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W v- Wl up 1 y sar .• iS nyale lA.f ' Package Contents: n -fi cddamici - l6 D (j:(impu6 J-im - 21 n C tadnhcdhni -36 D p tti - 62 n ■t-fdmlnutta.tlan - 94 D enLot5 - 100 W4 , Temple University Templar Annual Volume 82 TBT " f All I Wrapped Up ' contents; ■ 1 year 2005-2006 ¥ -..2. y; One Year at Temple -(-I ueax dt lempU LLnli Ziltu Li an )cp tLenee not to- be otaotten. itcrm iunnu (Liu6 on J-LcLcoutcLi Walk to- vi eckend ex.pLotLn(j - nLLcLdjzLpkLci, uo-ut time o-n campus b 6 yme.tkLnq to- tMect on e en pcL t atCLdLLdtLon d iu en uou joutneu on to adL(xlQ55Q5 unknown, Inb b A nu u e. e. packea. up tne beit m.omenti on 2005 - 2006 — 5ion2at 3caUd. and dclliretQa, CiondLc t it a. caxe. packcuie. not uout memotu. Bf m H| P Mfc jSr M ir ' ii A 1 LB ' " ji m I is Opening 3 %f . - n. b V ov e o v ' 3 -p. 0 ,v.p ' ' ao ?) Photo by: Katy Bolesta m -p. -P S? ea " i XI OO ce P ' e ® -p. Ab T.hJ Ertv 5S I " ' i I H I ' n ' ? ' A. . -ss ' , students relax on ttie lawn beside tlie Bell Tower in front of Beury Hall. On sunny days, ttie Bell Tower lawn was a popular place for sunbattiing, picnicking or napping. Ttie atrium of ttie Student Center is always bustling witli students going to and from ttie food court, ttie bool(store and various student organization offices. Ttiroughout ttie year ttie Office of Student Activities tiosts a large assortment of events in ttie building ' s main tiub, including pep rallies, contests and jewelry sales. Student Life ACTIVITIES EVENTS a journey through TU The only major dilemma concerning student life AT Temple University is deciding what to do first. As ONE across CAMPUS; IT IS EASY TO SEE THAT THERE ARE DOZENS OF ACTTVITIES AND EVENTS TO CHOOSE FROM. OnE STEP INSIDE THE StUDENT CeNTER (known as the SAC) reveals a of OPPORTUNITIES, AND THE OPENING OF THE NEW ADDITION ON I3TH STREET ADDED A BRAND NEW GAME ROOM, TV LOUNGE, CINEMA AND STUDENT PERFORMANCE FORUM TO THE MIX. THROUGHOUT THE YEAR INCLUDE STREET FAIRS DURING HOMECOMING AND SpRING FlING, PLAYS AT TOMLINSON ThEATER, TRIPS TO SITES IN PhILADELPHL AND SHOWS AT THE Ll COURAS CeNTER. SuCH ACTIVITIES ENSURE THAT YOUR , , AT Temple will be a good one. wBKKtf - Katy Bolesta Photo by: Ciara Haman fk 4i ,i V ■ ■ . 1 Photo by: kdfyB desta - % i A . " % - ■ j lielooij A student signs up at ttie Habitat for ,j(i,le Humanity table during Homecoming. I,yti, Various organizations set up information stands at Fall Fest to attract new i participants. In ttie new game room at ttie SAC addition, a student slioots pool witti tils friends. Ttie addition to ttie Student Center opened in September after nearly a year of construction. Student Life S »? V ' •illK ' . ' i. . At the fried chicken stand, a student recieves her order. One of the best things about Fall Fest is being able to feast on a variety of delicious food. Students challenge each other on the obstacle course to finish first. During Fall Fest, 1 3th Street was full of fun activities. W ' i - .— s -«fc.d ' iLf 3 B Bk - . E BSII I 1 1 •»• ■T ' I SP H i Sl - a - — B Hbfc ' ?■ ■ . ' A m i HB@ 1 d Photo by: Katy Bolesta Freshman Amanda Boland tries to slam dunk in the inflated basketball court. Fall Fest featured an assortment of games along 1 3th Street. Homecoming -::.M4Mp- - ' • ai ;. ' 5 mi .K ■■. : ' : ¥ ■m % if V Photo by: Katy Bolesta Fall Fest, concerts at the Liacouras Center, Philadelphia Cares Day, the Greek Step Show, the big football game, and parties galore - that ' s Temple University Homecoming week. For seven days straight, students engage in a plethora of events and activities to suit everyone ' s taste, all in the name of school spirit. The highlights of this years Homecoming were many. TSG ' s Community Service committee kicked off the week with the Seniors ' Prom, an afternoon of food and dancing with many of the senior citizens _ in our surrounding community. Along with Philadelphia Cares Day, an initiative to help improve the city ' s public schools, there was the Campus Safety 5K Run 1 -Mile Fun Walk. The annual Fall Fest is the main event of Homecoming week for most students. Live music blasted from the Bell Tower as student organizations, food vendors, and carnival games lined Liacouras, Berks Mall and 1 3 " " Street. The following day, there was a Polo Denim Jeans Drive and the Res Hall Relays. Then came the Pep Rally - the prelude to the football game on Saturday. This year, as always. Temple ' s ■Homecoming was filled with pride and enthusiasm for our great school. - Megan Smith A student at Fan Fest in the Liacouras Center enjoys free pizza and drinl s. Students were also given the opportunity to buy their Cherry and White cards for admission to all basket; ball games. Waldo S watches the Jack dealer at o of Temple ' s ( Nights Undergrqui located in th — annex, hosi anv interest! Photo by: Ciara Haman r ' } Photo by: Ciara Haman ;:::r " Everytime I come to the SAC I see all the posters for the events around campus. I wish I had more time to attend all of them because they seem interesting and fun. I always want to b involved with wha is happening around school. " " I like that Temple tries to get the students involved I extra curricuiar activities. I really III the way food is provided. Everyone loves a free meal! " ' From art and music to sports and education, every week at Temple comes with a wide range of events to partake in. Temple ' s events are a reflection of its student body - extremely diverse. Students have been educated in lectures by such notables as video director Benny Boom, politician Ralph Nader and producer director ;creenwriter John Singleton. Iso, students have engaged in panel discussions sponsored [by Student Activities on issues ranging from immigration rights to the free press. For independent music fans, the Underground - a new addition to the SAC- is the location of Saturday Night Live, a weekly showcase of local talents. If you are a lover of the performing arts. Temple has what you are looking for. Along with bi-monthly plays at the Arden Theatre, many organizations hold open-mic nights, as well as various tale nt shows. Another feature at Temple is Free Food and Fun Friday where Student Activities joins with another campus organization for a night of games and snacks as a deterrence to student alcohol use. " Who knew that on a Friday night you could get college kids to play bingo?, " remarks senior Jide Elimihe. " It ' s actually something I make a part of my weekend plans now. - Megan Smith Temple Events A freshman goes for a spin in one of the carnival type rides available at the Street Fair. Such rides tested the students ' nerves as well as their stomachs. One student shows off her inner cowgirl. There were many opportunities for students to get rowdy at the Street Fair. Photo by; Sabrina Pang One of Temple ' s gymnasts shows off his skills on the trampoline. Both gymnasts and students enjoyed the weather and the outdoors during Spring Fling. 1r N Spring Fling Templar Photo Archive I Ill ' A student climbs the traveling army rock wall. The wall tested students ' physical strength, mobility, and determination. Photo by: Sabrina Spring i: ' f- i Out they came with the crocuses - wearing shorts and skirts for the first time in many months, students put away their sweaters and winter coats. The snow finally melted, the temperature rose; it was time to turn up the party level, see and be seen, and just have a good time. It was Spring Fling and everyone was outside in the sun. Along Liacouras Walk, near the Bell Tower, and on [ Street people enjoyed food, caught up with friends, and got rid of the pallor of a long winter. Students ate funnel cake, cotton candy, water ice, and other carnival treats. They rode the mechanical bull, did flips on the ti ' ampoline. fought like gladiators, got stuck to the Velcro wall, or just got caught up in the carnival-like atmosphere. Friends wandered around campus getting their first tan of the year - not caring about classes, grades, homework, or extracurricular commitments. They just relaxed as if summer had started early. Spring Fling offered a brief interlude of the carefree side of college life before the stress levels rose again for finals. Many of the campus organizations occupied tables to pass out informafion, answer questions, recruit new members, and raise money. There were also DJs and bands for students to isten and dance to throughout the festival. This block party proved to be the high point of Spring Fling ' s many scheduled events. In fact, some students took advantage of the fun to such an extent that they had trouble remembering everything they did, but they certainly had to admit it was a good time. Nicholas R Adelizzi A pair of students learns to trust each other balancing on the wire. Trust is an important part of both living and learning. Spring Fling 11 This Temple Student takes a break from her studies to use one of the leg machines in the IBC. Excercising is a healthy way to keep fit and de-stress. —. Two temple students warm up in an Awesome Abs class at the Independence Blue Cross Student Recreation Center. The IBC features a variety of group fitness classes throughout the day. Photo by: Katy Bolesta 1 Fitness Recreation Have you taken one too many trips to Fourth Meal and now those jeans aren ' t fitting like they used to? Temple has a solution: Fitness and Recreation Services. Students have the options of playing sports at the Student Pavilion, taking a swim at Pearson Hall, jogging at Geasey field, using the gyms in the dorms, or engaging in full body workouts at the Independence Blue Cross recreation center. Intramural sports, including indoor soccer, floor hockey, dodgeball, basketball, volleyball, outdoor soccer, men and women ' s Softball, and flag football are also available. While they all offer students a way to a healthier lifestyle, the IBC is the most diverse of them all. Boasting a first floor weight room that includes equipment to take care of every muscle group, the IBC also has an indoor track and an outdoor basketball court. The second floor is comprised of cardio equipment, an abdominal work area, racquetball facilities, and a group fitness room that holds over 50 sessions of aerobic and anaerobic classes every week. These sessions include High Steppin ' , Kardio Kick, Move and Groove, Funk Fusion, and Millennium Groove, just to name a w. With so many options to choose from, there ' s no excuse not to get active. -Megan Smith Fitness Recreation Elena Bossier and Sean Thompson perform " Not Getting Married Today " in Stephen Sondheim ' s Company ai Tomlinson Theater in October. Caria Hill dances expressively in a perfomance choreographed by Jennifer Reeves at an iyi FA Dance Concert. Siudenis of the Boyer College of Music and Dance perform a piece ciioreographed hy Shannon Perlolto. Photo by:JJ Tiziou 1-r Music, Dance Theater Johnnie Gill, Donald Smith, Kalif Troy and Samira Willey perform Mustapha Matura ' s Playboy of the West Indies in Randall Theater. Music, Dance Dancers Shannon Perlotto, Donna Dragon and Andrea Catchings dance in the reconstruction of Jose Limon ' s There is a Time, reconstruction by Nina Watt. Founded in 1962, The Boyer College has led its graduates in their dreams to become dance professionals, researchers, educators and members of various orchestras and opera companies all over the United States as well as abroad. The school currently covers both fields of music and dance. It holds a vibrant community of artists, educators and scholars. There are performances held from September through April. They have hosted many different performances such as conductor Luis Biava, baritone David Arnold, and pianist Leon Bates. While any of their performances are held n Main Campus, student can find em at many other distinguished enues in metropolitan Philadelphia eluding Verizon Hall at the Kimmel enter for the Performing Arts. Throughout their numerous erformances, the actors, dancers and musicians show their unique skills for 11 the audiences who walk away omentarily able to feel the passion the performer feels each day - that is their gift. " We dance for laughter we dance for tears, we dance for madness, we dance for fears, we dance for hopes, we d a nee for •creams, we are the dancers, we e ate the dreams. " (Unknown) - Ciara Hainan Music, Dance Theater 1,S i :!n iiJ In Paley Library, a student surfs ttie web on one of ttie many computers. Tfie computer lab at ttie library is a popular place for students to researcli papers. 4. € A I] %m SSOCIA 10 MA AREAS, CLASSES TO SUFI The FOR AN PLENTY EXPERn ANDE OTHER RICH A i ' N " % ' . ' | ' ' | ••. ■ ' . ' X.: Edward Kaczanowicz lectures an Introduction to Astronomy course in Barton Hall. Students at Temple have a wide range of classes to choose from in over 140 different departments. Academics DESTINATION EDUCATION a world of experiences A OiM5ig» EDUCATION IS THE MAIN FOCUS AT TEMPL H ERsnY. Through rrs 17 schools and COLLEGES, THE UNTVERSnY OFFERS DEGREE PROGRAMS IN 2 ASSOCL TE DEGREE AREAS, I30 BACHELOR ' s DEGREE AREAS, IIO master ' s DEGREE AREAS, 50 DOCTORAL DEGREE AREAS, AND 5 FIRST PROFESSIONAL DEGREE AREAS. WhH SO MANY DEGREE OPTIONS AND A WIDE OF CLASSES, STUDENTS CAN FIND ALMOST ANY AREA OF STUDY TO SUPPLEMENT THEIR CAREER GOALS. The uNivERsnY jj DF opportunities FOR ANY CAREER m mUtSwMurSlSf ThERE ARE PLENTY OF UNIQUE COURSES, INTERNSHIPS FOR ON THE JOB EXPERIENCE, CAREER DEVELOPMENT CENTER WORKSHOPS, AND EVEN OPTIONS TO STUDY ABROAD AND MMiMi OTHER COUNTRIES. AlL OF THESE OPPORTUNTTIES ENSURE A RICH ACADEMIC EXPERIENCE FOR ALL TeMPLE STUDENTS. - Katy Bolesta Photo by; Kenyatta Joseph Photo by: Sydney Abramowicz jI ' ljUHils IHonors students sctiedule classes online in ijpenk. the Honors Office. Students in ttie university honors program are offered smaller classes with some of the university ' s best professors. Two students read and study outside the Paley Library between classes. Benches all over campus are popular spots to stop and review before class on a sunny day. ;. ;:•• ' Academics 17 Stucfy on IM., any students have a similar goal in mind when they choose to come to college: get a degree in order to make money. Unfortunately, the route to getting that degree can involve taking courses that may make you wonder if you ' ll ever graduate. Fortunately, Temple offers a wide variety of resources to help students get through those rough spots. The first place to start is the library. Always quiet and equipped with an impressive computer lab, it most likely offers all the resources you ' ll need. Right next door is The Tuttleman Learning Center- a.k.a. " Club Tuttleman " during mid-term and finals week- with study lounges perfectly suited to 2 a.m. cramming. It also has the only 24 7- computer lab on campus and is home to the Writing Center, where tutors are available to help you with papers. Across the street in Curtis Hall is the Math Science and Resources Center. There you will find tutors to assist with those intense chemical equations and statistic problems and as if that wasn ' t enough, they offer textbooks and calculators for students to borrow, as well as a computer lab. Another popular spot for academics is the Student Center, where you can borrow a laptop for a few hours and get to work on that paper in one of the many quiet lounges throughout the building. In addition to the Student Center, nearly all of the buildings on campus have areas perfectly suited to studying between 1H Classes Studying camp us i Photo by: Kenyatta Joseph Acommuter listens to music while reading. Students can find many quiet places around campus to settle down and study between classes. classes, including Speakman, Anderson, Barton, Annenberg, and Ritter Annex to name just a few. Most of the colleges offer individual tutoring centers where you can get help in a particular subject, such as the Intellectual Heritage (IH) tutoring center in the College of Liberal Arts; all you have to do is ask your professor. Though it may occasionally be hard to believe, they do want to see you get that degree and make money. So study long and hard, and don ' t be afraid to ask for a little extra help! - Kenyatta Joseph I HI i akc fun cfasscs Photo by: Katy Bolesta Two student disect a pig fetus in lab class. At Temple University, students get the chance to tal e classes that will directly prepare them for their intended field. cTe emple University has a commitment to teaching, and a desire to learn from an ever-changing world. Simply put; as the world changes, Temple changes with it. Temple requires students to take certain university core courses along with the core classes needed in their respective field of study, and the combination equips students with the knowledge of how to succeed in their career and in life. In addition, Temple is a leader in curricular initiatives, having received national recognition for its Learning Communities in which incoming freshman form small groups according to their majors and interests. Temple is still growing and making changes to present curricula in its schools. This school year, the Fox School of Business and Management approved a new major in the area of electronic marketing, called eMarketing. This unique program is a reflection of the growth of eCommerce in business-to- consumers sectors, placing emphasis on integrating technology with business management. Moreover, the School of Communications and Theater has introduced a new course entitled Intro to New Media: Neighborhood Narratives. Senior Anne Lipsky says, " This is probably the best class I ' ve taken here. We go out to Philadelphia neighborhoods and conduct stories and research based on anything we find interesting. Whether it be a person or an abandoned building, I love it. " Temple University knows that in order to be successful, what students learn must be a reflection of today ' s society. And with that understanding in mind. Temple students are getting the best education possible. -Megan R. Smith Classes Studying 19 •Expforc with study abroad I Temple students take trips to explore Europe. These students are standing in front of the Roman Forum, which was the center of Rome and a structure for the large marketplace. cT. emple University offers students the chance to travel all over the world while earning credit hours and exploring incredible opportunities. Through Temple, students can study in Tokyo, Rome and London during the academic year. Temple also offers the option of summer sessions in Brazil, Costa Rica, France, Germany, Ghana, India, Spain, or Scotland and has just expanded the program to include a study abroad stint in Istanbul, Turkey. Students with a minimum 2.5 GPA, no disciplinary actions on record, and two letters of academic recommendation can be accepted into the programs on rolling admissions. — V Study Abroad Even though most students choose to study abroad during their junior year, the program is flexible to fit the needs of underclassman as well. Because the study abroad programs fulfill both credit and coursework requirements, students are even able to study abroad the last semester of their senior year and graduate on time. " I ' m used to Temple ' s 34,000 students, but going to a foreign country with only 200 students in a smaller atmosphere, I got to know everyone really well, " said Jack Cesareo, a peer advisor for Temple ' s Study Abroad Program. " Culturally seeing how other people interact, who are not Americans, and how they eat and talk, it really taught me a lot. " While the experience is entirely different, the tuition to study abroad is the same as it is to attend Temple University in Philadelphia. Students are able to grasp a far better understanding of foreign lands because of their full immersion in the culture while taking classes to fulfill electives or even core classes, depending on one ' s major. Cesareo was able to work as an intern with a law firm while studying in Rome. " Working with the language barrier and being forced to use a foreign language really built up my confidence level, " Cesareo said. " My experience studying abroad is really indescribable and I would definitely recommend doing it. " -Kenyatta Joseph , Or immerse in an internsFiip I A job where the employer has the option of paying you or not? Some may call it unjust. We just call them internships. Whether for academic credit or minimum wage, internships are the best way for students to try out the career they are seeking before they enter the job market. Temple understands that learning in the classroom, and the application of that knowledge, go hand-in-hand in creating a valuable college experience. As a result, students are able to get job training, network with professionals in their field, and build their resume. Junior Whitney Wideman said, " I intern at University of Pennsylvania Hospital in the physical therapy department, and I absolutely love it. Working with patients and building relationships with them convinced me that this is what I want to do and what I have a passion for. " Temple University encourages internships, and many of the departments ' curricula even incorporate them. Cumulative GPA requirements differ in each school, but they all require students to keep a journal, receive site evaluations, and write at least one paper during their internship. Students also have the option of seeking internships on their own. Information about internships can be found almost everywhere, from postings in the individual schools and listservs, to websites dedicated to job hunting according to a students ' major, like Photo by: Joseph V. Labolito Internships are an important part of the college experience at Temple. Not only does it give actual experience, it often leads to job placement after graduation. Set so close to the city, Temple students have more internship options than many other schools. monster.com. In addition, the Career Resource Library in the Career Development office offers multiple resource books on internships around the country as well as binders listing internships categorized according to academic majors. But no matter how you find them, internships are a must. " My internship gave me the chance to do the construction work on the Ben Franklin Bridge, " said senior Chris Evans. " As a result of my work, they offered me a position after graduation, so it paid off. And I didn ' t even have to fetch coffee! " -Megan R. Smith Internships 21 Photo by: Kenyatta Joseph One of the best ways to improve in school is to work with peers. Students need to study hard to earn their outstanding grades and acceptance into the honors program. isecipieoLs CniiiftlK tj We ' ve 20t politicians, protesters, artists, scientists, engineers, historians, dancers, educators, skateboarders, photographers, architects, rock-climbers, and athletes. We ' re all about intellectual exploration. That ' s what you ' ll read on Temple University ' s Honors Program website. All students are screened for the honors program when they apply to Temple, and about 5% of Temple ' s population is enrolled in the selective program. The definite advantage of being in the honors program is the option of choosing from a wide range of smaller, more demanding courses taught by some of Temple ' s best professors. Once students have completed eight honors courses they are eligible to receive an honors certificate. Upon graduation, their transcript will read " Completed Honors Program, " which is certainly a plus when comes to job opportunities available to college graduates. Photo by: Kenyatta Joseph Honors students are rewarded with a cake for receiving their program certificates. oo Honors Program I " Students are interested in everything, " says Rebecca Oliver, associate director of the program. " They are equally good in many areas and it ' s hard for them to pick a major if they don ' t have one. " The Honors Activities Board, a student organization within the Honors Program, is responsible for planning and implementing academic, social and cultural events for Temple University ' s Honors students throughout the academic year. Some of these events include taking admitted freshmen to the program on a trip around Philadelphia, as well as offering discount or free tickets to various events in the city. " The honors program is one of my favorite things about Temple. The advising is great, the classes are always interesting, and they offer a wide range of opportunities f or their students, " says junior Emily Sokol. - Kenyatta Joseph ii tl ttl JUiiJl v iii Photo by: Kenyatta Joseph Freshman Jordan Klein is an honors student who played the piano at the Fall 2005 Honors Certificate Ceromony. He auditioned for the Boyer School of Music and took piano lessons for eight years. i Photo by: Kenyatta Joseph Excited students and faculty get together to enjoy a rewarding dinner to congratulate the hard working students who are a part of the honors progrann. Honors Program 23 » » p ' -p ' » Photo by; Katy Bolesta K Tto e ' Templar Photo Archive Independence Hall, a symbol of American freedom, overlooks Independence Notional Historical Park. Ptiilodelptiio is home to many famous landmarks in American History. 