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PEOPLE PG. 190 ADS PG. 220 INDEX PG. 238 - TEMPLAR YEARBOOK 1801 N. Broad Street Philadelphia, PA 19122 215.204.7000 www.temple.eduA Letter from the President Dear Owls, Each fall, we welcome thousands of new students into our Temple family, and each spring we send thousands of Temple-made graduates back into the world to make a lasting impact. In the time it takes to achieve an undergraduate or graduate degree, you gain not only new knowledge and skills, but also the memories and connections you will carry with you for the rest of your lives. I couldn’t be more proud of the diverse and driven students who make up our Class of 2019. Congratulations to all of you, to your families and to our dedicated faculty and academic advisors who had the pleasure of educating and championing you in your time at Temple. If Temple’s founder Russell Conwell were alive to see your collective abilities today, he’d be thrilled and amazed. He put an idea of higher education in motion 134 years ago that not only sustains to this day, but flourishes. Now it’s your turn to put your own ideas and dreams in motion and realize a better future for yourself and others. The pages of this yearbook tell the story of one of Temple’s most impressive years. We’ve never been larger or more academically capable, and our future has never been brighter. Thank you so much for calling Temple your academic home. While I trust you’ll all go far, you’ll always be close to the Cherry and White. We love you all. Richard M. Englert President 5mPhotographer William CarerI TEMPLE UNIVERSITY HOMECOMING 2018 wjpMmc,Celebrating Love and Intersectionality With IDEAL's Annual Drag Show Temple's IDEAL hosts their seventh annual Drag Show to celebrate National Coming Out Week. By Njera Perkins photography by Nate Rogers For the LGBTQIA+ community, National Coming Out Day is a special day for all. This holiday was created to acknowledge growth and encourage people to embrace themselves wholeheartedly. Embracing who you are as an individual is what National Coming Out Day is all about. However, the Office of Institutional Diversity, Equity, Advocacy and Leadership (or IDEAL) decided one day wasn't enough to celebrate such a special time. For that reason, we now recognize National Coming Out Week every year at Temple. In the last decade. National Coming Out Week on campus has followed a specific theme significant to the LGBTQ-IA+ community. The theme for this year is "Love is Intersectional" and it explores the multi-faceted identities of race, gender, and sexuality. This year's anniversary of National Coming Out Week is marked with the Roman numeral X for the tenth consecutive year of this unique set of events. According to Nu’Rodney Prad, the Director of Student Engagement at IDEAL, the X also symbolizes the cross between gender identities and gender-inclusive language, otherwise known as intersectionality. Of the eight events planned for the week including NCOW Fest and NCOW Gala, the annual Drag Show, held in Temple's Performing Arts Center, had hundreds of students lined up down Broad Street waiting to get in. "I haven't attended the Drag Show before, so I'm excited to see what it's all about," said Tatiana Joaquin, a sophomore International Business major. The Drag Show was a competition-style show where five fabulous drag queens competed for a chance to win prizes. The segments of the show included two rounds of lip-syncing where the contestants incorporated their personalities, clothing, and props into their performances. Each queen got a chance to show off their skills and individual styles to the audience, whether they sang covers of popular songs or used funny storylines in their act. This year's competition portion of the show featured lip-syncing, dancing, and even a performance dedicated to LGBT members who we've lost to violence. Even Starr got a chance to 10show the audience her style of drag by performing a song of her choice. After all the queens got a chance to perform, a winner was finally crowned at the end of the night. Marcha Pisces, a drag performer and LGBT rights activist in Philadelphia, walked away as the first place winner of the show. Her touching performance of Beyonce's "I Was Here" accompanied by a slideshow of fellow black queens and LGBT members who have passed moved the audience to their cores. Serena Starr, otherwise known as Cory Wade, hosted the event. She was the third runner-up on Cycle 20 of America's Next Top Model and the show's first openly gay contestant. Starr previously hosted Temple’s first ever Drag Show in 2012, prior to competing on the TV show. Aside from performances by the queens, the event was filled with performances by Temple's own D2D and the Xcel Dance Crew, who gave everyone a lesson in voguing. The event stressed the importance of love without limits and the range of identities included in the LGBTQIA+ community. Diamante "D-Mo" Ortiz, a diversity peer with IDEAL, said "The importance of this event is to make sure that there are students who are given the opportunity to have a voice and the platform to really advocate for themselves." The purpose of National Coming Out Week at Temple is to bring awareness to National Coming Out Day itself, but the week-long celebration was first introduced by colleagues Nu'Rodney Prad and Andrew Dies in the fall of 2009. "Usually what we see on social media, these issues pertaining to transphobia, homophobia, gender, and sexuality become a lot," Ortiz said, "But letting go and seeing the beauty of it in the LGBTQIA+ community is the most beautiful thing." The host of the evening also made it a point to educate the audience on the difference between gender-inclusive language. "You can call me he and I will respond, but you can also call me she and I will respond," Starr said. The show was a great way to prove to students on campus that it's okay to be yourself. The positive message touched everyone in the audience and participants in the show. "Just seeing all the comradery and how so many beautiful people were gathered for a common cause to celebrate authenticity and love,” said Starr. "I had a blast." 11“People should definitely go. It is a great way to be active and be fit,” said Nicholas Palomba, a freshman who recently tried cycling for the first time. Classes typically span Monday through Sunday with times varying on the specific day and event of one’s choosing. by Sean Mac Donald photography by Campus Recreation WTicthcr it’s an hour of early morning cycling, a passion for the rhythms in Zumba, or a late night session of Hip-Hop dancing with friends— Temple University has it all. Located at the IBC Recreation Center, interested students can choose from many different types of group fitness activities. Temple offers indoor cycling, yoga, pilates, strength training, Zumba, Hip-Hop, and more. TEMPLE MIXES FITNESS WITH PLENTY OF FUN “COME JOIN, YOU ARE GOING TO FALL IN LOVE WITH IT.” The experience is shared by everyone in the room. Whether someone going to a class is very experienced, or just starting out, the fitness programs are all inclusive. However, many students believe grabbing a friend to join the program makes it even better. “ft was more fun to do it with friends. They understand the fact that you are struggling, they are also struggling. It definitely was more motivating Allison Silibovsky 12Students have 60 sessions of group fitness per week at their disposal. Temple students can join as many sessions as they want, at no cost. This flexibility allows students to put their foot in the door of a variety of fitness interests. Along with the willingness of newcomers, experienced fitness group go-ers are dedicated. Mackenzie Murray has made her previous passion at Temple University into a job. Murray is a Hip-Hop dance class instructor going on her third year of teaching. “I used to always come to these classes. That’s anyone who works here, they are the people who came to the classes and loved it so much and they wanted to be hired to do it all the time.” Mackenzie Murray The Temple University alumnus believes a lot of people find their niches in fitness classes by just giving their interests a chance. She thinks Temple’s group fitness is a tool for a student to work towards their fitness goals, hut also to create lasting friendships and passions. “Definitely do it,” Murray said. “Come join, you are going to fall in love with it.” 13COME FOR THE YOGA STAY FOR THE GOATS Students had the opportunity to take a yoga session with the GOATS, literally. by Riley Rubiano photography by Heather Wentz“We chose to bring goats to campus to offer students a new way to destress and relax, but they are also a model of sustainability,” junior Environmental Studies major Connor Caruso said. “Offering this program was a way to mix our social justice and sustainability mindset with the events of wellness week.” “I thought it was cool being able to do yoga with goats,” freshman journalism major Joe Wojtkowski said. “At parts it might have been a little distracting because you want them to come over to you and jump on you and be able to pet them, but it was still really cute.” The two hour long sessions with Ivy, Anthony and Bebito were sponsored by The Philly Goat Project. The Philadelphia-based organization offers sendees to promote respect towards animals, overall well-being and to introduce agriculture to an urban environment. “Goats are one of my favorite animals, so being able to do yoga with them was really relaxing,” Scotty Murphy, a sophomore English major said. Along with dogs and horses, goats are well-known to be therapy animals. As Temple students de-stressed, the goats enjoyed playing with new people. For students who did not have the chance to participate in yoga, Goat Chillin’ took place in between sessions in front of the Paley Library. With a playpen set up for the goats, students were able to watch, socialize and take pictures with the friendly creatures in between classes. “It what I’ve always dreamed of,” freshman Media Studies and Production major Bekah Santos said. “I waited the whole yoga session to actually watch them and when I got to hang out with them, that made me so happy.” 15Meet the Greeks by Njera Perkins photography by Taylor Johnson Temple's National Pan-Hellenic Council reintroduces itself to the student body. Temple University’s National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) may not be the first organization you picture when you think about Greek life. That’s why members are making its presence known on campus, with its annual Meet the Greeks showcase. The NPHC is comprised of nine Black Greek Letter organizations known to many as “the Divine Nine.” Meet the Greeks, held at the Student Cen- ter every fall semester, introduces the organizations within the NPHC. With the event, NPHC aims to give students the chance to learn about these organizations and even help potential members choose which to pledge. The Black Greek Letter organizations who participated this year included Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc., Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc., Sig- ma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc., Phi Bee Sigma Fraternity, Inc., and Zeta Phi Bet Sorority, Inc. Every fraternity and sorority puts on x entertaining presentation with backgroun: information about the organization, io eluding its %'alues, goals and assets. The1 also perform a strolling (a dance perform©: by members in a line) and or stepping (synchronized moves using a variation o' stomps and claps with no music) routini 16that reflects the unique identity of each organization. The ladies of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., for example, set the event off with a clean step routine including their signals ture “Oo- Oop" call. The brothers of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. stole the show with a seductive performance that ended in a shower of rose petals onstage. t i Every active organization on campus brought old and new members out in numbers to ensure its chapter was properly represented. Even Nuri Bracey, the only active mem- ber on campus of the Epsilon Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., made sure his organization’s presence was felt at the event by inviting a local chapter from Lincoln University to show what it means to be a Sigma man. However, Meet the Greeks is far from a competition. “This event is so important to students on campus because it shows unity," Dante Moreno, president of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. and NPHC, said. “We’re all different organizations but it shows that we’re one council that supports each other.” Every member has his or her own personal reasons for pledging his or her respective sorority or fraternity. “I joined my sorority because I really felt connected to the missions and goals of the organization," Lauren Smith, president of the Epsilon Delta Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc, said. “I’ve had a lot of women who are Deltas involved in my life. I’ve seen the amazing work they’ve done in the community and they’ve really impacted me in a heavy way." 17Life as a First-Gen Student at Temple From the disadvantages and pressures, first-gen students speak out on what it is like to be the first in theirar families to attend college by Gail Vivar photography by Temple First eing accepted into college is a dream but for first-generation students, it’s also a terrifying and challenging journey to experience on your own. According to a 2010 study by the Department of Education, an estimated 50 percent of the college population is comprised of people whose parents never attended college. As a first-generation student myself, the challenges I’ve faced in my four years at Temple has taught me to be more independent. There were times I felt alone because my family did not understand what I was experiencing at college. What most people do not know about us first-gen students is the difficulty of having to navigate yourself in a space where your family has no idea how to help or simply filling out a FAFSA form. Being a first-gen student and a minority, I felt as I had no room to make error because I had to be the one who succeeded no matter what, even if it meant my mental health had to deteriorate. However, a new club was formed to support first-gen students and it is something great for students like myself who were always searching for something like this. Their mission is to support first-generation college students at Temple University to achieve the academic and professional aspirations that motivates them to be the first in their families to attend college. Many first-gen students face disadvantages and are pressured to keep up with the competition in the community—especially transitioning from a student into a professional upon graduation. Eileen Zhang and Amy Zheng, both junior health information management majors, founded Temple First. They said, “It’s important to have a supportive community for first-generation students to help them excel both academically and professionally. First-gen students don’t have as many resources that other students may have, such as having parents that went to college as a guide through their academic journey. Temple First helps to the open doors for students so that they can achieve a successful college career as well as paving their way towards their professional careers.” e compared to other students who cc have family members or people thefc know to rely on. The organization tl emphasizes the fact that most first- n gen students do not know where to a: begin, what to expect, or how to us the resources on campus to guide Z them because they aren’t confident I enough to ask for help. h g One of theiil members, p Jennifer t Luu, is s pleased to r have found; a student orga i nization tha: i understands 1 her struggle firsthand. i 1 “Joining thi? 1 organ iza- ,. tion, I didn't3 completely understand what I was going to expect. Temple First along with the Collective Success Network helped me to learn effective ways to tackle my goals and career aspiration,” Luu said. “I originally thought this organization was going to show me how the professional world operates, but I instead I ended up learning more about myself and how to build myself up into a capable and successful woman.” Temple First is the Temple chapter of the Collective Success Network. Temple First understands being a first-gen student is very difficult A future goal of this student organ ization is to help students explore the different career paths, connect them 18with professional mentors, provide scholarships, and create academic rand professional development programs. They also hope to focus on expanding and strengthening their community to have more resources efor students. At the end of the day, they hope to provide the support and resources needed for students that ) aren’t sure how to utilize it. $ Zhang said, “As a first-gen student, 11 was lacking in many areas and had no mentor to look up to and guide me through college. With iiTemple First, I saw it as an opportunity to form this organization to build a community and support system for first-gen students. From my experience with Temple First . and the Collective Success Network, a it opened doors for me to improve i myself personally and professionally, s I developed relationships with stu- dents and professionals within the network who inspired me to be the best I could be and feel proud as a i; first-gen student.” 19by Ariana Williams-Mitchell photography by Nathan Harvey Welcome to The Live of Commuter Students! They might not live here but they’re part of the Temple community im to P 20A t Temple University, commuter students typically look % like every other college student. They wake up and | go to class but the average commuter has to wake up JL M earlier than most. Once they’re dressed for class and they don’t have enough time to make breakfast so they grab a quick snack and arc on their way out the door. On their route to class, the average commuter spends about thirty minutes travelling whether it’s driving or using SEPTA. Using SEPTA is an essential part of commuter life and we all have our thoughts on the transportation system. However, commuting and living in Philadelphia has been a major contribution to the students’ success at Temple University. “Over there I was an athlete and here I am a regular student. I couldn’t be myself and didn’t have enough time to do what I wanted to do because I was so dedicated to lacrosse,” said Danie-la Wright a criminal justice sophomore student, believes transferring to Temple has enriched her college journey. a roommate to commuter students is unusual for them but the means of living and forming a bond with someone they’ve never met can contribute to their journey at Temple. When commuter students don’t attend events and are not involved in any extracurricular activities, they tend to feel left out. Garcia has considered getting involved as a way to get out of her comfort zone although she was never one to get involved in extracurricular activities when she was in high school. By getting involved on campus, Garcia believes she would feel connected to Temple University. There are a variety of reasons why students commute and oftentimes, there is a disconnect between students who live nearby campus or on-campus with commuter students. Ivory Thomas, a sophomore journalism student, believes a few friendships she has made has been affected by the common stereotype of commuter students. Temple University is vast in its diversity. A large amount of diversity comes from commuter students. Bell Garcia, an undecided sophomore student, from North Philadelphia has been to diverse schools all of her life. She wants to strengthen her love for diversity through meeting new people and participating in future events offered on campus. Commuter students at Temple may feel repentant about not living on campus for the sole purpose of not having a roommate. ‘Sometimes I think you don’t get the full college experience by aot having a roommate and sometimes I wish I had that for the •xperience,” Garcia said. It is out of Garcia’s comfort zone to live with a total stranger vhen she’s used to living with her family. The idea of having Thomas said, “1 feel a certain disconnect from my friends who seem to think I’m farther away than I am when I’m only a phone call away and live ten minutes from campus.” Life as a commuter student for Danicla Wright, Bell Garcia and Ivory Thomas is at times tedious but there are advantages they enjoy better than living on campus. Commuters enjoy saving a lot of money. Although Temple has delicious food options on campus, they like not having to worry about spending money on food because there is food at their home. The life of the commuter student isn’t just about living off-campus. They may not live here but with the use of SEPTA and other means of transportation, they are able to appreciate Philadelphia’s diverse city life and still enjoy all the perks of being a Temple student. 21WE NEED: TO TALK Meet Temple's first all-female talk show by Chorita Kunta photography provided by the organization "We Need to Talk" features a group of four passionate women openly discussing a wide variety of topics. The show was founded by Tan-jeen Twinkle, the current co-executive producer of the show. Tanjeen wanted to have a platform of discussion, specifically for females. 22When asked for the reason "We Need to Talk" is important, Tanjeen proudly says, "My show is important because it gives a place for females everywhere to share their opinions and use their voice on the things that are important to them and is hardly talked about in society in general." Tanjeen stands as the co-executive producer. She, along with hosts, Jenna Song, Kyra Miller, and Imzadi Davis stand to be a collective and powerful unit. 23DON’T STALL, JUST CALLOn January 24, 2015, Mary Ciammetti lost her son Christian Ciammetti, from binge drinking. Christian was just a junior landscape architecture major at Temple University. Since he passed away, his mother Mary Ciammetti, has been an advocate for binge drinking awareness and made it her mission to inform other college students about its dangers. Don't Stall, Just Call is an alcohol poisoning education program for university, college high school students and their families. Here at Temple, Mary’s fight to spread awareness can be found anywhere on campus in 2019. When I first met Mary at one of her talks, I knew I wanted to include Don't Stall, Just Call. In every audience, she left an impact on someone. It truly changed the way we saw our college culture and what consequences can come from it. Empty alcohol bottles should not be seen as trophies after they are consumed and placed in our apartments to glamourize. It’s just one of the many things you learn in her talks. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to be informed about this campaign and what warning signs to look for when a friend or random stranger is exhibiting alcohol poisoning. According to Mary, Christian also did not have a chance to be part of the yearbook. It is my honor to dedicate this page to Christian and to his strong mother, Mary Ciammetti. DOESYOURFRIENDNEEDHELP? ALCOHOL POISONING SYMPTOMS - Stumbling - Mumbling - Passed Out - Cool to Touch - Vomiting 2 15-2 04-123 YOU YOUR FRIEND WILL NOT GET IN TROUBLE PER MEDICAL AMNESTY POLICY 25 by Gail VivarPARTY LIKE A TEMPLE PARTY IF IT’S ANYTHING TEMPLE OWLS KNOW HOW TO DO IT’S PARTY HARD. 26It may not seem like it, but your social life in college is just as important as your academic life. Yes, you’ll have the rest of your life to work a 9-5, but college is your prime time to party your life away. Collegd students are quite the experts when it comes to balancing schoolwork and their social lives. In previous years, Temple has been underrated as a party school, but slowly and surely it’s earned its rightful title as the best in the city. The Class of 2019 is a witness to Temple’s party landscape transforming over the years and our unique nightlife has made our college experience all the more enjoyable. )“For as long as I’ve been at Temple it’s been known to throw some of the best parties in the city. Freshman year parties were probably some of the best, that’s when house parties were still real popular” Anahja Barnett Senior Biology Major __________________________________ Located in the heart of Philadelphia, Temple is notorious for bringing flocks of students from other schools to its parties, specifically around Homecoming and Spring Fcst. Students from Penn, Drexel, Lasalle, Villanova, and even Lincoln all come out to get the real Temple party experience. Our traditional campus-planned events may not be the highlight of Homecoming season, but our parties sure make up for it. From Thirsty Thursdays at Pub Webb to the venue parties in the city that make everyone show up and show out. Temple’s nightlife is unmatched. Not only is Temple the best party school in Philadelphia, but the options arc endless. There’s bars like Maxi’s, Pub Webb, and Draught Horse for students to kick back and have a drink as well as tons of house and club parties almost every weekend year round. Any day of the week can be a party-filled day, depending on the time of year, but Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays are primetime for Owls to kick back and let loose. Whether you’re looking for on or off-campus options, you’re bound to have a ton of fun no matter what Temple event you decide to go to. But most of all, if you find yourself out of options Free Food Fun Fridays, now called Night Owl Events, is always the place to be. Friends, food, and fun - what’s better than that? Everyone’s experience with Temple’s nightlife is different. Calyx Clarkson, a senior Theater major, shares that the Temple party experience is what you make it. “Whether that includes going out and being aware of your surroundings but also having fun with your friends, it’s up to you to make your night enjoyable. You can go out and bond with your friends and have fun all at the same time.” Calyx Clarkson Senior Theater Major Temple’s nightlife is extraordinary to say the least and even in years to come you’ll look back at some of your favorite memories from some of the most unforgettable parties. by Njera Perkins photography by Ramel Coleman 27APES T - The Carters Uproar - Lil Wayne v - . r ----- +'1 ¥v, ' ’ y r-. . :■ J. All The Stars - Kendrick Lamar SZA thank u, next - Ariana Grande T A Lot - 21 Savag feat. J Cole Shallow Lady Gaga Bradley Cooper Sunflower - Swae Lee Post MaloneSicko Mode - Travis Scott feat. Drake This is America - Childish Gambino I Like It - Cardi B, Bad Bunny J Balvin Gods Plan - Drake In My Feelings - Drake Nice For What - DrakeLayne Kennedy GSWS, Junior Krishana Parikh 1ST, freshman Chanel Glenn Undecided, Sophomore FASHION photography by Taylor Johnson Kenza MSP, Junior 30Mia Mcintosh Ariana Krause SYCHOLOGY NEURORESEARCH, Senior Psychology, Junior Courtney Nurse Biology, Freshman Dina Environmental Studies, Sophomore MSP Audio Track, Senior 31photography by Nate Rogers 1 s IPLE 32KATE ALEX MARTIN BROOKS FILM MAJOR, SOPHOMORE ADVERTISING MAJOR, SENIOR “My favorite memory would have to be staying at the Tech Center till 4 a.m. for no reason with all my friends.” “My freshman year when Temple beat Penn State.” 