Tenafly High School - Tenakin Yearbook (Tenafly, NJ)

 - Class of 1946

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Tenafly High School - Tenakin Yearbook (Tenafly, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Cover

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fi V VV ,, rv'-fA.,'. I, V., V ..f 4 . V. ..V - V V . C.. . x, 1 L' V ' V .f . ' 'IPI 1 'fif 4' .,.. . -VV.. V . , J '- - L 'mm . . ' .-N W lf V. V . '-11' ' 'Q V V 1' N an 4 ' VI" ' V 1 A x51-v gr, VVV V "'1n-,,f-.lL . ...-, VV, AL V VN .961 s. VV l V T, 'AJ . 4 ' M 'gm' V V V ' ' ',V4v ' V nf 'Q :.V- . " 'ff 'Q , I lf' 3 SM V , I,-A ,L . JV- 'I ,. , V .-V1 f '1""1i 'N ' .Vw -iw 1 f' 'Riagg-.JQQT 'QF- . - ,VV -T-,V .V 5.1 VVV. - AIEL2: V- 1 'P .V IVf,,.'g-"l 'v- V VV.-V V .V . fr' U' .V,,,VV 5 V 'ffm V . VVVVI, .- - 1.-,V wif' Q :Lf-L , V 12.4 ,V ,' .A . --VV . ...V, W V'1 .M ... , ..1- V. , Vx-. v-".,,.V,.k ' V ,,. r ,. 1V '-fn AV' "V'- V QV . ,, , JV ,1'ff'f7"y ', L3 , . ' V . H' H - V 31,-fgfisgaf, VVV . V VV- ,kin . VVV '- .f sf V ,A JV',,j " V V A - VA- 'VI' V VI In . Elf'-Q iii. I V --.VgVVV A V., VL V. V V 'Q V, ,. ..- VV .rr.y?,,Vf,7 -.4 , ' .-' LV ' 1 V V , ,qJV. VV VAR 4- 'V ." -,V '42,-.TV 211' '. -,.Vf' if- Vg. VV' SUV' "- " x- ' k'V --ur yr' 'Lf Q. T-UT, V K-.', ---1' PM . ,gf .J -V1,.JyV .. Hvff, 1'- 3" . "1-ffff. ' , . VV 53? V. VV. V, .5 . rf' " iii, I , . .' V--V1.1 j,5.'xE' 1 ,:,.V-.3455-,'1 f 'ff 11"-r' ? 2 7 3 fr, V. V nf- ii' V -:VV 49: fn V V., MQ? VA-I 'V --JV V .4 'V3VVj. A v 1 VV. J .f1"1.,'1Va!-Z."-,J V V .f-L fV,,'Vp L, .4 .V V - "fi " V '1' Wu' 'V .+.' K ' ' . rt- 2 ',.V. '7: ,'.g Y-j ,. . 7.V,,t.Vq jj! .V V ,V f A , . f, '. , Q -fx , 1 f 11' . V -.V' " I1 :rf A-a V Vf : "'. -V '-2' 1- ' 'JL' .JIT Mil' . -A-' V X' .ff , V V . +4051 W-H ilgc 'uf V 1-:Vg 1' V fix. ' - .itll VV. 'Nw-.V-'Y' V1 V ', V--9:-'13-45 5 " - VV, ,. L-.,. ., V -1- V- , , .V -A 1 V- . V . , V V. '54, A ,QI HVKQ -. A VLA, ., - A ' 84' 'V ' QQ 'TH 5 ' ' " ' F. . V'VV.Q fl I V .VZVTVVE V. F. VIVA? VVV . 'gn ' -3-Vfgggby, V V V PV V V ng ,V- . . V .- -.V .VV ,,- -. -, ., -V '-V-.4 V,.,g,y :'.".'V ,'..7-av., Af ' Vx. 71, -:V - , V: VV VF-f', ,' 'R' .1 ' .Y -..V V . V QV V 1'-x VV ,V fi' .3 ,,, xv ' f. V V V24,Y-'V -' ,-'igy K' V V V QA-"SI" V. gQ'.VV,i?'. ,Vu ,1 V fe ' f' .Jig-1.4 .1 .'V?grJ-,L ' ' ,. ' V 1 V,,tVL',, 1 J 5 ig W 1 V f .- , , -'V .,,.V V4 V .V V " V-- 1.- : Q .1 .' ' ' '- 1 I fr! -' . . u L if 'JVTVVQV X 5 V J V 3 ': ' 1' :-'r' " x ,VVV TW 1 'VH M'..w:gVd:Ez: .-f V , V. W. V1.Vg.. ,VV g- x V ,, 5.-. V . .V-:V A VVV- V ' E"-V-"i4l'i'T:5: F ' V1 Gif"-"V-, - V V..-,tx ,V.V.:x, Y sw' fr."-'uVr1 'V,1,, 1' 9 .N .- ' "QNX , Wifi. -V. 'ATS' 1,5 - 'RVV4-V V. A 3'VQ.fv'f V:.VS1V 'fi,'V'-.:'iT'ii.gwFd . '-mis. a. '1-ff: '.lV Ta: Af, K-25 M1-' LV-" .-.,'L,V'1V,f7- V V V ' J'-".V pf. fe ,V , I ,V ,V , 4. ,1 V. V . I1 ' V' v, ,V ' ' xr, , V. . -. ' 1 'nV 1 '- w, . . , 5,-FW ', u'5A1T... ' NL-1 , 'VFQVV 12 'A-': fr- V, f .V -Vw ..'f.-'WL'-'L VE-'mi FJ-T .9 rg'-if-VVjgf, 'Q Fm? -11.15 qiik- --r " 'T 'Iwi QVC., VVV- ' 'f.V-Vg. 17711-,'V1vfVl,.V ,V. V 4 V . . . .- VV Viz: n V, be 5'V',-tv 1 .V .. V V 4 V 1 . . . L, -4 'fn L ',q, 1 V L ,EH , VV The Class of IQLL6 Puaenia We Tenafly High School Tenafly, New Jersey An? A-A? e 1 WW xxgfxx ,,'l'f-vi . X ,S K A , N -Lf krkv YW: Gees ok XQA6 pre-seeks We 'Yeoaf '5 5 K 3,4 vim, XX 'nas been our purpose 'eo px sem, Ko scrap 'cook Kovm, 'Coe peopXe and acx'w'vc'xee, that Ywave made our Yixqo scXxooX qeavs so c,oXov'mX and GVQXOYQOXG. X I -, , 1 V J V B Tal Q "lEW5PgP Y - lg! ffl! S , so nr, - o 1' L Noe, NQA6 'H Deepkg gvaXe'mX 'i'oa'c out Xa-sk aod moe-'C QV' o'Neo'Xora'oXe qeav was speok 'xo a wood ak peace, 'Coe Ga-as ok XQA6 dedxcakes Koxs, ny our qeavboov.. xo 'Goa om-ooog ok toe oxoe ' 'Y eoakw Ngo Sc'oo0X 'ooqs woo gave vodw wee. 'xo we sewme ok 'Qodw couotop. 'YYNE CLPS5 O? XQA6 2' jam I2 oo , o. , - - I , L : H ff The the, Sw ad , begarfiailtership oifrllulistration u igh S S first r' Burt J nder Mr, J Chgol on Year at Ohnson ,Jer 0hl'1S0n Su Septemb Tenafly ia , Whg an Cceeds M 91' 6, 194 ihsprine nounced hisr' Karl Ri?- e S ' resign - Work to tudenr ation g O . ggiw upegfg Withriillzition will nded Wo ' Oh the fo Social tk out H5011 to 11eve,,,110wing yezengs progia wen- . ' Sa - 1- m 4 go Ys M I f for iar 3.611001 Ir,,j0hm0ZeK3,gd be- even 1mpOrta social Y at in out Zsndand them? as theezints are be resp School m ademic onsible forust look 'a Well- Ot suc PM cxpa antty round 2 the sid program fed in d de- I June t9, X946 Members ot the Graduattng Ctassz EZ n no other phase ot hte, untess, perhaps, tn that ot soctat ith- customs, are peopte so htaety to take common practtces tor granted out as rn. schoOX.' Pts the Xaw ot 'rnertta operates, no tess tn educatton it t an rn phystcs, tt ts the part ot wtsdom now and then, and espec- ra upon your graduatton, to rettect on the matn teatures ot your e ucatxonat program, to tnyentory attecttng and attected condt- trons, to appty accepted phttosophyy and then to ascertatn the ya r rty or the weakness ot what "everybody accepts" and "expects" t ot you as a graduate. From your rettecttons, you wktt ttnd that the ementtkes and c arm ot a ckyth-Latkon depend not onty upon matter-ot-tact knowt- e ge that-you have acqutred durkng your sotourn tn schoot, though such tsnowtedge ts both necessary and tmportant, but atso upon the manner tn whtch the tanowtedge ts used, up0n the yatues ptaced on that tanowtedge, upon the end tor whtch the tsnowtedge ts to used, and upon the tdeats, the character, the attttude and behavtor ot Kndtykduats and groups, and the respect ot tndty' uats tor them- setyes and tor one another. tndtytduat Kgntty a d mutuat appre- ckatton are bastc tn tndtytduat happtnes . X- ' soctat wett-betng. I They take root, grow, and ttower tn datty - or not at att, Upon enterkng the many wat - -' e be nd htgh schoot remember to be tdnd, gentte, h B - if dtng and coopera- ttvetn deattng wtth your tettow- a . , av' "' . . h is the quah tt X- ' htuch ts the tstngdom ot , ,ll KR kj . , ' B T JOHNSON U x hum R. STOREN, co-ordinator of curriculum, and Dr Peterson, director of guidance, have assisted teach- ers and students to achieve a well balanced program OFFICE STAFF MRS. ETHEL HOWELL MRS. ANNE BOHM MRS. ROSE MARIE BORENIUS AND HIGH SCHOOL ASSISTANTS mai I I SCIENCE DEPARTMENT MR. TEW MR. KLEIN MR. HAMLEN MISS FITCH MR. VAN TUINEN IJ '. 