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.. 4 all f-1 x R , . r R. 1 as V! tuf- L-l--U sn.-A- A- ' W 'ini ' ' .L L. 'I JEXTIUE S3 X W 7 ' Q . if . , ff, I .1 A I 3, E EEEEKEE E Q E Q E K E E E E E K E K E E E K E K E E E E E K E H E E EEEEEEQEQE EEEEKEEEQE EEE? ww: uw! 1' N? 'Ai-fa-U AYENI Yearbook of Tennessee Agricultural and Industrial State College NASHVILLE Q 02? 3511 Pg f' V5 -4 wwf 9 0 .ffm Xo g-'J ,IQ 6 Alfazfi Yrflfq' QQQQMQ Nineteen Hundred and Thirty -sv ' H E H QQEKEE EEEEEKEKEQ EEE .Ll E Q Q Q Q Q gi Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q QQQ Q ? .. .i r Ei 5-3-a r 'H- J-:JI-lllly1 QE W.,-I., .F I 521 Eg" f' ' uw' , f 2- ,ffl - cas a. mi ' -fs ' ..-.. 3 llmlllu i 1-Q51 - A raibaq . :' 5-31 5' 'a .mfff off' ' Ellis -x A 'Q :- Lol I ' .IJ ? V :F-UF' Q I I vi, ,, 1 51? fi ' it it if 2 'T 7 Tm' Lt N it . A Vai, aw J-, A ' S' e, in mum, umm llllllllll-lll 6 ,il ---I-ljflni l Air? . Zqgfwa' ' . ,' . ,451 ' a 'P' 'W-.L"'? ' ' as af- EE 5 -as !l"4B1M'- ,liar-fatvffsi-W1,za--.S ii' 15 ii E4--A :E E? - :M-'fl' 'WY 4 I4 "lv ' as-. ss? .f2f:1r:1'.Lzugggf ,gwgf :- as 2-E '-'f" "' it . , "z ., 1, - gi t tl-li e s. itil- -tr' 9' -- n ' "V K ' df 3 - YQ 'llllls MW? Foreword Lest we forget, we have compiled in the pages of this our first Ayeni, the images, impressions and factors working toward traditions of our school, which is still in its pioneer days. Looking backward we see what great strides we have already made through the noble influence of our president, Wfilliam J. Hale, whose efforts have led every student to see the value in being prepared to "Think, Xvork, Serve." Gazing forward we catch a vision of a larger college plant-teachers' cottages, auditorium, gymnasium, stadium, agricultural and mechanic arts buildings-from which shall pour forth men and women whose souls harbor the ambitions of past generations and whose hearts are the springs of ideals for the new. rf d Zi T9 l 'W "1 Q 3 " ' ,,, .1 12:24 NI Tennessee State College In the land of golden sunshine, By the C'umherlancl's fertile shore, Stands the school for greater service, One that we adore, Alma Mater, how we love thee! Love thy white and blue. May we strive to meet thy mandates With faith that's true. 'Many come to thee for knowledge, Come from East, North, South and XVest, For they know that thou doth offer Such Z1 rich bequest. Alma Mater, all thy children Worship at thy shrineg May the Cod of nations bless thee With gifts divine! Send forth sons both strong and valiant, Send forth daughters wise and true, Filled with hope and dauntless courage, Motives sane and true. Alma Mater, kindly mother, Smile on Tennesseeg May she lift her head toward heaven, Honor country, Cod and thee. Hymn -L. M. Averitfe, '18 Q9' new ,-5... W - -3-- Q M ,l 5 .- .2 E- 'EE EEE. EEE 'EE :'..':.-'g -A"A "" 51' .1 ..-5? K l l h The pot of gold at the rainbow's end is the temple which houses patience, sincerity, I culture, gentleness, understanding and justice. Seekers of this pot of gold often leave Alma Mater without discovering the treasure, only to return in after years to pay tribute to the one who has shed her golden light over the lives of hundreds of students. The embodiment of these virtues is our Dean of Women, Mrs. M. L. Wilson, and it is to her that we lovingly dedicate this book. l W W Q Q M LQ W W LE! Q Q M W l l T l V SlL,:flQ l -0- QQ? E. . 1 if it E.-'i -. ., ,A.. ,.Wv 75 Si EF ., A-'.'r':b.F-'E-:'.15 1:5-1:4 AY Nl 551-:res-I-H 1 ll! -I F ' A ' ' A Jn:-ful-:ruff MRS. MARY L. WILSON, Dean qf Women T71. M , -K' .Eg . - 5? 3? III Ea :ar -' "' g . y N! :-..... " 2"-'-11 -fr? "fr Contents PAGE Foreword ........... . , 4 State College Hymn .... 5 Dedication ............. . , G Buildings and Grounds .... . . 9 Class of 1929. .... ...,... .... l . 5 State Board of Education .... . . 16 Our President ........,..... . . 18 Harmon Award in Education .... . . 20 Hale Family Group ....... . . 22 Faculty .... .. 23 Senior Class .... . . 30 Junior Class ........... .... -1 3 Sophomore Normal Class. . .... 47 Sophomore Class .,.. . . 51 Freshman Class. . . . . 55 Practice School .... . . 59 Yearbook Staff ..,. .... 6 1 Organizations. . . .... 1323 Departments .... .. 77 Athletics .... .. S9 Music... . .. 925 Snapshots. . . . . 97 -:::- 5? gli 1 ill W Aw? W 1- ii- nag' E li nu- 1 .3 i i v-"2 Hale Hall, College U70'l'l16'lI'S Residence w One of the jour cozy reception rooms in I foie Hall, llze newest of llze residences for young 'women : .......... ......... E Ilarwczl College Hall '4,.-"L . V ,4 A AQ ' K, ,a..:w',.,.,- . 'l- .,:- MQ, 'z"g. 1 4 -1' 5 '.:'gg:1gf.lML-1' .. -'r,g,,"'::" . ?PT!?9f1,f,.,, ,:,..5'9l.g'.-gm QL - MR.. Afvqfh, xii? .. , I it -H4 raffw f',313:'wh1:.v-if-4155" fi ' " 1'4My41"',JT. ...Af V. -- P7'6'S'id6lZZ,S Home A i n I I I 1 1 I r .1 1' ig Eu llnnlll -IAV lIIIn IIE? W- Memorial L1 brar y Practire School 5 1 111111111 41111111-J i 1 1 S'-1-:5 .ai E53 i i w 1 gm llIe1z's Dormitory M' '. ,L ,, I ii Freslzmefz Womenk Dorvnitory V SNQZW4, 'qw ...,, v ..,.,...-. -- 2 1 la ":.+L:...LbLL '55 E 5'-:I-2:3 i ? 3? - 1 L1'Jnu-ul-nnnuu 72 I nlerior View, Library Inferior View, Harned Hall Q. if '. - 'E E- - 'sf' 215:55 . 4- 'Ei 3 .S SENIOR CLASS 1929 ,' lf- ,,, A V XNWN!f'Jlg V,xlqk q fS- ' f K - l ,,,S ! SS,L, r f f X Q 4 , ,, n,r,, 5 A ww - V X Q li 1A lnll ollljcjlgrlior V V -,.- Sly.. I A A iulo beep Qllf,a1111ol,Q1. lr 2 .lii ,lil ff 1 R if I 'f, .,i, ,S, . 'ff , r 1 TENN.flClilCUllUKlllmINHUHHIALQQ STATE cotttut. 1 . 1gM'.,a,. .1 M 4 , - A I Alma Mater Dear Old 'l'ennessee State College, llow we love thy glorious name! How each of thy sons anfl daughters Strive to aclcl unto thy lame! A is for your Agriculture, l is for your lndustry, All that aclcls to truth ancl heauty llas a sacred home xxith thee. Dear old A anrl l, Live in our hearts until we cliel Bright the path that leacls to thee On the hills of majesty. We shall ne'er forget Days we spent with thee, A and I! RAH! RAHE RAHi A and l! RAl'l! RAHI RAI-I! Dear old A and Il W4 grit, or -15- Q is "Ti AY Nl I" - -11 i n llll - nn u uln- 1? as- State Board 'Of Education GOVERNOR HIENIQX' H. HORTON, Ex-Qfhoio, ...... HON. P. L. l'lAIiNED, Clzairman, Com. QfEduca!i01z .... SUPT. C. B. IJAMS.. HON. J. E. BRADINO .... MRS. NEILL VVRIGHT. . . SUPT. M155 SUE POWERQ. . . I'lON. DUDLEY TANNER. . DR. SHIELTON PHELPS. . . HON. j. D. HAAHLTON. . HON. L. A. I.1caON. . l'ION. SAM MCALESTER. . . . . . .Nashville . . . Nashville . . . . .jackson johnson City .Huntingdon . . . .Memphis ... . .Nashville . . . . .Nashville .Church Hill . . .Carthage . . .Chattanooga W QNNEZIIKQ, W :la QF if f::. -1 E 1-s nw E -1- 3E'.- .:...r..'..'..u..r..':5i :E-2" E'E:g.:,:g.:,:...g-,.g?.:7 -v - HON. P. L. HARNED Conmzissimzev' QfEduca!1fon, Slaie of Tennessee W ' gm 950115 W 1ullnnllll 111Q1111i P- lnnnnllnu " s .- :-:E 14 I 5? if 4 es if ii ll ll ' ' ' ' --:-L-I0 ' Jn--:human-u-ff, Qur President To do his little bit of toil, To play life's game with head erect, To stoop to nothing that would soil I-lis honor or his self-respect. l-Ie wins our battles as he only can And in it all remains a man. To toil not by a stated chart, To think always what can be wrought With intelligent and careful thoughtg To know the bitter and the sweet, The sunshine and the days of raing To meet both victory and defeat Nor boast too loudly nor complaing To face whatever fate demands, And in it all remains a man. To be the one the sages found, To instruct a people in principles sound To be a Saviour of a race deserved, Teaching to think, to work and to serve. He serves each minute of the day, Holding fast from year to yearg Defying the critics reprimand Yet in it all remains a man. Promotion comes to him who tries, To him who sticks and never tiresg To him who serves till setting sun, Feeling his work is never done. To work neither watching sun nor cloekg With apologieslto the author of "A Heap O'l..ivin' ". EF .Slit faq :hu fren? W. J. HALE, A.M., President W ' QXXXEZVKMQ Q'-9 ?gI111S1-11:-E -" :""" Liiuuunlun nu: '2Q Dr. Russell Congratulates President W. J. Hale on Winning Harmon Award in Education u A f Pictured above are the notebles attending the presenlalimz. hy? lo rigid: Han. Sam Weinstein, Hon. Tom Hunter, slate department BllZlCll1fi0lL,' R. L. Jones, sufneriulendenl Illemplzis schools: the Rev. Pre-nliee A. Pugh, Dr. Russell, Pres. Hale, Gov. Henry H. Ilorlon, Commissioner P. L. Ilarned, Speaker Charles Looe, Prof. C. D. Ijams and Prof. R. E. Clay. PROGRAM OF I-IARMON AWARD FOR DISTINGUISHED ACHIEVEMENT IN EDUCATION Under the Auspices of TI-IE I-IARMON FOUNDATION and COMMISSION ON RACE RELATIONS, Flinlalml. COUNCIL or Cnulzcl-Ilfs College Auditorium, February 18, I930, 2:30 P. M. f -4"' -x---W-'-Y --l+7- W- f - -- --- -- -1-...vw Y- -.Y - A---,--- -.-.....-Y .-.. Y ..--... ..- - Qy I I -. '. ' - U A ' New Yuk.-..Je2zy.9x, ISQOI-.192 I I 'ivAMERICAN.'5gEE':,'I'mS30M11.yNY --IH" I 'V 5PaQwIhem4q0f. t...i..m,e, 'V l - -- saomoo, A in rm I -o9.1iiofLQ-f?-f-- -La-4:--F --l------- ---e:ff1---- Dollars jf ' ' I uAgIgouqgounnA1Iou,1m.-, , . lg: C . I.: 5, 'f ' I I .,, ,- . . . F L H ' ' Af, f ff vm . . . ,I Ilarmon Award Honorariimz . A K I Q I .. fl -i --'I - " FJ-122 V li wi ggg-54'-I-JJ 2.2-'ln-ll gigs-- li . S, r ' .212 as-5 PIQELIIIJIQ ' 'E' juncna JOIIN ll. DIEXVITT, Court of Appeals, Master of Ceremonies Marche Militaire Schubert A. 8 I. S'I'A'I'r: C OLI..I3GE ORCI-IESTIIA ' AMIQRICA INVOCATION-Die. W. lf. 