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Templeton High School - Class Book Yearbook (Baldwinville, MA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Cover

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N SMITH RCDBE1' A UVIING R H IDDsB S LEONARD TOURIGNY CI-IES LE NAS ATKA IANE HEIXDRIFKSCN PAUL LLSKINEN RA IHELI RDKLK IAQL MIPS Q U XQJBLII IEON ICDURIGNY I B S Editor-in-Chief MARY YURKUS Associate Editors Busmess Manager RQBERT JJAXLAX Edxtonal Commxttee RAUNC LAMRI Features LAWRENCE SMITH Humor BET I 1' PARKER Sports Typlsts Advertlsmg Committee MAR 1 JRIK US ELIZABEEH FLETCHER QFIHIA SAVAGE rOBERT EUTTIF G PAJL EREDETTE VICDLA DUPREY BETTY SMITH IQHN WICTOSKI RAE MOIND DL BOIS HI EN STRQTT IUWH EATOF LLIZ IEE H ILTC HPR NORMA SM TR DOIIS It ILDEE IZ BI 5 I MARJURL I HL AT x ,RT ff " ' CYI ' I ' I .AI -AC N3 OI R 'I J ' ' I T X v r I TW I I , .4 V . ,- mf . , .r J Y Xyy fu, ,X ,X T .L . . wk,.f . L ' f rw Q' RQTEIY 'a I, J I' . DQRIF' '.'JII."XiQR I I II A 'I 'IQAXLAX ' I IR f. T .QE E I 'ARL t - ' LI RCDBERI' '3"I"IIING ELLEN STROTT IREQQEEEQTA '1"ftIII'XIG ' 'I ' -A lffiIQE'Sf rwffgll EL .TH 'Mfrf QQEIEI "Il,5IlI LILLIAII M 'GO'.'JAII RA'1'I.fLJfIL Isis OI ' '. E .V II .GN v -rv f' ' N- tl , . The Class Book The Class of I947 H nldwmvllll M ass nhusltts unis EI ly TEMPLETIIN HIGH SUHlllll a ' ' -, assi' DEDICATION Wrth deep respect apprecratlorr and arfectlon ve the class of 1947 dedlcate thrs yearbook to Mrss Mary Taylor a smcere d teacher leader and fTl9I'1 Miss Mary M. Taylor 'fr TEMPLETON HIGH Baldwlnsvllle FACULTY J 16 lS 11 F y . fv"""", Q' Y D fu ., , A I I 'zz' 1 .,f' " tif' T '21, Gzfrlfizxzzi f.f1:.: Tzvlzr fft. fl. f'1ri5':1 Ftixi .: W zu... '. za. ., ,.-p. f, ff -.-y. U -.1 A ,. --, ' 1,1 --, ,,, ,c,,4. .,.. .., , ,.., A . ,L-JI. ... N.,,... .-... ,. A-.,A.,..4.,!.., .-H. .T,J, . Dear Graduates of 1947 The Austraharr Councll For Educatlonal Research recently came out W1th the followma The school has lCI1lGd no matter what academlc levels ot achlevement are attameol unless the fmal product of the school lS an mcllvtdual wlth a cooperatwe attltude toward h1s fellow reatures wlth a vvullmartess to express h1mselt and assunse measures ot responslhlhty lf you Wlll read the above aaam and take 1t to heart you have my partma message ' W1th best mshes MARK E STINSQN I . . lr . ' 1 I . . -A , . . V I . . . . ll 1 n . . 1 I I SENIOR CLASS ADVISOR M1 S Anna M Gctrctbedlcm , ' 1 .. ,- I l .,"' SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS cndmq Ie-ft to rlqhtl Robert Woxlox cmd Rauno Lampl R D rtc Cuttmq ISI: I' ' ., 'S2c1t9d left tc riqhtb Cynthia Savage cmd C' Q ' . 8 CLASS HISTORY To compile this history of the Templeton Higt S nool class of 1947 1 consulted Waltcr Winchell s tiles for the past tour years and founa e t ltcwing int rest n at err n ws rtems about our great and worderful class a d 1 quot Good evening Mr and Mrs Town of Templeton' Lets go to press Flash September 7 1943 Today a brand ne N lass o 72 freshmen en cll a tT H S Tae rest of the school are surveying these 72 wit interest out no on can tell yet if teyll click They look promising Another Flash September 24 1943 The class of 47 has Just announced tee lection of the following class officers President Cornelius Harrington Vice Presiaent Ioyce Sherman Treasurer Iohn Brazell Secretary Roberta Cutting Stuaent Council member Rooert Cutting Class Advisor Miss Stimpson Now for a bit of dramatic news For their part ii the one act play contest 47 presented Wildcat Willie a play that should help the boys get a little sympatt y from tneir sisters 47s performance was commendable even though the award went to 44 Flash April 4 A special assembly under th direction of the class o 47 was held in the Expedltion ln looking through the Winchell files for 1944 and 1945 1 found these interesting articles about our wonderful class Again 1 auote September 20 1944 The class of 47 now sophomores at T H S dave elected as officers for the year 1944 45 President Walter Smith Vice President loyce Sherman Trea surer Rauno Larnpi Secretary Roberta Cutting M mb rs of the Studertt f ouncil Cynthia Savage and Edwin Couillard Class Advisor Mr Tracy ln December Mr Tracy found his schedule too busy when that basketball s ason opened He resigned as advisor for the class of 47 and Mrs Coleman consented to replace him Flash February 2 1945 The class of 47 sponsored a successful Valentine Dance w1t1 music furnished by Sparky Lanes Orchestra lots of fun for everyone Orchids to the class of 47 for their success witt this their first dance Qnce again 47 parttctpated in the onea trlay crtest with the presentation of Path r Takes a Vacation Agatn they did a fine Job out ttie cup was won by 45 Flash April 18 1945 A special assembly unaer t e drection ef flee Scp mar 1 ss w ts held this morning in the T H S gym The progran ons sted of a mon group singing and a quiz The files of Mrs Winchells little boy Walter for 45 a d 46 orougtt m re ne fs items of our ct ss activities tnat caught 'ny attention 9 ' ' ' ' - ' els 'fs ' 1 ' ' Q 1 ff , ,f lf N Y - Q ti. U1 ,, . -3 U, . C ' 1 1 ' ee n ' ez - A , . . 2' cl ' f r e ' a . . . 1 ' ' gi ' , h' 1 e 1 1 ' 12 'L ' . V , . e - ' . ' , 1. e ' , . I V . 1 T C ' A I i A ' , Q . . A A 5 , . gym. The main feature of this assembly was a highly interesting film on the "Thaw Asiatic . . . V 1 L. A , ' , . . . 1 , '7 , ' 1 S. ' 6 A A C ' , 1 ' , . ' 1 1 ' 1 ' ' 1 1 ' ' ' ' ' - c J c . ' V e , ' - " AQ A ' , . ' .' .he 1 ' a ., he 1 e e cta Q ' ' ' . . . . .3 c . i ' 'e ' ' ' ' ' ' ' 1 ni ' 1 w fs 1. ' tn 4 - I 1 ' LA I . Flush Flash Flash Flash I' lash Flash 7 .' 1 '15 I ' ffl :J 1 ' ..: 1. 1,21 F' i-1 fx 11. fi ." 1,1 if 13-1 1 . :f 1 i.1.ff .Q .3 v .. .. Vw ' :Y If ,wx 11, 11 12 " 1 1 ,N . 1 1 1 ' ' .1 .11 . . 5 1514 ' 1f1:.'.'. Y fl- , , V' : T, ' ' 1" . 1- rx' - ' 1,1 1-L V1.7 " "': 'Z 11 E' I 111. f .zf A 1. II, 1 1.1 A ' 1 3 ' izfi. 531- ff J-iii vfkllf '1.-il.. Flash 3 ' J V1 . Q-'ff Tp' i. 'f, Fi. S. :f'1. IQ 1 .'f."-ffl 31111. I, rr QQ Pre Emi "fr '1."wy: 'J Q' f1.f1'111' 'KIA 3 55 Q2 if i ff 1 I' V.'::i. 13-I 'ff 1.-.lI'?'EI' IW 1 +115 f' - ICI ' .: "il f fi-11 1' EH-1 .I-1 5. fy' fx .B 5 :mi h 1 2212. "W L '3. :I I 1:11. ' ' :1I. J Z- I :Elf U. 'f i 1 -, ,. A. .. . ,. . .. , . Z. .Q ALA . , I. I.. :I Il. Flush Flush rlu h Flush Favorlies of 'l'he Class F1ashF1c1sh ' H A ,.,' 1 , A' .' DOROTHY ELLEN ALVES o Templeton Commerclal The gal who loves readlng and who can t help belng l1ked by all IS none other than Dot She 1S always w1ll1ng to gxve a help1ng hand to anyone and any act1v1ty Such qual1t1es Wlll assure success for her Iumor Prom Chr1stmas Party Hay R1de Valentme Dance Frost Frohcs Hallowe en Dance Sen1or Play Cast Honor Roll l 3 4 Honorary Member of CGlhOl1C Women s Club and Templeton Women s Club ERNEST EUGENE AMIDON T1mmy Baldwmsvllle Agncultural Tlmmy really ha1ls from two towns Baldw1nsv1lle and Hubbardston He IS smooth on the dance floor espec1ally w1th Ela1ne We are sure Tlmmy Wlll argue h1s way to success Cheerleader 3 Chnstrnas Party Hallowe en Dance Frost WENDALL MERTON CAMPBELL Soup Baldw1nsv1lle General Soup that bashful guy of 47 IS an ardent huntlng lan Thxs handsome fellow can always be found durmg h1s spare t1me w1th a rod or gun Best of luck Soup and good huntmg Baseball ROBERT THOMAS CUTTING Buck Baldw1nsv1lle College Buck 15 an energet1c 1ntell1gent fellow who mmds h1s own bus1ness and gets along wxth everyone Hxs sense of humor has br1ghtened our h1gh school career Whether 1ts Buck Bob or Doc well love hlm Just the same Pro M9f1lO Honor Roll 1 2 3 4 Iumor Prom Halloween Dance A A Treasurer Baseball Basketball Class Vale d1ctor1an Semor Play Cast 12 D t Frolics, Iunior Prom, Yearbook. f 1, 1 fxfa-fj!'f jf 2 lf' Z ROBERTA THERESA CUTTING Bert Baldw1nsv1lle College Bert 1S a g1rl who can talk on any and every sublect and almost always wlns 1n the end Full of pep she IS always ready to laugh where laughxng f1ts best OfCh1dS to Bert as our D A R representatlve She ll be an ldeal teacher Valent1ne Dance Sophomore Assembly Frost Frohcs Chrrstrnas Party Iunlor Prom Record Hop Halloween Dance Yearbook Pro Mento D A R Class Secretaryl Play Cast Basketball 2 3 Cheerleader 2 4 Honor Roll l 3 RAYMOND IOSEPH DESBOIS Ray Otter R1ver General Ray IS that versat1le boy 1n sports Whenever the partys dull 1nv1te Ray youll then have a comb1nat1on of many enterta1ners 1nclud1ng Danny Kaye In case you are 1n doubt Ray IS that fellow w1th many srnlles and wavy ha1r A m1ll1on salutes to a great pal Baseball l 2 3 4 Basketball l 2 3 4 Iumor Prom Halloween Dance Student Counc1l Yearbook Capta1n of Basketball 4 Noontlme Danc1ng Lxbrary Comm1ttee Honor Roll l VIOLA MARIE DUPREY Templeton General Our trrendly senlor makes up half of that 1nseparable team of V1 and Paul She always has a smlle for every one and we are sure she w1ll go a long way Chrlstmas Party Iun1or Prom Senxor Assembly Co1'nm1t tee Honor Roll l RUTH KATHERINE EATON Ruthre Templeton General Ruth IS a qutet llkable g1rl who w1ll never refuse to help anyone 1n act1v1t1es of any k1nd She could probably QIVG some people 1nstruct1ons ln sew1ng We know that she w1ll be successful ln her amb1t1on as cz recept1on1st Frost Frollcs Iuruor Prom Hallowe en Dance 13 l I F 11, "..',f"'! Tj, f f"J7 , 1 ' , lf' , 1 1 ,I X X X fl 1.1! ,nj 'if s,f,'!,I,, W, I - fwx f 2, Class Vice-President 3, 4, A. A. Vice-President 4, Senior 2, ,4. Vi ELIZABETH ANN FLETCHER Betty East Templeton Commerclal Betty 1S one of the most cooperatrve and one of the shyest glrls rn the 47 class In our eyes Betty Wlll be successful m anythzng she does Yearbook Frost Frolrcs Iumor Prorn Halloween Dance Honor Roll 1 4 Attendance PAUL LEON FREDETTE Ferd1e South Royalston General Paul IS a qulet fellow who always looks as rf he Just came out of a store wrndow so neat and well dressed He has talents 1n drawlng and deslgnlng as shown by h1S umque posters and decorat1ons for our dances Ser1ous ness plus ab1l1ty Wlll make hte easy to meet Publrcrty Decoratron Comm1ttee Dance Commxttee Stu dent Counc1l Chr1stmas Party Honor Roll l 2 3 4 Templeton General A sunny dlsposltron 1S synonymous wlth Ianle She s a good look1ng g1rl w1th a good natured laugh She loves fun and def1n1tely boys She IS the hte of the party Dance Commlttee Decoratlon Commlttee RALPH CARROL HENSHAW Templeton Agrlcultural Ralph another of our Aggle boys IS well remembered for h1s fme actlng 1n the Sen1or Play When Ralph 1snt drrvrng that Famous Ford of h1s you can fmd htm peddlmg 1ce May you have all the succ ss your hard work and cooperatlon deserve S HIOI Play Cast Honor Roll l 2 4 Dance Commlttee 14 IANE MARIE HENDRICKSON lanie RONALD CHARLES HINES e Baldw1nsv1l1e General For left we re undecrded whether we should call hlm the class qrant or Charles Atlas When we ask left how he keeps h1s deep waves rn he says water left s a las cmatmq person to the qlrls and people 1n qeneral Wrth such qualrtles how can he help but succeed? Dance Commlttee Bas ball 2 3 Basketball 2 Treasurer of Student Councrl IACK GILBERT HOXIE Brud Ba1dw1nsv1l1e Colleqe lack 1S our sophrstrcated manager of basketball who always has a word to say about Red He loves to bowl and attend a good movle way up back We W1Sh you success as a draftsman Sophomore Assembly Student Councll Treasurer A A Treasurer3 4 Basketball Manaqer2 3 4 Baseball Mana qer 2 Senlor Play Cast Honor Roll 1 RAUNO ANDREW LAMPI Lump East Templeton Colleqe Lump 1S tall slrm loaded wlth qrlns and defmrtely l1ked by all Lump as shown by hrs lead rshrp IS one of the outstandlnq boys IH the class We are sure Lump as a chemlst w111 lead as he drd at THS One Act Plays l Chrrstmas Party Pro Mer1to Marshall 3 Class Treasurer 2 Class Pres1dent 3 4 Student Councxl 3 4 A A Counc113 4 Honor Roll l 2 3 4 PAUL EDWIN LESKINEN Leskr Hubbardston Aqrlcultural Lesk1 IS a llkable fellow who keeps all the q1r1s swoontnq Paul IS a memb r of that honorable MacDonald tamrly and here s wlshrnq hlm a better farm How can he farl after hrs tramrnq w1th the Curtls boys? Thanks Hubbardston for q1V1I'1q us such a swell fellow Chnstmas Party Aqqre news reporter for one year Basket ball 4 Honor Roll 1 2 4 15 1 . . , 11 1 . 