5. f' ' . .1 'III ml 'I ' 3l.'IIN -I ENGLISH DEPARTMENT MRS. FRANK MISS CUBBIERLEY MRS. KAFTEL Q MISS MlTcHEL1.g1W1.., .gg MISS WHITTAKER MISS HASTINGS MISS TRAINOR IIIbrarianI MRS. DOWER Inot pictureibo SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT MR. MCDERMOTT MR. DOONAN MR. STROMAN MISS SHAFER MISS HARGREAVES MRS. WALLACE MRS. FLEISCHMANN COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT Inot pictured! ' MISS SHAIN - MRS. MACKLINUS I ' MR. KNEBELS MR. ROBART gjwu, I Mm mn PHYSICAL EDUCATION ,, MR. YOCKERSQQNQQZQN MRS, MOONEY MR. MAGGOLIO MR. WILLIAMS mor pictured! III IIIII MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT MISS POKORNEY MR. KEEN MISS JOHNSTON MISS AUBREY MR. BUNN Inot pIcturedI mfrk ARTS DEPARTMENT MISS GILDERSLEEVE MRS, DEARBORN MR. GRAHAM MRS. CUTTING MR. MOTYL MR. I-IEARN Inot picturedl LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT Inot pictured! MR, LACOSTE MADAME DUBENSKE MISS DAVIS MISS HENSEI. MRS. GARDNER Swim 61444 UWM President . . Vice President Secretary . . Treasurer . . Class Advisers JOHN BEHREND . EILEEN ELLIOT . PAUL NELSON . ALAN MOYER MISS HENSEL MRA VAN TUINEN f X mf 'L X ' Xkbvj Q5 'fx Ldwfiv , ff Lu. QT:-'H' Qi? Q C359 IA, og!-Jvc.. YY H ww' -vfJ"'fd as X Y , V U. r ' 1' v 1 ' . - 55 'M PQNXUQ 23? lg, Z 5- xww K -9f A. .ef Noted for: quietness. Basketball, Co-Y, Senior Play Committee. it GRACE ABBUTT JOYCE ADAMS Gracie along.-q-,,,,,-h """" Qlkrqwl Noted for: Her little car, "T" Team., Tenafkin Staff, Cheering Squad, Co-Y, Host- ess Committee, Poster Squad. Noted for: Being a twin. Girls' Sports, Tenakin Staff, Ciheering Squad, Co-Y, Host- ess Committee, Poster Squad. MARY ADAMS MARY ANGUS Mare Candy Noted for: Going with Eddie Band, Orchestra, Girls' Sports Choir, t. 13. Noted for: Ask Sue. Hi-Y Secretary. ROBERT ANTES ROMEO ANTONIAZZI IlBobIl llROmell wr rxfffff Q , 0 Noted for: Playing baseball. Homeroom President l, 35 Homeroom Vice-President 2, 4, Junior Class Vice-Presi- dent, Varsity Soccer, Varsity Baseball, Varsity Basketball, Senior Council. My l Alf'-1 Mlfw u , K -ZW QM-1 Noted for: His rattletrap Car. Noted for: Her personality. Volleyball, CoAY, Junior Play Committee, Senior Play, Echo Staff, Senior Homeroom Sec- retary-Trcasurer, H o s t e s s Committee, 4 l Varsity Track, Jfvl Jotbal , Hi-YY, Ecpo Stfy l N 2 mm CAROL ARNDT KENNETH BAKER Dizzy Kenny Noted for: Being late. Girls' S p o r t s, Sophomore Homeroom President, S. O. Council, Junior Homeroorn Secretary-Treasurer. Noted for: Being the "Iron Man." Senior Class President, Sen- ior H o m e r o o m President, Treasurer of S. O., Echo Staff, Tenakin Staff, Varsity Foot- ball, Varsity Tennis, Varsity Basketball Manager, Varsity Baseball. IRENE BALTHAZAR RAYMOND BAXTER Babs Barney , g,X if!! Agri Yli Noted for: The Proiection Force. Projection Force. Noted for: Quick accelera- tion. Varsity Track, Soccer, Chess Club. ISAVID BILLHEIMER guounlfsinnghbi i -"Johnnie" , V'-lQhTi"1Q" Noted for: Following Paul. Varsity Football. Ut 51 r Q0LLEQy-Lg 1vN0"?f.L-x60 V-sun 1-015 N' 9' X same'-is N I-VCR iq, Phill UYP Noted or: Letters from South P Cific. Science Club, French Club, Honor Roll Committee, June ior Red Cross, Junior Play Committee, Senior Play Com- mittee, A9045 Pio 'L+ -me 1 1 N fEMILY BRYSON . WALTER CALAHAN Hpudf, x ,,Bumpy,, Noted for: Eating ice cream. Glee Club, Co-Y, Senior Play Committee, Echo Staff, .lun- ior Red Cross, Poster Squad, Tenakin Staff, Office Staff, Operetta. end Noted Varsit nis. for: His legs. y Soccer, Varsity Ten Noted for: Her curly hair. Girls' Sports, Co-Y. i , . 4-Qu 'Aff-'1,g I ' - , or fir : , fr, ' J X HELEN AREY JOSEPH CAREY fvgckx fMJg,w"g,3' .aww Joe '7 ,f".a:-i-,, ' YK., golf ,xl ,I 1 1 1 Noted for: Post Office iob. 1 ifrlfp Noted for. Miggy's notes, Scicncc Club, Junior Red Cross, Co-Y, Junior Play Committee, Senior Play Com- mittee, Vice-President French Club. Iotcd tor, Longing tor Vir- ginia. rcshman Homcroom Vice- rcsidcnt, Band, V a r sity rack. Ar, r ms f' ' fa R 4,4 0 4 ROBERT CHURCH "Chu ch". pf' ,M ,GM ,La yoilq- X1 l ff BARBARA cHAiPELgO Chappy X 6 ? Noted for: Blushing, Glee Club, Baseball, Co-Y, H o s t e s s Committee, Gold "T" Committee, Echo Edi- tor, Junior Play, Operetta, Senior Play Committee. LOUISE CROSMAN "Weazie" Noted for: Being slow, Choir, Junior Play, Qs' 'Q "' I xx Af ALFRED CULLERE JAMES DAVEE Al ' Indian Noted for: Advising Biscaldi In shop Varsity Soccer Varsity Track. Noted for Football Varsity Basketball Varsity Track Varsity Football Op- eretta, Choir, Glee Club, Orchestra. Noted for: Piano playing. Echo Staff, Band, Operetta, Choir, Glee Club. Qvf' f f ANTHONY D'ESOP0 MARY DI LUZIO "T0ny" Sl'10l'TY Noted for: Jokes. Gold "T" Committee. I rv 9 . JKN. Q' Q Lawlealz, 'UHJAZQ 14 'i , Noted for: Driving without a license. Projection Force, Echo Staff, Assembly Committee, Junior Play, Senior Play, Spotlight Guild, Hi-Y. ,rllfym Ly Notcd for: Worrying. Assembly Committee, Junior Play, Senior Play, Junior Class President, Homeroom Presi- dent l, 2, 3, Hi-Y, Echo Staff. C r EDWARD D0 MARIANNE DRQEGE Edo Marion DONN DUTCHER MARGARET DUTHIE Dutch Duth Noted for: Her natural curly hair. Co-Y, Tenakin Staff, Volley Ball. Noted for: Ask Paul!! Senior Council, Gold "T" Committee, Co-Y, Hostess Committee, Tenakin Staff. -I' 1 ,ff it Y ,l ri, , Noted for: Model "A" Ford. Noted for: Not living up to her "nick" name. HENRY EBBIGHAUSER ROALD EIDE "Ebbie" "RoIly" Noted for: His name. Noted for: His actin , Gold "T" Committee Junior Homeroom President 2, 4, Assembly Committee Chair- man, Junior Play, Hostess Committee, Senior Class Vice- president, S. O. Council Sec- retary, Echo Staff, Co-Y, Vol- ley Ball. EILEEN ELLIOT ROBERT EVANS im I '7 if wifffw it igam ffm, lf. -lm' M F Play, Senior Play, Hi , ot- light Guild, Sin' r Co il. if 9' A1 'V i fx Al of 0 'Q :MEM Noted for: Being late for sewing. Noted for: Uncle Willis. Echo Staff, Senior Play, Var sity Soccer, Science Club, Op- eretta, Chess Club. fly l' fy jf VIRGINIA FAERBER SUZ E FEM nGinnyn THOMAS FINEGAN HHH., HELEN FOLKER "Cissie" Noted for: Him, Tenakln Staff, Senior Play Co-Y, Hostess Club. Noted for: Basketball, Co-Y, Girls' Sports. 