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g, ,. L, wasp" dggmuwa, 4? 3 ,fii i "Qi-'i53g,5,. 5 1 tw v W Q ew - Y-ww., Wg mv 1 ' ' aw f1.xw4..mvn1 TEHIS C O Tenino H igh School 1973 Editor: Kathleen Paulich Ass't.: Editor: Bruce Weyrauch Advisor: Leo Longnecher Table of Contents Organizations . . . Fall .......,. Winter . . . Spring. . . Seniors . . . Janiors . . . Sophornores . . , Freshmen . . . Faealty . . . 2 In Remembrance uv mx The lives of the students at Tenino were saddened on November 13, 1972 when Ginny Sullivan, born on july 17, 1957, passed away. Her pep, smile and warmth will always be remembered and appreciated by those who knew her. On August 4, 1972, the school and the com- munity suffered a great loss when Mr. Norm Kelly, born on April 9, 1918 died. He had been a school board member for nine years and his absence has been greatly felt. I BEQUEATH MYSELF TO GROW FROM THE GRASS I LOVE, IF YOU WANT ME AGAIN LOOK FOR ME UNDER YOUR BOOT SOLES. YOU WILL HARDLY KNOW WHO I AM OR WHAT I MEAN, BUT I SHALL BE GOOD HEALTH TO YOU NEVERTHELESS, AND FILTER AND FIBER YOUR BLOOD. MISSING ME ONE PLACE SEARCH ANOTHER, I STOP SOMEWHERE WAITING FOR YOU. FROM SONG OF MYSELF WALT WHITMAN 3 V. I. Dedication Richad Donald Brock was born on September 26, 1928 at St. Joseph's Hospital in Aberdeen. I-le attended school in Montesano. His ambition in high school was "to learn to be a Sul- tan," but sports were his first and foremost love. After graduation in June of 1946 he went directly into the Marines. College was next on the schedule - two years at Aberdeen College, one at St. Martins, and three at Western Washington State College. There was, however, a slight break in the routine when he married Beverly Mobray on February 10, 1951 during his year at St. Mar- tins. Richard Brock's teaching career in Tenino began in September of 1953 and has continued up to the present. The annual staff and the students of Tenino are pleased and proud to dedi- cate this Tehisco to a man who's knowledge, advice and friendship have been given so generously, Richard Donald Brock. W3 Q in EQ -Q POINTS THE HARD WAY - Ace Choker pivot man Rich Brock C231 is shown countering two of his 21 tallies against Wenatchee IC in last week's thrilling 55-53 GHC victory on the Miller maples. Futilely checking Brock's deadly hook shot, which has netted him 128 points in seven games, is Knight forward Glen Parks 191. Others pictured are Groche QSI, Wenatchee guardg Choker guard Don Randich LID, Wenatchee forward Nichols 1107, and John Dunbar OOD, Choker guard. iPhoto by Doug Russell, Timberline staffj Education should provide the individual with the basic fundamental skills to find a contributive position and to adapt to the rapid change within our modern industrial society. Richard Brock Superintendent Arnold Mil1erfLEFTj Principal Dwain ParkerfRIGl-ITQ The Administration School Board TOP, LEFT TO RIGHT: Richard Wells, Jim Gross, Frank Danzer, Mary Canfield, Jan Dodge. 6 Facult Igirigfggierson Mrs. Bilsland Mr. Boohm Olzjrock Mrs. Butler Librarian Mathematics V Modern Problems Photography Modern Problems 'V 5? .R Mrs. Dannevig Mr. Hilts Mrs. HOVde English General Business Mr' Hovde Ch01'US Mr' Johnson French Band Aff ' Special Attractions Enghsh Miss Johnson Miss Leischner Mr. Longnecker Mrs. Martin Mr. Miller Phys. Ed. Bus. Courses Reading-Math Home Economics Sciences journalism Not Pictured: Mr. Martonik-Phys. Ed. Mr. Matteson-Ag. Mr. Robertson Mr, Saunders History Mr. Robison Typing Mr. Thomas Mrs. Thompson Mechanical Drawing Woodshop D.O. Counselor English 33608-SB Secretaries: Barbara Saunders, Lorene Corbin and Maxine MacMurdy Janitors: Howie Nutt, Les Adkins and Roger Flaugh Cooks: Irene Smith and Thelma Shultz W S E Q X Q is 3 Bus Drivers: Mary Sherman, Micky Pavlich, Eleanor Grayless, Ginger Lawton, ZND ROW: Virginia Shultz, Iona Mechanic: Chuck I-Iaase Wicklund, 3RD ROW: Neva Dickieser, and Bernice Phillips .......L essay Business Manager Cathy Hawkins, President Russ Parker, Secretary Billie Baker, Vice-President Dave Sherwood, Assistant Business Manager Karla Robertson. Student Council Seniors: Alice Stitham, Pat Paulsen, Russ Parker, Cathy Juniors: Karla Robertson, Lori Kraupa, Joanne Hawkins, Kathy Pavlich, Billie Baker, Gayle Imler, Laura Robinson, Norm Barklow, Mike Bush. Yadon, Dave Sherwood. Freshmen: Paul Statler, Monte Dodge. Sophomores: Paul Blake, Jeff Gross 55,3 S Future Homemakers 0fAmerica Wifiiiiil QEUSLYS TOP ROW: Jackie Bramble, Pam Ashe, Kathy Brock, Peggy Smith, Pam Loder, Liz Riner, Cheryl Stevens, Cindy Scheel, Debbie Pratt, Pam Smith, Pat Padgett, Lori Kraupa. 6TH ROW: Marisa Check, Lana Hoglan, Germaine Salsman, Cathy Hawkins, Karla Robertson, Julie Blumberg, Mollie Winton, Linda Riley, Pam Pavlich, Connie Farrington, Pam Padgett, Alice Stitham. STH ROW: Hilda Hart, Jenice Pruett, Colleen Winterowd, Bev Bell, Sandy Smith, Denise Smith, Connie Duncan, Leslie Nelson, Nancy Bell, Terri Dupper, Jodee Essensa, Ann Johnson, Shelly Smith 4TH ROW' Jud Paulsen . . y Charlotte White, Cindy Wade, Lynda Ostrom, Rochelle Johnson, Delinda Gross, Valerie Schweers, Robyn Cole, Tonya M11 R h H b . l . . . . . . 1 er, ut og erg, Jerri Check, Laura Yadon. SRD ROW. Kathy Pavlich, Julie Fisher, Shannon lppish, Billie Baker, Patt Gamino, Rose Cheney, Jennifer Chambers, Tanya Barrett, Myra McDannell, Cindy Hacker, Lona Gosney, Cathy Medved, Carol Morris. 2ND ROW: Joanne Robinson, Tawanna Andrews, Jill Grauwen, Joyce Waterman Allen Smith Cheryl Liley, Shawn Edwards, Denise Livingston, Yvonne Schexnider, Monica Smith, Sandy Ramsey, L,eigh Ann Larson, P H ' ' ' eggy enderson, Stacy Bubnlck. BOTTOM ROW. Gayle Imler, Carol Fagerness, Janet McArthur, Roxanne Wolfe, Tomi Dupper, Cheryl Reule, Mrs. Marilyn Martin, Debbie Bush, Carin Hyde, Patty McArthur, Gayle Albrecht, Candy Gelder, Lisa Sorrell, Chris Thomsen, Rachel DeLorm. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL: TOP ROW: Carol Fagerness, Janet McArthur, Roxanne Wolfe, Tomi Dupper, Cheryl Ruele, Rachel DeLorm, Chris Thomsen, Candy Gelder, Lisa Sorrell. BOTTOM ROW: Carin Hyde-Pres. , Debbie Bush-Sec. , Mrs. Marilyn Martin-Advisor, Patty McArthur-Trea. , Gayle Albrecht-Vice Pres. :? 5 s E i s X 3 S 3 x Future Farmers of America Km l N. 51 LEFT TO RIGHT. TOP ROW: Doug Ames, Rick Denny, Jeff Nicholson, Dan Budsberg, Bob Roy, Rick Stumm, Dan Eliott, Chuck Pavlich, Kendal Harris, Chuck Allen, joe Edwards. SECOND ROW: Paul Statler, Wendell Bell, Mike Fosnacht, Ron Robinson, Terry Billmeyer, jack Hogberg, Dave Burris, Steve Campbell, Debbie Seat, Elvis Pruett, jeff Nelson. THIRD ROW: Randy Wolfe, Skip Liljedahl, Mark Sturtevant, joe Essensa, Mike Grauwen, Pat Gamino, Cindy Richardson, Hollie Brownell, Keith Winterowd, Monty Richardson, Gary Onn. FOURTH ROW: Mr. Walt Matteson, Paul Welsh, Bob Pallett, Gary Northcraft, Kim Key, Greg Smith, Dick McNair, Don Iselin, Earl Richardson, Ken Brownell. The land is a mother that never dies. Maori v ll OFFICERS: BACK ROW: LEFT TO RIGHT Mike Grauwen-Treas. , Chuck Allen-Sargent at Arms, Alan Cook-Vice Pres. , FRONT ROW: Gary Onn-Sec. , joe Essensa-Pres. , Mr. Walt Matteson-Advisor. Girls' Athletic Association FRONT ROW: LEFT TO RIGHT. Vera Johnson, Anna johnson, Laura Yadon, Sandy Ramsey, Cindy Wade. 2ND ROW: Miss Donna johnson, fadvisorj Marlene johnson, Mary Wells, Deana Roush, jodee Essensa, Pam Smith. BACK ROW: Connie Duncan, Pam Ashe, Ann Bramble, Nancy Bell, Leslie Nelson, Denise Smith, Marisa Check. B ' T FRONT ROW: LEFT TO RIGHT: Bill Hadley, George Winton, Harold Burris, Tom Budsberg, Wade Miller. SECOND ROW: Ed Sanders, Mark Oergel, Russ Parker, john McCabe, Pat Paulsen, Gary Yadon, Mark Blake, Don Roy, Mike Grauwen, Randy Wade, Steve Lawton. BACK ROW: Dale I-ledden, Norm Barklow, joe Edwards, joe Essensa, Dave Burris, Bob Cheney, Mark Coxe, Dave Seaunier, Bruce Wey-rauch, Ken Brownell. 3 French Club BACK ROW: Tom Budsberg, Debbie Bush, Patty McArthur, Carol Morris, Monica Smith, Marisa Check, Elaine Evans, Cathy Hawkins, Linda Riley, Rachel DeLorm, Chris Thomsen, Mrs. Dannevig. MIDDLE ROW: Kathy Pavlich, Lynda Ostrom, IoDee Braeme, Cathy Medved, Pam Smith, jackie Bramble, Mark Sturtevant, Keith Winterowd, Nancy Bell. FRONT ROW: Jerri Check-Vice Pres. , julie Blumberg-Pres. , Pam Pavlich-Sec. Honor Society . . . the mind is restless, turbulent, strong and unyielding. . . as difficult to subdue as the Wind. Bhagavad-Gita SITTING: Gayle Albrecht-Pres. , Pam Pavlich-Vice Pres. , Linda Riley-Sec. FIRST ROW: LEFT TO RIGHT: Lyla Kinney, Billie Baker, Carin Hyde, Gayle lmler, Patty McArthur, Roxanne Wolfe, Stacy Bubnick, Rachel DeLorm, Chris Thomsen, Lynda Ostrom, Peggy Henderson. SECOND ROW: Kathy Pavlich, Karla Robertson, Wade Miller, Cathy Hawkins, Val Elliott, Julie Blumberg, Debbie Bush, Carol Morris, joDee Braeme, Jerri Check, Ruth Hogberg, Cheryl Reule, Ruth Hyde. BACK ROW: Dale Hedden, Mark Oergel, Bruce Weyrauch, Mike Knoper, Mike Bush, George Winton, Steve Knoper, Jeff Gross, Dane Sturtevant. Advisor QNOT PICTUREDQ Mrs. Bilsland. 3 awww Pep Club 'M' 'AEQIFS FRONT ROW: Debbie Pratt, Connie Duncan, Tonya Miller, Shawn Edwards, Candy Gelder, Lisa Sorrell, Karla Robertson, Shelly Smith, Alice Stitham, Joanne Robinson, Laura Yadon, Lori Kraupa, Gayle lmler. SECOND ROW: Leslie Nelson, Robyn Cole, Tanya Barrett, jodee Essensa, Marisa Check, Patty McArthur, Carin Hyde, Anna johnson, Terri Dupper, Yvonne Schexnider, Denise Livingston, Monica Smith. TI-HRD ROW: Jill Grauwen, Kathy Pavlich, Cathy Hawkins, Roxanne Wolfe, Debbie Bush, Rose Cheney, Cindy Wade, Connie Farrington, Linda Riley, Rachel DeLorm, Chris Thomsen, LeightAnn Larson, Cathy Medved. FOURTH ROW: Denise Smith, Rochele johnson, Delinda Gross, janet McArthur, Cindy Hacker, Carol Fagerness, Valerie Shweers, Jennifer Chambers, Ann Clark, Debbie Seat, Hollie Ski Club FRONT ROW: Greg Saunders fadvisorj Terri Dupper, jodee Essensa, jackie Bramble, Peggy Henderson, Stacy Bubnick, Rocky Parent, Mark Coxe, Bev Bell, Debbie Bush, Gayle lmler, Lori Kraupa, Kitty O'Bannon, Dave johnson fadvisorj. SECOND ROW: Russ Parker, Wendell Bell, Cathy Medved, Carol Morris, Joe Edwards, Tomi Dupper, Mark Lycan, Steve Knoper, Perry Wiens, Dane Sturtevant, Mark Smith. Brownell, Sandy Ramsey, Carol Morris. .tm kk.