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• ■ ..■ ' ' ■;; ■ ' ■ :■■■- ' . V ' ■ ' ■ ' ■ ' : ■ ' ' •■ i . ■:■): ' . ' ■ . ■ .;■■ ; , {■?,; ■ :- ■ ' ■■ " ! i ' ' ' ■, : - ■ V i ■ ■•• ' • ' ■ . ' . s 2001 Founder: Russell Conwell Sieves ot diamonds jmple University, of the Com- onwealth System of Higher iucation, is a comprehensive lblic research university with ore than 29,000 students. It has a stinguished faculty in 16 schools id colleges, including schools of iw, Medicine, Podiatry, and Den- try, and a renowned Health Sci- ces Center. Temple is one of innsylvania ' s three public re- arch universities, along with the niversity of Pittsburgh and Penn ate University. Temple Univer- y is the 41st largest university in e United States, and it is the larg- t provider of professional edu- tion (law, dentistry, medicine, larmacy, and podiatric medicine) the country. Based in Philadel- nia, Pennsylvania, USA, Temple is five regional campuses, includ- ig the flagship Main Campus, ealth Sciences Campus, and mter City Campus in Philadel- aia; a major suburban campus — jmple University at Ambler, and suburban art campus — Tyler :hool of Art — in Elkins Park, tie University has an education nter in Harrisburg, and inter- itional campuses in Tokyo, Ja- in, and Rome, Italy. Temple also Ters educational programs in the ople ' s Republic of China, Israel, reece. Great Britain, France and her countries throughout the ♦ world. Through its various schools and colleges. Temple University offers academic programs in 9 associate degree areas, 128 bachelor ' s degree areas, 1 30 master ' s degree areas, 64 doctoral degree areas, and 6 first professional degree areas. Dr. Russell H. Conwell founded the institution in 1884, chartered as Temple College in 1888 and incor- porated as Temple University in 1907. In 1965. by the Act of the Legislature of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Temple University became a state-related institution in the Commonwealth System of Higher Education. http: www.temple.edu Temple University Philadelphia, PA 19122 Contents Student Life. Senior Portraits 28 Administration. 94 Organizations Greek Life 96 Sports. 118 Volume 77 Student Life Where all the action occurs Everyone at Temple Uni- versity starts off with a ba- sic intention: to graduate. In four years, Temple transforms students from diamonds in the rough to showcase quality di- amonds, glimmering and pristine. The four years spent here are, for most .students, the first time they have lived away from home, whether in a dorm or off-campus. This is a time for students to grow, learn and discover how well they can do on their own. Students learn that miscellaneous clothes can- not be thrown in the wash- ing machine together or they will end up with a lot of tie-dyed apparel. They have learned that there will not always be someone hounding them about do- ing school work; it just needs to get done and get done well. Everything a student does is his her own choice and every choice has its own consequence. Commuters learn to deal with SEPTA, the busy Pa- ley Library and sitting at the Bell Tower doing work before class. Yet, at the same time, Temple has shown students some of the best years of their lives. Be- tween the hangouts discov- ered, organizations joined and the life long friend- ships made, life at Temple is an unforgettable experi- ence. Temple students ' favorite hang out in the dark Building i hemistry behind i lo Students ( .in always he seen i hatting with a friend at Barnes ft Noble The Alumni Circle is beautiful when struck by moonlight. s School of Pharmacy - The Apollo was renamed the Liacouras Center during the Spring of 2000. Looking up at Anderson Hal Speakman Hall is the home of the Fox School of Business and Management. Paley Library, a place to learn, to relax and to become a second home. |mple ' s subways take students all over center The busy streets around Temple are something that most seniors will not forget. ♦ TEMPLE ROCKS ♦ Around the World 2000 If there ' s school spirit to be displayed. Homecoming is the best time to see it. There are plenty of events to keep stu- dents occupied, including a Seniors ' Prom, a 5K run and 1 mile walk. Morning Madness came on Thursday, October 19. Students were given the chance to watch a Temple men ' s bas- ketball practice and purchase season tickets. Some students camped out while others chose to wake up at the crack of dawn and stand in line to grab a ticket. Aside from the basketball frenzy, there were many other activities during Homecoming 2000. On October 20, the public was invited to meet Tem- ple ' s new president. Dr. David Adamany. Music was played and food was served, everyone there had a good time. For alumni returning to the campus for Homecoming, Temple held it ' s General Alumni Association Recep- tion and Swing Dance Party. Mitten Hall was buzzing with alumni mem- bers, faculty, staff and parents. Sounds from the band Big Night Out were heard while people received swing dance lessons and tried out their new moves. Homecoming 2000 ended with Satur- day Night Fever, a dancc-a-thon last- ing until 6 A.M. Sunday morning. Lat- er that morning a Parents ' Weekend brunch was held in the Liacouras Cen- ter for students and their parents. At the conclusion, most students agreed that Homecoming was a success, pro- viding lasting memories for students, families and alumni. The Game The highlight of Homecoming 2000 was the Temple football game against the Miami Hurricanes at Veterans Stadium. Prior to the game there was a tailgate where students and alumni gathered to get pumped up for the game. Temple suffered a defeat, but the students and alumni were still there to cheer on their Owls. Temple ' s Homecoming King and Queen were introduced at the game. This is the second year in a row that Temple Student Govern- ment has conducted the Home- coming King and Queen contest. Also this year. Temple had a home- coming court for both upper- and under-classmen. ■k ■teM fl i We all really enjoyed participating, we became friends because of the homecoming events. ff Homecoming King: Craig Lewis 3$ - 1 v H E C N G All photographs courtesy of Nafis Wright. Welcome to Temple University Dr. David Adamany The Shining Light of Temple University Dr. David Adamany became the eighth president of Temple University on Au- gust 2, 2000. President Adamany was born on September 23, 1936 in Janes- ville, Wisconsin. He holds undergradu- ate and law degrees from Harvard Uni- versity and master ' s and doctoral degrees in political science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He also holds honorary degrees from four colleges and universities. Prior to becoming president of Temple University. President Adamany served as President and Pro- fessor of Law and Political Science at Wayne State University in Detroit. Pres- ident Adamany brings an array of ac- ademic and administrative expertise to Temple . His experiences will help Tem- ple reach new heights. Hat h.u-l nili-iMin Temple naugural Picni ' What a Wonderful Day The Temple Town Inaugural Picnic was held to welcome the new President of Temple University, Dr. David Adamany. This was a time for him to meet with students and for students to get to know him. The event began with the Temple University Diamond Band marching through campus. Then, students and visitors had their choice of listening to creative poetry, watching the Temple Latin American Ensembles, or enjoying an in- terpretive dance. By noon it was time for multimedia per- formances. By the late afternoon, things were winding down. Students could enjoy listening to jazz music or watching an excerpt from Outside the Walls, or they could go with some- thing a little more upbeat and learn how to salsa dance. The day was filled with free food and fun. Throughout campus hotdogs, hamburgers, soda, and pretzels were given out courtesy of President Adamany and Temple University. The highlight and final event of the day was from 1:00 to 1:30 when students had the delightful opportunity of actually getting to meet the Pres- ident and shake his hand. R.ichael Anderson Hang Outs Where everyone goes on and off campus Photo By: Kate Hagenbueh I veryone loves the Owl ' s Nest. " Meet you at the Bell Tower at 12! " " See you in SAC for the meeting! " " Feel like getting something to eat at the Owl ' s Nest? " The e are all phrases often heard all over Temple ' s campus. Hang outs are an essential part of social life here at Temple. One of the most popular hang outs is the Owl ' s Nest. Students often fre- quent it for its good food and for George, the infamous owner. George provides a warm place to go after the big game or before you start the long night with the books! The Student Activities Center, also known as SAC, is home to many or- ganizations and university depart- ments. In SAC ' s basement, the Tem- ple University Bookstore holds anything and everything that stu- dents find essential to college life. Ranging from hooded Temple sweat- 232-6SIS The Owls Nest shirts to Psych 50 textbooks, the Bookstore is a source for every stu- dent ' s needs. The upper floors hold most of Temple University ' s student organization offices. Temple Student Government. Greek Letter Associa- tions and clubs are located in the Student Activities Center. Meetings are held regularly and clubs are a great