'Xkwgkf 9 AR L AN F LLER JACQUEUNE C 0 N U GERAGHTY AICOIIYI1 A "Jackie" Noted for: Carrot top. Co-Y, Spotlight Guild, Hon- or Roll Committee, Tenakin Staff, Junior Play, Senior Play, Hostess Committee, Ec- ho Staff, "T" team. Noted for: Talking. Co-Y, Spotlight Guild, Ten- akin Staff, Honor Roll Com- mittee, Senior Play, Cheer- ing Squad, "T" team, Poster Squad. ' ,xi-lf Noted for: Fingernails. Soptlight Guild, Co-Y, Radio Club, Library Club, Senior Play. Noted for: Being Giggly. French Club, Spotlight Guild Gp DNER " .,.'i'lQOLLE GORMAN B" Jr l !5'Puzzle" 'vi ,P ,if Vx i ,lr ' V , MVA ld xl 22' , , A , ' -.J to 1 W' 'L I I r, rf Science Club, Senior Play. m""!u. -1-so 4 , f I I 1 . , , . , i , 1 4 Axfjl ' L I ' X' flu 1 I f 1,1 ff i Noted for: Alibies. Noted for: Her laugh. Freshman Homeroom Secre- tary, Echo Staff, Co-Y, Vol- Ieyball. lf f ll , . Q My lift if f ,. RQGEIR GREENE wmosu. Gmrrrrns NRO ll llwimpll Noted for: Creamy Complex- ion. Varsity Football, Varsity Track, Glee Club. l N L ' Q4 fd' ' 2, li v ' S5 XLVJ' .A CAROL! GUIL , T E HAR MAN 'kkzjdniyff "Kay" Noted for: Chewing gum. Girls' Sports. NO X 21. x f Noted for: His questions and answers, Noted for: 'ri t tsier half. Waff. JJ' -13' Qoffww 'JW My fl' J' .V f L! l! My NOEL HASKELL J EAN HAWXWELL Tiny Jeanie 46 Jew 54,61 in JOAN HAwxwELL ?alf'6f'lfY 769' "Joanie" d"'U5ft Noted for: Breaking dates Echo Staff. Noted for: Shadowing Mil- dred. Echo Staff, Tenakin Staff, S. O. Council, Junior Play, Hos- tess Committee, Publicity Committee, Co-Y, Junior Homeroom Vice-President, Senior Homeroom Secretary, "T" team. Noted tor: His witty car- toons. J' 'Y' Tcnakin Staff, Echo Staff, Noted tor: Her questions, her answers. Softball, Choir, Co-Y, Sen- ior Play, Echo Staff, Tena- kin Staff, Spotlight Guild, Hostcss Committee. Noted for: Personality. Varsity Baseball, Varsity Soc- cer, Varsity Basketball, Hi-Y, Echo Staff, Gold "T" Com- mittee, Tenakin Staff, Sen- ior Homeroom Vice-president. Noted for: New Year's Eve. Junior Homeroom Secretary- treasurer. Junior Play Com- mittee, Co-Y, Senior Play Committee, Choir, Tenakin Staff. fi. Q Noted for: Athletics. Varsity Football, Varsity Bas- ketball, Varsity Track, Stu- dent Council, Chess Club. fd, 'l,7 AA l,- 'Y' U 1 f'!t ' , f f' UL, , 7 , ,L ,JKJ N f ,J fr I JOHN HOGAN HAROLD HOOPS wack., H Noted for: Red ski hat. Hi-Y, Chess Club, German Club, Football, Junior Play Committee, Senior Play Com- mittee. Noted for: Swimming pool. Co-Y, Honor Roll Committee, Volleyball, Senior Play Com- mittee, NORA HOPPER MARGARET HUANG Peggy sry? JW, fy' Ilia WWA Noted for: Piano playing. Glee Club. .W Noted tor: Miss Shafer's little helper. Orchestra, Choir, Boys Glee Club, Operetta, Senior Play. Noted for: Janqle bracelets. Choir, Honor Roll Committee, Co-Y, Hostess Committee, Girls' Sports. , u hs... yt. DONALD JENKINS Jenks 'K . ft tv if - i 9 FRANCES JOUFFRE "Fran" rj ,Qkwf-' i . My Q, Z A ' xi"jJN if V f DOROTHY JORDAN O alnfqn i ,J ' lllfhif. I OJ' l .,,"' C ., ' V, g , ,WJ H 1' ...K Q HELEN Kbrie ii 11H-Biff X. , F , J f"' 'fihl N YV J I.. 25 Noted for: Her menagerie, Co-Y. Noted for: Her corny jokes. Spotlight Guild, Co-Y, Gold "T" Committee, Hostess Committee, Tenakin Staff, Homeroom Vice-president 2, 3, "T" team. 3 5' 1 1' -I 5 Q... s ROBERT KIRCHMER JOHN KOHLBERGER 'Bo . . S Noted for: His Witty re- marks. Junior Homeroom Secretary. Noted for: Careful driving. Varsity Track. Noted for: Writing notes to Junior. Library Club, Echo Staff. f ff V7 :,,f Noted for: Going withfbottie. Co-Y, Echo Stc:fff!Tenakin Staff, Junior PI Commit- tee, Hostess mittee. ji! MARGARET' :uh-IN Mmuanso UNTVSQYII UMIF I hifygif , 1 , yf' fp 'ri iii, K W 1'- X X 15? ..i. ' ,- Noted tor: Bangs. Freshman Homeroom Secre- tary'treasurer, Co'Y, Tenakin Staff Junior Play Committee, Honor Roll Committee, Hos- tess Committee, Gold "T" Committee, Senior Council, Senior Play Committee, Girls' Sports. YWMZZWWHMJ 'VW SCM so .M Ura? MURIEL KUVER GORDON LOGAN Men ' Limpv Noted for: Working for the Railroad. Constitution Committee, Hon- or Roll Committee, Home- room President l, 2, 45 Gold "T" Committee, Varsity Track. l Noted for: Smalbeins. Echo Staff, Tenakin Staff, Freshman Homeroom Secre- tary-treasurer, Co-Y, Girls' Sports. "Do Noted for: Running. ' """"""""' Co Y, SCJCNC? lilly, saw H I. 4. 1 of Spd? i, lffifficf rf "Viv ' .Ml -'Cho K oi U? qi f . w ,AI Mwwff . MARAGLIANO DORO AY ELEANOR 1' .1 1 I X 1 jd, , x KENNETH MARDEN ELIZABETH MAYHEW Dusty Betty -J ...WU pf MVC, yy fffbli if Noted for: Being with "Squint" and "Smokey", S. O. Vice-president, Varsity Football, Homeroom Presi- dent 2, 3, Sophomore Class President, Orchestra, Hi-Y, Assembly Committee, Senior Noted for: Her clothes. Volleyball, Co-Y, Echo Staff, Choir, Glee Club, Band, Ten- akin Staff, Gold "T" Com- mittee, Hostess Committee. Play. Noted for: Going with Nancy, Echo Staff, Tenakin Staff. Freshman Basketball, J.V. Football, Sophomore Class Secretary. 5 Q fl I fm, ,J , J J , ,' v coil. AY JAMES MCGSQATHK ffm . x, ' je mac" J 'Ma'3', ff fl JI J' JJ I U ' . P, It 1 i Xjlj lj ' Af l"' I ly 28 Noted for: Sailor pants. Hi-Y. , ,wg ,' i N-.Z Vx. Ja' i - V - ,, it Nloted for: His looks. Varsity Tennis, Varsity Soc- ICF. Joted for: Her "Nick" NBITIE. lhoir, Band, Orchestra, Jun- Jr Play Committee, Senior 'lay Committee, Echo Staff, lo-Y, Tenakin Staff, Honor ,oll Committee. i il V ' , 1 .lv 'if ,L i 1 ALFRED MEYER IRMGARD MERK rmy fibmuah T ,M gg, 1 ffffiffff f- vfjtif -. ' me ,Q .. ' 4 i ,MJ , 4 s' ,.""' if J' 0 Q ' V 1.4 4 ,Qin 8--A Ak- L11 1 ' J' ' p' l , rl M - .- LOUISE MOBERG 'SM' EDYTHE MOORE ncongiu JMJJ- 'vb HEI1 fun Noted for: Twidling with her hair, German Club, Glee Club, Echo Staff, Tenakin Staff, Co4Y Junior Play, Junior Red Cross, Office Staff. Noted tion. for: 1 Y., Vivid imagina I 1 I , J' . xv f J X' I , x ' iff Noted for: Going with Em- ily and Chappy. Glee Club, Co-Y, Echo Staff, Honor Roll Committee, Tena- kin Staff, Junior Red Cross, Operetta Committee. ga MM-Ne'f HL, f,,gJ-14' f k . - ' AJ7 f,,1L.! , U X .AJ1-A-' I I Mft!!