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1 -.-..1:,.11,.L 1,1--.W-Lf.1..11X X 1 X '1fF62145.i1Z-':- ,5:'1,g'f -'121 1115111 '1 1-1' 1 1'-'T:fi?'t?iE1f115'1' I 1' ' 51113 'P'-.27.'-X'-QUT-.11 ' '- X " . i,1,Q'P'5-'J-g"':a' '-W", ,-j'11:'1r' . fAQXiqlgL"511.1-131,13 1-X- 1 ,X-XX1., .. 1 . 1-1-11:11-1592! 11'.?",i 1. 1 1 'rig-1515511 1 1 111 1 .11 I .-111-53113.-,11 -X-11-1 . XX .X 'f,X'?-?qv.:Tvff-' 9-51 5311" 1' ' " 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 J ,N '-151:11-':11.,XL. : 1.' ' ' 1 1-111153: 'r L1 11.51515 1 1 1 1 511131 1 115-151.111 1' ,-- ' ' 4' ff.-.X1 1191 1 1: '- - ' 1 111-11:1 -. " ' 113'Z'4-512 5 2111 .' " - J" 1 f,.l 41.' '. '- ' fX, 11 . 111 X . X 1 1,g1,11.X.: 15. X . 11 XXX ,Y.. X f " , ', 1 1 , .. 11., 1111 .f 1X X 1 1' A X- T1 ' 1 -. '.XX:j . 1 3 "EEN N-ESSEE 61 I 1 1 , . 1 11111-5,11 1 ,-1 .1 , ..1 . 1 -N-AlS1L1H1V'ILLE TE NN ES SE 1 11 i R E S ENT S T H E 1,11 XJ, 1 T 111,- 1 'I . X. 1 ,111- .J" 1 ,.1-1 W' 1 1 1 17 -,.. , .:1X. libv Xi LX, f Q.. -1 1 I". 1 rr ' .. XWLX, -'z 11. 1.1. 1 -,X 1 .1132 -1- - 1 :,gg11g1, 1 11. . XX I X 1 . .XX. ---1112?-'Pf---'-1 -1 1 1. 1 W, . 1,X,-1 -.'11n,, -15111-FLV: 5. 1 WX-.1 1. 1 J -.. 1. 511 ' -F5 :j1Ef1.'1:-351131-ig 11.rg:, 11-.,,1L111f '1,. X 1.. 1 11 1 1 1 1 . . 115111113111 .. S 1 1 w 1 1' 1 , 1 1, 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 l'.f'.1.,' xv ',.. 1 . ff 1 . ' ' ". 1 1 f 1 1 1 , 1' HX.: 111: 1,1 1 1 1 11 1 X1 1 1 1 -X . X 1 . 11 1 1 , . 1 1f11:g112fie1?4125:f'1f1, 'f 1- f ' 1 1 1 1 3 111 1 - 1- 1 1 11 X 1 1 1 1 1 ?XgQjjJ.1X,X:1E-111-ya,XXX.,,.- X1 A . 12 X 1. X V f L 1 X X "7:E--'. l'1' Y' - Y 1 . , l 1 1 " 1 1 11 X X A115951-:Q.:111111'116' ' 1 ' 1 1--7:1-1-1P,,1.f', .X I-11 -1: .JY ' '---'11+"'f,-:'.:Q ' 1 11111aTS11.f1:111g31l2111, 1 1 i1Ei1:f-vLf111'1 93-21 1 .QX1 .,--- Q., -'1 X 1 1 -'5i12'QQj11:.-WX, ,111 11:1 1 'P-:fH?i1':df. ' -- ilizgiipifq-X111.1..Lfsg 1 +1 1 .11-:Vp -day. : 1- k1'1X1:-pff" - X ' 13:11-4-g.Y1'? JQ311 1' -1- 1 1 1 XX1.X,1yi3.:X..11-,gn 1 15 -:ff 1 1 '1"f X' ' X 3511111 - . , 1 Lqfg-512211. 1:,g.:-XE ij' 1 11 "'1'l1'f41'l in -1. 1 A , , 15-.11-1X5.X2 X1 -X5-:sfg 11-fi .5-X.g,.J - 11- 1 ,111 H X- 11 1-ifxy'-JJJPFF-1.1-1,,.1 --'1'12f1.' if-111, 1 1 1 :if . 1 E -fQIQ31ffFL1f::f' . Q11 1 ., ' 1 -r ' V-Q1511--. '-111,,.L' '.1.11- 1 ' 1 .yin :5E45g1xA:',f?,1,-2"I1.1Qi1:5Q'1..l - -Q 1 1 1. 1 " ' .2 .1"-vii.-31111-'N -' ' 1 B"iiM?171-wkfff-' 11. .r- - ' . -fy-1 T'--311321.353.-2:11::?.,.-, 1 1 14. 1 .w111111i--Q-111'iL1R2:m1.1m1.:.a .a.1 .r.- 1 11311-1,11 , IIIWI' Ill! QI I' Y I QuIgI1I9:00 I sq Q 5 I 4 1 I 3.1! A , ' V l A I ' :Q V, IIIINN A IS FOR ADMINISTRATION, AGRICULTURE, ART AND AVIATION THE FIRST "A" SEES YOU SAFELY THROUGH, A PROGRAM SCHEMED AND MEANT FOR YOU. THE SECOND, THIRD, AND FOURTH "A'S" STAND TO PROVE THE PROGRAM FINE AND GRANDQ B IS FOR BUILDIN , B INESS AND BAND THE LATTER WE THI KT EBEST IN THE LAND. BADMINTON AND T RS THAT START WITH "B ARE BASKETBA , A ALL AND BIOLOGY. C IS FOR THE CHEERLEADERS AND ALSO THE CHOIRS BOTH OF THESE "C'S" WE CALL THEM OURS WE POINT TO EACH WITH EQUAL PRIDE AND SING THEIR PRAISES FAR AND WIDE. IU FI' FI' I' I'I'I'r F I'I'l'I" ffl' IILIIJII - .fl-F'-Il ,lv 'I-F "' ...I..InLL D IS FOR DORMITORY SELDOM. DULL WHERE EXCITEMENTSLEEOUNDS WITHOUT MUCH LULL: WHERE F RIENDSHIPS ARE FORMED AND VOWS ARE. MADE TO' KEEP THESE FRIENDSHIPS ERE GOODBYES ARE SAID. r I' I' I' rrr rrr rrr E IS FOR ENGLISH. FOR SOME A GREAT CHORE FOR MANY AN ART, TO OTHERS A BORE Z EDUCATION. ELECTIONS, ENGI IEERIINIG ALSO F ALL' IN THE COLUMN OF "E'S" AND WE THI K THAT IS ALL. F IS FOR FAVORITES. YOURS AND MINE THE "MISTERS" AND "MISSES" WHO FOR THE SCHOOL SHINE. IT'S ALSO FOR FRESHMEN AND FOOTBALL YOU KNOW. WE'RE PROUD OF THE "F'S" BECAUSE WE LOVE THEM SO. G IS F OR GRADUATE CLASS AND THE GREEKS THEY STUDY FOR DAYS AND THEY STUDY FOR WEEKS TO REACH SOME GOAL OR ATTAIN SOME HEIGHT. GRADUATION, PROBATION OR MAYBE MERE MIGHT. ' H IS FOR HISTORY AND HOME ECONOMICS TOO: ALSO FOR HPER WITH ITS EXCELLENT CREW. THE HONOR SOCIETIES MUST ALSO TAKE A BOW. THERE ARE EIGHT OF THEM AT AYENI NOW. . ... . ., nnnnnnn u 1 I I I l I l G I IS FOR THE INSTITUTES WHICH MEET ON 3 .ig M CAMPUS HERE. I I WE TRY TO BE HOSPITABLE AND TO MAKE OUR MEANING CLEAR WE INVITE THEM OUT TO SOCIALS AND HELP THEM WHEN WE CAN WITH A MEETING HERE AND THERE AND NOW A AND THEN A PLAN. I IS FOR THE IUNIOR CLASS, POWERFUL AND 'JI' ' 'SEL STRONG. I - THEY SEEK ELECTIVE OFFICES ALL YEAR :mi tri: LONG' 3? ,J di EEF - , THEY'RE SOON TO BE sEN1oRs AND THEY KNOW IT TOO. THEIR LOYALTY TO ALMA MATER IS TRIED AND IWJ TRUE. K IS FOR KALEIDOSCOPE, A GRAND MELEE QQ B-4 XX- VITIES ALONG THE WAY 5 4k Q7 AT HAVE COME AND OF DAYS 9 - A 'JW' iii LJVO 4 GONE. 'M Bev, I 1 Lg, Z9 VARIED CONGLOMERATION INVOLVES EVERYONE. O' f fr v I ... - n'l P 3 I I 5 I I . ' . F l-!"'- 1 5 l iiu I saw vaaQl!!l-iu'gililf L IS FOR THE LIBRARY WHERE MANY HOURS ARE SPENT BY THOSE WHO ARE SERIOUSLY ON AN EDUCATION BENT. AND THE LYCEUM SERIES PROVOKES MUCH INTEREST U Q F OR THE GUEST ARTISTS CHOSEN ARE BY FAR THE VERY BEST. M IS FOR MATHEMATICS, MODERN FOREIGN LANGUAGES TOO. REAL CRANIUM EXERCISERS WHEN GIVEN THEIR IUST DUE. M TOO IS FOR MUSIC AND FROM WHERE WE SIT STATE COULD NOT EXIST IF IT WERE NOT FOR IT. lil N IS NEWS BRINGS OF OIIIR ST ALL OTH THINGS ' VOLVING THE CAMPUS AND ITS WAY OF LI W THEIR A GIRL WINS A SCHOLARSHIP OR A :J FELL W TAKES A WIFE. 0 IS 12' ox:n:mnmuureH 1--f-:-:-:-- FIR DAYS AT SCHOOL -' ' sv A -ll WHEN WE LEARN 'I' USE FACILITIES AND TO RESPECA E1-IQNH RA-JNLEA rr- rw rx., fy A WHEQEALSKIR EBU AN? BOOKS ARE ,BOUGHT ANDEOHI-RDMORES ARE DODGED .WHEN FEARS ARE LOST AND BAGS ARE TOSSED 'TIL WE ARE FIRMLY LODGED. P IS Pon PSYCHOLOGY, A SCIENCE OF MENTAL LORE I I POE POLITICAL SCIENCE AND PHYSICS AND WHAT'S EVEN MORE ACHERS ARE ADEQUATE AND COURSES LE MANY ANY. XIXCUSES FOR FAULTS IN M WE HAV N'T ' - ' ' - QUEUES, OR LINES IN WHICH WE VE STOOD TO REGISTER TO PAY N I TO EVEN GIVE OUR BLOOD WE VE STOOD IN LINE 'I Il TE AND FORMED A QUEUE TO EAT BUT ALL THE QUE S RE NOTED FOR THEIR 1 1 1 ll Pe, NE ' ON THE FEET. , Y Y - RIS Fon RELIGIO L 5 ON THE cAMPUs HERE ........ I 9 RS ND ALL TH AXXR IN u p 0' il T U D42 LDL BY STUDENTS WHO'RE AWAY FROM HOME AND THOSE OUT IN THE CITY. NOT TO HAVE THIS PHASE OF LIFE WOULD CERTAINLY BE A PITY. S IS FOR A LOT OF THINGS INC U NG SOPHOMORE CLASS. SPEECH, SWIMMING AND STUDENTS HELP MAKE UP THE MASS. Q SOCIOLOGY AND SCIENCE ARE TWO U THE '-' LIST. 1 THERE MAY BE OTHER ESSES THAT POSSIBLY wE'vE Mrsssn. T""Lf-A ---f 774 li E A H In 5- E 2 0 O IP! I-I1 '4 0 :xl E 5 55 H za' 0 I-rI 2:1 33 E 5' E 2 0 U: E F5 eu E E O O an E1 3 . 3 ... C1 ,gm I 4:r::II:::::::555 Elllllllllllliifv :E ::I31I:::::::::.I L-Za , I ' Z E E U O E 2 I--I ' I--I rl WHICH WE LIKE TO BOAST MAKE TSU'S ACCOMPLISHMENTS KNOWN FROM COAST TO COAST. U IS EOR UNIVERSITY WITH ITS FOUR BIG SCHOOLS I LIBERAL ARTS, EDUCATION ENGINEERING AND GRADUATE. EMRRAOING THE TOOLS THAT ARE sOUGHT BY THE STUDENTS WITHIN THESE WALLS WHO MEANDER THE PATHS AND SAUNTER THROUGH THE HALLS A Y W ffffgfm I I V IS FOR VARIETY OF DANCES WE'VE ATTENDED x X X OF PICNICS THAT HAVE PASSED AND BANQ fril, THAT HAVE ENDED. QI 'NA'-xlx MV' XX?-x 5X-si.. X 41' " ' X 'I .RJI . If ' ' 1 'I L . I THERE'VE BEEN A LOT OF GAY "AA S AN- OTS OF- GOOD CLEAN FUN AND LOTS OF THINGS TO TALK ABOUT WITH EVERY' SETTING! SUN. V I , ' W IS FOR WHO'S WHO FOLK AMIABLE AND' SMART. L f EVEN AS ERESHMEN THEY KNEW WHERE TO START. I I - SEN BY THE DEPARTMENT FROM WHICH THEY LL WHO'S WHO IN LATER YEARS IS OUR THEY I AIOR HOPE AND WAGER. o -Aff" W X' s 'Q L ' FOR THE XMAS TIME AND ALL THE IOY IT 0 Q . X ol 5' K. . " I-29 THE DA IA. T CHRIST HIIvIsEI.I-' WAS BORN: THE DAY T I E GIVE THINGS: L ' THE SEASON WHEN ALL HOPE IS HIGH AND EVERYTHING sEEMs 1vIEI.I.Ow AND THOUGHTS ARE OF THE I-'OLKS AT HOME I Q AND HELP FOR THE OTHER FELLOW. I Y IS Fon YEAEBOOK AND THE ONE' -,M 'E6'T"'1 IT OUT , THE STUDENTS AND THE FACULTY I ' WHAT IT s ABOUT f ASP X4 ,Q P RDAYS THE ERA INVOLVING OUR s -1-, YS NOW GONE BY 'E A Q W I " QI Q rx :T . ,IT-,.:...:.,?:.'.1 . Z IS FOR ZENITH WHICH IS THE VERY TOP THE PINNACLE WE HOPE TO REACH BEFORE WE EVER STOP. IT'S TIME TO THINK OF WHAT WE'VE BEEN AND WHAT WE'RE GOING TO BE WITH FUTURE THOUGHTS OF LIFE AT SCHOOL AND DEAR oLD TENNESSEE. CONTENTS NN X. ii. 4 ' l 1' - 3 ll-"Ak , - 4-:Q if! X .N w , . 1f,!.1g,xv PAGE 18 PAGE 48 PAGE 64 PAGE 70 PAGE 76 PAGE 89 PAGE 119 PAGE 148 PAGE 165 PAGE 168 PAGE 175 PAGE 180 PAGE 184 PAGE 188 PAGE 192 PAGE 198 PAGE 202 PAGE 204 PAGE 209 PAGE 223 PAGE 230 PAGE 232 PAGE 236 PAGE 240 PAGE 242 PAGE 250 d 1 C Q io H For a number of years now, Miss Frances E. Thompson has both nourished and needled our tastes in art to a high pinnacle of esthetic delight. While so doing, she has provided us as well with a tool for practical use and comfort. Practicality might well be the hallmark of her concept of art: for in a world where escapism seems to be the natural order, she has proven to be a worthy disciple for an art that is both useful and purposeful. At almost every campus exhibition or display, one can find examples of her artistic talent and good taste as she somehow finds time to fill a multitude of requests for help in preparing posters and drawings. Her sympathetic good na- ture keeps her bending over her artist's easel long after other lights are dimmed and other offices closed because she believes art is a talent not only to be de- veloped fully but to be shared freely. To her classrooms too, Miss Thompson has brought wisdom, charm and a bit of hominess in at manner mindful of a past generation. Through its informality. her manner lends inspiration to student efforts. t To this lady, who is a native of Nashville, a product of its public schools, a graduate of Harvard University and an honorary Colonel in the A. G I. Air Force Detachment, respectfully and with a great deal of pleaure, we dedicate this book. MQW?-fi W ' ' -f f-wfxuf 'fy x pf, 1., -,:p ,,,:-"' giwff ' ' X, IQ, XM?--M A f x -- -1 x - k wi 1 . .5-3,g,2vY,'.':'!', C ' a yw S ,x ' 'wwf A ' V x,,- Q, W -pfg , x 1 . .5 " If X -1,515 X '5-fa. , A X, ,xi S -K P 9 . kk gy 1 1 iw , X , 13 fx k IS FOR. ADMINISTRATION AGRICULTURE AF-ROTC ART J? 3 i Z ? Z 5 5 x 5 4 i 2 i E 5 3 f 2 1 ? 2 ? 2 f Z 3 THE GOVERNOR OF THE STATE OF TENNESSEE The l-lonorable Frank G. ClemenT is young in years, buT olol in wisdom, experience and unclersTancling oT The problems oT sTaTe governmenT. So ably has he manipulaTecl The aTTairs oT This sTaTe ThaT we have come To enioy a new high in presTige ancl respecT in The eyes oT our sisTer sTaTes. And unoler his guiolance, we have come To lcnow a new aura oT prosperiTy ancl progress. T Whilie moving The sTaTe oT Tennessee To The Toregrouncl, Gov- ernor ClemenT has become a Tamiliar Tigure in The ranks oT our na- Tion's sTaTesmen. IT is increasingly apparenT ThaT in TuTure years, There will be acldecl To ThaT lisT which gives our sTaTe clisTincTion, The name oT Franlc G. ClemenT. IT has been our delighT aT Tennessee STaTe UniversiTy ThaT Governor ClemenT has been an inTegral 'parT oT our clevelopmenT and well-being. The associaTion has always been a pleasanT one. HONORABLE FRANK G. CLEMENT Governor of The STaTe of Tennessee if Top: As a Family Man B Hom: Welcoming Dr. Roma C. Gans, ii sor of Educaiion al' Teachers College, C lumbia Universily an-cl G. W. Brooks, ex- five secrefary, Tennessee Educalion Con- gress. THE PRESIDENT OF TENNESSEE A Gul STATE UNIVERSITY Under lhe elaslic and dynamic leadership 'ol Dr. W. S. Davis, our Universily mollo-Think, Work, Serve-has Jrranscended mere words. ll has come alive in burning personilicalion of The man who has made Jrhis slogan his lile's ambilion. During his Jrenure as president Tennessee A. 84 l. Slare Universily has rapidly been developed from a college lo a universily. Through lhe breadrh ol his vision, lhe deplh ol his courage and his remarkable capacilry and willingness lor hard work, we have been broughl lo Jrhe realizalrion ol new horizons and have oonslanlly reached newer, higher goals. Sludenls and lacully members alike have been inspired To emu- lale his example ol deep-sealed conviclion, unswerving delermina- lion, relinemenl, leadership and accomplishmenl. DR. W. S. DAVIS Presidenl' '1- -SH' wi ' N. W.-fmwslhmy P A ANN-www , " U ,W 9 ?? I mfg Q vw Mi ai NNESS DR. QUILL E. COPE Chairman M MISS MAUDE M. HOLMAN Execufive Secrefary ATE BOARD OF EDUCATION Fronl' Row, lell To riglwlz W. R. Landrum, Mrs. Ferdinand Powell, Quill E. Cope, Mrs. Sam Wilson, Ernesjr C. Ball, Miss Maude M. l-lolrnan. Back Row, lelr To riqlwrz Mrs. Violer Parrish, Clarence Kol- wyclq, Norman Frost J. Howard Warl, James Williams, Edward l.. Jennings. 25 .I HE VICE-PRESIDENT DR. A. V. BOSWELL V ce-Presiclen'r of 'rhe Univers ly "l-lello, My Dahlin," a lypi- cal greeling of our Vice- prexy, Dr. Alger V. Boswell, lypiiies also his charm and in- iormalily which is so appeal- ing lo his colleagues and friends. Allhough unprelen- lious and guiei in manner, his guiclq mind and abundance ol energy have made him a pillar of suppori in implemenling lhe Universily's program, one in which he believes and loves. ln addilion io his worlc as vice-presidenl of Jrhe Univer- sily, Dr. Boswell has a variely oi olher inleresls which keep him occupied. l-le slill refrains an aclive inleresl in malhe- malics which he reaches and in loolball which he formerly helped ro coach. The Adminislralive Council serves as a body lo consider such adminislralrive problems as lhe presidenl of Jrhe Universily deems advisable lo reler lo such a commillee. lvlembersiol lhis policy- making body are lslandinq, lell lo righll Dr. William l.. Crump, Dr. l-luberl Crouch, Mrs. Alma Dunn Jones, Dr. Carl I-lill, Benson L, Dullon, Dr. l-l. A. Bowen. Vice-Chairman ol Jrhe Commillee, Dr. A. V. Boswell, is sealed. Dr. W. S. Davis who serves as Chair- man oif The Council, is noi shown. E ADMINISTRATIVE COUNCIL I 27 ci' . s J if-1 QU ., N 724,-me W f Q1 :No F' Gin f Z.-, , ,Ms-4 ,le 1 sa, ,,.. g We f 4., X4-fc an 7552555 WM of E MW 22 1. , , f , , S y X f X W! ' f DR. HILLIARD A. BOWEN DR. HUBERT B. CROUCH Chairman of +he School of Educa+ion and Chairman of fhe Graduafe School and Professor of Ecluca+ion Professor of Biology CHAIRMEN OF THE SCHOO BENSON L. DUTTON Regislerecl Civil Engineer Chairman of fhe School of Engineering and Professor of Civil Engineering DR. CARL M. HILL Chairman of fhe School of Arfs and Sciences and Professor of Chemisfry MRS. E. P. JOHNSON, B.S. Bursar DR. FREDERICK J. D. McKINNEY Chairman of Admissions and Professor of Educafion FACULTY DIRECTORS The Lare HENRY A. KEAN, M.S. Professor and Head of Hue Deparrmeni of Healrh and Physical Educafion Deceased Dec. I2, l955 Miss LAURA M. AVERITTE, M.A. DR. LUA s. BARTLEY DR. Susie o. BRYANT Professor of English Professor of Health and Physical Education Administrative Assistant in Instruction and Professor of Political Science DR. HAZO W. CARTER DR. MONTRAVILLE l. CLAIBORNE Associate Professor and Head, Department of Professor and Head, Department of Psychology Olericulture and Pomology DR. ROBERT S. COBB NATHANIEL D. CRIPPENS, M.A. OLIVER W. CRUMP, M.S. Associate Professor oi Health and Physical Professor and Head, Department of Administration Professor of Education and Consultant on EdUCdi'lOl1 and Consultant on In-Service Teacher Education ln-Service Teacher Education FACULTY... DIRECTORS OF GRADUATE STUDIES AND RESEARCH DR. ROBERT A. ELLIS Professor of Physics DR. MERL R. EPPSE DR. WALTER A. FLOWERS DR. CHARLES M. GOOLSBY Professor and Head, Deparimenf of Hisfory and Direcfor, Division of Agriculfure and Head, Professor of Biology Geography Deparimenr of Agriculfural Education DR. CLYDE W. HALL LEWIS R. HOLLAND, M.C.S. Associafe Professor and Head, Deparimenf of Associate Professor and Head, Deparfmenf of lndusfrial Educafion Business Adminisfraiion ROBERT E. HURST, M.S. Coordinafor of Insirucfion in Agriculfureg Professor and Head, Deparfmen? of Biochemisfry DR. WILLIAM N. JACKSON MRS. ALMA DUNN JONES, M.A. DR. JAMES R. LAWSON Professor and Head, Deparimenf of Science Professor and Chairman of Freshman English and Professor and Head, Deparimenf of Physics Educafion Composifion DR. ELSIE M. LEWIS IMrs. Joseph MaIceII DR' EDWARD C' LEWIS Professor and Chairman of fhe Graduafe Professor and Head, Deparfmenf of Music Deparimenf of Hisfory and Geography I DR. CRAWFORD B. LINDSAY DR. THEODORE A. LOVE DR. CHARITY M. MANCE Professor and Head, Deparfmenf of English Professor and Head, Deparfmenf of Mafhemaiics Professor of Educafion and Psychology and Consulfanf on In-Service Teacher Educaiion FACULTY... DIRECTORS OF GRADUATE STUDIES AND RESEARCH DR. ROLAND NORMAN Coordinafor Animal Husbandry and Head of Ihe Swine Area DR, JAMES A, PARSQNS DR. THOMAS E. POAG DR. EARL L. SASSER Professor and Head, Department of Foundry Professor and Head, Deparimen? of Speech and Professor of English and Assisfanf to The and Mefallurgical Engineering Drama VICG-Pfeildenf 'f ' 5,2 ij L YCWQ, s , M 5 ,aw f - WMQ ,Q N Wy aw Q2-'G N FACULTY. . DIRECTORS OF GRADUATE STUDIES AND RESEARCH DR. FRED WESTBROOK Associafe Professor of Agronomy DR. HAZEL B. WILLIAMS DR. MALCOLM D. WILLIAMS DR. RALEIGH A. WILSON Professor of English Professor of Educafion, Supervisor of Graduafe Professor of Hislory Elemenlary Educafion and Coordinalor of Audio Visual Services DR. HENDERSON K. WOOD DR. ARCHIE YOUNG Professor of Biology Professor of Chemistry MRS. CECILLE E. CRUMP, M.A. MISS CHRISTINE ALEXANDER. M.S. Supervisor Ifinerani' Teacher, Home Economics Educaficn Siudenf Teaching, Secondary Educaiion DR. WILLIAM L. CRUMP MISS LOIS H. DANIEL, M.A. MRS. MATTYE C. FLOWERS, M.S. I DIY-eC'I'0l' I-IIDYEVIGH Coordinafor, Area of Horne Economics Bureau of Public Relafions and Universify Press MRS. MARY H. GREER, IvI.S. RAYMOND KEMP, M,A, SUPSFVISOF . DAVID A. HAMILTON, IvI.S. Coordinafor, Deparimenf of Healfh, Physical Sfudenf Teachers, Home Economics Ifineranr Teacher, Agricultural Educaiion Educafion and Recreation MZ-ZSMIEI i ' Q1 FACULTY . . DIRECTORS, COORDINATORS AND SUPERVISORS DR. VIRGINIA S. NYABONGO Director Sfudenf Personnel I MRS. M. CLAY PINKSTON, M.A. MRS. ANNIE G. H. SASSER, M.A. DR. WILLIAM J. SIMMONS Supervisor Director Dean of Men and Universiiy Minisfer Teacher Educaiion, Business Educafion Of Piacemenf Bureau and Coordinafor of Sfudenf Acfivifies DR. JOHN THOMAS EDDIE WILLIAMS. M.S. Direcfor MAJOR DUDLEY M. WATSON Direcfor Sfudenr Healih Service Professor of Air Science Safefy and Profecfion f 5. jgyppgiwaggffx , N-,-,,Q,, . hz. '1 311 ' ' 1.2 14 MW am it-wifi ,f ,C x iii Firsi Row: JULIUS CARPENTER, M,S., Assisfanf Exiension Office. MRS. MARY F. CARTER, M.A., Assis+an+ Chairman of Admissions. MRS. LILLIE CALDWELL, Supervisor of fhe Beauiy Shop. MRS. THELMA T. CLANTON, B.S., Supervisor of 'Phe Clerical Pool. Second Row: MRS. ANNIE L. CRUMP, B,S., Direcior, Nursery School. CARL CRUTCHFIELD, B.S., Execufive-Aicle in Business. MRS. LAVINIA S. DUMAS, Counselor, Day S+uden+s. JOHNN C. FULLMORE, JR., M.B.A., Supervisor l.B.M. Tabulaiing Unif Third Row: ROBERT M. GAINES, Cafeieria Manager. H. C. HARDY, B.S., Par?-lime lnsirucior and Farm Manager. HAYES HOWARD, B.S., Direcior of Physical PIan+. GEORGE T. HUGHES, Manager of ihe Universiiy Snack Bar. Lefi: MRS. LILA L. KEMP, Universify Hosfess. CLYDE KINCAID, B.S., Graclua+e Manager, Aihlefics, 38 Firsi' Row: MRS. HELEN L. KINCAIDE, B.S., Supervisor, OFF-Campus S+udenI Housing. KENDRICK MARSHHALL, B.S., Technician, AI'hIeIics. ROBERT MURRELL, B.S., Residence Direcior, Easi Dormiiory. MISS COLLYE L. RILEY, A.B., B.S. in L.S., Cafaloger. Second Row: MRS. ROSE ROBINSON, M.S., Residence Direcior, Wilson Hall, MRS. HELEN C. ROSE, Secrefary Io -Ihe President MISS ELIZABETH C. ROSS, B.S., Die'Ii'l'ian, Cafeieria. EDWARD TEMPLE, M.S., Posimasier. Third Row: MISS QUEEN L. WASHINGTON, R.N., Head Nurse. MRIS. LENA B. WATSON, Coordinafor, Religious Ac'rivi+ies. MISS NONA I. WORK, A.B., Cashier. MISS MODESTINE YOUNG, B.S., Reserves Librarian FACULTY... ASSISTANTS IN ADMINISTRATION ,if 39 FA C U LT Y . STAFF ASSISTANTS Firsi' Row: MISS LILLIAN BARBOUR, B.S., Reserves Assisfanf, Library. MRS. EMMA BATTS, Admission Clerk, Office of Admission. MRS. THELMA BAXTER, B.S., Secrefary, Vice- PresiCIen'I"s Office. Second Row: MRS. ANN W. BELL, A.B., News Co-ordinafor Bu- reau of Public Relafions and Universify Press. MRS. HELEN Y. BRANCH, B.S., Ve-feran's and Pro- bafion Clerk, Office of Admissions. MRS. EMMA C. BUFORD, B.S., Secrefary, Chair- man School of Educafion Third Row. MRS. MARJORIE H. CAMPBELLE, A.B., Secrefary, Dean of Men MRS. MARGARET R. CAMPBELLE, B.S., Reference Assisfanf, Library. MRS. ETHEL CARPENTER, B.S., Secrefary, Deparf- meni' of Biology and Physics. Fourfh Row: MRS. 