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' cowUia " teatne66 if 1 ' cow g eatne55 Academics Student Life Page 32 Page 20 k g People Organizations Advertisements )7 Page 90 Page 148 Page 58 ejYtpLe, nlvexMy, 2007 (Jkntple nlvefLtltu 2007 Templar Annua Volume 83 owLtta NEW and OLD... NOW and THEN... No doubt about it. Temple University is growing by leaps and bounds. The 2006 - 2007 school year alone was rife with changes and new adjust- ments. Ann WeaverHart became president ofthe university, signifying a new dimction for admin- istration. Coach Al Golden took over the football pmgram and Coach Fran Dunphy took over men ' s basketball. With an ever-expanding campus community and new construction left and right, students could see the university growing all around them - shaping the surmunding neigh- borhood as well as transforming from within. Opening tad e nt fi Studenlf. hurry to and from classes in front of the Bell Tower The lawn in front of Beury Hall was a popular location for capmus events. I Student I ifn i I ' ' ,. ife ' ld " Diversity University " - the nickname often associated with Tennple ' s unique student body-is here to stay. In the 2006 editionofthePrmcetonReview ' s r e esf 361Colle ges,1em } Q ranl ed No. 2 on its list of most diverse student populations. And it ' s a growing population at that. Total student enmllment has increased more than 17 percent since 2000. With numerous additions, such as a 24- hourStarbucksanda newshopping and movie complex at Avenue North, more students are choosing to live on campus as well. More than 8,000 students now live on or near Main Campus. That ' s twice the number that lived hem four years ago. Making the move toward a GREATER student community... that ' s what GROWTH is all about. Bass players tram the Boyer College of Music and Dance perform classical pieces at Verizon Hall in the Kimmet Center in Center City. Two students practice self defense techniques at a class in Pearson Hall run by the University Honors Program. I ICMIECCMIN ' Am new homecoming m committee tool ■■ kover the lool and feel of the festivities this year. For the first time, a student-run organization was calling the shots and arranging spirit week activities. Events kicked off with a group of over 1,000 students volunteering in different areas all over Philadelphia, cleaning up parks and working soup kitchens. Temple athletes and administrators auctioned themselves off for a date with the highest bidder. All proceeds went to the Coaches vs. Cancer program and the Dawn Staled Foundation. Of course traditional events such as the annual street fair also took place. Many organizations and vendors set up camp all over Llacouras Walk, the Bell Tower and 13th Street to offer food, activities, music and information. The Greek Showcase and Roots concert at McGonigle Hall rounded off the week, followed by an exciting football game with a 28-14 victory over Bowlini Green. By Meghan Grever " Shake. Shake you ' re moneymaker ' And boy. they did These young divas rocked the ground near the Bell Tower during Homecoming Week and made everyone want to " bust a move. " Ride a horse? Not at Temple ' s Homecoming This brave young student rode himself a cow Talk about " Got Milk ' ' " He ' s got a whole cow full of it Hopefully he was nice enough and shared with his friends. Homecoming Tooting his own horn, this Temple Diamond Band member helps liven up the game with his musclal talents. Wide receiver Travis Shelton takes time during the game to get a pep talk from Hooter after scoring a touchdown. Why I Love Homecoming Temple students? No. Gladiators. Just another fun activity at Temple ' s homecoming. heering their team to victory, iheerleaders kept the crowd pumped Center Alex Derenthal holds off the defense for a kick attempt. He helped the Owls break their 20- game losing streak. Homecoming The Carnival of Cultures, an event spnsored by the Study Abroad offices, shows students information about the cultures they would have a chance to experience if they chose to take a year, semester, or even a few days off to travel the world. f Dancing is a favorite activity of many students Below, these men and women show their moves to a cheering audience. OU KMOW YOU GO TO KNPLC WH M.. 1 Temple students work to get events that students can enjoy. This free event featured a book signing by acclaimed J author Terry McMillian ' QoOfr " ZOO, St.4A 0t (Ex. fcr ' Xfjiyltiru to £y i ' ' You won ' t wake up for your 9:40 class, but you will wake up early enough to walk around the free events held on Liacorus Walk and 13th Street. You get excited when ,: one of the prizes you can win at Temple acti itics is Diamond Dollars. You also have mistakenK tried to pay at a regular store with vour TUid. ' ou attend I ' ice Food and Fun Fridays to play Bingo and Texas 1 lold ' em before you go out for the night, and then end up staying there hen ou start w inning. 8 Temple Events rHj-jpiJ3 jhvjHj n ; Events are often held In the Student Center because It Is one of the most highly-vislted areas on campus. ' djttesv p«||laiq Campus ' IVogcam Board , ... Events ranging from karaoke to lectures are held to provide some fun and learning for students. Outdoor events, like this cookout at 1300 residence hall, are always student favorites. »U f0 h r ' - Student organizations set up their tables In the atrium of the Student Center to show fellow students what their organizations do and how you can become Involved. This group had numerous books with pictures and media, hoping to attract some students from the crowd. Temple Students come together to enjoy events put on by various organizations. Above, these students enjoy a moment on stage, dancing and having a good time in an event arranged by Main Campus Program Board. Temple Events In the fitness room at 1300 Residence Hall these students tread up and down on the elliptical trainers part of their workout 1300 is the only dorm that has its own fitness room. I=ITNI=S This Temple student finds that the best way to work out is with a little background music from his iPod to keep him pumping. With such a vast array of equipment to choose from, there is almost no excuse to not have a satisfying workout Strengthening his biceps, this student dedicates a few hours every week to keeping his body in shape. What is your favorite | - exercise . equipment? Melissa Pane Ellipticals Connor Sullivan Lat Bars 70 Fitness Recreation iV. Using all the resources that Temple has to offer, this student works on strengthening her arms on one of the exercise machines in the IBC. Indulging in the infinite supply of J H food a little too much? If those pounds are creeping up on you, don ' t worry. You can enjoy fourth meal and still stay fit. Your one-way ticket to fitness can be found at the IBC. Yes--these three letters can lead you to a healthy life style. What ' s the IBC, you ask? Well, the Independence Blue Cross Student Recreation Center provides Temple students and employees access to a variety of recreational activities and programs. Located at the corner of 15th Street and Cecil B. Moore Avenue, you can find most students working out between 3 and 8 p.m., Monday through Thursday. The IBC includes special features, such as locker rooms for men and women, as well as lounge, vending and equipment rental areas. To get that perfect, toned body, the IBC provides free weights and cardiovascular equipment, such as treadmills, elli pticals, and bikes. However, students don ' t have to feel limited to just these choices. Group fitness programs are available to provide a variety of exercise choices. Sessions include spinning, cardio kickboxing, water aerobics, dance aerobics, yoga, body toning and circuit express. Also, the IBChasa314mlndoortrack, four indoor racquetball courts, and outdoor volleyball, badminton, and basketball courts. By: Melissa Pane Fitness 8 Recreaction 7 r St DANCIE I •t ■emple students aren ' t always aware of the incredible talent of the students that could be sitting right next to them in classes. Many have gone away from their studies here to achieve great things. In one year, five Boyer College alumni and faculty were nominated for Grammy Awards. The Dance Department offers numerous free events on campus to Temple Students where the up-and-coming professionals exhibit their work. Sophomore Beth Davis said, " Being able to see the performances on campus for free is such a privilege for me. I love to see how each student can create a totally origin pieces. " This year the Theater Department re- ally went above their usual production standards. For a school that doesn ' t have a musical theater major, their performance of the popular big-name play " Ragtime, " blew away the audience. Senior Jerome Lomax said, " It was a very moving piece. When Sara died. It brought tears to my eyes. One of the best Temple performances I ' ve ever seen. " Congratulations to each of our performance stu- dents for their incredible performances throughout the year. YOU KMOW YOU GO TO T€MPL€ WH M.. liliJIIIIllC ' llll, It takes the gigantic performance space of Verizon Hall at the Kimmel Center to house all four of the school ' s choirs and the orchestra. ' MiiiS?- . ■ You think that the Ester Boyer College of Music and Dance and Pressor Hall are two ditTerent places. There ' s no musical theater program, yet the uni ersity still puis on a full-scale Broadway style musical. perfom majors jirougtii V_ I The combined choirs of University Chorale, Women ' s Choir, University Singers I and Concert Choir perform William Walton ' s epic choral and orchestral piece, I ' Belshazzar ' s Feast " in Verizon Hall at the Kimmel Center. The choirs join the University ■ Orchestra for a special performance at the concert hall in Center City each spring I 12 usic, Dance Theater Dancers of the Boyer College of Music and Dance perform in a Kariamu Company production Dance majors could audition for various performances throughout the year to further their education and add to their resume. A Boyer College of Music and Dance student performs her Master of Fine Arts dance concert accompanied by a cellist. The cast of Ragtime the Musical performs the opening number in Tomlinson Theater, usic, Dance Theater 73 MESIDIEMCI: 1.11=1: Ti emple living new and improved? Well, the Edge I ■ is new, but certainly not an improvement for residential students. While the 12-story building promised students luxury living, it turned out to be anything but. The building was not completed by the promised ' ' move-in date and remained unfinishedwhen students began settling i n. Since on-campus housing is only guaranteed for freshman and sophomores, it ' s This year Peabody Hall. a freshman residence hall, turned 50 years old Although Peabody isn t the newest building on campus. Its communal bathrooms and shared common areas make residents feel at home up to the students to find housing for themselves. While Oxford Village, Kardon, and University Village offer apartments to Temple students, they can be on the pricey side, especially considering the location. Many students find houses in the blocks that surround campus, but the neighborhoods can be a little bit unsafe and not in locations where students can feel secure at all times. By: Meghan Grever The Edge is a new student housing building that was constructed and barely finished for the start of fall semester The move-in date was pushed back, forcing many students to change their summer plans Finally, on the day of move-in, students realized that the building was still unfinished, with wires and piping exposed, walls unpainted. Promised amenities were nowhere in sight. V YOU KMOW YOU GO TO T€MPL€ WH n.. our w indow s arc double layered with bul- let proof glass and safety bars, and you were given pepper spray by a friend or relative before you came to school. ou frequeniK exprience fire alarms at 4 a.m. and spend the time waiting to reenter the building at 7-11 sipping Slurpees. Melissi You are on a first name basis with the front desk security in your dorm, and they ask you what part you are heading to this lime. 74 Resident Life Some students wonder if the Edge at Avenue North was designed to be " industrial chic " or if it is simply unfinished. The Johnson and Hardwick residence halls houses many freshmen as well as the cafeteria. 1940. a residence hall that opens up to Liacorus Walk, is a first choice for many freshman because of its central location. Photos By: Ciaro Haman Resident Life S CAM I =Avci?m=s I T emple ' s campus is the main setting in many of its students lives and therefore comes with a number of preferred spots by Its residents. Students can be seen year-round lounging in the area around the Bell Tower, either basking in |the sun on the nearby lawn or catching some shade on its platform. Anderson I Eateries Is o nly a block away and a great place to eat and have a seat at the picnic tables nearby. For those students on the run and looking to grab a bite between classes, there are plenty of food trucks situated conveniently arounci campus. Liacouras Walk offers a variety of shops and eateries, as well as Maxl ' s, the favorite pizza joint of most on campus. And of course, along with theseoldfavorites, comes the new. The Teaching, Education, Collaboration, and Help Center, TECH Center for short, has become a major part In students lives. With 700 computers, specialized labs, and social lounges, it ' s a hot spot. By: Meghan Grever The best place on campus for a late nigh munchies or even a lunch with friends. the Owl ' s Nest Is a favonte on campus Complete with Temple sports memorabilia and billiards, the Owl ' s Nest is a Temple landmark How many schools can boast that they have two Starbucks just four blocks away from one another ' ? ' Unnecessary say some, but to others who know the joys of a Frappuccino or Macchiato and countless other Starbucks goodies, these are campus staples. One campus Starbucks, located on Broad Street is a part of the Barnes and Noble school bookstore. It serves light sandwiches, desserts, and soups throughout the day V. 1 76 On Campus Favorites The Anderson Eateries (left) are a favorite place for many students, especially commuters. The Draught Horse. Temple students ' favorite restaurant, often hosts student organization events. Here, Oxford Village is hosting its casino themed Resident Apprecation Party. (Below) ' Wfl fit ' s ' QU TtKx oritt? " I like going to Fame ' s because the owner Is really friendly and the food ' s amazing -Caitlln Druding " My favorite place is the TECH Center because you can print for free and its the only place. I can actually get my work done " -Jerry Grill I love going to Richie ' s because he knows my order before I even say it! " - Beth Davis A well-kept secret from some, but a favorite of many others, the truck vendors on campus are a favorite spot for lunch and breakfast " Hands down, the best food on campus. " agreed many students and professors outside of the Student Center. Photos By: Ciara Haman On Campus Favorites DN WDi cm Going to school in the city provides a great cultural and social outlet for Temple students. " The best part about living in Philadelphia is that the possibilities are endless, " says sophomore Lauren Cardinal. " Whether it ' s shopping, concerts, museums or where to eat, Philadelphia has it all. " Center City provides a great center for shopping, such as the Gallery or Chestnut and Walnut Streets. South Street is home to some of the trendiest boutiques and shops with a laid-back setting. The Avenue of the Arts proudly displays a number of museums and theaters for a truer cultural experience. Horse and buggy rides offer tours through historic Old City, which is also the home of Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. Rittenhouse Square marks the more upscale section of town and is the perfect place to take a stroll or have a nice sit-down dinner with a group of friends or a special someone. By: Meghan Grever The Rocky Statue nou stands at the bottum of the 72-step entrance of the Art Museum. although it v as at one pouil unwelcome by the Art Museum Committee. who called it not art, but an " ugly prop. " To the seemingly infinite number of joggers, rollerbladers and dog walkers of Kelly Drive, Boathouse Row is a picturesque place to stretch or take a breather. To the rowers of Philadelphia, it is the center of Philadelphia athletic activity. YOU mow YOU GO TO T€MPL€ WH M.. You ' ve had to ask a homeless man that lives dov n at a subway stop which lines will take you to your destination. I Visiting a historical attraction or taking a tour of the city sounds like fun, but you don ' t do it because you knnow you ' ll look like a tourist. (HI skip a class to go shopping w ih your friends on Walnut Street or South Street. 