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004 034 056 084 140 ■a, Student Lite AcademicsTemplar Yearbook Temple University 1801 N. Broad Street Philadelphia Pa, 19122 215.204.7000 2011-2012 Academic Year iRAIL POIN a hr » %tfoU Ve Jot to Come to O. point cohere j 5o umn h yrfort a j e ujith Aeinj C om orta j e, that g C o n ort m t J]e UnC om oito e . ( ot o t meS 'J?e 5%S that one' UmP in the n ter to nd e ut that UjOU r.O i OCtUQj y Stoim. pJe need to tedte a eop and jo out there in this crazy ... or d and jo out there and fri Aj even dry. ' major lalcolm Kenyatta,Good eats on the streets r.A SJ NATASHA KONC2YNSKI A large student body and extensive campus are the perfect recipe for a lunch truck’s success. Walking around Temple University’s Main Campus, you will see rows of these trucks parked along every surrounding street. Almost all of the lunch truck workers agree that the busiest time to order food is between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m., hence why they are called lunch trucks. There is a wide variety to choose from, so you can satisfy almost any craving before you can subconsciously hear your stomach yell, "help!" Located at 1321 Norris Street, UGotMunchies is a recent addition to the Temple lunch truck family. The business was started by Adam Zeserman, James Maropoulos, Robert Altman and Alex Kipphut in December 2010. By reaching out to the student body through Facebook, Twitter and word-of-mouth, their popularity quickly grew. Their goal is to serve "award-winning homestyle fast food catered to the college lifestyle." Some of the most popular menu items include the Munch burger, Philly steak fries and Chicken BLT sandwich. Another popular burger, the Tropicali, was awarded first place at the Allegheny Burger Festival. UGotMunchies also offers a "build your own" option, so you can have whatever you want, however you want it. Mike Van Assche, a 21-year-old senior copyrighting major said, “UGotMunchies is a great lunch truck. I like that they take credit and debit cards. They do a good job with the food and the variety [compared to] the other trucks makes it stand out. My favorite is the Big Wheezy.” This truck’s convenient location, acceptance of credit and debit cards, assortment of unordinary food, swift service and outgoing employees set this truck apart from the rest. Another set of new trucks, Busz Burgers and Cheese Busz, both owned by Juno Park, made their premiere this past school year on Main Campus. They are located on Norris Street between 12th and 13th streets, right outside of the Tyler School of Art building. Busz Burgers began in April 2011 and has already gotten many regular customers, ranging from students and faculty to campus security. Although they specialize in serving burgers, they offer several different salads for a healthier option. Among the many burger choices, the most popular ones are the Texas Hold’em and the Pyro. They also have a “create your own” option to personalize your order. The Cheese Busz, which made its cheese-sandwich-debut in October 2011, sells specialized grilled cheese sandwiches, the most popular being the Classic Melt. Adding a twist to a classic grilled cheese sandwich has shown to ISUCftC' SLICES SCI Toppme s: be a successful business plan. So far both trucks have had good reviews around campus due to their friendly staff, inexpensive meals and convenient location. One of the most famous lunch trucks, not only around Temple’s campus but in North Philadelphia, is the Creperie. It is located on Norris Street between 12th and 13th streets, where it is easily accessible by many Temple students and faculty members every day. The truck, owned by Bill Zacha-ratos, a Temple alumni from the class of '95, got its start in February 2003. The Creperie has a wide fan base according to Zacharatos, "Customers come from all over - from the projects to City Hall to Temple Hospital.” There are two types of crepes, savory or sweet. Each category has many different crepes to choose from, but the favorites are the Southwest Steak and Buffalo Chicken. The men working in the truck are cordial, the service is fast and the crepes are affordable and delicious. You can even get your groove on while waiting in line, as funky tunes play consistently throughout the day. The Sexy Green Truck, owned by Selim Zeka, opened in 2008. It is another popular choice among the trucks, and prides itself on serving fresh, affordable organic food and beverages. Since it is located right outside of the Howard Gittis Student Center on 13th St. and Montgomery Ave, it is a convenient location for the majority of students who take classes on Main Campus. With more than 80 items on the menu, it is safe to say this is a hot spot even on a winter's day. Some of the most popular items are the hummus pita, pesto chicken pita, chicken caesar wrap, tuna wrap, veggie wrap and pesto chicken panini. Their iced coffee is also a well-known favorite for being freshly brewed and refreshing. Insomnia Cookies also reigns as one of Temple’s most famous trucks. Located on Montgomery Avenue between 12th and 13th Streets, it sits outside of the Howard Gittis Student Center. Its specialty: warm, gooey, freshly baked cookies. The company has taken off in popularity and serves several other school campuses around the country. Insom-nia bases its reputation off being open late and delivering its sweet treats to students until 2 a.m. They offer a Happy Hour Special, 3 cookies for $3, from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday. Their most ordered cookies are peanut butter, chocolate chip and snicker doodle - you can never pick just one! Whether you’re in the mood for a savory meal or a sweet treat. Temple's lunch trucks have got you covered. The choices are endless, and make for a huge contribution to Temple’s campus life.SARAH MARIANO Passport to Philadelphia 4The Philadelphia Experience, or PEX Passport, which is filled with free and discounted passes and coupons for students, has been implemented into the GenEd program at Temple to help get students off campus and into the city. Philadelphia is a city full of rich culture and history, which all Temple students should take advantage of. Shofuso Japanese House and Garden, the Philadelphia Film Society and the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology are just a few of the partners who are trying to get Temple students into the vibrant city. The PEX Passport provides a way that allows students to take advantage of Philadelphia and all it has to offer before their time at Temple ends. “It was designed to get Temple students out into the city, and have Philadelphia experiences," said associate professor Matt Wray, a teacher of Cultural Sociology, the Health of Cities and History and Significance of Race in America. PEX Passports give student discounts or free entry to a large number of Philadelphia's museums, theaters and more. Wray promotes the use of the PEX Passport in his History and Significance of Race class, when he instructs students to use the free coupon to attend the African American Museum in Philadelphia. Students must then complete an assignment page and written report of their experience for a grade. “One of the barriers that students feel exists to taking advantage of these cultural institutions is that it can be expensive," Wray said. “Not everybody has the money." Wray’s History and Significant of Race class is not the only GenEd class at Temple that recommends the use of the PEX Passport. Art, Human Behavior and Quantitative Literacy are a few of the GenEd programs that use PEX Passports also for assignments in class, but it often depends on the teacher. Although the PEX Passport has been part of Temple's GenEd program for several years, it often goes unnoticed by many students. “I often ask for a show of hands, ‘who knows what PEX is,’ and ‘who knows what the Philadelphia Experience is,' some of the students raise their hands," Wray said. “It’s almost always less than half.” Any student can get a free PEX Passport; all they need to do is go to the Help Desk in the Howard Gittis Student Center. However, there is an expiration date. Each PEX Passport is only good for one school calendar year. Each coupon in the passport can only be used once, and a valid student ID must be shown at the time of purchase. Some coupons offer differing conditions for use. For example, the coupon for the Eastern State Penitentiary Historic Site, on Fairmount Avenue, can only be used for adult admissions, restricted to normal hours of operation, and is not able to be used for promotional events such as Terror Behind the Walls. It is important to find use in the PEX Passport even outside of class. Turn your ‘boring’ Tuesday evenings into something spectacular, at a discounted price.Working for the weekend DANIELLE MIESS “Where are you going to work?" It’s a question most students stress about, as the countdown to graduation in an uncertain economy nears. However, many are working to make ends meet now • in addition to balancing classes, clubs, and a social life. Being a student worker isn't easy, but with work study jobs and other on-campus jobs, students can make the best of their situation • without the half-hour commute into other parts of the city. As allotted in some student's financial aid, students are able to work part-time jobs at school, in order to help with tuition and college expenses. Jobs vary from office work to retail, and are found throughout campus. To get the maximum amount of hours for work study, senior human resources major TJ Cusack was employed by three work-study jobs on Main Campus. Cusack was a staff member at the Temple Performing Arts Center, an office worker in the Computer and Information Sciences department and a Fox Ambassador for the Fox School of Business, where he gave tours to prospective business students. At most. Cusack worked 18 hours a week and said that if his jobs were off-campus, he would have had minimal time to balance everything. "With working one job, I was barely breaking even with my expenses," Cusack said. "Without it, my bank account was pretty much gone.” Sophomore film major Ben Roth also takes advantage of his work study grant. Roth works at the Howard Gittis Student Center as Building Manager. His duties include setting up furniture and technology for meetings, and monitoring the technology at events to make ensure it is working properly. "I really enjoy my job as a building manager," Roth said. “It’s allows me to work on my communication skills when interacting with clients." Roth, as well as Cusack, was able to balance Main Campus jobs with school work, because more often than not, they were allowed to do homework during down time. "Supervisors of on-campus jobs tend to be more lenient and understanding of the college schedule, unlike off-campus jobs," Roth said. Sometimes a work study job just isn’t enough to pay rent. Although she had work study jobs in the past, working elsewhere on campus provided senior Caitlin Ryan with more op- portunities for hours. Ryan worked full time at Jimmy Johns, but didn’t mind it because she loved her job. She originally worked at another location in Center City. However. Ryan began to work at the Jimmy John’s near Main Campus due to convenience. Due to a busy work and school week, students find that opportunities to participate in clubs and extra curricular activities significantly decline. Ryan acknowledged dropping out of a co-ed fraternity to work enough hours to pay rent. However, balancing the hectic schedule of a busy school and work week can still be worth it. "I love the kids I work with and 90 percent of my friends work at Jimmy Johns," Ryan said. "We’re together all the time. So [my job] is a good thing.”Temple offers many different choices for student living. Both living on and off campus has unique benefits for student needs. "At first, I wasn't sure if I was going to regret living on campus because most of my friends have apartments and houses off campus, but I am really happy that I chose to live in Temple Towers," sophomore Jasmine Hinnant said. Temple Towers is a residence hall that offers students independent living with apartment-style rooms while still providing the comfort of on-campus living. Apartments are fully furnished with full kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms. Hinnant shares a three-bedroom apartment with her six roommates. One benefit of living on campus is a 24-hour security guard at the front desk. Resident Assistants are also on duty at all times to help students with anything they might need. For instance, getting locked out of their room. The RAs and Residence Hall Senate also plan activities and trips for residents. RHS allows students to take part in the planning of activities and gives them leadership opportunities. “One of the best parts of living in Towers is that you kind of get to become friends with your whole building and RHS is always planning something fun for us to do,” Hinnant explained. Senior Yusef Ibrahim has an experience much different from those living in Temple Towers. He lives off campus in a one bedroom apartment. "I have lived on campus, and I have done the whole living off campus with roommates thing, but I was just ready to be completely independent," he said. “I wanted to have my own space and so far it has been great." When asked if he finds living on his own lonely, Ibrahim explained that it's actually the opposite. Because it's just him, he has the freedom to have as many guests over as he wants at anytime. He also has the luxury to choose to go home and have time to himself. Luckily, for those students who are somewhere between living on or off campus, there are options that provide the best of both worlds. Some apartment buildings, like Kar-don Atlantic apartments, are considered off campus, but only available to Temple Students. “I live in Kardon Atlantic apartments and I love it. You still get security, but the guest policy is not near as strict, and there are no RAs to monitor you, so it really is a different experience than the residence halls,” Stephanie Tomasella said as she made dinner in her kitchen. Kardon Atlantic has a very special living and dining area with a kitchen. You can choose to share a bedroom with a roommate or have a bedroom to yourself. You can also choose to have your room furnished for a little extra each month. Temple students are lucky to have the unique opportunity to live on campus or choose to venture into the city and live on their own. “I am happy in Towers for now, but I do plan to eventually move off campus,” Hinnant said. “I want to experience as much as I possibly can while I am here.” Living at TempleSquirrels are Temple tough LUCAS ROGERS The owl has been the symbol and mascot for Temple University since 1880, when the school was founded. However, there is another animal at Temple’s campus that is just as famous and recognizable as the owl. This animal doesn't have feathers, it’s not a nocturnal hunter and it's not represented at our school sporting events, but it's an animal that most students probably encounter on a daily basis. This animal is, of course, the squirrel. Squirrels roam around all parts of the grounds at Temple University. The squirrels interact with students in ways ranging from eating lunch with them to posing for photos. Occasionally, there might be a conflict between a squirrel and a student, but for the most part, everyone is able to coexist. Temple squirrels are truly unique; their bold and playful personalities contribute to the distinct atmosphere of the school. Several students speak very highly of these squirrels. "They teach us lessons if we watch them,” said Stephanie Jaworowicz, a senior dance major. “They tell you how the weather will be because their fur changes color. We could learn a lot if we just slowed down to watch.” Temple students may have homework, projects, and midterms to worry about, but the squirrels at Temple have to deal with their own problems as well. Jaworowicz once came across a Temple squirrel with a wounded tail. "I went to get my camera, and the squirrel stood straight up to have his picture taken,” Jaworowicz said. “And then I noticed that the squirrel only had half of a tail, and I thought: ‘that is the toughest squirrel I’ve ever seen.’ And then he proved me right because he scampered off and defended his tree that he was trying to climb, to get his own food.” The squirrels at Temple are often busy doing squirrel things, but they are generally easy to get along with and easy to make friends with. "They’re actually pretty friendly," said Adam lezzi, a senior history major. “I don’t have a problem with them. They're not hurting me; they're not biting me, not yet at least.” lezzi also commented on the way that Temple students have influenced the squirrels’ friendly nature. The squirrels’ exposure to humans makes them so apt to interact with humans, he said, lezzi knows a student who used to feed a squirrel that she nicknamed ‘Balthazar.’ “It would sit on her lap, and she would get corn muffins and it would eat little crumbs of corn muffins," lezzi said. “It was like nothing I’ve ever seen before." Andrew Kelley, a junior who’s majoring in Information Science and Technology, credits the squirrels’ amiability to the fact that they’re dealing with college students rather than small children, which could be “a nightmare for the squirrels." Kelley said. “And as far as I know, there haven't been any squirrels mauling people lately, so that probably helps." I’ve also had my fair share of run-ins with Temple squirrels. It can be surprising just how fearless some of them are. One evening I was eating a steak and cheese roll at a picnic table outside the Samuel Paley library, when a squirrel hopped onto the table and began to approach me. After persistently running back and forth across the table, the squirrel eventually decided to leave, but there were a few moments when the squirrel seemed seconds away from leaping at my plate and scurrying away with my meal. Squirrels in other parts of Philadelphia behave quite differently than the squirrels at Temple. “In South Philly or Center City, squirrels run from you, if there are any squirrels at all,” lezzi said. “The Rittenhouse Square squirrels are assholes; you can’t get close to them.” Perhaps one of the reasons that Temple squirrels and Temple students have such interesting interactions is that they have more in common than it might seem. “They’re kind of mocking us," Jaworowicz said. "Squirrels trying to get a nut, I think that’s parallel to every student trying to get a good education." As the years go on, Temple students will continue to pursue degrees while Temple squirrels gather nuts for the winter. There is a special relationship between the squirrels and the students of Temple University; both parties will always be welcome at this institution.SHANELL SIMMONS I While there have been an insurmountable number of disputes on Temple's campus, there is one ongoing fight in particular that takes the cake. The only way to solve the ongoing beef is to throw on the boxing gloves and let the punches be thrown. Without further adieu; in the right corner is the traditional three-story tall Samuel Paley library. In the left corner is the modern day two-story tall Tech Center. The entire student body is in attendance shouting words of encouragement for their prospective contender. The game faces are on. so let the fight begin! “Paley hands down has more resources. From the thousands of books in stock to the online databases. it's always my first choice to do work in. I only go to the Tech Center if I know I need a computer.'’ Nicole Goolsby, a junior human resource management major, said. Paley Library is centrally located on Main Cam- 1 pus and holds a substantial amount of the University Libraries’ book and journal collections. It has an extensive database service and includes information in most subject areas. There is a reference desk upon entering for students who need any kind of assistance. A mini-cafe is accessible on the first floor as well for students whose stomachs begin to growl or throats beg for replenishment while studying. While students cheer on Paley, others yell words of opposition and speak encouraging words in the name of the Tech Center. They believe the Tech Center is better because in addition to all it has to offer, there is a Starbucks, and "who doesn’t love a frappuccino to accompany you when studying?" said Alexandra Olivier, a junior magazine journalism major. More than the coffeehouse or cafe options available are the actual attributes each offers. "The library is better than the Tech because people are actually there to help you. I know there are workers who help with computer-related issues but that doesn’t quite compare to getting constructive help with papers or learning how to do research," Goolsby said. The Tech Center is respected greatly by a range of students because, unlike Paley, it is open 24 hours almost every day and is the largest of its kind in the nation. There are 700 computers, 13 breakout rooms, specialized labs and designated social spaces for students to lounge and watch TV. The library, on the other hand, has 96 computers on the first floor and 20 computers on both the second and third floor for a combined total of 136 computers. “The Tech Center has a more comfortable feel. There are more modern resources there -better quality computers, faster computers, and newer equipment." Theo Davis, a senior finance major, said. “I usually go the Tech three to four times a week, and especially if I need accessible computers.” Samone Kyles, a junior biochemistry major feels otherwise. "I like the library and I come here way more than I do the Tech because typically, people in my major come to study in the library. The only time I really go to the Tech is when I’m forced to do certain assignments that require me to use their software.” Kyles said. While the Tech Center doesn’t allow food by the computer areas and enforces everyone to speak at a whisper, the library is more lenient with both noise volume and with their food policies. Although there are a few comfortable chairs in the Tech Center for those who want to be completely cozy while doing work, the library has a larger variety of other social spaces for people to work away from sitting in front of a computer. “I like the social aspect of the Tech Center. It's more relaxing and comfortable," Davis said. "I have no particular preference, but usually when writing an essay. I like to go to Paley because it’s connected to Tuttleman Learning Center where the Writing Center is located," Alexis Boney, a senior communications major, said. Preferences for Paley library and the Tech Center range greatly. There is no set ratio for students who favor one over the other, but like seasons change, as do people's preferences. The fight has been labeled a tie because there has been no knockout and both contenders have called out at the same time. Both Paley and the Tech have decided that they both serve resources that are necessary for all students and have simply agreed that the feud, although ongoing, is constructive. College and coffee go hand in hand LAUREN WATSON ivvfiiiiiinivfv Ask any student on campus where to find the nearest coffee stand. A prompt response will probably be given within a split second, with numerous options to choose from. Between the cafes located in every building to the food trucks all around campus, a cup of joe is just about an arm’s length away at Temple University. While in many cultures the mere satisfying taste of coffee may be the attracting quality of the beverage itself, American students are particularly known to require such stimulants to wake up and pay close attention in class. Junior Kelly Hinton also acknowledged, “If I don’t have coffee at all during the day I feel like I haven’t woken up, like a constant tired feeling throughout the day... kind of that feeling of waking up on the wrong side of the bed.” Senior Kate Eingorn, who drinks between one and three cups of coffee a day on average, revealed that she will also drink more coffee when she is stressed. Some even suffer withdrawal symptoms when attempting to endure a day without the lifesaving, energy-inducing delicious caffeine chemical running through their veins. Headaches are the most common reaction, though many also reported increased irritability during an attempted caffeine-free stint. Luckily, a quick fix can be found even in the middle of the night. Starbucks opens its doors for 24 hours almost every day along with the Tech Center throughout Fall and Spring semesters. Of course the well-known chains are frequented the most (Starbucks in the Tech Center and Saxby’s on Liacouras Walk). Hinton admits that she is willing to sacrifice the high cost of Starbucks’ bev- erages in exchange for the quality of the coffee she receives. After speaking to numerous students around campus, it can be surmised that almost every student relies on caffeine to survive college. Whatever the case may be, it’s obvious that tea, coffee and energy drinks are highly coveted staples on campus, all of which fuel a majority of the student body no matter the occasion. Though one particular time of year, the end of the semester • finals week - certainly warrants an increase in consumption. Perhaps the cold, dark winter months call for a hot beverage as well, but hot chocolate probably won’t keep anyone awake at seven o’clock on a frigid January morning.SHANELL SIMMONS The Cyph In the midst of trying to maintain a competitive GPA, having a stacked “to-do" list and running on an inadequate amount of sleep, students still manage to squeeze fun into the equation. Every Friday afternoon at 1, an unofficial event dubbed Temple Freestyle Friday or “The Cyph,” takes place. Groups of students gather together at the Bell Tower all for the name of free-styling. Five years ago, rappers Mike Stuart and Matthew Berman used their talent to form a recognized mini on-campus cypher. As heads bop up and down, bodies sway in unison, and mouths are used as instruments, Omar Roper, a sophomore political science major, catches the beat. “Yeah you know me, I got hundreds of dreads, you know that monster in your closet? I live under his bed." Roper, who goes by the freestyle name “O.H.M," is the official leader of the cypher and has been coming to Freestyle Friday consistently since he was a senior in high school. “We are usually required to think before we speak. With freestyling, I get to see how my mind works when there is no time to actually think. People always say, 'Live in the moment.' Freestyling is exactly that. It requires zero preparation,” Roper said. The cypher is open to anyone who wants to join. Harmonizing and or making a beat to rap over is standard for spectators and other participants waiting their turn. John Fitzhenry, a freshman nursing major, does just that when he comes to “The Cyph.” “I come because it's a cool place to just chill. I like to listen and more than that, I like to harmonize conjointly with those making the beat.” The cypher seems to garner the attention of many Temple students as they pass by the Bell Tower walking to and from class. While the freestylers form an inner circle, an outer-circle of curious, musically-inclined bystanders is also formed. The circle formation of the cypher enforces the idea of equality. Everyone stands shoulder-to-shoulder with no one in the center. “It's a community aspect you get out of it,” said Tiene Drummond, junior political science major. “I come out all the time because it’s a cool, relaxed environment and it’s always cool to hear one of my friends rap in ‘the Cyph’.'’ The cypher has the ability to attract a diverse crowd of people. Over the years it has become increasingly diverse. The loyal participants say they hope to continue to bring out other nationalities that are not represented. Anjolee Jefferson, a sophomore communications major, intends on being one of the first females to participate on a regular basis. She hopes that her involvement will help to increase the number of women that take part. "Anybody can come. We want as many people as we can get,” Roper said. As long as everyone follows the unsaid rules of a cypher, it goes smoothly. The rules are simple: be courteous when another person is free-styling, don’t cut others off, follow the order of ‘the Cyph’ to know when it’s your turn, and most importantly, don’t cross through the middle under any circumstances. "It’s a live-hip-hop radio station. It’s the place where you can be yourself and just be surrounded by real nitty-gritty and straight to the point rap. It doesn’t get much better than that,” Jefferson said.FIGHT TOW OCOJPDemands listed within the document included adequate funding for public universities, an end to tuition hikes, a freeze on student loan interest rates, student loan forgiveness, an implementation of measures to make higher education more accessible to communities of color, and programs to address the unemployment crisis that is facing young people. “We cannot afford to keep naturalizing the existence of homelessness, of hunger, of rampant inequality," Iss-er said. “We need to realize that these things are political issues that need to be addressed by government. Not churches, not non profit organizations, not a few wealthy individuals or do-goodery marches. We need to realize that right now our taxes are being used to fund wars that are being fought for profit,” Isser added. Isser identifies herself as a revolutionary socialist, and does not believe that the Occupy movement is a movement of the Democratic Party. Temple College Republicans disagrees with the message that the people of Occupy Philadelphia and similar movements around the world are trying to convey. "I am not a fan of the Occupy movement," said Erik Jacobs, a junior political science major and TUCR president. “Many of the things they demand are decidedly anti-Capitalist and border on socialism and communism." Jacobs doesn't believe that anything meaningful will come from the Occupy movement, and that eventually the occupiers will leave City Hall and things in Philadelphia will return to normal. He added that it's difficult for him to support a movement that demands taking from the rich and redistributing wealth. He commented that it was even more difficult to support a movement that demands higher minimum wages, annulment of college debt, and a "borderless society.” After learning of Occupy Philadelphia’s plan to demonstrate at PA Senator Pat Toomey’s office on Thursday, Oct. 13, Jacobs and 12 other college republicans met them at demonstration. They believed that they were needed to "defend the senator and the country's current economic system." “The system is flawed on essentially every level,” Isser said, explaining that what really needs to happen with the country is significant structural change. “I know that sounds like a hyperbole, but it is important for everyone to think critically about the state of our cities, our country and our planet." When occupiers and media personnel arrived at the office of the senator, police officers formed a protective bicycle blockade around the counter demonstration that separated them from the occupiers. Occupy Philadelphia participants had directly addressed the Republican students in their speeches and invited them to visit the camp at City Hall for a civil discourse on the topic of economic injustice. At the start of the protest, Jacobs instructed members of his group not to engage with the occupiers. Both sides had ex- changed words, but there was no contact between them. “I think they have reasons to be mad, like the bank bailouts, TARR etc.," Jacobs said. "Other than that, their concerns are misguided, and they should be focused on the policies of Washington, not Wall Street." Occupy Philadelphia protestors marched to main campus during a snowy Saturday on Oct. 29. The purpose was to sit-in at an event featuring former President Bill Clinton. The rally was intended to support Mayor Michael Nutter's re-election campaign, but was canceled due to the inclement weather. The protesters, who had intended to sit-in silently during the rally, went to Mitten Hall, unaware of the cancellation. They then traveled to the Howard Gittis Student Center, only to find that the entrance was blocked by police officers. The group was later told that they had received clearance to enter. Taking to the atrium, the protesters chanted in support of the movement and against student loan debt. After the short meeting, some protestors, including student occupiers, took the dining area of the north side of the first level in attempt to gather more student participation. "Social movements take time," Isser said. “Huge changes take time. But I think that, if people keep occupying and coming out to rallies and marches, things in Philadelphia can change."