-,. . . '--zzsze - . . ., 1 iiTgg3Ig1iVgg2M. aa ,-.gn-li Special Attractions Chorus: TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Hilda Hart, Tawanna Andrews, Beth Muxen, Bev Bell, Sandy Reed, Linda Ashe, Anna Johnson, Dinah Ramsey. SECOND ROW: Lana Hoglan, Jenice Pruett, Jill Grauwen, Charlete White, Evie Canfield, Joanne Robinson, Alice Stitham, Shelly Smith. THIRD ROW: Anita Grandle, Judy Paulsen, Debbie Pratt, Lyla Kinney, Rose Billmeyer, Lana Gosney. BOTTOM ROW: Kathy White, Billie Baker, Carin Hyde, Wendy Evans. Special Attractions: TOP: Dinah Ramsey, Anna Johnson, Joanne Robinson, Colleen Winterowd, Delinda Gross, Tawanna Andrews, Janice Campbell, Beth Muxen, Judy Paulsen. Sing, Sweetness, to the last palpitation of the evening and the breeze St. John Perse I5 Band BAND: FRONT ROW - LEFT TO RIGHT: Joanne Robinson, Gayle Albrecht, Rick Church, Tanya Barrett, Peggy Henderson, Ann Clark, Debbie Pratt, Connie Farrington. SECOND ROW: Karla Robertson, Cheryl Revle, Ruth Hyde, Allen Reinier, john McCabe, Gary Yadon. THIRD ROW: Evie Canfield, jill Grauwen, Randy Wolfe, Cindy Hacker, Russ Parker, Dan Budsberg, Ken Hawkins, Bob Pallet, Bob McPherson, Bob Roy, Doug Robertson. FOURTH ROW: Ken Brownell, Kendal I-Iarris, Paul Statler, Julie Miles, Liz Riner, Rod Reed, Monte Dodge, jim Prichard. Stage Band STAGE BAND: FRONT ROW: LEFT TO RIGHT - Monte Dodge, jim Prichard, Evie Canfield, Randy Wolfe, Cindy Hacker, Russ Parker, Dan Budsberg. BACK ROW: Edwin Hilts fdirectorj, Kendal Harris, Paul Statler, Gary Yadon, Allen Reinier, John McCabe, Doug Robertson, Bob Roy, Joanne Robinson. iuersified Uccupations BACK ROW: Mark Smith, jim Budsberg, Chuck Burden, Dennis Stevens, Cyndie Scheel, Beth Muxe n , Dave Degner, Dick McNair, Joe Van Buskirk, Kitty O'Bannon, Pat Whalen, jim Shields, Elvis Pruett, Chuck Vassar, Cindy Penfield, Elaine Schexnider, Mike Dickerson, Marlene Minatre, Bill Richardson, Earl Richardson, Bob Parent, Mr. Saunders. Annual S taff FRONT: Yvonne Schexnider, Denise Livingston, Gayle lmler, Debbie Bush, QTOPQ Carin Hyde, Kathy Brock, Kathy Pavlich, Bruce Weyrauch, Joe Edwards. Editor Kathy Pavlich, Advisor Leo Longnecker, Asst'. Ed. Bruce Weyrauch. NOT PICTURED: Photographers Mike Knoper and john McCabe. I7 x. sf ff J .f f X T 5 5 Wx. if Football 5 s E s ix. 2 COACH Richard Brock Then strip, lads, and to it, though sharp be the Weather, And if, by mischance, you should happen to fall, There are worse things in life than a tumble on heather, And life is itself but a game at football. E ASSISTANT COACH Gordon Robertson I Sir Walter Scott V r M W M v,,,, H ,. . J- , , FRONT ROW: Larry Reinier, Dave Robinson, Don Iselin, Tim Archibald, Mike Barrett, Rick Winchell, Tom McPherson, jeff Gross, Mark Lycan. SECOND ROW: Jack Paulsen, Dave Burris, Steve Lycan, Dave Seauneir, jim Budsberg, Gary Northcraft, Wade Miller, jeff Nelson, Norm Barklow. THIRD ROW: Dave Sherwood, Bill Hadley, Gary Yadon, Pat Paulsen, Mark Blake, Tom Budsberg, Bob Cheney, Mike Dickerson, Russ Parker, Ed Sanders. STANDING IN BACK: Coach Brock, Coach Robertson. 19 A Successful Year With Tenino Taking ,Seeond Ln League Senior Letter- Men Tom Budsberg Mark Blake Bob Cheney Mike Dickerson Bill Hadley i XXX! Q wlkbanmw ,- 3'NfQXim! "ly F' 2 Q H ,Sei W H N Nl- B L.fele n 1 931 gl: 3 an no an is Z... Q' . 31.353 .laxl I, -..."'.sll.l,.n Mark Oergel Dale I-Iedden Russ Parker Pat Paulsen Dave Sherwood All-Conference ww me swim 2 -X 1 Y . ,, - , ,.,., zzgiff WW um L ,g ma. was ax an L5 as M if s' 'Q Juke: gg sea-fax ex wisf ,as A :wi J, . f wifi' News ?5i?Ef7fi:'K iiffewk ll ' "" I mm an S 5 ,, a 3 N jmgfwffissz 2255135 -.sg t ev QW X efmiffiyrif 5i54??LS?bf'i ESQ NNN www an maya? ' '5 as gf 3 saw aw-f EWWE H ww 'MSwR5fi? sew? was wswmxs Q Q N wwe ammmsw feiififsw sms: W ww- , . , - ,. ex, T ' ' if if ' - ---, I f s- f --- M mms 7' V " MN sag 11111-2 ? A an 'N :iw ' P Tom Budsberg TA CKLE Bill Hadley QUARTERBA CK 22 Mark Blake TACIQ.E Gary Yadon Other lettermen: JUNIORS SOPI-IOM ORES Tim Archibald Norm Barklow jim Budsberg jeff Gross Dave Burris Don Iselin Steve Lawton Wade Miller Jeff Nelson Ed Sanders Dave Seaunier Tom McPherson Larry Reinier Dave Robinson Rick Winchell Russ Parker BACK Dave Sherwood HALFBACK Q X N N Q Xp SX -- H:.'1::.': 5 . :se-"' Football I. f time Candids 23 Cross i Country . . . scampering as if the devil drove them. . . Francois Rabelais Dane Sturtevant Pam Ashe Mark Coxe Tenino, Charles Wright, Eatonville-Can- celled Morton, St. Martins, Tenino, Toledo-2nd place Tenino, Charles Wright, Toledo, Morton-3rd place Tenino, St. Martins, Morton, Montesano-3rd place Sub League-Sent joe Essensa and Mark Coxe to League. joe Essensa went on to District and finishes top 15. Mike Grauwen John McCabe Joe Essensa LEFT TO RIGHT. Dane Sturtevant, Mark Coxe, joe Essensa, john McCabe, Mike Grauwen, Pam Ashe, Mr. David Johnson NOT PICTURED Marcy Kimsey. Varsity Cheerleaders 1 J Une: Gay Keep on Truckin '! Home- coming '72 Friday the thirteenth of October turned out to be quite a piece of bad luck for the Black Cats of Laughbon as the Tenino Beavers thundered to a 28-12 win. The victory was the highlight of the Homecoming festivities that be- gan with the annual Snake Dance a and bon-fire. Half time saw Kathy Pavlich crowned as Home- coming Queen b 71 een Barbie V, Qu De Ste. Croix. Her court con- sisted of Tomi Dupper, Debbie Pratt, Jerri Check, and Tonya Miller, with escorts Harold Burris, Mark Oergel, Don Roy, George Winton and Mike Grauwen, respectively. .. :A Xl Sophomore Princess Jerri Check, 1972 Queen Kathy Pavlich, Junior Princess'Debbie Pratt, 1971 Queen Barbie De Ste. Croix, Senior Princess Tomi Dupper, Freshman Princess Tonya Miller. 4 Father - Daughter Banquet My Father and I Adthp pl td t t dd kand Pt Ply E d 326 h , 2 -J? hr X W 'N V gf' f ix QA :lu . -' wx f X it if - 'x agw. Q i . gx :E X I ' ixv Q4 s't hid! if f '. gs V, . Q k' ! X l 'E Q-... ,, - T s is :Y . as Q gif -fx 1 I ,f the furlous And m the wood blowmg. if Basketball STANDING: Coach Dick Brock, Dave Robinson, Harold Burris, Tom Budsberg, Mike Check, George ' Winton, Dale Hedden, Asst'. Coach Tenlno Gordon Robertson. FRONT: Manager Tenlno jack I-Iogberg, Randy Wade, Don TSIITHO Roy, Ed Sanders, joe Essensa, Norm Teni-no Barklow. Tenino Tenino Tenino Tenino For this year's varsity the Tenino victories were few and far TSHQUO between. But as Coach Brock 119112110 said, "This has been one of TeU1110 the hardest Working teams Tenino Tenino Tenino Tenino Tenino Tenino l've ever coached." lt is people, the stirring of "the other, " the individual, the self toward a goal Richard Oliver W 30 SCGRES Rochester Morton St. Martins Eatonville Morton Laughbon Rochester Orting C. W. A. Yelm Decatur Eatonville St. Martins Laughbon Orting C. W. A. Yelrn Decatur Coach Dick Brock Coach Gordon Robertson d Beaver Varsity Senior Tom Budsberg Senior Harold Burris Senior Mike Check Center, Forward Center, Forward Center, Forward wf. X F Senior joe Essensa Guard Senior Dale Hedden Dave Robinson Senior Don Roy Ed Sanders Senior George Winton Randy Wade Norm BQTMOW Forward Forward, Guard Guard Forward, Guard Forward, Center Forward Guard N -N. I I -N ll Wg gLggAk -. 'PK X K . .arg . . S Hmeics - X x 1 , . ig N - M .......- K Q-.Nw f . , ..., K . 5 N . lm. S Xi X X X L X X Q X., RX X 5 -X K- X -+ - W. 5 E . S-It W Ntsgw 'K 5QN g Eifx -bww? wwwwfwwf Rx :S 5' ' 'li . W WRX swf-film If . SW g 5 xv . . .. Mi -,Q . E . ez Q 'YYFNSXY .. 'X ggi . E .. 2 ' . 5 3 f X1 - W ,Q - A ' ,sf AH f Q .. 1 35.12 .sis K h . . L X- N. . .4 1 Q . . . . 12 Q.: " K . 's?fFf?' f 'L-.fs-?r?F:"f'-Ist. f!:YsL.!iQ - if -Q. " ::.?:- E L . . . :hi W we 2 wffaiwwrfve -Q ' X . 2 5 1 Y-'fag A K 1. lf- .gig k .gb -A f - 4 351.53 rw.. E if hm: T' f:qi...X?iSi3S5-EQTNEQS v Fl F, K if-25333 '5-1,533 f H A M' ' .,-6 f f. f ,. . QQ'.'fmw 2 HMA Q www.. - 7 1: 'W . , K . -few.. - .. -f15Qa5q.y5g'7 , 1 , . f.fI35s2zsv g ' . - K ' 5 - ,L . ,Q 4 ...mv qi. 56,3 Wfff-g Afr,-:3'Q',9X4fiMifE??'i.5 1?Ii1:':'Q 3 fs. fe-9 Qi- -122 pfwp. : -.V ' .rf vm: NSA .-1-Qsv Q . .uf - Wea' Q .nik 'fi.eiv1.,is5S1Es.3:53gf:f-.'f f ' .L ' 7 ...Wy :' 5- 12 " LN?ffIf:"!f5EL' A J 1 - - K saw iffmlif. 4-39 5 W iq ,. ,T Lg, .ffiggggsqii . ,. 1gi?iaaff?f fiailgf bi .1-: . Qf ifziiifift A' 2 , ,ig ':?.xJ,', .X egizgrf ff . M s 4 H, .1 JQ.1wme.5,, , '. A 6-mf-Qr,..WN,fi . ygvffmkfiq- .ff'iQgeg,aw- k .mgfrgwl -7 Q-vS5'g5'?d7 X 9 2 A? L, eiiif' .Jw-Tlfix 'F - :mg . L if 11 Ii: E 1 3541 - iw S gd. " - - .. .--,-. REC ' , f I ,....-0 ' - 41215 X, 29125:-5vLL.w..7X .iff 1 1 N' R' N WRESTLING DRDS Tenino Tenino Tenino Tenino Tenino Tenino Tenino Tenino Tenino Tenino Tenino Tenino Tenino Tenino Tenino Tenino 'Fenino Tenino 34 J.V 32 49 37 32 32 34 44 46 42 49 54 47 45 45 59 66 50 62 Scores Rochester Morton St. Martins Eatonville Morton Laughbon Rochester Orting C. W. A. 'Yelrn Decataur Eatonville St. Martins Laughbon Orting C . W. A. Yelrn Decataur Freshman Scores T enino Tenino Tenino Tenino Tenino Tenino Tenino Tenino Tenino Tenino Tenino Tenino White Salmon Onalaske St. Martins Morton Rochester White Pass Onalaska St. Martins Morton Rochester White Salmon White Pass Junior Varsity Basketball STANDING: Steve Lawton, Rick Winchell, Steve Knoper, Tim Archibald, Mike Barrett, Tom McPherson, Coach Gordon Robertson. FRONT: Larry Reinier, Gary Moyer, Dale Mason, jeff Gross, Perry Wiens, Dane Sturtevant. Freshman Basketball jeff Peterson, Ron Moyer, Danny Budsberg, Rick Stumm, jeff Nicholson, Bob Pallett 7- M--: ss -M-:sages S2335 ss-r,2ww2a,sr as Sas stems - . - X .. K, .X .. .,.. 