-f ' M NANETTE MORSE ALAN MOYER an new H fwfu Noted for: Baseball. Hi-Y, Varsity Baseball, Var- sity Soccer, Senior Homeroom Secretary-treasurer. RICHARD MUNRO LORETTA NALLY "Dick" "Reda" Noted for: Going with "Squint" and "Dusty", Varsity Basketball, Echo Staff, Varsity Baseball, Sen- ior Class Treasurer, Home- room Vice-president 2, 3, 4. Noted for: Being seen but not heard. Freshman Homeroom Presi- dent, Guidance Office Staff. ll PAUL NELSON GEORGE NOLAN usquintn n-I-ornn S 1.4, Noted for: Ask "Margie". J.V. Football, Senior Class Secretary, Freshman Home- room Secretary, Senior Coun- cil, Orchestra. Noted for: Swooning over Frankie. fi ,Ma .5211 -sm 'F Q r'-"' 9'f 4 ,,.e"" lk. .Xxx ww X Noted for: Careful driving. Noted for: Drinking soda. Varsiry Football, Homeroom l, 45 Sophomore Homeroom Secretary. I HELEN orirz Hansen G. PiANo Y, 'Q Shortstop Herb Noted for: Always dieting. Echo, Tenakin Staff, Senior Play Committee, Co-Y. JOAN PICKHARDT PHILIP PRESCOTT "Jonue' Phil Noted for: Cigarette lighters Chess Club. Noted for: Universal smok- less powder. French Club, Varsity Track Team. GEORGE PRICE MARGARET PULLEN "Geo." ' Betty' l Noted lor: His wavy hair. JOSEPH RAWLINS PAUL REITNAUER "Joe" "REM" mon Chess Club. fsfill - 2 view cfm? OQSXJLKOZ CLOLLKS, -,,,. iwci Noted tor: Being athletic. "T"'Team, Cheering Squad, Senior Play, Senior Home- room Vice-president, Staff, Tenakin Staff, President of Spotlight Poster Squad, Gold "T" mittee. ' Echo Co-Y, Guild, Com- Noted for: Being a wolfish Tiger. Varsity Football, Varsity Bas- ketball. Noted for: Her bubbling personality. Sophomore Homeroom Secre- tary-treasurer, Glee Club, Junior Homeroom President, Chairman of Gold "T" Com- mittee, Echo Staff, Co-Y, Tenakin Staff, Chairman of Poster Squad, Assembly Com- mittee, Spotlight Guild. ALICE RENNER LILLIAN ROCCHINI Cindy Noted for: Going with Gor- don. Co-Y, EchoStaff, President of French Club, Tenakin Staff, Gold "T" Committee, "T" Team, Spotlight Guild, Junior Play Committee, Hos- tess Committee. Noted for: "Little Bobby". Varsity Soccer, Varsity Bas- ketball, Varsity Baseball, Sen- ior Homeroom Secretary, Echo Staff. ELIZABETH ROOME RUTH ROUDABUSH Betty" "Ruthie" Noted for: Questions at most inopportune times. Co-Y, Baseball, Art Club. BOB RYBNIKAR BOB SANSTED llBirdll llprofll 34' Noted for: His brief case. Junior Play Committee, Hi- Y, Echo Staff, Chess Club, Senior Play Committee. . ,, 'yr ' ,J .af I ' U' f' M . ' ,yr X! .J ,M 1 if A FERRIS SAYDAH JOYCE SHIERLOH HFedoi, HJOYH If I Z nw' X., Noted for: Dumb questions. Orchestra, Choir, Band, Pres- ident of Hi-Y, Varsity Foot- ball, Varsity Tennis, Xloted for: Ruthie. Iunior High Baseball, Varsity Vennis, Varsity Football, Vara .ity Track. Noted for: Leadership, Band, Orchestra, Operetta, Tenakin Staff, Echo Staff, President of Co-Y. Noted for: Her legs. Co-Y, Baseball. ROBERT SCHIRICK ' JEANE SCHULTS Q35 "Bob" ,X "Blondie" i W M, Noted for: Sweetness Choir Operetta, Co-Y, Echo Staff Tenakin Staff Hostess Committee Secretary of Spotlight Guild, Junior Play Senior Play, Tenafly Chair- man Honor Roll Committee. flogfpjlf NAVARRE sco'r1' A snsdks 11Niviel1 1 I Noted tor: Expert driving. Co-Y, Girls' Sports. l Noted for: A's. Assembly Committee, Echo Staff, Co-Y, Band, Orchestra, Senior Play, Junior Play Com- mittee, Operetta, Hostess Committee Chairman, Spot- light Guild. 1 y . X' , l ,. "HJ ,i ' If I -In A l X ii il! ,J , f Noted for: Being with Glo. Senior Council, Co-Y, Assem- bly Committee, Girls' Sports, Student Council. wr lx SHIRLEY SEAMEN BETTY SEWARD "Shirl" "Bet's" Sw io i,0Lfi'!,' h Noted for, Dimples. Honor Roll Committee, Con- stitution Committee, Gold "T" Committee, Hostess Committee, Senior Home- room President, Tenakin Staff, Echo Staff, Senior Play Committee, Orchestra, Band, Co-Y, Office Staff. Noted for: Riding around. Vice-president of Homeroom v Jil? Q In ,A ri' . Af-'Q I Lf MARJORIE SHERMAN VIRGINIA SHERMAN M3"9'e Ginna C' i -- ::. - ' 5? ' - 'K 2. . . 5,4 1 'U 4 i i' - W sv ,4 ll . I nl , H Fl' 4 -e- a , . . ' Wt- ...- FRED SHIELDS .IOANNE SCHULTZ I F,ed,,?3jH siwfziriu iiffllififlfl Noted for: "Her-man". Orchestra, Band, Choir, Pres- ident of 5.0. Council, Hon- or Roll Committee, Co-Y. Noted for: Her height. Junior Red Cross, Science Club, Basketball, Tenakin Staff, Co-Y. .ru I MW my ELMORE SIXTUS Noted for: Careful driving. Vice-president of Freshman Homeroom, Secretary of Sophomore Homeroom, Var- sity Football. Noted for: Her name. Co-Y, Girls' Sports. ANTOINETTE SVETOKA STUART TAXERAS ,,Ann,, HSN., , , .QL-nag-'Lb K, QJQVJ 4 Leif. -0 38 Noted for: Beautiful eyes. Band, Junior Play Commit- tee, Choir, Co-Y, Tenakin Staff, Echojraff, Senior Play Committee, Volley Ball. Noted for: Athletic ability. Football, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Track, Sophomore Homeroom Treasurer, Fresh' man Class Treasurer, Senior Council. Noted tor: Excess height. Co-Y, Tcnakan Staff. Noted for:l-ter hair. Baseball, Co-Y. Y . , P' f :Y ,f i ' u f I t bm JOAN TERWILLIGER FARRAR Tl'fNEY St'lOr1'y Bud ll it NA Noted for: Passing 3 years of Latin. Vice-president of Homeroom 2, 4, Football, Publicity Com- mittee, Tennis, Baseball. Noted for: Laughing. Echo Staff, German Club, Science Club, Honor Roll Committee Tenakin Staff, Poster Squad Co-Y, Junior Red Cross www My JU. ' GRACE voLPicsu.i M31 AK pgs. "Gracie" , . I 01 GM 1 ifwfw' Noted for: "4l" Buick. Football, Basketball, Track, Hi-Y, Senior Play, Chess Club. Noted for: Absence. Echo Staff, N"' lm I MERTON WALLINGTON FRANK WALTERS "Mert" "Ted" i , . . -Xef 9 - idx-:vs . 2 L Noted for: Automobile ac- cidents. Baseball, Football. . 1 , - I' 1 N R N . X 'S , ,ff L' f 'J A, , ,fe 'S ' 1 XX' f "Is -X , S'-Q r , S ' - - J . J I E , , - 1 X.. 1 f' ,1 , ,rl f 1 I . 