'CHARLOTTE L. COFFEE, Transcripf Clerk, Office of Admissions. MRS. MILDRED B. COLLINS, Laborafory Assisfanl Home Economics Deparfmenf, MRS. SABRA S. CONNER, B.S., Accounfing Clerk, Bursa r's Office. Fif+h Row: MRS. MABEL B. CROOKS, B.S., Sfaff Wrifer Bu- reau of Public Re'a'Iions an-d Universify Press. A MRS. BEATRICE CRUMP, B.S., Secrefary, Family Economics and Home Managemenf, MRS. MINNIE PEARL DAVIS, Assisfanf Accounfs Clerk, Bursar's Office. Sixfh Row: MISS ENEVIE D. DENNIS, B.S., Accounfs Cleric, Bursa r's Office. MISS CARMELIA Deshazer, B.A., Assisfanf fo Cashier, Bursar's Office. MRS. ARIEL M. DRAIN, B.S., Secrefary, Direcfor of Sfudeni' Personnel, FA C U LT Y . STAFF ASSISTANTS Firsi' Row: MRS. MARY E. EVANS, B.S., Secre+ary, Chairman School of Aris and Sciences. MRS. NELLIE F. FRANCIS, Secreiary, Depar+men+ of Agronomy. MISS CORILLA GRAY, Secrefary, Deparrmenf of AgricuI+uraI Educaiion. Second Row: MISS BEATRICE GILBERT, Secreiary, Librarian MRS. TONI HARVEY, B.S., Secreiary 'Io Ifhe Direc- +or, Bureau of Public Relarions and Universiiy Press, MRS. JOAN E. I-IILL, B.S., Secrefary, Deparimeni of Chemisiry and Research Proiecfs. Third Row: MISS MARY LOUISE HOPKINS, B.S., Manager, Booksrore. MISS ETHEL KATIE HORNE. B.A., Key-Punch Op- eraror, Office of Admissions. MRS. ANNA P. JACKSON, B,S., Secre'I'ary, Depari- meni' of Maihemarics and Science EcIuca+ion. Fourfh Row: MRS. MARY L. JACKSON, B.S., M.A., Sraiif Assisi'- ani', Bureau of Public ReIa+ions and Universi+y Press. MRS. JOHNNIE JONES, Labora'I'ory Technician Home Economics Deparrmeni. RUBEN C. KEESEE, B.S., Laborafory Technician Deparfmeni' of Agronomy. FiI'I'I1 Row: MRS. HENRIETTA R. McCALLISTER, B.S.. CIerIc, Business Office. A MISS LINA I'I. MCCORD, Accounis CIerIt, Office of Admissions. MRS. MARY F. MAYES, B.S., Secrefary, Depari- menr of Elemeniary Educaiion, Si:f+h Row: MRS. FRANCES MOSBY, B.S., Secreiary, Deparf- menl' of Music. MRS, BLANOHE A. PARSONS, Reference Assisrani Library. MRS. DONZALEIGH T. PATTERSON, B.S., Secre- Iary, Adminisiraiive Assisfani' in Insfrucfion. FA C U LT Y . STAFF ASSISTANTS Firsf Row: MRS. PORTIA PAYTES, B.S., Typisl, Technical Pro cesses Deparfmenl. MRS. LORETTA M. PERRY, B.A., SIaFF AssisIan+ Bureau of Public Relalions and Universily Press. MRS. MYRTLE D. PETTY, Secrelary, Clerical Pool Second Row: MRS. HARRIETTE D. PLEASANT, B.S., Secrerary, Execulive Aide in Business, MISS VALLIE POWELL, B.S., Typisl, Technical Pro- cesses De parlmenl. MISS MARGIE H. RANSOIM, B.S., Secrefary, Co- ordinaror of Home Economics. Third Row: MRS. ROSE H. SANDERS, A.B., Secrefary, Chair- man Graiduale School. JAMES A. SAUNDERS, M.A., Slaff Wriler, Bureau of Public Relafiong and Universify Press. MRS. DELLA R, SHUTE, B.S., Swi+chboard Oper- aI'or. FourI'h Row: MRS. JEAN CUFF SIMMONS, B.S., File Clerk, Office of Admissions. MRS. MOZENIA Slinson, B.S., Secrelary, Chair- man of Admissions. MRS. CHARLIE B. TEMPLE, B.S., Assislanl' Man- ager, Posl Office. Fiifh Row: JOHN H. WATKINS, B.S., Accounling Clerlr, Bur- sar's Office. MRS. LOUISE N. WATSON, B.S., Secrelary, De- parlmenl of Hislory and Geography. MRS, VESTA R. WHEATON, B.S., Secrelary, Place- menl Bureau. Sixlh Row: MRS. MELYNE G. WILHOITE, B.S., Secrefary, De- parlmenl of Speech and Drama. MRS, FREDDIE W. ZEALEY, B.S., Assis+an+, Book Slore. Members of The faculTy in ine Area of Agriculmre ann. Firsf Row Hen To Righilz R. Den- den, Dr. H. Tnyinn, s. Saunders, Mrs. H. Dnsnse, H. c. Hardy, R. Hurs+, N. McAlpin, Dr. F. Wes+brool:, Dr, H. Car+er, Dr. M. Spaulding, R. Keesee, D. Hamilfon. Second Row: W. E. Officer, Dr. F. SmiTh, Dr. R. Norman, A. Bond, T. Woods, E. Mcxannie, W. Johnson, E. J. Thornfon. Dr. W. A. Flowers, Agriculfure Rena, is Senied. H. WheaTon and E. Williams Y Z , are no+ shown. AREA OF AGRICULTURE During These days and Times, iolces abouT The Tellow Trom as a career requires The uTmosT in Training ancl abiliTy. AT The rural area are as ouT oT daTe as The horse and buggy. Tennessee STaTe, These sTuolenTs receive Training in Voca- lhe proclucTion OT ToodsTuTls is viral To our urban way oT Tional AgriculTure, ExTension Worlc, PoulTry Raising, Animal liTeg ancl all phases OT The sTudy and pursuiT of agriculTure Husbandry, l-lorTiculTure, Agronomy, and Farm Machinery, ISAAC WOMACK ..... PresiclenT CHARLES KIMBROUGH Vice-PresidenT FRED HAY ........ SecreTary ROSS El.ElvllNG . . . .Treasurer EDDIE EDWARDS . . . .ReporTer An ol'licial chapTer of The sTu- denT acTiviTies secTion OT The Amer- ican SocieTy of Agronomy which had iTs origin, along wiTh The oTher collegiaTe chapTers Throughoulr The ' UniTecl STaTes, wiTh The ParenT Sec-I Tion OT The SocieTy. AMERICAN SOCIETY QF AGRONDMY Jl 43 AREA OF AGRICULTURE I OFFICERS OZELL WRIGHT . . ....... . . . PresicIen+ FRED HAY ...., . .Vice-Presiderir CORNELIUS DRAKE . . . .Secrelrary HOWARD WILLIAMS . . .Treasurer The New Farmers ol America is a non-profil organizarion which has for IIs purpose Ihe developmenl of iIs members in Iheir vocalional, social, and recrealrional life Ihrough eslalalished local chaprers where vocaI'ional agricullure is Iaughl. The A. and I. chapler, as all olher collegiale chaplers, is designed primarily Io assisf prospeclive Ieachers ol vocarional agricullure in becoming good advisers of local NFA cahplers. NEW FARMERS OF AMERICA II' CAN be clone, you know III 'WHE The corn is as high as an elephanf's eye ,J In a few monfhs I class,'H'1is one will be laying eggs The Deparfmenr of Air Science faculiy is composed of FIRST ROW lLe'F+ 1-o Righil: Maior Dudley M. Wafson, direclor and Mrs. Vivian King, secreiary. SECOND ROW: Cap-I. Edward L. Schenclc, Cap'I'. Frank H. Thompson, Capt ons c. Russell. ri-HRD ROW: MXSQI- Charles H- Ashmorr Tjsgf, Eugene E, Jiggeffs, TfSgi'. Bobbie J. Lacy. FOURTH ROW: M!Sg'I. James L. Bynum, SfSg'l. Frederick N. Smifh, LI. Marcus Crow-der. AFROTC RIFLE TEAM They are loolring sharp-all of 'em y ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY DEPARTMENT OF AIR SCIENCE OFFICERS RICHARD JOHNSON ....... ..... P residenr RICHELIEU JOHNSON . , . , Execuiive Officer EUGENE JONES . . , .... Secrelary DANIEL WARD ...,............ Complroller Composed of cader officers in rhe AFROTC Derech- menr, fhe Arnold Air Sociery is known narionally for Hs luriherinq of rradirions and concepis of ihe Unirecl Sfafes Air Force as a means of Naiional Defense. In Hs promoiion of American cirizenship ideals, a closer and more eflicienr relarionship among members of ihe caclei corps is creaied. AFROTC Defachmeni' 790 all presenl and accounfed for, Sir! ...X TC iss3.,..x,.,,3m37y LH - .. Tie sis N . ,. RW N . ,E N A A , .Q i ,Q i :X 'Q . . - A ' I. W iz' XIX Members of fhe Ari Deparfmenf faculfy shown, Leff fo Righfl are Miss Frances Thompson, head, and H. C. Gordon. Ellioif Caldwell is noi' shown. DEPARTMENT OF AR All hands are on hand when i+'s 'Phe Tri-Siafe Fair in fhe offing. Ari' class sfudenis and faculry pifch in +o pui' on +he finishing iouches io a +rey of papier-mfiche people. She's a Home Economics maior buf she's Come my muse a Venus draw. On second noi' kneffding dough- Sheds CIBY modeling +hough+, sfill life is safer 'lo skefch-if a bowl in which 'io puf dough fhough- won'1' iiggle. maybe- . 5 1 9 IS FOR BADMINTON BAND BASEBALL BASKETBALL BIOLOGY BOWLING BUILDING BUSINESS J Time +o serve Tense momeni ADMINTO BANDS Frank T. Greer direcfs fhese sfalwarf bunches of humanify, wifh fhe able as- sisfance of Anceo M. Francisco, in 'rhe infricafe sfeps 1-hey perform for an aclor- 1 ing public. The highlighf of fhe marching bands acfivifies fhis school year was a frip fo Chicago where fhe band performed before a nafionally fele- vised audience during fhe half-fime ceremonies of fhe Chicago Bears- Los Angeles Rams professional foofball game. During fhe winfer and spring guarfers, rhe band reorganizes fo form a concerf group which performs before local and sfafe-wide au- diences. Bofh fhe marching band and fhe concerf band have received wide acclaim for fheir fechnical arfisfry and musicianship. Dancing bass horn secfion- minus one Cufe as lciffens fhese maior- effes, in can-can formafion, are ius+ as much a parf of fh band as any insfrumenfalisi' in fhe aggregafion. COACH RAYMOND WHITMON l+'s really a s+rilce as No. 44 swislwes his bal fufilely af +l1e elusive ball as +l'1e Baseball Tigers lceep up a sfeady s+ream of cl1a++er direded foward fhe pilclner. BASEBA This pifcher shows 'lhaf he sfill has "+he old eye" as he slips one in ihere for a sirilce BASEBALL SCHEDULE FOR- l955-56 Through graduaiion and oiher changes, Coach Dale Team Place April Kemucky Sme College ' I Nashvme Raymond Whlimon, who lroolc charge oi rhe base- April K'rlcSirCll ..Nh'll . . . . g en ucy ae O age as V' 9 ball ieam This year, will held a pracilcally new April Jackson College . . . . Nashville April 'laclson College ' ' ' 'Nasllvllle ream as ihe season for ihe "greaJr American April Alabama A 8: M . . . . . Nashville April Alabama A Sf M - - --,-. Nashville sloorl" opens. l-lowever some iew velrerans such as April Alabama A 81 M , . . .Normal, Alabama April Alabama A sv M . . . .Normal, Alabama Naie Smiih, carcherg Richard iviaiors and Dave April Cenrral Siaie College ,... Nashville April Ceniral Slare College .... Nashville Smirh, pilchers. are expecied lo hello The crew April Grambling College . . .Grambling, La. May Grambling College . .Grambling, La, round inio shape as a iormidable aggregaiion. May Jackson College . . .Jackson, Miss. May Jackson College ,g , ,Jf,arSan,MiSa, Ii praciice sessions can be considered an ac- lvlay Grambling College . . . .Nashville May Grambling College . , , . Nashville curaie yardsiiclc, The one Jrhing cerrain aboui our May Cenlral Siare College . . . Xenia, Ohio May Cenrral Sfaie College . . ,Xenigl Ohio i956 Jream is Jrhai ii rhey are nor a grear club, ihey May Keniuclcy Srare College . . Frankfort Ky. . May Kenlucky Shale College t I p,a,,kfO,.fy Ky, mosl cerialnly will be a husiling one. il 53 Tennessee STaTe I955-56 baskef- eers are from The leTT: Ronald Hamilion, co-capTaing James Lav- areTTa, ArT Gowens, DalTon Hoarcl, Dick BarneTT, Bill MaTThews, James Cook, Ben Jackson, John Barnhill, James SaTTerwhiTe, Ralph Cole- man, Samuel Moore, co-capTain, Henry CarlTon, Sam MonTgomery, Tracy Lee, Rober+ Gricler. BASKETBALL The I955-56 baskeTball season aT Tennessee A. 31 I. was amazing when one con- siders The raw maTerial ouT of which Coach Johnny McLendon had To mold a Team. As The season opened The Tigers could ge-T odds on Their chance oT ending The season wiTh beTTer Than a .SOO record, AT ThaT poinT in The season, even The N.A.l.A. TournamenT oTFicials aT Kansas CiTy, lv1o.,TelTThaT our young Team would be unable To cope wiTh more maTure Teams. so They Tailed To inviTe us To compeTe in The annual TournamenT. Sagaciously and Tenaciously, Coach lv1cLendon began To build up his Team. As a nucleus, he used Ben Jackson, All Mid-WesTern CenTer, and Dick "Skull" BarneTT, All Mid-WesTern Torward. These boys along wiTh Sam Moore, Bill lv1aTThews, Ronald l-lamilTon, ArT Gowens, l-lenry CarlTon, DalTon l-loard, John Barnhill, James SaTTer- whiTe and James I.avareTTe, represenTed The i955-56 baskeTball Tigers. IT was a husTling ball club. WiTh each game conTidence grew and maniiesTed iTselT in mid-season wiTh 54 rewarding vicTories over Jackson and Grambling colleges, AT The season's end, sTaTisTics showed a I9 won, 6 losT seasonal sTanding. The Tigers wenT on To win The Mid-WesT conference and also The N.A,l.A. DisTricT 29 playoTTs. They wenT inTo The N.A.l.A. TournamenT aT Kansas CiTy, Mo., deTermined To show They could play wiTh The loesT Teams in The counTry. This They did. They loeaT Indiana CenTral and Wisconsin STaTe colleges and losT Tinally To McNeese College oT Louisiana in The quarTer Tinals oT The TournamenT. lT was a TerriTic season Tor a green ball club. NexT year we will do beTTer. 55 V . N "ua .-:A ' . 1 a-'bf gp f J, wx 9 B9 f A , A f QA giwsfb 55 W fy QQ ff 1 x f ,WI I ? I ' Jw s w if- tz. 1- I X. , l+'s over: I+'S frueg we've won ine rughi' fo compfefe In ine NAIA Tip-OFF fourna- J menf In Kansas Clfy. lfvfsw 1' MQ BEN JACKSON This is fhe siageg we are ine acforsg 'rhough ours was noi Hue sfarring All aboard-ine plane is waiiingg and so is Kansas Ciiy role. Vfe did play a memorab!e scene. 56 ai 3 ' fgv 'J 3 . M 9 19' g5.:zg:aff:ff 1 fx V 5 Q x , , . MX . . V. 1 ,Af W MQ W X? s fm wr AK "'.l'If-M NM.. yf 1 Q, 'a 1 ,f 'R X ,Mn Wye! , X5 W N A ff 1 fa, W f 'A Q x X ,W 4, -. .1 x .ff Q 5 . -,X , 'Wfif f gl 'XX 4 V1 QV 2 Si, f xx my A9 XY X wx . X 9 iw9w'x ' . , 'Q M 1 .. 5 v w xv Q, fi, xv 44, jf 1' 2 ff if 2' E' "if fi 432 9 f f ' f if ey "' 51' E f - ' , ZV,., ,,,V,, , 1 --pw v i: w s-f W Oi:-pa: ..w:.-'M-:-1: 2 is Y iv Ax. ., M SAMMY MOORE The LiH'ie Guarden Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray! OFFICERS ROBERT HOWSE . . . . . Presidenf DOROTHA JOHNSON . , . . Secrerarv THOMAS NOWLIN . Treasurer MISS JOYCE BOBO . . .Advisor CLYDE LEATHERS . . . . Advisor MRS. GLADYS ADAMS . . . Advisor The Biology Club was organized To give srudenls in Biology Jrhe opporlunify To broaden experiences and knowledge in biological concepls oulside lhe classroom. Faculiy members of fhe depar+men+ of Biology shown sfanding lLeH io Righ+l are Dr. Henderson K, Wood, Samuel Wl-iifmon, Mrs. Dorofhv Exum, Mrs. Joyce Bobo, Dr. Charles Goolsby. Clyde Lealhers is sealed. Deparf- men? head Dr. Huberf B. Crouch and Mrs. Gladys Adams are nof shown. BIOLOGY CLUB DEPARTMENT OF BIOLOGY Generally, The cleparlmeni of biology aims +o creale in sons who evince an inleresr in furlher frraining af schools all sludenrs an awareness of biological phenomena and of medicine, denrisrry, pharmacy, nursing, medical Jrech- Jrhe relarionship of 'rhese phenomena To human welfare. nology, and relared professions. Specifically, 'rhe deparfmenl aims To prepare Those per- If lakes concenlra+ion, scrufinizafion, and bowed heads Now lhis par+icular speck has some exfra added aHrac'l'ion so i+'ll be placed in a coHon s+oppered boHIe. -7N,.,.N? P Righi' down her alley and iT's 6 JusT a few poiniers on The arT of bowling BOWLING Because oT iTs value as a social and recreaTional sporT, bowling is amply provided Tor in our curricula. IT is a Triendly game which lends iTselT well To individual and Team play in which boTh men and women can parTicipaTe. Our classroom insTrucTion in This area is designed To provide sTudenTs a basic grounding in The TundamenTals oT The game and To inTeresT Them in a sporT in which They can Tind relaxaTion and enioymenT long aTTer Their campus days are over. if 59 T B U I L D I N G Do you recognize if now? The inside foo needs an overhauling Before 'Phe builders 'look over Even Hue inside has a new look 1 -fu: y fa1m4XQw r J K ' V, umm- is :wwme,.s smmugwwmmgmx 'sm A mme. ARE OFFICERS JEWEL EWING- ...... Presidenr JOANETTA STEPP . .Vice-Presidenr NANCY WILLIAMS .... Secrerary DOROTHY WOOD . . .Treasurer MISS ESSIE L, MOTT .... Advisor MRS. MARY C. PINKSTON . Advisor Those slrudenlrs in The field ol Business Educarion who desire To prepare Themselves above and beyond The calling ol The class- room have formed Ihe Flashwrir- ers Transcriplion Club for inren- sive siudy in shorlhand and Typ- ing. The facully of 'I'I1e Deparfmeni- of Business Adminisfrafion shown, Lefl' Io Righl, are: Mark H. Mc- Cann, Mrs. Mildred Gaines, Johnn C. Fullmore, Dr. William L. Crump. Deparrmenr head Lewis Holland is seaied. As our economy becomes more complex, a knowledge of The implicarions of business Io Ihis economy becomes in- creasingly imporlanlr Io each of us. The Area of Business provides Ihis background knowledge. Siudenls also are encouraged Io develop com- pelencies in accounling, sla- Iisiics, insurance, markeiing, banking, economics, business reaching, and secrelarial science. AOF BUSINESS FLASHWRITERS TRANSCRIPTION CLUB J AREA OF BUSINESS The Depar+men+ of Business Educaiion faculiy is composed of, Leif 'lo Righi: Miss Mille E. Whiffield, Miss Camille Robinson, Miss Maiiie Gor- don, William Siinson, Miss Mil- dreid Caier, Mrs, Mary Jack- son, Miss Mary Helen Spanish. Mrs. M. Clay Pinlcsion, de- parfmenf head, is seaied. Miss Essie MOH, noi shown. OFFICERS JOHN OTEY, JR. . , , ,P,-egidemi HENRY W. YOUNG . . ,Vice-Presidenf EARLINE R. BROWN . . . . Secreiary CLARENCE C. BASS . . .Treasurer FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS The Fuiure Business Leaders oi America is an organiza- Jrion which draws iis membership from ihe deparimen+s oi business adminisiraiion and business educaiion. li culii- vaies in iis members proper business aiiiiudes and leader- ship. 'K' F , 7 ms. Q, 4 + 1-, -yay --rg, ss Top: OWERTYUIOP BoH'om: Serious business 'this-+abula'fions 6 la Marchan+ and Fridven Minding fheir "P's" and "Q's"-IBM siyle ,F REA O BUSINESS M -nl IS FOR. CHEERLEADERS CHOIRS CHEMISTRY J ' Jusi- posin' fhank youl Beam' 'em up, beaf 'em up, mop mop mop CHEERLEADER A MQ' w ififff . 'A LY V' 53 - Qs Y Q x. fe 8 4, A I ,dr J... xs A 4 WT Q Hold +ha+ line On parade They fly +hroughH1e air wifh 'the grea'res+ of ease l The Universify Choir-masiers of song-comprised of 'Phe ioinf choral groups If, as if is said, music halh charms +o sooihe Jrhe savage beasi, our 'rhree groups-Jrhe Universiiy choir, The lvleisier- singers, and ihe A Cappella choir. provide an abundance of charm. Filling a dual role as enierlainers and as a vehicle for musical expression and developmenl, lhe choirs air iheir noies and melodies al' conceris looih on and oil Jrhe campus. The Meisfersingers UNIVERSITY CHO MEISTERSINGE wifh a song in 'Phe air 35 i fl RS W iyyz, OFFICERS BOBBY H. BIGGERS . . r . Presidenf RUFUS MCCOLLUM . , .vzQe.Pfe5iden+ JOYCE BOND .... . . Secrerary RICHELIEU JOHNSON . . . .Treasurer DR. ARCHIE YOUNG . . .Advisor MISS RUBYE PRIOMORE . . . .Advisor The Sluclenl allliliale Ol lhe American Chemical Sociely is a pre-professional organizalion Ol under- graduale chemislry majors. The Chemisfry Iaculfy is composed of 'The following lLef'I 'lo Rrgh+ Miss Rubye Prigmore, Lonnie Haynes, Mrs. Mary Hill, Dr. Archie Young Dr. Carl Hill, David C. Gandy, Gilberl Senier. Heading Ihe deparlmenl is Dr. Myron B. Towns lsealedl. AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY DEPARTMENT OF CHEMIST Too hol' lo handle-unless you use longs Don'+ lei ou+ loo much. This -I'i+ra'rion has To be iusl rnghl oii' O Life geTs Tejus To each his own ChemisTs-you'li Tind Them in The iaboraTOries on cam- pus, peering Through a microscope or pouring mysTerious concocTions inTo glass conTainers or adiusTing The heaT oT a Bunsen burner. They are sTucienTs Today. Tomorrow, They will be The gianTs who provide The scienTiTic research viTal To modern Technological development lT's so easy , fhx i,l.TMbmmm1-ww--i. pw---fm--.....':.. DORMITORY LIFE IS FOR EAST DORMIT CLUB OFFICERS EZEKIEL BELL .,... ROBERT WILLIAMS . . . WILLIAM C. MONTAGUE ERNEST BROWN . . . MRS. ROSA JOHNSON . ROBERT MURRELL . . ORY . . .Presidenf Vice-Presideni . . Secreiary . . Treasurer . . . Advisor . . Advisor The Easr Dormiiory Club was organized To develop bro+I'ierI1ood, unify and peace in 'rhe residence I'1aIIg Io develop geniierneng Io mainiain cIean buiId- ings and grounds: Io proIec'r and guide residenisq To provide for freedom of expression and personal deveiopmenf. No+I'1ing like a "brisk" game of chess IEas+ Dormifory s'IyIeI pIus Icibifzers. A Vefs dormifory houses plenfy of in- formafion condhcive +o a lively gal: fest VETERAN'Sf DORMITORY CLUB OFFICERS ERNEST MQNEIL ...... Presideni' LEE DERRICKS ..,.. Vice-Presidervr JAMES BUFORD ...... Secrefary FRED VALENTINE . ,Assis'ran+ Secrefary nf N 1 WILSON HALL CLUB OFFICERS . . . . Wilson I-Iall Club was organized for Ilwe purpose ol: forming an execuilve OLGA BLACK . .. .... P 'CI I I ., . 1 . ,- resl en council for sludenls living in Wilson I-Iall. I+ slrrves Io bejrier any conolilrions WILL ANN MAYS . . .Vice-Presidenl SUSIE JEFFRIES . . . . . .Secrelrary Thai' would make for more enjoyable living in any dormilrory siluaiion. MRS. ROSE ROBINSON .... Advisor LeHers from home are prized possessions HALE HALL CLUB L The l-lale l-lall Dormilrory Club was organized lo OFFICERS AUDREY Y, MITCHELL .... Presiclenjr DOLORES MCIVER . . .vicwfesidenf IMOGENE HUNT . . . . .secfemy r llwe purpose of crealing ewewoomw HILL . . . .Treasurer MRS. M. S. DAVIDSON .... Adisvor a home-like almosplaere for Jrlwe dormilory residenls. All The fixin's,necessary for gelling all preHied up, 45, ik? . L 4' UL Q fj 1 Q, - 1 z I . . 2 .gag ,-5 QQ ffl L. fv I fb: Q . . 