0, ... ,N sw as.. .W A - 2 xlmfiffifffrzfrsi'asf-'SkiA-ss:fia:Si:ffs-:svzf -iiiffi.ff-Haxis?sfsrzfsitsisssiegff Q5 ,ia-Q..r:z:.1.sQf.:r.f1f'wf-we ff: -A so -II..Emerg12552:fxs+:::'s11L-I Kissing?,sfe1:.ff.ev 1-ff:-sei:-A -f - asf--N. gm- - --1 , Mark Sturtevant, Bob Roy, Randy Wolfe Girlls Basketball An Undefeatecl Season FRONT: Pat Padgett, Cheryl Reule, Ruth I-Iogberg, Robyn Cole, joclee Essensa, Tanya Mlller Pam Padgett TOP Pam Pavlich, Nancy Bell, Karla Robertson, Gayle Albrecht, Mary Wells, Leslie Nelson, Comme Duncan Coach Donna johnson. Tenino 2 5 T enino 40 Tenino 25 Tenino 22 Tenino 35 Tenino 20 Scores North Mason Charles Wright Decatur Yelm Orting Laughbon Donkey Basketball 5 ,WM ,gk -Y -em! 1 ,W Birsdi Even though the Varsity's regular season wasn't so hot, they managed to come out on top when they rode against the Phantom Faculty Flashes in a rousing game of Donkey Basketball. The score? Eighteen injured and Les with a cut head. 'S f K .Q -,si- 5.- ae i Qs EJ? to vw- ,fe f' ' el'e 4 C sa. ,ff-'R 'Tm Wrestling was-YS FRONT: Mike Grauwen, Monty Dodge, Doug Sampson, Keith Winterowd, Steve Grandle, Kevin Murphy, joe Hadley, jack Paulsen, Bob McPherson, Paul Blake, QTOPJ Coach Glenn Rau, Mark Blake, Pat Paulsen, Bob Cheney, Rod Reed, Ken Hawkins, Wendell Bell, Pat Murphy, Alan Reinier. The 10-2 win loss season for 72-73 was the best ever for the Tenino Beavers. The Beavers ended just on the heals of Yelm for the league title, this bettering last years third place 10-3 season. The Beavers showed its power in tournament competition by finishing third in the Willipa Valley Invitational and strong Second finish in the South West Washington league Tourney. State qualifiers were the Blake brothers Mark 8 Paul at 190 lbs. 8 101 lbs. respectively. Mark finished an impressive third and Paul a strong fourth at the class "A" State Wrestling Tournament in Mosses Lake in March. SCORES Tenino 36 North Mason 32 Tenino 24 Decatur 29 Tenino 48 Rochester 18 Tenino 39 Vashon 30 Tenino 34 Tumwater 27 Tenino 55 Orting 10 Tenino 48 Rochester 25 T enino 22 Yelm 42 Tenino 36 White Pass 33 Tenino 34 Eatonville 29 1 Tenino 43 Mt. St. Helens 21 l Tenino 51 C.W.A. 14 38 :nw Senior Mark Blake Senior Bob Cheney Senior Mike Grauwen Senior Pat Paulsen Alan Reinier Steve Grandle Paul Blake Pat Murphy Wendell Bell Rod Reed Jack Paulsen Doug 521111198011 Bob McPherson Keith Winterowd MOHW Dodge Ken Hawkins Kevin Murphy joe Hadley L 4 -- am 5. f mf--fx 1 x- px -new as X Ei ui QW' 1 X' I z X if A gi- X, wig x. K A 'I Q 3-Ns..-Q. kts 54 fl . 'X , " xx SR F s Q if 1 '2' 'Q , ,X S 5 . A I 'wi' db 'xi-Q21 fx 'Sh as 1 K f at T i h K ' ' ' .. fg' ., ff 0 in . N, ,Q ' Q '11--,, 'I+ 'Q 3? A an-sv QKCQQQ-u... 5 so KZ'- . tj ,k:' VQ: Q BBW and 1 Nui E ' . , SX at X,.. ,,,,,igH..1:,v,v , . " 7 Qfi mfs .iff A , 5 Q X b K X5 4? 1 4- f F' 20 M 5 JW 5 4 F 'Q ll' ' N 'f Mfgsxw, . 1 v y 5 is W Qww:aEQsW,:"'M3XXg , J'f ' La . ,uf Q Q ' ---JE, , K K -'I ' f"5i1f':vMNX xx 'E I 'elf w. 6 S :su s ff' Kfzfsigxxu ff . - k . X i X15-.. ' S " ' ..'T5'iTiIg? 'wmais-.J., -- .K --Zifilf. ' -' ' if: 1 fm.. - 1' ... .... .H 1- ,--gli,-,RM Wsgsgw V? 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Young Stephen Foster love. The devil made me do it! Got a problem Tomi? -'wg 5 E v Q s S Q F 5 S n Q F a .M--"""'r!, 'SSX X is .,X: --swf' 1 Tix xXX7ff ,F Y , '55, - :Bri M 1 V , Q, Q V iii! A 5 , Q gs Mmm M - 'Shim LXN QS Diversified Uccupations Diversified Occupations, a joint venture of students, employers, and Tenino High School, is an exciting and vital addition to the Tenino Public Schools educational program. Diversified Occupations is an occupational education program providing exposure to, and training for, careers in business and industry cooperatively utilizing the resources of the community and school. Students enrolled in the D. O. program attend school and must satisfy all general education requirements. In addition, they hold part-time jobs and receive class instruction that is related to the ir on-the -j ob training. Y . saw' K is wg.-ms 47 .....-f-""" Ulcl Time Alley It Was the Best at Times, It Was the Worst at Times. .T ,,., . 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SECOND ROW - Steve Grandle, Chuck Pavlich, jeff Gross, Joe Hadley, Gary Moyer, Doug Robertson, Norm Barklow. THIRD ROW - Mr. Robertson-Coach, Mark Sturtevant, Terry Billmeyer, Mark Oergel, Dane Sturtevant, Wade Miller, Russ Parker, Bill Hadley. LAST ROW - George Winton, Jeff Nicholson, Rick Winchell, Dan Elliott, Monte Dodge, Ed Saunders, Dave Whitmire-Asst. Coach. 53 -14525: pw jk .LL.W ds. .. Rv-g.g.:':' TQ? JU' ..wfw1:fi:'eQ-.. .- N. siifii -mmf .W Ez -2.1215 ', K Wag f , k 55522, .vsilfll - ., f . .pwls-4-1-1. 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Crowning of Member of the Year. .K X My S Q : k,b? . ii . x A wg JJ" - .. .:Q.i P, 1 Q ' 'ff' ik . 5 - N? hX W Installation of new officers. Members ofthe Month SEPTEIVUSER FRIENDLY ALICE STITHAM DECEMBER HUMOROUS ALLEN SMITH N 74 f f "g Exif- M Z4 L. 'K lkk If K.g' ,Q ' , A f A f A 4 Y A A ff , Q f A , " i ' FEBRUARY KNOWLEDGEABLE PATTY MCARTHUR UN OCTOBER TRUT1-IFUL KATHY PAVLICH JANUARY SINCERE PAM SHERWOOD ...z..,m APRIL MANNERLY ROXANNE WOLFE NOVEMBER WHOLESOME CATHY HAWKINS MARCH HEIPFUL RACHEL DELORM X.. 4 MAY OUTSTANDING TOMI DUPPER F.H.A. MEMBER OF THE YEAR CARIN HYDE gs A 4 TS , x .. N1 if P 'b 'film ff Fifi, .ig 'ff - is s l? K Q fe , , h . . i 45- Q, K ,ix 5. E Ball Court: jr. Princess Debbie Pratt, Escort Norm Barklowg Escort Dale Hedden, Sr. Princess Gayle Imlerg Queen Kathy Pavlich, King Mark Oergelg Escort Tom Budsberg, Sr. Princess Tomi Dupperg Escort Wade Miller, Jr. Princess Joanne Robinson. ' 5 1 : .111 i1iu1 1,11 - if I .F S F. H.A. Week F. H.A. Week, as declared by Governor Daniel J. Evans, is a time when the public is made aware of 1 1 -Q mf' ,A kkkk I Ii vu fx 1 , 1 A an ..-l i ky- fek, , ff -' 3, Q Q Q , A--- T . X1-af ,Q f 33 M I ai. . Nw! M- . , 1 J A V M 1 r , Q 'fra' U4 ig. l '25 :xii ,- U' Jim A all 34 k 1 ze, is Q- 3 , 4 +-rig.: , v- :Ni I ' i I b if, ff 4. f LP 5. , .,.., I -ft , I.. fi Jg xl r We have a little Sister. . . 64 The Song of Solomon VIII F. I-LA. The Week-long activities involve all members of F. H.A. if' I. fi' 4 1 ,Figs .gb .L . ,saigf ---rf 1 if 2 fQ:g1s.Li:3:,,:Qs1a5, WMM.. gi Slii 1 '- K ' ' w2eSzfsEimQ1- - . Q. Wah, W 1 in I i F.F.A. Banquet . 5 P ' i -L5-' if N ., . ...,:,,: Nm if sy 355' X ,Q S5355 K. . S gs . Q J Senior Personalities BEST DRESSED QRIGHTJ GEORGE WINTON, TOMI DUPPER BIGGEST FLIRTS JANICE CAMPBELL, BOB CHENEY 5 K X BEST ALL-AROUND KATHY PAVLICH, DAVE SI-IERWOOD ggi 5. W N.. S 4 ' 1 ,. 556 2 H umm i was . ii. . an ll ii E X53 . .,, SPIRIT OF T.H.S . TOM BUDSBERG, LAURA YADON . Qiii x x Q, 5 fe.. A "-, iii., K.. A.. .ii g X iiii e ee X ,,,. Q E, Q-zslzzfimi ' -eg ' 5 V 1 7.6 K as . . K - f - .g 3, iffvzzs .lwivws ff . - ,, Q.. A, - . Le-,. . ., . . ,L Y' fi ' - .wwii E T -.-- ' A 551,11-. ., V ' - , A . ,--- ' . , ' 1 ' . A ff: ' j-'93 kr- M K Q Q Ji g. W - ...aexmfe f L' " X125-f,, . f I , A :fsiiilvz ' -ff' 1 .-, . Q . T ' U -, 'F . I A " A-we li Biffl e A L-RP A ' - 1 . -'?'i.f: 'it ...f-" - .Kite-fr. Q- ...:.. f.':1,"t.fi-, ' X f ffl, ea M ,X-NQWQ W QW-A OS DAVE SHERWOOD, MARCY KIMSEY PERSONALITY PLUS TOMI DUPPER, MARK OERGEL BEST FIGURE 8 PHYSIQUE ALICE STITI-IAM, MARK BLAKE DUE TO PHOTOGRAPHIC DIFFICULTIES WE WERE UNABIE TO OBTAIN PICTURES OF THE FOLLOWING SENIOR PERSONALITIES: FUNNIEST: ALLEN SMITH ANNA JOHNSON I-IAPPIEST: PAM SHERWOOD TOM BUDSBERG MOST DEPENDABLE: CATHY HAWKINS DALE HEDDEN 68 1 Senior Party Prophesy May 22, 1973 Dwain Parker Principal, Tenino High School - Tenino, Washington 98589 Dear Mr. Parker: Your letter requesting that my corporation, The YOU-LOSE-'EM-WE-FIND-'EM Co. , L. T.D. gave you a progress report on the state of the graduates of 1973 was received by me two months ago. Through much diligent effort we compiled the following data: Harold Burris did not live long after graduation. He was killed by a flock of mosquitoes while fishing at the quarry. Singer Jan Campbell became her cousin's side kick. Jan and Glen appear on Hee-Haw occasion- ally. Tracker Jim Davies found out that the Susquatch beast is really no beast at all. It turned out to be Bob Cheney. "I always wanted to be a Che-Che Monster." Bob is now in Western State Hospital. The most unique member of the Class of '73 is Roxanne Wolfe. Every full moon she runs around Thurston County howling and biting people. 69 Doctors Dinah Ramsey, Beth Muxen, and Darcel De Graw have found out how Mike Knoper and Dave Clark have become millionaires. They both lay golden eggs. They claim that the old woman who lives in a shoe, Carin Hyde Cand her 2,413 childrenb, cast a spell on them. The body of Ed Raney was found on the Mike Grauwen Ranch. It seems that Mafia members Anna johnson and Anita Grandle made him an offer he couldn't refuse. "He refused?", we asked. "No comment." says Anna. Cathy Hawkins was hired by the late Dick Balch. Her laugh made her millions until she recent ly knocked out mechanic woman's libber Alice Stitham with a sledge hammer. "I didn't know she was under the hood." claims Cathy. Russ Parker opened a European Ski Resort entitled "Wounded Knee." His favorite customer seems to be Rocky Parent. Russ named it after Rocky's actions on his slopes. Tomi Dupper, Shelly Smith, Gayle lmler and Laura Yadon now run the Tenino Vee Wee Shop. They have only four cars on the lot, though. Their own! Nancy Cavin became librarian in the Tenino Public Library. There are three areas in the ' Library now: Contemporary, children's books, and a stack of old PLAYBOYS in the basement. joe Edwards now runs joe's Place in Bucoda. joe Van Buskirk runs joe's Place in Tenino, Joe Essensa runs joe's Place in Centralia. The three stores are not affiliated with one another at all. Patty McArthur has devoted her life to helping people. She is now manager of "Lee's Tropicals A very devoted woman. Debbie Bush took advantage of her