1 BUSUE llfEOF Main ' Healt The Bell Tower is one of the most popular spots on Temple ' s Main Campus, a place where students con mix, mingle and relax between classes. Rising 100 feet above campus, the tower ' s 5 bells ring the Westminster chimes every 15 minutes. Campus Life LOCATION, LOCATION Philadelphia freedom i Whether it ' s in the midst of the hustle and BUSTLE OF PhILADELPHL OR AMONG THE OUIET SUBURBAN ATMOSPHERE IN AmBLER, TeMPLe ' s CAMPUS LIFE OFFERS FUN AT ANY . In jHE CETY, Main Campus, Center Ctty Campus, and the Health Science Center feature a unioue urban where students can explore all Philadelphia has to offer. For students interested IN A MORE suburban SETTING, TeMPLE AmBLER CaMPUS AND THE Tyler School of Art in Elkins Park provide a beautiful natural landscape and a smaller student population. Regardless of which campus students choose, EVERY EXTENSION OF TEMPLEj VW JJlit A UNIOUE STUDENT COMMUNITY INTO AN INTERESTING LOCALE. - Katy Bolesta Photo by: Ciara Homon Photo by: Katy Bolesta eie I When traveling down the Benjamin Franklin L le Parl way, the Philadelphia Art Museum is always visible in the distance. Philadelphia offers students cultural experiences such as art museums, theaters and fine dining. The new addition to the Student Activities Center odds 85,000 square feet of space for student organizations. It opened in September, featuring a new gome room, cinema and performance space. Campus Life 2,S Resident life at Temple offers students much more than just a place to rest their heads at night. Far more than just being a place to crash and store stuff, dorms give students the chance to interact with one other and have a great time doing it. Dorms at Temple are equipped with computer labs, workout facilities, snack machines, study lounges and patios. Whether students want to satisfy their midnight cravings with a quick stop at Maxi ' s Pizza, grab a smoothie at the Student Center, or get their early morning cup of coffee at 7-11, everything is available right on campus. With the new addition to the Student Center now open. Temple now offers students a place to play pool, foosball, and get together in The Underground, a place where bands can jam out and students can get their groove on. Pizza parties, community service projects, field trips to amusement parks, group outings to the King of Prussia Mall and other activities are all sponsored through residential living. " I love living here on campus, " says Lauren Miller, a sophomore living in Temple Towers. " You do what you want, when you want, and you are able to meet so many people while experiencing it all in such a convenient manner. " - Rebecca Rotkowski 26 Resident Life Rachel Playe, a B sophmore resident, reads Ayn Rand ' s We the Living while she exercises on one of 1 300s recumbant Bicycles. Many residents took advantage of the excercise facilities available in all of the dorms. Students get ready to board the train at SEPTA ' S Regional Rail Station located on campus. In the morning, most of the trains empty out after all the Temple students disembark. Sophmore commuter Greg Yaeger pulls into a parking spot on campus for the day. Many students chose to drive instead of braving public transportation. Temple University was once a commuter school with no dorms to speak of. Now, Temple consists of five dorms, three apartment- style living sites, and two off-campus living quarters. Yet many students, whether by choice or by circumstance, remain commuters. Some students are from Philadelphia or neighboring suburbs, so living at home makes more sense financially. For others, living off campus is a rite of passage, signifying the transition from a young college kid to an adult college student. Says senior Afam Okoro, " I moved off campus after sophomore year because I didn ' t want to deal with fire alarms at 3 in the morning. A friend and I share an apartment, and we can do what we please. Plus, I feel more responsible and less dependent on my parents. " Temple commuters cite many reasons for living off campus, ranging from wanting their own space to cheaper living expenses. Very often getting an apartmen on one ' s own proves to be much cheaper than living in dorms, to say nothing of the extra room. Unfortunately, many students have to deal with lackluster public transportation, though Temple does provide shuttles that serve the areas around Temple hospital while many other students drive to campus. Although at times bad weather can make it difficult to make that trek to campus, or make it to classes on time, many would agree it ' s a small price to pay for having a home you can call your own. - Megan Smith Conunuter Life Al 0 v C4li4f pU4 raA i) Xc% JLc M. CaiiypAA4 AA 5t jpLck Ce to LckA e jJU4 ik hA pJUiijAA U XA pod ' jtvdu to € 5ttvf Wvt ee, Or AA4t i A A c uaXc kiLa ce tc tudu C tc t die x 4v 5t 2. StuAefvt }Xac | vk ca fKjpAAyi, Nicholas R Adelizzi m 101- ' = 7-Eleven sits at the heai. Walk. " The Sev " was popular ai an nours of the day and night for its hot chocolate, pretzels, or just to nneet friends. i Students pass by the Bagel Hut outside Ritter Hall. Many students would stop and get breakfast before hurrying to their class. The Bell Tower stands atthe center of campus, just as much a symbol of Temple as the Owl. Students congregated there on their way to and from class. They took advantage of the outdoors, hanging out with friends, reading for class and sometimes even sunbathing. 2H On-Campus Favorites r , -5 ' e ' B f ;:« W. Pc . Students enjoy their lunch from the restraunts along Commuter Row, which has everything from Italian to Vietnamese. Not only commuters took advantage of this great place to eat, so did residents who wanted a change of pace from the food found at the SAC and the cafeteria. ■ " c DO 0T M Nicholas R Adelizzi X tl ' V Abanty Farzana, a senior ' journalism major, purchases a ticket from Matt Paiva, a junior business major, for a showing of Crash at the Reel, .Temple ' s new movie theater. The Reel, along with The Underground, was added with the addition to the SAC in order to enhance campus night life. Freshmen ( Williams takes , advantage of the quiet in gy Library to catch up he reading for her _ lish class. Many , lents found it less J acting and were able 1 more work at Paley. Students line up their shots at the pool tables in the new game room. Ping-pong, foosball and arcade games were also available in the addition to the SAC as well as more offices for student organizations. ' _. ' £5 Photo by: Nicr ' t ' Photo by: Nttcho R Adelizzi On-Campus Favorites 29 I I ' ' V waaXca.. P sAJiadApAA LeaU to U w-fv Xw fK, {k h d tLe a1aj, x4 :iiXv€ i4 it p Cjfite AA fK mX Megan Smith i «• -- sBItt Love Park, which was named for the famous sculpture by Robert Indiana, is located in the JFK Plaza. In April 2002, Mayor John Street expedited the death of an icon recognized around the world as the last great public plaza for skateboarding. In the City Geno ' s Steaks, which has been a Philadelphia tradition since 1966, is also located at the " X " intersection of 9 " " and Passyunk in South Philly. A Temple student can be seen there any time of day because they are open 24 hours. The entrance gate to South Street beckons Philadelphia tourists and residents alike to shop, eat, drink and party. An ecclectic selection of restaurants, shops and hot spots draws many Temple students to this historic consumer mecca. City Hall looms large over Broad Street in Center City. The historic landmark is the nation ' s largest and most expensive municipal building, even larger than the U.S. Capital. Sitting in front of Independence National Historical Park is a monument some consider the birthplace of a nation. Within the walls of Independence Hall, the Declaration of Independence was adopted and the Constitution of the United States was signed. In the City 31 Surrounded by the flagship offices of major national corporations and just across the street from City Hall, Temple University ' s Center City Campus serves as an education hub, absorbing as much from the city as it does from the classroom. TUCC ' s purpose is to serve not only Temple students, but to frilfill the credit and non-credit education needs of employees at nearby corporations and those of Philadelphia residents. TUCC offers many of the core classes Temple students need, while also boasting successful non-credit programs in areas such as real estate, business, music preparatory and continuing studies. Many students opt to take classes at TUCC because of its prime location. ■i have the option of taking classes on Main Campus or at TUCC. I chose TUCC for most of my classes because it ' s right in the middle o f the city, my internship is two blocks away, and it ' s not congested like Main Campus, " said senior Gia Hester, a tourism hospitality major. Others are fond of TUCC because it is within walking distance of most of the city ' s cultural and entertainment resources. The Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Franklin Institute feel like they ' re right around the comer, and the historic Wilma Theater is only a few blocks aw ay. And for those who need to de-stress after an exam, the shops on Walnut Street are less that five minutes away. ' While not everyone chooses TUCC, it ' s a very good allcrnalive for those looking for a slightly different type of classroom experience. Junior Justin Spencer, a business major, said, " The campus is right in the city: right next to some top-notch firms. You never know, you may meet your future employer w hile you ' re dou n there. " - Megan Smith X ♦Adelizzi Temple University o.o Positioned in the shadow of City Hall, TUCC offers students Temple charm in the heart of the city. Its position is convenient to students living and working downtown. T wm ; Junior Laith Rabie checks his email during a break at TUCC. TUCC offeres a variety of classes spanning curriculumsfrom journalism to business. A sophmore studiously takes notes during his economics class. TUCC offeree classes throughout the day so that not only working students but also business professionals could take advantage of classes schedualed in the evening to pursue their higher educations. Temple University Center City liotect companies hope to attract Temple Health Science Center students at a fair in the loby • the Student Faculty Center. The Center is home to administrative offices and space for udying and learning. Students stopped by every day to get a bite to eat in the Center ' s afeteria, or just to relax between classes. T :p !I333- 1 ! g S g iS i U ' .J t6W :tNfeh r-wrmya-. rf Temple employes and students enjoy sitting outside during their lunchbreak. Despite its size, the Health Science Center has many favorite places to enjoy the comunity created on campus. n Center Temple ' s Health Science Center (HSC) is the home of the College of Allied Health Professions and the Schools of Dentistry, Medicine. Podiatry and Pharmacy. Temple students working toward a career in health care acquire real-world experience at Temple University Hospital and Temple University Children ' s Hospital, as well as other Temple Health facilities. The majority of the HSC is located approximately 20 blocks north of Temple ' s Main Campus, while the School of Podiatry is located in Center City near Chinatown. The HSC, a far smaller student community than that of Main Campus, makes it easier for • ' " ■ students to make new friends as well as network. HSC has professional programs and offers many academic services and resources to its students. HSC students take their studying seriously, but they still find time to have fun. Well-located with downtown Philadelphia a short subway ride or drive away, they are able to take advantage of all the city has to offer; the Leisure Program Office facilitates downtime for students with recreation activities such as intramurals. art exhibitions and special seminars. Offering far more than just a fundamental education, the Health Science Center is a place that prepares students to step into their roles as the ftiture of healthcare. - Nicholas R Adelizzi The Original Medical Scool building still stands at the corner of Broad and Ontario Streets. The HSC has extended Temple ' s influence and service further into North Philadelphia and the surrounding area. Science Center Forty minutes from Main Campus via the Temple shuttle, Tyler ' s campus is an oasis of quiet, nature, and art; a world far removed from the busy pace of the city. Go exploring, and you ' re sure to meet interesting students and great work by emerging artists. Situated in the Elkin ' s Park section of Philadelphia, the campus is palatial compared to Temple Main, with grounds that meander on and provide the perfect backdrop for art studies. Tyler students take advantage of the outdoors to relax as well as to draw from nature for their various art projects. Tyleralso utilizes its expansive property for outdoor exhibitions of student artwork. Tyler Hall, fonnerly the Stella Elkins Tyler household, sits in the middle of the campus. It houses both classrooms and exhibition space. Penrose Hall, President ' s Hall, Elkin ' s Hall and Blai Hall lie behind the house and contain the various studios, classrooms and exhibition spaces for the various departments. No iniiUcr what kind of art you ' re interested in, whether you are seeking to improve your skills or simply expand your horizons, you ' ll be able to do it at Tyler -Nicholas RAclclizzi V hoto by: Nicholas R Adelizzi Tyler School A Tyler Student passes under Angela Nampwiczs " Untitled " (Umbrella Instalation). Angela ' s project was just one of the many student art works put on display around Tyler ' s campus ii C Senior Jewlery and Glassblowing major Joy Stember catches up on her reading before going to her Advanced Glass class. Many of Tyler ' s students liked to sit in front of the mural to read or catch a bite to eat in the cafe located in the basement of Penrose Hall between classes 34 Tyler Campus Freshman painting student Andrea Caldrise enjoys a cup of coffe outside on Tyler ' s campus. Most Tyler students look advantage of the outdoors, whether it was just on their way to das relaxing, or installing one of their art projects outdoors p students and faculty enjoy caring for plants In the recently expanded greenhouse on Ambler ' s ampus. Horticulture, the science of cultivating plants is only offered at Temple Ambler. Both Horticulture and Landscape Architecture students utilized the greenhouse througout the year. Campus A Temple Ambler student enjoys the day as she reads outside. Students wandered around campus having fun and enjoying the scenery. Temple ' s Ambler campus provides students with a different approach to the Temple experience. Almost 20 miles from Main Campus, Ambler is outside the city, offering students the feel of a suburban university with all the benefits of a large institution that Temple University has to offer. Ambler provides an education to over 4,600 students. It offers a wide selection of degree programs, a few of which are unique to the Ambler campus such as landscape architecture, horticulture, and community and regional planning. Being so far from the city provides students the space needed to learn about these areas of study in a hands-on approach, as well as providing greenliouses and wide fields for student use. Aside from The Temple Column, a newspaper aimed at the Ambler student population, WRf T 1 6 1 0- AM is a student-run radio station that keeps its listeners entertained and infomied. Ambler Athletic Complex is also home to Temple ' s NCAA Division I Softball, baseball and women ' s and men ' s soccer teams. For those who want a smaller student population with all the resources Temple University has to offer, Ambler is the perfect fit. - Nicholas R Adelizzi Ambler Campus 3S ic INSIDE: • Main Campus Program Board -p, 38 • Temple Student Government -p, 39 • Progressive N.A.A.C.P- p. 40 • BAS,l,C.-p.40 • Promoters ofAnimal Welfare -p, 41 • Goodfellaz-p,41 • lnfraREDEnt.-p.42 • Xpressionz-p.42 • T.U. Performing Arts Club -p, 43 • The Go Club -p. 43 • T,U.SnowboardingClub-p,44 • O.A,S.-p.44 • Haitian Student Organization - p, 45 • S.O.C.A,-p.45 • Esencia Latino - p, 46 • A.d,E.L.-p.46 • Agni Dance Team -p. 47 • Ladies of Elegance -p. 47 • F,S,P.O,-p.48 • W.H.I.P-p.48 •T.U.C.S.A.-p,49 • PR.S.S.A.-p,50 • F,M,A.-p.50 • T,A.A.F,-p.51 • T,A.B.J.-p.51 • The Temple News -p, 52 • Chemistry Society -p. 52 • I.E.E.E,-p.53 • Society Women Engineers - p, 53 • S.N,M.A,-p.54 • A.M.S.A.-P.54 • T.U.G.A.-p,55 • Notional Pan-Hellenic Council - p. 56 • Sigma Gamma Rho-p, 57 • AlphaEpsilonPhi-p.57 • ChiUpsilonSigma-p.58 • Gamma Phi Delta - p. 58 • Phi Sigma Sigma -p. 59 • DeltaZeta-p.59 • Alpha Kappa Alpha - p, 60 • Delta Sigma Theto-p, 60 • Kappa Alpha Psi- p. 61 • Phi Beta Sigma -p. 61 nemplar Photo Archive ORG Any: ORGA FUND Tl care: UNFO 1 III [ IMFO CHM Students trudge ttirougti ttie snow to ttie Student Center on 13tti Street, Some student organizations ' offices are located on ttie upper floors of ttie building. Organizations STUDENT GROUPS let s work together Temple University has over 300 student ORGANIZATIONS, EACH ■laBllOrA BaB TO BRINGING students together for common goals and interests, Any full-time or part-time student can start an organization and even apply for office space and FUNDING. The VARIOUS organizations available on campus PROVIDE STUDENTS WITH m ymMmmm SKILLS, CAREER DEVELOPMENT, COMMUNITY SERVICE, UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCES, LASTING FRIENDSHIPS AND JUST PLAIN 3MI . ThEY INCLUDE ETHNIC ASSOCL TIONS, SORORITIES AND FRATERNITIES, STUDENT PUBLICATIONS, COMMON INTEREST CLUBS AND MORE. MoST IMPORTANTLY, THEY OFFER STUDENTS A CILVNCE TO CONNECT WITH THEIR PEERS. - Katy Bolesta Photo by: Katy Bolesta Photo by: Katy Bolesta ( styW Students dip fruit cool ies and candy into a chocoiate fountain. Main Campus Program Board organized tlie event and many other activities on campus, A new addition to the Student Center opened in September, offering four more fioors of offices and meeting spaces for student organizations. Organizations 30 inCMrpwiP ' vgxMaAMdnwwMt [ Benny Boom Main Campus Program Board :i-9 The Main Campus Program Board is an organization feaUiring a team ofdiverse students who plan most of the activities that happen ont mpus. They plan a variety of events that enhance student life for all students on Main Campus. Divided into seven lommifTees - contemporary music, travel, special events, lectures, film and marketing and promotions - MCPB tries to cover all aspects of student life, whether it is intellectual or recreational. Some of the events they plan are Expression of Arts, Dance Parties, Travel Trips, Film Series, Spring Fling, Homecoming and block P ' ' s- -rni,nlic uiAli President - Raysacii I loayn Vice President - .leiald Rdsemand Treasurer- Keyana Weightman Organizations Internal Secretaiy - Sheriee Brammer External Secretary - Simone Wellington T.S.G Temple Student Government ' Mil IIM " Temple Student Government is the representative body of student leaders who have shown an interest in the vision, desires, coneerns and education of Temple students. TSG is an umbrella organization for all student groups, providing consultation on student issues, organization of activities, academic support, community programming, funding of registered organizations, and a positive atmosphere. Under the leadership of TSG president Oscar Chow, Temple Student Government is responsible for being an advocate for the students in all their affairs and activities. — Mt ' j aii Smith President - Oscar Chow Vice President {Academic} - Cristina Ackas Vice President {Student} - Ryan Phelan Speaker of GA - Kate Tramontana Parliamentarian -Alex Barbosa Press Director - Anee Korme Treasurer - Ryan Feldman Secretary - Dafney Tales Organizations W 09 ogressive 1 1 T Temple ' s chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, known as the Progressive NAACP, is an organization whose purpose is to ensure the political, educational, social and economical equality of students on Temple ' s campus. They conduct programs like Getting Fit with NAACP and Know Your Candidates, infomiation sessions on how to stay fit and healthy in college, and what candidates are running nationally and loca BlackOut, poetry and open mic showcases, and the Black Expo (an expose for minority organizations and vendors) are also featured programs. —Jerome Lomax BiLSI Brothers and Sisters in Cliiist is an organization that gives both undergraduates, graduates, stall and faculty the opportunity to come together in an open fonim to discuss and address the issues m everyday life by interpreting, studying and implementing the word of God as it is related to the Bible. Accepting people from all nationalities, creeds and backgrounds, B.A.S.i.C. hopes to spark intellectual discussions among essentially Temple students and the Temple Community as a whole. - jcionic Loiiuix 4C Organizations ncemenio n as til " pizatio ensure tl social 3 itudents y condui infonraiii andlidtlii didaies { ' Promoters of i flnimal Welfare ' Promoters of Animal Welfare is an organization that supports animal awareness. It encourages the understanding and appreciation of animals to make sure animals are treated positively. It promotes all events and activities that support the lives of animals and educate people on animal importance and awareness. It holds events such as Vegetarian Extravaganza and the Animal Awareness Film Series. Fraud tcsca AH Goodfeiiaz The GoodFellaz is a community social organization founded on trust, courage, brotherhood and integrity. By exempUfying such quaUties, their mission is to promote healthier relationships between the community and the individual. The members of The GoodFellaz are committed to encouraging unity within the diverse student body, as well as raising awareness for community service by organizing social events such as the GoodFellaz Talent Night, a spades tournament, and an annual canned food drive. _ yj „, 5,,,;,,, 41 Organizations Infra DEnt 1 A 1 ' A April 24, 2603, InfraRED Entertainment was founded by Jovon Eldridge at Temple University. InfraRED was created to execute successful events through quality promotions. Gaining momentum that is sure to be noticed, Infi " aRED Entertainment has already ! ' Conipefflion, thb ' Me Sale, the Red Lounge, and many other diverse events which the students have I clearly enjoyed. If one thing can be said about Infra RED it is this: they are " always on point " . — Pamela Adcwoyiii ressionz With the goal of illuminating the fashion culture that exists worldwide, Xpressionz has been making an indelible impression on Temple ' s campus for the pasOhicc years. Xpressionz covers xul aspects of ' fashion, from rcsign to showcasing fashion in a professional maner- both of which they do in their annual Spriny Fashion Showcase and Fashion Xtravaganza. Led by president Goddess Clarke and vice president Taneasc Abrams, this organization strives for perfection on all levels and facets of life. - , . , — Mc aii Simtit 42 Organizations TU l rf ormin The Temple University iPerfomiing Arts Club (T.U.P.A.C.) was fcreated on campus as an organization In the spring of 2005. It is established ;:to give non-perfonning arts majors an butlet to express their creative talents. Annually, T.U.P.A.C. organizes events iuch as " Rock the Mic " , Children ' s Workshop, Battle of the Bands, an mprovisation called ' ' Who ' s Line is it | nyway " and many dance workshops. - Pamela Adewoyin Go Club The Temple University Go Club is designed for students who share the love of the game Go. The club is dedicated to playing and popularizing this ancient Asian game of territory and strategy. This newly-formed club endeavors to bring new players into the exciting world of Go. The club members get together every Wednesday afternoon in the new game room in the Student Center to play Go. While playing, members not only get to have fijn playing Go, they get to make new friends who share their common interest in the game. - Nicole Rudder Organizations 43 Snowboarding Qub OILS The Organ izanoiTOT Aincan Students was founded in 1994 b a group of African students on Main Campus. The tbcus of the orgnni ation is to educate people about African culture and make it ea ily accessible through their weckls meetings and various events throughout the school year, such as the annual fall African Banquet and Mr. Mrs. Africa Pageant, and Africa Night during the spring. OAS is most importantly a community service based organization, serving a great role at Temple as well as the surrounding communities. — Mi ' i ivi Smith 44 The Temple University Snowboarding Club is for students sharing a common interest and lust for snowboarding. skiing, and or ski- boarding. This club offers an inexpensive outlet for the members to progressively improve their riding desires. " This organization is nojoke! If you ride or ski at any level it ' s not worth it not to join... the benefits come back ten fold! " said President Andrew Mullen. The members of the club travel to enhance their skiins snowboardins abilities. The club takes bi-w eekly trips ' to Bear Creek Mountain and attends a winter college fest in Tremblant, Canada every year. - Nicole Riidde The I (HSO) canipui saving ' puipost on car jaitieri HSO HSOh. E erT( andtlie Organizations niversiiy ' Jr students andlusifor inior ski- offers an nembersio heir ridms iisnojokel will ' s not wfitscome I ' ni Andrew ;c!iibtia el iwboardiP ' j Ad ' fremblani Hso The Haitian Student Organization (HSO) was founded on Temple ' s campus in the early 1980s. With the saying " L ' union fait la force " (Through unity we are a force), HSO is an organization that was created with the purpose to provide a unified foundation on campus for Temple ' s Haitian community. Through student gatherings, dance, poetry and music, HSO wishes to increase awareness of the rich Haitian culture and heritage. HSO has hosted such events as: " For the Love of Dance " , ' ' What Your Parents EverTold You About Haiti, " and " Haiti and the Politics. " -Jci ' OIIIC LoilldX SOGJL rAi 1 1 1 1 1 1 n 1 1 MiiiiiiM nil I In the early 1 990 ' s the Student Association for Caribbean Awareness (SOCA) was fonned as result of two Caribbean groups noticing the increasing number of student who were of Caribbean descent on campus. Its purpose was to establish a place where those students could feel at home and also to spread and create awareness of the Caribbean culture on campus. SOCA has done this through dance with its SOCA dance team, and it hosts and participates in such events as: The Throwback Paity and Spring and Fall semi-formals. —Jerome Lomax Organizations 4! Ksencia liatins} Esencia Latina is Temple University ' s first and only Latino dance troupe. The club was originally established in 2001 for people who share a passion for Latin dance. The club ' s goal is to educate the students on Temple ' s campus and the surrounding community on Latino culture through dance. Every semester Esencia Latina offers lessons to the community in salsa and meringue dance styles, which teach Latin culture as well. The group also participates in the Carnival of Cultures and the Mai Campus Program Board Talent Show annually. Nicole Rudder Ad .Ii The Asociacion de EstudSfTntes Latinos (AdEL) was established to enhance awareness of Latifn issues and heritage in the Temple T niversity Community. They stronuly believe in providing a forum ii Latino students U) advncntc issues that have a direct impact on the Latino student body and the Latino community in general. Every year this organization supports the privileges of Latino students by making High School visits and promoting Latino I Icritage Month. — PiiDichi Adcu ' oyiii 46 Organizations fR ni 0ance • ' ' - ' ' if l? f Wi the aim of uniting young ladies of Temple University through the art of stepping, the Ladies of Elegance step team uses the art of dance to promote diversity and leadership. The step team incorporates dance that embodies the rhythms and style of African dance and movement. Through coordinated drills and chants, the Ladies of Elegance introduce different alternatives to ordinary routines. The step team has participated in events like the CERT Diversity Fair and Journeys in Black Expo, and it strives to be an example for the community. — Mcgaii Smith Organizations 47 YS.PO % The Francophone Student Professional Organization (FSPO) is influencing Temple ' s French-speaking population. Its mission is to promote the cultural diversity of the French- speaking world and provide Temple students with opportunities to develop their leadership and professional skills. FSPO has weekly social gatherings and guest speakers to strengthen the group professionally and socially among French-speaking students at Temple. FSPO has an annual March 20 ' ' ' Jour dc la Francophonie Banquet and participates in the Cami al of Cultures, as well as many otlier service event throughout the year. - Nicole Rudder WHII We Have Infinite Potential is the moniker for W.H.I.P, Temple only student-run radio station. For the past six years the station has been proving that by providing a forum for students to not only their skills in radii " oduction, while ei mu as a platform o addressing di ersity through music. Made by the students for the students. W.H.I.P. pla s music that is a representation of the student hod in order to show appreciation for the various cultures that make Temple what it is. The station is most recognized for its annual I lip I k p fashion Show in the Spring. W.H.I.P. also hosts a Battle of the Bands. - A%d; Smith M) Organizations ievenfl TX GSiL Temple University Community Service Association The Temple University Community Service Association (T.U.S.C.A.) is an organization dedicated to providing community service opportunities to Temple University students. T.U.S.C.A. " s goal is to improve Temple and its surrounding community through service. They have won the Best Program tor Sil er Lining for the past two years. This organization has rapidly become more recognized by Temple for its work in the community. Every year T.U.S.C.A. has sponsored programs such as the Heart Walk. Community Builders Tour, AIDS Walk Philly, ' The Condom Project " and Trips to Abington Memorial Hospital. _ Pamcla Adcwoyin Organizations 49 I H S S JL Public Realations Student Society of America J Y.JJLK Organization: PRSSA was founded in 1 968 in Philadelphia by its parent society, the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA). The purpose of this student chapter of the national organization is to cultivate a favorable relationship between students and public relations practitioners. It aims to foster an understanding of theories of public relations and procedures of the profession, to gain appreciation of the highest ethical ideals and principles and to promote awareness of an appropriate professional attitude, - Xlegafi Smith I They ha ' conieoo 10 netft :onfere :onipeti I I f h " fAnienca testudeni aniationis fiationslii licrelatioi I foster a of public ■esofths aiioooftlie I pnncipki less of an ' iwde, pSiitirfi {tjlilf} The Temple American Advertising Federation is an Drganization that helps students learn more about the advertising industry. They have a number of guest speakers :ome out and educate them on different advertising themes. They also attend various conferences to allow students o network with each other. This Drganization has attended the AWNY conference in NYC yearly, and it ompetes in the national campaign competition. - Frafichesca Ali TILBJ IIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIMM! The Temple Association of Black Journalists (TABJ) is a student chapter of the National Association of Black Journalist. TABJ is open to all minority journalists and is set up to help students gain out-of-the- classroom knowledge. The group is dedicated to providing job opportunities and internships to the minority journalism students at Temple University. TABJ has guest speakers and seminars to enhance networking in ihe field. - Nicole Rudder atxons ! 