r':Ml-,S L -'B 3f5ii"'M W ill, , :ww-4 - v V' f gy15,Eggvg,Q0w,f mfg' , J H- sim, V My ww -nf, A-JA, Qxfgmswww, fwmi K -QJIEEKQT W, 3in-,M .454Q,,v mi, -TW.. S'?D'Q','L'eHwYT ,Wa fe , -X -M-f5fx5q..' 2 5 Evil BW X QR 3 - qw a.:Uf,QQ1,g V, Li, kv A My ,jg ww-v-xr, N .VTVJQQ fig A :,,Xp,y,Y..,.,z7 A 'fin .ffl :Xxx awful:-'gs , --:yi 1 'q?'3D'W' I my Qyagxiw ,"f AZT M V x, 'WEN fqx , , .K JW, SNEA members vote to have a float: in the Homecoming parade. X President Vera Whaley leads the bi-monthly business meeting. Page 222 Tech chapter hosts state SNEA meet In April, Tech was host to the 1966 Student Na- tional Education Association Convention and the Fu- ture Teachers of America Convention. Vera Wlialey is president of the university and the state organiza- tions. NEA State Consultant, Mrs. Martha Collier, visited the campus in October and directed an SNEA "brainstorming" session. Tech's chapter of SNEA is the largest in the state. Constantly in contact with the state and na- tional NEA, the Tech chapter maintains high profes- sional standards for its members and holds accredita- tion in the National Commission on Teacher Educa- tion and Professional Standards. Activities that the SNEA performs during the year involve keeping close contact with the Future Teachers of America clubs in Middle Tennessee high schools. This is accomplished by publishing a monthly FTA Newsletter, participation in the an- nual High School Career Day, fall teachers' confer- ences and representation of olhcers in the state and na- tional conferences. Mrs. Thelma G. Bertram is the faculty advisor Camilla Sparlcman calls a square dance for an H8iFE Club social. Joel Harclison, president, changes records for the next: dance at the Halloween social. H 8tPE Club assists with tuberculin tests Health and Physical Education Club members volunteered their services to help in administering the tuberculin skin tests given to all students during 'all quarter registration. Approximately 5,500 stu- ents and faculty members were tested. Each quarter a social is planned for club ITICIII- ers and their guests. An annual Heshman mixer, hristmas dance, and spring outing are planned also. t Christmas, members donate gifts to be given to underprivileged children and assist in the yearly Heart Fund drive. Members also are eligible for professional benefits derived from participation in the state and national Health and Physical Education Clubs. Intramural sports in which over 2,500 students participated this year, were planned by the club. Dr. F lavious Smithlis the faculty advisor. Page 223 Horton Monroe, president of MENC, and Milce Brown, vice- president, play Handel's Messiah in the music library. National secretary speaks to MENC Gene Morlan, associate secretary of the National Music Educators National Conference, and Milton Allen, supervisor of the Chattanooga School System, were guests speakers at fall quarter meetings of Techls MENC. A series of Leonard Bernstein's Young Peoples Concert lilms was also shown during the fall. The oflicers were Horton L, Monroe, jr., presidentg Mike Brown, vice-president, Mary Etta Ellis, secretary, Charles Kirkpatrick, treasurer. Miss Grace O'Callag- han was sponsor. Page 224 Members of the MENC 'find the loun e in the 9 music department a convenient place fo study. Council leacls clubs in varied activities Made up of the presidents of all the departmental clubs and the Associated Student Body Senators of the College of Arts and Sciences, the Arts and Sciences Council coordinates the activities of all clubs in this division of Tech's colleges. Members of the council are actually responsible for doing much of the Work that goes into projects that are considered a joint effort of the members of all the clubs. Such a project is the annual Spring Follies, a student talent show that is produced as a special evening program. During Winter quarter, Members of the Arts and Sciences Council lis- ten to suggestions by John Buck, president. the second annual "Holiday in Whiten dance did not develop because of insufhcient supportg only l5 bids were sold. A 55-foot float, featuring the themes of Homecoming and the 50th Anniversary, was con- structed by members of the council for the Home- coming parade. The council linances its activities by sponsoring one of the regular Weekly campus movies and by op- erating concessions at a basketball and a football game. John Buck was president of the council this year and Miser Richmond was advisor. Page 225 Page 226 Members of the English Club discuss possible ways to increase membership. Student writing urgecl by English Club staff As a primary activity of the English Club, mem- bers edit and publish Homespun, an annual literary magazine. Homespun, a spring quarter publication, contains prose and poetry from the pens of Tech stu- dents. During fall quarter, the club studied the play Tom jones to learn more about the art of play pro- duction and acting. In addition to their regular club activities, some of the members of the English Club make them- selves available for tutoring in English and assisting in the English laboratory. Bob Leffew, English Club presi- dent, also edits Homespun. Physics Club tours AEC laboratories In February the Physics Club visited the Oak Ridge National Laboratories where they toured the Atomic Energy Commissions museum and were shown the complex of nuclear reactors. A second trip to Redstone Arsenal, Huntsville, Ala., was planned lor spring quarter. Members plan a membership drive during spring quarter aimed primarily at physics majors who are not presently members. Majors in mathematics and engineering are also eligible for membership. The club hopes to make its presence felt in helping to further a program of expansion Within the department of physics in support of its chairman and faculty. Arthur Clemons lseaiedl and Arthur Greer col- lect data in determining rifle muzzle velocify. 'L ,sf - , wa. ,, ff A .-,g ra -'-as , R 'fi-A - .vs ' f ref: . i i, ggi LM - V. H M .mari 9 71, 1 s s y get v, we 6 4 2 i ,lf Carolyn Lee assists Bryan Edwards in loading what ap- pears to be a booby 'trap for the Physics Club sponsors. Page 227 Biology Club hears Dr. Karl Sax speak at new Colloquium Dr. Karl Sax, author of the best-seller Standing Room Only, was a featured speaker at the Biology Club Colloquium this year. Colloquium, a new service, is a seminar for the public on biological top- ics. Among subjects presented this year Were Game and Fish laws, water pollution and the population explosion. Membership in the Biology Club is limited to those students who are biology majors or minors. The club maintains an active interest in the activities of the Arts and Sciences Council, which is comprised of departmental clubs. M. R. Richmond is the fac- ulty advisor. Rhonda Farmer, Steve Rogers and Kathy Bailey listen to Jim Miller lsecond from leftl tell about deer hunting. Biology club members prepare 'For a field trip. Equipment used 'For trapping specimens must be inspected before every trip to prevent injury to the collector by a faulty apparatus. Page 228 Special interests find outlet through various non-departmental clubs To lead, to unify, and to instill spirit and pride is of special interest to student organizations. In pursuing cultural and athletic interests, members foster ideals common to both the club and the com- munity. One may find a club devoted to almost any interest from drama to scuba diving. Page 229 l i i 1 Taxi.. 3 lr. 2. Cookeville Rotary Club members helped coolt and serve the pancakes. TWO officers dazzle the photographer with their smiles. They are Elizabeth Ficller, Rose Leigh Vines, Julie Brown and Helen Ann Hooper. Page 230 TWO, TMDO have diversified activities In cooperation with the Dean of Women, the Tech Women's Organization, composed of all regu- larly enrolled Women students, formulates dormito- ry regulations. The TWO Board is composed of representatives of all residences, but general officers are elected at large. Each year the TWO offers a scholarship to a de- serving junior. She must be active in TWO and maintain a 2.5 quality point average. The Winner this year is Ann Stancil. In preparation for the coming year, newly elect- ed ofhcers attended the Southern Intercollegiate Asso- ciation for Student Government convention. Last spring the convention was held at Emory and Henry College. With the Tech Men's Dormitory Organiza tion, TWO sponsored the computer dance, pancake supper and the variety show presented in Public Pro grams. For the first time the TMDO calendar was en tirely in color. The calendar, containing pictures 01 Tech women, is the main fund-raising project for scholarships and dormitory improvements. Jerry Cantrell led the organization for the year. "Q-ww ER QW' 42 w vm Q QL 22 w Q H? 1J.fm,sZK Q N .T :Q'f'f1vf2-"f1f F 'f 'P 5? A Q' Lwq QiR!h H53 David Head, Tom Chaffin and Linda Crabtree perform in "The Little Foxes," a play about a family in a small Southern town around I900. Judy Brown and Wesley Bosticlt paint: a sign to be used in publicizing "Bus Stop." Page 232 Drama productions attract lull houses Under the direction of Wesley Bostick, the Tech Players, the college drama group, played to a packed house every time the curtain went up. Students fron the play production classes are the actors, stage hand and technicians of each presentation. "Bus Stop," the tirst production of the year, Wa followed by "The Little Foxes." Bostick has directec and acted in several off-campus plays in the Cooke ville area, but this is his first experience with pla production classes. He hopes that the group Wil expand into Shakespearean drama in the future. l "Who is dead, God or man?" This was the question Dr. C. L. Winters discussed during Religious Emphasis Lectures in January. Interfaith Council works in Appalachia Operating this year under the name of the Inter- faith Council, the Tech Christian Association has taken on new responsibilities. On Saturdays, students go to the strip-mining ar- eas of Fentress and Bledsoe counties to help in the Appalachian Redevelopment Program. This program sponsored by the Oflice of Economic Gpportunity, often called the "war on poverty," is in cooperation with the VISTA workers living in these communities. Religious Emphasis Lectures, a highlight of winter quarter, brought to Tech Dr. C. L. Wl11KC1'S of the Theology School of the University of the South. The council strives to incorporate members of non- Christian faiths into their activities and coordinate the activities of all religious student groups. Dr. Winters spoke in Public Programs to the entire student body. "Who is dead-God or man?" was the general theme of his lectures. Both children and adults meet with the mem- bers of the Interfaith Council in their Sat- urday recreational program. An educational program is also carried on by the council. Life in the economically underdeveloped communities of Appalachia is the concern of the interfaith Council. Page 233 N is gm nm,-. na., . Zi is K zz ti, sf W.. si W sr 2 9 H . H' X .W. K an H iii: s , , fi . yi T -:-: f i s rs m if ,Q ss 5 use i M ix I : W its ' 2 xx rr L sf r is I 1 .5 , gi W x Ev eff J w 'wo ,- -:: 2 .., ' 4 I W A . i. wi W ' ? .il ., J te- 4 as 5- 2 Q X ,. -i S. .M ,sis .Ja 1. mm s E is M .1 is 1 E W, ig me 5 S L :- as P D is and K gf '95 'NU 1 wx iss, Bi we i 'S"f'T" QM- 5:5 -: ' an --miSC"r'r'vf'Qe: 4 . - ,.,.:.g,:.:..5. ,. -we -- E 'B . . as tr is H :S H rs H is S553 f H 5--f W H E QE H 21: Q 5 -s Q s K . 1, KS s -1 Q gm we H Jvfftf Y -fs!" li- W --M if sfsbgsa . -f -Q -H- Am gig W H is -'r-rf -1: Q 2. 3 s. s s is i -L 2 W, U is w ein H ' E is s 5 ge , - H 144 5: xii 1:55 W ,- E-3--5:5--E55.:.: -:: is 9 3 , is E - H -'E 2 :m K s - as la f w W W ' 5g5" r-a.: if are :2a:a!,::: S :as Pie" if - - 5 B E E H i i mga? -a Egg W fa B Exist my .::::.:.,.,.,. ,., 5 H E H H t as - . were W s H 5 E - I H 5 H age:-: ig H it ,X me H Q swam Q 2 5 5 H M M We - -111-1- am, s g. at WW .sz 5 gee N s - N2 H 1 2 95 52 2:E'i.: s Q- H Q , . We E IE HM e M ass:-K M sw-resists! 1 'ewsveewe 5: V ,, K? M 'n"""" Viz MW 'S 'f ..i.v was ig, W:-wgraixe WS mmm are g , SWE Wayne Freels journeys to the "center ot the earth" as he explores Bone Cave. Page 234 Spelunkers active Speleophiles is a non-departmental organization consisting of approximately 30 members and is open to anyone interested in cave exploration. Recognizing the importance of preserving the natural phenomena in caves, this organization explores and maps caves of the area. Speleophiles have explored and mapped caves in Putnam, Overton, Van Buren, and White counties. Winter quarter activities included a lecture by Ar- nold Gnilka and Warren Brigham on "Cave Life and Cave Form" and a trip to Cumberland Caverns. WW ,. . , ww-5 wr-was i , Exim e Arnie Gnilka looks for an exit as he is seemingly trapped in this cave. Geeta White examines a conglom- eration of subterranean formations. ',,,,,,,,, , ,,,,,,,,,,,, - , C im- ......... Yu, f is l,3IDET ve-- i f MEETING Clubs give attention to U. N., Viet Nam Jim Hayes was invited to represent Tech's Inter- national Relations Club in a mock United Nations Assembly at North Carolina University in February. For the first time, the IRC is using a newly ac- quired bulletin board to post information and statis tical data about countries currently in the news. 'Xi Sis SF 26 5? Pl? In cooperation with the Tech Rangers, the Vet- erans Club collected Christmas gifts of food and cloth- ing for the citizens and American servicemen in South Viet Nam. Lieutenant Governor Jared Maddux spoke at the Veterans Day program in November. Members of the IRC put up their sign in Henderson Hall to remind students of the semi-monthly meeting. Keith Pressler and Zelma Neal prepare the film on Iran 'ko be shown to the IRC. Veterans Club members relieved all their 'pre-exam tensions in a "car smash-up" during fall quarter. W I : i ,W my . Page 235 - im- , . ,,: . E as 2, Ea K Q, ge, Q Albert Oak and Warren Dayhuff help Oak's wife, Carol. into her Scuba equipment before a lesson on the methods of skin diving. University Diving Team Teaches Scuba course Scuba diving is the main activity of the Universi- picnic and a spear-fishing contest at Dale Hollow ty Diving Team. They offer a 20-hour course of in- Lake. Winiiers are awarded prizes of diving gear. Stfuctlofl ami, upon C0mPlet1Onf Cerufi' the Paul' Having been in existence for 3 years, the club al- C1PamSf15n0V1Ced1Vef5- ready boasts 30 members. Maj. Edward Scott is the Ending the year's activities, club members have a faculty advisor. Page 236 This sign, donated by members of the club, re- minds everyone of the semi-monthly meetings. Bill Haynes introduces the program for an AFS meeting. AFS scholarships given to 5 members All members of the American F oundrymen's So- ciety were eligible for one of the five 35150 scholarships awarded by the Foundry Educational Foundation this year. Tech's chapter of AFS is sponsored by the Ten- nessee chapter in Chattanooga. Membership entitles the student to receive Modern Castings, a technical publication. Working jointly with the Industrial Technology Club, the AFS shared the honor of pro- ducing the first-place Homecoming Hoat. i I 1 i i i I I L "Heavy, heavy hangs over the head" of Sam Carrington as he works on the IT-AFS 'float for the Homecoming parade. Page 237 Shih-chi Chow from Taiwan greeted visitors at the International Fair. Q i Officers of the Cosmopolitan Club, Alberto Garcia, Betty Bryant, and Sung Gil Lee discuss the business agenda for the next meeting. Page 238 Cosmopoliians hold International Fair More than 2,500 people attended the lnterh national Fair sponsored by the Cosmopolitan Club last spring. Displays of costumes, handi- crafts and dolls were exhibited. This educational, recreational and social club strives to promote friendship among student and faculty members from 20 different countries. The club has more than 50 American members and 90 foreign students. During International Week in April, movies furnished by embassies from countries represented at Tech are shown, and lectures on customs in other countries are given. Speaking holds key to clubs' success Instead of going home on Weekends, Tech's Speech Activities' debate team has been going to tour- naments in Murfreesboro, Atlanta, Chicago, Mobile and Louisville. Williaiii K. Floyd, advisor of the Speech Activi- ties Club, meets with the group each week to study methods of debate or supply general criticism of the current topic. alisalffalisallsiisflk Organized during 1962, Tech now has the larg- est College Young Democrats chapter in the State. The CYD has over 200 active members. Dr. B. F. Jones, faculty sponsor, accompanied the ofhcers to the Nashville Democratic rally to hear Hubert Humphrey speak. During the 1964 elec- tions, a mock election and many competitive debates were held. Conrad Slate practices his debate presentation on other members of the Speech Activities Club. The College Young Democrats' officers, Jim Hayes, Sarah Caldwell and Elaine Williams, prepare to leave for the Democratic rally in Nashville. Page 239 Pep club members become anxious with the slow prog- ress of the new football staduim and decide to help. Pep Club hits trosh with club button sale Freshmen have their first Contact with a campus organization when Pep Club members attack them during the hustle and bustle of moving in. Every freshman must wear a Pep Club button or run the gauntlet of hard-sell vendors. Money from the sale of these buttons and the profits from ballgame concessions provide the club with funds for their various activities. Pre-game pep rallies at bonhres are sponsored by the club in an effort to increase school spirit. During basketball season, the Pep Club is noted for its halftime skits. The Pep Club is the only organization on campus in which every student may participate. Page 240 Celebrating Tech's 50th anniversary, the "Homecoming Queen" of l9l5 rode in the Pep Club truck. The truck showed the effects of 50 years ot wear more than did the queen. I i s . i i r V53 Ralph Mosely shows Jared Mad- dux, Tennessee's Lieutenant Gover- nor, the charter of the new chapter. .4 ,.. :E - i fr' xizxx 5? s it .., , Hia ii ,aw if Eg: 5. J I H ,g l S ., fi if 77" X . , E K .i BBS Alpha Kappa Psi chartered on campus Alpha Kappa Psi, professional business fraterni- ty, is a charter member of the Professional Interfra- ternity Conference, one of the 20 largest national hon- orary college fraternities for men. The PIC has ini- tiated more than 60,000 members, and now has more than 140 college chapters throughout the United States. Zeta Upsilon chapter was chartered in May 1965, and has a membership of approximately 40 stu dents and faculty members. Pledges, who are upper classmen majoring in business administration, parti cipate in classes in instruction of professional con duct in university and business activities Clifford Phifer is the faculty advisor 7 Alpha Kappa Psi: Row 1-Ed Wifi, John Yamuni, Ralph Mosely, John Dorris, Bill .Esies. Row 2--Sieve Lunsford, Perry Byars, Tom Solomon, John WS.-.......... Roger Remick, Joe Halfacre, James Griffin, Chip Beasley, Clifford Phifer, Craig Huffalrer Page 242 Eta Epsilon Sigma: Row 1-Clyde Daniel, Phil Williams, Paul Atchison, James Perkins, Jerry Anderson, Wayne Tinclle. Row 4-Everett Dyer, Gerald Ferguson, Virgil Shadden, John Patton. Row 2-John Morgan, Carl Fritts, Lawrence, Mike Busby. Row 5-Wayne Cooper, Robert Rouse, D. L. Deason, James Speakman, Charles Fox, James Webb. Row 3-Bob Jones, Dick Bob Taylor. ames Ferguson and James Speakman measure the accuracy of the miniature mblems of initiates Wayne Cooper, Dick Perkins, and Virgil Shadden. Wayne Tindle, explains to society members Robert Rouse, Clyde Daniel, Paul Atchison, Bob Taylor and Phil Williams the mechanism of gas exchange. Eta Epsilon Sigma honors engineers Eta Epsilon Sigma, engineering honorary society, recognizes superior engineering students who have shown outstanding achievement in scholarship and personal character. The society is a chapter of the national fraternity Tau Beta Phi. Each fall, seniors who have met the qualifications are elected to membership. During winter quarter, juniors are admitted under probationary standing. The society also recognizes outstanding female engi- neers, although they are not permitted to participate in the business of the society. As a member of the Ethical Practices System, the organization encourages high moral and professional ethics. A total of 25 students were active members this year. D. L. Deason is the faculty sponsor. Page 243 It t, 2 Delta Tau Alpha: Row 1-Robert Beclwell, Gerald Simmons, James Ramsey, Hazel Walgomaii. Row 2-Ed Kurley, Preston Grissom, Joe Ramsey. Row 3-Bruce Little, Charles Ritchey. Delta Tau Alpha chapter rated first in nation Delta Tau Alpha member Sam Winfree and ad- visor Clyde Hyder serve in executive positions in the nationl Delta Tau Alpha hierarchy this year. Win- free is the national vice-president and Hyder serves as a national advisor. Hazel Wolgamott was a candi- date for national secretary at the national convention in Cape Girardeau, Mo. For the past two years, the Tech chapter has re- ceived the Corbus Award as the outstanding chapter in the nation. Delta Tau Alpha gives a scholarship each quar- ter to the freshman having the highest average in agri- culture courses and also provides a study library for all agriculture students. Page 244 ,ia 41 - Q 34 'rl' no B Z n ..! W X Q ..,., ,, 4 3 1 2 ....I Q gm :. isis! . 'via 1 iv. . ,sw 'sw Aw .. W .MFE ,ggu ,. M5-iw 3 T28 .3 B Q 2:53:55 15535 EM? vig iw Tifig. ggy , . 2? 1 Ee gy Q w u -:,.u 1, S Q55 F. .W H.. X I sy ... 2 M KE slew' . A-REQ Aw . Q 515 Q XE 295 5' fi ff. my 1, zfif' W EJ I . V Z' " fs' . , 35 55 E37 fi 5555 ' fi? 5' S1 .iw - V 7 x Ti X 'Z-v M .' ff. EE.. 5.5 M i . 1 N .. ...L 5 xm:"xm x 22 1 45? gf 5 SW ai. . my .3 'fi-gig 'W 52: W. .' W Q12 0 x :.' ,sawn 3 ? y Ur. A .M Qs, ff jail.-if ,.:.f in Xa. 'fi as is wax A r Ji? wi as - 1 ,gf Q f. F Q5 'B EQ ,. . :fm Ma 59' 5-1 ,Fai TQ.. ,gg 42 2 Y V -r .. .... f z 1- 'Z 7. ,, W EEF :iii ' Jw 2 1' .j: 435' -FW: WN we S' 'm g Q.. A... M if ' :W vm i , ' am I B 38 K 5 2 3 u E mmm M A . Kappa Mu Epsilon: Row 1-Becky DuBose, Judy Jacobs, Louise Rhyne. Row 2-Dr. Phipps, Bobby Barnes, Phillip Williams, Felbert Thompson, Glenn Kappa Mu Epsilon adds A total of 25 new members joined Kappa Mu Epsilon this year, bringing the total membership of the honorary mathematics fraternity to 75. Requirements for membership, which is open to faculty and students, are four quarters of mathemat- ics, including at least two quarters of calculus. A 3.0 quality point average must be maintained in these courses. Programs presented at the semi-monthly Ed Elkins, Judy Jacobs and Robert Ward look over leaflets which offer new opportunities in the field of mathematics. Page 246 Stewart, Gary Stewart, Charles Brown, Mr. Mazeres. .Row 3-Paul Atchison, Robert Ward, Ed Elkins, Dr. Moorman, Ronnie Harwell, Everett Dyer, Jack Jeffers, Ronald Sircy, Dr. Ralph Boles, Sondal Evetts. 25 new members meetings center upon the place of mathematics in to- day's world. Outstanding activities of the club include assist- ing the mathematics department in sponsoring a math contest for high school students and presenting an in- itiation banquet in the spring. Faculty sponsors are R. H. Moorman and Reginald Mazeres. Preparing the 'Favorite part of any meeting, re- freshments, are Charles Brown and Jack Jeffers. ... ,. ...: K K . , , Q I 1 ' C T , I ! L .. v V B ' 5 pf' gig V xx fz- ' 1 1 Tv ' , Z i x . -, ,.. ""f 5 x w fvzi - g Yif.i -'5 -E , Q 2 i 1 5 , ,y. , 4 . . 'Y if ' is, 5 . ' J-L ! 5 ' ' . g - ,J x . Z,:, .::,:::: f - H +2 :'- ' " 4 I .,A2 , j x . . X., ,. , N 2 - f . 1 .- P -H' '7 "" 5 ff 'K 'Y Q " Q -, f . v ' - , A - ans' ' 4 2 ' z 4, ' E.f7,5' f-if A ' 'QT-W . 9 57 O E ' -2 n -gr V I -- -: . Q ' - ' . ,Q ,pw I A , ' ' Q '-fl ' 9' X ' 0 . ' 0 ,QNX W U, X H.. 1 ' p 0 L ,fi A iii-, . ' , I I 'fx O, 4 NJ Q O an A I 5 , ' C .Eggs Z, Tournaments keep speech group busy Members of the Tech chapter of Pi Kappa Delta, national honorary forensic society, at- tended the PKD provincial tournament at Mis- sissippi State College in April. A total of 12 tournaments are attended by the members of the society during the year. They take part in approximately 275 debates. PKD is an organ of the Speech Activities Club. Membership is based on a combination of quality point average and percentage of victories in one year's intercollegiate speaking contests. Members have collected many trophies and honors. Mfilliam K. Floyd is faculty advisor. Unlike many other honorary societies, PKD is open to any student from any department of the university. Stress is placed on promoting bet- ter oratory, debate and public speaking. Deserv- ing candidates receive a badge of distinction, pro- Hciency and honor which is varied and graduated according to merit and achievement. Pl Kappa Delta members are Rankin Bennett, Robert Fusarini, Jim White, Edith Mays Moore, Lloyd Fleming, William T. Gates, Glenn Holliman. William Floyd provides helpful criticism and sug- gestions on improving the debate team's activities x l l i f 5, E... Ruth Ann Floyd and Betty Crabtree take down a teaching aid used in student teaching. Pi Cmega Pi honors outstanding juniors Pi Omega Pi seeks to honor those students ma- joring in business education who have reached junior standing with a 3.0 quality point average in their business and education courses and a 2.5 overall quality point average. During fall quarter, a reception was given for prospective club members and the faculty. A typing contest is held each spring for the area high schools in which Iirst and second year typing students compete. The members also enjoy an an- nual banquet and picnic. Members of Pi Omega Pi are Ruth Ann Floyd, Ruth Ann Bruce, Deanna Thomas and Betty Crabtree. w Ruth Ann Bruce and Deanna Thomas use this bulle- tin board to illustrate the parts of a letter. Page 249 man K, 5 - ,. F .::a- ywm- ,W N' - ag, ' as - W 1 A Ka S., 22 3 1 'YE S QQ? ,,,' 252 if n . ,:, 1 gg'-fm: P1555 52255 is xl if gg www-Q rx 1 H E si 53512 ww. 5 ak V MA ax- . A ga Q 'Wg S do 'mi MEA M xv 2: wk .mfg ,ff nl L- 5 - -2: 5 Egg .:. L '- 1 S555 an ,mg , W .EBF ,xx-N ,Y ms ,USM Mmm 3-mai mf ss .Am E -M-W in g'w.Y.f, tu, wk T Q gf M .M M W x lm E E H3869 '-'mlm ite' gif w '1-H T' MQ L. swaf E V .gi xi Ia XE, ,gi2,:1.f Q.3 rzgsilff S s ' Q A5555 M S M QS' , 5 Q QW, W 2 - gg I P' Z fi ,Z 5 ' ' W5 al ,, ff 1 Wg' iff ynxfhi X. 'ev .M 'fl " " l 9 Q 255. - ,"Q M, N353 Az kggw 5 95 Q 'Q 5 ig Q- 5 2,5 AE. 539343 E 55,5 s, Si' Wi? li ii? K .S E I ? . '51 5 w B5',Q.g , az . --gg gk I 9252 J. HOWARD WARF Commissioner of Education HON. FRANK G. CLEMENT Governor of Tennessee State Board gives boost to Tech's future As pictures in this book indicate, 1965-66 saw the continuation of the biggest construction program Tech has ever undertaken. Even while foundations were being laid for new buildings for this and next year the State Board of Education and the governor looked again at the future and approved recommen- dations for additional construction. A new 3392 million university center, additional library facilities, and a 551.3 million housing complex Page 252 for married students have all been approved by the State Board of Education. Members of the State Board of Education are james I-I. Jones, jr., Edward L. Jennings, T. R. Keys, Ernest C. Ball, Thomas M. Divine, Mrs. Sam Wilson, Mrs. B. A. McDermott, Dale Glover, J. Frank Taylor, F. Thorton Strang, Harold D. West, james Williams Mrs. Violet R. Parrish is executive secretary. Administrative Council: Malcolm P. Quillen, Elizabeth S. Murphy, William L. Jones, President Everett Derrylaerry, G. Harold Massey, Wallace S. Prescott, Martin Peters. WALLACE PRESCOTT Dean of Faculties New offices reflect administrative growth Three new administrative ofhces were created at Tech during the l965-66 year. Dr. Nofllet D. Wil- lianis became director of institutional researchg Thomas L. Moran became director of alumni and de- velopment, and Charles Looper was named director of placement. Change is not new in a growing university. As the work increases, a division of labor becomes necessary. The day has passed when administrators knew the name of each student by sight. In fact, the day when administrators could call each faculty member and secretary by name when meeting on campus is a thing of the past too. Approximately 243 full-time facul- ty members were at Tech this year in addition to sev- eral part-time teachers. The life of an administrator is day by day hard labor-labor full of committee meetings, planning, decisions, and it rarely ends when the sun goes down. Page 253 "Q is H mwaa uanmnnmmmmmmmm I .mM,X..,..N.,,M., Q ,?f:w-iv 'M H HJQWW EMM Msg-2'-Wgzsgbfxl gwwwsfiiwg? Samzffmwifiwfgg, Ziyi www ,sfsswiw sf 31 Rv'sf.w-ejggijq ww Vw mmf: lm. . L5 .,. ,,.. --rfy xsfgigz 2 an Q a Risk . gm .:. :: 5:.:.,:,. .Z 1 :.: , M 6 WEBSTER P 4 M M.5m ' .Y 'l"wCULf1L.! D-1 wx E q,p!q',eW3 Srwfiqf 1 Hxgzyg M.. N an W x 5 .,4. 5312555 ,4 'LE Q nw mm l W H. .mga A ,5 ,w www A , A1 mg Mn b Q: 355 Q W Vim 5 as nu ms fy mwm Q5 LEONARD CRAWFORD NOFFLET D WILLIAMS Director of Field Servnces Durector of Inshtuhonal Research ASSISLBIIL I:o Presldent NORMAN L NUNN MRS SUSAN H PANGLE ASSISLBDL Director ofAdm1sslons and Records Dlrecior of Social ACLIVILISS I DOUGLAS NORMAN DIFECLOI' of PubIlc Information C P SN ELGROVE Llbranan 044. CP Page 255 ffrwi if ,Y W een ' ' P Xi B: G ' S 'I ,, 1 4 ' . ,1 A ' ! 4 I me ' mglge gms ' 1 , If V I ...-m.,M G 7 . . of RONALD JONES R. H. EBLEN FRANK R. MOSS Director of Housing Athletic Director Director of Maintenance and Operation ADMINISTRATORS . YVJRMY A il ' ii- ,S THOMAS L. MORAN CHARLES LOOPER MRS. GLADYS CRAWFORD Director of Alumni and Development Director of Placement Dietitian Page 256 'Z J ADMINISTRATIVE I ASSISTANTS Robert Bassett Kathieen Brown Virginia Brown LuciIe Bryan J. P. Buck Alberta Cameron Pat Chilton Mattie Cooper Mildred Craighead Peggy Deitrick Lynda Davis Mattye M. Ditty Sue Dyer Elizabeth Evans Barbara Gregory Jo Griffith Mary Lil Griffith Dolores Harley Florence Harrison Karen Hawkins Suzanna Hearn Annette Henry Christine Jones Roger Jones Wanda Keylon Ethelwyn H. Langston Lois Livingston Linda Maxwell Mary Minor Reba Moss Jacqueline Olson Jane Rains Frances P. Ralston Don Reese Jack Reeves Joyce Sparkman Martha TayIor Hazel Wall Helen White W . -Q' i. X., . , 5? .vii 3 , X 5 U . 6, Q it G. L 2 'Ex A-49' bds New il' 1 X we 1' H var P 'A t I K af i "ig ""':" 1-. Iaaff: ' Q1 1 4 Ei -. , -.'. - P W Q X Ia K as- ! 1 3 . Wm t ,QQ 5. , , .V 1 ef fr? ,A ggi r, we , Z 1 1 1 .. Ii.. 'if MW' ,R , . 1, Page 257 -. .,..... .J , milf, Page 258 ME ' ' Z C ss of I966 sgwiw W LINDA ALEXANDER FRANK CHILDS Secretary Vice-Presidenlz BILL LUTIRELL BOB WHITE President Treasurer . WILLIAM H. ADAMS Dean ot the College of Arts and Sciences College of rts and Sciences One of the most rapidly growing colleges on the campus is the College of Arts and Sciences. A new science building with expanded facilities in chemis- try, physics and foreign languages has contributed to its growth. A liberal education is becoming more and more important, and the line that divides the various sciences is growing more indistinct. The need for knowledge in several fields cannot be overem- phasizedg the College of Arts and Sciences strives to keep up with this need. The College of Arts and Sciences includes the departments of English, foreign languages, physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, history and political science, and geography, philosophy, and sociology. Pre-professional curricula are offered in law, medicine, dentistry, medical teclmology, nursing and pharmacy. Graduate work is offered with a major in the de- partments of chemistry, biology, history and mathe- matics. DR. RALPH C. BOLES DR. HOWARD G. ASHBURN Chairman ot the Department Chairman ot the Department of Mathematics of Chemistry Page 259 ARTS AND SCIENCES FACULTY DR. SIDNEY R. JUMPER Chairman of the Department of Geography, Philosophy, and Sociology DR. JOHN W. WARREN Chairman of the Department of English Page 260 DR. FREDERICK L. CULP Chairman of the Department of Physics I DR. RICHARD H. FRASER Chairman of the Department of History and Political Science DR. SIDNEY L. McGEE Chairman of the Department of Foreign Languages Catherine DeFord .. Richard D. Diemer ..A. .,...English ......GP8rS Ralph W. Dimmick ,,,. .,...,,... B iology Edmond Dixon ,.... James Doran ...,..., Clement M. Eyler ..., Lottie Farr ,......... William K. Floyd ..... Nolan Fowler .. Jack E. Fox ......, Nathanael A. Harrison Elizabeth Hill .... Reuben Hood ,.,... Joyce Howard ....... Pauline Hudgens ,...,.. . William Warren Jenkins Mathematics Mathematics . .. . .English . . . . .English . . . . .English ....H8rPS En lish g ....Bi0logy . . . . .English Mathematics . . . . .English .....English , . . . .English g isslif ARTS AND SCIENCES FACULTY Vernon R. Allen .. Lois Anderson ,.... Ronald O. Atkinson.. W. H. Badgley ...,. S. K. Ballal .........,. Jacob T. B. Beard, Jr. .. Marshall Bertram ,... Paul G. Brewster .. Evelyn Brown Martha Brown Susan G. Brown . . J. B. Clark ....,. . .Chemistry . . , . .English Mathematics Mathematics . . . . .Biology Mathematics HRPS .... .English .Mathematics , . . . . .English . . . . . .English .....H8iPS .-P., 5,-f . 'Yi Page 261 Reginald Mazeres Betty Moore Fred Moore ..... R. H. Moorman Donovan D. Moss . John E. Owen Laura Paris .....,. Dorothy Pennebalcer G. B. Pennebalcer . Cecil Phipps ......, ..... Dorothy Phipps .... Horace W. Raper .. . .. Jerry R. Powell ...... ...,. Miser R. Richmond Linda Rollins ..... Joe Carl Ross Page 262 Mathematics ......H8fPS ......H8rPS Mathematics . ......,. Biology Mathematics Mathematics ,...,English . . . . .Biology Mathematics Mathematics ......H81PS Mathematics . . . . .Biology .....English . , . . .English Mary Jenks .... J. P. Jewell .,.., ,, William J. Jones O. Ray Jordan Graham S. Kash George M. King Esther Lee ,.... Gary Lentz .... Beniamin Leubke Richard Lulcas .. Robert Martin . Elizabeth Massey . . . . .English . Chemistry Mathematics . . ...,... Biology .....English . , , , English ... . .English . . ...English .GPRS ..H8:PS .. . ,Biology .... English MARSHA BRINGHAM Secretary MARY J. JUMPER Sec reta ry Richard P. Savage Bozena Sebor, . . .. Milos Sebor .......,,. . . Charles N. Sharpe Alvin W. Singer , Ronald Sircy J. T. Skinner .... Paul G. Stephenson Daniel H. Stern .. Ann Stubblefield ., Hix Stubtalefield , . . Robert L. Sublett .... Marvin Tidwell ,... ....... . . Carl A. Ventrice .....,..... . , . . Father Edward A. Walenga .. Elbert Ward ......,.,..... .. . . . . .Mathematics Foreign Language .....,.,,,,GP81S . . , ...... GPRS . ...,, Chemistry . , . .Mathematics . . . .Chemistry ......H8:PS . .,.. Biology . . . . .English . . . . .English , . . .Chemistry ..........Physics ..........Physics .Foreign Language . . . . .Mathematics ARTS AND SCIENCES FACULTY Page 263 COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES AKRIDGE, EDNA JOYCE, Savannah. Georgia: B.S. in Political Science: IRC '63, '64: Pep Club '63, '64, '66. ARTMAN, JERRY MICHAEL, Norris, Tennessee: B.S. in History: Pep Club '63, '64, '65: Intramural Basketball '63, '64, '65: Intramural Softball '63, '64. Intramural Football '63, '65. BAILEY, KATHRYN EILEEN, Erwin, Tennessee: B.S. in Biology: Young Demo- crats Club '65, '66: Biology Club '66. BARNES, BOBBY JOE, Crossville, Tennessee: B.S. in Mathematics: Math Club '64, '65, '66: Kappa Mu Epsilon '65, '66: Veteran's Club '65, '66. BEASLEY, PADGE H., Franklin, Tennessee: B.S. in Biology: Young Republicans Club '64, Executive Board '64. BENNETT, RANKIN PALMER, Cookeville, Tennessee: B.S. in History-Pre- Law: Speech Activities '63, '64, '65, '66, President '64: Pi Kappa Delta '64, '65, '66, Treasurer '64, Vice-President '66: ASB '64, '65, '66, Senator '64, '66, Vice-President '65: Varsity Debate Squad '63, '64, '65, '66: Circle K '64, '65, '66: Arts and Sciences Council '64, '66: Young Democrats Club '65: Phi Al- pha Theta '66: Who's Who '65, BIRDWELL, STANLEY, Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee: B.S. in History: IT Club '63: Intramurals '65, '66. BOWMAN, JOHN WRIGHT, Memphis, Tennessee: B.S. in Physics: NSPE '65: Physics Club '65, '66, Secretary '65: Programmers Pool '65, '66: Rifle Team '63, '64, '65, Captain '64. BRACH, CAROL LIND, Nashville, Tennessee: B.S. in Mathematics: Math Club '63, '64, '65, '66, Secretary '65: TWO Board '65, '66: Vice-President Rye Hall '65: President Dixie Hall '66: Pep Club '63, '64, '65: Intramural Volley- ball '64: Intramural Basketball '63. BREWER, DONALD, Dunlap, Tennessee: B.S. in Biology: Biology Club '66: Intramural Football '64: Intramural Softball '65. BROWN, CHARLES FRANKLIN, Elmwood, Tennessee: B.S. in Mathematics: Debate Club '63: Math Club '63, '64, '65: Kappa Mu Epsilon '64, '65, '66. BROWN, JAMES SEAY, JR., Cookeville, Tennessee: B.A. in History: Pi Kap- pa Delta '64: Kappa Mu Epsilon '65: Vice-President: Phi Alpha Theta '66.. . BROWN, NANCY JEAN, Boma, Tennessee: B.S. in History: IRC '63: SNEA '65. BUCK, JOHN CLAY, Virginia Beach, Virginia: B.S. in History-Pre-Law: Chemistry Club '63: Scuba Diving Club '63, '64, '65, '66, Reporter '64, Vice- President '65: IRC '65, President '65, '66: GSPS '65, '66: Speech Activities '65: Arts and Sciences Council '66: Soccer '66. BURRES, JONNIE LYNN, Oneida, Tennessee: B.S. in Medical Technology. CALDWELL, CLAUDIA ANN, Westmoreland, Tennessee: B.S. in Mathemat- ics: Math Club '63, '66: Bowling Intramural Team '63. CANTRELL, WILLIAM EDWARD, Smithville, Tennessee: B.S. in Geography: TMDO '62, '63, '64, '65: Freshman Dorm President '63: Acacia Men's Club '63, '64, '65, President '65. Veterans Club '63, '64, '65, '66, Vice-President '65: IRC '64, '65, '66: GSPS '65, '66, President '66. CARR, JEAN MARIE, Sparta, Tennessee: B.S. in Biology. Page 264 M- 'Wire The day the Eagle is issued is a long-awaited date for Tech students. CARTER, CAROL DIANNE, Old Hickory, Tennessee: B.S. in Mathematics: Math Club '64, '65, '66, Secretary '66: Kappa Mu Epsilon '65, '66: Cosmo- politan Club '65: Tech Players '64, '65, '66, President '66. CASSETTY, CHARLES HENRY, Gainesboro, Tennessee: B.S. in Sociology: Pep Club '63: GSPS '66. CAVASOS, GARY EDWARD, Knoxville, Tennessee: B,S. in History: Tech Ran- gers '63, '64, '65. CHILDS, HENRY FRANKLIN, Nashville, Tennessee: B.S. in Biology: Chemis- try Club '65: Biology Club '66: Young Republicans '64, '65: Pep Club '63, '64, '65, President '66: Junior Class Vice-President '65: Circle K '66: Senior Class Vice-President '66. CHMURA, JAMES HENRY, Williamsville, New York: B.S. in Mathematics: IEEE '64: Tennis Team '62, '63, '64, Captain '64. CLARK, DOUGLAS MALCOLM, Livingston, Tennessee: B.S. in Biology: Biology Club '66: Chemistry Club '63, '64: Intramural Basketball '65. COLEMAN, NANCY ANN, Dickson, Tennessee: B.S. in Biology: Chemistry Club '63: Pep Club '64: Biology Club '65. D'ARMOND, DAVID ELDRIDGE, Crossville, Tennessee: B.S. in Social Science: Platoon Leader of Best Drilled ROTC Platoon '65.. . DARRAH, DAVID E., Smithville, Tennessee: B.S. in Biological Science DEITRICK, ROGER EMERSON, Oak Ridge, Tennessee: B.S. in Wildlife Man- agement: TMDO '63: Biology Club '64, '65: Dormitory President '63. DICKINSON, RICHARD CECIL, Oak Ridge, Tennessee: B.S. in Chemistry: Biology Club '63, '64: Chemistry Club '63, '64, '65, '66, President '66. EDWARDS, BRYAN D., Sinton, Texas: B.S. in Physics: Physics Club '65: Kap- pa Mu Epsilon '65. Page 265 COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES ELLIS, ROY FRAZIER, Harriman, Tennessee: B.S. in Biology. EZELL, CAMILLA SUE, Donelson, Tennessee: B.S. in Sociology: TWO Board '65, Dormitory Assistant Hostess '65: GSPS '64, '65, '66: Pep Club '63, '64, '65: SNEA '63: Girls Intramural Basketball '63. EZELL, THEO HOWARD, Lebanon, Tennessee: B.S. in Biology: SOBA Club '62, '63. FARMER, RHONDA GAIL, Clinton, Tennessee: B.S. in Biology: Chemistry Club '62, '63, '64, '65: Tau Beta Kappa '65, '66. FLEMING, LLOYD ELLIOTT, Guthrie, Kentucky: B.A. in English: English Club '65, '66: Speech Activities Club '64, '65, '66, President '65: Phi Kappa Delta '65, '66, Corresponding Secretary '66: Sigma Tau Delta '65, '66: Home- spun Editor '65. Pep Club '66: Daniel Memorial Scholarship 'For English '66. FUSARINI, ROBERT CARL, Madison, Tennessee: B.S. in Mathematics: Pi Kappa Delta '63, '64, '65, '66, President '65: Speech Activities '63, '64, '65, '66, Treasurer '64: Senior ROTC: Tech Rangers '66. GARCIA, ALBERTO MANUEL, La Havana, Cuba: B.S. in Chemistry: Cos- mopolitan Club '64, '65, '66, Vice-President '65, '66: Chemistry Club '64, '65, '66: ACS '64, '65, '66. GEER, RONALD GUS, Sparta, Tennessee: B.S. in Wildlife Management.. . GELDMEIER, BERNHARDT LOUIS Ill, Oak Ridge, Tennessee: B.S. in Mathematics: Math Club '63, '64, '65, '66, Treasurer '65: Physics Club '65. GORDON, BONNIE KAY, Concord, Tennessee: B.S. in Bi0lOgYi TWO Board '63: Eagle Staff '63, '64, '65, '66, Student Life Editor '64, Organizations Editor '65, '66: Freshman Dorm Counselor '64, '65: Chemistry Club '63, '64: Intramural Basketball '63. GRAY, MARTHA B., Alcoa, Tennessee: B.A. in English: Oracle Staff '64, '65, '66: English Club '66. GRIGGS, JAMES RAYMOND, Pulaski, Tennessee: B.S. in Mathematics. Fifty years is a lot of progress! Page 266 JONES, BARBARA ANN, Nashville, Tennessee: B.S. in Sociology: Pep Club '64, '65, '66: TWO Representative '63: SAM '63: GSPS '65, '66, Vice-Presi- dent '65: IRC '65: Golden Girl '63, '64, '65, '66: Intramural Softball '64. JUDD, JAMES H., JR., Old Hickory, Tennessee: B.S. in Chemistry: ACS '65, '66: Chemistry Club '65, '66. KENNEDY, CHARLES M., Nashville, Tennessee: B.S. in Mathematics: IEEE '63: Math Club '65. KEYLON, LINDA CAROLYN, Kingston, Tennessee: B.S in Medical Technol- ogy. LEDBETTER, RONALD RALPH, Livingston, Tennessee: B.S. in Biology: Chemistry Club '63: Biology Club '65, '66. LEFFEW, ROBERT JOE, Ooltewah, Tennessee: B.A., in English: English Club '64, '65, '66, President '65, '66: Tech Players '63, '64, Secretary '63, President '64. Arts and Sciences Council '65, '66, Secretary '65, '66: ,Homespun '65, '66, Editor '66: Homespun Essay Winner '65. EONE'l'l'l, JOHN ANTHONY, JR., Tullahoma, Tennessee: B.S. in Mathemat- cs: Football '63. OHR, ALBERT DESTERN, Alexandria, Virginia: B.S. in Mathematics: Kappa u E silon '64 '65 '66 Math Club '64 '65 '66 "T" Club '64 '65 '66 Pe P I i i 1 i i n I i P lub '64, '65, '66: Golf Team '63, '64. cCLURE, JOHN EDWARD, Maryville, Tennessee: B.S. in Physics. HARDY, ARTHUR ALLAN, Lawrenceburg, Tennessee: B.A. in History: Tech Rangers '66: Intramural Basketball '63, '64, '65. HARRIS, JAMES GEHRIG, Nashville, Tennessee: B.S. in Mathematics: "T" Club '63, '64, '65: Baseball '63, '64, '65. HENRY, WILLIAM PATRICK, Crossville, Tennessee: B.S. in Biology: Biology Club '66: Veterans Club '65. HENSON, LYNDA JOYCE, Gainesboro, Tennessee: B.S. in Chemistry: Pi Kappa Delta '65, '66: Chemistry Club '64, '65, '66, Secretary '65: ACS '64, '65, '66. HILL, JESSE