Tennessee State University - Tennessean Yearbook (Nashville, TN)

 - Class of 1939

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u -1 L4 ' W Kwik ,g Th Ay ni '39 MARY CORNELIA CLAY Editor GEORGE W. GORE, Adviser PAGE Alma Mater - 2 Dedication ........ ,A 3 Governor and Commissioner of Education . . 4 The President .....,. . 5 Our Campus . . - 6 Administrative Officers . . 3 Faculty .... . 10 The Staff . . 12 Seniors . - 14 Juniors . . 28 Sophomores . - 29 Freshmen . . . . 30 National Organizations . . 31 Local Organizations . . . . 5 7 Activities and Departments . . 77 Personalities .... . 108 Snapshots . . 112 A yearbook published by the students of A. and I. State College at Nashville, Tennessee THE HEMPHILL PRESS NASHVILLE, TENN. ,, ,ji 75, 1 ma afar In the land of golden sunshine, By the Cumherland's fertile shore, Stands the school for greater service, One that we adore, Alma Mater, how we love thee! Love thy white and blue. May we strive to meet thy mandates With faith that's true. Many come to thee for knowledge, Come from East North South and , , , W For they know that thou doth offer Such a rich bequest. Alma Mater, all thy children Worshxp at thy shrine, May the God of nations bless thee With gifts divine! Send forth sons both strong and valiant, Send forth daughters wise and true, Filled with hope and dauntless courage, Motives sane and true. Alma Mater, kindly mother, Smile on Tennesseeg May she lift her head toward heaven, Honor country, God and thee. est -L. M. AVERITTE, '18 DEAN G. W. GORE, JR To our distinguished Deang a scholarg an Execuf tive Secretaryg a man among meng a fourrlalistg art effif cient editor of the Bulletin, Catalogue and Broadcasterg a sympathetic Directorg a loyal cofworlqer, who has labored unrernittingly in behalf of the youngest but largest State College, to which he has contributed so 'muchg we most gratefully and respectfully dedicate this volume. E31 5 E ,...ftQ:f:E:f.4 -. f -'-'-'-'-':1:1:1:r.. ..-,- -, .,.. :lb f atfrzizragf Iv 5S3g5E551Z5E5E5E1E1E-:,:- +1-:-I ' -z-1-E5E1E 1'155155E5E5351fE5i?1E5E5E5E5E 1-E+: 1:-:5E32325i5E5E51f11' 25255535255 ' ":1:f:-'f:Q.f:2:2:f:f:' .,., ,:, , ,.55:g.f i'1'i5'5'5?5:' "1:5:': -i4FZ3:3'5?1'I3i5:i -Z-I-5112215952512-I' " i:5:-:-:':7:5:5:7:' " f i551E,E51gE5!5:1352' '''3:gE5:3E51if21E1E1E1111f "'1E1E1E1E1" .,E1E1E1E7Ef713 .,515C2151EIZKIQEEISIEISISIE2 " ' -...-515555532511 f -.-,-E5E5E5E5E?i5E25iZ "' iiitzfffiiifffgffl 3555555555252 I 2P155E3E5E3E1:1: 5 1:f:1:I:C:1:i:Z?51'f' '5": ':3:1:1:1:1:1:1."' -1:1'5'2:2:5: :1:-:- ,, .y.H,5g:-5:55, - -.q.:.-.5-.5 ' ' " zifzizkizizfzaa ' 5":E:f:27:1. "'Z2:1:Z1 --3312111233' l ..- -1. .' nv. .:.:.j.:,: I H 222131121-lj. tfiiziziik-" "" ':3:?:5:f:5. 4332244 :i:5:i:1:1: T:?:5:3 ' 1:i:i:i:1:5?:f ..::gg:::::1ag.:::. ., 4,5g:::5:g::: :::1:::g::4:::5: I ::::3:::55 f :QEEES3if?i53S5553ff25E5E525E:5:5 5552555535555 x "M , ffa?IEifliE2EIE1E1fi""E1ZIEiE22""1 :-:-:-:-: A""IfI21E1f- -:-:1E151E1E1E1E1E1f5 :,:,:3:5f5:5:5:g: "25E3E5:- 'I'I' :.-Z'I-1-1-I I-I'I'I'I'?I'I'1'I'I'f'f'Z ' ' 'f'1'3:3:3:I:1: .-:-31:-: ' :5:E:E.? N :757:ifE:f5f1S:5:5 5 fiflfffff.-.-. ' "":I?E3fE3:-.1. '-H-'-25Z3:31' ..13I11-IL.. "3'5'5' -. 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"FP 1 I 11 ' 5135E?E1E5E5E2-- ..:1:IgI:Z,.jI:I3I:Z:Z:I' 11:2-:jig 1:1-fjlj., "CQ jljjljgfgiifgklxijigf, "Iii: ' -:i:1:i:i:i:5:3:5:1:7:?:? :5:i'f:f:1:f:- f zi:5:5:f:ft7:7:':F:15:53?5:1:?. i"':5:2 1:g:1., ' +1:5:5: 1513: -" 1:a:1s:2.,1:5g -4:1:5:1 'f '5155521:CE13 - '11 g:::Q:5:::3:1:,. 215155. Q . f - :515:f:7:5:f:517!71-I ' 4-l:3:5'5:1, -1 ?:5:5:1:1:5:f:5:5:-:-. ":P" I-1-1:2:Ig1:1: ' ' I:1:1:1:5:7:1:f:I:3:-:-.4 3:5f::j5:g:5:5:::: 17:22:21 ,,,,, .1 .......,. , . 'I 11115151211 E1EIE1E152E2!1E1E1S1E1 ff353f7f3f3f7f7f3f5f7f3f3 , 1121525211111 1+ :-:-:f3--:-1- 5E5f5f5i5f5f55iE3f?5i21i3 . ,E1E1Eff-1 'I'-'f'3f55'1f1E1E 5555f5f3i3?:i5f3f3f555335 41 I I N I I , H it COMMISSIONER OF EDUCATION HONORABLE B. O. DUGGAN HIS EXCELLENCY, THE GOVERNOR HONORABLE PRENTICE COOPER "An aristocmt with the common touch" KD f 1 Zee l I'65Lf?6IZf ab , ' ,.fiE. - 3 W. J. I-IAL13 President, Agricultural and Industrial State College, 1911- M. A., Lincoln University, LL.D., Wilberforce University, LL.D., Howard University, 1939 Born, Jasper, Tennessee. Educated in Maryville College, Maryville, Tennesseeg Prin- cipal, St. Elmo High School, Principal East Fifth Street School, Chattanooga, Tennesseeg Founder and President, Tennessee Inter-Racial League, Past President, National Con- ference of Presidents of Land Grant Collegesg Former Vice-President, National Business Leagueg Honorary President, Tennessee State Association of Teachers in Colored Schools, Member of President Hoover's Housing Committeeg Vice-President of Citizen's Savings Bank and Trust Company, Lecturer at National Educational Association and Teachers College, Columbia University, Harmon Gold Medalist, 1930, Member N.E.A. Committee on Negro Educationg Member of International Advisory Committee on Edu- cationg Member of National Advisory Committee of Delta Phi Deltag Jewel of Phi Beta Tau Honorary Scholastic Fraternity. lil gum Qnmmus X Q LIB!!-DDU caa"'G7 :aca--abr?-41-I1-'21-3 D Y"'3-E-fancy: ,gum- Unnnengnu were gm Wu 2 15:51 5 Tiff' an E f A e' C' rg P, CST nmnnce ' fra' if rg 13 2'5" SUJIMITIIOG porn ,gifs V is 'yi 'Aiwa 'I 5 -Mx- NWS sf wvlD'e. M ffaflfflfg DIIIU 1 'fxpxj w ' d::Ql5'?Qj"Wf , .4 . '1 , 21,1 Ja-. A fwfr.. . wry. ' ' 1. ' I+., ', , W 45 . I N , ,- , , Ueub pnom Lnnea founmm 'QT mom FIELD House ELIST DOMHITOIILJ '1 ' ::: Q 9 2, . X LL-tb 1' i 1 nannnu 1 lout l 2- , f -M L Q 'W , -Q LIBIUHEQ 4 1. 5 0 n QDWIHISTHIIUUH BLDGHQTWGUT , -......,- , LI T 9 u L 'Q G H Q. L il, H L E L S Senaofa mama Unrmnu Qunmmna QT pnesmsnfa Home 'e rs -f w ll mbzisfmfive 1 fgcers 41 ll i si ' ' GEORGE WILLIAM GORE, JR, Dean of Instruction ' A. B., DePauw University Ed. M., Harvard University Graduate Work, Columbia University 5 . w , ,W Y ' ' J.. . I I 5 l 1 GEORGIA L. JENKINS ALGER V. BOSWELL R. BARTLEY J. CAMPBELLE Acting Registrar Treasurer Bursar ll B. S., A. and I. State College A. B., Wiley College A. B., M. S., Oskaloosa College M. A., Northwestern University Howard University Graduate Work, Columbia University IJL. B., Kent College of Law C. P. A., Tenn. State Board Accountancy ' D33 HAT'-UE E- HAI-'E EDNA ROSE HANKAL Secretarial Commerce Dean gf pvomeu A- B-, Fisk Ul1iVel'SiiY A. B., Fisk University B. S., A. and I, State College Columbia University M. A., Columbia University r i l l , JANIE E. ELLIOTT JOHN H. HALE MARTHA M. BROWN Director of Cafeteria College Physician LiD1'dT'lll7L Knoxville College A. B., Walden University Fisk University M. D., Meharry Medical College Hampton Inst. Library School E91 -,,,..,.... acuffy U REUBEN A. MUNDAY-Agriculture tCoachJ: B. S., Hampton Institute: M. S., Iowa State College. WALTER S. DAVIS-Agriculture: B. S., Tennessee State College: M. A., Cornell University. CLARISSA L. BROWN-Health and Physical Education: B. S., Tenn. State College: M. A., Columbia Univ. ROSS C. OWEN-Physical Education for Men: B. S., S. Dak. State College: M. A., Univ. of Michigan. D. H. TURPIN-College Dentist: D. D. S., Meharry Medical College: B. S., Tennessee State College. 1 DENNIS A. FORBES-Science: A. B., Howard University: University of Chicago. FRANCES A. SANDERS-Elementary Education: B. S., Union Central College: M. A., Columbia Univ EM TECUMSEH BURT-Biology: A. B., Fisk University: M. S., University of Michigan. MODESTINE YOUNG-L-ibrary: B. S., A. and I. State College. LOUIS C. TOLLIVER-Cafeteria: B. S., A. and I. State College. . -5. 5 PS . 152-if-' J' ' V W HOWARD C. REDWYNE-Electrician: Chicago Technical College. JANET S. DUMAS-Office: B. S., A. and I. State College: Graduate Work, University of Cincinnati. MARY L. PARHAM-Commerce: B. S., A. and I. State College ANNIE L. PATTON--Cafeteria: B. S., A. and I. State College. JOSEPH MARKS-Engineer: B. S., A. and I. State College. l v 6, J JESSIE D. HAYES-Chemistry: B. Ed., Southern Illinois State: M. S., University of Iowa. ' BLANCHE E. BOONE-Secretary to State Developer: B. S., A. and 1. State College. CORRINNE H. SPRINGER-Home Economics: B. S., A. and I. State College: M. A., University Cincinnati. BENJAMIN A. COX-Industrial Education: B. S., West Virginia State College: Ed. M., Pa. State College. E. JEANETTE VERNON-Secretary: B. S., A. and I. State College. GRADY SHERRILL-Agriculture: B. S., A. and I. State College. U01 l acuity l SARAH B. BAUGH-Secretary to Director: B. S., A. and I. State College. MERL R. EPPSE-Social Science and History: A. B., Drake University: M. A., Columbia University. PEARL W. GORE-Student's Accounts: B. S., A. and I. State College. ROBERT E. CLAY-State Building Developer: Knoxville College. ADELLE MOSS-Laboratory Assistant in Home Economics: B. S., A. and I. State College. RUTH G. SMITI-If-Romance Languages and English: A. B., Syracuse University: M. A., Columbia Univ. BEULAH WOODFOLK-Music and Office: B. S., A, and I. State College: Mus. B., Fisk University. FORREST W. STRANGE-Industrial Education: B. S., Tennessee State College. MARIE J. STRANGE--Music: American Conservatory of Music: Cosmopolitan School of Music: Naukutin School of Voice. FRANCES E. THOMPSON-Art: B. S. A., Massachusetts School of Art: Snow Froehllch School of Art: Prague, Czechoslovakia: Harvard University. LAURA M. AVERITTE--English: B. S., A. and I. State College: M. A., Columbia University. LOIS H. DANIEL-Library Science: B. S., Tennessee State College: B. S. in Library Science, Hampton, Inst. CHARLES SATCHELL MORRIS, II-English: Ph. B., University of Chicago: M. A., Columbia University. ZELMA L. REDMOND-English: A. B., Howard University: M. A., Columbia University. ALMA DUNN-E-nglish: B. S., Tennessee State College: M. A., Columbia University. THELMA L. PARDEN-Office: B. S., A. and I. State College. JOHN C. BALLARD-Social Science: A. B., Shaw University: A. M., Columbia. University. HELENE E. HILYER-English and Physical Education: A. B., M. A., University of Minnesota. A. CLARENCE SEARLES-Supt. of Buildings: B. S., A. and I. State College. ROMA S. FERGUSON-Mathematics: B. S., Tennessee State College: M. S., University of Iowa.. U11 Kim gm! Staff The Ayeni Staff is composed of representatives of the different organizations conf tributing to the annual, and members Of Beta Chapter of Delta Phi Delta and advisers. MARY CLAY WILLIAM HYAFFORD Editorfinfcliief Business Manager EDWARD H,ALE FRANCES MCGUIRE Photographer Circulating Editor MILDRED CLIFT BILLY JONES Secretary Advertising Editor GEORGE W. GORE, JR. CHARLES HUNTER BENTON ADAMs Lois H. DANIEL Adviser Art Editor Art Editor Comptroller ALMA DUNN GWYNDOLYN HALE GUSTINE MUNDAY FRANCES THOMPSON CofAdviser Asst. Secretary CofAdviser Art Adviser The acting staff is composed of the above fourteen members. Others listed below are members of the Board of Directors. WILLIAM YELDER DOROTHY BEATY ETHEL BANRs WILLIAM Fox JAMEs LEMONS MARJORIE ILES WALTER PINKSTON JUANITA HICKERSON K. BREWER A. BARKSDALE G. MORROW P. JONES R. MILLER W. JENNINGS L. GLANTON E. BURKE L. FREEMAN F. SUMRALL M. ROBINSON J. MCGLOTHERN E. GREEN H. SEENEY Those staff members not on picture are: Martha Chambers, Leon Pettigrew, Walker Chavers, John Bush, Lorenza Traylor, George Bolton, Mr. Ballard, A. Johnson and Helen Williams. Realizing the faithful and untiring service that Dean George W. Gore, Jr. has rendered us-in the publication of this book, as well as many others, and to the A. and I. Campus as a whole the staff has dedicated this, our 1939 annual, to him, without his knowledge-not in return for his loyalty or good Work, but as a mere token of appreciation. l -THE STAFF U21 :- Zke yen! Sfaff V, Mum i ...A 5 .,,,EEE n V ,,,,A1, i Qi a ,A A Q,..: , , " 1 ..l..L..-. X Q.. I .:,-'- f - V vii 1255. ---::fsf gig! ,gf 141 A E XWT J l,j ' '-'M?L'i3 0 ,. LIE HI 1 1, 3 , 1 , --EM X: A E ps V X ,rl W M W ., 5, ., M vi-. N , . .,. . , ww :F ' I ' - 1 W X W ' -'xx f A smmi ,J M fi, lk r e ' f a s-a ,'A1 'i N n 4 .IQ .1 1" k:V,, Ev . K+ .5 af wr- we ' V . .L sea .W . 1 , H5 , ,, ,r wx 1 H Z, E ' 1 Q 1 -.sill if 1 f Fi + 1,1 1' nhl- ..-, s 11. 1 Q dw s H y 4 X as 4 2 Gb 2 - 1? Q an 4 H' , 1 X MW w L v p -' V AA I' 1 A - I ,., V,,:, J NJ. R- + W E f a ' W - ' L f 11 f .f Cklllfifi-2.1 1 U31 ezziors Benton Adams Detroit, Michigan Music and Fine Arts Hawks, Supreme C i r c l e, Choir, Concert Group, Dra- matic Club, I.B.T., Literati, French, Fourth Estate, Band, Orchestra. . Willie Lee Allen Chattanooga, Tenn. English Chattanooga Club, Literati, Romantic Linguistic, Campus Literary Guild. Fred "Jim" Banks Silver City, Miss. Agriculture Phi Beta Sigma, N.F.A. Albert Barnett Chattanooga, Tenn. Physical Science Chattanooga Club. Clifton Bledsoe Langston, Okla. Agriculture Y.M.C.A., H.S.C., N.F.A., Orchestra, Track Team. w 1 1 l 141 Mary Alexander Nashville, Tenn. History and Social Science H.S.C. Lillie Arnell Nashville, Tenn. History and Social Science H.S.C. Anethia Geraldyne Barksdale Baltimore, Md. Physical Science Delta Sigma Theta, Physi- cal Culture, Sigma Phi Psi, Literati, H.S.C., French, Dra- matic, Delta Phi Delta, Choir, Campus Literary Guild. Wilbur Bate Gallatin, Tenn. Agriculture A.B.H., N.F.A. Catherine Bradford Birmingham, Ala. Home Economics Alpha Kappa Alpha, Home EC., H.S.C., Sigma Phi Psi. erziors Kittrell Bernard Brewer Dyersburg, Tenn. Agriculture Omega Psi Phi, Supreme Cir- cle, H.S.C., N.F.A., Orchestra. Priscilla Brown Asheville, N.C. Elementary Education Sigma Phi Psi, Elementary Education Club. Gladys Matlock Bryant Knoxville, Tenn. English , Swastika Edgar Lee Burnett Nashville, Tenn. Industrial Education N.F.A., H. S. C., Romantic Linguistics, Theta Omega Pi, Craftman's Guild. Ralph E. Butler Indianapolis, Ind. Physical Science Theta Omega Pi. 153 Dollie Brown E. St. Louis, Ill. History and Social Science Alpha Kappa Alpha, H.S.C. Doris B. Bruce Chattanooga, Tenn. Secretarial Commerce Alpha Kappa Alpha, Alba, Rosa, Phi Beta Tau Pledge Club, Alpha Theta Omega. Edgar Sylvester Burke Chattanooga, Tenn. Secretarial Commerce Alpha Phi Alpha, Phi Beta Tau, Delta Phi Delta. John Edward Bush Little Rock, Ark. Physical Science Alpha Phi Alpha, Band, S.C.A., A.B.H. Myrtle Louye Callaway Selma, Ala. Elementary Education Phi Beta Tau, Elementary Education Club. l U 1 ezziors I A Ethel Carson Charleston, Miss. Q History and Social Studies Literati, History Study Club Annie Laurie Cater Nashville, Tenn. I Elementary Education Elementary Education Club Nettie Berthina Chambliss Nashville, Tenn. Home Economics Home Economics Club. William Cherry Robersonville, N .C. Agriculture I N.F.A., H.S.C. Mary Cornelia Clay Muskogee, Okla. Secretarial Commerce Alpha Kappa Alpha, Delta Phi Delta, Phi Beta Tau, Lit- erati, Dramatic Club, H.S.C., Physical Cultu1'e, Swastika, Alpha Iota, Campus Literary Guild I 161 Mary Kate Carter Johnson City, Tenn. Home Economics Zeta Phi Beta, Home Eco- nomics Club Martha E. Chambers Fort Smith, Arkansas Elementary Education Alpha Kappa Alpha, Elemen- tary Education Club, Literati, Phi Beta Tau Pledge Club, D.T.I. YValker Frances Chavers Centerville, Tenn. Health and Physical Ed. Delta Sigma Theta, Physical Culture, Dramatic Club Carrie Childress Nashville, Tenn. History and Social Science Zeta Phi Beta, H.S.C., Literati Mildred Eileen Clift Chattanooga, Tenn. Secretarial Commerce Alba Rosa, Alpha Kappa Al- pha, Alpha Iota, Chattanoo- ga, Delta iPhi Delta, H.S.C., Literati, Phi Beta Tau, Cam- pus Liteary Guild eniors Juanita Delores Cochrane Albany, Georgia Physical Ed. and Health Alba Rosa, Physical Culture, Y.W.C.A., Archonian Club, Debaters, French, Basket Ball. Ellen Brown "Lank" Collins Nashville, Tenn. Physical Education Physical Culture, Basket Ball Arnold Daniels Knoxville, Tenn. Industrial Education Kappa Alpha Psi, Crafts- man's Guild Ivenetta Davis Nashville, Tenn. Elementary Education 4Alpha Kappa Alpha, Elemen- tary Education, H.S.C. Mildred Falls Memphis, Tenn. Home Economics Delta Sigma Theta, Home Economics Club. 171 Wilbourne Herbert Cochrane Albany, Georgia Agriculture Omega Psi Phi, N.F.A., Su- preme Circle. Minnie Mae Connerway Memphis, Tenn. Home Economics Home Economics Club, Y.W. C.A., Dramatic Club Eula Belle Davis Asheville, S.C. Elementary Education Sigma Phi Psi, Choir, Ele- mentary Education, H.S.C., Literati, Forum. Maxine Elizabeth Davis Springfield, Tenn. Home Economics Delta Sigma Theta, Alba Rosa, Home Economics, Choir, Concert Singers, H.S.C., French Mildred Fields East Chicago, Ind. English Literati elziors Elizabeth Fitzgerald Knoxville, Tenn. Secretarial Commerce Swastika Club, Alpha Iota, Dramatic Club. Haynes Ford Knoxville, Tenn. Health and Physical Ed. Kappa Alpha Psi, Supreme Circle, Physical Culture, Dra- matic, H.S.C., French. Mildred -Gaines Nashville, Tenn. Secretarial Commerce Alpha Kappa Alpha, Alba Rosa, Delta Phi Delta, Alpha Iota, Phi Beta Tau Mary Louise Gentry Nashville, Tenn. Secretarial Commerce Swastika, Alpha Iota, H.S.C., Campus Literary Guild. Luther Thomas Glanton Murfreesboro, Tenn. History and Social Science Omega Psi Phi, Hawks, Su- preme Circle, H.S.C., Deba- ters Club, French, Theta Omega Pi, Forum. Glyndon Flynt Fayetteville, Tenn. Agriculture - N.F.A., Hawks, Literati, Phy- sical Culture, Debating, Delta Phi Delta, Dramatic, Phi Beta Tau Russell Verona Ford Whitehaven, Tenn. Elementary Education Elementary Education Club, Campus Literary Guild. Elmer Gant Nashville, Tenn. Elementary Education Livell Ottaway Gillespie Jackson, Tenn. Agriculture Harlequin, H.S.C., N.F.A., l Band. William Gravitt Huntsville, Ala. Physical Science Alpha Phi Aipha, A.B.H., 1 Dramatic Club, French, S.C.A. mi , miors Edgar Harold Green E. St. Louis, Ill. English Alpha Phi Alpha, Choir, Con- cert Singers, I.B.T., Band and Orchestra. William Mannings Hafford Chattanooga, Tenn. Commerce Alpha Phi Alpha, Dramatic, A.B.H., Campus Literary Guild, Alpha Iota, Alpha Theta Omega, Delta Phi Delta. Charles William Hardy Nashville, Tenn. History and Social Studies H.S.C. Emma Lee Harris Nashville, Tenn. History and Social Studies H.S.C. Lillian Chestnut Headen Nashville, Tenn. Home Economics Sigma Phi Psi, 'Home Eco- nomics Club, French Club ' 1, -1 ww. , ,D . Eria Grisham Nashville, Tenn. History and Social Studies Dramatic Club Gwyndolyn Claire Hale Nashville, Tenn. Music and Fine Arts sigma Phi Psi, choir, con- cert Singers, Physical Culj ture, Delta Phi Delta, Phi Beta Tau, French, Forum, H.S.C., Literati. Beatrice Harris Nashville, Tenn. English Literati Club Sadye Gwendolyn Harris Birmingham, Ala. Commerce Alpha Kappa Alpha, Delta Tau Iota, Alpha Theta Omega, Beonored Hockenhull Cairo, Ill. History and Social Studies Alpha Phi Alpha, H.S.C. i' E193 l I V 4 l II 1 l yi L 2 eiziors I, r i Thomas Henry Howard 5 . ' Jonesboro, Tenn. is History and Social Studies A.B.H., H.S.C., Dramatic Club. l 'A i 1' Ruth Hunter Wahalla, S.C. 