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TEMPLAR ANNUAL YEARBOOK VOL. 9 3 • 2 0 17 • TEMPLE UNIVERSITY 1801 N. BROAD ST, PHILADELPHIA, PA 19122 215.204.7000 WWW.TEMPLE.EDUTABLE OF • CONTENTS004 • OPENING 008 • STUDENT LIFE 038 • ACADEMICS 068 • SPORTS 102 • GREEKS ORGANIZATIONS 122 • PEOPLE 200 • OWL PRIDE 220 • STAFF 244 • INDEX 256 • COLOPHON q • TEMPLE through the DECADES Since its founding in 1884 by Df. Russell H. Conwell, Temple University hos undergone o series of chonges, renovations, expansions, and various important events that have lead to the university's constant evolution. It is these moments throughout time that hove led us to where we are now: together os one at Temple University.1965 Temple University bell tower hos its first ringing of the bells, with the largest bell weighing 1500 pounds r i 960S ► L 1960 Presidentol condidote John F. Kennedy speaks on campus on Park Avenue (now Liocouras Walk) 1965 Reverend Martin lufher King Jr. speaks to student and community members in the Baptist Temple1982 Peter J. Liacouros becomes Temple University's seventh president - 1980S 1980 President Jimmy Corter conducts a meeting in McGonigle Hall 1984 Students vote to name the Temple mascot Hooter2006 Ann Weaver Han becomes Temple Univefsity's ninth and first female president 2012 Temple University begins construction of Morgan Hall in response to the rising demand for on-campus living options and the increase in students living on or near Main Campus to over 14,000 students 2014 Construction began at the site of Barton Hall for the new four story library WE ARE HERESTUDENT LIFESTATION TRAIN SHORTAGE AND STRIKE SET STUDENTS Many students depend on Septo os then main source of traveling. More rhan 4.700 staff but when railcar shortages and a strike occurred this year, it subways including Brood Market-Fronkford subways, trolleys and became their main source of strife. even bus services throughout the city stopped running. SEPTA announced on July 3 that they would be taking the Silverliner V Regional out of service to repair cracks in their equalizer beoms, effectively removing one-third fleet of regional rail cars. When classes began at the end of August, the rail-car shortage became an inconvenience for many students who commute to campus. One of their complaints was overcrowding on the trains, which were often filled to capacity. Temple extended their shuttle bus routes to students, faculty, and staff who presented a valid OWlcord or Health System IDs for free. Tfre bus continues to the Ambler campus and Health Sciences Center, but additional stops around the city were added to the normal route. The shuttles ran from 6 a.m. to I 1 a.m.. and from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m. "I never get a sect anymore, but it isn't just thot,” junior commuter Connor McDonald said at the time of the shortage. Tm always pocked into the cars uncomfortably.' Arrivals were also often delayed or cancelled forcing students to run behind schedule. 'Sometimes if the train is reolly full and running late, they just pass by the Temple stop completely, McDonald said. It wos a nightmare for students that took the train after clubs or cbsses that ended during rush hour, freshmon commuter Isabella Perri said. The trains overcrowded since many people who would take the subway or bus had to toke the train. Freshman commuter Tory Dubendorf had trouble even on Regional Rail, which remained fully functioning. 'Most of the time I hod to run to grob a seal or spot where it wasn't too crowded because people were cramming into the doors.' Dubendorf said. People who were not used to taking Regional Roil often needed to be directed, and crowding led to delays Nissa Chaudri said. 'You never know how long you will hove to wait to get a train and then they're always overcrowded anyway,' she said during the shortage. SEPTA returned to its normal train capacity roughly two months after its announcement. 1 hod to get on o really early train,' she said. 'I was late twice to my cbsses. Luckily I didn't miss a whole doss, but it was still really bod. The (train) I took home wos usually delayed by on hour.' The strike continued until Nov. 7, when SEPTA and the union reached an agreement on their contracts. Full service restored the following day. just in time for the presidential election. All functions went bock to normal, but on Nov 1. SEPTA workers went on a strike. Leoders of the Transportation Workers Union local 234 City Transit Division couldn't compromise on contract negotiations with SEPTA. Dubendorf and others said that rides since returned to normal, with no more overcrowded trains or delayed rides. WRJTTEN BY ANNA GROSS PHOTOGRAPHED BY EMC WHITE 'IWHAT’S COOKINC ON CAMPUS? YOUR CUIDE ON WHERE TO EAT NEXT Students may be aware of Temple's momentum in academics and sports, but these new restaurants prove its dining scene is also on the rise. Here's the lowdown on the freshest food options, new to campus this year. As of Sept. 19. the shrink-wrap is off and a new boneygrow location has officially opened their doors at 1601 N. Brood St., right outside Morgan Hall. The Philadelphia-based chain, founded by Justin Rosenberg, a Fox School of Business alumnus, serves stir fry, sobd and smoothies made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients. In addition to their staple menu, honeygrow offers a healthy dessert alternative, the 'honeybar — fresh fruit topped with a choice of house-mode whipped cream or locally harvested honey Lunch dotes range from $9 to $ 12. Honeygrow does not currently accept Diamond Dollars. Also new this fall is Stellas Scoops, located in the dining court of Morgan Hall's basement. They serve a variety of Edy's ice cream flavors, os well as froyo scoops, shakes and cookie or brownie sandwiches. An average S elfo's visit would range from $5 to $7, save the $22.99 'Owl's Nest’— a mountain of eight scoops, one cookie, one brownie, half a Belgion waffle and six toppings finished with whipped cream and a cherry. Anyone who eats it in an hour gets their name and picture on the woM. Treats at Stella's can be bought with Diamond Dollars and meal swipes. Another swee? tooth stop is sfudent favorite Insomnia's Cookies, which has moved this fall from its truck outside the Siudent Center to a storefront next to honeygrow. serving gooey cookies, ice cream, 'wiches (cookie and ice crecm sandwich| and milkshakes. Junior Molly Apple said the transition to a walk-in eatery is beneficial ’It's closer to my apartment, so it works better, Apple said. An Insomnia cookie starts at $ 1.65. but the price can climb to $29 for a pizza-style box of 24. Insomnia still delivers, but now accept Diamond Dollars, too Though they opened in Feb 2016. the eateries below the View at Montgomery are still on fire. At Blaze Pizza, a freshly prepared, personalized pie cooks n 180 seconds. One pizza ranges from $6 to $8, depending on the toppings. Blaze Pizza occepfs Diamond Dollars. Freshman Cece D'orvilte recommends pairing a Bloze pizza with some of their lemonade. 1 really like it- it's a good bolonce of sweet and tart,' D'arville said. For those who warn a healthier option, right next door is Crisp Kitchen, serving sobd and stir fry. ’They hove really good sabds, if that's what you're in the mood for, junior Allison Noon said, lunch costs between $11 and $30 and can be bought with Diamond Dollars. Poesono's, an Italian sandwich shop, opened at 2012 N Broad St., formerly U Got Munch.es. They serve cheesesteaks and creative twists on cbssic hoagies, which can be paired with their soup of the day, chopped salod or a crispelle (Italian Nutella and apicot crepe) for dessert. A bite at the shop usually runs $7 to $ 10. Poesono's does not occept Diamond Dolbrs. WRITTEN BY IE AH HAGLER PHOTOGRAPHED BY KATHRYNE VON HEIMS CRO W pLt struts Frot parties and bars around campus keep Temple's night owls entertained during the weekend. However, some students would rather spend their Saturday night at a house show, crowded in a humid bosement watching a little-known band rock out. House shows land somewhere between a party and a large-scale concert featuring genres that range from lo-fi pop to punk or even funk groove fusion. The venues — rowhomes by day, concert halls by night — often close and new ones open, os the tenants who run them move elsewhere. They ore located all throughout the city of Philadelphia, but a few like The Nest and Beaver Dorn, have popped up near campus and become popular among students who attend, play and even host them. Attendees pay about five to ten dollars for entrance making affordability a big draw, but senior Brendan Maher frequents these shows for the ambionce. 1 think that house shows provide a more intimate experience than larger concerts and have a more casual atmosphere,' Maher said. 'In my experience everyone ot house shows, including the band members, have been friendly and welcoming.' House shows usually feature local bonds with a D.I.Y or 'do it yourself' ethic. Sophomore Potrick Chobot helps run the venue 'Trash House' making sure that all of the bands are organized and ready to play. For him, the house show scene is first and foremost about music 'We push for everyone to go see the bands, but we also understand people who just want to hang out and hove o oood night.' he said. Favorites in the Philadelphia house show circuit include pop band 'Radiator Hospital,' psychedelic jazz group 'Kingfisher.' ond fusion jam band 'dot.gov' - formed by Temple students. Bonds from other cities, like 'Girlpool' (from los Angeles) often play in Philfy for its thriving D.I.Y. scene. Sophia Uerbilla. solo artist for lo-fi band 'Harmony Woods.' soys different crowds provide a different experience. 'Some shows are super intimate and the crowds ore reolfy quiet, which can moke it feel like a really unique, cathartic experience for performers,' she said 'Other crowds can be kind of loud ond ore obviously mostly there to hong out with their friends... I find that most of the people I've played in front of care deeply about the music and performance.' House shows offer a unique atmosphere at a low cost, which is reason enough for many to experience them ot least once in their college career. For bonds, it creates the opportunity to become known such os popular pop-punk band 'Modern Baseball' who started their career playing ot house shows around the Philly ond Temple area. 'in o house show, it’s like the person performing is one of your friends," freshman Max Verna said. 'But at an octuol concert, they're like separated from you on a stage.' WRITTEN BY NCK EHY PHOTOGRAPHED BY MJCHAEl SOTTHEBIKE FORREST, BIKE! THE NUMBER OF CYCLISTS RISE AS PROCRAMS AND A STRONG BIKE CULTURE TAKE PLACE ON CAMPUS Bicycles stand out o» Temple. Students zip to classes and bike racks line campus buildings. Director of Sustainability Kathleen Grady, said the number of bikes on campus have increased. The league of American Bicyclists certified Temple os bike-friendly in 2014. This achievement was largely due to the efforts of 'Bike Temple.' run through the Office of Sustainability, which promotes bike use. education and safety on campus. college students, but it is also a new way to explore Philadelphia. 'When you're biking, you see a different part of the city that you wouldn't usually see because you're moving at a different scale since the speed is o little bit slower, and I think that's really awesome.' Grody said. Sophomore Jared Johnson uses his bike os his mode of transportation. 'There could definitely be more bike lanes on the streets, but there's still a lot of interesting places to go to ride your bike, Johnson said. 'lost year we added a ton of bike rocks and this year we’re adding covered bike parking and secure bike parking on campus,' Grady said. 'So if you want to be able to lock your bike up in some type of internal facility, you're going to have that option.' The Bike Temple program also focuses on adding more and protected bike lanes. But the process is more complicated than other improvements since it requires collaboration with the City of Philadelphia. Bike Temple also brought the public bike sharing program Indego on campus two years ago. For routine and maintenance, the Breakaway Bikes repair trailer on campus is opened three days a week and is on accessible resource at the courtyard between Peabody and Annenberg. With Indego, students and Philadelphia residents are able to find an alternative to public transportation on and near campus. ‘We negotiated with Indego to give temple students a discounted rate,' Blake larson, former coordinator for Bike Temple, said. 'It's an important step in continuing the intersection of bicyding and public transit.' Biking is not only on eco-friendly alternative and an easy exercise for busy Second Hand Cycles, a bike-friendly section of Bike Temple, was created in 2014 os a way to recycle bikes left on rocks. Abandoned bikes ore collected, held for a year for owners to claim them, then fixed and sold bock at low prices to students in soles that take place two to three times a year The Second Hond Cycles also aims to get more students biking and combat bike theft which has decreased on campus in recent years As more bike-friendly initiatives take place, the number of bike racks grow and the number of cyclists follow right behind it. "Every year the bike rocks are fuller and fuller,' larson said. 'We’re always hoving to put more ot Tyler because Tyler is like the heart of bicyding on compus.' WRITTEN BY MORGAN SlUTZtCY PHOTOGRAPHED BY ANDRE A ECASSiS 9I GUINNESS WORLD RECORD HOLDERS TEMPLE SMASHES WORLD RECORD WHILE GIVING BACK TO THE COMMUNITY Over o thousand Temple students stood at Itocouras Center on Sept. 19, frantically making sandwiches. It wasn't because they were hungry. They were trying to break the record for most peanut butler and jelly sandwiches mode in an hour— and they succeeded. MCPB (Main Campus Program Board! set a goal to surpass a Guinness World Record of 39,303 sandwiches held by Which Wichs Project PBJ in Texas. The goal was to make 40,000 sandwiches to donate to local food banks. Instead, they mode 49,100. MCPB's Secretary and Director of Community Service Events, Trina Van, become inspired by a smaller event held at her middle school where students made sondwiches to donate After she organized a PB J day last year that yielded 3,000 sandwiches, her advisor suggested to set a world record. ‘I was like. You're crazy,'' Van said. Still, she agreed and began planning in April. At the time, the world record was 26,000 but Which Wichs was set at 39,303 in June. Van wosn't discouraged. Even when people told her she wouldn't be oble to gather at least 1,000 volunteers, she remained optimistic, and rightly so. The line ot liacouras Center wrapped around the building the night of the event. More than 1,300 staff, students, alumni, even local community members participated, making sandwiches in fables of 18 people while the timer counted down the hour for the record. Sophomore Julia Dugan said that once the timer started every table devised o unique system to get the job done. 'It definitely was exhilarating, Van said. 1 know a lot of people had a lot of fun in the last 30 seconds, just making os many sandwiches os possible, Dugan arrived to the event with two roommates. At the table, she did not know anyone else. However, they oil shared a goal, to break the record. The team created efficient ways of making PB J foster including appointing one person to hove the cons of jelly already opened. ‘They hod music playing the whole time ond everyone just worked as a team,' she said. 'Hooter was there and he was walking by. patting people on the beck. H was a good atmosphere.' Along the way. the grape jelly wouldn't spread. The timer ticked marking the time left ond the team quickly switched to the backup orange marmalode and raspberry preserves. Van mostly supervised ond restocked supplies including having to run to the grocery store because they had run out of plastic bags. But, even Van mode sandwiches to help break the record Before the result was announced. Van heard whispers that there were 90 boxes. 'I was like, What? We only needed 80.1 know we beat ill” she said, 'll was a complete surprise but I had to keep it hush." After volunteers celebrated their victory by eating a sandwich of their own, the boxes were then distributed to 15 Philodelphio-orea food banks. 'Having 50,000 sandwiches going out into the city mode me feel a bt better than having them go to waste. Vcn said. ‘It was really nice.' WRITTEN BY BRtANNA BAKER PHOTOGRAPHED BY THE TE VPlE NEWSA traditional king and queen didn't stand on the field during I halftime at the 2016 homecoming game, but two tiara-dad | ladies did: senior psychology major Sydnee Jacques and junior advertising major Dyymond Whipper-Young. I Main Campus Program Board (MCPB} decided to forego gender in this years nomination. There were two previous categories: males competing for the title of kmg and females competing for queen. Now. all contestants compete with one another, regardless I of identify. 'We wonted to be gender inclusive and to not force students to choose a gender that they don't identify with.' MCPB Director of University Events. Danielle Snowden said. I Each participant campaigned for votes weeks before the homecoming pageant At the pageant they performed in formal wear, presented a folent and participa’-eti in Q A The first, second and third place pcgeant winners odd the votes they campaigned for to the pageant follies and the two w.th the most final votes were I crowned royalty. At the end of the pageant. Jacques and Whipper-Young made history as they were crowned homecoming queens. While she thought it was a challenge to run against more contestants then usual, Whipper-Young supports the decision to make the pageant gender neutral. 'Times are changing, and I feel like you should progressive with the times.' she said. Her mother was also crowned homecoming queen at college white working o full-time job and taking care of two children. I 'I felt like, if she can do it, I con do if," Whipper-Young said. 'This i is in my destiny.” A groduote of o high school for the arts. Whipper-Young utilized , her creative abilities in the competition. Those who posted her campaign portrait to Fccebock were entered to win a portrait For her talent in the pageant, she live pointed which she considers to | be her specialty. Whipper-Young also volunteers with the community in her spore time She interns with the Mural Arts Program, campaigns for NextGen Climate, partners with non-profit Overcome to o-d inner-city youth and has worked os on art teacher wirh the Guardian |Civics league. “It was just a fun experience." she said. “The worst you can do is lose.' Fellow queen. Jacques, was also excited by the prospect of a gender-, neutral pageant. | 1 thought it was cool, she said. “I understand (feeling] limited to have to choose only one guy I and one girl I Jacques ran for homecoming court in order to end her time ct Temple on a high note. 'I really like this school a lot.' she said. 'I've had a realfy good time here, and met a lot of nice people. I can t believe I it's clmost time to groduote." I Jacques s a member of Temple's trock or.d field team, continuing o lifelong love of the sport. I Inspired by her Caribbean background, she is alio on the I executive boord of the Student Organization for Caribbean Aworeness She included this aspect of her identity in her pageant I talent by performing a traditional Caribbean donee She provided o piece of oavice fa' future prospective I homecoming royalty. | -V ‘Be yourself, she said. "Figure out the best way to get your friends I She encourages anyone considering running for next years involved. And just hove fun with it i homecoming court to take the p'unge. ____ _____ ______ _____ ______ _____ ______ _____ ______ _____ WRITTEN BY 8WANNA BAKERRE GU: HOMECOIMNC QUEEUE ... • •r- tei.'ltxbJ w'h' tS w iT Wik1 ; ■ WH Jy'vl ,5iv aA? %irS r. xxxmw.1 Ivt Hv V,Hk ' V v '. » » , V'' ■ A, y .’• fjn ,;.' .i i. y ,.' 'rj f L v,, ,v rf+ . sV,"V c 1?a.? ..ffV vVIJ ;?.vl ‘ SStf v V'CT i W nl m, ’i rALT»«Vl4I jMw OTU ’ IC 1 s 4 • -. ‘1 .4.1 • % • • »jaj ; .j, jv srirJ •on Vji MMi vlyOT fffli J[4v» Wi V itR 1%v1)Sit wr u w y Vin! fra Jffit 57 SSk w T kIST? it i (i ji i N I Jp f UA tVU V1 tf. ■ i V »ni W )T05 k j fj.n ' m ,i P.Vvi I V 11P7'W. A ' ; V '• { dWwt ,. ■ AAV ” - a ' -1FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT! FOR THE CHERRY AND THE WHITE... AND THE GREEN? TEMPLE S RAD DISH CO-OP USES AWARD-WINNING SUSTAINABILITY PRACTICES IN CAFE Rod Dish Co-op, an all volunteer-tun organisation, has addressed the deficit of 'green' food o' Temple and in local surrounding areas, In a little over one year, Rad Dish bos grown into the first successful business model of its kind at a university level. Rad Dish uses a cooperative business model, which encouroges democracy, emphasizing that a business can value people over profits. The team buys local ingredients that travel no more than 150 miles from campus, trading directly with hardworking surrounding area formers’ tables. When ingredients ore not found within the 150 mile range, Rad Dish consults "hyperlocal’ businesses like Green Street Coffee Co., a company created by a Temple alumni, to buy organic, fair trade ingredients which are free from chemicals and pesticides 'When it comes down to it, this group of students created 14+ jobs paying over minimum wage, contributed over 22,000 dollars to the local economy, were cited as leaders in Sustainability’ on four-year campuses, and were featured in over eight publications in just a little over one year of operation,' senior Taylor Stock, former sourcing chairman said. "Why wouldn't you want to be involved in on organization like that?’ SustoinPHL. o local proponent of fair and equitable food access, gave Rad Dish its first major award —Philadelphia 'locavore' Champions— on Aug. 18 The student-run cafe has made on impression beyond Temple, boosting a cheap, seasonal menu of organic and fair trade vegetarian and vegan dishes in a community where they were previously absent. 'Students are the future of sustainability, and we were so imp'essed that the Rad Dish hos turned the 'locovore' spirit into a common place on campus,'Ju ie Hatcher said, Green Philly editor and director of SustainPHl ceremonies. 'Other colleges should pay attention and follow their model.' Undergrod students run Rod Dish, and balance various courses. Many work other part-time jobs; and at Rad Dish design and implement full and equitable menus; assume management such os preparing for the city health inspector; re-evaluoe staff costs; haul compost; panic when they run out of locally sourced chickpeas end beets. Members take pride in their example of youth empowerment as they figure practical solutions for their coop. ’I think it's really easy for people to discount college students os careless or irresponsible, which I don't think is accurate, senior Claire Pope, a Rod Dish volunteer said. 'We are doing what a lot of people would think is impossible 'We hove proven to ourselves and to the city that undergraduates hove the capacity to organize a business with a dozen employees, thousands of dollars in revenue, and countless connects on on entirely volunteer basis, senior Rhiann.yi Wright, former heed of the Governance Committee said. 'We are doing this work not because of any return for us, but because we love it and trufy believe in the causes we're fighting for. Apart from providing cheap, heclthy eots. the Ritter Annex cafe doubles os a hong-out and study spot and is a locus for open mic performers and artists WRITTEN BY ANNA CUTAJA PHOTOGRAPHED BY ASHIEY WARY l£XSELF-MADE, TEMPLE-MADE STUDENT ENTREPRENEURS FIND SUCCESS ON CAMPUS Finding o part-time job as a student con be tough. A few entrepreneurial Owls have taken matters into their own hands, launching small businesses on campus targeted at fellow Temple students. Owl Fix IT Repair, founded by junior information science ond technology major Ryan Ross, is a technology repair shop that fixes phones, tablets and computers ot affordable prices Ross got the idea freshmon year when he posted about his computer repcir skills to o Focebook group of Temple students. A user osked him to look ot an iPhone ond he ended up breaking it. 'Ever since then I found a market'for college kids ond broken phones, so I decided to do my research and really leorn the ins ond outs of the mobile phones we oil use every day," Ross said. Sophomore Kat Von Helms, knew Ross from being in the Diamond Marching Band together. She knew of his work and opted for Owl Fix IT Repair over a larger business when looking to repair her phone. lt wos more affordable ond especially more personable considering I knew the guy,’ she said. 'My experience went very well.' Ross has grown his operation and hired sophomore business major Max Botyskiy os an employee. 'The students who support us are essentially the backbone of the business.' Ross said. 'Without the community as a whole, we wouldn't be at our level of success that we are at today.' Owl Fix IT Repair accepts Apple end Android products. It offers screen repairs, charging port replacements, water damage treatment and more. Prices range from $60 to $ 100. depending on the type and model of the gadget. Appointments can be scheduled through their Facebook poge or website. like Ross, sophomore management information systems major Jake Hymson starred his own business. Now, he goes by another name: Temple Towers Sandwich Gnome. Hymson's one-man shop offers o diverse menu of sweet ond savory sandwiches, poninis and specialty waffles. He delivers the food to the apartments in Temple Towers, where he currently lives. 'I like to cook because I know that I’m good ot it, and performing services for people that moke them happy makes me happy,' Hymson said. 'Its the reason why I'd love to be a comedian, if it was something that I could live off of. Hymson's sandwiches are some of the cheapest on campus with a price range of $2 to $3.Though he currently does not deliver to other locations, he is looking into hiring delivery workers. Customers can order meals on the Temple Towers Sondwich Gnomes Focebook page. Sophomore advertising major. Meghan Weale began cutting and designing Temple shirts for herself ond her roommates to wear to tailgates this post footbcll season. Soon, her own business wos born Weale noticed that online retailers sold cut ond redesigned university T-shirts from $40 to $50. She knew that she could create the same product for less. "I do this because I love seeing people actually use something that I made,' she said. 'It's so cool arvd really rewarding.' Customers provide their old t-shirts and Weale turns them into a variety of customized Temple shirts, including beached, t.edye, halter, vneck and more. Prices range from $10-$20. Weale said that her business has been successful so for, she said she owes it to students whom hove been both her clients and inspiration. 'Temple definitely had on influence on me,’ Weale said 'Seeing so many of my peers doing big things and pushing themselves, I was inspired to really go for it.' WRITTEN BY HANNAH KOHl PHOTOGRAPHED BY YANIEDY LORACAMPUS THEATRE CLOSES FOR CORPORATE COMFORT WITH A LUXURY THEATER REPLACING THE PEARL, STUDENTS WEIGH IN ON WHETHER THEY’LL BE LINING UP AT THE BOX OFFICE. The Peofl Theatre on Avenue North ■ o loccl hotspot for North Philadelphia residents and Temple students alike • shut its doors in August, but reopened under the management of national chain AMC Theaters. Some students ore excited, others are mourning the loss of The Peorl. semester Though the films are not first-run, ticket prices are $2 for Temple students and $4 for others, making the movie theater more financially accessible. 1 haven't been to the Reel, but I know they offer lower prices and that's somewhere I'd actually consider going,' freshman Jocquelyn Oberdorf said. The Peorl was the first theater in North Philadelphia in several decodes It opened 10 years ago at 1600 N. Broad St. and was owned by a local chain that runs two other locations in Frockville, Pennsylvania. As a smoll company, the Pearl had the charm ond individuality of an independent theater AMC brings luxury, however. Under the new name AMC North Broad Street Seven, the theater will include new audiovisual equipment, plush reclining seats, CocaColo freestyle soda machines and a bar, os well as updates to the point, carpet and restrooms. 'I don't see the point of renovating the Pearl Theater," Junior Cindy Ngo said. 'It seems to be just another mcrk of gentrification I (eel like they'll use the fact rhat it’s more luxurious os a reason to roise the prices even more, which doesn't moke sense because it's poor college students, specifically poor Temple students that are their main source of revenue, she said. The AMC will compete with. The Reel Cinema, o cheaper on-campus theater. The Reel Cinema, beaded in the lower level of the Student Center South, shows movies two weekends eoch month during the AMC may also hove trouble convincing students that watching movies in theater is more comfortable than on friends' couches. 'My roommates and I spend most of our movie-watching time on Netflix," Oberdorf said. Big theaters do not have to worry too much about moviegoers, as some students ore willing to pay for the full experience that only a theater con offer: The excitement of seeing a new film for the first time on a big screen, surrounded by sound and an audience there for the same reason. 'The monies have always been a place where I can forget my problems for a few hours ond just bosk in the art of the film and the comfort of other moviegoers senior Elizabeth Tartaglia sa d. While avid theatergoers will likely find a haven in the new AMtC, those students with tighter wallers or who emphesize the charm of independent companies may be harder Jo woo. WRITTEN 6V NICK EHIY PHOTOGRAPHED BY ASWfY MARY AlEX '••••' V'l IL-mlLET’S DO THE TIME WARP, AGAIN ROCKY HORROR IS PASSED TO A NEW GENERATION Credits rolled on the Reel Cinema's screen Oct. 29. concluding this year's run of Rocky Horror Picture Show. For the show’s director ond founder Reanne AAoskort. who groduoted in the Foil, it was also the end of an era. Temple's annual production features a shadow cos! of student octors who recite lines, sing and dance along to a screening of the 1975 cult classic comedy horror film. In the tradition of the midnight screenings, audience members are encouraged to shout raunchy callbacks during the movie and throw props like toast and rice at the screen. The show began four years ago when Student Center Operations Monager Kaitfyn Howarth asked the Queer Student Union to cosponsor a screening of the film accompanied by o small singabng. Theater major student, Moskart, and events coordinator for the dub, had grander plans in mind. 'I laid out what budget I wanted, rehearsal period and how long ! wanted for that, what kind of costume pieces i was gonna need, and o whole run of things that any big production would hove," AAaskart said. Rehearsals started only two weeks before the premiere. AAaskart juggled the roles of director, stage manager, costume designer, prop person and emcee. The single showtime sold out quickly. A Friday show was added, but sold out os well. With AAaskart at the helm. Rocky Horror grew in the coming years. Senior Jessica Boor, who was in the ensemble lost year and starred os the norrator this year, soid AAaskart crectes a production people wont to join. The show is fun, it's silly, it’s weird, but there's so much more to it," Boor soid '[AAoskort] guides the cost to understand that deeper meaning, so we hove o better opprec ation, but [AAaskart] also understands that it is fun, [ond knows] how to bring that out in the cost ond bnng that out in the audience.' AAore than anything, AAaskart is proud of the relationships the show helped forge. 'Every year at the end of the production, I'm looking ot o group of people that are oil dose friends with ore another, ond months before, they were introducing themselves for the first time," AAoskori soid. “The whole process in just o month ond a half has brought them to the point that they're going to be friends for the rest of their college experience.’ AAoskort passed the torch to sophomore theater major Sophia Wnek. She joined the production lost year to do hair and makeup, but also assisted with lights, props and costume changes. This dedication prompted AAoskort to promote her to codirector this year and director for the next "She's always willing to go above and beyond for everyone and everything,' AAaskart said. Wnek is excited to moke the production her own Far example, she is planning to teach the ensemble some of the clossic callbacks, in case the audience does not know them. Still, there ore elements of AAoskort’s leadership she hopes to commemorate. "[AAaskart] is very assertive ond not afraid to say something,' Wnek said. “I'm more quiet and passive. [Maskort's] leadership skills are beyond anything I’ve ever seen anyone do." For AAoskort, soying goodbye is bittersweet. ‘I know that I've fostered enough of a community thot it doesn’t need me in thot same way,' AAoskort said. “But I know that I’ll always be grateful for Rocky Horror.' WRITTEN BY BRIANNA BAKER PHOTOGRAPHED BY ASHIEY MARY AlEXJozz students at Temple find the city plays a significant role, not only in their college education, but olso in their growth os musicions. In the mid-twentieth century, Philadelphia become one of the nations premiere jazz hubs. Jazz clubs and dance halls emerged throughout the city serving os training grounds for some of the most legendary jazz musicians in history. The Cecil B. Moore neighborhood hod a high concentration of jozz dubs and came to be known as the Golden Strip. In the bte 1960s, Philadelphia's thriving jazz scene began to die down. Despite its decline, the city remains a relevant jozzhub. "I think lately the scene is starting to pick back up again,' William Mullen, a jozz education major, said. ‘More jozz clubs are popping up.” Mullen works for Jozz lives Philadelphia, a nonprofit that aims to 'celebrate jozz music through performance, education and community outreach,” according to their online mission statement. Mullen said that Jozz lives Philadelphia and similar organizations are bringing jozz back to the forefront of the city's music scene. Serving os a crucial place for not onfy for jozz students, but olso for educotors and professionals to proctice their craft, Philadelphia is important to jazz. However, jazz is also important to Philadelphia. "You need culture.' jazz performance major Peter Dennis said. 