'l'II.I.Is'I"I', Dean Emeritus School of Religion, Vanderbilt University SONG Lift Every Voice and Sing Johnson GIQIQIQTINIIS RIcPI:IasI4:N'I'INu The Slate, His Excellellcy, HENRY H. HORTON, The Governor Introduced by Attorney W. L. POI:'I'I3Ia, Editor East Tennessee News Dept. ol Education, COMMIssIoNEI4 P. L. l-IARNED, Chariman State Board Introduced by DR. R. T. BLIIIT, Chm. Interracial League The City, lr-ION. I'IIL.xIzv E. llowsli, The Mayor Introduced by Dlx. C. V. ROMAN, Editor National Medical journal VOCAL SOLO - A Spirit Flower Campbell Tipton M ns. Moses NICKISSACK GnIsI9'I'INc:s: Du. W. F. POWIQLI., Pastor First Baptist Church COLONIQL LIIKIQ LIQA, Publisher, Introduced by Supt. R. L. jones HON. CIIA 111.125 Love, Speaker l-louse of Representatives VOCAL SOLO M. Calloway Byron Selected fR'TADAMli NIANITZA Losonosl Medal delivered to DII. WM. I". RUSsI+:LI. by Du. A. M. TOWNSEND, Member Commission Race Relations, Federal Council of Churches Presentation of Honorariuin and Gold Medal by DR. NVILLIAM F. RUSSELL, Dean Teachers College, Columbia University Introduced bv HON, S. L. S1l'll'l'l1, Rosenwald Fund RI4:sI'oNsIs-Plclas. W. j. l'lALIz MUSIC The Prayer of Thanksgiving Bremser FISH UNIvIaIzsI'I'x' GLEE CLUB GIcI5I51'INOs: Dr. H. H. WAIJCIEII, President Negro Board of Trade Dk. j. A. l.IssTEu, Registrar Meharry Medical College l-ION. j. C. NAPIIQII, Ex-Register of U. S. Treasury Surr. C. B. IJAMS, School Officers Association VOCAL SOLO M Ia. j. A. WINTEIQS Selected Meharry Medical College READING or 'I'I5I,I2oImIsIs-DEAN G. W. GORE, jk. INTIIOIJUCTION or VIsI'I'OIcs-I-ION. D. S. 'IHNNIQIQ MUSIC O Hear the Lambs a-Crying Dell BIsNI2nIc1'IoN-Rev. W. S. EI.I.INcsToN JUDGES Ol" IIARMON AWARD IN EDUCATION DR. SAMIIIQL B. IIIQCIQMAN, College of the City of New York Du. VVILLIAM F. RIIssIiI.I., Dean Teachers College, Columbia University PROI-'. W. T. B. WII.I.IAMs, Dean Tuskegee Institute DR. Paul. KI.A1'I'Isn, Dean College ol the City of New York PIQOF. M AuI3L CAIINISY, Teachers College, Columbia University Prograin Broadcast Over WLAC iLife and Casualty Insurance CO.D and XVTNT tThe Tennesseanj at 2:15 P. M. ' New Yoll:.W.l.5?2!!.31r 1930 l".' HA .I Fourtvmon, uf. A W - ,' I up 135154-I-.geegceu L O. ii.. Asp-any manmaonhqgxpiile mean, 151112 1,-gglmn K 752- ': l. Q t E52 I Aqua rox- ngninguaapg Acmevgmnfnmangpgegzpu, l 1 I T : T929 Serial -In in ir n -W 1 5409 E E V 120 iff QIlf"g'rf.'2i:I Eli" .i I If nk? se Jifiildp Q ww 'ja l ' . l I , 5 1 I l I I ' 'O "' i"""" no Ttfi ' I o I ' . Gold Medal, Ilarmon C heck and Personal Goff of 8400 by Preslrlenl Hale lo I nlerracial League 1 . .f.:J.'.'J..r.:ra-"1 L1-'E 5: 2:..:-g..:g.:g....:..g::-- Le- Hale Family - X Front row, left to right, Edward, Gwendolyn, Mrs. Hale Back row, Pres. W. J. Hale, Will, jr., Mrs. Hoclgkins V l Sllyililflll l W -22.. Q- 4' 2 :nun V n x 4 A 11:1 Qi' -T , I1 1: - -'-- :E I: - "":-.r-::::.:':" Q-1-4'-f .'.:.- -..r EE? I-:-: '.r.::.:.':....:..z'5"" xx EQ f X, Q' , X f Xxxf X gf ,M .311 Jury f' ' W 44 1" :K K- 1. MN , X :i,x-K A 1 it, ai Q X lx l .. ,N ' s 12 f "1 'X 42 , 4421 P" X y 1, xx., .W pw, , J rl ax, f -f ' -f ,ff z ffq6,yff f 4+P ' 'fr , ff, -9 x.,,, f ml ii?5?42f'?':.415f2,f ! ' ' .1'G:i1.,'L'f:fig2T."' .- ZZ' ., f W 4 ff5fs5:2E51ffg.'f:25f:f:1 Au J " ll , Q-4' "f'T,e?Qfff'f-ff:-:els Wx Jef , :aa wJ'fWg,5 If ', up x 'W'ff:.f2' f ' ff wg' 'i:::!B!!w" bf Agfa ff I N if is :'::: :z s I Iii: IH' .aialeiill . il I H EQEHI1 il? III: :gk Ig' I 1 :G if J? . ?fI:iz1: : at Z!lQ2'H!i!:l?!1,i. 2 : .'. 1929-30 Faculty s and 667' Offi 1T11istraliz'e Adm 5 Q kai' - '? 25:2 'E ..-T. iff:-2 41114 4? 3? . E..- GIQORGE W. GORE, JR. Dorm lIel'zz1mu Un1fvorsily,A. B. Ilo1'w11'd U1Z'iZ'CfS'ifj', Ed. M. L71zioersily of Chicago R- B- 1- f'AMP1'x1z1.1.1s MRS. NIARTHA M. BROXVN Eursaf . Lzbramavz Iloiczml Umozwszlvv Fisk Unizvg,-Sify American Co1zseroaIory'of ilfusic Ilamplon Library School 25- W Axim. RR if ie ?"' 'E H- T '- -' A ? :un nw ' E E. .:..rJ.:'.u..:..:i:'-3 :EE 55-' :.:.r.:::. .LE-2' 3"i':::f::I"E "" :rn-' :1"?f:-fgffguff-El'-T25 .Eff INEZ M. Bovu Lalin Knoxville College, A. B. University of Chicago V MIZRI, R. EPPSE. Hislory Drake Uiziversily, A. B. Ohio Slate University PEARL W. GORE BEATRICE GORDON Cashier Adviser lo Young Women Tennessee State College, B. S. Tennessee Slate College, B. S. ? is ' 'gg ' Q" 'q ....... , H7 52- A-I"T-gi W. S. lfl,l.l NGTON litliics Fisk University, A. B., D. D. P-DNA MM? BNN FRANCES E. THOMPSON 4 Q 1, .1 . .I Jr. lLClLlCEl.l'l0l'l , , - . Wilberforce University, A. B. giiidlglggsgfsshfxshlnitltFlEe'dB'EI I A Columbia University, M. A. K' OO O H us lla ff JAMES A' ATKINS SILAS B.lZl'HORNTON English T Mat egnaticsi University of Delwer, A. B. ennessee tate College, B. S. University Ol' California MIXIQY J, RHAEY HA'I"I'1E E. l'lALl3 F.1k?,O'?le I??OmRmg Commerce ,fb mverblty' ' 'I Fisk University, A. B' Iennessee State College, B. S. Tennessee Stnte Cpllege, B. S. yV1LL1AM H, MOTT Columbia University, M. A. Mechanic Arts WILLAIQD JOHNSON Tuilkegee Iustliute Biology Chicago Technical College Ul'llVCl'Slty Ol' lg2l.l1SElS, IQATHERINE GILLESPIE University Ol Chicago, M. S. Asst. Registrar I-Iowarcl University, A. B. EQ' f we-9 All C ..27- 35 3? 3 P - - it .. L v ass S CHARLES MORRIS, JR. English University of Chicago, P Columbia University, M hu B. Mlxlulc Blzoolcs .An Music American Conservatory of Music, ELBERTA EZRVIN ' MLIS- B, Home Economics M I P Tennessee State College, B. S. Ami " ARHAM Commerce CLAUDE W- MCCRAE Tennessee State College, B. S. Mecllanical Arts T M F tlnivefsily of Illinois, B. HOMM, - 'mol V Agriculture DOROTHY BURDIN12 is Knoxville College Education M V 1 i I, 4 Q Colorado State Teachers College, A. B. X Mui XMAO Romance Languages JAMES F. MCCLELLAN University of Chicago, Ph. B. Science G I A . . . EORCI x AXVVKON Fisk Unlverslty, A. B. ' I ' T Matron Chicago Art Institute -QS.. - Iii I'-I'-7'-fIi'fi'-'FI -' I-1-'E-'I I 2 l . I F 2:2 as-2-.1 QF 5 VVILIFRIED W. LAWSON Agriculture University ol Syracuse, B, S. A. linMoNIA GRANT Iiclucation Howard University, A. H un ter College I-l ISN RY Coon EN Engineer Tuskegee B. Q , R. li. CLAY Rosenwald School Agent Bristol Normal Institute ll?" SU Alu? rr f EIZZSHI-H-I'-' ' T 53-E EEE if it .s E'-'ali 'ell-nl!!!-:ul-gf-,J Class Poem Comrades, at last we are nearing The port that harbors our dreams, And afar off I see in the clearing, The object ol all our schemes. No fear or care had we- Our captain was wise and sure, ' And we spent our time in mirth and glee For we knew he would guide us through. But now we are nearing the city, And when we have reached our goal We must leave our pilot to his duty And make our way alone. Some day, in the dim distant future, XVe'll be captains on ships of our own, And our hearts will beat with rapture If we bringkour crafts safely home. Thinking, working, serving, Each in his own different sphere. Taking pride in the things we are doing For they reflect the labor of years. Undaunted by butiets and failures, Remembering our will makes the way, Mindful that things not strivcn after Are not the things that pay. Onward, yes, ever onward- Courageous, calm and true, For the world will not countenance failure. But to the stalwart it pays its due. M rmyelle King -f is ..- ..- Eii4.::r.'.L.5..:.: -- gg-E if E:J.r.:::::.:..L5:i 5:Ts..IL::--:JI--E -- :--':- :.1-.:r.?J.'.'L'.rA':.E..FJ:::g 1 +1 ff ,- f 9l"'1iif-i fee' 5 PM fy -"' i f 11:7 --1: 4 .2-1 A J WW- rift: V A -'ff 352: 1 1215 1:61444 f f kf. fivix 4,14-V ' fy 55:29 L .A 5 f, In 1702, , ,1 ' fijg ? f f , f-f2j i's5ggr ' .-""',jf:7f,fIi -1 Ji f7 '5l'3S.,. 5' - xg-.ee mf. "4 54 ff! - ' ' 1 If - -2 'W' - Q5: gig., 1' ' 4?-f ' ff'-f Hx'lWN ' , . . . ,Q I 2 , f XA 'AW X I f i7qN,uw I 402 f my X 1 ,, 1 1 AIIJID V hp 42 MQ UW- A7 , W M E WKWNII ' QL- '- X L-HFTXYI ' f, ',slELf- E J? E fllll 7 A1 X, nl EQ' 5 !G it lll ll llll I ll l Class Will Tye, the Class of '30, now about to pass into dissolution, being in possession ol' all of our senses and conscious of our shortcomings and sms, desire to have others profit by them, do make, publish and declare this as our last will and testament: To the Class of '31: Our seniority together with our ability to acquire and maintain our dignity. To the Class of '32: Our ability to know a good thing when we see it-and push it along. To the Class of '33: Our slogan: "That everything comes to those that wait, but you can get it much quicker by going after it." To Dean VVilson, an X-ray so she can see what is going on behind closed doors. To Dean Gore, a journalism class that will be able to edit The New York Times. To Mr. D. A. Forbes, the Normal Instructor and Primary Plans for his elementary course in Chemistry. To Mr. Charles Satehell Morris, a book on "l-low to Teach". To Mrs. W. J. Hale, a shorthand class in which the entire class will pass the Civil Service examination SECTION III To john Bridgeforth, Luby Carman's general usefulness so he can be of some service to the campus. To Lois Kilgore, Caroleen Stevens ladylike disposition. To XVilliam Lacey, George Hale's melodious voice. ' To Lillian Ricks, Mabel Henderson leaves Frank Crndorff so she will have a college man. To Kurtys Clay, Bob Smith's egoism, which added to his own, will be enough to supply the xx hole junoir Class. To Sara Stephenson, Anna Barnes' ability to master shorthand. To Gertrude Lacy, we will a private telephone so someone else cab get to use the one in the office. To Carolyn Beard, Mattie Baker's grace. To Ned Rawls, we leave a private instructor in the art ol terpsichore, so he can keep oll' of other's cet. To Samuella Totty, Ella Henry's ability to get and hold a man. To Bernice Conyers, Roberta Neal's capacity to attend to her own business. i To Tommy Vlithrow, Halton Williams lealves any one of his girls so she can say ""l'onnny" to him all of next year in Caroleen's place. To Clinton Derricks, George Clen1's executive ability. To Reid Robinson, George I-Iall's unobtrusive and manly manner. To Ripley Taylor, John Outlaw bequeaths his ignorance. To Clydie Bradshaw, Ida Y0ung's petite stature. To Myrtle Roberts, Rosalie Hunter's pretty legs. To Ross Cheairs, lfVilliam Holt's dramatic ability. To Juanita McNairy, Dorothy Leavelle's agreeable personality. To Fannie Rogers, Katye B0gan's wit and humor. To Cennie Morgan, Rosa Robinson's place in the office. To meet all expenses which may be incurred in carrying out this our Last Will and Testament, we leave all old note-books, old themes, and blneboolcs, 'vihich are to be sold, and the money realized after all debts are paid, is to be used for screening the windows ol the cafeteria in order to avoid Hies around the food. Signed, sealed, published, and declared by the Senior Class as it last will and testament. SENIOR C1.Ass or '30. V QNNXEZVKKQ, R S X Q 1 :inn , . . Ft E..uJ.:.:'.:'..u.:..:iEi :'E'.'5 A :EE g:J.:.:J::...:..z'?' 