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TABLE CF CONTENTS SENIORS ........................ 7 Underclassmen .... ..... 2 5 Middle School ..... ..... 4 1 Faculty ..,......, ..... 4 5 Administration ..... ..... 5 5 Sports .......,. ..... 7 8 Recreation .... .... 1 12 Editor's Note .... .... 1 51 ZW Tennessee Dfepsfntefy eeheel l20G Foster Avenue Nashville, Tenn. 37210 Volume 52 1 TPS Alma Mater Tvnnwscc' Old Volunlvcr, wc' sing oul lo lhoc To LIS you will 0'r'r lu' fltqdf, W0 plvdgv our loyalty All hail lo Tfvvirwscv TP5 .Ill hail, marching to victory wo'll mnquvr and M., 5 ' prmuzil . . . Stand by the Gold .md Blafk, lm-.isurv to Ihc 1051, hail Io our alma marer TPS. TPS will ever bc' loyal Io rhv end, To thc' smlv of Tvnnvsscv, Our 11051 wv'll cvvr lend. .W Q "1 ' .Liffz y .i., . y,W,5.f, M 'f ' f 9'fE:'QLU',,ffAlcan? ' --www -s, , mega - W ' P ?.:,f'715. " My .-as ' lily i,yy.A31ll91"muw- " S 'l ' w , W' i.mw:nmk.-,g,..wM- ,-:nfl bi -t X M 57 .,,,,M1 V if +f12f'ai 5? cf w A 2 -5211 W 'Q XM 1 ' 4 2" ,1 Q L ll ,x k Wffnwzfi ..... Paul Barnard ... . Brooke Eaton ypist . . . ,... Tyann Fonzer HWS , S H Tennessee Preparatory School was founded in 1885 by the late Colonel E.W. Cole as a memorial to his son, Randall, who was killed in an accident at the age of nineteen. TPS is a part of the state special schools under the jurisdiction of the Tennes- see State Board of Education. Dependent and neglected children, ages twelve to eigh- teen, from all areas of Tennessee are placed here. The chil- dren are provided with housing, food, clothing, education, and medical services, dental services and counseling pro- grams. Extra-curricular activities are available for those who participate. TPS has been a member of the Southern Associa- tion of Colleges and Schools since 1935. A well balanced curriculum, offering individualized programming as well as college preparatory courses and vocational training classes, is offered to the students enrolled here. Many TPS graduates have continued their education and hold degrees from such institutions as Auburn, Peabody, Tennessee Tech, University of Tennessee, and Vanderbilt, and have become promnient in the business community as well as leaders in other fields. ln keeping with its purpose, TPS has been home for thou- sands. Much growth and many changes have occured over the years under the leadership of capable and dedicated supertin- tendents. Recently we completed an extensive building pro- gram which created residential cottages and new school facili- ties for all students. Many physical changes have taken place, but the purpose of the school has remained constant. The future will continue to hold many improvements as we strive to provide for those enrolled here. OUR CITY ...ll 1l ,, if sqm? Our city, Nashville, is the Music City, U.S.A.Featuring such landmarks as The Hermitage, the home of Andrew jackson, The Parthenon, a replica of the ancient Greek temple that stands on the Acropola in Athens, the Ryman Auditorium, where the Grand Ole Opry was originally broadcasted, and our state's Capitol Building. Our tourist industry has grown rapidly over the past few years with such local attractions as the Grand Ole Opry, Opryland, Music Row, and the Country Music Hall of Fame. The Nashville Civic Center and Opryland Hotel features daily tours, conventions, and nightly en- tertainment, and much, much more. Nashville is the home of several prominent colleges and universities. These include Vanderbilt University, Belmont College, Tennessee State University and David Lipscomb College. Q lnir" """'W""' ',,W M-,.M,. ..,..'...,......q.,.f..- ........ S5332 v-.-96 ? 'L' 2" 'TE?ff5f'?w'.ff?CfHc, , .M Q75 +:.L,Jn fi 46'- if, f V '15 . .. , , 5 3-filly, L I . ,Q 5 1 4 ff M :fi .M Ti M f 5 E jg 1 2:5 Q ' 1 Y ?' ff . 'R 5 f Q 5 "4-5? k J 'k.'--Jew '-R f S V ' f wr:-au, my f Q ' v . 7 0 1 . 3 if V , , ,Z , 5' Q V if 5 ! i g, Single file and yet together we have shared our greatest days, And we carry common memories in many different ways. Though we don't know where we're going, we will cherish where we've been. I want to cryp I want to shoutg I want to let this feeling out. Hold on to the moment, never let it go. I can picture us together with my arms around my friends. just let me hold on to this moment, before it ends. There was laughter, There were tears, through the dozen golden years. l am Tennessee Prepraratory School. I am the student. The one whose activity gives purpose to the student body from class to class I thrive. Stopping for a friendly chat in hall. I may be zany at a rush party or solemn at graduation. Showing unprecedented enthusiasm these SENIORS help keep the spirit alive: President - Caprice Glenn, Vice President - joe Williams, SecretaryfTrea- surer - Kemble Bray, and Homecoming Represen- tative - Kema Yar- brough. Douglas La vone Allen Brent Hugh Anderson john Allen Anderson john Thomas Anderson Tamara Ann Asbury Roy Wesley Ba ynes Aw K emble Irene Wendy Orlando Lyn dia Mich elle Bray , 4 " Casillas Crowe at X 'TWV For the senior II rs a tlme to fly hlgher and faster More nmportantly though It IS txme for them to learn to fly on thelr own utlllzmg the skulls and abllltles which they have acquired through the years Some wlll have a great deal of success some will regretably have none some move far away and others wall return home How ever they ll all have one thmg In common Each and everyone wlll be a proud graduate of Tennessee Prepa ratory School class of 1988 That can never be taken away lt IS rightly earned as well as an honor duly awarded to be treasured for all time' The 1987 88 meant a year of achievements excellence and fun' Despite the many disappointments, TPS students con tmue to strxve for success Thanks for the memorles I V in 4 V , . 1 1 l . ' 1 1 , . . ' - , . , . - 1 I I - ' - . I I I . 11 ' s. Fitzgerald Da vis Shelly Kyle Dowell Dana Brook Eaton get ww. X O xrgx E! Brenda Sue England L. Tim on thy Eugene Dunlap Tyann Lynette Fonzer fc Wwrzs 2 I ,. . I QQ Us s -A233325 vt OQQQ' ' I - ' ME IES The senior year of high school - there's nothing else quite like it. It is looked forward to by under- classmen with awaiting passion and when it eventu- ally arrives, students can't wait for it to finally be over. It is also a time of great confusion and sadness. However, more than anything else, it is a time of growth and realization. The senior is drawn in many different directions. Should I dedicate my energies to gaining employment or should I concentrate on my schoolwork? What about college? Will I ever see my friends again? Seniors ask themselves these ques- tions and others like them throughout the course of their final year. There are no easy answers and the answer for one is not necessarily the answer for another. The seniors journey to the end of this road has been a long one. It signifies many years of hard work and dedication. Along the way friends have been won and lost, hearts have been broken, while at the same time spirits have been boosted and dreams realized. And as the end of their year draws to a close, seniors begin to form a very special bond. U X gage.. "Ja 9 9 ' ' QQ I '96 .... , sozdtbsotyssgofl lil K I WM' A M I 'W I T 4 . I X ,VV WMM ' s'47vfv.8I.'.A nb . , Michelle Toya Denise Caprice Fortner Glenn David Anthony Grooms N N f 5 . iff '," ' 1' Il! - 'ff 5 all 1 , "d'NxxN.. A Melissa Mary Samantha K yong Margaret - Lee Henson Hooker G, as lowers "' A ,. . A, Y ,Q , fgfv s on A jug' J, .Q JJ . RN ' , T355 X A if1f3:l5121z41-,Nah rf, L61s:Q:s'NQ':'1'S:o1f'l , K 'bw s9,1,:,:aAs vu .QJQ gx Q x V',.4'6 Qf",g.s'v3yN Ox- Kfx' if.6'A9u.mHo'ss.saw .Vw-.. Q jamie Charles Shelly Ann Eugene Dawn S+? ' 'X Larowe X s Malone 4 Maness g ' -vp , 3 W fs 1 ir- f I , . 1 ME IES The senior year of high school is one of the most important and exciting periods in a lifetime. It is a time of college and career choices and fresh hopes and aspirations that will profoundly affect one's fu- ture. However, as important as all of the choices which will be made, are the final times spent with old and dear friends. Many classmates have been together for years, and the last is usually the most treasured. The ups and downs have been many through all of that and more they have been pre- served. Time flies, and time stands still, all in the same moment Part of the time one cannot wait for the new life ahead Part of the time is spent despair ing over the part of life which is coming to an end Whatever the emotion Tennessee Preparatory School has well prepared the graduating class of 1988 for the time to come L eticia Hope Moore Ty '- sl J uh -' qbhl ' Frat-my f.'6'oQQX Qs? rf Vance L In da McFarland Darcell Moore A- 1 T5 9 yi ' , !l:h1,iSso'Q'ZaXf x fu Michael Raymond james Dean Arthur Bellini Parker O'Toole Fe: : Pearson, lr. ex w Pope Deanna Maria Poteete 16 Kenneth Allen Trucrlla Carol Schell Shipley rw it 4 ,..a.. at t 5' iv' I -iw-H .. ' ' Wt:,,i,gf' W'W,,, , i W . , - - t 4' t ff K' 1 at -f P fr ,- A it as . azilf 'il 'F-' gm' 1:-A ' , f' fs K ,, N -rw ' '- r mai 1- s 'fir lb h - . Q .fl mf 1 2 in 1, J Robert Cheri Authenia Lewis Lynn Nannette Talley , Thompson 3 ' Treece Q 5 M IES Take a look into the past Old memories linger on Treasure all those special times For one day they ll be gone. In our hearts and memories, Good friendships last forever. IKKillilklkllilkilllFIU!IKifiiifYlllliiiiiliilfiiiSlllllllilillflliliifllfllllliliifif The auditorium is now quiet and the last footfalls are echoeing down the hallway. The class of 1987-88 is now beginning a new life. The old life has fallen by the wayside, or has it? Good bye's have been said, tears have been shed over departure of all our dear friends and the fear of the unnknown which awaits us. But the memories will always be with us. Past events have affected our lives in many ways and will continue to influence our lives as we grow. Though we say farewell, would also like to say "Thank You as we exit smiling. 'Q rj, joe L ewis Williams Stacy Leanne K ema Sue Williams Yarbrough RECALLING THE TIME PASSED BY As the spring weather arrived we sometimes found it difficult to attend classes. When we were finally "coaxed" lHaJ into going, we dragged ourselves in five minutes before the tardy bell rang. By the time May rolled around the senioritis which had ailed the twel- veth graders throughout the year had spread to the entire school popula- tion. If it wasn't senioritis, it was sum- meritis. The excitement was in the air. Chatter of vacation plans could always be heard in the hallways and class- roooms. End of the year activities stirred the students and made them anxious for May 19th. X' W J Student Life The daily hum-drum of getting to class on time and doing the same old work was very frustrating at times. Also just waking up early to go to school was frustrating especially on cold mornings when the alarm didn't go off for at least you didn't hear itj. just when we thought bells ruled our lives, commanding us to eat, to learn, and to leave, we discovered we were wrong. Weekends brought about a necessary sigh of relief. At times it was difficult to return to our regular routine of student life. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Springbreak arrived. We placed our schoolwork aside and turned our brains to Hoff". We stuffed our- selves at Grandma's, shared the winter holidays with our families, and enjoyed fun filled days in the sun. When the fun times ended, we dug our books out of the closets, flipping the switch in our brains to "on", and returned to "The Prep". The fun times, along with the rough times, made us grow as individuals and formed our lives as students. l Q , nw 4 W.: vii f.. , , li I - em. ' . s Q , W W ' 1 v ,, Q A Q ' S ' wg," I . P 'A 1 5 'Y Q W Q -if Aimi- 1 -G' QQ, , ""'1'."'fw lf f A ' K f X-',,- it wr' X s " x ,E 'U 2 ,. - .. .,n,g.qa,vwqm V X-Zpmikl I' if 5 5' 1 'PQ f A Xl' in K' N s V g N 15 " Q' s 2 'x ' gsgsg W s ' A j X' td A , ww W n I n . W. Wm M m,,,1V ' 51.4 1 Q 'fi I E 'KL ,M I i My KEMA YARBROUGH AND BRENT ANDERSON MQST TRUCILLA SHIPLEY AND CHUCK MALONE AUTHENIA TREECE AND KEMBLE BRAY P O P U L A R OOKE EATON AND IOE WILLIAMS MOST A T H L E T I C A . 2 a,,,' 5, 1 I ff. .-i, A, I .,. AUTHENIA TREECE AND IOE WILLIAMS .- IOHN ANDERSON AND STEPHANIE PERSON KEMA YARBROUGH AND BRENT ANDERSON FRIENDLIEST DRESSED M O S T TALKATIVE KEMBLE BRAY AND BROOK EATON BROOK EATON AND MIKE PARKER O'TOOLE MQST A A 'rj 'C IW x TNQ -f 1 'w,. Tj 'ffrfj 'Xl xflfl ! xx , M O , -A S TO . N. 'E T A , AUTHENIA TREECE AND JOE WILLIAMS LINDA MOORE AND BRENT ANDERSON C O U R T E O U A S M O S T T T KEMA YARBROUGH AND DOUG ALLEN BASHFUL JOE WILLIAMS AND AUTEIENIA TREECE MOST L I K E L Y T O s LI C C I E E I D SCHOOL- SPIRIT BROOKE EATON AND MIKE PARKER O'TOOLE AUTHENIA TREECE AND CAPRICE GLENN A L L A R O H "' I D I B E S T IOE WILLIAMS AND KEMA YARBROUGH x xc gf XQXGVXTL : ' H x f LEADERS I am Tennessee Preparatory School. I am the student finding campus life demanding sometimes unsettling but always surprising I am a students blend of serinity and excitement. I am the junior Student Body. I follow the enthusiastic example of our hardworking officers: President - Rose Talley Vice President - Marcus Hayes SecfTreas - Chris Howard Homecoming Rep. - Rose Talley to ensure a very successful year. Lamont Carter Marie Collins Kevin Dismurke 3, W' I I an sts R' I , K fl K fm 5 W was ,. .. , ggglsgl .1 I ..