'If you don't have a culture, then you don't have a country and jozz is fundamentally at the roof of America's culture.' Temple fosters its own jazz scene by hosting events on campus throughout the year. For some musicians, jozz has been life changing. ’Jazz to me is so important because it's a voice from within,' Mullen said. 'It allows me to express myself without words, which I think is a raw. pure way of communication with others.' Frogs who visited to teach on open class and then perform at the Underground in the Student Center. Temples jazz majors also participate in Philly's jazz scene through gigs. They perform at jczz clubs, hotel lobbies, weddings, recording studios and even hat shops. Student inform each other of gigs during jam sessions or downtime in the lounge areas at Boyer. The jazz community is o family. Mullen said. 'It's truly a rare culture to be a part of. Jazz musicicns are all about playing with others, listening and appreciating what others are doing musically, and respecting the musicians before them.' Jozz students and faculty perform every Thursday ot The Rite of Swing Jazz Cafe in TPAC. The Jozz Master Closs program invites musicians from all over the country, performers this year include drummer Clarence Penn, saxophonist George Garzone, and saxophone sextet the Moanin' For others, it's spiritual. ‘It's the closest thing I've ever known to a God, Dennis said. ‘It creates its own reality every time the conductor puts his hand down.' WRITTEN BY ADRIANA IMHOf PHOTOGRAPHED BY SARA FAICOPHILADELPHIA JAZZ IS ALIVE AND ELL OW JAZZ MAJORS AT TEMPLE ARE FINDING THEIR PLACE IN THE CITY’S SCENEWAGE Q WEAjc y : E A R SHATTERING STEREOTYPES STUDENTS ACTIVE IN THE 2016 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION During the 2016 presidential election some Owls took civic action throughout the fall semester, but others decided to make a political statement by sitting the contentious race out. Students participated in the 2016 presidential election in a variety of ways. When Philadelphia hosted the Democratic Notional Convention (DNC) over the summer. Temple partnered with the Washington Center to hold the DNC Academic Seminar: a two-week program where over 150 students attended discussions and lectures about the election's key issues. Junior Martha Sherman and public relations chair for Feminist Majority leadership Association |FMLA). said older generations conclude millennial aren't involved. She said they focus on the legislative process and not enough on Temple students' hands-on activism and political diologue. On campus, there were many opportunities to engage in dialogue like at the Pink Out the Vfofe Millennial Action forum hosted by FMLAonOct. 18. On Oct. 4, Temple's Academic Center on Research in Diversity (ACCORD) held a forum called Race in the Race. Student leaders discussed how the candidates and the medio handled racial issues in the election. Aside from engaging in dialogue, students also acted to provoke change like two students who started a petition on Change.org. In September, they petitioned to cancel classes on Election Day and increase voter turnout among students. Though Temple administrators denied the request, the protest garnered over 800 signatures. ’I think older generations will always criticize younger generations,' Sherman said. '[They] see things like social media as very vain things that can't be useful, but so many young people ore now using it for politics and keeping up with the news.' When Election Day finally come. Temple students stood in lines that stretched down the block of polling locations like the Penrose Recreation Center and Dendy Recreation Center. According to Pennlive. over 500 people hod voted at Dendy by 1 p.m. and hundreds more still stood waiting in line as late as 10 p.m. However, some students decided not to vote. Sherman said that older generations would infer that by some young people not voting it meant they were not involved or they did not care. Senior Tara Kaur said that her refusal to vote was not due to apathy or a lack of information. 'I’m a sociology and health minor, and in a majority of those classes, we talked and discussed the politics and candidates and I realized Bernie was my ideal candidate,’ she said. 'And because he didn't get to the election, I didn't want to compromise.' Freshman and first-time voter, Dylan Ponticel, disagrees with stereotypes that label millennial as politically inactive. 'I think older generations make up the stereotype that young generations aren't involved in politics because they're scored that the younger generation doesn’t share their views and go on the defense,' he said. Still, freshman Katherine Duffield thinks millennial should vote to complete a civic duty, not just to disprove stereotypes. ‘I see it os so important,' she said, 'like I don't care who you stand for as long as you are involved and educated then you con moke a proper decision on what you think is right.’ WRITTEN 3Y ANNA GROSS PHOTOGRAPHED BY SARAH MADAUSINKED STUDENTS THAT HAVE HAD A UNIQUE PHILADELPHIA TATTOO EXPERIENCE Philadelphia is visited by many across the notion just to get tattoos. As the tattoo scene thrives in the city of brotherly love, we wonder whot moke Philadelphia tottoos so popular? 1 love the Philly tattoo scene, I specifically wailed until college to get a tattoo,' Nensah Koneh said, a freshman Philly celebrated the 19th annual "Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention' on Feb. 10 to 12, where tattoo artists from around the world crowd The Philadelphia Convention Center for the biggest tattoo convention in the country. At the convention, people get high quality tottoos from over 1.000 artists from over 600 tattoo shops including Philly locals and TV celebrities like Ink Master, Block Ink, LA Ink, and Tattoo Nightmares while performances and appearances from The Enigma, Alakozam The Human Knot and more entertain the crowd. Though the annual convention is also in cities like Cleveland, Wildwood and more, the world famous Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention is award winning. 'I got [my tattoo] done at Seven Swords in the Kensington area. Other than New York, I think Philly is probably the next biggest place for tottoos. There's o lot of tottoo culture in the Northeost.' Courtney Summers said, a freshman advertising major. Seven Swords, along with many other shops, continue to hove customers pour into their shops. Many tottoo shops have made the sunny Philly their home, such as The Spirited Tattoo Coalition, and who never fail to mention that they ore the first queer owned tattoo shop in Philadelphia. Located on Baltimore Avenue, the shop encourages a supportive and free atmosphere for their customers, and ortists. There is also Art Machine Productions, a tattoo shop located on Frankford Avenue that continuously raises awareness of topics such os lupus, suicide, and more. The shop even has cn art gallery to go along with the studio. One of the great things about being In college, would be the student discounts. Many tattoo shops tailor their prices so that college students are able to afford their rates. 'I got my tattoo from a place called Northern Liberty Tattoos. The guy who did it, Drew Drumm, was very negotiable. I told him it was my first tattoo and how I was a struggling (college student], so he gave me a tattoo and a piersing for the amount of money that I hod." Nenseh Koneh said. Northern Liberty Tatloo was established in 2009, and is set on 823 N. 2nd St. "It was sort of small, but every inch of the wall was covered with some kind of art. The tattoo artists there were so nice and mode me feel so comfortable.' Koneh said. It may be the college students that keep the city filled with the love of body art, it may be the community in general, and it could very well be the artists that make the Philadelphia tattoo experience so unique. Whatever it is. it seems to be working. WRITTEN BY KACMYAH WEAVER PHOTOGRAPHED BY NATE HARVEY■MMUf me GV) Ot O .SSSSSr-r — activities, sporis and cultu d V ° d,Vefse Qffa' ore free ' .ond, Phibde.phia sQrts Qnigf« (on the first Friday of eve,vmontK 11 ndu , , aay o. every month. 0II year round) wl 9 local o„isls and « , . Pma «. open ond llee »ne public. •I fealty like how in oddilion to the open goller.es ond ihe o.l museum being open post its normal hours lor free, rhere were a to ol local people who sold their ort or just displayed it, there was live music—it real! brought a sense of community to the orec and to the city Sophomore lisa Platz said when she visited Old City on October, 2015’s First Friday. The Barnes Foundation, a collection of impressionist and post-impressionist art, is free for students every weekday, ond free for everyone every first Sunday of the month, located at 2025 Benjomin Franklin Pkwy, the gallery is open from 10-5 every day. except for Tuesdays. Open Arts, o por. ol Campus fWy, oilers free x ,:,keB »students lo- operas, concerts, or. exhibits and «£• these ticket opportunities os often as poss.be. h tough Open Arts I’m a regular frequenter of the Philadelphia Opera Company he jaid. Students can register for Open Arts °n e,r websile using their student email address. Curtis Institute of Music's student recitals are free and open to the public. They take place every Monday. Wednesday and Friday at 8 p.m. at the Field Concert Hall at 1726 locust St. Campus Philly also hosts College Fest every year in early September, o full day during which students can go, collect free stuff from vendors, and obtain a wristband that gives them free access into most museums, the Kimmel Center, and more. At College Fest I got to go the the Franklin Institute, which was really exciting because I had never been to before. Also the Museum for Jewish History," Broderick said. Temple offers a free student ticket (guaranteed! to every student for all home games, for every sport. Platz is a football fan, and loves going to Lincoln Financial with a free student ticket for os many home games os she can. 'You can lake the free shuttle bus down to the stadium where it drops you off, there’s a free tailgate: free pretzels, free sodas, T-shirts, games, face paint, stuff like that,' Platz said. Students con pick up their free student tickets for any sport in the box office of the liocouras Center. Whether you love Temple ond Philly for its sports, its art, its music, or you just love the community, there's no reason that having fun and exploring the city can't meet a student-friendly budget, or even be completely fre«' WHITEN BY UNDSAY HARGRAVE PHOTOGRAPHED BY SARAH MADAVS ACADEMICS Finding a cure for HIV seemed unfathomable when it first hit Kholili and his team used animals to test if the treatment caused public light nearly 30 years ago. A team, close to home, has genome editing molecules to excise the viral DNA from the been working on a procedure that removes HIVinfected DNA. A procedure that if successful, could cure AIDS. I Dr. Kamel Kholili has been performing AIDS research since its initial breakout in 1981 He earned his PhD in Microbiology from the University of Pennsylvania in 1983. Before joining Temple's faculty 18 years ago, Kholili was an assistant professor in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Thomas Jefferson University. In 1996, he established the Center for NeuroVirology and NeuroOncology at the Medical College of Pennsylvania, Hohnemann University Kholili then established the Center lor NeuroVirology and Cancer Biology at Temple in September 1999 'll does not eliminate the virus from the human body,' Kholili said. '[Bui] the [treatment] allows us to excise the viral DNA from the cell's genome with no haim to cells... [which] permanently inactivates the viral DNA, [and] if we accomplish Inal, we con say that we have a cure for AIDS.' Post AIDS research looked at regulating the cellular pathways the virus uses which causes the disease. Today, Kbalili's strategy for I eliminating HIV is known as gene editing. In recent experiments, Kholili and his team used tronsgenic mice tend rats, which hod HIV DNA incorporated in their chromosomes. 'The editing strategy that we used has the capacity to excise viral DNA from every organ and tissue that we analysed.' Kholili said, ’ll has the capacity to enter into the cells, recognize the viral DNA in the chromosomes, and excise the viral DNA from every blood cell and non-blood ceils that we checked in the animals.' bbod cells and other cells. They delivered their genome editing molecules into the animals using viral vectors and analyzed the presence of the viral genes. We noticed that the editing strategy that we used hos the capacity to excise viral DNA from every organ and tissue that we analyzed," said Khalili. 'This shows that we can deliver genome editing molecules specific for the HfV by injecting it into the blood stream and distributing it to the entire body of the animal. It has the capacity to enter into the cells, recognize the viral DNA in the chromosomes, and excise tf e viral DNA from every blood cell and non blood cells that we checked in the animals. This excision is so precise - and safe. It gets rid of the viral DNA without damaging or hurting the cells. We'd like to expand our studies in Hie onimal model ond develop the protocols lor clinical trial." One of Khalili s team members and colleagues, Jennifor Gordon, associate dean of research in the School of Medicine, summarized the research as both challenging and exciting. She said that their goal has been to apply this treatment at the clinic and use it for people with HIV She said she is confident that their team will accomplish this 'The experiments we did in this study were very rewarding because it showed that the system really worked," said Gordon. 'I think it will be used in many fields in the future When something works, it's o great feeling.' WRITTEN BY CVWD HOCK photographed by sarah madausAN OPPORTUNITY OF A LIFETIME TEMPLE STUDENTS SHARE THEIR EXPERIENCES COVERING THE DNC A handful of Temple |Ournali$m majors hod the opportunity to cover the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Philadelphia this post summer, ollowing them the rare opportunity to gain repotJoriol experience before graduation. The 2016 Convention wos held at the Wells Fargo Center from July 25 through 28. The lost convention to take place in Philadelphia wos in 2000, when Republican George W. Bush was nominated. 'o prepare, Temple students took a special topics course, titled “Temple DNC News Bureau. Vbrious professors were involved in running 'recourse, including Jim MacMillan, Karen 'urner. Bryon Monroe, Bruce Hardy and Christopher Malo. David Boardmon, Dean :f the School of Media and Communication, ■vas also involved in the closs and coverage. emple paid the students who worked as producers, reporters, photographers, editors and ;ournalisls for news outlets throughout the U.S. That was pretty cool because from what I dersiand. the organizations that we worked for didn't hove the means to send their staff to cover the DNC, senior, Brianna Spouse said. Spause reported for The Island Pocket, located in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. "I provided news that would interest the people of South Carolina, Spause said. 1 followed the South Carolina Delegation around; I went to their breakfasts. Spouse's high point of the DNC happened when she least expected it. She was given a floor pass, which a Bowed her to be in the room where the keynote speakers spoke for half on hour. But, for Spause 30 minutes was not enough lime. She wos uncertain whether or not she would be issued another half hour pass. While waiting, she started a friendly conversation with a woman standing next to her. Spause told her that she was waiting to find out if she would get another pass. Spauce said the woman walked away and came back with a pass that wos good for the night, Spause was in charge of the DNC Secret Service and got to be in the room where Hillary Clinton mode her acceptance speech Sophomore John Dowding did not think he would end up covering the DNC os he wos initially put on wait list. “[Covering rhe DNC] was a great experience. I hod rhe opportunity to cover an important event that not all veteran reporters ever hod,' he said. For Dowding, it was influential interviewing Noticiero Univision's anchorwoman, Mario Elena Salinas. TempJe junior Alexa Ross worked for WIIK News Radio, which services Wilkes-Barre and Scranton. P.a “I hate cliches, Ross said, but being a part of history was the most memorable part for me. I was in the room when a former president, a current president and a possible future president spoke. WRITTEN BY DAVID BlOCK PHOTOGRAPHED BY THE TEAZPlE NEWSTINA FEY HONORED AT TEMPLE UNIVERSITY TINA FEY RECEIVED THE 2016 LEW KLEIN EXCELLENCE IN THE MEDIA AWARD On Oci. 7, students filled the Temple Performing Arts Center to kick • the 16th Annual lew Klein Excellence in the Media Award, where celebrity Tina Fey was awarded. Ire lew Klein award is designed for alumni in the School of Yedia and Communication. Although, Fey is not a Temple Alumna, she was selected for her success in the medio world. She is most well-known for her acting, writing, and producing s lIs m shows and movies like Soturday Night live |SNL), 30 f?. k Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, Mean Girls and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. He father, the late Don Fey and brother, Peter Fey. are. however, alumni of the School of Media ond Communication. Eve'y year, the winner leads an open student conversation, which Fey initiated with a short introduction followed by a question and answer session Stucents lined two osles ond waited patiently to ask the star for : • er advice or about her career history and experience with certain roles or shows. While shoring stories and experiences with students. Fey olso r jnaged to add in inspirational messages. The... thing that I think that is great about college is that it opens you up to different ways to look at the word and different ways of :hmking, and that's important no matter whoi job you end up going into," she said. ur ior Vicki Gouvolis, o journalism major, wanted to follow o : t-.col route. She said Fey inspired her to take on political sotire. later that day, Fey attended the luncheon where she received r award. Six other alumni were also honored for their oioiessionolism in the media. (View a full list of the honorees at the end of the article.) re annual ceremony gives back to Temple as it was created to use funds for the lew Klein Scholarship, which ol'ows students in School of Medio and Communication to study abroad, seek nships or conduct reseorch. The 2016 scholarship recipients e a o invited to the luncheon. (Visit SMCs website for a full list lie 2106 scholarship recipients.) Fey occepted her oword with honesty ond humor, bringing the audience to laughter. 1 think the other recipients today would cgree with me that excellence is something you strive for but you never really feel certain that you are getting there. But receiving this award today makes me feel the same, still not sure. This could be o trick,' Fey said jokingly. She attributed her success to Philadelphia, television and her family, specifically her father. 'My dad taught us that it was important to write ond speak concisely, that your words matter, not to be afraid of words, and not to take words away from people,' soid Fey. In 2016, Fey ond her brother established the Donald H Fey Memorial Scholarship in honor ol their lote father who served in the Korean War. The scholarship is availoble to veterans in SMC. The alumni honorees include: Michael Grossman, SMC ’81, director and executive producer for movies and lelevision; Solomon Jones, SMC '97, columnist for the Philadelphia Daily News and host of WURD Radio; Chantee Ians, SMC '06. reporter for CBS 4 Boston; Rich lerner, SMC '83, onchor, reporter and producer for The Golf Channel; Rich levy. SMC '79, chief creative officer of FCB Health; And lourie Seidman, SMC '98, director of daytime programming for CBS Entertainment. WRITTEN BY AlBOS ROGERS PHOTOGRAPHIC BY SARA FAlCORALPH YOUNG: WRITING HIS WAY TO HISTORY TEMPLE UNIVERSITY’S RALPH YOUNG WAS NOMINATED FOR A RALPH WALDO EMERSON AWARD Ralph Young, a respected Temple University professor, was nominated for a Ralph Waldo Emerson Award for his book, Dissent: The History of an American Idea. The Ralph Waldo Emerson Award was established in 1960. It is granted for scholarly studies in the fields of history, philosophy and religion. The scholarly studies are based on the analysis of the intellectual and cultural condition of humanity, os it states on their website. Young received a nomination when his publisher submitted a copy, he said. His work stemmed from a history course he teaches. Dissent in America. It surveys American history from colonial days to the present through the eyes of protesters “Dissent is the fuel for the engine of progress. Women wouldn't have gotten the right to vote if they didn't protest for it. Slavery wouldn't hove ended if people didn't protest cgainst it,' Young said. Youngs work ran against four books: Eric Foner, o Pulitzer winner, ond his Gateway to Freedom: The Hidden History of the Underground Railway, Ta-Nehisi Coates Between the World and Me, o book about being block in America and the empire America built on race; E. M. Rose's The Murder of William of Norwich: The Origins of the Blood Libel in Medieval Europe, and Josiah Ober's The Rise and Fall of Classical Greece. He composed his book over the span of 10 years during summers since teaching took most of his time. After approximately seven years of writing, he was not certain whether or not he was going to conclude. “It's a lonely art to write because you sit there for hours and days ond weeks and months end you're writing and you don't know if anybody is ever going to read it, if it will ever get published. Bui, you've got to if it's your passion to da it. you've just got to do it,' he said. Young said his involvement at Temple played a part in his writing. Since 2002, Young hos been engaging with his students at Teach-ins. They gather on Friday afternoons to discuss contemporary implications of historic events. Even his students were on inspiration for his book. He said that as a teacher, he does not view himself os the one that knows the most. He views teaching os an opportunity to unanimously explore and for everyone to learn from each other. “I wont to learn as much os I want you to learn,' Young said. E. M. Rose was announced as the 2016 Ralph Waldo Emerson Award winner on Oct. 4. But Young said he is honored to have been nominated against well-known names. 'Being nominated to such an elite group was terrific,' he said. 'I'm sure the publisher will put on the cover of the paperback version of the book when it comes out that it was a finalist for the Phi Beta Kappa Ralph Waldo Emerson Award. WRITTEN BY MORGAN FWOVARNIK PHOTOGRAPHED BY DAMIO BURGOSTWO LIBRARIES UNDERGO CONSTRUCTION INSIDE THE PALEY RENOVATIONS AND CONSTRUCTION OF NEW LIBRARY Somuel I. Poley library on Polett Walk went through renovations this year, shadowing the construction of the new library on liacouras Walk Renovotions hint at Poley s new purpose on campus after the new library is completed in Icte 2018 'It will not be knocked down after the new library is complete, but will instead be repurposed for a combination of study spaces, student services like CIA and CST advising, and education functions, Temple's Dean of Libraries, Joseph Lucia said. The renovations closed off the entire left side of the library, taking away 100+ study desks and a handful of padded study chairs which also forced the reference stacks to relocate. 'We did our best in the library not to lose any study seats in the process, but we did hove to eliminate a number of computer work stations,' Lucia said. ‘The thought from [the Facilities Management Office] wos that since we will be getting o new library in two years, we coukJ give up some spcce for this current priority and deal with the relatively short-term inconvenience.' Study spaces, computers and printing services are still available in Poley, but they are limited. On April 19, 2016, ground wos broken to signal the start of a state-of-the-art new library designed by international library architect company, Snohetfa. In an interview, Temples Board of Trustees Chair Patrick O'Connor said that this i$ one of Temple's biggest projects in decades. Other recent big projects include the renovation of the Temple Performing Arts Center and the construction of the Mitchell and Hiiorie Morgan Residence Halls. The occlaimed beautiful glass facade may be hard to visualize while the library is still jus? a hole in the ground, but according to Temple's website, the finished product is going to be nothing short of incredible. The new library will be on 13»h street. Pdette, and Liacouras walks and will be the size of a city block. It took the place of Barton Hall, o science building, which wos demolished in order to make space for the new project. Students can expect study rooms and quiet areas, breakout rooms, a cafe, an advising center, 3D printing and much more from the new library. With a large green roof and an outdoor balcony, it will be a very eco-friendly building on Temple's campus Across 13th street will be the university's first open green quadrangle, something that will make Temples campus slond out from other urban campuses. The new library will also have an online ordering system that retrieves books from a robotic storage facility removing having to search through stacks of books. The online ordering system will hold all of Temple's resources in a condensed oreo ollowing more space to students' other needs. The fourth floor will have open stacks for all of the students that enjoy browsing. 'The new Temple library will present students with a diverse eco-system of learning and study environments from traditional quiet reading oreas to many rooms of various sizes available by reservation for group study and interaction.' Lucra said. '[There will be] a scholar's sfudio for exploring new approaches to scholarship in the digital age, innovation and makerspaces, a wonderful event spoce. an exhibits area, ond an active socially vibrant main atrium, with flexible mobile technology throughout," he said. WRITTEN BY SARAH IWVOAUS WAGES COURTESY Of MR SN0HETTAIT’S JUST A GENED TEMPLE UNIVERSITY’S GENERAL EDUCATION COURSES ARE MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE Students often lobel GenEd courses os tedious and irrelevant. But Temple combats monotony and dislikes offering a wide arrange of refreshing and stimulating courses General Education courses (GenEds) implement a foundation for scholarly excellence and develop discipline, focusing on students' ability to think critically, comprehend historical ond contemporary issues and communicate adequately in writing and speaking, according to a Temple website. Students benefit academically and professionally from GenEds and are encouraged to engage as citizens in a diverse and globalized world, evaluate various sources of information. Teens and Tweens, a course that fulfils the Human Behavior category of GenEd, focuses on the impact topics like family, race, education, drugs have on an adolescent's development. Students are encouraged to think outside of themselves and develop an appreciation and understanding for the experiences their peers undergo. 'I en|Oy that the content is so relevant for the age group that I'm teaching. Realistically the class is about them ond about their lives and about their experiences,' Jaclyn VanOrden said, a Teens and Tweens professor. She said it's easy for students to open up ond talk about the effects these topics hove on them because it's fresh in their memory, because they ore experiencing it right now. Temple's Human Behavior GenEds address the relationships among individuals and communities. Human Behavior courses may spotlight this spectrum of relationships in genera! or through specialized perspectives and analyze them within unique themes 'Teens and Tweens is an interesting class that looks directly at the individuals who take it,’ Teens and Tweens student Tiffony Coles said, a strategic communications major with a concentration in public relations. The Science and Technology GenEds help students understand how scientific phenomena and technological change affects humans and the planet These courses focus on not only informing students about the scientific process, but in also sparking a newfound appreciation of scientific studies and theories. Disasters: Geology v$. Hollywood is a course that compares science to Hollywood's media factors Students analyze Hollywooc films that encompass geological phenomena and discern whether they ore realistic or not. Assignments in the class include looking ct volcanic activities. Three people choose a volcano from a long list of strange ond various kinds of volcanoes, then discuss the variety of volcanic activities. Geology vs. Hollywood professor, Natalie Flynn said. Students may be hesitant to try courses like this one but Flynn dispels hesitation for science GenEds. 'Don’t fear your GenEds, embrace them. Jump right in with both feet and just realize you can handle science.' Flynn said. The U.S. Society GenEd enhance students' comprehension of history, society', culture, and political system in the United States. Sludents are challenged to observe end form conclusions, obout U.S. society and culture. Gender in America is one course that fulfils the U.S. Society GenEd requirement. 'Gender in America is a course that looks at the dynamic of sex ond gender primarily through a sociological lens, challenging essentiolistic, biological understandings of what gender is and looking at the role of our culture in shaping roles and expectations for its members based on gender," Gender in America professor Amanda Czerniawski said. Students are required to complete interactive assignments such os: examining gender as it is incorporated in everyday life and relevant situations like in Halloween and its gendered costumes. 'One of my favorite things about my Gender in America doss is the semester long project we hove. Every week, we bring in observations of gender status in culture.. Everything we talk obout in class is very prevalent in our society,' Freshmon Ally Esposito said, a sports management major. WRITTEN BY MORGAN PtVOVARNKA TRANSFER OF POWER TEMPLE UNIVERSITY’S NEW PRESIDENT: RICHARD ENGLERT In the summer of 2016. Temple University students received on unexpected emoil stating Mr. Richard Englert, senior interim vice president, would now serve as the official president of the school. Former President Neil Theobald’s resignation and the sudden change of administration, left students questioning the future of the university. However, President Englert mode it his duty to keep the institution he loves thriving. 'Temple University is a great university; we are one of the best. And that's not just because I'm here, but objectively we ore one of the best,' Englert said. Englert's transition os o Temple Owl began 40 years ogo when, ot the time, he wos finishing o doctorate's degree at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). He was part of a federal program for urban education. One of the professors he wos working under wos named Dean of the College of Education at Temple. He osked Englert to finish his program at UCLA and join him as an assistant. Since, President Englert has worked ot Temple in a variety of roles • from serving as a professor, working as chancellor, to serving os the vice president of administration However, Englert did not anticipate his role as president. 1 had never thought of it,' he said. President Englert has watched the college grow for over 40 years. He said the evolution of Temple has been amazing, and everything has grown: From the number of buildings, to the student body and faculty. Through the many roles he has served, he wos able to develop new skills to apply to diverse situations, he said. 'Every time you go into a new role, you have to learn new things. So, you're constantly learning to see things from a different perspective in the university, Englert said. ‘The ability to see things through the eyes of people of all different levels has been valuable to me.' Englert said that as president he wants to keep on the momentum. He said his job is to help others do their jobs better. '[That is] one of my critical, most important roles,' he said. He said the students, faculty, and administrators keep the college going, specifically the people behind Temple football which is 14 in the notion with 85% of players graduating cn time. 