3:J"nfnfI'::f:I:-'E -57 A' - Eifflrfffffir' ANNA M. BARNES Nashville, Tennessee Commerce LEOLA A. BARTON Colmnbia., Tennessee Physical Science Y. W. C. A. WALTER BONDS Brownsville, Tennessee Agriculture Y. M. C. A. ALFRED T. BELL llleinplzis, Tennessee Mechanic Arts Anderson Billy Hale, C. A. KATYI5 L. BOGAN Cliflon, Tennessee Home Economics Pi Kappa Nu MARY T. BROOKS Nasllville, Tennessee Social Science jr., Clubg Y. M ff smemlll W 11,43 l L. 1 --4.:--- 5 EF' , -E4-.2-E ? 1 I I 1 - 21 2 ii II' , , li can '1 MARY BELL BRONVN Illcfllfinnville, Tennessee Social Science PERCY B. BROWN Lucy, Tennessee Agriculture Vice-Presidentg Supreme Circleg Y. M. C. A.g Le Cercle Francais, Sphinx Club. GEORGE W. CLEM Greeneville, Tennessee P Physical Science President: Kappa Alpha Psig President, Eight Linksg Y. M. C. A. WILLIAM H. CREED Nashville, Tennessee Social Science Y. M. C. A. YVALTER S. DAVIS Canlon, li1"1:SS'iSS1:fIf?i Physical Science Omega Phi Psig Eight Liuksg Y. M. C. A. VAN 0. DOBBINS Columbia, Tennessee Agriculture Supreme Circle Clubg Varsity Football 'ZZ7,.'28, '29. E72 VJ .SlL,.:.!lC. C 1' is 5.5 - - ':..r:...:...L'E-f - ......... r-1: es e ia? - "zE'I:E':iI.' 'E5"ei "L ' H I-71" E.: i'i.'r.::.:'.:'.::.:.- HATT112 M. EDXVARDS C halianoogo, Tennessee English Pi Kappa Nug Dramatic Clubg Le Cercle Francaisg Y. VV. C. A. MARTHA A. EWING Nashville, Tennessee English Le Cercle Francais L. JOHN ESPEY E. Clzalianooga, Tennessee Physical Science Boule Guildg Chattanooga Progressive Clubg Y. M. C. A. WALTER M. Fos'roN Hopkinsville, Kenfueky Physical Science Phi Beta Sigmag Kentucky Clubg Ander- son Billy Hale, Jr., Club. NATAL112 FREDERICK Columbia, Souih Carolina English Sigma Phi Psig Y. W. C. A. I-IAZEL E. M. GALLAHER Knoxville, Tennessee Commerce Entre Nous W' -.3Oi wk. if "'.u:.:.'..'..u.:..:ii'.?E E252 h E:g..r,.:gg..f....g,.g':?- I!:'ulTnI'i'nI'i':i':Ii 57" ' ' ' 32.5 :':1f::i':uf:f:!JE' CHARLES GLAss Ilopkinsville, Kenlueley Physical Science Phi Beta Sigmag Anderson Billy Hale, jr., Club. RENCHAL GODFREV Annision, Alabama Physical Science Argeion Billy Hale, jr., Club: Y. M. MARcUs H. GORDON Chattanooga, Tennessee Physical Science Chattanooga Progressive Cluh IQATE BEATRICE GREQHAM Nashville, Tennessee Home Economics Y. W. C. A. GEORGE I-IALE Magfeld, K enlncley English Omega Psi Phig Boule Guilclp Kentucky Clubg Chorus. A ROBERT T. HALE Johnson City, Tennessee English Eight Linksg Le Cercle Francais: Y. M. C. A. F- . .5l+JlQ, iw 'NF ? I"-s l lllllll hill llll IF 'Fr - :-f- . GEORGE W. HALL Gallatin, Tennessee Physical Science Y. M. C. A. MAMIIE LOUISE HIXTCH Nashville, Tennessee Com merce MABEL HENDERSON 111 emplzis, Tennessee Social Science Pi Kappa Nug Y. WV. C. A. ELLA B. HENRY Louisville, Tennessee Commerce Y. W. C. A.g Chorus WILLIAM H. HOLT Beljnsi, Tennessee Physical Science Treasurerg Suprem Clubg Le Cercle e Circle Club: Sphinx Francais. MILDRED INEZ HUDSON . s, Pans, Tennessee Home Economics Asst. Secretaryg Y. W. C. A. " W A .lNl!.9,L1!l4. CW 1... ......2"-7- XKQSZHHHE'-' 'sa 1:5 I , :E-:E if is I, E- --3. ERMA J. I-Iucjzlilis .B6lL1l7'l707lf, Texas English Le Cercle Francais Rosfxuiz I'lljNTIER Cliatlanooga, Tennessee Commerce Secretaryg Cl12ltlZlI'lOOg'8. Progressive Clulmg Y. VV. C. A4 Chorus. FRANCES L. JORDAN Jmrksfm, Tennessee English MONYETTE EL1zA1s15'1'11 IQING Clzaflanooga, Tennessee Home Economics Swastikag Y. W. C. Ag Chorus. CLARISSR LAPSLEY Sl. Louis, zlifissouri Physical Science Pi Kappa Nug Alba Rosag Le Cercle Francais CLIFFORD LAUDERDALE Slzavmon, Jllississippi Social Science if .llL..ll, iw 1 1 - ll 11:1 - P ' ' 11 ll "" F-'a.-.e'.e..:'..'..'..-J..r.-iz "':.".E E: 23:4-g.rgg,g..:,:,?.:"7 an:-.r.r:.r:::.1f1aa 54" -' S:-Es: :ir.r:.:'::r.:-.:'.::E5EE KA'rH1zRIN1a LEAVELLE C Iarlesz'iIle, Tcmzessee Home Economics Entre Nous DOROTHY V. LmvE1,1.E IIopki1zsv1'lIe, Kentucky Commerce Sigma Phi Psig Kentucky Clubg Y. VV. C. A.g Pi Kappa Nu R. C. M:XR'FIN ' ' Ifogfmsville, Georgia Physical Science 3. Supreme Circle Clubg Le Cercle Fran- caisg Sphinx Clubg Varsity Football '97 '-25 ,on ' -1,-r,..n GLADVS MOORE Gallafin, Tennessee Home Economics ROB1iR'1'.-x li. N lzixl, flfiforrislofwn, Temzcssec English Sigma Phi Psi JOHN L. Ou'rL,uv Brownsv-ille, Tcmzcssfe English Phi Beta Sigma: Anderson Billy Hale, jr., Clubg Y. M. C4 A. Q14 11 1 V 4 n. . 2 -1 1 tg' iz: nl:- :num 5.5-'E'-5 LUI11 if if TIE E-::' -A :I 'Q lnnilhllnul BENJAMIN I-I. PASTER Jackson, Temzessec Social Science Eight Linlcsg,Y. MJC. A. .l 4' i. . A A fi X 1 E.. ILXELLEQHITTS. - I Pomliac, Miclzig n 4 ' X"""1 5 Physical Scienc Q Supreme Circ " Club: Qrchestrag Ive Cercle Frantaisg Sphinxi.Clulm. J if MYR'rL1s IQ. Rpmsle'rsoN W lziiezfille, Teimessec Home Economics Pi Kappa Nu Q Rosfx A. ROBINSON lUlZ771fJfl'iS, Tcnnes.s'ee Commerce Delta Tau Iutag Y. W. C. A.g Pi Kappa Nu ROIllER'1' j. SMITH Dyerslmrg, Tennessee Physical Science Kappa Alpha Psig Eight Linksg Dramatic Club. CAROLEEN M. S'r1zv1aNs Memphis, Tennessee Social Science Delta Tau lotag Y. W. C. A. 29" -ec-.9 Eiga, ? is AY V524 'E 1 '1..u.f..:..r..'-u.: EQ: ------ - - EF :::r:::::.:'.iff-E "'-12' A A - -. 5'-f? :E5g MARY EVANGELINE STENVART Nashville, Tennessee English ARCHIE MAE STEXVART lVasl1.1ville, Tennessee English OLLIE STIEWART Naslzv-ille, Tennessee English Phi Beta Sigma HALTON WILLIAMS Clarksville, Tennessee Manual Training - Omega Psi Phig Eight'Linksg Y. M. C. A. HAZEL WILLIAMS C la1'lesz'ille, Tennessee Home Economics Swastikag Y. W. C. A.g Pi Kappa Nu 1 ' IDA M. YOUNG 1 , .L Nashville, Tennessee 'T ff English ' Alba Rcsag Pi Kappa Nu Vi ii V ,gxxisavflg ,- I, I E ......... Q it ...... 2-:fs N' Class History CHAPTER I STONE AGE On October 1, 1926, we arrived in Nashville. Some of us caught a street car which was going in the wrong direction, thus causing us to pay two fares, while others of more ambitious mind taxied out to the Campus. VVith wildly beating hearts, we climbed the stony infested Hill to Castle Heights, where all of our money was taken by a voracious Cashier. Green we were indeed, but tl1e full realization of this fact did not dawn upon us until our first meeting with Mr. G. W. Gore, jr., in English 101. VVe will always remember the first theme that he assigned, "How I Tie My Shoes". Many of us did not know how difficult this was to do until we were required to write about it. We were met with malicious glee by a certain band cf wild beings called "Sophomores" who, be- cause of their Herce taste for Freshman blood, pounced upon us day and night, causing us to suffer great things in our hearts. Between the mental torture of the Instructors and tl1e physical punishment of the Sophs, we were in torment for the first year of our college career. U Tillie two outstanding projects of the class for the year were the Freshman-Sophomore Prom and the ' ass ay. CHAPTER II IRON AGE NVe entered the second year of college life with a better conception of what a college is for, and a more complete knowledge of what we could do to make our Alma Mater the best in the land. VVe were filled with self-importance, and spent most of our time showing the "Crabs" just how important we were. This was displayed even to the Upper Classmen, many of whom we tried tc- imitate. During this year many members of the class distinguished themselves. The statesmanship ol Mr. Martin Q the beautiful voice of Miss IfVhiteg the brilliancy of the Misses Lea velle fDorothy and Katherinej, Robertson and Bogen: the ability to lead that Mr. Clem possessedg and the athletic prowess of Messrs. Williams, Glass, Brown and Martin all came to the foreground. The most outstanding social affair ol our second year at college was the Annual Frosh-Soph Prom. The Crabs made this a splendid afiair, and it was enjoyed by all who were present. CHAPTER III BRONZE AGE "lNhen I was a Crab, I spake as a Crab, I thought as a Crab, I acted as a Crab, but now that I have become an Upper Classman, I shall put away Crabbish things." This seemed to be the motto of the class as we started our junior year. We were all lull of conhdence, each of us believing that he could uphold the dignity of his position, and all striving for the one cherished goal-Seniority. Most of the prominent studerits of the caimpus during this year were members of the junior Class. Among the most outstanding was Mr. Clemfwho was entrusted with the leadership of the class. The junior-Senior Prom given on May 25, 1929, was the most spectacular affair of its kind in the history of the institution. . CHAPTER IV GOLDEN AGE In the beginning of our Senior year, we moved about the campus as is becoming those who have successfully, or, unsuccessfully, mastered the first three years of Crabdom, Wise Fcoldom, and Mirth- dom. Now we are on the last lap of our journey through the Land of Learning after having spent the first three of our four years in this City of Knowledge. ' At the conclusion of these four years of training comes the severing ol friendly ties, firmly established through years of intimate contact. Roommates, classmates, club sisters, club and fraternity brothers will go their different ways and endeavcr to make their contributions to the good of humanity. As the years go on and we are far apart, may the memory of past associations give us a more hopeful aspect of the future. And last comes the feeling of uncertainty which accompanies the departure from the known to the unknown. May each of us go his different way, always remembering the four years spent at his Alma Mater, remembering the friendships and associations of kindred minds and hearts and souls, hoping to be united once again in a School from which there is no parting. Rouuur J. SMITH, Historian. Q9' 'U .Lifts -, 1. 1 1? Q --zS:a1a.:Ilg: 1 JJ lF1!rEF1J:?I The EbYNf-'61' Jumors Yes, Siff F86- 3 . F I -'51 IJ 511 M 'ng Hy-P7 'Sen-xovs of: '3l 1:0 BEL" a. H '+-' f' ,-v - I. fl A X NW XM W N u wx X! L FJEUNICDRS 16' 'ff' mgmffg W ?-5 5-5:53 E-T .... Mi fe- .1 -'1 E-wie-a-:::f::ea-:Si-51 E-E-E EEE I: ?-E -:.-3 lil! 1' F E Ju--ll:-u-nulig-., The Junior Class COLOR? FLOWERS Old Rose and SIlver Gray AmcI'iCIIII Beauty ROSCS OFFICERS . . Q52 . NED RAM-LS ,.,.... . . . .