way to meet new people and make new friends. Another great way to chill out at Temple is catching a movie at what used to be known as SAC Cinema, now held at Tuttleman Learning Center due to renovation. Films are shown seven days a week and are selected by a committee. If you want to grab a quick bite to eat, try the Owl Cove where you can get a variety of items ranging from coffee and a bagel to a sandwich and a coke. A common hang out where friends can meet and enjoy a meal is Tem- ple ' s Dining Center, located at John- son and Hardwick. Not only can stu- dents get exotic meals such as Egyptian Chicken, but they can also munch on turkey and stuffing, rem- inding them of the good ' ol days of home-cooked meals. There are many places to gather on campus. Whether hanging out at the Bell Tower, sitting by the " talking " owl at Alumni Circle, or sitting on a bench at Rock Hall. Temple students have plenty of places to meet new people, rekindle old friendships, or find a place to center themselves. Dot klmir ' u ski Photo By Kate Hagenbut h i in Bagel Hut is the only place mi campus where students can buy hocolate 1 1 up bagels Photo By: Ahamed Iqba ] Temple ' s close proximity to Center City means that night life is only minutes away A Photo B : k.ite Hagenbuch If you haven ' t hung out at the Bell Tower at least once, then you aren ' t a Temple student! ♦ Turning Back the Clock ♦ The 1980s at Temple Q When Temple Seniors were asked what their favorite , board games were, they replied with: Candy Land Bed Bugs Chutes and Ladders Trouble Yahtzee Mouse Trap Clue Video games were very popu- lar during the eighties. 80s Musicians Bon Jovi Def Leppard Duran-Duran Madonna Men At Work Michael Jackson Poison Wham Here is Hooter in the 80s. The big hair should give it away! Teachers today are not as tall as they were in the 80s. 80s Movies Ferris Bueller ' s Day Off Breakfast Club Some Kind Of Wonderful Sixteen Candles Better Off Dead Fast Times At Ridgemont High Blade Runner Phi iti igraphs o mrtes) ol sscx iated Pres: H-TVPP " ; ST «TisTtti LINES -OOO TOP OlOOOO SCORE OOOOOO NEXT I c LEVE 00 - 1 Nice legs! NCAA shorts have evolved since the 80s. Little did this Temple player know that he would be playing against future NBA star Patrick Ewing. Remembering the 80s... Do You Remember... Big Hair Bands Warm Up Socks Punk Rockers Wearing a sideways pony tail How cool Pontiac Firebirds were When E.T. premiered [poesn ' t look like much has changed in the bookstore since the 80s. A brld News 1997 - 2001 1998 So much in only 4 years 1997 — Hong Kong ' s Independence — Scientists cloned Dolly the sheep — Heaven ' s Gate cult mass suicide — OJ Simpson loses civil suit for wrongful death — Timothy McVeigh is found guilty of bombing ' — China resumes control of Hong Kong — Mars Pathfinder lands on Mars — Princess Diana ' s Funeral. — Comet Hale-Bopp 1st spotted — Jonbenet Ramsev murder fW — The Unabomber pleads guilt. y — India resumes nuclear testing — Clinton admits to Lewinsky af- fair — America bombs Iraq. — Louise Woodward, the young British nanny found guilty in the murder of a babv. returned to the U.K. — Bob Barker ' s game show. The Price is Right, aired its 5,000th epi- sode on CBS in the summer — In late June, three men associat- ed with the Ku Klux Klan dragged a black man. James Byrd Jr.. to his death on the back of a pickup truck: they were later sentenced to death — Two young boys, aged 1 3 and 14, killed 5 people at a Jonesboro. Arkansas middle school after a hoax fire alarm; they were killed on the playground — John Glenn returns to space • nff ' • J §l CD t Senator John Glenn returned to space with six other astronauts to conduct experiments in space. President Clinton and Monica Lewinski seemed to be launed ot each other. Princess Diana ' s funeral passes through I ondon. O.J. Simpson mm his detense attorney, F. Lee Bailey, left, ( onsull with ea h othei during ).J ' s trial. 14 Price is Right tor Bob Barker. £ 1999 NATO begins bombing the former goslavia Columbine tragedy Earthquake in Turkey kills 13,000 Pokemon fever grips the U.S. I- The South Park movie is released - Ited for the most obscenities per mi- lite: 399 in 80 minutes; Pulp Fiction Id only 41 1 obscenities in 154 minutes I- Twelve students killed and three in- ■red at Texas A M when logs for a clebratory bonfire collapsed under the vight of the students 1- Texas Governor George W. Bush an- Dunced that he would be running for jesident in the 2000 primary elections I A shooting incident at a Jewish school 1 L.A. l- On September 17, Hurricane Floyd c vastated the eastern coast of the U.S. (using millions of dollars of damage -• Former Beetle George Harrison was nbbed in the chest by an unknown as- filant on December 29, 1999 2001 HOWPlftTO " WWS 2000 — Charles Schulz. the author of Peanuts, passed away at his home on Long Island in Febru- ary — The closest election in the hisotry of American politics be- tween Al Gore and George W. Bush; after intense litigation. Bush declared President-elect — Sydney Olympics Former Beatle George Harrison | ith the IWO lima Memorial in the tore- round fireworks burst over Washington aturday )an. 1 , 2000 during the millenni- m celebrations. Charles Schulz, helps Snoopy from Peanuts take a bow at the World Premiere concert prefor- mance of " Peanuts Gal- lery " . Photographs courtesy of Associated Press Student Living the Fun Times Student life at Temple changes every day. The experiences that one has here often prove to be memories that last for a lifetime. Students who live on campus are especially fortunate to be able to live in an environment condusive to both doing well in school and having fun. While some students complain that there is little to do on campus, its location allows stu- dents to quickly and easily get to other areas of the city. Students who do not live on campus can often be found relaxing in the Stu- dent Activities Center, although much of the building was closed this year for renovation. Student life at Temple is flourishing, and with more and more students choosing to live on campus — and more dorms being built — campus life will continue to grow. Pholo By: Ahamed Iqhal For this senior living in Temple Towers, doing dishes is never easy. oooo Photo B Mi.imccl lc|l This student knows the importance of proper oral hygiene. She would make If, her den tist proud. Photo B h.imi-il l |h.il| [ he most important thing about lite on c ampus, tor most students, is stuck ing. Photo By: Rcich.itl Anderson mging out in J H with a ■ken toot is a bummer. Photo B ; Rachael Anderson Photo By: R.iihael Anderson Students who meet as freshmen often stay friends throughout People from across the country their college years. study at Temple. Photo B : Rachael Anderson What would students do without being able to Photo By: Rachael Anderson download music from the Internet? As a freshman you really learn the term " collective studying. " Freshman Dorms, Remember when... , r SmilC we have a camera! You can never act too young Who let the Owls out? Hoot. hoot, hoot! Not everything is as collegial as it may seem here at Temple Uni- versity. From the most embar- rassing moment to the most humili- ated person. Temple has it all! Have you ever wondered if anyone saw you when you tripped up the steps at the Tuttleman Learning Center? Did you ever get over that time in your freshman year when you trip- ped inside the cafeteria and dropped your tray in front of hundreds of Temple University upperclassmen . . . including the football team? Or what about the time when you walk- ed into your dorm room wearing only a towel and found that your roommate decided to invite a group of people to your room while you were in the shower. Everyone here at Temple has some embarrassing mo- ments - they only get really em- barrassing when they are caught on Camera. — Donald Smith Photo Bv: Rachel Anderson People do the weirdest things to get their picture taken. This girl decided to get into a waashing machine, then had trouble getting out! Photo B : Ahamed Iqbal Photo K Ra hael Anderson Studying ... no one would c onsidcr that ( razy, I hese guys show off their school spirit by getting painted up ,wh heering for Temple. It may seem a little- out there, but the team needs the support. Photo By: Rachael Anderson Go Cowboys! The Eagles are good, but the Cowboys rule! I 1 r Photo By: Rachael Anderson Witnessing people act like fools is not uncommon in the dorms. Photo By: Kate Hagenbuch. Jasmin Wilson ' s funniest memory in her four years at Temple is the football team streaking naked through the dorm hallways. Spring Fling A day to remember... Boxing is always a popular event at Spring Fling. The Temple students above are taking it into the ring. Food is always plentiful during Spring I ling. Main student organizations register for booths at Spring Fling and make ,1 lot ol mone selling items su h as | I and andv to fellow students. Iipty lawn is very hard to come by during Spring Fling. iese students were lucky enough to find a patch of grass sit down on and relax. The sidewalks are always crowded during Spring Fling, so students allow for extra time when walking from class to class. Spring Fling is a day many remember as one of the most fun they ' ve had at Temple. It is a day to relax, have fun, and enjoy the many events that different organizations put