Tennessee Military Institute - Radiogram Yearbook (Sweetwater, TN)

 - Class of 1971

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Tennessee Military Institute - Radiogram Yearbook (Sweetwater, TN) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 43 of 86
Page 43 of 86

Tennessee Military Institute - Radiogram Yearbook (Sweetwater, TN) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 42
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Tennessee Military Institute - Radiogram Yearbook (Sweetwater, TN) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 44
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Page 43 text:

edcrilafion of Cummers ENGLISH There is a growing awareness of the fact that English is ineffectively taught in many of the schools of America. Too many graduates of high school, and even of college, are, according to their employers, noticeably deficient in their ability to use the language correctly and effectively. We realize at T. M. I. that the ability to speak and write correctly, clearly, and forcefully, and the knowledge of good literature are assets of tremendous value to any young man, hence, we place at the top of the list of our academic objectives a strong pro- gram of instruction in English. The course of study is planned to emphasize the development of the fundamental skills of reading, writing, and speaking the language and to meet the requirements of college entrance. It embraces the study of grammar, usage, theme writing, letter writing, spelling, vocabulary development, and literature. Courses in corrective reading are offered for cadets who have reading diffi- culties. Spelling and public speaking are emphasized. fSee below.j Webster's "Collegiate Dictionary" and an excellent series of vocabulary workbooks are used in all classes. Thoroughness and accuracy are stressed throughout the course. Each cadet reads and studies in class and in outside reading as many of the better books and classics as can be included in the course. The splendid collection of well-chosen books which makes up our library is effectively used both for required and voluntary reading. Orientation in the use of the library is given to all new cadets during the first or second week of school each year, and half of the study hall periods of each cadet are spent in the library. Use of reference tools and all library aids to study and research is taught. Records reveal an unusually high circulation of books per student. SUB-FRESHMAN ENGLISH: Grammar: parts of speechg phrases, especially prepositionalg parts of the sen- tence: sentence structure, diagramming and analysis of sentences. Definitions of terms. Literature read for comprehension and interpretation. Vocabulary: assignments of words in literature and in vocabulary workbook. Composition: letters, informal and formal, sentences and paragraphs: book reports: short themes. ENGLISH I: Continuation of Grammar study: more detailed and advanced work of sub-freshman requirements: Sentence structure and punctuation. Composition: letters and themes, stressing paragraph develop- ment. Vocabulary exercises. Literature: anthology, including one novel and a Shakespearean play, usually "As You Like It." ENGLISH II: Study of more advanced grammar undertaken after review of first two years. Sentence struc- ture, the paragraph, the longer theme, further mastery of rules of punctuation, vocabulary build- ing exercises. Literature: Dickens's "A Tale of Two Cities" and Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar." ENGLISH III: Grammar: Review and advanced work. Principles of good writing reviewed and applied in frequently assigned, narrative, expository, and descriptive themes. American literature, with em- phasis upon outstanding authors of the various periods, studied. Vocabulary exercises. Page Forty-one

Page 42 text:

2 2 I . , Ei AI QE.. gg. L... 5322 :Q ' Q X0 1-T' 5. 1 Sf l x i.. f .,g,.E g Q 3 ,LL,L , gl it -51... ., 9, .gl , "'m wEs'vmQ wQnQQ 4. s a , ' .... 'W .S . a ' Q ,... . 5, . .. .:.1p.Q. . F 2 I 1 of f. . --iv.. ., H. . .Q 1 a ,Q gh N . A .W igz i Q1 f ix gi. P , 5' 3, . .. K QQ' 'Q 2... .5 L g fri 2 2 T , wg mi , Q H X si 2 s ii, S. . waz :ws- T5 - . . e. Q -.- 5. EQ... A. A -ak r - X- f ssh' K P 'Y ' X .aw f ww w'Qfi5,n,, ' rg .. Tig? ' 1 z fw iz . . ams1.,,qm.m a j- .M 123- A .ffl A X-- Q. F". .ggqfgg F , . . ,gyw,..f- i .5322 .Q f .eywii :' .. xl 35 " I, : Q5B?lf'. 51 if .if f K . z . 1? X ii.. Pgwdwww if r 1' A 'Qi xiii' 'E 3 . .L E 1 X3 1 A UR x X r. 1 x- i,NX.w. ... 'Ev A 1 4 f Q F. 3 ? 'rig Q has Q f QQ i s aff 4. is it y .K 11 L '54-fig, gn First Row, L to R Ammerman Arguello Blackwood 1 2. 3. Aulf, B. 4 5 el Chapin Chase fi' UN! f .X ww A e .1 ., E '.a,: . 5 'i9'...5:??1B. ,V '. 1 . ai ef ,. Q 12.22 1 . .1 4- .. ff 15. 3 ii 2' 0 ' QPSK . s 1 5 F X A X A 41 . 15 Q 5 Q 2 H i Q 1 i 41. 5 or L Q if 45.2.1. 2 5 ,.. at Qu: 3 , K. . . any is ' fi las' ... all- X. 5 X a im X 2 3 iiiigii is i t 1 E i 5, -. , "W . 5 . 5 , .. in P ik ' 3 .rr 5 1. Z Efri gii gg 3 . glgghg? 1 E gg A , Q3 ' 3523 , 3 . .fmt .Q i s ,3vQc nxiQ1g,,i . is 5 5 1 E.. KDR ' E 1 3 s 1 . me 21szzwes?ti51' Lg ,,,: aisszwsaef: ". . 5 - . f E ' iq Z.. Q isfrzf . si: ggi Q V2 li-.. s 12. i vs 5 e 1. x I rw - 3' fri? 1 . iii 9 i f Egl 3 xg 3 .e X .QL .AS. 9 0- E 1 of 5 X " Q . ,.1,,. .- 1 2 5'1" ai Ea r i 5 z S i.-.fi 1 . fs. - 1 . ggi' . si T255 Il' 5 Bgev 1 4 ' . mo 1- ,Sf i a. E Q, f . ... . ..SV is Q ' 15.3 fra 'X I . li f Q. : . E 'fi' 5 5 .. gig. . . ..- '.. 1 , W we 35355 Af mi in X E335 'ig K ig gg 1 9 1 5 . if Q.. i is S N.. Su xg a k ix. is ,. YE QR x , 2? 4-w t km. I : L gi ' ' ze Q., .Q E .Sis ,. Eg! 5 Ie ,Q .2 sw V i gm . Ti Q! .fQ. 1 Edo S igf 1. fi ..-1 1 ,iii Q E Wig sl 'Nt in N :V1 '55 E K f. 1 .... .. .N fi am? ai rs .. ., ., HF Rik E ,mb Agp mx .M ig.. E z MNH: ff 'W 1 Tw 53? N 2 2 1 2 gig? L X me E 5 if 1 2: SV LS w X . Q3 if Ps 55. W 15,5-E l. 11 123 . H 3 5 4 .I 5, 48 'E i 5 Sn , di Ei 2 1 Sgggi gnwagsg A 5 sift Q, '15-'if s 5. N ig , Lx 5112 Q 15 P B 1+ Q 3213 Sig fi of gi L A E he 'Tp A k 2 iff .-- .,, v 4 .arf . Ei ESQ, Jw . 53- E2 F9 Y. -. ! Si s lg . E A N' ' I rf ' -. 5 . . WEL-.1,. 12.9 , - 5.2 f'ff'f'f - iifil , fi . Y 3. Q. ' J 52. - 2.,.,1. j .. . ., f., . . . Pl? Q 'L ,gf N h.k 1. 5 1 , - Q-f . , ,152 Em:-k,gSf.w?. wa-i 53 Q. f -.W . li .- . . Qi . 51 : ' 1 . S . , 1 , .. 3 ' .1 1 ii K ' ' 4 , Q L E. . ' , - Q 2 s N I '--' 32. .. 5 T 'Vi' . - 552-I' Q E ff 1 5.1. it I 'IfE 'f2i2.'. 55. ' 511 5 ii 1 , Second Row, L to R Third Row, L to R Fourth Row, L to R Fifth Row, L to R 7. Cieszka, R. 13. Fortney 19. Jay Monger 8 9. 10. 11. 12 Crain DeAngeIo Dodson Duke Finkelstein 14. 15. 16. Hamil Herron . Hobbs Garren, C. Gorrono 17. 18 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. Lavidge Lewis, B. Luzmoor McKenzie Moberley 25. 26. Moore, W. 27. Mozur 28. Naff Perkins . Proctor, F. 29. 30 xth 31. 32. 33. 34 35 36. twig gee W- ' Qwimwmz 'W"'1-Z 'T F 3115's SW' M 'fi WL. nv f V.. 1 Q.. 3' F 7 2 , I 15 gan .fd o ji Wig., .ian ' ' Zig' 'QMS 42 .. "W Row, L to R Ruggles Seiler, C. Tosh . Turpin, M. . Vestal, W. Wantz

Page 44 text:

ENGLISH IV: Principles and rules of usage, sentence structure, punctuation, and effective writing applied in various types of themes, culminating in a research paper of some length. Vocabulary develop- ment continued. English literature studied. A Shakespearean play and an English novel read in class, SPELLING AND PUBLIC SPEAKING All students in Tennessee Military Institute are required to study Spelling and to have practice in Public Speaking. Spelling classes are taught on Wednesday and Saturday of each week. The practice in Public Speaking is secured through oral reports on research work done in the Library in classes in English and His- tory. While these courses do not count as a unit toward a diploma, we regard them as very valuable in preparing our boys for their work following school days. MATHEMATICS Mental growth finds its beginning in the power to concentrate and to reason. A man's ability is determined by the extent to which these powers have been developed. The relation of the study of Mathematics to this growth and the mental discipline derived from a mastery of its principles justify the importance which we give this subject in our course. Every cadet in Tennessee Military Institute is required to study Mathematics, four full years' work being required in the course leading to Diploma "A". For Diploma "B", designed to satisfy the requirements of the less exacting colleges, this requirement is reduced to three years, two in Algebra and one in Geometry. For further information concerning Mathematics requirements, see outline of courses on page 57. SOCIAL SCIENCE We believe that no man can consider himself broadly educated without some acquaintance with the record of human achievement in the generations that have preceded him, no matter how well informed he may be concerning contemporary developments. An adequate course of study in the Social Sciences is essential to proper educational development. We are offering currently a com- prehensive course composed of Civics, World History, Geography, United States History, Government, and Economics. These offerings give the student a choice of courses suitable to each of his four years of high school work. BIBLE A knowledge of the Bible is one of the greatest educational assets any man can have in addition to the moral and spiritual values resulting from the study. In an earlier paragraph, we have expressed our conviction that character develop- ment is the most important work of a school. No other course offered in this school affords so great opportunities for laying the foundation of good and sound character. Page Forty-two

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