H., Old Hickory, Tennessee: B.S. in Physics and Mechanical En- gineering: Physics Club '64: M.E. Club '65. HOGAN, COLIN A., Cookeville, Tennessee: B.S. in History: IRC '6l: Tech Troubadors '6l, Oracle Staff '6l: Tech Chorus '63. JEFFERS, JACK RANDALL, Oneicla, Tennessee: B.S. in Mathematics: Math Club '65, '66, Treasurer '66: Kappa Mu Epsilon '65, '66. JOHNSON, RALPH EDWARD, Cookeville, Tennessee: B.S. in Mathematics: Kappa Mu Epsilon '64, '65, '66: Math Club '63, '64, '65, '66: Eagle '63, '64. '65, '66, Administration Editor '64, Editor-in-Chief '65. '66: Oracle Staff '65, '66: Wl1o's Who '65. JOHNSON, STANLEY, Old Hickory, Tennessee: B.S. in Biol09YI Chemistry Club '63: Biology Club '63, '66: Scabbard and Blade '66: Dormitory Counse- lor '66: Intramural Basketball '64. Page 267 Let it snow: Iet it snow: Iet it snow! COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES MILLER, JAMES WILLARD, Chattanooga, Tennessee: B.S. in Biology. MINSER, WILLIAM G., III, Oak Ridge, Tennessee: B.S. in Wildlife Manage- ment: Rebel Rities '62, '63, '64, '65. MITCHELL, SAMMIE GARRETT, Sparta, Tennessee: B.S. in Sociology: IRC '63, '64, '65, '66, Secretary-Treaurer '63, '64, '65: GSPS '64, '65, '66. NEELY, TERRY W., Macon, Georgia: B.S. in Physics: IEEE CIub '66: Physics Club '66. NOEL, JOHN FREDERICK, Millington, Tennessee: B.S. in History: Semper Fidelis '63, '64, '65, '66, Vice-President '65, President '66: IRC '64, '65, '66, President '66: GSPS '65, '66: Arts and Sciences Council '65. NOWLIN, JULIE, Donelson, Tennessee: B.A. in Biology: Tech Canterbury Assoc. '64, '65, '66, Secretary '63, Vice-President '64, '66: TWO Board '65: Biology Club '66: Eagle Staff '65, '66, Copy Editor '65: Scuba CIub '65, '66, Secretary-Treasurer '66: Arts and Sciences Council '65, '66: Eagle Queen '65: Junior Class Beauty '65: ASB Senator '66: ROTC Sponsor '66. PARDUE, JERRY JOHNSON, Cookeville, Tennessee: B.S. in Chemistry: Chemistry Club '62, '63, '64: Scabbard 8a Biade '66: Tech Rangers '65, '66, Commander '66. PEDIGO, JOE F., Hermitage Springs, Tennessee: B.S. in Bioiogy: Biology Ciub '65, '66. PERKINS, JUNE KNIGHT, Tullahoma, Tennessee: B.S. in Chemistry: Chemis- try Ciub '66. PERRY, J. ALLISON, KnoxviIIe, Tennessee: B.S. in Biology: Biology Honorary Fraternity. PERRY, RONALD DWIGHT, Gallatin, Tennessee: B.S. in Biology: Biology Club '66. POARCH, GLENDA FAYE, Cornersville, Tennessee: B.A. in English: English Club '65: SNEA '64, '65. Page 268 ik BYHHTEV' T' 'B 1 i1".T K' T71 TT" E 38 if ' V5 'E 'H QTKFYR geawfjg a as , was was It . ,,w,,e'a,as, ,W Mfliymv fiat WM.my'W,,55'Q,s5-LIEKWBXYFEN mgfiw Q gms axgigi ,ivejav POTTER, DELMAR LEA, Maryville, Tennessee: B.A. in Mathematics: Math Club '64, '65: TMDO '65, Vice-President '65, RAINS, RONALD GAYLE, Jamestown, Tennessee: B.S. in Geography: IRC '65, '66: Pep Club '64, '65, '66, Secretary '65, President '66: GSPS '65, '66, Treasurer '66. RHYNE, ANNA LOUISE, Clinton, Tennessee: B.S. in Mathematics: Math Club '65, '66: Kappa Mu Epsilon. RICHARDSON, DONNA JEAN, Duck River, Tennessee: B.S. in Social Science: Biology Club '65: IRC '64. RICHARDSON, JAMES LARRY, Shelbyville, Tennessee: B.S. in Mathematics: Math Club '65, '66. ROBERSON, ROBERT LEE, Cookeville, Tennessee: B.S. in Biology: Circle "K" Club '64, '65, '66: "T" Club '64, '65, '66: TCA '63, '64, '65, '66. ROBERSON, WILLIAM FRED, Cookeville, Tennessee: B.S. in Biology: TCA '63, '64: Biology Club 'b3: Football '63, '64, '65. ROBERTS, JAN ROCHELLE, Donelson, Tennessee: B.S. in Biology: Scabbard and Blade '66: Circle "K" Club '65: Tech Rangers '65: Arts and Sciences Council '65: General Biology Staff '63, '64, '65: ASB Senator '65: Dormitory Counselor '63, '64, '65. ROBERTSON, CARL WAYNE, White House, Tennessee: B.S. in Mathematics: ME Club '62, '63: Math Club '65, '66: Pep Club '65, '66: Speleophiles '65, '66, President '66. A shortage of bleachers didn't stop these guys from watching the football game. And with all the comforts of home, too! Page 269 COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES ROGERS, STEPHEN A., Hixson, Tennessee: B.S. in Biology: Alpha Gamma Sigma '63, '64, '65, Guicle '63, '64, '65: Biology Club '64, '65.. . SAIN, WILLIAM O., McMinnville, Tennessee: B.S. in Biology: Chemistry Club '63, '64, '65, '66. SISSON, WENDELL QUENTIN, Oliver Springs, Tennessee: B.S. in Biology: Biology Club '62, '63, '64, '65: Chemistry Club '62, '63. SPRINGFIELD, RONALD L., Cookeville, Tennessee: B.S. in Geography: Vet- erans Club '64, '65, '66, Vice-President '66: GSPS '65, '66, Vice-President '66: Reserve Officers's Award '65: Intramural Track '63, '64. STEWART, GARY EDWARD, Memphis, Tennessee: B.S. in Mathematics: Kap- pa Mu Epsilon '64, '65, '66: Math Club '65. STEWART, GLEN WELDON, Memphis, Tennessee: B.S. in Mathematics: Kap- pa Mu Epsilon '64, '65, '66: Math Club '65. SWALLOWS, JERRY DALE, Baxter, Tennessee: B.S. in Mathematics: Math Club '62, '63, '65, TENNYSON, ALFRED L., JR., Sweetwater, Tennessee: B.S. in Mathematics: IEEE '65: Math Club '66: Intramural Football '62, '63, '64: Intramural Basket- ball '63, '64: Intramural Softball '63. TERRY, ROGER KEITH, Helenwoocl, Tennessee: B.S. in Pre-Dental, Biology: Biology Club '63, '65, '66: Chemistry Club '63, '65, '66: Intramural Basketball '65, '66: Intramural Softball '64, '65, '66, Page 270 A chance to fincl out about the Peace Corps was one of many opportunities available at Tech. THOMPSON, PAUL E., Crossville, Tennessee: B.S. in Geography: GSPS '66. TREADWAY, TERRENCE PAUL, Donelson, Tennessee: B.S. in Biology: Chem- istry Club '63, '64. TREWHITT, BARBARA CAROLYN, Cleveland, Tennessee: B.S. in Medical Technology: Biology Club '63: Chemistry Club '64. WALLING, CAROLYN MARIE, Springfield, Tennessee: B.S. in Medical Technology: Chemistry Club '63, '64: Biology Club '65: TCA '64, '65: Dorm Counselor '64, '65: TWO '63, '64, '65. WARD, ROBERT C., Sparta, Tennessee: B.S. in Mathematics: Math Club '63, '65, '66, Vice-President '66: Kappa Mu Epsilon '65, '66, President '66: T-Club '64, '65, '66: Secretary '66: Who's Who '65: All-OVC Academic Basketball Team '64: Basketball Team '63, '64: Intramural Softball Champions '63, '64, '65: Statistician for Basketball Team '65, '66. WEBSTER, GORDON D., Nashville, Tennessee: B.S. in Pre-Law, History: Pep Club '63, '64, '65: Veteran's Club '63, '64, '65, President '65: Student Traffic Court Judge '65: GSPS '65: Phi Alpha Theta '65: Intramural Golf Tourna- ment '64. WEST, CHARLES MILTON, Cookeville, Tennessee: B.S. in Chemistry: Chem- istry Club '6I, '65, '66: ACS '66: University Diving Team '65, '66. WHITTENBARGER, JIM H., Harriman, Tennessee: B.S. in English: NEA '66. WHITE, JAMES PARRIS, Cookeville, Tennessee: B.S. in Social Science: IRC '63, '64, '65, '66: GSPS '65: University Divers '63, '64, '65: Circle K '66: ASB Senator '66: Eagle Staff '65, '66, Copy Editor '65, Features Editor '66: Oracle Staff '65, '66: A8cS Council '66. WINTERS, RONALD LEE, Nashville, Tennessee: B.S. in History. The beginning of another year . Page 271 BUSINESS FACULTY gf . My i ELIZABETH FIDLER Secretary ,Abw . pi JU DY DUNHAM Secretary MARVIN ADKINS WHEWON CHO CHARLES BRUMBELOW DON R. COOK NORMAN G. BUSSE BILLIE CAMERON DON CAMPBELL Page 272 School of Bu iness dministration As the demand increases for more and better- trained graduates to enter the field of business and business education, Tennessee Tech's School of Busi- ness Administration is growing to H11 the demand. Its faculty has been increased and facilities for training are being expanded. Training in business machines and business ad- ministration skills is olfered to Tech students as the school strives to develop the students, ability to make sound business decisions and to appreciate the eco- nomic and social obligations of businessmen and Wom- en. This, coupled with a Well-rounded liberal educa- tion, is necessary to receive the Bachelor of Science De- gree in Business Administration. Training is offered in accounting, business man- agement, economics, finance, marketing, business edu- cation and ollice management. LOUIS JOHNSON Dean of the School of Business Administration DR. WILLIAM H. BONNER DR. HAROLD E. AYERS Chairman of the Department Chairman of the Departmenis ' ' f E ' d F' cl M keti of Business Education o conomncs an mance, an ar ng JOE A. THORNE Chairman of I:he Departmeni Wilanne L. Little. ., Glen Nichols ...... Clifford C. Phifer.. of Accounting . ,... Bus. Ed. . ....... Mldc. . . ..... Bus. Mgf. Stanley J. Phillips .,... ,..,. B us. Mgt. Virginia W. Plummer. ,. .... Bus. Ed. J. E. Spilman ...... Laura W. SpiIman,. ,. ,...... EEF .... Bus. Ed. Edward Cornelius. . . . . .Bus. Mg'c. Joseph W. Creek ..,.. ......, E con. Virginia Johnson .,.. ,..., B us. Ed. BUSINESS FACULTY Page 273 SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ANDERSON, DEAN CARL, McMinnville, Tennessee, B.S. in Economics, SOBA '63, '64, '65, '66, SAM '65, '66. ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM LAWTON, Winchester, Tennessee, B.S. in Ac- counting, "T" Club '63, '64, '65, '66, SOBA '64, '65, '66, Accounting Club '64, '65, '66, President '66, Pep Club '64, '65, '66. BAILEY, JOHN HAROLD, Oliver Springs, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Man- agement, Young Republicans Club '64, SOBA '66, SAM '66.. BALLINGER, GLENN THOMAS, Old Hickory, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Management, Rebel Rifles '6I, '63, Biology Club '6I, '63, SAM '64, '66, Ora- cle Statf '63, '66, Business Manager '64, '65, '66, Pep Club '64, '66, Acacia Club '65, '66. BEASLEY, WARD CARMACK, Franklin, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Manage- ment, Alpha Gamma Sigma '66, Chaplain '66, SOBA '63, SAM '66, Pep Club '66. BEASON, HARRIS, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Management. BILBREY, KEITH JAMES, Livingston, Tennessee, B.S. in Accounting, Band '62, '63, Troubadours '62, '63, Chorus '62. BILLINGSLEY, SHIRLEY RAY, Cookeville, Tennessee, B.S. in Accounting, Accounting Club '65, '66. BLALOCK, ROY WAYNE, Sevierville, Tennessee, B.S. in Marketing, SOBA '64, '65. BLEDSOE, WAYNE THOMAS, Soddy, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Manage- ment, SOBA '65, Intramural Basketball '62, '63, '64, '65, BRIGHT, ROBERT, Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Management, SOBA '64, '65. BROWN, CHARLES DOUGLAS, Livingston, Tennessee, B.S. in Marketing, SAM '64, '65, '66, Business Management Club '63, '65, '66, SOBA '64, '65, '66, Alpha Kappa Psi '65, '66, TMDO '63. Page 274 Randy Skidmore always en- joyed reading announcements to his "captive audience." BRUCE, RUTH ANN, Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Education, Pi Omega Pi '65, '66, SOBA '63, '64, '65, Phi Beta Lambda '64, '65, Pep Club '63, '64, '65, SNEA '64, '65. BRYANT, MARY KATHLEEN, Palmer, Tennessee, B.S. in Accounting, Ac- counting Club '63, '64, '65, '66, SOBA '63, '64, '65, '66, TWO '63, '64, '65, '66. BURGESS, LINDA GAIL, Crossville, Tennessee, B.S. in Office Management, Phi Beta Lambda '63, '64. BURKE, WALTER E., Sparta, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Management, SOBA '66, Business Management Club '66, SAM '66. BYARS, BRENDA DUKE, McMinnville, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Education, SOBA '62, Phi Beta Lambda '63, SNEA '65. BYARS, JAMES SAMUEL, Smithville, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Manage- ment, SOBA '62, '63, '64, SAM '62, '63, '64, '65, Pep Club '64. CARRINGTON, ALICE FAYE, Cookeville, Tennessee, B.S. in Office Manage- ment, TWO '62, '66, Pep Club '62, '66, SOBA '65, '66, Cheerleader '64, '65. COLEMAN, BILLY JAMES, Livingston, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Manage- ment, SAM '63, '64, '65, '66, SOBA '66, Intramural Baslcetball '63, '64. CRABTREE, RODERICK RAY, Livingston, Tennessee, B.S. in Finance, Alpha Kappa Psi '66. CRANCH, ROBERT BAILEY, Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Manage- ment, SAM '64, '65, '66, SOBA '64, '65, '66, Veterans Club '63, '64, '65, '66, Business Management Club '64, '65, '66. CRAWFORD, THOMAS CHARLES, Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in Account- ing. Pep Club '63, '65, SOBA '65, '66, Alpha Kappa Phi '65, '66, Eagle Staff '64, Accounting Club '65, '66. CUTHBERT, FRANKIE LEE, Wartburg, Tennessee, B.S. in Finance, TWO Board '63, Pep Club '63, '64, '65, '66, SOBA '65, '66, Accounting Club '65. DORRIS, JOHN RAY, White House, Tennessee, B.S. in Accounting, SOBA '64, '65, '66, Accounting Club '64, '65, '66, Vice-President '65, DRAPER, MARY LINDA, Gainesboro, Tennessee, B.S. in Marketing, TWO Board '63, '64, '65, Recording Secretary '64, President East Hall '63, Presi- dent Rye Hall, '65, IRC '63, SOBA '64, '65, Social Standards Council '64, TWO Big Sister of the Year '64. DYE, WILLIAM AVERY, Grandview, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Manage- ment, SAM '66, SOBA '66, Basketball '62, '63, '64, Softball '62, '63, '64. EMBRY, ROBERT TAYLOR, Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in Accounting, SOBA '66, Accounting Club '66. EMERY, DAVID RALPH, Chattanooga, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Manage- ment, TSPE '63, ME Club '64, Pep Club President '65, SOBA '64, '65, '66, AIAA '64, Business Management Club '64, '65, '66, SAM '65, '66. EVANS, STEPHEN CARL, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Manage- ment, Rebel Rifles '63, '64, '65, Scabbard and Blade '65, '66. Page 275 SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION FASICK, JOHN DAVID, Winchester, Tennessee: B.S. in Economics: Veterans Club '63, '64, '65, '66: SOBA '64, '65, '66: Bus. Mgt. Club '64, '65, '66: Ten- nis Team '63, '64. FERRELL, SAM NICHOLS. JR., Jasper, Tennessee: B.S. in Accounting: SOBA '65: Accounting Club '65: SOBA Scholarship '65. FORD, CHARLES KENNETH, Winchester, Tennessee: B.S. in Finance: SOBA '64, '65. '66, Treasurer '66: SAM '64, '65, '66: Bus. Mgt. Club '64, '65, '66: Alpha Kappa Psi '66. FRANKLIN, JACK, Sparta, Tennessee: B.S. in Business: Intramurals '65.. . FRYE, KENNETH REID, Gordonsville, Tennessee: B.S. in Business Manage- ment: SAM '64, '65, '66: SOBA '65, '66. GATES, WILLIAM THOMAS Ill, Peru, Illinois: B.S. in Economics: Speech Activities '64, '65, '66: Pi Kappa Delta '64, '65, '66, Treasurer, '65: Alpha Kappa Psi '66. GIBSON, STEVEN HUGH, Cleveland, Tennessee: B.S. in Accounting: "T" Club '63, '64, '65, '66: Accounting Club '66: Golf Team '63, '64: Tennis Team '65, '66. GREEN, JAMES FREDERICK, Dickson, Tennessee: B.S. in Accounting: Pep Club '63, '65: Intramural Football '63, '64: Intramural Softball '63, '64. GRIFFIN, JAMES RAY, Carthage, Tennessee: B.S. in Business Management: SAM '63, '65: Business Management Club '65. HACKETT, PHILLIP D., Cookeville, Tennessee: B.S. in Business Administra- tion: SOBA '63, '64, '65, '66: SAM '66: Alpha Kappa Psi '65, '66. HALFACRE, JOE VIRGIL, Gainesboro, Tennessee: B.S. in Business Manage- ment: SOBA '64, '65, '66: SAM '65, '66, Vice-President '65, President '66: Pep Club '63, '66: Alpha Kappa Psi '66: ASB Senator '65, '66: Intramural Football '63, '64, '65: Intramural Basketball '63, '64: Intramural Softball '63, '64 HARRIS, LARRY HENRY, Hohenwald, Tennessee: B.S. in Accounting: SOBA '63, '65: Accounting Club '65. HAYES, DANIEL L., Waycross, Georgia: B.S. in Business Management: Vet- erans Club '62: SOBA '66: Intramurals '62, '66. HAYES, KENNETH BROWN, Shelbyville, Tennessee: B.S. in Business Manage- ment: SAM '66. HILL, EARL ZANE, Spring City, Tennessee: B.S. in Accounting: SOBA '64, '65, '66. HOLLAND, WALTER THOMAS, JR., Chattanooga, Tennessee: B.S. in Busi- ness Management: Rebel Rifles '63, '64, '65: Scabbard and Blade '65, '66: SAM '65, '66. HUDDLESTON, EARL M., Cookeville, Tennessee: B.S. in Finance: SOBA '64: "T" Club '64, '65, '66: Golf Team '63, '64, '65, '66, Captain '65. HUNGERFORD, THOMAS WALTER, Oak Ridge, Tennessee: B.S. in Business Management. Page 276 HUNTER, CLYDE GLENN, Rickman, Tennessee: B.S. in Accounting: SOBA '64, '65, '66: Accounting Club '64, '65, '66: Veterans Club '64, '65, '66. JEF-FERS, DENNIS EDGAR, Helenwood, Tennessee: B.S. in Accounting: SAM '64: SOBA '66: Pep Club '66. JOHNSON, JERRY RONALD, Cookeville, Tennessee: B.S. in Marketing: SOBA '65: SAM '65: Alpha Kappa Psi '65. JONES, THURMAND G., JR., Nashville, Tennessee: B.S. in Business Manage- ment: Scabbard and Blade '65, '66: SAM '66: Alpha Kappa Psi '66: Tech Rangers '65: Intramural Football '62, '63, '64, Softball '62, '63, '64, '65, Bask- etball '63, '64, '65, Track '63, '64, '65. JUDD, HINSON MARSHALL, Algoocl, Tennessee: B.S. in Finance: SOBA '63. KEATHLEY, JOSEPH LYLE, Sparta, Tennessee: B.S. in Accounting: SOBA '65. KELLEY, JAMES HOWARD, JR., Nashville, Tennessee: B.S. in Business Man- agement: SAM '62, '63, '64, '65, '66: Scabbard ancl Blacle '65, '66: Tech Rangers '64, '65, '66: Alpha Kappa Psi '65, '66. KIDD, MICHAEL L., Cookeville, Tennessee: B.S. in Business Management: Rebel Rifles '62, LEDBETTER, LOWELL A., Crossville, Tennessee: B.S. in Business Manage- ment: SOBA '66: SAM '66: Bus. Mgt. Club '66: Veterans Club '66. LEDBETTER, VIVIAN FAYE, Crossville, Tennessee: B.S. in Office Manage- ment: Tech Players '64. LIMBAUGH, DONALD GORDON, Winchester, Tennessee: B.S. in Econom- ics: SOBA '66: SAM '66. LOFTIS, MARY FRANCES, Cookeville, Tennessee: B.S. in Business Manage- ment: SOBA '64, '65: Pep Club '63, '64, I wonder what's hold- ing up this show. Page 277 Her l.D. card will be her most prized possession. SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION LUNSFORD, ERNEST STEVEN, Nashville, Tennessee: B.S. in Marketing: Alpha Kappa Psi '66: Pep Club '66. LYNN, PATRICIA ANN, Cookeville, Tennessee: B.S. in Marketing: SOBA '64, '65, '66: SAM '66. McCARTHY, MICHAEL S., Abbeville, South Carolina: B.S. in Business Man- agement: SAM '66: Cafeteria Club '64, '65: SOBA '66. MATHEWS, JUSTO ELIAS, Betijoque, Truiillo, Venezuela: B.S. in Business Management: Cosmopolitan Club '63, '64, '65, '66. MATHIAS, KENNETH RAY, Union City, Tennessee: B.S. in Accounting: SOBA '63, '64, '65, '66: Alpha Kappa Psi '65, '66: Pep Club '63, '64: TCA '64, '65, '66. METCALF, JOHN FRANKLIN, Sparta, Tennessee: B.S. in Finance: SOBA '62, '63, '64, '65: Pep Club '62, '63, '64, '65. MORRISON, ROBERT CULTON, JR., Nashville, Tennessee: B.S. in Econom- ics. MORTON, JOHN B., Mentor, Tennessee: B.S. in Business Management. MOSELY, RALPH ELLINGTON, Nashville, Tennessee: B.S. in Marketing: Alpha Kappa Psi '65, '66, President '66: Scabbard and Blade '65, '66, Secre- tary '66: Tech Rangers '65, '66: SOBA '65, '66: SAM '65, '66: TSPE '63, '64: Pep Club '63, '64, '65, '66: Association of the United States Army, Medal '65: Scabbard and Blade Medal '65: Dormitory Counselor '63, '64, '65, '66: Intramural Basketball '64, '65. MULLICAN, GRADY CURTIS, Coalmont, Tennessee: B.S. in Business Man- agement: SOBA '63, '64, '65. MULLINIX, TOMMY R., Jamestown, Tennessee: B.S. in Business Manage- ment. NELSON, JESSE CARLOS, Rickman, Tennessee: B.S. in Accounting. Page 278 NICHOLS, LARRY M., Franklin, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Management, Rebel Rifles '63, '64, '65, SOBA '63, SAM '64, '65, Alpha Kappa Psi '65, '66, Circle K '65, Scabbard and Blade '66, Work Scholarship '63, '64, NIX, ROBERT SNOW, Watertown, Tennessee, B.S. in Accounting. PACE, BILLY JOE, Madison, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Management, SAM '66, Vice-President '66, Alpha Kappa Psi '66, SOBA '66, Intramural Basketball '64 PRESTON, CHARLES LEE, III, Tullahoma, Tennessee, B.S. in Accounting, SOBA '65, Intramural Football '65. RANKIN, JAMES DALLAS, Spring City, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Manage- ment, SAM '66. ROBERTS, HAROLD WAYNE, Gainesboro, Tennessee, B.S. in Accounting, Rebel Rifles '63, '64, Tech Band '63, Bowling '63. ROBINSON, ROBERT DANIEL, Cookeville, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Man- agement, Tech Ranger '66, Scabbard and Blade '66. RUSSELL, JOSEPH ARTHUR, Copperhill, Tennessee, B.S. in Marketing, AI- pha Kappa Psi '66. RUTHERFORD, ELLEN S., Livingston, Tennessee, B.S. in Office Manage- ment. SABO, JAMES PAUL, East Brunswick, New Jersey, B.S. in Business Manage- ment. SCOGGIN, MILTON OLIVER, Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in Marketing, SOBA '62, Pep Club '66, Accounting '62, Intramurals '62, '63, '64, '65, '66. SETTLE, PATRICIA ANN, Gainesboro, Tennessee, B.S. in Marketing, English Club '63, SOBA '63, '64, '65, '66, Bus. Mgt. Club '63, '64, '65, '66, Secretary- Treasurer '65, TWO Board '64, Oracle Staff '65, '66, Freshman Class Secre- tary '63, Miss Freshman '63, Tech's Sweetheart '65, ROTC Sponsor '63, '64, TMDO Calendar Girl '63, '65, Homecoming Queen Attendant '64, Dorm Officer '65, Miss Putnam Co. Scholarship '63. SHERRILL, DAVID LOUIS, Shelbyville, Tennessee, B.S. in Accounting, NSPE '62, '63, SOBA '65, '66, ME Club '62, '63, Pep Club '62, '63, '65. SKIDMORE, CECIL RANDY, Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in Accounting, TMDO '63, '64, President Daniel Hall '63, President Millard Hall '64, Jr. Class President '65, ASB President '66, Circle K '66, SOBA '66, Accounting Club '66, Intramurals '63, '64, SMITH, BOBBY RAY, Hilham, Tennessee, B.S. in Business Management, SOBA '62, SAM '65, Pep Club '65, Track '62, Intramural Track Champ '63. SMITH, LARRY HULON, McKenzie, Tennessee, B.S. in Marketing, "T" Club '66, SOBA '66. SOLOMON, THOMAS CLARENCE, Chattanooga, Tennessee, B.S. in Ac- counting, Pep Club '63. SWIFT, SIDNEY, Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in Accounting, SOBA '63, '64, '65, '66, Accounting Club '63, '64, '65, '66, SAM '63, Pep Club '64, '65, '66, In- tramural Basketball '63, ROTC Achievement Award '63, '64, '65, '66. Page 279 SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION TAYLOR, ERNEST NORMAN, Crossville, Tennessee: B.S. in Business Manage- ment: SOBA '65, '66, Vice-President '65: SAM '65, '66, Secretary '66: Busi- ness Management Club '65, '66, President '66. THOMAS, RONALD DAVID, Cookeville, Tennessee: B.S. in Accounting: SOBA '64, '65, '66, President '66: Accounting Club '64, '65, '66: Alpha Kap- pa Psi '66, Treasurer '66. TUELL, GEORGE REID, Athens, Tennessee: B.S. in Business Management: SOBA '65: SAM '66. VADEN, JOHN DAVID, JR., Franklin, Tennessee: B.S. in Business Manage- ment: SOBA '66: SAM '66. WALLACE, JANE RACHAEL, Sparta, Tennessee: B.S, in Marketing: SOBA '63, '64, '65, '66: Pep Club '63, '64: TWO Board '63, '64, '66. WARREN, ROBERT RAY, Waverly, Tennessee: B.S. in Accounting: Account- ing Club '66. WALLING, PATRICIA ANNE, Sparta, Tennessee: B.S. in Accounting: SOBA '66: Accounting Club '66. WEBB, JAMES LEE, Dayton, Ohio: B.S. in Business Management: Intramural Basketball '63, '64, '65: Intramural Softball '63, WELLS, VERNON F., JR., Nashville, Tennessee: B.S. in Economics: TSPE '6I. WHITLEY, EDWARD A., Franklin, Tennessee: B.S. in Accounting: Accounting Club '65, '66: SOBA '65, '66: ASB Senator '66: Pep Club '63, '66: Intramural Basketball '63, '64, '65, '66. WILSON, THOMAS GERALD, Covington, Kentucky: B.S. in Business Man- agement: "T" Club '65, '66: Fellowship Christian Athletes '65, '66: Track Team '64, '65, '66. WININGER, J. D., JR., Kingsport, Tennessee: B.S. in Finance: SOBA '65: ln- tramural Softball and Basketball '63, '64, '65. WITT, EDWARD EUGENE, Spring City, Tennessee: B.S. in Accounting: Alpha Kappa Psi '66. WOOLBRIGHT, WILLIAM CORNELIUS, Monterey, Tennessee: B.S. in Fi- nance: SOBA '64: Accounting Club '64: Young Republicans Club '65: Alpha Kappa Psi '66: Veterans Club '66. YAMUNI, JOHN M., Miami, Florida: B.S. in Marketing: Alpha Kappa Psi '66, Master of Rituals: SAM '66: SOBA '64, '65, '66, Vice-President, '66: Busi- ness Management Club '64, '65, '66. Page 280 En ineerin Coll of gg gill-1g.ll" Tech's College of Engineering is one of the most -M dynamic colleges on campus. Its facilities are increas- ing, and its faculty has gained new members. New department heads this year are Dr. Leighton E. Sis- som, chairman of the department of mechanical en- gineering, and Col. Williaiii G. Patterson, chairman of the military science department. A recent addition to our campus is the impres- sive New Engineering Building. It houses a nuclear - reactor and a new computer center. - Almost 1,500 students are enrolled in the Col- lege of Engineeringg of these, 130 are seniors. The College of Engineering desires to contrib- ute to the understanding of the subjects it teaches and to give its students an opportunity to secure a thorough education in order to be prepared for work in a technical society. One of the outstanding Features of the engineer- ing work is the co-operative program. Students gain valuable experience and make valuable contacts by working in industrial concerns while still enrolled in the College of Engineering. These students alternate a year of formal schooling with a year of practical training. Many students find such a program a means of financing their education. JAMES S. BROWN Dean of the School of Engineering DR. ALBERT L. DUKE W. H. LEWIS RAY KlNSLOW Chairman of the Departmenl: Chairman of the Department Chairman of the Department of Electrical Engineering of Industrial Technology of Engineering Science Page 281 Nfl C. P. PHILPOT COLONEL WILLIAM PATTERSON Chairman of the Department Chairman ot the Department of Industrial Engineering of Military Science ELIZABETH ABELS GLENDA HILL 596,-efary Secretary Secretary Page 282 ENGINEERING FACULTY I I I ' izz' --Q- I Law 4 BETTY JENNINGS DR. L. E. SISSOM Chairman of the Department of Mechanical Engineering 9 5? ' ' .. - fi I fir 'QE .M LINDA EMILY SPEAKMAN McDEARMAN Secretary Secretary Frank D. Alexander .... ..... E S Peter D. Anderson,. .... IE Neal T. Arthur .......... .,,,,. I T Sp!5 Samuel L. Beal ....... ..... M S Capt. Stanley G. Bonta ... .. . . .MS Donald L. Box ,......... .,.. E E John A. Bullington ,.,.. ..... C E Capt. William A. Bush ..... ..... M S J. Marvin Byrom ,,...... ...... E S Albert A. Cannella ... .....CE Robert Q. Childress. ...... EE T. J. Chung ....... ,,,.. C E Horace D. Craun ..,.. ...,.. E E Lloyd W. Crawtorcl .... ,,,.. M E G. T. Daryanani .... .... E E Dewey H. Deason.. ..... CE John L. Dixon ..... ME .QQ x--5 Ralph L. Dunclcel ...,... O. T. Estes .........,..,. Capt. Robert R. Fraley ,. R. C. Frounfellcer .....,.. C. O. Glisson ..,,.. . . Vernon Gresham .. ,, Capt. Ernest R. Gunn Hasan A. Hejazi. ., J. M. Henderson.. Ju-Chin Huang . James H. Hughes .,...... R. Reid Kearl. . ..., .. SfMa'. Claude W. Keenam. .. I Kaya Kotan , .... , .... , .. Kuang-ming Lin ..... .. Sfsgt. Rex Lineberry .... Cheng Lung Liu ......,. Philip Lutin .....,,.... Capt. James D. McClain. Jon R. McDearman. ., SFC Allen C. Moody ,.... Capt. William T. Muenter, Lt. Col. James Norwood., James E. Paris ............ Homi K. Patel .........., Sgt. George M. Pullie, , . SFC Lesley L. Raulerson. Lt. Col. Charles N. Rose. . . Maj. Edward M. Scott .... L. O. Shook ......., Capt. John F. Sullivan ..... Sgt. Howard L. Thompson Francis R. Toline ......... James M. Watson ........ SFC Billy Welch ,... Don Williams ..,,.. Maj. E. R. Williams. . Richard Wright ..... Robert H. Wynn., Rao Yarlagadda . . ....ME .....EE .,..MS ES ....ME IT ....MS ..,.ES ...HES ...HES .....ES ....ME ,.....MS ....ME ...HES ..,.MS ...NES ,..,CE ....MS .....EE MS MS ....MS ....CE lE MS .,..MS MS ....MS ME ,. MS MS ES ME MS .....ES MS ....ME ES ....EE Page 283 COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AGEE, CARL EDWARD, Madison, Tennessee: B.S. in Civil Engineering: ASCE '62, '63, '64: NSPE '64: ME Club '62, ALLEN, CHARLES HUBERT, Athens, Tennessee: B.S. in Industrial Technology: Chemistry Club '62: NSPE '62: IT Club '63, '66: Intramural Football '6I, '62, '63, '64. ANDERSON, JERRY LEE, Baxter, Tennessee: B.S. in Civil Engineering: ASCE '64, '65, '66, President '66: NSPE '63, '64, '65, '66, Parliamentarian, '65: EJC '66: Kappa Mu Emilon '64, '65, '66: Eta Epsilon Sigma '65, '66: AIAA '63: EPS '63, '64, '65, '66: athematics Achievement Award '63. ATCHISON, PAUL C., JR., Russellville, Kentucky: B.S. in Electrical Engineer- ing: IEEE '65, '66, Vice-Chairman '66: NSPE '65, '66: Kappa Mu Epsilon '63, '64, '65, '66: Eta Epsilon Sigma '65, '66, Corresponding Secretary '66: Schlum- berger Scholarship '65. BAILEY, LEE SUTTON, Granville, Tennessee: B.S. in Electrical Engineering: IEEE, '66. BAKER, JOHN CHARLES, Dickson, Tennessee: B.S. in Industrial Engineering: AIIE '63, '64, '65, '66, Secretary '66: Intramurals '63, '64, '65, '66. BARKER, DONALD CLAYTON, McMinnville, Tennessee: B.S. in Electrical En- gineering: IEEE '65, '66: NSPE '66. BARKER, JAMES DANIEL, Dunlap, Tennessee: B.S. in Industrial Technology: Rebel Rifles '58, '59: IT Club '59, '66. BEAN, DONALD MAURICE, JR., Manchester, Tennessee: B.S. in Mechanical Engineering: ME Club '63, '64, '65, '66: Pep Club '62, '63. BELL, JAMES FREDRICK, JR., Tracy City, Tennessee: B.S. in Electrical Engi- neering: AIEE '63: IEEE '64, '65, '66: NSPE '66, Vice-President '66. BETTIS, LYNN S., Tullahoma, Tennessee: B.S. in Mechanical Engineering: Rebel Rifles '63, '64-. ME Club '63, '64, '65. BILBREY, JIM BUFORD, Coolceville, Tennessee: B.S. in Industrial Technology: Young Democrats '62, '63: Pep Club '62, '63: IT Club '64, '65, '66: AFS '66: Intramural Football '63, '64. BROCE, FRED L., Erwin, Tennessee: B.S. in Electrical Engineering: IEEE '64, '65, '66. BROCK, EVERETT CROWNOVER, III, McMinnville, Tennessee: B.S. in lndus- trial Technology: IT Club '63, '64, '65, '66: "T" Club '66. BUNN, JOHN CHARLES, ll, Washington, D. C.: B.S. in Electrical Engineering: IEEE '63, '64, '65, '66: NSPE '66. BUSBY, MICHAEL RAY, Goodlettsville, Tennessee: B.S. in Engineering Science: AIAA '64, '65, '66, Secretary '65: ES Club '64, '65, '66, President '66: Eta Epsilon Sigma '65, '66: Kappa Mu Epsilon '64, '65, '66, Treasurer '65: EJC '65, '66: EPS '65: NSPE '64, '65, '66: Freshman Physics Award '64: Who's Who '65: Superior Cadet Award '64, '65. BUSH, CHARLES EDWARD, Cookeville, Tennessee: B.S. in Civil Engineering: ASCE '65, '66: EPS '62, '63, '64, '65. CAMPBELL, DONALD JAMES, Stanton, Tennessee: B.S. in Mechanical Engi- neering: ME Club '6I, '63, '65, '66: AIAA '65, '66. Page 284 You'd better pay attention or you'll be out here next, buddy! CARDEN, CLIFFORD CLYDE, JR., Cleveland, Tennessee: B.S. in Industrial Technology. CARRINGTON, SAM V., JR., Kingston, Tennessee: B.S. in Industrial Technol- ogy: IT Club '66: Transfer from East Tennessee State University. CASSON, TONY ROBURN, Chattanooga, Tennessee: B.S. in Industrial Tech- no ogy. CASTLEMAN, JOSEPH RANDOLPH, Nashville, Tennessee: B.S. in Mechani- cal Engineering: ME Club '65, '66, Vice-President '66: Kappa Mu Epsilon '65, '66. CATHEY, JOHN HILLARY, JR., Shelbyville, Tennessee: B.S. in Mechanical Engineering: ME Club '65, '66: NSPE '66. CHANDLER, DONNIE FORD, Mitchellville, Tennessee: B.S. in Industrial En- gineering: AIIE '64, '65, '66, Treasurer '65. CHEATHAM, CLAUDE H., JR., Columbia, Tennessee: B.S. in Industrial Engi- neering: NSPE '63: AIIE '62, '63, '64, '65, '66, Treasurer '66: EPS Council '65, '66: Intramural Football '64. CHESTER, WAYNE W., JR., Allensville, Kentucky: B.S. in Industrial Technolo- gy,NsPE'6L'62:n'Cmb'64,w5:AFs'bm'bs COBLE, BARBARA L., Nashville, Tennessee: B.S. in Civil Engineering: NSPE '64, '65, '66: ASCE '64, '65, '66, Secretary '66. COBLE, CLAUD HOLT, JR., Madison, Tennessee: B.S. in Electrical Engi- neering: NSPE '63, '64, '65: IEEE '64, '65, '66: Scabbard and Blade '65, '66: Tech Rangers '65, '66. COLEMAN, DAVID L., Hixon, Tennessee: B.S. in Industrial Technology: NSPE '60: AFS '63: IT Club '63, '64, '65: Circle K '64, '65, Chairman of Pub- lic Relations Committee: Pep Club '62, '63, '64. COMBS, JOHN F., Hyde Parlc, New York: B.S. in Industrial Engineering: AIIE '65, '66. Page zss COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING COOK, OWEN MILTON, Crossville, Tennessee: B.S. in Industrial Technolo- gy: Tech Aggies '64: IT Club '65, '66: AFS '65, '66. COOPER, WAYNE DAVID, Kingsport, Tennessee: B.S. in Engineering Science: TSPE '6I, '63: AIAA '63, '66: ES Club '65, '66: NSPE '66. CRABTREE, WILLIAM LARRY, Monteagle, Tennessee: B.S. in Electrical En- gineering: IEEE '63, '64, '65, '66: NSPE '64, '65, '66, Secretary '66- . DAVIDSON, TROY KAY, Forbus, Tennessee: B.S. in Industrial Technology: AFS '66: IT Club '66. DEAL, BOBBY A., Dickson, Tennessee: B.S. in Civil Engineering: ASCE '64, '65, '66: TMDO '65: Intramural Football, Basketball, Softball '63, '64, '65, '66. DICKEY, ALLEN REID, Wrigley, Tennessee: B.S. in Industrial Technology: IT Club '6I, '62, '63, '64, '65, '66: AFS '64, '65, '66: TMDO Scholarship '64. DYER, EVERETT B., III, Cookeville, Tennessee: B.S. in Engineering Science: Chemistry Club '63: Ritle Team '63, '64: Distinguished Military Student '63: Association of the U. S. Army Award '64: NSPE '64: Kappa Mu Epsilon '65, '66: AIAA '66: ES Club '66, Vice-President '66. EDGE, TEDDY MACK, Dowelltown, Tennessee: B.S. in Electrical Engineering: IEEE '66: NSPE '66. EDWARDS, HARRY MICHAEL, Hendersonville, Tennessee: B.S. in Mechani- cal Engineering: ME Club '63, '64, '65, '66: NSPE '63, '64, '65, '66. ELAM, ROBERT O., Madison, Tennessee: B.S. in Industrial Technology: IT Club '65, '66: ASB Senator School of Engineering '66. ELKINS, EDMUND H., III, Cleveland, Tennessee: B.S. in Industrial Technolo- gy: IEEE '63, '64, '65: NSPE '63, '64, '65: IT Club '65, '66, Vice-President '65: Kappa Mu Epsilon '66, Treasurer '66: Dormitory Counselor '64, '65: ASB Sen- ator School of Engineering '65, '66: Intramural Basketball '63, '64, '65, '66: Veterans' Club '63, '64, '65, '66, Vice-President '64. ELLIS, FARRIS GERALD, Chattanooga, Tennessee: B.S. in Industrial Tech- nology: IT Club '65, '66: Cross Country Track Team '62. Students offer sacrifice to the "tire-god" tor protec- tion in a coming game. Page 286 ELROD, JAMES EDWARD, JR., Kingston, Tennessee: B.S. in Industrial Engi- neering: IE Club '64, '65, '66: Vice-President '66: Tech Rangers '65, '66. FENTON, BRUCE CHARLES, Bellmawr, New Jersey: B.S. in Mechanical Engi- neering: ME Club '65, '66: Freshmen Football '62: Intramural Football '64: Intramural Softball '63, '64. FERGUSON, JAMES E., Memphis, Tennessee: B.S. in Electrical Engineering: IEEE '63, '65, '66, Chairman '66, AIAA '63, '65, '66: Eta Epsilon Sigma '65, '66: EJC '66. FIELDS, ROY JAMES, Dunlap, Tennessee: B.S. in Electrical Engineering: NSPE '66: IEEE '64, '65, '66. FINNEY, JOHN CURTIS, Fayetteville, Tennessee: B.S. in Industrial Technolo- QY' FISHER, CLIFTON M., Nashville, Tennessee: B.S. in Industrial Technology: IT Club '63, '64, '66. FLOYD, CHARLIE L., Sparta, Tennessee: B.S. in Electrical Engineering: NSPE '62, '63: IEEE '64, '65. FREYTAG, ALLEN BYRON, Wartburg, Tennessee: B.S. in Electrical Engi- neering: TSPE '63, '64, '65, '66: IEEE '65, '66: Intramural Football '64, '65, '66 GAFFIN, ROBERT DODSON, Viola, Tennessee: B.S. in Electrical Engineering: IEEE '64, '65, '66: NSPE '65, '66: Intramural Football '64, '66. GALBREATH, JOHN C., JR., Nashville, Tennessee: B.S. in Electrical Engi- neering: Rebel Rifles '63, '64, '65: IEEE '65, '66: Scabbard and Blade '65, '66. Eagle Staff '65, '66, Military Editor '65. GIBBONS, LARRY EUGENE, Cottage Grove, Tennessee: B.S. in Industrial Technology. GOODWIN, STEPHEN JAY, McDonald, Tennessee: B.S. in Industrial Technol- ogy: IT Club '63, '64, '65: AFS '66: Intramural Athletics '62, '63, '65, '66. GORE, BARRY MAURICE, Memphis, Tennessee: B.S. in Electrical Engineer ing: IEEE '65, '66: NSPE '65, '66. GOWER, WILLIAM C., Nashville, Tennessee: B.S. in Mechanical Engineer ing. GRAY, BUELL EDMOND, JR., Athens, Tennessee: B.S. in Industrial Technol- ogy: IT Club '6I, '62. GRIFFITH, CHARLES NICHOLAS, McMinnville, Tennessee: B.S. in Civil En- gineering. GRIFFITH, LOWELL T., Duff, Tennessee: B.S. in Mechanical Engineering: AIAA '64: ME Club '64, '65, '66: EPS '66. HANDY, WILLIAM RAY, Lebanon, Tennessee: B.S. in Mechanical Engineer ing. Page 287 COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING HANKINS, JERRY CECIL, Kingston, Tennessee, B.S. in Industrial Technolo- gy, TSPE '63, IT Club '65, '66. HARRIS, FRANK OLIN, Cleveland, Tennessee, B.S. in Industrial Technology. HARTMAN, HAROLD DOUGLAS, Hermitage, Tennessee, B.S. in Industrial Technology, Tech Rangers '64, '65, '66, IEEE '63, IT Club '66. HAYES, PHILLIP RANDALL, Sparta, Tennessee, B.S. in Electrical Engineer- ing, AIEE '62, '63, IEEE '64, '65, '66, TSPE '62, '63, NSPE '64, '65. HAYNES, WILLIAM ROGER, JR., Oak Ridge, Tennessee, B.S. in Industrial Technology, Oracle Staff 63, IT Club '63, '64, '65, '66, AFS '64, '65, '66, Secretary and Treasurer '64, '65, AFS Scholarship '65. HIGHERS, BUFORD VANTREASE, Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in Industrial Technology, AIIE '65. HILL, BOBBY CARL, Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, NSPE '63, IEEE '64, '65, Intramural Softball '64, Intramural Football '65. HILL, TOMMIE W., Boaz, Alabama, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, ME Club '65, '66. HOLT, JOHN PAGE III, Wilmington, Delaware, B.S. in Mechanical Engineer- ing, ME Club '65, '66. I Page zsa HOLT, WILLIAM HAYNES, Tullahoma, Tennessee, B.S. in Industrial Technol- ogy, IT Club '65, '66, AFS '65, Intramural Football '65, '66, Intramural Soft- ball '65, '66. HOPPER, DAVID LYNN, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, B.S. in Industrial Engineer- ing, ASCE '64, IE Club '65, '66. HORNICK, KENNETH EUGENE, Columbia, Tennessee, B.S. in Industrial Technology, Rebel Rifles '6I, '63, Scabbard and Blade '65, NSPE '6I, '62, Tech Rangers '65, IT Club '66. HURST, JOHN C., Newport, Tennessee, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, ME Club '62, '63, '64, '65, TSPE '6l, '62. INGRAM, DWAIN TYRONE, Crossville, Tennessee, B.S. in Industrial Technol- ogy, EE Club '62, '63, IT Club '63, '64, '65. INGRAM, GARY LEE, Chattanooga, Tennessee, B.S. in Industrial Technolo- 9YZ ME Club '64, IT Club '65. JENNINGS, JOHN DOUGLAS, Tullahoma, Tennessee, B.S. in Civil Engineer- ing, CE Club '65, '66, Parliamentarian '66, Intramural Football '62, '63, '64, '65, Intramural Golf '62, '63, '64, '65. JOHNSON, FLOYD JACKSON, Old Hickory, Tennessee, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, IEEE '64, '65, Counselor '62, '63. JOHNSON, JACK MICHAEL, Donelson, Tennessee, B.S. in Electrical Engi- neering. LAWSON, RONNIE STANLEY, Kingsport, Tennessee: B.S. in Industrial Tech- nology: IT Club '66: AFS '66, President '66. LEWIS, RUSSELL WARREN, III, Nashville, Tennessee: B.S. in Industrial Engi- neering: IEEE '62: AIEE '63, '64, '65: Pep Club '62, '63, '64, '65: SpeIe0Pl1II6S '63, '64, '65. LIECHTY, JAMES R., Belvidere, Tennessee: B.S. in Electrical Engineering: IEEE '62, '63, '65, '66. LONG, WAYNE MARSHALL, Maryville, Tennessee: B.S. in Industrial Tech- nology: Scabbard and Blade '65, '66. LUTTRELL, WILLIAM B., Chattanooga, Tennessee: B.S. in Industrial Engi- neering: IE Club '65, '66, President '66: NSPE '63: Circle K '64, '65: Fresh- man Class President '63: ASB Treasurer '64: SUSGA Vice-Chairman '65: Sen- ior Class President '66. MACLIN, GLENN MINOR, Stanton, Tennessee: B.S. in Mechanical Engi- neering: ME Club '65, '66: EJC '66, President '66: NSPE '66. MARCUM, Michael Rhea, Louisville, Kentucky: B.S. in Mechanical Engineer ing. MASTERS, WALTER BAXTER, Lynchburg, Tennessee: B.S. in Industrial Arts Education: SNEA '64, '65, '66. MELHORN, JAMES EDWARD, Oakdale, Tennessee: B.S. in Industrial Tech- nology. JOLLEY, JAMES B., Spring City, Tennessee: B.S. in Electrical Engineering' IEEE '62, '63, '64, '65, '66: NSPE '66: Pep Club '63. JONES, ROBERT ALLEN, Algood, Tennessee: B.S. in Engineering Science: Kappa Mu Epsilon '63: Eta Epsilon Sigma '65: ES Club '65, '66: AIAA '66: Rebel Rifles '62, '63: MS-I Superior Cadet '62, JORDAN, LARRY MICHAEL, Oak Ridge, Tennessee: B.S. in Industrial Tech- nology: IT Club '64, '65, '66: EPS '65, '66: AFS '66: Intramural Football '63: Intramural Basketball '63. KELLY, CHARLES WARREN, Cochran, Georgia: B.S. in Industrial Technolo- gy: IT Club '66. KERN, HARRY GREGORY, JR., Santa Cruz, California: B.S. in Electrical En- gineering: IEEE '65, '66: TMDO Scholarship '65. KIMBROUGH, LELAND DOUGLAS, Lawrenceburg, Tennessee: B.S. in In- dustrial Technology. LACKEY, JOHN L., Chattanooga, Tennessee: B.S. in Civil Engineering: CE Club '65, '66: NSPE '63, '66: Intramural Football '64, '65, '66: Intramural Basketball '64, '65: Intramural Softball '65. LAWRENCE, GERALD RICHARD, Old Hickory, Tennessee: B.S. in Electrical Engineering: IEEE '65, '66: Kappa Mu Epsilon '64, '65, '66: Schlumberger Scholarship '64, '65. LAWSON, JAMES R., Tullahoma, Tennessee: B.S. in Civil Engineering: ASCE '65, '66: NSPE '66. Page 289 COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING MILLER, NEIL TAYLOR, JR., Knoxville, Tennessee, B.S. in Industrial Tech- nology, IT Club '65, '66, Pep Club '64, '66, NSPE '62, '63, AFS '65, '66, In- tramural Football '63, MORGAN, JOHN RONALD, Sale Creek, Tennessee, B.S. in Electrical Engi- neering, IEEE '63, '64, '65, '66, Eta Epsilon Sigma '65, '66, Kappa Mu Epsilon '64, '65, '66, NSPE '63, '64. MURRAY, JAMES CARSON, JR., Kingston, Tennessee, B.S. in Industrial Technology, NSPE '63, IT Club '64, '65, '66, SAM '65. NILES, CHARLES SISSON, JR., Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in Mechanical En- gineering, ME Club '64, '65, '66, Secretary '65, '66, EPS Council '64, '65, '66, Pep Club '63, '64, Semper Fidelis '65, '66, Intramural Football '64, OOTEN, GARLAND DEAN, Oakdale, Tennessee, B.S. in Industrial Technolo- 9YI NSPE '63, '64, Intramural Basketball '63, '64, '65. OWENS, JOSEPH HERMAN, Memphis, Tennessee, B.S. in Engineering Science, ES Club '64, '65, '66. PAGE, GEORGE DONALD, Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in Industrial Technolo- gy, ME Club '6I, IT Club '63, '64, '65, Pep Club '64, '65, Intramural Foot- ball '63, '64, '65, Intramural Softball '63, '64, '65. PARKS, JOHN CHARLES, Huntsville, Alabama, B.S. in Industrial Engineer- ing, AIIE '63, '64, '65, '66, Vice-President '64, SAM '63, '66, NSPE '63, '64, '65, Veterans Club '63, '64, Cosmopolitan Club '66, ASB Senator '66, Oracle Staff '64, Eagle Staff '64, Chairman of May Day Festival '65, Chairman of Freshman Week '65. PEARCE, JERRY D., Chattanooga, Tennessee, B.S. in Mechanical Engineer- ing, ME Club '64, '65, Intramural Football '64. PENDERGRASS, LARRY ROSS, Chattanooga, Tennessee, B.S. in Industrial Technology, IT Club '62, '63, '64, '65, '66, Pep Club '62, '63, '64, '65, '66, AFS '65, '66, Varsity Football '62, '63, '64, Intramural Football '65. '66. PENUEL, GLEN DALE, JR., Goodlettsville, Tennessee, B.S. in Civil Engineer- ing, ASCE '65, '66, NSPE '66. PERKINS, RICHARD GENE, Tullahoma, Tennessee, B.S. in Electrical Engi- neering, IEEE '65. '66. A Spring quarter is a time filled with elections. Page 290 PHILLIPS, DAN K., Jackson, Alabama: B.S. in Electrical Engineering. PICKELL, JERRY L., Kingston, Tennessee: B.S. in Mechanical Engineering: NSPE '65, '66: ME Club '6l, '63, '65, '66: Cc-Op '62, '64. POPE, WILEY WAYNE, Madison, Tennessee: B.S. in Industrial Technology: IT Club '64, '65, '66: AFS '65, '66, Secretary '66: Best Engineering Graphics Project '63: ROTC Academic