'I , --X fm . . M nw r, N' sf ' ml ' , ,, v. , . -f . ,ar CITY HOUSING COUNCIL GFFICERS RICHARD SMITH ....., Presidenlr WILBUR GARDNER . . ,vice-Pfesideni DELORES WILSON ..... secfeiafy VIRGINIA DEAN . .Assislanl secfeiafy HAROLD EXOM . . .Sergeanl-al-Arms CLARENCE JOHNSON Program Chmn. COUNCIL MEMBERS Nora Alias Rose Lacelield Arfhur Oiloson John Mclvlichael Alice Grady William Thompson This council is sei up To aid Jrhose sludenls quariered in ol-F-campus housing faciliiies. Various programs are aimed +o guide sludenls in such mailers as beller healih habils, beiier siudy haloiis, ways lo buclgei one's money, and ways io dress appropriaiely. lnslrruciion is provided Through monihly meeiings al which Icaculiy members are inviied To lead discussions on siudeni problems. Frequenily lhese discussions are augmenled wi'rh various Jrypes ol Jrraining films. A bii' of homey afmosphere crops up in 'I'l'1is off-campus dwelling. l,-Jw 1 V WJ IS FDR. EDUCATIONAL SERVICES ELECTIONS ENGINEERING ELEMENTARY EDUCATION ENGLISH .F 1AwwAJ nf. JMX-x W. E. TURNER, M.A. Coorclinafor of Ins+ruc'Hon 78 MRS. BERYL G. FARBES, B.S Secreiary TENNESSEE STATE EDUCATIONAL SERVICES N. A. CRIPPENS. M.A. Consul+an+ O. W. CRUMP, M.S. Consul+an+ DR. CHARITY M. MANCE ConsuI+an+ J 79 E' fih ,Q 1 n 'ah X A 3 vymba O V515 iff? 4 o4Q,,. I h r"' SF ,, V NNN TION OF i X. Included in 'lhe Engineering faculry are: Firs+ Row lLeH lo Righ+l: Eugene Scruggs, Dr. Fred W. Brighf, Clin+on Jones, Mrs. Yvonne Clark, John P. Hurley, Macon G, Hinion, Na- poleon John:on, George Turman, Cecil Ryan, Dr. James Par- sons, Doakes Washingion, Second Row lLeH fo Righ+1: L. Quincy Jackson, Harry Lash, Dr. Clyde W. Hall, Thomas A. Jackson, V. Harper, Leon C. Farbes, Frazier Buchanan, P. E. S+ewar+, Harding Jones, John G. Sanders. Chairman of +he School of Engineering is Benson L. DuHon lsearedl. SCH0.0L OF ENGINEERING Bridges spanning greal bodies oi wafer, Jrunnels running ihrough The sides oi mounlains, massive buildings proudly sirelching upwards, Turbines belching oul greai puffs oi sieam -Jrhese are signs oi ihe engineer. Siudenis may pursue courses oi siudy leading lo lhe Bache- DEPARTMENT OF slruciion, Civil Engineering, Elecirical Engineering, Foundry AVIATIQN ENGINEERING lor oi Science degree in: Aviaiion Educaiion, Building Con- and lvleiallurgical Engineering, lndusirial Educaiion, and Me- chanical Engineering. Thai-'5 pre-Hy good bu+ will H- fly? Gel ii' down righf boys-'ihe prof is in on lhis one I ll mom HH 82 lil o The firs++l1ing fo do is pick ou+ a model +o modal A modern modelisIwH'l1+he model moderne DEPARTMENT OF ARCHITECTURAL ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT OF BUILDING CONSTRUCTION The building consfrucfor breafhes life info Ihe model Q EI W jflllflh, 2, E, f'4,,,,m 1'2 :, 2 ' ., , 'f I V """ ,nf V vw I M, 3 - J I .Z ' X4 4 pgs zz, g fjwlff ,,,l ' 'Wi 5 - .M A If 'X ' ,I H , A ,533 J' ffl ga 1 aiIfizl1 Q jd. : I f T- . . . - AJ- .- ' , f- , f f '- " Ji-f'f ' . 1 ' R ' i ' '-1'-'I' ' 5' v 1.'ll' F"v - A R- ,iw I j ' il , 3313, . frjg: .,r' Jw -ua. V - f- V' ui. -,gb ',1.?I?. Lei-'s see now . . . +I-:is wire goes here . . . DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT OF CIVIL ENGINEERING Jusi' a Ii'H'Ie bi+ Io 'rhe rigI'1'I' now-'II1a+'s rigI1+ Now, whai' are you looking af? WSw" Where II1ere's smoke . . . The mel+ing po+ DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT OF METALLURGICAL ENGINEERING I1-hink I can Ex H 2 M -f N ew 4 J , My -V1 w 1 Q0 , , 9 1 al X , , . ,Jkaw vw 5 vga Q, C6 z , M3795 .- J, f .1 4 x 'i v A .4 'w"w- ff aww? is fgv 5, f 0 4 7 'Q X J X if , OFFICERS be SELMA E. JONES ...... . . Presidenr CHARLENE GROVES . . . . Vice-Presidenf MATTIE ALBEA . . ..... Secrerary BETTY LLOYD . . . .Assisranr Secrerary JANEVER GRIGSBY . . ..... Treasurer MRS, C. F. TILLMAN . . . .Advisor Associalion for Childhood Educa'rion In+erna+ional ELEMENTARY EDUCATION The Associalion for Childhood Educalion lnlernalional, composed ol Elemenlary Educalion maiors, has as ils pur- pose, Jrhe achievemenl ol a dynamic philosophy ol educa- lion which is lleXil:Jle and responsive lo human needs in a chancing sociely. ll is concerned wilh The weliare ol chil- dren lrom pre-school age Jrhrough The sixlh grade. The Tennessee A, and I Chapler is one of Jrhe few localed on college campuses. A Ford Greene school sixih grader "sounds off" for his U ' 1 classmaies and a pracfice -teacher from Ayeni. A pracfice 'Teacher somefimes has 'lo supervise experumen+s In chemlsfry J! 87 DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH English is The language oT Icings and commoners. The dispariTy in usage loeTween The Two is evidenced by corridor conversaTions, sTreeT corner debaTes, and classroom exercises. The English deparTn'ienT endeavors To acguainT us wiTh "The Kings English" in such a way as To serve The needs oT all sTudenTs and To inTensiveIy Train Those who would become specialisTs in The use oT The language. THE METER EDITORIAL BOARD GARFIELD LILLARD .i,.,.....,.. Ediiaf ERNEST MCNEIL . . , . AssociaTe EdiTor JGHN H. OTEY, JR. . . . Business Manager LEROY JONES . . . . . SporTs Co-EdiTor ARTHUR GRIFFA . . . . . SporTs Co-EdiTor PHIL RETRIE . . . . . , . .FeaTure EdiTor PARIS BRANSFORD . . . . .CirculaTion Manager ELLA SINGLETON ......... Exchange Edifor MAGNOLIA LAWRENCE ....... STaTT SecreTary General News STaTT-William Floyd GENERAL NEWS STAFF-William Floyd Greer, Horace Parks, Marvin Lee Cousin, Jr., Ezekiel Bell, June Miller. SPORTS STAFF-Daniel KnighT, Richard CaTTey, BenneTT W. SrniTh FEATURE WRITERS-BeTTye Jo Perry, Gwendolyn Panlcey, Thelma WhiTe TYPISTS-Gloria Reagon, BelTy KeiTh Mosley, CloTile Caro- lyn I-IursT, Maud T. Reed, Evelyn EllioTT, Ann Reddick. Published Manfhly, Eighi- Times a Year, aT Tennessee A.8nI. STaTe UniversiTy, Nashville, Tennessee CECIL LEWIS . . .Advisor The English TacuITy consisTs of sTanding ILeTT To Righfl James A. Saunders, Mrs. Mary F. CarTer, HinTon Jones Dr. C. B. Lindsay IDeparTmen-I headl, Cecil Lewis, Mrs Helen CoTTon, Miss JuaniTa Horner, RoberT Hudson SeaTed lfrom Ieffi Dr. Hazel Williams and Miss Laura Averiffe. LITERARY GUILD OFFICERS FANNIE MITCHELL . . . .Pfesiaem cARRlE MANIER ..,... . .vaQe.Pfeaaen+ ERNESTINE WASHINGTON . . . .seaeiafy OTHA eREEN ...... . .Treasurer IRENE orare ....,.... . .Repcrier Miss LAURA M. AVERITTE . . . .AdVlSCF The LiTerary Guild sTimulaTes a Iceen inTeresT in crea Tive wriTing, encourages The reading oT wholesome liTer aTure, improves appreciaTion Tor The besT in liTeraTure and presenTs scholarly reporTs oT classroom works. 'Q sx' ' ' FAVORITES ' FOOTBALL ' FRESHMEN IS FOR She's a dance band Favorife MISS TENNESSEE STATE Hrchilene Juliet Turner H51 Q21 E is XX. W? !f 3 , ig i x' Eg! EE Q Sh a gridiron favorife Sh F + H-up d d He's vo+e ge'H'er PRESIDENT OF THE STUD NT COUNCIL fd ard mel in Porter He'5 a foofball fan x X 49 V M A 4 gm,5"g.s Jiri-fp, ive, AY T N? W f Y J yy X N A 4 f 75-1 1 ,V ff f Avi W f f W, P S Q, 2 1,4 f f W4 fy ff ff' Vxf wyQ f 1' l L' 'W4f4'ff-VW, "f?'EfcV.,'a'Y.' :' f x , X' , , 1:9"..bf'F' Mm He's a voi-er f X mf MISS Sl'1e's all alone C H A R MIAA Jacquelyn baaIieA e's wifh fhe runners u She's H1 "Mr, Esquire" and Sam D la f+h Billy May Band Y 4 M555 ww, f Z if 'WW 527170 'K yi f W g1g,,,Q1i24i - jf' . ,Q- :fly . Q , J, , 24,4 ,, f ,ff , V, ff fm ' V mx f L, f f X 1 .Q Q My ,4 win Q aw k ? am Ng afyfvafw f gf KW Q ffxfmfx , X U, ,gy X 77 Q Wfwggw' 1 W. .151 ff K K K-K ' -: WC: W ' -iff." ,A i X 1 ,f K! K x " K f fc ' He's a vofe geHer ou+er R. S UIR 1lfil6ert K bmlid He's a club member He's a fennis champ SS BRAINS gwendolyn flliott Sh looks calculafing She'5 a MR He's siudying .BRAINS fmmett me 7170044 He's ihink g He's lisfening i She dances W. I s s A F-R o T c gladly 14nderAon S 'mx 5 ,- , ,, ii? A Q K LQ S , Q X' ' . , S X E Ez' .- 5 ' ' 2 5 'rf 1 ,. V f i by S , -, She is salufed by her subieds She reigns over her couri' He receives an award R. F-RCTC ame mann , ,,,' , .45 2575, ,aa Wy- . fy . '2 " . ,- em xr. ga- 2, ,fff ga .W 1 , fp 1 , W 1 My ,-X51-1 ,, .-I f , - :aww ,. Q ,V 4. ..,. , , .V -- ffffogfl ' f kqg AQQQA 'iW,5,Y. W W , i91 ,,:"f . - .qw "ir r r N N' zafw lfp 1 -A M ggi : f -12: , A-al 2, ,mi ,: A WAN , 1,3 ,- Q He's in "Who's Who" He meefs World War ll hero, "Cl-uappie" James 1 Earlha IGH, whose lucky number is seven, 'lhoughi' all flue fellows "nice," Left Frank Lawrence, chosen by Ear'l'l1a Ki'H' as l1er number one escorl' for an evening on +l'1e lown. 4 'O l ERTHA'S ESCORT For six more fabulous evenings on 'l'l'1e 'rown La Earlha chose +llese as escor+s, lefi' +o righfz Wilberi' Davis, Waller Caldwell, Bobby Logan, RolJer+ Crawford, Cliflon Jeffers, George Hillman. 9 i 99 'sf' ph ' 7 ' W 1-'ji V Harry fHimselH Belafonie of show biz fame. He was bombarded wifh piciures of Ayeni beau+ies and asked +o choose six. Leff: Joyce McAnuH'y, chosen by Belafonie as a beaufy +o be- BELAFONTE'S BEAUTY These are fhe remainder of ihe sexiei' picked by Belafonfe, himself, as his beauiies. The picking was no+ easy. Harry had submi'H'ed +o him ien piciures of Ayeni's lovelies from which +o choose. Lefi 'io Right Jacqueline Coke, Jacquelyne Davies, BeHy lsom, Yvonne Whife, Archilene Turner. 101 y gr WS' sw 'ff' Q was ww A-1 hi' Qwwm V559. , W SW E -. . i, We, 1. , 'Y 1 V V 2 :' ' W ' S1 0 I - ,. vo 'A'-2-'wi qw. gh , .. 1 ,A " , .:--' 2:1 27,15 fr yi ,Vx 2 G - 2'9!g 'f2f 9 , Q 5 fi ', - f , ff ----- , , 1 T Wg '--j.,f:Q, ,w,5 sf, ,J f Q U is ' I r W ' - A ' . N . gg s:,,,. s,-L .. - 1, ,.- fy:-Vg 95 - , ' 0 ern . 'w -4 ss Q g., , sms .. P , is - 2 X- e f f X' .. -:.:i:44-Q 'f V ., . .f.s..-.- fs-,. . M19 s, -V wdwfsyg Mo T- ' -. If 5' 955, ,,..,,, fa 1--wwf by . T :"W 1 T 1 4 4 Wxgs sf f f? 923 NVQ! 'Pm we aw Ye ' ':31."91- x ' V' ' he-1:-. N' q.w,.k:S.,.,f . 4WIibs5,E2-1:4 V4-.Tis ' -'.'- . 16-:3 I." ,4'f've:f '-14 T I '-':ff,.-. " 1434? 'ff' -. , rf . , 4 -. 1 -? qpvisf QM. 'WZEEVW LEE DERRICK Captain, I955 Foofball Tigers Howard C. G-enTry, Chairman InTerim Coaching Com- '7 T V A f if f As ? , , .,. r g if M Q' 1 1' V f FOOTBALL SEASON As The season opened The Tigers were siTTing on a sTring oT vicTories unmarred by a single cleTeaT in I954 during con- Terence play. Five oT The players who had helped lead The Tigers To a naTional TooTball crown during ThaT season had played Their las+ game, buT regulars such as Leon Jamison. Fay MiTchell, Lee Derrick and Fred ValenTine were on hand wiTh Their new unTried Team maTes To Try Tor anoTher sweep oT conTerence g-ames. There were oTher changes Too. The long and successTul career oT l-lenry A. Kean as chieT menTor oT Tiger TooTball Teams was superseded by a new sTaTT lcnown as Th-e lnTerim Coaching CommiTTee under The chairmanship oT l-loward C. GenTry. This new coaching sTaTT worlced long and hard To weld The i955 Team inTo a TighT TooTball uniT by The Time oT The opening game. miTTee. Running The Tigers This season was an lnTerim Coaching CommiTTee composed of from The leTT: J. C. Coffee Tennessee STaTe 7, Lincoln of Missouri 0-aT The Annual Bluff CiTy Classic in Foresi' STrange, .Raymond WhiTmon: .Shannon LiTTle Memphis where we hi+ The vic+ory Trail. Seafed is Howard GenTry. chairman. E 103 'Seplember I7 'Seprember 24 Oclober I . . Oclober 'B . . 'Oclober I5 . 'Oclober 22 . November 5 November I2 November 24 FOOTBALL SCHEDULE-I 955 Mid-Wesfern Conference Member Won 7--Losl 2 . . Lincoln Universily lMo.l . . Bluff Cily Classic Tennessee Slale 7, Lincoln O . .Virginia Slale College ..... . The Troians-Terrors of Ihe CIAA Tennessee Slale I2, Virginia Slale 7 . . . Langslon Universiry . . . . . Zip Gayle's Lions hard 'ro siop al' home Tennessee Slale O, Langslon 3 . .Grambling College . . . . Renewal of old foolball rivalry Tennessee Slale O, Grambling I2 . . .Paul Quinn College . . , . . Nol' qui+e an upse+ Tennessee Slale 85, Paul Quinn 0 . Cenrral Siale College . . . . Red Marauclers gunning for new fields Tennessee Slale 56, Cenlral Slale 7 Texas Soulhern Universily . , . Oul' 'Io avenge las? year's I8-I5 loss Tennessee Siale 38, Texas Soulhern I4 . . . . .Alcorn College . . . . Tradi'I'ion of solid foolball Tennessee Slale 26, Alcorn I8 . . Kenluclcy Sfale College . HOMECOMING lLi'Hle Brown Jug Classicl Tennessee Slale 25, Kenluclsy Sfale I8 Memphis, Nashville, Langslon, Grambling, Nashville. Nashville, Nashville, ,Alcorn, Nashville, Tennessee Tennessee Oklahoma Louisiana Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Mississippi Tennessee OUR PLAYERS FOUGHT These Virginia Trojans were really Ierrors buf we managed 'Io slop fhem in a close, hard-foughl game. Al+hough This game wiTh CenTral STaTe was boomecl as a Tough one, our Tigers rolled over Th 56 T 7 em o . LeTT: Rehearsing The Conversion-Thai' exira poinl may win a game. WELL GN THE FIELD The Tigers conTinued Their winning ways Through The TirsT Two games oT The season only To Tall vicTim in The nexT Two, To Zip Sayles' l.angsTon Lions and To The rambling Team Trom Grambling College. The Tennessee STaTe Tigers clawed Their way Through all TurTher opposiTion To close The season wiTh 7 wins and 2- losses. The games provided us wifh plenTy oT Thrills and exciTemenT, and The wins meriTed us a sec- ond-place posiTion in The Mid-WesTern Division. Picked as ouTsTanding grid sTar Tor The I955 All- American lineup was The Tigers' Charles PaTTon, sTellar guard. Winning berThs on The All Mid-WesTern I955 lineup were, PaTTon, Clarence l-Toward, cenTer, and Fay lVliTchell, halTbaclc. OTher sTandouT perTormers were Jesse Wilburn and Percy l-lin-es, halTbaclcsg James Bu- Tord, guard, and also RoberT CrawTord who Tilled in magniTicenTly aT halTbaclc Tor Fred ValenTine who had been injured in The early parT oT The season. Also on The injured lisT during mosT oT The season was l-eon Jami- son. All in all, iT was a successTul season. 105 JOSEPH IKY. PLOWBOYJ McPHERSON V VAL KRED BALLI JOHNSON JAMES QBOP TING-I RELEFORD Cenier Tackle Guard THE FOOTBALL TEAM, 1955 JAMES IDEARJ PLAYER DORSEY fMR. COOL, SIMS CHARLES ISAMPSONJ PATTON Halfback Quarterback Guard All-American OTIS LPREXYI BRANTLEY LYNDELL LSNOZZLEI MASSENGALE CLARENCE IFUN BOXI HOWARD Trainer Center Center The Freshman class oI,I955-56 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS CHARLES OWENS . GEORGE SASSER . GLORIA MATI-IIS . GWENDOLYN PANKY . GILBERT FISHER . . . .Presidenf . .Vice-Presidenlr . . . . .Secrefary Assisfa nf Secrefa ry . . . . ,Treasurer T CITY FRESHMAN CLUB OFFICERS HELEN ANDERSON . . . . .PresidenT ALONZO GREER . . . . .Vice-PresiclenT DOROTHY GOODRICH . ..... SecreTary BARBARA WILSON . . . .AssisTanT SecreTary The 52,400 Freshman is William Sidney McCain. The sum, firsT insTall- I . . I menT of which is being handed To him by Dr. James A. Parsons, The Cliy l:FGSllI'l'T6D club IS ClSSIQI'19Cl JFO l'3l'lUQ Togelrlwer represenTs a DayTon, Ohio Malleable FoundaTion granl' for sTudy in V . meTallurgy. Those Treshmen sTuclenTs who live oTT The campus anol To give Them a closer relaTionship wiTh The UniversiTy proper. 109 33 Judi1'l1 E. Allen Roberi' G. Allen Elizabeih Anderson Jewell Baldwin Helen Anderson Lucy Baskerville A AFll1UY Benjamin, Jr. Thelma L. Bias Johnson H. Biggers Mary K. Bigsby Plwilles Marie Black ivia'H'ie Lee Bond Donald L. Blair Loreiia Lee Booker William H. Borders Elmer Brabson Jewell I. Bowers Erlene M. Bradley John William Briggs C. Brenig Jr. Vezelia Brewsier Addie Broolcins Pershing Broome JeaneHe Brown THE FRESHMAN CLASS OF NINETEEN FIFTY-SIX FIRST ROW: Pauline Buckner Jewell BurneH'e SECOND ROW: Beverly J, Chiles Kafherinef Chrisman THIRD ROW: Waller Collins Carolyn Craig FOU RTH ROW: Eloise Danhleur Lemuel H. Darrell I Benjamin Bufler, Jr. Mary Frances Buller Randall Chrisimas Marie Cole Jacqueline Crowder HenrieH'a Marie Crump Grace J. Davis Hazel Opal Davis ,I f 2 if If is J, 44,2 .4 Joseph Campbell Lauree H. Campbell Eclna Virginia Collins Pe'l'er Collins Daisy Currin Alberia Daniels Richard E. Davis Roger Davis Josephine Davison Beafrice L. Dawkins Velma Dennis Ellor Louis Dickerson Robbie Divens Annie Rufh Driver Everlene Dupree Susie Edmondson Evelyn R, EllioH Susie Elslon Polly Ann Eslick Harold Deigo Exon Myra Jean Farmer Samuel Ferguson Gilberl' lvl. Fisher, III Lizzie Ali Flack Clenasline Flefcher Marilyn Forbes BeH'e Ford Cora Jane Garner Doro'rhy Goodrich Emma L. Goodwin Arlhur L. Gowens Alice P. Grady THE FRESHMAN CLASS I OF NINETEEN FIFTY-SIX FIRST ROW: Sylvia V. Grani' Vivian L. Graves SECOND ROW: William Floyd Greer Alberl B. Grimes THIRD ROW: Floyd Harrison, Jr. Culous McCoy Hayes FOURTH ROW: Curlis Henry Sally Jean Hill Henry De Grayson Jessie L. Greene Monianez Gues'r Tillie M. Hall William O. Hayes Doris J. Haynes George Hillman Bobbie Jean Hold I I I I Melodie P. Greene Alonzo J. Greer Alber+ L. Hammond Sylvesler R. Harris Cla'H'ye Heaclon Henry Hearns E. Beairice Holmes er Earl HolI ,A mli - Doroihy Hudson Marshall Hursi' Ore Lee Ingram Shirley Jean Jacobs' James C. Jackson William H. Jackson Gloria J. James Herschel M. Jarre+'r Susie Jeffries Henry A. Jennings Alberia B. Johnson Roberi' Johnson, Jr. John H. Jones, Jr. Rosezella B. Jones Willie lvl. Jones Harris+ine Jorclan Frances J. Kage Jeralcline Keeling s Kayvonne King Charles B. Lawrence Felix R. Lawrence Tommy E. Lindsey Bobby C. Logan Lawrence D. Louviere THE FRESHMAN CLASS OF NINETEEN FIFTY-SIX FIRST ROW: Henri A. Lowery Muriel McAfee SECOND ROW: James McLemore Shirley B, McKinnie THIRD ROW: June Miller Dororhy M. Moore FOURTH ROW: Harold B. Moss ZeH'ie A. Murriel, Jr. Joyce E. McAnul+y Byron J. McClure Mary Lee Mack Yvonne Macon Ernesi' J. Moore Harrel C. Moore James W. New William H. Nicholson Rufus McCollum, Jr Joe K. McElra+h Jo Ann Madden Gloria L. Malhis Bobbye J. Morris James E. Morion, Jr Jo Ann S. Noon Charles R. Owens " . Gloria J. Page Chrisiine Payne Harold D, Payne Juani'l'a Perkins Alma Person Doris J. Phillips Nell Glen Pierce Louvenia Pir+le Kizzie Pir+le Carole A. Pol-'fer Willie D. Powell Judy Ramsey Ema PraH Gloria Reagan Caiherine Rhodes James C. Rice Sandra B. Roberrson Vernella Rice Belva Robinson Donald Round Georgia A. Robinson Thomas G. Rucker Gwendolyn Sales Edward L. Sampson THE FRESHMAN CLASS OF NINETEEN FIFTY-SIX FIRST ROW: Frank W. Saunclers Addie L. Savage SECOND ROW: Chris'l'ine Simmons Theresa Simmons THIRD ROW: Joe Louis Smifh Iva J. Smofherman FOURTH ROW: Consfance Surles Jacquelyn Swee+ner BeH'y ScoH' Susie Mae Seay Bealrice D. Singlelon Charles S. Smifh Alice R. Sfewarl Roy G. Sfinson Canary F. Taylor Henry Taylor Clark D. Sharpe Percy L. Shipp, Jr. Ernesl' C, Smilh Jane Leigh Smiih Willie J. Siory Mary M. Sfovall Jesse L. Taylor BeH'ye L. Terry Clara M. Terry John B. Thomas Lillie B. Thomas Gloria F. Thompson Roberi' E. Thompson Mary E. Townsend Henry F. Tucker Dixie Valenline Louis A. Wakefield Barbara Jean Ward James Bowmoni' Waikins Minnie M. Wheeler Allen A. While. Jr. Alvin T. While Ar+ila Mae Wilkerson Cle Es'rer Williams Hollis R. Williams Ruby R. Williams Samuel Williams M. Dolores Williamson Mary Willis Myrrle Willis Fle+chie O. Woodall Ernesl L. Woods MaHie Woods Onie Woolen Elhel Younge .YY, GRADUATE CLASS GREEKS IS FOR Flrsl' Row: zENocH ADAMS . . . ....... . .Nashville Business Adminislralion GEORGE ALTMAN ............. Goldsboro, l-leallh and Physical Eclucalion ALFORD J. AUBREY . . . ..... , .Nashville, Science Eclucalion WILLIAM BALLARD ........ . .Nashville, Second Row: Psychology REVOYDA FULLER .............. Marshall. l-leallh and Physical Educalion EMORY HOLMES . ....... . . Nashville, Psychology Tenn. N.C. Tenn. Tenn. Texas Tenn. PATRICIA KING ........... Business Educalion ROBERT KING . ...... . Polilical Science Thircl Row: FRANCES MOSBY .......... Sociology HATTIE MURRAY ........... Speech and Drama CHARLES PUGH . .... . English QUINCY ROBERTSON ........ Psychology . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn . .Wooc'lbriclge, N.J Murfreesboro, Tenn . . Nashville, Tenn . . Nashville, Tenn Firsl' Row: ELOISE E. THOMAS .......... Columbia, Home Economics Eclucalion JACKIE M. THOMAS ...... . . , Nashville, Hislory Second Row: CHARLES 'WATSON ..... . . Halls, Science RUBY WATSON .............. Halls, Healllw and Physical Eclucalion Third Row: JOHN H. WOODARD ..... . . Memphis, Sociology RUDOLPH WOODBERY ........ Nashville, Cliemislry Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn EV ALFRED AUBREY . . CLARICE DONOHOO PATRICIA KING . . REVOYDA FULLER . . OUINCY ROBERTSON OFFICERS . . . Presidenl . .Vice-Presiclenl . . . .Secrelary Assislanl' Secrelary . . Treasurer GRADUATE STUDENTS ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA SORORITY QEQQ EL JJ' ali JEQEEE jg' fi 'YiiWrw-wr' IETF ' x , 4 , . IV KKK QWN U M .:::I5:::: .:::: A--milf. - :-N .. :ESSE ::55? :. ., 'Q-."""'x'n..1"'v:-. :- :::- :mi --7 .:::f ::::. ::::: ...., .... . ......, ::::3 g. '. sew- s 15551 fmsj 5. ,.....,4....,..... s. :::: '-....: 7-.. -- ..., .... . ..... ...., - --.. gm, -222 ff' 5753? '--- BARBARA BASS . . EDNA WILLIAMS . . PATRICIA SMITH . . MARGARET MARTIN BILLIE JEAN ARTISON HELENA VANCE . . BEATRICE BRANDON GWENDOLYN ELLIOT BETTY ISOM .,.. DOLORES MCIVER . LORRAINE BROWN . FANNIE CARUTHERS CLARISSA ALLEN . MRS. MARY F. CARTER ............ Advisor MISS MODESTINE YOUNG . . MRS.CECILLE CRUM'P . . . OFFICERS . . . . . . . . . . . . .Basileus . . .,., AnTi-Basileus . . . Dean of Pledgees . . ...... Parliamenharian . . . . . . . . . SenTineI . . . . . . ReporTer To The Ivy LeaT . . . . . . . . . . . . . Chaplain Founded upon The ideals oT high moral and scholasTic sTandards, The Alpha Psi ChapTer oT Alpha Kappa Alpha SororiTy had iTs beginning in I932. Through The Years iT has conTinued To uphold Those TeneTs upon which iT was esTablished. WiTh a belieT ThaT leadership is developed Through parTicipaTion, The members oT Alpha Psi engage in every phase oT campus endeavor and acTiviTy. The "STaTion ProiecT" sponsored by This organizaTion, welcomes and oTTers assisTance aT The Train sTaTion To all incoming sTudenTs. The an- nual rush parTy isa highlighT oT The early weelcs oT school. This year's Theme "CelebriTies on Parade" was mosT hilarious. OuieT I-lour and Sunday School programs are annually scheduled acTiviTies OT The chapTer. AnoTher worTh- while conTribuTion To The campus and communiTy is iTs "I-Ielp Week," a service proiecT during probaTion weels. Aid has been given To I-lubbard I-lospiTal previously. This year, service was rendered The wornen's dormi- Tories on The campus. Alpha Psi lisTs as iTs ouTsTanding achievemenT oT The year, The acquisi- Tion oT a Trophy Tor being The mosT ouTsTanding undergraduaTe chapTer oT The souTheasTern region. . . . AssisTariT Dean . . . . GrammaTeus . . .AnTi-GrammaTeus . . . . . EpisToleus . . . . Tamiochus . . . . . . . . Hodegus . . . .Advisor . . . .Advisor MEMBERS Clarissa Allen, Billie J. Ari'-ison, Barbara Bass, Olga J. Black, Cecil Bogen, Anna V, Bolden, Mary Jean Boolh, Barbara Boyce, Bealrice Brandon, Mable Brewer, Lorraine Brown, Yvonne Brown, Edna Carulh- ers, Fannie Carulhers, Kalie Campbell, Tommie J. Clark, Hazel Cole, Peggy Davis, Clara P. Donalds, Opal Downs, Maffie Edwards, Gwendolyn Ellioll, Sylvia Everelle, Mae Faggs, Irene Forbes, Barbara Ford, Helen Glass, Analhia B. Grisham, Rosary Harper, Rulh Harden, Novella E. Hendricks, Minnie Hendricks, Gwendolyn Hill, Tardifay Horlon, Emogene Hursl, Belly J, lsom, Orelha Jenkins, Calh- erin Johnsion, Eleanor Jones, Sue C. Jones, Quinesler Knox, Minerva Lawson, Killie Lockley, Mar- garel' Marlin, Dolores Mclver, Juanila Miller, Fannie Mifchell, Sondra Morris, Palricia Napoleon, Jeraldine Overlon, Malinda Pallon, Be'r'rye Jo Perry, Celesline Perryman, Jewel Ewing Porier, Lois Jean Ray, Mildred Smifh, Palricia J. Smilh, Bobbie Slone, Jo Ann Thomas, Archilene Turner, Helena Vance, Hugh Ella Walker, Jeanore Walker, Jessie Wallace, Lucile Waison, Margarel' Wilson, Edna L. Williams, Rubye Young. ALPHAPSICHAPTER 123 3 Ai' H115 sfage of 'Phe game li' am + no+hlng buf a ra'I' race The Turba ns LPHAKAPP ALPHA ACTIVITY BARBARA WARE . BETTY ARMSTRONG . JUANITA SMITH . JACOUELINE SMITH , SARAH PITTMAN JACOUELINE COKE OENSIE SULLIVAN CARLEEN CLAY OFFICERS ROSTER JUANITA SMITH LUREDA SHUTE MAE FRANCES WILLIAMS MURIEL JACKSON IVY LEAF CLUB . . Presldenf . . SecreIary . . Treasurer . . Chaplain BETTY ARMSTRONG BARBARA WARE IVY RAMSEY A X I I I - I f ' , "' 2 1 -f .L I ' if ' bfef 1 Vg Q if--'ggev-s.yi5 4 M: wg ,M - i "Q, I -I G 47. I IM 'L G I hi I I . - .. I I .' . , ff '- f F I fy fwvamy w.,, ff .- , f , 4. - ,ry , gg, QM, ,y Q myzwayw-ABQ! .,1w9245 :fy 1 1 , 6 , Q45 ,W , , K. , , uf. .M . 4, Y . - Y-...L XI Lygwgfffx Wgl M 4, f , ,-,245 Img: we- AMC --W N ,,,, . , 4, if fi' 9 V f. 5 4 . f i' I ,LL. ' ' If T I 1 -' , 'R -- bw 1" 4:-H I 'C 'J f ' -6 ' Jw , A w' '- ' '. ' 1 I- fff 1 A 4- 1 ', 'Q 41' "' M ' ' ' f' X' . .. f UfQ2ff!z ' --ww I " ', .,,, ' . , . It , g5V,w4v , ' ,, ,,., f -' H ' X :N f 'f X' f 1 I - ' I f X f' ' L? if. . " 4 ,, ,,, A .,,1,f Q : I I Y I wg., - .4 .ny mm, X ' gf S v' . V- , ., . . " . . ' 1 f ' b swf- my, 'fgzxni' ji zf wif .f::1f,. ,J ' V"f,:,, "' wwwg : " X - ' filwmwfvzfffsdmwtw QQ 'W I "WZ: - ' , A f ' , A MW -FP ' T9 , - Q Sf -154 5, ' - ,W I 5 ' I , ' I M . rf f I fp "'- :' A' 5.1, ' Z ' Q ,KJ - 4,1 L, , 4f"W'w2? ,5 mg: 14- ng, , GK " 'A -MQ , , A I f 'V , ,V S.. ,. ., I , ,J NEW - ' ' 1.4, f ' 2.25-'! 1.Pf 2 , X N ff ,' . 11" Vw I 1 . .af - , .-s ig, yi -N : X gy' ,I VM. 7'-' ,Q f 3 Y "H I T . ' I ' I . Q A , , I I . .- e I ,J X, n, X WM V I I I ""I'T"NM-qi." 5 4'6" f 'V I I Y" I HX wz 7 I . X , fi 125 MEMBERS George Allman, James E. Armsfrong, Clarence Bass, Jr., Melvin Beard, Ill, Paris Bransford, William C, Cage, Roland E. Carey, Wendell Collins, Eddie Cook, Bennie R. Crawford, Rodger S. Danley, Ronald O. Davis, Cornelius Drake, Joseph Ervin, Alloerr George, Holme S. Glover, James J. Henderson, French Hicks, Clark Houslon, Alloerr Hudson, Samuel Irby, James Isabel, Charles Jackson, Edward Merriwealher, William C. Monlague, Rudell Moppin, William Moore, Logan L. Mifchell. Claude C. Newsom, Horace Orr, Donald Perry, Rubin Perry, Hollis Porrer, Lawrence A. Purnell, Charles Raine, Larry Sadler, T. C. Shane, James E. Smilh, Joe Willie Sleele, Thomas Toran, Edward J. Vincent Roberr Wells, Byron Williams, Joseph V, Williams. BETA OMICRON CHAPTER 126 ALPHA PHI ALPHA FRATERNITY WiTh paramounT principles in mind, seven nobles gave rise To whaT is now known as BeTa Omicron. Thus BeTa Omicron was Tounded on eThicaI values, IinguisTic discipline, and poTenT sTandards Tor The eTernaI TruThs oT manly deeds, scholarship, and Iove Tor all mankind. As a resuIT oT These principles, BeTa Omicron has encouraged and enabled men To rise high, sTand Tall, and To never relinquish Those aTTribuTes ThaT conTribuTed To iTs birTh. We saIuTe Henry A. Callis, George B. Kelley, NaThanieI A. Murray, Charles H. Chapman, RoberT H. Ogle, VerTner W. Tandy, and Eugene K. Jones. All oT Alpha is proud of The seven greaT warriors who possessed a zeal and Terverency There-To-Tore unconsummaTed and who Through Their herculean eTTorTs and sense oT honorable obliga- Tion Tounded Alpha Phi Alpha in I905-I906. DisTrusTing The assumpTion ThaT educaTion should be all academic and non-social, iT has been our aim To emphasize "The man, whole and enTire," having no phase oT his personaIiTy negIecTed or ThwarTed morally, in+eIIec+uaIIy, or socially. IT is True ThaT BeTa Omicron is only a Iink in The chain of Alpha, buT in a ciTy and sTaTe where Alpha chapTers are giTTed Tor singular accompIishmenTs, iT has become a chapTer oT disTincTion and iT has shone as a sTar in The nighT wiTh The brilliance and luminous oT a cruciTix, Those words are made a living reaIiTy in Tha+ BeTa Omicron was named as The mosT ouTsTanding undergraduaTe chapTer in Alpha Tor The year oT I956-57. AnoTher honor was added To us when one OT our broThers was eIecTed a member oT The regional governing body. WiTh The help oT God, iT is our aim To conTinue To rise, and To IiTT oThers inTo ThaT aTmosphere, ThaT horizon oT pure sunshine where iT is our uTmosT ambiTion To serve man, our broTher. REUBEN R. DAVIS . . ROBERT WILLIAMS . . I-I. WILLIAM YOUNG. . V, V. Mc6EE ,.,.. JAMES HULL ,... ROBERT HOWSE . . EARNEST RHODES . BOOKER T. POE . . . PAUL B. MITCHELL . . WILLIAM MASON . . . FRED VALENTINE . . . MORRIS T. GODDARD . JOHN TYUS ..... ALEXANDER CONLEY . . CLARENCE BRANCH, JR. . ' Q,- .Q ... H... !':' '33 .IIT . .....,..... '--....."'-5 s lo 2 ...J : ...M , nh.: n...1f-- - p i :- . x .....,,. . ' g , 7""'. . . . Oven lux! 'T 3 ::"' ::::: I, :HI 31:1 33: 1:13 ' u2."..':,, v-155 4335 g T' 'lun I ' -2: -- YES? '--- 1 ,, ,,..., -' .: : :I 1 . ' . :NFS ' rw", :::l: Ii 51 , -:...'.' ."Q, , ,..,,..:.v-., ..., , .. . . ,, , ..,,......, ..l5:. gf:gg..g: , ':-Ss. zz:-Lff' 1 .m ',:..j : ,,...,-...,.,...,,x.... . ::::- ':::: '-M... ' 1. !l5 :Ig .iff :E ::""W., ,'?...,"'1Q5..5,:.,,2 5: I f f Jun v sv v v-Q -,g.-g:.:::1:: 7' 'Tw -'p'?'-7--':'.:-14,i.i ,z -I: :If 25. 3. : ' . :- "" Q-.Ss ...,.....x I i' ' I ' I x ,IL ZZ!! 73' 173' ""' OFFICERS . . ...... PresidenT . . . . . Vice-PresidenT . . . . Recording SecreTary . . Corresponding SecreTary . . . . . . . . Treasurer , . . . . . .Dean oT Pledgees . , . .Co-Dean oT Pledgees Associafe EdiTor oT "Sphinx" , ..... . . .Musician . . . . .Chaplain . . ParIiamenTarian . . AThIe-Tic Direclor . . . .Program DirecTor Social Aclivifies Diredor . . . Sergeanf-aT-Arms Befa Omicron chaprer planning commiHee members. Sealed, Lefr To Righh James Hull, Reuben Davis, Rober-I Howse, Booker Poe, Roberi' Williams. Sranding, Lefi' 'Io Righf: Clarence Branch, Donald Perry, John Tyus in Ihe process of mapping plans for -the fra+enify's Fiffiefh Anniversary Celebra+ion. Alphas Clarence Branch ancl Reuben Davis fondly admire 'Irophy won by Bera Omicron chapier as mosf ou'l's+anding undergraduafe chap- 'Ier of Alpha Phi Alpha for 'rhe year I955. 128 Currenf e'fiqueHe eclifions allow 'rhal' genflemen may wear hais in doors if big brofhers say Ihey musi' ALPHA PHI ALPHA ACTIVITIES MARSHALL PORTER . WILLIAM R. THOMPSON . SAMUEL MARTIN . . . DONALD MCGUFF . HAROLD FARROW . . TOMMY LINDSEY . . CLEPHUS JOHNSON . . R. L. THOMPSON, JR. GEORGE BUGGS ALCIDE KING MATTHEW JONES GEORGE RUFFIN OFFICERS ROSTER EARL CORBITT FRANCIS THOMAS JOHN JONES DONALD JONES RALPH BUTLER PHIL PETRIE SPHINX . . Presidenr . .Vice-Presiden+ . . Secreiary . . Treasurer . . . . . Chaplain . . Program Direcfor . . . .Musician WALLACE ROBINSON ARTHUR HORTON LAWRENCE RIZOR WILLIAM THOMAS AARON POWELL CLUB E 129 I V-fl 63359 , aw,..a at . ax 'Q I MEMBERS Gladys Anderson, D. Jean Baley, Anna Bailey, Agnes Brown, Earlene Brown, Barbara Bush, Ann Calo, Dorolhy Chealham, Nelle Clarcly, La Gracia Crouch, Gloria Glenn. Berla Johnson, Dorolha Johnson, Jean Long, Elnoria lvlcCreary, JeaneH'e McKinney. Lois Miller, Mary lvlyles, Joanefia Sieppe, Irma Thomas, B. Anifa Walden, Doris Websrer, La Foncle Williams, Marion Williams, Nancy Williams, Pearline Wright ALPHA CHICHAPTER T30 DELTA SIGMA THETA SORORITY DelTa Sigma TheTa SororiTy was Tounded aT l-loward UniversiTy, Wash- ingTon, D.C., in I9l3. The purpose OT The sororiTy is To encourage high culTural and scholasTic sTandards and To liTT The ideal oT Tiner womanhood. Many philanThropic proiecTs are conducTed by DelTa Sigma TheTa an- nually. These proiecTs include The giving oT scholarships and iob oppor- TuniTies. Alpha Chi chapTer, Tounded on The campus oT Tennessee AgriculTural and lndusTrial STaTe UniversiTy in I936, has since grown Tremendously. Alpha Chi lives up To The ideals oT DelTa by parTicipaTing in all phases oT campus acTiviTies. In lceeping wiTh The ideals oT high scholasTic sTandards DelTa has received The Alpha Kappa Mu Scholarship Trophy Tor Three con- secuTive years, Thereby gaining possession oT iT permanenTly. Among The chapTer's acTiviTies ThroughouT The year are The annual Rush ParTy given Tor The Treshmen and new sTudenTs, QuieT l-lour, and Sunday School Programs. The "DelTa Kiddie ParTy" is an annual aTTair where all sorors and guesTs presenT a Toy on admiTTance. All Toys are given To The CommuniTy CenTer To be disTribuTed To Th-e needy children. Alpha Chi ChapTer, wiTh sorors Trom Alpha BeTa oT Fisk, Gamma Omega oT Meharry, and Pi Sigma, GraduaTe chapTer, celebraTed Found- ers Day in Their usual inspiring manner. As an annual proiecT oT Alpha Chi. we anTicipaTe giving The scholar- ship award again This year on Awards Day To some worThy sTudenT. DOROTHA J. JOHNSON JOANETTA STEPPE . , . B.ANITA WALDEN . . . PEARLINETWRIGHT . . Lois M. MILLER . . . JEAN LONG , . . MARY MYLEs . . JEAN BATEY ..... JEANETTE MCKINNEY . . OFFICERS JOAN ETTA STEPPE ........ GLADYS ANDERSON . . . .. V... 2 555: :: ::::: .....,. ..,x,4r-sg., . I f TI w N' U, ,...: Q'-j , i. , x R O ' ...., . , -4 x g I T At-'og I , . I . ' . , . g::::'f:::: ':::v,.... !:::: ,::::I ::::T ::::: :::: l::::: ::::: :::: '::---' :rr-'.... 1....,':::"5 - A ::5S :::5: ':::5 :::: fir: L- 12 fm '73 2: I :::: ::::: :::: :::: T?f,ii-gflifgl-mg! A I H223 2" 173' ':::: 'n il 'fssillissssfl ss ' . . . . . . . PresidenT . . , , Vice-PresidenT Ass'T Dean oT'Pleclgees . Recording SecreTary . .Corresponding SecreTary . . . . . . Treasurer . . . . . . Chaplain . . SergeanT-aT-Arms . . . . . . ReporTer . . . . CusToclian . . . ParliarnenTarian LeI'5 have a pariy-a kiciciie parIy Sing you singers .30 ff X 5365 5 47A 66 SI1uf'fIing off Io BuFFaIo via +I1e cafe+eria THETA DELTA SIG ACTIVITY M PYRAMID CLUB OFFICERS MARYLAND HINTON , . , , Pregidenf MARILYN LONG . . . ,segrefgry LAURA TOWNSEND . . .Treasurer YVONNE WHITE , . Program Chairman ROSTER MARY-LAND HINTON BONNIE WRIGHT JACOUELINE RANDOLPH DAISY MONTGOMERY MARILYN LONG LAURA TOWNSEND YVONNE L. WHITE 133 S MEMBERS Leroy Amar, Marvin Allen, William R. Bailey, Olis B. Branfley, Herberl S. Brown, Ollie Joe Brown, Richard Calfey, Richard Clark, Joseph Cloyd, Percy Conley, Roloerf CoH'on, Huberl Crouch, Jr.. Cordy W. Criflendon, Sidney K. Cummings, Percy Cuff, William R. Darwin, Lee A. Derrick, Roberl Dixon, Willie Dixon, Charles Dobson, Marvin Evans, Carl Grant Ernesf Howell, Larry Kimbro, Richs ileiu Johnson, Horace Jackson, LeRoy James, James G. Mann, Herberl H. Malhews, Leon E. Monr- qomery, Wilburn Morlon, James B. McClellan, Henry McDowell, Ernesf McNeil, Joseph McPherson, William Nelson, Thornal 6. Oliver, Joseph Phelps, Lornie Phillips. Charles Porfer, Edward M. Porler, Allan Rodgers, Elliot' Seard, Charles Seymore, Melvin Shavers, Willie Shannon, Bennelr W. Smi+h, Nalhaniel B. Smilh, Dorsey Sims, Leslie Spann, Norman Spencer, John Swain, Houslon Taylor, Ed- ward Thomas, Ike Waller, Arlhur Woods. ALPHA THETA CHAPTER 134 KAPPA ALPHA PSI FRATERNITY Kappa Alpha Psi Frafernify was founded by Elder W. Diggs, along wifh nine ofher men on fhe Sfh of January, I9I I, af fhe Universify of Indiana, and was incorporafed April I5, I9I5, as The firsf Negro frafernify in fhe sfafe. Alpha -Ihefa Chapfer was founded May 23, I93 I, by Leroy Boyd. The purpose of Kappa Alpha Psi is achievemenf. If sfrives fo inspire ifs members fo do noble deeds and gain posifions of usefulness fo mankind. In faking ifs parf in fhe universify and communify life, Alpha Thefa has sponsored many worfhy proiecfs such as fhe Kappa Kounfry Karnival and fhe Guide Righf Movemenf. They also falce an acfive parf in ofher Uni- versify acfivifiesg fhey give a Svveefhearf Brealqfasf on Valenfine Day in honor of fheir sweefhearfs and fhe chapfer sweefhearf. Somewhaf differenf from ofher frafernifies on Tennessee Sfafe's cam- pus, Alpha Thefa elecfs as fheir sweefhearf a member of fhe Universify faculfy and she remains as such as long as she is connecfed wifh fhe uni- versify. There have only been fwo sweefhearfs in fhe hisfory of fhe chapfer. Many brofhers are campus leaders and honor sfudenfs. Annually Alpha Thefa men are oufsfanding in baslcefball, foofball, and swimming. JAMES 6. MANN . . . ERNEST D. McNEIL . . TI-IORNAL G. OLIVER LEE A. DERRICK . . . SIDNEY K, CUMMINGS ELLIOT SEARD .... LEROY JONES .,.. OTIS B. BRANTLEY . . ROBERT DIXON . . . LESLIE SPANN .... NORMAN K. SPENCER -lil OFFICERS HoRAcE JAcKsoN . . I . , I ' 5-..,,, Q fwfr '-.. N- :Lge :kj I. 'G'-':w,-..' 1 s : 1 I .... .. ,.l..,'g,.'1-5. L- . .... , ..... . ...Q Eggs: Iggssssf gssssfII5sssssH's:. ,.,..., 5 .... , ..... ..... I l 411. .ILL -Lila? IWW i Iii ... f"V"i1 I 1 In-ua nvnl ' ' , ..... . . , .... . .... .. 5 4--fc Hr...--rf ::'- .zf . sf?-v.',L:-ff. vv.,,.,"'..s.-....' sa... g'7.::: f,..:: 7Z"'..., .....' 77.4, M - ':::- ::::' ::::: :::: ..::: -- :g...:..lgg31 :mg :::: x:::: 2: 4,....."01,,.-..:,cs,.....,x--.,,----, -- 'Ffff ?5??Y':::: ::::: '::::".. ..::: ...,: .... ..... ...J ., - ...---'ff .::'-' ::':: ::::g :: ' :...,g-,.... ....::,e,.......,,, .....,--- fun, ,.... 7... 'x-.Q-323.-, 33122713222 .::::I..::i .... ,rn ...,,,..., ..... .. ,...,,. x...,, -.... ---0 '33 Q-: 5.""..,w"""":..., 5""'.....,,4Q?I:f:,s!-,a2' ..., ,.... ':::- ':::: ': '::::,Il21f5,I5:15f,I5::-FI i:::gI 5: . 'An-.,y" .in-.," n-4 1. .,::.'--..,w,...,-, f-.:....z .. ,....g ...., ,.... T... f ' -IIT! H112 5123!-Y!!! ...:,...., ,...., .... . f'.'--...iv--',...2'-2 l:...g ....: H 5 32135 31111 1. .g.s..,,:f--,y 71 .'.' .' " 3 :' IR" g 1 n - . . . . . .Polemarch . . , Vice-Polemarch . . Keeper of Records . . . .Exchequer . . . , . .... Sfrafegus ........,.L+.Sfra+egus . . . . . Corresponding Secrefary . ..... Dean of Pledqees Assf. Dean of Pledqees . . . , . . . .I-Iisforian . . . . . Direcfor of Music . . . . .Chaplain The Ka as are bi hearled u s who donaie canned goods col PP 9 9 Y ' lecfed ai' lhe Kappa Kouniry Karnival io S+. Lulce's Day Nursery. Pl1o+ographer's nighfmarez Everybody iries 'fo gel info +l1e acf a+il'1e Kappa Kouniry Karnival. 136 Loolrs like ihey really need 'll'1a+ one and a couple more io bool' PS-IACTIVITY HENRY JOHNSON . JAMES BUFORD . . CHURCH WATKINS LEON JAMISON . MARVIN COUSIN . MARCUS DAVIS . . JESSE TAYLOR . PERCY HINES BURREL LEE CLAUDE MALONE DAVID TEAGUE ROBERT GUICE WALTER JOHNSON ROSCOE BEATY OFFICERS ROSTER HENRY JOHNSON CHURCH WATKINS MARVIN COUSIN MELVIN WHITMAN SCROLLER . . . Presidenf . . Vice-Presidenf . . . . Secrefary . .Serqeanf-af-Arms . . . . Treasurer . . . . . CI1apIain . . Musical Direcfor JEREMIAH WARD THOMAS W, WILLIAMS WILLIAM GRIEEITH JAMES BUEORD LEO CURTIS LEON JAMISON JOHN GREEN MARCUS DAVIS CLE-PHILLIP VASOUEZ JESSE TAYLOR CLUB K 137 MEMBERS Leon Adams, Jr., Kinkle Anderson, Charles Archie, Alonzo Ball, Bobby Barber, Isaac Barnes, Cameron Barron, Al- berl' Baxler, Richard Bell, Ralph Black, Charles Bowen, Joseph Bryanf, Alfred Brown, Waller Caldwell, Andreal Car- rer, Simpson Clark, James Coleman, James Cook, John Crummie, Charles Cunningham, Jerry Davis, Wilberr Da- vis, John Dillard, Edward Dixon, James Duke, Eddie Edwards, Roberr Fisher, Srokley Gardner, Charles Gilbert Henry Hanna, Leon Hamillon, Jerry Harris, John Harris, Roberr Holmes, Charles Hudson, Frank Hurr, Jack Hylick, Cliflon Jel'lers, Oliver Jennings, Allen Johnson, Herman Jenkins, Leroy Johnson, Richard Johnson, Eugene Jones, Joseph Keesee, Roberr King, Burnie Malone, Paul Meacham, Sam McKenzie. Alfred Morlow, Nepron Newell, Thomas Nowlin, James Norwood, Hillary Parks, Horace Parks, James Player, Lawrence Porler, Edward Pugh, Van Robinson, Mahlon Rhodes, Cleophis Rurherford, Horace Searcie, Lawrence Seymour, Roberr Simpson, Dolphus Spence, Rolaerr Terry, Roberl' Tharpe, Ira Thompson, Donald Tippirr, Joe Tucker, Daniel Ward, Hyburnia Williams, Minor Winlock, Burron Woods, Waller Vincent R H O P S I C H A P T E R 138 OMEGA PSI PHI FRATERNITY Dwelling upon fhe belief fhaf a well developed man musf possess four maior principles: manhood, scholarship, perseverance, and upliff, Omega Psi Phi Frafernify was founded on November I7, I9I I, af I-Ioward Univer- sify in Washingfon, D.C. The Frafernify founded by Edgar A. Love, Oscar J. Cooper, Frank Coleman and Earnesf Jusf, shall live on and on as a glow- ing symbol for men who pledge fhemselves fo such principles. The founders of Omega Psi Phi Frafernify dreamed and frusfed fhaf one day if would become a nafional organizafion, and if is wifh much pride and ioy fhaf fhe Omegas make if known fhaf fhe dreams of fhese greaf men were nof in vain. Today, fhere are more fhan fwenfy-five fhousand men who believe and sfress fhe ideals of Omega as brofhers and are living up fo fhe Four Cardinal Principles. As members of fhe Rho Psi Chapfer, we are yef walking in fhe shadows of our founders, proudly facing fhe fufure as we have faced fhe pasf. For I955 and I956, we have casf our aims foward, "Desegregafion, A Way- sfafion: Infegrafion, Our Desfinafionf' Confending fhaf "Friendship is essenfial fo fhe Soul," and is fhe only basis for efernal freedom, fhe Omegas salufe fhe fufure, sfressing brofherhood of college and race, and fhe efernal brofherhood of man. I-IYBURNIA WILLIAMS EUGENE JONES .... EDDIE EDWARDS . . . I-IILLARY PARKS .... WALTER CALDWELL . . DANIEL WARD . . 1r'vuuzmnwwwnnmx9-gemzgsm-Qemsssgmf-gifg:Qsif.1::::1-mm-uwlm u OFFICERS curfon JEFFERS ,......., THOMAS NOWLIN, III. . , . . . CHARLES BOWEN . . . . -4943-45,,,,. 55"-ll, .' 1 .... 'Safari ,n 1, 19 . 3 - 1, ,9- ,V N - Us . Q , A., f N-f 1 , 3 1 ' 'N 7"",. , ?"'.... 0...,""",P ,v.'.-1.vgsg--: :s...'-s-Iw:s.i-s1:- , ,,....,, ,,,..,,.,,:..,,.v...,.,......,.. . . '::::: ',.::: ,,... ','-'-,... 'ff"g u . ,l5EE52,ISESE3 leafs, 32551 :ass fm: ,-......,,,..., ....,, ..., . vu. '::::y 7.""..."""J...,-,""",...,5-2...,."'W ' ' x::::g5:::: 5:::: ::::x 27315775 '-..,....., --., 5:59 53, .IL !.""'..,v,..., :--...sp--..:,......,,,s :HH 2272: 'III' 'Ja' runx I-- -..., 1.... 1.0! H..,2 1:... gg: aaa, Snap, lun, '.o::l :.:ul t. f-2'-'..,.'4-...,""'.s...,"'g ...::, .. .,g ,,...21,...,w...,,-.f....., , ,. :pos loss! Ianni ""wS SQ- tiara Conn! "I 5. N ."A... z""""'.-..,.-. I ::::- ::::r '. ,Wi 5. .,'.-....,3-- 1- 4 - ,:.. ,. F11 Ing IJ! I EH LII II 1 If '71 1 :Z 555 555' 5555 ::::':::: .... . . . . .Basileus . , . .Vice-Basileus . . . Keeper of Records and Seal . Keeper of Finance . , . Chapfer Edifor . . . , .Chaplain . .Afhlefic Direcfor . Dean of Pledgees . . , Music Direcfor Odd man ou+ OMEGA PSI HI ACTIVIT ALEXANDER MOORE, JR. . JOHNNY CLAYBORNE . . JAMES REID . . ALFRED TAYLOR . . GEORGE TROTTER . . CARRINGTON THOMAS ALLEN WHITE . . ALLEN R. DILLON . . ROBERT THOMPSON . RAYMOND HARRISON HERBERT ADAMS BILLY BOWERS JAMES COHEN NORMAN EUBANKS ERNEST MOORE OTIS HAYES JOHN F. NELSON LAMPADOS I CLUB . . .Presidenf . . .Vice-Presidenf . . . .Secrefary . . Corresponding SecreIary . . , Treasurer . . Sergeanf-aI-Arms . . . . . . . . .Chaplain Program Commiffee Chairman .Social Commi+'ree Chairman Proiecf CommiIIee Chairman LEON SMITH WILLIE TAYLOR RICHARD WALLACE JOSEPH WINFREY EDWIN LOWD MEMBERS Booker T. Banks, George F. Berry, Ezekiel Bell, Bobby l'l. Biggers, Ernesl L. Brown, Pau D. English, Calvin B. Glover, Barnabas Jones, Malrhew A. Kinnarcl, Charles E. Kim- brough, Early Marshall, Elem B. Ofey, Ill, Charles Pugh, Samuel Robinson, William Sanders, Mack Scoll, John D. Shaw, Presron S+ewar+, James Walker, Isaac Womack, ll. ZETA ALPHA CHAPTER 142 if Sf X Z 5 5? vs 32 44 5' PHI B TA SIGMA FRATER ITY On OcToloer 8, l9I3, A. LangsTon Taylor presenTed To Lenard E. Morse The proposiTion oT esTalolishing a new TraTerniTy aT Howard UniversiTy, WashingTon, D.C. Charles I. Brown, anoTher sTudenT aT Howard LlniversiTy was inviTed To assisT in This movemenT. ConTerences leading To The acTual organizaTion were suloseguenTly held and on January 9. I9I4, The perma- nenT organizaTion oT Phi BeTa Sigma I:raTerniTy, Inc., was Tounded. The Board oT Deans aT Howard UniversiTy recognized The new TraTerniTy on April I5, I9I4. The chapTer was Alpha ChapTer aT Howard UniversiTy. In carrying ouT The moTTo, "CulTure Tor Service and Service To Human- iTy," ZeTa Alpha ChapTer has recenTly launched a program To give -an award To The Treshman young man wiTh The highesT accumulaTive average. ZeTa Alpha ChapTer Takes an inTegral parT in The UniversiTy and com- muniTy liTe, in sponsoring QuieT Hour, Sunday School, and oTher campus acTiviTies. ITS memloers are ouTsTanding in parTicipaTion among various academic, scholasTic, and religious or'ganizaTions here aT The UniversiTy. ERNEST L. BROWN . . EZEKIEL BELL .... SAMUEL ROBINSON . . CHARLES KIMBROIJGH PAUL D. ENGLISH . . . RICHMOND KINNARD PRESTON STEWART . , ELEM OTEY, III .,.. WILLIAM SANDERS . . g : , : 41' mul: - o--., 'v...., . . ...., .I s Hs H ,,,. 