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Tennessee High School - Cadmea Yearbook (Bristol, TN) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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Q,.,,.,.,4,1 61,554-J OIJWWL' -Q' ii gf , Q tg ' "7"""4-QA.. dfs.-.4.,4..,.fs 1, I A f WKQ, new-:JL Zu' 'gm' Ni 'M 2ZiZILL1L""i2 fr., eg-,ax P EMMA Zffijfwwf f . If V 70 MMM f 01 www M QF Q lp" 1'Uf'f"""" iffy klfdfywjvf X Zh AWD Xiiwiifffiw 0ff,ff'QZZ,i'7ZQfZQf7,7Q JZ.3fz1?W' W,Z M,7Ww4y w-JWWJ fy!! W Jww My A gggggfxk WW Rilgi ' M1 xi' -7-'94 3 ffx Wfiibf ,gf fM'ff"9WZV7 Xl fm! ,U,L,,,,f,Jfjov'1 Abdiflwzy wZfwA If W. vfnzilffff-74,f zip -Ja 1 MMQMIQV ,,g. -f 1 r x Sc 4 :H ,' w., f y i M, wi I -' fl N ,ri W! 53 ' gli' if 'W - 'pf 11 , I E 71 nf . K X- N Y V fiffff' fy ,' iff fi . J'-M155 f 5 if 552' ' l sf"- 1 '. Y- ' l,.f I A Aff 1- ,Eff -.6 A m f f 4- X I Qu. ' Q Q W f f ,.Z',ZffQEfh"'Qf'f52Y,? 59:-ii-if I l I' fi j?!,Q-,hifi 'fgm'fg'3f ,'X'f ' 'N ' :Ir f Ns-gig FA: A Q vH If -1 fgffxhfiiic-. new f ry 5- mv Yl4.f ,.. fp -'flwf' ' 1g. i,f-f-X -f vi s he' if 1 - Q Agqfwf f 2955 21321-i'4 f F , N -u . 'I' , V ,ggi L2 5' xi f i,.v, Wy--a , ,H fx ' . V , I f Sf,-,lf fi? '- 4 , 1 Q ' 1,1 FV ,g g g a Q- gl: ' , ! X K' yxi'-if X3 Q Y j f 1 i fiifgzdjf-2-5F11 2, QE? f - - : at R, ' 'S '21-1: Q fi X , 1 ku 5 N- if 1: ,Q 1 - fl , . if .5 , 1,51 , 'ff 5 ' 'Y 11, 42 Nav,-an tif 'fl' up llq., Ili: 35 -.,-, f x w V 'iw gf qgyi-ELM-D 1 4 ifw 2, WEA., - ' , 1 V : Elf H- f Q Fgsglf ifzg ff "" X W X ik' ' .f 1 ' lxI!1 , i5,El,..-L-g-i f 5 1 ' 2- 'g: fi' WX 'EW NV iJ,fQ N .gi - ' ,Mg jg A U Q PQ gg' . rlpxfgfr' 'A X ..m Fv 'KpNg5.h.::.:, 2 fx ligi ff QR!! E TQ V' ,"' N W X YS 4 "QS, A 1' ws X R- 1:i5QE1f'1i1 'f'f3i: N35544 F 1 lik 1 Rgsqfigfy XVf1 g gr Iufpjg I 1.x 35' X 1f W 35 WZ Efrxvi' -'P ga. Q N' ' ' 'V HV Wi z' N:-, QZX ':"- 2 'V V' 315 APXM N- 4 vi Nui: V Q QV N fl 'Pl gd' ff ff 'L H fr E? 2 M'4+v,?i5Q?i3ff'f' , Eg! mxflg-EZ 'ff I " ' N53 'iz-95 if 'NE-lf:' X V .1 ' X , X' " w Lf flxg., -jf LA 14 N ' W 1 -f -JS., W :,fl"f ' , NV iff 553 E . IJ ll!!! 5' , ' -,- lv- X 111 X My ,411 , X24 H12 - ,ml ' g 2' --,ag 5 fA52-1-gh, ww. 'T-N X - fe l? -5 f 1- ' 4 ' g 'XE-5 2 m ia -sig: X HW' 7' his 2 5 1 WTNQX' b '1' Q f F: , ,, I ' H 4 , of Af N N Qfxggwx 7 fy Rf N Q MQEQZ - in VL l X Z M.-4 1 3 ,, W A off' '9f7. .f2' 7- N 5701 -Q-32, 3 . - ' Ml'-.I QM 0 1- -Z-L15 'gi g!f 1 Qf 1 VW N 9 4 f Nia? f , ,T V Y 7- , A , 1 ,f ffv aw J 1-. Cf 5355 'H , fig ., j L XX L A 1 1 FQ A SILT, ' ,, AY5 ., SEN Qu l . 1 1, Q if , f f KM R i ull. I . A ' 5 255 T L pf px X if ig, ' - 5 1 2, X 'fi .dl I U 5-Ti-:Z , .-4.5 215 A K .5 , Q74 A? . , F i '23 , . , m f 5 My ,www , s f 1, ', 3, my V um- X H gf K 1 2' 5 A ,vgg 1 if f 'g a-fig 3 I is A. ,.,.-v.-..-'rw' I S X9'2TgPE?1?HAWRl Edi""S'i"'Chief E TENNESSEE I-IIGI-I SCI-IGOL C729 A7945 admea Published by 7716 Caa'mz1sC'!ub BRISTOL ' TENNESSEE THE CADMUS CLUB C1iAliLO'l"l'E BOVVERS SHIRLEY COPENHAVER Co-Editors-in-Chief LITERARY STAFF PEGGY EYLER DoTsY FAUCETTE MARTHA IIENRITZE BARBARA IONES PATSY SMITH HARRIET WALKER, Sec. ART STAFF ROLLIN BRAKE, Ed. NANCY TATE, Asst. IACKIE TRAINHAM, Asst GORDON FAUCETTE ROBERT GLOVER XVILLIAM HAMLET BOBBIE Lou SHOUN IOHN STONE BUSINESS STAFF HAROLD FARNSWORTH, Bus. Mgr. BILLY ARTHUR, Asst. Bus. Mgr. SABELLE CALLIHER, Adv. Mgr. IOHN PATTON, Asst. IEAN SWAN, Subscription Mgr. PEGGY BREEDING, Asst. PEGGY vHARRIS, Asst. ANNE HOUSER IOANNE KING LAwRENcE LILLEY BETTY ANN BTITCHELL Tublishers of Tihe Gadmea YEAREOOK OF BRIsToL TENNESSEE SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL EDGEMONT AVENUE BRISTOL, TENNESSEE MRS- FRANK M-'RNFY Founded in 1914, the Cadmus Club has served faithfully to record life at Tennessee High. CADMEAS have won Southern aIId National honors for years, earning the coveted Southern lnterscholastic Press Association "Top Honor" in 1947. It has always been a special honor to be elected into membership of this club and a signal honor to be chosen on the staff. Membership is based on scholarship, dependability and literary interest. The experience gained in working in this organization is invaluable and has led to many careers for past members in the Held of publishing. LS F acultv Adviser Columbia Scholastic +4 6 Southern lnterscholastic Ml 010149 Press Association Press Association Q!-BASSQGHF All the World's a stage, And all the men and Women merely players: They have their exits and their entrancesg And one man in his time plays many parts . ff D Staged by THE CAD1X1US CLUB C o n t e n I s THE SETTING ....,.........,..ir. The School .... THE DEDICATION ...,.. ....i A -Irs Marncy '....i.. THE PRODUCERS ..... ..,.. ' llhe Administration. THE DIRECTORS ..,...... i.... Fl llie Faculty ....,.. CAST OF CHARACTERS .... . . .The Classes . . , ACT I ...i.........,..., .r,.. C lub Life ..... ACT II .. . ..,.. Sports Life , I . 4 ACT III .,. .., .School Life. .. ACT IV ..... Our Life... "Behind the curtain's mystic fold The glowing future lies unrolledf' 6- 7 10- 11 14- 15 18- 19 ZZ- 62 64- 89 90-109 110-115 116-131 We-I 17 , V, , - A ' 1 'V I ?-iwA!,,A. 1 1' A.: 1" - f , 'ini '16 1 I ,B 5,51 o , v .' '- ' ' 0 , , Lifif'--A ,JJ M 1,Lx., - 4 .1 I 'Lf ' ' 3 f 'Ji f"n V A vw, . I L , 1, 4 lf . 1.-1 '9 In I ,Ln V , .f CD11 the cityfs 50111110111 borclw Rcarccl against fI1c sky Proudly stands our A111121 Hz As thc years go by. 1-"' 44- K F' 'R 1 N i a ,., g, 1. Q - Q I 4 it ,sf Q , S It . ' M , ,K 1 X ' J fr 1 1 x 3 L L . A . 9, . 1 jig 5. E V lr If' s lj 5. i Qi, ,Q ! Q ,Q I J 1 - 3 . if W 0? 5 ' " ' W 55 iw , ,F W v A It . .f . I, -Til.: if A,-fsjj, x 1 as F ,E LQ : Ag, i Z3W'?:--H-X I, ' W vwiqygw ,,,.fi,.5-fi?-rs,-,. w fu- Q Q , ,V:i::.E mVV:,Y ff Qui., 1- W "f' . ,- Ef f ' M-HN 1'- W1 -Q , 4 f 'K f M3 W .v :H . . "" ' ' ., -- MX QYH ww- 'f :- 1:1 ff' A ' vw LL, ,.,, - ' " 3-rj f - , , it A K t, M- l IF JZ R We-MHA W Kilim . 5 -' ge iw 4 ff -D' 'MW-K , ,.,. , , I W -' ' .N 'in F fs ffl - ...- .f "". n- 5 - W-ww ,. 'F Y ' -f'1X.-'ffiful TQ N fJvj,f'Mb5f7fV -in ,'flL73f7I2-L-2-Ql1f'51 fx ..,- . N WMfM'wWfWw ii,.-Q A f Q V ' ' ' 'Q wAh4i5f'?Xfmww'l "wfH'l 'Y ffwafi ? f ...wg 'if Meawifw w K X , ,. -N ' ,mga . ey 5 f'-gf1,a,.:2w L ' - 'k W,,4N+Nvf+ f H - 1 ,W K K xg., x, V Q v if3fQf42w,eu-g5H',ggi,Q.M, ga R - fa,- ,Q rj .f - . - H f- -, ,W w. W -- X4 fy I-if f m . ,,Q1,,vf,u.,k M1513 ,- F .0 '- It - Hg, - ' " 1 f V. V if 1-'JK' ' '.. ' X. ff N -a. 'W + .. "-" we 'G if . 1. - ' . FM F . . H, Af - Aa +- f,x-'1' rf Msage: K- 2 ..', i,, pw -' -'M' ' - - - -f Lf fl -f N 'M 4 W f--if N A ,- N -f"' -:iw zu- fi--Y X ' f - - L ' MQW , ff - -- - - . . 1- '-'- " .,,. 1.--D-'1 f - mf . ' - ' . f ' J f - dk As. '12 .gx :fi 1 .f .P fi' . -' ' A A X :dwg- ,. 4- f" f ' ,Q .fd ' . - ,isl ffsf '-A " wg-5-2" ' MLN ..- N. - "",'.-' ' ,Q 'g5g.,,M5: Q. ' .gif ?.1if4,,:tm.V.7g 4: in-3, I , 5 E., ., Eg, ,,f,!..- xv , K W gf' s ' w j- J 3 ' 'M' . H ,,,,5 5 .55, " Q ' - f ' wr. ',4 - Y ., '- W Vg' Q , WK K , ,H L k A Awgww v-r. xgqg 11 , Ax' 7. L., rw - W4 W M' n G 5 , , 4, g 7 ,N K' vw arenfd 4.559 'N F . . Q A - or an education, a free way of lrfe, and the ' privileges we have been granted by you, we honor t i you our parents in our 1948 CADMEA. It is with ' grateful appreciation that we show our acknowl- edgment of your contributions to our lives and with hearts overflowing with love that we thus honor you,'our dearest friends. 13,1 Lien I . f li, Lil-av' 'lf' alll 45 9 B 1 , f' 35' X S Oh liow very thankful I always should be fb-14 wiv, I JN' 1 ' I ' , F V i 4. Y r ' all r xl A A 5. If t Ill V - , ' , 'Ze . 1 f ' i X g we l , A l' . ,, , f l . I That I have kmd parents to watch over me. - 1 j . .gi MR. DR. MR MR DR. DR. MR MR. MR. MR 8 AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS. AND MRS. OVLOI' H. T. ARTHUR ...., T. R. BOWERS ..... A. R. BRAKE ....,... I. I. BREEDING .,......, NAT H. COPENHAVER. C. M. EYLER ......... CLYDE FARNSWORTH. W. RAMSEY FAUCETTE ..... ROBERT FAUCETTE .,... CARL GALLIHER ..... MRS. M. F. GLOVER ........,.,.. MR. AND MRS. ROY E. HAMLET ..... DR. AND MRS. H. LEE HARRIS .,.... MR. AND MRS. CHAS. F. HENRITZE ..,. MR. AND MRS. L. H. HOUSER ....... MRS. NELL N. IONES .,......... MR AND MRS. RICHARD C. KING .,.. MR AND MRS. HOWARD LILLEY .... MR AND MRS. FRANK MITGHELI.. . . . MR. AND MRS. H. M. PATTON .... MR. AND MRS. I. W. SHOUN .,.. MR AND MRS. H. V. SMITH ..,. MR AND MRS. R. V. STONE ..,. MRS. F. C. SWAN ,,........ MRS. ELSIE TATE .,........ ,... MR. AND MRS. I. M. TRAINHANI ,... MR. AND MRS. VV. AVERY WALKER .... . f' :Z .r rf N " if . ......B1LL CHARLOTTE . . . .ROLLIN . . . .PEGGY . . .SHIRLEY . . . . .PEGGY . . .HAROLD . . . .DOTSY . . .GORDON . . .SABELLE . . . . . . .BOB . .WILLIAM . . . . .PEGGY . . .MARTPIA . . . . .ANNE . . .BARBARA . . . .IOANNE .LAWRENCE BETTY ANN . . . . . .IOHN BOBBIE LOU . . . . .PATSY . . . .IOHN ...JEAN . ...NANCY . . . .IACKIE . . .HARRIET I I I I I The 1948 CIXDMEA is dedicated to one whose radiant personality has given us inspiration and guidance through- out our years at Tennessee High: To one who understands us and is willing to help us in every way she can, To one who gives time and energy to the studious and the fun loving, To one who makes every day a joyous one, To a friend and instructor who has Worked untiringly since 1944 to make the CADMEA the honor book which it has become, She is the CADMEA, as well as many other lovely things, so we, the Cadmus Club, in dedicating this, the 1948 CADMEA, to Mrs. Marney, are only dedicating to her a part of herself. 1 V A f fg X aw as H ' Qinemger Maf you are .flee acfor in a ,Jay pfay aclmiragfy fine ML 6l55l:gl'L8J. you. H . 5 W ...Q 1 LW f -5 .1 - , jj -- - -if 9 E-. 'Y- lsr 7 V ' ' ...--.,., ..-. W W' - , --.-, --gn--- ., , . . ,N -M., , ...,, - ,N- E PRQDUCERS 'F-V'- 'I'he Bristol Tennessee School system has gained in Dr. llyler a capable and excellent lcaclcr, None of the trials and tribulations of any stuclent are too insignificant for him to interrupt his work and offer his help and encouragement. Ilis great interest and unlimited experience has attorclecl us invaluable leadership in our athletic program. Dr. lCyler's keen sense of humor and sound aclyice have made him an outstancling addition to our community and school life. "Reason and eahn juclgmcnt, the qualities specially belonging to a leader." DR. CLl'IMl'lN'l' MANLICY ICYLICR B. S4 M. Ag Ph.l5. Military Science anal Tactics, University of Georgia. l'lnglish Language and Literature and American Literature, Gordon Institute, Barnesyille, Georgiag Georgia Military Col- legcg ancl Milligan College. Dean of Milligan College, l934-l942. Member of lixecutive Committee, Na- tional Association of Approved Basketball Officials, l920-423 President, l940-l94l. llonorary lfrateriiities: Beta Gamma Sig- mag Sigma Upsilong Pi Gamma Mug Kappa Phi Kappag Kappa Delta Phig Phi Delta Kappa and Alpha Psi Omega fl3ramatie lfrateriiityj. lX1ilitary: National Guard of Georgia, l9l5-l6g VVorlcl XVars l and llg Honorary Xlilitary Fraternity, Seahharcl and Blacle. UXVIIU l". ADKISSOX ll. S.. Xl. A. Clieatlianr County lligli Seliool. Austin Peay State College, Clarlcsyille. 'l'enn. B. S., State il'C2lCllCYS College. Nlnrtreesf lroro, 'l'enn. M. A.. George llealnocly College for leaelrers, Nasliyille, 'l'enn. Nlenrlber of Sigma Clnlh. Nlenrlver of the Plii Delta Kappa. Principal, lilernentary Selrool. Clieatlranr Connty, 'I'ennessee. 'l'eael1er, Clieatlrarn County, Central lliglr Seliool. llrineipal, Sontlr lfnlton lligli Seliool. llrineipal, XYatertoxyn Seliools. ln liis seeoncl year as our prineipal. Nlr. Atl- ltisson lias lueeonie a true ancl inore sineere friend to eaeli ancl eyery stnclent at 'l'ennessee lligli. llis sonncl aclyiee, nnclerstancling, ancl interest in eaeli stnclent as an incliyiclnal liaye enclearecl lriin to all anal lie will long lie rernernlnerecl lmy all xylio know lrirn. Under Mr. Aclkissorrs eapalnle leaclerslrip, Tennessee lligli will lueeoine an eyen greater in' stitntion of learning in tlre years to eonre. "'l'lre prinees among ns are tliose iylro forget tlrenrselyes ancl serve rrraiilcimlf' 6 ,ffff J HIFI, I'L0f I1 t96LCA8l".' OIG! UL BKALU- If' ! LUAOIWL g0lft 0648! fA,8 Wag. Ny I9 AGQCZ . . . QAQCZCJ of WL?68y 61,5 Weff ! 77 Olft. X .73 ,M 5, V Wx, K fl' ' 'l WHL' NM I xx LY ' A , f ll N l , A If f , 'if f, z! A 7 f i E DIRECTO 'l'I'lD ALEXANDER B.A. Baseball, Asst. lfootball Coach S'l'IfIVlC BORICTSKY A.B. Dircctor of Athlctics Football Coach Iunior Civitans ARNOLD CAMPBICLL B.A., LL.B. Divcrsificcl Occupations T. 81 I. Club, Acronautics PICARL COVVAN B.S. Dictitian SARAH FORTUNIC B.S. Home Economics F. II. A., Senior Y-Teens MAURINE IIAVVKINS B .A. Spanish, Typing Spanish Club, junior Red Cross MARY MARNICY English, Math Cadmus Club, Pi Delta T 0 AUBRILY P American History, Civics Boys' Hi-Y HELEN RANKIN Typing, Shorthand, Book- keeping and Commercial Law Senior Girls' Club MRS. DAVID IC. RUSSELL B.S. Librarian Library Club DELLIQ SMI'l'II B.S., M.S. Biology, Chemistry Alchemist Clubs Page 19 RICVELIEY OVVEN AB. Mathematics MARY ANNE POST B.A. Speech Foot-lighters, Powder Pull and Wig LINDSAY RHEA M.A., B.S. ' Algebra, Physics Iuuior Y-Teens MARTYNIC SIVELLS B.S. VVorld History, Geography Phi Beta Tri Hi-Y RUPICRT SMITH M.A., B.S. Industrial Arts, Mechanical Drawing I Iaudicraft BEULAH VVEST A.B., M.A. Latin Latin Club H A f f 'k 7 Qx4Q ' Lf QQ ,Minn my cue cornea, ca! ana! J wi!! anfswer TI-I L - ' D as X JR E CA 15295, , 4+ ,TE Wiffw. y S sb ' Qixltx ,ix '.',g 1 "fi, :Yr ST I stmlo QQ 1 ,,i X 4 f S X-if-lx Senior WWA x TfQ"""QXx if r I i - N'- t i' l 'l' 'll 4-5-.te I The night was cold - the step was slow, I, the Traveller, knew not where to go, Mist of rain chilled my hungry being, I was alone, afraid, and unseeing, Then out of the storm appeared a face, It was the Viking, of stalwart race. The stranger took my hand and led Me up the stony steps - I said, "Brave Viking, tell me where we're journeyingf' "This stairway leads to halls of learning." I looked about and in the night Through the darkness shone a guiding light. Brighter - still brighter, and in that hour Out of the mist rose a lofty gray tower, Of the Viking family I became a part And knew the warmth of friendly hearts. I served four years - gaining knowledge I treasure - They were happy times filled with pleasure. The years have passecl, and I once more Am the Traveller - unafraid to take the oar. So with a memory, a tear, and fond farewell, Tennessee High Vikings, set sail! - BETTY RIVES QUILLEN 5 cf r wif M are Class Colors: Green and Gold Page ZZ C L A S S Fall Bur, CROSS , IIVXI BICCORD, .. .. .,,. PHYLLIS IIASIIBMQGLQR A... . NTA1z'1'11,x LU'r'1'R12I.I.. , , , . H. B. IXKIQRS V.A..V. O F President . Vice-President ..,, Secretary . Treasurer , Sgt.-at-Arms . , F I C E R S Spring RICHARD IIARR TOM ED IDONNELLY IVIARTHA LU'r'rRr:L1. BILL Cnoss , . . BOYD BARNES Page 23 N3 BXLL CROSS AKYHPS LUTYREX ,X- Qui? us V AS ms MKG! LEE BOYD BARNES "Sir, your wit innlmles wellg it goes easily." XVALTER SPENCE BAUMGARDNER A"l'o tl1ose who know tl1ee not, no words can paintg And tliose wl1o k11ow thee, know ull words are faint." BILLIE IANE BELI, UA good fortune awaits tlie deserving BENITA ANDREA BIRDXVELL Ulllegairt as simplicity, und Wann as ecstasy." PEGGY IEAN BLAIR "A good l1C2lff'S wortlz gold." CHARLO'l"l'E MOORE BOVVERS 'Alf there were llllllly 111ore like her, the stock of halos would give out." Page 24 SENIORS IIUGII BYRON AKERS, IR. A'VVl1e11 sllzlll we look upon l1is like 2lg2li1l?l BE'l"l'Y IEANNE ALNIANY 'xller heart is ever guy." BE'l"l'Y IEAN ARROVVOOD "VVl1ere did you get tliose eyes so lnlne? Out of tl1e sky as l eznne fllfflllglldl BE'l"l'Y LOU BARNES "'l'l1e secret of success is eonstiniey to purpose." SENIQ 4- ' q f - Ml.. v . ,. 5 L. a- 1 V .,-X CARL DEAN BOXVERS "I would he friends with you and have your love." ROLLIN EDXVARD BRAKE "An artist is a dreamer consenting to clreain of the actual worlclf' ECCY LYN N BREEDING "Iler face is like the Alillcy Vffay in the sky- A meeting ot gentle lights without a name." BE'l"l'Y SUE BRUCE "O lacly, nohility is thine, and thy form is the reflection of thy nature!" RS IOE SVVAN BYRD HA little nonsense now and then ls relishccl hy the wisest men." BILLIE NADINE CAMPER 'AMoclcst and shy as a nnn is she." IAMES LEVVIS CANNON HVVill and Intellect are one and the same thing." 