'I Elementary Education Elementary Education Club. Marjorie Thelma Iles Memphis, Tenn. Secretarial Commerce Alpha Kappa Alpha, Sigma Phi Psi, Alpha Iota, H.S.C., Forum, Campus Literary I Gund. Bessie Abigail Johnson Pueblo, Colo. Mathematics 1 Delta Sigma Theta, Literati, Phi Beta Tau Gladys Jones Nashville, Tenn. Elementary Education Elementary Education Club. Wellington Cox Howard Birmingham, Ala. History and Social Studies Omega Psi Phi, Supreme Circle, H.S.C. Randolph Howell Mt. Pleasant, Tenn. Industrial Education Alpha Phi Alpha Samuel Horace James, Jr. Nashville, Tenn. History and Social Studies Debaters, Dramatics, H.S.C. Forum Group. Blanche Covington Johnson Indianapolis, Ind. Health and Physical Ed. Alpha Kappa Alpha, Physi- cal Culture, Sigma Phi Psi, I.B.T., Literati. Parnell Jones Birmingham, Ala. Music and Fine Arts Phi Beta Sigma, Concert Singers, Choir, H.S.C. eniors James McCormick Harlan, Ky. English Literati Celeste McMahan Nashville, Tenn. Physical Ed. and Health Alpha Kappa Alpha, Physi- cal Culture Club, Sigma Phi Psi, Alpha Iota, Choir, Con- cert Singers, Literati, Phi Beta Tau Sherman Stanley Marable Boston, Mass. Physical Science A.B.H., Phi Beta Sigma, Choir, Concert Singers, Liter- ati Club. Eileithyia Mai Marshall St. Joseph, Mo. English Alpha Kappa Alpha, Sigma Phi Psi Club, Illinois Big' Ten, Literati Club, Phi Beta Tau Pledgee, Romantic Lin- guistic, Campus Literary Guild. Blondella Buford Moreland Nashville, Tenn. English Delta Sigma Theta, Home Economics, Dramatic Club, H.S.C., Delta Tau Iota, Cam- pus Literary Guild. ill Frances Louise McGuire Memphis, Tenn. Elementary Education Alpha Kappa Alpha, Swasti- ka, Y.W.C.A., Delta Phi Delta, Elementary Educa- tion Club, Literati, Phi Beta Tau, Girls Basket Ball Team. Lloyd B. McMahan Nashville, Tenn. Physical Science Alpha Phi Alpha, Y.M.C.A., Dramatic Club, H.S.C., Phi Beta Tau, Romantic Linguis- tic, Theta Omega Pi, Forum Group, Fourth Estate Samuella Virginia Marlin Nashville, Tenn. Elementary Education Zeta Phi Beta, H.S.C. Norman Russell Miller Meridian, Miss. History Dramatic Club, H.S.C. Ernestine Willie Moreland Nashville, Tenn. Sec1'cta1'ial Commerce Delta Sigma Theta, Alpha Iota, Dramatic, H.S.C., D.T. I. Club, Campus Literary Guild. elziors Eddie B. Johnson Memphis, Tenn. History and Social Science Johnetta Kincaid Nashville, Tenn. Elementary Education Elementary Education Club. Addie Louise Larkin Nashville, Tenn. Elementary Education College Choir, Elementary Education Club. Arnita Hazel Logan E. St. Louis, Ill. Secretarial Commerce Alpha Iota, College Choir, Concert Group, H.S.C., Ill. Big Ten, Literati, D.T.I., Campus Literary Guild. Harold Moses Love Nashville, Tenn. Social Science Omega Psi Phi, Supreme Cir- cle Club, Dramatic Club, H. S.C., Literati Club, Phi Beta Tau Pledgee, Forum Group. i v i mi James A. Johnson Trenton, Tenn. History and Social Science Alpha Phi Alpha, H.S.C., A.B.H. Allie Marie Kinley South Pittsburgh, Tenn. Mathematics Alpha Kappa Alpha, Drama- tic Club, Phi Beta Tau Pled- gee, Forum Group. Lossie Mae Lewis Homer, La. Elementary Education Elementary Education Club. Arnold George Love Nashville, Tenn. Social Science Omega Psi Phi, Supreme Cir- cle Club, Dramatic Club, H. S.C., Phi Beta Tau Pledgee. Sadie Manley Jackson, Tenn. Home Economics anion Emma Ophelia Morton Nashville, Tenn. Home Economics Home Economics Club, Y.W. C.A., College Choir, Roman- tic Linguistic. Olga B. Northcutt Chattanooga, Tenn. Secretarial Commerce Delta Sigma Theta, Alpha Iota, D.T.I. Club, H.S.C. Dorothy Paskett Nashville, Tenn. English Literati Elizabeth Polk Petway Nashville, Tenn. Home Economics Home Economics Club. Bernice Hazel Pillow Nashville, Tenn. Social Science H.S.C., Alpha Iota, Campus Literary Guild. - W, in ee , ,iqgwl sw . . H -A Ti ---za : same U31 Louise Nesbitt Nashville, Tenn. Secretarial Commerce Phi Beta Tau Pledgee, Alpha Iota, Alpha Theta Omega. Mildred J. Parchment Nashville, Tenn. Elementary Education Swastika Club, Elementary Education Club, H.S.C. Declema Edward Paylor Greensboro, N.C. Agriculture N .F.A. Robert Dayton Phillips Nashville, Tenn. History H.S.C., Literati Club, Forum Group. Ethel Mary Prather Nashville, Tenn. Music and Fine Arts Zeta Phi Beta, H.S.C., Ro- mantic Linguistic. ZIZZOVS Alice Ruth Procter Auburn, Ky. Secretarial Commerce Delta Sigma Theta, Alba Rosa Club, Alpha Iota, Ken- tucky Club, Literati Club, Phi Beta Tau, Forum Group Henry Johnson Ratcliffe Little Rock, Ark. History and Social Science Alywha Phi Alpha, Y.W.C.A. Collifre Choir, Concert Sing- ers, Debaters Club, H.S.C., I1- linois Bi Ten Romantic Lin gi 1 ' guistic, Fo1'um Group, Cam- pus Literary Guild, S.C.A. Thelma Bernice Richardson Nashville, Tenn. Secretarial Commerce Alpha Iota, H.S.C., Literati Campus Literary Guild. Lullavee Rogers Nashville, Tenn. Home Economics Zeta Phi Beta, Swastika. Emma P. Ross Nashville, Tenn. Elementary Education Elementary Ed. Club eniors James L. Scott Newbern, Tenn. Agriculture N .F.A. Ruth Dealya Sims Nashville, Tenn. English Sigma Gamma Rho, Literati, Phi Beta Tau, Romantic Lin- guistic, Fourth Estate, Cam- pus Literary Guild Frankie P. Smith Nashville, Tenn. History and Social Science H.S.C. Robert Evans Smith Jackson, Tenn. Agriculture N.F.A. Alice Elizabeth Streater Nashville, Tenn. History and Social Studies H.S.C., Campus Literary Guild. l25l Lewis Scott Springfield, Tenn. Agriculture N.F.A. Phelton Garrison Simmons Birmingham, Ala. Agriculture N.F.A., Lampados Club, H.S.C., Band, Orchestra Robert Daniel Smith Portland, Tenn. History and Social Science Debaters Club, H.S.C. Dorothy Dorine Stanley San Antonio, Texas Elementary Education College Choir, Dramatic Club, Elementary Education Club, Literati Club. Willa Frances Strickland Chattanooga, Tenn. History and Social Science H.S.C., Swastika, Chattanoo- ga Club, Romantic Linguis- tic, Campus Literary Guild. ezziors Josephine Elizabeth Thomas Earlington, Ky. Secretarial Commerce Delta Sigma Theta, Alpha Iota, H.S.C., Kentucky Club, Delta Tau Iota. Jeanette Estelle Tuggle Batavia, Ill. English Y.W.C.A., College Choir, ' Dramatic Club, Illinois Big Ten, Literati Club, Roman- tic Linguistic, Campus Liter- . ary Guild Eleanor Vance Nashville, Tenn. Health and Physical Ed. Elbert Penn Walker, II ' Chattanooga, Tenn. History and Social Science Kappa Alpha Psi, Supreme Circle Club. Oliver Ward Birmingham, Ala. Physical Science Omega Psi Phi, The Hawks Club, Supreme Circle Club, H.S.C., Literati Club, Phi Beta Tau Pledgee, Sunday School Superintendent. l26l Robert E. Trice Nashville, Tenn. History and Social Science Alpha Phi Alpha, Debaters Club, H.S.C. George W. Turner Lewisburg, Tenn. Agriculture Henri Pearl Wade Memphis, Tenn. Home Economics Home Economics Club, Swas- tika Club, H.S.C., Literati Club. Foster Ware Knoxville, Tenn. Agriculture N.F.A. Vertice Washington Cleveland, Tenn. Mathematics f l ZIZLOVS Dorothy Marion White Nashville, Tenn. Social Science and History H.S.C., Zeta Phi Beta, Col- lege Choir, Martha Jean 'Wiley Nashville, Tenn. Home Economics Aurora Club, Home Econo- mics Club. Frances Cornelia Wilkins East Chattanooga, Tenn. Secretarial Commerce Alba Rosa Club, Delta Sigma Theta, Chattanooga, H.S.C., Literati, Phi Beta Tau Pledgee. James N. Williams Nashville, Tenn. Physical Science Melvin Word Trenton, Tenn. Elementary Education Paul White Nashville, Tenn. History and Social Science H.S.C. George Williams Newbern, Tenn. Agriculture Helen Williams Memphis, Tenn. History and Social Science Zeta Phi Beta. Rachel Winters Donelson, Tenn. Elementary Education William Joseph Yelder Selma, Ala. Agriculture N.F.A., A.B.H., Delta Phi Delta, Forum Group, De- baters Club, College Choir, S.C.A., Alpha Phi Alpha.. Eszl F H7537 -2.,.g.Qr Y-.,..-.,.,,.-,lf----v-r--em 2 3 7 7 Y A Y A -,7 . , 7 ELECTORAL GROUP OF JUNIOR CLASS 77 Jmyzf 557978 S010 OWLOVE Gfass m f n J' , , : 1 . , att IIIF: illl ll ., M ,, ., lllg Ill Ill Ill " 4 I, l u 'P --wars' 3 ' ""..-"i5.E'-"2i1L .. .. .. IT?" :1 :mmf murmur' t l CAST OF GRAND FINALE The Class of '41 is distinguished for its annual presentation of the Grande Finale an original musical comedy, written by members of the class, under the direction of Miss Zelma L. Redmond, Class Adviser. While the 1938 performance brought a capacity attendance, the 1939 performance is expected to exceed that, with standing space at a premium. In addition to the special literary ability and variety of talent, the class is famous for a membership that is not only praiseworthy in the class itself, but also in the entire school, for members of the class serve the school in the following capacities: Manager of School Orchestra, football stars, basketball stars, members of the choir, of the band and of the concert group. OFFICERS Billy Jones ,,.........,.. .,.,,,.,..,,. , President Alexander Johnson. ..,.... E ...,.,, - Treasurer Theodore Lawson 1.........,..,. Vice President Edward Halecw ,....,,.., Business Manager Ethel Banksaa ..,.. ...,.....,.... ,.... .... S e c retary Samuel Curley ......,. ....,.,........,,....,,.. A rtist Miss Z. L. Redmond ......,.,....,........., Adviser i291 n 7, l C+l"65lZI'l'Z6LIZ Gfass Helen Seeney Miss R. G. Smith Katherine Coleman "Miss Freshman" Adviser "Miss Freshman" FRESHMAN CLASS President. ..... - ......,. .....,... J esse Moppins Treasurer ........ ........, I ,.., L eon Pettigrew Vice President ,...,.. -.- .... Alexander James Historian ,...... - ....... -mv Helen Seeney Secretary. ...., - ......, --- ......... Maxie Allen Adviser ........ ..- ............ Miss R. G. Smith Asst. Secretary .,...... -H ....... Harriet Ray Adviser ......., .......,.. M r. F. J. Henry The Class of '42 undertook and accomplished many new and worthwhile achieve' ments this year. Having groped its way through the mist of obscurity by which we felt ourselves surrounded by High School graduates, we have successfully emerged as fullfiledged Freshmen and thoroughly enjoyed trying our wings in the bright lights of the college curriculum. During the year we have entered the activities with flying colors. The class has contributed literary work, displayed fine arts, exhibited oration, and has given an excellent account of itself in athletic competition. With this record as a foundation, next year's program should be a successful one. Our hope and ambition are that we may be able to take the torch of learning from the Class of '39 and carry it with success throughout the years to come. f30l Q3 Z Zfd Can , ,,' - MM ,i v , . 4 r J ' W .E 1 i 5 I V- x ' J ' ', x A .' , 1 V , , , 1 I 1 l 1 : A , . I f -, , ' ,, 3 ,. '.- A, w f ' " W :xg . .f 'ig f x 1 I 1 v 1 .l . I mmf 1 1 3,4 Wy .ly X, 1 . 1 . . Y --- . -.--. ,..--- M-.- .T ,- ,. 311 Qjki eta Kan PHI BETA TAU PERSONNEL CKey to photograph on page 311 Mrs. Corinne H. Springer, Miss A. B. Woodfolk Dean G. VV. Gore, Jr., Miss Alma Dunn Miss Alice Procter, Mrs. Rachel Patillo, Miss Georgia Jenkins, Miss Mary C. Clay, Miss Frances McGuire, Mis Mildred Clift, Miss Thelma Lytle, Miss Gwyndolyn Hale, Mrs. M. M. Brown, Miss Blanche Boone, Mr. A. V. Boswell, Mrs. R. S. Ferguson, Mr. Louis C. Tolliver, Miss L. M. Averitte, Mrs. H. E. Hale, Mrs. P. W. Gore, Miss Janet Dumas, Mrs. C. Lapsley Brown, Miss Lois H. Daniel. PHI BETA TAU SCHOLARSHIP SOCIETY Phi Beta Tau Scholarship Society was organized on March 26, 1931, to sponsor the ideas of high scholarship among the students and to instill in each the desire to maintain a high scholastic standing throughout his college career. Not only does it stress scholarship, but also moral character above reproach, which is so necessary to the making of men and women. Requisites for eligibility to membership are that one shall have done suiiicient work in the institution of such quality that he will be graduated with "cum laude" honors. The historical forerunners of this organization are to be found in the Sais Society and Pi Kappa Nu. Thanksgiving 1937, Phi Beta Tau became a member of the National Federation of Honor Societies in Negro Colleges. OFFICERS G. W. Gore, Jr ................. - ............ Basileus Mrs. Alma Dunn-Rhodes--.Anti-Basileus Miss Georgia L. Jenkins- ........ Epistoleus Miss Alice R. Procter ....,. -,..Grammateus Miss Gwyndolyn C. Hale ............. -- ..... . Anti-Grainrnateus Mrs. Rachel Patillo ....... - ......... Taniiochus Miss Lois H. Daniel .... Dean of Pledgees Miss L. M. Averitte Miss Elizabeth Boone Mr. A. V. Boswell Mrs. C. L. Brown Mrs. M. M. Brown Miss Mary C. Clay MEMBERS Miss Mildred Clift Miss Janet Dumas Mrs. W. J. Hale Mrs. Ruth Eppse Mrs. Roma Ferguson Mrs. P. VV. Gore U21 Miss Frances McGuire Miss Jessie Owen Mrs. C. H. Springer Mr. Louis Tolliver Miss A. B. Woodfolk President W. J. Hale Qjhi eta Com Qvfedqe D . .L , The Phi Beta Tau Pledge Club is established to keep Contact with aspirants for membership in Phi Beta Tau. Pledge membership requires one hundred ninetyftwo quality points and a two point average, while eligibility for Phi Beta Tau membership requires three hundred ninetyfsix quality points and a two point average. Reading from left to right-first row: Eileithyia Marshall, St. Joseph, Mo.g Elma Mitchell, Nashville, Tenn., Marian Robinson, Chattanooga, Tenn. 5 Omega Beidleman, Bristol, Tenn., Allie Kinley, South Pittsburg, Tenn., Celeste McMahan, Knoxville, Tenn. Second Row: Martha Chambers, Fort Smith, Ark., Hazel Suggs, Nashville, Tenn., Louise Nesbitt, Nashville, Tenn., Doris Bruce, Chattanooga, Tenn., Frances Wilkins, Chattanooga, Tenn. Third Row: Myriam Richardson, Johnson City, Tenn., Ruth Sims, Nashville, Tenn., Abigail Johnson, Pueblo, Colorado. Fourth Row: James Garrett, Springfield, Tenn., Arnold Love, Nashville, Tenn., Lloyd McMahan, Knoxville, Tenn., Oliver Ward, Birmingham, Ala. Fifth Row: Edgar Burke, Chattanooga, Tenn., Lorenza Traylor, Atlanta, Georgia. WJ Gffpka Qi Glmpier ' s Sororufy - -. ,Lf H G , 'I .V X I Q L , ' x I' 4' ff U n, V, In 1 a ll X W HN X' lm Y S .mg-.r f ...IM , 5-54:31, we .nv--h .7 ff.. A-V! F' , . ' .- ' 1:4 ., - ,-. ,.'f1f4k-bm p1r'vrL 7,14 f--a-ef amvumg 11.1355 H wr, ' 'LQ .?i1',j-F71"7Eg-i'f:' 'I '. ,x x ' 1 q I - mn 61211907 Gffpfza Qi Gfzapfer Gflfpka appa Gflipka Sorority Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority was founded in january, 1908 at Howard Univerf sity in Washiilgton, D.C. It is the oldest of Negro sororities and its membership has grown from eleven founders to approximately three thousand active members. Cut' standing national projects include the Mississippi Health Project in the field of sociology, the NonfPartisan Lobby in the field of politics, and local, national, and inter' national scholarships given to worthy students in the cause of higher education. Alpha Kappa Alpha was the Hrst fraternal organization to take out a life membership with the N.A.A.C.P. and it also works in conjunction with the Urban League, making great strides in the cause of uplifting the Negro Race. Alpha Psi Chapter was organized at Tennessee State College on May 13, 1932, and from that time to the present has been involved in a saga of campus history, The chapter seeks leadership ability and scholastic attainment. In the seven years of its existence it has presented to the students of the college and citizens of the city of Nashville three Miss Tennessees and an Omega Psi Phi Mardi Gras Queeng Alpha Kappa Alpha women are now presidents of three of the four women's social clubs, of the local chapter of Delta Phi Delta journalistic Fraternity and various departmental clubs of the campus. Its scholarship is exemplified by the fact that of one hundred wom' en members of Phi Beta Tau National Scholastic Fraternity from 1931 to 1939, twentyfseven have been members of Alpha Kappa Alpha-a larger number than has come from any other campus organization. At present four out of twentyftwo mem' bers of Alpha Psi are members of Phi Beta Tau and seven other members are pledgees. Alpha Psi's program for the year includes an annual "WelcomefTofSchool" project which is given to greet old and new students coming to the college at the opening of the school yearg a PrefChristmas Program to spread good will to fellow students prior to the Christmas holidaysg a "Penny Bazaar" to raise funds to help needy families in the vicinity of the collegeg Founder's Day Celebration at which time outstanding members of the organization and the race are presented to the students of the college and the citzens of Nashvilleg and finally, a Spring Prom to prove that among its many attributes is a spirit of sociability. Alpha Psi Chapter plays a vital part in the campus life of A. E? I. State College and is merely a link in the huge chain of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority which strives to uphold ethical standards, Hner womanhood, scholarship, and service to the Negro I'3.CC. OFFICERS Basileus ,,,....,.,.,. .......... M arjorie T. Iles Tamiochus... ....... ...... E ileithyia Marshall Anti-Basileus ........................ Dorothy Glass Philacter ........c........,.......... Blanche Johnson Epistoleus .................. Mary Cornelia Clay Hodeg-us.. .... ......... C .........,,...... S adie Harris Gramlnateus and Dean of Pledgees .,.. Historian and Asst. Dean of E. Clift Pledgees.....,................Martha Chambers Anti-Grammateus ..........,...... Helen Mathis Parliamentarian ...,,....... Cathryn Bradford Adviser .............. Mrs. Gustine E. Munday E51 er. ff., mf all of jfappcl Gilfplza Sororify . - --ZKA I '-" , ,i ,.", 3, - 3, 1 -'1 , I ,fx ' Q f .. ':'- - ,,.1 1 T u s- n nt r E .a nn ' r za ' fi ' T X V ,. I, b V... - leg, SEZ, Q. E... hex! K get ' g "'5.,-- E H y , T ffW!"'Vfff , The Ivy Leaf Club is one of the most outstanding pledge clubs on the campus. Among the programs it has sponsored are: Sunday School, Vesper, taking part in a. skit in the Jabherwock, and a dance with the Sphinx Club, The success of these programs is due to the outstanding ability of which the Ivy Leaf Club is composed. The officers are: Geneva Morrow ,. President Athelstine Kigh ..........,,.,,i Vice President Lula Menzie ...WE .,.......... - ...,...,. Secretary Gladys Shockley ...,.....,,.ii Asst. Secretary Louise Glover .., .,.,......,. - .,,....,.. Treasurer Ethel Banks, Georgia Mildred E. Clift ...,,.,.., Pillows. Reporters Dean of Pledgees Mrs. G. E. Munday .... nn, ,..,..,...... Adviser The members are: Pauline Weir, Roberta Procter, Mildred Sensing, Annie Young, Frances Berry, Ethel Boswell, Vivian Herndon, Elizabeth Shaw, Dorothy Thomas, Rose Moody, Dollie Brown, Myrtle Banks, Beverly VVest, Helen Seeney, Evelyn Dumas, Janie Esters, Mary Bennett, Helen Pierce, Marie Douglas, Autherine Woods, Roberta Jackson, Anita Fleming, Minnie D. Jones, Margaret Marsh, Camille Evans, Delilah Odum, Anasteen Piersawl. U63 l Gflfplza Glzapfer jeffd Sigma Ckefa Sororify ' f - Haw, , .525 1 J LA A V . , X.. ...1 A-ff. Q VZ' 5 H Al I I M65 30-Q jf! ,,1',, ! V i fi-' Y v '.ff -S-. '- W L lr lv lv v lr lv 1 2 g 1 mmm D73 l ll Gaudet Glzapfer ' ' k if 'zf I l 1 alfa Stqma 6 e at Soren y ' l l CHAPTER ROSTER 1 OFFICERS President? ...,,.......,......,,... Dora Farrington Journalist. ,,,A.A..A,.....,..... Anethia Barksdale V106-President ..w............. Helena Anderson Sergeant-at-Arms ,.,........... ,Maxine Davis S6C1'G'D21'y .