18 n The City Logan Square, recently remodeled, hosts a beautiful fountain. A little known fact of Logan Square Is that It used to be a mass grave. The only place In the city that can boast of 80 vendors and specializes In fresh foods and hard-to-find ethnic spices, the Reading Terminal Market is a perfect fit for such an equally diverse campus. READING TERMINAL ' » MARKET k Which is your favorite? In this picture of the Art Museum, the deep-set center Is emphasized by the large extended wings Students have the ability to visit the museum for free on Sundays. Photos By: Ciara Haman n The City 79 i cadamic A professor lectures underclassmen in his nuicniecnniimics class in the Tuttleman Learning Center 20 Academics (m Temple ' s academic standards are growini every year. The average GPA of incoming freshman rose from a 3.20 m 2002 to a 3.29 currently, and the average class rank rose 5 percent from 2000. Smarte students require smarterfacilities.Theopeningofthe700- computer TECH Center in the spring of 2006 expanded the available computer lab space on campus by 75,000 square feet - the largest student computer lab in the nation. Curtis Hall was removed to make space for the new location of the Fox School of Business, Alter Hall. These new advancements have placed Temple on the Princeton Review ' s Most Connected Campuses list - proof that at Temple, GROWING in technology defmitely pmmotes GREATNESS. Academics 21 Professor Arie lectures her Joiinuili cielv class on hicis ii Pholo bv: Ei belh Parks (■ Emmell •1 tiiul So- lie media 22 Classes € Xp a h4i 4y C CiMKM C hyCM lA It ' s 9:20 in ihc niunnng, you slept through your nhn-ni, your first class started at 8:40, and you have a quiz today. The only reason you ' re awake is because your friend text messaged you to see what time you wanted to eat lunch. You throw on some clothes and sprint to class, hoping by some miracle your professor hasn ' given the quiz yet. Such is the life of college students. With the waning of semesters, it ' s hard to recall the enthusiasm that you began the year with, w hen your classes still sounded exciting and fresh. Temple students are much like the typical ew. Left: Journalism major Amanda Garcia catches up on the daily news before class. Center: Students in Honors Law and Society take a break fiom studying. Right: A student at Temple ' s Center City campus takes advantage of the technology offered on campus. wackm nvn ' sy ' k ml Below: Students in an Honors Law and Soci- ety class learn about the affcci ilic American legal system con luive on us on a daily basis. collegiate in this respect: However, there is more to an Owl than meets the eye. Learning is the essence of one ' s college experience. Temple recognizes that in an era of " global citizenship, " its Owls need to graduate with a well- rounded education. While you may be a journalism major, your General Education Core requires you to take some math and science courses. And fclasses while you may be a Pre-Med student, you still have to fulfill your liberal arts requirements. Taking this idea of a comprehensive education to a new level. Temple has developed a highly successful Intellectual Heritage program where students learn the foundations of Western thought. Discussing Problem solvini in Honors Calculus Photo by: Melissa Pane antiquity, religion, politics, morality, and the development of each into the cultural mindset we have today may possibly be one of the most eye-opening experiences a student can have here at Temple. One only has to be aware of current events to know that we are not operating in a world focused on local and regional awareness. Temple provides its students with understanding of other peoples, nations, cultures, and opinions to begin activating ourselves now as citizens of the world. — By Ma IT E. Coyle Classes 23 nccmsniDs In the increasingly competitive modem job market internships are considered a foot through the door by many future members of the nation ' s workforce. Temple students are no exception. Both on and off campus. Temple interns are developing valuable skills and contributing to our community. An urban location offers a plethora of opportunities for students. Philadelphia, being one of the largest cities in the world, is a perfect place to intern, whether you ' re pursuing a career in business, politics, communications, education or the arts. Students who are looking to intern here at Temple or within the city should take advantage of the requests Temple offices send to professors and deans of their respective colleges. Temple personnel are always looking for capable, entciprising students to fill their staff positions. Owls, such as senior Tourism and Hotel Management major Candace Amayo, appreciate the opportunities made a ailablc to them through the internship programs. According to Amayo, working at the Office of Special Events, " is especially interesting because the university setting calls for additional concerns that may not be addressed otherwise. " While the practical aspects of interning are undeniable, what really draws students to intern arc the new and exciting people and experiences you have every day. Senior Sean Fitzpatrick is an intern with America Votes Pennsylvania. He said that even 24 Internships hi leallva living taritoi) jidtake iheir fipnsing d iailableio calls for Jay.Sem ' f lntcin lups { ivc lU(lviii a i luiiuc l olxain un ilic joh cAjHiuiut ' in their field oj study at pruinineiU locations all over the city. ;hough " it was definitely a challenge to juggle an internship, a part-time job, and being a full time student... I got to meet tons of people from all over the country and see how motivated some people really are about being active members of our democracy. " An invaluable component to the years one spends in college is branching out from one ' s comfort zone, trying new things, and experiencing what your suiToundings have to offer. Those who participate in the internship programs are undoubtedly taking advantage of the chance to explore previously uncharted territory in their lives. The lasting connections made from their experiences will never be forgotten. - Bv Man- E. Coyle Internships 25 s c u a u D o c aAxX AAyC Aaa ciaaJ:) The Temple University Study Abroad program provides Temple students with a chance to fully immerse themselves in a foreign culture. Far from tourists, students become a part of the culture they choose to visit, studying and living, not only in a foreign place, but also in a foreign language, giving them a view of a different lifestyle not offered by any other type of study. Temple offers semester or year-long programs at their campuses in Rome, Tokyo and London, as well as summer programs to Brazil, France, Germany, Ghana, India, Mexico. Spain, Turkey and the United Kingdom. LaiiaSti in France Temple ' s crucial in Study Ab raid 101 2b Study Abroad Junior journalism major Lau- ren Hard enjoys a sunny day al Slonchedi c during; her fall Hiifjie er in Londoif: Ens land )lestiKJer " from lounsi )i ' ifaii(iliviiij iiiwnaviewi :o(fms«mesia -ondon, as we McTico.Spau " If you don ' t go somewhere else then you can never truly understand the discomfort of the newness, away from your friends and family, away from your first language or the triumph of making new friends, learning to navigate the fourteen ■1 different Parisian metro lines, or receiving a smile from a local banker after seeing her everyday for nearly a mont h. " Laura Stahl on hfT studies in France Laura Stahl, a junior majoring in Finance and International Business, studied in France in the fall of 2006. Though she is not technically studying through Temple ' s study abroad program, she says the international studies office was crucial in helping her set up her exchange program. She believes the Temple Study Abroad program is vitally important to enable people from all over the world to understand each other. " It encourages more students to study in other cultures, " Stahl said. " These students come back with a new outlook on life. It is really all about learning tolerance - tolerance for another culture and that stays with a person. It is something that you carry with you for the rest of your life and by having a more tolerant worldly viewpoint essentially spreads that tolerance to B V others. It is such a positive chain reaction, " B B - By Elizabeth Parks M (Above) Senior broadcasting major Mary Irishman learns the sport of hurling during her summer semester in Dublin. Ireland (Left) Junior journalism major Sammy Davis poses in the classic British red phone booth during her fall semester in London. England. Study Abroad 27 ■ nonors I A ' X Vicc MCiX ' e nijaLc u itx ' fy The Temple Honors program is a small, tight-knit community involved in many aspects of Temple life. Encompassing majors from Chemical Engineering to Journalism to Math to Dance, the Temple Honors community admits incoming freshman and transfer students based on academic record, teacher recomme ndations and SAT scores. Honors courses are offered not only for core classes, but in many other intriguing, interest-based areas as well, allowing a student to fulfill his or her Honors core with anything from Honors Calculus to Political Protest in the 60s. Many students enjoy the community feel and intellectual stimulation these classes provide. " Honors classes are smaller, more interesting, and have a class make up with a high level of intelligence. Although honors professors might expect a little more than normal, they make up for it with their interesting personalities, " said Steve Smith, a freshman majoring in Psychology. Aashka Merchant, a ) : Hull} Ost and other " Honorables " check oiil he niiii kin. ciinvJ hy lldiiiirs ludants for Halloween. Honors Students enjoy the Honors Football Tailgate party before and during the game at l.ineold Financial Field. 28 Honors Program itiat, " Ik have cert ihoroueti guide th careers ; p ever ihattliey Bill the provide fteshma! hve in 1 comple) from carvino Honors students fit in a game of chess between classes in the Honors Lounge located on the second floor of the Tuttleinan Learning Center idle up W m professors I) mile yp for iSitveSiMi J lercli3iii. s freshman majoring in Political Science, also noted that, " the workload might be heavier and people have certain expectations of honors students, but I thoroughly enjoyed my classes and the professors have been amazing. " The Honors Program also provides students with academic advisors to help guide the multi-interested students through their careers at Temple, ensuring that ihcy get everything out of their education that they can. But the Honors program doesn ' t only provide support academically. Many freshman and sophomores choose to live in Honors housing, located in the 1300 dorm complex. Furthermore, the Honors Activities Board, a student-run organization, arranges activities specifically for honors students. Their events range from community service projects to pumpkin carving for Halloween. - Bv Elizabeth Pcvks especially hked the scavenger hunt at the beginning of the semester because 1 met a lot of new people. " Cindy Mii-gan. Freshman Bf ' iT " The pumpkin carving was probably the best event, because it was a great way to celebrate the season. " PJ Rathita, Sophomore " The honors tailgate part and Philly Cares Day were two of the most fun events. They brought a lot of the honors community together to have some fun. " Steven Smith, Freshman Honors Program 29 The Tyler School of Art is Temple ' s mecca for students who want to take their passion for the arts to the next level. Tyler is an accredited mem- ber of the National Association of Schools of Art and Design, and the architecture program is accredited by the National Architectural Accredit- ing Board. Creativity blossoms here, as degrees are offered in a range of artistic mediums. Lovers of architec- ture, glass and ceramics, sculpture, photograph) and many other art ields lind a home here. 30 Campuses Located in Philadelphia. Temple ' s Health Sciences Center is most easily found by the three Temple- owned hospitals that fringe it. Temple University Hospital, the primary teaching hospital, Temple University Children ' s Medical Cen- ter and Shriner Children ' s Hospital treat the community while teach- ing the next generation of health professionals. The Health Sciences Center consists of the College of Health Professions, the School of Dentistry, the School of Medicine and the School of Pharmacy. Campuses anizatioat .-V3.. «.aw «— Tlic Student Center, cnminnnly known as the SAC. hoiise.s mo.st of Main Campus ' student iiri iinizutions. Organizations i mini As the student population at Temple grows, the choices for student activities multiply. Both residential and commuter students participate in over 200 university-recognized student organizations, as well as nine fraternities, seven sororities and various other clubs and activities. Any part-time or full-time student can form a group, and many facilities all over campus are available to reserve for meetings and functions. Getting involved can provide students with leadership skills, career development, community service, new friends and plenty of fun activities. The numerous student organizations plan events, raise funds and contribute to the student community ' s GROWTH on campus, setting students on the path to GREATNESS. Organizations By Any Mean Xecessary, a hip-hop reggae dance group, performs at the HSO ' s (Haitian Student Organization) " The Love of Dance II. " Vl ' HIPinritedGhostfaceKilla, a rap artist, tosign autographs at the Student Center in the wake of his new album release. T eHK i m Temple Student Government serves as a base to represent the students and their academic, economic, poHtical and social concerns. They work with the University administration and faculty to obtain kill information concerning University policies, procedures and changes to existing policies, and procedures that affect students. TSG allows students to play a more active role on their campus by taking a proactive approach to solving many of the problems that concern students today. All students of Temple University can participate in Temple ' s Student Government through the general assembly, governing unit ot TSG open to the entire student body. — Christina I .Johnson ir Hii ■tjan cctui U Event itudei escitii • :peii iirive V Organizations Alpha Kappa Lambda hosts a winter clothes drive for underprivileged Philadelphia residents at Alumni Circle on Liacouras Walk. n We newest and latest B-boy breaker group performs for its first time ever at Dynasty ' s Winter Fashion Exhibit, where Temple groups performed and Dynasty models walked the runway. 7 axi iiculiv todiv. All thtfiw ' ' The Main Campus Program Board is a student organization that provides programming to the student body. Through the seven committees- Lectures, Contemporary Music, Travel, Film, Marketing Promotions, Technology and Special Events; MCPB is able to search every segment of student lite with great programmmg. " We otter exciting events throughout the school year and an opportunity tor students to gam leadership experience. " The Main Campus Program Board strives to provide mnovative programs every year by including bowling trips, cruises on the Delaware River and dance parties. The Main Campus Program Board believes that being involved with what is happening on campus is important to enjoying the undergraduate experience. Christina L. Johnson Organizations 35 The National Society ot Collegiate Scholars has been an organization on Temple ' s campus since 2001. It is a national honors organization which recognizes outstanding academic achievement among First and second year college students. The organization stands on the pillars ot leadership, service, scholarship and integrity . The National Society of Collegiate Scholars encourages members to become involved in the Temple University and Philadelphia community and collaborate with other organizations by having events like Take a Leader to Lunch where students take administrators to lunch so they can network and socialize, March to College day, and other various community services. Christina I. Johnson The Biology Society was created to inform and provide resources to biology and biology-related majors. The Biology Society also prides itselt in spreading awareness and interest ot the biosciences to the Temple University community. One ot its most popular events is Alex ' s Lemonade Stand, a benefit concert held each semester to raise money and spread awareness ot pediatric cancer. " The Biology Society is a fairly new organization at Temple University. In the three years that the Biology Society has existed, they have managed to attract many new members and hold more programs to benefit Biology majors, which will hopefully continue tor many Ncars to come, " said Presideni I.iiulsey Reis. I ' tiniclii Adewoyin 36 Organizations The Golden Key International Honor Society was founded in 1977. This organization recognizes students solely on the basis ot their achievements. The organization ' s mission is to enable members to realize their potential by connecting individual achievements with service and litelongopportuni ties. They value integrity, collaboration, innovation, respect, diversity, excellence and engagement. " Our mission defines who we are; our core values provide us guidance in executmg our activities; and our history reminds us that more than one million members are counting on us to shape the future our strategic planning process. " Jerome LomcLX iUCL hfilCCtP OllB niijiion J ' [J tlul :•:■ OOK. t «WI ' l J Socief The Temple University Chemical Society has enjoyed substantial growth in recent years. TUCS is a student-run organization devoted to promoting chemistry and chemical applications in today ' s technology-driven culture. The organization gives its members peer support, internship opportunities,and information about higher education and employment in the field of chemistry. Their meetings consist of a variety of programs, including PCATS seminars and scholarship information. " TUCS has evolved from a humble club to a prominent organization for anyone interested in chemistry. We continue to spread an appreciation for the fascinating study of chemistry to the Temple University community, " said Sarah G. Sirin, President of TUCS. Mary t . Coyle Organizations fJewi The Temple News is Temple University ' s award- winning student-run weekly newspaper. The Temple News, with its ' 06- ' 07 Editor-in-Chiet, Charmie Snetter, has been serving Temple by addressing issues that affect that student body on campus, as well as in the city of Philadelphia, smce 1921. In 2006 The Temple News was the winner ot the Associated Collegiate Press Pacemaker award. The Temple News has reported on lunch truck issues and basketball and football previews, among other topics. The Temple News remains one of the best ways for Temple student to get experience in the journalism business, preparing them tor the hustle and bustle world of publications and news. T Jenmie l.omax ' In the News business, it ' s go hard, or go home. " c Ik bflpsT ' «oilJ ( Associa 10 the! ptojrai fflOSK like r AucUfooq OLOM AAociaffovi Psychology Majors Association is an organization that strives to provide opportunities for students to enhance understanding and appreciation of psychology through a variety of fun, social and educational activities that one would not encounter inside the classroom. PMA creates environments where students can participate in volunteer work, field trips, learn about graduate school, careci opportunities and meet new friends. They encourage networking between faculty and students within psychology. Some ot their usual activities include the G.R.E. ' s, grad school information sessions and a psychology movie night. They always welcome visitors, and members joke about why people should join their organization with their slogan, " Psychologists do it on the couch. " Pamela Adeuoyin 38 Organizations The Temple Association of Black Journalists helps Temple students establish their place in the world of communications. Members of Temple Association of Black Journalists have contributed to the Temple University community by presenting programs such as the Legacy Awards Ceremony and Networking Party, Interview Simulation and field trips to The Philadelphia Inquirer. Christina I. Johnson " We have alot to be proud of a budding journalist. We have members that have... gone to impressive new organizations hi e NBC 10, Fox 29, Cosmo Girl and Sole Collector Magazine... " A ArtCjoiHcM The Health Information Management Student Association is an organization geared towards promoting unity among the members of the Health Information Management profession. Membersalso believe that the organization ' s mission is to promote education and help build the future of a H.I.M. profession. Some of the programs H.I.M.S.A. hosts each year are the Health Information Management Week Celebration, the H.I.M. Carnival, and the end ot the year H.I.M. Dinner. Over the past couple of years, H.I.M.S.A. has contributed to the progression and expansion of Temple ' s technological area, and they are confident that they will continue to do so. Pamela Adewoyin Organizatio ns 39 •Sfuc ewf A ofibuoT A Gcfccaf UAocTotftb The MAPS chapter ot the Student National Medical Association is the nation ' s oldest and largest student organization focused on the needs and concerns of premedical medical students ot color. Membership includes over 5,000 medical students, premed students, residents and physicians. This organization makes a genuine effort to matriculate and graduate competent physicians interested in decreasing healthcare disparities. Annually, SNMA host events geared towards community service and the empowerment and enrichment ot premedical students. Christina L. Johnson " Through our commitment[s] ... we have sought to empower Temple pre-medical students and help them successfully navigate through [Temple] fl to medical school. " The fundamental obiective ot Phi Alpha Delta, an International Pre-Law Fraternity, is to assist undergraduate students to make an informed decision in selecting law as a career, preparing tor law school and deciding which law school to attend. Each year Phi Alpha Delta members attend the Pre-Law Conference and Mock Trail Competition held in Washington, DC, where students hear from lawyers and politicians on Capital Hill and they get real-life case experience. In addition to that, the organization also helps its members prepare and practice for the LSAT. Phi Alpha Delta remains the only Law Fraternity and the only national legal organization of any kind with a national Pre-Law Program committed to meeting the needs of undergraduate students interested in the legal protession. Christina I.. Johnson P. r Hie Ameri prate tku tlicp k «tlif J:titii( ' «ial ffld I ne»o meml •iccess V 40 Organizations Atvt ncoM Ni JScolP -Sfcxcfewf AjsjSjnf ct cM The American Medical Student Association at Temple University has progressed rapidly in the past four years. AMSA has two primary goals: to help its members with entrance to medical school and throughout their education with peer, faculty, and other support necessary in helping students in their future; and to provide services to the community in a volunteer capacity, such as through fundraisers for Operation Smile, Alex ' s Lemonade Stand, the Susan G. Koman Breast Cancer Foundation and MCAT Prep sessions throughout the year, " fm proud to have facilitated the growth ot our undergraduate chapter from about twenty members to approximately 200 dues-paying members and hundreds more attending our meetings, " said Alexis Pelletier, President of the Temple chapter. Mar} ' E. Coyle t. P A. — Ifljf Tpinnftbr ?!lOiltttKl. Ilindtliff toiluulie ojtionil Ljit ' The Public Relations Student Society of America, otherwise k nown as PRSSA, is a student professional organization whose purpose is to foster the understanding of theories of public relations, the procedures of the profession, appreciation of the highest ethical ideals and principles, as well as the awareness of an appropriate professional attitude. Throughout the year PRSSA has various social events in addition to having guest speakers and professional development workshops and networking events for its members. One such event is " Career 101. " PRSSA ' s mission is to enhance its member ' s knowledge of public relations and provide access to professional development opportunities. Jerome Lomax -J Organizations Record Holders assist individuals who want to pursue an opportunit) ' in the music industry. Record Holders is a production and management organization that provides exposure tor upcoming artists and builds experience for individuals that wants to work behind the scenes in the entertainment industry. At Record Holders, they do " Whatever It Takes " to help their employees and artists achieve their goals. In doing so, Record Holders in collaboration with other organizations, provides entertainment and service by hosting upcoming artists, showcases and more. Christina L Johnson CC Whatever It takes. 