1' , I, . w J , Noted for: Sweaters and skirts. Science Club, Co-Y, Echo Staff. JAMES WARD VIVIAN WEATHERELL "Jim" Fluffy Y P 07 HN-4-1'-N-LL. wkpg, I"-u.a,O ,f1..,..1,0 NANCY WELTER WARREN WENDOVER Wendy Noted for: Leading the band. Girls' Sports, Spotlight Guild, Choir, Opcretta, Band, Jun- ior Play, German Club, Hosf tess Club, Senior Council. I 'Aww' 9 VL- fkr,-4 rfpu Noted for: Working at Dem arest's. Band, Orchestra. Noted for: Always dancing. Operetta, Girls' Sports, Co- Y, Library Club. MARJORIE WHITE ROBERT WILLIAMS "Margie" "Bob" 41 Noted for: Hunting. Noted for: Being late to class. Girls' Sports, Choir, Glee Club, Co-Y, Honor Roll Com- mittee. J' KW' .gf -1 DIANNE WILSON WILLIAM WITHERELL . Navi Willie Noted for : Questions. Noted for: Being late. Orchestra, Band, Choir, Girls' Sports, Co-Y. MARJORIE YOUNG WILLIAM KAUTZMAN Margie Noted for' akin pictures. Projecti For Q .fir Ml , ef xo 00' k Q X X, Ali "ff Ce Renne,DZ'g-'ers ' n Jen . ki hs Best Personality sind F r and Bu' D' John Behrend virginia Sherman, Charles Herman s Jouffen' Carol MM' F Arfydr "fl 1 Ken B Roberta Bmhlozlni I f red MeY9r Fleanor Marag I I1 Class wi' Hefxe , xas nano, Te .if Marge , prammc Fmegan 'S x.T0m h v saauexme Gems Sh L0 Ones' ferr.: Nallylagf Tall., Llarf Tqxeras l Mon Nancy Henzfkqy ro S Most Musical Nancy Lee Welfer Ferris Saydah fc In Ile Mos. gcTt:elQVb"iCker Uerl GordoTBL r ' Ii Hexen Kil'5Qv 0960 47 A14 ID' an MDS' POVCSNAAQS HBTYU Ben Chu. R shaman, y Rflvme """"e-Q Xlxfginxa if-4 I Gordcr, L ogdn QRWM IWW sf' si' lv gg N lu tucwqyy. rj . A ig ,HMV if A LA ai F - if ' ffl im 1 a n Q 2 W Mm -- Q Q tx f In ' 12 lx ! ,,, Q i X..- Qmn , --r'Tw.Ar av- . xl ' "' ' ' W .Q-- A M L ' .. L, A 5 - JUNIOR CLASS President Secretary Class Advisers EDWARD DIERAUF DIANE GREASON MR- TEW Vice President Treasurer MISS DEARBORN ELINOR GLASER EDGAR LAW A 'MTW we "' ft- i , , ,, ,... r,,. ' i'ir - ' , "'r ', 'ts SOPHOMORE CLASS President Secretary Class Advisers RAMON DEGHERI Rene Monges M155 FITCH Vice 'President Treasurer MR- KEEN BRUCE BAKER Jack Morgan FRESHMAN CLASS Class Advisers MRS. CUTTING MR, STROMAN FRESHMAN CLASS President Secretary JAMES LOGAN ELAINE FRIDLUND Vice President Treasurer RICHARD JESSUP HENRY FLETCHER EIGHTH GRADE CLASS President Secretary J Class Advisers DONALD MARDEN PATRICIA GAY I MRS- FRANK Vice President Treasurer MRS' FLEISHMANN RICHARD SPECHT GiLBI3RjT SAYDAH ' . V, .fry V' UI SEVENTH GRADE CLASS President Secretary Class Advisers MERRIL SPROUL ANNE VAUGHAN MRS' WALLACE Vice President Treasurer M55 CUBBERLY VAN EARL WOOD KENNETH MISAR ,Q X PQ? WL 0gC6qX X73 Wm 4 YN DE Qs N A ffff 4. M43 K Q 7 X7 Lg an A Y wa J' Ewlusf -.-f ,L 2. QQ Fe- .. , - ' gf ' ? . , 1'N 1 I 996 'ke' SENIOR S. O. HE group above represents the S. O. Council of the school year 1945-I946. It is a body of students elected for the purpose of representing their homeroom in the govern- ment of the student activities of the school. E gi . President BARRY SMITH Vice President KENNETH MORRISSEY Secretary ANENE GRAHN President VIRGINIA SHERMAN Vice President KENNETH MARDEN Secretary EILEEN ELLIOT JUNIOR S. O. COUNCIL HE Junior S, O. Council works with the Senior S. O. Council to carry out the wishes and needs of the 7th, 8th and 9th grades. 50 charge of scheduling, planning TH E HOSTESS CLUB THE Hostess is a group of Junior and Senior girls elected by their respective classes. They are active in ushering and serving at school affairs. if ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE THE Assembly Committee has full and running assemblies in which there have been movies, speakers, plays, and panel discussions. Sl GOLD "T" COMMITTEE THE Gold "T" Committee is a group under the S. O. Council working to determine which stud- ents have displayed outstanding qualities of leadership, service and school citizenship in extra-curricular activities throughout the four years at T. H. S. A gold "T" pin is the award given to the chosen students. THE TENAKI N STAFF Faculty Advisers MISS GILDERSLEEVE MR. VAN TUINEN Editor ROBERTA BOOTH Associate Editors Business-HELEN STRANG AND MARTHA HILL Circulation--MILDRED KUNZ Art-BETTY MAYHEW Photography-LILLIAN ROCCHINI Senior-JOYCE ADAMS AND IRMGARD MERK Activities-BETTY ROOME GirI's Sports-CAROL ANN FULLER Boy's Sports-JOHN BERHEND THE ECHO STAFF Editor BARBARA CHAPPELL Page Editors LOUISE MOBERG-lsr ROBERT YOUNG-Ist NAVARRE SCOTT-2nd MARY SEABERG-2nd DOROTHY HELD-3rd ROBERT SANSTED-3rd JOHN BERHEND-4th ALAN MOYER-4th Faculty Adviser MRS. MITCHELL 4- a 0 E. ' - S- ik. CO-Y THE Co-Y, a Senior girls' club, has completed a busy and successful year serving the school, community, and the country. l . BOOSTER CLUB THE Booster Club consists of a group of Junior and Senior boys who have had a very successful Barn Dance, run a successful basketball game between the faculty and the varsity. They also help to boost other school activities. 1' f it ,7 i f i lol, ' it V' JUNIOR CO-Y THE Junior Co-Y is an organiza- tion similar to the Senior Co-Y made up of Junior girls. They do service for the Red Cross, the com- munity and the school. s 54 SNAPSHOT CLUB THE Snapshot Club is a Freshman group which takes pictures, en- larges and sometimes colors them. They have learned to develop them. They are taking pictures now of the Freshmen homerooms to be used in their I949 year book. .1 I ,. it fd . SENIOR CFKRAERA CLUB THE Senior Camera Club activities consisted of demonstrations and discussions of portrait lighting, posing, composition, equipment, dark room technique and a Saturday hike to the Palisades. tri? h'ff9'1 NJ l l I r. A 1 RADIO CLUB THE Radio Club works to gain knowl- edge of all phases of radio. This includes speech, sound, and the me- chanics ot radio. PROJECTION FORCE THE boys in the Projection Force have served the school greatly by show- ing movies in assembly, helping speak- ers with their slides or movies, and showing movies for the benefit of classes. 