1 I ' ll {rhe Temple ws} The Temple News, Temple University ' s student run newspaper, has been a watchdog for the Temple community since 1921. Under the leadership of editor-in-chief Brandon Lausch, The Temple News provides in- depth coverage of campus, community, and societal issues and trends. Students looking to prepare for a career in the newspaper business or simply develop their writing, editing, design or photography skills can work at the newspaper, which has sent a countless number of graduates into the journalism industry. § - Megan bmith f Chemistry The Temple Universiix Chemical Society exposes students to chemistry outside of the classroom. The club provides students with infomiation about graduate schools and undergraduate research opportunities to help brondcii ihcir learning experience. The club is set up to help " stiinuhilc interest in chemistr throughout the student body. " said Sasan .lahanian. The club pailicipates in an annual mole bowl, as well as an undergraduate research seminar. Ihe club also has guest speakers to talk to sludenis about the various fields that chemistry majors can pursue. — iiolc RuiUicr 0._ Organizations i a r V m ■ n {ikkk} Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Since June 1 0, 1 963 the College of Engineering at Temple University has supported the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. It is an outstanding organization for all students who are interested in the field of engineering or future careers that deal with electronics. They uphold internship seminars and attend events such as the Student Professional Awareness Conterence and the Annual IEEE Awareness Party. — Franchesca AH Organizations S3 fl} The American Medical Student issociation at Temple University exists to serve two ultimate goals: to assist its members in all endeavors relating to admittance ii medical school - through education, peer and faculty support. rThd any other methods to help in making the choices they lace regarding their futures and to serve the community at large in whatever ways possible. Along with monthly meetings. AMSA holds medical student panels, benefit concerts, and participates in community service events at Kairos House and Temple Children ' s Hospital. - Mcj dii Snittli O-r Organizdtions For those future doctors that are on their way, we have the Student National Medical Association. They strive to increase matriculation of minority students into accredited medical institutions. The members of this association work with medical school mentors. They get a chance to get certified in CPR and First Aid, receive lectures from experienced doctors, and much more. They use the quote by Alex Sung. " To begin a journey one must have courage; to finish a_ journey one must have perseverance, " as an inspiration to accomplish their dreams. — Fmnchesca All R.}A.% TI GA Temple University Greek Association Founded in 1989. Temple University Greek Association (TUGA) represents all Greeks on campus. To make the system more organized, there is a separation of governing bodies or groups of Greek organizations on campus which specialize in programming, education, community service and philanthropies to the community and several nationally-known organizations. Some of their most popular annual events include the Greek Stepshow and Showcase Exhibition, Philly Cares and Greek Week. — Pamela Adewoyin President - Darren C. Jacobs Vice President of Structure - Chris Evans Vice President of Fellowship - Kasey Johnson Treasurer - Matt Raisam Secretary - Frank Mc Adams Organizations SS Will. ! 6 I Pi ladies at! hcoipoc BeiaDel iJunelV became iini eBit IspoDsor land com IcampE ifljiss i Apprec Arads tional ftin-Jlellenic Coimdl The Temple University National Pan-Hellenic Council is an " umbrella organizaticm consisting of members of the nine historically black public service fraternities and sororities also known as the Di ine Nine. These nine fraternities and sororities include Alpha Phi Alpha -rateram ' Inc., Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc.. Kappa Alpha Phi ' raiernity Inc., Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc., Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc., Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc., Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc., and Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Inc. public service being this organization ' s main focus, the Pan-Hellenic Council host a number of programs like Project G.R.E.E.K., an after-school mentoring program and events promoting AIDS Awareness and fundraising. They also participate in the. nnual Spring Fling Step Show. — Jciviiic Loniiix r Organizatioris ' i Sigma Gamma %io Promoting unity and pride, the ladies at Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Incorporated strive for success. The Beta Deha Chapter was chartered on June 27, 1 947 at Temple University and became a metropolitan chapter in 1955. Now they encompass the nearby universities of LaSalle, Drexel, and the University of Pennsylvania. They sponsor various educational programs and community service throughout the " campus. They also participate in annual vents such as Meet the Greeks, Men ' s Appreciation Week, Black Rose Awards Ceremony and Sigma Week. - Fmnchesca Ali SORORf TY, INC. - I Iduiuk ' d 111 ri:2.il liiitk-r Univ. ' ■■ ' n 111 II (II M ' TKR- 11 MI ' I K I M i:i{Sn Alpha Hpsilon Phi was founded nationally in 1909 at Barnard College by seven Jewish women who bonded together against discrimination. The Phi Theta chapter of Alpha Epsilon Phi was founded in 1984 at Temple University. The sorority ' s mascot is the giraffe, because they stand tall above the rest and have the biggest hearts. Annually, the sorority participates in the AIDS Walk and Philly Cares and hosts a variety of social events thro ughout th e school year. - Megan Smith S7 Organizations Ghi X psilon Sigma Chi Upsilon Sigma National Latin Sorority, Inc. has been in existence since April 29, 1980. This sorority was founded by seven Latinas whose purpose and desire was to form an organization to promote leadership in the community as well as political, cultural and social awareness. They have participated and volunteered in programs such as the Hunger Walk, Carnival of Cultures, Study with the Cussies, and the Home is in the Heart: Thanksgivinsj Dinner. Gamma . - Franchcsca AH 1 The prestigious females of Gamma Phi Delta Sorority Inc. ha c a dedication to improving the scKJal. economic and political status o women. They encourage members lo further their- ' ducation while niaimaining a belter relationship among women of all races and creeds so they can be of greater ser ice to their community, country, and each other. Some o{ ' their annual events include Gamma Week, Multicultural cami a and llic Dr. Martin Lullicr King .Ir. National I3ay of Ser ice. - Piinnlc} Ailcii ' oyi)! Sisnia power mainli pnncip! erabrac petpetu Tempk Sisnia S» Organizations as 10 eadershi ipoliiica ess. The) nieered u Phi gma Si Founded in 1913, Phi Sigma Sigma is a dynamic sisterhood of powerful and passionate women maintaining uncompromising principles, igniting positive change, and embracing individuality. The mission of Phi Sigma Sigma is to inspi re the personal development of each sister and erpetuate the advancement of women. EerWalljxemple ' s Xi Chapter of Phi Sigma ' ' ISigma prides itself in being a iheHeaitlphilanthropic, academic and social prganization. Annually, the sorority is sponsible for the Rock-A-Thon and rilled cheese fundraiser, and ii participates in the Debbie Romano kmM and Philadelphia Cares Day. — Mt ' i an Si)iitli Delta Zeta illMlliilMMl.. Founded nationally at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio in 1902, Temple ' s chapter was charted in May 987. Delta Zeta ' s focus is to unite its members in the bonds of sincere and lasting friendship, to stimulate on another in the pursuit of knowledge. and to develop plans for guidance and unity in action - objects worthy of the highest aim and purpose of associated effort. Amongst many other things. Delta Zeta annually sponsors a date auction. Bathtubs Across Campus, and participates in Philadelphia Cares and Greek Week. - Megan Smith Photo b - Svdne - Abraiiiow- Organizations S9 al ppa illpha The ladies of Alpha Kappa Alpha Incorporated is a strong sisterhood of passionate women that cultivate and encourage high scholastic and ethical standards. They promote unity and friendship among college women to help alleviate problems concerning girls and women in order to improve their social stature and they are at service to all mankind. They sponsor and volunteer in such events such as- ' Mind. Body, and Soul. ' Skec Tea poeti-y and open mic session. Women ' s Christian Alliance, and the AIDS, cancer, and diabetes wal SigmaThetaJ d on January r n 1 3 at f A - tmiicliesca Ah AipliaP aiTeiBf itsellor wliiclii e en ' f fratenii college impact I lifelonj cliapier kid purposi Founded on January Howard University, Delta Sigma Thcta Sorority, Inc. was founded by 22 African American women devoted to sisterhood, scholarship and public service. Ninety two years later, the Hpsilon Delia C hapter at Temple University, chartered in 1960. is the cmbt)diment of those qualities. The Temple chapter host many events and service projects like the Delta Night at the Apollo, The Annual Sickle-Cell Jump-A-Thon. and the Delta Book Scholarship and Delta High School Scholarship. - Jcivinv Loiiiax 60 Organizations Uni The Lambda Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. was chartered at Temple University in 1920. Priding Mdetbci itself on the fellowship of brotherhood ■ " My an which spans all aspects of life. Kappa Alpha Psi offers a network of support, with the ultimate goal of achieving in every field of human endeavor. This fraternity provides an opportunity for college men to excel together and impact their community while building lifelong bonds. Temple ' s Lambda chapter organizes events and programs Alpha 1 bda chapter of ppa V B loimproi iliey are icyspoDi :nissiiclia Skee Te n. Women ' m: I ' l ' throughout the school year with the V pui purpose of impacting and educating students. - Mc m] Smith Sigma The Phi 1 Beta Sigma Fraternity, inc. sets a strong tone with their motto " Culture for Service and Service for Hymapity! " This fraternity is dedicated to providing for the needs of Temple students socially, educationally and spiritually. They represent a brotherhood of men who believe in uplifting the community and helping realize the potential and promise of the black community. They sponsor events pertaining to life after college, images of African Americans in media, volunteer programs and mentoring programs. — Fraticlicsca AH Organizations 61 •k INSIDE: Men ' s Basketball -p, 64 Women ' s Basketball -p, 66 Baseball -p, 68 Sottball-p,69 Men ' s Crew -p, 70 Women ' s Crew -p, 71 Football -p, 72 Field Hockey -p, 74 Lacrosse -p, 75 Men ' s Soccer -p, 76 Women ' sSoccer-p,77 Men ' s Gymnastics -p, 78 Women ' sGymnastics-p,79 Volleyball -p, 80 Men ' s Cross Country Track - p, 82 Women ' s Cross Country Track -p,83| Golt-p,84 Fencing -p, 85 Men ' sTennis-p,86 Women ' sTennis-p,87 Cheerleading Diamond Gems Band -p, 88 Club Sports -p, 90 lntramurals-p,92 Freshman quarterback Joe DeSanzo recleves the snap during the Homecoming game, Sports OWL ATHLETICS a real power package ie I Temple UNiVERsrrY was one of the institutions in the country to sponsor athletic activities for its students. both the football and basketball programs were established back in 1 894. Ever since, Temple athletes have been reachlng new and setting new standards of excellence. This season slx Temple student-athletes were voted on to the very first philadelphia inquirer mim AM jniTA iirAtk iK • And THE FOOTBALL TEAM HIRED A NEW COACH, FORMER DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ViRGiNL , Al Golden. After garnering hundreds of other ACCOMPLISHMENTS, TeMPLE SPORTS TEAMS HAVE RISEN TO THE CHALLENGES OF YET ANOTHER ATHLETIC YEAR. Hooter the Owl, the official mascot of Temple sports, hypes up the crowd at a men ' s baslcetboll game in the Liacouras Center. Junior Yan Liu sets the ball in a Temple volleyball match, Yan Liu saw action in 81 games last season, posting 1 1 3 digs and three assists, Sports 63 HDPE5 AND DREAMS MEN ' S BASKETBALL Monday, March 1 3. 2006 became an important date in the history of the Temple men ' s basi .etball program. It marked the end of the John Chaney era. The Hall of Fame coach announced his retirement during a press conference at a packed Fo.x- Gittis room in the Liacouras Center. In his 24 years at Temple, Chaney " s accomplishments were nothing short of remarkable. He compiled a record of 5 1 6 wins and 252 losses, and he won an astounding 74 1 games as a college coach when you include his 225 wins from his tenure at Cheyney State. Under his leadership, the Owls racked up 1 7 NCAA Tournament appearances and advanced to five regional finals. He was twice named national coach of the year and was a five-time Atlantic 1 coach of the year. At the time Templar went to press. Temple was 1 7- 14 and fresh off a disappointing loss to St. Joseph ' s in the semifinal round of the Atlantic 1 toumament. After an inconsistent regular season w hich saw the Owls beat the likes of Maiyland, Alabama and South Carolina, the Owls routed Rhode Island, 74-45, in the tournament ' s opening round and then responded by upsetting top seed George Washington, the no. 6 team in the nation, 68-53 in the quarterfinals. The loss to St. Joe ' s meant the Owls would be relegated to the National Invitation Toumament for a fifth consecutive season. All the while, senior point guard Mardy Collins solidified his future as a first-round NBA Draft pick. The Owls were also paced by senior forward Antyw ane Robinson, junior guard Dustin Salisbery and sophomores Mark Tyndale and Wayne Marshall. Chaney ' s farewell press conference was witty, eloquent and emotional. As he concluded his retirement press conferenc e, he ended with a favorite Frank Sinatra lyric. " Excuse me while I disappear, " the venerable Chaney said as he waved and left to roaring applause. - " BeM TXtivti Head Coach John Chaney talks to Mark Tyndak during a timeout. Sergio Olmos fights for position against lion Dace 7 k ' learn gathers for inspiration at lite Anlywauf Knl)inson n.i cs a s io start of the game. over his opponents reach. Men ' s Basketball ion Dacons reaches up for a abound. Members of the Cherry Crusade show their pride at a basketball game. Their cries of, " Let ' s go Temple! " can always be heard. Mardy Collins pumps his fist in triumph. Antywane Robinson dribbles the ball while looking for an open teammate. Mark Tyndale holds his ground and keeps the ball away from his opponent. V i • ' 3 ' H mOmMjt " B B I H A .mk i M »1§ V ll " histin Salisbery hopes his shot will go in and help The Temple Owls stand and clap in support of their teammates on the Owls win the game. Salisbery had a game-high 20 court. Temple defeated Alabama, 68-58. ' • %}oints in the win. Men ' s Basketball 6S TEAM Fl ILL OF HONOR WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL Senior all-America candidate Candice Dupree once again led the Owls this season up and down the court, capping her career with her second consecutive Atlantic 10 Player of the Year award. At the time Templar went to press. Dupree was also a finalist for the John R. Wooden Award. gi en annually to the nation ' s top player. She is also expected to be a first round selection in this summer " ; WNBA Draft, where she will have the opportunity to play at least one season against Owls coach Dawn Staley, who plays professionally in the WNBA during the summer. Dupree had plenty of help from her teammates as Temple won its third straight A- 10 conference championship and once again gained an automatic bid to the NCAA Tournament. The Owls became just the second program in conference history to win the league title three consecutive seasons. The Owls defeated George Washington in the title game, 59-54, behind 25 points and 10 rebounds frorr Dupree and 1 8 points from Kamesha Hairston. who was named to the All Tournament team along with Dupree. The Owls also received valuable contributions from senior guards Khadija Bowens, Stephanie Hicks and Jennifer Owens, along with sophomores Lad Comfort at center and Ashley Morris at point guard. Under Staley ' s leadership, the Owls have advanced to the NCAA Tournament three consecutive seasons and in four of the la? five. Prior to Staley ' s arrival, the Owls had only been to the NCAA Tournament once in the history of the program. At the time Templtj went to press, Staley and the Owls were awaiting their seed and opponent in the 2006 NCAA Tournament. _ tut -Cf Kamesha Hairston guards Villanova ' s lenn, Viani and presses her awav from the basket. (COIti Of Lady Comfort drives through ihc lane and to the basket. Candice Dupree goes to the basket against Villannva. Kamesha IHairston launches a three- pointer. Temple beat Villanova; 52 - 43. 66 Women ' s Basketball ■■■ ' - ' Teajai Is also licule Fittman pushes through Villanova flayers and leaps towards the basket. ■ ' ' " oresLa foiiroftlieli t time Temp The Diamond Band plays the Temple Fight song during a women ' s basketball game at the Liacouras Center. andice Dupree reaches for the basket as she " iHuu icores on a lay up. y With body paint and all, a Temple basketball tan cheers for the Lady Owls. Khadija Bowens passes the ball through the hands of Villanova ' s lenna Viani. A member of the Diamond Band peps the crowd while playing trombone. O Women ' s Basketball I CRACK OF THE BA T5 BASEBALL The newest addition to the Owls baseball team is first-year head coach Rob Valli. Valli, fresh off an NJCAA National Championship, brings a winning reputation the Owls, who went 1 7-33 last year. " It is clear from Rob ' s resume that he is a proven winner, " Temple Athletic Director Bill Bradshaw said at the time of Valli ' s hiring. " Wc believe that he will be the driving force to return the Temple baseball program to national prominence. " Valli replaces veteran, James " Skip " Wilson, who led the Owls to 1 ,034 wins and two College World Series appearances in 46 seasons at the helm of the program. Under Wilson, the Owls qualified for the NCAA tournament 14 times and secured 10 conference titles. Wilson is the winningest coach, of any sport, in Temple history. " It was a great lifetime of working with kids, " Wilson said. " I ' ll miss teaching them how to play the game the right way. " Despite having big shoes to fill, Valli is excited to join the Temple baseball community and hopes to lake advantage of the Owls ' talent during the 2006 season, which got underu ' ay after Templar ' s deadline. Highlights of Temple ' s schedule for the spring of 2006 include a trip to Hawaii-Hilo over spring break and an opportunity to face national power Louisiana State University. junior Matt Lawless winds up for a pitch aganist t ie University of Delaware. 20t)()spi expene! Univers seniory onthel oaines.. in 1996 AihktK junior Marc Wagner makes a dash for Senior jason Connor slides into third Sophomore Dan Brady keeps his eye on first base. base. the hall and ready for the next pitch. 6» Baseball LMCKY LADIES SOFTBALL ICAA daitlie Series With a brand new coaching staff and a packed fall exhibition schedule, the Temple softball team forged into the 2006 spring season. Casey Dickson joined the Owls as head coach, bringing to the table five years of coaching experience at the collegiate level, two of them as a head coach. In her own career, Dickson was a standout at the University of Oklahoma, holding the record for most career RBI (166) as well as setting two season records her senior year for home runs (17) and RBI (61). She also received All-Midwest Region honors as a first basemen three times, the most in Sooner history. Dickson also had a one year stint in the Women ' s Major Softball League. Joining Dickson is her former assistant Nina Lindenberg, who played on the USA Softball National team that took gold at the 2003 Pan American games. Lindenberg was also Western Athletic Conference Player of the Year in 1996 and 1998 as well as Western junior Makeala Compton takes some coaching advice during the game. Athletic Conference Athlete of the Year in 1 996 during her collegiate career. Finishing the 2005 season at 16-29, the Owls are looking to improve under new leadership. They will kick off the 2006 season with a five-game southern tour in Tampa, JFla. Infielder Lauren Evans will be i the lone senior on a young team that }■ will feature six freshmen and three sophomores. Junior Brandie Mora is the team ' s top returning hitter. She hit .253 with three home runs and nine RBI in 2005. The team rallies aganist St. joe ' s, a double header in which thev went 1- 0. . junior Shawn Casey connects with a pitch aganist St. joe ' s last spring. Senior Lauren Evans warms up with a couple of practice throws before the game. Softball 69 NA Via A UNO THE WA TER MEN ' S CREW The Temple Owls finished off a very successful fall season. They competed in five events this past fall including the first ever Schuylkill Banks Regatta, hnproving from last year ' s tenth place finish, the men placed fourth out of 1 8 teams at the annual Navy Day Regatta. The following weekend, resulting from the hard work of nine Temple oarsmen. Temple came out on top in the first ever Schuylkill Banks Regatta. This race was the first held on the lower Schuylkill in almost 100 years. The nine oarsmen that won the race for Temple were Rory Roberts. T.J. Burke. Matthew Hanlin, Nicholas Khan, Joseph Welsh, Chris Bushek, Timothy Malloy. Sam Frycke-Cunningham and Nicholas Vlahos. Another improvement from a 2004 race was at the Head of the Charles Regatta. The Temple men placed 29th out of 40, which placed them two places higher than in 2004. On October 29, Temple placed third among college entries and fifth overall at the Head of the Schuylkill Regatta. Once again, it was a vast improvement over the 2004 season. In the 2004 Head of the Schuylkill Regatta, the Owls placed 12th. At the time of Templar ' s deadline, the men ' s crew team was looking forward to another successful spring season. W ibletose At inisliedi ilacefifli Tl ishteett flieywo: wotdbt Ivmplv ( nm )v v{ in (he tirsl t ' vcr Schuylkill Banks Regatta and came out on top. The men had a better overall record than their 2004 fall record. Using all of his strength, a Temple oarsmen pulls the oar through the water. In the annual Nav) ' Day Regatta, the men placed fourth which was a big improvement over 2004. v Men ' s Crew " ffCllOi PDINT5 TROPHY WOMEN ' S CREW ilie lower k Mhy !tla.Tlie saodih Ikill omen ' s K Freshman Amanda Ban mentally prepares for the next race. The past spring season held much excitement for the women ' s crew team. They placed eighth at the Atlantic Ten ' onference Championships after having a good season. In a race against Bucknell, Fordham and Lehigh, the Owls were ble to secure places in four competitions. They finished second with the arsity Eight and three place titles were claimed in the Junior Varsity 8, 4ovice 8 and the Novice 4. At the Knecht Cup, the Varsity 8 and the Junior Varsity 8 raced hard and nanaged to head to the finals. At the San Diego Crew Classic, the women inished a solid fifth in the final. The Varsity Eight had an impressive fourth )lace finish and earned a spot in the Cal Cup Petite Final. The most impressive win of the season was the Murphy Cup Regatta, ighteen teams competed on the Schuylkill River and Temple emerged in top. " hey won the points trophy after earning 40 points. The women did not have a ecord breaking season but finished off happy. V I?.. Nine Temple crew members work together as a team to finish the race in first place. (lie (lien Stephanie Hanlin, a sophomore, lii.Lens to directions from junior Sarah Evancho. Sophomore April Gaskins, freshman Freshman Jackie Swan rows to help Laura Austin and sophomore ten Scattene Temple win the race, concentrate during the race as they row to the finish. Women ' s Crew 71 A FRESH START FOOTBALL Despite a 0- 1 1 record this fall, the Owls will have a renewed sense of spirit next year with the addition of first year coach Al Golden. Golden, who was previously a defensive coordinator at the University of Virginia for five years, comes to Temple with a positive attitude. " It is with great pride and enthusiasm that I accept the position of head football coach at Temple University, " said Golden, now the second-youngest head coach in Division I-A. " I am excited about leading this program as we transition into the Mid-American Conference. We have the best university, the best city and the best facilities in the MAC. The future looks bright on North Broad Street as we enter a new era in Temple Owl football. " Golden also spent time at Boston College and was a fomier tight end and team captain at Penn State. He also played one year for the New England Patriots after college. The Owls lose a talented group of seniors this year including Mike Mendenhall who received the College Defensive Player of the Year award, given by the Touchdown Club of South Jersey. Mendenhall started all 1 1 games this season and contributed 64 tackes (35 solo), 14 tackles for loss, 7 sacks, 5 QBHs, 3 forced fumbles and 2 PBUs. Also graduating is senior Christian Dunba r, who was voted by his teammates as Most Valuable Player this season. Dunbar played three positions on defensive, rotating to wherever he was needed and also played with the special teams. He is tied sixth in the nation for forced fumbles. - $ T a4 ti c Quarterback Mike McGann gets ready for a long pass to one of his wide receivers before the l-iomecoming game. joe johnsonbaugh takes a break and watches his teammates from the sidelines. Sophomore loin Wcxicr grills Lip linebacker Manuel Tapia lines up on some burgers at the I lomeioniing the field, ready for the next play, tailgate. 