99 Crosswalk (Campus Crusade tor Christ) at Temple University, in partnership with Liberti Church, provides opportunities tor students from various Christian backgrounds to worship together and serve the greater Temple and Philadelphia community in the name ot jesus Christ. Weekly meetings at Crosswalk involve musical worship, a weekly message and discussion time. President Andrew Kalcmkarian says, " I am encouraged by how our group has grown over the past tew years, but I am even more encouraged about the service members ot our group outside ot our group " . Christina L. Johnson " I am encouraged by how our group has grown over the past tew years... " 42 Organizations JBctdtGA. O eorAMoe The Ladies ot Elegance Step Organization allows young ladies to express themselves through the art of stepping. The ladies ot the organization have fun while promoting physical health and awareness. The organization promotes unity among Temple University women by motivating them to believe that they are important. The Ladies ot Elegance Step Organization has performed at many Temple University and community events, including the Breast Cancer Walk, Fall Fest, the SOCA Fashion Show, The Red Lounge, The Homecoming Pep Rally and more. With their motto " Step or Die, " they are perhaps the best step group on campus. CC Step Christina L Johnson or 99 Die V ; umii lOUHJsI by ;roupw 9 ir$... The mission of The Chosen Generation is to introduce Jesus Christ to unbelievers and mature believers of Jesus Christ. The organization holds at least two Soul Cates per year and anticipates additional programs for the following semester. The organization believes in continually encouraging others and continually pressing to become better at what Christ has designed the ministry to do. Christina L. Johnson " The organization has had many positive changes over the years. This is due to Jesus Christ continually cultivating. ..the leaders and members... " Th Organizations 43 Students tor Environmental Action (S.E.A.) was founded in 2003 with the goal to make positive changes on Temple ' s campus and in the surrounding neighborhoods. SEA also wants to increase awareness about environmental issues amongst the student body. They do this by having a host of different events like screenings, informational fairs, and bringing in guest speakers to talk about global warming and other environmental issues. To this day, SEA remains Temple ' s only student-run environmental organization, with over 30 members. SEA is affiliated with the Student Environmental Action Coalition and the Sierra Student Coalitioa and is participating in national global warming campaigns. The commitment of SEA and its members has come to make it a very effective student organization. I —Jerome I.oniax ' A .I , A Sfef) lU o •Si4 " fe »Uooc( loundcd in 2U03, A Step into iiisterhood began mentoring young women between the ages of l6 and 21. The organization develops sisterh relationships that encourage strength in academic, social and life skills. They look to reach the North Philadelphia community by giving back their time and hearts to individuals in need. A Step into Sisterhood continues to develop relationships, and they believe they can, " change the world. ..one child at a time. " Chrisliiiii I Johnson " To Daddy Boyd: One word... thanks . You cannot be replaced. R.I. P. Love, the ladies of A Step into Sisterhood. " II K 44 Organizations ZdcPUi ZetaPhiBetaSorority,Inc.,isaGreekorganization whose purpose is to foster and cultivate the ideals of finer womanhood, sisterly love, scholarship and service. The Eta Chapter of Zeta Phi Beta ' s service initiative is called Zhope Zetas Helping Other People Excel. This year alone Zhope has hosted programs like: " Is a good man woman hard to find, " " How crowded is your bed " and " Stretched out with Stress. " In addition to these service events Zeta Phi Beta has hosted fund raising events, where money was raised for the homeless, diabetics and young pregnant females. " As a Temple community continues to grow, so has the outreach oi our organization on Campus. " leronie loinax s. Taos. A I lidtnv ' . J The Temple University Community Service Association, TUSCA, is a service-oriented organization dedicated to providing community service opportunities for Temple students on and around campus. TUCSA participates in almost every community service event on campus and it hosts a number of its own events. This year alone, just to name a few, TUCSA has participated in the AIDS Walk, Breast Cancer Walk, IK a Day, and it has hosted its own coat and food drive and fundraising events to raise money for the greater Philadelphia community. Jerome loma.x " We are a group ot individuals who work towards a common goal. We hope to be a gateway to community service here at Temple and in the Philadelphia area. " Organizations m m m m et pTe - duoca-f-eA. oA i AiCO Icmplc Advocates tor Africa is an organization with the mission to increase awareness of and provide resources about issues affecting Africa. Some of the issues they focus on include sickle cell disease, AIDS, malaria, poverty, hunger and civil unrest. Through information sessions, education initiatives, fundraising, networking with other organizations with sunilar purposes, and community volunteer projects, TAFA will support Africa in its fight against these issues and will encourage others to do the same. TAFA has had some interesting events like the Malaria Project fund raiser, Acres of Love benefit concert and a Sickle Cell Banquet Fundraiser. Although TAFA has only been in existence for a short time, it hasmanaged to raise thousands of dollars for worthy causes, .ind they will not slop until the problems plaguing Alrica are solved. Bl Pamela Adewoyin TUP.AG ; " feivjore LiviijeNS ui f jftjopft AiviefncoM! A I J C3fMM Temple University Philippine American Council is an organization for the advancement in knowledge, awareness and comprehension of Philippine culture, traditions and society for all Temple University Students. Each year, TUPAC has a 3-on-3 basketball tournament where they fundraise for their events. Their biggest event is the Filipino Intercollegiate Networking Dialogue (F.I.N.D.), a conference that takes place each semester at different colleges along the east coast. President Michelle Palmer believes the organization has done an excellent job in contributing to the improvement of the Filipino community at Temple, as well as worldwide. Pamela Acieiiiiyiii 46 Organizations ■in WipiEc Hll.Mtrc:,: _J The Progressive N.A.A.C.P. is an organization with a mission to ensure the poHtical, educational, social and economic equality of all mmority groups and citizens. By providing an outlet for not only African Americans, but people of all backgrounds, the NAA.C.P. communes to discuss important issues like affirmative action, stereotypes in society and life after the university. They also engage in community service through their Meade Elementary school mentoring program, or social and educational programs for the student body like the annual Black Expo and the Sweet Soul Cafe. The Progressive N.A.A.C.P. at Temple University is confident that this chapter encompasses those goals that have been set by their predecessors, and that the legacy will continue. 1l Pamela Aclewoyin Francophone Student Professional Organization has a mission to promote the cultural diversity of the French speaking world and the leadership development of Temple ' s student body. Its objective is to create a multicultural community that prepares students for the challenges of an international job market. Ever since its creation in 2004, more than 15 nationalities, majors and backgrounds have joined the organization. Some of its annual events include the French Speaking World Day, F.S.P.O. Award Ceremony, and the Carnival of Cultures. Yannick Ebibie N ' ze, the founder of F.S.P.O., believes the organization has had such a success because, " diversity ' , leadership, and professionalism are the pillars. " Pamela Adewoyiti Organizations 47 Ihc Or .iniz.iiion ot Atrican Students promotes Atrican unity and educates the Temple University community and the surrounding community on African cultures. OAS was created to serve as a safe haven for African students and promote essential dialogue in the Temple University community. Events promoted by the Organization of African Students include The Annual Banquet, African Night and a fashion show. Other events are planned for the future. Christina I. Johnson " We have grown to become much • more [than a safe haven], we have a very diverse student body that provokes essential dialogue in the I Temple community. " hcMneh . £! «; pouve rfj Q re v«jore i4oiav» BETA, the Brothers Enipovvenng Icmple Asians IS a cultural organization that started out with fewer than 10 members. Today, BETA is growing strong and only a year later, it has 28 members. BETA was created with the intention to integrate the Asian and Non-Asian communities at Temple University through brotherhood, community service and social events. This year alone, the Brothers Empowering Temple Asians have participated in many community service events like the AIDS Walk, Autism Walk, IK a Day and Relay for Life, as well as volunteering at the Chinatown Learning Center. Socially, BETA has thrown events like Turn It Up with DNA Nightlife and Get Foam with DNA Nightlife. In the future, BETA will undoubtedly continue to bring together Temple ' s Asian commuting and resKlential (.(immunities to make a difference. (: er organi bftivee oijini bv est dbi nun) ' Canne Jerome Lonuix 48 Organizations lOWc; ' see. :lsei f V . .o. +t(arfrou •SfiAcfevrf O foour a-frov " The Haitian Student Organization, HSO, was founded on Temple ' s campus in theearlyl 980s. HSO is a cultural organization created with the purpose of providmg a unified foundation on campus for Temple University ' s Haitian community. Through student gathermgs, dance, poetr ' and music, HSO wishes to increase awareness of the rich Haitian culture and heritage. Jerome Loma.x " L ' union fait la force, Through unity weare a force " " is ' ii jrcn ' inj ■ Limit ' Ik BroilK ' i mpjtdi in :.. Jim uLoniiri, piininef The GoodFellaz are an art and entertainment organization that promotes a healthier relationship between the community and the individual. The organization encourages this healthier relationship by exemplifying such qualities as trust, courage and brotherhood. Annually, the GoodFellaz host many events like the " Spring Gala, " " Give Back Canned Food Drive, " and " Boo at the Zoo, " a community service event. A popular event thrown by the GoodFellaz is undoubtedly their annual Talent Night where singers, dancers, poets and more showcase their talents tor the Temple community to see. This event is one ot the highlights of the tall semester. — Jerome Lonuix " Trust, Courage, Brotherhood... Yeah that ' s ' GoodFellaz. " Organizations C tJt ck 9 i W(ocfe!flUc o Joe Dynasty Modeling Troupe, formerly known as IntraRed Entertainment, is Temple University ' s first and only modeling troupe. Its purpose is to train individuals in the competitive aspect of modeling through extensive training, competitions, and quality events. All members are also expected to participate in various fundraising events like Rose Sale for Valentines Day, and community service events like the AIDS Walk. This organization is confident they are headed in a new direction on campus. Pamela Miewoyin " Dynasty, A New Day... A New Era... " tr " tocieate! tlioufli ' and beam thai alio ' itowcase ciealiven baslK Cclllf Tte The Office of Housmg and Residential Life works to support on-campus residents in the successful attainment of their academic degree. Additionally, Housing and Residential Life works to provide sate an d secure facilities, and an aesthetically-pleasing environment that challenges and empowers students to grow socially, emotionally, and intellectually. The Housing and Residential Life office is dedicated to providing affordable and quality-driven services with established service standards and measurements; seeks toward identifying and meeting the changing and diversified needs of students; and creates a productive and affirming partnership between students and statt within the educational and fiscal goals ot Temple University. ( ' hri.siiiia I lohnson SO Organizations - ' - ' iivtrii . ifL, " JOAGAAlOU Z -j,h XpressionZ Fashion Organization ' s purpose is to create an environment focused on self expression tlirough collaborative ventures, fashion and health and beauty awareness. The organization host events that allow individuals with hidden creativity to showcase their talent. It strives for a mixture of creativeness and style in everything because style is what you make it. Throughout the year, XpressionZ has hosted such events like- Innovators of Style: Fashion Showcase, Forms of Xpression Art Xhibit, and The Fashion Panels. Chrisliiui L. Johnson " Style is what you make it. " TM.OA, T. eivpfe MUMyeAAfft Saggk AAociafioi The Temple University Greek Association aims to enhance the quality of student life on and off campus by contributing to the educational and personal development of students at Temple University. The association ensures cooperation between all components of the Greek Letter organizations and the surrounding community. The Temple University Greek Association sponsors Greek Week, Greek Showcase, Leadership Retreats and other events. Christina L. Johnson " Over the past year, the Greek community has come together more than I ever imagined. We have attended sporting events, leadership retreats. ..all together as one united body. " Organizations SJ APf)U(k Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, is the first Greek-lettered organization established by college-trained African American women. It was founded onjanuary 15, 1908. The purpose of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, is to cultivate and encourage high scholastic and ethical standards, to study and help alleviate problems concerning girls and women, to maintain a progressive interest in college life, and to be of service to all mankind. This year Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, has hosted The Pink and Green Gala, AKA cafe, Black Men ' s Appeciation and AKAcise on and around campus. (.hrisliiui L. Juhnsuii " We ask ourselves, ' Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabul OUS. ' ' Photo by Pamela Mewoyltfi CW -se Pai PL ' , On Friday, November 17, 1911, three Howard University undergraduate students, with the assistance of their faculty adviser, gave birth to the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. The Omega Delta Delta Chapter was charted in the Spring of 2003 on the campus of Temple University to become an asset to the Temple University community and the City of Philadelphia. Programs that the organization promotes include S.E.X, Women ' s Appreciation, The Que-Nection Career Fair and many more. In addition to campus events, the Omega Delta Delta chapter tutors at local area schools like Young Scholars Charter School and Dunbar Middle School. ,, ■,■ , ,, " The value ot my Fraternity is not in numbers, but in men... " 52 Organizations The Phi Rho chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated, was chartered on Temple University ' s campus on September 16, 1985. Alpha Phi Alpha was the first intercollegiate Greek-letter fraternity established for African-Americans males and was founded at Cornell University on December 4, 1906. The members of Phi Rho are ver} ' active on campus and have thrown a variety of beneficial and educational programs. Some of these programs include " Go to High School, Go to College, " program which promoted higher education to young males in high school, and the " Project Alpha " program, which enforced knowledge and importance of safe sex. Fraiichesca Ali " Service to all, servants of all, we shall transcend all. " ) il itK Horail with the « bittli to m liui thi Horn ' loci! jr« ulf .i,it J For 94 years. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated, has provided an avenue for scholarship, sisterhood, and public service through their commitment to society. Operating on Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc . ' s Five-Point Program Thrust, the Epsilon Delta Chapter continues to uphold the organization ' s principles and missions. The Epsilon Delta Chapter conducts programs for the Temple University community, as well as the Philadelphia community, that focus on economic and educational development, as well as international and political awareness. Christina L. Johnson " ...As time goes on... We strive to work diligently and with all our might so others may be empowered. " o JliebL Goutukd 13,1913 : " - Organizations ' ' n, a A M r Photo by Pamela Adewoyin Uniting college men of culture, patriotism and honor in a bond of fraternity has been an achievement in which Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc., has succeeded for almost a decade. Founded at Indiana University on January 5, 191 1, Kappa Alpha Psi ' s fundamental purpose was and is achievement. This past February, the Lambda chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi celebrated its 87th Anniversary on Temple ' s campus, where the feature event was the lohn Milton Lee Scholarship Banquet. Kappa Alpha Psi has many community service initiatives, including volunteering at various Food Banks and more. It also sponsors Better Sex Better Health Workshop. Ultimately, the brothers of Kappa Alpha Psi strive to serve as models of excellence and overall encouragement for others to excel. Jerome Loiiiax i cbapia greater f and pa! Award ' . Serving as a support system for minority women with the principles of unity, love, and respect , Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc., was founded in 1975. The Beta Epsilon chapter was established July 31, 1998 at the University of Pennsylvania and later became a metropolitan chapter, including Temple University on December 1, 2001. The Beta Epsilon chapter of Lambda Iheta Alpha is focused on the advancement of the i ' hiladelphia community. To help the community progress, the chapter supports and participates in the AIDS walk, Breast Cancer Walk, and Big Brothers Big Sisters of PA. leninic lnnui.x 54 Organizations i " " i;i),Ti The Beta Delta chapter ot Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc., was chartered on June 27, 1947 at Temple University and grew to a metropolitan chapter in 1955. Promoting greater service and a greater progress, Sigma Gamma Rho has sponsored and participated in many various educational programs and community service acts throughout campus. These programs include the Black Rose Award Ceremony, Broad Street Sweep, Operation Big Book-bag, Project Reassurance and more. Jerome Loiiiax " Sigma Gamma Rho [has] had a wonderful year and is continuing to flourish through service to our community, our sc hool and one another. " Sial a Since April 29, 1980, ChiUpsilon Sigma National Latin Sorority Incorporated was established with the purpose and desire to create an organization that promotes leadership in the community, as well as political, cultural and social awareness. Initially founded by seven Latinas, this purpose still lives on today at Temple University ' s chapter ol Chi Upsilon Sigma. Chi Upsilon Sigma has participated in many different volunteer programs throughout campus and will promote its principles tor years to come. Jerome Lomax Organizations 55 tDeffa ?cfa Delta Zeta Sorority was founded on October 24, 1902 by six women at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. Temple ' s chapter of Delta Zeta was reinstated on May 7, 1986 and has been a part of Greek Life. The purpose of Delta Zeta Sorority is to unite its members in sincere and lastmg friendships, stimulate the pursuit of knowledge, promote the moral and social culture of its members, and develop guidance for social action. Christina . Johnson " ...No matter what [happens], our sisters come together and work on improving the chapter as a whole. Because of [our] hard work and dedication we are now a top 10 chapter of Deka Zeta... " Phi Sigma Sigma ' s mission is to inspire the personal development of each sister and perpetuate the advancement of womanhood. Since 1912, the organization has been a dynamic sisterhood of powerful women fostering uncompromising principles, igniting positive change and embracing individuality. Phi Sigma Sigma makes academic achievement a priority, fostering an environment that encourages membership to reach their highest potential and prepare them for life after college. Christina I. Johnson " We encourage our sisters to become leaders not only in our chapter, but in other student organizations on Temple ' s campus... " Photo bv Jerome Lomax Organizations £J» Sfctiva ckPyma Eta Sigma Gamma is a Public Health National Honorary Society designed specifically for professionals in health education. Since its foundation in 1967, its mission has been to help further professional careers and to elevate the standards, ideals, and ethics of health science professionals. Some of Alpha Omicron ' s annual chapter events include the Health Professionals Career Panel, the Safe Sex Cafe, THEO ' S Red Lounge, and Eta Sigma Gamma Health Fitness Day at the IBC. President Adaobi Amobi believes that Eta Sigma Gamma has done an excellent job upholding and developing high professional standards and ethics for members of the health profession. Pamela Adewoyiii m pu I •Sr ' S hf a tiv: Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., was founded on January 9, 1914 by three young African-American male students who wanted to exemplify the ideals of brotherhood, scholarship and service. Since December 1919, the Epsilon Chapter, the fifth chapter to be chartered, has carried out these values. They pride themselves on being consistently innovative, always finding new ways to serve the community. The Epsilon chapter has a list of annual events they ' re well known for, like Sigma Week, the Sigma Sleepout for Homelessness and the Miss Ebony Pageant. It is the first pageant of its kind on Temple ' s campus, and has been running since 1992. Pamela Adewoyin Organizations 57 New footbull coinii Al Golden encourages the players dtirini; the Homecoming Game. J l It was a year of change and growth for Temple Aifiletics. New coacfies Al Golden and Fran Dunphy of tfie football and men ' s basketball teams, respectively, began building their legacies. The field hockey team had its best season since 1 991 . At the Atlantic 1 track meet, sophomore Joshua Louis was named Performer of the Week, and freshmen Tim Boeni was named Rookie of the Week. Proving Temple Owls can posses both brawn and brains, seven football players were named to the Philadelphia Inquirer l cd{ emc All-Area Football Team. Whether on official teams, club sports or intramurals, Temple students have risen to the challenges of yet another athletic year. Junior Nadia Clendening carefully guides the ball in a field hocky match against Fairfield. Owl fans tailgate in the parking lot at Lincoln Financial Field before the homecoming football game. A hockey player carries the puck toward the goal. Ice Hockey is one of the many club sports offered at Temple. S fLJ ; Coach Dunplny cooc nTraTe-s on the garrt wfth his coaching sTaff Semaj Inge- looks ciown the court for Tempie- farr watch the an open Teammate fc aske ' tt al te ' am compeTe Sergio Oimos cirtbfcJes tlfc hjed Toward the h»askeT Dustln Salist)ery cief ends Rutgers guard Marquis Wet b Men ' s Basketball rnten ' s BBskstbflll J: r The Diamond Gems dance team dance during The half time sho A The TempJe ClTeerleadcr kjaU ttTe fans in cheering for the CK vfe Serg o Olmos ( I 4) guards the net while Dionte Christmas keeps a Rutgers opponent from moving cJos r to ttne net Hooter the Owl gets the fans pumpeci up Head Coach Fran Dunphy watches the game and his ne A team closely The M n ' Basketboll team changed drastically injcise one sea- son For sTarTcers. former head coach John Chaney retired after an irr r s- sive 5 I 6 wins and 23 post " season appearances in 24 years at " Temple Chaney A as replaced bxj Fran Dunphy who had spenTthe lasT I 7 years aT P nn He is the f irsT perscan to ev r serve as the head coach of Two Philadelphia Big 5 insTTuTlons and is on of The mosT resp c:Ted coaches in The naTion In his lasT s a son with P nn. The Quakers finished the season wfth a 20 Q record and ack anced To The NCAA TournamenT The Owls sTarTed the season on a positive noTe afTer getting used To their new coach The schedule A as clearly chalenging txjT was exacTty whaT Dunphy wanted for the Team and for the farts The season sTarTed off with losses To KenT STaTe and Bof f alo. buT cerTainly did noT hinder The Team or Their goal They raised their spirrTs arxd w nT To To gain wins ov r RuT gers and Long Beach STaTe Temple also ceJetraTed the 50th anniver- sary of iTs first Final Four team aTthe Laf ayetTe game in December All I I living members of The T eam w r able To atTerd The game and re- ceived recogniTion for their efforts as whaT could arguably be the besT Team in Temple ' s hisTory The Owls finished The season wiTh a 12 18 record buT reTurn guards Mark Tyndale and DionTe ChrisTmas the A- I Os leading scorer, nexT season Freshman guard Ryan Brooks Dunpshy ' s f irsT Temple recruiT scored a cza- reer high I 5 pjoinTs in The season finale and should continue To make sTrides as a sophomore BeTh Davis Men ' s Basketball 67 Tfie? Diamond Marching btanci pdays during a Lady 0 aAs. game Fatlma Maddox steps a A ay from her Lady Comf or " t has pjerf e zT f on opponent A hiIe shooting a foul shot AsHey Morris locks aroLjnd the court for a teannmate to pass to (Right) Kamesha Hair on and a Georgia oppsonenT jump for tHe ball (Below) The Diamond Gems cfanoe for the fans during haff time Jasmine Stene sTancfe baetween Two Georgia opponents ready to getttne rebound off a fool shot 62 Women ' s Basketball iilli u Pl ' M wJ - I EjB h. r J ' V I B H i H . H — W iTeitalAi Jumping higher than her opponenTs. Jasmine Stone scores on a layup. ISofflBrs BBskBtbon f- m shenfta Laundry starts tine offense Kamesha Halrston steps back from her oppor»enT in orcJer to mak a clean pass -ady Comfort, Shenita Landry, Lakeisha Eaddy and Fatrna Maddox al look up tovA ards the basket to grab a reb ound P t Kamesha Hairston looks for a teammate To pass the hsi to. FatVna Maddox launches ajump shot Who ccxjld ask for more from these Lady 0 a Is afTer Their 2005 200C season conclLxding A iTh winning Their Third -sTraighT ATlanTic I O Title arxJ acK ancing To The NCAA To jrnamenT? Head Coach STaley, who sTarTed her s nTh s ason here aT Temple, chose a ry compeTrtive schedule for her Lady Ova Is They Took on an ACC Theme ' with The non confer nc schedule because The ACC A as considered To b e Tt e fcaesT wom- en ' s fc askeTb all conference in The counTry They played A efl in a loss To def erxding naTlonal champion Maryland Going inTo The season, TtTe women were predicTed To finish second in The ATlanTic I O, fcxjT ThaT A asnT going To sTop TiTe Ova Is from f ighTing for The TTtle An I I game winning sTreak sp arked The early p arT of The season Winning sTreaks werenTThe only Ttiing ThaT occurred This p asT season STaley was named TtTe 2007 Henry P Iba Citizen- ship AvA ard female winner. The Team won iTs Third sTraighT Big Five crown with czareer paerfor- manc ?s h)y SheniTa Laundry and Kamesha HairsTon, and STafey was named AssisTanT Coach for The 2005 0 j-r c Team - BeTh Davis WoTien ' s Basketball 63 This season kicks off the 50th s son of Temple Owls bjasefcoB This team is consicf- erecJ among The Top in The eoTlre ciTy of Philadelphia, spsorTing I A Trips To The NCAA ToornamenT, 2 College World series apapjearanc -s, I 2 con ference championshipas. and more Than 1 ,300 wins This season The Team has losT I 5 of iTs leTTer winners from lasT year 4 sTarTers, and O pftchers They s»_rff ered a hfT txjT with ne A players al- ways come new advanTag s. and The ability To txjild a new Team This year atone, second year coach Rob VaWi signed 2Q recruits that he says " are accustomed To vA rnning " The OvA is were S I 6 aTThe Time Templar w nTTo press, havinglosT in The LiberTy Bell Classic semifinals To Lehigh Junior Stan Or,zechovA ski, sopihomor Se n Barksdale and junior Mke Kelch had mul tiple hits in the loss. DaShone Kirkendoll, A ho came over from the basketball team, made his f irsT appearance of The season on The baseball diamond and piTched a score ?ighth inning. helsey Reams I Junior Tom Dolan rocincfe ttnrrd fc ase and heacds for home plate? 2 Catcher KL Obal tags out a 3 The Owls march back to the dugout after a loss First baseman Tom Bingham awafts a threw dt first x=i - ' Tom Dolan wafts for a pftch . Catcher Kl Obal blocks home pJate as he A afts for a throsA [ BasBbflll ] 64 Basebal [Sottlmn] Temple was 6 I 2 overall and 2 I in tine Atlantic I O aT The Time TempJar vA enT To press Wfth secon d-year coach Casey Dickson aT The helm. The Owls were looking To Their veTerans To guide an oTher A tse young Team In a loss To Fordham, senior Adrienne Repsher smacked a home run in Th Third inning, pKjTtlng her aTThe Top of Temple ' s alhTlme lisT in ThaT caTegory wiTh I A Junior Amanda Car r wenT 2-for-2 in The loss To Fordham arxd improved her baTTing average ' To 3 I Q And The Owls ' besT piTcher was True freshman Ashley Smuda, who had a Team-tDesTERA of 375 as of The f irsT week of April. Templar STaf f Softball 65 The men ' s crevA ' t am fin ishecd " their fall 2.007 season on a posftTve noTe The CXvIs hacJ strong pierformancies, in The PrinceTon Chase Regatta, the Philadelphpa Frostbrte Re gatta and the Bill Bra; Ton Memo rial Regatta One of the largesT races in the ar a. Head of the Sch _jyl ill Regatta. A as canceflecJ due To inclemenT weather Both of the Varsfty 8 boats vA orkeci well together They all formed a b ond and cised it " To Their advanTage In The lasT race of The fall. Head Coach WhfTe allowed The capTains To choose ' The b oaT lineups and boTh squads did vA ell, pslacing o y r Ithaca. P ' enn STaTe. Drexel and Loyola AT the time the Templar wenTTo press, the CXvIs vA ere scheduled To open their spring schedule vA fth The Keuper Cup in Felsmere, Fl Their schedule also included the Murphy Cup Regatta, George WashingTon Invitlatlonal. KnechT Cup, SIRA RegatTa. Bergen Cup, Dad Vail RegatTa and finishes wiTh the Ira RegatTa BeTh Davis I 2 3 4 5 A Varsfty S b)oaT ro vs auvatj from the crowds watching the race Listening to a felo A oarsmen, the rrtsn use their strength to pul the oars The Owfe ro A down the rh Gr to get to the finish line The Owfe rcw with the Phtedelphia skijine In the distance After rcwing under the Strawfc erry Mansion bridge, the rner give It et their might fflsn ' S Ixva 66 en ' s Crew i MMh- 5| 4 VIomBn ' S STarTing practice at SlSOam with tvA o practices a day can be rough, buT these Ova Is do ft every day during " the season. As if the strenuous practic werenT enough, th r vA as b)ad weather for the fall season E)e- spite the rough weather that " cancelled a regatta, the women had a fall season that " went " very well Par " ticipDa " ting in four raczes, " the " eam ended " the short s son with smiles on their f ac s They row b ecaus they love what the do To " these Ow ls, " the 5I30 early practice arnd " the " home " field as " the East " Park Canoe Hous under " the Straw- baerry Mansion Bridge comes as natural as waking At " the " time " the Templar wen " r to press, the CXa Is had big goals The first and foremost " w as to build on last " year and finish sTronger than " the 2006 spring season One of " the more irr Dortant regattas vA as " the Dad Vail, in which o er I 20 colleges psarticipate ft is one of " the nation ' s most pr rs " tlgious races. A second goal was to re " rurn taack to Calff ornia for the San Diego Crew Classic and improve upon last " year The " third goal is to keep " the title from St Jo sephs for the Bergen Cup after " the Oa Is vA on it in 200(3 Beth Davi; I 2 3 A 5 A Varsfty 8 boaT rcf A Toge-ttTer in perfecT harmony Rowing under the bridge, the Owls pull their oars as hard as, they czan Lisfenlng to their coxswain, the wom- en Travel f asTthrough the A aTer Ro A ing Together w l allow the Owts To keep the Bergen Cup title Under the drrecTion of Tim Hagan the Ova Is have a great coaching sTaf f Vi omen ' s Crew 67 Leyon Azutxjike, Terranc Knighton and Ryan Gore use Teamv vork To take cjown a BovA Hing Gre rt bolcarrler. Nick Santa Crioz, Neil Dickson. Alex DlMlchele Adam DiMlchele. and Dy ' Onne Crudup tak stragegy rfihe Sophomore Leyon A ubxjl e rujshes in To make a TackJe.. Serilor T(m Bro A n Turns tHe corner against Louteville InTellig nc e and generosity were T a o bright spoTs in an otH- erwise dif f icuff Temple football s asc3n The Owls finished III, but s en football players were nBmeci To The Ph c:]l ' h Inquirer Academic alharea football Team The requirements for this honor are a 30 GPA, be a sTarTer or re- serve key, and be a sophomore Arother accomplishmenT by the Team was a large donation to Fah- marr McElrathbey Fund and Adam Taliaferro FourKdaTion. the donation totaled $3 2QO This season did not go quiTe as well as Temple fans could have hcped buT bringing orte win inTo the season on the most hyped up occasion A as a TreaT The Flome- coming game againsT Bo A ling Qre ry ended ' 2 I 4 in Temple ' s favor NexT season. Temple will be joining the Mid American Corrfer- enc as a full football member Fr shmen also showed quiTe a bit of potential through this sea- son Three- players of rote w re freshman punter. Jake Bro A nell. linebacker Junior Galette arxd of f ensive tackle Devin Tyler All in all this giving Team has much To look f orw ard To nexT season wiTh a nerA sTrong head czoaczh. Al Golden, as well as se eral promising young players Chelsey Reams Football 69 Saying thaTthe field hockey " team had an impressive s son wocJcd only begin To describe tiTeir 200(3 campaign This was their besT season since I 99 I , " said assisTanT Coach Ryan Lang ford The CK vIs finished with a I 3 7 record and were very pJeased with their season as a A hole With an experienced coaching sTaf f , the women believed in the system they were taughT and Turned the season inTo a whole Team ef f orT Senior Megan Hannahoe, junior Alii Lokey and sophomore Erin Hanshue were selecTed by the National Field Hockey Coaches Association (IMFHCA) as Division I All Region honorees Junior Ash ley Bird, sophomore Mary Cath erine Kinneman. freshman Charise Youngjunior Leanne Vogelsong, freshman Mandi Ruth and sopho more forward Liz WatTo also received recognition this past season To these women, field hockey is more than jusT a game The sporT is their p assion, and the Tisam is a family Hannahoe de- scribed the Team dynamic and their enthusiasm perfectly " A e live in hockey land, " she said - Beth Davis I Brfttnl Bretz prepares To race dovA n ttTo field as soon as It-ie whistle bk ws Leanne Vogefeong keeps " ttTe ball In her control against an opponent _ Before games, the team would get together to motivate each other All Lokey locks down the field for a teammate to pass the bal to 5 Erin Hanshue defends tlTe goal [l Id Rockey 1 70 Field Hockey The TempJe lacrosse team carrye info the s son na ' tlon- ally ranked in the Top 2.0 Ccsacin Jenny UleNa She had high expsectations for these CXvJs b e :aus she knew they could live ' up To them AfTer the 2006 season. Bon- nie Ros n was named head coach Ros n was previously the head Coach aT UniversiTy of ConnecticuT and produced Two AIF-Americans, five AlhRe- gion players, I O Alh Big EasT pdayers and The 200(: Division I Scholar AthleTe of The Y ar With another ne A coaching sTaff , The 2007 Team had big shoes To fill AfTer a I 3 II loss To Richmond in the 2006 A- I O championship, the OvaHs wanT To improve on the psasT s - son When the Templar wenT To press, the women had an impr ive looking schedule vA ith maTches againsT schools such as Virginia, P ' nn, Unh r- siTy of MassachusetTs and Duqu sn - Beth Davis IsBcrasss 2 3 4 5 6 Johna CapakJo skde steps arvd pre- pares to ttnrow ttne bal Lincfeay A g cradles the tsal as she races dovA n the f teld Andrea DeSabaTo keeps her eyes focused on her destination Lfndsey Coff era sTeps arourxJ while keeping b all p osses ion BridgeT McA UJIan yels to a Team- mate on the field Lindsey Colferai avoids Two Virginia opponenTs on the fiGid Lacrosse 7 ft vA as a season conTroJec by The upapercJassmen, from th home opener all the way Through To irKdrvidual awards In The season opener againsT Phfla delphia UnK ersiTy, The seniors le d The vA ay To a 2 I win. AT The ernd of The sea- son. The ouTcomes Team- wise were noT as sTrong as some