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p OPl Si I TEMDIAD 1989 Volume Temple University Philadelphia, PA TABLE OF CONTENT6 OPENING 1 ACADEMICc?) 20 (?)ENIOD(?) 32 CAMPUcS LIFE 96 ODGANIZATION 146 YEAD IN REVIEW 184 OTHED CAMPU EcS 206 §POPT(S 224 ADT§ 266 GDADUATION 274 CLOcSING 284 OPENING I A II of Philadelphia is Temple ' s campus. The won- ders of the city are just a subway ride away, waiting to be experienced. The city provides us with all its facilities upon request, making life at Temple more enriching and exciting. The following pages are a reminder of the wonder of our c ampus-both here at Temple and around the city of Philadelphia. 2 OPENING OPENING 3 I 4 OPENING OPENING 5 6 OPfcNING OPENING 7 1 I 8 OPENING I OPENING 9 10 on NINCi M I - KBKm B«aiHHaMHinMMiMaMiMnBn«aHnMW««MnHin»MniM«HnnaMBaaHHi OPENING H O OPINING iMiiiliiMVinij ' irrr-nrtSriiiVrIi OPENING 13 U OI ' tNING OPENING 15 16 OPENING President Peter J, Liacouras OPENING 17 n-. ' ■ ' ' •V. . :-v. V 1A ' ;i ' , ...X ' - . . y ' . ' ' -I ACADEMICcS I J i 1 T -» -I , ' ' % r - ' . » - r Deans 20 CoUege Of Mied Healtii Profe s sion s 22 College Of Arts And (Sciences 23 School Of Business And Management 24 (School Of Communication And Theatre 25 College Of EducaUon 26 College Of Engineering. Computer :iences And Architecture 27 Esther Boyer College Of Music 28 College Of Health. Physical Education, Pecreation And Dance 29 :hool Of (Social Administration 30 Tyler School Of Art 31 ■k J ■ iV ' . . ' ;,■ " ■ ' • •... ' ■ " ., ' V- " — .. J ' v. . J m ff- k ' , 4 ■ ■ x f( " %i:: ' t A OemL Of Tc444fA X) ACADEMICS ACADEMICS 21 ♦ . - ' The College of Allied Health and Professions was founded in 1966, and Mary Lee Seibert is the current dean of the college. Programs in the College of Allied Health Professions are designed to prepare men and women as qualified health professionals in one of five allied health disciplines, and are trained to give high quality health care to ail citizens. The College of Allied Health Professions prepares individuals to enter the health care system as competent professionals. Graduates are quali- fied to take state and or national examinations leading to certification in their fields. The master ' s degree programs offer certified health professionals the opportunity to extend their basic preparation. The College of Allied Health and Professions gives their students the in depth knowledge and experience in specialty areas and develop education and management skills necessary for leadership roles in their professions. Programs are offered in various fields such as Clinical Laboratory Sciences. Health Records Administration, Nursing. Occupational Therapy, and Physical Therapy. 33 Academics f The College of Arts and Sciences was founded in 1884, and Lois S. Cronholm is the current dean of the college. The College of Arts and Sciences undergraduate programs prepare students to enter the world as informed, responsible citizens, as men and women taking consequen- tial choices about the future of their communities, and as leaders m the careers they choose to pursue. Baccalaureate programs are offered in the three main divisions of the college -natural sciences, social sciences, and the humanities. All the programs offer their st udents the opportunity to work with distin- guished faculty and a richly diverse and stimulating student body as they prepare for an active role in a future of change and challenge. Academics 23 I " The School of Business and Management was founded in 1918, and William C. Dunkelberg is the current dean of the school. It is the goal of the School of Business and Management to provide to its students high quality educational opportunities which are responsive to these needs. The attainment of these needs depends not only upon trainmg in a specific area but in the comprehension of the interrelation of education- al content. This is encouraged by the attitude of the instructional staff as well as by the extracurricular activities that are conducted within the school. Degrees are offered in Accounting, Economics, Finance. Health Administration, Human Resource Administration, Legal and Real Estate Studies, and Management. 24 Academics The School of Communications and Theater was founded in 1966. and Robert R. Smith is the current dean of the school. The School of Communications and Theater includes the departments of Journalism. Radio-Television-Film, Theater, and the Speech department divisions of Rhetoric and Communication and Speech-LanguageHearmg. The Journalism department was organized as a separate department in 1927. Temple University was the first institution of higher learning in the Philadelphia area to offer a major concentration in this field. Those who have received degrees for this study now number more than 2000. The Radio-TelevisionFilm department was organized as an instructional division in Ktl. Temple became one of the first universities in the nation to offer a bachelors degree specifically in broadcasting. The department has built a tradition of leadership in both commercial and educational broadcasting. The division of Speech-Language-Hearing which also moved to the School of communi- cations and Theater in 1986. has developed over the past 30 years into one of the finest such programs in the country. Until 1931 the theater program at Temple was entirely an extracurricular activity with undergraduate groups serving as producing organizations on campus. In 1931. with the opening of Mitten Hall and its theater facilities, the University acquired its first faculty member to teach theater and develop it first formal courses. From this begining, the Theater department has become nationally known for its excellence in both its undergrad- uate and graduate programs. Academics 25 The College of Education was founded in 1919, and Richard M. Englert is the current dean of the college. The College of Education provides its students with the best possible preservice, inservice. experience, and continuing education for educational professionals. The College of Education imparts to its students a thorough knowl- edge of subject matter and familiarity with the competencies essential to professial practice, also the development of the scientific aspect of education through the emphasis on the spirit of inquiry and research skills. Programs are offered in Art Education, Elementary Education, Special Education among many other programs. 6 Academics CSq Of The College of Engineering, Computer Sciences and Architecture was founded in 1969, and Fredrick B. Higgins Jr. is the current dean of the school. The College of Engineering, Computer Sciences and Architec- ture offers undergraduate curricula in architecture, computer and infor- mation sciences, engineering, and engineering technology and also a variety of continuing education courses for non-degree students. Graduates of the College find employment in manufacturing, con- struction management, sales engineering, inspection and quality con- trol, production engineering and management, research and develop- ment among many other various fields. Academics 27 The Esther Boyer College of Music was founded in 1962, and Helen Laird is the current dean of the college. The Esther Boyer College of Music maintains a quarter-century old tradition of high caliber musical training through active and innovative programs designed to focus on the very individualized art of music making. The Esther Boyer College of Music provides a distinctive union of the best conservatory-type training with intense academically-oriented classroom teaching. Coupled with the performance opportunities of the University and the culturally rich Philadelphia area, the Esther Boyer College of Music offers its students the competitive edge in complete, comprehensive itiusical preparation. Programs are offered in Theory. Composition. Music History. Music Education and Music Therapy. Vocal Instruction. Choral Activities, and Keyboard Instruction. J8 Ai.iifi ' iiiics Aid DoMm The College of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation and Dance was founded in 1974 and Donald Hilsendager is the current dean of the college. The College of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation and Dance offers a wide variety of degree programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels which are designed to meet the educational needs and interests of students preparing for professional careers in Health Educa tion. Recreation and Dance. Academics i9 Of The School of Social Administration was founded in 1969. and lone D. Vargus is the current dean of the school. The School of Social Adminis- tration reflects the University ' s committment to addressing the com- plex array of urban problems which impact on the human condition. The educational focus is on preparation for service within the urban context, particulary directed toward underserved individuals, families, and commnity groups. The goal of such service is to support the human development and self fufillment for all persons through the creation of a more favorable environment and more responsive institutions. Degrees sought by the students of the School of Social Administration are in social work. 30 Academics 1 k i Tifie v Of The Tyler School of Art was founded in 1935. and George V. Baylis is the current dean of the school. Established in 1935, the Tyler School of Art has achieved worldwide distinction through the work of its faculty and alumni. Professional programs are offered in Ceramics and Glass. Fibers and Fabric Design. Graphic Design. Jewelry and Metalsmithing. Painting and Drawing, Photography. Printmaking and Sculpture. The full resources of Temple are also available to the Tyler student who may participate in athletics and other extracurricular activities or enroll in academic courses at other Temple campus locations. Academrct 31 -.c--..% ' ' ' » ' •. ' ' I t " . I - lv ' - ' ' f ! V ' ' Ii5, ;:..., isf- f- .rs; ■ V 1 . .v " ' J ' ' i ' V 1 ' S V a t 4 ill ' III v : . •;•■ ? " ' 71 f . ' • ' Al -{ -i ' ' - ' ■% ' r •i 4 « - •J. I ■; - N . I Ruslina Adul- Hahim Finance Philadelphia, PA. Jamal Abdullah B.M.E.T. Philadelphia. PA. Edrees Abol Environment Engineering Philadelphia, PA. Jerald Abrams Economics Law Philadelphia. PA. Daniel Abse Economics Maple Glenn, PA. Ibrahim Abu Ammar Int ' l Bus. Finance Lindenwold, NJ. Adnan Abusamaha Civil Engineering Philadelphia. PA. Donna Acchione Psychology Philadelphia, PA. Kenneth Acker Education Norwood. PA. Crystal Adams Bus. Administration Philadelphia. PA. i ■ - 4ik Eric Adams Engineering Philadelphia. PA. Melissa Adams Sociology Philadelphia. PA. Victoria Adams Human Res Mgt Philadelphia. PA. Sasha Afanassiev Accounting Philadelphia. PA. Jonathan Agree RTF Morrisville, PA. Andrik Agresar Finance Newark, DE. Janet Aisenstein Psychology Philadelphia. PA. Salem Al -Azemi Civil Engin. Tech. Philadelphia. PA. Adi Al-Mawaly Civil Engineering Philadelphia. PA. Tariq Alameri Electrical Engin. Philadelphia. PA. 34 SENIORS Elaine Alba Music Norristown, PA. Michael Albergo Finance Philadelphia. PA. Cheryl Aleszczyk Accounting Philadelphia. PA. Terry Alford Elec. Engin. Tech. Newark. NJ. Humaid Alhadabi EET Philadelphia. PA. Jamal Alhubail CCET Philadelphia. PA. Richard Allman Anthropology Philadelphia. PA. Reyadh Alsammak Civil Engineering Philadelphia. PA. Veronica Alston Business Education Philadelphia. PA. Barrak Alsubatei Civil Engineering Philadelphia, PA. David Altomare Annabelle Alzamora Anthony Ambrosini Christine Amento Opher Amit Mech. Engineering Norristown, PA. Finance Psychology Political Science Fort Washington, PA. Philadelphia, PA. Ambler. PA. Philadelphia, PA. Lillian Anderson Accounting Philadelphia. PA. Annette Anfinrud Music Westville. NJ. 1 ' Wf Lukey Angelidis Marketing Mgt. Norristown, PA. Jonathan Ankney Music Beaver Falls. PA. A Shawn Anthony RTF Philadelphia, PA. SENIORS 35 Sonia Arzoumanian Marketing Research Cherry Hill, NJ. Ramin Ascharzadeh Psych. Pol. Sci. Penn Valley, PA. Brenda Ashanti Elementry Education Philadelphia, PA. Andrew Assenmacher Civil Engineering Philadelphia, PA. James August Mech. Engineering Bethlehem, PA. Sindy Augustinov Criminal Justice Horsham, PA. Kenneth Austin Advertising Bryan Athyn, PA. Kimberly Axe Music Theraphy Red Lion, PA. Andrew Babiak Political Science Philadelphia, PA. Bohdan Baczara I. B.A. Finance Philadelphia, PA. Jane Baker ' Journalism Maple Glen, PA. Lamont Baker Business Philadelphia, PA. David Ballantyne Accounting Philadelphia, PA. Amelia Ballard Psychology Philadelphia, PA. Deborah Banick Audiology Woodstown, NJ. 36 SENIORS Deborah Barbacane Marketing Finance Langhorne, PA. Mary Barberio Journalism Wilkes-Barre, PA. Shirley Barkan Art Cherry Hill, NJ. Karia Barnes AAS Philadelphia. PA. William Barnes Journalism Langhorne, PA. Robyn Barron Economics Mktg. Philadelphia. PA. Barbara Becker Psychology Warrington, PA. Kevin Bashore RTF Harrisburg. PA. Dawn Basile RTF Brigantine, NJ. Sally Bauman Ex Science East Greenville, PA. Theodore Baxevanidis CIS Philadelphia, PA. r . ii Alexander Bednarsky Criminal Justice Rockledge. PA. Cindy Beebe RTF East Earl. PA. :tsci Gregory Begley Management Law Lansdowne, PA. Jeff Belford Business Philadelphia, PA. Kelly Bell Elem. Education Penndel. PA. Lawrence Bell Finance Philadelphia. PA. Ruby Bell Elem. Education Philadelphia, PA. Christoper Bennett Criminal Justice Sicklerville, NJ. Susan Bennett Business Accounting Hatfield. PA. SENIORS 37 Valerie Berkley Mama Berlin Renee Bernard Jacquelyn Peter Berzins Art Education Marketing Elementary Bernatovech Economics Philadelphia, PA. Fort Washington, PA. Education Philadelphia, PA. Journalism Levittown. PA. Philadelphia. PA Tamara Berzinsky Kurt Beutler Trudith Bey Leonard Biddison Lisa Bierbower Marketing Finance Bus. Administration Psychology Physical Therapy Philadelphia, PA. Wenonah, NJ. Philadelphia, PA. Penn Wynne. PA. Uniontown. PA. Martha Bilyk Robert Birman Jillian Bittenbender Florence Bizieux Deborah Black Psychology Music Journalism Intl. Bus. Admin. Marketing Philadelphia, PA. Berwyn, PA. Sinking Spring, PA. St. Nicolas Des Mortets, France Bethlehem, PA Patricia Blackmon RTF Philadelphia, PA. Sabrina Blakely Bus. Mgt. H.R.A. Philadelphia, PA. Bonnie Blakeslee Accounting Norristown, PA. Kristina Blanco RTF Trevose, PA. Mary Blanding Health Education Philadelphia, PA. 38 SENIORS Sandra Blasch Education Feasterville, PA. Dave Bodoff Marketing Philadelphia. PA. Mary Blazes Psychology Gilbertsville, PA. Rebecca Blei Biology Philadelphia. PA. Pam Blumberg Marketing Philadelphia, PA. Issaac Boateng Finance Philadelphia. PA. Matthew Bohush Computer Science Philadelphia. PA. Jonetta Bolden Political Science Williamsport. PA. Audrey Boiler CIS Economics Morrisville. PA. Augusto Bonanni Accounting Philadelphia. PA. m Lisa Books Gil Borel Joseph Borgia Sharon Borish Gerald Boroch Theater Finance Finance Marketing HRA P.T. Mechanicsburg, PA. Philadelphia. PA. Philadelphia. PA. Philadelphia. PA. Williamsport. PA George Bosco Marketing Stat. Philadelphia. PA. Anita Botchway Economics Philadelphia. PA. Shirley Botchway Biology Philadelphia. PA. Priscilla Bouldin Elementary Education Philadelphia. PA. Jane Bouras Theater Narberth. PA. SENIORS 39 Robyn Bowersox Journalism Media, PA. Dana Bowles Biology West Chester. PA. Yolanda Bowman Pre C.T. Philadelphia. PA. Randi Boxer Marketing Finance Philadelphia. PA. Donald Boyle Marketing Stat. Philadelphia. PA. Judith Boyle RTF Philadelphia. PA. Patricia Boyle Elementary Education Philadelphia. PA. Adalynn Brabson Accounting Philadelphia. PA. John Brace CIS Warminster. PA. Patrick Boyle Engineering Philadelphia, PA. u k. Tamala Bradford Criminal Justice Philadelphia, PA. Colleen Boze Education Philadelphia, PA. Sinisa Bozicek Psychology Philadelphia, PA. Christopher Bradley Accounting Philadelphia, PA. Jerrold Bralow Counseling Psych. Philadelphia, PA. 40 SENIORS William Brandenstein Choral Conducting Philadelphia, PA. Derrick Brantley Computer Sci. Math Willingboro, NJ. Jayne Brayer Criminal Justice Philadelphia, PA. Colette Brazell Criminal Justice Levittown, PA. Arthur Bresse Psychology Philadelphia, PA. Matthew Brems Engineering Levrttown, PA. Maureen Brennan Criminal Justice Warrington, PA. Sherri Brenner Journalism Philadelphia, PA. Lauren Brewton Poltical Science Philadelphia. PA. Dorothy Bridges Soc. Administration Philadelphia. PA. Rhonda Briggs Elem. Special Ed. Philadelphia, PA. Bruce Brinkworth Physical Therapy