Achievement Wreath '65: Intramural Football '63. PRINCE, WILLIAM EDWARD, Columbia, Tennessee: B.S. in Electrical Engi- neering: IEEE '64, '66: NSPE '65, '66. PRUITT, KELLY, Gainesboro, Tennessee: B.S. in Civil Engineering: NSPE '63: ASCE '65. . QUARLES, JOHN DILLARD, Gainesboro, Tennessee: B.S. in Electrical Engi- neering: IEEE '64, '65, '66: Intramural Basketball '63, '64, '65, '66. RAMEY, LANNIE BRENT, Kingsport, Tennessee: B.S. in Industrial Technolo- gy: NSPE '62, '63, '64: Rifle Team '63, '64, '65. RENFRO, OLLIE PAUL, Mt. Pleasant, Tennessee: B.S. in Industrial Technolo- gy' RHEA, RICHARD LEE, McMinnville, Tennessee: B.S. in Civil Engineering: CE Club '64, '65, '66: NSPE '65, '66, Parliamentarian '66: AFS '65. RINKS, RICHARD COMER, Columbia, Tennessee: B.S. in Civil Engineering: CE Club '64, '65, '66: EPS '66. ROBERSON, DONALD L., Winchester, Tennessee: B.S. in Electrical Engi- neering: IEEE '65, '66: TSPE '65, '66. ROGERS, HEWITT CLARENCE, Nashville, Tennessee: B.S. in Industrial Tech- nol09Y: IT Club '63, '64, '65: Pep Club '65: Intramural Football '63, '64, '65: Intramural Softball '63, '64, '65: Intramural Basketball '63, '64, '65. Public Programs entertainer Sherron Ele- bash asks President Derryberry if he knows how far it is from Selma to Montgomery. Page 291 Hey! You on Row I6! Wake up! Page 292 COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING ROUSE, ROBERT NEWTON, JR., Signal Mountain, Tennessee: B.S. in Chemi- cal Engineering: CE Club '64, '65, '66: Kappa Mu Epsilon '65, '66: NSPE '63. RUCKER, RICHARD F., Madisonville, Kentucky: B.S. in Industrial Technology: IT Club '64, '65: SOBA '62, '63: Drill Team '6I, '62, SALLOUTI, JOHN S., Sao Paulo, Brazil: B.S. in Mechanical Engineering: Cosmopolitan Club, '64, President '64. SANBORN, CHARLES HUBERT, Nashville, Tennessee: B.S. in Industrial Tech- nology: IT Club '65, '66: AFS '66: Pep Club '63, '65, '66. SANDOVAL, GUSTAVO, Caracas, Venezuela: B.S. in Mechanical Engineer ing: Cosmopolitan Club '64, '65, '66: Intramural Soccer Team '65, SARGENT, ROBERT MAURY III, Nashville, Tennessee: B.S. in Industrial Tech- nology: NSPE '63, '64: IT Club '65, '66: AFS '66. SHADDEN, SAMMY TERRY, Etowah, Tennessee: B.S. in Industrial Tecnholo- gy: IT Club '65, '66, Vice-President '66. SHADDEN, VIRGIL AMOS, Etowah, Tennessee: B.S. in Electrical Engineer- ing: Drama '62, '63: Transfer from Hiwassee. SIMMONS, ALBEN FRANKLIN, Shelbyville, Tennessee: B.S. in Engineering Science: IE Club '62: ES Club '63, '64, '65: EJC Representative '64: EPS Representative '64, '65: NSPE '64, '65: Assistant Photographer '63, '64, '65: AIAA '65: Kappa Mu Epsilon '64, '65. SLAGLE, HENRY THURMAN, Cookeville, Tennessee: B.S. in Civil Engineer- ing: ASCE '63, '64, '65, Reagent's Scholarship '62: Intramural Track '63. SMITH, JERRY DOUGLAS, Moss, Tennessee: B.S. in Mechanical Engineer- ing: IT Club '62: ME Club '65, '66. SMITH, JERALD DALE, Coolreville, Tennessee: B.S. in Industrial Technology: SMITHSON, CHARLES L., JR., Nashville, Tennessee: B.S. in Mechanical En- gineering: ME Club '62, '63, '64, '65, '66: NSPE '62, '63, '64: AIAA '65, '66, Treasurer '66: ASB Senator '66. SPEAKMAN, JAMES NORMAN, Spring Hill, Tennessee: B.S. in Civil Engi- neering: Kappa Mu Epsilon '64, '65, Treasurer '64: Eta Epsilon Sigma '64, '65, '66, Vice-President '65: CE Club '63, '66. STARKS, HAROLD RAYMOND, Harriman, Tennessee: B.S. in Mechanical En- gineering. STONECIPHER, GEORGE R., Oneicla, Tennessee: B.S. in Engineering Science: ES Club '63, '65, '66: EJC Representative '66: AIAA '63, '66: NSPE '66: Kappa Mu Epsilon '63, '65, '66: Eta Epsilon Sigma '65, '66. STUART, SIDNEY WHITE, Nashville, Tennessee: B.S. in Engineering Science: ES Club '63, '65, '66, EPS Representative '66: AIAA '65, '66, Secretary '66: NSPE '66: Pep Club '63, '64: Intramural Football and Basketball '63, '64, '65, '66: Intramural Softball ancl Tennis '64, '65, '66. SUAREZ, ENRIOUE A., Panama, Panama: B.S. in Electrical Engineering: IEEE '65, '66: Cosmopolitan Club '65, '66. SULLIVAN, DONALD PATRICK, Nashville, Tennessee: B.S. in Electrical En- gineering: IEEE '62, '63, '64, '65: Intramural Football '64: Intramural Soccer '65. SUMNER, DAVID A., Knoxville, Tennessee: B.S. in Industrial Technology. THAXTON, THURMAN GILLIAM, JR., McMinnville, Tennessee: B.S. in Civil Engineering: NSPE '63: ASCE '65, '66. THOMPSON, JAMES RONALD, Erie, Tennessee: B.S. in Electrical Engineer ing: IEEE '65, THOMPSON, WILLIAM FELBERT, McMinnville, Tennessee: B.S. in Engineer- ing Science: ES Club '63, '64, '65, '66, Secretary and Treasurer '66: Kappa Mu Epsilon '65, '66: Pep Club '63: EJC Council '64: NSPE '63, '64, '65, '66. TIPPENS, CLARK BLACKMAN, Nashville, Tennessee: B.S. in Industrial Tech- nology: IT Club '6I, '65, '66: AFS '65, '66. .3 ,W a. ,s , Watch it! You stapled my hand to the float! Page 293 COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING TUNE, MICHAEL WILLIAM, Nashville, Tennessee: B.S. in Electrical Engineer- ing: IEEE '65, '66: Intramural Football '64, '65: Intramural Basketball '65, '66: Intramural Golf '65, '66. UMBERGER, FRANK KENDRICK III, Kingsport, Tennessee: B.S. in Electrical Engineering: NSPE '64, '65, '66: IEEE '64, '65, '66. VENTRICE, MARIE B., Cookeville, Tennessee: B.S. in Engineering Science. WADE, WILLIAM DAVID, Nashville, Tennessee: B.S. in Industrial Technology: IT Club '63, '64, '65, '66: AFS '66. WALLER, TOMMY D., Baxter, Tennessee: B.S. in Civil Engineering. WEBB, DONALD WAYNE, Fayetteville, Tennessee: B.S. in Industrial Technolo- gy: IT Club '65, '66: Intramural Football '60: Intramural Softball '6I. WEBB, GEORGE WILLIAM, Madison, Tennessee: B.S. in Electrical Engineering: IEEE '63, '64, '65, '66. WEBB, JAMES DAVID, Crossville, Tennessee: B.S. in Civil Engineering: ASCE '65, '66: NSPE '66: Kappa Mu Epsilon '65, '66. WHITE, FRANKLIN TAYLOR, Huntsville, Alabama: B.S. in Mechanical Engi- neering. WHITE, THOMAS RUSSEL, JR., Cookeville, Tennessee: B.S. in Engineering Science: ES Club '63, '64, '65, '66: EPS Council '64, '65, WILLIAMS, JACK C., Nashville, Tennessee: B.S. in Industrial Technology: Phys- ics Club '62. IT Club '63, '64, '65, '66: Phi Kappa Lambda '65, '66, Activities Chairman '65, Social Chairman '66: "T" Club '63, '64, '65, '66: Pep Club '63, '64, '65, '66, Skit Committee '65, '66, Float Committee '66: NSPE '66: Cross Country Team '62, '65, Manager '65: Traclc Team '62, '64, '65, Manager '65: Intramural Traclc '63: Intramural Football '63: Intramural Golf '66. WILLIAMS, PHILLIP NORMAN, Nashville, Tennessee: B.S. in Electrical Engi- neering: IEEE '63, '65, '66, Secretary '66: AIAA '63, '65, '66: Eta Epsilon Sig- ma '65, '66, President '66. WILLIS, FREDERICK WARNER, Nashville, Tennessee: B.S. in Industrial Technol- ogy: ME Club '62, '63: IT Club '65, '66: Scabbard and Blade '65, '66: Tech Rangers '65, '66: Intramural Tennis '64, '65: Intramural Paddleball '64, '65, '66. WILSON, LAWRENCE EDWARD, JR., Clarlcsville, Tennessee: B.S. in Civil En- gineering: Scabbard and Blade '65, '66: ASCE '65, '66: ME Club '64, '65, WOODMORE, LARRY HAYDEN, Gallatin, Tennessee: B.S. in Industrial Engi- neering: IE Club '64, '65, '66. WRIGHT, HOWARD FRANKLIN, Goodllettsville, Tennessee: B.S. in Electrical Engineering: NSPE '63: IEEE '66. YOUNG, JIMMY DANIEL, Gordonsville, Tennessee: B.S. in Engineering Science: ME Club '63, 'b4: ES Club '63, '64, '65, '66: NSPE '65, '66: EJC '65, '66, Treasurer '65, '66. Page 294 College of Education A completely remodeled building, thousands of dollars worth of new equipment and other facilities have given Tennessee Tech's College of Education an all-new look. The college offers the B.S. and M.A. Degrees in elementary and secondary education, mu- sic education and health and physical education. Tech Campus School is maintained as a special laboratory to aid students in observation and student teaching. The student teaching program also extends to other nearby counties. Through these means, Tech tries to produce teachers who will be outstanding in community leadership and service. DR. EDELL M. HEARN Dean of the College ot Education DR. FLAVIOUS J. SMITH MAURICE HASTE DR. HOYLE D. LAWSON Chairman of the Department Chairman of the Department Chairman of the Department of Health and Physical Education of ln-Service Education ot Elementary Education DR. SHERWELL K. TOLLESON DR. MERTON J. TURCK DR. JAMES WATTENBARGER Chairman ot the Department Chairman ot the Department Chairman of the Department of 'Educational Psychology and Guidance of Secondary Education of Music Page 295 Page 296 Powell Whitfield .,..... Sec. Edn. Oriole Wisner .... ,...... E P816 Reba Bacon .... Thelma Bertram, Mary Ann Byromi School John Cooper .,.. Nancy Dixon . .. James Dotson Robert DuBey. . . Edn. El. Edn. ,,.......Musxc ..,......EP8rG .....EP8fG ...,4.Sec. Edn. Rose DuBois ...,.. Campus School John Duke ...,.., Bette Fincher ..... Kaul Fincher .... .Campus School Kathleen Garten. , , ..., .... M usic Campus School Campus School Sid i-Iatfield ..,,,....... H8iPE Marlin Hill .,,.....,.,... El. Edn. Conrad Inman. .4 ...... H8fPE Collie Jared .... Ben Jenkins ..,.,. Elsie Jobe .,.. Amy Johnson ,.... Bea Komisar ..... Campus School ........,MU5lC .........H8cPE Campus School ....,,.,.H8vPE Hoyle Lawson ,... ...... E l. Edn. Maxine McCormick .,,,.., Music Patrick McGuffey ......... Music Marjorie M eaclows Campus School Mozelle Medley,.Campus School Jewel Nolen .,,....,.,... H8:PE Grace O'Callahan ,....... Music P. V. Overall ,,....,...... H8nPE Susan Pangle ..... ...... H 8rPE Waldo Power ..,. Campus School Margaret Prescott Campus School Kenneth Sidwell ..,...,.,.. H8rPE Eugene Steinquest ........ Music Maude Terry .,... ..... E l. Ecln. James Thompson., ..... EP8rG Sherwell Tolleson .....EP8rG MARGARET CRAIGHEAD Secretary ESTH ER PIEPMEI ER Secretary BARBARA STEPHENS Secretary COLLEGE OF EDUCATION ALEXANDER, LINDA GAYLE, Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in Elementary Educa- tion, SNEA '62, '63, '64, '65, TWO '62, '63, '64, '65, Pep Club '62, '63, '64, '65, Oracle Staff '65, Tech Players '62, '63, Kappa Delta Phi '65, '66, MEH Memorial Award '65, Senior Class Secretary '65. ANDERSON, WILLIAM BOYD, Crossville, Tennessee, B.S. in Secondary Educa- tion. BAGWELL, WILLIAM RICHARD, Cookeville, Tennessee, B.S. in Music Educa- tion, MENC '63, '64, '65, '66, Vice-President '65, Tech Choir '63, '64, Tech Band '63, '64, '65, '66, SNEA '66. BALLARD, RONALD WILLIAM, Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in Music Education, MENC '65, '66, Tech Band '64, '65, '66, Tech Chorus '65, '66, Tech Orchestra '65 BATES, MARGARET ANN, Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in Secondary Education, SNEA '63, '64, '65, '66, H8zPE Club '63, Pep Club '64, '65, '66, Intramurals '63, '64, '65, '66. BEASLEY, TONY LOWREN, Crossville, Tennessee, B.S. in Secondary Education, Eagle Staff '62, '63, '64, '65, '66, Bus. Mgr. '64, '65, '66, Sports Editor '63, SNEA '62, '63, '64, '65, '66, President '65, Oracle Staff '66. BENTLEY, RAYMOND ELLIOTT, Russellville, Kentucky, B.S. in Secondary Edu- cation. BILBREY PEGGY JEAN Crossville Tennessee' B.S. in Secondar Education' I . - I Y . SNEA '65, '66. BINGHAM, RONALD R., Oakdale, Tennessee, B.S. in Secondary Education, Biology Club '66, SNEA '66. BISHOP, NANCY JO, Savannah, Tennessee, B.S. in Elementary Education, SNEA '64, '65. BOBO, LINDA CLARA, Lynchburg, Tennessee, B.S. in Secondary Education, Pep Club '64, '65, SNEA '63, '64, Young Democrats '64. BOYD, LOU ANN, Cookeville, Tennessee, B.S. in Elementary Education, SNEA '64, '65, '66, Kappa Delta Phi '65, '66. White or yellow gold, faceted or buff, filled or non 'filled back -decisions, decisions, decisions. Page 297 COLLEGE OF EDUCATION BRANHAM, SANDRA KAY, Goodlettsville, Tennessee: B.S. in Elementary Education: SNEA '66: Kappa Delta Phi '66. BROWN, BETTY DONALDSON, Celina, Tennessee: B.S. in Elementary Educa- tion: SNEA '63, '64, '65, '66: Pep Club '65, '66. BROWN, JULIE ANN, Madison, Tennessee: B.S. in Secondary Education: SNEA '63, '64, '65, '66: Health and Physical Education Club '63: Pep Club '63, '66: Executive Council '66: Social Standard Council '65, '66: TWO Board '63, '64, '65, '66: President of Southern Intercollegiate Association of Student Government '66: Kappa Delta Phi '64, '65, '66: TWO President '66, Vice- President '65: Intramurals '63, '64, '65, '66. BROWN, MARGARET PATE, Cookeville, Tennessee: B.S. in Elementary Edu- cation: Christian Student Group '63, '64, '65, '66: SNEA '66. BROWN, ROBERT LOUIS, Old Hiclcory, Tennessee: B.S. in Secondary Educa- tion: Intramurals '63, '64. BYRD, MARILYN DIANE, Chattanooga, Tennessee: B.S. in Elementary Educa- tion: Pep Club '6I, '63, '64: SNEA '6I, '63, '64: H8zPE Club '66: Rebel Rifle Sponsor '63: Homecoming Attendant '65, CALDWELL, SARA CLARK, Gallatin, Tennessee: B.S. in Education: SNEA '64, '65: Pep Club '64: Young Democrats '64, '65, '66, President '65, '66: GSPS '65, '66: IRC '66. CALVERY, CAROLYN JOANNE, Bragg City, Missouri: B.S. in Elementary Edu- cation. CASSETTY, MARY GORE, Livingston, Tennessee: B.S. in Secondary Education: Chemistry Club '63: Pep Club '63: SNEA '64. CHILDS, MARGARET GAMBRELL, Nashville, Tennessee: B.S. in Elementary Education: Pep Club '63: SNEA '63, '64, '65, CISSON, ROLLAND HARRISON, Rockwood, Tennessee: B.S. in Secondary Edu- cation: Society of Business '6I: Pep Club '65: SNEA '65, '66: Intramural Football '64, '65. COPPINGER, PATRICIA R., McMinnville, Tennessee: B.S. in Secondary Edu- cation-English: SNEA '65: English Club '65: Pep Club '63, CRAWFORD, VICKIE GAITHER, Memphis, Tennessee: B.S. in Secondary Education: SNEA '64, '65: Pep Club '64, '65: Eagle Staff '63, '64, '65: Dorm Counselor '64: University of Tennessee '6I. CRISP, ALVIN CARLOS, Decatur, Tennessee: B.S. in Secondary Education: SNEA '63, '64, '65: TCA '64: Math Club '65. DAVIS, CHARLES BRIAN, Livingston, Tennessee: B.S. in Secondary Education: Math Club '62, '63: SNEA '64, '65, '66. DAVIS, SHARON PAMELA, Madison, Tennessee: B.S. in Secondary Educa- tion: SNEA '62, '63: Pep Club '63, '64, '65: Oracle Staff '62, '63, '64. DE VANEY, TOMMY WAYNE, Pontiac, Michigan: B.S. in Health and Physi- cal Education. DOCKERY, MARY EVELYN, Englewood, Tennessee: B.S. in Elementary Educa- tion: SNEA '64, '65, Page 298 DRAPER, MARSHALL BRYAN, Cookeville, Tennessee: B.S. in Secondary Edu- cation-Math: "T" Club '63, '64, '65: Treasurer '65: Football '63, '64, '65: SNEA '65: Intramural Basketball '65: Fellowship of Christian Athletes '64, '65: All- OVC '63. EDWARDS, HORACE FRANKLIN, Chattanooga, Tennessee: B.S. in Education: Scabbard and Blade '66: TCA '64, '65: Tech Art Club '64, '65: NSPE '64, '65. ERICKSON, PAMELA GAYE, Oak Ridge, Tennessee: B.S. in Health and Physi- cal Education: Art Club '64: H8nPE Club '65, '66: Volleyball Intramurals '64, '65, '66: Softball Intramurals '64: Badminton Intramurals '64: Horseshoe Intra- murals '64: Track Intramurals '64: Paddle Ball Intramurals '65. EWING, MARY SUE FISCHESSER, Spring City, Tennessee: B.S. in Secondary Education: SNEA '66. FERGUSON, NANCY H., Chattanooga, Tennessee: B.S. in Secondary Educa- tion-English: English Club '63, '64, '65: Pep Club '63, '64, '65: SNEA '65: ln- tramural Volleyball '63, '64, '65: Intramural Softball '64, '65. FITZNER, KENNETH W., Louisville, Kentucky: B.S. in Health and Physical Edu- cation: H84PE Club '63, '64, '65, '66: Basketball Team '63, '64, '65: Track '64, '65, '66: SNEA '63, '64, '65, '66: "T" Club '63, '64, '65, '66. FITZNER, VICKI DOWNING, Crestweed, Kentucky: B.S. in Elementary Edu- cation: Kappa Delta Pi '65, '66, President '66: SNEA '64, '65, '66. FOX, WESLEY EUGENE, JR., Franklin, Tennessee: B.S. in Music Education: Tech Band '65, '66: Tech Choir '65, '66: Tech Chorale '65, '66: MENC '65, '66: Tech Orchestra '65, '66: Symphonic Wind Ensemble '66: Tech Chorus '65, '66. GREEN, NANCY PATRICIA, Crossville, Tennessee: B.S. in Elementary Educa- tion: SNEA '63, '64, '65, '66, Vice-President '66: Kappa Delta Pi '65, '66: TWO Board '64, '65. GREENWOOD, MARY FOSTER, Cookeville, Tennessee: B.S. in Elementary Education: SNEA '66: Kappa Delta Pi '66. HALE, DELBERT WILLIAM, Chattanooga, Tennessee: B.S. in Elementary Educa- tion. HARDISON, JOEL B., Columbia, Tennessee: B.S. in Health and Physical Edu- cation: "T" Club '64, '65, '66: H8zPE Club '63, '64, '65, '66, President '66: SNEA '65, '66: Assistant Intramural Director '65, '66: All-OVC '64, '65: Base- ball '63, '64, '65, '66: Intramural Football '64, '65. This is the first of many lines these students will have to face as they wait to check dormitory assignments. Page 299 New facilities, such as rooms with one-way mirrors, and a completely re- decorated building have helped the College of Education a great deal. COLLEGE OF EDUCATION HARRISON, EMORY, C., JR., Cookeville, Tennessee: B.S. in Secondary Edu- cation: "T" Club '65, '66: SNEA '65: Varsity Football '64, '65. HAYS, STEPHEN HALL, Bowling Green, Kentucky: B.S. in Health and Physi- cal Education: Basketball '64, '65, '66. HENDERSON, ROBBIE FAYE, Robbins, Tennessee: B.S. in Elementary Educa- tion: SNEA '63, '64, '65, '66, Pep Club '65: TWO '63, '64, '65, '66. HIGGENBOTHAN, MILLIS, Cookeville, Tennessee: B.S. in Health and Physi- Cal Education: l'l8rPE Club '62, '63, '64, '65: SNEA '62, '63, '64, '65. HOLLAND, SHERRY HASSLER, Cookeville, Tennessee: B.S. in Secondary Education: Pep Club '64: Oracle Staff '63: SNEA '64, '65, '66, HONEYCUTT, NANCY LOUANN, Oakdale, Tennessee: B.S. in Secondary Education: SNEA '63, '64, '65, '66: Intramural Basketball '63, '64. HOPKINS, JANIE JOANN, Manchester, Tennessee: B.S. in Elementary Edu- cation: SNEA '63, '64, '65, '66, Secretary '66: TWO Board '64. HUDDLESTON, KATHRYN DEAN, Cookeville, Tennessee: B.S. in Elementary Education: SNEA '63, '64, '65: Kappa Delta Pi '65, '66, JOHNSON, WILLIAM J., Portland, Tennessee: B.S. in Education: SNEA '65, '66: H8rPE Club '63, '64, '65, '66: Tech Officials Assoc. '65: Intramural Bas- ketball, Football, and Softball '63, '64. JONES, PETER E., Stockport, England: B.S. in Secondary Education: SNEA '65, '66, JONES, PHYLLIS ANN, Hixson, Tennessee: B.S. in Secondary Education: En- glish Club '65, Secretary '65: TWO '63, '64, '65, Vice-President Meadows Hall, '64: Home Ec. Club '63, '64: SNEA '65. KEISLING, LARRY DALE, Livingston, Tennessee: B.S. in Elementary Educa- tion: SNEA '63, '64, '65, '66. Page 300 KELLAR, BARBARA CAROLE, Etowah, Tennessee: B.S. in Elementary Educa- tion: SNEA '63, '64, '66: Pep Club '63: TWO Board '63. KELLEY, CHARLOTTE SUE, Spring City, Tennessee: B.S. in Secondary Edu- cation: SNEA '63, '64, '65, '66: Pep Club '64, '65, '66: Kappa Delta Pi '65, '66: ASB Senator '66. KIDWELL, SIBYL ELAINE, Crossville, Tennessee: B.S. in Secondary Educa- tion: English Club '66: SNEA '63, '64, '65. '66: Pep Club '64, '65. KIRKPATRICK, CHARLES AUBREY, Nashville, Tennessee: B.S. in Music Edu- cation: Band '62, '63, '64, '65, '66, Vice-President '66: Choir '63, '64, '65: Chorus '62: Tech Troubadours '63, Master of Ceremonies '64, '65: Music Club '62, '63: MENC '63, '64, '65, '66, Treasurer '63, '66: Intramural Bowling '62 LACKEY, BEVERLY DAWN, Chattanooga, Tennessee: B.S. in Secondary Edu- cation: SNEA '66: Eagle Staff '63, Classes Editor '65: Junior Class Treasurer '65. LINDER, MARY SUE, Jamestown, Tennessee: B.S., in Elementary Education: Pep Club '63: SNEA '63, '64, '65. LINTZ, RONALD RAY, Sparta, Tennessee: B.S. in Secondary Education: SNEA '63, Treasurer '63. LITTLE, VIRGINIA JOYCE, Pikeville, Tennessee: B.S. in Secondary Educa- tion: SNEA '63, '65, '66: English Club '65, '66: Intramural Volleyball '65. LOYD, ERNEST WENDELL, Old Hickory, Tennessee: B.S. in Elementary Edu- cation: SNEA '63, '64, '65, '66: Band '63, '65, '66. McDONALD, BOBBIE RUTH, Monterey, Tennessee: B.S. in Elementary Edu- cation: SNEA '63, '64, '65, '66: TWO '63, '64, '65, '66. McDONALD, NORMA YORK, Jamestown, Tennessee: B.S. in Secondary Edu- cation: Chemistry Club '60: SNEA '63, '64, '65. McMINN, WILLIAM WARREN, Harriman, Tennessee: B.S. in Music Educa- tion: Tech Band '62, '63, '64, '65: Troubadours '62, '63: Tech Chorus '63, '64, '65: Wind Ensemble '64, '65: MENC '64, '65, '66. The library steps malce a convenient place to catch a 'Few moments ot sunshine. Page 301 COLLEGE OF EDUCATION McPETERS, ALBERTA SUE, Wartburg, Tennessee, B.S. in Health and Physical Education, SNEA '63, '64, '65, '66, H8zPE Club '63, '64, '65, '66, Young Dem- ocrats Club '65, '66. McPETERS, HELEN ANN, Chattanooga, Tennessee, B.S. in Elementary Educa- tion, SNEA '62, '63, '64, '65, Pep Club '63, '64, Intramurals '62, '63, '64, '65. MAXWELL, MADONNA L., Rock Island, Tennessee, B.S. in Secondary Educa- cation, Tech Players '63, '64, Traffic Court '64, '65. MEADOWS, JACK LEE, Gainesboro, Tennessee, B.S. in Health and Physical Education, I'l8cPE Club '62, '63, '64, '65, '66, SNEA '62, '63, '64, '65, '66. MEADOWS, JANET DUDNEY, Gainesboro, Tennessee, B.S. in Health and Physical Education, H8cPE Club '63, '64, '65, '66, SNEA '63, '64, '65, '66. MELTON, W. B. ALLEN, Celina, Tennessee, B.S. in Health and Physical Educa- tion, H8zPE Club '63, '64, '65, '66, Tech Official Association '64, '65, '66, Pep Club '65, '66, Intramural Basketball and Football '63, '64. MONROE, HORTON L., JR., Old Hickory, Tennessee, B.S. in Music Educa- tion, Music Club '63, MENC '63, '64, '65, '66, President '64, Tech Band '62, '63, '64, '65, '66, Troubadours '63, '64, '65, '66, Symphonic Wind Ensemble '64, '65, '66, Tech Orchestra '64, '65, '66, Tech Chorus '63, '64, '65, '66. MOORE, RICHARD MARTIN, Chattanooga, Tennessee, B.S. in Music, Pi Mu Sigma '64, '65, President '65, MENC '63, '64, '65, '66, President '64, WI10'S Who '65, Music Club '62, '63, Tech Orchestra '64, '65, Tech Choir '62, '63, '64, '65, Tech Chorale '63, '64, Tech Madrigals '62, '63, Pep Club '65, Tech Troubadours '63, Wind Ensemble '64, '65, SNEA '63, '64, Tech Band '62, '63, '64, '65, '66, President '66, Tech Chorus '6I, '62, '63, '64, '65, '66. MORELOCK, ANITA M., Cookeville, Tennessee, B.S. in Music Education, MENC '63, '64, '65, '66, Marching Band '64, Concert Band '63, '64, '65, '66, Tech Choir '63, '64, '65, '66. MORGAN, ALTON ROGER, West Carrollton, Ohio, B.S. in Secondary Educa- tion, SNEA '63, '64, '65, '66, Intramurals '6I, '62, '63, '64, '65. MYERS, MARGARET CATHERINE, Knoxville, Tennessee, B.S. in Elementary Education, SNEA '63, '64, '65, '66. MYERS, RAY, JR., Knoxville, Tennessee, B.S. in Secondary Education-Biology. NEAL, ZELMA LOU, Ouebeck, Tennessee, B.S. in Secondary Education, SNEA '65, IRC '63, '65, '66, GSPS '65. NEELY, MARY ETTA, Robbins, Tennessee, B.S. in Music Education, MENC '64, '65, '66, Secretary '66, Music Club '63, Pi Mu Sigma '65, '66, Band '64, '65, Choir '64, '65, '66, Chorus '63, Chorale '64, SNEA '66. NICKEL, PAMELA REED, Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in Secondary Education, SNEA '63, '64, '65, '66, Kappa Delta Pi '64, '65, '66, TWO Board '63, '64, '65, Pep Club '63, '65, '66, Oracle Staff '63, '64, Intramural Basketball '63, '65 NICKENS, HARRY CARL, Monterey, Tennessee, B.S. in Secondary Education. NIDIFFER, LEANNA IRENE, Bristol, Tennessee, B.S. in Elementary Education, SNEA '63, '64, '65, '66, Pep Club '63, '64, '65, '66, Oracle Staff '63, '64, '65, '66, Secretary of Sophomore Class '64, Kappa Delta Pi '64, '65, '66, ROTC Sponsor '64, '65. NOONER, CAROL JOYCE, Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. in Secondary Education, SNEA '63, '64, '65, '66, Pep Club '63, '64, '65, '66, Intramural Basketball '65, '66. Page 302 The TWO-TMDO pan- cake supper was a deli- cious success this year. O'DELL, CANZADA ANN, Crossville, Tennessee: B.S. in Secondary Education: SNEA '63, '64, '65, '66: Tech Players '63, PARSLEY, JERRIE ANN, Smithville, Tennessee: B.S. in Secondary Education: SNEA '63, '64: TWO '63, '64, '65, '66: Pep Club '63, '64, '65, '66. PATTON, MOLLIE JANE, Cookeville, Tennessee: B.S. in Elementary Education: TWO Board '64, '65, '66, Corresponding Secretary '64, Town Council Presi- dent '66: SNEA '66: Social Standards Secretary '66: Pi Kappa Delta '65, '66: Pep Club '64: Social Standards Council '65, '66. PEAVYHOUSE, JANE ANN, Jamestown, Tennessee: B.S. in Secondary Educa- tion: SNEA '64, '65, '66: Young Republicans Club '64, '65: Intramural Basket- ball '63, '64: Intramural Softball '64. PENNINGTON, HELEN KAY, Jasper, Tennessee: B.S. in Elementary Education. PENNYCUFF, BARBARA ANN, Jamestown, Tennessee: B.S. in Secondary Education: SNEA '63, '64, '65, '66: Eagle Staff '64. PERRY, GLENDA FAYE, Ashland City, Tennessee: B.S. in Health and Physical Education: Kappa Delta Pi '65, '66: SNEA '65: '66: H8zPE Club '64, '65, '66, Sophomore Representative '65, Publicity Chairman '66: Pep Club '64, '65, '66: ASB Senator '66. PETERSON, STEVEN JOHN, Washington, D. C.: B.S. in Secondary Education: Rebel Rifles '63, '64, '65, Executive Officer '65: Tech Rangers '65: SNEA '63, '64, '65, '66: H8aPE Club '63, '64, '65, '66: Reserved Officers Association Award '64: Basketball '64, '65: Softball '64, '65. PIGG, OMIE FAYE, Columbia, Tennessee: B.S. in Elementary Education: SNEA. PUCKETT, KATHLEEN FEHLING, Oak Ridge, Tennessee: B.S. in Secondary Education: SNEA '65, '66. RANDLE, BETTY DIANE, Athens, Tennessee: B.S. in Elementary Education: SNEA '63, '64, '66: Scuba Club '64, '65: TWO '63, '64, '65, '66: Pep Club '63. REED, ALICE NORROD, Crawford, Tennessee: B.S. in Elementary Education: SNEA '63, '64, '65. Page 303 COLLEGE OF EDUCATION RICH, OBRA ORD, Byrdstown, Tennessee: B.S. in Health and Physical Educa- tion: I'I8cPE Club '62, '63, '64, '65: SNEA '62, '63, '64, '65. RYAN, ERLENE REBECCA, Lebanon, Tennessee: B.S. in Secondary Education: SNEA '66: Pep Club '66: Oracle Staff '66. SANDERS, R. B., JR., Tracy' City, Tennessee: B:S. in Health and Physical Edu- cation: HKPE Club 62, 63, 64, 65: SNEA 63, 64, 65. SCHIN, FRANK WILLIAM, JR., East Brunswick, New Jersey: B.S. in Secondary Education: Intramural Football '64: Intramural Basketball '64, '65: Intramural Softball '64, '65: Intramural Badminton '65. SEXTON, ROY DENVER, JR., Helenwood, Tennessee: B.S. in Health and Phy- sical Education: H8fPE Club '63, '64, '65, '66: SNEA '63, '64, '65, '66: "T" Club '64, '65. '66: Pep Club '65, '66: Tennis Team '64, '65: Intramurals '63, '64, '65, '66. SHATTUCK, EUGENE ALLEN, Soddy, Tennessee: B.S, in Secondary Education- Math: SNEA '65, '66: Pep Club '63, '64: Intramural Football '64: Intramural Basketball '63, '64, '65, '66: Intramural Softball '63, '64, '65. SHORT, NANCY CAROLYN, Sparta, Tennessee: B.S. in Music Education: MENC '63, '64, '65, Secretary '65: Pi Mu Sigma '65: Tech Marching and Concert Band '63, '64, '65: Tech Chorus '63, '64, '65: Band Queen '64. SKAGGS, ANN LYNN, Knoxville, Tennessee: B.S. in Elementary Education: SNEA '64, '65: Pep Club '64: Intramural Volleyball '63, SMITH, CAROLYN KATHLEEN, Tullahoma, Tennessee: B.S. in Elementary Edu- cation: SNEA '66: Home Ec. Club '66: Chorus '65: TWO Board '66. SMITH, J. THAXTON, Nashville, Tennessee: B.S. in Health and Physical Edu- cation: Football Manager '59, '60, '6I, '63: Baseball Manager '60, '6I, '62: H8rPE Club '60, '6I, '62, '64: "T" Club '60, '6I, '62, '64: TAHPER '62, '64. SMITH, ROBERT LEE, Oneida, Tennessee: B.S. in Health and Physical Educa- tion: SNEA '63, '64, '65: H81PE Club '63, '64, '65. SMITH, WANDA SUE, Cookeville, Tennessee: B.S. in Elementary Education: Society of Business '63: Cosmopolitan Club '64, '65: SNEA '65. A sure sign of spring fever! Page 304 Tech's most active fraternity-Rho Epsilon Rho ialias the Pep Clubli. SPARKMAN, CAMILIA KAY, Doyle, Tennessee: B.S. in Health and Physical Education: H8iPE Club '63, '64, '65, '66, Vice-President '65: Pep Club '65: SNEA '64: ASB Senator '65: Women's Intramural Director '65: Kappa Delta Pi '65, '66. SPARKMAN, JOE BEN, JR., Doyle, Tennessee: B.S. in Health and Physical Education: H8zPE Club '63, '64, '65: SNEA '65. SPEICH, GARRY DUANE, Crossville, Tennessee: B.S. in Secondary Education: SNEA '65. STANCIL, L. ANNE, Chattanooga, Tennessee: B.S. in Secondary Education-Em glish: Tech Players '63, '64: Cafeteria Club '63, '64, Treasurer '64: English Club '65, '66, Treasurer '66: Kappa Delta Pi '65, '66: SNEA '65: Pep Club '63, '64: TWO Scholarship '66: Spring Follies '64, '65, '66. STANTON, MICHAEL J., Cherry Hill, New Jersey: B.S. in Secondary Educa- tion: "T" Club '63, '64, '65, '66: Pep Club '65, '66: Baseball '63, '64, '65: ln- tramurals '65. STEWART, NAN SADLER, Livingston, Tennessee: B.S. in Elementary Education: SNEA '59: NEA '59, STONE, GUS ELVY, JR., Lookout Mountain, Tennessee: B.S. in Health and Phy- sical Education: H8rPE Club '63, '64, '65, Social Chairman '63, President '65: "T" Club '63, '64, '65, '66: Varsity Football '63, '64, '65: Varsity Track '62, '63, '64. SWAFFORD, CHERYL ANNE, Crossville, Tennessee: B.S. in Secondary Educa- tion: SNEA '65, '66. TATE, JERRY KENNETH, Tracy City, Tennessee: B.S. in Health and Physical Education: H8rPE Club '62, '63, '64, '65: Intramural '62, '63, '64, '65. THOMPSON, FRANCES CARPENTER, Cookeville, Tennessee: B.S. in Elemen- tary Education: SNEA '65, '66. THOMPSON, LARRY FLACK, Woodland Mills, Tennessee: B.S. in Secondary Education: Chemistry Club '63, '64, '65: SNEA '65. THOMPSON, SHIRLEY S., Nashville, Tennessee: B.S. in Math Education: Kap- pa Delta Pi '65, '66: SNEA '64, '65, '66: Tech Choir '64, '65: Pep Club '64. Page 305 COLLEGE OF EDUCATION TODD, MARY JACQUELINE, Lenoir City, Tennessee: B.S. in Secondary Educa- tion: SNEA '64, '65, '66: English Club '64, '65, '66: Vice-President '65, '66: Pep Club '64, '65: Intramurals '64, '65. TREWHITT GLORIA JEAN Cleveland Tennessee- B.S. in Secondar Educa- I I I I Y tion: Pep Club '65. TROLINGER WILLIAM DONALD Shelb ville Tennessee' B.S. in Secondar I I Y I I Education: ASCE '65: SNEA '66. Y UHLES, MARY BETTY, Old Hickory, Tennessee: B.S. in Secondary Education: TWO Board '63, '64, Dorm Secretary '63, TWO Representative '64: Dorm Counselor '64, '65: SNEA '63, '64, '65, '66: Pep Club '64: TCA Cabinet '63, '64, '65, '66, Secretary '64: Tech Players '64: Intramurals '63, '64, '65. WATSON, CECILIA NELDEMA, Chattanooga, Tennessee: B.S. in Elementary Education: SNEA '63, '64, '65, '66: Eagle Staff '64, '65: Chorus '63, '64, '65. WEAVER, PAULA E., Tullahoma, Tennessee: B.S. in Secondary Education: Tech Choir '63, '64, '65, '66: Tech Players '63, '64, '65: SNEA '63, '64, '65: Tau Beta Kapa '63, '64, '65, '66. WHALEY, VERA SUE, Oakdale, Tennessee: B.S. in Elementary Education: SNEA '63, '64, '65, Secretary '64, President '66: Kappa Delta Pi '64, '65, '66, Treasurer '65: Tech Players '63, '64, '65, Secretary '65: Oracle Staff '63, '64, '65: Who's Who '66. WHEELER, JACKIE WAYNE, Cookeville, Tennessee: B.S. in Secondary Educa- tion: SNEA '63, 'b4: TCA Cabinet Member '65. WHITE, W. C., Moss, Tennessee: B.S. in Elementary Education. WILBURN, KENNETH TARVAN, Chattanooga, Tennessee: B.S. in Music Edu- cation: MENC '62, '63, '64, '65, '66, Vice-President '64, President '65: Pi Mu Sigma '65. WILLIAMS, AMY M., Cookeville, Tennessee: SNEA '66: Young Democrats Club '65, '66. WILLIAMS, MARY ELAINE, Gordonsville, Tennessee: B.S. in Secondary Educa- tion: SNEA '62, '63, '64, '65, '66: Young Democrats Club '65, '66, Secretary '65, '66: IRC '65, '66, Secretary '66: SOBA '63, WILLIAMS, SARA MARGARET, Springfield, Tennessee: B.S. in Elementary Edu- tion: SNEA '64, '65. WISE, JIMMIE HOWARD, Nashville, Tennessee: B.S. in Secondary Education. WOLFE, ALVA NELL, Madison, Tennessee: B.S. in Secondary Education: SNEA '63, '64, '65, '66: Intramural Football '66: House Council '63, '64, '65, '66: Pep Club '63, '64, '65, '66: ROTC Sponsor '65: GSPS '66: Cosmopolitan Club '65, '66: Sophomore Class Beauty '64. WRIGHT, LINDA SUE, Benton, Tennessee: B.S. in Elementary Education: Pep Club '63, '64, '65, '66: SNEA '63, '64, '65, '66: H8zPE Club '66: Dormitory House Council '65. Page 306 School of Agriculture and Hom SCHOOL OF HOME ECONOMICS A student who graduates from the School of Home Economics with the Bachelor of Science De- gree is qualified either in the field of vocational home economics, which prepares her for a career in teaching at the secondary school level, or in the field of general home economics, which prepares her for various other positions in the Held of home econom- ics. These include such careers as interior decorators, dietitians, home demonstration agents and fashion co- ordinators. Curriculums in the school have a stated three-fold purpose: to achieve maximum personal development of the individual, to achieve a richer and more satisfy- ing family life, and to give professional specialization. Economics tri? -me un.: MARY BELOW W. J. HUDDLESTON Dean of the School Dean of 'che School of Home Economics of Agriculture Virginia Endly Margaret Frasier Esther Montgomery Charlene Mullins Lorraine Peters I ' . Mary Roberson Chrissa Wendt Page 307 Robert Bedwell George Bullion Wilbur Frye .. Harold Funk . Charles Pangle Bobby Parham W. CLYDE HYDER Chairman of the Department of Animal Industry ... ....Agr . ,...... Agr . ,....,... Agr . . .. Gen. Agr . ...... Agron ,..Animal Ind F . -2 -..,.:. .L Ms sw ' V 'if W .... 5: :.:. ,, ,..:.. i ,,, sag, ,. tg.: lf: W ., , wif? N -f " .. " 11 - in-K sr M -- I ::e::: , ,gws - 2 ag! 35? 'I 5. Q '15 tw r r :-.ree fs 21 r emi CLIO NORRIS Secretary A friendly, informal almos- phere is a trademark of the School of Agriculture. Page 308 f-use va. SCHOOL OF AGRICULTURE Tech's School of Agriculture provides its stu- dents with the experiences and skills necessary for a future in various agricultural occupations. Agriculture has today become specialized and offers a great many fields of study. These include the knowledge of growing, transporting and marketing products. In addition, other aspects, such as mechan- ics, economics and engineering, are considered. Many positions also require knowledge of certain sciences, such as genetics, Zoology and bacteriology-which are provided for in the curriculum of the School of Agri- culture. Fields of study available in the school are agricul- ture science, agronomy, agricultural mechanics, animal husbandry, dairy husbandry, horticulture, pre-forestry and pre-veterinary medicine. Students are encouraged to consider graduate study as a possibility of making them better prepared for specialized service. aqugws ' .t M Hg wi : 'ii ei 5, 5 A 5 vi zi i -., 2 X K A X 5 Y ss X K Q . , . Ar M, : T-L 5 , , fu :,. ::f'f:--ri fj,g"WF tw 5 M M J: E Q U M ,, 4 Ex: 5 ,Si - 1' -:f yg- t j-f ,1 flag it in sin? 1 f N ,.,.,.,. . I-I X X -:-::::f5:5af:-.::, :s..,.: :ff ta. . , , -ag l f E, :M W aa lt :-5- ragga! " -' ffl HQ I l' :::TEf:, .... 1 ' ' ""' 2 muh-afii, 'K p ' 'T -1 ' X ' is 'F :K al :' fill' -af""I . :sa - :-:-:-- W 'EU ' 'El if EN - rl 2 ' -' , .. .z 5252 25 ft 5: may jj X E5 ,. :. aa. ....:. , .., , - ., ..,.,.. M. ,, :.. f 2 rw Y Y xwsmzaz at Qawff x rw? em Q s 'gras 4 I 2 ,, H azz tv. by gl 1 , 4 N X X the s 8, . X if 5 si' 5 + F X 3 X in S Q I iw , at ,W .. , 1 gum, s S L' 4 is SCHOOL OF AGRICULTURE AND HOME ECONOMICS BIRDWELL, HUGH M., Coolceville, Tennessee: B.S. in Agriculture Science: Agronomy Club '60, '6I, Treasurer '60, '6I: Alpha Gamma Sigma '63, '65, '66, Treasurer '65, '66: Tech Aggies '6I, '63, '65, '66, Treasurer '65, '66. BOOHER, RALPH EUGENE, Byrdstown, Tennessee: B.S. in Animal Husbandry: Tech Aggies '62, '63, '64, '65: Bloclc and Bridle '62, '63, '64, '65. BRINK, BERNADETTE MARGARET, Lawrenceburg, Tennessee: B.S. in Home Economics Education: Home Ec. Club '62, '63, '64, '65, Treasurer '65: SNEA '64, '65. BROCK, JANET LAUREL, Spring City, Tennessee: B.S. in Home Economics Education: Home Ec. Club '65, '66: SNEA '66: Kappa Delta Pi '65, '66, Vice- President '66. BROWN, BETTYE JEAN, Goodlettsville, Tennessee: B.S. in Home Economics: Home Ec. Club '64, '66: ROTC Sponsor '64. BROYLES, JAMES THOMAS, Sparta, Tennessee: B.S. in Agriculture Econom- ics: Agronomy Club '63: Delta Tau Alpha, '64, '65, '66, Guide '66: "T" Club '63, '64, '65, '66, President '66: Tech Aggies '63, '64, '65: Varsity Football '64, '65, '66. CARPENTER, MARGARET ANN, Lawrenceburg, Tennessee: B.S. in Home Eco- nomics Education: Oracle Staff, '63, '64, '65: Home Ec. Club '63, '64, '65: Pep Club '63, '64, '65: ASB Senator, '65: Junior Class Secretary '65. CARTER, MARGARET C., Sparta, Tennessee: B.S. in Home Economics Educa- tion: Kappa Delta Pi '65, '66: Home Ec. Club '65, '66. CASTLE, JUDITH IRENE, Hendersonville, Tennessee: B.S. in Home Economics: Pep Club '62, '63, '64, '66, Secretary '64, '66: Home Ec. Club '62, '63, '64, '65, '66: TWO '62, '64, '65, '66, Treasurer '64, '65: Cheerleader '62, '63, '64, '65, '66, Captain '65, '66: ASB Secretary '65, '66: Dorm President '63, '64. CASTLEMAN, SONIA HARRIS, Nashville, Tennessee: B.S. in Home Economics: Home Ec. Club '64, '66: Society of Business '63: Pep Club '63. CRABTREE, BRENDA JEAN, Decatur, Tennessee: B.S. in Home Economics: Home Ec. Club '64, '65, '66: Pep Club. CREWS, MARILYN ANN, Athens, Tennessee: B.S. in Home Economics Educa- tion: Home Ec. Club '63, '64: Pep Club '63, '64, '65, Secretary '63: Sopho- more Class Beauty: Homecoming Queen '66. CRISP, LESTER H., Decatur, Tennessee: B.S. in Agriculture Economics: Alpha Gamma Sigma '60, '62, '65, '66, Treasurer '65: Tech Aggies '60, '62, '65, '66. CROSS, NANCY CATHERINE, Jonesboro, Tennessee: B.S. in Home Econom- ics Education: Home Ec. Club '63, '64, '65, Secretary '64: Pep Club '63, '64, '65: ASB Senator '65, '66. CROWE, FREDIA BROWN, Westmoreland, Tennessee: B.S. in Vocational Home Economics: Home Ec. Club '64, '65: SNEA '65: Transfer Middle Ten- nessee State University '65. DAVIS, LINCOLN EDWARD, Pall Mall, Tennessee: B.S. in Agronomy: Tech Ag- gies '63, '64, '65: Agronomy Club '63, '64, '65. EASTES, CARRIE JANE, New Middleton, Tennessee: B.S. in Home Economics Education: Home Ec. Club '63, '64, '65, '66: Kappa Delta Pi '66: SNEA '65, '66 EDGEMON, HUGH DAWSON, Cleveland, Tennessee: B.S. in Agronomy: Agronomy Club '62, '63, '64, '65, '66, Treasurer '65, Vice-President '63, Re- porter '64: Tech Aggies '62, '63, '64, '65, '66, Treasurer '63: Acacia Men '63, '66: Oracle Staff '63, '65: Pep Club '64, '65: Tech Players '62, '63: Young Democrats '63, '64, '65: Tennessee Farmers Co-op Scholarship '62: Merchants Bank Scholarship ot Cleveland '62, '63: TMDO Scholarship '63, '64: American Society of Agronomy '65, '66, Chairman ot Achievements '65, '66: Delegate o National Convention '62, '64, '65: National Speech Contest of the Ameri- can Society ot Agronomy '62. Page 309 SCHOOL OF AGRICULTURE AND HOME ECONOMICS FARMER, DANIEL CECIL, Big Spring, Tennessee: B.S. in Agriculture Science Tech Aggies '63, Treasurer '63: Aggie Contact Staff '62, '63. FREELS, JOHN RUSSELL, JR., Sunbright, Tennessee: B.S. in Agriculture Science: Tech Aggies '63, '64, '65, '66: Agronomy Club '63, '64, '65. GERNT, PATRICIA CHOATE, Jamestown, Tennessee: B.S. in Home Econom- ics Education: Home Ec. Club '65, '66. GIRDLEY, DONNA CARRICK, Sparta, Tennessee: B.S. in Home Economics: Home Ec. Club '63, '64, '65, '66: SNEA '65, '66: Intramural Tennis '65, '66: Intramural Basketball '65, '66: Intramural Volleyball '64. GRISSOM, LOUIS PRESTON, McMinnville, Tennessee: B.S. in Animal Husban- dry: Block and Bridle Club '63, '64, '65, '66: Tech Aggies '63, '64, '65, '66: Delta Tau Alpha '65, '66, Secretary '66: Intramural Basketball '63. HAGEWOOD, ALVIN JESTON, Walling, Tennessee: B.S. in Agriculture Eco- nomics: Alpha Gamma Sigma '63, '64, '65: Tech Aggies '63, '64, HANEY, FRANKLIN McARTHUR, Cleveland, Tennessee: B.S. in Agronomy: Tech Aggies '62, '63, '64, '65, '66: Agronomy Club '63, '64, '65, '66: Block and Bridle '62, HILL, MARY LOUISE, Roclcwood, Tennessee: B.S. in Home Economics: Transfer from Carson-Newman College: Home Ec. Club '65, '66. HORN, JANICE SUE, Huntingdon, Tennessee: B.S. in Home Economics Edu- cation: Home Ec. Club '63, '64, '65, HOWARD, BRENDA JO, Morrison, Tennessee: B.S. in Home Economics: Home Ec. Club '64, '65: Pep Club '64, '65. HOWARD, REBECCA RUTH, Lancing, Tennessee: B.S. in Home Economics Education: SNEA '63, '65: TCA '63, '64, '65, Cabinet '64: Home Ec. Club '63,'64,'65. JACKSON, CHARLES MICHAEL, Oak Ridge, Tennessee: B.S. in Animal Hus- bandry: Tech Aggies '62, '63, '64, '65, '66: Bloclc and Bridle '63, '64, '65, '66: Pep Club '65. 5 I es, N s '?' ZZKZUZ W - , 'W f Vi ,,-,,2,Zfk,e, ff .-:W Derryberry Hall stands malestlcally A blanlceted by the 'log of early morning .1 ' , "' 1" - l ' RA" , v ' 'L '.' 'wet f If - HL-i --fn ws' rv: -1 51 :QW . 41' My 'Smog vi . ,rig-V . .Ii as A , " , J f I , ug -Q , ,. ,,. 1 f Iwi? x -tags! 1? V -me :A 5, .- -. if I 21,3 4 aff ,qx . X ,xg ,,,, S, ,,V,m X -1, r ' " 'IQ' ! tl 'gf V Y Y aging , ' , ' I X , :Qt 1 '31 ' 4-I ' jf Arai? . ,gl A ' -. , L -- - 'X e A 'ELM , I,,,4'.,- A , ,V A , 4 , 5 . . ., 4 , f M . 