seasons, fcxjTThe ' team sTlll pcjIlecJ off Two wins andl a Tie The biggesT accomplish menTs by These guys are The indivic uai awards Senior Ryan Heins was selecTed for The All AT1anT7c Ten secord Team Se-nior Jeffrey Gon sak es was The 2006 ATlanTlc I O offensive pilayer of The- year, whilejunior TeammaTe Eric ScioccheTTi was named 2006AT1anTic I O defensive pJayer of The year WiTh an upjpe-rciassman- dominaTed Tsam, it should be inTeresTlng To se e how The underclassmen shine ne T " season after losing four se- niors - Chelsey Reams 1 1 L c. I 2 3 A 5 Frest-man Francois Sagna Takes control of the bal Sophomore Ben MaruccI races pasT defender Senior Merft Maher jumps In f ronT of an opponenTto geTthe bal Freshman (VU a? Puppsolo the bal f or A srd Sophomore Bryant Hosier the bal from the goal Tho Team celebrdTes a win rmm ' s Soctnl 72 Men ' s Soccer Even a disappjointlng season can have its higNights This was def iniTely True for " the women ' s soccer Team They mighT noT have meT their goals of a 500 record or making the corrfer- nc championshipjs, tnjTthey bieaT Penn for the f irsTTrme slnc I QQ4 They laid sTrong ground- vA ork for the future, arxd an indr vidual honor was awarded The mosT memorab fe momenT of the season for Coach David Jones vA as the win againsT Penn fHe commends his Team on ho A w efl they pJayed and thaT they b e T such a sTrong Team They scored an early goal againsT P nn, Then held off the Quakers un- til laTe in the game where they scored again, A inning 2 O This season the Team A as filled with young psiayers. mostly freshmen arxd sophomores Therefore, Jones focused on sTre-ngthe n- ing the T eam through workouTs arxd preparing them for f uTure seasons Another higHighT for the women ' s soccer Team was sophomore Cori Gallaghe-r ' s hon oratale mention in the Atlantic I O posTs -ason awards Jones looks forward To the upcoming season with high goals of competing for the conference championship -Chelsey Reams Womsrs 2 3 4 5 6 Sophorrtore Cori Gallaghor shows off her skifts Natalte Mel fights To ga(n control of the " bal The T eam gets a p ep Talc. Sophomore Charisrria WrighTTrfe To geT pasTthe goalte Froshman Dana Kerem dribbles ciovA n the f leid Sophomore VA endy Halrna evacJes a Buckriell pJayer Wc men ' s Soccer 73 The prkde and TradiTlon of The Temple Ow4s wil not " fcie enfrusted to " the timkd and the weak " te what the men ' s gt nnastlcs team believes For this season, the ' t am had shirts made with this saying and wore them To warm up The team had so much pride in their accomplishments for very good reason Under coach Fred Turof f and assistant " coach Theo A teyes, the CXa Is had very exr p i nc d coaches to assist " them in " their season Turof f entered his 3 I st season and Mayes entered his first on " the staff He was a Temple gymnast under Turof f The team had two returning donf r ncue champions, Lcice ex)ier as " the floor exercise conference champion and Stirling Kramer as " th all around cioni rencje champion V exler is f oHo ving in " the footsteps of his older bro " ther, Aaron, who compe " ted for Turof f from I Q94 to I 995 The team also consisted of many other expjerienced gymnasts from Temple ' sjun or and sophomore class rs who brought different things to " the team Temple is hosting " the conference championshipjs this season and has taken " the aonfererKze " title I 4 " times urxder Turof f The last " three times Temple has hos " t " ed the champion- shipjs. Temple has taken " the " title and had high hopes to do " the same " this season At " the " time Templar A ent to press, " the CXa Is had competed in six meets and won all of " ttiem Left in s -ason wer f cv more meets and tfien the charr ionshlps Beth Davis I 2 3 A 5 6 74 A T ' TT ipl«, - yyrrin. -iT b nlancos on ' fh bar Stirling Kramer holds himself up with ctrt arm on the psrralel bars Kramer stancis In a leg lift during his floor exercise routine John V o man sits n a perfect split during his floor exercise A Temple CXrt l holds a hand stand during his floor exercise LLi o Vexler uses hts arrr strength to hang from the rings Men ' s Gymna sties New coaches were a common theme among Tempale atHeT- ics tlnis pasT season, and " the women ' s gij-nnastTcs Team was no xc zjTion He ci Coaczh Ken Anderson was replaced fc y Aaron Murphy, a former Temple gym- nast Arderson had a program- besT 236 vicTories and czciac r edi The Team for 2 I years aTThe helm of The program AfTer a ( - I Q performance lasT year. Murphy sTarTed the Training season with a new philosophy He wanTed To advance skills and freshen routines, sTartlng ear lier so thaTthe Team would feel comf orTat)fe wh n competTflons rolled around Murphy dd leT Tradition sTay, though, vA hen he allowed the Traditional picking of the capTains by the team Seniors Jill KornetT and Sarah LiebcwiTz A ere picked taecause of their leadership on and off the maT Going inTo the se-ason, the Team A as blessed To have a sTrong group of varying skills Each woman broughT something To the Team And as a whole, they creaTed an amazing dynamic AT the Time Templar wenTTo pr ss, the Lady Ova Is had compeTed five Times with a record of 2 3 They reached a season high score aTthe Penn Trr-meeT They had five more competTtions and then charr ionships for the resT of their season - Beth Davis r isomers B [mnBstics I 2 3 4 5 6 Sarah LiebovA itz prepares To run toward ttTe- vautf A Lady CKvl swings aroond the uneve ' n fc ars. A Lady Ov A larxzls after her vault evenT Nina Oterl lands after competTting ir t Te uneven bars Team members watch as a Lady CXa I files from the vauft The team congraTulates a Lady CXa I after sl-ie compeTes Women ' s Gymnastics 76 Sophomore Patricia Vernon Junior Yina Sun Ling serves the hall concentrates on the hall. Katrina Mullins dives to dii; the hall. Junior YingSun Ling prepares Senior Jessica Waybrant has a set. perfect serving form. 76 Volleybal A inning The EasT (divr sion of UTe Atlantic I O con- ference for The second consecutive year and call- ing This a " re ' buikding year " seems inT resTing. f cw ever, ThaT is vA haT Coach Bob BerTuc ci calls This p asT season While mosT Teams consisT of I 5 To I 6 players. The Owls had To work vA ith a small group of I I Their bench of sutisTiTuTe pJay- ers shrank v hen sopho- more PaTricia Vernon A as irijured during The semifinals againsT ST Louis, resulting in a loss Despite The unf avor- ab)le ouTcome, it was sTill BerTucci ' s mosT memorable momenT of The season. ' VN e pslayed our besT, " BerTucci said According To BerTucci, The major sTrengTh of The Team This season was The core group of five girls Ving Sun Ling, Maira Mogollon, Vue Liu, ChrisTina DeAAarco, and P ' aTricia V rno, all sTood ouT as TalenTed players This pasT season -Chelsey Reams The Team cdrscuss game sTraT- gy t)ef ore play sTarTs. Junior Vue Liu prepares herseif for a dig.. Freshmen Diana Massiera and Jadtie Morrison keep their eyes on the ball The pre-game huddle alvA ays pre pares the Ova Is for a fun game Volleyball 77 Freshman Travis Gerhardf lengthens his sTrlde To hold off a compietTtor 2 Junior Noele McKenzte leads " the pjack. Freshrran Joanna Duff ey working her way uf the ranks Freshman Sean Martin Tries To overTake a rumer from Rider Senior Dave DAddarlo edging his w«y - closer To the finish line Sophomore Rachael AngsTadT racing againsTthe c=lod . Rain. sncAA , slush, muc if you cBn imagine it. tiTey run through iT Cross counTry runners ' moTTos run from jusT ice it " To " if your break f asT is sTill inTacT. you didnT run hard enough " Sounds Ike- a chip p r sporT, right? Well, ft is rough, running for mile-s arxd not qui I ling until you have crossed the finish line And even aTthaT pioinT there is the kno A )edge thaT you ' re n er actually done running IT do -snT sound like a glorious sport, biut enough runners com pjete Temple now has tsoth a men ' s and women ' s cross counTry team Aftoge ' ther, there were 22 dedicated runners for Temple ' s 200(3 cross counTry season, eight women and I 4 men MosT week- ends, if noTaB Throughout the fall these- 22 ladies and gentlemen run To Their hearTs ' contenT Guys run ab ouT S kilomeTers, or abouT 5 miles, while The ladies run a 5K or 3 I miles Cross CounTry actu- ally started off in Europe, when runners ran through the woods and muckjust for fun, so ft has cleaned up since the old Euro- paean days But iT stTlI isnT a sTroll Through CenTral Park NoT only do Temple runners run Through anyThing, They run well Aanyl runners have tseen kncwn To finish wfth Top horors aT Invfta tlonals and ev n at larger meeTs -Chelsey Reams 78 Cross Country Tracd and f ieici always seems to b)e a companion To cross counTry The aWr- letes jusT run as a sport " , righT? NA rong! ff ttne ros- ter of 75 atHetes versus 2.2. atHeTes do s not " con vince you, perhaps the list " of events va iII In Track and field, there are various e-ve-nts in the caTegories of jumping, sprinting, cJis Tancze running and thro AA- ing TempJe has had quite an indoor s son this year with sophomore Amanda Cole breaking the univer- sity ' s record in th long jump Junior Cheryl Ans - comtse Took third in the 60m dash, and freshman Mellissa Gale pslaced fourth in the pole vauff Th men f ared jusT as well. Taking fourth overall aT Delaware InviTational AT the time Templar wenTTo press the season hadnT yeT ended helsey Reams ■ TCQcK ami FtBld] A Temple p ole vauffer clears the bar Freshman Tim BoenI spaeects past the comFaetrtlorv 2 A high jumper in mid air A long jumper trying to get a dean 4 jump A Temple sprinter leads a group of — runners Terr Dle hurdler dears a high hurdle Track and Field 79 When attencding a cffy school playing a sporT based at a sub urban campxjs is noT an easy Task The TempJe goff Teams p ract]ce coors is near the Ambler oampscis, so the major iTy of the golfers live there While ft may be secJuded, the Team had beautiful surroundings To practice in With an exper ' r enced coaching sTaf f , the Owts were provided with vA haT they needed To succeed With a Team of only I I goffers, the nnen worked hard To prove themselves They conr DeTed in six TournamenTs and finished sTrong with a 5 I 2 placing aTthie Poplar Hill InTercollegiaTe InviTaTional in Virginia Sophomore Justin Masters, who lived on Ambler ' s campus, commenTed on the Team dy- namic ' We all love To golf so iT makes ft easy for us to golf Together We wanTTo work hard and pjush others on the Team so thaT we can succeed as a Team Thes guys have become my broth ers, " MasTers said Beth Davis . Fost-swini;. James Boose watches the hall to see where it lands. 2 Head Coach Roifers and Coach Lewis discuss the match 2 James Boose squats down to make sure his hall and the hole are aligned. A Temple golfer gets low to the ground in line up his put. 5 James Bnose concentrates on the trajec- tory of hi ' ' nut. 80 Golf fBntinn Head Coach Nkki Frarke mcisT h (doing something right The 200tf-2007 fenc- ing Team consists of I 7 total women ighT of whom are freshmen Franke has b e n Director of Tempale Fencing for 35 years and was previocjsly inducTed into the InternatTonal SpjorTs Hall of Fame, the Tem- ple University Athletics Hall of Fame and the United States Fencing Association Hall of Champions Franke has led the Terrple fencers to 33 post- season appearances in her time at Temple A fth a coach like Frark-e, these Owls have all they need to succeed in their sport Their irr ressiv spring schedule had the vA omen traveling from Pennsylvania to Virginia to lllr rxDis to Ohio for various tourna- ments At the time Templar we ' ntto press, the OvaHs had compet- ed in five fall events and were locking forward to their large spring schedule The freshman vA ent into spring with colle- giate exp erience urxder their beft as four freshman reached the Terr sle Opaen finals in Octo- b er. Beth Davis 2 3 4 5 KorJ Ecker. Jenna Remme rT and MaHa Nacey pxose TogetHer A Temple fencer lunges at her op)p onenT An a ria shot of Temple fencers during p ractrce A Temple fencer competes agalnsT her cpponenT in a maTch Head Coach Nkki Franke smfles as she talcs To a Team member Fencing 87 The meri ' s Terinis T sam can at least " say it went oUT on a high note Flaying in the consola tion rcx-ind of the Atlantic I O channpionship, the Ova Is hancJed city rival LaSalle a 6 loss Temple wenT 11 in the Tcx-irnanry nt and finished I Oth overall, concducding a Q I 3 season Top singles player Nathan Sp)uncfa coasTed To a O O. (y- 1 win, and fellow singles play- ers Phillip Gege-nheimer arxd Zach Tobias follovA ecd suit Coach Steve Mauro loses jusT one pJayer from this year ' s squad, senior Daniel Davis, so Temple should re Turn an expterienaed squad n 2008 Gegenheimer will be seniors, and Spunda, a naTis e of The Netherlands, will b e a junior Templar STaf f 82 Men ' s Tennis ' ■) f) [ntBn s TBixm] f) V m ' Temple ' s women ' s tennis T(sam was in 1lTe midsT of a sTrong season aTThe Time TempJar wenTTo press, hokJ- ing a I 2 -3 record as of April 3 Radca Ferancos a gave " the Owls a boosT in garner- ing Atlantic I O Rookie of the Week honors in early April, sparking Temple " To a 2. I record in thaT span The Ova Is pjosTed key vicTories over conference rivals a ier and GeGrge W ashingTon and p uT themselves in position for one of the Top seeds in the conference TournamenT In addition To Ferancova ' s second rookie of The week award. The 0 a Is goT conTrr- txjtions f ronn Yuri Kurashima and Dina Semkina aTThe No I and No 2 singles spoTs, respectively The CXa Is are led by third- year coach Trad Gre n, A ho was a memb er of Florida ' s I QQS national championship squad - Templar STaf f s lilQniBn ' s Tennis J I 2 3 A 5 6 Sop homor F icia Fra ter reTurrrs tHe ' t afl Senior Regan Burns cxxigraTiJ- laTes a ToammaTe Senior Regan Burns p repares To Head coach Traci Gr n waTches the maTch Senior Vuri Kurashima prepares To reTurn the s rve Senior Sharanya PatTabJ Women ' s Tennis 83 1 CbBBrlBaders Diamond Eems marriiina Band 2 3 A 5 6 The zheerl =aciers pserform a IrfT aT " ft-ie football game. A memfcie ' r of the co-ed cheeHeadrng spcjad lakes flighT The Diamond Gems perform art enet getTc routine before the game The brass in c:onc ?ntrates on t Teir music as they perform before tine game. A Diamond Band member crashes his CL Tnbals at Lincoln Y nanc:i FiefcJ The girls and guys on " ttTe Two Teams are noT your sTereoTypical che ?rlea(ders They have To maintain a 25 GPA To sTay in The program, and there is also a sTrenuous w ork. ouT rouTrn They work promoTlons for f ooTbal, baskettaall and corporaTe evenTs. and they compeTe in The Universal Cheerleaders Association CollegiaTe Championship They have landed in The Top I O in The counTry for the pasT three ' years Coach Avayou says their success is conTrib- uTed To experTis and a hard work, ethic These ladles paerf orm at men ' s and women ' s tsaskeTball games and aT football games in 1Tie fall To n rgi ze 1Tie crowd The Team conslsTs of abouT I 4 To I 6 girls ThaT enjoy dancing arxJ being energetic. They can also compeTe on naTional levels.jusT as The cheerleaders do The members of the Diamond Barxd KA orkjusT as hard as any sTudenT athleTe, someTimes hav ing even longer pracTlces They atTend camp jusT like The f ooTbaB players, cheerteaders, and Dia mond Gems They ar very dedi- caTed To their music They hav To give up w eekerxds To practicing and playing ITs a Tough rouTlne, buT iTs all for the good of the music - Chelsey Reams 85 A Temp e swimmer flip Turns To head back cdoA nttTe lane Club Sports (» r Quit Sports 1 T Temple fencing cdub f ace off In a competition A m n ' s rugby ciub pJayer looks at his opponent and p repares to dodge htm ■ Skdtlng TovA ard the goal, a Terr ule Ice hockey player keeps confrol of " the pxjck Using hte arm sfrength, a Terr ole rock climber A member of " the A omen ' s rugby club scales the wall passes the bat to a teammate Qub SporTs ha e a huge pres ence on Temple s carrpcjs wfth I 8 dif f ererit cdub sports teams Wfth the start " of the 2000 fall season, three " new club programs w re introduced -jujftsu, women ' s field hockey and women ' s lacrosse The three new sports added To the mass variety already offered, in- cluding cricket, rugby for both men and women wheelchair basketbal and both floor and ic hockey Each individual team is con Trolled txj the sTudenTs who play the sport The sTudenTs assume respionsibiliTy for the club, as they are sTucfenT run They manage their sTrucTure and A haT happens based on an individual club basis Terrple ' s EquesTrian Team, for example, has a program seT up To meeT rrnJtipJe InTeresTs STudenTs mayjoin erther on the competTTrve side or the non competTTrve side, depending upon their ability levels and inTeresT Temple ' s Roller Hockey Team practlc once a week and vA enT To the playoffs for the third year in a row They play all over the pJace, from PitTsburgh To Virginia Terr 3)le ' s Ic fHockey Team had a very good season At the time Templar wenT To press, the Owls had received a bid To the Regional Tournament This is the highesTthe Team has ever been ranked and iT vA as their first ever bid To Region als To the ouTsicter looking in, club sporTs seem likejusT a hobt y BuT To those who play, it is their p assion - Beth Davis Club Sports 87 The- guys Team for Incioor soccer A basketbal pAaysr gets he sTre Tching before a gam The UnTojcHables. one- of ttie (ady flag f ooTtw •■ tearris Tock tV»e- City 6 c : % t» Nadir Amin, Ramon AlbrftTon and Mathe W arrington b efore a foott)all game.. P A floor hockey teams pauses for a pic- ture 3 The Blue Chips intramural f ootb all team 4 The Phi Sig Slammers 5 Fall Intramural soccer champions! 