1 1 - ' Q 1 v 1 1 1 11 11 . 11 11 . , , . . 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 ' 1 1 1 Q - 1 v 1 - 1 , . 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - - 1 1 1 1 1 - 0 V . 1 . . . , . . 1 - 1 , . 1 1 ' 1 1 1 - EDWARD IOSEPH MAILLOUX Edd1e East Templeton General Edd1e IS that happy go lucky lad who 1S always w1ll mg to help a tnend or h1s class You can always tell htm by h1s Veroruca Lake ha1r style ln h1S nonchalant way Edd1e w1ll always get along Basketball Manager 4 One Act Plays l Honor Roll l LILLIAN SHIRLEY MCGOWAN Llllle East Templeton General Small neat and cute Llllle IS surely a prxze for her man Her outsxde 1nterests are centered on Ed and Iune 28 We W1sh her the best of luck ln her future amb1t1on as a housew1fe Iumor Prom Hallowe en Dance Frost Frohcs Baldw1nsv1lle Commercxal Florence lS another one of those qu1et q1r1s We don t hear much from her but 1t ts rumored that she 1S a talented qu1tar1st Success to Flo 1n her secret amb1t1on Baseball 1 2 Basketball 1 2 Honor Roll l CHESTER IOSEPH NASIATKA Chet Baldw1nsv1l1e General Chet 15 com1cal emoyable and a pal to everyone You can see Chet dashmq about the hall Wllh h1s camera to catch us 1n our OH moments The school w1ll seem too qulet wlthout trollcklnq Chet One Act Plays l Advernsmq Commlttee Basement Com m1ttee Honor Roll 1 2 3 lb FLORENCE ESTHER MURDOCK Flo RACHEL ANN NORSKEY Rae Baldw1nsv1lle General Sparklmq eyes personal 1nd1v1dual1ty enqaqlnq qrtn and a hqure to match thats Rae popular captam of qlrls basketball team Her chlet Weakness IS Davld As far as We re concerned there ll never be another Rae Basketball 2 3 4 Valentrne Dance Record Hop Iunror Prom Halloween Dance Frost Frollcs Student Councll 3 Secretary ot Student Counc1l 4 Secretary of A A 4 Captaln ot Grrls Basketball One Act Play Cornrnlttee Senlor Play Cast BETTY ANN PARKER Royalston Commerclal Betty came to us from Orange durmq our sen1or year hlther look 1n her eye Her enerqetrc cheerleadmq has caught the eyes ot many We know that w1th Bettys Gblllly she w1ll surely h1t the top Cheerleader 4 Basketball 4 Senlor Play Cast ROBERT FRANCIS PROVOST East Templeton General Provost IS a hkable untque chap who always has a remark or an eye tor the qrrls Hrs fGVOfll subxect IS Roxbury wh1cl'1 he emphatrcally defends We Wlsh you the best of luck 1n your travels Refreshment Commrttee Checkmq Commlttee PEARL FRANCES SARGENT Pearley Templeton General Wlth her sunny d1spos1t1on and pleasmq smrle Pearl IS a qlrl you ought to know One subJect shell talk on IS Bobby May your future be as brrqht as your harr Pearl Dance Comrmttee 17 She appears shy despite the tact that she has that "come f 1.1 CYNTHIA SAVAGE Templeton General Cynthla IS a qood natured cheerful q1rl always w1ll 1nq to help out when 47 1S ln need Her clothes reveal her talent 1n sewmq Her favorrte past1me IS dreamlnq the rest 1S spent wrth M1nn1e Golly Days she Just wants to be successful and she dehmtely wrll be 1n our eyes Dance Commlttee 2 3 4 Chrrstmas Party Yearbook Bmq Commrttee Semor Play Secretary ot Class Secretary of Student Councll 2 Honor Boll l 2 IOYCE ELIZABETH SHERMAN Baldwmsvrlle College Ioyce rs that cute qlrl w1th a dazzlrnq smrle who appears to be the quret type but you should know her outslde Successful rn school we are sure she wlll succeed as a concert p1an1st B1nq Commrttee Valentlne Dance Record Hop Frost Frolrcs Iunror Prom Halloween Dance Pro Merlto Vrce Presldent l 2 Student Councll 4 Sophomore Assembly Senror Play Cast Basketball 3 4 Cheerleader 2 One Act Plays 2 Honor Roll l 2 3 4 ELIZABETH MARION SMITH Betty Templeton College Thrs quret qlrl can be found w1th a qood book rn her hand r1d1nq on her brke or strollmg alonq some pretty lane She always has a pleasant hello tor everyone We serve a long l1ne of successes to you Chrrstmas Party Halloween Dance Sophomore Assem bly Frost Frolrcs Yearbook Hay Rrde Senlor Assembly Honorary Member of Templeton Womens Club Honor Boll l 2 3 4 Pro Mento LAWRENCE EDWARD SMITH Larry Hubbardston Aqrrcultural Larry IS that qu1et reserved fellow who halls from Hubbardston THS IS thankful to hrm for hrs act1v1t1es ln basketball We ve been trymq to tmd out from Larry what secret formula keeps the Chevre runrunq All rn all Larry IS one swell pal Basketball Decoration Committee for Iunior Prom Hallow- een Dance Frost Frolics. l8 NORMA ELIZABETH SMITH Smrtty East Templeton General Norma IS an easy qornq pleasant q1rl always Wllllflq to lend a helprnq hand rn act1v1t1es 1ns1de and outsrde of school She IS a quret qrrl and well lrked by all The tteld of nursrnq can look forward to an rndustrrous worker Valentme Dance Frost Frol1cs Iunror Prom Halloween Dance Yearbook IENELLE ELLEN STROTT Ellen East Templeton W Commercral Queen of the Iun1or Prom that s our Ellen who spends most ot her t1me IH the hall w1th Ray Ellen s ambltron IS to get marrled and our loss IS Ray s qaln Valentme Dance Frost Frol1cs Hallowe en Dance Iunror Prom Chr1stmas Party Hay Rlde Secretary 3 Honorary Member of Templeton Women s Club Pro Merrto Honor Roll l 2 3 Senror Play Cast X LEONARD ROBERT TOURIGNY East Templeton eneral Pop rs the helpful lad who makes no enem1es but plenty of trlends He hates to adm1t 1t but he llkes atten t1on Whether or mortrcran or a servlce statron attendant he s bound to be a success Dance Commrttees Chr1stmas Party Yearbook Senror Play Cast Honor Roll l ROBERT WILLIAM WAXLAX Wax1e Brooks Vrllaqe General Wax1e rs wellllked by everyone ln the class For two years hes been one of the best treasurers a class could ask for lt you re ever lookrnq for Waxre you ll frnd hlm beh1nd a counter at I C Penney Company or at the pump at Eddle s and Ray s or 1n Ph1ll1pston The best to you Wax1e One Act Plays l Checkrnq and Decoratrnq Commrttees Chrrstmas Party Assembly Commrttee Treasurer 3 4 Honor Roll l 2 4 Pro Merlto Senror Play Cast 19 - I I . . , 1 1 1 1 , . . . 1 1 1 . . . 1 .. , . . 1 . , . . . 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 ' N ' XS X 1 V . ,N , xr xx Xi N 1 ' 'xv YJX ll l ' I n I - - 1 1 1 1 1 , . 1 1 . . 1 - 1 . . , . 1 1 . . , , . I I I I I I 1 1 1 1 - MARIORIE ESTHER WHEATON Mar qxe Templeton General The cute lrttle g1rl w1th the great b1g volce that we love to hear thats Marg1e We ll always be thmkrng ot you Here s all the luck 1n the world to you Basketball 3 Cheerleader 4 One Act Plays 1 Sen1or Play Cast Halloween Dance Assembly Commrttee Valentme Dance IUHIOT Prom Yearbook Chr1stmas Party Frost Frolrcs Hay Rlde IOHN TERRENCE WICTOSKI Doc Watson Baldwmsvrlle General Terry IS a'1 exceedrngly qulet llkable fellow a lover ot sports and always has a smlle Terry loves the grocery busxness or does he love eatmg? Baseball 4 Dance Commlttees 2 3 4 Yearbook Record Hop DORIS MAE WILDER Do East Templeton Commerc1al We dont hear much from Dot but 47 wouldnt be complete wrthout her Her pleasantness and ab1l1ty to get along Wllh everyone make Dot a swell companlon at all tlmes Her amb1t1on 1S to hear weddlng b lls toll congratulatrons Stan Halloween Dance Iunlor Prom Record Hop Chnstrnas Party Yearbook Honor Roll 2 4 MARY ELIZABETH YURKUS East Templeton Commerclal Mary 1S aulet demure and perseverrng She has her share of bra1ns and uses them to the1r best advantage Mary IS a hne companlon and an excellent frlend Such a hard worlung llkable person cant help but succeed Frost Frohcs Iunror Prom Halloween Dance Yearbook Pro Merrto Honor Roll 1 2 3 4 Honorary Member of Templeton Women s Club 20 1 . 1 . . , . 1 . 1 1 1 1 . . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , . 5 1 1 , . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Q ? . V , . 1 . . 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 - , . 1 I ' 1 . . . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 s ALEXANDER IOSEPH ZALEWSKI Alec Baldwrnsvrlle General Alec doesn t say much but when he do s he usually strcks to rt He has a d lnrt eye for the grr s but 'rate to aclm1t 1t The b st ot luck to you rn your future llfe and good hshmg' WELCOME ADDRESS llr Qtmson members ot the faculty pa ents anol trrends ot the class ot l947 lt IS my honor and pleasure as preslclent ot the senror class to Welcome all ot you to our Class Day exercrses You may be sure that we ot the rracluaung class are exceedmgly glaol to see you here and that we appre clate your mterest We hope that th1s evenlng Wrll be an entoyabl one 1 ans you tor comrng The are two srdes to everythmg even graduatlon has two aspects the lurworous and the serlous 'Vomght accordlng to traclltron me shall at mpt to make you and the graduatlng class laugh What you hear about the graduates past present or future may be true partrally true or not true at all so please keep th1s rn mmcl as we are srmply tryrng to b funny 'lhe program th1s evenmg has been arranged to entertarn you and not to em barrass you or hurt your teelmgs by anythrng that IS sara RAUNO LAMPl Senlor Class Presldent 2l , . l Q I I V ' , . L . .1 1 A . 91 9 A l r D , . 3 , . . o , xv . F , U Y . kJ 1 , L . N 1 1 ,. . f ' - . 9 . -w-Vs 1 - . TQ . . , L .V Z ,,, , . . . .. 7 LL 1 ., . A , , LS L - . 1 . 