Yardley. PA. Nancy Brockman Speech Therapy Philadelphia, PA. Pamela Brodsko Special Education Havertown, PA. Albert Brooks RTF Philadelphia. PA. I James Brooks Marion Brooks Sherene Brooks Valerie Brooks Carmella Brown Communications Social Work HRA Criminal Justice Counsel. Psychology Chestnut Hill, PA. Philadelphia, PA. Philadelphia. PA. Philadelphia, PA. Philadelphia, PA. Gradette Brown Social Work Philadelphia, PA. Gwendolyn Brown Risk Management Philadelphia, PA. James Brown Comp. and Inf. Sci. Philadelphia, PA. I s Randall Brown Accounting Temple, PA. Thomas Brown Management Finance Langhorne, PA. SENIORS 41 B Lynn Brownstein Communications Philadelphia. PA. Linda Brunetti Communications Somerdale. NJ. Aburas Bura Physics Philadelphia. PA. Andrew Burns Accounting Horsham, PA. Rose Burroughs RTF Philadelphia. PA. I James Burton Administration Philadelphia. PA. Gordon Bussey Real Estate West Hempstead. NY. Lynn Butczynski Physical Therapy Nanticoke, PA. Stacey Butler Rec. Management York, PA. Christopher Button Marketing Philadelphia. PA. Thomas Byrne EET Philadelphia. PA. Patricia Byrnes Pysical Therapy Philadelphia, PA. Douglas Bys Criminal Justice Philadelphia, PA. Michelle Cadet Psychology Philadelphia, PA. Mauricio Calabrese CIS Philadelphia, PA. Mary Callahan Voc. Education Philadelphia. PA. Mark Campbell Finance Economics Flourtown, PA. Mary Campbell Physical Therapy Philadelphia. PA. Natalie Campbell Physical Education Boothwyn, PA. J J SENIORS Donna Canale Accounting W. Conshohocken, PA. f gfk£k Michelle Cane Journalism Norristown, PA. Robert Cantando Mechinical Engin. Upper Darby. PA. r Robert Capocasale Political Science North Wales. PA. Antonietta Caporale CLS Philadelphia. PA. Fernando Capovilla Psychology Philadelphia. PA. I Misii Carlisle Cardozo Accounting Philadelphia. PA. Charles Carey Civil Engineering Springfield. PA. Harry Carpenter Management Oreland. PA. Linda Carpenter Psychology Williamsport. PA. Bernadette Carr Physical Therapy Levittown. PA. Daniel Carrigan Real Estate Jim Thorpe. PA. Steven Carrington Business Kennett Square. PA. Joseph Cartafalsa Real Estate Philadelphia. PA. Gabriella Caruso Marketing Mgt Philadelphia. PA. Flora Casallas Bio. Anthropology Philadelphia. PA. Laura Case Journalism Groveville. NJ. Bernard Cassidy Int ' l Bus. Econ. Chestnut Hill. MA. Karina Castaneda Dance Maple Shade, NJ. Lis a Cataldi Exercise Science Melrose Park. PA. Michael Caudo English Philadelphia. PA. SENIORS 43 Michael Celestino Marketing Philadelphia. PA. Barbara Cephas Social Admin. Philadelphia. PA. Cheryl Ceraolo Rhet and Comm. Philadelphia. PA. Robert Chalfin Biology Philadelphia. PA. Deborah Chambers Accounting Philadelphia. PA. Guillaume Chaminade Marketing Paris. France Michael Chatary Computer Science Philadelphia. PA. Mark Chilnick Journalism Philadelphia, PA. Catherine Chin Criminal Justice Philadelphia, PA. James Choisez Economics Bellerose, NY. tf iik Chung Chow Act. Science Philadelphia. PA. Henry Chow CIS Philadelphia. PA. Ka Po Chow Accounting Finance Philadelphia. PA. Sanjay Chowdhary CIS Philadelphia, PA. Eugenia Chrepta Education Lincroft, NJ. mMtr Gregory Christensen Biochemistry Camp Springs. MD. Gladys Christopher Social Work Philadelphia. PA. Kyungwoo Chun Music Voice Philadelphia. PA. Ellen Chung Social Work Philadelphia. PA Stefano Cianelli EET Philadelphia. PA. ■ SINIORS Richard Ciarciello Finance Philadelphia, PA. Bernice Clark Nursing Philadelphia. PA. Earlene Clark Social Work Philadelphia, PA. Charles Clarke Marketing Philadelphia. PA. Maureen Clemens Elementary Ed. Philadelphia. PA. Brian Cohen Finance Bensalem. PA. Todd Cohen Business Adm. Huntingdon Val. PA. Valeri Cohen Journalism Philadelphia. PA. iMiiM Anthony Colangelo Mkt. Real Estate Philadelphia. PA. Dale Cole Accounting Collegeville. PA. Dulaine Coleman Poll. Sci. Science Philadelphia. PA. Thomas Coleman Finance Philadelphia. PA. Phoebe Coles Journalism Philadelphia. PA. Annamaria Collie Economics Nassau. Bahamas t 1 Charlotte Collins Afro-American Studies Philadelphia. PA. Kimberly Collins Criminal Justice New Castle. DE. Connie Colobaro Communication Doylestown. PA. Diane Colosimo Marketing Philadelphia, PA. Rachel Commons HTI Rec Adm. Flourtown, PA. Susan Conigliaro Political Science Wilkes-Barre. PA. StNIORS 45 Terrence Connell Cn Psychology Glenslde. PA. Kathleen Conrad- Cielesz Comm. Health Ed. Philadelphia. PA. Cindy Conte Philadelphia. PA. Mohamed Conteh Accounting Philadelphia. PA. Jay Cooke Journalism Philadelphia. PA. David Cooley Engineering Upper Darby. PA. Kevin Cooney Accounting Philadelphia. PA. Mark Copeland Accounting Philadelphia. PA. Leslie Corbie Journalism Philadelphia, PA. Evan Cost MET Hulmeville. PA. Angelina Costa Finance Mktg Philadelphia. PA. Susan Costello Biology Havertown, PA. I If Dominique Couot Finance Presles. France George Cowden Criminal Justice Philadelphia. PA. Eileen Coyne Finance Mgt Livingston, NJ. Kyle Cromwell Nursing Philadelphia. PA. Lisa Cross Journalism Philadelphia. PA. Cynthia Cruz Marketing Philadelphia. PA. Maryanne Curran Psychology Philadelphia, PA. Timothy Curry Public Adm. Yardley. PA. 46 SINIORS BH WR Dianne Cvetkovic Mary Cwiklinski Donna Cyrus Anna Marie Gabriella D ' Alessio Michelle D ' Agostino Elementary Elementary Finance D ' Addarie CLS Int ' l Business Education Education Philadelphia. PA. Theatre Philadelphia, PA. Philadelphia. PA. Philadelphia. PA. Langhorne, PA. Willow Grove. PA. Richard D ' Anjolell Communication Media, PA. d M dikm .m Sami Daher Finance Philadelphia. PA Haifa Dahman CIS Finance Sewell. NJ. Andrea Daids- Love RTF Buena. NJ. Hariklia Dalakas Biology Philadelphia, PA. Anh Dam Finance Philadelphia. PA. f i t k Gerard Damiani Criminal Justice New City, NY. I John Damico RTF Coatesville, PA. Ha Dang Mgt Finance Philadelphia. PA. Mireille Darang Heather Daukaus Danielle Davis Finance Business HRA BE Philadelphia. PA. Philadelphia. PA. Yeadon. PA. Francis Davis Mark Davis NIcceta Davis English Electrical Engin. MSPT Philadelphia, PA. Springfield, PA. Camden, NJ. SENIORS 47 Kenneth Day Marketing Collingswood, NJ Alecia Dean English Baltimore, MD Michael Dean RTF Philadelphia, PA John DeAngelo Sports PR Philadelphia, PA Denise DeCccco Business Admin. Philadelphia, PA Russell DeFlavia Computer Science Philadelphia. PA Gilles De Fronont Finance Paris, France Michael Dean Journalism Philadelphia, PA Mario DeGiacomo Psychology Philadelphia. PA Denise Deivert Physical Education State College, PA Raighne Delaney Economics Philadelphia. PA Stephanie Delgaudio Biology Philadelphia, PA James Dellipriscoii Finance Springfield, PA Nannette Delong Business Law RI Est. Philadephia, PA Michelle Dembeck Criminal Justice Philadelphia, PA f) a " a dM Ai dm Artemis Demetris RTF St. Davids, PA Gina Dempsey Communications Philadelphia, PA Robert Depasquale CIS Philadelphia, PA Darren DeRosa Hum. Res. Admin. Warminster, PA Timothy Dcttro Marketing Newark, NJ « I 48 StNIORS Pamela Detweiler Civil Engineering Norristown, PA Deanna Dezorzi Int. Business Philadelphia, PA Theodore Dezzi Criminal Justice Drexel Hill. PA Michelle Di Agostino Philadelphia. PA Theresa Diamond RTF Philadelphia. PA Linda Dick RTF North Wales. PA Pamela Dickerson Economics Philadelphia. PA Felicia Dickson Biology Pre Med Stamford. CT Daniel Dietrich History Chester Springs. Michael Difebbo Finance Marketing Philadelphia. PA 11 David Difilippo Arthur Difuria Valentino Digiorgio Kimberly Dillon Renae Dinerman Accounting English Econonics Finance Couns. Psych. Communications Pottstown. PA Philadelphia, PA Philadelphia. PA Gwynedd Valley. PA N. Miami Beach. FL Quan DInh Electrical Philadelphia. PA Tina Dinh Accounting Philadelphia, PA. Zarinah Dini Art Philadelphia. PA Nadia Di Nizio Architecture Philadelphia. PA John Dintino Criminal Justice Philadelphia. PA SENIORS 49 Diana Di Paolo Glass Richboro. PA Vanessa DippI Business Telford, PA Eryn Dobeck SCAT Lansdale, PA Marc Dobson Philosophy Wyndmoor, PA Robert Dobson Education Philadelphia, PA f Andrew Dolan EE. Oreland, PA Leslie Dondero Couns. Psych. West Chester, PA Christina Donnian Criminal Justice Philadelphia, PA Joseph Donovan Urban Planning Oakland Pk. FL Michael Dougherty Management Philadelphia. PA Maureen Douglas Social Admin. Philadelphia, PA Craig Dovidio RTF Philadelphia. PA Jerome Dowdell RTF Atlanta. GA Daniel Doyle RTF Drexel Hill. PA Michelle Doyles Finance Philadelphia, PA ;». Regina Dubisee Accounting Philadelphia. PA Stephanie Dudash Journalism Easton, PA Kim Dudley Journalism Hatboro, PA Paul Dudley Marketing Folcroft, PA Lisa Duff Physical Therapy Philadelphia. PA 50 SENIORS Maria Duncan Business Law Philadelphia, PA Michael Duncan Psychology Philadelphia, PA Sheila Dunleavy Marketing Southampton, PA William Dunne MET Philadelphia, PA Michelle Durham Journalism Philadelphia, PA Beth Ann Durning Helen Dutcher David Eck Dawn Eckardt Shawn Edmonds Accounting Philadelphia, PA Marketing English Accounting Norristown, PA Philadelphia, PA Lansdale, PA Pittsburgh, PA £ " 3 5 Dushianthi Hayley Edwards Karen Edwards Kurt Edwards Sherran Edwards Edrisinghe Marketing Finance Economics Journalism Marketing Grad Student Philadelphia, PA Philadelphia, PA West Pittstown. PA Philadelphia, PA Philadelphia, PA Matthew Egan Criminal Justice Collingdale, PA Jeffrey Einheber Accounting Dresher. PA Kenneth Einsig Criminal Justice York, PA Albert Einwechter Psychology Yardley, PA Costas Ekatos Int. Business Admin. Eddystone, PA SENIORS 51 dM 41S Susan Elfand Marketing Philadelphia. PA. Thomas Elliott Marketing Warrington, PA. Robert Ellis Marketing Red Hill, PA. Anthony Elsetinow Political Science Philadelphia, PA. Dean Eriick Economics Philadelphia, PA. Barbara Esposito Marketing Newtown, PA. Janine Esposito Management Newtown, PA. 4iMs m i Derrick Evans Electrical Engin. Philadelphia, PA. Scott Faccenda RTF Springfield, PA. Bill Falabella Business Admin. Warminster, PA. Lisa Famoso Philadelphia, PA. Debbie Fareri Elem. Ech. Ed. Philadelphia. PA. Julio Faria Political Science Philadelphia, PA. James Farnsworth Criminal Justice Philadelphia, PA. Patricia Faunce Education Ambler, PA. Michele Feaster Political Science Philadelphia, PA. 53 SENIORS Gary Feldman Marketing Elkins Park. PA. Matthew Fenning Physics Media, PA. Timothy Feol Management Philadelphia. PA Ean Ferrell Business Law Flushing, NY. Hector Ferrer Voc. Education Pennsauken, NJ. Anibal Figueroa Computer Science Warminster, PA. Anne Filaire Int ' l Bus. Admin. Marennes, France Elizabeth Filer Communication Medford, NJ. Elizabeth Fink Political Science Philadelphia. PA. Bruce Finkel Psychology Willow Grove. PA. Mark Finn CN Psychology Collingswood. NJ. Elisa Fireman Spanish Philadelphia, PA. Farizan Fisal Marketing Philadelphia, PA. Laurence Fisch RTF Philadelphia. PA. fllF David Fisher Keith Fisher Margaret Fisher Maria Fisichella Robert Flaynik Business Education Marketing Criminal Justice Journalism Architecture Philadelphia. PA. Allentown, PA. Philadelphia, PA. Philadelphia, PA. New Cumberland. PA ' ' - 1! I Eleanor Flick HRA Levittown, PA. Gwen Flounders Marketing Mgt. Bus. Lafayette Hill. PA. Joseph Foisy ENVT Philadelphia. PA. James Foley Advertising East Norriton, PA. Marion Foote RTF Allentown. PA. SENIORS 53 Darren Ford Business Admin. Philadelphia, PA. Paulette Foreste Political Science Philadelphia. PA. Mark Forst Geography Havertown, PA. Alexis Fouche Finance Meudon, France Sandra Fowler Biology Philadelphia. PA. Faith Fox RTF Philadelphia, PA. James Fox Philadelphia, PA. Sharon Fox Accounting Ambler. PA. Stuart Fox Psychology Philadelphia, PA. John Foy RTF Camp Hill, PA. Richard Franck RTF King Of Prussia, PA. Sierra Franco Jeffrey Franklin Shai Franklin Kimberly Frazier King Of Prussia, PA. RTF Political Science Journalism Philadelphia. PA. New Haven, CT. Philadelphia, PA. Lynn Frazier Marketing Philadelphia, PA. Marc Freedman Act. Science Philadelphia, PA. Ilene Friedman Marketing Philadelphia. PA. Wendy Friedman Elem. Education Philadelphia, PA. Paul Frizzell Marketing Warminster. PA. 54 SENIORS Joanne Fry Nursing Philadelphia. PA Susan Fry Music Education Carlisle, PA. Takahiro Fukuoka Finance Minami-Akita Akita, Japan Donald Funk Political Science Hatboro, PA. Renaya Furtick- Wheelan Ther. Rec. Philadelphia, PA. Luisa Gabriel Vaughn Gale Jeff Galing Anne Gallagher James Gallagher Finance Accounting Accounting Finance Marketing Philadelphia, PA. Philadelphia, PA. Richboro, PA. Philadelphia, PA. Philadelphia, PA. Nancy Gallagher Margaret Gallen Donato Gallo Brenda Eileen Gannon Education Journalism Accounting Galloway- Wright English Philadelphia, PA. Broomall, PA. Philadelphia, PA. History Philadelphia, PA. Philadelphia, PA Scott Garber HPERD Philadelphia, PA. Lisa Gardiner Occup. Therapy Philadelphia, PA. Joseph Garrity Architecture Philadelphia, PA. Valerie Gary Business Law Philadelphia, PA. Joseph Gatta Communication Wynnewood, PA. SENIORS 55 Kathleen Gaughan Biochemistry Philadelphia, PA Steven Geiger Finance Huntingdon Vly, PA Dalit Geller Accounting Horsham. PA Jeannin Gentile History Philadelphia, PA Lisa Gentile English Philadelphia. PA Clarissa Gentore Economics Spottswood, NJ Frank Germana Finance Economics Warminster, PA Sheryl Gershman Criminal Justice Holland, PA Beth Gershon TR Brooklyn, NY Jodi Gerstein Psychology Morrisville, PA Jennifer Gessner Bus. Management HRA Allentown. PA Nabil Ghorra ME West Norriton, PA Carla Giaccio Darlene Giacobetti Krystal Gilchrist Ellen Gilfor RTF Finance Real Estate English Medical Tech. Bellmawr, NJ Philadelphia. PA Philadelphia, PA Philadelphia, PA Theresa Gill Marketing Levittown. PA Joseph Gilorma Advertising Philadelphia. PA i 56 SENIORS Elizabeth Gimpel Criminal Justice Lafayette Hill, PA Karl Gingerich CCET Philadelphia. PA i 1 i Maria Giunta Micheal Gloway Lee Golanoski Michael Goldberg Paula Goldberg Robert Goldberg Psychology Rog. Communincation Architecture Computer Science Economics Business Education Philadelphia, PA. Pennsauken. NJ Lafayette Hill. PA. Philadelphia, PA. Philadelphia, PA Philadelphia, PA. Kathleen Golden Music Education Moscow, PA. Adeline Goodwin RTF Telford. PA. Fay Goldfrad Act. Science Philadelphia, PA. Marisa Goldman Elem. Education Huntingdon Valley, PA. Jaclyn Goldstein Psychology Penn Valley. PA. Matthew Gomez Journalism Port St. Lucie, FL. Elaine Gonzalez Advertising Philadelphia, PA. Anita Gordon Art Education Philadelphia, PA. Patricia Gordon Psychology Pond Eddy, NY. Ann Gore Management Philadelphia, PA. Laverne Gosling Mrkt lnt ' l Business King Of Prussia, PA. Diane Gotkin RTF Ambler, PA. I James Gould CNS Psychology Ardmore, PA. Steven Grabania Chemistry Philadelphia, PA. Sharon Grabel Social Welfare Jamesburg, NJ. SENIORS r David Grabowski Computer Science Philadelphia. PA. Lisa Greenberg Ther. Rec. Philadelphia, PA. John Grabowski RTF Philadelphia. PA Abby Gralnick Journalism Rydal. PA. Laureen Grant Journalism Camden, NJ. Richard Graub Journalism Plymouth Meeting, PA. Melissa Green Business Law HRA Philadelphia, PA. Lee Greene History Philadelphia, PA. Gloria Gresham Soc. CH. CA. Philadelphia, PA. Charles Griffin Music Feasterville. PA. Jacqueline Griggs Social Admin. Philadelphia, PA. Susan Grimes Accounting Philadelphia. PA. Karen Groch Education Philadelphia. PA. Charles Grofe Political Science Boyertown, PA. Harris Gross Engineering Philadelphia. PA Ulrika Gruenwald Philadelphia. PA. Kenneth Guaragno Electrical Engin. Morrisville. PA. Joseph Gunchenko Electrical Engin. Philadelphia. PA. i S SINIORS Carol Ha Act. Science Philadelphia, PA. Patricia Hall Journalism Willingboro, NJ. Lisa Haag Accounting Warminster, PA. Hiromi Habata Journalism Asahi Gon Hokkaido, Japan Joseph Hadfield CIS Blue Bell, PA. Arnaud Haefelin Finance Philadelphia, PA. Marian Hall Journalism Willingboro, NJ. Tracey Hall Theatre Philadelphia. PA. Nadea HamatI Mechanical Engin. Allentown, PA. Glenn Hamilton Marketing Wayne, PA. Matthew Hamilton Architecture Washington, PA. Yong Han MBA (Int ' l Bus.) Philadelphia, PA. Kazuya Handa Political Science Asaka Saitama, Japan Kathryn Hann Communication Yardley, PA. Barbara Harrington Accounting Maple Glen, PA. Lauren Harris Marketing Mgt Richboro, PA. Vernita Harris Child Care Philadelphia. PA. Helene Hart Physical Education Brooklyn, NY. II .