'J '- 1::5 f::3?I::::H::::I .:::: :::: :::z ::::I::::I I Q Pvwgq, 'T SQ . 3 I E "' Is' . ' ' ,:- . . I ' I . ."--ir'--'...? "-f,,'--.:..: : : ' . : , x . . . .. ,.., wif xi :' : .,... , - : ' :L . --. x -Ivy' , xx t I ' 7-Q4 I I 1 5. I OFFICERS MATTHEW KINNARD . . ILJ I I a...,.'.s-9,-ss-. un ...df-..,.-.-....,1,.....,g. 4... n... fuurvvag.. a... u... 4... ln... any x... u-.4 I... gn... n... .-.,.s..., sa., ..., lu., .-..,.'.-.,.,.s-.,,,3a.,h ua., ....n..,,f-..,.,.-.-...,.,.s...,3-s u... a... u-ag 1-...rv-.,.. nn u... n... u.. :...,'a .U u., nn., u.. fn.. 1. ,5s..,,.n.., sn, sn, n. na. rv-..,.'.--.,.j.a-.,,n..,, 1 . . , n....'a-.,...'v.-.....'.w-4,...s ..a 1... aa.. n-aaa-.,.,.' ..: un., vu. n... 1... 1 .,,s..n n., s..., 1... ,ss-,,.:.s-.,,.s..., M., .,.,.'v,.,...s.,.,.:.s...,:.s-.,,. .. nan n..,.f-.,.,.w.-...,.,. .. fu.. :nu 4... avnvf.. 4, nn, us... 1... n... a.. -,.3s..,.s..., u., n.., n... V.-.....,.,.ss.,,.:.s.., sn., u., ag r-.u.'.-..,.,.'-...,-'.s-.,,.s.-... .. vo.. ua., z-.,..w..,.L.'.-....,. Q, ny fn., u... cv.. rv... , u., nu us... 4... u... ,...s--.,.ss...,,u-a, n., nu, ..,.'a-..,.:.s-..,...s--.-,Qs-..,,.s.-., . u-ag I-..,.'o...g...-.-.,.,.-.s-..,.: . un. u.,,n.., n.,,.'r-.gg nn... n... au... n.,,n... ,Qaanh uufuu, a...,!u.., .,. .-..,...s--.,.3s..,,.s...,. s.. ..'f..sxf.--sv .-...,. ns.. . .se , e... :..,, 1...,n..,' ,Inn N... w...q.w...:.-.- H., lu. n. , a '12 1515 lfsii Isss 5:- -: gases? H!! UZ' 'FTS' .... mlllsssilffsssl use fsssf A......, .-. :::: gsm .... ,..... sail Issszllssss 155531 gs . .... .... . .. f ::::5,::::: In: Z:555Hf::, . ::::9??:-'F' .... .lim-1 mzj . . . . . . PresidenT . . . . Vice-Presiden+ . . Recording SecreTary BOOKER T, BANKS ....... Corresponding SecreTary . . . . . . .Treasurer . . . . Chaplain . . . ParliamenTarian . . Serqeanl'-aT-Arms . . . . . . Musician . . .Dean of Pledgees . .Social Chairman MEMBERS Dalie Caruilwers, Earnesline Crawford, -Elmira Daniel, Freddie Daniel, Ann Ervin, Carolyn Griffin, Selma Jones, Marie Kirk, Audrey Mirchell, Lou Ella Ourlaw, Ossie Reanes, Amis Upslwaw. EPsll.oN ALPHA CHAPTER 144 as , ,Gs ,Y 1 ' V, .f V ' ' w ZETA PHI BETA SORORITY ZeTa Phi BeTa SororiTy was Tounded in I92O on The campus oT Howard UniversiTy. The sororiTy was given a Tormal inTroducTion aT The WhiTelaw HoTeI by Two Phi BeTa Sigma broThers. In I'-723 ZeTa Phi BeTa SororiTy was incorporaTed under The laws oT The DisTricT oT Columloia. The TirsT Boule was held ioinTIy wiTh Phi BeTa Sigma FraTerniTy in WashingTon, D.C., in I92O. The TirsT Regional MeeTing was held in WashingTon, D.C., in I927. In keeping wiTh The ideals upon which The sororiTy was Tounded, The idea oT "Finer Womanhood WeeIc" was adopTed. The oloiecTive oT Finer Womanhood, Program of SisTerIy Love and Scholarship has broughT TogeTher women Trom all parTs oT The UniTed STaTes and some parTs oT ATrica, who have similar TasTes and aspiraTionsITor high aT- TainmenT. Since Finer Womanhood can be obTained and mainTained only Ioy helping oThers, ZeTa Phi BeTa has sponsored several proiecTs. ,From one chapTer oT Tive girls, ZeTa has grown To approximalrely Two hundred chapTers, and as The years go Ioy many pages will be added To her hisTory. Epsilon Alpha Chap+er oT The ZeTa Phi BeTa SororiTy was organized on Tennessee STaTe LIniversiTy's campus on April I5, I933, wiTh six charTer members. The sororiTy is proud oT iTs growTh and achievemenTs. In The pasT year The sororiTy was awarded The Alpha Kappa Mu Scholarship Trophy. ZeTa Phi BeTa SororiTy sTresses scholarship, zeal, sisTerIy love, and Tiner womanhood. : E F :' I : ' :-- ' ....,5...:. ,. I::f.:: ,,.... .,....+,'--' --, ...:, . 'g "I':":.'::... , "!:.,::f-x:-"Wi r ..,..,g...: .. 1 5 :, I 5 avvvt T : I .' I' 3 : : S ' ,....: .. , .. , z - f--... . .::3 zzz" :::' .. .... , ...g ...I ,... f - .::: . . ,.... - :,1 : ff : --: x ...,, . . -M , .I :'f : - '. . . , . : . ': . F ra , , ..... . . L. .4 .. ':::I :E::E frzzf ::::z 'arm ,,..' ,s-,, nu, un! ef.. 1... 1 . ...,, ..., gm 3 -g figfgfggigijgiggggfgggg ?:. ' H5715 1-.ass-, wash.. is-. 'us-v rf., v-vi, '-.-.F '--A 'fp ' ,.-ull: sn , 4-....rv...,.'. ...ss-4.1. 1... la... n...,r4....' 1... 11... 1... 11... aa... N., n... 1... 11... 1..n --,,.x..., nn n.., u... -.vs ...sw-v,.ss..,, un, -...-'v..,.,.fv...,.'. ..s..,,'.s .... 1... n... 'n.,,fv.-.vu ..., 1... 1.-.. 1... u...'r -., s... un., 1... 11... 1. ,ps-.,,.x..., 1... n.., n. fe... .,.:.e..,j.s..,,,...,, s ... f-.qu-.,,.' ..s-...ws ... 1.... 1... n....'v...,.' .., n-., 1... u... f-.. I .,,su.., nn, ls... nn, .IQ-..,.5s..,,..:..., :.., .. .v-. ..-..,.,. Q., .-4 . . Qu .J 'n....w.-...fp-...,'f'. ...:1... 1.... 1... n-un. N u., nu. 1... 11... 1.- ,,.:n-.,.x.-., xv., na... 1... V. ,qw-.,.:.s..,., uv, s... Q. cu... 1-Q... .,.ss..,.,.s..,, .. 1... 14... 1-....-f.-.,..'.-...,. ., .... 11... 1... 1... 0... , nn s.., sn., 1... gn., ...s--.,.x...,,s..., u., Q... M.-.-....,.:.-.-..,.,.3...,,.5s..,,xx... . av... r-...,.v-qv'-....'.s...,. . 11... 1... rn.. 1-....'r-...J n-., u., 11... n... 1... ,.s...,.u., n.., 1--1. 1... .,.-.-..,.,.s.-.,.u..,,.s.-., n.. .av-ev.af...,.:.-....,.,s-..,.,.'.s. .fun 17... :--x..-5-...je . .. -.. .. ' s..:u.1' nu' 1. ' 1 1 OFFICERS ELMIRA DANIEL . . AUDREY MITCHELL . . FREDDIE DANIEL . . CAROLYN GRIFFIN . . ANN ERVIN ..,, SELMA JONES . , . . .PresidenT . . .Vice-PresidenT . . . Recording SecreTary Corresponding SecreTa ry . . ..... Treasurer . . . Chaplain AUDREY MITCHELL . . . . . Dean oT Pledgees EARNESTINE CRAWFORD , AssisTanT, Dean oT Pledges wa M KW ,Q 4 my NW Ze+a Phi Befa probafes look sleepy buf happy as 'Huey dine in -Hwe Universi+y cafeieria and wonder wha+'s +o happen nexf. ARCHONIAN CLUB OFFICERS VEONNIE MCKINNEY . . . .Presidenf LILL!E BELL JOHNSON . . . .Secrefary GLORIA RANSOME . . .Treasurer MEMBERS LILLIE BELL JOHNSON VEONNIE MCKINNEY GLORIA RANSOME SIGMA GAMMA RHO OFFICERS MATTIE CARNEY . . ...... .... B asileus MOZELLE REED . . . . . .AnTi-Basileus AUDRA ROBINSON . . . ,Gr anna Teus MARY BRADLEY . . . . .Tamiochus MEMBERS MARY BRADLEY MOZELLE REED MATTIE CARNEY AUDRA ROBINSON Sigma Gamma Rho SororiTy wasorganized November l2, l922 by Soror Mary Lou Gardner ancl six oTher school Teachers in lnclianapolis, Indiana. The sororiTy became an incorporaTed NaTional Colle- N giaTe SororiTy on December 30, l929, A charTer was granTed aT BuTler UniversiTy. The sTeady growTh necessiTaTed The es+abIishmen+ oT regions, which are Tive. Sigma Gamma Rho SororiTy holds membership in The NaTional Pan-l-lellenic Councilq The Congress OT American Womenp The NaTional AssociaTion Tor The Advangemeni oT Colored People lliTelg The NaTional Council oT Negro Women: The AssociaTion Tor The STudy OT Negro l-lisTory lliTelg and conTribuTions have been made To The Unilred College Fund, The SororiTy's NaTional ProiecT, "The Sigma Teen-Town," was creaTed To aid Negro YouTh and To aid in The pre- venTion OT delinquency. 147 IS FOR. HEALTH, PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND RECREATION HISTORY AND GEOGRAPHY HOME ECONOMICS HONOR SOCIETIES mmm m Members of fhe Heallh, Physical Educalion and Recrealion facully shown, lefl' fo righl, are: Mrs. Evadne P. Abrams, Shannon Li'Hle, Howard C. Geniry, Mrs. Audrey Lewis, J. C. Coffee, Dr. Roberl S. Cobb, Mrs. Inez Crulchfield, Miss Will Anne Davenporl, Dr. Lua S. Barkley, Thomas A. Hughes, Miss Peggy fWilliams, Richard Mack, Raymond Kemp lsealedl is coorclinalor of The area. Mrs. Carrie Genlry and Johnny McLendon are noi shown. T H E W. A. A. OFFICERS ERNESTINE CRAWFORD ...... . . . Presidenl SARA PITTMAN .... . . Vice-Presidenl BARBARA WARE . . .Secrelary DELORES MclVOR . . . .Treasurer DR. LUA BARTLEY .... . . Advisor MISS PEGGY WILLIAMS . . . .Advisor T H E W . I . B . OFFICERS PEARL VAUGI-IN . . . ..., . . Presiclenl BERNICE JONES . . . ...... Secrelary RAMONA CASSELLE . . . . . . . . .Assislanl Secrelary The Women's lnlramural Board is l'he sludenl adminislralive or- ganizalion which decides The policies and regularions governing all inlramural aclivilies for women. Included among lhese are baslceiball, volleyball, shulilleboard, swimming, bowling and sollball. Advisor lo lhe Women's lnlramural Board is Miss Peggy M. Williams, HIEPERMOTS OFFICERS MAE FAGGS .........,, ,,,,, P regidenf WALTER CALDWELL .... . , ViCe.Pre5iden+ EARNESTINE CRAWFORD . . . .Secrelary ALFRED WATSON .... , , Trgasurer DR. LUA BARTLEY ..,, , .Advisor DR. ROBERT S. COBB . . . .... , , . , Advisor An organizafion macle up of lhe maiors and minors of The de- parlmenl of I-leallh, Physical Educafion and Recrealion, lhe lellers l-l E P E R M O T S glands for l-leallh educafion, physical educalion and recrealion majors ol Tennessee Srale. The club meels recrea- lionally and plans regular aclivilies ourside lhe classroom which are designed for lhe wholesome enlerlainmenr of ils members. HEALTH, PHYSICAL EDUCATION-AND RECREATION THE"T"CLUB OFFICERS LEE DERRICK . . ...... , . . PresidenT FRED VALENTINE . . . .Vice-PresidenT JAMES BUEORD .... ,,..., S ecreTary JOSEPH MQPHERSON . . . .AssisTanT SecreTary OTIS BRANTLEY . . . ...... Treasurer CHARLES PATTON . . . . Chaplain The purpose oT The T-Club is To reemphasize beTTer sporTsmanship among The aThleTes on The UniversiTy campus. Membership in This organizaTion is open To varsiTy aThleTes who have earned The "T" Through parTicipaTion in sporTs, WelI you wouIdn'T call Them racIceTeers-They're sTuc.IenTs in Dr. BarT- Iey's Tennis class being coached in The fine arT of serving. A class in The sporT of Robin Hood 151 E T , , HISTORY STUDY CLUB OFFICERS HILLARY PARKS . - I - PFSSNIGHI EZEKIEL BELL . . . . .Vice-Presicienf FANNIE BURTON . . .SecreTary HUGH ELLA WALKER . , . . AssisTanT SecreTary WILLIAM THOMPSON , . . ,Treasurer Organized in I93I, The HisTory STuCIy Club mem- bership is open To all sTucIenTs on The campus wiTh The idea oT providing Tor Them an opporTuniTy Tor uniTed expression and ac:Tion. The clubs Tounder and advisor is Dr. MerI Eppse. Now iff This were The IaTesT map you wouid see The area we're speaking of-righT here .... DEPARTMENT OF HISTORY AND GEOGRAPHY HisTory and Geography DeparTmen+ TacuITy members IIe'IT To righTI are: Mingo ScoTT, Miss Lois McDougaId, Jimmuir CoT+on. Miss Prin- cess Bowen. John Drain, Horace Savage, Mrs. Louise WaTsoni Dr. Raleigh WiIson, Miss Paula Peppers, William E, BuTIer. Seafed is Dr. Merl R. Eppse, cIeparTmenf head. Dr. Elsie Lewis IMrs. Makelj and Miss Mazie O. Tyson are noT shown. HisTory is made every day.. . consequenTIy a hisTory DUIIGIII1 board needs consTan+ changing. AR OFFICERS MARIE KIRK PresidenT MARIE BRADEN Vice PresidenT Tl-l ECMA HAYES SecreTary INA TAYLO R AssisTa nT SecreTa ry LOIS NEELY Treasurer ATTiliaTed wiTh The American l-lome Economics AssociaTion The l-lome Economics Club mem- bership is open To majors in The area. lTs major purpose is To improve educaTion Tor The pro- Tession oT home economics. Mrs, Mary Greer is advisor To The club. AREA The l-lome Economics Facul- Ty is composed oT The Tollowing: lSTanding, l.eTT To RighTl: Miss RuTh McDowell, Mrs. CaTherine McKinney, Mrs. AugusTine Dar- Tis, Mrs. Miriam Towns, Mrs. Geraldine B. l:orT, Mrs. Mary Greer, Mrs. Marylouise RiTTer and Miss Leola WashingTon. Mrs. MaTTye Flowers lseaTedl heads The area. EA OF HOME ECONOMICS HOMEECONOMICSCLUB 3 Sfuclenfs in Home Furnishings learn fhe ad' of making a home beauiiful. HOMEMAKING INSTITUTE Amids? a bee-hive of nursery school aciiviiy, a home economxcs maior observes and Takes nofes 54: 'v 154 AREA OF HOME ECONOMICS Siudenls of foods and nuiriiion learn 'lhe viiamln confeni' of foods while +hey are learmng +l1e ari' of H5 preparafion wHl1'l'l1e goals of eye appeal and palaiablllly ln mind ,iwm Nw qi Maman Sfudenls of clofhing and 'lex- Hles, fhrough excellen+ guid- ance, become adep+ a+ making garmen+s fhaf have 'rha+ "pro- fessional" loolr. E ALPHA KAPPA MU P H I B E T A T A U u OFFICERS CLIFTON R. JEFFERS . . DOLORES McIVER . SABRA S, CONNER . . GWENDOLYN ELLIOTT CARL CRUTCHFIELD . WALTER CALDWELL . DR. A. V. BOSWELL . . MRS. MARY F. CARTER MRS. RACHEL PATTILLO . .Presidenf . . . Vice-Presideni Corresponding Secrelary . . Recording Secrelary . . .Treasurer . . . Reporler . . Facully Advisor . . Facully Advisor . , Faculfy Advisor Phi Bela Tau is The Tennessee Slale Universily chapler ol Alpha Kappa Mu l-lonor Sociery. The sociely prornoles high scholarship, encourages sincere and zealous endeavor in all fields of knowledge and service, cullivares ia high order of personal living and develops an appreciaiion for schol- arly work in ofhers. 156 i l i iii ,i :X I C H A P T E R KAPPA CHI Bela Kappa Chi Scienlilic l-lonor Sociely was organized in l923. lr has as ils purpose "l'he encouragemenl and ad- vancemenl ol scienlilic eclucaiion Jrhrough original invesli- galion, lhe clisseminalion ol scienlilic lcnowleclge. and The slimularion of high scholarship in pure and applied science." OFFICERS . . . . . . GWENDOLYN ELLIOTT ........ . P 'd + The membership ol lhis soc:-ery consisls ol qualnfiecl uncler- les' en ' HOWARD N. PIPPEN . . . . . .Vice-Presiclenl gracluares, qualified Jreachers of science, professionals ancl DOROTHA JOHNSQN - - - - -Sfffifeiafv' HENRY 'HANNA . . . . . .Treasurer scholars. DR.Iv1.B.TOWNS . . . . .Advisor GAMMA THETA UPSILON OFFICERS THEODORE STOKES ..... . . . Presidenf JAMISON JENKINS . . . . . .Vice-Presidenf LEONARD COVlNGTON ........ Secrefary JOHN E. HEAD . . . , . . Program Chairman JIMMUIR COTTON . . . ...... Advisor Gamma Thefa Upsilon Nafional Geographic Professional Eralernify furfhers professional inferesf in geography by affording a common organizafion for fhose inferesfed in fhis fieldg sfrengfhens sfudenf and professional fraining fhrough academic experiences ofher fhan fhose of class- room anol laloorafory and by affording opporfunifies for fhe developmenf of social amenifies. lf also advances fhe pro- fessional sfafus of geography as a culfural and pracfical supiecf for sfudy and invesfigafion. 158 IEPSILON CHAPTER Epsilon cnapler localecl 'al Tennessee Slale Is Ilrme only clmapler oITl1eIa Alpha Pnl localecl on a Negro Universlly campus.Tl1isIralernal group malces Hs appeal Io Jrlmose per- sons wl'1o excel In dramalic ancl allleol arls. ll is open Io Iacully members as well -as sluclenls. THETA ALPHA PHI OFFICERS JOE WILLIE STEELE ..... W. D. COX ......... MRS. MADELYN HOUSTON . I-IYBURNIA WILLIAMS . . . MRS. I-IELEYNE WILI-IOITE . . ROSARY HARPER .... DR. TI-IOMAS E. POA6 . . . . Presidenl Vice-Presiclenl . . Secrelary . . Treasurer . . Hislorian . . Reporfer . . Aclvisor KAPPA DELTA PI PA DELTA Pl OFFICERS DOLORES MQIVER . MADALYN MEADORS . OLADYS MCKINNEY . DELILAH MATTHEWS . . DR. T. A. LOVE . . . ELEANOR JONES . . . MRS. GERALDINE B. FORT . Presidenf . .Vice-Presidenf Assisfani Secreiary Secreiary Treasurer Reporfer . Advisor Kappa Delia Pi, I-ionor Socieiy in Educaiion, proposes To promoie a high professional and inieileciual sfandarci among Hs members. Thorough scholarship as a basic prep- ararion for a reaching career is one of fhe Jreners of The campus chaplrer. 160 :BETA PSI A INIaIionaI Honorary Business Teachers Frarerniry, Pi Omega Pi is composed of Ieacners and porenrial Ieacners of business educarion. Bera Psi Cnapier, on Tennessee Srare campus, exisrs Io rosIer among Irs members a Iiign eII1icaI and IoroiessionaI srandard based on II'1e id'eaI of service. CHAPTER Pl OMEGA Pl GFFICERS ELEANOR MQCRARY . . JEWEL EWIN6 . . BEULAI-I WALDEN . . NANCY WILLIAMS . . BETTY GREER . . . MISS C. R. ROBINSON . . . . Presidenf Vice-Presidenf . . Secrefary . . Treasurer . . I-Iisjrorian . . . Advisor I GAMMA ETA CHAPTER: DELTA PI OFFICERS WILLIAM THOMPSON . . NORMAN SPENCER . . EDNA ELLIOTT . . ELEANOR JONES . . DR. A T. WATKINS . . Vice- Presidenr Presidenf Sec rela ry Treasurer . Advisor Sigma Della Pi, Naiional l-lonor Socieiy lor siuclenis oui- sianoling in Spanish, exisis +o promoie a "Good Neighbor" policy ancl a culiural inleresi in Spanish speaking people. A+ Gamma Eia chapier, which is Jrhe only aciive chapier on a Negro campus, members are selecied on ihe basis ol scholarship. 162 Tennessee Slale Universily's Gamma Clmapler ol Sigma Rlwo Sigma l-lonor Sociely has as ils cliiel aims llie encour- agemenl ol sludy and researclw in flue lield ol social scienceg llie recognilion ol acliievemenl in llie field and llie promo- lion ol cooperalion among sludenls in The lield ol lwuman relalions. :G A M M A C H A P T E R RHO SIGMA OFFICERS HELENE W, wEsT . . . WILLIAM R. THOMPSON . SARAH FRAZIER . . coRDELL SLOAN . . HoRAcE sfwfxea . . Presidenf Vice-Presidenl . . Secrelary . Treasurer . . Advisor PI DELTA PHI OFFICERS GEORGE BERRT '....... . . .Presidenf FRANK FRASER . . . . .vice-Pfesrdeni INEZ MITCHELL . . . . . Recording SecreTary MYRTLE JOHNSON . corresponding seaemy DR, ALMA T. WATKINS . . . .Advisor 32-ff TA OMICRON CHAPTER: Members OT BeTa Qmicron chapTer OT Pi DelTa Phi na- Tional French honor sOcieTy were selecTed Tor membership in The OrganizaTiOn On The basis OT Their general excellence in scholarship, speciTically in French and French liTeraTure. The newly insTalled chapTer was ushered inTO exisTence by Dr. James O. Swain, UniversiTy OT Tennessee romance lan- guages and liTeraTure head wiTh The assisTance OT Dr. James S. PaTTy, also OT The UniversiTy OT Tennessee. IS FOR INSTITUTAES 3 V f , rw "' rv.-Q. V , MS INSTITUTES The Honorable Frank G. Clemenf, Governor of 'l'he S+a+e of Tennessee was keynore speaker for rhe Annual ' Markeling Clinic. Top: James A. Farley received +he key To ihe Cily of Nashville from Mayor Ben Wes? upon his arrival here 'lc speak al lhe Career Con- ference. Bo'H'om: The Middle Tennessee Business lns+i'l'u+e meel is a considerable assel' 'ro 'rhe lis'l' of Insliruies and Workshops which meer on our campus. 31125521 The Nafional Associafion of Merkel Developers meels on our campus each year in conneclion wiih fhe Markefing Clinic. The Homemaking lnslifule brings fo 'Phe cam- pus exper+s in fhe field of homemaking 'From orher lands. The Cosmelology Insfilule aH'rac+s local beau- ficians as well as fhose ladies inreresled in lhe la+es+ hair sfyles and make-up a+ +he hands of well-known cosmerologisrs. The Na'I'ional Insurance Associafion held Hs firsl' Ins+iI'uI'e on Ihe campus during 'Ihe summer of I955. The Coaching Clinic, wiih Shannon I.i'HIe as iis direcior, has had 'Iwo meelings on 'Ihe A. and I. campus. Presideni Davis congraiulafes 'Ihe New Home- makers of America a-I' fheir 'lenfh anniversary celelaralion on 'Phe campus. Top: Boys Sfalers ai' 'rheir annual meeling on A. and I. campus gel' a big kick our of shaking hands wifh Irhe Governor. Bollom: The Garden Club Workshop is a special proiecl of hor- 'IicuI+uris'I' Neil McAI pin X, I Q2 l, ' 25 s Qi IS FOR . FRED VALENTINE . ROBERT WILLIAMS . MARGARET MARTIN MORRIS GODDARD . DR. ROBERT S. COBB MRS. A. DUNN JONES OFFICERS . . Presidenr Vice-Presidenf . . SecreIary . . Treasurer . . Advisor . . Advisor .IUNI-OR FICERS E Birdie L. Alexander Willie Andress Florence Bailey Hazel Aslcins Clarence Bra-ncl1, Jr. Wal+er Caldwell Florence C. Briggs Edna Casenave Mildred Clyde Howard Chubbs Earlene Corder Mildred Dolson Izella Covingion Charles E, Dowell Alber+ Duff THE JUNIOR CLASS OF fi NINETEEN FIFTY-SIX FIRST ROW: Roosevel+ Evans Sarah J. Frazier Calvin B. Glover Rufus W. Flagg Geneva Frieson SECOND ROW: Susie M. Hamler Minnie Hendricks Thelma Jackson Samuel G. Hari' EHon R. House Ver+ie Jarre+'l' Lois A. Jenkins Myrlle J. Johnson Dorofhy M. Jones Richmond E. Kinnarcl Maxine A. Loclcerf JeanneHe Lof+ies Vera Lyle Evan D. McKissic: Jr. Elmer Majors MaHie P. Majors Early N. Marshall, Jr Shirley C. Murray Donna Myers Flem B. Oiey THE JUNIOR CLASS QF NINETEEN FIFTY-SIX FIRST ROW: ' lcla C. Par-iriclge ClaucleHe Pradcl John L. Rucker Gloria D. Penn Charles Raine A SECOND ROW: George Ruffin Alberi' D. Smarl' Priscilla J, SmH'l1 Eugene Slaugl1+er Mildred J. Smifh I ii -1.. , .... ..,.. 2 .. N...-H ,,.,.,. Jn- - Leaiha B. Sparks Norma Sfubblefielcl Jacques R. Thames Caiherine Thomas Samella Thomas Ronalcl Threallcill Thomas E. Torian l'larrie'H' Hershey Winrow Faye Wi Mae E. Williams G. Walker Ruby Young Whi+e lliams La Foncle Williams Ralph Williams Pearline Wrighl' Henry William Young IS FOR KALEIDOSCOPE 5 v , S 2 i' il ,- -' A5 Q.vzaxw,s:wA,Qm1wz4:a5mmze,1mw,w:.MfywL-,wkmwymmyW.-,MmmM.Jwm,,4mWAw.Aw.A...mMW..-,.W,W4.W,,.M.vN,M,,m.wW,.s..N,,: u.W.A,.M,.X..,,..,,..,....,..A.......,.,....x,...,.,-... ..., .A.......