55 PosTER soufxp THE Poster Squad has done a won- . derful job making posters for school activities and placing them around the halls. They have con- tributed much to the success of drives, dances and other events. LIBRARY CLUB THE girls who aid Miss Trainer in . taking care ofthe library are mem- bers of the Library Club. They spend their study periods checking books being taken out and books being re- turned, checking the role, taking yel- low slips to the study halls and re- minding people of overdue books. NURSES AI DE CORPS THE Nurses Aide Corps assists the nurse in her daily chores by stack- ing linen, serving and collecting trays and carbolizing units. iq 4-in SX CHESS CLUB HE people in the Chess Club have learned the fundamentals of chess and have been having a lot of fun play- ing the game among the members of the club. X if FRENCH c THE French Club is d p of mem- bers of the Frenc cl es who wish to loin. They hadfa v .ti e as guests of the Club Q hrist- mas and gave7 glcceg' ful cos- tume party, tflsfl ard, ras., uf' A 1 ' tif' SPOTLIGHT GUILD THE Spotlight Guild has had speak- ers, worked with radio, read plays, given plays, worked with puppets and enioyed other activities. 57 GERMAN CLUB THE German Club consists of mem- bers ot the German classes who wish to join. They had a very success- ful Christmas party and worked with the French Club to make the Mardi Grass a big success. fc if SCIENCE CLUB EVERY meeting of the Science Club involves the discussion of current scientific topics. They have given an assembly and have taken a trip. dnmwmm A,.,Av JUNIOR ART CLUB THE Junior Club has worked on post- ers, song slides, and charcoal draw- ing. They do individual work on what they want to do. Their posters were for the American Automobile Safety Contest and the Humane Society. '---1-.....,M, JUNIOR DRAMATIC CLUB THE girls and boys of the seventh and eighth grades in the Junior Dramatic Club learn the fundamentals of acting before an audience and other details concerned in giving a play. They entertain among themselves and also in assembly. JUNIOR SNAPSHOT CLUB IN the Junior Snapshot Club the girls and boys in the seventh and eighth grades who belong, learn how to take pictures and are also preparing them- selves for the senior Snapshot Club. MODEL BUILDING CLUB THE Model Building Club consists of boys in the seventh and eighth grades who enjoy making model air- planes. Because of lack of space and equipment, they have not been able to make many models but have had lots of fun. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB ' 1 CHOIR MMQWMQ V BOYS' GLEE CLUB 5 GRC!-I ESTRA i Q ' 0 . Ox i'6 11 --'F'-'i1":"W' W , U. - Juan.. ...,- 1 , Q 'Avi 'b-fw,uf1-tl . 'W' G ,. . 4 "'m ' + ' ' 9'-' Vfgffi ., V fl Q . ' If "1 5'-gg ,, xl ,U Ki , 1 8' In B. N nj V'-' A: ' gi, :',,,,f4H? 4.1 6 A lv. X 1-I ,fy xl . - fy' if 1? .f gfw vu .. laggnf' 'M :.....g:'d-Aan if N- 5 is . , xx Y K I We SK Tb 'grit il 'S KVFX MA N -F . I ' v ' ' x fly. . Q 1 :ji qri yi, 1 Q h 1 X" L -I5 Q A N .M 0 f v . , L -J' It i J. ':-- I xc Q-.,, N I N. A gy 1 'LJ' xiii 1 ,gh 4- . G ,I .,h?' Ho. L - t X I Q 'mum-" 'Ae 5 A T Mgt! Nikhil SCVWOK' " -ggi! CW Q Q 0' -- ' 1 X NRL, N , A..,b if Nw xxxlff, Q25 xg? ' thx: Q ff Tw , . f ' fn A -l 1 it I 'Q 1'?'-,l9""...."'SV? A - , Nu ' : 8 j gym' f Qi' ' V if , f V2 My Sat., Sat.. S35-s SM., bat. , Sat . , Sat Ki-dense I was looking beck on our '45 foot- ball team md the thrills and heartbreaks that made up the season and I- thought you might 1116 to hear about them. We'11 never forget that first gms with Bergenfield that we won inthe Last oowle minutes 13-6. Or that 82 ygrd drive in the Ridgefield game that could lnve spelt victory, only to be stopped on the one foot line. 'me game at Gliffeide was greet, even though we did get soaked. Of 0.11 the games we'11 never forget our 6-0 victory over Lennie., the State Champs. It was really somo- thing to win that one, it even made 12116 tough ones we lost seem at least spiritual victories. The first team line-up was Reitnaur at right end., Sohiriok at rig1t tackle, Stiooo at right guard, Behrends at center, Lew at left guard, Oortier at left tackle, and Tensfeldt at left end. The 'bnokfield was played by Boeneu as fullback, Hogan and Davee at hnlfbaok ipoe itions, and Saydah as quarterback. Doing some fine substituting were Monroe and Degheri. me J.V. team plggyed a, fine seeson too,, and unier the coaching of Jack Yookers, should do muon to hold up Tenaflyfs- mme next year. ' Pm inoloeing sons snaps at the more important gems and the season schedule. Wish youlhed been here to see all of them. So lmg. t Your pal, but., NUV- 17 Va ' ggibau Sched'-lie Al S li 2:00 P. M- A Y wa Sept. 29-" Befgenaeld AWS? Oct. 6- Chffside P9149 Home om. ww- Ridgefiem PM Home 0.-1. 20" Englewood Away on. 27-- Rumerford Away Nov. 3-- Hackfflsack Home Nov. 10" Leoma' AWN' ...- Tcancck x Non-League Game Coach-.Jack Yockefl Manner- -Jack Smith . D kat Assistant MlfW3"' Jack ec Johnnie I , .,. 5 Q1 '43 as 7, I Q X a N Q , an ? ll , , 4. H L: . N b 1 ,EQ X ' -mm 5 1 V I 2, -, 1' Ss Wx ' K? " U I 0 9,2 -'Q .. N '4l" .s 1 Fl Nw. . .4-. I ,gg 9, , an 'll- 'A - 1,4- ,,.w,,,.T.w,f,m AW, ,,m,, ii ,u V axelxt-5 Soccer '5cX1ecluXe PAX Gaqoes at A100 Y. M. NVQA, 5 Om. ?f'k1szxvX1.exwxrX4 Hmm: YYK. , Um , SZRXXKXXCYRKWYA X-Xmuc -Diem , , On , X ?f'Y'wTggt-xwX'xcMX Hmxm W NV .gh , , U-'L X'7f'Y,wggXexmm5. 'dome W YG., Um. X'3.?YemuestX1 Xkmxw X75 MXL Q Um , l4ffYX1xr2:c'xxN!xO,L Axxgxg Y fx , , Om . lfsIXlNJ.RXNCYSy0Ymk Puinv fafyhm , ,Yfmv . cNfvlCYQQCXXfXfXiX Pyww KN QQXA , 'Sw , ?fX?.ug,Xv:f-4 ond Pu-my , 56 . , Sow, Clfff emxack Pu-my YS mxfheugue C1 mm Coach--E. LAN kwxarns snags:--Bury Bm6Xe9 66 BAS 9 A5 , xxsexxe X46 A Vasvevba wind-.AA , I MMV. fXv-mg "Sz Pwvyi 54 e 'S sl as slug Q fx , ,, X3 c c 2.XfVw ':r,u, . Xgxx, SfK'Y.KX SA: X NN :A 1 Xw. A Kbfvm-LX: sv and '5'M,, Xxxxy XlY,fXLxxkXxciKui6 XX-mx YN ed , Xxm XGfYKAmV,rxx45fY. Yknxw 5'pA,, Nm, XflfXfxGgeQxcXx "dk Xhmxe HKLHXX , , yu , 1X fkcwr nixrx-A 1 ww' NT: cd . , Nm , l'xfX ,umQx'.x fm: qv, 5455! W Xmx, L52 CMWCY' Pw'l'.x1 'X vi th, ,Y CN, BXCMXKQQC VNV- XXmxxu -N Suk. H Aw. 'lfY,xxQcw-1unw5 XXmwA . Nw ICA. 7 hw , X'5XxX'.xx'Y-x'Xx--'ASK PWM Ai bf A . 1 KXN XMXY-xxkxxx-Yin!-X Pxxfi '5 , idx. 19fYQxbXLdxcX.KXY MY- bw Ai -. '5ZX,CKxXQX'A 'dmxxc 'S 1 - ",xxxcrXL XKuxxxx' 31-MQ Xuxxxc- YN ch . , X SAK . , Y Au, 1 YNKAV, Yeh, 'L12Xm 1- 'Smd ,cugxxc L Cosob--Saoki od!-an ' o Gemma nk 1 O -. Q c , I ,flk gf X Fly '1 . -M g V XL,, TRACK V ARSYYY BASEBALL Sai., Apr. 13--'X1Kdgc6cXdPark away,3:3i3P. 