name and started "Bush's Bushes" which has many types of plants, trees and shrubs. George Winton is her chief gardner. Allen Smith opened the old Jiffy. lt is entitled "Rumproast Cafe." Hasn't changed a bit. The tomato plate is still there, with the same tomato as last year. Mayor Dale Hedden came to the conclusion that Tenino started out as a map maker's mistake. Everyone agrees. lt couldn't have started any other way. Bill Hadley became principal of Timberline High School for obvious reasons. Pat Paulson is also on the payroll there as the sex education teacher. With all her scholarships and college Qeight yearsj Kathy Pavilich became a maid. She is em- ployed at the Mark Oergel mansion. Maytown mayor Gary Yadon agrees with town council woman Lyla Kinney over-ruling Dennis Stevens' request to hold a rock festival in Maytown. Maytown dances were cancelled in early 1972 as the town was almost destroyed. john McCabe is now on location in Tibet for his new television series entitled "Judo john. " lncidently, this month john's picture received world wide acclaim as it appeared inthe center- fold of COSMOPOLITAN. Billie Baker has made it big by writing several songs for singer Don Roy. Don became the David Cassidy of the seventies with hits such as "Sweet Conceit" and "Love-me-Love-me- Love-me. " Mark Blake raised a breed of sheep that eats tin cans and grows steel wool. 70 Kathy Brock was a teacher until finally she was pushed out of the teaching profession. She is now in Western State Hospital and all she does is say, "lt's Hereditary, I bore people. lt's Hereditary, I bore people." Tom Budsberg and Mike Check got a job changing light bulbs at the school. Their height came in handy. Ken Brownell, Earl and Bill Richardson fthe famous gold-dust twinsb made it by crossing the Atlantic in a steam locomotive. Designer Dave Degner says it's amost impossible to believe how it happened. He started out fixing his Chevrolet 11957 vintagej and, as he puts it, ". . . it got out of hand." Joyce Grubb took over the management of Briarwood Farms. Agronomist Mike Knoper and Dave Clark helped Joyce by breeding a chicken that could lay a square egg. "They're easier to stack." says Joyce. Dave and Pam Sherwood now live in the heart of the Skookumchuck Valley, Dave became the world's leading authority on natural foods. "Ever eat a pine tree? Many parts are edible." Julie Blumberg is now a steamboat captain on the Skookumchuck River. The name of her ship is STEAMBOAT WILLIE. Dicky "Pig" McNair became, as his nickname shows, a policeman. We here at YOU-LOSE-'EM-WE-FIND-'EM hope that the compiled information will be of use to your efforts for committment of the class. You will receive our bill in a few days. Please call on us again. Sincerely, Steve Miller President, YOU-LOSE - 'EM-WE -FIND - 'EM Author: Rocky Parent Co-Author: Tomi Dupper Last Will and Testament We, the graduating class of nineteen hundred and seventy-three, having put in our twelve years, do hereby make, publish, and declare this to be our last will and testament. We, the Senior Class, will to the Junior Class all of our ideas and energies for moneymaking. We, the Senior Class, will to the Sophomore Class the Faculty!!! We, the Senior Class, will to the Freshmen Class a giant straight jacket. We, the Senior Class, will to the Faculty nothing, because that is what we chose to take from them! 71 As individuals, we bequeath the following: I, KATHY BROCK, will to Becky Brown and Mel Riggles, all my CWP reports so they don't have to waste time finding someone to copy from, and to Billie Baker, a showcase to carry her engagement ring, so she doesn't have to shove her hand in everybody's face! I, JOE ESSENSA, will to jodee Essensa, an oversized plump teddy bear, so her memory of Mark Oergel will live on. I, ALLEN SMITH, will to Perry Wiens, a lifesize boy doll to play with, so he won't have to play with me. I, BILL HADLEY, will nothing to anyone because I need everythingl have myself. I, GEORGE WINTON, will to jodee Essensa, a Mike Check doll, to have and hold in the lower halls. I, PAT PAULSEN, will to the underclassmen of Tenino High School, my ability to have fun in school, to respect my teachers, and to do my work well. I, also, will them my ability to lie with a straight face. ' I, GARY YADON, being of slightly sound mind and fairly sound body, will to jim Pritchard the ability to skip school without my mother finding out about it, and the ability to talk my way out of trouble. Also, to be able to hang onto motor vehicles that will run without a tree wrapped around them. I, DAVID M. CLARK, being of sound mind and body do hear by bequeath my entire collection of science fiction books to the library, so that Tenino High will have a FAIRLY DECENT se- lection of fiction. I, GAYLE IMLER, being of sound, will to Gayle Imler Albrecht, the name "GAYLE" so when she hears it, she'll know it's hers. I, MARK OERGEL, will to Norm Barklow, my cast I got in football knowing he'll put it to good use. I, CATHY HAWKINS, will to Karla Robertson, a ball of string, so she'll remember the IM- PORTANT things. I, DALE HEDDEN, will to Rick Winchell, a book, entitled HOW TO WALK AND TALK AT THE SAME TIME. I, DICK MCNAIR, not considering how my mind and body are, will my ability to get stopped, and not get a ticket, to David Seaunier. I, DENNIS STEVENS, being of so-so body and fair mind, do hereby will to Mr. Saunders' future students, my ability to get him on another subject, but not my ability to say something to make him mad. I, DAVE DEGNER, being of unsound mind and body, will to anyone my 57 Chevy in hopes that he has better luck with it than I have. I, TOMI DUPPER, will next-years ski bus, a 5d bubble gum machine, and sound proof divider for the people in the back, so they can't hear the people in the front complain about not being able to sleep. 72 I, KINAH RAMSEY, will to little Debbie Pratt, this stool, so she'll also be a HIGH and mighty senior along with all the others next year. I, JANICE CAMPBELL, do hereby will to Mr. Saunders, this muzzle, in hopes he will use it. I, ANITA GRANDLE, will to Terri Dupper, a tape measure for when she's broiling, and to' Kenny Hawkins, a can of curl free and a pair of scissors. I, BETH MUXEN, will to Mr. Satmders, this box of baby powder, diapers, and this bag of patience, in hopes it will help him in his next year's D. O. class. I, ALICE STITHAM, would will something to somebody, if I could think of anything. I, NANCY CAVIN, will to Mr. Hilts, a chair and whip, so that he can have order in his next year's General Business class. I, DEBBIE BUSH, will to next year's basketball stat and scorekeepers, all my patience, as they will need it for this THANKLESS job. I, LAURA YADON, with sound mind and part body, will to Joanne Robinson, this form fitting underwear, so she won't be trying to hide behind people to pull it down in place, at the games. I, BILLIE BAKER., will to Mr. Parker, this bottle of aspirin, to be used for his headaches when the complaints in the teachers' room become intolerable. I, MARK ALLEN BLAKE, will to the Junior Class, the recyclable empties from the Senior CClass of 735 Party in hopes that they to may be able to scrounge enough money for their Senior Party CIF THEY MAKE ITD. I, PATTY MCARTHUR, will Marlene Johnson, the head of her dreams. WE, JULIE BLUMBERG and ROXANNE WOLFE, being of sound minds and superb bodies CHA HAD will to Ms. Butler the same. I, ROBERT "ROCKY" PARENT, being of weak body and a dirty mind, will to Mr. Parker, a bucket of WHEATONS SWEET NECTOR and a paint brush. To the students I will to each and everyone of them a sponge, for obvious reasons. I, CARIN HYDE, will to Tim Archibald a dictionary, so he may learn some new words to use, so the four letter words he always uses won't get so worn outg also a button that says "I think I'm neat", so he won't feel the need to always build himself up by ranking on everyone else. I, ANNA BANANA, will to Jodee Essensa, a can of spray deodorant, so she can spray the skunk that sprayed her. I, JOHN E. MC CABE, hereby will to Allen Reinier, a governor, for his car in hopes that he will learn how to not smoke the tires every time he takes off. Sign and Sealed by the Class of Nineteen hundred and Seventy-Three 73 gk ETF' 74 uma'mua+am 'W Graduation 19 3 ' , I K , . wi ek, 513515 sax. S sf' E? is ,fyz ws me ff, :pf is ff zspm me we ffi isa? FRONT: Pam Sherwood, Julie Blumberg, Tomi Dupper, Dyna Ramsey, Beth Musen, Kathy Pavlich, Alice Stitham, Shelly Smith, Anna Johnson, Laura Yadon, Anita Grandle, SECOND: Cathy Hawkins, Debbie Bush, Patty McArthur, Joyce Grubb, Janice Campbell, Kathy Brock, Nancy Cavin, Darcel De Graw, Gayle Imler, Roxanne Wolfe, Carin Hyde, Billie Baker, THIRD George Winton, Bill Richardson, Joe Essensa, Bill Hadley, Dick McNair, Mike Knoper, Mark Blake, Mike Check, Harold Burris, jim Davies, Don Roy, joe VanBuskirk, John McCabe, Dale Hedden. FOURTH: Dave'Sherwood, Dennis Stevens, Joe Edwards, Mark Oergel, Alan Smith, Bob Cheney, Tom Budsberg, Dave Clark, Pat Paulsen, Dave Degner, Earl Richardson, Ken Brownell, Gary Yadon, Rocky Parent, Mike Grauwen. Awards and Scholarships Valedictorian-Kathy Pavlich Wrestling Achievement-Bob McPherson Salutatorian-George Winton Betty Crocker Award-Kathy Pavlich Eastern Star Award-Kathy Pavlich F.F.A. Achievement-Joe Essensa, Mike Grauwen Masons Award-George Winton F.F.A. Mechanics-Dick McNair Eagles Citizenship -Dave Sherwood D.A .R. Citizenship -Kathy Pavlich Turvey Athletic-Mark Blake School Service Award-C athy Hawkins Jim Dayton Memorial-Dave Sherwood B1-1SiI16SS TI'0phY-ROX9.nne Wolfe Mike Sherwood Memorial-Bill Hadley Art Award-Patty McArthur, Lyla Kinney Track Insp. -Mark Cox, Ed Sanders Football IHSP- -Dave Sherwood Charlie Yantis Memorial-Tom Budsberg, Dan Budsberg B-1SketbH11 Insp- -Harold Burris Girls T1-ack Insp. -Liga Sorrell Bill Ingram Memorial-Pat Paulsen Girls Basketball-Cheryl Reule W 75 Senior Activities BILLIE "SHORTY" BAKER 1 Special Attractions 1, 2, 35 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Girls' League 1, 25 FHA 45 ASB Sec. 45 Student Council 45 Pep Club 3, 45 Drill Team 25 Honor Society 4. SAYING: The sooner the better! ! MAWHSTUDH BLAKE Football 1, 2, 3, 45 D.O. 45 Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 45 Track 1, 2, 3, 45 Most Out- standing Wrestler for SWW Tourna- ment 45 4th State Discus Throw 35 3rd State Wrestling 45 Best Physique. SAYING: Does a bear ---- in the woods? JULIE "TWINKLE-TOES" BLUM.BERG Honor Society 2, 3, 45 FHA 3, 45 French Club 2, 3, 45 French Club Sec. 35 Pep Club 25 French Club Pres. 45 Girls' League 1, 2. KATHY BROCK Girls' League 1, 25 Ski Club 1, 2, 35 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Annual Staff 3, 45 French Club 35 GAA 15 PTSO 35 Most Likely to be Remembered. SAYING: Face It! I KEN "BULLET" BROWNELL FFA 1, 2, 3, 45 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Base- ball 25 Football Manager 2, 3. SAYING: Back off Jack! HAROLD "HARRY" BURRIS Band 1, 2, 35 Stage Band 35 Cross Country 25 Track 25 Football 15 Bas- ketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Big T 3, 45 Home- coming Escort 4. TOM "HORSE" BUDSBERG Football 1, 2, 3, 45 All Conference Tackle 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball Captain 45 Baseball 2, 3, 45 Class Treas. 