4 J I ' I I -. . . . . . ., Q , 1 V . .A- IVY ORATION Mr Stmson members of the faculty fellow graduates f nd parents ladres and Gentle men Today we are at peace today we have r turn d to nor'nalcy Government controls have been ltfted the draft no longer extsts the O P A ts a memory scarce goods are back on the counters Yes the war 1S over the globe conflrct has been frrtshed for two years Yes we are at peace Let us pause a moment thrs evenrng and look at that great word Peace Peac accord mg to Webster IS a state of rest or calmness Peace as defmed by the Thom1sts IS order 1n tranqurhty Order rn tranqurlrty three wo ds that should be part of our every day l1ves Stop and thmk 1f each one of us here tonlght should adopt these words rf each 1nd1v1dual 1n th Umted States should make thts def1n1t1on part of 1ts l1f 1f eacft natron 1n the world would mcorporate these words 1nto 1lS dally ltves what a change we would experrence tn a world torn asunder by yealousy revenge and confltct The panacea for all 1lls No' But a tart on the road to the construct1on of a pea eful world mstead of a path to destructton People everywhere thought hoped and prayed that the attalnment of an ldeal world was to be accomplrshed by the formatlon of the Umted Natrons Orgamzanon We strll hope that thrs ldeal wtll be fulftlled by thrs great assembly But how can nat1ons work together pomt under d1scuss1on IS not to hrs hklng Such an assembly IS bound to fatl Ideals are attamed through an lnterchange of rdeas not through hasty exrts from meetlngs No ladles and gentlemen peace cannot be accomplrshed by one man or by a group of men peace must be desrred by people Peace must be sought for by 1nd1v1duals A true peace can only be reached through the work of 1nd1v1duals each one from the l ad1ng statesmen of the world to the lowest person from the oldest persons to the youngest all peoples regard les of race creed or color must want peace and must be w1ll1ng to work w1th one another to obtam thrs rdeal before the world can be at peace Peace cannot b obtarned through force peace cannot be found through the u e of atomtc bombs Jet bombs or any other kmd of d structrve forc Peace ts an rdeal that must come from the p ople We Amerrcans want peace The Umted States d legates have gone to Russta to try to sell Amerrcan peace to the rest of the Confer nc Requests from Moscow s em to rndrcate that our rdeals are to be crusued The Umtea States knows tftat peace cannot b had by keepmg defeated nat1ons ln abJect poverty and servrle labor Our delegates reahze that people enclosed by the rron hand and shut off from the rest of the world by tte tr n curtam cannot be at peace Today the Umted States as a leadmg world power has taken the Job that was thrust upon tt to lead the rest of the world back to peace We are trymg to show the Drctators that 1947 IS not the feudal era of the medreval age We are trymg to befrtend all people be they Chmese Russtans Greeks or Germans What we can do to ameltorate thetr lot we are domg what we can do to encourage them we shall conttnue to do so Hrstory tells us of the years 22 . ' , , V , D , ' - , e e , . . , I ' l V if - 1 ' ' 0 . , , - V, I ' I I ' e ' ' ' ' ' ' ' e, ' I ' ' I , I . I . . s ' C , ' ' . , , in a group, if one member takes a daily or semiedaily constitutional from the meeting, if the . . . I I Q . I I I - cs -, , ' ' ' 9 ' , s e , ' . ' e c ' ' e e. e ' ' ' l . ' ' I e ' ' ' ' ' . ' ' l ' o ' . when freebooters sold tretr captrves 1nto slavery Th1s cannot happen today We know the m1sery of these people We know the meanlng of the word servrle W'e know the lot of the slave To thes shocked people of Europ we are holdrng out a better exrstence a freedom that 1S an mnerent part of eacl' mdtvldual a freedom guaranteed to each rndrvrdual the rrght of lrfe lrb rty and the pursu1t of happtness Stat smen cannot for one moment forget that nattons exrst for the welfare of people that governments exlst for the welfare of the famrly States were made for people not people for the state Wrule t e Unrted States and rts mrllrons of p ople are concerned w1th remedyrng mter nat1onal affarrs we cannot forget our own nat onal problerrs Today rn Amerrca people are restless they are uncertarn as to the future Labor and management are at extremes Prrces contrnu to sprral 1nflat1on rs lookmg at us and to all tndrcatrons wrll be soon confrontmg us Our reconversron to peace has been hampered by the lack of balance between balance and demand True we are all strrvrng for a better standard of lrvrng because the better the lot of the people the better the natron But before thts rdeal can be realrzed agarn we must cons1der rndrvrduals Labor must unde stand management management must under stand labor and they both must realrze that t'1ey cannot and must not rnfrrnge on the rtghts of socrety An understandmg between government labor management and soctety wrll pTOV1d9 the only solutron to nat1onal problems Thls understandmg must be a proper respect for the r1ghts of all rndlvrduals not the r1ghts of a few racral and relrgrous drscrrmlnatron A true prcture y t one that the maJor1ty of people try to overlook or camouflage But such procedure does not solve these problems and as long a they go unsolved so we shall have them The only solut1on to such problems rs a return to the ethrcal concepts of rndrvrduals respect for the rrghts of others governed by rel1g1ous prrncrples A mutual respect and conslderatron IS a fundamental must rn the lrves of all peoples before real peace can be establlshed here tn Amerrca or throughout the rest of the world We of the class of l947 wrll shortly enter a world that IS lookrng for the dove of peace a world frlled wrth sufrfermg war wearrness C1V1l war a world seek1ng balance power sphere of mfluence control over peoples ltves Although we are entertng a battle whrch many older people feel can be treated best by tndolence we must clrng to our rdeallsm and trust rn a greater future a world of peace W have trred to and have succeeded rn solvmg rnsurmountable problems of the past We can and w1ll do our part rn solvmg th1s problem of peace Each one of us you and me can by concerted actron work for or peaceful country and a peac ful world We can accomplrsh thrs ldeal by our part1c1pat1on rn the socral cultural and pohttcal GHCIIIS of our town your state your country and your world Thrs rdeal can be real1z d by actron not by apathy We must practrce tolerance and understandmg rn our own communrty We must partrclpate rn the town government erther as offtcrals or as electors We must part1c1pate 1n our state and natronal governments we must use our god grven r1ghts of freedom to assure a country tl assure a world of equalrty and peace for l1fe ltberty and the pursurt of happmess for all peopl for all natlons b they Amerrcans Hebrews Engltsh Chrnese or Germans If every mdrvrdual rn every land wrll ass rne hrs responsrbrllty of respect for others he 23 g . . . t . e e, A ' J ' ' , " e ' A . e , A , I . ' ' ' ' ' ' e ' ' ' - ' ' . 1 . I ' , The picture in America today is not exactly a pretty pictureeestrikers, delinquence, and ' 1 s , . ' ' 14 V I l f T ' ' l I 2 l 1 1 ' f . e ' ' ' ' ' ' U es, ' , 9 ' I I ' ' ' ' ' rr ' T ' ' I w11l help to make a world sale lor everyone a world C111ZQ1Slm1D whlch 15 tloe only guarantec tor a better and peaceful world tor hrrrself and all men 1-le wlll through 'ns hopes through hrs rdeals help to attarrt a world ot lasttng pea e and 1 berty unxted by nftutual understandtng for a reallzatlon of a world of happmess for all humantty Fellow graduates Thts week marks the comoletron of cur 1 ur years at Tenpleton Hrg School We are novx reaay for our varlous vocattons sorre o us to hrgrer learntng As a class we w11l be par mg Whatever vocatton we may cnoose let us keep before us tue ideals wtth whrcl we have been lmbued whlle at Templeton H1gh School Let us chertsla the great lesson taught to us by our datly contact wrth our fellow students ana our teachers that of coopera tlon wrth one another and respect for the rxghts of each rndxvrdual We are thankful to our parents to our teachers and to our town for grvmg us the opportunlty to obtaln an educatron rn the true Amertcan way We are now ready to go further eaulpped wrth an educatron that wrll make us a credrt to our parents a credtt to our school a credrt to our town and a cred1t to our church CLASS SONG By loy e Sherman To the tune ot Symphony T H S School we know so well All our love we tell lNow that we leave T H S Thrs song we smg today As we go our way Why must we grreve? Forty seven The class ot trtends so true Forty seven We re sad about leavlng vou But we know we must go T ll S As we go along Hear us smg thls song Our thanks to you Our thanks to you 24 ,A , Y11 1 ' 7 A, t ,, . . . ,1 1 1 , . 1 ' C lo 1, ' ' 4 a 'L ' A 'J 11 .. 1 . Y 1 ' ' I 'Y 1 ' l . I , . 1 f A . 1 f A V n -v 1- I ' f . . .1 , A , X RJ f , . 1 L . . . 7 , CLASS PROPHECY On a frne day rn lune ln the year l957 Eddre Marlloux and l were crulsrng down Wall Street a very good street for two successful m n lrke ourselves Eddre be1ng the presrdent of the cttys Bachelor Club and l berng the vrce presrdent and also the treasurer We were as l sard crulsrng down the street rn Malllouxs l958 Jet propelled Rolls Royce convertlble s dan wrth two radlos 3 spotl1ghts and push button wrndows when out of a clear butter mllk sky Eddre sard and l quote Ray l wonder what the rest of the gemuses of the class of 47 are dolng after these past lO years Flyrng low er ah rrdtng nonchalantly down Broadway we almost ran down an over eager fellow trylng to fltrt wrth a skrrt To our great surprtse we found that rt was old Trght Llp Amlclon stlll loolctng for a w1fe After talklng to htm for a whlle we found out that he was runmng a 300 acre farm rn upper New York State and had Just come to the crty for a l1ttle fun We dectded to go to the Metropolltan Opera House and there we saw none other than the great opera star Betty Smrth an old classmate of ours As we felt the need of refreshment after the opera we stopped rn at Earl Carroll s for a spot of tea for we are strong prohrbrtromsts The lrghts drmmed the spotlrghts shone and out sauntered another old classmate lane Hendrlckson who IS the feature attract1on at Earls After the show she told us she had gone to see a ball game a few days ago and had seen Rachel Norskey who 1S now catchlng for the Brooklyn Dodgers whom lack HOX19 manages Poor Ltppy l They never gave htm another chance After lookrng unsuccess fully around New York for more of our classmates Eddle and I declded to take a trrp to Boston and stop at our old home town on the way A few mmutes after leavmg New York we arr1ved rn good old Templeton lt drdnt take wrde vartety of work Alex Zalewskl IS a su cessful buslness man runmng a b1ll1ard parlor ID Balclwrnsvrle Vrola Duprey 15 now mrlkrng 20 cows a day at Adams farm rn Baldwrns v1lle and Betty Fletcher runs the skr tow on Ladder H1ll Paul Pre-dette rs a successful farmer ID the Whlte Hrlls of South Royalston Lrllre McGowan 1S happrly marrred w1th three sets of tr1plets as well behaved as she used to be Cynthxa Savage and Marlorle Wheaton are conductrng square dance classes at the Grange Hall ln Templeton every Frrday nlght men admrtted free loyce Sherman IS happlly and fmally marrred and res1d1ng 1n Phrlrpston The best blueberry prcker the Thousand Acre Swamps ever had we understand Dorrs Wrlder IS also happlly marrred and the head of a large department store ln Gardner Slnce Mary Yurkus edrts The Gardner News all Templeton Hrghs news gets front page space there Larry Smrth who IS runmng an escort bureau rn Hubbardston IS very successful and the fastest man ln town at that Roberta Cuttlng now has grey hatr as she 1S Q tegchef Qt dear old Templeton Hrgh The