-... ,.... WYVWY , DR CR UMP ,S , T IN M RUSSIAN ROULETTE DISCUSSION IT FALLS ON U A MESSACQE P ELLAS HERE AND ON THE SHIPS AT SEA U T BUT . . . LOOTENANT 5: Aim NOBODY sur TOMMY The fhree C's, Campbell, Cuff, ancl chess A , ., ., ,. ,, VW., WW.v.m.K-mglwwmffl-wwwwmwmlmmwm-'ww'nrsnamwJSNSZYQHkelwrieiimaiwzl Sl-oclringecl-Fool' girl wilh cheeks of +an in her Bermuda panlaloons. Top: All Ayeni s+uclen+s know and love +he Snack Bar personnel. This concession, loca'l'ecl in 'lhe Recrealion Hall, is under lhe able clireclion of congenial George Hughes. KALEIDOSCOPE BoH'om: The Campus Beauly Shop, localed in lhe base- menl' of Hale Hall, is operalecl, wilh sluclenl- help, by Mrs. Lillie Caldwell. Monfgomery, Sondra, and Smi'H'y appraise one of +he programs iusi' off 'rhe press before con+inuing wifh Hue iob. The work of These sfurdenfs is supervised by Mrs. Mary Jackson and Mrs. LoreHa Perry. SmiHy, Doris, and Monfgomery are engaged in fhe opera+ion of one of The presses locafed in ine Duplicafing Deparrmeni. II-'ii I UBRARY IS FOR LYCEUM DEPARTMENT OF LIBRARY SCIENCE The Library Siaff consisls of Firsl Row lS'rancling, Lefl' fo Righllx Mrs. Poriia Payfes, Mrs. Blanche Parsons, Miss Collye Riley. Mrs. Lillian Barbour, Mrs. 'Margaref Campbelle, Miss Modesfine Young, and Mrs, Bessie F. Kean. Second Row: Miss Vallie Powell and Miss Bealrice Gilberf. Head librarian is Miss Lois Daniel lsealedl. Members of 'the Library Service Facully are lLef+ +0 Righll: Mrs. Bessie F. Kean, Miss Lois Daniel, who heads 'the deparf- menr, and Miss Collye L. Riley. LIBRARY SERVICE FACULTY Sfudenls siudy in modernisiic surroundings in Ihe Reference- Periodicals Room of 'rhe library. Local ci 'ly school children visi'l' an exhibil of painiings by French children in +he library foyer. LIBRARY STAFF William Warfield, barirone, as 'ihe iirs+ Iyceum aHraci'ion of The season, fhrilled a capaciiy crowd in The Universify gymnasium wiih his classical and spiriiual rendifions. The Housion Symphony Orchesira appearance in rhe Universify gymnasium feaiured +he mas+eriul 1-echnique of a guesf conduc-ror, Miiion Kaiims of 'ihe Seaiile Symphony Orchesira. Theodore Uilmann, pianisf, appeared in ihe Universiiy Audiiorium as fhe ihird a'Hrac'rion on 'rhe lyceum ar'l'isi's series. 182 L Y C E U M PROGRAMS i i As a special a'H'rac'Hon 'Phe Universiiy presenied fin Aprill fhe fashion exfravaganza "Fligh+ ln'ro Spring," feafuring H-me famous model Doroihea Towles. The Housfon Symphony Orchesfra appeared as +he second a'Hrac+ion in The lyceum series a+ Tennessee S'ra+e Universify. ,.,maW,,,,..W W,-.WW..,-...,..,,, ,, f .W , - s MATHEMATICS MODERN FOREIGN LANGUAGES MUSIC IS FOR DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS Included in 'Ihe Malhemarics Deparlmenf I7acuI+y are, Lefi' Io Righ'I: Dr. A. V. Boswell, Mrs. Annie G. H. Sasser, Lee Howard Penningfon, Mrs. Rober+a Dabney, Clinron E, Jones, and Miss Joyce Venable. Dr. Theodore A. Love, deparlmeni' head, is sea+ed. Some know The sum, some don"I MATHEMATICS CLUB OFFICERS GWENDOLYN ELLIOTT ..... .... P residenf ARTHUR WOODS . . . . .Vice-Presidem' MARGARET MARTIN . , . .Secrerary BENNIE CONNERS .,... . .Treasurer MISS SADIE GASSAWAY . . . . .Advisor DR. THEODORE A. LOVE ............ Advisor The imporiance of marhemarics in orher fields of siudy is siresseol by Ihe Marhemarics Club. Irs members discuss melhemelical books and oiher Iiier- aI'ure as well as presenl-day developmenis in Ihe field. These acriviries help Jrhe malhemaiics siudenr Io enjoy marhemarics more fully and affords rhe opporruniry for counsel along academic and non- academic lines. The game of maihefmafics under The fufelage of Mrs. Sasser DEPARTMENT OF MODERN FOREIGNA LANGUAGES Members of The faculiy of 'The Modern Foreign Lan- guages Deparimeni' are shown lLef+ 'io Righ+1: Dr. D. Ella V. Toms lMrs. Ellisl, Dr. Virginia Nyabongo, Miss Lurelia Free- nian, Depar+meni' hea-cl Dr. Alma T. Wailcins, and Mrs. M. E. Johnson. LOS BUENOS VECINOS, SPANISH CLUB OFFICERS SHERMAN E. DIX . . .... Presiclenf WILBERT DAVIS . . . . .Vice-Presidenf MARGARET LESTER . . . . . Secreiary WENDELL COLLINS . . . ,Treasurer DR. ALMA T. WATKINS . . , A Adyiggr Los Buenos Vecinos is The Universiiy Spanish Club open ro all siuclenis of Jrhe Universily who have an inieresi in Spanish civilizaiion and culiure. LES AMIS DE LA FRANCE OFFICERS MEHARRY LEWIS ......... ..... P resideni' F. M. THOMAS . . . .Vice-Presidenl' WILL ANN MAYS .... . . . Secrelary W. W. THOMAS ...... . . .Treasurer MRS. MARY E. JOHNSON . . . . .Advisor Les Amis cle la France, an organizaiion composed of sfuclenis enrolled in French classes, develops an ap- preciarion for The language, liieraiure, and culiure of The French people and acquainis The siuclenr wirh rhe conrribuiions rhar France has made To socieiy. V 3 'N V 5 . A i . 3 - - Piciured members of Ihe Music Deparfmenl' faculfy are: Firsi' Row lS+anding, Lefi' +o Righfl: Miss Lois Towles, Mrs. Maurine S. Francisco, Miss Gladys Black, Miss lcla Marie Williams, Mrs. Marie Brooks Slrange, Mrs. Wilhelmina Tay- lor. Second Row: Frank T. Greer, Samuel Jackson, Bren'I'on Banks, John Sharpe, Eclclie Goins and Anceo M. Francisco. Dr. Edward Lewis, Music Deparfmenl head, is seaiecl. Miss Es+her Cook is noi' shown. DEPARTMENT OF MUSIC MUSIC EDUCATORS NATIQNAL CONFERENCE OFFICERS DANIEL WARD . . ...... . . . Presidenr ANDREAL CARTER . . . . Vice-Presiclenr AVIS UPSHAW . . . .Secrelary PAUL E. MEACHAM . . . . .Treasurer DOLPHUS SPENCE . . . Reporfer The purpose of The Music Eclucaiors' Naiional Con- ference is io slimulare professional growrh in Jrhe fielcl and lo provide a creaiive ouller for laleni and skill, This or- ganizalion is open ro all music majors who have a 2.0 aver- age and above. One faecal of aclivify in fha Depar+menI' of Music +ha+ cannol- be denied is -Ihaf of Ihe Universify Marching Band - 1 ISF NEWS B H lui PEE 523 'J' r 1 1: 1" ZH A --Q li' U vs 15 5 gi? ii 5 H E 2 W gl E E3 S 2 fi E. Q E Q 2 SE E g E 13 5 5 E E E E 3 E S 2 5 B I w 4 1 5wsfslnsaazzamafiaaiizxaieiaf:gHa1s-wef:15n'r1r:r12m?Qsil2aaieE's::f:wssmwvfm1urumm1mmu4irsfa'w?:ax2mfexcevfeeJvmrfwsaflmwfennwwwmwawnuznlvmum xnneuwmzu,:n,uw1.vu'aww-.tx zwezmmzmsuvsnwueiuzxmaufrIwwum:mia-muilmwiswemms'2I1mmuwmuummwwwmavwwwmemwmmnxzasxm meal A- F . M ,st :ima SQ 1 Q A, si? , iw.. .3 -awfm 2 0 M , ,lxx , W! Ya v v e of XC, fgfwfnvk rj- ff Ar GLN ww AW? AMW Yfzvll ' "ME HKUZJWISY A, J I 5 I 1 I I I 5 1 5 5 1 3 s 5 Q 5 R , 5 , IS FDR. GRIENTATION rm' Regisfraiion is a process which upperclassmen fake in siricle while freshmen some+imes End if very confusing. IENTATI UNIVERSITY COUNSELLORS OFFICERS JAMES ARMSTRONG . . . . Presidenr SAMUEL ROBINSON . . . .Vice-Presideni DOLORES MCIVER . . .Secrerary GENSIE SULLIVAN . . . ,Treasurer DR, VIRGINIA NYABONGO . . . .Advisor The Universiiy CounseIors is an organizaiion composed of siudenis of sophomore rank or above. Members are seIecIecI on The basis of personaliiy, scholarship and oui- sianding qualifies of leadership. Their chief aim is Io aid new siudenis in making good adiusimeni Io Universiiy Iiie. Valediciorians and SaIu'IaI'orians from various high schools in 'rhe SI'a'Ie and Nafion who had one Ihing in common for sure--The idea of mafriculaiing ai Tennessee Siaie Universiiy. They are all mem- bers of Jrhe freshman ciass of I955-56. 41- S 1 Siuclenl' Healfh Service Personnel, lLe'F'l' 'ro Righflz Alberfa Wafkins, R.N.g Queen Washinglon, R.N.: H. H. Walker, M.D.g Sludem' Healfh Service Direclor, John Thomas, M.D.g S. P, Harris, D.D.S.g Miss Anna Roberfs, secre+ary: Clara Burney, R.N. Miss Ernesfine Marlin and Miss Rosa Mimms are noi' shown. A +horough physical examinalion is a regular par'r of fhe freshman orienlafion program. Library usage is laugh? fhe 'Freshmen :luring +heir firs+ weelc of college by a helpful and sympafheiic library s'raFF. ORIENTATION Top: The annual 'Freshman mixer some'l'imes favors a seeihing 'ieeming mass of arms and legs-bui- everyone has a good -Hme. BoHom: Freshman 'Week provides a +es'Hng program which is devised for 'Phe purpose of placement PHYSICS POLITICAL SCIENCE PSYCHOLOGY IS FOR OF PHYSICS PARTMENT The faculfy of fhe Physics Depar+meni' consis+s of, Lefi' fo Righ+ Dr. Rober+ Ellis and Dr. James A. Lawson, head of +he c.lepar+men+ Elechonically speaking . . IFS some kind of graph Now you press 'lhe middle valve down fr Y , 'Q f' 'Ms The Poliiical Science Facully includes, leff 'Io righ'I: Bernard Chad- wick, Dr. Susie O. Bryanf ldepar+men+ he-acll and Cornelius Jones. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB OFFICERS EZEKIEL BELL . . . . .Presidenf WILLIAM GARDNER . . I .Vice-President MARGARET LESTER , I ,Secrefary WENDELL COLLINS . . , .Treasurer MISS LOIS MCDOUGALD . . . Advisor The Infernefrional RelaTions Club is a nalional organiza- Tion whose members are chiefly inTeresTed in inlernalional relaTions wiTh a View To beTTer undersiancling oi The peoples o1fallnaTions. DEPARTMENT OF POLITICAL SCIENCE Top: A 'rypical class in polilical science in Ihe informalily of class- room discussion. Boiiom: Poli+ical Science classes are offen con conducfed by sfudenis. R a'4iEf""' L, ff' 'Q f fii, III: - E. I il gffaf' ' A I BH l--ill I Fe Peomss CHCHQ2 I nn . , Ii as-X ,W M l., sw mmm Mum mmm 'Wnm DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHOLOGY Members of fhe Psychology Deparlmenr faculfy shown s+ancling, Lefl' 'lo Righ+: Mrs. Gloria Massie, Eugene Runyon, Dr. F. J. D. McKinney, Calvin Afchinson, Mrs. Elise Hope, Miss Eclna WhiH'aker. Dr. M. I. Claiborne, deparfmen+ heacl, is sealed. PSYCLOLOGY CLUB OFFICERS JAMES T. MITCHELL . . . A .Presidenl CLAUDETTE TINSLEY . . A , .vice-Pre-Sadeni YVONNE BRYANT , . . . . .seefefsry ELEANOR MARTIN . . .Assislanf secfewfy MARSHALL WARE . . . . . .Treasurer C. O. ATCHISON . . . .Advisor The Psychology Club membership is open To majors and minors ol The deparimenl as well as To all members of The Universiiy family inleresieol in The exchange of views of mulual inleresl in The lielcl ol psychology. An eye reaclion fesf is given, 5ubmi'H'ecl lo, and observed keenly Sfudenfs in psychology learn, firsl' hand, one of 'rhe modern forms by sfudenfs in psychology. of fesfin Q. IS FOR QUEUES E 2 fc ' fi e I I. 4 f 1 S Q. I N 1, 7 5 K F 1' f ' ' J 5 Y , , L, 5 1 - - 5 The queue ends on 'Phe ofher side of ine 'door M, mx ef, 7 X , i 'Q' uw" . V . MM . vw . 444 325, 1 .V V t, x fwikwsj xxgci . . , 53.1. . W w ' '53 f 5 -Q.,-MQ . 5 . , ' in 5 ," . HT. u 1 If if :gi ., " L' ,ffiiv ,J A 'fe ,515 .s, X ,i X' . Wy -g fi-f ., , 11: A fx by , '- ' 1 K H n' ' S u fw if 4' ' 5' .s,, . ,. 1243 - 31: V .ee A N A gfwl f , , 1. '- - :vi 4-ff"-f 1: Ky..-:..1L I f, fa , E 7 ya- ., ,fy .I ,,.::,-,Hsu Wessex X g- Q r. , x K -Tl. , '4.gX-3W,rs ,f-- - 1., A R P I MF--"Mx: . , g -- -,L ,ef ff- A ' 1 ' .. . , x X ' A , 'Q New 4 fm 1'-9'-H-2 A' 1 - ' 11' WAV Aww 1- Qf- 7--z14:'w-'-:aww Q '95 ' , X L, , .e3,1vf: - are f,W.e,.-. ,mi , ' V ' A Q vi' 'NswNt" :"f .- 5 5. f M Q -N Qf A X,Af1su4wY4m e:i" ?U ffS?f- A ueue af fhe end Commencemenf X e,V,w.,. fs 'W . , A., vw- M ' v XE Aw, ' V , , A, :- '9X, ,.x 'z.," IS2? F,'Q'x-- .,-.xfk 3 5- X L Q' f few Y' Nevis ,M 2-' e 'F N N Y A queue in fhe road and a queue in The fence Queueiies A queue fc begin wifh fRegisfra'rionl ' ffwftif f' -'U in RELIGIOUS EMPHASIS RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATIONS IS FOR RELIGIOUS EMPHASIS WEEK Tl-le Rev. Marlin Lullwer King of Monigomery, Alabama, was fhis year's Religious Emphasis Weelx speaker. He is surrounded by 'Phe presidenfs of'll1e YMCA, Sfuclenf Council and YWCA. A Quief Hour program on 'rhe lawn of 'rhe Adminislralion Building A Religious Emphasis Week candle ligl'1+ing service wiih songs and a+ nighi' creafes a permealing almosphere for solemn worship. prayer is enioyecl by sfudenfs of all faiflws on fl-ie campus. STUDENT OFFICERS SHERMAN E. DIX . . CLARISSA E. ALLEN . , CHARLES E, DOWELL , , ALBERT D. SMART . . MRS. L. B. WATSON . DR. A, A. THOMPSON . . . . , .Presiclen+ Vice-Pre-sidenl' . . .Secrefary . , Treasurer , . . Advisor . . . Advisor OFFICERS ERNEST MCNEIL , . ....,. . . . President WILLIAM SANDERS , . . .Vice-Presidenf CLARISSA ALLEN . . . , Secrelarv JAMES MANN . , INTERFAITH COUNCIL . .Treasurer CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION The Sludenl Chrislian Associalion combines The Young Women's Chrislian Associalion and The Young Menls Chrislian Associarion in a fellowship of men and women worlcing Iogelher Io re-eslablish a spirilual basis for hope and courage, Ihar Ihrough unired efforls a saner com- radeship may be developed. The lnler-Failh Council is composed of represenlalives from each religious Tailh organizalion on The Campus. This gives each religion a voice in campus religious ahfairs. EZEKIEL BELL . . . RUTH E. HARDING EARLINE BROWN . ALBERT SMART . . . CHRISTINE LEWIS BERNICE JONES . SAMUEL ROBINSON HUGH ELLA WALKER OFFICERS . . . . . . , . ,SuperinIendenI . . . . . Secrerary . . . . AssisIanI Secrefary . . . Assislranf Superinrenderd . . . . . . . .Treasurer TEACHERS . . . . . . . . 4 Senior CIass . . . .Junior CIass . . . Sophomore CIass DR. A. V. BOSWELL , , ...,. Advisor The Sunday School is composed primarily of coIIeqe sruderirs, facuIIy members and rheir families who are in- Ieresred in Chrisiian IeIIowship and Sunday School work. CoIIeqe srudenfs voIun'reer Iheir services as Ieachers. MARVIN COUSIN SYLVESTER COLLINS BETTY MILLER , , . HILLARY PARKS . BENSON L. DUTTON OFFICERS . , . Presidenr . . . Vice-Presideni . . . Secrefary . . Treasurer . , . Advisor The Canlrerbury CIub provides an opporruniiy for sru- denis Io receive Ihe Ieachings and Iiife of ChrisI Ihrouqh Jrhe Tairh and pracrice of Ihe EpiscopaI Church. II is a religious organizaiion sponsored Ioy Ihe Proresranr Epis- copal Church for srudenrs of The EpiscopaI icaiih. Sfudenrs of orher denominaiions, however, are weIcome Io join. SUNDAY SC HOOL CANTERBURY CLUB BAPTIST STUDENT UNION OFFICERS I-IILLARY PARKS, JR. . . . . . PresidenI MARY WEAKLEY . . . .Vice-Presidenf EDNA WILLIAMS , . . . Secre+ary ALBERT SMART .... . .Treasurer MRS. M. S, DAVIDSON . . . .Advisor S. E. ORINSTEAD . . . ..... ....... A dvisor Sponsored by The Bap+isI SIudenI CenIer aI 2023 Jefferson SIreeI Ihe BapIisI S+uoIenI Union has as ifs aim Ihe providing of a reIreaI for prayer and mediIaIion Io Ihe sIudenI body in order IhaI Thanks may be offered for all blessings received, The organizaIion's membership is open Io all sIudenIs of Ihe BapIisI Iailrh. OFFICERS WILLIAM SANDERS ........ .... P residenf HILLARY PARKS . . . . ,Vice-Presidenf RUTI-I I-IARDIN6 . ...... Secrefary GEORGIA BROWN . . . . .Assis+an'r Secrefary ROBERT WILLIAMS . . . ..... Treasurer MRS. KATHLEEN POA6 .... . . .Advisor MISS CATHERINE MARYLAND . . . . .AGIVISOF The Mefhodisfr SIudenI MovemenI' is an inI'ernaIionaI organizaIion of MeIhodisI slfudenfs on coIIege and uni- versiIy campuses. I+ has for iIs overall purpose: "To de- velop a working Iellowship among Ihe sIudenIs in Ihe various insIiIu+ions of higher Iearningf' The Tennessee S'raIe Universilry c:hapIer is in iIs Ihird year. METHOD ST S T U D E N T U N I O N MOVEMENT SCIENCE EDUCATION SECONDARY EDUCATION SOCIOLOGY SOPHOMORE CLASS SPEECH AND DRAMA SWIMMING STUDENT COUNCIL IS FOR DEPARTMENT OF SCIENCE EDUCATION Lef+ 'lo rigl1+ are 'I'l1e members of lhe 'fuclfy of 'Phe Depar+menf of Science Educafion. They are: Miss Cafherine Maryland, Dr. W. N. Jackson who heads fhe Deparfmenl, and Alfred Tyler. Fealuring Jrhe carbon arc lighf willw Hs lwypnofic powers al work Ready lor acllon as soon as llwe pouring is over f ' AJTWP K 'J-'f 9 Rlk ii DEPARTMENT OF SECONDARY EDUCATION A pracTice Teacher in physical educaTion shows young Pearl High sTudenT' how To baT like Willie Mays, while The oTher young hopeful capTures Thai' Campanella Crouch. The Secondary Eclucafion DeparTmen+ facuITy is composed of lsfancl- ing, Iefi' To righflz Dr. Malcolm Williams, Mrs. Grace C. Jones, Dr. William J. Simmons, Ira A. Genfry, Mrs. RuTh Powell. SeaTed is Dr. H. A. Bowen, Chairman of The School of EducaTion. Depar+- meni- head Mrs. Cecille Crump, Mrs. Rose Robinson, and Mrs. Ro- berTa Peclcly Wrighf are noi' shown, OFFICERS EZERIEL BELL . . . ...... I IPESSILIERI WILLIAM GARDNER . . . .viEe,PfeSIdEn+ JUANITA DAVIS . . . ,seaeiafv SAMUEL ROBINSON . , . . .Treasurer MRS. ROBERTA R. WRIGHT , . . . . .Advisor The organizaTion OT The l:uTure Teachers oT America Turnishes Tor The Teacher, a workshop in which To malce plans and devise meThods OT implemenTing Their repsonsibiliTies To improve The educaTional Services To The chilcl and To adulTS. IT also gives Tujrure Teachers an orgarIizaTiorI in which To STucly Their own problems and provides means by which all members of The proifession in The comrnuniTy may help Their school sysTems. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA PracTice Teacher in Biology lecfures Pearl High sTuclenTs on The line poinTs of dissecTing a frog. ,A . EI: 7 L , Z OFFICERS CQRDELL SLOAN , .,..... .... P residenf DORIS BARNETT . . . . .Vice-Presideni SYLVIA EVERETTE . . ...... Secrelary JANICE PITTS . . . . . Assislonl Setirelary ERNEST RHODES . ...., Treasurer HENRY MCDOWELL . . . . . . . Reporler The Social Science Club is composed of slrudenrs ma- ioring in Sociology, Social Adminisrrarion and Polirical Science, The obieciives of Jrhe organizalion are: lll 'ro serve as common ground for guiding srudenrs and promore clos- er relarionship loelween sfrudenls and Iaculfy in The de- parrmenrg l2l lo promole inrellecrual growrhy and l3l ro losfer social and recrealional development SOCIAL SCIENCE CLUB DEPARTMENT OF SOCIOLOGY AND SOCIAL ADMINISTRATION Members of 'rhe faculfy of ihe Sociology Depar+men+ shown sfand- ing Ileff 'Io righ'Il are Edward S. Temple, Mrs. Mabel Leafhers, Miss Nora L. Roy, and Mrs. Gladys Bu+Ier. Dr. A. A. Thompson, who heads Ihe depar-Imenf, is seared. Mrs. Kafhleen Poag is nof shown, Acquiring fhe lcnow-how Ihrough Ihe aid of geographic and demographic maps SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS OFFICERS FANNIE CARUTI-IERS . . . . Presidenr DONALD PERRY . . . . . Vice-Presidenr BARBARA WARE . . . . Secrerary WILLIAM GARDNER . . . . Treasurer GLORIA GLENN . . . . Assisranr Secrerary BENSON L. DUTTON . . . . Advisor DR. S. O. BRYANT . . . . . Advisor MRS. IVIABEL LEATI-IERS . . . Advisor Shown from Ieff are Gloria Glenn, Mr. DuHon, William Gardner, Donald Perry, and Fanny CaruII1ers. 213 ,ov Margarel' Ann Allen Nora Louise Ailas Be'H'y Bass Sam Bone, Jr. Jacquelyn A. Bush Dorolhy Bu'l'ler Evelyn E. Calhoun Carolyn R. Caru'rhers Fannie l. Caru'l'hers Rubye Chandler Jacqueline Coke Alfred E. Coleman Wendell Collins Jane F. CoHen Rubin Cooper, Jr. Velma L. CoHen Ka'l'herine Cravens Alyce B. Cunningham Angelyn Dal+on Coneva M. Davis Virginia L. Dean Bernice B. Delaney Donald Doss Edelweiss Downs THE SOPHOMORE CLASS OF NINETEEN FIFTY-SIX FIRST ROW: Mary E. Fason Eclifh P. Fi'Hs SECOND ROW: Andrew Harris Jewel E. Hahcield THIRD ROW: Henry Johnson Vassie J. Johnson BeH'ye Gadson William E. Gardner Jacqueline Hood Juline Irving L. Edward Jones JeFFie L. Keiih, Jr. Thelma Gordon Lesier Mae HamiI+on Juanifa Jenkins Allen Johnson Alcide cle Jean King Rose Lacefield Nora M. Lake Eleanor LaPracle l Dymus N. Lawrence Elige W. Lawrence, La Bora Y. Lee Margarei' Lesrer Edwin C. Lewis Annie F. 'Lincoln Willie W. McCain Rosa M. McClain James A. McCrimmon Ann D. Marlin Lois E. Mason Inez Mirchell Hasker G. Mil'cl1um Bena M. Murphy Lillie A. Nall Barbara Nealy Nepron O. Newell Madolyn Owens Julius B. Palmer Yvonne Perryman Aaron Powell Ransom S. Ri+l'er, J Grace A. Rober'l'son Alberra Robinson Ann Augus'l'a Scales BeH'ye A. Seay THE SOPHOMORE CLASS OF NINETEEN FIFTY-SIX FIRST ROW: Paul L. Sharpe Evelyn S. Shumaker Annie N. Simpson SECOND ROW: Ma++ie Lou Smi1'l1 Asalean Springlielcl Wallace F. Swann THIRD ROW: Beairice Triple++ Joe L. Tucker Consiance L. Turner Annie L. Smil'l1 Cora B. Smi'rl1 Doris Tolberl' Roberl W. Taylor, ll A. Doris Wakefield Hugh Ella Walker Pearlie lvl. Walfer J. Eclward Smiih, II Leon E, Smi'l'l1 Jo Ann Thomas Laura Townsend Ruby Walkins Willie Mae Williams 'WWI :' ImIIlISl Iliff!! The Speech and Drama faculfy includes Islandingl, lell Io righl: EIber+ Hardeman, Roberl J. R. Largen, W. Dury Cox, II, and Mrs. Madelyn B. Houslon. Dr. Thomas E, Poag lsealecll is 'the deparl- men'I' head. OFFICERS HYBURNIA WILLIAMS ......,. . , . Presidenl MORRIS GODDARD . . , Vice-Presidenl BARBARA FORD . . . . . . Secrelary JOE WILLIE STEELE . . . .Treasurer DR. THOMAS E. POAC5 .,......,...... Advisor The Tennessee Srale Players Guild is a laboralory in Ihe Deparlmenl of Speech and Drama lor majors and minors as well as olher sluclenls ol lhe Llniversily who have an inleresl in dramalic arl, The group presenls lour maior procluclions each year Irom The Greek plays lo moclern drama. VARSITY DEBATERS OFFICERS WILLIAM THOMPSON ....,... ,... P resiclenl WILBERT DAVIS .... . . . VicefPresidenI DATIE CARUTI-IERS . .... Secrelary FANNIE CARUTI-IERS . , . ,Treasurer ROBERT J. R. LARGEN ,.....,.,....., Advisor The Universily Deloalers parlicipale lreely in inlra- mural and inlercollegiale clebaling assignmenls. They were organized wilh The primary aim ol slimulaling slu- olenls in lhe arl of public oralory. Members of fhe Tennessee Slale Players Guild in a dramalic scene from Shakespeare! Ofhello. The Guild has been acclaimed locally and nalionally for ifs brillianl' inlerprelalions in fhe drama field. DEPARTMENT OF SPEECH AND DRAMA T. S. U. PLAYERS GUILD Pulling sTraws To see who geTs The TirsT dive J As The season opened The Tigersharks Taced six Tough meeTs in Their quesT Tor Their sevenTh naTional collegiaTe Tank Crown. WiTh Coach Tom Hughes, enTering his TenTh year as coach oT The swimming Team, was a crew OT I5 men led by CapTain Leroy Jones. Five oT The men were new addiTions To The Team. Among The newcomers To The swimming squad was Lee Derrick, senior and Three-leTTer TooTball halTbaclc, who won a breasT sTrolce posiTion wiTh The Team. The Tigersharlcs sTreal4 oT 32 consecuTive vicTories was broken aT The opening meeT oT The season when DePauw and Ball STaTe oT Indiana Topped Them in a Tri-angular session aT Muncie, ind. They wenT on To absorb anoTher deTeaT aT The hands oT SouThern Illinois UniversiTy beTore closing The season wiTh Tour vicTories and Two losses. Vic- Tories were over CenTral STaTe Twice, WesT Virginia, and Berea College aT Berea. Ky. OuTsTanding Tor The Tiger- sharl4s This season was CapTain Leroy Jones who broke nine records and seT new pool records aT Tennessee STaTe oT :23.4 in The 60- and 154.5 in The IOO-yard Tree sTyle races. Ahead by a crawl-on To The nexT lap Jus? an oplical illusion, folks. l-le's no+ really walking on fhe ceiling WIMMIN Pholo Idenfz Fronl' Row, Leff Io Righf: James Wes'I', Charles Rigby, William Dunlap, Charles Dobson. Second Row: Herberf Brown, John Mclnlosh, James Allen, Leroy Jones, Leroy Brown, Hu- ber+ Crouch, Shellon Walker. Back Row: Coach Tom Hughes, Gilberf Tyler, Ar+ Griffa, Joe King, Manager. Jan. I3 a+ Muncie, Incl. Depauw Universily ...... 