on. While classes are in session dur- ing Spring Fling, teachers often cancel class or students just choose not to attend that day. One of the corner- stones of Spring Fling is all of the different food stands. Many organizations set up the stands with hopes of raising money. Most of the day ' s events center around the Bell Tower, which provides enough space for plen- ty of activities and stands. — Aaron Bycoffe 2 1 The Snow and The Sun Winter and Spring Breaks Let the fun begin! To get away from the work and stress of school, many students choose to take va- cations during their winter and spring breaks. The most popular vacation spots tend to be those on the warmer parts of the globe, such as Florida, Cancun. or California. Other students choose vaca- tions that are less-popular, but often more fun. Some students pictured on this page, for instance, visited China over their break. Although students have more time off for winter break, most wait until spring to go on vacation. As spring break approaches, students find numerous advertisements around campus for the many different trips that different companies offer. Some students choose to go this route, and allow the company to set them up with a hotel, meals, and plane reserva- tions. Others set up the vacation on their own, and have more freedom in planning on where they want to go. Some students choose to just take the time off to relax and get their mind off of schoolwork. No matter what students choose to do over break, most agree that the time off is much-needed. Senior Tim Shen stands atop the Great Wall ot China. 22 Cwen Murray and Dia Jones with University of Ghana students on the campus in Ghana. Temple students having fun in the sun during their break by taking a scuba diving adventure. Buildings Dorms of Temple All around campus Temple currently has five dormitories on campus, with another one set to open in the fall of this year. With a growing population oi stu- dents from outside the Phi- ladelphia area. Temple has to keep up with more and more students who want to live on campus. The new dorm is be- ing built on the site of the old Cooney housing complex, which was specifically for graduate students. The new dormitory, however, will be for undergraduates. To go along with the new building, the renovation of the Student Activities Center will include a large cafeteria to serve stu- dents in Temple Towers and the new dorm. - mdm SCHOOL or BUSINESS and I4ANAGEI4ENT SPEAKMAN HALL Burning the Midnight Oil Finals While most students look forward to each semester ' s end, many also dread that time of year; the end of a semester also means that students must prepare for finals. By senior year, most stu- dents know what to expect from their final exams, but many freshmen are unprepared. But for all students, finals is a time of long hours of studying and sometimes staying up all night to pre- pare for the next day ' s exam. Because most students take about five courses a semester, studying for five different finals over a week ' s time can some- times be very difficult and even dis- couraging. But almost everyone man- ages to get through them, and students can look back knowing they ' ve actu- ally learned something from the class. This Temple student takes advantage of a quiet room. When studying, it is always important to slop and lake a break. I he lunch trucks are kind ot like a " pit Stop " ' tor students. Being huned in books is not uncommon during finals. Where do students study? Paley Library Mitten Hall Dorm rooms Campus lounges At home Bell Tower lawn On a SEPTA bus In another class prior to the im Nowhere, because they don ' t dy What classes have the hardest finals? Although finals van ' depending upon the professor, many stu- dents list the following classes " fi- nals as the most difficult: — Intellectual Heritage — Organic Chemistry — Economics — Finance — Computer Science — Actuarial Science — Physics — Psychology — Engineering Photo Bv: Kate Hagenbuc h SENIORS Memories to last a lifetime. Studying at Temple comes with many experiences, not all of which will seniors look back at with amusement. Long lines at the bookstore, registering for classes and finding parking on campus are things that alumni may not remember very fondly. But through the years, a Tem- ple student also has many memorable moments: Spring Fling. Morning Madness, trips with the Temple basket- ball team and perhaps even a couple of days off for a snow storm — these are the things that Temple seniors will re- member most when looking back at their lives at Temple. Members of this year ' s gradu- ating class, as t hose before them, will become the doc- tors, lawyers, writers, and busincsspeople of tomorrow. There is little doubt that with- out the experiences — good and bad — that Temple has given them, these students would not go on to be as suc- cessful as they surely will. Temple students learn by go- ing through trying times. They learn after their first se- mester when to go to the bookstore, so they won ' t have to wait in line as long. They learn that in order to get the classes they want, they must register early. These are learn- ing experiences that will help this year ' s graduates through- out life, and this is one of the best assets that Temple Uni- versity has to offer — real life experiences every day. Photo B : Miamed Iqbaq Graduation is a time of relief. Seniors finalK ret eive the degree for which they have worked so hard. remple has added some new buil- 28 dini;s in the past few years, the most luiiutileinaii Learnino ( The Bell Tower, aplac • thai will nevei be f irgotten by l emple grads. Photo B Kate HagenbucB Graduates will always remember the flags that adorn I emple ' s ( ampus. i 1 Photo By: Ahamecl Iqbal tiors are overwhelmed with work as they try to n their degrees. V V Tjn j- , k, !•- 151 i mil • ml 131 ' iii ! ; III Photo By: Ahamed Iqbal This view of Temple is a familiar sight that many seniors enjoy while walking north on Broad Street. ' ' .s y s l f l Q L - «£ JfcoOL OF TOUR Hospitality Manage E UN1VER S Photo By: Ahamed Iqbal This student tries to relieve some tension by playing video games. The penthouse view from Temple Towers i 15 Z leer fairs are paramount to seniors ' lives. Thev |jst find that one job that will satisfy them. Photo By: Ahamed Iqbal Commuters often see the Temple " T " as they walk from the Berks Street train station. 29 Dennis Abdul-Jihad Hala Abinader Laura Abrahamson Devin Abrams Ciania L. Acqui Tiffao 1 Byron Adams Colleen Adams Todd Adams Vanessa Addai Samantha Adkins QLADFELTEif Social Selene ( Titilola Agbe-Davies 30 s ■ II ■ « Kelli Albertson Reina Albino Carlie Alexandre Letty Alfredo Corey Alfriend Adonai Omer Ali-Khan James Allen Leah Allen Mark A. Allen Nicole D. Allen be-Davies Nihessah Almond T V Mahogany Alston Rachel Alterman Nicole Amos Collicia Anderson 31 Talia Anderson Brooke A. Angelucci . . Marguerite Anglin Sandy Antoine totiM mi. i a „■ ,i i- a uu Christopher . . . . . Athanasios S. Albert Antonelli Henry E. Archibong . r Jamie Arnngton . .. Tressa Aulenbach Steven L. Auspitz Javenna Avery Joel Avery Adrienne Ayers 4th Fabian Baapogmah Aaron Baer Marlayne Bailey Tyann Baity Fadel Balawi 32 1 c t Tr K ' h i! fell Hl hi Q Jason Battestelli Rhea Bean Elizabeth Beatrice Annette Beh Michael G. Belskis 33 I Gabe Benedik Marlon Bennett Lori Bermes Ryan Bernstein Colliene Besack Deborah Beswick Stacie Beverly Mira Bhakta Kamla Bhalai Subhra Bhattacharyya 34 Besadt I Keonna Birckett Debra A. Biss Nicole Black Vanessa Black Danielle Blackwell Tameka Blackwell Porsche Blakey Julius Bland Ellesia Blaque Titania Boddie ■ _ Jill Bodge Benjamin Bohr Jamila Bond Vanessa Boone Nicole Bovell Ryan M. Bowen Christine A. Bowman Mia Boyd Colleen Boyle Adama Bracewell 35 Luiza Brach Kathryn Brady Omar Branch Elissa Brandon Jevar Bransome Ricto Nicolle Bratkovics Leta Brehme Rochelle Brenner Melanie Brewster Barbie Brillantes - 1 ' ® L i Helen Britt Amy Brode Khadijah Bronson Chianti Brooks Tyressa R. Brooks Danielle Brown Ian Brown Kerrian A. Brown Najja Brown Patricia Brown 36 Brooks grown liA Richard Brown Stephanie Brown Sheila Bruce Mariquita Buhion Pierre Buisson Lawrence Bullard Jaasu Burgee Kerri Burke Alice C. Burns Tameka Burton k - mmmm x m Vincent Burton Meghann Busfield Kisha Bush Marybeth Buta Pondosa Butler HVvV W B Cynthia Caban Erica M. Caceres Colleen Cain 37 _ „ " ' Taneisha Cameron Calloway Christina M. Campbell Edward Campbell Lucress Campbell Steven D. Campbell Jeremy Carrion Jeanette Carroll Blendenna Carter Brian Carter Gail J. Carter Marc Caruso Meredith Cassidy Derek Castro Christopher Cazaubon Marvin Chalwe Lakeesha Teisha Chambliss Donette Charlton Chambers Sandra Chase 38 i Stacey Chase Minh Chau John Chaump Tiffany Chavis Monique Chavous Michael Chea Chu-Chao Chen Melanie Chern Laura Chesla Rodrick Chestnutt Minah Cho Eun-Young Choi Gi-Yun Choi Zaheer Choudhary 39 fc£ Stuti Christie Kathleen Christine Jennifer Chu Timothy Cicippio Amenah Claiborne Aysma Monique Clark Stephen Clark Michael Clay Jason Clayton Jennifer K. Clement fa Ebony Clements Christer Cline £k 1 Sharlena Clough Towanda Cofield Charlesm Cognata ' ., " T WKm A vw En M Kimberly Cohen Shawn Cohen Stacey Cohen Erin Cole Jamie Cole 40 Marker Mnel Aysma Coleman Leshawna K. Coleman Neana Collins Kelly Compton Regina Conley Faith Coop er