'M TUWBY Mon., Ps?r.15-fBcrsrcn6eXA Nw,+1wP. M "mv 9'PfM9"UmSM'Yf"x'4 M 'Y"'5Y 4 V' M' Wed., Apt. 17--Leonia zway,4:00 Y. M . mgxcwuod Sax., Apr. 253--'Hackensack hume,1:30?.M Vfmaqw Vfed., Ap1.'2.4-f'RusXxrrio1d Xxomc,4:UOP, M Mi., May 3"Hac,kcusavk at Ruthcrionkbf V, M, sm., Aw. zvfcxaissaaewxu waysfaov. M Y-mhrffvfd Wed., May Xfffeancck away, 4100 Y. N5 Tmaavf W-1 WY 4"Y3U2W'W f"'1'Y131w P- M fm, vm aefaaagxa Pk. uaaagxa vk. 4 v. M Wed., May iffwdgciiekd ?arkXxomr,410D?. M. Tggmqk K Sat., May 11,-'Ursula home,3:30?. M. Twin, fx Mom, May YS-f'Brrgcni3cXd homc,4:06Y'. M, Wed WMM x5,,Vqwh,00d Mffmagw lg px My W Wed. , May 15'-Hackzensafk away, 4100 Y. M. Sx.Cc:.cXia ' Sai. May 'LZ'-'Rmhevicnd aww, 3:30 P. M, 4 TNQ., may zxffcxaafaawm hom., wo P, M. W" MH w'T'ma' ax mom WM Mn :Af-:ytmcck hmm' A100 Y' M Sam., May 2Sfbcague Championship Meet W wgod hows, 41083 Y. M V Sax., 3mm X,-Nw' Xcrscy Sw.: A.A.Meu Conch, JobaYQc-You Swan Ouvud W ul., New 29-fkmghz ch, Anthony Mnggislo Cu- !sl..vge1 . KA Hoops Harb If Mi an CHEERING SQUAD THE Cheering Squad, coached by Miss Gildersleeve and captained by Helen King, displayed some very good cheering this year, Their new cheers added much to the spirit on the football field and the basketball courts The squad was present at all the pep rallies and their unceasing efforts cheered the teams on. VOLLEY BALL -A VERY exciting season was held in volley ball this year. The Juniors tied for first place with the "T" Team, then came the Seniors, Sophomores and Freshmen. BASKETBALL HE "champs" this year in basket ball, not including the "T' Team, was the class of '47, other wise known as the Juniors. The Sen iors, Sophomores, and Freshmen fol lowed in this order. l "T" TEAM HE girls making up this team are those who have earned their Athletic "T's", which represent lOO points or participation on four different class teams. This year's "T" team came out on the top in Basketball and tied with the Juniors for top place in volley ball. l 72 Tenalcin Patrons Mr. Richard Gately Mrs. Harry Young Mr. and Mrs. J. Stewart King Home Room 8 A. J. Seamon Mrs. Harvey Terwilliger Mrs. Merton G. Wallington Mr. and Mrs. Francis Carey Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Carlson Mr. and Mrs. Hopper Mrs. John J. Pullen Mrs. E. W. Pickhardt H. E. Diefenbach Robert Mangels, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Clay Mr. and Mrs. Noyes E. Yale W. Whitson Freeman Elder Girls' Glee Club Mr. and Mrs. J. Spencer Smith Mr. and Mrs. B. Alan Mayhew Mr. and Mrs. David McGiIvray Mrs. J. White V. T. Sansted "T" Team Mr. J. Elmer Westervelt "Cindy" Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Laurence Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Abbott Mr. DeFlaun Effie and Lil Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Beveridge Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Church Mrs. M. Walter Mr. and Mrs. J. Sixtus Mr. and Mrs. B. W. Angus Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Booth Mr. C. Schults Mr. and Mrs. P. E. Verity Norbet R. Pendergast "El Ocho" H. L. Muller A. Niero Francis J. Carey Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Henninger Mr. and Mrs. Farrar Tilney, Jr. Chas. F. Nelson Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Herman Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Sherman Mary C. Shafer 'jyi 4,07 ' ' Mrs. Groot Merk Mr. and Mrs. K. E. Bryson Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Kunz Mr. and Mrs. Donald Dutcher Mr. and Mrs. Farrar Tilney, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Morse Mr. and Mrs. Fred J. Held Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Marden Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Strang Miss Clara Rancan Miss Teresa Maragliano Mr. and Mrs. C. Kuver Mr. and Mrs. F. Maragliano Gertrude Bruning Kenneth A. Roome Mrs. J. Elmer Westervelt Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Seaberg Mr. and Mrs. George Piano Harold A. Schirick Mr. and Mrs. F. Merrick Fuller Ann J. Schirick Mr. and Mrs. J. Arthur Hill Mrs. R. J. Baxter Dr. E. W. Pickhardt Mrs. Mathew N. Goldner Gordon R. Green Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Green Mr. and Mrs. R. V. Elliot Miss Ruth Hensel Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Molder Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Brunke Dr. and Mrs. H. J. Hoops Mrs. William Wilson Mr. William Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Harold M. Saydah Mrs. Ferris Saydah Stephen Lockwood Mrs. Alexander Duthie Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Evans Mrs. Henry Ebbighaosen , ,..,-. .and Mrs. F. H. Hartman . Cliff Scott . and Mrs. Chester Kipp Ferns . and Mrs. Henry Stenzig .and Mrs. Earl Kohlberger . Earl Kohlberger . and Mrs. R. M. Boynton and Daughter . R. A. Ribotham .and Mrs. Daniel F. Westervelt Phone: Englewood 3-5966 Young Colony Shop Reif Sisters Dance and Dine in 209 Compliments of "Shafer's Waters" l East Palisade Avenue Englewood, N. J. Homeroom 206 CELL Bl-CCK 224 V . I O I Q - I l I I I L. frm: Aren't we the nicks -- . . '35, We bought this ad , . 1 ,' llt's very sad! "QW, . And now we're in a fix. ESM ' . A-:L':n'lQ, xp We brought the dough to pai J I , .F im ' 4, Now we don't know what to s V . ,is . "Compliments", "Best Wishes" ,. '-fm , ' V F Sounds like dead fishes, Q, -3 gf li if " ' 7 I i ' So we put this in, okay? ffggn 4?,L!Il1L' 7, I , Ji. N-, NX ' ' er . l ' ' ol 1:4 NO? . ' x +R, . , 2 no i 1 n n c 4 p u 1 1 g g q G0 BLOW. "-1+-f' f "At last we're getting out!" il., Phone Englewood 3-5988 Tenafly Department Store V 30 WASHINGTON STREET TENAFLY FREE DELIVERY P-hone ENg. 3-2495 Richard's Fruit Exchange ALWAYS FRESH Fair Prices - Courteous Service 5 WASHINGTON STREET TENAFLY, N. J Compliments of W. Post PHOTOGRAPHIC WORK by APEDA STUDIOS New YORK WILLIAM W. ADAMS, Inc. CONTRACTORS lil ll CENTRAL AVENUE TENAFLY, N. J. In Tenafly If's . . . TENAFLY RADIO SALES and SERVICE for Radios Refrigerators Gas anc Electric Ranges Washing Machines Dishwashers Vacuum Cleaners Kitchen Cabinets Ironers Small Appliances Guaranteed Service Convenient Terms Arranged 5 HILLSIDE AVENUE INear Stationi Englewood 3-5874 Established I 882 BOWER'S PHARMACY E. L. BOWER R. E. BOWER O FECHNER TENAFLY N. J, COMPLIMENTS OF BERGEN THEATER Englewood 3- I 633 Englewood 3-4862 NEWLAND C. PRIOR COMPLIMENTS REAL ESTATE - BUILDER V HIGHWOOD AVENUE and RIVER EDGE TENAFLY, N. J. ROAD os DUTHIE, Inc. "DEMAREST'S" Paint - Hardware Houseware - Gifts TENAFLY, N. J. Englewood 3-0787 IRENE B. YOUNG Antiques SW? 1 - l,4A-ti!