88 Intramurals [intrflinurflls] Cai Blagtxjrn sho A s his splrirt " aTtlne joolball game on Halloween. Temple ' s InTramural champions aTthe Cffy 6 lev el for voUeyfcaal Three-time intramural flag foottaaO winners. The Terror Squad igh c=omp elTfion b askett all draws a lot of intramural enthusiasts Ever dreamedl of pJay- ing college sports ' ? De-- ciVdecJ against " ft because iT Takes up Too much Time ' ? Well, a loT of col- lege- sTucdenTs have fig- ured ouT hovA To play competrtrve sporTs with- ouT decJicating tloe Time and ef f orT required by mosT college- atHeTes The solution " ? InTramural sporTs Temple has a division of fall and spring sporTs A TcTal of I O sporTs serving tl e needs of any aspir- ing atHeTe The sporTs range from Th classic, elemenTary school game of dodgeb all To high and low competTtions for basketball All in all, iT is a good Time vA iTh greaT sporTsmanship, along wiTh ThaT added compel i I ion To keep everyone inTer- esTed. - Chelsey Reams Intramurals 89 President Ann Wcuri ' r Hurl cheers an the Oiiis at a Temple fiiothcill Hiune. The heart and soul of Temple University are its people. The students, administration, faculty and all levels of staff contibute to Temple ' s unique personality and sense of community experienced each semester. Every year, the university ' s population is growing and changing for the better, expanding into the city and graduating to take on the world. This year, Ann Weaver Hart experienced her first academic semesters as president of Temple. Her changes to the administration and contibutions to campus academics and activities are just another way Temple has GROWN in 2007. Students and faculty order lunch at Tai ' s Vietnamese Food outside of Anderson Hall on I2th Street. Dedicated Owl fans stiow their spirit in the stands at Lincoln Financial Field during the Homecoming football game. fLom. Mke. te6£clent O Congratulations to the Class of 2007, the newest members of the Temple alumni family! I am so pleased to offer my best wishes to you upon your graduation from Temple University. I am proud of your accomplishments and excited about your future. As you move forward in your lives in pursuit of your dreams, be assured that you take with you the foundation of success: friends and family, a sense of purpose, and an excellent education that has prepared you to confront the challenges of our rapidly changing world. You are in good company. You now join an esteemed group of more than 240,000 Temple University alumni around the globe. We know that your future achievement will build on the triumphs of those who came before you. " In the long run, we shape our lives and we shape ourselves, " said Eleanor Roosevelt, " ... and the choices we make are ultimately our responsibility. " I urge you to make good choices as you embark on the next chapter of your life. Pursue your personal and professional goals with integrity and respect for others. Strive to make a difference. Seek ways to participate in your community and your world. Nourish your hunger for knowledge. Remember that success is measured in many ways. Know and remember that each of us at Temple is committed to you and helping you succeed. I hope that you will recall your times here fondly and that you will remain connected to the University by attending Temple events, visiting the campus, speaking positively of Temple to potential students, and supporting our programs. On behalf of the University Board of Trustees, we extend our warmest congratulations and sincerest best wishes. Ann Weaver Hart Faculty 93 Administration Wl Clarence Armbrister Exec. VP C O O William Bradshaw Director of Athletics £ i William Bergman VP of Operations Timothy O Rourke VP of Comuter Information Services George Moore University Counsel Secretary Theresa Powell VP for Student Affairs Daniel Polett Chairman, Board of Trustees Stuart Sullivan VP for Devolpment Alumni Affairs ' i 1 f ' -y m Peter Liacouras Marvin Wachman William Parshall Mark Eyerly Chancellor Honorary Chancellor Director of TUCC Chief Communications Officer 94 Faculty li Deans Peter Doukas School of Pharmacy tl Robert Reinstein Beasly School of Law John MattJacci School of Podiatric Medicine Keya Sadeghlpour College of Engineering M. Moshe Porat Fox School and Mgmt School of Tourism and Hospitality Mgnt. P8 Concetta Stewart School of Communications and Theater 7 1 C. Kent McGuire College of Education Robert Stroker Esther Boyer College of Music - -» Martin Tansy School of Dentistry Hai-Lung Dai College of Science and Technology Linda M, Mauro School of Social Administration Faculty 95 Klamll Abdoullaev Kanar Abdulraheem Muhammad Afridi Albert Alvarez Maria Abillai ArianaAbud Aliya Adenuga Esperanza Agnew Kimberly Alburger Christie Alderfer Alexis Allen James Allen Leslie Allen Candace Amayo Shabana Ambreen Michael Ambron Zayne Amer Charles Anderson Knslen Andre Timothy Andrei Aikluiv Andiijiwskyj Trevor Angelucci Edward Afolabi Rehana Ahmad Lull Akinfiresoye Olatubosun Alake Lauren Albright Christian Alsis Amanda Anderson Shirley Annan 96 Senior Portraits Gerald Augustine Enka Auman Kamilah Austin Nicole Austin tVlary Awad Lauren Axelrod eniot to ile: Ally a Adenuga Aliya Adenuga is a senior majoring in Psychology with a minor in Spanish. Besides taking the classes required for her major, she has been immersed in Temple ' s rich cur- riculum, finding a forte in various courses such as " African Dance " and " Blacks and Cinema " . After choosing Temple because of its rich diversity, Adenuga got involved in various organizations like the Progressive N.A.A.C.P, TUCSA, TSG, PMA and Black Millennium. She had such a passion for education, economics, and service to the community that in the spring of 2006, she decided to establish a unit of the Nation- al Council of Negro Women at Temple. As the curre nt president of NCNW, she hopes the organization will continue beautification efforts by promoting health awareness, voting rights and mentoring to youth in the community. Besides NCNW, Adenuga has found her place in Greek life at Temple. As Chaplain of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., she is a part of a legacy of prestigious women all over the world. Adenuga has been through a lot in her life, but by coming to Temple, she is proof that situations do not define you. As she says, " they only make you stronger. " Upon her graduation she plans to attend graduate school, achieve her P.H.d. in Social Psychology and become a college professor. By Pamela Adenwoyin Senior Portraits 97 Beth Bannon Victoria Barbadoro Errol Barnaby Jenaire Barnaby Veronica Barreto Uzma Bashir MuM uii. ( Erin Bateman Christopher Bauer Trenease Baxter Veronica Beasley Andrew Beck Daniel Bedesem Denise Beek Katie Beele Clilorde Belizaire Chnsloplier Bell Giegory Bell Irma Bello 98 Senior Portraits ( ' ' Bi? Svetlana Belovol Patrick Benner Violet Benner Edward Benoit Jennifer Benson Jennifer Berdine Sfierri BiggianI Ryan Binck Erin Bittenbender Edward Black Josfi Blackway Jonatfian Blandford Sheena Boney Thomas Bonfiglio Nadine Bonner Shaun Bonnett Kathleen Bortz Michael Bottaro Senior Portraits 99 Mark Brady Aneka Braham Shence Brammer Kelly Brantley Larry Brasch Joseph Brassell Stephen Breuer Colleen Bnggs Kara Britcher Jenna Brizek Nicole Brogdon Dennesha Brown 700 Senior Portraits Erik Burling Alison Burnette Regan Burns Lauren Burrows Karissa Byers Tianna Calloway Nikole Calvello Mahamadou Camara Taryn Campbell Christopher Campion Jennifer Candeloro Lauren Cannon Gina Caputo Joseph Cardella Shervonda Carr Daniel V. Carroll Senior Portraits 707 Rebecca Carroll Thomas Carroll Ashley Carter Crystal Carter Xavion Carter Karen Carty ;i«sS ' Tiffany Cates Nicolaos Catsis Nerketa Causholli Kaitlin Caviston Romulo Cerpa W. Mitchell Chaine eniot tofiie: Romelda Forbes Romelda Forbes has made her mark at Temple University and is leaving here with one of the most rewarding experiences of her life. Bom and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Forbes is proud to represent her rich Panamanian culture and is a role model to many in her commu- nity. She was the first in her family to attend college and strived to achieve more at Temple University. From the moment Forbes entered the Fox School of Business, she was very focused and determined, making the Dean ' s lists her first semester. She continued on with her achievements throughout her years and was inducted into the National Society of Col- legiate Scholars. Forbes didn ' t only focus on academics; she was a well rounded individual and became very involved and active on cainpus. She put her skills to use as she became a member and the Treasurer of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., as well as the Special Events chair of National Association of Black Accountants. On account of her outstanding work and accomplishments at Temple, she was able to receive and accept a job offer from Lordi Consulting Company and will begin her career there as soon as she graduates. She leaves Temple with life-long memories and as a stronger individual, but there is one thing Forbes always tells herself to keep her moving on the road of success. " The habit of persis- tence is the habit of victory! " B Frcmchesca AH I 702 Senior Portraits »Ca-, Christina Chambers Weina Sylvia Chang Adrienne Chapman Ashley Chapman Ariel Charles Hayley Charles Tamika Clark Cathryn Clarke Jenna Clarke Nina Claudio Matthew Claypoole Latoya Clemens LaTeisha Clement Christopher Clemson Daniel Clitt Craig Clizbe Matthew Clizbe Alison Cobb Senior Portraits lOZ Eric V. Crawford Rebecca Crawford Stephanie Cnsler IVlelissa Crofford Julianne Crowe Donna Crowell Michael Crowley Cassandra Cruz Lindsay Cuiiiiiiings Justin Cunnane Zachary Cunningham Charna Curran 1 704 Senior Portraits Co« Evette Dandy Kisheea Daniels Linda Daniels Michael Danzig Holly Davies Megan Davies Shelly Dechristofaro Tracy Dechrlstofaro Naho Degawa Dashia Del Rosario Katelynne Delaney Joseph Delmastro Photo Not Available itOi Valerie Denault Peter Bui Deng Shawn Denhart Vanashri Desai Dion Devore Alwayne Dewdney Senior Portraits lOS i M M Nancy Di Nenna Issa K. DIaklte Matthew Diamond Amanda DiAngelo Laura DiBianca Lisa Diep Beatrice DIerlsseau Lindsay Dietz Laure ' n Diferdinando Elizabeth Ditfenderfer Timothy Dillon Ryan Ditchkofsky i »te Jurry Dixon ty lihails Djomins Alena Dlin Alex Do Kerry Dollaway James Donofrio r X M Meghan Dougherty Mya Douglas Danielle Drigo Earl Driscoll Laquita Du Bose Kamilah Dubard m Michael Ducassoux Edward Dudlik Joanne Duffield Jessica Dugger Kim Dunaway Bevin Durant i : W6 Senior Portraits D(p 1 Duygu Durmus Stephanie Duslk Anna Dworaczynska Theresa Dwornitski Venitha Edamadaka Kamille Edwards fOtfWsc, Nadia Edwards Lizette Egea-Hinton Carolina Egusquiza-Ber- rocal Melissa Eichert Basirat Ekeolere Jonathan Elder J Christina Elisio Christina Elllnger Althea Ellioti Phlllippa Elliott Calesher Ellis Cheryl Ellis 1 I nm ■ Michelle Ellis Rebecca Engel Nicole Erb Caltlln Esmond Adrlana Essilfle Amy Eusebio Peter Evangelldis Aneesah Evans Lauren Exiey Nkemdilim Ezeife Suzanne Farley Muhammad Farooque Senior Portraits 107 Rigoberlo Flores 108 Senior Portraits Cindy Foundos Armelle Franklin Kimberly Frasso Thomas Frazer Daryl Freedman Richard Friedrich Krystal Friel Dominic Froio Craig Fulton Michael Fusi Lindsey Gaal NIkeya Gadson Feba George Senior Portraits 109 I r Symphony George Chad Gery Koretta Geter Muluaiem Ghebreselassie Lisa Gibbings Faye Gifford Erica GiN RacViel Giordano Patricia Glavin Irene Goldstein Elena Gonzales Leandra Gonzalez Andrew Good Tanesha Gordon Corrie Gorman Jacqueline Giddy Jennifer Goeta Brittany Goldstein I 3«t Bryan Gorey Krystal Gough Beniamin Gould James Gourley Amanda Graddy Christy E, Giady loi K i Andrea Graham Lauren Graham Kristin N. Granero Erika Grant Maleica Grant Mia Graves 110 Senior Portraits •= » Dainna Gray Michelle Green Philip Green Atoya Green-Gregory Rachel Greenburg Daniel Greenspan r.ES ! I Carlos Gutierrez Yuliya Gutman Stephanie Guy Joel Guzman Jenna Hablenko Leora Hafri iii iJjres Bilal Haider Jessica Hall Tenee Hall Sarah Hallacher Seung-Jin Han Falena Hand Senior Portraits ;; a Dianne Heaney Keisha Hector Timothy Heebner Nicole Heileman Alexa Heinemann-Johnson Aaron Heintz Jennifer Heisler Alison Heiss Rachel Heithnger Samantha Hendricks Eimly Hendrie Halyna Hendzelyak 7 2 Senior Portraits • naVi Lutana Henry Meghan Henry Rebecca Leah Henshell Brittany Hess Molly G. Hicks Justine Hilburn 1we rK Tuyet Hoang Mildred Hoch Megan Hodge Raysean Hogan Ryan Hogan Jon-Christopher Hogg iHjmT ' J ' entot toftle: Sabrina Hanitz Ambitious, passionate, dedicated, and hard-working are only a few words that can describe senior Sabrina Hanitz. After graduating with a Risk Management and Insur- ance major, she plans to head to Aon Risk Services in Chicago to start her career as a relationship specialist. While excited about her new life ahead, the Temple experi- ence was very fulfilling for Hanitz. She chose the school because she was originally lived in Philadelphia before moving to Allentown with her family. Hanitz says she is in love with the city and needs to have a lot going on around her. Temple was the per- fect choice for this city girl because she could still be close to her family, who mean the world to her. Hanitz found it almost impossible to name a favorite experience here at Temple. There have been many good ones that will stay with her as she travels forward in life. The few that topped the list were being a Phi Sigma Sigma sister, being named the first ever " Greek Woman of the Year " for 2005-2006, being in Gamma Iota Sigma (her major ' s student organization), and participating in Greek Week. " Phi Sig made me realize that I can do anything I put my mind to, and I will take the lessons I learned here at Temple and carry them with me forever. " Hanitz said. By Belli Davis i Senior Portraits 713 Tyler Horn Kate Hornberger Jennifer Horvay Aggeliki Houa ¥ l» i I Sarah House KImberly Houston Terrence Howard Cnstina Hoyt Derik Hrubosky Sharlene Hubert Cindyann Huggins Jennifer Hunsberger Vesna Hunter Geoffrey Hurowltz Jannette Huston Angela Hvlzda Erkanda IkonomI UU 774 Senior Portraits Chirstian Imperato Jennifer Imperial Michael Ince Jocelyn Isaac Nneka Isamah " BJHufcns Uche Isiugo Olga Ivanova Miranda Jacklyn Casey Jackowicz Kirstine P. Jackson Richard Jacobson Christina Jagielski Sasan Jahanlan Amira James Emily James Tia Jackson Abby Jankovic Ulid Jirapatnakul Jenies John Stephanie Johns Carolyn Johnson Christina L. Johnson Danielle Johnson Senior Portraits JJ5 I Frank Lewis Johnson Margueritte Johnson Marita Johnson Sharonda Johnson Tiffany Johnson Christina Jones ' •=p Kayla Jones t lelissa Jones Shenese Jones Jainy Jose Cherese T. Joseph Kenyatta Joseph Richard Kahn Natia Kaiandadze Carolyn Kalinosl i liSOl Yosef Kalish Garho Kametani Luke Kasitz Melissa Kaufman fwlanabu Kawamura Omolola Kayode Vinita Keenan Cheryl Kelley Erin Kelley Stia 776 Senior Portfaits Meghan E, Kelly Shawn Kelly Brittney Kelsey Dolores Kemery Daniel Kendrlck Doree T. Kendricks ■WJOMIIIl Allison Kennedy Thomas Kennedy Amanda Kerrigan Nicole Kesselman fl i .. ' JS " Rasheed Khan Bhavi Khant Tonny Khong Kathryn A. Killian Ka Kim Kyoohee Kim Nam Kim Young-Sang Kim Todd Kimmel Donna King Jeffrey King Kristeina King Pia King Richard N. King Shantonya King Patrick Kinsella Shannon Kinsolving Alys Kirsch Kim Kiu Charles A. Knapp III Senior Portraits 717 Patricia Kordek Dennis Kornienko Angela Kourtis Marlene Kowal Peter Kozak Lewycky Jennifer Kraft Marylyn Kraft Kyle Kroszner Cassandra Kramer Selena Kramer Amanda Kramnies Alison Kreitz Tanya Kuhn Ross Kuhnreich Courtney Kuklentz Mark Kuryloski ' , ' :ii«l« Colleen Krieger Jeremy Kusnir ' It :i Jennifer Kwak Nafisah Laboo Adeline Lacroce Ptioebe Lai Ping Yu Lai Pul. Y Lai 718 Senior Portraits Anna Le Hai Le Corey Leader Jordan Leahy Jacqueline Lecher Anna S. Lee Ashlee Lewis Dama Lewis Elizabeth Lewis Mecca Lewis Michael Lewis Steven Li Senior Portraits 119 Yu Ting Liu Jamie Lloyd Kifnberly Lock David Loi Jerome Lomax Danielle Long Quiana Long Rosy Longmore Veronica Lopez-Munoz Sheena Lowe Monica Lowry-Johnson Linda Lu entot toAie: Matthew Jones For someone who lives 20 miles north of New York City and loves the city, Phila delphia seemed like the perfect place to go to school. Due to its large city-school atmosphere and impressive education program. Temple seemed right for senior Mat- thew Jones. For someone as fun, outgoing and laid back as Jones, there were many memorable experiences to be made. " Going to the basketball games, many late-night walks to 7-11, lots of long nights with cans of Red Bull and starting my own aca- pella group, the Broad Street Line, will always stay in my mind and make me think of Temple, " Jones said. Along with all the memories, Jones said he learned a great deal from Temple. In his time here, he learned how to live on his own. His mom wasn ' t there to wake him up, to tell him when to go to bed, and to make sure everything was getting done. According to Jones, Temple also taught him everything he needed to know for his tuture. He plans on staying in Philly to teach for three years. After making tenure, he plans to move where the money is. " It was fun while it lasted, " Jones said. Bv Beth Davis 720 Senior Portraits ■ ».-wy ,.» «.»«r.- Suzanne Lyons Joshua Makowiec senior Mji ' i mm) ) laK mnaca- I Steven Ma Marcy MacCoy Courtney MacGregor Vanessa Maddox Michael Madgin Asha Malik Dale Malinowski Michael Mandenhall Christen Mandrack Troy Mandy Candy Manning Andreas Mantzoukas Shirley Maranc Richard March Cara Marciano Allison Marcy Senior Portraits 727 Caroline Markley Jelena Markovic Barbra Marquez Tracey Marrazzo Sarah E. Marriott Robin Amelia Marrone , ■■ ' " ' ' Aleshia Martin Karina Martinez William Martino Tiftany Martoccio Yuliya Martsynovuska Ana Maslesa ' . ' riSSa Harpreet Matharu Jasveer Matharu Sini Mathew Rinta Mathews Candice Matthews Kristina Matthews Sahma Matthews Kevin McCambley Carolyn McCarraher Robert McCauley Knsten McCleary Kevin McClellan -■■5«el 122 Senior Portraits I Dana McCutchen Kevan McDaniel Anthony McDonough Fatima McDuffie rf «- « ■ tikA Melissa McFeeters Amanda McGarvey f.lcGill John McGough Timothy Mclntyre Gregory McKenzie Patrick McKeown Loretta McKoy Charles McLaughlin Marissa McMurtrie Deirdre Meakim Olamide Medugbon Cherie Mends-Cole Aster Mengislu Lindsay Mercado Lamar Metcall Dustin Metz Carl Meubicksky Senior Portraits 723 Joshua Meyer Michael Michalczyk Tanlsha Michel La Frances B. Middleton Brian Mignone Jameel Miles Amanda Miller Cheryl L Miller Dfeborah Miller Dominil Miller Elizabeth Miller George Miller Jacklyn Miller Shakira Miller Megan Millman Aleksandr Milmeyster Monica Mixon Lungile Mkhweli Michael MIynarczyk Marian Mobarek Khyati Modi Mary Grace Moffit Kandis Moffitt Devin Monaghan Manse Moniz Dara Monroe Gina Monturo Sook Moon Candyce Moore J24 Senior Portraits Marvella Morris Rachel Morris Kathryn Moschella Andreas Moshovis Irina Moyseyenko Tuiani Muchinapaya Michael Mudricl Steven Muebic Adam Mueller Jessica Muhl Tara Mullen Christopher Muivey Yasmine Mustafa Bryan Myers Anastasia Mylonas Daniel Nadeau Danielle Nagelski Jessica Nahill Jacob Najac Janelle Natson Tanaya Neal Natasha Neale Lauren Negro Kerry-Ann Nelson Nadia Nelson Senior Portraits 72S Il Mira Nersesova Hatshepsut Newsome Tammy Ng Eleni Nguyen Hoa Nguyen Phuong Nguyen UcfieOI Sandy Nguyen Sara Nguyen Tafrnmy Nguyen Thuong Nguyen Thuy Nguyen Vu Nguyen Krisline O ' Hara Bnan OKeefe Ryan OLaughlin Ann OSullivan Ciaran O ' Sullivan Philip Obaza 726 Senior Portraits i a Michael Pannulla 1 Jenaya Parker Lauren Parker Rebecca Parker Shannon Parker Letia Parks Senior Portraits J27 Alexius Parraway Andre Pascoe Ashka Patel Bhavisha Patel Chirag Patel Gargi Patel Ruchir Patel Yatish Patel Jeffrey Patterson Stephanie Patterson Boaz Paul David Paul l ' C ' 3-Ma( ii Brandon Payne Pamela Payne Charles Pearson Patria Peguero Joseph Pehanick Alexis Pelletler Holly Peltz Alison Pendleton Katie Penta Brandy Perkins Thomas Pescatore 728 Senior Portraits Joy Petaway Danielle Peterson Lauren Peterson Savannah Peterson Anand Petigara Chrlston Petite Andro-Marc Pierre-Louis Andrea Piescil Victor Pinckney, Jr. Michael Pinkhasov Anna Pitsch Kimberly Plank eniot tofile.: Danielle Perry Coming from a small town in Northeastern Pennsylvania, Danielle Perry thought Bloomsburg University would be the perfect place for her. After a semester she learned she was wrong and transferred home to a community college. It was there she decided that Temple would be the best place for her because it would give her more opportunities with the major she had. Once here. Perry changed her major to STOC with a Public Relations concentration and felt it was the best decision of her life. " I have never once doubted that PR is what I was meant to do, " Perry said. As a junior here at Temple, Perry decided to pledge a sorority and joined Phi Sigma Sigma. She felt this was an excellent choice, as she has gained plenty of volunteer ex- perience since. After an amazing internship at Center City Proprietors Association her junior year, Perry had the opportunity to intern at 160over90 as a senior. The intern- ship allowed her to gain experience that she will need in the field of public relations. In the future. Perry plans to stay in Philadelphia, working for an agency or non-profit organization. " I like the non-profit sector because it helps people. My mom was diag- nosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1993, so I am very involved with the National Mul- tiple Sclerosis Society, " she said. According to Perry, choosing Temple was the best thing she could have done to improve her future. gy g f Davis i Senior Portraits J29 Erika