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 - Class of 1959

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Juuunauuunuuuuuanuunnnununnx ,sin Juana unmannaaauuuuuun eJununuounuuuunuuu Muuuuuuuauuuuuu Tenness pubhshed by the student body of Tennessee A le State University in Nashville for the year nineteen ... ens e image of W .5.:aw.-s E:E.....::.....::.:::m m: la m r O n e In t lens gum WWW 9 ;;!! gan!" ,,$u!!' !' ; m: n w -I V ' n 9w H nun. k. A , .. .mqqawnumnwnisnsmmrWW .. ,, nn""' .t,i'ygtiiv . . . the su per- telephoto catches the action athletics Liferally and figurafively our own "Veep" is a man of many gesfures. He is also a good mafhemafician. a wonderful Jreacher. a reliable friend. an earnesf counselor. and an excellen+ subjecf for Hwe maqic mood of 35 millimefer. For Hwese. and many more. rea- sons. +he I960 TENNESSEAN is lovingly dedicafed +0 a dedicafed person Alqer Vernon Boswell. jamaammu. jammmmmaauaaaamaf table of contents Page Adminis+ra+ion and Factu ....... . . . . l8 S+uden+s .............. . . . . 46 Ac+ivi+ies .............. . . . . 94 Organiza+ions ........... . . . . . I06 Favorifes . . . . .......... . . . . I64 Spor+s ............... . . . . I84 Deparfmenfs ............. . . . . 206 JANELLE BLEDSOE Adminisfra'rion and Factu Secfion Edifor the governor Tennessee's new governor. Buford Ellingfon. is no sfranger +0 A. and l.'s faculfy and sfudenfs as he has been a regular visifor +0 Hwe campus over +he years as a speaker and as a Jrourier abouf +he campus farm area. We welcome Hwis opporfunify +0 wish him God-speed in his guberna- forial ferm of office. 20 THE HONORABLE BUFORD ELLINGTON Governor of Hue Sfaie of Tennessee president of tennessee state university We aHribufe +he successful a++ainmen+ of +he Universify's full membership in +he Soufhern AssociaHon of Secondary Schools +0 +he Adminisfrafive excellence of our fop "FiHeen Year Club" member. Dr. W. S. Davis. During his menforship as presidenf of Tennessee Sfafe +here have been greaf sfrides made and enormous plafeaus reached by He Universify. Of greaf enormify was +he granfing of qu-Hedged land granf universify sfafus +0 Tennessee Sfafe making ours +he youngesf of +he land-gran+ universifies. We fake greaf pride in +he herifage given +0 us by our Universify forefafhers and are prouder sfill of our s+a+ure gained under +he dynamic leadership of +he man we affec- Jrionafely call "prexy." 23 9 fgcuraul's .uu the state board of education Commissioner of Educafion Joe Morgan, Chairman of fhe Sfaie Board of Educaiion. Fronf RowI LeH' +0 Righf: J. Howard Warf: Mrs. Sam Wilson: Joe Morgan. chairman of +he Board and commissioner of educaHon; Mrs. Ferdinand Powell. Back RowI Leff +0 Right Clarence Kolwyck. Dr. Norman Frost James Wil- liams. Ernesf C. Ball. W. R. Landrum. and Edward Jennings. 25 DR. A. V. BOSWELL vice president "Mr. A. 8i I.." Dr. Alger V. Boswell, Vice Presidenf of Ten- nessee Sfaie Universiiy seems an insfifuiion un'l'o himself. If nof an insfifuiion. +hen one of ihe sirongesf pillars +his in- s+ifu+ion has ever known. He is as much a pari of Tennessee S+a+e Universiiy as any permanenf building on campus and one expecfs Jro see him around always. Dr. Boswell is easy +0 know and of Hie many alumni of Hie Universiiy he is remembered by some as Coach. ofhers as Treasurer, and sfill oihers as Dean. He is remembered by all as aH-around fellow wifh a delithul personaliiy +0 mai'ch. The job is new: Jrhe man is not Everybody knows Dr. Carl M. Hill, Chemisf-exfraordinaire and School of Arfs and Sciences head who was chosen +0 serve as +he faculfy dean while carrying ou+ his ofher dufies as well. Wishes for his success in +his new responsibilify are in order for +his nafure lover and man of many and varied +aienfs. A lesser man mithr break under Jrhe si'rain bqu +he predicfion for Dr. Carl M. Hill is +ha+ he will make Jrhe job look easy and carry if off wifhouf a hi+ch. DR. CARL M. HILL dean of faculty officers of administration Mk m . . w , . . MRS. MARY F. CARTER. M. A. Assistanf Registrar DR. HUBERT CROUCH Dean of ihe Graduate School MRS. MABEL B. CROOKS. B. S. Dean of Women CARL CRUTCHFIELD Business Manager 3$R$Kll ' in? am. LOIS H. DANIEL. M. A. Librarian DR. WALTER A. FLOWERS Direcfor of Field Services and Extension MAJOR CLAUDE M. DIXON Head. Deparfmenf of Air Science HAYES HOWARD, B. S. Direcfor of Physical Planf officers of administration RAYMOND KEMP. M. A. Direcior of Afhlefics DR. FREDERICK J. D. MCKINNEY Registrar PAUL 6. KING. B. S. Bursar DR. JAMES A. PARSON Dean of the School of Engineering DR. JOSEPH A. PAYNE Dean of Sfudenfs DR. GRANVILLE M. SAWYER Director of Public Relations and Coordlnafor of Alumni Affairs MRS. ANNIE G. SASSER, M. S. Associate Dean o+f S'rudenfs and Direcfor of Placement Bureau DR. WILLIAM J. SIMMONS Dean of Men officers of administration ,. DR. MAJOR F. SPAULDING Dean of the School of Agriculfure and Home Economics EDDIE WILLIAMS. M. S. Director of Safety DR. CARR A. TREHERNE Direcfor of Health Services DR. MALCOLM D. WILLIAMS Dean of fhe School of Educafion g heads ,ofdepartments DR. RUTHERFORD B. ADKINS Professor of Physics and Head of +he Deparfmenf of Physics and Mafhemafics FRED BRIGHT, B. S. E. Professor and Head of the Deparfmenf of Eledrical Engineering m DR. LUA S. BARTLEY Professor and Head of the Depadment of Healfh and Physical Educaiion DR. M. I. CLAIBORNE Professor and Head of +he Department of Psycholgy heads ofdepartments LEON Q. JACKSON. M. S. Associafe Professor and Head of ?he Department of Architectural Engineering NAPOLEON JOHNSON. B. S. in C. E. Professor and Head of ?he Deparfment of Civil Engineering DR. WILLIAM N. JACKSON Professor and Head of the Deparfmenf of Science Educafion DR. EDWARD C. LEWIS Professor and Head of he Deparfmenf of Art and Music Education DR. MIRIAM McTEER Professor and Head of the Department of Home Economics MALVIN E. MOORE. M. A. Professor and Head of Hte Deparfmenf of Industrial Education DR. CRAWFORD B. LINDSAY Professor and Head of We Department of English DR. CHARITY MANCE Professor of Educafion and Head of 1he Deparfmenf of Administration, Curriculum, and lnsfrucfion. heads ofdepartments DR. ROLAND E. NORMAN Associaie Professor and Head of the Departmenf of Animal Science DR. THOMAS E. POAG Professor and Head of the Department of Speech and Drama DR. M. CLAY PINKSTON Associate Professor and Head of +he Departmen? of Business Education DR. LOUIS H. SCHUSTER Professor of Economics and! Direcfor of file Division of Business DR. HENR L TAYLOR ofessor and Head of fhe Departmenf of Agricultural Education, and Coordina- tor of Graduaie Studies and Research in Vacafional Educafion. DR. MYRON B. TOWNS Professor and Head of the Deparfmenf of Chemisfry RIGHT: DR. ALMA T. WATKINS Professor and Head of the Deparfmenf of Modern Foreign Languages. DR. FRED WESTBROOKS Assoeiafe Professor and Head of the Deparfmenf of Planf Science. DR. HENDERSON K. WOOD Professor and Head of ihe Deparimenf of Biology. DR. SUSIE O. BRYANT DR. CALVIN O. ATCHINSON DR. ROBERT S. COBB Professor of Hisfory and Coordinafor of Associafe Professor of Psychology and Co- Professor of Healfh and Physical Educafion Graduaie Sfudies and Research in The ordinafor of Graduafe Studies and Re- and Coordinator of Graduate Studies and Social Sciences. search in Educafion. Research in Health and Physical Educa- Hon. DR. GEORGE L. DAVIS DR. MERL R. EPPSE DR. PAUL F. GUENTHER Professor of Hisiory and Coordinafor Professor of Hisfory. ParHime Assis'rant Professor of German. of The Curriculum in Polifical Science. curriculum coordinators and supervisors A f DR.fGEORGE HULL S ' f P "f B' I d C - ori'sii'lu J? eeserQuZm $3335 11d R3. DR. JAMES L. MORRIS DR. VIRGINIA NYABONGO search in The Natural Sciences. Professor of Secondary Educafion. Professor of French, ah; ix DR. SARAH M. PERIERA DR. EUGENE RUNYON Professor of Romance Languages. Professor of Psychology. DR. SOLOMON N. SHANNON Associafe Professor of Secondary Educa- fion. of gradudte studies DR. ALONZO STEPHENS Professor of Hisfory and Coordinafor of DR. MCDONALD WILLIAMS the Curriculum in History. Professor of English. DR. EARL L. SASSER Professor of English and Coordinafor of Graduafe Sfudies and Research in fhe Humanities. DR. FREDERICK D. SMITH Professor of Animal 'Husbandry and Co- ordinafor of Technical Agriculture. and research DR. RALEIGH WILSON Professor of Hisfory. DR. WILLIAM 0. SMITH Associaie Professor of Music. Firsf Row: MRS. GLADYS ADAMS, M. 5.. Assisfanf Professor of Biology. OZZIE L. ADAMS. M. S.. Assisfanf Professor of Animal Science. MRS. TOMMIE M. ALLEN, M. A.. lnsfrudor in Library Service. LT. MAURICE ANDERSON, A. B.. Assisfanf Professor of Air Science; ROBERT J. ARMSTEAD. B. 5.. Professor of Civil Engineering. AUGUSTUS BANKHEADl M. 5., Insfrucfor in Business Educafion. ANDREW BOND, M. 5.. Insfrucfor in Planf Science. Second Floor: BERNARD CHADWICK. M. A.. lnsfrucfor in Polifical Science. MRS. YVONNE Y. CLARK, B. S., Assisfanf Professor of Mechanical Engineering. J. C. COFFEE. B. 5.. Technician, Healfh and Physical Educafion. JAMES R. COLES. B. 5.. Assisfan+ Professor of Air Science. MRS. MILDRED B. COLLINS, B. S.. Technician in Home Furnishings. MRS. HELEN COTTON. M. 5.. Insfrucfor in English. JIMMUIR COTTON. M. S., lnsfrucfor in Georgraphy. Third Row: W. DURY COX. M. A.. Assisfanf Professor of Speech and Drama. MRS. CECILLE CRUMP, M. A., Assisfanf Professor of Secondary Edu- cafion. MRS. INEZ CRUTCHFIELD. M. S.. Insfrucfor in Healfh and Physical Educafion. MRS.AUGUSTINE DARTIS. M. S., Insfrucfor in Foods and Nufrifion. ARTHUR DAVIS. M. 5., Insfrucfor in Animal Science. LEON FARBES, M. 5.. Insfrudor in Indusfrial Educafion. ANCEO FRANCISCO. M. 5.. Assisfanf Professor of Music and Assisfanf Diredor of Band. Fourfh Row: MRS. MAURINE FRANCISCO. M. A.. Insfrucfor in Music. ARTHUR E. FRANKLIN. M. 5.. lns+ruc+or in Secondary Educafion. MRS. LUTHER FRANKLIN. M. S.. Insfrucfor in Foods and Nufrifion. DAVID L. GANDY. M. S.. Associafe Professor of Chemistry. PEARLIE GASAWAY, M. A.. Associate Professor of Mafhemafics. SADIE GASAWAY. M. A.. Associafe Professor and Coordinafor of +he Curriculum in Mafhemafics. IRA GENTRY. M. A.. Ins+rucfor in Secondary Educafion. fdculty . . . teaching personnel 4O faculty .. . Firsf Row: EDDIET. GOINS, M. A.. Assisfanf Professor of Music. HIRAM V. GORDON. M. 5.. lnsfrucfor in Arf. MATTIE GORDON. M. A.. Assisfanf Professor 0? Business Educafion. CAPT. ARTHUR D. GRAVES, B. 5., Assisfanf Professor 05 Air Science. HOWARD GREEN. M. 5.. Associafe Professor of Healfh and Physical Educafion. FRANK T. GREER. M. A.. Associafe Professor of lnsfrumenfal Music and Diredor of Bands. LONNIE HAYNES. M. 5.. lnsfruc'ror in Chemisfry. Second Row: MACON G. HINTON, M. 5. E.. Professor of Civil Engineering. MR5. ELISE HOPE, M. 5., Assisfanf Professor of Psychology. JUANITA HORNER. M. A.. Assisfanf Professor of English. MRS. EARLINE HUDSON. M. 5., Inshucfor in Library Science. ROBERT J. HUDSON. M. A.. Assisfanf Professor of English. THOMAS H. HUGHES. M. 5.. Professor of Healfh and Physical Educa- 'Hon. HENRY H. HYMES, M. 5.. Assisfan+ Professor of Geography. 41 teaching personnel Third Row: MR5. MARY P. JACKSON. M. 5.. Assisfanf Professor of Business Educafion. EDMOND JENKINS. M. A., lnsfrudor in Speech and Drama. LEROY JOHNSONI M. 5.. Technician in Chemis'rry and Physics. CLINTON E. JONES. M. 5.. 'Professor of Applied Mafhemafics in En- glneenng. GRACE C. JONES. M. A.. Assisfanf Professor of Secondary Education. REUBEN KEESEE. B. 5.. Technician in Agronomy. HARRY E. LASH. M. 5.. Assisfanf Professor of lndusfrial Educafion and Engineering Drawing. Fourfh Row: MRS. AUDREY LEWIS. M. 5.. Insfrucfor in Healfh and Physical Educa- Hon. SHANNON D. LITTLE. M. 5., Associafe Professor of Healfh and Physi- cal Educafiovn. LLOYD LUSK, M. 5.. Associafe Professor of Music. MR5. PAULINE LUSK' M. S.I Insfrucfor in Elemenfary Educafion. NEAL McALPIN. M. 5.. Assistanf Professor of Planf Science, MARK H. McCANN. M. 5.. Assisfanf Professor of Economics. MRS. CATHRYN McKINNEY. M. 5.. Insfrucfor in Home Economics Educafion. faculty .. . Firsf Row: ROBERT F. MANUEL, B. S.. Technician in lndus+rial Educafion. MRS. GLORIA MASSIE. M. 5.. Insirucfor in Psychology. GORDON MOORE. B. S., Technician in Indusfrial Educafion. ESSIE MOTT. M. 5.. Insfrucfor in Business Educaiion. MRS. GRETCHEN PAYNE, M. A.. Insfrucfor in Educafion. MRS. TEE PEACOCK. M. 5.. lnsfrucfor in Elemenfary Educa+ion. LEE H. PENNINGTON. M. S., lnsfrucfor in Mafhemchs. MRS. SARAH PHILLIPS, M. A.. Insfrucfor in Music. Second Row: GILBERT PLEASANT. M. Ed., Assisianf Professor of lndus+rial Educafion. MRS. LILLIE B. REDMOND. M. 5.. Insfrucfor in Home Economics Edu- cafion. MRS. MARYLOUISE RITTER. M. 5.. lnshucior in Home Economics Edu- cafion. CAMILLE ROBINSON. M. 5., Insfrucfor in Business Educafion. NORA LEE ROY, M. A.. Assisfani Professor of Sociology and Social AdminisfraHon. MRS. DOROTHY J. SAMUEL, M. A.. Associaie Professor of French. HORACE SAVAGE. M. A.. AssisfamL Professor of Hisfory. MRS. MAXINE SAWYER. B. S.. Technician. Communicafions. Third Row: MINGO SCOTT, M. 5.. Insfrudor in Hisfory. teaching personnel GILBERT SENTER, M. 5., Assisfanf Professor of Chemishy. MRS. JESSIE C. SMITH. M. A.. Insfrucior in Library Science. WILLIAM STINSON. M. A.. Insfrucfor in Business Educaiion. MRS. WILHELMINA TAYLOR. M. A., Assisfanf Professor of Music. CASS F. L. TEAGUE. M. 5.. Assisfanf Professor of Business Adminisfra- Hon. EDWARD S. TEMPLE. M. S.. Insfrucfor in Social Adminisfrafion. MRS. RUBYE P. TORREY. M. 5.. Assisianf Professor oi Chemisfry. Fourfh Row: MRS. MIRIAM TOWNS, M. 5.. Assisfanf Professor of Foods and Nufri- fion. MRS. ARTHURYNE J. WELCH. M. 5., Assisfanf Proiessor of Eiernen- +ary Educaiion. ALEXANDER WELLS, M. 5.. Laborafory lnsfrucfor. JOHN T. WHITLOW. B. 5.. Laborafory Technician in Animal Husbandry. SAMUEL R. WHITMON. M. 5.. Insfrudor in Bioiogy. PEGGY M. WILLIAMSl M. A.. Assisfanf Professor oi iHeaHh and Physi- cal Educafion. ROSA LEE WILLIAMS, M. A.. lnsfrucfor in English. RUDOLPH WOODBERRY. M. 5., Technician in Chemisiry and Physics. Fiffh Row: MRS. ROBERTA WRIGHT, M. A.. Associafe Professor of Educafion. MARY ALICE YANCEY. M. 5., Insfrucfor in Mafhemafics. Firsf Row: BERNICE L. BAILEY. R. N., Sfaff Nurse. MRS. PORTIA M. BALLARD. B. S.. Clerk-Typisf, Library. MRS. LILLIAN BARBOUR. B. 5., Reserves Assisfanf. Library. MRS. EMMA BATTS, Admissions Clerk, RegisfraHs Office. MRS. THELMA BAXTER. M. 5.. Secrefary f0 +he VicesPresidenf and lnsfrucfor in Business Educafion. MRS. ANN W. BELL, A. 8., Sfaff Wrifer, Public Relafions. MRS. M. ELIZABETH BOWMAN, B. S.. Assisfanf 10 fhe Diredor 0s Veferans Dormifory. Second Row: MRS. ETHELCARPENTER. B. 5.. Secrefary, Deparfmenf of Biology. JULIUS CARPENTER. M. 5., Assisfanf. Exfension Office. MRS. ANN E. CATO. B. S.. Secrefary. Poulfry Deparfmenf. MRS. THELMA CLANTON. B. 5.. Chairman Work-Aid CommiHee. MRS. SABRA CONNER, B. 5., Accounfing Clerk, Bursar's Office. MRS. BEATRICE CRUMP, B. 5.. Secrefary. Family Economics and Home Management MRS. MAFALDA DAVIDSON, B. 5.. Assisfanf 10 fhe DormHory Direcs for. Hankal Hall. Third Row: 5135. MINNIE PEARL DAVIS, Assisfanf Accounfing Clerk, Bursar's rce. MRS. NAOMI A. DAVIS, B. 5., Secrefary, Deparfmenf of Air Science. ENEVIE DORIS DENNIS. B. 5., Secrefary, Deparfmenf of Air Science. CARMELIA DeSHAZER, A. B.. Assisfan+ f0 fhe Cashier, Bursar's OHice. WILLIAM H. FOSTER, B. S. A., Direcfor of College Hall. MRS. NELLIE F. FRANCIS, Secrefary. Division of AgricuHure. BEATRICE GILBERT, B. 5., Secrefary +0 +he Librarian. Fourfh Row: MRS. ERNESTINE GOODWIN. A. 3.. Assisfanf +0 Hwe Dormifory Direc, Tor. MRS. JOAN M. HILL, B. 5., Secretary, Deparfmenf cf Chemisfry. MARY LOUISE HOPKINS, B. S.. Clerk. Booksfore. GEORGE T. T. HUGHES, Direcfor, Recreafion Hall. MRS. ANNA P. HYMES, B. 5., Bookkeeper, Bursar's OHice. MRS. ANNA P. JACKSON, B. 5., Secrefary, Deparimenf of Mafhe- mafics and Science Educafion. MRS. ROSA A. JOHNSON, B. 5., Assisfanf f0 Hwe Dormifory Direcfor, Clement Hall. . faculty . . . staff assistants wag ' Firsf Row: MRS. LILA KEMP, Universify Hosfess. Public Rehafions. C. J. KINCAIDE. B. S.. AssisfamL Afhlefic Direcfor. MRS. HELEN KINCAIDE, Dormifory Direcfor. Wilson Hall. MRS. EARLINE KING. Assisfanf Direcfor. Wilson HaH, MRS. MARGARET LAVENDERI B. 5.. Secrefary. School of Educafion. MRS. RUBY LITTLE. B. S., Hosfess. H. A. Kean Building. MRS. HENRIETTA McCALLlSTER. B. 5.. Payroll Clerk. Bursar's Office. Second Row: WILLIAM HERBERT MCDONALD. B. 5.. Physical Therapisf-Trainer. De- partmenf of Physical Educafion. MRS. ALYCE MCDOWELL. Secrefary, Deparfmenf of lndusfrial Educa- Hon. MRS. VERGIE E. MASON. B. 5.. Assisfanf +0 +he Direcfor. Clemenf Hall. MRS. MARY F. MAYES. B. 5.. Secrefary, Graduate School. ANNA MONTINART. R. N.. Universify Healfh Cenfer. ROBERT MURRELL. B. 5.. Direcfor of Housing and Assisfani Dean of Men. Clemenf Hall. MRS. BLANCHE PARSONS. Assisfanf Librarian. faculty ... Third Row: MR5. VALLIE P. PERSLEY. B. 5.. Typist Technical Processes. Library. gigs. HARRIETTE PLEASANT. B. 5.. Secrefary, Business Manager's Ice. MRS. JEWEL E. PORTER. B. 5., Secretary. Schoo. of EducaHon. MRS. WILMA PULLEN. Assisfanf Direcfor of Hale Hall. 5.5611 WILLIAM A. PURVIS. Supply Supervisor. Deparfmenf of Air Science. MRS. MARJORIE RANSOM. B. S.. Secrefary +0 fhe Dean of Women. MRS. HELEN C. ROSE. Secrefary f0 +he President Four+h Floor: MRS. TOMMIE D. RUCKER. Secrefary. AgriculfuraI Economics. MR5. ROSE SANDERS. A. B., Secrefary. Graduafe School. MRS. OLLYE B. SHIRLEY. B. A.. Secrefary, Polifical Science. MRS. SUSIE SHURNEY. R. N.. Sfudenf Healfh Service. MR5. DELLA R. SHUTE. B. S.. Swifchboard Operafor. MRS. JEAN SIMMONS. B. 5.. Secrefary +0 +he Direcfor of Public Re. Iafions. MRS. EUNICE SIMS. M. S.. Assisfanf f0 fhe Dormifory Director. Hale Hall. staff assistants 44 faculty . . . Firsf Row': MRS. CATHERINE L. SMITH. Sfaff Wriferl Public Relations. MRS. MOZENIA STINSON. B. 5.. Secrefary +0 1he Regisfrar. MRS. HELEN STREATOR. Assisfanf Direcfor. Clemenf Hall. DORIS M. SYLER. B. 5.. Assisfanf +0 Hue Diefifian. Boarding Deparf- menf. MRS. CHARLIE B. TEMPLE. B. S.. Assisfanf Manager, Pos+ OHice. MRS. MARTHA C. UTLEY. Assisfanf Direcfor, Wilson Hall. MRS. PEARL H. VAUGHN. M. S., Direcfor of Hale Hall. staff assistants Second Row: JOHN H. WATKINS, B. 5.. Clerk. AFROTC Supply. MRS. LENA B. WATSON. Coordinafor, Religious Acfivifies. MRS. HELYNE WILHOITE. B. 5.. Secrefary, Depar+men+ of Speech and Drama. MRS. ERNESTINE WILSON. B. S.. Secre+ary. Cafeferia. MRS. EMMA F.WOOD, B. 5.. Secrefary. General Teachers' Office. MODESTINE YOUNG, B. 5.. Reserves Librarian. MRS. FREDDIE ZEALEY. B. S.. Clerk. Booksfore. 