-A 3 20 WESTERVELT AVENUE TENAFLY Phone Englewood 3-0098 Englewood 3-l8OO LOUISE FRANZ TENAFLY LUMBER AND DRESSES - SPORTSWEAR sum - com SUPPLY COMPANY for High School and College Girls and Young Women 0 Also Apparel for Younger Children 22 W. RAILROAD AVENUE TENAFLY, NEW JERSEY 22 ENGLE STREET ENGLEWOOD, N. J. The future years will come and go, The days will quickly pass, But there are things we can't forget About our Junior class. The prize we won at Christmas- COMPLIMENTS The thoughts of last night's date- Discussion in the morning OF About our being late. The mixup in the assembly Of where we were to go- They all flood back to memory, ELMER A. E. BLACKWELL my pm by-,ow on ,own There, see the number on that door Bdrbllgh Engineer Two-sixteen--yes, that's it! That chair with marks upon the arm, That's where I used to sit. And who is that upon the stool Messing with all that goo? Multiplying by inverse squares- Why bless me-Mr. Tew! 77 Phone Englewood 3-4343-4344 Bergen Builders. Supply, Inc. 60 Westervelt Avenue Tel. ENgIewood 3-8570 Keep Sharp C. W. Linton Wm' Studio HenseI's PHOTOGRAPHY Pencils 23 Washington Street Courtesy of Tenafly, N. J. 204 Wm. E. Baker G' Co., Inc. Insurance 8' Real Estate Station Plaza 55 Liberty Street Tenafly, N. J. New York, N. Y. Tenafly, N. J. Compliments of Eddie's Barber Shop I6 Washington Avenue Tenafly, N. J Compliments of M. Do CRESSKILL, N. J. 'DU' . , G C' t 5 O Qs' Telephones Bus. ENgIewood 3-0708 Res. ENglew0od 3-2847 S. G. Farnham REAL ESTATE and INSURANCE MORTGAGE LOANS Theatre Building Tenafly, N. J. Englewood 3-4953 City Meat Market Prime Meats and Fancy Poultry I5 W. 'Railroad Avenue Tenafly, N. J. COMPLIMENTS OF Homeroom 218 Compliments of Compliments of Helen B. Marshall The BOOSTGI' REAL ESTATE l HILLSIDE AVENUE TENAFLY, N. J. Englewood 3-5020 To Be "Well Groomed" Helen Dress Sho m P "Steve" Three harbors In attendance. 9 WASHINGTON AVENUE 32 'WASHINGTON STREET TENAFLY, N. J. I Compliments of Smalbenn s Baker - Lunclseonetta corner store Fountain I5 WASHINGTON STREET TENAFLY, N. J. ENQIUWOOG 3-7334 Compliments of Henry's Delicatessen ouaurv rooos - SERVICE Mr. and Mrs. WII1. F. Pell snuvs :vs rnosrm sooo N SANDWICH!! l9V1 WASHINGTON AVENUE TENAFLY, N. J. Compliments ot Mr Gordon LAW' ""' ' Hasznmsnsn H' J' GRAND STORE HACKENSACK - ENGLEWOOD TENAFLY, N. J. RIDGEWOOD Compliments of Englewood 34457 C. Solano, Prop. - cnocsms - msn mn Tenafly Auto Service mm 0 hmm Frosted Foods ws coumv now TENAFLY For Good Food NYSTROM'S , Clinton Hotel Cr Restaurant Delicious Meals Tm, 5,,,d,kh,, Catering to Private Parties Fountain Specialties Facilities for Private Parties Tel. Hack. 2-4690 Route 4 No. Hackensack, N. J. TENAFLY. N- J- EMIL KARSTEN, Prop. 79 Englewood 3-2948 Er1QIeWOOd 3-4I6l EarIe's Tenafly Diner H. A. Remington Jeweler I6 Railroad Avenue Tenafly, N. J. I8 Washington Street Tenafly, N. J Englewood 3-8364 ACKNOWLEDGMENTS New City Printing Company 1 1 , Ral'ldUEPh S Men S Apeda sfudlgs WILLIAM KAUTZMANN-Class of I946 featuring for his invaluable assistance in personal photography Arrow Shirts - Stetson Hats and lnterwoyen socks THE MANY KIND PATRONS and ADVERTISERS of the Tenakin The" oice with a Smile" HEN the nation needed her in the emergency of war, she had the task of speeding the 80 calls that hastened victory. Often no less thrilling are the peacetime messages she handles today . . . a call that may save a life . . . an urgent mes- sage to someone a hundred or a thousand miles away . . . an answer that must be obtained. There's something about telephone operating that makes each day interesting. Surroundings are pleasant-associates friendly-the pay is excel- lent from the start, with steady increases. lt's career work in a service to the people of your community. Interested? Talk to your Vocational Guidance Director. She can tell you more about this important work. NEW JERSEY BEll TElEPHONE COMPANY Produced by Engravotone NEW CITY PRINTING COMPANY UNION CITY N J ,U- wf -Mv11'giz'1ffq.:Hw"fHf 'J ,. - Y. Y . . :wlvaa . - I- gl1'll13-11"E":'1 , 1- ,Hhs f . '11-1 W'-WEEE.. .. 11 1- 1 '. '11 W ' fi94f,? , '1 ., F.. J L1 ' - r-ed 1 1 F u 1- 1- 1- ' L I ,f 1-if-.1-. N. 1 , 1 . ,- J I I ,Q . ' 4 W . 1 I . . K ., . 1 I , , . .H l I fr . -E 1 L" V- . My .,. 1 1 I 5 u I , . I in' Rx, 1 5 , v 3 K im, X 1. '.. .. ,r .111 . - 5' A 4, E .x 9 . 1. .V-Q1 ' ., 4 1 A E H .J-1 W Wg H - A.. o- 'n.. 1 ' ' ' " 1 . . ff 11:1 1 X -,1 ' ring! , il- . A 5-51' 1 lf, I 'nil 1. ' ' nu -'fi - 1 .-.1 rw' 1 ! L I -I I 1 ,:- V941 1 1,, 1 1 1- 1 N- . ,, - - , fs 1'f Q" 11' "M 'fu .' " -1 ei ' ' ' " ' .3 i J ff . I .J 5, ""1111'2 1 ' 1 .- '- 1, 4 . V l':. ' 1. " A I V. - D W ' 1 .L . 7 1 -,A 1 ' l ,a1,.,:, ,- -- , I 'V all uv V 1 .LE - XL W! w hi 05- X 1 -ff - .T 'A 1 - 'ill 1 1 " 341. .' f ' ' . - IU 'i I " TT 5, ., .. I N 1 , xg. up .,,, I I E '-. 4.5 'I jf , . -' 4. , ' A ,, 4.. , , 5 - r-. THQ' 1' 1 1 I . 5' 1 1 1' . -, Y ' . -' 'Q.?j.E - -1 ":,. . 1 V e . . ' Wi 4 V I - :Z . .fe fi .. in .- 1 -1 .M ' ' '1-11 4 Q f . I . .iq 5 ' ' .115 1 1 Agia., 1 1 5 ' M' P - I -if ' " ' ' .a I L ' X . C . L- f . A " .gh 1 3 A, . 1 Ji 1 - .. E' " 1 , 1 -X .FN X ' 4 v " I V N I' L .I , K . A . 1L,2 44 H- 1 15553 '1 ' ' I .3 Ji Q, 1 I4 1 . K- H 1 ' 1 Y " I L Ai' lg- I 'V W ' ' ' 'I ,1 -11 .J J, w , .JW 5 ,,.,'.- ,,, 3 2-Ffa' ,, fijui ' 3 -N'v'. -L 'kg' 'I X-f N 1'l.-- 3? .4 , 'Ffmnr-HIE 1 t,.,..,. V.-j,,v .. VL' . ,. 'F. 1i'J"f,9?XPli95JV'9,'f 7 1-'Q' ,, Av- ' ,Wim '!J'i'9'W' Q35 1 kr A i-'Vg iv XJ 1 !"x Hit 'M w l 1, IRI gfguiji I C 'N' :SJR-P s fxf 43 f 1 p 1 Ifvsuml yu 4, jf! lf? :fm -r r A 1 , , ,W fffxffci WJ, .. -'win It UH m.fLh 5.4.-r,.,.-QE N fsyuw QL,1,,L viglbggwfg M ,I Y 3,5514 , , 444 'we "Lf5,"'.g-'F ' 3 :lil 155 .f ikffwiwf 1 .. SJ if 'g :gm N' Q 1,9vg H . P J F JA '-M-,sn 'fo i EJ 'A ,sf .. . rw iv whiig M. " 1" 'P H1 Y '1" ,,f'gp., sg 1 , 1 L w Ag. -, u n'b Q-- 5' . 1 UA 1.x Swdlwdiillh ,l F. . f1H.. 2l w M.

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