+,- " Steven Hart Psychology Norristown, PA. Jeffrey Harth Law Marketing Spring House. PA. SENIORS 59 Elizabeth Hastings Accounting Philadelphia. PA. Kikuko Hayashi Finance Ichikawa, Chiba Carlos Healy RTF Roslyn, PA. Dana Heck Political Science Philadelphia, PA. Erika Hedden Int ' l Bus. Admin. Philadelphia. PA Scott Hedgepeth Math Philadelphia. PA. Barbara Hedrick Economics Math Souderton. PA. Bettye Heggs Social Admin. Philadelphia, PA. David Heizner Act. Science Huntingdon Valley. PA. Lisa Henderson Journalism Warrington, PA. Mellicent Henighan Victoria Hennessy Jeffrey Hershman Amy Hertlch Brian Hess Philadelphia. PA. HRA Act. Science Accounting Marketing Doylestown. PA. Elkins Park. PA. Yardley, PA. Williamsport. PA. Jean Hetzel Brian Heuschel Virginia Hill Tara Hillman Earlette Hinton Sp. Lang. Hr. Sci. Finance Marketing Social Work Marketing Marketing Finance Huntingdon Langhorne. PA. Philadelphia. PA. Penn Valley. PA. Levittown, PA. Valley, PA. 60 SENIORS Jr2k.4tk, Danny Ho CIS Telford. PA. Sophia Ho Business Philadelphia. PA. Mark Hoey Political Science Drexel Hill. PA. Michael Hoffman RTF Norristown, PA. Timothy Hogan Mech. Engineering Cinnaminson. NJ. Kristine Hollenbach Sec. Math Education Perkasie. PA. Fiona Hollick Accounting Dresher, PA. Michael Holloway Accounting Philadelphia. PA. Linnea Holm Spanish Philadelphia, PA Heidi Holschcr Communication Haddonfield. NJ. 4 - . i- y Regina Horan Criminal Justice Philadelphia. PA. h James Horrell Journalism Philadelphia. PA. Andy Horrow RTF Sunrise, FL. Linette Horsey Elem. Education Philadelphia, PA. Wende Horwitz Ther. Rec. Philadelphia, PA. 1 Kyriaki Houras E. Lansdowne, PA. Kimberly Howell Marketing Philadelphia. PA. 4% D. Reed Hubbard Int ' l Marketing Warminster. PA. Colleen Huff Elem. Education Holland, PA. Julie Huffman Psychology Hatfield, PA. SENIORS 61 Robert Huntowski Marketing Philadelphia. PA. Christian Hure Marketing Paris, France Deborah Hutton Sociology Lansdale, PA. Wendy Hyman Psychology Maple Glen, PA. Tracy Hymes RTF Washington. D.C. Theresa lacono Journalism Philadelphia. PA. J iii M Louis latarola Real Estate Mktg. Philadelphia. PA. Tarek Imran Finance Economics Chads Ford. PA. Andrew Incognito Math Philadelphia, PA. Barbara Ingram HRA Business Law Poughkeepsie. NY. Waliul Islam TESOL Philadelphia. PA. Rozlta Islmail Accounting Philadelphia, PA. Amy Ives Physical Education Philadelphia, PA. Andrea Jackson Education Philadelphia. PA. Rhonda Jackson Education Philadelphia. PA. Amanda Jacobson Journalism Warminster. PA. Scott Janney Education Admin. Collegeville. PA. Tracy Jenkins Real Estate Philadelphia. PA. Mark Jermyn Marketing Chalfont. PA. Shed Jessup Business Finance Philadelphia. PA. I p: St mors Mertine Johns Psychology Philadelphia. PA. Bridget! Johnson Psychology Cheltenham. PA. Donna Johnson Accounting Wayside, NJ. Dorothy Johnson Social Work Philadelphia, PA. Floyd Johnson Marketing Philadelphia. PA. George Johnson Marketing Mgt. Philadelphia. PA. Lisa Johnson Journalism Cheltenham. PA. Rosetta Johnson Psychology Philadelphia. PA. Aleathea Jones Computer Science Darby. PA. Andrew Jones Physics Danville, PA. Jean Jones Education Admin. Boiling Springs, PA. Linda Jones RTF Southhampton. PA. Mary Jones Physical Theraphy Pittston TWP. PA. Susan Jones Int ' l Bus. Ed. Philadelphia. PA. Myrna Jordon Communication Ardmore. PA. Scott Josephs Physical Education Philadelphia. PA. Michelle Judge American Studies Dallas, PA. Karen Judith Couns. Psychology Southhampton, PA. Suana Juniu Physical Education Philadelphia, PA. Taras Jurczak Real Estate Philadelphia, PA. SENIORS 6i Kenny Kaiser Finance Philadelphia. PA. Wendy Kalb Journalism Lansdale. PA. Wendy Kaliner RTF Penn Valley. PA. Sherri Kanfer Elem. Education Philadelphia. PA. Michelle Karetny Accounting Philadelphia. PA. Robert Katz Mkt Business Law Bensalem. PA. f i t Robert Kee Journalism APO New York. NY. Andrea Kauffman Journalism Carlisle. PA. Eileen Keenan Journalism Richboro. PA. Colleen Kendnck Risk Management Pleasant Valley. NY. Robert Kaupp Economics Willow Grove, PA. Michael Kean Political Science Philadelphia. PA. Dean Kearney Marketing HRA North Wales. PA. 1 kr Karen Keenehan Journalism Political Science Philadelphia. PA. Mark Keller Math Comp. TR Chalfont. PA. Tim Kelly Marketing Yardley. PA. Roxanne Kennedy Social Work Philadelphia. PA. Susan Kennedy Journalism Philadelphia. PA. Colleen Kenney RTF Philadelphia. PA. eA SENIORS Christine Ketterer Journalism Kempton, PA. Karen Key Journalism Philadelphia. PA. Kathleen Kilroy Accounting Stat. Philadelphia, PA. Joseph Kim Accounting Maple Glen, PA. Jung Kim TESOL Philadelphia, PA. Sookhyun Kim Music Therapy Philadelphia, PA. George Kimmel Psychology Philadelphia, PA. Robert Kingston Political Science Philadelphia, PA. Ayako Kishida Political Science Philadelphia. PA. Debra Kleintop Music Nazareth, PA. f James Klenk Philadelphia. PA. David Kline Business Mgt. Roslyn. PA. Lisa Kline Physical Education Easton, PA. Steven Kline Architecture Philadelphia, PA. Kristin Klinger Risk Management Bethlehem. PA. % Micah Klitelli English Literature Philadelphia. PA. Jack Klotz RTF Chester. PA. r £ik 4iM Howard Klugler Accounting Marlboro. NJ. Joseph Knitter EET Hunting Valley. PA. Susan Knoff Marketing Philadelphia, PA. SENIORS 65 K Miriam Koffler RTF Philadelphia. PA. Irene Kogan Electrical Engin. Philadelphia, PA. Holly Kohn Speech and Hearing Cheltenham, PA. Robert Kohn Sec. Ed. Math Cheltenham, PA. Rita Koller Math Economics Philadelphia, PA. Maryann Koller-Babore Social Welfare Phildelphia, PA. Douglass Kornegay Accounting Chester, PA. Jan Kornilow Biology Philadelphia, PA. Maria Kostomite Management Mkt. Drexel Hill, PA. Pravin Kothapa Psych. Pre-med. Philadelphia, PA. Anatole Kouakeu Finance Philadelphia, PA. Paul Kouroupas RTF Philadelphia, PA. " WWa Jackie Kozloski Journalism Beverly, NJ. k Andrew Kratz Marketing Hatfield, PA. r " ' Susan Kraus HRA Hatfield, PA. Gregg Krenitsky Political Science Simpson, PA. Deborah Krewson Elem. Education Southampton, PA. Christine Krick Business Admin. Levittown, PA. Jessica Krick Elem. Education Philadelphia. PA. Robert Kriegsman ELECE Philadelphia. PA. Donald Kriebic Management Norristown, PA. i 66 SENIORS ' 4 CA. « I pMlPJl Carolynn Krueger Rhetoric Comm. Drexel Hill, PA. Tania Kuchta Nursing Elverson, PA. Michael Kuczborski Accounting Warminster, PA. tnd Rachel Kuehnle Education Philadelphia, PA. Andreas Kuhbler Finance lnt ' l Bus. Philadelphia, PA. Koon Kwong Statistics Philadelphia, PA. Natalie Lagioia Finance Voorhees, NJ. Nicholas Lagrange Finance Mougins Kathleen Lamb Math Education Philadelphia. PA. Bruce Lance CLS Allentown, PA, Deborah Landis Tom Langan Management RTF King Of Prussia, PA. Philadelphia, PA. Alan Larock Human Resource Lansdale, PA. Jack Larson Business Mgt. Arbington. PA. Joseph Lauletta Management Langhorne, PA. Michael Lazenka RTF Philadelphia. PA. Christian Leauby Accounting Fort Washington PA. Adam Lebofsky Psychology Philadelphia. PA. Noah Lechtzin Biology , 9 Melrose Park. PA. Cindy Leder Elem. Education Southampton, PA. SENIORS 67 Joan Lee Business Morton. PA. Stephanie Lee Philadelphia. PA. Sun Wing Lee Social Admin. House Cheung Ching Estate Wing Chi Lee Act. Science Philadelphia. PA. James Legates Accounting Philadelphia. PA. Sonia Leiii Randi Lenenfeld Philip Lerro Robert Leso Steven Leventhal Journalism Philadelphia, PA. CIS Jazz Piano Psychology Philadelphia, PA. Warminster. PA. Philadelphia. PA. Philadelphia. PA. Adam Levick Political Science Philadelphia. PA. Bruce Levine Marketing Fairless Hills. PA. Robert Levine Management Mkt. Philadelphia. PA. Marjory Levitt M. Ed. Pep dept. Philadelphia. PA. Oenise Lewis Busniess Law Real Estate Philadelphia. PA. JTF Ding Li Linguistics Philadelphia. PA Carolyn Libor Marketing Warmmster. PA Michelle Liedtke Elem. Education Ambler, PA. Eujin Lim Music Philadelphia, PA. Ginyoung Lim Music Philadelphia, PA. 68 SENIORS L John Lines Communication Brownstown, PA. Sherri Linsalata Occupat. Therapy Philadelphia. PA. Bryan Lipkin Computer Science Philadelphia. PA. Beth Lipschutz Art Education Elkins Park. PA. Joseph Lisiewski Architecture Westmont, NJ. 41 Mitchell Liss Psychology Elkins Park. PA. Mireia Lizandra Sports Admin. Philadelphia. PA. John Lobron History Philadelphia. PA. Marie Lockwood Business Admin. Hatboro. PA. Catherine Loftus English Roslyn. PA. Peter Loftus Laurie Lombertino Barry Long Maryanne Longo Valerie Lopresti Engineering Philadelphia. PA. Elec. Engin. Te. Elem. Education Journalism Maple Glen. PA. Philadelphia. PA. Philadelphia. PA. Philadelphia. PA Lewis Loren Philosophy Philadelphia. PA. Paul Lotz Graphic Design Tom Loughlin Business-Finance King OF Prussia. PA. Kathleen Loughran RTF Philadelphia. PA. Evelyn Louie Business Philadelphia. PA. SENIORS 69 c ' { ' ill € M Hussam Loutfy Accounting Philadelphia, PA. Wendy Loux Philadelphia. PA. Frances Love Philadelphia, PA. Laura Love Marketing Philadelphia, PA. Gladys Lowe Social Welfare Philadelphia, PA. Robert Lowell RTF Philadelphia, PA. Thomas Lowery EET Philadelphia, PA. Margaret Lubawy Journalism Pittsburgh, PA. Philip Lubrano-Lavadera Finance Paris, France Sydney Luu EET Philadelphia. PA. dik% k J Vincent Ly Management RE Philadelphia. PA. Kevin Lynch Criminal Justice Philadelphia. PA. Joseph Lynons Civil Engin. Tech. Forty Fort. PA. Thomas MacDonald Marketing Mgt. Philadelphia. PA. Camilla Machado English Philadelphia. PA. Charles Mack Francis MacLeon Marcy Macrina Afro-American Study Management RTF Philadelphia. PA. Philadelphia. PA. Philadelphia. PA. 70 SENIORS Nancy Maholick David Maialette Kristine Malachowski Michael Malatesta David Maichman Accounting RTF Psychology HRA Compute r Science Philadelphia. PA. Philadelphia, PA. Telford, PA. Philadelphia, PA. King Of Prussia, PA Drema Malone Walter Malone William Malone Mark Maloney Christopher Malter Business Social Work Marketing Psych. Pre-med. Journalism Philadelphia, PA. Philadelphia, PA. Philadelphia, PA. Hatboro, PA. Philadelphia, PA. Anthony Mamas Debra Mancinelli Matthew Mandel Diane Manfredi Regina Mange Business Law Journalism Journalism Ed D Marketing Cherry Hill, NJ. Philadelphia, PA. Philadelphia, PA. Little Silver, NJ. Pittsburgh. PA Stephanie Mantegna Sharon Hill, PA. iki A Robert Marasheski Biology Philadelphia, PA Michael Maravich RTF Aliquippa, PA. Florence Marcone Philadelphia, PA. Helen Margas Elem. Education Philadelphia, PA. SENIORS 7 Scott Margolis Computer Sciencs Philadelphia, PA. Rosemarie Maribello Accounting Philadelphia. PA. Yolanda Marin RTF Lansdale, PA. Michael Marino RTF Drexel Hill. PA. Laurent Marionnet Finance Philadelphia, PA. Lisa Marsh Journalism Philadelphia, PA Joseph Martella Finance Collingdale, PA. Annemarie Martin Political Science Langhorne, PA. Richard Martins Graphic Design Kearny, NJ. Tina Martocello Business Admin. Lansdale, PA. Mindy Maslin Social Work Philadelphia. PA. Frederick Mason Act. Science Swarthmore, PA. Jane Mason Couns. Psychology Merlon Station. PA. Danielle Massey MSW Philadelphia, PA. Rita Matthews Int ' l Business Philadelphia. PA. 72 SENIORS Gwen Mawhinncy-Curina Elem. Education Early Childhood Philadelphia, PA. Violaine Max Business France Leslie Maxwell Criminal Justice Hollywood. PA. Chris May History Frederick. MD. Lisa May Psychology Philadelphia. PA. Harold Mayes Finance Robesonia, PA. Melinda Mayne Special Education Philadelphia, PA. Doris Mcalpin Education Philadelphia. PA. Linda Mcateer RTF Norristown, PA. Shawn McAvoy History Easton. PA. ! ' a Diane McBrearty Roger McCabe Sharon McCaffery Daniel Mccausland Michelle Mcclarren Journalism Education Elem. Education Marketing Finance Philadelphia. PA. Philadelphia. PA. Ivyland. PA. Management Chalfont. PA. Bensalem, PA. Jeanne McCloud Karen McClure Risha McCollough Eva McCoy Kendra McCrae CIS Journalism RTF RTF Criminal Justice Drexel Hill. PA. Jamison. PA. Providence, Rl. Glen Mills, PA. Philadelphia, PA ( cs MmmM Tracey McCrea Marketing Philadelphia, PA. Alice McCurdy Education Philadelphia. PA. Joseph McDermott Accounting Turnersville, NJ. Edward McDonald Management Aston. PA. Rebecca McDonald Richboro, PA. SENIORS 73 Bill McDonough Marketing Marysville. PA. Thomas McDowell BBA King Of Prussia, PA. Donna McFadden Theatre Havertown, PA. William McFarland RTF Philadelphia. PA. Doug McGarvey Marketing Southampton, PA. Mary McGee RTF Philadelphia, PA. hank M( Mifkelin PliiMelpI Maureen McGee Criminal Justice Philadelphia. PA. Ann McGinley- Buckley Accouting Southampton, PA Michael McGinley Marketing Philadelphia, PA. Paul McGinnis Mechanical Engin. Norristown, PA. Edward McGinty Real Estate Absecon, NJ. Michael McGorrey Finance Southampton, PA. i Mmt, CIS Mark Patricia McGough Margaret McGowen John McGrath Paul McGrath Electrical Engin. Chemistry Real Estate Math Ardsley, PA. Philadelphia, PA. Cheltenham, PA. Hatboro, PA. 7 SENIORS Robert McGrogan Education Philadelphia. PA. Danna McKellar Biology Philadelphia. PA. Criminal lirdley Diedre McKendry Inl ' l Business State College. PA. Majorie McKeone Social Work Langhorne, PA. r ' vni-r .f -yrfS.-. Frank McKeown Marketing Philadelphia. PA. Joanna McLaughlin RTF Philadelphia. PA. Philip McLaurin Accounting Philadelphia, PA. Damon McManus Journalism-Ad. Philadelphia. PA. Dale Meadowcroft Accounting Oreland. PA. Narom Meak Electrical Engin. Philadelphia. PA. .i III rtMcGofrey I PA. M tiM William Melfi CIS Marketing Philadelphia. PA Andrew Meltzer Management Philadelphia. PA. Caroline Merrill Education Philadelphia, PA Marilyn Meszaros Biochemistry Horsham. PA. Roger Mgrdichian RTF Philadelphia. PA. Karen MIceli Management Philadelphia. PA. Kristine Michael Criminal Justice Yardley. PA. Nyembo Mikanda Accounting Econ. Philadelphia. PA. Donna Mikus Marketing HRA Philadelphia, PA. Raymond Milia Elem. Education Philadelphia, PA. Barbara Miller Social Work Yeadon, PA. Robert Miller Marketing Philadelphia, PA. I Curtis Millhouse Accounting Upper Darby, PA. Wanda Mills Marketing Philadelphia, PA. Gail Milsztein English Philadelphia, PA. SENIORS 75 Tenea Mimms Sociology Philadelphia. PA. Rhonda Mordecai Communication Philadelphia, PA Janet Mintzer Child Care New Hope. PA. Robin Mitchell Criminal Justice Philadelphia, PA. Michiyo Mitsui History Philadelphia. PA. Jazlan Mohdisa Economics Philadelphia. PA. Mazdurah Mohdzin Finance Management Philadelphia, A. Dawn Morgan Education Philadelphia. PA Geoy Morgan Electrical Engineer Philadelphia, PA Jeffrey Morgan Management Colwyn, PA Michelle Morgan Business Law Lansdowne, PA Robert Morgan Business Warminster, PA Cecelia Morris Psychology Philadelphia, PA Dawn Morris HIth Records Norristown, PA 76 SENIORS Lewis Morris Richard Morris Charles Morrone Alex Mostrowski Michelle Moyer Robert McOuade Criminal Justice Finance Psychology Elect. Engin. Tech. Accounting CIS Wiikes-Barre, PA. Merion. PA. Southampton, PA. Trenton, NJ. Philadelphia, PA. Philadelphia. PA. Lisa Mudge Physical Therapy Wheeling, WV. Mohd Azmi Muhammud Marketing Philadelphia, PA. Michelle Mullen Willow Grove. PA. Marygail Muller M. Ed. Curric. Sicklerville, NJ. Maureen Mulligan Communication King OF Prussia, PA. Stefanie Mullins RTF Philadelphia. PA. f 7% Cindy Muroff Journalism Philadelphia. PA. Dennis Murphy Criminal Justice Glenolden. PA. A Francis Murphy Accounting Ventor. NJ. Vi Karen Murrell Journalism West Chester. PA. Kurt Murset CIS Philadelphia, PA. Sharon Musson Graphic Design Philadelphia, PA. Shelly Mutton Elemen. Education Pen Argyl, PA. Ernest Myers Law Real Estate Philadelphia, PA. Reginald Myrick Elect. Engineering Columbia, MD. Sachit Nadkarni Int ' l Bus. Finance SENIORS 77 Kevin Nadolski Nobuo Nagayasu Constance Nalie Anne Nanni Angelo Napoli Lyndia Nantillet Journalism Finance Marketing Mgt. Biology Music Int ' l Bus. Admin. Philadelphia. PA. Philadelphia. PA. Phoenixville, PA. Upper Darby. PA. Springfield, PA. Lyon. France Loriann Natale Mark Nave Constance Neal Robbyn Nealy Heather Neenhold Harry Neerenberg Communication Accounting Education Criminal Justice Biology Accounting Secane, PA. Philadelphia. PA. Philadelphia. PA. Philadelphia. PA. Philadelphia. PA. Philadelphia. PA. Lisa Neff Health Care Admin. Skiilman. NJ. Masayoshi Negishi American Studies Kumagaya. Saitama. Japan Bari Neiderman Psychology Philadelphia, PA. Glenn Neiman Bus. Law Mgt. Philadelphia. PA. Sharon Neiman Journalism Philadelphia. PA. Alan Neirotti Finance Bristol. PA. Annette Nelson Health Ed. Grad. Philadelphia. PA. Lisa Nelson Journalism Philadelphia. PA. Jeannette Nevel Mktg Economics Elizabeth New English Johnstown, PA. Michael Newman Marketing Philadelphia. PA. Carolyn Newmiller Psychology Philadelphia, PA. " « StNIORS h Christina Nguyen Business Norristown, PA. Tarn Nguyen Engineering Phhiladelphia. PA. Leslie