34FEMPLE UNIVERSITY ROSELYN CHIYEZHAN KINESIOLOGY MAJOR, JUNIOR “I loved my first day as a freshmen. We did so much that day and I met so many cool people. It was such an exciting time of my life.” STELLA R PERRAULT NEUROSCIENCE AND PSYCHOLOGY MAJOR, SOPHOMORE “Going to my first football game because it was the biggest game and everyone was going!” ______photography by Nathan Harvey 35OOf UJf emonj oy t'em? a HONORING JENNA BURLEIGH photography by Michelle Severino Nate Rodgersc, StEffltfc 4$ “She had an unending support towards anyone who needed help and would always stand up for someone. She was never going to give up on those things, she always fought for what she believed in and stood for.” fenna Burleigh’s memory will always be kept alive after her tragic death because of the urogram created in her honor. Jenna’s Blessing Bags helps provide items and supplies to he homeless. A collection table was set up in the Student Center on Wednesday January 16th, Wednesday January 23rd, and Thursday January 24th from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Students donated gently used or new essentials such as hats, gloves, jackets, backpacks, etc. Many of us may have not known Jenna, but her legacy lives on. A friend of hers once told me about the brave heart she had and I hope we all remember her by the quote he said. Jesse Halteman, friend of Jenna Donations to Jenna’s Blessing Bags can be made to: Univest Foundation-Jenna’s Blessing Bags. 14 N Main Street PO Box 197 Souderton , PA 18964 37before transferring to Drcxel. Oestrich and Woods expressed their gratitude for their coaches and all the time and effort they put into helping the team. “Wc have really awesome coaches who come and dedicate their whole lives to the team, huge shout out to them for doing that for us, ” Oestrich said. An additional problem Woods and Oestrich described was the difficulty maintaining a team due to the stigma associated with women in sports. Woods blames the lack of interest from younger girls on the sexism and misogyny she feels are rampant in the sports industry. “To the general female population, rugby isn’t a wry appealing sport because there’s tackling, there’s a lot of blood, and there are a few injuries so a lot of girls don’t think they’re ‘tough enough,’” Woods said. Woods and Oestrich combat this at their informational meetings. They try their best to encourage younger girls to join by highlighting the confidence. friendships, and many health benefits of rugby. Oestrich and Woods emphasize the need for a strong team that’s equally represented in the sports industry, and that being a member is much more than just fun and exercise. Many of the girls enjoy making memories and lasting friendships while keeping physically fit. “You know you have support, you know you have someone calling you, there’s always someone who’s going to be there to pick you up when you fall down literally and figuratively,” Oestrich said. Oestrich explained that she enjoys lead ing and instilling the love of rugby in her fellow teammates, and that there’s nothing more she could want from her team. “One of my goals was to leave the team on a really good note and to build it up as best as 1 could,” Oestrich said. “I’m confident that all the girls that have joined are going to continue on with the sport and it’s gonna get better.” jmple’s Women’s Rugby team is break-ig down barriers and debunking myths grounding women in sports by encouraging young women to join what is pically seen as a man’s sport. think it’s essential for us, as women. » recognize that we have worth and along in the community," said Abigail •estrich. President of Women’s Rqgby torn. nly halfway through the semester, te team is emotionally and physically monger than ever and making waves in leir division. A year ago, the team lost match against Bloomsburg University 05-5. On September 22nd, the team laved Bloomsburg again and lost by nly 2 points. .110 team’s main issue last season was heir lack of a coach. For Oestrich and Voods, this meant behaving as a coach, earn president and mother figure to he younger girls on the team. Now, the {iris have three new coaches: Temple ■ugby alumnus Justin Muldoon, previous USA Rugby Women’s Junior Ul-American team member Melina md Sam, who played rugby at Bowdoin 41Temple's Cheer teair is here to bring it on This year’s team is working twice as hard by Nayanka p‘ photography by Nate Rog Every year, our cheerleaders bring it. Games, competitions and events shine with their talent, hard work and charm. ‘Temple cheer gave me friendships that will last a lifetime!” Brianna Roberts, a senior risk management major said. “Not only that, but the program as a whole boosted my confidence in my ability to succeed inboth my personal life and career. The Temple University Cheerleading Team consists of 45 individuals who cheer at football, basketball (men’s and women’s) and various other sporting events. Every member must attend 10-15 appearances per semester, in addition to practices and games. The all-girls Cherry Team cheers at football games and competes in UCA Nationals. They practice three times a week on top of games and competitions. The White Team, which is co-ed, practices two to three times a week in addition to lifting twice a week. “From being on the team for almost three years, I can say I have created the best memories and even better friends,” said Jazmminc Rose, a Senior Risk Management Major. For the team, cheerlcading is a community and everyone has to be willing to help others. Senior tourism and hospitality management major Ali Gray, captain of the White Team, spoke about the values and attitudes of their team. “We build from the ground up here,” Gray said. Gray leads the White team alongside captain Brianna Waselus, a junior kinesiology-health professions major. "Temple cheer 100% has made my experience at Temple University better." - Jazmine Rose They love to build on what others already know because they understand that their team members have strong suits and weaker areas. At their tryouts, they make sure to demonstrate their cheers and stunts multiple times so everyone has a fair shot. One of their core values is being part of the community and wearing it proudly. 42fib us, cheering for Temple is more about representing the university and I ojmmunity rather than the program itself,” Cherry Team captain Sarah Metts lid. Metts is a senior majoring in broadcast journalism. Fetts is joined with her other Cherry Team captain, Felicia Madonna, a fifth year erapeutic recreation major. n addition to cheering, the team loves to help out in the community and give back, arlier this year, they took the opportunity to speak to students at Welsh School ibout the benefits of attending college and college cheerleading. Additionally, fthey offer clinics for high school and Temple students interested in cheerleading. “To us, cheering for Temple is more about representing the university and community rather than the program itself,” Cherry Team captain Sarah Metts said. Metts is a senior majoring in broadcast journalism. Metts is joined with her other Cherry Team captain, Felicia Madonna, a fifth year therapeutic recreation major. In addition to cheering, the team loves to help out in the community and give back. Earlier this year, they took the opportunity to speak to students at Welsh School about the benefits of attending college and college cheerleading. Additionally, they offer clinics for high school and Temple students interested in cheerleading. Despite the hard work of the cheerleaders, they do not receive the benefits that other sports teams do. “We have it harder because we do it year-round,” Gray said. “We practice, we lift just as hard as any other team.” This does not stop the team, though. Sarah feels that as long as they can cheer and uplift others, the team is satisfied. In fact, Sarah had a little closing message for everyone. "If you sit there and doubt yourself you will never accomplish anything. We make success stories here." - Sarah Metts 43For students less versed in the sports world, football season can be intimidating. Social events throughout the fall become overwhelmingly football-centric and getting involved can be difficult. The good news for those looking to jump on the bandwagon is that there are plenty of ways to get immersed so everyone can find their own place with the Owls. At its core, sports bring people together. Temple students cannot deny the energy that floods across campus on game days, drawing students to Lincoln Financial Field. An avid football fan or not, every student can still enjoy the school spirit that comes with grabbing a group of friends and taking a bus to the game. Enjoy-ingt Temple football is about more than watching the sport, it’s about being a part of the experience and spending time with fellow students. For the newbies to the culture, fellow students gave their best advice to those who need a little motivation on game days. Marie Barth, a sophomore social work major and football fanatic gave her best advice as an avid football fan. “Football games are a great time to hop on the subway with all your friends and cheer on the Owls!” Barth said. “A good way to start every game is grabbing breakfast at Champ’s Diner and then heading to the stadium.” Sophomore film major Tim Price is not much of a football guy, but he certainly knows how to use something he does love to get more excited on game days. “Listening to ‘pump-up’ music before 44getting on the bus is the best way to hype yourself up before a game!” Price said. Claudia Cuevas, a junior kinesiology major, loves game days for the social aspect. “Just having friends over my place before the games to hang out and get ready in our cherry and white is celebration enough for me,” said Cuevas, “and I suggest anyone else should do the same!” For us homebodies Temple football games are frequently streamed on ESPNU, allowing viewers to get that same game-day experience at home. Who needs to be at the field when you can have a pizza party at your apartment, complete with buffalo chicken dip and chips? Every game is perfect when the best seat in the house is right on your own couch. No matter how Temple Owls choose to participate in football games, there is no doubt that everyone can find some aspect of the sport they enjoy. Students do not have to be athletes or football fiends to feel like a part of the school community. Whether they are part of the crowd at the stadium or at home with friends, Owls always find their own way to show school spirit. by Anna Baker photography b William Carreri and Carli Showmaker 45 It's a lot of grueling, hard work for not much reward, but the feeling of winning with your best friends in the boat is what makes it all worth it. -Thomas O'Shaughnessy For Temple Men’s Crew Team, a good athletedi is based not only on ability but their sense 01 of teamwork and sportsmanship. And with iti team as large as 65 people, communication U is a crucial element to their success. c Crew, otherwise known as a rowing, is a sport where eigh oarsmen race a boat or racing shell down a river. The goa ‘ is to reach a certain destination before your opponent, and the oarsmen are directed by a coxswain, who verbally commands the speed, steering, timing and fluidity. Crew alumni Colin Hanson says success in rowing requires major teamwork and communication, because the entire team must be on the same page as their fellow oarsmen. If the boat is thrown off sync by even just one teammate, it slows down everyone else’s rowing and potentially could cost a team their race known as a regatta The team practices on the river, weather permitting, six 46Men's Crew Team is All About Teamwork Anna Baker photography by Ben Quick days a week for four hours. They begin rowing 4s or 6s, meaning four or six men to a boat. Over time, they work up to a full boat of eight rowers. Despite the intense practicing, team members say crew has been one of the best parts of their college experience. “Being a member on the team is a highlight of my time in college—I have made lifelong friends, and through the team traveled and competed in England,” junior global studies major Thomas O’Shaughnessy said. Outside of practice and regattas, the team likes to let loose and have some fun. In addition to the normal competition, they take part in a “secret” 10k regatta called Head of the Floody. The crew team lines up all six of Temple’s racing shells at the start of the course, located near Philadelphia’s East Falls neighborhood. Each boat is sent downstream one at a time until they reach Boathouse Row, where they turn around and row back up river. Whichever boat was the fastest is crowned Head of the Floody champion. The prizes vary, but previous rowers received Yoplait yogurt' lids turned into gold medals. For Temple crew members, being on the team means not only growing as a rower, but also as a person. “Crew has been the most formative experience of my life,” junior communication studies major Phil MacNeal said. “I say with the utmost sincerity that I would not be the person I am today without my time as a rower.” 47Letter From The Society of Minorities in Sport by Ally Esposito photography provided by the organization Society of Minorities in Sport (SMS) is an inclusive community for sports industry professionals to connect, collaborate share resources and access opportunities. We are diverse in culture, ideas, politics, backgrounds, and career paths. We s port each other and our communities while pushing the sports industry forward. Through conversations with minoritit in leadership, as well as the facilitation of networking opportunities, SMS looks to expose students to a variety of learn and volunteer opportunities across our industry. Being a woman in a male dominated sports field, sometimes I come across tough opportunities that makes me question I am where I am supposed to be. Now that I have my SMS family, I know that I have a group of like minded members who are working towards the same goals and who will uplift me. Together, we will be the change we wish to see. SMS taught me to be comfortable being the only minority in the room. Now, if I am working a sporting event with all males, I am able to be strong and confident in myself, and SMS is to thank for that. I take great pride in being the president of an organization like SMS. Not everyday do you find organizations focused on inclusivity and diversity in the sport field. When I first took over as president, I had one goal: “Find diverse opportunities for our members and instil in them that they too can hold that position.” Every day 1 work to provide members with connections or help. I think of myself as a mentor for them and it is the best feeling being able to share my insight with them. It makes me feel good to know that we arc making a positive impact. If I am able to help at least one member with connections, jobs, or internships then my job is done correctly. I love setting up opportunities and being able to bring in sports leaders who look like my members. We can be the change together, and any way I can push this industry forward, I promise i will. Come be part of the change! With sports being such a growing field, we prepare all of our members for anything they may face during their journey to the working world. 48Diversity: the art of thinking independently together" -Malcolm Forbes 49HEART BEAT OF BROAD STREET Your favorite group of students always keep the energy alive by Lucy Niyazova photography by Carli Showmaker 50II II e Endless tailgates, face paint and roars of crazy fanatics: this is the atmosphere in which the Cherry Crusaders thrive. There’s also a tradition reserved for the Senior Day games, which honor players that are graduating that year. The Cherry Crusaders roll out a banner thanking those players. ■The Cherry Crusade is a Temple organization ■nade up of the most enthusiastic sports fans on (rampus. It was founded in 2005 by a handful of y ;tudents in order to support Temple’s teams, which kt the time were making deep runs in their tournaments. t aletes put a lot of work in to do what they do, so ;r isaders want to show some love. Ai football and basketball games, Cherry Crusaders 1 the first three or four rows of seats and try get e audience excited and loud. To do so, members ca ry out the club’s many gametime traditions. Fpr football, members paint a TIFO, which is a giant rollout banner, for homecoming or other significant games. For basketball, they make more rollouts for games against the Big 5, which includes all the Philadelphia-based schools. The ml louts often poke fun at the other schools, and Temple is one of the only schools in the area that uses them. An( her tradition is the “I Believe” chant, original! led by the MI Believe” guy. Josh Forman, a senior majoring in risk management and insurance, is the president of Cherry Crusade. Forman said he grew up in a household of sports fans. “I always loved college sports, so that’s why I wanted to be part of Cherry Crusade,” he said. “It’s just who I am.” For him, the Crusade is part of a family legacy. His older brother was a former president of the club. “I would’ve done it even if he wasn’t involved,” Forman said. “Having kids look at me as being in charge is also great.” Forman hopes that the Cherry Crusade continues for many more years. “I just want it to keep up our identity as the craziest fans at Temple, also supporting student athletes at all games because there’s not a lot of people that do that,” he said. “We’re painted, leading chants and being loud. That’s all I want it to be.” 51ho h a c-Ien X i rtu tak to IOC O. hi be ex “V Behind the Lens at Your Favorite Sports Games Carli Showmaker is not only taking photos of your beloved players but supporting them endlessly 11 by Gail Vivar photography provided by Carli Showmaker Many might not notice this but behind some of your favorite and recognizable Temple Athletic photos is Carli Showmaker, the student happily taking them on her camera. While she is part of several other organizations on campus, Showmaker takes pride in this special job she’s been able to be part of. Showmaker is a double major in me- dia studies and production (production track) and advertising (art direction track). She is Temple’s exclusive student photographer for all sports and has been shooting for them since her sophomore year. She also markets herself as a content creator with her diverse online portfolio and her Instagram account, Showmaker Productions. Originally she just starting off as a dedicated fan at all Temple sporting events. Showmaker eventually met r; rr the Cherry Crusade her freshman year where she became a member i during the basketball season. r 1 “I took my GoPro with me every- t where at the time, and started mak ing hype videos for the fan section,’ « Showmaker said. “The videos starte • getting a lot of attention, and event ally Athletics asked me if they coul; use some of my footage.” After a year of making these videos, she got an email asking if she wc ul be interested in being a photogra )h 52■Athletics. ffifirst, Showmaker says she was nervous because she only lsed on video up until that point, but it was a challenge e is thankful she accepted. |hc said, “Having this job definitely made my college irience so much better because I was able to see all of ic games from a different perspective than most other ients. )ne of her favorite memories is shooting the Temple foot-ial games for the Cherry Crusade. Most of her football ts focus on the fans; capturing their reactions is the best ar; of her job. Jowmaker said, “My favorite part of each game comes ight after a win, when all of the players are super hyped inn come celebrate with the fans. Being able to see everyone—fans, players, and coaches—all come together as one Temple family to celebrate is really special. It’s amazing to ye in the center of that action capturing the moments.” e difficult part of her job is to editing all the photos she ;es. On average, Showmaker takes about 1000-2000 pho-per game. She goes through them all and edits the best 100-300. O ie of the misconceptions students have about her job is he w easy it is to capture images for everyone. Carli believes being a photographer for live events is constantly a learning ex perience. “Y- hile people applaud photographers for the amazing shots that they get, there are about 350 other shots that are absolutely HORRIBLE,” Showmaker said. “I think that it’s ir portant for anyone trying to get into sports action photography to remember that you get better with your craft the more that you practice, and to never get discouraged.” V hile she perfected her craft in a matter of years. Show-maker has left her mark as a memorable photographer and lover of all things Temple. Because of that and many other reasons, she is proud to be a Temple Owl. Not only has she seen how supportive the Temple community is but she has Seen firsthand how great it is to be on the frontlines of all the action. Showmaker said, “Throughout my years as a photographer, I think the greatest lesson I took from all of this is the value ct camaraderie in the photographer community. When I firs started shooting athletic photos, I really struggled with ett: the proper settings to get the best photos. A few vet- eran photographers on the sidelines really took me under their wings and helped me out when I needed it." This is something she continues to do after learning from her older peers as she introduces herself to everyone on the field. It is important for Showmaker to be a role model. Showmaker said, “Being in the creative industry can be cut throat, but it can also be an amazing opportunity to collaborate and create greatness with others when everyone is there for one another.” As her time as a time as a Temple Athletic photographer comes to an end, Showmaker has a few memories she will always keep dear to her. “Even in the rain, I’ve witnessed the students standing in the bleachers cheering on their fellow Temple Owls,” Showmaker said. “I think one of the coolest parts of photography is capturing genuine moments as they are happening because you will never be able to capture that same level of emotion by staging a photo.” 53MEET THE TEMPLE ROCK CLIMBING CLUB It’s been described as an outlet for the love of thhe outdoors and competition Temple’s Rock Climbing Club is a fun and welcoming environment for students wanting to challenge themselves to test their limits and join a community of equally passionate climbers. The club’s main goal is to take people with an interest in trying a new hobby and show them how big the rock-climbing world really is. As described by Cameron Zach, a junior computer science major, “The climbing club has a lot of really friendly people who are very willing to help you learn about the sport and make you feel like a part of the group. It is a really low-pressure environment, and friendly for all experience levels.” The Rock Climbing Club doesn’t operate as a team, as rock climbing is more individualized and about improving upon yourself, unlike a traditional team sport; as the saying goes: it is every man woman for him herself out there on the c‘ climbing walls. 0 However, as described by members of the club, along wit the club’s President Ryan Kremp who says, “The climbir1 community is one of the most supportive sports communities that I’ve been apart of and it’s important fo:' me, and the other members of the club, to represent that. Kremp, a Junior Education major, is the newly elected cl President whose role is to be an active member and shini example, especially for beginners whose climbing careers may be just starting. Competitions operate under a point-value system determined by the level of difficulty per each climb. The more difficult a climb, the more points it is worth upon completion for the climber. Pathways a climber can take are marked by colored tape on the wall, and if a climber i able to finish the problem, that is the particular 54. configuration of the climb, they receive the highest amount of points distributed. t The top five climbs that a climber completes in three hours q is counted toward the overall score. Climbers' focus on beating their own scores, with the support of their fellow j climbers, which emphasizes the importance of encouraging a supportive atmosphere during competitions. Il The Temple Rock Climbing Club does not necessarily prac; ice for the sake of competitions, although competitions are a nice way to put new skills to the test. As stated by club president Kremp, “We’re not necessarily frying to be excellent climbers, but we enjoy climbing and hanging out.” The Rock Climbing Club is an excellent way to mi t new people, relieve stress, and workout in a way other than a traditional gym! It’s fun to do, and easy to learn. Club member Nick Male, a senior computer science major, described his experience with the club as, “an outlet for my love of the outdoors and competition. Through semester outdoor trips, I’ve been able to bond with other climbers and make the transition from indoor climbing to outdoor rock. Frequent opt-in competitions have given me an opportunity to push myself and to discover new limits. Climbing club is one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had at Temple.” Temple Rock Climbing helps to expand a student’s knowledge of the sport, and serve as what can be a fun hobby for some or a more serious commitment for others. Either way, the Rock Climbing Club welcomes new members with open arms into an accepting and supportive community of fellow climbers. by Anna Baker photography by Katherine Chudzik 55Ashton Dunkley has always been on track for her success As a top student athlete, Dunkley has defeated the odds by Gail Vivar When it came time to apply to college, Ashton Pema-panik Dunkley couldn't imagine not continuing her running career at the collegiate level. Choosing the right school is a hard choice for any incoming freshman but for Dunkley says she knew picking Temple was the best choice after considering its cross country program. Till this day, being a Temple Owl has been her best decision she has made as she truly enjoyed her experience as a student-athlete over the past four years. “My time on the cross country team has been one of the most gratifying experiences in my life and has shown me that I am capable of much more than I initially thought,” Dunkley said. “I am going to be really sad to leave this program and my team, they all have been like a family to me over the past four years.” Dunkley said, “It was amazing to be named Temple's Female Scholar-Athlete of the Year last spring. I have always taken my studies incredibly seriously and it brought a smile to my face to know our Athletic Department recognized that. It definitely made all of those stressful nights completing assignments worthwhile!” back to the opportunities she was offered as a Temj Owl and never expected to achieve so much during) time here at Temple. “In all honesty, I simply just took advantage of all the fantastic opportunities offered here at Temple,’ Dunkley said. “I wouldn't have known about the Tr man Scholarship if I hadn't gone to a Fellowship vising information session, so I kind of just fell into) It certainly was not easy to balance school, scholars! applications, and athletics, however, I am thrilled vi how all of that hard work paid off.” As a graduating Temple athlete, her favorite memorii| are from their 2018 Indoor and Outdoor Track Conferences because of the improvement the team accorc) plished from the start of their collegiate careers. As a history and anthropology double major with an Italian minor, Dunkley made the choice to balance her life as a dedicated student and being part of the cross country and track teams. In result of all her hard work and time management, she was named Temple’s Female Scholar Athlete of the Year in 2017 - 2018 and to the Trustee Ten for having one of the 10 highest GPA’s among all Temple student-athletes and a finalist for the Truman Scholarship. Dunkley said, “Our program has grown considerably since I began here in 2015 and I think that especially came to light for me after our team's incredible performances in those competitions, particularly in the mile and 1500m. Seeing all of our hard work in actic brought tears to my eyes. I am incredibly proud of ou team and the path we are on.” I With everything she has learned as a student-athlete. Dunkley has a bit advice for her freshman self and future athletes. “I would tell my freshman self the same thing I woul tell an upcoming athlete on the cross country team. ‘It's far from easy, but it is 100% worth it’,” Dunkley said. “When I started as an athlete here, I was hon estly not sure if I w'ould be able to handle such an intense workload. Looking back, I am so happy and proud that I stuck it out.” For her, all her success was worthwhile as she looks 5657Women's Gymnastics Team Got What It Takes To be on this college team is a very empowering experience by Haniya Shaish photography by Michael WoSK OV Passion, energy, family. These are the words that describe Temple’s women’s gymnastics team. Delaney Garin, a sophomore health professions major, explained how she got into gymnastics as a child - or rather, how her parents put her there. “I don’t think any of us, at three or four years old, said, ‘Mom, I wanna do gymnastics,”’ said Garin. “It was more like my mom said, ‘Oh my gosh, you have so much energy, get out of my face!”’ From elementary school to college, this energy hasn’t faltered. Whether at practice or meets, the girls on this team are constantly encouraging each other. Screams of support and the ringing of high fives echo throughout the gym as the girls take turns performing elegant flips mixed with fun and trendy hip-hop moves. Each girl’s routine, during beam intrasquads or on the floor mat, is different. Daisy Todd, a junior majoring in kinesiology, explained that the routines are composed of various skills. “It’s like a menu,” said Todd. "Your whole career leading up to this point, you’ve been able to try different moves. Sometimes you won’t like a certain move because it doesn’t work for you. 58And then there are certain skills that you love and you’re really good at, so you just put those in. It’s like a formula.” But despite the differences in each girl's routine, they all II share the same fierce pas-] sion for the sport. Their bond over the same passions and goals has formed a family within the team. Not only do they train together, but they also lift in the gym, go to class, have movie nights, and live together. The frequent amount of time they spend together has actually led their confidence to rub off on one another. It makes us stronger women, said Garin. “To be on this college earn is a very empowering expe- ience.” The girls are also so in sync that hey know each other’s routines by heart. For example, as one girl performs her individual routine during floor exercises, the rest of the gymnasts proudly stand together and synergize by mimicking some of the current performer’s steps. India Anderson, a senior psychology major, said that the girls have a fierce loyalty to each and every single member on the team. “I'm not a crier, and I actually cried that day. It was so special because I knew that these girls had my back. They really are my sisters.” Josh Nilson, the team’s new coach, joined the family for the first time this season. He brought with him a “different mentality’’ and a calm approach to the team, which helps explain how he can manage these nineteen female college gymnasts on top of his five sons, ten years old and under. “We look like a legit team," Nil-son said to the girls after their mock-meet. “I’m proud of you guys.” Nilson’s goal for the team this year is to reach the Top 36 tier in postseason competition. If they make it, they will qualify to one of six Regionals. “They’re starting to understanding how good they can be," said Nilson. “They’re starting to understand that they’re worthy of the Top 36.” Last year, the team broke several records, including their season opening record and event scores. They are confident that they will break more this year and look forward to winning many more victories. "When you succeed in this kind of environment, you don’t feel personal success. You just feel so bonded with your team that it’s exciting for everyone," said Garin. “It’s something you can’t quite describe. You can’t understand until you get to experience this kind of success with your best friends. It's the most amazing thing.” “It showed on the mat that day in competition, at our home meet. I came back from my knee injury and everyone was so hyped up about it," Anderson recalled. 59r Temple’s Football Program Had a Year to Remember ; As a team, each player has grown closer to each other despite all % shocks this year came with. s by Haniya Shariff photography by William Careri 60rr I in past six months have presented one of the most unique chapters in the history of the Temple foot-nail program. In that time, the Owls won eight imes, advanced to their fourth consecutive bowl amc, anii experienced not one, but two, coaching changes the span of a month. 