IKE? ' ? ??! Nicole E. Cope Crystal Copeland Shaketa Copeland Ruthie Cordero Ode Markems Coriolan Edward G. Costello Kimberly Council Theodore Cox 41 Angela Craig Kasha Craig Latoya Craig Jaime Cranage Christopher Crawford rv Cornelius Crawford Janitta Crockett M. Shanee Crockett Wendy Crooks Jennifer Crow 42 Aaron Cubbage Patrick Cummings Tara Cummings Todd Cummings Michele Curran Crow Jason Curtis Lydia Cutrer Patricia A. Cutter Natalie D ' amato Dana E. Dangerfield Ouz Raiph A. Daroignac Simao Dasilva Roseanne David Bianca Davis 43 Qlft Kathleen Davis Kendre Davis Lucille I. Davis Daniel Davoli Theresa Deacon Janine Decresenzo Gina Deieso Deborah D ejene Jose Delapena Jessica Deleston Samantha DelValle Michael J. Demarco Amy Demyan Dawn Denlinger Evan Dennis George Dennis Amy Derosa Sallie Derry Rikkia DeShazior Kristi DeSimone 44 i n „; , . ... Kristen DeVirgiliis Deanna Diaz Paolina DiBenedetto Lynn Dickerson DeStephanis III M ' Khyel Dicks Minh Diep Tanya Dierksheide Nadia Dilbert Christine Dimalanta Teresa Dimitri Hong Dinh Jessica Dinizio Louis F. Dipietro Wendi L. Discher Michele L p.. . Madeleine C. Dixon Rodney J. Dixon Stephanie Dobbins Kari Dodd 45 Eugene J. Dolan Jr. Ami Dolev Robert Dolge Gina Dolores Rachel Donkochik Jenelle Dost Harry T. Dougherty Sean Dougherty Kimberly Doughty 46 Sherlonda Dozier Rashidah Drayton Christine Drulis Rebecca L. Drummond Van Du April Dumas Lan Duong Maria Duprey Lara Durback Latonia Duren Daria Dzwil Marcella Eaddy Jennifer Eberly Sadaf Ebrahim Kisha D. Echevarria Taryn Edwards Ikwonne Ekpene Olakunle Ekundare " Marwa El-Morshedy Jaamia ' 47 1. . . - - ' fm -nl r Janis English Scott Epstein ■ Olubukola I. Erinle Pamela Errico Mark Evans Terri Evans Mayoli Fadika Etyia M. Faison Michael Falcone Deanna Falconio Janice Fan Violet Farmer Shannon Farrell Nateesha Faulkner Reginald C. Faulks 48 B fa Kanika Feaster Meredith Felt Kamel Fennell Edward Ferguson Sara Fierman Senati D. Fis seha Richard Fitzgerald Harry Flanagan IV Victor Fleishman Anitra R. Fletcher Indra Fletcher Melissa Flores Seth Floyd Kim Floyd-Sutton Meghan Foley Fa Laura Follweiler Rachael Folweiler Cristina Fontanez Collette Foster Temeko Foster 49 © . i Joseph Franchi Angela Franck Cheryl Frank Oshunbunmi Fraser- Samuel Matt Fuhrmeister Stephanie Furey John J. Gaittens Lora Gajkowski Carla Gallagher Hart Tennille Gallman Michael Gans Duane Garrison Karen Garrow Laren Gaskins 50 Micl a Fratto Philip Gaspari Sheryia Gastearl Thomasina Gentekos Kiya Gethers Mattie K. Gibbons Dawn Gibson Jinaki Gibson Aparicio Giddins Anthony Gilbert Ellen Gilbert Martina Gilbert Stacey Gilbert Cicely Gilmore Curtis Glenn Louis K. Glenn Michelle Glenn Tomiko Godbold Sharon Godette Melissa A. Godshall Emilia Golanska 51 Inna Goldshteyn n e . se 9 Joanne Gonzales Justin Gonzales Evelyn Gonzalez 7 Gombojav Luz Gonzalez Aminci N. Gora Catherine Gore Lorraine Grady Anthony Graham Dawn J. Graham Jennifer Graham Tatyana Grapp Lakeyya Grasty Nikkia Gravely Evonia Graves James Gray 1 Monica Gray Andrea Green Marcus Green 52 , Graham Daniel Gross Tania Grosso Stephanie Grubb William Gushue Ruba Habtemicael Frederick O. Hamilton II Muron E. Hamilton Jr. . Hankins Vaia Haralambou Susan Harmon Jeremy Harp Kelly Harper 53 sfi Makia Harper Edwin Harris Jason W. Harris Phillip Harris Leah Hart Dana Hartzman Aaesha Hashmi Marchia Hayle John Heap Kevin Hearn Ndozi Henriques 54 Yema Henriques Darice Henry Maureen Henry Tobieann R. Henry Alexander Hey ward Michael C. Higgings Quintonio Highsmith Sharrae Hill Caressa Hitner Quan Ho Kazutoshi Hoakozaki Derrick Hodge Kimberly Hoehing Ryeshia Holley Laquelle Holmes ■ Kirsten Hontz Melissa Horning Kia Horton Maria Hosein Patricia Howard 55 Darin Hughes Miguel Hughes Robert S. Hughes William Hughes Baiyina Hughley Meiiss Maureen E. Hunter Kelley Hutchison Charlene Huynh Matthew Huynh Nnadozie Ibeh Yvonne Jackson John Jacobs Beth Jacobson Brandi Jakubowitz Joyce James 56 Melissa James Yoo-Jin Jang Pamela Jarmon Duane Jarrett Fredric Jarvis o Alana Jeffries Rashidah Jenious Brian C. Jenkins Michael Jenkins Jomika Jennings Binu Johnson Darlene Johnson Matt Johnson Monica Johnson Robert A. Johnson 57 Summer Jordan Gardenhire R. Joseph Rakia Joseph Jimmy Jouthe Leighann Julio I 58 Kimberley Keenan Daniel Kelly Jonathan L. Kendall Barbara Kennedy Rashida Kennedy Jason Kernevich Alice Kersey Melissa Kershes Jaime Kerwood Nina Keyes v Laura Keys Aliya Khabir Valentina Khais Hoa V. Khuu Ana Kim 59 Elicia Kim Haley H. Kim Jennifer Y. Kim Jungkwon Kim Sylvia King Gjf Lana Klebanov Veronica Knapper Alisha S. Knight " „ ... Luba Kofman £5 tS C ft, £ ' Se Anastasios Konidaris Johnnie Kornegay Byron Koukaras Jennifer Kownacki Jessica Krenzel Maun 60 Sean Landis Andrew Lapteff Carolyn Larode Devon Lassiter Stephen Lattanzio Maureen Laubach Joshua Lawder Hoangnhu Le Trang Le Vanaysia Le 61 Christine Lee Diana Lee Emilia Lee Hong-Sok Lee Shu-Min Lee Michael J. LeeJr. Cynthia Lees Jaclyn Lehman Bethany Lenhart Lisa Lerner Marina Lerner Kennitha Lester Gary Leung Michael Levanios Scott Levin Than 62 Leeann Lynch Kristin Lyons 63 Medina Lyons Shirley Lyons Marcia Lyssy Bobby Ma Heather Macauley Holly ( Holly Macauley Robin Mack Tonya Mack Lazaros Mackrides Christina Madeam Jeannine Maisonet Ellie Malachoski Andrew D. Malakoff Kathleen Maloles Erin Malone Jason Mantzouranis Nurit Maor Jason Marcial Louann Marinucci Travis Markel Louis: 64 Holly R. Marks Louis Marone Christina Martin Sean Martin Melissa Martinez Mario Marzullo Soshi Mashiro Cheyene Mason Robert Massaroni Valery T. Matalo Holly Matecki Malisa Matheny Lisa Mathews Monica Matilla Mary K. Matson Mart Louis S. Maunier Ranganai E. Mavindidze Joel A. Mayeski Khalilah Mays Bridget McAndrew 65 Sean McBride Ming D. Mccall John McCarraher Jr. Michael McCarthy Kelly McCourt Latasha McCray Sandra McFall Melverna McFarlane Michele Mcllwain Regina Mclver The Liacouras Center m Andrea Mclean 66 i f.,- - EtWrt kniel McManamon Shannon McNulty Melissa McPherson Johari McRae Chearo Mean Marc Mednick Angela Meehan Sholeh Mehdizadeh Heeral Mehta Steve G. Mei im Jessie R. Melton ) i Mh - Robert Menefee Valerie L. Mercer Michelle Meronyck Jennifer Merrigan mm? . Audrey Merritt Loretta Meyers Aimee Miller Felicia Miller Lauren Miller 67 Rahman Miller Todd Miller Edson Millien Yelena Milutinovich Jason Miraglia Bryon Mirto HHUl Sadia M. Mirza k Carla Mitchell Judy Mlynarski Jerad Molkenthin James Mondelli James W. Montgomery Jennifer M. Montowski Doris Moody Taswia Moody Hassan Moore Jennifer Moore Kathy Moore Robert Moore Shannon A. Moore 68 Steven Moore Vanessa Morales Kathleen Moran Leyla Moreno Amanda Morris Mikisha Morris Ronald Morris Kawanis Morrison Khalil Morrison Natalie Morrison Renee Morton Staggs Gregory Moton Cecilia Moya Marcie Moyer Nafeesah Muhaimin d Moore Joseph Mullarkey Ryan Munn Kellee Murray Kelli R. Murray Leslie Murrell 69 Francesco Muto Ryan Mygal Somaly Nam vv.-;. Hans Nelson Zoya Nastaskin Kareem Neal MWM Bao-Quoc Ngo iM Baokhanu Nguyen Baothuy Nguyen Chuck Q. Nguyen 70 Kenny Nguyen Ngocloan T. Nguyen Nguyet Nguyen Sammi Nguyen Sandy Nguyen Tri Nguyen Jessica Nichols Susan Niescier N -. . ' Margaret D. Nikolis Maksim Nilov Susan Nocella Takashige Noguchi ) Nguyen Laura Nolan Nadia Noor Frederick Novasak Melissa Nowak Evonne Nwankwo 71 Leonard Nwoga Todd OBanner Megan L. Ocheltree „_ p .. Ayo Ojo jonath; ■■flHBl Michael Okwueze Katrina Olney Lauren Omlor Rexmarie Onyelzu Andrew Oratis Dennis Oriel Lourdes Ornedo Eric V. Osten Mineaki Otsuka J Annette Owens Cynthia Pace Kathleen Paffett Alex Palanker Erika Palmer 72 Jonathan Palmer Tracy Palmer Sarah Palyo Dionysios Pappas Kristin Pappas Nicole Parker Nickkiiah Parks Carolyn Parra Joann Pascale Jiten Patel Justine Pearsall Shelly Peart Suleiman Pendleton Lucilla Perry Willie Perry 73 Shayla Person Kathleen Pete Alyson Peters Gillian Peters Melissa Peters Gary Patrice Peters Tim Peterson Laura A. Pham Thuy Pham Thao T. Phan Benny Philip Rajeena Philips Tiffany Phillips Linda Philogene Cai Phung dtkmk Helen M. Piacentini Marguerite Pierre Stephen J. Pietrzykowski Gabriel Piselli Yelena Pivovar 74 i Peters Gary Pogue Jr. Maria Polenta Ka Y. Pong Dianne Poole Keisha Pottinger Artiss Powell Darylisha Powell Greg Powell Elizabeth Power Karen Pratt Cecilia Prempeh Jacqueline D. Price Richard Price Karina Primak Roman Prokopovych Juliett Puhiera Monica Purvines Nicolas J. Pytel Le Qi Michelle Quach 75 Kellie Quinton Sayel Qureshi Stephen Rajan Elizabeth Randall Candace Randolph ' ■ Catherine Ransom Bari Rapport Anisah Ravenell James Raymond Tulie Reddick Rk Lone Reed Stevena Reed Irize Refined Andrew Reid Janet Reid Ri i Jaime R. Reimann Elizabeth B. Reiprich Michelle Reiser Hillary Repnicki Tynisha Revels 76 =e: Christina Richardson Hamilton RinggoldJr. Laurence Richardson Monique Richardson Gerald Ricks Christine Ridgley Kelly Riordan Erika Rivers Jean N. Rivers Anthony T. Rizzo Shaun Robins Ed Robinson 77 Kim Robinson Kathleen Rockwell Robert W. RodeJr. David Rodriguez Rogomentick Rose Brian Rohn Yuri Rojavin Kellie Rolle Cecilia Romaldini Jolain Romelus Ryan Rosenbaum 78 i Jonathan H. Rosenberg Michael J. Rosenberg Adam Rosenblatt Ebony C. Ross Theodore Ross Elizabeth Rossi Jennifer Rossino Joann Rouse Robyn Rouse Stacy Roussey Rebekah Ruddell Angela Rufino Rodney Rumph Arthur Russell $0 1 Darnell Russell Rudy Russell Amy Ruthrauff