67 Ball Slale College . . . 52 Tennessee Slale . . .30 Jan. I4 a+ Wilberforce, Ohio Tennessee Slale ....... 61 Cenlral Siale . . . 23 Feb. 4 al' Nashville Tennessee Slale .... . . 72 Wesl Virginia Slalre . . . . I2 HUBERT CROUCH, JR. Nice going. fella-fhe besl' man won Middle Disfance ' SWIMMING SCHEDULE, I956 Feb. IO al' Carbondale, III. Tennessee Slale ..... Soulhern Illinois Universily . Feb. I I al Nashville Tennessee Slale ..... Cenlral Slale . Feb. I8 al Berea, Ky. Tennessee Slale ..... Berea College . LEROY JON ES Sprints GILBERT TYLER Breasf Stroke 4 "U'f'Y""" STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS EDWARD M. PORTER . . ..... Presidenr HOKE C-LOVER . . . ,......., Treasurer CHARLES R. HUDSON . .....,.. Vice-Presidenr ERNEST D. MCNEIL . . . . . . Public Relarions Direcror BARBARA BUSH . . . ........... Secrefary JAMES G. MANN .... . . Publicarions Board Member CHARLES DOWELL . . ........ Assisranr Secrerary DR. SUSIE O. BRYANT . . . ....,..... Advisor MRS. ANNIE G. I-I. SASSER ....,......... Advisor MEMBERS ROBERT KING PATRICIA S-MITI-I HOLLIS PORTER WILLIAM F. GREER ROBERT HOWSE CLIFTON JEFFERS LEROY JOHNSON The purpose of Ihe Srudenr Council is Io promore 'rhe general welfare of The Universiryg 'Io prorecr The general welfare of 'rhe Universiryq 'Io provide acrive parriciparion in srudenr aicfairs, and fo creare an infermediary berween facuI'ry and srudenfs in maH'ers of general welfare concerning The Universiry. OFFICERS JAMES E. ARMSTRONG . . . . . . . Presidenr ALBERT BAXTER ..... . .Treasurer ERNEST BROWN . . . ........, Vice-Presidenr DR. F. J. D, MCKINNEY . . , Advisor DOROTHA JOHNSON .........,..... Secrerary MRS. A. G. SASSER .... The In'rer-FraI'erniI'y Council is an organizarion which has as ifs primary aim Thar of sponsoring a more congeniaI relarionship be- DR. V. S. NYABONGO . . . ..... ..... A dvisor ..........Advisor Iween The frarernal organizarions on 'rhe campus af Tennessee Srare Universify. INTER- FRATERNITY COUNCIL Tl Il TENNIS TRACK IS FOR Members of Ihe Iennis squad shown wifh members of fhe Noire Dame squad are, Iefl' +o righlz Melvin Wa+son, Nofre Dame's Wally Clarke, Theodore Grizzle, player-coach Roberi' Ryland, Harry Smii-h and Bill Reale of Nolre Dame, and Wilberf Davis. Tennessee S+aIe players noi' shown in Ihe picfure are Vernon Morgan, Eulah Mae Brown, Ivy C. Ramsey. T E N N I S SCHEDULE Prairie View College ...... Kalamazoo Srare Teachers College Ball Slare College ...... Noire Dame ......... Kalamazoo Srale Teachers College Mid-Wesl Conference Tournamenl N.A.I.A., San Diego ..... . March 7 and 8 . . March 28 . . April 26 . . April 27 . .Apnlza . May I7 . .June WiII:er'I' drops a sofl' lol: info fhe corner The referee keeps a sharp eye on Ihe cour'I acfivily The neT caughT ThaT one Oof-poor verTebrae Time ou-f for a brea-il-,er Well done, Old Boy, wfell clone The Tennis Team Taces The season wiTh several naTional ranlcinq players which p'aces Them in a sTrong posiTion Tor honors This year. Player-coach RoberT Ryland heads The lisTg he is The l955 NaTional American Tennis AssociaTion champion and The SouTheasTern champion. Also on The Team is WilberT Davis who ranks TourTh naTionally in The ATA. raTinqsy Vernon Morgan who ranlcs TiTTh, and Theodore Grizzle, a newcomer To The Team. Two recenT memloers oT The Team are Ivy Cover Ramsey and Eulah Mae Brown. Miss Ramsey Tormerly ranlced sec- ond in The A.T.A. raTinqs Tor women, and Miss Brown is lasT year's winner OT The NaTional Junior girl's double championship. Double TaulT-our poinT and our serve Here if Comes - - - Try a shovel for sue 225 -ex' As The currenT Thinclad season opened, Twelve men answered The call Tor Coach Maclc. Five oT These were reTurning leTTermen, The oThers-recruiTs. ln The very TirsT meeT oT The year, The Track squad deTeaTed KenTuclcy STaTe 84 To 45 aT Franl4TorT, Ky. Coach Mack is hopeTul ThaT The opening meeT is indicaTive OT The perTormance oT The Team. We are hopeTul Too. OuTsTanding wiTh The Team is Willie STevens who has been acknowledged as The TiTTh besT hurdler in The counTry in The l2O-yard high hurdles. He holds The MidwesT Con- Terence record wiTh l4.2 in This evenT. OTher conTenders expecTed To boosT our sTocl4 are Richard CaTTey and Phil PeTrie. CaTTey who is a junior won TiTTh place in The naTional N.A.l.A. TournamenT lasT year in The 220-yard low hurdles. He broke The Mid-WesT Con- Terence record in This evenT wiTh a 23.6 Timing. Phil PeTrie is a disTance man who has shown greaT promise. Kneeling Trom leTTg T. C. Shane, Samuel Carnes, RoosevelT Evans, CurTis Henry, Charles Cole, Phil -PeTrie, Samuel McGee. STancling from leTT: Hezekiah Foreman, 'Willie Sfevens, Melvin Lamplrms, McNairy WaTers, James Buford, Richard Caffey, Kelly Fuller. Coach Richard Mack and Willie STevens measuring high hurdle Tor size 226 MEAN'S TRACK, 1956 Confesfanls brealcing away al' 'H1e sfarl' of +l1e gun in 'll1e Washinglon S+ar Games IOO-yard dash evenf. Grif, grum' ancl muscle are all evinced as fhis high lump ariisf rolls over 'Phe bar in -Hue high-iump evenf. J' Coach Edward S. Temple wifh Mrs. Jesse Ponds who is preseniing fhe championship frophy io Mae Faggs and Pafricia Monsanio. TRACK ' ' 'Rl 'Gs W As usual The Tigerbelles Taced The year wiTh The prospecTs oT a very suc- cessTul season. OuTsTanding on a Team oT ouTsTanding conTenders was graceTul long-limbed Isabelle Daniels and The remarlcable Mae Faggs, Mae is serving The lasT oT Tour brillianT years as a Tigerbelle. During her Traclc career she has managed To corral American and AAU records in The 220-yard dash as well as To serve on Two Olympic Teams. Isabelle was The sensaTion This year oT The Women's NaTional AAU indoor Traclc championships run in coniuncTion wiTh The WashingTon 5Tar Games on Jan. Zl aT The Armory. Isabelle broke one world indoor record and Tied an- oTher, She won The 50- and IOO-yard dash evenTs, Tying The NaTional AAU and world indoor record oT lI.I seconds Tor The IOO aTTer earlier seTTing The 50-yard record aT 5.8 seconds in The semi-Tinals. The IOO-yard record which Miss Daniels Tied was seT by a Tormer Tigerbelle, Jean PaTTon in l95I, and Tied in l952 by lvlae Faggs. During The currenT season, The Tigerbelles won Their TirsT naTional champion- ship meeT when They copped The Indoor NaTionals aT WashingTon, DC. The Tigerbelles won all Three places in The 5O-yard dash, a TirsT and second in The IOO-yard dash: a TirsT place in The 220-yard dash, and a TirsT place in The 440- yard relay race. They were oTT To an auspicious sTarT. Te 'X The-N. NT WOMEN'S TRACK 1956 STancling, LeTT To RighT: Lorene Holmes, Yvonne Macon, Isabelle Daniels, CharleseTTa Reicldicli. SeaTed: MargareT MaTThews, Lucinda Wil- liams, Mae Faggs, Ella Ree Turner, Coach Edward S. Temple. ,Q-ssisf emi? li I Q UNIVERSITY IS FOR UNIVERSITY HPER- Building-From 5 new angle Wilson and Hale Halls, clormilories for +he girls ,AV X 'Q 'Y 1 f a I y Q 4 Memorial Library-a haven for 'rhe bool: hungry Home of fha campus engineers I The Adminisiralion Building, 'Phe pipeline of Universily acfiviiy Universi+y Farm Buildings 2f Zz'aKMWdV'Afl., BBW LH-, , f W, - X ' "Ti"- - W IS FOR... VARIETY 6' ' if 5 '4 if VARIETY The Home Economics mass feeding proiec'r made room for a good Noi' a conga line-IFS The Bunny Hop ole fashioned picnic Everybody came fo 'this one A The Freshman Banquei' was well affended +his year 234 W"?f 1. Blow man blow-1'ha+'s Ralph Marferie, able mas+er of fhe bafon and 'lrumpel' af lhe Homecoming Dance The Billy May Band-under 'rhe cool balon of Sam Donahue made "sounds" for 'lhe "Miss Charm "Mr. Esquire" Ball f L IS FOR WHO'SWHO WHO'S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES Firs'r Row: GEORGE L. ALTMAN ...... Goldsboro, N.C. Healfh and Physical Eclucafion CLARENCE BASS ........ Nashville, Tenn. Business Adminislralion EZEKIEL BELL ......... Memphis, Tenn. Hislory ancl Geography Second Row: EARLINE R. BROWN ...... Rockwood, Tenn. Business Adminislrafion BARBARA BUSH .......... F'I'. Pierce, Fla. Elemenlary Educalion WALTER CALDWELL ....... PuIasIci,Tenn. Heallh and Physical Educalion Third Row: REUBEN R. DAVIS .... . . Memphis,Tenn. Physics WILBERT DAVIS ....... . . New Yorlr, N.Y. Polilical Scien ce EDDIE EDWARDS ........ Ponliac, Mich. Agronomy FourI'h Row: GWENDOLYN ELLIOTT ....... Lawfon, Olxla. Malhemalics JEWEL M. EWIN6 ..... . . .NasI1viIIe,Tenn. Business Educafion BARBARA BASS HARRIS ...... LeIJanon,Tenn. I-Iislory and Geography Fiffh Row: EMORY H. HOLMES ....... NashviIIe,Tenn. Psychology CHARLES R. HUDSON ...... Nashville, Tenn. Chemisfry CLIFTON R. JEFFERS ..... . . Roxboro, N.C. PoIiI'icaI Science 1 .f WHO'S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES Firsl' Row: DOROTHA JOHNSON .... . . Murray, Ky. Bioloqy RICHARD W. JOHNSON . . . Nasl1ville,Tenn. Mechanical Engineering EUGENE E. JONES ...,.. Woodlawn, Tenn. Malhemalics Second Row: IGARFIELD LILLARD ........ Nashville, Tenn. Business Adminislralion JAMES MANN .......... Monroe, N.C. Chemislry DOLORES A. MCIVER .... Forl' Huachuca, Ariz. Heallh ancl Physical Eclucalion Third Row: ERNEST McNElL .,.... . .Memphis,Tenn. Polilical Science LOIS M. MILLER ....... Yazoo Cily, Miss. Home Economics FANNIE MITCHELL . .... Mempl'1is,Tenn. English Fourlh Row: EDWARD PORTER ..... . . Olcmulgee,Olcla. Polifical Science CORDELL SLOAN ......., Nashville, Tenn. Sociology ARCHILENE TURNER ....... Nashville, Tenn. Business Educalion Fiflh Row: HENRY W. YOUNG ....... Memphis, Tenn Business Aclminislralion No+ Shown in Piclures: CHARLES DOWELL, Biology, Nashville, Tenn. MARGARET MARTIN, Malhemalics, Nashville, Tenn IS FOR XMAS K r ,.-.'..-- 2 X M A We sq, Wha+'s Chris+mas wi+hou+ a cloll? The order of 'Phe day is The walking kind Prexy's annual Xmas parly for fhe kiddies has become an insfi- lurion ai' Tennessee S'l'a+e. Sanfa Baby enioys il' loo. -: k . wig .,,,Qq.,., g fma,,K5 5' 5 X, R51 A H Q23 ZX JY 1' The symbol of +he day-a regular grancldacldy of a +ree llhaf should have come clown days agol siands ghoslly and neg- lecled. The s'l'udenl's have all gone home. ..5 ..-15,05 s - S-we ,f I Some+hing fo dream of-a While Chrislmas fvY7f""" sw -mi IS FOR YEARBOOK YESTERDAYS X s ln lhe early slages of Yearbook produclion Edilor Ewing and Pho- lographer Lillard compare noles. THE1956TENNESSEAN l956 TENNESSEAN NMXX. X X xx R Wwaadmw f Mornings, allernoons, and evenings devoled lo planning sessions is liow il all gol slarled. Scliedule aller schedule was prepared as we sel up sliop early in Seplernber and began slwooling individual class piclures. Salurday allernoon was sellled upon as a reg- ular weekly meeling dale. Qur gallierings were given over lo a discussion ol llie liow and wl-my ol piclure layouls, piclure planning and seleclion, copy wriling and ediling. We rolled along al a leisurely pace gelling somelliing done eaclw week, bul nol worrying loo much as lo llwe amounl, be- cause we were aliead ol our sclfiedule. As December came, passed, and January and February lollowed in like lasliion, we began lo slep up our lempo. Page aller page ol copy was cliecked oll and passed on. Marcli came. We began lo work al a lrenzied pace as our publislmer, liungry lor piclures and copy, breallied down our necks. We all became edilors, copy wrilers, and pliolograpliers as we slruggled lo meel our linal deadline. Collee and cokes llowed like waler as some ol us labored niglwlly over llie lasl pages. And lfiere il is. ll's all over now, bul llie sliouling. Tlial, we'll leave lo you. Yearbook staffers, somefimes knee deep in glossies, coniacf proofs and copy, are sealed llefl fo riglvll: Fannie Mifchell, Mary Muse, lrma Thomas, Susie JeFFries. Slandingz William Mifchell, Gail Walk- er, Alfred Waison. Dr. William L. Crump, Aclviser 'ro The Yearbook siaff Alas! Yearbooks have lo be unpacked Co-Advisor 'ro fhe Yearbook siaff, James A. Saunders, consulls willn Earl S. Clanfon, Ill, Pl1o'ro-Journalisi' and advisor on Yearbook PR s+aFFer Mrs. Ann W. Bell on pic+ure scheduling and YB copy. phofography, GARFIELD LILLARD, JR. GEORGE HILLMAN TENNESSEAN Sfaff Phofographer TENNESSEAN Staff Photographer T E N N E S S E A N THEOPHILUS DANZY JOHN OTEY DORIS DEBERRY TENNFSSEAN Sfaff Phorographer Orqanizafions Edilor Deparfmenfal Edilor .1 viii? K, ,I GENSIE SULLIVAN CLARENCE BASS Freshman and Sophomore Class Edifor Junior and Senior Class Edifor THOMAS A. NOWLIN OTIS BRANTLEY Snapshofs Edifor Sporfs Edifor ARTIE BATES EDNA WILLIAMS and LEON MONTGOMERY Favorifes Edifor Greek Edifors Cynfhia Thompson, -Former Track queen of fhe campus has had her ciies sei on a medical career. Now a sfudeni' af Meharry she is surrounded by some of 1-hose persons who had a hand in hellping her dream +0 become a realify. They are Fay Young, Dr. W. S. Davis, and Meharry presideni Dr. H. D. Wesf. Henry Arihur Kean, Jr., of Tennessee Sfafe bas- Shoi-pu-I' ariisf of a year back Pai' Monsan+o of keiball fame is serving wiih +he armed forces. Bay Side, New York. 248 f, My Mkxaipfw. s w 9, we 4. 4' .aff 1 BeHy Miller and Charles Thurman, popular sfu- denfs cluring 'lheir sfay a+ Tennessee Sfaie. He's a law sfuclenr al' DePauw Universify. . -Swim ' -'V 'Y - -sy A ' . .... 2 5 - " " A, - as sy 7, sv TX QW3"?:" .f1'VS'X:' 'QQ 2' ' Zfvf ' X W" " f Eg? N K' , 1 1 3 ' lf 'a ll' 4. ,, Q- s lr, 1 f 655, ' A 1 4 f f ef X 5 X f xpfs, 1 f 'ef 1' ,z 53 ,, if , ffl . wr W eu! A i ff' '- i g ' S" me :N ' ' Faye SuHon and Reggie Brown, now Mr. and Mrs., once held lhe fifles of "Miss Charm" and "Yearbook" Eclifor. Clarence Brownley, TSU Tiger guard of yesleryear. Y E S T E R D A Y S He was also foo+ball capfain of I954 foolball season. Famous Harlem Globefrollers Josh Grider and Clarence Wilson were presenfecl wifh cifalions for ou+s+ancling service during lheir A very glamorous "Miss Tennessee S+a+e" during her re recen+ frip lo fhe campus. I953-54, Lela Gracey is now' a Nashville cily school feac E , 3- Q .E s Z T z w T , ' Z I 5 , , , WZ f f I 249 1 imgnggzf V ,,', 11, .,,, ign her. .K my 9 :va M L , x .ggggxr 'N. , of fs- N 1 IST ZENITH Firsl' Row: ELEANOR ABSTON . ..... . . Ml. Julie'l', Tenn. English The Lirarary Guild MATTIE P. ALBEA ........... . . Dyer, Tenn. Elemenlary Educalion Association for C-h-ildhood Educarion lnlernalionfal, Fufure Teachers of America, Sludenf Chrisfian Associalion. FANNIE ALEXANDER ........... Murfreesboro, Tenn. Elemenlary Educarion Fulure Teachers of America CHARLES E. ARCHIE ............. Gas'ronia, N. C. Mechanical Engineering Bela Kappa Chi, American Sociefy of Melals, Omega Psi Phi Fralernfiy, Nafional Technical Associalion. LEROY J. AMAR . ..... .... B alon Rouge, La. Chemislry Bela Kappa Chi, Kappa Alpha Psi Fralernify, Newman Club Second Row: GLADYS ANDERSON ........... Newporl News, Va. Physical Educalion Delta Sigma Thefa Sororily, Heperrnols Club, Women's Arhlelic Associalion JAMES E. ARMSTRONG ....... Chernislry . .Chicago, lll. Arnold Air Sociely, Alpha Phi Alpha Fralernily, Inler-fralernify Council, Universily Counselors. JANET ARNOLD ........... . . Memphis, Tenn. Physical Educalion Hepermors Club, Wornen's Alhlelic Association BlLLlE JEAN ARTISON ......... . . Memphis, Tenn. Business Educalion Pi Omega Pi, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sororily, University Counselors, Flash- wri'rer's Transcription Club, CORDELIA ASKINS ............. Fayelleville, Tenn. Elemenlary Educalion Fufure Teachers of America, Tennessee Slafe Players' Guild, Associalion lor Childhood Educarion InVern,a'rional. THE SENIOR CLASS OF NINETE 252 TENNESSEE A.ANDI..STATE UNIVERSITY Firsl' Row: ELMER ASKINS, JR ........... . . . Nashville, Tenn. Agricullure Eclucalion New Farmers of America, Agronomy Club ROGERS E. BAKER .,..,...,. l-leallh and Physical Edu Hepermols Club, Biology DOUGIE E. BARBEE . . . . . Hislory Hislory Sludy Club DORIS EILEEN BARNETT - ....... Sociology Polilical and Social Science Club, Tennessee S Chrislian Associalion . . . .Nashville, Tenn. calion Club . . . Madisonville, Ky. . . Dyersburg, Tenn. fale Players' Guild, Siudenl CAMERON A. BARRON ......... . .J-aclcson, Miss. Chemislry Omega Psi Phi Fraierniiy, American Chemical Sociely Second Row: CLARENCE C. BASS, JR ...... . Nashville, Tenn. Accouniinq Alpha Phi Alpha Fralernify, Yearbook Staff, Fulure Business Leaders of America, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universilies RUBY JEAN BATTLE .......... . .Nashville, Tenn. Elemenlary Eclucalion JESSIE BEASLEY ................ Gallalin, Tenn. l-lome Economics Educalion Home Economics Club, Universiiy Choir EZEKIEL BELL . ........ i . . . Memphis, Tenn. H islory Alpha Kappa Mu, Sigma Rho Sigma, Phi Bela Sigma Fraferniiy, lnlernafional Relalions Club CLYD BOND . . ....... . .Denmarlr, Tenn. Agronomy Scrollers Club, Sludenl' Chrisiian Associalion, New Farmers of America Firsl Row: GLADYS BOND . . ........ . .Nashville, Tenn. Home Economics Home Economics Club MARY C. BRADLEY . ....,.... Hermifage, Tenn. Elemenlary Educaiion PARIS BRANSFORD ........ . . Hunlsville, Ala. Nalural Science Alpha Phi Alpha Fraiernily, American Chemical Sociefy, Sludenl Chrislian Associafion, Alabama Club. ERNEST L. BROWN ............. Greenville, Miss. Accounling Phi Bela Sigma Fralernify, Fufure Business Leaders of America, lnler- frafernify Council. GEORGIA ANN BROWN ....... . . Birmingham, Ala. Social Aclminisiralion Methodisf Sfudenl Movement Social Science Club, Alabama Club Second Row: REAVER E. BROWN ............. Yazoo Cily, Miss. Business Aclminislraiion Fulure Business Leaders of America MARY A, BUCHANAN ........ . . Trenlon, Tenn. Business Eclucalion Archonian Club, l'l,ale Hali Club, Sludenl Chrisfian Associalion EDISON L. BUGGS .......... . . Nashville, Tenn. Elemenlary Educalion ELIZABETH BURTON ........... . .Spar'fa, Tenn. Home Economics Educarion Home Economics Club, Melhodisf Sfudenf Movemenf, University Counselors FANNIE C. BURTON . ..... . Lebanon, Tenn. l-lislory History Sludy Club, Meislersingers, Sludenf Chrislian Associalion THE SENIOR CLASS OF NINETE 254 TENNESSEE A.AND I.STATE UNIVERSITY Firsl Row: :BARBARA BUSH ............ . . Forl Pierce, Fla. Elemenlary Educalion Della Sigma Thefa Sororily, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universilies, Association for Childhood Eclucalion lnfernarional ROLAND F. CAREY ........... . Lexinglon, Miss. Business Adminislraiion Alpha Phi Alpha Fraiernily, Fulureclausiness Leaders of America, University our. POLLY ANN CARR .......... . .Alcoa, Tenn. Business Educalion EDNA CARUTHERS ........... . . Lebanon, Tenn. Elemenla ry Ed ucalion Alpha Kappa Alpha Sororify, Fuiure Teachers of America, Associalion for Childhood Educalion Infernalional HELEN L. CASTLE ........... . . Nashville, Tenn. Elemenlary Educalion Second Row: RUBY CASTLEMAN ........... . . Nashville, Tenn. Elemenlary Educalion ANN RUTH CATO ........... . . Nashville, Tenn. Elemenlary Educalion V Della Sigma Thela Sororily, Associaiion for Childhood Educalion lnlernalional DOROTHY J. CHEATHAM ....... Elemeniary Educalion . . Nashville, Tenn. Della Sigma Thela Sororily, Associalion for Childhood Educalion lnfernafional FRANCES A, CHRISTMON ....... . . Nashville, Tenn. Elemeniary Educalion Associaiion for Childhood Educaiion Infernaiional, Young Women's Chrisiian Associafion, Future Teachers of America NELLE M. CLARDY ........... . , Tulsa, Oklahoma Foods and Nuiriiion Della Sigma Theta Sorority, Infer-fraiernify Council, Home Economics Club Firsf Row: RICHARD CLARK ............ .Nashville, Tenn. Kappa Alpha Psi Frafernily PAULINE E. CLAYBROOKS ...... . . Nashville, Tenn. Business Eclucalion ANNIE BEATRICE COLEMAN ..... . , Nashville, Tenn. Elemenlary Educalion Fulure Teachers of America, Associafion for Childhood Educalion lnlernalional EARNESTINE CRAWFORD . i D A 1 . I I Jackson' Tenn' . Physical Educalion FREEMAN COOPER """"' ' Nashville' Tenn' Zela Phi Bela Sororily, Women's Afhleiic Associalion, Hepermofs Club Psychology HUBERT B. CROUCH, JR ...... . . Nashville, Tenn. DONALD CORLEW ....... . . Dickson, Tenn. Biology Pclmcal Science Kappa Alpha Psi Fralernify, Swimming Team, Biology Club Polifical Science Club, Town Hall Club MERLA CROWDER ......... . , Nashville, Tenn. Elemenlary Educaiion Alpha Kappa Aloha Sororily, Universiiy Concerl Band, Fuiure Teachers or Second Row: Amergca LEONARD COWNGTON - - - ' JANIE E. CUNNINGHAM . ....... . .Cl1arles+on,S.C. l'llSl0VV Elemenlary Educalion Gamma Thela Upsilon, Hislory Sludy Club Fulure Teachers of America, Elemenlary Club THE SENIOR CLASS OF NINETEEN 256 TENNESSEE A.ANDgI.STATE UNIVERSITY Firsl' Row: ROSILYN D. CUNNINGHAM ...... . .Tuscaloosa, Ala. Business Adminislralion l-lala Hall Club, Flashwrilers Transcriplion Club, Alabama Club LEWIS W. CURTIS .......... . . Nashville, Tenn. lncluslrial Eclucalion TSU Technical Sociely, lnduslrial Educalion Club ELMIRA DANIEL ..... ....... M ouncl Bayou, Miss. Business Educalion WILLIAM DANIEL ........ . . . Birmingham, Ala. Eleclrical Engineering TSU Technical Sociely, Nalional Technical Sociely MARY E. DANIELS .............. NashvilIe,Tenn Elemenlary Eclucalion Second Row: WILLIAM R. DARWIN ........ . . Manchesler, Tenn Induslrial Educalion Kappa Alpha Psi Fralernily, lnduslrial Educafion Club DORIS DeBERRY ........... . . S+. Lousi, Mo Psychology Yearbook Slaff. Psychology Club, Sludenl Chrislian Associ,alion HUBERT E, DIXON . . ........ . . Nashville, Tenn Business Aclminislralion Fulure Business Leaders of America ISABELL DOUGLAS .............. Gallafin, Tenn I-leallh and Physical Educalion BUFORD DRAKE . . . .NashviIIe, Tenn Firsl' Row: LAUREN EDGAR DUFF ........ l-lisfory I-lislory Sludy Club JOSEPHINE DU NGEY ......... Elemenlary Educalion ANDREW DUNN .......... . Aqricullure EDDIE EDWARDS . . ..,. . . Agronomy Bela Kappa Chi, Omega Psi Phi Fralernliy, Who's Who and Universilies ANNIE ERVIN ................ l-leallh ancl Physical Eclucalion Zela Phi Bela Sororily, Women's Alhlelic Associalio Seconcl Row: . Nashville, Tenn . . Nashville, Tenn . Reaclyville, Tenn . . Ponliac, Mich in American Colleges ri, l-lepermols Club . Marlin, Tenn. SYLVIA JOYCE EVERETTE ............ Orlando, Fla. ' Social Aclminislralion Alpha Kappa Alpha Sororily, Social Science Club, Hale Hall Club JEWEL M. EWING .............. Nashville, Tenn. Business Educalion Pi Omega Pi, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sororily, Yearbook Staff OLLIE M. FLEMING . . ....... . . Columbia, Tenn. Business Educalion Melhodisf Slude-nl Movemenl MARVlN EVANS ............ . .Nasl'1ville, Tenn. Business Adminisirafion RUBY ERIERSON ............ Mounl' Pleasanl, Tenn. Kappa Alpha Psi Fnalernily, Sfudenl Chrislian Associalion, Fulure Business Elemenfary Educalion Leaders of America. Kappa D-:lla Pi, Alpha Kappa Mu THE SENIOR CLASS OF NINETE 258 TENNESSEE A.ANDI.'STATE UNIVERSITY Firsl' Row: WILLIAM FULLER . . ..... . . Jackson, Tenn. Agricullure American Sociely of Agronomy, New Farmers of America JOSEPHINE GAINES ........... Murfreesboro, Tenn. Elemenlary Educalion Associalion for Childhood Educalion lnlernalional ALMA L. GILES ............ . .NashvilIe, Tenn. Clolhing and Texliles Home Economics Club WILLIAM T. GLENN .............. Spar-la, Tenn. Geog ra phy Melhodisl Sludenl Movemenl, I-Iisfory Slucly Club, Inlernalional Relalions Club. ' HENRY R. GORDON ..,...... . . Nashville, Tenn. I-lislorv I-Iislory Sludy Club. Second Row: CORILLA GRAY ,.......... . . Nashville, Tenn. Business Eclucalion Pl Omega Pi BETTYE LEE GREER .... ...... . . Lewisburg, Tenn. Business Eclucalion Pi Omega Pi, Fulure Business Leaders of America KATHRYN CORDYN GRIFFIN ...... . . Memphis, Tenn. Music Educalion Zela Phi Bela Sororily, Meislersingers, Music Educalors LONNIE MAE HALTON ......... . . Lexlnglon, Tenn. Business Educalion Melhodisl Sfudenl Movemenl, Sludenl Chrlslian Associalion, Hale Hall Club BARBARA E. BASS HARRIS ........... Lebanon, Tenn. I-Iislory Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Kappa Della Pi, History Sludy Club Firsl' Row: WILLIAM F. HAY .............. Brownsville, Tenn. A ricullu ral Educalion Q American Sociely of AQFUUOVUY. New F?"meV5 of Amerlca- Fulure Teachers A of America. THELMA L. HAYES ............. Hermilage, Tenn. Home Economics Educalion Home Economics Club JAMES HENDERSON, JR ......... . . Anding, Miss, Science Educalion Alpha Phi Alpha Fralernily GWENDOLYN DELORIS HILL ......... Memphis, Tenn. Elemenlary Educalion Alpha Kappa Alpha Sororify, Associalion for Qhildhood Educalion lnlerna- ' lional, Universily Choir. JOHN ETTA HlLL ............. Challanooga, Tenn. Elemenlary Educalion Associ,aTion for Childhood Educaiion lnlernalional, Fulure Teachers of America. Second Row: CORDIA LEGRETTA HOFFMAN .......... Dallas, N.C. Elemenlary Educalion N Associallon for Childhood Educalion lnlernalional, Booslers Club ANNA JOSEPHINE HOUSTON ...... . . Pulaski Business Educalion Aurora Pledge Club, Fulufe Business Leaders of America ROSA HOWARD ........... . .McKenzie, Elemenlary Educalion ' Assocalion for Childhood Educalion lnlernalional ROBERT HOWSE . ...... . . Nashville, Biology Alpha Phi Alpha Fralernify, Sludenl Council, Biology Club CHARLES HUDSON . ...... .... N ashville, Chemislry Bela Kappa Cl-ni, Omega Psi Phi Frafernify, Sfudenl Council ,Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn THE SENIOR CLASS OF NINETE 260 EN TENNESSEE A.ANDI.-STATE UNIVERSITY Firsl Row: -N. BEATRICE HUDSON ..... . . Biology JAMES L. HULL . . . . . . . Biology . . Nashville, Tenn. . . lnclianola, Miss. Alpha Phi Alpha Fralernify, Biology Club NADINE JACKSON ........ . . Nashville, Tenn Biology Second Row: CLIFTON R. JEFFERS ....... .... R oxboro, N. C. Polilical Science Alpha Kappa Mu, Sigma Rho Sigma, Omega Psi Phi Frafernily, Sludenl Council, EMOGENE HURST .......... Olclahoma Cil-y, Olcla. Business Educamon THOMAS A. JENKINS ........... Challanooga, Tenn. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sororily, -Fujure Business Leaders of America, Sfudenl' lndusiflal Ed'-'Gallon Climsllan Assomallon' lnduslrial Educalion Club BETTYE JOSEPHINE ISOM ........... Knoxville, Tenn. CLARENCE L. JOHNSON , ....... . . Brookhaven, Miss. Home Economics Educalion Heallh Eclucalion ' Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Home Economics Club, Universify Band Hepermofs, Tennessee Slale Players Guild, Modern Dance Group DELORES JOHNSON . . . ......... Nashville, Tenn. Business Eclucaiion Fulure Business Leaders of America DOROTHA J. JOHNSON ...... . . Murray, Ky. Biology Beta Kappa Chi, Della Sigma Thela Sorority, Biology Club Firsl' Row: JUNE JOHNSON ........... . .Chicago, lll. Elernenfary Educalion LEROY L. JOHNSON, JR ....... . .Chicago, Ill. i-LY 1 Elemenlary Eclucalion Omega Psi Phi, Siludenl Council, American Chemical Sociefy, French and German Clubs MOLLIE F. JOHNSON ............ Dyerslaurg, Tenn. Home Economics Educalion Home Economics Club, Hale Hall Club VIRGINIA L. JOHNSON ........... Lewisburg, Tenn. l-lealfh and Physical Educalion l-lepermols, Women's Afhlefic Associajion, Ivy Leaf Club BERNICE J. JONES .............. Memphis, Tenn. Heallh and Physical Eclucalion Sludenl Chrisfian Associalion, Hepermofs, Women's Alhlelic Associaiion Second Row: GLORIA J. JONES ........... . . Nashville, Tenn. Elemenfary Educalion JOHNNIE JONES .......... . ' Agronomy American Sociely of Agronomy, New Farmers SELMA E. JONES ............ Elemenlary Educalion . Memphis, Tenn. of America . . Moscow, Tenn. Zela Phi Bela Sororily, Sludenl' Chrislian Associalion, Fufure Teachers of America ALMA KIDD ............... Home Economics Eclucalion Home Economics Club TURANDA KIDD ............. Home Economics Educalion Home Economics Club . .Anlioch, Tenn. . . Homer, La. THE SENIOR CLASS OF NINETE 262 TENNESSEE A.AND I STATE UNIVERSITY Firsl' Row: WlLLA J. KING ............. Murfreesboro, Tenn. Business Educalion Melhodisl' Sludenl Movemenl MARIE L. KIRK .......,........ Memphis, Tenn. Home Economics Educalion Zela Phi Bela Sororily, Home Economics Club IVA PEARL LANE ........... . .Cleveland, Tenn. Elemenlary Educalion Associalion for Childhood Educalion lnlernalional, Melhodisl Sludenl Movemenl, Hale Hall Club. MAGNOLIA D. LAWRENCE ...... . . Nashville, Tenn. Business Educalion Newman Club, Fufure Business Leaders of America JAMES C. LEVEYE ........... . . Franlrlin, Tenn. Agrlcullural Eponcmfcs Second Row: JEAN LONG ............. Music Educalion Della Sigma The a Sororily, Universily Meislersingers, U I DAISY M. LYTLE . . ..... . . Music A Capella Chofr ELNORIA McCRARY ......... . Business Educaiion Pi Omega Pi, Della Sigma Thela Sorority . . Tuscumlaia, Ala niversify Choir Nashville, Tenn . Gurley, Ala VIRGIL MCGEE . . . .......... Chaflanooga, Tenn Accounling Alpha Phi Alpha Fralernily DOLORES MQIVER ........... E+. Huachucha, Arizona l-leallh and Physical Educafion Alpha Kappa Mu, Kappa Della Pi, Alpha Kappa Alpha Clu . Sorority, Newman Eirsl' Row: GLADYS JOYCE MCKINNEY .......... Nashville,Tenn. Elemenlary Educalion Kappa Della Pi, Alpha Kappa Mu, Fulure Teachers of America JEANETTE 6. MCKINNEY ......... Challanooga, Tenn. K Elemenlary Eclucalion Della Sigma Thela Sororily, Associafion for Childhood Educalion lnlerna- lional, Newman Club. CARRIE MANIER . . . ....... . .Nashville, Tenn. English l Lilerary Guild VIRGIL LEE MATTHEWS ........ . . Mobile, Ala. ' Social Adminislralion LENDELL MASSENGALE """""" Marshall' Texas Social Srience Slub, Sluclenl Chrislian Associalion Physical Educalion "T" Club, l-lepermols Club, Veleran's Dormilory Club LOIS M. MILLER .............. YBZOO Cily, Miss. Home Economics Educalion DELILAH M' MATTHEAWS """""' Naslwllle' Tenn' Alpha Kappa Mu, Della Sigma Thela Sororily, Who's Who in American Elememary Educafion Colleges and Universilies. Alppp Kpppp Mp' Kpppp ppllp pl ANNA Rose MIMMS ............. Nashville, Tenn Business Adminislralion Fulure Business Leaders of America, Sludenl Chrislian Associalion Second Row: FANNIE M. MITCHELL ...... .... M ' MAJOR ALoNzo MATTHEWS ..... . . Na5hville,Tenn. E In h pmppp' Ten" l ng is I l-llslopy . Alpha Kappa Alpha Sororify, Who's Who in American Colleges and Hlslory Sludy Club. ClBFlCiJS Universiliesk Yearbook Slaff, THE SENIOR CLASS OF NINETEEN 264 TENNESSEE A.ANDl.'STATE UNIVERSITY Firs'l' Row: MADALYN KENNEDY MEADORS .... . .Nashville, Tenn. Elemeniary Educaiion Alpha Kappa Mu, Kappa Della Pi BARBARA L. MOORMAN ........... Nashville, Tenn Business Educalion Mefhodisl Sfudenl Movement ELEASE MUMPHREY ............. Nashville, Tenn l-lome Economics Educalion Home Economics Club MARY LUCY MYLES ............. Nashville, Tenn l-l ome Economics Educalion Delia Sigma T-hela Sororify, Home Economics Club, Fuiure Teachers of America. . I RUDOLPH V. NASH . ........... Nashville, Tenn. Business Aclminislralion Second Row: ROSIE NEAL . . ..... . . Lebanon, Tenn. English LOIS ANNETTE NEELY ............ Memphis, Tenn. Home Economics Eclucalion Home Economics Club, Bapfisf Sfuclenr Union, Sludenl Christian Associafion THOMAS A. NOWLIN, lll ...... . . Knoxville, Tenn. Biology Omega Psi Phi Frafernily, lnier-fralernily Council, Yearbook Sl'af'f GWENDOLYN -ODOM ............. Lebanon, Tenn. . Home Economics Eclucalion Home Economics Club Firsl Row: IRENE E. ORR . . .... . . Nashville, Tenn. English JOHN H, OTEY, JR .,............ Nashville, Tenn. Business Adminislralion Fufure Business Leaders of America, Meier Siafl, Yearbook Sfaff LOU ETTA OUTLAW ............. Denmark, Tenn. Home Economics Educalion Zela Phi Bela Sorority. Sludenl' Chrisfian Associalion, Tennessee Slate Players Guild. JOE NATHAN PARKER . ..... . , Forresl, Miss. Agronomy American Sociely of Agronomy, New Farmers of America, Sluclenl Chrisfian Associalion. MARY L. PARKER ...,........ . . Nashville, Tenn. Elemenlary Educalion Fulure Teachers of America Second Row: HILLARY L. PARKS, JR ....... ..... C larlcsville, Tenn. Hislory Sigma Rho Sigma, Omega Psi Phi Fralerriily, Hisiory Sfudy Club. ELEASE REAMES PARRISH ....... Home Economics Home Economics Club VERA PATRICK . .......... . .Columbia, Tenn Home Economics Home Economics Club, Pyramid Club BERTHA PATTON .......... Business Educalion . .Smyrna, Tenn PEGGY JOYCE PENDER ......... . . . Brisfol, Tenn Elemenlary Educalion Sfudenl Chrislian Associalion, Universily Choir, Hale l-l.all Club THE SENIOR CLASS OF NINETE 266 . . Franklin, Tenn. E N TENNESSEE A.AND l..STATE UNIVERSITY Firsl' Row: PATRICIA PERRY ........... . . Knoxville, Physical Eclucalion Alpha Kappa Alpha Sororlly, l-lepermols Club BETTY PHELPS . . ......... . . Lexingfon, Elemenlary Educalion ELIZABETH LEWIS PHIPPS .......... Oak Ridge, Biology Sludenl Chrislian Associalion, Biology Club VIVIAN ARLINDA PILLOW .......... Nashville, Elemenlary Educalion Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn. Associallon for Childhood Educalion lnlernalional, Fulure Teachers of America, Universily Counselor. JANICE J. PITTS , . ...... . . Trenlon, Tenn. Social Science Social Science Club, Modern Dance Group, Baplisl Sluclenl Union Second Row: JAMES PLAYER, JR ............. Orangeburg, S. C. lnduslrial Eclucalion Omega Psi Phi Fralernily, Foolball Team, "T" Club ARLANTHA PORTER ........ ..... N ashville, Tenn. Business Educalion Sludenl' Chrislian Associalicn CHARLES PORTER . . . ..... . . Olcmulgee, Olcla. Biology Kappa Alpha Psi Fralernily, Biology Club DOROTHY S. PORTER .......... . . Nashville, Tenn. Elemenla ry Ed ucalion Associalion for Childhood Educalion lnlernalional, Tennessee Slafe Players Guild, Fulure Teachers of America EDWARD PORTER .............. Olcmulgee, Olrla. Polilical Science Sigma Rho Sigma, Kappa Alph,a Psi Frafernily, Sfudenl Council 'Presiclenl Firsl' Row: MATTIE PRICE ...... ..... . . Memphis, Tenn. Business Eclucafion JACOUELINE RANDOLPH .......... Memphis, Tenn. Elemenlary Educalion Sludenl Chrislian Associafion, Associalion for Childhood Educalion lnlernalional, Fulure Teachers of America FREIDA J. REAGON .......... . . Nashville, Tenn. Elemenlary Educalion Associalion for Childhood Eclucaiion Inlernalional, Baplisl Sfudenl Union MAGGIE L. REID ........... . . Memphis, Tenn. Elernenlary Educalion Associalion for Childhood Eduqalion Inlernaiional, Sfudenl Chrislian Associalion. JAMES W. RELEFORD ............. Orange, Texas I-leallh and Physical Educalion Football Team, Lampados Club Second Row: JULIAN F. ROBERTS .......... . . Raleigh, N. C. Social Aclminislralion AUDRA LEE ROBINSON ...... . . Oberling, La , English Sigma Gamma Rho Sororily, Sludenf Chrislian Associalion, Spanish Club MARIE ROBINSON . . . ..... . .Li++le Rock, Ark Business Eclucaluon Flashwrilers Transcriplion Club, Meier Sfaff SAMUEL ROBINSON . ...... . . Memphis, Tenn Biology Alpha Kappa Mu, Kappa Delfa Pi, Phi Bela Sigma Frafernify, Universify Counselors. ANDREW G. RUCKER ............ Nashville, Tenn l-leallh and Physical Educalion Hepermols Club THE SENIOR CLASS OF NINETE TENNESSEE A.ANDI.-STATE UNIVERSITY Firsl Row: JOHNNIE M. RUSSELL ...... ..... M eridian, Miss. Polilical Science Polilical Science Club, Town Hall Club LENORA RUTHERFORD ........ . . Madison, Tenn. Elemenlary Educalion Associalion for Childhood Educafion lnlernalional, Fulure Teachers of America. HAZEL SAWYERS ..... ....... C ollege Grove, Tenn. Elernenlary Educalion Associafion for Childhood Educalion lnlernafional, Young Women's Christian Associalion, Fulure Teachers of America. HORACE L. SEARCIE, JR .......... Challanooga, Tenn. Biology Omega Psi Phi Fralernily Arnold Air Sociely, Biology Club MELVIN L. SHAVERS ....., ....... C hicago, Ill. Heallh, Physical Eclucalion and Recrealion Kappa Alpha Psi Fralernily Second Row: OLLIE L, SHUTE . . . ...... . . Old Hickory, Music Kappa Delia Pi, Music Educalors Nafional Conference, Baplisl Sfudenf ELLA J. SINGLETON ............. Nashville, Accounlinq Fufure Business Leaders of America, Meier Slaff, Ye,arbook Slaff, Kappa Mu. ROBERT SMITH, JR ......... . . . . . Porflanicl, Animal Husbandry RONNIE VANCE SMITH ...... . . . Porfland, Chemislry Tenn. Union Tenn. Alpha Tenn. Tenn. Bela Kappa Chi, Bapfisl' Sludenl' Union, Sfudenl Chrislian Associafion WILBERT H. SMITH ............. Nashville, Ari' Meier Slaf'l', Universily Band Tenn. Firsl Row: ANNIE SOUTHALL ........... . . Nashville! Tenn. Elemenlary Educalion Associalion for Childhood Educalion lnlerrialional, Fuiure Teachers of America ELEASE SPANN ............... Nashville, Tenn. Elemenlary Educalion Fufure Teachers of America, Associalion for Childhood Educalion Infer- nafional JOANETTA STEPPE . . . ...... . .Madisonville, Ky. Business Educalion Pi Omega Pi, Della Sigma Thefa Sororily, Boosfers Club DOROTHY TANSlL "" ""' ' ' Nashville' Tenn ' Business Educalion ROBERT STOKES ........... . . Lebanon, Tenn. - l'll5'l0fY ARTHUR MAX TERRY ............ Spring Cily, Tenn Gamma Them Upsllon Mechanical Engineering EUGENE EDWARD SWAFFORD n . I U , I I I Jasper' Tenn. Bela Kappa Chi, TSU Technical Sociely, Nafional Technical Associafion V +' l T h l ow 'Ona ec no ogy ROBERT L. TERRY ........ .... s pring ci+y, Tenn Eleclrical Engineering Second Row. Omega Psi Phi Fralernilyl TSU Technical Sociefy JUSTINE L. TABB ............ . . Memphis, Tenn. AMANDA E. THORNTON ....... . . Nashville, Tenn Elemenlary Educalion Induslrial Educalion Associalion for Childhood Educalion Inlernafional Alpha Chi Pi Omega THE SENIOR CLASS OSF NINETEEN- 270 TENNESSEE A.ANDI..STATE UNIVERSITY Firsl' Row: ELOIS THORNTON . . . ...... . . Monlezuma, Ga. Business Educalion Sludenl Chrisfian Associafion MARY TIGNER . CLAUDETTE TINSLEY ........ . . Birmingham, Ala. Psychology Newman Club, Universify Choir LOIS MAXINE TUCKER ......... . . Mason, Tenn. Elemenlary Educalion Fulure Te,achers of America, Associalion for Childhood Educalion lnlernafional. MATTIE PEARL TUCKER ............ Nashville Home Economics Educalion Home Economics Club Second Row: RICHARD E. TUCKER ....,.... . . . An+ioch, lncluslrial Eclucalion lnduslrial Eclucalion Club , Tenn. Tenn ARCHILENE JULIET TURNER .' ..... . . Nashville, Tenn Business Educalion Alpha Kappa Alpha Sororily, "Miss Tennessee Shale," Universily Co Who's Who in American Colleges and Universiliws. AVIS E. UPSHAW .......... . . Nashville, Music Educalion Zela Phi Bela Sororify HELENA A. VANCE .............. Nashville Business Eclucalion Pi Omega Pi, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Bppfisl Union PEARL H. VAUGHN ............ Challanooga Recrealion Hepermols, Sludenl Chrislian Associalion, Women's Alhlelic Assoc unselor Tenn , Tenn , Tenn iafion Firsl' Row: Nashville JAMES WALKER ......... . . . . Business Aclminislralion MELBA YVONNE WARD ........ . . Nashville, Elemenlary Eclucalion Fufure Teachers of America ERNESTINE WASHINGTON ..... . . Nashville English Lilerary Guild VADIE WAYTT ................ Nashville l-lome Economics Educalion Home Economics Club ORA WEBSTER ............... l-lame Economics Educalion Home Economics Club Second Row: Nashville, Tenn Tenn Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. ROBERT E. WELLS .......,..... Cenferville, Tenn. l-leallh and Physical Educafion Alpha Phi Alpha Fraiernily, I-leparrnofs Club BETTYE JEAN WlLLlAlv1S ..... . . Cornelia, Ga. Biology l-lepermols Club, Sludenl Chrislian Associalion, Women's Alhlelic Associalion EDNA L. WlLLlAlvlS ........... . . Miami, Fla. Elemenlary Educalion Alpha Kappa Mu, Kappa Della Pi, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sororily, Fufure Teachers of America, Yearbook Sfaff. GRACE WILLIAMS ........... . . Nashville, Tenn. Business Educafion Sludenl Chrisfian Associalion, Fufure Business Leaders of America HYBURNIA WILLIAMS ........ . . lnclianapolis, lncl. Speech and Drama Thefa Alpha Phi, Omega Psi Phi Frafernify, Fufure Teachers of America THE SENIOR CLASS OF NINETE 272 ,-A-rf ,gala TENNESSEE A.ANDl..STATE UNIVERSITY Firs'I' Row: NANCY WILLIAMS . . . ...... . .Hoplrinsvillelq Ky. Business Educalion Pi Omega Pi, Della Sigma Theta Sororiiy, Flashwrifers Transcripiion Club ORETHA WILLIAMS . . . ..,.. . .Galla'rin, Tenn. Business Educalion Pi Omega Pi, Fulure Business Leaders of America THELMA WILLIAMS ......... . . Memphis, Tenn. Social Adminislralion WILLARD E. WILSON ............ Lalre Cily, Tenn. Business Adminislralion Fuiure Business Leaders of America MINOR WINLOCK, JR. ...... . . Tuscaloosa, Ala. Polilical Science Omega Psi Phi Frafernily, Social Science Club, Elecfion Commission Second Row: ISAAC WOMACK, ll ........ . . Jaclrson, Tenn. Agronomy Bela Kappa Chi, Pni Beta Sigma Frafernify, American Sociefy of Agronomy NATHANIEL W. WOODRICK . . . .Birmingham, Ala. Physics Beta Kappa Chi, Kappa Della Pi, German Club, Arnold Air Socieiy ARTHUR E. WOODS ........... Cha'H'anooga, Tenn. Malhemalics Kappa Alpha Psi Fralerniiy, Malhemafics Club BURTON L. WOODS ........ .... A clrerman, Miss. Biology Omega Psi Phi, Biology Club

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