last one we found rn town was Ellen Strott She IS busy brtngrng up a couple of future basketball stars l wonder whom she marr1ecl'P We left Templeton then and contrnued on our way to Boston Drrvrng through Roxbury under polrce protectton of course we stopped at a restaurant whose stgn read Provost s Bar and Grrll lce Cream bar that IS Worlds Best Spaghettr and Ravrolr by that famous cook Dorothy Alves We went rn and had a delrcrous meal Provost looked so blg and strong that I ask d hrm how he kept hrmself lookmg so f1t Hrs reply was that he drops rn every 25 t l 9 A , 1 l I us long to locate our former classmates in the home town. We found them all busy at a , . , day at Rauno Lampr s muscle burldrng gym rrglct around the corner After leavrng Provost we rode by Fenway Park The Red Sox now have eleven pennants flyrng under the flag As we watched the crowd stream up to the park we heard a vendor yellrng peanuts' pop corn' rce cream and root beer' We turned a corner and saw our old pal Robert Cuttrng nollerrng at the top of hrs lungs We chatted a whrle and he told us that Pearl Sargent had won frrst prrze rn the Natrorral Most Freckles Contest and that Florence Murdock rs run nrng a Huntrng Lodge up rn Marne what she s huntrng for he drdnt mentron The three of us agreed that rt had been no surprrse to us when Bob Waxlax was appornted the Secretary of the Treasury after the last electron He assured us that we would frnd the rest of our classmates rn Calrfornra where he had seen them when he was workrng there last summer We decrded to fly to Calrfornra because we drdnt want to wear out the trres on Eddre s car We hopped rnto a Unrted Arrlrnes plane and found that the prlot was Ieff Hrnes who rs now called the Hubba Hubba man of the Arrlrnes Betty Parker the stewardess was strll tryrng to catch Hrnes Who knows what wrll happen rn ten more years? Brddrng our frrends good by when we arrrved rn Calrfornra we took a taxr to Hollywood In Hollywood we met Ralph Henshaw who rs a brg movre producer he has two chauffeurs to drrve hrrn around Ralph gave us rnformatron about several of our classmates rn Holly wood Chet Nasratka rs now a famous cartoonrst almost as famous as Trk Tok of Lrttle Orphan Annre fame Ruth Eaton leads a hectrc lrfe handlrng all the brg Hollywood partres Norma Sm1th a prosperous nurse lrkes her work very much for she rs takrng care of Charles Boyer rn hrs old age Ralph also told us that we mrght frnd Terry Wrctoskr and Soup Campbell at the Capacabana frnally loosenrng up and grvrng the grrls a break On questronrng Ralph further we found out that Paul Leskrnen after takrng Agrrculture four years rn hrgh school frnally decrded to become an engrneer Hes makrng a good start all rrght hes engrneerrng a wheelbarrow for the town of Hubbarclston Frnally Ralph sard that Leonard Tourrgny turned out to be the best Shakespearean actor of all trme but that he was strll lookrng for hrs Ophelra rn Hollywood and on Broadway Everyone turned out rust as l expected, for ours was The Best 1947 Class Templeton Hrgh School ever turned out rn that year .1 , 1 . , ' , rr . , ,, . r . . 11 1 V 1 - , 11 . W, ' I , . . , 1 . . 1 . , . . . . . 1 . . 1 1 - 1 . 11 11 , . ' - 1 1 . I I 1 1 . . - . 11 , . 1 1 11 . . . . . 1 1 1 11 11 . . 1 . . 1 . 1 1 . . . . . 1 . 1 ' 1 . 1 . . , . , . CLASS WILL We tne Templ ton Hrgh School Class ot IQ47 b rng ot sound rnrnd and drsposrng memory ao 'rereby declare thrs to be our las wrll and testament MARIORIE WHEATON leaves ler chatte pox natur to Mary Borey We have yet to hear what Marys vorce sounds lrke ERNEST AMIDON leaves hrs overgrown foccl hords to Allred Agnellr Now the scho I wrll know that Alfr d strll exrsts DORIS WILDER leaves her constancy rn love to Paty Columbus who plays the held To Elarne Rannrko TERRY WICTOSKI leaves hrs drmples Maybe now shell grve us a smrle once rn a whrle ELLEN STROTT grves her naturally wavy beautrful locks to Dorothy Beane Now Dotty you wont have to worry about damp weather rn the mornrng To Albert Carpenter WENDELL CAMPBELL beaueathes hrs abrlrty to blush when ne sees a grrl Where there s a skrrt there s Albert prevent Mr Strnson from havrng a nervous breakdown next year PAUL LESKINEN leaves hrs loyalty to Hubbardston to the natrves They can have rt CYNTHIA SAVAGE grves her extensrve wardrobe to supplement Ethel Murdock s dun garees RAY DesBOIS leaves hrs humor and antrcs to Irwrn Gates Come on Sleepy now you can be the lrfe of the party IOYCE SHERMAN bequeathes to Murrel Bourn her one and only drmple Now youll have two Murrel DOROTHY ALVES leaves her Job as a typrst for Mr Tracy to an unlucky Iunror who wants to rurn her eyesrght To Melba Ballou ALEXANDER ZALEWSKI beaueathes hrs argumentatrve nature We hope that next year Mrss Guenther wrll have a chance to vorce her oprnron occasronally ROBERT PROVOST leaves hrs braggrng about Roxbury to anyone else who rs lucky enough to come from that drstrngurshed communrty To Robert Burns NORMA SMITH leaves rrer auretness so that Mr Tracy wont burst a blood vessel next year EDWARD MAILLOUX leaves hrs ready and wrllrng car to any under classnran wrth transportatrcn probl ms PEARL SARGENT leaves her conservatrve nature to Martha Eurbush Now Martha wont be rnvolved rn so many arguments LARRY SMITH beaueathes hrs Jeep to lun and Marrorre Mrller to help them get out of Brooks Vrllage X I , 9 . , I Q, . . , , 1 . y . I 1 r' e . ' ' ' c '. . o ' ' e ' ' , ' I , . To Paul Waaramaa, BETTY SMITH leaves her fondness for algebra. We hope this will ' e , RUTH EATON leaves her cooperatlve sp1r1t to an underclassman who wants to be as cooperat1ve as Ruthte always was To lo Coobtc ROBERT CUTTING leave h1s reputat1on as the fastest man on the team BETTY FLETCHER qtves her tnendly smtle to Phrhp Amadon We hope hell use It once tn a wh1le RALPH HENSHAW leaves h1s deep vo1c to Carlton Bourn to replace h1s own soprano volce unttl 1t changes To Marlon Brehlo LlLLlAN MCGOWAN l aves her petlte SIZG LEONARD TOURIGNY beaueathes h1s romant1c lead 1n the Senlor Play to Wlllard Bavmeau lt Tourrqny can do 1t you can W1llardl To Rtta Stone FLORENCE MURDOCK QIVO her quret nature ls any comment needed? CHESTER NASIATKA leaves h1s corny Jokes lperlodl He doesnt thlnk anyone would want them BETTY PARKER QIVQS her q1qqles to Blanche Dennts IANE HENDRICKSON bequeathes her ablhty to snare a man to Agnes Waxlax Dont carry 1t too far Aqnes IACK HOXIE leaves hrs perennral Job as athletlc manaqer to anyone who wants to earn an easy letter VIOLA DUPREY leaves her ab1l1ty to talk last to Carl Rrchardson Now the class wont have ttme to tall asleep whlle Carl vo1ces h1s opmron them MARY YURKUS bequeathes her excellence 1n commerclal subJects to Mr Whlte Now he wont have so much d1fl1culty wtth that typewrlter To Ado Tenaqha ROBERT WAXLAX leaves ms tnterest rn the I C Penney Company RACHEL NORSKEY leaves her aqthty on the basketball floor to Dorothy Adams Make we most of 1t Dot You know the team w1ll mtss Rachel To loe Geyster RONALD HINES qrves hts super natural halr Now loe wont have to borrow bobby pms To Mrldred Strom RAUNO LAMPl leaves h1s lrlendly nature The world lsnt entrrely wronq Mtldred l ROBERTA CUTTING leave my pep as a cheerleader to any three underclassmen who take over next year We tre class ot l947 do declaret IS to oe our last w1ll and testament rn w1tness whereof we mereunto set our hand and seal thrs 3rd d y ol lune IH the year ot our Lord nrneteen undred and torty seven lS1Qnedl CLASS OE l947 Roberta Cuttmq Aqent Wttrtessed by the Mxsses G G and T 28 ' , ' s ' . . PAUL EREDETTE qives his neatness to the Dora Brothers. He has enough for both of tl ' , . ' ' . PRO MERITO ROBERT THOMAS CUTTING ROBERTA THERESA CUTTING RAUNO ANDREW LAMPI JOYCE ELIZABETH SHERMAN ELIZABETH MARION SMITH JENELLE ELLEN STROTT ROBERT WILLIAM WAXLAX MARY ELIZABETH YURKUS I Q? ,. 3 r I .Q I W.. W.: , J , V K DMB I ,g Q. 'vi 'I my ,Z ' 2 x A 3 I I N v ? 'X ' Q 2. A I STUDENT COUNCIL IStaf1d1ncx Ief' 56 fn o 1 1f5,F lg C 1rl Rlrhfzrd CSeoIecI I z mmf ATHLETIC COUNCIL F 'N 1 ' , 1 "t r1':f11J 11.0 T- 11,1111 Ffffrt LfPIr:r1w, AIIrC'I GQQI7-It, H'1y11zr,'1:, f -iw. T' ' sin X5 :f:' IMII'-121: 1 T1"'11?'.1"'1. , eft ic YLTQIIV Iijf Q 31.91111 TI I. 11. 1 Qt 11? ?If,:111f-y Fi 111' FLYT :Id IIi11"S 17' 11.116 I. 111111 Rachel Ncrskey .QI ,S i'11:,1g:., II . 1 frs W fylqr. . 4 4 ly 111 111.1 Jef' ' 1, ::.' F- :,'1:, 1.1 31. 1. 5 :y1:.":.1 fs? if 3141 I..-1.11 E ,- 3' 'I ::.I If: 'It II-:-11-'. ff' :ff-fi .f-f' T' 1:,::,' H135 .II . 1,1' ..,- -:. Q: 5 :':': 112111 1' 1-E., , fl 1:-Qt' y fr. '.'.'E.1t'- 1:1 Ili. S1:1sQ:1. C Schedule THS ATHLETICS 1946 47 Templeton Htgh School Athletrc Assoctatton opened by electmg the followrng offrcers Presrdent Raymond DesBo1s V1cePres1dent Rob rta Cutttng Co Treasurers lack Hoxte and Robert Cuttrng and Secretary Rachel Norskey The Athlettc Counctl consrsts of the follow rng Mark E Strnson prtncrpal Gordon W H Whrte Grrls coach lohnP1rs Boys Basketball coach lames H McLaugh11n boys baseball coach offrcers and the elected members Arleen Graves gtrls representattve Raymond Grucan boys representattve Mtss Anna Garabedran Teachers representatrve and Rauno Lampl Student Councrl representatrve All AA matters are voted on by these commrttees T H S 19461947 boys basketball team closed a very successful season wrth a record of 15 wtns rn 23 starts Much to the credlt of Alec and lohn Flrs The season was cltmaxed by the team wrnntng the Vrllage Hrgh School tournaments held rn the Frtchburg Y M C A who were the sponsors by brtllrantly defeatrng a hrghly favored Chelmsford Htgh team 4126 tn the frnals after taktng the precedrng ganses at the expense of Westford Academy 33 29 and Acton Hrgh 38 29 At the conclusron of the tournament the team was awarded a trophy to be played for agarn next year and a trophy to keep These were the frrst trophres won by a Templeton boys basketball team m qulte a few years Each member of the team recetved a gold basketball for hrs efforts Three of Templetons regulars were voted to the all star team and recerved stlver basketballs they were Ray Grucan rrght forward loe Geyster center and Captarn Ray DesBo1s rrght guard The school lS truly proud of thrs team The boys team cornprled 840 po1nts aga1nst 729 for the opposrtron Co capta1n of next years team Ray Grucan was hlgh man wrth 282 potnts 1n 23 games for an average of 12 3 po1nts per game Co capta1n loe Geyster of next year s squad was runner up wrth 203 potnts tn 21 games an average of 97 po1nts per game Drck Huhtala had 142 po1nts 1n 22 Games Captarn Ray DQSBOIS had 100 po1nts rn 19 games Other members of the team were Lawrence Smrth Rrchard Carpent r Paul Adams Paul Leskrnen Robert Cutttng Henry Hetnrk Robert LeBlanc George McClure Leo Dennrs Leonard Tourtgny and Alfred Gaulzettx Members of the class of 47 were Lawrence Smrth Paul Lesklnen Robert Cuttrng Leonard Tourtgny and Ray DGSBOIS T mpleton Templeton Templeton Templeton Templeton Templeton Templeton Templeton Templeton Templeton Alumnr Belchertown New Salem Academy Cushlng Academy I V Barre Belchertown Thayer Templeton Legron Gardner West Boylston Templeton Templeton Templeton Templeton Templeton T mpleton Templeton Templeton Templeton Templeton '21 Barre West Boylston Athol Clrnton New Salem Academy Prtnceton Cushrng Academy I V Conant Clrnton Thayer O O I - e 43f33 ' 19-16 43f22 35-37 36- --14 l7f52 35Ae33 ' . . 