-,st L' I . . ,1 wrutii? lack Green Tracy Hancock Marcus Hayes Khristie Howard Kimberly Little Teddy Ring Lynton Evans Bobby Haynes Houston Smith The Black and the Gold Our strong band can ne'er be broken, High school life is swiftly passing. Chorus: lt can never die, Soon its days are done, Lift our standards ever onward Far surpassing wealth unspoken, While we live we'll ever cherish The Black and the Gold, Sealed by freindship's tie. Friendships here begun. Hail to thee, dear TPS Mary Talley Rose Talley Donya Womack Sandra Young This is Nashville not Hollywood F if r 'S ,rl 5 Praise to thee untold. Melissa Travis leffery Walters Yes Teacher, we want peace 0 X r , 1 LEADERS The sophomore year of high school is an important and excltllng time for a student By working together our friendships are strengthened We are gaining the confidence we need to lead us to success The Governing Crew President Tracy Williams Vice President Terry Peterson SecfTreas Missy jenningsflohn Warren Homecoming Rep jennifer White head Sophomore Class officers are: Linda Askew Walter Barnes Laurie Bass Darlene Brown julie Brown Ronnie Broyles Stanley Cates David Chaney Roger Cupples Charlie Bright Ronnie Byrd l Gloria Cobb CDPHG CRES A glance toward the sophomore class during our first pep rally of the year revealed that spirit had grown tremendously in one year. Graduating from classification of freshman gave sophomores a sense of pride in their school. To help boost spirit, the cheerleaders lead the fans with a winning attitude. Charles Dugger Melissa Erwin Christine C-rumbine Scott Hargis Wayne Hendrix David Henson Warren Hudson jennifer jackson wx, Randall Ferrell Charles Fox Tracy Hassell Sandra Helton Johnnie Hood jamie Hudson Melissa lennings Renee jordan Paula Keylon Margaret Martinie f . Q., I james McPeake Angela Mills Cindy Nicholson ,xi S Terry Peterson Stephen Powers jamie Quinn . x J' f Anthony Rich David Shell Sherry Shelton David Shultz Kimberly Swift Tina Talley james fVl8SC3I'el'1aS Kevin Parks Kwame Rice jesse Shields Charles Tramel Lucy Tubbs Eugene Wells jennifer Whitehead jamie Stacey N 211 S 1 Rebecca Wallen john Warren Grady Wilkes james Yeager JENNIFER WHITEHEAD HOMECOMING REPRESENTATIVE x ' 5 V ,JC NJ' X C I .. ,7 ,,.-vw 3 ..A. 5 S X X .. K , , ,rf . SSX mfr 'X V 1 J Bobby Angel Tonya Belcher LEADERS The first year of high school offered many opportunities and responsibil- ities and some fears. Even more par- ticipation in chief extracurricular ac- tivities was one aspect of high school life that most freshman looked for- ward to meeting new people taking new classes and becoming team members was natural for the class of 1991. President - Angie Roderick Vice-President - Tina Burke SecfTreas - Youlanda Powers Homecoming Rep. - Angie Roderick s A jr y fylgp eg 'Q hz .,k., K Q 1 jonathan Stephanie Bingham . 1 M if Chris Cathey Randy Chamberlain fi, ff .t ,,.. v I X X fs l Kendral Arnold " if Michael Byrd AY ,, i s W l wif Q Willie Chambers s.- I Angela Aude i Q 1' I , . X 'X Nxt, I 1 Donte Carr WEEE ? - .gif Fredric Cole "Being good friends means more than good timesg Samantha Baker Elbert Cates Rhonda Cole Eric Coleman lt Sandy Frothingham Stacy Hembree na -Q- S ll it takes honesty 84 trust. T.F. Tony Crabtree f fl' Karey Gillium Ralph Han Ronald Darmos Angela Darty ,, t if " nt: --.Islas--..:1:, Q My ,- if ' it my ly tu . tg, .Q . l y ' X A , . . ,, ali i , H M s Elizabeth Green ,ii X , nw i A 'rs - " 5 ,Mx W A .ii as if 'Q A ,Q I NK ' wi.. E. xii it 5 Nicole Hogan Randy Hall X' 'rsh Q5 BBS ,cur 'I ' ,-,Q james Holt ttrrttt r yttt ' ' :xg QN QQ t ..,, ' ,, X N X Y' NN wx - .lt,, Angela johnson Darrell Jolley Melissa jones Richard jones Tommy Joyce jeff Keil Regina Kelly Laura Kroberger Todd England E jimmy Harper v""' George Hoops loAnna jordan Lawanda Layne , ,,,.f ,,,,Q,.gi,,,M,n,K 0 3 't .- LA W, , , V . , ' . af f ,W E ' ' 'b A E .. l J "Q'5"Jlfl ,wr v- M NBA ,H 1 I ANGIE RODERICK HOMECOMING REPRESENTATIVE 'TE' N jk. 'Q E' .,:d4v" flfl fa xx ff x Q- X j-Xa N' 38 lk!TnxiJ,.fxx'4E 'EX ff Anna Leonard Toby McDonald F Ne 1 I , , H' .. 'Q ,H 'f . 6- ., Q X rl , J, l o .- ,,.,, , .. 3 fl- in RSX .qi E K X ' . 1 7 tl NL- '::'. '+A ,ll john Mack Tammy McCollough Brandon McPeake Latrice Merritt Tracy Mitchell Ottis Morgan el. p. lamey Noche jeffrey Pearcy Terry Pell Yolanda Powers Lisa Rainbolt Wy., ., .1 J,, 2 , , ff l' 'Q nf ,.'. A QV., ' ffffl i f , David Ray Richard Robinson Angie Roderick Sharlotte Smith vw r 3 3 , A . -5 LL.: Q Cindy Stacey james Staggs Linda Stephens Sandra Toombs Scotty Watkins jason Whetsel Shannon Williams Chris Willoughby Tina Burke 'Q ,X .54 ff 5 - Y If-W: v... .A ,M .,,,A,,M O , M, f . , f su U44 , ff? , Y 5 ' N' X "' V I Y u LG 'UB ' ! ' 4 Fl: ry gr .. n 1 WTS" ' i' 'ff ' 'Q ... 'C W iiffm , 2 - Y X rf , ,, f WW ' , , , x F Q S ,A Q Y , A way' K 25,7 , ffk' 3,4 si 1 G Tl Q V W? A' ' J GM R xg N 'K gf K W D L i 4 1 , N 1'Xnf4vf'7x,, V Q wr ' ' 'ew I' A ' s x ff t 1-.4 'L ' ,wr , X 5 1 in 5 . , F 4 A f -Q -. Q Q h, .Q 7.1 N V , ,L ML lk VVIL N ,V i V4 4 Lf 1 n v ! , L A, . W A-,, M 'w:. i X, U I il I , Robert Funderbunk Vickie Griffey Daniel Harper William Harris Tonya Harrison Lorenzo Hassell Linda Hasty Henry Haynes David Honey Catrice jackson Kim johnson Tony jones Eric Kelley Audrey Kimbro Tracy Kimbro Delta Lane Linda Long Sheryl McCord jerry McCord Richard May Darrell Morgan Daphine Nolan Sharon Oechsel Tonya Oechsel Billy Presley Tina Rector jamie Reed Chris Sain Garfield Scalf Cindy Scott Lisa Scott Celena Smith james Vanderleen Melissa Walden Daniel Williams 0 'Q N 'Na K -' iii. Q. -x -us. I .1 L, M Q ,,n awp ,M tau, Faculty H TH HIGH SCHOOL PRINCIPAL joseph Fisher, from Decatur Co. Tenn. taught school at Parson Ir. High School from August 1973 to May 1979. He served as Supervisor of Special Education from August 1979 to April 1985. From April 1985 to Sept. 1987 he served as a Right to Education consultant with the State Dept. of Education. X. f r Paul Barnard Vl.l. Dolores Bridwell Health, Economics Nancy Brittle Algebra I 6? II, Geometry v,,.. , , ' ,r iv- , -ff-- 1-,M-:MMA ,,.. Richard Buttrey Graphic Arts Ewa WG T ,Q J-.N ,r Sandra Carter Special Education Q w n 'Q Joanne Cotten Guidance Counselor Leon Cathey General Metals W I ar li l 5 Q Tom Davidson American tif World History, Sociology 0 T john Duke, jr. Fine Arts 47 Charles Fields General Building james Gaylor Drive-r's Education we I , f 4,1 john Green Printing Kenneth Head Physical Education Betty Judd Science and Biology Bettye lo Hackett Sc lcnce and Biology T' ,... L.D. Hackett Auto Mechanics Aldameda Landiss Librarian 76 dwarf it V X 4 David Lovell Math 5 Algebra I ,Q janet Meadows Chapter I Reading 'rs to 51 . f , Af 64 . as .ff .ff W W a..,' ,mm Bobby Todd English II ,!" , Q .i NV F , Mew . -,- Ml if X " 'ix , , ' VF I A WVJXA. Susan Minor Plaid Fredricka Wilson English I, Ill, IV Typing 1, V05 3, Genera, Business l I t Q Chapter I Math Q Ze Gerald Williams ' I X' 1 -- WMA! . xx f xx ,I I ls' joseph Nave Guidance Counselor K s I Q l 'N1.: ' 'IS X Annette Spitzer English l 5 Pauline Williams VIP English Wh. a. -M Steve Smith Horticulture Wwaaf I v ,V'.-f--,Ea VIA, ,wwvffgl . W..,.1 Sharon Work Home Economics .M.,..--P -ix, 5 Paul Wilson Coordinating Teacher IVR 50 Emma Cathey VLL Teacher Assistant - .t L 'wg-,W . Novella Frame Teacher Assistant --1. MIDDLE SCHOOL PRINCIPAL Mr. Burrell Crowell, a native of Beech Grove, Tennessee, began his work at Tennessee Preparatory School with the 1967-68 school year. He had previously served as principal of Con- nelly Iunior High School, Lewisburg, Tennessee. The Middle School has made progress under his direction and he has provided capable leader- ship for both students and teachers. Q ' Q ,g Q , 5 9-1-'EI 'wt Ts? fy fi' at V W .al 1 X V , J, W hr Ju-"' "3 'F 523 -. ra sig " 30900151 j ,Q fy . wi I L M I: 2' ,-www X gm-sm Q Wm ,izvfizzz vwzfsszaiiimzzx.....,,,,mJS:gg:::::zff 2.Wwwzewgsfiisssszgkszf. ,wwwwvggggmxgw sz, www ..4..Ww ,:::::2:.1.:m,. L' if 'E 'f- X fiiligiiifiifg Wwmwffw wgmzzem-Em ..w,,,,wi Hg ii 5335122289525 5' ,,ZjiQI2w Y 2.3, :sis W amfzw '- N -Z if-iii Wi , 2??E'iE2ES17L wwwmz. Tjigixiggiiigg SZQEZ5'ZfZZZ'5fS 335252125 F ...sg v iii! fx X' 8 D A ikQ??vVfgii::t2::fi2f11i1f '-Wffwztfzxiimrf:mil 7, 4 :fill .,Hy,4rfiI.. i C7 -WT55?f??iSy W"1'5i11lX?SL31 V i 7W'3'Ei:1?faf5iiiZ'e'24fff2 gr, - ' ' igisiaili if-3-if3?Zs1fl511k,.."i'.' . 2 Q , H 122sagQL8HgU8B5G'.f1zEil?iSzzff1. A ' S J 50C18lla5r:1ence -wmgffw , -.y . . .Qecxeral,SC1encefg. Q M5222 ..:::ii':2... marszzqf m"LU?5:ggif ' 7 "" W'Qs221123fSQ2f 'b ' 5 X is M .afzszsw 2 Q MQW Q if X MQ ckliiiwk N XZ EE. ,W ,, M, mgiiiiiigg 2223222553355 X Siiiiiiimfgigiiicz USQESWZW WZZFQSTQSSSS 32855535 355: 5252552525 SBSZFSEQSSQSESAQSQQIB 5: 553355255 X 2. Q iZ?5'Z53'Z s H -H2323 Z N. wg. X E7 A Y . W. Q 'ix , '- fw.agzg13z,4z.my:fe Mmm... N., qqziilizmzzfgw .M zz. wa..w-S. SH-fwlf? "mix ? H 1 , . ii f nf- 'T I w 3 fha, -if '--' v v 5112? I -L T i.f:5z . 'M 4 fame - , 2 L. Wm. . msg: 373222 N t :. 1 .. ' ' f - K" sg,-Q4 ff fL:s5?xL5'2iSfbS'3Zl Z ,, X X P 2 Q ww , ,M ' , 5?m5:f?ff:l2fZf mmf in X .Basis 233' Rh A WN-.N -Zag 'J Lin. N 4 Af gp 4 7' 1 fifigiiig ' f' . FF? wiifiki -432223355 Y ' fwffi it X f-: wiwzzizzzzzsgz'i'.g.f::f'pi2ggZgg La0sffsage 373. A 35 .yigi'1Zg:,?i.. . ,.,. . Q E .app 2511- f A Q w -W Y H 'BEM Y X H 3 H 7325255553 mifiiffn zzssiiiiiiiizilim 7 -gwzzzzzii-:Yi 5235+ fi25?i?5QE3?S Q FQ v r WM 7. iii , K, , . X ,- ,A k .:g'l,g5.l:z.-. .5 , F. 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U 3525355 Nita - H Q "I'1-w,," Qs. ggwjfiili 'Li' iiiiiiifiifii-lffiif fn 'UTM vdfiff "5fTif53,, ,wcwggjfv ' 'fain-ffzzf - - : - ' 'zgfj gsm N 35335 p TFGYOl?1,H0lt.,a M Y .uf . . W -T --fy-fggfuff' ' ' M 'img f. M - :Ky . f Lfi-jfifqfl ,Carolyn Grxffrthn .ff2fi42fiff1H5'.vf .M A T 1 f ... lf mf, N55 , ,JZZZZW kwggsfmkk ,,,. M,..Ig,. ,:V, .SEZMW .. . .::f.iZfi. Q s"Ih,,y If , W I x f ,, 5 ,aims r Siem- ri Q.: , .,,,. ,..x, L! ..,,. Wm, P 4 K , r, is rsss Gene Lewis Katherine Neighbors Guidance Counselor L'b'f7"3n Nancy Minor Teacher Assistant Rosemarie Nicely Sherrie Orange Spggch Aff tg' lVlUSlC 54 wg' , Dell Lewis Carey Paris Teacher Assistant Linda Duncan Math Middle School Secretary 1,709 'M wwf' N,v+U.4' Vu :W IN:-44. gn xxx? : '52 xsfvff 1 Doyle Gaines Superintendent Senior Cookout Brooke Eaton Meeting Victor Ellis '3' JL? fbi 5 gi , S .i ,,T'1 gh WW? Carl E. jernigan Adm. Services Assistant Chief 'M Sarah Nabors Administrative Service Asst. t Ni r Q Debra Martin Q Secretary to U' Superinten- ' Carol Schlafly dent Student Life Director 58 11 Oscar Few Betty Richardson Admissions and Records Director Personnel Technician sf" 3 Administration dministative staff, which in- cludes the superintendent, campus life, admissions and the business office, coordinates ser- vices from central office, the com- munity, other agencies and state- wide juvenile courts These services are instrumental in providing a good working relationships for the betterment of everyone at Tennes see Preparatory School ving johnson Adjunctlve Services Director Youth Service Worker l-EWIS U Supervisor I ervices Director Elizabeth Heiman S QQ! Euginia Lockridge Youth Service Worker Supervisor Il Secretary lll Lael Fields Larry Kossa Clerk Accountants Clerk ,fi 4 --A ......-1 Elizabeth Stallings f+h',, 1 P2511 VV 2 l Betty Miller jeffrey Woods VU d""""'5 joan Kuykendall MS 221' 5200 Dorris Hadley Queenie Miller V FU! ! N ,X x Hank Williams Regina Carney I 1 --s ocial workers function as a case manager for each stu- dent in their caseload and in that role seeks to secure the best pos- tasks range from acting as the liason between family, court, and studentp evaluating the social and emotional needs of each student and providing services to meet these needs moni- toring and evaluating students pro- gress and acting as the student s advo- cate when they are in conflict with the system. Social services maintains progress records on each student and provides periodic written reports to the court about each student. sible services for each student. Our I 5 . Walt Wheeler Michael Dougher loyce Reed Virginia jenkins lwf' 5 A .4 4, ,, ,tiff L ur 1 L . , X joyce Clark Dawn Samuelson 61 ? f-Yi i N ' X . X,,,,- I -xx 1 'S I - . M... MR. 81 MRS. BULLOCK MRS. ADAMS MENZLER IV MENZLER IV LY... MR. 81 MRS. WALLACE IOE HATHAWAY SCOTT I SCOTT I MR. gl MRS. WETHING MRS. HUDSON SCOTT IV SCOTT IV 62 8' ,V , 1.4" ' W swf, , ' gr . -ff.. U 'ft 5+ ,Riff w . W A-.A , I 5 , ,, ,V ,,,,.g i if- I MRS. WHITE BACK-UP MR. 84 MRS. BAKER MRS. WHITTACKER SILLS IV MENZLER I W3 I X.. MR. 81 MRS. ISON MRS. SHERRILL SCOTT III NIX IV MRS. DEBARDELABEN BACK-UP MR. 8: MRS. BROWN MRS. NORTHCUTT KILVINGTON III MENZLER Il MR. 84 MRS. PHILLIPS MR. 84 MRS. PRINCE MENZLER III SCOTT II k .. . 4 1 MR. 84 MRS. SMALL MR. MRS IUDKINS SILLS II NIX III Ms. TLJRNER scon m I MR. 84 MRS. DAVIS MRS. HALL MRS. NOBLET DAVIS IV MENZLER III DAVIS III I ' ' NX 5 2 ,,,.,., F MRS. HALL MS. TERRELL COLE IV SILLS IV 1 I MRS. DEROSSETT SILLS I MRS. GREEN COLE III xx AN, MRS. HARPER KILVINGTON II MS. AUSTIN KILVINTON IV M , .. . ... A 4 W , W All 'M' I , A if f 1 Ms. MERRIMON MRS. POWELL 65 BACK-UP DAVIS II IV 1 ,-ilu.. f X K I flmf R ' MRS. HATCHER MS. STEVENSON KILVINGTON Ill BACK-UP X . MRS. BROWN Ms. BAILEY " C dm A BACK-UP KILVINGTON I MR. 81 MRS' WILLIAMS DAVIS III was 3 Wifff MR. 81 MRS. RICH SILLS I 11 J p . su V f IM 'HIV Q ,ln W fi MRS. BASHUIVI MRS. TURNER DAVIS I COLE I I 5' N X f f l ff., L, 1 ',,. . ' ' '. ff f WSW ---.