Pollard Sabrina Ponders Paula Ponton Ekaterlna Popova Ingrid Porras-Gonzalez Bradley Potts William Pounds Matthew Powell Elise Powers Angela Prendergast Eric Preuss Kevin Price Renee Procopio Saimir Profka Stacey Proverbs Tanesha Pugh Courtney Queen Lakena Quest Joanna Quigley Kevin Rafferty helicia Ragland Matthew Raisman Christopher Rak Annmarie Rambo 730 Senior Portraits Gina Ramos Jovanny Ramos Allison Ramsey Valerie Raneri Ahly Rattanakhambay Terry Ravello Shane Reighard y i i Holly Reagan Krist ine Redstreake Brian Reece Sheree Reed Avi-Shay Reem Zachary Reichenbach Adrienne Repsher Danielle Reilly Alicia Reinsel Lindsey Reis Jenna Remmert Jeanelisse Rentas Kelly Reuter Lisa Rhoades Preston Rhodes Kelly Rice James Richard tflairto Megan Richard Abigail Richardson Robert Ricker Melanie Rifkin Rorn Rith Amanda Rittenhouse Senior Portraits 737 Daniel Ritterbeck Jessica Rivera Veronica Rivera Moonee Rivers Sarmin Rizvi David Roberts .JSiff r 0% T Brian Robertson Aqueelah Robinson Crystal Robinson GIna Roby Julia Rock Lindsay Rodolico Joseph Roetz Iris Rolon Natalie D. Romano Harrison Rondon Lauren Rooney James Root Joseph Rosar Erin Rose Daniel Rosenthal Stephen Rosinbaum Vernell Ross Joseph Rovher Chris Rowan Adam Rufi Lamara Russell James Russo Maria Sabato Mary Sacchetti 732 Senior Portraits Jessica Salas Mindy Salyards Blessy Samkutty Laura Samson Scott Sandler Michael Sands Lauren Santangelo Bailey Sargent Jessica Sarian Nicole Saunders Lisa Scaperotto Abby Schafer Lareel a Scurry Jessica Seersma Gregory Selgrath Stephanie Selkow Senior Portraits 733 Urmi Sen Vandavin Sen Jimmy Seng Karona Senghuor Kevin Sentner Samuel Sero Tyrone Shafer Eric Shatter Nenshi Shah Mona Shater Tonya Shea Magan Sheaffer 4tt Lauren Shelby Meghan E. Shelmire Gregory Shelton Juliet Shen Paul Shiffka Christopher Shirlow km Crystal Simpson Holly Singer Davinder Singh Clarissa Singleton Talidna Sivak Jacquelyn Skalamera 734 Senior Portraits Charaine Skelton Lavon Skinner Lindsey Skolnick Kara Skyllmg Rana T. Sleiman Sarah Sobel Emily Sokol Michelle Sokorai Carly Solis-Cohen Eleni Solomos John Slinger Brooke Somers Robert Spade II Senior Portraits 735 Erik-Adam Spinelli Melissa Spinner Jesse Staab John Stackhouse Jennine Stankiewicz Linda Stanley-James :0i Angela Starkey Cristiana Stavron Elizabeth Steele Matthew Stein Matthew Steiner Ashley Stern enio ' L ( ' cofile: ( »ri Russell Zimberlin I I Temple has taught many students many things, but to senior Russell Zimberlin, it gave him a first-class education that will help him in all his future endeavors. Zimberlin said he would not have made it this far with- out the help of all of his professors and Dean Montague along the way, and that made his Temple experience worth so much more. Zimberlin M chose Temple because it ' s a great institution. He liked the city atmosphere and enjoyed being a small distance from home. The last deciding factor was all of the opportunities that would be available after graduation. Zimberlin ' s fondest memory here was winning the Intramural softball championship three years in a row. Coincidently, at the time Templar went to press, his future plans were to win the Intramural softball cham- pionship for the fourth year in a row. After graduation, Zimberlin also looks forward to a job in the sports industry. Bv Beth Davis ten ktf. 736 Senior Portraits I Jacquelyn Stokes Lauren Stokes Katie Stone Jeremy Straight Erin Stratton Kristi Strawbridge Jessica Strickland Jean-Duquens Striplet Alison Stuart Melissa Su Vinti Su Juan C. Suarez Romero ■Russell n in all his ,15 lar Willi- the way. iiberlin jtmosphei nsfacior laiion. alsotihal ' ;niplar lallcham- linalso Shawna Suchecki Mary Maigarel Sudduttn Erica Suggs Aurore Suong Patricia Sutton Melissa Swallow Alexys Sweeney Lonnie Sweet Vanessa Sychak Jessica Sylvester .4. Kim Szalejko Olivia Taduran iiim Senior Portraits 737 Kendra Taggart Nicole Taite Dafney Tales Stephanie Tanner Marima Tarawaly felefTo Achaia Taylor Lauren Taylor J i.r ' " ■= I ii l inja Taylor Sandra Taylor Shani Taylor KImberlee Terpoilli jl 3sil8il Reggy Timothee J38 Senior Portraits [T- wy% Mary Trishman Sammi Truong Merlssa Trusz Kathy Tsai Cristela P. Tschumy Afea Tucker Erin Tyson Nneamaka Ugbode Michael Ullsny Etieno Umobong Senior Portraits 7J9 Sigfredo Vazquez JImmylee Velez Jennifer Vetrl Kishwer Vikaas George Vllsaint Christopher Vito h ' jiljal Jacqueline Vo Michael Vo Alma Volkova Katy Vona Pamela Voutsinos Lauren Vrooman Amy Vuong Franco Vuono Tulani W-Plaskett Alana Wagner Azhar Waheed Marquita Waites - 740 Senior Portraits Colleen Walker Deshawn Walker Katelynn Waller Justin Walls Jessica Walsh Robin Wang btlun Elizabeth Warmbir Lana Warner Cathy Washington Ian Washington Jessica Washington Marques Washington Shakeilya Washington Thomas Watkins Antron Watson Deva Watson Lauren Watson Marlena Watson Ryan Nicole Webb Danielle Webber Shannon Weicker Erica Weidman Ryan Weiss Senior Portraits J4J Theresa White Allison Williams Tiffany White Alice Whitley i 1 ■ , ■ ( " vh ■ R - ) |[ V Brian Whittaker Thomas Whittle Whitney Lee Wideman -= Andrea Williams Dafina Williams Desiree Williams Jody-Ann Williams Lauren Williams Suzelh Wilson Tiffany Wilson Terri Witkowski Peter Woeltling Amy WojCiechowicz Maria Wo|towicz Eiic ' 142 Senior Portraits Tymira Wright Dorota Wrzos Anthony Yacobacci Simeng Yang Kristen Yarrlngton Luwan Yelbio r m--- Junghee Yun Vasiliy Yurchenko Elizabeth Zadnik Anna Zak Kristin Zartman Senior Portraits 143 Noam Zilbertstein Amanda Zirpoll Katrlna Znosko Yana Zolova Emily Kevlin Zubernis Lauren Zumpano 144 Senior Portraits atent ( tdvefcti meni Congratulations, Class of 2007! Parent Pride Ads J4S HEATHER: We are so proud of your success and grateful for the love and joy you ' ve brought into our lives. CONGRATULATIONS ON A JOB WELL DONE! Love, Mom, Dad, Scottt Congratulations Candy. You have been my first blessing. At the age of 3 you learned how to read and demonstrate leadership ability. From that point on, you have alv ays taken on that leadership role in all the lives you ' ve come in contact with. You have a stong and determined personality, that will guarantee your success in any career or challenge you choose to pursue. We are so proud of you your accomplish- ments. Your hard work has finally paid off. Thank you for being you. Love , Mom, Delisa, Kyle, Daddy Mr. Tucker, Bunny, Onyx Tangy 1 .Ik j iS- - m Ijcoma, Congratulations on your very big achievement. I am so proud of you and all you have accomplished at Temple University and your young life. May God continue to guide you as you pursue even bigger goals for your life. Micheal and 1 love you and wish you well. So, so proud of you. Mommy Ijeoma A da hod i Okolo 746 Parent Pride Ads k TREVOR Temple has given you the keys to a whole new world- don ' t lose them! my, Always carry the passion and dedication that you have for learning to the students that you will soon teach. YOU WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE! I am so proud of you! Love You, April Wishing you every happiness that life has to oEfer! Congratulations! Mr. Mrs. H. Andrea Congratulations on your graduation. This experience was a life journey of accomplishment. Consider the stniggles U) attain your goals, the strides you have made, the knowledge you have acquired, the desire to take your learned skills and now begin to relate and teach from academics and life experiences. ITiis will have such an impact on others. We are proud of you! Edyjulmnrm, KaitJyn, Shannon Barb Congratulations! Wendy, Zoey, Sophia Joe Parent Pride Ads 147 { Dearest Ryan, Congratulations on such a wonderful accomplishment. You worked so hard and deserve only the best that life has to offer. You are our pride and joy. Hail to the Chief! Love, Mom, Dad, and Kevin Congrats on your graduation Candy. We are so proud of you. It ' s been a long journey starting from lUP and then transfering to Temple; Long projects, unfair professors, talent shows, social groups, great parties, pointless homework assingments, full-time jobs, numerous internships, lost fiends. They all have had a positive impact on you and made you a stronger woman. You survived it all and came out on top. You have a great future ahead of you and you will be the best at whatever you plan on pursuing as a career. May God always watch over you and continue to bless you. Love, Ronnie, Ms. Shirley, Mr. Alkm, and Romeo Kathnjn: You are my shiniug star forever and ahvays... Wie arc so proud of you! Love, Mom i KeCy As a little girl you were a wonderful delight to the family, now as a young woman you make us proud of the goals you have accomplished. You are a strong young woman, very independant. You worked hard, the stars are yours, gral one and hold on. For a succestul fu- ture, the world is waiting for you. LOVCy Nana Dad 748 Parent Pride Ads ' €€ mi i€iAmiikmA u- We are proud of your accomplishments and everything you set out to do. We love you and your ambitious attitude, motivation, and determination. We wish you the best in all of your endeavours and celebrate your sucesses along the way. Keep up the great work. We love you. Love Always, Bytia, Mom, Dad, Pop-Pop, Mildred and Herb Parent Pride Ads 149 Bccbs In the midst of chaos, heartbreak, and adversity you never lost sight of you dream. You never faltered, never failed, and stayed true to your beliefs. You are an inspiration, and we are proud to be your family. With Love and Admiration, Mom, Patti, Eric, Grams, Pop, Aunt Chris, Rick, Tori, Amya, Aunt Patty, Mike, David, Graham, Aunt Beth, Uncle Steve, Alex, Sammy, Charlie, Uncle John, Rabia Congratulations Elizabeth Ann Zadnik, BA Congratulations to out dearest Holly. iiP Wjm wSI t7 ' ' May you succeed going over all life ' s hurdles as well as you did at Temple. Love, Mom, Dad, and David 750 Parent Pride Ads 1 (flm.be.t. J), cffoble. =J Dear Amber, Words can ' t express the pride and admiration we feel for you. You are an extremely hard working, dedicated, and determined young woman who knows what you want, knows where you ' re going and how to get there. Your life ' s accomplishmnets are already staggering and will only get bigger and better as time goes on. To Cod be the glory. We love you and wish you much sucess in all that you do as you continue your life ' s journey. Congratulations on your graduation. You ' ve made us proud. Love, Mom. Dad, Robert, David and your entire family. Parent Pride Ads J5J Best Wishes to our future -Fortune 500 " CEO!! You have turned stumbling blocks into step ping stones. Congratulations in all of your endeavors. We ' re sure Onyx is also looking forward to your graduation since he ' ll see you a little more often (Smile). Susan Phillip Murray Nina you accomplished my dreams in real life even through the pain and difficulties. I am proud of you. Love, Your Mother ; 1 r R KINESIOLOGY G MP U Y B P j A L M ATHLETICTRAINING S e A A D A A K P S A C S WE E T T SITLER ' L TU 1 1 B SPL NT R C A F ! W AS N i. POWLS C F ELDHOiCKEY P e T A MOVER L B BRUISE S AS MEDS L SOUTHSTREET N Li N Congratulations, Caitlin Nielsen! 752 Parent Pride Ads YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS LOVE AND CONGRATULATE YOU! BEST WISHES FOR YOUR FUTURE SUCCESS! WE ARE VERY PROUD OF EACH OF YOU! I CHECK OUT CRAIG AND MATT AT CLIZBEATS.COM A PRODUCT OF CLIZBEATS PRODUCTIONS, INC. I Parent Pride Ads JS3 Congratulations on graduating!!! Love your friends Hey friend! You are truly a shining star that will go far I hope that we will always be friends. Congrats! -Tamika Kobby Congratulations on your success. From middleschool to college we have been there for one another. Love Ya! -Jennifer Congratulations Candy on you graduation. -Arion Congrats Candy best of luck with everything you pursue. - Ev and Natasha Congratulations on finishing all your years of hard work. We are sure that your life will be blessed with only the best and your future will be full of great possibilites. - Tiffany Rob Congratulations on your graduation. You ' ve worked hard and you deserve it it. - Nick Congratiilations to my grandson, Mark Bradley, fvove Always, Grandimoim ¥3l ■IF ' 7 B_ Jasmincita A l ' )(. uititul druiim that i.ann ' tnu ' , j shining stiir that lit our lives. You are one of God ' s greatest gifts to us. It has been a wonderful pleasure to watch vou grow into such a fine young woman. Remain always true to yourself. We belic e in vou. Congratualations on ' our man ' accomplishments. We are so proud of vou. Nla - Cod guide ou and bless vou in all that ou do. Our lo e and respect always. Ma mi and I ' api To m - lo ' ing sister, ma ' all ou dreams come true. Mav vou find peace and happiness in the vears to come . Thanks for being there for me and ne er letting me give up. ou are mv faxiirite. 1 love vou. Congratulations! - Aimee 754 Parent Pride Ads Dear Mom- Mom, CONGRATULATIONS ON A JOB WELL DONE! We are so proud of you. We can ' t wait to follow in you footsteps. LOVE, Elise and Ethan You did it Sis[ You hustled until the end. I ' m very proud of you and will continuously support your ambitions. Here ' s a picture of us at your 8th grade graduation. Since then, I knew I ' d see another one. THE BIG ONE! I just know this... 1 wUl always expect BIG things from you, because 1 know you are ca- pable of delivering! Also, I know you are not comfortable accepting mediocrity. The whole Manning family is proud of you! But, in addition to the famly, remember to trust God for everything. Love, Phil, Mel, the entire Manning family ' CpnaXoLtulatLoab We are so proud of you. May you reach the the goals you hope for and make all your dreams come true. The sky ' s the limit! Love, Mom, Dad, and Corey . Parent Pride Ads J5S Congratulations, Emily Kelvin ZubernicS Em, You have always been incredibly special, able to see the world from a prespectiye that others might might have missed, and then to weave the certain words that would allow you to share that with the rest of us. We are so very proud of the person you have been and the person you ' ve become- and so glad to see that the sparkle in the eyes of that precious one-year-old hugging her teddy is still there today in the eyes of this brilliant and beautiful woman, lighting up the lives of all of us who love you. Love you THIS much. Mum, Jeffrey Tedrick Dearest Emily, 1 don ' t believe I have the words necessary to do justice for the way I feel about you and your accomplishments-So please let me just say that I love you for just being who and what you are, and I ' m so proud to be vour grandmother. Congratulations, From the Fozz 756 Parent Pride Ads You are one of the spots that always glow gently in our hearts. You have given us laughter, joy, and tears through the years. We have seen you grow from the fat-cheeked little girl in to the beautiful young woman that you have become. You have worked very hard and we are so very proud of you. Congratulations Mom and Dad Cinque Kelly xoxoxoxoxo You have always been my little star. Always sure of yourself, even when you were not sure. You were born a free spirit , with a kind heart, a great smile and a strong presence of self My wish for you is a long life filled with success, happiness, and people who love you. You have made me a proud. Love Pop-Pop ' " JaiU ' ' fa i, God has blessed me to see you graduate from highschool, now college. You have worked very hard to achieve your goal. You are a wonderful, intelligent young woman. The furure is yours; do not let anything stand in you way. Reach for the stars. I know your parents are proud of you, and as your grandmother, I am very proud of you too. Much success to you in the future. Love always Mom-Mom Ziegler To Aqueelah, Our Phenomenal Niece the Graduate " Graduation. ..when dreams turn into reahty. " You are a smart and lovely niece. Congratulations on your outstanding accomplishment; continued success in you impending career and all future endeavors. We are all proud of you. LOVE YOU Aunt Shirley, Uncle Mike, Tianay and Cross Ziegler Aunt Vernise, Uncle Lee, L.C., Katryna, Deving Burs ' Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which she has overcome while trying to succeed. " Booker T. Washington Parent Pride Ads 157 God brings us all into this world for a purpose... I " c spent months, even years contemplating w hat I w ant to do with my life. I once had the desire to become a teacher now 1 am an American soilder in training to defend my country... I ' ve lived the life of a musician, lived life to the best of my ability now I ' ve become a protector of life. My family, friends, and those unknown now depend, on me to ensure them of safety each everyday. I would like to congratulate my fellow classmates and friends who have accomplished another goal in life. 1 long to be with you, but instead I ' m protecting you all keeping you close to my heart. 1 am an American solider first, but a Temple Owl at heart. God bless you all!!! OO OWLS!! PFC Brown, Melissa M it{ at if if ' : We are so Proud of your achievement, success, and of you!! You will be a wonderful teacher, and we wish you all of the best in your new career. Lots of love, Mommy, Daddy, Stephen, and Julie ChricStina We are very proud of all your accomplishments. We can ' t wait to see what else you achieve in the future. Congratulations! Love, The Johnson Family 758 Parent Pride Ads Qristopbcr Mic cal Clcmsop (C.M.C) Our awesome responsibility to ourselves, to our children and to the fiiture - is to create ourselves in the image of goodness, because the future depends on the nobility of our imaginings. The world we live in depends on the responsible contributions each of us makes. And this world is just as good as are the many talents we commit ourselves to developing and offering. None of us is without obligation to offer our best to our family, friends, or strangers, if our hope is to li e in a good world. The world can only be as good as each of us makes it. . . Individually and collectively, our power to mold the outer circumstances of our lives is profound! Our personal responses to one another and our reactions to events that touch us. combined with the actions of others to create a changed environment that affects us. No action, no thought, goes un-noticed, unfelt. in this interdependent system of humanity. We share the universe. We are the force behind all that the universe offers. Whether we acknowledge the depth of our contribution is irrelevant. It is still profound and making and impact every moment and eternally. To live is not merely to breathe, but it is to act. it is to make use of our organs, senses, faculties. All of these parts of our- selves give us the feeling of existence. We are gifted w ith talents that need encouragement in order to blossom. Few of us fully appreciate our talents. Many of us fail to utilize them, and yet they are waiting for the invitation to present themselves. We have been blessed with particular talents because the world we live in needs our indi idual in ol ement. Each of us is charged with a responsibility to Contribute to the lives around us. Our shared talents make the road smooth, when each of us has acted as the need arose. We are called to participate by our talents. The help define who we are. They affirm that we count, that we are needed. No one is without capability, a characteristic that lends just the right flavor to a situation in ol ing others. Whether it is a sense of humor, the ability to write or paint or a talent for settling disputes, we each have a calling card and we are asked daily to make our contribution. Christopher, the Lives of your Family and Friends are enriched by your Talents and Contributions. The world is a better place having yiui in it. We are so very proud of you your accomplishments. We can not wait to see where this New Path along the journey of life take you... CONGRATULATIONS!!! MOM 143 Parent Pride Ads 169 1 CinCly you have worked very hard and conscientiously and we are extremely proud that you have achieved one of your objectives in life. We know that you have a testimony of the many occasions God intervened on your behalf during your studies to pursue your degree. Congratulations on your achievement and all the best for the future. God Bless. Love from us all, Rupert Gordon (father) Doreen Gordon (mother) Alicia Gordon (sister) Rhona Williams (grandmother) Congraulations Kenyatta Andrea Nicole Joseph -m. ' Our Queen, You are a very strong young woman and we know tiat whenever you set your mind ww to accomp isi sometiing, notiing gets in your way. We ove you a ways. Love, Mommy, Daddy, and Kendra 760 Parent Pride Ads I Paul, A New Chapter for You! A New Adventure for You! You warm our hearts and inspire us. We are so proud of you! Love always. Dad, Mom, Todd, Gigi, and Aunt Karen Parent Pride Ads 161 kk Need Budget Relief? 