'irst, Jeff Collins left the team after two years to pursue his Iream head coaching position at the Georgia Institute of ethnology. For a brief eighteen days, Manny Diaz replaced 'oilins. Finally, Rod Carey left his successful football pro-Ifcram at Northern Illinois University to join Temple. Carey s expected to coach for the Owls for the next four years. several of Temple’s rising seniors, they will be playing r their fourth head coach. iwood Crump, a current junior and the team’s corner-;k, said that there was a void on the team once Collins sing a coach like Coach Collins was really hard at first, :ausc he brought the swag and charisma to the team,” fid Crump. “We’re still bringing in any coach with love.” r Zach Mesday, a graduate student and veteran on the pensive end of the team, the frequent coaching changes lime as shock. re never seen this happen, especially the fact that someone could come in here, look us in our eyes, and tell us how badly he wanted to be here - and then a week later, he’s gone,” said Mesday. “It was at a point where it almost came comical,” Fortunately, Carey has proven to be a loyal coach. He told the players from the beginning that he was here to earn their trust, especially after what they had gone through with previous coaches. tnthony Russo, the team’s starting quarterback, does not ike Carey’s team loyalty for granted. ‘As a quarterback, trust is huge,” said Russo. “ICoach Carey also doesn’t talk about how we’re going to succeed - he shows us.” While switching coaches has been a challenge for the team, the players understand that it’s part of the college football business and choose to strengthen their brotherhood by lendin constant support. This year was particularly special for Mesday, who originally came in as a walk-on and went through two ACL surgeries. After proving himself to Collins, he was awarded a sixth year of eligibility and a full scholarship for 2019. “It was exciting and relieving for not just me, but for my family too. They’ve supported me through everything,” said Mesday. As for Russo, this past season has been life changing. He finally achieved his dream of becoming a starting quarterback in college. In October, Russo led the Owls to an incredible victory' against Cincinnati, one of the toughest games they’ve had. “Now that I’m the quarterback, I have to continue to work to maintain this spot but also gain the trust of my teammates around me,” said Russo. “I want to be that guy to help them out when they need it, because I was able to play with some of the upperclassmen who really helped me transform into the person I am today.” This season, the Owls have amassed more wins in the history of Temple football seniors than ever. In the span of seven months, they have won nine games and even reached a bowl game against Duke. After losing to Duke 27-56 in the bowl game, the Owls are determined to practice all season and come out more prepared than ever. “We have a little unfinished business and a lot of hunger,” said Russo. Crump says that the Temple Owls did well last season, but they were just getting started. “This is a school that’s on the rise,” said Crump. “For anyone that’s coming in, I tell them to just trust in the process.” Even though the team lost a few key players such as Rock Ya Sin and Michael Dogbe, many experienced uprising seniors will be returning this upcoming season. As for new players, Russo encourages them to never lose faith. But most of all, Russo wants his team to stay passionate and determined. “Always be ready to work, because that’s what we do down here at 10th and Diamond.” 61' Aimen Ahmed Asmaa Abdullah Natalie Abulhawa Patricia Adekunle Stephanie Aguirre Sarah Ahmed Aisha Abozaid Daniela Acosta Qudus Adesokan Ranim Ahmad Elizabeth Ahn Amatullah Abu Bakr Andrew Adames Oluwatofunmi Adeyemi Oluwamodupe AjoseRemzie Akkad Al Behbahani Hiromi Albright Ahmad Alkhulaifi Ayah Alkhars Kathleen Alexander Luke Alexy Alhabib Saud Alharbi Saad Alabduljader Mahboob Alam Anthony Alcancia Natalie Alegant Miad Alfaqih Amirah Ali Sarnia AllenSarah Almazan Zahraa Alquraini AbdulAziz AlSumait Jesus Alvarado Salinas Gabrielle Amore Alush Juliana Amo Abdulrahman Almusaileem Noor Alrabaiah Michaela Althouse Sami Alwagayan Jason Amrowski Adriana Alosa Ahmed Alsmadi Alexa Altland Jonah Amedeo Lainey AndersonSabra Anderson Crystal Anokam Kristen Applegate Justin Asaraf MHMBH Christopher Andreozzi Mubashir Ansari ft. kk Ella Ardoin Dilvany Arredondo Tyler Ascione Diana Angel Alvarez Maria Angelis Virginia Anselmi Lisa Antoini Mohai Aril Lindsey Arjona James Arters Greyson AsmusMark Bannon Jeffrey Ballew Gregory Baratta Oluwamayowa Babalola Maserai Bah Salma Bakri Hanne Bache Nilsberg Michele Bahtiarian Jenna Baldino Richard Bachman David Bailey Ashley Baldwin Bryan Bancroft Shannon Banks Asia Barksdale-Johnson Amanda Barnabie 51 Amairis Barnett ✓ i i I James Base 8 m Faithe Beadle Brandon Begaj Jeremy Bell Anahja Barnett Nydiah Bates Anna Beard Andrea Behler Madeline Bell Mary Barr Andrew Barron % Kaicey Baylor Thomas Beck Kellee, Keisi Bejleri “Being from another city wasn’t easy at first, but instead of getting bogged down, I decided to take a chance on myself. I joined as many orgs as I could and took; advantage of every opportunity provided to me. Now, multiple internships and leadership positions later, I couldn’t be more grateful for taking that chance. The number one thing Temple taught me was to never, ever Conor Freely Kathryn Benetz Kyle Betley Kiana Blackshaw Blum Katherine Bolten Daniel Borine Pauline Bogad Anna Botsaris V. Tammy Betterson rf 1 D r Victoria Blackwood Maria Boggi Ezekiyas Beyene Shannon Blattner Jaya Bolden Myia Bonifacino-Jackson Zois Bouikidis Tanee Booker Sara BoykinKatherine Braccio Courtney Bradshaw Nicolette Branson Nydia Broomer 4 James Bradley Divante Bradwell Emma Bray Anna Brignola Amanda Brown Crystal Brine Cheyenne Brown Taylor Maria Bradley Duncan Brady Tia Bray Tim BradleyAnthony Bruno Isabella Bucci Ricardo Burks III Matt Byrne Victoria Camillo John Kenneth Brutas Alyssa Buchino Nicolas Burnosky Patrick Cabahug Kathryn CampbellMichael Carr Joshua Carter Jermaine Carroll Marian Carter Julien Carroll Isabella Casademont Daniel Cao Stephanie Cao Meztli Cardoso Jillian Capel Dion Carmichael Brittani Canty Luke Matthew CaraanChirag Chandna Derek Chapman Christopher Chou iben irmeius Selena Cheang Hanz Chen UChen Mingsi Chen Nanx n Chen Yingci Chen Yuchang Chen Khristin Charity Fang Chen ■ Qi Chen Junyi Cheng“The biggest thing that I am grateful for is all of the relationships that I have gained throughout my four years here. Temple has given me some of my closest friends and the chance to be inspired by so many of my peers. We support and empower each other to be our best and I woulc not be walking across the stage half the person I am without the support system that I have gained here at Almas Ayaz Kendra Childs Cue Chim Siven Chinniah Cho Cheung Jonathan Chong Alyssa Choate Sean Choudhary Sajida Choudary Mitchell Chooi Natalie Christman Raymond Chu Kija Chronister Alexandra Ciuciu Emma Clancy Kristen CiesielkaJordan Clever Bledi Cobani Kesi Coker Jairo Colon Hunter Conforti Demetrius Coachman Tatiana Codnor-Perry Ramel Coleman Paul Compagnino Margaret ConnerAnaCatalina Constenla Rachel Corr Jessica Costanzi Julia Craig Ryan Convery Miranda Corrigan Kellianne Costello Daniel Cramer Kevin Cremi Morgan Croissette Soul Cooke Celine Corbie Coleman Cosby Sabrina Cosn Ashley Cousar-Simmons Brand' Breanna Crawford Sieani CropperJaime Cuellar Arias Ana Cubit Paula Cuerquis Sarah Cunningham Walter Cunningham IV Marcella Curcio Cotrine Cwenar Current Tony D'Erasmo Andrew Dada .urbuge DaKu Ty Daiey Aurora Dalipaj Catherine Dartey Kevin Dang Sovan Das Amal DashtiCaroline Davies Adam Davila Dejah Davis Dreu Davis Emily Davis Hannah Da Myiah Davis William Davis Jimmy Dawood Jacks Joei DeCarlo Mia Decker Kayla deLeon Michael Delle Donne Nick DelpSophia DiEmidio Megan Dempsey Rachael DlWinger George Dimov Lauren DiStefano Devon Ditko Rose Destra Margot Demus Maxime Derenoncouri James Diffenderfer Ozlem Dincer Angelo DiGiorgio Yitao Ding Julia Ditro fat Nicholas DiVirgilioToni Dixon Michele Doheny Sarah Donohue Hyunseung Do Kelcie Dolan Andrew Dorais Cassandra Dotts Caitlin Doyle Caroline Dowdell Margaret Driscoll Dumproff Davy Duo, landa Hernandez Elizabeth burning Hannah Eadie Janelle Eody Ebraheem Hann a Edelson Hassan Edge Ekwerike A1©xandi Ennes jQmie Epstein HannahAnisa Eshraghi Sarah Fadel Lin Featherstone Sarah Fequiere Rewees Eskandar Alexandria Fagley Natalie Feighery Jessica Ferdinand Jose Ferran Jr. Hasan Etesh Susan Espinoza Sydney Famularo Kelsey Feldman Jasen Ferguson William FerrisPVYtWtp Fok Alexandra Fortebuono Kalherine Finley Jennifer Fiscus Nenah Fitch notes Waiter Flotes Daniela Florido Erick Fiorelli Marvin Flahn Kate Flannery Ashlea Flowers Jared Forest KhadV ab Fotana Marcus Forst Terrez Ford Louis FortunatoMichelle Foster Noelle Franklin Jeanne Cristello Friedlander Jessica Furlong Paul Galanti Cassandra Fox Abigail Freed Nova Friedman Justin Fusco Ashley Gale Caroline Francis Conor Freeley Jamie Frohm Mark Gabriel Nicholas Gallagher Chelsea Franco Martin Alexandria Freeman Katherine Genuino Zenebework Gebreslassie Amanda Gee Shania Genwright Kyle Gaumann Hui Gao Olivia Garvey Yuan Gao Zhao Gao Joseph Garvey III Paige Gazelle Leena Gazzaz M Nygeria George Nicholas Gerardim V Raphael Gershman Gabriela Gibbens Jackira Gil Gabrielle Gioia Sarah Goffney Hima Gharat Catherine Gibbs Breea Gillette Curlea Glasgow ‘One of the first lessons I learned at Temple was from my best friend s mom. She told us "There’s never any traffic if you stay in your lane." This advice has stuck with me the last four years here and it’s definitely come in handy. Especially as a television reporter, it is so easy for you to start comparing yourself to others. The way you look. The way you sound. Whether you're good1 enough compared to that person you’re interning with who’s going to an Ivy League. What you come to realize is that when you focus on yourself and your own growth, you'll get to be where you want to be. Whether I was living abroad or interning in Washington D.C., as long as I stayed in my lane then I knew everything would turn out: okay." -Aaron Gibbs-Gr Maher Gharib Dania Giaddui Lamont Gibson Sarah Gib: Kyle Gilliam Bryce Glenn Michelle Goldberg Zachary Goodwin Jacqueline Gorecki Nazahah Graham Alexandria Greer Lauren Griffin Meiduo Gong Heramba Gopi Laura Gorecki Alexander Grant Tachianna Griffiths Jeremy Goodman Alexa Gordon Nykima Gorey Nicholos Grant Nina GrimesAna Gabriela Gusli Rachel Guttentag Zachary Haines John Groman Erica Groomes Aldair Guevara Jasmine Guillen Lisa Ha Kayla Hadley Mariam Mohamad Haj Omid Haji Maghsoudi Amber Hall Arron Hall - Maria Hammonds Tom Hammaker Ciara Hardy Joshua Haq Semaje Harper Harley Bysim Harris Rebecca Hartman Henry Hathaway lelene Harron Mustafa Haweejah Jordan Hawkins Julia Hayman Brittany Hampton Lindsay Hargrave Courtney Hatton Geneva HeffernanJewel Henderson Chris Heim Charles Hellem Kenneth Hellem Adair Hernandez Ahylety Hernandez Alvaro Hernande; Monica Henry Elizabeth Hernandez Braudy Herrera Logan Hetzel Carli Hightower Natalie Hilburg Rachael Hilden Andrew Himes David HiltHopkins Matthew Howald Sarah Hoang Paris Holliday Victoria Horrell Isaiah Howerton De'andre Holmes Patrick Holt Christina Hryhorchuk Shiyi Huang Kentra Hua Tingting HuangQueoni Hubbard Joseph Hullihan Lauren Hunter Nawal Salah Hussain Jake Hymson Miranda Humphrey Lauren Hunter Zain Hussain Abosede Ibikunle “I have sincerely loved all of my time at Temple because of the atmosphere and people and professors. The city atmosphere makes everyone have a ton of drive and makes me want to be the best. The professors are phenomenal, always helpful, and extremely intelligent. I have made all of my lifelong friends here and have enjoyed every moment that I’ve gotten to spend at this university.' -Jacqui Fricke Paige Hughes Ruth Hunger Sarah Hurd Alicia Hutchinson Mohammad Ibrahim Sarah Hughes Arielle Hun Maria Isaev Rebecca Jackson Maryama Jalloh Jalloh Victoria Jennings Meesha Jennings Autumn Johnson Jerard Johnson Inayah Ivey Tanesja Jackson John Jasionowicz Brynna Izquierdo Jeffrey Jacoby Jonas Jean-Claude Liza Jenza Briana Jervey Shelbe-Bree Taylor Johnson JohnsonShemsokhfta Johnson-CorinaicTt Victoria Johnson Co n Johnston Troy Johnson Crystal Jones Devin Jones Diamond Joi Courtney Jones Shannai Jordan-Btuce Roche' Abigail Jordan Valarie Jones Annissa Juste Fatima Joshua Seul Jung Lauren KairysTara Kelly Patrick Kelly Kearns Meg Keown Sydney Kenton ndrew Kent Tyler Kessler Jz Keshelava Brandon Kerr Razin Karu Maho Kawabe Stormydhae Kelsey Talal Kerbag Craig KestecherGaelle Doriane Keudje Pameni Sabeeya Khan Sean Killion Ryan Kim Bryon Knuckle Tatjiana Keys Li in Harshvardhan Khanna Kaitlyn Killman Daniel King Joonhyuk Andrew Ko Reem Khalafalla Heather Kild William Keyser Brandon Kim Ryan Kipp Olivia Kobylinski Matooq KhayyatAndreanna Kremser Katherine Kulik Alhaji Koita Madina Kora Mikaela Kozel Katlyn Kroeck Kyle Kull 1 Taia Kolcheva Galya Kolodner Elise Kornfeind Irene Koutsoutis Andrew Kraskewicz Josh Kravets Levi Krum Madison KruseMathew Kuruvilla Yasmyn La-Torre Greta LaLeike Princess Kuteyi Morgan Labs Raymond Lam Jenyce Lane Megan Latham i V Victoria Langowska ¥ Christine LattanzeANyson Leopold Emma Levine Samuel Levy Sherrie Lawyer Louis-Gerard Lazarre De'JounLee Hyong Jin Lee Lee Tyra Lee Makenzie Leh A Monica Lengel Megan Lennon Duyen Le Daniel Lei Tyson LennonLuphan Lumeh Angela Llamanzares Kevin Loi Leticia Lopez Joline Louis-Charles Briela Lugo Kevin Lo Alexandra Long Anderson Louis-Jean Evelyn Lopez-Feliciano Jiaxin Luo Thanh Lo Caroline Long Ella Loscalzo Alexandria Love Minglan LuoAshley Lutek Danielle Lyons Victoria Macrone Nina Majewicz Varshini Mallireddigari Brandon Luu Kyle Lysek Felicia Madonna Ismigul Makhmudova Samantha Malone lana Malcolm Akshay Mamidela Caroline Lykhokon Caitlyn MacL6on Phu Ly Sarah Mackus Anna MagnaniKadeja Lewis Jingyi Liang Mohamed Lewis Jun Liang Anne Lin Erica Upton Brianna Uttlepage Victoria Lewis Chenyi U Shuguang U Melissa Liebel Aman Jiaxin Un Allan LiuAngela Llamanzares Kevin Lo Alexandra Long Kevin Loi Evelyn Lopez-Feliciano bnda nberger Leticia Lopez Joline Louis-Charles Anderson Louis-Jean Briela Lugo Luphan Lumeh Jiaxin Luo Thanh Lo Caroline Long Ella Loscalzo Alexandria LoveDanielle Lyons Victoria Macrone Nina Majewicz Varshini Mallireddigari Kyle Lysek Felicia Madonna Ismigul Makhmudova Samantha Malone Phu Ly Caroline Lykhokon lana Malcolm Sarah Mackus Caitlyn MacLeon Anna Magnani Daniel, Akshay Mamidela Stephanie Manning Samuel David Marcus Nicholas Mariner Tayah Martin Amber Manwiller Martin Jaiyn Martin isih Savah Matour Sara Mathai Jamie Matys Emilee Matey Katia Matychak Matthew Manzo Emily Marron Hayley MaurerKyle Maurer Sheridan Maybin Michelle Mbuthia Ali McCann Bill McCarty Sophia Maute Thomas Mayer Gary McCabe Jordan McCarry Natasha McCombs Kevin Joshua Mawhinney Courtney Mayers Samuel Maxey Keith McCabe Deja Mays Dillon “Temple made it possible for me to follow my dreams. I knew I wanted to be a reporter since I was 13. Temple gave me the tools and resources. And more importantly, Temple allowed me to as ambitious as I wanted to be - no one ever told me my goals were unattainable.” -Taylor AllenEmily McDevitt Alexis McGoldrick Tiffany McLoyd Mariah McMullen Kerri Mehaffey Sean McMorran Tatiana Medley China McEachron Mia McIntosh Duncan McLuckie Brielle Mcphee Huidan Mei Sydney McFadden Casey McKenna Marie McVeigh Luz MejiaGabrielle Meunier Tyler Millhouse Anna Minnick Ricardo Mendez Michele Mendez-Andrade Jamie Meller Sabrina Meyer Mayana Miah Jasmine W «ooney oseph Moreira Maia Morton Samantha Morton Indira Mitchell May Mon Charlena Moore Jessica Moretti Donna Montgomery Kylie Moore Joshua Morales William Moskal Jr. Juwann MossCelia Moussa Boudjeltia Galen Mulliken Alat Mustafa Olena Mykhaylyuk Wesley Nappen Saad Mufti Griffin Mulvey-Hudson Hanin Mustafa Prerna Nahar Auset Muhammad Kakyara Muhinda Elizabeth Munz Apoorva Musti Hann' Sidharth Nair Oumy Ndiayeguyen Monica Nerz Kaitlyn Nevin Anh Nguyen Y Nguyen Sonja Nosisa Noonan-Ngwane hinh Nguyen Nicole Noel LaQuille Nesbitt Joseph Ngadi Katherine Nguyen Victoria Nichols Elizabeth Ngo Long Nguyen Cierra NiedererrNgozi Nwanji Kyle O'Connell Bridget O'Hanlon Abigail Oestreich Fatimah Ogunjobi Tochukwu Nwosu Ameisha O'Connor Kaitlin O'Malley Dianne Ogalesco Kenechukwu Okoli Zainab Nyazie Joseph O'Donnell Grace O'Connell Lauren O'Donnell] • ■| “Attending Temple for four years pushed me in way that I never saw Princess Ogioba coming. From my character evolving through challenges and mishaps to all the people I’ve encountered or had the pleasure to build relationships with, it was alt intentional and I’m beyond thankful for the experience. I’m not the same Ngozi that entered during her freshman year. And after I leave, my journey at Temple will be the passageway for what else God has in store for me. Isaiah 41:10” -Ngozi Nwanji briana Outen Jennifer Pachucki Jinnan Ouyang Mara Padula Gloria Onwugamba Faderera Oreagba Ammar Osialn Ashley Opitz Jerrica Orr Nicholas Ostaszewski Georgia Owusu Connor Oplinger Chukwunonso Osadebe Julia Ostrovsky Bisi Oyelola Emily Paiadino Ryan PalamarikKrista Palermo Lauren Palko Ami Parekh Nicholas Parrell Taylor Parson T Hemanshi Patel Emma Jeannette Palluzzi Johnny Park Samantha Passeri Angel Palmer Joseph Par Jaldhi PatelMiriam Grace Payne Breanna Pegula Stephanie Perez Isabel Paynter Brooke Pegula Werquin Perez Geraldo Anthony Pearson Njera Perkins Madison Peschen 1Sarah Philip Gabriella Pierce Emma Pitcher Abigale Polsky Christina Poulos Alexandra Pierre Morgan Pivovarnik Sabrina Popa Marvin Powell Nicholas Piasecki Micah Phillips Caitlin (Katie) Pierson Lisa Platz Samantha Porter Jamie PowersJasmine Quezada Mit Rajani Scott Prendergast Haley Proctor Ungzi Qian Ashlyne Quidley Kassandra Rajha Johnathan Press Romit Punamiya Thu Quach Connor Quinn Kara Ramage Brendan Preston Andrea Quartey Sophia Ragan Yanuara RamirezMilena Ramirez-Talavera Cortlyn Raynes Hannah Recchia Rebecca Reis Huner Rasheed Juliette Rayser Jessica Recklau Riana Reid Allison Reitenbach William Recanatin anything since I transferred to Temple, it is that the mindset you go into any activity with has the biggest impact on any physical element.” -Ewan Johnson Che Raskin Harmony Redding Verna Mae Rasing Trenton ReardonTianna Rivers Jonathan Richman Brianna Riordan Nicole Rizzo Tyler Ressler Margaret Ricchezza Jewl Reyes Trey Reynolds Olivia Rich Elizabeth Rifkind Dillon Riley Micaela Robalino Deondre RobinsonEmilee Robinson Kayla Rodriguez Gennifer Rollins Lolita Robinson Alexis Rogers Jesus Rosado Yarlyn Rosario Rachel Rubinstein Stephanie Rupa Jordon Roman Max Rothblatt Bria Rogers Veronica Rohach Eric Russo 6 Orlando Eugenia Robledo Jr. Rodriguez1 Sams Maria Salazar Theresa Salopek Celena Sanchez Graciela Santana Karthik Saravanan Robert Sariego Isaac Santiago Venise Salcedo Michael Salzarulo Nancy Sanchez Figueroa Rachael Santiago Brayan Sarmiento Sidney Saleh-Kurtz Ashley Sampson Janki Sangani Brian Santos Hannah SarveyKelly Sauer Giana Scaravaglione Brooke Schisler Michelle Schulze Isabel Sefton Crystal Savage Dymond Scarborough Kendra Schmit Jenna Scolis Michelle Segletes Deja Savage Laura Schaefer Samantha Schuback Natalie Scott Madeline Seiden Stephanie Savoia Carlieatthew Shore Emma Silverstone Heidi Shackleford Jennifer Shaw Morgan Sherlock Marie Shorokey Ryan Silverthorn Akshat Shah Medina Shaw Andrew Sherwood Carli Showmaker Jaclyn Silvestri Devanshi Shah Noah Sheedy Yushi Shi Abigail Shunk N'Kiyah SimmsBrittany Sims Karen Simtoco Radhika Sinha Lauren Smith Lauren Smith "I didn’t know what to expect coming to Temple. My parents dropped off a stubborn, strong-willed 18 year old girl who thought she knew it ALL and after graduation they’ll be taking back a degree-bearing campus leader. To my professors, family, friends, and my residents thank you so much for the impact you have had on my life. This degree is owed to you all. I didn’t know this is what it would feel like to be Temple made, but I have to say, it’s an indescribable feeling." -Georgia Owusu Gobindbir Singh Peehu Sinha Jamara Skinr Morgan Slutzky Jasmine Smith Laurin SmithMichael Sperando Olivia Stadelmaier Tattiana Smith David Soroka Laura Souza Killian Spitz Cohan Anthony Stagliano Poorva Sodaye Michael Sobel Misieczko Karsyn Spadaccino Kayleigh Sprague Tommaso Stalletti ■ Thomas Spataro Deida St. Aude Stephen StanleyQuinten Staton Alyssa Stavinski Andrew Stetser Lorpu Stevens Stidman Kayla Stride-Krotz Theany Su Jacob Stock Joshua Strong Heather Steckler Ciani Stewart Christian Stout Kimberly Strong Isabela Supovitz Isabella Stellar Jane StewaTaylor akeb Tesema Gregory Thomas Bianca Tamura Bryan Tate Stephanie Taylor Brendan Thalheimer nft Vw Kayla Thomas Guolong Tan Jenai Taylor Victoria Taylor Rebekah Theodore Latrice Thomas 1 Miranda Tan Jessica Taylor Kouassi Tchokoto Cameron Thomas Maneesha ThomasAzlah Thompson Ch oe Thompson Shania Thomas Toni Thomas Mohammad Tishad Carletta Tiano Sarah Thorpe K ana Tjeue’ Leeah Tomes Emily Tobin Luke Tomczuk Sara Toromant Ishika Toor Amy Top Cara Tran Devin Trakney Ashley TranSadira Turner Amanda Ung Tommy Tran Julia Trout James Truszkowski Jordynne Turpie Yensi Uribe-Martinez Karina Trejo Davis Trinh Hennah Troyano-Griffin Kristi Truong Liya Tserenova Allen Tsui Sydney Tushar Jeremy Tuttle Melissa Uzdzinski Alexis ValentineEl Vasild Olivia Vesey Jaicha Valerio Emily Van Sant Jamie Vanderslice Dianna Vassallo Rachel Vickalitis Talaya Vanderhorst Taj Valentine Nicholas Van Allen III Chiara Vasquez Kelly Vample Rachel Vandegrift Malik Vankirk Giovanni Vazquez Lynn Van Jonathon Vender Schaj 1 Sarah Vickalitis “Graduating from college is equal parts exciting and terrifying. I came to Temple knowing what my skills were, but not knowing ho these skills could translate into a career. Four years later, I'm confident and passionate about my career as a multimedia journalist. I know so many people from other universities who graduate with no actual experience in their field, only what they learned in a classroom. Temple’s curriculum required that I learn new skills, and put them to use by doing some real-world reporting as an undergraduate which lead to me starting to write and photograph for Philadelphia publications by my sophomore year, and helping to start a publication my senior year. I’ll miss it here, but I’m eager to see what post-graduate life will bring." -Erin BlewettKathryne Von Helms Lauren Vu Henry Wadsworth Capri Wagner Keenan Waltemeyer aswaish JingWang Meichen Wang Xuenn Wang Emily Walters Momo Wang Yuxiao Wang Daniel Wanser LinhVu Nayyah Walker Hao Wang Shaohui Wang Sasha WarfieldBridget Warlea D'Era Washington Thomasina Way Hadiyah Weaver Cameron Weiss Derek Weiss Cassandra Werner Corine White Kate Whalley Justin Waters Andrew Wheatley Nadia Whiting Emani Washington Toree Weaver Emily WellsTyler Wills Matthew Winik Ernestine Wilberforce Emilee Williams Taylor Marie Williams Bria Wilson Erika Winter Ari Wilen Lamar Williams Michael Willhoit Marcus Williams , Travon Williams Danielle Wilson Shannon Wilson Nadi Wisseh Jamyra WitherspoonEmily Wolak Morgan Wood Brently Wright Tianzhuo Xing Si Yue Xu Ekaterina Yakubova Sabrina Yakubovich Jingchun Xu Kevin Woodring Kanyah Woods Olivia Wright Samantha Wong Wing Shin Wu Mariah Woo Joseph Wolfram Ethan WollmanGeweichen Ye Jessica Yip Tien Younger Sarah Zakin Josie ZapotoskyIn my 3 years at Temple University, I've been able to sculpt my talents and confidently jump Into the world of digital media, even before graduation. None of that would’ve been possible without the internships and the experiences I had through Klein College -Aaron Gibbs-Gr Cuiying Zhang Faycal Zerbo Nsimba Zebedi Joshua Zegans Qianying Zhang Mingxuan Zhang Xuemei Zha Jiaqing Zhang Yingxi Zhang Irene Zheng Yuman Zhang Qianyun Zhuang Anna Maria Zisi Linhua Zhu Arielle Zoppina Michael Zorzyr Meet Temple’s Love Your Melon Campus Crew The organization works to bring joy and love to children with cancer Most people remember their childhood as time of playing outside in the sun and simply being happier. But for a child with cancer, the experience can be drastically different. Temple’s Love Your Melon (LYM) crew works to make that experience a little brighter. It sells beanies and other apparel, and a portion of its sales goes toward children battling cancer. The organization is affiliated with the The Low Your Melon Fund, which is comprised of over 800 campus crews all over America and Canada. In addition to selling apparel, Temple’s chapter of LYM organizes activities to engage with young patients directly. A few times during the semester, team membersvisit the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), where they play games with patients and hand out beanies. “We want to be able to provide any sort of happiness for these kids, especially when they’re battling something that’s bigger than they are,” Crew Captain Anna Brignola said. LYM also plans “superhero adventures." The team members usually find social media posts about children who have canct contact them, and after learning about each child’s interests, they orchestrate a personalized outing or an event. However, LYM’s biggest adventure was for a young “superhero" named Nicky, 7, who they surprised with a meet and greet with almost every player on the Philadelphia Eagles’ roster. “Nicky was just completely blown away,” Brignola said. “Not many I LYM I groups get to make that happen.” The team also sets up fun tables with games and giveaways in the Student Activities Center in order to spread the mission to as many people as possible. Past adventures have included trips to public parks; Rebound an indoor trampoline arena; and Dave Buster’s, a family-friendly restaurant and arcade. a 138r “We want to be able to provide any sort of happiness for these kids, especially when they’re battling something that’s bigger than they are,” Crew Captain Anna Brignola the volunteer crew manager, Morris wants students to know v easy it is to become involved with LYM. u can do anything from visiting a table to joining the crew to ntually holding a leadership position, which is achievable for body," Morris said. “We love having new people join us to help .'ad the word about our mission.” Olivia Morin, the LYM secretary and a junior health professions major, said that her favorite part of the club is spending time with the children’s families. “It extends the reach," said Morin. “And while it’s nice to see the kids and their families feel happier, it’s amazing for us to see them smile and laugh. It puts things into perspective.” Abby Morris, the volunteer crew manager and a junior media studies production major, said she enjoys LYM because she is able to give back and spend time with children. “You get to make a lot of friends within the club and do fun things, but the underlying message is really for the kids," Morris said. “When you’re actually physically there with them, you get to see what you’re working towards. It’s a really humbling experience.” By Haniya Shariff Photos By Olivia O’Neill 139A Home Away from Home for Latinx Students AdEL is dedicated to empowering by Leilani Hensoi Latinxs on and off campus photography by Ian Gate 140Being a freshman on a campus with thousands of people can be scar It can be even worse for students who are part of fority groups or are first-generation, who struggle to find a space. UtAsodacion del Estudiantes Latinos (AdEL), Latinx students 2nd solidarity and the opportunity to connect with students flth similar experiences. Diamante Ortiz, junior political science major and AdEL mem-Mr said the organization is one of the few spaces in which he it feels truly included. tion.” AdEL’s was founded in 1994 as a group of sewn Latinx students looking for solidarity. It has since grown and allo wd students to connect with help of social media. “I’m really happy to see that the number of Latinx students is increasing, although it is a small amount.” Alvarado said. Members describe AdEL as tight knit and accepting and an organization where they look forward to meeting students who are familiar to the struggles they arc facing and learning from other members as well. tmtime I go to a meeting, the cxccutiw board really makes ryone feel welcomed,” Ortiz said. “Being part of AdEL is a learning experience of different cultures and groups, with oat it being corny.” iroughout the year, AdEL hosts general body meetings featur-; discussions about the Latinx culture, as well as cwnts such l game nights and fundraisers. got involved because it’s nice to be around people who share lilar experiences as you,” said Luz Mejia, a senior anthropol-y major and vice president of AdEL “It’s generally easier to friends." ost members joined to find a sense of community at Temple, jtherc the Latinx population is small yet strong. ‘I decided to join the executive board because I felt like it was my responsibility as a first generation US college student," said Jesus Alvarado, the president of AdEL and a neuroscience Ljor. Meztli Cardoso, political science major and AdEL’s director of creative services, has held a variety of positions on the executiw board since joining her freshman year. EAs someone from Queens, New York, I’ve newr felt like a inority until I came to Temple,” Cardoso said. “Coming in, I looked on Owl Connect and I looked for clubs that connected to my identity. I wanted to slill be involwd regardless of my posi- “AdEL is like a family, ewn if I’m just now meeting people and our cultures are different,” Emily Gillam said. “I’m still clicking with people.” AdEL aims to discuss issues within the Latinx community, as well as participating in outreach and community service throughout the school year. Executiw board members look forward to strengthening the incoming Latinx students at Temple through a future scholarship partnership they are working on with a high school in the area. “I hope that this scholarship will influence future Eboards to empower not only the college population but the high school population as well,” Alvarado said. Members are eager to see the club continue to grow and serw in the community. “Ewn though we have a lot of new members, there are a lot of people who don’t know that we exist,” Mejia said “We just want to keep adwrtising ourselws so ewryone knows AdEL’s purpose and that we are here to serw the student body.” 141Alpha Sigma Rho sorority flourishes despite its size by Gail Vivar What does it take to be an Alpha Sigma Rho (ASR) sister? Ask any of the members, and they’ll give the same answer: dedication and passion. Temple’s chapter of ASR, the only Asian-interest sorority on campus, was founded in fall of 2007. Seven students came together with a goal of creating a network of strong women based on unity, trust and sisterhood. Today, there are 114 ASR sisters at Temple. “ASR is unique because we are really diverse with so many different backgrounds,” Alysha E. Francois, a senior public health and ASR member, said. “I like how small we are because we know each other so well and even when something does arise, we have no choice but to fix it because it will affect us all.” Zanie Marudo, a junior neuroscience major, is the external vice president and presents banquets chair of ASR. She said never expected to find her best friends when she joined the club. “ASR really isn’t just four years,” Marudo said. In fall of 2017, the Epsilon Chapter celebrated 10 years of sisterhood on Temple’s campus with a decennial banquet. Cindy Nguyen, a senior biology major, will always remember the banquet as one of her favorite times as an ASR sister since she joined in the fall of 2016. “Putting together such an extravagant event for ten years worth of sisterhood had really made me feel proud and prideful to be in ASR.’ Nguyen said. photos by NATE ROG ERS Founding members and other alumni of ASR were in attendance, too. “I truly felt the love in that room to be quite honest,” Francois said. “Although I know even,' sister, 1 did not get to physically meet them until then. It was an amazing experience and they really care about you because you share those three letters that we earned.” For many of the sisters, being part of this sorority has created both academic and social opportunities. “Joining Alpha Sigma Rho has made such a huge impact in my academic career,” Nguyen said. “I’ve made so many connections with those inside and outside of the sorority that I would’ve never be able to. It has opened a lot of doors for me to pursue my goals and also motivate me to become a better student as well as a person." Compared to other greek organizations, ASR is not the biggest • but that does not stop the sisters from making their mark on Temple. “Although our active house is small, hut with our sisterhood, we can flourish and succeed as well like any other organization,” Nguyen said. ou meet people |ouwn toPeNjo todesn d ds, godparents to Ms, and best tods Me. It doesn't end at gtoa on! •moUzuri Dance Company: Daughters of the Sun Representation matters, and the women of Uzuri Dance Company are demonstrating that with each step by Haniya Shariff photography by Taylor Johnson While watching Uzuri Dance Company perform, one thing became clear: the magic of women of color is powerful. Specializing in contemporary modern dance, the organization is the only dance company on campus with a mission statement aimed at women of color. Njcra Perkins, the president of Uzuri Dance Company and a senior strategic communications and public relations major, explains that inclusivity is key to the organization. “Uzuri Dance Company was for women of color who needed a safe space, initially to dance, but we’ve opened it up to where it’s a sisterhood, because college can be hard,” said Perkins. “Once you’re a member, you’re always a member.” Uzuri means “beauty” in Swahili, and for this company, beauty is in the diversity, empowerment and dance. 'v Khristin Charity, the vice president of the company and a senior kinesiology major, said that Uzuri is special to her and many students of color. “Our camaraderie and our synergy, and just being around all these womet who come from different backgrounds and even different dance backgrounds,” said Charity. “It makes me 144wry happy.” The company was created in 2012, and this past fall semes-er, Perkins and her team have added seven new members o the organization. One of those new members is an international student from Spain, Alba Fombona. She actually wanted to join the company because in Spain, she cannot major in dance in college,” Perkins explained. “That’s a first!” Uzuri Dance Company is more than just a student organisation. It operates as an actual dance company. In fact, Uzuri has an annual formal showcase every year. rhe showcase, which takes place in the spring semester, illows the Uzuri women to show everyone on campus the lances they have been practicing throughout the year. Vhile Uzuri’s dance styles mainly include modern and »ntemporary,they branch out in the months leading up othe showcase by exploring jazz, hip-hop, and ballet, and ther genres members have not previously practiced. force “Hurricane Torce” Weaver, the creative director and ecretary of Uzuri Dance Company and a senior journal- ism major, is known for her rigorous, yet effective, approach as one of the choreographers. “Coming from a performance arts school, I never wanted to teach,” Weaver said “But being able to see everyone’s growth over the years and knowing that I played a part in that is always so rewarding.” Weaver said she has received letters from parents thanking her for the improvements she helped instill in their daughters. Everyone in the company is guaranteed a flesh-tone leotard that matches their skin tone, something that Uzuri members take pride in. “The experience of a woman of color is so unique,” Weaver said. “Temple should know that if Uzuri can be a stepping stone for more inclusive organizations, that would be amazing." Weaver will always cherish the memories she’s made with other Uzuri members. “Just that bond, I feel, has helped us stand out,” said Weaver with a smile. “People always say, I can tell when Uzuri is coming from a mile away.’” 145 ■ Meet Temple's PINK Campus Teanr The women of the PINK Campus Team try to spread the PINK love on campus while also empowering each other. by Lisa Cunningham photography by Nate Rogers 146When you sec the big PINK bus on Temple’s campus, you know that the PINK team is giving away great deals, showcasing amazing product- and having a fun time. The Victoria’s Secret PINK brand is popular among college students and even has its own line of college merchandise. Because of this, many schools, including Temple, have their own PINK Campus Team. The PINK program started at Temple University during the 2013-14 school year and has grown even more since. The team is run by two so-called “Campus Reps”: Julia Ostrovsky, a senior advertising major on the art direction track, and Leah Hillcgas, a senior advertising major on the account management track. Ostrovsky and Hillcgas arc in charge of finding 15 more girls to be a part of their campus team while also promoting the PINK brand to the Temple student body. “As PINK Campus Reps, Leah and I are tasked with planning, executing, and promoting unique activations and events to build awareness and favorability for the brand on campus,” Ostrovsky said. “We manage all of the @pinktempleu social media accounts, develop and strategize shareable content, and recruit and train 15 Campus Team members per semester to help us spread the PINK love on campus!" Olivia Kagen, a junior nursing major, is a PINK campus team member. “As a Campus Team member, my main responsibility is to support Leah and Julia and help work behind the scenes to showcase PINK products as well as our clothing line on Temple’s Campus,” Kagen said. “I help organize and run our events, which all starts with creative brainstorming during our team meetings. A big part about being a team member is making yourself both available and flexible throughout the week, as our PINK initiatives can be sent at any time!” On top of helping the Campus Representatives in their tasks, other team members hold a variety of positions. “Every semester w-e tailor positions to the unique skill set girls bring to our team,” Hillcgas said. “Typically people hold graphic design, photography, videography, and campus-outreach positions.” The type of events that the team hosts can vary, but they typically relate to in-store promotions. The events also highlight new products that are about to hit the shelves in store, and can even be season-specific. “Our initiatives arc constantly changing depending on time of year, product releases, and assigned tasks from HQ,” Ostrovsky said. “We typically host frenzy-like events, shopping parties, and experiential events—like meditation on campus and the PINK bus!” Hillcgas added. Hillcgas wants people to know that being a part of the PINK team is not just about promoting the PINK brand. It is also about bringing women together and helping them set them on their desired career path. “We are a group of extremely driven and passionate individuals and constantly empower one another," Hillcgas said. “With the PINK team, girls are creating a one-of-a-kind college experience for themselves while doing field work that builds an excellent portfolio and resume!” Kagen agrees that being a part of the team has been an experience like no other. “The PINK Campus Team gave me a feeling of belonging in such a vast student body, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world," Kagen said. 147To outsiders, the black jacket with TUPAC’S logo might mean nothing — hut to members of the club, it symbolizes family, or “kapamilya.” The Temple University Philippine American Council (TUPAC) is a student-run organization that promotes knowledge, awareness and understanding of Filipino culture to the student body of Temple. TUPAC's general officer Josh Lacerna. “It's less of a mentorship program and more of a family environment that we’re trying to create because TUPAC is all about creating a home away from home,” Lacerna said. “Our intention is to be closer to our culture and expand and explore what we already know and what we could know,” sophomore film major and Although the majority of TUPAC’s executive board member Kate Martin said. “As c-board members, we arc members are Filipino, everyone just there to make sure people arc interested and keep coming back to is welcome, remember that knowing your history is knowing your culture.” Organization - It’s Family E-BOARD MEMBERS SHARE HOW TUPAC IS NOT JUST YOUR AVERAGE CLUB AS IT APPROACHES ITS 25TH ANNIVERSARY In addition, TUPAC hosts a variety of events and fundraisers for members and non-members alike to join, like their meat skewer and Krispy Kreme donut sales. It even formed its own dance team, TUPAC Legacy. “We like to get deep, but we also like to have fun,” junior speech language hearing sciences major Alyssa Guzman says. TUPAC also runs a mentorship program called “ate kuya ading.” The Ates (older sisters) and Kuyas (older brothers) offer the adings (younger siblings) with any guidance or support they might need, according to The organization holds general body meetings in which members become more familiar with Filipino heritage. During one such meeting, entitled “The Future is Filipina,” speakers presented their achievements and experiences as women of Filipino heritage. “If you’re not Filipino don’t be discouraged,” Martin said. “Our intention is to acknowledge and educate about the It’s Not an 150TUPAC can feel like a community of its own inside Temple. The shared values and experiences bring members closer together than any other club. ”1 feel like it all goes back to Filipino culture,” sophomore biology major Riana Ramos and TUPAC member said. “Family and friends are such a big part in our lives and 1 feel like we get that sense in TUPAC.” Unfortunately, the TUPAC family recently lost one of its members. Lorenzo Enriquez, the club’s secretary, passed away in June 2018. His favorite quote, “Don’t forget the vision, and the vision won t forget about you,” is remembered and embraced in TUPAC. “His impact says a lot about how we view this organization as a family and not just something that is on campus for building a resume or networking, it gives a lot of emotional support,” junior psychology major Joan Cadcte says. “Those are his own words. That quote really embodies us as an organization.” In 2019, TUPAC will celebrate its 25th anniversary. The e-board hopes the current members will continue the administration for years to come and even increase diversity within the club. “A thing we want to do to grow as a org is to have obviously a lot of Filipino members, but also increase non Filipino members,” junior biology major John Yasay reveals. “I feel like if we educate people of what Filipino culture is and the different music and food, people would fknow] what it is like to be Filipino.” Written By Riley Rubiano Photos By Nathan Harvey 151HootaThon: Dancing for a good cause Students work yearlong to raise money for CHOP. By Gabriela Herzog Photographs provided by HootaThon HootaThon brings people together or a good cause — and a chance to dance their hearts out. Since 2012, the organization has aimed to spread awareness and raise funds for the Child Life Department at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). According to Gabrielle Hartzel, a junior biology major at Temple University and a hospitality committee membe r for HootaThon, Child Life is entirely funded on donations. “This department provides fun activities for the children to make receiving their treatments more bearable and to give them a more normal childhood” -Gabrielle Hartzell Hiose activities range from games o art : music therapy, according o Amanda Elbassiouny, sophomore narkciing major and director of eek ife and athletic outreach. doot Thon members can at different events, run restaurant fundraisers ai ! even organize pop-up thrift tores throughout the semester to jollect donations. The club also naintains an active donation page »n it website. Though HootaThon works hard throughout the school year, the club’s biggest event is its 12-hour dance marathon, which takes place ever r February'. In the event, attendees who are called Miracle Members get to participate in activities that include games, races, dances and performances. By participating, Miracle Members are supporting the Miracle Kids, children who are currently or have been treated at CHOP and want to support or to be supported by HootaThon. As CHOP is funded by donations, attendees help providing an environment in the hospital where these kids can have a better childhood. This year, the club’s major campaign is “Grow With Us.” The title comes from the goal to grow both internally and externally the organization as whole, but also to recognize the growth of CHOP as it expands its care network. “IWcl want to show the growth of Children Hospital of Philadelphia across the region, the growth of our Miracle Kids, and we want to grow our campus presence,” Emmy Schil-dt, a sophomore marketing major and production committee member for HootaThon, said. The organization has been growing even' year since 2013. In the first Dance Marathon, HootaThon raised over $60,000 and in the past year the organization raised over $400,000. The team is hoping that this year will be bigger and better than ever. “Last year HootaThon raised a total of $465,533.79, so this year we’re hoping to top that,” Hartzel said. Everyone is welcome to participate in the dance marathon. It is possible to register with friends, an organization, and even Greek life. “When our Miracle Kids come to events you can see the smiles on their faces and they are happy to be at an event that is for them,” says Schildt. “It is amazing to sec everyone’s hard work come together and create something amazing.” 153THERE IS NO TIME TO SLACK AS A LAMBDA As the only Latino fraternity on campus. Lambda Theta Phi Latir Fraternity have each other's back like no one else could ever imagins 1 “Brotherhood to me is being at to celebrate your brothers’ success as your own,” Gonzalez said. “N only should that be true, but you brothers’ failures are also your o r failures. You need to be there t support your brother when he nt only succeeds, but more important] when he fails. I have absolutely foun that in Lambda Theta Phi and that why we are very particular about tb brothers who join our fraternity." The same sentiment is share, by Acosta who comes from predominately female home. Hf joined for the close male bond-Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternitj could potentially bring to his lift and the lasting friendships from the entire alumni network. Acosta said, “Coming to Temple. I wanted to see if I could change that. When I heard about Lambda Theta Phi and got to meet the e ther brothers like Nick De Olco who is an alumni, Nicholas Gonzalez, and everybody else—it just felt right. I’ve known Nick for two years »vcn before I became a brother and he’s always been a brother to me so now I have that Ibrotherhoodl part of my life.” by Gail Vivar photography by Ramel Coleman At the mere mention of what other multicultural organization members have positively said about them, the faces of the Lambda brothers immediately light up. Amongst the Multicultural Greek Organization (MGC), the brothers of Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity arc admired for all their hard work as the only Latino fraternity at Temple, who accomplished it all with only three active members this year before they inducted two new brothers in the fall of 2018. Most fraternities have a large executive board, but the Lambdas have somehow made it work. Zanie Marudo, a junior neuroscience major and External Vice President and Presents Chair of Alpha Sigma Rho Sorority, has noticed firsthand what the Lambdas have accomplished on their own. “I love the Lambdas because they make the most of what they have and keep going on about life in a positive light,” Marudo said. “They thrive like it’s their second nature.” Founded at Temple in March 15, 1998, the fraternity’s mission is to promote brotherhood with their ideals of Academic Excellence, Brotherhood, Leadership, Latino Unity, and Service. On a daily basis, the brothers of Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity, live up to these ideals. While the size of Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity is small at Temple, the fraternity itself is the largest Latino organization. Although the size can seem like a weakness, it turns out to be one of their main strengths. “The reason why we do so well despite our chapter size is because we wholeheartedly believe in our mission," Franky Acosta, a junior mechanical engineering major and president of the fraternity said. “When a brother joins, he must believe in our mission as well and the community service that comes with it.” Nicholas Gonzalez, Franky Acosta and Alejandro Garcia are the active members of Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity at Temple University. For Gonzalez, brotherhood is what he found. However, as anyone with siblings comprehends, having a sibling is more than just the title but it’s the hardships and successes you encounter together. 154In every Greek organization you hear about their commitment o community service, but to the irothers of Lambda Theta Phi, it s also about having your brother’s ack and giving credit to where it s due. One of their alumni, Lando Sanchez, is the one of the main components to why the fraternity ccomplished more community ervice in the past year, according to Acosta. Acosta said, “Seeing one of my brothers believe in community service so much and how he goes above and beyond for it, made me want to be right there with him. You never want to leave your brother by himself and you want to support him. As for me, I’m more about the professionalism in the fraternity and when my brothers see me doing an interview like this and they want to support me with that too.” Sanc hez joined Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity in the Fall of 2017, as someone who initially didn’t expect to be interested in Greek life but until he met his future brother Dp Olpn “The more brothers I met, I felt that genuine sense of brotherhood from them that I had never really experienced before in life,” Sanchez said. “You meet genuine people who share your convictions more often than not and that bond is simply unexplainable. I obtained access to a platform where I could directly help my Latin community for life, job opportunities in a nationwide network, and support system of not only brothers but many Greeks who have helped me reach milestones in personal development and my career path in only little over a year after having joined. I have no regrets.” The genuine bonds formed amongst the brothers is evident. As our photoshoot occurred and I couldn’t help but to notice how they truly acted like siblings who first cracked all their jokes until someone mentions something serious about their life and then they begin to act like each other’s older, caring sibling. Garcia, a sophomore risk management major, gained another family that understood all his struggles as a first generation student. “Most of us come from a low income family and sometimes one of us doesn’t have money for a meal,” Garcia said. “But other brothers will not hesitate to chip in to buy food for you. Most of us are first generation students that are lost trying to find the road to success in college, but there’s always a brother there to help out when you need help finding internships, time management skills, or when you’re need of textbooks. They are my family away from home.” For that reason, the only Latino fraternity at Temple University thrives. They uplift each other when needed but also understand brotherhood and being part of something special like this fraternity, takes hard work and patience. In just a matter of time, this fraternity will expand and the brothers in this chapter will continue to make an impact on each other’s and future brother’s lives.Sigma Ghamma Rhos Continue A Legacy on Temple's Campus The ladies of the Temple's Sigma Gamma Rho chapter use their strength to carve their paths by Hadiyah Weaver photography by Georgia Owusu Every fall, the ladies of the Beta Delta Chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho host celebratory events such as “SgRho Week,” during which it celebrates the founding of the sorority with a week’s worth of festivities. In the fall of 1922, sewn young African-American women founded a sorority at Butler University in Indianapolis. That sorority would soon be known as Sigma Gamma Rho, and the organization would become of such prestige that it thrives on colleges across America and become apart of the Divine Nine. In 1947, the Beta Delta Chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Incorporated was founded on Temple’s campus, and today, the women of that sorority live up to its goals of education, health awareness and leadership development. “We believe that through service comes greater progress," Anissa Cooper, the 2018 grammateus of Beta Delta, said. “It’s not just about talking about it, it’s about being about it." 156 The Divine Nine is the collective name given to the National Pan-Hellenic Council, or the nine historically black Greek fraternities and sororities.The women of Beta Delta uphold values they believe their founders would be proud of. Because the organization was founded in the 1920’s, when it was particularly difficult to be female and black, it took strength and courage to start the sorority, and to this day, the chapter believes that strength is still alive. "1 think there's a pattern within our chapter,” Vanessa Holliman, a senior epistoleus of the chapter, said. “People just aren't afraid to speak out if that's for their beliefs, or what they think is right or wrong.” For example, Georgia Owusu, president of the sorority, is a resident assistant and a senior double majoring in political science and Africology. Margaret Osafo, step mistress of the chapter, is also the community philanthropist for the Ladies of Elegance step team. Holliman is the past president of Society of Minorities in Sports. Beta Delta prides itself on the accomplishments of its members. “If you're going to join something that’s lifelong, I think it's really important that you can lactuallyl be yourself for the rest of your life,” Owusu said. Members do their best to remain an organization full of sisterhood. Psychology major and anti-grammateus Averi Holden said she was drawn to Beta Delta more than others because her interest in the organization was reciprocated. “I, of course, researched I Beta Deltal, but when I went out to different programs .ind events, they wore actually interested in me as a person, and what my goals .ere," Holden said. he chapter’s younger members arc excited for what their chapter will do once 'he seniors graduate. They emphasized he importance of being active in the North Philadelphia community the need 10 always preserve due to values set hy their foremothers. Most importantly, they said that the philosophy of the sorority won’t just be with them during undergrad, but for a lifetime. “I feel like once a Sigma, always a Sigma," Osafo said. “Wherever I go. I’m going to be a Sigma. I’m going to use everything I’ve learned to be a better person to reach higher than what the bars are set for me." 157b or the Temple Agni team, the love of dance brought them together. This team originated in September 2003 after a few female students had a vision to create a female dance troupe that would spread South Asian culture through the art of dance. According to their team informational page, AGNI combines a variety of dance styles and truly creates a fusion of East meets West with traditional Indian classical dance with Hip Hop, Contemporary, Salsa, etc. Temple Agni welcomes dancers from all backgrounds and their vision is to truly ignite the passion of dance. The 2018-19 team consists of captains Nakhu Kannambal and Rosemary George, managers Stephanie Oalickal and Akhil Patel, and e-board Neha Reddy, Anjali Pasawala, and Priyanka Chunduru. George, a junior neuroscience major said, “Agni is amazing because we all come together in a comfortable, safe space to do the thing we love, dance. Our team is very silly and we are constantly at each other’s necks like siblings, yet I wouldn’t want to spend 13 hours car rides with anyone else. There’s no better feeling than when you’re killing it on stage, and you feel the team chemistry hyping you up.” Their typical fall semester consists of workshops and dance rehearsals, preparing them for competitions in the Spring semester. The team of twenty, regularly has practices and maintain close connections to one another. Temple Agni ensures they have every move down to the right step as a dedicated and enthusiastic group of girls who spend hours meticulously crafting their choreography. With a competitive field, the team persists as they undergo a highly thorough screening for competition Last year, the team took on Operation Ignition and attended National competitions such as Josh-E-Naach (Second Place), Jersey Jalwa (Second place), Aag Ki Raat (Third place), and Oak City Revolution. In previous years, the team took on the Year of the Phoenix, Project Inferno, and Mission Wildfire, attending and winning many competitions, such as Maryland Masti, Penn Masala, among many others. Kannambal, a junior accounting major, is happy to have found a place where she belongs as an international student at Temple. ‘Temple Agni gave me a sense of belonging and an opportunity to identify myself as a dancer. Being an international student, everyone was welcoming and I met my best friends here,” Kannambal said. “We look out for each other no matter what. My favorite part of being part of Temple Agni is traveling with the entire team all around America to compete in various dance competitions.” This year, the team took on Operation Firestorm. With their dedication and strength, Agni is proud to showcase their talents and hope to thrive even more ir the future. 158by Gail Vivar photography by Rashan A ROUND OF APPLAUSE FOR TEMPLE AGNI This team has been a hidden treasure amongst the Temple community 159CULTURAL WEDDINC photography by Jocelyn Bt- “As an organization, we decided reach out to BSU because we kne that they had a well-known pre ence and an audience that is diffe ent then our own. This would be th perfect opportunity for us to bring It gether two different communities a campus for a unified message. Oi Big Fat Cultural Wedding became , chance for students of all identities to com together for a night of good food, goo: people, and experience different cultures - Almas Ayaz, Co-President of South Asian Student Society 160“Our Big Fat Cultural Wedding is important to me because we were able to build a relationship between SASS and BSU that was not previously there. It was also important to show campus what thesetwo organization are created to do and the capability of events we are able to produce. For students I hope that they saw a bit of the diversity Temple promotes to their incoming students." - Lauren Smith, president of the Black Student Union 161FEEDING PHILLY: ONE SWIPE AT A TIME Temple’s newly established student organization, Swipes for Philadelphia, is doing its part in raising awareness of food insecurity. ccording to a survey done by The Mope Center. 