- .... ........,... ..,.,... P r l'.Y'l!It'7lf QLINTON DERRICRS. . . . . . , VTITI'-Pl'I'Afdl'7ll' LVORALIE IDAVIS ..... .,,,,4,, ,5 'ygjyglgfjl BERNICI2 C ONYERS. . . , , .I1s.v'l St'l7'l'fllI'-V LLARENCE QROOK .... ...... T 'rmsuner SXRILD.-X DIINOEY 1 JAMES TAYLOR J"' CLASS MEMBERS ADAMS, JAMES EUCLID ANDERSON, ANNAEEI.. ANDERSON, NANNIE KATHRYNE BAKER, PHINETTA AONES BEARD, CAROLYN CLARK - BLACK, ADELINE CENORA BRIDGEFORTH, JOHN XVATKINS BRONVN, ETI-IEI. BROWN, JOHN HENRY BRONVN, KATHLEEN ELSIE CANADA, VELMA LOUISE CIIEAIRS, ROSS BRUCE CIIILTON, LEO FLETCI-IER CLAY, KURTYS LEMONT CLAYBORNE, SCOTT CLEAYES, LURNE PRICE CONYERS, FRANCES HERNICE COX, THOMAS HAMPTON CRAWFORD, EDITH AIIIILISTA CRENSHAXV, HOMER ALLEN CROOR, CLARENCE VIROIIS DAVIS, PHILIP TEEKROE DAVIS, WILLIE GENERAL DERRICIIS, THOMAS CLINTON DOBBIN, SAINT FOSTER DOWDY, CIIAS. AVERY DIINGEY, SIRILDA ELIZABETH EDMUNDS, JOSIE ALLEN FENNVICK, FANNIE I-IENRIETTA FLOYD, ANNA PRISCILLA FLOYD, CORDELIA ADELAIDE FUREMAN, HENRY JACOII FRIERSON, LUTISHA FRIERSON, AIVILLIAM G. GREENLANV, CLARA ELIZADETLI GRIEIIITH, HERMAN COUNCIL CRINTER, LULA MAE 1-IARRIS, XVILLIAM JOHNSON, OLIVER JONES, SAMUEL E. JOYCE, LULA CORNELIA KETTH, MODENA KILGORE, LOIS ELIZABETH IQING, GRACE MOYSE LACY, GERTRUDE LACY, VVILLIAM DOUGLAS LEE, CAIN LYTTLE, HULDA TWARGARET NICCLAIN, ALICE MARIE . . . . . lfIll'Inr.v A'fCCItUl!Y, ALINIC KlERTRIIDE M CFA LL, M A 'IJ'I'IlE VIVICNARY, JIIANITA MARSIIALL, NANNIE M A'I"I'H EWS, M A ROA R ICT NIAYIHQRRY, SOIIIIRONIA D. M IEADORS, UIIITT R. ATORGAN, UHNNIE MAE MORRIS, EDIJIEAN TIIEODOSIA NliBl.li'I"l', IEIIIIIIICI' ALEX NEWIIERN, IRIQORIIE ASIQRLI-IE ORNDORFIF, FRANI4 BURTON PINKARD, ISAAC YOIIAO PIIOI-I, ERNEST TIIOMAS PIIRYEAR, AIDMIRAL IJIIWEY PRYUR, NIARY VIROINIA RANDAI.S,, RIITII f.A'l'Hl'.RlNlE RAWLS, NED NIUNURLC RICII, ROWNIENA MAE RIC!-IAIOAIJANIILDRICD LILLIAN RICIQS, LILIIIAN HliA'l'RIClE RIYERS, TETIE ALMA ROIIERSON, THOMAS H ANNIIIAL ROIIINSON, REID MINTER ROIIERS, FANNIE EI,IzAIIE'II-I ROSS, VALRRIA AIIDRI LYN SMITH, XA EIIER ROSCOE STEELE, ANDREW JACKSON STEIIIIENSON, SARA ELIZAEETH SIIMMERS, LLCILE TAYLOR, JAMES lf'RANRI.IN TIIORRE, FRANK NORRIS TODD, OIHELLA MAE TOTTY, SAMDI-I.I.A VIGLA TRII'LET'I', RIIIIY .IIQRULINIZ VAN PIELT, ADA LCCY AMALI.AClC, ISLSIE I-IILI. XVATKINS, SAMIIIJI. XVELLS, CLAIIDE NA'I'HANIliL XVI-1I'I'IiSI1lKi, EMMA IILOII AVUOIJS, MARY ELIZA CARTER, HELEN f:0l.I.Il HARRISON, VIOLET CZERTRIIDE JONES, MARY LOUISE MCCRAE, VIOLA ESTIILL MEYERS, IIARRIS S. PUGI-I, I-IAZEI. LEE TURNER, ANNA LEE WITI-IROW, TI-IOS. EDWARD AIEHQEIIIQ I l W DEE W Tlze Jzmior Class Eiiiiill Fi' Ill: lil. 'Ig' IH' III I4 'al Ill M... h 'izisisi I ig: 'lil'l'l :lei ' I I ggi!!! V I I. 1 i III: 'Ill , ll'r ll' 11.5. 'fa' 31!l'll Lf. 'M 1 l'I'l'l'lI i 1 ,,- ua ...- u 531 5-Ei E-EE ? if A . Tennessee State College Fight Song Fight, you State College! Walk right through that line! XVith our colors waving, XVe can't fall behind U--Rah! Rah! Fight, you State College! Charge for victory! Spread forth the fame of old 'I'ennessee's name. Fight! State College! Win that game! CWhistleD Fight! State College! Fight! fWhistleJ Fight! State College! Fight! I-lit 'em hard! Hit 'em low! Fight! State College! Fight! Q76 QQ? 1! l!,g 2'-:J :ir::". :E-3 9 "fy ig' F 1, , ' W K-X ff' ij W .W EE 1" M .1 qw ' 1: !i:"1'4: J'-. ' A71 .f - 5 75? 3" I J ., ff 7 ' 2 ' QI , ' "fi-'E1L2f",1 ,, 57 Q9 7 -f A E ' Z N ' 4 -. I V54 Eff xqmx ,,5i3,.32.I,iE 1.4 H J , :N QED , 2 2 JW X W . X """?'1- ., Zf' r I T . '3 fl Xl fbfj In 1 iz B--. fmllvk ,XIII Afvl ,f N, ANNEAKKA W ZZ . LJ E-Inn:-ulI!u:"'E : - a.-" I'-2'-El . . E-EIUQU:-'anus-uf-1l:l I Quinn-:ll -' 25?- Q .i 3, A E' 'I 'L'-H I 57:2 :Eglin-ln!----:L Sophomore LAVETTA M LIRRAY. . . . . MARY A. BROXVN. . PEARL HENDERSON .... NlEI.I,IE j. FITCIYI. . . EARLINE MORRIs, . SALIIIION ANII Nll.l'I GREEN .... PINK CARNATION ................. . HTIIRU PIERSLEVERIXNCIE, WE f.lONQUIERll Mlss DOROTHY BURDINIE ......... . . . ZIENOBIA ANDERSON As high as heaven is ahove us, Her voiee is deeper thun the seu. MARY ALICE BROWN She is so just and prudent, Afraid of losing her soul. JOIINIELLA DICKIVIRSON The qualities of Z1 lady in character, Sineerity, eharni, She has them ull. Nlil,LIIE jUIxNI'I'Ix FITCI-I Heavens, how desperately do ne adore Thy winning graces! PEARL HENDERsON Adept in aesthetic dancing, With II voiee that thrills the soul. JEWEL HuDDLEs'rON A heart too pure for taint or vice But eapahle of the deepest love. EMMA JONES Men hath no charms for her, Her destiny is 21 Convent. GLADYS JONES Sincere, devout and amiuhle, Lifting as she elinihs. EUOENIA LANDER Though much is suspected of me, Nothing proven can be. ' GRACE LEAGUE She doth those small things ' Which most leave undime or despise. NANNIE NllLLlER Over all the eanipus she nods and smiles To every liandsome man. Normal Class . . . . . .Presidenl . . . V ice-P1'cs-zfrlezzi .. . . . . . . . . .Sefrrclarrv EARLINE MORRIs A .s'.s'17.rlcL1IIl Sccrcla 1' y . . . . . . . ,TI'CftLS1H'Cl' . . .Class Colm' . . .OCIILSS Flower . . .Class Jlfollo . . . . fl!1U'iS6i' - One glance of her hrigllt fave I on the hl lin Sears a pietur: L,xvE'r1',x M IIRRM' ' ,'i . Enthralled lwy vain ltlil.CCliUllS, llut resolute in her nill. MMIIE PEIJEN Surh feelings of hero wu she has XX hitth inferior souls may never know. l,O'l"l'llC SI'RINc:s To know her is to love her, Love hut her and her AI1NEs SOLOMON I forever. Pierced hy Ilan t'upid's arrow Her only lllUll1.QlllS are of love. MARVEL S'l'I5WAR'l' t'ne xi ho never turns his haek Hut continually Inarehes onxunrd. Susns W,x'rIcINs Nature niade her what she is And never mzide :mot LILLIAN WAONER her. She is destined to rank first ln the field of eloeution. l,UCIl.li XVILI.I.xI-Is ln spite of all the learned have said, l still my Old Opinion ALLIIC D. WII,soN A mainly form at her keep. side she saw, And joy wah duty and love was law. ALVILA Wooos Soft as the dew from heaven descends, ller gentle at-cents fall. V M L 4 - nu: unn- ,,- ,, SXNQIKKG X2 A sc Es lllnnlll unuuul an1-TT 22' E55 if it .4 w111,o'rrhe.wiSp KSOPHOMORE NORMAL CLAss Pnornscvj One day, as I was walking through-the garden thinking of the futufe of the Sophomore Normal Class, I stepped on an odd-looking leaf. I did not know what it was. All at once I had a queer feeling. My feet began to step high and higher, and when I came to myself I was in a new world, the Future World. As I wandered down Fifth Avenue in New York, I saw the advertisement: "Don't Miss Hearing Madame Dahugashv1hConseedui, at the Metropolitan Theatre in a contralto recital". Imagine my amazement as I adjusted my opera glasses and beheld none other than our own little Zenobia Ruth Anderson. Upon leaving the theatre, I walked down to the dock and saw Miss Mary Alice Browne boarding the American steamer "Leviathan", for South Africa, to Christianize the Hottentots. Having been attracted by a smart sport outfit, I dropped into the La Petite Modiste Shoppe and found the proprietresses, Misses john Ella and Murmer Lee Dickerson. As I passed a newspaper stand I saw the following headlines: f'Living A Life cf Sacrifice". Although I could scarcely read the fine print, I finally made out this: "In the Heart of Sahara Desert", Misses Gladys and Emma Ophelia jones. Suddenly I heard a screamf Leaning forward, I saw an ambulance stop at the curve, and out jumped two white-capped nurses, Misses Nellie Fitch and Eugenia Landers. Having walked ceaselessly the entire day, I became aware of a stabbing pain. Glancing upward, my eyes beheld a sign, "Dr, O. C. Wynn, Physician and Surgeon". I hastened up the steps and found that he was the husband of our classmate, Miss Earline Morris. A Dr. Wynn gave me a prescription, which I carried to the Northside Pharmacy and found that the owners were Dr. and Mrs. A. A. Moss, Mrs. Moss being Miss Lillian VVagner. Iwandered down the street farther and met Mrs. Neil Rice, who was formerly Miss Lottie Springs, 'with her three children. ,f - fVVhile visiting St. Simon Island, I entered St. Mary's Convent. There I saw two very familiar faces, Misses Alvila Woods and Mittie Patillo, having entered the ccnvent because of their disappoint- ment in love. The scene changed. I saw Madam Evanti, gorgeously dressed, on her way to her studio for the afternoon rehearsal. She was now an aesthetic dancer. This person was Miss Pearl Henderson. I decided that I would go into one of the colored banks and, behold, who did I see as president but Mr. Marvel Stuart. VVell, it wasn't very surprising, because he was always such a quiet businesslike man. I do hope that they can understand what he says. ' C-lancing over the society column of the Chicago Bee, l saw that Lavetta Murry was in the city, just back from her third trip around She world. Being rushed to attend a formalfdance, I entered the Fleur de Lis Beauty Parlor for a permanent wave, and found that Miss Susie Watkins was the proprietress, also an authority on cosmetics. , The next day I visited Bomous Aviation field, and every one was excited over the "hop off" of the skilled alviatress, Miss Agnes Solomon, who was leaving cn a non-stop flight to Czechoslovakia. As my tour was nearing its end I found Misses Nannie J. Miller and Allie D. VVilson halted in the midst of several opinions as to which man to choose. Then I came back to clear Old Tennessee State College to see if any one had settled there. True enough, I found many who loved their dear Old Tennessee so that they would never leave its soil. I first went to Hale Hall, and on entering I heard a voice saying, "Now, now, young ladies, it is 10:30. All lights out." To my surprise it was Miss Jewell Huddleston, Dean of Women. The next day I visited the Library and heard some one saying, "Stop talking or pass right out". I looked up and saw that it was Miss Marguerite Townsend. I then went to the primary department, and instead of finding Miss Burdine I found Miss Mamie Peden supervisor of the primary grades. At 12:30 o'clock I went to the Cafeteria and enjoyed a delicious lunch prepared by Miss Pearl Russell. Then late would not allow me to stay in the future world any longer. I had to return to the present But thanks to her that she allowed me to stay long enough to see the members ol the Sophomore Normal Class. , 1 'F 1? 