-• 0'Ui»0 AVI DOOR BUS SHUTTLE SERVICE AREATemple takes you TUrDoor BECKY KERNER You’ve just spent six hours studying • albeit unsuccessfully • at The TECH Center, exhausting all possible Facebook creeping and Starbucks sipping options. Unfortunately it’s 3 a.m. and in your partially-comatose state, you're forced to venture outside and begin your journey home. You start toward the old Berks Mall but once at 12th and Berks, you realize you’ve landed at the shuttle hub. Walking through the silence of the city at night can be beautiful, but a friend was recently held at gunpoint and you’re rightfully nervous to make the trek alone. Conveniently, Temple has helped mend this problem. In the mid-1980s, Temple was largely a commuter school. "I can tell you, in the evenings past five or six o’clock, especially on a Friday, it would be a ghost town...it was a whole different world, it really was," said Charles Leone, deputy director of Campus Safety Services. To address the issue of security at that time, CSS started escorting students to their cars or residence halls by foot. Every semester, CSS and Temple Student Government hold a meeting to discuss the workings of the shuttle services, covering topics like driver responsibility, student expectations and problems that have arisen in the past. CSS and TSG have worked together for nearly 12 years in an effort to evolve the transportation system, Leone explained. Around 1999, the groups decided a new system was needed. TSG would gather upperclassmen student workers to drive shuttles provided by Facility Management and ultimately organized by CSS. This arrangement eventually met its demise too, as the student workers became unreliable and complaints about their friendliness towards patrons rose. Finally, in 2005, Owl Loop was created as a collaborative effort between Facilities Management and CSS. The free shuttle runs in a circuit throughout Main Campus every day from 5:30 p.m. - 6 a.m., stopping at all residence halls and major places of interest. Drivers have also been instructed to stop for students flagging them down if a valid Temple ID is shown. "We finally said, ‘we need to sit down and look at all these resources’...we put it all together and came up with the Owl Loop, which was the start of it all," Leone said. As students migrated further into the community, the team started realizing students needed another option. “We were watching students walking [off campus] late at night and we knew we had to come up with something else.” Leone expressed. So, as the Temple community continued to grow and the number of students living off-campus exploded, the TUrDoor service was born in 2008. Although this three-bus system runs on the same schedule as the Owl Loop, it has a much more expansive jurisdiction; It will take students anywhere between 5th and 20th streets and Girard and Cumberland streets. "It saves me the trouble of walking," said Jae Lee. junior kinesiology major who rides about three times weekly. "Where I live is kind of dangerous so [the shuttle] provides protection. I get to stay later and longer at the library.” “They have a ton of ridership...it just keeps going up every year," Leone said. The ridership is monitored each and if demand requires more vans, they will look into more resources, he added. Last year the overnight service averaged about 2.500 rides per week, with TUrDoor comprising about 75 percent of that total, said Mark Gottlieb, superintendent of Service Operations in Facilities Management. The numbers are gathered via driver counts as students board the buses. To help minimize wait time, Computer Services and Facilities Management joined forces and this fall released a tracking system for Owl Loop. A GPS device was installed in the bus and allows students to track where the bus is and what time it will arrive at a given stop from either a computer or cell phone. This feature came as a result of a student survey administered at The TECH Center. “It was actually student demand, we didn't even think about it...people kept asking for it, student government had asked about it at one point.” Jerry Hinkle, executive director of computer services, said. The shuttle tends to have the most ridership Sundays, Mondays and during midterms, according to Oliver. Very few students use the system Friday nights. Though Facilities Management and Philly Transportation, LLC make Temple’s shuttle system go round, CSS stays involved for the safety of students. "[The Temple Police] are here 24 hours, so if there’s any issue with the van overnight, we’re usually the first to know...and since it is a safety feature, we always want to stay involved with that and make sure it’s always paramount and that the system is running the way we want it to run so people are safe when they’re out there,” Leone said.A rave-like frenzy ALEX KELLER "Wild - one of the craziest nights of my life." freshman Dylan Hollister said. Dayglow Blu Tour, Beats. Love. Unity, came to the Liacouras Center on September 15 and 16. Despite having two tour dates at Temple, they had no problem selling out the event. Sidney Samson headlined the first night along with DJ Yan and David Solano. Laid-back Luke headlined the second night, and both were spinning electronic, dubstep and techno music that had the crowd pumped and dancing the entire night. "I don't really listen to that kind of music, but I think that it was right for the type of event Dayglow is,” Hollister said. Although the music definitely sets the mood, Dayglow would not be complete without the dancers in crazy outfits, aerialists defying gravity and professional stilt walkers. The performers only added to the experience of Dayglow. Of course, you cannot forget about the gallons of paint that was spewed across the audience and all over the Liacouras Center. The doors opened at 8 p.m., but throngs of students from all over Philadelphia and other parts of the east coast started lining up outside the doors of the Liacouras center as early as 6:30 p.m. The line of people surged with energy, everyone standing anx- iously in their white attire. In that line was freshman Tracy Ludwigson, who wore a neon blue sports bra with a ripped up white tee shirt and white shorts. “You don’t want to be in the front," she said. The Temple student explained that the closer you were to the stage the more drenched you would end up. She tried to stay more towards the middle where the paint was not so extreme. Lucky for Ludwigson, the paint washed out of all of her clothes. While the clean-up process may have been as simple as a shower and washing her clothes, the process was not so easy for the event staff working at the Liacouras Center. "Thankfully my job was working the door so I did not have to worry much about clean up," sophomore Jessica Mercante said about her first day on the job at the Liacouras center. Mer-cante’s duties were to collect tickets, check bags and make sure that everything went as smoothly and quickly as possible. “I saw the aftermath of Day- glow and it was out of control. Paint was everywhere,” she said. “My friend was part of the clean-up crew and I felt really bad for her because it must have taken forever." Workers at the Liacouras Cen ter had laid down carpet prior to the event so that the paint would not damage the floor and stage. Despite their efforts they still had a pretty large clean up on their hands after everything was accounted for. A lot of hard work and time went into putting together this incredible event. Although those who went all seem to have their own Dayglow experience, almost everyone can agree on one thing; it was definitely worth it. As Hollister describes it, "It was better than anything I expected. I want to go again.”rv S CAMPUS recreation 0 1 o The IBC and TUF stand for Independent Blue Cross and Temple University Fitness, respectively. These two fitness centers on Main Campus maintain a wide variety of exercise regimes free of charge for Temple students. TUF, located at 1600 N. Broad St., contains more cardiovascular workout machines than the IBC, making it a huge attraction to students who enjoy running on treadmills or cycling. Although the IBC, located on the corner of 15th and Cecil B. Moore Avenue, holds zumba, yoga, and pi-lates classes, most athletes work out there because of the opportunities to lift weights, work on abs and to bench press. Campus Recreation employs college students, like junior finance major Brian Doria. Doria enjoys working at both of the gyms and even has been CPR AD certified. Freshman kinesiology major Jackie Pedersen loves going to the RVm fromU? h a"0WS her a Positive bmak tUdym8‘ “Sometimes I have so ™c.hh er erZy bui|t up in me through-out the day that it's a great way to relieve it all at the gym.” Pedersen said. I love playing racquetball, running in the indoor track when it’s cold out and outdoor track when it’s nice,” Pedersen added. Exercising helps motivate students physically and mentally, and aids to keep students focused on academics. “The IBC is open until midnight on Thursdays, so I usually go there instead of participating in ‘Thirsty Thursdays,'" Pedersen said. Senior accounting major Joby George, although very busy, finds time in his tight schedule to go to the gym often. “If I don’t go to the gym. I feel lazy because I’m not doing any physical activity. It helps me focus better on school too because I usually follow a routine; gym and then study," George said. "I find myself eating healthier too," he added. Doria, Pedersen and George agree that exercising enables a focused mind on one’s academics. Everyone needs a break from studying or to relieve some stress sometimes and working out seems to be the best way. Staying fit on campusHomecoming week-of 2011 was filled with enjoyable events forII students;"’parents and alijmni. s JkJfjAm M Tee’ for fempfe U kicked off Homecoming week rft he’lBell Tower-on Wednesday, Oct. 12. 20LI.j Students came to trade in their non-Temple University iT-sjiirt’s for a Temple T-shirt. All T-shirt donations were later given to charity. Later-that day the Greeks put on a showcase at Mitten Hall. The fraternities and sororities displayed their individual talents through jfong and dance to the ‘90s theme. Students burst into song as "I Want It That Way" by Back-street Boys played before the festivities started. During the showcase there were several stands set up for attending students. Verizon had a $5,000 give away across from a table that was giving away .free tickets to the Temple Owls vs.; Buffalo Bull's Homecoming football game. MMPV'P1 Annua Homecoming Pageant wcpj held crt Mitten Hall the following day. Red, white fend silver hung around the Great Courtroom as dance music played. Malcolm Kenyatta and Hayley Sabino. 2010 Homecoming King and Queeb, hosted the pageant as the Royal Court preformed vhead-to headfcfdr their spot to be called the next Temple"King and Queen. LRoyal Court member, senior Stephanie Bil-brue, was the first to perform. She played Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on the glass harmonica. Junior Kevin Bargeron performed a lip-sync dance combo as senior Jasmine McCrawford performed a ballroom dance to Ben E. King's “Stand By Me.” Senior Aisha Howard performed a short skit after senior Matthew Flocco sang Frank Sinatra’s “Fly Me To The Moon." Although the annual pep rally and barbeque on Friday was moved into the Howard Gittis Student Center due to poor weather conditions, the lack of fresh air did not damper spirits of the students. The Student Center was filled with students, faculty, alumni and other guests in preparation for the football game the following day. Party music filled the entryway of the Student Center, slightly covering the sounds of the talking students. Cherry and white scarves, “Temple Tuff” pins, magnets, fake tattoos and little red footballs were given out as party gifts. While eating a hotdog, pretzel, or some of the other foods that were given out, many students were seen getting their faces painted. Howard wore cherry and white face paint next to her eye that matched the giant foam finger she was flaunting. In the middle of the festivities, each of the Royal Court members gave a brief speech about why they should hold the title of King or Queen. “Really love this school and meet as many people as possible,” McCrawford said, giving a brief piece of advice for those who are thinking about becoming King or Queen next year. Students were not the only ones who showed their Cherry and White support. Some of the buildings around campus were painted with spirit. A painting of the Temple Owl with a crown on his head was on the window of Johnson Hardwick Halls. The student section at the Lincoln Financial Field was filled with cherry and white dressed students who were eagerly waiting for the Temple Owls vs. Buffalo Bulls to start, and halftime was when the Royal Court members would know the outcome of their fates. After a moment of anticipation, Kenyatta and Sabino handed over their crowns to Flocco and Howard as the stadium filled with applause. As if a gift to the new King and Queen from the Temple Owl football team, the Owls won the game 34-0.A night out on campus ZACHARY MARTIN As Temple students turn the legal drinking age of 21, they seek safe and inviting bars in the area to unwind in. Three local bars that come to most students’ minds are Maxi’s, found on Liacouras Walk, the Draught Horse, on 1431 Cecil B. Moore Ave and Pub Webb, on 1527 Cecil B. Moore Ave. While very different from each other, all three bars hold different characteristics for all types of people exploring Temple’s burgeoning nightlife. Maxi's is a common site for students, considering its convenient location in one of the busiest areas of Main Campus. The bar opened about six years ago and caters to casual drinkers in between classes, as well as late night party-seekers. Bartender Jules Roldan is often found working week nights, highlighting the promotions Maxi’s offers in attempt to bringing in more students. “We have Mexican Mondays, with specials on Corona and Jose Cuervo, Karaoke Tuesdays with Long Island and Yuengling specials, and dollar domestic draft Sundays," Roldan said. “The bar has weekly events like Tuesday night karaoke and Open Mic Night Wednesdays that bring in poets, rappers, guitarists and singers," Roldan added. Maxi’s has a welcoming and light atmosphere, and your only obstacle may be trying to squeeze your way to the bar on especially packed nights. Events like Spring Fling, Homecoming and St. Patrick's Day are some of the busiest days of the year for Maxi's, as expected. “It’s nice here because the bar is a good median between a dive and a college bar,” Roldan said. The Draught Horse, a ten-year staple as a Temple bar, is located across from The Edge at Avenue North apartment building and student village. The Draught Horse serves as a restaurant as well as a bar and specializes in contributing to large groups and organizations from Temple. “We have the largest venue and a great staff. Our food and rotating draft beer selection is what sets us apart," manager Aaron Friedman said. A The bar also offers a number of weekly events to keep students coming in like DJ's on Wednesdays, Quizzo on Thursdays and promotions like “Kick the Keg," where a patron pays $10 for unlimited Rolling Rock until the keg is empty. “Our bar will definitely teach students how to behave at a bar, what drinks to order, and how to enjoy what they drink," Friedman said. Pub Webb. Temple’s newest bar, was opened about three years ago by Zach Webb and his brother Nate Webb, a Temple alumni. Located about a block and a half from the Draught Horse, Pub Webb offers a downstairs bar and an upstairs area that can hold small performances and concerts. Zach Webb described the atmosphere of his bar as well as its point in the community. “Our staff is very close and we have fun in here. This is a good place to come and see what North Philly is. It’s students, local residents, and it contributes energy to our neighborhood,” he said. Pub Webb is known for its signature special, the Triathlon. For $9, the customer receives a domestic draft, a well shot and a car bomb, which is a shot of Jamison and Bailey's dropped in a half pint of Guinness. Pub Webb is also known for opening at 9 a.m. just to serve kegs and eggs on Saint Patrick's Day, and getting involved on Temple’s campus for Spring Fling. Webb is excited about the growth of his bar. “We want to establish North Philly as a fun and safe place to go. A true bar in our vision is a place where all people can mix," Webb said.1 Academics'7 emp e pt-e.Se.rft a SpecJa C FaJ erx e, 6eCOUSe t ieir past experiences are So diFferent. Ji keep my eye peeled -For t iat SpeCjoJ Student ujtio uji make an impact. Peter Cornish, Adjunt Professor in The School of Communications and TheaterMeeting Expectations BRITTANI POTTS “The first time we taught the course, the people mainly thought it was a wine tasting,” said Dr. Robert Levis, professor in the department of chemistry. Chemistry of Wine is available to all students to take as a science and technology general education requirement, but many students have a different impression when they show up for class. "The second year it got better, and by the third year it was people who wanted to learn chemistry,” Levis said. Now teaching the course, Professor David Dalton, believes that only a handful of his students learn a lot about chemistry in the course. Questioning his students on an exam. Dalton asked his students what they expected from the course when they registered and now what they think halfway through the semester. Almost 50 percent of the class said that there was "too much chemistry" and "it's impossible." The other half of the class said the chemistry was "too complex” and they want “chemistry made simpler." "My goals and their goals are not necessarily the same," said Dalton. His goal is to give students an understanding of the chemistry involved in making wine. Students need to learn and understand the names of compounds throughout the course, but Dalton says the hardest part of the course is just that: teaching this to people with no background knowledge of science and math. "I like the class,” said Shanell Robinson, junior psychology major, “but I didn’t think it would be so chemistry-based. I don't have a lot of background knowledge on chemistry. But I do like all of the visual demonstrations and experiments in class—that helps me to understand." Another student, freshman secondary education major, Brianna Poley, was just glad there wasn’t a lot of math involved. "It’s nowhere near what a science course would be,” said Levis, who helped to create the course. “It’s not rocket science.’’” Although the University refused to allow wine tasting, the students do get to taste vinegar, which is essentially oxidized wine. “There’s a mouth feel when you sip wine,” said Dalton. “Why does it feel like that in your mouth? Regrettably, you need to know chemistry." “I find it reasonable [professor Dalton] uses a lot of chemistry because wine is very complex," said Kelly Tran, freshman entrepreneurship major. During the semester, students work on a large scale fermentation of red and white wine. This process takes two months as the grape juice is turned into wine. Using grape juice without preservatives and baker’s yeast, the students watch as alcohol is produced and carbon dioxide is released. The students make different bottles and expose the wine to different temperatures. The students learn how temperature affects how long the process takes. According to Levis, this fermentation doesn’t help the students learn the chemistry needed to understand the process, but it helps with the idea of what temperature is. Learning that in all wine there is 80 percent water and 17 percent alcohol is not the problem. The problem students have in the course is understanding what compounds make up the other three percent. Students learn that a $2 dollar bottle of wine only has a few different compounds that make up that remaining three percent: while a $2,000 bottle of wine has hundreds of different compounds in that three percent. “I think [this class] is a good mix of chemistry and wine,” said Ryan McGovern, sophomore secondary education and social studies major. “It doesn’t focus all on chemistry, so it’s not all boring. There are different aspects of wine that are interesting, which is why I signed up for the course." Among those aspects, students also learn what makes a good bad wine, how white wine is different from red wine, and how to determine what is in a bottle of wine. This course ultimately tries to show “what is special about science through wine," said Levis. Students are also required to sign up for a lab class in addition to the class itself. Students review in-class materials and prepare for presentations. “Keep it as scientific as possible, but still have fun with it," said Tim Bohinski, graduate student in the department of chemistry, when addressing the presentations. Even though students expect something different, the course shows students how scientists approach a problem, compared to how a sociologist might approach the same problem. “There’s always another way to look at it when it’s not science.” said Levis. Overall, both Levis and Dalton agreed that it is a fun 34but tiring course to teach. Although some students wish it was a wine tasting class and others think there is too much chemistry, the professors try to make the students’ learning experience fun. “At the end, they do get a deeper appreciation of nature," said Levis. 35MAURA LIEBERMAN Student diversity adds tt programWho knew Temple had a Real Estate program within the Fox School of Business? Not many of us. One class, Real Estate Fundamentals, gives students information about real estate markets prior to starting their careers as a real estate agent. Pennsylvania requires 30 hours of instruction per course, but since Temple’s courses run from about 44 to 45 hours, professors have the opportunity to cover more material than what is required by the state. Real Estate Fundamentals covers aspects of marketing, financing, land use control, and real estate transactions. The class is designed to inform students with the language, principles, and laws that rule the real estate world. This course surveys the underlying concepts of land, property rights, and laws that govern the conveyance of these rights. “Real Estate Fundamentals is a great course to teach because of the many different topics one can talk about in the class," said Forrest Huffman, a professor of the course. In addition, Real Estate Practices, can be taken in lieu of Real Estate Fundamentals for any students who want to take the Real Estate Licensing Examination, in order to become a certified Real Estate agent. However, both classes are equally valuable to students who wise to pursue a career within the field. There are many things to love about the program if you are interested in Real Estate, but Huffman said that his favorite aspect of the class is the responses he receives from the wide range of students in his class. Everyone has an interest in some aspect of the course and as a result, many students participate and interact greatly. “There is always something in the class that is particularly interesting to each student," Huffman said. “I also like that the course includes students from all across the university. The students bring a wide variety of backgrounds and perspectives to the class that makes it very interesting to teach." Huffman, who has been teaching the class since the mid-1980s, realizes Real Estate has changed greatly since then, so he finds himself constantly updating the course. Some students also decide to take this class as an elective, just to get a feel of how the real estate world functions and works. Huffman finds this aspect to be intriguing because he gets to work with an array of students in different colleges at Temple. This program is beneficial and interesting class for students of all majors. It helps students achieve some knowledge of Real Estate markets and legal issues that encompass Real Estate markets. The Real Estate field has grown greatly over the years, but Temple's program keeps their courses as up-to-date as possible. Although this course is required in order to take the examination, students receive more material than needed to help them succeed. This unique program at Temple goes above and beyond expectations. 37Filled with wide hallways and various displays of student work, The Tyler School of Art has a lot inside of it that many Temple University students don't know about, and when you walk into classroom 120, the first thing that greets you is the feel of a rising temperature. You've just found Tyler’s glass studio. “It’s really exciting." said Gina Hoover, senior painting major. “You get to play with fire every day." Though exciting, glass blowing is a difficult and challenging process used to shape the glass. In order to do that, glass is manipulated by working with it in two different states: solid and liquid. First, the glass is put inside a furnace that can reach high temperature levels. Inside the furnace in the glass studio, the temperature is kept at 2100 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the glass is heated on a long metal rod called a blowpipe, the artist takes it out and blows on the opposite end of the rod to form a bubble. With the glass blowing process, a variety of different shapes can be formed. Learning how to master glass blowing and all the different techniques is difficult, but students have the opportunity to take an Advanced Techniques class taught by Daniel Cu-trone, the Assistant Professor in Glass. “The class is an advance techniques class," said Cutrone. “With that said, there are an amazing amount of techniques available when it comes to working with glass. My job is to show my students those different techniques and let them do the rest when it comes to creating things." Cutrone prides himself on making his classroom an open environment: free from criticism. “Non- traditional ideas and what you can do with glass come from basic principles." said Cutrone. "This class only enhances what students already know. But when trying something new comes trial and error. You can't be afraid of failure. In this class, some of my students are going to fail, but I believe it’s not failure, its gaining knowledge." There are some misconceptions about glass blowing though. “It’s extremely challenging." said Cutrone. “Molten glass is constantly changing, so as an artist, preparing beforehand is really a big part of it. People think that since it looks so effortless that a lot of critical thinking isn't required, which is wrong.” “Glass blowing really pushes students to rely on one another," said Cutrone. He discusses how “you’re limited when you work alone,” so it’s always good to have someone helping you. With that in mind, he places each student with a partner as a way for them to learn how to work with others and to understand the importance of collaborating with one another. “It’s an art that really builds a strong sense of community,” said Josh Raiffe, senior glass major. “You always work with at least one partner who you rely on heavily to help complete your work. Having trust is a huge part of glass blowing.” There is also a Glass Survey class that students outside of the Tyler School of Art can take if they are interested in glass blowing. Any student within the school of Tyler can take glass blowing classes as well. Advanced Glass Blowing challenges students to think outside their comfort zone and produce materials that allow them to become the makers they need to be. Senior liberal arts major, Rosyar Ghavami gives advice to students who want to take the class: “If you don’t want to break it, don’t make it out of glass, but if you do, you have to dance with it.”As one of only a handful of student run advertising agencies in the country, Diamond Edge Communications gives students a chance to work for real clients. "It's definitely not like any other class," said Monica Torio, senior advertising management major, who is the Director of Office Administration and Traffic for DEC. “You put what you learn into place here and I feel like I've grown a lot [because of it].” Some students take DEC in conjunction with an internship while others take it in place of one. “I took DEC instead of an internship because I thought the class would give me more experience,” said Gabrielle Terrell, senior advertising management major, who is an account manager for DEC. “You get to work face to face with clients rather than doing someone else’s work." Students only meet once a week in the classroom; all other work is up to the student to manage. “You could take other beneficial classes, but without a doubt, DEC is an incredible resume booster, it triggers employers' interest, and intrigues family members and friends,” said Sarah Glose, senior advertising research major and CEO of DEC. “It’s on par with internships. The students are divided into teams and are structured to meet the needs of the clients. Each team has at least one account manager, creative manager, art manager, and copywriter. There are creative directors that manage three or four teams, and also an ex- ecutive creative director that oversees everyone. Students are tailored to clients based on their interests. Every student has a position and sometimes positions are created to utilize a student's role for a client. Advertising majors can pick one of four tracks to concentrate on: copy-writing, art direction, account management, and advertising research. The students in DEC are then placed in the roles that suit their interests. Students who return for a second semester that performed well are given higher positions. At the beginning of the semester, clients specify their needs to DEC members. Students are capable of producing print ads, social media campaigns, logo redesign, website development, rebranding campaigns, creating new slogans and taglines, and planning events. “The experience and everything I’ve learned [through DEC] will help me build my career,” Torio said, as a second semester DEC student. “As account manager last year, I learned to be more organized, outspoken, and manage people. When I was forced to be out of my element it gave me the confidence to be the best that I can be." Students contact and update their clients on their progress at least once a week. At the end of the semester. groups present their final campaign to their clients. “DEC gives you a backbone to handle certain scenarios," Terrell said. “It prepares you for real life situations.” This real-life agency wasn't always available to students though. DEC was disbanded for approximately five years and Doctor James L. Marra, who began teaching in 1986, reinvigorated it by making it part of the curriculum again. In 2000, Marra found clients for the students to work with. DEC has seven clients for the fall semester: the Study Away program for the School of Communications and Theater, the Advertising Department in SCT, Diamond Edge Communications. Keep Philadelphia Beautiful, The Alzheimer’s Association, Ultra-Kool, Inc., and the US Department of State. “We have clients of long standing to our credit,” Marra said. "Outside clients are surprised and pleased with the amount of work for the amount of money they pay.” Many clients have returned each semester and new clients hired DEC through mailings they received, referrals, and former students. “The key is that not many schools want the welfare of companies in the hands of students." Marra said. “But these students take their work seriously." Students do not get profit for the work they complete, but clients pay a stipend of money to the advertising department for DEC. Teams present their work to the executives and the clients use it for advertisements. They may not get paid for their work, but they get the satisfaction of seeing their work being used by the clients. 41Students learn in family atmosphere DARI AN MUKA Music students coming into Temple haven’t always found where their voice fits in just yet. Finding their voices for the stage is the goal of a singing intensive class, Opera Workshop. Here students tune their voice to the stage; working toward the end of the year opera scenes. The class heats up as it moves forward in the semester. A little over half of the class is spent working on acting and the rest is presenting scenes. There is a sense of urgency as you walk in the auditorium. Everything and everyone is moving in a hurried motion working on their scenes and perfecting everything. There is a hum made up of singing, laughing, and hushed voices trying to talk quietly enough so the singers can hear themselves. People fly around the stage like bees and others hover in the corners giggling with giddiness. There is an ecosystem of singers getting work done and having fun at the same time. This class gives students a chance to learn the acting side of voice performance. "In this class we learn how to think on our toes and it is group oriented with a lot of team building exercises," said Brenna Markey, senior voice performance major. "Our most important focus in this class is the acting that we don't learn in any of our other classes. All of our other classes are learning to use our voice, so this class is really important to us." All of the students in this class are voice majors. There are only ten students this year and they are all a tight knit group. There is a family environment that welcomes you as you enter the class. They work very closely with their teacher and they become a family. The instructor, Andrew Chown, listens to the voice of the group and assigns them scenes that they will perform at the end of the course. The students are confident in Chown’s decisions on the pieces. "He has been listening to our voices and knows what will suit us best, so we don’t worry about not getting something we will like,” said Matthew Maisano, senior voice performance and music education major. Chown loves this class and talks about it with such warmth and pride. He puts his heart in to this class and you can really see how his passion rubs off on the students. "This class is great,” said Chown. “There is so much enthusiasm in this class. I really enjoy it because every year it’s really the students teaching me. They make me remember that I have to get back to the basics. He doesn’t give out homework because it’s an unconventional class. Their homework is only to come up with people to personify in the next class. The students go on the subway, find any person, copy what they do and how they act, then come into class and act like that person. The grading system is unconventional as well. Chown bases the grades on participation and minimal research projects, such as the subway assignment. It’s not based on how well you sing or act, but on how much you try to sing and act well. If you work hard and try to get better, you will do well in the class. It’s designed to make you the best that you can be. "Participation and involvement is so important,” said Chown. "Honestly, we really try to bring out the narcissist in the students." Opera Workshop is not a class; it’s a family who loves to sing and works hard to put together beautiful pieces. 