Nickerson Journalism Warrington. PA. Eugene Nicolo Education Philadelphia. PA. Suwako Nomura Theater Sendai. Miyagi. Japan Maria Noonan Social Admin. Warminster, PA. S««hf( 1 Joan Norrett Thomas Novak Laura Nudel Antal Nyikos Peter O ' Byrne Priscilla O ' Conner " 1 Math Markerting HRA Marketing Marketing Finance Ed. Psychology f p 1 Plymouth Mting. PA. Lansdale. PA. Harrlsburg. PA. W. Caldwell, NJ. Norristown, PA. Yardley. PA. I (Mlli I Patricia O ' Hara Bus. Management Doylestown, PA. Dierdre O ' Neill Shirley Ochabillo Akihito Ogawa Michael Okonkwo Francis Okoro Voice Jazz CIS Finance Rosedale, NY. Education Admin Philadelphia. PA. Cheltenham, PA. Numata, Gumma, Japan Philadelphia, PA. Erica Oldham Anne Olveira Veronica Onumah Michael Oosterom Timothy Opeewe Christopher Orjl Psych. Pre. Med. Ech. Elemen. Ed. Economics Theater Occup. Therapy Political Science Allentown, PA. Lansdale, PA. Yeadon, PA. Wilmington, DE. Psych. Philadelphia, PA. Philadelphia. PA. SENIORS 79 Michael Orr MET Croyodon. PA. Richard Orr Political Science Philadelphia. PA. Stephanie Orssaud Marketing Boulogne B.. France Marcell Pace Bus. Management Philadelphia, PA. Lillian Pannullo Exercise Science Roslyn. PA. Michael Panunto Physics Philadelphia. PA. Elizabeth Paone RTF Philadelphia. PA. Margie Pappas Advertising Eddystone, PA. Nanette Paquin Business Lancaster. PA. Sung Park Physical Therapy Uncasville, CT. Michael Parlow Marketing Philadelphia, PA. Andrea Pascale RTF Folsom. PA. Tlieffsa Ambler, Chetan Pate! Accounting Warminster, PA. Milauni Pate! CLS Philadelphia. PA. Perry Patete Management Philadelphia, PA. Susan Pavucek Management Mktg. Philadelphia. PA. Brian Peasnail Linguistics Philadelphia. PA. Angela Pecora Marketing Philadelphia. PA. Colleen Peditto Insurance Philadelphia. PA. William Pellechio Finance King Of Prussia, PA. Ann Pelszynski Mechanical Engln. Philadelphia, PA. Eugene Pelszynski Mechanical Engin. Philadelphia. PA. Brian Perlish Music Lansdowne. PA. April Perry Economics Philadelphia. PA. 80 SENIORS Lisa Perry Music Philadelphia. PA. William Perthes Philosophy Havertown. PA. Cynthia Pescatore Accounting Philadelphia, PA. Ilena Pestcoe Marketing Philadelphia. PA. Page Peters Finance lnt " l Bus. Yeadon. PA. Michael Petrone Marketing Philadelphia. PA. i Theresa Pettinato Education Ambler. Pa. Nancy Pettit Education Philadelphia. PA. Felicia Pezdire Elemen. Education Reading. PA. Kathleen Phillip Child-Care Philadelphia. PA. Matthew Phillips Music Composition Bala Clwyd. PA. Anne Piaccntino Journalism Lafayette Hill. PA. Mark Pierandozzi Journalism Philadelphia. PA. John Pietrocarlo RTF Morrisville. PA. Michael Pietromartine Finance Philadelphia, PA. Diane Piffer Accountng Bala Cynwyd, PA. Rocco Pilla Management Mktg. Philadelphia, PA. iJiA Susan PiotrowskI Marketing Bensalem. PA. Frank Pittner Actuarial Science Philadelphia, PA. Luca Pizzo Marketing Philadelphia. PA. Louis Pizzullo Bio. Med. Engin. Bristol. PA. Kimberly Platel Biology Philadelphia. PA. Michael Pintozzi Mechinacal Engin. Langhorne. PA. Julie Plavner Business Philadelphia. Pa. SENIORS i Barbara Plumley Criminal Justice Philadelphia, PA. Teresa Plunkett RTF Charlottesville. VA Eric Poeick Finance Econ. Collegeville. PA. Heidi Pohl Exer. Science Philadelphia, PA. Kelly Poinsette Elemen. Education Bensalem, PA. Elizabeth Polidoro Speech-Lang. Path. Philadelphia, PA. ■r -. ' ■ ' ' . ' - . ., Francine Pollack Math North Wales, PA. Sherwood Polter Engineering Melrose Park, PA. Christian Poncet Finance Olivet, France Diana Potter Political Science Philadelphia. PA. Tracy Poulos CIS Philadelphia, PA. Matthew Powals Tax Law Ventnor. NJ. Grace Power Management Mktg. Philadelphia, PA. Nadine Pribula Anita Primo Accounting Finance Accounting Law Exeter, PA. Norwood, PA. Joseph Prodorutti Michele Prodorutti Karen Pupo Management Mktg. Management Journalism Erdenheim, PA. Erdenheim, PA. Philadelphia, PA. Joseph Purcell Accounting Havertown. PA. Susan Purdy Occ. Therapy Churchville, PA. Angela Purificato Psychology Philadelphia, PA. Debra Ouarles Bus. Management Philadelphia. PA. Mieko Quincerot Journalism Philadelphia, PA. Thierry Quincerot Finance Philadelphia, PA. 82 SENIORS h I •Ml Keith Radbill Psychology Philadelphia, PA. Thomas Raffiaati Finance Philadelphia, PA. David Ralis Journalism Richboro, PA. Anthony Randazzo Criminal Justice Wayne, NJ. John Randzo CIS Philadelphia, PA. Arathi Rao Psychology Holland, PA. f- ' Clare Readinger Management Philadelphia, PA. Donna Reahm Accounting Philadelphia. PA. Laurence Rebrioux Marketing Villepinte, France Kathleen Regan Physical Education Pottstown. PA. Donna Reilly Accounting Philadelphia. PA. Michael Reilly Physics Philadelphia, PA. Carolyn Rembert Child Care Philadelphia, PA. Phillip Renick Biology Warminster, PA. Elsa Reyes Sociology Youngmee Rhee Music Composition Philadelphia. PA. Wilhelmina Richards Novella Ricks RTF Social Welfare Hersey. PA. Philadelphia, PA. l -(fJi Richard Ridball Kenneth Ridolfi Nancy Righter Susan Rimberg Ilissa Maribel Rivera Criminal Justice Bus. Management Elemen. Education Philadelphia, PA. Ring-Moskovitz Political Science Phoenixville, PA. Ph iladelphia, PA. Philadelphia, PA. Social Work Philadelphia. PA. Philadelphia, PA. SENIORS Si WmiM Mildred Rivera Marketing Mgt. Philadelphia. PA. Jon Rivkind RTF Penn Valley. PA. Oliver Robbins Criminal Justice Philadelphia. PA. Ann Roberts Journalism Cherry Hill, NJ. David Roberts New Hope. PA. Renee Roberts RTF Avondale. PA. Kimberjy Rodgers OT Philadelphia. PA. Carolyn Rodia HRA Marketing Jim Thorpe, PA. Michelle Rodney Therapy Rec. Philadelphia. PA. Juan Rodriguez Biology Philadelphia. PA. Margaret Roeser Marketing Narberth. PA. Christopher Rogers RTF Philadelphia. PA. Wm Susan Roma Finance Glenside. PA. Christina Rose Comm. RTF Harrisburg. PA. Howard Rosen Rec. Management Philadelphia. PA. Amy Rosenberg Education Philadelphia. PA. Paul Rosenberg Music Philadelphia. PA. Beth Rosenfeld Journalism Hunt Valley. PA. fciu 8-t SENIORS ) I Suaznne Rosenthal Elemen. Education Feasterville, PA. Anne Roski Marketing Econ. Philadelphia, PA. Alan Roth Biology Philadelphia, PA. Rachel Roth Theraphy Rec. Wynnewood, PA. Brad Rothberg Biology Philadelphia, PA. Bertrand Roudaut Finance Brg-Leguer Lannion France 1 J ir ik:iitt I HULB g Parto Rouhani Fine Arts Jenkintown, PA. Michael Ruane Bus. Law Real Est. Philadelphia, PA. Sharih Rubio Int ' l Business Virginia Beach, VA. Maureen Runyen Elemen. Education Philadelphia, PA. Maryann Ryan Psychology Philadelphia. PA. Basia Rzepela Philadelphia. PA. Cari Sacks Nursing Philadelphia. PA. Susan Sagel Human Res. Richboro, PA. Nabila Sajid Int ' l Bus. Fin. Lafayette Hill, PA. Susan Sakowski Swarthmore, PA. Sal Salamone Accounting Easton. PA. Jennifer Salmon Chemistry Philadelphia. PA. m giM Maria Sammut Steven Samuel Brian Sandre Harry Santerian Peter Sardella Katsy Sasaki Psychology Computer Science Political Science Management B.B.A. (Management) Liberal Arts Toms River, NJ. Philadelphia. PA. Bronx. NY. Ambler, PA. Audubon. PA. Philadelphia. PA SENIORS 85 Richard Sauerbaum Management HRA Philadelphia, PA. Dionisia Savelli Art Education Philadelphia. PA. 4it 2, Robert Schaaf Finance Philadelphia. PA. Daniel Schaefer Bus. Admin. CIS West Chester. PA. Angela Schemm Business Admin. Philadelphia, PA. Milite Scherzinger Music Education LansdaJe. PA. Mark Schiele Journalism Norristown. PA. David Schimp Marketing Hanover, PA. Dawn Schmidt Business Admin. Philadelphia, PA. Todd Schmidt RTF Oakhurst. NJ. Barbara Schmitt HRA Law Philadelphia, PA. Edward Schmon Finance Lansdale. PA. Beth Schroeck Journalism Philadelphia, PA. Beryl Schwartz Physics Philadelphia. PA. Irving Schwartz Accounting Philadelphia. PA. James Schwed Elec. Engin. Tech. Conshohocken. PA. Christopher Schwyter Risk Management Warminster, PA. Linda Scipio Elemen. Education Philadelphia, PA. Anthony Scott Computer Science Philadelphia, PA. Michael Scotti Doron Segal Robin Seifert Christopher Sellin Rebekah Sepulveda Bus. Management RTF Comm. Political Science Journalism RTF Audubon. PA. Melrose Park, PA. North Wales. PA. Bala Cynwyd. PA. rdens Guaynabo. PR 86 SENIORS Eric Serensits Management Northampton, PA Andrew Shaw Journalism Philadelphia, PA Erica Shulman Education Philadelphia, PA Nicolas Simon Finance Philadelphia, PA . ife i Francois Sevy Marketing Philadelphia, PA Rosllna Shaari Accounting Philadelphia, PA Billie Shanefleld Journalism Havertown, PA Paul Shanken Journalism Philadelphia, PA Beverly Sharp Marketing Philadelphia, PA Adrian Shchuka Criminal Justice Philadelphia, PA Edward Shea RTF Roslyn. PA Paul Sheehan RTF Media, PA Howard Shotz Architecture Langhorne, PA Alan Shulman Finance Business Philadelphia, PA Jeffrey Shusterman Marketing Mngment Huntingdon Vly, PA Franco Sierra Economlcs Mktg King of Prussia, PA Rodolphe Sllli Business Philadelphia, PA Eileen Sllverstein Education Philadelphia, PA Sandra Simmons Finance Philadelphia, PA Taeyoung Sin CIS Havertown, PA Led Sinclair Criminal Justice Philadelphia, PA Jeffrey Singer Biology Philadelphia, PA Kareen Siwinski DCC-Therapy Philadelphia, PA John Sklbiak Marketing Ambler, PA SENIORS 87 Christopher Slachta Clinical Lab Sci. Huntingdon Vly. PA Richard Slinkard Philadelphia. PA Audrey Smalls Special Education Philadelphia, PA Cheryl Smith RTF Philadelphia, PA Eric Smith Criminal Justice Philadelphia, PA Julie Smith PE AT Dunedin, FL Melonie Smith Finance Mgmt Edgewater Park, NJ Nathan Smith RTF Philadelphia, PA Sonya Smith Journalism Philadelphia, PA Sonya Smith Business Philadelphia, PA Merryl Sodicoff Physical Therapy King of Prussia, PA Nisha Solahki Biology Philadelphia, PA Hiiiory 1 Stsin Stoi Uucilion Helen Speakman Psychology Warminster, PA Cynthia Spector Education Philadelphia, PA Carmelita Spinogatti Marketing Philadelphia, PA Demetrius Spriropoulos Criminal Justice Lansdowne, PA Elaine Staiber Journalism Lansdowne, PA John Staley Sec. Ed. Philadelphia, PA Candy m Oteanpor Patricia Stalter Gregg Staples Peter Stec Dimitrlos James Stefankiewicz Michael Steffe T iinintS, RTF Int. Business Rec Mgmt Stefanidis Communication History K felltiRi. Trevose, PA Philadelphia, PA Philadelphia, PA Business Mgmt Upper Darby, PA Philadelphia, PA. Warminster, PA. 1 bdtip 88 SENIORS 1 Susan Stein Angela Steinman Joseph Steltz Peter Stephanos Lisa Stevens Joy Stith History Journalism RTF Journalism Int ' l Business Marketing Kutztown, PA. Newton, PA. Ambler, PA. Philadelphia. PA. Philadelphia, PA. Philadelphia, PA. Susan Stoner Education Philadelphia, PA. Christine Stott RTF Philadelphia, PA. Steven Stoughton Finance Dresher, PA. Adam Stroman Psychology Philadelphia, PA. David Suchsland Act. Science Danville, VA. Michele Sudano Clin. Lab Sci. Philadelphia, PA. David Sukinik MET Oceanport, NJ. Florence Sullivan BSW Philadelphia, PA. Kathleen Sullivan Biology Downingtown, PA. Judith Sulzburgh English Philadelphia, PA. Amy Suplee Elemen. Education Philadelphia, PA. Stephanie Sweet Social Admin. Philadelphia, PA. Janine Swift Health Rec. Admin. Philadelphia. PA. Tracy Swift-Merrick Political Science Philadelphia, PA. Timothy Sysol Marketing Atco. NJ. Lauren Syzc Art History Philadelphia. PA. Miriam Szczepanek Economics Norristown, PA. Brad Tabakin Business Philadelphia. PA. SENIORS 89 Mayumi Tadokoro Thorn Tahopoulos James Tait Yasuhiko Takagawa Junro Takahashi Naoyo Takahashi (avmond General Statistics Business Law Accounting RTF Business Psychology Accounli Ibaraki, Japan Upper Darby, PA. Drexel Hill, PA. Philadelphia, PA. ya-ku Tokyo, Japan Philadelphia, PA. PhiWdp fai Jon Tancrcdi Journalism Media, PA. James Tantum Philosophy Levittown, PA. Mark Tarasiewicz Journalism Philadelphia, PA. Mehmct Tarhan Religion Ardmore, PA. Alexandra Tasch RTF Philadelphia, PA. Bryan Tate RTF ■ Seven Valleys, PA. Educaimi Jacqueline Tate Finance Philadelphia, PA. Betsy Tatem Accounting Hatfield, PA. Jeffrey Tatum Business Philadelphia, PA. Anthony Taverno Business Admin. Norrlstown, PA. Colleen Taylor Architecture Philadelphia, PA. Litha Taylor Business Admin. Philadelphia, PA Michelle Terrizzi Marketing Mgt. Philadelphia, PA. Kathryn Thomas RTF Philadelphia. PA. Patricia Thomas RTF Bromall, PA. Carol Thompson Social Admin. Philadelphia, PA. Marcella Thompson Business Education Philadelphia, PA. Mary Thompson Health Education Newtonville, NJ. 90 SENIORS idtip ) Raymond Thompson Adeline Thorin Colleen TInney Accounting Marketing Statistics Philadelphia, PA. Thoissey, France Philadelphia. PA. Sean Tobln Political Science Philadelphia. PA. Annamarie Toppi Education Philadelphia, PA. Bao Iran Nooc Finance Kremlin Bicetre. France Earl Toole Therapy Rec. Yeadon, PA. Richard Torpey RTF Philadelphia, PA. Oscar Torres Education Philadelphia. PA. Gerard Traynor Marketing Philadelphia. PA. Philomena Trinidad Biomechanics Philadelphia. PA. Charles Trofi Accounting Warrington. PA. Minh Truong CIS Vi Philadelphia. PA. Paul Trzaska Business Admin. Philadelphia, PA. Nicholas Tsilimidis Criminal Justice Ridley Park, PA. Katherine Tsokas Biology Huntingdon Valley, PA. Sharon Tokarski Marketing Churchville, PA. Wendy Tokarski Bensalem, PA. Tanbuu Tran Electrical Engin. Philadelphia. PA. Thuhang Tran Electrical Engin. Philadelphia. PA. Julia True PSG Bryn Mawr, PA. De Truong Risk Management Akron, PA. Brenda Tucker Social Work Philadelphia. PA. Lisa Tucker Computer Sci. Finance Elkins Park, PA. SENIORS 91 Perketer Tucker Marketing North Hills. PA. Rodney Tucker CIS Philadelphia, PA. Joseph Tuski Marketing Royersford, PA. Thomas Ubah Science Education Philadelphia. PA. Akira Uemura Marketing Philadelphia. PA. Karen Unger Elemen. Education Willow Grove. PA. Ronald Unterberger Electlcal Engin. Jenkintown, PA. William Urban EET Woodbury, NJ. Robin Uris Journalism Philadelphia. PA. O ' neal Utiey Biology Philadelphia. PA. Ann Vacchiano Child Care Philadelphia. PA. Ronald Vallone Accounting Philadelphia. PA. Amy Van Pelt Business Mountainside. NJ. 1 A James Vassallo Business Philadelphia. PA. 3l t1| Thomas Vassallo Management HRA Philadelphia. PA. Wilson Velasquez CCET New York. NY. Sandra Venuti Business Mktg. Philadelphia, PA. Paul Vergalla History Philadelphia. PA. fojtIiKi Richard Vespe t RTF Audobon. NJ. Mark Vicente Architecture Philadelphia. PA. Angela Vogt Sports Management Holland, PA. Andrea Wade Accounting Heights Pern E., Bermuda Carolyn Wagman Human Resources Melrose Park. PA. George Wagner Accounting Philadelphia, PA. 93 SENIORS Rodney Walker Marketing Ed. Philadelphia. PA. Cynthia Waiko Communication Philadelphia, PA. i -- a fefl Michael Wallace Architecture Philadelphia. PA. Joseph Walton Philadelphia. PA. Kimberly Walton Biology Wayne. PA. Harry Wanner RTF Yardley, PA. WiM « ii,P . V id 1 Alan Wardhana-Zecha Management Econ. Philadelphia. PA. Regina Webb Criminal Justice Boothwyn. PA. Donald Warokomski EET East Meadow, NY. E. W. Watson Havertown. PA. Victoria Watson Psychology Pottstown. PA. Mary Jo Watts Management Mktg. Phlladelpla. PA. Mack Weathers Education Willow Grove, PA. Steven Weinberg Journalism Philadelphia, PA. Dan Weinles Psychology Elkins Park, PA. 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Taekhwan Yu Accounting Abington, PA. ,-illrV MW Lisa Yuen Marketing Philadelphia, PA. David Yurescko Psychology Philadelphia. PA. Catherine ZaIenskI Criminal Justice Philadelphia, PA. Scott Zeenkov Brent Zern David Zlegler RTF CCET Computer Science Philadelphia, PA. Philadelphia, PA. Philadelphia, PA. ifi i Lisa Zimberg Psychology New York, NY. Linda Zimmerman RTF Philadelphia, PA. Marc ZIss CIS Ft. Washington, PA. SENIORS 95 % : ji. -.- ' " »i; ' ' - ' » ' ■ ' ' ' i ' V U :.v. -I ( ,,, . • ' H ■r ' ' ■ : - V ' C • ' f M TV A% JJ y iv,:i % L " • i I . f -o ' , I- ■ ' -% % I It A - % ' ' A ' s .i? Zfl . j ' i ■■ " ■ A1 ■» ' Jl}- M " " v f CAMPU(?) -J Enrollment 98 Dorms 101 Commuters 102 MC 105 Deautification 106 Food Trucks 109 Core Curriculum 110 PIQG 113 Black Histo Month 114 Qally 117 Miss Ebony 118 DOTC 121 White Student Union 122 DADE week 125 Airplane deaths 126 Other Camous Activities ■ 129 :j ' U 5.6 UnccKt Al Aen, t i H tAe ukc penlod CoAt Aun uiMed t iat % (Ac fineoi u , o n tci li HdOtf Acc tdiKf t f£ un€4 e m k££ed cCanlK C iiant-UHte, €ituUn n uCeuUe, and f toda te teident , cme cUC afr. U€U A tnlttf C9 9 eHn %i£ K€Ht, UciucCUt 32,350. 