45 dodOP nVo-oao ,y .09 5 0 ' :1 x S L E N A D r o H d E n .o h C e S s f n e d U .1 S ALBERTA WILLIAM HAYES Treasurer IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIIlI... MARY BELLE SANDERS Secreiary IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIM Vice-Presidenf FRED SINGLETON the graduate class officers Presidenf CHARLES E. WILLIAMS .m. of tennessee a. Firsf Row: SAMUEL J. V. ABERNATHY , . . . Shelbyville, Physical Educafion Hepermofs, Veterans Club. MONTGOMERY BEARD JR. . . . . Nashville. Psychoyogy ' Phi Befa Sigma Frafernlfy, Psychology Club. CLYDE BOND . . . . Nashville. School Adminisfrafion ELIZABETH PEPPER BOWMAN .Nashville. Educafion PEARLINE BUTLER , . . . Elemenfary Educafion Second Row: CORNWALLIS BYAS JR. . . . Indianola, Zoology Phi Befa Sigma Fraternity. FREEMAN M. COOPER . . Nashville, Sociology DAISY M. DOUGLAS . Halls. Eremenfary Educafion Delfa Sigma Theta Sororify. . Wa+er Valley. and Term. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Miss. Miss. Tenn. Tenn. i. state university EDDIE EDWARDS . . . . . . .Nashville. Tenn Plan+ Science Befa Kappa Chi Honor Sociefy, Omega Psi Phi Frafernify, American Sociefy of Agronomy. PRESCOTT FISHER . BarHeH, Tenn. School Adminlsfrafion Third Row: JAMES C. GARDNER . , . . . . . Mf. Pleasant Tenn. Speech 8 Drama Thefa Alpha Phi Honor Sociefy, Tenn. Sfafe Players Guild. ALBERT MILTON GRAVES . . . . . . . Memphis. Tenn. AgricuHural Educafion HENRY DE GRAYSON II . . . . Memphis, Tenn. His+ory Educafion Gamma Thefa Upsilon, DeHa Pi Delfa, Meter Staff Hisfory Study Club. S. E. HARDEMAN . . . . . Nashville, Tenn. Zooiogy FRANK M. HARRIS . . . . . . Covingfon. Tenn. Educafion Firsf Row: WILLIAM HAYES . . . . . . AdminisfraJrion Alpha Phi Aipha Frafernify. JAMES H. HOSE JR. . . . . . . Science Educaiion Kappa Alpha Psi Frafernify. ERNA JOHNSON JACKSON . . EngHsh Npha Kappa Mu Honor Sodew, Liferary Guild. JAMES M. JOHNSON . . . . . Plan+ Science Kappa Alpha Psi Fraterni'ry, American Sociefy of Agronomy, American Chemical Sociefyl New Farmers of America. MARY N.J. JORDAN . . . . . . . . . Nashville. Tenn. Elemenfary Educafion Second Row: KATIE JANE KINNARD . . . . . . . Franklin. Tenn. Science Educafion Sigma Gamma Rho Sororify. HARRY GEORGE MILLER . . Hisfory Fufure Business Leaders of America. ANNIE B. NICHOLS the Elemenfary Educa+ion . Somerville. Tenn. . Memphis. Tenn. . Nashville. Tenn. .Chapel Hill, Tenn. . Murfreesboro. Tenn. . Morris+own. Tenn. gradu 50 CORNIETH YORK RUSSELL . . . . . . . . . . Healfh 8 Physical Educa+ion CLEOPHIS RUTHERFORD . Ripley. Tenn. , . . Jackson, Tenn. Agronomy Omega Phi Psi Fraternify. Third Row: FRED H. SINGLETON JR. .Nashville, Tenn. Zoology Newman Club, Biology Club Vice-Presidenf Graduate Class. ALICE CLARK SMITH . . . . . . . . Nashville. Tenn. Science Educafion Delta Sigma Thefa Sorori'ry. PRESTON E. STEWART JR. . , . . . . Nashville. Tenn. PsychoJogy Phi Beta Sigma Frafernify, Psychology Oub. JAMES M. TRENT . . . . . .Nashville, Tenn. Economics Alpha Phi Alpha Frafernify, Fufure Business Leaders of America, Sfudenf Chris- fian Associafion, Mefhodisf Sfudenf Union. LEWiS EUGENE WATKINS JR. . Chemisfry Omega Psi Phi Frafernify. CHARLES E. WOODARD . . . . . . . . . . Healfh 8 Physical Educafion . Sumfer. S. C. . . Nashville, Tenn. ate class JUST NEVER REAUZED WHAT BACK BREAK- ING WORK THIS WOULD BE. '- AND MUH WIFE AIN'T COME HOME FROM THE MOVIE YET. FLOYD HARRISON Treasurer HELEN ANDERSON Secrefary ior class officers 3 $, b . Nu JOHN BARNHILL Vice PreSIdenf he sen t IIIII'III'.II..-"'II President JAMES LARRY GREEN of tennessee a. First Row: CLAUDE JACKSON ALLEN Accounting Future Business Leaders of America. ELIZABETH ANDERSON . . . . . Home Economics Educafion Student Chrisfian AssociaHon, Westminster Fellowship, Home Economics Club. ELMIRA ANDERSON . Eashille. Va. Memphis. Tenn. . . . . . . . . . .Arlingfon, Tenn. Elemenfary Educafion Library Assistant HELEN M. ANDERSON . s . Social Adminisfrafion Pi Delta Phi Honor Sociefy, Delfa Sigma Theta Sorority. Infer-Frafernify Council. Social Science Club. Student Chrisfian Associafion. NORA LOUISE ATLAS . . Healfh and Physical Educafion Hepermofs Club. Hankal Hall Club. Greenwood, Miss. Lake Providence, La. Second Row: DOROTHY JEAN AUSTIN Science Educafion Sigma R-ho Sigma, Young Women's Chrisfian Association. GLORIA AUGUSTUS . . Mobile. Ala. Laurel, Miss. Social Adminisfrafion Social Science Club. Sfudenf Chrisfian Associafion. and i. state university CHRISTINE BAILEY . , . . NashvilleI Tenn. Elemenfary Educafion Yearbook Staff. LAWRENCE BARLOW s . Covingfon. Tenn. Physical Educafion JOHN ANTHONY BARNHILL Healfh and Physical Education Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Senior Class Vice President Basketball Team Capfain. . Evansville. Ind. Third Row: SHERMAN BARTON . . . . . . . . . .Knoxville. Tenn. Sociology Kappa Alpha Psi Fraferni'ry, Sfudenf Cguncil, Social Science Club. Sociology Clu . HENRY E. BEACH . Nashville. Tenn. Hisfory Hisfory Study Club. Social Science Club. S'rudenf Christian Association. ARTHUR BENJAMIN. JR. . Salley, S. C. Accounfing Future Business Leaders of America. JULIA BENNETT . . . Louisville. Ky. Social Adminisfrafion FREIDA L. BLACKSTONE . Memphis. Tenn. Physical Education Hepermofs Club, University Counselor. JANELLE A. BLEDSOE . . . . . . . Memphis.Tenn. Business Education Sfudenf Chrisfian Associafion, Fufure Business Leaders of America, Mefhodisf Sfudenf Movement CLYDE BOLDS . . . . . . .ChaHanooga,Tenn. Accounfing Mefhodisf Sfudenf Movement Veteran's Club, Future Business Leaders of America. LORETTA LEE BOOKER . . . . . . . Birmingham,Ala. Eiemenfary Educa+ion Future Business Leaders of America, Bapfisf Sfudenf Union. Alabama Club. WILLIAM HOWARD BORDERS . . Meridian, Miss. Biolo Biology CiubI Veferan 5 Club S?udenf Christian Association. ERLENE MEREDITH BRADLEY . . . . . . . .Harian, Ky. Business Educaiion Sfudenf Christian Associaiion Fufure Business Leaders of America, Hankai Hail Dormifory Club. Second Row: VEZELIA BREWSTER . . . . . .Bessemor,Ala. Chemisfry Archonian Club, Science Educafion Club, American Chemical Sociefy. Los Buenos Vecinos. ESSIE MAE BROOKS . . . . . . . . Memphis. Tenn. Eiemenfary Educafion Baptisf Student Union, Student Christian Associafion. the sen FRED LAURENCE BROWN . Memphis, Tenn. Hisfory Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternify, History Sfudy Club lnfer- Frafernify Council Sfudeni Christian Associafion. JEANETTE BROWN . Birmingham, Ala. Eiemenfary Educaiion Fufure Teachers of America Bapfis? Sfudenf Union Alabama Club. NORMA LEE BRYANT . . Nashville. Tenn. Foods and Nufrifion Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Horne Ecanomics Club, Bapfisf Sfudenf Union. Third Row: VIRGINIA BRYANT . . Auburn, Ala. Business Educafion Sfudenf Chrisfian Associafion Future Business Leaders of America Hankal Hail Dormifory Council SAMUEL C. CARNES . Haynesville, Ala. Biology Bioiogy Club Trac k Team. LAURRECE CARTER . . . . . . . .Paducah. Ky. Biolog Cheerleader Siudenf Chnsfiang Associaiion Biology Club. ARCHIE EDWARD CARVER . Lexingfon, Tenn. Agricultural Educafion American Socieiy of Agronomy New Farmers oi America. CHARLES CHAMBERLAIN I . Memphis. Tenn. Business Adminisfrafion Fufure Business Leaders of America. or class Firs+ Row: HAZEL MAI CHAMBERLAIN . . . . . . . . Elemenfary Educafion Sfuden? Chrisfian Association, Future Teachers of America. BEVERLY JEAN CHILES .Chscago, m. . Nashville. Tenn. Elemeniary Educa'rion Alpha Kappa Alpha Sororify, Presidenf Hankal Hall Dormifory Club, University Counselor, Sfudenf Christian Association, Jr. Sunday School Teacher. Associafion for Childhood Educafion, lnfernafional. LOIS V. CLARK . . . . . . .Nashville, Tenn. Elemen+ary Educafion Alpha Kappa Alpha Sororify. Fufure Teachers of America Sunday School Staff. Baptist Student Union. DONZELLA COLE . . . . . . Nashville. Tenn. Business Educafion MARIE COLE . . . . . . . . . . . . Brownsville. Tenn. Elemenfary Educafion Future Teachers of America, Sfudenf Chrisfian Association. Second Row: TREVIOUS COLEMAN . . . . . . . . . . . . .Nashvilie, Tenn. Elemenfary Educafion Alpha Kappa Alpha Sororify. ADDIE COLLINS . i . .Memphis. Tenn. Elemenfary Educafion Maihodisf Sfudenf Movemenf, Fufure Teachers of America. SYLVESTER COLLINS . . . . . . . . .Pickens. Miss. Accounfing Fufure Business Leaders of America, Canferbury Club. of tennessee a. PAULR.CONN.............. Agriculfure Economics Phi Beia Sigma Frafernify. Masonic Lodge. ANNIE CRAWFORD . . . Arlingfon, Tenn. . . Franklin. Ky. Physical Education Bapfisf Sfudenf Union, Hepermofs Club. Third Row: JOSEPHINE CROUCH . . . . . Elemeniary Educa+ion Alpha Kappa Aipha Sororify, Fufure Teachers of America. JOHN H.CRUMMIE . . . . . . . . . .Norihporf,Ala. Elecfrical Engineering Omega Psi Phi Fraternify. Insfifufe of Radio Engineers, Arnold Air Society, T.S.U. Technical Sociefy. HENRIETTA MARIE CRUMP . . . . . . Home Economics Delfa Sigma Theta Sorority, Infer-Frafernify Council, Universify Counselor, Home Economics Club. ALBERTA DANIELS . . . . . . s . . Business Educafion Pi Omega Pi Honor Sociefy, Alpha Kappa Npha Sorority. Sfudenf Christian Associafion. Universify Counselor, Yearbook Sfaff. OONEVA M. L. DAVIS . Nashville. Tenn. . . Hopkinsville, Ky. . . . . . Nofasulga,Ala. . . . . . .Somerville.Tenn. Business Educafion Fufure Business Leaders of America, Student Chrisfian Association, Hankal Hali Dormifory Club. Firsf Row: BEATRYCE LUCILLE DAWKINS Home Economics Educafion Baptist Studenf Union Sfudenf Chrisfian Assomafion, Home Economics Club. ROBBIE L. D. DIVENS . . .Nashvillel Tenn. Home Economics Educa'rion Home Economics Club, Studenf ChrIsHan Associafion. BILLIE DALE DIXON . . . . . . . . . . . .Nashville,Tenn. Business Educafion . Gaffney. S. C. QUEENIE DODSON . Brenfwood. Tenn. Home Economics EducaHon Sfudenf Christian Associafion, Baptisf Sfudenf Union. T.S.U. Players Guild. EUNICE LUCILLE DRAKE . . . . . Busmess Admimsfrahon Future Business Leaders of America. Home Economics Club, I Miami, Fla. Second Row: SUSIE BERNICE EDMONDSON Elemenfary Educafion Mefhodisf Sfudenf Movement. . NashvilLe, Tenn. MYRA FARMER Memphis. Tenn. Elemenfary EducaHon Fufure Teachers of America, Associatbn of Childhood Education, Sfudenf OhrisHan AssocIafion. ELZIRAH FINLAY . Nashville. Tenn. lnfernafional, Elemenfary Educafion the sen 56 GILBERT MICHAEL FISHER. HI Po-Iifical Science Alpha Phi Alpha Frafernify, Newman Club, Dreambeau of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sororify. LOUISE MAXINE FITTS . Memphis. Tenn. . Bessemer. Ala. Eng lIsh Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Sociefy. Kappa Delfa Pi Sociefy, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Who's Who Literary Guild, University CounseIor Student ChrIsfian Association, Third Row: LIZZIE A.FLACK . . . . Home Economics Educafion Sfudenf Chrisfian Association, Home Economics Club. EFFIE MARIE FLOWERS Memphis. Tenn. Elemenfary Educafion Hanka! HaH DormIfory Club. Mefhodisf Sfudenf Movement. BETTE FORD . Nashville. . Shelbyville, Tenn. . I . . . . . . . . Tenn. Business Educafion Zefa Phi Befa Sororify. PAULINE FRAZIER V ChaHanooga, Tenn. Elemenfary Educafion AIpha Kappa Mu Honor Socie+y, Kappa Delta Pi Society. Fufure Teachers of America. Associafion of Childhood EducaronA ln+ernafional. CHARLES H. FUGATE . . Rogersville. Tenn. Geography or class Firsf Row: DOROTHY M.SARDNER . . . . . . . . . Business EducaIIon PI Omega PI Honor SocIer, Kappa Delfa PI Sociefy SIuden'r ChrIsIIan Associa- IIon Alpha Kappa Alpha SororIIy, Fqure Business Leaders of AmerIca. LEWIS P. GARN ER . Memphis, Tenn. . I I . . . . . .TuscumbIaI Ala. BIoIogy CIub, Dormitory CIub. HOWARD ALLEN GILBERT . . HeaIII'I and Physical Emducafion MARVIN E. GLASS . OrlInda, Tenn. . Dyersburg, Tenn. EIecIrIcaI EngineerIng Befa Kappa ChI Sociefy, Omega PsI PhI Fraierni'ry, InstfuIe oI' RadIo EngIneers, T.S U. Technical SocIer UnIversIIy Counselor. DOROTHY GOODRICH . . . . . . . .GreenvIIIeI Miss. Social AdmInIsIraron Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Social SScIefIPCe Club, Hankal Hall CIub, Yearbook fa . Second Row: VIVIAN L. GRAVES . . . . . . . . . Humboldt Tenn. Business EducaIIon PI Omega PI SocIefy, Sfudenf ChrIsIIan AssocIaIIon. JAMES LARRY GREEN . Gadsden. AIa. Biology AIpIIa Kappa Mu Honor Society, Arnold AIr SocIer Kappa Alpha PsI Frafer. nI'IyI BIoIogy CIub AFROTC SocIer, MethodIsf SIudenf Movement of tennessee a. and 57 WILLIAM F.6REER . . . . . . . . . . . PoIIIIcaI ScIence Omega PsI PhI FraIernIIy, PresIdenI Sfudenf CouncII, Social Science CIub. ALBERT BURNETTE GRIMES IndusIrIaI ArIs Industrial EducaIIon Club, Veferan's CIub. MONTANEZ L. GUEST . Miami. Fla. UnIversIIy Counselor, Bolivar. Tenn. . Wichifa, Kans. EIemenIary EducaIIon Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society. Kappa Delia PI SocIer. Delfa Sigma TheIa Sorority, Newman Club Third Row: ALEXANDER HALE . . . . . . .Soufh PIHsburg, Tenn. Business AdminisfraIIon BESSIEL.HALL............... EIemenI'ary EducaIIon AIpha Kappa Alpha Sorori'ry, Fqure Teachers of America TILLIE M. HALL . . . . . .HaH'Iesburg. Miss BusIness AdmInIsIraIIon Delta Sigma TheIa SororIIy, Sfudenf ChrIsIIan AssocIaIIon, Fufure BusIness Lead- ers of AmerIca, SIudenI Council. GLOVER MAURICE HARDISON ChemIsIry American Chemical Society, Y..M C.A. SIudenI ChrIsIIan AssocIaron. MARY AGNES HARPER . . .GaIIaI'In. Tenn. . Memphis. Tenn. . Columbia, Tenn. Home EconomIcs Alpha Kappa Alpha Sororify, Horne EconomIcs CIub, SIudEnI C-hrisfian Asso- cIaron. i. state university Firsf Row: VIOLA HARRIS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Nashville. Tenn. Healfh and Physical Educafion Hepermofs Club. FLOYD HARRISON, JR. . . Memphis, Tenn. Elementary Educafiorn Omega Psi Phi FrahernifyI Infer-Frafernity Council, Methodisf Sfudenf Movemem Association of Chiidhood Educafion, Internafional. MARY F. HARRISON . Knoxville. Tenn. Business Educafion Siudenf Chrisfian Association, Future Business Leaders of America, City Housing. RICHARD WESTLEY HATFIELD . . . . . . . . . . Nashville,Tenn. Science Educafion University Choir, Science Educafion Club, Sfudenf Chrisfian Associafion. OTIS R. HAYES. JR. . . . . . Music Education Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Ph Mu Alpha, Universify Band. Second Row: DORIS JEAN HAYNES . . . Johnson City, Tenn. Business Educafion Delfa Sigma Thefa Sororify, Pi Omega Pi Sociefy, Sfudenf Christian Associa- tion, Fufure Business Leaders of America, Methodist Studenf Movement HENRY HEARNS . . . . . . . . . . . Memphis. Tenn. Agriculfural Engineering Phi Be9a Sigma Frafernify, Sfudenf Christian Associafion, Baptist Sfudenf Union. Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. the . . ChaHanooga. Tenn. CURTIS FOREST HENRY, JR. . . . McKeesporf, Pa. Biology Alpha Phi Alpha Frafernify. ARTHUR RONALD HIGGS . . .Miami. Fla. Biology Omega Psi Phi Fraiernify, SfudeM Council, Infer-Frafernify Council, Football Team, Biology Club. SALLYE JEAN HILL . . . . . Gowan. Tenn. . . Science Educafion Zefa Phl Befa Soron'ry Science EducaHon Club, InfersFrafernify Council, As- sisfanf Secretary Senior Class. Third Row: DOROTHY JEANNE HOBSON Elemenfary Educafion Fufure Teachers of America, Bapfisf Student Union. ROSCOE HODGES. JR. . . . . . s . . . . . Memphis. Tenn. Healfh and Physical Educafion E. BEATRICE HOLMES . . . . . .Pulaski. Tenn. . . . Germanfown, Tenn. Biology Delta Sigma Theta Sororify, Universify Counselor, Biology Ciub, Sfudenf Chris- tian Associafion. MILDRED KIZZI HOSKINS . . . Clarksville, Tenn. English Liferary Guild. ROBBIE SUE HOUSTON . Henderson. Ky. Business Educafion senior class 58 Firsf Row: RUTH HOUSTON . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Tampa, Fla. Psychology Fsychoiogy CIub. BapIIsf Sfudenf UnIon, fudenf ChrIstan AssocIafion. PATRICIA HOWARD . . . . . , . . . . . Memphis, Tenn. BusIness Educafion Meihod'si' Student Movement S'rudenf Christan Associafion, Future Business Leaders of America. BETTY JOYCE HUNTER . . . . . Nashville, Tenn. EIemenIary Educaron Future Teachers of America, HankeI Dormifory CouncIl. BARBARA ANN JACKSON . . . . , . . . . . .Oxford. Ala. Home EconomIcs Educafion Horre Economics Club. UnIversin Counselors Bapfisf Studenf UnIon, Sfudenf ChrIsTIan AssocIaIIon. DELMAS C. JACKSON. JR. . Old Hickory, Tenn. BusIness Adminisfrafion Fqure Business Leaders of America. Methodist SIudenf Movement VarsIfy Bases ball Teaml Veteran's Club. Second Row: JAMES C. JACKSON, JR. . . . . . . . . . .Dallas.Tex. Business Adminisfrafion AIpha Phi AIpha Fraternifyl Fufure BusIness Leaders of America Sfudenf ChrIs. fIan Assoclaron. Texan Club SHIRLEY JEAN JACOBS . . . . . . . . . Evergreenl Ala. BIologv Delta Sigma Thefa Sorority, University Counselor, BIology Club, Mefhodisf SIudenf Movement. GLORIA JUANITA JAMES Elemenfary EducaIion A.pha Kappa A!pvha SororIfy. Sfudenf ChrIstan Associatiom AssocIaron for ChIIdhood Education, Infernafionall Universify Counselorl HankaI HaIl DormI. Iory CIub UnIversin Choir. CAROLE ANITA JAMISON Home EconomIcs Educafion AIpna Kappa AIpha Sororifys New Homemakers of Americal Sfuoenf ChrIstan AssocIafion. HankaI Hall DormiIory Club. ELIZABETH JOHNSON . . . Nashvilie. Tenn. ., Chaffanooga. Tenn. . Memphis, Tenn. Science EducaIIon Science Educafion CIubI Baptist Sfudenf UnIonI Sfudenf ChrIsIIarI AssocIaIion. Third Row: GLORIA YVONNE JOHNSON . . . . , . . . .Nashville. Tenn. Elementary EducaIIon Alpha Kappa Alpha Sororify. LENA B. JOHNSON . V . , . Nashville. Tenn. Hisfory HIsfory Study Club Players Guild SocIal Science Club. NORRIS C. JOHNSON . WChaffanooga Tenn. Elementary Educafion Future Teachers of AmerIca. BOBBY FLEMMING JONES EIeCIrIcaI Engineering lnsfifufe of RadIo Engineers, T.S.U. TechnIcal SocIefy. BOBBY LOUIS JONES . . . Paris, Tenn. . FayeHeviIIe, Tenn. Elemenfary Educafion Phi Beta Sigma Frafernify. AssocIaron for Childhood Education, InfernafionaII Future Teachers'of America, Studenf Christian AssocIaIion. of 'tennessee a. and i. state university Firsf Row: ELROY JON ES . A . . . . . .Somerviile. Tenn. Business Adminisfrafion MELVIN W. JONES . Memphis. Tenn. Business Adminis+ra+ion Methodist Sfudenf Movement Ciericus. ROSETTA JONES . . s Memphis. Tenn. Business EducaHon Associafion, Fufure Business Studenf Union. Leaders of America, Bapfisf . Nashville. Tenn. Sfudenf Chrisfian ROSEZELLA B. JONES Business Adminisfrafion Zeta Phi Beta Sororityl Fufure Business Leaders of America, Bapfisf Sfudenf Union, NORMA 6. JORDAN Norfolk, Va. Physical Educai'ion Delta Sigma Thefa Sorority. Second Row: HELYN MAXCINE JULIUS . . . Home Economics EducaHon Home Economics Club, Mefhodisf Sfudeaf Union, Sfuden'r Chrisfian Associafion, Y.W. .A. JEFFIE L. KEITH. JR. . Yazoo Cify, Miss. . . . . . ChaHanooga. Tenn. Elecfrical Engineering lnsfifute of Radio Engineersl TAS.U. Technical Sociefy. , OLLIE AGNEW KEITH , 4 . . ChaHanooga, Tenn. Eiemenfary Educafion Elementary Education ClubK Fufure Teachers of America, Bapfisi Student Union. the sen 6O ZENOBIA ANN KIDD . . . . u . .Anfioch, Tenn. Business Educafion DeHa Sigma Thefa Sororify, Bapfisf Sfudenf Unioni Fufure Business Leaders oi America. ANTHONY E. KING . , . . . . A . . Murfreesboro, Tenn. Agriculfure Educafion New Farmers of America. American Sociefy of Agronomy. Third Row: KAYVONNE L. KING . For+ Wodh. Tex. Psychoiogy Aipha Kappa Aipha Sorority, Psychology Club. ELEANOR A. LaPRADE . Sadlersville, Tenn. Business Educafion Mefhodisf Student Union, Fufure Business Leaders of America. ELLA LOUISE LAUDERDALE . Mf. Pleasant Tenn. Elemenfary Educafion Future Teachers of Americas CHARLES B. LAWRENCE . . . . . . . . Mechanical Engineering National Technical Societyl Sfudenf Christian Association, FELIX R. LAWRENCE . Franklinl Tenn. . . . . Franklinl Tenn. Bioiogy Biology Club, Sfudenf Christian Associa'rion. or class Firsf Row: ROBERTA ELIZABETH LEWERS . . . . . . . Social AdminisfraHon Sigma Delta Pi Honor Sociefy. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sororify' Spanish Club, 50- cial Science Club. MEHARRY HUBBARD LEWIS . . . . . . . . . . . Nashville, Tenn. Biology Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Sociefy, Kappa DeHa Pi Sociefy, Les Amis de la France Universify Counselor, Biology Club, MAUTEZ LYNETT LOVETT . . . . Business Adminisfrafion Fufure Busmess Leaders of America. WILLIAM S. MCCAIN . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Dayfon. Ohio Mechanical Engineering Beta Kappa Chi Honor Society, Arnold Air Sociefy, Studenf Chrisfian Associa- Hon, AFROTC Sociefy. EUNICE NADINE McCLAlN Home Economics Educafion BapfisI Sfudenf Union. Sfudenf Chrisfian Association, Home Economics Club. . Covingion. Tenn. . Mobile. Ala. . Old Hickory. Tenn. Second Row: RUFUS D. McCOLLUM. JR. . . . . . . Chemisfry Beta Kappa Chi Honor Sociefy, Arnold Air Sociefy, Sfudenf Christian Associa- HonI Mefhodisf Sfudenf MOVEmenf, AFROTC Sociefy. MARTHA McCRIGHT . . . . . . . . .JeHerson Cify, Tenn. Elemenfa ry Educafion . Abingdon. Va. of tennessee a. DONALD JAMES McGRlFF . . . . . . . . . . . . Pensacola. Fla. Mechanical Engineering Alpha Phi Alpha Frafernity, Sfudenf Chrisfian Associafion, Nafional Technical Society. . Nashville, Tenn. RUBY MCNAIRY . . . . . . . . . . . Science Educafion Kappa Delfa Pi Honor Sociefy, Science Education Club, French Club. WILLIAM H. McNEAL,JR. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Bolivar.Tenn. Accounfing Kappa Alpha Psi Frafernify, Swimming Team, Fufure Business Leaders of Amer- IcaI Clemen'r Hall Club. Third Row: MARY LEE MACK . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Greenville, S.C. Arf Educafion French Club Sfudenf Chrishan Associahon MefhodisIL Sfudenf Movement. JO ANN MADDEN WChaffanooga Tenn. Elementary Educahon Future Teachers of AmerIca Sfudenf Christian Associafion. CORDELL MAJORS . . . . . . . . .Ashland. Tenn. Agriculfure Educafion American SocIefy of Agronomy, New Farmers of America. TARLTON H. MARTIN . . . McMinnville. Tenn. Elecfrical Engineering lnsfifufe of Radio Engineers, T.S.U. Technical Society, Student Chrisfian Asso- ciation. GLORIA LEVON MATHIS . . . Physical Educahon Alpha Kappa Alpha Sororify UnIversify Counselor, Intramural AfhlefIc Assuma- hon. Hepermofs Sfudenf ChrIshan Association, Peppereffes. . Memphis. Tenn. i. state university Firsf Row: VERNON C. MAYS . . . . . . . . . . . . .Miami, Fla. Biology Omega Psi Phi Frafernify, Biology. WILLANNMAYS... French Pi Delia Phi Honor Sociefy, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sororify, Who's Who, French Club, Spanish Club, Universify Counselor. JUNE MILLER . . . . . . Ridgely. Tenn. . . . . . . . . . . Louisville. Ky. Business Educafion Yearbook Siaff, Meier Staff, Fufure Business Leaders of America. EARL MiMMS, II . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Memphis. Tenn. Healih and Physical Educaiion Kappa Alpha Psi Frafernify, Baseball Team, Hepermofs. TRIMBLE MOODY . . . . . . . . .Chaffanooga, Tenn. Physical Educafion Kappa Alpha Psi Fraferniiy. Hepermois, T. Club. Second Row: DOROTHY M. MOORE . . . . . . Tuskegee. Ala. Business Educafion Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Yearbook Sfaf'f, Sfude-nf Christian Associafion, Future Business Leaders of America. JEANE MOORE . . . . . . . . . . Nashville. Tenn. Elemeniary Education Future Teachers of America. the sen BOBBYE JEAN MORRIS . . . . . . . . . .Eads. Tenn. Business Educaiion EDISON MORRISON . . . . Memphis, Tenn. Accouang Alpha Phi Alpha Fraferniiy, Sfudenf Christian Associafion, Veteran's Club, Fu- fure Business Leaders of America. BETTY K. MOSBY . . . . . . . . . Nashville. Tenn. Business Educaiion Third Row: ELAINE K. NEELY . . . . . . . . . . . . Eiemenfary Educafion JO ANN SERILLA NOON . . . . . . . Business Educaiion Future Business Leaders of America, Bapfisf Sfudenf Unionl Sfudenf Chrisfian Association, Universify Choir. RUBY ANN OGILVIE . . . . . . . . Business Educafion . Nashville. Tenn. . Tullahoma, Tenn. .Columbia. Tenn. CHARLES RAY OWENS . V . . . . Memphis. Tenn. Poiifical Science Editor of Meters Yearbook S'raff, Sfudenf Election Commission, Social Science Club, TRILBY D. PATTON . Nashville, Tenn. Elemenfary Educafion class 0 I' Firsf Row: HAROLD DEAN PAYNE . . . . . . lndusfrial Educafion Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternify, Industrial Arts Club, Sfudenf Chrisfian Associafion. NELL GLEN PIERCE . . . . . . . . . .Evergreen, Ala. Music Delia Sigma The'ra Sorority, Music Educators National Conference, Sfudenf Chrisfian Associafion, Universify Choir. RODGER E. POLK . Paris. Tenn. . . . . . . Annision. Ala. Polifical Science Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. WILLIE DORIS POWELL . . Elemenfary Educa+ion Fufure Teachers of America, Sfudenf Chrisfian Associaifon. EUGENE PRESLEY . ChaHanooga. Tenn. . Dyersburg. Tenn. Civil Engineering Second Row: HEHEADON RADDEN . . . . . . .ChaHanooga. Tenn. Civil Engineering JUDITH W.RAMSEY . . . . . . . . .Day+on,0hio Elemeni'ary Educafion Alpha Kappa Alpha Sororlfy. Associafion for Childhood EducaHon, Inferna- Honal, Yearbook Sfaff, Alpha Sweefhearf, Sunday School Teacher. JUANITA RANSOM . . . . . .Nashville. Tenn. Physical Educafion of tennessee a. and IDA MARIE RICE . . . . . . . . . . . . .Nashville. Tenn. Physical Educa+ion Hepermofs Club. VERNELLA RICE . . . . . . . . . .Chaffanooga, Tenn. Elementary Educafion Sfuden'r C-hrisHan Associafion, Associafion of Childhood Educafion, lnfernafional, Junior Sunday School Teacher, Hankal Hall Dormitory CIUb. Third Row: ROSA PAULINE RICHMOND Home Economics EducaHon Sfudenf Chrisfian Associafion, Hankal Hall Dormifory Club. SHIRLEY ANN ROBERTSON . . . . Nashville, Tenn. Elecfrical Engineering lnsfifufe of Radio Engineers. T.S.U. Technical Sociefy. BELVA ROBINSON . Nashville. Tenn. . Elizabefhfon, Tenn. Physical Educafion Baptisf Sfudenf Unionl Hepermofs, Women's lnframural Associafion. JOE ROBINSON . . . . . . .. .. . ..Murfreesboro. Tenn. Business Adminis+ra+i0-n Fufure Business Leaders of America. BOBBIE JEAN ROGERS . . . . . . . . .Memphis, Tenn. Mafhemafics Universify Counselor, Mafhemafics Club, Future Teachers of America, Mefhodisf Sfudenf Movement i. state university Firsf Row': ALFRED JULIAN RUCKS Elecfrical Engineering T.S.U. Technical Society, Institufe of Radio Engineers. THEODORE RUFFIN . . . . . . Science Educafion Sfudenf Chrisfian Association, Science Educa'rion Club. GASTON O. SANDERS, Ill . . . Elecfrical Engineering Alpha Phi Alpha FrafernHy, lnsfifufe of Radio Engineers, Canferbury Club, Veteran's Club. MILDRED PEARL SANFORD Business Educafien- FRANK D. SAUNDERS . . . Biology Track Team. Second Row: VIOLA E.SAVAGE . . . . . . . . . . .Denmark.Tenn. Elemen+ary EducaHon MARTHA RUTH SCOTT . . . . . . Jamaica L. I.I N. Y. Business Educafion CLEOPHUS SCRUTCHIONS. II Biology Kappa Alpha Psi Frafernify. Biology Club, Veferan's Club, University Counselors the . Chicago. Ill. sen . Lebanon. Tenn. . Birmingham. Ala. . Nashville. Tenn. . Clarksville. Tenn. . Lynchburg, Va. 0 I' GIRTHER REE SERMONS . . . . . . Home Economics Educafion Alpha Kappa Alpha Sororify, Home Economics Club, Bap'fis? Sfudenf Union. ELMER D. SHANNON Nashville. Tenn. . Memphis, Tenn. Civil Engineering Third Row: GWENDOLYN JANICE SHARP Business Educafion Pi Omega Pi Honor Sociefy, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Women's Senate. JESSE SHELTON Ashland Cify, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. Business Adminisfrafion Future Business Leaders of America. ERONEUS SHIPP . . . . . . . . .Memphis.Tenn. Bio-Chemisfry Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, T.S.U. Players Guild, Student Christian Associafion. PERCY L.SHIPP,JR. . . . . . . . MemphislTenn. Speech and Dramafic Arf Omega Psi Phi Frafernity, Sfudenf Christian Assoclafion, French CIub, T.S.U. Players Guildl Debating Team. MARY LUCILLE SHULL Fayeffevilie, Tenn. Biology Biology Clube Methodist Sfudenf Movement. class Firsf Row: ELIZABETH A. SHUTE . . . . . Chemisfry Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society. Befa Kappa Chi, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, American Chemical Sociefy, Universify Counselorl Sfudenf Chrisfian Association. CHRISTINE SIMMONS . . . . English Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Sociefy, DeHa Sigma Theta Sororify, Liferary Guild, Universify Counselorl Sfudenf Christian Association. CLARK DENNIS SIMMONS . . Biology Biology Clubl German Club. ALPHONSO LEON SMITH . . . . Chemisfry Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society, Arnold Air Sociefy4 American Chemical 50- ciefy, Bapfisf Sfudenf Unionl Wesfminger Fellowship, CHARLES 5. SMITH Nashville. Tenn. . Bells. Tenn. Porfland. Tenn. Sociology Social Science Club. Second Row: ERNEST C. SMITH . Cleveland, Tenn. Elecfrical Engineering T.S.U, Technical Sociefy, lnsfifufe of Radio Engineers, Baptisf Sfudenf Union. Veteran's Club. LOIS EVELYN SMITH Social Adminisfrafion . Nashville. Tenn. . Pulaski, Tenn. . Nashville. Tenn. CURTIS SPEIGHT . . . . . . . . . .Greenville.Pa. Physical EducaHon ROY G. STINSON . . . . . . . . . . .Grenada, Miss. Elecfricai Engineering lnsfi'rufe of Radio Engineers. American Technical Society. MARY MARJORIE STOVALL 4 Decafur. Ala. Elemenfary Educafion Fufure Teachers of America. Third Row! CONSTANCE PATRICIA SURLES Mafhemafics Delfa Sigma Theta fororify, Mathematics Club, Sfudenf Christian Associafion, Hankal Hall Dormitory Club, Yearbook Staff. JACQUELYN BUCKINGHAM SWEETNER Home Economics Educafion Home Economics Club, Methodist Sfudenf Movement ROSE E. TAYLOR . Bufler, Ala. . Pensacola. Fla. Meridian. Miss. Eius.int.ess. delcgfign- FRANCIS MALCOLM THOMAS Biology Biology Club. Sfuden'r Christian Association. WILLIAM W.THOMAS . . . . . . Aviafion Educafion Arnold Air Society, T.S.U. Aero Tigers. . Brunswick. Ga. . Brunswick. Ga. of tennessee a. and 65 i. state university Firsi Row: GLORIA FAYE THOMPSON . . . u A Music Educafion Delfa Sigma Thefa Sororify, Music Educafors Clubl Universify Choir, Meisfers sungers. WILLIAM CLAY TISDALE . . . . . Nashville. Tenn. Physical Educafion Veteran's Club. . Cleveland. Miss. DORIS HELEN TOMS . Rusherfordfon. N. C. Elemenfary Educafion Mefhodisf Sfudem+ Movement. Fufure Teachers of Amerlca, LAURA M. TOWNSEND . . Gurley. Ala. Psychology Delta Sigma Thefa Sororify, Npha Kappa Mu Honor Sociefy, Psychology Club, Biology Club, Mefhodisf Sfudenf Movement JAMES H.TULLOSS . . . . . . . sDay+on,Tenn. Chemishy American Chemical SocEefy, Student Chrisfian AssociafFon. Second Row: WILLIAM R.TURNER, JR. . . . . . . lndusfrial Educafion Kappa Npha Psi Frafernify, Student Chrisfian Associaffon, Mefhodisf Sfudenf Movement lndusfrial Club. KENNELL VINSON. JR. .Gary, Ind. s Memphis, Tenn. Indusfrial Educafion Veferan's Club. the sen VALINCIA J. WADE . Nashville. Tenn. Elemenfary Educafion DORIS WAKEFIELD . . . Tampa. Fla. Business Educafion Future Business Leaders of America, Student Christian Association. LOUIS A. WAKEFIELD Coving'ron. Tenn. Hisfory Student Chrisfian Associafion, Baptist Student Union, Hisfory Sfudy CIub. Third Row: WILLIAM WALLACE . . s . . .Nashville. Tenn. Business AdminIsfraHon Veteran's Club. BARBARA J. WALLS Nashville, Tenn. Psychology Delfa Sigma Theta SororHys Psychology Club, University COunselor, Bapfisf Sfudenf Union. ROBERT B. WEATHERTON, JR. Biology Kappa Alpha Psi Frafernhy, Biology Oub, Student ChrIsHan Association. Fu- ture Teachers of America. ROBERT OTIS WEBB . . . . Music University Concerf Band, Marching Band, Universify Choir. MYRTIS E. WHEATON . . . . New+on. Miss. Elemen+ary Educafion National Educafion Association, Sfudegl+ Ehrisfian AssociaHon, Hanka! Dormitory U . . Brisfol. Tenn. . MemphisI Tenn. or class Firs? Row: ARTILA MAE WILKERSON . . . . Elemenfary Educafion Bapfisf Sfudenf Union, Future Teachers of America. AUDIE L.WILKES.JR. . . . . . . . . . . Healfh and Physical Educafion EUNICE L. WILLIAMS . India napolis. Ind. . Nashville. Tenn. . . . . A . . .Tuscaloosa, Ala. Business Educafion Kappa Delta Pi. Pi Omega Pi, Delta Sigma Thefa SororHy, Fufure Business Leaders of America, Sfudenf Chrisfian Association, Bapfisf Student Union. Second Row: RUBY REGINA WILLIAMS . . . .Birmingham, Ala. Sociology Bapfisf S'rudeni Union, Alabama Club, Social Science Club. JEWELL ANNE WINLOCK . . Accouniing Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Future Business Leaders of America, Mefhodisf Sfudenf Movement. MaioreHe. . Mem phis, Tenn. EDITH ANNE WINTERS . . . . . . .Old Hickory. Tenn. Elemenfary Educa+ion Kappa Delta Pi, Baptist Student Union, Sfudenf Chrisfian Association. Third Row: BENJAMIN F. WITHERSPOON lndusfrial Education Bapfisf Sfudenf Union. . Nashville, Tenn. EVERETT L. 