Edward Ryans Saira Saeed 79 Rania Salama Nicole Salamatin Lili Salmon John K. Saltzgueber Karla B. Salvador g c Johanna Samberg- Champion Sean Sams Annie Samuel Wendy Samuels Amy Santana Tracy Schmib Lauren Schmidt Corinne Schmieg Mary Schneider Anita C. Schofield [_ a , 80 Scheurer Gina Sedgwick Lauren K. Segal W. C. Seigler Urban Seitei Anthony Semeraro Laura Serik Jose L. Serrano Janear Sewell Nikita Shah Punam Shah 81 Jamillah H. Shakir Kelly Shallcross ■ Laura Shanahan Laura Shaner Coleen Shannon Joshua Mahim Sharma Jennifer Shaub Anthony Shaw Justin Shaw Yitng Shen Vanessa Sheppard Stephanie Shettel Adam Shifrin Rikki Shimp ■ Jai Shin Hali Shipon Amber Shmuckler Kawang Shockley Michelle Siano Jodi Silknitter 82 Joshua Silverman Woong Sim Parthena Simeonidou Ama Simms Danielle Simons I Mironda Simpson anboualay Diana Sinelnikova Chia Y. Siu Diane Siveter Stephen I. Sklar Jeffrey Skversky Sharon Smallwood Amanda J. Smith Amy Smith lot Anna Smith Bernard Smith Carla Smith Dayra Smith Erika Smith 83 Jamie H. Smith Kia Smith Lamont Smith Mark Smith Veronica Smith i=:iat Louis S. SmithJr. Barrie J. Snyder Brent Snyder Melissa Snyder Carrie Sobota Susan Spinella Beth A. Springier Christopher Spross Shannon Stafford Eugene Stallworth Tiffa,1 y 84 1 w- f ca Smith B ethann Stanek Piotr Staniszewski Devida Staten Cathy Stefano Amy Stein Paul Stein Joni L. Stevens Jason Stewart Nicole Stewart Renee Stewart tiiwi Tiffany Strother Raita Sugama Jiro Sugiyama Janelle Sutton Almitra Sutton-Bey 85 Jewel Swanson Michael Tadeo Rika Takeuchi Curtrina Talbert Tayamis Joel H. Tannenbaum Daniel Taylor Lativida Taylor Rajvi Teli Ronald Temple Michelle Terra f Danielle Terry Yana Terzi Miyuki Tezuka Clementine L. Thaxton Gladis Thomas Kimbria Thomas Markesa Thomas Natasha Thomas Quiana Thomas Stacey Thomas fient 86 mammmmm Tayamisha Thomas Jayson Thompson Pamela Thompson Traci Thompson James Thompsonl ' Amber Thorn Errol Thurtonll Jennifer Tice Ashleen Timoney Jennifer Todd Charles Tomasello Rachel Tomlinson Marsena Toney Brian Torrence Kyron Townes mmMi Element Townsend Ky Tran Michael Tran Thao P. Tran Van Tran 87 Drew Trevlyn Huyen Trinh Natasha Triplett Cynthia S. Trogisch Max Troitsky 1A _ WL m. M m . it Anthony W. Trott Stacey Troupe Truong Truong _ .... , Tamika Tukes-Reed 1 " » » Tsvihkhovskaya Ebony D. Turner Nathaneil Turner Tanya Turner Jennifer Tustin Peter Tutton T a! Obioha Ugoji Marianne Umek Christina Upsher Jon Urso Grace D. Van Band; 88 Henh Van Danielle Vardakas Tom Varghese Apurv Varia Brian Vassalluzzo Sugey Veizaga Nicholas Veneziale Alia Vergel Jessica Vey Arlene Villaruz i Ur. Tal Volok Gregory Waite Cortney A. Wallace Lori Wallace Arlene Walters Van Elanda Walton Lisa M. Ward Melissa S. Warfield Amy M. Warner Nneka Washington 89 Marcia Weinstein Lisa Weiss Renita Weldon Sarah Wellington Sabrina Wells Lauren Wen Sarah Y. Wen Susannah Wesley Hayward West Violet A. Westberry " Amie J. Wharton Lauren Wheeler Kevin Whelihan Mishi-Naka White Beth Whitehead 90 Julie Whitehead Shannon Whitney Miya Wihhiams Amahs L. Williams Anesha Williams J 1 l.li Cortney Williams Crystal Williams Jared Williams Miya Williams Nydria Williams Reinetta Williams Richard Williams estberr; R Shanna Williams Takeitha S. Williams Zakia Williams o 8 Erick Williamson Allen Willis Shasia Willis Clifford Wilson Deneen C. Wilson 91 Holly B. Wilson Jeanine Wilson Tiffany Wilson Syreeta Winder Lisa Wingeard Latoya Winkfield Justine Winward Steven M. Wlodarczyk Ida Wms-Waiters Megan Wolf 1 wfcr: 1 Natalie Woloshyn Makeeda Womack Yen Wong Shawndra Woodard Karin Woodland Annie Woods Lakeisha T. Woods Shauna T. Woods Erika Wootson Ebony Wortham 92 ngeanj tail Catherine Wright Hsiao-Ping Wright Nafis K. Wright Gregory Wudarski Leah R. Wyant William H. Wynes Zheng Yang Ru S. Yee Kelly L. Yoder Yayoi Yoshida Ddand Markeeta Young Melanie Young Kimberly Zercher Haomiao Zhang Regina Zimmaro J m Susan Zoerkler Stephanie Zonca Kathryn M. Zook 93 I - «-.-. Temple Administration William T. Bergman Vice President M A Corrinne A. Caldwel eting Provost Jeffrey M. Cornelius Dean of Music Martin S. Dorph Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer D. Peter Doukas Dean of Pharmacy School Richard M. Englert Vice President for Administration James A. Fitzsimmons Assoc. Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students Howard (iittis Chairman. Board of Trustees Harriet Goodheart Acting Associate Vice President of Universit) Relations Curtis . Leonard Dean of the School of Social dministration Peter J. Liacouras Chancellor Leon S. Malmud Senior Vice President, Health Sciences Center John A. Mattiacci Dean. School of Podiatnc Medicine I homas I Ma e Acting Vice President for Development and Mumni ae Affairs and ice President for I nrollmenl Management ieorge l Moore I niversit) ( ounsel and Secretan David O ' Brien Director ol Athletics Arthur C. Papacostas Vice President ot " Computer and Infor mation Services Christopher Platsoucas Acting Dean of School of Science and Technology Moshe Porat Dean. Fox School of Business and Management: Dean. School of Tourism and Hospitalit Robert J. Reinstein Vice President; Dean. Beasley School of Law D Cheryl Ruzek Acting Dean of the Graduate School Keya Sadeghipur Acting Dean of the College of Engineering Anthoiu J. Scirica Vice Chairman, Executive Committee Trevor Sewell Dean of the College of Education and dmmisl ration Concetta Stewart Dean of School of Communications and Theater Martin Tansj Rochelle Toner Morns J. V ' ogel Dean of Dental School Dean of T ler ctmg Dean of the and Administration School of Art College of Liberal Arts Marvin Wachman Honorarv Chancellor Valaida S. Walker Vice President of Student Affairs T0 Zi 1 % i m k r Sophia Wisniewski Dean of Ambler Campus Organizations Activities Developing students outside of the classroom Student organizations at Temple are nourishing. With more and more or- ganizations coming to cam- pus, students are given much more of a choice when deciding which extra- curricular activities in which they will participate. Among the types of organ- izations at Temple are pro- fessional, political, aca- demic, and religious, among others. Temple also has 22 registered Greek- letter organizations. One sign that student participa- tion in extracurricular ac- tivities is flourishing is this year ' s renovation of the Student Activities Center. The new building will have expanded dining and lounging facilities. Throughout the school year, the Main Campus Program Board, among other student organiza- tions, plan a number of dif- ferent events to help stu- dents have fun while on campus. 96 I ,ii h April, student either on c .impiis to enjoy Spring I ling. Ko( k 1 1. ill is the setting lor many com erts throughout the school year. SAC Renovations Preparing for the new millennium CONSTRUCTION CONSTRUCTION CONSTRUCTION CONSTRUCTION CONSTRUCTION CONSTRUCTION CONSTRUCTION CONSTRUCTION CONSTRUCTION CONSTRUCTION CONSTRUCTION CONSTRUCTION Getting ready to sparkle students have long awaited a renovated Student Activities Center, as the 30-year-old building has )ecome somewhat outdated. Phase one of the con- duction project began on June 1, 2000, and in- :luded the demolition of the first floor of the center. dministrators expect the first phase to be done in ime for the opening of the new 1000-bed residence lall on the site of the old Cooney Hall in the fall of !001. Phase one will include 12,315 square feet of lew space and 35,400 square feet of renovations. The renovations include a 700-seat food court on he first floor and several lounges. The new entrance vill have a modernized facade, soaring atrium, and , vheelchair access. 5 hase two of the project will include the addition of i ballroom, nightclub, and movie theater. Also, stu- lent organization and retail space will be expanded. — Aaron Bycolle SAC (m(i Court ■M ± Photographs by Stan Cherian Justin Fithian, Office of Student Activities. Drawings by Kimmel-Bogrette Architects. Organizations Temple University Cambodian Society The Temple University Cambodian Society works to unite Cambodians, share common experiences, and support each other on Temple ' s campus. Photo By: Ahamed Iqbal ♦ The Black Student Film Collective The Black Student Film Collective embraces, equips and empowers media makers of the African Diaspora and other marginalized groups, enabling their survival, longevity, and cultural freedom within the industry of film. 100 Sherine Crooms — President Alexander Heyward — Vice President Nicole Thornton — Secretary Brandy Durham — Student Representative Sabrina Hall — Treasurer ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ . inu treedo: ♦ Organizations Temple University Honors Program Academic Achievement ♦ ♦ A group of Honors students pose tor the camera. ♦ 101 Organizations Temple University Army ROTC Be all you can be ♦ 1 Temple ROTC uses hands-on leadership labs to give students the ability to lead in any environment. The final purpose of the Temple ROTC is to commission Army Of- ficers who have demonstrated the potential to be an American soldier. Army ROTC is an elective course that students can take to give them an advantage when combined with their college education. ROTC not only teaches students the principles of management but also gives them the op- portunity to lead. Many students enroll in ROTC for the many scholarships that come with the responsibility. Others join for the leadership experience. ROTC training goes beyond typical college courses. Students lead each other on missions and take part in outdoor training designed to improve the ability to solve problems under stress. ROTC is usually a four-year program, but some students are only in ROTC for two. The first two years make up the basic cour- ses, including military history, leadership development, and national defense. In the advanced courses, taken in the last two years, students are given instruction in tac- tics, ethics, and professionalism. The last two years groom the students for the Uni- ted States Army. — Aaron Bycoffe Organizations ROTC cadets practice close quarters combatives by hitting each other and defending themselves with jousting sticks. Temple female ROTC Cadets cut loose in front of the camera, posing with an AR-1 5. 