7 VIRGINIA MILLER CARSON "The path ot chity was the way to glory." CHARLES CLARK, IR. 'AA trnc friend is toreyer a trienclf' IACK VAUCITI' COEEEY "Genius is the capacity of evading harcl Work. Gentleman is Written lcgihly on his brow." Page 2 v ROBERT CHARLES CROSS "Mine honour is my lifeg both grow in oneg Take honour from me and my life is done." CLYDE I. CROVVELL, IR. 'AA hand as liberal as the light of day." IIM CANNON DEVAULT "Glory is a mighty spur. Glory is the true and honorable recompense of gallant actions." DONALD KABLIFIR DONALDSON A'Suceess shall he in thy courses tall- Suecess in thyself, which is best ot all." TOM ICD DONNELLY ullere is a dear and true, industrious friend." CORALYN LEFTVVICH DROKIC 'tllonest tame awaits the truly good." Page 26 SENIORS PICCCY 'l'lll'lA COLIC "Gentle in mannerg strong in performance." SlllRLl'IY ICLLICN COPICNIIAVICR A'As merry as the clay is long," "She's pretty to walk with: And witty to talk with: And pleasant, too, to think vw ou. IACQUICLINIC IlAY'l'l'lR COULSON 'She rnoyes a goddess, and looks a queen." BILL llOYLl'l CROSS 'A . . . Ile made il thousand friends. Yes, and he kept them." SENIO ISLEANOR LOUISE EASLIIY A'Thy fair hair my heart CIICIIHIIICCLH MARGARET ICLIZABETII EASLEY "My heart is always doing lovely things." BOBBIE IEANNE ICDMONDS A'Mind cannot follow it, 11or words express Iler infinite sweetness." ROY TURNER EDMONDS 'The most senseless and Ht man." RS 'eiiwaf Y BILL RAY ELLIOTT "Integrity is hetter than charity." MYRTLE EYLER 'AAS welcome as the flowers in May." HAROLD CEIL FARNSVVORTH 'The greater man, the greater courtesy." SIDNEY MAX FINKLE "My policy was chosen from the proverb 'I thought honesty the hestf " IIMMY LYNN FLANNAGAN uVVhateyer he did, was with so innch ease, In him alone 'twas natural to please." LILLIE MAE FLITI'CIIl'lR Page Z7 it All good things Come in small packages." CHARLOTTE GRAY "Can we ever have too much of :1 good thing?" EDYTHE HELEN GREENE "Her bright smile haunts me still." VERNA IEAN GREENE "A pleasure which there is in life itself." GENE ALLEN GROSECLOSE 'LHC hath a heart as sound as ll hell." WILLIAM GARLAND HAMLET L'This is the happiest of mortals, for hc is above everything he possesses." IAMES RONALD HAMRICK 'LVVhc11ever play and work eollicle, Seek play and Hing worlc aside." Page 28 SENIORS RUTH NAREA FREY "Angels are bright still- - - " RUTH SABELLE GALLHIER "A lovely lady g2ll'1IlCllfCCl in light From her own lJC2llllj'.7y FRED KENNETH GODSEY MHC 011ly is 21 Well-znzlcle 1112111 who has ll goocl cleterrzrizratioirf' BE'l"l'Y LEE GOODMAN A'A11cl l1er 'yes', once sz1icl to you. slmll he 'yes' for CVCIl11OI'C.ll SENIO RICHARD DOUGLAS IIARR Hloking and Innnor are plezlszlntg and often of extreme utility." PICGGY LOU IIARRIS A'Her beauty :nukes this vzrnlt 11 feasting presence full ot light." RU'l'II INIARGIIC IIARRIS "Is she not passing fair?" ICLICANOR DICANIC HARRISON 'A'l'he angel of spring, the inellowf thronted rriglrtizzgnlef' RS PIIYLLIS YVONNIC IIASIIBARGICR Mlwhe only gift is a portion of tIryseIt." VIRGINIA CAROLYN IAIA'I'CIII'lR 'Constaney is the fOlIIlCI2IfIOll of virtues." GICORGIC FRANK IIELMS 'ALo, one who loved true honour more than fame." IACK HOUSTON IIELTON UA faithful friend is the medicine of lite." IIM Llflld HILTON "VVI1at wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness?" I S ADA ANNA HOICKSTRA I A'The noblest mind the best content- ' lllffllf has." ge 29 V MARY LOUISE LEONARD A'T11Cr0 1s 110 1r011s11r0 11111011 may 110 00111p1110c1 1111111 21 11111111111 111011c1." HENRY MARCELLIS LESLIE "Great 1101105 11111140 QTCZI1 111011." LAVVRENCE ALLEN LILLEY UA propcr 1112111 11s 11110 s111111 S00 111 21 s111111110r'S day." LEXVIS DELANEY LU'I"l'RELL K EI111110, g1v0211s 21 93,10 of yc111rJq11111fy.f' SENIORS DORIS ANNE HOPKINS "And 111010 1112111 w1sc1o111, 111010 1111111 WC2l1f1l - A 11101ry 1101111 111111 121lIg1lS 111 c11r0." UELMAS LYNN HOUSTON "1 lnppy 1111 111011, 11S 11 cvcry day 111011 11114181 p101c0c1 up 11 110rscS11o0." VVILLIAM HUGH KILCORE HIJCVOII1' yct C1lCCTfll1, 1101110 501 r0s1g110c1." MARGARET ELIZABETH KLINE "S110 1100111 111110 1i11lC111CSSCS VU111011 most 101110 1111c111110, 01 despise., , 1 . ,I 1511071 . f ff I MW X J ff ' 'W ,W,1,f1. . Sff ff ff 'fi 'hid' 'f' " ' '11 ., 1 1 , ' 1711 ff- !- ,-1-'I 611' Xfnlcfz -L if !4,"' if I ' 1 , ffl ffvf f ' A . Q -f ,zj , ' ,., ,Y 1 fff-f-H1 --1-f l f' '- f ffl 1 fb.- ,- I ' '19 MARIIIIIA 1,Q1sA111l1'1'H iU'1"1'1111:L1, ' f' A f I "Her 01110 is, 1101101 111 of1011c1, I ' A1161 cvcry 0101111110 1s 1101 1r1011c1." EDVVIN KENNERLY MQLCLELLAN "110 1111111 21 c11111y 17C2lll1'f' 111 111s 1110. Pug 0 '10 v MARIAN MARIIC MCCLICLLAN A'Virtue is lvold, and goodness never fearful." RU'I'II LORAINIC MCCLICLLAN 'ITl1is is fairy gold." IAMICS LOVI'I'I"I' MCCORIU 'AA friend more divine tlian all diviniriesf' IOSICPII ALBl'1R'I' MOORIC "VUirli llis eyes in Hood with lauglrt RS PAUL KERVVIN NELSON "The rule of my life is ro make business a pleasure, and pleasure my business." CHARLES IIEDRICK NICKICLS ' 4... OI1, let us try If we then, too, can be sueli men as lie!" VVILLIAM NORMAN O'DELL mlllie will of a man is llis happiness." RICHARD IIARMON OLIVER '4You know the very road into Ins kindness, And cannot lose your way." ROBICRTA LIQIC O'NEAL 'Too fair to Worship, too divine to love. H ALMA SUIC OVI'lRS'I'RICI'1'I' I'Sl1e's all my fancy painted IICTL Sl1e's lovely, sl1e's divine." Page 31 PICNICLOPIC MARY ICLIZ1-XBIC'l'11 PI11'll,l'S "VVe11ri11g 11er 11154111111 11g11t1y." MARIORIIC RU'l'11 P111I.1,ll'S "A merry 11ez1rt 111z11cet11 21 C1lCCI'fll1 COll111C1l2111CC.H VVAL'1'1CR V1'1RC1L POPIC "VV11z1t s110111c1 21 1112111 110 but be IIICTTYTH LAXVRICNCIC IIOYVARD PUCK1C'l"l' "An o1111ee of 1111rt11 is wort11 21 po1111c1 of sorrow." BETTY RIVICS QUILLFN "Happy 21111 1, from care 1 21111 free! Wflry z1re11't they 1111 C01lfCl1fCC1 111ce me?" ICKTILY NIAP1 RAGAN "For S110 is just t11e quiet 1c111c1 Wfhose 11z1t11reS never vz1r5'." Page '42 SENIQRS NIARIAN 1+1L1ZAB1'I'1'11 P,'XR17U1'1 "XV11ose 11tt1e 11oc15' 1oc1gec1 21 1111g1I1'f' 11111111 IO11N KING P1X1I"l'ON UIXIICI w11z1t 11e greatly t11o11g11t, 11e 1101J1f' t121fCC1.y7 1'A'l'SY LYLIC Pl'I1XVI,1'IR "Her glossy' 1Ii11I' was e111sterec1 der 21 111011 Bright with i11te111ge11ee." 1J11Y1,1,1S QXYX 1'1'2'l'1CRS "'1'11e11 1JC21llff' ix its OXYII excuse for 17C11Ig.H SENIO NIARIORIIC ANN RANKIN "VVhatcver she does, wherever she goes, Grace orders her actions and follows her 11lOVClllC1ll'S.H MARCUI'lRI'l'l'l IRIS RIQXRODIC "VVisc to resolve, patient to perform." ICLIXIICR IACK ROBIN IC' l" l'I'I "Industry is the soul of business and the keystone of prosperity? 'VIIOIXIAS KING ROCICRS "Rich in good works." I I RS RICIIARD CARLTON RUCKICR -4 Our ideals are our better selvesf' IIl'IRBl'lR'1' XVAYNIC RU'l'I Ilf1RI"ORD "A nian of niarlcf' MARIANNIC SALYICR 4'Ot all the girls that are so smart, Therc's none like prettv Sallvf' i0wJ'01f". . W W WMWWSWJ CI ri I 'a ANNA GICRTRUDIQI SAUL "Silence is more eloquent than words IARLICS PATRICK SAUL 'l'here's nothing so becomes a man As nrodcst stillness and humility." FRIED THOMAS SLAGLIC ullc was ever precise and promise- keeping." gc 33 IUNE FRANCES STOKES "That those her golden tresses She doth attire under a uct of gold." CHARLES IIENRY STOPIIEL "The secret of sueeess is constancy to purpose." IEAN CLIFTON SVVAN "And still they gazed, and still wonder grew, That one small head should carry all it kuewf NANCY RACHEL TA'l'E "The very pineapple of perfection." DAVID PEDEN 'l'EMPLE'l'ON, IR. "None but himself eau be his parallel." VVILLIAM FRAZIER TURNER Ulle was a scholar, and a ripe and good one." Page 34 SENICD SAM CRECC SNIALLING 'AA11 l1lVCSl1llC11l' in knowledge pays the hest interestfl MARY ANN SlXH'l'H "Fair and softly goes far." PECCY ANNE SlXI1'l'H HA good laugh is sunshine in il house." ERNEST ALEXANDER SPENCE "A truly modest fellow." RS SENIORS IOHNNY CAMPBELL VANCE A'N0ble by birth, yet nobler by great dccdsf' CARL XVALDRON, IR. "VVorthy things happen to the Worthy." BILL MILTON VVARD "The charm and playfulncss of his talk." PEGGY IOYCE XVARREN usllllllllg always, with ncvcr failing scrcnity of countenance." Page 35 0'f-f,x..- I-X,1.,,,A4V'.,K. f' Q , f f ,4 , L.. li - -YVQ, 4 1 Mn RU'1'n AGNES wATsoN' " ff ff f 'A 'Twas hcr thinlcing of othcrs lIl2lClAC'?'6ll7' think of her." DORIS IEAN VVEIL "lVlodcsty is thc hcauty of wonzcnf' ROBERT LEE VVINEBARGER "From thc crown of his hcad to thc soul of his foot, hc is all rnirthf' PEGGY LEE YOUNG 'Tell inc, pretty maiden, arc thcrc any more at hornc likc you?" SENIORS NOT l'IC'l'URED ALICE BIRDXVELL ljAN Bousn BE'1"1'Y HLLER IIILDA HORNP1 RoB15R'1' HORNE XRfAL'1'ER LISANBY PAULINE Poolm XVIIJLIALI RICHARDS PATSY SBIALLING LnoNoRE 'TAYLOR VV. A. THOMPSON ! ' ' f . 1 NJ., .... M I .. ...IL ..,,.,h,,, 4 LA? dub,-Q ' Q-A L 4, s ' 1 'M' 1 ,- 4- -o. 41'-ww-v'?f 'Nj'-"W 4-I W" .f-In ul-aw..---D, Yff-AMA. YLL.4.s.4..1 uk ,,..,.1 X -4" 5 I .dvd v4L.QZ:.-4,-,4., I , , 4m--..f'v-r -' 7,"'4", ' -QMQA, -. s- - .IX .L, -n.,. ,g .L,. A....., "L" , ry' I in ka J, 1.4, .a..q,,4-. y f. At.. J 4-ffol. 11.1 4f?fA ..., 74 413314 an-.rf ' 1 Y V ' Z ,I ,. ffilf.-L..... .-.I .,, ul J 4, f.,,,,.rk,m AW wr J " 1:1 , 4 fm' " H 4- ""f':1' ,6' !,,,.,.,,l,.1 C. BOWERS B. CROSS P. IIARRIS P. 'l'l'IlNIPLE'1'ON M. LU'1 '1'1uc1,1. R. IIARR B. PARDUE 'KHo11or is purchased by thc dccds wc do - Honor is not Won until some IIOIIOIHIJIC clcccl is cloncf' Page 36 M SLIPERLATIVES H. B. AKERS B. QUILLEN I. MCCORD N. I-FATE I. BYRD A. RANKIN I. CANNON "True fame will never be CI1El1lCC,S gift - The secret of success is constancy to purpose." Page 37 l'l.-XllNSVVOR'I'II l'lDlXIONDS Porn lli41NNINc15r1 LISANBY Post CouI,soN ICYLEIQ Yolnsc: IIASHBARG1-za "The Importance of Being Earnest" Presented by 'l'Ill11 SENIOR CLASS OF 1948 Lu'i"1'RELI. ,Xiunzs Cizoss NlCCI.l'II.I..-XN CAST Lane . ,,..A.e., , XIICRCII, Pom: Algernon Noncrieff. ., e..... XVAIJIICR LISANBY lohn VVorthing . . . , . ,IIARor.n l'lARNSVVOR'1i'H Lady Bracknell .,., ..P11Y1.1,Is IlASIIBARGICR Hon. Cwcndoline Fairfax .. ,. .MYR'i'LE ICYLER Cecily Cardcw . , , . . i ,llicrsor Youms Miss Prism ,,,. , , . IACQUICLINE Coulson Rev. Chasuhle, i i ......,, Roy ISDTNIONDS Merriinon S... .... I SOB I'l1iNNINCI'1R Director .,.r . . . . . ......,, MRS. Posi' "'I'he Importance of Being Earnest", well- known masterpiece of Oscar VVilde, was pre- sented hy the Seniors as their annual play pro- duction - a play of wit and satire, and a comedy of manners, it takes place in 1895, hetter known as the 'Achaperone age". Loraine McClellan was crowned queen and Bill Cross king among the splendor of their court composed of runners-up in the Queen-King con- test, The maid-of-honor and king's attendant were Martha Luttrell and H. B. Akers, re- spectivcly. Page 38 Qutstanding THS Students Named For l-ligh School Register 'l'en Seniors from 'lcnuessee High School were noniinated by the faculty and officially accept, ed for inclusion in the 1947-48 edition of the High School Register. 'l'he students selected to rep- resent our school are Ann Rankin, Shirley Copenhaver, Charlotte Bowers, Virginia Carson, Hugh Kilgore, Buddy Codsey, Ned McClellan, Bill Cross, Iini Hilton and Charles Stophel. 'l'he Iligh School Register is ua biographical index of outstanding students selected from schools accredited hy the Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools or hy the sevf eral states. Students are noniinated by school officials on the basis of scholarship, leadership abil- ity, service to school and connnunity, personality and probable future usefulness to society." It serves a Mthreeffold purpose hy giving public recognition of more than local significance to those high school students who have distinguished themselves, hy providing an incentive for younger students, and hy establishing a readily available and permanent record and sources of reference for those included. 'l'he l9-16-47 edition included biographical sketches of niore than Hfteen hundred students representing more than two lunidred schools." XVC wish to congratulate sincerely these of our students who have been so honored. Iln.'roN RANKIN NlCICI.l1I,I AN Ciutsou Cousin' CJOPICNIIAVICR Citoss Boxvlclts B K , riff L slb The Cast of '48 H. B. AKERS, IR.-Football, Civitan Club, Sgt.- at-Arms, Senior Class, '47. BETTY IEANNE ALMANY-Band, '45-'47, Tri-Hi-Y, '46-'48, Spanish Club, '45-'46, Home Ec. Club, '46-'47. BETTY IEAN ARROWOOD-Sec'y, Freshman Class, '45, Sec'y, Girl Reserves, '45, Program Chairman, Phi Beta Tri-Hi-Y, '47, Dramatics Club, '46-'47, Alchemist Club, '46-'47, Mixed Chorus and Girls' Chorus, '46-'47. BETTY LOU BARNES-"Barney"-Phi Beta Tri-Hi-Y, '47-'48, Quattuor Signa Tri-Hi-Y, '45- '47, Thespians, '47-'48, Iunior Dramatic Club, '46-'47, Alchemist Club, '46-'47, Home Ec. Club, '44-'45, LEE BOYD BARNES-Sgt.-at-Arms, Senior Class, '48, Track, Sgt.-at-Arms, Boys' Hi-Y, '47, Pres., Alchemist Club, '46, Treas., Alchemist Club, '47. SPENCE BAUMGARDNER-Sec'y, Alchemist Club, '46, Football, '46, Key Club, '47, Rifle Club, '47, 1947 R. O. T. C. State Champions. BILLIE IANE BELL-Tri-Hi-Y, Spanish Club, Home Ec. Club, Sec'y, Girls' Athletic Associa- tion, Civics Club, Girl Scouts. BENITA ANDREA BIRDWELL-"Bee"- Vice-Pres., Phi Beta Tri-Hi-Y, '47, Sec'y, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, '46, Vice-Pres., Sophomore Class, '46, Vice-Pres., Girl Reserves, '45, Treas., Freshman Class, '44, Vice-Pres., Home Ec. Club, '44-'45. PEGGY IEANE BLAIR-"Peg"-Sec'y, Fresh- man Class, '44, Sec'y, Treas., Tri-H-Y, Band Sponsor, '47, Pres., Senior Girls' Club, '48, Mixed Chorus, Girl Reserves. CHARLOTTE BOWERS-Cadmus Club, '46- '48, Co-editor-in-Chief, '47-'48, Treas., Pres., Y-Teens, '45-'48, Beta Club, Pres., Latin Club, '47, Iunior Class Play, Senior Superlatives. IEARL DEAN BOWERS--"ferry"-Quattuor Signa Tri-Hi-Y, '47-'48, Senior Girls' Club, '47- '48, T. 8: I. Club, '47, Home Ec. Club, '46, Girls' Athletic Club, '46, Bible Club, '46. ROLLIN EDWARD BRAKE-"Brake"-Art Editor, Cadmus Club, Track, '46-'48, Mixed Chorus, T. 81 I. Club. PEGGY LYNN BREEDING-Ass't Subscrip- tion Mgr., Cadmus Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Girl Re- serves, F. H. A., Treas., '48, Vice-Pres., Spanish Club, Dramatics Club. BETTY SUE BRUCE-"Candie"-Tri-Hi-Y, '46- '48, Pres., F. H. A., '47-'48, Alchemist Club, '46-'47, Senior Thespians, '47-'48, Spanish Club, '46-'47, Girls' Chorus, '46-'47. IOE BYRD-"Swan"-Basketball, '46-'48, Foot- ball, '46'47, Vice-Pres., Iunior Class, '47, Treas., Student Body, '48, Sgt.-at-Arms, Sophomore Class, Sgt.-at-Arms, Freshman Class. BILLIE NADINE CAMPER-Tri-Hi-Y, Girl Scouts, Girls' Athletic Association, Glee Club, T. Sz I. Club, Bible Club. IAMES LEWIS CANNON-"RubinoH''-Pres., Latin Club, '46, Sec'y, Astronomy Club, '46, Beta Club, '48, High School Radio Reporter, '47. VIRGINIA MILLER CARSON-"Ginna"--Tri- Hi-Y, Pres., '48, Girls' Sports Editor, IVIAROON AND WHITE, '47, Vice-Pres., NIAROON AND WHITE, '48, Beta Club, '48, Band, '46-'48, Li- brarian, '48, Iunior Dramatics Club, '47. Page 40 Leaves A Record CHARLES CLARK, IR.-"Buddy"-Transferred from Harriman, Tennessee. PEGGY THEO COLE-"Peg"-Band, Girls' Athletic Association, Pres., '47-'48, Home Ec. Club. SHIRLEY COPENHAVER-Cadmus Club, '46- '48, Co-Editor, '48, Y-Teens, '45-'48, Sec'y, '45- '47, Program Chairman, '48, Beta Club, '48, Latin Club, '45-'48, Alchemist Club, '47, "8" Balls, '48. IACQUELINE HAYTER COULSON- "I3CklC"-MAROON AND WHITE, Vice-Pres., Beta Club, Sec'y, Iunior and Senior Plays, Dra- matics Club, Pres., Alchemist Club, Vice-Pres. WILLIAM H. CROSS-"Pookey"-Student Body Pres., '48, Pres., Senior Class, '47, Treas., '48, Senior King, '48, Boys' Hi-Y, Treas., '47- '48, Basketball, '47-'48, Baseball, '46-'48. ROBERT CHARLES CROSS-"Bob"-Boys' Hi-Y, Sec'y, '48, MAROON AND WHITE, '48, Al- chemist Club, Sgt.