4243Leaders of the FieldThe Tyler School of Art at Temple University offers an exquisite Jewelry class started in 1962 by Professor Stanley Lechtizin. who has been Head of the M J C-C program for the past fifty years. "No matter what country you go to, everyone buys jewelry.” said Associate Professor Daniella Kerner. However, this program offers more to students than anyone might expect. When students graduate, they are knowledgeable enough to go into a variety of fields. Some students design shoes, furniture, puppets, toys, jewelry, and purses, while others might go into fashion design, teaching, or owning their own business. Tyler has jewelry majors that have graduated and are now designing for Tiffany and Co. and Puma. Some also have their own collections in museums or own their own companies. The Jewelry class is taught at the M J C C Studio Suite which is a breathtaking studio and the highest-equipped art classroom in the nation. It has a permanent collection that showcases 40-year-old objects, a main studio, a computer lab, a 3-D printing lab, a smithing area, a tool room, an electroforming, plating and anodizing lab, a wood and plastic shop, casting, foundry and forging area, a polishing room, a graduate studio, and a technology shop. "On a University level-we are leaders of the field," said Kerner. Kerner teaches students electroforming, casting, plastics, designing on computers and 3-D printing. “I love helping students learn three-dimensional art,” Kerner said. “Most students aren’t exposed to this art form before they get to college.” Kerner has taught at The Tyler School of Art for 34 years, and also teaches the many types of jewelry designs including commercial, fashion, costume, and collection. Along with the other jewelry professors, she researches the latest technology and techniques, and strategizes how to incorporate them in the studio. “Her projects are very helpful in terms of freedom and structure," said Kelly McGlone. sophomore jewelry major. “It is not overwhelming." The opportunities for learning are limitless, and Kerner teaches "a beginning class that is not beginning.” She exposes students to high-level challenging work with dozens of different processes. She teaches students to solve three-dimensional problems with design, elements, technology, and usage of positive and negative spaces. She also teaches with lectures and demo processes. “[Kerner] helped ease us in the studio and taught us about metals,” said Alexandra Looney, sophomore jewelry major. "She knows what she is doing." Kerner’s students are able to thrive after receiving their education at The Tyler School of Art. For Kerner it is about "ultimately inspiring strong artists that can meet the challenges, and be able to function in the society after school." There are a lot of famous alumni that come out of Tyler. Albert Paley, a modernist American Metal Sculptor and Bruce Metcalf, an American artist who creates whimsical yet restrained works that comment on the human condition and who recently co-authored the highly acclaimed crafts text book "Makers” are alumni. Many students will appreciate the atmosphere in the Jewelry Making program, and leave satisfied with their experiences with professors and fellow students. "We are a family here at Tyler.” Kerner said.The sound of chalk tracing on a black chalkboard echoed throughout the hall, while a group of about 12 to 14 students sat classroom style beside the Olympic style pool, one of many in Pearson Hall. As blue water sparkled brightly under the iridescent light, they sat attentively, listening to the instructor go over safety tips. Yes, it's true. The Kinesiology department does offer a scuba diving class, one of Temple’s most unique and most sought after classes. "[It’s] a break from the ordinary classroom atmosphere,” said Kaitlin Bareli, senior political science major. ‘'[The] scuba diving class offers students an exciting way to learn." Filled with not only Kinesiology majors; students from all study backgrounds partake in the diving experience. The class learning experience is split into two sections, a morning and afternoon section. In the morning section, students experience hands on scuba diving techniques and safety diving protocol in the pool. With a lab fee included for the class, students are able to use scuba equipment including: scuba regulators and scuba tanks. The second section is composed of textual teachings outside of the pool. “We practiced taking off our scuba equipment, putting it on. and taking it back off underwater.” said Ellen Merkel, junior kinesiology major. “Most of the things we practice in class will probably never occur in real life, but it makes me feel secure knowing that I will be able to handle myself in dangerous situations.” The scuba diving class teaches students the necessary skills to provide swimmer rescue and helpful strategies in dangerous situations underwater. They are tested on their ability to swim 32 laps in the pool, tread water for long periods of time, and other swimming related tests. “Being underwater is very different," said Catharine Messick, senior biology major. "At the start of this class, I used a lot of oxygen from the scuba tank, but with the many underwater tests incorporated with this class, I have learned ways to deal with my panic and use less oxygen." In all different areas around the world, a scuba diving license is required for diving in the water. The scuba diving class also gives students the opportunity to gain their NAUI Certification, also known as the National Association of Underwater Instructors. “The actual certification test is a lot easier than some of the class exercises," said Merkel. Messick also remembers taking the certification test. “When I took my NAUI certification," said Messick, “a swimmer’s scuba regulator, which connects to the scuba tank to produce oxygen, fell off. Due to the class he was able to control his breathing and complete the test without it." The students in this course are pleased with the amount of learning experience they receive throughout the semester. “This class is very beneficial, short term and long term," said Merkel. “I will continue to use the scuba techniques I learned [in this class] throughout my life.” 47The Philadelphia Dance Experience SAUDIA DURRANT When registering for the Philadelphia Dance Experience course, students already had an idea of what the class work and lessons would entail. Yet, stepping into Professor Meredith Steinberg’s class, students are in for quite a surprise. “People think you have to have experience from dance to appreciate this class but it’s actually geared towards non-dancers to get them exposed to dance," said Lindsey Grites-Weeks, assistant teacher. According to the syllabus, students would engage in the history of dance, learn about the creators of dance, such as Rudolf Laban or Bill Evans, and their styles of dance. They would also learn about the systems they created in understanding dance. At the beginning of the semester, Steinberg gives a brief overview of the specific and most common forms of dance: African, ballet, and contem-porary modern dance. These specific styles all have other sects of dance which trickle down and overlap into others such as the lindy hop, hip hop, tap, cakewalk, jitterbug, break dancing, folk dance, etc. All forms of dance have an ancestor or originator who introduced that style. What makes this class so interesting and different is that it gives students experience both in and outside of the classroom. Students are able to interact with the city life by attending performances with other class members by catching the subway to different venues. A few of these include: a performance at the Painted Bride called the Move, a ballet show, and a contemporary show performed by Philadanco. Students are given direct dance lessons on contemporary, ballet, and hip hop as opposed to being limited to only pen and paper lessons. An African dance instructor, Magi, visits the class to teach a number of dance move- ments and different ways to combine these dances. Magi breaks down each step with a connection to the history of Africa and explains that these dances weren’t just for entertainment but were also a form of symbolism. It helps students to understand that while some moves may look random, easy, or simple, there is always a reason or practice behind them. It isn't just something merely thrown together. “You have to think about what you’re doing and how,” said Tonia Rivers, sophomore music education major. "[Dance] is more thinking than people realize. You have to actually train and learn dance. It’s not effortless. It doesn’t just happen.” This method of learning allows students who may feel shy or unsure about their skills to become comfortable with themselves and with their style of dance -dancers, and non-dancers alike. “The fact that students from so many different majors bring some very interesting perspectives and information to class that can overlap with one another or bring completely new ideas," said Steinberg. Not only did students who appeared more familia with the lessons and materials improve their skills, but stu dents who weren't as familiar also showed that they devel oped skills or showcased skills they were unaware that the had. 4849The words Las Vegas, money, gambling, and casinos are not typically heard in a college classroom setting; however, for students taking Gaming and Casino Management, that is all they talked about on a weekly basis. Led by Wesley S. Roehl, this course is taught in the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management. Throughout the semester students are encouraged to discuss the role gambling plays in tourism, hospitality, recreation, and sports. Through the use of lectures, movies, and current events, positive and negative effects of gambling on society are displayed. Even though it was not required towards his major. Aaron Stockman, junior tourism management major, chose to take the class as an elective. “I thought it would be interesting because it is something I want to do for life, being in the casino industry," said Stockman. Students are expected to understand the differences in casino gambling and the responsibilities of both corporate casinos and lotteries. The class also requires a basic understanding of probability and statistics since casinos use this to determine cost standings among other things. They are also lectured on probability laws and the different characteristics of the probabilities of a bet. The probability in gambling made perfect sense to one student, Isaac Wurst, junior sports management major. "People will buy tickets and play games even though the probability [shows that] they will lose,” said Wurst. "It is a sucker’s bet. which is when one believes the outcome will eventually be in their favor.” This is an example Roehl uses to show the addictive side of gambling. The class also got to view how some illegal gambling websites set up bets. For a website on Major League Baseball, the class was able to view and learn how people place bets on athletes, even when baseball is not in season. "They are saying these are the odds based on performance and how other people bet,” said Roehl. “Overtime odds of bets will go up and down depending on if a player gets resigned.” Roehl told students that throughout the baseball season, additional bets would be made based off of new statistics of the players. For Margaret Morgan, senior tourism and hospitality major, the class provides the history of how gambling came to be and how it was started in Lehigh Valley. "We have a knowledgeable teacher who is defiantly into the subject," said Morgan, who took the class because it "sounded fun." With all the negative thoughts that surround gambling it can be easy to forget that gambling and casinos can also have positive impacts. Students are taught that casinos open job opportunities and in an economy that needs jobs, this is a huge positive. Also, the Pennsylvania lottery proceeds benefit elderly Pennsylvania citizens. Wurst said he learned that “without gambling, Vegas would not exist.” Without the high demand for jobs and the glam of Las Vegas, Nevada would not have the profits it has today. Lessons are geared towards casinos, how people try to cheat casinos and the history and workings of Las Vegas. Although Gaming and Casino Management is offered to everyone, it is not your typical course. 50ALEXIS WILKINSON " Students learn to play the game[,„»! madi. ui „uh-fty «.« , ’'' •• u., -,r ioe.' ..• •% «„»• o.-.«.«h-.u..v....: n.s ............................ '"'•V..........r'Hy . •■., '•., _ V - • ,1%-•"•".......... I H I R O O ij (Z T O M • O M TO US. healthililHililgl mmIaJ ° Phffy 7 e. yiy e. . Steve Addazio, head football coachA new era TIM BRENNAN Temple football seemed to be left in disarray last season after former head coach Al Golden departed for the open coaching position at Miami. However, under the guidance of first-year head coach Steve Addazio, Temple had one of its most successful seasons in the program’s history. The Owls capped a 9-4 season with their first bowl victory in 32 years as they defeated Wyoming. 37-15. in the Gil-dan New Mexico Bowl. "We go out to play as hard as we can play and play our Temple brand of football," Addazio said. "The great things that happened this season are real, and they’ve been locked in. The bowl game is one more piece along the way to the growing process of Temple. We always want to finish out the right way and play at a high level.” Throughout the season, Temple embraced a hard-nosed attitude instilled by its fiery head coach. The Owls finished the 2011 season with the third-highest ranked defense in the nation, giving up just 13.8 points per game. The team also finished seventh in the nation in rushing, averaging an astonishing 256.7 yards per game on the ground. Junior running back Bernard Pierce was named a fourth-team All- American. and ten Owls earned All-Mid-American Conference honors. Pierce finished the season with a school-record 27 touchdowns and 1,481 rushing yards. Fellow junior tailback Matt Brown also rushed for five scores and 867 yards on the year. Despite a dominant rushing attack, Temple did have its share of ups and downs. Despite winning their first two games by a combined score of 83-10, the Owls were unable to maintain an early lead against Penn State and fell to their in-state rival, 14-10, to begin the season at 2-1. Addazio and the Owls responded to the disappointing loss by winning three of their next four games including a 38-7 trouncing of Maryland, which was the program's first-ever win over a Atlantic Coast Conference opponent. However, a two-game skid against conference opponents Bowling Green and Ohio crushed the Owls hopes of winning their first MAC championship. Throughout much of the season, a difficult roadblock for Temple was its rotating door at the quarterback position. The team struggled to find its best option, trying three different starting quarterbacks including senior Chester Stewart and junior Mike Gerardi. However, Temple may have found its signal caller of the future ir redshirt sophomore Chris Coyer, wfo: took over for Stewart midway through the loss to Ohio. The Owls pushed forward tc win their final three games of the regu lar season behind Coyer. In just sever games played, the dual-threat quar terback managed to gain 1,025 tota yards and score nine touchdowns. On defense, veteran defensive coordinator Chuck Heater put togeth er a relentless squad that posted two consecutive shutouts over Ball State and Buffalo. Senior linebacker Stepher Johnson led the toughest defense in the conference with 123 tackles, anc senior defensive end Adrian Robinson led the team in sacks with 6.5 on the season. He also registered 13.5 tackles for a loss, earning first team All-MAC honors for the third consecutive sea son. With new practice facilities and a promising recruitingclass coming to North Broad Street next season, Tem pie fans will have plenty to look forward to as the football program continues to make great strides. The Owls have now completed three consecutive winning seasons and all signs point to that trend continuing in 2012. 58First year football coach Steve Addazio was thrilled with the outpouring of support that he saw from the Owls faithful in his first season on North Broad Street. Addazio wanted to give back to the students in his first Temple Homecoming game on Oct. 15, and his team did just that in front of an enthusiastic home crowd of more than 26,000 fans. “It was a great day for us on Homecoming with a tremendous Temple crowd," Addazio said. “I thought our kids came out with an attitude and a demeanor, playing really hard and physical in front of the students at Temple." Temple’s defense was lights out in the 34-0 victory over Mid-American Conference opponent Buffalo, and star junior running back Bernard Pierce was once again unstoppable at Lincoln Financial Field, rushing for 150 yards and two touchdowns on just 20 carries. With fellow junior tailback Matt Brown also rushing for 120 yards and a touchdown, the Owls totaled an impressive 400 yards on the ground. “The offensive line - I love them to death. They do the majority of the work out there on the field, and I just run,” Pierce said. Pierce had a record setting performance, surpassing all-time Temple great Paul Palmer in career touchdowns with 44 total. Pierce's two scores also gave him 17 at that point in the season, allowing him to break his own single-season touchdown record of 16, which he earned as a freshman in 2009. “It means a lot. It means that I'm up there with the other great backs of Temple,” Pierce said. With the running game's early success, the pressure was off fifth-year senior quarterback Chester Stewart, who threw just 11 passes for 58 yards on the day. The Bulls, meanwhile, barely managed to reach 155 total yards against a dominant Temple defense led by senior linebacker Tahir White-head, who recorded a team-high four tackles. “We try to hold teams to the minimum number of yards and points so this is a big establishment for us," said senior cornerback Kee-ayre Griffin, who blocked a 39-yard field goal in the second quarter. “When I blocked the kick, I was pretty excited and started celebrating before the play was even over. " Griffin's diving block was not the only big special teams play for the Owls. Leading 17-0 just before halftime, Addazio called a fake punt and direct snap to senior linebacker Ah-keem Smith. The former running back sliced through the Buffalo defense for 51-yard touchdown. “I’ve been telling him to call it almost every game now," Smith said. “We saw it was a perfect situation. They only had two guys to the left." Junior kicker Brandon McManus contributed to the solid special teams performance by averaging 59.3 yards on three punts, two of which fell inside the 20-yard line. With the convincing homecoming win over Buffalo, Temple (5-2) was sitting comfortably atop the MAC East Division standings midway though the season but fell the following week to Bowling Green, 13-10, on the road.Athletic and ferocious but humble and hardworking are the best words to describe Temple linebacker Tahir Whitehead. The senior co-captain led one of the nation’s top-ranked defenses for the Cherry and White this past season with 59 tackles, five sacks, and a team-best 12 tackles for a loss. The second-team All-Mid-American Conference hon-oree also recorded four forced fumbles and three fumble recoveries. The South Jersey product has shown a life-long knack for leadership by being named a senior captain at West Side High School in Newark and then once again at Temple this past season. “It made me feel honored in high school when I was a team captain, but I never thought of it as a big thing," Whitehead said. “When I got to college it made me realize how big of a deal it was, and it made me feel even more honored.” Named to the 2011 Butkus Award Watch List as one of the nation’s best linebackers, Whitehead has been a key contributor to the new era of Temple football under first-year head coach Steve Addazio. "Tahir Whitehead is an example of a guy that can flat-out play. He could play here, there, or anywhere,” Addazio said. “On top of it, a great kid with great work ethic.” Throughout his career, Whitehead has seen some rapid changes take place on North Broad Street. He has witnessed the program’s transformation into a true MidAmerican Conference contender and played in Temple’s first bowl game in 30 years at the EagleBank Bowl in 2009. He then watched his former coach, Al Golden, depart for Miami and saw two former defensive teammates become early NFL draft picks. Throughout it all, Whitehead has been a stabilizing force not only for the Owls defense but also for the entire team. Appearing in over 50 games throughout his four-year career, the 5-2. 230-pounder has amassed more than 150 tackles and seven forced fumbles. In 2010, he hit his stride as a junior, cracking the starting ine-up and playing in all 12 games. Whitehead started at outside linebacker eight times and finished the season with 56 tackles, including 7.5 for a loss. He has lettered in each year he’s been on North Broad Street, proving his undying commitment to the team. “We always want to take it one game at a time.” Whitehead said. “We obviously want to try to get to the MAC championship while leading the team to as much success as we possibly can.” Whitehead has had an outstanding career at Temple, setting his goals high on whatever he wants to achieve while still being humbled and focused. He could likely be an NFL prospect, and if things pan out for him as they did for former Owls, Whitehead could be playing on Sundays in 2012. However, being the humble leader that he is, White-head was focused solely on his teammates during his senior season. "As far as the NFL goes, if it comes for me. it comes,” he said. “I’m not going to worry about it too much right now. I still have a lot more college football to play.” Fittingly, Whitehead finished his career by being named Defensive MVP of the Gildan New Mexico Bowl. The senior registered a team-high 11 tackles including 1.5 for a loss in Temple’s 37-15 bowl victory over the Wyoming Cowboys.A dynamic duo JAKE ADAMS The Temple women’s basketball team took to the court in their home opener in November against Miami (OH) and promptly disposed of their first opponent of the 2011-12 season, 70-36, setting the stage for what many expected to be a stellar season. The Owls were coming off a disappointing loss in the Atlantic-Ten Conference semifinals last season, after a promising 24-9 season that had the team thinking championship. "It’s definitely motivation every year,” junior forward Brittany Lewis said before the season. “Of course, to fall short that close every year, you just want to improve on that.” thy said before the season. McCarthy and Peddy returned with high expectations. McCarthy finished the fall semester portion of the schedule in sixth-place in school history with 1,310 points. She was also named a candidate for the Lowe’s Senior CLASS Award prior to the season. Peddy was named to the Naismith Women’s Early-Season Watch List as one of the best player in the nation. She also looked to improve on her school-record 104 steals last season. around. “Also, after we didn't win the A-10 championship last year, it just made me think. ‘Dang, [former guard Qwedia Wallace] doesn’t have another shot at this,” senior guard Kristen McCarthy added. One of the challenges Temple faced entering the season was replacing Wallace, who graduated as Temple’s all-time leading three-point shooter. Wallace was a key member of the vaunted "Big Three” with McCarthy and senior guard Shey Peddy. "She had a confidence that rubbed off on the rest of the players,” coach Tonya Cardoza said. With Wallace’s departure it was up to the remaining duo of Peddy and McCarthy to carry the team. “Now, I think this year the expectations will be high, so we just have to continue to work hard and not get focused and caught up in all of the rankings and everything,” McCar- frhe hope, they h?oth "I love stealing the ball,” Peddy said. "I feel like it frustrates ha e areat Wears and Whoever passes the S ' ball, whoever I’m peop e taj(e notide tohen defending, and I feel . i -n I ru like steals is the only the Mofi draft no yjeS way I'm probably going to get [A-10] de- Tonya Cardoza, women’s basketball coach tensive player of the year." The Owls knew going into the season that their senior duo would need to step up big. “Now [Peddy and McCarthy] look really good, I just wish they were a little younger so they could stay around longer,” Cardoza said. “We hope they both have great years and people take notice when the WNBA draft comes around.” 6263A tight bond between a head coach and her star player can be quite valuable, and a little bit of healthy competition never hurts either. Women's basketball coach Tonya Cardoza and senior guard Shey Peddy are both from Rox- bury, Mass., and have formed a hometown rivalry at Temple. “She thinks she’s the queen of Roxbury. but I think I’m sneaking in, slowly but surely.” Peddy said. “I have a long way to go, but I think I’m going to catch up to her." Peddy was more than eager to prove herself to Cardoza last season after transferring to Tem pie from Wright State and sitting out the 200$ season due to NCAA Division I transfer rules. Peddy far exceeded expectations in her firs-season at Temple by being named Big 5 Player of the Year and leading the Owls with 14.1 points and 4.2 assists per game. She even set Temple's single-season record for steals with 104 on the year. “Right now, I’m Roxbury's finest, but depending on what Shey is able to accomplish this year, l might pass it over to her.” Cardoza said before the season. The road to A-10 domination has not beer an easy one for Peddy. Although she was a standout before she arrived in North Philadelphia, she felt something was missing during her brief career at Wright State. “In my second year, things kind of wen downhill,” Peddy said. “I wasn’t as happy as I was in my first year, and I knew about midway through the season that I wanted: to transfer.” Coming to Temple was obvi ously an excellent decision fa-Peddy, who chose the Owls be cause of her familiarity with the coaching staff. With a breakou: junior season behind her, Ped dy was determined to lead he-team to a championship as senior. “It’s so far so good, but we still have a lot of stuff to wort on,” Peddy said before the sea son. “I think as practice goes on and as we get closer tc game day, our team will start tc jell much better than when we started." “My mentality is that I want to get further in the tournament. I want to win an A-10 championship,” she con tinued. “We have a good group of seniors, who I feel deserve to go out being A-10 champions." JEFF JANICZEK Promising PeddyExceeding Expectations LAYLA JONES As one season wrapped up, another began for the Temple men's crew team. Back in August, the Owls concluded the 2010-11 season, but in that very same month, the rowers began practicing for the upcoming fall season. According to coach Gavin White, that unseasonably early start to the team’s workout schedule paid off tremendously. “This has been one of the best fall seasons we’ve had in about 10 years," Coach White said. With his Owls placing second in the Atlantic 10 conference, White expressed that the team did better than expected. He attributes that success, in part, to the early practices that began in August, before the athletes had even begun classes. Another important factor in the team’s success has been standout senior rower Aaron Heyde, who improved each one of his personal record times this season. White described Heyde’s combination of skill and athleticism as "one outstanding performance." Even more outstanding was the fact that every team member performed exceptionally this past season. "Every kid on our team broke their personal best on the 10K and the 6K. That’s never happened," White said. Statistically speaking, the men’s crew team had an exceptional fall season through their hard work, teamwork, and personal drive. However, the season was not all work and no play. When asked about a memorable moment during the season, White discussed a time when a few of the Temple men’s basketball players joined the crew team for an early morning workout. “It was pitch black out there,” White said. The basketball players worked out with the crew team and even got in a boat and raced. The memory was certainly a good one, said the coach. The men's crew team had a remarkable fall season, which set the Owls up for more achievements in the spring season. "Overall, I'd say it was a really, really successful year," White said. The women's crew team also had a successful 2011, concluding its season with the annual Aberdeen Dad Vail Regatta. Temple's Varsity 4 boat had a solid race, but its third place semifinal finish was not enough to qualify for the final. The women’s Varsity 8 boat placed sixth in its semifinal race. 65Beating the odds JOSH WILLGRUBER DWICHES •215-64 Temple senior Steve Nikorak began playing baseball as a shortstop at the age of five, and although he excelled at several youth sports, baseball became his true passion. "Baseball has always been my main sport," said Nikorak, who was a multiple-sport athlete at Stroudsburg High School. "There’s more opportunities in baseball." Nikorak was a two-year starter on the Stroudsburg basketball team and a three-year starter at quarterback and safety on the football team. However, on the baseball team, he earned first-team all-league honors as a shortstop and second-team honors at pitcher with a 5-3 record and a 3.47 ERA. Nikorak continued to develop his versatility while playing baseball at Temple, adjusting to a number of different positions. As a freshman walk-on in 2008, Nikorak started 30 games in the infield. He also started six times at pitcher and hit .265 while scoring 20 runs. He committed only two errors in 137 chances at first base, which was a new position for him. However, with opportunities came obstacles. On February 22. 2009, in his first game as a sophomore pitcher, Nikorak suffered a season-ending elbow injury. He immediately underwent Tommy John surgery on his right elbow and spent the entire season watching from the dugout. “It was definitely a test," Nikorak said. "There was a lot of hard work that went into recovering from the surgery and then going through the 12-month rehab process, but it just made coming back and playing that much more fun." N i k o r a k ' s comeback season in 2010 was certainly impressive. He hit .318 with 24 RBIs and four homers and even led the team with 16 doubles. He was honored as a team captain for the 2010 and 2011 seasons. The 2011 season was another huge year for Nikorak, who set the Temple single-season doubles record with 23. He also hit 11 home runs and 58 RBI and was named Philadelphia Big 5 Baseball Player of the Year. Despite his individual achievements, Nikorak is a true team player. "We made the playoffs when I was a freshman," he said. "But as a whole, our goal is to make it to the Atlantic 10 tournament and to give ourselves an opportunity to play for a championship. We hope to get back there and that would be the biggest accomplishment of them all." Nikorak gives credit to his ui cle, his grandparents, and his mothi for all of his athletic achievements. "My Uncle Gary has been n biggest influence on the baseball sic of things, probably my whole chili hood," Nikorak said. With one season left to play ft the Owls, the senior was honored as caption for the third-consecutive se son. “I’d always hoped to play pi baseball someday," Nikorak said. “ that opportunity doesn't come up, hope to use my business manageme and entrepreneurship degree to op up my own indoor baseball facilil That's always been dream number tv for me.” 66whole package herself. Janney re- 5 ferred to her senior captain as a £ "fierce competitor," and said that the team "recognizes her leadership z on and off the field.” 