2 Football The football team is welcomed onto the field by the Diamond Band, the cheerleaders and the Diamond Gems. The Owls clash with their opponents on the line of scrimmage. Mike McLaughlin punts the ball away nn the fourth. Ryan Lux kicks the ball down Michael Billops tries to break auay a delemler as I) makes his way down the field. As Christian Dunbar forces a fumble, Antwon Burton and Mike Mendenhall scramble towards the ball. Football 73 A NEW CONFERENCE MARK FIELD HOCKEY Despite falling to Massachusetts in a heartbreaking, 2- 1 , overtime loss in the first round of the Atlantic Ten Conference tournament, the Temple field hockey team ended the 2005 season with its best conference mark since 1 989. Under the direction of coach Amanda Janney, assistant coach Ryan Langford and graduate assistant Melissa Stubbleford, the Owls enjoyed their first winning season since 1992. Janney was hired before the start of the 2005 season but came in with much experience. After playing at Wake Forest and serving as an assistant coach at Penn, Janney was someone the women could go to for advice as a veteran of the sport. The Owls started the season with seven returning seniors with experience in the A- 1 Tournament, and they ended it with plenty of individual awards to go around. Janney was named co-A- 1 Coach of the Year, and seniors Ashley Shepps, Katie Stevenson and Melissa Fritze, junior Lindsay Holman. sophomore Alii Lokey, and freshman Erin Hanshue were honored with all- conference accolades. Holman and Lokey finished the season with eight goals apiece, good for sixth-best in the conference. - " Bet i TXaut ' i After narrowly escaping two Drexel oppenents, senior Asliley Shepps gains possession of the ball and heads toward the goal Sophomore Ashley Bird runs down the field with the hall hoping to score a goal. Sophomore Alii Lokey tries to heat her opponents to the ball for Temple possession. The lean) gathers for a Innklli ' to ( .scu.s ' ' n im; K.k ic ) ' j )r; .kc.s clown the plays to beat their opponents. field. 74 Field Hockey Helen i since elissa «2005 pen vardsto In; 15 5EVEN STRAIGHT A- 10 TITLES LACROSSE With a coaching staff still considered new, the Temple lacrosse team knew what it wanted and how to get there. Their 2005 season concluded with an overall record of 10-7 and a 6-1 mark in the Atlantic Ten Conference. Temple captured its seventh-straight A- 1 regular season title. The only A- 1 blemish was an 8-6 loss to Richmond. At the end of the season. Temple was privileged to have two sophomores named IWLCA US Lacrosse Regional Ail-Americans by a vote of the Mid- Atlantic Regional Committee. Allison Frengs and Patty Glavin have been the only two Temple women named Ail-American since the 2000 season. With the closing of the regular season, the Owls prepared for a short yet competitive fall season. The fall season allowed the incoming players and returning players to bond and play together before they faced another promising spring season. The Owls were once again considered a favorite to win the A- 10 title. Senior Patty Glavin dodges the stick of an opponent while mal ing sure ttie ball stays in the pocket. To gather team spirit and inspiration, the women chant the team cheer. Senior Corey Leader cradles the ball away from her opponent and uses her shoulder as a shield. junior Casey Cech looks tor an open teammate to pass it off to. Lacrosse 7S TEAM FMLL Of HONOR MEN ' SSOCCER The men ' s soccer team believed hard work and determination would pay offin the end. Temple went unbeaten in its last five matches of the season and ended with an overall record of 6-10-2 and an Atlantic Ten Conference record of 4-3-2. The Owls found themselves the odd team out in a three-way tie for fifth place and did not get a berth in the A- 1 tournament. Despite missing the conference tournament, the season was not a complete failure. Many players ended up with individual honors. Senior Ben Evans looks for a teammate Tony Donatelli walked away with three. He was selected as one of 53 on a thrnw ' -in. college seniors to participate in the Adidas MLS Player Combine. He also earned Philadelphia ' s Soccer Seven Player ofthe Year and was named to 2005 A- 1 Conference First Team All-Conference squad for the second year in a row. He helped put Temple men ' s soccer back on the map. Along with Donatelli ' s honors, senior Joe Brocker was named first team all-Soccer Seven for the third straight season and was also selected to the 2005 A- 1 Conference First Team. Sophomore Tony Pratico was honored as an honorable mention all-conference selection, and freshman Jim Suevo was named to the all-Rookie team. _ g JXatAi lim Suevo dribbles the ball downfield looking to pass. Senior Kvvin L.jllaghvr guards ihe ball Irvshinan Mike Rinkvr Krs between from a Drexel opponent. O Men ' s Soccer three Drexel opponents to the ball. Sviiim lull) Ihin.ticlli LoiKvnlijtv on his footwork. BITTERSWEET 51 ICCE55 WOMEN ' SSOCCER After having a bittersweet season, the women ' s soccer season ended on a high note. Coach David Jones was inducted into Elizabethtown College ' s Hall of Fame where he was once an All- American soccer player. Senior Stephanie Vietry was named to the Atlantic Ten Conference Women ' s Soccer Academic All-Conference team, and freshman Charisma Wright was named to the Atlantic Ten Conference Women ' s Soccer All-Rookie team. The women ended with an overall record of 4-1 3-2 and a record of 2- 5-2 in the A- 1 0. They faced tough competition during the season but still continued to work hard as each game came. As Jones and his staff head into the 2006 season next fall, they will be hard-pressed to fill the shoes of four departing seniors. Stephanie Vietry, Samantha Vietry, Jaclyn Conn and Kate Lamplugh all brought much-needed experience and support to the team. Senior Samantha Vietry kicks the ball to keep traveling down the field towards the goal. Senior Kate Lamplugh travels down the field while senior Stephanie Vietn stays open for the pass. To give the women inspiration and team spirit, pretzels were baked in honor ot the women ' s soccer team. Freshman goalkeeper Tiffany Kasunich holds the ball after a save and searches for a teammate to throw it to. junior Stephanie Schafer runs down the field with the ball. Women ' s Soccer SEEK 13TH TITLE MEN ' S GYMNASTICS Optimism was a big word around the men ' s gymnastics program this season. The Ow Is may have lost several key members of the 2005 team, but the incoming freshmen were more than ready to fill their shoes. The 2005 spring season was filled with injuries and. ultimately, some disappointment when the Owls lost the ECAC-EIGL title to Anny But coach Fred Turoff. looking to his 30 " ' year, w as impressed w ith the eagerness of his incoming freshmen and retuming performers u ho w anted to turn the season around, and that is precisely what happened. At the time Templar went to press, the Owls had just won the 2006 New England Men ' s Gymnastics Invitational Championships at Springfield College ' s Blake Arena on Sunday, March 12. Sophomore Luke Vexler placed in five events to lead the Owls, who were ranked no. 1 3 in the countrv ' at the time. Fellow sophomore Alex Gorski won the fioor exercise, and junior Dan Berlin won on the pommel horse. Sophomore Sterling Kramer won on the parallel bars and senior Brian Forquer won on the horizontal bar. A Temple Gymnast holds his perfect handstand. f The season were Si ViKini Sffllil Luke Vexler uses his arms to hold his body during the rings event He competed in the 2005 Maccabiah Games in Israel and finished fourth all-around. Dan Berlin competes in the pommel Andrew Corp competes on the parallel Brian Forquer stands before competing in hnrsc event. bars. the floor exercise event. 7H Men ' s Gynnastics ■GLtitleto ■cVexler at the ifcrimnoii awl senior i 2(11) ' ; fledintfie Fl ILL OF SURPRISE WOMEN ' S GYMNASTICS The 2006 season was a tough one for the women ' s gymnastics team and head coach Ken Anderson, who was coaching his 20 " " season on North Broad Street. At the time Templar went to press, the Owls were 5- 1 7 and coming off a loss to Comell in their final home meet of the season. It was at that meet that the Owls said goodbye to seniors Dierdre Mattocks, Lindsay Stem and Christine Zimmerman, all of whom were set to graduate. After losing to Comell, Temple was preparing to travel to West Virginia to wrap up its regular season competition in a tri-meet against the Mountaineers and Rutgers. The following weekend, the Owls would go on to compete in the ECAC championships. Junior Noelle Moore was a consistent performer on the beam, and fellow junior Sarah Liebowitz was the team ' s top performer on the bars. Her performance in the loss to Comell tied her for place with a score of 9.675. A Temple gymnast competes on the bars during a Temple meet. A Temple gymnast completes a backflip on the balance beam. m»f ' Nicole Catrambone competes in the Nicole Catrambone poses and smiles parallel bar event . during her floor exercise routine. A Lady Owl dismounts from the vault. Women ' s Gynnastics 79 CRUSHED DREAMS VOLLEYBALL The Temple women knew what they had to do to finish off the season right. With hard work, perseverance and a coaching staff to support the women in every way, the women had everything that they would need to make their dreams come true. Under the guidance of Coach Bob Bertucci, assistant coach Bai Qing Liu and graduate assistant Katherine Hopkins, the women had many years of knowledge and experience at their disposal. The Owls finished off the season with an overall record of 23- 13, which was a marked improvement over last season ' s overall record of 15-18. The women went into the 2005 season with a difficult Atlantic Ten Conference schedule. The fact that non-conference play was not as difficult kept the women positive and gave them extra time to practice. The women entered the season w ith hopes of their fifth A- 1 title. Their dreams were crushed with a 3-0 fall to Dayton. Regardless of the trodden aspirations of the team. Yue Liu and Patricia Vernon were named to the Atlantic- 10 All Toumamenl Team. - " BetA T avt ' i Members of the Temple Women ' s Volleyball team congratulate each other after scoring a point. iFc r Left) Coach Bob Bertucci discusses strategy with freshman Maureen Whitsett as a member of the team looks on. Sophomore Ying Sun Ling concentrates as she prepares to serve. k: ' . » V Volleyball ' Cuk ' ; ■ienior Maira Mogollon sets the ball over the net. Four members of the Temple volleyball team stand on the sideline in support of their teammates. hen a Liu, a senior, jumps up to spike the ball hoping that the opponents will Maira Mogollon, senior, concentrates as she lot be able to get to it. pionrr ' %-, , ' - ;--;- ,hr ball Sophomore Yue Liu serves the ball over the net. Volleyball Rl imiNO STRONG MEN ' S CROSS COUNTRY TRACK FIELD ♦ The men ' s cross country team ended its inaugural season by placing 1 S " in the Atlantic Ten Conference Championships, edging St. Bonaventure. It was Temple ' s first time competing there since 1 985. Leading Temple this year was freshman Adam Mickle. who placed 10 " out of78 runners of the Monmouth Invitational. At Monmouth, Temple came in second at the tri-mcet, decisively defeating Delaware, 53-72. At the Delaware In itational. Temple placed two runners in the top three spots - Jim Waddington and Dave A ' ddero. Last season proved to be a step in the right direction for the Owls ' track and field team, as they improved from eighth place to seventh place in the A- 1 indoor championships. Although Templar ' s deadline arrived before the start of the season, the outdoor season looked to be promising with the leadership of seniors Steven Johnson and David Jackson. " Steven and David are a powerful pair and exemplify what we are building here at Temple, " coach Stefanie Scalessa said. " They are focused on excelling in their events and they see the importance of being leaders. " - Sana t uc-c A Temple long jumper performs with perfect form an at indoor track meet last winte Coniefe I Boii3vei lii itati( loss tot lessi 1 won the one of It isaninc ( Starace. A Tempk stride at ( nis ( ountry runner sets his the A- 10 championships. Irinph ' I OSS ( miiui) ninnris mi r .iL;,in ! ( ie clock at the Atlantic Ten Conference Championships held Oct. 29, 2005 at Belmont Plateau in Philadelphia. »2 Men ' s Cross Country and Track LEAPS AND BDI IND5 D WOMEN ' S CROSS COUNTRY TRACK FIELD " ipleiliis nouth, bple i ' track ' in the A- building lexcellini Like its male counterpart, the women ' s cross country team placed 13th in the A- 10, finishing ahead of St. 3onaventure. Standout fi eshman Angela Washko stepped up for the Owls all season, running a 21 :37 on the Monmouth nvitational 5K course to place sixth. Sophomore Mary Claire Curran placed tenth. The women also suffered a tough oss to Delaware, falling by just three points. Heavily laden with underclassmen, second year head coach Stefanie 5calessa hopes to build up the group to a highly competitive one. The women ' s track team will be led by junior Tynisha Gardener, who von the A- 1 title in the 400 in both indoor and outdoor venues. " Tynisha is )ne of the most talented athletes I have ever watched run, " Scalessa said. " She s an incredibly humble athlete that has led the team by example. " Others to watch include Shanice DePass, Rachel Johnson and Jessica tarace. -Sana A ttt c A Temple runner eludes her competition at the A-W Championships. ■0; itltK( uo Iciupk ' u ) )t ' s ;) ) ( i) ii, ' () ) the home str etch ol the A-ltl Cjicini j o is i ps. Women ' s Cross Country and Track »3 w LIHIMa AP A SHOT A T 51 1CCE55 f GOLF junior lames Boose makes a chip shot onto the isreen. Junior Logan Terry set the Owls in flight early this season, winning the Montgomery Amateur Open held Aug. 6-7. He finished with a tournament-record of three under par, scoring 138 over two days. Terry, who was named to the Atlantic Ten Conference Men ' s Golf Academic All-Confcrcncc team last spring, finished five strokes over fomier captain Billy Mullen, who tied for second. Mullen won the 1 05-playcr Navy Spring Invitational for the Owls in 2005, shooting a total of 140 (70-70) in the par 142 event. He, along with then-sophomore James Boose, helped lead Temple to its second consecutive title at the Scotty Duncan Memorial tournament. Both shot two under for the two-round e ent (72-72) to give coach Brian Rogers his first win with the Owls. The team closed its season at the Frank Landry Invitational, held at the par 72 Poplar Grove Golf Course in Amherst, Va. Boose ended the three rounds as the Owls ' top golfer, shooting 227 (76-74-77) to place 16th in the 50 player field. He also had the highest tournament percentage of par 3 scoring, averaging a 2.92. Terry tied for 43rd place with a 240 (88-74-77). Coach Brian Rogers offers a smile and some words of wisdom to A.I. Tomasello during a match. I especial 1 chanipK coiiipe " aniiiipf tbe eaS ' TkN ' C conipeii jl-ljsi conipeti 1 Calif junior Logan Terry focuses on his shot. junior jamcs Boose follows his shot . j. Tomasello carefully lines up his shot. lU Golf I 5s FOLDING THE COMPETITION FENCING ciflAug, I Despite a group of only 14 women, six of whom were freshmen, the Temple fencing team still held high xpectations. Led by coach Nikki Franke as she headed into her 34th season of coaching at Temple, the team was able onner mQ seek guidance from an experienced veteran of the sport. The Owls ended the fall semester on a high note as Samantha Myles and Ashlee Phillips earned foil and sabre 0-70) _ ial 3 give championships at the NIWFA Christmas Invitational at Fairleigh Dickinson University on Dec. 4. Seven of the eight e rounds i scoring. fflwilo competing Temple fencers advanced to the finals. The Owls were coming off an impressive 2004-2005 season with an overall record of 1 7-8, and ended the season ranked 1 2th by the United States Fencing Coaches Association. The NCAA Fencing Committee elected th en-junior Jenna Remmert to compete in the NCAA Fencing Championships in Texas. Remmert ended her 31-15 season with four victories at the event. She placed 2 1 st in the foil competition. In addition to their own accomplishments, the Owls also drew pride and inspiration from assistant coach Bradley Baker. In July 2005, Baker placed first in the Division 1 A Men ' s Sabre Championship in Sacramento, iiCalifomia. The Temple fencing team gathers in a huddle before a meet. In mid match, a Temple fencer lunges at her opponent. ' C- The Owls set up the floor for their next competition. Coach Nikki Franke looks on with concern during a discussion with a member of the fencing team. A Temple fencer clashes with her opponent in the midst of a match. Fencing »! BRiaHT BEaimiNG5 MEN ' S TENNIS joe Liitankii rcturm shot. The men ' s team ended its year with a 3- 1 record, but under first-year coach Stever Mauro, the Owls hoped to improve. Mauro was previously head coach at Ursinus College for two years. " Ste c brings a tremendous amount of expertise to the Temple University men ' s tennis program. " said director of athletics Bill Bradshaw. " His energy and knowledge will revitalize our program. " Senior Milan .luricka led the team, going 3- 1 in the Georgetown hivitational, but falling, 6-3. 6- 1 . in the Flight A finals. Juricka also qualified for the ITA Regionals and although he was knocked down to the consolation bracket, he battled into the semi-finals there before being forced to forfeit due to an injury. Juricka and doubles partner Jon Sy also played, but were defeated in the first round. Phillip Gegenheimer went 2-1 for the Owls in the Penn State Classic and Zach Tobias was 1-1 . Temple finished its fall season 3-0 in dual meets and looked eagerly towards spring competition. Former Temple player Yhonny Murray also joins Mauro on the staff. Murray had a 29-25 singles record from 2002-2005 and was 41-3 1 in doubles. -Sa a4 tut c ' First year assistant coach Yhonny Murray keeps his head in the game during a match bi ' i ' senior war. T anddout sedede andjunii year she wsnaiT IGieenii record,! V.-)f ! vi r Jr [_i Pwwl m r f -1 f %, ' i 1 U V rantin Kristophcr C ' cltnicks scr cs. on Sy gt ' fs ready to return a ball to his Yhonny Murray and blad Ziv strategize opponent. over a break. »6 Men ' s Tennis i h AWARD WINNING WOMEN ' STENNIS r-oDi Sharanya Pattabi sets up her shot. Two-time Atlantic Ten All-Conference player Ana Maslesa and Yuri Kurashima led the Owls last fall in singles uddirectofr " doubles competition, dominating at both the Cissie Leary Invitational and the ITA Regionals, where the duo was seeded eighth. At the Penn State Classic, Maslesa won the first singles competition and along with Kurashima took iiheFlielii fii ' t in doubles as well. bracket lie Maslesa was named to the All-Conference team both her sophomore toao and junior years. In herjunior year she compiled a 14-10 singles record. Last dintli! year she received A- 1 honors with fellow teammate Laura Seiverling, who kvas named to the Academic All-Conference team. Seiverling, a psychology issicand major, posted a cumulative GPA of 3.95 and had a 10-10 record at the No. 3 ' tsand singles spot. Seiverling comes on as an assistant coach to head coach Traci Green in the spring of 2006. laff. At the end of the 2004-2005 season, the Owls finished with a 5-12 i " record, placing fourth at the A- 1 Championships. ijamaich A- 70 All-Conference plaver Ana Maslesa gets ready for the serve. 0q ' ' Yuri Kurashima gets ready for her Jennifer Coerta returns a serve from deep Yuri Kurashima returms to her opponent, opponents next move. on the court. Women ' s Tennis »7 SHOW M5 YOl IR SPIRIT CHEERLEADERS, DIAMOND G Ask anyone on Temple ' s campus about the people who have the most spirit and the answer heard all around will be the cheerleaders. The co-ed squad cheers for the football and men ' s basketball teams, and the all-female squad cheers for women ' s basketball. Traditionally, the co-ed squad competes nationally at the UCA College National Championship. The squad started the season off with high spirits, big smiles and a pre-season ranking of third in the nation. The hard work didn ' t seem to stop after training. Both teams consistently work hard at each and every sporting event to get the fans rallied together to support their Temple athletes. Some people may call their band just a hobby, but to the members of the Diamond Marching Band, it is much more than that. During the busy football season, the band practiced three times a week for two hours. On game day, they scrambled to rehearse at 9:30 a.m. before heading to the field for a day full of music. This season marked the marching band ' s 80th anniversary. With numbers increasing each year, it appears the Diamond Marching Band will be around for a much longer time. Temple ik ani I girls agi involve! forloca and that workth. iheDiai ifi ;a I ' ei Members of the Diamond Band show their excitement and support while watching the Temple Football team play against Miami. (Far Lett) Flyer lamie Giglio, a sophomore cheerleader, pumps up the fans, leading them in a I heer at Lincoln Financial Field. lunior Kai Nortey poses before the start of a Diamond Gem dance routine at the Homecoming Football Came. »» Cheerleading, Diamond Gems and Marching Band ' D GEMS AND MARCHING BAND iia iiluee hey Tliis year, I be The Diamond Gems Dance Team is a major part of Temple University ' s Spirit Squad. The team ' s mission statement proclaims that its purpose is to entertain, energize and inspire at the various athletic events, including games, pep rallies and promos, where they are needed. The Gems also hold a clinic for girls ages 9 to 12 in the spring to encourage community involvement with the school and promote a positive self image for local youth. The team consists of about under 20 women, and that factor has helped them grow closer as family. The hard work that gets put into each and every season shows every time the Diamond Gems dance at an event. Jrista Verga, sophomore, dances in the Diamond Cems halftime show. IT Freshman Mad die Machione and senior Ashley Sjwykowski get ready to pep up the crowd. Ashley Sjwykowski, Jessica McDonald and Rea McCall pose after a Temple football game. The brass section of the marching band lines up tor the exciting halftime show. Cheerleading, Diamnond Gems and Marching Band »9 FDR LOVE OF THE GAME CLUB SPORTS The Temple Club Sports program offers a variety of sports teams including bowling, cricket, diving equestrian, fencing, frisbee. ice hockey, indoor rock climbing, lacrosse, roller hockey, men ' s and women ' s rugby, swimming, taekwondo and volleyball. Each team schedules a series of events and tournaments through out the year, fostering the competiti e nature of participants. Ice Hockey is one of the many club sports that florishes at Temple every year. Although the team ended one spot shy of post-sea.son competition this year, finishing seventh in its league with a record of 7-11. Key seniors for the Owls were Jeff Ebert and Shawn Lync h. The women ' s rugby team is another group showing Owl pride. The team competes in Division II of the Eastern Pennsylvania Rugby Union and is last year ' s defending champion. Highly competitive by nature, the rugby team encourages players of all le els to participate. There is an A and B team for those who are out for blood and those who just wish to enjoy the game. The men ' s volleyball team started off the 2006 season with a 3-1 loss to Haverford, but bounced back with a 3-0 victory over West Chester. -- , HI ' A rider trots along the side of the fence. A swimmer takes time out to have some fun at practice. lev hockey members celebrate after a goal. Miek Weir atul Doug Orilz tackle an opponant in a men ' s rugby game. I iv|ue; Vvi Club Sporti I t ling. lyuuuu t uuui:uiH i Aiil ' lill ■ Meiii iiosewln ' lub swimmers practice at tlie pool in Pearson i-iall. The team focuses on Deed and endurance. A Temple setter blocks a spike at the Lehigh University tounament. The Owls placed second. ' aekwando students prepare for the day ' s work. Members of the women ' s rugby team hold on aganist opponents. An equestrian club inembcr scans tliv luui c. A Temple goalie defends his net aganist opponents during a roller hockey game. Club Sports Vl 5IZZLIN ' IN THE CITY 6 INTRAMURALS The Temple Intramural sports program has spent another year on top as one of the best in the city. The Co- Ed Softball team. The Juggernauts, dominated the City 6 tournament, retaining their title for the third year in a row. Temple ' s underclassmen flag football team. The Terror Squad, also represented the Owls, finishing first in the City 6 for the second year running. In addition to its participation in the City 6, the intramural program had another successful year, promoting such events as the All-Star Basketball game and Slam Dunk contest. The event is run entirely by the students, under the watchful eye of director Ray DeStephanis. " I think it ' s great for the students to have fijn and relax. It takes the pressure off of their studies, " DeStephanis said. This year the program grew, adding two new options for students. Made popular by the recent movie, Dodgeball has come to Temple and has received a warm welcome. The intramural program was also able to add a women ' s division of soccer this past fall as well. A goalie ponders his next defensive move as fhe game tal es a brief pause. Players ready tliemselves for the start of dodgeball, a new sport for the 2005- Jtioh season. The " Terror Squad, " the underclassmen flag football team, poses for a championship photograph. They won both the school and City 6 tournament for the past two years. 