Tennessee Technological University - Eagle Yearbook (Cookeville, TN)

 - Class of 1946

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Tennessee Technological University - Eagle Yearbook (Cookeville, TN) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Cover

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V l 3 AW EW t W 2 m l if W - '-' id ' T T- v Q f 4 M l . H W -. 1 R i . M i HORQQL Vmabw-Lx X X If fl W' p F' 4241 b0"1's ffvfzfmsz-. I I ' 'Aff 'Q ,MEIIE-ng.-:w.:ff 1 f f4'I.r:"6' 'wif ?2?Z'f:4f4-" ' .3943 bf " 4 WWW gumixv ? X THE EAGLE If-7146 0 VOLUME XXI Annual Publication of the Students of TENNESSEE POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE COOKEVILLE, TENNESSEE .Q 1 A " 1Q , 1 1 2' W . NJ, wings' ,ci T i W 5' .fx - , Q . ' ,H - Y his 4 f, - 1 F . T' , ! 14 1,11-af ,yi F U -':41,iii?!4c A' 5 mi: gif gsm' ff, . 3 .iff ' aff- 2, " W 1 F in ..-.MM -mf 'ff -v QM 5 .y3,, 3 , 1 R' - ,Ji Ni! , A.. ,Q 'hes-NM 5' f , . ' kr , lfeflliunu 4 'v . ' is gV4:'5'I'- 'Iles N V . V- Vx x 1 - Ll .iaith ,I F ' ,-1' hug.-. NIM? K. 1, f x " NM" 1' " ,V kwa- . 'S+ . . EX ' I xfl, 1 . Lqfgs Q ., 'b , -55 ,QA A . ve'-Q Q 'WS 1 OU, REMEMBER I f That Iirsl. registration . . . the clzly the governor declieaued the honor roll . . the Club beauties . . . the Valentine Ball . . . the May Queen . . . your post office box number . . . fl'CShIllIlll week :md kzmgnroo court . . . the junior-senior banquet . . . Szuurrluy nights in the gym . . . lbc Vzuldy gzune . . . welcome- bome smiles . . . Dean Smillfs jokes in ebzlpel flbnl, day you were lberej . . Ensler vzzczllion . . . week ends on the eznnpus . . . packing lo go home . . . say- ing good-byes . . . and CIUIIQI. forget gradu- zuion. V .it-.iii -is THAT LAB FROM 3 lo .5 . . . HOURS IN TI-IE LIBRARY . .. PAPERS . . . EXAMS . . . CII .ASSES IN CENERA L. THOSE TERM XVELL, -VAX W. -, "l 9- mr s. .V I, Q q I 15' QT- - ' . 'NL -'G -.m-' 'sr ar Fj ' u,a1,,f . .5--,I L K -3 14' A w ' . .,- II. fl .mm 1 I ,. 1 ,,.i4!- E Q sh I umm I Ugg V 1 A w 4, HM ,wx .3 . - E. W -'fi' M A i W may :gf gy ,H EX ' 1 . ,Q m 9 H Aww 5,55-Q g :RFE 7- X L ,. .: :. . 1- mw ss me an , .15 , f Q Q ,Y 5 I M E, gg, mgw l -1 04 3 ,2- . IEW, W LQ: . E1 ., I- a .. 1, , gm, - - -- E .,. W. W 2 :.: - I If E , - . I I .., :II I M . , :.,.: I 1 I :Q ,E S- .Q i H' - - " " L' N ME, ,M Aw he : f f..- Q -fig new -Q-'gg gif QSWQSEQ- ' EBSQ Bm Q 55 H S 'ff-'Q 5 H FSF H W- ' E E E E as my 5' 5 Q W W H W 5 X 2 ' -gif :fix H2 5 :ZH QI mmg 23:21 Na am II E II' 'Q w mg -Im I' E mg? II II II II E Q iq g ss n .- :-?.asg::5:g35:5,,555Q:II ,-,-, III I a ws ix -A ss 1 :-:-5:5-:.:a:s mass .- I-I 5 E M . E sw ww- -H swam E E E 5 M as H B H E 4. -Q- gs WEE M .i i EFS 5225 555 553: f 3: , ., 58 M :sg . ""' f :.:...:::: . 5:5555 2:2 mf. 1 ,5q. P ""'g ""' " . mf-32533 Eimam- mzmzgkmzsis fa Q , 5,5 QI amass gamgg mgaqjgfif zg gsmnmssx- I, Q, l ' H W HM ig was W B I jg, M , N mm M mm, Hgww H . 5 ' . 5 Q wizvfii 3:33-gwm ., A--- ' ' V 'Z RE M Q15 H nl .f. 2:2 :. :-: , . .. :.:.:.: .,:, :-: A1 M W a ss H wa W M :.:,,.E.I III I II I . L . .,.. :S.5..,., .... W iw W. 51' M E 5 '. " -- .,. .,.,Ig,,,xI. - :.: II :E H gm WW mggfgmg ygw ., .:.:.:. 5:1 . - ff vm E 51:Q1-3555- I . ,.,:.5:3,.,I I-1 .,. .. W ,Q 1 I, MI! 5 ff wg 'zu W Q A :5:.f-:-'-:- 1 , I. jIi -pf--:ug IIIIIQ-. I ' ,.Q gpg W 3522 S W 3 2 E 1. ' .. . WEEK I WWW Mm J - , , , -- "L, L -8:9 "Riff ,J , -I . II .II - A M "T L 4. . ff-: P rx' ,:- :-: a-:- . ., f fa .-:.: :. ef" :.:a.:. .. - . vm 1 , . . - , 1 - .. 1:-:-2: f- - .-. 1 --:-:-:::- -:....:.:.::.::.1.a ' I B wg '- . II -- .'."':- H ma -- ,wh ., I , A ,M . ..,.,.. .... .... I ,,.,... , , , IM I II I hr- ,., .,.,. I III . 1 Avwisi ., hgv, . . .. 2 WM ,,I, W5 was 51. P?-MQ-4-Q E5E' s' -' Magi? , 1 5-. wg mx "" 4 Ja. I 5 ' , .. 2- - f W,,QWg:mM+ ss ss mn mm I uma a sm ma :melbi , . E W ,,-in ...-L7 I ' ' 1 II I Ii. . , I .. Q, .T BSS ' 4 ' ,WJ ff . 35 :B EZEQQSQKQ E M 5-swam gg M,,,1,sm uma V - wa- sz. Q aft- f-NR --Q sf Argo' ww' x ' is 53 5 rr gi: I 1 W ,gg 1 R32 gs KM gs may was 3 ,, f I f ,I W,,,,,,,.Q. If -1 it 1, BULL SESSIONS . . . SEA STORIES . . PACKAGES FROM HOME . . .-XFTERNOONS ON THE TENNIS COURT. CLIZ MIS A - . . H , ,. . A MK W sm. N1 Q s-'- -"' ' " ,451 1 DEDICATION On December 7, 1941, the lives ol? 1nany millions were swiftly and completely changed. That change was felt most deeply, perhaps, by the youth of the land. What had they planned? Here was a young man in college, his dreams of a job'a11cli-zhmohiexliic len under an air of unconcern, of seeking only lfiiiixklere highfschool with his own idea of college and what lie a young woman, working in an enjoying a few years of independence before Xxxi' But now there was another job 'Uh '1' dreams could not be realized until the world was 1 So the young man left college or did not gog the young left her job. These young people saw y were the war. They invaded North Africa, they went on D-Day, they helped to take those Pacific in Fok Bay while the surrender was signed. just the less dramatic tasks that had in creating a world in which their ,.. Now they OFF. They have come back to opportunities and new the becoming an invaluable I with the hope that the memories ones that we dedicate it to those for our way of life. 'k ir s 'lr if ir ir -.4211 f - .ma-ffffxf-E-2- 4.,r.gm.Q.:e..sQr11 f - I-2:-QM-:T-.121 if ADMINISTRATION , it 'Y " F ' 3 ws' if 'Hs - 2.-sd , -:rsh .qgiazicfanf DERRYBERRY .M-Q---1-A ECU2 SMITH The ics! ol' ll good c-xvclllivc is ll crisis. Hy sucrccssfully llliflflillg' Cllfll problem ol' the ZIIDIIOYIIIZIIIY rapid imzrcznsc in cm'ollmc:n1, President Evcrcll Dc1'ryhc1'1'y has proved llimscll' an outslzmdiug :1dminislrz11o1'. 'A' Bcwildcrcd students m c c l Dczm A. YV. Smith on lllcir lirsl l'Cg'iSll'2lliOll clay. I-lc: ncvcr fails lo olfcr :lclvifc :md l'llf'ULll'Ilgl'- lIlCl1l'. DEAN MEADOWS Dean. of SfllCll'71fS In the office of Dt: L. Meadows students can always Gnd ltclp in solv- ing personal as well as scholastic prob- lctns. M R . K I T T R E L L B11 rsn 1' The efficiency of Mt: T. 'W. Kit- lt'cIl's management of thc financial dc'- parttncttt is cotthrntcd by the fact that lic has been ltcrc since thc institution was founded. lJ1'p11rlm1'11l of Ar! am! A'I'IISl'C lJwpnrln1f'nl nj' liinlogy mfg? ,YH 1 xt I Qui , . b ,,,. T 135 V! -.,: 2:22 " H XNNIIQ YVIIITIC C2oNs'mNf:l-: OHLING1-111 llfumm 'I'. timvl-zu E1.Lxs Rucrul-zu. jk. Nl.w.su.,xLL 1,l'llIIH'llII!'IIf of llvnlill and l'l1y.sir'nI l'f1l11r'1zll'm1 18 I'. V. OVER.-Xl.I. 1il.s11-: -101512 CI:xL.v1N Iful-Lv .ll-IXYICI. Num-iN 1111711 rlmzfni of l':IIg'Il.,Y,I E I NI. I-I.-x'r1fIE1,.D MRS. M,xu1m1f: 'l'l-:RRY Ii. Oklou-2 XVISNHR Mus. jovczla Iflowfuum R, O. l'Iu'r1:mNsoN A. W. lmzlls l"11r1'igr1 1.fllIg'!lIlgI'.Y 1 S. L. Nlflfilil-I 1717711 rl llIff7ll of M11ll1em11l ics N R. H. RIOORMAN 1,l'lIlll'f7llI'lIf M. I-'. S'l'l11'.ns 111111111 l'f1'0 II mn fits' Xl,xRc:.fuu2'1' jouxsox lRAY KINSLOYV l".lO0PER EBLEN of Plzysiml Sf'fU7lCC' a HM . n I". U. FOSTER 'IHURMAN W11I'1'soN 11!'fNlVf7IlI'lll of Social SCTIAIUICY? C. V. BRUNER I-IIQRMAN l'lNK1aRTON DrjJrH'Imr'Hl of I?1l11mliu11 Library T. J. FARR J. E. LANE CI, l'. SN1cI,GRov1c NfA'l"l'Il'I Sur: Coomik Business Aclnziuislrrzlion LEWIS -101--INSUN MRS. WlLL1u C. ARNOLD C,xM15RON FOWLER CLARK PARTIN Dcprnlnzwzl of E7lgf71I!!!7'ITlLQ and I17fl7lSH'I'lll flrls , J. BI. HENDERSON D. YV. BIATTSON C. l', l'lIll.1'0'l' U'll.l,.lAAl lxl. LEWIS SI'f'I'f'lll7'3' in IJ1'jmI'III11'IIl of .-lgI'I'r'IIllIII'1' 13-11I',5-nr II1flz1siI'inI ANI ll. li. CZUNRY W. bl. HLIIIImI.Ics'I'oN lSIiUI,,IxII CLARI4 VERNON GILHSIIAM fIssi.s'I1Int Sf'1'I'1fi1II'y In Sr?fI'z'laI'y lo Dean. S1'Crf'l1II'3I Io If!'g'l.YfTIH' l'r1's1'cIf'IIt of SlHdC'llf.S' B1l7'.SYlT .,v. Mus. .XIJIII-1 SAIIIII VIRGINIA U'YA'I'1' MRS. LOUISE EISLEN HAZIIL YVALL f1r1.Ilr's.sr's Diff il in 77 N11 rsz' A In l'77f mm Izc c 'IT KIRS. VERA AIRS. IQYICLYN HOOSl:1R HRS. DOROTHY XVOODLIEY DECK XVILLIAM XI SCOVI GO0Dl'Ah'l'l.lRl-I FOU'l'Cl'1 ASSCJCIATED STUDENT BODY The Associated Student Body is composed of all the students of the college and has as its main purpose the instilling ol democratic principles into the students of Tennessee Tech. It promotes at more friendly zit- titude on the campus through social :activities and class orgztnizzttions. Officers are elected :annually by the entire student body. The president must be at member of the senior classg the vice-president, Zl member oll the junior class: :incl the secretary and treznsurer, members of the sopho- more and iil'CSlllll2lll classes, respectively. This year the Associated Student Body sponsored zu. dance featuring Dick jones and his orchestra. They have also conducted student elections and other extra- curriculzu' activities. S E N I O R CLASS OFFICERS DENNIS CROUCH . . . .... President THOMAS NIULLICAN . . .... Vice-P'resident ANNE GWALTNI-LY . . . .A., Secretary MRS. ELIZABETH PHILPOT. A . . . .Treasurer DOROTHY Fufrcl-IER . , . ..., Reporter -IIM MASON GRAY .... ..., . Sergeant at Arms MR. JOHNSON . , . . . .Sponsor Mlss IVIARSHALL . 4 , . . .Sponsor ENIORS I-Im.:-:N .-wnklcx' Amir. lmv'1'oN. 'l'l'INNlSSSl-Il-I li..S. Il:lsim'sx lll ' Clmrus, '42-'-lil: Business Club. '-12-Wlli: 'I'. C. A.. "l2-'-IUC YOI L. Artist Club, '42: Musk' Club. '42-"lil: ll. 5, li., '-lil-'-llig SCL'l'Cl2ll'Y, . . , . .. . . - . , . . B. 3. ll., 4.1-'-lug l. C. A. Cabinet, fl.:- 'llv. lil.lZAIil'I'l'll VlNCl'iN'l' .'XSHlSURN I,lVlNGS'l'0N. 'l'l'fNNl'ISSl'1l'1 ILS.. Ilmllh and I,Ilj'5I'I'l1I Iflillftllillll Urzulf' Stall, '-l5: lfAGl.l'Z Stull, Vlll: l'i Kzlppn Della, '-15-'-lli: 'l'. C. A. Cabinet. Vlli: I", 'l'. A.. '-llig linvlisb Club, '-I5: lilillll :md Pb 'si- l-. l 7 r 1 1 ful liduczuinn Club. '-1.1-Vlli: Vice-l1'csiclv.-nl l-lenllll :anal .lllYSlK'Ill l'1cluc':ui1m Club, 'flliz lnlmnulrnl Letter. '45: Speech ACl.lVlllCS Club, 'IG ANN liARIlOl.lR lfAGGl'1'I'l' NASHVll.Ll'I, 'l'l'1NNl'ISSl'1li ILS., Snriul Sl'Il'IIl'l' 'I'r:unsler frmn Middle 'l'm-unessec Slate College. GLORIA l'l'fGGY BAKICR CO0KliVll.l.l'i. 'l'l'INNliQSlCli ILS.. Hmm' Iirmlvnlirx llulnc EC0lllllllllS Club. '12-'-lli. 