7 fOuU {it une b nf 69 ««w 30,643. uU-tiHte eHn %ee H€ U cc t 4.3 ptneKt Uu inlK , {fu% K 69,552 in C9 t t 20,390 u e9 9. m , Y " » X «■ f ' CAMPUS LIFE ■■■iS IH n ■■■ ' — iiif iilili ? ■■■■■■ CAMPUS LIFE 99 100 CAMPUS LIFE . ' tn Si V :•• •( ts II m €u UtAen, a ie (hAKA K, " (VtduficA, Mf Pea uC«f ScUMce eoHtpu , SeeeA, at l fUn, w Sa 70e4t at i $t U , w eveic Uc Tha w le ' 79€V€nA, C ie AtcuCeKU neeeCvc €Ik entintiif K€t4A aUU iU Ji vte %{ fal {ine a£ vt H4. uU if Mr one Unu udU fi jbU ifou um uU «u tuU met t ienwUe. SxcteiAtt it e Kfi£c tuoenA tAene one tAe ttuUten, uUiene cUn nit fUf, teAideKt Cif e, AtccdeKt Ue eneiit € 4Kmu4Ut4 U a {utt- Ud CAMPUS LIFE « idcitUfUeC, Uein Se Ua foa eA, froft in C Uka, ac i iiac , PtOK lC 4cAedu£e , and enaofdiM i Ua t ic pn %oi€Ced em C %t . S t tie UfA cA, e MjCd 6eeK een. cAcUKcd C feHce and CAMPUS LIFE ill- ■ ' .■ " . " T._j- f ■ - ' 1 1 CAMPUS LIFE lOJ II! KM CAMPUS LIFE ntt tA ftf StudeitU e ut ecU cU eiUt tAc Stilted A 4H€ {nt€ time ca«c Ate iuiofi m vUA at Ue S t iHtma, U H4y ea u iU Utin, 7 ' pUi e iUd TOaHdd, " ' " Si r " St vi 70 vtAr €iHd " 7 Smpine StmAtA SatA. " and 9t Un K€ce€AAitieA tcedcKU, and w AttidetttA. Uf fUKoUoK OKd ttienaC Aen dce tAe lempU ate tn OHtfoUoHA , Ciem and tu K-le nfiU CAMPUS LIFE V?m CAMPUS LIFE u •i .f iiJ ' r f- i- ff t rf I CAMPUS LIFE 107 CAMPUS LIFE 4menleaH iam unfen? Ti A U «mm 1e H " ene at em tf xu cok cid 4 £ U€£«f ue etaniAK, neaAf ut, CuhcA., cUnHtn, ak€Ic , m, a e4Kfi£e Ccfe tt aUinf to. ccUen, to- faun, eventf tteecC. CAMPUS LIFE ii!! m ma- n — ta c c un cA i i cCe tce, m tA OKd tAe AUuUe4, and t iut yuf ind euiUine t tutn- ee£iK4 aS cU C ie c nc e an cme tfUxed. Ok Ue %He AoKcC, e Kfo£e UcdenU e4ZK nec£ i n4%ade Ci enai ant4- edcicati %4t. ' iMfcven,, t ene i C ie uncCcH fienAa one w toMt cxtn cCa e , (oitA t ie ukc cutKMKt %f €4m and ie iit-cCa ti $tc. Sect, cu Ue 4Ufi c »e , tittte (oi£C te£C, OKcC A4%p€{u£C4f Uc C( ne eunnlcuCu tt c ok UfiU iKdeecC 6eKC CAe enUne Ic k C % K4HU4Ut4f. i. " 1PUS lIF-t CAMPUS LIFE III • i v; » - ■ ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■l IIJ CAMPUS IIFE iiiiir mil eHvin,6K H€»tUU ci cKcieA in. t aUUc 1 €U TUuCen, u»um iUAtn , P i itne €in€ P l e uz Uen4, cUC wen, Uc . ., atuC f e Mn iK ' Pen4U f£ AaKi4t. 4 ohcA 44U€A t uU 7 ?T f M f %% vte Ue €aH 4in- 4et, 7 S UtU SiU. d ecA ca Ainf ntm UK t itn tta4i€Ht on OKifcUi K at ' 7emp£e eHO ' ta4t4He«U. acUo6 WanUK ut Un, TCinf (h. lacA anti t , Uctune4 ' f cu inf k 4£€ic CAMPUS LIFE m b F - K . i VI We Chose Temple ' • " t f ; A f ■- i 11.11 v 5 I i r-i ' »Kv CAMPUS LIFE 115 I •••! »i ■■■■I ■■■ ■■■■■ ■■■! nil ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■1 nil ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■1 " M ■ ■ " ' ' 1 ' L ft l y Yk Dal Jit . It Inl A t f 1 5sr " " lilf ' ' l IWf Ai Sr f ' Vt ' -I 1 w..;r ; i; ___E! — v H - 116 CAMPUS UVt ■Ill ■lll nBHBHHBHBBBBBBBII 7 e Kp£e (?4%aUU t " Pectee OKd (Justice ■II|SbBBBBBBBBBBBBBb3 f f €U UUiKce fn K lent de ' T e«tu%c iatU Studies efaanUttCKt, k U4%ned « pn -eA Uce iIiiESSbBBBBBBBBBBBbB Tteo (Ti edHcUatf. tfinii 5U): " i t ' t t w IIIS CAMPUS LIFE Ill «« ' lMUfr 74e i9S9 7H144, S le K Pa eaKt Afo4%4U %n€cC P Seta Si nta., «« Md m •75 c(%Kte4UiHU m4%€CeUcC ca u , active, and f %n4fuU weci , a tateKt cene, OKd a t itttettectuat €U eA mtHt etcAtioK €i4uC ( eveniH ended udtA a nauUitf neHditC94t tAe a h " - ift S en4f, Uee and SOt . " -£ m CAMPUS LIFE CAMPUS LIFE 119 ; ' n i I I T lIJ " ' 1 ' ■ ' 1 f| V t» J ' IX) CAMPUS LIFE ism ...lllfliNii . ecttcUnffUuUuUe de neea- €iMd fU£Uan4f, iS!S SSSSSSSbS!SbSSS3 c( »t tUA4l(%K4. cu o iOen it t e ea »tfiu4 O ' fulU t t w w (ife t €i fan xi«fuUe£4f SO tudeaU «« eacA, tfean. entex emfoU ZA I OIC cacUU. 7 cadet p xpueatl tH Mm ' ■■■■■■■3 U 4i4Hi£lcin. t t U entnai Uide C fo pu£atOm at ■■■■■■■ em li£e. Sef ne edn tuce Ued U tAe 7( lll|M|HHHHHHHHHHHHpHHg frt fUUK, UtdcnU mcut Ave eeK zcce ltt€d to t IHII " 555B5553 d€ xee fina fuuK t4Ut UK t TitUoen itc ' ' De tCKdiM wr CAein, eA en tHa n4 , cadetA 4zUcKd cCa u CiAc UA€n, emfiU AttidettU. k (Ui .j iBSZSSSSSa addCU( K t U e£ad4eA, eadeU one te t€4ned to iet tM Ue •Hdaaft4f €UtOte (Aetf Uem fn K cUMcut AtudenU, •tu eadeU a«f tA€4f feeC ' fuAt £i foant Uc ne tdan, e K k£e ACudent €Ccf,. TO ieK tuU iK eCciM-, cadets iee i eutf « fitA Htiiltanif {UCd exencUe % t toee cKdA and (eaden Aip Ca tn ztontf %Ke d u eeA. CAMPUS LIFE iJiCcA, ApanJUd »KUcA. j » »r» M «wy (ind cCe ite. ' icU k vc aua Iwc AfoeccA. ' P M M iKf U cxcenfitA {% k a, 4taU teHt neiea ed Peten f. . i tcoM uiA. PtMideHt a{ ' 7e Kfa£e U ten4iUf, " ' T eee4a anUcicA and edUonlaU AatAe cOuunoUjed cAe %e U utU tK «» t M-ca£leeC " Ti iiU Student 7{,hI xk " zt ieiK cUtcted e x t iu AMuUC uid. " 7 4i tp£c ex i£ i uiUoH. C iU atteHU«4t U CJiat nacc Ca ok U ue u cA- a£M €fA ApatA fiateHU !U fi» Ueid 6» U(UeMCC i{ U U »u%t cAecAed. CAnau educiUi ut, fi€nAcuui(uc, dUcccA4l ut4-. ClU ati %4i. and dinect acU K. " JeMtfiie TltUtfCfUitif U ie f z££if S MHd 6» u iA«id (Ae 94uUeuU % c. 7 dcU4f iHc£ude4. pnatecUn tAc nl AU xU Un4 K4. C» nttd» H « A teecA eind eLAAo i ti H. )t a£4 iHcludtA UawUh cAe ni Au «» aM fien4 xKA. t x e fuaC xcccaa t edetccUi nuU y tfo ntuHlt , and hk eHo£w imeHt tee {w k diAC ' U tUH ' eitioH. fren»HlAAi4%4t 6 ne lAten, iAed we ide(%£ K ical vletvA. ' x ie u££ f, toe Keoen, uUii. ax iK ut4f twt4f enodcA tAc U icc C»w 9 UaacuaaI %h xk Mn M HfiUA. 7 " Ti AlU StudCKt IlKi i t ' UUU Acid fi» CAlA AtOMdand. ■fuAt iU otAen. xau . IctK Ue 1lKl A€nAit4f iKUndA eUnMUfA t % e CAc 6eAt cxo k tfj c % xfienaU AC cUo€ tAa4f. 70c tolU c iHtUue t» icAu Ae (AlA W tA tAc Uauc a tAc " Ti Altc Student ' ZIhI %h " U (tppfuuicAcd wOA C4xi H; ' UAtn ii«t. t td evOA icApect tAc (aw. iA tfou A uu4A. naclA . Ca ei uUAc H i t» evemftAlM ) Atand . tA PtcAldcnt. fricd K4f frcftA %Ha£ zAAun4XKCc t % ettc ttCMtScx a 9un c« H ttUHU4f: TOe uU£i t yicxeUc u% iHU UdxiU %4t 9% tU9iC4lCC. It 9 %HC UUIC tU MACd t % frfU%HUyU iH Udl MA C Vl CAMPUS LIU m.. OOU H PIZZA " - ! BREAKFA T LUNCH £ ; SW STROMBOLI CALZONE SICILIAN SLICE f ,1,1.1- ,. : .,-. . . 1 ■BBiHi r imijjgm " ttr ' W m IT! PIZZA SrcAt 1 ; COfF{(-T£A- ' ■CHOC CAMPUS LIFE 133 124 CAMPUS LIFE ri ■■■■ ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■S couKtfUf, V. i. ' R.S- ' ee CDxu and iec M ■■■■ ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■3 e enn uuC SduccUO K) umia AeAedu£e i I I 3 HSS9 ' ( ' t « f fi ' 9 ' 4 o€tncKeA4 eueeA. i——f — B -- Sfieeiat acUviUe iHcCetdecC t zjf eK4€4H , ■ CAMPUS LIFE finale44 n educaUoK a Aa cv ia- one 270 fita iUiied in Ue ex ie iAi4%K % p€iK irttenUOK VeccKt 2f. iUedeKt iK emfoU ' d Se i uU % t KnuKtUKU UoK OKcC ' 7 iecUen,, uUio aC cUed Ik Ue Z ece H en frCoKc ena4 . ic ' 7e K tfwiee ewz4 e£d ok ' J iecucUuf p€iKU4VUf e9C i, Ik eiK toKC . outu , SuOOaok ' cUe, Stood St. oiKd Sen THaU ok CAMPUS LIU CAMPUS LIFE Q7 f 138 CAMPUS LIFE i| TliU Yeat,, Temp i MaU Campm eeeiMtd A UUldiy Ntui AddlDm — An ALimL CvuA,. Ucdd On. Tin Ccwn Of Bak And PafJc MaM, Tkf Ctntffipim Of Tku OmU h A £moM Red Oufi. TliU Aua WlM ■£ewe Ai A Gc ffOng Piaet Fo (udaitl Witk fU Bniek SieaOng Alia. AMng Ta Tin, AneiutkSuJwt UnUjimtu Of Tin, Unijiftia(% Campui, Tin, Cuuk IVai Pedledled And Opened Ta TI1 Qudtiit Bodif OuMing Tkb Qpnlunq Fhjnq Fe at In ApHil. L.t CAMPL. mn tS LIFE 1 39 Onob A VtM, Tw SduUtiti G T(r ebut TU Pmium Of AeadtmUi Ll t U A Big Wcuj WtJU Tde, Aumat pniMq fhg. OngcmJ cSHota uei, Ai RdexitESu And GJtuxaf iouf)i Pcuf Ttr Up Tahtu U OnJa, Tv RaUt Mcmttf F(A Tktin, RtiptiSb t, A Hvitlei. OunkiMg Boddi, Bah , And Book, £a i Aha Juit Qme, Of TU A UJii At ailahU Ttr Quiuiii. Tin AXiuApluffUb k Om Of A UcJ CawUol Wttk HuktiU petu Kg Tlit, Patf eunp itg liiteuuSumat Poodi And TylMg TlitiK Lido At Gomti Of Ckomce,. exd MuiicJ U)Upi, IndidiMg til Tmdofj, GtiteMtaiMed SHuUmU Ok TU Paxlo MaM. Local Gwipi Aic Pioiftd At TU BtH TooiOL T r Add Tcr Tin, Qde gloti Of A ttlH A adciA. It WcH A WondM Oppo itiuutii Ttr Fo et About Tilt, PuUMU Of £eiuoot Ton, Tin, Oaf. tPUS LIFE CAMPUS LIFE 131 Wi 133 CAMPUS LIFE i ■ A HlMq Ocuj CdtbuilMq Tenipif, pOdt, CJumj Aul h lu Oeuf IVai Am, Oppovtiud To £lu ui £ck)ol Pnuk. A Maau i Tai qd Pa% Ac Taxp adUm Pk po-itl otumagei, TU Oouf Wai FiKd W(tk Tkb BjetUtMHiS: Of QpniMq. A FootbcM Qydmiiage, Wai Tin, Ocuji Mem ifti Temf ,i Co6)ia Fttu) Higk And Pfoud. A .AMPu: LIFE 133 ■M ■I ■i ■i ■i ■i ■■ ■I ■i ■■ ■i ■I ■I TliA TtMipU Campm k oiJij Moi iMg DouiiitouiK, And WlJk i mf Gcod RealoK. liUMokd 9MoMmeMt, Alotig Witk Tetxp i Lunitid f ouiiMg FaelAlu, Mb FoKed Matuf tadedS To- uJc AftffuuiSb t HouOm U Cedn CUfj. Tit, Ot maid Fo Tenip HmiMg Hal Bun Ot milieLuMq. Tlum Yeau Agtr, Tit, Uxl ml Lmed PoicSota Of Tin, PiudcA Hotei Ac ISU, And Kuee, keetl Ta hlanil . Tin, 0 tf(ffovi Of HouiiMg ApphjuHm. T(r CdffL Ttr Tie, TImi Of ImeomMq FmimeK Tku Yeax,, Temp Moiled Mat Of fH JumUml Ad ado Oat Of Tie ' Po ' uxi, " OffmiMg " TiiMt Ruidetiee, U A NumAci, Of BiJitiMgi. N amftii Hal Led To- Oueoi uf Aid HukdH Hca e, Novi Rea zed Tit, EeotumiA Adifomtaqti Of Lu lttg OfifXampiU. A Tim, — safety ouit — W(tk A Fuuplaee, And A Bade Yaxd Lanqt Fnauqi FoH, FouM, On, Fm ludaiJi — Ai tHagti 80 0 A MotiOt. (mSo, C% Afktr OfftMi A VoJLiA LtUtftc U Rtifxmiihi lij. Tieu, Aft, Mtcik T(r Cook And B(A To Pcuj. TtMpie, Ou4 Att Indted FvtMtjuiiBU, Witi, Studttiti Occupiflng WiA BLxh Of hlouiu And ApeucHnatH. Utd Bam Aha Rapid f Beeotnutg " Tttnpit, Baia " , DopdMjottd Bif SludttiJl Wiir Av, Happij WiJi, TiiiK IndeptjndtMBb. Tit, Ou mUij Of Foodi, Tie oSJoi, And PtopU Ik O muiie ning. ■ c Mfr- - ' nrp - !3 iV = PUS ll fc CAMPUS LIFE 135 ■■■■ !■■■■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■■ ■F ■ ■ iHk " ■■■■ 136 CAMPUS LIFE CAMPUS LIFE 137 if! 138 CAMPUS LIFE CAMPUS LIFE 139 1 3 CAMPUS LIFE CAMPUS LIFE Ml ' ZOUvenUC f ' ? iu Tfea . 7 a Ke % S a 4Kd ' P zeuiU . 4i UeaK€n 4cti fUC, " a TUtden,, S i 464 uC Pt4% e€ K 1 e£ zUKf 7 S fda t€ H 4Kd re M T e e ( itijett 7 » Sec % K€ uM%£ Aed TOit i iein, x K Kcc UUf. S (ent iiHex UeC«f U %4t Spumed SecucU P »etn f 70a i StudescU TO UU Sx i »UKiK 4ct ft t i t uf, fCwen, S lu O 4 Tteed 7 Sue i i 74e ( o£ %% pcctfrU 4 uC et utC O ic ( UKfoai 7 » «« Z e tuKifuiUc Pne ldcKt (Kd 7 ' hticu£ate 7 T e uycnate ie€o4 Ok SducatC %H. 4U 7 e4€ PefU4x uUiUe4- ( 4Um utcd 7 » 7 7 TfMX. CAMCUS 11(1 H m CAMPUS LK Ttii, Tkuikb OepaSmtiit Pmetitid Mcuuf tttntiKlMq Awl tSffSbiMuiq komk Tkii Ytau Moit pedaou M, Wai TU Ptatj, l aUc M Out Fm U A(kaMe , Tdu £j«rt% kou IVai TU TcA, Of TU CoMifvu. It Wen An Impuuii e ' liHixpiiiailim, Of Tkt, OniqiMol PnjoduiSlim,. U AddUlm Tir Tkoit, Owe tped Bjf Tke, TktcSkt, Oepcaitmed; tukdH Pa Puioif mJkx, PtodudUmi. Tkouqk Not OfkbLoAj RetogiUzd Bif Tla, UnU vnUSj, Tkat mM taU lumk Aha PmeiUid At RcmdaX TkuSkb Foh, Aiufont Wkcr Ik ItSmeiH. Tloff Pnoi uk VoJLoJbU Bxpaimet Foh, Tladu, MajoHk And Wo SLiliJik BiitffiGuMmeMt FoH, TU, UtiUfm(tii QmmmEl . T itke PwiuotloiU Aw ome Of Tk Beit Kept S ea On Gmipuk. !■ It lii ■1 V •v % . . . " . : i ■ 1 il ( " ' t k H . j . ' v v ' ,- ' " . V : r I v i Band 148 WDTl 149 Hispanic Students Association 150 PIQG 131 Temple News 152 Black Caucus 153 Coalition For Peace And Justice 154 Junior Owls 155 Physics Club 156 Alpha Epsilon Phi 157 Delta Phi Epsilon 158 Phi Beta (Sigma 159 Marketing Association 160 IEEE 161 Alpha (Sigma (Sigma 162 College Bowl 163 Pre-Med Association 164 Pre-Law Association 165 Alumni Association 166 Muslim Association 167 Yearbook 168 Temple (Student Government 1 70 irC 172 OA6 173 College Pepublicans 174 (Sigma Pi 175 Panhellenic Association 176 Pi Lambda Phi 177 Delta Zeta 178 Japanese Association 179 Chinese Association 180 Malaysian Association 181 Delta Sigma Theta 182 Phi Sigma Sigma 183 h BAND f WRTI I HISPANIC STUDENTS 1i mmm LV. ' il ' lii ' V ' it- : M i it- diJ L«ft to right: Andres Herrera. Marangeli Mejia. Carlos Pena. Osvaldo Quiroz 150 ORGANIZATIONS P.I.R.G. Top: Hans Ibold, Jim Cantrell, Shawn Daley. Stever Cox Middle: Tom Channon, Chris McMahan, Stephanie Scott. Cindy Turner, Cynthia Jacques, Kim Mack, Michelle Martin, Barb Carey Bottom: Rhonda Schlossman, Sue Wood, Warren Merkel, Vicki Kresge ORGANIZATIONS 151 Fall Staf Fall Staff: Upper level: Scott Kraus, Marc Bonanni. Peggy Gannon, Kevin Hogan, John Berr Middle level: Dave Ralis. K Hitchner. Marcy Lovltch, Chris Baldini, Nancy Taffera, Pamela Handfield, Erin Friar. Steven Winokur. Karen Bailis Front re Bill SkJar. Rob Kee. Editor. Todd Schmidt. Tim Haas. Dave Maialetti. TEMPLE NEWS I Spring Staff IS3 ORGANIZATIONS BLACK CAUCUS First row; James Burton, Vice President, Danielle Massey, Secretary. Hana Sabree, Constance Smith Second row: Anthony Campbell. Earlene Clark, President, Micheal Taylor, Jackie Taylor. AV . ' ORGANIZATIONS IS), COALITION FOR PEACE AND JUSTICE The Temple Coalition For Peace and Justice formed in 1982. in response to the election of Ronald Reagan, as an opposition to the social spending cuts and military build-up of his presidency. The group, consisting of Temple students and faculty, began by organizaing a teach-in on " Reaganism " , and later led the successful fight on campus for Temple to divest its holdings from South Africa. In the seven years of its existence, the coalition has fought for peace and justice both at home and abroad. At home, the organization has helped clean up vacant lots in depressed North Philadelphia. Farther from home, the organization has participated in marches on Washington. D.C.. to oppose the war in Central America, and recently marched in D.C. to protect women ' s reproductive rights, and organized a similar rally on Temple ' s campus. Through the years, the coalition has sponsored lectures, held teach-ins, and formed discussion groups on campus, educating Temple students on issues such as racism, poverty, and the arms race. Under the leadership of Rev. David Gracie of the World and Church Institute, and Donald Busky. professor of political science, the Temple Coalition for Peace and Justice has been, first and foremost, a place where students can turn their idealism into action, trying to make their world a better place. r54 ORGANIZATIONS WL JUNIOR OWLS CLUB 131 Left to right: Pete Cronrath, Vice President, Dina Doral, Secretary, Kathrina Blei, Treasurer, Paul Dudley, President. ORGANIZATIONS I. PHYSICS CLUB c The Physics Club is dedicated to getting together and hving a good time! We don ' t build bombs, we build lighting machines! We spend our free time getting together and taking trips to such exciting places as the Naval Air Development Center, Limerick Nuclear Power Plant, and General Electric. Its really a blast and they don ' t even know what they ' re letting in. Sometimes walking by Barton Hall late at night you can see the sparks fly in the windows and smell the acrid odor of burning nttrium barrum copper- oxide. Its moody, you want to weep. 156 ORGANIZATIONS lime iric (Kf- I Top: Brian A. Jurod, Mark Saddil. Mike Dunkie, Eric Dean Sitting: Matt Stout, Dennis Murphy, Brian Kelly, Thomas Tennesen ORGANIZATIONS I f Front row: Christine Gable, President, Angelina Jackson, Treasurer, LaDonna Reed Back row: Linda Mengel, Vice President. Susan Saputelli, Stacey Byers, Helen For- manes, Larissa Bagushinski, Secretary, Cassandra Adams, Pledge Mother. DELTA PHI EPSILON 1 r Color: royal purple and pure gold Flower: purple iris MottO: Esse Ouam Videri Delta Phi Epsilon was formed as a social, non-sectarian sorority for the purpose of promoting good fellowship among sorority women, appreciation for knowledge, discriminating judgement, and a true feeling of sisterly love. Our mottO: to be rather than seen to be is our own interpretation of the Panhellenic Creed. Members of Delta Phi Epsilon choose new members without regard to race, religion, or national origin. We feel that all women are important and can contribute to, as well as grow from, the sorority experience. Sorority is your choice, but it is a commitment as well. The Delta Phi Epsilon sorority originated from the local sorority of Phi Delta Tau at Temple University. In 1959 it became the national sorority of Delta Phi Epsilon. D Phi E has held an active role in community as well as Greek life on campus. We have been involved in many activities to raise funds for our philanthropy. The largest project being the sponsorship of Temple ' s Big Man on Campus and Homecoming Oueen Contest, which annually raises contributions of over a thousand dollars for Cystic Fibrosis. Other campus events include Spring Fling, Greek Week, and involvement in the National Panhellenic Conference. i free yoi Charles £psilo[ " Plifiitij J eado C ' mmyni (58 OBGANIZArK- NS GEANT PHI BETA SIGMA The Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. was founded at Howard University in 1914 by three young black male students. The founders, Hon. Leonard F. Morse and Hon. Charles I. Brown wanted to organize a Greek-lettered fraternity that would truly exemplify the ideals of brotherhood, scholarship, and service. Epsilon Chapter, since 1919, has dedicated itself to the enrichment and the uplifting of African-Americans through the dedication of scholastic excellence. We have adopted the motto " Culture for Service and Service for Humanity. " We boast a deep conviction that our graduates return their newly acquired skills to the community from which they come. Congratulations to Brother Terry Alford. .IC ' .X ORGANIZAIIO. The Temple Marketing Association is a collegiate chapter of the American Marketing Association, the leading international association of marketing professionals. AMA international student membership, which is available to students working toward a degree in any major, offers many benefits. Among these are conferences, seminars, amd workshops on the latest topics and issues in marketing, exposure to top marketing professionals providing valuable business contacts, and edu- cational programs and meetings sponsored by AMA professional chapters. The Temple Marketing Association sponsored many events during the 1988-89 academic year. In the fall group activities ranged from the giving away of free donuts and coffee through the " Get-To-Know-Us " campaign to a presentation by the president of Rittenhouse Marketing Associations, Inc. During the spring semester the group engaged in joint ventures with the College Council to sponsor a marketing presentation by AT T and with the business fraternity of Delta Sigma Pi to sponsor a fashion show featuring corporate attire. As a result membership in- creased more than 100% over the previous year as the AMA forged a new campus identity. 