-at-Arms, '47, Spanish Club, '47, American Red Cross Representative, '48. IAMES CANNON DEVAULT-"lim"-Cheer leader, '47-'48, Band, Aeronautics Club, '47, Track Team. DONALD K. DONALDSON-Boys' Hi-Y, Foot- ball, '45-'48, Track Team, '46-'48, Alchemist Club. THOMAS EDWARD DONNELLY-"Tio"- Vice-Pres., Senior Class, '48, Boys' Hi-Y, Pres., '47, Spanish Club, Pres., '47, Alchemist Club, Vice-Pres., '46, Spanish Club, Sec'y, '48, Boys' Hi-Y, Sgt.-at-Arms, '48, Page 41 CORALYN LEFTWICH DROKE-"C0ra"-- Spanish Club, Program Chairman, Phi Beta Tri-Hi-Y, '48, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, '46-'47, Senior Girls' Club, '48, Girl Reserves, '45, Home EC. Club, '45. A MARGARET ELIZABETH EASLEY-"Betty" -Beta Club, Sec'y, '47, Tri-Hi-Y, '46, MAROON AND WHITE, Reporter, '47-'48, Spanish Club, '45-'46, Home Ec. Club, '45, Dramatics Club, '46-'47. ' ELEANOR LOUISE EASLEY-"Steppie"- Beta Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Vice-Pres., Sec'y, '46, MAROON AND WHITE, Reporter, Spanish Club, Home Ec. Club, Glee Club. MYRTLE EYLER--"Possum''-Maiorette, '46- '47, Senior Play, '48, Girl Reserves, Home Ec. Club, Quattuor Signa Tri-Hi-Y, Sgt.-at-Arms, '47, Senior Girls' Club. HAROLD CEIL FARNSWORTH-Cadmus Club, Business Mgr., '48, Band, Treas., '47, Beta Club, 48, Iunior Play, Senior Play, Key Club, '47-'48. SIDNEY MAX FINKLE-"Max"-Treas., Freshman Class, Iunior Varsity Basketball, '44- '45, Dramatics Club, '47-'48, Ta-Wa-Si Club, '47, Spanish Club, Treas, '46, ' IIMMY LYNN FLANNAGAN-"Fatl1ead"- Baseball Team, '46-'48, Basketball Team, '48, Iunior Play, '47, Spanish Club, Treas., '47, Football Manager, '46, Iunior Civitan Club, '47-'48. LILLIE MAE FLETCHER-''Prissy"-Iunior Play, '47, Band, Sec'y, '47, Senior Girls' Club, Sgt.-at-Arms, '47, Quattuor Signa Tri-Hi-Y, Home Ec. Club. 5 ff nv' if ., slb RUTH MAREA FREY-Band, Senior Girls' Club, Quattuor Signa Tri-Hi-Y, Chaplain, '47, Sgt.-at-Arms, '48, Home Ec. Club. RUTH SAB E LLE GALLI H E R-"Sybil"- Cheerleader, Tri-Hi-Y, Cadmus Club, '48'rs Club, Dramatics Club, Home Ec. Club. FRED KENNETH GODSEY-T. Sz I. Club, Pres., Bible Club. BETTY LEE GOODMAN-Quattuor Signa Tri-Hi-Y, Treas., '48, Senior Girls' Club, Home Ec. Club, Spanish Club. CHARLOTTE GRAY-"Char'l"-Senior Girls' Club, Quattuor Signa Tri-Hi-Y, Chaplain, '46, Spanish Club, 48'rs Club, Home Ec. Club. EDYTHE HELEN GREENE-Senior Girls' Club, Quattuor Signa T ri-Hi-Y, Treas., '47, Sec'y, '48, Spanish Club, Girl Reserves, Home Ec. Club. IEAN GREENE-Majorette, '46-'47, Senior Girls' Club, '47-'48, Tri-Hi-Y, '45-'48, Girls' Athletic Association, '45, Home Ec Club, '45, WILLIAM GARLAND HAMLET-"Bill"-- Cadmus Club, Alchemist Club, Spanish Club, Library Club. IAMES RONALD HAMRICK-"The Fox"- Ta-Wa-Si Club, Sec'y, '46, Treas., '47, Dra- matics Club, Band, Sec'y, Aeronautics Club. RICHARD DOUGLAS HARR-"Dick"-Bas ketball, Varsity, '46-'48, Boys' Hi-Y, Sec'y, '47, Pres., '48, Senior Class President, '48, Iunior Class, Sgt.-at-Arms, '47, Civics Club, Pres., '45, Spanish Club, Pres., '47, Sgt.-at-Arms, '48. Ui The I-lonors PEGGY LOU HARRIS-"Peg"-Cheerleader, '47-'48, Cadmus Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Sec'y, Girl Re- serves, Student Body, Sec'y, Iunior Red Cross, Pres., 48'rs. MARGIE RUTH HARRIS-"Ruth"-Trans ferred from Rogersville High School, Rogers- ville, Tenn. ELEANOR DEANE HARRISON-"Deedie"- Beta Tri-Hi-Y, '44-'45, Alchemist Club, '46, Senior Girls' Club, '48, '48'rs, Girl Reserves, '44-'45, Dramatics Club, '44, Home Ec. Club, '44. PHYLLIS YVONNE HASHBARGER-"Hash" -Iunior Class, Treas., Iunior and Senior Plays, Senior Class, Sec'y, Home Ec. Club, Sec'y, '44, Prees., 47, Vice-Pres., '48, Phi Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Pres., '48, Bible Club, Pres., '45-'46, VIRGINIA CAROLYN HATCHER--"Hatch" -Phi Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Band, Treas., '47-'48, Sen- ior Girls' Club, '47-'48, Alchemist Club, '47, Home Ec. Club, '44, Red Cross Representative, '44-'45, '47-'48. GEORGE FRANKLIN HELMS-Aeronautics Club, Spanish Club, '46. IACK HOUSTON HELTON-"Shorty"-D. O. Club, Powder Putt 81 Wig Club, Alchemist Club. JIM LEE HILTON-"James Q"-Beta Club, Pres., '48, High School Register, '48, Key Club, Reporter, '47, Alchemist Club, Astronomy Club. ADA ANNA HOEKSTRA--"Chicken"-Band, Treas., '47, Tri-Hi-Y, Senior Girls' Club. Page 42 And Achievements DORIS ANNE HOPKINS-"Hoppy"-Home Ec. Club, Sec'y, '44-'45, Girl Reserves, '44-'45, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, '45-'46, Iournalism Club, '46- '47, Phi Beta Tri-Hi-Y, '46-'47, Business Man- ager of MAROON AND WHITE, '47-'48. HUGH KILGORE-Student Body, Pres., Sopho- more Class, Pres., Iunior Class, Pres., Key Club, Aeronautics Club, Alchemist Club. MARGARET ELIZABETH KLINE-"Pat"- Phi Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Vice-Pres., '45-'46, Quattuor Signa Tri-Hi-Y, Sec'y, '47, Vice-Pres., '48, Sen- ior Girls' Club, '48, Girls' Chorus, '47, Girls' Athletic Association, '45, Girl Reserves, '45. MARY LOUISE LEONARD-"Lou"-Senior ciiis' ciiib, '47-'48, Bible Club, '46, Spanish Club, '47, Girls' oiee Club, '46, Home EC. c1iib,'45. HENRY MARCELLIS LESLIE--"Lassie"- Beta Club, '47-'48, T. 8: I. Club, '46-'48. LAWRENCE ALLEN LILLEY-"Larry"- GufHebird Club, Pres., Cadmus Club, Band, Sgt.- at-Arms, '48. WALTER OWEN LISANBY -- "Lizanby" - Boys' Hi-Y, Chaplain, '47-'48. LEWIS DELANEY LUTTRELL-"Louie"- Boys' Hi-Y, Vice-Pres., '48, MAROON si WHITE Staff, '46-'48, Alchemist Club, Treas., 47, Pres., '48, Iournalism Club, Sgt.-at-Arms, '48, Track, '47-'48. MARTHA LUTTRELL-"Lut"-Student Body, Sec'y, '46, Treas., '47, Sec'y, '48, Senior Class, Treas., '47, Sec'y, '48, Maid-of-Honor, Cheer- leader, '46-'48, Iunior Class, Vice-Pres., '46, Iunior Queen, '47, Phi Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Pres., '47, Chaplain, '48, Home Ec. Club, Pres., '44, Sec'y, '45, Vice-Pres., '47, Pres., '48. Page 43 NED MCCLELLAN-''Potcl1"-Football, '46- '47, Boys' Hi-Y, Vice-Pres., '47, Beta Club, MAROON AND WHITE, Photographer, Alchemist Club, Pres., '46, High School Register. MARIAN MARIE McCLELLAN-"Mickey"- Bible Club, Program Chairman, '47, Latin Club, '47-'48, Home Ec. Club, '45. RUTH LORAINE IVICCLELLAN-"Lo"-Sem ior Queen, Majorette, '45-'47, Senior Girls' Club, Pres., '47, Sec'y, '48, Quattuor Signa Tri- Hi-Y, Sec'y, '47, Chaplain, '48, Girl Reserves, '45, Basketball, Iunior Captain, '47, IAMES LOVETT MCCORD, IR.-"FaImer"- Boys' Hi-Y, Football Team, Band, Alchemist Club, Band Club, German Band. IOE ALBERT MOORE-"Iu1Ii0r"-Track, '47, Aeronautics Club, '47-'48. PAUL KERWIN NELSON-"Spinach Face"- Spanish Club, Pres., '45, Sgt.-at-Arms, '46, Rifle Club, Astronomy Club, Band, T. Sz I. Club, Alchemist Club. CHARLES HEDRICK NICKELS-"Nick"- Football, '45-'47, Basketball, '45-'48, Boys' Hi- Y, Astronomy Club, Sgt.-at-Arms, '47, Track, '47-'48, "T" Club. WILLIAM NORMAN O'DELL-"Duke"- Football, '44-'46, Ta-Wa-Si Club, '46-'47, Al- chemist Club, '46-'47. RICHARD HARMON OLIVER-"Blackie"- Track, '46-'48, Honor Roll, Key Club, I. V. Basketball, Spanish Club, Pres., Vice-Pres., Treas. ROBERTA LEE O'NEAL-"Bobbie"-Tri-Hi Y, Chaplain, '47, Senior Girls' Club, Treas., '48, Majorette, '46-'47, Band, '45-'48, Girls' Athletic Association, Girl Reserves. F fer fl X7 .Lf L ,X Slbg ALMA SUE OVERSTREET-"Sue-zie''-Iun- ior Class, Sec'y, '47, Tri-Hi-Y, Pres., '47, Miss Victory, '46, Band Sponsor, '47, Senior Girls' Club, Sgt.-at-Arms, '48, Girl Reserves, '45. MARIAN ELIZABETH PARDUE-"Betsy"- Senior Superlative, '48, Beta Club, Corres. Sec., '47, Spanish Club, Sec'y, '47, F. H. A., Sec'y, '47, Transferred from Adventure School, Sum- merville, S. C., fall, '47, Iunior Class, Pres., '46- '47, Cheerleader, '46-'47. 1oHN KING PATTON-"lab"-Football, '47, Boys' Hi-Y, '46-'47, Cadmus Club, '46-'48, Bas- ketball, '46-'48, Alchemist Club, '47, Track, '48. PATSY LYLE PEAVLER-''Peavy"-Tri-Hi-Y, Treas., '46, Girl Reserves, '44, Home Ec. Club, '44-'48, Band, '44, Spanish Club, Sgt.-at-Arms, '47. PHYLLIS ANN PETERS-"Phyl"-Phi Beta Tri-Hi-Y, '48, Girls' Athletic Club, '46, F. H. A., '46, Band, '48, Chorus, '47. PENELOPE MARY ELIZABETH PHELPS- "Penny"-Beta Club, '48, Latin Clulb, '47, Senior Girls' Club, '48, Bible Club, Sec'y, '46- '47, Honor Roll, Home Ec. Club, '45. MARIORIE RUTH PHILLIPS-"Marge"-Girl Scouts, '45-'46, T. Sz I. Club, Reporter, '46-'48, Girls' Athletic Club, '45, Home Ec. Club. '44- '46, Iournalism Club, '47. WALTER VERGIL POPE-"Otto"-Cheer leader, '46-'48, Aeronautics Club, Treas., '47, Band, '44-'46, Senior Dramatics, Vice-Pres., '47, Iunior Dramatics, Vice-Pres., '46, Sgt.-at-Arms, '47, Alchemist Club, '46. LAWRENCE HOWARD PUCKETT-"Buck" -Baseball, '46-'48, Basketball, '47-'48, Band, '44-'48, Sgt.-at-Arms, '46-'47, Librarian, '47, Vice-Pres., '48, Band Staff, Iunior Civitan Club, '46-'48, Spanish Club, Treas., '48. Due Each Star BETTY RIVES QUILLEN-"Liz"-Beta Club, Pres., '47, Iunior Class, Treas., '46, Spanish Club, Pres., Treas., '46-'47, Iunior Dramatics Club, Treas., '46, Iunior Play, Sophomore Selects. EMILY MAE RAGAN-"Shorty"-T. 81 I. Club, '46-'48, F. H. A., '44-'45, Iournalism Club, '46- '47. ' MARIORIE ANN RANKIN-"Ana"-MARooN AND WHITE, Editor, '47-'48, Beta Club, Vice- Pres., '47, Corres. Sec'y, '48, Student Body, Sec'y, '47, Honor Roll, '44-'48, Iunior Class, Sec'y, '46, Freshman Class, Treas., '44, Sec'y, '45. MARGUERITE IRIS REXRODE-"Maggie" -Senior Girls' Club, Vice-Pres., '48, Tri-Hi-Y, Vice-Pres., '47, Pres., '48, Athletic Club, Sec'y, '47, Home Ec. Club, '46, Girl Reserves, '46-'47. THOMAS KING ROGERS, IR.-"Tommy"- Bristol Key Club, Treas., '47-'48, Gufilebird Club, Pres., '47, Bible Club, Glee Club. RICHARD CARLTON RUCKER-"Ruck"- Ta-Wa-Si Club, Pres., '46-'47, Sophomore Class, Vice-Pres., '46, All-Students' Club, '46- '47. HERBERT W. RUTHERFORD-Alchemist Club, Astronomy Club, Iunior Civitan Club, All-Students' Club, Sgt.-at-Arms, Football, '44- '47, Co-Capt., Football, '46-'47. MARIANNE SALYER-"Sally"-Tri-Hi-Y, Vice-Pres., '46, Sgt.-at-Arms, '45, Home Ec. Club, Pres., '45, Dramatics Club, '46-'47, Al- chemist Club, '46-'47, Spanish Club, '46-'47, Girls' Athletic Association, '45-'47. ANNA GERTRUDE SAUL-"Ann"-T. 81 I. Club, Sec'y, '46, Girls' Athletic Association, '45, Bible Club, '45, Home Ec. Club, '45-'46, Music Appreciation Club, '47. Page 44 n School Da ll ll y s CHARLES PATRICK SAUL-"Pat"-T. 81 I. Club, Vice-Pres., Spring, '47, Pres., Fall, '47, Sgt.-at-Arms, Fall, '47. FRED SLAGLE-Rifle Team, T. Sz I. Club, Vice-Pres., Aeronautics Club, Vice-Pres. MARY PATSY SMALLING-Spanish Club, Sec'y and Sgt.-at-Arms, Home Ec. Club, Sec'y and Program Chairman, Chorus, Senior Thes- pians, Phi Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Senior Girls' Club. SAM G. SMALLING, IR.-"Sam"-Alchemist Club, Gufflebird Club, Sec'y, '47. MARY ANN SMITH-"Mickie"-F. H. A., '44- '46, Girl Reserves, '45-'46, Girls' Chorus, '46- '47, Quattuor Signa Tri-Hi-Y, '46-'48, Pres., '47, Senior Girls' Club, '47-'48. PEGGY ANNE SMITH-"Peg"-Alpha Tri-Hi- Y, Treas., Phi Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Senior Girls' Club, Girls' Athletic Association, Spanish Club, Dramatics Club. ERNEST ALEXANDER SPENCE-Football, '46, Ritle Team, '48, T. 81 I. Club, Alchemist Club. IUNE FRANCES STOKES-"Frankie''-Quat- tuor Signa Tri-Hi-Y, F. H. A., Girls' Athletic Association, Girls' Chorus, Girl Reserves. IEAN CLIFTON SWAN-Cadmus Club, Sub- scription Manager, Dramatics Club, Vice-Pres. and Sec'y, Phi Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Vice-Pres. and Sec'y, Alchemist Club, Sgt.-at-Arms, Latin Club, Vice-Pres., Girl Reserves, Vice-Pres. NANCY RACHEL TATE-Cheerleader, '46-'48, Quattuor Signa Tri-Hi-Y, Pres. and Treas., Girl Reserves, Sec'y, Cadmus Club, Asst. Art Ed- itor, Iunior Civitan Sweetheart, Spanish Club, Sec'y and Treas. Page 45 DAVID PEDEN TEMPLETON, IR.-"Kid"- Football, '44-'47, Captain, '47, Basketball, '44- '47, Captain, '47-'48, Baseball, '45-'48, Track, '45-'48, Iunior Civitan, Student Body, Sgt.-at- Arms, '47. WILLIANI F. TURNER-"Bill"-RiHe Team, T . 81 I. Club, Sgt.-at-Arms. I. C. VANCE, IR.-"Iohnny"-Varsity Football, Aeronautics Club, Sgt.-at-Arms, Iunior Play, T. Sz I. Club, D. O. CARL C. WALDRON, IR.-"Dudley"-T. 8: I. Club. BILL MILTON WARD-"Weeder"-Basket- ball, '47-'48, Baseball, '47-'48, Boys' Hi-Y, Al- chemist Club, Treas., Spanish Club, Treas. and Vice-Pres., Beta Club. PEGGY IOYCE WARREN-"Peg"-Beta Club, Senior Girls' Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Spanish Club, Home Ee. Club, Dramatics Club. RUTH AGNES WATSON-"Tootie"-Senior Girls' Club, Quattuor Signa Tri-Hi-Y, Dra- matics Club, Girls' Chorus, Home Ec. Club, Girls' Athletic Association. DORIS IEAN WEIL-Senior Girls' Club, Quat- tuor Signa Tri-Hi-Y, Girl Reserves, Girls' Ath- letic Association, Home Ec. Club. ROBE RT L. WINEBARGE R-"Bergie"- Track, '47-'48, Football, '46, Tennis, '48, Base- ball, '48, PEGGY LEE YOUNG-"Peg"-Beta Club, Al- pha Chapter Tri-Hi-Y, Sec'y, Sophomore Class, Sec'y, Tennessee Thespians, Sec'y, Iunior Red Cross, Pres., Girls' Athletic Association, Treas. UQ' JLJNI TODAY'S BUILDERS Must we look to our elders For the strength of truth, When we have the fresher Minds of Youth? Must we let the thoughts That are already known, Be the guide of our lives, With no thoughts of our Must we follow the paths, The well beaten ways, Long made by others of The-forgotten days? by BOB GLOVER Must we wait a lifetime Before we begin To remold this land VVe now live in? This is our future, lt's ours to mold, It's ours to fight for, And ours to hold. VV e say, "VVait 'til tomorrow, We can build with our sums. But we'd better build now, For tomorrow never comes. own? ON WARD by l'lELEN lVlILLER ln this, the year of forty-eight, All mankind must be brave and strong. This day of prejudice and hate Brings forth a universal fear. The youth today hold heads erect And say with courage, for they must, "We stand for all that we select, In heav'n above we have our trust." We juniors, only part grownup, Can see the future rushing forth, With trust we raise o'er flowing cup And breathe a prayer to God for strength. We have the knowledge, oh, so bold To make our dreams those to come true, But our minds and souls must take the hold On things more lofty than we. Grow! Crow! Grow! will become our every command, As comrades, love shall reign on high, And all we have wanted will make its stand To build for all a better world. fs if f riff L sit 0-5 GRS Page 46 Page 47 C L Fall IBAVID IIAYNES, . . ASS BILL STEVENS ,..A,... CARDIIYN CEALLOXVAY. . , KILNNETII LITTLEFDIID , I CLYDE HOPPER. , O F President Vice-President Secretary '1'rcIIsuIcI Sgf.-2lffAI1l1S F I C F R S J I Sprmg . . YBIIJ. S'l'l'lVIiNS , . . IUAVID IIAYNICS , . . I .HIQLIQN NIIILICR . , EUCICNIC MI+:IIAIfIf'IIY I .B'1ANU1-IL Cl,-XRRISON Ia. U I 'KQLVV OR D D II,Iwf5 . : Ya aww 0.0 xx .I .UW AY JLJNIGRS DAVID ANDERSON EVELYN ANDERSON JIM ANDERSON KATIIERINE ANDERSON BILL ARTHUR AINI BARNES A959 FRANCES BERGHEIMER DOT BERRY ELEANOR BLANTON BILLIE IEANE BOUTON IDAVID BURCH CURTISS BURNETTE BETTY CAINIPBELL ELLEN COFFEY PATSY COLE RAINIONA DAINIRON Page 48 JLJNIG MARY IANE DAVENPORT ANN DAVIDSON ED DECK NANCY DULANEY PEGGY EYLER 'W . if DOTSY3' FAUCETTE xx 4 I GORDON FAU PZTTE , V, ALDEAN FRANCIs,' M jf FRYQ CAROLYN GALLOWAY KAY GLAVIN IAINIES GLOVER ROBERT GLOVER EDWIN GODSEY RICHARD GOOD CHARLES GOODWIN IIM GRAY IOYCE GREGORY Page 49 RS JLINICDRS NV14sI.1cY GRII"I4'IN RUTH GRIBILI Bm"rY IIA1x11I.'1'ON CKJI,I.I'1liN IIANCOCK LAXVRICNCIC IIARKINS IUN12 IIARKLRROAD IAN15 IIATCHIQR IUAVID IIAYNRS ROBERT IIENNINGICR ok XUXLJ C7 IXIARTIIA IlP1NRI'l'ZlH1 V950 ,KX X40 1 wo- ,,, Cv C06 TXIARY FRAN II1-:SSMAN IDORIS IIICKS CJIIARLICS IIOBBS - RACE IIOEKST J A Y WN 1: IIOUSIQR N fr AIARTIIA HUDSON A XVILLIAIXI IONFS Page 50 0 g A ,X X 3i?RQfBq?INCXXx Cjxx JLJMQQJA-ORS X v WX Qg?:n1Q7 Ljglg kfl EQESLPHSS QQl,:FJ2J Im 'ba' NANCY K , of 5 dy. Sf so If Xia, vig- xqsv IEAN KOQDHRR . Sp 8-JJ Y Q JN V KN w , "Ji-7,fda1GOcENE LINDANLQOD NNETH LI'l"l' ' D .,j'J. QQ? .N ROBERT LOVING FRED IVIANESS GUY MCCROSKEY I BE'1"1'Y MASON EUGENE NII'ZIIAFFI'IY I IELEN NIILLER GRl'1'l'A NIOORE IEAN NIORTON VIRGINIA NRXSII FRANCES NEVVIXIAN JUNE NEWSOME CHARLES NOR'1'ON Page Sl ,D 35' J U N I Q R S Mluicv-'f -54.5 'Dawn Ak' My pg-'pa-I, I" 1 'x -V .L 1 'QIA3 R. . 