92 Intramurals The Low Comp. Basketball team gets together tor a winning pose after the championship game. A Temple student scores big at the annual Slam Dunk contest and All-Star Game. Intramurals w .0 ' eo v) es-P President David Adamany poses with comedian Bill Cosby. Liacouras Walk Is one of the most popular sites on Temple ' s Main Campus. Students use the thoroughfare to get to class, grab a Slurpee at 7-1 1 or sit outside and chat with friends, People STUDENTS STAFF the heart soul of TU The heart and soul of Temple University is ns . Administration, teaching faculty, all ' ' :evels of staff and especlmlly the students bring a unique sense of to each SEMESTER; 50 THAT NO TWO EXPERIENCES ARE THE SAME. The 2006 EDITION OF THE Princeton Review ' s The Best 361 colleges ranked Temple number two on its list of most ' .TlSit i?! STUDENT POPULATIONS. WiTH OVER 34;000 STUDENTS REPRESENTING DISPARATE RACES, ETHNICITIES AND RELIGIONS, THERE IS ALWAYS AN OPPORTUNITY TO MEET ALL SORTS OF PEOPLE. In FACT, EVERY FACE AT TeMPLE TELLS A DIFFERENT STORY JUST WAITING TO BE DISCOVERED. Katy Bolesta Templar Photo Archive Photo by: Clara Haman 1! (jyseitie Seniors eagerly await for their name to be 1 calied at the commencement ceremony held In the Llacouras Center, At Homecoming ' s Fail Fest, two students worl at the Tuttieman Counseling Services table. Counseling from professionals or peers was available to all students. Peocle 9S Letter from the President Kudos to the Class of 2006 - the newest members of the Temple alumni family! Your formal education at Temple is concluding at a time when our society and our world is changing and, in many respects, struggling. Leaving the familiar surrounds of campus and the supportive environment certainly presents a challenge. I know, though, that the values your teachers at Temple have stressed - to respect diversity, to challenge the status quo, to continually seek new knowledge and to always remain engaged with our democratic society- will serve you well and make your alma mater proud. You may do well to remember Temple ' s motto: Perseverantia Vincit. Perseverance conquers! Know and remember that each of us at Temple is committed to you and to helping you succeed. I hope that you will remember your times here fondly and that you will remain connected to the University by attending Temple events, visiting the campus, speaking positively of Temple to potential students, and by supporting our programs. Please accept my warmest congratulations and " sincerest best wishes. ::mnK J Schwait Photo by: Joseph V Labolito President Adamany speaks in Harrisburg. Photo by: Joseph V. Labolito President Adamany gives commencement speech. Photo by: Joseph V Labolito President Adamany helps the community. C i lobeitRej, 96 President Letter ■4 Administration larence Armbrlster William Bergman for Administration VP of Operations William Bradshaw Martin Dorph Director of Athletics VP, Chief Financial Officer Treasurer Ainsley Carry Howard Gittis Mark Eyerly Assoc VP for Student Chairman of the Board Chief Communications Affairs Dean of Students of Trustees Officer 3ter Liacouras I hancellor i Timm Rinehart Director of Admissions George Moore Timothy O ' Rourke University Counsel VP of Computer Secretary Information Services William Parshall Director of TUCC Theresa Powell Marvin Wachman VP for Student Affairs Honorary Chancellor 1 Schwartz : " ovost Stuart Sullivan VP for Devolpment Alumni Affairs i Deans 1 3ter Doukas :tiool of Ptiarmacy ollege of Allied Heal John Mattiacci School of Podiatric " Medicine C KentMcGuire College of Education Dr James Hilty Acting Dean, Ambler Campus M Moshe Porat Fox School of Business and Mgt School of Tounsm and Hospitaltty Mgt Larry Icard School of Social Administration Keith Morrison Tyler School of Art Not Pictured: Philip Alperson Acting Dean, College of Liberal Arts ;obert Reinstem Keya Sadeghipour Concetta Stewart easly School of Acting Dean, College School of aw of Science and Communications and Technology. College of Theater Engineering Robert Stroker Martin Tansy Esther Boyer College School of Dentistry of Music Administration and Deans 97 Meet the Provost Ira M. Schwartz Ira M. Schwartz is originally from Minneapolis, Minn. He attended the University of Minnesota for his undergraduate studies and at The Universit) ' of Seattle, for his graduate school studies in social work. B " f H Schwartz has worked with and researched juvenile Bb ' » ... -. I justice, child welfare, youth policy, and children ' s mental f|B »vV . k - Before coming to Temple, Schwartz held academic B| t - — .J H appointments at the University of Michigan School of Social » - - jgfi B )j Qj.j j professor at the University of Michigan. He then became the Dean for the School of Social Work at the University of Pennsylvania. He said he came to Temple for 3 . ■ the " opportunity to help improve the academic and research BV I programs at the University. " Hjfaj B B Schwartz is responsible for all of Temple ' s academic L V |Hk and research programs. The deans of each of Temple ' s 17 jk V H H schools and colleges report to him daily. He said his job Bk m H requires him to travel because he is " respo nsible for the quality ' of the other campus ' s academic programs. " He said he also travels to try to raise money for the university. Schwartz has had many great accomplishments at Temple. He said that some of his accomplishments include the " recruitment of many new, quite outstanding deans and faculty, " establishing a university learning center, restructuring the honors program, and improving the qualiU ' of the undergraduate student body. He said one of Temple ' s greatest attributes are that " it is the only major comphrensive public university ' in this region that provides affordable and accessible education. " He reported that the diversity ' of the student body makes Temple stand apart from other schools. Schw arlz said Temple provides a " broad array of undergraduate schools and colleges - almost anything a student could dream of as taking as a major or for classes, " which also makes Temple unique. Scwartz said, " Temple education provides a really solid educational experience but education is really a life-long experience and it ' s really important students continue to learn after graduating. " He also commented that many of Temple ' s graduates stay in the area and have an enormous impact on the development in the region. Schwartz said. " People point to the university as having a great impact on the region, but it is really the graduates. " -Nicole Rudder C Meet the Provost Bostor iducat admin North ' leaders ecord housir mcom optim; toinci ourM resider Tempi fortli( excitiE lortli( about Leadei nivei to Ten Unive; wiHe Iis.. lii iitlcfor ivtnile menial odeniic hdlic opiefor adcniic pbl " lis job iftle Hfsai iiw. ]iialityo le lie j dream tionis " He on the acton In Memory- John " Jack " Niven ohn " Jack " Niven was the Director of University ■iousing at Temple University since March 2002. adly, Mr, Niven passed away this year. Mr. Niven attended Northeastern University in Boston, Mass., where he received a bachelor ' s degree in ducation and a master ' s degree in public administration. In 1973, he was a residence director at ofM Northeastern, starting his professional career in Student Affairs. Mr. Niven was very active at Temple. Under his leadership, Temple ' s residential population increased to ecord numbers. This called for a change in the lousing policies, which he recognized was going to nconvenience some students. However, in 2004, Mr. Niven said, " We also ■ecognize that nothing succeeds like success. We are Dptimistic about our future, and we are working hard o increase the student housing available on and near 3ur Main Campus. " Mr. Niven also supervised the daily activities and operations of main campus ' s six residential halls, as well as the residential halls at Ambler and Tyler. He also oversaw Temple ' s first-ever residential classroom in 1300 Residence Hall this fall. In the welcome letter for the Fall 2005 Semester Move-In Guide, he wrote, " Our residence halls are a vibrant and exciting part of campus life here at Temple. Developing and building communities and respect For the rich diversity that is Temple University is the cornerstone of campus life. " Mr. Niven also directly supervised three associate directors and a departmental staff of about 100 employees. He was also on the committee that planned the Student Leadership Challenge to help enhance student leadership abilities and qualities at Temple University. Temple University recognizes all of the hard work and effort John " Jack " Niven has put in to Temple University. His devotion was evident in all he did. He did more than direct University Housing - he was involved with student life. His hard work and achievements here will help future residents at Temple University. He will always be appreciated and remembered. In Memory 99 . Senior Memories I I Name: Alexandria L. Hill Hometown: South River, NJ Major: Psychology and Advertising Organizations Involved With: TU community service, Track and field. Woman ' s Christian Alliance Tutors, and Kingdom SPPKPRS Soup Kitchen Best Memory at Temple: " There are so many that come to mind. Meeting new people and traveling to new places, having author Karen Quinones as an instructor, being on the track team, and running the AIDS walk. Best Spring Break: " Going to Jamaica with 8 of my girlfriends. It was a blast, I was so excited. " Favorite Quote: " Greatness really consists in doing some great deed with little means. " - Russell Conwell Name: Krista Coonelly Hometown: Southampton, PA _,_ Major: Advertising-copy track Organizations Involved With: Temple American Advertising Federation- Chairperson of the National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC) Favorite Class: " Religion in America. I learned a lot about how people treat others, especially dealing with race. It had nothing to do with religions liek we know today, it made you think about your life and how you treat people. " Best Memory: " That would probably be the all-nighter I pulled with the NSAC last year. We drove ourselves crazy trying to complete our campaign, 42 sleepless hours later we had a finished product, but that night we spent in Annenberg was totally unforgettable. Lots of food, caffeine, cartwheels, and Photoshop. Favorite Quote: " People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing. " -Dale Carnegie Senior Memories I Temple Student Advocate Oscar Adolfo Ramirez Chow Student Body President TempleStudemt Govern iaaent Major: Political Science Born in: Managua, Nicaragua Raised in: Philadelplnia, PA Advice: " Have trust in the Lord witin all your heart. I definitely rely on him for everything I do. " Other Involvement at Temple: Senate President of Johnson, Hardv ick, and Peabody, VP for Brothers and Sisters in Christ, VP for Alpha Phi Alpa raternity Inc., Internal Operations Chair for TSG, RA in White Hall, VP of Chapter Relations for Phi Beta Lambda, Treasurer of Black Millennium, member of Main Campus Program Board. Oscar Chow has been a student leader on Temple ' s campus since his freshman year. He knew he wanted to hold leadership positions when he started at Temple. He said, " I don ' t think you should wait until you graduate to do what you want to do, " and that people need to make a name for themselves early on. He said his RA was very helpful in pointing him in the right direction. He said that now as an RA, he tries to be as helpful and influential to his residents. As everything began to fall into place, he was making a transition and learning from other student leaders. He said, " as time passes, you begin to see more of what goes on with the government, " and he started noticing problems and the needs of students at Temple. So he said he will step up and take the responsibility as our student body president to help make Temple stronger. He said the job entails representing the student voice, being a strong role model for students, finding problems and formulating solutions, working on a lot of projects and trying to help students understand that things take time. He is not only working to help Temple this year, but to help improve the future of Temple. Oscar said that Temple has changed in many ways since his freshman year, mostly based on improving an image with a new logo, new buildings and renovations, more initiative to strengthen the academic core, and cultivating students to be strong leaders. Overall, Temple has " changed for the better, " according to Oscar. He said Temple ' s greatest attributes are its diversity, the ability to cultivate good leaders on campus, a strong organizational base, programs such as " Leader Shape " to help mold strong leaders, the technology, and the personable staff at all levels, starting with President Adamany, who constantly tries to improve the school. After graduation, Oscar plans to attend law school to get involved with state and local politics. He does not want to be a lawyer, but said, " to change law, you must first understand it. " He plans to devote his life to helping others and to be a strong advocate. -Nicole Rudder Message to the Class of 2006 My Fellov Students, It has certainly been a long road and although we have all taken different paths, v e have all arrived at the same destination. These past four years have been a remarkable experience, I hope that each and every one of you has grown in wisdom and in grace. I hope that you have found long lasting friendships that you can treasure for the rest of your lives, but more importantly, I hope that you have found who you are and defined the person that you would like to be. You are the leaders of today and the decisions that you make will determine the outcome of tomorrow. I want you to never forget the sacrifices others have made for you and to always remember to count your blessings. In the book of life, this is simply the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. How will your journey end? How will you be remembered? I wish everyone nothing but peace, love, and happiness. May the Lord continue to bless all of you exceedingly and abundantly above all things. God Bless, Oscar A. R. Chow TSG President ICl Leila Abdel-Meguid Kazhavv Abdulrahccm Tulip Abdulrahman C ' lu ' lscy Abrams Tsigereda Abrha Crislina Anna Aclcas Lenka Adamcova Ke in Adams Shannon Adams Ncron Adams-F.scalcra Oluwayimika Adelaja Adebukola Adeioro Mii W ' " ■ - - -, j(i Bola Adeyemi JArV .Jl Daniel Adier mziJ % Et ' ua All ' ul W ' Shauntae Agneu Michael Aguilii W : Rameh Ahmad W iL t Ainee Ahmed Rany Aing Rinko Akashi Gulsen Akilli Idara Akpan Mahbuba Aklar Jonathan Albright F.rin Alderl ' cr Lisa Alderler Tanya Alderman Ali Alkahtani Alicia Allen Alton Allen Kimberly Allen Leslie Allen Sara Allen Wilbur Allen Brian Alvarez 102 Senior Portraits Michelle Amato Ian Ambron Kimberly Amico Benjamin Amis Devon Amos Lawrence Ampofo Hwaja Kazuko An Haimanot Anbessie Matthew Anderson McKenna Anderson Lena Ang Elizabeth Angove Ayham Anmi I Ayanna Anthonyson 1 Pasma Apehaya David App Kayako Arahi Jody Archimene Claudia Arellano Allison Ash Jeninfer Aston Ruby Augustus Jae Yong Aum Meredith Avakian Kathaleen Aviles Toyin Avxesu Ibidunmoye Awoyale Irina Babushkina Jaeeun Back James Bahleda Jarvis Bailey Jessica Bailey Christine Bain Emily Baird Vikas Bajoria Lillian Baker Senior Portraits Brand! Baldwin David Balinski Dorcne Balmer Olayinka Balogun Sung Ban Camiah Bandelc Shelley Bankard Ebony Banks Diane Barcoski Peter Bardi Dawn Barnes Jamison Barnharl Daniel Scott Barron Dwayne Barrow Meredith Bartash Erin M. Bascom Gha-ls Bashir Saira Bashir Carrie Beard Kaitlin Beck Sarahanne Beegle Jill Beerhallcr JelTrey Belancio Christie Bell Ashley Bellevue Joshua Bellman Tara Bellman Kalhy Bender Joy Bcniley Kenneth Benton 1 1 C " ■ F Vs. K Diane Bauer Demetrius Bauldie John Baumgardner J fc 1 Dhayany Bautista ' Megan Baxter Tia Baxter Senior Portraits Danielle Beren Joel Bergey Dianna Bergman Megan Bergman Eric Berman David Best. Jr. Lois Best Da id Lebanon Best Sr Tiffany Betteridge Safiyyah Bhatti Cody Biemacki Devyn Biembaum . ngela Biggs Robin Bigsby Jillian Blair l-auren Blevins Walter Blichasz Carl Johan Blonnall Brenda Blythe Daniel Boakye Jackie Boateng Tanika Boler Jeffrey Bonczewski Tavvanda Bond Zaida Bones Alfred Bonetti Warren Bone y Bladimir Bonifacio Nadine Bonner Adriene Boone Nothando Bopela Andrea Boston Amy Boudreau.x Julie E. Bougher Heather Boulanger Renee Bowe Senior Portraits lOH Hope Bowles Brandy Boyd Jamie Zsa Zsa Boyd Carrie L. Boyer Da id Boyer Kathcrine Boyer Meghan Boylan Michelle Bo ikova Lysandra Bracy Ian Brady Michelene Brastcn Julie Braxton Stephan Bray Rohm Breidenslein Alysha Brennan Olivia Brewer Jenny Brice Justin Bridges Ashley Brissault-Taylor Rachel Bntchkou Brandeis Brockman Dan Brohawn Stephanie Bronson Keri Brooks Diana Brown Ebony Brown lirica Broun Heather Broun Jason Brown Marquita Brown Natia Brown Shannon Brown Barbara Brown-Johnson Kelly Bruchesky JelTrey Bruder Cara Mea Bruno 4 0 ! r Mj w J r w Jf br i Jf . l fai 1C6 Senior Portraits Janine Brunson David Bry Elaine Bryant Alexandra Bubb Jaime Bunch Christina Buonocore Valerie Burce Kamilah Burke Leslie Burnley Akosita Burton Kelly Bush Jennifer Busillo Natalie Butkiewicz Aaron Butler Damicn Butts Faith Butts Edward Byrnes Yoonjung Byun Bernadette Caccese Andrea Caines James Caldwell Mary Callea Jan Calvy Dana Camberbatch Rachel Cammisa-Cantz Nikesha Camp Caprice Campbell Lauren Campbell Marcia Campbell Melanie Campbell Michelle Campbell Meryl Candor Janae Cannon Robert Careless Thomas Carlin Gary Carr Senior Portraits 1C7 ■ - . - 1 Ian Ambron Hometown: Horsham, PA Major: Advertising Why He Chose Temple: " Originally I came to Temple because of their Sports Medicine program. I was going to transfer, but came across advertising and really enjoyed it. " Best Internship: " My best internship was with Kolber Marketing. I was able to explore a! facets of advertising. " Best Memory at Temple: " I have so many memories at Temple. I have lived with some amazing people and have made friendships that I hope will continue beyond college. " Best Spring Break: " My best spring break by far was my trip to Aspen, Co. my junior year. My best friend and I skiied all day and partied all night. " Favorite Quote: " There ' s only two things to worry about; either you are well or you are sick. If you are sick there are only two things to wonder, either you will live or you will die. If you live there is nothing to worry about. If you die you have to worry about two things; if you go to heaven or if you go to hell. If you go to heaven there is nothing to worry about. If you go to hell you ' ll be shaking hands with so many fhends you won ' t have time to worry. " Lisa Carrico (havonnc Carroll Keith C ' arvalhd Scan C ' assidy Marc C ' aslagnera Ross Castiglia Ipl Nicole Cataldo Noelle C ' aluui Mareela Cedeno Ryan Cental ' onl (ieorgc t ' eranie Rotnulo C ' erpa Michael C ' erulli Jack t ' esareo 111 Jihyun t ' ha lice thae Elaine Chalmers Christina Chambers io» Senior Portraits gaod Vikram Chandiramani Sunny Chanthavong Mary Chapman Sheena Chapman Tinh Chau Jahari Chavis Srun Cheam Victor Cheikh Shao Chun Chen ' anhong Chen Ben Cherian Kristy Cherneski Jenny Cheung Lay Ching Cassandra Chisolm Areum Choi Hyun Soo Choi Machli Choizi Oscar Chow Vinisha Chugani Linda Chung Stephen Ciavardini Chris Cipriano Nicholas Cipriano III Regina Clark Goddess Clarke Nina Claudio Rachel CImton Shaun Clinton Nicole Clyne Lauren Coffey Allison Cohen Elliott Cohen David Colangelo Thomas Colangelo Caria Coleman Senior Portraits 109 Marina Collettc Gianina Colon Jeffrey Coloney Elizabeth Colvin Carmen Conicelli Anthony Conli Shannon Conway Christina Cook Danna Cooper Erin Cooper Ezra Cooper Katrina Cooper Aaydah Copprue Shana Cornfield Stephanie Correll Stephen Cosenza Maura Costcllo Meghan Costcllo Anthony Cox Dennis Cox, Jr. Allison Coyle Kimberly Coyle Angela Crafton Alaina Craig Kevin Crall Melanie Crescen Shante Crews Erin Crist Davida Crockett Brian Cromarty Maureen Crnuse Stephen Crouthamel Antonia Culfee Paul Culp Dana Cumberbatch Alexander Cunningham 11 Senior Portraits K -T Vk. H B f ' , ||g Hn ' " H Danielle Curcio Jennifer Curley Amber Cusumano Reyna Cuyjet Janae Cyrus Sheena Daffin Suzanne Dahdal Alieslia Dailey Patricia Dalton Maura Daly Andrew Dampf Judy Danial Omotayo Daniels Anh Dao Kathr n Davey Anita Davidian Deana Davis Julia Davis Lashonda Davis Lauren Das is Nicholas Davis Stephanie Davis Eugene Davydov Anna Dean Alison Debes Caroline Decamp Hyonmi Del Ferro Allan Dela Rosa Elizabeth Delaurentis Erin Delehanty » ' Kristin Delussey Margi Desai Stephanie Desenclos Cynthia Desir Lauren De lin Marie Deyro Senior Portraits 111 Andrea Diangelo Christina Diaz Janell Diaz Joshua Dietz Joseph Digiuseppe Kwan Ding K.im Dinh Daniel Diren o Angela Dirisio Aline Disimone Aliya Dixon Fadil Doctr Zachary Dodgorny Andrew Donovan Shannon Dorsey Jaclyn Dossick Melissa Dottin Daniel Dolzert Melissa Dowling Melanie Downey Dominic Doyle Christina Drais Erin Drobny Jatqulyn Duaime Jennifer Dublisky Amanda Dudek Irncsa Duka Louis Dumonl Devon Duncan Russell Dunchoek Phu Duong Pido r Duong Trang Duong Arthur Dulkanic Kelly Lyn Fherk- Nicholas [ " .hersole 112 Senior Portraits y p H[ k " i f " ' §L 1 i Yannick Ebibie-Nze Keri Ecker Stacy Edge Beverly Edmonds Dana Lee Edwards Erin F. I. Edwards Theodosia Edwards Gregory Egan Olukayode Egunjobi Jide Ehimika Antoinette Elias Ellen Adair Elizares Da ' id Elkin Joan Elliott Marnie Elliott Christopher Ellis Osayuware Enagbare Laura Engel Verrica English Idowu Enitan Paul Eriick Laura Escobar Nilsa Espinosa Courtney Esposito Roshonda Etheredge Anthony Eubanks Aneesah Evans Jean Nicole E ans Shamisha Evans Gerdie Exavier Randell Facey Melissa Fairfield Raychel Falance Diane Fanega Matthew P. Faranda Suzanne Farley Senior Portraits 113 Daniel Farrell Aboscde Fateru Olawole Fatmikun Linda Feller Jeanine Fennal Marquita Ferguson Barbara Femandcs Christina Fernandez Francise Fernandez Daniel Ferrazzano lllissa Figueroa Tiara Finnev Ijml = r ■BjjH jT ' ' fl Tobe Finseth Hggj s i l Alyson Fisk n k Tara Flagg H l Candice Fletcher hJ I Desiree Floyd B B James Fluellen H I H Aicha Fofana Shannon Fontanilla Christina Ford Ghenet Ford Rhena Ford David Forney Nina Foster Emma Frankenfield Sheryl Freedman Kryslal Friel Courtney Fritz Bretl Fromhold Sonia Frusli Koya Frye Michael Furitsch Rcnaya Furtick-Whellan Eriola Furxhiii Michael Gabriel 114 Senior Portraits Zachan, ' Gabrielski Patricia Gacutan Christine Gaddie Joseph Gaeta Caitlin Gallagher James Gallen Jacklyn Ganz Gabnelle Gardingan Michal Garini Dana Gathers Marisa Gauger Victor Gbolo Alem Gebremedhin Rina Geltzer Stephen Gene a Marta Gershnian Azeh Ghehremariam Savan Ghetiya Olga Ghiba Charles Gibbs Imani Gibson Lisa Gilbert Howard Ginsberg Y onne Gitukui Joanne Gleeson Heather Go Kerole Goines Lynn Golden EKira Goldenberg Sarah Goldstein Agnieszka Golik-Korwek E elyn Gomez Jeffrey Goncalves Claudia Gonzalez Monique Gonzalez Noelia Gonzalez Senior Portraits 11H Phillip Gonzalez Kimberly Goodman Heather Goodwin Bridget! Gordon Erika Grant Ethiopia Gram Sharell Gray Gretchen Greco Carmen Green Meaghan Green Jennifer Greene Rachel Cireenman Melissa Greenockle Benjamin Greer Jennifer Grosso Kristin Grubb Kelly (iuamere Laura Gtitscher Ama Guzman Anh Ha Dustin Haberstumpf Jermaine Hadaway Sean Hagan Carla llnll Jennifer Hall Tami Hall Natasha Hallahan Rachel Ham Dcvin Hamilton Colleen Ihiniptnn Sodia lUin Theresa lianas Lauren Hanko Monica Hannibal Yetta Hansen Corey Hargrove 116 Senior Portraits =• - I - UrIN liASCOM Hometown: Danbury, CT Major: Journalism Why She Chose Temple: " I chose Temple because it was located in a major city and it was well-known for its School of Cummunications. " Best Internship: " I interned at my hometown newspaper called The News- Times. This was my best internship because I was actually given a chance to write stories and develop skills as a journalist. " Best Spring Break: " During last year ' s spring break I went to Fort Lauderdale to visit my sister. " Best Memory at Temple: " During my first semester at Temple I celebrated my 18th birthday at a club with most of the girls who lived on my resident hall floor. These girls soon became my good friends at Temple. " Favorite class at Temple: " Acting for non-majors because this class helped me to break out of my shell. Throughout this class I wasn ' t allowed to be shy and quiet. " Favorite quote: " All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them. " - Walt Disney Colin Harris Summer Harris John Harrison Ruth Harrison Tyrone Harrison Arthur Harl Charles Hart Heather Hartley Sharon Hartman Nadia Harvin Catherine Hauseman Simone Hayes - » Christopher Hearsey Mandy Heintzelman Nicole Hellerman Jacob Lee Hendy Jessica Henning Gordan Hensell Senior Portraits 117 Hillary Hermansadcr H B Nathaniel llerron pw Colleen lleslin p Gwynelh Hess r Alexandria L. Hill 1 Jarrod Hill bi». .. .. , Tony Terrell Hill Leah Hilsey Marjorie Hindman Ashley llinkle Jerrod llinum Megumi Hirokawa Nguyen Ho Dung Didi Hoang Uyen Hoang Kristin HolTman Jamaila Holder Rondel Holder Aaron Hollander Robert llollauell James Holliday Clifton llomewood Benjamin Honeyl ' ord Brooke Honeylbrd Sung IL Hong Niamhi L. Hooker Tiffany Horafus Alisha Horn Tyrone Houston Weihong Using Robert Huff Kevin Hughes Nieole Hughes Jenny lliinsinger Kristen Hunter Madeline Hulehmson 11» Senior Portraits " T Jee Hye Hwang Courtney Ignarri Tina Maria Indeglio Rashidah Inge David Ingersoll Tamika Ineram Tomasz Iniewicz Josliua Inselberg Sianeli Irving Mohammed Islam Ranjit Ittyerah Kazutoshi lyama Julia Izbmsky Martin Jabari Danielle Jackson Lenore Jackson Rebecca Jackson Tara Jackson Michael Jacobson Shirish Jagga Lori James Md Ahsan Jamil Jessica Jann Paul Jarmul Elzbieta Jarzabek Stephane Jean-Baptiste Theodule Jean-Pierre Alexis Jeffcoat Robyn Jeffries Alleara Jenkins Daisy Jenkins Jennifer Jenkins Chaia Jennings Jason Jerista Brinda Jeyakumar Hammed Wallace Jimsot Senior Portraits 119 Dioneisha Jocll Jasmainc John Abby Johns Krisline Johnscn Danielle Johnson lleana Johnson Ingrid Johnson James Johnson Kalif Johnson Kareniah Johnson Leana Johnson Steven Johnson Heather Johnston Jillian Johnston Laura Johnston Atiya Jones Chante Jones Jason Jones Jennifer Jones Karynn Jones Keana Jones Nicole Jones Priscllla Jones Beverly Jordan Edward Jordan Janilla Jordan Nathaniel Jordan Paulelte Joseph Kurina Joshua Jennifer Joyce F w 1 Betty Juehimiuk ■L ' Pamela Judson Joseph Julien HD Jessica Juslh K Lisa Ju wak i ■ Jessica Kaelni ■L- ■ 12 V Senior Portraits p B Melanie Kalinowski Anastacia Kapp Valerie Kauffman Andrew Keeble Amanda Keith Kenneth Keller Kevin Kelly Megan Kelly Sediah Kelty Amanda Kemmerer Staey Kendorski Brian Kennett Kathleen Kenny Pharri Kenwood James Kenyon Edward Kern Meghan Kerper Krista Kerr Caitlin Kerrane Sean Kerrigan Eli Kessler Collin Ketterer Liibna Khalid Shera Khan Irina Khrobort Derek Milo Kightlinger Hyunjin Kim .Imok Kim Julie Kim Paul Kmi Soyeong Kim Tae Kim Yoon Bong Kim Yooni Kim Young Jae Kim Kelly King Senior Portraits 121 John D. Kirby. Jr. Tanisha Kirby Michael Kisenwether Joshua Ashley Klayman Abraham Kletzel James Klmg Jessica Kiitsch Elizabeth Knauss Ernie Knechel Ryan Kneller Emma Knight Carolyn Knisell Travis Knox Kelly Kocher Shannon Kohn Melissa Kohr Latundc Kolawole Klianthis Kontodemos Sara Kraiss Alice Kramei Denise Kramer Krislen Krel inger Kelsy Knka a David Kropp C ' athryn Kiilp Alexandra Kunas uk Jcnniler Kw;ik Sung K v;it Michelle Kwa. Jennifer Kwiatkowski m 1 nV f L - ' M Kti Melissa Korb 4 HI Emilily Kdsasih K |H P David Kosydar k 1 Hffl Moui Kouai Hi Alphonso Koukou B Anna Koziar JM la 122 Senior Portraits Sung Fat Freddie Kwok S. Eok Joo Kwon Shelby Lackman Rasha Lakish Chinh Lam Colleen Lam Key Lam Linh Lam Ngoc-Tho Lam Danielle Lambert Bethany Landis Erika Landry Robert Lannon, Jr. Chantee Lans Amanda Lanza Erica Lanzilotta Martine Larochelle Romeo Wildon Laroya 1 Paul Larsen Meredith Larue Yevgeniy Latyshev Louise Lau Jennifer Lauf Carolyn H. Laumakis Brandon Lausch Ian Won Law Tara Lavvall Jennifer Lawrence Leila Lawrence Tracy Le Andrea Lease Han-Bhil Lee John Lee Nancy Lee Richard Lee Ruth Lee Senior Portraits 123 Seung Lee Seung Yong Lee Susan Lee Yoonhee Lee Jessiea Lee Sherley Legermc Laura Lels Laura Leister Danielle Lemek Gianna Lconelti Cryslal Leopanto Holly Leopantu James Leriche Magdala Lerichi.