160 ORGANIZATIONS ItlC nun f iilff. lllK flinj iom piv The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers is a professional organizaiton made up of over 300.000 members world wide. Engineer- ing colleges around the world have I.E.E.E. student branch chapters similar to Temple ' s chapter, found within the College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Architecture. At Temple, the I.E.E.E. is made up of Electrical Engineering and Electrical Engineering Technology students. Throughout the school year, activities of technical, profes- sional, and social content are coordinated by the student branch officers and other active members from the student body and facul- ty. After graduation, electrical engineering students are encouraged to stay involved with the I.E.E.E. to aid in their technical knowledge and professional advancement. ORGANIZAflONS l« First Row: Laura Albrecht, Chris Gnall Second Row: Babs. Corinda Cook. Monica Craven. Bobbie Morries (nono-member) Third Row: Kathy Gaughan. Ann Russo. Lesley Arlme. Stacy Zarnet. Liz Schwartz Fourth Row: Lisa Lee (non-member), Michelle McCarten (non-member). 163 OROANIZAIIONS College Bowl is a fast-paced quiz game of questions on history, politics, art. literature, science and pop culture. This year Temple ' s Varsity College Bowl Team came in second at the Regional Tournament, beating Penn, Columbia, NYU. Rutgers, Delaware, SUNY-Stony Brook. Temple lost a close final round to Princeton. Team members were Nick Gillespie, team captain, graduate student in English: Joel Goldstein, graduate student in Mathmaticsi Steve Cameron, junior Finance Management majori Pete LaVerghetta, junior RTF majors and Rick Meketon, junior History major. The Regional tournament was held February 25, 1989 at Jersey City State College. The team was selected from among the top players in the on-campus tourna- ment held In the fall of 1988. Sixteen teams, a total of 64 players competed in the tournament, sponsored by the Student Assistance Center. ORGANI From left to right: Jim Dwyer ( Treasurer), Pravin Kothapa (Founder and President). David Brothers (Secretary). PRE-MEDICAL SOCIETY I The Pre-Medical Society serves to provide students a realistic picture of the acculturation that takes place in the process of enter- ing medicine and becoming a doctor. It aids in providing information for students on costs of medical schools, M.C.A.T. ' s. and admission requirements of medical schools. The Pre-Medical Society assists students in finding internships, volunteer jobs, and research posi- tions. Its mentor program helps undergraduates at Temple get ac- quainted with medical students in the Philadelphia area. Some of the activities consist of lectures from AIDS researchers, medical stu- dents, and Temple Admissions Committee persons. 164 ORGANIZAHONS PRELAW SOCIETY The Pre-Law Society is a student run organization which helps to give Temple students any information they might need about the Law School Admissions Test, Law School application procedures, what students can expect once accepted into Law School, or any other information that may be desired in relation to law. The increasing interest in Law Schools requires no specfic area of course concentration, there is no prelaw curriculum, hence our society is a useful means of getting necessary information to these students interested in Law School. To all of those on your way to meet the Law School challange. the Pre-Law Society wishes you the best of luck. STUDENT ALUMNI ASSOCIATION The Student Alumni Association (S.A.A.) was created in 1987 by the General Alumni Association as a way to prepare students for their Alumni responsibilities following graduation. Members of the S.A.A. are students who care about improving life for all members of the university community. The S.A.A. participates in all university events like Spring Fling, the Kick Off Karnival and Homecoming. This year, the S.A.A. handled all publicity for the unveiling of Alumni Circle during Spring Fling. Located at the intersection of Park and Berks Mall, Alumni Circle is the home of the University ' s newest landmark, " The Red Owl " donated to the University by the Bell Atlantic Corporation. k siude Prese «gan h " lo to «lfl " lo Th. and I Assoi they An Pto, 166 ORGANIZATIONS From left to right: Azmi Omar ( Malaysion), Yunsy Saby (Indonesia), Abdelazim Elsiddig ( Sudan), Mehmet Tarhan (Turkey), Waliul Islam (Bangledesh) MUSLIM STUDENT ASSOCIATION As the number of Muslim students in the United States and Canada is growing, the roles of Muslim Students ' Association are more apparent. Beginning January I, 1963. at the Urbana Campus of the Univ. of Illinois. 75 Muslim students representing nearly 10 campus organizations in the United States and Canada initiated the Association. Presently, MSA has its chapters spread out in almost any major college and university in North America. It is evident that the Association has a unique place in the mind of many conscious Muslims and gains respect from other campus organizations. The aims and purposes of the MSA are: to disseminate Islamic knowledge among Muslims for the purpose of strengthening their commitment to Islam as a complete basic code of conduct i to present Islam to Muslims and others, and to promote friendly relation and mutual understanding among them-, to develop greater understanding and brotherly relations, and to foster unity among the various Muslim groups of different backgrounds in North Americai and to conduct and participate in social, cultural, religious, and educational activities on campuses in the best tradition of Islam. The MSA, Indeed, has organized a number of activities such as conventions and conferences. Islamic Book Services and Publishing House, Marriage and Hajj facilities. Islamic calendars, events, group studies, information services. The Association stresses with urgency the imperative of unity, planning, organization, and rapid mobilization of members if they ever hope to regain their dignity as the perpetual seekers of knowledge. Any correspondence to MSA Temple Univ. Chapter could be directed tO: MSA Tempke Univ., SAC Box 125, Philadel- phia. PA 19122. • . s ■? I HIH H ' - H ' ' ' " " - _r H ' l 1 L ' ! m B - H i 1 Tammy Kukuk, Editor-in-Chief 1 B TEMPLE Jennifer Flynn, Copy Editor Teresa Plunkett, Executive Secretary YEARBOOK The Temple Yearbook staff is assembled to compile a book which will capture the best times of Temple in 1989. Always working with deadlines looming, the yearbook staff strives to combine pictures and copy with state-of- the art graphic design. Our primary goal is to elevate Temple ' s yearbook to its rightful position among the best yearbooks in the country. To do this, we have to keep up with all the new graphic techniques and layout trends. Capsulizing such a large university as Temple into 300 pages of memories is a tough job, but still, it is very gratifying to see the finished product and to know you created it. Robert McConnell, Photography Editor ORGANIZATIONS 169 Front Row from left to right: Melissa Salabsky (Secretary of Residential Affairs), Sue Stankiewicz (Chief of Staff), Jennifer Cotton (Student Body Vice-President of Academic Affairs), Jay Messenger (Student Body President), Tony Thurmond- Krajewski (Student Body Vice-President of Student Affairs), Ellen Masters (Deputy Secretary for Public Liaison) Back Row from left to right: Paul Dudley (Secretary for Community Relations), Theodore M.Rickles (Secretary of Commuter Affairs), Adare Freedman (Secretary of Special Projects), Stephen DiCarlo (Secretary of Educational Affairs), Kevin Jones (Secretary for Multicultural Relations), Brent Woods (Secretary for Public Liaison). Temple student Government (TSG) made tremendous strides this year under the dynamic new leadership of the New TSG. Student Body President Jay Messenger. Vice-President of Student Affairs Tony Thurmond-Krajewski. Vice-President of Academic Affairs Jen- nifer Cotton and the hard working Executive Cabinet successfully completed a comprehensive agenda geared toward revolutionalizing the government and making it more responsive to the needs of the student body. The highlight of the year was Multicultural Awareness Week held from March 37-31 emphasizing the theme " Unity In Diversity. " Hun- dreds of Temple Students gathered at the Bell Tower on Wensday of the week for " Racial Unity Day " featuring ethnic food, cultural pre- sentations, music, and a " Campus Unity Rally. " This program and others were made possible by a $50.0CX) increase in the TSG budget earned this year thru lobbying efforts of Messenger, Thurmond- Krajewski. and Cotton. The New TSG eagerly looks toward to its second year continuing to build a stronger student government. W no ORGANIZATIONS [ GOVERNMENT I«t rowi Michelle Renick, Katrlna Blei. Tammy Kay, Rebecca McGowan, Roseanne Salomone. Joan Finamore. 2nd row: Joe Spelgel. Anthony Manio, Heather Neerhold. Ed Lally, Lori Martinez. Amish Mehtah. 3rd row: Sandy Dawson. Christopher Grace. Julie Acbrecht, Keneth Guarango. Frank Pittner. Luaren Davis. 4th row: Dave Zimmerman, Chimdi Mbonu. Jim Walsh, Chris Wanjek, Lee Carl, Stafford Berry, Bill Myers, Kathy Hendrich. O.A.S. The Outstanding Achievement Scholarship was off ically recognized as a campus orga- nization In November 1988. It was about time. As a scholarship, the OAS is offered to more than 100 area high schools. The principal of each of these high schools nominates one student who is ranked in the top percent of his her class. This student must maintain a grade point average of at least a 3.0 at Temple to keep the scholarship. As an organization, the OAS unites students outside the classroom. The OAS steering committee regularly plans events for OAS members, ranging from a cultural evening at a Temple theatre production to a day of school spirit and comradery at a football tailgate. The OAS faculty director. DR. Lee Carl, a professor in the School of Communication and Theatre. Is the strength of the steering committee. His charismatic personality Is a catalyst, sparking creativity among the committee members and producing a year ' s worth of activities from just one meeting. From freshmen to seniors, the OAS is a blend of ages and cultures that come together as one. receiving the most from a college experience. Now that Its members are offlcally recognized as an organization by Campus Life, the OAS expects to entertain even larger events. id J Member Fraternities of the Inter-Fraternity Council (IFC): Alpha Epsilon Phi, Alpha Phi Delta, Alpha Chi Rho, Delta Tau Delta, Kappa Delta Rho, Kappa Theta Phi, Phi Kappa Psi, Pi Lambda Phi, Sigma Alpha Mu. Sigma Pi. ORGANIZATIONS lU COLLEGE REPUBLICANS The College Republicans of Temple University, founded in Fall 1987, serve as The Grand Old Party ' s representatives on Temples main cam- pus. Through guest speakers, discussion groups, and membership tables, College Republicans work to advance the ideology of the Party while increasing membership. 174 CWOANIiATIONS cling: Dan Goldhabcr, Troy Madden, Dana Heck, Dave Dom- iwski, Jason Guistwhite, Joe Spieglc. First row.- Frank Pittner, Paul Dudley, Dejan Kovac, Steve Gara, Joe Shaiman, Brian Kebart, Tom Neeley, Ed Bulat, Tim Downs, Jason Gerdeman, John Schilling, Jim Knauss, Dr. LcRoy Carl. Second row: Frank Madeja, Mark Cannon, ike Spitzer, Rich Shore, Frank McLaughlin. Bruce Lance, John " -ight, Dave Riggs, Larry Yang. Third row: Bill Jung, Bill Hattersly. s SIGMA PI J Founded on March 13, 1909, Kappa chapter of Sigma Pi Fraternity is the oldest Greek organization on Temple ' s campus. Sigma Pi, rich in a history of its own, has contributed a great deal to the history of Temple University. Significant Sigma Pi alumni include: Russell Conwell, the founder of Temple, as well as Robert Livingston Johnson. Russell Conwell Cooney, and Robert Voight Geazey, after which Johnson Hall, Cooney Hall, and Geazey Field were named, respectively. Today, as a leader on campus, Sigma Pi continues to develope its history. This semester Kappa Chapter celebrated its 80th Founder ' s Day Anniversary, was inducted into the Temple LJniversity Greek Association, and affiliated itself with a local philan thropy. the Center for Early Childhood Services. In addition, Sigma Pi has worked closely with Temple Administration to expand campus housing. An agreement between Sigma Pi and Temple to renovate the Russell Conwell House will be the prototype for the renova- tion of other campus facilities, such as the Johnny Ring Row project. Sigma Pi is able to achieve because it fosters a cooperative attitude within a strong brotherhood. By utilizing the talents of its diverse membership and directing these abilities toward a common purpose, Sigma Pi reduces a difficult job to a manageable task. This supportive environment encourages the individual achievement of its members as well as the growth of the organization. ORGANIZAIIONS P? BOTTOM LEFT: Delegates Front row: Amy Goldman. Deb McHenry, Back row: Ann Russo, Linda Mengel. Colleen Colbert. ABOVE: ttt row Andrea Zakheim (Panhellenic Member at Large, Delta Zeta), Lisa Brooks (Pres. of Panhellenic, Alpha Sigma Alpha). Jan Gottenberg (Secretary. Alpha Epsilon Phi). 