1 'P 'Fw-fi -f W few- , ..,-Lf 9: Raise. Wil V' 'i?""' " A ,iii-ea, H543 -. Qggm 'fe 5 513 1- HRK, 55317 3 Av" , " 152-'.l'lf ,F 'L-d i' , qs P' 42-g, fl' E Y' Q a if is Bxgehr - .1 F Q J 455-2,3 -gtg wlk gfff' 5 'Q , 5 -:WM A V. gm: W ' 'gyggeyg .. J pi-fi k aff f if " I : fr A jliiil, .M -.gift '17, ' if 215, 2' F' 4 I .. . I , as , , I 5 p igma fgwglgfyi Hip? fu V V M g I ,awe ,L Q I X . gg, .Y ,, is , I , We: Page 310 JOLLY, PEGGY ANN, Monroe, Tennessee: B.S. in Home Economics: Home Ec. Club '62, '63, '64, '65, '66, Vice-President '64, '65: SNEA '66: Delta Kappa Phi '66: TWO Board '65: Intramural Volleyball, Softball. JUDD, WANDA SUE, Cookeville, Tennessee: B.S. in Home Economics: Home Ec. Club '63, '64, '65, '66: SNEA '66. KERLEY, EDWARD WAYNE, Crossville, Tennessee: B.S. in Agronomy: Tech Aggies '63, '64, '65, '66: Agronomy Club '64, '65, '66: Delta Tau Alpha '65, '66 KIBLER, SHIRLEY LUE, Cleveland, Tennessee: B.S. in Home Economics Educa- tion. KOGER, J. D., Forbus, Tennessee: B.S. in Agricultural Economics: Alpha Gamma Sigma '63, '64, '65, Secretary '63: Tech Aggies '63, '64, '65. KOMISAR, JEANNIE FAYE, Sparta, Tennessee: B.S. in Home Economics: Home Ec. Club '63, '64, '65: Young Democrats Club '65, '66: IRC '64, '65, '66: Intramurals '63, '64, '66. LAFEVER, LINDA L., Silver Point, Tennessee: B.S. in Home Economics Educa- tion: TWO '63, '64, '65, '66: Home Ec. Club '63, '64, '65, '66: SNEA '63, '64, '65, '66. LANGFORD, CAROL FRANCIS, Celina, Tennessee: B.S. in Home Economics: Home Ec. Club '65, '66: SNEA '63: Pep Club '63, '65: Young Democrats Club '65, Executive Board '65. LEMMONS, SAMUEL NORMAN, Cedar Hill, Tennessee: B.S. in Agronomy. LEWIS, MICHAEL EVERETT, Windsor, Connecticut: B.S. in Agricultural Eco- nomics: Block and Bridle '62: Tech Aggies '62, '65: Newman Club '62, '63, '64, '65. LITTLE, BRUCE A., Pleasant Hill, Tennessee: B.S. in Agricultural Science: Tech Aggies '64, '65: Alpha Gamma Sigma '64, '65. LITTLE, PATRICIA ANN, Clarlcrange, Tennessee: B.S. in Home Economics: Home Ec. Club '63, '64, '65. LOFTIS, JIMMIE ROBERT, Cookeville, Tennessee: B.S. in Agronomy: Rebel Ri- tles '63, '64, '65, Statt '65: Scabbard and Blade '65, '66, Vice-President '66: Agronomy Club '63, '64, '65, '66, Reporter '63, Photographer '64, Secretary '65, President '66: Tech Aggies '63, '64, '65, '66, Secretary '64, Treasurer '65: Delta Tau Alpha '64, '65, '66, Treasurer '66: Aggie Council '64, '65, '66. LOWERY, CAROLYN L., Bloomington Springs, Tennessee: B.S. in Home Eco- nomics: TWO '63, '64, '65, '66: Cafeteria Club '63, '64, '65: Home Ec. Club '65: Freshman Class Beauty '62: Junior Attendant to Homecoming Queen '64: Cheerleader '65: Tech Sweetheart '66. McCORMICK, ELIZABETH ANN, Kingston, Tennessee: B.S. in Home Econom- ics Education: Pep Club '63: Cosmopolitan Club '64, Secretary '63: Home Ec. Club '64: Young Democrats Club '64, '65, '66, Board Member '66: Caf- eteria Club '64. cCORMlCK, JIMMY LEE, Crossville, Tennessee: B.S. in Agricultural Econom- cs: Tech Aggies '63, '64: Alpha Gamma Sigma '64, '65, '66, Chaplin '64, Ex- cutive Committee '64: TCA '64, Council Member '64. ARTIN, JIMMY WALTON, Byrdstown, Tennessee: B.S. in Agriculture: Tech ggies '65. ARTIN, WILLIAM DEAN, Lynchburg, Tennessee: B.S. in Animal Husbandry: lock and Bridle Club '65, '66: Intramural Basketball '65, '66. Page 311 He doesn't expect me to believe that! SCHOOL OF AGRICULTURE AND HOME ECONOMICS MILAM, JOHN SIDNEY, Leland, Mississippi, B.S. in Agricultural Economics, Tech Aggies '63, '65, Delta Tau Alpha '65, Vice-President '66. MOORE, CHARLES EDWARD, Sevierville, Tennessee, B.S. in Agricultural Economics, Alpha Gamma Sigma '64, '65, '66, Pep Club '64, '65, Tech Ag- gies '63, '64, '65, '66. MOORE, R. LYNN, Winchester, Tennessee, B.S. in Agronomy, Agronomy Club '63, '64, '65, '66, Tech Aggies '63, '64, '65, Intramural Basketball '63, '64 NASH, CONNIE KYU, Baxter, Tennessee, B.S. in Home Economics Education, Home Ec. Club '64, SNEA '66, Sophomore Class Secretary '65, TMDO Cal- endar Girl '65. NEWBERRY, FRANK, JR., Cookeville, Tennessee, B.S. in Agricultural Science Alpha Gamma Sigma '65, '66, Stewart '65, Tech Aggies '65, '66. NICHOLS, HARRY BUCHANAN, Franklin, Tennessee, B.S. in Agricultural Economics, Pep Club '63, SOBA '64, SAM '65. NORTHAM, TRELLIS JO, Tullahoma, Tennessee, B.S. in Home Economics Education, Home Ec. Club '63, '64, '65, '66. PATTON, CLARENCE D., McMinnville, Tennessee, B.S. in Animal Husbandry, Block and Bridle '62, '63, '64, '65, Tech Aggies '62, '63, '64, '65, Alpha Gam- ma Sigma '65. PATTON, NORMA DAVENPORT, McMinnville, Tennessee, B.S. in Home Eco- nomics, Home Ec. Club '62, '63, '64, '66, Tech Chorus '62, '63. PHILLIPS, ANITA JEWEL, Silver Point, Tennessee, B.S. in Home Economics Education, Home Ec. Club '63, '64. RICH, JANICE FAYE, Jamestown, Tennessee, B.S. in Home Economics Edu- cation, Home Ec. Club '63, '64, '65, SNEA '65, Aggie-Home Economics Queen '65. RITCHEY, CHARLES NORMAN, Detroit, Michigan, B.S. in Agricultural Eco- nomics, Delta Tau Alpha '63, '64, '65, Reporter '65, Alpha Gamma Sigma '62, '63, '64, '65, Vice-President '64, Secretary '63, Aggie Club '62, '63, '64, '65. Page 312 RIVERS, JEROLYN RUTH, Nashville, Tennessee: B.S. in Home Economics: Home Ec. Club '62, '63, '64, '65, '66. ROBERSON, MARY GWENDOLYN, Cookeville, Tennessee: B.S. in Home Economics: Home Ec. Club '63, '64, '66. ROBERTS, MARILYN SNOW, Oakdale, Tennessee: B.S. in Home Economics: Home Ec. Club '63. RODRIGUEZ, NELSON E., Valencia, Venezuela: B.S. in Agricultural Econom- ics: Cosmopolitan Club '64, '65, '66: Alpha Gamma Sigma '66. SHORT, ANN SHELDON, Franklin, Tennessee: B.S. in Home Economics: Pep Club '62, '63: SNEA '62, '63: Home Ec. Club '65, '66: Intramural Softball '63, '64 SIMMONS, GERALD WAYMON, Pikeville, Tennessee: B.S. in Agricultural Science: Agronomy Club '63, '64: Alpha Gamma Sigma '65, '66: Tech Aggies '63, '64, '65, '66: Aggie Contact Staff '64, '65, '66. SLATTON, BARBARA JEAN, Doyle, Tennessee: B.S. in Home Economics Edu- cation: Home Ec. Club '63, '64, '65, '66, Corresponding Secretary '65, '66: Pep Club '65: SNEA '65, '66: Kappa Delta Pi '65, '66. SMITH, WINOLA, Livingston, Tennessee: B.S. in Home Economics: Home Ec. Club '63, '64, '65, '66: SNEA '65: Intramural Softball '64: Intramural Vol- leyball '65. SPANGLER, HUGH LAMAR, Greenback, Tennessee: B.S. in Agricultural Economics: Tech Aggies '62, '63, '64, '65, '66, Vice-President '65: Alpha Gamma Sigma '62, '63, '64, '65, '66, Corresponding Secretary '65: Aggie Contact Staff '62, '63, '64, '65, '66: Delta Tau Alpha '64, '65, '66, President '66. SWIFT, ELECE, Cookeville, Tennessee: B.S. in Home Economics. VANDERPOOL, JACK RICHARD, Old Hickory, Tennessee: B.S. in Agricul- ture: Scabbard and Blade '65, '66: Tech Rangers '65, '66: Block and Bridle '63, '64, '65, '66: Tech Aggies '63, '64, '65, '66: Delta Tau Alpha '65, '66: Aggie Contact Staff '66, Alumni Editor '66. WARD, GAYLE GILLEN, Sparta, Tennessee: B.S. in Home Economics Educa- tion: Home Ec. Club '63, '64, '65, '66, Treasurer '64, Recording Secretary '65, Parliamentarian '66: THEA '64, Reporter '64: Aggie Contact Staff '65, Reporter '65: Oracle Staff '63, '64: Speech Activities Club '64: SNEA '64, '65, '66: Kappa Delta Pi '65, '66. WEST, JERRY EVERETT, Jamestown, Tennessee: B.S. in Agronomy: Agronomy Club '63, '64, '65, '66: Tech Aggies '63, '64, '65, '66, Reporter '65. WIELAND, CYNTHIA ANN, Monterey, Tennessee: B.S. in Home Economics Education: Home Ec. Club '63, '64, '65, '66, Treasurer '63, President '66: THEA '63, '64, '65, '66, Treasurer '66: SNEA '64, '65, '66: Class Beauty '65. WILKES, JERRY MARKER, Madison, Tennessee: B.S. in Agricultural Econom- ics: Alpha Gamma Sigma '64, '65, '66, Executive Committee '65, Editor ot Gammalog '65, President '66: Tech Aggies '65, '66: Intramurals '64, '66. WILLEFORD, GERALD C., Hilham, Tennessee B.S. in Animal Husbandry: Tech Aggies '63, '64, '65: Block and Bridle '63, '64, '65, Vice-President '65. WINFREE, SAM K., Algood, Tennessee: B.S. in Animal Husbandry: Block and Bridle '62, '63, '64, '65, '66, President, '66: Delta Tau Alpha '64, '65, '66, Na- tional Vice-President '66: Scabbard and Blade '66: Rebel Rifles '63: Tech Ag- gles '62, '63: '64, '65, '66. be Page 313 DR. ALBERT H. COOPER Dean of the Graduate School These students received their Master's degrees in June, l965. Row 1-Dean Albert Cooper, Vera S. Wallace, Roddie R. Judkins, Lilburn L. Davis, Morris Graduate School Tech's Graduate School was organized in May, l958g the first work for graduate credit was offered during the summer of l958. Dr. A. Barksdale was the first dean of the Graduate School, he was fol- lowed by Dr. Charles Keene who served until 1964. The present dean is Dr. Albert H. Cooper, who is serving his second year. There are 43 members of the graduate liaculty, representing the Colleges of Arts and Sciences, Engi- neering and Education. Master's degrees are offered in biology, chemistry, English, mathematics, history, electrical engineering, chemical engineering, engi- neering mechanics and engineering science. Next fall the Master's degree in mechanical engineering will be available. The College of Education awards graduate degrees in administration and supervision, curriculum and instruction, and guidance and coun- seling. Programs constituting a minor are offered in health and physical education, physics and sociology. D. Stamps. Row 2-Eugene Wiley, Thomas I. Cook, Mildred D. Summers, James W. Lee, Harry L. Hargis. Page 314 dmv ln ceremonies held on August 25, 1965, these fifteen students were awarded Row 2-Charles B. Looper, William R. Tatum, Jimmie G. Minchey Earl W the Master's degree in their respective fields: Row 1-Dr. Albert Cooper, Harris, Joe K. Anderson, Carl H. Barrett. Row 3-Robert D. Knox C Allen Wanda P. Slagle, Margery H. Hargrove, Mary M. Watson, Mary S. Young. Rushing, Charles W. Pollock, Roy T. Stone, Lynn M. Hill. Many of Tech's graduate students are from abroad, especially in the Engineering School. These candidates tor the Master's degree are BETTY JEAN BROWN Secretary Robert Cramer, graduate student in Chemistry, conducts chemistry lab for undergraduates while doing research for his Master's thesis. participating in a vector analysis class. W a - Www G 5 -MMMWEN M 4,3551 .?,u m Ha ' e .. me 'Q Ea-1 'grae ,,,. " 595:31 J, ' wwfwik .age . U fi . an 'CK .W- JOH N STOCKTON President PAT MARSHALL Treasurer ss of I96 Page 316 HAROLD HATCH ER Vice-President ELIZABETH FIDLER Secretary Akridge, Edna J. .. Alcorn, John D. 4..... . Allen, John A. .. .... Anderson, Howard R. . Anderson, Jimmy I. .... Annis, Barbara J. .... Apple, Martha L. .. Aycock, Carolyn F. .. Barker, Janice D. . Barnes, Bobby J. . Barth, Francis A. ..... . Bartley, Hugh E. .. Bartlett, William R. Baxter, John T. ,..., . Beaty, Larry B. Beckham, Thomas E. Bell, Donna S. ,.., . Bennett, Larry F. , Bess, Linda G. .... Biggs, William T. .. . . . .Chattanooga ...Baxter . . . . . . . .Cookeville ...Kingston Springs ..........Lebanon ,. . . . . . .Pikeville . . . , .Livingston . . . .Shelbyville ..... Cookeville .........Crossville .... Lawrenceburg Red Boiling Springs .....Adrian, Mich. .... Lawrenceburg .. . Grimsley ... ... Nashville , . . .Winchester .... Nashville .... Rock Island ..Benton Bilbrey, Rose L. .. Cookeville Bishop, Donald F. ,. ,... ..Lyles Boatmen, Carl H. .... Nashville Bohanan, Linda L. , .... Lafayette Bowden, Samuel D. . Jamestown Bowers, Gary L. ..... .... M aryville Brooks, Steven W. . ..Jamestown Brown, Alice A. ...... Celina Brown, Bettye Jean. ...,. Goodlettsvillo Brown, Michael A. ..... Gainesboro Buchanan, Winder ..... ....,. N ashville Buckner, Marvin C. . ...... Culleoka Burgess, William J. . .... Crossville Caldwell, Donald W. .... Nashville Caldwell, Robert L. ,... .... O ak Ridge Carlisle, Wayne G. . Springhill Carr, Hugh ,.,.... ,... C leveland Carter, Carol D. .... .... O ld Hickory Caruthers, Linda K. .. ..,.. Rockwood Cassady, Janie N. Chatfin, Donald L. Clark, Betty K. ..... . Clark, Larry R. .... . Cody. Robert L. .... . Crabb, Michael A. .. Crabtree, Janet L. .... . Craighead, Donald Crowder, John E. .. Cruikshank, Ken .. Damani, Viharilal R. Davidson, Thomas W. Davis, Amelia A. .. Davis, Donald J. Davis, William M. .. Alcoa . . , .Cookeville . . . .Robbins ... .Chattanooga . ...Oak Ridge ... Nashville . .Decatur W. ... ... Cookeville ... Clinton ... Woodbury Veraval, india .. ..... Oak Ridge .. .. ..Alcoa Crossville ........ Crossville Day, Mary l. ............... Chattanooga Dayhuit, Warren E. ..,. ..Greensburg, Ind. Deck, Mary L. ..... ...,. A lgood Dillehay, Billy B. .... Carthage Dixon, Dorothy E. ,. ... Cookeville Doty, George H. ... .. Nashville Dryden, David V. .,.... ..... O ak Ridge Du Bose, Becky E. ....,.,. .. Tullahoma Duke, Norma C. Huntsville, . ....... Ala. Dunham, Judy D. Dwiggins, James C. Eldridge, Linda G. Everett, Carolyn S. .. Evetts, Sondal D. .Sparta ....Lawrenceburg .......,Nashville .. ..... Chattanooga Donelson Fallert, David O. ............. Tullahoma Fidler, Elizabeth .. .C-Breensboro, N.C. I l i l i l Page 317 "Well, l like the S2 one best, myself!" Floyd Eddie Floyd, Ruth A. Floyd, Serena H. . Fowlkes, William A. Follis, Patricia L. .. Ford, Catherine L. sy- ....Dyersburq ..... Sparta .. ...Dickson .U ...U .I . .Winchester ... ,.... Chattanooqa Nashville Freeland, Albert W. .. . .. . Lewisburg French, Bill B. .... . Kingston Garren, James L. ,... Benton Gates, Shirley A. .. ,...... Celina Gaw, Nancy M. .. .... Gainesboro Geary, Max D. .,... Tracy City Gentry, Garry D. ..... ..., C ookeville Gibbons, Linda K. .... .... C oolceville Gill, Bobby W. Goddard, Norven L Gott, Barbara A. . Gribble, Anna R. . Grisham, Larry M. Groce, Gary M. .. Guepe, Susan K. . ... ...,. Smithville . .... . .... Lenoir City .....Nashville ... ....... Sparta ... ... Cleveland . . . . . Byrdstown .. ..... Nashville Guess, Frankie N. .. Cookeville Hailey, Thomas A. .... Nashville Hale, Randy M. .... Crossville l-lall, Jimmy E. . .... Crossville Hall, Ronald L. ...... .... C oolceville Hamilton, Mary H. .... ..,. C leveland Hampton, Ronnie C. ..... Nashville Harper, Frank ..... . ....... Portland Harris, Carolyn J. .. .... Goodlettsville Harris, Chichi A. ....,.. Maryville Harris, Judy C. Harville, James R. Harwell, James W. Harwell, Thomas W Hatcher, Harold A. Hatfield, Gail .... Haynes, Samuel L. Head, Robert D. . Hearn, Travis L. .. Hembree, Viola R. Hendren, Gary W. Page 318 .. . ..,. Smyrna ... ..... Elmwood ..... ......Shelbyville . ... ..... Fayetteville . Nashville .. ...Sparta . .. ...Sparta .. ..... Miami, Fla. ... ..... Nashville ... . ...Crossville .. .... Dyersburg Horton, Horton W. .. ..Kingsl:on Howell, Peggy F. .. ...... Sweetwater Howland, Howard P., Jr. . Hudson, Garry R. ..... . Huffman, Monica J. Hughes, Julie A. .... . Hunt. Karen S. ,.,.. . Hurst, Ronald H. Hutchins, John L. lngle, Shirley J. .. Irvine, Verle S, .... .. .. Islam, A.K.M. A. . Jackson, Glenda S. Jackson, John W. Jacobs, Judy C. .,.. . James, Jerry W. .. Jared, Bethelda ..... .. Jett, Edward S. ......... . . . . . .Nashville . . . . .Charlotte .....Donelson . . . . .Nashville ...Old Hickory ... . .Knoxville . . . . . .Cleveland .......Decatur .........Baxter Dagga, Pakistan .. ., Decherd . . . . . .Columbia ...,Winchester ....La'lollette Silver Point Chattanooga Johnson, Howard T. ,... ..Franklin, N. C. Johnson. Jo K. ..... . ... .Gainesboro I Hennessee, David .... Henry, Anna P. ........ . Herd, Jackie P. .......... . Higginbotham, Dan ny L... Hobbs, Robert E. ...,..,. . Holland, Leon G. Hollis, Joseph D. Holt, Bob L. Holt, John D. .... Holt, Roger D. Hooper, Barbara J. Hooper, Helen Hopwood, William Horn, Janice S. .. 'HQif..f .....Wartburg ........Sparta ........Sparta Fern Creek, Ky. . . . . . .Nashville ..Franklin, N.C. .... ...Columbia .....Tullahoma . .Lawrenceburg . . . .Lenoir City .... Nashville . . . , .Cookeville . .Lawrencelourg ,....Huntingdon l I Due to strict regulations against "unauthor- ized pep rallies," it is rumored that Tech men work off nervous energy in other directions. Johnson, Leonard J. .. ..... Pulaski Johnson, John W. ... ... Cookeville Jones, Edwina S. .. .,.... Hixson Jones, Larry D. .. ..,.. Harriman Jones, Ottis Lee ,..., Lafayette Kelly, Lily A. . ....., , .... Harriman Kerley, Charles R. .. ,.... Harriman Kern, Vera L. ......... Santa Cruz, Calif. Kerr, Charles W. . Key, Freida V. ..............Delano ..............Portlancl Khodavandi, Nosrtollah N. .... Tehran, lran Killen, Jo A. .... . Killen, Sandra L. . King, Michael S. ........l.awrenceburg ............Waverly . ...Knoxville Page 319 "Did you say that the ice wouldn't melt in my Pepsi?" King, Robert L. Kittrell, Robert E. Knox, John M. Lancaster. Wanda J. Lane, John T. .. .. Lawson, Carol K. .. Lee, Mary C. Liles Linna J Linder, Mary 5 Ling, Neng Yu Liclclinqton, Donna C M i S3 .. Y. . Pepsl.Please . . . .Franklin Alcoa ... . .Lebanon ..Old Hickory . . . . .Nashville .. . Monterey . . . .Cookeville .... Nashville . . . . . .... Petros Lipscomb, Joe . .. Litton, Ronald K. . Logan, Mary R. Lovell, Connie J. Loyd, Robert C. . McBride, Johnny D. McDaniel, Jackie C. McDaniel, Tommy L. McDonald, Carol J. McDonald, Larry A. McHenry, Claude E. McMillan, Robert M McMurry, Charlotte McPeters, Keith R. ..,., . Mabry, Kenneth R. Maddux, Robert N. Mainord, Doris M. Malone, Carrie N. Mansfield, Jamess H. Marshall, William P. Martin, James H. . Martin, Robert N. . Masters, Aaron E. . Masters, Laura L. Maxwell, Brenda G. Mayo, Thomas A. Mays, Edith M. Medley, Donald R. Minser, William 6. Mitchell, Howard A. Mitchell, Norma J. Monday, Henry Moore, Charles A. Moore, Wilma L. .. Moores, Milton R. Moyers, Danny W. Neely, William R. . Nelson, Gary E. .. Page 320 ... . Jamestown Sibu, Malaysia ...Springfield ...Kingsport ....Shelbyville . . . .Cleveland ..... Pikeville . .McMinnville .. Cookeville . . . . .Chattanooga .. ..Crossville I .Ai So. Pittsburg ......Baxter ,... Knoxville ...,Cookeville ....Wartburg . . . . .Nashville ...Donelson .....Alqood .. Lenoir City .......Pulaski .. . .Nashville .. ...Columbia . Lebanon . Chattanooga ...,Cookeville . . . .Cookeville .. Nashville ..... Madison ... Cookeville . . .Oak Ridge . . . . .Memphis ..... Sparta ...Clarkrange . . . , .Prospect Old Fort .....Nashville . . .Fayetteville ......Whitwell . . . .Shelbyville .6- mfsicou 'W' Nichols, Kenny S. Nickens, Jaclc K. .... Norred, Carolyn F. ... . . . .Harriman . . , .Monterey .... Nashville Norris, Donnie R. ,,....... 4.., A lpine North, Thomas P. ... ,....,.. ..Crossville Nunnally, James M., Jr. Grand Junction Oak, Albert C. .....,... Greensburg, Ind. O'Dell, Canzada A. Odom, Carolyn M. . O'Rear, Larry G. Palmer, Everett W. . Palmer, Linda S. . Panter, William C. Paris, Robert l-l. .... Pavlou, Steve G. Peavyhouse, Jane A. Pennington, Luther C Perkerson. Michael F. Perry, Carl D. , Peterson, Allan W. . Phillips, James l-l. ., Pinlcston, Margaret A. .. Poole, Larry R. ...., . Powell, Sharon A. .. Powers, Douglas .,. Pressler, Joseph K. , Purlcey, Roy T. ..., . Puryear, John ......... Quaiyumi, lqbal .. Oualls, Suzanne Queener, Jack R. Ragsdale, Ernest L. .... . Ragsdale, Michael W. .. Ramsey, James R. Ramsey, Joe W. .... Ramsey. M. Ed., Jr. ..,..Crossville . ., Madison ... Lawrenceburg .. ,... Lebanon . . . . ,Greenbrier . . . . . . .Pikeville .,,.6reeneville . Pt. Wayne, lnd. . . . . . .Jamestown Oneida ,... Nashville .. .Crossville ... Lenoir City ...Cookeville . ..... Knoxville . . . . .Greenbrier ....Big Spring . ..... Cookeville . . . . . . .Cookeville ...Oneida .ChiCl4amauga, Ga. ...Bombay, India ....,Jamestown . . . . . . .La Follete .. . .Goodlettsville .......Madison . . . . . . .Cookeville ....Roanoke, Va. Jacksonville, Fla. Raplcing, Glenn D. .........., Madisonville Rayburn, Thomas M., Jr. .. .... Columbia Reagan, Jimmy ........ ..... N ashville Reedy, Roger D. .... . Reeves, Derril W. .. Remiclc, Roger A. Rentro, Claudia A. Richardson, Kay L. Robbins, Billy J. . ii Roberts, Charles G. Roberts. Jimmie H Roberts, John W. Roberts, Linda S. .. . .......Pulaski ... .... Nashville ..,.Lawrenceburg .....,.Daisy ...Columbia . , , , .Jamestown . .. .Lawrenceburg ....,Sparta .... Chattanooga . .... Livingston "Give 'em Hell, Tech!" Page 321 Class of '67 Roberson Ernest C. Rogers, John W. ..., .. ... ..... Cookeville Ross, William G. .... Rowe, Lucy R. .... . . Rogers, Sharon J. Russell Ga len E. I Y Sanders, Gary R. .... .. Scandlyn, Elizabeth Schick, James W. Schultz Shirle S , y . ... Seat, Judy D. .... . Sells, Judy C. .,... . Sexton. Wendell D. Shadrick, Dennis J. .. Shati, Mahmoud Shakibi, Nasser ,.., .. Sharp, Richard H. . Shearin, Hubert M. . . . . . . .Pikeville ...Old Hickory ......Big Rock . .... Lafayette South Pittsburg . . ...Clarksville . . . . .Harriman .....Tullahoma . . . . . .Soddy . . . .Nashville .... Monroe . Harriman ....Whigwell .....Sari, lran ...Tehran. Iran .. ...Maryville .. . .Oak Ridge Smith, Marvena R. Smithfield, David A. . Snyder, Alva D. .... . Sonnen, John K. ..... ...Silver Point ... .Livingston Smith, Glen ........ .. Smith, Harold R. .... . .....Livingston . , . .Clarksville ......Ocoee . Bethesda, Md. Sowders, Teddy L. ...... Friendsville Speir, Harley J. ..... .... C ookeville Stallings, Mary S. .... ...... H ickman Stamps, Jimmy J. ,..... Cookeville Stancil, L. Ann ..... .... C hattanooga Standilier, Margaret A. ...... Chattanooga Stark, Kathryn J. ...... ..... C leveland Stone, Tony A. ,..... .,......... D aisy Storie, Osval E. ........ Byrdstown Stout, Sarah E. ..... ..... B uffalo Valley Stovall, Fredia E. .... ...... W inchester Suttle, Suzanne ... ..... Crossville Page 322 Simms. Claude N. . Simms, Vincent D. . Sisemore, Daniel J. Skaggs, Ann L. .. . . ..,. Crossville .Lebanon . . . . . . .Nashville . .. . . . . .Knoxville Skelton, Michael W. . ..... Nashville Skiles, Eugene T. .. Smith, Barbara G. Smith, Billy L. .. . . . .Knoxville Jonesboro ........Kingston Smith, Dianne . ...... Hendersonville Upton. Betty S. Van Dyke, John M. Vickers, David L., Sr. ..., . Wade, Jesse F. ....,.., . Wade, William D. Walker. Anita E. .. Walker, John D. ...., .. Walker, Larry R. .. Walling, Patricia A. ..........Celina .......Donelson .Cookeville .Cookeville ... .... Nashville . . . . .Oneida .Nashville . .Rickman ... ,... Sparta Swafford, John H. Swafford, Cheryl A. Swallows, Ralph L. . Sweat, Patricia A. .. Tarpy, James M. . Taylor, Marshall T. Taylor, Robert E. .. Taylor. Teddy N. . Tennyson, Alfred Jr. .. Textor, Gail M. ,.,... . .. . Pikeville ....Crossville ... .Crossville ......Monroe ....Nashville ........Trenton .. ..... Lynchburg ......Sparta ....Sweetwater arta Thomas, Deanna L. .... ....... T ullahoma Thomas, James A. .. .. .. Madisonville Thomas, Neva A. ..... Lynchburg Thompson, Bettye C. ..,.. ..... C ookeville Thompson. Shirley S. ,,..,....... Nashville Thurman, Lawrence B., Jr. ,... Chattanoo a Tiesler, James T. ......,........ NashviTle Tucker, Carol W. . . . . . . . . . . .Chattanooga Watkins, Edward W. .. .... Franklin Watters, George W. .,... .... C iarksville Webb, George W. ..... Madison Welch. Donald R. .. .... Nashville Wells, Marilyn A. . ..,, Nashville Wells, William H. .. ..,.. McMinnville White, James G. .. Lawrenceburg Willetord, Gerald .. .,.. Livingston Wilmoth, Tracy M. . ..Cookeville Wilson, Claude A. . ...Lenoir City Wilson. Thomas G. .... Covington Wolgamott, Hazel A. .La keville. Ohio Wood, James L. ,... .. ....,. Jamestown Wrye, Robert 6. . . .. Wyatt, Gary P. Young, Ronnie D. .. Zimmerman, Richard D. Zokaee. Yousef .... ......Lebanon ....Cookeville ...Clarkrange Frederick. Md. ..Tehran. Iran Page 323 ss of I968 mi.. ...nw 355551. MACKY McCLUSKEY PATSY CURTIS BECKY ADAMSON VAN PANCAKE President Treasurer Secretary Vice-President Page 324 i Abel, Jackson D. Adams, Charles R. . Adamson, Rebecca S. Adcox, Larry W .,.. Adib, Razavi Mahmood Adkisson. Lester W. .. Agee, Celia J. Ahern, Theresa J. .. Aiken, Darla G. Ainsley, George A. .. Akin, Richard L. .. Alexander, William A. Alfred, Allen, Allen, Allen, Allen, Alley. Alvezi, William M. . Carthel G. .. Jimmy F. .. Judy L. .. Linda E. ... Billy D. .... Walter E. .. . Ammons, David C. Amone tte, Carolyn I. Amonette. Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Bonnie S. . Andrea G. .. Frank H. Jesse T. . Lynn .... Roy R. ,... William .. Andrews, Carole J. . Armstrong, Robert R. Arnold, Allen W. .... Arnold, Philip K. ... Arp, Ella P. .. .. Ashburn, Carolyn .. Ashburn, Nita F. .. Assad, Mohammad A. ........Dayton . .Murfreesboro .. Chattanooga .. Springfield ..Tehran, Iran ... Midtown ...Gordonsvillai . Goodlettsville . . Harriman .. Chattanooga ....Nashville .... Franklin .. Oak Ridge ....SL Joseph .....Donelson . . . . . Alqood . Goodlettsville . ... .Madison Sandwich, Mass. ..... Columbia ......Byrdstown .... Byrdstown .... Nashville .... Carthage ....Cookeville .. . Baxter ... .Byrdstown . . .Knoxville .. .. Nashville . ...Oak Ridge ...Wartrace .. . Dayton . ..Oak Ridge .... Smithville .. Manchester lran Austin, Merrill D. .. . ..... Pikeville Austin, William T. Ayers, James O. .. Babilino, Robert F. Baerg, Ronald A. .. Bailey, Dennis J. Baker, David H. Baker, Ronnie G. .. Baker, Wanda J. Baldwin, Doris E. .. Bandy, John W. Barbee, John L. .. Barber, Jerry D. ... Barnes, Billy G. .. Barnes, Frank Y. .. . Barnes, Harry E. . . . Barnett, James R. Jr. . Barnett, Johnny M. .. Barnhil Barth. l, Theodore M. Jean A. .... . Bartlett, John C. .. Bartlett, Larry E. . Bartlett, Sharon A. . Batten, Grady O. Baugh, William B. . Baxter, Charles R. . Bayat-Makooi, F. ... Bean, Dennis N. ..., . Beasley, John P. .. ..... Beasley, Patricia C. .. Beasley, Thomas W. .. Beaty, Rodney S. Beaube, Allen V. Becker, Robert S. .. ....Yardley, Pa. ......Clarksville .Audubon, N. J. .Huntsville Ala. ..... Rockwood . . .. Spencer .. . Knoxville ....Knoxville .... Oneida ... .. Memphis ... McMinnville ......Nashville ....McMinnville ....Kingston ......Nashville ...Sequatchie .... .. Shilo ... Nashville ....Cookeville .. Manchester .... .Algood . .. Cookeville ...Old Hickory ..... Kingston . . . Madison ....Tehran, Iran Red Boiling Springs . ......Franklin ......Nashville .. ...Nashville ...Clarkrange ...Nashville ...Nashville raw W f l " A ee , . . -W 1 . .' . -gf-, :lv :2:rs:'-ss.. ,um 5 N -,5. ,i .gy U -. WE ., Xa Nw . . Page 325 CLASS OF '68 Bennett, Archie W. Bennett, Harold E. Bennett, Larry F. .. Bergstrem, Ruth A. Berkemeier, Jerry L. Berkowich, Leonard Bernard, Robert M. Bevelheimer Fred O Biclciord, Charlotte Bess, Kenneth M. ,..,. . . ..... D.,.. Bilbrey, Ben T. Bilbrey, Brenda L. . Bilbrey, Nancy A. . Billings, Joan V. .. ... Greenbrier . iiiiiSouth Pittsburg .........Nashville ......Monterey . Chattanooga Pa. ...Oxtord. . . . . .Nashville .. Nashville ... .Hickman ... Pikeville .. , ,Rickman .. . .Celina .. . Rickman ... .Sparta Billingsley, Sandra C. .......... Cookeville Binkle Paul S y. . ...., .. Birch, Harold J. ,,,, . Birdwell, Phyllis J. .... Bivens, Steve D. ..,....... . Black, Sharron G. , Black, Shields E. .. Black, William R. Blake, Janet L. Blakney, Dennis F. .. Blalock, Don M. .. Blye, Billie J ...... Bohan, James P. . Bohannon, Kenneth ...........Dickson .Kendall Park, N. J. .Hermitage Springs ... Cleveland . . . . .Nashville . . . .Rockwood ....Jamestown ....Harriman ......Dyersburq .....Chattanooga ........Dayton .....Madison .i .4 .i .I .ll6XllSI'lLOWI'l, PG. Bolden, Fred l. Jr. ..... Harriman Boles, Harold . .,... ..,.. A lpine Bolinger, Ronald O. .. .... Tazewell Bostick, George W. ..... Nashville Bostick, Kenneth H. ....... Decherd Boswell, Carolyn L. ........ Monterey Bowers, Gary L. ,... .... O liver Springs Bowker, Dennis A. .... ..... N ashville Boyd, Robert L. Jr. ,.... Madison Boyd, Ruth M. ,.,.. ..... C ookeville Bracey, Paul P. Jr. ,,.. ...., G reenbrier Brach, Patricia A. ... .... Nashville Bradley, Charles R. ... . . .Old Hickory Bradley, Larry H. .... Cookeville Bradley, Obie H. Jr. ..,.. Donelson Brannon, Bonnie L. .... ..... H ixson Bredwell, James Jr. ,.,. ...Kingston Breeding, Charlie L. ..,, ...., S parta Brewer, Robert H. Jr. .. ..., Portland Brimer, Robert A. ..... ..... M orristown Brink, Dorothy L. ..., Lawrenceburg Brown, Avert H. .. Cookeville Brown, Peggy L. ..., .... N ashville Brown, Rebecca S. . . .. Knoxville Brown, Ronald E. ..... .... C ookeville Brown, Thomas W. ... ...Hampshire Brown, Frances A. .. ,.... Crossville Brown, Michael L. .. ..... Nashville Broyles, JoAnne .. ....... Sparta Bruce, Cornelia A. .. ..... Greenbrier Bruce, Guinn A. ..,, ..... P ostelle Bruce, Kathryn A. ,... Knoxville Bruner, James A. ...... Kingsport Bryan, Janice C. .... Manchester Bryant, Betty J. ...... Baxter Bryant, Hamilton M. .. .... Dyersburg Bryant, James D. ..... Sparta Bryant, Lewis A. .... ... Cookeville Bryant, Patricia J. .. ...., Cookeville Buford, Judy E. ....... .......... A lgood Bullard, Wesley A. ...,...... Chattanooga Bumbalough, Julia C. ... ....... Nashville Page 326 Bundy, Charles A. Burgess, Gary K. , .. Burgess, Ronald M. .. Burnett, June C. Burney, James H. Burns, James E. Burris, James E. Bush, Chester L. Bussey, Carey B. Buttrey, William Byars, William P. .... D.. Byrd, Rodger B. ,.... Caldwell, Elizabeth S. Calliham, Robert N. Camp, Ray M. ...., . Campbell, Carl W. . Campbell, Ronald D. Campbell, William M. Cannon, Burley ....,. Cantrell, Carolyn E. . Cantrell, Harry E. Caplenor, Ray J. .. Carey, Thomas J. Carney, Richard H. . Carpenter, Harold F. Carr, Lonnie G. Carrick, Barbara S. . Carrington, David M. Carroll, Sandra J. Carson, James G. Carter, Joyce M. Cartwright, Patricia A. Carty, Terry B. ,... . Caruthers, Roger K. . Carver, Stanley C. .. Casey, Ralph D. .. Cass, Mary S. .... . Castle, William A. .. Cate, Robert T. .. , Cato, Ronald L. Chattin, Thomas E. .. Champion, Robert L. Chapman, Philip E. . Chestnutt, James R. . Childs, John S. ..., . Chittick, Jane E. Christian, Harold P. , Christian, Margaret R. .. Choate, Joyce E. Clapp, Lou C. Clark, David L. Clark, Roy L. Ill Clarke, William A. . Clarkson, Russell T. . Clayton, John M. Clemmons, Michael K Clendenen, J. Buford Cliburn, James R. ,. Clouse. Ronald R. ,. Cochran, Paul E. Cochran, Leba D. Cottelt, Joyce M. .. Cole, Charlie R. .. Collier, Dennis L. ... Collier, Roger D. .. Collins Jerry L. ... Collins Oliver J. .,. Colvard, Landon Jr. Combs, Joe C. .... . Compton, James E. .. ...,..,..Salem. lnd. . .. . . .. .. .Cookeville Madison Hgts., Mich. Crossville .Pompano Beach, Fla. . , . . .Oak Ridge . . ..,.. Soddy . , . . .Cookeville Lebanon . .Dickson . Monterey .... Cookeville .Maryville Dyersburg .,..Douglasville, Ga. . . . .McMinnville ....... Franklin .....,..Athens . . . . .Cookeville , ..,,. Cowan . . . .Smithville ..,..,Lebanon .. . Lawrenceburg . . , . . .Memphis ....G-reenback Mi. ...... Sparta ,.... Sparta .....Kingston , ,....,.... Alcoa . . . .Chattanooga . . . , . .Cookeville . . .Goodlettsville . . . . . .Nashville ....Clarkrange . . . . .Madison . . , .Chattanooga Baxter . .Hendersonville . . , . . . . .Nashville ... , .Clarksville ......,,Celina .. . . , ,Greenbrier . ...., Nashville .....Rogersville . . . .Nashville . . . , . .Sparta ,..... Madison . .. . .Cookeville . . . .Monterey ......Corryton . , . .White Pine Kingston . . . .Chattanooga ,..,,Trion, Ga. . . . . .Jackson . . . .Nashville Chattanooga . ...... Nashville .,.. Cookeville . , .Spring City Oak Ridge . , , . ,Cookeville . . . . .Madison . . . .Kingsport ,.... Harriman . . . . ,Cleveland ...,Nashville . , . . .Pikeville . ..... Decatur . . . .Maryville Page 327 1 ik s. ?15'i..' E7 , TSX'- fn CLASS OF '68 Cook, Ba rba ra J. Hendersonville Cook, Martha J. ...Smithville Coombs, John W. Goodlettsville Coons, Danny Red Boil Cooper. Brenda L. ing Springs . . .Algood Cooper, Elizabeth A. Cooper, M. Steven Nashville Fayetteville Cooper, Mary K. .. Nashville Coots. Judy A. Goodletfsville "All schools east of the Mississippi River will be closed Page 323 except Tennessee Tech and Tech C mpus Schoo Coots Sarah E Cope Barbara S Cope Eddie Copeland Jimmy E Copeland Kent E Courter Albert F Port Covey Leeman H Covington Charles Cowan Mora L Cowart William Cox Charlsie A Cox Clinton Cox James W Cox Sandra L Coxey Charles N Crabtree Linda L Crabtree Terry R Craig Jerry G Craig Stanley J Crain Donald R Crawford Cheri L Creasy Charles L. ... Cripps Hugh D. . ..... Crocket, Kenneth W. .. Crook, John H. Cross. Ronnie J. . Crossman Warren S. Crosswy Janice L. Crouch, Lynn P. ..... . Crouse, Hallie E. Crownover, Jerry W. .. . Crownover, Jimmy L. Crozier, Mary A. .... . Culver, Billie J. ..... . Cunningham, Ben D. .. Curtis. Linda J. .. . Curtis, Patricia A. .. Cutrell, Henry T. ... Daqnan, Don C. .. Daniel, John M. .. Daniels, Thomas F. Davenport, Carolyn Daves, James B. .. Davis, Douglas F. ... Davis, Janie M. .... Davis, Joseph H. ... Davis, Robert W. Davis, Sara A. .. Davis, William F. .. Allensville, Ky. Nashville .... Greenback Nashville ..... Livingston Monmouth, N. J. .. Frederick, Md. . . . .Algood . . .. Hickman .. . Brentwood . ...... Daisy .. . .. Dunlap .. Donelson ... Hartsville . . . ,Dayton . . . . .Huntsville . Livingston .. Oliver Springs .........Carnden ..... Nashville Oak Ridge .. ...Madison . . . . .Smithville ..... ..Donelson .....Chattanooqa ..., Byrdstown .....Cookeville .. ...Nashville . . . Cottontown .. . Concord .......Monteagle . .. Chattanooga ....Somerset, Ky. . . . . .Oak Ridge . . . . .Madison ....Coalmont ..... Donelson .... McMinnville ..,..Chattanooqa . Donelson ..Audubon, N. J. . . . . . . .Cookeville . . . . .Nashville .... Conasauga . . . .Columbia . . . . .Newport .,..Crossville . Pikeville . Knoxville ....KC Derryberry. Cornelia A. ..,..... Nashville DeVandry, Donald E. ..,.. .. .. Dickson Devereaux, Williain J. .,,. Audubon, N. J. Dickerson, Eddie R. .. . .. . . Morristown Dickerson, Gary A. Haddon Heights, N. J. Dillon, Douglas L. ...... .,,,. O ak Ridge Dixon, Henry P. .. . . Chattanooga Dockum, Dennis W. ... ... Nashville Dodson, Daniel P. .. ........ Sparta Dodson, Leland H. .... ,....,. C rossville Dominick, Robert C. .. .... Scranton, Pa. Donaldson, Jackie B. ., ...,..., Celina Dowell. Nancy E. ... ,....,. Cookeville Downey, Donald E. .. .,.. Chattanooga Downing, Richard L. ,,,. Louisville, Ky. Draper. Lynn C. ,... .... B ell Buckle Dudney, John L. .. ,,... Carthage Duff, Verdice .. .,.. Oak Ridge Duke, Marvin R. .... Manchester Duke, Norman D. ,. Nashville Dunn, Glen A. .. . ,.,. Cookeville Duzak, Warren C. ... ...... Nashville Dyer, Franklin C. . .,... Cookeville Dyer, Linda G. .,.. ,,.. P aducah, Ky. Dyer, Ronald L. .... .... C ookeville Eachus, Rebecca L. . . . .... Rockwood Eakins, Dennis W. ..... Alcoa Easterly, Martin E. .. ,... Dunlap Eaton, Darius V. Jr. ... ... Morristown Eck. Harold L. ......... ...,.. N ashville Eckert, Gene L. ... ......,..... Knoxville Edmondson, Larry E. ..,. New Tazewell Edwards, Michael J. .Rockville Centre, N. Y. Eldridge, Larry E. ,....,..,..... Livingston Elizer, Frank D. .. ..... Hendersonville Elledge, Diane S. .... Nashville Elliott, William J. .,,... Madison Ellis, James E. .... ..... S ignal Mt. Elmore, Lena E. ,... ,. .. .. Baxter Ensor, Noah L, .... Oak Ridge Enztelder, Gary G. .. ..... Shelbyville Erhard, Lavenia A. ... .... Memphis Estes, William .. .. ,.... Shelbyville Eubanks, Kenneth B. .. ..,, Oak Ridge Evans, Ray N. ......... .... O ak Ridge Evans. Ronald L. ......... Lawrenceburg Eaidley, William C. .,...... . Signal Mt. Fard, Gholamhossein H. Borujerd, Iran Farmer, Terry l., ,,.....,.,.. Chattanooga 'iran Dawson. James P. ,.Harriman Deck, Billy C. ......, Algood Deck, Lois M. ....... Algood Decker, James M. ..Nashville Denny, Roy C. Hendersonville Denny, David R. ..... Clinton Denny, Janice M. ...... Baxter Denton, Clyde T. .... Celina Denton, Gary M. .... Clinton Page 329 CLASS Farr, Peggy K. ,,.. . Farrell. Nicholas ... Farris, Ralph C. Faulx, Catheen L. .... Ferguson, Don E. Ferguson, Randall C. Filson. Dixie L. ,... . Fitzgerald, Ralph W. Fitzgerald, Richard .. Fitzpatrick, Kenneth .. Fitzpatrick, Terry S. . P. ..... . Flatt, Larry Fletcher, David A. .. Foster, Bobby R. Foster, George T. .. Foust, Vickie J. ,... . Foutch, Donnie R. .. Fox, Freddie A. .... Frady, Jerry D. . Pragopoulos, Christos T. Francis, Lynn L. ..., . Franklin, Janice F. .. Franklin, Terry R. .. Frasier, Valerie R. Frazier, Edward L. Jr. Frye, Anne H. ,... . Frye, Vernon W. Fusarini, Donald F. .. Gaines. Samuel L. .. Galbreath, James M. Gallagher, David ... Gant, Ronald E, .... Gattuso. Antoinette T. Gauldin, Nancy A. . Gaw, Jerry C. .... . Gazay, Sharon A. Geary, Vicki A. ,.... . Geldmeier, David C. Gentry, Harding S. . George, Paula B. Geren, George W. . Giannini, Kathy J. .. Gibbs, Vivien P. .. .. Gibson, Gary M. .. Gibson, Mary N. Griffin, Gerald L. Gilbert, Carl E. .. Gilchrist, James M. . Gill, Ronald A. These three jolly wood the ener to ac uire 9Y CI ' mas tree for the Tech quad. Page 330 OF '68 Alcoa Arlington, Va. .......Oak Ridge .....Smithton, Pa. Knoxville Nashville Nashville Nashville ... Nashville . ...Nashville Gordonsville Columbia Dunlap ... Donelson . .Nashville .Lake City ....Liberty .Cookeville Qld Fort niki, Greece Oakdale Thessald . Nashville .Livingston . Clinton East Ridge .,Greeneville . . Donelson . . Madison , Oak Ridge ...... Goodlettsville . .Winchester Shelbyville . Memphis Humboldt Cookeville Helenwood Tracy City . ,Oak Ridge Brownsville . Nashville .Cleveland ...Memphis . .Hickman Maryville Crossville V .i .I .i ..,... Tait ..Chapel Hill ... Adamsville Soddy smen h a Christ BVS Girgis, Charles N. . Golding, Warren E. Goodwin, Gary M. . Goodwin, Jimmie D. Gordon, Lewis T. .. Gore, Charles F. .. Gower, Roland E. . Granstatt, Willie B. Grant, Danny R. . . ...... Winchester Graves, Calvin W. .. Green, Dallas L. Green, James N. Green, Kathy M. .,.., . Green, Thomas P. Jr. Greene, Dwayne D. Greer, Arthur S. Greer, Travis A. .. Greeson, James E. . Gregory, Linda F. .. Gregg, Jerry T. .... Griffith, Kenny D. .. Grimes, Donnie R. . Grimm, Carol A. .... . Grisham, Darrell L. . Groseclose, Jamie H Gunnels, Betty L. ...... . Gunter, Danny L. .. Gunter, Gary W. .. Gupton, Terry A. .. Guthrie, Virginia L. Guyn, Richard L. .. Haaby, Gary L. Haese, Randy L. Haga, Bruce G. ..... Hagan, Albert D. .... Cookeville Hagewood, Mark D. Haile, Connie J. .. Hale, Hugh G. .... Hale, Mary K. ... Hale, Nancy E. Hale, Peggy D. .... . Haltacre, Noah E. Hall, Brenda K. .. Hall, Danny R. Hall, Hannah L. Hall, Henry D. .... . Hall, James C. ...... . Hamby, Linda S. ........ . Hammond, Arnold G. .... . Hammond, Harrison M. .. Hampton, Linn A. .... . Hampton, Michael D. Hancock, James H. Hancock, Thomas H. Hardcastle. Herbert D. .. Hardi son, Don C. .. Harkins, Wayne D. Harless, Judy C. Harper, George R. .. Harrell, Linda A. Harrell, Thomas L. .. Harrelson, David A. Harris, Frank B. Jr. . Harris, G. Robert Harris, Karla L. Harrington, Brenda J. Harrison, David M. . Harrison, William E. Hartloarger, Billy R. Harville, Bobby G. .. ......Lebanon Homestead, Fla. ...Chattanooga , . .. Cookeville ....Manchester ......Sparta ....Nashville Pleasant Shade ......Portland .......Alcoa ....Carthage ....Carthage ....Dickson ... Rogersville ...Chattanooga ......Nashville ...Chattanooga ......Wartrace ....Dalton, Ga. ...Chattanooga ...Mt. Pleasant ...Old Hickory .. ....... Bristol ..Houston, Tex. . . . . .Cookeville . . . . .Smithville ...Frankewing .......CulIeoka .Hendersonville ......Nashville ......Knoxville ......Oak Ridge ......Nashville . .Lawrenceburg ......Nashville . . . , .Cookeville . . . . .Gallatin . . . . .Bradenton ......Sparta . , . . . .Spencer ...Manchester ....Clarkrange . . . . .Gallatin .... ,Baxter ... . .Lebanon ... Lenoir City .... Copperhill .Lawrenceburg ....St. Joseph ....Nashville .. . .Dickson .. . .Watertown .... Clarksville ..... Nashville .....Lewisburg . .Chattanooga .... Nashville ... Nashville ....Gallatin . . . . .Nashville ....Cookeville ... Cleveland .. .. Pulaski ... Nashville ....Lebanon . . . . .Athens ... Cookeville ....Elmwood Page 331 CLASS OF '68 .... Nashville Haskins, Dan D. .... Hasty, Charles L. .. Hasty, John L. .... Hawkins, James R. .. Hayes, James R. ... Hayes, Wanda F. .. Haynes, Warren M. .. Head, William l. ... Heaps, Barry B. .... Heiclel, Jack E. Heidel, Mitchel K. Heidel, Ralph R. .. Heidel, Sharon G. .. Helm, Harry C. .... Helton, Clittord M. Hernbree, Elizabeth A. Henderson, Frederick Hendrixson, Jimmy ..... Hennessee, Jackie L. .... . Hennessee. Linda F. . Hensley, Fred D. Heston. Marjorie L. Hickoy, James R. .. Hickman, Joyce C. .... Hicks, Nada S. .. .. L. ...Nashville Hiland, David N. ..,,.. . Higginbotham, Nancy Hill, Kenny .,....,..... Hindman, Jerry R. . Hinds, Ronald .... Hitchcock, Carolyn . . . . .Nashville .. Shelbyville ...... Nashville .... Cookeville . Lawrenceburg ...Chattanooga .. Chattanooga . .. Sale Creek Dayton ....Wartburg .. . Wartburg . .. Wartburg ... Wartburg .... Columbia . . . . Oak Ridge ..... Clinton . . Fairview .. .. Smithville . ..... Decatur . .. . Wartburg Cleveland, Ohio ... Ocoee ... Sparta ...Nashville ... ...Cleveland .. . Cookeville . . . . .Nashville McMinnville . ..Cookeville Hodge, Barbara E. . ..... Knoxville Hodge, Roy D. .,..,. Lebanon Holder, Claude E. . ...Chattanooga Hollana Carol A. .. .. Cookeville Holland, Charles R. ..... Athens Holland, Martha E. . .... Celina Holley, Alrfred B. .. ..... Nashville Holmes, Robert A. . .... Cottontown Holt, Gary L. . .... Byrdstown Honeycutt, Terry E. .. . Harriman Honig, Richard .... .. Murfreesboro Hooper, Arthur W. .. Nashville Hopper, Wayne M. ..... Dickson Hoover, John M. .. ..... Bel Air Hopkins, Robert J. . ..... Sparta Hopson, Brenda S. . .. ... Knoxville Hopwood, Thomas L. . Lawrenceburg Horne, Ronald G. . ...... Donelson Horne, Susan R. .... .... C ookeville Horton, Andrea L. .... Harriman Howard, Anna E. .. . . .Morristown Howard Glenda C. ...... Sparta Howard, Patty J. .. ..... Sparta Howard Robert . .. .... Morrison Howard, Robert L. .... ...Dayton Howard, Ronnie D. . . . LaFollette Howell, Anita L. .,,. Manchester Howell, James B. .... Cookeville Howey, James E. .... Pitman. N. J. Huddleston, David .. . .. Chattanooga Hudgens. Linda S. .. .. .. . Sparta Hudson, David E. South Pittsburg Hudson. Gwendolyn .. . . . Chattanooga Hudson, John E. ...... ....... C owan Hudson, Victor E. ... .. Cowan Huitaker, Craig J. ... ... Knoxville Huffman, Susan A. .. .. Donelson Hughes, Douglas E. ... .. Nashville Humble, Sammy L. Page 332 . . . .Pikeville hen spring quarter comes, stu- ents rarely let their studies interfere ith their extracurricular activities. . ,. .... Oak Ridge Hunt, Nancy J. ..,., . Humphrys. William T Hunter. Harold F. ,. Hunter. Orville B. .. Hunter, Patricia 6. Hunziker, Charles W. Hutcheson, Larry D. I-Iyde, Justice ...... Ingle. Charles H. Inglis, Margaret T. Irvin, Donna L. .... . Irwin, John E. Irwin, John M. Irwin, Maxey H. .. Jackson, Buddy L. Jackson, Judith G. Jacocks, Michael E. Jarrell. Mary H. Jeffers, Douglas R. Jobson, Douglas D. .. Johnson, Carole A. Johnson, Carole S. Johnson, Charles R. Johnson, Linda K. .. Johnson, William B. Johnston, JoAnne Jones, Charles E. Jones, E. T. ..... . Jones, James E. .,.. . Jones, James M. Jones, Linda C. .. Jones, Peggy S. .... Jones, Thomas B. .... . Jones, William R. .... Jordan, James P. .,,. . ,....Donelson ... Cookeville ... Nashville . ..... Winchester ... ...Tracy City . . . . .Dickson .....,..Franklin ,. .,..... Knoxville .... .Chattanooga ...... Nashville , . . . . .Nashville . . . .McMinnville . ..... Sparta ... . Chattanooga Kingston . ....Chattanooga ......,, Clarksville .....Oliver Springs .Maple Shade, N. J. .........,Donelson ...,Cookeville ... . Madison .. Dunlap . . . . .Chattanooga ,... Knoxville ,... Nashville ...Newport ......Clinton .,.. Nashville Austell, Ga. . . . . , . , .Silver Point .........,,Gallatin .. ,...... Nashville .Wateriord, Ireland Jucld, Sam H. ........ ..... L ancaster Kautzman, William F. .,........Nashville Kavanagh, Michael P. ,... Camden, N. J. Kayser, William G. ....,.... Buffalo. N. Y. Keirn, Douglas W. ..Havre De Grace, Md. Keller. Patricia A. Kellogg, Harold F. Kemp, Linda L. .... . Kerstiens, Roy F. Kesner, James R. Khazravi, Mohamed .....,....Nashville .....,..,,Nashville . . . . . . .Livingston ... Lawrencelourg ,... Shelbyville . . Tehran, Iran Kimble, Mary L. ........ Nottingham, Pa. Kimbrough, Robert C. ..,......,. Nashville King, Benny M. ..,... ..... M aryville Page 333 CLASS OF '68 King, Brenda L. ......... .... C ookeville King, Richard H. .... Brentwood Kirk, Charles R. .,.,.. ..... J asper Kirkpatrick, James R. ..... Nashville Kirksey, James W. .. Knox, Patricia A. ... Koger, Linda S. .. Kolski, Frank J. .... Kraft. Roger L. ... Krantz. June O. Kublawi, Munir A. Kunz, John E. .,.... . Lamb, Harry D. .... . Lambert, Marcia A. Lancaster, C. Ray Lane, Jimmy K. ....,.. . La ngtord, Carolyn S. Lash. Charles .,....,. Latham, Sherrie l. .. Lawson. Jerry W. .... . E Lawson, Margaret . Lawson, Wayne D. .. Lazenlay, James A. .. Leach, Ted M. .,.., . Ledtord, James H. .. Lee, John L. ,,... . Lee, Thomas S. LeMarr, Nancy L. Lewis. David R. Lewis, Janie M. Lewis, John lf. .... Lewis, Sandra K. .... Lipszye, Victor l. .. Litchtord, Robert B. Lloyd, E. Thomas .... Long, R. Mason Long, Sandra D. ......Bristol ........AIcoa ......Byrdstown ....lrvington, N. J. .......TuIlahoma ......Rickman .......LelJanon .....Tracy City ......Clinton ....Blountville ....Cookeville . . . . .Nashville ......AIgood . . . . .Nashville .....Donelson ...Kingston ...Sparta .... .Benton . . . . .Nashville ....LaFollette ......Decatur ....Brentwood ... .Nashville . . . . .Clinton . . . . .Oak Ridge .......Sparta ......Bristol .....Crossville . . . . .Nashville .....Donelson ...Hermitage Hermitage Spgs. Long, Clarence E. .,... . . . . . . . .Old Hickory . ...... Wartburg Lovelace. James H. , ..... Oak Ridge Lovell, Martha A. Lowe, Margaret S. .. Loyd, David A. Lucas, Kathy A. Luckey, David F. .. Lynch, Paul W. Lynch, Phillip R. .. Lynn. Betty L. Lynn, James A. Lynn, Johnny J. .. . ....Chattanooga ......Cookeville .....Donelson ....Lebanon ......Jackson ....LaFollette .. . . . .Soddy ....Cookeville .........Sparta -...Oak Ridge Lynn, Shelba J. ............... Manchester McAllister, William C. McCain, Sharon D. . McCawle John C .....Tullahoma Huntsville, Ala. ....Cookeville y, . .. . .. McClure, Larry D. ............ Spring City McCluskey, Waverly D. ........ Mt. Juliet McCoin, Pamela L. ...Red Boiling Springs McCracken, Joe H. . .. Frankewing McCuIley, Sharon L. ........... Cookeville McDade, Nimrod R. Ill ......... Nashville McDonald, Bernice l. McDonald, Charles B. McDonald, Tony H. .. McDuttee, Gary D. McDu:ltee, Larry B. McGaha, Ronnie D. .. McGee, Thomas A. . .....Monterey ....Gordonsville ...Chattanooga . . . . .Manchester . . . . .Manchester ....Newport Nashville McGinnis, Elena F. ............. Smithville Mclntosh, John R. .. ..........Manchester Mclntyre, David E. ..... Huntingburg, lnd. McNutt, Becky E. ............ Cowan Page 334 McPherson, Ronald C. ,.......Spring City Mabry, Brenda F. ........ .Moss Mabry, Roy E. , ..... ,...... N ashville Mack, Lee G. ....,. ..... B ryan, Ohio Mackey. Michael R. . ...... Knoxville Mackie, Brenda J. ....,. Sparta Maddux. Robert W. .... Nashville Maddux, James B. ..., Cookeville Magyar, Gary E. .... ..., H arriman Mahler, Len K. Jr. ..... .... C ookeville Mahler, William H. Jr. ...., Cookeville Malone, Dennis M. .. ..... Cookeville Malone, Donald E. .. ..,,. Cookeville Mapes, Dennis L. .. ..... Midland Marlow, Gary W. ,.... Baxter Marlow, Robert C. .. ......, Oneida Marsh, Noel F. .... ..... R ockwood Martin, Gayle B. .... ..,... L ebanon Martin, Glenn M. ...,... Lebanon Martin, Herman T. ..,.. Red Springs Martin, Houston V. .. ..... Brentwood Martin, Rita A. .,... ......,. B axter Martin, William A. .. , .... Livingston Mason, Dan B. .... .... D ucktown Mason, Davis G. .. ,... Winchester Massey, Martha E. .,,. ...,. C ookeville Masters, Carolyn S. . .,.... Celina Matheny, Samuel O. ...Monterey Mattingly, Brooke E. ,..Mechanicsville, Va. Maxwell, Charles S. . ..,....... Hilham May, Kenneth W. ...... ,Morristown Mayberry, John D. .. ..... Cookeville Mays, Janette M. ,.,. Crossville Mayton, Aretta J. .... Harriman Medders, Peggy J. .. ..... Columbia Medley, Philip L. .... ..... S mithville Medley, Steven G. ., , ...... Pikeville Melton, Robert G. ., ..... Woodbury Melvin, Kenneth W. . ...Durham, N. C. Mercer, Mary L. ..... ....,.. N ashville Merkley, Loretta J. .. ..... Crossville Messenger, Suzanne ..., Sparta Michaels, Robert K. . ...Rossville, Ga. Migliore, Thurman M. ..... Cookeville Milam, Jimmy L. Milburn, Howard E. Jrii. Milburn, Ricky P. Miller, Herman G. Miller. Jerry A. Miller, Samuel K. .. Minge, Harry E. Minton, John D. ., Misek, Laddie J. .... Mitchell, Charles H. Mitchell, Greear G. . Mitchell, Paul T. .... . Mize, Charles G. Mode, Nora L. ..... . Monckton, Kenneth W Money, David L. .... . Montooth, Janice F. . Moore, Frank S. ..,. Moore, Grady P. Moore, Leslie H. Moredock, Tommy L. . Morehead, Ralph J. .. Morehead, Reece J. Morton, Nancy S. .... Moss, David F. Mulkey, Clyde D. ,. . .... Oak Ridge . , ..,,.. Nashville ...Manchester .....Cleveiand ,.,,,Tullahoma .....Tullahoma ,......,.Athens ..,..GoodlettsvilIe . ,.,...., Clinton ... . . Byrdstown ...,.. Knoxville , . , .McMinnville . . . .Nashville , ,...,... . .Maryville ..,..Decatur, Ga. . , . . . .Knoxville Erie ....Mooresburq ..,,.Donelson ....,Winchester . . . . ,Nashville ,.. .Rockwood .,..Cookeville ...,.,...Jellico , . . , .Chattanooga .......,.Soddy Page 335 ' We ' ' .:,:.- - . ' -. :... Ly ,W . A V . -.,.,......,,., - 43? qlfws Page 336 CLASS Mullins, Jerry W. Mullins, Michael F. OF '68 ............Fayetteville .. .,.. Oak Ridge Munns, James M. .. .... Kingston Murphy, Ann E. .... .... C ookeville Murphy, Dianne D. .. ,..,,. Cookeville Myers, Paul T. ,..., .... C hattanooga Nall, Bill C. ..,... .... T ullahoma Neal, Dorothy M. .. ,....., Dunlap Neal, Robert H. .... ...Winchester Near, Landon M. .. ..., Cleveland Neely, Judy A. ... ...... Livingston Neely, Toni M. .,... Houston, Tex. Neil, Wesley S. .... ,.,.. C larkrange Newby, John M. ..... Donelson Newcom, Barbara S. ,.........,. Harriman Nichols, William L. .....,.,..,. Clarksville Noland, Marco E. ..,,.... Chatsworth, Ga. Norman, Brenda P. ....,,,...... Monterey Northam, Joy L. ...... ....,.. T ullahoma Norton, Carolyn ...,. Norton, Richard C. Bloomington Springs ..,.........Cookeville Nunally, Ann D. .... Madison O'Dette, Robert G. .. .. . Madison Officer, Elizabeth A. . ...... Sparta Oliver, Anita C. ..,.,. ...... L ewisburg Oliver, Richard A. ..... ...Chattanooga Ollenburg, Walter A. .. ,.,..,. Nashville Orr. Robert S. ...... . ....Dryden, Va. Osborne, John A. .... ..... S myrna Overholt, Joseph l. .. .... Newport Overton, Robert B. ... ...Nashville Owen, Charlsie J. ..... Sparta Padgett, Raymond G. .. ..,. Cookeville Page, George E. ...., ..,.. D onelson Falk, Roy M. ,...... ,... C ookeville Palmer, Bobby R. .. ...... Baxter Pancake, Van R. ...... ...Nashville Parham, Gerald M. ... ..... Memphis Parker, Howard B. .. .... Normandy Parker, Terry O. ,.... .... L ebanon Parluw, Frederick L. ... ...Memphis Parnell, Michael R. Passon, Theodore J. .....Oneida ......Audubon, N. J. Patterson, Boyd M. ....... Columbia Patterson, Mary A. .... ..,. D onelson Pedigo, Leo R. ................ Donelson Pennington, James ...... ..... . Nashville Pennington, Margaret C. .... Chattanooga Perry, Carolyn J. ............... Crossville Perry, Larry W. .. ....... Bethpage Perry, Trudy L. .... ...Chattanooga Peters, Thomas A. .. ..... Lexington Phillips, Roger D. .. .,..... Baxter Phillips, Willie R. .... Byrdstown Pierce, David L. ..... ....... A thens Pierce, Dorothy C. ... ... Centerville Pierce, Frank E. Pierce, Gwendolyn D. . ...... Huntsville, Ala. . . . , . . . . . .Cookeville Pierce, Richard F. .... ....... N ashville Pirkle, Jerry M. ........ .. Chattanooga Pittman, Kenneth W. ..... Morrison Plank, Willard T. ..... ...... D ecatur Plummer, Dennis B. ... . . .Cookeville Ponder, John M. ....... Hermitage Pope, James W. ..... Lawrenceburg Porter, James G. .... Spring City Porter, Jimmy N. . ..... Lebanon Porter, Thomas N. .. .... Memphis Potter, Marcus B. .... . Kingston Presley, Robert W. .. .. Oak Ridge Price, Carolyn V. Price, Howard C. Price, Richard B. Priest, Lillian F. Prince, Thomas C. .... Pritchard, Joseph E. Pruett, Mary E. .... . Puckett, Judy F. . . . .Morristown ,,..Donelson . , . .Nashville . . .. . .Jasper , . . .Winchester . . . . .Columbia . . . . .Cleveland . . . . ,Livingston Puckett, Sandra S. ,. ,....,...., Oneida Puckett, Thomas C. .,........,.. Columbia Pugh, Hatty E. ................. Nashville Puryear, Janet G. ,. Chiclcamauga, Ga. Putman. Charles P. .. .......,. Manteagle Pyle, Charles H. Qualls, Margaret F. ....HustonviIle, Ky. ........Riclcman Quann, Fred L. ............... Media, Pa. Queen, Charles C. Jr. .... Huntsville, Ala. Queener. Linda F. Regain, Robert C. .. Ragland, Roy K. .. Rains, Gary D. Rains, Sharon E. Ramsey, Joe D. Raper, Samuel E. Ray, Patricia E. ...... . Reed, Cheston M. Jr. Reed, Earston T. Reeder, Wiley L. Reid, Farnum T. Jr. . . . . . . ,Huntsville ,...Greenloack . , . . .Cookeville . . . .Jamestown ...,Jamestown . . , ,Nashville ,....Crossville ..,.,....Athens ... .Germantown . . . . .Normandy . . . . . .Cookeville ..,.,Woodbridge, Va. Renshaw, Sidney E. ......., Hendersonville Rice, Arthur A. .... , Ring, Robert L. ....,. . Roberts, Dursilla H. . . . , . . .Kingsport ....Rogersville ..,...Donelson Roberts, William A. ...... ..... S ignal Mt. Rodgers, Katherine S. .... .. ...Cookeville Rodriguez, Nelson ..... Valencia, Venezuela Rogers, Billie C. .,.,..., Chattanooga Roggli, John M. ........... Cowan Rose, Thomas S. .... Nashville Rotters, Henry C. , .... Roclcwood Rowe, Holland F. ...,. .,.. L aiayette Rusbridge, Samuel W. .... Evensville The H.81P.E. Club has its annual "work-out"! Page 337 CLASS OF '68 Russell, Sandra L. ,.... Red Sabetto, Catherine M. ,... . Sanderson, Lelon W. ..... . Sartin, Charles B. Savage, Sue ........., Saylors, Marshall L. . Scarlett, Michael F. Scates, Mary K. Scott, Brenda F. .,..,. . Sea raves Dennis W. Boiling Springs Kissimmee, Fla. . . . . .Nashville .... Hillsboro .... Livingston ....Cookeville .......Baxter ....Helenwood ... Cookeville .....Crossville Q i Sell, Nancy J. ........ .... J ohnson City Selph, James L. Shanks, Fred W. ...... . Shanks, Lawrence E. . Sharpe, William S. .. Shaver, Robert L. ... Shell, Charles E. .. Shell, Donald P. .... Shields, Marcia K. .. Shimski, Ezra ...,.......... Shipman, Edward A. .. Shockey, David F. .. Short, Keith F. Shull, Sondra A. .... . Simmonds, Ann . .,.... Simmons, James R. Simmons, Johnny W. .. Simmons, Kenneth F. Simonton, Mary L. Sims, Aquilla G. ... Sissom, James R. Skidmore, James E. .... ... Slate, Conrad L. .. .. Slater, Thomas M. .. Smith, Bobby R. .. Smith, Frank E. Smith, Howard M. .. Smith, Jerry C. Smith, Jim B. ,...., . Smith, Sandra J. Smith, Virginia A. .. Sneed, Mary E. Spice, Rebecca A. .. Stamps, Larry W. Stanley, Johnny P. .... Stansell, Leonard D. .. Startup, Hugh R. Steele, Paul T. ..... . Stephens, Johnny R. .. . ....Nashville Baxter ....Bridgeport ..Mt. Pleasant East Ridge .....TuIlahoma ......Newport ......Kingston Tel-Aviv, lsrael ..Old Hickory Frederick, Md. ........Sparta ...McMinnville ..Old Hickory . . . . .Cleveland .....Nashville ....Humboldt . .Chattanooga . . . .Byrdstotwn ...Manchester ......Decherd .Hendersonville .. . . ....Nashville . .Chattanooga ......Algood .....Cookeville . Old Hickory . ....Smithville ......Nashville ....Fayetteville ....Cleveland ....Cookeville .....Nasl1ville . . . . .Dayton ......Etowah .....Donelson ......Sparta ....Winchester Stepp, James L. .................. Athens Stevenson, Kenneth E. ...... Goodlettsville Stevenson, Terry W. .. .... Fayetteville Stewart, Bette J. . . . . . .Cookeville Stewart, Sandra K. .... ..... S parta Stewart, Victoria J. .. . ....... Sparta Stinnett, Austin L. .. .... Caseyville Stokes, Dina E. .... Clinton Stokes, Ronald D. ...... Etowah Stone, Sally l. .... .... K ingsport Story, Dennis C. .. ..... ..Pulaski Stout, Celia F. . .... .... 6 aineslooro Strange, Jannie L. ..... ....... L enoir Strickland, Linda S. .... Franklin Strong, Phyllis A. ..... .......... C linton Stubbletielcl, Ted H. Jr. ....... Springfield Studer, Nicholas ....... Columbia Stults, Dallas M. .... .... M onterey Stutts, Hubert P. ... ... Dyersburg Stutz, Charles R. .... ..Chattanooga Sullins, Jerry E. .... Watertown Page 338 Sullivan, Gary L. .. Summers, Larry A. . Summers, Thelma J. . Sutherland, Charles M. Sween Taber, Tabor, ey, Robert H. Brenda F. Carolyn J. .. Taft, Charles O. Tallent, James O. .. "JH f f . . . .Nashville ...Smithville . . . .Oakdale .Hopkinsville Fayetteville ...Crossville . . . .Monterey ........Tatt .Spring City Talley, Roger N. .... Chickamauga Tarpley, Hazel M. . .... Cleveland Tarter, Ada L. ..., ,.... H odgenville Tate, Sarah M. .... ..., C hattanooga Tatum, William R. .. .... Chattanooga Taylor, Lucinda R. ,,,.. Cookeville Taylor, Pamela E. .. ...,. Lebanon Taylor, Rhonda K. ..,. Maryville Taylor, Sherry L. .. .... Smithville Teague, Bill T. ..... ,...... S oddy Teague, James A. ..,.. Gallatin Tedder, Eugenia .. .,.. Algood Tetteteller, Billy H. .... Maryville Terry, Allan P. ..... .. .Livingston Terry, Donald R. .... ..... G allatin Terry, Michael H. .. ...... Nashville Thomas, James H. .. ..... Old Hickory Thomas, Sally J. ,. ..... Kingston Thomas, Tony E. . . . . . .Rockwood Thompson, Ada R. .... ..... M adison Thompson, Horace G. .... Thomasville Thompson, Larry G. .... .... C rossville Thompson, Marilyn E. ...... Knoxville Thornton, Sara E. .. .... Centerville Thurman, Dewey D. ....... Cookeville Tittle, Louis C. .... ..... M cMinnville Todd, Donald E. Jr. .... Wartburg Todd, James W. .... Anderson Todd, Mary D. .... ..., W inchester Todd, Ray C. ..... ..... W oodbury Tollett, Marvin D. .. ...... Crossville Tollett, Wayne B. .. ....... Crossville Toombs, Nora L. ..... Old Hickory Towns, Roderick E. .. ........ Oak Ridge Tran, Rich V. ..... ..... S aigon, Vietnam Tripp, Nelia J. .... .....Lawrenceburg Trott, James W. .... ....... T ullahoma Troutt, William E. ............... Gallatin Truon, William M. Jr. ........... Knoxville Tubb, Jackie S. ......... Detroit, Michigan Turck, Jacqueline M. ..... Cookeville Turner, Perry L. Jr. . ..... Crossville Turner, Robert L. .. ...... Rogersville Turpin, Donald R. .. .. .Lawrenceburg Twyman, Lindy R. ......... Nashville Tyler, Jerry W. .... ........... Columbia Uaananta, Paitoon ...... Bangkok, Thailand Underwood, Lynn B. Underwood, Ray M. Vance Gar E , y . , ,... .. Vanderpool, Jackie L. VanWagner, Susan C Vaughn, Roy A. .... Vaughn, Steven T. .. Vaupel, Ellen R. .... Veach, Clarence W. Viar, James D. ..... . Vick, William R. Vines, Brenda S. Vines, Robert D. .... . Waddell, Martha J. . ....Knoxville .....Mt. Juliet . . . .Bell Buckle Donelson Chattanooga . . . . . .Nashville . . . .Union City Franklin Nashville . . . . .Columbia Nashville Franklin . . . . .Kingsport Celina Page 339 . . . .Portland Page 340 CLASS OF '68 Wade, Joseph L. ....... . .......Athens Wakefield, James K. .,.. Fayette Waldrop, Michael D. ...... Powell Walker, Charles B. ,..., Nashville Wall. Lawrence A. .... Chattanooga Wallace, Gary M. ..... Cleveland Wallace. Mary V. .. ..., Chattanooga Waller, Roland D. ..... Dunedin, Fla. Wallin, Teddy C. ..,,....,,....,. Etowah Ward. Robert F. . ............. Oak Ridge Warden, Donald D. .... Moses Lake, Wash. Ware, Susan J. ..... . Warmack, William R Warren, Everett G. .. Warren, Kathleen ,.... .... Washer, Johnny E. ......, . Washer, Phillip R. ,....,.. . Waters, John D. ..,... St. Watson. Ann M. ....,,... . Watson, James R. .. Watts, Charles O. . Watts, James D. Watts, Jolly F. .. Way, James E. Weaks, Ronald E. .. Webb, James L. Webb, Janet C. .,,,. . Webb, Marilyn G. Webb, Oscar O. Webbar, Lady L. .... . .......Decatur ...Nashville . . . . .Nashville .......Algood ...Springfield . . , . .Smithville Petersburg, Fla. ......,.Celina .....Smithville ...Old Hickory .. . Gainesboro ........Baxter . . . . .Monterey . . .. . .Madison ..Orlando, Fla. . . . . .Livingston . . . . . .Reliance , . . . , .Gallatin Webster, Harry S. ....... Madison Webster. Susan L. ,... ..,. M t. Pleasant Welch, Sue A. ..... ...Old Hickory Weller, Jo Ann .. ..Chattanooga Wells, Edythe M. .. ..Chattanooga Wells, Rebecca L. ..... Wartburg Wert, Robert J. ..Chattanooga West, Albert F. ..... ..., O liver Springs West, Norina A. , ....., ,....... O neida West, Robert E. ......... .... L ivingston Wheeler, Charles E. Jr. .. ,... Pikeville Wheeler, Donald S. .... .... P ikeville Whitaker, Jere L. .. White, White, Anna R. David R. ...... . . . Bell Buckle ........Celina .Oliver Springs . . , . .Kingsport . . . . .Columbia ... ..... Pleasant View White, James K. Jr. .. , White, Lou S. .... . White, Robert W. . White, William S. . Whiteaker, Larry H. Whiteaker, Lawrence Whiteaker, Mary F. Whitefield, Glenn E. , . . ....... Waverly rf... Whitehead, Johnathon L. .. Whitnel, Alma D. ....... . Whitson, David C. Wicks, James A. Wiles, Fred F. ,... ... ... Wilhelm, Arthur L. . Wilkinson, Larry D. Williams, Joel C. .... . Williams, Rose L. .. Williams, Thomas E. . . . ,Cookeville . . . .Manchester . . . .Cookeville . . . . . . .Gallatin . . . . .Cookeville .....Donelson . . . .Cookeville .......Lancing . .Murfreesboro . ..... Donelson . . . . . .Portland ...Hollow Rock .......Sparta ... ..... Bartow, Fla. Willis, Charles C-. .... ...,... C linton Wilson, Barbara J. .,......,.. McMinnville Wilson, Charlotte L. ....... Crab Orchard Wilson, Jon H. ...,.. ....... N ashville Wilson, Larry N. ....... .... C larlcsville Wintord, Douglas B. ...... Lebanon Winfree, Jimmie C. ..... Harriman Directions 'From four di- rections-the sophomore class builds the Home- c o m i n g queen's float. Wingfield, Cecil W. ....,. .,.. N ashville Winningham, E. Louise .... Livingston VVmnmgham, Roger E .. ... Uvmgdon Winton, Charles E. ... ...McMinnville Wiseman, James A. .,.. Winchester Wiser, James N. ...... .... W artrace Wishart, Allington P. .. ,..., Knoxville Wisner, Wayman E. Chattanooga Witherow, Vernon D. .. ,..... Columbia Wolf, Christine H. ... Tullahoma Wolfe, Linda P. ..... ..... D onelson Wolfe, Marguerite .... .,...,. M adison Womack, Sammy E. ... ...McMinnville Wood, Hunter L. ,. .... Jamestown Wood, James L. ., ,.,. ..... D onelson Woodcock, Barry E. .... .... N ashville Wooden, Joe D. ...... ...McMinnville Woodford. George V. .... Monterey Woods, William G. ..,.. .... M aryville Woolbright, Dewey W. .. ....., Monterey Wright, Bobby H. ..... .... H ermitage Wright, James P. .. Chattanooga Wright. Nick S. ..... Livingston Wright, Philip E. .... ..... C ookeville Wright, Roberta A. .. ..... Cookeville Wyatt, Stephen E. .. Carthage Yates. Gail A. ,.... .,.. D ickson Yeary, David L. .. .... Harriman York, Amanda A. .. .... Jamestown York, Libby L. ....... .... K noxville Young, Carolyn A. .... Lancing Young, Charles W. .. ... Nashville Young, Gary F. .... ..., S mithville Young, Jimmy D. .. ..,. Smithville Young, Susan E. Smithville Younkin, Dennis L. .,.. ...Flint. Mich. Zachry, McCoy C. ..,. Nashville Page 341 ss of I969 DAVID CHAFFIN Treasurer JOHN GAITH ER President Page 342 JUDY BROWN AL HARRIS Secreiary Vice-President Abbott, Terry L. Abernathy, Cynthia .. Adair, James G. Adams, Kenneth R. Adsit, William F. .... . Adwell, Charles E. Jr. . Akens, Larry G. ..... . Alcorn, Donald K. Alexander, Arthur L. Jr. Alexander, Kenneth E. Alexander, Rosa L. Alleyne, Janis M. .... . Anderson, Jack D. .... , Anderson. Jerry S. Anderson, Julia R. Anderson, Pink F. .. Apple, Larry S. ,... . Armstrong, Clyda J. . Arnold, Glynn H. Ashburn, Roy L. ..,... . Ashworth, Janice Y. Aslinger, Harding J. Jr Austin, Joanne ...,... Avriett, Elizabeth A. .. Bailey, Martha P. Baldwin, Marcia L. .. Baldwin, Ronald K. .. Barker, Linda L. Barnes, Billye J. Barnes, Dennis R. ., Barr, Mary E. .... . Barrett, Terry F. Bartel, Joan S. .. Barton. Eddie W. .. Barton, John D. .. Basshan, Robert J. ,... . Bastian, Mark H. .. Bates, Jo A. ,,.,. . Bean, Samuel A. Beasley, Jimmie D. Beaty, Delmar K. ..,.. Beazley, Thomas A. .. Beck, Alicia J. ...... . Beets. Elizabeth J. .. Bell, Lanny P. ..... . Bennett, Charles R. Bennett, Frank Jr. Bennett, Valerie C. ., Bilbrey, Bobby G. . Bilbrey, Jackie B. .... Bilyeu, William M. Birdwell, Glenn A. Birdwell, Jack D. ,... Black, Chester V. . . . . Black, Kenneth M. Blackburn, Clifford K. .. Blackwood, Kerry .,.. Blocker, Mary F. .... Boatwright, Beverly J. Bales, James R. ..., . Bolton, Larry W. ,... . Bordon, David D. Boston, Vonda F. .. Bourne, Charles A. .. Bowden, James A. Bowman, David N. Bowman, Katherine J. Brackin, Raymond .... Bradley, William D. .. Brannon, Jeanie A. ,. Breazeale, Ronnie L. Breeden, Gary L. Brink, Richard D. .,.. . Brinkley, Stephen F. ., Brooks, Lynda K. .... Brown, Barbara J. ... Brown, Gregory H. .. Brown, Judy C. .... . Brown, Brown, Judy F, .... Wanda J. .. Browne, Rita S. ,... . . Browning, Anne R. ......., g Browning, Sandra P. Red Boiling Springs Bryant, Dona S. .......,,...,,.. Palmer Bryant, Terry G. ... ..,...... Gallatin Bryce, Robert N. .... Lawrenceburg Bullock, Larry R. Bunch, Carolyn L. .. Burden, Sylvia L. .. Burnett, Barbara A. .. Burns, Charles R. ,. Burns, Harry E. Burris, Michael L. .. Burris, Walter R. ,. Burton, Ben T. . Burton, Jimmy D. .. Butler, Sandra F. .. ....Tullahoma ..... Pulaski ,. .Hohenwalcl . . .Buchanan .. .,.. Athens ...... Donelson .. ...Kingsport . . . . . .Cookeville .......Madison ....Chattanooqa ...,...Memphis ........Decatur ....McMinnville Allen, Betty L. , .... . .. Allen, Brenda J. ...... . Jacksonville, Fla. ,... , .Nashville . ,Chattanooga Knoxville Knoxville Nashville Knoxville Nashville . . . .Ten Mile Nashville .... Sale Creek ...Fayetteville , . . .Cookeville . . . . . .Nashville . . . . . .Rockwood ..,.Chattanooqa ..,..Crossville . . . .Cookeville . . . .Nashville ...Knoxville .... Dickson . . . .Nashville Jellico ...... Lafayette .. Lawrenceburg . .Hendersonville ...,.....Benton ...... Dickson . . . . Rockwood . .. .Oak Ridge . . . .Nashville . . . .Knoxville .. . .. . .Clinton , . . . . .Tracy City .. Goodlettsville .......Memphis .,,.Atlanta, Ga. .. ...Livingston .... Rickman .... Cookeville . ..,. Jacksboro ..... Cookeville ...,Chattanooga ... ...Henderson . . . . . .Brentwood ,...,Somerville .. . Manchester . . , .Chattanooga . . . . . . .Gallatin , . . .. .Memphis ..... Cookeville . . . .Gordonsville ...Brownsville Monterey Columbia Monterey . . . . .Cleveland .Lebanon .. .. Hixson .. .Lenior City ... ..Sevierville .. Lawrenceburg Knoxville . , . . . .Maryville ,.,,,..Dalsy . , , . .Huntsville ... Woodbury . . . . .Cookeville .... . Jasper Sparta Chattanoo a Cookeville ...Jacksboro .... , Sparta . . . .Knoxville . . . . , .Alcoa . .Harriman . .Lake City Gainesborc ..,.McMinnville ..Tullahoma Gallatin Page 344 Byrom, Mila F. .. ...Cookeville Cable, Francis I. ,... . .,,, McEwen Call, Sandra L. ...,.. .,,, C olumbia Callis, Cosandra J. ..... Nashville Callis, Steven T. ,... Gallatin Calvert, Bert S. .... ....., N ashville Cameron, Anne E. .....,,... Cookeville Camp, Chester C. ......,. Chattanooga Campbell, Charles W. ....,... Knoxville Cannella, Leonard J. ,...,.,. Cookeville Cantrell, Will H. .....,. Hendersonville Capers, Joseph G. ...,.,.. Chattanooga Carlton, Pamela J. .. . ...., Cookeville Carney, Edward H. ...,. Nashville Carr, Brenda R. .... ...McMinnville Carr, Sherril A. .... Rickman Carter, Patricia J. .. ..,.. Cookeville Cash. James H. ...,.. ...... K ingston Cassetty. Steven A. ,,,. Whitleyville Cavasos, Peggy S. .. .,,. Knoxville Cave, William A. .,.., .... K noxville Cavender, Ernest B. ,,.,.. Nashville Chattin, David C. .. . ..... Chattanooga Chamberlin, Charles D. ...... Nashville Charles, Richard H. ... Chester, Sandra M. ... Claloo, Stephen S. .... Clark, Erma L. Clark, Wayne .,.,. Clark, Walter D. Clitt, Charlie M. Cobb. William E. Coe, Fred V. ....,. . Cottey, Barbara L. . . .. Coleman, Kandy L. Coleman, Robert H. Coley, John R. ..... . Collier, Kenneth E. ... ...Arlington, Va. . . . .White House ...Rockport lnd. . . . . . . . .Knoxville .... Franklin, Ky. ..... Nashville ..,..Dyersburg . ....... Nashville ... Chattanooga ...Oneida .....Chicago. lll. Baxter ...... Gallatin ....Hohenwald Collins, Paul R. .......,....,. Carthage Colquette, Kenneth B. ....... Tracy City Conatser, Elmore R. ,,..... Old Hickory Conley, Sarah C. Cook, David C. Cooley, Marian J. Cooper, Anthony W. .. Cooper, Gloria C. .. Cope, Martha A. ..,. . ......Crossville . . . . . .Franklin ........Sparta . . . . . . .Cleveland ....Chattanooga . . . .Byrdstown Coppinger, B. Joan .....,.. Chattanooga Cornelius. Robert C. Jr. .Lawrenceburg Corum, Joyce E. ...... Castalian Springs Coulson, Robert D. .... Council, Judith A. .... Covington, Michael A. ...,......Cowan .......Cookeville ...Hendersonville Cowan, Terry S. ...... .... Madison Cowart, Thomas C. Jr. Cox, Robert A. .... . Crawley, Brenda F. .... . Cresap, Charles E. .... .. Annadale. Va. . . . .Chattanooga .........Dayton . .Brownsville Croce, Joseph J. Jr. ..Gibbstown, N. J. Crone. Maxine J. .... . Crook, Sharon L. .... . Crowder, James C. Crowder, Linda D. .... Culver, Dennis M. .... Cundall, Ronald W. .. Cunningham, Bradley L. Cunningham, Jimmy P. Curtis. James L. ..... . ...,Douglas, Ga. .. .Gallatin . ...... Jackson . . . . .Brownsville . ....... Soclcly ..... ...Nashville . . . . . .Brownsville ..Russellville, Ky. . .......... Daisy Cushing, Lonnie E. ....... Goodlettsville Custer, Bonnie A. ... Dabbs, Sandy E. .. Dalton, Jane A. .. Daniels, James S. .. Daniels, Roy F. ... ... Darden, George L. ... .........Franklin ... .Chattanooga ......Knoxville ...... Livingston ...Oliver Springs Jacksonville, Fla. Darnaby, Billy F. ............ Brownsville Daubenspeck, Melody L. Daugherty, Barbara J. . Daugherty, Douglas L. Davenport, James R. .. ...... Nashville .. ..... Nashville .. Nashville . . . . . .Watertown Davenport, John D. ....... Chattanooga Davis, Linda K. ..... . Davis, Sewell W. ..... . ...... Lebanon .. ..... Nashville Dawson, Margaret A. .... Harriman Delaney, Margaret A. . Deloach, Tom M., Jr. . Denning. James L. Jr. . Dennis, Charles E. Denson, Carol J. Denton, Jimmie L. DePorter, Ralph G. .. Desirey, Stephen T. .. Dickens, William C. Dickerson, Gary R. Dickey, Barney P. .. Diehl. Barbara A. Dixson. Margaret J. .. Dobbs, John L. .... . Dobbs, Rodney D. .. .. ...Cookeville . . . . .McMinnville .. ..... Gallatin ....Tullahoma ......Crossville ...Haydenburg .....Oakdale .. Madison . . . . .Nashville . . . .Kingsport . . . . .Harriman . . . .Kingsport . . . .Cleveland ...,Gallatin . ...Kingston Dodd, Jack H. ...... . Dodson, Lawrence M. .. Dorland, Richard L. Dorris, Thurman D. . Douglas, Earl R. Downey, Susan R. Draper, Huland G. Draughon, Terry W. Dreaden, Larry T. Drennon, Barbara J. Driver, Buck J. .. . Dugger, Mark W. .. Dugger, Rose M. .. Duke, Anthony E. .,... .. Duncan, Barbara L. ..... . Duncan, Brenda K. Duncan, Estel L. .,.., .. Duncan, Robert M. Dunn, Eugene C. .. Dunn, James W. . DuPree, Mary P. .. Durham, Priscilla J. Durham, Ruth A. Dyer, David C. .. Dyer, Robert L, Eagar, Charles C. .. Easterly, Roger E. Edmonds, Linda L. Edwards, Phyllis A. Eller, Sondra L. .... . Elliott, Diana G. Elliott. Jimmie L. ... Elmore, Betty A. .. . Elrod, Henry A. ..... . Emery, Waymon L. England, Bert C. .... . Enztelder, David B. Estes, Jerry W. .. Eubank, Deborah J. Evans, Dewayne M. Evans ,Robert W. .. Evans, Terry R. .. Faircloth, Robert D. . Farley, Lynda G. . Farley, Mary F. Farris, Linda F. Fine, Jerry D. ... .. Fisher, Lawrence E. Fisher, William D. .. Fitzgerald, E. Carol Flatt, Sandra J. Flowers, Jerry P. .. Floyd, Ramona R. . Floyd, William F. Fly, Marcia D. .. Ford, Priscilla K. Foust, Joseph D. ... . . Fox, Gary R. ,.....,.. . Franklin, Rebecca R. Freels, Edith L. .,,..... . Freeman, Donald W. Freeman, Ronnie E. Freytag, Sara J. .... . ..... Gallatin ...Morristown . ....Nashville ....Greenbrier .......Jellico ... . .. Soddy ....Cookeville . . .Nashville ..Chattanooga . . , . .Nashville . .Chattanooga .. .. McEwen ....Columbia . .. Nashville ....Jamestown Pleasant Shade ...l-lelenwood ... .Cookeville .... Newport . l-lixson ..Chattanooga ......Gallatin . .. Gallatin ....Cookeville ..... Gallatin . Chattanooga . . . .Byrdstown ... .Sparta . . . .Ocoee Sparta . . . . .Nashville . . . . .Madison .. Lenoir City ...Nashville .. .. Hixson ... l-luntland ....Shelbyville .. Cookeville ... Lebanon . Tullahoma . Chattanooga . Cleveland . Chattanooga . Sparta . Chattanooga ... Cookeville Dayton .... Nashville .. . Gallatin ... Columbia .. ...Granville . . . . .Monroe ...Manchester . . . .Lake City .... Nashville ....Monterey Lake City . Chattanooga ...Winchester ......Oneida . . . . .Nashville ....Kingsport ....Wartburg The largest freshman class in Tech's history, approximately 2,3 0 0, 'fills Memorial Gym- nasium during Fresh- men Orientation Week. Page 345 Frounfelker, Robert Fuqua, Durward B. Fuqua, Edward D. .. Gaither, John B. .. Garner, Larry T, .. Gatto, Phillip F. Gaylor, Robert L. Geary, Raymond E. Gentry, Eddie A. .... Gentry, Judy E. Gentry, Lloyd M. . Gibbons, Janice M. Gibbs, James G. Giddens, David H. .. Gilburth, Kenneth R. .. Gilliam, Marion F. Gilley, Jerry M. .... Givens, Robert L. Glover, Dale L. ..... . Goetz, James G. Jr. Gott, Nancy J. ...., . Gotorth, John L. Gooch, Alacia D. . Goodman, Louis W. ......., . E. .,... . .Cookeville ...,Nashville ... . .Nashville ... .Chattanooga . . . .Chattanooga .....Tullahoma ... .Jacksboro Tracy City ....Gainesboro . . . . .Cookeville . . . . .Cookeville ......Algood . , . . .Leoma .. . .Nashville . . .. Newcomb .Lenoir City . ,,... Kingsport ....Chattanooga ...Elmont, N. Y. .. .. . .Madison ... Nashville ...... Erwin ........Sparta .Wartburg Goodner, Anita P. ..... ...Chattanooga Goolsby, Guy D. ..Harper Woods, Mich. Goolsby, Larry K. ..Bloomington Springs Gore, Janice L. Graham, Joan M. Grant, Gail L. ..... Grantham, Linda .. Gray, James E. Green, Ann C. ..,. . Green, Dale A. Green, Sherrie O. ...,.. . ..........Livingston Grace, Sharon R. ...,... . ....Chattanooga . . . . .Oakdale .Chattanooga ... ...Portland . .... Cookeville ......Baxter ....Nashville ........Owen Greenwood, David A. . ....... Jacksboro Greenwood Pats A. i Y Gregory, Larry S. . Griffith, Benny F. Grindstati, Gene A. Grissom, George E. Grizzard, Sandra D. Groce, Dale W. Gunter, Ethel E. Gwaltney, Lynn H. . Hackney, Freddie A. .. Hairston, William M. .. . Hale, Allan R. ..... . Hale, Judith A. .... Hall, Bobby ........ ... .Cookeville . . . . . . .Dixon Springs ......Copperhill Grittith, Danny D. ....... ' . . . . . . .Richard City ........Erwin . . . . .Columbia . . . . .Cookeville ... Lynchburg ..... Sparta . . . .Hickman . . . . .Kingsport ...Union City . . . . . .Gallatin . . . .Chattanooga . . . . .Cookeville Hall, Roger D. ................ Portland Hall, Spencer E. ........ . Hamblen, James C. Jr Hamby, Eva J. ..., . Hamby. James ...... .Chattanooga . . . . .Nashville . . . . .Crab Orchard Hamill, Daniel A. .. .,........... Hixson Hamilton, Sarah G. . Hammock, Patsy M. . Hammonds, Joseph E. Hancock, Alfred R. Jr. Hancock, Charles W. Haney, Linda J. Hann, Lewis A. .... . Hannah, James H. .. Hare, Paula F. .... . Hargis, James C. Harris, Alfred J. Harris, Jerry E. .... . Harris, Peggy S. Harrison. William G. Hashmi, Anwar S. Harvey, Barbara J. ........ . . . . .Manchester . . . . . .Chattanooga . .. . . . . . .Livingston . . . . .Jackson ... .... Liberty . . . .Lebanon ...Monterey . . . . .Columbia . . . . . . .Maryville . . . .Chattanooga . . . . . .Camden . .. .Chattanooga . . . . . . .Nashville . . . . . .. .Jamestown ..........Nashville .Karachi, Pakistan .Livingston Harwood, Robert L. ......... Hohenwald Hatfield, Floyd A. Jr. ......Dunlap Hattield, Jimmie S. Hawkins, Theron D. .. Hawkins, Wanda F. . Hayes, John W. Haynes, Lawrence W. Jr. . . . .Sparta . . . .Shelbyville .... .Cookeville . . . . . . . .Brownsville . ...Jasper Head, Margaret S. ......... Springfield Headen, Lael A. . ..... . .. Hearington. Janice E. Heath, Ralph D. ..... . Hembree, Flora L, Hendrickson, David lvl. ..... . Henley, Daniel R. .... . Hensley, Saundra E. .... Henson, Baxter M. ... .. ..Nashville .... Paris .....Blutt City ...Clinton Harriman .Napoleon, Ohio . . . . .Cookeville ...... Jackson 0 Hickey, Gordon R. .. ..... Rockwood Hickman, Jerry T. .... ..... F ranklin Hicks, Larry L. .... .... S weetwater Higdon, Linda K. ..... Jacksboro Hill, Elizabeth A. .. ...Rock Island Hillis, Lonnie E. ................. Daisy Hinds, Ella L. ............... Livingston Hinds, James A. .... Battle Creek. Mich. Hinson. Lois A. ............... Lebanon ....Gainesboro Hitchcock, J. C. Jr. ,........... Dunlap Hobbs, Janice L. ...,.. . ......Nashville Hogshead, Margaret P. ..., Chattanooga Holdreclge, Howard T. ....... Cleveland I-loneycutt, Marvin W. .. ..... Oakdale Hooper, James E. .... ..., N ashville l-loots, Felix R. .....,, Hermitage Hopkins, E. Jane . .. Horne, Donna J. .. Horton, Blanche C. .. Horton, James R. ..... . Huddleston, James D. .. Huddleston, Judith A. . Huddleston, Judy A. I-Iuddleston, Sandra ... Huclgens, Roy D. ..... . I-Iudgens, Gerald D. Jr. Hudson, Don V. ...... . Hudson, Larry F. ..Red Huffman, Bill R. ...... . Hughes, Jane E. ..,... . Hughes, Phyllis G. .. Hughett, Judy A. .... . Hunt, Susan M. ...... . Hutcheson, Charlotte G. Hutcheson, Nancy G. .. Hyder, Lynda K. ,... . Hyder, Karen S. ... Ingle, Billy D. ..... . Irwin, Jimmye A. . ..Rossville, Ga. .........Soddy ....Harriman ......Lake City .....Oak Ridge ......Maryville . . . . .Cookeville ....Livingston . . . . .Cookeville . ..,. Greenbrier .. .... Harriman Boilings Springs .......Antioch ......Livingston ......Decatur .......Robbins .....CookeviIIe . . . . .Tracy City . . . . .Pikeville . . . . .Nashville . ....Sparta . . . . .. .Knoxville . . . . .Cookeville ....Chattanooga Irwin, Patti ....,,..... Iverson, Pamela C. Ivey, Carole J. ..... ....., W inchester Ivey, Jerry S. ..., .... Jackson, Amos ..... . Jackson, Samuel S. Jackson, Stephen W. .. Jackson, Thomas H. Jaquess, Sandra E. Jeffers, Billy R. .,... . Jeffers, Sandra J. ....,. . Jenkins, Robert S., Jr. . Jennings, James D. .. Jennings, William K. ....... McMinnville Jewell, Beverly J. .. Jewell, Charlene D. .. , Ellen ........ Johnson, Johnson Emma J. .... . Johnson, Frances A ... Johnson Frieda L. ,... Johnson, Mary L. .. Johnson ,Sarah A. Johnston, Sharron B. Jones, Dwight O. ,... . Jones, Jeffrey S. Jones Marilyn N. .. Jones Mary A. .. Jones Mervyn D. Jones Ruth M. .... . Jones William K. ... Judd, Tana M. ,... . Karch, Theresa A. .. Keahey, Danny T. . . . . . .Cookeville .Oliver Springs . . . . .Cookeville ....Gallatin ....Humboldt . . . . .Gallatin ...Cookeville ... .Oneida ......Winona ..........Soddy ...Jamestown .... .Dayton . . . . .Lebanon ....Pikeville ......Pikeville ..........Baxter ....Gainesboro .........Baxter ...Lynchburg ....McMinnville ......Erwin ... .Cookeville . . . . .Nashville . .... Nashville ......Tullahoma . . . . .Tracy City . . ...Cookeville ......Monterey ....Chattanooga Kearney, Jerald F. .......... Clarkrange Kelley, Linda E. ..... ..... C hattanooga Kelley, Reba G. .. .... Spring City Kelly, Katherine G. .... Knoxville Kelly, Phillip L. ..... .... N ashville Kemp, Donna L. .. ..... Cookeville Kesky, Alvin ....... ..... C hattanooga Key, Ellen C. ......... . Celina Kincaid, James R. Jr. ...... Chattanooga King, Mary E. Kin Richard H .......Daisy Oak Rid e g. . ... .... g King, Steve L. ..... .... C hattanooga 'N This post-campaign muddle was NOT due to a rush to the polls to vote Page 347 Kirby, Leland F. .... Red Boiling Springs N . Kirk, John P. ..Asheville, Kirk, Larry M. ..... V ..... . orth Carolina . . . . .Madison Kirkham, Steve H. ...,....... Rockwood Kirkpatrick, Bobby D. .... . Kleiser, Blondie ...... .. Knott, Charles S. ... Krivec, John V. .,.. . Krouse, Norma E. Kyle, James R. ......,.. . Kyle, Malcolm A. Jr. Lackey, Larry S. ,....,... . Lacy, Joyce A. .,,..... . .Chattanooga . . . .Nashville .... Decherd ... Nashville . . . . .Knoxville ......Athens Lawrenceburg .Chattanooga .. Jamestown LaFerry, Duane N. Fort Oglethorpe, Ga. Lamb, Jim .,.,......,.....,,. Nashville Lambert, Carl E. ..,...... Chattanooga Lambert. Gerald F. .... Chestnut Mound Lambert, Leslie H. Jr. Lambert, Sara L. ........ . Lancaster, James C. Jr. Land, Billy ......... Land, Gary W. ..,,. . Lane, Donald R. Langford, Brenda L. .. Langley, Frieda M. Lanham, Gwendolyn L. Lankford, Melinda B. ..... . Large, Sammy M. .. Lassiter, Olivia H. Lavender, Jack K. Lawrence, Sharon E. .. Lawrence, Thomas H. . Lawson, John A. .... . Laycock, James R. Jr. . Ledbetter, Alda M. .. Ledgermood, Stettin S. Lee, Charles V. Lee, Frances K. Lee. Harriet A. .. .. Lewis, James D. ..... . Liddington, Gary L. .. Limburg, Henry D. . Lindler, Helen M. Lindsley, Robert E. Lingertelt, Billy R. .. Linnell, Renard D. .. Little, Linda K. Lottis, Pollye R. .. Long, Steve K. .... . Looper, Shelia D. Lovell, Charles E. Lowe, Morrison L. ,....... Chattanooga .. .Cookeville .. Nashville .Chattanooga ......Dunlap . . . .Nashville . . .Livingston . . . . .Oakdale .. LaFollette .Gordonsville . . . .Knoxville ....Bethpage . .,.. Dayton .Chattanooga . Chapel Hill .Chattanooga . . . . . .Athens . . . .Knoxville . . . .Knoxville . ., .Kingsport ...Cookeville ...Cleveland Goodlettsville ... Donelson ..... Oneida .. Jamestown . . . .Nashville . . . .Kingston Kenton .. Clarkrange ...Cookeville . . . .Maryville .....Rickman Chattanooga .. Cookeville Lowry, John C. ..... Newport News, Va. Lusk, James B. .. .... Lyle, Stephen A. Lynch, Linda P. Lynn, Gary K. Lynn, Pamela C. . . . .Nashville ...Cleveland .......LaFollette .Chattanooga . . . .Oak Ridge McCaleb, J. Elaine ........ Gordonsville McCampbell, Linda S. ...South Pittsburg McCann, Doreen D. ..... . McCawley, Robert E. .... . McCulley, Margaret A. McDaniel, Nina M. .. McDonald, Barry W. . McDonald, Jackie F. . McDow, Marjorie C. . McDowell, Cheryl A. .... . McDermitt, Paul R. McGoldrick, Sandra D. McGowan. Paul G. .. McGugin, Virginia K. . McKay, Sharon R. ...... . McKee, Margaret E. . McKibben, Brian R. .. . . .Cookeville ...Cookeville ...Cookeville ..Spring City ... .Memphis .Ashland City .........Nashville ...Shelbyville . ...Harriman .. ...Kingston . . . .Nashville ....Algood .Chattanooga . . . . . .Franklin . ...Humbold McKinley, Carleen ........ Chattanooga McKinney, E. Natalie ....Carthage McLaughlin, Robert E. .... Chattanooga McMahan, Arvel J. ..... Crestwood, Ky. MacNeill, Kenneth L. McPeters, James F. . .........Nashville .........Wartburg McReynolds, Betty S. .. ,,.. Cookeville Mabry, Bill M. ......, ...Chattanooga Maddux, John J. ..,. .... C ookeville Major, Bruce L. ,,.... .,...,. D ayton Malone, Bobby G. ,,.,. ,... C ookeville Mangano, Joseph N. .......... Nashville Mann, Dorothy J. .... .... Chattanooga Mann, Virginia D. .... .... C hattanooga Manning, Barbara E. ..... Nashville Manos, Sandra A. .... .... S pringtielcl Mantlo, James R. ,... ..,. S pringtield Mantooth, John L. .. Mapes, James A. .. Marquardt, James E. Martin, Gary R. Martin, Leonard Martin, Paul T. Massey, DiAnna .... Masterson, Ronald F. Matheney, Raymond Mattson, Martha . ..... Old Fort ... .... Clarksville Nashville . ..... Lenoir City . . . . .Nashville . . . .Gallatin ...........Lebanon . ...... Spring City D. .,.. Old Hickory ... .... Cookeville Maxey, Tony ..,..,..., .... L ivingston Maxwell. John T. Jr. ........Oak Ridge Maxwell, Teddy R. ,........ McMinnville May, Harold D. Mayberry, Tommy S. ...New Johnsonville ............Sparta Mayfield, Larry A. ....., ,,... K noxville Medlley, Charles J. .... .,.,,. K noxville Medley, Martha A. Medley, Mary A. Melton, John W. .. ... .... Clarkrange . ,.,. Pikeville . . .... Cookeville Meredith, Herbert K. .... ...... A thens Mielke, Nancy C. .. Miller, Dwight A. .. Miller, Herbert A. . Miller, James F. Miller, Peggy A. . ... Cookeville .. ..... Tullahoma .. .... Oak Ridge . . ..... Brownsville . . . . . . , .McMinnville Miller, Randolph F. ...... Chattanooga Miller, William L. ,.,. .,..... B enton Milligan, Janet L. ...., Sparta Milloway, Linda J. .. ..... Gallatin Mills, John W. ...... .... N ashville Millsaps, Vic M. Millsaps, George C. Robert D. ... .... Nashville Mitchell, Barbara A. Mitchell, Reba J. .. Mitchell, Thomas H. Mitchell. William R. Minton, ... ...Loudon .. ..,.... Daisy ... ...,..., Sparta . ..... Spring City ... ...... Nashville .. ..,.. Livingston Moore, Catherine V. ....... Athens Moore, Elvis C. ...., ..,.... N ashville Moore, Johnny P. .... Chattanooga Moore, Richard S. ...... Donelson Moore, Ronald K. ..... .... D onelson Morcombe, Johnny B. . ,.... Jamestown Morgan, Linda L. .....,,.... Winchester Morrisett, Joseph C. Jr. Morrison, Michael W. . Morton, Glenn E. ,.,. . Moss, Katherine I. Mullinix, June R. Mullins, Brenda S. Murphy, Fred A. ,... .. Murphy, Glen A. . ,.,. . Musgrove, Charles M. . Napier, Denny ...,... Napier, Dianne ..,., Nash, Charles L. Neal, Bruce A. Neal, James L. Neblett, Jeffrey Nelson, Stanley W. Nethery, Cheryl L. .. Nooner, Earl W. .... . Nooner, Martha l. .... . Norman, William S. ... Oakley, Thomas W. O'Neal. David R. ,... Ooten, Ronald T. Orr, Larry W. ..... . Orten, Marsha A. Owen, Martha N. Pangle, Charles C. .. Parke, Gary A. Parker, William R. .. Parkerson, Donna S. .. Parks, Steven P. Parrott, Earl Q. ..... . Parsons, Buckie D. Parsons. Doyle H. .. Partin, Joy S. ....... . Patterson, David H. .. Patterson. Gayle L. . . . . . . .Waverly . .... Nashville . . . .Maryville ........Sparta . . . .Jamestown ....Cookeville ....Charleston ......Cookeville . .... Nashville ......Celina ........CeIina ....Cookeville .......Erwin ....Lynchburg . . . . . . .Nashville ....Atlanta, Ga. ....Chattanooga . . ...Nashville . . . . .Nashville ... Henderson . . . . . .Madison . . . .Chattanooga . . . . . .Oakdale . . . . . . .Columbia ... Chattanooga .. Ashland City . . . . . .Cookeville . . . . .Winchester . . . . .Hillsboro ...Nashville ...,Lake City . . . .Newport ......Monroe . . . . . .Shelbyville . . . . .Tracy City . . ...Nashville . . . . .Athens Page 349 9 Patterson, Heather E. .. ..., Cookeville The mass migration into the dorms at the beginning of fall quarter finds many persons trying to decide what to carry in first. Payne, Linda E. .,... . Pa ne Nada D y , . Payne, Yvonne M. ....Robbins ....Oneida ....Oneida Pearson, Michael E. ............ Franklin Peavyhouse, Marian G. ...... Jamestown Pedigo, Virginia ,...,...... McMinnville Penick, Gail E. ,,.......,.. Chattanooga Pennington, Brenda C. 9 Perry, Judith N. ..., . ..........Oneida . . . . .Nashville Petway, Gene B. Jr. .... ,,... N ashville Phillips, Freida N. Phillips, Gary L. Phillips. Sally L. Pickle, Gary L. ...... . Picklesimer, Walter L .... ......Algood ....Lake City ....Crossville ....Columbia ....Cleveland Piepmeier, Arthur L. .... ..... N ashville Pierce, lneta L. ..... . U Pierce, Linda M. Pinkston, Michael ... Pinson, Chester A. .. Pippin, Terry L. .... . ....Harriman . . . . .Cookeville . ....Cookeville ....White House . . . . .Chattanooga Pittman, Tommy S. ......,. Chattanooga Pointer, Mildred C. ,... . . . . . .Cookeville Poore, Dennis 5. ..... Campbellsville. Ky. Powell, Carol A. Powers, Dan W. 0 Powers, William B. .. Presley, Donna K. Presswood, Audrey M. Price, Suzanne .....,, Pritchett, Jerry W. .. Oualls. Polly J. .... . Queen, Patricia A. . ..,. . Ouinley, Charles R. Jr Radford, Barbara G. . ' Rahm, Joseph A. Raines, James C. Ramsey, Carol E. Ramsey, Gary E. .. Ramsey, Linda C. .. Ramsey, Robert R. .. Randolph, James C. Rankin, Marion R. ..... . Ratlitt, Darrell R. 0 Ra Jesse A y, . ... Ray, Linda G. ..... . Reagan, Martin W. . Reale, John H. ,..... . Rector, Barbara A. .. Reed, Billy J. ...... . Rhinehart, Charles K. Rhodes, Wesley B. .. Rice, Gary L. ..... . 9 Rich, Roger T. Rich, Shirley A. Rich, Susan R. ..... . Rich, William H. ..... . Richardson, Robert L. Ridings, Ginger K. .. Ridings, Mickey J. .. Rigney, Judith A. Riley, Christopher .. Page 350 ........Athens ......Madison ....Kingsport ....Monterey .......Benton . . . . .Nashville ......Madison ....Jamestown . .... Cleveland South Pittsburg ......Maryville ..Chattanooga . . . . .Humboldt ....Cookeville ....Livingston ....Cookeville ....Clarkrange . . . . .Birchwood .LaGrange, Ky. ......Ezel. Ky. . . . . .Cookeville ..White House ....Gatlinburg . ....Nashville . . . . .Cookeville ...Spring City ......Spencer .... Chattanoo a 4- Q ....Watertown ... .Byrclstown . . . . .Nashville .. . . Byrdstown ....Cookeville ...........Baxter .Metamora, Ill. ......Knoxville ....Manchester ...Old Hickory Schoenly, William P. Nashville Schooltield, James R. Pikeville Schubert, Robert A. Chattanooga Scott, Gary A. ..... Petersburg Scott, Roger L. ........ Celina Seaborn, Donald J. Cleveland Sellers, Linda R. ...,. Knoxville Sharbel, Herbert J. ..Nashville Shepherd, Susan R. ..... Alcoa Shipley. Sandra M. Fall Branch Shoemaker, Cheryl D. .Oneida Shoub, Carol A. ..... Nashville Siler, Walter R. ......, Bolivar Simmons, Barbara A. Rock Island Simmons, Richard L. Manchester Simpson, James M. ..Nashville Simpson, Lawrence C. Nashville Sims, Darnell .......... Sparta Sims, Linda K. ,.....,., Sparta Sisk, William M. .Chattanooga Rives, John H. Jr. Roberts, John J. .. Roberts, Linda G. .,.. . Robertson, Nettie E. Robinson, Richard L. Jr. .. Robinson, Sara L. . Robinson, Stephen G. Roderick, Roy C. .. Rogers, Anita L. ..., . .. Romines, Philip R. Ross, William F. Roy, Brenda F. Rudolph, Linda D. . Russell, Mildred J. Russell, Steven C. Rutherford, George Ryan, Charlie M. .. Hendersonville ....Cookeville ....Byrdstown ....Humboldt Sheffield, Ala. ......Sparta ...Oak Ridge .....Riceville .Chattanooga ......Smyrna ......Bolivar ....Nashville ......Oneida Roy, Nancy R. ......,... . .. . .Toronto, Canada . ........... Donelson ....Nashville .......Bristol ,...... Gallatin Ryan, E. Lindsey .... .... C hattanooga Sabounchi. Morteza ......Bolivar Sackett, David R. ....., Nashville St. Clair, Sandy ..... ..... C ookeville Sanders, David P. .... ..,. N ashville Savage, Michael A. .... Nashville Sawyer, Tom W. .... .... N ashville Saylors, Julia M. ..,..... Sparta Saylors, Sammie L. ,....,.. Chattanooga lt seems everyone has an exciting time at the fresh- men's greased pig race-everyone except the pig. Sivert, Jennifer A. ........... Kingsport Skaggs, Jamie K. ............. Knoxville Skelton, Carol J. ..,...., Waukegan, Ill. .. .,..,., Blountville Slaven, Patricia J. . Slusher, Gary D. ..... . Slagle, James C. .. Smedley, William C. Smith, Brenda C. .. Smith, Charles M. . Smith, Floyd R. Smith, Gary L. Smith, Glenda S. .. Smith, Homer L. Smith, Howard W. . Smith, Jo K. ..... . Smith, Joe L. Smith. Kathy A. Smith, Larry R. Smith, Maralyn Smith, Marcia ..... .. .,..... Livingston Smith, Michael L. . Smith, Milton E. Smith, Patty A. Smith, Richard L. .. Smith, Richard Y. .. Smith, Ruby A. .... ......Oneida ....Smyrna ....Apison ....Pikeville ....Nashville .... Del Rio ....Crossville ..Manchester . 4. V ..,, Byrdstown . ........ Pulaski .. ...Livingston ....Huntland ...Cookeville . ........ Tullahoma Lawrenceburg .....Decherd .......Oneida ...Lynchburg ....Nashville .. .... Springfield ............Oneida Smith, Virginia G. ........ Lafayette Snedecor, Catherine B. ... Sneed, Betty Jo ........,. Sodemann, Jeffrey P. .. . Spann, Charles S. ..... . Sparks, Donna L. .... Speck. Ronald F. .. Speir, Ova L. . . .Livingston ...Cleveland ... Knoxville ....Nashville .Olcl Hickory .. .... Sparta . . .Cookeville Spitler, Donna L. ........ Fairborn, Ohio Spode-ck, Walter D. .. ....... Nashville Page 351 Spurlock, Belle L Stalcup, Judy L Stalcup, Michael S Standeter Ronald L. Stanton, Lucy L. ,.,.. . Steele, Donna J. ,..... . ...Cookeville . . . .Cleveland ...Gatlinburg .. ...... Hixson . . . .Granville . . . .Monterey Spradlin, Michael C. .,....... Maryville G Steelman, Deanna Stephens, Robert D. . Sparta .. ...... Knoxville Stevens, Rodney K. ...,..,,.... Pulaski Stevenson, James T. .4.... Goodlettsville Stewart, Linda C. ......, Algood Stewart, Robert S. .. Spring City Stewart, Tracy H. Chattanooga Stidham, Judy F. ..... ...., C ookeville Stockton, Virginia F. .. ,.... Cookeville Stone, Michael N. . . ......., Nashville Stone. William C. ...Louisville, Ky. Stout, Jerry P. Stout, Tony ....,.. . . . . . .Granville ...Buffalo Valle- f Stout, William T. ..,. ..,.,... B axter Stovall, William D. ... .... Fayetteville Stringer, David R. .... . ...,Monterey Strunk, Paul R. .............. Nashville Stuart. Teresa L. .... ........ M orristown Stubbletield, Michael P. ..... Morristown Suits, Delores H. ............ Cleveland The man on the left seems to be having trou- ble keeping l1er pajamas from falling down. Thoman, James R. .... ...... N ashville Thomas, William G. ..... Cookeville Thomas. William G. . . ...... Ca rthage Thomison, Jack B. .......... Fayetteville Thompson, Jerry L. ........ Pleasant Hill Thom son John D. . ......... Somerville P I Thompson, Linda F. ......... ..Crossville Thompson, Ralph E. . .Beersheba Springs Thornton, Richard T. ....... Atlanta, Ga. Thrailkill, Linda D. ........ Chattanooga Tippitt, Philip E. .. Tipps, Helen C. ........JelliCo .......Madison Tipps, Richard D. .... ....,.. L ynchburg Tittle. John H. ............ Chattanooga Tittsworth, Janice M. ,...Huntsville. Ala. Tongate, Dorris C. .. .... Owensboro, Ky. Tramel, Eddie L. ............ Dowelltown Treadway, Judy A. ... ..... Cookeville ... ...... Columbia . . . .Spring City .... Cleveland . . . .Winchester . ...Lebanon William ...... Chattanooga W . Nelson . ............ Madison Trimmer, Diedra A. True, Richard A. Tucker, Gayle L. .. Tucker, Joe W. Tuggle, Linda D Tuggle, Turner, Turner, Travis W. ...... Birmingham, Ala. Uitelrnan, Natalie M 9 Utley. Suzanne .... Vaden, Anne L. .... Vaden, Carol A. .. Vance, Charles R. . Van Deren, Vicky .. Vantre Vantre . ........ Millington ............Dickson . ..,...... Franklin . . . . .Gordonsville ... ..... Rockwood .....Nashville W. ..... Tracy City Van Hooser, Harold ase, Charles A. .......... Gallatin ase, David .. Vaughn, James L. .. Page 352 . . . ..... Watertown . .... Blountville Sullivan James P Chicago lll Sullivan Robert E Fayetteville Sullivan, Wayne V. ...Fairview Summa. Michael S. ...Lebanon Summery, Edwin W. .Nashville Sutherland, Janice E. Hopkinsville, Ky. Swattord, Robert F. Chattanooga Sweany. Katherine A. Memphis Sykes, Ronnie ......... Liberty Tabb, Stephen R. Signal Mountain Tabor, Linda S. .... Cookeville Taggart, Anna R. ...Kingsport Tallman, Wayne .... Nashville Taylor, Carolyn .... Dandridge Teal, Ethel M. ...... Crossville Teasley, Jimmy L. .... Gallatin Templeton, Brenda C. ..Sparta Terry, Brenda K. ...... Oneida Terry, Douglas W. .... Gallatin Thaxton, Walter H. .Smithville shakes, and Vaughn, Nelson C Veal, Sandra E. .. Vincent, W. Scott Vines, Susan ...., Wade, Jack T. ... Wagner, Nancy G. ..,... . Waldrop, Jimmy D. ..... . After a multitude of hand anticipation dwin- dles, names become meaning less to the freshmen attend ing the faculty reception. Union City Livingston Nashville ...Kingsport Nashville .Chattanooga ... .Benton Wakefield, Charles M. .,.... Pulaski Walden, Kenneth D. .,.....,... Portland Walker, Gifford E. ..,,.... Chattanooga Walker, Linda J. .........,..., Walland Wallace, Margaret A. ...... McMinnville Wallace, Rheda F. .......... Atlanta, Ga. Waller, Stephen H. .......... Donelson Walters, Cynthia J. ,Red Boiling Springs Wanclelt, James C. ...,... Chattanooga Warnack, Robert G. Chattanooga Valley, Ga. Warren, Randall D. ........., Lebanon Watson, Charles B. ,...,... McMinnville Watts, Milton H. Webb, Linda S. ..Old Hickory Rock lsland Webb, Nancy C. ...,.... Chattanooga Webber, Charles D. ..,....... Gallatin Weese, Samuel R. .. ..,.. Austell. Ga. Weis, Jim R. .. ..,....... Nashville Welborn, David W. ........ Old Hickory Welch, George R. . .. ,.... Rockwood Wendt, William H. .. .... .Albany, Ga. Wert, Lincla K. ,,.... Chattanooga West, Robert W. ,... .... O liver Springs Wheeler, Mary N. ,...,. Pikeville Whitaker. Margaret K. ...,...,. Nashville White, Charles R. ...... .... H ermitage White, Geeta R. ..., ..... C ookeville White, Lincla E. ..,. Cookeville White, Thomas A. ., ....White House White, Wayne R. ,.... ..,. L enoir City Whiteaker, Cecil K. ..,..... Cookeville Whitehead, James T. ......... Lebanon Wilburn, Jerry G. ..... Chattanooga Wilkey, Ronnie T. ...,. ....... D ayton Williams, Charles C. ....... Spring City Williams, Charles S. ,. ...... Nashville Williams Dan C. .... .... D echerd Williams, Guy S. . . . . ........ Gates Williams James S. .. Watertown Williams Phyllis F. .... Jamestown Williams Richard A. .. ...,.. Donelson Williams Walter L. ..,. .... C opperhill Williams Wanda F. ,. Jamestown Williamson. Gary W. ...... McMinnville Wilson, Barbara A. .. ,,Haydenburg Wilson, Kenneth D. .... ..,. N ashville Winfree, Dewey E. .......... Carthage Winningham, Linda C. ,...... Livingston Wix, Judy D. ...J ..,.. ...Bethpage Woodall, James M. ., .,... Dickson Wooden, Hazel B. .. ..,.. Pikeville Wootten, Larry J. ... ... . .Nashville Wortley, Gail F. ..... Deer Lodge Wright, Brian R. .,.,... Donelson Wright, Jack W. ., ,. ,..... Curyville Wright, John E. .......... Goodlettsville Wright, Ralph D. .. . ..... Nashville Wyatt, Fred K. Jr. ..... Carthage Yates, Michael M. .... Humboldt Yearout, Sandra J. .. . .Maryville Yokley, Thomas R. .... ..... C olumbia York Margaret E. ..... ..... C olumbia Young, Jean L. ............... Monroe Youngblood, William F. .... Chattanooga ww? Www, E Mwwm W If J fga W wg X. M x W .,-x. 7' Z , 1 an W' H wwf. W , M 'X Q. Z xv 2 .Q 7 5 i K 5 1 i ' , , ,ex 45 yx A r K NJ My Y mm KM-Lam ., , ' 'W , L- www-Ja M Mwvb' f-fwwmm 4 ' 'Lm?W?f 1, gfswwwfxf .La .XQX ' Q Q: N N1 it sifb- K ' T? H -- ' of ' wif' ' .135-"T 4 1 f fffff' Kgv' za, ,..,., .f ,fu . 52:1 1 E. :a:.::.:::f, ' f if! ,xvxaxgqg rw' g X ,ff f NY ' XX' ' S fx M' Ax' -" V if Tj Q , D ,f ,ff , I 3 ,, 5? QV if ,XY fr-'H AN F ' 0' 1 " -3 ff"'sf' 3? M Xb 1, , .Q N ' "xx, N ,, .2 ,fff 'Sb xo' x i Y at W- kv Q, , K X ws? X Q 5:5 S bxxfx, Q5 QQ Kgs 4, at ik ,A N 1,5 , X 1 ff X -xx QQ 0 nm X' ' "' E-.:.::g:: ,.,, ,7 f xi 5 Q: 513' 9 A' f . M Y J m A f - ' ..., , X .,.,,:, 3 ,,.,,.,.. V :., A , ,Rox V ..,. . , ,.,. . - A . . ---::-. - ' y. - Q ' 2 -Q , . 1 , 'K W , ,, I-' 1 W M J 5f4lf""2545 Ye. 'X ' X 5' NW, Q-. gm I Q ,W ww X, A - . , K X W xxxfx x-xx gxxm A V. ,Q X 4-mms. . a M. , - f Q -W W, wgxawxxx, N f-QW 1 nz, 'W Xfsf- 4224, i'X'5'Hi55 . ak f ' ,A 'Q L .X 1 yarns- V A Qmwug in-wi 1 " -5 ,X T 2,1521 we- Q Q 5 Q . -1 , N M Q. i Y' .awk i ' , 'af S,-NQQ U W 11315: Ma ,, f X N if W A 5 ei 2 is 22,425 g ng-L, ' ,www 1 iw io 9. A iii? K a 5 g if L X iii, 'T fi USA 5 ... ,JAY ,, an ' 4 'Nz 5 M . gr Q I wvsg 5 E 3, SAUNDERS FLORIST Sponsor of CLUB 1400 Since 1944 Flowers by Wire Anywhere "The Voice of Tennessee Tech" You may reach Howard or Helen Saunders "Say It with Flowers" at 526-6116 .GLEGMPQ at home or at the shop, 'i Y og O 2 Twenty-four hours a day 52 West Broad Page 356 BEN FRANKLIN STORE "Nationally Known! Locally Owned! Ralph Helton, owner 0 Complete selection of variety store merchandise 0 Money saving specials each week 0 Located in Cookeville's West Side Shopping Center IDEAL CLEANERS AND MEN 'S SHOP HIS Sportswear Gold Cup Socks Brentwood Sweaters and Swim Wear Jade East and English Leather Colognes Something New or Something Different In Men's Wear FORMAL WEAR-SALES AND RENTAL 118 North Cedar Avenue Cookeville, Tennessee Phone 526-6051 Cookeville Motor Company J.L. McCaw1ey, Sr. J. L. McCaw1ey, Jr. Ralph McCaw1ey Since 1916 Ford-Mercury-Falcon-Comet-Thunderbird Page 357 AMUSEMENT CO. TECH! News of the steps of progress from the founding of Dixie College to the 50th anniver- sary of Tennessee Technolo- gical University has been shared with readers of the . . . F8cW The latest hits first in phonograph records Putnam County Coolceville HERALD CITIZEN Phone 526-4011 Established in I903 17 W. Broad Cookeville "An all-the-way with Tech booster" WHUB AMXFM CBS RADIO IN THE UPPER CUMBERLAND 1400 on your dial Page 358 THE WHITE STUDIO "On the best portraits you will jimi our name" 137 East Broad Cookeville, Tenn. BROWN -WATSON SPORTS STORE Guns - Ammo Fishing and Archery Equipment 0 Wilson 0 Rawlings I Riddell 0 Aluma Craft Boats 0 Johnson Motors "Everything for the Sportsman" Telephone 526-4316 109 W. Broad Cookeville, Tenn. Carl Bean's DAIRY QUEEN Shakes 0 Sumlies 0 Malts Sandwiches 0 French Fries Cedar Ave. and Spring St. Cookeville Tennessee Page 359 7? mx'-K . w fywfoowx Around the Corner rom n Whore. .. BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY Coca-Cola Bottling Co., Cookeville P ge 360 MCADOOS' A Good Store In A Good Town COOKEVILLE TENNESSEE JENKINS sz DARWIN BROS. Popular Priced Merchandise Stores in Tennessee and Kentucky I...,.cY - ,,..-,, ,,.-......,,.-.,,..,.. .,, -.- , .i , r,-u K AV ,, 5,1 1 Q , Q 'K ir - 4 ' , . fx Eww y Q. ...Eau Friendly Service Above All Else . . . WATCHES-SILVERWARE-DIAMONDS BORDEN JEWELRY jewelers Since 1900 136 East Broad Street Phone 526-4632 Pag 361 47 N. Cedar Ave. Cookeville, Tenn. SAMMIE'S FLORIST MODEL CLEANERS AND LAUNDRY We sell .every blooming thing - Phone 526-4158 526-2117 ' 10 7-fax, COTTON JOHNSON, Owner Complete laundry and dry cleaning service Phone 526-6422 0 Night 526-6746 Cookeville Tennessee W. R. WHITAKER 8: SON phone 526-6354 119 Wes: Broad COOKEVILLE, TENNESSEE Pg 362 Walking.9 Hungry? Need a place to take a date? Tlaereiv no better place than . . . LIGON'S PIZZA Dine in a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere ust off Campus Cookeville Page 363 E PUTNAM LESLIE C. WILLIAMS PRINTING FLORISTS "Home of the Tech Mum" 1927-Our 39th Year-1966 Ralph H. Wirt - 4x.tGl4,l, .F 'E O 4. 2 E 1 : 4 Jack Witt OFFICE STATIONERY Flowers for All Occasions WEDDING ANNOUNCEMENTS CORSAGES - CUT FLOWERS ENVELOPES BOUQUETS C ARD S 211 East Broad Street 111 West First Street Phone 526-6288 Phone 526-4161 Cookeville Cookeville Tennessee 4 TODD'S FOOD VALU Big M Shopping Center Cookeville, Tennessee Page 364 SA W M1951 ,E Wg- ?i'2s'xga'fifrgiw gg 3 " Q5 H 2 4:5 , A, QQTQI TT V D ' :':' A In .l evi gs 1. fa: 2 . F f' wif? auaifiiolrg lHAR9WA55r:i'2ff A gf-'Elini-,l'uiQATloNs 1 1 Q9 3 WANELING-. - noon 'DRAPER 1E 1 L I BUILDERS HARDWARE 0 STORM DOORS AND WINDOWS 0 WINDOWS-DOORS PANELING-PLYWOOD 0 SHEETROCK 0 FLOOR COVERING 8: TILE INSULATIONS 0 ROOFING 8: SIDING , K if vp wrrivovlee 190092 ff? fir isl-IEEJITROGKN V eg? swam DOQRS-WINDOW? ' . 121 Poplar St. "General Line of Hardware" Cookeville WPTN, Inc. HARDING STUDIO AM-1550 KC ' FINE PHOTOGRAPHS FM+94.3 MC The twin voices of Middle Tennessee o Phone 526-7144 of 5267145 45 West Broad Street Cookeville Tennessee COOKEVILLE, TENNESSEE Kodak and Bell 61 Howell Dealer Page 365 1 MADDUX HARDWARE AND FURNITURE Home of COMPANY Phone 526-2135 526-2136 On the Square Cookeville, Tenn. Usual and Unusual Items CHEMICAL COMPANY Specialized Chemicals For Inclusfry Atlanta, Georgia Page 366 "jewelers of Distinction" JOE WILLIAMSON JEWELERS Phone 526-4551 52 West Broad Street Cookeville, Tenn. LUNCHES SHORT ORDERS THE BEACON Eighth and Dixie Cookeville, Tennessee DINN ERS FOUNTAIN SERVICE BREAKFAST Page 367 COOKEVILLE DRESS SHOP ZUMBRO A Shop for College Women COFFEE SERVICE, INC. 0 JONATHAN LOGAN . BUTLE KNITS "For the very best o JUNIOR SPORTS WEAR try Zumbrd' 310 4th Ave., So. Phone 526-4728 Nashville Tenn 26 N. jefferson Cookeville, Tennessee SPRING STREET NO. 1 AND NO. 2 Cookevi11e's Most Modern Markets "Try Our Delicious Barbecue Sandwiches, Chickens and Ribs" Pg ass ...I-.f COOKEVILLE RECAPPERS "Your B. F. Goodrich Store" Recapping - Repairing - Kelfvinator Appliances - Motorola TV 407 E. Spring Phone 526-4862 WOODBINE DRY GOODS STORE "Clothing for the Entire Family" On the Square Phone 526-4756 Cookeville Tennessee M. M. Richardson, Mgr. Jimmie Buck, Asst. Mgr. WINON A MOTEL Air Conditioned Recreation Room Swimming Pool Electric Heat Free T.V. -Every Room 2 Miles East of Cookeville U. S. Highway 70N Phone 526-7134 Page 369 You'1'e in the PEPSI Pepsi Cola Bottling Co. Cookeville, Tennessee generation! 370 Ffwove COLLEGE ,M nk BARBER sHoP 9'04,wli1y TIRE ENGINEERS 210 Sth JUST OFF THE CAMPUS Rempping-Vulcanizing "We Need Your Head in Our Business' Mgr. CECIL MONTGOMERY 549 West Broad St. Telephone 526-2222 Cookeville, Tenn. Five-Barbers for Your Comfenienrce Cookeville Tennessee 3 Visit The . . . ' 46 East Broad Street Merle Norman Cosmetic Studio Open-9:00 to 5:00 Free Demonstrations Given by Appointment CALL 526-6576 Page 371 SCRIB'S MOTEL Hub City Gas Company "We Make Warm Friends" Now FEATURES Gas Appliances I Refrigerators Ranges a Heaters Water Heaters Inn O W Tech's visitors home . . ff! 'IW g,g5 g::, .,-.g.:.:p,, , Ln Cookeville Phone 'For Reservations 1 '4"A "4A"V'A'4 4A":'::::::4::: :,:: :'::' A 526-7 I 88 DIAL 526-2959 526-4155 Mr. and Mrs. George Scribner, Owners Sparta Highway Cookeville BOB'S SHOP FOR MEN "You'll Never Dress Better for Less" West Side Shopping Center Page 372 P, , Q mel? Q '1..'..'!'..'::r2-"' :-..:.':::.-5 "J: 2-E-u 1 11--n an . Y -Q meg X H' V N S O R ' S Books - Gifts - Hobbies - Office Supplies West Side Shopping Center o Cookeville, Tenn. Phone 526-4743 Page 373 NATIQNA BANK THINK FIRST OF . .. First National Bank Cookeville, Tenn. Students and Faculty Welcome HACKETTS MEAT 1 M1882 Everything PHOTOGRAPHIC For the Professional Wholesale Meat- and Amateur Poultry and Eggs Including Expert Information 9 CUSTOM SLAUGHTERING R i 420 Union St. Phone 735-9110 Carthage Tennessee Nashville ' WOODFORD MOTOR COMPANY Buick - Pontiac - Tempest - Rambler - GMC Trucks SALES 8: SERVICE W. Spring Street Dial 526-6186 Page 375 sl I, I T Eat at the lu M B 81 B RESTAURANT jim Powell, owner "A Tech Booster all the Way" Private Dining Facilities for 100 . . . ON THE ROAD TRY THE PORTER HOUSE -Lebanon Pg 376 ANCHOR SERUM COMPANY Er., NA,-Y M ,,, l.,., . an , H is ,mi A W xx Shaw Hickerson-representative 1941 Tech graduate Golden Eagle Alt. Captain Supplier o f Complete Line o f Animal H ealtla Plaarmaceutical and Biologics 400 2nd Avenue Nashville, Tennessee Evinrude Motors Glasspar Boats Upholstery and Trim Shop Used Cars Clarence Stewart Auto Sales N. Washington and Tenth St. Cookeville, Tennessee Telephone 526-4177 0 New and Used Mobile Homes 0 Travel Trailers '0 Hertz Rent-a-Car Licensee TAYLOR IMPRESSION INC. 1808 Broad Street Nashville, Tenn. Specialists of Davidson Offset Duplicating Gestetner Stencil Duplicating Elliott Addressing Systems SALES - SERVICE Page 377 Q? mn a Aa Tonight is a good night to enjoy a good movie at the PUTNAM DRI E-I THE TRE U.S. Highway 70-Four Miles West of Cookeville or PRINCESS THEATRE West Side Shopping Center FE 59.95, -, Egg x,..,W.?2"v' 9w..s.ss.tm W Q Page 378 gag as E STAMPS JEWELRY Bulova, Hamilton, Benrus Watches Magnolia Diamonds Expert Watch Repair Phone 526-2654 East Side of Square Cookeville Z Titsworth-Denny Motor Co. r' Mwv' ' -1-1 Shanks motor gfotei Drive-in Registration at Motor Entrance . o.,,, ,I 24 1 none: , cgi " is 1 CNW, 1' AIR CONDITIONED ' Telephone: Area Code 615: 526-4151 Corner Broad and Cedar 161 West Broad Cookeville, Tennessee Cookeville' Tennessee 38501 Page 379 1 S 9 5 3 a Q . , . Q ? a ? 4 . 1 . Yr I A I my 1 , , , Cookeville, Tenn. also barriers of diet-rite cola Pg asa ' gin- y SOUTHERN ' S WOODEN WARE Cookeville Electric Motor Service INC. We Specialize in Rebuilding Motors Distributors For G. E. Motors Browning Pulleys Hoover Bearings 166 Second Avenue, North Clarence T. Huddleston and Son-Owners Nashville 5, Tennessee 228 W. Spring Phone 526-6177 Night Phone 858-6611 The Home of Old Hickory Merchandise DELMAR Specialists in School Photography and Yearbooks Better Portraits-Finer Yearbooks- We Do Both J. BONNER MCENTIRE District Representative 2411 Dundee Lane Nashville, Tenn. 57214 Page 381 Putnam County J ! - ongmtu cztzons Auto Parts Inc. - C784'M'L8.S'SQ8 C9886 on your aloulbfe - .,j?4'lfl'l'U84"SCl4'y Assurance of Quality National Automotive Parts Association PERCY COHEN ur ' h Tel. 526-6121 and 526-6122 54 South Cedar Avenue Nashville Cookeville Tennessee Tennessee MU RPHY'S SHOE STORE 2 Top quality in men's and womenlv foot wear 22 W. Broad Phone 526-6724 Cookeville Pg 382 Tennessee Tech students and faculty make frequent use of numerous banking services offered by CITIZENS BANK "Serving the GROWING Upper Cumberland" COOKEVILLE, TENNESSEE Branches at Algood 8: Baxter and a New Branch in Village Shopping Center Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation I -.ti.'f-.ww fel fffafafiw V5 S . When you go, go on . . . Continental Trailways SAFE COMFORTABLE STATIQN Dial 526-4455 Cookeville, Tennessee DUN N'S AUTO PARTS - IIHRVDZ ' 005 CDIIPORIITIOU Drafting EClUiPmenf and Materials Briggs 8: Stratton and Clinton Engines Slide Rules' 'O Drafting Machines . Complete Lzne of All Auto Parts Cartographic and Surveying Instruments 125 East Spring St. 50 CO'-FAX AVENUE Telephone 526-6154 CLIFTON, NEW JERSEY Cookeville Tennessee Page 384 F. Hvllander HEWGlEY'S MUSIC SHOP and Sons, Inc. . .IL '-QHWQL k. -1. 4 ' Manufacturers of Umbrellas-Raincoats ,,,- ' 114-120 West 30th Street 720 Commerce Street New York 1, N, Y, Nashville 5, Tennessee JACK FROST RESTAURANT Air-conditioned Phone 526-4787 WELCOME TECH STUDENTS 57 W. Broad St. Pay sas The Co-eds' Fashion Center . . . P 9 RQCZQSOH S Featuring the Best in Ladies' Ready-to-Wear West Side Shopping Center Cookeville, Tennessee Page 336 Congratulations OI1 O 1' Y u Our Best Wishes to The Student Body and the Faculty Anmversary of from The Tennessee Polytechnic Institute IACK SELLS JOHN S1-3XToN .sz co P.O. Box 4124 Drive-In Prescription Service Atlanta 2, Ga, Phone 526-7193 Corner Broad 84 Dixie Cookeville MADDUX HARLEY-DAVIDSON MOTORCYCLE SHOP 39 W. Spring Phone 526-7590 Cookevill ,X tt ' K Hargrove Office Supply ik ,,, Olivetti Underwood Agent 421 Broad St. Cookeville, Tenn. Praxis makes the scene. You with a neat, compact Praxis 48. crowding and piling. common typing errors: Flying caps. lm- proper spacing. Blurring. Unsightly morning mail, tell him about Praxis 48. Ancl clon't forget to mention the cost: So tomorrow, when you take in his What a beautiful way to work your way Praxis 48 is letter perfect. Even cen- Only 5295. At this price he's likely to through 9to 5. ters titles automatically. And more. get you one. For this is the only electric typewriter iFact is, the only thing it c.loesn't do is that automatically prevents the 4 most spell.i olivetti underwood RAI.PH'S DONUT SHOP Open 24 hours- 7 days a week Phone Q26-4231 30 varieties of Donuts C00kCV1l1C We specialize in cakes for all occasions Tennessee Page 388 I . . , -1 lr, ,,p,1,,,l ..,.iu-mwvvr mf.-..v...We-W -seep-wwf - .WW . new-4: --sl , Q. vii . -sing-:H R' . 3 - ef Q V I ' 'ii . s -V . W H V+ -- C on gmtulotiom QPN E THF From a Builder of Roads and Highways To the Builders of Better Men and Women Road Builders, Inc., a leader in highway construction in the Mid-South, is happy to extend congratulations to Tennessee Tech on its 50th Anniversary and its first year as a Technologi- cal University. 718 Murfreesboro Road Nashville, Tennessee 0 BUILDER-"' Page 339 TERRY BROTHERS "EVERYTHING TO WEARI' Dry Goods, Notions Millinery, Shoes, Clothing Basement Five and Ten Cent Store Cookeville, Tennessee THE MEMPHIS NEWS COMPANY WHOLESALE BOOKS ADVERTISING SPECIALIST BOOK MATCHES Since 1864 141 Neil St. Memphis, Tenn -fc, c M f- - - 7 N iw .HES -.sw -fm fe,-356515 ALGOOD SUPER MART Algood Phone 537-6055 Tennessee Page 390 aft ' HIGHLAND RIM Esso a top station with top service On Sparta Highway near Interstate 40 Cookeville, Tennessee COOKEVILLE DRUG COMPANY "A Complete Drug Store" 0 Cosmetics 0 Candies 0 Trusses 0 Stationery O Greeting Cards The Best In Prescription Service One block off the Square on Sparta Road "We Call For and Deliver" COTTAGE CLEANERS Cleaning, Pressing, Repairing Cold Storage for Out-of-Season Garments WE GIVE TOP VALUE STAMPS Phone 537-9522 Algood, Tenn. Page 391 03 . ... A ifWllO!8SCl!Q McMurry-Roberson Q J Inc. ul ing Shopping Center rid S of the Upper Cumberland 6446 and sage 1 The Home of Style and Quality f ,, fa On the Square Cookeville Tennessee Hg y P 5262107 1. THUNDERBIRD MGTEL Pg 392 ,X -Q f' X X 0 ,U John Stites, Owner Nashville ihwa ' hone - Cookeville, Tennessee nnnn C ne ne -eeen,ee, ee: , hiilie zi? Q3 :' U """' , 1 E E . , .,ne g 3 1 Q 52 C Go lelen A n n iafemez ry ext Wzkh J From the Bakers of R--ff , 60 Umm o Swzmmzng Pool Phone 526-7115 o Telephone in every room a AM-FM Radio Near Interstate o Free TV o Restaurmzt on Sparta Highway Page 393 Gongrcz tufatlons on your 50tfz j?nnlve4fscz4fCg resid 'li Ik says.. lbcfme f ae. . 1 ' - - fk5lQUALlTYE SOUTHERN 'FQQDS J, :5gfUA'f,'2E",,? Ambulance and Air Ambulance Service Day or Night WHITSON FUNERAL HOME 50 North Dixie Avenue Branch-Baxter Funeral Home Baxter, Tenn. JERE WHITSON HARDWARE COMPANY 1 wi -.- .. .-. , . ..,. ..... Frigidaire Appliances A Furniture Building Supplies Oxygen Equipment Telephone 526-2151 General Hardware Telephone 526-6131 Office 526-2616 '. iii' QM' if ' 1 ',,:,g, " ' MX. H 1" . . 21,22 ' 'ew ,mg Pg 395 One of the S0uth's Newest and Finest . . . SOUTHERN MOTEL AND RESTAURANT Two Minutes Wfest of Cookeville on Highway 70N 30 Ultra Modern Rooms with Baths Fine Foods and Beverages Room Telephones, Free TV Swimming Pool Pulse-A-Rhythm Mattresses Phone 526-2155 Page 396 HI-HO RESTAURANT STQRE WESTERN AUTO Air Conditioned 'The Family Storen Owned and Operated Fine Food - Quality Price by Richard Bowman Phone 526-4341 West Side Shopping Center Cookeville Monterey Road Cookeville 526-2454 gkg PHONE 526-4314 S Z and Youn Phone 526-5822 CDUKEVII-LE' TENN. P k Village Shopping Center-Cookevill T 5TnnE Pg 397 Always First Quality Merchandise At Super Save Prices Satisfaction Guaranteed Or Your Money Refunded Three Ways To Buy 0 Cash 0 Credit O Lay-a-way Plenty of Free Parking SHOP BIG K AND SAVE Open 10 A.M. - 9 P.M., Monday - Saturday Campus Grill Welcome Tech Students Caught in a rush? Don't fuss! Come to us! Telephone 526-6684 8th and Dixie Cookeville Page 398 H4 'Six 155.42 - - the world gui" of filtration ,Aff Six .III damn I-Fil... Q-Q ,I f Specialists in the manufacture of equipment for efficient handling and control of liquids. Page 399 4 EMORY'S for food and fun 0 free billiard instruction for Tecb women o sandwiches and breakfast any time 0 billiards for a different and exciting date just off campus Cookeville Pg 400 CODY OFFICE SUPPLY New and Used Typewriters On the Square Phone 526-7151 Cookevill CECIL DAVIS' Westside Drug West Side Shopping Cente Medical Center Pharmacy Oak and Third BORDEN ELECTRIC COMPANY ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS 0 INDUSTRIAL 0 COMMERCIAL 0 RESIDENTIAL Li gbt Fixtures Li gbt-Power Wiring Contracting and Repairing Rlc tpql DIAL 526-4624 46 S. Cedar Cookev ll P 401 COOPER'S YOUTH WORLD Big M Center Phone 526-5641 Cookeville COOKEVILLE FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION All Accounts Insured up to 310,000 By An Agency of the Federal Government Cookeville Federal Savings and Loan Association East Broad Street Cookeville, Tennessee Anticipate Tomorrow by Saving Today Pg 402 if ZQQ .. ' Ari ' letterpress Engraving ' Lithographic Plates ' Color Process Plates ALL PLATES IN THE EAGLE WERE PRODUCED BY GULBENK ENGRAVING COMPANY FORTY EIGHTYEARSOFSERVICETO PRINTERS AND PUBLISHERS P BROWN 'S DRIVE IN COME IN-DRIVE IN COUNTER, CURB SERVICE "Courteous, Ejficient Service' Phone 526-6514 Broad and W. Spring Street Cookeville, Tennessee CITY AUTO PARTS . . . for top quality Accessories, Parts, -rl"'1- TRANSPORTATION INC I L' I TENNESSEE-CAROLINA Daily Service To Cookeville - Livingston Sparta - Nashville Supplies Knoxville - Chattanooga N. Carolina-S. Carolina Connections to Northern-Eastern-Western Points Call 526-7169 Dial 526-7163 676 West Broad Cookeville, Tennessee 433 W. Broad Cookeville Page 404 I ROBERT GUN N ELS FLORIST .4 A ,,o FLOWERS Fon ALL OCCASIONS A Q Phone 526,7149 GIFTS AND NovELT1Es , rr ' Pleasmg you means our success" 104 N. Washington Ave. Cookeville, Tenn. Page 405 The First National B ank MMM ,fJ,0Zf.ZL:,LZf4WA1z'e dwg SPARTA 2 10Cafi0I1S TENNESSEE HOOPER AND HUDDLESTGN FUNERAL HOME, INC. Modern Air-Conditioned Funeral Home Phone 526-6111 Ambulance S rvice 9,150 the new A Booster f T h ALGOOD CHAPEL Phone 557-6312 1 n i 1 1 u I Plate Lunches and Homemade .Pies Spaghettr Short Orders "Home of jumbo Doubleburgeru Next to Girls' Dorm Pop and Nova Hudson, Mgrs. Phone 526-6878 Page 407 RICE MOTOR INN 2111 THE CRAXVE ORD HOUSE 0 Cojiee Shop for 25 0 Banquet Room for 50 0 Dining Room for 75 0 Catering Service Cookeville Tennessee P9 408 0 50 Rooms 0 Swimming Pool 0 Music In Every Room 0 TV In Every Room 0 Telephone In Every Room Telephone 615-526-9511 Interstate 40 and Burgess Falls Road RANDOLPH and PARKS, INC. TV, Radio, Hi-Fi Parts Phone 526-6184 WHOLESALERS ' 1 T e Cookevil e, enness e Congratulations on your 50th year from ADAMQS MANUFACTURERS OF FOOTBALL PROTECTIVE EQU I PM ENT P. O. BOX 499 TELEPHONE 526-2IO9 COOKEVILLE, TENNESSEE COOKEVILLE TRAILER PARK AND SALES Phone 526-7097 536 E. 20th Street Cookeville, Tenn. Another location in Sparta on McMinnville Highway Pg 409 H wwe, NIXON BROTHERS DAIRY MART West Broad St. SHELL OIL PRODUCTS Shakes-Malts Cookeville U-Haul Rental Sandwiches Tennessee Trucks and Trailers Ph 526-2979 Phone 526-6265 Page 410 I I , -ff' teaaaaa 'l " , " fi D lf :.. :--: ' ' '. 4 ::: -:f' -1 :':' ' L . ..,., ., IN STIT TIO WHOLESALE CO. "We Specialize lu A Complete Liue Of Quality Iustitutiouul Products To Serve Your Needs" DISTRIBUTORS OF CANNED GOODS Fuits - Juices - Meats - Soups - Vegetables FROZEN FOODS Fruits - juices - Portion Control - Meats - Seafoods of all Kinds - Vegetables - Pastries - Poultry FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES FOUNTAIN SUPPLIES Coca Cola Syrup - Syrups and Toppings - Ice Cream Cones - C02-Gas FOUNTAIN EQUIPMENT Coca Cola Equipment Hot Chocolate Machines jet Spray Equipment Slush Machines jimmy Mackie RESTAURANT SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENT Wearever Products - Buffalo China - Glass- ware - Silverware - Can Openers - Soup Kitchens - Ice Tea Equipment PAPER PRODUCTS Paper Cups - Paper Napkins - Paper Towels and Tissue - Straws - Aluminum Foil JANITORAL SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENT Waxes - Cleaners - Mops and Brooms - Soaps - Mop Equipment - Floor Mats - Receptacles Leroy Mackie Phone 526-4623 Buffalo Valley Road Cookeville, Tenn. Page 411 E 11 Established in 1912 MANUFACTURERS OF Hardwood Flooring and all Kinds' of Building Lumber WE STOCK Plywood, Trim, Paneling, Insulation and Slaeet Rock Telephone 526-4191 Cookeville ff. , M I my V M I- -W .Wf.,-- ---M VM- ----in -Y -E K M .- h- xr ,,,:.w-f-- rr-f ' it ' X 6 e 5 ,v X X W f,Q..e,f.,1-- -- -5, E Spb-Qaankv , www- VELMA'S RESTAURANT Seating 60 Customers Phone 526-4757 Big M Center Cookeville Page 412 Eefeq Q J The New Science Building, Engineering Building and Freshmen Women's Dorm Constructed By ORRELL BROTHERS Phone 2621 Sparta Tennessee Page 413 McQuiddy Printing Company 709 Spence Lane NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE Phone 244-2 15 1 The Ceutwzl Soutlfs Leucliug Creative Printer Proud to be Printers of the A11-American EAGLE BOB GRAVES Stop in and visit these Tech Alumni JERRY WOLFE DoN RHODES Jos HANCOCK Mc uiddy Office Designers 110 Seventh Ave., N. NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE Phone 254-1262 N aslJ1fille's Only Office Supply Supermarket 0 FREE OFFICE DESIGN SERVICE 0 Page 414 VILLAGE HOBBY CENTER "Visit A Night At The Races And Before Long Yozill Be Running Your Own" Phone 526-9212 In Village Shopping Center Cookeville, Tenn. NEW WAY ROBERT ORR RESTAURANT 8 COMPANY Plate Lunches Serving fhe lnsfifufional and Refail Trade Sandwiches COMPLETE LINE Steaks 0 Sanifaiion Needs 0 Frozen Foods 0 Restaurant Supplies 0 Canned Goods OPEN 5 A-M-- 10 P-M- Daily 0 Coffee Roasiers 0 Paper Supplies 0 Fresh Fruiis 8: Vegetables' Phone 526-2662 P. O. Box l087 90l Sixih Ave., N. 664 W. Spring Cookeville Nashville 2, Tennessee Page 415 ' GD G O G OF COOKEVILLE-HIGHWAY 42, NORTH OF I-40 HOLIDEX PHONE f6'l5j 526-7125 0 Eighty-four rooms I Dining for 106 0 Banquet facilities for 200 O Private dining for small groups 0 Catering Service 0 Swimming pool 0 Telephone in each room 0 Travel information at desk Dining room open from 6 ann. to 10 pan. daily I THE NA INNKEEPERQ T Special parties-dinners, teas, luncloeons, banquets, and receptions are welcomed BOB HILL- INNKEEPER REG. U. S. PAT. OFF. VounHo4l'haomCoa4fT6CoaAEQ Page 416 SPORTSMAN,S STORE J "The jinesl and most complete Sportsmanis - V ,,,, I f store between Nashville and Knoxville" MEMBER OE THE NATIONAL SPORTING GOODS ASSOCIATION 0 Hunting and Fishing Equipment ' EIIESEFI' IIlES5lJl.1F! l..li'!F!!i IE l:'I:fllIlI!1f CHATT AN OOGA HANDLE COMPANY Subsidiary of 0 Physical Fitness Equipment 0 Starcraft Boats 0 Evinrude Motors 0 Complete Hobby Line 0 Camping Equipment We Stoela Tech Shirts and .Iacleets Phone 526-5814 THE UNION FORK 8: HOE COMPANY Next to Spring Street Market Cookeville Phone 5264026 Cookeville Tennessee J. J. FOUTCH AND SONS PACKING Co. Serving the Upper Cumberland with Bunker Hill Brand Meats Bunker Hill Road Cookeville, Tennessee Page 417 fongratufations on your 5ot nniversarcy TOITL COOKEVILLE SHIRT COMPANY Manufacturers of "Washington Dee Cee" Dress Shirts 106 North Wahlut Cookeville, Tennessee A 6 E 6 .,f 1 My E gl business staffs have from time to 'mme experienced difficulty in selling advertising. When Tecl1's f t class was graduated in I929, the EAGLE sold II pages in advertising In the I966 Eagle 7I pages were sold Th i9 fflttht g t dd d db h ptbl ' I 29 sfa li e a encoura emen was nee e as evi ence y t e re rin eow. irs i-ii I C' This Sbcice Is Reserved' irfidemory W ff iff , I C of the Firms Whose C M ' mf Aidueriisirgg Directors Did Not Choose to K Siupport Tech Students ' ' ' Tefb Sfed?Hfs,SuPPOfRT'wm me ..z My i K Ei - . M ir M , H 395 M . M . M M if M P5 355 if ESQ H as My Page 418 ,N QQ, wee? Q V M as. ' 155 E gi? Q Charles Looper. director of placement, and a representative of a firm interviewing on campus re- view the record of a prospective employee. RECRUITING After about three years at Tech, students begin to think of future employ- ment. Each year a number of Hrms interview hundreds of prospective employees at Tech. During Tech's Golden Anniversary, sev- eral of these Hrms are using the EAGLE as a recruiting media. Tech seniors should carefully consider future employment with any of th e following companies with which they are quali- Hed to work. 1 CAREER OPPORTUNITIES IN MANAGEMENT ENGINEERING - SCIENTIFIC - BUSINESS dig? F5 R f - 1 if g f f . , -if X W c sSmatwm,slluttt.i f ,F ,. a..e N1 5 i f 'F ix , W 'A F' Q .5 I, 1 X t, KW' F ,Lf TY Tfffffgyfg 1546 Mel K -x :ff '- . 1- Rxweh -W.. N dnnrph IE. Svvugram 8: Sanz, nr. Louisville, Kentucky-Lawrenceburg, Indiana-Baltimore, Maryland Page 419 An lnvitation To Teach ln Metropolitan Nashville The Public Schools of Metropolitan Nashville need qualified, enthu tic young people who plan to make teaching a career. This 90,000-pupil system, expanding at the rate of 2,000 pupils per year, will probably be in the top twenty by 1970. A large system can have good schools only if it has dedicated classroom teachers who have a sincere interest in its boys and girls. We are looking for teachers who want to help us make Metropolitan Public Schools among the best in the country. We extend a personal invitation to all who would make tea h' g a career to ' our instructional staff in Nashville, Tennessee. NASHVILLE o Share Oar Fun Ancl Recreation a Share Uur Cultural Heritage a Share Uar On-The-fob H667 Q Share Our Privileges And Benefits Q Share Our Excellent Working Conclitions Q Share Uar Gracious Living o Share Uur Opportunity For Advancement Congratulation on your th year. CJQ DITCQ9 Sam my 13 RETAIL CREDIT COMPANY I I I . L. FUTURE UNLIMITED , 'K 5 "'- XX The natural gas industry offers limitless 'X K.. x -.R opportunities in all kinds of worlc for the ' college graduate of ambition and desire . . . a chance to move ahead with one of the nation's fastest growing industries. Natural gas' is a must for industry . . . business . . . schools and homes. Right here in Tennessee more homes are heated with natural gas than with any other fuel. If you want to find out more about the Pipeline To Opportunity, contact us. ,fgmm NATURAL GAS ,f CGMPANY 1 Knoxville, Tennessee Page 421 go z 29' E U' " I :n z Z T 5 Z 5 i if P gg 5'-E 'L' P? E F- QCD REVENUE The Treasury Department's Internal Revenue Service collects 95 percent of the money used to operate our Government-more than 100 billion dollars each year. This income-the financial life blood of our country-provides for all the essen- tial functions of our government. It is derived from all our people through the ef- forts of the Congress and the personnel of the Internal Revenue Service. Rewarding careers in this vital public service await those of you who prepare in such fields as professional accounting, criminal investigation, business analysis, law and technical tax work. Positions with the Internal Revenue Service are under a competitive civil service system. This means that selection for appointment and future career opportunities will be free from the influence of such as politics, race, religion, national origin, and the like. All qualified persons receive equal consideration. Representatives of the Internal Revenue Service visit college campuses at least once each year. Your placement office will arrange an interview and will furnish you brochures describing specific positions. Page 422 RIIJA POWER 81 LIGHT COMP 66 ! ?-gg MOE! nlBI'B'S it F hang your a nn mill ll in Florida Once upon a time Florida was the ideal place for fun in the sun. It still is, even more so. Today, Florida is not only a great place to enjoy living - it's a mighty sensible place to earn a living as well. Behind the beaches and palm trees is a rapidly growing Space Age industry . . . some 700 new industrial plants or major expansions a year. Where do you "grow" from here? We in- vite you to explore Florida and its oppor- tunities for action-minded, well-trained young people like yourself. More power to you. C13 Qu 2 ANY " Helping Buildriorida Page 423 Your completion of fifty years in an outstanding educational program indeed deserves the honor of your being recognized in the future as TENNESSEE TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY. There are Job Opportunities For Electrical, Industrial And Mechanical Engineers For Work In Knoxville. Robertshaw is One Of The Largest Manufacturers Of' SELF-CONTAINED TEMPERA- TURE AND PRESSURE REGULATORS . . . PNEU- MATIC PILOT CONTROLLERS . . . DIAPHRAGM AND BELLOWS CONTROL VALVES . . . PRES- SURE AND VACUUM RELIEF VALVES . . . PNEU- MATIC AND ELECTRIC CONTROLLERS-POSI- TIONER VALVES . . . MOTORIZED VALVES . . . PACKLESS EXPANSION JOINTS AND VALVES . . ,AUTOMATIC RADIATOR VALVES . . . PRES- SURE AND TEMPERATURE SWITCHES LIQUID LEVEL CONTROLS . .. . TRUCK, TRAC- TOR AND AUTOMOBILE THERMOSITAATS . . . PNEUMATIC DIFFERENTIAL PRESSURE CELLS . . . PNEUMATIC RECORDERS . . . INDUSTRIAL PNEUMATIC RELAYS . . . PRESSURE GAGES . . . PRESSURE AND TEMPERATURE TRANS- MITTERS AND RECEIVERS . . . INTERNAL COM- BUSTION ENGINE CONTROLS AND CONTROL SYSTEMS . . . METALLIC BELLOWS AND BEL- LOWS ASSEMBLIES. EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY FOR ADVANCEMENT AND MERIT SALARY IN- CREASES - LIBERAL FRINGE BENEFITS - JOB SECURITY AT ROBERTSIIAW, AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER. . ' C? l". 'li FULTON SYLPHUN DIVISION u-'-Q L. Knoxvnua, TENN. 37901 Page 424 Kroger alutes Tennessee Tech On Its 50th Anniversary Meet Kroger's Store Manager The New Executive In Chain Store Operation Marvin Neely, Manager, Kroger, Bowling Green, Ky. ANOTHER OF THE CHALLENGING. HIGH INCOME CAREERS OPEN TO COLLEGE GRADUATES IN TODAY'S FAST-MOVING SUPERMARKET INDUSTRY. "One of the most rewarding iobs in American business is that of store manager in a modern, forward looking grocery chain." These are the words Marvin Neely, I96I graduate of Tennessee Tech uses to describe his store management position with Kroger in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Marvin takes a very special pride of proprietorship in this operation, which is a multi-million dollar yearly operation.. He has been well prepared and trained for this assign- ment in some of Kroger's most successful stores while in our Manage- ment Development Program. Joining The Kroger Company in I96l, on graduation from college, Marvin has moved through Kroger training and management experi- ence rapidly. He has new responsibility with a high executive salary. Just one ot the many exciting positions open to college graduates in today's 'Fast-moving supermarket industry! The door is open at Kroger for college graduates who "think big"- in a company whose dramatic growth shows it thinks that way ,too. Kroger-America's third largest food retailer and processor-is now expanding throughout a 25-state area to meet the challenge ot mov- ing more millions of dollars ot food each day to more millions of homemakers. Kroger needs men for high-income, executive positions in account- ing, merchandising, quality control and research, marketing, adver- tising, sales promotion, personnel administration, transportation, real estate planning and manufacturing. Here's opportunity in a virtually "recession-proof" business, in a company whose sales top S2,500,000,000. At Kroger a college grad- uate receives an excellent starting salary and-within a maximum of I4 months-is moved into a responsible management position. We suggest that if you have leadership abilities and are capable of assuming responsibility that you meet with our representatives when they are on your campus or write direct to: The Personnel Manager, The Kroger Co., P. O. Box 329, Nashville, Tennessee 37202. For Careers Page 425 if ou're looking for... an opening f an opportunity f a career f a break f a future f a spot f a chance a beginning f a position in the textiles fibers field in marketing f sales f research administrationfengineeringf management technology f merchandising f design you should know what Beaunit has to offer! Tell us about yourself now and your plans for the challenging years ahead. CBEAUNIT CORPORATION Dept. B, 261 Fifth Avenue, New York ARE YOU INTERESTED IN CONSTRUCTIO WATER RESOURCES DEVELOPMENT... IN THE GEOCRAPHICAL AREA OF YOUR CHOICE WITH THE CORPS OF ENGINEERS DIVERSITY OF ACTIVITIES The Corps of Engineers embraces virtually the entire range of modern engineering in the construction field. Projects include research into basic science, engineering investigations and regional planning, design, construction, operations, maintenance, and management of hydro- electric power dams, flood control facilities, harbors and navigable streamsg design, construction and maintenance of family housing, runways, hangars, roadways, hospitals, and nuclear power installations, and construction of intercontinental ballistic missile and space launch- ing sites. ln addition are the allied fields of cartography, geodesy and engineer intelligence. OPPORTUNITY Opportunity is provided for progressive movement toward top positions for men with ability. You learn from top calibre professionals who have had many years of high quality experience. LOCATION Projects are located in every State and in many foreign countries. A CAREER NOT A IOB The Corps offers a well defined 18-month rotational training program for young graduate engineers covering all facets of the varied work program. This is followed by planned career development assignments. These assignments enable a young man to develop his special aptitudes in the engineering field. As he progresses, special attention is given to the development of managerial and executive abilities. ADVANCED EDUCATION AVAILABLE Attendance at special seminars, symposiums, and university courses and participation in professional societies and activities are encour- aged, and sponsored when possible. Fellowships for advanced study and awards for outstanding achievement are also available. 