'l'UAlIj0 Wurrl-1 BROWN COUKl'IVlLl.l'I, 'l'l'INNl'ISSlili ILS.. lmxillrrsx Business Club. '42-3143: l,.ibr:u'y Assistant. '45-'-lli. TXIYRTIS lRliNl'Z CUNRY czookl-1vll.I.l'Z. 'l'liNNl-ISS!-il-1 ILS.. Hmm' I5r'onmni4'.v A llnnu' lirnllollliue Club, '-lil-'fllig Seen-l:ll'y l-lmne l'1l,0ll0llllC'S Club. '-l4-515: Speech Avlivilils Club. '4Il"'1l'i: l'i Kappa Delux. 'fl-l-'46, Prcsiclcnl. '45-"Ili, Serl'el:n'y. '44-'45: T. C. A.. '-lil-'-lli, Secretary. I-l-l.:-l5. Prcsidvnl. '45-'flliz A. S. Ill, s?C'l'l'l1ll'y. '-l-l-'-15: Music Club. -Ll-'lbg lnlrzunurall Lellcr, -ln: Miss lerh, -lu. lim-zczlnik l'ZAR1,. Comm-:Y SPARTA, 'l'liNNl'ISSKl'I ILS., Social Srirfnru lfuollmll, '35-'fllip Honor Roll, '45. BERNARD G. CkAu'1'kL:15 wi1l'1'Ll-tvvl1.l.1':. TENNIESSIEIZ ILS., AgI'il.'1l,IIl7'!f College Orrllesllwl. '37-'ilrlz Agriculture Club, '-l5-'lllig U, Army, '-12-'-lb: Velcruns' Club, '45-'-lli. j,xNu:r: Clkoss LIOOKICVILLE. 'l'liNNl:lSSlCli B.S., Business Business Club, '-13-'fllig EAGLI-I Stull, 'Al3"fl'l: 'l'. C. A., '45-TIG. DENNIS ALLEN CROUCH FORBUS, TISNNIZSSEIC ILS., Agl'iC'lIII'll7'l' Tech Aggies, '38-'Elll: ll. S. Army, '42-Will: Reporter ol' 'llrrlu Aggies, '45, Vice-Prcsidem ul' Aggies, '-lli: President of Veterans' Club, '-15-'46, President of Senior Class, '45-'4l3. 4 1 1 I -'vw Ls -.,,e 1 L, -, l I v l l m l 4. I l f . f . , i 1 l. 1. ay'- a A -f l 4 . L4 S E Tech Aggies. 'Al Wlli. Trzinsfar ljnvid Nl RS ROY I.liClI. DONALDSON CliI.INA. TENNESSISE ILS., Agfilfllllllfl' 0-Wlfl, Vlli: Armccl Scwiws. '43-"lb: Veterans' Club, l'll.l'IANOR jAN1-1 DRA!-11-1 CO0Kl'lVll.l.Ii. 'l'liNNICSSl'Il'1 ILS.. liuglish l.ipxcumb Cnllcgc, '42-'flIS: linglish Club, "lil, '45- '4li: l-luuor Roll. "1fi-'46, Austin Peay Stale College. '44: 'l'cz-u'lu-r Aviation Progra in, "l1l4'45: l'rcsidcnt, Pliysirs Club, '-I4-'45, I-'. 'll A. Clmrtcr Member: Wlnfs Who, '44-'Mig Girls' Chorus. '45-'4ti: Trcusurcr Musi Staff, '45-'4li. Sc'i0lu'c Club, 'I English Club: 'l" '15 Businvss Club. c Club, '45-'-iii: Prcsidcnl's Ollifc, '43-'fltig EAGLE JAMES YVILLIAM DRIVER LIQBANON. 'l'l'1NNl'ISSl'1l'1 ILS.. Il'11.vinr:.vx Arlruiviislrrlliml 58-'flllg lluxiuuss Club, 'fill-'fllg Naval 'Air Corps. ARGARIYI' DYER CO0KIiVlLLlC. 'l'ENNlf1SSl'1l'1 ILS., English l". 'l'. A. Chartcr Member, 'llfl-'Al5: Business Club, llulurrtlv l-ll4Li-IN l"Lli'l't:lll-ik l'AI,MliR. 'l'1-ZNNESSICI-1 Ii .S., 13 usi 71 ess '41l4'4li: President nl' Business Club, '4li: 'l'. C. A.. '44-'4li: 'l'. C. A. Cahinvl. 'flliz Circulation lNlun:uzcr of Omrlc, '44- 'fl5, l'ldit0l'. '46 1 Pi Omega Pi. Secretary. '44-'45, Tnasurcr, '45- 4G: President of West. llall, '45-'filig Wbtfs Who, '45-'46g Honor Roll, '1l5. XVILMA U0l.l!S'I'0N 0,xk1ml.1-1, 'l'n2NNl-issiil-L ILS., English jim MASON GRAY l.AwRi41Nc:lf1lsURG, 'I'r:NNl'1ssl-ill: ILS., Clzemislijv Treasurer nl' Asxuriaile-tl Studvnt Body. 'flil-'fl-1: Viu--l'rrsitlvnt ut' Soplmumrc Cla Arms ol Svulor ss: I'rcsidvnt ol' Music Club, '-l-l-'-lti: Svrxrvaiit al Class. '45-'-lti: Wll1D'S hvllll, "li-'flliz 'l'. C. A. Cabi- l'll'l, 'flil-'fllig Clu-mistry Club, 'fill-'rltig ll. S. ll. Cnunfil, '-lllilli. Speech Activitil: ANNE hlYliRS UXVAI.'l'NI'lY CARTHAGE. 'l'l5NNESSl'Il'1 B.S., Clicntislry s Club. '-l-13413: President uf Speech Arlivitics Club, '45: l'i Kappa Delta, '45-'fltig President of Chemistry Club, '45-'fllia 'l'. C. A. Cabinet, '45-'4li: Intramural Letter, V151 Virc-l'rcsitlcnt ul' 40 S tu f Sun Class lu I West Hall. ' 'C Hvcn .: " 0 'or I:.'.', 'A ': Kappa Mu lipsiou. 5 '45-'flG: 'l'rcasurcr of 'l'. C. A.. 'fltig IQAGLI-1 Stall. '44-'f15: liditot' ol IQMQLE. '-lli: VVh0's Who. '45-'fl6. l"RANCl-IS OCEAL HALI-'ACRl'1 GRANVILLE, 'l'ENNl'IS5l'Il'1 ILS.. Hzfulllt and Pltysiml Erlnmrinn EAGLE Staff, H153 Assistant Editor of E.u:1.1i, 'Mig History Club, '43- 'fl4: Collect: Chorus, '-15: Winner of Intramural Lt-ttcr. 545: F. T. A.. '45-'4lig Mu '45-'46. sic Club, '453 Health and Physical Education Club. ll1i'l"l'lll JANE HIGH IZOUKIQVILLI-1. 'l'I+1NNliSSlfl-1 ILS., I-Ionm limmunirs es Club, 'fl2"4li: Vin:-Pirsitln-int nl' llumc' limnoinits Hmm' lirullrrtlli '. ' 'll 'M 'l'uh Autumn Club Cl Club. H- - .2 : 1: . , . izxrtcr Mcnlbcr. Ala- 4b. SENI RS llUl.'l' S'I'Rl'IA'l'l'1R lllX Slll-1l.llYVlI.l.l-I. 'l'l'INNl'ISSl-IIC ILS.. Iurluxlriul Arlx Amos AVl'ISl.l-IY llurul-:N Ill I l'iS'l'Nll'l' MOUND, 'l'l-IN N ICSSICI' ILS., .S'u1'ial Sl'iI'lll'I' llislnry :nul lutm'rnutiuunI Rclntiuns Club, '42-'-16 Mans Cho '42-"Iii: Spcvcli Club. '-I2-'-lti: President nl' lutct'uit1oulI RLllll1llS Club, '-lfl.'-H: SUK'l'L'l1ll'y ol' Spf-crb Arliritics Club, Ib Cuculumu bl1llllllCl'I'0f Orurlf, '-I5-'-Hi: l.:nlmr:xlory Assistant in lima V ROlil'IR'I' jouNs0N llowfxkn si-Airm. 'l'liNNl41SSl-Ili ILS.. f1g'l'i!'llllIll't' 'l'c't'h Aggic's,"45"-Ili: Artur-il Services. '42-'fl5: P11 :uns Club. Alb. ALVIN l'l0US'l'ON l'lUbul.1is'l'01N LIVINGSTON. 'l'l'INNl'ISSl'fl'2 ILS., Agrirulturr Trrll Aggies: Va.-trruns' Club: Aruuul Si-iwirc. A'lAlll'2l. IVRANCHS l'lU'l'CllliSON CO0Kl'1VlI.l.li. 'l'l'1NNl'ISSl'fli ILS.. Hmm' lirruzmliifs llnvid Lipscolnb. '-12-'-lil: Home lirnnnuiirs Club. I . A.. -15. YVOODROW YVILSUN JOHNSON SANTA I-'la 'l'1iNNl-Zsstslf ILS.. Soda! .A'1'fI'l1f'l' Marlin College: Austin Pm-ny Stun- Collvgv: Hislf tional Relations Club. -IARVIS Lovn KNIGHT cook!-:vll.l.l-2. 'l'lcNN1-:sslfzlc ILS.. Agl'iI'll1f1I!'l? Tech Aggies. '39-'4l. '-15: Reporter of 'Il-ch Aggic- of Tech Aggies. 'ftng ll. s. Army. 'fll-"Hi: s. W. P jAc:QU12L1Nx-1 l.,xF1-:vt-tk GAINICSBORO. 'l'lCNNliSSl'Ili ILS.. Snrinl Sr'if'n1'1' History Club. '42-'-iii: F. 'l'. A.. '45-'Miz Wzxync Colle-gc Clmrus, '-I-l-'-lti: Musir Club, '45-'-16. ji-:AN l'Rorl-'l'r'r Lowl-t COUKI-1Vll.l.lC. 'l'l'INNliSSlil'f ILS., llmllh and I'l1y.ri1'aI liflurrllmn Chorus. '42-'-15: Vim'-l'rcsidcut of llcnllh and Physunl Imlurumm Club, '-M-'45: lntrzuuurul Lcttcr, '-l5: junior Maid lo Mtg Quan l'r4:sidcnt of I-Ivzlltb :uul Pllysitful lillllfilllllll Club, 11 lh Blum " ' ul lb Cnulcsl. '4-I-'4.r: Music Club, '-IL-'4ES: Many Quo- , lJ0l.lvl-ZR BRINTON I.0l-'l'lS GAINI-ISHORO. 'l'liNNliSSlCl-I ILS.. Ag'I'fl'lllllIl'I' 'Vt-rh Aggies. 'Ill-l-'-ll. '-I5-Vltii Vi'll'l'1lll!i' Club, '-l5-'-lb Annual iw: President 'l'l'cll Aggius. '-115, - I I W T" W SE I RS LYDIA CHN!-ILLIE NIARTIN LIBl'IR'I'Y, 'l'IiNNl-ISSICIQ li..S'.. liinlngv XVILLIAM BROCK Ix'IlI.I.I'fR 5l'AR'l'A. 'l'l-iNNliSslili ILS.. l111.sirms.v Arlzlzinislrrzlinri lltixiiwss Club, '40-'-13: Veterans' Club, Will: Aruu-tl Sc1'vit'L's, '-'III-"l5. AIOSIZPH l2nw,utn Mount-1 SPARTA. 'I'IfNNIiSSI'fI'. ILS., Sofia! Scifrzrt' I-listory Club: Vutcruns' Club. DONALD EDYVARIJ NIORPIDOCK SPARTA. TICNNICSSEE ILS. lingiiuvfring lEtu:int't'rimz Club. 'IIIIONIAS EDYVARD AIULLICAN MCMINNVILLIQ, TIENNICSSISE ILS., Gl'lll'l'llI liligiizzfwirzg' Iingginccring Club, '-I3-'46, Football, '-III: Trtfzlsurcr nl' Engineering Club. '-14: Tennis, '4-l. '-Ili: Vift'-l'rcsirIc'nl of linginccring Club, 'AI-I-'45, Varsity, '4-I-'-I5: Bzisebull, '45, Club. '-15946: Vire- Prcsitlcul ul Scnim' Class, '45-'46: Vivo-Prcsitlcnt nl' Veterans' Club. "IS-'-Ili: Prcsitlunt of Senior Class, 'illig SL-cl't-tary nl Engineering Club. '-l5.'-Ili. LUIS O. HERRICN l'llll.I.l1's SlI.Vt-:it POINT. 'l'I'fNNl-ZSSIHIE ILS., Hmm' li1'mimni1'x Honor Roll, '39, '42, '-li: Vull0y'h:lll 'I'ourunnu'nl, '45, ISIINIQPIIKIII 'I'ouru:untnt. Vlli. IfLIZAI5li'I'I'I HALL I'lllLPO'I' COOKEVILLH. 'IAICNNICSSEIQ ILS., .S'm'ml Srizfzzrr' Home Economics Club: History Club, '44-'-Iii: Speech Activities Club, Secretary ol I". 'l'. A., '-I4-515: SCCTCIill'Y-'INl'L'HSlITCI' nl I". T. A.. '45-VI6: r1il'CZlSlIl'l'l' of Senior Class. '45-'4ti. XVALLACE SARIUISL I'RESCO'I'I' CIIATTANOOGA, 'l'liNNIfSSI'fI'1 ILS.. fflIgI!I!'l'I'i7I,Q West Georgia Collcgtw I'lmtogrnpl1cr ol' Ornrlrf :tual IZAGLE. 'flil-'fl5: Sct:rt'l:u'y of Engineering Club. '-lil-"Hg I'rcsitlcnt ul' Engineering Club. 'I-I-'-IG: IIITSSIIICIII of Kappa: Xlu Epsilon, "M-515: Whu's Who, '44-"IS: l'rcsitIt-nt of junior Class, '-l-I-'-15. .IANIHS XVINMLI-in RAGLAND sPklNt:Ifll-il.b, 'I'l'INNliSSl-Ili ILS., llIlIll.YII'fIlI Arlx Club, '42-'1Iti: lfoolbnll, '-IU-'4l: Ilnskclbztll. '-Ill-"II: I.t'tlvr Varsity lfontbull. '-Il-"IQ: Ilnrllclor of UI-ZIIIWSS. 'illi- XIICIIAICL EMIL RUKAVINA VIRGINIA. MINNl'ISO'I'A ILS.. Snriul Sl'II'lI!'l' "'I"' Club: Football, 'IIS-'-Ilg 'I'r:u'k, 'SIX-'-lil: llnitftl SIIIIPS Artny, "II-515. SENI RS RUTH Rltit-I IPAIX, 'l'liNNl-ZSSICI-I ILS., Hr'nlIh and Pllj'.Yfl'llI Erluralivnz Assistant Bacteriology Lalmrarory lnstrurtor, '45: Assistant to Nurse. '45-'467 Health :intl Pllysicaxl lallllfilllflll Club. Rov JOHNSON SAMPSON l-1l.MlVO0D. 'l'liNNlCSSPIIi ILS., 1iusim's.r Commercial Club, '35-'illiz Business Club, '39-'-ll, '46, Veterans' Club, '46, Pi Onwga Pi. Rorsum' EARL SIMS SPARTA, TENNICSSHIC ILS., l!u.rimfs.r Business Club, '39-'42, '46, Veterans' Club, 'Mig Army Air Corps, '42-'45. C2r.AlussA ANNE SMl'l'l-l COOKEVILLIE. TENNESSEE ILS.. Home Iimnuniirs Trczxsurcr of Frcslunau Class: Chccrlcadcr, '44 Collt 0 Cliollm I - 'll 1 ' -, '-til-'46: Secretary and Treasurer nl Chorus, '-45: Music Club, '43- '46g Vice-Prcsiclcnt, of Musit' Club. '-15: Home lironomics Club, '-lil-516: President of llunic licnnmnirs Club. '45, Who's Whn, '45: Ornrlc' Staff, '-lfl"4'l. ORAL T. SMITII r:AlN1asu0R0, TENNICSSICE ILS., fimzcral Iirzgirzvwirlg Transfer David Lipscmub Collcgc, 'flfi-'-'Mg Engineering Club, '44- '-15. MARX' Louis:-: STAMPS CO0Kl'IVII.L1E, 'r14NNliss1QE ILS.. llusinmv Business Club. 'Ali-4.1: lcch llcauy. AH- Alh. D0lL0'l'l'lY ANN STRANGE SPRINGFIELD, 'l'ENNl'ISSlil'I ILS., Home El'0lllHIlil.'.T Home Erionornifs Club, '-lfl-'46, Speech Artivitics Club, '-I-V463 Phi Kappa Delta: T. C. A. Cabinet, '43-'illiq ll. U. Coumtil, '44-Wifi: lfilgcsidcnt of F. 'l'. A.. '45-'flliz CllClJl'llT1l!lCl', '43-'-15: Music Club, J. AIARY FRANCES STUllBl.IiFlliLD MORRISON, 'l'l'INNESSlfl'1 . ILS., Malln'nmlir.v Nlathcnialics Club, '43-'-115: Secretary of Matlicumtics Club. '4-1345: 'l'rcasurcr ol' b'IlllllClllillll'S Club, '45-'Altig 'l'. C. A., 'fill-'-14: College Cmorirs, '-14345: lf. 'l". A.. '44"-Ili: Winner of lntrzunural Letter, 'f -'i 5. SARA JEAN S'l'UlSBI..IiFlELD VIOLA, TENNESSIQE ll..S'., Plmzm Econnniirs llmntr El'0l10lllll'S Club, "lil-516: F. 