-.. 4-,...,,............. H ..... G ladys Wells Dean of Pledgees .............. -,,Mildred Falls Asst. Secretary .......... Ernestine Moreland Asst. Dean of Pledgees..-.Maxine Davis T1'G2lSlJ1'e1' ...... - 4,..,.. -W .... - ....., Hazel Suggs Adviser ..,..,......... - ..... H ..., Miss Em T. Burt MEMBERS Jeanette Ross Walker Chavers Frances Wilkins Olga N01'lEhCUtt Josephine Thomas Marian Robinson Myriam Richardson Blondella Moreland Miss Ruth G. Smith ...Associate Member HISTORY OF DELTA SIGMA TI-IETA SORORITY A meeting on january 14, 1913, in Miner Hall, at Howard University, was the nucleus of the Greek letter organization, later known as the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. The purpose of this meeting was to secure permission of the University authorities and to draw up constitutions and byflaws. On the twentyfsecond day of the same month, the Sorority was formally organized. For almost a year this first chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority lived and grew through additions from the several classes of the university. Alpha Chi Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority was established on A. and I. Campus, May 15, 1936, with seven young college ladies. Since that time Alpha Chi has grown rapidly in Scholastic and Cultural Achievements. This chapter is nationally known for the presentation of its Annual "jabberwock" which is an imaginary creature, so called because of the many different parts of other animals which are needed to make him suiiiciently fascinating. The proceeds from the jabberwock are awarded in the form of a scholarship to the Freshman young woman having the highest scholastic average for four years of high school work. Miss Elizabeth Douglass of Chattanooga, Tenn., was the recipient of the scholarship in 1937 and Miss Phyliss Falls of Memphis, Tenn., in 1938. Although Alpha Chi is the youngest Greek letter organization on the A. and I. State College campus, the chapter was awarded the silver loving cup by the History Study Club for outstanding cultural contributions for the year 193768. Some of our members who have brought recognition to our chapter are: Miss Dora Farrington, of St. Louis, Missouri, who was elected "Miss Tennessee" and crowned "Queen" of the Mardi Gras of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, and Miss Walker Chavers who was award- cded a scholarship for her outstanding scholastic record by the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraterf nity. Some of the honor students of the chapter are, Hazel Suggs, Myriam Richardson, Anethia Barksdale, Frances Wilkins, Marian Robinson, Alice Procter, and Walker Chavers and others. Alpha Chi endeavors to maintain its standards by continuing its social and cultural contributions to the atmosphere of the campus life. To OUR Anvisna-Miss EM T. BURT l'May you live as long as you like, and have the likes as long as you live" -DELTA SIGMA THETA SORORITY U31 Qvymmig 0 effa Sigma Klzefa Sorority OFFICERS Dorothy Marie Beatty ..,,,.,.,......A President Sarah Baugh ........,........ - .,... Vice President Anna Laura Cotten. ...,..,.. --.- ,.... Secretary Annie Lee Kimes ......,..,.... Asst. Secretary Myrtle McCandless .,.,..,,..,.....,, ,Treasurer Abigail Johnson ...... ,. Sergeant-at-Arms Vera Allen. ...,.,....... .,,.., - ............ C haplain Phyllis Falls..- ....,........................ Reporter MEMBERS Evelyn Crawley Haley Johnson Billie Latture Birdie Parks Stella Rucker Felicia Truss Rosa Williams E391 Gffplza .Baia Gfzapier iqma amma 1 1 3 Q60 - . GJ ,lp GCN 1 l,:: 1 - -' .fa L 1 H W K . 1 1 .-. L 1 enema Sigma Gamma Rho began the existence of sororities on A. and I. campus. Alpha Beta Chapter was set up on February 9, 1931, with fourteen young women who pledged themselves to live by the principles of the organization. V This chapter has grown each year and talents have been developed as social Workers, teachers, educational supervisors and many others. standard of better vvomanhood. Edna E. Arnold Eloise Bacon Ethel M. Balhoun Martha M. Brown Johnnie Baker Earlie Mae Bowder Millie Cartmell Verlee Cavit Laura Coleman Fannie Dobbins Alice Dunnigan Nellie Fitch CHARTER MEMBERS Ima A. Raiford Mattie A. Ca1'nes Louise E. Dunford Genevieve A. Jones Minnie B. Prather MEMBERS 1931-1937 Minnie Gray Virgel Greene Mary Hendricks Martha Holland Mary Hooper Gladys Jones Elree Madison Julia Parker Johnnie Ransom l40l All are holding high the Emma L. Raybon Mildred R. Robinson Eliza Vernon Bessie M. VVhitman Hazel Rice Ruth D. Sims Frankie Smith Edna Spearman Lucile Thomas Vertice Washington Florence Williams Lillie C. Wilkins gpsifofz Gffpha Ghapfer I 7 , .Zeta QDAL eta Sororufy Y . " I -3. il - . -,I .n..g, ,E ,,.,-xi A' -, 'V V . Reading from left to right are Sorors Eudora Kennerly, Grammateusg Omega Beidleman, Anti-Basileus, Ida M. Stockard, Leola Wilkerson, Elma Gantt, Martha Avery, Helen Williams, Basileusg Bernice Eskridge, Edith Howland, Ethel Prather, Claudia Taylor, Mary K. Carter, Chaplain, Lullavee Rogers, Parliamentariang Carrie Childress, Epistoleusg Monte Gantt, and Mrs. Marie Brooks Strange, Adviser. Epsilon Alpha Chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority is proud of the growth and achievement it has attained during its life on Tennessee State College campus. Epsilon Alpha Chapter was organized on Tennessee State College campus, April 15, 1933, with six charter members. Since then its rnembership has grown each year to include outstanding young women. From the ranks of Epsilon Alpha Chapter come such distinguished personalities as: Soror Estelle Berry, who in 1935 was chosen "Miss Tennessee," at the same time holding the office of Basileus of Epsilon Alpha Chapter, Soror Laura Clay, talented musician, now Supervisor of Henry County, Paris, Tennessee, Soror Ann Coleman, successful business woman, the proprietor of "Ann's Tea Room", Soror Pauline Evans awarded a scholarship in '38 for work on M.A. degree at Fisk University, Soror Emma Jones, also successful business woman supplying the needs of North Nashville from her "Samay Shoppe" in the Ritz Theatre Building. With the Tennessee State College Concert Singers we have Sorors lone Hartley, contralto soloist, who was presented in recital at St. Louis, Missouri, in '38g Joan Romby, contralto soloist, Mattie M. Mclntyre, soprano soloist, Helen N. Williams, soprano and Basileus of Epsilon Alpha Chapterg Omega Beidleman, soprano and Anti-Basileus of Epsilon Alpha. Soror Omega Beidle- man was chosen as "Miss History Study Club" for 1938-39, the highest ranking student in the junior class in the fall quarter, a member of Phi Beta Tau pledge club. Members of the faculty are Soror C. Lapsley Brown, Head of the Department of Health and Physical Education and a member of Phi Beta Tau Fraternity. Soror Marie Brooks Strange talented concert pianist and organist, Head of the Music Department, who, with a dynamic personality, directs the one hundred voiced college choir and the nationally famous Concert Singers and is adviser of Epsilon Alpha Chapter. Zeta Phi Beta stresses scholarship, zeal, sisterly love and finer womanhood. T411 Dpi ZIOJOYZHO 951011979 'S eta Umicrolz fzapfer Gffpha hi Gflfpfm gifafernify l'First of All, Servants of All,iWe Shall Transcend All" In such a spirit the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity was founded at Cornell Uni' versity, Ithaca, New York f1905f6j. It was the iirst of the intercollegiate Greek letter fraternities to be organized by Negroes. Inspirational activities like the "Go to High School-Go to College" and the "Education for Citizenship" movements are fostered annually and scholarship grants are awarded many deserving youths. Twentyffour years later in the year 1934 at Tennessee A. and I. State College seven young leading youths were organized into the Hftyfeighth chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha, namely "Beta Cmicronf' Thus this chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha was born on May 12, 1934. It is the youngest fraternity on the campus. Scholarship, fellowship and devotion is its slogan. During this school year three outstanding awards have been made: Mr. Billy jones was selected from thousands of students of the southern universities and colleges as the student representative of the Beechnut Corporation. Since his appointment the company has placed him over Wilberforce, Tuskegee, West Virginia State, Fisk, Meharry and Tennessee A. and I. State Colleges. Mr. Jones also won an award of 325.00 from the Social Science Department during the Fall Quarter. Scholarship awards from the general organization were made to Messrs. Lloyd McMahan and Edgar S. Burke. During the years 1937 and 1938 the chapter won first prizes in the Delta Jabberwock thus eliminating their eligibility for the 1939 award. Mr. Herman J. D. Carter, young, promising poet and author, contributed his dramatic ability toward winning both prizes. The records show that the greatest number of men elected to Phi Beta Tau Honorary Scholastic Fraternity came from the ranks of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. According to the scholarship ratings of the college, Alpha leads. OFFICERS President ............................ Edgar H. Green Vice President .. Beonored Hockenhull Secretary .................... William M. Hafford Asst. Secretary .................. Edgar S. Burke Treasurer ...................... James A. Johnson Chaplain, ...................,......... George Banks Sergeant-at-Arms .... F. Randolph Howell Associate Editor to Sphinx .... Billy Jones Advisers ..................................... - ..........,.. .. ........... L ......... Prof. Jesse Hayes -.........Dean G. W. Gore, Jr. CHAPTER ROSTER Reading from left to right: James Perrie, W'alter Debose, F. Randolph Howell, Lloyd McMahan, Harold Hodges, Albert Greenlee, George Banks, Beonored Hocken- hull, Robert Trice, Millard Ulen, Billy Jones, James Jackson, Otha Paul, Richelieu Strange, Henry Ratcliffe, Howard Burley, Phillip Pyron, Jr., James Johnson, Edgar Burke, fcenterj Edgar G1'een, Prof. Jesse Hayes, and William Hafford. Members not shown on the picture are: Herman J. D. Carter, Wa1'1'en Pemberton, Albert Miller, Jr., and Joseph Graham. Faculty members not appearing on the picture are Dean G. W. Gore, Jr. and Attorney R. B. J. Campbelle, C.P.A. l43l Kite Sphinx l i l i ' Qzi I I ll . Z filllsqf' .--, 1 -N , ' - A l ll1z-:i, Ll.. C lf ' l at , A '- l , C 1 T r. r e s, oo , ,,, : : :.: A Q,1 Y 4 Y n , f Q I psf' A V, Y A Uyfuqrsq A The Sphinx Club is composed of pleclgees of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. They have served in the capacity as hosts to the various meetings held on Tennessee A. and I. State College Campus, and are proving themselves worthy of becoming Alpha men in the near future. Top Row, left to right: James Henri Cross, Junior, Albany, Ga., Agricultureg John Frank Taylor, Sophomore, Vice President, Lexington, Tennessee, Elementary Education, William Scott Gravitt, Senior, Secretary, Normal, Ala., Physical Science, John Edward Bush, Senior, President, Little Rock, Ark., Physical Science, Williaiii Joseph Yelder, Senior, Selma, Ala., Agriculture, Alvin Lester Roundtree, Sophomore, Treasurer, East St. Louis, Ill., Social Sciences. Middle Row, top of symbol: Charles Edward Pope, Junior, New York, History and Social Scienceg Leon John Carter, Jr,. Sophomore, Chaplain, Toledo, Ohio, Industrial Education. Bottom of symbol: Lemuel Marshall Wells, Freshman, Savannah, Ga., Pre-Med Coursey Ira Emmett Evans, Sophomore, Sergeant-at-Arms, Gadsden, Ala., Secretarial Commerce. Bottom Row: Julius Elbert Higgins, Junior, East St. Louis, Ill., English, Glenn Wagnei' Atkins, Sophomore, Martin, Tenn., Elementary Educationg Lynwood Gilmore Davis, Junior, Warrenton, N.C., English, Gilbert Wayman Senter, Sophomore, Nashville, Tenn., Physical Science, Edward Ruben Hambrick, Sophomore, Kansas City, Missouri, Physical Science, Harold VVilliam Jenkins, Sophomore, Nashville, Tenn., Agriculture, Ulysses Lawrence VVilhoit, Sophomore, Reporter, Tullahoma, Tenn., Mathematics. we lu LC CC me C l Gflplm Zim Gfzapfer appa Gflfpfza Qi gfafernify V---, .W M-,-,.w my . Mm..U m,W v , .. . ,, N I W :-, fig, VQIR VA R , , 1 " XF ? A A . ' Q "IASk 5 'N L , :-1, - A ff? X ' LQ" : ',,. A .-1J :.E i 1 A Cllx -. CD hi ii-5fnQ'5 LA i ----- ----- iggllxk ,ACf3 5A P ---5------- ,X ' V , . ' gin. 'I ' Xi Q M. Sy 1 .1., 5 A3 ,,, ' "" ff 2 '- 9 ifjv V Zwfge Q? S9 J. QK4,'k' l n .v .A , , V -LQ , Lg, ggigff ,mf V , ,aQ W Q 4 N J f H L Q Dv Ummm E451 2 1 Gflfpka Chain ftapfer ctppa ,qfafernify Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity was founded in 1911 at Indiana University. Kappa Alpha Psi aims to make college life fruitful and happy, and the long span of years after college rich and sweet in memories of college days, in the comforts which come from contacts with brothers in the bond, and in the happy prospect of faithful comrades to the end. The fundamental purpose of Kappa Alpha Psi is achievement. Alpha Theta Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity was established at Tennessee State College in 1931, and since that time has proved to be one of the outstanding organizations on the campus and in the city of Nashville. During these eight years Q 193149395 many Kappa men have contributed to the success of the institution. The year 193869 found Kappa men at the front in the activities of the school. Most of the outstanding men on the football team were wearers of the Diamond. The following men played a major part in the success of the Tigers: Charles Finn, Guard, Charles Adams, Centerg Charles Goodman, Tackleg James Harris, Guardg Rayfield Anderson, Endg james Price, Backg and Andy Lewis, Back. Harris was selected on the All Midfwestern team for the third time. Goodman was elected as Captain of the football team for the coming year 41939401 In basketball Goodman and Price were standouts. Milton Green has distinguished himself as one of the outstanding singers in the Concert Group. Daniel Provine and Lorenzo H. Traylor are Pledgees to Phi Beta Tau, the school's honor society. Traylor is also the Editor and Publisher of The Record. Professor M. R. Eppse, our Adviser, has distinguished himself as an author of note. One of Prof. Eppse's books, L'The Negro, Too, In Our History," is now being used in the leading schools throughout the country. Kappa men also stand out in Dramatics, Art and other phases of school activities. Other Kappa features at Tennessee State College include the following: Vesper and Sunday School programs, Annual Picnic, Kappa Kountry Karnival, and the Annual Spring Dance, the school's most entertaining affair. Members of the faculty who are members of Kappa include the following: Prof fessors Eppse, R. Munday and Grady Sherrill. Prof. Munday is also the Head Coach of the football team. Two of his assistants are also members of the Noble Clan of Kappa, they are Coaches Lawrence Simmons and Walter Parden. ROSTER H, A. Forde ..-,,,, - .......... L .,......., Polemarch R, H. Rogers .,,.,.....,,,.r....,., V ice Polemarch M. T. Green .,.................. Keeper of Records C. Finn ...................... Keeper of Exchequer L. H. Traylor ................................ Strategus A. Daniels ...... I ...................... Lt. Strategus R. Dill ..,.-.,.,.,.,............................... Journalist R. Anderson..-.--- ........... Dean of Pledgees Messrs. Eppse and Sherri1l..-,-.Advisers VV. G. Arnold A. Harlan H. Smallwood J. H. Cook R, Fordan J. Turner J. W. Evans W. Fackson E. P. Walker E. Foster P. Lyle F. Walton L. Fowler A. Lewis J. Williams C. L. Goodman J. Marshall S. White J. H. Harris D. Parson F. Stockell J. Price T. Acklen H. Spicer L. Simmons A. Simmons W. Wilson P161 it Scmllm G! 6 le II ll llal ll l l l ll ll li el l l - ..- ilflnumn The Scrollers Club which is an integral part of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, was founded on the campus of Ohio State University, May 19, 1919 for the purpose of unifying the men who aspire to the achievements that Kappa Alpha Psi offers. Since that time each undergraduate chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi has had its own Scrollers Club. These clubs comprised of men who are to become members of the fraternity were not content to bask in the reflected glory of the fraternity but have earned enviable renown through their own efforts in curricular and extra-curricular activities. Since the coming of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity to Tennessee State's campus on May 23, 1931, there have been sixteen separate and distinct Scrollers Clubs comprised of approximately one hundred and seventy-five members of which about one hundred have won their way into the realm of Kappa. Since their inception, the Scrollers Clubs have distinguished themselves particularly in sports but none the less in music, art, and scholarship. From the ranks of the Serollers Clubs have come honor roll students, All-American football men, All-Southern basketball men, track men, Concert Singers, art students, orchestra leaders, journalists and countless others of diversified talents. Fifteen different cities in seven states give the present Scrollers Club its roster of twenty men. This score ot' men quite ably represent their organization in the currently popular college activities such as basketball, football, tennis, track, music, art, and dramatics. Confident that the fair name of the Scrollers will not suffer because of us we sincerely believe that others tc come will do much better. First Row, left to right: Benjamin F. Mallard, Mobile, Alabama, Reporter, Junior, Roger Green, Huntington, Tenn., Chaplain, Senior: Thomas F. Jones, Gary, Indiana, Secretary, Sophomore, Finest Gilk-ey, St. Louis, Mo., President, Juniorg Cecil Harvey, East St. Louis, Ill., Vice President, Sophomore: William Arnett, Evansville, Ind., Sergeant-at-Arms, Junior: William Jackson, Evansville, Ind., Treasurer, Senior. Second Row, left to right: Fred Lash, Jr., St. Louis, Mo., Freshman: Sidney Preston, Jacksonville, Fla., Junior: Shirley Arnett, Evansville, Ind., Freshman: James Farrell, Mt. Pleasant, Tenn., Freshman. Third Row, left to right: Cecil Partee, Blytheville, Ark., Freshman: Waldorf Johnson, Quincy, Fla., Freshman: William Stubblefield, Evansville, Ind., Freshman: Joseph Eppes, Covington, Tenn., Sophomore. Fourth Row, left to right: Major Jarrett, Whitevllle, Tenn., Juniorg Robert Williams, Nashville, Tenn., Sophomore: Brandon Barton, Columbia, Tenn., Sophomore: Fentress Elrod, Dyersburg, Tenn., Junior: Elmer Smith, Trenton, Tenn., Junior. E473 Zefa Glzapfer of Q9 ijefa Sigma Qifafernify 1 I 5 i A. g E 1 v A sh in F., ua 'I I . E Z I l R ,, , . -. Q f fs L f -------4------ ,--- .