15 Big T 3, 45 Big T V. -Pres. 45 French Club 45 French Club V-Pres. 45 Jr. Sr. Ball Escort 3,45 Friendliest, Happiest, Spirit of THS. DEBBIE "DAB" BUSH FHA 3, 45 FHA Sec. 45 FHA Executive Council 45 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Ski Club 2, 3, 45 Ski Club Treas. 45 French Club 3, 45 French Club Pres. 35 Girls' State 35 Girls' League 1, 25 Honor Society 2, 3, 45 Jr. Sr. Ball Committee 3, 45 Annual Staff 3, 4. JANICE "SPEED -RACER" CAMPBELL Nonets 3, 45 D.O. Basketball 45 Girls' Track 1, 25 Girls' Basketball 2, 35 Pep Club 1, 2, 35 Girls' League 1, 25 Chorus 1, 2, 35 GAA 1, 2, 35 Drill Team 1, 25 D.O. 45 Biggest Flirt. SAYING: I got cha! ! I NANCY CAVIN Chorus 1, 25 Girls' League 1, 25 FHA 3, 45 Capital Business Colle ge Contest 45 Shyest. SONG: Pieces of April MIKE "CHICKEN MAN" CHECK Transferred 45 Basketball 4. SAYING: Honest to GOD! ! BOB "MONSTER" CI-IENEY Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 45 Football 2, 3, 45 Baseball 1, 2, 35 Big T 3, 45 Most Improved Player in football 45 Biggest Flirt. DAVE "CRAZY-LEGGS" CLARK Baseball 1, 4. JIM DAVIES I FFA 2. DAVE DEGNER D.O. 2, 3, 45 D.O. Basketball 4. DARCEL "DARC" DEGRAW French Club 25 Drill Team 25 Pep Club 15 Girls' League 1, 2. SAYING: This is the first day of the rest of my life. MIKE "SEADOG" DICKERSON Wrestling 1, 25 Most Outstanding Wrestler 15 3rd in District in Wres- tling5 Co-Captain in Wrestling 15 lst wrestler to go to State5 Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Class Sgt. at Arms 15 Class Sec. 25 Big T 3, 45 Most Likely to be Remembered. TOMI "DIPPITY DUPPAIR" DUPPER Girls' League 1, 25 FHA 3, 45 FHA Girl of the Month 3, 45 Ski Club 2, 3, 45 French Club 25 French Club v-Pres. S Treas. 25 Drill Team 25 Jr. Sr. Ball Princess 3, 45 Homecom- ing Princess 45 FHA Executive Coun- cil 45 Best Dressed and Personality Plus. SAYING: Oh, JOE "JO-JO" EDWARDS FFA 1, 2, 45 FHA 3, 45 Ski Club 45 Wrestling 25 Big T 3, 45 Annual Staff 4. SAYING: Mange moi. JOE "JOEY" ESSENSA Cross Country 2, 3, 45 Track 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Big T 3, 45 FFA 1, 2, 3, 45 FFA Pres. 45 FFA Treas. 35 Basketball Honorable Mention 45 Band 1. ANITA "NETTER-DETTER" GRANDLE Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Chorus 2, 45 Girls' League 1, 25 FHA 35 Drill Team 25 GAA Officer 4. SONG: Last Song. MIKE GRAUWEN Football 15 Basketball 15 Track 15 Cross Counimy 2, 3, 45 Wrestling 2, 3, 45 FFA 1, 2, 3, 45 FFA Officer 3, 45 French Club 25 Big T 3, 4. JOYCE QWATERMANJ GRUBB Girls' League 1, 25 FHA 45 Pep Club 1, 25 Ski Club 25 Special Attractions 25 Chorus 1, 25 D.O. 4. BILL "SMEDLEY" HADLEY Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 35 Track 1, 2, 3, 45 Wrestling 45 Foot- ball Captain 45 Big T 3, 45 All Con- ference Quarterback 45 FFA 1, 25 Class Officer 1, 2. CATHY "HAWK-EYE" HAWKINS Girls' League 1, 25 FHA 3, 45 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Girl of the Month 3, 45 ASB Treas. 45 Asst. Bus. Manag- er 35 Class V-Pres. 25 Student Coun- cil 3, 45 French Club 3, 45 Honor Society 2, 3, 45 Drill Team 25 Most Dependable. DALE I-IEDDEN Football 1, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Big T 3, 45 French Club 2, 35 French V-Pres. 25 French Club Pres. 35 Class Rep. 25 Class V-Pres. Honor Society 2, 3, 45 FFA 25 Student Council 25 Homecoming Escort 35 Jr. Sr. Ball Escort 45 Most Dependable. Continued on Page 85 YQ Qi ik ' 3 5 Wx -, - M823 151. ' ygmi K 2 2 1 325512555 'I-s:':xG'. - xiii, fix. N New Sb Q Xx xt Q 5 fgi fi: Qs Mix I ,ww-v 1 if Nseff yd Q, R -R. A fe 'Ve gw V ,..,z' vi ll! Nga xi Q "www x :Q 'sri . , Kr-Q I Q i In sf'-SL i X ' 4 Q 355 2 fr X' fr ,amz . Q -:R ' X -FQ. . ef-:Ei .. f- .. W et K f . 'N wfcv-mr ' fir: -kk- is gsfgg -..' I K... .TM rr rf, X . ss SKK? .- P P as K R N L---- A X-- ees-f - """"'2-IS i -:Sew-3 In-:52",, 1 gee., gg iff- WE.: ::,:535:g'5::.Qa:,:f.- N , as Q A.A. 5' "'- ., - , QQSMSSEQSE Num - P2 N Vice-Pres. Dale I-Iedclen, Sec. Patty McArthur, Pres. Kathy Pavlich, Rep. Pat Paulsen. 'iff' Billie Je an Baker Mark Allen Blake i Patricia Lee Anzalone julie Marie Blumberg Kenneth E- BFOW11-G11 Katherine Ann BrOCk Thomas David Budsberg M" uwvvx J.. .5r.Wr.w:, Q, rv. A . N x ig . 'J 1 4 Harold L. Burris, Ir. Deborah Ann Bush EI. X X 3 S li E x . -agus? S yr 4 -- 31 - ,N- ils ga ll S 5 sw E 15' 1505 3 Q xg Rx 'S S f V Frfvfriiifivio' 1 - - 1 Nancy Ellen Cavin Robert Eugene Cheney james Alan Davies David Neil Degner Janice Sue Campbell David Mitchell Clark Advisor Mr. Steve Miller 'Ni ....w.,.-Q-yr Tomi jean Dupper joseph Ralph Edwards joseph Louis Essensa Xl Anita Kay Grandle Michael George Grauwen William S. Hadley Catherine Louise Hawkins Dale Kenneth Hedden Cal-in H011-Y Hyde 1 Gayle Ann Imler Anna Louise johnson Lyla Lynn Kinney 1 wk X. 1- M ww awp M ,. . V 1, .. Michael Wayne Knoper Patricia Ann McArthur John Edward McCabe Richard Alan McNair Bethany Ellen Muxen Mark Richard Oergel Russell Dwain Parker Dinah Lynn Ramsey Donald P. Roy Patrick Ernest Paulsen C arl William Richardson In the lexicon of youth which fate reserves for bright manhood, there is no such word as fail. Edward Lytton David Earl Sherwood Allen Lee Smith Alice Marie Stitham He has half the deed done, who has made a beginning. Horace Pamela Hickey Sherwood R h ll E1 ' 'h oc e e ame Smit Dennis Christopher Stevens joseph Allen Van Buskirk Joyce Waterman Grubb CC Roxanne Marlene Wolfe Gary James Yadon Laura Meree Yadon' ' Seniors not pictured: Darcel Diane De Graw, Marcy Elaine Kimsey, Michael Kelly Check, George P. Winton, Michael Dickerson. Tomorrow Is the Best Reason for Todayw " H o ,lui ., l, .i,,,i,fX lim f 5 . 6 fa fflflffe' 7 ' ff Ii ,a i i P K 3 X Q :LMI 'E Q Activities Continued From Page 76 CARIN "CLYDE" HYDE French Club 3, 45 French Club V- Pres. 35 Special Attractions 2, 35 Honor Society 2, 3, 45 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Girls' League 1, 25 Annual Staff 3, 45 FHA Sec. 35 FHA 3, 45 FHA Pres. 45 FHA State Officer 45 Jr. Achievement 35 Member of the Year 45 Community Recreation Committee 2. GAYLE "BROWN-NOSE" IMLER Girls' League 1, 25 Ski Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 45 FHA 3, 45 IV Cheerleader 25 Varsity Cheerleader 45 Honor Society 2, 3, 45 Pep Club V-Pres. 35 Annual Staff 45 Student Council 45 Ski Club Sec. 45 jr. Sr. Ball Comm. 3, 45 Ir. Sr. Ball Court 45 Cutest. ANNA "BANANA" JOHNSON GAA 1, 2, 3, 45 GAA Treas. 25 GAA V-Pres. 45 Girls' League 1, 25 FHA 45 Pep Club 2, 45 Girls' Football 35 Girls' Basketball 15 Girls' Track 15 Special Attractions 45 Funniest. SAYING: Hey Hey Tuffy. LYIA "ERNIE" KINNEY Chorus 1, 2, 45 Honor Society 2, 3, 45 GAA 25 Girls' League 1, 25 French Club 2, 3, 45 Spelling Contest 2. MIKE KNOPER Basketball Manager 15 Track Manager 25 Honor Society 2, 3, 45 French Club 2, 35 French Club Treas. 3. PATTY "MAC" MCARTHUR Girls' League 1, 25 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 45 GAA 25 FHA 3, 45 FHA Treas. 45 Honor Society 2, 3, 45 French Club 3, 45 French Club Treas. 35 Class Sec. -Treas. 45 Most Talented. JOHN Mc CABE Concert Band 2, 45 Pep Band 2, 45 Stage Band 3, 45 Cross Country 2, 3, 45 Big T 2, 3, 45 Basketball Manager 1, 2, 35 Music In May 45 Annual Staff 4. DICK MCNAIR Football 15 D.O. Basketball 45 Band 1, 2, 35 Pep Band 1, 2, 35 FFA 2, 3, 4. SONG: Rollin Stones. BETH "COOKIE" MUXEN Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Nonets 45 GAA 1, 25 Girls' League 1, 25 French Club 25 Pep Club 1, 2, 35 D.O. 45 D.O. Bas- ketball 45 Track 1. SONG: Poems, Prayers, Promises. MARK "ORG" OERGEL Transferred 35 Football 3, 45 Big T 3, 45 Big T Pres. 45 Homecoming Escort 45 Track 3, 45 Ir. Sr. Ball King 45 Personality Plus and Shvest. BOB "ROCKY" PARENT Ski Club 2, 3, 45 Ski Club Pres. 45 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Pep Band 1, 2, 35 Stage Band 1, 2, 35 D.O. 45 FFA 1, 25 Wrestling manager 1, 25 FHA 45 Author of the Prophecy5 Most Talented. RUSS PARKER Football 1, 2, 3, 45 All Conference Back 45 ASB Pres. 45 Basketball 1, 2, 35 Track 3,45 Class V-Pres. 25 jr. Sr. Ball Escort 35 Big T 3, 45 junior Achievement. PAT "PANZY" PAULSEN Football 1, 2, 3, 45 FFA 3, 45 Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 1, 2, 35 Class Rep. 3, 45 Student Council 3, 45 French Club 35 D.O. 4. SONG: Ding-a-ling-a-ling KATHY "GEORGE" PAVLICH Girls' League 1, 25 FHA 3, 45 FHA Executive Council 35 Student Court 25 Girls State 35 Student Council 2, 3, 45 French Club 2, 3, 45 French Club Pres. 25 Class President 2, 45 Honor Society 2, 3, 45 Honor Society Pres. 35 Guitar Club 45 