59-T I -LH I LURLLI IIIIillEIliUI I FOR ADDITIONAL INFURMQTISN . . . and an illustrated brochure :S flig "Y C ", 't t t e . S. Arm En ineer District, ouis- viIII:LIrCo2II1eserof VHgIzneLers, P. 0. Boxy 59,gLouisviIIe, Kentucky C 0 R P S OF EN G I N E E 40201. DEPARTMENT OF ARMY AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER Page 427 Billings. Carter, Baldw Barker: james D.-284 Page 428 Abbott, Terry L.-343 Abel, jackson D.-325 Adair, james G.-343 Adams, Charles R.-325 Adams, j. Thomas-283 Adams, Kenneth R.-343 Adamson, Rebecca S.-325 Adcox, Larry W.-325 Adkisson, Lester-325 Aclsit, Wm. Forrest-343 Adwell, Charles E.-343 Agee, Carl E.-284 Agee, Celia j.-325 Ahern, Theresa j.-325 Aiken, Darla G.-325 Ainsley, George-325 Akens, Larry G.-343 Akin, Richard L.-325 Akridgc, Edna-264 Alcorn, Donald K.-343 Alcorn, john David-317 Alexander, Kenneth E.-343 STUDENT INDEX Barton, Eddie Wayne-343 Barton, john Douglas-343 Bassham, Robert john-343 Bastian, Mark Haynie-343 Bates, jo Ann-343 Bates, Margaret Ann-297 Batten, Grady Owen-325 Baugh, William Bowman-325 Baxter, Charles R.-325 Baxter, john Tracy-317 Bayat, Makooi F.-325 Bean, D ennis Nolan-325 Bean, Donald M., jr.-284 Bean, Samuel Albert-343 Beasley, jimmie D.-343 Beasley, john Perry-325 Beasley, Padge H.-264 Beasley, Patricia C.-325 Beasley, Thomas WN., III-325 Beasley, Tony Loren-297 Beasley Ward C. jr.-274 Beason: Harris Ci-274 Bradley, Larry Harold-326 Bradley, Obie H.--326 Bradley, XVm. David-343 Branham, Sandra Kay-298 Brannon, Bonnie Lynn-326 Brannon, Jeanie Ann-343 Breazeale, Ronald Lee-343 Bredwell, james, jr.-326 Breeden, Gary Lee-343 Breeding, Charlie Lee-326 Brewer, Donald L.-264 Brewer, Robert H., jr.-326 Bright, Robert-274 Brimer, Robert A.-326 Brink, Dorothy Louise-326 Brink, Richard D.-343 Alexander, Linda G.-297 Alexander, Rosa L.-343 Alexander, Wm. Alvin-325 Alfred, William M.-325 Allen, Betty L.-343 Allen, Brenda j.-343 Allen, Carthel-325 Allen, Charles H.-284 Allen, jimmy F.-325 Allen, john A.-317 Allen, Judy L.-525 Allen, Linda E.-325 Alley, Billy D.-325 Alleyne, janis M.-343 Alvezi. Walter E.-325 Ammons, David C.-325 Amonett, Bonnie S.-325 Amonettc, Carolyn-325 Anderson, Andrea G.-E525 Anderson, Frank H.-325 Anderson, Howard R.-317 Anderson, jack D.-343 Anderson, jerry L.-284 Anderson, jerry S.-343 Anderson jesse T.-325 Andersoni jimmy I.-317 Anderson, julia R.-343 Anderson, Pink F.-343 Anderson, Roy R.-325 Anderson Mlm. Boyd-297 Andersoni Vtlilliam E.-325 Andrews, Carole j.-325 Beaty, Delmar Keith-343 Beaty, Larry Bruce-317 Beaty, Rodney Steve-325 Beaube, Allen Victore-325 Beazley, Thomas Aaron-343 Beck, Alicia jo-343 Becker, Robert S.-325 Beckham, Thomas Elmo-3l7 Beets, Elizabeth jean-343 Bell, Donna Sue-317 Bell, james Fredrick-284 Bell, Lanny Partin-343 Bennett, Archie Wayne-326 Bennett, Charles RavM343 Bennett, Frank, jr.-343 Bennett, Harold E.-326 Bennett, Larry Foster-317 Bennett, Leroy F.-326 Bennett, Rankin P.-264 Bennett, Valerie C.-343 Bentley, Raymond E.-297 Bergstrom, Ruth Ann-326 Berkcmeier, jerry L.-326 Berkowich, Leonard D.-326 Bernard, Robert M.-326 Bess, Kenneth Mc.-326 Bess, Linda Gail-317 Bettis, Lynn S.-284 Bevelheimer, Fred O.-326 Bickford, Charlotte G.-326 Biggs, William Thomas-317 Bilbrcy, Ben Thomas-326 Annis, Barbara j.-317 Apple, Martha L.-317 Armstrong, Clyda j.-343 Armstrong, Robert T.-325 Armstrong, Wm. Lawton-274 Arnold, Glynn H.-343 Arnold, Philip K.-325 Arp, Ella P.-325 Artman, jerry Michael-264 Ashburn, Carolyn-325 Ashburn, Nita F.-325 Ashburn, Roy Lee-343 Ashworth, Janice Y.-343 Aslinger, Harding, jr.-343 Assad, Mohammad Ali-325 Atchison, Paul C., jr.-284 Austin, joanne-343 Austin, Merrill D., II-325 Austin, William Todd-325 Avriett, Elizabeth A.-343 Aycock, Carolyn F.-317 Ayers, james O., jr.-325 Babilino, Robert F.-325 Bagwell, Wm. Richard-297 Bilbrey, Bilbrey, Bobby Gerald-343 Brenda Lee-526 Bilbrey, jackie B.-343 Bilbrey, jim Buford-284 Bilbrey, Keith James-274 Bilbrey, Nancy Ann-326 Bilbrey, Peggy jean-297 Bilbrcy, Rose Leigh-317 joan Vivian-326 Brinkley, Stephen F.-343 Brocc, Fred Lynn-284 Brock, Everett C. Ill'-284 Brooks, Brooks, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown Lynda K.-S43 Steven W.-317 Alice Ann-317 Avert Hayden-326 Barbara june-343 Betty D.-298 Bettye jean-317 Brown, Charles D.-274 Brown, Charles F.-264 Brown, Frances Ann-326 Brown, Gregory Hansel-343 Brown, james Seay, jr.-264 Brown, judy Carol-343 Brown, judy Frances-343 Brown, julie Ann-298 Brown, Margaret Pate-298 Brown, Michael Alan-3l7 Brown, Brown, Michael Lee-326 Nancy jean-264 Brown, Peggy Lee-326 Brown, Rebecca Sue-326 Brown, Rita Sue-343 Brown, Ronald Eugene-326 Brown, Thomas Xvalker-326 Browning, Anne Rhea-343 Browning, Sandra P.-343 Broylcs, jo Anne-326 Bruce, Cornelia Ann-326 Bruce, Guirm Allen-326 Bruce, Kathryn Ann-326 Bruce, Ruth Ann-275 Bruner anles Allcn 326 , J, , -. Bryan, janice Carole-326 Bryant Betty jean-326 Bryant, Dona Sharon-343 Bryant Hamilton M. II-326 Bryanti james Douglzis-326 Bryant, Lewis Arlen-326 Bryant, Bryant Mary Kathleen-275 Patricia june-326 Bryant: Terry Gene-343 Bryce, Robert Nation-343 Buchanan, Winder, III-317 Buck, john Clay-264 Baerg, Ronald A.-325 Bailey, Dennis julian-325 Bailey, john Harold-274 Bailey, Kathryn E.-264 Bailey Lee Sutton-284 Bailey, Martha Gail-343 Baker, David Harrison-325 Baker, john Charles-284 Baker, Ronnie Gene-325 Baker, Susan Clayton-343 Baker, Wanda jolene-325 in, Doris Elaine-325 Baldwin, Marcia Lynn-343 Baldwin, Ronald Kent-343 Ballard, Ronald Wm.-297 Ballinger, Glenn T.-274 Bandy, john William-325 Barbee, john Larry-325 Barber, jerry Dean-325 Barker Donald C.-284 Barker, janice Diane-317 Barker, Linda Lou-343 Barnes, Billy Garrett-525 Barnes, Billye jean-343 Barnes, Bobby j.-317 Barnes, Bobby joe-264 Barnes, Dennis R.-343 Barnes, Frank Y., jr.-325 Barnes Harry E.-325 Billingsley, Sandra C.-326 Billingsley, Shirley-274 Bilyeu, WVilliam M.-343 Bingham, Ronald Ray-297 Binkley, Paul Smith-326 Birch, Harold john-326 Birdwell, Glenn Allen-343 Birdwell, jack Dudney-343 Birdwell, Phyllis j.-326 Birtlwell, Stanley B.-264 Bishop, Donald F.-317 Bishop, Nancy jo-297 Bivens, Steve Dale-326 Black, Chester V., jr.-343 Black, Kenneth Monroe-343 Black, Sharron Gayle-326 Black, Shields-326 Black, William Roger-326 Blackburn. Clifford K.-343 Blackwood, jonathan K.-343 Blake, janet Louise-326 Blakney, Dennis Floyd-326 Blalock, Donald M.-326 Blalock, Roy Wayne-272 Bledsoe, Wayne Thomas-272 Blocker, Mary Frances-343 Blye, Billie june-326 Boatman, Carl Horace-317 Boatwright, Beverly 1.-343 Bobo, Linda Clara-297 Bohan, james Patrick-326 Bohanan, Linda Lou-317 Bohannon, Kenneth D.-326 Bolden, Fred I., jr.-326 Boles, Harold-326 Boles, james R., jr.-343 Bolinger, Ronald Otto-326 Buckner, Marvin C.-317 Burney, james Henry-327 Burns, Charles Ray-343 Burns, Harry E., jr.-343 Burns, james E., jr.-327 Burress, jonnie Lynn-264 Burris, james Edward-327 Burris, Michael Lynn-343 Burris, Walter Roy-343 Burton, Ben Terry-343 Burton, jimmy David-343 Busby, Michael Ray-284 Bush, Charles Edward-284 Bush, Chester Lynn-337 Bussey, Carey Bob-327 Butler, Sandra Faith-343 Buttrey, Wm. Douglas-327 Byars, Brenda Duke-275 Byars, james S.-275 Byars, William Perry-327 Byrd, Rodger Brent-327 Byrom, Mila Frances-344 Cable, Francis Isaac-344 Caldwell, Claudia C.-264 Caldwell, Donald YV.-317 Caldwell, Elizabeth S.-327 Caldwell, Robert Leo-317 Call, Sandra L.-344 Calliham, Robert N., jr.-527 Callis, Cosandra Jean-344 Callis, Steven Thomas-344 Calvert, Bert Sanders-344 Cameron, Anne E.-344 Camp, Chester C., II-344 Camp, Ray Malone-327 Campbell, Carl W., jr.-327 Campbell, Charles W.-344 Campbell, Donald j.-284 Campbell, Ronald D.-327 Campbell, Wfilliam M.-327 Cannella, Leonard jay-344 Cannon, Burley-327 Cantrell, Carolyn E.-327 Cantrell, Harry Edwin-327 Cantrell, VVill Hart-344 Cantrell, XVm. Edward-264 Capers, joseph Gerald-344 Caplenor. Ray j.-327 Carden, Clifford C.-285 Carey, Thomas john, jr.-327 Carlisle, Vlfayne G.-317 Carlton, Pamela jean-344 Carney, Edward Harold-344 Carney, Richard H.-327 Carpenter, Harold F.-327 Carr, Brenda Ruth-344 Carr, Hugh, jr.-317 Carr. jane Marie-264 Carr, Lonnie Grey-327 Carr. Sherril Ann-344 Carrick, Barbara Sue-327 Carrington, Alice F.-275 Carrington, David M.-327 Carrington, Sam V., jr.-285 Buford, judy Eliz.-326 Bullard, Wesley Alan-326 Bullock, Larry R.-343 Bumbalough, julia C.-326 Bundy, Charles A.-327 Bunn, john Charles, II-284 Carroll, Sandra jo-327 Carson, james Gerald-327 Carter, Carol D.-317 Carter, Carol Dianne-265 Carter, joyce Marie-327 Patricia joy-344 Burden, Sylvia Louise-343 Burgess, Gary Kell-327 Burgess, Linda Gail-275 Burgess, Ronald Mc.-327 Burgess, Wm. jerry-517 Burke, lvalter E., jr.-275 Bumett, Barbara Anne-343 Burnett, june Carole-327 Cartwright, Patricia-327 Carty, Terry Blaine-527 Caruthers, Linda Kay-317 Caruthers, Roger K.-327 Carver, Stanley C.-327 Casey, Ralph David-327 Cash, james Hamlin-344 Cassady, janie Nell-317 Dogwoods in bloom help make Tech's campus more beautiful. V it i J.?.5QL e i Barnett, james Robert-825 Barnett, johnny Mack-325 Barnhill, Theodore M.-325 Barr, Mary Elizabeth-343 Barrett Terrell F.-343 Barrel, joan Sandra-343 Barth, Francis A.-317 Barth, jean Ann-325 Bolton, Borden , 'Wm. Larry-343 David Dillon-345 Bostick, George W.-326 Bostick, Boston, Boswell, Bourne, Kenneth H.-326 Vonda Faye-343 Carolyn L.-326 Charles A.-343 Bowden, james Allen-343 Bowden, Samuel Don-317 Bowers, Gary Lee-326 Bowers, Bowker. Gary Lynn-317 Dennis A.-326 Bartle Bartle tt, john C.-325 tt, Larry E.-325 Bartlett, Sharon Ann-325 Bartlett, William Ray-317 Bartley, Hugh Edward-317 Bowman, David Noel-343 Bowman, john Wright-264 Bowman, Katherine j.-343 Boyd, Lou Ann-297 Boyd, Robert Lee, jr.-326 Boyd, Ruth Mildred-326 Bracey, Paul P., jr.-326 Brach, Carol Lind-264 Brach, Patricia Ann-326 Bradley, Charles R.-326 SCF ,,,,.a-- Edge, Cassetty, Charles H.-265 Cassetty, Steven A.-344 Casson, Tony Roburn-285 Castle, William A., III-327 Castleman, Joseph R.-285 Cate, Robert Thomas-327 Cathey, Jolm H., Jr.-285 Cato, Ronald Lee-327 Cavasos, Gary Edward-265 Cavasos, Peggy Sharon-344 Cave, Wm. Arthur, Jr.-344 Cavender, Ernest B.-344 Challin, David Curtis-344 Chailin, Donald Lee-317 Challin, Thomas E., Jr.-327 Chamberlin, Charles D.-344 Champion, Robert Lee-327 Chandler, Donnie Ford-285 Chapman. Philip E.-327 Charles, Richard I-I.-344 Cheatham, Claude H., Jr.-285 Chesnutt, James Roy-327 Chester, VVayne Willis-285 Childs, I-lcnry F.-265 Childs, Jolm Samuel-327 Chittick, Jane Ellen-327 Chmura, James Henry-265 Choate, Joyce Evelyn-327 Christian, Harold P.-527 Christian, Margaret R.-327 Clabo, Stephen S.-344 Clapp, Lon Clayton-327 Clark, Betty Kaye-317 Clark, David L.-327 Clark, Douglas M.-265 Clark, Erma Louise-344 Clark, Larry Righter-317 Clark, Roy Wayne-344 Clark, Roy L., III-327 Clark, Walter Douglas-344 Clarke, William A,-327 Clarkson, Russell T.-327 Clayton, Jolm Mark-327 Clemmons, Michael K.-327 Clendenen. James B.-327 Clift, C. Margaret-344 Clouse, Ronald Ray-327 Cobb, Claude-285 Cobb, Wm. Eugene-344 Coble, Barbara L,-285 Cochran, Paul Eugene-327 Cochran, Reba Darlene-327 Cody, Robert Lee-317 Coe, Fred Vinson-344 Collelt, Joyce Maria-327 Cotfey, Barbara Lynn-344 Cole, Charlie Ray-E527 Coleman, Billy James-275 Coleman, David L.-285 Coleman Kandy Lee-344 Coleman Nancy Ann-265 Coleman Robert H .-344 Coley, Jolm Randall-344 Collier, Kenneth Earl-344 Collier, Roger Dale-327 Collins, Jerry Lynn-327 Collins, Oliver Jack-327 Collins, Paul Ray-344 Colquctte, Kenneth B.-344 Colvard, Landon, Jr.-327 Combs, Joe Curtis-327 Combs, John Francis-285 Compton, James Edward-327 Conatser, Elmore Ray-344 Conley, Sarah C.-344 Cook, Barbara Jean-328 Cook, David Cleo-S44 Cook, Martha Jane-328 l ig ,.."'.:a. if ' 5, - . s Q Q 4 letra!-at 5 7 ' X gig? X815 Ins? M. M Mrs? ss. was STUDENT INDEX-Continued Cook, Owen Milton-286 Cooley, Marian Joy-344 Coombs, Jolm Wynne-328 Coons, Danny-328 Cooper, Anthony W.-344 Cooper, Brenda Lou-328 Cooper, Elizabeth A.-328 Cooper, Gloria C.-344 Cooper, M. Steven-328 Cooper, Mary Kathleen-328 Cooper, Wayne David-286 Coots, Judy Anne-328 Coots, Sarah E.-328 Cope, Barbara Sue-328 Cope, Eddie-328 Cope, Martha Ann-344 Copeland, James Ellis-328 Copeland, Kent Ellis-328 Cornelius, Robert, Jr.-344 Corum, Joyce Elaine-344 Coulson, Robert Doyle-344 Council, Judith Anne-344 Courter, Albert F., III-328 Covey, Leeman 1-larper-328 Covington, Charles B.-328 Covington, Michael A.-344 Cowan, Mora Lynn-328 Cowan, Terry Sewell--34-l Cowart, Thomas C., Jr.-344 Cowart, lVilliam T.-328 Cox, Charlsie Ann-328 Cox, Clinton-328 Cox, James William-328 Cox, Robert Allen-34-l Cox, Sandra Lane-328 Coxey, Charles N., Jr.-328 Crabb, Michael Allen-317 Crabtree, Janet Lea-317 Crabtree, Linda Sue-328 Crabtree, Roderick R.-275 Crabtree, Terry Ray-328 Crabtree, YVm. Larry-286 Craig, Jerry Glen-328 Craig, Stanley James-328 Craighead, Donald W.-317 Crain, Donald R., Jr.-328 Cranch, Robert Bailey-275 Crawford, Cheri Lee-328 Crawford, Thomas C.-273 Crawley, Brenda Faye-344 Creasy, Charles Lee-328 Cresap, Charles E., III-344 Cripps, Hugh Don-328 Croce, Joseph John, Jr.--344 Crocker, Kenneth W.-328 Crone, Janice M.-344 Crook, John Hobson-328 Crook, Sharon Lee-344 Cross, Ronnie Joy-328 Grossman, Warren S.-328 Crosswy, Janice Lynne-E528 Crouch, Lynn D.-328 Crouse, Hallie E.-328 Crowder, James C.-344 Crowder, Jolm III-317 Crowder, Linda Diane-344 Crownover, Jerry W.-328 Crownover, Jimmy Leon-328 Crozier, Mary Ann-323 Cruikshank, Kenneth-317 Culver, Billie Jean-328 Culver, Dennis M.-344 Cunningham, Ben D., Jr.-328 Cunningham, Bradley I.-344 Cunningham, James P.-344 Curtis, James Leroy-344 Curtis, Linda Joyce-328 Curtis, Patricia Ann-328 r r .,,, tif M' ' M r,!2lltvgg..i Z ,nflliiy q"7y"'l, is'-W .-V:-1. i- -x- xr- rrr. rrifiu. sn' MK . ,ai ,, H srl. , . . . ' rrrWHss2ferreL4535'H s. m""'W'?M" Lgrgrgsriigmmg Zziifcsgsy seffisfeeym ss as. EQ -4 5831, s swmsEFsfIii?a,4,,'gZ ,, ll NN " ' -- W nc-tr E .. ,, , X Y H 'QUE UW, Qgsig-E Q.-sais-asset H E ' wswwrr'-W rrsfsrss.:ss M .yr-s-'iw assess WEWM was sn- -sa - M Mfwefr gs-rwfslseaee' ggiissw M W - 7 -.,ss.r.7s is . . 'ijn in T,X,,f 'Est E W is E if sg? K 'fr fsgmrnsirs 'BE SSN .MW ?5v2"..'E E fYEacB-' , ss, s M-silt'2552152,5,sr5Er5g,.iswsggs5 W' Cwiifgbfixsififssil Cushing, Lonnie E., Jr.-344 Custer, Bonnie Aleda-344 Cuthbert, Frankie Lee-273 Cutrell, Henry Thomas-528 Dabbs, Sandra Elaine-344 Dagnan, Don Carlos-328 Dalton, Jane Ann-344 Dzunani, Viharilal R.-317 Daniel, Jolm M.-328 Daniels, James Steve-344 Daniels, Roy Franklin-344 Daniels, Thomas F.-328 Darden, George L., Jr.-344 Darmond, David E.-265 Darnaby, Billy Foster-344 Darrah, David E.-265 Daubenspeck, Melody L.-344 Daugherty, Barbara J.-344 Daugherty, Douglas L.-344 Davenport, Carolyn-328 Davenport, James R.-344 Davenport, John D.-344 Daves, James Benjamin-328 Davidson, Thos. Walter-317 Davidson, Troy Kay-286 Dwiggins, James Clay-317 Dye, Wm. Avery-273 Dyer, David Chapin-345 Dyer, Everett B., lll-286 Dyer, Franklin Carl-329 Dyer, Linda Geraldine-329 Dyer, Robert Lee-345 Dyer, Ronald Lee-329 Eachus, Rebecca Lynn-329 Eager, Charles C.-345 Eakins, Dennis Wayne-329 Easterly, Martin Eric-329 Easterly, Roger E.-345 Eaton, Darius V., Jr.-329 Eck, Harold Louis, Jr.-329 Eckert, Gene Louis-329 Teddy Mack-286 Davis, Amelia Ann-317 Davis, Donald Jackie-317 Davis Douglas Fain-328 Davis, Janie Margaret-328 Davis, Joseph Hu.-328 Davis, Linda K.-344 Davis, Robert Wilson-328 Davis, Sara Ann-328 Davis, Sewell Wills-344 Davis, Wm. Frederick-328 Davis, William Marvin-317 Dawson, James P., Jr.-329 Dawson, ltlargaret Anna-344 Day, Mary Inez-317 Dayhuff, Warren Edwin-517 Deal, Bobby Aden-286 Deck, Billy Cecil-329 Deck, Lois Marie-329 Deck, Mary Louise-317 Decker, James Michael-329 Deitrick, Roger E.-265 Delaney, Margaret Ann-344 Denney, Roy Cordell-329 Dennis, Charles E.-344 Denny, David Ralph-329 Denny, Janice Marie-329 De Porter, Ralph G.-344 Denson, Carol Jane-344 sr LKNEVLAW. 01. g2?'1?iis?Qlf3-,its .rg s Tris ssfxa ti .,,r-ss.srsr.eQ,....,..E-- .Z M, i s s - r - ,ego-use,1s3f.,,.,'s.,,gg,,,?W .f sw-amass: r s rr w rs T 9 -it more ,. H ,ry-Eggs, ,gage wgiggg-5,m,,E?BQm :es saga smug' -'L t W ,. W . Wsmsssfa Denton, Clyde Thomas-329 Denton, Gary Michael-329 Denton, Jimmie Lee-344 Derryberry, Cornelia A.-329 Desirey, Stephen T.-344 DeVandry, Donald E.-329 Devereaux, William J.-329 Dickens, Wm. Conway-344 Dickerson, Edwin R.-229 Dickerson, Gary Alan-329 Dickerson, Gary R.-344 Dickey, Allen Reid-286 Dickey, Barney Paul-344 Dickinson, Richard C.-265 Diehl, Barbara Anne-344 Dillehay, Billy B.-3l7 Dillon, Douglas Lee-529 Dixon, Dorothy Ellen-317 Dixon, Henry Powell-329 Dixson, Margaret J.-344 Dobbs, John Lanier-344 Dobbs, Rodney Darrell-344 Dockum, Dennis W.-329 Dodd, Jack Harper-345 Dodson, Daniel Powell-329 Dodson, Lawrence M.-345 Dodson, Leland Hicks-329 Dominick, Robert Carl-329 Donaldson, Jackie M. B.-329 Dorland, Richard Lynn-345 Dorris, John Ray-273 Dorris, Thurman Dean-345 Doty, George Howard-317 Douglas, Earl Ray-345 Dowcll, Nancy E.-329 Downey, Donald Eugene-329 Downey, Susan Ruth-345 Downing, Richard Lee-329 Draper, l-luland Glen-345 Draper, Lynn Carroll-329 Draper, Marshall B.-299 Draper, Mary Linda-273 Draughon, Terry Wayne-345 Dreadon, Larry Dean-345 Drennon, Barbara Jo-345 Driver, Buck Jolm L.-345 Dryden, David Vernon-317 Du Bose, Becky Evelyn-317 Dudney, John Larry-329 Duff, Verdice-329 Dugger, Mark Wayne-345 Dugger, Rose Mary-345 Duke, Anthony Everett-345 Duke Marvin Richard-329 Duke, Norma Carol-317 Duke, Norman Dwight-329 Duncan, Barbara L.-345 Duncan, Brenda Kay-345 Duncan, Estel Lee-345 Duncan, Robert M., Jr.-345 Dunham, Judy Dianne-317 Dunn, Eugene C., Jr.-345 Dunn, Glen Allen-329 Dunn, James William-345 Dupree, Mary Patricia-345 Durham, Priscilla J.-345 Durham, Ruth Amelia-345 Duzak, Warren Charles-329 Edmonds, Linda Loma-345 Edmondson, Larry E.-329 Edwards, Bryan Dagger-265 Edwards, Harry M.-286 Edwards, Horace F.-299 Edwards, Michael J.-329 Edwards, Phyllis Ann-345 Elam, Robert O., Jr.-286 Eldridge, Larry E.-329 Eldridge, Linda Gray-317 Elizer, Frank Dickson-329 Elkins, Edmund H., lll-286 Eller, Sondra Lee-345 Elliott, Diana Gayle-345 Elliott, Jimmie Lee-545 Ellis, Farris Gerald-286 Ellis, Roy Frazier-266 Elmore, Betty Ann-345 Elrod, Henry A.-345 Elrod, James E., Jr.-287 Embry, Robert Taylor-273 Emery, David Ralph-273 Emeiy, Waymon Lloyd-345 England, Bert C.-345 Enzfeldcr, David B.-345 Erickson, Pamela Gaye-299 Estes, Jerry Wayne-345 Eubank, Deborah Jane-345 Evans, Dewayne M.-345 Evans, Robert Wayne-345 Evans, Stephen Carl-273 Evans, Terry Robert-345 Everett, Carolyn Sue-317 Evetts, Sondal Dean-317 Ewing, Mary Sue F.-299 Ezell, Camilla Sue-266 Ezell, Theo Howard-266 Faircloth, Robert D.-345 Fallert, David Orval-317 Farley, Lynda Gayle-345 Farley, Mary Francis-34-5 Farmer, Daniel Cecil-310 Farmer, Rhonda Gail-266 Farr, Peggy Katheryn-330 Farrell, Nicholas P.-330 Farris, Linda Faye-S45 Farris, Ralph Clayton-330 Fasick, Jolm David-276 Faulx, Catheen Linda-330 Fenton, Bruce Charles-287 Ferguson, Don E., Jr.-350 Ferguson, James E.-287 Ferguson, Nancy H.-299 Ferguson, Randall C.-330 Ferrell, Sam N., Jr.-276 Fidler, Frances Eliz.-317 Fields, Roy James-287 Filson, Dixie Lynn-330 Fine, Jerry David-345 Finney, Jolm Curtis-287 Fisher, Clifton M.-287 Fisher, Lawrence E.-3-15 Fisher, Wm. David-345 Fitzgerald, Ella C.-345 Fitzgerald, Ralph, Jr.-330 Fitzgerald, Richard-330 Fitzner, Kenneth XV.-299 Fitzner, Vikki D.-299 Fitzpatrick, Kenneth-330 Fitzpatrick, Terry S.-330 Flatt, Larry Douglas-330 Flatt, Sandra Jane-345 Fleming, Lloyd E.-266 Fletcher, David Allen-330 Flowers, Jerry Paul-345 Floyd, Charlie Lee, Jr.-287 Floyd, Eddie Thomas-318 Floyd, Ramona Rose-345 Floyd, Ruth Ann-3l8 Floyd, Serena Heard-318 Floyd, Wm. Franklin-345 Fly, Marcia Dianne-345 Follis, Patricia L.-318 Ford, Catherine Lee-3l8 Ford, Charles Kenneth-276 Ford, Priscilla K.-345 Foster, Bobby Ray-330 Foust, Joe David-345 Foust, Vickie Jane-330 Foutch, Donnie Ray-330 Fowlkes, William A.-318 Fox, Freddie Aron-330 Fox, Gary Raymond-345 Fox, Wesley Eugene, Jr.-299 Frady, Jerry Donavin-330 Fragopoulos, Christos-530 Francis, Lynn L.-330 Franklin, Jack-276 Franklin, Janice Faye-330 Franklin, Rebecca R.-345 Franklin, Terry Ray-330 Frasier, Valerie Rose-330 Frazier, Edward L., Jr.-330 Freeland, Albert IV.-318 Freels, lidith Lynn-3115 Frcels, John R., Jr.-310 Freeman, Donald Wayne-345 Freeman, Ronnie E.-345 French, Bill Burns, Jr.-318 Freytag, Allen Byron-287 Freytag, Sara Jo-345 Frounlelker, Robert Effi-Ili Frye, Ann I-l.-330 Frye, Kenneth Reid-276 Frye, Vernon Wesley-3250 Fuqua, Durward Benton-Kelli Fuqua, Edward Denton-3116 liusarini, Donald F.-330 Fusarini, Robert Carl-264i Gallin, Robert Dodson-287 Gaines, Samuel Lynn-330 Gaither, John Braxton-340 Galbreath, James M.-330 Galbreath, Jolm C., Jr.-287 Gallagher, David-330 Cant, Ronald Edward-330 Garcia, Alberto M.-266 Garner, Larry Thomas-346 Garren, James Le Ron-3l8 Gates, Shirley Ann-318 Gates, William Thomas-276 Gatto, Phillip Frank-3116 Crttuso Antoine " -2 ' , tte I.-330 Gauldin, Nancy Anne-3250 Gaw, Jerry Claude-350 aw, Nancy McNeil W.-318 STUDENT INDEX-Continued Grillin, James Ray-276 Grillith, Benny F.-346 Grillilh, Charles N.-287 Grillith, Kenneth D.-331 Grillith, Lowell T.-270 Griggs, James Raymond-266 Grimes, Donnie Ray-331 Grimm, Carol Ann-331 Grisham, Darrell Lee-32ll Grishom, Larry M.-3l8 Grissom, George li.-346 Grissom, Louis P.-510 Grizzard, Sandra D.-3415 Groce, Dale Ivagster-346 Groce, Gary Micliael-318 Groseclose, Jamie H.-331 G glaylor, Robert Lee-346 .azay, Geary, Geary, Sharon Alice-330 Raymond liarl-346 Vicki A. Kilby-3240 Gnepe, Susan Kathleen-318 Guess, Frankie Norma-318 Gunnels, Betty Lee-33l Gunter, Danny Lloyd-Eifll Gunter, Ethel E.-346 Gunter, Gary Ivayne-331 Gupton, Terry Alan-SSI Guthrie, Virginia Lee-fifil Guyn, Richard Lee-331 Gwaltney, Lynn lrloyte-346 Haaby, Cary Lawrence-33l Hackney, Freddie A.-346 I-laese, Randy Lee-Bill Haga, Bruce Gordon-331 Hagan, Albert Dwain-331 Hagewood, Alvin J.-310 Hageivood, Mark D.-331 Halle, Connie J.-331 Hailey, 'lihomas Allen-S18 Hairston, Wm. Michael-346 Hale, Allan Richard-3-I6 Hale Delbert WVillian1-299 Spencer Earl-346 Geary. Max Douglas, Jr.-Illfit Geer, Ronald Gus-266 Geldmeier, Bernhardt-266 Geldmeicr, David C.-E530 Gentry, Eddie Anthony-3415 Gentry, Garry Dale-518 Gentry, Harding-330 Gentry, Judy li.-EMG Gentry, Lloyd Max-346 George, Paula B.-330 Geren, George Willard-330 Gernt, Patricia C.-310 Giannini, Kathy J.-330 Gibbons, Janice Marie-346 Gibbons, Larry Eugene-287 Gibbons, Linda Kay C.-318 Gibbs, James Gilbert-346 Gibbs, Vivien P.-330 Gibson, Gary Michael-330 Halel Hugh Glynn-331 Hale Judith Ann-346 Hale: Mary Kathryn-331 Hale, Nancy Elizabeth-331 Hale, Peggy Diane-331 Hale, Randy Michael-318 Halfacre, Joe Virgil-2715 Halfacre, Noah E.-331 Hall, Brenda Kaye-331 Hall Bobby-346 Hall, Danny Ray-331 Hall, Hannah Laura-fifil Hall, Henry Douglas-331 Hall, James C.-331 Hall, James lidward-3 I 8 Hall, Roger Dale-346 Hall, Ronald Lynn-318 Hall, Gibson, Mary Nina-330 Holt Gibson, Steven Hugh-276 Giddens, David Harold-3116 Gillin, Gerald Leon-3230 Gilbert, Carl Edward-330 Gilburth, Kenneth R.-346 Gilchrist, James M.-330 Gill, Bobby Wayne-318 Gill, Ronald Alden-330 Gilley, Jerry Melvin-346 Gilliam, Marion F., Jr.-3-iii Girdley, Donna C.-310 Girgis, Charles N.-33l Givens, Robert Lee-346 Glover, Dale Louis-346 Goddard, Norven Lee-318 Goetz, James G., Jr.-346 Golf, Barbara Ann-318 Golf, Nancy Jane-346 Goforth, John Leroy-346 Golding, Warren E.-331 Gooch, Alacia Deloris-346 Goodman, L. Wayne-346 Goodner, Anita P.-346 Goodwin, Gary Myron-Eliil Goodwin, Jimmie Dale-33l Goodwin, Stephen J.-287 Guolsby, Guy Doyle-346 Goolsby, Larry Kent-346 Gordon, Bonnie Kay-2lili Gordon, Lewis T.-331 Gore, Barry Maurice-287 Gore, Charles F.-331 Gore, Janice Latricia-346 Gower, Roland Edward-33l Gower, INrn. Clarence-287 Grace, Sharon Rosella-346 Graham, Joan Marie-EMIS Granstall, Willie B.-331 Grant, Danny Ray-331 Grant, Gail Lea-346 Grantham, Linda Ann-5116 Graves, Calvin W.-El3l Gray, James Edward-B46 Gray, Buell Edmond-287 Gray, Martha Belle-2615 Green, Anna Carol-346 Green, Dale Allen-346 Green, Dallas Lee-331 Green, James F.-276 Green, .lantes Nelson-331 Green, Kathy Mary-33l Green, Nancy l'atricia-2951 Green, Sherrie Owen-346 Greene, Dwayne D.-331 Greenwood, David A.-346 Greenwood, Mary F.-299 Greenwood, Patricia A.-346 Greer, Athur Stephen-331 Greer, Travis Adrian-331 Greeson, James E.-331 Gregg, Jerry Thomas-331 Gregory, Larry S.-346 Gregory, Linda Faye-331 Gribble, Anna Ruth-318 I-lambleu, James C., Jr,-346 Hamby, Eva Jean-346 Hamby, James A.-346 Hamby, Linda S.-331 Hamill, Daniel Alan-346 Hamilton, Mar Helen-318' Hamilton, Snrali G.-346 Hammock, Patsy Marie-346 Hammond, Arnold Gene-331 Hammond, Harrison M.-331 Harumonds, Joseph E.-3116 Hampton, Linn Alan-331 Hampton, Michael D.-331 Hampton, Ronnie Clyde-318 Hancock, Alfred R., Jr.-346 Hancock, Charles W.-3-iii Hancock, Thomas H.-Elfil Handy, William Ray-287 Haney, Franklin Mc. A.-Elltl Haney, Linda Joyce-546 Hankins, Jerry Cecil-288 Hann, Lewis Anderson-EMG Hannah, James Harold-3'lli Hardcastle, Herbert D.-El3l I-lardison, Don. C.-331 Hardison, joel B.-300 Hardy, Arthur Allan-2137 Hare, Paula Frances-3110 Hargis, James Clay, Jr.-346 Harkins, YVayne David-33l Harless, Judy C.-331 Harper, George Ralph-BSI Harper, Wm. Franklin-318 Harrell, Linda Ann-331 Harrell, Thomas L.-33l Harrelson, David A.-fifil Harrington, Brenda J.-flfll Harris, Alfred J.-346 Harris, Carolyn J.-318 Hatcher, Harold A., Jr.-318 llatiield, Ann Gail-318 Hatfield, Floyd A., Jr.-346 Hatfield, Jimmie S.-S46 Hawkins, James R.-332 Hawkins, Theron D., III-3-iii Hawkins, Wanda Faye-346 Hayes, James Ray-532 Hayes, John William-346 Hayes, Phillip R.-288 Hayes, Wanda Fay-332 Haynes, Lawrence, Jr.-346 Haynes, Warren M.-332 Haynes, Samuel Larry-SIS Haynes, Wm. Roger, Jr.-288 Hays, Stephen Hall-300 Head, Margaret S.-346 Head, Robert O.-318 Head, l'Villiarn I., Jr.-332 1-leaps, Barry Bernard-332 Ilearington, Janice E.-346 Hearn, Travis Lee, III-318 Heath, Ralph Dwight-546 Hebden, Lael Aubrey-346 Heidel, Jack Edward-332 Heidel, Mitchel Ray-332 Heidel, Ralph Russell-332 Heidel, Sharon Gayle-332 Helm, Harry Clay-332 Helton, Cli ord M.-332 Helton, Gerald Ray. . Hembree, Elizabeth A.-332 Hembree, Flora Lou-346 Hembree, Viola Rhea-318 Henderson, Frederick-3542 Henderson, Robbie F.-300 Hendren, Gary Wayne-318 Hendrickson, David M.-346 Ilendrixson, Jimmy T.-332 Henley, Daniel R.-346 Hennessee, David C.-319 Hennessce, Jackie L.-332 I-Iennessee. Linda Fay-332 Henry, Anna P.-319 Henry, Wm. Patrick-267 Hensley, Fred Douglas-332 Hensley, Saundra E.-346 Henson, Baxter M.-346 Henson, Lynda Joyce-267 Herd, Jackie Paul-3l9 Heston, Marjorie Lee-332 Hickey, Gordon R., III-3-I6 Hickey, James Royce-332 Hickman, Jerry T.-3415 Hickman, Joyce C.-332 Hicks, Larry Lynn-346 Hicks, Nada Sharon-332 Higdon, Linda Kay-346 Higgenbotham Millis-300 Higginbotltam, Danny L.-319 I-Iigginbotham, Nancy L.-332 Hiland, David Neil-332 Hill, Bobby Carl-288 Hill, Earl Zane-276 Hill, Elizabeth Ann-346 1-lill, Jesse-267 Hill, Kenny Franklin-332 Hill, Mary Louise-310 Hill, Tommie IV.-288 Hillis, Lonnie Eugene-S46 Hindman, Jerry Ray-332 I-linds, Ella Louise-346 Hinds, James Albert-346 Hinds, Ronald-332 Hinson Loi Ann - 16 Horton, Blanche C.-347 Horton, Horton Wade-319 Horton, James R.-El-17 Howard, Anna E.-332 Howard, Brenda Jo-310 Howard, Glenda Carol-332 Howard, Patty June-332 Howard, Rebecca Ruth-310 Howard, Robert-332 Howard, Robert Lee-332 Howard, Ronnie David-332 Howell, Anita Louise-332 Howell, James Buford-352 Howell, Peggy Faye-319 Howcy, .lames Edwin-532 Howland, Howard P., Jr.-3l9 Huddleston, David C.-332 Huddleston, Earl M., Jr.-2743 Huddleston, James D.4347 Huddleston, Judith A.-347 Huddleston, Judy Ann-3-i7 Huddleston Kathryn D.-300 Huddleston Z Sandra-347 Hudgens, Linda Sue-332 Hudgens, Roy Douglas-347 Hudgins, Gerald D., Jr.-S47 Hudson, David Earl-332 Hudson, Don Vinton-347 Hudson, Garry Randall-319 Hudson, Gwendolyn D. A.-332 Hudson, John Edward-332 Hudson, Larry Fred-347 Hudson, Victor E.-332 Huffakcr, Craig J.-332 Huflman, Bill Ray-347 Huffman, Monica Jean-319 Hallman, Susan Arlene-332 Hughes, Hughes, Douglas E., Jr.-332 Jane Evans-347 Hughes, Julie Anne-319 I-lughes, Phyllis Gail-347 Hughett, .ludy Ann-347 Humble, Sammy Lee-332 Hulnphrys, Wm. Terry-333 Hungerford, Thomas W.-276 Hunt, Karen Sue-319 Hunt, Nancy Jo-333 Hunt, Susan Marie-347 Hunter, Clyde Glenn-277 Hunter, Harold F.-333 Hunter, Orville B., Jr.-333 Hunter, Patricia Gail-333 Hunziker, Charles W.-333 Hurst, John C.-288 Hurst, Ronald H.-319 Hutcheson, Charlotte-347 Hutcheson, Larry Dean-333 Hutcheson, Nancy Gail-347 Hutchins, Johnny L.-319 Hyde, Justice, Jr.-333 Hyder, Karen Sue-347 lngle, Billy Donovan-347 Inglc, Charles-333 Ingle, Shirley Jo-319 Inglis, Margaret T.-333 Ingram, Dwain Tyrone-283 Irvin, Donna Loncile-333 Irvine, Vcrle N. Saucy-319 Irwin, J immye Alice-347 Irwin , John Emert-333 Irwin, Jolm Mikel-333 Irwin, Loy Patricia-347 Irwin, Maxey Hewlon-333 Islam, Akm Ashralul-319 , s -3' Hitchcock, Carolyn-332 Hitchcock, J. G., Jr.-347 llobbs, Janice L.-347 Hobbs, Robert Edgar-319 Iverson, Pamela Carol-347 Ivey, Carole Jean-347 Ivey, Jerry Stephen-347 Hodge, Barbara Elaine-332 Hodge, Roy David-332 Hogan, Colin A.-267 Hogshead, Margaret P.-347 Holder, Claude E., Jr.-332 I-Ioldredge, Howard T.-347 Holland, Carol Ann-332 Holland, Charles Reed-332 Holland, Leon Gordon-319 Holland, Martha Ii.-332 Holland, Sherry I-I.-300 Holland, Ivalter T.. Jr.-276 Holley, Alfred B., Jr.-332 Hollis, Joseph Dixon-319 Holmes, Robert Allen-332 Jackson, Amos-347 Jackson, Buddy Lee-333 Jackson, Charles M.-BIO Jackson, Glenda Sue-EH9 Jackson, John lVaverly-319 Jackson, Judy Shearin-333 Jackson, Samuel S.-347 Jackson, Stephen WV.-347 Jackson, Thomas H.-347 Jacobs, Judy C..-319 Jacocks, Michael E.-333 James, Jerry Wallace-Slll Jaquess, Sandra Ethel-347 Jared, Bethelda-319 Jarrell, Marv Helen-333 Holt Bob Layne-319 Z Gary Lee-332 Harris, Chichi A.-318 Harris, Frank B., Jr.-33l Harris, Frank Olin, Jr.-288 Harris, G. Robert-331 Harris, James Gehrig-267 Harris, Jerry Edward-3-I6 Harris, Judy Claire-318 Harris, Karla Lynn-331 Harris, Larry Henry-276 Harris, Peggy Sue-3415 Harrison, David Mc.-Eifll Harrison, Emory C., Jr.-300 Harrison, William E.-331 Harrison, Wm. Graves-346 Hartbarger, Billy R.-E531 Hartman, Harold D.-288 Harvey, Barbara June-346 Harville, Bobby G.-331 I-Iarville, James R.-318 Harwell, James W.-318 Harwell, Thomas Wayne-318 Harwood, Robert Leon-346 Hashmi, Anwar Shah-546 Haskins, Dan D., Jr.-332 Hasty, Charles L.-338 Hasty, Jolm Leroy-332 Holt, John Dennis-BIO Holt, Jolm Page, III-288 Holt, Roger D.-319 Holt, William Haynes-288 Honeycutt, Marvin W.-347 Honeycutt, Nancy Lou-300 Honeycult, Terry E.-332 Honig, Richard David-332 Hooper, Arthur W.-332 Hooper, Barbara J.-3l9 Hooper, Helen Ann-3l9 Hooper, James Elbert-347 Hooper, Xvayne Michael-332 Hoots, Felix Roach, Jr.-547 Hoover, Jolm Martin-332 Hopkins, Janie Joann-300 Hopkins, Robert John-332 Hopper, David Lynn-288 Hopson. Brenda Sue-532 Hopwood, Thomas Lee-332 l-lopwood, Vtlm. Henry, Jr.-319 Horn, Janice Sue-510 Horne, Donna Jane-347 Horne, Ronald Gaither-3552 Horne, Susan Rae-332 Horton, Andrea Louise-332 Jeflers, Billy Ray-347 Jeffers, Dennis Edgar-277 Jelfers, Douglas Ray-333 Jeffers, Jack Randall-267 Jeffers, Sandra Jo-347 Jenkins, Robert-347 Jennings, James Dr-347 Jennings, John D.-288 Jennings, Wm. Kenneth-347 Jett, Gary Thomas-310 Jewell, Beverly Jean-347 Jewell, Charlene D.-347 Jobson, Douglas David-333 Johnson, Carole Ann-333 Johnson, Carole Sue-333 Johnson, Charles R.-3253 Johnson, Emma Jewel-347 Johnson, Floyd J.-28'B Johnson, Frances Ann-347 Jolmson, Frieda L.-547 Johnson, Gladys Ellen-3-I7 Johnson, Howard T.-319 Johnson Jack Michael-288 Johnsoni Jerry Ronald-2 77 Johnson Jo Brown-319 Johnsonl John Wilcox-319 Johnson Leonard J.-319 Johnson: Linda Kay-333 Maddox, Jolm Zell- Johnson, Mary Louise-347 Johnson, Ralph Edward-267 Johnson, Sarah Ann-347 Johnson, Stanley-267 Johnson, William B.-333 Johnson, Wm. Joseph-300 Johnston, Jo Anne-333 Johnston, Sharron B.-347 Jolley, James B., Jr.-289 STUDENT INDEX-Continued Lamb, Harr Dean-334 Lambert Cayil Edward-348 Lambert, Gerald lf.-348 Lambert, Leslie H., Jr.-348 Lambert, Marcia Agnes-333 Lambert, Sara Louise-348 Lancaster, Danny Ray-334 Lancaste Lanca ste r, James A.-348 r, Wanda June-320 Malone, McDowell, Cheryl Ann-34 8 Jolly, Peggy Ann-311 Jones, Barbara Ann-267 Jones, Charles Emmett-333 Jones, Dwight Oliver-347 Jones, Edwina Sue-319 Jones, Elbert Curtis-333 Jones, Gary Conrad- Jones, James Edward-333 Jones, James Matson-333 Jones, Jellrey Scott-347 Jones, Larry Douglas-319 Jones, Linda Carol-333 Jones, Marilyn Nadine-347 Jones, Mary Ann-547 Jones, Mervyn David-547 Jones, Ottis Lee-319 Jones, Peter Edward-500 Jones, Peggy Sue-333 Jones, Phyllis Ann-300 Jones, Robert Allen-289 Jones, Ruth Mervin-347 Jones, Thurmond G., Jr.-277 Jones, Wm. Kenneth-347 Jones, William Roscoe-333 Land, Billy, Jr.-348 Land, Gary Wilson-348 Lane, Donald Richard-348 Lane, Jimmy Keith-334 Lane, Jolm Thomas-320 Langford, Brenda L.-348 Langford, Carol F.-311 Langford, Carolyn Sue-334 Langley, Frieda M.-348 Lanham, Gwendolyn L.-E548 Lankford, Melinda B.-348 Large, Sammy Martin-348 Lash, Charles Patrick-334 Lassiter, Olivia H.-348 Latham, Sherrie lone-334 Lavender, Jack K.-348 Lawrence, Gerald R.-289 Lawrence, Sharon E.-348 Lawrence, Thomas, Ill-3-18 McCain, Sharon Dell-337 McCaleb, Elaine'-348 McCampbe1l, Linda S.-348 McCann, Doreen Dae-348 McCarthy, Michael-278 McCaw1cy, Essie C.-337 McCawley, John Clark-337 McCawley, Robert E.-3-18 McClure, Jolm E.-267 McClure, Larry Don-337 McCloskey, Waverly D.-337 McCoin, Patricia Lou-337 McCormick, Elizabeth-311 McCormick, Jimmy Lee-311 McCracken, Joe H.-337 MeCulley, Glenda G. McCulley, Margaret A.-348 McCulley, Sharon Lee-337 McDade, Nimrod R., Jr.-334 McDaniel, Jackie C.-320 McDaniel, Nina M.-348 McReynolds, Betty S.-349 Mabry, Brenda Faye-335 Mabry, Kenneth R.-320 Mabry, Roy Ellis, Jr.-335 Mack, L Mackey, Mackie, M aclin, ee Gerald-335 Michael Ray-335 Brenda Joyce-335 Glenn Minor-289 Maddox, Robert W ayne-335 Maddux, James Buford-335 Maddux, John Jared, Jr.-349 Maddux, Robert Noel-320 Magyar, Gary Eugene-335 Mahler, Len K., Jr.-335 Mahler, William H., Jr.-335 Mainord, Doris Marie-320 Majors, Bruce L.-349 Malone, Bobby Glen-349 Malone, Carrie Nelle-320 Dennis M.-335 Lawson, Lawson, Carol Kay-320 James Renford-289 McDaniel, Tommy Leon-320 McDern1itt, Paul R.-348' McDonald, Barry W.-348 McDonald, Bernice I.-357 McDonald, Bobbie R.-301 McDonald, Carol Joan-320 McDonald, Charles B.-337 McDonald, Jackie F.-348 McDonald Larry A.-320 Mcnonhaf Tony Hal-337 McDow, Marjorie C.-548 Malone, Donald E.-335 Mangano, Joseph N., Jr.-349 Mann, Dorothy Jean-349 Mann, Virginia Dale-349 Manning, Barbara E.-349 Mansfield, James H., Jr.-320 Mantlo, James Ronald-349 Mantooth, John Lee-349 Mapes, Dennis L.-335 Mapes, James Alan-349 Marcum, Michael Rhea-289 Laycock, James R., II-348 Jordan, James Patrick-333 Jordan, Larry M.-289 Judd, Hinson Marshall-277 Judd, James Hayden, Jr.-267 Judd, Tana Marie-347 Judd, Wanda Sue-311 Karch, Theresa Ann-347 Kautzman, William F. J.-333 Kavanagh, Michael P.-333 Kayser, Walter G., Jr.-333 Kcahey, Danny Tyrone-347 Kearney, Jerald F.-347 Keathley, Joseph Lyle-277 Kelly, Charles Warren-289 Keirn, Douglas Wayne-333 Keisling, Larry Dale-301 Keith, Robert Garland-333 Kellar, Barbara C.-301 Kelley. Charlotte Sue-301 Kelley, Linda Ellen-347 Kelley, Reba Gail-347 Kelly, James H., Jr.-277 Kelly, Katherine G.-347 Kelly, Lily Anne-319 Kelly, Philip Lee-347 Kemp, Donna Louise-347 Kemp, Linda Lou-333 Kennedy, Charles M., Jr.-267 Kerley, Charles Ray-319 Kerley, Edward Wayne-311 Kern, Han'y G., Jr.-289 Kern, Vera L.-319 Kerr, Charles William-319 Kerstiens, Roy F .-333 Kesley, Alvin-347 Kesner, James Robert-333 Key, Ellen Carolyn-347 Key, Freida Vance-319 Keyes, Laura R.-333 Keylon, Linda C.-267 Khodavandi N.-319 Kibler, Shirley Lue-Sli Kidd, Michael Latham-277 Kidwell, Sihyl Elaine-Ellll Killen, Jo A.-319 Killen Sandra L.-319 Kimble, Mary Lou-333 Kimbrough, Leland D.-289 Kimbrough, Robert C.-33 Kincaid, James R., Jr.-347 Lawson, Jerry Wayne-334 Lawson, John Andrew-348 Lawson, Margaret E.-334 Lawson, Ronnie S.-289 Law son, Wayne D.-334 Lazenby. James Alan-334 Leach, Ted Michael-334 Ledbetter, Aida Maria-348 Ledbetter, Lowell A.-277 Ledbetter, Ronald R.-267 Ledbetter, Vivian F.-277 Ledford, James Henry-334 Ledgerw ood, Steflan S.-348 Lee, Charles Vance-348 Lee, Frances Kay-348' Lee, Harriet Ann-348 Lee, Jolm Lewis, Jr.-334 Lee, Ma ry Carolyn-320 Lee, Thomas Sherrill-334 Leffew, Robert Joe-267 Lemarr, Nancy Lou-334 Lemmons, Samuel N.-311 Leonetti, Jolm A., Jr.-267 Lewis, David Raymond-334 Lewis, James Dwight-348 Lewis, Janie Marie-334 Lewis, Michael E.-311 Lewis, Russell Warren-289 Lewis, Sandra Kay-334 Liddington, Donna C.-320 Liddington, Gary Lee-348 Liechty, James R.-289 Liles, Linna Jean-320 Limbaugh, Donald G.-277 Limburg, Henry Duane-348 Linder, Helen Mae-348 Linder, Mary Sue-30l Lindsley, Robert Earl-348 Ling, Neng Yu-320 Lingerfelt, Billy Ray-348 Linnell, Renard David-348 Lintz, Ronald Ray-301 Lipscomb, Joe Mac, Jr.-320 Lipszyc, Victor I-334 Litchford, Robert B.-334 Little, Bruce Allen-311 Little, Linda Kaye-348 Little, Patricia A.-E511 Little, Virginia J.-E501 Litton, Ronald Keith-320 Lloyd, Eric Thomas-334 Lottis, Jimmie Robert-311 Loftis, Mary Frances-277 Kirk, King, Benny W.-333 King, Brenda Lois-334 King, Mary Ellen-347 King, Michael S.-319 King, Richard Hartley-334 King, Robert L.-320 King, Steve Lee-347 Kirby, Leland Fay-348 Charles Richard-334 Loftis, Pollye Ruth-348 Logan, Mary Ruth-320 Lohr, Albert Destern-267 Long, Clarence Edward-334 Long, Robert James M .-334 Long, Sandra Danette-334 Long, Steven Kenneth-348' Long, Wayne Marshall-289 Looper, Sllelia Diana-348 Kirk, John Phillip-348 Kirk, Larry Michael-348 Kirkham, Steve H.-348 Kirkpatrick, Charles-300 Kirkpatrick, James R.-334 Kirkpatrick, Bobby D.-348 Kirksey, James W., Jr.-334 Kittrell, Robert E.-320 Kleiser, Henrietta-348 Knott, Charles Shelby-348 Knox, Knox, John Michael-320 Patricia Ann-534 Koger, J. D. -311 Koger, Linda Faye, J.-334 Kolski, Frank John -334 Komis Kraft, ar, Jeannie Faye-Fill Roger Leonard-334 Lovelace, James H.-334 Lovell, Charles E.-348 Lovell, Connie Jean-320 Lovell, Martha Anne-334 Lowe, Margaret S.-334 Lowe, Morrison L., III-348 Lowery, Carolyn Love-311 Lowry, John Clinton-348 Loyd, David Andrew-334 Loyd, Ernest Wendell-301 Loyd, Robert Claude-320 Lucas, Katherine A.-334 Lunsford, Ernest S.-278 Lusk, James Buckner-348 Luttrell, William B.-289 Lyle, Stephen Anthony-348 Lynch, Linda Patricia-348 McDullee, Gary D,-337 McDuIlee, Larry B.-337 McGaha, Ronnie-337 McGee, Thomas Allen-337 McGinnis, Elena F.-337 McGoldrich, Sandra D,-348 McGowan, Patil Cari-348 McGugin, Virginia K.-548 McHenry, Claude E.-320 Mclntosh, Jolm R.-337 Mclntyre, David E.-337 McKay, Sharon R.-348 McKee, Margaret E.-348 McKibben, Brian R.-348 McKinley, Carleen-349 McKinney, Estelle N.-349 McLaughlin, Robert E.-349 McMahan, Arrel J.-349 McMillan, Robert M.-320 McMinn, Wm. Warren-302 McMnrry, Charlotte A.-320 h'lCNllll, Becky Elene-337 McPeters, Alberta S.-302 McPeters, Helen Ann-302 McPeters, James F .-349 McPeters, Keith R.-320 McPherson, Ronald C.-335 Marlow, Gary Wayne-335 Marlow, Robert C.-335 Marquardt, james Earl-3119 Marsh, Noel Fletcher-335 Marshall, Wm. Patrick-320 Martin, Gary Ray-549 Martin, Gayle Bland-335 Martin, Glenn Mark-335 Martin, Herman T., Jr.-335 Martin, Houston V., Jr.-335 Martin, James Harry-320 Martin, Jimmy Wvalton-3ll Martin, Leonard-349 Martin, Paul T., Jr.-349 Martin, Rita Ann-335 Martin, Robert Neal-320 Martin, Yvilliam Alan-335 Martin, William Dean-311 Mason, Dan Barron-335 Mason, Davis Grant-335 Massey, Dennis Gerald-349 Massey, Martha E.-335 Masters, Aaron Earl-320 Masters, Carolyn Sue-335 Masters, Laura Leigh-320 Masters Walter B.-289 Mastersbn, Ronald F.-3-49 Matheney, Raymond D.-340 Keeping up with world events is an important parl: of a college education Krantz, Ova June-334 Krivec, Jolm Vernon-348 Krouse, Nomla E.-348 Kunz, Jolm Eric-334 Kyle, James Richard-348 Kyle, Malcolm A. J r.-348 Lackey, Beverly T.-301 Lackey, Johnny Leroy-289 Lacy, Joyce Ann-348 Laferry, Duane Neal-348 Lafever, Linda Lee-311 Lynch, Paul VVayne-334 Lynch, Phillip R.-334 Lynn, Betty Lois-534 Lynn, C ary Keeton-3-i8 Lynn, James Arlis-334' Lynn, Johnny Joe-334 Lynn, Pamela Carol-348 Lynn, Patricia Ann-278 Lynn, Shelba Jean-337 McAllister, William--337 McBride, Johnny D.-320 Page 432 Matheny, Samuel Owen-335 Mathews, justo Elias-278 Mathias, Kenneth Ray-278 Mattingly, Brooke E..-335 Mattson, Martha-349 Maxwell, Brenda Gail-320 Maxwell, Charles S.-335 Maxwell, john T., jr.-349 Maxwell, Madonna Lou-302 Maxwell, Teddy R.-349 May, Harold Dale-349 May, Kenneth Wayne-335 Mayberry, john Dow-335 Mayberry, Tommy Sue-349 Mayheld, Larry Allan-349 Mayo, Thomas Alvin-320 Mays, Edith Marie-320 Mays, janette Marie-335 Mayton, Aretta june-335 Meadows, jack Lee-302 Meadows, janet Dudney-302 Means, Robert Edward-335 Medley, Charles james-349 Medley, Donald R.-320 Medley, Martha Ann-349 Medley, Mary Alice-349 Medley, Philip Luther-335 Medley, Steven Greer-335 Mclhorn, james Edward-289 Melton, jolm Wayne-349 Melton, Robert Glenn-335 Melton, W. B. Allen-302 Melvin, Kenneth Wayne-335 Mercer, Mary Lou-335 Meredith, Hubert A.-349 Merkley, Loretta jane-335 Messenger, Suzanne-335 Metcalf, john F.-278 Michaels, Robert K.-335 Mielke, Nancy C.-349 STUDENT INDEX-Continued Murphy, Glen Arthur-349 Murray, james C., jr.-290 Musgrove, Charles Mc.-349 Myers, Margaret Kern-302 Myers, Paul Terry-336 Myers, Ray, jr.-302 Nall, Billie Craig-336 Napier, Denny-349 Napier, Dianne-349 Pcndergrass, Larry R.-290 Petlick, Gail E.-350 Pennington, Brenda C.-350 Pennington, james Q.-336 Pennington, Luther C.-321 Pennington, Margaret-336 Penuel, Glen Dale, jr.-290 Perkerson, Michael F.-321 Perkins, june C. K.-268 Perkins, Richard G., jr.-290 Price, Howard Clay-337 Price, Richard Burton-337 Price, Suzanne-350 Priest, Lillian F.-337 Prince, Thomas C.-337 Prince, XVm. Edward-291 Pritchard, joseph E.-337 Pritchett, jerry W.-350 Pruett, Mary Emilane-337 Nash, Charles Lee-3-19 Nash, Connie K.-312 Neal, Bruce Allen-349 Neal, Dorothy Marie-336 Neal, james Larry-349 Neal, Robert Hamlin-336 Neal, Zelma Lou-302 Near Landon Martin-336 Neblett, jcllrey W.-349 Neely, judy Ann-336 Neely, Mary Etta-302 Neely, Terry VVayne-268 Neely, Toni Marie-336 Neely, Wm. Robert-320 Neil, Wesley Shade-336 Nelson, Gary Eley-320 Nelson, Stanley W.-349 Netliery, Cheryl Lou-349 Newberry, Frank, jr.-312 Newby, john Michael-336 Newcomb, Barbara Sue-336 Nichols, Harry B.