- ... . , , S I TE ,....,A,., ..1, I ' , ' "' . -9 x v A H M A is-152 + I , F N 1 1 19f"lllIn' t , , Y ,. - 1 f :.?'m'f.MQ? . . . :E 'gl"fl.: x EN.: 5: N :L W - 27552 Qrgfpfj- 51 , . 'ff iflrr ' Qs, 1 . .L ff' Ab 7, I, ,f , prjgl E481 Illllllll .Zeta Gffplza hapfer of Thi Zlid Sigma Gfafernify The Zeta Alpha Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity was founded on the campus of Tennessee State College, May 1, 1931 by Brother Chester Owens and Brother Alger V. Boswell with Roger P. Bailey, Theocia C. Homer Carter, Searcy C. Harris and Walter L. Vickers as members. With the motto, "Culture for Service and Service for Humanity," and the slogan, 'LBigger and Better Business for Negroes," a business week is nationally set aside annually with the betterment of Negro business as the theme. The Sigma Scholarship is given away annually on this campus under the auspices of 'Zeta Alpha Chapter to the outstanding Freshman or Sophomore of oratorical ability. MEMBERSHIP TIDBITS Parnell Jones CParneyl ........ President Birmingham, Alabama Martin Taylor fPackJ .... Vice-President Brownsville, Tennessee Fred Banks fFritzl . .... . ......,.. Sec1'etary Silver City, Miss. Sherman Ma1'able CChusettsJ ....... ....... Dean of Pledgees Newburgport, Mass. Marcellus Keys fPrexyJ .... Business Mgr. Gallatin, Tenn. VVilliam K. Fox fKap1JYl ......, Reporter Milwaukee, Wis. Davis D. Owens CDaveD .... ........ C haplain Carthage, Tenn. Robert Bailey fBobJ Trenton, Tenn. Freddie Barefield fDippsy Doodlej VVashing'ton, D.C. William Butler CSneadJ Murfreesboro, Tenn. John Driver CSharp Tackj Pulaski, Tenn. John Campbell QMilkmanJ Ripley, Tenn. Luster Hayes fBruteJ Jackson, Tenn. Donald Bentley fGa-Gal Gallatin, Tenn. George Melson fCool-papal Dickson, Tenn. 11491 Sherman Robinson Uockj Memphis, Tenn. Shirley Shockley fMaMa's Boyj Sparta, Tenn. David Willis fWee Williej Murray, Ky. Melvin Wo1'd fThe timid soulb Trenton, Tenn. Hershell Woods CSmal1' Fryj Murfreesboro, Tenn. Prof. A. V. Boswell ,...,,. .. .... Co-Adviser Nashville, Tenn. Prof. R. C. Ballard ..,.. ..r.. , Co-Adviser Tatum, S. C. CRESENT CLUB A. Earl Dickerson of Bristol, Tennessee A business man he hopes to be. B. Charles Haynes of Murfreesboro Does not from hard work forgo. C. Paul Johnson, a Tennessee son Never quits 'til his task's done. D. William Saunders of Greensboro, North Carolina Is a friend you'll not find finer. E. Walter Wells of Mississippi Yes, Jackson, if you please, Charms the hearts of girls with ease. mega Qi ? Z gjqafgrfzify Q50 Q Qi Gkafofef 'sl J 1 . 5' . . -----' I 6 Y H 20 I7 " Q' Ht 2I at M514 S 1 15 I II II U I NJ aa 437, CJ 54 a ITAL.. .5 X25 .1 A-'-v I so 'J A- 4 A 23 -S: N H II K A x .. In .. , sog mega Qi Gafernify gfisfory of Qfzo Qi Gfmpfm Blazing the trail for fraternities at Tennessee State College came Rho Psi Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, April 24, 1931. In the founding of this great chapter, these persons were instrumental: W. J. Hale, President of A. and I. State College and J. F. McClellan, Instructor of Physical Science at that time. Fraternities act as a stimulant to keep the traditions of Colleges and Universities alive, and helps to create loyal alumni. Rho Psi Chapter has contributed much to the cultural and social out- look at Tennessee State College. Some of the programs that are featured yearly are: 5. Annual Banquet and Dance. 1. Vesper Services, Celebration of Ne- gro Achievement Week. - 2. Annual Sunday School. 6. Smoker for Freshmen and New Stu Jabbei-wock Skit. dents- Mardi Gras-Co-operating with Delta Smoker for Graduates and Home- Chapter in this gala occasion. comers. In our breaclfbox of achievement, the Z. A. Looby-Representative of 5th District of Omega Psi Phi. Levi Rowan Patton-Varsity Base- ball and Track, Student at Mehar- 1'y, K. of R. Sz S. Beta Alpha Chap. B. A. Cox-Director of Industrial Arts Department. W. J. Hale-President of A. and I. State College. F. J. Henry-Professor of Educa- tion and Adviser of Rho Psi. F. W. Strange-Instructor in In- dustrial Arts. W. S. Davis-Chairman of Division of Men's Vocations and Instructor in Agriculture. R. E. Clay-State Building De- veloper. Luther Glanton-Basileus, President of Senior Class and History Study Club. W. J. Hale, Jr.-Consultant in Ru- ral Education. Oliver Ward-Vice-Basileus, Vice- President of Senior Class, Pledgee of Phi Beta Tau. Harold Love-Keeper of Records Sz Seals, Pledgee of Phi Beta, His- tory Study Club. Arnold Love-Asst. Keeper of Rec- ords Kz Seals, Pledgee of Phi Beta Tau, History Study Club. William Bell-Keeper of Finance, four year member of football team. Joe F1'eeman-Chapter Editor, Co- Captain of foot-ball team, member of "Q" basket-ball team. Rev. Grandierson Rivers-Pastor of Tyler A. M. E. Zion Church. Frederick Sumrall-Dean of Pled- gees, Member of football team and "Q" basket-ball team. Kittrell Brewer-Business Manager of Rho Psi, Senior Class, History Study Club. James Mullens - Parliamentarian, Member of "Q" Basket-ball team. Erskine Lytle-Past President of History Study Club, President of I nu following are our buttered rolls: Class of 1938. Isaac Watson-Member of Cham- pion "Q" Basketball team, Hawk Society, track team. Wellington Howard - Member of History Study Club. Howard Driver-Member of Hawk Society and Supreme Circle Club. Donald Officer - Concert Singer, Member of School Orchestra and Band. Charles Farmer-"Pride of Frank- lin." Walter Pinkston-President of Jun- ior Class, Cheer leader and mem- ber of Orchestra. Vlqilliam Murdic-"Pride of Frank- in." Wilbou1'ne Cochrane - Member oi Collegiate Chapter of N.F.A. La Verne Crawford-Member of Foot-ball team and Champion "Q" Basket-ball team. Jerry Hughes-Member of History Study Club. Alonzo Martin-Member of Debat- ing Team and Forum Group. Edward Ellis-French Club. Fred Stott-Member of Champion "Q" Basket-ball team and French Club. David Ulmer--Member of Champion "Q" Basket-ball team. Don Q. Pullens-Musical Director, Composer of Senior Class Song' and Motto, Chorister. James K. Davis-Member of Colle- giate Chapter of N.F.A. James Woods-Member of History Study Club and A.B.H. Club. John VV63tl'l6l'fO1'd-F01'C1'l10Sl.', tennis star. Robert Cohen-Member of Colle- giate Chapter of N.F.A. George Turner-Principal of Linden Elementary School. Luttrell Slaughter - Member of Elementa1'y Education Club. Wleqd 126519560155 ig: 13 Y 2 L "ik Y , H 1, -. J" rj' . i ' I 'lildff' nu W"- xl N '5 5-.'!' .,"J ' 1 - . L I I ' lg- yfkw f i' " ' ' ' f' if L . W - W. .727 f . .. ' za- , ., 5 , ix f , '9 in mm521w,.1:a'. : ij 1,.., . . 0 ., on lu.. ii, A " 5 1 1-r .t 2-h':1:5:a:H:-,f-,. .2 : - "F'!iei'?"' Q215'5f' A -. 53,6 f 'N -14 - X 5 W 'K' "" ' gs I, W, 1 H 2 V A Q w me n. v N l , -I J mi, ' V X A My A E114 i 5, I fir 'B '41 3 fs 95.1 MIA? 3 -51 ,, V 3f5 M 4 ' A 1 1 , Q X i Q. :S H 1 ' 'V .-.L.. X - I . - '1,.,.,. 5 A f :f 131 ......- 9543 1 ,. 'L - ' 'A ':"' 'Z Qlikg 01 ,ig l A Ale nv ,J K W '1 ,, 2 -V ly, is-1:2-1. .- ': v I J Q Tm. ' I my-5 ' Q r y-ww, gwvfu, ., 3 y 1 ,L .1.i , 1' Eg X' .- 5 .Q ,Q ,Q 'I ' f, .1 " -3.-. 'xl 'if M 21, - 3 --v K fm ' - f"- ' 3 ' l :W 2 -' 4 ,'!' V' ,,, - ft ' ' M' J" f 1" I -Y A 1 W U21 iff flozyrelf 6LWLiD6LJ05 ll I oyaffy ave mon The virtue of loyalty is the rational control and organization of the sentiments felt toward the different groups with which a person is identiiied. On a whole it is convenient to distinguish between love and loyalty, and make of them separate virtues, although in ordinary language they rather overlap. When distinguished, love is said to be felt toward individuals, and loyalty toward groups. A man loves each separate member of his club or "frat," as an individual, he is loyal to his club or l'frat" as a social unit, and to each member of it because of his membership in it. Powerful certainly are the sentiments that bind a man to the social groups with which he identifies himself. Each group to some extent has its own moresg each makes its own demandsg and each man joyfully serves each of his groups and feels proud if commended, and shame and sorrow if condemned, by any of them. "Let manhood, scholarship, uplift and perseverance be our guide." -folm Wilson President ,,.,..,,......,............... Frank Thomas Nash ville Vice-President. .,.........,.,...., Robert Dungey Nash ville Secretary .................,.,.,....,,.... Noble Owens Memphis Assistant Secretary .......,,,..,... Lovell Jones Nashville Treasurer ...........,.....,...,,.,, Homer Whitaker Houston, Texas Chaplain ...,,..,,....,..,..,,.,... Theodore Lawson Nashville Austin, Clarence, Sophomore .... Nashville Miller, Ewing, Senior ',,,,,-,----,,,,,, Nashville Collier, Odell, Senior .......,...,...... Nashville Miller, Rushton, Sophomore ..................,, Gibson, C. C., Freshman .... Brooklyn, N.Y. ............................ - ................ Denver, Colo. HiHde1'S0U, G1'0Ve1': Junior ------------ , ---- - -'-- O wens, William, Sophomore .,..V..... Ripley -........,-........-......-.-.-.....Charlottesville, Va. Simmons, Phelton, Seniorn., ................. Jackson, Zaricor, Sophomore ..,. Nashville HWm-WBu,mmgham Ala L h - .V h 'll Mc ean, Raymond, Sop omole Nas V1 e Thomas, Royal, Sophomorevp-mvNaShvi11e Mattison, Joseph, Sophomore-- ............. ' Wilson, John, Senior .........,.... Atlanta, Ga. Ill. ' i53l , gf? V Q w 1 -' vm 3 f V N .Baia Glzapfer of DG LTQ D4-u DGLTQ JOURHIJLISTIC ERQTCRHITU -ITOURTI-I GSTQTG l l I N H JI H J W ffm effa Q3 Z effa Delta Phi Delta journalistic Fraternity was organized at Morehouse College in 1937. Beta Chapter was established at Tennessee State College, February 1937, with Frances McGuire as the first president and Dean G. W. Gore, Jr., Adviser. Beta Chapter sponsored three major projects for the school year 193869. The iirst school paper on State College campus, The Ayeni Collegian, was begun in the fall of 1938 and was published by Beta Chapter. Since its beginning live issues have been successfully published. The Second Annual Convention of Delta Phi Delta was sponsored by Beta Chapter, April 1345, 1939. The Ayeni, the year book of State College, was the third project of Beta Chapter. The Editorfinfchief of the Ayeni, Mary C. Clay is the Vicefpresident of Delta Phi Delta. OFFICERS FOR THE YEAR, 1938-39 MEMBERS Frances MCGUIIEQQBHE """" 'mpresldent Edgar Burke ...................,.,.... Chattanooga Mary C. Clay. .....,...,.,,.,,,...... Vice President Muskogee, Okla. Glyndolyn Flynt .............,..V.., Fayetteville Williaiii Fox ,,-,,,,.,,,,,.,.,..,., Milwaukee, Wis. Mildred Clift .... Corresponding Secretary Mildred Gaines ------ - f--------------- --- Nashville Chattanooga William Haffoi-mi .....,. .,,,,,,. C hattanooga Anethyia Barksdale Recording Secretary Edward Hale ,,,.,,,..,,r ,i,,,i,,,,i,,,, N ashville Baltimore, Md- Gwyndolyn Hale ..,.,.............. . ...... Nashville William Jenningss- .v---- . '-----s------- T 1'eaSu1'e1' Billy Jones ........................ E. st. Louis, 111. Columbia Lemuel Lanier ...,...,.,...........,...,..,,.. Dickson - James McGlothern ...,.....,.....,.,..,. Maryville ADVISERS Lorenzo Traylor .... - ............,... Atlanta, Ga. Dean G. W. Gore, Jr. Mrs. G. A. Munday -101111 Wilson --f------- - --------------- Atlanta, Ga- Miss L0iS Daniel Miss Alina Dunn William Yelder .............. Birmingham, Ala. Che ,ciurfk Estate The organization was initiated by a group of beginning college students who conf tributed to the college publications through the encouragement and inspiration of Miss Alma Dunn, at that time largely responsible for the editing of the Bulletin. These students later enrolled in classes in journalism under the leadership of Direcf tor G. W. Gore, Jr., and with further encouragement in the field of writing and editing they formulated themselves into what was known as the Fourth Estate. Upon the founding of a national journalistic organization in Negro colleges in 1937, the group became identified, forming Beta Chapter of Delta Phi Delta National journalistic Society, one of six colleges included in the national setfup, with the pledge club retaining the name of Fourth Estate. The present officers are: President, Mr. Lloyd McMahar1, member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, President of Theta Omega Pig VicefPresident, Miss Ruth D. Sims, Phi Beta Tau pledgee, member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Secretary, Miss Myriam Richardson, member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, pledgee of Phi Beta Taug Assistant Secretary, Miss Gladys Wells, member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Miss Class of '41g Treasurer, Miss Mildred Fields, History Study Club, Concert Singersg Reporter, Miss Mae Barbee, Literati Club, Campus Literary Guild. Miss Mary Clay is Dean of Pledgees. Requirements placed upon those qualifying for membership into the pledge club are supervised by appointed members and a committee in charge of pledgees. E561 Ma OSEL Club is l ll ll ll l T I A A V J . 4. 1, Q F I 'Lia 5375533 ,--' - f gif. EFFTEF . The Alba Rosa Club is one of the oldest organizations for women on A. and I. State College campus, having been founded on February 12, 1920. The purpose is to raise the scholarship on the campus and to beautify the campus. The motto is, "Row, Not Drift." The colors are: pea green and pink. The symbol, is the white rose, denoting purity in womanhood. OFFICERS Mildred Clift .,,. ....,.,...r,... ......... P 1 'esident Lillian Watts .,,,...,..,,.....,,,.... Vice-President Frances Wilkins .....,. , .........,,...... Secretary Doris Bruce- ...,. ,,...Assistant Secretary Dora Farrington ,....,.,.. ,........ T reasurer Harriet Davis .,,....,.,.......r..,,.,-.,,,.,. Reporter Maxine Davis ............ - ....... Chaplain Miss E. T. Burt ........, ..,,....,, A dviser ROSTER OF MEMBERS Helena Anderson Ethel Banks Myrtle Banks Dorothy Beatty Ruth Branch Olive Butler Juanita Cochran Ruby Debose Bettye Jeane Dug Ezell Evelyn Roezina Fearn Anita Fleming Carrie Gaines Mildred Gaines Mary Gardner Desmond House Haley Johnson gel. Lois Lovette Grace McLaurine Margaret Marsh Charity Martin Dorothy Miller Ruby Miller Ewania Patillo Birdie Parks FACULTY MEMBERS Anasteen Piersawl Georgia Pillow Alice Procter Flozella Riddles Gladys Shockley Florence Simmons Louise Stevenson Autherine Woods Miss Blanche E. Boone Mrs. Roma Ferguson Miss Zelma Redmond Mrs. Rachel Patillo Mrs. C. Lapsley Brown E571 6LI'IfZ70LL5 Biferary uifd ' . M - -as - E 1 M 1 l ' l Yami ,',-' 1 ' x .V ---1 1.,Q'-Veany . , . i . -5-, fifi i . f"-fr 2 , af l . f l V a.. ' 1 M .. i i . 1- ss'1a"L4: . fe 4 f l e w l .flag , A as X - . - 'J . - V " - x fri- ,- ' 1' l . r.lb'l!l 13:3 , .Q - l -1 .1-511 ff . ffitq at f+'1 sshd E?tIT 'u 'Final l . . , ., z2.22pp:vr if f'1 f - J ll - -.l A l all-Q - '.+i sLii . 5 1 ' "le i i ' Xi bg-,,..-f""'-A X'-Ts 'ZZ X l YBSNBBSAS The Campus Literary Guild, the library science club, was organized during the fall quarter of the school year 193869 by Miss Lois H. Daniel. The purpose of the club is to share with others the sheer joy received from reading, through means of hook reviews, discussions, and lectures in the regular meetings. It is open to all students enrolled in library science classes and others who are interested in recreational reading. Morro: Reading maketh a full man CGLOR: Blue, Silver, cmd Maroon OFFICERS Ruth D. Sims ........................,.. -..President Eileithyia Marshall ............ Vice P1'eSide1'1'G Mildred Clift .....,. .................... E mSecretary Mary Clay .......... Corresponding Secretary Frankie Smith .........,..,.... - ..... ,,-.Treasurer Johnetta Kincaid .....,,............., E-Lib1'2.Fi2.11 William M. Hafford .,....,.,............. Reporter Miss Lois H. Daniel .... ........... F ..u.i A dviser Honorary Members: Mrs. Martha M. Brown, Miss Alma Dunn Willie Lee Allen Mae Barebee Omega Beidleman Ethel Boswell Edgar Burke Ethel Carson Leola Cash Carrie Childress Mattie Cummins Saral Edmondson Russell Ford Harriet Frost Mary Gentry Margaret Goodall Abigail Johnson James Johnson Ova Eudora Kennerly Lula Menzie Elma Mitchell E531 Forrest Mitchell Samie Patton Lottie Richardson Thelma Richardson Johnnie Rives Marion Robinson Henry Ratcliffe Alice Streater Jeanette Tuggle Frances Wilkins Grajpfman is uifd H -I- llli J 'LF llll A -5 """ -we-f e :fi--as 1 The First CfHftmH1l,S Guild Club of A. and I. State College was organized January 20, 1939. Members of the staff: Booker, Charles Bragg, George Brewer, Kittrell Burnett, Egdar Carter, Leon Curley, Samuel President .....,..............., H ...... Arnold Daniels Vice-President r..,.....,.... Henderson Massey Secretary .,,....,,..,....,....,.... Kenneth Quarles Treasurer ,,,,.,..........,..... Lemuel McKissack Business Manager ,,,.. H.Frederick Sumrall Faculty Adviser ................ Prof. B. A. Cox Faculty Adviser ..,..... Prof. F. W. Strange Flynt, Harold Freeman, Luther Hardy, Charles Harris, Marvin Hatchkiss, Alfred Harvell, Fredrick Randolph Crawford, La Verne Jones, James Currin, Hilliard Davis, Henry Ellis, Otha P. Lockridge, Bruce Massey, Henderson McKissack, Lemuel U91 Merriweather, Roscoe Peden, Calvin Quarles, Kenneth B. Sumrall, Fredrick Tipton, Samuel Ulmer, David Walke1', Penn Weatherfo1'd, John Wilson, Lewis Young, Horace effa au ofa ' 'N-' -.yi ar F' 'v - K 'fafgxmfy figwm Ymnmia Qflvoiuwl firaunwl flnniiuiw numb ,, Q, . , '4P5.QulLY95' , I ,, 'i U ' i' :J 1 " ' .. 