1 - II I fwwwurmuy Q95 Af X' A:nL'x:'US2 - . ,,A, ,Q W M K' if f ' SW , 1- 1 .v"' Y 1 A if wwwxr? 6 . aj A,E,Q 1 Nw X53 . 1 ififi 'f He 62 X X S,-k xxx as : -- ' ' A-'if fy' fax dem 5' f Q, lyk! Milf hd. SQDHQHQRES V QXXELIKKQ, W ... -1 g.1.u'..1.:.'.r..u..:..:?':"-fi l 55.524 5453 STS?" 1 -1 5:22 i i 'Hun- lu---nu-1 Sophomore College Class OFFICERS VVILBUR CHANEY ..... ............ P 7'6SillU7'U XVILLIAM G. ANDERSON ........ , . Vice-President JAMES E. SLOAN ...,. ,...,.... 7 "fUIL.Y1lf6f LILLIE BELLE FRANKLIN. . ...... Secretary MACK YOUNG ..............., Scrgeaul-al-ArnIs ETHEL E. ROLE .,.. ..... . . .Ass'l Secretary PROF. PAUL F. MOWIIRAY .....,....... .flflm-er ACTON, RANDALL ELMER AIMERY, HERMAN CLAY AINIERY, ODESSA MILLITINE ANDERSON, THEODORE R. ANDERSON, WILLIAM GARRISON ARNOLD, EDNA ELLENA BABBAGE, MYRTLE FENWICK BAILEY, ROGERS PARKS BASS, JENNIE LEOLA BENNETT, GERALDINE PHILLIPS BILLS, THOMAS HENRY BOHONNON, RICHARD GILLUM BOONE, VVILLIE NIANTELLE BOYD, LEE ROY BRACKEN, HERBERT RUSSELL BRADSHAW, CLYDIE MAE BRANHAM, JULIA GERTRUDE BRIGHT, KATHERINE AMANDA BRIGHT, XIVILLIAM THOMAS BRITT, L. D. BROOKS, GEORGE VVASHINGTON BRONVN, EUGENE D. BYAS, JOHNNIE MAY CALDWELL, NANNIE MAE CAMPBELL, EDDIE LOUISE CAMPBELL, ETHA MAE C AMPBELLE, NIARGARET ROSE CARR, MAE ELIZABETH CATO, ISAAC HAMILTON CHANEY, XVILBUR CLARK, ELIZABETH NIAI COLEMAN, HAIQRX' THEODORE COLEMAN, OTTIS DEAN COLLIER, FREDDIE FAY CRAYVLEY, LILLIAN MARIE CRAWLEY, WILLIAM EDGAR CRENSHAVV, WAVERLY DAVID CROSTHXVAIT, EVELYN MARIE CURRY, NIABEL JULIA DAVIS, CORALIE BEATRICE DICKERSON, JOHN ELLA DICKERSON, NIURMER LEE DOBBIN, NERISSA CAROLYN DODSON, KATHRYN SOPHRONIA DONALDSON, LEMMIE COBB FARRIS, COLUMBUS RUDOLPH FERGUSON, ROY LEE FINLEY, ROBBIE MAE FLETCHER, THEODORE R. FORD, GRACE MYRTLE FRANKLIN LILLIE BELLE I GATEWOO D, CLADYS VEATRICE CSLANTON, MYRTLE LEIGII GREEN, VVINDARD l-IOMER KSRIEEITH, NIATTIE ELIZABETH HALCOMI3 , HELEN HALE, WILLIAM JENNINGS HAMILTON, ERNEST ALFRED HAMILTON, MARGARET LOUISE HARRIS, EUGENE EDWARD HARRIS, FRED LINCOLN HARRIS, MARVIN PIARTSFIELD, THEODORE ROOSEVELT HENDERSON, ELLA LOUISE HILL, JOHNNIE A. HILL, REBECCA JANE HOGG, XIVILLIAM FRANKLIN HOWELL, THEODORE MARIE HUNT, KATHERINE HYDE, MAXWELL HYDER, ARMENTA FLORENE ISAIAH, T JACKSON, JACKSON, JACKSON, JACKSON, HELMA ELIZABETH BESSIE DORIS ERNESTTNE ELSIE ESTHER BEATRICE NORRIS COLUMBUS JAMES, WILLIE BEE JEFFERSON, DAISY EMILY JOHNSON, JOHNSON, JOHNSON, CALVIN RUSH ERNESTINE NIILDRED RUTH DOLORES JORDAN, LULA PEARL TQELLEY, LOTTIE LEE KENDALL, SUSIE CORBIN KINCAIDE KING, AN , CLYDE JONES NIE BELL LANIER, LUCILLE LEWERS, LUCIUS CURTIS LOVE, VA SSAR CURRIN LEE, LIDA BELL . LEWIS, JOHN THOMAS MCCULLOUGH, LURLIE CLEOLA MCDONALD, PEARLINE GLADYS MALONE, JOHN VERTREESE MATHIS, CHARLES BENNY NIEREDITH, AMANDA ELLA MILLER, THOMAS LOVELL M OORE, ESTELLA ROIIERTA MORRISON, JOHN WESLEY NEAL, CHARLES IAIENRY NEAL, ED NA JULIA NORTHCUTT, INEZ OWEN, ANNIE CLARA PARKER, BERTHA RAYNE PARKER, NANNIE MAE PARKS, ETHEL CERALDINE PARRISI-I, LOUISE PATILLO, NlI'1"l'IE ARLANDA PATTERSON, JOHN L. PEPPERS, ANNIE BELLE PORTER, LANDON CARSON PORTERFIELD, l,E'I'H1A JAMES RADEORD, ROBERT LEE RANSOM, EDITH HIILGIA REED, GERTIE LEE REEVES, WILLIAM HOYVARIJ ROBERTS, MYRTLE LEOLA ROBINSON, CHARLES CLAYTON ROIIINSON, WELLS ROLE, ETIIEL ELIZABETH RUIPEIN, JOSIE MAIQIE SIMMONS, DIMIILE SLEIGH, CHARLES RICHARD SLOAN, JAMES WM. SCRUGOS, RAMON S'l'EWAR'l' SKINNER, MYIQA WILLIAMS SLOAN, ZELMA SMITH, ROBERT DANIEL SOLOMON, AGNES ES'I'ELI.A SOUTHALL, FRED OSTRANIJA SUGGS, ISAIAI-I SUMMERS, SALLIE DOLORES SYVIFT, VETRICE ABIGAIL KATIIERYN E. BENNIE WYNNS MAI CLAIRE RUTH EDITH TAYLOR, TEAGUE, TIIOMAS, THOMAS, THOMPSON, RICHARD BRUCE NIABEL NIILDRED TISDALE, TODD, AMANDA LOU VAUGHN, JOSEPH EWTNG VAUGHN, MARY ELLEN VAUGHN, ROY ORLANDO WATKINS, GEORGE PEACE-IMAN WHARTON, MILDRED ELIZABETH WILLIAMS, EASTER MARSHALL VVILLIAMS, JOIIN VVESLEY WILLIAMSON, OLA ELIZABETH VVILLIS, WlLI.lE VVALTER WISEMAN, IRENE EVELYN WOLEE, NIARY IVIAGDALENE YOUNG, NIACK L. MSM-IIIQ K WDQEK Q Sam in xun -dow-fmfw'-vnu 111+-?-In uf wi H AR Www "" 5 ix- w -Y. v ygw , ..4,,A.g - ' .-,,- . . The Sophomore Class '51 II MH l'I'l'I' I I I WM F .tr lllllllll E!!! e-glll Iilililim !l.::!.ll o Iii: V IIL n,l. 'Ill Ill.: Ill: u,l. Ill' f I Milli - ' '2"""1 F is -I ... ll -1 ni ' ' .- -3'i"EuEi':li::' To a Roadster By WILL I-IALE, JR. Yesterday yon snubbed me, As you raced by, long, low, and yellow, Reeling, rocking, leaping, bounding, At a hundred and ten. Long as eternity, Low as the valleys, Wide as the prairies, Yellow as gold, Bright as the sun, New, shiny, arrogant, bold, Strong and coarse. Your commanding nose held high, Your rumble-seat hanging on impishly, perilously behind, Your motor roaring like thunder, Your gigantic red wheels hugging the road, Your body shivering with the joy of going places and doing things, Your steering-wheel holding one hand ofa youth, As proud as you. With black, curly hairy soft, grey eyes: A coonskin coat. Tall, handsome. reckless, rich, A Silly God. His other hand was holding a girl As fast as you. Small, cute. red-headed, Drunk with fifty-dollar wine and million-dollar love. You swerved at me, Teased me' I jumped. You tilted miraculously, And passed on the other side, Shunned me, and chuckled to yourself, At your daring and trickery. You slung your twenty-five-thousand-dollar self by me, And hurled impudent dust in my eyes, I-Iatefui, defiant, sophisticated. Now I gaze upon you here, Broken, tangled, ground into bits, At a hundred and ten. I know now That I would rather be myself Than you, or that curly-haired, grey-eyed youth KY' SIT-fr -:- - - I l.4.v N - nh- -:lull n H I IL-fi'---E'-1 'F is 21: iii as .. 5-54 AY N iii-4-2' I 1 Mui WVIIIIIIWWUMI Qmmmluw aff MW ni Q 1 V, 4 I 'fx IZ! 1 ,IW ! ,L-14,1 fff rw? sf4'?P" 2 UM? Z, 'WW A' ' ZW: V,.Q:,mf' ' I ' I fifffns I A! ' 7 'gi f , . gif! . RESHNEN V XXXEZVKK 1 1 ' f X N 1. M 4 . x ff V X .K '70 ' ,X 1 I wiliniliiuifiii --.-.5-u. UH X- , -- .ggmpgggggggggz:::2fFEEEAE5EiEi':52s...... ' ' I Qliiiliii 1... N f 'Q . . 6 X M54 -5--.LLL 5: 32.-'-'sang f 1 , Q. . ' A. - N. 43" L 4' x'v:.' Ns , .-gxz Q--I -A ,xx "N A t 2 - zgl. :f2iSiit:sQmv'Ni1r REQ 3 , Y' XX N Q' xx Eikvfigxi E ,S-. .1535- - 1. . 7 -4 'E..:ir.1 -i ' .. L. "figs 'Y 'ff' F 1 211212 Q. ff. L' , Q' l,,sg5g5:g::f5,.f ya ini x 7 .,.. -3 E S ' v" , , Fx X Z lg L I , ...-, ' I . iw Nui Q mage: ' 5? N -1, .4-SQ X K ki ll : .. .X , 2 g 'XQ ' N Qve. W ' Q. ' ' mf' -Nm ':-Qc----v, ' A ' "' "L .-.Hai 51' . -- 7.5 .Hy A K . n . QHNJI 'ak X X I : iiwaqlgyi X lu.--.---W, X X f , ,I x '--.,, ' ' Y r I V in xx I -. W I 'dt "Q l XXQ ' Q 2 - 5213 A N X df fs. , R I I ig! ms If -- 4. ., 1 WAX X nu mx - L fx I liifxx - A : E - ! 1 A-azeza-sees-.FET-5"' rs-:-I 5-:Q-Ei .1 :-..-:.': ? 3? 5: ' af.- , :L I - i 37:1 li 1 li iB111H1121-In-1 I l l l I l l I 2' 1Q111Dl1lllrt- The Freshman Class OLIVIA LANE .,.. JAMES COLLINS. . . THELMA SMITI-I ..... PAULINE WOODARD. . . A. D. KNOX ............ ALEXANDER, CHRISTINE EDITI-I ALEXANDER, RIIOEELIA FLORET ALLEN, RUTH EVELYN BACON, ELOISE LEONAL BACON, EMMA LOUISE BAKER, NIARY ELIZABETH BANKS, GUSTINE LLLA BANKS, P. BELLE BARIIOUR, LILLIAN LEWIS BARNES, EVA MARIE BARNES, HENRY CLAY BASS, MVILLIAM THOMAS BEAL, LEV1 BELL, XVILLIAM IQELCY BILLUIIS, JWARY LOUISE BISHOP, DAVID DEMOS'I'HlENIi?i BLAIR, THERESA E, BOND, EMMA BELL . BOVLAND, CORNELIA BRADFORD, WILLIE f1ER'l'RlfDli BRADLEY, CALLXE ODIS BRADSHAVV, JESSE BERNARD BRANCH, ROBERT FLETCHER BRAXTON, IONA ELIZAEETI-I BREXVER, K IT'1RELI. BERNARD BROACH, ADDIE NIAE BROWN, ALEXANDER RANDOLPH BROWN, JULIA NIARY BROWN, LUELLA BRONVN, OLIVIA GENIEVIEVIZ BUCHANAN, JOHN YVESLEY BUCKNER, SHERWOOD BUMIAHAS, JULIE LEE BURRIS, MARGARET SANFORD BUTLER, VVALTER WALLACE BYNUM, ARTI-II R FOUNT CANSLER, VERSA LAVERSOER CARTER, M ATTIE PEARL CHADWELL, BERTIIA L. CI-IAVER, FLORA JENET CI-IEATIIAM, PEARL PAULINE CLARK, DAVID LEE CLARK, f:USSlE LEE CLARK, JENNETTA MARGUERITE CLAVIIORNE, CHARLES EDWARD CLAYBROOK, JOSEPHUS CLAVTOR, ALEXANDER B. COLLIER, JUANITA COLLINS, JAMES UNDERWOOD COOK, SVLVESTER COOKE, CLEMIE NIAE CUMMINGS, ROBERT CARL 'I' A OFFICERS . . . . .Presirienl . . Vice-Presidenl ........Sec1'elary . . .Ass'l Secrelary T1'easu1'er DANIELS, FANNIE NI.-KE DANIEL, LUIS HIENRIETTA DARKE, SUSIE NIAI DAVIS, STANLEI' WHITE DENNIS, RHOENA EDNA DISMUKES, LOVIE VIVIA DUCKERY, JUANITA MAIQIIZ IDRAKE, GEORGE FELIX DUNEORD, ELLEN LOUISE ELLIOTT, BLANCIIE JANE ESTUS, BEN BERNARD ETIIERLEV, HELEN EVANS, IDA BIQATRICE II ARMER, KATI-IIERINIS MARTIN FISHER, AARON ALVIN FLOWERS, EFFIIE RUTH FORD, HAZEL VERNICE J. OSTER, ALINIC NIARIE LAURA BRUCE FUWLER, I C K 4 C I C C ZAINES, QAINES, PET M A li XVILLA CI-IRISTINA JLANTON, LUTIIER TIIOMAS QOLDEN, BEULAII JACKSON IOODALL, JRE LRISEN, EMMA CORNIELIA ALPHA OMEOA GARNZALIOUS G. IVIILDRED LIEAMA EN, JRIQEN, QLRIEER, GREEK, ALIIERTA SLEIOI-I TEE STEWART GRXGGS, JULIA ROBI5R'l'A CRIMES, ELI.A BEATRICE HALL, ALFRED JOHNSON HALL, FRED LAWRENCE HARDY, CECIL HENRY HARRIS, ADDIE BROWN HARRIS, LAWRENCE HANNIEAL HEMP, ADRIAN EARL H EROD, SAMUEL HERRING, ROOSEVELT HILL, DORIS OTIIA HILL, JESSIE MAE H OLMES, MATTIE ELIZABETH H ORTON, KELTON JODIE HOWELL, NIATTIE GENEVA HUDSON, ARIZONA ELIZAIIETII HUNTER, SADIE MAI IVV, CLARA REGINA JACKSON, ANNA ' JAMES, CHRISTIANA OZETTA JASPER, ADA BELLE JENRETTE, CORRINNE MCLEMORI' JOHNSON, GLADYS CORINNE AX?fKQ, A x iii ill I IZ I I :IL 'liliilll emi!! llllllll glmllll IRI, 'Ill HF: .Ill Ill, l'l. Ill, 1.1, 'fi L51!1!ll S-:I-2 S-S JOHNSON, VINA CIIORLINIE JONES, BESSIE NEAL JONES, CORRIE LEE JONES, GLADYS BEATRICE JONES, HATTIE LOUISE JONES, MAE FRANCES JONES, T1-IERESA LOUISE KANNEDY, ANNIE SLAUGHTER KELLUM, CHRVSTABELLE SNOW IQIMBROUGH, FLEMING L. KNOX, MARION ELIZABETH LANE, DAISY LEE LANE, OLIVIA LOUISE LAVENDER, SAMUEL WESTLV LEA, LA LETA LEAIIOUGH, BONNIE LEAGUE, GRACE EVA LIGON, WALKER TURNLEY NICCLELLAN, ROBBIE ELOISE MCCOMLE, NIINNIE COSTELLO MCLIN, NELDA FRANCES MCNARV, SUSIE NIAE MALLORY, LUCILE LEAVELLE MARTIN, CORA BOE MAXXVELL, MATTHEW OLIVER NIAYBERRY, JAMES CLIFFORD NIAYBERRY, SOPHRONIA D. MERRIWETHER, FLORENCE LILLIA MILLER, BERTHA MILLS, ROOSEVELT MINOR, RUTH CATHERINE MOORE, EUGENE ERNEST MOIISE, LACULIA MOIQTON, LOUISE NIYERS, THOMAS J. NICHOLS, FRANK ALBERT NICKOLSON, THELMA MAI NOWLIN, EDYTHE WHITSON OFFICER, PEARLIE ETTA OFFUTT, JAMES LEE OSBORNE, REBECCA LELA PATTON, RUDOLRH CLINTON PAVNE, EFFIE HART PERKINS, HARRIETT ELIZABETH PERKINS, WILLIAM FRANK PIERSON, NIARY JULIA PITT, EDDIE DEBRELL POPE, AURIZLIA IMOGENE POSEY, EVELVN THOMASINA POWELL, JULIA MARGARET PRICE, ERMA VIRGINIA PRICE, ROSA LEE PURDY, ELEERT LEWIS RAGSDALE, RUTH NAOMI RAIFORD, IMA ALBERTA RAMEY, JOSEPH SVLVESTER RANDOLPH, ALLINE RUTH RANDOLPII, M ARI' MAODALENE RIVERS, GRANDERISON SIMONS ROIIERTS, MAGGIE BELL SCOTT, ALFRED ANTHONY SCOTT, EDNA MAE SCOTT, CLINORA N EELV SCOTT, JOI-IN BENJAMIN SCR UGGS, NIARION TERESA SHELIIV, NATI-IAN THOMAS SHELTUN, ERNEST SIMMONS, MVRTLE RUBY SLO.