'l'. A., '-I4-"IG: T. C. A., '-13-'-ill: Library Assistant, '-15-'-lli. b'lARlI.YN jov Sruuus COOKEVILLIC, 'TENNICSSICIC ILS., Biology Transfer Cartilage Cullvm: Secretary ol' junior Class, '44-'45, Vire- Pl'CSlIlClll of Chemistry Club. '44-'4li: Who's Who, '-15: llarmonia Cluh. '4-I-'fltic Tech Chorus: T. C. A. Cabinet, '45-'46, it , H 4,222 -f r 'wi N 1 1 . gn V vii in I R S XVILLIAM FRANKLIN SXVAIN llUN'l'SVlI.l.l'l. ALABAMA ILS., lmlmrtrial Arlx I'-Ofllllllu. '-12: Club. 'llfl-'-Hi: Navy, '-lil-'-li. ROlll'IR'l' I.l'Ili 'l'l'l'SYVOR'l'll hll.Vl'fK l'0lN'l', 'l'l'1NNl"SSl'fl'f ILS.. 1'flr'r'Irirr1l I'Ingiur'r'ring VC'I4'l'flll5' flllllr, '-l-l-'-Ili: 'lull l-luginn-ring Sllt'iL'ly', 'llllv'-lll: Electri- nzll l'1l1Hllll'l'l'lllg l.:nbm':um'y Assistant, '-I5-'-lli. r,.JwV W., ,, ff 0 ,Q 979 ,Jin-ff J 0,1011 5,4 ,J I Jjjjju , y-VW' V59' FRlil'1MAN lM1.1.,xs Wfxnnl-:l.l, SILVER l'UlN'l'. 'l'l'fNNI'1SSl'll'f ILS., I'l1-v.vi1'.s Iixlgillvvring Club, '-lfl.'Al5C l'llysi1's Club, 'Allig 'l'. II. A.. '-lfl-'-Ill 'l'm'rll ffluxrus, '-lil-'-lli: ll. 'l'. ll., '45-Vlli. LULA I'1I.Sl li XVALI. CO0KICVlI.I,.l'I, 'l'lfNNl'ISSl'fli ILS., llmnz' I-frnllralllirx Ilmnv lfc'0n0mic"4 Club, 'l.l- -lb. FRI-TD KIARVI-tk Xvlillll l.lVlNGS'l'I JN . 'l'l'INNliSSI'fl'I ILS.. Agl'i!'lllfllI'1? RAYNIUNU HARRIS Wl'1l5S'I'Ifll ISUI-'IFALO vAI.l.l-iv. 'l'l-INN!-18516142 ILS.. Ag'l'il'lllfllI'l' Tool: Aggies, '-lllf-l2, '-lli: llnnor Rull, '12, ll. S. Army, 'flil-'46 Vl'lK'l'IlllS' Club, '-lli. JAM!-is l-IAGGARIJ W1is'1' PULASKI. 'l'liNNx-15515111 ILS., 1il1'r'lrirnl li11gh1m'v'i11g' llnnzl, '42-'4-1: Scrgvzun. Stull: fiuzml, '42-'-H: EllglllL'l'l'lllg Club '-lil-"Ili: Vice-l'rcsimlvnl ol' liugin.vriug Society, '45-Vlti. l l.U'l'lll'fR Alll.'l'ON u'lliI..l'f lIUN'l4SVll.I.l'f. ALAISAAIA ILS.. .Yurinl Sr'im1r'r' l'rL'siclvnl of A. S. ll., '45-'-llig Club, '-lil-"IIB: Prvsinlvnt of "T' Club, '45-'Alliz Wlm's Who, '-15-'fllig lfoulbnll, '43-'-ID, Altcrnzuc Cup lzlln, 'fl4: Bnscbull. 'flfl-315: llislury Club. JOHN AIARK Wll.I.lAMs DOYl.I-I, TliNNl'ISSl'Ili I!..X'., Sllfilll .N'r'ir'111'1' 'Transfer Slilll: '1'c:1c'lncrs Collcgv. 'flflg Inlcwnsullnnul Rvlzuifms Club XVILLSIA YVIILIAMSUN COOKl'IVll,.l.l'1, 'l'l'fNNl'fSSl'fl'1 ILS., li11.x'il1r'.l'.s' llllslllcss Club. 'Alfi-'llllg I-'. 'l'. A.. '15-Yllj. SENI RS VIUIIN AkNoI.Iu IVAI.KIiR IIOUKI-IVII.I.l'I. 'I'I'1NNI'iSSI-il-1 ILS., fIgI'if'IIlI1Ir4' 'I'c'c'lI Apggics: Vclcrzins' Club: Arllu-Il Sclwiu-S. IIII.I. IVINDLIC NIUNRUIQ. 'I'I'fNNI'ISSI"li ILS., fIgl'I!'IIIIIII'1' TI-flu Aggivs: VCICYIIINI Club: Air Cinrpu, '-133415. GM' OLA IVYRICK Imv'I'oN. 'I'I-:NNIcssI-:II ILS., HIIQIISII Biology Club, '42-'-lil: IQIIILIISII Club, '44-'-I5: lf. 'l'. A.. '-I-Ig Vice- I'I'l'SIIIl'Ill UI' I". 'I'. A.. "Ii: 'I'. IZ. A., '-45. I:I.li'l'f1I'II'lIl LUCK IN'A'I'I'1R'I'0XVN. TENNICSSICIQ ILS., fIgl'II'IIlllH't' 'I'uI'h A "iw '-I"-'IIB' I"o0Ib'Ill 'Il'l-'-l'i' II'Isc'b:IIl '43-'-441 Club III-, -I - .. - . - II - . . '-lil-'-15: I'I'I'si1IuIIl ol' Club, '-III: l'rIsiIlvIIl of 'I'cI'lI Aggies, VID: I I' II'I't'lISlIl't'l' III, juuim' Clam, '-Il: Vin--I l'L'5I1Il'IlI ul' Club, '-LI. RALPH DICNTON I'IiDIGO c:00KI+1vII.I.I-I, 'III-ZNNI-Iss!-1I'1 ILS., IlI1si1I1'xs Business Club: Tlu- liM:l.li. Ailvrrlisilmg INIGIIIZIRCF, '-IO: Army Ab' . , , I . C.oI'ps. 'lZ- -In. .jmzu RIIIINIIS IfnR'I'sm1oU'I'II. VIRGINIA ILS., Soriul ,S'r'i1'II1'r llismry Club: Club: U. S. AI'IIIy, '42-Vlti. C1I.ARI-iNC:1-Z I'VII,I.ARD STINSON 0I.IJ HICKORY. 'l'IiNNl-lsslil-Z ILS., Suzrial SC'Il'lII'If lIisloI'y :IIIII IIIICVIIIIIIUIIIII Rvlzuiuus Club: IIIISIIICSS Club: Armed Service: VCICTIIIISI Club. .ANNA AIAIC IIUCKICR ROCZKXVOOIJ. TENNICSSPIIC ILS., Iiuglish 'I'. C, A. CzIIIiIII'l. '43-'lllig l'I'0sirIcIIt nf II. S. Ii., '44-'-165 I'rc'sidcnl V ol' IIIIRIISII Club, '-1.1-'Allig Wbn's Wbu. '45-'-Ili: Axsocizuc Iidimr ol' Umrlr, '45-"III: Ilunor Roll, "ISI-'-16. AIRS. SARAII KIAKLHY SNIITII 1IUOKI'1VII.I.l'1. 'I'I'1NNI'ISSI'fI'f ILS.. Ilunu' Iimvxmilirx IIOIIII- I'Il0IlUIIIIfS Club. HIUNI-I joIINs'I'0N KINGSTON. 'I'I'fNNliS5I'1I'l ILS., II-IIxi1Ivss fIrlIIIini.IlrrIIImI Illisiluzss Club. '-I2-Vlli: Vin--I'I'1'si1lI'IIl of Business Club, '-153463 l'i Ihlllfgil l'i, 'Il-I-'Iltig VIll'-IIITJSICIAIII ul' l'i f,I'l'lK'fZ2l l'i, '-I5-VIII: If. 'I'. A., "IB-'-Ili. SHIIIUFS mlm flu nnl hum' j1i1'IIlI'r'.v.' Al.liXANlIl'iR COX, IIXVIGIIT I'I'fNNI'fY, IIIHUIUIIC RICFIJ. .ANITA YVAIJ, AIOURIC, IIII.I. IIIQNIIZY.,llAIu:I-tx' H, RIIIII. E B.. , .IQ H. W 1' sm f -Ia ,W Is? III .J I II III I I I I 'In I E I is an If mmf In 'MQW IQ? I an U is H . I 71565 E B9 .mg If Un If II I-I A was I in II II n Em limi s I n m n me mn 11 nga J U N I O R C L A S S OFFICERS BILLY M. G12N'rRv JAMES E. BAGCE1 r EVELYN F. STITES EUGENE Timm' . MR. PIUDDLESTON . . . President Virrf-Pwrsirlenl . , , Secretary , . . T1w1s'z11'u . . . , .Sponsor jfmu-is li. Imran:-i'i"1' Ccclzu' Hill, Tcml. 1.1-:Nm-21. l,mnoRN CONLI-ZX' llvinglon, Tenn. O. IPI. lf'os'i'14R. jk. Curclonsvillc. 'Venn -IAM!-is IQDXYARD IEARRIQLK Pulaski, 'lvCIlll. N IARY I-I EN R l ICTTA CRAXVFORD Algoocl, Tenn. XVILLIANI xlACK fjlfN'liKY Cookeville. 'l'Cllll. X IARVIN ROSCOE BATC1-IISLOK Knoxville. Tenn. ROBERT JACKSON CROWLEY Cookeville. Tenn. XlARTl-IA KATHERINE C UN'rHL1R1s15RG llcnus Circck. Tenn. ELOIS CLARK Monroc, Tenn. JOHNNIE E. DILLON Algoozl. Tenn. ANNA Lou HANEX' Cookeville, Tenn. I LASS VVILLIAM HOWARD l.0UIIs CAmvIsI5I.L HENLLI' I-lAvLs Old Hickory, Tenn. DAVID VVATSON joi-INSON Springfield, Tenn. NIARY LILLIAN iYiASON Flinlvillc. Tenn. Tracy City, 'I'cIIII. DAN Cl.AY'l'0N l.l-1I-1 Pulaski, VTCIIII. ABBY SUE NIORRIS Cartilage, Tenn. BILLY ELLIS l"IUlfIfINIis Bl'0lilCl'l0ll, ,l'Cl1ll. I-lIcNkY FRANKLIN I.ovI-I Silver Point, Tenn. ROSE EARLYNL RIIIQII Celina, 'l'cnn. EIIQRRY Y'VILl.lCNl'I AIICRNIGAN flzmkcvillc, Tomi. BOIIIIIIQ NIA! XIANNING Algood. 'IQCIIIL NIARY XVINONA ROARK Hllllliilllli. Tenn. L S CZHARLI-:s lHi,l,lNcs Cookeville. rlqlillll. XVILLIAM l'lAMMUN'l'Rl'll-I Clmllmioogzl. 'l'cnn. BE'l"l'Y RICEVIES SMITH Livingston. 'l'cnn. HAROLD Cokl-1 Gzlincsborn, 'l'cnn. LUUIS G. KIRK. -IR. Clmllzxnoogzn, 'l'cnn. liv1':1.vN FLA11' STI11-gs Cookeville, Tenn. CHARLES GOLDEN Sparta, Tenn. LAXVRENCE PARKS Normancly, Tenn. I-IAROLD EUGENE TERRY Carthage, Tenn. ' I L JOHN M. HALL Lebanon, Tenn. NIARY ALLENE SLIGER Madisonville, Tenn. NIARY ISABEL TERRY Pikeville, Tenn. A'SS ODICLL BRASWELL Rccl Boiling Springs, Tenn. LEONARD DAVIS Spencer, Tenn. :XLl5l'IR'l' R. HUFIVMAN I-lnntsvillc. Alu. LINNIE COLENIQ CARRINGTON Cookeville. Tumi. GEORGE DOUBLI-IDA Y Chattanooga. Tenn. EDWARD llAR1'l-ZR Gziincsboro. 'l'cnn, VICRBEL CARRINGTON BEN HOOPER CRAWVFORD Cookeville, Tenn, Cookeville. Tenn. HAROLD FL1L'l't:lfl1-ZR -Il'IS5ll'1 EARL FRANKLIN Springlicld, Tenn. Livingston, Tenn. CYNTPIIA l.0X'Vli KENNl'1'l'll D. l'Yl.,AN'l' Cookeville, Tenn, Iiloru, 'l"cnn. LASS ADA liwlc ALCORN llullanlo Valley. Tenn. liuwfxkn A. C1RAu'l'R1f:r: Forbus, Tenn. MAMH-1 SUE l-l0R'l'oN Cookeville, Tenn. jim Bon-IANNON Cookeville, Tenn. I-I 1-:LHN If1L:l.ns Granville, Tenn. GUY JACKSON Springfield, Teml. DORMAN CLARK HAROLD EUGENE. CLARK Gainesboro. Tenn. CECIL GENTRY Cookeville, Tenn. JOHNNIE lou LYNN Gnineslmro. Tenn. I L Whitlcyvillc, Tenn. NATHANILLL HARRISON Patlerson, Va. RIARY LILL YAN NTASON Flinlvillc, Tenn. A S YVILLIAM iNlCGlLL VADILN HENRY NIURPHY Monterey, Tenn. Hillmm, Tenn. HENRY D. ROBERTS ROBERT Nou. SANDERS Palmer, Tenn. Cross Plains, Tenn. CHRISTINE SPIVIQY j0If1N K. S'l'AN'l'l.l-KY Cookeville. Tenn. Spencer. Tenn. LEONARD OURS Smithville. Tenn. EVELYN SMITH Gziincsboro, Tenn. IQSTIIPIR AIANIC S'l'Ii1-:Ll Sparlzl. 'I'cnn. 'lilmms L. lbxsmws, JR Cookeville. 'l'cnn. RALPH 'lf SNl'fl.l. Guincshoro, 'l'cml. f1l.ARl'1NCl:l l,. S'l'l'1WAR'l' Cookeville, Tenn. LASS YIIUMAS K. SUDDARTH DAN XLXNNING SWAN XVILLIAM NTAX 'VAYLOR lfLlZAl5li'l'I'I DYER Gallatin. Tenn. Crzllx Orcluml. Tenn. Pikeville. Tenn. ,l"'l'T5W0RTH Cookeville. Tenn. CIlARl.0'l"l'l'I RAY Roni-:R'l' l.l'11i livrinuluzu WILMA VAN HORN RUTIVI YVIKLE U"""U'MAN Guineshoro. Tenn. l.ewishurg, Tenn. Ifzlyelleville, Tenn. Monterey. Tenn. Oli li. U"ll.Ill'l'l'I NllI,l7RI'fD Wll,lll'l'l-1 Woonkow YVILSON HARRIS I'-l. XVINDLE Omcu. YVINI-'RICH S warm. Tenn. Cookeville. Team. Grimsley, Tenn. Monroe. Tenn. Brush Creek. Tenn I LASS SOPHOMORE C L A S S OFFICERS STEWART MORRIS BRYAN JAKES SARA GOODPASTURE ED COLBERT DR. GLOVER . , , .President Vice-President . . . . ,Secretary , . .Treasuwea . . . . .Sponsor I-'irxl row: OI.I.II-1 -IAMI-is Ilfilili. Hicknuin. Tenn.: NANCY AIEAN ALLISON. Cookeville, Tenn., ERAIA ELIZABETH ARMIs'I'I-:AIm, Gordonsville, Tenn., DIQLIA EIJZAIII-:TII BARGER. Daylon, 'l"enn.g lYlARY EMMELINE BOATMAN, Algood, 'l'enn.3 LYIIIA ,l.I,Ic:II.1.Ic BOCKMAN, Cookeville, 'I'enn. S1-mm! row: l'A'l'l'Yl-I jo llossoN. Walling, Tenn., .-XNN ELIZABETH BOWLING, Cookeville, Tenn., CLARENCE E. llU'IuI'RI-iv. Dickson, Tenn., IELSIE lN'lARlli ISYERS, Fayetteville, Tenn., FRANRIE CARTER. Silver Point, Tenn., YVILLIAM WARREN GATES, Lnncing. Tenn. Third row: HEI.I-:N MARGARET CIII'I'I'IiNuoN, Clcvelan l, Tenn., NIARGARIST CLARK, Celina, Tenn., DAVID CROCR- IQTI' CLI-ZIIPER, South Piilsliurg, Tenn., EDWARD 'IYIIICODORE COLIIERT, Memphis, Tenn., ,IAAIES COFFMAN COLE, Day- lon, 'l'eIIII.g JANE CONNIQR, Shelbyville, Tenn. Fourlh row: MARGARITI' jovcli CONRY, l'zIlmcr, Tenn., ANNA NIARIE COPELAND, Alpine, Tenn., DOROTHY ANNE DEBERRY, Bloonningtoii Springs, Tenn., lWAXINE DEBERRY, Bloomington Springs, TCDl1.j REBECCA MARGARET DYER, Cookeville, Tenn., DIARY BELLE EDWARDS, Harriman, Tenn. A SOPHOMORE CLASS First ruiv: LILLIAN BIARLIE IiLlJliR, Byrclslown, 'l'Clll'l.j BARBARA JEAN ELLIS, Kingston, TCIIII.: LADELLI-1 Es'l'I'2S. Lewislmrg. Tenn.: MARY IRIQNE FERGUSON, NfilllChCSlCl', '1'enn.g XVIQSLEY PERKINS lfLA'I'I'. JR.. Cookeville, Tenn., JOHN CARLTON GEIGLIR, Livingslon, 'l'enII. Ser-om! I'UZl'.' ONETA GENTRY. Cookeville, 'l.Cllll.j SARA LE15 GO0Dl'AS'l'URl'I. Cookeville. 'I'cIIII.g IRMA DIQLL CREIQN. Ricldlcloli. Tenn.: JEAN B1ARlli GREEN, Baxter, 'I'cIIII.g EUGENE LLOYD HA1.l"ACRli. Grzulvillc, 'l'cIIII.3 RICIIECCA PAUL- INE HAMPTON. Palnier, Tenn. 