Girl of the Month 3, 45 Homecoming Queen 45 DAR Citizen award 45 Betty Crocker Award 45 Asst. Ed. Annual 35 Annual Editor 45 jr. Sr. Ball Queen 45 Elks Local, State, and National Scholar- ship winner5 Best All-Around, Most Likely to Succeed5 Valedictorian. DINAH "RINAH" RAMSEY GAA 1, 2, 3, 45 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Track Manager 25 Track 35 Chorus 1, 3, 45 Girls' League 1, 25 FHA 3, 45 Nonetts 45 Football 35 Pep Club Sec. 45 Pep Club Spirit 73 45 GAA State Rep. 45 Drill Team 25 jr. Sr. Ball Comm. 45 GAA Rep. 4. BILL RICHARDSON D.O. 45 D.O. Basketball 4. EARL RICHARDSON D.O. 45 FFA 45 Football Manager 2, 35 Baseball Manager 15 Basketball 2. DON "LEE ROY" ROY Football 25 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 2, 35 Big T 3, 45 Homecom- ing Escort 45 Cutest. DAVE Sl-IERWOOD Football 2, 3, 45 Wrestling 1, 25 Track 1, 2, 35 Big T 2, 3, 45 Class President 1, 35 ASB V-Pres. 45 Student Council 1, 3, 45 Most Athletic and Best All Around. PAM HICKEY SHERWOOD Girls' League 1, 2, Girls' League Rep. 25 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Pep Club Sec. 35 Class Sec. 15 Class V-Pres. 35 Drill Team 25 Homecoming Princess 2, 35 FI-LA 2, 35 Girl of the Month 45 French Club 15 Happiest. ALLEN "BLACK ALLEN" SMITH Basketball 1, 35 Football 15 FHA 45 FFA 15 FHA Member of the Month 45 Funniest. SHELLY "ANIMAL" SMITH GAA 1, 2, 35 Girls' League 1, 25 FHA 45 Pep Club 45 Pep Club Rep. 45 Girls' Football 3. SAYING: Babycakes DENNIS "RED MUSCRAT" STEVENS Football 15 D.O. 2, 3, 45 D.O. Bas- ketball 35 FFA 1. ALICE "SEA HAG" STITHAM Transferred 35 GAA 35 FHA 3, 45 Track 35 Nonetts 35 Chorus 3, 45 Girls' Football 35 Pep Club 3, 45 Student Council 3, 45 Varsity Cheerleader 3, 45 jr. Sr. Ball Comm. 45 Best Figure and Friendliest. JOE "DRAGON" VAN BUSKIRK FFA 25 Stage Band 2, 35 Pep Band 1, 2, 35 Yell King 35 D.O. 45 D.O. Basketball 45 FFA Basketball 25 Band 1, 2, 3. SAYING: Hey Chicgo! ! ! GEORGE "GORGEOUS" WINTON Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Track 1, 2, 3, 45 Honor Society 2, 3, 45 Honor Society V-Pres. 35 French Club 2, 35 Big T 3, 45 Big T Treas. 45 FFA 15 Best Dressed and Most Likely to Succeed. SONG: Super Fly ROXANNE "FOXY" WOLFE Girls' League 1, 25 FHA 3, 45 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 45 FHA Rep. 45 Honor Society 2, 3, 45 Girls' Track Manager 35 Capitol Business College Contest 4. GARY "HIPPI" YADON Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 3, 45 Football 3, 45 Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Stage Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Big T 3, 4. SAYING: You're sickening, boy I'll say. LAURA "WAYNE" YADON Girls' League 1, 25 FHA 3, 45 GAA Sec. 25 GAA 1, 2, 3, 45 Student Council 3, 45 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Girls' Basketball 15 Girls' Football 35 Varsity Cheerleader 3, 45 Track 1, 2, 35 Spirit of T.H.S. SAYING: ohhhhhh! 85 Juniors S. I ' f' i es" i +P ' W W Q vig s ,.1'5.. . ,y , ,Q Q ' a- , 15 3' x X Q X gn, ss 5 -5 sw 'fs' s X as Q 1 f Q 5 :""5P 5 B' 1 A is 1 f :-' " sees' 2 i Q Q "' Q . W ral' 4.,j.f'1, 1, y girl - C V 33525 ' i - ,Q 'wifes - , -:xi-, was K 915 X 5 X .X .N , I Q .,., 1. sa. so X A -x N. You7Ue Come a Long Way, Baby sagem, LRF T TO RIGHT: Gayle Albrecht, Tawanna Andrews, Norm Barklow, Bev Bell, Terry Billmeyer, Joe Bingley, Pam Bolin, Ann Bramble, Sue Broumley, Becky Brown, Jim Budsberg, Chuck Burden, Dave Burris, Mike Bush, Evie Canfield, Karen Christensen, Tamis Clark, Alan Cook, Christy Cox. sk P fl 6' E Q ' if -" J. 1 .... , i R - .5-X ls' if " -Q ,xi le A 'H wifi- ,, E fb ,xFJf.ff ',1s, - ' . lfifia - ' , X LEFT TO RIGHT: Mark Coxe, Rachel DeLorm, Yvonne Disney, Valerie Elliott, Elaine Evans, Connie Farrington, Candy Gelder, Karen Gunderson, jack Hogberg, Lucy Kinney, Lori Kraupa, Steve Lawton, Connie Metz, Wade Miller, Marlene Minatre, jeff Nelson, Greg Neumeier, Kitty O'Bannon, Pam Padgett, Debbie Pratt, Mel Riggles, Linda Riley, Jeanne Roberts, Karla Robertson, Joanne Robinson, Kim Robinson, Ron Robinson. 4. 1 N ,,, AQ- A -. at 'Q """" 5' S' ii if Q X gr' 4 1' J W M in , ': :.. we ' S xg. J l l i ' r if , N Q Q I ,:,: ,-Ls ,.., , K as X- .- S 1 R 'J ,, Q GRE E f is ,X Q - '- , S 1' new M f f r- -E Ji: S -S 1- ur Q--......r,, if Tr,ff- :Message . e..,...... maxi., 1 ." ' ' ": , LEFT TO RIGHT: Martin Sanchez, A be Q , ra , Ed Sanders, Ervin Sanders, Cyndie , 1,3 . . j ' S Scheel, Dave Seauneir, Pam V SfLLW ' ' ,qb fr ,S Sherman, Greg Smith, Pam Smith, I in grgiiex is Lisa Sorrell, Lynda Spicer, Chris 6 S ,,,' fi-i " omsen an a e, ar ' gf ., Th ,R dYW d M V . E gree t s - R , .. Wells, Bruce Weyrauch, Pat S' f T A , ly Q.: P- - Ag 3 Whalen, Mollie Winton. if 5 ' ss A E51 Q J, . - . i f X -r O NOT PICTURED: Chuck Allen, Rhonda Bentley, Mike nl Elliott, Reta I-Ielmer, Kaye johnson, Marlene johnson, Mark Miles, jonelle Osborne, Bud Owre, Pam Pavlich, jim Pelleriti, Cindy Penfield, joan Rasmussen, Elaine 9 Schexnider, Mark Smith. M M O V Q T i Z Z 7 4 9 f,,,,i , LEFT TO RIGHT. THIRD ROW, Stacy Bubnick, Steve Campbell, Connie Chancy, Jerri Check, Carol Cheney, Rick Church. FOURTH ROW, Chris Davies, Rick Denny, Ken Dodge. NOT PICTURED: james Brohman, Sandra Carter, Steve Grandle, Dan Hart, Sallie Heinlen, Brian Sanda, Pat Silverio, Rick Winchell. G F -' FIRST ROW, Donna Aarde, Tim Archibald. SECOND ROWg Mike Barrett, Rose Billmeyer, Wendell Bell, Paul Blake, IoDee Braeme, Holly Brownell. fa .ii f E -. ml, .gf-Ssifmfshf 5525 H 1 gieqiiailff V55 Sei 5,5 .Qi-1. A an 521 if we--Nigga: L, A 5 - , I I 1.. .,,,,,gi3,i,. ,-, M Agefvl- b . T c , iil ll if , R . gi L! KNFN X , wa., . -'IK ,, f , Q' at In I 1 in P E' , fm' If w Q FIRST ROW: Terri Dupper, Pat Gamino, Lona Gosney Jill Grauwen, Jeff Gross, Peggy Henderson. SECOND ROW: Ruth I-Iogberg, Terri Huggins, Ruth Hyde, Don Iselin, Ruth johnson, Kim Key. THIRD ROW: Preston Kinney, Steve Knoper, Leigh Ann Larso1,, Karen Lilev. Denise Livingston, Mark Lycan. 90 uf Q ffff T f X X FOURTH ROW: Dale Mason, Tom McPherson, Cathy Medved, Carol Morris, Gary Moyer, Pat Murphy. FIFTH ROW: Gary Northcraft, Gary Onn, Linda Ostrom. We Shall B. if sf N 1 S . fvlilhi Ili: il., , .,,, ,. F krkr .F k,,. . if z- pf 0 5555 13 luffi S 5 ,fi avi-'li Mi 3 jf.. 'i ef w Q Q, .4. , ,L if 'f'sg:m . I Q ,, "'f 1 up y l s av LEFT TO RIGHT. FIRST ROW, Jack Paulsen, Judy Paulsen. SECOND ROW, Elvis Pruett, Sandy Ramsey, Allen Reinier, Larry Reinier, Cheryl Reule, Monty Richardson. THIRD ROWg Dave Robinson, Deanna Roush, Doug Sampson, Yvonne Schexnider, Debbie Seat, George Shields. FOURTH ROWQ Monica Smith, Sandy Smith, Dane Sturtevant, Ginny Sullivan, Chuck Vassar, Cindy Wade. FIFTH ROW, Debbie Welch, Paul Welsh, Perry Wiens, Keith Winterowd, Charlotte White, Sally Yadon. be one person. Pueblo Indian 91 Freshmen s i.. ,K Q 22125 G- ,-fs, ,Qi'1 sa Ay fi essd J 'Ai' LEFT TO RIGHT: Bick Abraham, Doug Ames, Pam Ashe, Tanya Barrett, Nancy Bell, Berry Brown, Tom Brown, Dan Budsberg, jennifer Chambers, Marisa Check, Rose Cheney, Ann Clark, Bonnie Clark, Robyn Cole, Monte Dodge, Connie Duncan, Shawn Edwards, Dan Elliot, jodee Essensa, Wendy Evans, Carol Fagerness, Dan Fisher, Julie Fisher, Mike Fosnacht, Kelly Greene, Delinda Gross. Xf' i K K ,.,, . if F, .. , Q 9 si s 1.1 JA' - in 3, 9" J ,fa -1 ,ses Qs 3125 ii we , . 'N X .Q-.gag E ' 1 ..,,, Q , ' Y ., y -1-E A ,J 5 s J' I r r ., .:" ' i ' 3 l---' ' 'iffa if ixissggjg. .Li C do s, r C J ., - g,j ,,-. 5: ..,. K K Q ,K .,, --M , K "' if frm Y Q xiii L . A.... hi. 5 , ' ,t, or L is ii , , ,r 1 M M 99' ' L' "?: . " :."iE"" .Q 3 cg, ., . ,:.x. e 0 t A 1 -N 1 X 3 , ::' lhl: A "ff x X ig . . liiz ' ef s if - .... 2- LII. 1 Q T? efiifj M L .NF 5 -0 ' Max " e fn X iild Q , ii e LEFT TO RIGHT: Cindy Hacker, joe Hadley, Hilda Hart, K Rochele johnson, Vera johnson, Walter jones, Cheryl Liley, McDan.nell, Bob McPherson, Julie Miles, Ron Miles, Tonya Nicholson, Laureen Nutt, Robert Pallett, jeff Peterson. W K ky , .. Q Q K K .. 5. 5, f 6 QQQL X 'au in L .x x . at X ' . - if endal Harris, Ken Hawkins, Mike Heuer, Shannon Ippisch Skip Liljedahl, Pam Loder, Janet McArthur, Myra Miller, Ron Moyer, Kevin Murphy, Leslie Nelson, jeff sl fr 5 vi' l F 'T-'53 'Q we -Q . .-i' R ' 5 3 e V SSX X 1 fi ' I1 K if s ms g uv 1 xr" y ug: faux F ,-.m .gal?,Fg E nn, .. 4 ,id 3 . i . X X rawqai, rife 3 ' fsf gfaqby o o S . ,, Q , i , is 5. ...S l fffwfgf hifi? S' S , .Eif :,.. X xc., i S 'fr , K kk -' Efi f:'::,k -at X 1 +2 S 5-S ' - ,, in f I ' az 3 fl. 4. i 'i. I f 'I E if 2:22571 -'Ki ' 'E kzifggiyx xi' I C nm SX. i.:. i 'F M X l F X Q 5 V s Q K nz j Y LEFT TO RIGHT: jenice Pruett, Rod Reed, Cindy Richardson, Elizabeth Riner, Doug Robertson, Bob Roy, Germaine Salsman, Valerie Schweers, Ken Sh Denise Smith, Ian Smith, Peg Smith, Robert Smith, Dan Snow, Brian Spicer, Paul Statler, Cheryl Steve Rick Stumm, Mark Sturtevant, Cey Turkell, Kathy White, Colleen Winterowd, Randy Wolfe ns, aw, aug, X, r SN wk " CO' 3 , if Q, F N T, rw-M O LL LL TL 9 C n i QSTANDINGQ, Pat O'Bannon, Sandy Reed, Brian Hedden, Linda Ashe, Greg Hill, Shannon Pettit, Robin Roy, Mr. I-largrave fadvisorj fKNEELINGj, Russel Reeves, Carmen Ricker, Davey Ash, Jeanette Riner, jeff Fresen ""f.. Sandy Reed Miss johnson Shannon Pettit G.A.A. Pres. J fadvisorj fPep Club Pres. Q w ,pw K an. an , f V me rm, 'Ps ' u ,e,,...,. 3 . Q., Q' Kim Kingsley Fawn Purcell Greg Hill Carmen Ricker fasst. photog.l fphotographerj feditorj fasst. ed.j Officers Band QTOP ROWQ Ron Church, Cindy Huber, Cindy Miles, Carol Winton, Shannon Pettit, Karen Brock, Sherry Bently, Pat O'Bannon, Willy Rinke, Glen Paulson, Ryan Robertson, Dave Ash, Debbie Yadon, Kathy Haller, Don Nelson, Tod Weyrauch, Theresa Bardsley, Doug VanBus1cirk, Troy Sturtevant, Steve Lycan, Ron Hickey, Chuck Stevens, Mr. Hilts fconductorp, Rhonda Raney, Jim Hallend, Pat Pallott, Ron Riggles, Dennis Fagerness, Doug Mullings, Jeff Fresen, Mike Yadon, Andy Miller, KMIDDLE ROWJ, Sandra Blurnberg, Meg Murphy, Lydia Frost, Casey Bushell, Matt Elliot, Glenn Wharton, Ron Gibson, Brent Williams, Kimball Fosnacht, janet Hedden, Donna Kraupa, Terry Winterould, Dale Gerard, Dave McLain, Troy Nicholson, Ron Hacker, David Fagerness, Craig Sturtevant, Glenn Perkins, QSITTINGQ, Melody Mason, Lori Robinson, April Brasher, Michelle Edwards, Kevin LaFrance, Sharon Kingsley, Kim Kingsley, Denise Hargett, Tin Yantis, Judy Henderson. KTOP ROWJ Fawn Purcell, Tacey Frazier, Sandy Palmer, Donna Blowers, Cathy Pickens, Marla I :',' :,': fi .'