-KN, NELLIE ALLEAN SMITH, LEONA E. M. SIVIITI-I, NIARYLN E. SMITI-I, THELMA EVELYN SPENCER, ANNIE MAE SPENCER, CLLADVS ELIZABETH STATEN, OCENIA MAE STEWART, JAMES SPENCER STINSON, LILA VIRGINIA STOVER, CLARA .WIAE STRANGE, FOREST X'VEN'I'VVORTH STRONG, MART LOUISE STRONG, Tl-IELMA ARNETTA STUART, ROMA CHRISTINE SUGGS, VIOLA SULCER, ALICE SYLER, ODAIL MODENA fl'ALLEY, WILLIAM ANDREW 'lxARl'I.EY, ESTHER TAYLOR, CHARLES IJENRY TEAGUE, E. KIRIIV TEMPLE, JESSIE IVIAE LOUISE TERRY, DOROIITI' JEAN TI-IOMRSON, FAIRAMBER TIIRELKIIILD, ANNIE BELLE TONVNSIiNl7, ELIZABETH M ARGAR ET POLK, MAGGIE BERTHA TVNES VICKROS, WALTER LEVV WALKER, CURTIS LADELL NIVALKISR, RUSSELL SINCLAIR VVATKINS, EVELYN L. VVATKINS, 'NICHOLAS G. XVATKINS, LEVI XMI-IITLOVV, NANNIE NIAXWELI. VV!-l1'l"1'AKliR, ANNA MAE VVILLIAMS, HELEN N. L. WILLIE, JO!-INNIE TONEY WILSON, ALLIE DEE WIMEERLV, PATTI AMI WINTERS, MORENA JOSSIE VVISDOM, MAGGIE LENA WOOD, XVILBUR ROSS WOODARD, PAULINE XXVOODS, IWALLIE W. XVORDE, ELLA BELLE ALZJKG QQ, 1? if 5? E , :-:gm a -1-a E E?3 EE "' - H - "' The Fozmfh Year Class - 1 I I -- , fwff The T bird Year' Class " .fd MMM, aw QQ? -i ' lr: ,,y:'- nn-nil!-I "' :-..-r.-:E . ,. : - -2 -1:-ae -1 - I l l lg: U l '4'z'E--a- 4' uhm , Juv' x R9 UQjj"QPQf 0 X -P FIRST YEAR 'S 5 a 3 H ff""lf9 3W Maw' W, G-RADE' 4 SEC, UND YEAR H3 3 L 2 f A A multi - -'I nxt I-1 f . -a I' 1 - V V -w , h. ,,, , .-l : :QV . ?,F.'1-.-':- A JZTT f - A . L i if K u 7 5 :rag ll ' E B 1 ,. vi, A .I , li- X f. . N' ,Ii Qt 5, Y -- . 7 f , 'Q 4 ji -, V y Q 1 ' ,I xv-TQ. Q 5 Q . .Y ' -J ' ' ' 'La b ffii .P 'Y ,feilfigiia K A .. , Aff N " ,X gr-:ref V I ,577 , f I K A 9-1 3 y ' - ' -' 1 gh . 5 ii, ,iii r ' i -- y' - x , 1 .,,Sx'I3 sg,-. a',..i..L f 4,6 , . X A S 7 t 1 f 1 .1 '.' .H " ' h' 'U Nix .. ull, Q Ji'-Ei if -Q -vw , -A e N - ,:A5F'?1lf,71n:n ' ' - - ff QR . Qrlg NJ 1W, 1, ' N , ,, f :Q Q, h ' -- Il I Ili 2 I 'N 1' f 4, is SXXEZEKKC, sw ma 'I'I51'-'ff-TF:-fi '- er.-L5 ? 3? r::g I L. as a ' 4 .- E. '..r.:.:..u..:.:F': 5-1'.luu-Ilhllnuul'-TQ AYENI STAFF 1930 GEORGE CLEM .... . . .Egliior-in-Chief KU RTYS CLAY .... Associate Editors: JAMES ADAMS .... BERNICE CONYERS ..... NELLIE FITCH ..... GEORGIA JENKINS. OLIVIA LANE .... JAMES MAYBERRY R. C. MARTIN. . . EARLINE MORRIS. EDDEAN MORRIS. . ROBERT SMITH. . . ROSA ROBINSON . MISS F. E. THOMPSON MISS INEZ M. BOYD MR. ARMISTEAD PRIDE MR. J. A. ATKINS ADVISORY BOARD G. W. GORE, JR., Chairman Business Manager . . . . . . . .Ari . . . .Plzolograplzs .............Snapshols . . . .Prcparalory Deparlmenl ...........JUusic . . . . . . . .Ari . . , .Senior Class . . . .Organizations . . . . . .Literary . . . .Alhlelics . . . .Copy MRS. MARY J. RILEY MR. CI-IARLES S. MORRIS MR. R. B. J. CAMRIIELLE MISS DOROTHY BURDINE i I ..--..l. . A4 l-l'- l 'I-an 5-Q .-- V 4 .A 7 . M 2 S-E' "-5 1? E ...Y , 75451.54 -f- 'fig 'EE EE .C ,,,,- ? 7-' E -- . 5 'Q " tif: ,L g' 2, , .,,, u C '?' X .P V5 -1 -EE 'G' - .,,. ---2 " Ij271?1L f ' zu .f", 1.1-,..-:jf , 4, F 52591515272111llama-:Lu-.:151p,-.gf-fCY'-VT-1-'TL?-7, 1' I .,...,.,:..,q1,Zf1m:1yr1Z QS 'gh- , 151 I W, ::: Ls M' fn. Af- ' ., 074: -7,",."fiQ59. n""lqu4.FF :am-...m,,,,,,,' ,li .2 :T bhigfi r- :...,..yf ' W' 'W 2 21' Af . ' x:::r.'.12anaa:az,Jf' -'T-T" ' '1i'9 "iL"" - 3 a-1 Sf "iL- . rmQAmZfmQN5 ,63- as-2 Iii! ellunnlnnul i FAK. I I i i fn- 11111-I-bi -U' 'il-1---U-hil:'uQ.f -.,. Alba Rosa Club R CLUB PERSONNEL LIILA PEARL JORDAN ......., ........ I JY!fSid67Ll ZENOBIA BAKER ....... ....... V ice-President IVIAKTHA DALLAS ..... ..... . flrvixmnz Secretary JESSYI3 MAI SIMPSON .... ........,.. S ecrezary LILLIAN DUNN ...... ...,.......... T reasurcr ESTHER WASHINGTON CLARISSA LAPSLEV CATHERINE HUNT MAI BELLE WOODS LOTTIE Cox LEWIS GEORGIA JENKINS MARGARET TOWNSEND GERALDINE BENNIz'r'I' SUE NEAL BLAIcEIvIORE CECIL CULLORS ERMA PRICE BEULAII GOLDEN Advisers: MISSES INEZ M. BOYD and KIATHERINE C. GILLESIIIE. Motto: "Row, NOT DRIFT.'l Colors: Pea-green and Pink. Stout colors: Black and White. The Alba Rosa Club was Organized in 1920 by Z1 group of young women forthe purpose of bezlutilying the campus and raising the sclIolastieal standard. The white rose symbolizes beautiful young woman- hood and idealism. Among the socIal actlvities sponsored during the year were: March 15, private buffet party: May 9, club day, at which time :I bench was presented to the campus. A Block dance was the closing feature. V M1555-Vlllli sw .1 J. - ' - - 'x In 4- - 5? 5:55 ig'-.F - E- -:-r.'..'..-.r.:.:-LSE 55-:I 5,14 5'-E-j:J:.:a.::...:..z?:E E'!Bl'i"ufi'i'fi":I"E "' " 57" ' :.':f-f-fnfflufuf-P14515 Anderson Billy Hale, Jr., Club Ross B. C1naA1us, Presizlemf CHARLES GLASS, Vice-President joan Ourraw, Secrvmry join: H, BROWN, Chaplain WALTER M. FOSTON, Critic THOMAS H. Romcusox, Treasurer JNO. W. Moxuuson, Segl.-at-Arms G. W. GORE, JR., Adviser Amfiucn T. Blau, Riauci-nu, Ciooriusr NVALTER W. Kama llmnzv 'I'. CO1,m1AN W. j. I'-IALE, ju. SAMUEL XVATKINS ALONZO i.iLA5S Nomus C. JACKSON NIACK L. YOUNG The Anderson Billy llale, jr., Club was organized October, 1915. The object of this club is to promote the general intellectual and moral development of its members, to assist' in every way possible in maintaining a high standard and developing high ideals among the students. Some of the elul1'szufIivities lor the year were: the Anderson Memorial Vesper on December 1, a dinner party for the sister club, Della Tau Iota, on December 17, Culture Wleek Program, February 24-M arch 1 3 annual banquet in the form of a cabaret party on May 10, and the awarding the two Scholar- ship Medals on commencement day. The Anderson Billy Hale, Jr., Club is the oldest Organization on the campus. It was organized in October, 1915. The chief object of this organization is to promote the general intellectual and moral development of its members and the entire student body. .:. 4? ,.f. -lun--ulnuu "" K """ ':""'- LTI:--nun- n--ll? Boule Guild Club l l Founded February, 1919, MOTTO-"Give to the World a Man" ANNUAL CAMPUS ACTIVITIES Negro History NVeck-Second week in February Annual Banquet and Dance-Conclusion Ol' Negro Wfeek Annual Stag-Second Saturday in May Vesper-lX'lOther's Day, Sc-cond Sunday in May F OUNDERS ' J. C. ADAMS .... ......., I' 'irsl President WM. GILBERT. , . . . .A dwser FRATRES IN COLLEGIO JOHN Esvv, Presidenl W. W. BUTLER, Vice-Presidenl L. R. BOYD CLYDE KINCMOE, Secretary ROBERT BRANCH HENRY FOREMAN, Ass'l Secretary JAMES COLLINS GEORGE I-IALE, Financial Secremry C. A. Downv LUBY CARMAN, Treasurer A. D. KNOX PROE. P. F. MOWBRAY, Adviser SAMUEL LAVENDER THOMAS WITHROW FRATRES EX COLLEGIO ARTHUR MANN R. L. RADFORD JOHN REYNOLDS REID ROBINSON NATHAN SHELBY ERNEST SHELTON JULIAN BELL T. R. GASTON Tnoams RHINES WALLACE Cox ALTON JACKSON PAUL DAVIS LEABRON O'NIEAL GEORGE JENKINS A Sllifla I tuunnunaun lun-ulIIu:"' Chattanooga Progressive Club i . I s. A P Q I, S -I AAI nh 'J ' ' 03.1 ,af s The Officers for 1929-30 arc as follows: CLINTON DISRRICKS .......,...........,, ,IOI-IN ESPEY ......, . ROSALIE HUNTER .... RUTI-I RAGSDALE. . . ROGER BAILEY. . . MISS INEZ BOYD. . ,. AGNES BENNETT ROGER BAILEY MART' BII,l.LII's ETIIEI. Cl-IAM EEIIS AVIS C'ARI'rIIERs MIIIIEI. CURRY WILIIIIR CIIANEI' FANNIE DANIICLS C.'I.INTON DERRICK:-I I lIx'1'T1E M. EDWARDS JOI-IN ESPIEY Nlil.I,II'I FITCII 'ii CLUB PERSONNEL THEGDORE FLETCHER NIARCUS GORIION EARNEST I-IAMIIJTON ROSALIE I-IUNTER SAOIE HUNTER PEARL IIENDERSON CLARA Ivv CORRIE jONEs NIONYE'I"l'E IQING NIARION KNOX NIINNIE MILLER BER'I'1IA NIILLER 3 . . . , . .President . . . . Vice-President ......I...Secreiary . . .Assistant Secretary . ......... Treasurer . . . .Adviser BENNIE NIATHENVS CHARLES NEAL INEZ NORTIICUTT ETIIEI. PARKS RUTH RAGSIJALE ETHE1, ROLE ALFRED SCOTT LII.A STINSON AGNES SOLONIAN LUCILE SUMMAERS CURTIS VVALKER ALVILLA WOODS I EIIIQIIII if it ' -- e. T l tw - '53 "-E7 gg' '5' - E'i.Ii-Ui-F-'-'-U-f-551 F-'7-'r 5:-'E E :JJ-r:...:'....:..L:r' 4 3I'.iT.'i"::i'Fi'.l'I--E "5-'V' ' ' ."-'T' 1-1r:.!i'uIE':I'.P.!'J2- gg Delta Tau Iota YY Rosrx A. ROBINSON ..... .... LETHIA PORTERFIELD ....,.. MABEL CURRY TI-IELMA IZAIAI-I INEZ NORTHQUTT MYRA WILLIAMS SKINNER SAMUELLA TOTTY X f lf, X f l ig' vi. . .iifilil '1',aP"' " ' -X 'fiilifffil' ' ' 'S gy: CLUB PERSONNEL .Presidenl MARGARET l'lAMILTON ........ Secrelary .Treasurer MISS EMILY MAI' HARPER ..... Advzser PEARL HENDERSON 'llHlEOlJORA HOXVISLL DAISY JEFFERSON LILLIAN RICKS THELMA SMITI-I MATTIE BOMAR This is the oldest exclusive college wonIen's Founded .... Colors .... . Flower ..... Motto ..... Efforts ..... Purpose ,,... . . Contribution ..... fl. Top SUE CORIIIN KENIIALL josnf: RUREIN CAROLIEIEN STEVENS IEEIPIE RUTH .FLOWERS organization on the campus. V 1920 . . . . . .Old Rose and Gray Marechal Niel Rose ... . . . . . . ."Not Evening, but Dawn" The fostering of 'iWCJl11Zll1l1OOCl Week" romote healthy, happy VVomanhood ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' 'lx 2. To establish high ideals of love and service .Campus memorial. CA fountain to be erected in front of the High School Buildingj wr W ggi. I , " llllllll ----- I-- ff' A-L+ The Eight Links Club l i l This club was organized in 1919 with a membership of eight young men. The membership has increased now to eighteen young men. For the past two years, through the competent leadership of their president, Mr. G. W. Clem, an unusual degree of interest in the club has been shown and the young men have put over very constructive programs. . Annual programs: 1. A Stag. 2. Lincoln Day Memorial Service on Lincoln's Birthday. 