1K u -1.1- ILLLNI-1 PA'I'I1i?M "U ' K " "' - A A .. ,X MARY ANN PEOPLES AN' PAUL PIIILLIPPI liz PQWERS ALFRED RIIEA KARL RIIEA I M. Ali Jr ' I ff ,SI I Ii, BRPERD 09 . ' 1 'ff ' 1 A , , . Y 11 N7 I P , J ACKQSIIEPIARD f , Lf ,I A 1 H ff . ' ' f .Y iv ' ' fx. I, H, I1 .Inf ,,'jI'. -I I ' I ' , rn , ,' . ' ,ff .. . 2 1-f 4 BARBIE' LoU,SI-IOUN . ff I ,A 1, f f ' 1' IN I, I: ' 'IJ f 2 V 'l 'P' ' 1" 'lia- 11' fya ' I ' ,- f Q. , ,I 1 V . f Y' , L,I1'I'IILR b1NII'1'II f . , , 14 BILL S'I'I1v14:Ns IOHN STONE XIIRGINIA rl'AYLOR CIIARIIIQS 'I'IIoMAs LA XIERNE 'l'I1oMPsoN GILBIQRI' 'l'oRBL1'1"r '11 IACKIE TRAINIIAM AI,LEN V ANCI: age 52 l L J Nu. IIARRIET WALKER BETTY IEAN XVAINIPLER EVELYN WATKINS CLARENCE WILKERSON IULIA VVINSTON IACKIE VVOLFORD QRS w i NIINNIE XVYATT A . I ,. e , Ml ',. 54 JMM ,A ,A , I IUNIORS NOT PICTURED A , I 7 'fig .L 'ffl CL Li Cl M117 L Sf K4 fbfvfot B4ARCARE'I' DENNY ROSA MAE IOHNS 7 1 X 1 1 A 7 arf, , V ,LL . A Cf-.,.',1, CHARLOTTE FRANCIS FRANCES Ross , MR' 17 'vw M' SA' X JC C D , L I MANUEL C-ARRISON ROBERT SCOTT . 7' A A 41.11 A, 15,1 f Lflik. fhz. "Sf -1 14 bl ' XJ WARREN KETZ FRED SWALLOVV If m A j , , , Aff I A , 1 f f f , LD KIINIBALL, IR. MARTHA VVA1'SON S. fbi ,,LLfQJ,,f, fm AA 1 ,L,,,x,LL if, KCA., ,LJ B. K. ENKINS CHARLES XVILLIAIXIS , ,7 V L, I V xlfAf'1'!f,,, ,LMJ ,'x,.g,M,C , L LCM V ,f.Qd1!- . I W v 7 I 'r A if 4L,+,,g' ' X , , ' , 4-f f ' . -1 ,P Q , f- .1 S I I EJ Ltftl. rdf fxill. ,gf,,2. L- 1 bi. in r , ' CJ Lu 4 kill 4 .1 . 44 Hfflu' ' , ' X H 'L C1341 rpg , '?"' .,,3,a,o.:-1,,'f A ' ' f 4 , T 1 ' " ff Hr -HJ if" ' ffkf xf'f..f, f H . ' ' x V,,'Nf"'17N: I ' .fp 4, ' .J .V ' 4 ' ' ' A -A , X , ' Cp,a,lAf4lv - x Lg. - ' ,J,.,.'. , 1 .:L- ' ' ' K - ' x , ' 2 ,NA N, J! I, I . ' 1 . f 4, .N , ,, X V C- Page 53 X "J J 'H 5 " E AS THE DRIVEN SNGWH " WQRKINC CIRIQS SECRET" llll' JUNIOR Cl XSS OF 1948 1 This year the Iunior Class presented an old fashioned lnelodrarna, '4Pure as the Driven Snowl' or "A VVorking Girls Secret" by Paul Looinis. lt was eonrplete with villain, hero and heroine, all in modern dress and full of the old twang that our grandinotliers and grandfatliers loved so well! Between aets of tlle Iunior Play tlle Iunior Class presented its Queen, Dotsy Faueette, and its Maid of Ilonor, lean Morton, to the Student Body. Crowned by Dave llaynes, elass president, Dotsy made a stately queen and lean a beautiful attendant. Page 54 Christmas Ar Tennessee High '4Not what we give but what we share, For the gift without the giver is hare." The last days before the Christmas holidays found the halls ringing with cheery greetings, good wishes, and jolly laughter as the students carried daily to the Christmas tree their ottcrings for the County Poor Farm. Fruit, canned goods, candy and nuts as well as books and clothing were packed for our less fortunate citizens by the ofhcers of the student body and the classes. lt was indeed for all 'AA Merrv Christmas!" M al' I' ""' ' ' ,4z,..... fi---1-H 'AI heard the hells on Christmas Day 5'E I' 'if,-'l.' ' li' Their old, familiar carols play, ggi., U . 1 0 ' And wild and sweet I I' ' ' Q! The words repeat Of peace 011 earth, good-will to men!" Student Body and Class Officers Decorate the Christmas Tree SOPHOMORES MY LIFE I hope that I shall some day be A man, and help humanity, A man whose heart is filled with love, Whose soul and mind reach far above, A man who laughs and sheds a tear, And looks to God His words to hear, A man who never will have fame, But all will love him just the same. And when his work is done with men, The Lord will call his soul, and then He'll die and leave a memory. This life I pray will come to me. -FREDDY CRUINILEY A LOVELY SONG I think that I shall never hear A song so lovely to my ear. It fills my soul with sweet contentg I think that it was heaven sent. It told a love so good and true, It made me sad when it was thru'. The songs live on, tho' we must dieg They live for e'er, I know not why. I only know that in my heart This lovely song become a part. -LINDA STONE Softly The wind whispered, The church bells called to me. And they seemed to tell me gently TO pray! -KATHERINE BROYLES LIMERICK There was once an old lady named Ruth, Who sold candy she made in a booth. But one day she got mad, When I called her a cad, LOVE In love there is no creed or race Nor nationality, For all do love and love alike, NO matter where they be. NO man without a faith can love A love so pale and sweet, For in his soul a man doth love And love eternally. Love is the purest gift of God To every human soul, And every man was made to love, For God doth love us all. -BEAU FREDERIC BIRDWELL THE MISTY MOUNTAINS The misty mountains that I can see Are wild and beautiful, they terrify me. Their lofty peaks rise to the sky And Heecy clouds drift slowly by. I like to gaze and gaze at them Until my eyesight begins to dim When the day is bright and clear. To me the mountains are very dear. I like to think in the years to come, That underneath the summer's sun, The old, old mountains over the hill Will bring to me the same old thrill. -KATHERINE BROYLES LIMERICK There once was a boy who was crazy, He had a girl friend who was Mazy. They liked to go walking, They never stopped talking, 'Cause her candy had knocked out my tooth. 'Til finally Mazy went crazy. -CHARLES NORTON -BETTY KING F if f .- fly lv Qllz Page 56 Page 57 SCD C, I ,A fx S S F2111 ICD OLSON . . IIMMY ICLY. , DON LU'l"l'RIiI,I. IIMMLZY CARSON BILL MONCH-:R PI-ICMCRE . President . Vice-President , Secretary . Trczlsurcr . Sgt.-:lt-Arms w w O F F I C If R S Spring .. En OISCJN IHNIIXIY ICLY DON LU'1"1'Rm.I, IUXIIXIICY CIARSON BILL MONCHQR D LUN smA- Y.. OLSON 3' VLX Q M180 DLJIJHLJIVXLJKIZI BRN AI.I.l+IN I'IRNl+lS'l'INI'1 ALICXANDICR 'VONIMY ARMIS'l'I'lAD BOBBY AR'I'IIUR ROBICR'l' AUS'I'IN VVAI,'l'I'1R BANKS CIIARLICS BARNIQS DAVID BARR NANCY BFILI, RICIIARD BIRD BICAU BIRDNYICLI, LOUISIC BLACKARD NIAC BLEVINS VICRNON BOVVIXIAN IOIINNY BOYD NANCY BOYD PEGGY BRALLEY KA'I'Ill'IRINPI BROYIJCS IANIVI CAIXIPBIGLL IINI CARSON CICORCIC CIIAMBICRS DON COl"I"l'1Y BOBBY COLLINS ANN CONIBS VK' "'9f'., , ,, - ., fy Q R A ,V, ..,... IUNIC CORRELL " f H "' ' ICRIC COULSON FRICD CRUNILIQIY ICDDIIC CUNNINCII.-XM JACK CUNNINCIIANI NANCY CUNNINCIIAINI MARY XIARGARIH' DAR'l'l'lR PATSY DICCKARD Page 58 s0PH0M0REs ROBERT DONALDSON DONALD ELLIS BOBBY IIANCOCK EUNICE GOODMAN DOROTIIY GRIFFIN PEGGY GURLEY IANE IIASSINGER BILL DOSS DIANE EASLEY IIIXIINIY ELY EDDIE EIXIIXIERT VIRGINIA FAUCETTE BILL FELTY BOB FERGUSON AUDREY FRAZIER ROBERT FREELS JANE GOEBEL VESTA IANE GRAII.-XM ROBERT GREENER JANE GRIMM KATIIERINE IIAMIXIOND BETTY IIANKS LAXVRENCE IIARKLEROAD DORIS IIERRING BEVERLY IIOBBS POLLY SUE IIOBBS BETTY IO IIODGE IOIIN IIORNE Page ICLEANOR IIUDDLE DOROTIIY IOIINSON BARBARA IONES 59 SOPHOMOREE IOIIN PAUL IONES XYILLIAM LESLIE JONES CARL KELLY XVILLIAIXI KELLY I3I'Ifl'TY KILBY Bl'IT'l'Y KING BE'l"I'Y KIRK DONNET'I'A KOONTZ LOUIS LAVVSON MARGARET LEGG VIVIENNE LEONARD GUY LONG IIERIXIAN LONG DON LUTTRELL CAROLYN INICCLELLAN NANCY IXICCRARY BOB MCCRAY I,1cNELLE IXICGARRY BETTY LOU IXICKINNEY EVELYN IXIALONE IIMMY MARTIN CHARLES MII.I.l'IR BE'I'TY ANN MITCIIELI, G RAI IAM INIORR ELI. BILLIE MORRIS IOE MORTON TEDDY MORTON BARBARA MYERS IOANNE O'DELL IVRED O'DELL EDXVIN OLSON IOIIN OLSON Page 60 SOPHGMQRES K UMW ,pf I, f-910, Q.:-f ' H 'Www ,Qu f' N' 40a!pS1,:LYN Pmmfg Q! 4,442 uf 1 s " f ' U f A7 ,fL'R1c:ll,xRD PIFRSON 1 4 ? IQLNIO PLIUSS LINIUICL POOLIC NANCY POORIC PEGGY RAUII IANICS RICXRODIC GXROLYN RILICY BILL ROGERS .XN'l'ON S,-XNDOS PEGGY SAPP ANN Sl+1I,l"I'l ANNA RUTH SIIARRI'I'l"l' IXI.-XUVICICN SLUSIIICR P,-X'l'SY SMITII ROBl'IR'l' SMITH 'IUNIMY SNHTII RICH.-XRD SNAPI' IIMIXIY S'l'ALLARlJ MARY S'l'ALL.-XRD BOBBY S'l','X'l'Zl'1R I+1I,I+I.'XNOR S'l'l'lVl'fNS RALPH S'l'IDIIqXNI BOB S'l'I'l"l' DAVID STONIC LINDQX S'I'ONl+l Page ful -n W A . , ni: A x YY TK x 'S xt X ' X, YL KY x5 M' K na 2 x -2 E K .X I Y X, N E ' ,K lmxllcs BUURNIE , , N .' N .N jfxxllas ll. Ccuflcu , A X. X ' N N Rcmlcwl' I"1.l1.r:N0k fx 5 X V AI.I,1f:N l'yllI'I'H 2 X 5 , Q Q I Q 'B 7 xx' N X z 3 . , ' ' --X ' f Dwm CZAMMON AX , x Romain' Consm' N' Y -. 'X' 'H . A . lfluczlcruz IIASKINS 'N gx ' Ly v x. A , XX A EA X5 xx ' lwucn I,1f1sI,11c XL. '- , X NANCY L1csI.l1a 'K Q X3 'fx' T 5 Q: 4' Bn I. RIARTIN wa. 'Q V 3' x Mx , - XIXS Q Ji x Q' NX 8 fx X 4. X Y aa A j en lflwre are no more SCDPHUMORE5 RICHARD S'l'OUl"EER CHARLES S'l'UL'l'Z IEAN SXVEET MONROE TAYLOR BILL 'I'EMPLE'l'ON PEGGY VANCE ROBERT VAN DERVORT BILLY VVEBB IIOXYARD XVEBB BUDDY XVIIITE CLARA XVIGCINS LEONARD XVILSON HAROLD VVORLEY TOMMY YOAKUIXI GENE OXVEN ' SOPIIOMORES NOT PICTURED Blu. NHJNCIER Bm"1'Y NY. RICKINNY Nmr, PASOUR IINI P1coPI.111s M11.mz14D RoB1N1i'l'1'141 LYvN S1x11cI.'r'z14:u RAY SU'1'IIERI.AND HILL VVOODARD Clnn' Yruxurxl 77 6LCt0l"5 Page 62 .MJ The Performers Mingle Between Acts E 5 f rg X f Qj w as l7!Le flaecufre 65 no Pfam Ar laainfffj Alaecwfafion, jf id a, foface Aw afiuerfing reprewnlfafion. 77 0 s-c'n1 4 K' X sg, c"f' KNAJ- A 9' 1 Y .Y-xx B 1-5 , I "'F0ilqn'4' ' VF-'RiEND5 ' 5 . --yrs---' , . . . 'X A :A ,., 54 :31 " U N-ft' "' f s IJ b ' "V J ggmx ! . , I RX S: T ' llff zlk 'Ms ' K , 'if' 1 f . . 1 L 'fl ' Q 1 , ll A I I I . X 1 "' Acts: CLUB LIFE CA DMLJS CL LIB The Ifditors IIYHIQC Timo Out ,'xlllCTfCillI VIVIITCLILI Buys First AIIUJQTIIIJII Page '4I3r"l'c:l1". SuIu1,m', gmc! C:IlNRI.U'l Ili .Xt King l'ri11ti11g Cu., D, l"z11lc'cffC. B, IIZHIIICL B. .'XIifc'l1cll lisfcn gllfcnfivcly :ls Ur. Rm' llgnnlcf, CIQHIHIIIS Club Staff '25, cwplzuns flu' fine poilzts of ycurbrmk lllilkilllj. XY.XI,KliR, NIR. N C1'XI.l.ilIl,li, l'x'11uN, KING, "SO IDIl"l'l'1R, CZICIIIIIIS Club Rlccfiug - Alfllldilf' A. AI. mw- Page 66 I'1Yl,1-:R ComcN11.'xx I R xICCI.l'1I.I.AN Page 67 LUV1 W 1u11.xL, Bowl-:Rs CJRICICNL OUR A'BU'l'ClI" NASCO' l' CAN I PBICLI. GI,0N'I4ZR SHQUN IIA1x1I,m' YIYRAINIIATNI 'l'A'1'1c BRAKE STON14: 'l'IIlC ART S'l'Alf'l" PLANS 'l'IlI'1 'DUMMYN I"xUc:lc'r'1'1f QwI1,I.1cN, XXVINSIUN. Ilxxks Consl-LY, IIANCOCK, RAMQLN Editors The LNIZIFUOII Qmcl Vifllife was fouxlded in 1915 and has become an 0llfSf2llldiIlg feature of high A R Q G N school life. Hs aim is to give the students ll View of worthy school news, sports, amd features. The Paper in HIC Alilkillg I V, mill" 1 ag Th 1? mm 2 Y , ia. Zi!! w-is gif? xi an ,' I 1 ' t l LA i In t-.L I J ' V ' l I ,VL yi .y " .xi X 'V if . ,-, A L I ' I s A x P' K I I I I , k,, V 5 X P, 'My Q :IL .rL' Sl 9 'T -IK' A' A ,L " ,, ,ff I 'I' I L OFFICHRSL' ,L ' Ifall ' ,' ' ' 5 . ' I' ' Spring ,. IQGTSYY FAUCETTE .,,... T .A.. Q President . , , GORDON I7AIICE'I"I'E L'VPA'1'SX EMITII .X ..,.A..... A , ,,.. .' Vice-President . . .,...... IEAN SWEET BETTY ANN MITCHELL. I . CHARLOTTE BOWVERS T.... Miss FORTUNE T......T . . , . . Secretary , Treasurer , Sponsor . I , . I RUTH GRIRIM . I I . ,IOANNE KING . I . .Miss FORTUNE The Y-Teens strive Uto End and give the best". Our Purpose: To build a fel- lowship of women and girls devoted to the task of realizing in our common life those ideals of personal and social living to which we are committed by our faith as Christians. Our Slogan: To face life squarely. Colors: Blue and VVhite. ELEANOR BLANTON CHARLOTTE BOXVERS BETTY MAE CAMPBELL ELLEN COFFEY SHIRLEY COPENHAVER Program Chairman NANCY DULANEY DOTSY FAUCETTE GORDON FAUCETTE ROLL GERALDINE FRANCIS Projects Chairman KAY GLAVIN IOYCE GREGORY RUTH GRIMM MARTIIA HENRITZE Social Chairman ELEANOR HUDDLE BETTY KING IOANNE KING BETTY ANN MITCHELL PATSY SMITH Membership Chairman LINDA STONE IEAN SVVEET IIARRIET VVALKER Year Book Chairman IULIA NVINSTON Page 70 The BOYS' I-Il- OFFICERS Fall Spring TOM ED DONELLY .... .... P resident .. .... RICHARD HARR NED MCCLELLAN . . . . . . Vice-President . . , .... LEWIS LUTTRELL RICHARD HARR . . . . . Secretary , . ..AA,,... BOD CROSS BILL CROSS . , . . . Treasurer . . ,4..,,.. BOD IIENNINGER BOYD BARNES .,., .. Sgt.-at-Arms .. ....I TOM ED DONNELLY IACK COFFEY .... Chaplain .. ..,.. WALTER LISANBY MR. IOHNSON .,.. ..... S ponsors ,.... ...I M R. PAINTER Colors: Blue and Gold PLATFORM PURPOSE four planks in the I-Ii-Y program are: The purpose of the Hi-Y is, I. Cl S h ' 2- C1232 Lliiicg "To create, maintain, and extend -5. Clean Sportsmanship thfollghollt the school Hlld COlTlI'I'lI.'lHIl'y 4. Clean Scholarshi hi h standards of Christian character." P S The Boys' Hi-Y is the oldest boys' organization in Tennessee High School. The full name of our club is High School Young Men's Christian Association. During the school year we try to promote school citizenship and school spirit in every way possible and we also sponsor some worthy project. ROLL BOYD BARNES RICHARD HARR CHARLIE NICKELS IACK COFFEY BOB HENNINCER IOIIN PATTON BILL CROSS CLYDE HOPPER PAUL PIIILLIPPI BOB CROSS VVALTER LISANBY IOHN STONE DON DONALDSON LEVVIS LUTTRELL BILL VVARD TOM ED DONELLY NED MCCLELLAN CLARENCE XVILKERSON BUDDY GODSEY IIM MOCORD Page 71 K, . I L AERONALJTICS CLUB OFFICERS Fall Spring ROY EDINIONDS .A.. . President . r , .... IACK SHEPARD BILL STEVENS ...,,... . . . Vice-President . . . . . FRED SLAGLE ROBERT DONALDSON. . , . Secretary ....,.., Ez POWERS VERGIL POPE 4,,...,. . Treasurer .... DAVID ANDERSON IACK SHEPARD ..... . Sgt.-at-Arms , . r..,... I. C. VANCE MR. CAMPBELL .,.....,..,.... Sponsor . . .... MR. CAMPBELL The Tennessee High School Aeronautics Club was organized Feb. 13, 1947 by those students who were interested in aviation. It was organized to promote future interest in tlying and to help those students who had already started flying to continue in aviation. The members are taught elementary navigation, mechanics, and radio. The club received a Commendation from the Civil Aeronautics Administration, Department of Commerce, for its aid in making the air marking program a success in this locality. ROLL DAVID ANDERSON BILL DOSS IOE MOORE IACK SHEPARD TOMMY ARMISTEAD ROY EDMONDS L. T. OGLE FRED SLAGLE IAMES BARNES CHARLES GOODWIN EDDIE PHILLIPS BOB SMITH MAC BLEVINS BOB GREEVER VERGIL POPE M. C. SPICER DAVIDBURCH GENE GROSECLOSE EZ POWERS BOB STATZER IIM CARSON LAWRENCE HARKINS BILL RICHARDS BILL STEVENS BOB COLLINS GEORGE HELMS ALFRED RHEA I. C. VANCE ED DECK XV. L. IONES KARL RHEA ROBERT DONALDSON IIMMY MARTIN ROBERT SCOTT Page 72 JUNIOR CIVITAN CLUB OFFICERS Fall Spring B. K. IENKINS. . President . . ..., DAN KOONTZ LYNN HOUSTON .,,.. .... X fice-President , . . .A,.. ED OLSON NANCY TATE. . Secretary . A.,... NANCY TATE IIMMY BOURNE Treasurer DAVID HAYNES BILL FELTY . . . Sgt.