00 Janney had nothing but praise for Settles, calling her an outstanding example for all her teammates. Of course, she also did not fail to mention Settles’ great athleticism. Settles just wanted to enjoy her final season with her teammates, who she said are more than just the people she plays the sport with. They are also her closest friends. Team bonding on flights to St. Louis and Michigan is among her fondest memories of her field hockey career. Settles said the 2011 season was one of the best in a long time for her team. The Owls finished 9-13 overall in 2011 behind Settles, who scored a team-high 44 points with 20 goals and four assists. She started all 22 games for the team and tallied 85 shots on goal. Before every game, “Do it, Temple, do it!" resonated through the air as Settles and the Owls chanted about doing whatever is necessary to win. Do it, Settles did, never wanting to let her teammates down, which is what has kept her motivated. Camaraderie has been very important to Settles, as it has encouraged her to compete to the best of her ability. Senior field hockey player Bridget Settles has shown over and over again throughout her Temple career that she’s dominant on the turf. As a junior, the three-time Atlantic 10 Player of the Week was named to the A-10 All-Tournament Team and the A-10 First Team, but Settles did not stop there. The gifted athlete was honored as Temple’s Most Valuable Offensive Player, and the kinesiology major is a likeable and well-respected teammate off the field as well. The first thing Settles said to her teammates following an impressive 3-0 home finale win over Liberty University back in October was a request for them to carry out a simple task on the field. Immediately, a younger player hustled to the issue that she had asked be resolved. “Thanks,” Settles yelled out. That simple exchange was enough to demonstrate the authoritative yet respectful leadership that she exudes as co-captain of the team. Her enthusiasm continued as she aided her team in moving equipment off the turf before being ushered over for an interview. Settles possessed an impressive spark that is evident even prior to any introduction or verbal exchange. She moved with the poise of a skilled player, which was evident to everyone even if they had not seen the stat sheet yet. When asked to describe her Temple career, Settles gave a simple response. "Amazing,’’ she said. Settles cited a positive atmosphere as one of the reasons for this and emphasized the advantage of being able to play field hockey while still receiving a quality education. She referred to Temple as "the whole package." Field hockey coach Amanda Janney believes Settles was the Settling for the bestCherry and White Every Night TIM BRENNAN Nov. 3, 2011, was a significant day for the Temple men’s basketball program as the team appeared alongside the women’s squad for the annual Cherry and White Night to kick off the 2011-12 basketball season. For freshman Will Cummings and West Virginia transfer Dalton Pepper, it marked the beginning of a new chapter. However, for four others, it marked the beginning of the end of a journey that started four and five years ago. For seniors Ramone Moore, Juan Fernandez, Scootie Randall, and Michael Eric, it was the last time they would all appear at the annual pep rally. While all four remained composed, little hints of emotion did shine through as they reflected back on their time playing together at Temple. "This group has been great since the day I got here," Fernandez said. "Being from another country and not having my family here, I can only rely on them, and it’s been great." Fernandez arrived with Randall for the 2008-09 season, joining Moore and Eric, who both sat out the prior year as freshmen. Since then, they have all contributed to a revitalized basketball program by helping the Owls win three-consecutive Atlantic 10 Tournaments and punching a ticket to the NCAA Tournament each year on North Broad Street. For Fernandez, his personal resume at Temple includes a memorable 33-point performance against Villanova as a sophomore, which broke the Wildcats’ stranglehold on the Philadelphia Big 5. The 6-4, 195-pound point guard was named the Most Outstanding Player of the 2009-10 Atlantic 10 Tournament and tossed up the unforgettable buzzer beater against Penn State in the 2011 NCAA Tournament to give Temple their first tournament victory since 2001. Just as Fernandez does, Moore looks back on their playing time together in a very positive light. “Each year we've progressed as players," Moore said. “We’ve grown, we've become closer as friends, and we've built friendships that’ll last forever.” Among the accomplishments Moore will be remembered for were his cross-court sprint and layup with 1.5 seconds left against rival St. Joes to force overtime and his career-high 30-point performance in the Owls’ upset victory over Georgetown last season. The 6-4, 190-pound guard also proved unflappable as a junior against Penn State and San Diego State in the NCAA Tournament, averaging 20 points between the two games last season. Eric provided a steady and strong presence down low for the Owls since breaking into the starting lineup as a sophomore. The 6-11, 240-pound center finished second on the team in blocks with 1.6 per game and rebounds with 5.9 per game in 2010-11 and recorded his first-career double-double that year against Fordham. Eric, a Nigeria-native, missed much of his junior campaign with a knee-injury but looked to bounce back in a big way as senior. ■) ' ' Asg Vg jt LOf?, log Vg gCo tig d o SGt OS -Pt'iGnds) a yd log Vg ■Pt'iGnds lipS that ast b 'GVGt. •Ramone Moore, senior gaurd Randall is another key player who has not as garnered as much attention as Fernandez and Moore but has certainly left his mark nonetheless. very sparingly After playing throughout his first two seasons, Randall had a breakout junior season with 10.7 points, 4.7 rebounds and 1.4 assists per game while averaging 30.3 minutes. The 6-6, 215-pound forward was also second on the team in shooting at 49.5 percent. This all led to Randall being named the A-10 and Big 5 Mo-Improved Player of the Year, and he credits his teammate with helping him reach his goals. "It’s been great playing with those guys, I learne a lot not only from the coaching staff, but also from thos guys as a player and a person. I’m going to take that an use that when I leave here,” Randall said. “We’ll have a gree vibe, me and those other three guys after college." All four players will leave big shoes to fill for your but promising underclassman like Khalif Wyatt, T.J. Dile: Rahlir Hollis-Jefferson, and Anthony Lee, but they have erf ated fond memories for themselves and the students. 6869Killing it JAKE ADAMS The Temple women's volleyball team wrapped up its first season under first-year coach, Bakeer Ganes, with an 8-20 overall record and a 4-11 mark in the Atlantic 10 Conference. Ganes was charged with the task of rebuilding a team that finished near the bottom of the A-10 last season. He replaced Bob Bertucci, who has coached the Owls for the past 16 years and led the team to four A-10 championships as well as four NCAA Tournament appearances. Despite finishing eighth in the conference, Temple had a young squad that showed plenty of promise despite a tough season. "I’m asking a lot from my players," Ganes said. "They didn’t really have a very successful season last year, and a lot of these kids are young kids as well. So a lot of the things I’m asking from them will come with time.” The Owls’ core consisted of freshman setter Tiffany Connatser, junior libero Chelsea Tupuola, and sophomore outside hitters Gabriella Matautia and Elyse Burk-ert. The team had a young supporting cast as well. Connatser dished out 965 assists and finished fifth in the A-10 with 9.63 assists per set. Tupuola ranged the backcourt as one of the best defensive specialists in the conference with 4.24 digs per set. Matautia accounted for 3.73 points per set and 3.23 kills per set, which ranked ninth and eighth in the conference, respectively. As the season wore on, the Owls began to find their identity as the offense began to revolve around senior outside hitter Collin Wallace, Matautia and Burk-ert. It took patience, but Temple was able to build a foundation, which began under their new leader. Benefiting from home court advantage, the team went 5-6 in McGonigle Hall, which was an improvement from last season. "It’s always nice to be at home and play in front of your friends and your family,” Connatser said. The future is bright for the Owls, but they said goodbye to graduating senior setters Rikia Trischuk and Liz Prang, as well as Wallace. A young group of players and their energetic coach have the team pushing harder than ever to reach their full potential. 70Theme nights, ticket giveaways, ind community outreach were just some of he ways the women's volleyball team tried o double or triple its fan base this season. That kind of growth is exactly what he Owls, under first-year coach Bakeer Gales, have set their sights on. “We have got to get people in the tands,” Ganes said. Attendance for Temple women’s olleyball has been suspect in recent years jnder former coach Bob Bertucci. From 1998 to 2010, the Owls averaged 180 fans 5er home game. “Some of the fans that did come )ut, I’d probably say they were more so :amily members of the players.” said Brit-ley Brewington. a marketing graduate extern for the program. However, it certainly was not for 3 lack of effort by the team. Temple won three consecutive Atlantic Ten Conference :hampionships from 1997 to 1999 and another in 2002. In all four seasons, the squad clinched NCAA Tournament appearances, reaching the Sweet 16 in 2002. But the success hardly made a sound on North Broad Street. Ganes arrived at Temple after serving as assistant coach at West Virginia for five years. One of his greatest accomplishments while coaching the Mountaineers was boosting attendance from 123 per game in 2006 to 422 in 2010. He was instrumental in creating events that increased attendance, inviting firefighters, ROTC members, and local elderly homes to games. Ganes also persuaded local companies like Chick-Fil-A to hold promotional giveaways during games. After arriving at Temple, Ganes could not believe all the empty seats he saw while reviewing game film from last season. In August, he brainstormed ideas with assistant coach Jon Mosbacher and presented them to marketing manager Denise Fitzpatrick. "We do all the logistics of it, we do all the marketing of it, and it kind of comes on us to make sure people get there and participate," Fitzpatrick said. The team planned a breast cancer awareness event, themed nights, a clinic, a team night, and a senior day for all Temple seniors. "We want to give this program a face within the university, student body, but also within the community and the city of Philadelphia," Ganes said. The coaching staff believes that this will improve recruiting and bring more appreciation to the sport within the city. With the season underway, Ganes and Mosbacher turned their attention to bringing a winner to North Philly. “I think everyone’s attitudes are starting to change about Temple athletics,” Fitzpatrick said. “I’m sure there is some trickle-down . . . because our other teams are doing really well." Just days before the much-anticipated Penn State football game in September, 1,253 fans packed McGonigle Hall to watch the volleyball team defeat Rider 3-0, hooting and hollering as they waited ■ for free football tickets. “If we get half of that, it would be huge. Even if we get 100 of them, that’s a good start,” Ganes said. The hope is that the attention being shown to football and basketball will spread to volleyball. After just five home games, attendance had leaped to 458 per game, over double last season's turnout. “The girls really appreciate this, and they deserve it," Ganes said. "They work hard for this." 3 yz m 5 C Building an imageDiversity university AMEER COLLIER Embracing a team-first mentality, sophomore Taylor Hairston is a rising star on the Temple men's tennis team. The Oxen Hill, Md., native battled his way to 17-9 record in his freshman year and continued to impress this past season as a sophomore, beginning the fall season at 4-1. “Freshman year was tough,” said Hairston. “But I learned a lot and wanted to use my sophomore year to take what I learned and improve my game to help my team.” Throughout his high school career, Hairston accomplished quite a bit on an individual level, earning All-Metropolitan DC Area honors. Upon his arrival in Owl town, he embraced the team concept and learned to trust his teammates. "I think that was the whole adjustment in my first year,” Hairston said. “I know now if I can’t do something, then I know my teammates have my back.” Hairston, who also goes by the nickname ‘Trey’, said the ultimate goal was to win an Atlantic 10 championship and have fun doing it. He hopes to win one with the Owls before graduating. “It’s going to be tough, but it’s definitely a reachable goal. We have a great group of kids, and we work well together.” he said. “I like the fact that we’re diverse. We have got kids from Europe, Russia, America, and more. We learn a lot from each other and that improves us all.” Temple is well known for its remarkably diverse campus, and the men’s tennis team is a perfect example of why that is the case. The team had players from five different countries, and Hairston was actually the only player from the United States. He played doubles with Russian teammate and senior leader Mansur Gishkaev. Between tackling both team obligations and classes, it is always tough for the Owls to reach their championship aspiration. The team faces a lengthy season, which actually consists of two separate seasons. The fall season is similar to a pre-season, and the spring season is the real deal, consisting of constant travel to distant matches. The Owls also face tough practices three days per week as well as morning workouts on Tuesdays and Thurs days, but as a team, they have proved resilient. “Being a student-athlete is hard work, but I’m a de termined person, and it shows in my work ethnic,” Hairstor said. There are always high expectations for Hairston anc the rest of the Owls, but working as a team, they can achieve whatever goals they set for themselves. The men claimed third place at the Atlantic 1C Championship last April after finishing the 2010-11 season at 18-8 overall. Temple’s Filip Rams was named to the At lantic 10 All-Conference First Team, and Stanislav Stekoi shikov and Dmitry Vizhunov were both named to the A-1C All-Conference Second Team. The women’s tennis team also took third at the At lantic 10 Chapionship in 2011 to finish the season at 17-7 overall. Theresa Stangl and Elyse Steiner earned A-10 AH Conference First-Team honors, and Yana Mavrina landed or the second team. Just like the men’s team, the women’s tennis team has players from six diffrent countries and four different states.The Temple women’s softball team made significant strides last season. The Owls finished 22-23 overall and 12-6 in the Atlantic 10 Conference in 2011 behind freshman catcher Stephanie Pasquale who led the team with 35 RBI and 49 hits on the season. Pasquale, who also plays first base, was named A-10 Rookie of the Year after leading Temple with a .363 batting average in her first season on North Broad Street. She struck out just five times and posted a .548 slugging percentage. As Pasquale took the A-10 by storm, teammate Kristen Marris also posted impressive numbers in 2011. Marris led the Owls on both offense and defense with a team-best 2.71 ERA and a .333 batting average. The senior pitcher tossed 141 strikeouts and finished the year with a favorable 16-12 record. The ace also accounted for 46 hits and 10 RBI at the plate. Meanwhile, freshman shortstop Sarah Prezioso led the Owls in scoring with 35 runs. Prezioso hit a team-best nine homeruns and tallied 25 RBI in her first season in North Philly, proving to be another young threat for Temple. With Marris being the only graduating senior, the Owls returned almost their entire roster in 2012, including two freshman standouts in Pasquale and Prezioso. The sophomore duo looked to lead an experienced squad to an even better finish this season. The Owls opened the 2012 season with a 2-1 win over Indiana Purdue Fort Wayne at the Chanticleer Challenge in South Carolina. Temple looked for much of the same from its strong sophomore class as it moved into conference play.Temple cross-country runner Jenna Du-brow made quite a first impression as a freshman this past season. The freshman standout was Temple’s top-finisher in the first three events of the 2011 season before placing in 54th out of 128 runners in the Atlantic 10 Cross Country Championships, where the Owls finished 12th overall. Dubrow continued to make an impact at the NCAA Mid-Atlantic Regionals in November by finishing in 110th place with a time of 24:33. Dubrow and the Owls concluded their season on a high note by competing at the ECAC Championships in the Bronx and placing 15th as a team, which marked the highest finish in program history. Dubrow finished 41st overall, and Taylor Goldsworthy and Stephanie Dorantes joined her by placing inside the 19-minute mark. The sophomore duo finished among the top 100 runners, placing 75th and 94th, respectively. Dubrow continued to impress by setting two school records during the 2012 indoor track and field season. The first-year runner accomplished a new school record in the 3000-meter run with a first-place finish, as she crushed Rebecca Mims’ record time of 10:21.51 at the Jack Pyrah Invitational in Haverford. Dubrow followed up that performance with another outstanding showing at the Armory Collegiate Challenge, where she finished the 1-mile run with a first-place time of 5:00.38 to shatter the pervious school record of 5:01.50. Junior runner Isatta Ken-neh also recorded a strong performance at the Armory Collegiate Challenge with her second-place finish in the 60-meter dash (7.71). The women took fourth-place at the 2012 Atlantic 10 Indoor Championships with sophomore Ambrosia Iv ugo and freshman Michelle Davis Timothy contributing a combined 10 points in the 400-meter dash. Freshman thrower Margo Britton took first-place in the shot-put event with a distance of 49-feet, 2.25-inches, which set a new school record. Led by distance runner Travis Mahoney, the Tem- ple men’s track and field team also took fourth-place at the A-10 Indoor Championships. The senior claimed event titles in the 1-mile run (4:12.41) before setting a school record time of 8:20.80 in the 3000-meter run. Mahoney, a conference champion in two events, was named the A-10 Performer of the Year. Sophomore jumper Darryl McDuffie and senior Tim Malloy were also heavy contributors to the team’s performance as they finished in second and fourth-places, respectively, in the high jump. Sophomore Josh McFrazier placed third in the 60-meter hurdles, and sophomore Gabe Pickett took second in the triple jump. JEFF JANICZEK Making stridesSticking together JASMINE BARNES control the controllables." Gwilliam said. “Once you hold yourself accountable and look in the mirror and like what you see, you can reach out and take on leadership roles.” This is the sort of positive mentality that has made him a successful leader both on and off the field. In his first season leading Temple, Gwilliam led the women to a 5121 overall record and a 2-6-1 mark in the Atlantic 10 Conference. The Owls struggled mightily on the road in 2011 but played well at Ambler Campus, finishing the season with a favorable 4-2-1 record on their home turf. Senior forward Niki Conn led the team in scoring on the season with 11 points. Sophomore Karly O’Toole was the team’s second-leading scorer with six points, and junior goalkeeper Tara Murphy led the team in saves with 86 and five shutouts. The men's soccer team also struggled at times but finished the season at 9-10 overall and 5-4 in the A-10 Conference. Junior Cody Calafiore led the team in scoring with 14 points, and senior Tyler Witmer accounted for 11 points on the year. Sophomore goalkeeper Bobby Rosato registered five shutouts and saved 78 shots on goal. After spending the past three seasons as an assistant coach at Virginia Tech, Matt Gwilliam decided to step into the spotlight this season as the new head coach of the Temple women's soccer team. Gwilliam has eight years of coaching experience at the Division I level, helping lead the Hokies to three-consecutive NCAA Tournament appearances, including a trip to the Sweet 16 in 2009. As a player, he was a goalkeeper at Elizabethtown for three years before graduating with a degree in social studies education. During his time there, Gwilliam participated in the NCAA Tournament and was nominated to be an All-American. The Quakertown, Pa., native fell in love with the game of soccer at a young age and says that coming to Temple was an easy decision. “While I enjoyed my time at Virginia Tech, I was ready for a new and exciting challenge, and Temple presented me with an opportunity that I could not resist," Gwilliam said. “It’s a top academic institution with overwhelming athletic support, and it’s located in the greatest city in the United States." When asked about his expectations for the 2011 season, Gwilliam said his goal was to create a more competitive environment at Temple. Although this past season had its share of challenges, it has allowed Gwilliam to grow professionally, and he thanked his staff and players for sticking with him the entire time. Gwilliam describes himself as a competitor and said the best parts of his new job are the interactions with his players and the opportunity to shape them into both better athletes and better people. The core values of his team are accountability, competing. responsibility, and balance, which are the four principles Gwilliam said his players would use in their everyday life. They are also the four words he uses to inspire them, but what’s the best advice Gwilliam has ever received? “My close friend and former boss always told me to 75Showing potential JEFF JANIC2EK The Temple women's lacrosse team kicked off the 2012 lacrosse season with two-consecutive wins over Oregon and Rutgers. Junior Stephany Parcell helped propel the team to a quick 2-0 start by scoring nine points, and sophomore Jaymie Tabor chipped in eight. With Parcell’s and Tabor’s early contributions, the Owls looked to improve on last season’s 7-10 overall record and 5-2 mark in the Atlantic 10 Conference. Experience was on the side of the Owls this past season as they returned nine starters and 19 letter winners from the 2011 squad. All eight of the Owls' top scorers returned in 2012 including A-10 First Team and All-Region Second Team selection Charlotte Swavola. The junior scored 38 goals to lead Temple last year and also recorded a team-best 13 assists for 51 total points as a sophomore. Swavola proved she had not lost a step in the Owls third game of the 2012 season by notching her first hat trick as Temple blew past Mount St. Mary’s. Parcell also continued to dominate as she scored four goals on the af- ternoon. With the 12-3 win at home, the Owls were off to« 3-0 for the first time in 14 years. With 14 regular season games left to play, Tempi! appeared to be in prime position to return to the top of th( A-10 under 6th-year head coach and US Lacrosse Hall ot Fame inductee Bonnie Rosen. The Owls seemed to have thflei bars event, and junior Allan Malone recorded the best score on the high bar in the tri-meet with UIC and Springfield. With Temple’s strong start to the year, the team earned national recognition, as it has broke into the Top 12 as the No. 10 squad in the nation. The Owls also reached the top ranking in the EIGL with an average score of 336.933 in mid-February. The women's gymnastics team also celebrated early success, as they claimed first-place in a tri-meet at Ursinus College before placing second at Rutgers with a season-high score of 190.800. Senior Katie Canning led the Owls with a total score of 38.550 all-around, and classmate Cor-rine Williams finished just behind her with a score of 38.000. The women then set a school record with a score of 193.275. the highest score in program history, at the Ken Anderson Invitational in McGonigle Hall om Feb. 5. Williams earned the top score in the floor exercise, and junior Jasmine Johnson also helped the Owls to a 48.925 score in floor exercise, placing second overall with her score of 9.875. The Temple men's gymnastics team was poised for success in 2012. Head coach and Gymnastics Hall of Famer Fred Turoff. now in his 36th season at Temple, returned 17 of his 21 gymnasts from last season’s second place finish at the EIGL-ECAC Championships. The Owls returned five competitors who qualified for nationals in 2011. Temple dominated its first meet of the 2012 season at the Navy Open with a first-place score of 330.800 with senior Adam Al-Rokh scoring 82.400 all-around for a first-place finish. The Owls followed up that performance with another impressive showing at the West Point Open, where they claimed second-place in all events. The team’s success did not stop there. Al-Rokh placed first overall on the rings in Temple's first home meet of the season and posted an impressive combined score of 83.000 through all four events. Fellow senior Taylor Brana won the paral- IStaying focused JEFF JANICZEK Senior golfer Andrew Mason ended his remarkable career in Cherry and White back on May 1, 2011, with a two-under 70 at the Atlantic 10 Conference Golf Championships to earn all-conference honors. Mason placed fifth overall at the event but was not the only top-ten performer for the Owls. Freshman Connor McNicholas joined Mason on the 10-man all-conference squad and earned the A-10 Most Outstanding Rookie Performer honor by placing seventh overall at the conference championship. McNicholas became the second Temple golfer ever to win top rookie honors in the conference. Mason, who also earned all-conference honors in 2009 and 2010, became the fourth Temple player to earn all-conference honors three times. The Huntingdon Valley. Pa., native was also named to the 2011 A-10 All-Conference Academic team and led the Owls with a 73.8 stroke average Freshman Steve Burak finished 26th overall at the event, and sophomore Devin Bibeau tied for 45th. Freshman Russell Hartung, meanwhile, finished just behind him by ty- ing for 47th to round out the competition for the Owls. Temple finished at +59 and posted its second top four finish in the last three seasons. The Owls also ended their season with six-consecutive top-five finishes.Temple women’s fencing continued I its rich, winning tradition in the 2011-12 I season. The Owls were nationally recognized on Jan. 19 in the CollegeFencing360.com national coaches’ poll and posted wins over a number of Top 10 opponents, including No. 4 Northwestern and No. 9 Penn. Temple reached as high as No. 7 in national poll after spending much of February at No. 8. The women continued to improve their resume by upsetting No. 5 ranked St. I John's and narrowly defeating Duke, 15-12. I at the Temple Invitational. Senior captain Kamali Thompson led the way for the Owls by finishing 9-2 in the sabre, and sophomore Epiphany Georges finished 6-2 in the foil. Jillian Bratton finished at 7-4 in the epee event to help Temple finish 2-2 on the day. The Temple Invitational concluded the regular season for the Owls, who finished with an impressive 24-8 overall record under legendary Fencing Hall of Fame coach Nikki Franke. Temple had high hopes as it headed into the postseason with Thompson and Georges at their best. In 2011, Thompson qualified for NCAA Nationals, where she placed 15th in the nation. She also posted the most wins and the highest winning percentage of anyone on the Temple roster. Most notably, Thompson was named "PNC-Tem-ple Female Student-Athlete of the Year", which is highest annual award given by the Temple Athletic Department. Thompson was honored along with the other fencing seniors at the Temple Invitational. Sisters Danielle and Krystal Jones, who were both teammates of Thompson's at Teaneck High School, were also honored along with senior Alys-sa Lomuscio, who qualified for the NCAA Championships in 2011. She placed seventh in the foil and was named a Second Team All-American as a junior.82Genevieve Abara Huda Abaziz Waliah Abdul-Aziz Zaure Abdulayev Thanu Abraham Kevin Acevedo Jessica Acholonu Ashley Adams Oyinkansola Adenugba Adebusayo Adewole Benedicta Adewunmi Lindsay Adomaitis Vincent Adomolga Amina Afreen Philip Agbede Kathryn Agren Shiraz Ahmad Fatin Ahmadfoaad Sara Ahmed Vanessa Ais Folasade Aiyebo Bisola Akinduro Sheuli Akter Jihad Al-Asha Aqeel Al-Hoothy Jeffrey Al-Kaabah li Adam Al-Rokh Christopher Albright Christopher Alcaro Imani Aldridge 86Erika Alercia Joanna Alexander Gabrielle Alford Matthew Alford Ashley Allen Janelle Allen Elvis Almanzar Kanitra Alston Taraya Alston Adwoa Amankwaa Colleen Amisson Louisa Amoakoh Marlissa Amole Alison Amrhein Monika Anderson Samantha Anderson Shantea Anderson Kervine Andre Michael Andreini Ryan Andricks Christopher Angelos Laura Anshant Dorothea Antrom Henrietta Antwi Holly Apeldorn Lisa Aprile Paulo Aruai Christina Arungwa Jeremy Aryee Madiha Ashfaq 87Tiara Ashley Daniel Assaraf Walter Attigah-Price Ka Au Eric Auslander Fred Avery Michele Aweeky Victoria Ayeni Barborah Azard Adina Babad Kendra Babb Adam Bach Danielle Bachant Lora Bachman Samantha Baer Yiran Bai Lauren Bailey Nicholas Bailey Karla Baker Alexandria Baland Laura Baldassari Brittni Baldrich Samuel Ballard Lucas Ballasy Yuliy Balter Ebony Bannister Dorothy Baptiste Marie Baptiste Brendan Barbagallo Amy Baringer 88Latiesha Barksdale-Davis Antoinette Barnes Marvin Barnes Jarret Barnett Adam Barrett Stephen Battaglia Lauren Bayer Charmaine Bazemore Krystal Bean Danielle Beaty Catherine Beaudette Shanise Beavers Summer Beckley Stephanie Belawicz Cassandra Bell Joseph Bellesheim Dimitry Belogorodsky Kaitlyn Benner Chioma Bennett Clinton Benoit-Jean James Benson Rebecca Bentley Victor Benvenuto Ian Berg Aimee Bergey Brooke Berkowitz Erika Berrocal Alexis Berry Amanda Berry Rosetta Bethea 89 Brisha Bhikadiya Simmy Bhojwani Jenny Bien-Aime Brittany Bilardo Stephanie Bilbrue Kevin Binns John Bisacquino Lindsey Bitler Sahar Bivins-Abdullah Kellian Black Shaniqua Blake Iris I. Blanco-Urgelles Dorothy Blanks Brian Blocton Freda Boateng Joseph Boateng Whitney Boateng Casey Boberick Steven Bobev Nyjaa Bobo William Bockius Jaclyn Boerner Allison Bogan Tracy Bogdanoff Kirsten Boggs Katherine Boline Stephanie Bonczyk Paul Bonfiglio Nicholas Bookbinder Kaitlin Borell 90Nicole Boris Michael Bova Elise Bowder Kara Bowman Katherine Bowman Yolanda Boykins Justin Boylan Al-Nisa Bracey Edward Brakoniecki Evan Brandsdorfer Rob Braxton Bondey Breeze Haley Breslin-Foulkrod Jenna Brett Lindsay Breznicky Deandra Briggs Matthew Brigidi Steve Broadwell Malika Brooks Morgan Brooks Alexandra Brown Alexandria Brown Anthony Brown Ashlee Brown Danielle Brown Kaif Brown Kaitlyn Brown Meaghan Brown Olivia Brown Paige Brown 91Shaneen Brown Thomas Brown Virginia Brown Jermaine Bryson Angelique Bucciero Jessica Buchanan Blaize Buckley Bret Buckman Corinne Buda Tina Bui Samantha Bunch Jason Burden Patrick Burke Michael Burns Deborah Burton Derek Burton David Bush Kristal Bush Max Bustos Andrea Butler Florastine Byarms Nyles Bynum Jasmine Byrd Thi Ca Jasmine Cabral Laura Cadge Zachary Camagna Abigail Camilo Lauren Caminiti Amanda Campanella 92Kevin Campbell Shameka Campbell Sabatino Campellone Alexis Canary Andres Canelon Tiara Canizares Shakeena Capers Robert Capodici Peter Cardwell Ashley Carmichael Octavia Carr Joshua Carrasco Courtney Carrington Dennis Carroll Erin Carson Christina Carter Justin Carter Melodie Carter Shawn Carter Jessica Carvin Christopher Casino Rochelle Cassells Shani Cassells Joanna Cassidy Safiya Castel Patricia Castillo Sasha Castro Sabrina Cayetano Christine Celia Ashley Centafont 93Queen Chambliss John Chan Tek Chan Thomas Chapman Robert Chapman lii Jessica Charles Jacqueline Chaszczewicz Tram Chau Sarah Chaudhry Gabrielle Chavez Hattie Cheek Tiffany Chen Ting Chen Gary Cheung Wai Cheung Elaine Childs Andy Choi Christopher Choing Wajeeha Choudhary Aruj Choudhry Devin Christopher Joo Chung Samantha Cicchini John Cilingin Najee Clancy Cara Clark Darnita Clark Melody Clark Tonisha Clark Gillian Clarke 94Kaitlyn Clarkson Christina Cleaver Jamillia Clinton Timothy Clugston Jessica Clymer Yvonne Coffee Carly Cogan Alexis Cohan Simone Cohen Sean Coker Katrese Collier Michael Collinelli Joseph Collins Francy Colmenares Eric Colon Nicole Conn Monifa Contaste Charnetta Contee Ashley Cook Shayna Cook Danette Coombs Jillian Cooper Samuel Cooper Amber Corbo Nicole Cornman Lynette Correa Aurelie Corrigan Maria Cortellini Maria Cortes Jaspher Cosico 95Kesiane Costa Kathryn Costello Patrick Coughlin Laura Coulter Gene Council Brittany Countis Assata Cowart David Cowden Elizabeth Cox Elizabeth Cozzolino Alyson Cranage Ryan Cras Nairobi Cratic Lisa Crawford Amber Creamer Alex Crispino Robert Crouse James Crusemire Ivelisse Cruz Jessica Cruz Kristina Cui Megan Cullmann Diana Curato Britney Curtis Kevin Cush Jessica Daddario John Daily Mary Daley Tiffany Dames Eric Dandrea 96Yevgeniy Dankulich Laura Dansby Dzung Dao Serena Darby Esther Darko Veronica Dasilva Anna Datskovsky Liudmila Davidzenka Cierra Davis Nicole Davis John De Bardeleben Joanna De Jesus Framary De La Cruz Santos Jennifer Deberardinis Nicole Deblieck Laura Deets Matthew Deitz Gabriel Dejesus Emilian Del Giorno Ryan Deland Kyle Delash Danielle Deloatch Anita Delquadro Yuchen Deng Crystal Denucci Erica Depascale Christina Deriggi Nicholas Deroose Jeffery Desalu Christina Desanto 97Ashley Deshazo Marvin Desir Naely Desir Kaitlyn Destefano Sabrina Destime Vanessa Destime Roni Devassy Danielle Devlin Evans Devoe Christine Devose Allyson Dezii Amanda Diaz Emily Diego Jenna Difrancesco Latonya Diggs Izuchukwu Dike Anthony Dileo Christopher Dillon Daniela Dimaggio Aleksandar Dimitridevic Cindy Ding John Dinh Rhonda Dinkins Christopher Dipaul Dana Dipentino Stacey Dishman Drew Ditaranto Jessica Dmitruck Mateusz Dobrowolski Jody Dolansky 98Allison Doll Anneatha Donaldson Nicole Donaldson Loryn Doneson Yi Dong Amanda Donnelly Jonathan Donnelly Tara Donnelly Maryline Dossou Remi Dosunmu Briana Dougher Kaitlyn Dougherty Kelley Dougherty Tyler Dougherty Courtney Douglas Deremy Dove Kevin Downs Desmond Doyley Miles Dryden Lin Du Thomas Duffy Denece Dugan Malcolm Dunbar Bridgette Duncan Derrhyl Duncan Kia Dunlap Amanda Dunmore Sarah Dunn Michael Duong Philip Dupuis 99TH Stephanie Dymszo Paul Ebert Peter Eckerson Brandy Edmonds Rachael Edwards Ashley Ellis Tasneem Ellitt Amber Emory Jason Eng Krystal Eng Lauren Engleman Cory English Dalissa English Bryan Ernst Alex Esena Nnenna Esiaba Shanya Eskridge Brittany Esser Jasmine Essien Nana Yaw Essuman Edlor Estangel Benjamin Estepani Tracy Esteves Marc Daryl Estioko Sonia Eugene Tara Evangelista Alexa Ewton Dalai Faiq Brittany Faison Rosalia Falco 100Morgan Fanning Andrew Fareri-Caines Fiona Farrelly Patricia Fasanya Kelly Felts Leah Fenimore Victoria Fera Lauren Fernald Gabrielle Finch David Fink Karrie Finn Shirley Fisher Kurie Fitzgerald Rose Flager Retona Flagg Kimberly Flanders Michele Flavien Joshua Fleury Matthew Flocco Scott Flynn Rhiannon Fochtman Kadija Fofana Wilbert Foley Mbalu Fornah-Delo Monique Forrest Stephenie Foster Corwin Fowlkes Christine Francis Jennifer Francis Karlee Franklin 101Shelly Franklyn Emmanuel Freeland Blair Freeman Christine Frye Marc Fulmer Rachel Furman Harry Gaffney Alexandria Galambos Maria Galkin Lauren Gallagher Kirsten Galvin Jacquelyn Gambino Gan Gan Dimple Gandhi Lashera Gandy Bogdan Gankevich Kaila Gantt Arielle Garbarino Anastacia Garcia Hazel Garcia Joshua Garcia Lauren Gardner Hilary Garvanne Sara Garvey Gina Gattis Amanda Gavin Ashley Gay David Gay Soirine Gedeus Daniel Gelb 102 Lauryn Gensel Jeremy Gerard Rebecca Gerhard Phillip German Brian Gibbs Etrusia Gibbs Michael Gibson Paul Gibson Allison Gill Christine Giulian Kali Gizzio Khadijah Gladman Elizabeth Glass Johnta Gobio Jesus Godoy Marissa Godshalk Seda Gok Thomas Golanoski Vonee Gomez Audrey Good Jeffery Goosley Julia Goyzman Angelica Graver Shinelle Graves Monique Lynelle Gray Jessica Graziano Janay Green Nikia Green Stephanie Green Amelia Greenfield 103Rohan Greenfield Hannah Greenhalgh Lance Gregory Mary Gregory Matthew Gregory Alexandria Griffin Daniel Griffin Elliot Griffin Cody Griswold Kristina Gritter Julie Grodzki Zachary Groff Holly Grogan Pamela Grondski Dana Grooms Mengjia Gu Brittany Gualtieri Stefanie Guarnieri Michele Gudknecht Adrian Guilford Tyree Guinn Muzna Gulamali Abbey Gunzenhauser Lauren Gural Kathryn Gussman Anthony Guzman Michael Haar Jennifer Haddy Julie Hagopian Renee Hagstotz 104Nicole Halfin Antoine Hall Ashley Hall Celia Hall Christopher Hall Jason Hammerschmidt Antoine Hammond Anna Han Hyo Han Ron Han Samantha Hanco Christopher Harding