+.M-- " , Q ....... f ' 'kfvv H .,,,,,N.. ,,,,I . f , . .,'L ' I4 ,12 fi' ' f " ' :" Z ,V , , I I FI A fi' ' I 'J-' Ii, I , 1--l A I' IIZZI 2 ' ' 4' Wh ff X MRS. BATEY MR. 84 MRS. CASEY DAVIS IV COLE 'I MR. 84 MRS. HERRELL DAVIS II SILLS III x . my .N 1 -ml nm f-ny S YH .... ,.... . MR. 81 MRS. HEAD f M,,, MR. 84 MRS. VENTLING COLE IV MR. 84 MRS. BROWN COLE III I 1 -5 V . 'QA X f ' riff! . Q MR. R MRS. BARNES MR- R MRS- CAREY MX H DAVIS I Fl R R f , N A V?5A Qmfw' A R- ,H RRRR " fl-'yf V V 9. 'l Ri, Y ' 454 ' I , RRA, M ig N, R-' 'R Q Rl R 68 an MR 8: MRS IACK MR. 84 MRS. TAYLOR KILVINGTON IV NIX IV ,f--+5 5. .3 si fa 'G MR 84 MRS COWART MR. 84 MRS. WATKINS MR. 84 MRS. PARKER KILVINGTON Il 11 5 DAVID SHOEMAKER CHIEF OF SECURITY I SECU RITY GREG HEIMAN I ' i f I ls lllki Q 'I I I I 4 f if -L , ft Sum i'iii IIIL IIIEIE,I IQ ,I ASST. CHIEF OF 'gli li , I. I I f ' I a 'F , I HMB I 2 4 'lk f v IFII -'f wllllfii IIII 4,4 ,IICII 2 so 'III I7 , III,I Eli, ?F'ff5 Gwen Strickland 'Elf I it mm 9 tt I SECURITY :NW Charley Charles t ,H it I x , Willie Foster Barbara Bryant G. B. Stoops NCYIY left to right, bottom - Rusty Russell, Geraldine Moody, Barbara Bryant, Gwen Strickland, Edna Strausbaugh, Edrow Adcock, G.B. Stoops, TOP - Don Wilker- son, Wallace Hayes, john Gaus, Darrell Hodgins, Willie Foster .f 4, 2? mf 3.1 Wim 1 V - , ' x md h"'g3m an , Il , if as 'faqs' ff ? x F5 F 5 5 f - I, 1 it MK it d ? -M Gary Ungef Cassandra Hayes Edd Leeman as A Winona Smith Jean Lovette Dr. A.W. Shean is ff.. We do get a break! Barbara Prlde Wrllre Mae Hathaway HOUSEKEEPING Where is my help? Eliza Smith Elena Monda , 'N s. ..f-waps , X .-f-surf.. I MAINTENANCE Bud Monda B.M. Williams Ronnie Roper xlS-',gL,v . Pete Pippin Bob Gain joe Siler l ' 2-A V5 -' V- f ' r ' 11' ' '- ' " ' ,4 . , I r "' i 'fy W Q ' 1, ' uf! 43 fa '15 4 Q. rf. 1 5 ni fl! 'O rm Lab 2' 1 1 f it 96' 1 fl Q I V xf' ':..?L J' " 5 3, ' if Mwgfjy i 5 7,41 4' 5 I 1, 5 ,ff 1 A 9 55,1 A Wfws ,JK 1 V, 5 W -r 'JNX4 ima F, si Q .Z Z t I 4 5 7' f if 1 li E YB 'f .vw M I 4 1 GY' X s ? x X ,, - ,1 I ,L , ,J,' , J 463,663 JN Jaw rf 4' My FW 1' ' f 3 Hy , I 23.33 4 , 3 rrifwfm- . . if Larry Davis J 21409 rrrr wa , rrr V, , .1 ,S .. .1 Wrllre Swanson Charles WOrIhaI'T1 My new Car! 1 WAREHOUSE jack Stone Carrie Moore Patsy Williams 5 .ff'f""MMw ET. PQ! The New Warehouse ludy McGregor Doug Wright William Elliot CAFETERIA Harold Luna Bill Barnes Prentice Merriweather 5 Cleveland Trice loe Hathaway Essie Fletcher Hazel Bowman john Haddock Regina Bell Elsie Eves jeffrey johnson I have a big mouth!! Left To Right - Coach Lovell, Coach Burke, Terry Peterson, Daryl Morgan, Robert Talley, Keith Shell, Fitzgerald Davis, Chris Cathey, Kemble Bray, john Mack, Lamont Carter, Tracy Williams, john Warren, Lynn Evans, Charlie Bright, james Pope, Anthony Grooms, joe Williams, john Anderson, Kevin Dismurke, john Armstrong, Michael Byrd, Ronnie Byrd, Caprice Glenn, Lance Clark Seniors Football Players for 1987 ia f 1 Aga ' 'L Q I ,5 I a vg 1 J N 3:2552 lg 13 KM A' A A gg ig, Q' My V f 'f M41 , 3 4 - R , z , ,- Ti Tfxfi, ' 4 - ' " i f L if ,k" i" - , , M, ' I 'fl .L 'fuwai 41 . ,5,: zi3N:f:fw!'X A' , mf .W ,gas nivwf if ,. , :- ' ' '- ,113 - 1' 1 asm' V.- -. ei ' r .V vffezi-Q ., : as ,Q .-r . Q. fi,Z5gJT.- . 5 " -hx . 'H?i2'f421-3 4. -ffm , , 1, 0-WTfI5f5f,' '- -224-H Bm., s aw . us. Lance Clark ffm ' 51, W 1' ff j ' mg A i F' ' 4 A , Q , H N A -A . 4 'A f Y J '7 I Iwyy 1 5 -' ' '1 . +- . ' QT FL,,y:'gi' ggi , 6 ,, , 2 i f s, , I ga, 'fi 31? s i 1 fa , 51 .np . . A f if f , ' ,2wf:w Qwwxxr 'f my Q I , gh far swf'-gi f .As . ""hi'4' 1f 1 -,'r-'MQ 1375 XQPLLQ' M P ' " 'Q m.'f3rQ Caprice Glenn 7 " ' -. I .2 I ' , A i ,L 'lf 1 ai' '1 X -ff... -R1-r.'1. - 0 'T' Q . gl ' fl N, ' A, A I f ' gs, E: i r ' T an fW'ff'iQ A 'fi' 'ij gy - vm, , i I L4- ,M fg Q ,, W- ,,,,,, rg' if .QYEPT eff' r ' 1 .Jn , f,E1,jff,w, ag, , Y' . . Q, p'f":'ff?rl.'f'f?5i-'izfi' " s, V .. V, ' ' fx f n ,Iwi ,Q -Y' :yy 1 ,. '-z- 5,92 V: 'win 'V Jim f ' f' J5f'!' ea, . 1" ,. " ' , W L", Li f, 'Ji '-513' A , .,,. , W f?4' f? r Charlie Bright 4, V- ., ' - Ar QRf?:l:?Ef4""3 N 'im -e. 4:9 A a , : 1 T 7.4 57N 9 Y I s as , rar. - i i g ,,,,, ,W ,, , ' N V g ,,l,,,, I ' ' " .- :xg 7 I ...amz , " I 5' I 'Qfsii f 1 :..M-qafsifffffi. ,,.fs-Wi" , if f: 2. . W' W iffiiv' y n ," I - N . 4' T" A A 'W 'M w i n '1 1 . 'M' W ' -mfr wggjwrwg - Ronnie Byrd Chris Cathey Angela johnson . U Vx - ,fn 'gm -y-, 'M I . A , 'ev A ,gm A A 1? I .Vrr if 2v61'1'3Q1' wajz. ' li-:f-'Q - 1' if Q 'M 'Gil 'f V,l,I'i-J' 5.-kwa if :ia LQ' 5:1155 ' .. 1QL:f:fi'f:5 543 4- Xi:u?'mJf1Qimi Q. ,,. 1 .-.d1v4.,.,, , A -.1 sr... me aa john Armstrong Fitzgerald Davis 79 if WA , I '-2 if . ,, We C3 f Us 1 ' g 5 , N, ' . ' , fl' L V: Co 3 1.' ,: l l s N ,A J 22 I cl, f i ' 'W'-'M-,, V- l ,, , K . . if ' : ,,.. !,. - - H 4 2535?-'37 ' H V- ' azz, . m'gww,, 1' My M Q ,. s A f. .A L , , W ' , f fffff,.ZaQA I-lf. . -. - ' N if Q' ilx , Q21 4' fl A Yolanda Powers john Warren Kemble Bray A f'. fbi 'fo GO 'in Mrs. Wilson, Cheerleading Sponsor, and her senior cheeleaders Lamont Carle' Irene Cassilas Trucilla Shipley Authenia Treece - nmxfv-,Q --v-1-wmv :il :M 1 w-1 Michael Byrd liimie LaR0we .:,, ,:,Q1,': p 5' A Brenda England james Pope 5 " f ' ., 'L :gilt ,Q 43, "f'.f- - F W 5 T ref, n 1 V 'fy lux l j.. 1 W x f - . . ve on . K l ' ' r , -X 1 V ' K K s ' . l 5 ll 3 , ' K s w s o 'K -f-1, K iw -r v - . . rf: '- is ' ' W P Q . , ' , 5 ZS" - Y-'N'gXXP-F" . an in Bgvix v 1 " r 1 1, 8 5 .'.xQ4 , 4' 1 3 'fs ,, Q Q x r , l. ' . 1' 1 4 x wir: S. 'mer Dana Wilson XR x ' v X as x .1 " ' N. ,. ,N ' r sf sM,f3 . sw -sk . f. as 5 A x 4 is 1' - li files r as " Q55 P- 'X n i s 'zf ffmtlri .1 x L' - , '.-ss,-2 xm,N.- N 11 -f so s X !:1g.5.53g K . ,i ki. so 5, .gg Mi,1,f.tf2ii.,SlY TNQ rgsvsx john Mack John T. Anderson Nw 00 an lm r, ,,E,L ,lmgfg Kema Yarbrough Jxy r ff : 1 3,2 Melissa Henson Darrell Morgan its . .5 .- , 1 B , X "Q C 'LQ uf 54, ,. , ,, vi: .t ,""n . KV 'W r as time , aw A ft ,,,,l i f it ZH ,, rl 9 ,..-, , X' 1 rrrsr ' J V S :ff rm "4 wlzsw- ' ' zyycgitm will ., :f pm? , 5 'QM +.,:f -.ge,-,4,f., 'fm R 5 2 1 I X Auth, ' A ' K X-, .-..,.,. . "" 'I Left To Right- Mary Beth Fortner, jamie LaRowe, Angie Roderick, Brooke Eaton, Trucilla Shipley, Authenia Treece, Brenda England, Kema Yarbrough, Yolanda Powers . " 1 ',"'fl 'V 'MTQVL-K , ., ,,,,,i4 f . ,V MXJBJ M V ,ft,,,,f ,. 43.1 ...a,,.1.1 '.' , -V l i n 2 4: 5j ':.+4L.- 'jg , ,,. Keith Shell joe Williams Mary Beth Fortner rJ"'f,.4 Q in rffsdl l Brooke Eaton Lynn Evans Robert Talley HOMECOMING 1987-1988 Kema Yarbrough has been a student at TPS for 2 and a half years. Kema is from Madison County and is a senior. She plans to be a clerical secretary. We the students of Tennessee Prepara- tory School congratulate you and wish you luck. Freshman Representative Sophomore Repregentative Angie Roderick jennifer Whitehead lunior Representative Senior Representative Rose Talley Kema Yarbrough , QE. 34. 'Y to .YA 1 . ' Q '15 95 Pv U 5 1. It Y' fffg K.x,A5-piavtv U v ,uvvlyy V!!! , 5 A U V V tu.'.'.1 .wr 1' , ft 4. P BASKETBALL From left to right - TOP - Coach Wilson, Tracy Williams, Ronnie Byrd, Fitzgerald Davis Chris Cathey, Coach Williams, Tommy Joyce, jamie Nocho, john Mack, Kevin Channell joe Haynes, jesse Shields GO BUST-ERS Fitzgerald Davis Chris Cathey TrHCy Williams Tiff, ,p 4 F' T -- Gas. Ronnie Byrd Kevin Channell Tommy loyce N john Mack jamie Nocho Coach Wilson and Coach Williams with their senior player Fitz- gerald Davis. GIRLS' BASKETBALL From left to right, TOP - Coach Clay, Samantha lowers, Yolanda Powers, Kim Swift, Linda Askew, Missy Erwin, Coach Brinkley, Stephanie Person, jamie LaRowe, Rose Talley, Regina Kelly, Angie Burke GO LADY BUSTERS l jamie L3R0we Regina Kelly Stephanie Person l Rose Talley Kim Swift Linda Askew r LLk'L i Yolanda Powers Tina Burke Coach Clay and Coach Brinkley with their senior players jamie LaRowe and Stephanie Person. FAIR DAY .. 'V 'f A "jf-v 54" W, ' ,V 'l ,. ' '5 FIX , 1 'iq - ,., I U, H ,f I L f . D", K, ,. , T 4, y ,... A v,,eii:,1za3,.,A,u IIIA, V 1434 3 s 4.6 If ,-"af I ,g,, I 4 ,,,a g ,ia n, ,, I - 1, 2-JW" W 'Qi' 2,4 e . ' 0 e ,' .1 ' 1,0 'M '42, -1- ,' 1- ' ' ' soil' 11 vb. Q , ,',a.,., nr, T' K V- g 9 ., 'Q u - O 4 V, ' : " "2 1. 5 ' 5. A V , ,W - f-'f'+, ,.- .1.,4gg5- ,, 1 ,V I ,w,,,kg ,V I. ufwqiflw S., Y ,, - ,N f,. in l ,HQ TM, Q QZQKF . fr ,P Ar... K v' 4' , s , , i cf ' x Q 934 D 0 i , ls X ll o 4' ' 1. J 9 VH! "' " if u- I al, , 'A M, fx ' " 'fy , K V f f il, - V x ,,,,, g,,,f lg , ' iff' A' 7' V ' ', K 1 ' 'H' Ifglm.-' , .W ' f l' -' -' Dx .4 A V' , 1 Y' W1 l , lllmw t , ...aqx AL'Q:LU.,1 , . ljffiirf -'vw 'ix On September 21, 1987, it was fair day for the "Prep". We loaded the buses from school and went off to the fair. It was very exciting, there were a lot of rides, games, and food. At the end of the day there was fireworks and it was the icing on the cake. I hope all future students have the same enthusiasm as we did. May l help you? California Raisinette. Some of our seniors. Our Gang. COSTUME Our new principal at his best! which one doesnft belong? DAY The man in the moon. Naughty! Naughty! ii Country Bumpkins. No goodies for you, big bad Wolf! Don't we make a lovely Couple? f"7 ' -C is 6' The Bubble Twins. HAT DAY .f , I ,. ,Ma - A '2 i, ,, 4 ' 2 we ,V 1 Z V ,fs , -in W"i'Q9Mi,'3 ff - s f f,,, me , ' is c A 89 So' ' U Spirit Week at TPS was a great success which included costume, hat, tacky, and 50's day. Somewhere, somehow, we are going to put some fashion designers to shame. As you can see here at the Prep. we had some very unusual styles and fashions that were in a class all by themselves. All and all fun week, here at the Prep, was shared by both the students and the staff. 96 vf 'Y TACKY DAY kb Which is the real nerd? , 315' Feeling a little goofy? Looking good! Don't we look good? Hi There! Look a little strange? RECREATION CANDIDS W! zulu:-2-W f' j xl' J l 1 . - 1 ,nt , aw -...RQ SL. ,.,v' 'HI f ,, FS. ,K ' qw-f,w"f' f 5 x ' ' V 2 , . 50's oo DAY Ei at: 1 1- Cheese! gjf Q , 1 QL' I 4 4,5 Would you like to join? I- I it l 7 ff lf Q e, f 'z Better than McDonald's How do we look? Rah! Rah! Rah! Q BGY SCOUTS TROOP 50 ., -. ' f -. 4 -.M . l . T " r'iTpLlT . ' ,S if 1 'DQ ,X lL lx F 1, gl xiii? 1 ze. x if - f T fu J Wy? K 1 Q 1, I T --IA T ,, f Y ,,,. 1 Q T . iw . J.. . r v . Yu .. F, 'Cf ' ,, ,. T..-GV, ' 'Xi . . , 1 A . uk ' ' . -'ff' On November 13, 1987 the Boy Scouts of America, Troop 50, went to the Smokey Mountains. They stayed for four days. They rode a cable car to a ski lodge and climbed to the top of Mt. LeCont. They all enjoyed the trip and hope to return at a later date. Penny Hicky Lee Scales jeff Bryant jeff Walters Ann HaffiS Tabatha Brown Ron Darmos Dawn Suiter Thomas Hanners Tracy McCloud B f Angela Audie Melissa Froelich Michael Edwards Mickael Bell y f 1 james Quinn Dennis Savage Kim Swift so Shelton Phillips Teresa Fortner Tonya Gordon Wendy Selph Lori Perry X l Q Wesley Scott Hall Missy Erwin Sandra Young Mary lean Arnold i ,ei 3 f l c ii Ulmer Sarah Cupples Pam jgneg Angela Washum Elisa McKinney Particia Farris William Hickey Shawn l-2iCl49Y Benny Mitchell Melvin Taylor Kevin Key Lee Wright Omar Hutcherson David Brown Floyd Sulls v"'X ' i Maw! WORK PROGRAM Mr. Raymond Hunter is the supervisor of about twen- ty-five off campus workers at the present time. His main goal is to get all the future seniors to have a job. ln Mr. Hunter's eyes academics should come first. He has people working in places ranging from grocery stores to hardware stores. He wants to help all students be- come responsible for themselves and to get good work habits before they leave. The off campus workers are transported to work by vans, driven by the Duty Crew. The Duty Crew are teachers who live on campus. Mr. Hunter wants all workers to save all the money they can in order to be prepared for the outside world. Saving money is a hard thing to do, lespecially for a normal teenagerl but in order to be successful you must learn to do it. VOCATIONS wus..-, I x , K 1 x ., Y U U .... ..,:. X Lh QTOO 0. is f L,....3 x1i X v,,Ta..,gh .V-il. . 4 VOCATIONS 3, L., ...L .x fm'- -m-annum-q . 'fL. A .,AX 7. ,,,i4.,..,..k..w-4-"" wr 'yr A ' l E , . ip, LX.. - ' , ' - 1-I ..- f f . f . . 1 1 -. V -"f"" ,j'T5,Z.5,- A . ' ' ' ' -W, 'Z' Q' ' 1 Clubs f""N Newspaper Staff - Mrs. Minor - Editor, Doug Al- FCA - Harrold Smith, Linda Askew, Tracy Hassell, len, Missy lennings, Tina Talley, Yolanda Powers, Richard Talley, Michelle Fortner, Clint Majeski, Oc- tNot Picturedl Tyann Fonzer. tavia Martin, Lisa Bond, Kim Swift. Doughers Runners - Mike Dougher - Sponser, Walt Wheeler, Terry Peterson, Kevin Channell. FFA Officers - johnny Hood, Scott Hargis, Tracy Hassell, Mr. Smith - Teacher, Gene Wells, Lucy Tubbs, And jesse Shields. FCA Club - From top to bottom - Stacey Hem- bree, Johnnie Hood, jesse Shields, Charles Fox, Wes Hall, Mary Arnold, Deanna Potette, Tracy Hassell, Lucy Tubbs, Lori Perry, Kema Yarbrough, Wade Green, Gene Wells, Mr. Smith - Teacher, Scott Hargis, Vance McFarland YEARBOQK STAFF The annual staff for the year of 1987-1988 are as follows: Mr. Paul Barnard - Advisor Brenda England, Brooke Eaton, Tyann Fonzer, Mike O'Toole Brenda England Brooke Eaton - Editor Tyann Fonzer - Typist Mike O'T00l6 5554 Delora Spence RECREATIGN Robert Visitation Melinda Arnett S Ei Lisa Greene ' NN-:- 5 112 3 ,W ' L .Q f ' ' if mil- 4 if x 3. N2 ig? R a n lg X 'fan Ng Ni Q M ,ai ' , -av' Al f rg ,A , X X mm 301 K s 4 AA -. Q3 , . f .Q 41 , My ,,'kvV N 'nf W- W ffl' X Q95 ' , Sam's Kids. A few Turket Trot runner's. Y l 4' Can't you sit up right? Laid back and relaxed Anxious spectators. Where's Babe Ruth? , an ' in f M,. 