'I want to help our foculty do their jobs betier. I wont to help our administrators do their jobs better. I wont to help our students do their jobs better. The president doesn't sit here and do everything at the university; the people that do are the foculty. the students, and the administrators,' he said. 'My job is to support them, encourage them.” WRITTEN BY HADtYAH WEAVER PHOTOGRAPHED BY RYAN BRANDENBURG. TEMPIE UN.VERSITY PHOTOGRAPHYTEMPLE’S LEGACY ALUMS INFLUENCE A TEMPLE MADE EXPERIENCE FROM GENERATION TO GENERATION Freshman Michael Brady is one of over 450 freshmen with o parent who graduated from Temple. According to Temple Now, that number has never been higher -at least doubling in the post decade. Brody's relationship to Temple begins with his mother, Christine Brody, who earned her liberal arts undergraduate degree from Temple in '88 and then earned her MBA from the Fox School of Business in '96. For nearly 20 years, she has remained as the Director of School and College Programs in Temple's Office of Alumni Relations. 'I did not have Jo push him to go to Temple,' she said Michael Brady, the son, grew up hearing stories about the school and enjoyed attending football end bosketball games. Brady said Temple's atmosphere and ambiance that attracted him to the school. He has not yet declared a major, but if he chooses a track within the Fox School of Business, his mother hopes he has one of her post professors: John McClendon. "He was phenomenal, she said. He still remembers me... It would be so cool for him to have the same professors I hod. Temple was also a family affair for the married couple Adam and Ashley Ridall, who had on intimate relationship throughout high school and both graduated from Temple in 2012. like Brady, Ashley Ridall's mother, alumna Jackie Sinclair, influenced her to attend Temple. The Ridall's grew up outside Scranton, Pa., for Ashley Ridall, who lived in a rural area her whole life. Temple was a good fit. Her high school sweetheart, Adam Ridall, also liked the change of scenery. 'I was tired of being in the country where everything was spread out, Ridoll said. For her, the subway was new, exciting and fosl. Growing up in a rural area without a subway or a transportation option like SEPTA made it harder to go from one place to another. lt took some getting used to because I never lived in the city before or anywhere else outside my hometown,' she said. Temple provided an easy time maintaining their romantic relationship because they lived together off campus from their sophomore to senior years. Even when they lived in residence halls as freshmen, they spent a lot of time together Wedding bells were ringing by 2015, just three years after they graduated and the two say they do not want the family relationship to Temple to end with each other. ‘When Adam and I have kids. I hope that one of them goes to Temple. It's become a family heritage,' Ridall said. 'My mom and I went there. I hope to pass it onto my own kids. Temple is a great school ond I cherish my time there.' WRITTEN BY DAVID BlOCK PHOTOGRAPHED BY CHRIS KENDG. TYl K EXCELLENCE IN ACADEMICS STUDENT ATHLETES EXCEL BOTH IN AND OUT OF THE CLASSROOM About 12 years ago, the academic standing for Temple athletes was one of the worst in the country. The footboll team wos the lowest in the nation based on graduation rote, GPA, and academic progress ratings. This sparked a need for raising the bar in athletes' academic standard. Senior Director, Justin Miller, entered in 2010 to the Nancy Donald Resnick Academic Support Center for Student-Athletes, better known os the Resnick Center ’Coming in, the numbers were improving But to me, it wos all about raising expectations and raising the standards for students," Miller said. The Resnick Center has a goal to help student-athletes that ore already facing hectic competition schedules and practice schedules and aside from that, pressure from dossroom expectations and personal goals. From cdmission to graduation time, the Resnick Center offers advising, tutoring, specialized services, assistive technology and more to the approximated 450 student-athletes that compete in 19 different men’s and women's varsity sports. ‘With the support we have in sort of this general, cultural shift, in my words. I say it's shifting away from eligibility and it’s about success. Its about individual student achievement or its about what each student capable of. Miller said. Athletes are provided o team advisor, an academic center, team study-hall time, peer tutors centered around their schedules and benefit from priority registration and academic planning. Academic planning plays o beneficial role for football players especially, os they are able to complete degrees in three and a half years. This then allows them to focus on training for the NFl. For other students, it allows them to pursue higher education, according to Miller. The athletic deportment has achieved a GPA over 3.0 for 10 consecutive semesters, a first in Temple history. Lost spring, the department received a GPA of 3.23. Justin Miller, Senior DirectorStephan Marshall, Temple alumnus Temple alumnus Stephaun Morshcll played football during his undergroduote years while studying medio studies and production Marshall completed his undergroduote in three and o half years and now pursues a master's degree in globalization and development communication at Temple. Although it was difficult to find a balance between school and football, especially after just having transitioned into college, the support Temple staff offered helped Marshall, he said "As you learn your strengths and weaknesses, you kind of have a gome plan of how to attack semesters,' Marshall said. Success in the classroom attributed much success for him in the game He found 'hot the better he did academically, the better he performed on the field. Coaches also serve os a method of accountability and motivation for the students. If an athlete foils to fulfil their academic requirements, they may be forced to sit during practice or even miss out on performance time. The staff motivates students by remembering what they study and helping them with study techniques as well. 'The athletic experience shouldn't hinder anyone's accomplishments, Miiler said WRITTEN BY ALEXIS RODGERS PHOTOGRAPHED BY ASHLEY MARY ALEXIn the fall semester of 2014, 88% of freshman signed a new academic partnership known as Fly in 4, This agreement was designed to help students successfully graduate in four years. The programs main goal is to assist in making college more affordable and reducing debt, according to Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, Assessment and IR, Jodi levine laufgraben By graduating in four years, students ore able to sov© money and attend further education eorly or on time if planned. According to the Fly in 4 website, an extra year of college costs approximately $35,000. The national average studentJoan debt is around $29,400 while the interest rate generally adds another $ 17,000. according to the Fly in 4 website. The Fly in 4 agreement outlines steps, also colled checkpoints, students must do in a semester in order to stay on track eoch semester. ’They're the kinds of things that we believe lead to on on lime graduation and the things the University will do. laufgraben about the required checkpoints. One of these checkpoints is to meet with an academic advisor to ensure students are following o healthy ccodemic plan. Students are also required to complete 30 credits eoch semester in order to odvonce in class standing (by doing this, students also complete another checkpoint). Fly in 4 members are given priority registration to ensure that they receive the classes they need to keep up with their plan. The focus on Fly in 4 is getting students focused on what they need to do to graduate lime and the university community focused on what we need to do to help students meet that goal,' said laufgraben. 93% of freshmen storting in the Fall semesters of 2015 and 20)6, signed the Fly in 4 academic agreement. Students are becoming mare dedicated to graduating on time and saving money, while performing better in the classroom. It has been observed that students who sign the Fly in 4 partnership have higher academic performance than those who choose not to, laufgraben said. This program allo-.vs students more lime to complete beneficial activities for their major while, at the same time, working toward a timely academic goal in the classroom. "Fly in 4 gives the students the room to do undergraduate research, Internships, study abroad because the key emphasis in Fly in 4 is academic pfenning," laufgraben said. If a student is dedicated to achieving their degree in four years, but obstacles arise with class scheduling, Fly in 4 has o positive solution. Students that compete all their checkpoints and still cannot graduate on time, Temple will pay lor ony remaining course or courses. Freshman can sign the Fly in 4 agreement online before storting closses at the university. WRITTEN BY AiE»S ROGERS PHOTOGRAPHED BY SARAH MADAUSFLYING THROUGH FOUR YEARS ACADEMIC PLAN HELPS STUDENTS TO CET THEIR DECREE IN 4 YEARS • vcBoofc ProIFLY WITH A8 FOR THE FIRST TIME, STUDENTS C N T KE AS CREDITS It was just last yecf when students still couldn't sign up lot on 18th crec withoui paying a higher cost for the credit. We realized students hove the ability and sometimes the time to be able to take that 6th class but sometimes the obstacle might be finoncal, Vice Provost lor Academic Affairs, Assessment, and IK, Jod evine loufgroben said. Though the financially students are relieved when comes to on 18th credit, they still need to worh with advisors to determine if on overload is appropriate. loufgroben sold the decision was tohen to blow both, students more flexibility in terms of tuition rotes ond more Wbility Wnen it comes to scheduling. Pfio' ta this yeor, o student taking 12 to 17 credits was considered a full f.me student. Depending on the credits o class is worth, usua’.ly. taking five classes would mean a student wos taking the hignes amount of credits allowed before paying extra for o sixth class or on 18th credit, F y example, though o student con take up to 17 credits without having to poy extra, a student would only be oWe to take live three-credit dosses or 15 credits. Taking one more three-credit doss for a tatal of six dosses, would mean o student hod to pay extro for that 18th credit. The university hos been basing self on o ’ partnership wih students where they overview ways to help students slay on trocV. while asking students to take advantage and Icftaw up wllfo advisors to ensure a lout graduation. Toll 2016 marked the lltst time 12 to lb credits is coveted in tuition. ‘Part o! a partnership is that we kelp you,bui you do your port also. We re asking you to do alo W we re also recognamg we really need to look ot any practices o the uhwetsthj W may have been an impediment to that lout yeot groduavon ’ loulgroben sotd. The issue students also encountered wos thot they were paying WkTOAW for on 18th credil even taking live dosses because ol the dillerent ROTOGWMfo N frNDffi. amount of credits dosses ore worth. For example, o person taking thre- fourcredit dosses ond two threecredit dosses, o total ol five dosses, ends up with 18 credits ond a higher cost than most students taking the some amount o( dosses. Students thot might hove been able to get ahead with o sixlh course Of even stay on trock with live dosses hod to look lot other ai'emotives os they coddn't oiiord on extro credit. Those that took 18 credits, since it is considered on overload, $tud? vs hod get permission and follow up with an advisor to ensure the overload would be doable lor the student. The university announced this academic yeor thot linoncid cop wc ;d be lifted for on 18th credit. 1’} port of our thinking, whot do we currently do, thot we might loo• ol ond change to help get students to groduotion In lout yecrj,1 loufgroben soid.THE ABILITIES OF BEING DISABLED TEMPLE STUDENTS AND WHEELCHAIR USERS DANCE TOGETHER AT WIDENER Temple S’udents and high schoo1 wheelchair users r ave the opportunity to dance together, play wheelchair basketball and whee :hoir rugby. Dr. Jc:: en Ross, an assistant Professor of instru on in rehabilitation sciences has a goc: She wants to show her students that peop'e v th disabilities can live active lives. 'The qority of my students are unaware of this v.; en they begin my class,“ Ross said. Ross began teaching at Temple three years ogo ond already in place was the alliance with American DanceWheels Foundation. Through this alliance, Temple students taking Ross': Adopted Sports, Recreation and Indus e Leisure Services class are able to engc:;e with high school students who use whe-r- chairs at Widener Memorial School in Philadelphia. Melmda Kremer, Executive Director Founder of A can DanceWheels foundation teaches the wheelchair ballroom dance class ot Vv dener. Kremer has been leading these dosses at Wrdener since 2006. Her class initio: v had seven to ten Widener students. Tha- dumber has risen to about 30 students per • ester.' said Kremer. Kremer launched Americon DanceWheels Foundation to help her daughter, who hod been an accomplished dancer. But when she became disabled at age 11, she thought that she could never dance again; she wos wrong. Melinda Kremer learned about wheelchair ballroom dancing. As a result, Melinda and her former wheelchair dance partner wrote a monual that outlined how wheelchair users con dance any move the their standing partner con. Her daughter resumed doncing and wos happy. Ross has over 30 years experience as a certified Therapeutic Recreation, including teaching at the college level ond facilitating sports and outdoors recreation in the community for persons with disabilities "I'm not sure where my passion came from," said Ross who has known a number of people throughout her life who lived with disabilities, yet led active lives including two family members, an aunt who had Polio ond her mother's cousin who hod a brain fumof, both lead active lives including in high level jobs. While growing up, Ross hod friends and a friends parent who hed disabilities. Not one of those people compelled her to work with people with disabilities. 'I don't know what the turning point was, it just happened, said Ross. Temple sophomore Jessica Consfcmzi's perceptions of people with disabilities chonged after taking Ross's doss. 'Disability doesn't define you,' she soid. Insteod of focusing on the wheelchair user's' disabilities, she learned to focus on their abilities. 'I like wheelchair doncing because it's super inclusive • this class gives everybody the opportunity to participate no matter what your ability or disability,' said Constanzi. Temple junior Mike Doherty said mat he was surprised to see some of the students dancing from their wheelchairs. “One (Widener) student in particular, I didn't expect him to like ballroom dancing, but he did,' said Doherty. WRITTEN by PAY© 8tOCK PHOTOGRAPHED BY DAY© BlOCK DM _y'l fO 0 vWc ss«o°ws' oTEWPV.eo'0’1'1 ve R Poi foduotion, Rodriguez worn, 10 open he, own pos, 9. |, T™"5 cente, since communicate is horde, among pos, v' 1 veterans. Temple University Veterans Day Committee honored its veterans at the 10th annual Veterans Day Program with ceremonies, speakers and events on Nov. 11. Du r a the commemoration, veterans mentioned things they hod to forfeit to serve the country. Things like freedom, time and peace but. mony said they wouldn't hove gained things like the opportunity to ottend college otherwise. 1 know what it feels like to be deployed, you come home and there is no parade, I feel grateful of Temple for putting on the Veterans Day Program,’ Temple Veterans Association President, seni... Ashley Rodriguez said. 'It feels like o welcome home for us. especially those transferring into ccodemio.’ $r - ftved in the US NAVY for five years being deployed all over the world including the Middle East, Engbnd, and Japan. She was deployed to Kuwait for Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. She transferred to Temple in spring 2015 from San Diego Community College. The help and programs instilled at Temple for veterans, os Temple is a veteran friendly institution, mode her transition feasible, she said. She iirsl served os the Event Coordinator for TVA. She then became president o year later. A 'ge, her job is to ensure veterans obtain a smooth college ire:, i on offering career development, academic enhancement, help ng 'veterans maintain connection with each other and of.ermg no working opportunities. ts easier for Vietnam veterans to find each other, whereas for post-9-11 it's harder. [With o] center we can oil connect and stay motivated to continue the missions that we set for ourselves,' Rodriguez said. Senior Nick White was also present at the ceremony which he said served as a thanks, a thing we don't often hear os much. White, serves os TVA's benefits officer, but prior to attending Temple White was shipped out to sea being deployed four times in four eight-month underways. ‘Being import to out the sea where you're doing everything where you work, you never leave your job, you're there 24 7, He said. For White, a mechanical engineer student, the transition to college was different after having such rigid structure and lifestyle to now being cble to grow out his hair, he said. 'Transitioning from that (rigid schedule) to school has been really different because It means I don't hove to go away for six to eight months with no contact with anyone," White said. On Nov. 15 It. Colin Powell made cn appearance ot the university to also honor veterans and spoke of his background in Philadelphia, gave leadership advice and even brushed on politics. "It is a good day to remind everybody were all still here, not just those currently serving but who did serve and not only those that are alive but those who passed os well." Rodriguez said. WWmN BY AAMYV5C PEREZ PHOTOGRAPHED BY ASHIEY MARY AlLX AND SARAH iVADAUSMORE THAN A UNIVERSITY A LOOK AT HOW CLASSES BENEFIT FROM AN URBAN EDUCATION IN PHILADELPHIA Temple provides a plethora of resources for its students of all academic spectrums to use. One of the greatest of these resources is Temple's location itself- Philadelphia. Students can access the city with ease ond convenience. Many courses even require students to dive into Philadelphia's history and culture. Philfy is a remarkably diverse city, extending to Temple students countless experiences at the lip of their fingers. It is a city booming with trends, history, social events, educational opportunities, and unique involvement. The Stella Elkins Tyler School of Art offers a prestigious Gloss Program that ranked second in the United States by the U.S. News and World Report. The Glass Program enhances students' artistic, conceptual, and technical development. The professors of Tyler's Gloss Program have extensive training in glass blowing and o majority of them explore and practice other mediums of art as well. A field trip to the studio and home of Paul Sfankard is offered through Tyler's Glass Program. Sfankard is considered the father of modern glass paperweights and is renowned one of the top glossblowers of oil time. Sfankard is most acknowledged for featuring astonishing glass flowers in his paperweights. The General Education course Exploring the Cosmos, which fulfills the Science and Technology Gen Ed, also allows students to dive into the Philly culture. The course introduces students to the basics of astronomy and examines how astronomy illustrates time, the fundamentals of observing from the planet Earth, bow to utilize light and telescopes, the evolution of stars and galaxies, basic cosmology, and a brief analysis of the pursuit for extraterrestrial life. Incorporated in this course is a trip to the Franklin Institute, a science museum and the center of science education ond research in Philadelphia. Students visit the Institute's Pels Planetarium and Sky Observatory to encounter rare sky phenomenons, such as meteor showers and eclipses without the interference of weather, pollution, or city lights. "The Franklin Institute serves not only to give students a chance to observe the actual night sky through a telescope, but also os an excuse to go and see the interesting parts of the city," Exploring the Cosmos professor, Matthew Newby scid Students must also attend a Star Party where omateur and local astronomers bring their gear to various sites to gather and goze at the cosmos while participating in compelling discussion. Students are able make their own telescope to keep in the lob portion of this activity. ‘[Philadelphia] has a lot more resources than a lot of people realize, I think. There are a lot of museums downtown, a lot of history down there, and knowing that it's there is half the battle to being able to go out and explore.' Newby said. WRITTEN BY MORGAN PNOVARNIK PHOTOGRAPHED BY SARAH MADAUSSPORTS4-qwlsUIT IS NOT HOW YOU START, IT IS HOW YOU FINISH TEMPLE OWLS ARE CONFERENCE CHAMPS The football team was able to turn the season around after starting !f the year with a loss at home to Army and o bss to irvstoie rival Penn State. Even at 3-3, many of the Temple faithful fans were wondering if 'he team would even be bowl eligible. However, Temple reeled off six straight wins including a comeback win ogainsf conference rival UCF. 'The turning point of the season was the Memphis gome to me. Some would argue that it was the final drive against Central F-orida. That was a heihofa turning point but I think we played that Central Florida game with Temple energy," Assistant Head Cooch Ed Foley said. Temple went on to win the East Division of the American Athletic Conference (AAC) for the second straight year. This is Temples econd conference championship gome in o row, but the team lost to Houston lost year. 'he Owls traveled to Annapolis to play nationally ranked 19 Navy Midshipmen. Novy is one of the top offenses in the country •.is season, overaging over 40 points a gome and over 300 yards rushing. Chants of T for Temple U filled the poiking lot by the Temple fans who 'raveled to support their team. Inside the NavyMorine Corps Memorial Stadium, cherry colors • lied the stands on the Temple side of the field. Temple started the game quickly, scoring a touchdown on each of their first 3 possessions. The first touchdown came on a 15 yard run by senior Jahod Thomas. The second score come in just 6 plays ending with a 22 yard pass from Phillip Walker to Ventell Bryant. The next drive was capped off by a phenomenal 56 yard touchdown pass from Walker to Keith Kirkwood putting the Owls up 21-0. The Temple defense stood strong throughout the whole game propelling Temple to a 34-10 victory. As the gome came to cn end, Temples famous "I believe' chont filled the air. Temples win marked the team first conference championship since joining the American Athletic conference. Quarterback Phillip Walker was picked as Americon Athletic Conference Championship Game Most Outstanding Player. 'I do not know if you hove followed Phillip Wolker's story but his high school and college careers are pretty much the some. Ed Foley referred to how Welker finished his senior year with a championship after a poor start to his high school career. 'I think it really represents what this city os a whole has always stood for. After our freshman year nobody really gave this team a chonce. Against all odds they've turned everything around and have created a reputation os the best teom in the American Conference,' Tyler George said, a senior STHM student (hot hos gone to almost every Temple home game and a few oway games in his college career. Although Head Coach Matt Rhule accepted a position at Baylor University three days after the win, he hos accomplished turning this program around. Temple Football is relevant in Pennsylvania once more. WRITTEN BY JUSTIN 7HOVASA NEW FENCING SEASON AND NEW FACES THE TALENTED FRESHMEN OF TEMPLE FENCING TEAM Th yeor, the Womens Fencing team received five talented frey men: Malia Hee. Kennedy lovebce. Kerry Plunkett, Alexa Prosper, and Camille Simmons. They hove oil fenced throughout thv years in high school, received national attention, ond some even got the opportunity to fence internationally. Try;, p'ayed ot the 37th Annual Temple Open, the brgesl coilegiote fencing tournament in the nation that hosted over 500 fencers and 30 colleges. T " 'earn won one of the three events ond 10 of the 16 girls were p ed os finalists overall. The team finished 4-2 at Penn's Elite Invitational, its first dual meet for" “ season. The good results can be pointed bock to the new payers ond their_current chemistry with returning team members. Since the start of the season, many upperebssmen on the team hove been impressed by the freshmen. 'They have hod o huge impact because our team is so young, and we only hove five upperebssmen and 11 underclassmen,' Victoria Suber, a senior and current co-captain of the team said. She said the freshmen bring a refreshing ethic since the team lost six seniors lost season. She said their personal fencing and club backgrounds hove added energy ond unique personalities to the game. During the Penn invitational, Hee led the team with a record of 13-2. Plunkett also put on a strong performance ond received a record of 11-4. Both records were better than anyone else on the teom that night. ‘They are very strong talents. They hove put up a bt of big results, Alexandra Kelt said, a senior cocaptain. 'They are bringing a lot to the team with their skill level and just for being the wonderful lodies that they are.' The freshmen have also received positive feed bock from the coach for all their hard work in such a short period. 'The girls ore progressing the way I like,’ Heed Coach, Nikki Franke said. She said the freshmen hove easily fit in and contributed to the team. At the time, she said it was early to in the season to predict the final turnout. Talent is high ond so are the expectations for the freshmen. Keft soid her four years of experience in the team hove taught her what to expect. She said the freshmen can also expect advice from her. 'As to what to expect: being there for them, answering their questions, making sure that they ask questions, and [making sure] that there's on open line of communication, so we can show them the way,' she soid. WRITTEN BY NENSEH AiEXlS KONEHCONNECTING WITH THE STUDENT BODY THE VOLLEYBALL TEAM MAKES AN EFFORT TO CONNECT WITH FANS THROUCH TIP-OFF EVENTS The volleyball team held o tip-off event on Nov. 1 1, 'Cherry Out,' where T-shirts were given oway for free and everyone was encouraged to wear cherry. At tip-off events students, faculty, families, and friends join the game in a themed night. For volleyball player Kirsten Overton, tipoff events show another side of the volleyball team giving the team a chance to hove fun with the Temple community. Our program is the only one that does anything out of the ordinary compared to other sports teams. It says a lot about our team, our coaches, and our administration,' Overton said. 'We're people too, and we want to connect with the fans ' During the tipoff event 'Most Valuable Professor Day,' the teom recognized their favorite and most influential professors during the game. Academics and athletics could often be two distinct and separate subjects, but senior Tyler Davis said professors supported the student athletes and that for the night, academics and athletes were able to connect. '[Professors] have never come to volleyball games before... it's fun to see them in the crowd, outside of the classroom,' Overton said, who has chosen her media production professor, Amy Copies, for two years in a row. 'She's helped me more than any other professor here, not just in my major, but in personal things. I talked to her afterward and gave her o thank you cord,' Overton said the 'Dig Pink' tipoff is very special to the volleyball team because they are able to recognize breost cancer survivors. 'We dress in pink, we try to really honor survivors of breast cancer and those who didn't survive. She said. But Overton was able to personally connect with "Dig Pink' tipoff this year as she was able to recognize the life of her aunt who has struggled with cancer. 'This year my aunt was diognosed with breast cancer again. We invited her into the game and honored her before the gome. We he'd up signs, and I gave her a basket and flowers. she said. Sophomore Mia Heirakuji found the Hawaiian Night tipoff event special os o native Hawaiian. Her parents were able to attend which mode the event more memorable. 'Its really special, even the songs they were playing during time out were from Hawaii, I'm so for away from home, so that special night was very exciting,' Heirakuji said. Heirakuji finds tipoff events provide an opportunity of unity, not only personally for the players but olso with their fans. 'It helps us let loose and enjoy the experience, of course we're focused on the game, but having something to get the crowd involved and us involved, it's really fun, she said. WRITTEN BY MEllScA IYTEMPLE’S FRESH FIELD HOCKEY SQUAD TEMPLE'S FIELD HOCKEY DETERMINED TO IMPROVE WITH THE LOSS OF lO SENIORS lost year, the Owls reached the Big East Championship gome with a veteran team consisting of mostly upperclassmen but ten players graduated last spring The team odded eight new girls- six of them seniors. Midway through the season, the team suffered from a record of two and eight, going against a few of the top teams in the country: Syracuse | 2|. Penn State ( I 8). Delaware ( 10) and Connecticut { 3}. With a competitive season against five nationally ranked teams the team practiced every day of the week with only Monday os their off day. They practiced from noon to 4 p.m. with intense sessions on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. 'Its really high-intensity practices, but I think that's the best because it keeps us in shape for our games. Also games are high-intensity too so you need that competitiveness, and hard work ethic. senior Katie Foran said. Despite the loss of 10 players, seniors. Foran said that everyone is adjusting well new leaders emerging from every class. Rachael Mueller, an upperclassman, said that the new wave of eight freshmen, two of them redshirted, also help the situation 'Six of [the freshmen] are really stepping up, and they're filling in the places really positively, and really nice'. Mueller said. Despite the unwanted record, the team has only played two conference games- the opportunity for a turnaround is still there. However, the changes have to be quick if the team wonts to moke it into the Big East tournament. Foran said she tried to find the positives in every games, lose or win, and watched videos to look for areas of improvement. To perform better, she said the team needs to take every gome at a time and get better from there. The changes since then have been significant The team went on a four-game win streak in order to balance out their conference record (2-2) and improve the season record to five and eight. The most notable victory was on Oct 7, when the Owls upset 13 Old Dominion, who is in the same conference, in a thrilling match that ended two to one in overtime. WRITTEN BY KAEMYAH WEAVER PHOTOGRAPHED BY DANIlO BURGOS season in midst OFchance SAME "ENTALm Tempte irlnsta '£-« — performance. one o( .he younger oWe.es In eo . Only » cop.oins were select .his yeor. One oi Wen, Is M °lr0nd sen--, .none Oden,, and soph e WIcW. According «o Heod Coach Umme Soltm-Beosley. having a sophomore is not a traditional thing for the team. 'Breahna was our hardest worker last year and she really established herself as far as being someone who leads the team that young as a freshman and now as a sophomore, Saiim-Beosley said. Wiczkowski had significantly season highs during her freshman year, receiving a 9.725 on bars and a 9.7 on beam 'It was surprising that they picked a sophomore, but it was not surprising of the person they chose" Odom said. “She's super passionate obouf the sport and her leadership role. Her management of various responsibilities has served as an encouragement to the rest of the team. Throughout her two years on the team, Wiczkowski has retained a GPA of above a 3.5 ond participates in Temple's ROTC. •Breahna's a great role model to the team, showing that one con balance other responsibilities ond still give a great gymnastic performance," Solim-Beasley said. Odoon has also ployed o He .pie os eoptein. She cam off o successful ,un.or year posting o season high of 9 725 on hnth H uu to brinqo different range of polity already implemented on (he teatn' .son which officially started m January, ey necessofy. «k. and also practice on Sundays if the cooc . ,jtion|ng Reaslev hos a oool to hove the team in top-note Coach Beasley aims to hove the team in shape physically and menially by increasing the number of routines the girls practice for before the start of the season. (We ore increasing] the pressure put on them so that they ore [as] prepared os possible for their first meet against Penn Store in Jonuary, She said at the time. During the foil, the team was preparing for their first meet at Brook Woods where they faced 500 times winner, Penn State. While the team as a whole performed outstandingly lost season with six members qualifying for the Eostern College Athletic Conference and placing in 5th place at the ECAC Championships, the athletes ore hoping to do better for this season ' - .. yvw UVAA f midMcrch for op, regular season.' Odom sold. ‘Depending on 7 d0- w con 9° « compels, extending w season until April," ® WRIFTEN BY NENSEH AifXIS KONEt PHOTOGRAPHED BY SARAH AMO A;. tun HAND TO FRESHMEN FOOTBALL TEAM LEND t„b,„.UKo« »— EMPLE’S FOOTBALL TEAM HELPS FRESHMEN A ■c.