-at-Arms IIMMY BOURNE IVIANUEL GARRISON. , . . . Chaplain . . ...,. BILL FELTY NANCY TATE r...... . . Sweetheart . Y... NANCY TATE MR. BORETSKY .... Sponsor ..... MR. BORETSKY The purpose of the Iunior Civitan Club is to cultivate social relations and fraternal fellowship, to co-operate in all kinds of activities, to promote clean sports- manship and clean living, to make service a Watchword, and Enally to foster the ideals of the Senior Club - - - A'Builders of Good Citizenship." The activities of the club include such things as a project, outings, banquet and assembly programs. ROLL H. B. AKERS DAVID HAYNES LAWRENCE PUCKETT IIMMY BOURNE LYNN HOUSTON HERBERT RUTHERFORD IIMMY ELY B. K. IENKINS RICHARD SNAPP BILL FELTY DAN KOONTZ BOB STEELE IIMMY FLANNAGAN BILL MONCIER RALPH STIDHAM MANUAL GARRISON SONNY OLSON PEDEN TEMPLETON IIMMY CLOVER ELMER PLESS Page 73 O BETA CLUB OFFICERS Fall BETTY QUILLEN . . . . President . . ,.A. IIM HIL'1'ON ANN RANKIN ..... ,, . Vice-President . . . ....., BILL ROGERS LOUISE EASLEY .... , Secretary .. ..,, IACKIE COULSON BETSY PARDUE .... ,. Cor. Secretary I.I..I..,.. ANN RANKIN Bon GLOVER ..... . Treasurer . . .... HAROLD FARNSWORTH MRS. CALDWELL . . . . . . Sponsor ........,...,. MRS. CALDWELL For the Erst time in the history of Tennessee High School, a nationally recog- nized honor club has been organized and is being sponsored by Mrs. Caldwell. The name of the club is the Beta Club. The Beta Club is a leadership-service organization for high school students. The B. T. H. S. chapter was founded September 25, 1947 and is an elementary organization to encourage and stimulate effort, to reward achievement, and to encourage and assist the students in Hnishing their schooling. Membership in the Beta Club is based on mentality and character, creditable achievements, and commendable attitude. The Beta motto is "Dacamus aliis servando" which means "Let us lead by serving others." ROLL BEAU BIRDWELL MARY MARGARET DARTER MARCELLIS LESLIE DICK STOUFFER LOUISE BLACKARD BETTY EASLEY BETTY MASON DAVID STONE CHARLOTTE BOXVERS LOUISE EASLEY NED MCCLELLAN FRED SWALLOW PEGGY BRALLEY HAROLD FARNSVVORTH HELEN MILLER CHARLES STOPHEL IAMES CANNON BOB GLOVER BETSY PARDUE JACKIE TRAINIIAM VIRGINIA CARSON BUDDY GODSEY PENELOPE PHELPS ALLEN VANCE ANN COMBS BETTY HANKS BETTY QUILLEN HARRIET WALKER SHIRLEY COPENIIAVER IANE IIASSINGER ANN RANKIN PEGGY WARREN IACKIE COULSON IIM HILTON IACK ROBINETTE CLARENCE WILKERSON NANCY CUNNINGHAM ANNE HOUSER BILL ROGERS PEGGY YOUNG ANN DAVIDSON ELEANOR HUDDLE BOBBIE LOU SHOUN Page '74 TRADE AND INDUSTRY CLUB OFFICERS Fall Spring EZ POVVERS . . . . President . .... FRED GODSEY ED IDECK .,..,..,. .. V ice-President .. .,..,.. FRED SLACLE LEONORA TAYLOR . . . . Secretary . ..,, BETTY HAMILTON IACK ROBINE'l"l'E .... . Treasurer . ..,...... EZ POWERS FRED SLAGLE .... . Chaplain . ....... IACK HELTON CHARLES SAUL ...,... . . Sgt.-at-Arms . . .,.,.....A BILL TURNER MARIORIE PHILLIPS .,.. , Reporter . ..., MARIORIE PIIILLIPS MR. CAMPBELL ..,,........4.. Sponsor ,.,.,.,........ MR. CAINIPBELL The Trade and Industry Club is composed of the students of the Diversiiied Occupations Program. This program provides for occupational experience and earnings while the student attends school, combining practical experience with academic knowledge. Many outings and social occasions during the year mix business with pleasure to make work more enjoyable. The Annual Employee- Employcr Banquet Was held at the IIotcl Bristol, Ianuary 30. MEMBERS ROLLIN BRAKE NANCY KING FRED SLAGLE BILLIE CAMPER FRED LESLIE ERNEST SPENCE ED DECK MARCELLIS LESLIE CHARLES STOPHEL FRED GODSEY MARY PATTERSON LEONORA TAYLOR GENE GROSECLOSE MARIORIE PHILLIPS BILL TIIOMPSON BETTY IIAMILTON EZ POWERS BILL TURNER IANE IIATCIIER EMILY RAGAN I. C. VANCE JACK IIELTON IACK ROBINETTE CARL WALDRON DORIS IIICKS ANNA SAUL BETTY VVAMPLER ROBERT IIORNE CHARLES SAUL IACK NVOODS Page 75 I PI-II BETA CHAPTER TRI I-II-Y OFFICERS Fall VIRGINIA CARSON .... . President . . BENITA BIRDXVELL T... . , Vice-President . , , . IEAN SWAN .....,.,. . Secretary . . IACKIE TRAINIIAM .... . . Treasurer . NYIRCINIA 'TAYLOR .,..., . . Sgt.-at-Arms I . PHYLLIS HASHBARGER. , , , Chaplain FRANCES BERGHEHXIER ..., , Program Miss SIVELLS ,..4.,,.,. . Sponsor Spring . . .PIIYLLIS HASHBARGER ....,..,.II3AN SNVAN . . . IACKIE TRAINIIAM . . . . . . IEAN MoR'1'oN , . , FRANCES NEYVNIAN . , , . lVTAR'1'HA LUTTRELL . . . CARoLYN GALLOWAY ,.....,..M1ss SIVELLS The Phi Beta chapter of Tri Hi-Y was organized in 1946. This chapter is one of the many which make up the National Hi-Y a1Id Tri Hi-Y organizations. The purpose of the Hi-Y is: 'ATO create, maintain and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character." Our slogan is: "Pure in thought, pure i1I words and pure in action." The colors of the Tri Hi-Y are red, white and blue - red, for sacrificeg White, for purityg and blue, for loyalty. We feel we have had a very successful year and all of us extend to Miss Sivells our sincere thanks for being such a wonderful sponsor. EVELYN ANDERSON BETTY ARROVVOOD FRANCES BERGHEIMER ALICE BIRDWELL BILLY IEAN BOUTON BETTY SUE BRUCE CORALYN DROKE NANCY DULANEY ROLL CAROLYN GALLOWAY CAROLYN IIATCHER JANE HATCIIER MARY IIESSMAN DoNETTA KOONTZ IMoGENE LINDAMOOD MARTIIA LUTTRELL IEAN MORTON FRANCES NEVVMAN PHYLLIS PETERS FRANCES ROSS PATSY SMALLINC LA VERNE THOMPSON EVELYN VVATKINS Page 76 .,,.. z-.n ., ,Al , 1 , ,-' I 1 ,. 1 1 Fall OFFICERS Smut f,Vl'1RS'l'Rl-lI'1'l '.,.. ,. President . . A BOBBIH LOU SHOUN. . , . . Vicclllresident . . . . . , , I'1f1c:cY BLAIR ...,.. ,. . Sccrefary . , Bmwlx' CZRHTA MOON: , ..,,.. . 'Treasurer . , . B1-:'1"1'Y LOU iXiCKINNIiH'. . , ..,. Chaplain . . . PEGGY EYLER .....,.., . . . Parliamcntarian . . . , . . MRS. TXIARNI-LY . . . , . . Sponsor . . . Spring .IUORIS IIIHRRINKL , . l'1-team' i':YI.l111i LOU iXiCKINNliH' ,, Plcucx' SINIITII , , , . IUN14: NEXY'SlJIxIL1 F1 f ,INICL GOODMAN . . QXIRS. MARNIQY Fall iXiAllY JXNN STXIITII .,., ,. lXlA1uLU1Q1c1'1A1c RICXRODIG, . . . , LORAINIQ ixICCI.l2I,IrAN lCm"rm: GRIAIICNIAI. , . . . NiYR'I'1.I4l l"iYLER ..., ADA IIOEKSTRA. , , Miss COVER . . . Page 77 OI"l"lClSRS Spring . President . iXiARCUERI'l'lC RICXRODIC Vice-President , , .,.., IXlARc,A1uf:'1' KI.1Nl'i . Sccrcrziry . . .i'iI7Y'I'1llC Cluir-1N1c Trczisrirer ,. . . Sgffat-Arms . . , . A . , , . Chaplain . , . Lon . . Sponsor . , . . I31c'1"1'Y CIOODBIAN .. .,RU'1'n Vkm' AINIQ ixICCI.ICI.I.AN . . , Miss Coram A4f'V','1 1 Lf! Q' ff f fl gf-'A-0 -' -ffff P1 Delta " 71.1- ffgffrff ff-if ' , LA' 41' f 4 Chapierj, Tri Hi-Y Club uauuor Sigma Chapter Tri Hi-Y Club The Tennessee -I-hespians Key Club I F2111 OI"l"lCI'IRS Spring Rox' IVIDMQNDS , . President . , BILL S'1'liV1'lNS XXILRGII. P0111-1 , , ViccvPrcsidcnt . . . .IACK SHIQPARD Plcczczx' NyOUNll, ,. Secretary , ,TNIA1u:A1u4L'1' Llccc BILL S'l'l'IVliNS . . . . Trcaslzrer , Rox' IIZDINIONDS KARL Rm-:A , , Pmgmm Chuirnmn , .l'r:c:c:x' YOUNG MRS, CA1,11w1v:1,1,. Spcmscmr Bins. C:AI.DNVlCI.I. F1111 UI+'l"ICI'IRS Spring Kl'1N'I' Umm 1X'11.l. President KIQN1' Umm 1VJ.b lm Cum' 1'l'e1m.J. Vice-Prcsiclczxf lm Chan' 1'l'e11u,H DUN Rim: CV:1.h Secretary Dux Rlczlz QXYLLB KINQ R001-:Rs Q'l'c1111.1 . . 'l'rcz1surcr KING Roczlcks f'I'cnn.5 MR. JENKINS . . . Sponsor . . MR. BUSXVISLI. Page 78 Fall OFFICICRS Spring Praoov YOUNG ..., , . . President .... . . ,PRGGY YOUNG BRVRRIA' Ilomss .... . , Vice-President . . A . . . BEVERLY Homas PATSY SIXIITII . , . . . . Secretary .... .,.. I 'ATSY SINIITII ALLIQN VANCE. . . , . Treasurer . . ,.,. IXLLI-IN XIANCIC l'1R1c CoULsoN . . . , . Sgt.-at-Arms A . . . . . ERIC COULSON Miss IIAVVKINS . , , . . . Sponsor . , . . . . Miss I'IAWKINS F2111 OIVIVICISRS Spring IAN141 Cousin ..,, . , . . President . . . ..,. IAN14: Coicrnn. BARBARA CUXFORD ,.., . , . Vice-President . , .IANI41 CIRIMIXI BARBARA IoN1':s. , . . Secretary . . . . BARBARA IONICS B1-:v1cRr.Y Ilonns. . Treasurer ..,... IUIANI-I ICASLIQY NANCY AICCRARY.. . . Sgt.-at-Arms Kik'l'IIIiRINl4Z BROYLICS Miss RIIPIA 4 . , . , , . Sponsor . , . . . , . . , . Miss RHEA Page 79 Junior Red Cross Junior Y-Teens Filth Period Alchemist Club Sixth Period Alchemist Club l Fall OFFICERS Spring JIINUVIY GRAY .... . . . . . President ..,.. .,...., I UNI CELOVER ALLEN VANCE ...,. . . . Vice-President . . . . . .XIIRCINIA 'TAYLOR IIELEN lX'lILLER . . . . . . . Secretary ,... ...... E LLEN COFI-'EY RUTII GRIINIINI .,...,, . . . . Treasurer .... . . . GORDON FAUCETTE ALFRED RIIEA ...,....,. ,.,. . . Sgt.-at-Arms ...,,. , . . FRANCES BERGHEIMER CLARENCE WILRERSON .... .... P rogram Chairman .... .,,.,... H ELEN MILLER I. STONE, I. MORTON ..., .. .... Scouts ...... ...I C . FRYE, I. MORTON LAX7ERNE IVHONIPSON .... . . . Reporter ,,., . ..,,, IRUTII GRIMb'I MISS SBIITII , .,..... . ..........SpOnS0r.... . . . ,......,., ...,.. lX lISS SINIITH Fall IIINI lVlCCORD .... CLYDE IIOPPER ..,.. . GORDON FAUCETTH ...I LEWIS LUTTRELI ,... BILL ARTHUR ..,.,. GRETA lwlOORE ....,... B. IONES, S. BARNES .... PEDEN ITEINIPLETON . , . MISS SINIITII ...,,... l OFFICERS Spring . . , President . . . .... LICVVIS I,II'I"I'RELI. . . Vice-President . . . ..... IIIXI lNlCCORD . . Secretary . . . .,... ALFRED RIIEIA . . . . Treasurer . . . . . . . . . . BILL ,ARTHUR , . . . , Sgt.-at-Arms . . . . . . . . . . PEDEN 'I'I-LMI-LIQTON Program Chairman.. ..,....... BOBBY LOU SIIOUN , . . . . .. Scouts .. . . . . . . . .C. XVILLIATXIS, C. IIOPPICR . . , . Reporter . , . . . . . . . . . . . .BETTY lX'lASON , . . Sponsor . . . , . . MISS STNIITII Page 80 , F1112 OIVFICICRS 'XlA1z'1'1r.x L,U'l'l'RE1.I. ,, President . . Rm' ISDMONDS . . , . . Vice-President . . Dirrsx' l"AUCl'2'l"lil'f Seq '.-' I 'TC2lS. MES. RUSSELL ,,.. , ,. Sponsor 3 E Spring fXlAu'1'1lA LU'1"I'R1iLL . . . . ,ROY EDMUNDS . ,IBOTSY l"AUCR'l"1'I'1 . , . ,RIRS. RUSSELL Page Fall OFFICERS RICHARD IIARE ...... . . . President . . . 'VOM ICD IDUNNXCILY . . , . Vice-President . BETSY PARDUIC .,,.. . Secretary . . . R1CrlA1zD cJI.IVICR, . . . . . Trcasiircr . . . CLARENCE FRYIC, , . . . , Sgt.-at-Arms , . MISS IIAWKINS ..., .... S pousor ,. 81 Spring ,. . . .BILL CROSS , . ,Ricimim f,LIVl'1R TOM ISD IjONNELI.Y LAWRENCE PUCKE'I"l' . . . .RICHARD IIARR . . . . Miss IIANVKINS lJbnNy Club Spansh Club Senior F. I-I. A. Club 9-A F. H. A. Club nn,-,W-......-,. .T We P2111 OI+'I"ICI'1RS Spring PuYLr.1s IIAsrrrxARG1c1i . . . . President . . . TXTARTHA Lrr'r'r'RELI. XTARTIIA Lrr'r'TREI.L . . . . . . Viec-President . . . . PIIYLLIS IIASHBARCER Br-1'rsY PARDUE ,.,.., , , Secretary ...... JXNNE RANKIN NANCY BELL. . . . . . . Treasurer . . .NANCY BELL ANNE RANKIN .. Program Chzrirznan .. ,,... BETTY IIANKS NANCY Drr1.ANrcY . . . . Prog, Committee . . . .XVILLICNE PATTUN PEGGY SAPP. . . . . . . Reporter . . BI'1'I'SY PARDUE MISS l"oR'1'IrN1f: . . . Sponsor ..,. Miss I"oR'1'rrNr: ,fr First Period BE'r"r'Y SUE BRUCE . TXIARY Lou STALLARD. . LEN1'II.LL1 TXTCCARRY ERNr':s'1'1NE ALEXANDI Miss FORTUNE ,.... OFIVICERS . ,,.. President , . . . . . . . . Vice-President . . . . Secretary . . . CR .. . . . Treasurer ... . . .. . . . Sponsor . . Third Period . ,PEGGY GURLEY EUNICE GOODMAN . . . .PEGGY RAUII ELEANOR STEVENS . , Miss FORTUNE Page 82 Fall IUNE NEWSOME .... IIIVIIKIY CARSON ...,,. BILLIE IEAN BOUTON. . SHIRLEY ISUTHERFORD .... . , . . DAVID ANDERSON .... MRS. POST ,.., . . . OFFICERS Spring President ,... ,..... D AVID ANDERSON Vice-President ..,. ..,, S IIIRLEY RUTHERFORD Secretary .,., .,,.... I UNE NEWSOME Treasurer .. ......, IIINIIXIY CARSON Stage Manager , . . ,.,. TOINIBIY ARMISTEAD Sponsor . . , ,,,..,.., MRS. POST Fall CLAY YOAKUM ..., ELMO PLESS .......... , . VESTA IANE GRAHALI .... . . BARBARA MYERS .,.., ,. BOBBY ARTHUR .... MRS. POST .,... Page S 3 OFFICERS . President . Vice-President . Secretary . . Treasurer , Stage Manager Sponsor .. Spring COLLE1-:N HANCOCK . . . .MARGARET LEGG INIAUVEEN SLUSHER .CAROLYN IVICCLELLAN , . , . ..,... LOUIS LAWSON ....MRs. POST Footlighters Club POwderpuff and Wig Club Senior Girls' Club Girls' Athletics Club lfall OI"I"ICl'1RS I,o11.-UNI: xlCCI.l'1I.I..kN , , President . Primm' BLAIR. . . , . Vice-President l,IlYI.I.IS IIASIIB.-uicrck . , . . Secretary . IIQANNIA1 I'Imx1oNDs . , . ,. Treasurer . lrII,I,IlC NIM: l"I,r:'lcl112l4 . . , . Sgr.-at-Arrns Miss RANKIN .,.. . . . Sponsor , Spring , . . . , . . .l'r:ccY BLAIR lxlARCUI4lRI'I'l'1 RICXRODIC LORAINIQ lxlCCI.E1LLAN . . .Ronl':R'1'A cJlNE.5I. , , , . Sins C,VIiRS'1'RE1i'l' , . . , Nllss RANKrN Fall OIVFICICRS Spring l'1cc:c:Y Coma, . . . . President , . ,.., 1'Icc:r:Y Com: l'A'rsY COLL . . . . . . . . Vice-President , , . . . , I'A'rsY Co1.1f: lXlARc1i141R1'r'r3 Rrcxuomc. . . Secretary . . .XlARc:Ii1c111'l'1c Rlcxkom-1 1'lVI'II.YN ANm11xs0N , . Treasurer . , .lCv1c1.YN ANDERSON IICAN NloR'i'oN . , , Sgr.-:rt-Arms , , , .IIQAN Nl0R'I'0N Nllss lIAR'l ',.,. . .. Sponsor ,. . ..., Xllss IIA111' Page 84 CARSON RIIEA XLLIHER IIARRIS EV A UL'l' GRAY Vl"I'RELL 'Il-X'l'I'I POPE STEVENS OUR .Vhat are we here for? l'hat's our cry: !-i-c-t-o-r-y- krc we in it? fVell, I Guess! Wenncssee! Tennessee! fes, Yes, Yes! :age 85 PROMPTERS Hi, Tennessee - - Yea, Vikings - - This is one of the many cheers with which our cheerleaders have led ns to increase our pep and school spirit l00f7b. YVC want to thank and congratulate them for being our Hprorliptcrsn and helping us make our perfect season a little more perfect. Maroon and VVhitC, Maroon and VVhitc, llere we COIHC with all our might. Sis, Boom. Hic, Hike, Ilike, Tennessee, Tennessee, Fight! Fight! Fight! IUELVVYN l'lLI,IO'l'T Conductor 'l'his year 'l'euuessee lligh is proud and honored to have as its Band Director, lXh'. Delwvu lilliott. Since the very first day Nr. Elliott joined us, heihas become ii true friend and companion to every student at B. 'l'. ll. S, lle attended N. S. T. C., Carroll College, and the University of lXlichigan, where he received his Bachelor of Music in l943 and M.lXl. in l947. During VVorld XVar ll Mr. lilliott served with the armed ser- vices thirty-one months, twenty-one of them overseas. Concert Band VHQC MU Page S7 ww, M "" 'NW E. GALLIIIIQR I, GRIQIQNIQ R. UNEIL L. MCCLHLLAN N. EYLICR P. BLAIR I. TICKLE S. OVI'IRS'I'RElL'l' A. BIRDXVELL B. NELSON SICIANS AlZ11'Chi1lg Baud - V---v.,......,...7.....,, 1 l 1 S E. Drzerc, S, BARNES, B. AUSTIN Our Color Guard STEAL Tl-IE Sl-ICD The fall semester was spent concentrating on the marching hand. Marching at all the football games, our hand made many formations that sym- bolized the true spirit of 'l'ennessee lligh games. 'l'he band also appeared in the Christmas parade in Bristol. The spring semester opened with the mnsie department concentrating on the concert band and its schedule. 'l'his band played in the annual Concert on April l6 and on May Z the hand com- hined with the grade school vocal groups, who sang a medley of folk songs with the concert hand in accompaniment and the athletic department which staged folk dances. to present a spring festival. "l'he German Band Clnh was organized this year to meet during the activity period on Mon- days. They have made several appearances during the year and have made an outstanding hit among the students with their music. A lNIusieal Intermission W Page Mit 0 U . C. G0 U N M. Wt B PX .-5.089-L' XXOQKSVYRA C anvil Nxt. PX- " sv A , Xcgkl X' XR. LV age 89 Our hats are OE to Mr. Elliott and the Baud for the splendid progress they have made in 1947- 1948 and for keeping us "tuned up" during the year. P. BLAIR, A. BIRDWELL, S. OVERSTRIQHT B. NELSON Q Q "Av-142 ' !""'J44...,g,... 114791. ian, af! fime of oar 6!l:5tI'065,. .fdral in our friampk foo, jk game id more Iflzan Me ,Jager of me game .xdml Me Z5 more flzan Me crew! M ' Ha l P 2391 , ix - 1'-ei Q , 1 ' 'Q'--L r - 1 fa Y Sf 1 f . . Cui fa 'V 6 " P' L' 1 f' 9 fe '?' -' f 2' W - Q Iii - f 'jf .mf m nflrmn 9 1 E171 w ..,f:1..:,f-'-' f'1,.4 ' f , .4 i 5 g ,ff + f em I 5 3 'g A M W 75 ff Y! 1 I c.,-"""' ' SPORTS LIFE 40529532-3g 2 V 53 5211215 :mean aria Q 3, J' , Q 24 my f " if f M 'J X ws Vqlx Ag, fi? 3 is .iw EE.. Kvlq I .S K1 :21 ' Q zg., .. 7 itun AA 9 is tl 2 ,:.s an W 'B' uqg K. , by Q ,gig , Q .ww 5 3 W ,gf g11i giT'1 W-M10 I M MUN Az, H-. fs , ' . . Vv.,. , x Z W - A 5 . if 1 . 2 ' 4' L Q3 ' 5 Q47 J., im 1 yi L r, . . ,SEA :SK 6145 Q 41 'Q W fa, Zi H5 - l gk A A U H if fa gk K fi T v as 42? , 5 Q M 'QA in wif 'l 0 tg Aiiotlicr First Agziiiisf tlic llill Toppers l"clty's Smile Bclics llix l'l Sept. 3--Rnlu Scpf. lz-XlUI'Il5lUNXll Supl lf V Sept I lvl 'fmWXlmi11f.5clrn1 1 I--fXl11i'x'x1llL' . ,l- illlllilflll ll iliiugs ikings Vikings Yikings xvlklllL1S I U-lf l+'CXJ'l'B.XI,,I, SCI ll'IDULI'I Oct Oct Od Ov! Nm lll-lol umm City l'Ilimlx'tl1tu11 l'l1'XX'lll Kingsport . l-l Xlfigllllll lligll Doc Iolmsmi Vfforlcizzg on llis Boys Yikiiiggx Yikimgs Yikiiigs Yikiuggs xvllxlllifk ,Q f -1 .M A - M.. ,f fxxxwxag qc GK ' 1 M999 90" Changing Bctwccn Halvcs of Vifgillfil-'I'C111lCSSCC Game ..,.,...,..m-.-...