51 K .f Q . 1 X f . 1 -Q.--f . i A W..-'lf sw A , ya f -2 gg' Y X 1 I I . X w 1 A Q -CC? 50 I ,..?-.......... , ... -.... ,WMA f ffl nie 'fin' ' . nf Pls 1 wg . Q. ft, ' ,Af , . .ft I y 4'7A'35W?:? fx 4 Y LLM ." ,CW ' A QF' ll U l MWWMW4 I 1 - kewl hm l57""!x3g,,,'Q X Q Milli -tw fn sq Y 0 53 L 1 Cb I ,..,.... Q g ' wg fy K X .5 . T ga? K I X.-N Q 0 E -1 is xl 3 R.. 5 . xxx! 5 ll fs 1 QQ .QA .X . MJ' w A5 , 3 " , Q, ," :'o N h SEQ Uni: Q :.Q.g.Q X. T1 Q ' '-1"g?3w - r"'o:o:o .f X Q ' 'M ' 'fs ' fe' . XX F A . E R X K 3.3.-y ..XXX f , A -... XX 5 K ., ' -X .lv 0' ' ' ' ' 5:1 ' 1 . ' X ir ,M , SSI Y? -- ....-.. 53" 'FC' X . I-um-. MMM .N ., pg: 1. Q ws-- i fx 1 V as S' 4 - mi .. , 'if-' K :Q- :: . ,,. . . 1 Rexx M --.. ' Q' -gi E, 3 i . W k ' 1 EE 9 5 .2 1 ,. X g 2.145-IFN' ' :T .k 'HE 'zi ' fix H' A , V, ":: fgrlr Q--"M M , ,',,., I Wwmfwm MWWMWWWW if r R 1 ,.,A -4' I !Z f ffwr, P gg 5 Ex e-. 'P Q1 u L 'B 'nm V ff sm' DMU' UIC 53 K x X I '-w..vW,,, .W Hx 4? And yOu were Saying -H? I predict by the year 2000 . v M :WA The Master - Yolanda powers and her helper Ms. This i5 really how you do it! Spence. 128 All set and ready to go home! And the winner is ...!!!! You can do it, just a little more 4-"" Look no hands! We got it made in the shade! You guys, the game is the other way C Cheese! just a little lighter and you got it 129 Wil f 'A'.U is ,. 3... V I , if! IUSI enjoying the atmosphere. How can I eat with this on my head? Are we winner's or what? l WON! i WOR! mm., William carrying supplies. I really didn't want to run anyway! 1, P 'SP i , a f , .:, 5 3,5 W Q: ,.f.,,,U ,,E.,,, V, ,, 5 - .wh ff "iw , , auf M ,,,,, My +2 f- 5, E17 A K M , 2 ff K J ,p us , , wg 'Af , fu- , H , , Aff W , f, .L.,,,,,,f VM., I TV 7 wfwze ,mm-. . ,M 'f' liiffii, ' ,N W ,,, , ,Mr Q 2 I? 1 W . Q52 V, ng' x My 4 iw ' YB Q, . I 1 4 Af , A55 ' 4' 1 .s , i 1 X ea is I ,H ww, 7.- 'JV f 1 ,sux a W 2 9 uf v 3 31,1 A1 nu? "ll: 'MFI ! , ,A Qwv I s ads Wx ll E 4 1 w 1 1 w ? "Say Cheese, Fellows! "Where's the food, we're starved? ll Look guys, STEAK!" "We are really nervous." "We'II get you next time, Mrs. SchIafIey!" Helplmc o ,ge L if Af: L XV H 7 C ' 1 4 j' E 9 I V , Nfl ked -f l ii 2 11 ll Senior class to the office 1 "I made it? "Sexy legs, HUH?" I i "Dora, what did they say?" o 5 Let's go home." "My hair!" All together one more time. V "Finally, FOOD!!!" SENIOR COOKOUT 't ly 1987 I ,llr 2 "Look at all the People!" "This is not a diploma! . . Q ' 'NEA .... V . f- . iflflfl 5.QffVfQ - 'ff ' 22. .. , X .. . .X .i .n , iQ A . ,,-- f ,..,. , . 5 ,...-,,.- .. -. .-.-7,3 ,.., ...T-.dm ,.... K..,. -' Q' -. . . . L - ix . - gf. 3 'l i'-M. 'W . ' ' i ' I -5.4. X M .W .... . . 6 A K v 'u Q X N y 'Ar W " Y ... ,UQ 5 TSE Rss ...A swf ffm .52 I0 'ax ,l' A I ah... 'W . L 1 - 73 , x Q ' A Htl P W T t Left, right, left, . . . Dougher's runners. K just a little more. That doesn't look like a runner's pose Winner's line. Boy l'm tired. ...JN mwmmwwm-Q-,,, iam 9 l Ziiifi rvf , .1 'X sl X Q - "Vo- : t ai, is Q f ,,L.. 'S . X Ann Darty tips the scales. Cookie is going to live after all. ,,s..,-A-""""" ' -1 -1Q ,,, , M, .W o I Y.,,,,., ,,. ,W ,,,..,....---- 5,-.ns-S1 ,, ite? B15 4 - ? Which way do we go George? Aren't you just a little big for that? Now that didn't hurt did it? Open wide!! S'LZZDf-Ex -afgmkt 'Q'-v..,,s YK 'N awww 3,651 "- ' 1 21:3 , 11538 :wilt YW ' wvl+ ' QE ,!ag:t'!2 'W' H .5 W1 4 43 1 1 I : 'LW SENICR DIRECTCRY Authenia Treece Hamblen County Morristown, TN Cheerleading 2 Years Track 2 Years Best Looking Most Flirtacious Most Athletic Most School Spirit Most Talented Anthony Grooms Henderson County Lexington, TN TPS Student 3 Years Football 2 Years Honor Roll Senior Year Melissa Henson Montgomery County Clarksville, TN TPS Student 2 Years Cheerleading 1 Year Robert Talley Sumner, TN TPS Student 11 Years Mr. TPS Senior Year john A. Anderson Sumner County Westmoreland, TN TPS Student 3 Years Khristie Howard Bedford County Shelbyville, TN TPS Student 2 1f2 Years Secretary for Junior Year Tami Asbury Davidson County Hermitage, TN TPS Student 2 1f2 Years Douglas Allen Marshall County TPS Student 3 Years Newspaper Staff 1 Year Most Courteous Honor Roll Linda Moore Knox County Knoxville, TN TPS Student 6 Years Vice President of junior Class Most Bashful jamie LaRowe Montgomery County Clarksville, TN TPS Student 2 1X2 Years Cheerleader 2 Years Basketball 2 Years Track 1 Year Softball 1 Year Honor Roll james Pope Davidson County Nashville, TN TPS Student 4 Years Football 3 Years Track 2 Years FCA 1 Year Young Llfe 3 1f2 Years Cheri Thompson Montgomery County Clarksville, TN Track 1 Year Softball 1 Year john T. Anderson Bedford County Shelbyville, TN Football 2 Years Most Talkative Brent Anderson Hawkins County Church Hill, TN TPS Student 11 Months Most Bashful Senior Year Friendliest Senior Year Most Courteous Senior Year Mary Hooker Coffee County Tullahoma, TN TPS Student 2 1X2 Years Honor Roll SENIGR DIRECTORY Michael Parker O'Toole Hamblen County Morristown, TN TPS Student 2 1f2 Years Most Likely to Succeed Most Dependable Sr. Year Annual Staff - Sr. Year Kemble Bray Madison County lackson, TN TPS Student 2 Years Football 2 Years Best Dress Most Flirtatious Secretary- Treasurer Sr. Year Vance McFarland Haywood County Brownsville,TN TPS Student 4 Years FFA 1 Year Tyann Fonzer Madison County lackskon, TN TPS Student 2 1f2 Years Anuual 1 Year Newspaper 2 Years Honor Roll Caprice Glenn Madison County lackson, TN TPS Student 3 Years Football 3 Years Track 3 years Best Looking Senior Year Senior Class President Sophomore Vice- President Honor Roll Kema Yarbrough Madison County lackson, TN TPS Student 2 1f2 Years Cheerleading FFA 1 Year I Dare You Award junior Class President Miss Homecoming Senior Year Miss TPS Senior Year Best Personality Friendliest Best All Around Brooke Eaton McMinn County Athens, TN TPS Student 2 Years Cheerleader 2 Years Newspaper Staff 1 Year Softball 1 Year Editor of Yearbook 1 Year Best Dressed Most Dependable Most likely to succeed Most Popular Homecoming Queen Sophomore Year Honor Roll Trucilla Shipley Hamblen County Morristown, TN Cheerleading 2 Years Most Mischievious Secretary!Treasurer junior Year Samantha lowers Madison County lackson, TN TPS Student 1 1X2 Years Honor Roll Irene Cassilas Montgomery County Clarksville, TN Cheerleader 1 Year FCA Track Michelle Fortner Dickson County Dickson, TN Track 1 Year Stephanie Person Madison County lackson, TN TPS Student Basketball 1 Year Most Talkative Brenda England Campbell County Lafollette, TN Cheerleader 2 Years Annual Staff Sr. Year LAST WILL A D TESTAME T I, KEMA YARBROUGH, LEAVE TO MR. 81 MRS, WATKINS ALL THE THANKS IN THE WORLD. IF IT WASN'T FOR YOU GUYS, I WOULD BE LOST. THANKS FOR YOUR PRAYERS, CAUSE I REALLY NEEDED THEM. I LOVE YOU BOTH. I LEAVE TO MRS. BAILEY ALL THE THANKS FOR HELPING ME OUT. TAKE CARE OF GOLDIE AND NICKEY, TO MISS REGINA CARNEY, THANKS FOR BEING A SISTER TO ME. I COULD NEVER FORGET YOU. TO MRS. WILSON, HEY I CAN'T SAY ANYTHING, BUT THANKS ALOT. YOU WERE HERE FOR ME EVERYTIME I NEEDED A SHOULDER TO CRY ON. I LOVE YA! TAKE CARE OF DANA AND ERIC, HELP DANA KEEP THE CHEERLEADING SQUAD, TO MRS. BATEY, I LEAVE ALL THE RULE BOOKS I CAN FIND. BECAUSE EVERYTIME I BROKE A RULE, YOU WERE RIGHT THERE TO TELL ME THE RULES. I LOVE YAI TO ADIUNCTIVE SERVICES, THANKS FOR THE TWO CONTRACTS I RECIEVED. WHEN YOU GIVE THEM YOU GIVE THEM!!! THEY STRAIGHTEN ME OUT ALOT. TO MS. 'K', THANKS FOR BEING A NICE SOCIAL WORKER. TO MR. FIELDS I LEAVE ALL THE WOOD THERE IS IN THE WORLD, TO MR. BARNARD, I COULD NEVER GET BETTER ADVICE ABOUT ATTITUDES THEN FROM YOU. ALL THOSE TALKS MADE MY EYES COME OPEN. THANKS. TO MR, FISHER, THANKS FOR BEING THERE WHEN I NEEDED SOMEONE TO TALK TO. I'M GLADI HAD YOU FOR A PRINCIPAL. TO MRS. WORK, THANKS FOR TEACHING ME HOW TO COOK. TEACH LAURA HOW TO CHEER. LOVE YA! TO STEPHANIE, IT WAS GREAT HAVING YOU AS A ROOMMATE, EVEN THOUGH YOU GET ON MY NERVES SOMETIMES, BUT I STILL LOVE YA. FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS. TO LINDA, I LEAVE ALL THE NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET POSTER'S THERE ARE. THANKS FOR BEING A TRUE FRIEND. LOVE YA. TO AUTHENIA, THANKS FOR BEING MY FRIEND. I'M GLAD WE BECAME REAL GOOD FRIENDS, I'LL NEVER FORGET YA! TO CAPRICE, I LEAVE YOU MY ABILITY TO OPEN UP TO PEOPLE 81 EXPRESS YOUR TRUE FEELINGS, VANCE, THANKS FOR ALL THE LONG TALKS WE HAD ABOUT YOU KNOW WHO. THEY HELPED. TO TRUCILLA, I LEAVE MY ABILITY TO CHEER. ISMILEII YOU'VE BEEN A GOOD FRIEND TO ME. THANKS! TO IAMIE LaROWE ALL THE PEAS 81 CARROTS YOU CAN EAT. THANKS FOR BEING A GOOD FREIND. TO BROOKE, SOMEONE HAD TO STRAIGHTEN UP FIRST IN ORDER FOR US TO FOLLOW. YOU HAVE REALLY SET A GOOD EXAMPLE TO THE GIRLS IN DAVIS FOUR. THANKS. YOU'RE A REAL GOOD FRIEND. TO TRACY WILLIAMS, I LEAVE MY ABILTY TO GET EVERYTHING LIFE HAD TO OFFER. TO KIM SWIFT, I LEAVE MY ABILITY TO LET MY FEELINGS GO. IT WILL HELP ALOT. LOVE YA. TO TIM, THANKS FOR LIFTING MY SPIRITS UP WHENEVER IWAS DOWN. TO LAMONT, THANKS FOR BEING A FRIEND. GO FOR EVERYTHING LIFE HAS TO OFFER AND YOU'LL MAKE IT. TO TYANN FONZER, I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU, ESPECIALLY THE TIME WE SPENT THREE HOURS AT THE BUS STATION, THANKS FOR BEING A TRUE FRIEND. TO MARY BETH FORTNER, I LEAVE MY ABILITY TO BE THE BEST CHEERLERDER TPS HAS EVER HAD. LAST BUT NOT LEAST, TO THE :fo '88 WE MADE IT!!! I HAD FUN WITH YOU GUYS!!! I, IOHN THOMAS ANDERSON, LEAVE ALL MY LOVE TO THE SPRINGERS, THANKS FOR BEING THERE FOR ME. I LEAVE COOKIE AND DAWGG ALL THE HAPPINESS IN THE WORLD. COOKIE, I LEAVE MR, GREEN'S CANDY AND MY CHEWING GUM. I LEAVE KWAME WITH THE FUN WE HAD IN NIX ONE. KIM LITTLE, I LEAVE YOU WITH KWAME. I LEAVE TRACY ALL MY LOVE AND THE TIMES WE HAD TOGETHER ON MAY 19th, I LEAVE ALL THE UNDERCLASSMEN ALL THE LUCK IN THE WORLD. WE MADE IT SENIORS!! I, CAPRICE GLENN, LEAVE TO TPS ALL THE THANKS IT DESERVES FOR HELPING ME CHANGE MY WAYS TOWARD MY LIFE. I LEAVE TO MR. FISHER ALL THE LUCK IN THE FUTURE. THANKS FOR BEING THERE WHEN I NEEDED SOMEONE TO TALK TO, I WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER YOU! I THANK COACH LOVELL FOR HELPING ME BE A BETTER ATHLETE AND TEACHING ME THAT DRUGS IS NOT FIT FOR MY LIFE. YOU REALLY HELPED ME ALOT, THANKS! I LEAVE TO MRS. BRIDWELL THE FREEDOM THAT SHE HAS II BET YOUR REALLY GLAD THAT I DIDN'T TELL CRIME STOPPERS ABOUT THAT RC TRUCK! I THANK MR, FIELDS FOR TEACHING ME SOME OF THE SKILLS OF WOODWORKING, IT WILL SAVE ME ALOT OF MONEY, I GIVE ALL MY THANKS TO MR. TODD FOR HELPING ME BE A BETTER ENGLISH STUDENT, THERE WILL NEVER BE ANOTHER ENGLISH TEACHER LIKE YOU. I LEAVE TO MRS. WILSON ALL THE THE LAUGHS WE HAD TOGETHER. NOW YOU DONT'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT ME HURTING YOU "BABY DOLLS" ANY MORE!! PLEASE TAKE CARE OF MY LITTLE COUSIN FOR ME. I GIVE MRS, IUDD THANKS FOR TEACHING ME HOW TO CUT UP FROGS. THANKS FOR HELPING THE SILLS Z SENIORS, I LEAVE THE MAIN OFFICE ALL THE CONTRACTS I HAVE EVER RECIEVED. THANK YOU ALL FOR GIVING THEM TO ME. IT REALLY SET MY LIFE STRIAGHT. NOW IT'S TIME TO MOVE ON DOWN THE LINE, I LEAVE TO THE SMALL'S THANKS FOR TEACHING ME ABOUT GOD, I LEAVE TO MR. SMALL A NORELCO ELECTRIC RAZOR. YOU REALLY NEED IT. I LEAVE TO MRS. SMALL AN "S" CURL. YOU KNOW I'M IUST KIDDING. I LOVE YOU ALL!! DON'T LET 'C' DOG FORGET ME. I LEAVE TO MRS. ADAMS ALL THE THANKS FOR THE COOKING SHE HAS DONE FOR SILLS 32 THIS YEAR AND YEARS BEFORE, YOU ARE LIKE A GRANDMOTHER TO ME. THANKS FOR BEING SO NICE. YOU HELPED ME OUT ALOT, I LOVE YOU. I LEAVE TO TIM DUNLAP A BELLY- BUSTER. I LEAVE TO SCOOTER A BRILLO PAD FOR HIS FACE. I LEAVE TO KYLE SOME BLACK HAIR DYE IRED HEADI. I LEAVE TO RUFF A KIT ON HOW TO LOOK LIKE MICHAEL IACKSON. I LEAVE TO IAMES POPE SOME TOOTHPASTE, BECAUSE IF YOU IUST HAVE TO SMILE ALL THE TIME I WANT YOUR TEETH TO BE WHITE! I LEAVE TO IOHN A PAIR OF IOHN WAYNE'S RAWHIDE BOOTS. I LEAVE TO BUZZ SOME MAGIC CHIN REMOVER. FELLA'S YOU KNOW IT'S ALL A IOKE. IWILL MISS YOU ALL. LAST BUT NOT LEAST, I LEAVE TO DEXTER WARREN THE PO-PHI-I MEMORY TO CARRY ON. CLASS OF "BB" WE HAVE MADE IT, SO LET'S SEE IF WE CAN DO A LITTLE SOMETHING. I LEAVE TO LIL HAYES ALL THE LUCK WITH MARY. I, WENDY CROWE, LEAVE TO TPS AFTER FOUR YEARS WITH A LIST OF MEMORIES AND HOPES THAT IT GETS BETTER AS TIMES GO BY. TO IAMES QUINN, YOU ARE A VERY SPECIAL PART OF MY LIFE, I WANT TO THANK YOU FOR BEING A DEAR FRIEND AS WELL AS THE BEST BOYFRIEND I'VE EVER HAD! FOR ALL THE TIMES YOU WERE HERE FOR ME,I LOVE YOU A GREAT DEAL, THAT WILL NEVER CHANGE! ALSO YOU WILL ALWAYS BE IN MY HEART. TO MISS SERINA HALE, YOU'RE LIKE A SISTER TO ME. I WISH YOU LUCK WITH "I" AND A LOT OF LOVE, YOU'RE THE BEST, GOOD LUCK WITH MICHAEL, TO BROOKE, I AM IMMENSELY PROUD OF YOU FOR FINDING YOURSELF AND LEARNING THAT YOU ARE SPECIAL AND ALWAYS WAS. TO MISSY H. I LEAVE ALL OF OUR PARTIES, FIGHTS, AND UP AND DOWNS. TO EVERYONE ELSE IN D-4, THE VERY BEST IN LIFE, WE WILL ALL MAKE IT. TO MR. AND MRS. DAVIS, A LOT OF VERY CRAZY TIMES ALSO, A LOT OF LOVE AND LAUGHTER, I LOVE YOU BOTH A LOT. TO MISS BATEY, EVEN THOUGH I ACT BAD AT TIMES, I LOVES YOU ALSO. TO MISS LOVETTE, CANDY AND MY LOVE LIFE. SMILE! TO ALL MY TEACHERS, THANKS FOR BELIEVING IN ME, HOPE YOU GUYS CAN TEACH OTHERS THE SAME! TO TWO CERTAIN K-4 GIRLS I LOVE YOU BOTH A LOT TO "IEN" YOU REALLY