48% of Temple ' s ROTC is made up of female cadets. s Top: CPT Cannariata, SFC Cambell, MJG Middelton, CPT Russell Sitting: MA) Thoma, LTC Winbush Cadet Wallace Nicholson Cadet Tanasha Bennett Cadet )ohn Jwaray Cadet McCurdy is gearing up with a bullet sash for the machine gun range at Fort Dix, NJ. ♦ 103 Photographs courtesy ot ROTC Organizations Diamond Band Marchin ' to a different beat The Temple University Diamond Marching Band, under the direction of Brad Townsend, performs at eve- ry home football game. Not only is the band entertaining on the field, but is also keeps the crowd going in the stands. The band also has a per- formance show for each game. The band committee coordinates band camp activities. They are also active in the organization of the Diamond Band and keep the lines of commu- nication open between the staff and ♦ ♦ ♦• students. Aaron Bycofte ♦ ♦ ♦ Organizations ♦ ♦ Organizations Golden Key National Honor Society Scholastic Achievement and Excellence Photographs by: Kate i lagenbu h Organizations International Programs An unforgettable experience... studying abroad Where did you study? — Rome — London — France — Japan — England — Germany — Puerto Rico — Scotland — Spain Temple Rome students during orientatio n week in Todi. ♦ Temple in the central plaza of the Mayan ruins of Tikal, Guatemala. This photo was taken by Stephen P. Smith while studying abroad in Cuatemela. 1 Q 10 ' m i ♦ Temple Rome students travel to an Umbrian hillside town during orientation week. ♦ The Ponte S. Angelo as viewed from Castel S. Angelo in Rome, Italy. 107 Organizations Phi Sigma Pi National Honors Fraternity Photo By: Kate Hagenbuch Phi Sigma Pi Professional Honorary Fraternity was founded on February 14, 1916 by faculty members at the Mis- souri State Teachers College at War- rensburg, now know as Central Mis- souri State University. The founders sought to help a group of students with high academic standards create a na- tional fraternal organization. Phi Sigma Pi was created to combine and fill the gaps between high academic, leader- ship, and social organizations. The Alpha Lambda chapter at Temple University includes students who meet high leadership, scholarship, and fel- lowship standards. IDS ♦ ♦ Organizations NAACP ♦ ♦ Photo By: Kate Hagenbuch Campus Crusade for Christ ♦ ♦ Photo By: Kate Hagenbuch 109 Organizations Gamma lota Sigma Professional risk, insurance, and actuarial science fraternity The purpose of Gamma Iota Sigma is to encourage, establish, and enhance the profe ssionalism of students in the Risk Management. Insurance, and Actuarial Science majors. Our goal is to prepare our members for quality employment opportunities in the risk management, insurance, and actuarial fields. As a fra- ternal organization, we strive to build a sense of community and cohesion among members while improving their career opportunities through increased knowl- edge of the industry. In addition, we aim to prepare our members to interact comforta- bly with industry leaders, and form con- tacts that will serve them throughout their career. We will carry this out by utilizing valuable resources, including our national grand chapter of Gamma Iota Sigma, the Fox School of Business and Management, a rich tradition in a strong professional net- work, and a distinguished alumni chapter of Gamma Iota Sigma. CIS Mission Statement Group Picture of Gamma lota Sigma Chapter members. 10 ♦ . . ♦ ♦ ence Organizations Temple News The student run newspaper ♦ ♦ Temple News has been the voice of the students of Temple University for over 76 years. Croup Picture of Spring 2001 Newspaper members. ♦ ♦ ♦ Fraternities and Sororities Kappa Alpha Psi Kappa Alpha Psi promotes a style of intellectual and aesthetic evalu- ation for more than 100,000 col- lege men. Rooted in a genuine concern for human development, the fraternity exhorts its members to stretch themselves in all direc- tions while holding fast to a sus- taining principle of achievement. The 10 founders gave birth to the concept that if they were going to be brothers, they should be broth- ers on the best terms possible. Re- liance would be placed upon high Christian ideals and the purpose of honorable achievement in every field of human endeavor. Delta Sigma Phi Delta Sigma Phi is the newest fra- ternity on Temple ' s campus. Del- ta Sig was accepted as a colony of its national fraternity during the Spring of 1 998. The fraternity was founded at the College of the City of New York in 1899. The frater- nity colors are Nile green and whi- te and its symbol is the sphinx. The brothers of Delta Sigma Phi are known for being active in Temple ' s community, have ser- ved as volunteers for the Owl Watch program in conjunction with Temple police. The fraterni- ty hopes to continue its service to Temple and the surrounding com- munity for years to come. Alpha Epsilon Pi The Alpha Pi chapter of Al- pha Epsilon Pi Fraternity was originally established on Temple ' s campus in the mid- 1 950s. After being closed, the chapter then returned to cam- pus in the mid-1980s. Alpha Epsilon Pi was founded at New York University in 1913. and has the colors of gold and blue. The brothers are active in fundraising for Juvenile Diabe- tes Foundation. They are also active in intramural sports and other campus activities. Alpha Kappa Alpha The Alpha Kappa Alpha So- rority began at Howard Uni- versity on January 15, 1908. The Temple chapter of AKA was established on No- vember 5, 1955. This was the first African-American soror- ity on Temple ' s campus. Al- pha Kappa Alpha is also the oldest Greek-letter organization in America established by black college women. The colors of AKA are apple green and salm- on. Their motto is " By Culture. By Merit. " Nationally, the so- rority has grown to over 140,000 women in over 850 chapters. 112 - Fraternities and Sororities T Alpha Epsilon Phi Alpha Epsilon Phi sorority had its start at Barnard College on October 24, 1909. The Phi Theta chapter was established at Temple on May 12, 1984. Alpha Epsilon Phi sisters stay active in community ser- vice events and raise money each year for their philanthropy, pediatric AIDS. The colors of Alpha Epsilon Phi are green and white. The flower is the lily of the valley, the luminous pearl is the jew- el, and the giraffe is the mascot. Delta Zeta Delta Zeta Sorority was founded on October 24, 1902 at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. Temple ' s Delta Tau chapter was esta- blished in 1963. DZ left Temple ' s campus during the Vietnam War and finally returned in 1987. Since then, Delta Zeta has been active in both the Temple community and the surrounding area. The first recipient of the Dean ' s Cup, DZs showed that they were strong on campus. The national philanthropy of the sorority is to provide aid for the speech and hearing impaired. janizatiffl d by Nad colors o and salm y Culture ly. the » to over over 851 Photo by Kate Hagenbuch The sisters of Alpha Epsilon Phi 113 Fraternities and Sororities Tau Kappa Epsilon Founded on January 10, 1899, Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity aims to aid college men in mental, moral, and social development. The colors of TKE are cherry and gray, and the equilateral triangle is the symbol. The flower is the red carnation. Alpha Phi Alpha The Pi Rho chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity was established on September 16, 1985 at Temple. Nationally, the fraternity was founded at Cornell University in 1906. Alpha Phi Alpha has become one of the oldest African- American Greek-letter organizations. The fraternity sym- bols are the sphinx and the pyramids. The seven founders of Alpha Phi Alpha are known as the Seven Jewels. " First of All, Servants of All, We Shall Transcend All " is the motto of the fraternities. Notable alumni include Dr. Mar- tin Luther King, Jr., W.E.B. DuBois, and Lionel Ritchie. Many fraternities paint their letters on the sidewalks in front of their houses on Broad Street. These letters are in front of TKE ' s former house. Fraternities and Sororities Delta Sigma Theta Sorority (back) Porche Blakey, Adrienne Ayers, Ikwonne Ekpenne, Leeann Lynch, Evonne Nwankwo, LaShaya Duval, Karimah Love, Marguerite Anglin (front) Ryeshia Holley, Towanda Cofield, Jamie Cole, Tiffany Wilson (not pictured) Erika Solomon, Denina Jordon Executive Board Ryeshia Holley (Treasurer), Leeann Lynch (Corresponding Secretary), Towanda Cofield (1st Vice President), Jamie