1 ,W 4 - in ar - W I li.: 4 rm tw Amcnsfs Hrnnmil' 239' V-.515 firmer 0 ww '0'vvw Ullmf' Ml,,,Y V p L A.: 4 wg mm 'Q H fi ' i L 2,532 Y' ' . " Earl , - , " 'K- '1 R. - sfinff '. 'H KF ll 9151 UAW fnms 1 ,mum mm b l i muff! nm lllllliii- Lui siilia eewft-s Fsikftie .ssh 4 ciuowb 7 A'l""'lw -Lnqnaif' ,QQ fffj Vi ' QL fiznsritl' ., , 'E .gsr . : Af as -A Q v 1 ' .pl 5, fmmum, mm ' f l Q-9 , l W , 4 , ,ii v,Q1: 1 .sig V Ma- 1 A H AMW., p Maw u ' . Q 1 - ' ' ' 5'- UM W6 k a 6 K 'www Lqmzlif '71 rwnv E 2' imgunb 'lWoshtU' V ffuwuinlx Gqfmmh , E-.Ummm OFFICERS Martha E. Chambers ....... - ......... President Mildred Cureton ,,....,,,,-,-,-,., Vice President Pauline Wier .... -- .......,... me ,.A.... Secretary Louise Washington ,... Assistant Secretary Dorothy Glass ......... ,.........,.,,..,. T reasurer Arnita Logan-- ....... ................. C haplain Loretta Miller ...... M ,.,.,,,,,.,,, Pianist ...-..Mascot -.....-,Advise1' Pearl M. G01'e,e ..... . Mrs. G. W. G01'e ..,,.... Delta Tau Iota is the oldest college womens organization on the campus, having been founded in 1920. p The purpose of this club is to promote healthy, happy womanhood and to establish high ideals of love and service. ' w X W MOTTO: Not Evening, but Dawn COLORS: Old Rose and Silver FLOWER! Marechal Niel Rose l l i E601 i l l Cgfenzenfary Cgducafiozz 1 Y Y, ,.,.. --. .... HY.-- - .,.. .. ,, Y - . ..,. ,. - .,.., ,- The Elementary Education Club, one of the oldest clubs on the campus, was organized in October, 1930. This group includes men and women who are interested in the training of boys and girls in the elementary grades. Recognizing that the train' ing of youth has a definite influence on later life these men and women have chosen this task as their life's work. CLUB MOTTO: "Notl11"ng Without Labor" CLUB COLORS: Old Rose and Gray CLUB FLOWER: Carnation OFFICERS Frances McGuire .i,,... . ..,i..,,........ P1'eSidG11t Memphis Mary E. Carter ..,,..,, ,,,,. , ,.Vice-President Johnson City Myrtle Calloway ....,..,...... ,.....,..... S ecretary Selma, Alabama Priscilla Brown ..,. Assistant Secretary Asheville, North Carolina Ivanetta Davis ...t.., , .,.,...,.......... Treasurer Nashville Ethel J. Boswell .,...,.. ..,.,,,,........,. R eporter Nashville Dorothy Stanley ,..,.......... ..........., C haplain San Antonio, Texas Harriet Frost, .......,, A ........,...,,......... ,Pianist Charleston, South Carolina Mrs. F. A. Sanders .,......,,..c,,..... - .... Adviser i611 ll u 666056 VOLLP Til , assi L.-. .... , , V , W W, , , The Debating Team of Tennessee State College was organized by Prof. J. C. Bal- lard, April, 1939. The prime purpose of its organization was to train students in think- ing and speaking logically and extemporaneously. Debaters Samuel James, Jr., Henry Ratcliffe, Granville Sawyer, Alexander James, Williams, and Raymond Childs competed commendably on the current debating question of the year "The Pump Priming Policy," against Tuskegee and Lincoln University. Prof. J. C. Ballard is p1'oud of his battlers of wit and has groomed them for the heavy competition that lies before them. SPEAKING The Open Student Forum of Tennessee State College made its inaugurative ap- pearance on the campus December 3rd, 1939. It came into being through the tireless efforts of Prof. J. C. Ballard, the new Social Studies professor of the college. It was his lpuiipo? to form an organization whereby students might be given a chance to t in a ou . With Samuel James, Jr., as President and forum chairman, Allie M. Kinley, Vice President, Henry Ratcliffe, Secretary, and Mary Bate as Reporter. Some of the forum discussions held the school year 1939 were: "The Pitfalls of Early Marriage"-12-3-39. "What Happens to Negro College Graduates ?"-1-29-39. "Is Religion a Vital Force in the Lives of College Students?"-2-26-39. How Can We Break Down Prejudice"-3-12-39 "To What Extent Does the Negro's Economic Development Depend on the Ballot?" -3-30-39. , f62l 0l"LU7'Z ,VOLLTD E 'A ll i . . , The month of March, 1939, marked the laying of two salient milestones in the path of A. and I.'s young Student Forum. Our school's initial inter-collegiate and inter- racial forum was held Ma1'ch 12th in the Little Theatre with students from Fisk and Vanderbilt collaborating with State in discussing the current issue of "How Can We Break Down Prejudice?" Speakers, Miss Mae Howlin and Mr. Caroll Leevy of Fisk, and Mr. William K. Fox of Tennessee State along with the participants in the open discussion expressed the following panacea for the question: A fab Massed economic power of Negroes Cbj Organization of minority groups i fel Organization of inter-racial youth groups fdj Extensive developing of co-operating movements among Negroes P1'of. J. C. Ballard, the power behind -the throne and guiding light of our Open Forum was not content with the venture and launched out to grasp the opportunity of meeting Lincoln University of Jefferson City, Mo., here in a second inter-collegiate open forum on March 30, 1939 in the College Auditorium. Mr. Holiday, Mr. McCormick and Mr. Stallings of Lincoln University along with Mr. Harold Love, Miss Allie Kinley and Mr. Raymond Lloyd of Tennessee State discussed the perplexing question of "To What Extent Does the Economic Development of the Negro Depend Upon the Ballot?" The attendance and interest in the open discussion was great and certainly war- ranted more of its kind in the future. The general conclusion reached was that the Negro's total economic development did 'not solely depend upon the ballot, but, if economic powercould be gotten, political power could be obtained, and in turn social justice demanded. Mr. Cecil Blue was the coach of Lincoln's team. Samuel James acted as forum chairman. Among the numerous highlights of the y.ear were the two inter-collegiate forums. The first was held at State with Fisk University and Vanderbilt University students as participants with Tennessee State, March 12 1939. The second was at Tennessee State with Lincoln University, March 3O,'1939. Two interesting current problems were discussed by the two inter-collegiate forums. They were, in order of sequence: "How Can We Break Down Prejudice?" and "To What Extent Does the Negro's Economic Development Depend on the Ballot?". i63l Cla Hfawkf Slab The Hawks Club was organized in the Fall of 1937. A group of men conceived the idea that Tennessee State College needed an organization that would be different from thc ordinary campus club, so with uniqueness and orginality as the basic purpose this club was formed. The charter members are as follows: George "Famous door" Dalton, Charles "Buck" Adams, Issac "Ike" Watsoii, W. G. "Skooch Skurchum" Arnold, Andrew Williains, Prof. Clarence "Jock" Searles, Prof. Vernon Winslow Know at Dillard Universityj, Fred "jimmy" Sumrall, Oscar jackson, L. H. "Crip" Traylor, June Broadnax and John Hotchkiss. Since 1937 the Hawks Club has become one of the most outstanding campus organizations and plans are now being completed to establish chapters at several other schools. One alumni chapter has already been formed in the city of Detroit. Included in the Hawks' activities are the following: Vesper and Sunday School programs, and those annual socials: A Hoboes Dance, A Kiddies Party and The Annual Hawks Ball in which no one is allowed to escort his or her girl friend or boy friend. This ball proved to be the most interesting and unique affair of last spring. ROSTER fNote: This roster is composed of men from every walk of liife-scholars, artists, fra' te-mity men, -rionfffat men, and other outstanding personalitiesj Charles Adams George Bolton Leon Pedigrew William G. Arnold Oliver Ward Herman Holliday Jesse Cushinberry Julius Higgins Fred Sumrall Joe Freeman Joe Burke Sport Moore Mr. A. C, Searles Solomon Ash Alfred Williams La Verne Crawford Charles Goodman Sam Lavendar Millard Ulen Finis Gilkey Leo Fowler Benton Adams Charles Hunter Lorenzo H Traylor John Evans Issac Watson Theron Northcross ADVISERS Mr. H. C. Reclwyne PLEDGEES Donald OHicer Walter Debose Turner Brown John Williams Howard Driver Joe Mattison Freddie Barefield Billy Jones Edward Hale Luther Glanton Frank Creft Alvin Roundtree Andrew C. VVilliams Chaney Umphrey Prof. M. E. Eppse Jerry Hughes Alonzo Martin Glenn Wright CLUB Morro: All's Fair in Love and War CLUB FLOXVERZ Black Carnation CLUB COLORS: Black, Wliite and Green wa isfory Study Alexander. Josephine Alexander, Clarence Alexander, Macey Allen, Aaron Allen, Clinton Allen. Maxie Helen Allen, Vera Virginia Anderson, Grace Arnold, Grace Avent, Myrna E. Babb, Mattie Ardalia Bailey, John Westley Ballard, J. C. Banks, Edith E. Banks, Myrtle L. Balasco, A. S. Barefield, Jr., Freddie Barksdale, Anethia Barkstelle, Lillian Baskerville, William Bass, Jr., Earl Bate, Wilbur Bates, Ben M. Baugh, Argatha Baugh, Sarah B. Beidleman, B. Omega Bell, Steve A. Berry, Clarence A. Blackman, Prestine Booth, Thomas Roscoe Boswell, A. V. Prof. Boswell, Ethel fMrs.J Bradford, Cathryn V. Bradford, Emma Bradley, Hilbert Brady, Malcons M. Branner, Alvin W. Brewer, Kittrell B. OFFICERS President- ........ - .,,, .........,., L . Glanton, Murfreesboro Vice Presidentd .,.,,. W ,,,.,. r, .,,-.,,,,. D. White. Nashville Secretary. ............................... B. A. Eskridge, Memphis Assistant Secretary ..,,........,..,.. ,H. Williams, Memphis Treasurer, r.,,... . .,,,,..,,,, O. Ward, Birmingham, Alabama EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Kittrell Brewer ,.,.... Helen Williaiiis ........ Olive Butler ........... Harriet Ray ..,,....,....... Prof. Merl R. Eppse. ....... ROSTER Bridgeforth, H. M. Brown, Dollie Brown, Priscilla Bryant, Gladys L. Bryant, James H. Buckner, Georgia Bundy, Jerry Burt, Em T. fMissJ Burley, Howard L. Butler, Lucile Butler, Olive P. Butler, Pinkney Butler, William H. Calhoun, Willie fMissJ Calloway, Myrtle Carson, Ethel Campbell, Ernestine E. Carter, Leon J. Chatman, Willie Anna Chavers, Walker F. Cherry, William A. Chiles, Raymond Childress, Carrie Lee Clay, Mary Cornelia Claybon, Ernest Albert Claybon, Woodrow W. Carter, Mildred F. fMissJ Clift, Mildred E. Collier, Odell Cooke, John H. Clifton, Montee Bledsoe Coppage, Carnelia B. Coleman, Katheryn Cooper, Lilton Clifford Cummings, Mary Curley, Samuel W. Claiborne, Tulipe E. Curtis, Louise i65l M.- ,,..-,-,. mn, i,.,-. Dyersburg W-.- ...--.Memphis - ........ - ...... Bristol ....... Nashville L ,..,......,... Adviser Cox, B. A. Prof. Danner, Myrtle Davis, Eula Belle Davis, Ivanetta H. Davis, Walter S. Prof. Davis, Ariedell Odessa Davis, Orville Dawkins, Bernice Dockins, Halbert E. Dockery, Velma Dugger, Bettye Jeanne Durnan, Evelyn Elliott Dumas, Janet S. Dungey, Robert Edwards, Carolyn O. Eldridge, Jessie Lee Eldridge, Mack Henry Elrod, Fentress Eppse, Joe B. Eskridge, Bernice A. Evans, Camille Evans, John Wesley Ewing, Miller E. Ewing, R. A. Prof. Farmer, Charles S. Farrington, Dora Farrell, James E Ferguson, R. S. fMrs.J Ferguson, S. L. Ferguson, Vera A. Fields, C. L. QMrs.J Fields, Mildred Fields, Pecola Fields, Spencer Finn, Charles E. Fite, O. E. Prof. Flowe1's, Thomas W. Foster, James isfory Study fad Fox, William Kappen Franklin, C. R. Freeman, Luther Foulks, Mary V. Flynt, Glyndoln Vera Galloway, Mary E. Gardner, Mary S. Gibson, Calvin Gibson, Robert A. Gilkey, Finest Gillespie, Livell O. Gilbert, Alice Velma Glanton, Luther Glass, Dorothy F. Gore, G. W. fMr.J Gore, P. W. fMrs.J Goodall, Margaret Gosey, Annie P. Graham, Ruthie M. Gupton, Wiley L. Greenfield, Gerald Griffey, Wm. A. Hale, Edward H. Hale, Gwendolyn C. Hale. W. J. fPres.Q Hale, Jr., W. J. Hankal, E. R. fMrs.D Hardison, Henry Harris, Davie Hardy, Charles Hawkins, Dorothy Hawkins, Mary E. Hill, Murrell Hilyer, Helene E. Holmes, Charles L. Holmes, Herbert Hodges, Harold L. Holley, Charles M. Hotchkiss, John HambrickfEd. House, Desmond N. Howard, Alderson Howard, .Napoleon Howard, Thomas H. Howard, Wellington C. Hughes, Jerry Hughes, Malvine E. Hurt, Jr., Otis Iles, Marjorie Jackson, Zepheree James, Alexander Jefferson, E. P. Jenkins, Lucius Johnson, Cornelia Johnson, Edward B. Johnson, James A. Johnson, Oziel Haley Jones, Gladys B. Jones, Billy Jones, Alberta Mae Jones, Kennard C. Jones, Lovell E. Jordan, Robert M. Kelly, Taylor Kennerly, Ova Eudora Kimbrough, Belanco Koonce, Curtis D. Latture, Willie R. Lawson, Theodore J. Lemons, J. Love, Arnold G. Love, Georgia B. Love, Harold Love, fMr.J Lytle, Erskine Martin, Charity Mae Martin, Alonzo Marsh, Margaret Menzie, Pearl Marshall, Joseph Miller, Dorothy Miller, Loretta Miller, Norman R. Miller, Ruby S. Miller, Rushton Mitchell, Jennie Mitchell, James R. Moppins, Jesse Moreland, Ernestine Mo1'eland, Blondella Moore, Ethel L. Moore, Martha Rita Moore, Martha Montgomery, F. Wm. Mo1'ris, Charles S., II, Prof. Mosley, S. M. Faire Mosley, T. T. Rev. Mosley, Verta Ree Mullin, James S. Munday, Reuben A. Murphy, Mary Myers, Thomas McCandless, Myrtle McCarkle, F. D. McDowell, Inez O. Nesbit, Howard N. Nolan, C. E. QMissJ Northcutt, Olga Officer, J essia Mae Officer, William J. Owens, Davis D. Owens, Hattie B. Owens, Nobel H. Partee, Cecil A. Parks, Birdie Parden, T. R. fMrs.J Pemberton, K. D. fMrs.J Peacock, Ophelia E. Pettigrew, Leon E. Pender, Blondena Phillips, Robert D. Piersawl, Helen A. Pillow, Bernice H. Powell, Maynor Belle Pratt, Essie Mai Ray, Harriett E. Ratcliffe, Henry Rhodes, Lena P. Rhone, Frank F. Reynolds, Vera Mae Richardson, Myriam Riddle, Flozella Right, J . R. Rivers, G. Sims Roberts, Lessie Mae Robinson, Harold Robinson, James M. Rogers, Lucenda Ross, Emma Price Rutherford, Frenge E. l66l Rucke1', Jonathan Sanders, F. A. CMrs.J Sawyer, Leon C. Seeney, Helen M. Shaw, Ruth Sherrill, Grady Shockly, Gladys L. Sims, Sam Simon, Peter Simpson, Myrtis Simmons, Phelton Slaughter, John L. Smallwood, Herbert Smith, Robert D. Smith, Ruth G. fMissJ Starks, Gladys Stephenson, Louise K. Stockell, Fulton Streater, Alice E. Strickland, Willa Frances Stott, William Fred Suggs, Hazel Suggs, Mary Frances Tapp, John L. Templeton, Marie J . Thomas, Dorothy L. Thomas, Josephine Thomas, Ruth Olive Thompson, Eugene Thompson, Lillian R. Thompkins, Fannye L. Tolliver, Louis C. Tolliver, Ma1'ion E. Trice, Robert E. Truss, Felicia Tuggle, Jeanette Turne1', Tee Besexter Tyle1', Fannie Belle Tyus, Marion Chester Umphrey, Albert Ulmer, David Walton, Fluker L. Ware, Margaree B. Watson, Isaac A. Ward, Oliver Wells, Gladys Valeria Webb, Luther Wells, Lemuel Weir, Pauline Wells, Walter Watts, Lillian Whitmore, Dorothy White, Paul White, Dorothy M. White, Willye L. Wilhoite, Ulyess Willis, David Willis, Bilbo Wilson, Leroy Williams, Alfred Williams, Helen N. Williams, Sylvia A. Williams, Robert E. Wilkins, Frances Woods, Ellis W. Wood, James M. VVooding, James A. Word, Melvin L. Yates, Ruby L. Young, Marjorie C. ome cmzomics V .gif f 'ser N Qiitliiiirlisel efsselwiisseyi fo '. M-o ig e.?EitF?i.:if if , T ,,.,,,. , .,, .A i,3!Qg3g, 2 A'.A' 7 5 f3f'. V, 'F I'-E525 ' fi 1 fl 15 s 5 ':-: 5 - '31 J Li' .seQ-r?gsiwugiQ5q,5f3g3pgm :::'L OFFICERS ' Mrs. Elizabeth Petway ..., ,........... P resident Miss Geneva Madison ..e....... - .... Asst. Sec- Miss Sadye Manley ........,... Vice President Miss Monte Gant, .,.,.,.......... W--.Treasu1'e1' Miss Marian Robinson .,., ..,..,...... S ecretary Miss Henri Pearl Wade ,.... - ....... Reporter FACULTY Mrs. Cor1'ine Springer ...........V.,..... A ......... Mrs. Anne L. Patton. .... -- ...........,.. Dimtol' of Depaftmentf Adviser of Mssniiii?131255'Tf','f...ffff.ffHfffffffl Club Division of Clothing and Textiles XCOLORS-Pink, blue cmd silver FLOWER-Sweet Pea SLOGAN-Lea-'rn to do by doing i'iPink for beauty, blue for loyalty, silver for purity i E671 bm and Objectives 0 me COIZOI7ZiC5 "Better Homes" might be considered the objective of every good Home Ecof nomics Club. With better homes we produce better lives and better standards of living. This aim or objective may be summarized in this motto: "Take what you have and make what you want." We, as Home economists aim to practice this motto in all that we do-we learn and teach others how to be beautiful-a quality for which all persons in this universe strive-a quality about which more stories are written, and for which possibly more money is spent than any other we know. We learn how to be beautiful-in appearance-in mind-and in spirit. By dis' covering our assets and liabilities we learn to capitalize on the former and to overcome the latter-this may be done by applying our makefup different style or type or color of clothing, all more becoming to us, or we may acquire this coveted beauty by simply learning how to sit, walk, and stand with good posture. Thus we change our appear' ance for the better. Beauty in mind we acquire by keeping our hands busy and by keeping our minds on what our hands are doing. "An idle brain is the devil's workshop" cannot be justly applied to members of the Home Economics club for our minds are ever alert and active, learning new methods of doing thingsg it might mean new recipes for cooking, new patterns for needlecraft, block-printing, or woodwork, or even new books to read in other fields as well as our own. Beautiful work inspires beautiful thoughts-thus a beautiful mind. Beauty of spirit we learn by working together in harmony toward our objective: L'Better Homes." By Cooperation with one another we learn to be broad minded, to teach and be taught, to give andltake, to share opinions, and finally to be kind, thought' ful, and tactful. We learn to be charming . . . a trait which all the world admires but which few people truly possess. It takes all these attributes together to make our homes better. If we possess these we are truly assets to our families and friends. If we do not possess them we can "Take what we have and make what we want." E683 N w I V I 7 .fame CM cijpfifg' Y 4. . i Y X -.-ii. .f" , . ,ew A ,"-',"'7'i-Qi: - GANG ,l Q. 1iH.gl2iIEEge-f:" an f " A.. HONORARY MEMBERS AND OFFICERS President W. J. Hale, Dean G. W. Gore, Jr., Mrs. W. J. Hale, Mrs. M. M. Brown, Miss Alma Dunn, Mr. D. A. Williston-Honorary Members. Eileithyia Marshall ---..---.-.- .... President Charles McCadden. ............. Vice President Evelyn Hodges .... ....... . 2nd Vice President E691 Mae Bar-bee ,.,,, , ,..,.., Recording Secretary Mary Cornelia CIay..