3. Passion Week Program. 4. Annual Ladies' Night Banquet. Club Colors: Black and Gold. Club Flower: Tulip. Club Motto: "Not for ourselves only, but for others." . V ALJ, CW , I Q I -ilu: -'gg- uanunn , . , ',.. --na : l 5...- ? f L Lil -1- - EF I-.2-.-2 .. D 5-3' ss: ii.:-5- .:-:.'.:.'J.:.:E-'E 5555 i 'A F-:EFI E. . . . . . . . . . E? sin:-r-r:::-rr: L1-'f' I s-'-as E-E? 5E-FE Entre Nous Club OLIVIA LANE HAZEL GALLAIIER MATTIE MCFALL .... . MARGARET BURRIS. . . NINA HENRY. . . . . M MRS. M. BROWN AND OTTIS DEAN COLEMAN HAZEL FORD ELIZABETH GRIFFITII MARIAN KNOX A AMANDA MEREDITII GENNIE MAE MORGAN RUTH RAGSDALE Iss MYRTLE B. KELSO. . . . MEMBERS MAGNOLIA EVANS GLADYS GATEWOOD CLARA IVY KATIIERINE LEAVELLE NELDA MCLIN EDITH NOWLIN VALERIA Ross . . . . . . .Presidenl Vice-Presideril . . . . .Secrelary Ass'l Secretary . . . .Treasurer . . . .Advisers Entre Nous was Organized in 1923 by Mrs. Martha Brown. Its motto is "Striving To Excel," and its purpose, to better social conditions on the campus. Following its custom, the club sponsored during the first week of May, a Rose Garden Soiree and a musical program at its annual Vesper Service. EQ? 'QED .l ll. fvo- 'F if :"':: 51:-as -I uns A lllllll- l - llllllll rs- The History Study Club -F---Ill lll""f"'-A nv ' - - , .3 . The History Stucly Club of Tennessee State College has a membership of one hundred and twenty-five students, The purposes of the club are: CID to create interest in current history, CQJ to collect and make contributions of historical material to the history clepartment, Q35 to conduct a series of lectures, t-lj to make tours and a study of historical places. The present officers are: WM. G. ANms1zsoN ....... Guokcsis HAL15 ...... C Lvnis lilmnsimw .... Runv j. 'I'1uP1,1z'1"1'. . . . LILLIAN BARBOUR LEW BEAL PROGRAM COM M ITTEE SUE KENm.i.I,, Chalirmau LAU RA FOWLER G. RIVERS . . . . . .President . . . Vice-President . . , . . .Secrelary . . , . Treasurer Q9' 32-9 Slllfltl Q17 if "':: -2 . -ear.:-.r:::::::w "2 ' -F: E-L-1r::::::.:'.:EE-:'?g 'EEE Kentucky Club dh MOTTO: "To Cooperate and to Excel" COLORS Blue and Gold OFFICERS DOROTHY V. LEAVELLE ....... Presideni LU BY CARMAN .... ........ 7 'reasurer CHARLES DOWDY ........ Vice-President GEORGE HALE .......... Serg'f at Arms DOROTHY TERRY ............. Secretary EFFIE R. FLOXVERS ............ Pianist JUANITA MCNARY ....... Ass'I Secrelary MRs. G. W. GORE, JR ......... Adviser The Kentucky Club was Organized in the fall of 1926, for the purpose of creelting greater interest among Kentucky students, and also to increase the number Of the enrollment from the Blue Grass State. Under the leadership Of Mrs. G. W. Gore, the founder, the students seek to exhibit a spirit of cooperation and to maintain a high grade of scholarship. O .ilTl4. tw ,A. -F. .L Q -1 '-' 4 ' I :L A - Q- Q ?.uJ..r:..:..-J..:.:E'r- 75-2' as in 532 3- - - - - - - 35' :-.:-.:'.:::::::f4E 51-f' 'Q '- 52" 21:-'5iE'E'.'.r:SI:':.:E Le Cercle Francais .i, I into 'Vs 1 XlV1l,Ll:5xlN'l -I. H.u,1a, ju .... ..... P resident CLARISHA LAPSLIEY . .... Vice-Preszfderzii G1aRA1.n1Nn BliNNlE'l"l'. . . ..... Seerelary VV 1l.L1AM K. BROWN .... . . .Treasurer MYu'1'l,l3 B. Kicrso .........,.......................................... Adviser Le Cercle Francais is a departmental organization formed to stimulate an interest in the life and literature of France, and to provide for students of French an opportunity to speak and hear the language. French songs, games and anecdotes make up the program of the meetings. The club presented a French program entitled "L'Esprit de France", at Vesper on Sunday, April 27, at which Monsieur Metz T. P. Lochard, professor of French at Fisk University, spoke in his native language, interpreted by the club adviser. French songs by the clulu members and the reading of the Lord's prayer in French made up the rest ol' the program. if .sleqsfii or EI JJ-'J-2-f ' -I' E .. :sr ra:-.r E-'3" ' ' 'E-fi':f:I'I':' 5'3" LEE ' EEE ."-'E Q? it i I - li can "- L':Jl---lun:-1:2512 Sigma Phi Psi Club ROBERTA NEAL .... .......... P resideni DOROTHY LEAVELLE ..... Vice-Presidenl ANNA TURNER .............. Treasurer MYRTLE BABBAGE WILLA B. BOYD4' LULA M. GRINTER HELEN HALCOMB NATALIE FREDERICK ......... Secrelary BERNIQE CONYERS ..,... Ass'l Secretary Miss EDNA M. Bicaos. . .Faculty Adviser ET1-IEL PARKS OLGA POGUE DOROTI-IX' TERRY SALLIE SUMMERS The Sigma Phi Psi Club was organized January 23, 1926, by nine young ladies, namely, Misses VVilla Boyd, Gladys Buckner, Carrie Berry, Ethel Craft, Edna Ford, Verna Nance, Zana M. Rogers and Sallie Gladdish with Mrs. Mary J. Riley as faculty adviser. The purpose of the club is to aid in the betterment of the educational, moral and social activities of the institution by producing students who are earnest in the pursuit of higher learning, clean in their thoughts and desirous of contributing to moral better- ment of the institution, congenial and fair in their social dealings, with an idea toward making the home life of the wOmen's dormitory pleasant for all. 'Graduate member if it - :"':: Eg:- 'I E sa: -:z - I'-1'-f'fE'J-'ff'-l'.I:i! Lg!" F'-'E' :'1'iEl'!.l'-'1'uF-T"-'HEJJE' 'er' -f-fr Supreme Circle Club The Supreme Circle Club was organized in 1919 by a group of sincere young men under the supervision of T. Macliarris. The club fosters Negro National Health Week and Memorial Vesper for T. Macl-Iarris each year. Feeling as a group of men, that they should not be satisfied with the ordinary things and ways of doing them, they have as their motto, "Summa Omnibus." Following the regular health week program, the Supreme Circle featured a special dance on the night of April 5, 15130, in honor of their lady friends, the faculty, the four male clubs and their company. Music was furnished by Jimmie Lunceford and his "chicks". PERSONNEL E. E. PITTS ....., .............. ........ P 7' esideni G. W. BROOKS ..... .... V ice-Presidenl NV. H. HOLT ..... ....... S ecreiary J. IZ. ADAMS .... .... A ss'I Secrelary C. L. LEE ..... . ........ .... C '0r. Secrelary S. E. JONES ...... ..... ...................... Z 1 reasurer P. B. BROEVN ........... 11. D. BROWN L. Cn1L'roN V. O. DORBINS S. F. Do13B1Ns C. HARDY ........................Chaplain L T. F R. C. G A. E. L. . W. joHNsoN MILLER MARTIN NEWBERN PU RDY rw rc iitiffrr. if v . :L fm - . - 5-5-:Z S 'ii:i.u.J..r.'.'..-u.:..:r'-I1 L1-'E -3 IE- :.:.:,:.:.:.:....:,g::'- 22- The Swastika Club i L HAZEL VVILLIAMS. . . .... Presizlenl GER'rRUD1s LACEY .... ......... S ecrelary MONYETTE IQING. . . .... Treasmer MIIB. GEORGIA LAWSON. . ....... Adviser LACULIA MORSE Lorrie IQELLY EARLINE MORRIS NANNIE CALDWELL HELEN C.xR'1'1cR ELUERTA ERVIN LAVETTA MURRAY MAXIQY L. PARHAM JUANITA MCNARY The Swastika Club was organized February 10, 1923, by Misses Vera Beck' Margaret Thurston and Alma Mason, with Mrs. Agnes Kelley as adviser. MOTTO-Eager for Servicef Rsady for Pleasure. COLORS-Pea Green and Silver. FLOXVER-SVVC6t Pe. AIMS-1. To create a desire for better literature. 2. To promote high scholarship. 3. To think clean and Straight. , In accordance with its aims, each year the club presents Easter Vesper and "Better Literature VVeek", following which we crown our social activities with a Fete, the last Saturday in April. Ui .3lH2.2.M. iw i if .,Q,. .A, ""'. E':'4E 522' '-Fr' ra-'5 V are-a-:rea DEPARTMENTS .5NNLg?QrL P KT Q5 WD Chemistry and Physics Sludenls. Professor D. A. Forbes, I1ZS17'1LCf07'. . iiiiill Ili! Iii: Igi: Ill an I, 'lb' N lilirl' 'slalfii -I I-ll .1 I l'l'l 'siai Ll-Ll: I I I 5 Z lin 'II 55.51 .L I W 2-fi g-1-4 -MVA v .- MA ' W ' lv I 5' " i H a,- . .A Y '1 u -W ' 'af- The 8.225 Rezrilalion Seclion 1771 Inorganic Clzemisiry General Clzemislry Laboratory bf W 'F if - :': 3? 2-if - C ollcge Physics Laboratory A Biology Laboralory Class nl -I fi- .,,. i i -. ........ o sssso ..... E-2-2 E-:-2: A Class in Agriculture. Prof. W. PV. Lawson, Instructor W Praclice School Science Laboraiory. J. F. ZVIcClelZcm, Instmrtor W' gxxgnffg ow V , 1 1 sd i -1 1 W I 4 ,N u w w N ,1 'K 1 I ,I F ,z J 4 IL A 1' b A X A 1 if om H J fi . , 1 r :ty he Q E. .... Q-- M -4 -- ...... . E:-a s-A Commercial D617G7'f17'Z67'If-FCLCZIHN and Sluden-ls Admi1zis1v'a15ize Ojires W ANLZJKKG aw ,32- 5 :. .... .... A L-2-I f,-A-4 fi Class in J0m'1za1is111. Dean G.. DV. Gore, fr., I7lSlI'Ztfl0l' IJ ,.w"'.1 'FF f M-nr: ,,'. .54 r . ,. Class 'in First Aid Na , J' 1 Q I "' r"'-H if I-if '-'iv-fb rw-- Aiz Exercise with Indian War Clubs fl--A -m. r A Special Class in Gymnastics. Jlliss Emily III. Harper, Instructor 1 1? is - " P P P PP P " E E-rf! A P 52-51 37 - ? T." - , - F-' A Folk Dance by lhe Physical Educalion Girls ' f ' " -.,.. ' ' l .-. E "Y"Z'fCi,Yi'1l' 1 J.,g,.,,.l'II.l-.I-.T ,A .. 1.9 ...W , , f V . . 'mf-rtrzrf' . . -' " " P f, f - f"""' ' fl Y f 19 , I . , .,,Ji-I?I , ,Q - I lv 'i '?351i I I 'J'?I21T 5 ll l ,Q P . ll V D l l H , -4 ' ' N I .-177 I.-J . A , x 51,?.f1, ix, I ' I D 321.1 iw A I 1 l ll' f- --3 l :-ss - . 3' . 1 -' '.: 2'-" , .4 .. Q E'-1.4 I--' H fl! ' Q-- F-1 ff I aw a 4 P ' E . -. . ., sf.: I ' 5 l , ,- :-.:.k : , . if - 5,3 1. , ' ,-f , 53' I ' P 5 PT ,V -, - A I. 1' 2 - F U - ' , A ,-'Qt jr ,,,.,,, A ' 1: .- ' , Y Ji' , f: 7 , V -ff' - .-' . . ' . ' U' . 1 A : If V. - V , 1 .r...'