'I'lIircl row: JEAN YVRIGI-IT HARRIS, Donclson, Tenn., BIARY CLENIJLIAN HENI11-LRSON, Clevclznnd, rI'CIlll.Q LILNA 'l'ILLIiYHI'INl.liY, Tracy City. "l'cnn.g SUE RHLA HERRISN. Silver Poim, 'I'Cl'lll.Q YVILLIAM KI'I'I'RI5LL HIIg1'I', Carthage. 'l'cIIII.: HELEN FRANCES HIGH, Cookeville. Tenn. l'.IIll,l'flI row: YVILBURN PIERCE HILL, llyrdslown, Tenn., GLADYS MILIIRIQD l-lILL1s, Morristown, 'l'eIIII.g NILLLII5 JI-:AN HUCK.-Xlllili. South Piushurg. 'l'cnn.g HIQSTER MAE HUDDLESTON. Byrdslown, 'I'eIIn.g Alsulla RUTH HULL, Lc- noir City, 'I'cnn.g WILLIAAI BRYAN JAKES, JR., Old Hickory, Tenn. SCPHOMORE CLASS First row: liVlil.YN .Il'1l1'lfliRS, Wm-thurg. 'l'cnn.g PI-IILENA DELL JOUIi'I'l'. Livingston, Tenn.g BILLYE LEE JUDD Cookeville. Tenn.: l'I-zcm' LEI-1. Granville. Tenn.g FRANK HENSON LINDSAY, Fayetteville, Tenn.g JULIA DEE MCCOR- KLIC. McMinnville, 'l4Cllll. Swroml rozv: H. PAUL MASON, l'Vuoclhury, 'I'cIIII.g GENE EVELYN NIATHIENEY. Cookeville. VIQCIIILQ CARRHC LOU MAXEY, Cookeville, Tenn.: LILLIIE MAE NIILLICR. Pikeville, Tenn.g AUBREY EUGENE RIOORE, Smithville, Tenn.g STEW- ART I-IARDY MORRIS, Nashville. Ilqllllll. Third row: YVILLIAM M. NIORRIS, Cookeville, 'l'enn.5 KATHRYN LEE NIORROW, Columbia, Tenng CIIARLENE NIULLINS, Cookeville, 'l'enn.g NIITTIIC HASTINGS PARKER, Springville, 'l'enn.g JANE HALL PERKINS, l-Iurtsvillc, 'l'enn.g MARI' HELEN PI-III.I.II's, Cookeville, Tenn. l'xU1ll'UI rozv: HERMAN l'lNKl'IRTON, JR., Cookeville, Tenn.: VIVIAN RUTH POXVERS, Van Leer, 'l'cIIII.: ROSEMARY REEVES, Cookeville. 'I'enn.g MARY FRANCES RHICA, Cookeville. 'l'enn.g OPAL VIRGINIA RIGGS, Cookeville, Tenn.g NIARGARI-i'l' SUI-1 RouIcRsoN. Pikeville. Tenn. SOPHOMORE CLASS 1 First row: MARY NIARGARET ROBINSON, Cookeville, Tenn, WALTER JEFFERSON ROGERS, jasper, Tenn., BETTY LOUISE ROZELLE, Chapel Hill, Tenn., AMANDA ONAISE SCOTT, Granville, Tenn., BETTY M'AE SCUDDER, Lawrence- bnrg, Tenn., SUE SEWELL, Baxter, Tenn. Secoml row: ANN MIRIAM Sl-IANKS, Silver Point, Tenn., FRANCES NIILDRED SI-IERRILL, Oneida, Tenn., ALLEN DALE SIMPKINS, Nashville, Tenn., JACK FRED STRINGHAINI, Cookeville, Tenn., BETIY JAYNE SWAEIPORII, Pikeville, Tenn., .IOI-INNIE ALLINE TAYLOR, Byrclstown, Tenn. Thi-rd row: KATHERINE TERRY, Celina, Tenn., IWYRTLE SUE TIIOMPSON, Cookeville, Tenn., OLIVER E. UNDER- I-IILL, Woodbury, Tenn., YVILLIANI CLYDE YVEBSTER, Bnllnlo Valley, Tenn., SI-IERLII5 HILL WEST, Forhus, Tenn., VERNE ELAINE YNILLIAMS, Harrison, Tenn. Fourth -row: MARTIJA GENEVA VVILLIAMSON, Alpine, Tenn., BETTY NIARIE WINDLE, Monroe, Tenn., SAMUEL NEWTON YVITT, Whitwell, Tenn., EDYTH ANN VV7JR'l"HY, Lenoir City, Tenn., JANE FRANCES YAREROUGH, Winches- ter, Tenn., DAN VVEST YOUNG, Smithville, Tenn. SOPHOMCJRE CLASS Ifir-.QL mm: EDITII HILL BROCK, Bynlsrown, Tenn., JOSE E. BADILLO, Puerlo Ricog JESSE ROBERT COOPER, Spar- lil. 'l'cnn.g BIARY HILL COPE, Sparta, Tenn., DOYLE VERNON COTHRON, Hillsdale, Tenn., BIARGARET YOUNG DICK- I-INS, Harlsville, Tenn. Sammi row: DORIS DUFE, Cleveland, Tenn., WILLIAM EASTLAND, Spurm, Tenn.: BERNICE ENVELL, Dyer, Tenn.: UARRIi'l"l' FORTNER, McKenzie. 'I'cIIII.g FLOY GARRli'l'l', Cookeville, Tenn.: JACK BROWN HENRY. Pulaski, Tenn. Thirfl row: LLOYD HICKEY, Cookevillcg VIRGINIA D. HOLDEN, Chesmul Mound. Tenn.: JOHN JAGGERS, Hamp- shire, Tenn., THOMAS JONES, Old Hickory, Tenn., CATHERINE RAGSDALIH LOIf'I'Is, Nashville, Tenn., MAE BICGLOTH- LIN, Oliver Springs, 'l'Cllll. Fourth row: OPAL NIXON, Buffalo Valley, Tenn.: EDXVARD AIINIQR OWEN, Cookeville, Tenn., SI-IERLIANA PEERY, Cookeville, 'l'cnn.g A. J. REED, Hickman, Tenn., SAMUEL Cox REED, Pulaski, Tenn., JESSE YVEBSTER RICH, JR., ClIll'kl'1IllgC, TenI'I. SCDPHOMORE CLASS Firsl row: jAsPIiR BAILIQY, Cookeville. Tenn., ji-:NNY LUCILLL1 BIAADLIQ, Crossvillc. Tcnn.: CUNSAWILLO GORE BIL- I.INGS, Cookeville. 'l'Cllll.Q .VXLIIEIU CARR, Livingston, 'l'CIlll.2 HUGI--I ml. CIIILIJRICSS. Cookcvillc. lcon., lfVlCRl'I'l'l' C. CLAY. jackson. 'l'Cllll.j ALLENIQ B. CLOUSIE, Spartzi. lliffllll. Sf'l'U7'l!l row: jon CUNRY. Cookeville, 'l'cnn.g C1-IRIs1'.N1Q C0l'liI.AND. Monterey, Tenn.: YVILL GI.:-:NN CRAW. Ifokn, Cookeville, 'l'cnn.g SAMUEL R. CROWIELL, Unionville, Tenn., lf1AIu. W. CUNNINCIIIAM, 'l'r:1cy City. 'l'cnn.g NIARA GARIJI' IIICKENS. Hansville, Tenn.: jAc:K IIAKIQR llll-Illl.. ju., Nashville. Tenn. Third row: CHARLES CLARK DLJDNm'. Gaincslioro, 'il'cnn.g JXLII-liR'l' I.. DUKIQ, Aslilnnil City. Tenn, JAMES ELROD, Baxter, 'l'cnu.3 LUCIUS EYVELL. Dyer. Il-CIIILQ CLAUIJIQ O. FLOXVIERS, llyrclslmvll. Tenn., VIRGINIA FOS'I'IiR. Shelbyville. 'liCllll.Q IXIILDRED FRANKLIN, Monroe, Tenn. Ifourtli row: LELAND Coma, Franklin. Tenn.: ARNOLD HIGGINS. Clmuzmoogu. 'l"cnn.g QUINTUN If. l-loIc'I'oN, Cookeville, Tenn.: STERLING B. l-IUNT, Cookeville, 'l'enn.3 CI-IAkI.If:s KIDWI-ZLL, Kingston, Tenn.: NANNIIQ l'l'iARI. MA' 'l'I'll'INliY. Cookeville, 'l'cnn.g DONALD E. MI'I'c:I'II-:I,I.. Cookeville, Tenn. Ifirxl 1-mv: MARY xVAl.Dl'IAN Mooiua, Cookeville. Tenn.. MARY ANN M01'r. Cookeville. "l'cnn.g jo ELLEN NIEXVI-ILL. Dilylflll, 'l'cnn.g Cl-Zokul-1 D. l'lCDlc:0, Cookeville, Tenn.g Sl-IICRLIANA PEERY. Cookville. 'I'enn.g M. H. Pl'1"1's. Mount Pleznszllil. Tenn.: GUY RACLAND, Grainvillc, 'l.Cllll. Sammi 1-mu: l'Au1.iNi: Rlczu. Byrclsxown, 'l'enn.g NIILDRIED ROARK. Hunllanclg DoR0'rHY HELEN Rols1akTS. Spar- ui. Tenn.: l':Vl'1l.YN lhsl.1aNif: Rouiiwox. l,uwrencehurg, 'l'enn.g DOUGLAS SHIELDS. Nashville. Tenn.: Cm' RICHARD SMITH. Naishville. 'l'enu.3 Ruifus STACY, Alzirkson, Miss. Thin! row: Cfxksox Il. S'rAN'roN. Cookeville, Tenn.: Ci1,w.1.1-Ls STANTON. Cookeville, Tenn.g SARA TERRY STEW- ART. Cookeville. Tenn.: NI,xni.1c CYYRTIQR S'l'oU'r, Bloomington Springs, Tenn.: JAMES H. Tl'IRRX', Cookeville, Tenn.g SM-i H. ,l'lNSl.IiY. Cookeville. 'l'enn.g Ausoon VADICN. Cookeville. Tenn. lfmzrilr row: WAl.'l'liR K. YVALKI-IR. Cookeville. 'l'cnn.3 JOHN Il. WVALLACIS, Gallzilin, Tenn.g SAMUEL WARREN, Greenbrier. 'l'eim.g Emu. R. Wicsi. 'l'i-anion. Tenn.: LEMON D. VVILLIAMS, Cookeville, Tenn.: I.oLA WILIHTE, Slmr- Izl. Tenn.: l':lJMl.lND li. ll-ZGARSKIQ. New llrilnin. Conn. SOPHGMORE CLASS FRESHM AN C L A S S OFFICERS Rrccs PFUCKER . . . , BOB VISE . . FRANKIE CARTER ANN PIOXVARD M R. FREY . , . . .P1'esident Vice-Presidenl . . . .Secretary . . . Treasurer . , . . .Sponsm xv-5 I . -. 1 .2 ' First row: JANII-is ICDWARD ALEXANDER, YVALTER B. ALEXANDER, BE'l'TV NEUDISAN 0Nli'l"l'l-I, IZARI. DYI-:R ANDERSON, NIARY ANN ANDERSON. SHCOHII 'l'01l'.' DIMPLE FLORIENCIC .XPPLI-f, MELVIN HASKICL ARNETT, RUTH ARNOLD, DONALD BAIRD. CURTIS BAKER. Third row: I-lEI.I'1N JEAN BAKER, YVAYMON XVI-IIBELIER BARLOXV, FRANK L, BEATFY, IIULEN, -IESSIE ALLIIZN Bones. AMONE'I'l'li, NIA! SURRAN AM- NIABEL JOYCE AUSTIN, FRIED VIRGINIA BECTON, EMOGENE Ifuurllz 1-ow: HARRIETI' BUNKICMEYER, FRED LEE BORTIIICK, JAMES LEWIS BOTTS, CLARA DEAN BOYVMAN, JAMES EDWIN BRADSI-IAw, JAMES POPE BRADY. Fifth row: SUE HELEN BRAGG, CARL BRANDT, BE'I'I'Y JOE BRANIIAM, BE'I'I'E SUE BRANNOCR, LUNSFORD CUL- VIQR BRANTLIEY, Rl-llillli IJLLARD BRIQXVICR. AN LASS ,.,.- .-,,, N I 'V 3 ..x JN-5.5 'x NSN X-. A If .AI I, ki I First row: YVALTER YVALLACE BROOKS, JOHNNIE HOWARD BROWN, RODI-:RT Llllli BROKVN, RALPH CORTEZ BUT- LER. BERNICE YVANDA CAMPBELL, BETTY LOU CARNEY. SOC011d 1'0'lU.' PAUL CLARK CARNEY, DOROTHY ANNE CHAINIBERS, STANLEY CHAMPION, XVILLIAM LOUIS Cl-IUMNEY, v JOAN ELIZABETH COLDITZ, THOMAS ROLAND CONDRA. Third row: CHARLES CURTIS CRAVEN, AGNES LOUISE DANIEL, VVOODLEY DEGK. -lol-IN SI-:LLEY DERRYIIERRY, RUTH SHELTON DRAKE, DONALD MASON DYE. Fourth row: FRANK ELISIAIA EASTES, VVILLIAM HENRY EDWARDS, NIARTHA JANE ELROD, jolc C. ELLER, GLENN RAY EZELI., DOUGLAS EARL FAGAN. Fifth row: HARRY P. FARMER. WILLIE HUGH FARMER, JAMES HENRY FENDER, ZOLLIE NIASSICY FERRELI.. PEARI FLATT. MARY SUE FLA'I'I'. FRESHMAN LASS First row: BUDDIE FRANKLIN, HELEN RU'I'I'l FRANKLIN, HELEN .-XNNli'l'l'li FREEMAN, JACOB HOGAN GARDNER. JOIIN BERRY GARNER. JR., VIRGINIA RIITI-I GEARY. Second row: JAMES NIONROE GEORGI-1. JOHN ALDERSON GILIIERT, DAVID GRAY. ANNE GREGORY, J. B. GREGORY NOLA GRIFFIN. Third 1-uw: KATIE GRIIIEITI-I, MARIE SGOTII GRISI-IAM, CHARLES EARHART GUTIIREY, JACK DONALD GWALTNEY. RUTH JEAN GwAL'I'NEY. VVILLIAM IVY GNVALTNEY. Fourllz row: DELMA 4lEANE'l'l'15 GWINN. NIARY FRANCES HAGRETT. RUIIY ELIZABETH HARPER, VIVIAN JEAN HIcRs, GERALD W. HODGE, MARY ELIZAIIETII HOGAN. Fifth row: GERALD DOUGLAS HOGAN. SAAIUEL NEIL HOLLOXVAY. EDA MARGARET HOLMDERG. CLAUDINE HOLT. VVALLACE RUDOLPH HOUSER, EDNA FRANCES HOXVARD. First row: VIRGINIA ANN HOYVARD, DORIS JANE HURT, BUFORD THOMAS HUTCHESON, DANNIE SIMS JARVIS, BILLY KEEN JOHNSON, NIARY RUTH JOHNSON. Second 1-ow: WILLIAM FRENCH JOHNsON, MRS. YVILLIE E. JOHNsON, JANE JONES, DIARY RUTH JOHNSTON, JOHN B. JONES, JR., JAMES MALCOLM KIIJWELL. Third row: JOHN DAVID KING, GEORGE VVILLIAM KIRKLEN, BRYANT LEE KITTRELL, DEWEY KING KNIGHT, DOR- IS ANN KYLE, ROBERT D. LAME. Fourth row: WILLARII LEON LAMEERT, THOMAS RILEY LANGFORD, MARY EVELYN LAXTON, AMY LEE, NIAMIE RUTH LEE, SARA HELEN LEE. Fifth row: TILLMAN EARL LEE, ANNA LORENE LESTER, SADIE OIJELL LOOPER, ROBERT ANNIs LOYD, BETTY ERNESTINE Ross, ROBERT EDGAR LUSK. FRESHMA CLASS I First row: TOMMY LYNN, MARY CORNELIA NICCASKY, CI-IARLOTTE IWAXINI-I NICCLURE, MARGARET AILEEN Mc- CLURE, CORDELL H. IXICDONALD. LEA'I'RIr:E AIOY NICDONALD. Second row: KATHERINE NICNIILLIN. DON DICNIURRAY, BIARIE BIABREY, ROBERT DAVID NIARTIN, BETTY LOU MARTIN, CLARENCE ELMER NIASSA. Third row: DONALD NIAYBERRY, EARL NIAYBERRY, ADA JOYCE NIAYFIELD. MAGGIE JOSEPHINE IWEDLEY, MIL- DRED FAY MILLER, BERNARD EUGENE NIEREDITH. Fourlh row: JOHN THOMAS INIILLOXVAY. KIACY NIARGARET RIOORE, UNA LILLIAN RIOORE, NIARION I-IALL MOOR- AIAN. DONALD NIGI-IOLs, l-IARRIETI' NIGHOI.s. Fiflh row: LOIS ANITA NORRIS. DORIS :ANNE OGLESBY, FRANK XVISE OVERSTREET, LAURA MAE PARKER, CLARA LOU PARRIS, MARIE PI-IILLI1-s 'PA'I'I'ERSON. FRESHMAN CLASS ,J 5 :V 15 .293 I' .N 5 ,QI E, - H. .K ,F I . .ADJ ,Ip C3 rt: nu aa '. mf,- VN limo First row: ERNEST LOGAN l'E'I"l'Y, JR.. ELLA LEE PHILLIPS. NIILDRED HUGHLENE PLATENIIURG. JEAN FRANCES PORTER, BEITY LOD PRA'I'I'. CLYDE CRANSTON PRESTON. Second row: NIARTHA ANN PRINCE. DELORES ANN PROW, NIABEL PDc:RE'I"I', NOEL ELDRIDGE QUALLS. EVIELYN WINONA RAGLAND, PEGGY LOUISE RAMEY. Third row: BIARGARET JEFFIE RANKIN. JUNE REID, RIILDRED EVELYN REYNOLDS, BERTIIE JEAN ROACH. HARLEY W. RODDINS. RAYMOND CARSON ROGERS. Fourth row: YVILLIAM GORDON ROGERS. QIEANNE GARRETT SADLER, GAY LANOFORD SAUNDERS, BESSIE ROGERS ScO'Vr, CLYDE SEARS. MARTHA OPAL SELLs. D Fifth row: DOROTHY ANN SI-IANKS, HARRY WAYNE Sl-IAUB, JOYCE N-IARIIS SIDWISLL, FRANCES ELENE SMIELLAGIS, REDA SIKIELLAGI-1. QIAMES EDXVARD SMITH. FRESHMAN LASS Fimf T01l'.'X,lX'lAN PAULINIS SMITH. NANCY JANE SNODGRASS, HENIQX' -IOE STAMPS, JOHNNIE RUTH STEPHENS, I-IENARIJ DORAIN STEVENS. NIILLARD FILAIORE STRUNR. Second mm- MARY NICLLIE SUMXll'l"l'. .