- Angela Lester Jennifer Letizio Melissa Le Brian Le«l Arjmando Samulls Hometown: Panama City, Panama Major: Advertising Organizations Involved With: Adel Latino Association, Temple American Advertising Federation, Rugby for one game Why He Chose Temple: 1 wanted to have an experience to live in a city and go to a great sciiool at the same time. And the girls. " Best Internship: " BBDO Panama because it was a small agency so I got real experience and it helped me learn the business more. " Best Memory at Temple: " I got locked out of my dorm room in my underware and I once fell asleep in the elevator in the dorm just going up and down for two hours when I was drunk. " Favorite Class: " Copywritng I because I made friends with everyone in that class and I am still friends with them. " Favorite Quote: " Smile life is good " - " No matter how things are they can be worse, so just enjoy life. " m Senior Portraits city igot Kfr H HP 1 1 H ' .V Camialetta Lewis Emily Lewis Justin Lewis Kjistin Lewis Ste en Lewis Samantha Li Lashaune Lilly Jiyoung Lim Andrew Linenberg Meghan Linquist Dirk Linthicum Debra Lipenta Sarah Lisitski Regina Lito sky Ke Liu Jamie Lloyd Maykou Lo Darcy Lockman Jed Loftis Christine Loftus Nadian Logan Olga Lomano itch Sherita Lomax Vitaliy Londar Christopher Long Curtis Long Deanna Long Linda Long Nicholas Longo Christina Lucas Camille Lue Carol Lukens Zoe Luo Lindsey Lustig Michael Lutz K.urt Lvdic Senior Portraits 12H Helen Lynskey Steven Lyon Robin Macayettcy Heather MacClinchy Kenichi Machida Courtney Mack Kimherly Maddox Benjamin Magid Seephat Mahin Carol Mahoney Justin Mahwiki i Farah Majid Dana Majzik Jessica Maley Munira Malik-Kahn Justin Malone Eli aheth Viang Mohit Manglani Marisa Manorek Ethel Manycah Bridget Man i Mario Man .oni Megan Marehuk Bcthanne Marciano Lizmarlene I mlmi Adjoa M.iilo Adam Markeri Alexis Marsell.i Lauren Marsella Christopher Marshall Julie-Anne Marshall Mane Maser Grace Maslankj Toi Mason Michael R. Mastrangclo Junko Matsuoka P 126 Senior Portraits Bridget Maxwell Mary May William Mayes Patricia Mayne Kristine Maziarz Stephanie Mazza Heather McAIinn .lamai McAllister Kerrian McBean Christina McCarthy Leeann McCarthy Melissa McCartney Stephanie McCaw Allison McDaniel Erica McDaniel Meghan McDonald anesha McGee Alicia McGinty John McGough Daniel McHenry Pamela McKellin TilTanN McKissick- Murray Kadian McLean Twain McLeod Megan McLouth K.aren McMenamin Aisha McNear Christine Mello Monique Melton Rabail Memon Jonathan Menaker Nana Mensah Jessica Merenich Erika Messa Amanda Meyers Dale P. Mevers Senior Portraits f27 " if ■ 1 Karen Michel m Marquelle Middleton 1 , % ... Neha Miglani ' Kimberly Miguel Arthur Miller James Miller Kelly Miller Nathan Miller Sanayyah Miller Scott Miller Tamisha Miller Charnelle Mineey- Brumby Ashley Minehhoff Deanna Mingo Alimatou Minketi Sara Minor Dwighl Minoza Marc Mintzias Clinton Minus . W ' Alba Miranda j fW Alesia Mitchell tlizabeth Mitchell t-n? Faye Mitchell Hifc Nicole Mitchell K, k Roscann Mitchell Shari Mitchell D. Kyle Mobley llsiang-C ' hin Moe Jill Moeller Usman Moghal Failh Mole Jodie Molon Joseph Momoh De in Monaghan Taniika Monk Gcna Monlehelln 12» Senior Portraits frtf -ol B m Nicole Montowski Sarah Moon Kenneth Moore Michelle Moors Eric Morales Kristen Morales Matthew Morales Kimberly Ann Moree Mina Morgan Akiyuki Mori ' uka Mori Robert Moses Morison Jennifer Morrin Kimherly Moiicha Afalalu Muhammadu Timothy Muldoon John Mulholland Myung Mundy Anthony Munoz Margaret (Peggy) Munson James Murphy Aishah Murray Brandi Murray Iris Murray Tracey Murray Andrew Musser Thomas Mustachio Fayiz Mustafa Chad Muthard Emily Myers Gina Nappi Fatoumata Ndiaye Cynthia Ndukvvu Leah Negrin Leela Neti Senior Portraits 129 ■ k f Shavar Nevins Gabrielle Newman i ' ' -« Jonathan Newman Joseph Newton f Hanh Ngo f Shin Ngo Sophon Nguon 7, Due Nguyen B Huyen Nguyen 1 B .v Tuan Nguyen ft |H Hien Nhan I BH Myint Ni Ni IVfl Elizabeth Nichols S. JaiTod Nicholson George Nicol Lauren Nish Shadell Noel Deena Noga Kevin Noonan Markell Nottingham Jennifer Novello Lila Ntumba Gabriel Nyantakyi Katarzyna Anna Nykiel Michael O ' DonncH JelTO ' l-lynn Elizabeth (VNcill Todd OToolc Yosuke Obatii Chirikerose Odigic Ekaettc Oduok Miyuki Ogawa Tim Ohagun Rustin Ohlcr Gbenga Olowoyeye Karl Olson Senior Portraits f --m - Matthew Olson Danielle Oneill Sha on Onfrillo Derek Orndorff Nils Orth Michael Osei Eunice Osei-Boakye Vanessa Otieno-Pala Kristina Ottey Keith Outterbridge Asia Owens David Owens Kn ' stal Owens Adrian Palashevsky Victoria Palermo Joanne Palma Shanaya Palmer Gina Panella Sabrina Pang Richard Panichelli, Brandon Pantoja Christa Panusky Elizabeth Papa Payal Parikh Lindsay Paris Chan-Joon Park Dae Kv ang Park E. Suk Isaac Park Jung Suk Park Yong Kyun Park Bernetrice Parker Keisha Parker Serena L. Parks Raceel Pascall Aarti Patel Krishna Patel Senior Portraits 131 Kunjal Palel Malhka Patel Nehal Patel Nisha Patel Priya Patel Rupal Patel Varun Patel Vimal V. Patel Mihir Pathak Rachel Payne Robert Pelszynski Jeff Pelus Mary Pendleton Luana Pereira Amarilis Perez Tamara Perez Theresa Peronace Eva Perry Jonathan Perry Ncah Persaud Gabnellc Perskie Thomas Pcscatore Evisa Peshtani Barry Petchesky Cathleen Pclers Allison Peterson John Peterson Irina Petrova Edward Pcltola Lauren Phipps Sophia Pickett Shannon Pighee Steven Pilegyi Sharica Pinckney Bryan Pinnel Nicole Pirrone 132 Senior Portraits » — J Julie, A. RosLNrLLD Stephanie Pohl Frederick Poindexter Christina Polakow Michael Polaski Abenlemah Policy Jade Pollock Thomas Pomager. Jr. Anthony Pompey Jacqueline Poireca Jessica Porter Lindsay Post JetTrev Powell Max Powers Keo Prum Tanesha Pugh Nicole Pugliese Soby Purathoottu Jamie 0uadro7zi Hometown: Richboro, Pennsylvania Major: Speech Language Pathology Minor: Jewish Studies Organizations Involved In: Phi Sigma Pi National Coed Honors Fraternity, Jewish Heritage Progam, NSSLHA Why She Chose Temple: " City atmosphere and diverse student population. " Best Internship: " Observing at the Children ' s Hospital of Philadelphia. " Plans After Graduation: " Grad school to earn a master ' s degree, become a successful speech language pathologist, make lots of money, and use it to travel! " Best E xperience at Temple: " Discovering what I wanted to do with my life. " Favorite Class: " My capstone because everything I learned in my undergraduate career finally made sense. " Favorite Quote: " It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity. " -Albert Einstien Senior Portraits 1 Delali Ouarshie Kathleen Quinn Brian Rahberman Svvalhi Rachoor Yuliya Radzievsky Ethan Raese Terrence Ragin Amy Rakus Najma Ralls Joseph Rambone Benjamin Randall Ned Raueh-Mannmo Jean Rebovich Josiah Reetor Gregory Reddick II Ebony Reddy Christopher Redeagle Christina Rcdeaux James Reed III Jennifer Rego Sadia Rehman Andrea Reich Arthur Reid Kevin Rcilly Krista Reimer Vanessa Rentas Oiana Reviss Keishia Reynolds Rebecca Reynolds Tammy Rhoades Amy Rice Dana Rochelle Richards Tavia Richardson Ti ' Nera Richardson Kathleen Rickards Heather Riggs t34 Senior Portraits John Riley Anthony Rivel Marlene Rivera Melanie Rnera Ruth Rivera-Ramos Nicole Rivest Samiin Rizvi Steven Roach K.risten Roberg Tiffany Roberts Lattonia Robichaw Erin Robinson Kimberly Robinson Marsha Robinson Michelle Robinson Nicole Robinson Renee Robinson Tileevah Robinson 1 Dameica Rockingham ' Maria Rodriguez Michael Roe Leigh Rogerson Marissa Rojas Shem Roldan Matthew Rong Emma Root Emerlinda Rosado Evaliz Rosado Stacy Rosemeyer Emily Rosenberg Randall Rosenberg Julie Rosenfeld Judith Ross Daniel Roth Pam Rothman Ebony Rowe Senior Portraits 138 Melissa Rowe Nicole Roy Hanna Rubinstein Ke in Ruby Sharai Rucker Nicole Rudder Rosa Ruenklin Michael Ruggiero Kathryn Ruopp PrashanI Rushi Talia Ruth Brandon Rutkowski Evan Ryer Dana Rygwelski Susun Ryu Cindy Saavedra Michael Sabato Susan Sabu Joseph Sackor Matthew Sadowsky Nina Safavi Neete Saha Tadashi Saijo Stephanie Saile Azusa Sakamoto Joshua Saliba Kirstin Sanborn JcnniCer Sanlee Julia Sarbash Kwame Sarl ' o-Mensah Sovanney Sau JctT Saunders Monica Saunders Danielle Sauter Jason Savageau James Sawyer 136 Senior Portraits Rashida SawA ' er Kerri Schaffer Jason Schlouch Jennifer Schmidt Amy Schneider Kristy Schneider L. Angie Schnetzka James Schuster Jennifer Schwartz Thomas Schwerdt Aileen Scott Alison Scott Alison Scott Crystal Scott Jason Scott Stanley Scott Zola Scott Niklas Searles Monera Seliem Arielle Semanoff H. Mukasa Sendaula Simone Senior Antonella Serrao Shappine Servano Thomas Settefrati Ameenah Shabazz Michael Shaffer Roma Shah Levine Shan Rebeka Sharmin Eyal Sharon Kell Shea Jo Temah Shedletsky Amanda Sheidy Anna Shekhtman Tanesha Shelton Senior Portraits 137 Matthew Shepherd Allison Sheppard Devina Shelh Chengxuan Shi flung- Ying Shih Ayda Shimelis Kate Shimukonas Kyoung-Ah Shin John Shoemaker Jennifer SholTner Masahiro Shono William Shreckengost Slacy Shrieves Inga-Marie Sibblies Jillian Siegel Rebekah Siegel Jeft ' rey Sigmans Adrianna Silver Daniel Silverman Kalherine Simek Karen Simmons Robert Simmons Samuel Simonvil Arthur Simpson Mya Simpson Diane Sims Kelly Sims Gurpreet Singh Pavan Singh Kcnesha Singleton I HP VHI V mKmm H f » i H ' u t j l H 1 i7. Janet Sill Nina Siu l.indsey Skolnick Seolt Skversky Ronni Slater Rebecca Siolterbaek 130 Senior Portraits I Jessica Small Cody Smallwood Andrew Smith Ashlee Smith Christine Smith David Smith Edward Smith Ferris Smith Gillian Smith Jennifer Smith Monique Smith Ryan Smith Shawn Smith, Jr. Brittany Snyder Hendrik Jaya Soewatdy Felicia Sogbesan Jenny Som Lmda Som Kloteh Somah Anissa Sorokin Jose Sotillo Benjamin Soto Afrodite Sourias Jennifer Southall Matthew Spair Bethany Spaulding Gracie Spaulding Ashley Spearman Megan Spengler Danielle Sperber Betti Spicer Stacie Spiegel Lawrence Spruel. Jr. Dinesh Srikanthan Angle St. Cloux Diana St. Arromand Senior Portraits 139 Marcia Mattiilw and Allxis Chandv Hometown: Yonkers, NY Organizations Involved ln:SigmaPhi lota Favorite Class: " History of the Caribbean; it was one of the few courses in which I can say I truly valued, enjoyed and learned- about my culture and others. There is more truth in the Non-Western courses! " Best Memory: " J H was the spot. How else could I have met Neha? Noxema masks, pink lipstick and hoodies, dance routines at 4:23am, visits by Afro-man, ordering Chinese food and MuMu ' s from Peking (YOM) and hijacking a camel sign I couldn ' t have had a better freshman year! " Favorite Quote: " We ' re not necessarily doubting that God will do the best for us; we are wondering how painful the best will turn outtobe. " -C.S. Lewis Both: Best Internship: " Working for Temple Tutors at Tanner G. Duckrey was a reality check; we came to learn th erole of being an educator and also what we may have to deal with in our professional careers. Working in the inner-city was a challenge but definitely worthwhile. " Best Spring Break: " Miami, FL Spring 2005 " Go hard or Go Home " Call-a-Cabs Attitude Improvements, Football in 50 degree water, Teasers, jet ski ' s and Wet Willies. " Hometovi n: Miami, Florida Why She Chose Temple: " I wanted to try someplace new.. .and oh yeah. Temple is a good school for communications, my initial major. " Best Memory: " Living in J H was just a memory in itself, from sneaking food from the cafe, to late night hide-and- go-seek. " Favorite Class: " English Education W260 with Dr Mahar; it was the only realistic course at Temple where the professor actually prepared us for situations that will occur in my future teaching career. " Favorite Quote: " If what you stand by is never tested, never challenged, you never grow. " Gregory Stagliano R I H Tricia Stankd ft l Christine Stanley AJ I Jason Staples UK I Genevieve Stareeky H H Denise Staton I IH Eli abeth Steinberg (aria Stephens HIair Stem April Stevenson .Aubrey Slever Marianne Stewart Kabree Still Keyna Slitt Stephanie Stoekunas Gary Stout Tobias Stoulenburgh Kathleen Strauthn ▼41 S ' 14C Senior Portraits Daniel Streckewald Nyki Stroman Rico Sugandy Satoshi Sugo Kristina Sullivan Maureen Sullivan William Sullivan Rachel Summers Sarah Sunny Joel Sunshine Claire Supervielle Brouques Craig Supowitz Eileen Sutton Sloan Svadeba Jillian Swanson Sunny Swen Ko Swin Henry Switaj Daryl Syphrett. Jr. Brian Szakacs Adam Szilagyi Adam Szulewski Ashley Szwajkowski Agnieszka Szymanska Anna Szymanska Aundrea Tabbs Laura R. Taddei Mami Takahashi Erica Talley Maurice Talley Mark Tandel Patrick Tapales Benedict Tarr Kiche Tate Lindsey Tavella Crystal Taylor Senior Portraits ui David Taylor Jonnelle Taylor Luljeta Telushi Thi Thach Melissa Theodore Wesllync Therasse Karas Thoman Meaghan Thomas Sotinos Thomas Chantay Thompson Lisa Thompson Raquel Thompson Talia Thompson Annette Thornton Wesley Thorpe 111 Raisha Threadgill Rasheeda Threadgill Ellen Tibermi ' Ashlee Tidwell Nicole Tillman Yu-Chi Tmg Gwendolyn Tol ' llmg John Tolbert Michael Tomon Kalrina Tordilh Christopher Torpc) Aurelkis Torres Rachel Townscnd Michael Tramontana Lanchi Tran Ouoc Tran Elisabeth Tran-Cong Amy Travilme Lisa Trinsey Pracheta Trivcdi Stephanie Trottnov. 142 Senior Portraits ii. m . ' j L ' ' H k p a Justine Trstensky Michael Truehart Jamie Trull Tam Truong Julia Tryens Van Tu Matthew Tubens Denise Tucker Emily Tunney Jamie Turner Jack Tway Chana Twiggs Eryk Tyiek Valen Tynes Kyasha Tyson Jasmm Ubarry Shanelle Uelli Judie Ulysse Megan Umidi Patrick Urban Samantha Valtri Sarah Van Doel Kyea Vance Lisa Vanderpool Melissa Vanore Ancy Varughese Sara Vasey Michelle Vassell Leeloni Velazquez Yirelsa Velazquez Jennifer Venti Angela Vicks Samantha Vietry Stephanie Vietry Calleigh Vincent Jeremy Viray Senior Portraits 143 Jessica Visintainer Nicole Vito Alissa Vladimir Andrea Voighl Alcsha Vora Meagan Voss Renala Vranicar Fjoralba Vreto Samarjeet W ' able Myriko Wade-Jones Donna Wagner Kimberly Ann Wagner Carrie Wahl Amelia Waltier Anthony Walker Charila Walker Kyle Walker Nadine Walker Shalika Walker Shana Walker Trina Walker Matthew Walukonis Xia Wang Yi Helen Wang Akkeyea Ward Kimelher Ward Samantha Ward Denisha Warfield Al-Ha ssan Warita Jessica Warner Marta Warner Heather Warren Safiyyah Warren Marcus Washington Stephanie Washington Benjamin Watanabe 144 Senior Portraits Pamela Watson Rachel Watson Melinda Webster Scott Weiner Dan Weinles Kevin Weise Lawrence Weiss Trista Welch Marissa Welsh Jessica Wendell David Wenger Eric Weslbrook Melissa Westbrook C ' indymarie Weston Nahiia Whack Gregory Whaley Christopher Wheeler Allison White Kimberly White Michael White Nicole White Tyshiera White Patrice Whiting Kristina Whyle William Wick Kalherine Wilber Delonne Wilbourn John Wiley Andrew Wilkens Brielle Williams Charisse Williams Damielle Williams M. Charisma Williams Sonja Williams Amanda Williamson Am Willinskv Senior Portraits 14H Ashley Willis Alexis Wilson Marie Wilson Tiffany C. Wilson Tiffany P. Wilson Erin Wilt Sparkle Wisdom Knsten Withcrup Robert Wittenberi: Aleksandra Wojcik Daniel Woke Jacquelyn Wolaniuk Katclyn Wolfroin Linda Won Kendall Wood Kaitlyn Worrell Crystal L. Wright Dennis Wright Desiree Wright Dominie Wright Roshcra Wright Donna Wynter Jigang Xia A. J. Yaeger Miehanda Young Shelly Young Alex Yudenko Jiniiny Yun Myoung Yun Jordan Zaeh 146 PI B 1 Shigeo Yamamoto K 1 Chi Yang -iii Lin Ye Hll Alex Yeanay Sr j H Ry Yoeuni H H Hyojin Yoon H HH Senior Laurie Zerumsky Tyrone Zimmerman Lori Zuko«ski Aneta Zak Kara Zavilla Edman Zayzay Abigail Zbikowski Megan Zborowski Julie Zenobi f Senior Portraits f47 Photo by: Ste (Left) Celebrating after the game uith the Ou IS. Coach Cheney revels in his 5()()th win. (Below) Coach Cheney watches nervously from the sidelines. ; ' Uy (Above) Coach Cheney announces his retirement to the press. ( Right ) .Addressing the referee. Coach Chenev questions a call. 14» Senior Portraits ' , oach Cheney yells orders to the team. JOHN CIIENEV In nuinb«i s A LOOK BACK AT THE COACHING CAREER OF TeMPLE Hall of Fame basketball coach John Chaney, who ANNOUNCED HIS RETIREMENT FROM TeMPLE AFTER 24 YEARS ON March 13, 2006. 741 WINS AS A COLLEGE COACH 516 WINS AT Temple 17 NCAA Tournament appearances Five Regional Finals National Coach of the Year in 1987, 1988 Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame - 2001 Philadelphl Daily News College Coach of the Century (Left) Observing from the sidelines. Coach (Below) Coach Cheney addresses the local Cheney directs the players. press. Senior Portraits 149 AUTOGRAPHS I IS V Senior Portraits AUTOGRAPHS I Senior Portraits Iwl I Dear Chrissy, Congratulations on your graduation! You and I both know that you had to overcome many obstacles to get to this point, and it has been my pleasure to see you succeed despite all of these challenges. It takes a very special person to do what you have done, and 1 couldn ' t be more proud of you for going out and achieving your dream. You have been a loving girlfriend to me, and a great friend and a ray of light for everyone around you. . . And 1 am sure that you ' re going to be a successful nurse. Enjoy your graduation day and your new career as a nurse. You know that I ' ll always be with you each and every step of the way. lS2 Parent Pride Ad Congratulations Dr Jaymc R. Williams Id seems cnlif ijester aij thai ifoii lia(} iioiir cn ' ' n perscinil chiUijjetir lakiiu] ijcu to ( ;»;t " t " claaes. Ljiimiiasties. little (dribblers basketball. ' A ' AU basketball, an!) sojtball. ' Jin n ho can jorqet ha Un ifoiiy on ' )! persctial basketball shoetiiui coacli. ' Dcjd ]jou n ante(!i to i o it all! ' JduI m ' uv; askeD li ' hat ijou n mte} to h n hen ifOii n ie t|iPM ' ;; up. it n ' asiit to plaij sports or to be a hncer: it ri as to become a hctor. We recall the time that ifoii mViv chosen in iiour hiijh school class to ijo to the hospital anc! ' observe surqeries: ajtern ' ' ari}s, ifoii came home beaming iHth excitement ani} enthusiasm as ijou toll} us about the procehires! Ohat yi as y hen n e realize!} that the chili)hoo(} heam n ' di the most likelii oin to krome a realitij! Hon ' ' time i oes slip bij. . . Non that ijou are ' soarinq n ' ith the eaqles iiV mV 7; ifou the best that lije has to ojjer. lou ha ' mac e us iVii proui) bij achie] inq ijou aspirations an( heams. With ifoiir harD n ork. ethics, ifour m ji oj makinci each person jeel important an ifour aenuine passion jor all people, ifou n ' ; be a n vi(}erjul Doctor to ijour patients. . . Trom the I ' frj start, ijou ne ' er ) ' a ' re}: ijou knen ' n ' here ijOu n -re oin ! Dad, Mommies, Christy, Aaron, Preston, Ashton and Duke We Love you Dr. Ja Ja! Parent Pride Ads 1H3 " Dear T yan Congratulations. We are so proud of you. We know it was a lot of work, but it was wortti it. Now. on to law school. Love you. Ryan Potente Parent Pride Ads Join the ING Sales riVVflilPII What gives ING the ability to respond to ever-changing financial markets? It begins with ING having strong sales representatives nnarketing our financial products. Start your sales career with ING ' s Sales Associate Program. The objective of the Sales Associate Program is to develop your sales career within financial services. The program is designed to help students pass the nasd licensing exams while at the same time affording them the opportunity to develop the technical and marketing skills necessary to ultimately become an Internal Wholesaler with ING. What is ING looking for? • Prefer a four year college degree in sales, marketing or a related field. or equivalent work experience • Ability to successfully pass NASD licensing exams including Series 6 63 • An individual with strong teamwork, communication and analytical skills • An individual who is computer savvy, a quick learner and versatile • Should be professional, collaborative, creative, self-motivated, organized, responsible and have a positive attitude • Individuals interested in a long-term career in financial services sales Why Work at ING? • Comprehensive financial services sales training •Diverse challenges and opportunities • A stimulating work environment • Long-term career opportunities • Competitive compensation and bonus package • Excellent benefits package • A solid financial services company with a track record of financial strength, continued growth, and unlimited future polenlia How to Apply? • Submit your resume through your Career Services Office • Apply online at www.ing-usa.com • Email your resume to .lashua.Grzelak(a us.ing.com or fa.x to (860) 616-4912 • Contact Joshua Grzelak at 860-723-3460 w v v.ing.com us Products issued by ING USA Annuity and Life Insurance Company and distributed by Direaed Services, Inc. member nasd. ING is an Equal Opportunity Employer © 2005 ING North America Insurance Corporation C05-0121-003 (1 05) PDF.M.G.MS.604 (2 05) ING Parent Pride Ads 15S A 1S6 A.d.E.L 36 A.M.S.A. 36 Abdel-Meguid, Leila 102 Abdulraheem, Kazhaw 102 Abdulrahman, Tulip 102 Abramowicz, Sydney 17,171 Abrams, Chelsey 102 Abrha, Tsigereda 102 Academics 16.17 Adair, Ellen Elizares 113 Adamany, David 94,96,170 Adamcova, Lenka 102 Adams, Kevin 102 Adams, Shannon 102 Adams-Escalera, Neron 102 Addero. Dave 82 Adelaja, Oluwayimika 102 Adelizzi, Nicholas R. 11.12.26,27,28,29,32,33,34,35,170 Adenwoyin, Pamela 167,170 Adetoro.Adebukola 102 Adewoyin, Pamela 49 Adeyemi, Bola 102 Adier, Daniel 102 Administration and Deans 97 Advertisements 170,171,172,173,174,175.176,177,178,179, 180,181,182,183,184,185,186,187,188,189 A«ul,Efua102 Agnew, Shauntae 102 Agni Dance Team 36 Aguilo, Michael 102 Ahmad, Rameh 102 Ahmed, Ainee F. 102 Ahsan,Md Jamil 119 AIDS Walk Philly 49 Aing, Rany 102 Akashi,Rinko 102 Akilli,Gulsen 102 Akpan, Idara 102 Aktar, Mahbuba 102 Albright, Jonathan 102 Alderfer, Erin 102 Alderfer, Lisa 102 Alderman, Tanya Y. 102 All, Franchesca 53,57,167,170 Alkahtani.Ali 102 Allen, Alicia 102 J Allen, Alton 102 ; Allen, Kimberly 102 Allen, Leslie 102 Allen, Patricia 170 Allen, Sara 102 Allen, Wilbur 102 Alpha Epsilon Phi 36,57 Alpha Kappa Alpha 36 Alvarez, Brian 102 Amato. Michelle 103 Ambler Campus 35 Ambron, Ian 103 Amico, Kimberly 103 Amis. Benjamin 103 Amos, Devon 103 Ampofo, Lawrence 103 Index I Anbessie. Haimanot 103 Anderson, Matthew 103 Anderson, McKenna 103 Ang, Lena 103 Angle, L. Schnetzka 137 Angove, Elizabeth 103 Anmi.Ayham 103 Ann, Kimberly Moree 129 Ann, Kimberly Wagner 144 Anna,CristinaAckas 102 Anna, Katarzyna Nykiel 130 Annual Spnng Fling Step Show 56 Anthonyson, Ayanna D. 103 tl Apehaya. Pasma 103 App, David 103 Arahi, Kayako 103 Archimene. Jody 103 Arellano, Claudia 103 Armbrister, Clarence 97 Arnold, David 15 Ash, Allison 103 Ashley, Joshua Klayman 1 22 Aston, Jeninfer 103 . Augustus, Ruby 103 Austin, Laura 71 Avakian, Meredith 103 Avayou,Alan 89 Aviles, Kathaleen 103 Awesu, Toyin 103 Awoyale, Ibidunmoye M. 103 B.A.S.I.C. 36 Babushkina, Irina 103 Baek, Jaeeun 103 Bagel Hut 28 Bahleda, James 103 Bailey, Jan is 103 Bailey, Jessica 103 Bain, Christine 103 Baird, Emily 103 Bajona, Vikas 103 Baker, Bradley 85 Baker. Lillian 103 Baldwin, Brandi 104 Balinski, David 104 Balmer, Dorene 104 Balogun, Olayinka 104 Ban, Sung 104 Band 62 Bandele, Camiah S. 104 Bankard. Shelley 104 Banks, Ebony 104 Barber. Rachel 74 Barcoski. Diane 104 Bardi. Peter 104 Barnes, Dawn 104 Barnhart, Jamison 104 Barr, Amanda 71 Barrow, Dwayne 104 Bartash, Meredith 104 Barton Hall 16 Bartz, Michael 170 Bascom.ErinM. 104 Baseball 62.68 Bashir.Gha-ls 104 Bashir. Saira 104 Bates. Leon 15 Battle of the Bands 48 Bauer, Diane 104 Bauldie, Demetrius 104 Baumgardner, John 104 Bautista, Dhayany 104 Baxter, Megan 104 Baxter, Tia 104 Beard, Came 104 Beck.Kaitlin 104 Beegle, Sarahanne 104 Beerhalter, Jill 104 Belancio, Jeffrey 104 Bell, Christie 104 Bell Tower 7,24 Bellevue, Ashley 104 Bellman, Joshua 104 Bellman, Tara 104 Bender, Kathy 104 Benjamin Franklin Parkway 25 Bentley,Joy 104 Benton, Kenneth A. 104 Beren. Danielle 105 Bergey. Joel 105 Bergman, Dianna 105 Bergman, Megan 105 Bergman, William 97 Berks Mall 7 Beriin, Dan 78 Berman, Eric 105 Bertucci, Bob 80 Best, David, Jr. 105 Best, Lois J. 105 Betteridge. Tiffany 105 BeuryHall 4 Bhatti, Safiyyah 105 Biava, Luis 15 Biernacki, Cody 105 Biernbaum. Devyn 105 Biggs. Angela 105 Bigsby. Robin 105 Billops. Michael 73 Bird. Ashley 74 Blai Hall 34 Blair. Jillian 105 Blatt. Jennifer 79 Blevins. Lauren 105 Blichasz. Walter 105 BIythe. Brenda 105 Boakye. Daniel 105 Boateng. Jackie 105 Boland. Amanda 6 Boler. Tanika 105 Bolesta.Katy 4,5,6,7,9,12,16, 17,19,24,25,37,52,95.166,167.170 Bonczewski, Jeffrey 105 Bond, Tawanda 105 Bones, Zaida 105 Bonetti, Alfred 105 Boney, Warren 105 Bong, Yoon Kim 121 Bonifacio, Bladimir 105 ' Bonner, Nadine 105 Boom. Benny 9 Boone. Adnene 105 Boose. James 84 Bopela, Nothando 105 Boscia, Ted 170 Bossier, Elena 14 Boston, Andrea 105 Boudreaux.Amy 105 Bougher, Julie E. 105 Boulanger, Heather 105 Bowe, Renee 105 Bowens, Khadija 67 Bowles, Hope 106 Boyd, Brandy N. 106 Boyer, Came L. 106 Boyer College of Music and Dance 14 Boyer, David 106 Boyer, Katherine 106 Boylan, Meghan 106 Bozikova, Michelle 106 Bracy, Lysandra 106 Bradshaw, Bill 68 Bradshaw, William 97 Brady, Dan 68 Brady, Ian 106 Brammer, Sherice 49,56 Brasten, Michelene 106 Braxton, Julie 106 Bray, Stephan 106 Breidenstein, Robin 106 Brennan,Alysha 106 Brewer, Olivia 106 Brice, Jenny D. 106 Bridges, Justin 106 Brissault-Taylor, Ashley 106 Britchkow, Rachel 106 Broad Street 31 Broadus, David 170 Brocker Joe 76 Brockman,BrandeisK. 106 Brohawn, Dan 106 Bronson, Stephanie 106 Brooks, Ken 106 Brown, Diana 106 Brown, Ebony N. 106 Brown,EhcaA. 