-inemoer freshm , Roofers mork ,hejr is 9"feon,. High freshmen mov,Hn day -a genero||y C[owde J ’7 KW6S 0f -d membe,s hu g ond besllng. Irymg to move in and selile os (os, os possible. The appearance of ,he foofcall ployers meant ,ho, some of ihe carts and students' belongings were able be transported by stairs, which expedited the process ond provided relief to the Overcrowded elevators. With the odded monpower and extra sets of hands, some families did not need to use the carts at all. 'It was really cool to hove some of the football players helping out. The added manpower definitely helped especially with the elevator in the building not working.’ Peabody Hal! Resident Assistant Brianna Walker said. This is actually something that is not new to the university, os the football team has been helping with freshman movein day for years. , as tealfy cute become If seemed like . . ..j c£w vr e of the players. WRITTEN BV JUSTIN THO AS■THE STEPPING STONES TEMPLE GOLF’S BRICHT FUTURE AFTER TOURNAMENT WIN The big win in the City 6 tournoment may be one of 'ne stepping stones that propelled the golf team as a whole to a successful future. The team won the City 6 championship at Huntingdon falley Country Club, a 6,878 yard, Par-70 course, defeating Villonovo in the first playoff hole. The Cty 6 championship is a tournament consisting of the six Philadelphia universities which include Temple University, Vilianova Univer: ly, Drexel University, St. Joseph's University, the University of Pennsylvania, and laScI e University. At a u1 versity where football and basketball dominate the sports talk, the smaller sports such cs tennis, rowing and golf do not come into the everyday conversation of the casual colleaiote sports fan. However, Temple mens .olf team has been quietly achieving big things. ‘Wir • g the City 6 the way we did was grec Going in, most of us hod been playing well I felt like we were the favorites, Sophomore golfer. Trey Wren said. Although the team started out slow in the City 6 championship, it was oble to improve dramatically during the playoff holes. "All five of us hit perfect fee shots and good wedge shots to set ourselves up to moke birdies, and I happened to make my pull, Wren said. The win marked the sixth title for Head Coach Brian Quinn, who has been at the helm for 10 years. Sophomores Trey Wren and Sam Soeth hove been the standout performers on the team this year. Both ere averaging the lowest scores on the team and consistently are the top two players at tournaments for the team. In golf, a lower score is equivalent to a better performance. Although the team is comprised of mainly freshmen and sophomores. Soeth thinks the team has made great progress. 'I think me ond the teom hove mode very good progress on the course and off. All of us ore like a family, and I think that translates on the course. We did not start the year as we expected, but I think that motivated us to keep working hard throughout the season As I said, we are still very young and continue to learn as we continue into the spring ’ One of the key factors in a team's success is its chemistry ond bond, os the players are around the same graduation year. ‘We spend so much time together because we all hove the same schedule. It is really easy to all be friends. Also a few of us are all very similar on the golf course, so we are constantly helping each other with golf too,' said Wren. WRITTEN BY JUSTIN THOMSFROM SPAIN TO TEMPLE TO POSSIBILITY MAJOR LEAGUE SOCCER JORGE GOMEZ SANCHEZ S DISTINGUISH CAREER The las men's soccer home game ended with a 1 -0 victory lor the Temple Owls over the University of Central Florida Knightros. On the scoreboard again a familiar name: Jorge Gomez Sanchez. The senior, coming out of Talovero De la Reina. Spain has been o quintessential figure in Temple's midfield for the past two seasons. In his first season at Temple, os a junior, he scored 13 goals while he also registered three assists. This season, Sanchez hod 10 goals and three assists after only 10 games. Sanchez's journey to the United Stores started when coach Dovid MacWilliams decided to recruit him after a match. “(The coach] told me that [Temple] was one of the best schools in the area ... to play soccer and to study a good major here is what convinced me to come," Sanchez said. The rest is history. Despite the difference in soccer culture, the U.S. style more physical based and the Spaniard styfe based more on tactics, Sanchez was able to combine his knowledge and use it to his benefit. ‘[From Spain], I learned how to move on the field, how to score goals ... [Playing for Temple], I became more “mature” in my soccer, and I gained more strength and fitness.” Sanchez said. Not only did Sanchez impress the MLS scouts, he also left a good impression on his teammates. Carlos Gracia, a leader in the Owls defence said that Sanchez is the first person defending and first pressing the defenders of the opponent.Gracia said that Sanchez's natural ability to score easily is something that no one else in the midfield possesses. As a successful senior member of the team, Sanchez gave tips to freshmen players. ’They have to be patient They come here very young; they have to adopt to the leogue and they hove to leorn.' he said Gracia said Sanchez is a role model for the freshmen and on inspiration for the players that want to be successful in the future. As a senior groduoting from Temp'e, Sanchez recounted some of his best moments in a Temple jersey. He said the victory goal ogainst Penn State was one of his most memorab'e moments. Also, his first game as a Temple student where he scored over 10 goals against Manhattan. 'And the lost game of this season when I scored against UCF in overtime, Sanchez said Although he is graduating, he said he has faith in the new recruits and trusts that the freshmen will have great seasons to come. Sanchezs first objective after he graduates is to go pro and enter the MLS SuperDraft which hoppened in January. Garcia believes that Sanchez is '100% reedy. He just needs the opportunity to show how good he is. Sanchez s dream is to continue to ploy the gome that he loves for the rest of his life. WRITTEN BY LONG NGUYEN PHOTOGRAPHED BY DANtlO BURGOSOWLS OFF TO STRONG START TEMPLE LOST SOME KEY RUNNERS TO GRADUATION, BUT THE COACH IS HAPPY WITH THE WAY THE TEAM IS REBOUNDING ‘This year is different. We have more of o group of top runners in racing and training. They're consistently improving. That’s critical to our success because we don't have Btonca anymore. junior Katie Pinson said. last years top female Owl cross country runner Blanca Fernandez graduated. Her highlights included winning both the American Athletic Conference Championship and the NCAA Mid-Atlantic Regional meet. ‘You can't replace somebody like Blonca with one person,' said James Snyder, head coach of the Owls' mens and women's cross country team. 'That requires a full team effort, she said. The Owls' Womens Cross Country team got off to a strong start. At the Duquesne Duals, Temple finished second out of seven teams. Temple freshman Grace Moore finished second and her teammate sophomore Kotie leisher finished fourth. "That was my best race,' said leisher, who gave credit to Moore for helping grab the lead. To hove my training partner start off with me. it mode me more comfortable racing. We encouraged each other to keep going, she said. leisher said that her learn is working better os a pack this year than last. The freshmen hove helped improve the team. And regardless of being small, she said they'll perform 'better than ever.' At the Big 5 Invitational, three of Temple's runners finished in the top 10; Moore was fifth, leisher sixth and freshman Millie Howard wos 10th. 'Those three work great together at practice," said Snyder. The Temple men's top four runners from last year • Alex Izewski. Matt Kocyon, Will Mallin, and Stephan Listabarlh - also graduated. Except for graduole student More Steinsberger of Germany, the rest of the Temp'e men runners ore underclassmen. 'losing those four seniors puls pressure on us to lead the freshmen, said sophomore Johnathan Condly. 'We can't sit bock and rely on seniors to do it. because there aren’t any.' At the Big Five Invitational, the Owls finished third. Three of the Owls finished in the top 15; Steinsberger was sixth, freshman Kevin lapsansky was 14th and Condly was 15th. 'I'm having a rough start because I missed a month of training, Condly said, I was at ROTC this summer. I'm getting bock into shape. 1 can always depend on Jonathan to come through for us, said Snyder. At Rider Invitational on Sept. 16. Steinsberger finished first among 129 participants with a time of 24.39:04 in »he 8K race. Other rvotoble performers include Condly. who finished at 23th, and lapsansky, who finished at 24th. WRITTEN BY DAVID BIOCKWHEN SPORTS AND ACADEMICS COLLIDE WOMEN’S LACROSSE TEAM RECEIVES ACADEMIC HONORS The Women’s locrosse team finished the spring 2016 season with 13 wins and six bsses but. the Owls not only left their mork os players, os students too. The team finished the 2015-2016 season with a 3.5 cumulative GPA. the highest in the deportment. Associate Director of Athletic Communications, Karen Angell said. The team was recognized for their academic achievements during a football game's halftime, this was not the first time either 'Every time was so rewording," senior Morgan Glassford said. Head Coach Bonnie Rosen said the lacrosse players recruited from high schools have an identity of striving on the field and in the classroom. ’I appreciate it when people ocknov ledge the work that my players do both, on the field and in the classroom,' said Rosen. Rosen and her coaching staff emphasize the importance of leorning. Despite the players' rigorous athletic schedule, the coaches ensure 'he 'student' part of their title- student athlete- is fulfilled. Academics were always important to coach Rosen who majored in prephysical therapy at the University of Virginia and still became All-American in locrosse. She took care of school first and obtained her diploma in 1992. From 1993 to 2005, she then played locrosse for the U.S. Women's National Team, and in 1997 and 2001 her team won the world cup. She was inducted into the 2010 Notional lacrosse Hall of Fame. The cooches hold a goal of helping athletes reach academic excellence. But, whether the players hove full athletic scholarships or not, the athletes know they hove a responsibility to fulfill on the field ond the classroom, the coach said ‘You wouldn't know the difference who wos on scholarship and who wosn't, Rosen said. She said coming to college wos not a challenge for most athletes since they played multiple sports in high school. Being busy all year-round was nothing new to them but the coach said the key element is in prioritizing time, which she attributes to her teams' ocodemic and athletic success During the fall and winter - the Owls' off season - they hone their skills and improve their condition. The ccoch said the fall is a chance to develop and compete to then foretell how they'll do. In October, the Owls competed against LaSalle University, Saint Joseph's University. Viilanovo University, and Drexel University in the 10th annual Phllly 5 tournament, where they only fell short to Drexel. The tournament allowed the Owls to see their strengths end weaknesses Cooch Rosen was pleased with how the tournament progressed, her players' ability to function os a team improved. 'We started off slow and not so oggressive,' said Rosen. ’At the end of the day, we were really playing well as a team.' WRITTEN BY DAVID BtOCK PHOTOGRAPHED BY OAMEl BARE NOSDuring preseason, Temple Women's Basketball finished second in the conference and ihe University of Connecticut (UConn) as champions But the team geared up to have a stronger season. Three freshmen were added to the team: Shonnen Atkinson, Shontoy Taylor, and Takora McIntyre. Coach Tonya Cardoza said the new recruits are one of the best freshmen class they had recruited. The two seniors on the team said they assisted the younger players like Atkinson. Tayfor and McIntyre, f0 help them better cope with different challenges during the season. The seniors. Ruth Sherrill and Sofiya Martin, told them to learn as much they can and reminded them they still have three more years to buckle down and come out on top "As much os this is a fun year for us. we are trying to pass down as much knowledge and wisdom os we can to the younger ones. Sherrill said at the time of the interview They said it felt bittersweet playing in their lost year, but they were confident in their ability to win the games against the next opponents one last lime. 'We prepare [for games) by going hard every practice, not taking any team lightly and just working hard every single day. Not being okay with what we did yesterday, but trying to build and grow every single day, “ Martin soid At Ihe lime, the team did not look forward to play any particubi opponent, they believe every game is equally important They focused on not underestimating any team, however, the seniors looked fotwoid to the gome against UConn every season, a strong opponent. The University of Connecticut Women's Basketball Team has impressive overall scores every season. The UConn Huskies Team Has been undefeated for almost four years with the exception of one bss in their 2014-2015 season. However, during the 2016-2017 preseason game, the Temple Owls were able fa stop the Huskies, and almost wort the game University of Connecticut hove been the reigning NCAA Champions, but the Owls learn is not fazed. Tlrey said they welcomed the challenge. 'It's fun being the underdog because you hove nothing to lose and you hove everything to gain, Sherrill soid. Owl pride is shown ot every game. The students support and cheer on their team. WRITTEN BY HAEXYAH WEAVER The pbyers soid they are grateful for the support Temple students show. They said consistent attendance encourages them 'Sometimes, you really need that sixth man. You know that Cherry Crusade will pump you up,' Sherrill soid. The team trained to prove a personal goal, that they can compete against any team no matter tl»e size or live ranking of their opponent Martin soid the “unconditional love' is what helps the team. Although the Owls did not come out on lop, it was proven that the Temple Women’s Basketball team is competitive. The ream defeated the University of South Florida in early 2016, and North Carolina State with a buzzer beater at the 2015 Women's National Invitation Tournament (WNIT) M F3 L. E LJTHE UNDERDOGS WOMEN S BASKETBALL DO NOT UNDERMINE ANY OPPONENT; THEY SHOOT TO PLAY EVERYONE STRONGERWILL THERE BE ANOTHER STKNJE. IN THE L1ACOURAS CENTE.R THE LEGACY OF FRAN DUNPHY O • of the most prominent figures the in Big 5 basketball history The coach Vos spent h s entire basketboW coaching toteer n is -He coacft with the most wins, ftan Dunphy. Beiote Dunphy Philadelphia, a city with anchhistory ct bah piolessionol and become head coach, he coached ol fellow Big 5 school, the collegiate bosketball. Ur tensity of Pennsylvania, compilinq more than 300 wins and 10 , . , , . . when I tow. to groups ol peope, soy atn the most lortunate K .cogue titles. man they Vnow Jbecouse om oHe to play and coach the gome Ph adetphia is a city with rich college basketball history, especially ol basketball in a city like Philadelphia’ he send when tolking obout the Big 5. The Big 5 is the collection ol ., . ,. . . , - , , , , Through hts tenute at temple, uunprvy hos seen q change tn the Philadelphia schools which include Temple UnWetsity, St. Josephs . . . , , , cultute ol Temple basketball apt so much tn tern ol ployetsoul University, loSolle Univetsily, the Univetsity ol Pennsylvania, ond , , . . ' ' hom ospects suttoundttvg the pVjyets, Vii'anwo Univetsity. ’Thete Is mote d an inkuencehom patents, siteei agents, as well as 'he inaeaslng tmpacl d Amaleut Mnlehc Vinton VMkM programs. People telling a'hle'es whai ihey want to heat avet who' they need lo heat; not enough people teWlog’he alUeies 'he tu h,‘ Dunphy said. though DunpVty's cateet Is nol wet, he has sWed ihtnVtng aW the math he will leave when It's all sold ond done. Dunphy is one ot 25 active NCAA division I cooches with ovet 500 wins and only one ol live with 200 victories ol two dilletenl Div sion I programs. At Temple, Dunphy's accomplishments include: back-fo-bod An ticon Athletic Conletence Cooch ol the Yeat honots 12014-2( 15 and 2015-20161, third on the school’s all-lime coaching w list with a 2 U-120 record, seven Notional Collegiate Athletic A station [NCAA) Tournament appeatances, live conletence r , ond a tiip to the 2015 National Invitation Toomomenl N T $ ilinals in his 10 years ol the helm. C renily, the two bronze statues of lormei Temple men's basketball c tches, lorry litwok ond Hall ol Tomer John Chaney, oie locoied ir de the atrium o( the liocouias Cenlet lo showcase ihelt lasting impact on their ployers ond this school. Marcus Ftosi, o moneger lot the men’s basketball learn, believes C ach Dunphy greatly influences his players into becoming ’I worn them to temembet that 1 did It the ught way, that we Vod o plan ond stud to It, And wont to de tememdered W the mpoc hod on players os hey go on In tile ond os they become Wbands and lathers.' VYith his coaching tecoid ond impact on payers,CoacVW Dunphy is well on his way to cementing Wslegpcy w tV the Cheny dtV hfie; perhaps when Dunphy tehres.Tem e students wl see anolhet statue at the hocouras Center ce ehrohng his achievements. real men, ’ i - e players always talk lo me about how Cooch Dunphy helps with their transition from high school to college ond how they vo ue k mentorship more than his basketball lesson,' host sold. D. ring proctice, Dunphy holds his ployets accountable lor their d visions. When players moke o mistake. Dunphy will stop [ dice, ask the players whoi ihey did wrong, ond leoch them 'he correct way. i$ very intense ond demanding in pioctice. However, during h qome, be jus! lets ibe ployets 'go‘, which gives out o sense d M for bis playeis frost sold,tO V S$As THE light at Tl, '“'™B no„ s orvfieid performonce wosn't os strong os The Women's Soccer s fhe teom hod bright their oWletd occompi'shmen's this season- spots ornidst a tough season. Delaware State. Although the erf success wasn't quite rttere this time. Gobtiella McKeown ptovided the spotk on offense feeding the team with foe, goals. Sarah McGlinn, Kayla Cunningham and Morgan Morocco tied second in goals with two each, while Elena Folcone and McKeown both led in ossists with two each. Cunningham said other girls' success pushes the rest academically. She said this way, their ocademic success has remained constant. One of the key additions to this year's teom was freshman Fran Davis from Bath. England. Davis had been the captain of England's U17 learn and ployed for the Bristol Academy Womens Football Club team. But, she only played in six games this past year due to injuries that kept her out for most of the season. Off the field, however, the team shined os they earned the Noiiona! Soccer Coaches Association of America Academic Award for the 2015-2016 academic year. This was the sixth consecutive year the Owls hod received this award. Teams must hove a minimum grade point overage of 3.0 or higher for the ocademic year to qualify for this award The athletic deportment also awarded players pinning patches on the jerseys of those who completed o degree program at Temple or achieved a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or obove before the season. •We se. high standards fo, ourselves i„ ,he classroom- Forward Koyb Cunningham, a redshirt junior said. ‘It was a little scary at first. I wos also injured a lot and the game is a bit different in the states thon in England. There's more running and different tactics used within the game," Fran soid. Amidst a tough season Davis said her favorite moment came at the beginning of the season. “I would say one of my favorite moments this year at Temple was starting the night game cgainst Drexel." This was the first official game for Temple at the Sports Complex where Davis was able to get the start being only a freshman. Cunningham also said her favorite moment wos seeing the group coming together as a teom and not giving up until the end. Although the teom wasn't as successful os in recent years. Cunningham said they still kept morale and spirits up. The team still had hope and promise os they headed into the spring season at the time. With only three seniors on the team this group of women will b-togelher for o few more years. Cunningham and Davis, will both be back next season with more experience and savvy under their belts. WRITTEN BY JUSTIN D. THOiVV PHOTOGRAPHED BY DANUO 8U8GC SERVED Mens Tennis Kos hod escabting success os seasons po away lessons from previous seasons to prepared for the spring especially from lost season where (hey lied the best record in Temple history. he teem only p|oys fournomen.s during ,he foil spring. Naran said the All American to PreP°res for the best play as a team. ' h « «» Head Tennis Cooch Steve Mouro said that though they only |OSi a few matches bst season, the team has hod consistent matches when the worked the point, and focused on not rushing. He said senior Vineet Naran improved the most over the course of hi; four-year career Noran entered the teem os o freshman but d. :• t originally make the line up. Last season he played in doubbs and singles. Naran said the close reblionship the team has learned to hove made them more successful eoch year. His freshman year, the athletes si ed 07 (2013-2014). The poor team dynamics, he sad, were evident in the scores. The folbwing season ended with a 15 0 record, and lost season they tied best record in history w h a 206 record. A couple of [teammates] won a couple rounds, one wos ctose to quol.fy.ng which is o huge deal in a tournament. It shows we'll be ready for the spring. Noran said. Artem Kapshuk made it to the last round of the prequolifying stage ot the conference. Naron said no Temple tennis pbyer hod done that before. 'To get through four rounds, that's pretty amazing, that wos pretty big... the foil wos really good for everyone. It shows we're getting even better, he said. At the time of the interview, the coaches had storied the recruiting process to repbee seniors Stipcic and Noron who both contributed to the team for four years. The coach said they recruited high level players to compensate for the toss since their goal is to compete in the conference and make it as o top 50 program in the country. N iron sard today they hove o brotherly friendship post seasons to ghl them to build. 'We tied the best record for Temple's history, I tf ■ it wos because we we're all so close and we all enjoyed just b- ng around each other... end it showed on the court... this yeor v. going to replicate that, that's where our success lies.' he said. the combination of the players 'ho. we hove and their work I eon see that we con achieve .hot goal.- he said. WRITTEN BY MAKYVC P€REZ PHOTOGRAPHED BY ASHIEY MARY AlEX T- coach said one of their best pbys was against East Carolina. T had played East Carolina on their first yeor in the conference, a V: rn :hot ranked top 70 in the country. They bst that match. The team p zed them bst season and won. P ers like Artem Kapshuk hove improved tenacity and work e‘ c, values the coach said will moke him one ol the top players in -lie league.Cc-isirucrion on the Sew rvv— i Of Pavilion, Complex. U' Owls' firs? home meet wos scheduled for Morch 18. "? three yeors of cooching here, we never hod o home meet.' t: i‘ orde soid. Womens Trock heod cooch S': cturolly. the focility hos new bleochers, digital scoreboards, press Doxes and locker rooms. The new frock even has o softer surfoce than the community trcck behind Pearson and McGonigle Halls, where the team hod be-n practicing. 'The girls will have less bumps and bruises.' said Forde. Thi softer surface creates less strain on the knees, joints, and back. Forde said that the trock will help recruit top high school athletes who might have not been considering running for Temple. $e or Sydnee Jocques likes that they now have more privacy. 'A ew girls got things stolen (at practices on the old track), sad jo- ques. 'Sometimes, it was tough to figure out when we could go and practice. $, or Bionca Jonee Si. Hw said pavilion I™ .ebound d xleiiniics that allows ihem ,o be (as,. She said ihe cammun.s, B was wonvoet and made runners more pione 10 tn|Uty. We 0,1 continuously comm-. . On compafecj ro f e Qi i . °W 60 Suffoce is to run r°ck. ‘ she said. Blanco Fernandez kb”h fem°'e Pe,l°'mK- Be, graduatioe. ° h to " toug o see our upper classmen leave, Jacques so id. ’We hove to step things up o notch higher, and work harder to maintain what we had accomplished lost year last year, Fernandez's track accomplishments included earning a second gold medal in the 1 SOOmefer race at the Princeton lnvitationa; with a 4:23.70 clocking. Forde said it would fake effort from both, the seniors ond the coaches to bring the team forward. 'Our seniors will step it up a few notches, coach Forde said. He looked to Jacques and St. Fleur os two Owls to watch for this season. One of Jacques's big accomplishments lost season was finishing first in the triple jump ot the indoor season opener with an 1 1,74-meter leap. lost season. St. Fleur finished third in ihe long jump ot the Morgan ,. , .,l „ mrtri. of 5 63 meters. She also set a State leqocy Meet with a mar or new record in the 200 meter at the BU David Hemery Vblentine Invitational posting a 24.23 finish. WRITTEN BY 0AY.D BlOCK PHOTOGRAPHED BY NATE HARVEYTemple Men's Lacrosse Club och.eved a loi o! success in recent seasons, yel not many Temple students know about the club. They won the Division II club lacrosse notional chompionship in 2015, while achieving a perfect record of 21-0. During the 2015 winning streak, the team defeated some of the top clubs in the country such as 1 Penn State Club and 10 Rutgers Club. In spring 2016. the team was able to maintain a strong record despite moving up to a more competitive division, Division I. The team finished 12-6 and beat some notable opponents, 14 Penn Club and 7 Virginia Club. But being a club lias unique advantages despite not being an NCAA team. Players have more freedom because of their club status times are "Playing for club is much more relaxing for a lot of people that just love lacrosse, sophomore member, Jake Bevenour. said. "It is not EMBRACING THE CLUB STATUS MEN’S LACROSSE CLUB’S MAJOR SUCCESS WENT RELATIVELY UNKNOWNCONTINUING THE LEGACY MEET TEMPLE CREW’S NEW HEAD COACH BRIAN PERKINS Perkins soid thot beccuse he hos the same experience as a Temple rower, he employs a 'soft approoch to alleviate the overwhelming experience. Continuing the academic excellence tradition of the team, Vecchione said Perkins stresses thor academics come first and athletics second. P- to the start of the 2016-2017 season, Brian Perkins was ncmed AAen's Crew Head Coach. His approach is to help his a dents train for crew and in the classroom. He replaced Dr. Gavin White, who retired lost season offer 36 years as Men's Crew head coach. Coach White will assume the coach emeritus position. Pe'kins graduated from Temple and served os assistant coach under coach White for the post two seasons. Ji ior rower Sam Vecchione said Perkins fits as head coach of the team because of his past experience with them. 'K: understands where we come from, what we do every day, he said. Vc-cchione said Perkins, a rower himself during his time studying ot Temple, understands what it’s like to be in their shoes and knows how to work the team to its best potential using what they have. Perhns differentiates himself from his predecessor by employing a rr.jre hands-on approach. He said he sees himself os a tactical coach similar to coach While. Vecchione said Perkins is more of a 'gogetter, and executioner ‘He goes out and mokes sure the work gets done, he soid. f t sees coach White as more of a thinker and coach Perkins os more of an atiacker. Freshman rower Joey Nguyen soid Perkin's style of coaching is Cire,-.t, but not unreasonable. '! .' likes things done the way he wonts it to be done, but he is also very understanding, Nguyen said. ‘ ■ guyen said Perkins is accommodating and flexible with the fco ig schedule, citing an example of how Perkins gives athletes wi- scheduling conflicts a chance to add another option to the workout session. Cc :ch Perkins is memorable for his team because of his everyday . actions with the athletes. des the line really well of being our superior, our coach, and c being our friend - someone we con come to, someone we c talk to, Vecchione said. He wants us to be part of the team: in order to be a member of the team you need to take core of yourself first. He wants you to work on yourself os a person, os an athlete, as a student ond then bring whot you have to the team, Vecchione said. Nguyen said Perkins mokes sure the team is focused on and off the water. He said the coach emphasizes the some amount of effort in academics os much as they do with crew. Perkins emphosizes academic excellence from his rowers because of the correlation between occdemic success and athletic achievement. 'The way an athlete prepares for final exams is similar to how he or she will prepare for the City Champ:on$hip ... disciplined students are also disciplined rowers. Perkins said. WRITTEN 8Y LONG NGUYEN PHOTOGRAPHED BY NATE HARVEYDuring the summer of 2015. the city o( Philadelphia started the restoration of East Park Canoe House, home to Temples Men's Crew and Women's Rowing teams. The city and the lenfest Foundation committed $5.5 million toward the project. In November 2016, rowing and crew members moved into their renovated boathouse. The East Park Canoe House holds significant importance to Temples Men's Crew and Womens Rowing. In 2013, Temple cut seven varsity sports including Men's Crew and Women's Rowing due to inadequate resources. The renovation announcement returned Mens Crew and Women's Rowing to their former status os varsity sports in 2014 and the two teams had been wailing for the project completion since. Upon the first visit, team members were happy about the changes. Prior to the opening of the boathouse. Men's Crew and Women’s Rowing teems stored their boats in tents, outside. Whenever inclement weather occurred, the boots and other equipment got dirty or damaged 'It is great for the equipment and the athletes to move into a more comfortable environment. We ore really thankful,' Alyssa O'Donnell said, assistant coach of Women's Rowing. Sam Vecchione, o Men's Crew member, said the improved boathouse is a phenomenal luxury. The boathouse provides the team a place of storage and organization for the equipment with enough space to store extra gear. It is also a warm indoor area where the team can practice during bad weather. 'It is nice to have a warm indoor area where you can do your thing instead of rushing to avoid the [weather] elements and eventually go home dirty,' Vecchione said. Not only is there space for the equipment, but the team has locker rooms for their personal equipment, a 'luxury" tents couldn't provide. 'll was pretty cool; I hove only been in the tents so for, but for the sophomores, juniors, and seniors, it is extra special. It is cod to be part of Temple history.'’ Claire Savage, of Women's Rowing, said. Vecchione and Joey Nguyen of crew, believe that the boathouse will likely factor into the success of the team this season. 'We were proud before to be the tough guys from outdoor and now we can take that same grind, that same grit, that some intensity, and bring it into a more luxurious setting,' Vecchione said. He soid with the new boathouse the crew and rowing teams have the potential to become a prime destination for high schod recruits. Nguyen said that when Men's Crew Head Coach, Brian Perkins, mentioned the opening of the boathouse, it eased his decision to attend Temple. 