31-f34 ' 41ef27 54e-14 29 --37 e 54ef18 ' 44efe23 43-N30 ' . 45ee33 ' 33n'6O ll -56 62Ae23 ' 22 A42 31--34 GIRLS BASKETBALL TEAM T11 1 ncrey I1 qmne 4. Q BOYS BASKETBALL TEAM 39 I S' rv.-.' ff' Ai r,1'1t, 12, Fnkfr C. Iv"'l1 1 ' T. 51.-i1.t, 1:1 LI, 1 x y C Q, C111 1 - ., I. GY Zllii Ivfr. Cv: 111111 'Whxfe CCZJH. C31-M1111 Q " iz 1.11.0 V. I'V::f:g11, T!f':11.1':er, M. L1r1u,,11 C. Lf 1 1 ri f IW. 1'1ni11:15 I, 111111 Lf. FL11:,11:l. 111.11 '. L 1 I .. 1 ':,,,.,T". ..:. 'n I or raA THD season J1 1 r oss ornnual 3 orwara a t Temple on cl splte we Iac Fltchburq Tournament mslc a CJ a oy arc LI or abe a ers Ir r Cosa WSI Alberta Allen A1 n Graves ncl Irere Gr V S t rs W1Il b avaraeat otatr O G r r to o Slfterm 'I B tty Park Marlene, R ell D ,1 Aoarn ot P ulrr Bourqeo1s The team Scored 324 DOITIIS to tltetr oppo rrt IJ Forward Martlyn Br Ino cored I3O polnts on an average I Il U5 R bert 1 C, r C1 IO3 pomt fn an a feraqe ot 85 Temple an Alumm Temple on Temple on Templeton Templeton Templeton Barr 'met cn 5 IG IIDICIOF Orange Templeton Barre Templ tor N 1 Salem Tefnpl rpl B A y'Tourn r n Our Composlfe Girl and HAIR EYEBROWS EYELASI-IES EYES INIOSE LIPS TEETH DIMPLES COMPLEXION HANDS LEGS CGIRL AGE 'WEIGHT HEIGHT ROSTURE I ISROSITIOI. SMILE FIGURE IGIRLD RHYSIOUE CBOYI GIRL Illen Strott Lllltan IVIcGowar Betty Fletcher Elcrenc Murdock Betty Pa I-:er Llll an IVIcGowan Rooerta Cuttmq Ioyce Snerman Manorr Whecrtort Betty S r ttb Iyyce S rrnan I7 y Qrs I I5 pour cle In IN rslc y F I I Bc y E o -ter Cyntt ct Savage A '3 o Ne Salem Prln ton Orange Conant W1ncbeSter Pet rsrar O BOY Iack Home Robert Cuttlnq Robert Cuttmq Wendcrll Campb II W'e cloll bampbell Raul Ereclette Robert Waxlax Terrence Wlctoskl Raul Ereclette R ru o Lcimpl I8 y are ILIU pouncls rlr I-Iensl a ILAI L sk L oxxrd Tcurngny Paul Leslanen TeI 'I 33 29 'ffestfo ' oaoierny Ter:'Ir,Ie'o:, 29 Z9 Acton TeI leton 4l 25 Cnel r' The Templeton Hgqli ScriooI 19454947 oil? bvskeioal team olosed C. fairly u I I 1' tl Q I es, E wins and one tle jfiie. The TempIeiorI 'Womens Glu fI If 'e4 o the catsiorroinq irls team In the jrstrxci, was ue' ' Princ t , e A ' tI t that the team lost to 'r vt lu I pl y : e Ie I , 'lee , a I o e I Le te 'I e 2 - Q' Io Cay 'I Rachel Norskey Ioofoaptatn Ma Ilyn BreI I IaI , e er, Catherine I II Roberta Cgzxpbo , orotnf ' 3, an ' ' ' ' Q Ie I za' 3 If. ' e 5 ' I, o . : E9 1 'arxpboll :eco 5 Q X tc 44 'IQ I I ' Tertgrtletor 29 IB t 28'--20 e Ten po on I5 IB ' Ice. t 23 -QI lN1n'Ie tor T r le I I5e-23 I8ee28 I9- A50 A 43-Y-21 e I I3fI8 ' A ' 38fI3 ev I ,Teton 22'-22 e II 3 Terr J etcn I3 og Shb I ar Ie II I I B Io ' ' ' I ' e I e I r n f O A I I ' I I F ' 'e rr. C ri ' I r he I 1 ' T , I Stl.-3'I. Sft.-Qin. I Raciel Io ct Rc ,li II I w E I No:-:naSirIItl1 Ra' Ye Lien AGRICULTURAL BOYS iStandma left io r1qhtJR Leland I rredette R Mlller R Henshaw E Cuttmq E LaPorte George Page and Harold Page fSeated left to nqhtl Mr Curtxs C Lawrence P Adams E Am1don R Henshaw l.gSm1th P Leskmen and E Swanson f THE FRESHMEN CLASS from YC v left to rlzluil R Murray R A1ken w Chaqnon T Coffey I Cote E R Mann KSeLond rfw Q ht? R C dm ora e y c Lnl A G ulzeitl Mlss Taylcr Ccla s dvlscrl E LLIBCSSICIC .' P aaa lc I D 1 1 r ns! S jg Q-ffwu? MM I r, rn' yr '1 'lsa JIU f I Swanson Fvensen P uvlkes t nlm as Vcnncy ue,-C . . A , . . ' l E . . ' , ffl ' 5,0 Ju, H S Wi. g . , . ' , l". , . . , . , . . ' J-, lof1 i rin . .lun , I. D , I. K ll , R. Sion.. F. llzxznffl, I. L . , P. Cal' Lus, f. Q1 ', ' S C1 ' , . l' V 4, 'L f.: ' l lg, f. .lf , F, r-Unis, Cllfrf nw, lcif 1f, yifqhtl G. bczzfm, M. Fu Eiusl., l. Mxller M. Sfxcm, M. H znzol, E, S fx ' it' , P. '.'.'l1it mf-y, F. li"Q'.iL'1S, S. Eouiell, B. Flanders, H, Arrher S. 4.'.'l.iy 3 le G. Lee. fl-A Milli if iff' if Il :lil fl. C1 '. A ft, R. R 1. , R. LeE.,:r. 1 F. lill. lil, L. '.'.'hig'k5ile, F. fic Iif.4:l.tf.n,G.A1l:Qn G. P1ae,C. Ratlllz' , G. Tu 'k.1, Fmnkli 1. F. L- - , R. undlzlom. , f h 34 ,, I Q , ' x If 5 THE SOPHOMORE CLASS om row lct o fhtl M Bare S M Makl M Hutchens I' Morrx on A Ma1lloux F' Errclcson Mr me Clch vsor I. tr tt I Helmlf B M nn I7 Adams ISGCOHCI row left io rxahtl I-I etnxk R Leland E Murdock E R nrulnco I Lvans E C Boon A Zalms Iwoponcn R rrmbell P Bourqeols M Lmeen I Fred te CTh1rd row lei 'lo 1'1CIl'llIF McClure R Mrller R I Coobxc F Cuttmq N Ashford E I Amldon O I-I Page C Gate ,E JUNIOR CLASS Basso B Denms M Breh1o M Welc I. nc A Graves C Kczlcl Ilss Pearl GJQHIPGY Cla s AdV1SOI R Beam R Grucan I1 r sion ore IFIISY row left 'o C Mahoney E Ehnstrom CSecor1d row left lo r1qhtIC Dora M Breh1o C Cormers M Qulnhsk M Mrl D Beane E MCGO van M Cuttma I Sundm H Hockey T LeClerc I Woodsury WVaxIa1c A Aqnellr ITh1rd row ell C I'1Gl'll A Terxaalla A eClerc C Vhchdrdson I. Denms A Ev ns R Carpenter I Geyster P VVaaraama W Bavmequ A Lawrence R I hal R Dc S Zalewskl R Adams 35 M-4+ 11441 ff,-I 0 ' . Q Q5 CFI , li I rig . I i,1l, Plmpia . I ', . , X. 'S , . ' " , . C' i , o,. ,rd ,-. . 'f' 4, .Car ',. ', 4' ,, et, W . r, . ' I N I ' A J I l'-Al 1,1 1- f ki ,JM 1 wig J U I I I 1 I ,I I 5 . ' ,.1' ' . , 's ' , , ' , . , 'a ' ,M.B 'I . , . . ' 'xq ,1 . ,, , . , . ' f, . ' , .fuf 1, . ra, iw.,- + 'ima The Class of 47 In Our Eyes MOST BRILLIANT MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED MOST TVIOST AMBITIOUS SERIOUS MOST RESERVED MOST POPULAR BEST NATURED MOST OBLIGING MOST BASHFUL MOST SOPHISTICATED MOST PERSISTENT BEST MANNERED MOST MUSICAL MOST ATHLETIC BEST DANCER MOST HUMOROUS MOST ARTISTIC MOST DRAMATIC EST LOOKING CUTEST BEST DRESSED BIGGEST DRAG WITH FACULTY NIEATEST PEPPIEST STUDIOUS MOST IASTEST TALKER LAZIEST BEST GIGGLER BEST READ 'VIOST COOPERATIVE MOST LI ELY TO MARRY FIRST JIOST SOCIABLE LASS AUTHOR LASS POET HOTTEST 'IEMPER BEST SIIXGER MOST POMANTIC DONE MOST FOR SCHOOL VIOST RESPECTED BIGGEST EATER VIOST VERSATILE MOST ORIGINAL Grr Ioyce Sherman Roberta Cuttmg Betty Srnlth Marnorle Wheaton Florence Murdock Mary Yurkus Rachel Norskey Norma Smrth Ruth Eaton Mary Yurkus Ellen Strott Dorothy Alves Dons W1lder Ioyce Sherman Rachel Norskey MarJor1e Wheaton Rachel Norskey Dorothy Alves Manorle Wheaton Rachel Norskey lane Hendrrckson Cynth1a Savage Betty Fletcher Lrllran McGowan Betty Parker Vrola Duprey Pearl Sargent Vrola Duprey Betty Smrth Ruth Eaton Llllran McGowan Rachel Norskey Cynth1a Savage lane Hendrrckson Ellen Strott MarJor1e Wheaton Dons Wxlder Roberta Cuttrng Roberta Cuttmg loyce Sherman loyce Sherman Cynth1a Savage 37 BOY Robert Cutttng Rauno Lamar Paul Fredett Rob rt Vtfaxlax Lawrence Smrth Lawrence Smrth Raymond DQSBDIS Robert Provost Leonard Toungny Wendall Campb ll lack Hoxre Ernest Am1don Robert Waxlax Robert Cuttmg Raymond DesBo1 Raymond DQSBOIS Chester Nasratka Paul Fredette Ralph Henshaw Wendall Campbell Ronald Hmes Paul Fredett lack Hoxre Terry Wlctoskr Ernest Amrdon Leonard Tourrgny Alexander Zalewskr Raymond DesBo1s Paul Leskrnen Robert Waxlax Ralph Henshaw Robert Provost Wendall Campbell Chester Nasratka lack Hoxle Robert Cuttrng Edward Marlloux Rauno Lampl Rauno Lampl Robert Cuttmg Robert Cuttrng Raymond DesBo1s I O ' l Q3 NOISIEST lane Hendrickson Ernest Amidon I I ., C . C . . L . . . 1 . , L I . 5 X 1- QQ Kiwi Can You Imagine ry ng C1 er oc lue ina r iaq na V! ra al Can cl as iec ssi Rob rt uttina du 1DGsl boy l'1 r ass Roberta outtinq wit 1 bad manners ay s 1 'po ular everyo V1 la Duprey w1tlaoutB I Ruth Pa on n t willing to nelp s meone Elzab 1 Fl tener not srnilirq Paul redett SlODD1DSl boy in the class lar Hendrickson not hanging on to Eddie Ralp H nshaw s llinq electric refrigerators lack HOXIQ qoina out with a blonde Rauno Larnpi short and dark Paul Leslcinen not beinq friendly Edward Mailloux not pursued by lanie Lillian McGowan a six loot oaslcetoall player Florence Murdock talking about someone Chest r Nasiatka not showing oft Rac'1el Norslcey with a feather bob Betty Parker not talking about Iefi Robert Provost being anything but qood natured Pearl Sarqent as a peroxide blonde Cynt ia Savaqe as a wall flow r loyce Snerrnan speaking loudly Betty Srritn worryinq about her sub1ects Lawr nce Smith as a wolf Norma Smith oernq sarcastic Ellen Strott without Ray Leonard Touriqny as a rnortician Robert Waxlax trred from Penny s Mariorie Wll9UlOVl as an unsyn pathetic person Io in VV ctoslci without Soup or I H D r s Vtfilder withput Stan M ry Yi rkus no donna her ior eworlc t oroua A exona r Zalewskr witi a brrq t p1eery sn ile M s Go ab dian as an old rnald M s Gu nther lard to get alo'1a with Miss Taylor qivina a short assianrnent burr s o ina disliked by Aa e boys S1 sen rati a Shakespeare C 3 N1 1 oor pos ure e wit Q rnu tac M ly c1.aua ln not 1av1nq car trouble I Dirotiy Alves no' '.-for 1 11' 'bout Lo. la o l ep Ernest Arnidan not b Q i1 . .1 e 1a' Q ' : pbel' . tl , la ilirt, We-'C' ' ' 'xr' ' '1 1 fre cl '. 4 7 ' . ' R riond De Bos no. , p 1 with V 'O ' I 1 . . 11 A 1 f f o t ' ' 'C 1 ' e-th e l ' ' 1 . e Q t 1 V . ie 1 ' '1 ' . h e e ' ' . Ronald Hines without a wave in his hair. 1 - 1 ' 1 1 . 1 'e ' ' . 1 . L ' ' , . C N' J . a 1 1 ' 1 l1 I1 i1 lily. 1 e 1 :1 '1 1 . is 'r e ' . is' e 1 ' . Mr, Q' 'Q 'e'1 ' gi , Mr. tn- '. A . Mr. Tr 1: ' 1 'QE1 p A t . Mr. Whit '21 1 s' he. ,f Af, ' L1 , 3 1 .1 Ak,4 l.AA , I lirliglwwg CLASS DAY JINGLES Cynthra Savage our fashlon parade Is the very best dressed lass In fact I th1nk 1t s safe to say She s the neatest 1n the class Templeton I-Irgh turns out some smart krds Seems funny but 1t s true Betty Sm1th s on her way to Mass State And there s an example for you Norma Sm1th has got a horse The horses name IS Sllm When he gets loose he runs ltke And Norma after h1m Betty Fletchers long lashes Could make her qurte a Ilrrt But we ve yet to see the fellow Whose feel1ngs she would hurt Who IS good at argu1ng In almost every way She s GOT to have her sa L1ll1e McGowan our cute l1t e ass ls lrked by all you see But Edd1e Breh1o IS the one Who takes top pr1or1ty Ruth Eaton IS a talkat1ve Q1 Who l1ves 1n Templeton Where there s a group of chatter1ng glrls Ruthre s the central one Mary Yurkus 1S so shy It often makes us wonder why She Just can t seem to make a selectron To offer her happlness 1oy and protect1on Margle Wheaton Is the best Nlghtrngale O T H S GIRLS Th1s g1rl knows a Stan rather well Stan too thmks that she s pretty swell Although he s hardly ever aroun It s seldom you see Dons Wrlder frown Its rumored rel1able sources say V1 and B I are thataway Each mornmg you frnd V1 and Paul Talklng together IH the hall Who s the g1rl from Boyalston? Whos the gal whose full of fun? Who remrnds you of that Mame'P Betty Parker IS her name She s the g1rl of soph1st1cat1on She 1ndulges 1n fl1rtat1on Youve guessed of course Just