Cole (President), Tiffany Wilson (2nd Vice President), Marguerite Anglin (Recording Secretary) 115 Fraternities and Sororities Phi Sigma Sigma The Xi chapter of Phi Sigma Sigma Sorority was esta- blished on Temple ' s campus on October 16, 1926. Each year the sorority holds its an- nual Rock-a-Thon at the Bell Tower. The sisters ' goal is to raise money for the National Kidney Foundation. King blue and gold are the colors of Phi Sig. The national mascot of the sorority is the sphinx. At Temple, Phi Sigma Sigma is active in the Temple Uni- versity Greek Association and the Pan-Hellenic Associ- ation. The sisters are also known for participating in community service events. Sigma Gamma Rho Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority is the youngest of the National Pan- Hellenic Council organizations at Temple. Founded on November 12, 1922 at Butler University, the sisters of Sigma Gamma Rho con- tinue to hold true to their motto, " Greater Service, Greater Prog- ress. " The Beta Delta Chapter at Temple was established in 1947. Their colors are royal blue and gold and their mas- cot is the French toy poodle. Sigma Gamma Rho has over 72,000 members and 600 chapters in the U.S., Bermu- da, the Bahamas, and the Vir- gin Islands. Phi Beta Sigma Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity was founded at Howard University on January 9, 1914. The founders had a vision to start a Greek-letter organization founded upon broth- erhood, service, and scholarship. Members follow their motto. " Culture for Service, Service for Humanity, " by participating in many community service events on campus. In 1920, Phi Beta Sig- ma established a relationship with the Zeta Phi Beta Sorority. The organizations share a constitution and colors. Zeta Phi Beta Zeta Phi Beta Sorority was foun- ded at Howard University on Jan- uary 1 6, 1 920. The Temple chap- ter was established in 1922. The Zetas share their colors and con- stitution with Phi Beta Sigma Fra- ternity. This union was the first Greek-letter combination of its kind. The mascot of Zeta Phi Beta is the cat and the symbol is the dove. The sorority ' s motto is " Finer womanhood, scholarship, service, and sisterly love. " ♦ Fraternities and Sororities Sigma Phi Epsilon Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity was origi- nally chartered on Temple ' s campus in 1930, closed in 1972, and then reopened under its present charter in 1990. The fraternity ' s cardinal principles are Vir- tue, Diligence, and Brotherly Love. SigEp is the largest of the IFC fraternities on campus, and continually excels in in- tramural sports. The chapter also takes pride in its community service, includ- ing tutoring students at an area ele- mentary school. Nationally, Sigma Phi Epsilon boasts the largest number of undergraduates, with over 14,000 in more than 250 chapters. Sigma Pi Hie ideals of loyalty, friendship, and rust are the stronghold of the Sigma i Fraternity. The fraternity was ounded on February 26, 1897. To- lay, Sigma Pi has over 132 active hapters across the United State, brothers are active on Temple ' s ampus in street sweeps, IFC, 7UGA, and intramural sports. Sig- na Pi has the honor of having Rus- ell Conwell, Temple ' s founder, as me of its many notable alumni. The Sigma Phi Epsilon chapter house on Broad Street. " ♦ 117 Sports The Owls Things are looking good for Temple Athletics. The Foot- ball team has had its best year in a long time; there was even talk of a possible bowl game. While that hopeful idea did not quite become reality, many Owl faithful were pleased with the team ' s per- formance. The Basketball team has begun the Post- Pepe Sanchez era. While in the midst of rebuilding, there is much to look forward to in the next few seasons at the Liacouras Center. However, football a nd basketball are not making the most noise on North Broad Steet. Gymnas- tics. Crew, Field Hockey, and Women ' s Basketball came to the forefront in 2000-2001. The Dawn Staley-led Lady Owls had a breakthrough sea- son in Dawn Stalev " s first year as coach. Clearly, spirits are high for the Cherry and White. Each team has im- proved upon its past few sea- sons and will continue to shine well into the future. Seniors leave Temple with not only accomplishment and fond memories, but also a de- gree and a promising future - an opportunity to make an impact in the world. Students enjoy the moments of victory and endure the setbacks, all the while cheering on their Owls, waiting for that pre- cious moment when a cham- pionship is won or when Quincy Wadley hits that buzzer-beating three-pointer to win a conference game. Temple soccer player makes a run with the ball in hopes of a goal. I Mir Temple ' s quarterly k walks on Ihi held at Veteran ' s Stadium. Setting the hall up and getting reads to strike it (low n. lennis is a game ot precision, this Temple player tries to smac k the ball into his opponents ourt. ■nple golf players walk to the next hole during a Tich. A Temple Lady Owl works up a sweat A Temple women ' s soccer player running down the field in to hit the ball. tries to steal the ball away. 119 Basketball Head Coach John Chaney Hootin ' it up After losing four of last year ' s star- ters, John Chaney ' s Owls started the season looking to have what some would call a " rebuilding year. " But before the regular season even be- gan, the team showed that they meant business by holding then- number one ranked Duke to a much smaller victory than most expected in the Pre-season NIT champion- ship game. The regular season also got off to a good start with a four- game winning streak, but the Owls then dropped seven in a row — Chaney ' s longest losing streak since becoming the coach at Temple. The streak ended with a 73-46 lashing of Cleveland State at the Liacouras Center. With only two seniors on the team (Rouldra Thomas. Alex Wes- by). it is tempting to call this a re- building year; but the team ' s four starting lowerclassmen are definiteh a take-charge group, and improve- ment can be seen in each game. Aaron Bycoffe ik fs 3t 4 DM r mm s 4 I ' ll be a Temple Mend for life. , , Pepe Sanchez ICoach Chanev cuts the net after Temple ' s beats UMASS. Baby Owl disapointed over loss to Michigan St. — 1 P 1 IW- -r- P k k 1 «i uJ» ' A — ' ' I ' TEMPLt j UNIVERSITY | fl J ' ' IA _ Hfl CBBaasa % - SS«ESffli • • 1 • ttnaUSHeaihcw. Temple students sit stunned alter the Temple ' s loss. The game that took Temple to the DANCE! Temple Fan ' s got all painted up and readv to cheer the Temple Owls on as the laced Mil higai St. This Temple Student came to M Conigle Hall to watch the Temple Owls in Atlanta. CA. ♦ The Owls soared but not 1 1 ' in | ili ' studnets leaving Mc ionigle Some of the Owls after the UM ss game. the were Alex Wesby holding up the net after the UMASS win! I he ( )U LS after the beat the University ol Massachusetts. quite to the Final Four ! Oaxid Hawkins smiling alter UMASS win. The " owls " at McGonigle Hall cheering on the Owls. A disappointed Temple fan sits in disbelief after the Temple vs. Michigan State game. Are You Ready. . . Head Coach: Bobbv Walace Who Let the Owls Out? The Owls began the 2000 season with a bang. They had their best start since 1 987 with a 4-3 record in the first half of the season behind the arm of Devin Scott and the tremendous rushing abil- ity of Tarnardo Sharps. Also contributing to the early victo- ries were seniors Levar Talley (linebacker), Raheem Brock (defensive end), Mathias Nkwen- ti (offensive tackle). In the later part of the season, coach Bobby Wallace ' s Owls floundered against Big East powerhouses Miami, Boston College and Syr- acuse erasing any Bowl hopes from the minds of fans. f .J " 4 Hootrt w.iti hrs on Irom the suli ' lini ' S H I lomei oming. idf Ki ' i i ' i i ' i lkc c luikii Ic.ips toi tht " Kill againsl Miami. For Some Football! ■ 4 ' U J v 3» 1 V ' A « m-. ' L.iL M i ' »i i. asf 2 , «7 ' V |A% . f 3 t 1 i ' » 1 l 1 =i_ Devin Scott hands the ball off at the Homecoming game Tanardo Sharps takes the kickoff return at Veterans Stadium. Quarterback Devin Scott drops back to pass. The teams huddles around Devin Scott. J Photos courtesy ot Carl Wolf Studios 125 Women ' s Crew Head Coach lamie Gordon The Crew team brings the boat to the Schuylkill River for a race. The team waits in the water lor the race to begin. 126 Mens Crew Head Coach Gavin White The team practices each day on the Schuylkill River. . ' V. 4 I ' .- ' , b Volleyball Serving up some victories woHuam The Owl volleyball team finished its regular season with a record of 20-11 overall and 13-3 in the Atlantic 10 Conference. The team was led by senior All-America candidate Alma Kovaci. The team also featured freshman Yamit Haba, the 2000 Atlantic 10 Rookie of the Year Other seniors who helped lead the way to the Owls ' winning season were Teresa Schumacher and Bran- dy Best. The team was led by Head Coach Bob Bertucci, who has been with the team for six years, and Assistant Coach Nicole Goscilo, in her first year. One of the highlights of the season was a 10-game winning streak, which included key wins over a number of Atlantic 10 Conference rivals. The team finished its regular season with a decisive 3-1 win over Fairfield. This final game was also the Owls ' 20th victorv of the season. Head Coach Bob Bertucci Sara Stone and Brand Best combil to get the Owls a point against Rutge 128 I he team elebrates during a game Photos i ourtes) ol arl Woll Studios Senior Teresa Schumacher throws it up for the serve. 