3nd row Susan Weindorf (Vice Pres., Delta Zeta). Elisabeth Vandenberg (Rush Counselor, Phi Sigma Sigma). Monica Craven (Treasurer. Alpha Sigma Alpha). Anna Marie Collie (Social, Alpha Sigma Alpha). PAN HELLENIC ASSOCIATION 176 ORGANIZATIONS Back row: Left to Right: Ari Moldovsky, Brian Keena. Elliot Cohen, Al Ciampitti. Chris James, Pete Stolarik, Andy McFeely, Chad Cheleden. Next row: Ron Peeples, Tim Noll, Mike Sautters, Anthony Christensen, Paul Thomas, Tim Jonassen. Bill Finch. Jeff Watson, Mike Heinle, John Pitschi, Shawn Mahoney. Scott Wright, Joe Wargo. Next row: Mike D ' Angelo, Don Serek, Joe Conti, Mike Naegele, Chris Stearns, Stu Rabinowitz, Mike Mollen, Mike Staub. Kneeling: Angelo Zarra, Burke Miller. The Pi Lambda fraternity has been a part of Temple ' s campus since 1937, and has a long, proud history. Since that time. Pi Lam has been a major force, not only in Greek life, but around the university as well. During the 1987-1988 school year. Pi Lam won the All University Conference trophy for intramural sports. We are similarly active in community affairs, initiating programs such as " Operation Clean Sweep " , and volunteer work for the Variety Club as well as other charities. The Pi Lam house is located at 2000 N. Broad Street across from the dorms, where we have been since 1969. Our house, formerly the John Strafford Mansion, has been named an historical landmark by the Philadelphia Historical Commission. With an active brotherhood of over 40 brothers, there is a diverse collection of majors and personalities. Come see what ' s behind Pi Lam, and remember membership is " not four years, but for a lifetime. " OKOANI A I ION Bottom: Margret Lally. Laura Stella, Denise King. First row: Pam Medocroft. Heather Passmore, Wendy D ' lesea, Danielle Champagne, Renee Dellabadia, Susan Milgate, Laura Bifuico, Lisa Demko. Second row: Allison Long. Melissa Messersmith. Nancy Pettit, Missi Blouch, Sue Monaghan. Kim Anspach. Jillian Bittenbender. Patrice Ryan. Lisa Cook. Cathy Cubin. Third row: Val Sweeten, Susan Stankowitz, Susan Weindorf, Marie Cunningham, Ellen Masters, Leigh Tedder, Molly Rotunda, Dawn Griffiths, Diane Xibos, Emily Cajigas. Top Row: Sandy Yorgy. Suzanne Griffin, Jacquelyn Carson. Andrea Zakheim, Lydia Marcoon, Amy Goldman. Founded at the Temple University campus on May 9, 1978, the Delta Tau Chapter of Delta Zeta is Temple ' s newest national sorority. On the National level. Delta Zeta was founded on October 4, 1902 at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, and has a backing of over one hundred thousand membersi The Delta Zeta colors are old rose and vieux green, the jewel is the diamond, the flower is the Killarny rosei (a rose in the hue of rose), and the adopted mascot is the turtle whose motto is " A turtle only makes progress when he sticks his neck out " . Nationally, as well as locally, Delta Zeta ' s philanthropic endeavors are in aiding the speech and hearing impaired with major contributions to the House Ear Institute in Los Angeles and the Gallaudet College in Washington, D.C. On the Temple University campus. Delta Zeta has participated in Greek Games (placing first for two consecutive years). Cherry and White, various fundraisers, socials and formals. Delta Zeta has also sponsored non-alcoholic parties and are very active with DZ alumnae and nearby sisters at Drexel University. Overall, Delta Zeta is a diverse group of women who work closely together not only to support a common philan- thropy, but to strengthen the special bond of sisterhood within the Delta Tau Chapter. I ' 8 ORGANI AIIONS op rowi Kazuya Honda, Hiromi Fujimaki. Bill Kaizer. Yukiko Kato (Temple Japan Relations Department Head). Middle ow: Mark Hasebe, Tetsuo Nakamura. Nate Bradenock, Nao Suzuki. Daigaku Yoshid. Nobu Nagayasu. Front row; Therie uincerott, Naoyo Takahashi (Media Dept. Head), Katsy Saski (President), Kikuko Hayashi (Treasurer). Hkira Uemura Funding Dept. Head). JAPANESE CULTURAL INTERACTIONS ASSOCIATION f p •PW We are the Japanese Cultural Interactions Association, an organiza- tion created to bring together Japanese students of Temple University and to bring a closer relationship and understanding between Ameri- cans, Internationals and Japanese students, by sharing cultures, cus- toms, and traditions. The JCIA runs many programs and activities for members as well as for non-members such as a monthly bilingual newspaper called the " Kawara-Ban " which prints articles such as students experiences here at Temple, or in Philadelphia, notices to members, editorials and opin- ions mainly concerned with topics related to Japan and the United States, advertisements, and job information. Students who are learning Japanese or wish to learn it. may receive tutorial services from our staff members. Other activities which the JCIA does include parties so mem- bers and nonmembers get more aquainted with each other, introduce a taste of Japan at the Spring Fling and assist new students coming to the main campus by providing information about housing, registration, and other needs. Left to right: Yu Bai. Xiang Liu, Xingguo Meng. Gang Cao. Wen Shang, Bowen Kang, Mein Wang. THE CHINESE STUDENT AND SCHOLAR ASSOCIATION The Chinese Student and Scholar Association was established in Janu- ary. 1988. There are now 180 members who are mainly graduate students and visiting scholars from the People ' s Republic of China. The organiza- tion takes as its object to highlight the glorious Chinese culture, deve- lope friendly relations with other students at Temple, and help Chinese students adjust to the environment. tSO ORdANIZA I IONS I! MALAYSIAN STUDENTS ASSOCIATION The Malaysian Students Association has been established in the Fall of 1988 to help Malaysian students to cope with the new environments while studying at Temple. There are more than 50 Malaysian students here at Temple. Our association meets frequently in order to act togeth- er for mutual and intercultural understanding. We plan to have an active schedule next school year. Officers 1988-1989; President: Azmi Omar, Secretary: Ayoid Che Ahmad, Treasurer: Azmi Muhammud. ORGANIZATIONS 181 Sitting, L-R: Krystal Gilchrist. Laura Moore, Kimberly Staten, Hayiey Edwards. Standing L-R: Tracy Hymes. Karen Murreil, Andrea Johnson. Jonetta Bolden, Cheryl Williams. At the inception of Delta Sigma Theta in 1913 at Howard University in Washington. D.C.. the founders envisioned an organization of college women pledged to serious endeavor and community service. Since then, the ideas of scholarship and service upon which Delta Sigma Theta was founded have lasted and grown. Today. Delta Sigma Theta is a public service organization, dedicated to a program of sharing membership skills and organizational service in the public interest. Delta Sigma Theta is also the single largest female organization, with members exceeding I75,0CX). There are chapters In the Republics of Haiti, Liberia, and Korea, West Germany, and the Bahamas. Epsilon Delta Chapter of Temple University was founded in I960. Some traditional programs which Epsi- lon Delta Chapter sponsors include: an annual Halloween party at St Christopher ' s Hospital, donation of food baskets to needy families each Thanksgiving. Scholarship programs, clothes drives, voter registration and many more which we feel are essential to a productive and strong community. I8i OROANI AIIONS PHI SIGMA SIGMA ma: Phi Sigma Sigma--A family away from home. Founded on November 26, 1913 at Hunter College, this sorority has expanded it ' s horizons to the national and international scene. It arrived at Temple University in 1936 as Xi Chapter. Phi Sig ' s four purposes are the promotion of active leadership, academic excellence, community service and superior friendship Xi Chapter holds fundraisers to donate money to the National Kidney Foundation, the sorority ' s philanthropy. They, the 55 sisters, also visit local hospitals and give clothing to charities. Individualism and sisterhood are encouraged in the Phi Sig sorority. The sisters have several attributes which enrich the campus and the surrounding community. They are involved in various activities such as fencing, marching band, residential assistant and as a group have won the National Scholarship Award of 1987-88. Phi Sigma Sigma enhances the college experience with high principles and worthwhile endeavors. Phi Sig has pridel ORGANIZAIIONS 181 ' X. J% ' - ■) ' ' ■| . ' ' : ' .V, m y 3 i ' l . ■ . t - V ' • if x - . ■ y , v " t ; ' ' ) -i? " -- ' Z ' ■ s 1 1 IN INcSlDE: Campaign 1988 186 Back in §pace 188 (Supeipower Cooperation 190 National Di saster 192 Going for the Gold 194 Big Winner s- Sports 196 Dobin and Mike 198 Mi 6(9 America 199 Gilbert 200 AIDcS Quilt 201 Media 202 pcitleisMi btgU UtU fmo uJt jmt beeomt PmiJeiit of Ut, UtUti tHi. TkuSuM, taMdiJaSk Hmh Utlx, iaS ui Hi: iui . TU OtmcffuitLc Pwitii offvud iwu, p eipeeDn: puiiduU, GoireuM MieiM PuJcaia of MaUaaueBl, RamHd Jtut Jaekion, Cuatin At Ge t of Tutuua, Ripvit HattM Rieiaui Gtptait of Muiowii, £etiato Pout iMtm, of UbuU, Go mun Btua BahbCt of CoMpaigif 1933 A otia, and £uuISa Gauj Halt of CciovJtf. Titu viva, kU eauluttttei iom. Ut RepuhAtM. PaHjj: Vox, PHHidait Gtc t Bulk, ouHiK, Robeiit Doib of UkuU, E¥a0i t Pelt RoSmUoh, Gwewt A MnJm flaig, Go¥iiUio Pitmt OuPofit of OtlauiaKb.emd Sendlot Jack Ktmp. 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YEAR IN REVIEW 187 Amuica fiiuAj uStMMtd Hr Ipaet viSk Ua kwseeuful tfijoff of tU Ipaee, kkuSk, Ouan tKij. Tit, luvu iA koue, of IkageJif iHM AtigVU hom JomuMij of 1986 mku, tkb CkaMuga, tt itodd. Uoviwn, Hub kuam of Hub Outiufvui ie i to uut Hb uiUglit of Hat dUaitn. Tie, liuJtlb uJed SH foM dtuj, 1 .6 miMum, milb ttUiUm, uittk a, Hiamfiiuut JimJiMg at EduiaXik Aix, FoVX, Baib U Caafowia. Tilt, kuteiufut 6Aeff a le vu poitpoiitMitMli uiai He, (out luiet, Ht, itiSkustUm, of tit, CitAn u tt bwiqtt Umi iopt tir tit ipaa, pfoguuK, tuid tit eouiituj at ioKgb. 188 YIAR IN RtVIEW » .. tet .f YEAR IN REVIEW 189 Tit KUt Hr pouin of SoffUt ktJei Mikiail Go aduu luu liguAd n Htm mt, of ituetud ittttan cmd UitaMalloiutl eooptuitum, heU eai, Ut UnHed £liiei and Hi Soviet UitUm. CJtaiaf eaiaM a cm at om, oM- Cm» kqk MSiiUM. Ut tuo eotuHxiU and Ut dtufi of eoU uiax, luunt,- ta iig Mi iM. Hi pait Tii RuUUm, duUUm, fiMoKij iii(Ouiuuii tbofu fvm AfgaJuuii M, 6e j)ed to tnjuma, Ut Mui imagt ' of a uoiotuthit So Ut go tXMmnit ohatutimiMq He, ti idt% of Ht pait Tie, aicit tMipoiitimt aua of eMtoiSM, betiiun He- UiUGd Sta i and He Soviet UnioK, He mu an aun utee, beeoMie a. ptdSf m fot Mgdtuituml. Tie goal of a miekan meapotu-fiiee peace mai dumn ow, itep eU» Hf uai% mitM, PviuUiit KtagoM, and Ml. Go aekn iigned a Ued to tkMUM H, ee StaiM, nualtM uiiapom. I " i YEAR IN REVIEW Itbuem m litmiuiluJ eM of good nnM. RuUUm emd Ammlem wmm aitlkougk Ut U» in Aiakka ion, tiny CJifetwlA gwi t luAk. 2» uiUk «M» ' fted Uk1U U» U MM Urn Hm tmk. Nm Metba fnem mouU 1kb uwU tmfmqd mtitHi iM of Bemon , Aiakka, eom ti» iuaeM viCM ai tU i H of Ammiea wmbied fiad on, tU t Uk utSA tUfi mm lafi YEAR IN REVIEW 191 Wi YEAR IN REVIEW Fax, ment decdAj Hum, aiuj uieapo kiuviK, to ' tuM, U Ue, dtilkueSu e, pouitK of moSm mOm,. 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Gutetm EdzaheH CauAoH, mfUd in, Sou ai tet lumt uial uuuuneed at Mui Ametiea 1989. m22su i-MMm MiMiuie(a, tilur ptauied la b a hlewaU- aiud iuiifM, lueamt Ht ivt e mieof rte Uit ' ti ' miu, Ut Miu AmaUa, - a» YEAR IN REVIEW 199 Hux UeoM GiAext tmuAiied Ua Guf eeait of He, tumtuutit iM, (de, SepUmbn. It t out of Hi ' CauhhtaM. Oct a gUuit uiitul iHuc . Bif tie, tune, CC it (H lumieoM ' itoJin ovn ncttieaitew, Metcie», (t lutd kJkd mu tioK 300 ptopU, M ticiUaiuk lumt eu. omd eatued biSkoiu of doSliai (m, damage, tie, CaxihheoM,, CttiSui Ametlea, MetdJUr, and tit, Ututd Qt i. 300 YEAR IN REVIEW I Auk Quit Amid teau and gnief, HuMiatuk of ptopU, uiho Lad died of MDQ mat, mtituMoazed U Oetbb i, im, eaemmiu caiteHed on, a tugt quia Hat uiai mode, hij tkb vicUmi fnieiuk omd fuulif. Eaei, ofUe. faneh mtalwwd 3 feet bij 6 feet omd m 50 ffoBn omd a dcmt fovign, eoiuiSkiei uiexe, upneieiSed im, Ike, 375,000 iquMt foot tfuia. YEAR IN REVIEW XH bg Ub tffMiMj p obiem of HbUai ukb Uk eOMd. CmaJim Bm JoluHoii, kkomn. ohon m1U itft, fmki hfUCiM. flft 100-m4iK laob, biituiai idh dUfuMd btemUA turn of em, tmaboito HtfOod u ei foiud (n iu 4)C Sbfc Tki Aifnd tb ' bmuig eoiimn oimlU m of :- NodiMg luA a, gm t, ijJluMb tm, tf» Ami of Amt UecMl Urn Ut, mtdUi. Mo iH, tk ti UUm,, aid miie, an a, oU in, oM (b a cud hteomi a paiit of oM daJij uiitlM. Tluu, a iftM iM, uifUtu uibuJU mC be, eompim uiHieut a iUJU»f of Ut tjtM Ut, Ut mttka. It vial Ut, ijeaH, of Rogex, Rabbit: Tie, aMimaSd iaibit eaptuad Ut ieaitl of AmaUa and Wlur Fumed Rogex, RahbW beeame lie yeoU biggut giuUiMg fiU. Tkb iMMUdOi e HU, uiluei eomhiud Mt aSStm, and oMimdtuM, pKedueed matuf mtuhuidUuiq (StMi Old bwaOad lome, UMi iJt, Uito Ut field of anuuitUm,. AmUiet fatHaiif film. Je gtled audUuM of aa agti Uu ijtat. WiMovi Dial a coSahoviSeti, bij Ron HovJoxd, uiko kad diM i OxMm, aid Gtotgi Lueai. uiliUe Stin, Waxi tU gi IpuJa fo iikff- TtUi tuf ideal HA, of He, middle agU cotUuuied He LustU tkaditum, of itiotde iuu ipeeU efftStl eomhiMd tudk a mef it, ei vujoM, eon, tfjoij. Comedg came in aM ikafU aid iim Uu (ftM. Tie oddeit ' paMiy of Hem at kad be AwoU Qiiia iShiuuqn aid Oamuj Oil Cdt in, TmUa. A geadle, ufeUtoiiC pneduetd Hu uMuiuM paU of HiitU, one peit eet ut, wvtijitiag aid aitefieit oLoitUte uaS: oppoiltb. Tit mtxde iiovitd VtiiJiitij on, Ut pa)it of Annolil, viio U not latoum, fon, enpvUmeiitliig uiCU Ji femit Koin. fib Jidttt evu Ju dt ' angoneJ Niik Noit and Maittui Sio mvtt andUfft, odd dm. In, Tiut, Fug(tlm, Noti, uiai a maitet bank tobbet, u io u ai in a bank tuflng etuk a, eieek Ue dag ie uiai u aied kom, ptUon. EiHet MaiiSii £io , an inept bank vibben, mio pHottdei to not onig fob Ue bank but a o 1o lake Mode ioitagt. Tieg au an unbkeig paOt, ai Ueg eOimpt 1o a oid Ue auHo iUei. XIJ YIAR IN REVIEW Media EMe MuMpluf S!khi agcm. OimlMq 1if AmMea uiai He, itkg of a ptCnet uilw amei 1» He, United Statu in, kuxek of a bude,. AuuUo ' ftoM U gwit ai lUi u tBlMq timfOMitm.. TlUi mtx it, amtlMued Eddu, Miaflufi dutiiMcSUm of Hue, comedg gam, itu eu ontofHt blggut mtufiei of He, ifaa,. AuiHex, gimt Im, He, eomic fieb, BiM MuKuuj HeCuMed wCH ia out fi U iUax, Giai ui U. Sauoged mal a emitempowuj te ig of He, Oielcem elauUi. Ai a, vdi u lHUlMiUma», Muwuuj u ai iluxiw. He, u d of iu uiagi by WfUfoMi fe o i gkoii of CixuHuU. Working Gild itial a, teHiM, Hr He, HomeuiBe, emediei of He, Cauj Guuit iHa. HovUAok Fond pteifed oMofHe, tuidltuma GKoiit noiu, OM, tuecutu e, tow, b ien tiio uiomeM,, one, of mtiek MetaiUe, GniffiJk, ui(U fwtuuliMg to luuft. He, Job H it He oHn momat, Sofoweg IVeavet aeSuiS did lua e,. Tie, eempdeaSoiu mm, gueit fuM, and GfifftHl poiituujat of He vmdeiulog tujiMg 1» iueeeed, taftuud He, igmfdSiuj of tuuuj AmMumi. A Fuk CaMed Wcmda wtu a difftwit kind of amedg. The dank kuMVA mai UaeiUlabii,. JcmUe, Lee, GatU, KwU Kkju,, and Join Cietit, ffamed U Hu tab, of a moita, aime cmd He, amfbju3i(mi iMoi ed im. it. BaiehcM made a, n SiiM, tir He, big koeem, Hu geax,. Eigtt Men, Out added a fneik pexiptduft, HfHe, 1919 Oueagtr fillute, Sox iemdot, om, of He daxJcelt motUMtl in He, iiitovf of He MoSoiud paiBuxe. It J biA He fowu Hat hd eigtt men, to pfam. He, uiteidumai fau ofHe 1919 Wodl Sexiei. BuM OuxJum eaptaed He i ugg i of miMM teague boiAalt ptagexi figttmg to make It tir He, majoK ieagitei. Keuim, CottMH, Old SuiOM, Smandon. itamed ai a u aiied up tdSeluex, ■ gHoupie, uiomkipping He ckuxei, of baithoM , u e etg. U a, UippoidiMg ude,. Tim, RobbitU itiai unfo eSahU ai QilkeKi pttitege-, a dimuiltSid pcteie uiko fiMaag did make ittr He majo ieaguei. Tuio mo iti Hat tan, bt put in. a, ealegotg bg Hemie a fon iteu unin utupted fun one Tte Naked Gun, and BiM and Tedi ExceAnt Adifentiue,. The Naked Gun,, a fdm baial on. He iluKt-iu ed poiee iifuad UiUei. mai a avtatum, of Hi, team. Hat btaugit Ai fpianeJ ta He iouen. Lei e, NieAon, ttptUed in iote, ai In tetA, FuuJc OuhiM,, a po6ee offieex, uiitkaut a, eeue, ai tr uiiat ii going on, a uund iim,, uiia iad to iHp He ttUauindtum, of tie Queen of England at a Cakfowia AngeA baiehaSl gante. Tie baiehaK ieguenoi mene, iitaxiaui, Hui He Naked Gun, beeame He Hint film, tin geax, ta pag iomage, tr om national BiM and Tedi EaeMent Ad etitm, uiai Juit Hdt-etxeMenu BiM and Ted uieu, tuto dimu dted teem viia uiotdi go on, in tie fiitixe tir beeome tie ia ioV of tie ptanet--but fixit tieg iad to get an A ' ' on, tieU iiitey enam, I0- avoid faiing tie 6 Ui. Geotgt CaxtM,, a vpuieiiteShn, horn, tie futaie,, iturugbttie aniu et, ta tiein p obiemi, a, pione boott uiiiek uiai aAo a tune, maeiine. WHk It, tieg tuu eMed Huuugi time, meeSng BiMg tie Kid, Soeuitei, Sigmund Fvud, 3t, uiitmt, tieg bKeagitto tie puienttir ie tiem, u CH tieix, ovit tepont Tie imiMexie viai iaifed ante, again. Tie bigge actum, tiniMex, of tie geait, u ai Pie Haxd Bviee WiMu itiviud ai a man tiging to foe ioitagei ftom, a, ikgiCKappex,. Tie effecti uiene, ipeetiuuijlax,, and tie audience uidttied tie mv ije, fkom, tie edgi of tiei ieaH. Tom, Hanki finoMg uion tie Uipeetoftie film, tommunitg uiCH iMOudiide pexftAmojuxi in tuo fUmi: PuMciJkju, and tie btoekhuita,, Big. YEAR IN REVIEW X»3 U Punei M,, hlaiJa ffami liitk £JSij FuU ai eompetuy itand-up amakomi. Big wai imt of kwnot fdmi wiJk Hit, popuim, Heit tueuai, t tluJU becentei tulu tHoM. It uiai oleailj Ut but Homki itial a ijowng boij vilur iticuited he, big. HU mUk came. Hut and la, became, a log tutk, at a iigi pouitMil tog eowfoMg. llanJa u tu pe t eet cu He diti U a main bodg. RaiMmoM, ititti oho a, mMit foi He keait. Tte odd paU of OuitM, Uoffman omJ, Tom, CmUe Homed ai bfjMaxi. Hoffman uiai an, iduit koj atit, viluo Ika eMed uiCOi luU ( kcOm, CMiUe,. a iot iiet gamS i. Outki kai