106 Brown, Heather 106 Brown, Jason 106 Brown, Marquita 106 Brown, Natia 106 Brown, Rosetta 170 Brown, Shannon 106 Brown-Johnson, Barbara 106 Bruchesky, Kelly 106 Bruder, Jeffrey 106 Brunson, Janine 107 Bry, David 107 Bryant, Elaine 107 Bubb, Alexandra 107 Bunch, Jaime 107 Buonocore, Christina 107 Burce, Valerie 107 Burke, Kamilah 107 Burke, T.J, 70 Burnley. Leslie 107 Burton, Akosita 107 Burton, Antown 73 Bush, Kelly 107 Bushek, Chris 70 Busillo, Jennifer 107 Butkiewicz, Natalie S. 107 Butler, Aaroi Butts, Damiei Butts, Faith J. Byrnes, Edwan Byun, Yoonjung 107 Caccese, Bernadett e 107 Caines, Andrea 107 Caldrise, Andrea 34 Caldwell, James 107 Callea, Mary 107 Caivy, Jan 107 Camberbatch, Dana 107 Cammisa-Cantz, Rachel 107 Camp, Nikesha 107 Campbell. Caprice 107 Campbell. Lauren 107 Campbell, Marcia 107 Campbell, Melanie 107 Campbell, Michelle S. 107 Campus Life 24,25 Candor, Meryl 107 Cannon, Janae 107 Careless. Robert 107 Carlin, Thomas 107 Carr, Gary 107 Carrico, Lisa 108 Carroll, Chavonne 108 Carry, Ainsley 97.170 Carvalho, Keith 108 Casey, Shawn 69 Cassidy, Sean 108 Castagnera, Marc 108 Castiglia, Ross 108 Cataldo, Nicole 108 Catchings. Andrea 15 Catino, Noelle 108 Catrambone. Nicole 79 Cech, Casey 75 Cecil B. Moore 27 Cedeno, Marcela 108 Celtnieks, Kristopher 86 Centafont. Ryan 108 Center City 31.33 Ceranic, George 108 Cerpa, Romulo 108 Cerulli, Michael 108 Cesareo III. Jack F. 108 Cesareo, Jack 20 Cha. Jihyun 108 Chae. HeeJ, 108 Chalmers, Elaine 108 Chambers, Christina 108 Chandiramani, Vikram 109 Chaney, John 64 Chanthavong, Sunny 109 Chapman, Mary 109 Chapman, Sheena 109 Charisma, M. Williams 145 Chau, Tinh 109 Chavis, Jahan 109 Cheam, Srun 109 Cheerleading 62 Cheerleading, Diamond Gems and Marching Band 88,89 Cheikh, Victor 109 Chemical Society 52 Chemistry Society 36 Cherian, Ben 109 Chemeski, Kristy 109 Cheung, Jenny 109 Chi Upsilon Sigma 36 Chinatown 33 Ching, Lay 109 Chisolm, Cassandra 109 Choi.Areum 109 Choizi, Machli 109 Chow, Oscar 101,109 Chugani, Vinisha 109 Chun, Shao Chen 109 Chung, Linda 109 Ciavardini, Stephen 109 ipriano, Chris 109 ipriano, Nicholas III 109 City Hall 31 Clark. Regina 10! Clarke. Goddess 109 Classes Studying 18,19 Claudio, Nina 109 Clinton, Rachel 109 Clinton, Shaun 109 Closing 190,191,192 Club Sports 62,90,91 Clyne, Nicole 109 Coffey, Lauren 109 Cohen, Allison 109 Cohen, Elliott 109 Colangelo, David 109 Colangelo, Thomas 109 Coleman, Caria R. 109 College of Allied Health Professions 33 College of Liberal Arts 18 Collette, Marina 110 Collins, Mardy 64,65 Colon, Gianina 110 Coloney. Jeffrey 110 Colvin, Elizabeth 110 Comfort, Lady 66 Commuter Life 27 Commuter Row 29 Conicelli, Carmen J. 110 Conn. Jaclyn 77 Connor, Jason 68 Conti, Anthony 110 Conway, Shannon Ailish 110,170 Cook, Christina 110 Coonelly, Knsta 100 Cooper. Danna 110 Cooper, Enn 110 Cooper, Ezra 110 Cooper, Katrina 110 Copprue, Aaydah 110 Cornfield, Shana 110 Corp, Andrew 78 Correll, Stephanie 110 Cortez, Kristen 26 Cosby, Bill 94 Cosenza, Stephen 110 Costello, Maura 110 Costello, Meghan 110 Cox, Anthony 110 Cox, Dennis, Jr. 110 Coyle, Allison 110 Coyle, Kimberly 110 Index 1S7 1HH Craflon. Angela 110 Craig, Alaina 110 Crall. Kevin 110 Crescenz, Melanie 110 Crews, Shante 110 Crist, Enn 110 Crockett, Davida 110 Cromarty, Bnan 110 Crouse. Maureen 110 Crouttiamel, Stephen P. 110 Cuffee,Antonia 110 Culp, Paul 110 Cumberbatch, Dana 110 Cunningham, Alexander 110 Curcio, Danielle 111 Curley, Jennifer 111 Curran, Mary Claire 83 Curtis Hall 18 Cusumano, Amber 111 Cuyjet, ReynaM. Ill Cyrus. Janae 111 Daco ns, Dion 65 h na 111 Dahdal, Suzanne ill. Dailey.Aliesha HI Dalton, Patricia 111 Daly, Maura 111 Dampf, Andrew 111 D ' Angelo, Katie 170 Danial.Judy 111 Daniels, Omotayo 111 Dao.AnhK. 111 Davey, Kathryn 111 Davidian, Anita 111 Davis, Beth 64,70,71,74.75,76,77,78,79,80,85 Davis, Bethany 170 Davis, Deana 111 Davis, Julia 111 Davis, Lashonda 111 Davis, Lauren 111 Davis, Nicholas 111 Davis, Samantha 8 Davis, Stephanie 111 Davydov, Eugene 111 Day, Patrick 170 Dean, Anna 111 Debes, Alison 111 Decamp, Caroline 111 Del, Hyonmi Ferro 111 Dela. Allan Rosa 111 Delaurentis, Elizabeth 111 Delehanty, Erin 111 Delta Sigma Theta 36 Delta Zeta 36 Delussey, Kristin 111 DePass, Shanice 83 Desai, Margi 111 DeSanzo. Joe 62 Desenclos, Stephanie 111 Desir, Cynthia M. Ill Devlin, Lauren 111 Deyro, Mane 111 Diamond Band 73 Diamond Gems 62.73,89 w Diamond Marching Band 88 Diangelo. Andrea 112 Diaz, Chnstina 112 Diaz.Janell 112 DiCarlo.John 170 Dickson. Casey 69 Didi, Dung Hoang 118 Dietz, Joshua 112 Digiuseppe, Joseph 112 Ding, Kwan 112 Dinh,Kim 112 Direnzo, DanielJ. 112 Dinsio, Angela L. 112 Disimone, Aline 112 Dixon, Atiya 112 Doctry, Fadil 112 Dodgorny, Zachary 112 Dolan, Amanda 12 Donatelli, Tony 76 Donovan, Andrew J. 112 Dorph, Martin 97 Dorsey, Shannon 112 Dossick. Jaclyn 112 Dottin, Melissa 112 Dotzert, Daniel 112 Doukas, Peter 97 Dowling. Melissa 112 Downey, Melanie 112 Doyle, Dominic 112 Dragon, Donna 15 Drais, Christina 112 Drobny, Enn 112 Druhan, Julia 20 Duaime, Jacqulyn 112 Dublisky, Jennifer A. 112 Dudek, Amanda 112 Duka, Irnesa 112 Dumont, Louis 112 Dunbar, Chnstian 72,73 Duncan, Devon 112 Dunchock, Russell 112 Duong, Phu 112 Duong, Pidor 112 Duong, Trang 112 Dupree, Candice 66,67 Durinzi, Mike 170 Dutkanicz, Arthur 112 Ebersole, Nicholas 112 Ebibie-Nze,Yannick 113 Ecker. Ken 113 Edamala, Bobby 170 Edge. Stacy M. 113 Edmonds. Beverly 113 Educational Services, Inc. 170 Edwards, Enn 113 Edwards, Theodosia 113 Egan, Gregory 113 Egunjobi. Olukayode 113 Ehimika, Jide 113 Elias, Antoinette 113 Elimihe, Jide 9 Elkin, David 113 ElkinsHall34 Elliott, Joan 113 Elliott, Marnie 113 Ellis, Chnstopher 113 Enagbare. Osayuware 113 Engel, Laura 113 English, Vernca 113 Enitan.ldowu 113 Erlick,Paul 113 Escobar, Laura 113 Esencia Latina 36 Espinosa, Nilsa 113 Esposito, Courtney 113 Etheredge, Roshonda 113 Eubanks, Anthony M. 113 Evancho. Sarah 71 Evans. Aneesah 113 Evans, Ben 76 Evans, Chris 21 Evans. Lauren 69 Evans, Shamisha 113 Exavier, Gerdie 113 Eyerly, Mark 97 i- F.M.A. 36 F.S.RO. 36 Facey, Randell 113 Fairfield, Melissa 113 Falance, Raychel 113 Fall Fest 5,7 Fan Fest 8 Fanega, Diane 113 Faranda, Matthew R 113 Farley, Suzanne 113 Farrell, Daniel 114 Farzana, Abanty 29 Fat, Sung Freddie Kwok 123 Fateru.Abosede 114 Fatinikun, Olawole 114 Felter, Linda 114 Fencing 62,85 Fennal, Jeanine 114 Ferguson, Marquita 114 Fernandes, Barbara 114 Fernandez, Chnstina 114 Fernandez, Francise 114 Ferrazzano, Daniel 114 Field Hockey 62,74 Figueroa, lllissa 114 Finney, Tiara 114 Finseth,Tobe 114 Fisk,Alyson 114 Fitness Recreation 12,13 Flagg. TaraM. 114 Fletcher, Candice 114 Floyd, Desiree 114 Fluellen, James 114 Fofana.Aicha 114 Fontanilla. Shannon 114 Football 62.72 Ford. Chnstina 114 Ford. Ghenet 114 Ford. Rhena 114 Forney. David 114 Forquer. Bnan 78 Foster. Nina 114 Fox School of Business and Management 19 Francophone Student Professional Organization 48 • •|l Franke, Nikki 85 Frankenfield, Emma 114 Free Food and Fun Fnday 9 Freedman, Sheryl 114 Frengs, Allison 75 Fnel.Krystal 114 Fritz, Courtney E. 114 Fritze, Melissa 74 Fromhold, Brett 114 Frush, Sonia 114 Frycke-Cunningham, Sam 70 Frye, Koya 114 Furitsch, Michael 114 Furtick-Whellan, Renaya 114 Furxhiu, Eriola 114 Gabriel, Michael 114 Gabnelski, Zachary 115 Gacutan, Patricia 115 Gaddie, Christine 115 Gaeta, Joseph 115 Gallagher, Caitlin 115 Gallagher, Kevein 76 Gallen, James 115 Gamma Phi Delta 36 Ganz,Jacklyn 115 Gardener, Tynisha 83 Gardingan, Gabrielle 115 Garini,Michal 115 Gaskins, April 71 Gathers, Dana 115 Gauger, Marisa 115 Gbolo, Victor 115 Gebremedhin,Alem 115 Gegenheimer, Phillip 86 Geltzer, Rina 115 Geneva, Stephen 115 Geno ' s Steaks 31 Gershman, Marta 115 Ghebremariam,Azeb 115 Ghetiya, Savan 115 Ghiba,Olga 115 Gibbs, Charles 115 Gibson, ImaniN. 115 Giglio, Jamie 88 Gilbert, Lisa K. 115 Gill, Johnnie 15 Ginsberg, Howard 115 Gittis, Howard 97 Gitukui, Yvonne 115 Glavin, Patty 75 Gleeson, Joanne 115 Go, Heather 115 Goerta, Jennifer 87 Goines, Kerole 115 Golden, Al 72 Golden, Lynn 115 Goldenberg, Elvira 115 Goldstein, Sarah 115 bGolf 62,84 Goiik-Korwek.Agnieszka 115 Gomez, Evelyn 115 Goncalves, Jeffrey 115 Gonzalez, Claudia 115 Gonzalez, Monique 115 Gonzalez, Noelia 115 Gonzalez, Phillip 116 Goodfeliaz 36 Goodman, Km _ Goodwin, Hearpr 1t6 Gordon, Bridgeft 116 Gram, Erika 116 Grant, Ethiopia 11 Gray, Sharell IK Greco, Gretchen 11 J Greek Step Show 7 Green, Carmen 116 Green, Meaghan 116 Green, Traci 87 Greene, Jennifer 116 Greenman, Rachel 116 Greenockle, Melissa 116 Greer, Benjamin 116 Grosso, Jennifer 116 Grubb, Kristin 116 Guarnere, Kelly 116 Guastella, Desiree 26 Gutscher, Laura 116 Guzman, Ama 11,6 V Ha,Anh 116 Haberstumpf, Dustin 116 Habitat for Humanity 5 ■ Hadaway, Jermaine 116 Hagan, Sean 116 Hairston, Kamesha 66 Haitian Student Organization 36 HalLCarIa 116 Hall, Jennifer 116 Hall,Tami 116 Hallahan, Natasha 116 Ham, Rachel 116 Haman,Ciara 5.6,7,8,9,12,13, 15,25,30,31 Haman, Ciarra 170 Hamilton, Devin 116 Hampton, Colleen 116 Han,Sodia 116 Hanas, Theresa 116 Hanko, Lauren 116 Hanlin, Matthew 70 Hanlin, Stephanie 71 Hannibal, Monica 116 Hansen, Yetta 116 Hanshue, Erin 74 Hargrove, Corey 116 Harns, Colin 117 Harns. Summer A. 117 Harnson,John 117 Harhson,Ruth 117 Harrison. Tyrone 117 Hart, Arthur 117 Hart, Charles 117 Hartley, Heather 117 Hartman, Sharon 117 Harvin, Nadia E. 117 Hauseman, Katherine 117 Hayes, Simone 117 Health Science Center 33 Hearsey, Christopher 117 Heintzelman, Mandy 117 Helen, Yi Wang 144 Hellerman, Nicole 117 Henning, Jessica 117 Henon, Doug 15 Hensell, Gordan 117 iiisan 97 Herff-Jones Yearbooks 171 Hennansader, Hillary 118 Herron, Nathaniel Y 118 Heslin, Colleen M. 118 Hess,Gwyneth 118 Hester, Gia 32 Hill, Alexandria L. 100,118 Hiil.Caria 14 Hill, Jarred 118 Hilsey, Leah M. 118 Hindman, Marjorie S. 118 Hinkle, Ashley 118 Hinton, Jerrod 118 , Hip Hop Fashion Show 48 kawa, Megumi 118 Iguyen 118 Hoagn Hoang, Uyen Hoffman, Knstin 118 Hogan, Raysean 49 Holder, Jamaila 118 Holder, Rondel 118 Hollander. Aaron 118 Hollawell. Robert 118 Holliday, James 118 Holman, Lindsay 74 Homecoming 5.6,7 Homewood, Clifton 118 Honeyford. Benjamin 118 Honeyford. Brooke 118 Hong, Sung L. 118 Honors Activities Board 23 Honors Program 22.23 Hooker, Niambi L, 118 Hooter 63 Hopkins, Katherine 80 Horafus, Tiffany L, 118 Horn,Alisha 118 Horticulture and Landscape Architecture 35 Houston, Tyrone 118 Hsing, Weihong 118 Huff, Robert 118 Hughes, Kevin 118 Hughes, Nicole D, 118 Hunsinger. Jenny 118 Hunter, Kristen D. 118 Hutchinson, Madeline 118 Hye, Jee Hwang 119 I.E.E.E. 36 Icard. Larry 97 Ignarri. Courtney 119 In Memory 99 In the City 30,31 Independence Blue Cross Student Recreation Center 12 Independence Hall 24 Indiana, Robert 30 InfraRED Ent. 36 Inge, Rashidah 119 Ingersoll, David 119 Ingram, Tamika 119 Iniewicz, Tomasz 119 Inselberg, Joshua 119 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engini Index ne Internship 21 Intramural Sports 13 Intramurals 62.92.93 Irving. Sianeh 119 Islam, Mohammed 119 Ittyerah, Ranjit 119 lyama. Kazutoshi 119 Izbinsky. Julia 119 1 119 I Ui Jabari, Martin 11 Jackson, Daniell Jackson, David Jackson, Lenore 119 Jackson, Rebecca 119 Jackson, Tara 119 Jacobson, Michael 119 Jae. Young Kim 121 Jagga, Shirish 119 Jahanian.Sasan 52 James. Lon 119 Jann. Jessica 119 Janney. Amanda 74 Jarmul, Paul 119i - Jarrod, S. Nicholson 130 Jarzabek, Elzbieta 119 Jaya, Hendrik Soewatdy 139 Jean-Baptiste, Stephane 119 Jean-Pierre, Theodule 119 Jeffcoat. Alexis 119 Jeffries, Robyn 119 Jenkins, Allegra 119 Jenkins. Daisy 119 Jenkins. Jennifer 119 Jennings, Chaia 119 Jerista, Jason 119 Jeyakumar, Brinda 119 Jia Liu, Zhen 81 Joell, Dioneisha 120 Johan, Cad Blomvall 105 John, Jasmaine 120 Johns, Abby 120 Johnsen, Kristine 120 Johnson, Danielle M. 120 Johnson, lleana 120 Johnson, Ingrid 120 Johnson, James 120 Johnson, Kalif 120 Johnson, Karemah 120 hnson.Leana 120 " " ohnson. Rachel 83 Johnson. Steven 82,120 Johnsonbaugh. Joe 72 Johnston, Heather 120 Johnston, Jillian 120 Johnston. Laura 120 Jones, Atiya 120 Jones. Chante 120 Jones, Jason 120 Jones, Jennifer 120 Jones. KarynnR. 120 Jones, Keana 120 Jones, Margaret 170 y Index Jones. Nicole 120 Jones, Pnscilla 120 Joo, S.EokKwon 123 Jordan, Beverly 120 Jordan. Edward 120 Jordan. Jamila 120 Jordan. Nathaniel 120 Joseph. Kenyatta 17,18.20,22 ,23,52,53,171 Joseph, Paulette 120 Joshua, Eurina 120 Joyce, Jennifer 120 Juchimiuk, Betty 120 Judson, Pamela 120 Julien, Joseph 120 Juricka, Milan 86 Justh, Jessica 120 Juzwak, LisaM. 120 Kaczanowicz, Edward 16 Kaelin, Jessica 120 Kalb,Alanna 170 Kalinowski, Melanie 121 Kapp.Anastacia 121 Kappa Alpha Psi 36 Karashima. Yuri 87 Kasunich. Tiffany 77 KatyBolesta 166 Kauffman. Valerie 121 Kazuko. HwajaAn 103 Keeble. Andrev 121 Keith, Amanda 121 Keller, Kenneth 121 Kelly, Kevin 121 Kelly. Megan 121 Kelty. Sediah T. 121 Kemmerer, Amanda 121 Kendorski, Stacy 121 Kennett, Brian 121 Kenny, Kathleen 121 Kenwood, Pharri 121 Kenyon. James 121 Kern, Edward 121 Kerper. Meghan 121 Kerr. Krista 121 Kerrane. Caitlin 121 Kerrigan, Sean 121 Kessler,Eli 121 Ketterer, Collin 121 Khalid.Lubna 121 Khan, Nicholas 70 Khan, Shera 121 Khrobort, Inna 121 Kim, Hyunjin 121 Kim,Jinok 121 Kim. Julie 121 Kim. Paul 121 Kim.Soyeong 121 Kim.Tae 121 Kim.Yooni 121 King. Kelly 121 KirbyJr.JohnD, 122 Kirby. Tanisha 122 Kisenwether. Michael 122 Klein. Jordan 23 Kletzel, Abraham 122 Kling. James 122 Klitsch. Jessica 122 Knauss. Elizabeth 122 Knechel, Ernie 122 Kneller, RyanC, 122 Knight, Emma 122 Knisell. Carolyn 122 Knox. Travis 122 Kocher. Kelly 122 Kohn, Shannon J, 122 Kohr. Melissa 122 Kolawole, Latunde 122 Kontodemos. Klianthis 122 Korb, Melissa 122 Kosasih. Emilily 122 Kosydar, David 122 Kouai.Moui 122 Koukou.Alphonso 122 Koziar.Anna 122 Kraiss.Sara 122 Kramer. Alice 122 Kramer. Denise 122 Kretzinger. Kristen 122 Knkava, Kelsy 122 Kropp. David 122 Kulp.Cathryn 122 Kunaszuk, Alexandra 122 Kwak. Jennifer 122 Kwak, Sung 122 Kwan, Michelle 122 Kwang. Dae Park 131 Kwiatkowski. Jennifer 122 Kyle, D. Mobley 128 Kyun, Yong Park 131 Labolito.Joe 170 Labolito. Joseph V. 21 Lackman, Shelby 123 Lacrosse 62,75 Ladies of Elegance 36 Lakish.Rasha 123 Lam.Chinh 123 Lam, Colleen 123 Lam, Key 123 Lam. Linh 123 Lam.Ngoc-Tho 123 Lambert. Danielle 123 Lamplugh. Kate 77 Landis. Bethany 123 Landry. Erika 123 Langford. Ryan 74 Lannon. Robert. Jr. 123 Lans. Chantee 123 Lanza. Amanda 123 Lanzilotta. Enca 123 Larochelle. Martine 123 Larsen.Paul 123 Larue, Meredith 123 Latyshev. Yevgeniy 123 Lau. Louise 123 Lauf, Jennifer 123 Laumakis, Carolyn H. 123 Lausch. Brandon 123 Lawall. Tara 123 Lawless. Matt 68 Lawrence. Jennifer E. 123 I -k Lawrence, Leila 123 Le, Tracy 123 Leader, Corey 75 Lease, Andrea 123 Lebanon, David Best Sr 105 Lee, Dana Edwards 113 Lee, Han-Bhit 123 Lee, Jacob Hendy 117 Lee, John 123 Lee, Nancy 123 Lee, Richard 123 Lee, Ruth 123 Lee, Seung 124 Lee, Susan 124 Lee, Yoonhee 124 Lees, Jessica 124 Legerme, Sherley 124 Leis, Laura 124 Leister, Laura 124 Lemek, Danielle 124 Leonetti, Gianna 124 Leopanto, Crystal 124 Leopanto, Holly 124 Leriche, James 124 Leriche, Magdala 124 Lester, Angela 124 Letizio, Jenniter 124 Levy, Melissa 124 Lewis, Brian 124 Lewis, Carmaletta 125 Lewis, Emily L. 125 Lewis, Justin 125 Lewis, Kristin 125 Lewis, Steven 125 Li,Samantha 125 Liacouras Center 5,7,8,63 Liacouras, Peter 97 Liacouras Walk 2,11 Lilly, Lashaune 125 Lim.Jiyoung 125 Lincoln Financial Field 88 Lindenberg, Nina 69 Linenberg, Andrew D. 125 Linguist, Meghan 125 Linthicum, Dirk 125 Lipenta, Debra 125 Lipsky.Anne 19 Lisitski, Sarah 125 Listanksi, Joe 86 Litovsky, Regina 125 Liu,Ke 125 Liu, Yan 63 Liu,Yue 80,81 Lloyd, Jamie 125 Lo, Maykou 125 Lockman, Darcy 125 Loftis,Jed 125 Loftus, Christine 125 Logan, NadianC. 125 Lokey,Alli 74 Lomanovitch, Olga 125 Lomax, Jerome 56,57,167,170 Lomax, Shenta 125 Londar, Vitally 125 Long, Christopher 125 Long, Curtis 125 Long, Deanna 125 i Long, Lindl Longo, Nicholas 125 Love Park 30 Lowery, Adnan 26 Lucas, Christina L. 125 Lucci, Sarah 66; ,72,82,83,B4,86,90,92.170 Lue, Camille 125 . Lukens, Carol 125 Luo, Zoe 125 Lustig, Lindsey 125 Lutz, Michael 125 Lux, Ryan 73 Lydic, Kurt 125 Lyn, Kelly Eberle 112 Lynskey, Helen 126 Lyon, Steven 126 Macayettey, Robin 126 MacClinchy, Heather 126 Machida, Kenichi 126 Machione, Maddie 89 Mack, Courtney 126 Maddox. Kimberly 126 Magid, Benjamin 126 Mahin, Seephat 126 Mahoney, Carol 126 Mahwikizi, Justin 126 Main Campus Program Board 36,37 Majid. Farah 126 Majzik. Dana 126 Maley. Jessica 126 Malik-Kahn,Munira 126 Malloy. Timothy 70 Malone, Justin 126 Mang, Elizabeth 126 Manglani, Mohit 126 Manorek, Marisa 126 Manyeah, Ethel 126 Manzi, Bridget 126 Manzoni, Mano 126 Marchuk, Megan 126 Marciano, Bethanne 126 Marcy, Allison 126 Marfo,Ad)oa 126 Mana.Tina Indeglio 119 Markert,Adam 126 Marsella, Alexis 126 Marsella, Lauren 126 Marshall, Chnstopher 126 Marshall, Julie-Anne 126 Marshall, Wayne 64 Maser, Mane 126 Maslanka, Grace 126 Maslesa, Ana 87 Mason, Toi 126 Mastrangelo. Michael R. 126 Math Science and Resources Center 18 Matsuoka, Junko 126 Mattiacci,John 97 Mattocks, Dierdre 79 Mauro, Stever 86 Maxwell, Bridget 127 Maxy, Thomas 97 May, Mary 127 Mayes, William 127 Mayne, Patricia 127 Maziarz, Khstine 127 azza, Stephanie 127 McAlinn, Heather 127 McAllister, Jamai 127 McBean, Kerrian 12 McCall, Rea 89 McCarthy, Christina 127 McCarthy, Leeann 127 McCartney, Melissa 127 McCaw, Stephanie 127 McDaniel, Allison 127 McDaniel, Erica 127 McDonald, Jessica 89 McDonald, Meghan 127 McGann, Mike 72 McGee, Vanesha 127 . McGinty, Alicia 127 cGough, John 127 McGuire, C. Kent 97 McHenry. Daniel 127 McKellin, Pamela 127 McKissick-Murray, Tiffany 127 McLaughlin, Mike 73 McLean, Kadian 127 McLeod, Twain 127 McLouth, Megan 127 McMenamin, Karen 127 McNear.Aisha 127 Mea. Cara Bruno 106 Meet the Provost 98 Mello, Chnstine 127 Melton, Monique 127 Memon, Rabail 127 Menaker, Jonathan 127 Mendenhall, Mike 72,73 Men ' s Basketball 64,65 Men ' s Basketball 62,63 Men ' s Crew 70,71 Men ' s Crew 62 Men ' s Cross Country and Track 82 Men ' s Cross Country Track 62 Men ' s Gymnastics 78 Mens Gymnastics 62 Men ' s Soccer 76 Men ' s Soccer 62 Men ' s Tennis 86 Mens Tennis 62 Mensah, Nana 127 Merenich, Jessica 127 Messa, Enka 127 Meyers, Amanda 127 Meyers, Dale P 127 Michaels, Adam 170 Michel, Karen 128 Mickle.Adam 82 Middleton, Marquelle 128 Miglani.Neha 128 Miguel, Kimberly 128 Miller. Arthur 128 Miller, James 128 Miller, Kelly 128 Miller, Nathan 128 Miller, Sanayyah 128 Miller, Scott 128 Miller, Tamisha 128 Milo, Derek Kightlinger 121 Mincey-Brumby, Charnelle 128 liXI Minchhoff, Ashley 128 Index lOl " ' Mingo, Deanna 128 Minkeu.Alimatou 128 Minor, Sara 128 Minoza, Dwight 128 Mintzias, Marc 128 Minus, Clinton 128 Miranda, Alba 128 Mitchell. Alesia 128 Mitchell, Elizabeth 128 Mitchell, Faye 128 Mitchell, Nicole 128 Mitchell, Roseann 128 Mitchell, Shan 128 Moe, Hsiang-Chin 128 Moeller,Jill 128 Moghal.Usman 128 Mogollon.Maira 81 Mole, Faith 128 Molony, Jodie 128 Momoh. Joseph 128 Monaghan, Devin 128 Monk,Tamika 128 Montebello Gena 128 Montowski, Nicole 129 Moon, Sarah 129 Moore, George 97 Moore, Kenneth 129 Moors, Michelle 129 Mora, Brandie 69 Morales. Eric 129 Morales, Kristen 129 Morales, Matthew 129 Morgan, Mina 129 Mori.Akiyuki 129 Mori,Yuka 129 Morrin, Jennifer 129 Moses, Robert Morison 129 Moucha.KimberlyA. 129 Muhammadu.Afalalu 129 Mukasa, H. Sendaula 137 Muldoon, Timothy 129 Mulholland, John 129 Mullen, Billy 84 Mundy, Myung 129 Munoz, Anthony 129 Munson, Margaret 129 Murphy, James 129 Murray, Aishah 129 Murray, Brandi 129 urray, Iris 129 urray. Tracey 129 Murray, Yhonny 86 Music Dance Theater 14,15 Musser, Andrew 129 Mustachio, Thomas 129 Mustafa, Fayiz 129 Muthard,Chad 129 Myers, Emily 129 | Nader. Ralph 9 Nampwicz. Angela 34 Nappi,Gina 129 National Pan-Hellenic Council 36,56 Ndiaye, Fatoumata 129 Ndukwu, Cynthia 129 Negnn, Leah 129 Neti,Leela 129 Nevins, Shavar 130 Newman, Gabrielle 130 Newman, Jonathan 130 Newton, Joseph 130 Ngo, Hanh 130 NgcShin 130 Nguon,Sophon 130 Nguyen, Due 130 Nguyen, Huyen 130 Nguyen, Tuan 130 Nhan, Hien 130 Ni,MyintNi 130 Nichols, Elizabeth 130 Nicholson, Allen 97 Nicol, George S. 130 Nicole, Jean Evans 113 Nish, Lauren 130 Niven, John 99 Noel.Shadell 130 Noga, Deena 20,130 Noonan, Kevin J. 130 Nortey, Kai 88 Nottingham, Markell 130 Novello, Jennifer 130 Ntumba, Lila 130 Nyantakyi, Gabriel Q se 1™ f 162 Index O.A.S. 36 Obata, Yosuke 1C Odigie, Chirikerose O ' Donnell. Michael 130 Oduok. Ekaette 130 Office of Student Activities 4 O ' Flynn.Jeff 130 Ogawa. Miyuki 130 Ohagan.Tim 130 Ohier. Rustin 130 Okoro.Afam 27 Oliver. Rebecca 23 Olmos. Sergio 64 Olowoyeye. Gbenga 130 Olson, Karl 130 Olson. Matthew 131 On-Campus Favorites 28,29 Oneill, Danielle 131 O ' Neill, Elizabeth 130 Onfnilo, Shavon 131 Opening 2,3 Organizations 36,37,48,49,52,53,56,57 Ontz, Doug 90 Omdorff, Derek 131 ORourke. Timothy 97 Orth.Nils 131 Osei. Michael 131 Osei-Boakye, Eunice 131 Otieno-Pala. Vanessa 131 OToole.Todd 130 OtteyKnstina 131 Outterbridge. Keith 131 Owens, Asia 131 Owens, David 131 Owens, Krystal 131 P.R.S.S.A. 36 Paiva, Matt 29 Palashevsky,Adnan 131 Palermo, Victoria 131 Paley Library 16,29 Palma, Joanne 131 Palmer, Shanaya 131 Panella,Gina 131 Pang, Sabnna 10,11.131 Panichelli, Richard, Jr. 131 Pantoja, Brandon 131 Panusky, Christa 131 Papa, Elizabeth 131 Parikh.Payal 131 Paris, Lindsay 131 Park, Chan-Joon 131 Parker, Bernetrice 131 Parker, Keisha S. 131 Parks, Rosa 9 Parks. Serena L. 131 Parshall, William 97 Pascall, Raceel 131 PatelAarti 131 Patel.Knshna 131 Patel.Kunjal 132 Patel.Mallika 132 Patel.Nehal 132 PateLNisha 132 PateLPriyaD. 132 Patel,RupalD, 132 PateLVarun 132 Patel, Vimal V. 132 Pathak.Mihir 132 Pat ' s Steaks 30 Pattabi. Sharanya 87 Payne. Rachel J. 132 Pelszynski. Robert 132 Pelus.Jeff 132 Pendleton. Mary 132 Penrose Hall 34 People 94.95 Pereira, Luana 132 Perez, Amanlis 132 Perez, Tamara 132 Perlotto. Shannon 14,15 Peronace. Theresa 132 Perry, Eva 132 Perry. Jonathan 132 Persaud.Neah 132 Perskie, Gabnelle 132 Pescatore, Thomas C Peshtani. Evisa 132 Petchesky. Barry 132 Peters. Cathleen 132 Peterson. Allison 132 Peterson, John 132 Petrova, Inna 132 Pettola. Edward 132 Phi Beta Sigma 36 Phi Sigma Sigma 36 Philadelphia 1.2.15 PhiladelphiaArt Museum 25 Philadelphia Cares Day 7 Phipps, Lauren 132 Pickett, Sophia 132 Pighee. Shannon 132 1 132 Pileggi, Steven 132 Pinckney, Sharica 132 Pinnel, Bryan 132 Pirrone, Nicole A. 132 Pittman, Nicole 67 Playe, Rachel 26 Pohl, Stephanie V. 133 Poindexter, Fredericl 133 Polakow, Christina 133 Polaski, Michael 133 Polley.Abenlemah 133 Pollock, Jade 133 Polo Denim Jeans Drive 7 Pomager, Thomas, Jr. 133 Pompey, Anthony 133 Porat, M. Moshe 97 Porreca, Jacqueline A. 133 Porter, Jessica 133 Post, Lindsay 133 Powell, Jeffrey 133 Powell, Theresa 97 Powell, Theresa A. 170 Powers, Max 133 Pratico, Tony 76 President Letter 96 Progressive N.A.A.C.P 36 Promoters of Animal Welfare 36 Prum, Keo 133 Pugh.Tanesha 133 Pugliese, Nicole 133 Purathoottu, Soby 133 QingLiu.Bai 80 Quadrozzi, Jamie 133 Quarshie, Delali 134 Quinn, Kathleen 134 Rabberman, Brian 134 Rabie, Laith 32 Rachoor, Swathi 134 Radzievsky, Yuliya 134 Raese, Ethan 134 Ragin, Terrence 134 Rahman, SulaimanAbur 8 Rakus,Amy 134 Ralls, Najma 134 Rambone, Joseph 134 Randall, Benjamin 134 Rauch-Mannino, Ned 134 Rebovich, Jean 134 Rector, Josiah 134 Reddick, Gregory II 134 Reddy, Ebony 134 Redeagle, Christopher 134 Redeaux, Christina 134 Reed III, James G. 134 Reeves, Jennifer 14 Rego, Jennifer 134 Rehman,Sadia 134 Reich, Andrea 134 Reid, Arthur 134 Reilly, Kevin 134 Reimer, Krista 134 Reinstein, Robert 97 Remmert, Jenna 85 Rentas, Vanessa V, 134 Resident Life 26 Residential Halls Relays 7 135 Reviss, Diana 134 Reynolds, Keishia 134 Reynolds, Rebecca 134 Rhoades, Tammy 134 Rice, Amy 134 Richardson, Tavia 1 " Richardson. Ti ' Nera 1 Rickards, Kathleen 134 Riggs. Heather 134 Riley, John 135 Rinker. ivlike 76 Ritter Annex 18 RitterHall28 Rivel, Anthony 135 Rivera, Marlene 135 Rivera, Melanie 135 Rivera-Ramos, Ruth M. Rivest, Nicole 135 Rizvi,SarminS. 135 Roach, Steven 135 Roberg, Kristen 135 Roberts, Rory 70 Roberts. Tiffany 135 Robichaw. Lattonia 1 35 Robinson. Antywane 64.65 Robinson. Enn 135 Robinson. Kimberly 135 Robinson. Marsha 135 Robinson, Michelle 135 Robinson, Nicole M. 135 Robinson, Renee 135 Robinson, Tileeyah 135 Rochelle, Dana Richards 134 Rockingham. Dameica 135 Rodriguez. ManaC. 135 Roe. Michael 135 Rogers. Brian 84 Rogerson. Leigh 135 Rojas. Marissa 135 Roldan. Shem 135 Roman Forum 20 Rong. Matthew 135 Root. Emma J. 135 Rosado. Emerlinda 135 Rosado. Evaliz 135 Rosemand. Jerald 49,56 Rosemeyer, Stacy 135 Rosenberg, Emily 135 Rosenberg, Randall 135 Rosenfeld, Julie 135 Ross. Judith 135 Roth. Daniel 135 Rothman. Pam 135 Rotkowski. Rebecca 26.171 Rotowski, Rebecca 167 Rowe, Ebony 135 Rowe, Melissa 136 Roy, Nicole 136 Rubinstein, Hanna 136 Ruby, Kevin 136 Rucker. Sharai 136 Rudder, Nicole 48,52,98,101.136.170 Ruenklin. Rosa 136 Ruggiero. Michael 136 Ruopp. Kathryn C. 136 Rushi. Prashant 136 Ruth.TaliaS. 136 Rutkowski, Brandon 136 Rygwelski.DanaM. 