35 percent of Temple students suffer from food insecurity. ■Swipes for Philadelphia is an organization that aims to educate people on this alarming reality and work toward a solution, for students and Philadelphians. Aaron Rev Ebrco. junior biology and a pre-med major, is the founder and president of Swipes for Philadelphia. His freshman year, he decided to use his extra meal plan "swipes" to help those that haw limited access to food due to lack of money or resources. Ebreo had the idea after encountering a guy on the street gathering a bulk of food and water. "I asked him what he was going to do with it. and he told me that he was either going to sell it or use it for himself." Ebrco said. “I realized that this could be used for a greater cause and help those in Philadelphia." Students arc allotted a set number of swipes every week, based on their specific plan. These swipes gain students access into the dining halls and arc associated with equivalent money values that can be used to purchase food at on-campus restaurants. If there arc any unused meal swipes at the end of the week, they arc reset hack to the original number. Although the process of becoming an official Temple-sponsored organization involved an extensiw amount of paperwork and approvals, the once rogue project has teamed up with other colleges ns chapters of Swipe Out Hunger, a national campaign to end student hunger. Club leaders also educate general body members on what resources can be used to help other students and what they coni do to become activists in their communities. “We found Ithatl students felt embarrassed or ashamed to ask fa help and that is something w understand," Vuppalapati said “I we can try to eliminate that stigma, a lot of students could read out and we could be able to provide that help." In addition to regular meetings. Swipes for Philadelphia eno iw] ages anyone to come to distribution cwnts in which they collect] and hand out donations. ! pular areas the organization cowrs 1 include the Jefferson station. City Hall, the Conwntion Center I and Chinatown. Although its first distribution went well, tow.iri the end. members discovered the Hub of Hope, an underground homeless shelter sponsored by SEPTA and Project HOME. An learning about these other resources, they were inspired by Hub of Hope for their owm distribution and what could work out fori them. Learning from the previous distribution, the organization schcd-1 uled the next event after Thanksgiving break, in hopes of gettinr more donations. "The first distribution took around three hours whereas the second one took around two and we were able to cover more nrci and help more people," Ebrco said. For Notional Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week. Swipes for Philadelphia teamed up with Temple Student Govern ment and Chaliah for Hunger to raise awareness on Temple’s campus and in Pennsylvania. Along with the approval of the University, Satvik Vuppalapati, junior biology and pre-med major and vice president of Swipes for Philadelphia, saw a positive response from the student body. “It felt really good to sec all of our efforts and hard work come to fruition and finally be able to help people and share that mission with everyone else on campus," Vuppalapati said. At general body meetings, Swipes for Philadelphia discusses topics related to food insecurity on campus and on a larger scale. Swipes for Philadelphia also took part in Giving Tuesday, a holiday following Thanksgiving that is dedicated to giving back to those in need. The organization set up a donation table in which students and others could donate excess nonperishable food items. The tabic featured a petition to Aramark. Temple’s food provider, requesting to implement a meal swipe donation program in which students would be able to give any extra meal swipes they hnvc at the university. 162 ‘We want to show that our students really care about our com-munity in general," Ebreo said. “Wc had over 300 students sign senior chemistry major pre-med and vice president of Swipes for off on the letter." Philadelphia. The club accepts donations from anyone with extra food. for the future of Swipes for Philadelphia, members hope that the organization continues to grow in size and in participation. “1 hope that Temple University and Aramark approve of our meal swipe donation program to help the 35 percent of Temple undergraduates suffering from food insecurity and after that, we can expand our help to those in our community," Ebreo said. "To everyone out there, please come out and help and make some positive change in the world and make a difference and take the time to learn people’s stories," Bcnipal said. “Wc want to make this a better world not only for ourselves, but our families, friends, future kids and theirs." People do not need to have meal plans to participate in donating to Swipes for Philadelphia, according to Bikramjit Bcnipal, by Riley Rubiano photography by Jeremy Elvas 163Meet the Black Professional Health Association: Temple's Future Black Doctors The Black Professional Health Association offers aspiring Black health professionals a chance to learn more about their future career. The Black Professional Health Association (BPHA) on Temple’s campus was created in 2015 after several Black students realized they had never seen a doctor who looked like them. According to Brianna Spell, the president of BPHA and a sociology health major, only about six percent of physicians and surgeons are Black. “That statistic was really alarming," said Spell. “I think the reason why there are so few Black doctors is because Black students don’t have the resources they need." Three years ago. a group of students of African descent created BPHA to foster a safe space and provide resources for Black students pursuing health careers. With this organi zation, students are able to learn how to be successful in their careers, whether that be medicine, dentistry, physical therapy, occupational therapy, public health, or nursing — all health careers 164arc welcomed. “Knowing that you have plenty of options in what you want to pursue is important," said Spell, “and we’re here to make sure you have those options." The BPHA leaders also hold meetings every other week and arc a source of community for students, offering answers to questions such as “What do I do after I graduate?" It turns out, many BPHA members want to attend the Lewis Katz School of Medicine (LKSOM) after graduation. BPHA, which is also the Minority Association of Pre-Med Students (MAPS) Chapter, partners with the Student National Medical Association (SNMA) at LKSOM. The graduate students of SNMA help BPHA members by seeking out available mentors and more connections to help BPHA members achieve their goal of attending LKSOM. Khristin Charity, BPHA’s external liaison and a senior kinesiology’ major, explained that it’s important to her and other students that they have mentors at the graduate level. “It’s great to have an upperclassman who can help you navigate through Temple," said Charity. “But you also need guidance from people who’ve actually achieved their professional goals and haw made it to the graduate school that you want to go to." In fact, thanks to the help and guidance of graduate level members, two BPHA members have been accepted to LKSOM this past year. The club’s hard work and dedication has not gone unnoticed. Last year, BPHA won the Black Excellence Award from the Black Student Law Association (BLSA) and from Temple’s NAACP organization. Autumn Johnson, the BPHA secretary’ and a senior kinesiology major, said she is proud to be a part of the organization’s growth throughout the past three years. “I’ve been part of the organization since it started. Not only has the organization grown, but it’s also helped me grow as an individual, as far as networking, making connections, and setting myself up for success in the future," said Johnson. “And just seeing students actually benefit from the resources we provide - that’s the best part." Johnson wants more students to join BPHA, especially since many aren’t aware that theyeven have a Black student health organization available on campus. Fade Orcagba, the organization’s vice president and a senior neuroscience major, said she wishes she knew about BPHA sooner. “If an organization like BPHA existed during my freshman year, my college career would look a lot different," said Oreagba, who is currently deciding between majoring in pediatric neurology or family psychiatry. Oreagba added that BPHA has benefitted her socially as well. “Most times when you see a large group of Black students, maybe only one of them is a pre-med student. So that one person may not have the opportunities to mix with other Black people who are on a similar track," said Oreagba. Spell feels the same way, saying that it’s nice to be comfortable around familiar faces and go through the same stress together. “I had one Black friend who was pre-med, and now I have so many. Even though I’m stressed out and even though it’s hard, it’s all worth it," said Spell. “BPHA and all of my friends in it have helped me understand that. They make me happy." Through the organization’s resources, the members of BPHA have gained experience in their fields, made connections, and have inspired confidence in themselves and in each other. According to Oreagba, BPHA has given students more support and opportunities than they typically would have gotten from other on-campus organizations. “BPHA is a place where I feel safe and celebrated." said Oreagba with a smile. “There is no organization like this one on campus." by Haniya Shariff photography by Maddie Landis 165Special Olympics Temple University brings joy to individuals with disabilities SOTU gets involved in the community to bring happiness to those with disabilities through a variety ot events throughout Philadelphia by Lisa Cunningham photography provided by the organization Helping individuals with disabilities is a rewarding experience, and the students who arc a part of Special Olympics Temple University dedicate their time to making a difference in those individuals’ lives. Special Olympics Temple University (SOTU) was created in 2015 by Temple alumnus Gabrielle Saloman. Since it was formed, the organization has grown and stays involved in the community by volunteering at different events throughout the year, fundraising on Temple’s campus, and spreading the word about the organization and its mission on social media. Sarah Cummings, a junior studying recreational therapy and SOTU's event coordinator, said that her past experiences with Special Olympics motivated her to get involved in the organization at Temple. “I joined the organization because I once volunteered with Special Olympics in North East Philadelphia." Cummings said. “I also began babysitting a boy with autism my junior year of high school. He is the reason 1 am involved in so many things here at school as well as studying Recreational Therapy to one day become an Occupational Therapist." The members of SOTU participate in a variety of events, including the Polar Plunge at Drexel University, the Autism Speaks Walk and Special Olympic Spring Games, which both take place in Philadelphia. The biggest event, however, is the Fall Festival, which is organized and hosted by Villanova University students. It's the largest annual student-run Special Olympics event in the world. “Every November, one weekend is dedicated to showcase more than 1,000 Special Olympics athletes, as they com| etc in boccc, powerlifting, roller-skating, volleyball, soccer, and long-distance running,” Alyssa Stavinski, a senior political science major and co-president at SOTU, said. Volunteers set up tables in the center of campus, calling it “O-Town,” or Olympic Village. 166“This gives student organizations the opportunity to interact with athletes in between their games, and play games, dame, and sing karaoke!’ Stavinski said. Stavinski also said that this year, the members of SOTO . decided to get creative with the theme of their table. “SOTU set up a “superhero" themed tahle, and we had I so many activities," Stavinski said. “We had a DIY photo-booth, a ‘create-your-own-superhero-mask’ station, a face-paint station, comhole, and lots of snacks!" SOTU also partnered up with the Zeta lota chapter of Alpha Phi Omega from Temple University so that the service fraternity could help run the table while getting involved in a the record-breaking event. Bryan Kelly, a junior film and media arts major and member of Alpha Phi Omega’s Zeta lota Chapter, said that the atmosphere at the Special Olympics Fall Festival was uplifting and heartwarming. “I really liked being a part of Special Olympics because I love helping out and cheering on others," Kelly said. “It was filled with lots of positive energy’ and the atmosphere of the event was awesome. There was lots of games and dancing, and I would definitely do it again." Iking a part of SOTU is not just about learning how to interact with people with disabilities, it’s about making these people smile while learning from them, as well. “Special Olympics is one of the most rewarding organizations that you can be a part of," Stavinski said. “These athletes will teach you more than you could ever imagine, and I can promise that working with these individuals will give you a sense of joy that you have never felt before." 167PITCH, PLEASE Music With a by Usa Cunning w photography by Nic Calabrese arc Cassandra Woo: Temple's only LGBTQ+ acapella group provides a safe place for members of the community. For many, music is an escape from reality', a safe haven, and even a form of expression. The members of Pitch, Please, Temple’s only LGBTQ+ acapella group formed in 2014, understand this all too well. “We like to see us as a safe space for people in the LGBT community." Macey Saphorc, a senior adult and organizational development major and president of Pitch, Please, said. “We just like to make music by queer artists and we perform at a lot of queer-themed events." Pitch. Please has proudly participated in events in Philadelphia and around the country. For example, the group has performed for the past two years at Gender Death, a yearly concert that celebrates LGBTQ1A+ artists at Wagner College in New York City. This concert is hosted and run by Wagner College’s own acapella group called the Good Vibra-tones. Pitch, Please has also competed in a holiday-themed competition in Manayunk. Josh Carter, a senior music composi- tion major and musical director of Pitch, Please, explained that the group sings songs from a variety of artists, but recently members have decided to sing more songs from queer artists to emphasize the club’s message. “Sometimes we do typical pride anthems like ‘Bom This Why’ by Lady Gaga and we did ‘I’m Coming Out’ last year," Carter said. The group also tries to include songs that lift people’s spirits and are well-known by their audience. “We do empowerment anthems like ‘Perfect’ by P!nk and ‘Unwritten’ by Natasha Bedingfield." Carter added. The group also took part in National Coming Out Week 2018 here at Temple with a performance at the event “Come Out Speak Out," where students in the LGBTQ+ community were able to share their own coming out stories in a safe, welcoming environment. On top of all these events, Pitch, Please has an exciting year ahead. The group will lx? releasing a five-song EP titled “xoxo, PP" which was recorded last spring and is set to be released in the fall. They are also competing in a collegiate acapella championship, ICCA. also known as the Internationa; Championship of Collegiate A Capclh. which is the competition featured in the hit movie ‘Pitch Perfect.’ Members of Pitch, Please also try to attend pride-themed events together to offer each other support and bond its a group. “As a group we try to go to like Outfes and Pride and stuff together," Saphorr explains. For some students, like Maggie Ko zak, a junior english major and new member of Pitch, Please, the acapella , group has become more than just an escape, but an accepting, loving family. “As a very, very recently out transgender person, it has been a wonderful safe space for me," Kozak says. “I was so incredibly hesitant about my identity and my name and all that sort of stuff and they welcomed me with open arms and I have like never felt more comfortable with who I am and safer at Temple than as a member of Pitch, Please." 168Get in Style with Temple's Fashion and Business Club The Fashion and Business club is perfect for students who are trying to get a job in the fashion industry. by Njera Perkins photography by Taylor Johnson Many students at Temple haw n unique and fun sense of style—and you might find some of them at a meeting for the Fashion and Business Club. As its name implies, the organization, which is composed of 60 members, is not just a forum to discuss fashion. It also delws into the business side of the industry, giving students experience and knowledge in the field. Temple’s Fashion and Business Club began in 2012 and meets every Wednes- day in Alter Hall room A745 from 4 to 5pm "We pnwidc opportunities like internships. jobs, career advice and help students who do want to go into the fashion industry or who are just interested in fashion in general,” president Tyler Manley. a senior marketing major, said. Since the fashion industry can be competitive, the Fashion and Business Club helps members network. Throughout each semester, the organization hosts on and off-campus ewnts. ‘We typically host advice panels, resume critiques, fashion industry talks. pop-up shops through big named companies,” Manley said. The Fashion and Business club al o regularly presents guest speakers, including representatives from the Brand Girls, QVC, Ross, Burlington and L Priori Jewelry. “My favorite part of being in this industry is probably just meeting new people and we get cool opportunities from speakers and their business people,” Manley said. “We haw more intimate conwrsations with each special guest ind get to know them better.” The club is the only fashion basedclub on campus, “There’s no majors or minors for fashion so it really ets us apart from other clubs.” Taylor Zubousky, the club’s via' president and a junior marketing major, said. The Fashion and Business club stresses to students that there is a need for business professionals in the fashion industry. “When people think fashion, they think designers and stylists but no one really thinks of the business aspect of it. " Theresa Montoni, social media manager and senior communications studies major, said. There are plenty of perks for joining the club, “Plenty of people haw moved onto work for top companies such as Urban, Anthr '|H)logy, L Priori Jewelry, Ross, Burlington, and Skai Blue Media to name a few," Manley said. The club is n great way for students to learn more about the fashion industry, all while meeting new people who haw similar interests to them. It’s open to anyone, no matter their major. “It's an overall fun way to Ik interactive on campus," Manley said. “I like seeing people be successful and build off of this club." 171Step or Die: The Ladies of Elegance They might not live here but they're part of the Temple community by Hadiya Weaver photography provided by the organization In 2001, student Jenaya Smith founded an organization promoting fitness, health and self-confidence through the art form of stepping. Stepping is a percussive dance in the African American community where the use of clapping, spoken word, and footsteps produce rhythmic sounds often in the form of arrangements. Today, the organization, known as Ladies of Elegance (LOE), has made its mark on and off campus. In addition to hosting performances at Temple, members have also been featured on MTV’s Total Request Live (TRL), a television series that features the most popular music videos, in the Fall of 2017 where they were crowned Time Square’s Step Champions. Also every spring semester, LOE’s Step or Die competition invites step teams from different universities to come and compete for $500. “There’s a lot of hard work and the determination that it takes for us to continue to step just proves a point," Margaret Osafo, a senior Political Science major, and LOE’s community philanthropist, said. And the point is proven. LOE is Temple’s only group of steppers that is all-female and not affiliated with a Greek organization. The group of 32 members has built a sense of sisterhood and unity. “I joined the team with people that I can connect with and learn from.” said Kalieyah Lchans, a senior Psychology major. “I’ve definitely grown. I grew actual friendships throughout this team, while doing something that I loved. It’s nice being apart of something that has elevated me.” Natasha McCombs, a senior public relations major, said that before LOE, she had never stepped a day in her life, but was inspired after seeing the organization perform her freshmnn year. What appealed to her. even more than their skills, was the LEO’s camaraderie. “1 also saw people loving each other on stage," McCombs said. “It’s important when you see people on stage actually care about each other because it’s a relationship rather than a competition." It is not always easy for the team, though. According to Osafo, because the university recognizes LOE as a percussion group rather than an official dance team, the team is not always allotted the practice rooms it needs to rehearse. “That's something that we need in order to thrive." Osafo said. “We need practice rooms, and it is very difficult sometimes. But I think that proves that we arc the type of people that are going to push for it. We have the determination to keep trying, no matter how many times we get knocked down." Although they are not always the first choice when it comes to resources needed, members said they have noticed an increase in recognition from the university, but believe what is more important to them is not what the university can give to them. It’s the sisterhood and the craft of stepping that matters the most. “It’s not about the money. It’s not about Temple sees us. it's how we see ourselves and uplifting our community," McCombs said. “It’s the fact that we’re here. We’re still present. And we want to show people what we’re made of." 172173Camp Kesem: Helping Kids Through Their Parent's Cancer At Camp Kesem, you don't just find a sense of community: you find magic by Alleh Naqvi photography provided by the organization From all the student organizations to join, Camp Kesem at Temple University is part of something bigger and special to every student who is part of it. For these Temple students, the ability to see the smiles on every child’s face makes all their hard work worth it. For the members of Camp Kesem, they create a week-long summer camp every year for kids, ages 6 to 12, whose parents arc fighting cancer. Camp Kesem, a name derived from the Hebrew word meaning “magic, was originally founded at Stanford University in 2000. Since then, its headquarters, Kesem National, has opened dozens of chapters across the country, including one at Temple. There are 18 students on Temple’s leadership team and around 25 to 30 general body members. Last summer, the camp was held on Aug. 5 to 11. Temple’s chapter was able to provide 33 campers, who were invited to apply through a free application process, from North Philadelphia a fully-funded experience full of activities. For example, during cabin chats, during the unit leader would ask a question and every camper answered. They said they loved seeing the kids let loose and connect and relate to one another at the past camp. 174“Being a kid with parents with cancer really takes away from being able to be a kid and you end up having to grow up a little faster, you have to Lake care of younger siblings,” Scolis said. Brittany Holt, a senior tourism and hospitality management major and operations coordinator for Camp Kasem, said it was nerve-wracking to run the event and meet the kids for the first time. “I was never exposed to that environment before,” Holt said. “All your worries go away and they’re so easy to talk to but they’re so mature.” An entire day of camp is dedicated to giving campers the opportunity to share their struggles and feelings about their parents’ cancer. The past year, the club members and counselors sat in a circle and speak about their experiences with cancer. Camp Kesem counselors also host two Family and Friend Days, which is when the kids come back to campus to meet the organizers and members of the club. Throughout the year, the members of Camp Kasem also mail the past campers birthday cards, and send emails checking in throughout the school year. “You learn so much from kids half your age,” Samuel Janson, a junior finance and risk management major, said. “Hearing them talk about their experience and what they’ve gone through taught me how strong they can be.” 175A MUCH-NEEDED APPRECIATION SPREAD FOR TEMPLE SHPE An org that deserves recognition and so much more. “Only about 7% of STEM jobs are occupied by Latinos in a nation where the group represents 17% of the population. There is a lot of talent the country is missing out on. I am happy that through SHPE I had the opportunity to participate in improving STEM awareness in North Philadelphia schools." -Enrique Padilla, President 176 "SHPE has allowed me to be both a mentor and mentee. Together as a familia, we have the ability to teach and learn .professionalism and ways to succeed from one another. In addition, we get to influence our community here in Philly to encourage and inspire Latinos that they can go into STEM." -Julianna Barreto, Marketing Chair "SHPE has given me the opportunity to inspire others to pursue their dreams and see their true potential." -Jose Silva, Vice President 177Expanding and embracing diversity is a core value of Temple University’s community. This is certainly visible through the numerous cultural organizations active on campus students can join. The Organization of Afro-Latinas, Temple’s newest cultural organization, represents Afro-Latina women. This new organization hopes to be a safe haven for mixed-race individuals who may have felt invisible in the past or unable to identify with a single ethnic group. The organization was founded by Alivia Walton and Clara Brown. The two met while applying to be Resident Assistants in 2018, a meeting that led to a conversation about their mixed ethnic backgrounds. From that first conversation that the two realized a new organization for Afro-Latinas would fill an important need on the Temple’s campus. Co-founder and co-president Alivia Walton, a junior Finance major, said she had always wanted to start an organization like this and thought Brown would be the perfect person to start it with. and a lot of times people don’t realize that African ancestry is n Latin roots," Walton said making sure to state the organization welcomes all members who identify as Afro-Latinas. This is the first organization on Temple’s campus that targets being a representative outlet for Afro-Latina women. After their organization was approved in the Fall of 2018, they collaborated with other cultural organizations on campus to host two panels. One of which discussed colorism; the discrimination against individuals with a darker skin tone; typically among people of th same ethnic or racial group. The organization aims to hold numerous programs as well as discussions on topics such as what it means to be Afro-Latina in: colorism within Latin and African communities. "We were tired of feeling invisible. Tired of proving our race and our culture." Brown said. Now. Afro-Latina Owls that arrive at Temple can find their nest at the Organization of Afro-Latina . “In society, people tend to think I'm not black enough because I have Spanish in me. Since I am Black, people don't say I’m fully Spanish because I have black in me. Identifying as Afro-latina allows me to accept that I am both." Clara Brown, a Junior Criminal Justice and Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies double major According to Brown, the organization also hopes to bridge the gap between African and Latina women as there is often an intersection between the two groups. She also added they wish to provide personal comfort and a community for women within both ethnic groups. "There’s not really one definition. There are people that arc fully Puerto Rican or fully Dominican that can identify as Afro-Latina. by Bronwyn Loskywiti photography by The Organization of Afro-Latinoi The Organi of Afro-Latii The Womer Two Culture Meet the first organization on cprr providing a safe haven for AfrojLtf 178DPhiE’s Deepher Dude The annual event raised $37,056.44 for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. photography provided by the organization“Deepher Dude is an event that DPhiE hosts annually. It’s a male pageant show to fundraise for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. That’s why it is so important to our sorority. We fundraise for the CFF to make a difference in the lives of those with the genetic illness and won’t stop until CF stands for ‘cure found.’ On Temple’s campus. Deepher Dude has become a huge event that brings different groups of people together like Greek life, student government, club sports. Owl team and Owl Ambassadors—all for a great cause. This year we were able to raise $37,056.44 for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation! The event itself is so much fun and I'm so honored to have planned it for Fall 2018!” -JAMIE MATYS “I originally joined DPhiE because of all the philanthropy work they did on and off campus, but it wasn’t until my first Deepher Dude that I understood just how big of an impact my organization makes. We raised over $25,000 for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation at my first Deepher Dude, and now as a senior we raised over $37,000! It is always an amazing feeling when we reveal the final total raised, especially for a cause that relies on private donations. Many people don’t know that the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation doesn’t receive any government donations for research so they rely on organizations like DPhiE. I’m so glad to be apart of a sorority that is making a huge difference in the lives of those who suffer from this genetic disease." -EMILY SEAMAN “Deepher Dude is an event that each and every one of our sisters is so incredibly passionate about. Internationally through Delta Phi Epsilon, we are able to spread the word about Cystic Fibrosis and advocate for answers to this life altering disease. Delta Phi Epsilon is CFFs number one donor to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, and we rely on the support of our college communities to help us use our voices and make a difference. The energy put forth by all of Temple Fraternity and Sorority Life in order to make the event successful is overwhelming. We are so proud to have grown this event in size so quickly and are so thankful that we are able to put together this magical evening for all of Temple to take part in. I’m so proud to be a part of this organization that strives for greatness and is tirelessly working to touch the lives of those who live with Cystic Fibrosis. Thank you to all who helped us reach our goal this year! We can’t wait to blow it out of the water next vear!" -KAYLEE WADSWORTH 181r photography provided by the organizatio meet the MAIN CAMPUS PROGRAM BOARD MCPB is a student-run organization that plans the premiere events for th Temple student body. Their mission is to constantly raise the bar by bringin premiere and diverse events to Temple University’s student life and surrounding communities. They organize fun trips to locations throughout the region, plar student Homecoming events including the annual Homecoming concert. MCPf also hosts events with speakers, comedians, and more at Temple’s main campus 182 iMy experience in MCPB has been a great experience that has given me an opportunity to learn more about special event planning. MCPB has given me the tools to learn how to effectively execute, engage, and make improvements on the smallest things.” -Jordan Saibu Sophomore, Advertising major. Director of University Events I love being an executive board member for MCPB! I have learned so much such as teamwork, time management, and event planning. I joined MCPB as an ambassador for the community service committee. I got to help in the planning for MCPB’s Guinness World Record event! We broke the world record for the most backpacks stuffed in one hour! Being a part of the community serve committee was a fun and great experience, which is the reason I applied to be on the E-board! ” - Cldir© Boyl© Sophomore, Health Professions Major, Director of External Affairs I joined MCPB because I was interested in pursuing a career in the event planning industry and because I thought it would be a great way for me to meet people outside of my regular lu - Maria Isabella “Bella” Arellano Sophomore, Marketing major with a double minor in Management Information Systems and International Business.Director of Night Owl Events. 