HELPED ME THROUGH A ROUGH TIME AND I WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT, TO MARTINI, ALL THE PARTIES IN ROOM 5 AND A PASSION FOR BREAKING RULES. TO DARLENE I LEAVE HANK WILLIAMS IR, TO MRS. IACK, IMMENSE THANKS FOR BEING THERE .TO P.IP. LUCK AND LOVE. TO THE OTHERS IN K- 4, THE ABILITY TO DRIVE THE IACKS UP A WALL LIKE WE HAVE IN THE TIMES! TO ALEXINE HALL, LOVE AND THANKS FOR BELIEVING IN ME THAT I MIGHT HAVE FAITH, AND PETER BELL PROBLEMS. TO FLOYD, A HOPE FOR GOOD THINGS, TO TODD POWERS YOUR A MESS! BUT WELL THOUGHT OF, IAMES QUINN, ALWAYS REMEMBER TO HAVE FAITH AND KNOW THAT YOUR SPECIAL AS YOU ARE! MR. PHILLIPS, I LOVED AGGRAVATING YOU! TO ALL MY OTHER FRIENDS, INCLUDING ANGELA M. DOUGLAS ALLEN, LISA RAINBOLT, ANN HARRIS, ACT. HOPE THAT YOU GUYS GET WHAT YOU SET OUT FOR! LOVE YA ANGELA! TO ALL UNDERCLASSMEN, BELIEVE IN YOURSELVES FOR, YOU CAN DO IT, I DID! I, IOHN ALLEN ANDERSON, BEING OF SOUND MIND AND BODY LEAVE TO ALL OF SILL 2 ALL THE LUCK AND HAPPINESS TO SUCCEED IN LIFE. TO MR, AND MRS. SMALL, I LEAVE ALL MY LOVE AND THANKS FOR HELPING ME GET THROUGH THIS YEAR THANK YOU. MAY GOD ALWAYS BE WITH THE SMALL FAMILY, TO IASON, I LEAVE MY THANKS FOR ALWAYS BEING AROUND TO TALK TO. MAY WE AWLAYS BE FRIENDS. TO MR. HACKETT I ALWAYS ENIOYED HAVING YOUR CLASS AND ADMIRED YOUR SUCCESS IN LIFE, MAY YOU ALWAYS LIVE A HAPPY LIFE. TO MR. BARNARD, THANKS FOR ALL THE ADVICE, I'M GLAD YOU PUSHED IT IN MY HEAD. THANKS. TO MR. CATHEY, THANKS FOR BEING A GREAT TEACHER, I REALLY LEARNED A LOT. TO TPS I LEAVE ALL ALL MY THANKS FOR TAKING ME IN AND HELPING WHEN NO ONE ELSE WOULD. TO MRS. IUDD, YOU ARE A GREAT TEACHER THANKS FOR HELPING ME OUT. AND TO EVERYONE NOT MENTIONED THANKS FOR YOUR HELP. TO THE CLASS OF 1988 GOOD LUCK IN THE FUTURE, I HOPE WE ALL MAKE IT. WE HAVE ALONG ROAD AHEAD OF US, I, LETICIA HOPE MOORE, DO HEREBY LEAVE TO LORIE "SODA" PARRY, A FRIENDSHIP THAT HAS ONLY A LIFE TIME TO GROW STRONGER AND A COPY OF " THE OUTSIDERS ". TO MY MOM, I LEAVE THANKS FOR ALL THE LOVING SUPPORT.I LOVE YOU MOM. TO MY SHOULDER TO CRY ON, DAVID SHOEMAKER, I LEAVE A WHITE MOUNTAIN COOLER. TO MY ANDY GRIFFITH BUDDY, MS. TERRELL, I LEAVE A LONG TALK AND ONE RED SHOE. TO MRS. BIRDWELL, MRS. WILLIAMS, AND MR. DAVIDSON, I LEAVE ALL MY LITTLE POINTS. TO COACH GAYLOR, A RIDE IN MY RED MERCEDES. TO SHELLEY MANESS, I LEAVE MY 5 X 7 OF TONY RICH. TO WADE GREEN, I LEAVE ALL MY LETTERS FROM KEVIN. TO TAMI ASBURY MY BLOOD SISTER, I LEAVE ALL THE LUCK WITH MIKE, TO RONNIE BROYLES, A WONDERFUL NEW FRIENDSHIP. TO BROOKE EATON, I LEAVE A V2 GALLON OF HEAVENLY HASH. TO TRUCILLA SHIPLEY, I LEAVE A CAN OF SHAVING CREAM. TO MRS. MINOR, AND MR. TODD, I LEAVE A SMILE! TO MRS. BATEY, I LEAVE A GAME OF SPADES AND ALL MY STUFFED ANIMALS, TO MRS. STRICKLAND, I LEAVE MY MOST PRIZED POSESSION, MY UNICORNS! TO IOAN KUYKENDALL AND IESSE MATHERS, I LEAVE A GREAT THANKS FOR, FINDING IT, WHEN I WAS LOSING IT! TO MRS. DAVIS, THE " IOKE OF THE DAY", AND MY BIG PINK PURSE. TO MR. DAVIS, ALL MY WEAKNESS, I DON'T NEED THEM NOW I AM STRONG!!! TO MR, BARNARD, AND MR, BUTTREY, MRS. BRITTLE, MR,NAVE, A BUCKET OF TEARS. MR. AND MRS. HERROLD, A THOUGHT NDUYQISINDS ARE A GIRLS BEST FRIEND" AND MY DISHPAN HANDS, I LEAVE TO THE GIRLS OF DAVIS 4 A YEAR OF HEARTACHE, FIGHTS AND LAUGHTER, BUT MOST IMPORTANT: A BOND THAT WILL LAST FOR . THANKS!!! I, TIMOTHY DUNLAP, WOULD LIKE TO SAY I'VE ENIOYED MY STAY AT TPS AND I WANT TO THANK EVERYONE WHO HAS HELPED ME MAKE IT. MR. AND MRS. SMALL, THANK YOU FOR HELPING ME TO BECOME A RESPONSIBLE YOUNG MAN AND I'LL TRULY MISS YOU ALL, BUT THE MEMORIES WE'VE SHARED WILL STAY WITH ME FOREVER. TO MR. AND MRS. HEAD IMY MOM AND DADI, I WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER YOU AND YOUR HELPIFUL ADVICE, YOU'VE HELPED ME IN SO MANY WAYS! I'LL NEVER FORGET THE GOOD TIMES WE'VE HAD IN SILLS THREE. TO SILLS-2, THERE'S NO WAY THAT I COULD FORGET ALL THE FUN TIMES WE'VE ALL DONE TOGETHER, YOU ARE THE GREATEST, I'M GLAD TO HAVE FOUND FRIENDS LIKE YALL. WE ARE NUMBER 1 IN INTRAMURAL! TO DAWGG, I LEAVE YOU WITH MY CLOTHES ALL OVER THE ROOM! TO PO-BOY, YOU'RE A PRETTY KOOL DUDE! TO CHERI, I GIVE YOU BACK ALL THE CRAZINESS THAT I RECIEVED FROM YOU. I LOVE YOU! TO TRUCILLA, I GIVE YOU BACK THE RETARDEDNESS. LOVE YA! TO STACEY AND IAMIE, I LEAVE YOU MY BRAIN TO MAKE IT IN MRS, MINOR'S CLASS, LOVE YAI CHANTE', I LEAVE YOU ALL MY LOVE AND OUR MEMORIES, I'LL ALWAYS REMEMBER YOU ANDTHE FUN WE'VE HAD. TO MRS, WATKINS,I LEAVE THE CHURCH LADY CHATS TO YOU! TO LINDA MOORE,I LEAVE YOU THE ABILITY TO GET SILLY! TO ROBERT T. I LEAVE YOU A RAG TO CLEAN THE LUNCH TABLE WITH. TO MRS. BATEY, I'LL ALWAYS REMEMBER YOU. I LOVE YOU. TO KEMA, I WISH YOU THE BEST IN LIFE! TO BRENDA, I'LL NEVER FORGET YOU! TO MR. BARNARD, THANKS FOR ALL THE HELP. TO ALL THE UNDERCLASSMAN, LISTEN TO MR. BARNARD! TO THE CLASS '88 WE'VE FINALLY MADE ITII!! I, MICHELLE DENISE FORTNER, WOULD FIRST OF ALL LIKE TO THANK ALL OF THE STAFF THAT HAVE HELPED ME. I WON'T LIST ALL THE NAMES BUT YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE AND THANKS. I LOVE YOU. TO ALL THE PEOPLE AT THE MAIN OFFICE THANKS FOR THE CONTRACTS AND THE ADVICE. TO DAVID SHOEMAKER, YOU WON'T HAVE TO HAUL ME BACK FROM GEORGIA ANYMORE. THIS TIME I'M GOING LEGALLY TO STAY, TO BRIAN AND BRANDON, I LEAVE ALL THE BIG MAC'S IN THE WORLD. REMEMBER ME. TO LIL' CHERI, A VERY DEAR FRIEND, THANKS FOR ALL THE GOOD MEMORIES, TRADITIONS, AND OTHER MISHAPS WE'VE BEEN INTO. HAVE FUN COOKING AND CLEANING. SMILE. I LOVE YA SIS. TAKE CARE. TO SAM IOWERS, THE GREATEST FRIEND A PERSON COULD HAVE, THANKS FOR PUTTING UP WITH MY MOODS, TEMPER, AND MY PROBLEMS. YOU'VE HAD ENOUGH PAST BUT THE FUTURE WILL BE BETTER. YOU'RE THE GREATEST, I LOVE YOU. TO IAMIE ILIL' ll LaROWE, WITHOUT OUR FALLOUTS WE WOULDN'T BE AS CLOSE AS WE ARE TODAY. I'LL LOOK FOR DR. I IN LIGHTS. I LOVE YOU, TO MASTER BABY IRENE, I LEAVE ALL THE GOOD TIMES WE'VE HAD. REMEMBER IT'LL BE HARD SO YOU HAVE TO BE HARD TOO, TO DIRTY, ALWAYS REMEMBER THE GOOD TIMES. I'LL NEVER FORGET YOU, I WISH YOU AND CHUCK THE WORLD, YOU DESERVE IT. I LOVE YOU, CALL ME AND SAY GOOD MORNING SOMETIME. IFOGHORNI TO OZZY, I LEAVE THE TIME WE MESSED SAM UP AND THE ABILITY TO RUN THE ARMY. GOOD LUCK, GREEN MACHINE. I LOVE YOU. TO DEANNA POTEETE AND REBECCA IDON'T BE A COOK! SMITH, I LEAVE MY LOVE AND HAPPINESS, AND 'I'. TO STACEY, YOU HAVE BEEN GREAT. I'M STILL TRYING. TO TYANN,WE'VE COME A LONG WAY. THANKS FOR IUST BEING THERE. I LOVE YOU. THANKS TO ALL THE SPECIAL TEACHERS THAT ARE NEAR TO ME. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. THANKS AND I LOVE YOU. SPECIAL THANKS TO MR. AND MRS. PARKER FOR KEEPING GROUP EXCITING WITH THE CREW'S WRITE-UPS, IT WAS ROUGH AT FIRST, BUT WE'LL MAKE IT. TO PAPA FIELDS, MAYBE YOU'LL FIND ANOTHER GOPHER AFTER I'M GONE, LOVE YA. TO KIM IMY OAK TREE! IT WAS NICE. I MADE IT. YOUR'S WILL COME. LOVE YA BABY DOLL. TO MY LIL' BUDDY MCRUFF, I LEAVE THE ABILITY TO IUG ON MR. 'D' AND THE HAUNTED HOUSE. LOVE YA. TO THE CLASS OF '89, I LEAVE MY BOOKS AND GRADES, BE GOOD AND TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE PREP, YOU'LL NEED IT WHEN YOU GET IN MY SHOES. TO ALL THE CONCIETED, SELF-CENTERED GUYS I LEAVE THEMSELVE BECAUSE THEY WILL NEVER TRULY HAVE ANYONE IF THE DON'T REALIZE THERE'S OTHER PEOPLE IN THE WORLD. TO SUE MINOR, I LEAVE MY BOOKS AND THE ABILITY TO PREACH SERMONS. TO MIKE BELL, I LEAVE MY LOVE. YOU WERE A GREAT FRIEND, AND FINALLY TO THE SENIORS CLASS OF 1988,I LEAVE LEAVE MY LUCK AND ALL MY LOVE. WE'VE BEEN THROUGH ALOT TOGETHER. REMEMBER BE HARD, BUT DON'T TURN TO STONE. WITH DETERMINATION WE CAN AND WILL MAKE IT, I LOVE YOU ALL VERY MUCH. STAY IN TOUCH K-2 CREW. I'LL MISS EVERYONE. I, SAMANTHA LEE IOWERS, OF SANE MIND AND BODY LEAVE ALL MY LOVE TO T.P.S.I TO MARY "OZZY" HOOKER, I LEAVE MY THANKS FOR HELPING ME THROUGH IAN, 15, 1987. I HOPE YOPU MAKE IT THROUGH LIFE, KEEP COLLECTING GREEN THINGS! I LOVE YOU! TO MICHELLE, MY DEAR ROOMMATE, I LEAVE YOU ALL THE CRAZY TIMES WE HAD. I HOPE EVERYTHING WORKS OUT. YOU ARE A TRULEY GREAT FRIEND, I LOVE YOU! SEE YOU IN "I". TO "DIRTY", I CAN ONLY SAY I'M SORRY FOR WHAT HAPPENED BUT, WE'VE GROWN CLOSER. YOU ARE GREAT. KEEP YOUR SANITY AND YOU WILL MAKE IT. I LOVE YOU. TO CHERI, YOU ARE SO SWEET AND A TRUE FRIEND. YOU ARE LIKE A TEDDY BEAR, ALWAYS THERE TO TALK TO OR CRY TO. STAY SWEETI LOVE YOU. TO IAMIE AND STACEY, I HOPE THE BEST FOR YALL WHERE EVER YOU GO. DON'T FORGET K-2! LOVE YALL. TO DEANNA AND REBECCA, PLEASE DON'T BECOME COOKS, BUT I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU LIKE A SIS. TO IRENE, I LEAVE 400 CASES OF HAIRSPRAY! BE GOOD AND STAY OUT OF TROUBLE. I LOVE YOU. TO ROSE AND MARY, I LEAVE MY SENIOR NOTES AND GRADES. DON'T FORGET ME, I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU LIKE LITTLE SISTERS. TO GLORIA, I LEAVE MY CURL, YOU ALWAYS LOVED IT. TO IULIE, I LEAVE YOU ALL THE HAPPINESS YOU AND DEWAYNE WILL HAVE! TO TYANN, WE HAD A ROUGH TIME BUT WE FINALLY MAKE IT ON TOP, AGAIN! TO VANCE, YOU ARE LIKE A SUN ON A CLOUDY DAY, YOU CAN ALWAYSMAKE ME LAUGH! I LOVE YAI TO PO, BRAY, BUZZ, DAWGG, AND T WE MADE IT. I LOVE YOU ALL LIKE BROTHERS! TO KEMA, BRENDA, LINDA, AND BROOKE WE MADE IT, IT WAS HARD BUT WE ARE HERE. I LOVE YOU ALL D-4 CREW. TO MRS, BRITTLE, I LEAVE THE ABILITY NOT TO TURN GREY WITH THE NEXT YEARS SENIORS. LOVE YAI ISMILEII TO DADDY BUTTREY, AND DADDY GREEN, THANKS FOR EVERYTHING I LOVE YOU ALL. DON'T FORGET ME. TO MRS. MINOR, I LEAVE ALL THE LITERATURE IN THE WORLD ESP,. "BEOWULF"I TO MRS. WORK, YOU CAN THROW OUT ALL OF MY POINTS AFTER MAY 19TH. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING. TO MR. NAVE, SEE YOU IN MEMPHIS FOR LUNCH NEXT FALL! TO MR. AND MRS. CAREY, I LOVE YOU ALL AND WISH THE BEST OF EVERYTHING FOR YALLITO MR, AND MRS. PARKER, WE FINALLY MADE IT! EVERYONE THOUGHT WE WEREN'T SERIOUS! BUT WE AREI I LOVE YALL. MY ADVICE TO THE UNDERCLASSMEN IS THIS IS THE BEST PLACE FOR YOU! GIVE IT A CHANCE, THE PREP OFFERS A LOT. YOU WILL BE BEYOND TPS GATES ONE DAY AND WHERE WILL YOU BE! ADULTS AREN'T THAT BAD, THEY ONLY WANT THE BEST FOR YOU. YOU CAN MAKE IT WITH AN AIM. TO THE SENIOR CALL NEXT YEAR I LEAVE THE ABILILTY TO MAKE IT AND BE PROUD. DON'T LET OTHERS BRING YOU DOWN, LIKE I DID. BE YOUR PERSON AND YOU WILL FILL OUR SHOES. WELL. WE FINALLY MADE IT K-2 CREW. MAY 19TH IS IUST THE PAST NOW, THEY THOUGHT WE'D NEVER GET SERIOUS. SMILE I LOVE YALL SISTERS. AND THE CLASS OF 1988 WE ARE "BAD" BY THE LAWS OF L,L,! BUMMBLEBEE I, AUTHENIA NANNETE TREECE, LEAVE TO THE STAFF AT T.P.S ALL MY LOVE AND THANKS FOR HELPING ME THROUGH OUT MY STAY AT THE PREP. SPECIAL THANKS TO THE FOLLOWING: MR. AND MRS. IOSEPH BULLOCK, MR. AND MRS. ROBERT WILLIAMS, AND MR. AND MRS. WAYNE PARKER, YOU ALL ARE THE GREATEST. WAYNE AND CAROLYN PARKER MOST OF ALL, I THOUGHT YOUR SENIOR YEAR WAS SUPPOSED TO BE THE HARDEST YEAR OF HIGH SCHOOL, BUT YOU ALL HELPED ME OUT IUST BY BEING THERE AND CAREING. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING, TO MRS. WORK, I LEAVE MY CHEWING GUM ISMILEI AND MY EFFORT TO STOP TALKING MORE THAN FIVE MINUTES AT A TIME. TO MRS. BRITTLE, I LEAVE MY BOX OF ROCKS, TO MRS. MINOR, I LEAVE A CASE OF WRITE-UP PADS TO GET YOU THROUGH YOUR NEXT SENIOR ENGLISH CLASS. TO MRS. BIRDWELL, I LEAVE A YEAR SUBSCRIPTION TO THE ENQUIRER. ENQUIRING MINDS WANT TO KNOW! ISMILEI TO MR. DAVIDSON, I LEAVE ALL THE HISTORY STUDY SHEETS YOU CAN STAND. BE SWEET! TO MR. BARNARD, I LEAVE BEST WISHES AND LOTS OF LOVE, TO MRS. FREDRIKA WILSON, I LEAVE ALL MY LOVE, I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO SAY EXCEPT YOU HAVE BEEN LIKE A MOTHER TO ME EVER SINCE I GOT TO T.P.S. YOU HAVE BEEN THERE WHEN I NEEDED YOU FOR THE GOOD TIMES AS WELL AS THE BAD. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING, YOU ARE A GREAT PERSON, I LOVE YOU TO DEATH! TO COACH DUKE, I LEAVE MY SPIKES AND SOME FUNNY MEMORIES, EVERYTIME YOU SEE SOMEONE DO THE LONG IUMP AND FALL FACE FIRST INTO THE SAND THINK OF ME. YOU ARE A GREAT PERSON I'LL MISS YOU. TO REDD, I LEAVE MY CHEERING SHOES BE GOOD TO THEM, YOU ARE A GREAT FRIEND AND LOTS OF LUCK IN THE FUTURE. TO ANGELA RODERICK, I LEAVE MY CHEERING BLOOMERS. TO ALL MY FELLOW CHEERLEADERS - KEEP THE BUSTER SPIRIT ALIVE AND KICKING. TO ALL MY GOOD FRIENDS IN K-2 IAMIE, CHERI, STACEY, MARY, SAMANTHA, REBECCA, DEANNA, IRENE, AND MICHELLE DON'T EVER FORGET THE GOOD TIMES THE K-2 CREW SHARED TOGETHER. GOOD LUCK TO EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU. OH, IAMIE AND IRENE, MOMMA LOVES YOUISMILEJ. LAMONT, I COULDN'T POSSIBLY PUT EVERYTHING THAT I WANT TO YOU TO KNOW IN THIS WILL SO IUST KNOW THE IMPORTANT THINGS AND THAT IS THAT I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART AND I DON'T KNOW WHERE I WOULD HAVE BEEN IF I HADN'T FOUND YOU. YOU MEAN THE WORLD TO ME. I'LL NEVER LET YOU GO.IT SEEMS LIKE WE HAVE BEEN TOGETHER FOREVER. WE HAVE SHARED SOME GOOD TIMES AND SOME BAD TIMES, BUT IN THE BAD ONES WE SAW EACH OTHER THROUGH. YOU WILL ALWAYS BE AN IMPORTANT PART OF MY LIFE. KEMA, WELL WE FINALLY MADE IT. YOU ARE THE BEST FRIENDS A PERSON COULD HAVE. WE'VE BEEN THROUGH ALOT TOGETHER AND THROUGH IT ALL WE REMAINED FRIENDS. I'LL ALWAYS REMEMBER THE ADVICE AND THE HUGS TO MAKE ME FEEL BETTER WHEN I WAS UPSET. I HOPE YOU GET EVERYTHING OUT OF LIFE THAT YOU WANT. STAY SWEET. DON'T EVER CHANGE. LOVE YOU. TO MY LITTLE BROTHERS KEMBLE, CAPRICE, VANCE, DEXTER YOU ALL ARE GOOD FRIENDS AND IWILL NEVER FORGET YOU ALL FOR ONE SECOND. TO RONNIE BYRD, I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO SAY TO YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE IUST CRAZYISMILE! BE SWEET. TO ANYONE I DID NOT PUT IN MY WILL BY NAME YOU KNOW HOW I FEEL, I COULDN'T POSSIBLY PUT ALL OF YOU IN THIS BUT I LEAVE ALL MY FRIENDS A BUNCH OF LOVE, GOOD LUCK TO EVERYBODY. BE GOOD. BE SWEET, AND REMEMBER AUTHENIA TOLD YOU IT WOULD NOT BE EASY. LAST WILL A D TESTA EN I, KEMBLE ORLANDO BRAY BEING THE "GENTLEMAN" THAT I AM, LEAVE TO IOLD MAN! MR. RICH MY MUSCLES AND MRS. RICH I LEAVE A INK PEN. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING THAT YOU DID FOR ME. I WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. I LOVE YOU. TO "BIG" HANK WILLIAMS, I LEAVE MY ABILITY TO SHOOT FORM HALFCOURT ISMILEI. THANKS FOR SHOWING ME HOW TO SAVE MY MONEY THAT WILL HELP ME IN LIFE. AT TIMES YOU WERE A PAIN, BUT NOW I UNDERSTAND WHY YOU DID THE H:THINGS YOU DID AND THANK YOU. TAKE CARE. TO MR. DUKE, I LEAVE MY GROUP POINT AND MY SKETCH PAD, TO MRS. SPITZER, I LEAVE MY HAT. ISMILEI TO MR FIELDS, I LEAVE A BREAD BOX AND ROLL TOP DESK. I LEAVE A VERY SPECIAL THANKS TO MY SECOND MOM MRS. TERREL. I THANK YOU FOR ALL THE THINGS YOU DONE FOR ME. I WILL ALWALYS REMEMBER YOU. I LOVE YOU. AND I ALSO LEAVE YOU MY VCR AND TAPES ISMILE! TO REDD, I LEAVE MY ABILITY TO DANCE, THANKS FOR ALL THINGS YOU HAVE DONE FOR ME. YOU'RE A "TRIP" - BY THE WAY YOU OWE ME ONE. STAY SWEET AND I WON'T FORGET YOU. TO MY PARTNER LIL' "V", I LEAVE A BOX OF YOU KNOW WHAT!!! THANKS FOR ALL THE FUN MEMORIES AND TALKS WE HAD. STAY OUT OF TROUBLE. TAKE CARE. TO T-DAWG, I LEAVE MY ABILITY TO BE "MR. BO-GUARD IN CHARGE". YOU HAVE BEEN LIKE A BROTHER TO ME. WE HAD FUN WHILE IT LASTED. KEEP IN TOUCH AND WHEN I BECOME A MILLIONAIRE, I'LL LEND YOU A COUPLE OF THOUSAND. AND I ALSO LEAVE YOU A L.L. COOL I TAPE. LATER CUZ! TO PO-BOY, I LEAVE MY KEYS TO MY 1988 CADILLAC. TO ALL THE FELLAS IN PO-PHI-I STAY OUT OF TROUBLE AND DO WHAT YOU DO BEST - PARTY!! TO ALL THE STAFF AT TPS I LEAVE MY THANKS FOR HELPING ME REALIZE THERE'S MORE TO LIFE THAN FUN AND GAMES. MAY GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU. TO ALL MY TEACHERS, I LEAVE MY THANKS. TO THE SII.L-4 CREW - WE MADE IT! WE WERE LIKE FAMILY, KEEP IN TOUCH. GOOD LUCK FELLAS.TO KANDY-GIRL, I LEAVE ALL MY LOVE. WE HAD OUR UPS AND DOWNS BUT WE MADE IT. I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU AND THERE WILL BE A SPECIAL PLACE IN MY HEART FOR YOU AND ONLY YOU. TAKE CARE AND DON'T FORGET ME. ILOVE YOU. TO ALL THE UNDERCLASSMAN, HANG IN THERE YOUR TIME WILL COME AND YOU'LL BE WRITING LINES OF THESE. TO THE CLASS OF 1988, I LEAVE ALL THE FUN TIMES WE HAD. GOOD LUCK AND BE ALL YOU CAN BE. MAKE GOALS AND REACH THEM. LIFE IS HARD IF YOU CHOOSE TO MAKE IT THAT WAY AND YOU FEEL THAT YOU HAVE NO ONE TO TURN TO, LOOK TO GOD. HE WILL ALWAYS BE THERE IN A TIME OF NEED. WE FINALLY TO MY LIL' SISTER AUTHENIA, I LEAVE ALL MY LOVE. STAY OUT OF TROUBLE AND THANKS FOR BEING THERE WHEN I NEEDED SOMEONE TO TALK TO. KEEP IN TOUCH. LOVE I, DANA BROOKE EATON, RESTORED TO SANITY, LEAVE TO THE SENIOR CLASS OF 'BB ALL THE FUN TIMES AND CHERISHED MEMORIES. I WOULD LIKE TO THANK PAUL BARNARD FOR YOUR GUIDANCE, ENCOURAGEMENT, AND ADVICE. ESPECIALLY FOR STANDING BY ME THROUGH THE GOOD AND BAD. YOU'VE GIVEN ME SO MANY OPPORTUNITIES IN MY LIFE. IDELAYED GRATIFICATIONI. I LEAVE TO DEBBIE AND IOAN ALL THE MEMORIES OF OUR WEEK TOGETHER. TO OSCAR FEW, I LEAVE MY GRATITUDE FOR ALL THE WONDERFUL THINGS YOU HAVE DONE FOR ME, TO DAN, DEBBIE, AND IONATHON DAVIS, I LEAVE MY LOVE. TO IOHN BUNNELL, I LEAVE BUT YET CARRY WITH ME OUR FRIENDSHIP. THANK YOU FOR ALWAYS BEING THERE FOR ME. TO LEANNA BATEY, I LEAVE THE SPECIAL TIMES WE SHARED AT THE LAKE. HA. YOU'RE REALLY A NEAT PERSON. TO IOHN GREEN, IOHN DUKE, AND FREDRICKA WILSON, I LEAVE MY DEEPEST GRATITUDE FOR YOUR SUPPORT, TO SUE MINOR, I LEAVE THE EIFEL TOWER, SEE YA AT THE TOPIIHAI TO MY CLOSEST FRIEND TRUCILLA SHIPLEY, I LEAVE ALL THE GREAT TIMES OUR EIRENDSHIP HAS BROUGHT. NEVER FORGET ALL WE'VE SHARED AND EXPERIENCED TOGETHER. IT'S HELPED US GROW. I LOVE YOU, SIS! TO MARY HOOKER AND KEMA YARBROUGH, I LEAVE A SPECIAL FRIENDSHIP. THANK YOU FOR OUR TALKS, YOUR SUPPORT AND ALL THE LAUGHS. TO TYANN FONZER, I LEAVE THE MEMORIES OF "MR. SMILEY" THE LITTLE NOTES, AND THE MOVIES. TO BRENDA ENGLAND, I LEAVE OUR LATE NIGHT TALKS, TRIPS TO THE STORE AND OUR ROOM. IT'S KILLER!! TO IAMIE LAROWE, I LEAVE "OUR" NEW FRIENDSHIP. LET US SMILE TO BRING HOPE AND LEAVE THE PAST IN THE OLD WORLD OF SELFISHNESS. I LOVE YOU. ISMILEII TO LETICIA MOORE. I LEAVE ENCOURAGEMENT AND A REWARDING LIFE. TO LINDA ASKEW, I LEAVE MINE AND TRUDY'S LOCKER IN HOPES THAT YOU CAN KEEP IT BETTER ORGANIZED THAN BOTH OF US. TO LEANN SHELTON, I WANT TO THANK YOU FOR HELPING ME SEE THE BEAUTY OF THE WORLD THAT SURROUNDS ME. TO THE I.I.'S, I LEAVE THE MEMORIES OF OUR CAMPING ADVENTURE! LOVE YA! TO MY TRUE FRIENDS LAND MY BEST FRIEND IEFF ANDERSON! I LEAVE MY LOVE,FRIENDSHIP,SUPPORT,MEMORIES,AND A GREAT DEAL OF HAPPINESS. I MISS YOU BUNCHESI TO APRIL EATON, I LEAVE A WORLD OF 2IgBD3Ig?TRENGTH,FAITH AND LOVE. I THANK YOU FOR BEING MORE THAN MY SISTER, MY FRIEND. YOU HAVE LOVED ME UNCONDITIONALLY,STOOD BY ME, AND LAUGHED WITH ME. I LOVE YOU. I, TYANN LYNETTE FONZER, BEING OF INSANE MIND AND BODY LEAVE TO MR. AND MRS. DAVIS ALL THE FUN TIMES TRYING TO BREAK YOU IN. THANKS FOR ALL THE ENCOURAGEMENT AND ADDED STRENGTH I NEEDED. TO IENNIFER IACKSON, I LEAVE YOU MY VOCABULARY AND A WEBSTER'S DICTIONARY, YOU'VE BEEN A TRUE FRIEND. LOVE YA. TO BROOKE, WELL WHAT CAN I SAY, WE'VE BEEN THROUGH ALOT TOGETHER AND WE MADE IT WITH FLYING COLORS, I'LL ALWAYS BE THERE WHEN YOU NEED ME. ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE TO CROSS A STREET! SMILE. TO KEMA, I LEAVE YOU THREE HOURS AT THE BUS STATION AND ALL OUR FUN TRIPS TO LANE COLLEGE. TO BRENDA ENGLAND, I LEAVE YOU MY FRIENDSHIP TO BE WITH YOU WHEN WE GRADUATE. TO ANN DARTY, I LEAVE YOU A IUMBO COMB. PLEASE USE IT. TO MRS. BATEY, I LEAVE ALL THE TIMES YOU SCARED ME, TO MRS, STRICKLAND, I LEAVE ALL THE TIMES YOU TRIED TO BUST ME. MAYBE ONCE BEFORE I LEAVE YOU WILL, BUT UNTIL THEN, THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HELP. I TRULY APPRECIATE IT. TO KYM, I LEAVE YOU A NEW DECK OF CARDS, MAYBE, IF YOU PRACTICE, YOU COULD LEARN NOT TO SET YOUR PARTNER, TO IOHNATHAN, I LEAVE YOU THAT BIG RED BAT. ALL FUTURE SENIORS - BEWARE, IT'S DEADLY. TO MR. BARNARD, TO YOU I LEAVE THE HEADACHE OF THE YEARBOOK. THANKS FOR BEING THERE WHEN I ulE:BELi,Z'JOlx'YOU ALWAYS KNEW WHAT WORDS TO SAY. TO ALL THE ONES I FAILED TO MENTION, TAKE CARE AND DON'T LET THE PEOPLE A T.P.S. GET YOU DOWN BECAUSE YOU ARE WHATEVER YOU I, VANCE MCFARLAND, LEAVE ALL MY HAPPINESS TO MR. AND MRS. IUDKINS. THANKS MRS. "I" FOR ALL YOU HAVE DONE FOR ME. I COULD HAVE NEVER MADE IT WITHOUT YOUR CONCERN. MR. IUDKINS, MY DEAR OLD MAN I LEAVE THE PATIENCE TO CONTROL YOURSELF WHEN YOU SEE A CROPEY. THANKS MR. "I" FOR ALL THE GOOD TIMES AS WELL AS THE BAD. MR. TODD THANKS FOR MY VOCABULARY AND HELP KEEP THE TEMPTATIONS TO PUT THE RUSSIAN SICKLE ON ANYONE WHO PASSES YOUR CLASS WITH A COMB IN THEIR HAIR, TO MY HOMEBOY, DEX LICKS, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, REMAIN AS A REAL TRUE WINNER LIKE "BOSS", AND FOR HEAVEN SAKES STOP CAKEING. BE COOL MAN, REMEMBER ONE THING FOR "RUFF" TEMPTATIONS ARE WHAT CONTRACTS ARE MADE OF. TO ALL THE LOVELY LADIES, THAT HAS MADE MY STAY SUCH A WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE, DON'T EVER FORGET THE NAME, "McRUFF" FOR YOU MAY SEE OR HEAR IT AGAIN! TO MY SWEETHEARTS THAT STAPLED THEIR NAMES IN MY HEART FOREVER. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING. YES! REGINS AND YOLANDA I WILL MISS YOU BOTH AND HOPE TO STAY IN TOUCH WITH YOU FOR AS LONG AS THERE ARE TELEPHONE WIRES. I LEAVE MRS.SARAH NABORS, ALL MY LOVE, THANKS FOR GETTING ME ACCUSTOMED TO THE TWILIGHT ZONE. AFTER ALL IT HAS BEEN A WONDERFUL TIME. I CANNOT THANK YOU EEEJAAIND YOUR NICE WAY, CONSIDERATE WAYS. AND AS FOR THOSE WHO DIDN'T THINK I WOULD MAKE IT7 IT FINALLY CAME TO PASS, "MCRUFF", TRUE BASIC HAS I, IAMES B, POPE, LEAVE T.P.S. WITH ALL THE FUN I HAD WHILE I WAS UP HERE, TO MR. AND MRS. HEAD, MOM AND DAD, I LEAVE ALL MY LOVE AND THANKS. TO MR, AND MRS. PARKER, I LEAVE ALL THE FUN TIMES WE HAD IN THE SHORT TIME I KNEW YOU BOTH. TO KHRISTIE HOWARD, I LEAVE MY ABILITY TO COPE WITH PROBLEMS. TO MR. AND MRS. SMALL, I LEAVE ALL MY THANKS FOR TEACHING ME TO BE A MAN. TO MRS. ADAMS, I LEAVE MY THANKS FOR TEACHING ME TO LIVE HOW A YOUNG MAN IS SUPPOSED TO LIVE. TO LATONYA "COOKIE" GORDON, I LEAVE ALL MY LOVE AND RESPECT AND THANKS ALWAYS BEING THERE FOR ME. YOU ARE THE BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO ME AND I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU. TO ANYONE ELSE WHO THINKS I LEFT THEM OUT, I LEAVE MY MEMORY. I WILL BE THINKING ABOUT YOU. P.S. TO MY MOTHER AND FATHER, IN HEAVEN, I MADE IT!!!!!! I, BRENT ANDERSON, WOULD FIRST LIKE TO SAY THANKS TO EVERYONE HERE AT THE PREP. THAT HAS HELPED ME PREPARE FOR LIFE. TO MR. RICH I LEAVE ALL MY LOOKS AND AS MUCH HAIR AS HE NEEDS. TO, MRS. RICH, I LEAVE YOU ALL OF MY LOVE. YOU ALL WERE LIKE FAMILY TO ME. THANKS FOR HELPING ME WHEN I NEEDED IT. TO MR. DOUGHER, THANKS FOR BEING THERE SO I COULD BUG YOU. YOU ARE A COOL SOCIAL WORKER. I'M GLAD I HAD SOMEONE LIKE YOU TO TALK TO IABOUT MUSIC AND CONCERTSI. MRS. BIRDWELL, I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU, TO ALL OF MY OTHER TEACHERS, THANKS FOR HELPING ME THROUGH THE YEAR. TO MY BROTHER WES HALL, I'LL NEVER FORGET THE WILD TIMES WE HAD HERE, WAIT TILL WE GET HOME! TO "T" AND "BRAY", TAKE IT EASY DOGS. MR. AND MRS. BAKER, I LEAVE BEHIND ALL OF MY EXCUSES I USED TO GET OUT OF TROUBLE AND MY ABILITY TO CLEAN. I'LL NEVER FORGET YOU ALL, TO MR. BARNARD, THANKS FOR HELPING ME AND GIVING ME ALL OF YOUR GOOD ADVICE. TAKE CARE EVERYONE. I, LINDA MOORE, BEING OF SOUND MIND AND BODY LEAVE TO MR. AND MRS. WATKINS IMOM SI DADI, ALL THE LOVE THEY HAVE GIVEN ME, AND THE COURAGE TO GIVE LOVE BACK. IF IT WAS'NT FOR YOU I WOULD HAVE NEVER MADE HEADS OR TAILS OF MY LIFE. I GIVE THANKS TO GOD, HE LET ME SEE ALL THE THING I CAN BE. TO MRS. BAILY, THE UNDERSTANDING OF ALL THE THINGS THAT GOD HAS SET ASIDE FOR YOU. I LEAVE TO STEPHANIE PERSON, THE ABILITY TO BECOME A PRO., IN BASKETBALL. TO KEMA, I LEAVE THE ABILITY TO BE THE BEST CONGRESS WOMAN THERE IS, TO SANDRA YOUNG, I LEAVE YOU GOD AND HIS WILL FOR YOU. TO TERRY PETERSON, I LEAVE ALL OF OUR GOOD TIMES, AND ALSO MY LOVE, "I'M RELLY GONNA MISS YOU, DON'T GIVE UP NO MATTER HOW HARD IT GETS. DON'T LET IT GET YOU DOWN, I LOVE YOU!" TO THE DAVIS'S I LEAVE MY THANKS FOR UNDERSTANDING US WHEN WE HAD PROBLEMS ADIUSTING TO OUR NEW ENVIRONMENT. TO MRS. BATEY, I LEAVE CSUTIKIFAIREOFFQOEQQIBTHE MALL. TO TYANN, I LEAVE YOUR HONEY AND HIS BIG EYES! HAI HAI TO TIM, I LEAVE MY LOVE AND THE FUN TIMES WE SHARED THROUGHOUT THE YEARS AT T.P.S. I LOVE , MA '88!.I I, STEPHANIE PERSON, WOULD FIRST LIKE TO THANK ALL OF YOU AT T.P.S. THE TEACHERS AND THE FACULTY AT THE MAIN OFFICE, IWOULD LIKE TO LEAVE MY FRIEND LINDA MOORE MY FUN TIMES AND MY BAD TIMES THAT WE HAD EVER SINCE WE CAME UP HERE, UNTIL NOW. I LOVE YOU LINDA. TO MR, WATKINS, I LEAVE MY HEART AND MY LOVE, TAKE CARE, PAPPY, I HAVE NEVER HAD A FATHER LIKE YOU. THANK YOU FOR BEING THERE. TO MRS. WATKINS, I LEAVE THE SAME THING. TO MICAH WATKINS, I LEAVE MY HEART AND ALL OF ME TO YOU, I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU, YOU WERE A SON TO ME. I WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER YOU. TO KEMA YARBROUGH, I LEAVE MY PICTURES AND ALL OF MY GOOD TIMES. I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU. TO THE DAVIS'S I LEAVE MY SENIOR YEAR AND ALL THE PIZZA, MRS. DAVIS AND I ATE. TO ANGELA IOHNSON I LEAVE MY HOME ADDRESS AND PHONE NUMBER. TO ROBERT TALLEY I LEAVE ALL MY BRAINS TO HELP HIM IN THE FUTURE. TO MARIE, I LEAVE ALL MY HIGH TIMES, HA-HA!! LOVE YOU. TO KEMBLE BRAY, I LEAVE YOU 5.40. LOVE YA, TO CAPRICE, I LEAVE MY BASKETBALL SKILL TOO. LOVE YOU. TO SANDRA YOUNG, I LEAVE MY BLESIING. TAKE CARE I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YA. TO MISSY IENNINGS, I LEAVE MY LOVE, HOPE YOU AND KEMBLE LIVE HAPPY EVER AFTER. TO TRACY WILLIAMS, I LEAVE ME LOVE. TO MIKE BYRD, I LEAVE YOU ALL MY BAD TIMES. TO LAMONT CARTER, I LEAVE YOU MY LOVE. TO TYANN, I LEAVE YOU MY LOVE. TO DEXTER WARREN I LEAVE MY LOVE TALKS IN BIOLOGY. TO MRS, BAILEY I LEAVE MY LOVE BUT I WILL NEVER LEAVE MY MACARONI. I LOVE YOU. TO GOLDIE BAILEY I LEAVE YOU GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR LITTLE WEBSTER FRIEND, LOVE YA. TO MRS. BRITTLE I LEAVE YOU ALL MY WRITE-UPS. TO MR. FIELDS, I LEAVE YOU MY CCOACH CLAY, I LEAVE MY SKILLS TO CARRY ON AND MY LOVE TO YOU. TO COACH BRINKLEY,I LEAVE MY CHEWING GUM. AND TO ANYONE I LEFT OUT I STILL LOVE YA. THANK YOU ALL FOR N . I, TAMI "YNGWIE" ASBURY, DO HEREBY LEAVE TO MRS. DAVIS A VERY LIGHT SLEEPER. TO MR, DAVIS,I LEAVE ALL THE TIMES I'VE GOTTEN HYPER TALKING ABOUT YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, AND THE ABILITY TO GET COMFORTABLE WHEN EVER YOU FEEL THE TIME IS RIGHT. TO MRS. HERROLD, I LEAVE ALL THE "BOY TROUBLE" THAT I'VE HAD. THANKS FOR BEING THERE. TO MY "DADDY", MR. HERROLD, THANKS FOR BEING MY ADOPTED DAD FOR 21!z YEARS. IF IT WASN'T FOR YOU I WOULDN'T HAVE MADE IT. TO LITTLE LISA, I LEAVE YOU A PIECE OF MY HEART. YOU'LL ALWAYS BE MY LITTLE GIRL. LOVE YA! TO MY SISTER MARY "OZZY" HOOKER, I LEAVE YOU THE COLOR GREEN AND ALL THE GREAT TIMES WE'VE HAD, BUT MOST OF ALL I LEAVE YOU A PIECE OF MY HEART. GOD ONLY KNOWS YOU DESERVE IT, AFTER PUTTING UP WITH ME FOR 2 V2 YEARS. ALWAYS REMEMBER "THE BATTLE OF YNGWIE AND OZZY". TO WADE GREEN, I LEAVE THE WEIRDEST FRIENDSHIP I HAVE EVER HAD, BUT WE MADE IT THROUGH THE ROUGH TIMES. AND ALL THE ACIDC AND MEGADEATH TAPES IN THE WORLD. ENIOY! TO LYNN EVANS, I LEAVE ALL THE MEMORIES WE ONCE SHARED, THEY MEAN ALOT TO ME. I LEAVE THE UNDERCLASSMEN WITH THE ABILITY TO BE STRONG, AND TAKE ADVANTAGE OF T.P.S., AND FULFILL YOUR DREAMS WITHOUT PULLING BACK! TO THE CLASS OF '88 IT'S BEEN A REALLY WILD EXPERIENCE. HANG IN THERE. AND, LAST, BUT NOT LEAST, I LEAVE TO MICHAEL DEAN PARKER-O'TOOLE, ALL MY LOVE AND HOPES THAT WE WILL BE TOGETHERITAMI YOU MEAN ALOT TO ME I WISH WE HAD NOT HAVE BROKEN UP BUT WHAT IS DONE, IS DONE. MPOI TO MAKE OUR DREAMS COME TRUE! WE'RE GONNA MAKE ITI!II!I!!!!!!I!!!!I LOVE YOUIIIIIIIII!I!I!!I!I!II!!II!!!!I!I!