--- .......... C011 SeC'y- Ethel Banks ...,.... - .,.. - ...... -----. Treasurer Samuel Curley .......... - ...................... Artist Edward Hale ............ - .... -.-- Photographer Abigail Johnson ...... -M ..... Student Adviser Zehna L. Redmond ............ ............ F ounder ifemfi The Literati Club, founded in the fall of 1932 by Miss Zelma L. Redmond, English Department, has for its chief aims the improvement of self-expression, the instillation of the desire to use correct English and the art of creative writing. The Literati Club has three branches: the charter, organized by students during the regular session, the Duo, organized by teachers attending summer school, and the Junior, organized in high schools and junior high schools by the Jewels of the Charter and Duo branches. To qualify for membership in any branch of the Club, a student must maintain an average of "B-" or above in English and he must possess some creative ability. A distinguishing feature of the club is its roster of jewels, who are members that have made worthy literary contributions for a period of four years. Certificates of merit, signed by the president, the dean and the founder are awarded the Jewels, and they are the only members of the club who are eligible to wear the gold pin, a sc1'oll with an acorn for the guard. Public annual programmes include, vesper services, Sunday School, observance of Negro History Week, debates, book exhibits and dramas. Literary contributions include the Biography of President W. J. Hale, entitled, "A Man for the Ages," a collection of original literature, entitled the "Beacon," an original play, written by Herman J. D. Carter and presented by the members, "Sorority Money," books of original poetry, "Scottsboro Blues," Herman Carter, "Volga Whis- pers," Troy Jeter, anthologies of English and American Literature and a collection of the philosophies of life of great Americans, entitled "Life" The literary hobby of the club, collecting philosophies of life of great Americans, has acclaimed national attention and praise. Even the Hobby Guild of America offered to finance the publication of this compilation. Among the philosophies of life included in the compilation are those of the following presidents of colleges: W. J. Hale, Mary E. Branch, J. R. E. Lee, VJ. L. Cuninggin, Dwight O. Holmes, Thomas E. Jones, Leslie P. Hill and P. R. Clement. Other educators: W. E. Turner, Charles S. Johnson, George W. Gore, Ambrose Caliver, James A. Atkins, J .C. Napier, Henry A. Boyd, Russell A. Lane, Ullin W. Leavell, and many others too numerous to list here. Among the publishers, editors and organizations that have accepted the creative literature of the Literati Club are: The Hobby Guild of America, the Little Playhouse Group of Philadelphia, the National Tuberculosis Association, Carlyle Straub, Editor of The Muse, N.Y.g the Chicago Defender, the Crisis, Pittsburg Courier and A. and I. State College Bulletin. TESTIMONIALS "I wish to congratulate you on the great success of the play "Sorority Money," that was presented by the Literati Club-The Literati Club is indeed an asset to the college. Greater success in the years to come is wished you and the club." -Mrs. W. J. Hale "Mrs.Roosevelt appreciates your very kind letter and wishes me to thank you for inviting her to contribute to the interesting collection which the club is making." -Malvina T. Scheider, Secretary "I wish to congratulate you and your associates on this fine project." -M. W. Connor, Coppin Normal School, Maryland "With best wishes for continued success for the fine work which the club is doing." -R. O'Hara Lanier, Houston College, Texas "I am hoping for the Literati Club a successful year." -Mary E. Branch, Tillotson College, Texas "I think that your organization deserves to be commended for its excellent spirit and the quality of work which it does." - -George W. Gore, Jr. "Accept my sincere congratulations on the recognition that such participation has brought the members and our institution." -President W. J. Hale LIVE ON Live on, live on, live on, Oh club, Literati Club, Like a great oak tree, live on As in the past thou has done. Let each branch greater height reach, A finer, nobler lesson teach. Until the true and lofty aim, Thy dear founder had in view, In all its splendor comes true. Live on and spread like a tree While we, thy members, cherish thee. Literati Club, live on. -Tempie Beavers i70l l""l XT 1-1 L-l runnin-i -rss ' '5-.fi-ai i 32 3 3 i 3 nu is Fav-iw? 53552 -f:"a.2.i-'f'-fd P33253 E:-V-:-D' TL Q I I I I I H 4 :mm I I I T557 1 v , " sis , , 1 5 P7428 T29 ' f f - ru. 11' illllmlzvmem1!s:l1slRm1mmr...M E t---- Y --- , -Rf. ig lil? mi mi i . EE Ill1 lI "nv . ,. fran" -' ' 4 ll IE! w 17" ...x xivt I A ! Qnmnallxiialusaa :ii ,, fx In ,ff I ,,, ' Y 1 ' K ' I Y N ig ,'. 71: - ww Y"Al ', ',:4' 1" i N.: ..,,, Zi ' :sf 4 13, ' Yi ,, if J N ,V , ' Y I I I 'U im - K I, ,-:i .wY uZ ' ! wx i ii! 4 n K L - M.- ,--,3m.1 -Q n Umwlfs cava.-,12.1-1'-nf-'faurfir'-sf -msrffi THIS PAGE IS DEDICATED TO THE HONORARY MEMBERS, THE GREAT OAKS, WHO GUIDE THE ACORNS IN THEIR GROWTH. ls so R PM E ifemfi Girth, Luzior ' I I I 0 Mtnden, .goarswuza ,.,.-,-,.M---,.,-.- -I E . ' I l at l l The above picture is a junior branch organized in Minden, Louisiana by Miss Ruth M. Stuart, an honor alumnus of the college. On the left is Professor J. L. Jones, Principal, next Miss Ruth M. Stuart. Jewels of the Literati Club, after being graduated from Tennessee A. E? I. State College, plant their own acorns by organizing junior branches of the club in the s:hools in which they teach. Other Junior branches have been organized in and out of the state as follows: Rosdale jr, High School, Camilla, Ga., Miss Delorah jordan, Organizer, Woodstock Training School, Lucy, Tennessee, Miss Marjorie Smith, Organizerg Junior High School, Nashville, Tennessee, Mrs. Virgie Mason, Organizer, Junior High School of Starks' ville, Mississippi, Mrs. Sadye Wier, Organizer, East Fifth Street School, Chattanooga, Tennessee, Miss Malinda B. jones, Organizer. lf72l l Bifgmfz G! A Gfcfivifies LITERATI JEWELS IN ENGLISH LITERARY RECITAL Literatians, eager always to create, were inspired in their literature class to create their own inter- pretations of masterpieces. After studying such selections as "Beowulf," "Spring," by Henry Howard "Canterbury Tales," by Chaucer, "Song to Celia," by Ben Johnson, "Pilgrim's Progress," by Bunyan, and "Conciliation With the Colonies," by Burke, the Literatians were inspired to compose music, to create dance patterns, portraying the coming of springg and to write dramatic sketches portraying Burke, defending the American Colonies in the House of Commons in England. Characters: Frances Wilkins, Jeanette Tuggle, Frances McGuire, Gwendolyn Hale, Ethel Carson, Josephine Thomas, Celeste McMahan, Elouise Phillips, Willie Lee Allen and Martha Chambers, all jewels of the Literati Club. JAPANESE CHERRY BLOSSOM DANCE Believing "Literature is Life," the members of the Literati Club at the close of each year, enjoy living by inviting their friends to enjoy frolics with them. Two of the most beautiful dances, given by the Literati Club, are the Japanese "Cherry Blossom Dance," and the "Book Dance." In selecting souvenirs for the dances, the club kept in mind the mean- ing of the word, Literati, for each guest received books of poetry and pencils, stamped with the word, Literati-"Literature is Life." i731 I 1 E "f .nl Q ii 4 I A l Q I . Y -.,4i.,,,4 i Q gif ' x A 4 i 3 . ' 1 ,Q J w ' W 5, R l v " 's . 4 , 1 ' RS or . ' " , 4' 'N I, N .V -4 " 1 . i . f'!, m?5f5i"lniffQ7g?: 'NXXX ? WF' . W , V' , im ,ff-rg All ' P-TION f if l if" ia'1-il. . H ,LP,g:ENI sp A E - ea 1 . K ei .,,. , -f ,. i W- , . i 'J 1- vc-a Q ff -gf ---------- e iwwwmmwrseimmgmf ... --------- ,fi J .T-. .-1. 1 .f P: vt . t nh? 21 - L- 5 :V ' up J' 31' 1 .J E .4 if- 2 an 71? V - i 4: - :gg W Q is 6. e i KA., ti I " 61:7 , Wd. N1 . . Q F 1 h - -A- ,Q .:. A ,I ,, 3 J J , in 2 -' , i 5 , J Z , mfilwi I '.K. W A.,: 3 E,.g gi , f ,Ji . 'f J I V ..k- 1 ezlw mam L.. James Lemon, President Harry Nicholson, Vice President George Banks, Secretary Kittrell B. Brewer, Jr., Treasurer Glyndon Vera Flynt, Reporter Wiley Bernard, Watchman OFFICERS OF N. F. A. 6Q4MWf5? Wilbur Bates, Corresponding Secretary Phelton Simmons, Adviser James Scott, Historian William Cherry, Parliamentarian William Owen, Chaplain Livell Gillispie, Song Leader W. S. Davis, Faculty Adviser E741 A UMC. 'af X A T :i ma A 6 A , U , ,- A ,Eg N Sa ,f P.. . V f:i"- jst l ,.. , A" l 'Wifi ll PAA: sa FQ ' ii si ,fi 5 -'F "ss l b A ,, - - , . L A' ifnrf . 5. , I gs f , .6 1 sat fi it f ELK? af: .favs "' ' . , . 'iii " f J A .. L , 'J 12.21 . ,al br Y , . . Q H? is V-', rr is s 'Iii .Q ass rii Q ,afft, we r?Q ' I i Y ' A 'Q :X AN , , Sw v p fqg- I ite! , .-. . .. . r f ' :J Ye! ' .fW!f0ll7'6'R CUT-PAGE SEVENTY-FOUR First Row, top to bottom--G. W. Turner, Lewisburg, Tenn.: Joe Burke, Port Arthur, Texasg Jenkins, Nashville, Tenn.: James K. Davis, Canton, Miss.: Hillard Currin, Brownsville, Tenn.: Cotton, Memphis, Tenn.: Kittrell B, Brewer, Jr., Dyersburg, Tenn.: Noah Lewis Holcomb, Henning, Harold Flynt, Fayettevile, Tenn.. Second Row, tap to bottom-Prof. R. A. Munday, Nashville, Tenn.: Julius Sims, Humboldt, Phelton G. Simmons, Birmingham, Ala.: James White, III, Nashville, Tenn.: Curtis Koonce, Alamo Wiley Bernard, Covington, Tenn.: Livell O. Gillespie, Jackson, Tenn. Top Center-Prof. W. S. Davis, Nashville, Tenn.: James Lemon, Covington, Tenn: Dean Gore, Jr., Nashville, Tenn. Lower Center, left ta right-James H. Crosse, Albany, Ga.: George R. Williams, Newbern, William Owens, Ripley, Tenn. Harold Howard Tenn. : Tenn. 3 Tenn. 3 G. W. TBIIH. Q Bottom Center-William A. Cherry, Robersonville, N.C.: Declema E. Paylor, Greensboro, N.C. x Third Row, top to bottom-Prof. M. R. Eppse, Nashville, Tenn.: William J. Yelder, Selma, Ala., William C. Bell, Jr., Chattanooga, Tenn.: Edward Taylor, Brunswick, Tenn.: George Banks, Oakville, Tenn.: Allen B. Flynt, Fayetteville, Tenn.: Harry G. Nicholson, Vice President, Memphis, Tenn. Fourth Row, top to bottom.-Miss Glyndon Vera Flynt, Fayetteville, Tenn.: Samuel Morgan, nooga, Tenn.: Fred Westbrooks, Brunswick, Tenn.: Robert Anderson, Toone, Tenn.: George Chatta Nelson Dickson, Tenn.: Emmanuel Dickson, Memphis, Tenn.: Robert Cohen, Nashville, Tenn.: Ollne D. Pollard, Cedartown, Ga.: Shirley Shockley, McMinnville, Tenn. CUT-PAGE SEVENTY-FIVE First Row, left to right-Odell T. Collier, Nashville. Tenn.: George Cole, Alamo, Tenn.: Luster Hayes, Jackson, Tenn.: Fred Banks, Silver City, Miss.: David Owen, Carthage, Tenn.: George Thomas Flowers, Dickson, Tenn. Second Row, left to right-Henry Gorden, Little Rock, Ark.: Wallace Jackson, Chattanooga. Tenn. 5 Prescott Fisher, Millington, Tenn.: Marion Taylor, Arlington, Tenn.: Lewis Scott, Newhern, Tenn.: Ben Williams, Somerville, Tenn. Third Row, left to right-Denver Parson, Savannah, Tenn.: Emmett J. Scott, East St. Lou Ordell D. Yarbo, Covington, Term.: Major Jarrett, Whiteville, Tenn.: John H. Vanleer, Dickson, Robert E. Smith, Jackson, Tenn. . 5753 is, Ill.: Tenn.: N w X! ' N emzessee Sfafe offeqwuzs N3 Y: SNR L Ll ? , 5 , -i ,V A. ,M 1 , ,Q Q? va 5WEg ETE?QQ2,2' if if Elk iyw "1ggmg2Q222f il .3 - " gi 3 v w L, ,, N W ' 1 w N i761 g ermenee State Goffeqioms The Tennessee State Collegians fill the needs of the college for all dances, prof grams, etc. They also supply music for Fisk, and Meharry social affairs along with their engagements throughout Tennessee, and surrounding states. The linefup is as follows: Rushton B. Miller, Mgr., First Trumpet, Birniingiham, Ala., Honor Student, Vice Chairman of the Cats, Formerly with Floyd Ray, Les Hite, Jean Cal- loway, History Study Club, Lampados Club, Sophomo1'e. Donald Officer, Sparta, Tennessee, Sec- ond Trumpet, Vocal Soloist, Concert Singer, Formerly managed own or- chest1'a, Sophomore, Omega. Herbert Holmes, Buffalo, N.Y., Third Trumpet, Athlete, Track, tennis, high jumpg formerly with N.Y. Orches- tras, History Club, Freshman. Kittrell B. Brewer, Dyersburg, Tennes- see, Agriculture Majo1', Formerly with Silas G1'een, S. Holds, Omega, Senior. Phelton Simmons, Birmingham, Ala., Bass Fiddle, Agriculture Major, For- merly of Fess Whatley's Orchestra, Lampados Club, Senior. Edward Hale, Dl1'GClZO1', Nashville, Ten- nessee, Concert Singer, Photographer of School, Honor Student, A. B. H. Club, Athletics, Sophomore. l i 771 Billy Jones, Assistant Manager, East St. Louis, Ill., Percussions, Honor Stu- dent, President of Sophomore Class, Student Publicity Agent, Literati Club, Chairman Ex. Com. of Cats, Formerly Head Federal W. P. A. Orchestra, Alpha, Sophomore. Walter Pinkston, Atlantic City, N. J., Piano, Organist, Concert Singer, Pres- ident of Junior Class, Captain of Cheer Leaders, Omega, Junior. Edgar H. Green, East St. Louis, Ill., First Saxaphone, Featured Soloist, Concert Singer, Formerly of Jimmie Powell's Band, Alpha, Senior. Albert Greenlee, Augusta, Ga., Second Tenor Saxaphone, Former All-Sou- thern Guard, Football Player, Alpha, Junior. Theodore Lawson, Birmingham, Ala., Third Saxaphone, H o n o r Student, Member Ex. Com. Cats, Athlete, For- merly With Society Syncopaters, Lam- pados Club, Sophomore. Qglzysicaf Guffure A r - ' " ' , . .,,, . . OFFICERS FOR 1938-39 President ...........,............... .,-- ...... - .... W. F. Chavers Assistant Secretary ........,.... - .,..,. - ...... ...,,Blanche Johnson Vice President .... - .,.. ....,... - .......... . B. Collins Treasurer-..-.,.., ..,. - ..,.., - ,....... -- ..,. -.. ..-.-...n..,,.Eleanor Vance Secretary .,.,...... - ..... ........, - ,...-..Dorothy Smith Reporterm..- .... --.- ..............., -..- ...... -- ..---, .... Ella Coleman Adviser .,.,. ....,.,,.,,...,....................,,...,.. .......,,,...,, . . C. Lapsley Brown 11781 Che Gab Each quarter during the current academic year, Charles Satchell Morris, II, Pro- fessor of English and the Social Sciences at the institution has presented prizes to students for outstanding excellence in scholarship alone. Many of Nashville's most prominent merchants have contributed awards includ- ing the Weinstein Jewelry Company, Burk :Sz Company, Florsheim Shoe Shop, R. Z. Levy and Son, Fox's, Violet Studio, and Simon and Whittaker, opticians. Those who have distinguished themselves intellectually have been elected to mem- bership in "The Cats," while those who have displayed unusually brilliant attainments have been elected to membership on the executive of the "Chief Toms." Reading from left to right, back row in the above picture are: Leon Carter, Theodore J. Lawson, Norman R. Miller, B. Abigail Johnson, Neal McAlpine. Front row left to right a1'e: Annie L. Young, Irene E. Rucker, Ethel L. Banks, Ernestine E. Campbell, Billy Jones, President W. J. Hale, Prof. Charles Satchell Morris, II, Rushton R. Miller, Mae T. Barbee, and Charles McCadden. The first prize-winner of the Fall Quarter was Billy J ones, second, Mae Barbeeg third, Theodore J. Lawson. At the close of the Winter Quarter, the first award of 325.00 was presented to Rushton B. Miller for excellence in Historyg the second award of 315.00 to Irene E. Rucker for distinction in Social Science, and a third award of 310.00 to B. Abigail Johnson for distinguished achievement in Philosophy. The above picture was taken at special exercises on Friday, March 31, 1939. Missing from the picture are: Wilhelmina Martin, Robert M. Jordan, Roberta Procter, William Vantrease, Ellis Woods and Ulysess Wilhoite. Prof. Morris is the organizer and adviser of the club, Billy Jones is chairman of the committee of "Chief Toms," while Rushton Miller is vice-chairman of the commitee. wi Qyckofoqy GMD ' r CHlLDREN,S HOUR, ZELMA L. REDMOND, I-nstmctov Students in the Child Psychology Classes, believing in the activity program, were motivated to sponsor "The Children's Hour," for their term project. They believe it is the function of the elementary school to help every child not only to desire and appreciate worthwhile activities but also to participate in them for the enjoyment he gains from such participation. The activities of childhood determine adult life. If every child develops an appreciation for participating in varied activities for pure enjoyment, there need be no fear entertained as to how he will use whatever leisure time adult life may give him. "School should be a laboratorium rather than an auditorium."-Kerschinsteiner. "The teacher is the stearing gear of democracy."-Ross Finney. 'LWhat the best and wisest parent Wants for his child, that must the community want for all its children."-John Dewey. P301 iqma Qi V1 Q gif ,,.,,., .i zlz f' The Sigma Phi Psi Club was organized January 23, 1926 by nine young ladies. The purpose of this club is to aid in the betterment of educational, moral and social activities of the institution, by producing students who are earnest in the pursuit of higher learning, clean in their thoughts, congenial and fair in all their social dealings. For the year '38f'39 the Sigma Phi Psi campus activities have included a presenf tation of individual drinking bottles and carriers for the Tennessee Tigers and a gold football to the most valuable player for the year, Mr. William Broadnax. Other activities included: sponsoring Sunday School, Candleflight Vesper on Easter Sunday night, and the annual club dance. COLORS: Orchid cmd Green FLOWER: Sweet Pea MOTTO: Solidarity PERSONNEL Mary Evelyn Carter ,..,......,....s.,.. President Maria Douglass. ...,s,.,, , ,... . Treasurer Eileithyia Marshall, ........... Vice President Priscilla Brown .....,... ...,.,...... R eporter Gladys Wells ...,,,......,.,....,.,,..,..,, Secretary Belle Davis. ..t..,.,.,,,.ii.,r....,rr..,,...,,r Sergeant Margaret Stone ,...,,.,........ Asst. Secretary Lillian Mary Rhodes ....... L ..,... a-..Mascot Miss Lois H. Daniel. ..................,.rs, Adviser Anethia Barksdale Mary Bennett Ethel Boswell Cathryn Bradford Ernestine Campbell Willie Chatman Annie P. Gosey Gwyndolyn Hale Miss Sarah Baugh Miss Alma Dunn Lillian Headen Vivian Herndon Marjorie Iles Blanche Johnson Belle McClain Celeste McMahan Myriani Richardson Janet Ross 1 Faculty Members l- Miss Janet Dumas l81l Katherine Rogers Stella Rucker Elizabeth Shaw Hazel Suggs Christella Taylor Felecia Truss Louis Walker Annie Young Mrs. Gustine Munday Mrs. Thelma Parden l ll 5 . lll ll l . W ll l .3 Wasfika A P l . i f A P. l ' w t . if ' - h 'fr' 'W We ' ' V4 . - -G Q rj Kg.: K Y- ' N' V,lg ' . 