--. ff ":" g u X , , ,fM,,..-e. -1- A , 4 "" ' 'rl' , Erickson, Sandy Reed, Linda Ashe, Linda Chilson, ...IL :eff M ,' .-- ',-. , ' Sue Furlong, Ken Nelson, Diana Ohnstad, f2ND ,,,.,, ' ROW DOWNJ Eileen Swmm, Cethv Lundeen, zlil Z 'iiii Manet Wade, Carmen Ricker, Joan Dannenberg, .1 A '15 Q ' :':: C E, A Anna Bingley, Kathleen Bingley, Diana Triplett, tc --..r Q e :.: ,S Sherenlehneen, 10211112 Cempbell, Lorrie ,,:: 'el,, QQQZ Q ' ' Vandervort, Russell Reeves, Kim Lartz, QBRD e ee l"' il, Row DOWNJ Robin Roy, Patty Pavlich, Janis gig ..k,:, T - 5- .,-, fr, '.eee ig' gi "'iEl' ll.. , :,," , l'l-z .fan I-Iaase, Meg Murphy, Julie Cowden, Denise -.- wg- eg --' , Vee' ' - :ei ' A n Peterson, Sandra McDanneld, Rhonda Salzer, . 55 1 ' S? , "'e f Kathy Gamino, Ginger McPherson, Jeanette Riner, l,ll S A ' AL ,A g p I Lynn Peters, QFRONT ROWJ Connie Rhoda, Tracey A 1 i 'eel ' Statler, Susan Fitzgerald, Margie jones, Colleen Richardson, Donna Rouch, Jack Coleman, Tom Frazier, Lee Ann Huff, Vicky Wells, Virginia McClau.fglon, Darla May, Mrs. Hovde fconductorj. QTOP ROW, Cindy Brasher, Alice Sanders, Penny Farnsworth, Debbie Yadon, Kathy Haller, Cindy Huber, Mike Fields, Mark Miller, Myron Fields, Scott Huber, QMIDDLE ROWJ Toni Lettea, Windy Innes, Jim Waldoc, Kim Bringham, Lorrie Blosl, Sue Diacon, Gary Chamberlin, Dain Robinson, QFRONT ROWJ Pete Sanders, Penny Marshall, Debbie Cook, Diana Richardson, Brian Smith, jim Haller, Randy Onn, Mrs. Hovde Qconductorj. Chorus 98 , Linda Ashe Debbie Yadon Carol Winton Lori Robinson Sth Grades 71111 Grade Cheerleaders Cheerleaders 8 LL QTOP ROWJ Carmen Ricker, Janet Hedden, Marla Erickson, Cathy Pickens, Eileen Stumm, Cindy Huber, Donna Blowers, Sherry Richardson, Linda Ashe, Judy Henderson, Manet Wade, Miss Johnson fadvisorJ, QMIDDLE ROWJ, Susan Furlong, Connie Rota, Cathy Haller, Cathy Lundean, Karen Brock, Carol Winton, Debbie Yadon, Sherrie Bently, Meg M1.u'phy, Diana Triplett, Annette Schexnider, Joanne Campbell, Lorrie Vandervort, fFRONT ROWJ, Patty Pavlich, Robin Roy, Kim Lartz, Melody Mason, Shannon Pettit, Denise Peterson, Lori Robinson, Virginia McClaflin, Donna Kraupa, April Brasher, Jeanette Riner, Leanne I-luff. G.A.A. QTOP ROWJ Toni Letteau, Janet Hedden, Carmen Ricker, Kim Lanz, Karen Brock, Melody Mason, Debbie Yadon, Donna Kraupa, April Brasher, Manet Wade, Linda Chilson, Rhonda Raney, Meg Murphy, QMIDDLE ROWJ Lydia Frost, Cathy Lundean, Cathy Pickens, Marla Erickson, Carol Winton, Eileen Stumm, Donna Blowers, Sherry Richardson, Linda Ashe, Sandy Reed, Judy Henderson, Sue Diacon, Lynn Peters, Leanne Huff, KBOTTOM ROWJ, Patty Pavlich, Robin Roy, Cathy Haller, Denise Hargett, Sherrie Bently, Miss Johnson Qadvisorj, Shannon Pettit, Jeanette Riner, Joanne Campbell, Virginia McClaflin, Sharon Johnson, Susan Fitzgerald QVERY BOTTOMJ . French Club Dinner Q The French Club Dinner was held on March 2. The multi-course meal Was planned, pre- pared and de- voured by mem bers of the club. Candle- light and the soft music of Dan Sorrell set the mood for a most enjoyable evening. Fdmiue an Ffomaqe -Pain 52 Yerwinn S HOYS cixoeuvre Qukcsm lorruirme Creveiies ou Bean-e Cbq au Vin Orlenhxl Boca? Bonrqwgnon ii 55 ' 2 QTOP ROWQ Jim DeLorm, Brian I-ledden, David Fagerness, Craig Sturtevant, Pat Pallott, Kye Abraham, QBOTTOM ROW, Bob Suter, Pat O'Bannon, Ron Hacker, Mark Nelson, Mike Yadon, Mr. Hargrave fcoachj. QTOP ROWJ fMana.ger: Fred Martin,J Lon Dunn, Davey Ash, Russell Reaves, Brent Williams, Troy Nicholson, Ken Nelson, fManager: Kimball Fosnachtj, Wes Cline, Ryan Robertson, Andy Miller, Mark Miller, Dane Robinson, Mr Adams, fcoachj. Mr. Adams M Mr Hargrave 'ff , in ls: w rw- 1? A Basketball Wrestling and Track QTOP ROWJ Ron Church, Dennis Fagerness, Todd Weyrauch, Kevin LaFrance, Mike Brennon, Brad I-Ioglan, Paul Muxen, Don Nelson, Mike Fields, Mr. Rau fcoachj, QZND ROWJ Doug Mullings, Jace Nelson, Glenn Paulson, Scott Weyrauch, jim Walldoc, Steve Lycan, Randy Onn, f3RD ROWQ Ron Riggles, Dave Defoe, Myron Fields, Glenn Wharton, Tom Frazier, jeff Fresen, Terry Winteroud, Doug VanBuskirk, Ron Gibson. G ii Off' 4-3 Lx of QTOP ROWJ Jack Coleman, Glenn Wharton, Jeff Fresen, Kevin LaFrance, Mike Fields, Ron Church, Dave Ash, Brent Williams, Andy Miller, Kimball Fosnacht, Ryan Robertson, QZND ROWJ Glenn Paulson, jim Haller, Terry Winteroud, Steve Lycan, Mark Miller, Troy Sturtevant, Myron Fields, Pete Sanders, Gary Chamberlin, Dave Fagerness, Torn Frazier, Todd Weyrauch, Ron Hacker, f3RD RCWJ Dale Gerard, Scott Weyrauch. Pat Pallott, Craig Sturtevant, Dick Minatre, Bob Suter, Brian Hedden, Paul Muxen, Brad Hoglan, Scott Huber, Russell Reeves, 14TH ROWJ Ron Riggles, Dennis Fagerness, Dave Defoe. QTOP ROWJ, Fawn Purcell fmanagerj, Sherry Bentley, Meg Murphy, Donna Kraupa, Linda Chilson, Janet I-Iedden, Sharon Kingsley, Denise Hargett, Kim Lartz, Carol Winton, Karen Brock, Melody Mason, Kathy Haller, Debbie Yadon, Diana Ohnstad, CMIDDLE ROWQ Mr. I-Iargrave fcoachj, Carmen Ricker, Shannon Pettit, Rhonda Raney, Toni Lettea, Marla Erickson, Cathy Pickens, Kim Kingsley, Linda Ashe, Sandy Reed fBOTTOM ROWJ, Miss Johnson fadvisorj, Debbie Cook, Sherri Richardson, Traci Statler, Susan Fitzgerald. 102 GQ G - Q Q .. A l 4 - gg 8th Grade QTOP ROWJ, Mike Culp, Lorrie Vandervort, Joanne Campbell, Diana Triplett, Tracy Key, Casey Bushell, Theresa Bardsley, Sue Diacon, Lorrie Blosl, Jeanie I-Iogburg, Debra Loder, Barbara Iselin, Faye Weld, QZND ROWJ John Childester, Jim DeLorm, Paul Musen, Brian Hedden, David Fagerness, Craig Sturtevant, Bob Suter, Glen Perkins, Ron Hacker, Doug Mullings, David McLain, Dave Defoe, Dennis Fagemess, f3RD ROWJ, Judy Henderson, Sandy Reed, Linda Ashe, Shannon Pettit, Sherry Richardson, Don Nelson, Pat O'Bannon, Brad Hoglan, Tod Weyrauch, Doug VanBuskirk, Jim Helland, Mike Yadon, William Rinke, f4TH ROWJ, Tina Hart, Cindy Brasher, Alice Sanders, Janis Haase, Debbie Yadon, Kim Lartz, Julie Cowden, Sandy Palmer, Brian Blowers, Dick Minatre, Tim Weiss, Pat Pallott, Greg Hill, QBOTTOM ROWJ Mr. Rau, Fawn Purcell, Anna Bingley, Joan Dandenburg, SharolMe1z, Patty Pavlich, Robin Roy, Diana Ohnstad, Tina Yantis, Cathy Haller, Nancy I-Iunsker, Katy Gamino, Tracey Fraizer, Sandra Blumberg, Mr. Hargrave. 'SE' 7th Grade QTOP ROWJ Dale Gerard, Gary Chamberlin, Ron Hickey, Matt Elliot, Randy Onn, Dain Robinson, Steve Lycan, Troy Nicholson, Mike Fields, Russell Reeves, Janet I-Ieclden, Annette Schexnider, April Brasher, Cindy Huber, QZND ROWJ, Michelle Edwards, Dianne Richardson, Rhonda Raney, Lydia Frost, Eileen Stumm, Linda Chilson, Susan Furlong, Sharon Kingsley, Elain Swim, Toni Lettea, Sharon Johnson, Connie Rhoda, Scott Huber, f3RD ROWJ Pete Sanders, Penny Marshall, Jeanette Riner, Carol Winton, Kathleen Bingley, Kim Kingsley, Crystal Douglas, Ron Gibson, Ron Riggles, Jeff Fresen, Wendy lnness, Glenn Wharton, f4TH ROWJ Jim Waldoc, Myron Fields, Glenn Paulson, Kim Bringham, Rhonda Salzer, Chuck Stevens, Manet Wade, Ginger McPherson, Debbie Cook, Penny Farnsworth, Lee Ann Huff, Lynn Peters, Virginia McLaughlon, QSTH ROWJ Coleen Richardson, Margie Jones, Donna Blowers, Cindy Miles, Cathy Lundean, Darla May, Sandra McDannel, Marla Erickson, Cathy Pickens, Sherry Bently, Karen Brock, Donna Kraupa, Melody Mason, Lori Robinson, 46TH ROWJ Donna Rouch, Denise Peterson, Meg Murphy, Carmen Ricker, Rhonda Titus, Ron Church, Tom Frazier, Terry Winterould, Shawn Braene, Fred Martin, Kimball Foscnaught, ScottWey1-auch, Mark Miller, Troy Sturtevant, UTI-I ROWJ Mr. Adams, Tracey Statler, Dennise Hargett, Ryan Robertson, Brent Williams, Dave Ash, Andy Miller, Kevin LaFrance, Mrs. OsBorne, Jim Haller, Susan Fitzgerald, Vicky Wells, Jack Coleman, Ken Nelson, Brian Smith, Mr. Hicks. 103 ,I K 4 H 5 - -. gm 1. 163' 1 - 2 ' 'i 'WEQQQ iw' ?Wiw1 2125- 3 ki k"" ' Am-'5 1 I' 3 'QM :N--.sis-a' wg. . 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E187 QW, ff A37 LEAD YOUR LOVE r . LQROY S' SOUTH SOUND CENTER LACEY 513 CAPITOL WAY OLYMPIA 543 .un , . f in TY " " I W, o LA, . I I SWE' 4500 Lacey Foulovud Mn A- Run ' aaa uv vu H' I wffjj - H Mes - - p - ' K 3:2 WHOLESALE LUMBER DRY AND GREEN TIMBER LOGS AND CANTS WANTED LITTLEROCK LUMBER CO P o Box 8 LITTLEROCK WASHINGTON 98556 PHONE 12063352 8515 HAROLD CONWE LL LEON i7 GLEN 4-ILEIZIIIICIU. ,fsugnc N I! CIHIEIHIAILIIS AUTO IEILIECTRIICC 1121 IARK ST PHONE 748 7311 CHEHALIS WASHINGTON 98532 ENERATORS MAGNETOS ALTERNATORS SPEEDOMETERS STARTERS CARBURETORS MOTOR TUNE UPS VALVE GRINDS OTHER REPAIRS CI INFWORTH OPTICAL DISPENSAR Y TELEPHONE 352 3591 TELEPHONE 352 3140 CAPITOL CENTER 4-OU WEST FIFTH ROOM ID OLYMPIA MEDICAL CENTER OLYMPIA WASHINGTON CAPITUI, WAY NEXT TU E,-K 5 OLYMPIA WASHINGTUN ume REALTY im South Sound Center Lacey Washmgton 98501 SALES and APPRAISALS farms homes acreage comm To buy or sell Gwe us a ca11 ca ,gf Ei rave Y 1 XY UHAVEL sfnvlrtf 119 West F fth Phone 943 1100 Olymp a Washington CAPITOL BUSINESS MACHIVES YOUR PORTABLE TYPEWRITER HEADQUARTERS Complete offlce machlne servlce department new and used typewrxters and adders CAPITAL BUSINESS MACHINES 2425 Paclflc Ave O1y1T1D1H 943 4610 SOUTH SOUND CENTER DIAL 491 4400 B VA TIUNAL BANK OFFICES IN South Sound Center T ang1ew11de Center Evergreen College C2063 491 4144 I "f,o L, 0 Q I N Ihzlxfl t ff ,jg-. 9 1 - e Ai I ' ' Q K, W ' . . ' ' '3 I' ir? ' i . S th S d Center Phone 491-2640 EVE. PH. 12063 491-5174 ou "U" i . I V I I I I I I NIIZDSN LIGHTING STAIIING I I 0 w I , 1 ' G 0 Q . , . 