'It’s only going to get betier for men and women's rowing. The tents were not ideal for boats, equipment, and athletes, so this means something for everyone.' Coach O'Donnell said 'It was obsdutely fantastic... it is a phenomenal luxury, and we are especially grateful to have it,' Vecchione said. The teams hod been using the tents for eight years - since 2008 - because before the renovations, the Department of licenses and Inspections deemed East Park Canoe House structurally unsound. WRITTEN BY IONG NGUYEN PHOTOGRAPHED BY DANtlO BURGOSTHE WAIT IS FINALLY OVER EAST PARK CANOE HOUSE REOPENS gsn a aGREEKS • ORGANIZATIONS Temple university OWLchestra Roughly two years ago. Amanda Roth (violinist founding President) had the idea to start a string orchestra for students and community members who wanted a lov stress opportunity to ploy their instruments. She recruited Rick Henry (violinist founding librarian) and Isooc Young (vioiinisl conductor extraordinaire) and by January 2015 had the first rehearsal. Although they thought they would be the only ones there, they were wrong. By April, Isaac hod whipped the ensemble into shope and the first ever concert was held April 9, 2015. — Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity Rooted in the principles of scholarship, leadership and fellowship, the Alpho lambda Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi Notional Honor Fraternity is a gender inclusive organization that enables its members to serve in the community and lead among their peers. With 152 chapters around the country. Phi Sigma Pi offers its 6,000 Brothers and 42,000 Alumni the opportunity to make friends from all over the nation. Every fall Temple's chopter of Phi Sigma Pi invites Brothers from across the country to Philadelphia for a weekend-long soccer tournament that benefits Autism Cares, the fraternity's philanthropy. This year Brothers traveled from Michigan, Florida and everywhere in between to the fundraiser cosponsored by Drexel’s chapter. The Fraternity is led by an executive board serving yearlong terms: President Finnian Saylor, Vice President Andrew lescosky, Treasurer Aliza Abezis, Recording Secretary Imani Johnson, Corresponding Secretory Patrick O'Malley, Parliamentarian Steven Nokhlah, Initiate Advisor Danielle Corabello and Historian Jolene Fulmote. -----------The Fashion tr Business Club Founded November 2012 by SMC student Lauren Snyder, with the goal of gathering fashion-minded students on Temple's campus and connecting the university to the fashion industry. The club strives to create opportunities for students to follow their passions and embrace the local Philadelphia fashion industry. Over the post four years our membership has continued to grow, we hove hod over 60 speakers ond 15 events, and we look forward to providing many more opportunities for our members in the years to come. The 2016-2017 EBoord include: President, Kaitlyn Kurisky, Vice President ond Director of Corporate Relations, Julio Chiango, Director of Marketing, Alex Cove. Director of Editorial: Blog. Sam Ferguson. Director of Editorial: Style Book, Josh Zegons, Secretary, Mariano Foley, ond Treasurer, Briana Burton. Alpha Epsilon Pi------------------------------------- AEPi was founded in 1913 with o mission So provide opportunities for the Jewish college mon seeking the best possible college and fraternity experience. We have maintained the integrity of our purpose by strengthening our ties to the Jewish community and serving as a link between high school and career We are involved in various Jewish advocacy programs through Hillel including JHP and The David Project. Our officers include: President, Josh Carter. Vice President, Mitch Pisarz. Treasurer, Carl Ruppel, Scribe. Evan Danowitz. House Manager. Ari Goldstien, Recruitment Chair, David Fenster, New Member Educator, Justin Ingordia, Risk Chairman, Alec Seitchik, Social Chairman, Matt Perel. Brother At large. Mott Smith, Parliamentarian, Avi Benshoshan.The brothers at Alpho Tou Omega (ATO) don't hove o philanthropy They actually hove many. 'Our goal is to outvote men that will get involve and give bock to the community that gives them so much,' Vice President John Mercurio said. They focus on giving bock to organizations meaningful to them like the Women's Organization Against Rape |WOAR| and the Boy and Girls Clubs of America IBGCA] Historian and Philanthropy Chairman, senior Ryon McMahon, has organized the fraternity's signature event in the pest, on onnuol 36-hour campout. During the campout, the brothers raise their tents end sell things like cheesecake, by the slice, hove raffle baskets, and even offer to throw paint balloons ot a brother for $ 1. They collect goodies to sell through sponsors. Business to business, the collect things to sell and include in the raffle baskets like coupons, gift cards, money donations, even cheesecake from one of their sponsors. The Cheesecake Factory. At the time of the interview, their most recent campout in April 2016 raised $2,000 to Philly's BGCA. In the post, proceeds have gone to WOAR, a nonprofit that raises awareness against rape and provides free counseling. ‘Mainly women help spread awareness fo1 the epidemic of sexual assault and rape. We saw it as an opportunity for men to get involved for a problem that is mostly caused and perpetuaied by men, Mercurio said WOAR is an important organization for the fraternity as the brothers believe in raising campus sexual assault ond rape awareness. "Our main goal is to have it coming from people who aren't talking about the issue ond who need to be talking about the issue," Mercurio said. ‘We like to focus on what has meaning to the chapter while also helping the world around us, McMahon said in regard to the kinds of philanthropies they may chose to engege in. He said the fraternity participates in a 5k run for Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation offer one of the brothers had a younger sister diagnosed with cancer. Another brother's father hed also been diegnosed with colon cancer. They show support by participating on the run which focuses on raising funds to fight childhood cancer. A brother's father was diagnosed with colon cancer, ond today they participate in Get Your Rear in Gear, a 5k run in the spring for colon cancer. ATO started late night food soles os they found it is unique and effective. They sell foods like mozzarella sticks in front of their home on Thursday nights ond donate to any cause they chose. Most recently, proceeds went toward helping brothers that participated in Hootathon The brothers are always on the lockout for new, creative and fun ways of fundraising for the various causes they support, ot the same lime, 'hey make efforts to stoy away from things that link them to fraternity stigmas. Vice President John Mercurio said. 'Really the emphasis [ot ATO] is on helping those around us and we pride ourselves on love and respect,' he said. Most brothers even soy they were first in selling Krispy Kreme Donuts on campus which they initialed looking for an effective way to fundroise other than con shaking which they opted from because of the negative connotation it has Benefits from the most recent donut sales went to the American Cancer Society. WRITTEN BY ANTHONY GATTA AND MAftMC PEREZ PHOTOGRAPHED BY ZAC HENNINGDEFYING THE STEREOTYPES ATO FUNDRAISES FOR DIFFERENT CAUSES WHILE DETACHING FROM GREEK-LIFE STIGMATIZATIONS iHyphen Literary and Arts Magazine Storied over a decade ago by Temple professor Jenna Osman, Hyphen Literary and Arts Magazine strives to showcose the very best of Temple's undergraduate written and visual art. Eoch issue is the culmination of a year's work of bbod, sweat, and tears - through us, Temple's writers and artists get a leg up in their creative careers. Managing Editor Gobie Bauman, Creative Editors Brittany loeffler and Olivia Botanowski, Treasurer Nigel Thompson, Social Media Nogiarry Porceno-Meneus. Creative Outreach Matt Remus. Secretary Tobitho Miller, and Event Coordinator Nathanael Cobigting join amazing general body to print one issue a year.Pre-SNPMA (Pre-Student National Podiatric Medical Association) Temple University's Pre-SNPMA (Pre-Student Notional Podiatric Medico! Association) is o student-led pre-health organization that promotes leadership and knowledge about podiatric medicine. Although geared for preheolth students interested In pursuing a career in podiatry, oil students are welcomed to join and learn more about this very specialized field within medicine. With meet-ups involving community service, shadowing, social events, volunteering, and professional development workshops, members are able to not only gain experience and knowledge about health care that is focused on podiatry, but to also become better prepared for admission into podiatry school.SORORITIES GIVE A HELPING HAND SERVICE WORK PLAYS A SIGNIFICANT ROLE IN SORORITY LIFE. A wolk through Temple's campus can involve seeing the volunteer work thot sorority students ore involved in. between bake soles, jingling money jars, and posters. The National Ponhellenic Conference (NPC) is the collective name given to the 4.8 million women that ere members of 26 notional and international sororities women's fraternities. In the 2014-2015 school year, the NPC reported more than 2.95 million hours of service work completed. The official NPC website lists the emount of money raised by sorority students for philanthropic causes and in the 2014-2015 year alone they report a sum of over 34.8 million. On Temple's campus, supporting philanthropic causes is an involved aspect of every sorority. Service is listed os a value by aH greek life organizations, whether it be sororities or fraternities. Jivono Jasfhi. a junior member of Delta Kappa Delta, soys that service work mokes up the base of every sorority. ‘Any philanthropy is the foundation of o sorority. Sororities are involved in philanthropy work because we feel it necessary to give bock to the community,'Jasthi said. Delta Kappa Delta's foundation is service and their slogan is ‘Sisterhood Built Through Service.' Jasthi soid that even though all of the sisters are different, what brings them together is their passion for service. Jasthi soid her sorority works with a verier of philanthropic causes, spanning numerous categories. Their philanthropy is the awareness end prevention of child abuse, locally, they work with philanthropy specific organizations like the Norris Homes, an after school care center for children. The women also work in various service organizations across the city Hike Ronold McDonald House, Chosen 300, and love Run. Phi Sigma Sigma has also been active in various philanthropic causes. They hove worked with the Kids In Need Foundation, Special Olympics, ond Pfii Sigma Sigma Foundation (the organization is named after the sorority. I The proceeds collected go to children and their school supplies. locally, they have volunteered in block cleanups and soup kitchens. Some $isfc“ even go weekly to Widener Memorial School to volunteer. Melissa Eisgrau, a sophomore member of the women's fraternity Phi Sigma Sigma soid her favorite philanthropic event is an annual bowling fundraiser the. hold in the spring for breast cancer. "Every year we raise more money than the year before. Its so much fun ' she soid. 'We olso do an online donation link so that the families and friends who are out of town, like mine, ccn be involved os well. Everyone hos such o great time.' Eisgrau soid that philanthropy work is important because it helps bring drefer1 sororities together. She said Phi Sigma Sigma gets involved with other sororities by supporting them in their fundraisers. “Whenever any other sorority is having an event thot is open to the general public it is announced at our meetings and we are encouraged to participate, Eisgrau soid. lt's really awesome to see rhe events our panhellenc sisters put on.' WRITTEN BY AN A PHOTOGRAPHED BY SARA)- ' ADALJ Temple Musical Theater cooperative The Temple Musical Theater Cooperative is an organization founded by the musical theater program to provide fundraising events for charities and to bring musical thecter related activities to students - specifically students in the theater department They hosted their first event, a cabaret, LOVE (is iove is love) and donated the proceeds to Planned Parenthood on April 3 ------------------------------------ Delta zeta Delta Zeto is on international college sorority committed to finding meaning in this complex world. With the bond of friendship, our girls have trufy found a common ground away from home; pledging to moke a difference in our own community and abrood, Delta Zeta is devoted to supporting one another, os well os those we strive to help. ----------------------- Phi Sigma Sigma Phi Sigma Sigma is a dynamic sisterhood of powerful women fostering uncompromising principles, igniting positive change and embracing individuality. The Phi Sigma Sigma chap'er at Temple University, Xi Chapter, is the oldest Panhellenic sorority on campus and the oldest active Phi Sigma Sigmo chapter ot 90 yeors o'd. Xi Chapter helps to bring positive attention to the Panhellenic sorority system ot Temple by maintaining the highest average GPA cf the five Panhellenic sororities and the second highest average GPA of all student organizations on campus, raising over $ 1 3,000 for Fnilonthropy, serving necrly 2,000 service hours over the post year, and receiving numerous notional awards deemed by the Heodquarters of Phi Sigma Sigma. We work closely with the Phi Sigmo Sigma Foundation, which promotes school and college readiness, and the Kids In Need Foundation. We volunteer at local soup kitchens, the Widener Memoriol School for kids with vorious physical and medical disabilities, the Special Olympics and more. Grassroot Soccer at Temple university — Founded in 2013 by current President Hoseeb Goheer and Vice President of Internal Affairs Rohit Batish, Grassroot Soccer at Temple University uses the power of soccer to educate and inspire college s'udents to stop the spread of HIV. Temple’s chopter engages the student body in a variety of events that merge peoples love for soccer with community outreach in Philadelphia. The team does volunteering work, distributes food to the homeless in Center City, hosted the first ever student-organized Global Heolth Conference, and coordinates campus-wide soccer tournaments. GRS aims to raise awareness to stop the stigma surrounding HIV AIDS.■ Adriano Alosa, a sophomore in the criminal justice program, is surrounded by tiny dancers at a local dance studio. Dedicated to the art, she teaches dance to children 2 to 6 years olds during her spare time. She began dancing at Beth Jacobsen School of Dance at a young age and has danced for 16 years “It's fun to get the kids excited about dance,” she said. ”1 like to see their love for dance blossom and me being able to shore that with them,” Alosa said Alosa has performed tap, jazz, hip hop, lyrical and contemporary donee with the Reflections Dance Company on campus in The Underground and for HootaThon. 'Dancing is a greot exercise. It gets you moving and is very therapeutic,” she said. She inspires children through the art of dance and raises awareness for a cause using the tool of dancing. Hosted every year at Temple, HootaThon is a twelve-hour dance marathon that raises awareness and funds for the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. 'HootaThon means dancing for the lives we hove lost, and the lives we ore celebrating, it is o night for those to forget burdens in their lives and o time to dance for the lives we are given, whether they are ideal lifestyles or not,” Director of the event. Nadia Eishami said. As a popular event to many unique dancers, HootaThon, hosts nearly 400 participants on over 90 teams Eishomi said. The Irish Dance Team also participates in HootoThon. This is a student organization that uses the tool of dance to welcome undergraduate and graduate students to learn of the Irish culture. The team also participates in traditional ceili dance competitions and dances in which the team choreographs. In 2013, they won the Marie C. Burns Award for Best Adult Group Performance at the Philadelphia St Patrick's Day Parade. 'We have the opportunity to share different dance techniques. The club also helps our dancers to see the different organizations and learn about the culture of them too. Our team is small; it has given us the opportunity to become good friends, ' Jordan said. Appearing at multiple events on campus. The Irish Dance Team performs at the Red lounge Event in December (which benefits AIDS awareness), at a multicultural event for Temples Writing Center, and at the Student Organization for Caribbean Awareness. The groups goal is to spread love and knowledge of Irish dancing at Temple and to reach the surrounding Philadelphia area. WRITTEN BY AUDREY IAUER PHOTOGRAPHED BY COURTNEY IDASET1MA 'The purpose of our organization is to spread o love of Irish Donee to a multitude of different people here at Temple. We welcome any person, regardless of experience level, to come and learn about the culture and meaning of the dance, said dancer and coach of the Irish ceili, Abigail Jordon.DANCING, SHINING ON AND OFF THE STAGE DANCINC AT TEMPLE HAS GENERATED STUDENT-LEAD CHARITY EVENTS, CULTURAL DIFFUSION, AND A PASSION TO SHARE THE ART. J1 »AW1 ;111 ri------------------ The Temple Ad Club The Temple Ad Club has allowed members Jo expand network connections, leorn from peers, and Help their community since its founding in 2008. Members explore their creativity via speaker sessions, our student-run agency, and mentorship program. The students who dedicate themselves to this organization will walk away with knowledge, friendship, and skills to help them in their professional careers. TAC's executive board members graduating in 2016-2017 include President Samantha Hilty. Vice President Robin Goffman, Secretory Treasurer Sean Moron, Event Planners Coley Pantalone and Zachary Weiss, Social Medio Coordinator Annie Scheers, Agency Director Jake landmesset, and Creative Director Rachel Jani. Reflections Dance Company Reflections Dance Company started in the Fall of 2014 by then Freshman, Allison Kaminsky. Reflections is a coed, student run, modern-based dance company. The company holds performances twice a year at the end of each semester. Offering opportunities in both hip hop and ballet. Reflections Dance Company is a way students continue dancing throughout their college experience, exercise, and make lasting friendships. — Sport and Governance Association The Spori and Governance Association (SAGA) is a student professional organization run through the School o Sport, Tourism, and Hospitality Management (STHMJ. Our purpose is to expose our members to the governance and policy aspects of the sports industry through group trips, guest speakers, and interactive panels We strive to assist our members by providing resources to develop them into young sports business professionals.PURPLESTRIDE rmP PHILADELPHIA 2016 lPIi MUBnmtwm mftwwi outfit '•«« jfi'iiwuiwitivnRUNNING AND SHAVING FOR THE CAUSE PURPLESTRIDE AND SIGMA ALPHA MU RAISE CANCER AWARENESS THROUGH EVENTS Pir. eSfride Philodelphio brings together the masses affected by par -reatic cancer during one of the lorgest walks in the country. They fundraise for their affiliate, the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, mainly through a 5K run and family-friendfy walks. ‘Ev iyone there has been affected by pancreatic cancer somehow, it's motivating being in such a supportive community... to !;o a part of such an emotional connection. A purple army of soldiers for the common cause,' Michcel R. Fine, a Temp's a . Rjs and volunteer cochair for the event, said. Fin. cecame involved in hosting 5k‘s and raising awareness after the :- alh of his father to the cancer. For CoChair Kelly Durkin, oft' tier grandmother passed due to cancer, she participated in cor awareness walks with her family ond reached out to the par -'eatic cancer nonprofit community. In men, pancreotic cancer is the 11 th most commonly diagnosed car :er ond the ninth in women, the Pancreatc Cancer Action Network said in a report. Overall, cancer deaths are declining, however, death rotes for pancreatic cancer are increasing. In 2016, the cancer surpassed b'L ;;t cancer moving from being the fourth leoding cancer-related cause of death in the U.S., to the third, the report shows. V: .nteers are essential to our affiliate's success... By having strong and dedicated volunteers to lean on as a group, it makes rf- :ight a little easier each day,' Durkin said. V. i h a blend of carnival games, mogic, and entertainment, PuipfeStride Philadelphia has a 'happy, fun feel to it and a good ti- ‘ bringing what Durkin describes as a 'bright atmosphere' for a aim illness. 'All of us at the Philadelphia affiliate volunteer our time and dedication because we truly wont to find a cure for pancreatic cancer and be able to provide an outlet for anyone affected by this horrible disease,' Durkin said. But awareness does not stop there. When the chill of tele October hit, the greek chopter Sigma Alpha Mu at Temple was preparing for the kick off of their fourth annuo! head-shaving event for breast cancer awareness. The event started when fraternity member Xavier Perez began raising awareness four years ago after his mother, Maria Codd-Perez, wos diagnosed. The fraternity brothers gathered for six hours on October 26 ct that Alumni Circle on liocouras Walk as they offered to shave their heads after every $ 100 raised. The first couple of years is really figuring things out,' Perez said. 'But after reaching out, you connect with so many more peop'e who have the similar stories.' Perez said 25 brothers shoved their heads at this year's event. They olso created a Gofundme page that reached 329 shares on Focebook and raised $2,920 of their $4,000 goal WRITTEN BY AUDREY LAUER PHOTOGRAPHED BY THE PANCREAflC CANCER ACTION NETWORKTEMPLE MADE-TEMPLE PLACED PRORANCER PROCRAM SUCCESSFULLY PLACES TEMPLE CRADUATES INTO PERMANENT JOB POSTS All Temple students thot took the PfoRanger Prog;;: -- were placed into permanent job positions. One of the options available to Tern : students is to work for the national parks me ProRanger Program offers. Asso ;te Director of the ProRanger Program, Anthony luongo. attributed the success to the progrcm's design. 111610'$ on academic component, which requires several undergraduate academic courses,' he said. The required courses include a national park service course and a land management course But academic courses alone do not earn the Temple student job placement. They must have two paid internships. Students are assigned a nationol park during the summer where they gain experience by eithe- working in several areas like resource management, interpretation, administration, and low enforcement. In Su :er II, students ore then required to hove o different internship, this one primer !y dealing with the low enforcement div v n, which is responsible for visitor and resource protection. In oddition, Temple has a federally accredited season low enforcement trair -g program based out of Temples Amber campus. In r; txogram, students complete an 18-wee- !qw enforcement academy, which pro. ..s them the skills necessory to be o first resp -der in o notional park. Thi$ includes everything from the federal code of regulations to criminal and legal procedure, Self-defense, handcuffing and pepper spraying,' luongo said. After completing the academy, they are eligible under special hiring authority called Pro Ranger of Philadelphia, to be placed noncompetitivefy into opened positions. ’And that's where our partners ot the notional park service help ploce our graduates into open law enforcement ranger positions,’ Luongo said. To dote, we hove had students who have successfully completed the components and the requirements of the program • we've had a one-hundred percent rate.' Temple University history professof and Nationol Park Service Special Projects Coordinator, Seth Biuggeman soid that certain students might initially shy away from the ProRanger program due to misperceptions. Bruggemon said some students believe that to work for the national park service meens to be compelled to be hyper pattiotic and hyper nationalistic. 'There's this belief, this sense that notional parks are only committed to nature preservation and thot it's quasi militaristic and maybe a little fuddyduddy, said Bruggemon. 'But the truth about the notional park service it hos 400 units and exists everywhere in the city.' Instead, the participants in the program will explore ways the parks can help experience a historical perspective. 'Americans can look in the mirror and critique our post and understand what directions we've gone that weren't so great so thot we can imagine new ones in the future, he said. Part of the goal is to convince millennial thot the national parks provide opportunities for 'ail of us,' Bruggemon said. He said that os an agency, they also have c goal of accommodating millennial interests. The courses Bruggemon teaches for the ProRanger program include history of the national park service, and a course called Imperil Promise. He explained thot the latter provides heritage interpretation within the notional parks. Supervisory Park Ranger and ProRanger Program Manager, Adrian Fernandez, said that when the program started in 2004, they had a shortage of pork ranger law enforcement applicants. 'People thought being a ranger meont having to work out in the woods, Fernandez said. 'That's not true. There are parks in cities like Boston and Philadelphia where there’s a need for law enforcement rangers. There ore different types of parks to choose from, city, desert, rural, and water.' WRITTEN BY DAVID BLOCK PHOTOGRAPHED BY FAUl MULLERPEOPLELETTER FROM THE • PRESIDENTDear graduate: I'm very proud to congratulate you lor earning your degree! From now on, wherever you go. you'll always be a graduate of Temple University. As you prepare for life after college. I'm sure you fee! both excited and nervous I haven't been in your shoes in many years, but I recall that sense of excitement and adventure that came with graduation and storting the next stage of my life The main thing you should remember is that Temple will always be here for you. whether you need help odvoncing your career, odvoncing your education, attending a cultural or athletic event or participating in alumni activities. I especially hope you will stay in touch with Temples outstanding professors, who have hod a unique impact on your education. I've been at this university for more than 41 years, and I've seen generation after generation of our graduates return to campus and engage our current students. Years from now, when you pull this yearbook off the shelf, or dig it out of a box of memories, I hope you feel inspired to do the same. Although the foces change, Temple University is a constant, a fixed point in a changing world. Over the decodes, we hove remained true to our mission, emphasizing access and affordability diversity and academic excellence. And we remain true to our commitment to you: To keep Temple the piece you have come to know and love. The university's success would be impossible without great students like you. Thank you far choosing to be a Temple Owi Congratulations on becoming a Temple grad. Sincerely. RICHARD M. ENGLERT PresidentAustin Abadiotakis Siyovush Abidov Mackenzie Abate Victor Abdel-Malek Magda Abozeed Erin Abraham Mikyla Abdul-Azim Bret Abramowitz Chloe Adams Sean Adams Oreoluwa Adeniyi Zuieika Afanador Gabrieile Aguilar Anwaar Ahmad Muhammad Ahmad Annisa Ahmed Sarnia Akhtar Omolola Akinsola Oluseun Akintunde Batul Al-Ameri Olga Abeli Aynye' Adams Tanjila Afroz Caroleena AlbaroMouhannad Albaroki Allison Albrecht Christina Allegro Traynesha Allen Danielle Allen Hanna Alem Kendra Allen Shanece Allen •Aanju Anthony Jane Anyaudo Nicole Apsche Kelly Armstrong Alan ArriolaSynclaire Arthur Elizabeth Atterbury Rohma Attia Harven Auguste Taylor Austin Hollie Axel Dave Azor Jessica Boar Gabriella Badurek Carol Bailey Deepak Bajaj Angela Baker Rachel Baker Angela Awad Tucker Bagley Sean BamakJenna Beck Logan Beck Rachel Becker Jessica Bell Rachel Bell Brenton Bender Marissa Bendift Olili Benge Yarissa BeforeNoam Benjamin Rochelle Benkert Michael Bennett Tyler Benton P % Andria Berkley Marjorie Berthelot-Mariat Klodiana Bici Brianne Bishop Luke Bizal Carl Black Nadirah Blackman Caroline Blank Jedrick-Leo Boca Coryell Berke Carissa Bigger Michael Bojsza Rosa BorschellAshley Brader Ryan Brandon Michelle Bresnahan Kofi Brooks Kevin Bradley Courtney Brandt Alexandra Brice Melanie Brophy William Boyd Salima Bradley Alexander Brannan Taylor Corrigan Braun Jennifer Brandley Andrew Brenner Danielle Britton Catherine Brown Amira Brown Catherine Brighter Ashleigh BrownKyndall Brown Marques Brown Najai Brown Aqilah Browne Charles Brown Simone Brownlee Meghan Brumbley Jonathan Bruno Chebria Bryant Samantha Browning Kelly Buckner Dalia Simona Bucu Danielle Buerger Alissa Bui Thao Bui Darranique Burhananbarbour Melissa Burk Matthew Burkhardt Paige Burno Alissa BurnsSydney Butler ric Caballero Macy Camara Judy Cao iina Carbone Tatyana Butterfield Tyler Caffey Marta Buzik Ashley Caldwell Gregory Calhoun Torrie Camp Qiaodie Cao Lauren Capone Colleen Caprario Michael Cara Samantha Carilla Tyler Carmody Olivia Carney Elizabeth CarrFROM NEWS FICURE TO CAREER COACH CAREER DIRECTOR, LU ANN CAHN, CHANCED HER CAREER PATH TO INSPIRE THE NEXT GENERATION OF COMMUNICATORS. lu Ann Cohn is a two-lime cancer survivor, professional speaker, mom. wife, and an eight-lime Emmy Aword-winning journalist. But today, she serves os the Communication Director of Career Services in the School of Media and Communication (SM.CJ. After 40 years os o broadcast reporter, Cohn decided it was time for a path change. She wanted to feel inspired again She wonted a new career, but after leaving NBC 10, she did not know exactly what that was going to be. With the encouragement of her daughter, she decided to blog about new adventures she took on every day in 2010. The bog was successful and became a published book entitled 1 Dare Me.” 'The journey put me on a different path where I was talking to people all around the world.” Cohn said. She even tried different foods like scorpion and participated in the polar p'unge But, while exciting, she still needed more. She taught graduate students at Drexel University which opened her thoughts for career path number two. In Feb. 2015, she started her position at Temple to help launch the next generation of communicators. In her role, she connects SMC students with employers preparing students for internships and job opportunities within their prospective fields. Cahn visits SMC classes to inform students about SM1Connect, a website specifically made for SMC students to find out information about networking opportunities, career fairs, jobs, internships, resume workshops and more events affecting Temple students early in their college career. Mark Digiovanni. SMC living learning Community (UC) freshman, credits Cohn for helping him in communication and networking just his first year in college. As part of SMC's llC, freshmen went on a city excursion to FOX 29 Philadelphia this year, which Cahn helped coordinate. Resident Assistant for the SMC UC, Tyler Device, appreciates the work she has done for Temple and SMC. 'She literally knows everyone. I have been on several SMC trips with her and I am amoved at how many people know her from her lime with NBC. It is really cool working with her ot open house events because many of the students have seen or heard of her. and they know that she is the reel deal,” he said. Cahn encourages students to do more than get a college degree She urges students to network and get internships. People who push the envelope and get comfortable daring themselves will go far, she said Tm really l appy to be here. I wake up every morning grateful that I have a second career that I love just as much os the first career. I feel like I am pretty lucky. I want everyone to fly and take off when they leave [Temple},' she said. WRITTEN BY COURTNE Y iDASEttWA PHOTOGRAPHED BY ANDRE ABECASS'SLauren Carrasquillo Shanygne Caton Young Han Chang v John Cavanaugh Kaitlyn Cendrowski Asfrid Cerrada Ziyuan Chai Courtney Chan Mecey Chan Andrea Chang Monica ChangRodney Cherry Anastasiya Chervonyak Brenda Choi Jasmine Choice-Royster Alexa Ciero Mariela Cifuentes Alexandra Clegg Madeline Clugston Quanisha Ciampoli Hoi Ning Cheung Andrew Christensen Jenise Clark Bria Coaxum Mattingly Cohen Patrick Cohen Sarah Cohen Sharee Cole Rashida Coleman Melonie Collado Maria ColonShalani Colon Grier Conard Haley Connaughton Daechelle Connors Ashli Crew Melissa Cronk Lissa-Marie Cunillera Jennifer Currier Anna Cutaia John D'Ambrosio Andrew Dale Jada Dale Daniel Conrad Frederick Corner Tyrone Crawford Jamillah DallasDaniel Damato Regina Davey Jillian Darrow Zoe Davidson Anastasia Dawdanow Gregory Davis Kyle Davenport Quadera Davis Halana Dash Katherine Dawson Kelly Dawson Jamya Day Sydney Daye Elaina DeHoratius Victoria DellaVecchia Ann Marie Delvin Mariam Dembele Katrina DePalma Katie DelRusso Katherine DeRiso Jessica DeLucia Olivia DermodyShivani Desai Lyndsey Detweiler Bridget DiBella Christopher DiGiuseppe Bertha Dillard Jonathan Diep Dione Dieudonne John DiBerardino Eber Devine Jamar Dick Heather Dewaal Rui Dias J Maria DiCostanzo Nicole DiCrecchio Julia DiFrancesco Gabrielle DiMarco Aviana Diggs Paul-Michael DiGiacomo Charlie Dinh Tu DinhAshanti Dixon Vitaliya Dokhvat Emily Donahue Kelly Donovan Kevin Dotter Charlene Dooley Paul Dorf Ayalibis Dorville Dominik Dos Emmanuelle Douge Timothy Dougherty Alexandra Dovgala-Carr Will DowneyAmanda Drop Sierra Drummond Brian Dunbar Heartier Dunn Kara Dwyer Stephanie Dykyj Matthew Edwards Naacara Edwards Summar Elgogari Marissa Emmerich Jennifer Dressier Alexandra Duesenberry Heather Dunn Emily Dziedowiec Victoria Edwards Stephen Duffy Zaneta Egiefameh Nolan Dumont Ashley Edwards Sondus Eldafrawy Tatiana Drye I Nabimie Ducas Cindy Duong Eric EcclestonBrandon Emonds Bea Eribal TaHanna Evans Shane Enderle R an Erney Joseph Engleman LongEo Jalen Fields Zola Filippi Bryan Fink Sarah Fischer Allyson FennerLIFE AFTER LIACOURAS WALK A RECENT ALUMNA'S INVOLVEMENT IN ORCS AND INTERNSHIPS HELPED PAVE HER WAY TO INTOUCH WEEKLY A week after Paulina Jayne Isaac graduated Temple, she was prepared to live and work in New York City. 1 secured an internship at Us Weekly and (somehow) convinced my big cousin to let me crosh ot her place, she wrote on her blog, ’life looked good. Her internship paid off. turning into a full-time job less than six months after she hod started. Isaac, who graduated Temple lost July with a B.A. in journalism and a minor in sociology, now works as an editorial assistant with Bauer Entertainment Group. Isaac took advantage of being able to turn internships into elective credits while at Temple. Instead of taking courses about magozines she got to experience working at a magazine, she said. Today, she works lor the digital versions of the celebrity tabloids life Style, Closer and InTouch Weekly. "When you're looking for a job, they want you to have experience and they want to know you can do the job, that they're not going to hove to spend up to four months training you,' she said. During her time at Temple, Isaac interned at a variety of publications. She was an editorial intern at Philadelphia Weekly, Philadelphia Style, The Hollywood Reporter, EllE, and most recently, US Weekly. 