183EXCEPTIONAL STUDENTS DOING INCREDIBLE THINGSDANTE MORENO’S GRIND IS NONSTOP Student at Temple balances school, work, and making his dreams come true. by Ngozi Nwanji photography by Bryce Hodges When Dante Moreno first hosted his high school’s pep rally, he knew he never wanted to put the microphone down again. “High school is where TizzThelnfiuence was bom." Moreno said. Moreno, a senior Communications major with a focus on Entrepreneurship at Temple, is a traveling professional DJ, who goes by the name of TizzThcInflu-cnce. To add to that, he was elected in the fall semester of his senior year to be president of the National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC), which oversees “The Divine Nine, and became the president of Temple's Pi Rho Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha. Moreno, a transfer student, is not new to the game of hard work and diligence. "My main goal was to leave Temple University with some type of impact, presence and footprint," Moreno said. After deciding to officially transition from being an MC to a DJ during the summer before his junior year in 2017, Moreno was offered a position to DJ at one of Philadelphia’s most popular hip-hop and R B radio stations— Boom 103.9. That position led to Moreno getting his own show with Boom 103.9 as the host of the Sunday Night Flex. Moreno has also had opportunities to DJ ut music events like Rolling Loud, a hip-hop festival in the Bay Area; and for labels, Bad Boy Entertainment and 1017 which represent artists like King Combs and Asian Doll. If it’s not obvious. Hustling is second nature to Moreno. To add to all of his other opportunities, Moreno is gearing up for rapper, Gucci Mane's U.S. tour. The Unusual Suspects’ Tour. Moreno b excited to DJ for Asian Doll while traveling the country and continuing to pursue hb responsibilities as a full-time student. “1 got a the phone call while sitting in class," Moreno said. “I went into the hallway, gave them my information and sat back down. 1 wanted to scream the whole rest of the lecture." However. DJing isn’t Moreno’s only gig in the entertainment world. 11c landed an opportunity in June 2018 to co-host the BET Top Ten Experience Moments for the 2018 BET Awards: a ceremony that awards some of the biggest stars in the the Black entertainment industry. With his busy schedule, there's no time for Moreno to be nervous before a show. “Things move so fast around ine that by the time 1 get to the show it hasn't really hit me what I’m doing." Moreno said. “Afterwards, 1 get even more hy-pe than I was the first time and I’m just like ‘I wish I could relive that moment,’ or ‘I wish I could hear myself on the radio.’" As the President of the black historical Black fraternities and sororities on campus; Moreno is aware of the dedication and accountability it takes to be a leader. As President, Moreno has organized visits to public schools in North Philadelphia. While visiting, he and his line brother speak to the students about their college experience and sometimes even put on step shows for them. Stepping is a form of dance that is etnbm ded in the history of the Divine Nine. "The most rewarding reaction we get is from the kids when we do community-service," Moreno said. “It’s heartwarming when they look at you like you’re super-stars." All of his accolades sound impressive, but Moreno admits his biggest challenge b organizing his hectic schedule involving both his schoolwork and show preparation. However, similar to his duty as being the president of Temple's Divine Nine. h always finds a way to get the job done. “Show prep really starts with class prop, like a syllabus," Moreno said. "For instance, I’m going to be in Los Angeles for this amount of days then I have to leave on this day. What’s due? What’s going on that week?" As he prepares to leave Temple, Moreno hopes to be remembered as a “go-getter" who brought change to his campus while following his dreams, whether it’s as a Greek president or ns a DJ. “I just want people to look at how I bus- ] tied and use that as motivation," Moreno said. “You don’t have to give me credit for anything else. The fittest DJ. the fittest host, whatever, just remember me as a hustler." 186he O' an Samantha Joie runs her own v J graphic design business as an — empowered femae entrepreneur BY RILEY RUBIANO 188TT7 • m I ithout a doubt, you have seen one of I Wf Samantha Joie’s designs on campus, and W W if you haven’t, get ready to see more of f w her work. As the self-titled “ShEO of Design”, Joie is the go-to Temple student for any graphic lesign needs you may have. It wasn't until the second iemester of her junior year that senior advertising major Samantha Joie figured out what career path to follow. “I was originally a psychology major because I swore wanted to be a counselor, but that is not my life,” Joie said. “Luckily I did all my Gen Eds first." Joie knew she wanted to pursue graphic design, but didn’t like the portfolio requirements for the major at Tyler School of Art. Instead, she switched to Klein College of Media and Communication, which offers an art concentration in its advertising curriculum. After she found a passion for her new major, Joie built her company, joiegraphics, from the ground up. “I thought I wanted to work in an agency, which could be nice because I went to Atlanta and met a bunch of agencies under the company Publicist," Joie said. “If my brand continues to excel at the rate it is excelling, I will to continue to be an entepeneur. Joiegraphics can design anything from logos, flyers and websites to ebooks, portfolios and resumes. Joie also runs the Spread Joie campaign, a way for her to help up-and-coming businesses. After answering questions about what the brand means to them, winners can expect joiegraphics to design anything and everything for them free of charge. “I have a “Spread Joie" campaign because it is a play off my name,” Joie said. “|It’s for! anybody who has a business, but does not have the funds to do so. I know a lot of people who can not do these things and I want everyone to follow their dreams in the best way possible." Although her clients are usually not close by, they still have a significant impact on her company. She credits most of her business to social media and word-of-mouth advertising from her own clients.' “None of my clients are in Philadelphia, which is so interesting," Joie says. “I love my clients to death because without them I literally would not be successful. Whenever I do a good job, they refer me to someone else. It’s like a chain reaction.” Joie enjoys being an entrepreneur, but admits that she will miss her experience at Temple. “Truthfully I will miss working in the Dean’s office," Joie says. “I developed so many great relationships with my professors and with different deans." As for the future, Joie strives to expand her company to be a one-stop-shop for all things graphic design. The graphic designer wants to enlist a team - with an illustrator, copywriter and printer on hand - to make the branding process easier for clients. COLEMANBefore Vince Coll found his passion for sports broadcasting, he was the fastest kid on his neighborhood football team. At seven years old, he became running back. “I think that’s why I loved it so much,” Coll said. “I liked being good. I was always above-average good.” To say that Vince Coll loves sports is an understatement. Growing up, he personally organized his neighborhood’s football championships. Each street was represented by a team of kids who lived there. Although he continued to play football throughout high school, when it came to choosing a career, Coll decided to focus on the reporting aspect of sports. “I knew I wasn’t gonna be in the NFL,” Coll said. “So I figured I would make it farther in life as a journalist and being around the environment rather than being a player.” During his senior year, he started his own sports segment, which broadcasted games, for his high school’s television news station. Soon enough, he fell in love with the business. Coll has channeled this love toward his job experiences at Temple. In his junior year, Coll studied away in Los Angeles in the Spring semester and snagged a role as the first Temple intern at the National Football League (NFL) television network. “I didn’t grow up loving L.A., but I realized I am a TV person,” Coll said. “Everybody in America is.” Coll is now an anchor for OwlSports Update and writes sports pieces for Temple Update, two shows on Temple’s television network, TUTV. “Owl Sports Update was something I glorified as a freshman,” Coll said. “I felt like I was the best candidate to anchor during my senior year because I’ve been watching it for so long.” With reporting comes a lot of prep work -- that’s where Coil’s seniority is his biggest advantage. He said that, as a trusted sports journalist, he is able to gain players’ confidence. “My prep on Temple has gotten less and less throughout the years because I almost just know these guys,” Coll said. “I know their storylines without them having to tell me.” Coll said his personable voice separates him from other sports reporters. “I’m just the liason, the translator from the coaches to the people. I don’t need to put on an anchor voice or a fancy writing style with big words. I say it how it is, because that’s how I’d want to read it.” Vince Coll Coll said that his most valuable experiences at Temple haw been hands-on, rather than from a textbook. “You should put more emphasis on field work than classwork,” he said. “If you have to miss a class to cover the NFL draft, or an internship - do it.” ‘‘I’m not an aspiring journalist. You don’t need to be an aspiring person to do something.” Vince Coll Although he credits Temple for helping in a way, he doesn’t want to give the school all the credit. “It’s always been naturally programmed in me,” Coll said. “I guess I have drive, but it still feels like I just started." 190The anchor has turned his undying love for sports into a career by I ;y Niyazova Phc graphy by Nate is Just Getting Vince Coll Started192Bri Hofsas is never settling for less "I'm a firm believer in living for your eulogy and not your resume' by Lucy Niyazova photography by Nate Rogers If you've been to a Temple football game in the last three years, you may have seen Bri Hofsas on the screen. The senior journalism major is a sports anchor for TUTV, Temple’s digital cable station. While her passion for sports reporting is clear when you first meet her, Hofsas didn't always expect to be in this field. 1 would have not imagined to be where I am today if I were a freshman again,” Hofsas said. “This time next year. I could he anywhere in the country. I’m always amazed about where I'm going to go next" Growing up in Hershey, PA. Hofsas dreamed of going to law school. However, she said she decided to major in journalism - with a focus in broadcast -- because she has always loved the limelight As a freshman, Hofsas auditioned to be an anchor for Temple Update, a 30-minute news broadcast on TUTV that was nominated for two 2018 Mid-Atlantic Emmy College awards. Hofsas almost backed out from auditioning. Still, she followed through and was selected as an anchor for the sports section. Sports then became Hofsas’ main focus during her freshman and sophomore year. “I just rolled with it and I loved it” Hofsas said. Her favorite part of being an anchor is getting out on the field to cover live games. She also said that she loves being surrounded by people with strong work ethic, which pushes her to try harder. Although anchoring is fun. Hofsas says that she also enjoys on-thc-ground reporting. “I think it’s more important in college to lx? a reporter." Hofsas stud. “I like doing both - with reporting I get to go to a lot of places, but as an anchor you get that limelight feel, like you’re actually performing." That love of performing has led her to consider a career in the entertainment industry. Whether as a script editor or a music producer, she would low to create content for people by using her skills of asking the right questions to make her interviewee reveal more than wv would expect. “Common people, including myself, often haw this stigma that famous people arc these higher beings that need to be worshipped." Hofsas said. “I want to break that stigma a little bit. I want to write a story on an artist, but also as a normal human being." Hofsas would also be grateful to haw a career in sports reporting, hut considers that to be Plan B. “I'm a firm beliewr in living for your eulogy and not your resume." she said. As her time at Temple comes to an end, 1 lofsas said it Isn’t the “amazing plays" that will stick out in her memory - it’s the people she has meL "It’s the fact that I can walk on Broad and run into ITempIe head men’s basketball coachl Fran Dunphy and be able to haw a conversation with him." she said. “It’s the same with esteemed reporters like Marc Narducci who writes for the Philly Inquirer. Or the fact that it has made me stand out to David Boardman, the dean of Klein College." Hofsas’ advice to other Temple students is to always follow their passions, just as she has, with a little assistance along the way. “Don’t settle," she said. "You’d be amazed how many people want to help you, so take advantage of the opportunities you have, hut also make your own opportunities." 193KLEIN SENIOR AND NEW YORKER BY DAY, DJ BY NIGHT What life is like as a DJ and a college student at Temple University IftTTeVe all walked t class with carbuds in our can-. For VV us, drowning out the world is only temporary. For Ccndall Jones, it’s her entire life. [ones is a senior media and communications major by day ind DJ by night. You may have heard of her by her stage lame. DJ Kcndollaz. Jones was always musically inclined. She picked up flute n fourth grade and although she hasn't played since high school, she says she still remembers all the techniques and could play just as well today. Two of her uncles are DJs, and her parents were always avid music lovers, so she’s always been exposed to the lifcstvle. Jones spends her free time digging through Apple Music and building countless playlists. She recalls her first gig, freshman year, to be a hit. One weekend her friends wanted to throw a party, and Jones happened to have the most extensive music library, so she was put in charge of the music that night. She invested in some equipment and guided the night with a mix of reggae, dancehall, and old school 90’s hip hop. Jones has been actively spinning since then, and has played at least 100 gigs. What separates her from other DJs is her sense of style and choice of music. Other DJs dress for the media and wear “flashy stuff, designer stuff." Jones said. However, Jones likes supporting underground brands because she can form relationships with them more easily. Her current brand? Visionary Society, which is described as a lifestyle strectwear brand modeled for motivational purposes. Even with her level of experience, Jones still gets nervous. “A DJ has about 12 seconds after playing a song to figure out what the next song will be," she said. “I still draw blanks sometimes, but I think organizing your music beforehand is the best way to do it." Jones strives to create a different experience every time she spins. This means going through her entire library and building a unique playlist to match the mood of the gig. Some events will have multiple DJs working shifts, so it’s easier to maintain variety because and they all have different sounds, Jones said. But when it’s just Jones, she has to figure out how the whole night will unfold by herself. “My love for music, and just really wanting to share that with other people," Jones said. “The purpose of me as a DJ is to develop stories through music and create an unforgettable experience, and allow people to be moved by their souls." Her favorite part of DJing is that more often than not, it doesn’t feel like work. Kendollaz said that the environment at Temple and in the city has molded her as DJ. “Getting started DJ.ing here at Temple, the environment has played a huge part. Being in a city, being around other D.J.’s has definitely taught me to pay things forward." she said. “Because for a lot of opportunities, people didn't have to trust me, but they did." 195 So how does she keep going?Owls of Temple Lucas Genzia I’ve always struggled as an Asian-Amcrican in a predominantly white society in finding that middle ground of whr I am as a person. I didn’t know where my place was in society, and I needed to find a creative outlet. When I wi 17, a hunch of my friends decided to come together and we made a mixtape. Trash obviously, in retrospect, but what it birthed was thi really really cool dream of making music. Natasha Paola I was bom and raised in Puerto Rico, and 1 moved here for college. I’m the only one here of my family. My whole family’s back home in San Juan. My freshman year, I got so homesick, but I got adjusted to it, and I go home every Thanksgiving and Christmas, just every holiday I can. But I love Temple. How it’s so close to the city and I can just hop on the subway and walk around whenever I feel like it. 196Jenna Lam I started out as an actor, trying out different roles. I was tired of playing “Best Friend 3” or the “Nerdy Asian girl" or the “Fetish lover" (yellow fever). When 1 took some time off, I decided the best way to sustain my career was to become a producer. I went to film school and now. I’m making a series. It’s like Issa Rae’s Insecure where I’m playing both the main actress and producing it and I’m really excited to tell Asian-American stories. 1 think now, with Crazy Rich Asians and Searching, Asian-Americans have permission to be creative and start telling our stories." Pete Nessel Igrew up with five siblings, and we all played music. We all kept with it until college, but I decided to branch out more. I’ve played trumpet for 12 years, but now I also play bass and drums. I wanted to find new channels of music that I could get into and play and just keep playing, so I don’t have to lose what 1 gained from this or any other instrument. You just gotta have fun with it. You can play almost anything you want to play too. You can get into bands or other organizations that play different styles, or you could make your own music. That’s what I like about expressing myself that way, because you can create on your own." Parker Goldberg To me, intersectionality means the importance of finding our similarities and our differences. If you are someone like me, who identifies as queer, Jewish, a person of color, among other things, all of those put together makes my own identity. But it’s also a celebration of all those individual identities. I think that intersectionality is a good thing because we haven’t celebrated it in a very long time in our communities.” 197------------------------- n Yasmine Hamou will never be silent on issues she cares about Her new journey wfth the SEPTA Youth Advisory Council Is just the next step for her by Gail Vivar by a member of 5th Square, which photography provided by Yasmine 's a transit-oriented political action committee here and learned about the YAC. I joined that night Temple University is filled of because I felt a great need to serve ambitious, motivated students my demographic, one that I knew but one Owl that stands out best." is Yasmine Hamou. As a political science major, Hamou has evoked change and social activism via her platform and her new position in the SEPTA Youth Advisory Council, where she works to advocate for transportation on behalf of young people. "Right now, my (personal) main priority is getting university pass enacted," Hamou said. "I'm starting with Temple of course, and the goal is ultimately to get Temple students to pay a rate included in tuition and fees so that they can have unlimited rides on all SEPTA vehicles. This expands access to the city for students, fosters a greater sense of community, and lessens the burden of transportation costs for a demographic that typically has no steady, sufficient income." She also explains how this expands access to the city for students, fosters a greater sense of community, and lessens the burden of transportation costs for a demographic that typically has no steady, sufficient income. This past summer, she spent interning with the University City District, where she was able to get to know the UC near West Philadelphia community and understand their issues firsthand. Hamou said, "I was approached This cause is important to Hamou since transportation equals access to opportunity. "I'm inspired by others who reveal their mistakes or failures, so I try to do the same because you never know who it will make feel less alone." She said, "Being on the YAC is not going to solve these problems. No one position will. But by dipping my toes, I can begin to understand how I can change the world via improving transportation for all." Like many students, Hamou understands how transportation can hold students back from opportunities. She experienced not being able to take an internship or job because she had to decide between trans- portation costs or eating dinner that week. "I shouldn't have to choose between something so critical in order to reach my full potential," Hamou said. "No one should. And so, university pass excites me because I see what the future can look like for other young, low income students like me who need everything they can get to push them in the right direction and to be upwardly mobile." As one of the most vocal students at Temple's campus, Hamou is also known of her refusal to remain quiet on issues she feels passionate about. She is active on her social media, especially on Twitter, and does not hold back when she needs to say something. One of the things to know about Hamou is her open nature to let people into her life and share own struggles to the Temple community. "I try not to have too many things about me a secret. I'm inspired by others who reveal their mistakes or failures, so I try to do the same because you never know who it will make feel less alone," Hamou said. "My favorite part about being a young person is the freedom to make so many mistakes. They are painful, but they are not all fatal. They are all lessons and opportunity for growth. I hope that when I reveal myself to people, they don't see just the struggle, but also the evolution." 198The Face Underneath the Makeup Jaya Bolden: Student, sister, makeup artist, entrepreneur by Riley Rubiano photography by Taylor Johnson Starting your own business is not easy, especially for senior communication studies major Jaya Bolden. She faced criticism from her family when she first explored her passion for cosmetics. “I would ask my parents for makeup brushes and eyeshadows and they did not know why I was buying all this stuff, to the point where they cut me off one time," Bolden said. “Until one day, my mom told me 'go do I makeup! on your sister.' My sister to this day still has the photos of her looking like a clown." Also, Bolden created a special makeup session called the Beauty and the Beat Brunch, during which she serves food to her clients. Not only is it fun and interactive, but also inexpensive. “I thought, let me think of something else that has not been done before," Bolden said. “I have caterers in my family so we worked hand in hand." Bolden had the opportunity to highlight her makeup skills on the set of BET network shows “Bobby Jones Show", “Black Girls Rock" and “Joyful Noise" from the summer before her freshman year up until her junior year at Temple. She taught older makeup artists some of her tricks and learned new techniques, like applying makeup on men. Renny Vasquez taught Bolden how to enhance and match skin tones. Bolden worked closely with Lauren Nicely by chance when they were both booked for the same wedding party. “1 really appreciated getting tips from Ithem.l" Bolden said. Bolden’s biggest makeup tip? It is not what you would expect. “Skincaro first. That’s my number on© thing. I wear makeup once a week, but (people) still know mo as the makeup artist. I take really good care of my skin to the point where makeup turns me off sometimes." Jaya Bolden As far as advice for future entrepreneurs, Bolden said persistence is key. “Never stop what you are doing, no matter what people think," Bolden said. “Some people aren’t going to jump on the bandwagon until they see that you’re working. I’ve had people Iwhol didn't like me in high school book me. Bolden looks fondly on her time at Temple as graduation approaches, and the role her school has played in advancing her career. “1 think I’m going to miss most the interactions with people." Bolden said. “I want to continue to grow my brand and let people know me as Jaya Bolden, not just the makeup artist" Five years later, Bolden's business, makeupbyjaya, is thriving. Based in Philadelphia with a studio in Washington, D.C., makeupbyjaya provides makeup services for photo shoots, production, bridal, prom and other special events. Bolden also offers beginner’s makeup classes for specialty training, which run three hours long. "I learned a lot of lessons at BET. It felt amazing to get paid to do what I love to do by a big corporation. I was stunned by the fact that I was the youngest one there." Jaya Bolden In addition, Bolden has had the chance to work with her mentors, Renny Vasquez and Lauren Nicely, who are both prominent makeup artists in the industry. 200mDonovan Forrest is Increasing Mentorship in Inner His mentoring organization, Don CARES, is a source of upliftment for the youth in North Philadelphia by Ngozi Nwanzi photography povided by Donovan Forrest JThe beginning of Donovan Forrest's adolescence was filled with anger, bullying and behavioral problems. His behavior led him to be enrolled in an alternative school yet he continued to release his frustration on his peers and community. It reached a point where both Forrest and his single mother knew it was time to make a change in who he was becoming. "(Wei searched ardently for mentors to help steer me in the right direction," Forrest said. "Fortunately, I had many mentors as an adolescent who helped me see a better future for myself which helped cultivate my positive self-esteem, educational pursuits, and passion for mentoring." As a once at-risk youth, the senior secondary education and history major came to college already with the mindset of wanting to make a difference and find a solution for the lack of mentorship in inner cities. Prior to enrolling at Temple, he attended Millersville University of Pennsylvania. During his almost two years there, he mentored first-year college students, which further sparked his love for mentoring youth and young adults. The program was cut due to lack of funding, but Forrest turned discouragement into fuel to start his own organization. He founded Don CARES of Philadelphia, Inc, during his first semester at Temple in 2015. Don CARES is a school-based non-profit organization of college students of color. "As someone who knew the positive impact quality mentoring could have on a student I decided to create an organization in September 2015 with a mission to serve "at-risk" populations in North Philadelphia. Research suggests that one out of three people will reach their 19th birthday without ever having a formal mentor. With this, I decided to support students who need it most through one-on-one mentoring, tutoring, and empowerment events in inner-city schools." With the help of his team, he worked with high school students of The U School in North Philadelphia. The U School is an innovative school where students are empowered and encouraged in preparation for college and their future careers. "I believe the U School to be a school that does a great job with project-based learning, encouraging activism, and creativ- ity within their students," Forrest said. "Since January 2017, we've connected a few of our students with internship opportunities, matched over 20 students with mentors, held over 20 panels, provided shadowing opportunities, helped over 30 students create resumes and registered students to vote." Forrest and his team worked to secure funding for their students to earn scholarships and sponsor opportunities for out-of-school excursions for their mentoring matches. Along with providing funding, Don CARES also creates friendships with mentees to support their personal paths of life. "When you see the smiles on both the faces of our mentors and mentees, you know you are doing something right." 