Anna Hargrove Nitish Harid Brittany Harmon Erin Harner Najah Harrell Andrea Harris Craig Harris Jacqueline Harris Syketa Harris Zachary Harris Scott Hart Kristie Hartz Rasha Hasan Christina Hasselmo Michelle Hatooka Paul Haviland Amanda Haymes Edward Haynes 105Jiali He Chhay Heng Jessie Henry Tameshia Henry Jovan Hernandez Austin Heron Kristiana Herrera Jessica Herring Christopher Hess Kyle Hess Maxwell Hibbard Sarah Hicks Kevin Hiddemen John Higgins Natalie Higgins Kimberly Hildebrandt Sara Hilghman Kimberly Hill Vincent Hill James Hilton Tara Hindman Marie Hinds Jasmine Hines Franklin Hinton Maria Hinton Benjamin Hirsch Ronald Hitchcock Tiffany Hoang Irma Hodzic Casey Hoffmann 106 ■mCassandra Hofmann Melissa Hollerbach Christopher Hollis Shakirah Holloway Janaea Holmes Christy Hood Keelin Hood Kaitlyn Hopeck Erin Hopkins Jason Horrox Eric Horst Kara Horwitz Sonya Houston Elizabeth Howarth Jervaise Huang Lixiang Huang Vong Huang Victoria Hudgins Kelsey Hudson Matthew Hughes Daniel Huhn Elie Hui Michael Hunt Heather Hunter Sara Hurlburt Jennifer Huynh Saraya Hyder David lacone Elizabeth lezzi Nailah Ikenna 107Jordan Impagliazzo Mark Inchoco Michael Incollingo Portia Ingram Alani Intintolo Affiong Inyang Jessica Irizarry Nayan Islam Ashley Jackson Jaleesa Jackson Kara Jackson Tamika Jackson Priya Jacob Steven Jacobs Guesthia Jacques Christopher James Bonnie Jang Robert Javage Mikhail Jean Jacquelyn Jeffkin Totsie Jenerette Nicole Jengeleski Danielle Jensen Cassandre Jeudin Dan Jian Jayvic Jimenez Lincy John Courtney Johnson Rebecca Johnson Shacora Johnson 108Shekera Johnson Nicole Johnston Carlondra Jointer Amina Jones Brianna Jones Brittany Jones Kabbone Jones Lanae Jones Lydia Jones Rochelle Jones Judie-Ann Jordan Camille Joseph Donna Joseph Earla Joseph Daniela Jurado Kollie Kabbah Bashar Kako Namah Kamara Salem Kamara Lindsay Kamarer Herbert Kandeh Nicole Kannengieszer Allison Kaplan Pankaj Kapoor Anne Karonis Jason Kasher Jessica Kassarjian Kevin Kaucher Justin Kaufmann Xiao Juan Ke 109Pamela Keats Thomas Keeley Christine Keene Kathryn Kelley Jessica Kendust Malcolm Kenyatta James Kerfoot Ceren Kesici Peter Kesselring Kuntcheramen Khafra Adam Khalili Lutfa Khatun Klajd Kika James Kilgallen Brittany Killens Stephanie Kiluk Christine Kim Dongmin Kim Jin Kim Min Kim Srey Kim Jasmine King Brittany Kinning Julia Kling Matthew Kliwinski Stephanie Klock Anne Knorr Adam Koch Evan Koch Reine-Elodie Koffi 110 Natalie Kohl Maaya Konagai Andrea Konski Arjola Kordhishti Kaitlin Kordusky Courtney Koslosky Julianna Koster Holly Koveal Hategou Kpanougou Shea Kraft Joshua Kramer Walter Kramer Drew Krause Brynne Krenicki Kelsey Kriebel Jimmy Kudakachira Dorthea Kudzmas Tiia Kuokka Jeremiah Kwagh Jennifer Kwon Matthew Lachs Sara Lacombe Katelyn Lahart Hiu Fong Lai Hoang Lai Laureta Lakuriqi Jenny Lam Melissa Lam Christopher Lambert Harrison Lamped 111Diana Landers Danea Langston Banks Lauren Langton Michelle Lanney David Larsen Djery Larsen Chelsea Larson Robert Latta Amber Lauff Andrew Lauria Mark Lauterbach Megann Lawrence Victoria Lawson Chanee Lay Nick Lay Duy Le Dominick Lebo Eric Lebrun Brian Ledder Donghyun Lee Grace Lee Hyman Lee Min-Chin Lee Robert Lee Semmie Lee Sunghee Lee Wei-Ting Lee Courtney Leftridge Ka Leng Lei Miaoyan Lei 112Alyssa Leidy Ryan Lelache Richelle Lencicki Nia Leonard Lauren Lettman Kirsten Levinson Aaron Lewis Brian Lewis Kyree Lewis Sarah Lewis Tishaenah Lewis Ling Li Julianna Lim Danhong Lin Jie Lin Tao Lin Taina Linder Brian Lipko Chelsea Little Jennifer Liu Sam Liu Zhao Liu Michael Lloyd Jonathan Lober Kelly Lock Catherine Loh Vanessa Loney Lisa Long Julie-Ann Longman David Longo 113Jessica Lopez Lina Lopez Randolph Lord Joseph Loria Lixia Lu Michael Lucci Allyson Lucien Colleen Luskin Ryan Lutz Randolph Lyde Chelsea Lynch Denise Lynch Stephen Lynch Brigid Lyons Mary Macfarland Mia Mack Tovah Maclacklin Lauren Macolino Timothy Maffiore Barbara Magee Daniel Magerr Ronald Mahoney Suzanne Mahoney Joan Maier Faye Majekodunmi Amara Malik Bilal Malik Hasan Malik Kristen Mallon Ashley Mang 114Chloe Mannings Aziza Mansour Ashley Marcovitz Francesca Marino Melissa Marshall Elizabeth Martin Jason Martinez Laurence Martinez Paul Mashett Joel Mason Lyndell Mason Margie Matarazzo Stan Mathews Erin Matlack Kami Mattioli Michele Matza Isak Maybury Lauren McBrearty Jennifer McCaffrey Daniel McCarthy Kristen McCarthy Lauren McCarthy Shane McCarver Jordan McCole Kevin McConnell Jasmine McCrawford Michael McCullough Megan McDaniel Alyssa McDermott Erica McDermott 115Andrew McDonald Onisha McDonald Robin McDowell Briana McGhee Khadijah McGill Jessica McGlone Brina McIntyre Craig McIntyre Jessica McKavanagh Casey McKee Kiara McKnight Katharine McKown Octavia McLean Anna McNair Megan McNamara Allison McWilliams Arielle Medina Kailey Meitzler Amanda Mellinger Laura Meminger Ashley Mercer Tiffany Mercer-Robbins Alyssa Mericle Christopher Merola Bresilda Meto Christopher Miano Christopher Micun Mina Mikhail Erica Mikulski Robert Milby 116Enea Mile Michael Milfort Derrick Millard li Jalisa Miller Joseph Miller Katie Miller Marquis Miller Niesha Miller Colleen Mills Sally Minkovich Megan Minner Mary Rose Mintzer Elina Mirmelshteyn Tyler Mittnacht Steven Modres Jabir Mohamedali Kulthum Mohamedali Wahida Mohammed Zuhra Mohammed Kelly Monaco Candice Monhollan Natalie Monteil Sean Montgomery Kelly Mooar Paige Mooney Calvin Moore Darcell Moore Jennifer Moore Ramone Moore Jennifer Moran 117Eric Moratelli Lorena Morel Diaz Ellen Moretzsohn Tamer Morsy George Morton Marcel Moses Marteace Mosley Camille Moten Tsuefue Moua Tsuefeng Moug Jean Marc Wognin Moulot Alexander Mountain Eric Mozes Ying Mu Matthew Muchnick Sahithi Mudigonda Nazatul Hana Muhamad Nawawi Peaches Mulbah Justin Muldoon Levi Mulladzhanov Kaitlin Murphy Rebecca Murphy Shannon Murphy Tyisha Murray Anita Muthee Haley Myers Reginald Myers Lyndsey Myslinski Ermir Myteberi Steve Nam 118Alissa Napolitano Raven Naulty Timothy Nawrocki Kristina Ndau Marthely Ndemassoha Matthew Nease Alyssa Nelson Jennifer Nelson Malik Nelson Samantha Nelson Shanieka Nelson Alan Nesfeder Kyle Neumann Ling Ngo Yvan Ngomirakiza Hong-Hanh Nguyen Lisa Nguyen Minh Nguyen Nancy Nguyen Paul Nguyen Tracy Nguyen Vu Nguyen Nia Nichols Megan Nicolson Imani Nieves Samantha Nigrelli Akmal Nik Ana Nikolic Kirsten Niper Hilda Nkansah 119Katherine Nobles Kelly Nolan David E. Nord Benjamin Norris Jaclyn Norsworthy Frances Norton Christophe Ntwari Taylor O'brien Megan O'callaghan Shannon O'lone Brendan O'Sullivan Ugochukwu Obilo Melissa Ochal Seth Oclatis Dennis Odonnell Lawrence Ogunkua Abosede Ogunmefun David Oh Seung Oh Antoinette Ohai Amanda Ohuabunwa Adedeji Ojo Olushola Olatujoye Chinyere Onuma Jessica Ope Erin Ordile Thomas Orlando Melissa Orons Alexis Ortega Erlina Ortiz 120Jenise Ortiz Justin Ortlieb Bernice Oscar Samuel Oshlag Aghogho Blessing Otojare Lucas Ottaggio Franklin Owens Christine Oywer Margot Paaske Alan Pace Ashley Padley Justin Pajic Joanna Palac Andrew Pale Melissa Palombi Anthony Panichelli Jacob Panik Stefania Papaseraphim Minoosh Tina Pardakhti Louis Parisi Serena Parker Sherron Parker Corey Parkes Jeannette Parton Vincent Pastore Binta Patel Dharam Patel Hetal Patel Niraj Patel Pinal Patel 121Priya Patel Rajvi Patel Alyssa Pawlyk Terry Peck Yuliya Peltz Romel Penales Wendy Pendleton Zitian Peng Ana Peralta Shayla Perkins Ashley Pesin Christine Peters Jasmin Peters Hillary Petrozziello Ryan Pettit Oanh Pham Steven Pham Susanna Pham The-Luan Pham Patrick Philbin Lully Philippe Kimberly Phillips Ashley Phung Eric Phy Sawoun Phy Kathelyne Pichardo Sonya Pickens Jeanelle Pierre Jessica Pierre-Louis Shayna Pietrangelo 122 Rachael Pignotti Soronn Pin Aisha Pinkney Rocco Pirollo Katrina Pisarski Niluckshi Pitigala Matthew Pizzolato Daniel Pizzuta Cynthia Placencia Arnalda Plesati Ivhong Poeng Rachel Pogolowitz Markeytia Poindexter Marissa Polachek Noelle Polhemus Krista Polmounter Sonja Ponoci Chaurne Poole Jennifer Popielis Akela Portee Natalie Porter Rachel Posner Lindsay Post Kenisha Pough Donnell Powell Mark Powell Divya Prakriya Vannara Preap Lisa Preuninger Andrew Pribulka 123Benjamin Pritchard Ashley Pro Pha Prok Victoria Psomiadis Jocelyn Pugh Karly Pulcinella Erik Pulido David Pulli Steffany Purvis Roxanne Pusey Vilen Pustovoyt Lorraine Quansah David Quarmyne Brian Quindlen Megan Quinn Angelica Raftopoulos Ananthi Rajamoorthi Abhilash Rajan Veronica Ralls Brittney Ralph Avinashi Ramadhin Angelea Ramboyong Sharay Ramey Gabriela Ramos Kevin Ramos Kevin Rane Anna Rangel Qi Rao Laura Rasmussen Brendan Rastetter 124Adam Ray Alison Ray Karoline Recek Camille Redrick Casey Reece Dana Reed Mia Reed Tiara Reed Theresa Regan Penina Regilus Britt Reid Charlonda Reid Chawnqua Reid Kimberly Reid Brianna Reiley Jonathan Reinhardt Jared Reneker Eric Reuter Billionaire Rhee Dana Ricci Alexandra Richards Maria Richards Carly Richman Samantha Riesenberg Andrew Rinn Lissette Rivera Tabatha Rivera Paul Rizzo Melissa Robbins Dinnel Roberts I 125Megan Roberts Sidra Robertson Wesley Robertson Victor Robichaw Jamal Robinson Kiara Robinson Mark Robinson Morgan Robinson Serena Robinson Stuart Robinson Susan Robinson Noelle Roby Gabrielle Rocchino Jasmine Rodriguez Kimniech Rodriguez Jenise Rolle Melanie Rolon Brittany Romanowski Sarah Romasanta Richard Root Kelly Rose Stephen Rose Laura Rosenthal Lindsay Rosetti Nicole Rosso Kristina Roth Ryan Roughton Lena Rowell Priyanka Roy Choity Alexandra Rucht 126 N. Jeannine Rudolph Justin Rush Ashley Russell Julia Russell Lindsey Russell John Rutecki Brittany Rutledge Jennifer Rutt Keith Rycek Merissa Rychlak Rebecca Rymal Bessie Sagos Erica Saidel Dana Saidler Vincent Salamat Ilona Sali Colin Saltry Andrew Saltzman Pooja Sampathi Siti Samsudin Adora Samuel Rosa Samuels Carmen Sanchez Jaralee Sanchez Rasheera Sanders Navjyot Sandhu James Sands Yevgeniya Sapozhnikov Michael Sarappo Lekhani Sarker 127Heather Sassani Safiya Satchell Marc Saxe Susan Sayvone Maria Scala Stephanie Scanish Amanda Schaefer Christopher Schindle Stephen Schlatter Nicole Schleider Christine Schlichter Benjamin Schmidt Rebecca Schmidt Katelyn Schmitt Laura Schmitt-Hall Gretchen Schmoyer Samantha Schmoyer Brooke Schneider Daniel Schneider Samantha Schoell Gabrielle Schrom Gabrielle Schrom Gregory Schrom John Schuhl Sydney Schulz Diane Schwed Melissa Schweitzer Brittany Scotland Latricia Scott Sacsheen Scott 128Stephen Scull Angelynn Seaton Pamela Seaton Samuel Sedam Adam Segal Jacob Segal Whitney Segel Shawn Seguin Sarajane Sein Ashley Selig Mara Selsky Phu Senh Monique Senior Christopher Sennott Mary Settles Haley Shah Pankti Shah Alexandra Shapiro Hailey Shapiro Reginald Sharpe Alison Shebest Joseph Shelinsky Hassan Sherif Robert Shero Shivani Sheth Anthony Shields Earl Shields Lauren Shinfeld Kelsey Short Carina Shults 129Joshua Shumberger Jessica Shurley Francesco Sifoni Fatmata Sillah Hye Ri Sim Lauren Sim Steve Smart Arielle Smith Champagnae Smith Cherrie Smith Jasmine Smith Jenna Smith Marissa Simmons Natalie Simmons Katelyn Simoncic Antonisha Sinclair Michelle Smalls Daniel Smart . 1 Kayla Smith Rachel Smith Timothy Smith Vanessa Smith Roneisha Smith-Davis Denise Smith-Jaspers Abby Snook Angela Snow Shelby Snow Sophie Snyder Donna So Kehinde Soetan 130 Biortca Soler Anup Somalwar Kiara Somner Jihun Song Naomi Sosnovsky Jacyln Soto Aleksandr Souk Victoria Souza Jacquelyne Spencer Kimberly Spohn Alexandra Spurgeon Jeffrey Sramek Carline St. Jean Nicholas Staich Michael Stanoch Ann Marie Stanton Kathryn Stelzer Dana Stemrich William Stenger Andrea Stetzler Caroline Stevens Christopher Stevens Donita Stevens Danielle Stevenson Maura Steward Nicholas Stiglitz Jennifer Stillwell Kyle Stokel Shira Stoltz Karen Stoner 131Leah Stoner Justin Strang Lara Taylor Strayer Latoya Stroman Anthony Stuart Jonathan Stubbs Jessica Stull Agatha Su Foong Su Justin Succi Susruta Sudula Brian Sugden James Sullivan Ross Sullivan Tianyuan Sun Jayden Svay Sandra Swain Trisha Swed Kristen Sylvester Vicki Ta Alicia Tagye Marielle Taimanglo Kevin Talley Laisze Tang Siqi Tang Brittney Taylor Leeandrew Taylor Vicki Taylor Theizu Telewoda Glynne Temple 132 Francis Terpening Praisy Thankachen Elena Thomas Jaleesa Thomas Kaitlyn Thomas Kayla Thomas Marjorie Thomas Rachel Thomas Robin Thomas Tylisa Thomas Kamali Thompson Angelica Thorne lesha Thornton James Thrasher Tamra Tilghman David To Victoria Toomer-Mcsween Monica Torio Danielle Townsend Binh Tran Hoan Tran Irine Tran Tran Tran John Travia Carolyn Travis Andrew Trefz Wayne Tribue Jennifer Trinh Ken Trinh Anannya Tripathy 133Stephen Trotman Phillip Troutman Lisa Troy Lisa Truong Tiffany Truong Jennifer Tsui Gifty Tuffour Dexter Uban Obot Uffen Amarachi Ukazim Shannon Ullman Kristy Ung Gagandeep Uppal Miguel Vaca Sonam Vachhani John Valdettaro Andrew Valentino Sandra Valera Lena Van Meghan Vanblarcum Saveth Vann Joseph Varallo Asha Varghese Jacob Vasey Sol Vazquez Joanna Velasco Nicholas Verrillo Stephen Viafore Nina Vieru Christine Vinson 134 t'Jade Vitug Caitlin Vivian Patrick Vizzard Toan Vo Daniel Vogel Kathryn Volio Nicole Vollrath Alicia Volpe Trisha Volpe Hinga Vonjo Kristina Vu Govinda Vyas Jessica Wagner Kimberly Wagner Elizabeth Waholek Russell Wainwright Zachary Waldman Brianna Walker Krystin Walker Jennifer Walsh Jamie Walters Quealeena Walton Steven Walz Nicholas Wan Zahirah Wan Matthew Wandler Yanlian Wang Chelsea Wargo Charles Warner Benjamin Warnke 135Benjamin Warren Travis Warren Nicole Wasylenko Jazmine Waters Kerilynn Waters Andrea Watson Marlene Waugh Danielle Webb Lauren Webb Daniel Weick Whitney Weinstein Thomas Weisenbach Diana Weiss Katrina Weitzel Nathaniel Weldon Nicole Welk Michael Wells Kateri Wendt Aonor Wesley Gloria West Annabelle Weston Brittany Weston Breeana Wheeler Caitlin Whelan Shanelle Whetstone Alesha Whitaker Alyssa White David White Lakeya White Wiletta White 136Sonya Whitehead Megan Whitman Mercedes Widamer Stanley Wielosik Markia Wilkinson Josh Willgruber Akira Williams Christina Williams Christina Williams Jasmine Williams Lawrence Williams Linda Williams Nicole Williams Steven Williams Victoria Williams Francine Wilson Jillian Wilson Katherine Wilson Ryan Wilson Veronica Wisely Rebecca Witmer Allison Witt Ashley Wolf Rebecca Wolfe Wede Wolo Christina Wong Ho Chak Wong Jennifer Wong Brent Woodard Zalika Woods i 1 137Forkpayeah Workolo Adam Wright John Wright Joseph Wright Qiuting Wu Susan Wu Sean Wynne Sandra Yamba Hu Yang Ying Yang Pauline Yeanay Hui Yi Shanyu Yi Grace Yoo Monique Youmans Akilah Young Azia Young Kaitlynn Young Khamari Young Mary Young Edward Yung Tuanlay Yuoh Abidemi Yussuff Telesha Zabie Marguerite Zacharovich Jeffrey Zack Amanda Zahn Anna Zalan Danielle Zambrano Courtney Zampetti 138Elissa Zavodnick Lei Zhan Huiyan Zhen Yaroslav Zhitnitsky Shifen Zhong Matthew Zimel Timothy Zimmaro Joseph Zizzo Fatimah Akmal Zulkifli Wenhao Zuo Daniel Zygmund Felt Mark Zyman 139 Studentssophomore sociology major -'raneesStudent Profile Haniyyah Sharpe MELISSA STRAUBE Haniyyah Sharpe walks into every room with a smile that could light up the city of Philadelphia. Her short dark hair and amber highlights frames her face perfectly and draw attention to her genuine eyes. Any stranger can feel the confidence she harbors inside, but is instantly put at ease when she does the most accurate impersonation of Forrest Gump's infamous line, "I love you Jen-nay." Constantly making others laugh and feel at home, Haniyyah’s motherly charm is no coincidence. After years of dealing with the financial burden that college causes students, Haniyyah can practically taste her degree. As a senior in Temple's journalism program, she’s in the home stretch of finishing up her time here. As any student would agree, the challenges we face every day are a constant balancing act. Not only does Haniyyah deal with the pressures that come from her classes and professors, she is a full time mother to a precious four-year-old boy, Kahlil. Not once has Haniyyah used her having a child as an excuse to not work hard and persevere through difficult times. She explains, “I don’t want professors to make an exception for me. Kahlil comes to campus with me often and he enjoys it. It sets a good example for him. I’ll ask him. ‘What do you want to do when you grow up?’ and he tells me: ‘I want to go to college mom.’” Although being a role model for her son is top priority, Haniyyah still finds time to excel in two internships and holds the position of Community Service Chair for Temple’s Association of Black Journalists. As Co-Founder of the Temple Non-Traditional Student Union, she strives every day to make a difference on our campus. Haniyyah never viewed her pregnancy as a setback. Haniyyah and her fellow co-founder, Syreeta Martin, met when Syreeta reached out to Haniyyah after catching wind of her similar passion concerning the need for a non-traditional student organization. They quickly realized there wasn’t an organization that focused on the needs of student-parents, adult learners, transfers, veterans or first-time college students. It baffled the women how Temple, one of the most diverse schools in the country, could not have an organization that acted as a resource center for non-traditional students. This information concerning Temple should be easily accessible to help prepare and educate non-traditional students. The two combined their efforts and, TNTSU was officially established in the fall semester of 2010. TNTSU has had its fair share of hardships. The organization started out with a full executive board staff, but quickly collapsed due to the pressures and commitments that come with being on an e-board. It became apparent to the girls if they wanted this organization to continue, they would need to put their whole heart into it. So that‘s precisely what they did. Passion and determination only fueled the two women’s desire to keep this organization going. Haniyyah explains, “I’m always working and always networking. I don’t care where I may be. I don’t ever want to be in that should-of-could-of-would-of-moment.’’ They held different workshops that helped members of TNTSU with financial aid and improving their entrepreneurship skills and time management skills. The girls are always striving to make more and more connections to eventually set TNTSU up as a non-profit organization. With a strong network of people willing to donate to the cause, including Temple University Alum, the idea is definitely on the horizon. With the support from Kahlil and fiance, Charles, Haniyyah believes she can accomplish anything. She smiles and says. “My boss always says to me there are the same amount of hours in my day that are in yours, how do you do it?”143Student Profile Max Einhorn JOHN CORRIGAN Despite the ruffling of papers and rumbling of students leaving class, Max Einhorn continues writing around the clock. He may only be a senior, but Einhorn has never wasted time on advancing his film-making career. As the vanguard in promoting Temple student films throughout Pennsylvania, film and media arts major Einhorn has carved his niche in the movie business by directing indie films for local festivals. With an impressive resume of cult favorites such as “The Back Lot" and "The Hysteric Dynamic” under his belt, Einhorn has garnered strong support from the local community as he explores his directing dream. “Although I can't explain why people have always followed my vision, I would attribute their support to my ability to communicate what I want from their efforts.” Einhorn said. In order to earn financial assistance for his projects, Einhorn allocates time each week to fundraise through Kickstarter.com and reaching out to friends. "I relied on a high school friend who happens to co-own Radiant Entertainment, LLC,” Einhorn said. “Since we promote his company to the media, he agrees to sponsor my films." Between writing, producing, shooting and editing, Einhorn struggles to find time for his friends. Therefore, he persuades them to join in on his projects sc the work can be lightened by having a good time. “As a director, I encourage others to bring their tal ents to the table,” Einhorn said.Student Profile JOHN CORRIGAN Hillary Redisch Never satisfied with the amount on her plate, Hillary Redisch dabbles in everything that Temple has to offer. As a member of the women's club volleyball team, Redisch endures the intense practices, day long tournaments, and five hour car pools with an unbridled passion for her sport. "After playing with most of these loud, crazy, and dedicated girls for an entire year, they have truly have become some of my closest girlfriends at school," sophomore university studies major Redisch said. “I've been playing for ten years and to me that seems crazy. I love the competitiveness of the sport and the hard work that I put in to be a great player. Asking me if I play volleyball is like | asking me if I breathe air." Despite her itch to compete, Redisch refrains from entering the intramural fray by keeping score on the sidelines. Working for . the Campus Recreation Program has allowed her to stay close to the action while befriending participants and finishing schoolwork. “I got the job by accident during Friday Net Night at the Pavilion," Redisch said. “Some of the girls I was chatting with sent my name and number to their boss and I became employed after one interview. Whether it is cold, rainy or windy, I love working evenings on the turf.” With the hectic schedule that Redisch maintains, some relaxation is needed. However, Redisch has gained a reputation for being the one with the knack to soothe your back. “I apparently have magic hands when it comes to giving massages to my friends," Redisch said. “It started with helping my teammates relax before the volleyball games in high school. Ever since then, I’ve helped my friends who have had scoliosis, back pain and the occasional drunk who just wants a back rub." 145Student Profile Ana Ramos FRANCISCO OVALLE Under the low light of a cloudy Friday afternoon. Ana Ramos, formerly known as Ana Peralta, talks about her life, career, and dreams. "Going to Rome was probably the best decision I’ve made during my whole undergrad career ' says Ramos, staring out the window of a small loft in Center City, Philadelphia. Ramos went abroad in the fall of 2010, where she studied on Temple's Rome campus. While reminiscing on her incredible experience there, Ramos remembers how the environment and people made it unique. "It was small, and much different than Temple’s main campus. It was a small community in Rome, but you still felt like you were a Temple student, even though you were away," she gushes. With all the breathtaking views and fun to be had in a foreign city. Ramos was more in awe of her internship at Roberto Wirth Fund, a non profit organization that works with deaf and deaf-blind children. The company provides educational services to children and parents, and gives them an opportunity to live a normal life. "It was good to see another side of Rome, one that you don’t get to see when you’re a tourist.’’ she says. “I learned a lot more about the culture and the importance of family.” Ramos, 22, is an International Business and Marketing major at Temple. As an active member of Temple for a Dream, an organization that advocates for the current immigration news and issues, she believes in equality for all students. "I think Temple is changing a lot,” says Ramos. With the help of Temple for a Dream, Ramos wishes to help both students and the public understand the importance of equality in our country, regardless of the language we speak, where we come from, and the color of our skin. Temple for a Dream was initiated by President Pamela Linares, a Temple student who was undocumented. Linares started the group mainly to push the passing of the federal Dream Act, but it has since expanded and now also focuses on immigrants’ rights and basic human rights in Temple community, and the Philadelphia area. Born in Moncion, Dominican Republic and raised in Queens, New York, Ramos has had an insider’s look of what Hispanic families go through in the United States. "People coming into Temple shouldn’t be surprised [about the diversity], they should embrace the differences," says Ramos. "Because that was what Temple said it would give: a very diverse student population in an urban setting.” Ramos has lived in the United States as a legal alien for more than eighteen years, six of those years having been in New York, and then Philadelphia, where she has stayed ever since. It wasn’t until recently that Ramos found the need to get her American citizenship, when she realized her desire to raise her voice and claim her rights as an American. “I decided to get my citizenship because a lot of my friends wanted so much to vote,” says Ramos. "And they couldn’t because of their undocumented status, so I got it to represent them. I always had the chance to do it and never found a reason until now.” Ramos firmly believes that we all deserve our basic human rights, no matter where in the world we’re located. "Our president [of Temple for a Dream] was brought here when she was eight months old. She is currently 21 years old, works, studies, and pays her taxes. She should be able to stay here and have her rights as an American,” said Ra mos “Immigration reform will eventually be a big topic that America won't be able to avoid. And it will eventually pass,” says Ramos, sipping her coffee. 146Ramos wants to educate the immigrant community about their rights as humans. “A lot of them pay taxes and work, and have been screwed over by lawyers. I want to push them to stay in school and go to college and fight to stay in the country that they call home." she says. After graduation, Ramos wants to go to India for a month and then return to the city of brotherly love, where she plans to stay involved in all the local organizations and make Philadelphia a better place not only for immigrants, but for everyone. 147Student Profile Zach Niblick JOHN CORRIGAN Since Tennessee contains the "Music City" and Graceland, it was only natural for Knoxville native Zach Niblick to bring his musical chops to the "City of Brotherly Love." “I’ve been slowly making a name for myself around campus as a mashup artist and DJ," sophomore BTMM major Niblick said. “In fact, that’s pretty much my free time if we’re not counting procrastinating doing the laundry." As technology infiltrated the musical scene, Zach Niblick was forced to incorporate the digital aspect into his repertoire. “I've always had a really musical background and have been well-practiced in different musical areas and theory, but I’d never gotten into digital music," Niblick said. "I started teaching myself to use different programs and combine them to isolate, chop up, arrange and trigger samples to make the music I do. “ With a handy laptop by his side, being at the right place at the right time has allowed Niblick the opportunity to inspire impromptu dance parties. "Performing live has been the most fun and easily the most rewarding aspect of the whole process,” Niblick said. "I'll rehearse a set beforehand, but I don’t always know how exactly I’ll play the samples live and where I’ll trigger them. It’s an amazing feeling to just bite the bullet and try something live and then look up from the laptop and see that everybody's raving to it,” Niblick said. Although mashups have yet to achieve mainstream recognition. Niblick takes pride in the fact that his style is often the first taste of a mashup for Temple students. "It says a lot about the people around here that they can recognize music they like and really get behind it," Nib lick said. “I like knowing that I can make people feel that way with a new kind of music they’ve likely never experienced.'Student Profile Anna Kulczycki While most people waved goodbye to Zoboomafoo once their PBS-dominated childhoods were over, Anna Kulczycki continues to learn about wildlife and has pledged to protect animals with every ounce of free time available. Since she juggles time in nine organizations as well as a relationship, Kulczycki’s availability is by reservation only. "I have always had a passion for animals,'’ sophomore kinesiology major Kulczycki said. “With a pre-veteri-nary tracking, I try to spend as much time as possible taking care of animals and gaining experience. After devoting two years to nurturing animals. I have realized it is definitely my calling." Volunteering eight hours a week at the University of Pennsylvania’s animal hospital emergency room, Kulczycki witnesses the effects of animal cruelty and helps the veterinarians treat the injured creatures. For an escape from the broken legs and bruises, Kulczycki socializes with cats and walks dogs at the PSPCA. “I take pleasure in participating for noble causes,” Kulczycki said. "Everyone should volunteer to serve their community. It just takes good time management skills.” Evidenced by her trusty cockatiel companion Baby, birds flock to Kulczycki’s warmth and hospitality. As a member of Temple's Bird Research Project, Kulczycki spreads awareness regarding the multitude of birds that instantly die by flying into windows around campus. "We are collecting data on the dead birds to create a documentary,” Kulczycki said. "We want Temple to realize they are causing harm to birds by installing so many windows in new buildings." Kulczycki may love birds, but there is one eagle you will never see her support: Michael Vick. Working with the Campaign on Dog Fighting in Philadelphia, Kulczycki teaches kids how to properly train their dogs. “Dog fighting has been passed down through generations,” Kulczycki said. “These kids don’t know the difference between what is right and wrong in handling their dogs so it is rewarding to see their attitude change." 