+.n-nf' Rcucly to Co in Sccond llnlf of XVirginigl-Tcnxlcsscc Camo V748 lfi DO'I'B.XI,l, SCHl'1DlII.l'I Scpf. IUfXlUI'IiSfUXXll 'l'llc'rc 'pf. IT---XlLm'x'1llc Ilcrc Sept. 24-w.XluinggcIml VIVIICTC vt. I--SllHiX'illl . llcrc cf, S--lfllllhlill City , ,VIQIICYC VIVUIICIICIONYII for IIVCHIICSSCC Vikings 4 Xt Oct Od Nm: Nov, lg--l'llill1l7CH1t0ll 22-l'Im'in ZLJ-Killg5IJUl'f 5-Rule .. . ,, 12-Xvifgilliillliilll , , ,, . Ccfting Away in SCfi11II112lgC 'I'hCrc Ilcrc I lcrc Hcrc Here W.. VIKING BASKETEERS G. B. PIERCE B. ARTHUR, R. SNAP? Coach Managers STATE RUNNERS-LIP E I m E s 2 P. TEMPLETON R. IIARR M. GARRISON C. NICKELS I. FLANNA All-State Forward All-State Guard A11-State Center Page 95 NICKELS, FLANNAGAN, GARRISON, 'I'E1NIPLETON, HARR, PUCKETT, Cnoss, IIAYNES, XVARD, COACH PIERCE fN0t pictured: Ion BYRD, honorable mention for all-state tCLll11D CITY CHAMPS DISTRICT CHAMPS BIC FIVE CHAMPS REGIONAL CHAMPS GAMES XVON - Z8 GAMES LOST - I B. CROSS D. HAYNES I. BOURNE B. VVARD L. PUCKETT age 99 ig? ' Ei? :N ., .- . k A 2 E H ggi I W ifffg I x - .uf .X Q2 3 XJ .aw .,......i--74 W, aww-M2 L 2 If 7 gf I fb 'WA Mg H , 3 '?j:'fg- ' K af MW K 3 -' Y , vt 77 f in ggi K Y we .gy Q if 5' f f A." fe? N' ':'V 0715525 'M i f A V f. .g ,.:,, : 4 E dee' f ff, , :,:' 5 J, 5 ,iffii . 'q ' ,ai 5554- ' vtmagggf K Vg QQ 4' W W3 gf! ' 4' f W 5 , J ,Fw V M ' T 1 Wi W' . 'fb 1 ' Af 4 W 3 2? ' gg A""' in f A W A fy 3, 4 ,.,,V, imfgwwgiiwyiwfwimgfggyiis M 2 2 1 mlb 44 4 Z 2 1 J V3 ei ' Q . 1 2 I E W 'W 'X fe . L A i 'Wi ,I ,i g TED ALEXANDER Coach for 1948 lm mg 501 B S B L Baseball Roster 15130 As' W 'nga E . if f-' w,4 1 .2 ' df M I 'Q W l,. PUCKI'I'l"I' Xl.C1.XRRISON IS. CROSS P. 'l'l'fXlI,l.l'1'l'ON XY. BURNITI ll All Big-l"ix'c RC1PTChClIfilf1-YCS DEMQNS CDF THE DIAMGND VSHJC IU? C1z1'ri's011'S l"or111 - - 4 Batting Avcragc for Season - .HV D. DONALDSON """-. NV5 P. T X LIQTON Track Squad Page 104 F r F Q, w ww' 4 TFNNB AND .gp-W., Y M ., , lug? uw, Q V ' gtS?8Q5f2,g ,lim x " ,lr 9 I 31,-f ,,7f,s'f.j " H 2 ifvififizg 32.21. 1 ,Q 9923 51 gifzlf' A 25555. Second Place Team Page 105 EXYQIHOIILII Iuuior RiHc C1l2l1111JiO1lS1lflJ Maw My xii? my HH 'W NICY, R. fJiNl'IlI., Miss llA1i'1', M. Rrcxiionr-1 BASKETBALL sorf'r'BAL.L Approximately one lmndred and eiglity gir participate regularly in liealtli and Pl1YSiC2ll edt cation classes at Tennessee lligli. A varied program of activities is carried on 1 meet tlic needs of all tlie girls, and tonrnamen are lield annually in tlre major and minor sport It is our desire to promote interests in atlileti and to create, maintain and extend tlirouglioi tlic scliool and community a liigli standard I sportsmanslrip and citizensliip. Miss llart attended Tennessee Polytechnic I stitnte, Cookeville, and received lier BS. degri from Middle 'l'ennessee State College, Mnrfree lsoro, Tennessee. GIRLS' FOOTBALL VOLLEYBALL x 3 9 l 5 5 l 5 f my Wit sf? gf ,Q 'Sf E wr 1 Q55 be 1 ,ESV 5 s Qi "lash ..,,, WI: 9 w...m LZ ,,. ,S:iSwafN, BBW. x gy . Egqwqx. si5'g'Xii5i5 2533 i kmsfvmwmb :ami A Jiifiwfs .W .wy . ggiv 'svmxk D 55' ., 5 sf Es. ' Sas A..- ml L' uw . . Ia 2- E' :Fir 2::.E ' g tg' IE: .V,,.. ik l . Q Qiwiw me fl m 'Q' ,i ATHLETIC I 1 "On the fields of friendly strife are sown the seeds which, in other years on other fields, will bear the fruits of Victory." -1 .1 GENERAL ATHLETICS Athletics play a major part in the wholesome, all-round development of the students of Tennes- see High School. From the time of the first foot- ball practice period in the fall to the time when the last track and baseball suit is turned in, in the spring, these men give their skill and ability in developing winning teams for Tennessee High. The athletic program is very important in every school and Tennessee High is one of the leaders of this section in that respect. THE 1947 FOOTBALL SEASON Participating in a strenuous ten game schedule that did not allow a single let-up during the sea- son, the 1947 Vikings won seven of its contests. After winning the first game of the season from Rule 19-6, the Vikings dropped a heart- breaker to Morristown by the margin of a touch- down, 14-20 made on the last minute of play of the game. The following week the locals won from Maryville 13-12. On the three succeeding week-ends the Vik- ings fought their way to victories over Abingdon 19-0 and over the highly favored Loudon 6-0 and johnson City Warriors 14-6. The strain of heavy competition began to tell and the following week- end in a sea of mud and costly fumbles our team lost to Elizabethton 33-7. After this defeat the Vikings played a brilliant game in defeating Erwin 14-6. The third loss was at the hands of the state champ, Kingsport 26-0, a better game than the score indicated, the Vik- ings showing a passing attack rated by college coaches as one of the best in scholastic circles. In the traditional contest with Virginia High, the Vikings ended a brilliant season by winning 41-0. Most of the lettermen will return next year for a team that should be one of the very best. TRACK The Tennessee High Track Team finished the track season by placing second in the Big Five Meet, second in the Milligan Relays, fifth in the East Tennessee Meet, and dropped a dual meet to Iohnson City by one point although winning nine of the fifteen first places. Outstanding perform- ances were turned in by Ed Olson, R. Brake, I. Ely, D. Donaldson, B. Cross, R. Oliver, B. Felty, H. Haynes and P. Templeton. Page 1 RES LJME' THE 1947 BASEBALL SEASON Bic FIVE WINNERS The 1947 baseball machine put out by Coach Steve Boretsky had a season which showed up more individual characteristics of the players than usual, Templeton, Garrison, Cross, Puckett and Burnett making the Big Five all-star team. Bur- nette rated as one of the best pitchers in Tennes- see State baseball circles, Garrison's batting .549 and Puckett's .500 are feats that speak for them- selves. With the loss of only Loving, Burnette, Hous- ton and Felty the 1948 season should be one of the best in the school's history. THE 1947-48 BASKETBALL SEASON Under the guidance of Coach G. B. Pierce, the Bristol Tennessee High Vikings went un- defeated through the 1947-'48 season, entered the District, Regional, and State Tournaments, and lost the State Championship to West High of Nashville, Tenn. The Vikings won the City title from Virginia High in two consecutive wins by scores of 54 to 27 and 63 to 35. Also won by Vikings was the Big Five Crown with a perfect record of 8 wins and no defeats. Our team consisted of five lettermen from last year: Peden Templeton, Manuel Garrison, Bill Cross, Richard Harr and Charlie Nickels, and in addition Ioe Byrd, Iim Flannagan, Lawrence Puckett, Dave Haynes and Bill Ward. The 15th District Tournament held in Vir- ginia High's new gym on Feb. 25, 26, 27 and 28, was won by the Vikings. Teams beaten by Ten- nessee High were-Holston High 62 to 42, Sulli- van High 48 to 29, and Bluff City, in a 28 to 27 thriller. SCHEDULE Vikings Opponents Blountville ......, . . . 46 21 Holston Valley . . . . . . 45 29 Bluff City ..... . . . 64 27 Iohnson City , . . . . . 49 26 Holston Valley . . . . , . 49 25 Bluff City ..... .. . 66 31 Kingsport .... . . . 54 39 Erwin ....... . . . 54 35 Iohnson City . . , . . . 44 29 Elizabethton . . . . . . 48 31 Virginia High .... . , . 56 23 Happy Valley .... . . . 48 34 Knox Central .... . . , 40 33 Erwin ......... . . . 54 34 Happy Valley ..,. . . . 37 36 Kingsport .,.... . . . 39 33 Elizabethton ..... . . , 51 18 Virginia High .... . . . 63 35 Blountville ..... . . . 60 35 Page 109 The Vikings traveled to Knoxville to the Re- gional Tourney which they won in exciting games. The Vikings met Rush Strong in their first game, winning 65 to 40. In their second game they de- feated Bradley County High School 63 to 34. The third win over Soddy-Daisy on Saturday afternoon was 40 to 36, and the Vikings came back that night to win over Happy Valley 47 to 42 in a comeback over-time period. Charlie Nickels, Tennessee High's 6'6" cen- ter, was the attraction of the Regional Tourna- ment, winning the trophy for the most valuable player of the tourney. Manuel Garrison made the second all-tournament team and Nickels made all- tourney center. In this tournament the Vikings showed their fighting spirit. The undefeated basketeers then returned to Knoxville to the State Tournament, defeating Grove High of Paris and Father Ryan of Nash- ville before losing the championship fray to West High of Nashville. We're proud of you, Vikings! 'F' it l I .51 1 CC 11 a piaaanf inafifufion oaf ua faLe, if aa if comm. in ,W , I . ' '.':.A fwgl Y: , .-T. --, -Q' ..-42. f , ag 111 f mmm. 'C - 1 ,g M! lffpi A2 'mt , ,S , ! 'ff' Q X dw sf Kai Ii I ! , ' Q I I J .ln 'mls' . ' P 4 . J ,IT74 " 4 ' f"fff 1-MW ' Q 1 i,ffj1ff5:1+i 1 I :L 'mf' V J! ,, Fil' - 2 ' VN 53 ,M 1 tx' 1 2 n kytllml 4-T' Actin: SCHQQL LIFE v , yi' R H'M1!HEX53J WWHHHH xxxxwx xx xxxx uw xxxx x ,x A F . 3.1 X HIIIH lHfl,XXViX!4Xii HM ' , SWS' I gn..-VI ,,...0 Wm ., , 4 2 I M J, 'Z ,M y 21 any Y 'J ,, 'V 7 as 1 32 .7 Til X 'X ' 1 ff ' mcwrz f v z ,i 51 fm -as ..4"' dad' K HI! x11:Vxfxlf'+ IIXIHI 1 fn mf rl ff!! H!!! M. H ' ...,J41Qwniceifi5 jar me fo Ave in a worfc! gk Mid ' 1 l- !! YXX k , MXEQJXX Jfffzavw ff ffffxfbf Act IV: GLIR LIFE 2 XX XX X , xml' h w A , , 'ww x ,A1 A LIE W Q I Xggxyf, My ff!!! 33.23 , , Y z 5 ff!!! HM' il' ff! g X A 3:5211 -V 'fa xxmxxxx x vm X XX, XM YXRXX.X..x XWYR X Yfx ww, XX ' , , , ,, F T' "X'XXX'. XXX X XXI U XX I' WV!! TH W XWVM NH ff! 1 ...wwf WMMX. dl u 5 yy ,xi i xii i I WN f 4' 535,332 g V . , f W , , .,,..,,,,. .,,,. MW My "'1""'vn.,,M i Q , xx f it E, ,4,wf,mwMm,wmw V' ai fff Q im , E k y-pg fgzwgzm A 5 A . 3 'LM sgley -3 5' . A 4 vi :QQWEH if f , galil , Qggblgf A yy :.v-if :, :- ge M, ffm m y f 0 Y eng 5 a f ,M , Y A. H g 2 ,U sf 24, 4' S ff , J figs! 2 4 ,f f w Q 2, E , Q 1 4, 1' 1 W mv X, Q X sf Q ggi13f5sm:9F:a3gWg.gg,y,ef,::m' Uwwg?-2'3:fw w 2 , . 4 in , 5 -X 2 Q 5 si 3 Y Q M' 'B Q Y 1 4 3:4 I: wfaqw . 'Sm :tg:+'yrw, f ' W Q Qyiqwi WL' 6 ,'Q:AT'??- -2'- E '1 W I Y , , t,,-,sl-31,2 Q34 '.v gr A W . 6 , ,gl '1 4 aff? " X is ,, . , 5, WF M ' N Q E, N W I 7 , ,Q 4 'V' "wa E ' ' , V33 ,Viv Q, 3 W, Q 1 ' ' 4 A ii ff gffg E, f.Jf,L,ff,q4 , v lam ff' W 'W z af ,gg A . -D-Lknn-4 ke ' L,':f'T,ms + ,. -f... 4 ?.fe ' Wf5f?f2EQg3fQ .ALA ' nkw,hM M ,gg-,w P Q, 1. ,Q 3. 12 ,A.::.4 M 'f I5 vga? A .,,.: wa se, Ag ,,, W x , 'fin , S V g'? My - if , .. ff We 2 Q 5 tum... l 33, 0 4- 8 4 , 2 :AE M by A :.,.:E5:: ,,, fx W 4 ...Q ' W k 0 is f ,M 44 N, ima N 1 IMA 'mf fm, Ht. , ,,.a- ilu . apps mf 3 W, 'ulaw WW my 1 Q ,H Nc, fw? "fit . gf? - TL 2 M Wx ,f x , . ' ry? - t , 1 REQ? KE? 'if ' ' 22: Q I , MQ Q PS' . ' - ai 15 12? gm Betty and Tommy Sept. Z-School Bells! Good-by, late breakfasts! S-Football season opens. Vikings 20-Rule High 7! 7-Cheerleaders elected. VfI-K-I-N-C-S! 26-Tennessee High 19-Abingdon 0. We love our team! 27-Hi-Y Outing. Let's have more such occasions! Oct. 3--Tennessee High 6-Loudon 0. Such an upset! Sweet victory! 6-10-Midnight oil. Tests and tests! 10-Vikings take Johnson City Hilltoppers-14-6. Open House at Twin-Teen Tavern. These Pres- byterian Young People throw good parties! 30-31-Goody! The teachers are off to E. T. E. A. Stu- Nov. 8 dents free for two whole days! --Hi-Y Outing. They get better and better. 12-Ioint pep-meeting at Twin-Teen Tavern-Vir- ginia and Tennessee High Schools. 13-Pep meeting broadcast-Palpitations! Bonfire brings spirit to boiling point. 14-Maroon and VVhite 41-Orange and Black 0! But Virginia still has her pep. The rooters nearly froze while the players swam in mud! 17-Z1-Why don't the teachers know what we know? Do we need tests? 28-48'rs Dance at Hotel Bristol-Event of the Dec. 1- season! Hardwood comes into the limelight! Tennessee takes Blountville. 4-Teachers' Association Meeting makes for free afternoon. 5-Iuniors present "A Working Cirl's Secret" or '4Pure As the Driven Snow"-Stevo really makes a cruel villain! We're proud of Dotsy, our beautiful queen, and her winsome maid, lean Morton. 'T was a grand dance under the stars! 7-Mr. Adkisson runs through thc halls-Maybe it's the Christmas Spirit! 15-Beta Club Christmas at Mrs. Caldwell's- Perfect! 17-Christmas Holidays-Fun and more fun till Ian. 5. Ian. 5, 1948-Isn't this some way to start a new year! 9-Revenge is sweet! Tennessee High 54-Kings port 40-and in Kingsport, too! 12-Miss Smith and the future chemists of America stink us out! There "orta" be a law against -! 13-Casedesus, and is he a long-haired artist? 19-Z3-Finals! The tests that tell! Z3-Big snow-and ice, too. Why don't we get out, Dr. Eyler? 27-First win from Happy Valley - They're a tough bunch to beat! 29-Out early-We love those teachers' meetings. Feb. 3-Election Day for Seniors-'fBe sure to vote for - - - l" 10-German Band for Assembly-Polkas plus! 12-Senior Y-Teens and Boys' Hi-Y Clubs celebrate with a Valentine Party in Home Ec. room. 17-Tennessee 63--Virginia 35-City Crown. We're Great! 20-That new look! Don't trip on your skirts, girls! 24-Y-Teens give the school three outdoor trash cans. Betty King gets a contract with Mr. Home and Mr. Grindstaff for next year-She deserves it. 25-Girls' basketball tournament. Z5-27-District basketball tournament in Virginia High Mar. 1-3 gym. Vikings take District Championship! -Tests moved up for basketball tourney, Knox- ville, here we come! Z-National Symphony presents a concert which is out of this world. 4-6-Regional Tournament-Regional Championship. Nickels wins trophy for most valuable player for entire tournament. 9-Army Recruiting Film. Good-bye, boys. 10-Report Cards. No more privileges. 11-13-State Tournament. We're proud that three B. T. H. S. players make state team and the Vikings are runners-up. 16-Boys' Hi-Y versus Faculty in basketball-Can our teachers play? 19-Senior play. Hollywood rivals. Magnificent court sceneg beautifully decorated gym stages setting for Senior-Iunior Square Dance. Page 128 Keep A Diary 19-20- '23 25 26-29 Apr. 1-3 Key Club Conference. You would think some girls had never seen boys before! -CADMEAS to press! Now we can enjoy the finer things of life in the great out-of-doors. -Y-Teens present beautiful and impressive Easter service- Merry Maudes-48'ers Dance at the General Shelby. -Easter Holidays! P -T. and I. Convention in Nashville. B. T. H. S. sends a large representation with the director, Mr. Campbell. 7-Miss Owen explains when to cross-multiply! 16-Band Concert. Take a bow, Mr. Elliott, and all 19-23 2 7- of our student conductors. -Emphasis on folk dancing in girls' gym. This is fun! Basketball Banquet-A wonderful banquet for a wonderful team. Apr. 30 to May 1 Cadmus Club and Maroon and White delegates Jattend S. 1. P. A. in Lexington, Va. 3-Biscuits fall on the floor in Home EC. Bombs away! 7-Spring Festival presented by Music and Physical 14-- Education departments. Senior Banquet 16-Annual Tri-Hi-Y Mother's Day Tea. 17-21 -Senior Exams. Do we wear our caps and gowns, or don't we? 2 3-Baccalaureate 25- Z7 Senior Outing -Class Night-Such pretty dresses, such beau- tiful girls, such handsome men, such thrills over awards-Richard hands gavel to "Stevo" as Class of '49 is installed. Be careful, girls, all make-up isn't tear proof. 28-Diplomas - Congratulations - Curtain! 11?