-XENONA ALDEISN FIQERRY. VVALTIER jAc:I-:SON 'l'l'lOMISON. NIARTI-IA SUE TIHIOMPSON. BILLY BRYAN THOMSON, jANI4 'l'HREE'I'. Third I-nw: CLARENCE HUEER TILl.I'1'l"l'. JAMES LAVOY 'I'ILLE'I'I'. SAIJIE BIQLLE TINCH. ELIZABETI-I TVITSWORTI-I, HENRY GIBSON 'l'RliNT, jR., -IOHN XVILLIAMS VANHORN. Four-III mzu: XVILLIS EDGAR VILLINEs. jR.. ROBERT JOHNSON VISE, BELVA MARTIN VVALKER, JULIA YVI-IITE VVALKER, ROBERT BRUCE XYARREN. jAxIIi5 TURNER YVATSON. Fiflh row: HERBERT GLENN WI-:Iss'I'I-1R. NIARIE YVEST, HAZEL YVORTHINGTON VVHEELISR, PLUMA ELIZABETH YVIYIITIZ, MARY AIEAN VV!-il'l'LliY. ANIY .IICXVICL VVHITSON. FRESHMAN LASS First row: WALTER ALLEN, RAYMOND THOINIAS ALLMON, FRANCES ERIS ANDERSON, ROBERT HENRY ARCHER, OMA ODELL ARINISTRONG, ALFRED RILEY ARP, JR. Second row: THOMAS PHILLIP AYERs, Luclus STANLEY BAKER, HUGH MORREL BILLINGSLEY, ALBERT HARVEY BISSINGER, JR., HASRELL SIMPSON BRAMBLETT, YVILLIANI BRYANT BRIINI. Third raw: WINDURN J. BURRIS, HUGH M. BUSSELL, JAMEs EARL CARTER. RAYMOND CASE. CHRISTINE L. CHANDLER, HAROLD T. CHILDS. Fourth row: DEMPSEY CLEMONS, BONNER SUTTON COFFMAN, ROBERT HILLIIKRX' COLBERT, LUCILLE DEVANE, JAMES M. DORAN, BEN TI-IONIAS DRIVER. Fifth 1-ow: RAYMOND QUINCY DRIVER, BILLY C. ELROD, JESSIE GORDON ELROD, JAMES DONALD ENDSLEY, JACK LEWIS FAGAN, D. C. FARLEY. FRESHMAN CLASS First row: INA KATE FARINIER, CHARLES M , FITZPATRICK, JAMES ROY FITZPATRICK, KERIVIIT H. FORKUM, JOHN GIBSON, CLIFFORD R. GOODMAN. Second row: WILLIAM A. GOODWIN. .XRAL BOYD GXVIN. GEORGE W. HARIIISON. JR., NIARK E. HARRIS, KENNETH E. HARRIS, JESSE C. HART. Third -row: JOI-IN B. HASKINS. JAOQUELINE SWANN PIENRY, GLEN S. HICREY. HAYDEN W. HIGGENBOTTOM, DOYLE HINDS, COOLIDGE HOLT. Fourth row: BRYAN HILL HOXVARD. WILLIAM NIARLIN HUDDLESTON, JOE H. HUNT, CLYDE H. INGRAINI, WIL- LIAM C. ISOM, GEORGE JAMES. Fifth 1'01l'.' KENNICTI-I -IERNIGAN, GEORGE H. JOHNSON, URAL KIEATON, KARLTON W. KEENEY, JO IMOGENE KEITI-I, BOBBY G. KEMP. FRESHMA CLASS Fmt row: JOHN F. KENNEDY, PAUL H. KIRIIY, CHARLES E. KUYKENDALL, DORIS E. LACY, MORRISON LOWE, HOR ACE S. MABRY. Second row: LLOYD W. MASON, MARTIN L. MATHIS, ANDREW H. MATTHEWS, CHARLES E. MCBROOM. BILLIE W NICCLARD, RODNEY G. IWCCORD. Third row: FLOYD R. MCCOWAN, STACEY J. MOTT, JAMES D. IWULLINAX, CHARLES NEELY, GLEN L. NICHOLS NOMA R. NORMAN. Fourth 1-ow: RAY D. NORRIS, JEREINIIAH D. O'MEARA, JERE M. PIPPIN, GARRI-TIT B. PORTER, EDXVARD PRECHUTKO KENNETH E. REDMOND. Fiflll T01U.' EMALINE GALE ROBERSON, ELVIN RUSHING, FRANKLIN P, SANDERS, CARL T. SELF, GLADYS K. SHAD- OW, BILLY WELLS SHANNON. RES MAN CL SS I Firsl mm: HARLAN ALLEN. YOUNG ALLI-iN. KIQN BAILIQY, XVILLIAM BOSXVliI,I., CLARIQNCE BRADLIQY, MRS. HUGE! liUss1aLL. Semnrl row: AIACR CALI-IOUN, YVILLIAM I.. CZASTEEL, FIQLIX CIIAFFIN. LUCILI: CovINc'roN, CLESTON DAVIS, JAMES URAPER. Third row: ROBERT ENGLAND, ALEX ERXVIN, jk., JACK Fox, VVILLIAM UARRETT. ROBERT HALL, EARL HARRIS. Fo-Intl: row:EDSl-1L RAY HI-:NsLm'. jAAIIas lfoUTc:I-I HILL, LONNIL: B. HILL. DAVID HOWARD, MARY FRANCES l'IUDDl.ES'l'ON, COLLIIE jARI:n. Fifth 1-ow: A. B. joIINs0N, NOAH joIINs0N, CHARLES JONES, 1.LovIJ KI-:v'I', BIQNNIE I.I:uIIIzT'rER, THOMAS LINAM. First I-ow: DOLE BICCORD, HOXVARD NIARTIN. JAMES RIAYNARD, HENRY RIOORE, BILLY NIULLINS, MILDRED O'MEARA. Second rmv: THOMAS W. PAGE, LESTIQR PHILLIPS, ALLISON PRICE, NELSON PRINCE, JOE LEE l'Ror:'I'OR, JACK PYLANT. Third mm- TAIIER RADI?'lJRD, DANII-il. D. RICII. R, S. RICIIARIJSON, HOWARD ROBINSON, JOHN E. SIMPSON, WIfII'I'LEv O. SLIGER. Fourth row: RUPERT M . SMITH, JOHN O. K. STANLEY, PAUL S'l'l'IVl-INS, BUSTER STEWART, A. C. SWEIINEY, YVAYNE A. TARTER. Fifth row: JAMES M. TERRY, ERNEST B. THACKER, CHARLES W. THOMPSON, JEAN TIGHE, RALPH TULLOCH. NEAL S. UNDERNVOOD. FRESHMAN LASS First 1-mv: YVAL'l'ER R. ALLEN, PRTNLLE AYDELO'I"l', KEN BAILEY, jo!-IN W. DAY, CLAYTON IEDENS, CLARIZNCF FISHER. Swmul mzv: ANTIIA FLOWERS. 'I'lum.xs HOWELL. JOE N. HUNT, ROBERT PAUL -IUDD, H. PAUL MASON, T. H OWENS. Third row: EDXVARD RICHORN, jk., HENRY SIIIQARRON. YVILMA N. STANTON. JAMES TERRY, HENRY H. PIWINSLIEY CHARLES WARREN. Fourth rmv: FRED YVARREN, RAYMUND YV,-KRRIEN, ROBERT .-X. YVATSON, LEO WEAVER, ERNEST XVELLS, W WVHl'l'FIliLlJ. Fifth -row: STERLING D. WHITLEY. -lAMEs VVHITLOW, JOHN A. WVILD, CuAR1..Es R. XVINDLE. NIURRAY WILHOITE DIARY ALMA YVILLBANKS. FRESHMAN CLASS Firxl row: LUI:II..LIa YVILLIAMS, HUGH 12. WINFRIQE, NIARTHA ANN VVINNING, CARL T. YVOLI-'F, CHARLES E. W0LIfI1'. Sf'!'UIHI l'UTlV.' NLKBIZL DELOR1-IS XVRIGI-IT. NIARION YVRIGHT. NIARY SUE YVRIGHT, XVILHUR H. YVRICHT. HENRIETTA CARLICNIS XVYRICK. FRESHMAN LASS ww., N .4 'Si .3 ,frm - x -we Q., . Q5 ' A 33.5 NY 'JVM wgmgaax gf? -'Ai:"1wWf.ef.4 3 2, g -- T QQ-E?'gr'r'W" 2956-1+'f7 jf4..5 'gf "WJ, 'nfl' . ...x ' f , w N X W :NJ MF iWi'9 Mui. .,. 4 A YYQ . K E 2 Z ,H v ,S-sz .4 " . Z..---E .Y nm- xy- YQW 1 490' 3 Q E 1 1 L r I az Mm ,wh vb ".,. ' K ', 1 L-,LQ fe.v,,ws.1'f V Q.. W., F- . f ag' ip? A ' . lm E I , .X-fn. Wg., . fl. ,QTEWMA-f , 1 Sl' if ' YH? ...W ,.. -1: .. . L zwfwgwmgm sM?zfcf55e9 7 as W 9, v K if ...f .3 . 5 S , ,W as 1 12 .. 'S af ' 1 an ' .N Mk -M .- an i as 2' YA ..c:.4Gv 1 u 1 ANNE GWALTNEY, Editor BIII HUFFINE, Iiusimfss Manager J. M. PIATFIELD, . OGEAL HALIPACIRE. . . LAYVRENCE PARKS JEAN GWALTNEY, DWIGHT PENNEY. BETTY ASHBURN, , . . .Faculty Adviser . . .Associate Editor , . ,Photographer O7'g'1l7liZC!lIf07IS Editor A , ,Sports Editor , . , .Assistant Sports Editor ELEANOR JANE DRAKE. , ,Senior Class Edilm JERRY AIERNIGAN. . . ,.Vo Feature Editor ROBERT C-ROYVLEY 4 .,...,,.. Assistant Busirwss Manager ONAISE SCOTT ,... . . ,Class Editor KATHERINE TERRY . . . . .Typist 'W-154 ' ' - DOT FLETCHER . , . .lidimr SALLY GOOIIIIASTURL. . . .IiII.sI'1If.x.s Alarzngwr ABBIE RUTH I-IULI.. . . , . .f1S,SYJl'fIIfl' lidimr ANNA IWAE RUCKIQR. , I . . ..fI5.YIJ!'1-Ilfl' lfclilm' DR. L. MCGEE4 I . . . ,Fllflllfy fIC1?lI'SI'V T F Rfaporlm-.v and nssislzuzts, hrs! -ruzv: XVICSLIQY HOLDEN. HIQNRY 'I'RliN'l', EIIYTII ANN WORTIYIY. XICGILL VADEN, YVINONA ROARK, BILL GIQNTRY. S, L. NIILGLL. .S'rmIIfI mm: JANI: CONNOR, ELAINE YVILLIAMS, VIRGINIA FOSTER, EDA HoI.AIIsI2RG, MILDRIQIJ ROARR. JIAINIY IFIQNIIIQR, MARY HICLICN l'l-'llI.Lll'S. 'l'l1irrI 1-rm-: ALFRED ARP, KATIAIERINI: GuNTIII5RIsI5Rc, VIRGINIA HOLIIIQN. li. l.. HALIPACRL. NIARTIIA -IANIQ liI.Ron, KIARY NIARGARET RIOORE, FREEMAN WADIJELL. Fam-III mm: BLTIYIYL SWAI-'I-'oRII. IRILNL FERGUSON, DAN YUIING, JANI: YARIIROUGI-I, UNA MIIORIQ. l-IAR- RIIi'I'I' NICI-IoLs, JUDY JONES. f - I 'il TECH AVIATION CLUB CI,AY'l'0N I,14:1c .. BRYAN jxuttzs .....,... ELEANOR AIANE IJRAKE JEAN Wnrrtm' ...... I ROBERT titmsvtuv, . . BETTY SXVAFFORD .,...,,,. lI'IISS CONSTANCE OHLINGER. . . FICE , ..,.. P'r1'si1lr'nl . . l'ir1'-Prvsizlent . . . . Serrelury . . . . . . . T'7'l'llSll7'K7' .Serqrfavzl al Arms c . , . . . .. Iieporlfw' ., Sjmnsor Under the leadership of our president, Clayton Lee, vice-president, Bryan Jakes, and our sponsor, Miss Constance Ohlinger, we have for the Iirst time on TecI1's campus completed a successful year as the Tech Aviation Club. The club is made up of students who are taking or have taken the aviation courses oITered at Tech. I Cabirml: AIYRTIS CoN1iv, AIIAI M,xsoN GRAY. JEAN Haxuus, ANNE GwAL'1'Nm', l5li'I'TY Asn- 1sU1tN. joy S'1't11s1ss, Do'1' FLli'l'Cl'll'lR, H1c1.14N Aunt.. VVINONA ROARK. .XBBIE HULL, jovcie CoN1u-', -101-1N lJ1c1uu'1s1eR1uf. Bmcziu' H,xm1"1'oN. EDI'l'I'l ANN Wo1z'1'11v, IJo'1' ANN S1'1t.11Nc:1f:. KlLNNIC'l'I'I -I1-1RN1t:AN. J. 'I'. AIILLOXVAY. X11-t1,v1N .XRNI-l'I"l'. HENRY 'I'R1:N'1', ANN.-1 NIAIZ Ruckick. HILL Case, B14:'1"1'v Lou CARN1-iv. TECH CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION OFFICERS MYR'1'1s CONRY ,.... ..,....,.............., ,.... I ' ruvizlmzl JIM IWASON GRAY .... , Virrf-I'rcs1dunt JEAN HARRIS ...... ..... . .Secretary ANNE CXVAL'l'Nl'IY . . .... T7'6HS1L1'U'I' DR. T. J. FARR ,,,. . .,.. Sponsor The Tech Christian .Xssociation is maintained for the moral and spiritual development of the student body. All students are eligible for membership and are invited to attend its meetings which are held regularly in the auditorium. This organization cooperates with the ministers of Cookeville in encouraging students to attend the church ol' their choice during their college years. Another function olf T. C. A. is to bring inspirational speakers to the campus throughout the year. In keeping with the practice of sponsoring the activities of Religious Empha- sis lfVeck, which is observed throughout the nation, the association presented this year Dr. A. lValton. district superintendent ol' the Clarksville District of the Methodist Church, as guest speaker, In the spring quarter 'I'. C. A. sponsors Stunt Night. All departniental clubs prepare huinorous skits and present them in a competitive public performance. For the last two years the proceeds of Stunt Night have been sent to the Wlorld Student Service Fund. A public noonday devotional period is another activity of the Tech Christian Association. OFFICER Presizlmzl JAMES W1-IST I'icc'-Pr1'sid1'nI 'INHUMAS MULLICA Scfrrwlnrr JOHN G tiluiik 7'I'lfllSIll'I'7' Sponsor C. P. PHILPOT SIJUIISUI' SOCIETY OF TENNESSEE TECH ENGINEERS The purpose of the Engineers' Club is to unite by means ol' social and technical programs the different plans of engineering and to promote the interest ol' engineering' in general on the campus. Outstanding' social and literary efforts ol' the society throughout the year included the annual Engineers' Ball, a chapel program, and the presentation of various outside speakers, pro- moting engineering principles. PHYSICS CLUB The Tennessitt Tech Physics Club strives to keep its members informed of current develop- ments in physics and allied sciences, to bring its members in contact with scientists in the Held of physics, and to secure wholesome social contacts among students of similar interests. This club has been active on the campus since I933. .I ' 'I 1 ' 2 O. H. lfosrica, JR A j. NI. Hicmmiasox S tug o F F I c E R s -cie- Roixnm' ARCHER Presirlent ' ' DOUGLAS S1-11151.05 I'ic'1'-I'rz'.sir1eu I liLlZA1slc'1'11 Seunntik Sec'rr'lnry HORACI-1 NIABRY 7-l'l'l1.YllI't'T DR. A. W. Dicus '95 ina: in z . S jmzzsn r - 5'?aefSwffJ,5.f,,.,. wma AQJTALB F M 3 :.: . .'g-g- .f 3 M l ! , wg , ,. , 4-' ' J UHMT' " M i.:"" 'Q' 11 f J' fe l K 1 .2 is . A . OFFICECRS ll' A LLACE l' R ICSCOTT Prznvizlelzl X 9' ' 3 .XNNE GYVA L'l'N ICY Virz'-Prr'.virleul Nlltnkuu Muuvm' il T Serra la ry OLLHQ JAMES .