'Hollywood Reporter was my favorite," she said. 'I really wonted to cover the entertainment industry and we really got to do a lot there. We got to cover red carpet events... it was just a lot more fun." She was also a staff writer for Temple's chapter of Her Campus and was loter promoted as the Arts and Entertainment Editor. 'Her Campus was probably one of my favorite things," Isaac said. "I stared getting involved my sophomore year and that was really cool for me because I got to get a little experience in what I actually wanted to do.' Isaac discovered at around 13 years old that she wanted to be a journalist, tx her experiences at Temple helped shaped what kind of journalist she war ted to be. She said one of her fovorite things while at Temple, was getting on experience as an editor os she hod to manage the responsibilities of a staff ore publication. She was in charge of staff writers, hosting events, writing content herself and more. Coming to college, Isaac was unsure what route she wanted to take withn journalism. She debated between taking a political route or doing broadcast journalism. During her sophomore year, experiences ot Temple helped her realized she enjoyed writing fun and entertaining pieces marking her journey in the entertainment route. Her goal is to work for on entertainmer t or women's website. 'I like living in New York," she said. 'I think I'm going to stay here for a while I'm happy where I am and I'll see what opportunities present themselves when the time comes.' WRITTEN BY AMANDA ItZachary Fischer Rachel Flanigan M John Fogarty Greg Frank Lauren Fisk Conner Fleurat Kyle Foisy Nina Foster Emily Frederick Mario Flacco Nicole Flack Britney Flaherty Arianna Flood Kimberly Flood Mairghread Flynn Benjamin Fonda Nicholas Fontana Ashleigh Footman Elaina Foster-Allen Myisha Foy Delia FranchiShoquana Gantt Daniel Gorges Felicia Garis Libby Garner Nikko Gary Kenya Gaston Justin Gatbright Eric Gauntt Aisling Garvin Phoebe GavulaErin Gerard Meredith Getzfread Fereba Ghafary Alex Ghisu Scott Giancaterino Jimmy Giang Laurie Givnish Eloise Gibby Meredith Gilson Carrie Gingrich Julie Glazer Jonathan Ginsburg Andrew Goff Robin Goffman Andrea Golden Daniel Gold Megan Gold William Gold Taylor Goldberg Akhil GollaVlada Golovchenko Luiz Gomes Alexis Goodwin Zachary Grace Melissa Goppert Danielle Grandison Forrell Grant Mahfooza Lindsay Gordon Alexandra Grabel Devyn Grassia Rachel Graves Kelsey Green Keyona Green Morgan Green Randy Greenawalt Jr. Miranda GreenbergI Leo Greene Alison Groomes-Klotz Samantha Guerriero Brandon Greenstein Shanice Gregory Rafia Grooms Paige Gross Shogun Gupta Edward III Hagan Melissa Hall Sequoia Hall Melissa Grossman Kyle Hahn Maryam Hallaj Will Haney Kelsy Grim Audrey Guarino Brandon Haines Delaney Hallowell Timothy HangeyBrandi Harden Tafari Haynes Jonah Helfrich A Danielle Henry-Fogon Alexandria Hartey Harris Bryant Harris Daylan Hartranft David Hazel Joshua Heath Joseph Heidt Elizabeth Hekking Michael Hellmuth Nancy Heness Anisha Henry Diahmon Hester Dylan Hewitt Sarah Hibbert Emma Higgins1 Megan Higgins Tiana Hillian Asia Hightower Tyshae Hightower Samantha Hilty Brooke Hinton Deja Hill Rebecca Hixon Francesca Hommel Nathan Hong Brenna Horan Christine Horrocks Jiayu Hou Anniya Howard Maria Ho Elena Hooven Colton HowardSenhao Hu Yunpeng Huong Jeff Hu nh Collins lhaza Tarquil Islam Annie Huang Jordan Hubbard Sarah Infoccia Khalaf Ismael James Huang Kaddara Humphrey Jessica Farah Huynh Vannhi Huynh Mostafa Ibrahim Nicholas lezzi Carmen lossa Stephanie IsmaelWhen Heather Dunn came to Temple University, she entered a new world. 1 came from a pretty predominatelywhite background," she said. "My school hod little to no diversity so, one of the reasons why I wonted to come to Temple was becouse I wanted to experience diversity and experience other cultures." Senior Heather Dunn found the diversity that first reeled her in to Temple right os a freshman at the Johnson Hardwick residence halls U H) and through her invofvement in clubs. “There are people on those (| H) floors that I'm still friends with today. What mokes Temple students such great people and so diverse is that you could go from one club to another and meet completely different people,' she said. Fastforwarding to her senior year, Dunn plans on taking a year off to deal with student debt and to prep for the l-SAT's but she still choose Temple as her first option for law school which she plans on starting by 201 8. 'Temple has an absolutely phenomenal law school. Their trial program is amazing and they hove some really good credentials. They also have really awesome partnerships with firms downtown.’ Dunn said. Before deeding for a college, Dunn knew she wanted an environment with opened opportunities in the work industry. She said she opted to get rid of feeling sheltered like she felt back home. Temple offered strong alumni connections and taught her the value of a dollar, the value of diversity, how to broaden her horizons and the perks of SEPTA. 'I hod never used public transportation before I came to Temple,' she said. “And I just learned how to speok to people. I'm a tour guide teaching me public speaking skills in addition to learning how to communicate with people. In her junior year, Dunn interned with the Philadelphia District Attorneys office (DA). During onother internship this past summer with a private firm, the district attorney's office called her and offered her a part-time position which she accepted. She worked there three days o week for eight-hours and even received a promotion. She officially became a paralegal with the district attorneys office. While she doesn't have any definite p'ans postgraduation, Dunn knows she wants to keep the living the city life Temple has offered. "I would love to go bock to the DA's office os a prosecutor,' she said. 'Its something different every day You get o learn the in s and out's of the city through it. You gel to see the city through a different light and you get to meet a lot of really cool people.' WRITTEN BY AMANDA UEN PHOTOGRAPHED BY ASHLEY MARY ALEX. 111! !■-FROM JG-H TO THE LIACOURAS CENTER HEATHER DUNN, A TOUR GUIDE, PARALEGAL AND SENIOR7 Panic! At Tho Disco 'PamcArrneOisco Hoy ytTomploUmv Marching Band, you kiBed H! KCherryOn Oft!y 2d761WU 3 Oct Temple Bands @ TempleBands Follow Got a shout out from QPanicAtTheDisco! You guys are awesome! Thanks for some killer music. twitter, com panicatthedisc... 424 PM - 3 Oct 20 f 6THE PRIDE OF THE CHERRY AND WHITE MARCHING BAND HAS PROVIDED PEP AND LONG LASTING FRIENDSHIPS The 'emple University Diamond Marching Bor i s (TUDMB) nine-decade commitment to the .'Diversity has paid off as the band has see a rise in popularity and medio attention. It has been providing its cheerful and melodic auto for over 90 years at gomes and at the same time long-lasting friendships for its band members. The bond received over 600K views on Youtube on their Panic! At The Disco Show half-time performance and has been featured on radio stations like Radio 1045. 'Temple hos made their mark in the band world by playing non-traditional halftime music and absolutely crushing it, Co ?gemarching.com said in an article. Bond members hove even appeared on CBS's Madam Secretary, and USA TODAY Co ?ge featured the band in their 5 college marching band covers you absolutely have to hear. The bond has gotten attention in other outlets, even Twitter. But it doesn't stop there, senior Rebecca Remphrey, a fouryear member, is now saying goodbye to what she said shaped her life in a monumental way. Remphrey joined TUDMB her first semester of college. She hod been invoked in marching band throughout high school where she built many friendships and enjoyed the welcoming environment her high school team offered. She seeked for this some experience at Temple. 'Who knows what I would've done with oil the time we spend ot rehearsals and practicing, Remphrey said as she acknowledged that without TUDMB she would have not had the group of friends she has now. Though the structure of the band program has remained the same, with practice times still being three days a week and musicians still having to memorize drill charts and various songs, Remphrey sees a difference from when she first joined to now, her graduation time. She said the love the university hos grown to have for TUDMB has affected how she views herself os a member. 'The amount of pride I have for the organization hos exponentially increased because the respect our peers and the university hove for the organization hos been very positive. she said. In her four years os a member of the band, Remphrey has mode a lot of friends, has memorized a plethora of sho-ws that were only performed once - her favorite song was light 'Em Up by Fall Out Boy - and hos made memories that will bst a lifetime. Remphrey said being part of marching bond allowed her to grow as a woman Elizabeth Dess is a freshman member in the band. She knew she needed to be a part the moment she first saw the band on YouTube like Remphrey. she was a member of marching band in high school and knew she wanted to continue the band experience in her college career. Elizabeth said one of the things that excite her is being a part of something so large She plans to continue being o band member as she was also 'able to moke friends quickly. WRITTEN BY AUSON M. HOPWNS PHOTOGRAPHED BY JEREMY WEBERKelli Jackson Taylor Janney Morgan Jacob Simone Jacobs Sydnee Jacques Rachel Jani Dhwani Jariwala Jacqueline Jefferson Tiffany Jenkins Ning Jiang Taylor Jensen Wei Jiang Devyn Jeremenko Jennifer Jideonwo Sandy Jerome Agnes Jimenez Jing Jiang Shuchang Jin Bozhi Jing Jeremy John Jerin John Brianna Johnson Erin Johnson.jlianne Johnson Patrick Johnstone Geanelle Joseph Sherrice Johnson Chey Jones Maxine Joseph Michelle Joseph Thomas Joyce Taylor Johnson Jade Jones Tiffany Jones Frank Juhasz Hanel Jung imdouh Kachlan Jiai Jung Erica Kaelin Alexander Jur Marie Kabanga Heidi Karnifz Bryan Karthauser Issa Kabeer Matthew KashowMateusz Kawka Jiaming Ke Yanrong Ke Steven Kaspin Kyleigh Katona Stephen Kelhower Alexandra Kelly Erin Kelly Maria Kelly Timothy Kelly Lauren Kent Shealyn Kilroy Yu Ming Keung Jaeho Kim Mazeeya Khan Henry Khov Tara Kilkenny Lisa Kim Natalia Kim Nicole KingLindsey Koch Nicole Komolov Emily Kravet Kevin Kruth Madeleine Krick Megan Krier Rebecca Kronbar Richard Kruse Abigail Krutsick Rachel Kudler Thomas Kuhar Riya KulkarniVictoria lam You Wai lam Mia lander Colleen Lane Aleksandra Langowska Alexis lanier Eddy lantigua Torri LaSmith Diamond lariey Chi Fung Lau Terri Ann Larizzio Sarah Laster Kit Heng Lau Talen Larkin Derek Larovere Victoria Lathrop Joneca Latore Natalie laufman Kayla LawlerMorguerile LeBrew Artemid Leskaj Steve Levine Troy Laypo Gene Lee Johnny Lee Han Jin Lee Elizabeth Le Mark Lee Nicole Lee Paulino Lisa Lee Crystal Leopanto Robert Lesnik Gianna Leto Laura Levandowski AnnaMaria Levich Corey Lewis Jessica Lewis Katrina Lewis Keyhana LewisTamalya Lewis Xuemin Li Dan Fang Lin Rong Liu Jessica Locker Jiahang Li Mengting Li Han Li Yulin Li Patrick Liberona Christie Lichorobiec Sophia Lim Xinyi Lin Wenhao Liu Emily Lipscomb Deneica Liverpool Daniel Linares-Herrdor Wenjia Liu Kelly Lineman Xin LiuDaniel Lopez Meng Lu Amanda Lumley Rachel Lynn Stacey Lysek Jhen Ma Lan Ma Melissa Ly Sean Macauley Arthur Mack Chris MacLeon Kamyar Maghazehe Leah Jane MaherThe Philadelphia Orchestra includes a teom of musicians that includes more than 30 adjunct faculty from the Boyer College of Music and Dance. They divide their time to provide rich, melodic textures on and off the stage (in the classroom.) Professors who are affiliated with the all string ensemble, teoch aspiring musicians the necessary skills to become innovative, talented, and intense performers. Boyer College enrolls on estimated average of 800 students to learn, engage, create, and compose with the option of individualized coaching. Although the orchestra participates in national contributions, that does not slop these professors from offering their expertise in one-on-one instruction and even group coaching at Boyer College. These Boyer professors strategically devote their time to provide in-depth lessons to new and up and coming musicians, providing enriching experiences in many ensembles that cover a broad range of repertoires. In their other role, professors join the Philadelphia Orchestra and host concerts at places like the Mann Center and Kimmel Center during the summer. These musicians dedicate their summers no! only to perform, but also to expand their community involvement and maintain international connections through concerts, research, instruction, and adjudication. The orchestra does not only perform in the Philadelphia area, but also across the region ornamenting stages and oudiences with harmonies from the skilled flutists, oboists, percussionists, clarinetists, timpanists and hornists. The group travels abroad serving as cultural ambassadors through residency partnerships with organizations and civic-governmental institutions around the world As a tradition, they also hold community engagement opportunities for children and adults to experience educational music enrichment. The Boyer College of Music and Dance and The Philadelphia Orchestra hove similar visions. They continue to defy creative limitations by maintaining traditions of excellence through service, leadership, and artistic innovation in conjunction with a number of musical creators committed to the values of both organizations. While managing dozens of students throughout ecch semester, the professors monoge their time with the orchestra and prioritize events, even if it requires long nights and weekends filled with composition and instrumental practice. These instrumentalists hove also received many awards for their contributions in the musical world. Foculfy members have been selected os Grcmmy nominees and hove received scholarships and fellowships during their career. To hove these extraordinary men and women educate and facilitate young, passionate students toward producing authentic, innovative, and textured pieces demonstrates a devotion to musical arts. Because Boyer strives for artistic excellence, the college has also produced a number of extensive compositions that led the college to receive three Grammy nominations and invitations to perform in national conferences, a rank in the top 10 lor number ol degrees earned by Metropolitan Opera Musicians, and a feature in newspapers, magazines, and on the television show Good Morning America. WRITTEN BY TANISHA DAVIS PHOTOGRAPHED BY NATE HARVEY FROM BOYER, TO THE ORCHESTRA PROFESSORS AT THE BOYER COLLEGE OF MUSIC AND DANCE ALSO WORK WITH THE PHILADELPHIA ORCHESTRA  Amer Mahmud Labrea Maldonado Erin Mahoney Kevin Malley Hira Majid Antonio Malloy Sherry Mak Alexa Mallozzi Danielle Maldonado Gabrielle Malvasi Patrick Mancini Marissa Mandrack Khamera Manders Elizabeth Mammen Joseph Mancini Inga Marie Kelsey Mariner Daniel Marino Rebecca Marinucci Brandon MarkSamantha Massaro Joseph Mastrocola Zachary Maszlanka Alan Mathew Miranda Mathias Nicholas Maurer John Maxham Kimekia Mayo Shannon McCabe Roxanne McClaren 'immia McCluskey Nicole McCollum Sara McCormick Corinne McCoy Kayla McCoyMackenzie McCutcheon Damara McDowell Ian McGinnis Megan McKim Danielle McDuffie Francis McGuckin Christopher McFadden Joseph McHugh Romsin McQuade Nastasia McDonald Patrice McFillin Stephanie McKee Carly McLaverty Deion McQueen Kimberly McDow Monique McKenzie Kelly McMonagle Rachael MecholskyDaniel Medrow David Meltzer Emily Mieles Alexis Miller Jolia Mehany Gulden Memis Christine Mendenhall Grace Taulant Mersini Kelsie Mertz Mirna Metyas Sharnita Midgett Eric Mieu Phoebe Mikalonis Eric Mikitka Sonji Milburn Breanna Miller Jace Miller Samantha Miller Stacey MillerStephanie Mitten Aiyano Mobley Karli Modafferi Steven Mod res Amanda Molinaro Michael Molz Sara Monahan William Monahan Joonwon Moon Grace Moran Matthew Mood Amanda Morelli Nia Morgan Shamir Morgan Doris Morris Hunter Mitchell Sopheok Moeun Louis Mongelluzzo Sean Moran Porschae MortonAichaela Moseley Gefan Mu Ikamane Mungen Mourad Nadir Harinder Naurd Justin Mosley Nadirah Muhammad Alexandra Shali Muhammad Zachary Mullen Payton Mummau Genevieve Naklicki Veronica Nardello Nicholas Nardini Bryana NataleRyan Neill Catherine Nguyen Linh Nguyen Kiara Norman Kimberly Nelson Naomi Nguyen Priscilla Ngaba Jennifer Nguyen Tenzin Ngawang Christina Ngo Julie Nguyen Kim Nguyen Tiffany Nguyen Trinh Nguyen Joanna Nipal Meko NoelDaniel O'Neill Margaret Okakpu Ayomide Onalaja Arnelle Obode Kelvin Okello Bolutife Odeniyi Adanna Okoro Edward Olson Michelle Onwuama-Uwagba Majirioghene Oporiopo Ashly Orshi Alexander Ortner Morgan Oschman Valentina Ospina Mariah Ostia Renny Osuna Franck Ouattara m A eninde Oyekanmi Olurotimi Oyekanmi Julie Ozlek Peace Ozoemena Kayla PageThe Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) is a rigorous but rewarding program of Temple. The program prepares students to become officers in the military while teaching discipline, lime management, the benefits of hard work, ond more Freshman Angelika Mascorinas, a psychology major, joined ROTC due to a hometown influence. She grew up around Fort Meade. Maryland, what she said is a military-based town. "The military lifestyle really intrigued me and I wanted to be a part of that," she soid. Mascorinas said she loves the program os it opens doors to many opportunities, but that it can be challenging because of its intensity. Balancing schoolwork ond the program isn't an easy thing to do. Both Mascorinas and freshman Zari Weaver, a neuroscience major, noted that time management is important but difficult to manage as a part of ROTC. Weaver spends about 20 hours a week completing tasks for the program, from training and working out, to doing work for specialized classes she is required to take like Military Science. Weaver said each class starts with a decent number of students, but that number trickles down as the weeks go on and the program becomes more difficult She said there were more than 100 freshmen in the program ol the beginning of the fall semester, but roughly 50 were left by the end. She said there were only 14 seniors in the program this year. But everyone's priority is being a student above all else. 'Even though the army is important to them, your education and your major always come first, regardless," Mascorinas said. Mascorinas does her schoolwork at the headquorter where tutors are readily available to them when needed. "At the ROTC Kecdquarters in Ritter Hall, I bring all my schoolwork down there. They have computer labs, they have a printer, ond a lot of us study down there. So. I do a lot of my 'outside-thearmy stuff at the headquarters,' she said. Both, Mascorinas and Weaver said in the future, they want to help others. The military is often associated with violence, guns, and the killings of others during warfare. While often times violence is prominent, there is also a side of the military involving human aid and humanitarian relief. Moscatinos hopes to be contracted to the army to become on army psychologist. 'Working with people with PTSD reclly interests me,' Mascorinas said. Weaver hopes to be a psychiatrist in the army because her mom's Navy Chaplain position influenced her. "In all fields of the military, they're the person you confide in with complete confidentiality. Because I am already interested in psychology I feel like I would be doing a justice by putting my interest in a field where I know people would need support and help," Weaver said. WRITTEN BY MOttY TAYIOR PHOTOGRAPHED BY DANIIO BURGOSi 4M 4 rWO IN ONE: FRESHMEN AND FUTURE CADETS FRESHMEN PREPARE THEMSELVES FOR FUTURE MILITARY SERVICE lip 5 i  Eryn Pagliei Maya Palmer Mary Palic Annette Palladino Ryan Palo Amanda Parker Pooja Panchal Taylor Parson Aneri Patel Anjli Patel Anuj Patel Chinmay Patel Dillon Patel Jeneel Patel Charles Patterson Rachel Pavelick Colin Pawlowski Edward Payne Rachel Pease Samuel Peca Nicole Pedrick Danielle Pelosi Amanda PeluzzoBr onno Pendleton Lirong Peng Jo nima-Kezia Perez Tiffany Perez Jeffrey Peranfeau Elly Perlowitz Amanda Perry Gcbrielle Perry Christina Pham Doan Pham True Pham Hoa Phan Jennifer Phim Nancy Phung Carolyn Pickering Chase Pinckney Candida PintoJacqueline Piszker Eric Pitkin Ebony Pitts Whitney Pollard Marvin Powell Jenna Ponzio Sokmithona Prak Kevin Pizzini Da rion Porter Eunike Pranoto Danielle Pressley Asma Prociuk Rebecca Pressman Yelena Prokopyuk Tenneisha Pressman William Purvis Yadelies Prieto Jennifer Quach Natacha Pizzini James Princivalle Syed QuadriRonald Raucci Sarvinoz Raufova Vaishali Rawal George Raymond Matthew Redican Sema'j Reed Tim Reed Shannon Regan Joseph Regina Andrew Reid Kathryn Reilly Jesse Reis Daniella Reilly Kairiyn Reid Alison ReillyAllyson Repholz Maria Restrepo Egzono Rexha Charles Reyes Tristan Rhodeside Marketah Richardson Emily Richey Katelyn Richey Melissa Riley Bianca Rios Zachary Rissler Naomi Rivera Kayla Roberson Ian Roberts Ramona Roberts Amanda Robinson Denise Robinson Denisha Robinson Gary Robinson Melony RobinsonRianna Saia Cheyenne Salazar Nicola Salomone Sarah Salvitti Abigail Sandherr Kelsey Sandler Jaymarie Santana Yvette Scales William Schappell Garrett Scheliga Reem Saleh Kyle Salembier Melissa Sam Victoria Samsel Kirandeep Sangari Saloni Sanghavi Francis Scandle Faith Scanlon Yvette Sanchez-Barreto Jennifer Santamaria Sash Schaeffer Megan Schmittm Renee Schneck Amelia Schunder % Jessica Sciarrone Xiangyuan Shan Travis Schoonover Riana Schvaraman Abigail Severino Joseph Seville Sharon Shadani Monisha ShahJillian Shprecher Igor Shum Tanya Silverstein Rushell Simmonds Brandon Shillady Isabelle Shumate Hilary Small Zachary Smiclcle Marni Shore Sira Sidibe k J Kenisha Small Amanda Smith Samantha Shotz SutayZhah Singley Antonia Smalls Daecia-jome SmithMahugnon Sohou Nirel Solanki Mena Soliman Benjamin Sotomayor Theodoros Soultanos Brianna Spouse Marklin Spencer Madison SpignerCHANCING THE CAME: PETER LIACOURAS HOW THE LATE PETER LIACOURAS’ INVOLVEMENT CHANCED MAIN CAMPUS Peter J. liacouros, 85, passed away on May 12, 2016, from a long time illness, the university said in a statement, but left a legacy in Temple's history that will lost forever. Liocouros started as dean of the School of low in 1972. Ten years later, he was oppointed as the seventh president of the university. Liocouros served an 18-year presidency until the year 2000, a presidential term only founder Russell Con wells 35-year term exceeds in length liacouros also served as dean of the Beasley School of law for 10 years, a low professor and later a university chancellor. One of liocouros' projects, 'Temple Town, consisted of renovating old facilities and constructing on-campus housing (including 1940, White Hall, and Temple Towers), liacouros hoped to create a campus that would capture the eyes of families across the globe. ‘There is no doubt in my mind that he laid the groundwork for the nationally respected university that Temple s today. Theobald said in a statement. Today, Temple's ccmpus is home to thousands of student from around the world. The university evolved under his leadership from a small-commuter college to a world-renown institution of higher education. Othei projects also took place during his legacy, like the moking of Tuttleman learning Center, Shusterman Hall and the home of the athletic department, the liacouros Center. liacouros had a focus on Temple athletics where just John Chaney’s basketball program ranked number one in the nation. With Chaney, the Owls made it to 17 NCAA Tournaments and five NCAA regional finals. On November 2010, he suffered a stroke that paralyzed him and took away his ability to speak but, Liacouros still attended basketbcll games rooting from a wheelchair. He was an advocate of diversity, especially in the law school during his deanship there. He hired multiple African-American professors and recruited African-American graduate students. ‘He almost single-handedly chonged the complexion of the law school. There are hundreds and hundreds of African-Americon and lolino lawyers who ore the beneficiaries of his efforts at integrating the school os well os the practice of law in this city. Carl Singley, one of these recruits, told Philly.com He established one of the first Affirmative Action programs in the country, helped the law schools women enrollment rise from 3 to 50 percent and even implemented a North Philadelphia legal aid office for low-income residents. The Temple University Hospital was also constructed under his commission where services not only expand to the Philadelphia community, but innovation is also cultivated through lop ranking researches and breakthroughs. ‘He would do anything he could for the university’s greater good, whether that was before, during or after his term as president.' Theobald said in a statement. Temple held a memorial in his honor on May 17, 2016, at the Temple Performing Arts Center where the liacouros family donated to the Peter and Ann Scholarship Fund granted to Temple students with academic prowess and financial need. "When you visit the Liacouros Center or stroll down liocouros Walk or ponder Temple s greatness, we should give thonks to the man who devoted so much of himself to our university, who was widely beloved, who dared to bend history, who reshaped Temple University's main campus, who was a fierce defender of those in need and those denied social justice," Richard M. Englert who wos chancellor at the time, said at the ceremony. WRITTEN 8Y lU8iN K PARKAllison Sponic Moria-Helena Stalica-Galeano Pearline Sturdivant Devan Spross Sheree Stallworth Jacqueline Spross Fleur Bionca St. Selina Stanford Aaron Stank Rachel Staley Kaitlyn Starke Sam Stein Hannah Stevens Charles Stewart Nicole Stewart Megan Stoner Yuliya StupenRameez Sultan Dante' Sumpter Ping Sun Yaodong Sun Christina Sutherland Brian Swartwood Yi Sun Deion Sumpter Krystian Giavana Suraci Jason Sweeney Shannon Sweeney Leia Swinton Carly Swope Sofiya Sylla Matthew Swiren Samantha Tacca Ashli Talley Caroline Tanujaya Samantha Tarantino Leonard Tarnopolsky Judy TanElizabeth Tartaglia Elizabeth Tatti Brian Terinoni Megan Tesch Destiny Thomas Patricia Thomas Keriesha Thomas Vindhya Thomas Camille Titzell Natasha Tax Phoebe Thai Nicole Tembo Alena Thieu Anza Thomas Kerri Thomas Tiffany Thompkins Rachelle Thompson Naiah ThorneAyooluwa Tonade Reyneris Torres Kristi Toy Ly Tran Marlene Tran Ryan Tran Adama Traore She imukha Sitaram Aditya Tumuluru Gabrielle Turino Zev Truskey Tatiana Tsinontides Brittany Turner Meisha Turner Tatyana TurnerMark Tuttle Victoria Uritsky Scott Tydryszewski Dominic Vacchiano Uto Udoh Savannah Valentin Rita Ugorji Ebony Valeriano Nicholas Vallerio Amanda Valletta Elisabeth Van Horn Kristen VanLeer Kimberly Var Gar mo Varmah Vivian Venegas Stefan Verdhi Grethel Varona Gabrielle Verzella Lindsey Vasquez Christopher Urban Lynn Valeris Rachel Vannauker Adriana Vela Thomas VetranoAnjelico Vezzosi Britanie Vince Bryana Voorhees Helen Vradelis Brianna Walker Robert Walker Danna Wang Dongjie Wang Matthew Volk Lauren Vincent Katherine Walden Hao Wang Chrisnetta Warah Nahla Ward Bryn Wassel Jordan Waters Erica Watkins Surya Watkins Hope Watson John Watts Kiana Way Margaret WeirZochory Weiss Ivy Wen rich Julio Wilkins Charily Wells Ariel Welzel Kristen Welser Colin Welsh Eric White Marquise White Amirah Williams Cierra Williams Alyssa Williams Leah Wenhold Robert White Kayleigh Wilkes Daisia WilliamsReginald Williams Brianna Williamson William Wilson Renee Williams Logan Williamson Ariel Wolfenson-Bannon Ryan Woehr Brianne Wojciechowski Cassondra Wolsh Brian Wong Michael Wong Jarred Woodard Matthew Woodlin Mackenzie Woods Isaiah Wormack-Moore Taylor Woulfe Alexa Wright Rhiannon WrightLiang Wu Shi Jie Wu Xifong Wu Jessica Wyatt Bolun Yang Mike Yarkpawolo Diana Youssef Jeremie Yamba Xuan Yao Ioanna Yiantsos Liuchuan Yang Rosaline Yang Najah Yasin Emily Yatvin Ryne Yozallinas Rosanna Yuen Xiaojiao Xu Shizhong Yang Tsan Ni Yeung Bartosz ZajacMaryana Zakharkiv Lei ZhaoOWL PRIDEOur dearest sweetest Kelli Allegro Williams: You are a wonderful vivacious young woman. You light up cur home with your prescence. You light up our hearts with your laughter. We ore very proud of you and your accomplishments. But even more so, we are proud of the person that you have become. Baby girl, you are: stylish, dramatic, friendfy, humorous, effervescent, caring, rhythmic, talkative, supportive, energetic, devoted ond sincere. These personality traits are spiritual gifts that flow from your soul. You ore blessed. As you enter into yet another phase of your life, remember to pray continually. Praise god for all that he hos done in your life. Always remain thankful. We believe in you Kelli. We know that you will attain all of your goals. You will be an awesome educator. It is an honor to be your mother and your sister. You make our hearts sing I We love you. Mom ond Kaili Kevin, In a blink of on eye you went from being a preschooler to o senior o» Temple University. Even as that preschooler little boy. we knew your future was going to be in the engineering field. We are so very proud of your amazing accomplishments ond the wonderful person you hove grown to be! As you graduote from Temple, spread your wings to the boundless opportunities (hot will be offered to you, and enjoy the new adventures the: by ahead. Alwoys strive to do the best at what you were pul on this earth to dol 2_ 1 ■■ 1 r r • m f ii 1 Kevin Mall iy And continue to fotbw your path of life's passions and dreams! May all your dreams come true! I Love you to the moon and bock, sweetheart!! love. Mom. Dod, and Kayb XOXOXOKiani On this milestone day, know that we ore so proud of you. Every day we ore •n owe that we goi the privilege of being your parents Today, os you fake a ride off on another kind of journey, with your refined determination, this is our advice to you. It seems so inadequate, but it comes from our hearts. Take chonces. Be willing to risk bumps and bruises to go after the things that you really want. When fear is holding you back, and you need an extra dose of courage, know that we will always be there cheering you on, and we will always give you a soft place to land. Stand up. Speak out. Try. Foil. Try again. Always remember' who you are and where you come from. Love! live! Flyl Raino: Another great accomplishment! live, learn and enjoy all of your successes. Be assured that all of you dreoms are possible because if you can think it you can do it! It has been a pleasure to watch you grow with compassion and consideration. Congratulations! love, Mom Dod KamaCongratulations! All your hard work has paid off. We're so proud of you. best of luck in all your future endeavors and remember to continue to strive to be your best in everything you do. love ahvays. Mom Dad and Natalie! P.S. uoy evol i. dad Daniel Damato Congratulations Tim on your graduation fror The Boyer College of Music. We ere very proud of you and love you ‘best in the world". Continue to sing your heart out. love Mom Dad Zachary Fischer Behind you, oil your memories Before you, ail your dreams Around you, all who love you Within you, oil you need Take pride in how far you've come, and have faith in how for you con go! This is the beginning of anything you want. We are so very proud of you. ond love you very much! love, Dude. Mom, ond Bubba Zach, I've watched you fan your love of sports into a brightly burning flame. Now go take your best shot and blow us oil away! 7 XT love, Brionna Pendleton WiseKristen Elizabeth Vanleer Kriste' celebrate the talent, heart. spirit thot make you so uniquely you1 Keep moving tawc-d down the path of success. We ore proud of you love you! Mom Dod John Joseph Bonanni We ere so proud of you and the accomplishments you have achieved. You have grown to be a wonderful smart man. We love You so much. Mom Dod, Frankie, Gina isk a u re n Lauren, No matter where you ore or what you do. never stop trying, never slop learning, and never stop believing in the genius within you. We are so proud of your accomplishments and excited to see what you will occomplish in the future. So, congratulations honey! We love you always! Mom, Dad. Adam and Corey. Go Owls! uren Vincent Lauren, congratulations! Earning your degree is only one of many goals you have accomplished in your young life. You have the determination to achieve whatever goal you pursue. Beautiful Lauren on the outside and inside, you are destined to do great things in this world. We can’t wait to see where life takes you next! Our prayers go with you os