- CADMEAS. The biggest and best! APPRECIATICDIXI To those who have made it possible for us to produce the CADMEA for 1948, the staff wishes to express its sin- cerest appreciation: Our advertisers, Mr. Adkisson, our principal, and the entire Tennessee High Faculty and Administration for their whole-hearted co- operation so freely given by them as class and club advisers and sponsors, Subscribers to the year-book, Messrs. T. W. and Blair Preston, our printers and year-book advisers, Mr. Roy Hamlet for suggestions for typography, Mr. Tommy Daniel, our photographer, for album section, Mr. Leo Carrier, our photographer, for club and group pictures, Mrs. Marney, our sponsor. Page 129 To Those Llnderstudies Who We, the members of the Senior Class of Tennessee High School, city of Bristol, county of Sullivan, state of Tennessee, being sane in mind and sound in body, and realizing the nearness of our departure from these halls, do declare this to be our last will and testament. First: To our very eflicient faculty we leave our deepest gratitude and sincerest appreciation for the endless pa- tience and needed attention they have given us. Second: To our beloved and ever attentive sponsors we leave our lasting appreciation for their untiring efforts in helping us along the road to graduation. , Third: To the Sophomores we leave our unquenchable desire for knowledge, with the hope that they may use it to make for themselves a record of high attainment. Fourth: To the Iuniors our personal bequests are as follows: I, VIRGIL POPE, bequeath my many original dance steps to BILL STEVENS. We, H. B. AKERS and ROBERT WINEBARGER, being the sheiks of the Senior Class, do hereby leave the above title to BOB GLOVER and BOB HENNINGER. We, BENITA BIRDWELL and BETTY ALMANY, leave our joyous laughter to VIRGINIA TAYLOR and BOBBIE LOU SHOUN. VVe, BETTY ARROWOOD and LORAINE Mc- CLELLAN, leave to DOROTHY BERRY and RA- MONA DAMERON our ability to talk a mile-a-minute. I, SPENCE BAUMGARDNER, bequeath my ingen- uity in mathematics to PAUL PHILLIPPI. We, ALICE BIRDWELL and PEGGY COLE, being outstanding feminine athletes, leave our abilitv along that line to SHIRLEY RUTHERFORD and PATSY COLE. VVe, PEGGY BLAIR and SUE OVERSTREET, leave our captivating smiles to IACKIE WOLFORD and ELLEN COFFEY. XVe, DAN BOUSH, SIDNEY FINKLE and IIM HAMRICK, leave our outstanding ability to shoot pool to LAWRENCE HARKINS. I, CHARLOTTE BOWERS, bequeath to HARRIET WALKER and ANN DAVIDSON my superior knowl- edge in all subjects. We, ROLLIN BRAKE, I. C. VANCE and IACK WOODS, leave our rich male voices to IOHN STONE and FRED MANESS. We, PEGGY BREEDING, IEAN SWAN and MARY ANN SMITH, leave our sweet and lovable dispositions to IEAN MORTON and IUNE NEWSOME. We, IOE BYRD and RICHARD HARR. leave our marvelous skill in basketball to GEORGE KING, EU- GENE MEHAFFEY and ALLEN VANCE. I, VIRGINIA CARSON, leave my ability to tickle the ivories to HELEN MILLER. I. IACKIE COULSON, bequeath mv lovelv long hair to BETTY MASON and EVELYN ANDERSON. We. BILLIE CAMPER, RUTH HARRIS and IUNE STOKES, will our sweet and gentle quietness to IOYCE GREGORY. MARGARET DENNY, BETTY HAMIL- TON and EVELYN WATKINS. We, BETTY SUE BRUCE and BETTY BARNES. bequeath to MARTHA HUDSON our pert smiles and vivacious personalities. We, BOB CROSS and BILL RICHARDS, leave our love for good arguments to KARL RHEA and CLAR- ENCE WILKERSON. We, TOM ED DONNELLY and FRED GODSEY, leave our abundant friendliness to KENNETH LITTLE- FORD. ' I, RUTH FREY, bequeath my heart to CHARLES GOODWIN, with the request that he treat it gently. I, SABELLE GALLIHER, leave my many stylish clothes to FRANCES NEWMAN. I, IIMMY DEVAULT, leave my well-filled address book to RICHARD GOOD. We, CHARLOTTE GRAY and PEGGY YOUNG, bequeath our enviable ability to win friends and influence people to IUNE HARKLEROAD ani NANCY KING. I, BOYD BARNES, leave my knack for getting laughs to GILBERT TORBETT, hoping he will get as good a response as I have. I, EDYTHE GREENE, will my beautiful eyes to ANNE HOUSER. We, IIMMY FLANNAGAN and LYNN HOUSTON, leave our ability to play baseball to MANUEL GAR- RISON. I, HAROLD FARNSWORTH, willingly bequeath mv skiis to any member of the junior class who is tired of life. I, PEGGY HARRIS, leave my cherished abilitv to en- slave masculine hearts to all junior girls who aren't doing so well. I, ROY EDMONDS, leave my interest in aviation to IACK SHEPARD. I, ELEANOR HARRISON, will to PEGGY EYLER and KAY GLAVIN the golden quality of my lovely voice. We, LAWRENCE PUCKETT and LILLIE MAE FLETCHER, bequeath our fidelity to 'AGUT" GRIFFIN and CAROLYN GALLOWAY. I, GEORGE HELMS, bequeath all my knowledge of cars to IOE BAILEY. I, IACK HELTON, leave to SAM BARNES, my tal- ents for carrying on endless conversations. We, DORIS HOPKINS and DORIS WEIL, leave our love for making eyes at the boys to MARTHA HENRITZE. We, ROBERT HORNE, IOE MOORE anad SAM- MIE SMALLING, will our quiet dispositions to CHARLES THOMAS and CHARLES NORTON. We, HILDA HORNE and PATSY SMALLING, leave all our talent for dancing to FRANCES BERGHEIMER so she can go twice as far. We, BILL CROSS and HUGH KILGORE, bequeath our many offices and honors to DAVID HAYNES. I, PAT KLINE, leave my achievements in shorthand to MINNIE WYATT and DORIS HICKS. I, VVALTER LISANBY, leave my undisputed good looks to IIM GLOVER. We, MARTHA LUTTRELL and NANCY TATE, will and bequeath our contagious school spirit to IIMMY GRAY. I, LEWIS LUTTRELL, leave my blushes to CLYDE HOPPER. Page 130 Stood Backstage and Waited I, MARIAN MCCLELLAN, leave to IULIA WIN- STON my permanent place on the honor roll. I, NED MCCLELLAN, bequeath a portion of mv sur- plus knowledge to CLARENCE FRYE and ROBERT SCOTT, who may need it when they become seniors. I, PAUL NELSON, leave my A-model Ford to B. K. IENKINS to replace his. I, MARIORIE PHILLIPS, leave my exceeding good nature to BETTY WAMPLER. , We, PATSY PEAVLER and PHYLLIS ANN PETERS, bequeath all our cosmetics and beautv hints to DOTSY FAUCETTE and MARY IANE DAVENPORT. I, IOHN PATTON, will my talent for asking questions to any junior who takes Trigonometry. I, PENNY PHELPS, bequeath mv gentle quietness and my excellent record to MARY HESSMAN with the pro- vision that she use them well. I, POLLY POORE, will to IACKIE TRAINHAM my great devotion to the band, and to WARREN KETZ my seat in the clarinet section. We, KING ROGERS and LAWRENCE LILLEY, be- ing the best-dressed males of the senior class, leave this distinction to any juniors who can afford it. I, BETTY QUILLEN, leave my many talents and lovely disposition to the whole junior class. I, ANN RANKIN, bequeath my charming dignitv and dependability, and my talent for journalism to COLLEEN HANCOCK. I, DICK RUCKER, leave my highly developed method of fascinating the girls to RICHARD GOOD, with a word of warning-remember, DICK, this is LEAP YEAR. Vie, ANNA and CHARLES SAUL, will our sisterly and brotherly love to KATHERINE and DAVID AN- DERSON. I, HERBERT RUTHERFORD, leave mv rugged tac- tics on the football field to DAN KOONTZ. I, BILL TURNER, leave my love for photography to EZ POWERS. VVatch the birdie, EZ! We, BILL WARD and ERNEST SPENCE, leave to BILL IONES our consuming desire for scientific knowl- edge. I, PEDEN TEMPLETON, leave my outstanding rec- ord of athletic achievement as a goal for all junior athletes. We, PEGGY WARREN, MARGUERITE REX- RODE and LOUISE LEONARD, bequeath our quiet manners and sweet ways to GORDON FAUCETTE, MARY ANN PEOPLES and GRETA MOORE. I, IAMES CANNON, will and bequeath my 97.61 average for four years of high school work as a goal that all juniors may strive for. We, MYRTLE EYLER, IEAN GREENE and RO- BERTA O'NEAL, will our talent for twirling the baton to all future majorettes. I, GENE GROSECLOSE, leave my ability to hit hot licks on the trumpet to CHARLES GOODWIN. I, C. I. CROWELL, will my trait of being loyal to one girl to IIMMY BARNES, who d0esn't really need it! " VVe, DON DONALDSON and RICHARD OLIVER, bequeath our winged feet to those juniors who aspire to become track stars. 'age 1 31 I, RUTH WATSON, leave the cutest grin in the senior class to MARY PATTERSON. We, the EASLEY TWINS, will our ability to "go steady" to all junior girls who are not so gifted. I, MARIANNE SALYER, bequeath my sparkling friendliness and endless loyalty to RUTH GRIMM, BETTY CAMPBELL and NANCY DULANEY. I, FRED SLAGLE, leave my love for the great out- doors to DAVID BURCH. We, BETSY PARDUE and EMILY RAGAN, leave our petite stature to BILL ARTHUR with the hope that he doesn't get stepped on in the hall. We, LEONORA TAYLOR, IEARL DEAN POWERS and BILLIE BELL, leave our quiet, reserved dispositions to WILMA CARTER and ROSA MAE IOHNS. I, IIM HILTON, bequeath my genius for quiet but outstanding achievement to BUDDY GODSEY for him to carry on. We, PHYLLIS HASHBARGER and SHIRLEY COPENHAVER, leave our good nature and boundless energy to the entire faculty and student body of TEN- NESSEE HIGH. We, CHARLES STOPHEL and IACK ROBINETTE, the inseparables, bequeath our rare friendship to any two junior boys who can qualify. I, PEGGY SMITH, leave my love for horses and my skill with them to GERALDEAN FRANCIS, who knows and loves them too. "We, CORALYN DROKE and BETTY GOODMAN, will and bequeath our ready smiles to VIRGINIA NASH, WILLENE PATTON and FRANCES ROSS. We, BILL HAMLET and IACK COFFEY, will our beautiful black curls to any junior boy who needs them to help him get his girl. I, MARCELLIS LESLIE, leave my interest in the E. B. I. to protect my Alma Mater from disloyalty and vice. I, CAROLYN HATCHER, will my naturally blonde curls to FRANCES BERGHEIMER and MARTHA HENRITZE to save the peroxide. We, CARL WALDRON and CHARLES CLARK, do bequeath our quiet friendliness to GUY MCCROSKEY. I, IIM MCCORD, leave my title of "big boy of the class" to CHARLES NICKELS. And now, I, BILL O'DELL, being of unsound mind after writing this will, do hereby devise and bequeath the job of writing the 1949 will and testament to some strong- minded junior, hoping he comes through in better shape than I have. BILL OYDELL, Testator RICHARD 1'1ARR, President Witnesses- GENEVIEVE R. CALDWELL REVELEY OWEN MARY HAYXVORTH Pos'r ARNOLD CAMPBELL AUBREY PAINTER Senior Sponsors I jj! v , J f'f,'1f3?g3: '55 " 3? !74"'?lf 1 N' L4 . '- ' ,rf , . ., . 1, ,A ' Y ' 0 Q' I if A , ,. 1 1 . fluff. M m,,rS.,?xl I , A - ' T f Q Y., 1 fv, J 'A .I A .. ,. , L , E ' fi 'L - j .QR Q 1,. ' -.11 , ,, .,,.:,,,, ' 'f QL .A-Q rfriffi ,, 53 Q +k'rr 4' , I J - I: f ' A ja - 5. lil' - : ' I ,' , -5- 1 1 .4 1 , L 2, I I ,l Qur Patrons 'Anicjng the 'Professions "Friends are an aid to the young, to guard them from error-to attend to their wants-to supplement their fail- ing power of action-to assist thern to nohle deeds." DR. T. R. BONVERS DR. NAT H. COPENI-IAVER DR. WILLIAM H. GRAVES DR. HUGH GRIFFIN DR. H. LEE HARRIS DR. GEORGE W. LEAVELL DR. D. H. MOTTERN DR. PHILIP D. STOUT REV. M. C. WEIKEL DR. ROBERT YOsT Aristotle . f ' 1- r 1 omg www " ,MM Q-mQ Q5imfm . 2: M M4 NNN 3 A2751 My 4 MW J Mm ybfziiia ML: QW .fgwgggm ' QL. wwflf ' M abmlyiwwzvjfffi QWMWMZJ AQ, pw M1747 Mjvfimzum wQi 7MMf'4'LYwff MQQJMWJTWJWHLWMM W D' ' fompzmenf, of., HA MAfi'U'1d'l'i"fl'f'2il1Z'0'i'o'f'gnfifxfr1z'1f' E'f?Wv5.f-75f!- -J:5uf-6.-j'Q-z'-,275o'fLy12f144'v4ffiff-o-x4:Z3-frA -' ..A,,.,.,.:...L ,gAmJ...,,..,.,J 815- AUTOGRAPHS ' MiMMiv BEM Q J M 1-VY! ff' QQ L5 gym, fgifgmf ,Z if ,,,,,'1, 4. M 7 4 3-,Q WL, ,g M WW' w'f'f'w" f f"W J M 'MM My W W MV , 4441 w,4.J 'J7-U L7 M5 .' QIk.J.Qm.Q'mt,, , f ,n,:f,,.MN.,m0w1. an ,Lf M ombmenano N IAA, mm 3wJfifi'rnmiB'on ro T334 ext-IrifJ1:!fFi1iJAIzu1unf L anim Ww9'.' f5WG1PQif7 MH U-2 .N YW- ,- -V - -- --- '-- - ' " v v 'f U-'vvug-0-ff 4 N ' QA Jabba lf' WMMYMWM J' 9h..o.,m.vnl+-u.,, GM"-J A 2 fm Q QW ML7M"'7"W ,i1Tl"'fifLf MM ,,, Mm QW 'U x wwf W-pmgwmwf Wm ,f Wm' A aj lmawvvfliffbavwfwwg-M-Jvbfu,WUL!7w0 MuwvLm Q i 1 , WL., MQ W4 M Q.u111u4.o.,' Q-v6w-JJ Mmfambgy A.:-md ff-0-Q 'E WM Wt MM W -MJ2Egiwggf,2g.?33MQj?f?H M? ' " XS ' ww M Vam, 74,5 I +I' Twgcf fi? MWWMQD Jaw Mazfkcalw -Aifd M5552 'JXLWWI M giffmiag If r 440440, frZ,,,,LW,Ju, aan!!-M. .46-Q-,Qi M9 3,407-ff Mffffmfff . 2f,7Z,,jMf76VfMw.44 7Z,VrLaJ-c, ' -401-Cf Xfmmna 7,-afl,,v'ML2 Miha! jggaac, M. 7 afwwfmffwwyzgjmag M535 Wffffw QWLP Al'l'Lel'1,f5 of MONROE CALCULATING MACHINE CO. MANUFACTURERS OF PRECISION OFFICE MACHINERY Congratulations ,ov WU-NJID Class of '48 ,pf OM? J' D ,N JN 'N my bxyf ! I Qspjk 14 ummm Daffy u fa .' A VQJ I' .5 ,iff g7l'YL,9Al'l'Lel'Lt5 BRISTOL WEAVING COMPANY Y.. 6.740 .Jgoude mere .7!Le ,Home Egim H LLIMBER - BUILDING MATERIALS I-IOME APPLIANCES ' 1 IRON FIREMAN Conqrotuiotes The Seniors of 1948 It's like OI voco tion oil winter ionq, when you turn over oil your furnace firing to on Iron Firernorn Cool Flow Stoker. E. FHBNSWURTH HEATING 8. ELECTRIC CU. 716 STATE STREET BR1sToL, TENNESSEE-VIRGINIA BALI. BRO1'HERS,lnc. Furniture SINCE 1905-506-510 STATE STREET BRISTOL, TENNESSEE I I-IOT PCDINT ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES IIIIIISIIII-NEWMIIN CULLEGE flu the Highlands of East Teunesseej A FULLY ACCREDITED CO-EDUCATIONAL SENIOR COLLEGE Departments: Bible, Biology, Business Administration, Languages, Chemistry, Economics, Education. English, History and Political Science, Home Economics, Mathematics, Music, Philosophy, Physical Education, Physics, Psychology, Speech and Dramatics. Trains: Ministers, Missionaries, Education and Music Directors for Churches, Elementary and High School Teachers, Physical Education Directors, Industrial Chemists and Physicists, and Accountants. Prepares for Admission to: Graduate Schools, Seminarics, Medical Schools, Dental Schools, Nurses' Training Schools, and Law Schools. Expense: Room, board, tuition, and fees, from 39375.00 to 5425.00 per year. Music extra: Tuition and fees of Baptist ministers paid by Tennessee Baptist Convention. Fall Semester opens August 26, 1948. VVrite for catalogue. IAMES T. WARREN, President - IEFFERSON CITY, 'TENNESSEE ff5w GRAY'S DAIRY 'E"l:5t0f:l oggachng lair? n RE! BEST WISHES FOR THE SUCCESS OF EACH MEMBER OF THE CLASS NC COISISEC A Standard Four-Year College The College Many of Your Alumni Selected for Advanced Training TTIIIE ll. I'. fKQIPJCl CICIBGIPJAIN Y For 59 Years Serving Each New Generation Though old in years, King's is young in ideas. Thot's Why you cdwoys see scods of the young crowd crt King's. For Kings hots what they wont . . . and they know it. ' of e . ' 'i' i' i"k .QI ew-. ...- fsu5vR0LQ1f 'k lilU ' B4c:CII.lIIllE NIfJ7F1DiR.S it it ir'k v " ' J r E vi ,ff ., :Q-fr," I II. 1 f , , ef ' J I' ,jx I, 74rI."U" 8 A -,u , I Compliments of 'V A "lou-fl ' 'hu T' vf 4 K f , ,Lf ff, A.. ,P Q' . ' f WWW ' ' ' :srABL'5HEDI66R TANNERS - BELT MANUFACTURERS Bristol, Virginia Compliments ot the l fl will SPIC N SP N 408 State 710 Stcrte ----'---- A GOOD PLACE TO EAT ----Q---- The Home oi Better Hamburgers Louis Sterchi Furniture Company BRISTOL, VA.-TENN. and ABINGDON, VA. xxxx.xxxx "The Home of Beautiful Furniture" ----g---- BUGS BEDROOM SUITES PIANOS Stone Lumber Company BUILDING MATERIAL Phone 5134 Third Street SULLINS COLLECE 60l'Lgl'6lflftf6lt05 g0M,l' Q'6lJlftdt65 of One of the nation's outstanding junior colleges for girls. Complete two-year liberal arts program under faculty of excellent preparation and long experience. Special departments in Secretaryship, Home Economics, Merchandising, Radio and Speech, Music and Art. Ac- credited by Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools and by all leading Universities. Uniform scholarship rates for Bristol students aitord highest literary and technical training at minimum expense. For assistance in planning your college program call Regis- trar's office. W. E. 1h'1ARTIN, Ph.D., President Compliments of T E R R Y ' S iff PEANUT BUTTER SANDWICHES PECAN PIES POTATO CHIPS ik' Office: 1611 West State Street Phone 1751 Bristol, Virqinior Some of the former Tennessee High School girls new attending V. I. VIRGINIA INTERMGNT CGLLECE One oi 10 Representative Iunior Colleges in America BRISTOL R. L. BRANTLEY, Pres. VIRGINIA lun: THE YELLOW BIISES ----'---- "The Thinking Fellow Rides a Yellow" xxxx.xxxx W I ' , M fl My i . I . If-'J - ' Compliments of 1' 5 0,7-'M IAS. F. YouNc ELECTRIC I M CO., Inc. Electrical Contractors 1900 EUCLID AVE. BRISTOL, VIRGINIA Buxcx CAR - INTERNATIONAL Tnucx - U. S. Tm: BRISTOL MOTOR COMPANY, INC. Sales Sales - Service Office :Sf Service Department SYCAMORE 6. LEE STREETS Department PHONE 1125 BRISTOL, VA. PHONE 287 KEMBLE-COCHRAN COMPANY BOokse11ers, Stationers, Engravers, and Cftice Outfitters BRISTOL, VA.-TENN. Compliments of MITCHELL-POWERS HARDWARE COMPANY Contributors V. I. RANCH CAMP MICK OR MACK S. H. KRESS COMPANY UNCLE SAM'S LOAN OFFICE Compliments ot Alley Construction Company, GENERAL CONTRACTORS UNION TRUST BUILDING PHONE 884 BRISTOL, TENN.-VA. Compliments of Barker's Super Market KELLY BAEKER, Owner STAPLE AND FANCY GROCERIES FRESH AND CURED MEATS BRISTOL, TENN.