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Whether you ' re a hard worker always looking to improve your skills and knowledge via tuition reimbursement or a parent in need of an onsite daycare, a future-minded individual looking for an employer-paid pension plan or a health-conscious person looking for an onsite gym, we have the benefits to make our time here more valuable. EOE. Find the position that ' s right for you and apply online at www.holyredeemer.com Nazareth Hospital Extraordinary P f. o p i. e. Extraordinary Care. Nazareth Hospital extends its warm congratulations to the Temple Graduates. Nazareth Hospital 2601 Holme Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19152 215-335-6000 www.nazarethhospital.org The physici ans and staff of Cardiology Consultants OF Philadelphia salute The Temple University Class of 2007 CARDIOLOGY CONSULTANTS OF PHILADELPHIA CCPDocs.conn ( 5:othall Services Group est QjJtsks to Ik Ch98 0 2007! 955 Chesterbrook Boulevard Suite 300 Wayne, PA 19087 610-249-0420 Fax:610-249-0434 Advertisements 775 TimHaahs ENGINEERS O ARCHITECTS TEMPLE OJ ' Timothy Haahs Associates, Inc. 550 Township Line Road Suite 100 Blue Bell, PA 19422 484.342.0200 p 484.342.0222 f www.timhaahs.com All the Best to the Class of 20071 Congratulations and good luck as you embark on your career At QVC, new graduates are more than just entry level. They ' re valued and given every opportunity to excel. If y ou ' re interested in learning more about our employment opportunities, visit the Careers section of our website. www.QVC.conn QVC Rf Mt place to work MCMAHON NSPOitTATION ENGINEERS PLANNERSi www.mcmtrans.com Congratulations to the Class of 2007 ! .4 full service transportation engineering firm specializing in: Traffic Data Collection Traffic Studies Transportation Planning Land Survey Traffic Signal Design ITS Highway Intersection Design Pavement Design Structural Bridge Design Inspection Highway Occupancy Access Permitting Construction Observation fit Management Expert Witness Testimony Coqiorate Headquaters: Fort Washington, PA 215.283.9444 Also serving from: Exton Mechanicsburg PA Boston, MA ' ardville, NJ Palm Beach Gardens, Fort Lauderdale Fort Myers Miami, FL It takes more than great companies to build a community.. it takes great people Ibane congratulates the Class of 2007. Gilbane is proud to serve Temple University as construction manager for the new College of Medicine Health Science Center. www.gilbaneco.com Building More Than Buildings. Every Day. EOE. Drug Free Smoke F ree Work Environment. Pre-employment drug screening required. Everyday Community 776 Advertisements IS to the of 2007! ■ollection ic Studies Planning Id Survey «i8n ITS on Design ' M Design nspection ■ermitting nagement testimony Marsh congratulates the Temple University graduating class of 2007. Our hats are off to you! MARSH The world ' s 1 risk specialist Marsh Is the rtsk and Insurance unit of Marsh A McLennan Companies Two Logan Square, Philadelphia, PA 19103 (215) 246-1000 I fnwif: Ma ' shK McLcnndn Companti the de paul group )UDD Builders Developers .Tomy DePaul Son !■. Spring mill manor The DePaul MA AGEME " Company t TOPS. materials k. dePaul healiu Care Spring mill Country Club . Countt line Quarry w dockside apartments HIGHWAY MATEBJALS k. BLAIR MILL INN 610.832.8000 www.DePaulGroup.coni 1750 WALTON ROAD BLUE BELL, PA 19422 Universitf for :ine 1 IFESTRUr I Development Company John Westrum President Congratulations to the Graduates 370 Commerce Drive Fort Washington, PA 1 9034 215-283-2190 Fax:215-283-0991 www.westrum.com TRIGEN SERVING DISTRICT ENERGY TO CENTER CITY AND WEST PHILADELPfflA. SMART ENERGY AND SMART SOLUTIONS. TRIGEN-PHILADELPHIA ENERGY CORPORATION 2600 Christian Street, Philadelphia, PA 19146 (215)875-6900 FAX (215) 875-6910 1 I Advertisements 177 A-1 A-1 Specialized Services Supplies, Inc. We at A-1 Specialized Services Supplies, Inc. Would like to congratulate the Temple University Graduutinii Class of 2007, and offer our best Wishes for a prosperous future. A-I Specialized is a global leader in the recvrlinf of Platinum Group Metals frotn atvHge automotive eatalytie converters, and is an important and active marketer of platinum, palladium and rhodium to meet the growing needs of consumers. ' . ). K.)X 270, Croydon. PA 1 ) I27 www. A-1 Specialized. com Palmer Inc. Exterior Masonry Restoration Specialists MICHAEL PALMER Congratulations to the Class of 2007 2175 Bennett Road Philadelphia, PA 19116 (215)464-4222 (800)543-1629 Fax (215) 464-5777 m Dinesh R. Desai Family Fund (NPT) Salutes the Class of 2007! 779 Allison Ct. Moorestown, NJ 08057 ConaxukuLuHoni " ■ CLiio 2007 Tube City IMS We Create Value A full service organization providing raw materials and services to the steel industry. For career opportunities contact John Carroll @ 215-956-5509 www.tubecityims.com 778 Advertisements I I : Q UnitedAmerica Insurance Group Congratulates the 2007 Graduating Class of Temple University Members, Penn-Amehca United National, are connmercial property casualty insurance carriers. United America Insurance Group Three Bala Plaza, East • Suite 300 Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004 p: 610.664.1500 www.penn-america.com • www.unitednat.com CONGRATULATIONS 2007 GRADUATES! FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS!! a Elliott-Lewis 2900 BLAC K LAKE PLACE, PHILADELPHLV. PA 19154 DBR Industries, Inc. O-Rings • Seals • Gaskets 18 Penns Trail Newtown, PA 18940 Phone: 1-800-523-6456 Fax; 215 860-1043 E-mail: dbr(a)dbr-industries.com Tyco Fire Bui ding Products Extends Its Congratulations And Best Wishes To The Class of 2007! 451 N. Cannon Avenue - Lansdale, PA 19446 {800)523-6512 Fax:215-362-5385 vwvw.Tyco-Fire.com vvww.sprinkcad.com Advertisements 779 RRKennn The World is Our Inspiration. Check out our inspiring and . challenging careers @ — www.arkema-inc.com U.S. GOV ' T EST. 2052 Kissin Fresh IVI ci S) l c. STEVE VERICA PHONE (2 15) 734-4242 FAX: (215) 734-7811 EMAIL: kissinfresh@rcn.com www.kissinfreshmeats.conri 1 40 E. RICHMOND ST. PHILADELPHIA, PA 1 91 25 COMPLIMENTS WILKIE SUBARU 619 NORTH BROAD ST. 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Heavy Highway Contractors 91 7 OLD FERN HILL ROAD SUITE 500 WEST CHESTER, PA 19380 Telephone: 610-429-8089 Fax: 610-429-8098 Northern Home FOR CHILDREN 2uppo ft2 empfe Qinii e tsitij For career opportunities, please visit our website at www.northernhome.org 5301 Ridge Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19128 215.482.1423 Imaging Sciences International www.imagingsciences.cani 1910 North Penn Road www.i-cat.com Hatfield, Pennsylvania 19440 phone 800.205.3570 215.997.5666 Congratulations 2007 Graduates! NCO is the industry leader in providing results-generating outsourced accounts receivable management and customer relationship management solutions. Customer Care • Collections • Back Office Attorney Network Services • ePayments NCO 507 Prudential Road - Horsham, PA 19044 . 800,220.2274 . www.ncogroup.com I Advertisements J8J Hiui S) 1300 Residence Hall 10 1940 Residence Hall 15 7-Eleven 16 Academics 20 Adenuga, Aliya 97 Adewoyin, Pamela 36, 38, 39, 40, 42, 43, 46, 47, 48, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 56, 57, 97, 190 Administration 94 Albritton. Ramon 88 Ali, Franchesca 50, 53, 102, 190 Allen, Patricia 191 Alpha Kappa Alpha 52 Alpha Kappa Lambda 33, 35 Alpha Phi Alpha 53 Alter Hall 21 Alumni Circle 33 Amayo, Candace 24 Ambler 30 American Medical Student Association 41 Amin, Nadir 88 Anderson, Ken 75 Anderson Eateries 16 Angelucci, Trevor 147 Angstadt, Rachael 78 Anscombe, Cheryl 79 Annbrister, Clarence 94 Art Museum 19 Austin, Nicole 158 Avenue North 5 Azubuike, Leyon 68, 69 Barnes and Noble 16 Bartz, Michael 191 Baseball 64 Basketball 61,63 Bergman, William 94 Bertucci, Bob 77 Biology Society 36 Bird, Ashley 70 Blagburn, Kai 89 Board, University Publications 191 Boathouse Row 1 8 Boeni, Tim 59. 79 Bolesta, Katy 8,9. 15, 190 Boose. James 80 Borkar. Nina 152 Bowman. K;ithi n 148 BvA fapa fardi farP Carai Cliani Cleei Clieni Cbildi m fliose OlFJSt Oark, Ui Case Co-ed ( 182 ndex ■0 Boyer College of Music and Dance 12, 13 Bradley, Mark 1 54 1 Bretz, Brittni 70 Broadus, David 191 Brothers Empowering Temple Asians 48 Brown, Rosetta 191 Brown, Tim 69 Brownell, Jake 69 By Any Means Necessary 34 Coaches vs. Cancer 6 Colferai, Lindsey 71 College of Health Professions 31 Comfort, Lady 62, 63 Concert Choir 12 Coyle, Mary E. 23, 25, 37, 41, 191 Crosswalk (Campus Crusade for Christ) 42 Crudup, Dy ' Onne 69 Curtis Hall 21 Capaldo, Johna 7 1 Cardinal, Lauren 1 8 Carl Wolf Studio 190 Carnival of Cultures 8 Chancy, John 6 1 Cheerleaders 61,84,85 Chemical Society 37 Children ' s Medical Center 31 Chi Upsilon Sigma 55 Chosen Generation 43 Christmas, Dionte 60, 61 Clark, Chris 60 Clarke, Shari 191 Classes 22 Clemson, Christopher Micheal 159 Clendening, Nadia 59 ' . Clizbe, Craig 153 f Clizbe, Matt 153 J Closing 192 Club Sports 87 I Co-ed Cheerleading Squad 84 D ' Addario, Dave 78 D ' Angelo, Katie 191 Dacons. Dion 60 Dai, Hai-Lung 95 Dairy, Brianna 65 Davis, Beth 12. 61, 63, 66, 67, 70, 71, 74, 75, 80,81,87, 113, 120. 129. 136. 190 Davis, Sammy 27 Dawn Staley Foundation 6 Deans 95 Delta Sigma Theta 53 Delta Zeta 56 DeMarco, Christina 76, 77 Derenthal, Alex 7,69 DeSabato, Andrea 7 1 Diamond Gems 61, 62, 84, 85 Diamond Marching Band 62, 84, 85 Di Carlo, John 190, 191 Dickson, Casey 65 Dickson, Neil 69 DiMichele, Adam 68,69 DiMichele, Alex 69 Index 783 Ditchofsky, Ryan 148 Doukas, Peter 95 Draught Horse 17 Druding, Caitlin 17 Duffey, Joanna 78 Dunphy, Fran 59,60,61 Durinzi, Mike 191 Dynasty Modeling Troupe 35, 50 Eaddy, Lakeisha 63 Ecker, Keri 8 1 Edamala, Bobby 191 Edge at Avenue North 14.15 Educational Services, Inc. 191 Emmett, Arielle 22 Eta Sigma Gamma 57 Events 34 Eyerly, Mark 94 (7 Fall-Fest 6 Fatherly, David 68 Fencing 81 Field Hockey 70 Fitness Recreation Fitzpatrick, Sean 24 Forbes, Romelda 102 Fox School of Business 21 Francophone Student Professional Organization 47 Franke, Nikki 81 Free Food and Fun Fridays 8 Gale, Mellissa 79 Galette, Junior 69 Gallagher, Cori 73 Gallery, The 18 Gamble, Sara 191 Garcia, Amanda 23 Geno ' s Cheesesteaks 19 Gerhardt, Travis 78 Golden, Al 58,59,68 Golden Key International Honor Society 37 Golf 80 Gonsalves, Jeffrey 72 Goodfellaz 49 Gordon, Tanesha 160 Gore, Ryan 68 Greek Showcase 6 Grever, Meghan 14, 16, 18, 191 Grill, Jerry 17 Har Hat Hai Hei Hei Hei He He a 1 lagan. Coach 67 llairston, Kamesha 62,63 Haitian Student Organization 33, 49 Hal ina. Wendy 73 784 Index I Haman, Ciara 12, 15, 17, 19, 25, 190 Hanitz, Sabrina 1 13 Hannahoe, Megan 70 Hanshue, Erin 70 Hard, Lauren 26 Hart, Ann Weaver 90, 91,92, 191 Health Information Management Student Association 39 Health Sciences Center 3 1 Heckenberger, Luke 86 Heins, Ryan 72 Herff-Jones Yearbooks 1 90 Homecoming 6 Homecoming King and Queen 6 Honors Activities Board 29 Honors Football Tailgate 28 Honors Lounge 21,29 Honors Program 5,28, 191 Hooter 61,68,84 Hosier, Bryant 72 Independence Blue Cross Student Recreation Center 11 Inge, Semaj 60 Internships 24 In the City 18 Intramurals 88, 89 Jim ' s Cheesesteaks 19 Johnson, Christina L. 34, 35, 36, 39, 40, 42, 43, 44, 48, 50, 51, 52, 56, 158, 190, 191 Johnson and Hardwick Residence Halls 15 Jones, David 73 Jones, Margaret 191 Jones, Matthew 120 Joseph. Kenyatta 34, 35, 37, 160, 190 Kalemkarian, Andrew 42 Kappa Alpha Psi 54 Kardon 14 Kariamu Company 13 Kerem, Dana 73 Kesselman, Nicole 155 Kiick, Lisa 191 Killa, Ghostfacc 34 Kinneman, Mary Catherine 70 Knighton. Terrance 68 Kornett, Jill 75 Kramer, Sterling 74 James, Shannon 65 Jaramillo, Jasmine 154 Labolito, Joe 191 Lacrosse 71 Ladies of Elegance 43 Lambda Theta Alpha 54 Lambert, Marcus 1 5 ' I i Index J8S Landry, Shenita 63 Langford, Ryan 70 Laundry, Shenita 63 Lewis, Coach 80 Liacouras, Peter 94 Liebowitz, Sarah 75 Ling, Ying Sun 76, 77 Liu, Yue 77 Logan Square 1 9 Lokey,Alli 70 Lomax, Jerome 12, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 4 1 , 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 5 1 , 53,54,55,190 •: Louis, Joshua 59 Love of Dance II 33 Lyons, Paul 1 6 1 McKenzie, Noelle 78 McMillian, Terry 8 McMullan, Bridget 71 Mebane, Walter 68 Mel, Natalie 73 Men ' s Basketball 61 Men ' s Crew 66 Men ' s Gymnastics 74 Men ' s Soccer 72 Merchant, Aashka 28 Mirgan, Cindy 29 Mogollon, Maira 77 Moore, Ashley 65 Moore, George 94 Morris, Ashley 62 Morrison, Jackie 77 Mullins, Katrina 76 Murphy, Aaron 75 Murray, Onyx 152 Music 12 Offi Org Org Ost Ote Ow OkI Maddox, Fatima 62, 63 Maher, Matt 72 Main Campus Program Board 8, 35 Manning, Candy 146, 148, 154, 155 Martin, Sean 78 Marucci, Ben 72 Massiera. Diana 76, 77 Masters, Justin 80 Mattiacci, John 95 Mauro, Linda M. 95 Maxi ' s 16 Mayes, Theo 74 McGonigle Hall 6 McGuire, C. Kent 95 N ' ze, Yannick Ebibie 47 National Architectural Accrediting Board 30 National Society of Collegiate Scholars 36 Neill, Walter 191 Nicholson, Lauren 65 Nielsen, Caitlin 152 Noble. Amber D. 151 Nwasike, Dave 68 Pai Pai Pai Pal Pei Pel Pe, Pa 18b Index r Office of Housing and Residential Life 50 Okolo, Ijeoma Adabodi 146 Olmos, Sergio 60, 61 Omega Delta Delta 52 On Campus Favorites 16 Opening 2 Organizations 32, 33 Organization of African Students 48 Ost, Ruth 28 Oteri, Nina 75 Owl ' s Nest 16 Oxford Village 14 Palmer, Michelle 46 Pane, Melissa 5, 10, 11,14, 23, 29, 191 Parks, Elizabeth 22, 23, 27, 29, 190 Parks, Letia 149 Parshall, William 94 Paseka, Quin 190 Pat ' s Cheesesteaks 19 PeabodyHall 14 Peltz, Holly 150 People 90 Perry, Danielle 129 Phi Alpha Delta 40 Phi Beta Sigma 57 Phi Sigma Sigma 56 Polett, Daniel 94 Porat, M. Moshe 95 Portraits 96 Powell, Theresa A. 94, 191 President ' s Letter 93 PresserHall 12 Princeton Review 2 1 Progressive N.A.A.C.P. 47 Psychology Majors Association 38 Public Relations Student Society of America 41 Puppolo, Mike 72 Raduta, PJ 29 Ragtime 12, 13 Readinu Terminal Market 19 Reams, Chelsey 64, 65, 69, 72, 73, 77. 79, 85, 89, 190 Record Holders 42 Reinstein, Robert 95 Reis, Lindsey 36 Remmert, Jenna 8 1 Residential Life Staff 50 Resident Life 14 Robinson, Aqueelah 148,157 Rocky 18 Rogers, Coach 80 Rosen, Bonnie 71 Rotowski, Becky 191 Rourke, Timothy O ' 94 Index 187 Ruth, Mandi 70 Ryan, Kathryn 1 Sadeghipour, Keya 95 Sagna, Francois 72 Salisbery, Dustin 60 Santa Cruz, Nick 69 School of Dentistry 31 School of Medicine 31 School of Pharmacy 3 1 Sciocchetti, Eric 72 Shelton, Travis 7, 68 Shriner Children ' s Hospital 3 1 Sigma Gamma Rho 55 Sirin, Sarah G. 37 Smith, Steven 29 Smuda, Ashley 65 Snetter, Charmie 38 South Street 18 Sports 58 Sports Media Relations 191 Stahl, Laura 27 Staley, Coach 63 Starbucks 16,21 Step into Sisterhood 44 Stewart, Concetta 95 Stone, Jasmine 62 Strokcr, Robert 95 Student Center 32 Student Lilc 4 Student National Medical Association 40 Students for Environmental Action 44 Study Abroad 8,26 Sullivan, Connor 10 Sullivan, Stuart 94 Ulel Uni Uoi Uni Uni Tansy, Martin 95 TECH Center 11, 16, 21 Temple Advocates for Africa 46 Temple Association of Black Journalists 39 Temple Athletics 59 Temple Center City 3 1 Temple Events 9 Temple News 38, 191 Temple Student Govemmnet 34 Temple University Community Service Association 45 Temple University Greek Association 5 1 Temple University Philippine American Council 46 Theater 12 Title Page 1 Tomlinson Theater 13 Trishman, Mary 27 Tucker. A fea 191 Turick, Heather 146 Turoff, Fred 74 Tuttleman Learning Center 20. 21. 29 Tyler, Devin 69 Tyler School of Art 30 { Vai Vei Ve; VO! 788 ndex w Ulehla, Jenny 71 University Chorale 12 University Publications Board 191 University Singers 12 University Village 14 Women ' s Choir 12 Women ' s Crew 67 Women ' s Gymnastics 75 Women ' s Soccer 73 Wright, Charisma 73 XpressionZ 51 Valli, Rob 64 Vanderzell, Jared 9, 10, 190 Vernon, Patricia 76, 77 Vexler, Luke 74 Vogelsong, Leanne 70 Vogtman, John 74 Volleyball 77 w Wachman, Marvin 94 Warrington, Mathew 88 Watto, Liz 70 Waybrant, Jessica 76 Wells, Lindsay 71 WHIP 34 White, Coach 66 Winter Fashion Exhibit 35 Women ' s Basketball 63 Young, Charise 70 Zadnik, Elizabeth 1 50 Zeta Phi Beta 45 Zimberlin, Russell 136 Zubemis, Emily Kelvin 156 I ndex 189 Publishing Company Herff-Jones Yearbooks 525 Boyds School Road Gettysburg, PA 17325 Computer Software Adobe InDesign CS2 Adobe Photoshop 7.0 HJ Image In v. 7.0 Cover b Endsheets Designed, photographed and produced by Editor-in-Chief Katy Bolesta. Sky stock photofromwww.sxc.hu oiookon: Specifications 1 92 pages of 100 Matte Finish Stock 9 1 2X12 inches 32 pages printed in Classic Color Photography Nikon Coolpix 5400 Digital Cameras Senior Portraits and Sports: Cad Wolf Studio, Inc. 401 Elmwood Ave. Sharon Hill, PA 19079 Templar Annual: Temple University ' s Yearbook 243 Student Center 1755 North 13th Street Philadelphia, PA 19122 215-204-7299 clltozlal Jmoatol: Editor-in-Chief Katy Bolesta Advisor John Di Carlo Student Life Editors Ciara Haman Jared Vanderzell Copy Editor Quin Paseka Academics People Editor ilizabeth Parks Business Manager Kenyatta Josepi Organizations Editors amela Adenwoyin, -ranchesca Ali Jerome Lomax Business Assistant Christina Johnson Sports Editors Bethany Davis Che sey Reams 790 Colophon John Di Carlo, Program Director, Office of Student Media Katie D ' Angelo, Associate Dean of Students Theresa A. Powell, Vice President for Student Affairs Shari Clarke, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs David Broadus, Director of Finance and Administration, Division of Student Affairs Ann Weaver Hart, President University Publications Board Margaret Jones, Office of the Dean of Students Rosetta Brown, Office of the Dean of Students Michael Bartz, Herff Jones Representative Lisa Kiick, Herff Jones Mike Durinzi, Carl Wolf Studios Bobby Edamala, Computer Services Walter Neill, Computer Services Joe Labolito, University Photographer Patricia Allen, Temple Theaters Public Relations Department University Honors Program Sports Media Relations Educational Services, Inc. The Temple News W ' cite»Lb ( ( kotog ' capk e : Mary Coyle Sara Gamble Meghan Grever Christina Johnson Melissa Pane Becky Rotowski Afea Tucker Colophon 797 w to teatnet The of another school year. The 2006 - 2007 school year was full of chang- es and new adjustments. A new president, new coaches, new teachers, new students and plenty of new experiences made it an unforget- table year of GROWTH. As the 2007 gradu- ates move on to take on the wodd, they will always remember how Temple touched their lives and set them on the path to greatness. Congratulations, class of 2007! li

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