. - -'il ' -s""" - - 1 6 5. P P A . .4 , W - 'QA ' ' " ' "" ' Z P. E. G. at Play 1' is 3 5- rv- less Department of Physical Education for Women The women of the department of physical education survey the year 1929-30 with pride. We plunged into a year of strenuous work by setting the annual indoor exhibit for the close of the fall quarter instead of its usual middle of March date. The physical education majors were at that time studying the history of physical education, and the exhibit was organized as a pageant presenting the progress of physical education from the religious dances of primitive people through the Athenian and Roman gymnasia, the ages of Asceticism and Chivalry to the present day. VVe skipped into the winter quarter on the joy of our pre-Christmas success, to be staggered by Applied Anatomy and the tasks of measuring biceps girth, making posture studies, and teaching hygiene and gym classes in the high school. ln addition we had to put over the annual Board of Trade Show, and picked up a little costume designing in getting "Morning, Noon, and Night" dressed up as a Hrst-class musical revue. As the pleasures of its success were relieving our struggles to determine whether the pectoralis major and trapezius could be simultaneously increased in tone by arm exer- cises and if jumping put the greater strain on the obliquous extremus abiominus than jumping for neckingl we were presented with a Physiology of Exercise and a stetho- scope and instructed to make a series of heart rate studies to determine what variations in pulse and blood pressure the spring quarter and lovers' quarrels had made on our campus. So far we have found no cardiac lesions to substantiate the various tales of broken hearts among us, but we must admit the general pulse is rapid. Accompanying our Physiology of Exercise, the Red Cross gave us a 20-hour course in First Aid, and we have kept an evil eye peeled for all casualties, that we might demonstrate our skill in bandaging, carrying, and resuscitation. As the year book goes to press, our own hearts are aflutter as to who will win those sweaters in the annual outdoor exhibit May 16th. "joe" Ruffin has cut out ten of her social hours to practice the monkey hold, Thel and Martha have lost 5 pounds learning the Hip, Mil Green has quit chewing gum and Olga has hit everyone in the head learning to swing clubs. Lil Ricks has come up from her silent corner and threatens to carry a "T" back to N. C., Lethia keeps our floor swept with her hair doing the knee hang, we've all lost our beaus because our shoulders are too sore from doing forward roll on the bars to admit of embracing, but with one accord we set out to put P. E. on the map this year and earn that new gymnasium. One lost romance or a few broken necks can't stop us on the road to health, efficiency, and happiness. Miss Emily Mae Harper is the instructor. V gxxisavlg is ' Morning Noon Night A Musical Revue Presented Friday, February 28 D. T. I. Cas! A. B. H.-D. T. I. Troupe W AXNEYKKL W H if E ......... .......... g E:-4 Art Education Big chunks of sticky red clay, pails of hne pulp, glass jars and bottles large and small, newspaper strips and pans of paste, drawing papers, paints, yards of thread and art ideas combined with dashes of harmonious color and form, classic in contour grow into useful articles of utility and decoration in our art laboratories. This year the special project was to find out by experiment how varied articles 9 could be made from two mediums, the local red clay and paper pulp which is prepared from old newspapers. Asaresult we have constructed bookends, trays, powder jars, hair receivers, and pots from the clay. From the pulp, vases, lamp bases, powder jars, candy jars, cracker jars, fruit bowls, garlands for decoration in relief, candle- sticks, jewelry boxes and ornamental paper weights have come gayly into being. To strengthen observation, to awaken the student's natural sense of Art, to en- courage his interest and ability to adapt the use of simple accessible materials so that he may produce without great expense, and in turn carry the idea on to students with whom he may work, and further to discover and encourage the development of talent in this direction, at least one quarter of intensive work is required of all college women. Art requirements for men are met in the classes in Mechanical Art and Manual Training. Practically all vesper services, dramas, and public demonstrations of all kinds were assisted by this department. The drawings, head and tail pieces and the mount- ing of photographs in this yearbook were done in the department. QQ M LGS rr ,giant or IE . 3' A 'F 1 - ,, ., E ' Z5 A f I .. ' 2 1 -1 s-:.:::e::fs::sa-P56 .. E-EE' K 52-'E f . L 1. - 1 - -I l F3 -- 1 l l I l I I I l !1l 'Emu-nu-num:-J2if-4, Tennessee "Tigers" Outscore Opponents During 1929 Season ':QK'1S:31bbQ2,'-"1-1'1:k1"M' 1:5111311212'"'KJ'':55:1:i:Q:3:g:-Hilti':-:-A:-112:Zi:I:-:':-1-:-:-:-152111:-2.1-1415"::1:Z:113:2:'':3:g1.I.11:l:-:+:- 3:1.g.:a-15-tllgig' -1-:-15.1-Aic-:4.g,g.g,.x-5"aq " .'-w-me-:1 A 'r 5- . -si, '-:-:-:-:-.-2:3:- .-1:-. 'sa-.,g.g.gf, ,.:::g:5--'-:-" ,.7131:-.4w-:-.1-,-:'11:3.-.5.g,,-:-:g:,.g:1:3,5.7.g.- 4.3.1-1-15:-: 1-5:4-193.5,-v:-.-::.- 1-cv:-.M -:wi 1- - Pe-5" 'Q -4 w-.-2-. v' -.4- .s ,... .,g,. ig...-.1.,.,.,.-,,f , . . M .. 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Praolice School Baskelball Team In Praclice School Girls' Basketball Team fl J QQ" Mifll, ew I i llllllll I.. ' llil Ill l E-as Credo I believe in the commonwealth of Tennessee, in its two and a half million souls, variegated with a half million souls wearing an external pigment of lzlackg in its bountiful natural resourcesg in its grand and glorious history, in its spirit of truth and justice and fair play. Especially do I believe in its officials: in the ability of its Chief Executives and General Assemblies and Commissioners and Boards of Education, who ever and un- ceasingly work for the uplifting of all mankind regardless of color or creed. I believe in education in its truest sense-physical, mental, moral and spiritual. I believe that through such training we shall inherit the earth and the riches of life. Because of all this, I believe in Tennessee Agricultural and Industrial State College: in its three-fold program of think, work, serve, combining as it does the trained mind with the skilled hand, in its President, who has developed within eighteen years a teacher-training institution of the first rank and has suchia farness of vision that it does not yet appear what limits bind him 3 in its faculty, composed of talent and scholar- ship and consecrated serviceg in its student body, composed of the flower of Tennessee's budding manhood and womanhood of color, in its patrons and friends, who night and day guard its career, sustain it, pray for it and revere it. Further, I solemnly believe in the future of Tennessee Agricultural and Industrial State College: in its immediate possibilities with a physical plant, dedicated to inter- racial goodwill, worth more than a million dollars, with plans going forward for general beautification of the campus, the erection of teachers' cottages, a new athletic Field, tennis courts, miniature golf course, trades and agriculture building, administrative and assembly building, gymnasium and women's industrial building, and with in- creasing biennial appropriations for current expenses. I believe that within a few years this institution will lead the South in teacher-training and vocational and technical education, and eventually set the pace for the entire nation. , W W QT 'Y-.9 'F 2-sf! QQ? Q fgzff 7 f N 2 A 'ss:ff'E3lA xv v-I g K 'j !e',f!', ' if X We A IW" fn W! . 1Xgyf.,, YN , ,ff wg ' 1" ,f1fffSM' ff ' W Mag XX fi X, f" f 'f2fff4fq, 1 ylx W ' ,I i ,gf-33,54 X 'I y .N ,f 'if 'Hx 1. I , 'V' W' ' A flwllujflll h A, fjilwnl qi 1 ,i I. 1 - 'Z ': '-Q .- .- , , 'l 4. .1 '- 'n f,' ,-1 UMC ' x N - I ' ' u 'f!i:1igE.2szgai.wf . -fa fri g, IEAMH3' 'vi '.f5?giEiaeEQiig:' M' 'H' ' :he ' XXX 93W Q95 ui: ! --I---Ina " 'PI-E" FI-- 'a .- - F1-' if 3? L-.gh rf" . -13 5:4 --gr:.::'::::::: Supreme Circle Quartette . if in e..e 5 During the winter and spring quarters of 1930, this quartette renclerecl unselfish service not only to the Supreme Circle Club but filso to the school in ene l d C , g ra an out-of-town organizations, city schools and churches. They were admired for their ability to harmonize and won much honor and applause from their many admirers. The members in the above picture are, from left to right: E. E. PITTS, Senior College ................ ....... I sf Tenor G. W. BROOKS, Sophomore College ................ 2nd Tenor WM. HOLT, Senior College .......... .... I si Bass L. W. JOHNSON, Senior College .... . . .End Bass Rear-Left to right: President W. J. HAL12. Prof. M. R. EPPSE, lllavzager. .llliffll 42:9 -r as l ........ 117- M" ..... .. l-- Men's Glee Club -. 'Y Ji O College C hair ff Smfillll, W I i l lllll-l .1-A lI'll-l :-as Musical Organizations THE COLLEGE CHORUS AND ORCHESTRA . The college chorus and orchestra are made up of about sixty musical young people. The chorus appears every third Sunday in the college chapel in special music numbers. Twice this year nation-wide broadcasts have been made over station WLAC. On Easter Sunday a most creditable performance was given by the chorus of DuBois' "Seven Last Words of Christ". The college orchestra accompanied this work. Numerous times, also, these two organizations have represented the school through- out the city of Nashville at large civic, church, and neighboring college affairs. MARIE j. BROOKS, Direclor. FRANCES Gunvnzs, Pianist. COLLEGE MEN'S GLEE CLUB The newest but most representative musical organization on the campus, the Men's Glee Club, has made several appearances on the campus, has represented the college in the city and elsewhere, and have elicited great praise from all who have heard them. This fine group of singing young men bids fair to become the center of musical activities on the campus. Forty young men are active members of thiS group. MAIQIE J. Bnooics, Direclor THE COLLEGE GIRLS' GLEE CLUB About twenty-live' sweet-voiced young women comprise the women's glee club. This is also a new but delightful singing group, and is making much progress under their director, Manitza Losoros. National Music Week was celebrated on the campus in a most elaborate way, when all the singing bodies came together in a gigantic song-fest, assisted by soloists: trio and quartette. The program ranged from the great classics and modern composi- tions to Negro work songs and spirituals. 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