who I mean Ellen Strott our Iun1or Prom Queen Small and dark w1th lots of knowledge She ll soon be attendmg college W1th Irmmy she IS frequently seen Roberta Cuttrng has long blonde ha1r At her studres she s more than farr Thrs peppy cheer leader for T H S W1ll we re sure be CI great success Who s the g1rl we all know A star of basketball fame I won t keep you guess1ng Rachel Norskey IS her name Everyone knows Florence Murdock Sedate reserved and shy? Why 15 she so very qu1et7 Im sure I dont know why We never saw her angry So dont let 1t be sard That quret Pearl Sargent Lrves up to the name of Red Who s the p1n up of our school Who lrkes wtth the boys to fool It s lame who s our l1ttle Jewel Over whom the boys all drool , , I I 1 . ' ' ' I , . , I . I I ' y I I V Dorothy Alves, that's the girl, Iovce- Sherman 15 the qlrl we mean , Y! n ' ' , 'tl 1 , ' ' l I , l I I I . ' ' 'rl, I ' , , , , , I I I . I I ' ' I I f . . . ' . - I 41 ,Q 1 CLASS DAY JINGLES r X cyfy UGC PQ'myQ F S cz valuoml UGS L WD know Bfffmsm f Q FUI C f DQ rggsur Q 5 wma C1 cur fum, tl I rf Hmes f 5 VI wcw M111 n1rt1f1Q1Q1 B111 LI Q ulwuys there 1 J Iff f T1 G 1y W U pnflr F rr I f But tcxlkb gf Hurtfcrd to H12 last Eddle M-:311Houx CIVIVGS ms dads Car We FQ told FQ- rcvels P ar cmd fm QL COLIISQ we all km W 11 S CI fable F me ng Jcr YWIQSGQ class-Qs less F9 s UD Q Tum dark hams-d boy wmo s rather qulet WP1o came from Mczmo fmd wont deny 11 W'1rns frlwcxyb ki mg TCIHIGY sny 1 ,um pfl V L H q 5 q 1 S Il' lfllqf 100 Short nor TOO all HQ mud CI IDC1 ecid Ure sgen toqgther In QQOC1 bad 'r 1HdlffGT6T1t we-c1t1er ct 1 1 lfnky Jond 1 lr-Cd guy Is Ruww cmf I ' sn Qur PYQSICIQI t fer two yvcxrs now HQ fmll d that Oli CQ well cmd low' I A1111 bvm y I1 Q1 tl v G Harem Puuu 1. Wu d i GY 1 goo bfn rrcl 1 '1 F D. BOYS In Svrmq Hooert Przvfst D fonhy Llqhtly turns to pwasurfls CWGQU In M15 sensor of romcmcc ,md 1 1 He wcmts 10 slmlo unc S122 A . fnflver Mara T0 qt? QUCS U p Q Rfxy DQSBCHS w1H ngvfr Qtcry away Uv physlque of cm cxthleta tall and 1CfIIl HL O numbgr 0110 mc I'1 on th T H S mam 1 Us fo c . IQ U f , C Hwlwrt Vuttmq 15 hm DCII19 You H always fmd hun m me gon He Whlles away Mme at Kmq S Gulf Qtcmon A qcxs attendant IS hls occupcx lon If you run out of gas OT qfbt CI flat me Lfloncxrd Toumqny IS the man 'Q ure Alexander Zcxlewskl U true lush nm 16 We-11 maybe lt s 1101 but Just tk Q Kczfue Alex s qot that 01 lush toucu He Ccm make arguments of TILQLIICJ mu NV110 15 also 0 f1QTY mcm NVMIO Others not so pcme-nt Would hke 10 qxve hlm CI tcm Lwrry S mm emoys the 392 In Wh1Ch we drwes 10 sd 001 Bocuuse 11 runs 10 sun mm As CI qemerul rule Tfrry WICTOSKI d1Q11k9S w mem A most poculmr trim N 5 H 0 r 1 ' .uw mum L CI luki HCIIP-Q s NC S151 U L hrs IS pw I 11 s ws CL 'C I Hy 43 H233 i N .1 lg . wo I- 11 W A '- T ' , ' . LJ 'H ' V Hi' . 3 V G41 V 4 A uv V lv gg "L ,xy ,f 141 t , '. er i' 1 A ' U f T in f -1 1 1 - - ' K ' 1,,,. H, 4' fm: 'ge C131 1 xt Hz.. VV, VV? 'ITV' S2114 L11 ff Q' ' VVH, V I, V' , .L ' f VY, Hy, .,'eir11L1sh, , - V - : M ' '. Us "" 1, J U 11 1- '1"" V ', 4 9 ... A . VW Vis 1:15 : f xtesf ff2Hf,'.'f m the 316155, VV'l'1'S HIC f Tft jf 'E 'Ili H? YJJM, 5, 1 Fly lfjrkfj wi my ,QISSI Vxflxfjs The felhw JI1 H16 b Ill? Pr: 1 P m, pm, 3155 :vpn fxlsf, :V ml ' " Q 1 , , , . , wg . , rv 1 V X N K A '47 ' A 1' -dl', JA .gn - ,,' WN' 'I. V ' ' LQ' f. V ' ' ' ' ' ' w f . V 1 I . .1 I . XY W A v 11 A Q- v f ' ' ' 1 V YS Sv A ff 32,5911 for 'WTO 1 ihe firls 'L 1 . ' i I 9 :il luck tho mrmcrqer Cf bcxsketbcrll, S Hue tecxche-rs hem wnh Tim Allllliflll, IS 3' L . . L t , ' 7 T111 CH, :A ,VN -ELI' A , f 'I ' ' ,gg ' .N L r.,.,,i, 11631 fi C11 ly, ' I ' 1 . , 1 l A Y K . A , A ' Q '1 V A 1 ' . K . 01: ,fx :Im gin:-tt ice, ' ' , W ' 'f' ' V 'Q , 1 us Mm, C111 , A ' - ' ', Iusli lwcxvfy l T fskitxf,-xl 'z , T1 , S"bII11 ciuy IIITX "UL, llffll c?1Q:1rJfQ,- 211.1 1:1 nd, Am t1f,:1, ., CTA., ym: H ,M 1.1511 .1011 E" ,2 .y Q1 d TQ. Hx ilrzvil' x:r.,1.11iCi lt: nr '13 ' V-8, 'I' v 3 .Q :gftk , fill fxid :L1:z1 .DELI Q late, TY1 ' 't ' nl Qt, H95 115. Curls fine find icy, II' k EQ gi., funny, Tis u::.gg:. ietisgiizv' iztszis mu bcyf But Q53 ec. Q11 wet. I CLASS GIFTS DOPOTHY ALVES A stenography notebook to supplement those she will receive at Bay Path next Eall ERNEST AMIDON A car so he wont have to bribe Hensnaw to take him to Hubbardston WENDALL CAMPBELL Pace powder to help hide his many blushes ROBERT CUTTING A piece of string to t1e on his finger to remind him of things he frequent ly forgets ROBERTA CUTTING Needle and thread to h lp her continue to make her pretty clothes RAYMOND DESBOIS Some hair tonic to keep his unruly hair in place VIOLA DUPREY A tractor so B I wont mak her pull the plow around their farm RUTH EATON A box of crayons to replace all those she used in making so many posters tor class activities ELIZABETH FLETCHER A horse so she can fulfill her dream ot going out West PAUL FREDETTE Cold cream to help him keep his rosy complexion IANE HENDRICKSON Gasoline tor obvious reasons RALPH HENSHAW A book of driving instructions look these over carefully Ralph RONALD HINES A hair net to keep his wavy hair in place IACK HOXIE Bottle of red ink to remind hlm of a certain redhead RAUNO LAMPI A date book to keep all his dates stralght PAUL LESKINEN Two cows to remind him that he was an Aggie boy at THS LILLIAN MCGOWAN A rolling pin to help Ed decide who s boss FLORENCE MURDOCK A horn now maybe we ll know when she s around CHESTER NASIATKA A can ot corn need we tell you why? RACHEL NORSKEY Stationery so she can write to Dave BETTY PARKER A shovel to dig her way out ot Royalston ROBERT PROVOST Map of Roxbury he can have it PEARL SARGENT Bobby pins to remind her of someone CYNTHIA SAVAGE Two curlers so that on rainy days her bangs wont get straight IOYCE SHERMAN A comic book now maybe shell smile occasionally BETTY SMITH Pencils you ll need these at college next Fall Betty LAWRENCE SMITH Blonde Doll now he wont have to look for one any longer NORMA SMITH Thermometer to use when she is in training ELLEN STROTT A puppy to remind her of her present love LEONARD TOURIGNY A piece ot ham to remind him of the Senior Play ROBERT WAXLAX A penny so he wont forget where he works MARIORIE WHEATON Bird seed tor our little canary IOHN WICTOSKI A bag of groceries in case there is an unexpected shortage at the First National DORIS WILDER A cook book so Stan wont get indigestion MARY YURKUS Asperins to cure the headaches she had as Editor in chief oi the Year Book ALEXANDER ZALEWSKI A box of candy to sweeten his disposition 45 EDWARD MAILLOUXe-A dictionary to improve his spelling. Where Have You Heard This Before Dorothy Alves Ernest Amldon Wendall Campbell Robert Cuttmg Roberta Cuttmg Raymond DesBo1s V1ola Duprey Ruth Eaton Ehzabeth Fletcher Paul Fredette lane Hendrrckson Ralph Henshaw Ronald Hmes lack Hoxre Rauno Lampx Paul Leskmen Edward Ma1lloux Lrlllan McGowan Florence Murdock Chester Nas1atka Rachel Norskey Betty Parker Pearl Sargent Cynth1a Savage loyce Sherman Betty Smrth Lawrence Smrth Norma Sm1th Ellen Strott Leonard Tourxgny Robert Waxlax MarJor1e Wheaton lohn Wrctoskr Dorrs Wrlder Mary Yurkus Alexander Zalewskr Stmson Whrte Curtls Tracy Mr Macl.augl1l1n lV'1ss Garabed1an M ss Taylor lvltss Guenther Hey L1sten' Well What Do Ya Know About That' Sure but Who s the fastest man on the team? Golly' What a revolt1ng development thrs rs' How My gosh' Well Hey Now You Take the Democrats Oh gees oh man' Oh yes' much credrt do l get for that? WHAT d ya mean? Ieepers' Well Thats what they say' Skrp 1t Who me? Sure Aw nuts' For Petes sake' Oh Frddle Paddle' Oh brother' Golly day' Oh you donkey' Ieepers' How you makrng out? Who sard so? Oh Really? Pardon Me? For corn s sake' C mon Good lord' l dont know l a1n t domg anythmg' You fellas ought to know' My Wll9 and l Now boys Accordrng to stat1st1cs What Say? Well Well l l1ke that My goodness' O Rfvbert Provost .eeeeew.w.V,.............,...,,.,..,Y,,,,.,....Y...,,.................,, What's the assignment? ' .w,evw.......l.V..VV.,.Vt.VV.................................tY.t..V...t....................,.u..,,. O. K. Mr. ' ,,,ll,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Ar,,,,,,,,, , ,,,,,,,A,AV,YYVVV,VV,,,,,,,V,V,V,,,,, -, Mr. ' ..,..,,,,,, ,,.,..,...r....r.....r , ,.rrrr,,,,,,,,,,r,, r,r,,, , , , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , ' Mr. ' ...,rttt O r.., ,,rtrrrtttrtttrt, , trtttrt to tttttt ,,t, O , , V d oe ooe C 11114 era 11 may ra U SBalS V1ola Duorey R11 l1 Eaton z P lr Fl Paul Freaelt lane Hendrvlf on a r Hens Civ' Rc lfllfl P11 es TCICK l4OXl9 Raunc Lamo1 Pau Leslanen Edward Ma ll ux L1ll1an M Gowan Florence Murdock C1 est r Nas1a1ka Rachel Norslcey Belly Parker Rob rl Pr Vost Pearl Sarqenl Qy11tl11a Savage loyce Sl1er111an Bel y S111 Lawrence S'111tl1 Norma S1n1t 1 Ellen Slrofl Leona d Tounqny Roloerl Waxlax Mar1or1e Wn aton lolw VVlC OS41 Dons W1lder Mary Yurlcus Alexander Z rlowsla S ns Il Won Curhs Tra y 'vl Lada l1 MISS Gar loea an M153 Taylor Vlme Gueotner Tuneful Tales nl1g 1-un IYIJ DGCTQP r Y l- My Tolfoold O 1 rrnylfffl 1 1lll'lQ P 1 e 1 A Far Jlany l1f111 ll lff 1k y lr 1+ S 1 Tana 11nL Slender Tend r a11d all Ll Tso V ryM rry L11 l Fall lr1 Love Too E D1 y Here Comes T11e Br1de lm Tusl A Yod lmq Co v G rl HJMGR esap Tlll a B1q G1rl Now Glo Hov l Hale To G lU11l1T1 M r11nq nl Laaly Tll R d Qynllna Tll Lcve 111 A AprlePrT1 T c llllllllll A1111 M1Sbel1av1n Pr1sor1 r G L v TL Best M '1 PENNlES ITOH1 Heav Il Lnatlcrbox IQ Alw 1275 You Tl1111lc Gi Ev rytlnna L zyB e 11r 1 r Pal1011Cf nd Port tml Q 11 Ma n Hy n1oeG1Yo11r G N You Wlnt B Sahel d Dcrotly 1 ,,,,, 11 ,,,,,1,,.,.. .1 ,...,..,, 11 1 1 .,,, 1 Mio .1 f Ili Bay 12112. 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P M Q 11 sz i: 'xr .,f?r+jg- IIC' 1, rf, " S STIIQSCT-Q: v. v: :i 5 if f '1.-'T Ifeg mziuegi? 4 BEST WISHES HEYWOOD WAKEFIELD COMPANY GARDNER MASSACHUSETTS S' f .2 1 5 f fl . :.. 1' If iz, THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK GARDNER MASSACH USETTS EVERY BANKING SERVICE MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION OF I O I I 1' :Any cw "'If.If,fj Br'f'.x't1It-j.1 ffw JUN. L T.i-g ,1 ,111l: 11.5 C1 1 ,ir rf, L it 15 9 I fI',f'. , I III I :5 ff-2. .i. THE WARREN KAY VANTINE STUDIO INC OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER FOR CLASS OF I947 I32 BOYLSTON STREET BOSTON MASSACHUSETTS O , . , I :'.:.f . : I 'E xg. fi- ,I all ILS T1 1lI,I".' ' 21:15, lf. 3 COMPLIMENTS OF GARDNER TRUST COMPANY GARDNER MASSACHUSETTS 5 BATES SHOES LEE HATS S h o p a t "The MEN'S STORE OF GARDNER" Specializing in Smart Furnishings for the Young Man SPORT COATS SLACKS S TS TIES HOSE LEOPOLD MORSE TIMELY SUITS Quality Merchandise at Right Prices SAMUEL KAPLAN JR 32 PARKER STREET BOSTONIAN SHOES CONGRESS SFORTSWEAR COMPLIMENTS OF CUSTOM Er MODERN UPHOLSTERING CO TELEPHONE GARDN ER 273 GARDNER MASSACHUSETTS I . - - HIR - - , . IvIPl.','iil'1'f1SZ H :mir iz' :1.'A'ti5 1,111 z'1.'f1 QT. tri' 17- p :"T. 3: zz fi my xi :ii 1' 1 -rpm y iQ: 1, ::1,iAg' 1. Tr. :tri xfi g , 1 Mr. fixriis LEO REPON EN Insurance Broker COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE 63 Parker Street Gardner Massachusctt Maki Bulldmg Telephones OIIICE 948 W Residence 948 R TRAVEL AGENT NOTARY PUBLIC BINNALL S RADIO SHOP KELVINATOR REFRIGERATORS ZENITH AND R C A RAD OS I , 5 l I , I -I O I . . . I IiQBf?L'I'A I 'TTTIIAQCQZ rs xy. f.'