149150v«riO nThen Now Nadine Wiley WRVLINE DQ$S0O Name: Nadine Wiley Middletown, DE Age: 21 Hometown: Major: English MD: How have you changed from freshman year until now? How was your life different then from now? NW: One major way I have changed is that I am more driven and have set goals for myself and refuse to walk into anything blindly. Also, I went to college because that's what my parents wanted and what I thought would shoot me in a good direction. It wasn’t until I got here that I realized the gravity of the situation and the huge impact college would have on shaping my life. From the parties, to the all-night study sessions and realizing there is a huge world out there socially, politically, and economically. It’s definitely been a roller coaster of good and bad experiences. I realize you have to go out and seek opportunity, or someone else will take it. MD ! What is the biggest change you have undergone since you have been here? NW: The biggest change I've experienced is the transformation as a follower when I was freshman in the Army ROTC to being a leader as a senior. Everything I do is going to be seen by someone and I have an obligation to my subordinates 152and the Army to set a good example. But the hugest thing is that I owe it to myself to be a strong, good example as a leader. It truly builds character. MD ! What was your defining moment at Temple? nw: My defining moment was fall semester of my senior year. I had just finished LDAC which is a leadership training course we go to for a month during the summer for ROTC. It was in Washington state and we were outside in the field and the rain the whole time. We ran off barely any sleep and were always on the move being tested with land navigation, leadership ability, obstacle courses, and confidence courses. If you fail or don't do well there you will not graduate college as an officer. Needless to say my whole college career has been geared towards succeeding at this course. After I returned to school successfully completing LDAC and realized I would be graduating and commissioning as an officer in May, a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders. I was thrilled, and most of all, it was at that moment, I realized that I have the potential to do anything I put my mind into. As a result of the realization of my infinite potential, I am very driven now. MD . What is one thing you Know now that you would tell your freshman self that you didn’t know then? NW: I don’t think I would tell myself too much because If I told my freshman self that one day I would succeed by my senior year, I probably wouldn't have pushed as hard. I think the fear of failure is what drove me. and if I assured myself I would be successful, I'd be robbing myself of that determination. MD: What is one takeaway message from your Temple experience that you would share with current upcoming freshman? NW: Dreams are irreplaceable, follow them. Education is invaluable; pursue it in every aspect of your life. If you're trying to graduate in 4 years, plan on taking summer classes or overloading every semester, see your advisor every time you register for courses, make them work and make sure everything they are saying is accurate. Look for opportunities every day, even if it’s looking for the best coffee on campus or traveling abroad, seek out new experiences every day. Finally, I live by a poem called “It Couldn't be Done” by Edgar Guest, which my dad made me memorize v hen I was nine so never let anyone tell you something can’t be done. 153MARYLINE DOSSOU Malcolm 0T y .straggling to keep up. But there’s no in his intentions; he’s on a mis-' ionlt9 greatness. you don’t know his name, you’ve probably been living under a rocK ' If - i sounds at all familiar to yoti,’ take your pick. He’s the founder of. Bat5er.. T'emple's poetry collective, he was the. president of the Residence Hall Assp.Gidtion for two years, he’s run for president of Temple Student Government tw ce. he’s a member of Pi Lambda Phvbe; was the 2009 convocation speaker..I e pnjhe University Disciplinary Committee; he was invited by President Aim Weaver Hart to speak at Kenya tta Malcolm Kenyatta is a man on ion. Every time you spot him on is. he’s walking at lightning-quick eaving you lagging behind and ! to keep up. But there’s no the: reopening of the Temple Performing Arts Ceritedhestarted the Fired Up campaign to rally for university closings during inclement weather, and he was the 2010 Homecoming King. This is the part where you question every decision you've made during your time at Temple. Incredibly. Kenyatta is stilt the sweetest and most down-to-earth person you are sure to ever meet. He bleeds cherry and white, and has a passion for Philadelphia. And for good reason, too. UAXC AT 00“I was born at Temple Hospital." says the 21-year-old strategic communications major. “My dad went to Temple, my grandma went to Temple, and I still live right here in North Philadelphia with my mom.” Hailing from the very neighborhood that houses Temple. Kenyatta was moved to make something great out of his life to defy the stereotypes placed upon people who come from rough areas such as North Philly. He is, after all. the grandson of Civil Rights activist, professor and Philadelphia mayoral candidate Muhammad Kenyatta. So high standards, as well as his passion for politics, are nothing foreign to him. "It’s really second nature to me." says Kenyatta. who is minoring in political science. “I’ve always been genuinely interested in politics and what’s going on." You could say he got his start quite early. As a part of the Upward Bound program in his youth, Kenyatta started a student government there, ran for president, won, and then wrote their constitution. From there, he became the senior class president in high school, and ran for Temple Student Government in college. While he admits his first campaign was poorly marketed and fell victim to rookie mistakes. he ran a powerful campaign his second time around. Running on a platform that emphasized the student voice. Malcolm sought to revolutionize TSG by bringing it into the 21st Century, using social media to make the students’ voices heard. His first initiative was the Fired Up campaign, which rallied the Temple student body to sign a petition and voice their opinion on Temple’s inclement weather policy. While Kenyatta did not end up the winner, his passion for advocacy still persists and he has still accomplished more during his time at Temple than most people twice his age accomplish. In February 2012, Kenyatta organized STEPS, Students Together Ending Pain and Suicide, a candlelight vigil in honor of a former Temple student who committed suicide on campus, complete with moving poetry from Babel and performances from Temple Gospel Ministry and Owl Cappella. While he is no longer the president of Babel, he is still heavily involved and also hosts an LGBTQ Poetry and Open Mic night called OUTspoken. All this, on top of working two jobs, is just a normal day in his life. If you’ve ever seen him win over a crowd with his blush-inducing comedic chops during hosting gigs, heartfelt speeches or intense poetry, you'd fully understand how he's made such an impact on Temple’s community. But things are not all peaches for Kenyatta. He has epitomized strength by holding his head high and carrying on even through tragedy and heartache, which he has had his fair share of, including the passing of his father in January 2012 during the most hectic semester of his life. Still, you’re more likely to hear words of encouragement from him. rather than complaints. "Always fail big,” he asserts. “You’ve got to come to a point where you’re so uncomfortable with being comfortable, that you find comfort in the uncomfortable.” You may ask yourself how he does it, but there’s no single answer. He simply works hard. He hasn’t won at everything he’s ever done and he certainly hasn’t always had it his way. In fact, he went through two different majors before he even found the right one. One thing you can’t deny about him is that his tireless work ethic has certainly made him one of Temple’s own superheroes. “A lot of times all it takes is that one jump in the water to find out that you can actually swim," Kenyatta says. “We need to take a leap and go out there in this crazy economy and this crazy world and go out there and fail big every day.” Just try and catch up with him. 155Student Profile JOHN CORRIGAN Chris Krochak As an eleven year veteran of the Ukrainian Scouting Organization, counselor Chris Krochak celebrates the organization’s centennial by preparing the annual camps and setting up weekly meetings. “It is nice to get away in upstate New York for three weeks in the middle of the mountains for camp,” sophomore BTMM major Krochak said. “Although I have moved up the ranks to counseling, participating in the camp is still fun. However, you have to speak Ukrainian or else you will be extremely confused." Organization is a recurring theme in Krochak’s daily life as evidenced by his work with the Temple University Physicians. Handling the administrative process, Krochak serves as the liaison between officials and Temple University hospital doctors. “My job is to make sure that all of the doctors are up to date with their credentials.” Krochak said. “I check to see if their licenses and insurances are in good standing." As an escape from the methodical fact checking, Krochak jams with his friend Evan in their band EMCK. “Ever since we were little kids, Evan and I have been playing acoustic guitar,” Krochak said. “We recorded our debut EP last summer which gained us some shows in the Philly area. We had the chance to play the Trocadero Mainstage this year and we’re looking forward to the future." 156Student Profile Danielle Stanford JOHN CORRIGAN Although Danielle Stanford arrived in the “City of Brotherly Love" knowing only five people and only three of those were at Temple, she has come a long way in three years by integrating her Catholic faith with her passion for educating. As a member of the Newman Center, Stanford has carved friendships through servicing the community. “The first month was hard to meet people and make friends because I didn’t go out on the weekends and party," junior organizational leadership major Stanford said. “After meeting people at the Newman I found alternative ways to enjoy Friday nights. The Newman Center became my family and my home." After years of spaghetti dinners, retreats and bible studies, Stanford moved up the ranks of the Newman to sit on the Executive board as the Education Coordinator. “As the education coordinator I am responsible for enriching the community by arranging for speakers to come and give talks about various issues relating to living out the Catholic Faith throughout college and beyond," Stanford said. Serving as a role model for her fellow Owls, Stanford works with the Temple Diamond Leaders' Peer Facilitation team to offer workshops to organizations on how to run meetings or communicate organizational change. Perhaps the most satisfying of her duties, Stanford works with the WELL program which assists 300 adults each year to overcome illiteracy and complete their GED. “I work individually with adult students and tutor them in mathematics, reading and writing," Stanford said. "It is a very humbling experience to work with these people who oftentimes gave up their opportunity to complete high school or trade school in order to support their families. I am so thankful that I grew up with a supportive family where I was afforded the opportunity to successfully complete high school and attend college, and hopefully graduate school."159Then Now Trisha Swed KAITLYN ROCKS Name: Trisha Swed Hometown: Brooklyn, NY Age: 21 Major: Organization Leadership KR: How have you changed since freshman year? TS: I have a better worldview now. I thought I understood everything when I was a freshman, but I didn’t. I've traveled now and have a better understanding of diversity and global integration. I also have a better understanding of myself. KR: What was the biggest change you experienced? And what was one contributing factor to this change? TS: My biggest change was going from an International Business and Accounting major to an Organizational Leadership major. I felt more comfortable in a Liberal Arts major and it allowed me to be more creative and involved with things I’m passionate about. The biggest contributing factor was getting involved in the Student Leadership Challenge, it was the first time I actually thought about what I was passionate about. KR: What was your fondest freshman memory? TS: I guess it would be just establishing that “starter group" of friends that help you initiate things and the people who you do things with your freshman year. With these types of friendships, I started my own club here at temple called T-Lights for those interested in the paranormal. 160 KR: What was your most embarrassing freshman mo ment? TS ! fell down a flight of concrete stairs at Anderson, face first. And when I got up there was this guy standing there jus staring at me. KR: What is your fondest memory at Temple overall? TS: I studied abroad in Japan. We were there when the earthquake hit. The next day everyone just came together and we all went out to dinner. It just showed that even after a disaster strikes, everyone can still come together and enjoy themselves . V Then Now MARYUNE DOSSOU Kehinde Soetan Name: Kehinde Soetan Hometown: Silver Spring, MD Age: 21 Major: Actuarial Science MD: How have you changed from freshman year until now? How was your life different then from now? KS ! I was so quiet and reserved, and completely unlike myself. It wasn't until senior year that I truly became comfortable in my own skin and started meeting new people. MD: What is the biggest change you have undergone since you have been here? KS ! I have become more social and confident. Before, it was very difficult for me to initiate communication with people on campus, but not anymore. MD: Was there one factor in particular that contributed to your change? KS: Participating in the OAS Pageant had a lot to do with my change. I had to step out of my shell and be confident in myself because there were 400 pairs of eyes watching me. Through the pageant experience, I was able to meet some great people who I have a lot in common with. MD: year? What was your fondest memory of your freshman KS: The whole year, being able to experience my first year of college with my best friend was the greatest part of freshman year. MD: What was your most embarrassing moment as a freshman? K S! The first day we moved in, I got sick and threw up behind Maxi's. People were probably thinking I was a sloppy freshman who got drunk on her first night. MD ! What is one takeaway message from your Temple experience that you would share with current upcoming freshman? KS ! I would tell them that college is supposed to be a fun experience, so have fun. I would also tell them that a good balance between school, work, and fun is essential for making college a good experience. 161Student Profile JOHN CORRIGAN Marcus Grant When Marcus Grant is not serenading the fourth floor of 1940 with MGMT's "Electric Feel," he is banging the drums with his West Chester-based band, Crash 29. "I have always been attracted and intrigued to music," freshman music performance major Grant said. With a concentration in percussion, Grant is living out his dream of jamming out and having a good time. Fascinated with performing since he was five years old, Grant has starred in theater productions, participated in his high school marching band and dazzled classmates in oratorical contests. “I have never been shy on stage,” Grant said. "I recited Jim Gaffigan's act on Hot Pockets and I must admit that it was pretty good. My mom watched it every day for a while," Grant said. Despite the luxurious lifestyle of famous musicians, Grant claims that he is not interested in making money and profiting from his art. “My goal is to literally just play,” Grant said. "Listening to jazz and Dubstep have been my hobbies, but performing is my true love.” As the fat lady sings on Grant's first year of Temple, his plan for the next three years has become clear. “I hope to gain friendships, make connections, and enjoy the best college experience possible," Grant said. "I will be spending my time wisely, squeezing in some fun, and setting myself up for post-graduation.” 162Student Profile IUajd Juna Kika MARY LINE DOSSOU A Cheshire cat-like grin comes over Klajd Kika’s face as he realizes that he will be graduating Temple soon. But as quickly as that ever present grin appeared on his face, it disappeared as it dawned on him that he would be leaving his sister, freshman Juna by herself. "She’s more shy than me," he says. "I’ve always been the more outgoing one.” Klajd and Juna are international students from Tirana, Albania. After growing up in the Mediterranean country and graduating high school, Klajd had the decision of going to a university in Europe or America. He preferred to venture somewhere he had never been before and explore what they had to offer. Since the only family he has in the states lives in Bucks County in Pennsylvania. he narrowed his choice of schools down to schools in Philadelphia. “I chose Temple because it’s so diverse,” says Klajd through a firm Albanian accent. "I love it because it makes it easier to fit in. There are a lot of international students, and it has a great entrepreneurship program.” Juna chose to follow her brother after hearing him rave about Temple, and also to stay close to him. The soft-spoken advertising major lives in her own apartment right underneath her older brother’s apartment in Fishtown. But the advertising major didn't adapt to the new environment as readily as Klajd did in his freshman year. "It is a completely different place from my country,” says Juna. “It is a good school, but not so easy to make friends. Here, people really want their own space. In Albania, they are more friendly." While Juna is not as quick to make friends here, it wasn’t always that way; she had a lot of friends back in Albania, with whom she still keeps in touch. And she still talks on the phone every day with her mother, who comes to visit them for Christmas each year. To help break her out of her shell, Klajd allows her to tag along as he travels to lavish places such as Los Angeles, New York, Miami. Cancun and Ibiza, where he likes to party, have a good time and live the good life. But as much as he loves to play, Klajd works hard as well. He is double majoring in Entrepreneurship and finance, minoring in marketing and starting his own business professional organization, Alpha Kappa Psi. And although he has his doubts about leaving his beautiful younger sister by herself in North Philly, he assures that he will never be more than a phone call away.10 minutes with Hooter the Owl LARA TAYLOR STRAYER LTS What has been your favorite game so far this year? HTO ! My favorite game was definitely the Bowl Game. Going all the way out to New Mexico and still seeing a big fan base was mind blowing! It felt like winning the Super Bowl (I imagine). LTS: What game do you most look forward to? HTO: I always look forward to Bowl Games and NCAA tournaments, but at the end of the day, I like to be treated like the superstar I am, so I always look forward to my humongous birthday bash! LTS: How do you prepare for game day? HTO . Well, I eat a great breakfast, stretch, and drink plenty of water. Then I listen to “Hey Ya" by Outkast to warm up my sweet dance moves. HTO 1 love all of my classes at Temple, but I have to say I enjoy George Miller’s journalism classes. He brings in his dog occasionally, and it's nice to have another friendly animal in lecture to keep me company. LTS: Where is your favorite place to hang out on campus? HTO ! I'm always hanging out in the athletic department. They take great care of me there! LTS ! Do you have a favorite lunch truck on campus? HTO: I'm always hitting up the Tepan-yakki truck outside of Gladfelter. They always make the best stuff. LTS ! What’s your first thought when you step out on the |TQ n . . . . field or court? I S. D° y™P;?f studym« in Paley Ll‘ brary or Club TECH? HTO ! Right before I step out of the tunnel, I think of the fans. It could be someone's first ever game, or someone's very last. I always aim to make it memorable. Once I'm out on the field, my mind goes blank and all I can think is LET’S GO TU! LTS ! What do you do in the off season to stay in shape? HTO: You can find me running around campus or up the Rocky steps at the Art Museum. I also try to lay off the chees-esteaks so I can fit into my jersey at the beginning of the year! LTS • We hear Hooter is also a great student. What’s your favorite class at Temple and why? HTO ! The TECH Center, because there I can also edit all the films of my fabulous performances. LTS ! What is your advice for the graduates of 2012? HTO: I'd like to thank every single graduate who has ever attended any Temple Athletics event. Without fans, I wouldn't have a job, and I'd be a lonely owl with nothing to do. Follow your dreams, and never be afraid to take risks. Work hard, become successful, and make sure you proudly say that you're a Temple Owl! 164 165Club sports gain recognition ANDREW THAYER and JAKE ADAMS Known for its fun-loving attitude, all-inviting atmosphere. and tendency to give away massive amounts of free swag, the Temple Snowboarding Club has steadily become one of the most popular clubs at Temple since its creation in 2004. Founded by Andrew “The Godfather” Mullen and a group of other dedicated Temple snowboarders, TUSC has continually grown in each year of its existence. Club membership reached 145 riders in 2010 and hovered around 100 in 2011. “Undoubtedly, the club’s popularity is based around our mission of having fun, whether that be on or off the mountain,” club president Jason Dolla said. “No student is turned away from TUSC, and this inviting atmosphere allows us to gain members from all areas of the university." Videos of the club's innovative events litter YouTube. This includes clips of club members assembling snow-ramps behind the Philadelphia Art Museum, grinding handrails on campus, and setting up a makeshift terrain park behind a North Philly row house, complete with fireworks. However, the club is most famous for setting up the incredible Bell Tower Rail Jam in the middle of campus. “The TUSC Bell Tower Rail Jam has been our largest and most exciting event, not to mention my favorite," said Dolla. a senior marketing major. “For one day, we shut down a section of Temple’s busy Bell Tower area, truck in loads of snow, and set up a drop-in and snowboarding features, resulting in one of the most unique and exciting events all year.” The club has gained popularity by hosting annual snowboarding trips for riders looking to get out of the city. There are three trips each year, which usually includes two treks to Killington and Stowe Mountains in Vermont as well as a 15-hour bus trip to Mont Tremblant in Quebec, Canada. The club is also known for its impressive sponsorships, which includes support from companies like Transworld Snowboarding, Neff Headwear, Skullcandy, and Forum Snowboards. These notable snowboard-gear providers allow the club to hand out product discounts and even some free swagger to its loyal members. "Over the past few years, we've been lucky enough to find generous corporate sponsors, many of whom are producers of equipment ridden by our members, and the discounts offered to members help quite a bit,” Dolla said. With support like this, the future is indeed bright for the Temple Snowboarding Club. "I can only see good things for the future of the club, whether that be more members, bigger trips, or the oppo- site," Dolla said. “As long as there is snow somewhere, TUSC will be going strong." TUSC is just one of 27 active athletics clubs on Temple's campus that have gained university recognition via registration procedures governed by Campus Recreation. Another of these clubs, Temple University Bowling Club, is now one year removed from its rebirth. The club has already made a name for itself as one of the up-and-coming bowling squads in the region. The Owls, who returned seven members from last year’s competing roster, set their sights on reaching sectionals, held in Allentown, Pa., this year. Reaching sectionals, the equivalent of regional playoffs, was one of the goals when the club reformed last season. TUBC made its comeback after a one-year hiatus last year. The club dissolved from lack of leadership the year before. but several bowlers were able to build enough interest to reform the club for the 2010-11 season. Gino Pirollo, Alex Huy, and other club members spent much of their summer planning for the season and set in place the structure that allowed the team to make a potential run at the playoffs this season. “Last year we didn’t know what to expect,” Pirollo said. “None of the club had experience at a collegiate tournament so it was a new experience for us all." This year, the club took that experience and chan neled it towards a run at the playoffs. During the first hall of the season, five members of the team averaged scores above 190. Senior Mike Boches lead the Owls with a 204 through November while junior captain Lamar Richardson sat just behind him with a 203. Juniors Mike Doherty and Mike Huhn were also above 190. That is a huge improvement considering no bowler averaged above 190 last year. “This season has been going tremendously well.’ Richardson said. “My bowling is at such a high level, and I can only continue to make progress." The Owls also improved their membership in the follow up to the comeback season. The club held strong at 20members, up from just 12 last year. As a result, the bowling club has struck gold on the lanes. They did not finish in the top 10 places at any of the five tournaments they competed in last year. This year, in just their first four tournaments, the club's varsity team placed in the top 10 three times, including two third-place finishes in October. The fast start put the team in position to finish in the playoff picture and to gain the respect of opposing clubs for their reputation as a competitive yet fun-loving squad. "Most of all we are gaining the respect of other top universities in our region," Richardson said.169Student Organizations Accounting Professional Society ACM-W Active Minds Ahmadiyya Muslim Students Association All Sides Alpha Delta Mu Alpha Delta Mu Alpha Epsilon Delta (Pre Health Honors Society) Alpha Epsilon Phi Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Alpha Kappa Lambda Alpha Kappa Psi Alpha Omega Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Pi Rho Chapter Alpha Sigma Rho Sorority, Inc. Alpha Tau Omega American Civil Liberties Union American Institute of Architecture Students American Marketing Association American Medical Student Association American Medical Women’s Association American Society of Civil Engineers American Society of Mechanical Engineers Amnesty International. Temple University Group Anthropology Association Anthropology Graduate Students Association Arts and Entertainment Action Asian American Council Asian Student Association Asociacion de Estudiantes Latinos Association for Computing Machinery Association for Management Information Systems Association of Temple Transferred Student African American Studies Graduate Students Babel Baha’i Student Association BAPS Campus Fellowship Best Buddies Beta Alpha Psi Beta Pi Phi Fraternity. Inc. Bethel Campus Fellowship Biology Society Black Law Student Association College Student Division Black Public Relations Society Black Student Union Broad Street Line A Cappella Business Honors Student Association Business Ph.D. Student Association By Any Means Necessary Cardinal Newman Student Association Chabad Jewish Organization Cherry Crusade Chi Upsilon Sigma National Latin Sorority, Inc. Chinese Students Scholars Association Chosen Christian Students @ Temple College of Education Student Council College Student Interest Group in Neurology Colleges Against Cancer (Relay for Life) Collegiate Child Sponsorship Competitive Robotics At Temple Engineering Construction Management Student Organization ConTemplum Craft Association of Tyler Students Criminal Justice Graduate Student Association Crosswalk: Campus Crusade for Christ Delta Chi Psi Fraternity, Incorporated Delta Kappa Delta Sorority, Inc. Delta Phi Epsilon Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Delta Zeta Dynasty East West Club Eastern European Student Association Ed2010 Engineers Without Borders Entrepreneurial Student Association Esencia Latina Eta Sigma Gamma Eta Sigma Phi Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance Financial Management Association Fox Finance Club Fox Net Impact Fox School of Business College Council Francophone Organization Freedom By Design Full Fledged Gamma lota Sigma Gamma Phi Sigma “Hermanos Unidos" Fraternity. Inc. Geography and Urban Studies Graduate Student Association Geological Society of Temple University German Society Global Law Brigades Golden Key International Honour Society Graduate Art History Organization Graduate Arts Community Graduate Leaders of Urban Education Graduate Organization for Contemporary Craft Artists Graduate Organization for Students of Educational Psychology Greek American Student Association Habitat for Humanity Haitian Student Organization Harvest Christian Fellowship Having Ambitions N' Devotion for Service Health Information Management Student Association Healthcare Management Student Association Her Campus Temple University Hillel Honors Activities Board Hoot Squad Hyphen Literary Art Magazine In Motion Dance Ensemble Insomnia Theater Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Temple Student Chapter Intercollegiate Prayer Fellowship Interfraternity Council International Business Association International Socialist Organization of Temple University International Student Association International Youth Fellowship InterVarsity Christian Fellowship Invisible Children lota Nu Delta Fraternity. Inc. Irish Step Dance Club Jesus Unites Many Peoples Jewish Heritage Programs Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. Kappa Phi Gamma Sorority. Inc. Kappa Sigma Ladies of Elegance Step Organization Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc. Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity. Inc. LIFT LOGOSMain Campus Program Board Malaysian Student Association MBA MS Student Association Meeting Professionals International Minority Assn of Psychology Students Model Un Mud Slingers Multicultural Greek Council Music and Entertainment Industry Student Association Muslim Students Association National Association of Black Accountants National Council of Negro Women. Inc. Temple Section National Society of Black Engineers National Society of Collegiate Scholars National Student Speech Language and Hearing Association New Voice Newsletter NeWine: Lutheran Episcopal Campus Ministry Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. Inc. Omicron Delta Epsilon Temple Economics Society Order of Omega Organization of African Students Owls for City Year RS. Society Pakistani Student Association Phi Alpha Delta Phi Beta Lambda Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity. Inc. Phi Epsilon Kappa Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, Rho Upsilon Chapter Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity Phi Sigma Sigma Photography Club of Temple University Pi Lambda Phi Pi Tau Sigma Temple Beta Alpha Chapter Platypus Affiliated Society Polish Organization of Temple University Political Science Graduate Student Association Pre Pharmacy Association Pre-Dental Health Society Pre-Optometry Organization Pre-Physician Assistant Club Pre-Student Osteopathic Medical Association Pre-Veterinary Association of Temple Pride in Social Work Progressive NAACP Project EDU Promoters of Animal Welfare Psi Chi Psi Sigma Phi Multicultural Fraternity, Inc. Public Health Graduate Student Council Public Relations Student Society of America Queer Student Union Religious Studies Club Renewal College Fellowship Rho Epsilon Real Estate Rho Lambda Rho Phi Lambda RTNDA Saudi Students Association at Temple University School of Social Work Student Collective Sigma Alpha Mu Sigma Beta Rho Fraternity INC. Sigma Lambda Upsilon Senoritas Latinas Unidas Sorority. Inc. Singchronize Society for Human Resource Management Society of Automotive Engineers Society of Emerging African Leaders Sociology Undergraduate Minor Major Association Sport and Recreation Professional Association St Jude’s Crew STHM GSA STHM Student Association Student Activities Student Association of Black Social Workers Student Chapter of The Engineers' Club of Philadelphia Student Labor Action Project Student National Medical Association Student Organization for Caribbean Awareness Student Peace Alliance Students for Disability Awareness Students for Environmental Action Students for Justice In Palestine Students for Responsible Business Students Striving for Success Students United for Darfur Society of Women Engineers T-Lights Temple Ad Club Tau Kappa Epsilon Templar Yearbook Temple Arab Student Society Temple Association of Black Journalists Temple Astronomical Society Temple Atheists and Critical Thinkers Temple Bands Temple Big Brothers. Big Sisters Student Organization Temple Book Club Temple Circle K Temple College Democrats Temple College Republicans Temple Community Garden Temple Dance Education Organization Temple Democratic Socialists Temple Exceptionalities Organization Temple Film Collective Temple for a DREAM Temple Gospel Ministries Temple HOPE Temple Knitting Club Temple Libertarians Temple Magic Club Temple Musical Theatre Cooperative The Temple News Temple Nursing Student Organization Temple Outdoors Club Temple Pre-Physical Therapy Association Temple Smash Temple Spanish Club Temple Student Government Temple Students for America Temple Students for Israel Temple Toastmasters Temple Univerisity Taiwanese Student Association Temple University 4-square League Temple University Anime Club Temple University Bhangra Temple University Chapter of Professional Convention Management Association Temple University Chemical Society Temple University Chess Club Temple University Cinematheque Temple University Classics Club Temple University Community Service Association Temple University Emergency Medical Services Temple University Gospel Ministries Temple University Graduate Students of Espanol Portugues Temple University Greek Association Temple University Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International Temple University Improvisation Club Temple University Italian Club Temple University Juggling Club Temple University Knights of Columbus Temple University Korean Association Temple University Mock Trial Temple University Panhellenic Association Temple University Parliamentary Debate Temple University Persian Society Temple University Philippine American Council Temple University Purple Circle Temple University Purpose Temple University Snowboarding Club Temple University Society of Professional Journalists Temple University’s Choreography Company Temple Veterans Association Temple Vietnamese Student Association Temple Writers' Workshop TempleUnited The Flute Choir of Temple University The Movement The National Pan-Hellenic Council The National Society of Aspiring Filmmakers The National Society of Leadership and Success The Temple Bboys TOMS Campus Club TU Nihongo Kaiwa Club TU Pre-Conception Peer Educators TUComedy (Celever funny name pending) TUTeach Club Turkish Student Association Tyler Glass Guild Ukrainian Students Society at Temple University Undergraduate Art History Guild Undergraduate Neuroscience Society Undergraduate Student National Dental Association University Bible Fellowship Village Residents VOX: campus voices for Planned Parenthood WHIP Student-Run Radio Station Women Leadership in Business XpressionZ Yoga Temple Young Friends of Tree House Books Zeta Phi Beta Sorority. Inc. Eta Chapter 171 Administration and Leadership President Ann Weaver Hart Board of Trustees Patrick J. O’Connor, Chair Bret S. Perkins Daniel H. Polett Philip C. Richards Milton L. Rock Robert A. Rovner Jane Scaccetti Anthony J. Scirica, Vice Chair Michael J. Stack, III James S. White Michael R Williams Joan H. Ballots Leonard Barrack Jon A. Boscia William H. Cosby, Jr. Theodore Z. Davis Nelson A. Diaz Ronald R. Donatucci Patrick J. Eiding Judith A. Felgoise Richard J. Fox Lewis F. Gould, Jr. Lon R. Greenberg Ann Weaver Hart Lewis Katz Adrian R. King, Jr. Susanna E. Lachs Patrick V. Larkin Solomon C. Luo Joseph W. Marshall, III Scott Mazo Theodore A. McKee Christopher W. McNichol J. William Mills, III Mitchell L. Morgan President’s Officers William T. Bergman Vice President. Chief of Staff Richard Englert Provost, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs Larry Kaiser Senior Executive Vice President for Health Affairs Kenneth Lawrence Senior Vice President for Government, Community and Public Affairs George Moore Senior Vice President of University Counsel David Unruh Senior Vice President for Institutional Advancement Anthony Wagner Executive Vice President for Financial Affairs, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer Deans Kenneth Blank, Senior Vice Provost Graduate School Hai-Lung Dai, Dean College of Science and Technology Larry Kaiser, Dean School of Medicine James Earl Davis, Interim Dean College of Education Peter Doukas, Dean School of Pharmacy JoAnne Epps, Dean Beasley School of Law Amid Ismail, Dean Maurice H. Kornberg School of Dentistry Thomas Jacobson, Interim Dean School of Communications Theater Carol Lang, Interim Dean University Libraries Moshe Porat, Dean Fox School of Business and Management, School of Tourism and Hospitality Management Keya Sadeghipour, Dean College of Engineering Michael Sitler, Interim Dean College of Health Professions and Social Work Teresa Soufas, Dean College of Liberal Arts. School of Environmental Design Kim Strommen, Dean Temple University Rome Bruce Stronach, Dean Temple University Japan173175176Towers Watson proudly salutes the Temple University Class of 2012 We offer a broad range of career opportunities in employee benefits, risk and financial services, and talent and rewards. To leam more, visit us at towerswatson.com. Towers Watson. A new global company with a singular focus on our clients. towerswatson.com TOWERS WATSON CoO 2010 Tower WMvsn AM rtoerwod. Graduating Class of 2012 and offer our best Wishes for a prosperous future. Caesar, Rivise, Bernstein, Cohen Pokotilow, Ltd. Congratulates the Class of 2012 www.crbcp.com A-1 Specialized is a global leader in the recycling of Platinum Croup Metals from salvage automotive catalytic converters and is an important marketer of platinum. HtUadium and rhodium to meet the growing needs of consumers. P.O. Box 270. Croydon. PA 19027 www.A-lSpccializcd.com Caesar, Rivise, Bernstein, Cohen Pokotilow, Ltd. Intellectual Property, Computor and Information Technology Law We at A-l Specialized Services Supplies. Inc. Would like to congratulate the Temple University www.paporworktinduitriej.com (£ Paperworks 2012 •li i st Paperworks Industries is proud to be part of the local business and Industrial community as a full-service packaging provider - and proud of your academic achievements. Congratulations!Atkins Cohen Roland J. Atkins Attorney at Law 2230 Land Title Building 100 South Broad Street Philadelphia, PA 19110 Telephone: (215) 448-3900 MARANO ELECTRIC INC. ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS 20 Stonehenge Drive • Sewell, NJ 08080 Michael P. Marano Cell: 215-498-3307 856-232-4657 Fax: 856-232-4807 Northern Home IO CHILDREN Suppo tts Hempde Qiiui e tsity 5301 Ridge Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19128 215.482.1423 24 Hour Emergency Service Office 610-447-8755 C° r»u CTORS,'nC' Fax 610-447-8756 HVAC • Service Piping • Plumbing ■acfeeKjl (MHOm famjgtjg 201 Fulton Street Chester, PA 19013 MCAA www.wcmechankal.com Six Locations for your convenience www.wwadcock.com 0Mrfcu or e Swknoto) fceta. Sefflei mi fccetMriei Home Office 2611 Philmont Avenue Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006 Dale W. Adcock President Co-Owner (215) 947-3800 X120 FAX (215) 938-0445 CELL (267) 688-4431 Lim (Juft , Rcutkl £mce Aprons ♦ Bar Mops ♦ Tabic Linen ♦ Uniforms ♦ Floor Mats ♦ Direct Sale 215-535-1313 WWW ARWAY LINEN.COM % t90Z T %vtci GERALD T. SHAEFFER. JR. CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES! ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS 169 Boro Line Roao King of Prussia, PA 19406 Phone: 610-962-5500 Fax: 610-962-5533 We8: http: www.shaefferelectric.com E-mail: gshaeffer@shaefferelectric.com Advanced Engineering Inc. injpired Merbricil Electrical Engineering MICHUHCAL • (UCraiCAl • MUMMKS. f t PBOTtCTlOH 5561 Pennell Road • Media PA-610.361.0700 COMMERCIAL RESIDENTIAL INDUSTRIAL CONCRETE CUTTING SPECIALISTS FLATSAWING • WALL SAWING • CORE DRILLING GAS PROPANE • ELECTRICAL HYDROLIC THOMAS BARALDI 239 WEST PLUMSTEAD AVE PH: 610-626-6789 LANDSDOWNE, PA 19050 FAX: 610-284-9571COZEN O'CONNOR COMMUNITY Cozen O'Connor congratulates the Class of 2012 and our colleague and Chairman of the Board of the Temple University Board of Trustees, Patrick J. O'Connor. Thomas A. Decker Stephen A. Cozen Joseph A. Gerber 1900 Market Street | Philadelphia, PA 19103 215.665.20001 www.cozen.com The confidence to proceed. COZEN O'CONNOR. Congratulations New Grads! See how you can make a difference with your career! We invite new grads to join a leading healthcare organization that offers excellent benefits, career growth opportunities, a rewarding work environment and a chance to improve lives- Assessment Workers Trainees Care Managers Trainees So e periencc necessary. Me will train. Qualified candidates must have 8SW 8A in related field, valid driver's license and access to fully insured car. All employees must pass a prcHtmploymcnt physical, drug testing and criminal history clearance. Fall Internships available for BSW MSW students. Minorities and Bilingual individuals are highly encouraged to apply. For a complete list of opportunities and to apply, please visit www. PCACareers. org. Philadelphia Corporation for Aging PCA), one ol the region's largest private, rton profit organisations, serve as Philadelphia County's Area Agency on Aging (AAA) since 1973 and Is dedicated to improving the quality of life for older Philadelphians and people with disabilities by helping them achieve optimum levels of health, independence, and productivity. PCA Is proud to be selected as one of the Philadelphia Region's Top Workplaces of 2011. SOCIAL SERVICE OPPORTUNITIES E.P. Guidi, Inc. Builders Construction Managers 1301 S. Bethlehem Pike Ambler, PA 19002 Tel: 215.542.1450 Fax:215-542.0129 www.epguidi.com K McMcftTV n.. ClOt (harwef t.y toon WIW ViTpir UWrWT, AniOT a«r J Vh. xi MCM A HON Congratulations to the Class of 2012! Structures Transportation Marinlnf Dams Water Resource-. Htfhways Ktfhway Safety Transit Data Collection rTS Stfnali land Surveying CIS Corporate Headquaters: Also serving front: Fort Washington. PA l«1on. Camp Hill rittvbvirxh. PA • Yantviiu, NJ • Bowie. MD 2ts.283.9444 Bo»loo4i Taunton. MA • Wevt P.lm B«Mh fort Myers. IITHOMAS P. GALLO Business Manager KEVIN HEFFERNAN Financial Secretary Treasurer STEAMFITTERS LOCAL UNION 420 Proudly Supports Temple University Congratulations to the 2012 Graduates Business Manager Thomas P. Gallo Assistant Business Manager Stephen J. Jackson Vice President Thomas F. Redden. Ill Business Agents Frank Bellosi Harry P. Gallagher James P Gallaghe Christopher J. Mclnemey Brian T. McMahon Michael A. Me He George F. Schools. Ill James P. Walls. Ill Financial Secretary Treasurer Kevin Heffernan President James J. Snell Recording Secretary Paul L. Bibeck Executive Board David M. Lentz Kenneth E. Magrann Robed B. McCay Peter J. Mclnemey Funds Administrator Jerry Diviny Inside Guard Michael F. Bremer Finance Committee Madin L. Gannon. Jr. John M. Prendergast James T. Shupe Examining Board George E. Bowman. Jr. Brian Graham James J. Peters Patrick H. Sheridan James A. Tatum Brian K. Walls Organizers Edward L. McGehean. Jr. Timothy J. McGrath 14420 Townsend Road - Suite A - Philadelphia. PA 19154-1028 - Tel.: 267 350-4200 • Fax: 267 350-4299 • 267 350-4225 Young McGllvery. P.C. is a law firm which has specialized in defense litigation, primarily in the areas of medical and professional liability since 2001. The partners. George L. Young. Jr. and Michael E. McGilvery. are litigators with over twenty five years experience each. Young McGilvery. P.C. currently is composed of two partners and seven associates and has offices in Philadelphia. PA and King of Prussia. PA. Young McGilvery, P.C. extends its congratulations to the 2012 Temple University Graduates! 1617 JFK Boulevard, Suite 1710, Suburban Station Bldg. Philadelphia, PA 19103 (215) 569-1001 2011 Renaissance Boulevard, Suite 200 King Of Prussia, PA 19406 (610) 292-9100Congratulations Class of 2012! Continue your excellence with Temple at Jeanes Hospital, a member of the Temple University Health System. We are a community hospital, conveniently located in Northeast Philadelphia. For employment opportunities, visit our website: www.templehealth.org or for more information about Jeanes Hospital, visit us at www.Jeancs.com The practice of medicine is an art... a calling in which your heart will be exercised equally with your head." — Sir William Osier, Physician At Holy Redeemer Health System, there's opportunity in every direction. Our size, reach and resources mean more accessibility, innovation and growth. Looking for a system that's as nuilti-facctcd as it is caring? Our well-established hospiial and healthcare services mean there's a path for success, tvo nutter which way you're headed. HEALTHCARE EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES Long Term Care, Acute C'arc. and I Ionic Care • Holy Redeemer Hospital Medical Center • I loly Redeemer I lome Care - PA NJ • St. Joseph's Manor • The Lafayctte-Rcdeemer For a complete listing of employment opportunities and to apply, log onto our website at: www.holyredeemer.com % J WEST PENN ALLEGHENY HEALTH SYSTEM Congratulations and Best Wishes, Temple University School of Medicine Class of 2012 Graduates binding iSr Never Been Easter Congratulations to Temple 2012 Graduates! EOE 182LibertyResources As Philadelphia's Center for Independent Living by and for people with disabilities, Liberty Resources has advocated and promoted independent living since 1980. Advocacy if Information Referral ir SkillsTraining Peer Support it Pre-Vocational Training it Housing Assistance it Nursing HomeTransitioning 714 Market Street, Suite 100, Philadelphia, PA 19106 3 215.634.2000 215.634.6630 m 215.634.6628 www.libertyresources.org Building a Better Delaware Valley Since 1949 TtcMiO. CvJ.nl Km • Ifili|IU)lw • CtovkUU ». 51. Dtr Ullnllhn» ulllAtfdMW.Cn« • KoKiia-M H .Ajr Tm»n V IVt fW M »f . r, CMMrli (Q«r7 TJU-j U»,vl. Im. ID(UaTUMRbk.liK. MM I u. i r.» i, iwvaiu ud rtf ' CKfarrft Vtk. {Kvu i The ODePhul Group 1750 Wilton Road • Blue Bell, PA 1W22 • 610.852.8000 • www.dcpaulnioup.com CONGRATS TO THE CLASS OF 2012! Join a global leader in developing, manufacturing and supplying specialty chemicals and excipients for the pharmaceutical industry. We are growing, and always looking for talented, creative people to enable us to keep moving forward. At Colorcon. we encourage and empower our employees to develop the ideas that help us continue to be a leader in our industry. Our great benefits include: Competitive salary • Tuition assistance Retirement Savings Plan • Bonus opportunities Progressive training • Career advancement Competitive medical, dental vision benefits • On-the-spot pay rewards State-of-the-art technology and lab tools To complete an online application and for a complete list of open positions, visit www.colorcon.com about careers Colorcon 415 Moyor Boulevard. West Point. PA 19486 Fax. (21S) 661-2367 Colorcon is a drug free workplace. EOE C.E. Conover Co. “We make high quality seals. We make them at a profit if we can. We make them at a loss if we must, but we ALWAYS make high quality Seals." J. Bruce Hamilton Chief Executive Officer ISO 9001:2000 AS9100 Certificate No. 98-1199c 4106 Blanche Road. Bcnsalcm PA. 19020 1-8QO-CONOVER 183CASH BUYER OF: LIGHT IRON • STEEL • STAINLESS • CAST • COPPER • ALUMINUM • BRASS Congratulations to the 2012 graduates of TempCe "University 7345 Milnor Street Philadelphia, PA 19136 Hours M-F : 6:30-4 Phone:215-624-6526 OFFERING TWO LOCATIONS IN THE TEMPLE AREA www.morrisironandsteel.com 271 W. Berks Street Philadelphia, PA 19122 Hours M-F : 6:30-4:30 Saturday: 6:30-12 Phone: 215-427-2231 It takes more than great companies to build a community... it takes great people. ilbane Congratulates the Class of 2012! Building More Than Buildings. Every Day. 100 (W Square Eoet, Suit 1040 | PHilodclphio. PA 19107 T: (267) 256-4S00 | .or-gilboneeotom AMPD Associated Master Painters Decorators of Philadelphia, Inc. MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS • Representation and participation ai labor negotiations • Representation on all funds ii Health Welfare, Apprentice Industry Advancement ___ and Vacation • Social and Networking Opportunities • AMPDSchol • Monthly di 36 South 18th Street PO Box 15959 Philadelphia, PA 19103 T 215.568.3070 F 215.568.3115 vvww.ampclphilly.org 184I. Get a job 1. Find apWcc »Vwc V St y mtweSft 4- EiertW ' 6. $tos ? H 8. s«t o- vW»'e' a 8. AcWvtve Vr"f PROUD T° SUPP0RT Temple Graduat United Concordia Insuring America’s Denial Healih 1-888-884-8224 • www.UnitedConcordia. com 40d Health r u""« Ccxko«U ufe ' Concordia polled cover group dental benefits Dinesh R. Desai Family Fund (NPT) Salutes the Class of 2012! 779 Allison Ct. Moorestown, NJ 08057 TN WARD COMPANY builders www.tnward.com TN Ward Is proud to shout out Congratulations to Temple University's Graduating Class 2012 ‘Constructing Buildings with Integrity since 1918' Ardmorr. PA 610.649.0400 Atlantic City. N| 609 345.5077 4t -jk Temple Bookstore is proud to support the Templar Annual 215.204.5578981 wnsr-imi joj ueopy pooyAoqvpnft IRONWORKERS’ LOCAL UNION NO. 401 PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA Business Representatives JOSEPH J. DOUGHERTY Business Manage r Financial Secretary -Treasurer EDWARD F. SWEENEY Business Agent WILLIAM F. O’DONNELL Business Agent Organizer CHRISTOPHER J. PROPHET Business Agent SEAN O’DONNELL Business Agent Organizer Officers MICHAEL T. CASEY JOSEPH S. STANTON President Vice-President RICHARD P RITCHIE PAUL E. SHEPHERDSON ANDREW BAKELY LOUIS IANDIS STEVEN V. ALEXANDER ROBERT P. O'DONNELL STEPHEN N. DEMARCO KEVIN C. BOYLE Recording Secretary TRUSTEE EXAMINING COMMITTEE EXAMINING COMMITTEE EXAMINING COMMITTEE CONDUCTOR SERGEANT-AT-ARMS TRUSTEE gtSS t'W EXECUTIVE BOARD EXECUTIVE BOARD EXECUTIVE BOARD EXECUTIVE BOARD EXECUTIVE BOARD TRUSTEE TIMOTHY THREADGILL JOHN M. GREEN GREGORY P MITCHELL EDWARD MARINER WILLIAM HUNT. SR. JOSH CASHMAN 187866.DTE INFO www.DenlalEZ.com httpy Bloj.DcntalEZ.com Follow us! r I M DentalzZ StarDental | DentalEZ Custom Air | REsdfcLabsO | O ‘»1? DtnlilfZ. Inc tWjIfi SlxOfnUl. Cuslon-Aif, i WUkfi Tour PrKlKc P«H« t wc rct tMf 4 lixkmxks xxl Nfv.-d.ain u i tfxJCffxk ot Dfialf Z »x RAWVAC n a ref Ifkttd mxk of RAM VAC Otfllai ftodxfc lot. Quality Value from DentalEZ® Grouo 188Let Us Be Part Of Your Future... On behalf of Teva Pharmaceuticals, we want to congratulate you on your achievements and wish you luck in all of your future endeavors. We hope that you will consider including us in your future plans, whatever they may be. We have an extensive variety of career fields to choose from and are looking for fast-thinking, innovative individuals to come join our team. If you think you’ve got what it takes to grow with the best, visit us online at www.tevapharm-na.com and see if any of our open positions match your aspirations. Congratulations Class of 2012!Imagine what it would be like if we could find a cure for cancer. Or an effective vaccination for HIV and AIDS. Or a medicine that could protect against heart disease or stroke. Companies such as GlaxoSmithKline have already made breakthroughs that have saved millions of lives and hundreds of thousands more are living longer and living healthier. So when we say our goal as a company is to help people do more, feel better, live longer it means a lot more than just another advertising slogan or corporate mission statement. The work we've done in the past has led to some of today's most effective treatments; the research we do now and in the future could find the new medicines for tomorrow's cures. GlaxoSmithKline www.gsk.com 190Solar Powering Philadelphia One Project at a Time Local Union u98 John J. Dougherty is proud to support Business Manager Temple University!! 191HATS OFF TO THE TEMPLE UNIVERSITY GRADUATING CLASS OF 2012 We re still for you after you graduate. Whether you re buying a car, your first home or want to develop a savings plan, consider Philadelphia Federal Credit Union for all of your banking needs. With our full line of financial products and services, WE RE HERE FOR YOU EVERY STEP OF THE WAY. 1 m 1 For more information or to open an account, visit BetterThanMyBank.com or call 215.934.3500. PHILADELPHIA ;EDERAL CREOIT UNION jfcu.ccni I better, honest. % LARRY C. McCRAE, INC. Electrical and Telecommunications Co. (Best "Wishes to "1empte "University’s graduating Chass of 20121 192 R SECURITY SERVICES Local Response National Support Best Wishes to the 2012 Graduates ot Temple University! www.alliedbarton.com John I. Kane, Business Manager “(pR mcnwg we Nealw ot we Nation since 1931” 2791 South Hampton Rd. Philadelphia, PA 19154 Ph: 215-677-6900 Fax:215-677-7102 www.plumbers690.org 1932012 Graduating Class of Temple University r s9 s ' ? € Global Indemnity Group. Inc. is comprised of Diamond State Group'. Penn-America Group , and United National Group', whose member companies arc commercial property casualty insurance carriers. Diamond State FVftvAirwtea CUoup — united = national — group For company information or to view career postings, visit our websites: www.diamondstategroup.com wNyw.pcnn-america.com www.unite.dnat.cop - For more information or to submit a resume, email H R Iobs@global-indemnitv.com three bala p za east, suite 300 bala cynwyd. pa 19004 tel. 610.664.1500 CROUP. INC. CONGRATULATIONS! CONGRATULATES the 2012 Graduating Class of Temple University C D engineers, manufactures, distributes and services fully integrated standby backup batteries and power solutions to insure that power to the customer's critical application is uninterrupted. 1400 Union Meeting Road. Blue Bell. PA • www.cdiechno.com 800-543 8630 194-4LPHK Enterprise Group ALPHK o fCf sopnns inc Resource Inc. “The foundation of every state is the education of its youth.” Diogenes V m'tru'tn ii’il i 11• mi h •n 195 2012 All that stands between the graduate and the top of the ladder is the ladder. M66 W IVW| P k A««o . » 1 1 0- l-VXhKA-312) www.libertymutualgroup.com lookinside Indusion is the answer. Liberty Mutual is an equal opportunity employer Responsibility. What's your policy? Liberty Mutual. NEW AND USED VACUUM EQUIPMENT SERVICE WE BUY, SELL, LEASE fykxf____________________________________ S ENGINEERING COMPANY, INC. 730 SO. WEST BOULEVARD • VINELAND, NJ 08360 GAYLORD H. EVEY (856) 692-2610 FAX (856) 692-6554 goylord@evey.com Temple University! Congratulations to the Graduates ofCara Lee Park We are so very proud of Cara and what she has achieved academically and personally during her memorable time at Temple University. Cara’s perseverance, passion for learning, strong work ethic, and responsible nature are qualities that will carry her through life as a mother, student, leader, and educator. The way she has set such a wonderful example for my beautiful 5-year old grandson is something that I will be forever thankful for. We look forward to supporting her future academic, career, and life aspirations she has set for herself. To be a beautiful, caring, and intelligent individual inside and out is not something everyone is able to possess. The sublime feeling of gratification has filled our hearts. We are honored to have her as a daughter, sister, mother, and friend. 196Chad Warner George Lucas: “You simply have to put one foot in front of the other and keep going. Put blinders on and plow right ahead.” If George Lucas decided to give up on his forward-thinking creations, pop culture would not have been able to travel to a galaxy far, faraway. Shad, we remember your very fir hool. your first day of high schoo., liege. Look at all your wonderful a tprints that you’ve laid. Each step ock for the rest of your life. Shoot Even if you miss, you’ll land am Congratulations on your gradua prouder of you: You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself, any direction you choose. - Dr. Seuss Congratulations! We are very proud of you and wish you the best life has to offer. Love, Mom, Dad. Richard Brynn Congratulations Gabriel on your graduation from Temple University. Your family is very proud of your accomplishments. Always follow your dreams...and reach for the stars. Your parents who always love you, Alberto and Nivia DeJesus 198Oh, the Places You'll Go!!!!! Ben, ever since you came into our lives, you have brought us nothing but job and pride. You have always been someone with a deep moral compass, integrity and the capacity to love. Since you were in middle school, we have watched your growing passion for your chosen profession. Your days at Temple University seemed to fly by, driven by your desire to get where you want to be. We are excited for you and are behind you all the way. We hope all of your dreams come true. Love, Mom, Dad, Nicole TessaCONGRATULATIONS DANA MARIE RANDOLPH GROOMS Dear Dana Congratulations! I am so Godly proud of you! You have accomplished one of the many goals you have set for yourself. You didn't allow your distractions prevent you from soaring with honors. I appreciate your generous jolly spirit you've often displayed despite how you felt. I know you leaned hard on the LORD and to GOD BE THE GLORY. I really appreciate our family support and for the village.DANA I NEED YOU TO PRAY, BE HAPPY, KEEP YOUR ENTHUSIASM, GENEROUS SPIRIT, PUSH PRIDE AWAY, TRUST GOD FOR EVERYTHING, SEEK HIM FIRST, AND KNOW OUR GOD WILL CONTINUE TO SUPPLY ALL YOUR NEEDS. HE WILL GIVE YOU YOUR DESIRES TOO! CONGRATULATION DANA! I LOVE YOU, MOMTHESE ARE YOUR ABC'S ANOINTED BRILLIANT COMPASSIONATE DETERMINED EXCITING FABULOUS QENEROUS HOLY INQUISITIVE JOVIAL KNOWLEDGEABLE LOVABLE MASTERMIND NEGOTIATOR OPTIMISTIC VITALIZING PERSISTENT WITTY QUICK XENOCRYST RESPONSIBLE ZEALOUS SAVVY TRUSTWORTHY UNIQUE IDANA WE ARE EXTREMELY. PROUD FOR YOU WE SALUTE AND CELEBRATE YOU. BE ENCOURAGE AND WE KNOW YOU ARE GOING TO CONTINUE TO MOVE FORWARD. GOD BLESS YOU LOVE ALWAYS CHRISTINA, LISA,. MICHELE, PHILLIP, SAMUEL, VICTORIA, KEVAN, DAVID SR.,TOKIRRA, TOMISHA, IJANAY, DAVID, CHRISTIAN, DASIA, JAISA, MYLIN, AND ELIJAHTo Xierra 'Bussey Well, here you are, soon to be a graduate from Temple 'University. 'When we first saw you 21 years ago, We saw a beautifulbaby girl, who came into this world screaming, demanding to be heard As the years went by, we saw when making a point you showed tenacity. When the doCCs and storybooks were put down, you became interested in music, you capitadzed on your height by playing the bass in the orchestra whiCe in middle schooC but then switched by pCaying the ceCCo in high schooC. you played basketball for a short while then settled into volleyball, which remained a passion of yours while in high school. While in middle school a gift emerged, you won an award for writing an essay, which received national attention. This gift for writing continues to with you because not only are a freelance writing for magazines, you are also one of the editors of the Temple 'University's Newspaper. Last summer while in Spain teaching children Lnglish, you realized that teaching children is your passion, you are now a teacher with the Teacher's of America and Mississippi is where you are to be sent this coming summer. To add to this winning formula, you attended Barbizon School for Modeling to buildpoise and your self-esteem in your early teen years. 1Vith all these ingredients mixed with love and encouragement, which you graciously received-- hey baby, look at you now. 7 c aic 44 fitaud yout 'plow: 'Kienna, Su44cq 4 'pcutalyAll you wanted was to go to Temple University, and now you are graduating from there! You should be as proud of yourself as we are of you. As you move through your next stage of life, remember, ‘7F YOU CAN DREAM IT, YOU CAN DO IT.” Congratulations! With love and support, always Your proud parents and brother Josh, You made it. Congratulations. Your entire family is very proud of you. You have reached the moon, now start going after the stars, because you are one. All our love, Mom, Big Guy, Sarah, Chess, and your nephew Stephen 205To Our Graduate Alexandria Your transformation from those first baby steps to your last day at college has been a truly amazing journey! In the beginning, those baby steps were shaky, and as you grew, those steps became firmly planted, leaving an indelible footprint upon those fortunate enough to share in your journey. With each step you have made the building blocks of you life, one filled with achievements and accomplishments far beyond what one could have ever envisioned. Your dedication, diligence and drive to attain your goals has been unstoppable and will only serve to further your future dreams and endeavors. On this momentous occasion, take a step back to reflect upon all you success, not only in college but in life, and be proud of all you have accomplished, the person you have become, and the life you have changed with each step. I believe that you will continue to step forward and make your mark in whatever you do and wherever you may be. To say that we are proud of you is an understatement because you have forever etched your footprints in both uncle's and my hear. Congratulations Beauty! 206 All Our Love, Aunt Chubby and Uncle 207The journalist finishes this chapter successfully and her book continues Congratulations Erica! You have had an extraordinary and unique experience at Temple. We watched you follow your dream and grow into a strong, assertive, independent thinker and leader. We are so very proud of the impassioned young lady you have become and accomplishments you have worked so hard to achieve. We can’t wait to share your future successes. Love, Mom, Dad, Elena Eve HORRAY FOR GRADUATION DAY AN ACCOMPLISHMENT TO BE CELEBRATED Christopher William Alcaro College graduation is the beginning of a new chapter in your life. It is so exciting to watch you begin this time with the knowledge that you possess and the ability to use it to make a difference in the world. Remember that the important part of a destination is the JOURNEY. Good luck on your journey. Congratulations - your family is so proud!Congratulations Samantha HttflKSchoell HH We are so very proud of you and all your accomplishments. You are an intelligent, independent, athletic woman ready to take on new challenges. You have excelled in everything you have set your mind to. Don’t stop believing! The sky is the limit. We always knew you would make a difference in the world and now you are on your way! We love you! Love, Mom, Dad, Johnny, Ryan and Kevin 209Alex, you are my Rock Star. I have no doubt you will be successful in all you do. Your drive and commitment blows me away. When God sent me my baby girl, I truly couldn’t have imagined the amazing human being you’d grow into - I am blessed to have you in my life. You have brought this family the precious gifts of joy and laughter - the memories we’ve created are etched in my mind forever. Proud seems like such a small word to describe how I feel. My daughter, my wish for you is a happy, responsible life. Take time to find delight in all you do and face challenges as merely a bump in the road, not a drop off a cliff. Pursue your dreams with the same unrelentless drive you attacked your studies and success (however you define it) will be yours.Renee’s Pearls R: Really proud of the woman you’ve become - intelligent, beautiful, funny (the full package) O: Only you can define your future success - lead never follow C: Confidence will get you 99% there - don’t second guess instinct K: Keep your values sacred - integrity defines who you are S: Step into the future with passion and purpose - shoot for the starts T: Treat everyone with kindness - people never forget you made them smile A: Attitude + Perception = Reality - if you think you can, you will R: Remember you will never be alone in life - wherever you are, I will be right next to you Love, MOM We are all sojproud of you and congratulate you Johnny - You worked so hard and you deserve a lifetime of success and happiness - We love you! Mom, Dad, Jeremy (Temple ’13), and Justin I am so happy and proud for you Johnny -1 love you and hope for a long and happy future. Grandmom Travia We are burstln; with pride as ti first grandchild graduates ?olle£ — we lov ou ai wish you a uture Grandmom and Grandpop Fay“A ship in port is safe, Christopher I. Hollis but that's not what ships are built for.” G.H. From the day you were born, your mother and I believed you were destined to do great things. You started talking early and you showed a joy for life at an early age. The peacefulness in your spirit was beyond you young years. Now here you are, graduating from the school that you dreamed of attending since you were eight years old. We are so blessed and so very proud to be your parents. Not just because you are graduating from THE Temple University, but because you arc and shall always be our son and we do, and always will, love you. "Go Owls."I can't even begin to tell you how difficult il is to write this understated tribute, since it only signals you are about to pursue your own career and life. We both know that you are ready. Your mom and I are so proud of what you have accomplished these past few years. Fortunately, you have recognized the importance of your education and the choices that you make and how those decisions can positively or negatively influence your future. It only seems like yesterday that you were attending your first day at pre-school in The Netherlands, demonstrating your sweet chin music wrestling move on me and knocking me through your closest door, graduating from Downingtown East, walking for days to find your first apartment at Temple, calling me to pick you up from your Montgomery street apartment after the gas line was broken at 3:00 in the morning, interning at Cephalon. and Rapid Trials, meeting with Keesa Bonds, going all of those restaurants in Philly, especially our Village Whiskey. You and I both know that I could just keep listing all of the great times and memories we have shared together and as a family. The best part is that now we can look forward to creating a lot of new memories together and 1 can't wait. I know that it won't be long before you are truly off on your own and I will be the first to admit that the thought of you not being at home and hear you utter those beloved words “ Dad you are such a........ . Well that's it my dear son and as I have told you many times before, “l we are so proud of you”. Congratulations on your accomplishment and thanks for being such a terrific son. hristopher Love. YGD . YOM 214STEPHEN Congratulations on all your achievements 216 WITH LOVE PRIDE MOM, DAD, LOU JR, ED ANNIE217Congratulations Noe lie! Yesterday: Lollipops, Puppies, and Dolls. Today: Achievements, Accomplishments, and Pursuing Your Dreams! You are on your way! We are so proud of your accomplishments and how hard you’ve worked to achieve your goals. Best wishes as you venture out into the world and set more goals to achieve. We Love You, Mom Dad Kelsey Hudson Where did the time go? We're so very proud of all that you have persevered through and accomplished! As you go along your chosen path, we will miss having you here with us but know that you will do great things in your life. We love you Kelsey and are so very proud of you! With much love, Mom, Dad, Brit, and Tom. 218TEMPLE UNIVERSITY From the very beginning in addition to great love, we had great hope for your future. The journey to your college graduation has brought us joy beyond measure. Knowing it takes a village to raise a child, we thank all those who played a roll in your development: family, teachers, counselors, coaches, and friends.The schools you attended:Twin Spring Farm Day School, Pennbrook Middle School, and North Penn High School built a solid foundation. Now, as you stand on the threshold of the rest of your life, we know you have the tools necessary for a bright future. We are so very proud. As you prepare to pursue graduate studies in law, stay focused on the prize. Remember what you always said you wanted when just a little girl. Your “Parental Unit" will be with you always. The journey continues. Mom and Dad (( ,, (J. ? ' dontHe (f. oManninij-bWhere have the years gone? .... It seems like yesterday, we are taking you home from the hospital in North Philadelphia as our second baby boy. Within a few years, we lerned to always smile at hearing your endless requests to try a new adventure as we traveled the world. To our delight, you always stayed focus committed for your success in classroom academics, athletics activity and each adventure. We are so very happy as you complete your senior year as a Temple University graduate. A little over four years ago, you left home eager to start your college experience as a "Biology - Chemistry" major and become a new member of the "10th Diamond" Temple Owls college football team in Philadelphia, PA. You and your fellow freshman teammates came to Temple to win and in time would prove to be part of the record setting most successful senior class from 2008 -2011 in school history. We truly enjoyed going to all 50 games, witnessing the teams success and cheering your contribution. You have made us so very proud with our new name - "Wayne's Parents". Wayne, you have achieved your immediate goals at Temple University but continue to blaze your own trail for success, speak your mind when necessary, help those in need and not rest in the shadows of others. Love Mom, Dad and RyanWE ARE ALL PROUD OF YOU! LOVE YOU, DAD, MOM, AND ANALISE So many moments to look back on. So many to look forward to. Only one moment to be in. Enjoy! Congratulations Birdy. Love, Mom, Dad, and Kevin 222Congratulations, Marc Daryl. Graduation from college starts your quest for a brighter future and better endeavor in life. As the song says “Climb every mountain”. You are now on your way to the top of the "mountain”. Make use of the knowledge and skills you have acquired from one of the best Universities in the county to face the challenges that will come your way. It has prepared you to approach your chosen career and profession in the most excellent ways. Continue to be enthusiastic for higher education and learning in order to be better serve your family and humanity You have the ability to do and make it. Good luck, God bless and have faith in your talents and intellect at all times. We'll pray for your continued success. From• Papa and Mommy, Your sisters Mariz and Maricris AND BROTHER MARLOWE 223Congratulations to our special young lady, Sarah Spady on her BBA degree 224 Sky's the limit!From, Mom, Mom Mom, Victor Khalil, Tamika, Aasi, Jadayah, Idris, Lameer, London, Malan, Zamir, Charlotte, Margaret, Freddy, Cookie, William, Josephine, Evelyn, Ciara, Tasha, Florah, Charlene, Carlette, Lil Anthony, Albert, Greg, )oe,Janaya, Big Anthony, Reneier, Rose, Rayne, Tamara, Daron, Byron, Teny Tyree, and Jawine 225Congratulations to our beautiful daughter Elizabeth Thea Howarth We are so very proud of you and whan you have accomplished. You worked hard and never gave up even when life got tough. We always knew you would succeed and we wish you nothing but the best wherever life’s path leads you. You can achieve anything you set your mind to and you will be a very successful woman with us beside you all the way. We love you very much, Mom and Tom PETER CARDWELL Class of 2012 Congrats Temple Grad! Now onto Law School; y cease to amaze us! Love, Dad, Mom and KatieAngelique, Ralph Waldo Emerson once said “What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” We are overwhelmed by love and admiration for what lies inside you and who you have become. Love Mom Dad We are so proud of you. We can't wait to see the GREAT plans God has waiting for you. Jeremiah 29:11. Love, Uncle Dom, Aunt Carol, Giavanna Fiona Congrats and God Bless. Love Aunt Barbara, Uncle Bill, Jesse S Billy “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. You're on your own. And you know what you know. You are the gal who'll decide where to go. ” Dr. Seuss 227228We've traveled the world, and haven't found a better daughter Love you, Mom and DadYou rose into our lives like a promised sunrise, brightening our day with the light in your eyes”. We held you close but left room for growth, you bloomed with vigor, freshness, beauty, uncompromising strength and integrity. Brittney Marie, we are so grateful for the gift God has entrusted us with and that is you, our treasure. Congratulations, Peace and Blessings, Nana, Pap, Madge, Aunt Emma, Aunt Gwen, Aunt Lynn, Auntie Helen, Uncle Ray, Uncle Al, Uncle Brett, Brianna, Raina, Mr. Boo Boo and Sean. Your Heavenly Angels, Grandmom, Pop-Pop, Nanaffl, Grandpop and Aunt Joyce. 230Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus 'Phillipians 1:6 A job well done, congratulations, couldn't be prouder of you Love, Mom, Dad, Erik, Devin, Grandmom and Grandpop Widman, Grandmom Hood To My Precious Granddaughter Alexandria Congratulations on your wonderful achievement! This is the biggest by far! I am sure there is more to come. Follow your dreams and they will surely come true. Good Luck, Health, and Happiness. With Pride and Love, Always Your Ever-Loving Grandmother “Nana Ree” 231Congratulations Carley Richman! I'll love you forever, Love, Mom, Dad, and Ryan —Congratulations- --------Noelle Roby— We are so very proud of you for all your accomplishments! We loved watching you on TU Update and Owl Sports! Wishing you the best of luck and love in all your future endeavors. Loving you always and forever, Mom, Dad, Georgina, Josh, and Ryan 232Eric, Congratulations and best wishes on the occasion of your graduation from Temple University! With love, The Mozes family Mom, Dad, Dan, Ellie, and JonCongratulations and best wishes to our Temple Graduate, Amanda Marie Gavin e are so 234 (bar a. Genevieve 86 jbniz, Huda 86 I Aziz, Waliah 86 vcv, Ztturc 86 m. Thanu 86 o, Kevin 86 nu, Jessica 86 , Ashley 86 jba, Oyinkansola 86 Ic, Adebusayo 86 nmi, Bcncdicta 86 itis, Lindsay 86 lga, Vincent 86 Ifreen, Amina 86 Jgbede, Philip 86 l ren, Kathryn 86 Ihmad, Shiraz 86 Ihmadfoaad, Fatin 86 ihmed, Sara 86 fc, Vanessa 86 live bo, Folasadc 86 Udrduro, Bisola 86 liter, Sheuli 86 U- Asha, Jihad 86 U'l loothy, Aqecl 86 li-Kaabah li, Jeffrey 86 U-Rokh, Adam 86 Ubright, Christopher 86 Beano, Christopher 86 Udridge, Imani 86 tkrda, Erika 87 Uexander, Joanna 87 Ilford, Gabriellc 87 Uford, Matthew 87 IScn. Ashley 87 iUcn.Janclk 87 Umanzar, Elvis 87 Uston, Kanitra 87 Uston, Taraya 87 Imankwaa, Adwoa 87 Imisson, Colleen 87 Imoakoh, Louisa 87 Unole, Marlissa 87 Imrhein, Alison 87 Inderson, Monika 87 Inderson, Samantha 87 Inderson, Shantca 87 Indre, Kervine 87 Indreini, Michael 87 Indricks, Ryan 87 Ingclos, Christopher 87 Inshant, Laura 87 bttom, Dorothea 87 Intwi, Henrietta 87 Ipcldom, Holly 87 Iprile, Lisa 87 Iruai, Paulo 87 Inmgwa, Christina 87 Incc, Jeremy 87 Ishfaq, Madiha 87 Vihley, Tiara 8S Issaraf, Daniel 88 Attigah-Price. Walter 88 Au. Ka 88 Auslander, Eric 88 Awry, Fred 88 Iwceky. Michele 88 Avtni, Victoria 88 Izard, Barborah 88 B Bibad. Adina 88 iibb, Kendra 88 3ich, Adam 88 Siciiant, Danielle 88 ichman, Lora 88 3ier, Samantha 88 3jj. Yiran 88 fculey, Lauren 88 Sailey, Nicholas 88 Baker, Karla 88 island, Alexandria 88 Baidassari. Laura 88 Baldrich, Brittni 88 Ballard, Samuel 88 Ballasy, Lucas 88 Balter. Yuliy 88 Bannister, Ebony 88 Baptiste, Dorothy 88 Baptiste, Marie 88 Barbagallo, Brendan 88 Baringcr, Amy 88 Barksdale-Davis, Latiesha 89 Barnes, Antoinette 89 Barnes, Marvin 89 Barnett, Jarret 89 Barrett, Adam 89 Battaglia, Stephen 89 Bayer, Lauren 89 Bazcmorc, Charmainc 89 Bean, Krystal 89 Beaty, Danielle 89 Beaudette, Catherine 89 Beavers, Shanisc 89 Bccklcy, Summer 89 Bclasvicz, Stephanie 89 Bell, Cassandra 89 Bcllcshcim, Joseph 89 Bclogorodsky, Dimitry 89 Benner, Kaitlyn 89 Bennett, Chioma 89 Benoit-Jean, Clinton 89 Benson, James 89 Bentley, Rebecca 89 Benvenuto, Victor 89 Berg, Ian 89 Bergey, Aimcc 89 Berkowitz, Brooke 89 Bcrrocal, Erika 89 Berry, Alexis 89 Berry, Amanda 89 Bethea, Rosetta 89 Bhikadiya, Brisha 90 Bhojwani, Simmy 90 Bicn-Aime. Jenny 90 Bilardo. Brittany 90 Bilbruc, Stephanie 90 Binns, Kevin 90 Bisacquino, John 90 Bitlcr, Lindsey 90 Bivins-Abdullah, Sahar 90 Black. Kellian 90 Blake, Shaniqua 90 Blanco-Urgclles, Iris I. 90 Blanks, Dorothy 90 Blocton, Brian 90 Boateng, Freda 90 Boateng, Joseph 90 Boateng, Whitney 90 Boberick, Casey 90 Bobev, Steven 90 Bobo. Nyjaa 90 Bockius, William 90 Bocmcr, Jaclyn 90 Bogan, Allison 90 Bogdanoff, Tracy 90 Boggs, Kirsten 90 Bolinc, Katherine 90 Bonezyk, Stephanie 90 Bonfiglio, Paul 90 Bookbinder, Nicholas 90 Borell, Kaitlin 90 Boris, Nicole 91 Bova. Michael 91 Bowder, Elise 91 Bowman, Kara 91 Bowman, Katherine 91 Boykins. Yolanda 91 Boylan. Justin 91 Brace)-, Ai-Nisa 91 Brakoniecki, Edward 91 Brandsdorfer, Evan 91 Braxton, Rob 91 Breeze, Bondev 91 Brcslin-Foulkrod, Haley 91 Brett, Jenna 91 Breznicky, Lindsay 91 Briggs, Dcandra 91 Brigidi, Matthew 91 Broadwell, Steve 91 Brooks, Malika 91 Brooks, Morgan 91 Brown, Alexandra 91 Brown, Alexandria 91 Brown, Anthony 91 Brown, Ashlcc 91 Brown, Danielle 91 Brown. Kaif 91 Brown, Kaitlyn 91 Brown, Mcaghan 91 Brown. Olivia 91 Brown, Paige 91 Brown, Shanccn 92 Brown. Thomas 92 Brown. Virginia 92 Bryson, Jermaine 92 Bucciero, Angelique 92 Buchanan, Jessica 92 Buckley, Blaize 92 Buckman, Bret 92 Buda. Corinne 92 Bui, Tina 92 Bunch, Samantha 92 Burden, Jason 92 Burke, Patrick 92 Bums. Michael 92 Burton. Deborah 92 Burton, Derek 92 Bush, David 92 Bush, Kristal 92 Bustos, Max 92 Butler, Andrea 92 Byarms, Florastinc 92 Bynum, Nvlcs 92 Byrd, Jasmine 92 C Ca, Thi 92 Cabral, Jasmine 92 Cadge, Laura 92 Camagna. Zachary 92 Camilo, Abigail 92 Caminiti, Lauren 92 Campanclla. Amanda 92 Campbell. Kevin 93 Campbell. Shamcka 93 Campcllonc. Sabatino 93 Canary, Alexis 93 Cane Ion, Andres 93 Canizarcs, Tiara 93 Capers, Shakeciu 93 Capodici, Robert 93 Cardwell, Peter 93 Carmichael, Ashley 93 Carr. Octavia 93 Carrasco, Joshua 93 Carrington, Courtney 93 Carroll, Dennis 93 Carson, Erin 93 Carter, Christina 93 Carter, Justin 93 Carter, Melodic 93 Carter, Shawn 93 Carvin, Jessica 93 Casino, Christopher 93 Cassells, Rochelle 93 Cassells. Shani 93 Cassidy, Joanna 93 Caste!, Safiya 93 Castillo. Patricia 93 Castro, Sasha 93 Cayctano, Sabrina 93 Celia, Christine 93 Centafont, Ashley 93 Chambliss, Queen 94 Chan, John 94 Chan, Tek 94 Chapman lii, Robert 94 Chapman, Thomas 94 Charles. Jessica 94 Chaszczcwicz, Jacqueline 94 Chau, Tram 94 Chaudluy, Sarah 94 Chavez, Gabriellc 94 Cheek, I lattic 94 Chen, Tiffany 94 Chen, Ting 94 Cheung, Gary 94 Cheung. Wai 94 Childs, Elaine 94 Choi, Andy 94 Choing, Christopher 94 Choudhary, Wajeeha 94 Choudhry, Aruj 94 Christopher, Devin 94 Chung, Joo 94 Cicchini, Samantha 94 Cilingin, John 94 Clancy, Najee 94 Clark. Cara 94 Clark. Darnita 94 Clark, Melody 94 Clark, Tonisha 94 Clarke, Gillian 94 Clarkson, Kaitlyn 95 Cleaver, Christina 95 Clinton, Jamillia 95 Clugston, Timothy 95 Clymer, Jessica 95 Coffee, Yvonne 95 Cogan. Cariy 95 Cohan, Alexis 95 Cohen, Simone 95 Coker, Scan 95 Collier, Katrese 95 Collinclli, Michael 95 Collins, Joseph 95 Colmcnares, Francy 95 Colon, Eric 95 Conn. Nicole 95 Contastc, Monifa 95 Contcc, Chametta 95 Cook. Ashley 95 Cook, Shavna 95 Coombs. Danette 95 Cooper, Jillian 95 Cooper, Samuel 95 Corbo. Amber 95 Comman. Nicole 95 Correa, Lvnettc 95 Corrigan, Aurclic 95 Cortcllini. Maria 95 Cortes, Maria 95 Cosico,Jasphcr95 Costa. Kcsianc % Costello, Kathryn 96 Coughlin, Patrick 96 Coulter, I jura 96 Council. Gene 96 Countis, Brittany 96 Cowart. Assata 96 Cowden, David 96 Cox, Elizabeth 96 Cozzolino, Elizabeth 96 Cranage. Alyson 96 Cras, Rvan % Cratic, Nairobi 96 Crawford, Lisa 96 Creamer, Amber 96 Crispino, Alex 96 Crouse, Robert 96 Crusemire, James 96 Cruz, Ivclissc 96 Cruz, Jessica 96 Cui, Kristina 96 Cullmann, Megan 96 Curato, Diana 96 Curtis, Britney % Cush, Kevin 96 D Daddario, Jessica 96 Daily, John 96 Daley, Man- 96 235D Dames, Tiffany % Dandrca. Eric 96 Dankuiich, Ycvgcniv 97 Dansbv, Laura 97 Dao. Dzung 97 Darby. Serena 97 Darko. Esther 97 Dasilva. Veronica 97 Datskovskv, Anna 97 Davidzenka, Liudmila 97 Davis, Cierra 97 Davis. Nicole 97 De Bardclcbcn, John 97 Dc Jesus, Joanna 97 De La Cruz Santos, Framary 97 Dcbcrardinis, Jennifer 97 Dcblicck, Nicole 97 Dects, Laura 97 Deitz, Matthew 97 Dejesus, Gabriel 97 Del Giomo, Emilian 97 Deland, Ryan 97 Delash. Kyle 97 Dcloatch, Danielle 97 Dclquadro, Anita 97 Deng, Yuchen 97 Dcnucci, Crystal 97 Dep-zscale, Erica 97 Deriggi, Christina 97 Dcroose, Nicholas 97 Dcsahi, Jeffery' 97 Dcsanto, Christina 97 Dcshazo, Ashley 98 Desir, Marvin 98 Desir, Nady 98 Dcstcfano, Kaitlyn 98 Destimc, Sabrina 98 Destime, Vanessa 98 Devassy, Roni 98 Devlin, Danielle 98 Dcvoe, Evans 98 Devote, Christine 98 De ii, Allyson 98 Diaz, Amanda 98 Diego, Emily 98 Difranccsco, Jenna 98 Diggs, Latonya 98 Dike, Izuchukwu 98 Dilco, Anthony 98 Dillon, Christopher 98 Dimaggio, Daniela 98 Dimitri dcvic, Alcksandar 98 Ding, Cindy 98 Dinh.John 98 Dinkins, Rhonda 98 Dipaul, Christopher 98 Dipentino, Dana 98 Dishman, Stacey 98 Ditaranto, Drew 98 Dmitruck, Jessica 98 Dobrowolski, Mateusz 98 Dolansky, Jody 98 Doll. Allison 99 Donaldson. Anneatha 99 Donaldson, Nicole 99 Doneson, Loryn 99 Dong, Yi 99 ' Donnelly, Amanda 99 Donnelly, Jonathan 99 Donnelly, Tara 99 Dossou, Marylinc 99 Dosunmu, Remi 99 Doughcr, Briana 99 Dougherty, Kaitlyn 99 Dougherty, Kelley 99 Dougherty, Tyler 99 Douglas, Courtney 99 Dove, Dcrcmy 99 Downs, Kevin 99 Doylcy, Desmond 99 Dry-den, Miles 99 Du. Lin 99 Dufly, Thomas 99 Dugan. Dcnccc 99 Dunbar. Malcolm 99 Duncan. Bridgcttc 99 Duncan. Derrhyi 99 Dunlap. Kia 99 Dunmorc, Amanda 99 Dunn. Sarah 99 Duong, Michael 99 Dupuis. Philip 99 Dymszo, Stephanie 100 E Ebert, Paul 100 Eckcrson, Peter 100 Edmonds, Brandy 100 Edwards, Rachael 100 Ellis, Ashley 100 Ellitt.Tasneem 100 Emory, Amber 100 Eng, Jason 100 Eng. Krystal 100 Englcman, Lauren 100 English, Cory 100 English. Dalissa 100 Ernst, Bryan 100 Escna, Alex 100 Esiaba, Nr.cnna 100 Eskridge, Shanya 100 Esser, Brittany 100 Essien, Jasmine 100 Essuman. Nana Yaw 100 Estangcl. Edlor 100 Estcpani, Benjamin 100 Estcves. Tracy 100 Estioko, Marc Daryl 100 Eugene, Sonia 100 Evangelista, Tara 100 Ewton. Alexa 100 F Faiq, Dalai 100 Faison, Brittany 100 Faloo, Rosalia 100 Fanning, Morgan 101 Farcri-Caines, Andrew 101 Family, Fiona 101 Fasanya, Patricia 101 Felts, Kelly 101 Fcnimore, Leah 101 Fcra, Victoria 101 Fcrnald, Lauren 101 Finch, Gabriellc 101 Fink, David 101 Finn. Karric 101 Fisher, Shirley 101 Fitzgerald, Kuric 101 Flagcr, Rose 101 Flagg, Rctona 101 Flanders, Kimberly 101 Flavicn, Michele 101 Flcury, Joshua 101 Flocco, Matthew 101 Flynn, Scott 101 Fochtman, Rhiannon 101 Fofana, Kadija 101 Foley, Wilbert 101 Fornah-Dclo, Mbalu 101 Forrest, Monique 101 Foster, Stcphcnie 101 Fowlkes, Corwin 101 Francis, Christine 101 Francis, Jennifer 101 Franklin, Karlec 101 Franklyn, Shelly 102 Freeland, Emmanuel 102 Freeman, Blair 102 Frye, Christine 102 Fulmer, Marc 102 Furman, Rachel 102 G Gaffney, Harry 102 Galambos, Alexandria 102 Galkin, Maria 102 Gallagher, Lauren 102 Galvin, Kirsten 102 Gambino, Jacquelyn 102 Gan, Gan 102 Gandhi, Dimple 102 Gandy, Lashera 102 Gankcvich, Bogdan 102 Gantt, Kaila 102 Garbarino. Aricllc 102 Garcia. Anastacia 102 Garcia, Hazel 102 Garcia, Joshua 102 Gardner, Lauren 102 Garvannc, Hilary 102 Garvey, Sara 102 Gattis, Gina 102 Gavin, Amanda 102 Gay, Ashley 102 Gay, David 102 Gcdcus, Soirinc 102 Gclb. Daniel 102 Gcnsel, Lauryn 103 Gerard, Jeremy 103 Gerhard, Rebecca 103 German, Phillip 103 Gibbs, Brian 103 Gibbs, Etrusia 103 Gibson. Michael 103 Gibson, Paul 103 Gill, Allison 103 Giulian, Christine 103 Gizzio. Kali 103 Gladman, Khadijah 103 Glass, Elizabeth 103 Gobio.Johnta 103 Godov, Jesus 103 Godshalk, Marissa 103 Gok, Seda 103 Golanoski, Thomas 103 Gomez, Voncc 103 Good, Audrey 103 Gooslcy. Jeffery 103 Goyzman, Julia 103 Graver, Angelica 103 Graves, Shinelle 103 Gray, Monique Lyncllc 103 Graziano, Jessica 103 Green, Janay 103 Green, Nikia 103 Green, Stephanie 103 Greenfield, Amelia 103 Greenfield, Rohan 104 Grecnhalgh, Hannah 104 Gregory, Iaincc 104 Gregory, Mary 104 Gregory, Matthew 104 Griffin, Alexandria 104 Griffin, Daniel 104 Griffin, Elliot 104 Griswold, Cody 104 Gritter, Kristina 104 Grodzki, Julie 104 Groff, Zachary 104 Grogan, Holly 104 Grondski, Pamela 104 Grooms, Dana 104 Gu, Mcngjia 104 Gualticri, Brittany 104 Guarnicri, Stefanie 104 Gudknccht, Michele 104 Guilford, Adrian 104 Guinn, Tyree 104 Gulamali, Muzna 104 Gunzenhauscr, Abbey 104 Gural, Lauren 104 Gussman, Kathryn 104 Guzman, Anthony 104 H Haar, Michael 104 Haddy, Jennifer 104 Hagopian, Julie 104 Hagstotz, Renee 104 Halfin, Nicole 105 I Jail, Antoine 105 Hall, Ashlcv 105 Hall, Celia 105 Hall, Christopher 105 Hammerschmidt. Jason 105 Hammond, Antoine 105 Han, Anna 105 Han. 1 lyo 105 Han, Ron 105 Hanco. Samantha 105 1 larding, Christopher 105 Hargrove, Anna 105 Harid, Nitish 105 Harmon, Brittany 105 Hamer, Erin 105 Harrell, Najah 105 Harris, Andrea 105 Harris, Craig 105 Harris. Jacqueline 105 I larris, Syketa 105 Harris, Zachary 105 Hart, Scott 105 Him, Kristie 105 Hasan, Rasha 105 Hasselmo, Christina 105 Hatooka, Michelle 105 Haviland. Paul 105 Haymcs, Amanda 105 Haynes. Edward 105 He. Jiali 106 1 leng. Chhay 106 Henry, Jessie 106 Henry, Tamcshia 106 Hernandez, Jovan 106 Heron, Austin 106 Herrera, Krisriana 106 Herring. Jessica 106 Hess, Christopher 106 Hess, Kvle 106 Hibbard, Maxwell 106 I licks, Sarah 106 Hiddcmen, Kevin 106 Higgins, John 106 Higgins, Natalie 106 Hildebrandt, Kimberly 106 Hilghman, Sara 106 Hill, Kimberly 106 Hill, Vincent 106 Hilton, James 106 Hindman, Tara 106 Hinds, Marie 106 Hines, Javminc 106 Hinton, Franklin 106 Hinton, Maria 106 Hirsch, Benjamin 106 Hitchcock, Ronald 106 Hoang, Tiffany 106 Hodzic, Irma 106 Hoffmann. Casey 106 Hofmann, Cassandra 107 Hollcrbach, Melissa 107 Hollis, Christopher 107 Holloway, Shakirah 107 Holmes, Janaca 107 Hood, Christy 107 Hood, Kcclin 107 I lopcck, Kaitlyn 107 I lopkins, Erin 107 Horrox, Jason 107 Horst, Eric 107 Horwitz, Kara 107 Houston, Sonya 107 Howarth, Elizabeth 107 Huang, Jcrvaise 107 I luang. Lixiang 107 Huang, Yong 107 Hudgins, Victoria 107 Hudson, Kelsey 107 Hughes, Matthew 107 Huhn, Daniel 107 Hui, Elic 107 Hunt, Michael 1071 -Ttcr, Heather 107 dburt, Sara 107 -jyuh, Jennifer 107 »Jer, Saraya 107 : xonc, David 107 ai, Elizabeth 107 anna, Nailah 107 ipagliazzo, Jordan 108 achoco, Mark 108 .ollingo. Michael 108 fun, Portia 108 •tintolo, Alani 108 vang, Afftong 108 tarry, Jessica 108 Am, Nayan 108 'xfcson, Ashley 108 dcson, Jalccsa 108 xk on, Kara 108 dcson. Tamika 108 fcob, Priya 108 cobs, Steven 108 xques, Guesthia 108 mes, Christopher 108 zg, Bonnie 108 Aage, Robert 108 ;n, Mikhail 108 dkin, Jacquelyn 108 c-erette, Totsie 108 rgcleski. Nicole 108 risen, Danielle 108 wdin, Cassandre 108 ;n, Dan 108 •none , Jayvic 108 An, Line)-108 Anson, Courtney 108 Anson, Rebecca 108 Anson, Shacora 108 Anson, Sheken 109 Anston, Nicole 109 inter, Carlondra 109 oes, Amina 109 oes, Brianna 109 coes, Brittany 109 oes, Kabbonc 109 coes, l.anac 109 oes, Lydia 109 coes, Rochelle 109 edan, Judic-Ann 109 stph, Camille 109 s«ph, Donna 109 seph, Earia 109 aado, Danicla 109 K ubbah, Kollic 109 Ciko, Bashar 109 (imara, Namah 109 Urnara, Salem 109 (imarcr, Lindsay 109 vindeh, Herbert 109 unnengieszer, Nicole 109 iap’an, Allison 109 vapoor, Pankaj 109 (aronis, Anne 109 iashcr, Jason 109 (atsatyi an, Jessica 109 iaucher, Kevin 109 (nifmann, Justin 109 lie, Xiao Juan 109 Veats, Pamela 110 ieclcy. Thomas 110 ■Cecne, Christine 110 feUey, Kathryn 110 itndust, Jessica 110 ‘enyatta, Malcolm 110 Xerfoot, James 110 iiesici, Ccrcn 110 Kcsselring, Peter 110 Khafra, Kuntchcramcn 110 Khalili, Adam 110 Khatun, Lutfa 110 Kika, KlajdllO Kilgallen, James 110 Kilims, Brittany 110 Kiluk, Stephanie 110 Kim, Christine 110 Kim, Dongmin 110 Kim, Jin 110 Kint, Min 110 Kim, Srey 110 King, Jasmine 110 Kinning, Brittany 110 Kling. Julia 110 Kliwinski. Matthew 110 Klock, Stephanie 110 Knorr, Anne 110 Koch, Adam 110 Koch, Evan 110 Koffi, Reinc-Elodic 110 Kohl, Natalie 111 Konagai, Maaya 111 Konski, Andrea 111 Kordhishti, Aryola 111 Kordusky, Kaitlin 111 Koslosky, Courtney 111 Kostcr,Julianna 111 Koveal, I lolly 111 Kpanougou, Hategou 111 Kraft, Shea 111 Kramer,Joshua 111 Kramer, Walter 111 Krause, Drew 111 Krcnicki, Brynne 111 Kriebcl, Kelsey 111 Kudakachira, Jimmy 111 Kudzmas, Dorthca 111 Kuokka,Tiia 111 Kwagh, Jeremiah 111 Kwon,Jennifer 111 L Lachs, Matthew 111 Lacombc, Sara 111 I.ahart, Katclyn 111 Lai, Hiu Fong 111 Lai, Hoang 111 Lakuriqi, Laurcta 111 Lam. Jenny 111 Lam, Melissa 111 Lambert, Christopher 111 I-ampert, Harrison 111 Landers, Diana 112 Langston Banks, Danca 112 Langton, Lauren 112 Lanney, Michelle 112 Larsen, David 112 Larsen, Djery 112 Larson, Chelsea 112 Latta, Robert 112 I.auff, Amber 112 Latvia, Andrew 112 Lautcrbach, Mark 112 Lawrence. Megann 112 Lawson, Victoria 112 Lay, Chance 112 Lav, Nick 112 Lc, Duy 112 Lebo, Dominick 112 Lebrun, Eric 112 ladder, Brian 112 1-ee, Donghyun 112 I-cc, Grace 112 I-cc, Hyman 112 I-cc, Min-Chin 112 1-ee, Robert 112 I-cc, Sernmic 112 I-cc, Sunghce 112 Lee, Wei-Ting 112 Leftridge, Courtney 112 I-ci, Ka I.eng 112 Lei, Miaoyan 112 Leidy, Aiwa 113 I-clachc, Ryan 113 Lcncicki, Richelle 113 I-conard, Nia 113 I-cttman, Lauren 113 Levinson, Kirsten 113 Lewis, Aaron 113 Lewis, Brian 113 Lewis, Kyrcc 113 Lewis, Sarah 113 Lewis, Tisluenah 113 Li, Ling 113 Lim, Julianna 113 Lin, Danhong 113 Un.Jic 113 Lin, Tao 113 Under, Taina 113 Lipko. Brian 113 Little, Chelsea 113 Liu, Jennifer 113 Liu, Sam 113 Liu, Zhao 113 Lloyd, Michael 113 Lober, Jonathan 113 Lock. Kelly 113 Loh. Catherine 113 Loncy, Vanessa 113 Long. Lisa 113 lainginan, Julie-Ann 113 Longo, David 113 Lopez, Jessica 114 Lopez, Lina 114 Lord. Randolph 114 Loria, Joseph 114 Lu, Lucia 114 Lucci, Michael 114 Lucicn, Allyson 114 Luskin, Colleen 114 Lutz, Ryan 114 Lyde, Randolph 114 Lynch, Chelsea 114 Lynch, Denise 114 Lynch, Stephen 114 Lyons, Brigid 114 M Macfarland, Mary 114 Mack, Mia 114 ' Maclacklin, Tovah 114 Macolino, Lauren 114 MafFiorc, Timothy 114 Magee, Barbara 114 Magerr, Daniel 114 Mahoney, Ronald 114 Mahoney, Suzanne 114 Maicr.Joan 114 Majekodunmi, Faye 114 Malik, Amara 114 Malik. Bilal 114 Malik, Hasan 114 Mallon, Kristen 114 Mang. Ashley 114 Mannings, Chloe 115 Mansour, Aziza 115 Marcovirz, Ashley 115 Marino, Francesca 115 Marshall, Melissa 115 Martin, Elizabeth 115 Martinez. Jason 115 Martinez, Laurence 115 Mashett, Paul 115 Mason, Joel 115 Mason, Lyndcll 115 Matarazzo, Margie 115 Mathews, Stan 115 Matlack, Erin 115 Mattioli, Kami 115 Matza, Michele 115 Maybury, Isak 115 MeBrearty, Lauren 115 McCaffrey, Jennifer 115 McCarthy, Daniel 115 McCarthy, Kristen 115 McCarthy, Lauren 115 McCarser. Shane 115 McColc. Jordan 115 McConnell, Kevin 115 McCrawford, Jasmine 115 McCullough, Michael 115 McDaniel, Megan 115 McDermott. Alyssa 115 McDermott, Erica 115 McDonald, Andrew 116 McDonald, Onisha 116 McDowell, Robin 116 McGhee, Briana 116 McGill, Khadijah 116 McGlonc, Jessica 116 McIntyre, Brina 116 McIntyre, Craig 116 McKavanagh, Jessica 116 McKee, Casey 116 McKnight, Kiara 116 McKown, Katharine 116 McLean, Octavia 116 McNair, Anna 116 McNamara. Megan 116 McWilliams, Allison 116 Medina, Arielle 116 Mcitzlcr, Kailcv 116 Mcllingcr, Amanda 116 Mcmingcr, Laura 116 Mercer, Ashley 116 Mercer-Robbins, 'Tiffany 116 Meridc, Alyssa 116 Mcrola, Christopher 116 Meto, Bresilda 116 Miano, Christopher 116 Micun. Christopher 116 Mikhail, Mina 116 Mikulski, Erica 116 Milby, Robert 116 Mile, Enea 117 Milforr, Michael 117 Millard li. Derrick 117 Miller. Jalisa 117 Miller, Joseph 117 Miller, Katie 117 Miller, Marquis 117 Miller, Niesha 117 Mills, Colleen 117 Minkovich, Sally 117 Minner, Megan 117 Mintzer, Mary Rose 117 Mirmclshtcyn, Elina 117 Mittnacht, Tyler 117 Modres, Steven 117 Mohamcdali, Jabir 117 Mohamcdali, Kulthum 117 Mohammed, VVahida 117 Mohammed, Zuhra 117 Monaco, Kelly 117 Monhollan, Candice 117 Montcil. Natalie 117 Montgomery, Scan 117 Mooar, Kelly 117 Mooney, Paige 117 Moore, Calvin 117 Moore, Dared! 117 Moore, Jennifer 117 Moore. Ramonc 117 Moran, Jennifer 117 Moratclli, Eric 118 More! Diaz, Ixvcna 118 Moretzsohn, Ellen 118 Morey, Tamer 118 Morton, George 118 Moses, Marcel 118 Mosley, Martcacc 118 Moten, Camille 118 Moua, TsucRic 118 Moug.Tsucfcng 118 Moulot, Jean Marc Wognin 118 Mountain, Alexander 118 Mozes. Eric 118 Mu, Ying 118 Muchnick, Matthew 118 237 Mudigonda, Sahithi 118M Muh.un.ul Nawavvi, Nazatul Hana 118 Mulbah, Peaches 118 Muldoon, Justin 118 Mulladzhanov, Levi 118 Murphy, Kaitlin 118 Murphy, Rebecca 118 Murphy, Shannon 118 Murray, Tyisha 118 Murhcc, Anita 118 Myers, Haley 118 Myers, Reginald 118 Myslinski, Lyndsey 118 Myteberi, Ermir 118 N Nam, Steve 118 Napolitano, Alisa 119 Naulty, Raven 119 Navvrocki, Timothy 119 Ndau, Kristina 119 Ndemassoha. Marthely 119 Ncasc, Matthew 119 Nelson, Alyssa 119 Nelson, Jennifer 119 Nelson. Malik 119 Nelson, Samantha 119 Nelson, Shanicka 119 Ncsfcder, Alan 119 Neumann, Kyle 119 Ngo, Ling 119 Ngomirakiza, Yvan 119 Nguyen, Hong-Hanh 119 Nguyen, Lisa 119 Nguyen, Minh 119 Nguyen, Nancy 119 Nguyen, Paul 119 Nguyen, Tracy 119 Nguyen, Vu 119 Nichols, Nia 119 Nicolson, Megan 119 Nieves, Imani 119 Nigrclli, Samantha 119 Nik, Akmal 119 Nikolic, Ana 119 Niper, Kirsten 119 Nkansah, Hilda 119 Nobles, Katherine 120 Nolan, Kelly 120 Nord, David E. 120 Norris, Benjamin 120 Norsworthy, Jaclyn 120 Norton, Frances 120 Ntwari, Christophe 120 O O'bricn, Taylor 120 O'callaghan, Megan 120 Clone, Shannon 120 O’sullivan, Brendan 120 Obilo, Ugochukwu 120 Ochal, Melissa 120 Oclatis, Seth 120 Odonncll, l cnnis 120 Ogunkua, lawrcncc 120 Ogunmefun, Abosede 120 Oh, David 120 Oh, Scung 120 Ohai, Antoinette 120 Ohuabunwa, Amanda 120 Ojo, Atledcji 120 Olatujoye, Olushola 120 Onuma, Chinyerc 120 Ope, Jessica 120 Ordile, Erin 120 Orlando, Thomas 120 Orons, Melissa 120 Ortega, Alexis 120 Ortiz, Erlina 120 Ortiz, Jenise 121 Ortlieb, Justin 121 Oscar, Bernice 121 Oshlag, Samuel 121 Otojarc, Aghogho Blessing 121 Ottaggio, Lucas 121 Owens, Franklin 121 Ovvver, Christine 121 P Paaskc, Matgot 121 Pace, Alan 121 Padley, Ashley 121 Pajic, Justin 121 Palac, Joanna 121 Pale, Andrew 121 Palombi, Melissa 121 Panichclli, Anthony 121 Panik.Jacob 121 Papascraphim, Stefania 121 Pardakhti, Minoosh Tina 121 Parisi, Louis 121 Parker, Serena 121 Parker, Sherron 121 PatkeS, Corey 121 Parton, Jeannette 121 Pastorc, Vincent 121 Patel, Binta 121 Patel, Dharam 121 Patel, Hctal 121 Patel, Niraj 121 Patel, Pinal 121 Patel, Priya 122 Patel, Rajvi 122 Pawlyk, Alyssa 122 Peck, Terry’ 122 Peltz, Yuliya 122 Pcnalcs, Romcl 122 Pendleton, Wendy 122 Peng, Zitian 122 Peralta, Ana 122 Perkins, Shay la 122 Pesin, Ashley 122 Peters, Christine 122 Peters, Jasmin 122 Pctrozzicllo, Hillary 122 Pettit. Ryan 122 Pham. Oanh 122 Pham, Steven 122 Pham, Susanna 122 Pham. Thc-Iaun 122 Philbin, Patrick 122 Philippe, Lully 122 Phillips, Kimberly 122 Phung, Ashley 122 Phy, Eric 122 Phy, Sawoun 122 Pichardo, Kathclync 122 Pickens, Sonya 122 Pierre, Jcancllc 122 Pierre-Louis, Jessica 122 Pietrangelo, Shayna 122 Pignotti, Rachael 123 Pin, Soronn 123 Pinkney, Aisha 123 Pirollo, Rocco 123 PLsarski, Katrina 123 Pitigala, Niluckshi 123 Pizzolato, Matthew 123 Pizzuta, Daniel 123 Placcncia, Cynthia 123 Plcsati, Arnalda 123 Poeng, Ivhong 123 Pogolowitz, Rachel 123 Poindexter, Markeytia 123 Polachck, Marissa 123 Polhemus, Noelle 123 Polmountcr, Krista 123 Ponoci, Sonja 123 P x le, Chaurnc 123 Popiclis, Jennifer 123 Portee, Akela 123 Porter. Natalie 123 Posner, Rachel 123 Post, I.inday 123 Pough, Kenisha 123 Powell, Donnell 123 Powell. Mark 123 Prakriya, Divya 123 Preap, Vannara 123 Preuninger, Lisa 123 Pribulka. Andrew 123 Pritchard, Benjamin 124 Pro. Ashley 124 Prok, Pita 124 Psomiadis, Victoria 124 Pugh, Jocelyn 124 Pulcinella, Karly 124 Pulido, Erik 124 Pulli, David 124 Purvis, StclTany 124 Puscy, Roxanne 124 Pustovoyt, Vilen 124 Quansah, Lorraine 124 Quarmync, David 124 Quindlcn, Brian 124 Quinn, Megan 124 R Raftopoulos, Angelica 124 Rajamoorthi, Ananthi 124 Rajan, Abhilash 124 Ralls, Veronica 124 Ralph, Brittney 124 Ramadhin, Avinashi 124 Ramboyong, Angclca 124 Ramey, Sharay 124 Ramos. Gabriela 124 Ramos, Kevin 124 Ranc, Kevin 124 Rangel, Anna 124 Rao, Qi 124 Rasmussen, Laura 124 Rastettcr, Brendan 124 Ray, Adam 125 Ray, Alison 125 Rccck, Karolinc 125 Rcdrick. Camille 125 Recce, Casey 125 Reed, Dana 125 Reed, Mia 125 Reed, Tiara 125 Regan. Theresa 125 Regilus, Penina 125 Reid, Britt 125 Reid, Charlonda 125 Reid, Chawnqua 125 Reid, Kimberly 125 Reiley, Brian na 125 Reinhardt, Jonathan 125 Reneker, Jared 125 Reuter, Eric 125 Rhec, Billionaire 125 Ricci, Dana 125 Richards, Alexandra 125 Richards, Maria 125 Richman, Carly 125 Riesenberg, Samantha 125 Rinn. Andrew 125 Rivera, Lissette 125 Rivera, Tabatha 125 Rizzo, Paul 125 Robbins, Melissa 125 Roberts, Dinnel 125 Roberts, Megan 126 Robertson, Sidra 126 Robertson, Wesley 126 Robichaw, Victor 126 Robinson, Jamal 126 Robinson, Kiara 126 Robinson, Mark 126 Robinson, Morgan 126 Robinson, Serena 126 Robinson, Stuart 126 Robinson, Susan 126 Roby. Noelle 126 Rocchino, Gabricllc 126 Rodriguez, Jasmine 126 Rodriguez, Kimnicch 126 Rollc, Jenise 126 Rolon, Melanie 126 Romanowski, Brittany 126 Romasanta, Sarah 126 Root, Richard 126 Rose, Kelly 126 Rose. Stephen 126 Rosenthal, Laura 126 Rosetti, I.indsav 126 Rosso, Nicole 126 Roth, Kristina 126 Roughion, Ryan 126 Rowell, Lena 126 Roy Choity, Priyanka 126 Rucht, Alexandra 126 Rudolph, Jeannine 127 Rush, Justin 127 Russell, Ashley 127 Russell, Julia 127 Russell, Lindsey 127 Rutccki, John 127 Rutledge, Brittany 127 Rutt, Jennifer 127 Rycck, Keith 127 Rychlak. Mcrissa 127 Rymal, Rebecca 127 S Sagos, Bessie 127 Saidel, Erica 127 Saidlcr, Dana 127 Salamat. Vincent 127 Sali. Ilona 127 Saltry, Colin 127 Saltzman, Andrew 127 Sampathi, Pooja 127 Samsudin, Siti 127 Samuel, Adora 127 Samuels, Rosa 127 Sanchez, Carmen 127 Sanchez, Jaralec 127 Sanders, Rashccra 127 Sandhu, Nayjyot 127 Sands, James 127 Sapozhnikov, Yevgeniya 127 Sarappo, Michael 127 Sarker, I-ckhani 127 Sassani, Heather 128 Satehcll, Sallya 128 Saxe, Marc 128 Sayvonc, Susan 128 Scala, Maria 128 Scanish, Stephanie 128 Schaefer, Amanda 128 Schindle, Christopher 128 Schlatter, Stephen 128 Schlcidcr, Nicole 128 Schlichtcr, Christine 128 Schmidt, Benjamin 128 Schmidt, Rebecca 128 Schmitt, Katelyn 128 Schmitt-Hall, laura 128 Schmoyer, Grctchcn 128 Schmoyer. Samantha 128 Schneider, Brooke 128 Schneider, Daniel 128 Schoell, Samantha 128 Schrom, Gabricllc 128 Schrom, Gregory 128 Schuhl,John"l28 Schulz, Sydney 128 Schwcd, Diane 128 Schweitzer, Melissa 128 Scotland. Brittany 128 Scott. Latricia 128 Scott, Saesheen 128 Scull, Stephen 129 Seaton, Angelynn 129 Seaton. Pamela 129 Sedam, Samuel 129 Segal, Adam 129 Segal, Jacob 129 Segcl, Whimey 129 Seguin, Shawn 129Sarajanc 129 Ashley 129 , Mara 129 Phu 129 Monique 129 mott, Christopher 129 ddes, Mary 129 ih. Haley' 129 iah. Pankti 129 apiro, Alexandra 129 apiro, Hailey 129 arpe, Reginald 129 tbest. Alison 129 clmsky, Joseph 129 rrif, Hassan 129 tro. Robert 129 tth, Shivani 129 ields, Anthony 129 kids. Earl 129 inf'cld, Lauren 129 or. Kelsey 129 tilts, Carina 129 umberger, Joshua 130 orlcy. Jessica 130 ini, Francesco 130 ■iah, Fatmata 130 n. Hyc Ri 130 n, Lauren 130 -nmons, Marissa 130 nmons, Natalie 130 ooncic, Katclvn 130 Klair, Antonisha 130 , Michelle 130 , Daniel 130 Steve 130 ith. ArieUe 130 iith, Champagnac 130 iith, Cherric 130 iith. Jasmine 130 iith, Jenna 130 iith, Kayla 130 iith, Rachel 130 iith, Timothy 130 iith, Vanessa 130 iith-Davis, Koncisha 130 lith-Jaspcrs, Denise 130 »ok. Abbv 130 -osv, Angela 130 w, Shelby 130 -.Yilcr, Sophie 130 ), Donna 130 etan, Kchinde 130 ier, Bionca 131 nulwar, Anup 131 nncr, Kiara 131 ng.Jihun 131 snovsky, Naomi 131 zo.Jacyln 131 uk. Aleksandr 131 xr a, Victoria 131 icnccr, Jacquclync 131 »hn, Kimberly 131 surgeon, Alexandra 131 mtek, Jeffrey 131 t.Jean, Carlinc 131 lich, Nicholas 131 inoch, Michael 131 inton, Ann Marie 131 L-er, Kathryn 131 ■emrich, Dana 131 tengcr. Wiliam 131 rtvler, Andrea 131 wens, Caroline 131 Wens. Christopher 131 wens, Donita 131 Wenson, Danielle 131 reward. Maura 131 iditz, Nicholas 131 djwcll, Jennifer 131 kel. Kyle 131 •fee. Shira 131 Dner, Karen 131 Stoner, 1-eah 132 Strang, Justin 132 Straycr, Lara Taylor 132 Stroman. Latoya 132 Stuart, Anthony 132 Stubbs, Jonathan 132 Stull, Jessica 132 Su, Agatha 132 Su. Foong 132 Sued, Justin 132 Sudula, Susruta 132 Sugden, Brian 132 Sullivan, James 132 Sullivan, Ross 132 Sun. Tianyuan 132 Svay, Jayden 132 Swain, Sandra 132 Swed, Trisha 132 Sylvester, Kristen 132 T Ta. Vicki 132 Tagyc, Alicia 132 Taimanglo. Maricllc 132 Talley, Kevin 132 Tang, I-aisze 132 Tang, Siqi 132 Taylor. Brittney 132 Taylor. Lccandrcw 132 Taylor. Vicki 132 Telcwoda, Theizu 132 Temple, Glynne 132 Terpening, Francis 133 Thankachcn, Praisy 133 Thomas, Elena 133 Thomas. Jalccsa 133 Thomas, Kaitl)-n 133 Thomas, Kayla 133 Thomas, Marjorie 133 Thomas, Rachel 133 Thomas, Robin 133 Thomas, Tylisa 133 Thompson, Kamati 133 Thome, Angelica 133 Thornton, Icsha 133 Thrasher, James 133 Tilghman.Tamra 133 To. David 133 Toomer-Mesween, Victoria 133 Torio, Monica 133 Townsend, Danielle 133 Tran, Binh 133 Tran, Moan 133 Tran, Irinc 133 Tran, Tran 133 Travia.John 133 Travis, Carolyn 133 Trefit, Andrew 133 Tribuc. Wayne 133 Trinh, Jennifer 133 Trinh, Ken 133 Tripathy, Anannya 133 Trotman, Stephen 134 Troutman, Phillip 134 Troy. Lisa 134 Truong, Lisa 134 Truong, Tiffany 134 Tsui, Jennifer 134 Tuffour, Gifty 134 U Uban, Dexter 134 Uffen, Obot 134 IJkazim, Amarachi 134 Ullman, Shannon 134 Ung, Kristy 134 Uppal, Gagandeep 134 V Vaca, Miguel 134 Vachhani. Sonam 134 Valdcttaro. John 134 Valentino, Andrew 134 Valera, Sandra 134 Van, Lena 134 Vanblarcum, Meghan 134 Vann, Saveth 134 Varallo, Joseph 134 Varghese, Asha 134 Vasey. Jacob 134 Vazquez, Sol 134 Velasco, Joanna 134 Vcrrillo, Nicholas 134 Viafore, Stephen 134 Vicru, Nina 134 Vinson, Christine 134 Vitug.Jadc 135 Vivian, Caitlin 135 Vizzard. Patrick 135 Vo, Toan 135 Vogel, Daniel 135 Volio. Kathryn 135 Vollrath. Nicole 135 Volpc, Alicia 135 Volpe, Trisha 135 Vonjo, Hinga 135 Vu, Kristina 135 Vvas, Govinda 135 W Wagner, Jessica 135 Wagner, Kimberlv 135 Waholck, Elizabeth 135 Wainwright, Russell 135 Waldman. Zachary 135 Walker, Brianna 135 Walker, Krystin 135 Walsh, Jennifer 135 Walters, Jamie 135 Walton, Qjiealccna 135 Walz, Steven 135 Wan, Nicholas 135 Wan. Zahirah 135 Wandkr, Matthew 135 Wang, Yanlian 135 Wargo, Chelsea 135 Warner, Charles 135 Warnkc, Benjamin 135 Warren. Benjamin 136 Warren, Travis 136 Wasvlcnko, Nicole 136 Waters, Jazminc 136 Waters, Kcrilynn 136 Watson, Andrea 136 Waugh. Marlene 136 Webb, Danielle 136 Webb, I .auren 136 Weick. Daniel 136 Weinstein, Whitney 136 Weisenbach, Thomas 136 Weiss, Diana 136 Wcitzel. Katrina 136 Weldon, Nathaniel 136 Welle, Nicole 136 Wells, Michael 136 Wendt, Kateri 136 Wesley, Aonor 136 West, Gloria 136 Weston, Annabcllc 136 Weston. Brittany 136 Wheeler, Brccana 136 Whelan, Caitlin 136 Whetstone, Shancllc 136 Whitaker, Alesha 136 White. Alyssa 136 White. David 136 White, Lakeya 136 White. Wiletta 136 Whitehead, Sonya 137 Whitman, Megan 137 Widamen, Mercedes 137 Wiclosik, Stanley 137 Wilkinson, Marlua 137 Willgrubcr.Josh 137 Williams, AJdra 137 Williams, Christina 137 Wdliams, Jasmine 137 Williams, tawrcncc 137 Williams, Linda 137 Williams, Nicole 137 Williams, Steven 137 William , Victoria 137 Wilson, Francinc 137 Wilson, Jillian 137 Wilson, Katherine 137 Wilson, Ryan 137 Wisely, Veronica 137 Witmer, Rebecca 137 Witt, Allison 137 Wolf. Ashlcv 137 Wolfe. Rebecca 137 Wolo, Wede 137 Wong, Christina 137 Wong. Ho Chak 137 Wong. Jennifer 137 Woodard, Brent 137 Woods. Zalika 137 Workolo, Forkpayeah 138 Wright, Adam 138 Wright, John 138 Wright, Joseph 138 Wu, Qiuting 138 Wu, Susan 138 Wynne, Sean 138 Y Yamba, Sandra 138 Yang. Hu 138 Yang, Ying 138 Ycanay, Pauline 138 Yi. Hui 138 Yi, Shanyu 138 Yoo, Grace 138 Youmans. Monique 138 Young, Akilah 138 Young, Azia 138 Young, Kaitlynn 138 Young, Khamari 138 Young. Mary 138 Yung, Edward 138 Yuoli, Tuanlay 138 Yussuff, Abidemi 138 Z Zabic, Telesha 138 Zacharovich, Marguerite 138 Zack, Jeffrey 138 Zahn, Amanda 138 Zalan, Anna 138 Zambrano, Danielle 138 Zampetti, Courtney 138 Zavodnick, Elissa 139 Zhan, Lei 139 Zhen, Huiyan 139 Zhitnitsky. Yaroslav 139 Zhong, Shifen 139 Zimcl, Matthew 139 Zimmaro, Timothy 139 Zizzo, Joseph 139 Zulkitli, Fatimah Akmal 139 Zuo, Wenhao 139 Zvgmund-Fclt. Daniel 139 Zyman, Mark 139 239 General Information The 2012 Templar was created and produced entirely by an undergraduate student staff. Its 240 pages are printed on 100-pound matte finish stock paper for a press run of 3.100 copies. It is published by Jostens in State College, Pennsylvania. Jostens representative Phil Kline, provided much appreciated patience, making this book possible. John DiCarlo, Director of Student Media, served as the faculty adviser. Many thank goes to his assistance, helping us make this book as best as possible. The 2012 cover is a custom embossed cover, designed by Editor-in-Chief Lara Taylor Strayer. Its simplicity is meant to represent what this book is really all about: Temple University. Templar used Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 to create its pages, as well as Jostens online program, Yearbook Avenue. Note from the Editor I would like to thank everyone on my staff for all their hard work this year. Our last months in production, January and February, are always the roughest, but I appreciate the help and support from everyone who helped finish this book. In both media production, and life, there will always be something you wish you could back to fix or change. However, in the end, I hope that my staff v ill look at this book with pride, the same way each and every graduate should look back on their time spent at Temple University. Congratulations Class of 2012. Cover Production Editor in Chief, Lara Taylor Strayer Student Life Editor, Lauren Hertzler Academics Editor, Brittani Potts Athletics Editor, Jeffrey Janiczek Students and Organizations Editors, Brendan Mills Lindsay Thomson Kayla Cook Kyle Martin Sarah Anderton Kathryn Warburton Francisco Ovalle Photography Maryline Dossou and Emily Heller Photography Editor, Brendan Mills Marketing Director, Holly Furman Owl Pride Account Manager, Kelsey Hudson Graphic Designer, Zachary Gibson Copy Editor, Jessica Buchanan Contributors: Fallon Roberson-Roby, Mary Kate Gasiewski Carl Wolf Photography Herff Jones Photography •- Lara Taylor Strayer Copyright Editorial content does not necessarily reflect the view of the University. Copyright 2012. All rights reserved.

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