1 I f J 'W P1 A R , LACEY 22ND AND A A I mm- 1 7 . O6 S .SOUTH SOUND CAPITOL SHEET METAL WORKS, INC. I 2321 W. HARRISON OLYMPLA WASHINGTON 98501 OLYMPIA CLEANERS Phone 357 3413 IURESTONE STORE The People Tufe People Olympla WA 943 8601 OLYWHUAAVAUTO 45 PARTS Good Luck to the 509 East 4th G raduatmg Glas s Olympla WA of 73 357 5543 606 East Union Ave. iigf, ' H ' 414 E. 4th 357-3 or IO7 COPELAND LUMBER CO. SQUTHGATE MARKET 'D fq, 3204 Pacific Ave 5203 capitol Blvd. Tumwater, Wash Congratulations to the class of a"t73I1"f 352-7601 CENTRALIA FARMERS BEEF co RAY s PLACE CENTRALIA KNITTING MILLS DAVID S TV and APPLIANCE GRAYSTONE CONCRETE PRODUCTS CENTRALIA FEDERAL SAVINGS and LOAN RAINIER ELECTRONICS CENTRALIA PHARMACY FARMER S INSURANCE GROUP NYHOLM S T V and APPLIANCE STEVEN S BEAUTY and BARBER SHOP HUB CITY CLEANERS GRASSER AUTO WRECKERS E' EP JO S AUTO R AIR TRESS TREAT MADSEN'S REPAIR SHOP , YARN VILLA DUNHAM s MEN'S WEAR W vb Z 43. . 8 fa Olympia, WA L ORE TTA 'S CAFE 213 N. Capitol Way Olympia, Wash. STORAGE Wholesale Frozen Foods Locker Meat Cool-Cutting Wrapping OL YMPIA C OLD RAUDENBUSH MOTOR SUPPLY 412 Cherry Street Olympia, WA 98501 hours 8 a. m. - 8 p.m. 7 days a week Phone: 943-3650 Phone 357-7065 M1 WILLIAMS RADIO c9z TV Zenith Sales and Service 117 N. Columbia St. Phone: 357-8243 Olympia, WA Frank Lohrengel Open 6 days a week 108 B dnl D GUARANTEED RETREADING CONGRATULATIONS CLASS SHOEMAKER ,S TIRE of 73 SERVICE 2203 West Harrison B gl D Grocery Olympia, Washington serving Bucoda for 10 years Telephone 352-2202 WESTERN AUTO TENIO FURNITURE E 6 is S85 gffffpglf T s eg to the graduating class Q6 ix- 1 a le' I E PALMER LUMBER DC0. Q rf X--'-Tx-Q gasp.. -5f"If--s Eemost MDMILLWORIQ BUILDING SLEPLIES ,- fl T Open Sat. until 4 p. m. 952 Prindle-Chehalis Dial: 748-8848 TENINO AIR HANDLERS INC. SPECIALTY CONTRACTOR AIR CONDITIONING GAS, OIL, AND ELECTRIC FORCED AIR HEATING TUNWATER, WASH. TELEPHONE 357-4428 I 9 F., we Lf Tk llow to llrlllgge llle getwrzltnml Get your teenagers off your phone by gnvlng them one of theur own The small cost IS worth nts werght ln convenlence and famlly peace t parents A telephone makes a great bsrthday or Valentine s gift for your teenagers and you WWW ' . 1 if l L' XX I ...Q it 1 are t of I 0 l R ri V kv l Q U gap on the telsegllwlle . . . . I . I O TEL5 00.579 ti Hours: 11:00 AM-2:30 AM CAPITOL BQULEVA Band Instruments - Stereo - Tape Recorders - Guitars 81 Amps KEN,5g Music - Accessories - Instruction , , J, A SER VICE MUSIC CENTER SALES - SERVICE - RENTALS A ' I-xt 305 EAST 4TH AVE. OLYMPIA, WASH. I PHONE 352-8051 ' 0,13 Xl I 'xi 'A'-b ,fff J D1 w J' V ' T I IVERSON S CRCCERY ' , 5, Congratulations IQ N- ,T rr Class of 73 , XGA jf' Bob Sz Verna Smith A Route 2 Box 56 421 East 4th Tenino, WA Olympia, WA WAPPEIVSMTTH DE SCHLIII TES AIVITVIAL I sur n A e H 8 Ce g my CLINIC 5195 No. Tower C l ' Cemralia, WA 98531 Ongram auons Reasonable Priced to the Class of 73 AllfO'Fi1?G IHSUIHHCG From Your Local Veterinarian CHINA CLIPPER DAY 352-2172 NITE 352-8724 CAFE CAPITOL AUTO PARTS 402 E 4th AVC USED PARTS AT LOWER PRICES O1YmP1a WA ROUTE 5 Box 223 RD Phone 943 6300 OLYMPIA, WASHINGTON R1 Y Y A k 11 fl Y Y A S CAPITOL AIR WA YS OLYMPIA WA Phone 357-8212 W 5 Q SAL WESKY S JE WELR Y 211 A North Tower Central1a WA GARRISON S REXALL 207 North Tower NA TIUNAL BANK OF COMMERCE 201 W Maln Centralra Washlngton WILLIE S SPUR T SHOP 113 West Maln OL YMPIA All Ways Travel Servlce TUMWA TER Auto Palnt 81 lndustrlal Supply Capltal Floor Covermg Motor Boat Mart Bettman S Lloyd H Walker Insurance Central Auto Parts Desco Electromcs Ellte s Drlve tn Talcott s jewelers Artlstry 1n Flowers Charlle s Traller Sales Balnard Glass Southgate Arco Ron F1elds Barber Shop K l I l ! I Q k k K K Centralia, WA Centraua, WA V I - V - LEWIS COUNTY AUTO DEALERS ASSOCIATION CENTRALIA, WASHINGTON EDDINS AUTO COMPANY FORD MERCURY CAMBELL CHEVROLET CADILLAC, INC. HOWARD H. HUTCHINS RAMBLER JEEP SALES CHEVROLET CADILLAC RAMBLER .IEEP COUNTRYMAN MOTOR COMPANY CITY MOTORS OAKES PONTIAC OLDSMOBILE CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH DODGE DATSUN PONTIAC OLDSMOBILE WINLOCK CHEHALIS, WASHINGTON BROWN CHEVROLET BUICK CO. CHEHALIS GARAGE HE ROLET B I C V UCK ENTERPRISE ELECTRIC CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH NICHOLS WILSON FORD AUTOMOTIVE PARTS FORD GOOTEE CHEVROLET LINDSEY MOTORS UHLMANN MOTORS QHEVRQ1-,ET TQYQTA FORD LINCOLN MERCURY ERV HELGESON INC DICKS DRIVE IN Recappmg and TIre Repaur 1226 South Gold P O Box 60 Cencram WA Gemma WA Lfeprcvlzauu jfzflstczns CAPITAL WA Y 7th 81 CapItol Way CHEVRON ' 2 Phone 943 2533 MERVYN MAHONEY D V M gl FAMILY Phone 206 736 9768 Complete Auto Care I Q X fj - I T X 1, Olympia, WA A T' I 2 ' 113 LIBERTY MARKET SQARQBES EXT G0 Pi, TEININO 09 1075 OF ALL PURCHASES TO THE CHURCH OF YOUR CHOICE OLYMPIA'S ONLY COMPLETE MUSIC STORE CHARLES B. STENTZ YENNEY MUSIC CO. TE LEPHONE 943 -7500 TRI-CITY GOLF DRIVING RANGE DRIVE YOUR CARES AWAY The Place To Prachce The Place To learn Phone 943-3405 SEARS I Congratulations I to the Senior Class of 73 Sears 81 Roebuck Co. I 801 Market St. I Chehalis, WA 0lYMPIA'S TOP SALES FIRM SINCE 1951 LEE CHILD ERS DESIGNATED BROKER OLYMPIA REAL ESTATE, INC. it 613 S. Capitol Way BUS 357-7703 OLYMPIA, WASHINGTON GWR RES. 357-5684 THRUSTON COUNTY FEDERAL SAVINGS- 1 1 1 I 1 1 7 W 0 PETRA INSURANCE ACENCY Lowest Car Insurance or 631 LOAN P O. Box 1578 A11 Young Drwers Qlympia WA Chehahs WA I ' f 843 PacifIc Ave. 748-8855 SECURITY STATE BANK Chehalis Centralia Yard Birds I-5 MOBILE Owned Full Service Bank Member ofF D I C HOME SALES NEW USED CONSIGNMENTS W W 1 W K A D Lewis County's Home Y o u o a I L I Egg Division , RCA Admiral CARNA TION FARMS Fresh eggs available at the farm" CQ Rt. 1 Box 587 Tenino. WA SER VICE PHONE 491-3617 BIG TOM DRIVE IN 4331 LACEY BLVD LACEY 1 E 1 WAS H GRAND MOUVD ARCO SECURITY STATE BANK AND West Centralia Branch "We're not famous GLEN S TUVVINE IUST3 Ffielldlf' 6 S. . 41s Lacey, WA 98503 f V My-z r, y 9 Q: " Every Body LINCOLN CREEK EE A TY xx . -f Needs Milk LUMBER Co. Y ' -le. ff", 2322 Harrlson X Centraha Wn 736 5163 L Wim Nahonallufo Paris YELM AVENUE BOX 53 0 YELM WASHINGTON 98597 DAIR Y Sh 353422 WMM? N M E4 LM 4, m Q 2 5 INSURANCE REAL ESTATE .,-,,....- 'felm LUG:-xhlngiun P 0 BOX 42 98597 YELM WASHINGTON 98597 Phone 458 2541 Congratulatlons FRA V Class of AND L ORK Y S SHOP WITH YOUR YELM MERCHANTS TENINO They Appreczate Your Business Q A A 22 bog: A A ' " A E A 'TQ ' Q" l jf' , xi! ifi, ,. 'rl V- fx n 9 - -V? -ff 1' V W M In A 5 4 9 '95, 3 , 4.1 ff '-. 95551 mx' 5 A f A I W I 9 ff . 21153 1-' fy , F , g m+4 !!!! !!!!55 -, M 0 SM A N A G E N C Y fl: -- -in E ,L " "" E sf -. .. I V "'-" eff -""""'T'ff 4 " Au A s . . I W 7 ll73ll If ' ' I, TENIO LUMBER THURS TON COUNTY 101 SUSSEX ST TENINO WASHINGTON PHONE 264-5155 PLUJVIBING AND HEA TING THE JVIISCELLANY S TOR E Congratulations TENINO to the Class 'W Iss TEN NO of 73 TENIO al: W INDEPENDENT Q ALL TYPES OF JOB PRINTING 11 vu - .V Ilxg l 1 .R I wl,,,, A If I f q 2 ws ,, . P1 ' I,.. ' ' Q ""'-'Qual-.....f,,,,,,gu if-wi .Q I '..' 5 . Wk W I Olympia Oil and Wood Products Co. OUR AUTOMATIC OIL DELIVERY SERVICE COVERS YOUR DISTRICT COMPLETE HEATING SERVICE Olympic 357-441 'I State B. Wosh. - P,0. Box 27 Olympia, Wash. 985OI Tenino V E kms 0TI M sefzvuce 01066 CENTER! 416004171046 SERVICE.. CAPITOL HONDA 2413 West Harrison Phone 943 4960 Olympia WA Ze zfacaranda 0zqm,u44. 74da!m4 Mangan Peaftaafmnt FOOT OF WASHINGTON STRI::I TEL: 943-7770 V OLYMPIA WN. ' ' svlysd --' lrlzr -- g. XIORXA' Jr 1' , lllllgf' CHEHALIS Osborne jewelry Pacific National Bank of Washington Morgan's Big Tom Bartell's Brown Chevrolet Brunswigs Shoe Store Albers Feed and Farm Supply Dugaw' s jewelry TELEPHONES: 943-2242 HANNA'S AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE A O REP R 8: W E TRA LER H CHES SED C RS LYLE HANNA 6105 LIT LEROCK ROAD L is x OL.Y . ASH NGTON 3200 Pacific Avenue Olympia WA 352-0570 "Specializing in economy cars bank 120 ' Maki 9 Q L,,. . . r.: K A --ww-N.. , . M W..-wwwnw. understand h Ip THE BANK OF TENINO b K of dvmvia MR. DENNIS al i quqf 5 v 307 E 4th Ave Olympia WA ALLIN S COIN LAUNDRY 6324 capifoi Bivd. Tumwater, WA Phone: 943-9008 7 1 in t' pf wi H 'F , 1 .. 4. ,,..., ,.,...,. 0 Q Sc ti 'W Y 'K .---sf-----1 . Q , Motor Inn 500 TYEE DRIVE OLYMPIA, WASHINGTON 98502 TELEPHONE 352-0511 Complete Convention Facilities Banquets Private Parties Wedding Receptions Coffee Shop-Dining-Entertainment -.mls .M Q S-T-R-E-T-C-I-I 85 SEW FABRICS 304 EAST FOURTH AVENUE 352-3456 Home of Quality Knit Fabrics Sunnydale Poultry Tenino Rochester in 81 out Rochester rec room Big Tom s Tanglewilde Junction Tavern Grand Mound Grand Mound Shell Bucoda Machine Shop Littlerock Dividend Store Country Kitchen Cafe Maytown Young' s Glass, Yelm MUSIC SOUTH SOUND BAR CENTER LACEY an-W.. Q -wwwwm' H W Q fw-QSM? We Wig qw fxsgfwmx ,f WMS LM 'hvkklm """' 41- TEXACO 716 S Plum O1ymp1a, WA 943 6660 Lee M111er Se1ber11ng a Brldgestone Flrestone T1res Art Owner Parts gl Accessories Battemes Tune ups Brakes Relmed Good Luck to the Class of "73" 3 My 2 Wi. ?Q, xwgsxhfsvgg 9.033558 5.1! ,aunt-.al,p1Qk .mw......,. ,Y ,L QW' .. 7 .I L 3' Q gf' Sf 1 .iiw L 'W' . ee . . . M -. aff- . ,W WK W -f'Fffs sJ s fQggQQ 'S ,f , gf ,gg is L .W sf, sf ' . ... 3 1,52 'lSLQL . K ,..,,,.efg Q .,A. K ,QS . . A ' , --,- ' . D... - J 1 i K 6 6 K K x. K ' , We -l'K3Q,-.ws . 1 - 2. - sg 3 ' L X Y xx K i L- if -1' K s " ' ., W. sL,... . - ' ' A A ef v .1 .. i. A K , K ' K' 'K KK - i' ' """""M . --A- f--ei - Me. 5. - - L' K K v iigig -.1 I' " f. " . W ?3'sWii"5"MfYf ai-315 K 52 .Jews vs .M mm - K .. ' ' sk . . L, H - - . :,, - .,,,. . . K pf .. K ' K. if K K ': ,, 5 gm ,666 . M x - Awww ' K N. A M X A H L... .Q A Y. , A -N M A N I .ww ....N.:a..-,,,..,.,M A J H K' ee an x fm 4. K , s..., K .T ..... 4 F A . 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