13| Ryu,Susun 136 S.N.M.A. 36i S.O.C.A. 36 Saavedra, Cindy 136 Sabato, Michael 136 Sabu, Susan 136 Sackor, Joseph 136 Sadeghipour, Keya 97 Sadowsky, Matthew 136 Safavi.Nina 136 Saha.Neete 136 Saijo.Tadashi 136 Saile, Stephanie 136 Sainvitus, Waldo 8 Sakamoto, y Saliba. Joshua 13S Salisbery. Dustin 64,65 Sanborn. Kirstin 136 Santee. Jennifer 136 Sarbash. Julia 136 Sarfo-Mensah. Kwame 136 Sau. Sovanney 136 Saunders, Jeff 136 Saunders, Monica 136 Sauter, Danielle 136 Savageau, Jason 136 Sawyer, James 136 Sawyer, Rashida 137 Scalessa, Stefanie 82,83 Scattene, Jen 71 Schafer Stephanie 77 Schaffer, Kern L 137 Schlouch. Jason 137 Schmidt. Jennifer 137 Schneider, Amy 137 Schneider. Knsty 137 School of Communications and Theater 1 9 School of Medicine 33 School of Pharmacy 33 School of Podiatry 33 Schools of Dentistry 33 Schuster. James 137 Schwartz. Ira 97.98,170 Schwartz. Jennifer 137 Schwerdt. Thomas 137 Scirica. Anthony 97 Scott. Aileen 137 Scott. Alison 137 Scott. Crystal 137 Scott. Daniel Barron 104 Scott. Jason 137 Scott. Stanley 137 Scott. Zola 137 Searles. Niklas 137 Seiverling, Laura 87 Seliem, Monera 137 Semanoff , Arielle 137 Senior Memones 100 Senior, Simone 137 SerracAntonella 137 Servano, Shappine 137 Settef rati, Thomas 137 Shabazz,Ameenah 137 Shaffer, Michael 1 37 Index I ai lu II icdi ' 163 Shah, Roma 137 Sharashima, Yuri 87 Shari, Levine 137 Sharmin, Rebeka 137 Sharon, Eyal 137 Shea, Kelly 137 Sheidy, Amanda 137 Shekhtman,Anna 137 Shelton.Tanesha 137 Shepherd, Matthew 138 Sheppard. Allison 138 Shepps, Ashley 74 Sheth. Devina 138 Shi, Chengxuan 138 Shih, Hung-Ying 138 Shimelis,Ayda 138 Shimukonas, Kate 138 Shin. Kyoung-Ah 138 Shoemaker, John 138 Shoffner, Jennifer 138 Shono. Masahiro 138 Shreckengost, William 138 Shrieves, Stacy 138 Sibblies, Inga-Marie 1 38 SiegeUillian 138 Siegel, Rebekah 138 Siewrattan.Anala 171 Sigma Gamma Rho 36,57 Sigmans, Jeffrey 138 Silver, Adrianna 138 Silverman, Daniel J. 138 Simek, Katherine 138 Simmons, Karen 138 Simmons, Robert 138 Simonvil, Samuel 138 Simpson, Arthur 138 Simpson, fVlya 138 Sims, Diane 138 Sims, Kelly 138 Singh, Gurpreet 138 Singh, Pavan S. 138 Singleton, John 9 Singleton, Kenesha 138 Siu, Janet C. 138 Siu. Nina 138 Sjwykowski, Ashley 89 Skolnick, Lindsey 138 Skversky, Scott 138 Slater, Ronni 138 Slotterback, Rebecca 138 Small, Jessica 139 Smallwood, Cody 139 Smith, Andrew 139 Smith, Ashlee 139 Smith, Christine 139 Smith, David 139 Smith. Donald 15 Smith. Edward 139 Smith, Ferris tvl. 139 Smith, Gillian 139 Smith. Jennifer fvl, 139 Smith Jr., Shawn H. 139 Smith, fvlegan,171 (} ' i Index r Smith. IVIonique 139 Smith, Ryan 139 Snyder, Brittany 139 Society Women Engineers 36 Softball 62.69 Sogbesan, Felicia 139 Sokol, Emily 23 Som, Jenny 139 Som, Linda 139 Somah, Kloteh 139 Soo, HyunChoi 109 Sorokin,Anissa 139 Sotillo,Jose 139 Soto, Benjamin 139 Sourias.Afrodite 139 South Street 31 Southall, Jennifer 139 Spair, Matthew 139 Spaulding, Bethany L 139 Spaulding. Gracie 139 Spearman, Ashley B. 139 Special Thanks 170 Spencer, Justin 32 Spengler, Megan 139 Sperber, Danielle 139 Spicer,Betti 139 Spiegel. Stacie 139 Sports 62,63 Sports Media Relations 170 Spnng Fling 5,10.11 Spruel Jr., Lawrence S. 139 Srikanthan. Dinesh 139 St, Angie Cloux 139 St.Arromand. Diana 139 Stagliano. Gregory 140 Stahl, Laura K. 170 Stanavitch.Jeffery 26 Stanko, Tricia 140 Stanley, Christine 140 Staples, Jason 140 Starace, Jessica 83 Starecky, Genevieve 140 Staton. Denise 140 Steinberg. Elizabeth 140 Stember. Joy 34 Stephens. Caria 140 Stem. Blair 140 Stern. Lindsey 79 Stevenson. Apnl 140 Stevenson, Katie 74 Stever. Aubrey 140 Stewart, Concetta 97 Stewart, Mananne 140 Still. Kabree 140 Stinnet. Hester 97 Stitt.Keyna 140 Stockunas. Stephanie 140 Stout, Gary 140 Stoutenburgh, Tobias 140 Straughn. Kathleen T 140 Streckewald. Daniel J. 141 Street. Mayor John 30 Stroker, Robert 97 Stroman. Nyki 141 Stubbleford. Melissa 74 Student Activities Center 4.5, 1 8,25 StudentActivity Center 28 Student Faculty Center 33 Student Life 4 Student Performance Forum 5 Study Abroad 20 Study Abroad Program 20 Suevo. Jim 76 Sugandy Rico 141 Sugo. Satoshi 141 Suk, E. Isaac Park 131 Suk, Jung Park 131 Sullivan, Kristina 141 Sullivan, Maureen 141 Sullivan, Stuart 97 Sullivan, William 141 Summerlin, Berkley 75 Summers, Rachel 141 Sun Ling, Ying 80 Sunny, Sarah 141 Sunshine, Joel 141 Supervielle-Brouques, Claire 141 Supowitz, Craig 141 Sutton, Eileen 141 Svadeba, Sloan 141 Swan, Jackie 71 Swanson.Jillian 141 Swen, Sunny 141 Swin. Ko 141 Switaj, Henry 141 Sy, Jon 86 Syphrett, Daryl, Jr. 141 Szakacs, Brian 141 Szilagyi,Adam 141 Szulewski,Adam 141 Szwajkowski, Ashley 141 Szymanska.Agnieszka 141 Szymanska,Anna 141 TA.A.F 36 TA.B.J. 36 ' ' TU. Performing Arts Club 36 TU. Snowboarding Club 36 TU.C.S.A. 36 lU.G.A. 36 Tabbs. Aundrea 141 Taddei, Laura R, 141 Takahashi, Mami 141 Talley, Erica I. 141 Talley, Maunce 141 Tandel, Mark 141 Tansy. Martin 97 Tapales. Patrick 141 Tapia, Manuel 72 Tarr, Benedict 141 Tate, Kiche 141 Tavella, Lindsey 141 Taylor, Crystal 141 Taylor, David 142 Taylor, Jonnelle K. 142 Telushi. Luljeta 142 Temah. JoShedletsky 137 Templar 166,167 Templar Annual 1 Templar Colophon 171 Templar Phot Archive 35 Templar Photo Archive 4,10,24,36 Temple Ambler 35 Temple Column 35 Temple Events 8,9 Temple Health Science Center 33 Temple News 36.52 Temple Student Government 36.101 Temple University 1.2 Temple University Ambler 35 Temple University Center City 32 Temple University Chemical Society 52 Temple University Community Service Association 49 Temple University Rome 20 Temple ' s Health Science Center 33 Terrell. Tony Hill 118 Terry. Logan 84 Thach.Thi 142 The Diamond Band 67 The Go Club 36 The Reel 29 The Temple News 170 The Tuttleman Learning Center 18 The Underground 8,29 Theodore, Melissa 142 Therasse. Wesllyne 142 Thoman, Karas 142 Thomas, Meaghan 142 Thomas, Sotinos 142 Thompson, Chantay 142 Thompson, Lisa 142 Thompson, Raquel 142 Thompson, Sean 14 Thompson. Talia 142 Thornton. Annette 142 Thorpe. Wesley III 142 Threadgill. Raisha 142 Threadgill. Rasheeda 142 Tiberino, Ellen 142 Tidwell. Ashlee 142 Tillman. Nicole 142 Ting.Yu-Chi 142 Tiziou.JJ 14 Tobias. Zach 86 Toffling, Gwendolyn 142 Tolbert, John 142 Tomlinson Theater 5,14 Tomon, Michael 142 Tordillo. Katrina 142 Torpey Chnstopher 142 Torres, Aurelkis 142 Townsend, Rachel 142 Tramontana, Michael J. 142 Tran, Lanchi 142 Tran, Quoc 142 Tran-Cong, Elisabeth 142 Traviline, Amy 142 Trinsey. Lisa 1 42 Tnvedi. Pracheta 142 Trottnow, Stephanie 142 Troy. Kalif 15 Trstensky Justine 143 Truehart, Michael 143 ■ I TrulUamie 143 Truong.Tam 143 Tryens, Julia 143 Tu.Van 143 Tubens, Matthew 143 TUCC 32 Tucker, Denise 143 Tunney, Emily 143 Turner, Jamie 143 Tway, Jack 143 Twiggs, Ghana 143 Tyiek, Eryk 143 Tyler Campus 34 Tyler Hall 34 Tyndale, Mark 64,65 Tynes,Valen 143 Tyson, Kyasha 143 Ubarry, Jasmin 143 Uelli, Shanelle 143 Ulysse, Judie 143 Umidi, Megan 143 University of Pennsylvania Hospital 21 University Publications Board 170 Urban, Patrick A. 143 Valenza, Pamela 20 Valli, Rob 68 Valtri, Samantha 143 Van, Sarah Doel 143 Vance, Kyea 143 Vanderpool, Lisa 143 Vanore, Melissa 143 Varughese,Ancy 143 Vasey, Sara 143 Vassell, Michelle 143 Velazquez, Leeloni 143 Velazquez, Yirelsa 143 Venti, Jennifer 143 Verge, Trista 89 Verizon Hall at the Kimmel Center for the Performi 15 Vernon, Pathcia 80 Vexler, Luke 78 Vicks, Angela 143 Vietry, Samantha 77,143 Vietry, Stephanie 77,143 Vincent, Calleigh J. 143 Viray, Jeremy 143 Visintainer, Jessica 144 Vito, Nicole 144 Vladimir, Alissa 144 Vlahos, Nicholas 70 Voight, Andrea C, 144 Volleyball 62,80,81 Vora.Aksha 144 Voss, Meagan 144 Vranicar, Renata 144 Vreto, Fjoralba 144 W.H.I P 36 W.H.I.P 48 Wable, Samarjeet 144 Wachman, Marvin 97 Waddington, Jim 82 Wade-Jones, Myhko 144 Wagner, Donna 144 Wagner, Marc 68 Wahl, Carrie 144 Walker, Amelia 144 Walker, Anthony I 144 Walker, Charita 144 Walker, Kyle 144 Walker, Nadine 144 Walker, Shalika 144 Walker, Shana 144 Walker, Trina 144 Wallace, Hammed Jimson 119 Walukonis, Matthew 144 Wang,Xia 144 Ward,Akkeyea 144 Ward. Kimether 144 Ward, Samantha 144 Warfield, Denisha 144 Waritay,AI-Hassan 144 Warner. Jessica 144 Warner. Marta 144 Warren, Heather E. 144 Warren, SafiyyahN. 144 Washington, Marcus 144 Washington, Stephanie 144 Washko, Angela 83 Watanabe, Benjamin 144 Watson. Pamela 145 Watson, Rachel 145 Webster, Melinda 145 Weightman, Keyana 49,56 Weiner, Scott 145 Weinles. Dan 145 Weir, Miek 90 Weise, Kevin 145 Weiss, Lawrence 145 Welch, Tnsta 145 Wellington. Simone 56 Welsh, Joseph 70 Welsh. Manssa 145 Wendell. Jessica 145 Wenger, David 145 Westbrook, Enc II 145 Westbrook, Melissa 145 Weston, Cindymane 145 Wexler, Tom 72 Whack, Nabila 145 Whaley. Gregory L. 145 Wheeler. Ghnstopher 145 White. Allison 145 White. Kimberly 145 White. MichaelJ. 145 White, Nicole M. 145 White, Tyshiera 145 Whiting. Patrice R. 145 Whitsett. Maureen 80 Whyte, Knstina 145 Wick, William 145 Wideman, Whitney 21 Wilber, Kathenne 145 Wilbourn, Delonne 145 Wildon, Romeo Laroya II 123 Wiley, John 145 Wilkens, Andrew 145 Willey, Samira 15 Williams, Brielle 145 Williams, Gharisse 145 Williams, Crystal 29 Williams, Darnielle 145 Williams, Sonja 145 , Amanda 145 WillinskyAmy 145 Willis, Ashley 146 Wilma Theater 32 Wilson. Alexis 146 n, James 68 n, Marie 146 n, Tiffany C. 146 ion, Tiffany P. 146 Wilt, Erin 146 Wisdom, Sparkle 146 Wisniewska, Sophia 97 Witherup, Kristen 146 Wittenberg. Robert 146 Wojcik,Aleksandra 146 Woke. Daniel 146 Wolaniuk.Jacquelyn 146 Wolfrom.Katelyn 146 Women ' s Basketball 66,67 Women ' s Basketball 62 Women ' s Crew 62 Women ' s Cross Country and Track 83 Women ' s Cross Country Track 62 Women ' s Gymnastics 79 Women ' s Gymnastics 62 Women ' s Soccer 77 Women ' s Soccer 62 Women ' s Tennis 87 Women ' s Tennis 62 Women ' s Volleyball 80 Won, Ian Law 123 Won. Linda 146 Wood. Kendall 146 Worrell. Kaitlyn 146 WRFT1610-AM 35 Wright. Charisma 77 Wright, Crystal L. 146 Wright. Dennis 146 Wright. Desiree 146 Wright, Dominic 146 Wright, Roshera 146 Writing Center 18 Wynter, Donna 146 Xia,Jigang 146 Xpressionz 36 Yaeger,A.J. 146 Yaeger. Greg 27 Yamamoto. Shigeo 146 Yang, Chi 146 Ye, Lin 146 Yeanay. Alex Sr 146 Yoeum, Ry 146 Yong,JaeAum 103 Yong, Seung Lee 124 Yoon, Hyojin 146 Young, Michanda 146 Young, Shelly 146 YudenkcAlex 146 Yun, Jimmy 146 Yun, Myoung 146 Zach, Jordan 146 Zak.Aneta 147 Zavilla. Kara 147 Zayzay, Edman 147 Zbikowski, Abigail 147 Zborowski, Megan 147 Zenobi, Julie 147 Zerumsky, Laurie 147 Zimmennan, Christine 79 Zimmerman, Tyrone 147 Ziv, Elad 86 Zsa. Jamie Zsa Boyd 106 Zukowski, Lori L, 147 Index 1 )H TEMPLAR YEARBOOK documenting 2005-2006 166 Documenting life at Temple isn ' t a simple job. From Homecoming to Sprlntg Fllng, the staff of Templar yearbook ' made every effort to cover all aspects of the school year as a completely student-run publication each volume of Templar is conceived, designed and produced by a staff of editors; wriiers and photographers who shahe in the EXPERIENCE OF STUDENT LIFE AT TeMPLE AND PRESERVE THE MEMORIES WITHIN TeMPLAR ' s PAGES. Staff members found that their time spent working for the publication broadened their horizons at the UNIVERSITY. Sophomore writer Rebecca Rotkowski saw the EXPERIENCE AS AN OUTLET FOR CREATIVITY. " My FAVORETE PART OF BEING ON THE YEARBOOK STAFF IS THE FACT THAT I WAS ABLE TO EXPRESS MYSELF THROUGH MY WRITING IN MY OWN PERSONAL WAY, YET STILL CONTRIBUTE TO AN organization, " rotkowski said. The yearjbook staff also served as an interesting wa TO MEET FELLOW STUDENTS. FrESHMAN SPORTS EDFIOR BeTH DaVI thought joining would help her find new friends on CAMPUS. " I WANTED TO JOIN THE STAFF TO GET TO KNOW PEOPLE AT Temple. It has exceeded my Expectations ' Davis said. Even after all of the hard work and challenging deadlines, staff members agree that publishing the 2006 BOOK WAS extremely REWARDING. We HOPE THAT OUR EFFORTS ASSIST YOU IN FONDLY REMEMBERING YOUR TIME AT TeMPLE. Templar J Drganizations editor Franchesca Ali flips through an idea book to find inspiration for layouts. itaff members often looked at award-winning publications to help them find new creative senior editor Jerome Lomax answers the approaches for their pages. yearbook office phone. Photo by; KotyBolesta Organizations editor Pamela Adenwoyin crosses finished pages off the ladder. Staff writer Rebecca Rotowski double checks her copy. " I like being able to cover what 3 tories that I am interested in, and still have a responsibility to write the truth, " Rotowski sold. Templar feffl-J BBC Ospecial Thanks To...® John Di Carlo, Adviser Ainsley Carry, Associate Vice Presider t of Studer t Affairs, Dean of Students Katie D ' Angelo, Associate Dean of Students Theresa A. Powell, Vice President for Student Affairs Patrick Day, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs David Broadus, Director of Finance and Administration, Division of Student Affairs David Adamany, President Adam Michaels, Executive Assistant to the President University Publications Board Ira M. Schwartz, Provost Margaret Jones, Office of the Dean of Students Rosetta Brown, Office of the Dean of Students Michael Bartz, Herff Jones Representative Lisa Kiick, Herff Jones Mike Durinzi, Carl Wolf Studios Bobby Edomala, Computer Services Joe Labolito, University Photographer Ted Boscia, News and Media Relations Patricio Allen, Temple Theaters Public Relations Department LukeC. Kahlich, Ed.D., Department of Dance Chairperson Educational Services, Inc. University Honors Program Sports Media Relations The Temple News ©Editorial Board: :omF Ob lief Adviser John Di Carlo Copy Editor Alonno Kolb Student Life Campus Life Editors Nick Adelizzi Ciorro Homan Senior Life Accdennics Editor Nicole Rudder Business IN lonaqer Laura K. StohT Editor-in-Chief Koty Bolesto Production Editor Shanr on Conway Organizations Editors Pamela Adenwoyin, Fronchesco All Jerome Lomox Sports Editors Bethany Davis Sarah Lucci m 16H Special Thanks .,Q Templar Colophon: • 5 ' publishing Company Herff-Jones Yearbooks 525 Boyds School Rood Gettysburg, PA 1 7325 I ' Affoifs Computer Software Adobe Pogemoker 7,0 Adobe Photoshop 7,0 HJ Image In v, 3.0.5 Endstieet Designed, photographed and produced by Editor-in- Chief Katy Bolesta. Photogroptiy Nikon Coolpix 5400 Digital Cameras Senior Portraits and Sports: Carl Wolf Studio, Inc. 401 Elmwood Ave. Sharon Hill, PA 19079 Specifications 192 pages of 100 Matte Finish Stock 9 1 2X 12 inches 32 pages printed in Classic Color Cover Designed, photographed and produced by Editor-in-Chief Katy Bolesta, Photoshop brushes obtained from www. something, com. Templor Annual: Temple University ' s Yearbook 243 Student Center 1755 North 13th Street Philadelphia, PA 19122 215-204-7299 ■ Writers and PhotOFg: aphers : Sydney Abramowicz Kenyatta Joseph Rebecca Rotkowski Anala Siewratton Megan Smith hLucci Colophon U 9 . 1 General Alumni Association TEMPLE UNIVERSITY Welcome Class of 2006! The Temple University General Alumni Association welcomes you as our newest member, your free lifetime membership granted on your graduation day. As a new alumnus a, we invite you to join the Online Alumni Community. Simply log on to www. alumni. temple.edii and click the Online Alumni Community button and then, the Click Here To Register Now! button and follow the directions to sign up. Search for friends and make new connections through the Online Alumni Community. Membership is free and exclusive to Temple University alumni. Check out the Class Notes section and let everyone know what ' s been going on in your life since graduation! Share news about an employment change, a job promotion or a professional accomplishment. Tell us about your marriage plans or a new child in your life. Share news about a new degree or other educational achievement. In addition, use the Online Alumni Community as a career tool. Go to Career Center and add your resume to the databank or search the job databank for available opportunities. Post a job or search the resume databank to fill a position. Also, we welcome you to become a mentor to share career advice or fmd a mentor in your field of interest. Please be sure to keep us apprised of changes in your home and e-mail addresses so we may send you information on exciting events and programs geared toward young alumni. For more infonnation on all of our alumni programs, visit our website or call the Alumni Center at (215) 204-7521. Additionally, feel tree to visit us on the second lloor of Mitten Hall, Main Campus. Congratulations and welcome to the General Alumni Association! Loretta C. Duckworth CLA Yi2, ' 65, Tyler " 92 General Alumni Association President 170 Advertisements in ► new nto .k lass loo! onal hare nier able we dof I we inen f co " R 9nd RFC lupport fee ferople Owlsl Advertisements 171 Jeanes Hospital Temple University Health System Congratulations Class of 2006 Continue your excellence with Temple at Jeanes Hospital, a member of the Temple University Health System. We are a community hospital, conveniently located in Northeast Philadelphia. For employment oppoitunities, visit our website: www.tuhscareers.dca.net or for more information about Jeanes Hospital, visit us at www.Jeanes.com l !!l Advertisements Wishing the Class of 2006 a Hfetime of success and good health. Temple University Healt h System In Matters of Your Health, Chcx se Temple. Temple Umvei-sit) ' Hosi)ital • TUH-Episcopal Campus • Temple Uiihei ' sin- Childi ' eiVs Medical Center jeanes Hospital • Northeastern Hospital • Temple Physicians, Inc. Advertisements 173 ■ CONGRATULATIONS c GlaxoSmithKline ' 174 Advertisements A NEW KIND OF FREEDOM IN HEALTH CARE IS HERE. UNITEDHEALTHCAREPHILLY.COM ©2006 United HealthCaie Services. Inc. Insurance coverage provided bv or through United Healthcare insurance Companv- UnitedHealthcare ' It just makes sense. Advertisements I O Congratulations to the Class of 2006 SUNGARD ' HIGHER EDUCATION Helping institutions create a Unified Digital Campus for learning, teaching, research, and administration 800-223-7036 . www.sungardhe.com (c) 2006 SunGard All rights reserved. Kon Consulting EMPLOYEE BENEFITS, ACTUARIAL SERVICES AND HUMAN RESOURCE CONSULTING Aon is proud to support Templar Educational Seivices for fostering the development and achievement of each of its students Aon Linking People Strategics with Business Strategies " " Two Tower Bridge | One Fayette Street Conshohocken. PA 19428 | (610) 834-2 100 176 Advertisements f We salute the students of Temple University and their many accomplishments this past year. Like you, we are committed to excellence. Founded in 1903, WolfBlock has grown to a law firm of more than 300 attorneys who employ novel yet pragmatic approaches to effectively represent clients across a wide spectrum of industries. Our support staff is vital to achieving these goals. km If you are interested in working in a dynamic and fast-paced environment, visit us at www.wolfblock.com. Wolf, Block. Schorr and Soils-Cohen llp A PA Limited Liability Partnership with offices In: Delaware " - Massachusetts ' New Jersey New York Pennsylvania A Washington, DC WolfBlock Government Relations, lp WolfBlock Public Strategies, llc www wolfblockcom iS We Are Pleased to Congratulate The 2006 Graduating Class of Temple University n 00k WOODCOCK WASHBURN The Art of IP Law. Practicing Intellectual Property for over 60 years. Woodcock Washburn llp 2002 Summit Boulevard • Suite 800 • Atlanta, GA 30319 404-459-0050 One Liberty Place • 46th Floor • Philadelphia, PA 19103 • 215-568-3100 999 Third Avenue • Suite 1606 • Seattle, WA 98104 • 206-332-1380 www.woodcock.com Advertisements 177 " 1 f si II 1 ' INSURING INSURING INSURING INSURING PROGRESS I 1l Congratulations to the Class of 2006! ACE offers a broad range of career opportunities, a culture of excellence and remarkable growth potential, and draws on worldwide talent to create and develop our outstanding, diverse workforce. To learn more about ACE INA and submit your resume, visit www.ace-ina.com. ace ma INSURING PROGRESS " COZEN O ' CONNOR ATTORNEYS We proudly salute the Class of 2006 and our C.E.O. and Temple University Trustee Patrick J. O ' Connor Principal Office: 1900 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103 • (215) 665-2000 • (215) 665-2013 -fax • www.cozen.com 550t Attomeyi. Atlanta- Chjilotte ■ Chttiy Hill ■ ChiLjyu • Dallji • Dcnvt ' i • Houston- Lji Vegai • London- Los Angeles New York Downtown • New York Midtown • Newark • Philadelphia • San Diego • San Francisco • Santa Fe • Seattle Toronto • Trenton • Washington, DC • West Conshohocken • Wichita • Wilmington 17« Advertisements I Ballard Spahr Andrews ingersoll, llp Congratulations to the Class of 2006 Market Street ,adelphia. PA 19103-7599 215.665.8500 For more information about Ballard Spahr Andrews Ingersoll, LLP please visit www.ballardspahr.com Baltimore I Denver i New Jersey | Philadelphia ,,Salt Lake City | Washington, DC ! Wilmington, DE It takes more than great companies to build a community... It takes great people. Ibane congratulates thie Class of 2006. Gilbane is proud to serve Temple University OS construction manager for the Student Activity Center addition and new Tyler School of Art. www.giIbaneco.com Building More Than Buildings. Every Day. Everyday Community NCO is the industry leader in providing results-generating outsourced accounts receivable management and customer relationship management solutions. Customer Care • Collections • Back Office Attorney Network Services • ePayments ■ NCO " 507 Prudential Road Horsham, PA 19044 800 220 2274 . wwwncogroup.com Advertisements 179 Parente Randolph salutes the TEMPLE UNIVERSITY GRADUATING CUSS OF 2006 ParenteRandolph Accountants Consultants Two Penn Center Plaza, Suite 1800 Philadelphia PA 19102 215.972.0701 www.parentenet.com Pennsylvania New Jersey Delaware Washington, DC An Independent Member of Baker Tilly International Congratulations and Best Wishes to Temple University ' s Graduating Class of 2006! compliments of MYLOTTE DAVID FITZPATRICK 450 PARK WAY BROOMALL, PA 19008 61 0-946-0572 TELE 610-946-0588 FAX i»o Advertisements 1 Your CJty. Your Credit Union. Find Out How Much Better Banking Can Be :: Without The Bank FREE Checking and PFCU Check Card, Lifetime Membership - Once you ' re a member, you ' re always a member, even after graduation, if you move, retire, or change jobs! A wide range of loan products - new and used auto loans, Classic, Gold Platinum VISA Cards, student loans as well as personal loans. FREE 24 hour access to all accounts through Teller Phone and Teller Net. Two Surcharge-Free ATMs on campus that also dispense stamps. To receive more information on these products, stop by one of our convenient branch locations, call us at 215-934-3500, or visit pfcu.com. Remember your immediate family members can also join PFCU! PHILADELPHIA FEDERAL CREDIT UNION pfcu.com I better, honest. Marshall, Dennehey, I vrner, Coleman 8 Goggev A PROFESSIONAL CORPORATION ww V. marshalldennehey. com Robert J. Coleman, Esquire - Chairman Emeritus Temple Law Class of 1964 Many Temple University graduates have helped fuel our firm ' s continuing success and growth. Thanks, Temple! A Regional Defense Litigation Law Firm PA • NJ • DE • OH • FL Advertisements 1»1 (congratulations to the Temple Universit) ' Class of 2006 Lincoln Financial Group offers its congratulations to the class of 2006 and welcomes the six graduates that will join our Professional Development Program in August. These students will join 1 5 other recent Tenipie L niversir ' graduates and other students honi toj) univei-sities across the countn,- in a career development program that attracts, devel- ops antl retains future leaders and gives Lincoln Financial a pool ot leadership talent that is di ei-se, willing to rel jcate, and focused on enterprise-wide success. You will join your peers in the rotational program that will help cievelo|i vour talent in tiirce roles across three eai , with cross-husiness assignments. 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To apply online, please visit our web site at: www.devonhealth.com or call us at: 1.800.431. CARE 1»2 Advertisements ( ( Srothall Services Group cst QVisiws to ik ' zfempk QJiiimsilii CCoQs 0 2006! 955 Chesterbrook Boulevard Suite 300 Wayne, PA 19087 610-249-0420 Fax:610-249-0434 MERCER Human Resource Consulting Congratulations to Temple ' s 2006 Graduates! Mercer provides human resources, compensation, benefits and health care provider consulting expertise to employers throughout the Delaware Valley. 1717 Arch Street, 27th Floor 1 800 8 MERCER Philadelphia, PA 19103 www.mercer.com WHERE ' CAREERS COME TO LIFE I . a■v v, iu ttw l ' ni vr«.ii oi rLiin yl .mi;i Hc.iUli tciii irxfcnJ Iv v1k1 [lit- uaiiiur . QwUenginy and rewanJuig, ihey also inspirv achievement no mamer what ytnjr discipline. Working with us, Mu ' li find Itn t. dedicated pei ple with the siine gixil. . . making sure that ever - pers m tt-ho IolJcs to ir for health care receives the finest scrvkcN Jelivercwl with compiESKKi and skill. Join us in one di the following arca an l tind the c.ircer c n lifetime. ALLIID HEALTH • Medical L.iK)rati»r ' Technolt ' • Pliamuo • PhvMcal Thcniin ' • CVcupational Therap ' • I iJialion T1icrdp ' • R.idiolonic Technolot»y We offer an excellent benefits package that includes prepaid tuition. For more informatitm aKiut the prestigious entities that make up UPHS. the opfxtrtuniiics availible. and to apply online, please visit www.pennhcaith.com johs A.-VEOE,M F rYV aJRSING CORR RATEySLPPORT STAFF « Administratis Suppim • Financi-il .Analvst • I iticnt Aci:cs Sehtxlulcrs pg n University of Xk. Pennsylvania HEALTH System WE SEE LIFE AH EAO .pcnnhc«ilth.cc ni ji lis Advertisements 103 Ices • Cones ' Shakes kand other Cool Stuff Congratulations to Temple ' s 2006 Graduates! 1525 Ford Road Bensalem, PA 19020 215-633-9922 Count on CAT for the POWER to help run our communities! 1 m Ransome Engine serves a variety of ; Engine Markets, including Electric Power Generation, Trucl Engine, Marine Engine and Industrial Engines Ransome j 1-800-753-4CAT www.ransome.com Locations: Bensalem, PA Bear, DE Hammonton, NJ □ D The Zavelle Bookstore Staff extends their warm congratulations to the Temple Graduating Class of 2006. We thank you for your patronage and loyalty and wish you all great success in your future endeavors. n n -ST Edward Long President SE SM Corporate Phone: (215) 785-2565 Fax:(215)785-2312 elongl 00@tristatetele.com www.tristatetele.com 1»4 Advertisements UAI United America Indemnity, ltd. 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Penn Independent Corporation ti te ONGRATULATIONS to the Class of 2006! ♦ 420 South ' ork Road Hatboro, Pennsylvania 190411 800-388-0215 Adve r t i s ement s f»K the de paul group lUOD BUILDERS DEVELOPERS - TONY DEPAUL SON k SPRING MILL MANOR THE DEPAUL MANAGEMIhfT COMPANY v T.D.P.S. MATERiMS - DEPAUL HEALTH CARL Spring Mill couhrrnY Cms county line quarry dockside apartmenls Highway Maiirial Blair mill Inn 610.832.8000 www.DePaulGroup.com 1750 WALTON ROAD BLUE BELL, PA 19422 All the Best to the Class of 2006! Congratulations and good luck as you embark on your career At QVC, new graduates ar e more than just entry level. They ' re valued and given every opportunity to excel. If y ou ' re interested In learning more about our employment opportunities, visit the Careers section of our website. Dinesh R. Desai Family Fund (NPT) Salutes the Class of 2006! 326 Tom Brown Rd. Moorestown, NJ 08057 856-642-4030 Marsh congratulates the Temple University graduating class of 2006. Our hats are off to you! MARSH The world ' s 1 risk specialist Two Logan Square. Philadelphia. PA 19103 (21S) 246-1000 MMC -jV ftMa»«wnC«T««« 1H6 Advertisements r (gl MCMAHQN TRANSPORTATION ENGINEERS PLANNERS Congratulations to the Class of 2006! A full-service transportation engineering firm specializing in: Comprehensive Traffic Data Collection Traffic Studies Transportation Planning ,,0] Land Survey Traffic Sij nal Design ITS Highway l Intersection Design Pavement Design Structural Design Highway Occupancy Access Permitting Construction Observation Management Expert Witness Testimony Corporate HciiJiiuartcrs: Fort W,ishini;ton, PA Exton Mcchanic.shuri;, PA Yardvilli-, NJ Boston, MA Palm Beach Gardens, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Fort Mvers, FL www.mcmtrans.com Temple = Bookstore is proud to support the Templar Annual Timll aahs Engineers . Architecis Parking Planning Design TEMPLE,, f Ttmolhy Haahs Aasociales, Inc., 550 Township Une Road. Suite 100, Blue Bell, PA 19422 484 342 0200 484 342 0222 lax. www.Umhaahs com 1% Development Company John Westrum President Congratulations to the Graduates 370 Commerce Drive Fort Washington, PA 1 9034 215-283-2190 Fax:215-283-0991 www.westrum.com I Advertisements MM DeVece Shaffer, Inc ' Printers and Lithographers 1 DAVIS-GIOVINAZZO 1 ■ CONSTRUCTION CO., INC. ■ _ Certified MBE Contractor _ B Specializing in The Very Finest. Quality B ■ MASONRY CONSTRUCTION ■ " Bnck. Block Stone " 1 Sen ing PA. NJ. DE NY | K Fully Licensed, Bonded Insured •Numerous References Available jm ■ (215) 654-1800. FAX (215) 654-1804 ■ C ||;|| 0| j 1- itth Street at Legion A enue - i, 1- Paliii ra. New .lerse 0X065 (VAs: Ne v .Jersey (856) 829-7282 Philadelphia (215)338-0707 " We deliver MORE than iust printina! " TEDMcKENNA retSIDEMT ROAD-CON, INC. 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