-Xmfirl Trfnsu rm' DR. R. H. XIOORINIAN Corn'5po111Ii11g SI?fI'0l'llPiV , ,J ss....:5 E -,-, bm DR. R. O. Hurenlsow Sponsor KAPPA MU EPSILON Because of high stztndzurls for nienibership and lowered enrollment Kappa Mu Epsilon has had fewer members and has been less ziftive this year than formerly. It provides, however, an opportunity for students interested in mzuhemzitics to meet for informal discussions. MATHEMATICS CLUB The Mzitlieinzuics Club has been :active on the eznnpus since the lfall of 1933. The purpose of the Club is to give opportunity for the exercise of student initiative-by Pl'9IJ2ll'?ll,lOl1 of essays, reports, und reviews of articles in mzuhemzitical periodicals-and also to provide opportunity for enlarging the stuclent's inatliemzuicezxl horizon along lines that cannot be dealt with in the regu- lar courses ol' instruction. T .2 ' - ""i"""'M!svv OFFICERS wanna- KATI-IERINIZ YYERRY - President -nun-1 7 - lVlARL1E ICLDER Vice-Pwwiflmll C SU15 R1-IEA I-Iiaiuuix W "' St"l'l'!?lIII'-V FRANCES S'rUlslsI.l'ilfll-11,n Trr'nsm'r'r JAMES YVATSON Rejmrlfr' DR. R. I-I. MOORMAN Sponsor WWWQES WD' as nm ,wa H4 A 'H ws- .s new ,ui M'M ,-W lJOLIvI-:R l,.0If'I'ls .. LAwk1iNc:If PARKS . jlissl-1 li. FRANKLIN LLOYD HALFACRE QJLIVIER UNDERHILI, NTILLARD STRUNK, . A'I'IfII:L LEE GILL, '-I0 Mom-us G. GRAYSON, JR., '45 Silver Point, Tennessee QUENTIN SMITH. Boatland, Tennessee JAMES FINNEY, '44 Lynelilmrg, Tennessee TECH AGGIES OFFICERS GOLD STAR TECH AGGIES Madison, Tennessee '41 SIDNEY PAUL ARNOLD. '44 W heat, Tennessee NELSON H. DAVIS, '42 Riddlelon, Tennessee NOEL PITCOCK, 'ill Memorial, Tennessee l , . . . . . l,l'f'.'iiflf?Hf , . Vil'l?'l,'l'l?.YidUllf . . . . , Scrrclary . . . .7.1'l'llS1l7'!,'7' . , . . . .. Kzrporlw' Sergeavzl at Arms NTURRELL HliNRN', '-13 Cookeville, Tennessee FRANK FINNEY, '40 Lynchburg, Tennessee FRANK WINCPIESTER, '38 Buffalo Valley, Tennessee HOME ECONOMICS CLUB OFFICERS ANNA-1 SxH'l'n . ..,,.., ...,....... , ... ,. RUTH l'VIKI..l-I ., l5li'I"l'Y XVINDLE . . , . . ANNE Gluicolu' ,.. . . MRS. liLIZAlilC'l'Il Munvm' .. . 1'rc'xidcnl . . . I ur:-President SH!'7'C'1ll7'y 7'I'IfllSll7'l3T . Xjionwr This year the Home Economics Club ol' Tennessee Tech has become a iuembu ol both thc Slate and National Home Economics Clubs. The club has been very active this yeal XL Christ mas Lhe club sponsored a Christmas bazaar. In March the club acted as co-host to thc I lleldly League participants and other high school students visiting the campus. This year the traditional Home Economics-Aggie Alumni Banquet will be resumed 1 VETERANS' CLUB ROBERT HUWARD Rov DONALDSON . RAYMOND ALLMON LAWRENCE PARKS . j. CONRY ..., . FICE . . . President Vice-Prcsidcrll . . , . .Sl?fl'I'f!lVy . . , . Trvaszlrm' . . . .Sponsor The Veterans' Club, which is one of the youngest clubs on the campus, was formed ln Ol der that the veterans might meet together and work out problems that arise from time to tlme This is Tech's largest organization and will continue to be so for several years. 0' , . . The veterans of Tennessee Tech wish to dedicate this page to the men who gave their lives in World War ll iriilfilflrlfiilflii-1-lflfi-ilfiilflflflflii-ilflb10 1'lfiflfllrll-I'll'lflflf-ll-lI'll'-lHl'lf'll'll'll'Il'll'l4ll'lHfll'll'lI'll'llfII'!Pllfll'i'i'll'll'IHl'll'l'l+l'll'lO-ll-ll-ll'll'l-ll'li-ll'lHl' OLLIE ALLOWAY. JR. Cookeville, Tennessee SIDNEY PAUL ARNOLD XV heat, Tennessee FREDERICK YVILLARD BRUCE Habersham, Tennessee NEWTON ALEXANDER CANNON Vanleer, Tennessee HENRY OREN COX Crossville, Tennessee NELSON HIGH DAVIS Riddleton, Tennessee MILLARD THOMAS DI-:BERRY Bloomington Springs. Tennessee FRANK lNlASSl5Y FINNEY Lynchburg, Tennessee JAMES ANDREW' l-'INNI-:Y Lynchburg, Tennessee JAMES ROBINSON FITZGI-:RALD Celina, Tennessee ATHEL LEE GILI. Silver Point, Tennessee GORDON GRAYSON. JR. Madison, Tennessee ROBERT WILLIAM URISIIAM Granville, Tennessee ELISHA LUTHER GROVE Viola, Tennessee FINIS EWINC HARRIS. JR. Cookeville, Tennessee MURRELL CARROL HENRY Cookeville, Tennessee TOM FAYNE JULIAN Livingston, Tennessee FRANK ALLEN JUST Nashville, Tennessee ROBERT LEE KING Springfield, Tennessee BEN ELLIS KIRKPATRICK Celina, Tennessee YVILLIAM COOPER LOFTIS Cookeville, Tennessee SAMUEL CARVER LOGUE Mt. Juliet, Tennessee FRED NlCDONALD Monroe, Tennessee JOHN DAVID OLIPHANT Riceville, Tennessee PAUL NEWTON OSTISEN Chapel Hill, Tennessee JAMES CLINT PARTIN Decherd, Tennessee HAYNES EUGENE PEERY Algood, Tennessee AULTON NEXVELL PHILLIPS Jasper, Tennessee NOEL GORDON PITCOCR Memorial, Tennessee JOHN TAYLOR RAY Gallatin, Tennessee FRED MAX ROCKWELL Deer Lodge, Tennessee CFI-IURMAN EVANS SANDS Lynnville, Tennessee NlURRAY ELLIOTT SCOTT Bemis, Tennessee RAYMOND XVHITSON SHIPLEY Cookeville, T ennessce QUENTIN SMITH Boatland, Tennessee JAMES EDWVARD SPICER Oakley, Tennessee HARRY LOUIS SYLAR Madison, Tennessee LANCE HOLMAN TANNER South Pittsburg, Tennessee BENNETT JARED TRAVIS Cookeville, Tennessee THURMAN LEE WEBB Cookeville, Tennessee COLEMAN SCOTT WHITAKER Petersburg, Tennessee FRANK DENNY WINCHESTER Buffalo Valley, Tennessee EOFFICERS NIYRTIS CONRY President HERMAN PINKERTON, AIR. Vice-President JERRY JERNIGAN Secretary- Treasurer SARA GOODPASTURE Corresponding Secretary HERMAN PINKERTON Sponsor PI KAPPA DELTA NATIONAL I-IONORARY FORENSIC soclsrv 1Ul1Illb67'S.' NIYRTIS CONRY, HERMAN PINKERTON, JR., JERRY JERNIGAN, JEAN HARRIS, DOT ANN STRANGE, ANNE GWALTNEY. BIETTY SCUDDER, SARA GOODPASTURE, JO ELLEN NEWELL, BETTY ASHBURN. The Speech Activities Club and Pi Kappa Delta sponsor forensic activity on the campus. The members have had excellent opportunity this year to gain speech experience. In January the clubs were host to the state tournament in which fifteen Tech students participated in debat- ing, oratory, extempore, impromptu, and after-dinner speaking. Tech contestants went to the Southern Teachers of Speech Tournament in Atlanta, to the Smoky Mountain T ournament at Carson-Newman College, and to the Pi Kappa Delta Regional Convention at Georgetown University in Georgetown, Kentucky. Mr. Herman Pinkerton, club sponsor, was again director of the Fourth District Tennessee Interscholastic Literary League competitions. The clubs fur- nished olficials and judges for the events. SPEECH ACTIVITIES CLUB JEAN HARRIS President IVIAXINE DEBERRY Vice-President WESLEY HOLDEN Secretary BILL HIEIT Treasurer VIRGINIA HOLDEN Reporter HERLIAN PINKERTON Sponsor OFFICERS OFFICERS ANNA MAE RUCKER President WINONA ROARR Vice-President DOT STRAN G E Secolzd Vice-Presidmlt JIM :MASON GRAY Srrrrond Vice-Presidzfnl IIOBBIE NIAI NIANNINC Tlzira' Vice-President HELEN A BEL Secretary VIRGINIA BECTON Treasurer DR. T. J. FARR Sponsor BAPTIST STUDENT UNION The Baptist Student Union is a youth organization for Baptist students in colleges and uni- versities. Its chief aim is to make student Christianity ITl2lXllTllllll. The B. S. U. serves as a coII- necting link between the school and the church. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA The Tennessee Tech Chapter of the Future Teachers olf America was installed in 1945. It is a national professional society sponsored by the National Education Association and in TeIInes- see by the Tennessee Education Association for the professional training of students preparing for the teaching profession. DI' n v-I-A-1 - . O F F I C E R S DOROTHY ANN STRANGE President GAY VVYRICK Vice-President NIRS. C. P. I'lIll.POT S Pere ta ry SALLY GOODPASTURI-I T1'6llS1l1'PI' CIIARLENI: NIULLINS Historian and Pll'l'IilllIlf?1lHITTIIH ANN BOWLING Clmrixter' T1 FINRIETTA CRAYVFORD Librarinri vfafuwwf-mvsmf-mwtff--m:' ew HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB KENNETH JERNIGAN VIRGINIA HOLDEN ..,. MRS. C. P. PHILPOT .... LUC1LLE BOCKMAN .,., HERMAN PINKERTON FICE . . . ,President I'ice-President . . . . .Secretary . . . . ,Reporter . . . .Treasurer The Tech History, and International Relations Club was founded for the purpose of study ing current events and associating them with past and present history. It is especially active at the present time since so much history is being made in this postwar era. OFFICERS DOROTHY FLETCHER Prrfxident JUNE jonNs'roN I'ire'-Prf'.yirI1'nl CARRIE I.0U IIIAXICY Sw'1'f'l11I'y BUSINESS CLUB The Business Club was organized Lo promote inleresl in business and commerce and to en- courage closer relzuionship between students and businessmen. The club membership is composed ol' majors in general business, accounting, and secretarial science. WINON.-I ROARK TI'!'Il.SllI'Fl' NIARY HIfI.EN PHILLIPS Reporter jum' JONES SrfI'g!'1IIlf at Arms Louis JOHNSON, jk. Sponsor l HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLUB VOFFICERS JEAN l'ROFFI'l'l' Lowic .... . , . . ..... Pwfsidenr BETTY ASHBURN .... . . , Virf'-Prcfsirlrfnt LILLIE NIAI NIILLER .... .A.., . Yz'r'rf'I111'y EDYTH ANN WORTHY. . . .,....... Tl'!'