well os our love and support. We are so very proud of you I Love. Mommy, Daddy DericSierro, Never let anyone steal your dreoml Congratulations! love, Mom-Mom Dear Sierra. Eat, Sleep. Drink Gatorade and Be Hoppyl Love, little Neil, Kimberli. Uncle Neil, and Aunt Mina :| Sierra Cheers to you, all you've ochieved. and all your dreams coming true! We couldn’t be prouderl love you always, Vinnie Melanie Sierra, Always Remember: ■If you don't lie, you never hove to remember what you said. -Nothin’s Easy. Congratulations! I’m proud of you! Love Yal Grandpop XO :) Sierra Mergliano Sierra, Congratulations on this tremendous achievement and milestone in your life! I hope you realize how amazing you ore! I feel so blessed to have shared your journe, I I've watched you grow into such a strong, beautiful woman, who can achieve onyth r-a she desires and sets her mind to. When I think of how bright your future is and all the happiness it holds, it mokes my heart sing! If there is anyone who con make their dreams come true I know it's you. I believe in you! I hope you realize your time at Temple has helped you grow as an artist or d a persor and that you con make miracles happenl I hope you treasure the memories you've rr-c. -with friends along the way. I'm so proud of you - my cup runneth over. All My love. Mom (Woman! xoxo :|Taylor Amber B Taylor, Congrotulotions. For oil your late night studies, lock of sleep crd sacrifice of enjoyment, your reword is here. As you move lo the next chapter of your life remember to enjoy the little things in your life. Continue the strong leadership you hove exhibited. May God bless end guide you. You continue to make us proud. love. Mom, Dod. Sean, Reginald Grandma Edith. I closed my eyes far but a moment and suddenly a man stood where a boy used to be I may not carry you now in my arms but I will always carry you in my heart. You hove given me so mony reasons to be proud of the man you have become, but the proudest moment for me is telling others that you are my son. Congratulations on your amozing accomplishments! MomWe love you Willie, love, Dcd, Mom, AJ. toni l Willie Charles Smith Willie, may God continue to bless you in oil you do. We ore so proud of you. love, Dod, Mom, AJ. lani Kashow Man, Congratulations on graduating from Temple University. You did a great job! Good luck in the future, you have a great career ahead of you. We love you and ore very proud of you. lots of love, 3 mom and dad 3 Congratulations on accomplishing your goals and graduating from Temple. Just be yourself and work hard, we know you will do great things. Love, Chris and Kira.Congratulations JIMMIA, we are extremely proud of you and all that you hove achieved within your 4 years at Temple University. Now. as you embark on the next chapter of your life, we encourage you to always put God first and ckvays remain grounded, humble, and most importantly true k yourself. Reach for the stars and always be willing to go the extra mile. Believe in the impossible! Dream big, work hard, and you will achieve much success! It seems like just yesterday you took your first steps. We were nervous then, and we ore nervous now as you venture out into this world, but we have no doubt that you wiH accomplish great things! Your dad and I will always be your 1 fans and know that we will always ond forever ENCOURAGE, SUPPORT, ADMIRE. AND LOVE YOU!!! -MOM and DAD- Jimmia MeClusko Melissa and P Congrafulotions Melissa and Patricia, you both hove exceeded our expectations. We love your wit, intelligence, creativity, and boldness. We praise and thank the Lord for showing such marvelous works in you. The Thomas Family, Mark and Dawn Thomas, Veronica Olivia. Snipes Family, Moore Family, Wallace Family, Burkett Family, Harper Family.Sydr. e, Congratulations on accomplishing this milestone in your life. You are o beautiful, smart, arvd a considerate young lady. Just remember, your family's support is limitless. Stay' true to your beliefs and neve-' compromise your values. We are always here for you. We are very proud of you and love you abundontfyl Mom Dad ues Sydnee Alina Jacq Lexandra V Weaver Congratulations on finishing this chapter of your lifel You are a smart, loving young lody, and we hove no doubt that you will ochieve great things. Stay true to yourself and always remember we love you very much. We ore so proud of you. Love, Mom, Dad and Geoff Will B. Haney ____________________ nJ Brownbeor, through the years you have remained tf t beautiful, caring, fun loving guy. Always stay true to yourself. Remember where you came from and the • jlues that have shaped you. You have worked very hare for those EXCEPTIONAL GRADES. We hope you are os proud of yourself as we ore PROUD of you. Moy y f future be bright! Love, mom and dadEric White. Passion for your work leads to perfection in what you do. As you move forward with your life's journey, never lose sight of your passion! The possibilities are limitless. Congratulations on your graduation from Temple. You never stop amazing us We always make us proud. Can't wait to see where your future fakes you. Love, mom and dod. Congratulations to our Temple g'ad Paul Michael DiGiccomo. We ate so proud and cannot wait to see that the future holds for you. Always follow your heart and your freoms and never give up on them. Thank you for being such a wonderful son. We wsh you every happiness. love. Mom and JeffColin Paulowski Nancy Phiing May you continue your journey of success. We are very proud of you I love Dod, Mom and Maura Eric Pitkin We are proud of you Eric. You hove worked very hard to get to this point We hove no doubt that you will accomplish great things in life. Congratulations son. Love, Mom and Dove. To Our Sweetheart Daughter, Nancy: Congratulations! We are so proud of you I You finally completed one chopter of your life. Your perseverance and dedication paid off. On your gradual ;n day, you will share a beautiful moment with us all; including your little princess daughter. You hove been an amazing example for her. Maybe when May comes, she will also be ‘walking’ with you too! :•) we love you always, Mom and Dod You are our shining star! We are so proud of you and everything you hove accomplished. You are on incredible musician and your music lights up the world around you. Ylex Dovgala- Carr love, mom, dod, Nick and Rosieole Stewart Congratulations to our hard working graduate. We are so proud of you and all of your accomplishments. May Gods grace be with you as you step ahead towards your dreams We love you and are very proud of you. Crystal, I or years, we hove wofched you work countless hours putting your heart into every assignment, paper and exam you completed. Your hard work hos paid off and we ore honored to soy congratulations Dr. leopanto. love ahvoys, id, brother Michael (From heaven], mom. sisters, brothers, nephews, nieces cles, aunts, cousins and grodporents. Yo, Phot Boi, From your first groduotion to this one, we're very proud of you. From here on out. we hope all your reviews are great. May you never run out of Tahitian Treat. Love, Mom. Dad and Le Cirque de O'Neill. L m n Darlene Daffodale Smith Congratulations, Darlene I We are so proud of you. All the sacrifices are worth it. Anything for your future. May God continue to bless you os you enter onolher world after graduation. God brought you through and he's still blessing you! We all love you and thank God for your achievements! Eric Foster Eric Foster, We love you and are very proud of you! Congratulations! lo.e, mom. dod and Alexo Lyndsey I)e twe i ler lyndsey Detweiler: The world will be a better place because of you. Shine on you crazy diamond. With pride and love, mom. dod Trezah Sean Barnak Sean Barnak Congratulations! We are extremely proud of you for your magnificent achievement. You will accomplish great things. love, Mom and Dad Dylan Gabriele • Congrotulotions Dylan! You have made us so proudll Your hard work, determination, late night studies and arl sessions have paid off. Always remember you can achieve whatever you want in life. You just have to believe in your self I We wish you all the love and happiness in the world and greof success in your coreerl We love you. Mom, Jeff, Alex, Nick and Nicholas James B. Vesey, Jr. Jimmy, I cannot believe how fast the post four years went by. May you continu to archieve all that your heart desires. We love you »o infinity and beyond and ore so proud of youl Congratulations! 'If you want something you've never had. you must be willing to do something you've never done.' - Thomas Jefferson Love you lots. Mom and Dad Congratulations lynn Evans!! From resurrecting the Temple Toppers as President of the club, to oil your many accomplishments in STHM. we are beyond proud! We love you. Mom, Dad and Caro.Alexa Ciero You' re on omozing person ond we ore so proud of your occomplishment Remember rvo motter whol you do or where you go. We will olways be here. love, Mom Dod Congrols, we ore so proud of you. You ore the best big sister and role model anyone could osk for. Love Ava and Damian Carrie, Audrey K Guarino Your hard work and determination have paid off. W- re so excited for you and all that awaits you! Go show th world what you con do. And be open to the blessing; ‘-at will come your way. Always... Imagine with all your mind. Believe with all your heart. Achieve with all your might. Congratulations! We're so proud of you! From Mom, Dad and Danny |And thank you for not going back to the West Coes? some time zone is good| Congratulations! It takes o tremendous amount of sacrifice, perseverar e, and dedication to follow one's passion; whether that's storting at quarterback or inventing the iPhone. Nobody can ever take that awa. from you. and nobody can question that you've earned it. Your wife ar-d children are so proud of you for all you've fought so hard fori You ere truly the strongest person; your children hove watched you fall down you simply stood back up and kept marching on. Never once did you giv -up. even in the most difficult of times. The lessons that you have fought your children are invaluable and you have shown them that its neve' too late to chase you dreams. We couldn't be more proud of you! YOU d ri it! We love you! Always remember 'The people who are crazy enough to think they change the world are the ones who do.' Michael F. Shannon You hove honored all those who love you and whose lives you've touched by embracing a life of passion, compassion, humor and sryle...done so in your own uniquely beautiful way. You have accomplished so much...ond your enduring curiosity and creativity will continue to light the way to even greater possibilities and opportunities. Congratulations to you. our beautiful daughter and sister...you have mode us very proud! All our love. Mom, Dad and Paige Dear Cara, Dear Brianne. Cara Maniloff Congratulations Michael! All of your hard work and late hours hove paid off. You have accomplished what some people only dream about. We have no doubt that you are destined fo great things We ore so proud of you! Love, Dad. Mom, Matthew, Ashley and Emily. You continue to be our dreom come true sweetheart. Congratulations on your graduation and amazing achievements. We wish you o future with abundant love and happiness, looking forward to that first day of grad school photo I xo. Mom ood DadLETTER FROM THE • EDITORThe amount of lime, effort and handwork implemented in Templar this year, only shows how dedicated and proud Owls are of Temple. It is hard managing classes, work, other activities, one's personal life and making the deadline for our yearbook, but It demonstrates that we fake our careers serious and that Temple has helped moke well-rounded professionals out of us. Our warrior team overcame mony difficulties, including losing five members. But. our adviser, John Dicarlo, once told me that in a team, 'sometimes you just have to get lucky ' I om proud of the devotion and expertise everyone work with especially our design team under the leadership of Phoebe Mikolonis, who spent lote nights and early mornings designing, submitting pages to print, and mote. Thank you John Dicarlo for being available at four in the morning or even at four in the oflernoon. With great pleasure we also thank oui representative from out printing company Mutdocc Saunders for his positive personality, for his help, and for believing in us. If you look through post yearbooks, you will find a wove of distinction, respect and esteem for a 'pastor, soldier, scholar, president, orator, and friend ol man,’ as Templars first volume reads. The class of 1923 talk about none other than our president and founder, Dr Russell Herman Conwell Though today we don’t have the privilege to personally engage with Dr. Conwell who had such vision ond passion for people and education, roughly 93 years later, Templar still dedicates its volumes to people that f»ave kept these same values our founder deotly upheld. We dedicate to those who have been like pastors, to our soldier-fike seniors who fought their way to graduation, to exemplary scholars serving as teachers, friends of our students and leoders in the city. I hope, ond on behalf of the Templar team, that when you open the 2016-2017 yearbook you see a pastor, you see a friend of man, that you see on those pages o soldier and overcomer. We hope you see the big army of owls Dr. Conwell left right on Brood Street.. 'Siri, tell me my location." ‘Temple Owl, you are here. MARYVIC PEREZ2017 STAFF •] MARYVIC PEREZ EDITOR-IN-CHIEF COURTNEY IDASETIMA MANAGING EDITOR PHOEBE MIKALONIS ART DIRECTOR HELEN LUO SENIOR DESIGNER ANNA CUTAIA ASSISTANT COPY EDITOR SARAH MADAUS PHOTO EDITOR GAIL VIVAR SOCIAL MEDIA DIRECTOR BRIANNA BAKE' STUDENT LIFE EDITORALEXIS ROGERS ACADEMICS EDITOR LONG NGUYEN SPORTS EDITOR HADIYAH WALKER SENIOR REPORTER DAVID BLOCK SENIOR REPORTER JUSTIN THOMAS SENIOR REPORTER DANILO BURGOS SENIOR PHOTOGRAPHER NATE HARVEY SENIOR PHOTOGRAPHER ASHLEY MARY ALEX ASSISTANT PHOTO EDITOR CARLI SHOWMAKER AAARKETING DIRECTOR • NOT PICTURED KATHERINE DESROCHERS ANIKA KALRA PEOPLE EDITOR CHIEF COPY EDITOR WEBSITE EDITORCONBRA TULA TIONS to the mourn class of2017 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY y .. Whether you’re buying a car, your first home or want to develop a savings plan, we’re there for you every step of the way. Sumafl L tyiaduattm. oMthesief i oakphofit. Here for yours. PHILADELPHIA FEDERAL CREDIT UNION visit us at pfcu.com THE OFFICIAL CREDIT UNION OF TENPIE UNIVERSITY | ON CAMPUS SINCE 883 Federally insured by NCUA. »□ facebotAcWPhladelphaFederalCredrtUnicn twitter.com lnsidePfCij Imagine what we’ll achieve together — YOUR UNIQUE PERSONALITY MAKES YOU ONE-OF-A-KIND. That's Important to our middle market clients who are as dynamic and distinctive as the professionals who serve them Experience the power of being understood. Visit jobs.rsmus.com to learn more. THE POWER OF BEING UNDERSTOOD AUDIT I TAX I CONSULTING Tat F [A “ J RSM 0 Onrtw » 20ft UtOtfe, UJ? WUS ™rt«r««nmnM m 10RSM US U RSM USUP «9 US m«ro« f»m ct Kiu rttmtoona tu nwwy d nJcccnSat .A u, tni tawUl fnm McG. cy is not. RSM Icommxr about our inhrdgMM wtwo'fcMftmmaxn nKgtacbey.Muller; Inc. Importer of Fine Beers GREAT BIER GREAT RESPONSIBILITY ©2017 MILLER BREWING CO, MILWAUKEE, Wl LaMarra CONSTRUCTION BUILDERS CONSTRUCTION MANAGERS 213 Lindenwold Avenue Ambler, PA 19002 T 215-646-2929 F 215-646-4858 www.lamarrainc.comersity! Salute 115 Cross Keys Road • Berlin, NJ 08009 • Phone: (215) 755-1000 www.lcncommunications.com Lc N (c «i») C MMUNiCaliON John I. Kane- Business Manager Secretary Treasurer 2791 Southampton Road Philadelphia, Pa 19154 Phone: 215-677-6900 Fax: 215-677-7102 www.plumbers690.org Plumbers Local 690 was chartered on March 25, 1931. The history of the Plumbers in Philadelphia actually dates back to May 12, 1900 with the formation of Plumbers Local 123. From 1900 to 1931 we evolved into Local 690. So for over 100 years, we've been protecting the health of our jurisdiction through out vigorous apprentice and journeyman training programs.STEAMFITTERS LOCAL UNION 420 PROUDLY SUPPORTS TEMPLE UNIVERSITY IRONWORKERS’ LOCAL UNION NO. 401 PHILADELPHIA. PENNSYLVANIA Business Representatives BUSINESS MANAGER Anthony Gallagher ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGER James P. Walls, III VICE PRESIDENT David M. Lentz BUSINESS AGENTS James P. Gallagher Edward A. Kalicki FINANCIAL SECRETARY TREASURER Kevin Heffeman PRESIDENT Thomas F. Redden, III RECORDING SECRETARY Patrick H. Sheridan ORGANIZER Mark F. Heffernan CHARLES J. ROBERTS Business Representative STEVEN V. ALEXANDER Business Representative KEVIN C. BOYLE Business Representative PAULE. SHEPHERDSON Business Representative Peter J. Mclnerney Brian T. McMahon Michael A. Meile George F. Schools. Ill James J. Snell Michael J. Trofa EXECUTIVE BOARD Albert R. Bush INSIDE GUARD Mike Walls FINANCE COMMITTEE Kevin J. Dougherty Brian Graham John M. Prendergast BEST WISH! John A. Cordero Matthew M. Meile Russell R. Woodland FUNDS ADMINISTRATOR Bob Winther EXAMINING BOARD James P. Bowers Curt L. Clifford. Jr. Scott A. Frankel Eric C. Hendzak Sean M. O'Connell Charles P. Sweeney TO THE GRADUATES OF TEMPLE UNIVERSITYThe practice of medicine is an art... a calling in which your heart will be exercised equally ' • with your head." — Sir William Osier, Integrated Solutions Dental EZ , through its product lines, can work with you to meet all of your dental practice needs with products that deliver health, comfort and efficiency advantages. Dental EZ and you working together to offer integrated solutions for your practice. Congratulations and Best Wishes, Temple University School of Medicine Class of 2017 Graduates Columbia Dontoform Teaching Solutions DontalEZ Equipment NovinLabs'" Workstations RAMVAC Utility StarDental Instruments Allegheny Health Network ■ » IkntulQ. toe. tkmulU, SUiDmtil nd Cdumto Drattform ur npumd tnOmarb ,nd NnioLib !• Indctnu ofDrtftlKZ tac. RAW AC k ■ ngMm tndmurt of RAW AC DmUl Prwlurt. Inc.Make your move... to PGW As a recent Temple grad, you are now part ot a group of leaders and visionaries dedicated to shaping and innovating our collective future. At the Philadelphia Convention Visitors Bureau, we are proud to work with such an Influential mix of people to help continually drive the growth and positive transformation needed to keep our region globally competitive. Be a part of our success by bringing the next major gathering of your business, volunteer organization or association to Philadelphia. Your business will help bolster our meetings and conventions industry which supports 68.000 hospitality jobs and generates millions of dollars to our local economy. Contact us today at MeetPHL.com or 1-855-MEET-PHL. PHLCVB Philadelphia Convention Visitors Bureau f „ MyPGW @MyPGW Visit pgworks.com careers PGW n an Equtf OpprUny Emptoyw. Philadelphia Gas Works (PGW) and the natural gas industry work to provide safe, reliable natural gas to households every day. As the cleanest burning fossil fuel available, natural gas reduces pollution and keeps jobs here in America. Be a part of the green movement: make your move to PGW. Being a part of the award-winning PGW team means: • Creating energy solutions; • Advancing natural gas technologies; • Sustaining our environment; • Wording with city, state and federal agencies; and • Looking out for the best interest of the Philadelphia community. At PGW. our employees are engaged, challenged and rewarded. Is today the day you make your move to PGW? Generation by Knoll. The first chair that lets you sit how you want. rri in The Knoll Source cfi-knoll.com INDEPENDENCE BLUE CROSS SALUTES Temple University’s Class of 2017 Independence Blue Cross proudly recognizes Temple University for making a difference in our community. Independence Blue Cross shares this commitment. We embrace a bold, innovative vision to change for the better the lives and health of people in our region and across the nation. Independence LIVE FEARLESS % lT UC $ s rial Cot Vt c HVAC • Piping • Millwrights • Design Build General Construction JIM SCANLON 3901 Chichester Avenue Bootlnvyn. PA 19061 POWER EQUIPMENT Kubota. 963 Bethlehem Pike Montgomeryville, PA 18936 Ph: 216-699-6871 55 Senn Drive Uwchlan, PA 19480 Ph: 610-458-7054 Office: 610-497-9433 800-355-1121 Fax: 610-497-9469 Cell: 610-633-1522 scanlonassociates@yahoo.com 2211 N. DuPont Hwy. New Castle, DE 19720 Ph: 302-652-3028 eaglepe.com DISTRICT COUNCIL NO. 21 International Union of Painters and Allied Trades of Eastern Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey and Delaware Building a Better Delaware Valley Since 1949 PAINTERS • DRYWALL FINISHERS GLAZIERS ARCHITECTURAL METAL GLASSWORKERS WALLCOVERERS SIGN AND DISPLAY STADIUM WORKERS lowph T. Ashdale Kmncth Kraft Business MiruRcr SccrrUiy Treasurer President WHn.Hwmw.IIWd n xlrl{4u. PA KIM U13) 7?-K« paul group 1750 Walton Koad • Blue Bell. PA 19422 fil0.fa2.8000 ►.depaulRtoup.comWo all havo hopes and droams. Goals for the future too - where we're going in life, and how to get thoro. School graduations and fun vocations. Maintaining your lifostyle as you got older. Buying a home ... or a dream house. Creating memories that take on a life of their own. Wherever you are in life — or want to bo — bank here to got there. Today, wo congratulate you, the Temple University Class of 2017, and wish you a successful and bright future. Visit us at one of our Philadelphia Financial Confers today) Chestnut Hill I Fairmount I Ml Airy I Northeast Philly I South Philly I University City FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS FOR YOUR UFE l l umvMi.net (£) 800.723 6571 to CerrutiTtt LoftA UNI VEST When luck is not enough, count on us. ii Nationally Placing since 1994 Accounting | Finance | Tec | HR | Sales Marketing 1 -888-2-MYJOBS www .ConfempoforyStaffing.com 9 CONTEMPORARY STAFFING SOLUTIONS Where People I Opportunity Meet Willis Towers Watson proudly salutes the Temple University Class of 2017 Wo otter a broad range o career opporiintios m the area or benefits. taknt management. rowan . rsk consimng nrd brokerage To laern more. «t it us at w»Mo r waUcncom I WillisTowersWatson I.ITI.I Congratulations! Your FUTURE AWAITS! Are you looking for a challenging environment where innovation is sought and where you can contribute, grow and have "fun"? Emtec is the place to be! Wc are an IT consultancy defeated to hdpeyj our • Great Benefits dKrntt grow by empto sng the latest technologies and . Entrepreneurial Spirit processes to empower their employees, accelerate . Growth Opportunit Innovation and deWer amazing client experiences. Our Clicnt for life- Approach has positioned us as one Community Invoft H of the most trusted in the space. • Camaraderie and Fun Emtec For more information visit: http: www.emtecinc.com career Proud member of the Institute for Business and Information Technology !I8IT : at Temple University's Fox School of Business fratec'i Cheemae and Cfft OmeshDesal recipient 4 the JO!S F a IT Aeard lor Ohuwj shed.i THE BRENNAN COLLECTIVE Listening that is activeCONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 2017 CUSHMAN WAKEFIELD BUILT TO LEAD D E L A N Y M c BRIDE W. Thomas McBride Attorney at Law Office: 888.365.2973 Fax: 888.365.2988 www.delanymcbride.com wtm@delanymcbride.com John P. Dorhnm Senior Managing Director 1650 Market Street - 33rd Floor Philadelphia. PA 19103 21S-963-4000 cushmanwakcflold.com CUSHMAN WAKEFIELD Delaware 1000 North West Street Suite 1200 Wilmington, DE 19801 New York 80 Broad Street, 5 Floor New York, NY 10004 New Jersey 36 Euclid Street Woodbury. NJ 08096 Pennsylvania 1S00JFK Blvd., Suite 415 Philadelphia. PA 19102 U- Proud to Support Temple University Graduates Because good oral health keeps you healthier in many other ways United Concordia Dental UnitedConcordia.com °"'X? Coo ',rdl, P od .H «e undemtWn t UnrtnJ Co ordU Life Afvi «m, .■nur.inco Cooifii-7 In PA, IMfed Cdncotdu pofcdei ov« dentil bor rm rWy «t. f Q Si'MC - WOt x GERALD T. SHAEFFER, JR CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES! 2$ ttu . jiljaeffe r9 s $ tma 3 nt. ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS 169 Boro Line Road King of Prussia, PA 19406 Phone: 610 962-5500 Fax: 610-962-5533 Web: http: www.smaefferelectric.com E-mail: gshaeffer@shaefferelectric.com Kuehnle-Wilson, Inc. Painting Industrial-Commercial-lnstitutional Prompt Estimates‘Over 115 Years Serving Philadelphia Surrounding Areas Ph. 610-623-1600 Fax 610-623-8097 Email: pain6ng@kuehnlewilson.comuedUniversal _____________There for you. Allied Universal provides unparalleled service, systems and solutions to serve, secure and care for the people and businesses in our communities. Best fishes to the Ml Graduates ot Temple University! www.aus.com Littler Three Parkway 11601 Cherry Street. Suite 1400 Philadelphia. PA 19102 I 267.402.3000 llttler.com Littler is the largest globaf employment and labor law practice with more than 1.200 attorneys in over 75 offices world aide. Littler represents management in all aspects of employment and labor law and serves as a single-source solution prowler to the global employer comm-nity Consistently recognized in the ndustry as a leading and innovative law practice. Littler has been litigating, mediating and negotiating some of the most influential employment law cases and labor contracts on record for 75 years Utle- Global is the collective trade name for an international legal practice, the practicing member entities of which are separate and distinct professional frms For more information visit bittercom Congratulations meriGas meets the propane needs of millions of people across the nation. But our responsibility doesn't end there. We support education to improve the lives of young people in the Delaware Valley. Strong community nvolvement. It's another example of iow AmeriGas is driving every day. is Driving every day www.AmeriGas.com Littler is proud to support Temple University Thomas J. Bender, Esq. Richard R. Harris, Esq.Architecture | Interior Design | Engineering | SustamaWe Oesign | Master Planning Blackney Hayes Architects 150 S. Independence Mail West. Suite 1200 Philadelphia. PA 19106 p 1215.829.0922 w | vsvvw Wackneyhayes com RENTACRATE8 Sustainable Moving Packaging Solutions Congratulations Graduates! Anthony Taranto HiTouch Business Services 201.964.9300 x9520 ATaranto@hitouchservices.com MARANO ELECTRIC INC. ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS Michael P. Marano 0 856.232.4657 C 856.498.3307 F 856.232.4807 20 Stonehenge Drive Sewell, NJ 08080 michael@maranoelectric.com CARRC ) DUFF inc Electrical Construction 24 Hour Emergency Service i Congratulations Temple University Graduates! 2100 Byberry Road, Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006 215-672-4200 Fax:215-675-9800 cme Uniforms For Industry SINCE 1959 420 Howell Street Bristol, PA 19007 800-832-5749 Tel: 215-785-3565 Fax: 215-785-2455 www.acmeuniforms.com Plane Woodworks, Inc. Architectural Woodwork And Custom Cabinetry John M. O’Keefe 6522 Upland Street Philadelphia, PA 19142 (215)724-3030 (215)724-3131 Fax Relocation Project Managers, I nc. RFM Commeuiol • Industrial • Corporor« Michael A. Wacher, Vice Piesident 1951 Old CuThbeft Rood. SU?e 201 • Owny tR Nl 856 428 5198 • 856 428 4272 fax - 609 685 7075 cel • Mle.WKteh3«Pito»?rPOT BDO is a proud employer of Temple University graduates. BDO. Because relationships matter. There are many world-class accounting and consulting firms. Far fewer that offer a culture so rich in professional opportunity for intern and entry-level employees. At BDO. we understand that it takes exceptional people to deliver exceptional client service. And we understand that “exceptional" isn’t a quality that one develops overnight. That's why we make it a priority to offer our accountants the mentorship, flexibility, and opportunity they need to grow and develop as professionals — today, tomorrow, and for the rest of their careers. Joseph Beach, Assurance Office Managing Partner jbeach@bdo.com William Burns, Tax Office Managing Partner wburns@bdo.com BDO USA. LLP 1801 Market Street, Suite 1700 Philadelphia, PA 19103 215-564-1900 People who know, know BDO.M Accountants and Consultants www.bdo.com careers 800 USA. IIP. All light! i S«(v J inovative classroom nd real-life, hands-o lienees provided Temple UniversityJ T i I i I i I |i i «r-rTl TEMPLE HEALTH f ■ congratulates -ill 2017 GRADUATES OF TEMPLE UNIVERSITY The Temple Health network of care is bringing the best in clinical care, research and education to the entire region.j T TEMPLE HEALTH LEWIS KATZ SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Aj| TEMPLE UNIVERSITY I TEMPLE UNIVERSITY! HEALTH SYSTEM . WWS 5SJ£ SSS • "T»lt 1,-11 b tta ins KjU ScbMl oi MHicm at Tmpi UfWvwtttf.1Gilbane Building Company is committed to inspiring, engaging and mentoring a new generation of talent in the design and construction industry. BUILDING MORE THAN BUILDINGS ww v.gilbaneco.com G IbaneSolar Powering Philadelphia One Project at a Time www.ibew98.org Local Union 98 John J. Dougherty is proud to support Business Manager Temple University!!tijca SimplexGrinnell Keeping Temple University Safe One Building at a Time SimplexGrinnell provides a comprehensive array of fire alarm, fire sprinkler, fire suppression, integrated security, sound and healthcare communications systems, and tests and inspection services. We can offer customers the benefits of our SAFETY Act certification from the US Department of Homeland Security. With one million customers, 150 local offices and 200 years of history in the fire business, SimplexGrinnell is the leader in fire and life safety. 