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I!!!!I!!!!I!!! I, MARY OZZY HOOKER, LEAVE TO STACEY "LU-LU" WILLIAMS ALL THE TIMES WE COULDN'T SLEEP. IT'S REALLY BEEN GREAT BEING YOUR ROOMMATE. YOU ARE TRULY A GOOD FRIEND. REMEMBER ALL OF OUR MIDNIGHT TALKS ABOUT DONALD AND MIKE. REMEMBER LET'S GO KROGERING. WHEN WE LEAVE, LET'S KEEP IN TOUCH. I LOVE YA SIS. TO THE PARKERS, I LEAVE THE ABILITY TO KEEP ME CALM AND UNDER CONTROL. I'VE REALLY ENIOYED BEING IN YOUR BUILDING. YOU'VE NEVER FAILED TO KEEP ME SMILING. TO BRIAN AND BRANDON, I LEAVE THE ABILITY TO PUT UP WITH 10 SENIORS WHO ALWAYS AGGRAVATED. WE ALL LOVE YOU. TO MR. AND MRS. CAREY, I LEAVE YOU OUR SPECIAL MEMORIES, YOU BOTH HAVE SEEN ME AT MY WORST AND HELPED BRING ME TO MY BEST, YOU ARE VERY UNDERSTANDING AND THOUGHTFUL. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELVES AND TAKE CARE OF MY LITTLE SISTERS. GOD BLESS YOU BOTH. I LOVE YOU. TO THE REST OF GIRLS IN K-2 WE'VE ALL PARTIED, LAUGHED, CRIED, FOUGHT, AND STUCK WITH EACH OTHER. BE ALL YOU CAN BE OUT OF LIFE. I'LL MISS YOU ALL. TO MR. BOBBY TODD, I LEAVE YOU LOVE. WHEN I WAS FEELING DOWN YOU WERE THERE TO BRIGHTEN MY SPIRITS, YOU'RE LIKE A SECOND DAD TO ME. TO BRENDA ENGLAND, I LEAVE YOU THE ABILITY TO ACHIEVE WHATEVER YOU DESIRE. I BELIEVE YOU'LL MAKE IT IN LIFE. TO MR. FISHER, THOUGH YOU'VE NOT BEEN HERE LONG, YOU'VE REALLY BEEN GREAT, I'M SURE YOU'LL EXCELL AS THE YEARS GO BY. TO BETTY MILLER, I LEAVE THE ABILITY TO CONTROL ME! THANKS FOR EVERYTHING. I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU OR YOUR LETTERS. TO TAMARA YNGWIE ASBURY, WELL SIS, WHAT CAN I SAY? YOUR REALLY THE BEST FRIEND AND SIS YOU COULD ASK FOR. DON'T EVER FORGET ME. TO ALL THE PEOPLE I HAVEN'T MENTIONED, I'M SORRY I HAVEN'T WRITTEN YOUR NAME BUT YOU KNOW HOW I FEEL, TO DAVID SHOEMAKER, I LEAVE 2 POUNDS OF BACON. THANKS FOR BEING THERE. TO ALL THE TPS UNDERCLASMMAN,I LEAVE YOU THE ABILITY TO STICK IN THERE AND MAKE IT, TO SENIORS OF 'BB GOOD LUCK IN THE FUTURE, TO THE U.S. ARMY LOOK OUT 'CAUSE HERE I COME! OZZY RULES!! I, MICHAEL PARKER-O'TOOLE, BEING OF SOUND MIND AND BODY DO HEREBY LEAVE TO MR. AND MRS. SPRINGER, ALL MY LOVE AND APPRECIATION. IF IT WERE NOT FOR YOU TWO I WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN ABLE TO MAKE IT THROUGH THESE TWO YEARS, YOU WERE JUST LIKE PARENTS TO ME AND I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU, MOMMA AND DADDY. TO MR, TODD I LEAVE ALL THE ENGLISH KNOWLEDGE I HAVE AQUIRED OVER THE PAST TWELVE YEARS. DO YOU REMEMBER DIAGRAMING THIS SENTENCE, "LET'S GO."Z TO ALL THE UNDERCLASSMEN, LOOK YOU ARE HERE AND YOU IUST NEED TO REALIZE THE POTENTIAL YOU HAVE WITHIN YOURSELF AND PUT THEM TO WORK FOR YOU. THERE ARE ALOT OF THING THAT THIS SCHOOL WILL DO FOR YOU, THEY WILL SEND YOU TO COLLEGE, PAY FOR YOUR CLOTHES, PAY FOR YOUR FOOD, AND EVEN TAKE YOU OUT FOR A GOOD TIME. I KNOW ALMOST AS WELL AS ANYONE ELSE THAT TIMES GET HARD EVERY NOW AND AGAIN BUT YOU CAN'T LET IT GET TO YOU. YOU HAVE TO RISE UP AND KEEP GOING FORWARD. TO MRS. GWEN STRICKLAND,SIS, I WILL MISS YOU ALOT YOU ARE ONE OF THE PEOPLE WHO TREATED ME WITH A LITTLE RESPECT AND DIGNITY. YOU TREATED ME AS IF I AM ONE OF THE FAMILY AND THAT MAKES ME FEEL GOOD THAT I HAVE PEOPLE WHO CARE ABOUT WHAT HAPPENS TO ME. TO MR.PAUL BARNARD, I LEAVE MY THANKS FOR ALLOWING ME TO WORK ON THE YEARBOOK STAFF. YOU HAVE HELPED ME IN SO MANY WAYS, I REALIZE THAT IF I DON'T TAKE HEED TO WHAT YOU SAY, "IT DOESN'T MEAN A HILL OF BEANS!" I GUESS IT'S "DELAYED GRATIFICATIONX' IT'S MY SENIOR YEAR AND I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO INVOLVED IN WHAT HAPPENED IN THE SCHOOL AS I WAS WHEN YOU HELPED ME AT T.P.S. TO MRS. BESSIE KING, I LEAVE OUR OLD SAYING, "WOULD YOU BELIEVE?" TO EVERYONE I HAVEN'T MENTIONED YOU HAVE NOT BEEN FORGOTTEN, NOR EVER WILL BE, I LEAVE ALL THE IOY AND LOVE IN THE WORLD. I WILL MISS MY ALMA MATTER AND HOPE TO BE ABLE TO COME BACK AND SPEAK TO THE STUDENTS IN A COUPLE OF YEARS. TO ALL THE PEOPLE WHO ARE GOING TO GRADUATE ALONG WITH ME, I HOPE ALL OF YOU THE BEST. WE ALL DESERVE IT. I HAVE REALLY ENIOYED THIS YEAR. AGAIN TO ALL THE UNDERCLASSMEN WHO READ THIS PUT FORTH YOUR BEST EFFORT. THE BIBLE TELL US, "WE REAP WHAT WE SOW." LET'S GET TO GETHER AND HAVE A REUNION IN 10 YEARS GUYS SO WE CAN GET TOGETHER AFTER GRADUATION AND HAVE THE GOOD TIME WE HAVE PLANNED. I LOVE YOU ALL!!I!!!!!!!!II! I, TRUCILLA CAROL SHIPLEY, WOULD LIKE TO THANK YOU ALL FOR MAKING THIS THE BEST YEAR OF MY LIFE AT T.P.S. I WOULD HAVE NEVER MADE IT WITHOUT YOUR HELP. I WOULD LIKE TO THANK MR. BARNARD FOR BEING THERE TO PICK ME UP WHEN I WAS DOWN. YOU HAVE SHOWN ME WHAT LIFE IS ALL ABOUT. THANK YOU FOR ALL OF YOUR HELP, I LOVE YOU. MRS. HACKETT, I LEAVE YOU ALL THE LAUGHS AND TALKS WE HAD AND ALSO THE TIMES AT THE SHOPPING MALLS, I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE LIKE A SISTER TO ME. I LOVE YOU WITH ALL OF MY HEART. MR. DAVIDSON,I LEAVE YOU WITH ALL THE GOOD GRADES I MADE IN HISTORY CLASS, AND I WOULD LIKE TO THANK YOU FOR HELPING ME WITH MY PROBLEMS. MS. TERRELL, I LEAVE YOU ALL THE FUN WE HAD IN DAVIS 2 AND THE TRIPS TO THE OLD GYM. I WOULD LIKE TO THANK YOU FOR ALL THE THINGS THAT YOU BROUGHT ME WHEN I NEEDED IT. I LOVE YOU. MRS, WILSON, I LEAVE ALL THE TALKS WE HAD AND I THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING. LOVE YA. MR. AND MRS. DAVIS, THERE IS SO MUCH WE SHARED. I AM GLAD THAT YOU ALL BECAME MY DORM PARENTS. YOU HAVE SHOWED ME HOW TO FIND MY REAL SELF. I LEAVE ALL THE TALKS AND LAUGHS AND SOMETIMES CRYS, WE HAD THIS YEAR, TO MRS. DAVIS. YOU HAVE HELPED ME SO MUCH, I LOVE YOU. MR. DAVIS I LEAVE YOU ALL THE FIGHTS WE HAD. I LOVE YOU. MRS. BATEY, I LEAVE YOU THESE SILVER SHOES. I LOVE YOU, BROOKE EATON, I LEAVE YOU WITH THE BEST FRIENDSHIP IN THE WORLD. I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU. I LOVE YOU. KEMA YARBOURGH,I LEAVE YOU WITH ALL THE GOOD TIMES WE HAD IN DAVIS-4. I LOVE YOU LIKE A SISTER, LETICIA MOORE, I LEAVE YOU ALL THE FIGHTS WE HAD. BUT WE FINALLY MADE IT. GOOD LUCK, I 1 LAST WILL A D TESTAME LOVE YOU. LINDA MOORE, I LEAVE YOU WITH ALL THE TALKSWE HAD AT NIGHT. THANK YOU, I LOVE YOU. KHRIS HOWARD, I LEAVE YOU ALL THE GREAT TIMES WE HAD. I LOVE YOU. BRENDA ENGLAND, I LEAVE YOU WITH THE GOOD TIMES AND THE BAD TIMES. THANKS FOR BEING THERE, I LOVE YOU. IENNIFER IACKSON, I WOULD LIKE TO THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR ADVICE. I LOVE YOU. VANCE MCFARLAND, I LEAVE YOU WITH OUR FRIENDSHIP. YOU HAVE MADE ME A BETTER PERSON. I LOVE YOU. TIM DUNLAP, I LEAVE YOU THE GREAT TIMES IN PRINTING. I LOVE YOU. CAPRICE GLENN, I AM GLAD WE BECAME FRIENDS. I LOVE YOU. MISSY IENNINGS, I LEAVE YOU ALL THE TALKS WE HAD IN MRS. WORKS CLASS. GOOD LUCK IN THE FUTURE AND WITH KEMBLE. I WILL MISS YOU. ILOVE YOU, SIS. ROSS EVETTS, I LEAVE YOU WITH OUR FRIENDSHIP, GOOD LUCK WITH IAMIE. LOVE YOU. TO MY PARENTS, I WOULD LIKE TO THANK YOU FOR ALWAYS BEING THERE FOR ME EVEN THOUGH YOU KNEW I WAS WRONG. I WILL BE YOUR LITTLE GIRL. I LOVE YOU. TO ALL THE UNDERCLASSMEN, GOOD LUCK NEXT YEAR. I HOPE IT WILL BE AS GOOD TO YOU AS IT WAS FOR ME. WELL SENIOR CLASS, WE FINALLY MADE IT. I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST OF LUCK IN THE FUTURE. I LOVE YOU ALL. I WOULD LIKE TO THANK YOU ALL FOR WHAT YOU HAVE DONE FOR ME. WE MADE IT!!!! I, IAMIE LaROWE, WOULD LIKE TO THANK EVERYONE WHO HAS MADE MY STAY HERE THE GREATEST. MR. GREENE, THANK FOR ALWAYS STANDING BEHIND ME, AND LEADING ME IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION II DID LISTENI. MR. TODD, YOU'VE ALWAYS PUSHED TO DO MY BEST. THANK YOU FOR SO MUCH ENCOURAGEMENT. II NEVER COULD KEEP THAT "OLE WILSON COUNTY BOY" STRAIGHT, THOUGH, MRS. WILSON, I LEAVE YOU ALL THE LOVE IN THE WORLD. YOU'RE THE GREATEST. DON'T FORGET YOUR, "ANGEL-BUTTS". MRS, WORK, AND MRS. BRITTLE, THANK YOU FOR SHOWING ME HOW BAD I REALLY CAN BE. YOU'VE ALSO SHOWN ME THAT TEACHERS CAN BE YOUR FRIENDS TOO. MR. DUKE, I'M LEAVING YOU MY NCROOKED LIFE" AND BUTTE, MONTANA TO HAUNT YOU FOREVER!! TO MR. WILLIAMS, I LEAVE MY POND WHERE EVER IT MAY BE. TO COACH WILSON, I LEAVE A "GUM TREE" TO COLLECT WADS OF GUM THROUGH OUT THE NEXT FEW YEARS. TO COACH CLAY,I LEAVE MY BRUISED KNEES, I THINK YOUR THE BEST. TO MR. BUNNELL, I WISH YOU ALL THE HAPPINESS YOU DESERVE! TO MRS. BROWN AND DOUG, I LEAVE MY SNEAKINESS, AND ALOT OF THANKS. TO MRS, HATCHER, I LEAVE MY DONKEY TO SOME DAY STUFF YOUR BED WITH! ISMILEI I LOVE YOU. TO THE PARKER'S, I LEAVE MY THANKS AND LOVE. YOU'VE MADE MY LAST YEAR FUN. TO BRIAN, I LEAVE MY PICS, ON THE CONDITION THAT YOU STOP BODY SLAMMING THEM, TO BRANDON, I LEAVE YOUR SILLY IOKES AND ALL THE TIMES BEAU "WALKED"ME. TO ROSS EVTTS, THE REST I TAKE WITH ME TO LOOK BACK ON YOU'LL ALWAYS HOLD A PLACE IN MY HEART. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! TO BROOKE EATON, I LEAVE MY FRIENDSHIP. YOU'VE DONE SOMETHING GREAT WITH YOURSELF, I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU!! TO CHERI IBAM-BOI, YOUR FRIENDSHIP HAS ALWAYS MEANT ALOT TO ME. I HOPE WE'LL KEEP IT GOING. I LOVE YOU. BOO!!!! MICHELLE, WE'VE HAD SOME ROUGH TIMES, BUT WE OVERCAME THEM. THINK OF "DR. I" TO DIRTY "MORNING" YOU'VE TAUGHT ME WELL MOMMA! ISMILEI! TO MRS. PEARL, I'LL ALWAYS BE YOUR LITTLE FLAT-FOOTED PARTNER! WHO LOVES YOU THE MOST. TO IRENE, I'M GLAD WE'VE GOTTEN CLOSER, I LOVE YA SIS. TO TRUCIE, I LEAVE ALL THE TIMES WE'VE BEEN BUSTED TOGETHER. IIT WAS ALWAYS YOUR FAULT! ANTHONY YOU MUST KEEP OUR LITTLE SECRET LOCKED AWAY!! TO SCOTT HARGIS, I LEAVE BUNCHES OF LOVE, AND ALL THE LUCK IN THE WORLD. TO IAMIE AND KEITH, I LEAVE THE WORDS TO MY MONTANA STATE SONG! LEARN IT. TO THE CLASSES AFTER US. I LEAVE TOLLERENCE. YOU MAKE T.P.S. WHAT IT IS!! TO THE K-2 CREW, THE COUNTDOWN IS ALMOST OVER. I LOVE YOU ALL!! TO THE REST OF THE CLASS OF '88, REMEMBER WHEN IT SEEMED SO FAR AWAY? IT'S HERE! LET'S GO MAKE OUR MARKS IN THE WORLD! FINALLY, TO MY PARENTS, I LEAVE ALL THE LOVE IN THE WORLD, WITHOUT YOUR PATIENCE AND UNDERSTANDING I DON'T KNOW WHAT I WOULD'VE DONE. I LOVE YOU!!! NOW, CLASS OF '88 WE MADE IT!!!!!!!I!!!!I!II I, CHERI THOMPSON, WOULD LIKE TO SAY THANKS TO T.P.S,, FOR GIVING ME THE OPPORTUNITY TO GET MYSELF TOGETHER AND PREPARING ME FOR THE TYPE OF LIFE I WANT TO LIVE. MR. BARNARD, I CANQT THANK YOU ENOUGH FOR ALL THE HELP YOU HAVE GIVEN ME. I'LL TAKE IT WITH ME WHEREEVER I GO. I'LL MISS YOU AND I LOVE YOU. MR. GREENE, WHENEVER I HAVE FALLEN YOU HAVE BEEN THERE TO CATCH ME, I GUESS FOR THAT I'LL LEAVE YOU MY BUS TICKETS TO IACKSONI I LOVE YOU! MR. AND MRS. BROWN IK-3I, YOU'VE BEEN MY SECOND PARENTS. I THANK YOU FOR ALL THE HELPFUL ADVISE. I LOVE YOU! MRS. HATCHER, YOU ARE THE SWEETEST. I'LL NEVER FORGET YOU! MR. AND MRS. PARKER, THANKS FOR MAKING THIS YEAR THE BEST. BETTY MILLER, THANKS FOR HELPING ME, BE MY BEST! MR. MOO-SHAKER, REMEMBER LU-LU? TO MY DEAR FRIEND IAMIE IBOOM-BOOMI, THANKS FOR THE FRIENDSHIP! REMEMBER ME BRENT AND CLARKSVILLE1 LOVE YOU BUDDY! STACEY ILU-LUI, I LEAVE YOU WITH THE OPERATION BILL AND THE FUN MEMORIES. LOVE YAI AUTHENIA, P.E. I LOVE YOU! IRENE, I WISH YOU LUCK. I LOVE YOU! MICHELLE, HOW COULD I FORGET YOU? THE TALKS, SECRETS, CRIES, AND MOST OF ALL, OUR FRIENDSHIP. TIM, I LEAVE YOU MY ABILITY TO EAT LITEI!I!I!!!! I'LL MISS YOU. ROBERT YOU'RE THE BEST. OUR FRIENDSHIP MEANS EVERYTHING. TRUCILLA, SEE YA AT THE BEACH. ANTHONY, "TELL ME THAT YOU LOVE ME" ISMILEI. I'LL BE LOOKING FOR YOU. TOMMY IOYCE, GROW-UP! K-Z, I CAN'T BELEIVE WE'RE DONE BUT REALLY WE HAVE IUST BEGUNI I WILL MISS YOU ALL. TO MY PARENTS, WORDS ARE'NT ENOUGH! I THANK YOU FOR THE TOLLERENCE AND ALL OF YOUR HELP. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT'S OVER? I LOVE YOU BOTH MORE THAN ANYTHING. TO THE CLASS OF "BB" I WISH THE BEST THAT LIFE HAS TO OFFER YOU ALL! WE'VE MADE ITIII!!!!!!! I, ROBERT "T-DAWGG" TALLEY, LEAVE TO MR. WILLIAMS, MY THANKS FOR MAKING ME STUDY AS HARD AS I COULD, THANKS COOL MAN! TO MY LITTLE SISTERS, STAY IN SCHOOL AND STAY OUT OF TROUBLE. I LOVE YOU ALL. I LEAVE TO CHERI THOMPSON, THE ABILITY TO BREAK HEARTS WHEN YOU GET THE CHANCE. I LEAVE TO COACH LOVELL, MY SPEED TO BREAK LOSE. I LEAVE TO KEMBLE "BRAY- DOG" BRAY, THIS ONE THING "WE WILL HOOK UPI" I LEAVE TO MRS. HACKETT, MY LOVE, AND THANKS FOR THE HELP YOU GAVE ME IN SCIENCE. I LEAVE RONNIE BYRD, THE ABILITY TO BE LIKE ME, L.L. COOL I. HA-HA!! LAST BUT NOT LEAST, HEY PO-PHI-I, FIRE IT UP!I!!!! I, ANTHONY GROOMS, IN SOUND MIND AND BODY GIVE TO TPS ALL THE THANKS FOR MAKING ME WHAT I AM TODAY. I GIVE ALL MY TEACHERS THANKS ALSO, ESP. MR. DAVIDSON WHOM I LEAVE A WIG AND OF THE HISTORY HE TAUGHT ME. THANK YOU MR. "D". I LEAVE MRS. MINOR ALL OF THE LITERATURE AND ENGLISH SHE TAUGHT ME. I LEAVE MS. BIRDWELL ALL OF HER DOG STORIES. THANKS FOR SHARING THEM WITH ME. I GIVE MR. FIELDS THANKS FOR SHARING SOME OF HIS KNOWLEDGE WITH ME. MR. FIELDS YOU ARE A VERY INTELLIGENT MAN. TO CHARLIE BRIGHT, I LEAVE ALL OF MY FOOTBALL ABILITES, YOU'RE GONNA NEED THEM. TO KYLE DOWELL,, I LEAVE ALL THE TIMES WE HAD. WE HAVE BEEN TRIPPING FOR 3 YEARS NOW. STAY COOL! WE FINALLY MADE IT! TO MR, TODD, I LEAVE ALL THE BIG FEET COUNTRY GIRLS. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING, TO MRS. WILSON, I LEAVE ALL OF THE cfo '89 COOL PAPAS, TO MRS. IUDD AND MRS. HACKETT, I THANK AND LOVE YOU DEARLY. YOU BOTH WERE LIKE MOTHERS TO ME. TO MR. DUKE I LEAVE ALL THE ART 6. MAN MAGAZINES. TO COACH LOVELL AND COACH BURKE, I WISH YOU BOTH LUCK IN THE FUTURE SEASONS. I WILL KEEP IN TOUCH. TO MR. AND MRS. SMALL, I LEAVE ALL OF THE CARING YOU GAVE ME. I LOVE YOU BOTH. TO MS. ADAMS, I HAVE ONE THING TO SAY, "IT DON'T MAKE NE DIFFERENCE" I LOVE YOU.K TO DAVE CARTER,I LEAVE A PAIR OF HEAD PHONES, SO THAT HE CAN HEAR THE 6:00 NEWS. THANKS CARTER. TO ALL OF THE LADIES WHO WISH THEY WERE BUT WASN'T, SORRY. TO IAMIE LaROWE I LEAVE OUR LITTLE SECRET LOCKED AWAY FOREVER IN THE WALLS OF TPS. TO ALL OF THE UNDERCLASSMEN I HOPE YOU ALL WILL MAKE IT AS I DID, AND LISTEN TO ALL OF YOUR TEACHERS. ESPECIALLY MR. BARNARD. GOODBYE LINDA ASKEW, LINDA STEPHENS, LORA, IENNIFER IACKSON, TINA BURKE, YOULANDA POWERS, MARIE COLLINS AND SHARLOTTE SMITH. ALL OF YOU GIRLS TAKE CARE. NOW TO THE ONE'S THAT I DIDN'T WRITE DOWN IT IUST WASN'T MEANT TO BE. TO THE CLASS OF 'BB WE ARE HERE AT LAST! SO LET'S DO IT!!! I, IRENE CASILLAS, WANT TO THANK EVERYONE FOR KINDNESS AND MAKING MY SENIOR YEAR THE BEST, FIRST OF ALL, I LEAVE MY MOM IMRS. WILSON! THE ABILITY TO WATCH OVER HER "ANGEL BUTTS" DURING HALF-TIME. I WANT TO TELL YOU "THANKS" AND I LOVE YOU, MR. BARNARD, I LEAVE YOU ALL THE KINDNESS, WARMTH, AND LOVING YOU GAVE ME. THANK FOR HELPING ME WITH THOSE PROBLEMS I HAD THE BEGINNING OF THIS YEAR. I LOVE YOU. MRS. MINOR, I LEAVE YOU THE ABILITY TO GO THREOUGH A PERIOD WITHOUT THE WRITEAUP PAD. AUTHENIA, I WANT TO TELL YOU THAT YOU'VE BEEN A GREAT FRIEND. THANKS IMOMMYII LOVE YOU! IAMIE, I LEAVE THE ABILTIY NOT TO GET TIMED OUT DURING SCHOOL AND I ALOS TO HANG TIGHT WITH ROSS. ONE OF THESE DAYS WE'LL GO TO CROSSVILLE, TOGETHER AND WE'LL HAVE A BLAST! STAY IN TOUCH. I LOVE YOU. MICHELLE, I LEAVE YOU THE ABILITY TO STAY IN YOUR ROOM AT NIGHT. THANKS FOR BEING A FRIEND, I LOVE YOU. SAMANTHA, I LEAVE YOU THE ABILITY TO GO TO THE ACT CLASS WITHOUT SKIPPING IIUST KIDDINGI I KLNOW IT WAS HARD FOR YOU BUT YOU HUNG IN THERE. I LOVE YOU. MCRUFF, I LEAVE ALL THE FUN WE HAD IN 6TH. REMEMBER I LOVE YOU. PO-BOY I LEAVE YOU THE ABILITY TO LEAVE ROSE AND ME ALONE IN 4TH. BUT I STILL LOVE YOU. TO TPS I LEAVE ATHE UNDERCLASSMEN. MAYBE WHEN THEY'RE DENIORAS THEY WILL HAVE AS MUCH FUN THAT AS WE DID. TO THE K-2 CREW, WE HAD OUR FUN BUT NOW IT'S OVER. WE SOON WILL BE ON OUR OWN. BUT REMEBER ONE THING, OUR FRIENDSHIP. THAT'S ONE THING NO ONE CAN TAKE AWAY FORM US. WE HAD OUR SHARE OF LAUGHTER AND TEARS. I IUST WANTED TO TELL EVERYONE IN K-2 THAT I LOVE YOU. TO RONNIE BYRD, I LEAVE YOU OUR FRIENDSHIP AND MY LOVE, I LOVE YOU, I DOUGLAS L. ALLEN, LEAVE ALL MY THANKS TO THE COTTAGE PARENTS WHO HAVE MADE THIS STAY FOR ME AT TPS GREAT. TO ALL THE LADIES THAT I LOVE I LISA AND MARY IEANI YOU'RE THE GREATEST. I LIKED YOU THE MOST. THANKS FOR ALL THE SCHEMES, PLOTS, INTRIGUE THAT THE 3 OF US HAVE SHARED. TO MY BROTHER, IOHNNIE HOOD, THANKS FOR BEING THERE WHEN I NEEDED YOU THE MOST. ESPECIALLY ON GETTING GIRLFRIENDS AND TRYING TO STAY WITH THEM. TO MY OTHER BROTHERS, IIEFF KEIL, CLIFFORD CATES, STANLEY CATESI REMEMBER BACK HOME THE TROUBLE xVE'LL GET INTO, AND SHOW THEM WE GOT UP HERE AT THE PREP, BE AWARE. ALSO. LAST BUT NOT LEAST IEFFREY BRYANT. WHO TOLD ME WHAT I REALLY WANTED, I SHOULD GO FOR STR, THANKS FOR HE ADVICE. , I, DEANNA POTEETE, LEAVE TO MRS. SUE MINOR THE SRORY OF BEOWULF I HOPES TO NEVER SEE THAT STORY AGAIN. TO MY CRAZY BUT SWEET ROOMMATE, REBECCA SMITH, I LEAVE ALL OF OUR MIDNIGHT TALKS AND A MIRROR. TO MICHELLE "BIG MAC" FORTNER AND MARY OZZT HOOKER, I THANK YOU FOR ALWAYS BEING THERE TO TALK TO ME. LISTEN TO ME, AND MAKING ME TALK WHEN I DIDN'T WANT TO. TO MR. SMITH, I LEAVE ALL OF OUR LITTLE CHATS IN CLASS, THE HOPE THAT NEVER HAVE ANITHER STUDENT LIKE ME, AND ALL OF MY PLANTS THAT ARE NEAR DEATH, IMAYBE YOU CAN BRING THEMN BACK TO LIFEI TO MR. AND MRS. WQAYNE PARKER, I HOPE THAT NEXT YEAR YOU WILL HAVE A SENIOR WHO WILL REMEMBER TO DO THEIR SATURDAY CHORE. YOU ALL HAVE BEEN GREAT DORM PARENTS AND I'LL MISS YOU. TO WADE GREEN, I LEAVE ALL THE NIGHTS REBECCA KEPT ME UP TALKING ABOUT YOU. AND I ALSO LEAVE YOU THE THOUGHT THAT YOU TWO WILL GET BACK TOGETHER. TO MR DUKE, I THANK YOU FOR ALL THE TIMES YOU TOOK TIME OUT OF YOUR BUSY SCHEDULE TO LISTEN TO ME. I ALSO LEAVE YOU MY SKETCH PAD. TO BETTY MILLER, I THANK YOU FOR ALWAYS BEING THERE TO LISTEN TO ME. TO AUTHENIA AND IRENE, LEAVE YALL A BATHTUB WITH NO PLANTS AND AN UNLOCKED BATHROOM DOOR. TO STACY WILLIAMS I LEAVE YOU A TUBE OF ZIT MEDICINE. TO IAMIE, I LEAVE YOU A PIG. TO SAM BUMMBLEBEE IOWERS I LEAVE YOU WITH ALL OF THE MEMORIES OF COOKING CLASS. TO MR. DAVID SHOEMAKER, I THANK YOU FOR ALL THE DIRT ON IOE AND ALL THE ADRESSES YOU GAVE ME. TO MR. RAYMOND HUNTER, I THANK YOU FOR MY FIRST IOB. TO CHERI, I WISH YOU ALL THE LUCK IN THE WORLD. TO SCOTT HARGIS, I THANK YOU FOR BEING SUCH A GOOD FRIEND AND I HOPE TO SEE YOU IN THE FUTURE. I ALSO LEAVE YOU ALL OF MY WILL POWER. YOU'LL PROBABLY NEED IT. TO STACY HEMBREE AND IOHNNY HOOD, I LEAVE YALL MY BRAINS. YOU TWO NEED THEM AND YOU CAN DIVIDE ATHEM UP THE WAY YOU LIKE. I LEVE YA BOTH, TO THE SENIORS CLASS OF '88 I LWISH YOU ALL THE LUCK IN THE WORLD. I KNOW EACH AND EVRY ONE OF YOU WILL GO TO GREAT PLACES AND DO GREAT THINGS. TO THE REAT OF THE STUDENTS AT TPS MY ADVICE TO YOU IS, NEVER RUN FROM YOUR PROBLEMS. IT WILL BE THE BIGGEST MISTAKE OF YOUR LIFE. TRUST ME ON THIS ONE, I KNOW FROM EXPERIENCE. TO ROBBIR C. I LEAVE YOU ALL MY LOVE. YOU WILL ALWAYS HAVE A PLACE IN MY HEART. I, BRENDA SUE ENGLAND, DO LEAVE A SPACE IN MRS. DAVIS HEART. TO MR. DAVIS, I LEAVE THE CREEK IN SOOKIE SAW HOLLER. AND I ALSO LEAVE YOU MY RANDY TRAVIS TAPE BUT DON'T BE DIGGING UP TO MANY BONES. TO IONATHON DAVIS, I LEAVE ALL OF THE SLIME IN YOUR SLIME PIT, AND ALL OF MY LOVE. TO MR. B1 MRS, IACK AND PAUL, I LEAVE ALL OF THE GOOD TIMES I HAD IN YOUR BUILDING. THANK FOR ALL YOUR HELP. TO TYANN FONZER, I LEAVE ALL THE PENGUINS SHE CAN FIND. I LOVE YOU. I ALSO LEAVE YOU THE INSTRUCTOR AT THE SPA. TO BROOKE EATON, I LEAVE ALL OF THE SAFE TRIPS TO STORE. REMEMBER I LOVE YOU. TO TRUCILLA SHIPLEY, I LEAVE HER ALL THE TAPES SHE CAN FIND FOR TEDDY RUXPIN. I WISH YOU AND TREY THE BEST OF LUCK IN THE FUTURE. TO KEMA YARBROUGH, I LEAVE ALL THE CUTE GUYS AT K-MART. THANKS BEING SUCH A GOOD FRIEND. TO MARY HOOKER, I LEAVE ALL OF THE GOOD AND SAD TIMES WE HAVE HAD FOR THE PAST TWO YEARS. REM. YOU WILL ALWAYS BE MY SIS. TO MIKE BYRD, I WANT TO THANK YOU FOR BEING THE BIG BORTHER THAT! NEVER HAD. ALWAYS REMEMBER I LOVE YOU. TO TAM! ASBURY, I LEAVE ALL THE FUN TIMES IN MRS. MINOR'S CLASS JRD PERIOD. TO MR. BARNARD, I WANT T SAY THANKS FOR ALWAYS BEING THERE WHEN I NEEDED A FRIEND. TO IAMES POPE, THANKS FOR BEING MY BESTEST FRIEND. GOOD LUCK WITH COOKIE. REMEMBER ALL OF THE CRAZY TIMES WE HAD IN PRINTING. I'LL ALWAYS BE THERE FOR YOU DAWGGIE, TO MR. HACKETT, I LEAVE ALL THE ITMES I INTERRUPTED CLASS WHEN I WAS BRINGING YOU YOUR MORNING REPPORT. TO MR. DUKE, I LEAVE YOU A SKIRT LONG ENOUGH TO COVER UP YOUR SLIP. SINCE ITIS ALWAYS SHOWING, TO MRS. WILSON, I WOULD LIKE TO THANK YOU FOR TQO OF THE BEST YEARS I'VE HAD. I LOVED CHEERING WITH YOU AND THE OTHER CHEERLEADERS. REMEMBER OUT FAVORITE CHEER " ONE ZIPA" TO DANA WILSON, I LEAVE YOU ALL OF MY LOVE, AND I ALSO LEAVE YOU MY STUFFED ANIMALS. TO MR. GREEN THANKS FOR ALWAYS BENING THERE. TO YOULANDA POWERS, I LEAVE SIX PILLOWS. TO THE REST MY FELLOW CLASSMNATES, I WISH YOU ALL THE HAPPINESS, AND BEST OF LUCK. TO THE UNDERCLASSMEN, I LEAVE THE BEST ALSO. TO THE CLASS OF '88, WE MADE IT! I, KHRISTIE HOWARD, LEAVE MRS. DAVIS ALL THE COURAGE TO STAND UP AND TO SPEAK WHAT SHE FEELS, AND A GREAT "THANK YOU". TO MR. DAVIS, I LEAVE YOU YOUR RIGHT EYE I NEVER GOT TO BLACK. TO MR, AND MRS. HERROLD, I LEAVE MY NAME TO BE BROUGHT UP WHEN THE STOVE NEEDS CLEANING. TO LEAH, LISA, AND IOHN I LEAVE YOU WITH A NEW BABYSITTER. TO MRS. BATEY, I LEAVE YOU AN OPEN DOOR AND A SILENT SCREAM. TO MRS. HEAD, I LEAVE YOU OUR LITTLE TALKS AND SECRETS. TO COACH GAYLOR, I LEAVE YOU THE DRIVER'S ED. CAR IN ONE PIECE. I WILL MISS YOUR SMILE AND CORNY IOKES. TO TRUCILLA, I LEAVE YOU A GREAT "THANKS" FOR ALL THAT YOU HAVE DONE FOR ME. WE HAVE HAD LOTS OF GREAT TIMES AND MEMORIES. I SHALL NEVER FORGET YOU. O LOVE YOU. GOOD LUCK WITH TREY. TO LETICIA MOORE, I LEAVE LOTS OF DIAMONDS AND BOAT RIDES. TO LINDA MOORE, I LEAVE LOTS OF LUCK. TO DENNIS SAVAGE, I LEAVE LOTS OF GREAT TIMES. YOU ARE A SPECIAL PERSON, I WII MISS YOU BUT NEVER FORGET YOU. TO MELVIN CHAMBER'S, I LEAVE YOU THE DUST ON MY BLUE IEANS. TO KEMBLE "BRAY-DOG", I LEAVE A BURN IN YOUR HEART. TO ANGIE I. IREDDI, I LEAVE YOU A CIGARETTE FOR YOU TO SMOKE EVERYDAY IN P.E. TO YOULANDA POWERS, I LEAVE YOU LOTS OF LUCK AND THE ABLILITY TO LOOK FORWARD AND NOT BACKWARD. TO ALL THE UNDERCLASSMEN, I LEAVE YOU HOPE AND LOTS OF COURAGE TO CARRY ON AND NEVER GIVE UP, TO THE SENIORS OF 1987-'88, WE FINALLY MADE IT! MAY GOD BLESS US ALL. I REBECCA ELLEN SMITH, WOULD LIKE TO THANK CAROLYN AND WAYNE PARKER FOR MAKING MY STAY HERE AS FUN AS POSSIBLE - YOU ARE THE BEST DORM PARENTS AT TPS. I WOULD ALSO LIKE TO THANK THE TEACHERS AND STAFF FOR HELPING ME THIS YEAR. YOUR ALL GRET PEOPLE. TO THE K-2 CREW: AUTHENIA,THANK YOU FOR ALWAYS BEING THERE WHEN I NEEDED YOU. MARY "OZZY" HOOKER, GOOD LUCK IN THE ARMY. IF ANYONE CAN DO IT, YOU CAN. TE DEANNA POTETTE, MY ROOMMATE, GOOD LUCK - I LOVE YOU. TO SAMANTHA IOWERS AND MICHELLE "lR." FORTNER, THANKS FOR MAKING THIS PLACE TOLLERABLE. I LOVE YOU BOTH! CHERI THOMPSON, DON'T EVER BE A COOK. IAMIE LAROWE, "ENERGY WOAMN", GOOD LUCK! IRENE CASILLAS, I'LL NEVER FORGET YOU. STACYET WILLIAMS, THANKS FOR BEING THERE. K-2, WE'VE BEEN THROUGH ALOT, GOOD TIMES, AND BAD. I LOVE YOU ALL. TO LAURA KORBERGER, I LEAVE MY ABILITY TO MAKE MY WON DECISIONS AND STICK WITH THEM. TO HOUSTON SMITH AND BABBY ANGEL, I LEAVE MY ABILITY TO GET SERIOUS. UUST KIDDINGI TO LAMONT CARTER,I LEAVE AUTHENIA'S LOVE AND THE MEMORY OF YOUR GREAT SMILE. TO TAMI ASBURY, I LEAVE ALL THE LUCK IN THE WORLD. I LOVE YA SIS! TO WAYNE HENDRIX, I LEAVE MY BEST WISHES AND ALL THE FACES WE ALL AMDE AT EACH OTHER, AND LAST OF ALL, TO WADE GREEN, I LEAVE ALL OF THE LOVE I HAVE AND MY DREAMS FOR YOU TO BECOME ANYTHING YOU WANT TO BE AND FOR YOU TO HAVE A GREAT FUTURE. I LOVE YOU. TO THE REST OF LFJIEETUDENTS AT TPS, NEVER GIVE UP HOPE, ACCOMPLISH ANYTHING YOU SET YOUR MIND TO, AND YOU CAN GO AS FAR AS YOU LET YOURSELF. YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF YOUR OWN DESTINY. GOOD I, MELISSA HENSON, LEAVE THE FUN AND HAPPINESS OF THE DORM TO MR. AND MRS. DAVIS. I LEAVE TO MR. AND MRS. IACK THE AWOL HOURS AND QUIET TIME I HAD TO DO. I LEAVE TO MRS. BATEY THE NIGHTS SHE STAYED UP AND TO SEE WHAT I HAD HIDDEN IN MY PURSE. I LEAVE TO MY TEACHERS THE PAIN AND BOOKS TO YALL. I LEAVE TO TPS THE THANKS FOR HELPING ME OUT THROUGH THE TIMES FOR EVERYTHING. I LEAVE TO MRS. F. WILSON THE PEE'PEE BUCKET AND THE FUN TIMES ON THE CHEERLEADING TEAM. I LEAVE MR. BUTTREY THE TIMES I GOT TO GO OVER TO THE STATE PRINT SHOP. TO MRS. STRICKLAND I LEAVE THE TIMES YOU CAME AND GOT ME AT THE BUS STATION AFTER I CAME BACK FROM AWOL. LAST BUT NOT LEAST, I LEAVE MY LOOKS AND GOOD TIMES I HAD AT TPS. DONT RUIN YOUR LIFE BY LEAVING THIS PLACE BECAUSE TPS IS THE BEST FOR YOU AND WAS FOR ME. THANKS TPS FOR EVERYTHING. VALEDICTORIAN IAMIE ANNE LAROWE 1 L. L L SALUTATORIAN MARY MARGARET HOOKER 1 O3 V Y ,- ,- CN! IN co Ll.l LU W D ZLL! Luz Z5 rrlf UJLU l-.1 get D U-I OCD Rst v-Z - ' lll-..'- 1 .. Oval A.... fftqr:.'5eif..,.i.".az ZFQAGRICI 1 can e-4: .2 f 137 - 9-,a. . I sz: 41 . ' 1 FP ...asa F,-,is -.vrfgwv L1'xe5..-3. -. - -'rag . 3- OL HO SC RY PREPARATO ESSEE N TEN Final minutes of the last day of the '87-'88 school year brought memories of our year as BUSTERS flowing back through our minds. Over the past year Tennessee Preparatory School had become our second home and seen us grow as it had grown. With numerous changes in our lives and procedures, we learned how to deal with the system: We simply accept it. We came from different parts of the state. Each of us had something to contribute, and each of us received something that was new. Getting an education meant many things. We all chose different paths and different goals, but T.P.S. taught us all something special through the people that it brought together. Through it all, what made campus life so special was the students themselves. Different forms of expression made the student body zesty! lt's great. One thing for sure, we speak for ourselves. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this year's Beacon. Your help was deeply appre- QAM Brooke Eaton - Editor ciated. Mmm 1 -1'

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