?ILS C, 5 ' , :1,.:A:'y MH QY'?II1'7:SI'lIfI izg tfzwr. B.l.?.B.3.R.3.i f. 1'5+,f. Iflf ' r"::. gimp ,ff-'51, ,Url Qir, 1,31 . F COMPLIMENTS OF THE JUNIOR CLASS PRESIDENT RODNEY BOURN VICE PRESIDENT CECELIA KOZIOL SECRETARY AILEEN GRAVES TREASURER RAYMOND GRUCAN THE PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER COMPLIMENTS OF SOPHOMORE CLASS ALBERT MAILLOUX MARIANNE HUTCHINS KATHLEEN MORRISON ROGER ERICKSON Q SKIXITI: IF- 11.1, 1. -A . ,f A: rf 'iygi':Q . 1: AA.' 21,1 51:13 Lf ,fIQF'T'I'Ef2 E - ' 1115- :,-1' T 1 II, 11 ,1::, ' 51' COMPLIMENTS OF TH FRESHMEN CLASS PRESIDENT ALFRED GAULZETTI VICE PRESIDENT PATRICIA COLUMBUS SECRETARY JANET EVENSEN TREASURER ERNEST HAMEL COMPLIMENTS OF SIMPLEX TIME RECORDER CO Orlgmotors of TIME RECORDING EQUIPMENT BroncheQ an Prmclpol Cshes In the U S A and Agent In Many Foreign Countries FATF EP y E7 S . , . .H . 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COMPLIMENTS OF T H A Y E R BABY CARRIAGES CHILDREN s FURNITURE GARDNER MASSACHUSETTS Wuth Best Washes TEMPLETON FARMERS COOPERATIVE ASS N INC Templeton FEEDS SEEDS FERTILIZERS COAL GASOLINE AND OILS BOTTLED GAS FARM AND HOME SUPPLIES COMPLETE FOOD MARKET Telephones 257 4075 Boldwunsvllle Massachusetts VIDIUI D I I I ., . ll Il L I Qduli Bti? ff' :H y 'L :if 'f riL1:.ry Qt, -jf5c?rxi:s1Ic'fs1I 2313? LILLIE: I :gpg sz Ik'1f gi size is STQDCIS lei Lrg czmcxqf-d Io Que. COMPLIMENTS OF O W SIEBERT COMPANY BABY CARRIAGES DOLL CARRIAGES VELOCIPEDES GARDNER MASSACHUSETTS If Its Hurd To Fund Save Tame Go Fnrst To GIIIID OW PEAIISO S 5111 dzzera Shoppzng Uenfer For Complete Assortments RIGHT STYLES TOP QUALITY FAIR PRICES VFXLMX W4 co y mean Well m 1941 More was 5 fir SI it I1 19112 t re were ro mmm QOLfd gnc ln HA! ro Cir 61 , . . 9 4 'v ' HAY: A1110 GI1QI1I1i,?I'S gxrff Cortuizjy IEIUIQIIIU driving euSia:I'. YHA. I 1 Inzii 'l',LlZ131? HAY: H , ' E f , . my Ce, 5 11 . 1 A Eze: ' 1. mfg I ff 1 I ' F ' , COMPLIMENTS OF COLLIER KEYWORTH COMPANY GARDNER MASSACHUSETTS COMPLIMENTS OF SAUQUOIT PAPER COMPANY 'P fl ,QP-.,m: Q wif tl ' v Q 1, i T: .:i 511-' Ls 1 . 1' ig ii. l :A I. T. EOKM COMPLIMENTS OF E. MAC LEOD Proprietor of CLOVER FARM STORE Templeton GARDNER BASSINET CORP Bassmets ' Wardrobes and Furnrture 61 Barthel Avenue Gardner Massachusetts HOOK BOATS I2 and I4 feet ROUTE 2 TEMPLETON RODS AUTO ELECTRIC SERVICE AUTO SPECIALISTS 85 Jean Street GARDNER MASSACHUSETTS Q I Lu fl "ft 1' 1':,1:.Pi III. nr fl'.i rr- I,ll'l.'2IQ ii :tub MAHGIE: Be" 1155- 1- H' fx" 1 Diff, g,1.,Li:L f 'A.'11lfEOTI, COMPLIMENTS OF TOURIGNY and SON TOOL AND DIE JIGS AND FIXTURES East Templeton Massachusetts Telephone 2I23 R Telephone 841 M COMPLIMENTS OF LeCLAIR MANUFACTURING CO TOOLS ' DIES ' METAL STAMPINGS Travers Street Gardner Massachusetts GARDNER ARTIST STUDIO Nestor Makl 8 Son STUDIO AND HOME PORTRAITURE COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY 63 Parker Street Telephone 6I5 Gardner Massachusetts COMPLIMENTS OF THE CHETWOOD FINE Fooos ATHOL ROAD TEMPLETON H ms tl e Il WN your hams bay? IAMPI Sawed me OD I my Imqer LADY How drecxdhsl Hex d d you do It AIVIPI Scxwmq 64 I4 , I LAD 'Z WI1, " I3 :cuter 21 N ' ' . , 2 ' t , Q r ' OH. : , 1. 'J I ? COMPLIMENTS OF THE CAMPUS TEA ROOM AND RESTAURANT 7 PLEASANT STREET GARDNER, MASSACHUSETTS Telephone 7I8 W A J BIBEAU Proprietor A J BIBEAU HARDWARE CO HARDWARE ELECTRICAL AND PLUMBING SUPPLIES PAINTS AND WALLPAPER 59 Parker Street Gardner Massachusetts We have everything for your Plantung Needs SEEDS FERTILIZER GARDEN TOOLS WHEELBARROWS ETC Buy Early Whule Our Stock Is Complete COLUMBUS ATLANTIC SERVICE ZI9 South Mann Street LEE TIRES ' EXIDE BATTERIES PHONE I487 GARDNER DAVIS HARDWARE COMPANY Telephones III or II2 I7 Pleasant Street SPORTING GOODS BUILDERS HARDWARE DUPONT PAINTS AND VARNISHES GARDNER MASSACHUSETTS DCCTGR How S tho cl CIHIPIOH UITIQI odQry7' NURSE Wfcmts to get out and break S011 G world S records But he st1II hub I J A BLbBQIS H W ll ck tr vorleis re or 65 Q . . , . I O O - 3 ' , -1 Q I e 1 . : . ,, 1 , ' . ' ' 1 QI er. DQCTQH: Your ie:11g7erQ1t11re's T1 I111r1derd grad 5519, Clxxmp. R I Y 'W I 0 rn CI1 do I Emve tu gap In Ere: '19 1. f" ,Q Ci? Good Luck to the Class of '47 PAUL J PEASE COMPLIMENTS or B ENGSTON HARDWARE COMPLIMENTS OF JOHN J WICTOSKI COMPLIMENTS OF TEMPLETON MUNICIPAL LIGHT DEPT TELEPHONE 323 CENTRAL STREET BALDWINSVILLE L A Tourfellot Manager L6 . . , g.11:.1.'1 I'-I1 farm, tl. I g :Nay rwf zskysf 'mg 01. A5 IL- W151'--fi IBM IULLIII. rt fy Jug '.'f-14+ :fi !I1UII11I'lZ1lj "H sw IGI, sci q'f,d.I' COMPLIMENTS OF BILL'S TAXI SERVICE CARS FOR ALL OCCASIONS DAY AND NIGHT SERVICE William Ayers, Jr., Prop. CENTRAL STREET Telephone 654 BALDWINSVILLE, MASS. COMPLIMENTS OF GARDNER TEMPLETON STREET RAILWAY MAGNUS A CARLBERG INSURANCE I4 CITY HALL AVENUE GARDNER MASSACHUSETTS HOWARD M BALL INSURANCE AGENCY INC I2 Parker Street Telephone 265 GARDNER MASSACHUSETTS C You tak ke Cu TG 67 I , . I ALE : I Ii 1 ' HOT. CHET: I'vQ got I0 Talk sc you can urxderstcmd me. COMPLIMENTS OF GERALD C. CALL Manager of FIRST NATIONAL STORES, S. S. BALDWINSVILLE MASSACHUSETTS JOHNNYS SERVICE STATION Sa es STUDEBAKER Servrce 220 MAIN STREET TELEPHONE 1845 GARDNER COMPLIMENTS OF CHARLES HUGHES PACKAGE STORE MEATS and GROCERIES 33 Pleasant Street Baldwmsvllle Massachusett TEMPLE STUART COMPANY BREAKFAST ROOM FURNITURE an DINETTE SUITES Baidwmsvullc Dual 345 Massachusett BCIQ O I I - - . I I . . I S d . . . 3 MP. STINSCY TL feskgilrsz ti.fg1,:if5 President Eiics. DES NO: T14 Ixxrieriizlier. JOE'S TAXI COURTEOUS DRIVERS ond PROMPT SERVICE Telephone 227 Gardner Mossachusettg COMPLIMENTS OF RED BOB RED EAST TEMPLETON MASSACHUSETTS COMPLIMENTS OF W T GRANT CO nown for VoIueS I8 PARKER STREET GARDNER MASSACHUSETTS COMPLIMENTS OF TAYLOR AND CHEATER GARAGE A L A BALDWINSVILLE MASSACHUSETTS IL 09 , I I 0 K o , IJIIIQQS CIYIPIISIIIIIIQH n:1rI4f I L-fIT.i'1'fl X- ILTIII ITTI T'?:1',ff1 r1Ic1I IILTII Qxzfi '.'.'1if'iIS f11.'f 2.19 '.'1f::1 Y-'fgfiifii ET gr? Sits: I ILQIVQ IKE-QI 'LQYCHP 61111: ff y ,UT 'f",IIL sy gp :itz I111' In iii It-fit-J-r f'.C,II1 ".'Il'T'f. A stizrtcd. GREENWOOD RADIO 6' MUSIC CO. RADIO REPAIR - MUSIC SYSTEM . AMPLIFIER SYSTEM Central Street Phone 383 Baldwinsville, Massachusetts STEWART S ONE STOP SERVICE TIRES LUBRICATING VULCANIZING RETREADING TEXACO PRODUCTS Gardner J ALFRED LEBLANC CLOTHING STORE CLOTHES FOR WOMEN AND CHILDREN I IO Parker Street Gardner Massachusetts COMPLIMENTS OF BALDWI NSVI LLE CASH MARKET RIVGI Food Store QUALITY AND SERVICE Telephone 335 IMJWI F Fl 73 I LI. .'I IIT . 'fXIl,,1l..'IlLj WEIIII IO di 111 6.131 fflfil TIlQ1QL1A,IS IISICIIECI VIIIIL Xfire!-f1i'T1,1. 1.11951 1 11:1t:I ELO cczztie is :QE f1:1LII Instruction. "Ab2'.'e CII, Eiiys ' 1,-3 111. 'Lf yfwgr cgfstggiziq i',1ICj:.'s firi-, reruzxm COOL COMPLIMENTS OF W. N. POTTER GRAIN STORES, INC. WORTHMORE FEEDS BLUE COAL HAY - STRAW - MASON SUPPLIES Dial Baldwinsville 339 BILL S MARKET QUALITY MEATS AND PRODUCE Central Street Baldwmsvllle Phone 308 COMPLIMENTS OF SMITH FUNERAL HOME INC 69 VERNON STREET GARDNER MASSACHUSETTS Clayton E Brown Prop Telephone 77 W Telephone 77 R COMPLIMENTS OF WHOB l490 on the dual YOUR STATION with programs for YOU MSS Ir r Q ml 5 y 1 , ull I 9 I . , . wwf' 'Y-' ' me g,-,g ., -, ,. ,V ,X .4 ,. 1 H ,N I I A . V,f3,.f,.,,. 'I t .Y-kJT, ex II xr, .fel ,QI ,.g.,l1,-3f.1t..,If .. alle' me QC,.,.,-.,. :.. A Q 'u ' rw ,N F, ,I ,Ugg " Tom: F ,Y if ,ff gitzr I3... U- 1 1., ,ITQLC1 I L. .Lie-I. .Dent nc: iff Ciiigfxifor lf'?ffI 2.95 Cfiftil , Q1 tt1ii.,i-'1 Vi, ' I have QQ," -. COMPLIMENTS OF GLOBE FURNITURE COMPANY 35 MISSION STREET GARDNER, MASSACHUSETTS COMPLIMENTS OF TEMPLETON LUNCH Telephone 4565 Common Ruth and Snowball Prop Best Washes of PEASE ORCHARDS TEMPLETON BUY WITH CONFIDENCE AT GARBOSE BROS INC Kuppenhelmer Good Clothes Stetson Hats Arrow Shirts Florshelm Shoe Knut Tex Top Coats Clipper Craft Clothes Interwoven Hose McGregor Sweaters and Sportswear Sport Clothes Nationally known merchandlse rs a guarantee for satlsfactlon Youll always fund what you want at our Men S Store GARBOSE BROTHERS INC 8 PARKER STREET GARDNER MASSACHUSETTS CPII yc sdycuo 72 ll ll Il Il ., . - - - S . . . . . . , ' I , . I TCURIGNY: Vflgcre I borne from, Mon are Men S U 3 I1C:twl:yil.e ITE: Q ul? CLOTHING Fur ROSE'S If It Comes From Rose's It's Good And The Price Is Right PALMER JEWELRY STORE Granville E Stanley Proprletor 318 CENTRAL STREET GARDNER MASSACHUSETTS COMPLIMENTS OF GARDNER MOTOR SALES CO INC FORD SALES AND SERVICE 486 Chestnut Street Tel 490 Gardner Massachusetts COMPLIMENTS OF BEN NOR COMPANY SUPER FURNITURE WAREHOUSE PHONE 4 GARDNER MASSACHUSETTS TANF o I IH re 10st Q1 1 1 rm JI DDIE Id TC fur C Il dm 79 ' I I ., . . , . 156 , ,: Ns, ciuft qive yru nr:1otT1Qr 'ii But ' immiimgcsg you to tir- p UQ. 'r the ,f 11. E 2 But exft wait 4 1, my with tl.-if giretfiest qi in The rgczii, I '.-Jurxt to Q C9 wuh you. o NITURE COMPLIMENTS OF THE COLONIAL HOTEL Gardner, Massachusetts STRICTLY MODERN ' GOOD FOOD SPLENDID BANQUET FACILITIES The Home of Radio Station WHOB COMPLIMENTS OF GARDN ER CRAFTSMEN NC Upholstered STYLED Furniture East Templeton and Gardner Massachusetts DAVE S AUTO PARTS AND SERVICE Corner Mann and Chestnut Streets GARDNER MASSAC H US ETTS FOR THE NEWEST AND SMARTEST CLOTHES S66 ROME BROTHERS 40 MAIN STREET GARDNER MASSACHUSETTS 7 O , I . I O I O HEIGIS to lava The istlj f .1 zqzizgst Ili-re is .13 iugarcxrgce 4 AMERICAN FIBRE GARDNER MASSACHUSETTS C F RICHARDSON 6 CO INC INSURANCE AGENCY 268 CENTRAL STREET GARDNER MASSACHUSETTS COMPLIMENTS OF LEMAYS FURNITURE CORP GARDNER MASSACHUSETTS BERLO BROS RCA VICTOR ZENITH PHILCO RADIOS and MOTOROLA CAR RADIOS GIBSON REFRIGERATORS ABC and THOR WASHERS West Street Phone SI6 Gardner Massachusetts V IITII CI L I I Yu . . ., . I I 95 , M'1'f-.-7.IfGI5Lfff: f 13' ' A .1 'iii' I ' l PIINESZ f g'.C:'.'f3r1" 'lyme C12 'TlAi1.3. I IQICL.-'EQG ILAXRIZ Tr. E' j lst Vi- '-Qscf. I ii, see L . COMPLIMENTS OF C. H. HARTSHORN, INC. MAPLE LIVING ROOM FURNITURE FIBRE STROLLERS Gardner Massachusetts COMPLIMENTS OF BOLSTER OIL COMPANY CITIES SERVICE GA MOTOR OILS AND HEATING OILS I4O South Mann Street Telephone I4I5 Gardner Massachusetts COMPLIMENTS OF MAHON EY CHAI R COMPANY GARDNER MASSACHUSETTS QUALITY Eooos PLEASANT ATMOSPHERE SMARTS PHARMACY Raymond A LaFortune PhG 280 Central Street Phone 269 W Gardner M S GAHABEDIAN By 3 I I IIQTT Inu VVICIIS your YOCIDC Io TT UIQ q N9 7 Q , INC. S - I C I I . , . . IS , : ccfsp, Ins IS exec' 2 I SIT. ,T ' , ' 1 I I T IY1 I..3.NDLADY: I have in It just ,::3u:11uIf1tes. COMPLIMENTS OF THE BROW TOASTED HOT DOGS - POPCORN . ICE CREAM COMPLIMENTS OF CHAI RTOWN LUMBER CO GARDNER MASSACHUSETTS PIKE HILL DAIRY MILK AND CREAM Phone 4886 Baldwunsvllle COMPLIMENTS OF TEMPLETON FISH fr GUN CLUB INC K 77 , . 