!IS1l'l'!?7' RUTH RICH ......,.. .. .Publicity Manager ELSII-1 101112 .... .,.. . Sjmnxm' JEWEL NOLEN . . . ,... Sjmnsvr The Health and Physical Education Club for women was organized in 1944--45. Under the excellent leadership of Miss -lobe and Miss Nolen, much has been done toward achieving the purpose of the club. The effort to promote the formation of correct health concepts, to de- velop an interest in after-school leisure time activities, to encourage the college intramural pro- gram, and to foster high attitudes of sportsmanship and leadership has been very successful. "T" CLUB OFFICERS LUTHER Wlxui .,.. ........,......,...,., ,.... P 1 -esiclent HAROLD Ft.u'1't:niau , . . . . I'ire-President DWIGHT PENNILY .. .... Secreiafy 101-IN GEIGER ........... ..,. T 'I'6!lSU'7'E7' COACH l'U'I'l'Y OVERALI. ..., ,.., . Spamm- The "T" Club was organized in l924 by those who were interested in the cle- velopment ol' athletics at Tennessee Polytechnic Institute. The membership consists of those who have made a varsity letter in football, basketball, baseball, or track. The social activities ol the club for the year were a dance during the fall quarter and an outdoor party during the spring quarter. The purpose of the club is to promote athleticsg to bring about close coopera- tion between coaches and athletesg to encourage good sportsmanshipg to pro- mote school spiritg to inspire members to higher moral, physical, and intellectual standards: and to promote loyalty to the club and school. CHEMISTRY AND BIOLOGY CLUB For the past two years the departments of chemistry and biological science have united to form one club-The Chemistry and Biology Club. The purpose of the club is to keep the mem bers informed on the latest scientific achievements. Several interesting programs and demonstra tions have been presented. OFFICE ANNE fiXVAI.TN FY Presiflenl jov S'ruuus Vifl'-!JI'l?SilIf'IIf JIM RIASON GRAX Secrzflu ry - 7'I'l'!1XIl rar DR. M. F. STU1nss Sponsor DR. H. T. Gtoven Sponsor O F F I C YVINONA ROARR Presiflcnl JUNE JOHNSTON I'it'c-Presiflmtl BEULAH CLARK Ser'-relrz ry DOT FLIiTCHliR Treasu fer LOUIS JOHNSON. AIR. Sponsor RS I ERS I I PI OMEGA PI The Beta Mu Chapter of National Pi Ome ga Pi was established at Tennessee Tech April 25, 1945. ' The aims of Pi Omega are to encourage, promote, extend, and create interest and scholar- ship in commerce, to aid in civic betterment in colleges, to encourage and foster high ethical standards in business and professional life, and to teach the ideal of service as the basis of all wor- thy enterprise. J ENGLISH CLUB The goal of the English Club for this year has been to impress upon the students the value of the English Department and the place of English in every student's daily life. LIBRARY ASSISTANTS OFFICERS ANNA NIAE RUCKIQR Prfsirlent NIIRIANI SHANKS Vice-Presidffnl NIARIE BYIQRS Sz'1'1'f'1ary RIILDRED REYNOLDS Trras ll rm' NIR. J. M. I-IATFIELD Sponsor 'With increased enrollment the services which the library is called upon to render have greatly increased. The library staff has met all demands with efficiency. At the same time, the assistants gain practical experience, HARMONIA OFFICERS JIM NIASON GRAY. .. ..............A...,. .... P resident ANNE SMITH ,.,.....,. A . .Vice-President MARY HELEN P1-IILLIPS ..,. ..... S ecretary CONSTANCE O1-ILINGER . . . . ,Sponsor Harmonizt is made up of students on the campus who are interested in music. Its primary purpose is to bring together the students with this common interest and to promote the growth of music on the campus. TECH CCLLEGE CHORUS OFFICERS YVINONA ROARK . . . ,.... Prcfsirlmzl lWAXlNli lhnllieuki' . .,.... Ifirv-P-resifla-:wt ANNE SMITH ,...,. ..,. . glff'7'!'llll'y'7'7'l!IlSll7Y'7' I.uc1lLL1i lioczmmw , . ., .......,.. 1.ibrm-inn Miss CZONST.-xNc:l-1 Onuwcal-tk , , . , . llircctur Under the clireciion ol' Miss Constance Ohlinger, the college chorus has piesenled sevual special programs this year. The animal Vlhile Christmas program, December 10, consisted of traditional CdlOlS md hymns, and special selections by the special ensemble. The chorus, wearing white evening gowns, was arranged againsi a backgrouncl olf snow-covered lirs, blue sky, and lsilvu suns The special ensemble, composed of ten singers, furnished music for the banquets and othu entertainmen Ls. The year's work was elimaxecl by Lhe spring concert and special numbers at the glrldLl3.Ll0Il exercises. The Band this year has overcome many difficulties. George Reed, the di- rector, has given much time and effort to restoring the band to its prewar position in the school. It provided music for home football and basketball games. w w 9 w ...THE Head Coach P. V. Overall and Assistant C 0 a c ll c s Hooper Eblen and Calvin Frey guided the Eagles in the '45-'46 athletic seasons. JONES JOHNSON BUTTREY BARRICK Tack Ie End Guard Back PIGSKIN SEASON I945 - V- R . H -,R is if 1114 , LEVVIS KIRKLEN CHUMNEY MORRIS Tackle Back Center Back ii Tsfillftft it T 1 Q tt yt M, o o to or gm. I DERRYBERRY MULLICAN BAGGETT COLL Tackle Back G H0711 Tackle FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Tech .... 12 Eastern Kentucky .... Tech .... . . 0 Vanderbilt ..........., . Tech .... . . 7 University of Chattanooga Tech . . Murray ...,......,..,. . Tech .... 62 Camp Forrest 4 4 . Tech . . 6 Oak Ridge . . . , Tech . . 7 Milligan ........ . Tech . . 0 Eastern Kentucky . . . Tech . . 6 Milligan ....., , E gig 3 -wiv . I 1. , I I , 7 I? I I ' l -- ' " Y -'L Q - " ' 7""" .Q A x - - 4-I-Ai'-' I, I .,- I I - I I. I I fi I I I. 2, , , -" 1 1 W, , v V W ziy 5 - H152 ' 'l " Y W ' w Q' ' 2 . L. ,H 1 -U 1 '1 X Ea? 11 I "ESV fgffijigffvff1.f,."fI1'w..,5i NE ....... .Y.,.,, , .. ...X .,.-, , -Y,.,.4 ,. Y A , im VAN HORN CARNEY ARMSTRONG MAYBERRY HOGAN Center End Guard End Back - Q., Mgi., - II 4-1 -fl O- , TWJQEQ' 3 WIQQM ...4 . .Ja 'w,f1f,M. . Tifkvgju ."'T s V -4 - M1 'J-mi uWe'U' -1 - -: !m:',Ww.I- I KI Im:.,.5xw. L- ,II :.,,3IIIx.:,,I, 1 ' iQ.. 911 we . Q-E5 'S' - W as X X Q ' M' - Wil . ' ,- f f 'Q , 1 - f f. . I v M - - - - - W A L ,f-2.31 ,, M. 4 . . A ,,,. .. JOHNSON SMITH G UTHREY SEARS PINKERTON Ilfanager Back Back Back Alarlager iii.: . A .,. 1, 3 fi Z VA Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Varsity Squad A RSITY BASKETBA THESCHEDULE . . . -13 Cartilage Burleys .... . . . . . , 26 University of Tennessee. . , 4 , . , 37 Alpine Independents 4 . . 4 . . . . 32 Oak Ridge Cardinals ..... . . . , . , 31 X'Vestern Kentucky Teachers. . 4 . . . . 36 Tennessee Eastman ...,.. . , . 4 . . 41 University of Chattanooga. . . . . . . 52 Naval Separation Center. . 4 . 4 4 L13 David Lipscomb .,...., , 4 . 4 . . 27 YVestern Kentucky Teachers 4 . . . . . 49 University of Chattanooga. . . . , , 4 4 47 Tennessee Eastman .... . . , . 4 . 29 Oak Ridge Cardinals. 4 , , 4 . . . 55 David Lipscomb . . . . . B - Tm m IIIZTZZIIVIITIZI Winners Veterans' Club Ir1lram111'al Rumzers-up Tech Aggies 7 5 'in A T I ., Jigs: u is it 5 , yi ,Q 'Ella ' x lisa TENNIS Tech had a varsity tennis team again this year after the lean war years. Thomas Mullican was the only letter man back but he was ably assisted by Jack Clay, Raymond Case, Bill Isom, James Bradshaw, and Kenneth Pylant. The team played two matches with Sewanee, the University of Kentucky, and Yvestern Kentucky. img :Q ,A Y E-1215 'ffififififi 'ifififls adarianp ' s i WBMEN INR LETXBS 'QE-QEQE 'Zi'-Kiln' 'QE-if-is J College Club Basketball H',l'71H.C"l' f1l'fllllI and Plfyslcal Eclucatimz. Club College Volleyball T'Vll?7If'l Business Club Clnss Bnslceiball l'Vi'm1c'1' Peggy Lee, individrznl I1flIl1IIf71lfH1 zulmzer The beginning of the .S'fJTl'lI:Q' qlzrzrlm' found softball groups in fJl'fll'llLlY' lVIl?lIIlH?T.S' of the Busifzcas and Social Sf'lr'm'c teams who played in lllrf mllfgf lmdmifzlon tournament Miss ELSIE JOBE Di-realm' of Physical Education and Intmmurals for Women One of the groups that took part in the tumbling exhibition w S L5 H, J .2 5 1 W r FEATURES M EXE? ?- QM Q? jeu Q Am XVINONA ROARK DoRo'1'11Y FLETCHER NIYRTIS Coxm' ANNE SNIITH XNNA NIAE RUCKER X'VAI,.LAC1i PREsco'r'r DOROTIIY ANN S'ruANc12 -lox' S'rU1s1ss jim NIASON GRAY I.u'1'1-mu W1K1,E ANNE CQXVALTNEY ELEANOR JANE DRAKE 7 aan, Tiofkff fame M A Y Q LJ E E N ZXZLSZLSZXZAXZEZXZXZXFZXZX! 7212511 'WIKI T112 711112 'WZ r X rg: 1' 1' X sm wt 5, ,.. X: XXX-X X. SX XXXL XXX XX rf VX X, ....X XX Q, ef XX Xrfwxm Qin S 5 SE E... XE rgk XXX Ei XXX ,vm . mpeg.: .:. wg Xmw .. HX E X 5,5 . 5752... V 2 ggi. W5 . SIS? mm H5892 XX S XXX. :- X. X is XX W7 'r fx Q XF H Q? gs x-3 ? QE 'WG ...X . 9:53 ' Y. m ..y .,,. X -up ,X .mkx ?'::'. . MX ,Lgf X ff?-X:,j ,. .1 in 5 A fa-.X..X XXI: X Xi E Xa ,xii X4 Fm X1-.X as 5 his X X:X,X.XXx W, ..- s1X4 ZW- zxyis MX..." ' ,Quai ,- aww .5121 Xa XX., XX ni 54 X .,. Q-XX QV? WNXX XXX- X. .X 1. Skim SXGZQEXQQX- an -X5 - 655' E . .X fwNSfX...: . XX 45-3 I iI.X AV ,. ' la XWVXXVX 'Zia ,aw .Wx XX I: B X Xi. .JW Mg. im 5 H 1T'3X' veg I-. 55.5 . HES: xg' X, gms, E Q Www .13 2,5 is MW if in 'XXX XX. mx ff W ,,.,.m, f' 2 JU . WAX :Xi ' X. M . XF XX .ia -ful - if. . M X X. -X X X P --X112 ?5: fy1Egf?Y3c X S. ...XQQMWX XX . .Qin-, G'-XX X-X CUIZELS, gfcm BACHELOR OF UGLINESS M ,L 1: 1 ,Q gi. XML, .rl XXX . XXX W A Xa ,Lage TL' ,x- ...:X. .,,. -T Lu.: ::X - MU- :' D X X-X .. .-.Xiu , W XX my Y.. XX I-QXLXX X 5 ,. E X. K -X FX? a Q3 XT: ,w....,. ,Q MW ...RX Xw S, -FWXFX .X M-XX '.'5wiXLsXw Q . :XX X. XXX.: XX' ig. X. X:.L...:XX- WM X .EQ . ',.X. ..X .,, i X.. ..x -X .1-X NX X., -f -13-YXXM My Hs -,XXX X X X XXXX .XX - XXX-X.: Xfgaw XX X X QXQXQ5.. 55,5 5 Q, H, EXXXX X, V .X -X RYE Su S? X4 AGL, XXTXXX ng XXX X H X .X ,um XXXX X E X: X Jmyifii Qoryzy M u s s TEC H ZXZIZIZXZEZXZXZXZXZXZI l IKZKZKZKZKZKEKXKZXVZBWZK IZIZE, -X 'ZE,9O'Zy TECI-I'S SWEET!-HEART aio!! qjfsfcgaz PRINCE QP PERSQNALITY I JZLSZAIZEZEYALSZBYYJXZIKLSZXYA ' XPZXZSYZSYVZSYZEVZSWKEEEKYZSYEEYZ fouiaa cgfampf, BEAUTY QUEEN K 3 dVlzZ2!mZ flflkfliafg As in the past two years each class nominated two eztnclidzxtes for B e at u ty Queen. Pictures of these candidates were sent to Powers Model Agency to be judged. Other repre- sentatives were Jean Lowe, Rosemary Reeves, Margu- ret Sue Robertson, Betty Jo Brznnhznn, and Sue Flatt. TEC!