-3l2 Nichols, Kenny S.-321 Nichols, William L.-336 Niekens, jack Keaton-321 Niles, Charles S., jr.-290 Nix, Robert Snow-279 Noel, john F., jr.-268 Noland, Marco E.-336 Nooner, Earl Wayne, jr.-349 Nooner, Martha I.-349 Perry, Carl Dexter, jr.-321 Perry, Carolyn jean-336 Perry, james Allison-268 Perry, judith Noel-350 Perry, Larry Wayne-336 Perry, Ronald Dwight-268 l erry, Trudy Lajette-336 Peters, Thomas D., jr.-386 Peterson, Allan Wayne-321 Pettvay, Gene Brown, jr.-350 Phillips, Anita jewel-312 Phillips, Dan Kenneth-291 Phillips, Freida N.-350 Phillips, james H.-321 Phillips, Roger Dale-336 Phillips, Sally L.-350 Phillips Willie R.-336 Pickell Pickle, Pickles ,ijerry Lynn-291 Gary Len-350 imen, Walter L.-350 Piepineier, Arthur, jr.-350 Pierce, David Lee-336 Pierce, Dorothy Carol-336 Pierce. Frank Edward-336 Pierce, Gwendolyn D.--336 Pierce, Ineta Lou 3 0 Pierce, Pierce - 5 Linda Marlene-350 Richard F.-336 Pinkstbn, james M.-350 Pinkston, Margaret A.-321 Pruitt, Kelly-291 Puckett, julia F.-337 Puckett, Sandra Sue-337 Puckett, Thomas C.-337 Pugh, Harriet E,-337 Purkey, Roy T., jr.-321 Puryear, janet Gayle-337 Puryear, john Ray-321 Putman, Charles P.-337 Pyle, Charles H.-337 Qaiyuini, Iqbal-321 Qualls, Margaret Faye-337 Qualls, Polly jewell-350 Qualls, Suzanne-321 Quann, Fred Lorenz-337 Quarles, john Dillard-291 Queen, Charles C., jr.-337 Queen, Patricia Ann-350 Queener, jack Ray-321 Qucener, Linda Faye-337 Quinley, Charles R., jr.-550 Rzullord, Barbara Gail-350 Ragain, Robert C.-537 Ragland, Roy Kenneth-337 Ragsdale, Ernest Lee-321 Ragsdale, Michael XV.-32l Rahm, joseph Alan-350 Raines, james Carroll-350 Rains, Gary Darrell-337 Migliore, Thurman Nl.-335 Milam, jimmy L.-335 M i l.t in ohn Sidne 1 , ' . J Y-3 2 Milburn, Howard E., jr.-335 Milburn, Ricky Powell-335 Miller, Dwight Alan-349 Miller, Herbert Andy-349 Miller, Herman Gale-335 Miller, james li., jr.-349 Miller, james Vllillard-268 Miller, jerly Allen-335 Miller, Neil T., jr.-290 Miller, Peggy Ann-349 Miller, Randolph F.-349 Norman, Brenda Faye-336 Norman, Ronald-336 Norman, Wm. Scott-549 Norred, Carolyn F.-321 Norris, Donnie Ray-321 Northam, joy L.-336 North, Thomas Pogue-321 Northam, Trellis jo-312 Norton, Nancy Carolyn-336 Norton, Richard C.-336 Nowlin, julie-268 Nunally, Ann Daley-336 Nunnally, james M., jr.-321 Pinkston, Michael-350 Pippin, Terry Leland-350 Pirkle, jerry Milton-336 Pittman, Kenneth W.-336 Pittman, Tommy S.-350 Plank, Thomas Willard-336 Plummer, Dennis B.-336 Poarch, Glenda Faye-268 Pointer, Mildred Cole-350 Ponder, john Milton-336 Poole, Larry Rogers-321 Poore, Dennis Stuart-350 Pope, james William-336 Pope, Wiley Wayne-291 Rains, Ronald G.-269 Rains, Sharon Elaine-337 Ramey, Lannie Brent-291 Ramsey, Carol Elaine-350 Ramsey, Gary Edward-350 Ramsey, james Ronald-32l Ramsey, Ramsey, joe Dodd, jr.-337 joe Walker-321 Ramsey, Linda Annette-350 Ramsey, Marshall, Jr.-321 Rantsey, Robert Riley--350 Randolph, james C.-350 Miller, Samuel Kinsey-335 Miller, Wm. Louis-349 Milligan, janet L.-349 Milloway, Linda jane-349 Mills, john Walter-349 Millsaps, George C.-349 Millsaps, Victor M.-349 Minge, Harry Everett-335 Minser, Wilham G.-268 Minser, Wm. George III-320 Minton, john David-335 Minton, Robert D., jr.-349 Misek, Laddie jerone-335 Oak, Albert Charley-321 Oakley, Thomas Wilson-349 O'Dell, Canzada Ann-321 Odette, Robert Grant-336 Odom, Carolyn Martha-321 Oflicer, Elizabeth A.-336 Oliver, Anita Claire-336 Oliver, Richard Alan-336 O'Neal, David Richard-349 Ooten, Garland Dean--290 Ooten, Ronald Terry-349 0'Rear, Larry Greg-321 Ollenburg. Walter A.- Porter, james Glenn-336 Porter, jimmy Noel-336 Porter, Thomas Neal-336 Potter, Delmar Lea-269 Potter, Marcus B., jr.-336 Powell, Carol Ann-350 Powell, Sharon Ann-321 Powers, Dana Wilson-350 Powers, Douglas, jr,-321 Powers, VVm. Benny-350 Presley, Donna Kay-350 Presley, Robert W.-336 Pressler, joseph K.-321 Rankin, james Dallas-279 Rankin, Marion R., jr.-350 Raper, Samuel Eugene-337 Rapking, Glenn David-321 Ratliff, Darrell Ray-350 Ray, jesse Allen, jr.-350 Ray, Linda Gale-350 Ray, Patricia E.-337 Rayburn, Thomas M., jr.-321 Reagan, james Monroe-321 Reagan, Martin Wm.-350 Reale, jolm Hugh-350 Rector, Barbara Anne-350 Reed, Billy joe-350 Reed, Charles M., jr.-337 Mitchell, Barbara Ann-349 Mitchell, Charles H.-335 Mitchell, Greear G.-335 Mitchell, Howard A.-320 Mitchell, Norma j.-520 Mitchell, Patil Terry-335 Mitchell, Reba june-349 Mitchell, Samntie G.-268 Mitchell, Thomas l-I.-349 Mitchell, Wm. Richard-349 Mize, Charles Gerald-335 Mode, Nora Laverne-335 Monckton, Kenneth Wm.-335 Monday, Henry-320 Money, David Leonard-335 Monroe, Horton L., jr.-302 Montooth, janice Faye-335 Moore, Catherine V.-349 Moore, Charles Arnold-320 Moore, Charles Edward-312 Moore, Prank Summers-335 Moore, Grady Phillip-335 Moore, johnny Paul-349 Moore, Leslie Howard-335 Moore, Richard Martin-302 Moore, Richard Scott-549 Moore, Robert Lynn-312 Moore, Ronald Kelly-349 Moore, NVilma Leotia-320 Moores, Milton Ross-320 Morcombe, johnny B.-349 Orr, Larry Wayne-349 Orr, Robert S., IV-536 Orten, Marsha Ann-349 Osborne, Gary Keith-336 Overton, Robert B., III-336 Owen, Charlsie j.-336 Owen, Martha N.-349 Owens, joseph Herman-290 Pace, Billy joe-279 Padgett, Raymond G.-336 Page, George Donald-290 Page, George E.. .ll'--335 Palk, Roy Monroe-336 Palmer, Bobby R.-336 Palmer, lilrerett W.-321 Palmer, Linda Sue-321 Pancake, Van Roy-336 Pangle, Charles C., III-349 Panter, Vvilliani C.-321 Pardue, jerry johnson-268 v Parham, Gerald Mobley-330 Paris, Robert Hunter-321 Parke, Gary Allen-349 Parker, Howard B.-336 Parker, Terry Owen-336 Parker, William R.-349 Parkerson, Donna Sue-349 Parks, john Charles-290 Parks, Steven Paul-349 Parlow, Frederick L.-336 Traffic court gives students accused of viola- tions a chance to 'cell their side of the story. Moredock, Tommy Lavon-335 Morehead, Ralph james-335 Morehead, Reece joe B.-335 Morelock, Anita M.-302 Morgan, Alton Roger-302 Morgan, john Ronald-290 Morgan, Linda Lee-341-9 Morrisett, joseph, jr.-349 Morrison, Robert C.-2759 Morton, Glenn Edwin-349 Morton, Nancy Sharon-335 Mosely, Ralph Ii.-278 Moss, David Frederick-335 Moss, Katherine Irene-549 Moyers, Danny W.-320 Mulkey, Clyde David-335 Mullinix, june R.-349 Mullins, Brenda Sue-349 Mullins, jerry W.-336 Mullins, Michael F.-336 Munns, james M.. III-336 Murphy, Ann Elizabeth-36 Murphy, Dianne Carol-336 Murphy, Fred Anthony-349 Parnell, Michael Ray-336 Parrott, Earl Quinton-349 Parsons, Buckie D.-349 Parsons, Doyle Holt-349 Partin, joy Sue-349 Passon, Theodore J.. .lf--335 Patterson, Boyd M.-336 Patterson, David H.-349 Patterson, Gayle L,-349 Patterson, Heather-350 Patterson, Mary Anita-336 Patton, Clarence D., jr.-312 Patton, Norma D,-312 Pavlo u, Skevos George-321 Payne, Linda li.-350 Payne, Nada Dean-350 Payne, Yvonne Maria-350 Pearce, jerry Dale-290 Pearson, Michael E.-350 Peavyhonse, jane Ann-321 Peavyhouse, Marion G.-350 Pedigo, joe Fred-268 Pedigo, Leo Richard-336 Pedigo, Virginia-350 Presswood, Audrey Mae-350 Reed, Earston T.-337 Preston, Charles, III-279 Reeder, Wiley Lanier-337 Price, Carolyn V.-337 Reedy, Roger Dale-321 Reeves, Derril W.-321 Reid, Farnum T., Jr.-337 Remick, Roger Antone-321 Reneau, Mary Loyd Renero, Ollie P.-201 Renfro, Claudia Anne-Sill Reushaw, Sidney E.-337 Rhea, Richard Lee-291 l' RlIll'IC'llill'l. Charles K.-3.mU Rhodes, Xvesley Bryan-350 Rhyne, Anna Louise-269 Rice, Arthur Alan-337 Rice, Gary Lee-350 Rich, Janice Dalton-312 Rich, Obra Ord-304 Rich, Roger Travis-350 Rich, Shirley Anne-350 Rich, Susan Ruth-350 Rich, Wm. l-lagood li.-350 Richardson, Donna J.-269 Richardson, james L.-269 Richardson, Kay Lowry-321 Richardson, Robert L.-350 STUDENT INDEX-Continuecl Rouse, Robert N., Jr.-292 Rowe, Holland Foster-337 Rowe, Lucy Rosemary-322 Roy, Brenda Faye-351 Roy, Nancy Raye-351 Rucker, Richard F.-292 Rudolph, Linda Dale-351 Rusbridge, Samuel XV.-537 Russell, Gaylen E.-322 Russell, Joseph A.-279 Russell, Mildred jane-351 Russell, Sandra Lee-338 Russell, Steven C.-351 Rutherford, Ellen S.-279 Rutherford, George E.-351 Ryan, Charlie Michael-35l Ryan, Lindsey-351 Ryan, Erlene Rebecca-3011 Sabetto, Catherine M.-388 Sabo, james Paul-279 Sabounchi, Morteza-351 Sackett, David Ray-351 Sain, William Oris-270 Sharp, Richard Hal-322 Sharpe, William S.-338 Shattuck, Eugene A.-304 Shaver, Robert Lynn-338 Shearin, Hubert M.-322 Shell, Charles Edward-338 Shell, Donald Paul-338 Shepherd, Susan R.-351 Sherrill, David Louis-279 Shields, Marcia K.-338 Shimshi, Ezra-338 Shipley, Sandra Marie-351 Shipman, Edward A.-338 Shockey, David F.-338 Shoemaker, Cheryl Dee-351 Short, Ann Sheldon-313 Short, Keith Freeland-338 Short, Nancy Carolyn-304 Shouh, Carol Anne-351 Shull, Sandra Alice-338 Siler, Walter Ransom-351 Simmonds, Ann-338 Simmons, Alben F.-292 Simmons, Barbara Ann-351 Richard L.-351 Ridings, Ginger Kay-550 Ridings, Mickey joe-350 Rigney, Judith Ann-350 Riley, Christopher N.-350 Ring, Robet't L.-337 Rinks, Richard Comer-291 Roberts Charles G.-321 SZWIOVS Ritchey, Charles N.-312 Rivers, ,Ierolyn Ruth-313 Rives, john H., jr.-351 Robbins, Billy james-32l Roberson, Donald Lee-291 Roberson, Ernest C.-322 Roberson, Mary G.-313 Roberson, Robert Lee-269 Roberson, NVm. Fred-269 Roberts Roberts Roberts Roberts 1 , Drusilla lil.-337 Harold YVayne-279 jan Rochelle-269 Z jixnmie I-I.-321 Roberts, john joseph-351 Roberts, john Wilson-321 Roberts, Linda Gail-351 Roberts, Linda Sue-321 Roberts, Marylin Snow-313 Roberts, William A.-337 Robertson, Carl Wayne-269 Robertson, Nettie E.-351 Robinson, Richard, jr.-351 Robinson, Robert D.-279 Robinson, Sara L,-351 Robinson, Stephen G.-351 St. Clair, Sandra Lee-351 Sallouti, John S.-292 Sanborn, Charles, lll-292 Sanders, David P., III-351 Sanders, Gary Randal-322 Sanders, R. B., jr.-304 Sanderson, Lelon W.-338 Sargent, Robert Maury-292 Sartin, Charles B.-338 Savage, Mable Sue-338 Savage, Michael Allen-351 Sawyer, Tom Xvayne-351 Saylors, julia Mae-351 Saylors, Marshall Lee-338 Sammie Lynn-351 Simmons Simmons Simmons Simmons Simmons, , Gerald W.-EHS , james Robert-338 ohn NV 338 , .l -- , Ken F.-338 Spradlin, Michael C.-552 Springer, James L., jr.- Springlield, Ronald L.-270 Spurlock, Belle L.-352 Stalcnp, Judy Lynn-352 Stalcup, Michael S.-352 Stallings, Mary Sue-322 Statnps, jimmy joe-322 Stamps, Larry l'Vayne-338 Stancil, Leola Anne-322 Sc 305 Standefer, Ronald L.-352 Stantliler, Margaret A.-322 Stanley, ,Iohn Paul-338 Stanton, Lucy Lea-352 Stark, Kathryn Jane-322 Starks, l-Iarold R.-293 Startup, Hugh Richard-38 Steele, Donna jean-352 Steele, Patil Thomas-338 Steelman, Deanna Gail-352 Stephens, Johnny R.-358 Stepp, james Luther-338 Stevens, Rodney Kemp-352 Stevenson, james T.-352 Stevenson, Rennith E.-338 Stevenson, Terry W.-338 Stewart, Bette ,lo-338 Stewart, Gary Edward-270 Stewart, Glen Weldon-270 Roderick, Roy C.-351 Rodgers, Katherine S.-337 Rodriguez, Nelson-313 Rogers, Attila Louise-351 Rogers, Billie C.-337 Rogers, Hewitt C.-29l Rogers, john Wm.-322 Rogers, Sharon J.-322 Rogers , Stephen A.-270 Roggli, john Michael-337 Romin es, Philip Ray-351 Rose, Thomas Stetson-337 Summa, Scandlyn, Elizabeth A.-322 Scarlett, Michael F.-338 SKIZIICS, Mary K.-338 Scltick, .latnes Wm., Jr.-322 Schin, Frank Wm., jr.-304 Schoenly, Wm. Peter-351 Schoollield, James R.-351 Schubert, Robert A.-351 Schultz, Shirley Sue-322 Scoggin, Milton O., III-279 Scott, Brenda Faye-338 Scott, Gary Alton-351 Scott, Roger Lee-351 Seaborn, Donald James-351 Seagraves, Dennis W.-338 Seat, ,Indy Dianne-322 Sell, Nancy jean-339 Sellers, Linda Ruth-351 Sells, Judy Carol-522 Selph, james Leon-338 Settle. Patricia Ann-279 Sexton, Roy Denver, Jr.-304 Sexton, Wendell Duel-322 Shadden, Sammy Terry-292 Shadden, Virgil Amos-292 Shadrick, Dennie Joel-322 Shati, Mahmoud-322 Shakibi, Hasser-322 Simms, Claude Norwood-322 Simms, Vincent Dean-322 Simonton, Mary L.-338 Simpson, james Melvin-351 Simpson, Lawrence, jr.-35l Sims, Aquilla Gee-338 Sims, Darnell-351 Sims. Linda Kay-351 Sisemore, Daniel jack-322 Sisk, Wm. McBride, Il-351 Sissom, James Ray-338' Sisson, Wendell Q.-270 Sivert, jennifer Anne-351 Skaggs, Ann Lynn-322 Xc 304 Skaggs, jamie Kay-351 Skelton, Carol janet-351 Skelton, Michael Wm.-322 Skidmore, Cecil R.-279 Skidmore, james E., Jr.-338 Skiles, Eugene T.-322 Slagle, Henry T., Jr.-292 Slagle, james C., jr.-351 Slate, Conrad Lowell-338 Slater, Thomas M.-338 Slatton, Barbara jean-313 Slaven, Patricia jean-351 Slusher, Gary Dwight-351 Stewart, Stewart Linda C.-352 Nan Sadler-305 Stewartj Robert S.-352 Stewart, Sandra Kay-338 Stewart, Tracy Hamill-352 Stewart Victoria j.-338 Stidhani, ,Indy Faye-352 Stinnett, Austin Lee-338 Stockton, Virginia F.-352 Stokes, Dina IS.-338 Stokes, Ronald Dudley-838 Stone, Gus Elvy, jr.-305 Stone, Michael N.-352 Stone, Stone, Stone, Stonee Storie, Story, Stout, Sally Irene-338 Tony Albert-322 Wm. Calvin-352 ipher, George R.-293 Osval Eugene-322 Dennis Clark-338 Celia Fayne-338 Stout, jerry Phillip-352 Stout, Sarah Frances-322 Stout, Tony T.-352 Stottt, William Terry-352 Stovall, Wm. David, Jr.-352 Stovall, Frcdizt Gale-322 Strange, jannie Lou-338 s E gs gf R s Smith Smetlley, William C.-3.5! Smith, Barbara Gayle-322 Smith, Billy Leon-322 Smith Bobby Ray-279 Smith Bobby R.-338 Smith Smith Smith Brenda Carol-351 Carolyn K.-304 Charles Melvin-351 Smith Dianne-322 Smith Floyd Ray-351 Smith Frank Edward-338 Smith Gary Leonard-351 Smith Glen-322 Smith Glenda Sue-351 Smith Harold Richard-322 Smith l-lomer Lynn-351 Smith Howard Mason-338 Smith Howard Wayne-351 Smith, James Bernard-338 Smith James T., III-304 Smith Jerald Dale-292 Smith jerry Cooper-338 Smith jerry Douglas-292 Smith jo Kathleen B.-351 Smith Joe Lynn-351 Smith Smith Smith Smith Stnith 1 Katherine Anne-351 Larry Hulon-279 Larry Ray-351 Marcia Susanne-351 Maralyn-351 Smith, Marvena Rose-322 Smith, Michael L.-351 Smith, Milton Elliott-351 Stnith Patricia Ann-351 Smith Richard Layne-351 Smith Stnith 1 Richard Y., Jr.-351 Robert Lee-304 Smith, Ruby Ann-351 Smith, Sandra Joyce-338 Smith, Virginia Ann-338 Smith, Virginia Gail-351 Smith, Wanda Sue-304 Mfinola Blanche-313 Strickland, Linda Sue-358 Stringer, David R.-352 Strong, Phyllis Ann-338 Strunk, Patil Richard-352 Stuart, Sidney White-293 Stuart, Teresa Lynn-352 Stubbleiield, Michael-352 Stubblelield, Ted, jr.-338 Studer, Sebastian, Jr.-338 Stnlts, Dallas Morgan-338 Stutts, Hubert P., jr.-338 Stutz, Charles Ronald-338 Suarez, Enrique A.-293 Suits, Delores Helen-352 Sullins, Jerry Earl-338 Sullivan, Gary L.-359 Sullivan, Donald P.-293 Sullivan, James P.-352 Sullivan, Robert E., Jr.-352 Sullivan, Wayne V.-352 Michael S.-352 Ross, William Fitts-351 Shanks, Fred W.-338 Ross, William Gray-322 Shanks, Lawrence E.-338 Rottcrs, llenry C.-337 Sharbel, Herbert J.-351 Smithfield, David A.-322 Smithson, Charles, jr.-293 Suedecor, Catherine B.-351 Sneed, Betty jo-351 Sneed, Mary Elizabeth-338 Snyder, Alva Darlene-322 Sodemann, Jelfrey P.-351 Solomon, Thomas C., III-279 Sonnen, john Kennedy-322 Sowders, Teddy Luther-322 Spangler, Hugh Lamar-313 Spann, Charles S., jr.-351 Sparkman, Camilla Kay-305 Sparkman, joe B., Jr.-305 Sparks, Donna Louise-351 Speakman, James N.-293 Speck, Ronald Floyd-351 Speich, Garry Duane-305 Speir, l-Iarley Joe-322 Speir, Ova Linda-551 Spice, Rebecca Ann-338 Spitlcr, Donna Lee-351 Spodeck, Walter David-351 Summers, Larry Alan-339 Summers, Thelma Jean-339 Summey, Edwin William-352 Sumner, David Anson-293 Sutherland, Charles M.-338 Sutherland, Janice E.-352 Suttle, Suzanne-322 Swallord, Cheryl Ann-323 8: 3 Swafford, john Hughes-323 Swatlord, Robert F.-352 Swallows, jerry Dale-270 Swallows, Ralph Lee-323 Sweany, Katherine A.-352 Sweat, Patricia Ann-323 Sweeney, Robert H.-338 Swift, Elece-313 Swift, Sidney Mack-279 Sykes, Ronald Harper-352 Taber, Brenda Faye-339 Tabor, Carolyn J.-339 Tabor, Linda Sue-352 Taft, Charles Oliver-339 Taggart, Anna Ruth-352 Tallent, James Q.-339 Talley, Roger Neal-339 Tallman, Larry Wayne-352 Tarpley, Hazel Marie-339 Tarpy, james Michael-323 Tarter, Ada Lynn-339 fate, Jerry Kenneth-305 Tate, Sarah Marie-339 Tatum, William Reed-339 Taylor, Carolyn Craig-352 Taylor, Ernest Norman-282 Taylor, Lucinda Rose-339 Taylor, Marshall T.-323 Taylor, Pamela Edna-339 Taylor, Rhonda Kaye-339 Taylor, Robert Elmer-323 Taylor, Sherry Lynn-339 Teague, Bill Albert-339 Teague, James A.-339 Teal, Ethel Mae-352 Teasley, Jimmy Lee-352 05 Page 433 Terr , Douglas Wayne-352 White, Donnie Ray-340 Tedder, Eugenia-339 Telletellcr, Billy H.-339 Templeton, Brenda C.-352 Tennyson, Alfred, jr.-270 Terry Terryi Allan Paul-339 Donald R.-339 Thompson . Y Terry, Michael H.-339 Terry, Roger Keith-270 I'extor, Gail Marie-323 l'haxton, Tliaxton, Thoman, Thomas, Thurman G., jr.-293 Walter H., Il-352 james Robert-352 Deanna Lynn-323 Thomas, james Alfred-323 Thomas, james Houston-339 Thomas, Neva Ann-323 Thomas, Ronald David-282 Thomas, Sally jo-339 Thomas, Tony-339 Thomas, Nllilliam Glen-352 Thomas, Wm. Guy-352 Thompson, Ada R.-339 Thompson, jack B., jr.-352 Thompson, Bettye C.-323 Thompson, Frances C,-305 Thompson, Horace G., jr.-339 Thompson Thompson Thompson Thompson james R.-293 jjerry Lee-352 , john Dee-352 , Larry Flack-339 ik 3 Thompson Linda Faye-352 Thompson Marilyn E.-339 Thompson Patil Edward-271 Thompson Ralph E.-352 Shirley S.-323 R 305 Walker, Gilford Edgar-353 Thompson, Wm. Felbert-20 Thornton, Sara Eliz.-339 Thrailkill, Linda D.-352 Thurman, Dewey D.-339 Thurman, Lawrence, jr.-323 Tiesler, james Thomas-323 Tippens, Clark B., III-293 Tippitt, Philip li.-352 Tipps, Helen Carol-352 Tipps, Richard D.-352 Tittle, jolm l-larvey-352 Tittle, Louis C.-339 05 STUDENT INDEX-Continued Tittswortlt, Janice M.-352 Todd, Donald E., jr.-339 Todd, james W.-339 Todd, Mary Dee-339 Todd, Mary jaequeline-306 Todd, Ray C.-339 Tollett, Marvin Dale-339 Tollett, Wayne Burton-Elfl9 Tongate, Dorris C.-352 Toombs, Nora Lee-339 Towns, Roderick E.-339 'l"ramel, Eddie Lewis-E352 Tran, llicb Van-339 Treadway, judy Ann-352 Treadway, Terrence P.-271 Trewhitt, Barbara C.-271 Trewliitt, Gloria j.-306 Trimmer, Diedre Ann-352 Tripp, Nelia jean-339 Trolinger, Svilliam D.-306 Troll, jatnes NV., jr.-330 Troutt, W'illiam li.-339 Troutt, William Ewing-339 True, Richard Alan-352 Tubb, jackie S.-339 Tutzker, Carol Wiggins-323 Vaden, Vaden, Vaden, Vance Anise Louise-352 Carol Ann-352 john David, jr.-282 Charles Robert-352 Vance: Gray Epps, jr.-339 Van Deren, Vicky-2552 Vanderpool, jack R.-313 Tucker, Gayle Lynn-352 Tucker, Joe Wayne-352 Tuell, George Reid-282 Toggle, Linda Dianne-352 Tuggle, Mlm. Damon, jr.-352 Tune, Michael Wm.-294 Tu rek, Cl 'u rne r jacqueline M. R.-339 , Nelson XV., jr.-E552 Turner, Perry L., jr.-339 Turner, Robert Lewis-330 T Van Dyke, john Wm.-323 Van Hooser, Harold W.-352 Vantrease, Charles A.-352 Vantrease, David Lehn-352 Van Wagner, Susan C.-339 Vaughan, Roy Allen-339 Vaughn, james Leland-352 Vauglm, Nelson C.-353 Vaughn, Steven Tltotnas-339 Vaupel, 1-Lllen Roselyn-339 Veach, Clarence W.-339 Veal, Sandra Elaine-353 Ventrice, Marie Busek-294 Viar, james DeWitt-339 Vick, tVtn. Robert-339 Vickers, David L., Sr.-323 Vines, Brenda Sue-339 Vines, Hugh Wendell-339 Vines, Susan Ozella-353 Waddell, Martha j.-339 Wade, jack Thomas-353 Wade, joseph Larry-340 Wade, William David-323 Sc 294 Wagner, Nancy Gene-353 Wakefield, Charles Mc.-353 Wakclield, james K.-340 Walden, Kenneth D.-353 Waldrop, jimmy D.-353 Waldrop, Michael Dean-340 Wheeler, jackie Wayne-306 Wheeler, Mary Nelle-353 Whitaker, jere Lynn-340 Whitaker, Margaret K,-353 Wltite, Anna Rose-E540 White, Charles R.-353 White, l'll'2llllilll'1 T.-294 White. Getta Rose-353 White, james Guy, ll-323 White, james Keene, jr.-340 White, james Parris-271 White, Linda Iillen-353 White, Lou S.-340 White, Thomas Alan-353 White, Thomas R., jr.-294 White, W. C.-306 White, NVayne Ralph-353 White, NVilliant Robert.-340 Nllhite, William S.-340 Whiteaker, Cecil K.-353 Whitcaker, Larry l-l.-340 Xvhiteaker, Lawrence-340 Whiteaker, Mary F.-340 Whitelield, Glenn li.-340 Whitehead, james 'l'.-353 Whitehead, johnathon-340 urner, Travis XVayne-352 Turpin, Donald Ross-339 Tyler, jerry Wayne-339 Uaananta, Paitoon-339 Ullelmann, Natalie M.-352 Uhles, Mary Betty-306 Umberger, Frank K., Ill-294 Underwood, Lynn B.-339 Underwood, Ray M.-339 Upton, Betty Sue-323 Utley, Suzanne-352 Walker, Anita E.-323 Walker, Charles B.-340 Whitley, Edward A.-282 Whitnel, Alma Dee-3-'10 Whitson, Dare C.-3410 Whittenbarger, jim ll.-27l Wicks, james A.-340 Wieland, Cynthia Ann-313 Wilbnrn, jerry Grant-353 Wilbttrn, Kenneth L.-306 Wiles, lfred F.-340 Wilhelm, Arthur Lee-340 Wilkes, jerry Marker-EHS Wilkey, Ronnie Terry-353 Wilkinson, Larry Dale-Ii-40 Walker, john Davis-323 Walker, Larry Richard-323 Walker, Linda jane-353 Wall, Lawrence Allen-340 Wallace, Gary M.-340 Wallace, jane Rachel-282 WVallace, Margaret Ann-353 Wallace Mary V.-340 Contact between local students and foreign students is great for international relations! Winlort Waller, Roland Dudley-340 Waller, Stephen I-1.-353 Waller, Tommy Dow-294 Wallin, Teddy Clifton-340 Walling, Carolyn Marie-271 Walling, Patricia A.-323 Walters, Cynthia jean-353 Wandell, james Craig-353 Ward, Gayle G.-313 Ward, Robert C.-271 Ward, Robert Frank-340 Warden, Donald Dean-340 Ware, Susan j.-3-l0 Warmack, William R.-3-40 Warnack, Robert Gary-353 Warren, Everett Gene-340 Warren , Kathleen-EHO Warren, Randall Dee-353 Warren, Robert Ray-282 Washer, jolmny E.-340 Washer Phillip Reed-340 Waters, john Delbert-340 Watkins, Edward Wayne-323 Watson, Ann Marie-340 Watson, Cecilia N.-306 Watson, Charles B.-353 Watson, james Russell-S40 Watters, George Wayne-323 Watts, Charles Oliver-340 Watts, james Davis-340 Watts, julia Ann-340 Xvatts, Milton Howard-353 Way, james E.-3-l0 Vlleaks, Ronald Eugene-340 Weaver, Paula D.-306 Webb , Donald Wayne-294 Willeford, Gerald C.-313 Williams, Amy Marinda-306 Williams, Charles, jr.-353 Williams, Charles S.-353 Williams, Daniel C.-353 Williams, Guy Stephen-353 Williams, james C.-294 Williams, james S., jr.-353 Williams joel Carl-340 Williams: Mary Elaine-306 Williams , Phillips N.-353, 29-l Williams, Richard-353 Williams, Rose Lou-3-10 Williams, Sara M.-306 Williams, Thomas li.-340 Xvilliams, Walter Lee--353 Williams Wanda lfaye-353 Williamson, Gary W.-353 Willis, Charles G.-340 Willis, Freddy Warner-294 Wilnioth , Tracy M.-323 Wilson, Barbara A.-353 Wilson Barbara j.-340 Wilsonj Wilson, Charlotte L.-340 Claude Arthur-323 Wilson, jon Harmon-340 Wilson, Kenneth Drew-353 Wilson, Larry Newton-340 Wilson, Larwence li., jr.-294 Wilson. Thomas Gerald-282 l, Douglas B.-340 Webb, George E., jr.-340 Webb, George William-325 lk 29-1 Webb, james David-294 XVebb, james Larry-340 Webb, james Lee-282 Webb, janet C.-840 Webb, Linda Sue-353 Webb, Marilyn G.-3-10 Webb, Nancy Cheryl-353 Webb, Osrar 0.-340 Webber, Charles David-353 Webber, Lady Merryman-340 lvebster, Gordon D.-271 Webster, Harry S.-340 XVt-bster, Susan Litton-340 Weese, Samuel Reno-353 Weis, james Richard-353 Welch, Donald Ray-323 Welch. George Rickey-353 Welch. Sue Ann-340 Weller, jo Ann-340 Wells, Iidythe M.-E540 Yvells, Marilyn Ann--323 Wells, Rebecca Lynn-340 Wells. Vernon F., jr.-282 Y'Vells, William Paul-323 Wendt, Wm. I-larvcy-353 Wert, l.inda Kay-353 Wert, Robert john, jr.-340 West, Albert Edward-3110 lVest, Charles Milton-271 Mlcst, jerry Evertt-3l3 XVL-st, Norina Anna-340 XVest, Robert 12.-3-10 Yvest, Robert William-353 Whaley. Vera Sue-306 Wheel lVheel er, Charles E., jr.-3-'l0 er, Donald S.-340 Winfree, Dewey Estes-353 Winlrce, ,linnnie Cole-341 Winfree, Sam Kenneth-313 Wingfield, Cecil Xvood-341 Wininger, J. D.. JT--232 Winningham, Elsie L.-341 XVinningham, Linda C.-353 Winningham, Roger E.-341 Winters, Ronald Lee-271 Vlinton, Charles Edwin-341 Wise, jimmie Howard-306 YViseman, james A.-341 XViser, james N.-341 Wishart, Allington 1'.-341 Xvisner, Wayman Edward-3-il Witherow, Vernon D.-Sell Witt, Edward Eugene-282 Wix, judy Diane-353 Wolf, Christine I-I.--341 X'Volfe, Alva Nell-306 Wolfe, Linda P,-34l Wolfe, Marguerite-341 Wolgamott, Hazel A.-322 Womack, Sammy E,-34l Wood, Hunter Lee-fl4l Wood, james LeRoy-325 Wood, james L.-341 Woodall, james M.-353 XVoodard, james l'Vm., jr.-341 Wooden, Hazel Bernice-E353 Wooden, joe Donald-341 Woodl'ord. George V.-S41 Woodmore, Larry H.-294 Woods. William Gary-34l Woolbright, Dewey W.-3-ll Woolbright, William C.-282 Wootten, Larry joseph-353 Vtlortley, Gail F.-353 Wright, Bobby Howard-3-ll Xtlright, Brian R.-353 Wright, Howard F.-294 Wright, jack Warren-353 VVright, james Perry-341 Xfilright, john Edward-353 Wright, Linda Sue-306 Wright, Nick Steve-34l Mlrigbt, Philip Edward-341 XVright, Ralph Dudley-353 Xvright Roberta Ann-341 YVrye, Robert Gerald-323 Wyatt, Fred King, jr.-353 Wyatt, Gury Patton-323 Wyatt, Stephen Ensor-341 Yamuni, John Michael-282 Yates, Gail Alvin-34l Yates, Michael Matllis-353 Ahels, Elizabetll-284 Adatus, William H .-200 Adkins, Marvin G.-272 Alexander, Frank D.-282 Allen, Vernon R.-262 Anderson, Peter D.-282 Arthur, Neal T.-232 Ashburn, Howard G.-2151 Atkinson, Ronald O.-2Gl Ayers, Harold E.-273 Bacon, Reba-261 Badgley, XY. H., Jr.-262 Ballal, S. K.-2152 Bannister, YVilliam W.-261 Bassett, Robert J.-257 Beal, Sp.5 Samuel L.-282 Beard, Jacob T. B.-261 Bedwell, Robert L.-309 Below, Mary-307 Bertram, Marshall-262 Bertram, Thelma-296 Boles, Ralph C.-283 Bonner, William H.-273 Bonta, Capt. Stanley G.-282 Box, Donald L.-282 Boyer, Capt. Kenneth S.-282 Brewster, Paul G.-262 Brown Brighham, Marsha-26l B rown B ro w n , Betty-315 , Evelyn-262 Brown, James S.-281 Brown, Kathleen-257 Brown Martha-262 Brown: Raymond H.-296 Brown, Susan-262 Brown, Virginia-257 ing, Frances-262 Nichols, Glen L.-273 0'Callaghan, Anne-295 Bruce, Claude WV.-262 Brumbelow, Charles-272 Bryan, Lucile M.-257 Buck, James P.-257 Bullington, John A,-282 Bullion, George XV. M.-308 Busse, Norman G.-272 Bush, Capt. Xllilliam A.-282 Byrom, J. Marvin-282 Byrom, Mary A.-296 Cameron, Alberta-257 Cameron, Billie CMrs.j-272 Campbell, Don-272 Cannella, Albert A.-282 Childress, Robert Q.-282 Chilton, Patricia-257 Cho, Wlhewon-272 Chung, T. J.-282 Clark, John B.-262 Cook, Don R.-272 Cooper, Albert H.-312 Cooper, John J.-296 Cooper, Mattie Sue-257 Cornelius, Edward-273 Craighead, Mildred-257 Crain, C. Robert-296 Craun, Horace D.-282 Crawford, Leonard-253, 255 Crawford, Lloyd XV.-282 Creek, Joseph XV.-273 Culp, Frederick L.-260 Daryanani, G. T,-282 Davis, Lynda-257 Deason, Dewey H.-282 Delforcl, Catherine-262 Derryberry, Everett-253 Diemer, Richard D.-262 Dimmick, Ralph W.-262 Ditty, Mattye M.-257 Dixon, Edmond D.-262 Dixon, John L.-282 Dixon Nancy-296 Dooley, Elmo S.-262 Adams Plastics-407 Algood Super Mart-E388 Anchor Serum Co.-375 B k B Restaurant-374 Beacon Restaurant-365 Beaunit Fibers-424 Ben Franklin Store-355 Big K-396 Bob's Shop for Men-370 Borden Electric Company-59 Bortlens Jewelry-359 Bowser, Inc.-397 9 STUDENT INDEX-Continued Yearout, Sandra Jean-353 Yeary, David Lee-341 Yokley, Thomas R.-353 York, Amanda Anne-341 York, Libby L.-341 York, Margaret F.-353 Young, Carolyn Ann-341 Young, Charles W.-341 Young, Gary Frank-341 Young, Jean I..-353 Young, Jerry Leon- Young, Jimmy D.-294 FACULTY INDEX Young, Jimmy Daniel-541 Young, Joan Lee-351 Young, Ronnie Dean-323 Young, Susan E.-341 Doran, James M.-262 Dotson, James R.-296 Drost, Raymond A.-296 DuBey, Robert E.-296 DuBois, Rose-296 Duke, Albert L.-281 Duke, John R.-296 Dunham, J udy-272 Duuckel, Ralph L.-283 Dyer, Barbara Sue-257 Iiblen, R. H.-256 lindly, Virginia-307 Estes, O. T.-283 Evans, Elizabeth-257 Eyler, Clement M.-262 Farr, Lottie-262 Fincher, Bette-296 Fincher, Kaul-296 Floyd, lVilliam K.-262 Fowler, Nolan-262 Fox, Jack E.-262 Fraley, Capt. Robert R.-282 Fraser, Richard H.-260 Frasier, Margret-307 Frounfelker, R. C.-283 Frye, Wilbur-308 Funk, Harold C.-308 Filson, R. E.-262 Carton, Kathleen-296 Clisson, Charles O.-283 Gregory, Barbara-257 Gresham, Vernon C.-283 Grifhlh, Jo-257 Grilhth, Mary Lil-257 Gunn, Capt. Ernest R.-283 Kearl, R. Reid-283 Keenam, S!Maj. Claud W.-283 Keene, Charles J.-295 Reylon, Wanda J.--259 Ring, David-262 Kinslow, Ray-281 Lancaster, Melba D.-261 Langford, Elaine-257 Langston, Ethclwyn-263 Lawson, Hoyle D.-295 Lee, Esther-262 Lentz, James Gary-262 Lewis, X'Villiam H.-28l Lin, Kuang-ming-283 Lineberry, S!Sgt. Rex-283 Little, Wilannc-273 Liu, Cheng Lung-283 Livingston, Lois-257 Looper, Charles-256 Luehke, Benjamin-262 Lukas, Richard C.-262 Lutin, Philip A.-283 Maddux, Virginia-263 Martin, Robert E.-2625 Massey, Elizabeth-263 Massey, G. Harold-253, 255 Maxwell, Linda-257 Mazeres, Reginald-285 McClain, Capt. James D.-283 McCormick, Maxine-295 McDearman, Jon R.-283 NlcDearman, Linda-282 McGee, Marjorie-262 McGee, Sidney L.-260 McGufley, Patrick-295 Meadows, Marjorie-296 Harley, Delores-257 Harrison, Florence-257 H:u'rison, Nathanael-262 Hatfield, Sid-296 Haste, Maurice-295 Medley. Mozelle-296 Meyer, David L.-263 Minor, Mary F.-257 Montgomery, Esther-307 Moody, src. Allen C.-283 Hawkins, Karen-257 Hearn, Edell M.-295 Hearn, Suzanne-257 Heina, Fredrick-262 I-lejazi, Hasan A.-283 Henderson, J. M.-283 Henry, Annette B.-257 Hill, Elizabeth-262 Hill, Glenda-282 Hill, Ilood Marlin G.-296 Reuben C 6 ' . .-2 2 Howard, Joyce-262 Huang, ju-Chin-283 Huddleston, WV. J.-308 Hutlgens, Pauline-262 Hughes, James H.-283 Hyder, W. Clyde-308 Inman, Conrad Ray-296 Jared, Collie B.-296 Jared, Eugene-273 Jenki Jenki us, Ben-296 ns. William W.-262 Jenks, Mary-262 Jennings, Betty-282 Jewell, J. P.-262 Jobe. Elsie-296 Jolmson, Amy-296 Johnson, Louis-272 Johnson, Virginia-273 Olll S Christi ne-257 .l Jones, Roger-257 Jones, Ronald E.-256 Jones, lvilliam J.-262 Jones, William L.-253, 254 Jordan, O. Ray-262 Jumper, Sidney R.-260 Kash, Graham-262 Moore, Betty-263 Moore, Fred-263 Moran, T. L.-256 Moss, Donovan D.-263 Moss, Frank R.-256 Moss, Reba C.-257 Muenter, Capt. Wvilliam Mullins, Charlene-307 Murphy, Elizabeth-253, 254 Nolan, Jewel-295 Norman, Doug-255 Norwood, Lt. Col. James NV.-283 Norred, Robert G.-295 Norris, Clio-308 Nunn, Norman I...-261 Olson, Jacqueline-263 Orr, Judy-296 Overall, P. V.-296 Owen, John E.-263 Pangle, Charles C.-308 Pangle, Susan-261 Parham, Bobby T.-308 Paris, James E.-283 Paris, Laura-263 Patel, Homi K.-283 Patterson, Col. William G.-282 Pennebaker, Dorothy-263 Pennebaker, G. B.-263 Peters, Lorraine-305 Peters, Martin-253, 255 Phifer, Ctlillord-273 Phillips, Stanley-273 Philpot, C. P.-284 Phipps, Dorothy-262 Phipps, Cecil G.-252 T.-283 Brown Greer Co. fRern'sJ-391 Brown's Drive In-402 ADVERTISI Brown tk Watson-357 Campus Grill-396 Carl Bean Dairy Queen-357 Center Chemical Company-364 Cliarvoz-Carsen Corp.-382 Chattanooga Handle Company-415 Citizens Bank-381 City Auto Parts-402 Clarence Stewart Auto Sales-375 Coca-Cola Company-358 Cody Ollice Supply-399 College Barber Shop-369 Cottage Cleaners-389 Continental Trailways-382 Cookeville Dress Shop-366 Cookeville Drug Com pany-389 Cookeville Electric Motor Co.-379 Cookeville Federal Savings-400 Cookeville Motor Co.-355 Cookeville Planning Mill-410 Cookeville Publishing Co.-356 Cookeville Recappers-367 Cookeville Trailer Park-407 Cookeville Shirt Company-416 1 Cooper's X Delmar Stl outh World-400 idios-379 Draper Lumber Co.-363 Dunn's Auto Parts-38'2 Piepmeier, Ester L.-296 Plummer, Virginia-273 Power, Waldo-296 l'rescott, Margaret-296 Prescott, YV. S.-253, 254 Pullie, M!Sgt. George M.-283 Quillen, M. P.-253, 254 Rains, Jane Griflen-257 Ralston, Frances-257 Raper, Horace-263 Raulerson, SFC. Leslie L.-283 Rector, Terry- Reese, Donald-257 Reeves, Jack-257 Richmond, Miser R.-263 Roberson, Mary-307 Rollins, Linda-263 Rose, Lt, Col. Charles N., Jr.-28 Ross, Joe Carl-263 Rutledge, XValter K.-273 Savage, Richard P.-263 Scott, Barbara-263 Scott, Maj. Edward M.-283 Sehor, Bozena-263 Sehor, Milos M.-263 Sharpe, Chas. N.-263 Shook, L. O.-293 Siclwell, Kenneth-296 Sirlwell, Margaret-2Gl Singer, Alvin VV.-253 Sirey, Ronald-263 Sissom, L. E.-282 Skinner, J. T.-263 Smith, Flavious-295 Snelgrove, C. P.-255 Sparkman, Joyce-263 Spiltnan, J. E.-273 Spilman, Laura-273 Speakman, Emily-282 Steinquest, Eugene-296 Stephens, Barbara-295 Stephenson, Paul G.-263 Stern, Daniel H.-263 Stradley. l'Vm, D.-296 Stubblelield, Ann-263 Stubblelield, Hix-263 Sulilett, Robert L.-263 Sullivan, Capt. John F.-283 Taylor, Martha-263 Terry, Maude-295 'l'homas, Tommy-296 Thompson, S!Sgt. Howard L.-2 Thompson, James L.-296 Tliompson, Joan-267 Thorne, Joe A.-273 Tidwell, Marvin-263 Toline, Francis R.-283 Tolleson, Sherwell K.-295 Tucker, Wilburn-296 Turck, Merton, Jr.-295 Ventrice, Carl A.-263 Walenga, Father Ed.-263 WVall, Hazel-257 Ward, Elbert F.-263 Warren, John WV.-260 Watson, James M.-283 Wattcnbarger, James-295 Welch, SFC. Billy-283 Wendt, Chrissa-307 White, Helen-257 Whitlield, Powell-296 Williams, Donald-283 YVilliams, Maj. Edmund R.-2 Ylfilliams, Nolllet-255 Wisner, Oriole-296 Wright, J. Richard-283 Wynn, Robert H.-283 Yarlagadda, Rao-283 83 3 S5 East Tennessee Natural Gas Co.-419 Iimory's Restaurant-398 Ensor's-371 F. Hollander 8: Son, Inc.-383 First National Bank, Cookeville-372 First National Bank of Sparta-405 Florida Power and Light-421 -lf Sc W Amusement Co.-356 George C. Dury-373 Gulbenk Engravers-401 Gunnels Florist-403 H ackett's Meat Co.-373 "I'II give you 45 minutes l:o cul: ihal: out! Page 436 r at ,, .i wiv me 4 ge ,Ewen S Z' ez U11 . .E Begg, ,122 lim EE ff? jfs M as Q me as Eg rw 522 .P Zlazfvsn, W. My we i 521: it ef M-1 W rs We Q may es Zgm Sf ADVERTISING INDEX-Continued Harding Studios-363 Hargrove Oihce Supply-386 Hcwg1ey's Music Co.-383 Highland Enterprises, Inc.-376 Highland Rim Esso-389 Hi Ho Restaurant-395 Holiday Inn-414 Hooper and Huddleston-405 Hub City Gas-370 Ideal Cleaners-355 Institutional Wholesale-409 jack Frost's Restaurant-383 jack Sells Drugs-385 jayson's-384 jenkins and Darwin Bros., Inc.-359 J. I. Foutch 8: Sons Packing Co.-415 John Sexton and Co.-385 Kroger Company-423 Ligon's Pizza-361 McMurray-Roberson-390 McQuiddy Printers-412 Maddux Hardware Co.-564 Mnddux Harley-Davidson Sales-385 Marchbanks Drugs-395 Memphis News Co.-388 Merle Norman Cosmetics-369 Metro Board of Education-418 Midway Restaurant-404 Model Cleaners-360 Murphy's Shoe Store-380 New-Way Restaurant-413 Nixon Brothers-408 Pcnsi Cola Bottling Company-368 Percy Cohen-380 Putnam County Auto Parts, Inc.-380 Putnam Printing Co.-362 Ralph's Donut Shop-386 Randolph 84 Parks, Inc.-407 Retail Credit Company-419 Rice Motor Inn-406 Road Builders-387 Robert Orr-413 Robertshaw Controls Company-422 Royal Crown Bottling Co.-378' Sammies Florist-360 Saunders Florist-354 Scribs Motel-370 Scagrams and Sons, Inc.-417 Shanks Motel-377 Sorrell Brothers-4ll Southern Bell Dairies-392 Southern Motel-394 Southern Woodenware, Inc.-379 Sportsman's Store-415 Spring Street Market-366 Stamps Jewelry-377 Taylor Impressions-375 Tennessee Carolina Transport-402 Terry Brothers-588 Thunderbird Motel-390-91 Tire Engineers-369 Titsworth 8: Denny Motor Co.-377 Todd's Food Valu-562 U. S. Army Engineers District Corp of Engineers-425 U. S. Treasury Department-420 Velma's Restaurant-410 Village Hobby Center-413 Western Auto-395 West Side Drugs-399 White Studio-357 Whntson Hardware and Funeral Home- 393 Wholesale Building Materials-390 VVHUB, Inc.-356 Nklilliams Florist-362 Williamson Jewelers-364 Xvinona Motel-367 Woodbine Dry Goods-367 Woodford Motors-373 YVPTN, Inc.-363 W. R. Whitaker 8: Co.-360 Zurbro Coffee-366 eadline are lonely hour Before reading this bit of wit for half-witj, read the copy on page 122. There you should find an "ef- ficiently-runu yearbook. That yearbook is pure fan- tasy. Sure, you conceive the idea, the perfect way to portray the information you have or usually don't have. Next you labor over the "just-right" layout for those perfectly planned pictures. Then comes a pro- cess that can only be equalled by combining the sports of seeking a needle in the proverbial haystack and Ht- ting round pegs in square holes. A foggy translation of the above would include the agony of cancelled picture appointments, the backache of drawing and redrawing layouts and the headaches of working Hsundown to sunup" followed by 8 a.m. classes. It takes several persons to edit and publish a uni- versity yearbook, although one wonders where most of them are by final deadlines. No one, however, wondered as to the whereabouts of Bonnie Gordon, organizations editor, who left a "dear Ed" note on my desk two weeks before dead- lines stating that she was joining "Sing-Out '66." Leaving one-third of her section un finishedg she wasn't the only one "singing out." Ken Johnson, a noble fellow, took a part in a play at the local theater leaving two weeks' work to be done on the history section. l'm not really knocking Ken, he did burn the "4 a.1n. oil" one morning after a full night of play rehearsal. Co-editor of the history sec- tion Lyndel Sparkman Wasn't an all-star at copy writ- ing, but she more than compensated for it on cutlines. Completing ll2 pages of classes was quite an ac- complishment for Jane Osborn, a second year trooper. She is very deserving of the editorship for next year. Good luck, Jane. Claude Conn in his first year as a section editor worked untiringly on student life but probably wishes he had stayed on co-op until after final deadlines. Claude is a camera bug, specializing in telephoto. Right, Claude? Mr. Sportsman, Ralph Shell, is top notch in sports copy. Doing a repeat performance on the sports sec- tion, Shell will be a hard man to follow. Our man of leisure, Jim White, thought he had it made after completing his features section. However, his security was short lived when I approached him as an old high school chum for help on the incomplete history pages. He and I heard the National Anthem 47 times in the last weeks of drudgery. Completing the list of section editors, it comes time for a few words about the Eagle workscholars. Some of them seemed to think they were assigned to the staff in an advisory capacity only and were able to maintain this misunderstanding for some time. When they did get down to work, it was found that they used the Biblical method of typing-seek and ye shall find. There were some real workers, however, and to these I wish excellent grades since this is their ticket back to the staff next year. Having worked on the Eagle for the past four years, the book has become a part of me. Yet, there is one editor who has gone me one better, one year better that is. Tony Beasley retires from yearbook service after a five-year hitch, the last three years as business manager. Tony seems to be a permanent fixture in the ole' office, and it's hard to believe that he and I are now "has beensf' We have spent many hours in the past few years drinking coffee, with guitar in hand, and procrastinating work as we told fC0ntinuecl on page 438j Page 437 DEADLINES- fC0ntinued from page 437j ourselves the book would come out no matter what. You know, it always did. Sometimes the going was rough, but somehow we made it. Hix Stubbleiield, advisor. What do you say about a man who has the patience to guide an inexperienced editor and staff in only two years from a 324 page book to a 440 page book that will stand as a record of the Golden Anniversary of Tennessee Tech. This book stands as a symbol of his tireless efforts to in- crease the quality of Tech's publications. I am proud to have served under him. On the other extreme there were those whose views conflicted with the Eagles policy of representing the clubs by their activities. To those Qwho, I doubt, know much about the publication of a yearbookj I would say that it was a necessary stepg however, aside from its necessity, I feel it is the staff's job and re- sponsibility to put out the yearbook and not to be dictated by those who do not share that work nor the responsibility. A second disappointment came in the features section. Although it was explained by our engraver that a full, black-background vignette was not feasible for the class beauty pictures, I can't understand how other yearbooks are able to obtain the desired effect. To Mr. Landrum and Mr. Bradshaw at McQuiddy Printing Company I say, thanks. I have never worked with two nicer or more patient guys. About 10 days after the final deadline was met, an attack of appendicitis and a minor operation later found me sacked out for a few days in the local hos- pital. Even though the word was out that it was a mental breakdown, I welcomed the "vacation" from the late hours and early classes. However, I soon found that time, tide, and yearbooks wait for no man when Mr. Stubblefield appeared bedside with page proofs to be edited. As my last few words as editor, I would like to wish Jane and her staff the best and may they learn from our mistakes. M H . . Page 438 In honor of those who are retiring J. M. HENDERSON Henderson Hall was named in honor of J. M. Henderson who came fo Tech in I924. It is through his efforis thai much of the foundation was laid for today's dynamic College of Engineering. DR. CECIL G. PHIPPS Professor of Mathematics came to Tech in I960 ANNE GRACE O'CALLAGHAN EDWARD G. CORNELIUS Assistant Professor of Music Professor of Business Administration came to Tech in I962 came 'co Tech in l95I Page 439 DERRYBERRY HALL A state-supported university offering the degrees of Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, and Master of Arts, with high academic standards, a well trained faculty, and many new plant facilities. A convenient location in the midst of a diversified recreational and scenic area. An outstanding R.O.T.C. program. Splendid training at low cost in three undergraduate collees-Education, Arts and Sciences, and Engineering Qinclud- ing strong pre-professional curriculaj-two undergraduate schools-Business Administration and Agriculture and Home Economics-and the Graduate School. Emphasis upon a student-centered program with particular attention to the individual on one of Aruerica's friendliest campuses. Tuition free to residents of Tennessee. Address correspondence with the university as follows: General Administrative Policies ....,......... .... . ..................... P resident Admissions and General Inquiries ...... Dean ot Admissions and Records Alumni Affairs .,,,........... .. . ..... Director of Alumni and Development College and Career Days .......... .........,..... D ean of Admissions and Records Degree Requirements, .,.......,, Dean of the school in which the curriculum is offered Financial Aid, Scholarships, Student Employment , .... ,. .,... Dean of Student Services General Academic Policies .,,................... .. ..... Dean of the Faculty Graduate Studies ,,.......,..., ,..... .... ....., D e a n of Graduate School In-Service Classes for Teachers Off-Campus Classes ....,,,. .,... C hairman, ln-Service Education Department Saturday Classes on Campus, ,. ............ Co-ordinator, Saturday Program Room Reservations ............ .......... D ean ot Student Services Transcripts ot Record ........ ,... D ean of Admissions and Records Tennessee Technological University COOKEVILLE, TENNESSEE Page 440 .' . V, . . rv- , .1 I ,U AA Z.. ,. - , .1 1 " 2' ' "' ' ' ' ' H: L' ' .. , V 9. '-w- .. ., .... , . A ,V , ' . ,Q 1 4, -, gg, :..,1,..:+ .'.-3:3-14.ipn::g,Q.gi-V Lim.,-.1i.i1..:3Ei:.e35ziQ.iQi3,if:4,54fudg:fx-g:gsa1aq.:.....-an ..- A, :L4,gg,,,f:,-,-:-ef asa.: f-' wwf-

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