5'I'AIT-I: IQQI y II 'MII y 'II 7:'1,.1.Iy I ' :qi 1 T fIQ.' f-xfyixy 'zrfi T if ,f :yy vrfrff'-gs? CORE: 'z es 11.41 T' x1..,,TI.E1Ci CEQQTTLL. 'I :QL qS1:1T.g Cut IO IHC- m5"1C.-1. COMPLIMENTS or T. F. D. NO. 2 Food Preservatnon wuth ICE In a modern IC E Refrigerator rs always the best H ENSHAW 6 SON TEMPLETON HAMLET MILLS COMPANY Manufacturers of C O T T O N F E L T OTTER RIVER MASSACHUSETTS COMPLIMENTS OF ROUSSEAU BROTHERS MANUFACTURING CO INC SPECIALTIES IN BOUDOIR CHAIRS AND CHAISE LOUNGES Branch Street Gardner Massachusetts Sm +. T 1Iycu Ju 78 ., . 3 , BCC S: Vfitrnt aiu yf ri 1-.'t1r1t? I find YT1' any . I.'.'f XIQ: I jugt grim I 'QI' tcm Emi- ' ,, w-gzt :1t1II in I sincqs. Are you planning to build a home? If so, come and look over our Modern House Plans. We can help you with suggestions. BALDWI NSVI LLE CO-OPERATIVE BANK BALDWINSVILLE MASSACHUSETTS COMPLIMENTS OF JOHN J CASEY M A S O N Wlnchendon Massachusetts Phone 63Ml2 GUERTIN BROTHERS MILK CO Wholesale and Retail PASTEURIZED MILK CREAM ICE CREAM Tel phone IZ43 W 248 Parker Street GARDNER MASSACHUSETTS COMPLIMENTS OF R W SYMONS Jobbers of Paper and Twine 508 MAIN STREET GARDNER MASSACHUSETTS Telephone IO8O TY I oull link Q Joula 9 I I I 5 . I NCRIVIA: I hem thcmt limi- Clue?-I :gl Pclzce is ijfllfllj tr' Try T3 stop riockiziq. BET I si: 'fl if li v I L1 mcm QI liis Qiqe. 7 COMPLIMENTS OF S. BENT BROS. GARDNER MASSACHUSETTS COMPLIMENTS OF ROBERT L MANN EAST TEMPLETON MASSACHUSETTS PEOPLES ICE AND COAL COMPANY ICE ' COAL ' WOOD KEROSENE AND FUEL OIL TRUCKING AND FURNITURE MOVING 63 Mom Street Telephone 489 W COMPLIMENTS OF BELL HOSIERY SHOP RY VV LI CI IC3uy7 1 SCI C1 Ty I4 III11 TTQIQI I TER 1 E: ' r1.C1CIe you Inc I up TIL! . TIM: HQ '11 Ate' Il QITI. TERRY: INI1y CTII lie Sufi 'muse 'Ixzt :Fe CifmCCd Ilkfi il zcpvhyr. . .C :gm SC .1'1IifY. Gardner Gardner I7 PARKER FI PEAPL COMPLIMENTS OF COLUMBUS 6 BERG BUILDERS M I L L W O R K Massachusetts WHEN YOU RE HUNGRY AND WANT A GOOD PLACE TO EAT EAT AT WHIP S COMPLIMENTS OF RITTER FOR FLOWERS Massachusetts COMPLIMENTS OF CRYSTAL DRUG CO STREET GARDNER MASSACHUSETTS I Q I C Q I PIESARLZ I.'.'f.1:i lies fx 32,53 tfitsk 1 Trrzyg 2.7 1 -,'. ' fr 1' "Q: xiizf BETTY: IQ CLF. 4 I 2 Viprrf-J. CARLL'S GARAGE East Templeton - Massachusetts I534-M Gardner GENERAL REPAIR COLLISION REPAIR COMPLIMENTS OF KELLY BROTHERS INC MAPLE LIVING ROOM FURNITURE Gardner Massachusetts Establlshed I889 Incorporated I9I8 COMPLIMENTS or NICHOLS AND STONE COMPLIMENTS OF CHAIR CITY TAXI CO PHONE I2I8 24 HOUR SERVICE Felrx Mazohs Mgr Gardner Massachusetts I' P V I VP P bee nu Q Lu 89 , . I . I ' I TFP. QHEH: 5.671911 use 2111.1 I in QI sczltvieiffe. 7 , N . . , Prpl .IUSIZ II I Irui' 'i1'1:s:Ier. ,ygil 11.43. COMPLIMENTS OF STUDENT BROS. SHOE STORE PLAY POISE STEPMASTER SUNDIAL SHOES 36 Parker Street Gardner Massachusetts HULETTE TRANSPORTATION SERVICE DAILY SERVICE GARDNER TO BOSTON 381 Elm Street Gardner Phone 963 COMPLIMENTS OF EASTERN RICHFIELD OILS 45 Union Square GARDNER COMPLIMENTS OF TH E FOWLER PHARMACY 3 East Broadway GARDNER MASSACHUSETTS MARRY Youv u r I Q I IIMMY: Ive riex'-1 sei-:L SLLCI1 drfrrxry -E-yi-:Q Emi? YG. L : . ' C ..:,,V91' stayed p so Icte ,ao 9, FOR OVER 70 YEARS P QU I RANGES AND HEATE F L O R E N C E Stove Company C T O R GARDNER MASS KANKAKEE ILL LEWISBURG TENN F C NEW YORK N Y CHICAGO ILL ATLANTA GA DALLALS TEXAS GARDNER APPLIANCE COMPLIMENTS or COMPANY LADDER HILL SKI TOW PHICO RADIOS and REFRIGERATORS East Templeton Massachusetts MAY-I-AG WASHERS INSURE IN SURE INSURANCE 68 Mann Street Tel 84 Gardner N COMPLIMENTS OF I3I Graham Street B Gardner Massachu ett D L Ikctmxr 1 IIIKJI Us S 1311919 1SI oo T O A L T Y F A I E S 1 R S O F I E S 2 4 'A' D.l,VIf: 'fi 1: Itnrk MI-:G Q1 ser.siIivIe qxrl, ISYS qot married. ...l.'Hlf : Igi' C fb' 3, 'rzi ' Q I k. '34 PAINE . . . FLORIST CUT FLOWERS POTTED PLANTS FUNERALS - WEDDINGS Baldwinsville e HARRY B HESELTON INSURANCE Gardner Electric Llght Burldmg I5 West Lynde Street Gardner Mass e 238 COMPLIMENTS OF WARDS VARIETY STORE Edlth F Peabody Prop Forest Street Baldwlnsvrlle COMPLIMENTS OF JOHN F FLIS PACKAGE STORE MEATS and GROCERIES B CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS EDWIN H. MERRILL, AGENT 0 BAYARD L WARD INS AGENCY COMPLIMENTS OF HOWARD F LASHUA INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE C Raymond Beauregard Agent COMPLIMENTS OF FOUNTAINE FURNITURE PRODUCTS BALDWINSVILLE COMPLIMENTS OF VOGUE BEAUTY SHOP Allce Poullot Prop aldwlnsvllle Massachusett Baldwrnsvnlle Massachusett FLQREN E My INI SSI I ,ite O le C Cken ye teracxy VICI A rccuett FLCDREN E ING but s very slcc 85 TI. 32 ' ' ,Q 'k , . TI. ' I .k 'ir i, 'A' . . S 5 C: AI,w sie' ' 'Q COMPUMENTS OF JOHNSON'S DAIRY Templeton Massachusetts COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF THE SPECIALTY SHOPPE FISH AND CHIPS RUTH E HALL P p 67M S et e c ctt COMPLIMENTS OF GERROIR S SEAMEN PAPER CO ICE CREAM BAR GARDNER MASSACHUSETTS COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF CQMPUMENTS OF LEGER S SERVICE STATION SADIE 5 BEAUTY SALON f M St eet e BALDWINSVILLE MASSACHUSETTS Te Pho 377 T 1 I 1 'P 4 'A' . , ro . Boldwinsyille ain tre Gardn r, Massa hus S 4 'A' I 4 A I 1 Cen "GI Sffeef 65 ain r Gardn r, Mass. Ie ne 'LZ I 21, '1g2.1 y' ff .'Ff3" ' -GCTGLP : , f -5 1 Qi 1 -Q! :i 1 Qiizllc Lxig. ,L QQ. Qi pst,,1:1,3f gg fxxgf. COMPLIMENTS OF PLAIN VIEW BAKERY RED cf WHITE STORE I9 Pafkef Sffeef East Templeton Massachusetts Phone 276 Telephone 1370 BREAD AND PASTRIES WM LAITINEN BEN CLE BOOT SHOP JEWELER 65 Parker Street Gardner Massachusetts DIAMONDS . WATCHES SHOES FOR THE FAMILY JEWELRY Central Street Ben ChartIer Cleo Rousseau Props COMPLIMENTS OF COMPUMENT5 OF DURAY S BEAUTY SALON W I24 Parker Street OPTOMETRIST Gardner Massachusetts Gardn Mossachusen SPCCIGIIZIDQ In Cold Waves and Deter Iahzed Permanents THE KENDALL SHOP KERMIT M CQLEMAN LADIES FURNISHINGS VARIETY 5-I-ORE Foundatlon Garments HOSI ry and Underwear 88 MaIn Street Gardner Massachusett SmaII Lme of Drugs Crgars CIgarettes Candy Ice Cream and POLI MES O acif yu C E 4 'A' SIS - - 3l6 -A, 'lr I , er S . . 4 4 .D - - S GE I If: Use ycur T1 odle, ll 'N use C 'I H Sale. BETTY: My 132351953 '.-flier-9 If is? l've pushed cmd pulled EVQYYIILITIQ Iii thi- SAVOY JEWELRY CO. CLOCKS AND SILVERWARE DIAMONDS ' WATCHES ' JEWELRY I3 Parker Street Gardner COMPLIMENTS OF CHAIRTOWN COOPERATIVE BANK 74 Mann Street Gardner COMPLIMENTS OF SMITH 5 LEAVITT Gardner Massachusett HAGER 5 HOUGHTON GROCERIES 3I0 Central Street COMPLIMENTS or THE TRUE ART FLY COMPANY Typewrlters and Addung Machunes Servlccd RUBBER STAMPS TYPEWRITER RIBBONS WRITING PAPER INK SCHOOL SUPPLIES Everythmg for the office ERICSON OFFICE SUPPLIES Mann Street Gardner Te I3I0 COMPLIMENTS OF POTTER ELECTRICAL CO INC 292 Central Street Telephone I560 W For Quick Servlce a MARTYS TAXI SERVICE TEL 2290 What dlo toe tx o Ioors of soap soy to econ other? May I fur: your CI 1 OI1ve7 Not on your L1 e Buoy I ve reformed -Af if I. if 4 ., . 'A' 'A' C II . . . I Tdephone I3-I4 Courteoas Drivers .88 JOHN'S TAXI COMPLIMENTS OF SARGENT MONUMENTAL WORKS 407 Chestnut Street, near the Depot West Lynde Gardner Tel. 305W Gardner Massachusetts MEMORIALS IN STONE Tel Gardner I49 Hubbardston 29 II Flrst Cla s Shoe Repalrlng and Shine WALKON EN BROTH ERS 67 Parker Street Gardner Massachusetts COMPLIMENTS or HUHTALA OIL COMPANY W S Sargent COMPLIMENTS OF BROCKELMAN BROS INC Gardners Leadmg Food Store 50 52 Mann Street GARDNER MASSACHUSETTS COMPLIMEN rs or L I E 50 Parker Street Gardner East Templeton Massachusetts COMPLIMENTS OF GREENWOOD BROTHERS GENERAL INSURANCE SEARS ROEBUCK 6 CO Gardner Massachusetts D S sae? Ye she ev n In I1 v s II e parrot tcruq I Ium to swear 89 2 Vernon Street GARDNER MASSACHUSETTS Telephone 795 4 'A' 'A' 4 L E S ' S ,k -x S:uitI'1's wife thinks the world of he-r husband. COMPLIMENTS OF C B KENDALL CO less ce COAL COKE FUEL OILS t o 00 GARDNER COMPLIMENTS OF J C PENNEY COMPANY OUTFITTERS S Ga d HUNTERS SERVICE STATION MOBIL FISK GOODYEAR R os h t THE CURTAIN SHOP LITTLE FOLKS CENTER C I Sf CURTAINS d DOMESTICS INFANTS d CHILDREN S WEAR COMPLIMENTS OF LEAMY AND GILHOOLY BOWLING ALLEY COMPLIMENTS OF NICHOLAS RUBINO Deale S H O E S R It Bo sh P J COTES VARIETY STORE Mot adPo HotDog dToc FREE DELIVERIES Tel B Id 765 Otte R COMPLIMENTS OF DEMERS HARDWARE Pho e 304 BALDWINSVI LLE COMPLIMENTS OF SUUTARI 6 CO SHOES Russsks UNDERWEAR 53 P e St eet d M s ch setts COMPLIMENTS or HAROLD S BENT Fuel Deo r in I874 . selling I In 266 Cen ral sneer Ph ne I5 , , Shoes ebui Idwmsvllle Ma sac usetts -k 'I' I e s n r visions Incorporated S an n' Pleasant treet r ner, Mass. . a .4 r iver .Af 'A' I T I E S n South Gardner M sac uset s A' 4 and . 312 entra reet . ' . an ln r ' gn ' Gar ner as a u 1' 4 Su SMART CLOTHES ,or the N. F. GUERTIN HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES City Hall Avenue Styled Righf - Prlced Rlght Gardner Massachusetts C O H E N I S 4 Wheel Drive Wrecker Parker Street Gardner Massachusetts TE'-A logo Good CI hes for Men GARDNER AUTO PARTS Womenojmd Chddren 205 Mom Street 0 Gardner COMPLETE MACHINE sHoP SERVICE HAYMAN H COHEN Inc Telephone 1035 M 36 Mann S reet Gardner CARROLL CUT RATE STORE COMPLIMENTS OF Cosmetlcs Patent Medlcmes and Home Remedies at Deep Cut Prices If nts Natronally S Advertlsed Carroll Sells It Central Street 9 Parker Street Baldwlnsvllle Massachusetts Gardner Massachusetts COMPLIMENTS or BONK S MARKET KI S BEAUTY SHQPPE FINEST QUALITY FOOD Kao.-In Or'-e Prop Plne Street East Templeton Massachusetts Gardner MOSSUCIWSEIIS MISS GUEINTHER Who was t e- flrst mem? C' YSTER V! mom I s Icmonl G Orqe Wcxsalrtqt 1 IVIISS GUEINIHER f nql Ad 111 was tll flrst rlcm GEYSTER I cuciut km W y0u W re mcludmq Iorelqrl rs ui 5 II 1 IIJUQQY HG cm nm m1 es at m I C umry IC horse CY cr 4 HCI Im so Ure A I Ll lss w LE ccxse y u el I 4153 1 ho se 91 'A' -Y- I ' s h p a t . , . ' r -k 'A' . . . . I I . - , . , . , . 4 -Y- I I ' I e . 293 ' I JE! : fl I' mei ' -e I cz. I ., ' I IT t If ro . 'cz Q ' x . : ' ' 0 e ' " V fe Pc ' took Us 'cr CII ' 'e ci e 'I Q' ' Ike O ' It 1 dropped dead. I CE: Ola, jet, 1 ' I Q dl P LL: S113-3.959 I qxve yew Cl :mice IQ' c, tllfxt AQII gjslf Elie xi yen. IOY ': In tltcxt ', 0 'd I3 te I' tie- I , ypfiofo ,,,,, OI Tel 2295 PORTRAIT AND COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY HOME AND STUDIO PORTRAITURE THE TEMPLETON HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF I947 EXTENDS ITS THANKS AND APPRECIATION TO THE ADVERTISERS WHOSE KIND GENEROSITY MADE THIS CLASS BOOK POSSIBLE Your Class Book IS Prlnted by I3IIJI3IIl'IE PIIIIIIIIIE EIJFIIJ ZFIIZ QLzlL4Pk When You Thmk of PrIntIng Thlnk of Adams 92 IIEBQED fl 'IV-:I 'fg Q62 Vernon St- - Gardner Mass. T' ,S O I J fl 7 fl, ' DI

Suggestions in the Templeton High School - Class Book Yearbook (Baldwinville, MA) collection:

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