4' I r I . ,Q ,fix D li V i -,QI ' ., .,... - . - --ea-ea .. I L ',f""sr' .mmmmg-r . . - I ,fx-sex 1. will b ' I n A U ' , Eg A -EJ ' -M .ll 1'1'2:.922'12ww:s 3a:Mn. Z -. L5 rl, 2 ' ' ll JI b .-.An 'N ' TT, ll il .if a . 1 G ' Mamas l OFFICERS Juanita Hickerson .........,...,....... President Gladys M. Bryant .,........ ..,. L r.Seeretary Elizabeth Palmer ...,..,.,.,.,,.e Vice President Bernice Eskridge ,... ,.i, ..,.i. T 1 'easurer Mrs. F. A. Sanders ..., K ,.......,....... Adviser X -im MEMBERS Katherine Ray Lulavee Rogers Georgia Love Frances Strickland Artelia Weed Lucinda Rogers Mary Gentry Marie Templeton Myrtle Bond Camille Croan Pearl Wade Miss M. L. Parham ,.......,..,.,. Pearlie Gaines Dorothy Smith Honorary Member Elizabeth Fitzgerald The Swastika Club was organized February 10, 1923 by Misses Vera Beck, Mar- l garet Thurston and Velma Mason, with Mrs. Agnes Kelly as Adviser. Motto: Read not to contradict and confute but to weigh and consider ' Colors: Pea Green and Silver Flower: Sweet Pea l Aims: ' 1. To create a desire for better literature. 2. To promote high scholarship. 3. To think clean and straight. In accordance with its aims each year, the club sponsors Vesper, Sunday School and Better Literature Week, following which we crown our social activities with a Fete. wi eparfmezzf of omcuzfic Bbzquis fics l Z 4 ......,,-- ........... , --,.,. ,,, , Y ,J A N N O U N C E S THE RUTH GWENDOLYN SMITH FRENCH SCHOLARSHIP Of ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS for EXCELLENCY IN FRENCH This scholarship, which will be granted for the first time at the June Commence' ment 1940, will be awarded to the student who has given the best evidences of mastery of the French Language and fluency in speaking sameg who has proved him' self superior in his participation in French skitsg and who has distinguished himself by his loyal support to the RomanticfLinguistics Department Club. DONOR: PROFESSOR RUTH GWENDOLYN SMITH Syracuse Wellesley Columbia The Sorbonne University of Paris Paris, France i331 I I I I OWLHUZIJLC LIZQLLLS IJLCS DEPARTMENTAL CLUB OF THE ROMANCE LANGUAGE SEMINAR -Les Fonctionnaires- Le President .....V. ..L...Wa1ter C. Pinkston Le Pianiste AEA,,,, ,,E,,V, G wyndglyn C, Hale Le Vice President, ,.L...... James Johnson L' Assistante V-V--,q,,--w---, Evelyn M, Hodg-es L9 Se01'et?i1'9 ---,--------,------,-5-,--. Mae Barbee Le Chapelain .............,., Henry J, Ratcliffe Le T1'9501'191' A.M..,..,..........., James F. Perl-ie L' Agent De Publicite Lv,, Wm, H, Rhoden La Sponseurlr, Prof. Ruth Gwyndolyn Smith Adams, Charles Adams, Emma Albritton, Christine Alexander, Mary Allen, Willie Arnold, William Avent, Mary Banks, George Barbee, Mae Barefield, Freddie Barksdale, Anethia Barnett, Albert Battles, Emma Bennett, Frank Biedleman, Omega Blakey, Mattie Bond, Vivian Bradford, Cathryn Bridgewater, Sammie Broadnax, William Buckhalter, Charles Bundy, Jerry Burley, Howard Burnett, Edgar Butler, Ralph Cantrell, Sara Carter, Leon Cartmell, Jimmie Cochrane, Juanita Coleman, Alice Coleman, Pearl Coleman, Samuel Cooke, John Coppage, Cornelia Cox, William Crenshaw, George Cullom, Jessie Davis, Annie Davis, Ivanetta Davis, Lynwood Debose, Walter Dill, Robert Donnell, Thelma Dozier, Toledo Driver, John Duncan, Pauline Dungee, Robert Ellis, Edward Elrod, Fentress Eskridge, Bernice Esters, Jannie Evans, Ira Ezell, Evelyn Farrington, Dora Fearn, Roezina Fields, Pecola Forde, Haynes Fox, William Gary, Ruth lLes Membresi Garrett, James Gilbert, Alice Glanton, Luther Glass, Dorothy Goodall, Ruth Goss, Lois Gray, Lu Greer, Roger Grisham, Eria Hafford, Williaiii Hale, Gwyndolyn Harrison, Johnnie Hayes, Luster Headen, Lillian Hickerson, Juanita Hill, Murrell Hodges, Evelyn Hodges, Harold Hotchkiss, John Howard, Alderson Howland, Edith Hyde, Myrtle Ivory, Rebecca Jackson, Wallace Jackson, William Johnson, Alexander Johnson, James Jones, Billy Jones, Parnell Jones, Thomas Jordan, Robert Kennerly, Eudora Kimes, Annie Kincaid, Johnetta Ladd, Lewis Lanier, Lemuel Lavender, Joseph Lawrence, Hannah Lewis, Daisy Lovett, Lois Lyle, Payton McCormick, James McDowell, Inez McDowell, Maggie McIntyre, Mattiemae McMahan, Lloyd Menzie, Lula Mitchell, Elma Mitchell, Florida Moody, Rose Morris, Kelly Morton, Emma Moss, Mary Mullins, James Murdic, William Officer, George Officer, Robert Palmer, Francis Parson, Denver B341 Pender, Blondena. Pendergrass, Janie Pendergrass, Larry Perrie, James Pinkston, Walter Powell, Mildred Prather, Ethel Pryor, Elizabeth Pullen, Don Q. Ratcliffe, Henry Redwyne, Kathleen Rhoden, William Rhome, Frank Richardson, Lottie Rogers, Lucinda Rogers, Ras Roundtree, Alvin Royal, Thomas Rucker, Stella Sadler, Bernice' Sanders, James Sanders, Magalene Sawyer. Granville Scott, Edward Senter, Gilbert Sims, Ruth Sims. Sam Smith, Modestine Springer, Zona Stockard, Ida Stockell, Fulton Stott, William Strickland, Frances Stubbs, Benjamin Taylor, Claudia Taylor, John Thomas, Florence Thomas, Francis Thomas, 'Frank Thomas, Ruth Traylor Lorenzo Tuggle, Jeanette Turner, Jury Vaughn, John Walton, Fluker Wells, Walter West, Beverly Williams, Elgertha Williams, James Williams, Marie Williams, Sylvia Williams, Thomas Williams. William Wilson, Evelyn Wilson, John Whitaker, Homer Whitaker. Thelma Woods, Ellis Woods, Hershel H Q I omcuzfic Einquis fics R IHIJHTIC-LIVIGUISTICS f CWgffQ I I Gkaffalzooqa The Chattanooga Progressive Club was organized by Mrs. Alma jackson Cor' don in 1920. Purpose: To create a mutual interest in the general welfare of the school bef tween the people of Chattanooga and students from that city. Slogan: Perseverance conquers all. You will iind Chattanoogans represented in all the activities of the campus, and as leaders of various organizations. There are more students from Chattanooga attending State than from any city other than Nashville. There are more students from Chatf tanooga belonging to Phi Beta Tau, the Scholastic Honorary Fraternity, than from any other city represented at the college. OFFICERS President ...L ..,.....,,.... William M. Hafford Vice President ......, Phillip M. Pyron, Jr. Secretaly ..,.......,.,..,..,........, Mild1'ed E. Clift Asst. Secretary ,...,....... Mrs. A. V. Boswell Treasurer ..,,........... ......... E dgar S. Burke Asst. Treasurer ....,,. ........... S am Morgan Business Manager .,.... ........ T aylor Kelly Sergeant-at-Arms ...........,.. Albert Barnett Adviser ,.............,.,............... Mrs. J. Elliott MEMBERS Louise Chapman Doris Bruce Johnnie Harrison Dorothy Miller Marian Robinson Lillian Barksdale Elizabeth Shaw Janie Sue Esters Wallace Jackson Thelma Whitaker Elmer Whitaker Willie Lee Allen William Bell Roezina Fea1'n Clarence Johnson Louise Glover Frances Strickland Penn Walker Robert Maxwell Zephree Jackson Frances Wilkins P361 mmmfic -.,... ,N4..,., .T LEFQQESWE , V wx THE DRAMATIC AND HARLEQUIN CLUBS First Row: R. Thomas, J. Cochrane, J. Tuggle, Mary K. Carter, A. Love, C. Pope, I. McDowell, C. Hayden, E. Hodges, E. Dumas, A. Kinley. Second Row: L. Averitte, M. Babb, E. Campbell, S. Curley, W. Rhoden, F. Riddle, G. Sawyer, A. Sidney, N. Miller, J. Willialiis, I. Evans, J. Eldridge, H. Hilyer. DRAMATIC CLUB OFFICERS HARLEQUIN CLUB OFFICERS William Hafford .. ................ President William Rhoden ,...... ............... P resident Omega Beidleman ...,,.........,. Vice President Daniel Taylor ,.,........ ..... , .Vice President Eudora Kennerly. .,..,. ............ S ecretary Helen Seeney ..... , ...,........... - ,,.... Secretary Norman Miller .,........ ...,.......,... T reasurer Evelyn Dumas..-,L ,,...,,,...,...,. H- Treasurer Jeanette Tuggle. ,...,.. .--Student Director Charles Pope ,.,,,.,,.....,.. Sergeant-at-Arms Misses L. M. Averitte and H. E. Hilyer, Advisers The Dramatic Club and its Pledge Club, the Harlequin Club, develop creative art and promote cultural activities on A. Es? I. Campus. lS7l Ghana Salma! In an endeavor to prepare the individual that he may better fit the patterns of a cultural society, the College has recognized the many phases of life's activities which must be developed and encouraged in order to fulfill its educational duty toward the youth of today. Being aware of this responsibility A. and I. State College has placed special em- phasis on that most vital side of life's preparation-the spiritual aspect of living. Thus, an appreciation of the fact that an individual is only partially educated, only limitedly prepared to face a complex society without a knowledge of the ideals and virtues necessary to the highest standards of living and the consciousness of the creator of our high humanity. In keeping with this philosophy of success through educating the individual as a whole, the religious services have constituted a program including monthly church service, weekly prayer, Sunday vesper observance, Religious Emphasis Week, and Sunday morning Church School. These services under the direct control of a religious committee approved by the administration seek to bring before the student body outstanding speakers in religious and educational pursuits. The Church School, under the faculty direction of Mr. R. E. Clay, State Building Developer of Education, is conducted for a period of one hour each Sunday morning with members of the regular teaching staff in charge of the college classes. Officers and student teachers are elected by student vote from the student-body. Mr. Clay with earnest and sincere interest has sought to fit the Church into the academic pro- gram of the institution thus making it an effective instrument of learning which may be of service to the student in the community in which he works. The college organizations-the fraternities, sororities, social and departmental clubs-foster the program each Sunday, thus offering a varied program throughout the year including panel-discussions, religious dramas and speakers. Among those having brought inspiring messages to the students are: Dr. Walter D. Cocking, former Commissioner of Education, Dr. George D. Strayer, Jr., George Pea- body College, Mr. Seymore Lynk, department of English, George Peabody College, Mr. W. E. Turner and Mr. D. S. Tanner, State Directors of Negro Education, Dr. T. Paul McConnell and Dr. J. L. Keesler of the Y. M. C. A. Graduate School, Miss Eilene Ransom, Ward Belmont College, The Reverend W. S. Ellington, First Baptist Church, East Nashville, The Reverend A. Myron Cochran of the Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, Dr. Bartok of Czechoslovakia, the Reverend W. F. Powell, First Baptist Church, D1'. Horace Mann Bond, department of Education, Fisk University, Dr. Charles S. John- son, department of Social Sciences, Fisk University, Dr. C. E. Van Horn, department of Mathematics, Fisk University, the Reverend W. J. Faulkner, Dean of Men and University Minister, Fisk University, Mr. Fred McCuistion, General Education Board, Dr. Henry Allen Boyd, Baptist Publishing Board, Rabbi Julius Mark, Vine Street Tem- ple, and Dr. S. L. Smith, George Peabody College. President W. J. Hale by his presence, influence and support has encouraged and endorsed the spiritual activities of the Church School and it is with grateful apprecia- tion that we acknowledge his unselfish interest. 5883 .l feel in Ill?-Era.-:-E Ill Ill alll lg . Ill' ll-I lllqul -.- Lg -sz: . ..- ,: ..,. H. but r... W 'gm H I- A EL' ,... V... "5 p ' lf" . .7"' u -:Z ' -. is '-.3 31. .. . T---g 1 -- i3:Z'n,,, ,xf 55. jk - 4 ...'E':...,a,... , i .- ' " ' " 2 '- " - ' ""'...'r.5'-- ' 2 ff' '- A 11,71 ,.fg4a::3:x"::r.g..g---f- , E: A gr rug- an 4- '-'-:2 'V '-Hi' "":'i ':1x:...:-,'.:s:.'-.: W' ' ' i.L :gm -A --in .:....... --,:,1:r,,-',,-,ggg--3:- '- s n u-mm new 1 ,.....o- ..... ..,.... - . !------ V, n .,.....o.5..a... x.,.,..,, ..?L' ., 1 . . . . ummm mn I 'Y' num A I f'- v 1-'V' I U "' -- '- ' -13+ -..... ...,.. ...... L in- F A A Q -Q . A V:-o ,M 'M 'H wo at A. of o Af info: Y-Pvc f-- T.,-v-., . -, -,- --w f- -' ' 1-m.--..,r,... M- ,.a.'.Kjj,..5..... W .- . .Y Y. A-ff-f - Aw-- .z.. V .Q , . Y 1 ew' .Lo I o , w' if A' 74- ' 34 . F ..-....-4.... ,. N OFFICERS OF THE CHURCH SCHOOL TEACHING STAFF Mr. R. E. Clay .......,.. ---H ..... - .,.... Director Senior Oliver Ward-,--.. Asst. Superintendent Miss Alina R. Dunn Miss Laura Averitte Frances McGuire---- ,... H. ...... L- Secretary Junior Anethia Barksdale ....... -.-.Asst. Secretary Mr. Will Hale, Jr. Mrs. Lena B. Watson Frederick Sumrall. ...........,.,.,,,, Treasurer Sophomore Fred McCorkle ...,. - ....,., AH. Librarian Miss Lois Daniel Mr. John C. Ballard James McGlothern.- ............ -. Librarian Freshman James McCormick ,,.,..,. A ,..... L.. Librarian Miss Frances Thompson Mr. Alger V. Boswell 3 5 S S Q Q fi ., l r Golzcerf Singers E03 wzcerf SLIZQEVS This choral group has carried its songs of goodwill throughout the State of Ten' nessee, as well as into large cities in other states. In 1932 and 1933, they sang at the Chicago World's Fair, while thousands listened on a cold su1nmer's night. Whexi Kagawa spoke to a packed house in Memphis two or three years ago, these singers brought the house down in applause. St. Louis presented them in their large opera house at the 1936 National Education Association Convention. Networks from coast to coast have picked up their Columbia Broadcasting Programs. The Concert Singers have sung to the President of the United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and to four governors of Tennessee: Gov. H. H. Horton, Gov. Hill Mc' Alister, Gov. Gordon Browning, and the present Gov. Prentice W. Cooper. Whenever and wherever the Concert Singers go in their new "SuperfLine Deluxe" bus, they are received with the same cordial air that any distinguished group of artists would he received. But there is no wonder in this statement, because our Concert Sin' gers are high-class, wellfdressed and goldenfvoiced individuals with personalities to he envied. Their talented and well-versed directress, Mrs. Marie BrooksfStrange, gives untiringly her time to be their sincere friend, and their real source of inspiration. 1938-39 CONCERT SINGERS Personnel Mrs. Marie B. Strange, Conductor-Pianist Miss Modestine Young ..., L ,.,..,.. Knoxville Mary Bate .......,.....,...... .... L Savannah Betty Jean Duggjer ....,.,..... L..Dayt0n, Ohio Mattie Mae McIntyre .... Fort Worth, Tex. Helen Williams .......,,,.,.., ...,... M emphis Gwyndolyn Claire Hale ........ ....... R etro Mary Elizabeth Jones ................ Greenville lone Hartley .......... ,........ S t. Louis, Mo. Lorraine Johnson ,... ..,. ...... N a Shville Lillian Watts ............,....,,..,., Natchez, Miss. Celeste McMahan ....,., ..... K noxville Arnita Logan .,....,,.,. East St. Louis, Mo. Benton Adams .,.... ..... , Detroit, Mich. Mr. Forrest W. Strange .,.......... Nashville Donald Officer .,.,.....,...i....,........,.... Sparta Sherman Marable ..., Newbury Port, Mass. Parnell Jones .............. Birmingham, Ala. Henry Ratcliffe .....,,.,...............,.., Chicago Edgar Green ...,.. ,.,.... E ast St. Louis John F. Taylor .... ,,.. - .,,..,,.,,...,..,. L exington Louis Wilson ...... ......... N ashville Walter C. Pinkston ,.,......, Hartford, Conn. Milton Green ...... ...,... E ast St. Louis Edward Hale ,.,.,,.... - ..,.... -L Retro 591 gba Gkoir fr. v- ,. ,. ,. ,,. ,. H... , 3.- r,r,i.ltiaE2.-i"dE1K:Q , .- . E335Ast.-'f3f:,,'1",-,E",ffQ",-Ji.:ifwslhX21Tf!5'Vf:'?4gf.Z'?4:i.."'T49.f..,'. MEMBERS OF THE A. AND I. STATE COLLEGE CHOIR Adams, Benton Barnett, Albe1't Barbee, Mae Bate, Mary Beavers, Tempie Barksdale, Anethia Bransford, Anna B1'ooks, Vivian Bond, Mae Burton, James Biedleman, Omega Curlin, Cora Curlin, Marie Carter, Mary Kate Davis, Eula B. Dugger, Bettye J. Dumas, Evelyn Falls, Phillys Foster, Theodore Fitzpatrick, Hattie Green, Edgar G1'een, Milton Goodall, Ruth Gray, Eleanor Harris, Dovie Hartley, Ione Mrs. Marie Brooks-Strange, Director Hale, Edward Hale, Gwyndolyn Hardison, Henry Hodges, Evelyn Holmes, Herbert Hurt, Addie Ivory, Rebecca James, Alexander Jackson, Wallace Jones, Elizabeth Jones, Kennard Jones, Parnell Johnson, Loraine Kennerly, Eudora Logan, Arnita Marable, Sherman Martin, Timothy Martin, Gladys Marsh, Mary Miller, Lillian Moore, Mariette Menzie, Lula Menzie, Pearl Moore, Ethel McCandless, Myrtle McMahan, Celeste Mclntyre, Mattiemae Officer, Donald Owens, Davis Owens, Hilton Pinkston, Walter Ratcliffe, Henry Rhodes, William Seeney, Helen Starks, Gladys Stockam, Ida Steele, Helen Sudberry, Melvin Tipton, Vivian Taylor, John Frank Tuggle, Jeanette Watts, Lillian Washington, Vertice White, Dorothy White, Paul Whitaker, Elma Whitaker, Thelma Wilson, Louis Williams, Helen Williams, Lovie Woods, Autherine on , Gflrclzolziauz of Zeta jefa Sorority fi r- If ea Reading' left to right, standing: M1's. Mary Bate, Savannah, Tenn., Mary Cullom, Gallatin, Tenn., Marietta Moore, Sparta, Tenn., Picola Fields, Nashville, Tenn., Seated, Robbie Rogers, Nashville, Tenn., Elizabeth Jones, Greenville, Tenn., Juanita Cochran, Albany, Georgia, Margaret Stone, Tupelo, Miss., Jessie Eldridge, Winchester, Tenn., Olive Butler, Bristol, Tenn. OFFICERS ' M, Stone ,,.,,..,. N ..,............. President M, Bate, ,,,r,..er. .,.... V ice President O. Butler ...,.. H .,,.,...,. ......,, ' Secretary E. Jones S.-- ..,...,. E .,.,,,,, .,,...., T reasurer Members of note of club: M. Bate, Elizabeth Jones, Marietta Moore, Concert Singers. ,N i i931 i OIZOI' OH ,,-..-....h.:. W, W., . ...... ..-r v -'f' ,.:"'s", ,Zi---f' o -. f-' ,rr I in I - A W' ' " " 4 , HONOR ROLL, FALL AND WINTER QUARTER 1938-39 HIGHEST HONORS SENIORS Rhoden, William ...,....... ......, C hicago, Ill. Mitchell, Elma K ..... Murfreesboro, Tenn. i:Hale, Gwyndolyn C.. ..... Nashville, Tenn. :5:Ca11oway, Myrtle, .,,,.,..,...,.A...i Selma, Ala. i:Davis, Ivanetta ,.,,... .... N ashville, Tenn rfjlift, Mildred, ,,ii,,,,,, Chattanooga, Tenn. iiSims, Ruth D. .....,........... Nashville, Tenn- Williams, Frank E. Y,..,.. - ....VV. Vienna, G2- Gaines, Mild1'ed K. ....... Nashville, Tenn. Wilkins, Frances.--Chattanooga, Tenn Chambers, Martha E.,.Fort Smith, Ark. Burke, Edgar S..-L..Chattanooga, Tenn. Proctor, Alice Ruth. .......... Auburn, Ky Clay, Mary ..............,..,.. Muskogee, Okla Ford, Haynes ,,,,..,,,,,.. ..., K noxville, Tenn. Johnson, Bessie,,,-,,- ,.,,,,..... Pueblo, Colo. Brown, Dollie. ...... -.---...E. St. Louis, Ill. Ratcliffe, Henrym ...... Little Rock, Ark Bush, John .,....,..... - ,..,.. Little Rock, Ark Kinley, Allie ............ S. Pittsburg, Tenn J UNIORS I "'Beidlenian, Blanche O .... Bristol, Tenn Garrett, James F.