'WOOD . Oak Ridge. Tenn. Elecfrical Educafion Insfifufe of Radio Engineers, T.$.U. Technical Society, Veferan's Club. JOE O. WOODRICK . . . . Birmingham, Ala. Physics Arnold Air SocieiLyl AFROTC Society, Sfudenf Christian AssociaHon. of tennessee a. and 67 i. state university Treasurer SAMUEL WILLIAMS ALICE SU M LER Secretary NW; kawi, A w L .I...'I..II. w FREDRICKA ALLEN Vice President he junior class officers k, IIIII'II.II'III'..- .'I-m t w .1, ft... LEWIS TATEM President .. n ., IIIIIIIIIIII of tennessee a. and 69 state university GWENDOLYN C. AGNEW BARBARA JEAN ANDERSON GLADYS ANDERSON GENEVA ANDREWS MILTON BALTIMORE JR. JOAN M. BELL WILLIE FRANK BENTON BOBBIE BILLINS PEGGY BOWERS J. D. BRADFORD JR. LELA BURTON JANE CHEAIRS SWAZOO CLAYBON J. LAMARK COX BARBARA J. CURRY WILLIE THERMAN DAVIS WOODSON DAVIS GEORGE HAROLD EDWARDS the RUTHIE JOHNSON DOROTHY FELTON CHARLES Fl ELDS JR. PATRICIA E. FIELDS ETHEL LOUISE FOSTER ALICE MARIE GREEN ROBERT L. GREER WEATAU HALEY THERESA E. HANKERSON EDDIE HARRIS OPHELIA M. HARRIS RUBY L. HAWK J. W. HAYGOOD G. LEWIS HICKS BETTYE HOLLOWAY HAROLD HOUSTON. JR. MILDRED L. JACK JEAN LORRAINE JOHNSON of tennessee a. and 71 state university CLEO THELMA JOHNSON MARlE-LEE JONES WILNITA KENNEDY DONALD LEE CARL G. LOUVIERE CHRISTELLA McCLINE NOVELLA McCLINE THOMAS McCRAVEN. JR. PHEOLA MARION ARTHUR L. MEADOWS GRACE R. MITCHELL CLAUDE HAROLD MOON PETER MOORE JOE STEWARD OSBORNE MARJORIE H. PORTER ROSIE PRICE MYRTLE M. QUARLES ALEXANDER RAMSEY JR. theiunior class ROOSEVELT RILEY ALEXANDER SCOTT, ll ELAINE SMITH GEORGIA SMITH ALMA JEAN SWIFT TH ELMA ELIZABETH TAYLOR BERYLE HELENA THOMAS BETTY L. TOMLINSON MARVA L. VESTAL LURRIED VINSON EVA MAE WARFIELD DONELLA J. WILBURN ETTA MAE WILLIAMS LEO WILLIAMS BESSIE LEE WRIGHT 72 k CA YOU SEE THROUG OLE HOLE? y, , k . ' $3. ORE, MISTER , , ,, WILLIAM SUGGS Treasurer I ll! MILDRED PlCKETT Secrefary ha va . u. .M :U, IIIIIIIII-IIIIIII'HIIIIIIW Vice-Presfdenf MOODY T. LAW 5 r e C ll 0 s s h C e r O m 0 h P O s e In t Presidenf JOHN W. MOORE II'IIIIIIII.IIIIIIIIIII of tennessee a. and state university WYNELL ADAMS CORNELIUS ASKEW. JR. CAROLE BALTIMORE AUGUSTINE BAILEY MAXINE C. BAILEY BETTIE JEAN BARNES BARBARA JEAN BATES EULA MAE LEVONNE BATTLE VERNON LEE BEARD NANNIE LOU BLAKEY ALICE M. BOGLE CONSTANCE BOONE ALGER VERNON BOSWELLI JR. JAMES RODNEY BRADLEY MARVA BRICE ANTHONY LEROY BROWN YOLANDE T. BRYANT YVONNE NEATHERY BRYANT the sophomore class BENNIE L. BURRELL. JR. ANITA CALDWELL FRANCES E. CALLAWAY THEODORE HOWARD CARTER LUCILLE CARTER ERMA LOU CARROLL MARION EDWARD CHRISTLER ANN SHARRONNE COLLINS MATTIE IRENE COUCH RUFUS CRAWFORD. JR. CAROLE JEAN CRUSOE MAXINE HIAWATHA CUNNINGHAM WILLIAM CUNNINGHAM STANLEY DAIGLE MARY ETHEL DOYLE CLIFFORD M. DeBERRY GEORGIA DICKERSON JO CAROLE DOTSON 76 of tennessee a. and i. state university ERMA FAYE DUNLAP JO ANN B. DURHAM ETTA MAE ESTES DAVID L. EVANS SARAH DELOIS FLOYD HIAWATHA FOUNTAIN FAYE DOLORES GARDNER MELVIN GARRETT. JR. MELVIN W. GIBSON ROBERT GIBSON PHILMORE GRAHAM BOBBY NIEL GROVES ERNEST GUNN BOBBY JOE HALLYBURTON SYLVIA B. L. HAMILTON CARRIE MARY HAMMONDS EARNESTINE HARLAN JIMMIE HARLAN 77 the scphomore class EARLENE HARRISON MARY JANE HAWTHORNE MAE WILLIE HEADING DOROTHY JEAN HENDRICKS JEANETTE HICKS ANDERSON HILL CARL WENDELL HINES. ll JOHN HOSKINS DOROTHY HU MES JUANITA INGLE MARY ESTHER JAMISON FREDDIE LEE JEFFRIES CHARLES EDWARD JOHNSON R. HENRY C. JOLLEY ARTELIA A. JONES JOE LOUIS JONES MARY JEAN LACY MARVA JO LANE 78 of tennessee and 79 state university DORIS LEE HOWARD EUGENE LOCKE BOBBY JEAN McCRAVEN JANICE McCULLOUGH FRED McCUISTON JEANETTE A. McDONALD JOSEPHINE McKlNNIE EDWARD N. McSWINE CYNTHIA ANN MARCHMAN STANLEY T. MARSHALL EMILY WENDELLA MEANS ANITA LOUISE MERRITT JOHN W. MOORE MARIE ELIZABETH MURPHY N EBRASKA NEWELL EDWINA L. OATES WILLIE G. OWENS MARY EMMA PARHAM the sophomore class MILDRED PICKETT PALACE EVELYN PILLOW MATTIE LOUISE POLK RU NAS POWERS. JR. HATTIE RAMSEY JIMMIE RANDOLPH J U LIA REAMS GWENDOLYN REEVES FLORIA MAXINE ROBERTS YVONNE AGNES ROBERTS ALFRED A. SMITH BARBARA JEAN SMITH CARL DOUGLAS SMITH DESAREE SMITH DORIS MARIE SMITH JEANETTE LOVELL STEWART JUANITA ANN STEWART BENNIE F. STRAYHORN of tennessee a. and i. state university WILLIAM MARTIN SUGGS LAVONIA SUMMERISE NOLIA SWEATT LUCILLE TERRY HELEN THOMAS WILLIE MAE THOMAS JOHN HENRI THORNTON JUANITA TIPTON WALTER L. TOWNSEND ALICE JEAN VALENTINE BETTYE C. VAUGHN MARY EWING WHARTON BERNARD WILKERSON LEOTA WILLIAMS LORRAINE BERTHA WlLLlAMS LUDI E MAE WOODS MARGENIA M. WOOD SANDRA DIANE WOOD ALPHONZO WOODARD, JR. BRENDA YEAGER 81 JUANITA HARRIS Treasurer Secreiary JO ANNE MAYO Vice-Presidenf MAXINE PRIDE he freshman class officers 1: h L, $ IIIIIIII-IIIIIIIIIIIIIII BARBARA MATHIS Presidenf IIIII-III-IIIIIIIIIIIllllm n IIIIIIIIIII of tennessee state university TURNER CLEOPHAS ARMSTRONG CU RTIS L. ARMSTRONGE WILLIAM E. ASHFORD FLOSSIE SYLVENIA BAKER FRANK T. BALLARD JAMES BEACH MOSES BEASLEY, JR. FAY SINGHI VIRGINIA BENNETT ANNIE RUTH BLACK ROBERT M. BOWMAN, JR. PATRICIA BRAMLETTE BETTY SUE BRANDON DOROTHY W. BREWER JU Ll ETTE CAROLYN BROOKS EDWARD LEE BROWN LILLIAN CECILLE BROWN PRINCESS PAULINE BROWN AUDREY JEAN BRYANT the freshman class LAVELL CAMPBELL THEODORE R. CAMPBELL GERALDINE CARTER MARQUITA DE ALVA CARTER N ELLI E E. CARTER MARY GENEVA CASON J. ALVIN CATO. JR. GERALDINE E. CHAMBERS HENRI ETTA CLARK JAMES WILLIAM CLARK MARY ALBERTA CLARK ALFRED B. CLICK ANNIE E. CONNER OPHELIA DELORIS COTTON DEANNA SUE CRISWELL JOAN JUANDA CUNNINGHAM JAMES EARL CURTIS VERONICA CUSHON 84 of tennessee a. and 85 state university CLARENCE DAVIS DELORES DAVIS JAMES HENRY DAVIS WILLIE ANN DAVIS LOUISE NAVADA DICKSON JOSEPHINE EDDINGS CHICQUTAR GENEVA EDGECOMBE MARTHA LOU EDMONDS WILMA JEAN EDMONDSON ISAIAH EDISON EDWARDS, JR. CHARLES ELION MARTHA NELL ENOCHS FRANCES EVANS ROSA M. EZELLE CARL FARRELL JOSEPH FERGUSON. JR. CHARLES FERREL PETER FISHER. JR. the freshman class FRANK FLENOIR MAXINE FLOWERS DORIS EVELYN FORD MARY ELLEN FORRESTER WILBURN HOLMES FOUCHE ANDREW FRIERSON, JR. NETTIE LUVEINIA MAE FULLER RUTH EVELYN GAINES ROBERT W. GORDON, JR. ROBERT J. GRANT, JR. ODA E. HADLEY ANTHONY HALL. JR. SARAH HAMLER LOIS JEAN HAMPTON ANDREE ELIZABETH HARLAND JOHN HARRIS. JR. JEWELENE HAWKINS ERNESTINE HAYSLETH of tennessee a. and i. state university ADA JOYCE HELTON MARY HOLLOWELL FRANKLIN HORNBUCKLE ELEANOR HOUSTON NATHANIEL HOWARD JUANITA FAYE IGOU GARLAND JACKSON. JR. EVELYN JOHNSON IRA J. JOHNSON MARVA JOHNSON ROBERT JOHNSON BRENDA LEE JONES CHARLES JONES. Ill EDDIE CHARLES JONES ODESSA JONES OLLIE LEE JONES FRANKIE KEELING CLAUDE C. KENNEDY 87 the freshman class GLORIA ELAINE KENNEDY ROBERT L. KIDD BUDENIA KIRKACHA BARBARA JEAN LAMB COLISTA LaPRADE GEORGE LARAMORE WILLIE LEEI JR. ELIZABETH LEWIS SCOTT! E MAE LOCKETT JACQUELIN E McCRARY ODESSA McDERMOTT LESTER GENE McKINNIE WILLIE JAMES MARTIN ICONUA MATHIS LEWLLYN HENRY MATLOCK JOANN STEWART MAYO EDDIE S. MEADOWS FLOSSIE L. MIDDLEBROOK 88 of tennessee state university ROSETTA MILLER JACKSON CANNON MONTGOMERYI JR. MARGARET ANN MONTGOM ERY NORMA JEAN MOODY ALTAMEASE PATRICIA MOORE DOROTHY JEAN MORROW GRACIE MARIE MORTON LARRY NEAL ROBBIE ANN NEELY CARL NORWOOD MARY OAKLEY ANNE RUTH PARKER CARMELITA LaVONNE PAYNE KATHLEEN YVONNE PECK BOBBIE JEAN PETERSON MAESTER PHILLIPS ALVIN LOUIS POLLARD ESSIE B. PREWITT class the freshman PETER JEFFERSON PRYOR LEONA QUALLS MARY REEL HERMAN REESE CHRISTINE B. REYNOLDS VERNON R. REYNOLDS HENRY LEEVONYER RICE CHARLES FRANK ROBINSON BENNIE ROGERS. JR. GLADYS KRISTINE ROUNDTREE FRANK RUSSELL NANCY LEE SAUNDERS RALPH WILLIAM SCOTT ABRAHAM SHELTON. JR. GERALDINE SHEPHERD JOHN OLIVER SMILEY. JR. GEORGE SPEARS ANTOINETTE GLENDA SPROTT of tennessee a. and i. state university ALVA STARLING MAEANITA MAXINE SUTTLE PATTIE MAE TAPP WALTER JAMES TARDY. JR. JOHN H. THOMAS DOROTHY THOMPSON MARIAN LOUVENIA THOMPSON JACQUELYNNE JEANETTE THURSTON EUGENE TOY THOMAS W. TUCKER CLEMONTINE RUTH TULLOSS LU DYE N. WALLACE GWENDOLYN WALLER BOBBIE JEAN WASHINGTON DAVID WATKINSl JR. ROBERT CURTIS WEBB GLORIA DEAN WELCH MODENE WHITE 91 the freshman class JOSEPHINE WHITTHORNE ARLENE WIGGINS DORRIS WILLIAMS ELWOOD E. WILLIAMS VIRGINIA WILLIAMS TYRONE DERONDA WILSON BARBARA ANN WOFFORD MATTIE B. WOODEN LEROY WOODS. JR. ESTHER LEE WORD GENE B. WRIGHT DONALD EDWARD WYNN HELEN YOUNG 92 .1 w crgm .-W m m gym aw WHA 7 ....MMMM M f X E x, 6 WWW t W KXa g 65 7' BYE NOW "I . t V i ii... I , P... 11: u." I k. w. l w", E R T F. P L H P r 0 .Ah .0 E n o H c e S s e m v .h C A All's righf th His world AND fhe nomi- nafion. The hurry over. The scwry over. On!y fhe worry remains as vofers awai+ eleci'ion resulfs. 3 Spiri+ed supporfers sample sfump speeches. Some vo+ers prefer a preview of +he vofing scene. 3 le 9 n W o B la a s 9 n o d In .6 .w e D campus visitors Touring Tennessee S+a+e's campus in July was Japanese visH'or Hisafoki Kuroki kenfed of Tokyo's Kyodo News Service, Dr. Virginia Nyabongo and Dr. Malcom Williams are w-Hh him. Archifec+ural Engineering deparimen'r head L. Quincy Jack- son and Nashville archifed Calvin McKissack share a ioke wi+h HaHi's Secrefary of Sfaie For EducaHon Fa+l1er Jean BapHs+e Georges, a visifor +0 Nashville and +he campus dur- On a sfricily business visH +0 Hue campus AFROTC uni'r in January were visifors ing H19 summer mon+hs. from Headquar+ers Maxwell AFB Lieufenanf Colonels Charles Moraf and Charles Callis. The Monfgomery, Alabama inspecfion feam members and +heir companions are U. +0 rJ Lf. Col. Moraf. C Mai. Anionic J. Simmons, Lf. Col. Callis. and Major Claude M. Dixon. Typical of fhe beaufies who visif +he campus is Memphis' Sara Ann Murrell hith "Miss Bronze Queen" for I958. Alva Jamison UefH conducfed +he preHy visi'ror on a campus and ci'ry-wide four. Tuskegee lns+i+u+e's William E. Boone henfor. facing camerd and some of his sfudenfs from the Arabama ins+i+u+ion's prinfing deparfmenf lived on Tennessee Sfaie's campus during a +wo-day field hip +0 Nash- ville's publishing houses. Gilber+ K. Pleasanf HoregroumH poinfs ou+ some inferesfing facfs abouf Tennessee Sfafe's priming equipment ??$? Egg: a .1, 4L w !6 , w m an an! ax at 3: w workshOps and conferences One of Hue newesf of +he Clinics holding mee+s on Tennessee Sfafe's Campus is fhe Urban Renewal Clinic shown here in a planning session. 100 The Fourfh Annual Insfifuie of fhe Nafional Insurance AssociaHon spen+ a somefimes pleasant somefimes grueling iwo weeks on campus during +he pasf summer. The Boys S+a+ers hold mock Polifical Sessions during annual Summer encamp- men+s on +he campus. Key Figures of he Vocafional Agriculture Workshop Uune 9-l4h were. HeH +0 Righ'd Dr. W. A. Flowers and LafayeHe Indiana's American Zinc Company Field Engineers Wayne Maley and James Willman, workshop consulfanfs. The Finishing fouch from an experf is a familiar sighf a+ +he Cosmefology lnsfi- fufe. Farm and Home Insfifu+e Chairman W. A. Flowers hith is fascinafed by +he anfics of +he 2-day ins+ifu+e's keynofe speaker L. J. Washingfon and Dr. William Holmes Borders who gave +he main address a+ fhe evening session. I+ happened in August Leading +he grand march af +he Corona+ion Ball1 "Miss Tennessee Sfafe" and escort 49. .t; a I x, Everybody lines up +0 wafch Hwe grand enhance of +he Charm-Esquire confesfan+s a+ +he Ball of +he same name. Enfer "Miss Charm" and "Mr. Esquire." This'll probably be square by yearbook publica+ion da+e bu+ "se+ on in +here" anyway. Dance floor +e+e a +e+e. All dressed up and someplace +0 90. Who's Woody Herman's new piano player? cheum Rober+ Milli plays Hue +i+le role of fhe anguished ruler in fhe PLAYERS INCORPORATED production of Sophocles' "Oedipus Rex" seen 31' Hue Tennessee AM Sfa+e Univer- sify gym. The comedy roles in Hue PLAYERS INCORPOR- ATED produc+ion ch Shakespeare's "Twelf'th Nighf" on February I were filled by fhree of +he company's veierans. Joanne Ellspermann UefH is Maria, Chrisfopher Kokchnigh hith is Malvolio. and Scran+on Moufon heclining is Sir Andrew Aguecheek. The Bryan? +wins, Yvonne UefH and Y0- landa, compare nofes abouf +heir Nash- ville home wiih Mary Cosfa of Knoxville. Mary Cosfa played fhe fifle role in +he production of Candide in Kean Hall. her supporting acfors were Lee Bergere UeHL and Roberf Rounseville hith. Sophomore speech and drama maior Jean Hall hith was on hand fo pose wifh Twelffh Nighf characters from +he Cafholic Universi'ry affer +he February performance here. J W 0. ;'0b 3 4x .Orc L060 DOROTHY MOORE Organizafions Secfion Edifor Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Sociefy is a nafional or- ganizafion which promofes high scholarship and en- courages sincere and zealous endeavor in all fields of knowledge and service. Phi Befa Tau Chapfer af- fempfs +0 culfivafe in ifs members a high order of personal living and fo develop in +hem an apprecia- Hon for scholarly work in ofhers. alphak OFFICERS MEHARRY H. LEWIS ........ . . ...... Presidenf ELIZABETH DANIELS .............. vxce Presiden+ ELIZABETH SHUTE ................. Secre'ary CARL CRUTCHFIELD ............. . Treasurer DR. MARY CLAY PINKSTON ........... Faculfy Adviser appa mu 108 beta OFFICERS ELIZABETH K. DANIELS ........... . . . . Presidenf RUFUS D. MCCOLLUM ............. Vice Presidenf ELIZABETH SHUTE .................. Secrefary DR, M F. SPAULDING . . .............. Treasurer MRS. MARY E. HI'LL ............... Faculty Adviser kappa: The purpose of Befa Kappa Chi is fine promoHon of scholarship and +he mofivafion of inferesf in +he areas of science. Hs members are majors in Hue fields of Biology. Chemishy. Physics. and Hue ofher sciences. Kappa DeHa Pi is an Honor Sociefv for +hose per- sons maioring in educafion wifh i+s purpose being +0 encourage high professional. Infellecfual and per- sonal sfandards: and +0 recoqnize oufsfanding con- Jrribu+ions +0 educa+ion. kappa OFFICERS LOUISE M. FITTS MONTANEZ GUEST . EUNICE WILLIAMS SABRA CONNER CASS F. TEAGUE delta no . . Presidenf . Vice Presidenf , Secrefary . Treasurer . Factu Adviser U U 0. tb OFFICERS WILL ANN MAYS . .................. Presiden+ HAROLD WESSON ............... Vice Presidenf HENRI ALICE LOWERY ................ Secrefary HELEN ANEDRSON .................. Treasurer DR. ALMA T. WATKINS ............. Faculfy Adviser t a p Pi DeHa Phi is a naHonal honor sociefy for sfu- denfs and ofher individuals who have shown pro- ficiency in He sfudy and +he elevafion of We French language by academic achievememL or o+herwise. H is recognized on more +han sixfy-fhree college cam- puses +hroughou+ +he nafion. Befa Omicron Chapfer was i ni+ia+ed on Hwis campus in l955-l956. Sigma Delia Pi is a Nafional Honor Sociefy. com- posed of sfudenfs whose cumulafive average is B or more. and whose general average in Spanish is B or more. Majors or minors in Spanish are eligible for membership. m to OFFICERS ROBERTA LEWERS MARY RUTH PITTS . ..... MARVINCOUSIN . ...... DR.ALMA T.WATKINS . . . DR. 5. M. PERIERA . . ..... ma delta 1i12 ..... Presiden+ ....... Vice Presidenf ..... . .Secrefary . .Factu Adviser . .FactuAdviser U BETTY J. CASH JAMES COX DOROTHY AUSTIN LEWIS TATEM HORACE SAVAGE OFFICERS I' . Presidenf Vice PresidemL . Secrefa ry . Treasurer . Faculfy Adviser 118 h ID 0 5 Sigma Rho Sigma Honor Sociefy membership consisfs of majors in Hue field of social science and hisfory. H Is primarily in+eresfed in high scholarship and He increasing of knowledge and inferesf in +he Social Sciences. The+a Alpha Phi is a nafional honorary frafernify which makes ifs appeal +0 fhose persons who excel in dramafic and allied arfs. Membership in Epsilon Chapfer on Hwe Tennessee Sfafe Universify campus 15 open +0 sfudenfs and factu members. tneta a OFFICERS RONALD o. DAVIS MOSES GUNN MADELYN E. HOUSTON HIRAM GORDON . DR. THOMAS E. POAG . Presidenf ...... Vice Presidenf ..... Secrefary Treasurer ....... Factu Adviser 114 THEY SAID SO SOME FOLKS READ ON THEIR LUNCH TIME. , '1: HOLIDAY, FOR STRINGS. awmwwwxmu alpha kappa Elmira Anderson, Carol Balfimore, Freida Blacksfone. MaHie P. Bland, Gwendolyn Boykins, Norma L. Bryanf, Terry Bryant Yvonne Bryant BeHy Cash. Beverly Chiles, Trevious Coleman, Lois Clark, Peggy Cox, Gwendolyn Crocker. Josephine Crouch. Alberfa Daniels, Gloria De- mire, JoAnn Durham Evelyn Elliot Louise FiH's. Faye Gardner. Doro- +hy Goodrich, Fosfer Graham, Freddie Green, Bessie Hall. Mary Harper. Carrie Hezehiah, BeHye Holloway, Gloria James, Alva Jami- son, Carol Jamison, Minerva Johnican. Gloria Johnson. Jean Johnson. AnneHe Jones, Barbara Jones, Kayvonne King. Jane1L Lee, Thelma Lemmons, Roberfa Lewers. Tequilla LOH, Alfrances Lyman. Mildred Madry. Gloria Mafhis, Will Ann Mays, Chrisfella McCline, Novella McCline. Juanifa Mickles. Dorofhy Moore, Elaine Moore, Barbara Perry, Judy Ramsey. Beverly Revnolds, Yvonne Roberfs, BeHy J. Robinson, Mary Belle Sanders, Girfha Sermons, Gwendolyn Sharp, Elizabefh Shu're, Nancy Smifh, Lavonia Summerise, Mary Ann Taylor, Beafrice Temple. Eleanor Walker, Hazel Warren, Gloria Williams, Joan Williams, Lucinda Williams, Gwendolyn Wingfield. Ada Work. Brenda Yeager. alpha sorority H6 Alpha Psi Chap+er of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sororify feels proud +0 belonq as a link +0 such an organizafion. From +he dafe of founding on January l6. I908 af Howard Universify. +he Sororify has puf forfh eHorJrs +0 improve +he sfafus of womanhood, promofe unHy and friendship among college women and en- courage high scholasfic and efhical sfandards. A Alpha Psi Chapfer has sponsored numerous programs which have been in an A efforf fo enhance our campus sociefy. Some of our annual proiecfs are +he Rush Parfy for freshmen women. Founders' Day, Quief Hour, Sunday Schoo', Hospifalify nighf and remembering +he less forfunafe a+ Thanksgiving and Chrisfmas. Alpha Psi again feels proud +0 have sorors +aking parf in many campus acfivifies. Lasf year on Awards Day, we were honored +0 have received +he scholarship cup coming from Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Sociefy. January l6, I958 marked +he 50+h year of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sororify. Alpha Psi along win Pi Chapfer from Fisk and Alpha Delfa Omega, Hwe grad- uafe Chapfer celebrafed +his occasion gloriously. H is our desire +0 confinue worfhwhile service so as +0 improve mankind in all respecfs. Reading clockwiseh Dorofhy M. Moore, Secrefary; Louise M. FiHs, President; Beverly J. Reynolds, Treasurer; AnneHe M. Jones. Vice Presi- denf. OFFICERS LOUlSE M. FITTS .................... Basileus ANNETTE JONES .................. Anfi-Basileus DOROTHY M. MOORE .............. G-Grammafeus BEVERLY J. REYNOLDS ................ Tamioches MODESTINE YOUNG .................. Adviser alpha psi chapter 117 beta omicron chapter bReading clockwiseh Roberf L. Wesley, Secrefary; Inman Ofey' Presi- denf; Edison Morrison, Acfing Treasurer; Beniamin Bufler, Acfing Vice President Ever aware of +he magnefic appeal of our moHo. "Firsf Of all, servanfs ob aH, we shall franscend all," if has been an endeavor of Alpha Phi Alpha +0 make +his axiomafic frufh a living realify, Furfber. +he Chap+er has always held as ifs mosf influenfial affribufes. manly deeds. scholarship and love for all mankind. In +he ligh+ of scholarship, +he brofhers have originafed +hree forwarding proiecfs: m an annual educa+ion program m a cifizenship award fo +he fac- ulfy member whose service 'ro fhe communify has been mos+ significant and m an annual scholarship award +0 +he ?reshman young lady wifh Jrhe highes+ accumulafive average. Furfhering Alpha Phi Alpha aims, Sunday School. Quie+ Hour Proqrams, and ofher affairs which Jrend +0 promo+e +he weH-roundedness of Jthe individual are acfively supporfed. Be'fa Omicron has disfinguished Prseht by winning Hue Nafional Alpha Phi Alpha Achievemenf Cup as +he mos+ ou+s+anding undergraduafe chapfer in Alphadom. The Alpha Phi Alpha Frafernier has developed an innafe pride in working +oward +he general good of +he Universify communify as well as foward +he personal unliH mt each brofher. 118 INMAN OTEY FRED BROWN EDISON MORRISON MILTON BALTIMORE GEORGE SASSER LEE A. ATKINS HAROLD D. EXOM JAMES C. JACKSON BENJAMIN BUTLER JOSEPH OSBORNE CUPID POE J. D. BRADFORD .......... GILBERT MICHAEL FISHER, III FRED McCUISTON JR; ........... OFFICERS ..................... Presidenf ....... . .Vice Presiden+ Corresponding Secrefary Recording Secrefary ...... Treasurer . e Dean of Pledgees Co-Dean of PIedgees Assoclafe EdHor of fhe Sphinz and Program Direcfor . eMusIcIan ............ Chaplain Parliamenfarian and Public Rebfions Diredor . e A+hle+ic Direcfor Diredor of Social Acfivifies . . Sergea nf-Af-Arms alpha phi alpha fraternity, inc. The members of Alpha Phi Alpha are: Jefhro Alexander Jr.. James E. Allen, Cornelius Askew. John Baines. Roberf Ball. Rufus Bardwell, Penecos+ Benns. John H. Boykins. Jr., Paul Coman. Ralph Dorfch. Da- vid L. Evans. Cicero Gainer. Orlando Greene. Roberf Greer, Roberf Griffin. Charles HamiHon. Eddie Harris, Sylvesfer R. Harris, Grover Harrisonl Jr., Cur+is Henry. RooseveH Hill, Lonnie M, Hubbard, Charles H. Jackson. Ill. Harold Vaughn Jackson. Roberf Jamison. Charles E. Johnson. Ma++hews Jones, William F. Jones. Jimmie Jordan. Moody Law, Harold Moon, John W. Moore. Earnesf E. Morgan. Sam- uel L. Marfin. Donald James McGrhCF, Ernes1L Newson. Phil W. Pefrie, Gasfon Sanders, IH, Ronald Sheffield, Jr.. Fred Singlesfon. Carl Smifh. Morrow Smifh. John W. Sfafon, Sfandford Sfrong, John H. Thornfon, Harris Travis. Harold D. West Jr., David E. Williams. The members of Alpha Chi Chapfer of DeHa Sigma Thefa SororHy are: Gwendolyn Agnew. Fredricka Allen. Helen Anderson. Chrisfean Boykin' Yvonne Bryant Julia Burrows. Barbara Curry, HenerieH'a Crump, Sandra Craighead. Lucrefia Collins, Helen Dean, Connie Demumbreum. BeJrsy Forniss, Charlene Folsom, Gloria Farr, Georgia Greene, Mon+anez Guest Tillie Hall, Doris Haynes, Edna Beafrice Holmes. Marge Harland, MaryJ. Hawfhorne. Elizabefh Johnson. Cleo T. Johnson. Shirley Jacobs, Norma Jordan, Zenobia Kidd. Carroll Kean. Shirley Kennedy. Bobbie Kuykendall. Henri Alic Lowery, Llana Lenoir, Amelia Marfin, Bobby Jean McCraven. Barbara McGee. Mil- dred PickeH. Nell Pierce. Odessa Peferson. Shirley Price. Yvonne Rodgers. Theresa Smifh, Lillie S+eele, Alice Sumler. Addie Savage, Chrisfine Simmons, Mary SfovaH, Janice Suggs, Consfance Surles. BeHy Tomilson. Gloria Thompson. Laura Townsend. Eunice Williams. Barbara Walls, Jewell Winlock. Anifa Wesfon. delta sigma theta sorority 120 MEI DORIS JEAN HAYNES MONTANEZ GUEST SHIRLEY PRICE .................... Secrefary ALICE SUMLER .................... Treasurer MRS. ETHEL McLENDON ............. Faculty Adviser ................. PresidemL ............... Vice Presidenf The DeHa Sigma Thefa Sororify was founded a+ Howard Universify. Wash- ingfon. D. C.. in I913. The purposes of +he sorori+y have made if ou+s+anding +hrough Jrhe years. These purposes are +0 encourage high CuHural and scholas- +ic standards. and +0 liH Jrhe ideal of finer womanhood. Many philanfhropic proiecfs are conducfed by Delfa Sigma Thefa annually. These proiecfs include Jrhe giving of scholarships and job opporfunifies. Since founded on +his campus in I936. Alpha Chi has grown +remendously. Alpha Chi sorors are fine examples of +he kind of women which DeHa Sigma Thefa are known for. Two of +hese sorors which we proudly salufe are Sor'or La Rife Yvonne WhHe "Miss Tennessee Sfafe Universify." I957-58' and Soror Henri Alice Lowery. "Miss Tennessee Sfafe Universify"' I958-59. Among Jrhe chapfer's acfivifies Jrhroughouf Jrhe year are +he Annual Rush Parfy given for Jrhe freshmen women and new s'rudenfs, "The Delfa Kiddie Parfy." Quief Hour, and Sunday School Programs. Reading clockwiseh Monianez Guest Vice Presidenf; Doris Haynes, Presidenf; Alice Sumler. Treasurer; Shirley Price. Secrefary. alpha chi chapter 121 alpha theta chapter OFFICERS WILLIE J. RIVERS JAMES LARRY GREEN MARVIN L. COUSIN JOE TURNER ...... Uieading clockwiseh Marvin Cousin, Keeper of Records; Willie Rivers. Polemarch; Joe E. Turner. Exchequer: Larry Green, Vice Polemarch. Kappa Alpha Psi was founded 6+ We Universify of Indiana on January 5. I9I I by Elder W. Diggs. and incorporafed by +he sfafe of Indiana on April I5. l9l5. A chapfer was charfered aJr Tennes- see Sfafe in I93 I. Leroy Boyd was fine firer Polemarch. 122 ..... Polemarch Vice Polemarch . w Keeper of Records ....... Exchequer . w Factu Adviser kappa alpha ps'i fraternity The members of Alpha Thefa Chapfer of Kappa Alpha Psi Frafernify are: David L. Anderson. Nafhaniel Anderson. Sherman Barfon. Leo O. BenneH, Roscoe Beafy, Joseph Campbell, Joel Caudle, Richard Cook. Lee Nafhan Collins, Marvin L, Cousins, Cleveland Eafon, George Ed- wards. Malcolm Esfher. Donald Evereffe, Moses Freeman. James Gailey, Harold Green. James Green, Johnal Hardy. Horace Howard, Tyrone Hickman. Delmas Jackson, Ralph Leslie. Donald Mayfield. Ernie Mays. William McNeal. Earl Mimms, William Mifchell, Trimble Moody. Edward Nicholson. Harold D, Payne, Curfis Prince. Willie J. Rivers. Forres1L Roper, Wallace Russell. Cleophus Scrufchions. Curfis SmHh, Claude Taliaferro, Joe E, Turner. SheHon Walker. James Wilder. Roberf Weafherfon. William Woodward, James Woods. 123 omega psi Ramsey Alexander, John RarnhiH, Lawerence Banning. Wreps Bing- ham, Grady Burgess. WaHer Collins. John Crummie, George Dave. Roy EvereH. Gene Fenfress. Fielder Floyd. Kennefh Frazier. Marvin Glass. Benny Grant Ernesf Greer. Jerome Greer, William F. Greer. Charles Gufhrie. Moses Gunn, Alberf Hammond, Raymond Harrison. Floyd Harrison, Ofis Hayes. Joseph Haygood. Franklin Henderson. Joe Hesfer. Ar+hur Higgs, Carl W. Hines. Melvin Ingram, John Jordan, Joe Kennedy. Bobby Loqan, Berfram Lee, William Loney. Carlfon C. LockeH' Edwin Lowd, Edeard L. LOH'. Vernon Mays, Edwin E. May Curfis Murphy. ZeHie Murriel WEHie McCloud, RobemL L. Osborne. William Parks. Carlfon Pefway. Clinfon PiHs, Rodgers Polk. Samuel Polk, William Rhodes, Booker T. Rice. Lewis Roberfson. Alvin Robinson, Richard Shepard, Percy Shipp. Alex Smifh, Maurice Sim- mons, Curfis Speighf. Spurgeon Sfamps, William Swoope. David Tol- berf. Maurice Thurman. OHS Thomas Rossie Thompson. WaHer Vin- cent Charles Walker. Wilfred Walker, William Whaley, Allen Whife, James Wiggs. Leonard Welling+on, Samuel Williams, Thomas Wil- liams, Aubrey Winsfon. Phillip Wood, Donnell Word. phi fraternity 124 WALTER COLLI NS DONNELL WORD .......... ALEX SMITH ............. Keeper of Records and Seal ALLEN WHITE . . . FLOYD HARRISON BENNY GRANT SAMUEL WILLIAMS WIL'LIAM M. SUGGS . ROBERT OSBORNE WILLIAM F. GREER JOHN A. BARNHILL JAMES WIGGS ....... KENNETH FRAZIER ZETTIE A. MURRIEL PERCY SHIPP CARLTON PETWAY EDWIN MAY EDWAR D LOTT . ........ rho psi .......... Basileus ...... Vice Basileus .............. Dean of Pledgees .......... Assisfanf ,Dean of 'Pledgees ................. Chaplain .......... Keeper of Peace ........... Edifor .............. Assisfanf Edifor ...... Parliamenfarian ..... Afhlefic Diredor . .Assisfanf Afhlefic Direcfor ................ Music Direcfor s .Assisfanf Music Direcfor . .Program Chairman V Direcfor of Social Acfivify . .Corresponding Secrefary . . Recording Secrefary Dwelling upon +he belief +ha+ a well developed man musf possess four ma- jor principles: manhood, scholarship. perseverance. and uplift Omega Psi Phi Frafernify was founded on November 17. I91 I, af Howard Universify in Washingfon. D. C. The Frafernify founded by Edgar A, Love. Oscar J. Cooper. Frank Coleman and Earnesf Just shall live on and on as a glowing symbol for men who pledge Jthemselves +0 such principles. The founders of Omega Psi Phi Fra+erni+y dreamed and frusfed +ha+ one day if would become a na+ional organizafion, and H is wifh much pride and joy+h51L Jrhe Omegas make if known +ha+ Jrhe dreams of +hese greaJr men were no+ in vain. Today, Jrhere are more +han Jrwener-hve +housand men who believe and sfress Jrhe ideals of Omega as bro+her and are living up +0 +he Four Cardi- nal Principles. As members of Jrhe Rho Psi Chapfer. we are yef walking in Jrhe shadows of our founders, proudly facing +heh1fure as we have faced Jrhe pasf. For we now salufe +he fufure, sfressing brofherhood of college and race, and +he efernal brofherhood of man. hReading clockwisel: Edwin E. May, Corresponding Secrefary; WaHer A. Collins. Basileus; Alex J. Smifh, Keeper of Finance: Donnell Word, Vice Basileus. chapter 125 zeta alpha chapter OFFICERS ERONEUS SHIPP ................... Presidem LEMUEL DARRELL ................ vxce Presidenf HENRY BIGGERS ................. Secrefary HENRY HEARNS ................... Treasurer MINGO SCOTT .......... . ...... FaCtu Adviser Reading clockwiseh Bobby Jones. Secrefary; Eroneous Shipp. Presi- denf; Henry Hearns. Vice President Lemuel Darrell. Treasurer. Phi Befa Sigma Frafernier was organized in January of I9I4 af Howard UniversHy, on +he principles of brofherhood' scholarship. and service. If now has over 200 chapfers and I2.000 members. The chapfer here is +he Zefa Alpha Chap+er. 126 phi beta sigma fraternity The members of Zefa Aipha Chapfer of Phi Befa Sigma are: Roberf Alsfon. Monfgomery Beard, Johnson H. Big- gers. James Bogan. Samuel BuHord, Paul R. Conn. Lemuel Darrell. Richard Donaldson. Howard Gilbert Moses L. Gunn. Henry Hearns. Elijah Jackson. Freddie JeHries. Bobby L. Jones. Q. D. Massey. Thomas McCraven, Wallace McCufchen, Halloe Robinson. Eroneus Shipp, Lewis Tafem. Anfhony D. Thomas. Garner Warren. Roberf E. Williams. The members of Alpha Be+a Chapfer of Sigma Gamma Rho Sororify are: Phyllis Black. Sophia Coger. Jacqueline Crowder. Annie R. Driver Jackson, Susie Jenkins. Rosa Mai McClain. Jane Smifh. MaHie Belle Sfrain. LeHie Ricks. sigma gamma rho sorority 128 Sigma Gamma Rho Sororify was organized November 12. I9221nlndianap- olis! Indiana, by Mary Lou Allison Garden. The SororHy was incorporafed as a Nafional Collegiafe Sororify. November 30. I932. The Firs1L Chap'rer Alpha Befa. had ifs Chapfer a+ Bufler Universify. Indianapolis. Indiana. The firsf call For a Nafional Boule was senJr 0qu by Soror Allison +0 be held a+ Indianapolis. December 22nd +0 29+h. I952. Since +ha+ Hme. many Boules have been held. 2 A P The firsf Soufhern Regional Conference was held in May. I938 a'r A 8T l S+a+e College. Nashville. Tennessee. Slowly buf surely Sigma Gamma Rho has grown, and we are proud +0 boasf of +he fad +ha+ we are The younges1L Na- fional Collegiafe Sororify. The Nafional Projecf of +he sororify. "The Sigma Teen-Town." was creafed +0 aid Negro Youfh and +0 aid in +he prevenfion of delinquency. IReading clockwiseh MaHie S+rain, Secrehary: Jacqueline Crowder. President Sophia Coger, Treasurer: Susie Jenkins, Vice President OFFICERS JACQUELINE CROWDER ............... Presidenf LETTIE V. RICKS ................. Vice President PHILLIS BLACK .................... Secrefary ROSA McCLAIN ................... Treasurer DARLINE HUTSON ................ Faculfy Adviser MRS. HELYNE WILHOITE ............. Faculfy Adviser alpha beta chapter 129 OFFICERS SALLYE HILL ...................... Basileus MARY WILLIS ................... Anfi Basileus ROSEZELLA JONES ............... .Grammafeus RACHEL EDMONDSON ................ Tamias MELODIE GREENE ............... . .Anfapokrifis VEZELIA BREWSTER ................ Philacfer Reading clockwiseh Rosezella Jones. Gramma+eus; Sallye HillI BasiL eus; Rachel Edmondson. Tamias; Mary Willis, Anfi Basileus. Zefa Phi Befa Sororify had ifs beginning af Howard University. January I6. l920. The obiech'ves: Finer Womanhood. Program of Sisferly Love. and Scholarship. Those objecfives have brouglnL +oge+her women from all parfs of Hue Unifed S+a+es and some parfs of Africa. who have similar +as+e and aspirafion for hiqh aHainmenf. 130 zeta phi beta sorority Shirley Askew. Dorofhy Conns. Alice Hughes. Louise Maf- Jrhews. Nellie Warren. Vazelia Brews+er. BeHe Ford. Ros- zeHa Jones. Melvis Willis. Essie Brooks. SaHye Hill. Rachel Edmondson. Melodie Green. Advisers: Mrs. Tomi Allen and Mrs. Loyce Daniels. 131 The S+uden+ Chrisfian Associafion is a combined organizafion of +he Y. W. C. A. and Y. M. C. A. in a ChrisHan eHorJr +0 reesfablish a spirifual basis for hope and courage +ha+ +hrough +heir uni'red forces a saner comradeship may be developed. OFFICERS RUFUS MCCOLLUM ................ Co-Chairman GLORIA JAMES . . . . ............. Co-Chairman ERONEUS SHIPP ................... Secrefary HENRY HEARNS ................... Treasurer MRS. L. B. WATSON ............... FaCulfy Adviser DR. CALVIN ATCHINSON ............ Faculfy Adviser student christian association 132 OFFICERS DELORES CHEIRS . . . . Presiden+ BELVA ROBINSON . . Vice Presidenf ANNIE CRAWFORD . . . Secrefary HENRY HEARN ...... Treasurer Sponsored by +he Bapfisf S+uden+ Cenfer af 2023 Jefferson Sfreef. H1e Bapfis+ Sfu- denf Union has as 1+5 aim +he providing of a refreaf for prayer and medifafion +0 Jrhe sfu- denf body in order +ha+ Hwanks may be oFFereol for all blessings received, The organiza- Jrion's membership is open +0 aH s+uden+s o? BapHsf faifh. baptist student union wesley foundation The Wesley .Foundafion is an infernafional organizafion of Mefhodis+ s+uden+s on college and universify campuses. H has for ifs overall purpose: "To develop a working fellowship among Hwe sfudenfs in +he various instuHons of higher learning." OFFICERS JOHN W. DOWDELL ..... Presidenf RUFUS MCCOLLUM , . . Vice Presiden+ FREDRIEKA ALLEN ..... Secrefary BOBBY BILLINGS ...... Treasurer RUTH MCDOWELL . . . Faculfy Adviser OFFICERS ANTOINETTE SPROTT . . . . Presidenf SANDRA CRAIGHEAD .Vice Presidenf ANN CAROL CRAIGHEAD .Secrefary BENNY GRANT . T . T . .Treasurer MRS. A. D. JONES . . Factu Adviser The Newman Club is an organizaHon com posed of Cafholic sfudenfs. The club mee+- ?ngs acquainf sfudenfs wiJrh various informafion abouwL +heir religion. newman club OFFICERS EZELL TIBBS . . . T , . . . . . . .Presldenf CURTIS ARMSTRONG T T . , Vice Presidenf JOHNNY JONES . T T , . . . T T ,secremy STEVEN DAILEY . T T , T T , . , , .Treasurer MR. B. E. HARRIS . , T , . , Factu Adviser The Veferans Dormi+ory Club is com- posed of residenfs of single and double Vefs dormifories. The residenfs meef reg- ularly for purposes of comradeship. veteran's dormitory club OFFICERS GEORGE D. BUCKLEY . , , . . . , . . . . . , . V Presidenf WILLIAM MCKELVY . . . . . . . . V . . . Vice Presidenf WILLIAM LAMPKIN . . , . . . , . . .Secrehiry ALVIN BOWIE . . . . . . , . ; . , . . . .Treasurer W. H. FOSTER . . . . . . , . . . . . . Faculfy Adviser The club is organized +0 improve living s+andards in +he College Hill area, provide wholesome recrea'rion for resi- denfs. and parficipafe in sfudenf elecfions, and various social acfivifies. college hill club clement hall dormitory club OFFICERS JAMES LARRY GREEN . . . . . . Presidenf CURTIS MURPHY . . . . . . .Vice Presidenf FLOYD HARRISON . . . . . . . . . Secrefary JOHN MOON . . . . . . . . . .Treasurer ROBERT N. MURRELL . . . Factu Adviser During +he school year Clemenf HaH Club sponsored Sunday coffee hour, a Wiener roast open-house' quief hour, and a Sunday School program. The purpose of +he club is +0 encourage wholesome. culfural fiving among ifs residenfs. OFFICERS BEVERLY JEAN CHILES . . . Presidenf SHIRLEY JACOBS , , ,Vice Presidenf VIRGINIA BRYANT . . . . .Secreiary KATHLEEN LUCAS . . . . .Treasurer MRS MAFALDA DAVIDSON Faculfy Adviser MRS. EDNA HANKAL . Faculfy Adviser The Hankal Hall Dormifory Club is an organizafion concerned wifh +he developmenf of finer womanhood: creafing a more home-like afmosphere hr dormi+orv residenfs and establishing a beHer relafionship among residenfs. Members of H19 Club sponsor annual quief hours, various parfies, Sunday School. and fees for Hue creafion of friendliness in +he areas of experiences and acheivemenfs. hankal hall dormitory club hale hall club OFFICERS GLORIA WILLIAMS . . . . . Presidenf YVONNE ROBERTS . . .Vice PresidemL NANNIE LOU BLAKELEY. . . Secrefary RUBY PRICE . . . . . . .Treasurer MRS. PEARL VAUGHN . . Faculfy Adviser Hale Halli campus home for fresh- men and sophomore women. sponsors programs, parfies. and ofher acfivifies 1cor +he educafional advancemenf and enferfainmenf of ifs members. The Hale Hall Club seeks +0 pro- mofe qualifies of finer womanhood in each of ifs members. OFFICERS CHRTSTINE WHITELAW , , PresidemL MARY COLLINS . T . Vice President WILMA STEWART . , . . . Secrefary LOUISE DICKSON , . . . TTreasurer MRS. ALTA TURPIN . . Faculfy Adviser The Easf Dormifory Club was Tirsf organized for young in Sepfember of I957. Since fhaf Jrime. if has been an acfive organizafion on +he campus. The Eaer Dormifory Club members have given many parfies; Jrhey have held open house: prepared a Hoa'r for Jrhe I957 Home-Cominq parade and sponsored several Jreas. as well as a quie1L hour program. east dormitory club wilson hall club OFFICERS DORIS REYNOLDS ...... Presidenf MARTHA ENOCHS . . . .Vice PresidemL ALICE HARMON ....... Secrefary JOANN COMER ....... Treasurer MRS. KINCAIDE ..... Factu Adviser Wilson Hall. Jrhe oldesf residence hall on our campus. houses approxi- ma+ely 242 young ladies of freshmen and sophomore classificafion, The occupanfs sfrive +0 build and adhere +0 our hall objecfives which are: fo qa'n experience and undersfanding of people. +0 exerf educafional in- fluence and provide educafional op- porfunifies and fo confribufe +0 +he building of desirable aHifudes. appre- ciafion, co-operafiveness and respon- sibilifv. OFFICERS EDDIE R. ARMSTRONG . . Presideni lNMAN OTEY . , . . ,Vice Presidenf EUNICE DRAKE . . . . . .Secre+ary DELMUS JACKSON . . . .Treasurer MRS. Ms K. GAINES . Faculfy Adviser The Fuiure Business Leaders of America is an orqanizafion which draws iis member- ship from +he deparfmenfs of Business Adminisfrafion and Business EducaHon. H culfivafes in ifs members proper business a++i+udes and leadership. future business leaders of america OFFICERS JAMES GAILEY , . . , . . i iPresidenf NATHANIEL ANDERSON Vice Presiden+ HAROLD PAYNE , . . . . . .Secrefary LAWRENCE E. GRAHAM , . Treasurer THOMAS A. JACKSON Faculfy Adviser industrial education club The Indusirial Educafion Club, organized in I947 is composed of siudenis maioring in lndusfrial Ar+s Educa+ion. The obiecfives oi Jrhe organizafion are: +0 encouraqe in- +ellec+ual grow+h: +0 develop Jreachers of fomorrow; and +0 serve as a common ground ior guiding and promofing closer s+uden+ and depar+men+ relafionship. OFFICERS ERNEST C. SMITH . . i . Presidenf GASTON SAUNDERS . Vice Presideni J. KEITH . . . i . i . i ,Secrefary EVERITT WOOD . . . . . .Treasurer FRED BRIGHT . . . i Faculiy Adviser The lnsfifufe of Radio Engineers is a sfudenf branch of Jrhe Nafional l. R. E. H is a scienfiiic organizafionl organized for sfudenfs of elecfrical Enqineering who are inferesfed in Radio Engineering however. sfudenfs of Chemis+ry. Physics, and Mafhemafics are eligible for membership. institute of radio engineers literary guild The purpose of Jrhe Liferary Guild is +0 give +0 English maiors an opporiunify for acfive parficipafion in discussion on classical liferaiure. The chief aims of +he organ- iza+ion are: +0 promo+e a bond of genial fellowship among Jrhe members; +0 deepen Jrhe si'udenfs' acquain+ance wifh an appreciafion of Jrhe world's mosf oufsfanding per- sonages and producfs of Jrhe field of liferafure +0 encourage an infer change of Jralenis wi+h Jrhe communicafion arfs. OFFICERS LOUISE M. FITTS . . . . i i .Presidenf MILDRED HOSKINS . . i Vice Presidenf MAXINE STEWART . . . , . Secrefary WILL ANN MAYS , . . . . . iTreasurer L. M. AVERITTE . . . . Factu AdvTSe: OFFICERS CURTIS SPEIGHT . Presidenf JOHN BARNHILL . . .Vice Presidenf HAZEL WARREN . . Secrefary 'I f f f t a 0 JACQUELINE CROWDER . .Treasurer I I WILL ANN DAVENPORT Faculfy Adviser The Hepermofs is a club ofmaiors and minors in +he field of HeaHh, Physical Educa- fion and Recreafion. Hs purpose is +0 aid sfudenfs who are so inferesfed in qaininq a bef- +er knowledge of Hwe modern Jrrends in +he field and +0 enhance Hieir "know-how" and abilifies in +he parficipafion of sporfs and recreafion. hepermots women's intramural board The Women's lnframural Board sponsors, organizes, and direcfs Women's compefi- Jrive sporfs acfivifies on an inframural basis. OFFICERS MARGARET MATTHEWS WILBURN Presldenf VANNESS HARVEY . . Vice Presidenf GLORIA MATHIS . . . . . . Secrefary BELVA ROBINSON . , . . . .Treasnrer PEGGY M. WILLIAMS . . Faculfy Adviser WILL ANNE DAVENPORT FaCHHy Adviser OFFICERS ALFREDA s. LATIMER . Presidenf MARGARET PORTER . Vice PresidenJr ALICE VALENTINE . . . . Secrefary DE'LOA FORD . . . . . .Treasurer MRS. MARY GREER .FaCtu Adviser The Home Economics Club is an organizaf'on of home economics maiors and minors inferesfed in professional home economics and in homemaking. Members of Hue A. and I. Home Economics Club are organized under +heir own cons+i+u+ion buf are affiliafed wiJrh Hue American Home Economics Associafion. home economics club mathematics club The imporfance of mafhemafics in ofher fields of sfudy is sfressed by Hwe ma+he- mafics Club. Hs members discuss maH'memchal books and ofher li+era+ure as well as presenf day developmenfs in Hue field. These acfivi'ries help +he mafhemafics sfudenf +0 enjoy mafhema+ics more fully and aFFords Hue opporfunify for counsel along acad- emic and non-academic lines. OFFICERS PENTECOST BENNS JR. . . . ,Presxdem BOBBIE ROGERS . . . .ViCe Presidenf RUBY PRICE . . . . . . . . .Secrefary LEMUEL DARRELL . . . . . .Treasurer SADIE GASAWAY . . . Facul+y Adviser OFFICERS HAROLD WESSON . . . . .Presidenf STEPHEN C. GOODWIN Vice Presidem GWENDOLYN MYLES A . .Secrefary JOHN ALDRIDGE T . . . .Treasurer MRS. DOROTHY J. SAMUEL Faculfy Adviser MRS. MARY ET JOHNSON Faculfy Adviser The Les Amis de la France Club Is an organizafion for sfudenfs sfudying French. H5 pur- pose is +0 sfimulafe and confinue an in+eres+ in The French language and in +he mores and cusfoms of The people of France. Ies amis de la france Ios buenos vecinos OFFICERS MARY RUTH PITTS . . . . . . . . .Presldenf LUCRETIA COLLINS . . . . . eVice Presidenf WINNIE FOLSOM . . . . . . . . .Secrefary MOSES GUNN T . T . . . ..... Treasurer DR. ALMA T. WATKINS , , . . Faculfy Adviser Los Buenos Vecinos, +he Spanish club. es- +ablished in I943 is composed of sfudenfs inferes+ed in Hue s+udy of Spanish whefher as majors. minors or juswL elecfives. The aim of He club is +0 develop Hue sfudenf in- Jrellecfually. cuHurally and socially. Among ifs annual programs. if includes Unifed Nafions Day and Pan-American Day cele- brafions. The Annual Chris+mas Par+y wifh +he French club is an oufsfanding social event OFFICERS ROBERT ROCKNE THOMAS Presiden+ WILLIE OWENS . . . .Vice Presidenf THERESA SMITH ...... Secrefary SHIRLEY PARKER ..... Treasurer DR. SOLOMON N. SHANNON Faculfy Adviser The organizafion of Jrhe Fuiure Teachers of America furnishes for Jrhe Jreancher. a work- shop in which +0 make plans and devise mefh ods 01c implemeniing +heir responsibilifies +0 improve +he educafional services +0 Jrhe child and f0 aduifs. H also gives fufure ieachers an organizafion in which f0 siudy +heir own problems and provides means by which all members of +he profession in +he communify may help +heir school sysfems. future teachers of america association for childhood education The Tennessee Sfafe Universiiy Chapier of Jrhe Associaiion for Childhood Educa- fion, Iniernafional is an Afiiliaie of +he Nafional Organizafion, Local membership is open +0 anyone inieres+ed in children on +he pre-school and elementary level. The As- sociafion aims +0 s+imula+e Jrhinking rafher +han advocafe fixed praciices. OFFICERS BOBBY JONES ........ Presidenf GLORIA JAMES ..... Vice Presideni GERALDINE SHEPHERD . . . .Secrefary BARBARA LAMB ....... Treasurer MRS. TEE PEACOCK . c . Facuiiy Adviser w n f, " ' '5 ; ' OFFICERS : 4 u; V LAURA TOWNSEND . . . APresidenf ,L w a '4 "" A CLAUDE FARRINGTON Vice Presidenf , BIRDIE DOUGLAS ..... Secrefary CHARLES WALKER . . . sTreasurer DR. EUGENE RUNYON Faculfy Adviser The Psychology Club membership is open +0 maiors and minors of Hwe deparfmenf as well as +0 all members of +he universify family inferesfed in Jrhe exchange of views of mu- +ual inferesf in +he field of psychology. psychology club social science club This organizaHon is composed of majors and minors In Sociology polifical Science, and Social Adminisfrafion, having as a basis +he objec'rive +0 promofe academic and leadership abilifies as well as social growfh and personalify development x2 : y a; , a ' I 's a s 1'; f 5 3 ' v ' OFFICERS g; 5 y , z , 1 s GILBERT FISHER ...... . Presidenf w a a w , n A PKbl ?gi ., MINNIE DAILEY . . , a .Vice Presidenf A W N a - 1 $ BERYLE HELENA THOMAS a . .Secrefary 3,: g MAURsCE THURMOND . . . .Treasurer , I ' CORNELIUS JONES a . .Faculfy Adviser g: u '" '9 OFFICERS CICERO GAINER . . . . TPresidenf LAWRENCE BROOKS .Vice Presidenf JOHN NATHAN . . . . .Secrefary JOHN NATHAN . . . . . .Treasurer CORNELIOUS JONES Faculfy Adviser The Town Hall Associafion is an organizafion of Polifical Science majors and ofher inferes'red sfudenfs. The group meefs fwice a monfh +0 discuss currenf issues usually of a poliHcaI na+ure. Several members aH'end +he annual meefing of Jrhe LifHe Unifed Na- Jrions held af +he Universify of Indiana. town hall association science education club OFFICERS SALLYE HILL . . . ..... . . . . Presidenf RUBY MCNAIRY ..... . . ,Vice Presidenf GLORIA FARR . . . . . T . . . . .Secrefary THEDORE RUFFIN . . . . T . . . . .Treasurer MAIZIE TYSON . . . . . . . . Faculfy Adviser The purpose of Jrhe Science Educafion Club is +0 creafe among Jrhe majors in Science Educafion and Geography 6 beHer undersfanding of +he principles involved in Science +eaching along wifh helping Jrhem +0 develop infellecfually, socially and aid +hem in +he solufion relaHng +0 s+udying science courses while in college. 5; Q9; 3M , Membership in Jrhe Pre-Nursing club is open +0 pre-nursing s+uden+s. The organizafionhs chief purposes are +0 acquaimL members wi+h Jrhe adivifies and huncfions of nursing and +0 mainfain and furfher sHmulafe inferesf in Jrhe nursing profession. The Tennessee Sfafe Universify chapfer is a branch sponsored by Meharry Medical College nursing person- nel. pre-nursing club OFFICERS ROSETTA I. MILLER . . . ,Presidem BETTYE SHANNON . . Vice PresidemL AGNES BROWN . . . h . . Secrehary SANDRA WlLBUN . . . . .Treasurer MRS. MARY HILL . .Factu Adviser biology club The Biology Club was organized +0 give sfudenfs in biology Jrhe opporhmify +0 broaden experiences and knowledge in biological concepfs oufside +he classroom. OFFICERS ROOSEVELT RILEY . . . . . . Presidenf CUPID POE . h . . . . .Vice Presidenf BOBBIE BILLEWS . . . . . . . Secrefary ARTHUR HIGGS . . . . . h .Treasurer MRS. GLADYS ADAMS . h Faculfy Adviser RAYMOND WHITMAN . Factu Adviser OFFICERS JONATHAN R. LANE . .Presiden+ THURSTON PEEBLES . .Vice PresidentL ELIZABETH SHUTE . . . . .Secrefary ELIZABETH SHUTE . . . . .Treasurer MRS. RUBYE P. TORREY Factu Adviser The Sfudenf affiliafe is a program of Hue American Chemical Sociefy for undergradua+e sfudenfs enrolled in course work leading Jreward a degree in chemisfry or chemical Engi- neering. H offers We opporfunify for sfudenfs +0 associafe wifh H16 Nafional Sociefy rep- reseang Jrheir chosen field. american chemical society veteran's club The Veferans on campus are organized in+o a club +0 promo+e beHer scholarship among veferans, +0 be an in+rica+e parf of Hue sfudenf body and blend info +he acfiv- ifies of H18 campus. OFFICERS WILLIAM H. BORDERS . . . .Presidenf WILLIAM McKELEY . . Vice Presidenf ROSETTA MILLER . . . . . . .secremy CHARLES BARNWELL . . . .Treasurer LEROY JOHNSON , . .Faculfy Advsier HAROLD PHELPS . . . .Faculfy Adviser angelfnght OFFICERS MARJORIE PORTER .................. Presidenf REGINA CHILDS ................. Vice Presidenf JEAN JOHNSON ......... Secrefary CONTSTANCE DOUGLAS ................ Treasurer LT. ISAAC GILLIAM Factu Adviser The "Angel Fligh+" an auxiliary 01C The Cadef corps, is composed of a group of young ladies who aid in keeping aToH +he air of dignify +ha+ surrounds Jrhe 790+h AFROTC Cadef Wing. The Angels perform +his honorable Jrask by acfing as official hosfesses Tor Jrhe enfire cadef corps, This includes Jrhe dufies 0T performing wifh +he drill +eam, ac+ing as ushers on special occasions. and par+icipa+inq in various ofher acfivIHes. OFFICERS CHARLES E. GUTHRIE ...... Commander MOODY T. LAW ......... ls+ Sergeanf DONALD WOODRICK ..... Guidon Bearer IST LT. ISAAC T. GILLIAM TV . . FacuH'y Adviser The Tiger Jefs perform during halfafime of "Tiger" foofball games. This school year +hey accompanied Jrhe foofbaH Jream +0 Jackson, Mississippi where Jrhey performed during halT-Jrime fesfivifies. They also parficipa+e in parades, and perform af half- time home baskefball games as well. tiger jets OFFICERS WILLIAM s. McCAlN . Commander RUFUS D. McCOLLUM Execque Officer WILLIAM THOMAS Adiufanf Recorder WALTER A. COLLINS . .CompfroHer CAPTAIN A. L. FOX e Faculfy Adviser A NaHonal Honor Sociefy 01C AFROTC Cadefs: named for General Hap Arnold. The local Squadron hChaered is known as +he L'r. Col. Vance H. Marchbanks Squadron. H was hounded 1'0 promo+e social alliance among advanced R. O. T. C. sfudenfs +hroughouf +he Unifed S+a+es. arnold air society aero tigers flying club The Aero Tigers Flying Club was organized for sfudenfs wishing +0 furfher +heir knowledge in aviafion. The club is a member of +he Nafional In+er-Collegia+e Flying Associafion. Members of +he club +ake courses in aviafion and also learn +0 Hy. OFFICERS JOE B. STINSON . . . . . . .Presidenf EDWARD MOON . . . . .Vice Presidenf YOLANDE BRYANT e . . . . .Secre+ary GEORGE ROSS . . . . . e . .Treasurer RALPH CHURCHWELL Ill, . . Planning Chairman CECIL RYAN . . . . . Faculfy Adviser ,4 , fa a s 3 OFFICERS xii s , CHARLES OWENS ...... Edifor L la 1 , TILLIE HALL . . T ,Associafe Edifor EUNICE WILLIAMS . s s ,Secrefary MARVIN COUSIN Business Manager DR. L. C. ARCHER T ,Factu Adviser S+uden+s ofjournahsfic in+eres+ and capabilifies join fogeTher in layout wrifing, and edifing of Jrhe official Universify newspaper. +he METER. Adviser +0 +he group is Dr. L. C. Archer. the meter players guild A laborafory in +he Deparfmenf of Speech and Drama! The Tennessee S+a+e Players Guild membership is open +0 majors and minors in Jrhe depar+men+ as well as ofher sfudenfs who have an inferes1L in dramafic arfs. The group presenfs four major produc- fions each year. This year Jrhe Guild presenfed "Inheri'r +he Wind." and "The Righfeous are Bold." "The Lark." and "Reluc+an+ Debufanfe." OFFICERS s a a PHIL w. PETRIE ....... Presidenf , "$6, PERCY SHIPP ....... Vice Presidenf M i3 YOLANDE BRYANT ..... Secrefary . s - s . is " T , t 7T, h ff :' l? L 7 49 a 4 ,y s 7 CHARLES BARNWELL ..... Treasurer DR.THOMAS POAG , . Facquy Adviser 1;; y 1? W 1 ,4 is OFFICERS DONALD J. MCGRIFF . ................ Presidenf CHARLES WESSON . . . . . . . . . . ..... Vice Presidenf MARY CAMERON . . . . .............. Secrefary DAVIS WAKEFIELD .................. Treasurer DR. M. CLAY PINKSTON ............ Faculfy Adviser One of The newes1L clubs on campus, The T, S. U. Bridge Club, was organized +0 creafe more inferesf in bridge among s+uden+s wifh Jrhe idea of rendering Jrhem proficienf enough +0 compefe in +0urnamen+s againsf s+uden+s from ofher unis versifies and colleges. The Club also aHords +he maximum in leisure fime enjoymenJr +0 ifs members. bridge club memphis club The primary purpose of fhe Memphis Club is +0 creaTe and develop warm relafions ships among Jrhe sfudenfs from Memphis. Each year +he club sponsors an awards pro- gram Tor sfudenfs from Memphis who excell in curricular and co-curricular acfiviHes on Jrhe campus. The club also sponsors a quief hour program on campus and a New Year's dance in +he homefown each year. OFFICERS CHARLES OWENS ...... Presidenf GILBERT FISHER ..... VICc Presidenf B. TEMPLE .......... Socrefary LEE ATKINS ......... Treasurer IRA GENTRY s s , . . sFaculfy Adviser OFFICERS CLYDE JAMES , . . . l l Presidenl EVELYN JOHNSON s Vice Presidenl BEVERLY JONES , . , a . Secrelary MELDON WOODS . . . a Treasurer MRS. NETTIE SEABROOKS Faculfy Adviser The clubs membership is open +0 Michiganders enrolled as sfudenl's on +he Tennessee S+a+e Universi+y campus. michigan club OFFICERS JAMES C. JACKSON A . . . .Presidenf ADAM SIMPSON a . . . .VlCe Presidenf ANTOINETTE e. SPROTT. . , .Secrefary JOHN STEVENSON . . . . . .Treasurer DR. HUBERT B. CROUCH s Faculfy Adviser DR. FREDERICK SMITH l , Facully Advlser texans club The Texans Club was founded by James C. Jackson of Dallas who a+ ifs firsl' meef- Ing January 9, I958 became HS lirsf president He was re-eleded presidenf in I959. This club. like all ofhers of ifs kind. was originaled for Texans who wanf +0 display pride and respecl' for Jrheir sfafe. They sponsor programs of bofh "regular campus" and "wesfern" na+ure including +heir annual "Texas Day." OFFICERS HAROLD GREEN . . . . Presidenf FLOYD HARRISON . . Vice Presidenf SALLY HILL h . , . h . . .Secrefary ANTHONY THOMAS , . . Treasurer MRS. A. G. H. SASSER . . hAdvIser The Infer-Frafernify Council is an orqanizafion which has as HS primary aim +ha+ of sponsoring a more congenial relahonship befween Jrhe frafernal organizafions on +he campus 6+ Tennessee Sfafe Universify. inter-fraternity council university counselors Universi+y Counselors are selecfed on +he basis of personalHy. scholarship. and ouf- sfanding qualifies of leadership. Of sophomore rank or above, Jrhese are Jrhe sfudenfs whose dufies consisf mainly of assisfing new sfudenfs in making a good adiusfmenf +0 universify life. OFFICERS RUFUS MCCOLLUM , Execuhve Counselor ELIZABETH SHUTE . .Associafe Counselor FREDRICKA ALLEN . . . . . h Secrefary DONALD MAYFIELD . . . . .Chaplain MRS. MABEL CROOKS . Factu Adviser OFFICERS RUFUS McCOLLUM . . . Chairman MRS. A. G. SASSER . . Faculfy Adviser DR. J. A. PAYNE . . . Factu Adviser ROBERT MURRELL . . Faculfy Adviser DR. S. O. BRYANT . . Faculty Adviser The purposes of He Men's Senafe are +0 provide a means for solving minor men si'udemL problems +ha+ need nof be faken before +he disciplinary commiHee. acf as a medium be- Jtween Jrhe s+uden+ body and Hie adminisfrafion and provide +he sfudenfs wifh a means of confribufing +0 s+udemL government men's senate women's senate The purposes of +he Women's Senafe are +0 provide a means for solving minor problems of women sfudenfs +ha+ need nof be Jraken before +he disciplinary commif- fee. acf as a medium befween +he sfudenf body and +he adminisfrafion and provide +he s+uden+s wifh a means of confribufing +0 sfudenf government OFFICERS BEVERLY CHILES , . . . . ,Chairman MRS. A. e. SASSER . . Facuny Adviser DR.S. OBRYANT . . . Faculfy Adviser MRS MABEL CROOKS . FaCtu Adviser OFFICERS WILLIAM FLOYD GREER . . Presideni WILBUR SUESBERRY . .Vice Presidenf TlLLIE HALL . . . . . . .Secrefary ARTHUR HIGGS i . . . . .Treasurer DR. S. O. BRYANT i Factu Adviser MRS. A. G. SASSER . . Factu Adviser The purpose of Hie SJrudemL Council is +0 promofe Hie general welfare of +he Universi+y; +0 profecf Hie general welfare of +he Universify;+o provide acfive parficipafion in sfudenf affairs. and +0 crea're an in+ermediary befween faculfy and sfudenfs in maHers of general welfare concerning Hie Universify. student council pepperettes This is 6 Tap Dance qroup. They perform af hali-+ime during baskef- ball games. Choreographer is Peggy M. Williams; AssisianJrS are: Jacque- line Crowder and Vanness Harvey: Managers are: Beiva Robinson and Ida Rige: Dancers are: Nora AHas, Freida Blacks+onei Lee EHa BuHer. Jacqueline Crowder, Berfha Daniels, Connie Demumbreum. Dorofhy Goodrum. Shirley Griffin. Margo Harland, Vanness Harvey, Gloria Mafhis, Emily Means. Fannie Page. Joan Pefway, Agafha Reefe, Erma Taylor, Eleanor Walker, and Ada Work. IN THE PILOT'S SEAT . . OR IS IT THE CO-PILOT'S? war, 55 THE WHO E THlNG OFF. ' , A , . WARDROBE MISTRESS? LET'S JUST CAL PROBABLY JOTTING DOWN LEFTnHANDED COMPLIMENTS. 6. Wk N. E .K A W, A D N A R G E H T MISSILE BEING GUIDED. TO GET FOUR M3 ,w a madam HEY WERE SUPPOSED 7 mm, MM. Watmmwm 1 The Arisfocraf of Bands- Nohd for performing iniricafe dance s+eps while playing equally difficulf music. the university bands In concerf +he band is smaller buf has as wide a following as fhe Marching IOO. They Shins. The Concerf and Marching bands are under +he direcfion of Frank Greer and Anceo M. Francisco while choreography for dance sfeps performed by Hwe maioreHes is handled by We Physical Educafion Deparfmenf's Carrie M. Genfry. Rhyfhm is +heir business. PreHy, perky' pe+i+e, popular. MaioreHes on ?he the meistersingers Growing in popularify each year +he Meisfer- singers are more and more in demand for oH-cam- pus singing engagemenfs. During +he school year +hey performed a'r special Easfer and Chrisfmas Concerfs. The group made five frips +his year. They are direcfed by Eddie T. Goins. the university choir Under +he direcfion of Lloyd Lusk. Hwe Universify Choir sings 6+ Sunday Morninq Worship Services on campus. During +he year We choir made several frips giving concerfs in nearby cifies. Music was also furnished by H18 group for +he Legislafive banquef +his year. gmwiggww.mzwm; , 44 aikm$ cheerleaders Soaring fhrough space like Capfain Paf Fieids wifh a cheer for "The Tigers . . . Performing for +he crowd during a Home-Coming Parade . . . Whefher at His airporf f0 gree+ a visifing +eam . . . Or iusf plain posing, Hie cheer leaders are everybody's favorifes. Peggy M. Wil- liams is Cheerleader coach. 162 WHAT DO YOU suppose THAT CHICK NOW? ; x f v I I 3 THIS IS THE LA IT STRAW, Ne: M Ma w uOdon "bingo J, .09 6 $ 3-H p "i 1 f :1 V2552! 7 5:6"? 4 YWN kw S A M O H T R E K R A P VI E L oln H S r o H d E n o .h C e S s e ...I. o v a r... HENRI ALICE LOWERY SALTILLOI TENN. DeHa Sigma Thefa Sorori+y. tennessee state miss ! Inglllklllllll Illlllllllilll president of stuclent counci MIAMI, FLORIDA Omega Psi Phi Fraiernify. WILLIAM F. GREER Mu NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE JOYCE DENNIS Aarm "4155 C 6! IlilllrIIEIMIEIllllw INDIANAPOLIS, IND. Alpha Phi Alpha Fraferni'l'y. MILTON BALTIMORE 4 V OTHERIA MCCAIN MEMPHIS, TENN. 100 tc "4155 a my. a rote JOE WOODRICK BIRMINGHAM, ALA. HENRI ALICE LOWERY SALTILLO, TENNESSEE Delfa Sigma Thefa Soronfy "45 a V ID 5 G . Ml .l..'.'-Illll-l .l-IIIIIIIIIIII I...-'-' I IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII! , V , :rlwmaJ ..:...- . .. IIIIIIIIIIIII-III..I-'II-'-II..'I,IIIIIl'- NASHVILLE. TENN. RICHARD HATFIELD ; .4. 9 women 5 senate cAairman BEVERLY CHILES CHICAGO, ILL. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sororiiy 174 9 men 5 senate CAairman RUFUS McCO'LLUM ABINGDON, VA. NASHVILLE. TENN. Kappa Alpha Psi Frafernify yeaeroA eolitor MARVIN L. COUSIN 175 MEMPHIS. TENN. meter ealitor CHARLES RAY OWENS miss sen ior NORMA 6. JORDAN NORFOLK, VA. Delfa Sigma Theta Sororify miss junior BARBARA CURRY GREENWOOD. MISS. . Delta Sigma Theta Sororify 176 miss sopAomore GLORIA FARR UNIONl S. C. Delia Sigma Thefa m iss resA man LILLIAN BROWN TU LSA, OKLA. I77 miss charm, mr. esquire contestants Firs? Row: GERALD FAYE HOUSTON PAUL SNEAD CORNELIA REESE MKZHAEL PENN RONALD PAYNE Second Row: ELEANOR HOUSTON GEORGE TORRES ELEANOR WALKER JAMES WIGGS RUTH GORDON . Miss Alabama Mr. Alabama . Miss Arkansas Mr. CaHfornIa . Mr. Disfrirf of Columbia . Miss Florida . Mr. Florida . Miss Georgia . Mr. Georgia Miss IHinox': Third Row: MARCELLUS SLATE CAROLE BALTIMORE . MARTHA EDMONDS TYRONE WILSON JAMES COX Fourfh Row: JOHNNIE EARL WARE EMANUEL CLARK FREDERICK GREER BARBARA MATHIS ADOROTHY HAMPTON Mr. lHinoIs ..... Miss Indiana V Miss Kenfucky . Mr. Kenfucky . Mr. Liberia Miss Louisiana . Mr, Louisiana , Mr. Maryland Miss Michigan . Miss Mississippi it w who's who Firsf Row: YVONNE ELIZABETH BRYANT. Senior Psychology BENJAMIN J. BUTLER, Senior . . . . . Insfrumenfal Music BEVERLY JEAN CHILES. Senior . . . Elemenfary Educafion PAUL R. CONN, Senior . . . . . . . Agriculfural Economics MARVIN L. COUSIN. JR., Senior . . . . Polifical Science ELIZABETH K. DANIELS. Senior . . . Biochemishy LOUISE M. FITTS, Senior . . English DOROTHY GARDNER, Senior . Business Educafion Second Row: MARVIN GLASS. Junior . . . . . . Elecfrical Engineering JAMES L. GREEN. Senior . . Biology WILLIAM F. GREER. Senior . . Hisfory MONTANEZ L. GUEST. Senior . . . 4 Elementary EducaHon ANNETTE M. JONES, Junior English MEHARRY LEWIS. Senior . Pre-Med HENRI A. LOWERY Senior . Psychology WILLIAM S. MCCAIN, Senior . . . . Mechanical Engineering . Nashville' Tenn. . Pensacola, Fla. .Chicago. HI. . Franklinl Ky. . Nashville. Tenn. . Delray Beach, Fla . Bessemer. Ala. .LiHle Rock. Ark. . Dyersburg. Tenn. . Gadsden. Ala. . Miami. Fla .Wichifa, Kans. . Macon. Ga. . Nashville. Tenn. .Salfillo, Tenn. . Dayfon. Ohio 180 american Third Row: RUFUS D. MCCOLLUM. JR., Senior . . . . . . . . .Abingfon, Va. Chemisfry RUBY D. MCNAIRY, Junior . . . . . . . NashvilleI Tenn. Science Educafion WILL ANN MAYS, Senior . . . ,Wynnburg, Tenn. French HAZEL MITCHELL, Junior . . . . , Nashville. Tenn. PolHical Science WILLIAM C. MITCHELL, Senior . . . . . . . . . Louisville, Miss. PreiMed STOVALL MOORE. Junior . . . , . Louisville, Ky. Polifical Science BARBARA J. PERRY, Senior . . . . . . . . . Knoxville. Tenn. Home Economics EducaHon PHIL W. PETRIE, Senior . Clarksville. Tenn. Polifical Science Fourth Row: CUPID R. POE, Junior .Saraso+a. Ha. Biology GRACE ROBERTSON. Senior . . . . . . , Nashville. Tenn. Home Economics Educafion GASTON O. SANDERS. Senior . . . . . . . . . Defroit Mich. Elecfrical Engineering ELIZABETH A. SHUTE. Senior . . . . . . Nashville, Tenn. Chemisfry CHRISTINE SIMMONS Senior . . Pulaski, Tenn. English WILBUR SUESBERRY, Senior . . . . Dayfon, Ohio Biology LAURA M. TOWNSEND, Senior . . . . . . . . . . .Gurleyl Na. Psychology ' EUNICE L. WILLIAMS. Senior . , . . . .TuscaXoosa, Ala. Business Educafion colleges and universities Alumnus and former Tigershark Roy Orlando Vaughn hith has served a year as a iobacco company salesman. Former "Miss Tennessee Shafe," U957-5M Lari+a . Yvonne Whife UefH. now a Texas school marm re- furned +0 Hue campus for corona'lion of Hue I958-59 a u m n I queen. The Pori'ers, Dorofhy hoe Suggd and Samuel remain on campus. He has been a Tennessee S+a+e s+aHer for +he pasf fen years. . 6'?ka K The execu+ive commiffee of +he general alumni associafion consisfs of UeH +0 rith Mrs. Jean CUFF SimmonsI Harold Love. C. J. Kincaide, and Mrs. Gladys Burgess Adams. Dr. Granville Sawyer was nof presenf for piciure. Chicago aHorney Cecil Parfee gave +he commence- menf address af his alma mafer lasf year. 0 Jr C C. 0 13 Q 1 b g. 32me h ugimwi T H Vb N K L E N A D r 0 .AI: .0 F. n .m .1 c e S s f r o P S w P. w a WWWWWWMMWQW ,w kw End Coach HOWARD W. GREEN Line Coach J. C. COFFEE football iger Foo'tball Squad The I958 T Head Coach HOWARD C. GENTRY Who? . . . Me Coach? CORNELIUS JONES SHANNON D. LITTLE Assisfanir backfield coach Defensive coach and scouf Don'f gang fellows. I'll come quiefly. FORREST W. STRANGE SAMUEL R. WHITMON Center coach Backfield coach Loose Tiger! S; CO-CAPTAIN, WILBUR SUESBERRY Quarferback CO-CAPTAI N, CALVIN SORRELS Cenfer state gridmen suffer worst season in years Nashville . . . . . . . . . . Head coach. Howard Genfry, used every frick-of-fhe-frade In an efforf +0 main+ain Jrhe ou+- sfanding posifion in foofball +ha+ has prevailed +hroughou+ Jrhe hisfory of Tennessee S+a+e UniversHy. Harassed wifh numerous injuries. only Tive refurninq sen- iors and a lack o1C overall experience wi+hin +he ranks. 