203Taylor Sison took a break from a camera for a bit and decided to share with us an insight into her life behind the camera. Sison is a senior media studies and production major on the business and entrepreneurship track including a minor in business. As her senior year is coming to a close, she is still juggling her student and vlogger life. Sison is now a commuter, so it’s a hit different and more of a challenge now. When she isn't vlogging, she has classes and a student job at the Tech Center. But, her life hasn’t always been behind the camera or modi ' based. Before becoming an MSP major, she was a business major. She felt that the Fox Business School wasn’t for her. ‘Fox was putting me into a mold, and I didn’t feel like I fit [hat mold," Sison said. she wanted to be creative and she always has since a very Wing age. "I remember watching YouTube videos in middle school and being inspired to create them. I made my first video in sixth grade and it was makeup and fashion related. The next day, someone came up to me and loved my videos. And I lied saying it wasn’t me and went home and deleted them. I was embarrassed." Taylor Sison Jut, Sison decided to get back in front of the camera haring her life with us for the last three years. She started rith a dorm tour of her room in Morgan Hall and has since xpanded it to be open to all college kids with Q As and hitting her channel’s focus on college lifestyle and fashion. he has over 20,000 subscribers and counting. Jut, what does it take to make a vlog? Is it hard, is it easy? There isn’t much to it.” Sison said. ’‘Pick up your camera, tart talking or filming, import the footage, edit, upload and you have yourself a vlog! But, if you aren’t doing it with passion, it will show." Through the growth of her channel, talking personally with her subscribers has become one of her favorite memories w-hile being a vlogger. “It’s so humbling and even motivational when they tell me how much my videos have helped them out. It makes me want to keep pushing out more content because of people like that." Although Sison does a great job at guiding students, she herself seeks guidance in any way she can be a better p erson, student and vlogger. During her free time, she reads, listens to podcasts, and researches to find out how she can be better herself. After graduation, Sison plans to continue filming YouTube videos to share her post-grad experience with her subscribers that haw been following her journey through undergrad at Temple. She’s continuing to leave a token of her inspiration anywhere she goes. “My experiences that I want to share don’t end once college ends. I feel like people don’t necessarily talk about the transition from college to “real life" so I w'ant to share that with the community of people that follow me because a lot of them are in the age range of 18-24. 1 also just low posting videos because I get to look back at those moments and memories whenewr I want. I’m excited about what YouTube will be like after 1 graduate college." Written By: Nayanka Paul photography provided by Taylor Sison 205TYRELL MANN-BARNES WAS BORN TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE THROUGH NUMEROUS LEADERSHIP POSITIONS, THE GRADUATING SENIOR HAS PUSHED FOR CHANGE AT TEMPLE As a child, Tvrcll Mann-Barnes was homeschooled by his mother. After noticing her son’s lo e for reading, writing and science, she called him “Mr. Scientist" and “Mr. President" with the faith that it would one day come to fruition. “When I was really little I wanted to be president," Mann-Barnes said. “And when Barack Obama won in sixth grade, I was like, ‘I’m going to be the next Black president’ and that kind of set the trajectory for every school I went to.” When he began at Temple as a first-generation college student, Mann-Barnes’ dream of being both a political figure and doctor drove him to declare a double political science and biology major. But, due to the challenge of balancing the two, he decided to swap his political science major for one in English. Still, he remained active in politics. During the 2016 - 2017 school war, he, along with best friends and Temple alumnae Kayla Martin and Paige Hill, launched the student government campaign. Activate TU. “Tyrell is one of the hardest working people I know," Martin said. “His dedication to excellence, while prioritizing equality and access, is inspiring. He’s truly earned everything he’s accomplished." 206As a team of two Black women and a gay Black man, Activate TU trow for representation and inclusion of Temple’s diverse student )odv. “I think that regardless of whether not people knew who I am or knew who we were, my team as a whole truly created a movement on campus to make people feel more active to he involved and more passionate about their experience at Temple,’’ Mann-Bames said. That passion translated to votes. In one of the closest elections of 'Temple’s history. Activate TU won I by less than 100 votes. Mann-Bames has held several other leadership roles on campus, including Resident Assistant with University Housing Residential Life and Vice-President of Student Activists Against Sexual Assault. Through this, he has become a notable figure at Temple, known for his natural-horn leadership and bright smile. ‘He was one of the first people to see my potential and encourage me to strive for leadership positions at Temple," senior supply chain management major Almas Ayaz said. During her freshman year, Ayaz instantly felt represented and motivated to grow while Mann-Bames was her resident assistant. His encouragement pushed her to becoming his successor in the role of Director of Campus Life and Diversity. “I am a better leader for having someone like Tyrell to challenge me. Matter of fact, I think we all are better leaders for having someone like Tyrell a part of our community. He taught me and teaches so many others to walk in their truth unapologetically." Despite this positive persona, Mann-Bames has had his own share of personal struggles as a student in the classroom and leader in professional spaces. “I would say throughout college one thing that I have battled with is depression," he said. “I feel like being on the stage and being in so many leadership roles where people are constantly looking at you, you feel this need to put on this facade of happiness." But with the help of therapy and his support system of friends and family, he was able to battle depression and reach a better place. “The happiest I ever felt was when I was honest with myself about where I was mentally and emotionally," Mann-Bames said. “And when I told myself, ‘Okay, we need to seek help to be the best at these positions,’ that’s when I truly started finding happiness." Mann-Bames attributes his perseverance to his faith. “1 pray every day," he said. “I truly believe that I could not do anything without God in my life." What drives Mann-Bames’ successes is not his own ambition or personal interest, but a desire to make a difference in the lives of others. “My belief system is one thing that keeps me rock solid in what I’m capable of doing because I think I represent something bigger than me," he said. “Everything I do is bigger than Tyrell the individual and it’s more of what has Tyrell contributed to the community or the larger picture." As he approaches graduation, Mann-Bames hopes that he has inspired incoming and current Temple students who hope to pursue student leadership. “What I hope that I’ve done is give people an example of what it means to live authentically as yourself and never set limitations on what you can do, achieve and dream of doing," he said. “I hope that with that example it encourages people to push the envelope and to do something that they’re terrified of doing. There has been no experience that I’ve had that I was not once terrified at some point." Mann-Bames’ conquest to change the world doesn’t stop at Temple. His ultimate goal in his career is to teach while continuing to learn and evolve into the best version of himself. “I see myself in medicine. I see myself as a writer. I see myself thinking about things that will hopefully change the way that people are conditioned socially. And make people want to be active members of change in whatever issues they have in the world." by Ngozi Nwanji photography by Shefa Ahsan 207Student Leaders at Temple Reflect on Their Time on Campus "Being active on campus has given me the opportunity to challenge the status quo. Getting involved at Temple is vital to ensure that you can better the university for the next classes to come." Gadi Zimmerman PRESIDENT OF TEMPLE STUDENT GOVERNMENT Financial Planning Isabel Sefton PRESIDENT OF BIG BROTHERS BIG SISTERS AT TEMPLE Public Relations Being a part of Big Brothers Big Sisters at Temple for the past four years has shaped my entire college experience. This organization has given me confidence in my own abilities to take on new opportunities. and to challenge myself beyond what I thought was possible. I found a passion in mentoring youth, and since I haw changed my own perspectives. As a student leader, 1 am proud of n be a part of an organization that him visibility to issues facing today's yoiil I can thank Temple for giving me, is well as other students, the space to I bring attention to social issues and It ability to work with peers in creatine change. -ISDemetrius Coachman BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY DANCE CO. Political Science, Minors Spanish and Africology American American Studies As a student leader at Temple, the people all around me inspired how I do what I do. My first day at Temple, 1 didn't know anyone, I didn’t even know about Temple until halfway through my senior year of high school in Michigan. Four years later. I reached my goal from freshman year of not being able to recognize the person from the jump because of how much I’ve grown into the person I am. 1 give credit to Lauren Bullock during her days in the Leadership Development team and the group struggles of putting dances together for showcases and smaller performances with my dance team. By Any Means Necessary Dance Company. Those sectors prepared me and gave me a base for my future off of two lessons. Being comfortable with being uncomfortable and taking on responsibilities to ease your supervisors were the two pillars that set my base to be the student leader I became. -DC Jacob Kurtz VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR OF JUMPSTART PHILADELPHIA TEMPLE UNIVERSITY Community Development with a Political Science Minor I fell in love with Temple when my dad and I pulled up to it for the first time in a taxi. The entire drive up Broad St had my eyes glued on the city as it flew past us. The cityscape was unlike any I had seen before, the middle child of a pastor and former nurse bom and raised in Central PA. Besides the academic halls and institutional buildings, it was the city and the neighborhood that had me hooked. In a maybe not so surprising turn of events, that same hook is what kept me going throughout my time at Temple. The surrounding community, bubbling with unlimited potential, deep history and rich cultural expression. Though at times it feels that students and their neighbors are worlds apart, it was through embracing these differences and listening I found a home away from home. As a member of Jumpstart Philadelphia at Temple University, I was able to experience the potential and beauty of the North Philadelphia community in preschool classrooms, watching students overcome various obstacles to learn. It was the perfect way to give back to the community that kePt me going throughout my own educational journey. As I look back at my time at T emple, I see more than the books and tests, I see a rich community of students and residents. A community, that through humility and the willingness to learn, which can be brought together to deliver an education and a grounding unlike any other. -JC 209emple Men’s asketball photography by Carli Showmaker 211A Letter from Hooter To the Class of 2019, I didn’t know that I would be in these shoes, or feet as they really are, seeing a bit of everything this school has to offer. Fundraisers, barbeques, picnics, celebrations, football and basketball games - you name it. If it happened over the last few years there was a good chance that I was there and you just didn’t know it. I’ve taken photos with countless numbers of you and I’ve startled quite a few of you also (sorry about that by the way - I obviously couldn’t say it in the moment, but hopefully you recovered just fine). I’ve collected a lot of great memories in my time as your classmate and Owl, from traveling with the teams to welcoming new classes of freshman, and what I’ve come to learn is that we have a really special class full of incredible people. Even though I’ll be hanging up my wings for the last time soon, thank you Class of 2019, thank you Temple, for an amazing four years here. We’ll always be Temple Made, and Temple Proud. Sincerely, Your favorite classmate you never knew was there, Hooter 213Letter from the Editors Temple students are the designers of the future. Our team worked countless of long nights and early mornings to create a book that represents that and so much more. This year we made it our mission to give a voice to the student organizations and student leaders who were never covered in our annual yearbook. Representation matters, and as a group of minority women, we knew we had a duty to do just that. This yearbook would have not been possible without the support from the representative from our printing company, Murdocc Saunders, who addressed all our questions and concerns. We also want to thank the whole yearbook staff for all of the hard work and long hours spent working on each spread. Without our dedicated editorial team, design team, and freelancers our yearbook would not have been possible. I also cannot forget to thank our advisor, John DiCarlo, for allowing us to produce a yearbook dear to us and the student body. On behalf of the Templar team, we hope this yearbook represents what this university means to you and that you never forget all the memories made at Temple. Sincerely, Gail Vivar, Editor In Chief Yanuara Ramirez, Managing Editor Hadiyah Weaver, Managing Editor 215HELLO 216 ABBY STEINOUR Senior Designer NGOZI NWANJI IVopic Section Editor 217EXCEPTIONAL STUDENTS DOING INCREDIBLE THINGSMorgan, Congratulations and best wishes on your graduation. We are so proud of you. Love you, Nana Titi To My Girl, Good work! Congratulation, Morghan, we are so proud of you, and you are an amazing young lady. May God continue to bless you. Love, Grandma Carlene, Papa Bob Congratulations, and Good Luck! Love, Papa and Blacina Congratulations, Joi, we cannot wait to see what you do next!! Love, Aunti Janice, Aunti Jernois, Aunti Rochelle Love, Jecoura, Naja, Ashley, Maurice, Javden, Jorel Dear Joi, It’s been an honor and a privilege to watch you grow into this beautiful and talented woman. Thank you for letting me lx? a small part of your journey. May God continue to bless you as you move forward. Love, Wes Bailey (God Father) It is hard to believe you are finishing college, as your parents, we stand in Awe, of all you haw accomplished. Although it has not been easy, you never gave up. Stay the course. Love always, Mom, Dad, and your Brother Joi, Best Wishes on your special day! Love, Desire (God Mother) Joi, Congratulations on a job well done! We wish you health, happiness, and abundant blessing as you begin a new chapter with no regrets. Love, Janet and Family (God Mother) Joi, It has been a joy to be a part of your life, continue the good work and Congratulations! 220 Love, BoytoBill. We knew from a baby, you had many talents and a strong will of mind. You've never backed away from a challenge and that has ultimately become one of your greatest assets. Let music and knowledge grow with you on a path to a happy and fulfilling life. We couldn't be prouder! As we watched you grow, we knew you had a passion to help others. And that is what you have chosen to do. As you graduate from college, we want you to know how proud we are of your success. You have been blessed with compassion, dignity, and honor. All of which will give your patients the best care they can receive. Allie, we want you to know we love you, and will support you. Go out and live your dreams and love your life. Love, Mom and Dad Gabrielle, It seems like only yesterday you were in high school look at you now, graduating from Temple! It's been beautiful journey watching you become this beautiful, thoughtful gentle young woman .Who is of course is very fashion savvy J. Gabrielle we are so proud of you!! And want you to know how much we love you !!! Keep on loving, growing, learning, exploring, and challenging yourself. This makes you who you are. 221Ethan, Congratulations on all you have achieved at Temple University. It’s time to graduate and begin the next chapter of your life. So we are “moving on”, knowing you will always be successful and fill us with the same pride and love you have always provided us. Love, Mom and Dad! Monica, Congratulations on completing this journey at Temple University! We couldn't be any more proud of who you have become. Through your studies and travels you have become a strong and confident woman. We cannot wait to see what the future holds for you as you embark on the next chapter of your life. May you always keep learning, growing, and realizing the best in yourself. Your future is We Love You!!!! Mom, Dad and Carson 222Michele, Congratulations baby girl, you did it! Dad and I are Godly proud of you and everything that you have accomplished. If God be for you. who can be against you. Continue to let your light shine and be the example for the people in speech, conduct, love, faith, and purity. Everything attached to you wins! Love you to infinity and beyond. To my wonderful Granddaughter, I'm so proud of you. I knew deep down in my heart that you was going to make it because you are a very intelligent young lady with great standards. No matter what the circumstances may caused you, you've always stood your ground I wouldn't trade you in for the world, you are truly the best. May God bless you always. Congratulations! We are so proud of you and all you have accomplished! Your next adventure awaits! Love, Mom, Dad and Tommy 223Adam, We experience boundless pride having you as our son and it is our privilege to participate in your journey of life. This graduation is not the end but the beginning. It is a process that continues on bringing joy and inspiration to those around you. You, dear son, have proven to have grasped that concept, and through that, you’ll make a difference. When you leave, you’ll never forget why you came to Temple U. Your degree is a ticket to change the world with all the passion you carry in your heart. Obstacles are hut things you see if you take your eyes off your goal. May your dreams “take you to the comers of your smiles, to the highest of your hopes, to the windows of your opportunities and to the most special places your heart has ever known.” Love you with everything in us. Dad and Mom We are so proud of all that you have achieved at this important point in your life. As your father, when I stand hack and evaluate, I clearly see where the combination of your intelligence, drive, social skills, work ethic and resourcefulness converge to consistently develop solutions to greater and greater challenges. These are the exceptional keys that you possess that will unlock your very bright future. You are going places my bright, beautiful KK and we are all excited for what lies ahead in the next phase of your life. Your family loves you and we are all so very proud of your accomplishments. Love Dad 224Hassan Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we arc powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We often ask ourselves, who am I to 50...” intelligent, driven and fearless? Actually, who are you not to lx?? In fact ‘ son, you were horn to be. Born to be powerful, beyond infinite measure. Low, Mom Dad Matthew Brzezinski, Another milestone has been accomplished! We've watched with wonder as you’ve grown into the bright and confident young man you are today. We are so proud of you and wish you much love, happiness, and success in all that you do. Love, Mom and Dad Will, Congratulations on completing your undergraduate degree in three years! Your hard work and dedication has truly paid off. We are so happy you had such wonderful experiences at Temple University. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors. We know you will do great things! Lo e, Mom, Dad, Kevin, Kaela and the rest of your family. 225Kaitlyn We have watched in amazement as you have grown into the accomplished young woman you are today. Now we are watching with anticipation to see what the future holds. With your talent and determination there is no limit on what you can achieve. 'The more that you read, the more things that you will know. The more that you learn , the more places you'll go." Way to go baby girl!! Temple Made! Love Always, Mom and Dad Congratulations to our college graduate! You have worked so hard to reach your goals. Keep striving to achieve that life style you have always dreamed of. You make us proud every day! We love you, Mom Dad I wish you happiness and success. Tamia, 226 Love you always, MomLogan, From the first day of Kindergarten to these your final days at Temple, we arc so proud of who you are, what you have done and what we know that you will do! Our wish is for your continued success in all your future adventures! You can do anything you put your mind to! Keep following your dreams! We love you! Mom, Dad and Taylor Megan, Nate, You’ve worked so hard, we hope all your dreams come true! Love, Your family We are so proud of you for accomplishing this huge goal even with all the obstacles you have had to overcome along the way. We have no doubt you will accomplish anything you set your mind to. We will all be cheering you on along the way! _______ 227Jamie, Back in the year 2000 you began your education at St. Johns Nursery School. Now, 19 years later, you are graduating college. Every year along the way you exceeded our expectations and we couldn’t be prouder parents. We wish you the best and know that you will continue to be successful in the years to come. We love you always, Mom and Dad Adrian, To say ‘We are proud of you,’ does not even express how much we love you for your tenacity in striving towards your future endeavors. God said, ‘It’s already done.' Congratulations! Mom, Dad, Marques, Malik, Letha Twe My sweet Elaine, Today is your day, your future is filled with amazing possibilities, so chase your dreams! I hope you know how very much I love you and how proud your sister and I will always be to have a sister and daughter as wonderful as you. Embrace the opportunities. And those times when life throws you curve balls always remember I will be there when you call. Woo hoo Elaine! 228Ali, Wow! Where did these four yours go? You embarked on this journey as a bright eyes teenage girl and have transformed yourself into a mature, successful woman. Words cannot do justice to the immeasurable pride and happiness that we have enjoyed. You are now set to embark on your new journey in life. Stay true to yourself and your aspirations and as always know we will be with you every step of the way. Go Owls!! We love you, Mom, Dad and Scott ■ It is no surprise to our family and friends the success that Cali Healy has had at Temple. Her desire and determination for achievement reflects in her accomplishments not only in the classroom but also in the leadership she provided with the International Business Association at the Fox School of Business. In April of 2018 Cali was presented with the I BA “Student Leader of The Year” award. This award reflected the recognition of her efforts by the Temple staff for her initiatives she implemented within the I BA but also identified Cali as a future leader in the business world. We wish Cali success in all her future endeavors and wish her the health and happiness it takes to endure the challenges that she may face. Love Always, Mom and Dad 229Congratulations from Auntie Bobby, Uncle Butch, NayNay, Uncle Dennis and the family. We all are so PROUD of you finishing this chapter of your life. Stay true to yourself and remember we are always just a phone call away. WE LOVE YOU ! Dearest Taylor, Right from the beginning you have given us reasons to hold our heads up in pride. We know it wasn’t always easy, but you worked hard and accomplished another segment of your DREAMS. We are so fortunate you are our granddaughter, and are proud of everything you have achieved Congratulations and best of luck in your new career. 230YOU DID IT BABY.... JUST LIKE I ALWAYS KNEW YOU WOULD !!! I am the proud mother of a phenomenal young woman. I always knew you are headed for greatness! TIME TO SPREAD THOSE OWL WINGS and FLY HIGH BECAUSE YOU are TEMPLE MADE !! Amanda, Dear Danni, Right from when you were a little kid and until today, you have only given us reasons to hold our heads up in pride. We are so lucky to have you in our life. We are so proud of you and your accomplishments. This is the beginning of your life. You can do absolutely anything you set your mind to. Happy Graduations sweetie. V Over the years, your perseverance has enabled you to achieve many personal and academic goals. Your accomplishments will continue to help you remain successful in your personal and professional life. You are beautiful, intelligent, and witty. We will always he there to support your decisions. Words cannot fully express the love and pride we have for you. Love, Mom and Dad 231 Madison, Thanks for ‘the adventure... Now go have a new one. The dream is about to become a reality! Love your Proud Mom Mitch, Giana, Congratulations on your accomplishments at Temple! We are so very proud of you and can’t wait to see what the future holds. Keep reaching for the stars! Love, Mom, Dad Isabella FOUFOU JETAIME, Your Wife! You’ve come such long way from your adolescents. We’re so proud and happy of your independence, hard work, and future success. Love, Mom Dad I’m proud of who you are and everything you’ve accomplished! All those hours in class, at the library, and work finally mean something today. Now you own something important that no one can ever take away from you, knowledge! I’m proud to walk, side by side, through this next chapter of our life. As always, I’ll continue to encourage you to do what you love, even if I think it’s ... Je voulais te remercier d’etre une personne aussi exceptionnelle et d’etre un si bon mari. Tu t’es donne du mal et a travaille dur afin de combiner le metier de tes reves mais aussi me rendre heureuse et me donner le sourir. Pour cela je ten suis reconnaissante! 232Keith, As always, you have made the family proud. You put great effort into all that you do and accomplish all that you set out to achieve. We love you and can not wait to see what adventures lie ahead. We Love You Dad, Mom, Ed, and Bryan Jasmine, You started as a beautiful young child and grew into an awesome and amazing young woman. You are a wonderful granddaughter, daughter, and sister. Your talents and energy are matched by none. You are smart, considerate, thoughtful, kind, helpful, and useful to everyone that you touch. You are respected and loved by all who know you. Your kindness, enthusiasm, motivation, and good deeds are never ending. We wish you much success and God Speed in the new chapter that you .are beginning with your graduation from Temple University in 2019. Congratulations! Best Wishes for health, happiness, and success as you continue to do great things! We are all so very proud of you and your accomplishments! With all our Love always: Mom, Marissa, Destiny, Andrew, Babci, PopBop, Dziadzi, Patrick, Uncle Gerald, Aunt Renea, Sophia, and Mason. 233Jonathan, Congratulations on your well-deserved success! We are so proud of you. You are an amazing young man with a bright future and we have no doubt you will accomplish great things. Can’t wait to see what comes next for you! With love always, Dad, Mom and Natalie Joey, We couldn’t be more proud of all you have accomplished through the years. Your drive to succeed will take you far in life. Remember we will always be here to help you with your journey. We can’t wait to see what the next chapter in life holds for you! Love Always, Mom, Dad, Ashley and Brandon 234To our sweet, accomplished daughter Loran, Congratulations on your college graduation. You are an incredible young woman. A whole world ill of possibilities awaits you and we know you are headed for greatness! We wish you happiness, access and love as you begin your journey. Your determination, spirit and self-assurance will glide you through whatever lies ahead. You have made us so very proud and we will always be here for you. Love You, Mom and Dad. Jared, Your friends and family are so very proud of you and congratulate you on your graduation from Temple University. Determination and hard work that you put into this has been nothing short of amazing. You have accomplished many things in your life to this point, and we all look forward to seeing you reach your goals and dreams. We have all the confidence in the world that you will continue to work hard and achieve everything that you want. We all love you so very much and we are so proud of you. 235Sabrina, Congratulations on your Graduation Day, it is the beginning of a beautiful life that lies ahead of you. You are brilliant, hardworking, talented and compassionate. We know you have all the qualities to achieve your dreams. Keep your will to succeed and your heart for the things that matter. Always remember that we arc all just a phone call away! WE LOVE YOU!!! Mom, Dad, Grandma and Dima Ashaki, You did it! Congratulations on this awesome journey Thank Go'd for keeping you through the triumphs and challenges, you are more than a Conqueror through Christ, you are a true WINNER and ready to change the world for the better. Your family is so incredibly proud of this great accomplishment- it is setup for even greater achievements that are in your beautiful heart - continue to climb to greater heights my Daughter! We know that you have a bright and sunny future ahead of you. “For I know the plans I have for you," declared the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:! 