283 Gibraltar Road | Horsham, PA 19044 215-347-6500 150 Local Offices - 200 Years Experience www.simplexgrinnell.com tuca " SimplexGrinnellWE'LL SUPPORT YOUR N tl IW Si "L7 So You Can Focus On Your Business Comm Solutions Company is an end-to-end technology solutions provider that specializes in the design, development, deployment, and support of enterprise level solutions for security, infrastructure and storage. Q £3 www.commsolutions.com | 800-795-7559 □ r"H ooo Wellness is our priority. Make it Personal by discovering a career with Rite Aid. Rite Aid Pharmacy, with more than 4600 locations across 31 states and the District of Columbia, is the largest drugstore chain on the East Coast and the third largest drugstore chain in the U.S. At Rite Aid. our vision, mission and core values help drive the way we treat our customers, co-workers and ourselves. We believe that if we are truly going to succeed and help you succeed, we need to have a single unified vision to help get us there - and to help you get where you want to be in your career. If you are committed to moving your career forward, then Rite Aid has the opportunity for you. Build your future with us and we'll provide you with a strong support team, advancement opportunities and training programs that guide you on your path to success. We take the success of our pharmacists personally. Whether you’re a current student looking for an introduction to the field or a Pharmacist wanting to advance your career, let Rite Aid help you realize your goals. Visit our career site at www.RiteAid.com careers to find out what opportunities are available today. ■ Rite Aid n an Equal Opportunity Employer, dedicated to a policy of non-discrimination in emptoymont on arty basis including race, color, age. sox. religion, national oogin. the presence of mental, physical, or sensory disability, sexual orientation, or any othor basis prohibited by federal, state, or provincial law.YOU CAN JOURNEY TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH IN SEARCH OF SUCCESS, BUT IF YOU'RE LUCKY, YOU WILL DISCOVER HAPPINESS IN YOUR OWN BACKYARD. -RUSSELL CONWELL A_________________________ Abadiotakis, Austin 126 Abate, Mackenzie 126 Abdel-Malek, Victor 126 Abdul-Azim, Mikyla 126 Abecassis, Andre 61, 134 Abeli, Olga 126 Abezis, Aliza 105 Abidov, Siyovush 126 Abozeed, Magda 126 Abraham, Erin 126 Abramowitz, Bret 126 Adams, Aynye 126 Adams, Chloe 126 Adams, Sean 126 Adeniyi, Oreoluwa 126 Afanador, Zuleika 126 Afroz, Tanjila 126 Aguilar, Gabrielle 1 26 Ahmad, Anwaar 126 Ahmad, Muhammad 126 Ahmed, Annisa 126 Akhtar, Sadia 126 Akhtar, Sarnia 126 Akinsola, Omolola 126 Akinfunde, Oluseun 126 Al Ameri, Batul 126 Albaroki, Caroleena 126 Albaroki, Mouhannad 127 Albrecht, Allison 127 Alem, Hanna 127 Alex, Ashley Mary 27, 93, 154, 221 Alexander, Aaron 127 Allardyce, John 127 Allegro, Christina 127 Allen, Danielle 127 Allen, Kendra 127 Allen, Raynesha 127 Allen, Shanece 127 Allen, Traynesha 127 Allison, Elizabeth 127 Almeda-Lopez, Antonio 127 Alosa, Adriana 114 Alrawagah, Ahmad 127 Alunni, Brianna 127 Amegan, Koffiedem 127 Andrews, Ashton 127 Angela, Alexandra 127 Angell, Karen 87 Anhalt, Christopher 127 Anlas, Celeste 127 Anthony, Manju 127 Anyaudo, Jane 127 Apple, Molly 13 Apsche, Nicole 127 Armstrong, Kelly 127 Arriola, Alan 127 Arthur, Synclaire 128 Artis, Erica 128 Aryee, Elizabeth 128 Asch, Sabrina 128 Athanasiadis, Isaia 128 Atkinson, Shannon 88 Atterbury, Elizabeth 128 Attia, Rahmo 128 Auguste, Harven 128 Austin, Taylor 128 Awad, Angela 128 Axel, Hollie 128 Azor, Dave 128 B___________________________ Boar, Jessica 29, 128 Badurek, Gabriella 128 Bagley, Tucker 128 Bailey, Carol 128 Bajaj, Deepak 128 Baker, Angela 128 Baker, Brianna 19, 29, 220 Baker, Rachel 128 Baldanza, Nick 128 Ball, Zuliesuivie 128 Banire, Oyindamola 128 Banks, Brio 199 Baptiste, Lauren 128 Baranowski, Olivia 108 Barends, Daniel 87 Barfield, Charmaine 128 Barnok, Sean 128, 215 Barnes, Allan 129 Barnes, Kayla 129 Barone, Dominic 129 Barr, Kevin 129 Barrios, Jose 129 Barsukova, Sabina 129 Barth, Nicole 129 Bartholomew, Gerald 129 Bartol, Amber 129 Bassett, Lauren 129 Batish, Rohit 113, 129 Batyskiy, Max 25 Bauman, Gabie 108 Bavaro, Daniel 129 Bayewu, Oluwaferanm 129 Bazin, Megan 129 Beauchamp, Kristen i 29 Beck, Jenna 129 Beck, Logan 129 Becker, Rachel 129 Bell, Jessica 129 Bell, Rachel 129 Bellamy, Crisjana 129 Beltre, Yarissa 129 Bender, Brenton 129, 216 Benditt, Marissa 129 Benge, Olili 129 Benjamin, Noam 130 Benkert, Rochelle 130 Bennett, Michael 130 Benshoshan, Avi 105 Benton, Tyler 130 Berke, Coryell 130 Berkelbach, Chris 96 Berkley, Andria 130 Berry, Jillian 130 Berlhelot-Mariat, Marjorie 130 Bevenour, Jake 96 Bici, Klodiana 130 Bigger, Carissa 130 Bishop, Brianne 130 17 Bizal, Luke 130 Black, Carl 130 Blackman, Nadirah 10 Bland, Kiana 130Blandmg, Ariel 130 Blank. Caroline 130 Block David 95, 221 Boardman, David 43 Boco, Jedrick-Leo 130 Bogomolova, Corina 130 Bojsza, Michael 130 Bols, Verino 130 Bonanni, John 130 Bonanm, John Joseph 205 Bonhomme, Frantzley 130 Boone. Tiera 130 Borschc-! Rosa 130 Bostrom, Kyle 131 Bourara, Nada 131 Boyd, William 131 Boyle Allison 131 Bracisze wski, Justine 131 Brader, Ashley 131 Bradley Kevin 131 Bradley. Salima 131 Bradnock, Taylor 131, 207 Brady, Christine 54, 55 Brady Michael 54, 55 Brand- ourg, Ryan 52 Brandley, Jennifer 131 Brandon, Ryan 131 Brand1 Courtney 131 Brannan, Alexander 131 Braun Corrigan 131, 216 Brenner. Andrew 131 Bresnchan, Michelle 131 Brice, Alexandra 131 Brickhouse, Kairo 131 Brighter, Catherine 131 Briftor Danielle 131 Brod ick, Olivia 37 Brook Kofi 131 Brophy, Melanie 131 Brown, Amira 131 Brown, Ashleigh 131 Brown, Catherine 13 1 Brown, Charles 132 Brown, Kyndall 132 Brown, Marques 132 Brown, Najai 132 Browne, Aqilah 132 Browning, Samantha 132 Brownlee, Simone 132 Bruggeman, Seth 121 Brumbley, Meghan 1 32 Bruno, Jonathan 132 Bryant, Chebria 132 Bryant, Ventell 71 Buckner, Kelly 132 Bucu, Simona 132 Buerger, Danielle 132 Bui, Alissa 132 Bui, Thao 132 Burgos, Danilo 83, 92, 96, 221 Burhananbarbour, Darranique 132 Burk, Melissa 132 Burkhardt, Matthew 132 Burno, Paige 132 Burns, Alissa 132 Burns, Cayla 132 Burok, Katherine 132 Burrell, Brianna 132 Burroughs, Michael 132 Burton, Briana 105 Buschan, Kristel 132 Butler, Sydney 133 Butterfield, Tatyana 133 Buzik, Marla 133 Byerley, Elaine 133 Byrne, Delaney 133 c________________________ Caballero, Eric 133 Caffey, Tyler 133 Cahn, Lu Ann 134 Caldwell, Ashley 133 Calhoun, Gregory 133 Colter, Megan 133 Camara, Macy 133 Campione, Jonathan 133 Cannon, Craig 133 Cantoral, Victoria 133 Cao, Judy 1 33 Cao, Qiaodie 133 Capone, Lauren 133 Caprario, Colleen 133 Cara, Michael 133 Carabello, Danielle 105 Carbone, Gina 133 Cardoza, Tonya 88 Carilla, Samantha 133 Carmody, Tyler 133 Carney, Olivia 133 Carr, Alex Dovgala- 212 Carr, Elizabeth 133 Carrasquillo, Lauren 136 Carrington, Deyonna 136 Carter, Jimmy 6 Carter, Josh 105 Carter, Kate 136 Caruso, Mack 136 Cassey, Alicia 136 Colon, Shanygne 136 Cavanaugh, John 136 Cendrowski, Kaillyn 136 Cerrada, Astrid 1 36 Chabot, Patrick 15 Chai, Ziyuan 136 Chamberlain, Naiya 136 Chan, Courtney 136 Chan, Mecey 136 Chaney, John 91, 188 Chang, Andreo 136 Chang, Han 136 Chang, Monica 136 Chaplain, Navy 176 Chapman, Darlene 136 Chapman, Simone 136 Chaudri, Nissa 1 1 Cheema, Ishaal 136 Chen, Huilin 136 Chen, Mengzhen 136 Chen, Stephanie 136 Chen, Yiyu 136 Cheng, Lamying 136 Cherian, Silvy 136 Cherry, Rodney 137 Chervonyak, Anastasiya 137 Cheung, Ning 137 Cheung, Priscilla 137 Chiango, Julia 105 Ching, Chevy 137 Choi, Brenda 137 Choice-Roysler, Jasmine 137 Christensen, Andrew 137 Chung, Heeeun 137 Ciampoli, Quanisho 137 Ciero, Alexa 137,216 Cifuentes, Mariela 137 Clark, Jenise 137 Clark, Manuel 137 Clark, Vienna 137 Clegg, Alexandra 137 Clugston, Madeline 137 Coaxum, Brio 137 Codd-Perez, Maria 119 Cohen, Mattingly 1 37 Cohen, Patrick 137 Cohen, Sarah 137 Cole, Sharee 137 Coleman, Rashida 137 Coles, Tiffany 50 Collado, Melonie 137 Colon, Maria 137 Colon, Shalani 138 Conord, Grier 138 Condly, Johnathan 84 Connoughton, Haley 138 Connors, Doechelle 138 Conrad, Daniel 138 Constanzi, Jessica 63 Conwell, Christopher 138 Conwell, Dr. Russell 188,219 Corbisiero, Alexander 138 Cornelio-Weimer, Angela 138 Cornell, William 138 Corner, Frederick 138 Cottingham, Dray I 38 Cove, Alex 105 Craig, Jillian 138 Crapella, Cali 138 Craskey, Jeffrey 138 Crawford, Tyrone 138 Crew, Ashli 138 Cronk, Melissa 138 Cunillera, Lissa-Marie 1 38 Cunningham, Kayla 92 Currier, Jennifer 138 Curtin, Ian 138 Cutaia, Anna 138,220 Czerniawski, Amanda 51 D___________________________ D'Ambrosio, John 138 D'arville, Cece 13 Dale, Andrew 138 Dale, Jado 138 Dallas, Jamillah 138 Dam, Beaver 15 Damato, Daniel 139, 204 Danowitz, Evan 105 Darrow, Jillian 139 Dash, Halana 139 Davenport, Alexandria 139 Davenport, Kyle 139 Davey, Regina 139 Davidson, Zoe 139 Davis, Fran 92 Davis, Gregory 139 Davis, Melanie 139 Davis, Quadera 139 Davis-Bullock, Mariah 139 Dawdanow, Anastasia 139 Dawson, Katherine 139 Dawson, Kelly 139 Day, Jamya 139 Daye, Sydney 139 de La Reina, Talavera 82 DeHorotius, Elaina 139 DellaVecchia, Victoria 139 DelRusso, Katie 139 DeLucia, Jessica 139 Delvin, Marie 139 Dembele, Mariam 139 Dennis, Peter 30 DePalma, Katrina 139 DeRiso, Katherine 139 Dermody, Olivia 139 Desai, Shivani 140 Desrochers, Katherine 221 Dess, Elizabeth 157 Delweiler, Lyndsey 140, 215 Device, Tyler 134 Devine, Eber 140 Dewaal, Heather 140 Dias, Rui 140 DiBella, Bridget 140 DiBerardino, John 140 DiCarlo, John 219 Dick, Jamor 140 DiCostanzo, Maria 140 DiCrecchio, Nicole 140 Diep, Jonathan 140 Dieudonne, Dione 140 DiFroncesco, Julia 140 Diggs, Aviana 140 DiGiacomo, Paul Michael 140, 211 Digiovanni, Mark 134 DiGiuseppe, Christopher 140 Dillard, Bertha 140 DiMarco, Gabrielle 140 Dinh, Charlie 140 Dinh, Tu 140 DiPaola, Vincent 140 DiPasquale, Alexander 140 DiRenzi, Allyson 140 DiSalvi, Erica 140 DiTullio, Nicole 140 Dixon, Ashanti 141 Do, Tommy 141 Doan, Anh 141 Dobrydnia, Debra 141 Dockery, Shoyla 141 Doherty, Mike 63 Dokhvat, Vitaliya 141 Dolinay, Adrian 141 Domenech, Samantha 141 Domingo, Alana 141 Dominic, Jessica 141 Donahue, Emily 141 Donahue, Sara 141 Donatelli, Lex 141 Donegan, Leslie 141 Donohue, Kathy 141 Donovan, Kelly 141 Dooley, Charlene 14 Dorf, Paul 141 Dorville, Ayalibis 141 Dos, Dominik 141 Dotter, Kevin 141 Douge, Emmanuelle 11 Dougherty, Timothy Dovgala-Carr, Alexand;a 141 Dowding, John 43 Downey, Will 141 Dressier, Jennifer 142 Drop, Amanda 142 Drumm, Drew 35 Drummond, Sierra 142 Drye, Tatiana 142 Duals, Duquesne 84 Dubendorf, Tory 11 Ducas, Nabimie 142 Duesenberry, Alexandra 142 Duffield, Katherine 32 Duffy, Stephen 142 Dugan, Julia 19 Dumont, Nolan 142 Dunbar, Brian 142 Dunn, Heather 142, 154, 155 Dunphy, Fran 91 Duong, Cindy 142 Duran, Karla 142 Durkin, Kelly 119 Dwyer, Kara 142 Dykyj, Stephanie 142 Dziedowiec, Emily 142 E____________________ ________ Eccleston, Eric 142 Edwards, Ashley 142Edwords, Matthew M2 Edwards Naacaro M2 Edwar ;s, Victoria M2 Egiefameh, Zanefa M2 Ehly, Nick 15,27 Eisgra; , Melissa 110 Eishon , Nadia 1 M Eldafrawy, Sondus 142 Elgogar Summer M2 Emme h, Marissa M2 Emonds, Brandon M3 Ender e, Shone M3 Engler on, Joseph M3 Engle: Richard 52 Enix-Ross, Parker M3 Eo, Long 143 Eribal Bea M3 Erney, iyan 143 Espejo, Kevin 143 Esposi:.), Ally 51 Evan - s, Zoe 143 Evans, Lynn 143,215 Evans, atianna M3 F_________________ Fahey, Courtney M3 Falco, Sara 45 Falcone, Elena 92 Fanwick, Joan M3 Farka: Olivia M3 Faulk bony 143 Fayki a, Margarita M3 Fedej o, Dominika M3 Fehrl. Jenna M3 Felder Jodie M3 Felde Sophia M3 Fenner, Allyson M3 Fens , David 105 Fergi on, Sam 105 Fernandez, Adrian 121 Fernandez, Blanca 84, 95 Fey, Don 45 Fey, Peter 45 Fey, Tina 45 Fields, Jalen 143 Filippi, Zola 143 Fink. Bryan 143 Fischer, Sarah 143 Fischer, Zachary 146, 204 Fisk, Lauren 146, 205 Flacco, Mario 146 Flack, Nicole 146 Flaherty, Britney 146 Flanigan, Rachel 146 Fieurat, Conner 146 Flood, Arianna 146 Flood, Kimberly 146 Flynn, Mairghread 146 Flynn, Natalie 50, 51 Fogarty, John 146 Foisy, Kyle 146 Foley, Ed 71 Foley, Mariana 105 Fonda, Benjamin 146 Foner, Eric 46 Fontana, Nicholas M6 Footman, Ashleigh 146 Forde, Elvis 95 Foster, Eric 146,215 Foster, Nina 146 Foster-Allen, Elaina M6 Foy, Myisha 146 Franchi, Delia 146 Frank, Greg 146 Fronke, Nikki 73 Frederick, Emily 146 Freyman, Sarah 146 Frick, Abigail 146 Friedman, Kaitlyn 146 Frisby, Elizabeth 147 Froilan, Sierra 147 Frost, Marcus 91 Fry, Emily 147 Fullman, Alexis 147 G Gilson, Meredith M8 Gingrich, Carrie M8 Ginsburg, Jonathan M8 Givnish, Laurie 148 Gladfelter, Millard 4 Glassford, Morgan 87 Glazer, Julie 148 Goddard, Cameron M8 Gabat, Anne 147 Goff, Andrew 148 Gabriele, Dylan 147, 215 Goffman, Robin 117, M8 Gaines, Krystal 147 Goheer, Haseeb 113 Gallagher, MaryKate 147 Gold, Daniel 148 Gambone, Nicholas 147 Gold, Megan 148 Gandhi, Shree 147 Gold, William 148 Gantt, Shaquana 147 Goldberg, Taylor 148 Gorges, Daniel 147 Golden, Andrea 148 Garis, Felicia 147 Golden, Claire 148 Garner, Libby 147 Goldsborough, Michelle M8 Garvin, Aisling 147 Goldschmidt, Elizabeth M8 Gary, Nikko 147 Goldstien, Ari 105 Garzone, George 30 Golla, Akhil 148 Gaston, Kenyo 147 Golovchenko, Vlada 149 Gathright, Justin 147 Gomes, Luiz 149 Gatta, Anthony 106 Gondal, Mahfooza 149 Gauntt, Eric 147 Goodman, Matthew 149 Gavula, Phoebe 147 Goodman, Richan 149 Gebhardt, Zachary 147 Goodwin, Alexis 149 Gentry, Ashiel 147 Goppert, Melissa 149 George, Tyler 71, 147 Gordon, Jennifer 41 Georgescu, Alison 147 Gordon, Lindsay 149 Gepilano, Angeli 147 Gouvalis, Vicki 45 Gerard, Erin 148 Gower, Derek 149 Getzfread, Meredith 148 Grabel, Alexandra 149 Ghafary, Fereba 148 Grace, Zachary 149 Ghisu, Alex 148 Gracia, Carlos 82 Giancaferino, Scott 148 Grandison, Danielle 149 Giang, Jimmy 148 Gibby, Eloise 148 Grant, Forrell 149 Grassia, Devyn 149 Graves, Rachel 149 Gravil, Edson 149 Gray, Malik 149 Grayson, Tishara 149 Green, Abigail 149 Green, Christina 149 Green, Kelsey 149 Green, Keyona 149 Green, Morgan 149 Greenberg, Miranda 149 Greene, Leo 150 Greenstein, Brandon 150 Gregory, Shanice 150 Grier, Janae 150 Grim, Kelsy 150 GroomesKlotz, Alison 150 Grooms, Rafia 150 Gross, Anna 33 Gross, Paige 150 Grossman, Melissa 150 Grossman, Michael 45 Guarino, Audrey 150, 216 Guerriero, Samantha 150 Gupta, Shagun 150 H________________________ Hagler, Leah 13 Hahn, Kyle 150 Haines, Brandon 150 Haines, Zachary 150, 207 Hall, Melissa 150 Hall, Sequoia 150 Hollaj, Maryam 150 Hallowell, Delaney 150 Hammer, Jillian 150 Hampson, Jessica 150 Hamrock, Olima 150 Haney, Will 150 Hangey, Timothy 150 Harden, Brandi 151 Hardy, Bruce 43 Hargrave, Lindsay 37 Harrell, Andrea 151 Harris, Bryant 151 Harris, Cara 151 Harris, Crystal 151 Harris, Renee 151 Hart, Ann Weaver 7 Hartey, Alexandria 151 Hartranft, Daylan 151 Harvey, Nate 35, 95, 99, 221 Hawthorne, Myia 151 Haye, Don 151 Haynes, Tafari 151 Hazel, David 151 Heath, Joshua 151 Hee, Malia 73 Heidt, Joseph 151 Hekking, Elizabeth 151 Helfrich, Jonah 151 Hellmuth, Michael 151 Helms, Kat Von 13,25 Henderson, Jewel 151 Heness, Nancy 151 Henry, Anisha 151 Henry, Rick 105 Henry-Fagon, Danielle 151 Hester, Diahmon 151 Hewitt, Dylan 151 Hibbert, Sarah 151 Higgins, Emma 151 Higgins, Megan 152 Hightower, Asia 152 Hightower, Tyshae 152 Hill, Deja 152 Hill, Najah 152 Hillian, Tiana 152 Hilty, Samantha 117, 152 Hinton, Brooke 152 Hixon, Rebecca 152 Ho, Maria 152 Hoagland, Kacie 152 Hodge, Jennifer 152 Hoffer, William 152 Hogan, Samantha 152 Hollander, Max 152 Holt, Alex 152 Holthausen, Matthew 152 Homes, Norris 110 Hommel, Francesco 152 Hong, Nathan 152 Hooven, Elena 152 Horan, Brenna 152 Horn, Elisabeth Van 194 Horrocks, Christine 152 Hou, Jiayu 152 Howard, Anniya 152 Howard, Colton 152 Howard, Millie 84 Howarth, Kaitlyn 29 Hu, Senhao 153 Huang, Annie 153 Huang, James 153 Huang, Jingwen 153 Huang, Xiaou 153 Huang, Yunpeng 153 Hubbard, Jordan 153 Humphrey, Kaddara 153 Hunter, Jessica 153 Huynh, Farah 153 Huynh, Jeff 153 Huynh, Jennifer 153 Huynh, Vannhi 153 Hymson, Jake 25 I_______________________ Ibrahim, Mostafa 153 Idasetima, Courtney 1:4,220 lezzi, Nicholas 153 lhaza, Collins 153 Ingardia, Justin 105 Intoccia, Sarah 153 lossa, Carmen 153 Irizarry, Rosalind 153 Isaac, Paulina Jayne 144 Isaacs, Devante 153 Islam, Tarquil 153 Ismael, Khalaf 153 Ismael, Stephanie 153 Ivanova, Irina 153 Izewski, Alex 84 J_____________________________ Jackson, lyonna 153 Jackson, Kelli 158 Jacob, Morgan 158 Jacobs, Simone 158 Jacobsen, Beth 114 Jacques, Sydnee 20, 95, 158, 210 Jani, Rachel 117, 158 Janney, Taylor 158 Jansen, Dennis 158 Jariwala, Dhwani 158 Jasthi, Jivana 110 Jefferson, Jacqueline 158 Jenkins, Danielle 158 Jenkins, Tiffany 158 Jensen, Taylor 158 Jeremenko, Devyn 158 Jerome, Sandy 158 Jiang, Jing 158 Jiang, Ning 158Jiang, V7ei 158 Kalra, Anika 221 Knight, Jelani 161 Langowska, Aleksandra 162 Jideonwo, Jennifer 158 Kaminsky, Allison 11 7 Koboci, Jetmir 161 Lanier, Alexis 162 Jimenez Agnes 158 Kapshuk, Artem 93 Koch, Lindsey 161 Lans, Chanted 45 Jin, Shuchang 158 Karnitz, Heidi 159 Kochis, Kaitlyn 161 Lantigua, Eddy 162 Jing, Bozhi 158 Karthauser, Bryon 159 Koffs, Jake 161 Lapsansky, Kevin 84 John, Jeremy 158 Kashow, Matthew 159, 208 Kohl, Hannah 25 Larizzio, Ann 162 John, Jerin 158 Kaspin, Steven 160 Kolibab, Brigitte 161 Larkin, Talen 162 Johnson, Brianna 158 Katona, Kyleigh 160 Kolis, Olivia 161 Larovere, Derek 162 Johnson, Erin 158 Kaur, Tara 33 Komolov, Nicole 161 Larson, Blake 17 Johnson, Imani 105 Kawka, Mateusz 160 Koneh, Nensah 35 Lartey, Diamond 162 Johnson, Jared 17 Ke, Jiaming 160 Konneh, Kalifala 161 LaSmith, Torri 162 Johnsor Julianne 159 Ke, Yonrong 160 Kostiuk, Mary 161 Laster, Sarah 162 Johnson. Sherrice 159 Keft, Alexandra 73 Koudinov, Yvan 161 Lathrop, Victoria 162 Johnsor Taylor 159 Kelhower, Stephen 160 Kowalsky, Kathryn 161 Latore, Janeca 162 Johnson, Trevor 159 Kelly, Alexandra 160 Kravet, Emily 161 Lattanzio, Philip 162 Johnson, Venus 159 Kelly, Erin 160 Kremer, Melinda 63 Lau, Fung 162 Johnstone, Patrick 159 Kelly, Maria 160 Krick, Madeleine 161 Lau, Heng 162 Jones, Chey 159 Kelly, Tim 204 Krier, Megan 161 Lauer, Audrey 119 Jones, Jade 159 Kelly, Timothy 160 Kronbar, Rebecca 161 Laufgraben, Jodi Levine 58, 61 Jones, Raya 159 Kelly-Bullen, Breanna 160 Kruse, Richard 161 Lautman, Natalie 162 Jones, Solomon 45 Kempinski, Alexander 160 Kruth, Kevin 161 Lawler, Kayla 162 Jones, Hffany 159 Kennedy, Martrice 160 Krutsick, Abigail 161 Lax, Craig 163 Jordan, Abigail 114 Kennedy, Sean 160 Kudler, Rachel 161 Laypo, Troy 163 Joseph. Geanelle 159 Kent, Lauren 160 Kuhar, Thomas 161 Le, Elizabeth 163 Joseph, Maxine 159 Keung, Ming 160 Kulkarni, Riya 161 Leatherman, Morgan 163 Joseph, Michelle 159 Khalili, Dr. Kamel 41 Kupicha, Krystyna 162 Leaver, Matthew 163 Joyce, Thomas 159 Khan, Mazeeya 160 Kurian, Justin 162 LeBrew, Marguerile 163 Jr., Vesey 215 Khov, Henry 160 Kurisky, Kaitlyn 105 Lee, Gene 163 Juhasz, Frank 159 Kilkenny, Tara 160 Kwasniewska, Paula 162 Lee, Jenna 163 Jung, Hanel 159 Kilroy, Shealyn 160 Lee, Jin 163 Jung, Jiai 159 Kim, Jaeho 160 L Lee, Johnny 163 Jur, Alexander 159 Kim, Lisa 160 K Kim, Natalia 160 Lafferty, Briana 162 Lee, Lisa 163 — King, Nicole 160 Lam, Kelly 162 Lee, Mark 163 Kabanga, Marie 159 King, Timothy 161 Lam, Victoria 162 Lee, Nicole 163 Kabeer ssa 159 Kirkland, Julia 161 Lam, Wai 162 Leisher, Katie 84 Kachlar Mamdouh 159 Kirkwood, Keith 71 Lander, Mia 162 Leopanto, Crystal 163, 213 Kacyc Matt 84 Kaeiin, rica 159 Klemm, Luisa 161 Landmesser, Jake 1 17 Lane, Colleen 162 Lerner, Rich 45 Lescosky, Andrew 105 Leskaj, Artemid 163 Lesnik, Robert 163 Leto, Gianna 163 Levandowski, Laura 163 Levich, AnnaMaria 163 Levine, Steve 163 Levy, Rich 45 Lewis, Corey 163 Lewis, Jessica 163 Lewis, Katrina 163 Lewis, Keyhana 163 Lewis, Tamalya 164 Li, Han 164 Li, Jennie 164 Li, Jiahang 164 Li, Mengting 164 Li, Xuemin 164 Li, Yulin 164 Liacouras, Peter 188 Liberona, Patrick 164 Lichorobiec, Christie 164 Lien, Amanda 154 Lim, Sophia 164 Lin, Fang 164 Lin, Xinyi 164 Linares-Herrdor, Daniel 164 Lineman, Kelly 164 Lipscomb, Emily 164 Listabarth, Stephan 84 Litwak, Larry 91 Liu, Rong 164 Liu, Wenhao 164 Liu, Wenjia 164 Liu, Xin 164 Liverpool, Deneica 164 Locker, Jessica 164 Lockhart, Teahna 164 Lodge, Maria 164 Loeffler, Brittany 108 Logan, Jennifer 164 Long, Samantha 164 Lopez, Daniel 165 Lopez, Jonathan 165 Lopez, Lexus 165 Lopez, Reinaldo 165 Lora, Yaniedy 25 Loughnane, Brian 165 Lovelace, Kennedy 73 Lu, Meng 165 Lucas, Anthony 165 Luce, Dallas 165 Lucia, Joseph 49 Lukievics, Morgan 165 Lukman, Thomas 165 Lumley, Amanda 165 Lunetto, Sean 165 Luo, Helen 220 Luong, Carmen 165 Luongo, Anthony 121 Ly, Andy 165 Ly, Kevin 165 Ly, Melissa 165 Lynn, Rachel 165 Lysek, Stacey 165 M________________________ M, Richard 4, 125, 188 Ma, Jhen 165 Ma, Lan 165 Macauley, Sean 165 Mack, Arthur 165 MacLeon, Chris 165 MacMillan, Jim 43 MacWilliams, David 82 Madaus, Sarah 33,41,49, 220 Maghazehe, Kamyar 165 Maher, Brendan 15 Maher, Jane 165 Mahmud, Amer 168 Mahoney, Erin 168 Majid, Hira 168 Mak, Sherry 168 Maldonado, Danielle 168 Maldonado, Labrea 168 Malley, Kevin 168, 202 Malloy, Antonio 168 Mallozzi, Alexa 168 Malo, Christopher 43 Maltin, Will 84 Malvasi, Gabrielle 168 Mammen, Elizabeth 168 Mancini, Joseph 168 Mancini, Patrick 168 Manders, Khamera 168 Mandrack, Marissa 168 Maniloff, Cara 168, 217 Manning, John 168 Mannix, lion 168 Manson, Verna-Catherine 168 Marabella, Christopher 168 Marie, Inga 168 Mariner, Kelsey 168 Marino, Daniel 168 Marinucci, Rebecca 168 Mark, Brandon 168 Marra, Gerardo 169 Marshall, Amere 169 Marshall, Stephan 57 Marfh, Derek 169 Martin, Alyssa 169 Martin, Marielle 169 Martin, Safiya 88 Martin, Samuel 169 Martirosyan, Diana ]( ■ Mascarinas, Angelika 76 Masco, Ginamarie 16V Maskart, Reanne 29 Mason, Abigail 169 Mason, Kelly 169 Massaro, Samantha 169 Mastrocola, Joseph 169 Maszlanka, Zachary 169 Mathew, Alan 169 Mathias, Miranda 169 Maurer, Nicholas 169 Mauro, Steve 93 Maxham, John 169 Mayo, Kimekia 169 McCabe, Shannon 169 McClaren, Roxanne 169 McClendon, John 54 McCluskey, Jimmia 169,209 McCollum, Nicole 16(-McCormick, Sara 169 McCoy, Corinne 169 McCoy, Kayla 169 McCullough, Danny 96 McCutcheon, Mackenzie 170 McDevitt, Shannon 170 McDonald, Alexandra 170 McDonald, Connor 1 1 McDonald, Nastasia 170 McDow, Kimberly 170 McDowell, Damara 170 McDuffie, Danielle 170 McFadden, Christopher 170 McFillin, Patrice 170 McGettigon, Ashley 170 McGinnis, lan 170 McGlinn, Sarah 92 McGuckin, Francis 17McHugh, Joseph 170 McIntyre, Takora 88 McKee Stephanie 170 McKen r e, Monique 170 McKeo n, Gabriella 92 McKim Megan 170 McLaughlin, Jessica 170 McLaughlin, Rosemarie 170 McLaverty, Carly 170 McMahon, Ryan 106 McMonagle, Kelly 170 McNarr ora, Alexandria 170 McPher .on, Rofiq 170 McQuc Je, Romsin 170 McQueen, Deion 170 Mecholsky, Rachael 170 Medrov.1 Daniel 171 Mehany, Jolia 171 Mehta, Anuj 171 Meisfer Summer 171 Melond, Aaron 171 Meltzer, David 171 Memis, Gulden 171 Mender nail, Christine 171 Mercurio, John 106 Meredith, Grace 171 Mergliano, Sierra 171,206 Merrick Timothy 171 Mersini Taulant 171 Mertz, elsie 171 Metyos Mirna 171 Midge’ Sharnita 171 Mieles, Emily 171 Mieu, Eric 171 Mikaloi s, Phoebe 171, 219, 220 Mikitko Eric 171 Milburr Sonji 171 Miller, lexis 171 Miller, Breanna 171 Moyes, Lindsay 173 Nguyen, Linh 174 Miller, Jace 171 Mu, Gefan 173 Nguyen, Long 99, 100, 221 Miller, Justin 56 Muhammad, Nadirah 173 Nguyen, Naomi 174 Miller, Samantha 171 Muhammad, Shali 173 Nguyen, Tien 174 Miller, Stacey 171 Mullen, William 30 Nguyen, Tiffany 174 Miller, Stetson 172 Mullen, Zachary 173 Nguyen, Trinh 174 Miller, Tabitha 108 Mummau, Payton 173 Niozi, Marzia 174 Mills, Madison 172 Mungen, Ikamane 173 Nichol, Matthew 174 Mira, Joy 172 Muniz, Rosa 173 Ninon, Jeremy 174 Mitchell, Ericka 172 Murray, Essence 173 Nipal, Joanna 174 Mitchell, Hunter 172 Mustafa, Alao 173 Noel, Meko 174 Mitten, Stephanie 172 M Noon, Allison 13 Mobley, Aiyana 172 IN — Norman, Kiara 174 Modafferi, Karli 172 Na, Susan 173 Nosakhare, Nosariemen 174 Modres, Steven 172 Nadir, Mourad 173 Nypower, Mark 174 Moeun, Sopheak 172 Naklicki, Genevieve 173 r . Molinaro, Amanda 172 Naran, Vineet 93 Molz, Michael 172 Nardello, Veronica 173 O'Boyle, Callen 174 Monahan, Sara 172 Nardini, Nicholas 173 O'Connor, Patrick 49 Monahan, William 172 Natale, Bryana 173 O'Donnell, Alyssa 100 Mongelluzzo, Louis 172 Naurd, Harinder 173 O'Fee, Kevin 174 Monroe, Bryan 43 Nazaire, Courtney 173 O'Malley, Patrick 105 Mood, Matthew 172 Nduka, Egecha 173 O'Neill, Daniel 175 Moody, Eryc 172 Nean, Timothy 173 O'Neill, Jr., Daniel 214 Moon, Joonwon 172 Negron, Christian 173 Ober, Josiah 46 Moore, Grace 84 Neil, Little 206 Oberdorf, Jacquelyn 27 Moron, Grace 172 Neill, Ryan 174 Obode, Arnelle 175 Moran, Sean 117, 172 Nelson, Kimberly 174 Odeniyi, Bolutife 175 Morelli, Amanda 172 Newby, Matthew 66 Ogden, Johntel 175 Morgan, Nia 172 Ngaba, Priscilla 174 Ohiaeri, Barbara 175 Morgan, Shamir 172 Ngawang, Tenzin 174 Okokpu, Margaret 175 Morocco, Morgan 92 Ngo, Christina 174 Okello, Kelvin 175 Morris, Doris 172 Ngo, Cindy 27 Okoro, Adanna 175 Morton, Porschae 172 Nguyen, Catherine 174 Oliver, L'Oreal 175 Moseley, Michaela 173 Nguyen, Chi 174 Olson, Edward 175 Mosley, Justin 173 Nguyen, Jennifer 174 Onalaja, Ayomide 175 Motfershead, Alexandra 173 Nguyen, Joey 99, 100 Onwuama-Uwogba, Michelle Mourabet, Tala 173 Nguyen, Julie 174 175 Nguyen, Kim 174 Oporiopo, Majirioghene 175 Orshi, Ashly 175 Pelosi, Danielle 178 Pivovarnik, Morgan 46 Raju, Riya 181 Ortner, Alexander 175 Peluzzo, Amanda 178 Pizzini, Kevin 180 Randolph, Devan 181 Oschman, Morgan 175 Pendleton, Brionna 179 Pizzini, Natacha 180 Rankin, Audrey 181 Osman, Jenna 108 Peng, Lirong 179 Platz, Lisa 37 Raucci, Ronald 181 Ospina, Valentina 175 Penn, Clarence 30 Plugaru, Jonathan 180 Raufova, Sarvinoz 181 Ostia, Moriah 175 Peranteau, Jeffrey 179 Plunkett, Kerry 73 Rawal, Vaishali 181 Osuna, Renny 175 Perate, Olivia 179 Pollard, Whitney 180 Raymond, George 181 Ouattara, Franck 175 Perel, Matt 105 Ponticel, Dylan 33 Redican, Matthew 181 Oyekanmi, Keninde 175 Perel, Samuel 179 Ponzio, Jenna 180 Reed, Sema'j 181 Oyekanmi, Olurotimi 175 Perez, Jemima-Kezia 179 Porter, Darion 180 Reed, Tim 181 Ozlek Julie 175 Perez, Maryvic 93, 106, 219, Potter, Erin 180 Regan, Shannon 181 Ozoemena, Peace 175 220 Powell, Colin 65 Regina, Joseph 181 Perez, Tiffany 179 Powell, Lauren 1 80 Reid, Andrew 181 P Perez, Xavier 119 Powell, Marvin 180 Reid, Kaitlyn 181 Page, Kayla 175 Perkins, Brian 99, 100 Prak, Sokmithona 180 Reilly, Alison 181 Pagliei, Eryn 178 Perlowitz, Elly 179 Pranofo, Eunike 180 Reilly, Daniella 181 Palaia, Michael 178 Perri, Isabella 1 1 Prasher, Alexa 73 Reilly, Kathryn 181 Palamidis, Eleftherios 178 Perry, Amanda 179 Preis, Sean 180 Reis, Jesse 181 Palic, Mary 178 Perry, Gabrielle 179 Pressley, Danielle 180 Remphrey, Rebecca 157 Palladino, Annette 178 Perry, Naasir 179 Pressman, Rebecca 180 Remus, Matt 108 Palmer, Maya 178 Persaud, Christopher 179 Pressman, Tenneisha 180 Repholz, Allyson 182 Palo, Ryan 178 Peszuk, Matthew 179 Prieto, Yadelies 180 Resnick, Donald 56 Panchal, Pooja 178 Petyerak, Alex 179 Princivalle, James 1 80 Restrepo, Maria 182 Parker, Amanda 178 Pfeifer, Holly 179 Prociuk, Asma 180 Rexha, Egzona 182 Parson, Taylor 178 Pham, Christina 179 Prokopyuk, Yelena 180 Reyes, Charles 182 Patel, Aneri 178 Pham, Doan 179 Purvis, William 180 Rhodeside, Tristan 182 Patel, Anjli 178 Pham, True 179 Q Rhule, Matt 71 Patel, Anuj 178 Phan, Hoa 179 — Richardson, Marketah 182 Patel, Chinmay 178 Phim, Jennifer 179 Quach, Jennifer 180 Richey, Emily 182 Patel, Dillon 178 Phung, Nancy 179, 212 Quadri, Syed 180 Richey, Katelyn 182 Patel, Jeneel 178 Pickering, Corolyn 179 Quan, Venus 181 Ridall, Adam 54 Patterson, Charles 178 Pierre, LaShawn 179 Quann, Jonathan 181 Ridall, Ashley 54 Paulowski, Colin 212 Pinckney, Chase 179 Riley, Melissa 182 Pavelick, Rachel 178 Pinson, Katie 84 R — Rios, Bianca 182 Pawlowski, Colin 178 Pinto, Candida 179 Rafa, Jocelyn 181 Rissler, Zachary 182 Payne, Edward 178 Pisarz, Mitch 105 Rafeh, Omar 181 Rivera, Naomi 182 Pease, Rachel 178 Piszker, Jacqueline 180 Rahman, Tahmid 181 Roberson, Kayla 182 Peca, Samuel 178 Pitkin, Eric 180,212 Raimondo, Luigi 181 Roberts, Ian 1 82 Pedrick, Nicole 178 Pitts, Ebony 180 Raja, Upasana 181 Roberts. Ramona 182 Rutledge, William 183 Schneck, Renee 185 Silverstein, Tanya 186 Robinson, Amanda 182 Ryan, Codie 183 Schoonover, Travis 185 Simmonds, Rushell 1 86 Robinson, Denise 182 Ryan, John 183 Schroeder, Lisa 185 Simmons, Camille 73 Robinson, Denisha 182 Ryan, Stephanie 183 Schubert, Amanda 185 Sinclair, Jackie 54 Robinson, Gary 182 Ryu, Gyeng 183 Schucker, Emily 185 Sing, Andrew 186 Robinson, Melony 182 Ryu, Uk 183 Schunder, Amelia 185 Singh, Sunit 1 86 Robinson, Morgan 1 82 Rodgers, Elizabeth 182 s Schvaraman, Riana 185 Singley, Carl 188 Singley, SutayZhoh 1 86 Rodgers, Floria 182 Sackie, Jackie 183 Schwartz, Andrea 1 85 Skotarczak, Caitlin 186 Rodriguez, Ashley 65 Saia, Rianno 184 Schwing, Shelby 185 Slabonik, Slovenija 186 Rodriguez, Bryan 182 Salazar, Cheyenne 184 Sciarrone, Jessica 185 Small, Hilary 186 Rodriguez, Emily 182 Saleh, Reem 184 Seitchik, Alec 105 Small, Kenisha 186 Rodriguez, Marcela 183 Salembier, Kyle 184 Seraphin, Andy 185 Smalls, Antonia 1 86 Rodrigu' z, Maritza 183 Salinas, Maria Elena 43 Seraphin, Laure 185 Smarro, Nicholas 186 Rodriguez, Nathaly 183 Salmon, llano 184 Sergio, Christi 1 85 Smeck, Stephen 186 Rogers, Alexis 45, 221 Salomone, Nicola 184 Serrano, Angelique 185 Smickle, Zachary 186 Rohonna Denine 183 Salvitti, Sarah 184 Setlock, Justin 185 Smith, Amanda 1 86 Roldan-Castillo, Maria 183 Sam, Melissa 184 Severino, Abigail 1 85 Smith, Daecia-jame 186 Rosado, Cristal 183 Samsel, Victoria 184 Seville, Joseph 185 Smith, Darlene 187 Rosado orres, Krystal 183 Sanchez, Jorge Gomez 82 Shadani, Sharon 185 Smith, Darlene Daffodale 214 Rose, Sara 183 Sanchez-Barrefo, Yvette 184 Shah, Monisha 185 Smith, Dru 187 Roselle, Hope 183 Sandherr, Abigail 184 Shan, Xiangyuan 1 85 Smith, Haley 187 Rosen, Bonnie 87 Sandler, Kelsey 1 84 Shapiro, Amanda 185 Smith, Jacarl 187 Rosenb -g, Jared 183 Sangari, Kirandeep 184 Shayka, Monika 185 Smith, Lydia 187 Rosenberg, Justin 13 Sanghavi, Saloni 184 Shelton, Bernis 185 Smith, Matt 105 Ross, Alexa 43 Sontamaria, Jennifer 184 Sheppard, Jennifer 185 Smith, Nicole 187 Ross, D Jo-Ellen 63 Santana, Jaymarie 1 84 Sherman, Martha 33 Smith, Shannon 187 Ross, Michelle 183 Savage, Claire 100 Sherrill, Ruth 88 Smith, Sherly 187 Ross, Ryan 25 Saylor, Finnion 105 Sheth, Rishi 186 Smith, Tai 187 Roth, Amanda 105 Scales, Yvette 184 Shi, Wen 186 Smith, III, Willie Charles 208 RozensA, Erik 183 Scandle, Francis 184 Shillady, Brandon 186 Snellbaker, Tynisha 187 Ruggier Vincent 183 Scanlon, Faith 184 Shore, Marni 186 Snively, Kelly 187 Ruppe' Carl 105 Schaeffer, Sash 1 84 Shotz, Samantha 186 Snowden, Danielle 20, 187 Ruscio, Francesca 183 Schappell, William 184 Shprecher, Jillion 1 86 Snowmaker, Corli 221 Russell, Emily 183 Scheliga, Garrett 184 Shum, Igor 186 Snyder, James 84 Russell, Julie 183 Schiavo, Jordan 184 Shumate, Isabelle 186 Snyder, Lauren 105 Russo, Amanda 183 Schisselbauer, Timothy 184 Sidibe, Sira 186 Snyder, Rachel 187 Russo, ’.‘elissa 183 Schmitt, Megan 184 Silk, Bridget 186 Snyder, Zachary 187 Sohou, Mahugnon 187 Solanki, Nirel 187 Soliman, Mena 1 87 Somers, Corey 187 Son, Sue-Jin 187 Sotomayor, Benjamin 187 Soultanos, Theodoros 187 Spouse, Brianno 43, 187 Spencer, Marklin 187 Spigner, Madison 187 Sponic, Allison 190 Spross, Devon 190 Spross, Jacqueline 190 Staley, Rachel 190 Stalica-Galeano, Mario-Helena 190 Stallworth, Sheree 190 Stanford, Selina 190 Stank, Aaron 190 Sfankord, Paul 66 Starke, Kaitlyn 190 Steck, Anatol 190 Stein, Sam 190 Steinsberger, Marc 84 Stevens, Hannah 190 Stewart, Charles 190 Stewart, Nicole 190, 213 Stewart, Raina 190 Stewart, Raina Austin 203 Stimpson, Aliya 190 Stipcic, Filip 93 Stoner, Elliot 190 Stoner, Megan 190 Stupen, Yuliya 190 Sturdivant, Pearline 190 Su, Shu 190 Su, Yu 190 Suares, Bianca 190 Suber, Victoria 73 Sullivan, Alexis 190 Sultan, Rameez 191 Summers, Courtney 35 Sumpter, Dante 191 Sumpter, Deion 191 Sun, Hongbo 191 Sun, Hui 191 Sun, Ping 191 Sun, Yaodong 191 Sun, Yi 191 Superville, Krystian 191 Suraci, Giavana 191 Sutherland, Christina 191 Swartwood, Brian 191 Sweeney, Jason 191 Sweeney, Shannon 191 Swinton, leia 191 Swiren, Matthew 191 Swope, Carly 191 Sylla, Sofiya 191 T_____________________________ Tacca, Samantha 191 Talley, Ashli 191 Tan, Judy 191 Tang, Yunwei 191 Tanujaya, Caroline 191 Tarantino, Samantha 191 Tarnopolsky, Leonard 191 Tartaglia, Elizabeth 27, 192 Tatti, Elizabeth 192 Tax, Natasha 192 Taylor, Santanna 192 Taylor, Shantay 88 Tembo, Nicole 192 Terinoni, Brian 192 Tesch, Megan 192 Thai, Phoebe 192 Theobald, Neil 52 Thieu, Alena 192 Thomas, Anza 192 Thomas, Dawn 209 Thomas, Destiny 192 Thomas, Jahad 71 Thomas, Justin 71,221 Thomas, Keriesho 192 Thomas, Kerri 192 Thomas, Kyasia 192 Thomas, Melissa 192 Thomas, Patricia 192 Thomas, Vindhya 192 Thompkins, Tiffany 192 Thompson, Rochelle 192 Thompson, Nigel 108 Thorne, Naiah 192 Thornton, Zachary 192 Titzell, Camille 192 Togba, Latasha 192 Togun, Adeola 192 Toles, Sabrina 192 Tonade, Ayooluwa 193 Torres, Reyneris 193 Touch, Stephanie 193 Toughill, Devin 193 Toure, Moustapha 193 Townsend, Dakota 193 Toy, Kristi 193 Tram, Loi 193 Tran, Fionya 193 Tran, Lily 193 Tran, Ly 193 Tran, Marlene 193 Tran, May 193 Tran, Melindo 193 Tran, Mendy 193 Tran, Ryan 193 Traore, Adama 193 Travia, Tyler 193 Truskey, Zev 193 Tsinontides, Tatiana 1 9.-Tumuluru, Aditya 193 Turino, Gabrielle 193 Turner, Brittany 193 Turner, Karen 43 Turner, Meisha 193 Turner, Tatyana 193 Tuttle, Mark 194 Tydryszewski, Scott 19' u_____________________ — Udoh, Uto 194 Ugorji, Rita 194 Urban, Christopher 194 Uritsky, Victoria 194 V_______________________ - Vacchiano, Dominic 194 Valentin, Savannah 194 Valeriano, Ebony 194 Valeris, Lynn 194 Vallerio, Nicholas 194 Valletta, Amanda 194 Van, Trina 19 VanLeer, Kristen 194 Vanleer, Kristen Elizabeth 205 Vannauker, Rachel 194 VanOrden, Jackie 51 VanOrden, Jaclyn 50 Var, Kimberly 194 Varmah, Garmo 194 Varona, Grethel 194 Vasquez, Lindsey 194 Vecchione, Sam 99, 100 Vela, Adriana 194 Venegas, Vivian 194 Verbilla, Sophia 15Verd , Stefan 194 Verna, Max 15 Verzc a, Gabrielle 194 Vesey, James 194 Vetrano, Thomas 194 Vezzosi, Anjelica 195 Vine Britanie 195 Vincent, Lauren 195,205 Vivcr Gail 220 Vo, Vy 195 Volk Matthew 195 Voo lees, Bryana 195 Vrodelis, Helen 195 Vu, hy-Hong 195 w ______________________ Wachman, Marvin 5 Waheed, Shahur 195 Wa :en, Katherine 195 Wa er, Brianna 195 Walker, Hadiyah 221 Welker, Phillip 71 Welker, Robert 195 Wong, Danna 195 Wong, Dongjie 195 Wcng, Hao 195 Worah, Chrisnetta 195 Word. Kiani 203 Word, Nahla 195 Wassel, Bryn 195 Wav r$, Jordan 195 , Watk: ns. Erica 195 Wc ins, Surya 195 Wcvon, Hope 195 Wotts, John 195 Wcy, Kiana 195 We e, Meghan 25 Weaver, Hadiyah 35, 88 We -er, Lexondra V 210 Weaver, Zari 176 Weir, Margaret 195 Weiss, Zachary 117, 196 Wells, Charity 196 Welser, Kristen 196 Welsh, Colin 196 Wenhold, Leah 196 Wenrich, Ivy 196 Wetzel, Ariel 196 Whipper-Young, Dyymond 20 White, Dr. Gavin 99 White, Eric 196,211 White, Marquise 196 White, Nick 65 White, Robert 196 White, Sara 196 Wieand, Becca 196 Wiesen, Michele 196 Wilcox, Helena 196 Wilkes, Kayleigh 196 Wilkins, Julia 196 Williams, Alyssa 196 Williams, Amirah 196 Williams, Cierra 196 Williams, Daisia 196 Williams, Jamal 196 Williams, Kamina 196 Williams, Kelli 196,202 Williams, Khadijah 196 Williams, Reginald 197 Williams, Renee 197 Williams, Shanice 197 Williams, Shymere 197 Williams, Yamila 197 Williamson, Brianna 197 Williamson, Logan 197 Wilson, Betty 197 Wilson, Jade 197 Wilson, Jessica 197 Wilson, William 197 Winkles, Andrew 197 Wise, Brionno Pendleton 204 Wnek, Sophia 29 Woehr, Ryan 197 Wojciechowski, Brianne 197 Wolfenson-Bannon, Ariel 197 Wolsh, Cassandra 197 Wong, Brian 197 Wong, Michael 197 Woodard, Jarred 197 Woodlin, Matthew 197 Woods, Harmony 15 Woods, Mackenzie 197 Wormack-Moore, Isaiah 197 Woulfe, Taylor 197 Wright, Alexa 197 Wright, Rhiannon 197 Wu,Jie 198 Wu, Liang 198 Wu, Xitong 198 Wyatt, Jessica 198 X Yarkpawolo, Mike 198 Yasin, Najah 198 Yatvin, Emily 198 Yeung, Ni 198 Yiantsos, loanno 198 Young, Isaac 105 Young, Ralph 46 Youssef, Diana 198 Yozallinas, Ryne 198 Yuen, Rosanna 198 z_______________________ Zojac, Bartosz 198 Zakharkiv, Maryana 199 Zaykaner, Michael 199 Zegans, Josh 105 Zhang, Cindy 199 Zhang, Riwen 199 Zhang, Yaqi 199 Zhao, Lei 199 Zhao, Simin 199 Zhu, Ying 199 Ziegler, Jayme 199 Zinko, Lindsay 199 Xia, Tianrui 198 Xie, Boyang 198 Xu, Hua 198 Xu, Jijuan 198 Xu, Jingxin 198 Xu, Xiaojiao 198 famba, Jeremie 198 fang, Bolun 198 fang, Liuchuan 198 fang, Rosaline 198 fang, Shizhong 198 fao, Xuan 198 COLOPHON 3 The Templar Annuo! Yearbook is o student-run, editorially-independent publication. The opinions expressed therein ore those of the student staff and not necessarily those of the administration, faculty or professional stoff of the university. Templar captures life ot Temple University in o snapshot of the past academic year. Every story aims to celebrate the present so you can remember the past. It is our sincere hope that years from your graduation, you will crack open the spine of your yearbook to o series of stories and photos that will remind you of what made Temple such an enriching and unique college experience. Since 1924, the Templar Annual Yearbook has been rapidly growing to include more students, more photographs and more memories. A stoff of 19 students dedicates countless hours to covering Temple's people, events, organizations ond the experiences that shaped the academic year.■ ®i«si'ZII

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