-VA. For Invisible Holt-Solinq ond Shoe Renewing Take Your Shoes to Boston Shoe Shop 702 STATE ST. BRISTOL, TENN. OPPOSITE CAMEO THEATRE PHONE 1768 Meet me ot BBADLEY'Sp they ore headquarters Ator all college students. WJ- A405 ff ,M THEY USE PURE DRUGS PHONE 1 PHONE 36 Bnldley's Drug Store 1 s. ' . .X 1 if f I A A. , k an I 1 I mx 'V ,X Quality Dry Cl'eaxninai-Q N 1 N , ti At Cash and Carry Prices A f CB' i ' Bristol Dry Cleultors X A Four Convenient Pick-Up Stations Compliments of Bristol Gas Corp. Compliments of Bristol Ready-Mix Concrete Company Bunting's Drug Store Candies Soda Kodaks Films and Finishing ' Shoes Ready-to-Wear Accessories As Seen in Your Favorite Fashion Magazines In In GREENEVIPLE Buffaughs ELIZABETHTON his 9 BRISTOL, VA. HS 9 D ,Io-Ann s Reed s Don't Get Thrown For A Loss VM' a Call 5100 WU 'XDBM MMM N DMM Jr My? ,W4f2,,gfQQQ,pfQfm 2131+-fiff-fx 'f dfffdxghfyf 1 Z Z, "If It's Paper" 16-18 COMMONWEALTH AVENUE For Better Cleaning and Better Service Call 3675 o Falrmounl Dry Cleaners BRISTOL, TENNESSEE Congratulations to THE CLASS OF '48 from Fauceiie Company 506-508 STATE STREET an XP . 15025, v QV? +1154 af-Y' I-lome Insulation and Roofing Company 516 CUMBERLAND STREET PHONE 2110 SEAL-O-SAN Seal and Finish for Gymnasium Floors SEAL-O-SAN builds a 1002: non-slippery surface. . .prevents accidents and speeds up play. SEAL-O-SAN is used on the floors of more than 5,500 schools. Manufactured Exclusively by Huntington Laboratories, Inc. HUNTINGTON, INDIANA W. I. NICHTER Rzrnrsnurnrrvz lniersiaie Hardware Company, Inc. Iobbers of J General Hardware Electric, Radio and Industrial Supplies Heating and Plumbinq Goods BRISTOL, TENN.-VA. Compliments of , The S. E. asse gill Company Manufacturing Pharmacists BRISTOL, TENN.-VA. Moore - Earharl Company ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT AND LUGGAGE Outfitters of Schcol and College Teams 647 STATE STREET BRISTOL, VIRGINIA S. C. MCCHESNEY, Mgr. OPTOMETRISTS MRS. T. K. LESTER DR. ETHEL MCCHESNEY, B t 1 DR. W. G. HAGY, Abingdon McChesney Gm Lester, Jewelers 517 STATE ST. BRISTOL, VA. cmd WALL ST. ABINGDON, VA. Serving This Section Since 1916 Comphments of Rutherford Freight Lines, Inc. Dependable Service Since 1906 BRISTOL, VA. Q 113 W L IIR QS - ..c....,.,1e,,-,., ami mfg Cleaning Bush and Curry 42 - PHUNES - General Ullice 44 Compliments of .lack 'I'rayer's 'Toad As YUU Like It!,' SHELBY HILLS The Cemetery Beautiful PERPETUAL CARE ' Means Upkeep Forever Without Further Cost to Owner NATURE'S LOVELINESS THROUGH MAN'S ART MOULDED INTO ACRES OF LIVING MEMORY FOR "Preferred by 'il,fE,R People Who Like EVER the Best" Telephone 1316 Locm-nn Bluff City Highway A I l ' , W5 f hx XLX "Congratulations, Class of '48" TICKEL BIIUTIIEIIS Naqffg, Gr ffm SIGNS N eon-Outdoor And Commercial PHONE 3426 FIFTEENTH ci SHELBY STREETS BRISTOL, TENN. "Good Signs Are the Signs of Good Business" When in Need of Cleaning or Laundry Service Call TROY For Clean Recreation and a Healthful Sport Roller Skate at TWIN CITY ROLLER RINK NINTH STREET V2 BLocK oi-'E STATE BRISTOL, TENN.-VA. Walker Service Station ANDERSON AND BROAD STREETS KQV!! PHONE 1981 B. F. Goodrich Tires, Tubes and Batteries Texaco Petroleum Products PROMPT ROAD SERVICE Compliments Of WaIl's Bakery MQ R. V. ARNOLD THE CHILDREKS SWN DEPARTJEKQ4 2o5 Bmoin fKAR0',VIAlLACE'S nfwswqlnuosronzkm. IOM SIXTH STREET MOORE ST. IUST OFF STATE BRISTOL, TENN.-VA. BRISTOL, VA.-TENN. IAMES M. BARKER. lr. BASSETTS DAIRY PRODUCTS Fire cmd Automobile lnsurcmce 104 EIGHTH STREET TELEPHONE 3430 BRISTOL, VA.-TENN. Compliments of ED AND GEORGE BLEVINS Q BLUI-'F CITY HIGHWAY PHONE 9199 Compliments of BLEVINS FUNERAL HOME 67 duff? fggor-I W. I. BOLLING MOTOR CO. DeSoto and Plymouth Sales and Service CORNER OF WATER AND CUMBERLAND BRIGHTWELL-SPINKS. Inc. 945 STATE STREET Your Oldsmobile Dealer Diamond T Trucks PHONE 316 Sales 6 Service Compliments Compliments of f O BRISTOL BUILDERS SUPPLY BRISTOL DOOR 6 LUMBER CO. CO., Inc. BRISTOL FURNITURE CO., Inc. ,Q "We Furnish the Home Complete" OZEVLCOAL ' Pay Us a Visit-The Store out of the High ff? Rent District-Walk a Block and 5 4 W Save the Difference 1 P' f eI'Clu'g CORNER SIXTH G SHELBY STREETS BRISTOL, TENN. 750 - PHONE - 2552 BRISTOL LINCOLN-MERCURY SALES wEs'r s'rA'rE ST. BRISTOL.VA BRISTOL OFFICE SUPPLY CO. Ottice Supplies 6. Equipment Sporting Goods 28 MOORE STREET BRISTOL, VA.-TENN. Compliments Oi BRISTOL PAPER BOX CO. BUSINESS EQUIPMENT YW Entertainment COMPANY' Inc' ls Our Business Your Underwood Typewriter CAMEO and COLUMBIA Dealer THEATRES COLONIAL GRILL MILDRED BROYLES, Mgr. SEAFOODS - Cl-IICKENS - STEAKS Every Meal a Pleasant Memory PHONE 1790 BRISTOL, VA. WONT YOU HAV-A-TAMPA? The Largest Selling Ciqar in the South C O W A N B R O S . I. B. DENTON 61 CO. Groceries and Fresh Meats PHONE 5115 19 COMMONWEALTH AVE. INSURANCE REAL ESTATE DICKEY INVESTMENT COMPANY ERNEST H. Drcxn-:Y PHONE 90 8V2 FRONT ST. BRISTOL, VA.-TENN. C l' t , D 3330153323 gm, poufbeq DIXIE COAL YARD and "Specializing in High Grade D ANIEL ARTS Residential and Commercial Properties" 224 PIEDMONT PHONE 6 CENTRAL BLDG. BRISTOL, TENN. C arjgy The Best Compliments of I N S U R A N C E EASLEY INSURANCE AGENCY THE ESSOTORIUM STATE AND COMMONWEALTH Fire-me-Casualty PHONE 2633 UNION TRUST BLDG. P. O. Box 348 Phones: DAY 2889 - NIGHT 234-I PAUL'S PLACE Compliments of A Good Place to FEDERAL SALES G SERVICE E A T FEBERAL 1528 Eolqe-mont Ave. MDTDR TRUCKS CORNER FRONT 61 SYCAMORE STS. BRISTOL, VIRGINIA PAUL FELTY, Owner FURROW ELECTRIC CO. Modern Methods of Safe Electric Wiring anol Correct Lighting Lighting Fixtures Electrical Supplies "Everything Electrica1" 408 STATE STREET PHONE l62 Compliments of GIBSON CANDY C0 6,7 If 'LQ,f "Where the Best Costs the Least" GLENWOOD MOUNTAIN VIEW CEMETERIES "Modern Burial Parks" Perpetual Care PHONE 374 Office: 610 SHELBY ST., BRISTOL, TENN. "Where Service is a Pleasure' GLOVER'S DRY CLEANERS Compliments of GOODPASTURE MOTOR COMPANY Sales and Service SEVENTH AND SHELBY STREETS Telephones: SALES 3258-SERVICE 1186 BRISTOL, TENN. Compliments of FRED HAMMER GROCERY CO. MOORE STREET BRISTOL, VIRGINI Diamonds, Watches, Iewelry HARRIS IEWELERS Engraving G Iewelry Repairing 16 MOORE ST. BRISTOL, VA. Homes of Honest Hardware BRISTOL HARDWARE CORP. and HOLSTON HARDWARE CO. H. R. BIBEE, SR., President H. R. BIBEE, IR., Vice-President With Best Wishes HOLSTON LOAN COMPANY O. L. DARTER, President O. D. HAMRIOK, Sec'y-Treas. MISS MARGARET MCCALL, Cashier O. D. HAMRICK, IR., Asst. Sec'y.-Treas. Compliments of HOLSTON SERVICE STATION Texaco Products Compliments of HOME BENEFICIAL LIFE INSURANCE CO. H. H. ELLIS, Manager "For Quality Cleaning and Fast Service" HOME DRY CLEANERS 16 FRONT ST. PHONE 1704 BRISTOL, VA. We Sell Wayfarer Shoes for the Entire Family BRISTOL HOME TRADE STORE MARION COWAN, Manager For Your Banquets anol Dances HOTEL GENERAL SHELBY BALLROOM Largest in Bristol G. W. SUMMERSON, Manager THE IEWEL BOX "Your Friendly Iewelry Store" f f QW' IHNISHINGS DH CUMBERL2m 817V CLARENCE G. KING I 75 PHONE 33 FIFTH STREET KNAPP BROS. AEROTRED SHOES Cushion Innersole for More Comfort-Highest Quality THEY SATISFY C. I. CBOWELI.. PHONE 2388-I 222 Blountville Hwy. Bristol, Tenn. MOORE'S MANUFACTURING COMPANY Potato Chips - Peanuts - Popcom - Peanut Butter - Sandwiches - Candies BRISTOL, VIRGINIA WP . N., O J, We fill any prescription regardless Oi where it is Written or by what physician it is Written WLZQ, Maui' WW gf, . J , LQKZWEMGI D STORES At Fair Prices ff, 1 MINOR'S DRUG STORE 800 and 717 STATE STREET PHONE 24 Best Wishes Compliments oi from THE O. K. FURNITURE CO. McCLELLAN'S ESSO STATION 150 EAST STATE MILLARD IOHNSON' Mgr' Antiques and Reproductions Compliments oi MCIVER-BROOME FURNITURE CO. 814 STATE STREET NETTIE LEE SHOPS BRISTOL, VA. - KINGSPORT, TENN. - OAK RIDGE, TENN. Ready-to-Weor and Accessories Iuniors' oncl Misses' Sizes PARAMOUNT DRESS SALON Exclusive Dr esses Paramount Theatre Building Bmefar, TENN. Compliments of PARAMOUNT and STATE THEATRES 11 Where You Find Entertainment, Happiness and Friends!" For Good Popcorn, Cigars, Candies, Soft Drinks 6: Magazines PETER PAUL STORES 707 SPRUCE STREET Go To PHONE 1721 P A U L ' S ' Fancy and Staple Groceries No. 1 635 STATE ST. ' Ne. 2 410 sm-E ST. H' B' Wmmm' Compliments of PIEDMONT SERVICE STATION RED 6 STUMPIE Delicious Foods Friendly Service 16 LEE STREET BR1sToL, V PHONE 1180-L It's Alw RED, WHITE 5. BLUE BARBECUE D- B- RYI-AND C0- 40 MOORE STREET BRISTOL, VA. We Specialize in Steaks, Chicken, Spaghetti and Chili PHONE 1627 - IEwE1.Ens - "lt Pays to Buy the Ryland Kind" The Smart, Well-Dgessed Man ls Outfitted y . .. ReMINE-GOBBLE. Inc. PARAMOUNT BUILDING The Smart, Well-Dressed Boy Is Outfittecl By . . . ReMINE BOYS' SHOP CENTRAL BUILDING, SIXTH STREET SAMPSQN PAINT 5, CQLQR SILER BROKERAGE COMPANY CO.. Inc. Featuring A Palm for Every Purpose Stokely Van Camp 16 SIXTH S-r. PHONE 330 Fruits and Vegetables Compliments of H. V. SMITH'S ESSO STATION STATE LINE CONFECTIONERY C. E. STATZER AND R. H. HURT FIFTH AND ANDERSON Sandwiches Complete Fountain Service Compliments of SMALLING GROCERY COMPANY SAM SMALLING HOWARD GODSEY "BILL" COMES SMITH FLORAL CO.. Inc. 714 STATE ST. BRISTOL, TENN.-VA. "SAY IT WITH FLOWERS" Phone 523 Member FTD Szmda DIRECT SALES COMPANY Work Clothing - Underwear - Hosiery - Gloves Drczwer 824 Factory Direct to l:letCIlle1' BRISTOL, VIRGINIA 3-WAY SERVICE STATION SOUTHSIDE AND EDGEMONT BRISTOL TENNESSEE STERLING HOUSE ,, I BRISTOL VIRGINIA-TIQNIN Tl'1ere's OJEQR-B in your Future STATES MOTOR CO.. Inc. Y Compliments of OU V R 9 l WESTINGHOUSE DEALER FURNITURE STORES"-.F THRIFT SUPPLY CO.. IHC. 607-609 STATE STREET BRISTOL LEE AND STATE STS- "Furniture of Enduring Quality" TYPEWRITER SALES 6 SERVICE COMPANY PHONE 746 34 MOORE STREET, BRISTOL, VIRGINIA R. L. FLEENOR, Mgr. ROYAL TYPEWRITERS Soles - Service - Rentals - Supplies Best Wishes to the Seniors for CI Success GEORGE W. VANCE COMMISSIONER OF FINANCE VICTOR MOTORS 29 FOURTH STREET NASH SALES and SERVICE General Repairing Wrecker Service Day and Night VIRGINIA AVENUE COAL CO. MAYFLOWER - OLD VIRGINIA STOKE POCAHONTAS 6. IMPERIAL COAL PHONE 326 TELEPHONE 990 Compliments BOB P of Quality Leather Used on Every WIFE-SAVER AUTOMATIC Job We D0 LAUNDRY NO JOB TOO SMALL TO BE APPHECIATED NEWTON STREET PHONE 294-W BRISTOL' VIRGINIA 15 SIXTH STREET BRISTOL, TENN PAINTS - WALLPAPER New 1 KEM TONE A Power-Packed SINCLAIR GASOLINE SHERWIN-WILLIAMS CO. R H D . . EVAULT, Agent EN1 OY SOUTHERN MAID Milk - Ice Cream UNION SHOE SHOP 14 FRONT ST. We fix the hard to Iix and please the hard to please. HHEFKJ RT THE FUUT M g DUFILITY SHOES PRUPERLY FITTED PARAMOUNT BUILDING VAN U ERVORT'S JUN19? ,IQQI .IHGP Compliments Of VANITY BEAUTY SALON 811 STATE ST. 991 - PHONE - 406 Compliments of F. W. WOOLWORTH ALBERT'S LOAN OFFICE 720 STATE ST. BRISTOL, TENN. Compliments of ALMANY PLUMBING CO. APPALACHIAN HARDWOOD CASKET COMPANY BRISTOL, TENN.-VA. Compliments of BETTY GAY BLAKLEY-MITCHELL CO. Exclusive Men and Young Men's Store Clothiers and Hcxberdcxshers 523 STATE STREET Bowl for Health BRISTOL BOWLING CENTER 507W CUMBERLAND ST. For Reservations Coll 1915 ,, . 'WU Bulidefs of Good j 03 u P Citizenship" 0' , , , '. "Learn it right" BRISTOL COMMERCIAL COLLEGE BRISTOL, TENN. BRISTOL CIVITAN CLUB Fully Accredited Our Motto: "Always the Best" Compliments Of A BRISTOL FLORAL COMPANY BRISTOL DRUG CO. 534 STATE STREET BRISTOL BRISTOL GROCERY COMPANY Compliments Of BRISTOL STEEL 6 IRON WORKS , TIRES TIRES Compliments of BRISTOL TIRE 8. RECAPPING CO. Rear of Tenn. os ice BRISTOL STORAGE "BriStOl'si LOrOTest Cali? lifiggt Complete WESLEYrliAVIS?IIifiQnc1ger Compliments Of C. G. BROYLES SERVICE STATION PHONE 1690 H. D. CONNELLY ESSO STATION Bristo1's Most Complete STATE AND WASHINGTON STS. COURTESY ICE CREAM 621 HIGHLAND AVENUE PHONE 1874 Our Own Fresh-Made Ice Cream Compliments of COWAN-GRANT CO. BRISTOL, VA. DeVAULT'S, INC. Athletic Equipment - Sporting Goods 14 LEE ST. BRISTOL, VA. TELEPHONE 3568 Compliments of DUBEL INTERIORS 115 PENNSYLVANIA AVE. Flowers FASHION SHOP from Smart Apparel FLOWERLAND 604 STATE STREET COmp1imeHtS Of FULLER BUS LINE FRANKLIN SAVINGS 6. LOAN Bristol-to-Saltville CORP. "Local Service for Local People" "Low Cost Loan and Finance Service" PHONE 2678 29 SIXTH ST. BRISTOL, TENN 325 PIEDMONT ST. BRISTOL, VA. Compliments of W. T. GRANT CO. 644 STATE ST. BRISTOL, TENN. Compliments of HAMILTON-BACON-HAMILTON BRISTOL, VIRGINIA COLUMBIA BICYCLES CUSHMAN MOTOR GLIDES HARLEY-DAVIDSON MOTORCYCLES E. H. HAMMER 6. CO.. Inc. Ompliments of HARKRADER SERVICE STATION HOFFMAN MOTOR CO. HOLSTON STEEL STRUCTURES. HUDSON WILLYS IHC- Sales and Service All-Steel QUONSET Buildings 511 CUMBERLAND ST. PHONE 3320 General Contracting C . L . G I B S O N Candies WHOLESALE Specialties PHONE 2972 20 LEE STREET BRISTOL, VIRGINIA THE B. F. GIPOPBICH COMPANY etai ivision . 613 SHELBY STREET BRISTOL, TENNESSEE HOTEL BRISTOL Excellent Facilities tor Banquets and Parties IOI-IN A. SENEKER, Mgr. BRISTOL, VA. LEROY M. HULL Industrial Machinery Power Farm Machinery BRISTOL, TENN. HULSEY FLOOR SERVICE lnlaid Linoleum - Floors Refinished . Asphalt Tile PHONE 2005 Compliments Of A INTERSTATE BODY WORKS BRISTOL, TENN. Compliments Of IONES WHOLESALE CO. I UMBO PEANUT BUTTER Extra Fancy Quality At All Grocers KYLE MOTOR CO. Compliments Of PACKARD LANE'S RESTAURANT ASK THE MAN WHO OWNS ONE A Place to Dine PHONE 1680 Open 7 A. M. to 9 P. M. Compliments of LOGGAN'S BODY SHOP VIRGINIA AVENUE LUCKY SUPER MARKET "The Sign of Better Living" IAMES B. LYON AGENCY f MECCA CAFE General Insurance Plate Lunches Sandwiches 14 SIXTH ST. CENTRAL BLDG. Short Orders Soft Drinks BRISTOL, TENN.-VA. 22 LEE STREET PHONE 220 Compliments Ot F. D. MILLARD REALTY CO. Compliments of MONTE VISTA GROCERY CO. 1315 VIRGINIA AVE. PHONE 2128 PETE MOORE Select Motor Cars Wholesale and Retail TELEPHONE 2489 1101 STATE ST. BRISTOL, TENN.-VA. Motion 'J Qfinef gala 1201 FLORIDA AVE. BRISTOL, TENN. Compliments of R. I. MOTTERN' P I A N O S Band Instruments - Sheet Music MCCLISTER MUSIC CO. Our Wedding In t t d A t are of the very highest class ENGRAVED or PRINTED THE MCGHEE PRINTING CO. 19 SIXTH STREET BRISTOL, TENNESSEE NICKELS MANUFACTURING CO Iune Fox Dresses Compliments of PENDLETON'S IEWELRY CO. Bristol's Oldest Iewelers Compliments of I. C. PENNEY CO. PETER PAN PASTRY SHOPPE Home oi Better Pastries 507 CUMBERLAND ST. PHONE 3650 Compliments of PIEDMONT SUPPLY COMPANY C. L. BIBEE, President t Compliments of HARRY M. PIPER Compliments of RALPH'S CONFECTIONERY Compliments of RAYLASS DEPARTMENT STORE FRED REUNING CO. Mutual Insurance Agency 58 PIEDMONT ST. BR1sToL, VA ROCKETT REALTY CO. Real Estate - Rents - Insurance 17 FIFTH ST. BRIsToL, TENN.-VA. RUCKER COAL CO. High Grade Coal PHONE 303 "Ruckus, HE Doss 'rx-IE REST" S. P. Rutherford Transfer Co. Hauling Heavy Machinery, Moving and General Loads 1034 FIFTH ST. We Sell Scmd PHONE 2059 ' BRISTOL, TENN. Courtesy of SHANKEL MILLING CO. Bwmibaf I' 4 Jfovb ' -A C I ay ' AQg,, Dnmel Stud: dm. a FINE PORTRAITS A 70066 z'21nu-404' WWW WW' :wb 169606 " Ufficial Photographers ,f f l X4 4466, 24 AC? My ff X X 'X' K ' "LTA , he ADMEA If A ,,,TTT1X 5114 K2 +737 76, Lcfcfcf-fCLZf '- fill-1 K1-if 1 Q ffyk' X47 In 1 4 53-'Zfl94'717 . 6ZjL yMfc.1J cfcfgfdfcfi., K X - f , ' , L9! Q55 fi-A71-: fjxzff cf 5 ffvfk., ,PQ'v47Kz-7514 J U, ,H 1 Y 'V f ' f f 1 fcfffvfi 4'2'f71f,4A,4 , 'U cf, K4 F' ,fiffcf X A04 ff?-f.,-1. Fw 09 CZ-f' Z ' X , ,Qi ,Lf 'j,f794x.k 5153 CQUMBERLAND STREET TOL, VIR INIA -' TELEPHONE 3409 . gg ,T , , , f' Dfiiifffff NNUAI. CRAFTSIVIEN nn.4ucL! Qevzz- 00 .4 e BUILDING OF A SUPERI- OR YEAR-BOOK REQUIRES THE CLOS- EST COOPERATION ON THE PART OF THE STAFF, THE PHOTOGRAPHER, THE ENGRAVER AND TI-IE PRINTER. OUR CONNECTIONS AND YEARS OF EXPERIENCE ENABLE US TO RENDER A COMPLETE SERVICE. IF YOU WANT TO PRODUCE AN OUTSTAND- ING YEAR-BOOK, LET US HELP YOU. OUR EXPERT SERVICE WILL MINIM- IZE MANY OE YOUR PUBLICATION PROBLEMS. i-3K3-T THE KING PRINTING CO. Wtinfeu o fnymveu o goofalnrlleza BRISTOL, TENNESSEE I I 's I Aybafvovf f -.-v Quai wwwvcggfwf ,,z,M7Mf7M'g0Qf!M, bmw! 4 D014 MWLQ7 1, ' W I PM 74'Aj f L, -MM' fda I www Mix! ? wwf 559 WZ,4kfffgi'ff?Z5! fwfyw ,fzf!LdU,y,fgMfZM Wfiiff aff ULQM J ,ggzfiw M117 MQW I E JLMMJMMMA1 :L ,wg-fb?--Af M776 fi fit'--f 4.4 fx ' 4- lr, X l

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