---..Springfield, Tenn Bradford, Cathryn ...., Birmingham, Ala Chavers, Walker Frances ...,....,.......,... ........,...................,......-..Centerville, Tenn 'kPinkston, Walter C..-.- ........, .. ,... ..-..-..-..--.--......Green Cove Springs, Fla Lanier, Lemuel ,...,,.... L... Dickson, Tenn Bell, William .......... -Chattanooga, Tenn. Blakey, Mattie ........ Bowling Green, Ky Booker, Charles TLA- ........ Dyer, Tenn. Odom, Delilah ..... .......... L .... 1, 5Mobile, Ala "FOn Honor Roll both quarters. on SOPHOMORES D1'iver, Howard, .,., ....,.. P rospect, Tenn. Hale, Edward .........,,.... Nashville, Tenn. Banks, Ethel L.. ,..,.l Forrest City, Ark. "Stockell, Fulton ..,......,....,, Louisville, Ky. "'Jones, Billy.-L- ........,.,. .E. St. Louis, Ill. Johnson, Alexander ..... Nashville, Tenn. Harris, James H. .... ....,.. . Milwaukee, Wis. "Barbee, Mae A ....... Springfield, Ohio Mille1', Rushton ,.,..,,.. Birmingham, Ala. Tl1OmaS, Ruth O. ...... L ...... Chicago, Ill. Howard, Helen N ...,.... Riverside, Calif. Carter, Leon. ........ ..,, ..,,,,,, T o ledo, Ohio Thompson, Leonard Indianapolis, Ind. Meriwether, Wilhelm ..., L. Boynton, Okla. Jackson, James. ............. Greensboro, Ala. 11: ,L ,. FRESHMEN Bryant, James H ........ A.Gallatin, Tenn. Suggs, Mary F.- ......... Springfield, Ohio iiFalls, Phyllis W. ........ Whitehaven, Tenn. 'liPeacock, Ophelia E ..... Columbia, Tenn. Sawyer, Granville ................ Mobile, Ala. i:Seeney, Helen M. .. Battle Creek, Mich. Allen, Maxie H ..... ....... . Nashville, Tenn. Battles, Emma ............... Nashville, Tenn. SPECIAL Owen, Jessie L...f ......... Nashville, Tenn. Che "C" CM Organized by Mr. Mundy this year. Composed of all students who have earned a letter in any sport or phase of work in the Department of Health and Physical Edu cation. Reading from left to right, First Row- Lyman Mye1's William Broadnax James Price "Weegie" Jackson La Verne Crawford Andrew Lewis Charles Goodman Luther Freeman Albert Umphrey John Williams Luster Hayes Second Row- Coach R. A. Munday Ruth Roddy Frances McGuire Haley Johnson Phyllis Falls Hattie Wynn Charles Finn Macey Alexander Eleanor Vance Rayfield Anderson James Henry wi Frederick Sumrall Thomas Jones Charles Adams 'Arthur Hambrick Herman Holliday William Arnett William Bell Ellen Collins James Rucker Robbie L. Lambert John Rucker Coach Ross Owen Y! P' Qylzysicaf gdacafiozz eparfmezzf AN ACTIVITY GROUP Some of the popular activities engaged in are: Tennis, Badminton, Archery, Golf, Basket- ball, Volleyball, Base- ball, Soccer, Shuffle- board, Deck Tennis, Ping Pong' and Horse- shoes. These activities are sponsored by majors in the department, be- tween classes and fra- ternal groups. A CLASS IN MODERN DANCING Some outstanding dan- cers in the class Gladys Shockley Gwyndolyn Hale Priscilla Brown Geneva Morrow Maxine Blagburn Ella Coleman Celeste McMahan I96l A SWIMMING GROUP Life Guards: Gwyn- dolyn H a le, Edward H a 1 e, Edward Ham- brick, Lem Carter, Rob- ert Dungey. Examiners: Andy Lew- is, Neal McA1pine, Wil- liam Rhodes a n d C. Lapsley Brown. Students enjoy th e use of the pool the year round. jyhysicaf Education apartment The Department of Health and Physical Education has as its aim the building of happy, healthful individuals who are able to adjust themselves to thelvarious envrron- ments in a profitable manner. We endeavor to do this through a variety of activities each season which will meet the needs of the many students. The following activities are sponsored: ' Fall Winter Spring and Summer 1. Football 1. Basketball 1. Swimming and Boating 2. Volleyball 2. Tumbling and Stunts 2. Archery 3. Archery 3. Bowling 3. Softball 4. Clock Golf 4. Table Tennis 4. 'Tennis 5. Soccer ' 5. Shuffleboard 5. Badminton I 6. Hockey - 6. Handball 6. Deck TGHHIS 7. Handball 7, Apparatus Work 7. I Clock Golf E 8. Speedball I 8. Rhythms 8. Croquette 9. Apparatus Work 9. Apparatus Work 9. Horseshoes 10. Volleyball ' ' 11. Tether Tennis 12. Track and Field Events Coach R. C. Owens has nearly one hundred men out for track,and field events. Mrs. Lapsley Brown has around sixty girls' trying out in the various events. -Some outstanding students in the Department in various phases are as follows: Women: W. Frances Chave1's, Celeste McMahan, and Gladys Shockley. Men: James Harris, Charles Finn, Andy Lewis, James Price, William Jackson, and the Rucker brothers, J.D. and J.L. ' Majors in the Department are organizing and sponsoring each of the various ac- tivities listed above under the Spring Quarter. The Inter-class and Inter-fraternal soft- ball teams promise to be unusually interesting. These days have been set aside for climaxingthe various athletic events in the de- partment: May lst CMay Day or Play Dayl, all classes will compete in a series of sports and games, May 12th and 13th, Inter-class competition and Demonstrations in Track Field Eventsg May 19th, a water Carnival. V The following persons recently received certificates or renewals from the Ameri- can Red Cross Life Saving Service. Examiners: Andy Lewis, NealfMcAlpine,land Wil- liam Rhodeng Seniors: Gwyndolyn Hale, Leon Carter, Richard Hambrick, Robert Dun- geyg Juniors: Edward Hale. The students have found the two beautiful lakes a source of unlimited pleasure. Many go boating after class hours, others choose to stroll alongside them in the lovely recreational park area, which has many other features of natural and lasting beauty. A batte1'y of ten tennis courts are ready for use. On the other side of the campus is a spacious play field where many activities go on. I In addition, the Department boasts of one of the finest stadiums and field houses in the South. With this, including a large gymnasium and swimming pool, members of the Department hope to build strong bodies, keen and alert minds and wholesome atti- tudes toward men and life, happy healthy progressive individuals. Miss Walker Chavers has done a remarkable piece of work on many occasions in American Red Cross First Aid classes. The Department maintains a First Aid Room for convenience. v Mrs. Goldie Bruce, as school nurse, cooperates very effectively and untiringly with the school physician, Dr. J. H. Hale. Emphasis is placed on keeping the students healthy, rather than upon curing the students. As a result, -very few students experience any illnesses. We believe that health is the greatest asset in life and the basis for all happiness and success. f97l Q36 yum! Cggucafaozz eparzfmelzf GlRL'S BASKETBALL TEAM BoY's BASKETBALL TEAM i983 I I l Jloofbaff Ceann -1 - f,'NY"T " J. - 'EE5g.-lf5...5:E5,f E We fs? Left to'1'ight, Bottom Row-Lyman Myers, James Price, Wilbur Brewer, Middle Row-Coach R. A. Munday, Milton Green, William Arnett, Rayfield James Harris, Charles Finn, William Bell, Herbert Patten, Neal McAlpine, Wil- Anderson, Henry Davis, Rustine Jackson, Charles Adams, J. D. Rucker, Dnncan ham Kelly- Boggus, William Burdine, Laverne Crawford, Coach R. C. Owens. Top Row-Coach N. W. Parden, James Royal, Thomas Flowers, David Ulmer, Luster Hayes, Fredrick Sumrall, Jesse Cushinberry, Charles Goodman, Luther Freeman, Andrew Lewis, Anthony Gleaves, Coach Lawrence Simmons. I I II II I I I I I . I I I I I 00If66L!! 666072 1938 TIGERS The 1938-39 football year saw the Tennessee Tiger Eleven claw their way to within a quarter inch of that golden dream of gridiron warriors-the National Cham' pionship. Head Coach Munday, Assistant and Backfield Coach R. Owen, and As' sistant Line Coach Parden made up the masterfminding staff which piloted the team to the impressive record of six victories and one defeat. Four Tiger stars made the All-Midwestern team. They were J. Cushinberry, tackleg J. Brodnax, end fselected team's most valuable playerjg J. Harris, guard, and C. Humphrey, second team full' back. 193849 RECORD OCTOBER 8 Tennessee 27 ...... ...,.............,......... ...., M i ssissippi O OCTOBER 15 Tennessee 9 ...., ......................... J ohnson C. Smith O OCTOBER 28 Tennessee 13 ..,, ....,.,...........................,.. W ilberforce O NOVEMBER 5 Tennessee 26 ......,......,....,...,......,,..... ...... A labama O NOVEMBER 11 Tennessee 13 ., ........................,.....,.... W. Virginia 2 L NCVEMEER 19 Tennessee O ..... ................,............. ,,... L i ncoln 7 NOVEMBER 24 Tennessee 2 ..... ...............,...i......,... ,,..,. L a ne O 1939 FOOTBALL SCHEDULE DATE OPPONENT PLACE October 7-Alabama State Teachers College ...... , .,....,,,. Nashville, Tennessee October 14-Johnson C. Smith University ....,., ...., C harlotte, North Carolina October 28-Wilberforce University .,,.......... ..,....... W ilberforce, Ohio November 4-Alabama A. and M. College A... ....... Nashville, Tennessee November 11-West Virginia State College ..... .... I nstitute, West Virginia November 18-LeMoyne College ........,.............. ...... M emphis, Tennessee November 30-Lincoln University of Missouri ,..... Nashville, Tennessee f100:I Th! r-1 C u- L.-l ssvig 'VIQIELLHAVQ :Io MEUA Fung, T1vs1,Loog SNINIVLHHLNQ 015 ao 1, VH f N R RN RN Z, Q dence eparfmezzf T1-IETA OMEGA P1 fThe Physical Science Clubj Reading from left to right, Front Row: Lyman Myers, Ruby Debose, Ruth Thomas, Agnes Bridges, Roberta Jackson, Earl Bass, Jr., Thomas Flowers, Presidentg Mary E. Forbes, Honorary Secretary, Prof. D. A. Forbes-American Man of Science-Founder and Adviser, Wadell Clark, Treas- urerg Dorothy L. Thomas, Lemuel Wells, Vice-President, Evelyn Dumas, Frank Rhome, Lo1'etta Miller. Second Row: Willie M. Jones, Elizabeth Grinstead, Margaret T. Marsh, Chaplain, Bertha Eppse, Mary Trice, Fairy Peyton, Lula Copeland, Halbert Dockins, Lena Rhodes, Annie Mil- ler, Samuel Curley, Marietta Moore, Ernestine Campbelle, Mary F. Suggs, Helen A. Piersawl, Cecil Partee, Myrna Avent, Mary L. Officer. Third Row: William Burton, Timothy Martin, Desmond House, Bertha Calvert, William Officer, Kelly Smith, William Montgomery, T. B. Turner, Eugene Brady, Fannie Armstrong, Reporter, Gladys Starks, George Harris, Nannie Wilkerson, Birdie Mallory, Willie M. Bass, Ella B. Polk, Hattie Owen, Leroy Foster, Charles Haynes, Sergeant-at-Arms, Elizabeth Frazier, Ve1'tice Washington. 51023 dence eparfmelzf iii I' Y QE III ll ll Y, BIOLOGY CLASSES BIOLOGY LABORATORY f 1031 ommerce epcmfmelzf Tunedfmnno 1 ' I , ue Commence Dem. Dunucmmo 4 ' QCJIIIJCULLITIHG W , guegsnon ' A QGGISTQDTI00 , J gecuemnum mmnmo f xqccdunmncu ' 1 51043 i A . 55?W953s.9.....J ommerce eparfmenf ALPHA THETA OMEGA FRATERNITY DEPARTMENT OF SECRETARIAL COMMERCE The progress of the Negro in the future will be largely determined by how effective- ly he can adjust his economic situation. The Negro has made an enviable place for him- self in the fields of Music, Art and Drama. But this recognition only applies to a very few very talented persons. Any strides in progress for the masses must be made along economic lines. First, all Negroes must recognize the significance of dependability, punctuality, trustworthiness, truthfulness, honesty and efficiency, as well as a wholesome attitude toward all types of work and their fellowmen. Hence, there should be offered some courses in Business for all Negro College Students, with an emphasis on the socio- economic phases of life. A small group should be encouraged to pursue courses quali- fying them to be efficient office assistants, thus promoting business among our people. Then, a very limited number should seek to be leaders in Business, creating positions for other Negroes, by opening businesses suitable for different communities. But those venturing into this field should fully realize that a bachelor or graduate degree is only the beginning, as sanity of thought and actions, wisdom, industry, common sense and courtesy must go hand in hand with knowledge. To this end has the Department of Secretarial Commerce been organized: to mainly train office assistants, and to encourage for further training the few, who seem to pos- sess the necessary executive qualities. Because of a sane program of attempting what could be well performed and achiev- ed, this department has received national recognition for the training of efficient sec- retaries and teachers of commercial subjects. As evidence of same, a large percentage of the secretaries in business houses, insurance companies, colleges and universities are our graduates. All of the teachers of commercial subjects in Tennessee, a large number throughout the South, and several in the cities of Washington and New York in the city systems are our graduates. The United States Government has been attracted by the excellence of the work of this department, as its representatives extend special invitation to our g1'aduates to take the Civil Service Examinations. Many pass with high honors, and receive worthwhile positions in Washington, Tuskegee Veterans Bu- 1'eau Hospital, as well as in other places. Alpha Theta Omega Fraternity was organized by three senio1's of 1939, Mr. Wm. Hafford and Misses D. Bruce and S. Harris, as they were given an opportunity to exe- cute and formulate their own plans, to appreciate the value of good business ethics, to develop high standards of scholarship, as well as encouraged to study new develop- ments of business. The purpose of the organization is to promote interest in the busi- ness world, to stimulate interest in daily class work, and to develop good business tech- niques. These pictures represent the members at work in the different departments of Business. The present officers are: H. Hafford ....,.,....,.....,....,........... President A. Procter ...... ,..,,.,.,,.. T reasurer M. Clift ........ - ..... Vice President F. Simmons ........ .. .... .... A sst. Treasurer S. Harris ..... ...... E x. Secretary D. Bruce ........... -. .............. - .......... Sponsor A. Kigh .................. ............. T - Secretary Miss L. Daniel ......... .. ......,.......,..,.... Adviser C. Croan .W ....,. T ............... Asst. Sec1'eta1'y Mr. R. B. J. Campbelle ...,........ Professor M. Clay .... M. ................ -... Bus. Manager Miss M. Parham ............ - ....... Instructor Mrs. W. J. Hale ....... .... . ............. D irector 51051 l l V l L55 6121265 5 66 -,,.5.:r...,......,.- W .,..-3-,.-.. -rmrfh, Y , . MISS DORA FARRINGTON East St. Louis, Illinois Miss Tennessee for the year 1938-39 A member of Delta. Sigma Theta Sorority, Alpha Theta Omega. Commerce Fraternity 51063 Qgopa ar jpersolzafifies MISS GENEVA MORROW Des Moines. Iowa Most Popular Young Lady, 1938-39 Member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Home Economics Club, Literati Club, H.S.C., Sophomore .--A ,QW I el X -qv Ethel Banks Blondella Moreland James Price Myrtle Banks Helen Seeney Sophomore Senior Junior Freshman Freshman 51073 ,M W , , ,gllew asf riffimzf iri:3rE2!5E3E5523525515355:E:f'1'112E2Ei3' - 155213525555 -liigiir-'Eg:5:5:2:'-""1'1'E5E5E5EgEgEg55E5E5E3E'1'f'- f'1rSrE5E3EZZ5E5E'1511 315122 . "2Q2,-562151555 z, 5?5E?s'Q?53E3:,:5E5E5E:2j"""Q.55:"Pf4YE251313g52S""'.5E3:z::.,55, ,:32'1'f' " i'i"S5S5E5E5EgZ:.: 121211552553 N, 5? ..5ZZ2:1? -2222525252525 5S52sE5Es25?55E52.-. 5:55 1 Qg3E2EEEE5Z51:1, 5:5:555i35g555 .E1E122E1?2:1952:2?EEi .1:I:1X. "1 5352, 552Q2E1EIE2E2E2:-:--.-.55:EEE:5:E5Z5E5" :iEf:1E1E?51E1E1 5EfE5E5E5E5E5E2EE1E1E1 2221322251553 . 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"51:1:1:1l -ZQ:.:::::g:g:g:g:1:5I:C:1:1:f:1:1:2-i-I-I 5.1-5-1.5-5 'I-1-1:i:1:1:1:' . :1:5:E:1'-::ZE:g'-:- ,-:!gI:-.I- .-.-:'.-'1:1'E' '''111353152E1E121E?E2:I:2:1:2:1:2:2:2:EE?1 '!:h-11: -.pg-:IE1E1i21I9S5:1:1E?Ei:151":"' "" -1-5-1-, :-:2:2:f:2:-:: I-35i:2:2:5:5:::g:g: I:17SE351Mi:E:222:5: -Afl:g:5:g:g2g5g1:1:1:1:t1:-:-'N '-:Eli :-:-:-:-:':52:::gI:Z:1:1'1'1 . Ig1gZg1gI'1" -I-'1.3:1111fZ-ZPFI-Z-. '11-1-H 'g:g:::::g:5:g:g:5 I:1:-v:-'-29'-'-::::qE5:::: 5:5E3E5E5E1?5iE5E5E5 5:3 5E3E5E5Eg55E2EEEE5E5E5E5E :E:5523E325252EE322122521541-fMgiQZjijEgE5E, ..Z5E5E5E5E5i1EE1E- '5 1 - 1'5'1'1:1:i:1:Z15:'i2r. 1:k1:1:1:-:-..-:Q:::5:g.,::2:g:g:5-:-:- 1 ?9,af,211251:251:f:1:f---'1:1:::1:g:3. :"g:5::::g252.::5152 kb "' :gr 2:1:1:E:ErErE1E221E1:I:.., ., -E:E5:i:3 'E:E:E:E11r:f:2:5:3:1:1:5:5:I '.A.--1-2-142423515 5:5-AW-f,j4.,,,.A.1g15::::, :zzz-gggg5:gQ:5E:E:3E:31 . 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M ' fx e f:1:1:" .r- A ' 22225 " ErE2ErE5QE5?2Z:555:5:3:5g5:5:g5:21,355,,4- 1-:-:i:1:1Z'.1Z1Z11t-'21 ,-:4: " ' ""'E15:11111I15:255:5-5:21-.-:2:1::-:,:fgg. -1:51-:gl f-'-'- 1 -.-.-.4.-.:::.g:1:1:5 ' 'z1:.:-:Q-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:g.-f I :-:-:7:111' , . 1-11:1111-1-:-:gg!gi:I:1:':' 1. f .rE:E:E1E253:5:3:g:g- 25322222121Eif:Q:1i1E:1:b1t212Z2ff12252 .5,3.g:12E122Ei1? 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W OLYN AIRE HALE Ranking student for 193839, candidate for graduation in the class of 1939 with high distinction, mem ber of Phi Beta Tau, Sigma Phi Psi, Dramatic Club, Physical Culture Club, Concert Singers, Delta Phi Delta, History Study Club,g Theta Omega Pi, Literati Club, Alpha Iota, Miss Tennessee for Silver Jubilee, 1938, daughter of President and Mrs. W. J. Hale. 51081 . --: .4 , iss emzessee cuzJ Gfffezzgazzfs 193 3-1939 Reading' from left to right: Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Center: Miss Dorothy Glass, Henderson, Kentucky, Junior Attendant Katherine Coleman, Memphis, Tennessee, Freshman Attendant Olga Northcutt, Chattanooga, Tennessee, Senior Attendant Celeste McMahan, Knoxville, Tennessee, Senior Attendant Geneva Morrow, Des Moines, Iowa, Sophomore Attendant Dora Farrington, E. St. Louis, Ill., Junior - Miss Tennessee, 51093 3. 1938-39 ,QQ W' it mud 6 T Qglzofoqmpky Qeparfmenf aurm-1z,oL on D DQRFECTIOITM EDWARD CHARLES HALE HUNTER f THE AYENI PHOTO DEPARTMENT We Specialize PT graphs" P , T I D101 T' T 1 Ivan, ,Y Q. in .5-rf --' A 4 f , . li I ! Y Z' A I I K ly ll UICICIQIQIQIQIQICIOIUIll'Illll.I.l'l.Illll.l'l.l'lf ' In if W vxqzjggh All- lv n if , , Kari I """""'L.fJ if I ' K , MN ' " , 1 x- gf- W l 7 ' f, . f g ff' fff19fQ:' ll' 349-Q--.,, ,Z :,,f,.,..,.1..h..ng.,,m.w-A-- ..,,11:A., ,wp .. 1 ,gf 5 ff ' A 23 f , K ' Jr. IA, 'A 15, ., nw 4.1, I , - X 1 . 1, A4 1-., L 4 3 ' f.. , V . 251, , W .-wwf, , ZW, . x H-, ' I 1 I V ff ww ..x 6: , -1 ,:.-, -3 lf. E--MQW! ? aliziw' l if M e 1 9 ' mf, ,,,, rf" "4-"'f , V, K X , , H .-A. V 132, X-.E rx - if L 4'f55?f5 . x N. v I f .f , NB-' X ' A , P - -:Q Q K' X- if ' S, H' F V ' ' - ' V 1 f Y Vfirx A X , I , X: ,. V W ' X . V Sq I' , 1 i P I 1 ' IZIJ. I 405 if RDRAM .I:l, -A em u A 1 x if L ms L N J Q. P45-J' Jig.-' 1 f4i':,w, L , .I fm-- PSY: 4, 1 -Tx. il

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