1 236Well, you did it with your own set of skills always pushing to learn more, always seeking new challenges, cultures, and adventures. We guess your many travels have helped to mold you and your respect for others is unmatched. Keep communicating... you have become good at it. We are all very proud of you! Your future holds unlimited potential many directions. Perhaps we will see a movie with your name in the credits; maybe you will be working in Spain or Asia for Comcast; or you will be involved in your family business. Whichever way you take, we know it will be exceptional! Love ya.. Mom, Dad, Pat and Ritz Armond, Thoughtfulness. Purpose. Achievement. Congratulations! Love Always, Your Family 237Amanda, Right from when you were a little kid and until today, you have only given us reasons to hold our heads up in pride. We arc so lucky to have you in our life. We are so proud of you and your accomplishments. This is the beginning of your life. You can do absolutely anything you set your mind to. Happy Graduations sweetie. David Harkavy, “Be so good they can't ignore you” - Steve Martin. Guess you took his advice and we are incredibly proud! Love. Mom, Dad, Ally Congratulations, Rachel Joseph! We are so proud of you! You've been working hard since the first day of preschool and it has paid off. Wishing you a bright future. Love, Mom Dad Michael F. Cirino Jr, We are so proud of you! May you continue to grow, achieve, and reach for the stars. Congratulations! Love, Mom, Dad and Dan. Alexandra Long, Congrats on all your accomplishments. The sky is the limit. Keep moving forward. Love Team Tiernan I’m the luckiest man, that GOD brought you into my life. I love you with all my heart Love Evan Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined! Love Steph Andrew We’re so proud of you! Now your journey begins! Love Jamie Don and Maddy She BELIEVED she could so we are so proud of you! We are so proud of you! Love Mom, Dad, Sarah, Jeremy, and Lilah Valarie Jones, Congratulations sweetheart. We are so proud of you and we look forward to your bright future. Love, Mom and Dad Nicholas Gerardi We are so proud of you! Congratulations on this great accomplishment! Love, Mom, Dad, and Jake Tanee Booker, Congratulations! We are so proud of you! Love, Mom and grandma Austin Miller Congratulations! We are so proud of you. You have an exciting future ahead! Love Mom, Dad, Ryan 238TEMPLE HEALTH CONGRATULATES 2019 Graduates of Temple University The Temple Health network of care is bringing the best in clinical care, research and education to the entire region. Temple health LEWIS KATZ SCHOOL OF MEDICINE AT TEMPLE UNIVERSITY I TEMPLE UNIVERSITY HEALTH SYSTEMV-iew 1 S . AT MONTGOMERY Cecil B. Moore Avenuo TWO AWARD-WINNING Oar- STUDENT HOUSING OPTIONS STEPS FROM CAMPUS gotdenberggroupcom theviewatmontgomery.com • 215.432.1100 Live Here. Lease Here: 1)00 W Montgomery Avenue •mm ■ (S Th view I V 1 Vantage Live Here: 1717 North 12th Street Lease Here: 1120 Cecil B. Moore Avenue Freshmen Welcome! Did you know you can use your financial aid to pay for housing? 240Solar Powering Local Union 98 John J. Dougherty is proud to support Business Manager Temple University!! 241Johnson Controls KEEPING TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SAFE ONE BUILDING AT A TIME SimplexGrinnell, now Johnson Controls, provides a comprehensive array of fire alarm, fire sprinkler, fire suppression, integrated security, sound and healthcare communication systems, and tests and inspection services. We can offer customers the benefits of our SAFETY Act certification from the US Department of Homeland Security. With one million customers, 150 local offices and 200 years of history in the fire business, SimplexGrinnell, now Johnson Controls is the leader in fire and life safety. 283 Gibraltar Road Horsham, PA 19044 Phone: 215-347-6500 150 Local Offices - 200 Years of Experience www.iohnsoncontrols.com(pRTT i BDO is a proud employer of Temple University graduates. BDO. Because relationships matter There are many world-class accounting and consulting firms. Far fewer that offer a culture so rich in professional opportunity for intern and entry-level employees At BDO. we understand that it takes exceptional people to deliver exceptional client service And we understand that ‘exceptional isn't a quality that one develops overnight That's why we make it a priority to offer our accountants the mentorship, flexibility, and opportunity they need to grow and develop as professionals — today, tomorrow, and for the rest of their careers Joseph Beach, Assurance Office Managing Partner Jbeachpbdo.com William Burns Tax Office Managing Partner wbumspbdo com BDO USA. LLP 1801 Market Street, Suite 1700 Philadelphia, PA 19103 215-564-1900 People who know, know BDO. Accountants and Advisors www bdo.com careers OWWIQOUS IIP Ail itMO+d 43FIRST Career Development Program Find a Great Beginning Analytics ( Information Technology (§)Loan Advisor @Marketing (v Underwriting Freedom Mortgage, a proud employer of Temple University graduates, would like to congratulate the graduating class of 2019. Freedom Mortgage is one of the fastest growing companies in the mortgage industry. Currently ranked as the 5th largest mortgage lender m the country. Freedom Mortgage is dedicated to fostering homeowner ship in America. We build lasting relationships—one loan at a time—by providing personalized mortgage solutions and unparalleled service. Our First Flyer career development program, designed for recent college graduates, provides countless opportunities to grow and succeed right from the start Together, well reach new heights. Apply today at freedommortgoge.com grads FrISEDOM Me )RTGAGE t «««- Uo i|ip Corporation. NMlJ 2717 Cix por.tr offx. locate at 07 Maatant Vaday A no. lurta I Mt Laur.l. NJ 0 0 4 100 220 ID) rrt4ummongatt ram or mora information «twt nmOramumarocrau Off (quai Hauvog Opportune Iraadom Uor'j.j. Corporation 1 an (qwal Opportunity (mptoya convrwttad to wortforta dmarwy Qvaitftad apptcanct « • rat an conPdaration without to afa. rata, color, ralyon. fandar. Miual orwntatlon. national origin. or tha» Uatut at a protactad vataran or an mdMdual w«ft doabMiat ImploymonatonungantuponwwaiiVcompWPono bat groundmnamgacon iawma» art haM m confidant OnlycancMatatwhOMproMaiclMaty matth raqwiramanti «l ba contactad during thn aaarth UNOCM NULS 1027 7 Equal Opportunty Impioyar Umor«ai amatat )nablad atarant C 201 fraadom Uorijafa Corporation (vsi)nuii) 244Congratulations and best wishes to the Temple University Class of 2019. WE'RE HOMETOWN PROUD. No place like home is right. Tourism and events in Philadelphia help to support over 73.000 hospitality jobs in the city and 265,000 in the region. Together, with our city's hospitality community, we help drive the growth that makes our hometown a world-class destination. let's talk at cliicovarPHl.com f x COZEN v r O'CONNOR Congratulations to the Class of 2019. We express our sincere gratitude to Patrick J. O'Connor for his wise stewardship of our University. Michael J. HoHor Executive Chairman A CEO (215)665-414 lmh0a0rOcor0o.com Vincont R. McGuinnoss Praaident S Managing Partner 2151665-209? | vmcgu0m0eaOcaran.com 700 attorneys 126 otftcee coxen.com 245Muller, Inc. Importer of Fine Beers GREAT BEER GREAT RESPONSIBILITY ©2017 MILLER BREWING CO., MILWAUKEE, Wl LaMarra CONSTRUCTION BUILDERS CONSTRUCTION MANAGERS 213 Lindenwold Avenue Ambler, PA 19002 T 215-646-2929 F 215-646-4858 www.lamarrainc.com 246 INDEPENDENCE BLUE CROSS Independence Blue Cross congratulates the newest Temple graduates on their hard work, focus, and SALUTES commitment to achieving their goals. Tpmnlp IJnivpr itv’s Independence Blue Cross shares this commitment. H J We embrace a bold, innovative vision to help improve Class Of 2019 the lives and health of people in our region. Independence ® y Vi T »7 John 1. Kane- Business Manager Secretary Treasurer 2791 Southampton Road Philadelphia, Pa 19154 Phone: 215-677-6900 Fax: 215-677-7102 www.plumbers690.org Plumbers Local 690 was chartered on March 25, 1931. The history of the Plumbers in Philadelphia actually dates back to May 12, 1900 with the formation of Plumbers Local 123. From 1900 to 1931 we evolved into Local 690. So for over 100 years, we've been protecting the health of our jurisdiction through our vigorous apprentice and Journeyman training programs. 247Generation by Knoll. The first chair that lets you sit how you want. rn wn The Knoll Source cfi-knoll.com CO NCR A TULA TIONS n the graduating cla TEMPLE UNIVERSITY S- Whether you’re buying a car, your first home or want to develop a savings plan, we re there for you every step of the way. Cum afle b Aaduatim. Q fothetefoA, omp utfU. Here for yours. F« r4ymtf byNCUA PHILADELPHIA FEDERAL CREDIT UNION visit us at pfcu.com THE 0FT1CIAI CREDIT UNION OF TEMPLE UNIVERSITY | ON CAMPUS SINCE 1383 iKxbock c.WPhUd'tp 'dffifecdtUnai |i m tetter corVWxhPfCU II U 248STEAMFITTERS LOCAL UNION 420 PROUDLY SUPPORTS TEMPLE UNIVERSITY BUSINESS MANAGER FINANCIAL SECRET ARY REASURER Anthony Gallagher Kevin Heffeman ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGER PRESIDENT Jamei SmU Pat Shendan VICE PRESIDENT RECORDING SECRETARY Albert Bmh Ken Mafrann BUSINESS AGENTS ORGANIZER Gary Andrea Mark F. Meffeman Jamei P. Gallagher Edward A. Kabcki David tentx Pat Sheridan Brian McMahon INSIOC GUARD Thomai Redden George F. School III Michael Mterzejewiki Michael J.Trofa FINANCE COMMITTEE Brian Graham EXECUTIVE BOARD Sean O'Connell Ryan McAdarm Jonathan McMahon John M. Preodergait Matthew M. Meile EXAMINING BOARD Michael Watb Curt L Clifford. Jr. Tom Gallo FUNOS ADMINISTRATOR Erie Hendrzak Bob Wlnther Orville Rob in ion Jim Rocki Charter P. Sweeney IRONWORKERS’ LOCAL UNION NO. 401 PIIII.ADH.Plil V. PENNSYLVANIA KEVIN C. BOYLE Business Manager Financial Secretary-Treasurer STEVEN V. ALEXANDER Business A Kent PAUL E. SHEPHERDSON Business Agent MICHAEL T. CASEY President TIMOTHY J. WHELAN Vice President STEPHEN DEMARCO Recording Secretary ANDREW HAKhl.)' EXECUTIVE HOARD BRIAN OWENS TRUSTEE DAVID KENNY EXECUTIVE HOARD DANIEL SCANNELL TRUSTEE JOSEPH MATHIS. SR EXECUTIVE HOARD WILLIAM HARKINS EXAMINING COMMITTEE CHARLES J. ROBERTS JR EXECUTIVE HOARD WILLIAM E SI EM ION, JR EXAMINING COMMITTEE STEVEN W. WHELAN EXECUTIVE BOARD CHRISTOPHERS. YEAGER EXAMINING COMMITTEE ANTHONY L FULPS TRUSTEE FRANCES N. MARSH. IV CONDUCTOR SERGEANT-AT-ARMS 249Congratulations Class of 2019! {lard work does off! SOI HEALTHMATS A f Established iii 1969 250FIELDS FIRE PROTECTION William Kidds 130X Chester Pike Sharon Hill. PA 19079 610.918.7430 Office • 484.497.5535 Fax 610.842.3542 Cell hi 11(« fickkfireprotcction.com www.fieldsfireprotcction.coni D E L A N Y Mc B RIDE W. Thomas McBride Attorney at Law Office: 888.365.2973 Fax: 888.365.2988 www.delanvmchride.com wtm@delanymcbride.com Delaware New Jersey 1000 North We« Street 36 CudW Street Suite 1200 Woodbury. NJ 08096 WUmjnjtoo. DC 19801 New York Pennsylvania 80 Broad Street. S Floor 1500 JFK 8Nd, Suft«4lS New York. NY 10004 PNhtMpNi. PA 19102 Building a Better Delaware Valiev Since 1949 js BP Group L ' I------------------- Aw • IVwikmh r IIWM • 41(1 1; 000 • 251withum.com Congratulations % CLASS OF 2010 Driving every day ., www.AmeriGas.com W all hava hope and dreama Goal tor tha future too - whom wa re going in life, and how to gat there. School graduationa and fun vacation Maintaining your litoetyl a you get older Buying a home ... or a dream houae. Creating memone that taka on a life of their own Wherever you are in life - or want to be — bank hare to get there. Today, we congratulate you. the Tempi l m verity Qat of 7019. and wi h you a auccaeaful and bright future. Walt uruveat net to aaa a complete fiat of our branch location Q unrreat nM (£) 777715 71 FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS FOR YOUR LIFE s? UNI VEST TEMPLE CONGRATULATES THE TEMPLE UNIVERSITY CLASS OF 2019! CONNECT WITH US! f @Temple Dining 0 @TempleDining @TempleDining Temple.campusdish.com withurrr «0a t » T«« M 1 knowledge is power AmeriGas meets the propane needs of millions of people across the nation. But our responsibility doesn't end there. We support education to improve the lives of young people in the Delaware Valley. Strong community involvement. It's another example of how AmeriGas is driving every day. set yourself apart from the rest and turn simple visions into phenomenal success stories. Eric Stauss, CPA. CGFM, PSA. Partner and Withum congratulate Temple University's Class of 2019!—nerM,liens proud to support Temple University. Congratulations class of ?moi SUCCESSFULLY BUILDING SINCE 1990 DISTRICT C Ol NCIL NO. 21 International Union of Painters and Allied Trades of Eastern Pennsylvania. Southern New Jersey and Delaware TARGET BUILDING CONSTRUCTION a A a TAnGETBUILDING.COM Kreis M reischer iller PAINTERS • DRYWALL FINISHERS GLAZIERS ARCHITECTURAL METAL GLASSWORKERS WALLCOVERERS SIGN AND DISPLAY STADIUM WORKERS PRECONSTRUCTION GENERAL CONSTRUCTION CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT DESIGN BUILD DESIGN ASSIST I IWa, , 100WA,mwfVwd.Soo.35o I Technology Solutions 1215 441.4600 Z,of, »n ! a A V rt « tf ? Proud to Support Temple University Graduates teauir good oral health keeps you healthier in many other woy, United Concordia Dental UnitedConcordia.com ' •. 253When luck is not enough, count on us. Nationally Placing since 1994 Accounting | Finance | Tec | HR | Sales Marketing 1 -888-2-MYJOBS ww.cofuofnpoforvstafm3.cofn 9 CONTEMPORARY S TA FFINO SOLUTIONS »••»»« A C •-» -• CARRC ) DUFF inc Electrical Construction 24 Hour Emergency Service Congratulations Temple University Graduates 2100 Byberry Road. Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006 215-672-4200 Fax:215-675-9800 MARANO ELECTRIC INC ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS Michael P. Marano O 856.232.4657 C 856.498.3307 F 856.232.4807 20 Stonehenge Drive Sewell, NJ 08080 m ichael@ma ra noelectric.com (?MI Patrick S. Pottichen Collins and Collins Mechanical Inc. 821 Codof Street • Bristol. PA 19007 Office: (215) 7810116 • Fox: (215) 781 0364 E-moll: C2mlpOt@ool.com Cel •: (215)852-8214 R rentacrate SuitnuN Moving 1 P»Sofa bon Congratulations Graduates! Anthony Taranto Rentacrate Enterpnses. LLC 1 -800 i-CRATE-2 x9520 ATARANT 0@rentacrate.com •t: ciuj: ci iwtot ui i: njun cr." IJreEis urj n fi(mTMtn sisTf„usn:(uiJST n ant ueHnjte seicv'ice w.mon coMin.tA.vi or ijc.imim. on i koi lYimn msnronnnf im n andri iro ii ouih»nn f mtOK 1AI A NO Rt.MOK.MIAI I RIM Rl J.MMXll INC. Kl r AIR. AND I rCRAOKA Of narrate mcktivc «»m hoi mma o' fr ncnYmi n. i» umstves BE mil HEM. PA 1K0I5. PHONE 610 3» 2022 FAX 610 838 1231. WWW.PGEIACOM Kuehnle-Wilson, Inc. Painting Industrial-Commercial-Institutional Prompt Estimates Over 115 Years Serving Philadelphia Surrounding Areas Ph.610-623-1600 Fax 610-623-8097 Email: painting§ kuehnlewilson.com cme Uniforms For Industry SINCE 1959 420 Howell Streot Bristol. PA 19007 800-832-9749 Tel: 215-785-3565 Fax: 215-785-2455 www.acmeuniforma.com 254When design puts students first, teams thrive and universities succeed. Ready to co-create an exceptional space? 601 Davtsvllle Rd. Willow Grove. 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Marano 0 856.232.4657 C 856.498.3307 F 856.232.4807 20 Stonehenge Drive Sewell, NJ 08080 michael@maranoclectricxom •tXttJJJLStITIIKtM JI EXTOUEMT' IJreEis UOmSGCOSIMM. SttTEMSrtXXAUSr n CUTE UGHTIjfc StKVK t DI.MI.MOWIIIAM or I K.IIIIM.f OMKOI IYVIUO OMIRIVDON AM)UIKOHI MM-I IK» « OMMIKI Ul AM) III Mill N II 1 noi Bl J-MKIOIIM.. XI r.UX. AMI I ft .RADIX Ol mmwc Luarmc wtrol miun ovm wwiy mr vun ixmarwi KM 1111 III M. PA 18015. PIIONK 610 838 2022 FAX 610 838 1231. W 1V-U .KXI5.COM Kuehnle-Wilson, Inc. Painting Indust riai-Commercial-lnstiturtonal Prompt Esttmates'Over 115 Years Serving Philadelphia Surrounding Areas Ph.610-623-1600 Fax 610-623-8097 Email: painrtng@kuehnlewilson.com cme Uniforms For Industry SINCE 1959 420 Howell Street Bristol. 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Amal 78 7j? Davidson. Alisyn 79 7|? Davidson. Avery 79 7j. Davies. Caroline 79 7|? Davila. Adam 79 7 Davis. Chantaye 79 7j? Davis. Dejah 79 7j? Davis. Dreu 79 7jj Davis. Emily 79 7® Davis. Hannah 79 7® Davis. Jada 79 Davis. Myiah 79 7® Davis. William 79 7 J Dawood. Jimmy 79 7® Day. Jackson 79 7® DeCarlo. Joei 79 7® Decker. Mia 79 7® Delgado. Leslie 79 7® Delp. Nick 79 7® Dempsey. Megan 80 76 Demus, Margot 80 7® Desio. Claire 80 7® Desir. Carty 80 77 Destra. Rose 80 77 Diawara. Cisse 80 77 Diehl. Madison 80 77 Dignen. Christopher 80 77 Dimov. George 80 77 Dincer, Ozlem 80 77 Ding. Yitao 80 77 Dinh, Jessica 80 77 Ditko, Devon 80 77 Ditro, Julia 80 77 Dixon. Toni 81 Do. Hyunseung Dobson. Josee Doheny. Megan Doheny. Michele Dolan, Kelcie Dolan, Rachel Donofrio, Chris Donohue. Sarah Dorais. Andrew Dos. Veronica Dotts. Cassandra Dowdell, Caroline Dowding. Jon Downing. Gillian Doyle. Caitlin Driscoll. Margaret Du, Jiaxin Duan, Zheng Duffy. Alexa Duffy. Bridget Dugan. Julia Dunning. 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Brayden Hansen. Cristian Haq. Joshua Hardy. Ciara Harkavy, David Harley. Grant Harper. SemajV© Harris. Bysim Harris, Tracy Harris, Wanya Harron. Helene Hawe. Elaine Haweejah. Mustafa Hawkins. Jordan Hayman, Julia Heim, Chris Hellem, Charles Hellem. Kenneth Henry. Jacqueline Henry. Monica Herrera. Braudy Hetzel, Logan Hicks. Rodni Hightower, Carli Hilburg, Natalie Hilden. Rachael Hill. Devon Hillegas. Leah Hiller. Sean Hilt. David Himes. Andrew Hines, Adrienne Hines. Jessica Hoang. Sarah Hoffman. Zuri Holden. Avari Holden. Lisa Holliday. Paris Holmes. De'andre Holt, Patrick Hopkins, Adrian Horrell. Victoria Hua, Kentra Huang. Amy Huang. Lan-Hsuan Huang. Shiyi Huang. Tmgting Huang. Wa Huff. Sierra Hughes, Paige Hughes. Sarah Hullihan. Joseph Hunger, Ruth Hunt. ArielleHunter. Lauren 93 Hurd. Sarah 93 Hussain, Zain 93 Hutson, Laura 93 Hymson. Jake 93 I Ibrahim, Mohammad 93 Idriss, Michael 93 Im, Jenny 94 Isaev, Maria 94 Ivey. Inayah 94 j Jacker, Jennifer 94 Jackson. Jordyn 94 Jacoby. Jeffrey 94 Jacques. Sophonie 94 Jalloh, Kadija 94 Jenkins. Tiffany 94 Jenza. Liza 94 Jervey, Briana 94 Jiang, Yiran 94 Johnson, Jerard 94 Johnson. Troy 95 Johnson-Corinaldi. Shemsakhita 95 Johnston, Collin 95 Jones, Brianna 95 Jones, Courtney 95 Jones, Crystal 95 Jones, Devin 95 Jones. Diamond 95 Jones. Kadian 95 Jones, Valarie 95 Jordan. Abigail 95 Joseph. Rachel 95 Josephs. Taylor 95 Joshua. Fatima 95 Jung, Seul 95 Juste. Annissa 95 K Kaess. Jessica 95 Kafley. Krishna 95 Kairys, Lauren 95 Kalili. Paiea 95 Kallabani, Mario 95 Kalu, Ali 95 Kania. Kinga 95 Kannan, Gowry 96 Kapralick, Kaitlyn 96 Karam, Rawan 96 Karu. Razin 96 Kasman. Jenna 96 Kassa, Taylor 96 Kaur, Amrit 96 Kaur, Saranjeet 96 Kawabe. Maho 96 Kaye. Zoie 96 Kearns. Julia 96 Kelly, Patrick 96 Kelly, Tara 96 Kelsey. Stormydhae 96 Kent. Andrew 96 Kenton, Sydney 96 Keown, Meg 96 Kerbag, Talal 96 Kerr. Brandon 96 Keshelava. Lizi 96 Kessler. Tyler 96 Keudje. Doriane 97 Keys. Tatjiana 97 Keyser. William 97 Khan. Rawasia 97 Khan. Sabeeya 97 Khanna. Harshvardhan 97 Kilduff, Heather 97 Killing. Eboni 97 Killion. Sean 97 Killman, Kaitlyn 97 Kim. Brandon 97 Kim, Dana 97 Kim, Esther 97 Kim, Ryan 97 King. Daniel 97 Kipp. Ryan 97 Klasen. Amelia 97 Knight. Ayesha 97 Knuckle. Bryon 97 Ko, Andrew 97 Kobylinski, Olivia 97 Koch. Caitlyn 97 Kocis. Zachary 98 Kohl. Marissa 98 Koita, Alhaji 98 Kolcheva. Taia 98 Kolodner, Galya 98 Kora. Madina 98 Kornfeind. Elise 98 Koutsoutis. Irene 98 Kovatch. John 98 Kozel. Mikaela 98 Kravets, Josh 98 Kremser, AndrVOanna 98 Kroeck, Katlyn 98 Krum. Levi 98 Kruse. Madison 98 Kulik. Katherine 98 Kull. Kyle 98 Kumar, Pranita 98 Kurtz. Jacob 98.215 Kuteyi. Princess 99 Kwok, Alex 99 L La. Marvin 99 Labs. Morgan 99 Laitman, Jesse 99 LaLeike. Greta 99 Lam. Raymond 99 Lam. Samantha 99 Lam. Vincent 99 Lane,Jenyce 99 Larkins. Breana 99 Laslett, Jordan 99 Latham, Megan 99 Laureano. Kris 99 Lawler, Isabelle 100 Lawyer, Sherrie 100 Le. Duyen 100 League, Ivy 87 Leake, Shavonne 100 Lee. De'Joun 100 Lee, Jin 100 Lee. Kiara 100 Lee. Michael 100 Lee. Nancy 100 Lee. Tyra 100 Leh, Makenzie 100 Lei. Daniel 100 Leiphart. Elijah 100 Leitz, Alyssa 100 Lengel. Monica 100 Lennon. Megan 100 Lennon,Tyson 100 Leon, Isaac 100 Leopold, Allyson 100 Levine. Emma 100 Levy. Samuel 100 Lewis. Emily 100 Lewis. Kadeja 101 Lewis. Mohamed 101 Lewis. Victoria 101 Li. Chenyi 101 Li. Hua 101 Li. Irena 101 Li. Jiying 101 Li. Shuguang 101 U. Xueqi 101 Liang. Jingyi 101 Liang. Jun 101 Liebel. Melissa 101 Lien. Amanda 101 Ligon, Mariya 101 Lim, Jayde 101 Lin. Anne 101 Lin. Jiaxin 101 Lin. Zixuan 101 Lipton, Erica 101 Liu. Allan 101 Liu. Sam 101 Liu. Sandra 101 Liu. Shuai 102 Lo, Kevin 102 Lo. Thanh 102 Lock, Kelsey 102 Lockstein. Haley 102 Loi. Kevin 102 260Lcng. Alexandra 102 Long. Caroline 102 Long, Christopher 102 Lopez, Leticia 102 Loscalzo. Ella 102 Louis. Betty 102 Love, Alexandria 102 Lugo. Briela 102 Lumeh, Luphan 102 Luo, Jiaxin 102 Luo. Minglan 102 Lutek, Ashley 103 Luu. Brandon 103 Ly, Phu 103 Lynch, Amber 103 Lyons. Danielle 103 Lysek. Kyle 103 M Mackus, Sarah 103 Magnani. Anna 103 Magras, Daniel 103 Majewicz, Nina 103 Malcolm, lana 103 Malik. Bazela 103 Mallak. Aliyah 103 Malone. Samantha 103 Mamidela. Akshay 103 Maneri. Brandy 104 Mangin. Juliana 104 Manning, Stephanie 104 Manzo. Matthew 104 Marcus. David 104 Marron. Emily 104 Martin. Holly 104 Martin, Jalyn 104 Martin. Tayah 104 Martinez. Julia 104 Martini. Caroline 104 Masih. Meshal 104 Matey. Emilee 104 Mathai. Sara 104 Mathew. Avin 104 Mathis. DiLexxus 104 Matour, Sarah 104 Matys, Jamie 104 Maurer. Hayley 104 Maurer. Kyle 105 Maute. Sophia 105 Mawhinney. Joshua 105 Maxey. Samuel 105 Mayer. Thomas 105 Mays. DejV° 105 McCabe. Gary 105 McCabe. Keith 105 McCabe. Kevin 105 McCann. Ali 105 McCarty. Bill 105 McCourt. Frank 106 McDevitt, Emily 106 McEachron. China 106 McFall. Kevin 106 McIntosh. Mia 106 McLoyd. Tiflany 106 McLuckie. Duncan 106 McMinn. Sam 106 Mcphee, Brielle 106 McVeigh. Marie 106 Medley. Tatiana 106 Mehaffey, Kerri 106 Mei. Huidan 106 Mejia. Luz 106 Meller. Jamie 107 Metts. Sarah 107 Meunier, Gabrielle 107 Meyer. Sabrina 107 Miah, Mayana 107 Miles. Jasmine 107 Miller. Abigail 107 Miller. Austin 107 Miller, Daniel 107 Miller. Eric 107 Miller. Michael 107 Miller, Tamara 107 Millhouse. Tyler 107 Mills. Colby 107 Mims. Brenda 107 Minmck. Anna 107 Miranda. Jane 107 Mirkin, Max 107 Mischel. Sylvia 107 Mitchell. Elise 108 Mitchell, Eric 108 Mitchell. Indira 108 Mitchell. Kierra 108 Mizgorski. Roslyn 108 Modi. Mirva •108 Mohd. Shahirah 108 Mon, May 108 Mooney. Aria 108 Moore. Charlena 108 Moore. Kylie 108 Morales. Joshua 108 Moreira. Joseph 108 Moretti. Jessica 108 Morris. Azhane 108 Morris. Sierra 108 Morton. Maia 108 Morton, Samantha 108 Moss. Juwann 108 Mufti. Saad 109 Mulligan, Lily 109 Mulliken, Galen 109 Munz, Elizabeth 109 Murphy. Colin 109 Murphy. Nora 109 Mustafa. Alat 109 Mustafa. Hanin 109 Musti. Apoorva 109 Musto. Hanna 109 Muthukumar. Singaram 109 N Nahar, Prerna 109 Nair, Sidharth 109 Najjar. Danielle 109 Naparstek, Timothy 109 Nasrin. Coma 109 Ndiaye, Oumy 109 Neal. Robin 109 Negro. Mark 109 Negron. Victoria 110 Nero, Tyler 110 Nerz. Monica 110 Nesbitt. LaQuille 110 Nespoli. Alexis 110 Nespoli. Edward 110 Nesti. Jason 110 Nevin, Kaitlyn 110 Ngadi. Joseph 110 Ngo. Elizabeth 110 Nguy. Amanda 110 Nguyen. Anh 110 Nguyen. Katherine 110 Nguyen. Long 110 Nguyen. Thinh 110 Nichols. Victoria 110 Nikerte. Daniel 110 Noel. Nicole 110 Noonan-Ngwane. Nosisa 110 Nova. Alec 110 Nwanji, Ngozi 111.213 Nwosu. Tochukwu 111 Nyazie. Zainab 111 O O’Connell. Grace 111 O’Connell. Kyle 111 O'Connor. Ameisha 111 O'Donnell. Joseph 111 O’Donnell. Lauren 111 O’Hanlon. Bridget 111 O’Malley. Kaitlin 111 Oborna. Diana 111 Okoli. Kenechukwu 111 Okune, Rachael 111 Olson, Elizabeth 111 Olson. Jessica 112 Opitz. Ashley 112 Oplinger, Connor 112 Ore. Rachel 112 Orr. Jerrica 112 Osadebe. Chukwunonso 112 Osafo. Margaret 112. 157 Oshlag. Ruth 112 Osialn. Ammar 112 Ostrovsky. Julia 112. 147 Outen. Abriana 112 261Ouyang. Jinnan 112 Owusu. Georgia 112.156. 157 Oyelola, Bisi 112 P Padula. Mara 112 Paladino, Emily 112 PalamariK. Ryan 112 Palermo. Krista 113 Palko. Lauren 113 Palluzzi, Jeannette 113 Palmer. Angel 113 Pammer. Paige 113 Pao, Kaylee 113 Parekh, Ami 113 Park. Johnny 113 Park. Joseph 113 Parker. David 113 Parrell, Nicholas 113 Parson. Taylor 113 Patel, Chandani 113 Patel. Harshaben 113 Patel, Hemanshi 113 Patel. Jaldhi 113 Patel. Jemi 113 Patel, Keya 113 Patel, Krupa 113 Patel, Neel 113 Patel, Nishith 113 Patel, Sonali 113 Patel, Sunket 113 Patton. Emilie 114 Paul. Ryan 114 Payne. Grace 114 Paynter. Isabel 114 Pedrick. Julia 114 Pegula. Brooke 114 Penner. Aimee 114 Perel, Matthew 114 Perez. Stephanie 114 Perez. Werquin 114 Perry. John 114 Pflug. Peyton 114 Pham. Ngoc 114 Pham. Yvonne 114 Pharr. Azja 114 Philip. Sarah 115 Philip. Tessy 115 Phillips. Micah 115 Pierce. Gabriella 115 Pierre. Alexandra 115 Pirolli. Jimmy 115 Pitcher. Emma 115 Platz. Lisa 115 Plaza. Regan 115 Polsky. Abigale 115 Popa. Sabrina 115 Porter. Samantha 115 Potts. Jonathan 115 Poulos. Christina 115 Powell. Marvin 115 Powers. Jamie 115 Pozza. John 115 Prantil. Katie 115 Press. Johnathan 116 Previl, Gabrielle 116 Procaccio. Andrea 116 Proctor. Haley 116 Purcell. William 116 Purvis. Joseph 116 Pyavka. Eduard 116 Q Qian. Lingzi 116 Quach. Thu 116 Quartey, Andrea 116 Quddus. Rayan 116 Quezada. Jasmine 116 Quinn, Connor 116 R Ragan. Sophia 116 Rajani. Mit 116 Rajha. Kassandra 116 Ramage. Kara 116 Ramirez. Yanuara 116 Rasheed. Huner 117 Rasing, Mae 117 Raskin, Che 117 Raynes. Cortlyn 117 Rayser. Juliette 117 Recklau. Jessica 117 Reed. Ashly 117 Reid. Ashaki 117 Reid. Riana 117 Reilly. Samantha 117 Reimer. Camilla 117 Reis. Rebecca 117 Reiver. Madison 117 Reji. Rijo 117 Ren. Ziming 118 Ressler. Tyler 118 Reyes. Jewl 118 Reynolds. Trey 118 Rhodes. Richardeen 118 Ribaudo. John 118 Rice. India 118 Rich. Olivia 118 Richey. Julia 118 Riley. Dillon 118 Riley. Joey 118 Riley. Marisa 118 Ritorto. Nicole 118 Rivera. Amy 118 Rivers. Tianna 118 Rizzo. Nicole 118 Robinson. Lolita 119 Rogers. Alexis 119 Rogers. Bria 119 Roldan. Jason 119 Rollins. Gennifer 119 Roman. Elana 119 Roman. Jordon 119 Roman. Selena 119 Rooney. Daniel 119 Rosado. Jesus 119 Rosario. Yarlyn 119 Rothblatt, Max 119 Rowe. Shaneel 119 Ruani, Rayanna 119 Rupa. Stephanie 119 Russo. Eric 119 Ryan. James 119 S Saad, Fahtma 119 Sahm. Erin 120 Salazar. Maria 120 Salcedo. Venise 120 Sail. Fatimata 120 Sams. Hakeem 120 Sangani. Janki 120 Sangari. Tarun 120 Santiago. Isaac 120 Santos. Brian 120 Sar. Sara 120 Sariego. Robert 120 Sarmiento. Brayan 120 Sarvey, Hannah 120 Sauer. Kelly 121 Savage. Crystal 121 Savage. Deja 121 Savoia. Stephanie 121 Scafidi, Marina 121 Schaefer. Laura 121 Schaudeck. Natalie 121 Scheib. Nicholas 121 Schisler. Brooke 121 Schmit. Kendra 121 Schuback. Samantha 121 Schultz. Carlie 121 Schultz. Sydney 121 Scolis. Jenna 121 Scott. Natalie 121 Scrivens. Rae 121 Seaman. Emily 121 Sefton, Isabel 121.214 Semyon. Cassandra 121 Sergent. Emily 121 Seto. Eugene 122 Severin. Jocelyn 122 Shah. Akshat 122 Shah. Devanshi 122 Shah. Viral 122 Sharkey. Hugh 122 Shaw. Jennifer 122 Shaw. Medina 122 262128 128 128 128 128 128 128 129 129 129 129 129 129 129 129 129 129 129 129 129 129 130 130 130 130 130 130 130 130 130 130 130 130 130 130 130 130 130 130 130 130 130 131 131 131 131 131 131 131 131 131 131 131 122 122 122 122 122 122 122 122 123 123 123 123 123 123 123 123 123 123 123 123 123 123 123 123 123 123 124 124 124 124 124 124 124 124 124 124 124 124 124 124 125 125. 166 125 125 125 125 125 125 125 125 125 125 125 125 125 125 125 125 125 125 Taffe. John 126 Tamura. Bianca 126 Tan. Guolong 126 Tan. Miranda 126 Tang. Rouying 126 Tarpey. Nicholas 126 Tate. Bryan 126 Taylor. Jenai 126 Taylor. Jessica 126 Taylor. Joseph 126 Taylor. Liam 126 Taylor. Stephanie 126 Taylor. Victoria 126 Temple. Attending 111 Tepper. Drew 126 Tesema. Rakeb 126 Thomas. Cameron 126 Thomas. Darren 126 Thomas. Kayla 126 Thomas. Latrice 126 Thomas. Maneesha 126 Thomas. Shania 127 Thomas. Toni 127 Thompson. Kourtney 127 Thorpe. Sarah 127 Tiano. Carletta 127 Tishad. Mohammad 127 Tjerrell. Kiana 127 Tobin. Emily 127 Tomczuk. Luke 127 Tomes. Leeah 127 Tomlinson. Kylie 127 Tong. Dixu 127 Toor. Ishika 127 Top. Amy 127 • Toromani. Sara 127 Torres. Lyne 127 Torres. Marianna 127 Trakney. Devin 127 Tran. Ashley 127 Tran. Cara 127 Tran. Daniel 127 Tran. David 127 Tran. Hung 128 Tran. Thi 128 Tran. Tommy 128 Trejo. Karina 128 Trinh, Davis 128 Trinh. Quan 128 Trobel. Mattie 128 Trout. Julia 128 Truong. Kristi 128 Truong. Man 128 Truong. Quyen 128 Tserenova. Liya 128 Tsui. Allen 128 Tucker. Jacara 128 Turner. Sadira Turpie. Jordynne Tushar, Sydney Tuttle. Jeremy Twyman. Jasmine u Ung. Amanda V Valentine. Alexis Valentine. Taj Valerio. Jaicha Vample. Kelly Van. Emily Van. Lynn Vander. Jonathon Vankirk. Malik Vasquez. Chiara Vassallo. Dianna Vazquez. Giovanni Versaggi. Erin Vesey. Olivia Vickalitis. Sarah Vilsmeier. Nicole Vincent. Asia Von, Kathryne Vu. Lauren Vu. Linh Vy. Thao W Wagner. Capri Walker, Nayyah Walsh. Kelsey Walsh. Nicholas Walters. Emily Wang. Hao Wang, Hexin Wang. Jing Wang. Meichen Wang. Momo Wang. Shaohui Wang. Tong Wang. Xuelin Wang. Yuxiao Wanser. Daniel Warfield. Sasha Warlea. Bridget Waters. Justin Watts. Jasmine Way, Thomasina Weaver. Toree Weinert, John Weiss. Cameron Weiss. Derek Wells, Emily Wells, Sarah Werkheiser. OliviaWerner. Cassandra 131 Yip. Jessica Whalley, Kate 131 Younes. Sofia Whitby. Ajai 131 Young. Indonesia White. Alexander 131 Young. Melissa White, Corine 131 Younger. Tien White. Nick 131 Yu. Dongning Whiting. Nadia 131 Yu, Jun Wickline. Eileen 132 Yu. Kun Wilen, An 132 Willhoit, Michael 132 z Williams. Armani 132 Zaidi, Hasan Williams. Emilee 132 Zakin. Sarah Williams. Lamar 132 Zaman. Sara Williams. Marcus 132 Zamichieli. Ryan Williams. Suvi 132 Zamudio. Gloria Williams. Travon 132 Zaneski. Laura Williams. Victor 132 Zapotosky, Josie Wills. Tyler 132 Zebedi, Nsimba Wilson. Bria 132 Zegans. Joshua Wilson. Danielle 132 Zerbo, Faycal Wilson. Shannon 132 Zhang, Cuiying Wilson. Sylvia 132 Zhang, Haijian Winik, Matthew 132 Zhang, Jiaqing Wisseh, Nadi 132 Zhang. Mingxuan Wolak. Emily 133 Zhang. Qianying Wollman. Ethan 133 Zhang, Xuemei Wong. Samantha 133 Zhang. Yingxi Wong. Tiffany 133 Zhang. Yuman Wood. Morgan 133 Zheng. Irene Woodring, Kevin 133 Zhu. Chang Woods. Kanyah 133 Zhu. Linhua Woods. Mariah 133 Zhuang. Qianyun Wright. Brently 133 Zisi. Maria Wright. Olivia 133 Zonies. Maria Wu. Shin 133 Zoppina. Arielle Wu. Yutong 133 Zorzy. Michael Zou, Yun X Zurzolo. Joseph Ximines. Taylor 133 Xing. Tianzhuo 133 Xu. Jingchun 133 Xu. Lingyin 133 Xu. Shifan 133 Xu. Shuyue 133 Xu, Yue 133 Y Yakubova. Ekaterina 133 Yakubovich. Sabrina 133 Yakunin. Stella 133 Yang, Chengjie 133 Yang. Haoxiang 134 Yang, Yichen 134 Yao, Qi 134 Yarnall, Evan 134 Ye. Geweichen 134 Ye. Qixuan 134 Yelman. Sam 134 Yi. Min 134 134 134 134 134 134 134 134 134 134 134 134 134 134 134 134 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 264

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