-I'S FAVORITES :Rugs HOWfSHALLlTELLOF MY LOVE? KENNETH JERNIGAN 0, how shall I tell of my love for thee, My deep consuming love, Shall I compare it with a silent sea, Or silver stars above? No, the light of the stars is hard and cold, And my love is not sog And the sea in its solitude may hold A thousand hearts aglow, But the width of my love can span one soul. Thy soul, and thine alone, And the breadth of my thoughts conceive one goal Beyond comparison. Then how shall I measure my love for thee. If not by seas or space? l think, perhaps, by the intimacy Of every fond embrace, By the tone of soft words gently spoken, In night's deep loneliness, By casual promises kept unbroken, And by a cool caress. Of these shall I measure my love for thee, And if thy heart replies, l'Vhat more of Heaven shall I ask to see, Y-Vhat more of Paradise? D R E A M S EDA HOLNIISERG XX IQ not your heads 0 uise and sage: Say not that dreams are made of fragile things Xnd pass with age. Say not that dreaming disappointment brings lo older heads. O not to dream it I can be just anything I choose: wise, learned, or loved- lis not for me To have contentment. though the world I roved. Id need to dream. Deus tell me not l cuinot have The home I want, or castles if I please. Icxve me this salve For pain, if I should fail, still leave me these- Dicims I have got. If fllLllllS are lnade Of clouds and mist i Despairing songs, and stars that from me hide I yet am kist By hope, and say l've lived, because I tried. Can these dreams fade? TO A WATERFALL jox' STUBBS Splashing, sparkling in the sun, Foaming, racing as you run, Rumpling, tumbling and so gaily Rushing to the sea. Cascade, moonbow, symphony, Azure emeralds, jewels bright your water seems, As you clash against the mossed Rocks, like big kettleclrums you seem to sound. You have so far to journey, Rushing lest some fate befalls, Hurry so that we will never cease To hear your joyful sound. Tiny droplets falling thither, Little streams into you falling, jumbling noises, as of people rushing In this mad and turbulent world. NAPSI-IOTS INISIERS T hcsc: thrcc snapshots won Hrst, second, and third places in El contest spou- sorcd by the EAGLE. W my , V I I WL, 'B A-EQ? fggswifwvswz. sg Qwfgg ,rw A .1 ,MQ .AI as is I'Q5g .zaiiuf -wb ,gm w v as ss XA mms M ,... ,M-.., M., N gn-ff WW fran N ,W :- f B B, , Z +V an rv 7895 b C, "' '9 7 X'- . ., ' f'Q+i.1 S QQ :Mi ,gw ggigggg A ' QVN2 -.13 K ngfwfsvfi R - ' ..1.,.:g:5,5 H .- , ' ' ' AM, F 525 f 4 'L l-Aff"-'af gg ' rf A 'W "W f. . , . V v Q 54 M ,??:Qfhff' . E, , W - Ek .u, ffm vs, mv ss wa ye iw B s M V 4' g , ,.f3'f . 1' , ,H .ya f W 'L img 3 Gum Q" T gi mm R ggiixm mfs' is M W 'M--' z ' -"M H ., 1 2 --. , 52' "2 - 's Q, 1,11 ,max ww ' -1, -wewjl is 'r 5 -. 'f 5-,,-- F' -ME: - ' x ss . Q if 4 5 if A I E,xgi, Q,?.f , . T i , ,Y., ,-:-'r-19, 5 -' .. . , 5 5 ,rf-, ,.::1:.'1g.4--:Q . ,f. f .K -m ,, --M gag' 'Lf' ' 5 V912-i J P 1 ,fs Q 4. N difidnxiszd ml as . Y ,- K 2-j ,M ' ,,,p-i:.'gEi, my W V .- ig 2 wx, ., new 'mf KV ' -fran ' ,Q vm Q? AE'KZ i . ,gf fx r wi? I sf, . 'hi Q , f . Q N ,W nu E W av' swim 9 A W A 1 'Hi' 44 V ' A V "X' W' , 1 f V ' ' x r ' V n If If if Q H 'B X , fx. .A .th . , lwifna 1 wi t Xu' A 'ffili L 1 I- 41 VA xi- ,V h. ,WM .Q K ...En ' a A' -- z 3. 44 g 3. 5 S r" w ' S. gun W w wwf N ,Q uf u 11. B. 1 we km S'- l M Z Wikf, Y-glffwg 'S X E ' 7' - ' 'Qian J ,,1.am K, :man ms ms 6 '57 'Bi' , .., QW, ,, ,,..m Q: . . . an gg . :H 'WSJ -V ,,. H - 1 'X Eifw- Q55 H W maui:-Q awp: E H 95.45 Q Law-.Q f'.W :fE'?, SEEN N21 1- : V U Viv" -Sf .W " Q' . 35 n'Ni"?m'P5-is . X K fu t., '1 1-if A 5 ,in fm? mf EW 1? M Q L N .pa ,An 1:":'w'm W 'H 1 5 A :SQ am, ' ww' gl aww g gum 'six W N-X .d,i-mix-.Q H ff-.1 RQRL' .mm W1 E D X Kr' , f 11 ,W we- ' f Q lx f L 3,3 f ' Q . 1 f , y W Q Q , . .- - 'QW'-w,,Lw11vgwSwf 5..7ms X, My X , ' M 'iw "misss ?iMZ?5lig5v,x5i mmf! 3 . W R. ifW?R"1, .. ,..:I:!?f'2F:::?'l'IEE:f:::Qf:i5'5 W ' A Y Q ' 5 S ii rl'-'A'-L 1 eff 2 5' if A .f .X ' ' A 1 1" A P ' ' 1 . w B A . L E, -:-Q:-::: ..:..,,:.'L ,:.E,., ' J df? g Q - mpg X, 'W ,ii , , - wgu gz kasf - . 2455 ws f M' MQ, 'Tiff' Mg- M5,'i,g S .kguf 4 W Q Wk gwgig QQ? .gh , X, , . . Wm Hwy: 3,53-3, Y '- ' . Q . ' ' ' 2:1 5:5 , f '- ' I W 2 wisp A ,, an -- f 1' Q .A '5w?x' Q ,J A - V L ' , ' ' ' ld- xiii? Elia,-F .ua2f:a,g'f2Xt, . , , -fy,-L., 'f 'f WT' 2 gm Nggifi ' 1 ' A lg J X - ' . wg Ki- ' - . V ... . M- qv Y , Q, ty - YM , fyff Q, ,5 ,, - Li .,,, , ' fag, , M- WEB- GQ? qw -, 1 mg, MM-Paw, E af V-sg-33,1 3. ,wk 1.-,1,Q,,, vg5,,,,L,.a1,.,,..1f,,g: W Q in if 'Rig 2 M' f ,.QJR?igEg2,3f:,4: Q:-ff'2:N2. fy' TL' ."f 1 415 . ??FXi3i'm,E '- WW V ' Y M , Qu, mv ,X E. M , ,, Q .f.,- ,-...4,wf,fw1?1 if . .V 'rw 'VN ,,.3':,m-MYf.M -Q ,Mn :., -wv,.,,., 1 N M- , LL.-f12,mmxMf,f.f:x615.2-f giwigwffffw Nfl.-fffi. Q " 'fr " X A In behalf of the student body and the entire annual staff, we wish to thank those businessmen who have shown their interest and willingness to cooperate. The success of this book depends largely on the financial aid received from them. The entire student body is happy to patronize those who assist it. BILL HUFFINE, Business Manager ROBERT CROWLEY, Assistant Manager ik' TENNESSEE POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE Four-Year College Courses Leading to Bachelor of Science Degree with Major in AGRICULTURE, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, ENGLISH, HISTORY, HOME ECONOMICS, ENGINEERING, MATHEMATICS, SCIENCE The Cost to a Student for Nine Months as Low as S275 tor Board, Room, Books, Fees IDEAL LAUNDRY an D R Y C L E A N E R S "All That the Name ImpIies" COOKEVILLE SPARTA I WATCHES - JEWELRY ComPI""e"I5 SILVERWARE f . O M U R R A Y B A L L JEWELRY WEST SIDE DRUG CO. CECIL DAVIS, Owner Your Paironage SoIicI'cecI WEST COOKEVILLE ,M-xx-A Jus'I: Off the Campus CAMPUS GRILL SANDWICHES-SHORT ORDERS SCHOOL SUPPLIES Operafed by Former Tech Sfudenis Watches-Silverware-Diamonds McMURRAY AND COMPANY BORDEN'S JEWELRY COMPANY COOKEVILLE, TENNESSEE A Mgwfy es d PI E OtftY If MODEL DRY ...,,,,,,,. CLEANERS Y WE ST COOKEVILLE TENNESSEE COTTON JOHNSON W. R. WHITAKER 81 COMPANY ik 'iff CONSUMERS ICE CREAM A H lfhy Food-Eh B E That I M d LOYAL SUPPORTERS OF TECH Compliments of LESLIE C. WILLIAMS WEBBIS PHARMACY FLORIST , WE soosr TECH Member of Florist Telegraph DeIivery Association EVERY DAY Spring Street Phone I3 V IN EVERY WAY COOKEVILLEY Register of Merit . W R I G H T I S and Libby's Fine Foods 5c, I0c, and 25c Store "QUALITY MERCHANDISE" RAGLAND-POTTER COMPANY, Inc. S 9 Wholesale Groceries COOKEVILLE, TENNESSEE THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK COOKEVILLE, TENNESSEE Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Member of the Federal Reserve System ELLIS' SERVICE STATION Baitieries, Tires, and Accessories "Courfeous and Efficient Service WEST BROAD STREET TAXI SERVICE-PHONE III THE 'WHITE STUDIO Portraifs of Disfinciion Citizens Bank Building COOKEVILLE, TENNESSEE SLOAN'S GROCERY FRESH MEATS AND GROCERIES BIRD'S-EYE FOOD Phone 40 "On the Square' JENKINS 81 DARWIN BROTHERS Twenty-One Stores in Tennessee and Keniucky HOME OFFICE CookeviIIe, Tennessee Bob Lee Maddux Herman L. Proffii Howard Hufcheson 000550030 MADDUX AND PROFFIT CookeviIIe's Fasizest-Growing Store 0 WE APPRECIATE TECH on the go HS' RADIOS-FU RNITU RE PGTEET 81 MADDUX HARDWARE CO. On 'che Square GENERAL HARDWARE CITIZEN'S 'BANK COOKEVILLE, TENNESSEE We Appreciafe Y B MARCHBANKS DRUG CO. The REXALLA store COOKEVILLE TENNESSEE Complimenis Soufhern Continental Telephone Company I Everyboc.Iy's Drink UPPER CUMBERLAND PUBLISHING CO. 1 I PuIaIishers of PUTNAM COUNTY HERALD Printing That Pleases AT ANYBODY'S PRICE Better Furniture for Less ON TERMS TO SUIT F' Ph t h CookevfIIe's Only Exclusive Furniture Store me O egrep S LOVELL SMITH FURNITURE CO. COOKEWLLE West Broad Street Go By Bus CHEAPER-SAFER-QUICKER Z Q 5 1 I ' 5'i:4g.I:Ij,r.Qg'i i'-I ,,,':, - - . .- ,, ,.., an ,. - ff- V ,. .,..-l ...-,.A.1,'I,:g.. A , 3- 5 5 . ,,,A.. 'W It , ,, .,.. ,. .. - , -,-,- .-.-. 4.-. I . I. . ...,.... ' .- 4 - s..s 2 ? ? 2 5 , g2:22Z1Z2Z2Z 1g 2 2 2 i 2 t ,Z.EfE2,Z. ," 152552552533 g32,2:2:2:2ii' " 5555i552f255f5f252fQi5:,.. 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WRIGHT, Manager I09 Spring Street Phones: S. C. 60-Home II6 T. P. I. CAFE "It's a Treat to Eat Good Food" FRIED CHICKEN COUNTRY HAM SIZZLING HOT STEAKS Our Specialties TECH STUDENTS WELCOME A. C. Brown, Manager . z , anna 1. I . 4- .s., ' -W- L . Cookeville Motor Co. THERE'S A FORD IN YOUR FUTURE John L. McCawIey, Jr. John L. McCawIey, Sr. Roy D. McCawIey EAGLE CAFE A Treat to Eat at the Eagle TAXI SERVICE Phone 63-B WH ITS O N FUNERAL HOME 27 Norfh Dixie Avenue COOKEVILLE, TENNESSEE if Ambulance Service Day or Night Phones: Southern Continenfal, 208, 345 Home, 73 vilfifrikf Thirst asks nothing more ffrvfrvfr WHUB The Voice of the Upper Cumberland COOKEVILLE, TENNESSEE l400 lcc-250 walls ARLINGTON HOTEL D'l"" ROYAL CROWN COLA Slzeam-Heated Rooms and MODERN P. G. COOPER, Propriefor Cookeville, Tennessee NEHI BEVERAGES ROYAL CROWN BOTTLING CO. VET'S CABS Insured Cabs-Courteous Drivers 24-HOUR SERVICE Phones: S. C. 454-Home III S. T. Brown Kenneth Dyer ' Harry Gentry SAUNDERS VOGUE - FLORIST For the Latest in Fashions and Loveliest in Flowers" Student Headquarters 229 Broad-Phone 74 BUILT FOR TECH STUDENTS M I D W A Y LUNCHEON V A Good Place to Eat Just Off the Campus WILBURN TODD, Owner elBsoN GRILL Compliments ot COUNTRYHAM SID LOWE'S FRIED CHICKEN Sam H. Vaughn, Manager HOME SUPPLY STORE II6 West Broad Street B.'AND B. CAFE OniheSquare 'fir We're for Tech ENJOY GOOD FOOD PACK FOX, Owner TERRY BROTHERS EVERYTHING TO WEAR IDEAL SUPER MARKET Phone 97 A 2l Norih Jefferson Avenue One Block Norfh of Square A Roomy, Self-Service Marlcef, wi'ch Plenty' of Parking Space R. E. SMARTT ROGER MANNING L. A. ALLEN DERO BROWN Allen-Brown Hardware and Furniture Co. Hardware, Furniiure, Wall Paper, Paints Electrical Appliances Phone I Public Square COOKEVILLE, TENNESSEE MODERN RETREADERS Repairing-Recapping Goodrich and U. S. Royal Tires PHONE 2I3 W. H. FREEMAN, Manager MODERN BAKERY Snow Whiie Bread and Cakes "Best By Table Tes'c" Phone-S. C. l83 WEST COOKEVILLE SHANKS HCJTEL COOKEVILLE, TENNESSEE H. J. SHANKS, Manager MID-STATE FLYERS cooIcEvII.LE MUNICIPAL AIRPORT Cookeville, Tennessee Phone 320-B 5 . I ,-

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