129 Field Hockey Goalkeeper April Herman waits for the game to begin. Freshman Haley Dervinis gets reach foi the start of the game. kai v lomi ' k waits d i the ba 13: I iniK Mi i mi i i " . the I). ill i li n held. Pill illis ( OllllcsS III ( .III Willi Sllllluis I Head Coach John MacDonald I Jk_ T : Swinging for the green Driving for the fairway Sending it home 133 Men ' s Soccer Head Coach Daivd MacWilliams Freshman Wendell Beres tries to stop the goalie from tossing the ngelo I )iCarlo fights to keep the bi Women ' s Soccer , $J£ -- The team takes the field. - " Head Coach Seamus Mc Williams Brenda Core defends the ball. holographs courtesy of Carl Wolf Studios Cheerleaders Varsity Co-Ed ggswF : , -32) Cm Men ' s Tennis in V:.!- » i Head Coach Bill Hoehne Serving the Right Moves I Cnti Wav spea alt Tennis Information: Career Record Years (Men): 8- 12 1 Record at School Years (Men): 8- 12 1 1998-99 Mens Record: 8-12 1998-99 Men ' s Atlantic 10 Finish: 3rd 2000-2001 Men ' s Tennis Roster Jensen Bascome Senior 5-6Sandys, Bermuda Bermuda College Tharso Bossolani Junior 5-11 Aurora, Colo. Overland Darryl Edwards Sophomore 5-10 Detroit, Mich. Renaissance High School Jordan Huffer Senior 5-7 Las Vegas, Nev. Lynn University Gaurav Kumar Sophomore 5-8 Mumhai. India Kendriya Vidayalaya Krishane Pillay Senior 5-9 Johannesburg. South Africa West hill (N.Y.) Marty Underwood Sophomore 6-4 Jamesville. N.Y. Jamesvillc Dewitte j [oni 138 Photographs courtesy ol ( arl Woll Studios Shaq Jake to Lis M liii ays. uiyn losin losep 995 Luther Campbell threatens to expose NCAA violations committed by the Miami program if his friend Ryan Collins is not named the team ' s starting quarterback. Critically acclaimed jazz bassist and NBA veteran power forward Waymon Tisdale signs a seven-album deal with MoJazz records. m Dallas Mavericks teammates Jason Kidd and Jimmy Jackson stop speaking to each other, reportedly because of their competition for the affections of singer Toni Braxton. 996 Toni Braxton leaves her wallet in Dennis Rodman ' s tour bus after an all-night party. Blur ' s Damon Albarn scores a spectacular goal in a celebrity soccer match at London ' s Wembley Stadium featuring two teams of pop stars. High schooler Kobe Bryant takes teen singer Brandy to his senior prom. W Shaquille O ' Neal forms his own record label. TWIsM Records. 997 Jake Trout and the Flounders, a band made up of golfers, Payne Stewart, Mark Lye and Peter Jacobsen (with manager Tibby Torhorst ), is joined in the studio by Stephen Stills, Alice Cooper and Darius Rucker for the recording of the CD I Love To Play, featuring golf- related spoofs. John McEnroe marries ' 80s rock diva Patty Smyth and begins perfor- ming with his own group, the Johnny Smyth Band. Music Sports This is a timeline showing sporting events that happened in relation to the music of the generation that corre- sponds t o each event. Mike Tyson makes a cameo appearance in a video by rapper Canibus. 998 Oakland Raiders fullback Jon Ritchie clips and then eats grass from Jimi Hendrix ' s grave near Seattle. " 1 wanted to internalize Jimi. " he says. w Detroit Pistons star Grant Hill relinquishes his spot on the U.S. Olympic qualifying team to avoid a conflict with his planned wedding to singer Tamia. Country superstar Garth Brooks spends spring training with the San Diego Padres, delighting fans by signing thousands of autographs but finishing with a .045 batting average. Posh Spice and British soccer star David Beckham welcome their first child, Brooklyn Joseph. Information provided by CNN Photo By: Kate Hagenbuc h Advertisement 140 lfouneAlumni ASSOCIATION Welcome, Class of 2001! The Temple University General Alumni Association congratulates you on the completion of your degree and welcomes you as a member. You are invited to start enjoying the benefits of membership through the activities of the Young Alumni Association (Y AA). The YAA is comprised of alumni of all schools and colleges who were graduated within the past ten years. Activities include professional and personal networking events such as happy hours at the hottest spots in the Philadelphia area, an exciting speakers series featuring outstanding fellow Temple alumni, pre-game receptions and the annual Fall Business Card Exchange Reception. Your experiences as a recent student could be valuable tools for you as a mentor in the Temple Student Alumni Mentor Program. Check it out. For information on the above or other alumni programs and services, please call the Alumni Center, 215 204-7521, fax 215 204-5715, or visit us at Mitten Hall, Main Campus or on the net at: http: www.temple.edu alumni_friends Congratulations and welcome aboard! Temple University General Alumni Association Donald W. Ewart, BS Ed ' 58, EdM ' 66, President General i Association 141 Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 2001 ggj .»v W crfhef » £Awomees OBRA S. 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The Temple University General Alumni Association congratulates you on the completion of your degree and welcomes you as a member. You are invited to start enjoying the benefits of membership through the activities of the Young Alumni Association (YAA). The YAA is comprised of alumni of all schools and colleges who were graduated within the past ten years. Activities include professional and personal networking events such as happy hours at the hottest spots in the Philadelphia area, an exciting speakers series featuring outstanding fellow Temple alumni, pre-game receptions and the annual Fall Business Card Exchange Reception. Your experiences as a recent student could be valuable tools for you as a mentor in the Temple Student Alumni Mentor Program. Check it out. For information on the above or other alumni programs and s ervices, please call the Alumni Center, 215 204-7521, fax 215 204-5715, or visit us at Mitten Hall, Main Campus or on the net at: http: www.temple.edu alumni_friends Congratulations and welcome aboard! Temple University General Alumni Association Donald W. Ewart, BS Ed ' 58, EdM ' 66, President ' General i Association .i if tie ice, The hoo Advantage ■■ 1 1 ii e -■ Specialty Cleaning All Service from clean room to construction cleaning. HGO Metal and Stone Care Metal Marble Stone has programs just right for your metal, marble and stone uork. Carpet Care 30 years experience in all carpet cleaning methods. 420 Feheley Dr. King of Prussia. PA 19406 610-275-6200 www.hgoservices.com There is a difference! In addition to trained Disaster Recovery Technicians, we have over 30 years cleaning expertise. 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Fax:215-241-3237 For more information visit our website: www.ibx.com EOE M F D V. Independence BlueCross 156 Commencement Your time to shine Memories of a Lifetime vVhile some graduating Seniors may go on to ;raduate school, Temple s the bridge for many to he career paths in which :hey will live the rest of heir lives. Students eave the confines of " emple to face a new odd in which every- thing is at their finger- ips. Graduates will un- oubtedly use the nowledge they gained at emple in the real world, eing at Temple was a time to explore new be- ginnings and to find and end to the question that many seniors asked themselves as incoming freshmen: what do I want to be? For most graduates. Temple an- swered this question and set them in the right di- rection to gain the future that they strive for. Templar TEMPLE UNIVERSITY Co-Ediors Rachael Anderson Aaron Bycoffe Student Life Editor Tori Prisco Sports Editor Bob Halion Photographers Ahamed Iqbal Kate Hagenbuch Staff Writers Dot kliniewski Donald Smith Business Manager Tim Shen From the editors... As the yearbook comes to a close, the staff of the Templar would like to thank everyone who helped us in putting the book together over this year. We would especially like to extend our appreciation to Mike Durenzi at Carl Wolfe Studios, Emmy Kachel at Taylor Publishing, and Dean of Students James Fitzsimmons. Without the help of these in- dividuals, the book would not have turned out to be the success that it is. Temple has changed a lot over the years. Looking back on a Templar from just 10 years ago shows just how much progress has been made on campus in the way of new buildings. A picture of the campus back then would be almost unrec- ognizable to a student today. Many events that seem like they happened only yesterday are already 10 years old. The Gulf War, the freeing of Nelson Mandela, and German Unity were some of the key events in 1990-1991. We hope that this year ' s Templar will serve as a time capsule of what life is like in 2001. Perhaps, in 10 years, students will be looking back on this book to see how much the campus — and life — changes. Without an adviser for most of this year, putting together the Templar has been somewhat of a struggle. However, with long hours of work and the help of our diligent staff, we have put together a book which, we hope, will become a keepsake of memories that this year ' s graduates can look back on for many years to come. - Rachael Anderson Aaron Bycoffe warn I ? ft Si -. i k . - , i. A. Stfe

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