'I'he Tigers sfruggled +hrough wifh a season's record of 4 wins and 4 deTeafs. The losses came af Jrhe hands of four of +he Jrop feams in Jrhe nafion. Affer downing a s+rong Norfh Carolina A and T +eam 23- 6. +he Tigers kicked-OFF +he home season by clawing Morris Brown 32-6 before Jrhe largeSIL homefown opening crowd. 5.000 sfrong, in modern Tennessee S+a+e hisfory. Affer +his shomL +as+e of success. fhe Tigers fell +0 a powerful Grambling eleven 7-6 before a crowd of 9,000 enfhusias+s, Coach Genfry's boys Jrhen came back +0 crush Cen+ral Sfafe College 20-6 before dropping +he season's +hriller +0 DONALD TAYLOR End Fullback CHARLES STEEL Soufhern Universify before a capacH'y house in W. J. Hale Sfadium 23-14. Then followed Jrhe defeaJrs 6+ +he hands of Lincoln UniversHy and Jackson College 24-l2 and I8-I3 re- specfively. The Tigers rallied back +0 sfrangle Kenfucky S'l'afe College for a homecoming vicfory l9-6. Highlighfing +he faHering Tennessee Jream was Gen+ry's defensive forward wall of Bennie Clay. Calvin Sorrells and Fred Mefcalfe who kepf +he opponen+s in cons+amL danger. This Jrrio, along th Jrhe res+ of +he defensive Team. con- finually kepf +he Tigers in game. Having IiHle success on oHense, The Tigers were speare headed by senior co-capfain Wilbur Suesberry. Gaininq rec- ognifion on several AH-America polls, The Tiger quarterback led +he feam in four depar+men+s. Hahtbacks Billy BenHey and Andrew Earfhman sparked +he feam in rushing and pass- receiving respecfively. WOODROW THOMAS Guard The I958-59 Baskefball Tigers. Tennessee's hardwood arfis+s ended a grea+ season by winning an unheard of +hird s+raigh+ NAIA NaHonal Cage crown before 9.000 "well-show-me" fans. For +he season +he Tigers impressively downed 32 opponen+s. losing only one' while capfuring firsf place vicfories in five fournamenJrSe Georgia Invifahonal, Quincy College Holiday Invifafional. Mid-Wesfern Conference, Soufh-Cenfral NAIA TipoH and +he NAIA Nafional 61' Kansas CHy. Mo. Dubbed "pressure proof" by local scribes in +he Kansas Cify area during +ha+ cify's NAIA dribbye derby. +he lasf of +he Whiz Kids fo-pped 3 feam fourney records and Dick "Skull" Bar- neH became fhe aH-Hme scoring leader besides being named +he +ourney's mos1L valuable player and ga+hering his second sfraighf Chuck Taylor frophy. The fabulous "Skull" ended his college career by being named fo +he aH-fourney +eam for +he +hird Consecufive year. Aided by fhe wellewishes of Tennessee's Governor, legislafors and +he universify family, +he Tigers sef many recordSescoring I50 poinfs againsf Knoxville College for a school record in regular season play: seffing an unofficial highesf percenfage of 70.5 in +he semi-finays yNAIAy: mosf consecufive games HM and mosf poinfs in a single NAIA game U3H. The Whiz Kids were +he firs? Collegians +0 win +hree consecufive NAIA championships. The Whiz Kids. paced by +he HSkull" were superb all season. Barneff scored 48 poinfs in Hue Lincoln game for an individual reagular season record, scoring 3.!93 poinfs for his four-year collegiafe career and 963 poinfs +his season. He is +he aIl-fime NAIA scoring champion wifh 462 poin+s for a career four- namenf score. Cap+ain John Barnhill and Dick BarneH were named +0 +he NAIA AH-TournameM feams The Tigers yed +he UPI rafings as +he number one small college in +he nafion for eleven weeks. and were ranked sixfeenfh among aH colleges in +he nafion 5+ +he end of 'i'he season. Dick "Skull" Barne++ was named +0 1he AP and UPI firsf +eam AH-American, A GREAT YEAR FOR THE TIGERS. Coach John B. McLendon and James Naismi+h Trophies picked up by HM: Tigers in NAIA +ourneys. y m: I m z X; mum H, . gym 1 basketball HAROLD HUNTER DICK MACK Reserves Coach Assisfanf Basketball Coach OPPOSITE PAGE b a s k e t b a I I The parade of champs af NAIA headquarfers, Kansas CHy's Municipal Audiforium. Never a dull momenf as Hue Tigers baHled for and won +heir fhird NAIA championship. V RICHARD "SKULL" BARNETT Senior Tiger NURLIN TARRANT Senior Tiger 1'92 JOHN BARNHILL Senior Tiger and Capfain JAMES "DIAMOND JIM" SATTERWHITE Senior Tiger Relay Team members Isabelle Daniels. Margaref MaHhews, Barbara Jones. and Lucinda Williams. tigerbelles retain world status Eyes of Hwe hack world fumed +0 Moscow +0 wifness Amer- ica's ques1L for world dominafion in women's frack. Con- fribufing heavily +0 America's hopes was a small aggregafe of young ladies from a small campus bordering Hue Cumber- land River. Coached by one of +he rising figures in collegiafe Jrrack. Edward 5. Temple, +he Tigerbelles defied H19 skepfics. who prophesied uHer defeaf for Hue U. S. Cinderbelles. +0 cap- Jrure four of fen firsf places. Running before more fhan a half-miHion spedafors. TigerbeHe Barbara Jones nipped +he IOO me+er pack wifh a l L6 in a race where fwo crossed Hue +ape in exac'rly Hue same Jtime. Isabelle Daniels Jrook +hird. Lucinda Williams fook +he 200 in 24.4- wifh Daniels +hird wifh a 24.5. and +he Tigerbelle relay feam Daniels, Williams. MaHhews. and Jones, annexed fhe 400 mefer relay +ha+ ac- counfed for He Tigerbelles' eHorfs againsf +he sfronges'r compefifion in He world foday. Leaving Russia, +he TigerbeHes bossed Hue I00, 200, 400. mefer relays and broadiump in Poland! Hungary and Greece winning hundreds of friends in Hwe Sfafe Deparfmenf AAU sponsored goodwill four. The I958-59 Tigerbelles and Women's Track Coach Edward S. Temple. mazma ; I , mash szx - members wi+h Hue Mayor of Afhens. Greece. MARGARET MATTHEWS LUCINDA WILLIAMS ISABELLE DANIELS Senior Tigerbelle SenEOr Tigerbelle Capfain Senior Tigerbelle women's track 1-94 1 Along w'ifh o+her members of Hue U. S. +eam. Hue Tigerbelles logged more ihan l5.000 airline miles on +heir overseas +our. Moscow's Lenin Ceniral S+adium was H16 scene for Hue Four-Counfry Goodwill hack meet feafuring +he Tigerbelles. USA's 200 meier +i+les+ Tigerbelle Daniels cracked her old American record in Warsaw. Poland. 195 Olympics champion hurdler and Sullivan award winner Glen Davis henfed shares joke wifh Tigerbelles Daniels and Williams. women's aau national indoor track meet WASHINGTON Traveling +0 Washingfon, D. C., Hwe TigerbeHes displayed grcaf form in running away wifh +he lion's share of Iaurels in +he na+ional Women's AAU indoor frack championship. The Tennesseans rolled up bIVZ poinfs while Hweir sfrongesf com- pefifors were New York's Queen MercureHes and Police A+h- leHc League each scoring l8. H was A 8w l s fiHh sfraighf indoor AAU feam +iHe. The Tigerbelles also have won Hue lasf four fimes in +he summer AAU oufdoors mee+s. Firsf place wins for Hue Tigerbelles came in He 50. IOO and 220-yard dashes, 70-yard hurdles. sfanding broad jump and 400-yard medley relay compefi- Hon. plus lesser awards in ofher evenfs. Margare+ MaHhews breaks +he fape a+ +he Washington Evening Sfar Indoor Track meef. COACH THOMAS H. Poised and ready are fhe l958-59 edifion of Hue Tigersharks. Coach is Thomas H. "Friend" Hughes. "FRIEND" HUGHES ; b, 2.; n- mxH'xP y x4?" V: Forced info a rebuildinq program +hrough losses by grad- uafion, Coach Thomas Hughes' I959 Tigersharks worked insafiably +0 shape-up a feam +ha+ smashed eighf pool recy ords in a single dual meet Sparked +his season by refurning IeHerman and NAIA 200 yard bufferHy champion, John Swanny +he Tennessee Jrank- men ended Hue regular season wifh a niffy 4-1 record. Fresh- man, Roland Chafman, quickly rose +0 prominence by re- peafedly capfuring +he 220 and 440 yard free 5+er evenfs cracking fwo pool records in one meet The Tigersharks began +he season by roufing Wes1L Vir- ginia Sfafe 67-l5, grabbing off seven of nine firsf places. Then fraveling +0 Kenfucky. +he Jrankmen overwhelmed Berea yConfinued on Page l99y swimming 1'97 Breaking +he surface wifh a broken record. . . . . And may +he besf man win. eCoanued JFrom Page WU College 62-24- splashing No new pool records. Ball Sfafe College snapped Hwe Tiger win sfreak in a nip-and-fuck baffle 47-39. Rebounding from +heir lone defeat Coach Hughes' wave- bea+ers again swamped Wesf Virqinia Sfafe 6I-l4 before a packed opening home-season crowd. The Tigersharks rounded 0qu +heir regular season by +raveling +0 Aflanfa only +0 break eiglnL pool records in a recenfly opened pool and polishing OFF Moorehouse College 6l-25, buf postseason NAIA laurels were no+ in +he making for Hwem Huis year. High as a Georgia pine. Capfains courageous from Ball Sfafe and Tennessee S+a+e. I Hurry if up bui him your +ime. The l958-59 Tiger Thinclads. Men's hack coach Raymond H. Kemp. M recenf years Tennessee Sfafe's menhs hack feam has emerged as a perpefual danger +0 aH foes. Through fhe unyielding eHorfs of coach Ray Kemp, fhe Tigerclads have persisfenHy devebped info collegiafe prominence. The Tigers highhghfed Jrhe season's acHon by winning +heir second Consecufive Mid-Wesf Afhlehc associafion frack and field champion- ship wth a fofal o? 58V2 poinfs. The dosesf opponenf was Lincoln hMoJ wifh 56V; Refurning +0 +he Drake Relays, Coach Kemp's boys walked away wifh fwo championships. First +he quar+ervmile relay +eam ran a dazzling 41.7 seconds. The same feam of Tom TorFan. Vero West Ed Adams, and John Moon re+urned Iafer +0 amaze +he specfafors by shaHering +he mee+ record in I:25.6. Before +he Tigerdads were Jrruly recognized by fhe Jrrack world, coach Kemp had realized ihaf he 'was working wifh fwo possibhe Olympic sfars. Ralph Bosfon. and John Moon have consisfenf displayed uni usual form on +he Cinders. Moon is a dash-man and has been clocked 6+ 9.3 in +he cenfury in pracflce. Bosfon has repeafedly masfered ihe fiehd evenfs and "is a pofenHal decafhlon pentormer.H sfafed coach Kemp. Traveling fo Monfgomery +he cinderburners deihroned Florida Aeky1 as Alabama Sfafe relays champion, The Tiqers won +he l4+h annual hack carnival wi+h 66 poinfs +0 runnerup A8dv1's 57. Alcorn and Jacki son colleges also felf +he JFangs of +he Tigerclads in a Jrri-amgLMar meef in which +he boys from Tennessee amassed a fofal of 98W poinfs. Running up a fofal of 93V; poinfs. fhe Kemp-wonders snafched an exclfing win from Kenfucky Sfafe and Cenfral Sfafe: +he former get +ing ZIV2 poinfs and the laffer 46V4. Moon received invifafions +0 'i'he NAIA hack and field mee+ in San Diego. and H19 Nafiona! AAU hack and field championships af Bakersfield, California, and performed weH +hough unable +0 grab-OH a firsf place. U .W. . srtm-uw - 21.0mm m t! .1! x v mr ! Topping +he fimbers. H's fas+ . . . . and H's far. Senior Tigerclad and +hree-year leHerman Phil Pefrie. H's WHO'S up fron+ +ha+ coun+s. Coach Ronald Harris explains +echniques f0 his four man +eam. LeH +0 righf: Mahlon Moore, Donald MayFIeId. John tennis Harris and Ralph Churchwell. In facing ifs s+ronges+ schedule in yearsl Hwe fithng Tennis +eam proved ifself worfhy +0 sfand among Hue greaf a+hle+ic Jreams aJr Tennessee Sfafe Universify. Traveling +0 Wilberforce! Ohio, +he racquefeers feamed +0 Jrake +heir second conse- cufive Mid-Wes+ern Championship. Mahlon Moore up-sea+ed a sfrong Ralph Church- well 6-3! 8-6. and 6-2 +0 win Hue singles. Lafer. Moore and Churchwell combined +0 defeaf Lincoln Universify of Missouri in Hue doub'es. In regular seasods play. Coach Ronald Harris' racque+men cap+ured a Jrrianqular meef from Ken+ucky S+a+e and Lincoln in a Closely foughwL game. Following +his1 A8d's clay-courf-wonders sfopped in Muncie. Indiana long enough +0 defea+ Bail Sfafe Col; lege 5 mafches +0 2. AHer +his swee1L smell of success, +he racquefeers barely salvaged a 2-2 fie wifh Nofre Dame UniversHy. Dekaf finally came f0 coach Harris' boys af +he hands of a powerful Kalamazoo College. Ralph Churchwell and Mahlon Moore display frophies won af Mid- Capfured on 35 at slow shuHer speed Hue fasf fennis ac+ion of John Wesfern Championships. Harris at work comes ouf in a blur. H's iusf a maHer of fime. A-C-T-l-O-N. H's Tennis. "'5 available light H's 35mm of course. 203 NASHVILLE ....... Hampered incessanfly by nafure's mosf prominen'r precipifafion, +he Tennessee Sfafe Baseball- ers managed +0 survive season play th a heal+hy record of 7 wins and 5 losses. Behind Hue menforship of Coach Raymond Whifmon. +he diamondeers. despi+e being forced +0 cancel many of ifs regularly scheduled games, exhibifed sparks of unusual adepf- ness in enjoying one mt ifs beHer seasons. Leading +his year's aHack, sophomore pifcher Andy Earfh- man highlighfed his season's performance wifh a one-hif shuf-ouf againsf Morehouse Colleqe. The small righfhander repeafedly sparked Jthe mound staff +0 add depfh +0 +he A 8 I defensive wall. Enjoying +he advanfages of fwo refurninq senior swaHers, Coach Whifmon found himsehc consfanfly forced f0 rely on newcomers +0 fhe squad. Along wifh senior long-baH hiffer Earl Mimms, Hue diamondeer's power was supporfed by sfand- oufs Charles Rigby, John Wood. Paul Carney. Leon Jamison. and Sam Bowen. rain-marred season hampered diamondeers I958 Baseball Tigers. 204 Senior Earl Mimms, Cafcher. In safe. his '5 O .T .T a e r g 0 s k e e r? H No? enough wood on it ifcher. p Senior Delmas Jackson 205 -5: ---.. I C 4 JUDY AMSEY DepaHmanfal Sec+ion Edi'ror Animal Science lesson in bu+chering af +he AbaHoir. Mea+ cuHing in animal science. sc ool of agriculture and Thin slices of bacon being produced in a meat cuH'ing class. 208 Chicks of all kinds in Hue pouHry husbandry lab. home economics 209 Experimenfafion in biochemisfry school of agriculture The modern fouch in AgricuHure-soils +es+ing in fine Agronomy Deparfmenf. and home economics GeHing firsf hand experience in home furnishings. Clofhing sfudenfs modeling garmen+s sewn in class. Home Economics siuden'ls sfudying fhe nuhifive elemenfs of foods. Close up of a chemical reac+ion. Team work on a chemisfry proiecf. Frog under glass in a biology lab. school of arts and Nofe halting and +es+ing in Hue Science Educafion area. Keeping a wafchful eye on a biological s c i e n c e s Zl3 Hair raising experimenf in physics. LeH: Learning Hie fundamentals in a mafhemah'cs class. Righf: From +he files of a "live" drama produc+ion. In +he speech clinic-a voice is recorded and lisfened fo. school of arts and sciences A sociology lecfure holds Hue aHenHon of Hue class. Sfudying fhe coun+ry along wi+h Hue na+ive Jtongue in a language class. Music appreciaiion for future feachers. Ari for arf's sake and for +he sake of Hue budding feacher'. 216 Masfering fechniques in a physical edu- cafion class. LeH: Bowling for game poin+s and physical educafion crest. There's always a quiz of some kind. education school of education Affer a class in fyping. Before a class in business adminisfrafion. A prache feacher on +he iob. Meditation in psychology. Tinkering wifh archi'recfural engineering +inker foys. Pre-fab cons+rucfion on a model. The Finished producf of a fu+ure archH'ecf. school of engineering 220 Ingo+ making in mechanical engineering. Delving info +he inhicacies 01: elecfrical engineering. 221 school of engineering La+he operafion in an indus+rial educa'rion machine lndus+ry in fhe carpen+ry shop. LeaihercraH in Indusfrial Educa+ion. Linofype operai'ion in fhe prinfing shop. ready far fakeoff Defachmenf 790 If a f o t n e m t r a P e d Si On a Field frip +0 a SAC base. Air Force VIP UeH +0 rith PAS Maior Claude M. Dixon, Loring Air Force Base HospHal Commander Colonel Vance H. Marchbanks. Jr.. and Cadef Li. Col. Joe Woodrick. The AFROTC drill ieam s+anding by +0 perform. science 225 C'MERE. - . A - I NEVER MIND. TELEPHOTO e LENS 6 ROM SECOND FLOOR INCOGNITO WV 5M PJWU,, WHOLE LOT OF SHAKING GOIN$ ON. SHE DIDN KNOW IT WAS LOADED. 'LL BE COMING 'ROUND THE-MOUNTAIN y. . . E GREYHOUND CARAVAN COMING ON THE SCENE , PEOPLE WHO GOT TO CANTON EARLIER WENT COON AND POSSUM HUNTING. Xx. .4: . WHOLE CROWD WENT BY DR DAVIS MISSBSIPP! FARM TO PUT ON THE FEED BAG. LONG LINE MOVED ORDERLY, WE HEARD THAT REPORTER BOB CHURCHWELL SAMPL ED ALL THE FOOD AHEAD OF TIME. a . ' an - ' '59 Ph ' . me P - a? r- 43a in: 6'9 'khe'h . . r 4 ?ennessee's m EVERYBODY SHOCK HANDS WITH . IT WAS A REGULAR PICNIC E CANTON H'GH oMlCS CLASSES FUL NEW CAFE- " n AFTER THE PARAD SCHOOL. HOME ECON Ww-M DANiELS WHO J40; fogralaAd

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