e, tolled Hoffmam pexfonmoMt, Ue beit of in eouM. Tke mMU, itioMMted Ue ieaiH of miaiotU and became a, iegCHmab, lut dtUe bo , office. Titio mt iu conceiiSuited ok He duma of uoi kfe. Stand aid Oetum. mal He itotg of an iuu eUg idooi tboeluH, wlut btingi out tie beit U in ittdedH and teitovi Heit faitk iM, Hemietifei. £duioxd Jamei Otmoi uiai peitfeet in. He fefe. Lean, on Me uiai He itotg of a iigi icJuoot principal uiiir tianifouied an, umtn, eitg icioot f U)m, a i iMnt dangextnU place into an imtSutum, of teaxning. Mo an, FnumoM, uiai inipiAing ai Joe, CJU. Coidxoi emg ahoundi in flotguiood Tim geMi i ijSlmi uiexe tiio moi iei puientuig eoti Me)fiial kuhjecSl. Tit, Lait Temptatum, of Cijuit itcMed Wilbm OeFoe, ai Juui ClaUt. Tie film, exttJii iS ovin ifUion of Ciitiiti HougtU and fantaiiti. Tie idea Hat Ctxiit would ion, Heie, deHnei uiai eoniide fed hfaipiemoui bg mang memhexi of He CaHo c cimMck. PickiBiMg euipted at mang Heatiei iieuiing He film., onlg UWing inouaie Ucket ialu. MiUiiiifpi BwuUng uiai a itotg baud tooitlg on He mtuden of Hue cu il tigiO uiodceia in 1964 MiUiiiippi. Tie mmfit, iduxed Gene Haekman, and, WiMem DeFoe, ai F.B.I. agenS uiio came Hr tou n lo- iMj eiHgdSi,. Bnilkanflg u titten and aeled, He mMit,, uiai b ited bg biteii became, it did notteMHe enact iUng of He inddoit, and Heg feit (t glorified He F.B.I, i b in He ciMil UgOk movement. (AitLci aiide, Gene Haehnani pe ffoKmanee ai a cgnital F.B.I, man uiai one of He beit of iii diituiguUitd cauffb. Teb iiion uiai faced uiCH anoHtu uniteiui ituke, Hii ieaion, uiiici, deluged He itaxt of He MD H iiion ieaion mov, Han a monOt. Tie tack of angHing but u-Kuni foH, uieeki itlped tir tan peopU, lo cahU, and He evei-enpanding video ameSe moxkit FinaAj, bg Noifemhvi, iuieepi, He netiio uiene back in buiineu once again. Tie biggeit uui iiovi of He geax, uiai Ratanne, a iituHHon comedg about He fu ei of a, biie ctMax, famulg itawUng itand-up eomediane Roianne Baxc l ieuiem all ovtn, He eounRg uiexe Je gited bg He KeakaSc appHMck Hr familg kh. Tie iiCiatuon Comedg uiai itM etdkeneked at He 1bp of tit, Kotingi. Tie, Coihg Sioui, once again He ieaioni lop wted iioui, conUntitd Hi domindtum of Tiuxidag mgit, fo9ouitd bg A Piffeunt filoJd, Cittxi, and a nem entig, Peai Join itaming Judd hlixick of TaxL fame. Wioi He BoU and Gtov ing Paini uiexe a o ai iuceeuful ai eVKi, HtU itungHuUng ABC on Tueidag nigiS. Tie moit anSeifdted iiovi of He nem ieaion did not amive until o M Neui Yeau. Tie ABC Mgitag Movie uiai an idea tawiuded fvm He 1970i uiien Ct uiai mg popular. Titxe axe Hue, diffeunt ivUti uiiick appear ai tiio ioux, moviei in Kotatum. Coiud», uiiick uiai He anckM XM VtAR IN RlVltW of Ut, o dqUuit Mifitvui Movie,, entileiiient Hu i eM afiet a puh e, kwiee, pnogum uiluei (xmtuuud to k de dovin tie viak Ua hiff of Ua Hmu,. Petn Jiffifult fixff ijeM onHe, aix. Jekenihed uianHd fetmk and tdSngk eJutiit KiuUl Landing, FcA,l Cotmho lud uiC W a, IVuegug, itaming Ken WaJj ai eneowuiged peopU Hr eaff in if tke onif koap to Unikk mp ovn ttt tjtm. Vat men an agent of He, OiqanUed, Heg lud ang infoutdtum, Hat eotuUtentlg in tie top tiuilg. Biat ef w i uSiM, to ' Oomo, Swum mlur infilkdd inouU ie He poiee toBtk took tie place of iU patent le i lM, in B.L. Ica,, a He, mob Iff deitioif it, foUovid Htm., ketHe pace foK a, mui kkovi, OoKal ak tie moit fiKJUfdtt iMMt dlM VujiM tr in Hi fodWepi of iteuH tke. ivave of puhtt pa itiiJpdlion kueetikful koap. Ogiuutg kaui tie leave, iu pait ok He, pobae. Miami l iee, in ckveifing a toik of Linda E ank and, tkuk. fovx, hektd. TluAd uiai Oiea t ioij(d foKoviing foi iS iMnMdHon uiexe bKougtt to JukHee mCH He tke dedH of Ktgktal Caxtingtim,. uiinMK, LmU Gouett, Jt. m in pbyuming. Tie eonSnuing puh ck eoopexjdSLon. Tke, empiakik on kiSudton Gideon Otuiex,, cm, liukam duuna foimat oAuied fot a, Tke Uvu veMtnt, and eomediek and teat-tJe dtamai JoMk-lfipe, auleeiogUt uilw mtmumm. of (Mdtu (Sij and an eotdkovokiai Mamied WlJk ike LA Lam and tUufeied Va, uio in keaxek of oppo ittini% fluk out Cluldun uiak He Fox, TkiJdgkomeOung, kak kffyd aJmtitijM. ekanaebxi muei. mote efHeDve pouiexioulb. Ttougi, kome found kpeed tie dee ne of tie Tilt, mUil-keiUei lud noC Han a one, luxa, tme mit CU (tank ktjie, offeniivt. mgkttime koap opeta. been eiuj kutxeuful in He, pmt mould aSov). 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Tkeg uiiM kai t to induduiq OlCM uiinneiU obe it booming a eompeMiVe fowiSk ugdexcoven, eopk mia inMkated CotitLmu, aeatng tie, tgpt of OiufoM and Aiige ea Huilbn netuio Tieg o indted a, kgk kekoofk told kome poviexfut (jua tj ptogtamming ikted above and Emmif uiiMtex, Tomnuj Lee, tMmat vildek luti been dupujulid kUtiek about teenage, ham and in otdet, to keep pace. JonU. bg mang oHen pnagnjajmi. audetuek. One, ikoui geneKdted Ametieai Mut Wanted, a Tke pUme-tlme koap opetak YEAR IN REVIEW X 5 • -v ,( ' ■■ ' V VA ,0; ' ' -- ' A - , ' ix ' t ' . , ' K, . 1 -.- ♦« -.. . r.y ' ' N ■ f V k y ■■ ■ ' V • ,r 1% if» , ; f ; , y ' ) ' %, " 1 ■■ - ' o V • M: y- ♦ i ' .- ' ' s - x i -- i - " h . OTHED CAMPUSEcS 1 I .. i VA r 1N5.1DE: Ambler Campus . . . . College of Allied Health Professions Temple University Center City . . . . i) J ■■A 208 212 216 Tyler School of Art . . . 220 T TT Ma- N, l ' " ■ If ' ?. ' ■v 1 J 5 v ;; V I -. V . :- . «% . X» OTHER CAMPUSES AMBLED CAMPUS For Temple students who want a change of pace, there ' s Temple ' s Ambler campus, students who prefer a more suburban environment. Ambler campus is the perfect setting. Temple students can enjoy the college experience without the hustle and bustle of the city. Ambler students enjoy many activities, their own radio station. WDfT. and a unique outlook on Temple student life. OTHER CAMPUSES 209 310 OTHER CAMPUSES COLLEGE or ALLIED HEALTH PDOEEMIONS Temple ' s Allied Health campus, just five minutes away fi ' om Temple ' s main campus, provides an excellent educational environment for those students interested in the medical professions. In addition to being a learning facility. Temple ' s Allied Health campus is designed to meet the health care needs of the entire community. 213 OTHER CAMPUSES r til X UnPI t OTHER CAMPUSES 313 314 OTHER CAMPUSES 316 OTHER CAMPUSES V ■-J. m EMPU |MVfcRSII Twcin I vmhn - _V i ■I -STORE ■Rary T Ai TEMPLE UNIVERSITY CENTED CITY Temple University ' s Center City campus is conveniently located in the heart of downtown Philadelphia. With its easy access to just about everything, it provides many resources for its students. TUCC is especially ideal for working, nighttime, and parttime students. Available at TUCC for the Temple community are Stage Three, the Temple Cinametheque. and the Temple Art Gallery. OTHER CAMPUSES 317 1MHI 2» OTHER CAMPUSES TYLED SCHOOL ACT Temple ' s Tyler Art (School campus features courses of study in painting, sculpture, jewelery. glass.... among many other exciting classes offered not just to art majors, but to the entire Temple community. The works of Tyler students and Tyler alumni are exhibited in Temple ' s art gallery in Center City, and also at the Diamond Club located on Temple ' s main campus. OTHER CAMPUSES 221 32) OTHER CAMPUSES . -w. " v -= - :-r-v Vv- ' -M V l M : X 511 - ■N;-- y r .. ' ■ ' J T - ' , s vt ■ ' i i AH .v X- r. , . 4 ' V )l i fr ' I ' S " S ' x 5 ' S,v ..- ■ . ] - FootbaU 226 Men ' s Basketball 230 Women ' s Basketball 234 Fencing 236 Women ' s Gymnastics 238 Men ' s Gymnastics 240 Field Hockey 242 Baseball 244 Men ' s Crew 246 Women ' s Grew 248 6occer 250 (SoftbaU 252 Men ' s Tennis 254 Women ' s Tennis 256 Men ' s Track 258 Women ' s Track 260 VoUeyball 262 Lacrosse 264 FOOTBALL i26 SPORTS SPORTS 221 238 SPORTS CiOi.iJ? 1 i- 2 " " " SPORTS 329 MEN ' S BASKETBALL no SPORTS fir Pi ' -l-m ' V i: $t mP Sitting (left to right): Ernest Pollard, James Harris, Tom Katsikis, Shoun Randolph, Michael Harden. Mark Macon, Mik Kilgore. Shawn Johnson. Duane Causwell Standing (left to right): John DiSangro (As«t. Business Manager). Robert Jones (Manager), Jim Maloney (Asst. Coach), Mike Vreeswyk (Co- Captain), John Chaney (Head Coach), Jerome Dowdell (Co-Captain), Dean Demopoulos (Asst. Coach), Jay Norman (Asst. Coach). Roger Clark (Asst. Trainer) Mike Flicker (Student Trainer). ■ " m 19 Missouri 91, TEMPLE 74 Arizona 68, TEMPLE 50 Kansas 95, TEMPLE 78 TEMPLE 63. St. Joseph ' s 57 TEMPLE 67, Duquesne 49 Villanova 70. TEMPLE 59 TEMPLE 50, Penn State 48 TEMPLE 67, LaSalle 57 N.C. State 71, TEMPLE 59 TEMPLE 85, Rutgers 79 TEMPLE 89. Massachusetts 68 TEMPLE 80, George Washington 68 TEMPLE 76. Penn State 65 West Virginia 65. TEMPLE 63 TEMPLE 93, Massachusetts 66 Notre Dame 64, TEMPLE 60 TEMPLE 77, Penn 55 TEMPLE 79. St. Josephs 71 Rhode Island 73. TEMPLE 58 UNLV 63, TEMPLE 60 Rutgers 77. TEMPLE 64 TEMPLE 74, West Virginia 56 TEMPLE 89, St. Bonaventure 70 TEMPLE 64, Duquesne 51 Rutgers 63. TEMPLE 59 (OT) Richmond 70, TEMPLE 56 iii SPORTS SPORTS 233 WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL J.M sr.OKis Standing (left to right): Kelly Lane, Roxanne Hildebrand, Pam Balogh, Nalisa Clark, Megan Kissinger. Lori Morris. Karen Healey. Tania Koel. Kim Reardon. Rhoda Bates Kneeling (left to right): Dallese Jackson. Wendy Booher. Kelly Wickes. Stephanie Copeland. TEMPLE 91. Rider 47 TEMPLE 66. Villanova 46 N.C. State 78. TEMPLE 66 TEMPLE 82, Butler 53 Maryland 73. TEMPLE 61 LaSalie 73. TEMPLE 71 TEMPLE 67, Rutgers 60 TEMPLE 75. Rhode Island 45 TEMPLE 84. Massachusetts 70 TEMPLE 74, George Washington 65 TEMPLE 75, St. John ' s 72 TEMPLE 80, Penn 53 TEMPLE 81, St. Bonaventure 65 TEMPLE 79, Penn State 74 TEMPLE 70, Duquesne 58 TEMPLE 72, West Virginia 54 TEMPLE 60, St. Joseph ' s 49 Rutgers 74, TEMPLE 61 TEMPLE 67. Massachusetts 46 TEMPLE 82. Rhode Island 65 St. Joseph ' s 65. TEMPLE 58 James Madison 61. TEMPLE 58 TEMPLE 57, George Washington 48 Penn State 73, TEMPLE 63 TEMPLE 82, ST. Bonaventure 58 West Virginia 80, TEMPLE 78 TEMPLE 54, Duquesne 48 TEMPLE 78, George Washington 51 TEMPLE 81, Rutgers 68 West Virginia 63, TEMPLE 54 TEMPLE 90, Holy Cross 80 Audburn 88. TEMPLE 54 SPORTS 235 ii6 SPORTS Front row: Rachel Carlson, Lea Trunnell, Jennifer Zcster, Suzanne French, Tara Collins, Muna Bitar. Back row: Head Coach, Nikki Franke, Yvonne Kedoln, Marie Petit Michel, Serena Murphy, Alyson Beasley, Assistant Coach, Rachael McDaniels. TEMPLE 15. Brandeis I TEMPLE 13, Stanford I TEMPLE 15, Vassar I TEMPLE 13, Cornell 3 TEMPLE 13, MIT 3 TEMPLE 14, Brooklyn Coll. 2 TEMPLE 16, St. John ' s TEMPLE 16, Steven ' s Institute TEMPLE 14, NYU 2 TEMPLE 15. William Paterson I TEMPLE 13, North Carolina 3 TEMPLE 9. Fairleigh Dickinson 7 TEMPLE 16, Hunter TEMPLE 8, Penn State 8 (65-62 touches) Columbia 10, TEMPLE 6 TEMPLE 11, Duke 5 TEMPLE 12, Rutgers 4 Penn 9. TEMPLE 7 NCAA Regionals TEMPLE 9, Penn State 6 TEMPLE 9, FDU 4 TEMPLE 9. Patterson TEMPLE 9, Rutgers 3 Penn 9, TEMPLE 7 5th NCAA Champ. SPORTS 237 WOMEN ' S GYMNASTICS :. S SPORTS Front row: Kimlani DeGrezia, Jennifer Keating, Jody Galbraith, Alison Cahill, Sandra Mitch- ell, Lori Cinotti, Michelle Machulski. Yvette McMullen, Kristy Cook, Stella Bednar. Back row: Asst. Coach. Winnie Grimes, Head Coach, Ken Anderson, Lisa Kunsman, Jennifer Lefkow, Mary Grace Farley, Kris Hollenbach. June Leonardi, Jennifer Levin, Trainer,Michelle Berrie, Asst. Coach, Denise Deivert. .; -.- .-■ -, ' ■ - ■ ■ ■ " TEMPLE 178.60. Trenton State 167.85 TEMPLE 182.70. Indiana (PA) 180.25 Wm. 6 Mary 179.30 G. Washington 178.20 Bridgeport 176.20 Yale 174.30 Penn 173.65 Radford I69.K? TEMPLE 180.40. West Chester 170.15 TEMPLE 179.05. Rutgers 172.30 TEMPLE 180.45. Pittsburgh 178.10 Towson 185.90. TEMPLE 183.90 G. Washington 180.45 Bridgeport 177.05 Radford 174.25 Ithaca 167.80 Navy 165.65 Longwood 159.10 TEMPLE 181.10, Penn 175.55 W.Va. 182.65. Indiana (PA) 181.35 N.C. State 180.95 TEMPLE 180.30 UNH 184.95, TEMPLE 181.80 TEMPLE 181.65. Rhode Island 180.60 3rd place Atlantic 10 Northeastern 180.10 TEMPLE Massachusetts 179.35 178.90 5th place Northeast Regionals SPORTS i3 ' ? MEN ' S GYMNASTICS J d □ D a i a c M NISSKN ][■ • ' . a UJi(IVER!TlTY T m t • - " A « i-tO SPORTS Back roW: Head Coach. Fred Turoff, Sasha Raught, Anthony Galasso. Parry Dilworth, Mike Dellapena, Joe Rowlette, Assistant Coach. Tom Glynn. Front row: Jim Myers, Stephan Choiniere. Stephen Shapiro. Bill Roth, Jim Van de Zilver. Barry Warshaw. TEMPLE 257.30. East Stroudsburg 246.85 Pent! State 269.25. Navy TEMPLE 265.65 260.30 Massachusetts 262.55. TEMPLE 261.70 TEMPLE 259.95. S. Connecticut CCNY 243.15 151.35 TEMPLE 264.30, Springfield 249.90 TEMPLE 265.00, Army 254.90 TEMPLE 262.25, Syracuse Pittsburgh Cortland State 259.55 255.80 248.90 2nd place at EIGL championships 25th nationally, 5th in East. SPORTS 247 FIELD HOCKEY lym mmmhmmm •5 ' »J SPORTS • J SPORTS 243 BASEBALL bf L • J j jjj !■ 244 SPORTS First row: Bob Higginson, Scott Altland. Wil Stout. Mike Fuga. Dave Haller. Mike O ' Keefe. David Rovine. Miguel Rivera, Kirk Fabrizio. Second row: Ray Roche. John Stepanik, Jeff Maul. Brian Yoder. Mike Palys. Marc Baffone. Carl Solerak. Jay Kolinsky, Duane Baxter. Dan Yannes, Tom Bruck. Third row: Skip Wilson (head coach). Joel Kerak (student trainer), Tina Stanley (assistant trainer), Ron Kratz. Jim Michel, John Bujnowskl, Bill Marushak. Steve Floirdeno, Steve Kolinsky (volunteer coach), Shawn Miller (student coach), Bill McLaughlin (student trainer). Rollins College 4. Temple 3 Rollins College 5, Temple 4 Rollins College 4, Temple I Oklahoma 13. Temple 3 Temple-Central Florida (rainout) Florida Southern 7. Temple 5 South Florida 10. Temple 5 South Florida 9, Temple Florida Southern 8, Temple 7 St. Leo 9, Temple St. Leo 5. Temple 4 Temple 3. Tampa I Tampa 14, Temple Temple 8, Shippensburg 5 Wake Forest 16, Temple 6 Temple 2, N.C. State 2 N.C. State 9, Temple N.C. State 3, Temple 2 Temple-Villanova (rainout) Temple 12. Delaware 3 Pace 9, Temple 2 Textile 6, Temple 5 Rider 5. Temple 3 Temple 2. Rutgers I Rutgers 13. Temple 5 Rutgers 4. Temple I Rutgers 5, Temple Temple 18. Delaware 8 Temple 15, LaSalle 3 Villanova 9, Temple 4 St. Josephs 6, Temple 2 Temple 9, St. Joseph ' s 3 Temple 16, St. Joseph ' s 8 Temple 16, St. Joseph ' s Temple 5, UMBC 4 Temple 10, LaSalle 8 Temple 6, Glassboro St. 4 Temple 17, Drexel 7 Temple 9, West Chester 5 Towson St. 6, Temple 5 Temple 8. Rider 6 Temple 2, Lafayette Temple 9, Rhode Is. 3 Temple 9. Rhode Is. 2 Temple II. Rhode Is. 2 Rhode Is. 14. Temple 6 Temple 16. Towson St. 2 Temple 19, West Chester II UMBC II, Temple 8 Temple 9, NY Tech 5 Temple 8, Mass. 4 Temple 7. Mass. Temple I. Mass. Temple 5. Mass. 4 Villanova 8, Temple Temple 10, George Wash. I Temple 9, Rutgers 7 George Wash. 3, Temple 2 George Wash. 9. Temple 8 I SPORTS 245 MEN ' S CREW 1 .J46 SPORTS First row: Archie McKown. Ira Siegel. Scott Buck. Steve Cordasco. Dave Shaw. Dan Meiselman. Adam Copchew. Bill Lawrence. Rod Pierce. Emmit Keenan Second row: Glenn Nardelli. Dave Loeckner, Dave Reinhardt. Joe Nagle. Danny Sher. Vince Fitzpatrick. Chris Kerber. Tom Irvine. John Ruppert. Jim McHale, Tom Fries Third row: Head Coach. Gavin White. Mike Moore. Kevin Murphy. Jeff Cowley. Jed Dietrich. Tim Stinson. Ken Detweiler. Steve Blatney. Ken Pierce, Chris Hoey. Steve Sassaman. Tim McGrath. Mike Alton. Brian Perkins. Paul Karaman. Paul Murray. Dennis Glancey. Paul Mokha, Bob Connors, Lightweight Coach, Jerry Flood. Freshman Coach. Joe McDermott Temple-Columbia Varsity eight: Temple 5:34.6. Columbia 5:39.1 Junior Varsity eight: Temple 5:49.:!. Columbia: 5:57.6 Freshman eighl: Columbia 6:51.3. Temple 7:07.4 Augusta Invitational Varsity eight: 3rd. 6:44.6 Junior Varsity eight: 1st. 7:04.1 Lightweight eight; 3nd. 7:03.6 Villanova-Drexel Regatta Lightweight eight: 1st. 7:46 Cherry Blossom Invitational Varsity eight: 1st. 6:09.1 Junior Varsity eight: 1st. 6:23.9 Varsity lightweight eight; 1st. 6:23.5 Freshman eight: 2nd. 6:34.4 Murphy Cup Varsity eight: 1st. 5:58.8 Junior Varsity eight: 1st. 6.09.2 Varsity lightweight eight: Isi. 6:06 Varsity four: 2nd. 7:28.2 Freshman eight: 2nd. 6:26.6 Kerr Cup Varsity eight: 1st. 5:47 Junior Varsity eight; 1st. 5.59 Varsity lightweight four: Isi. 6:55.4 Novice eight: 3rd. 6:23,7 Dad Vail Regatta Varsity eight: 1st, 5:38.5 Junior Varsity eight: 1st. 5:59.8 Lightweight eight: 3rd. 6:03.7 Lightweight four: 4th. 7:02.7 SPORTS 247 WOMEN ' S 348 SPORTS W ■ ' ' I i SPORTS 249 SOCCER i50 SPORTS SPORTS 351 SOFTBALL ; illlltlMlHiPlllliill N . 35J SPORTS Standing: Brianna Jazembak, Robin Liskoski, Dcnisc Sarno. Kathy McCarthy, Nancy Panapresso. Lynne Kosten, Patricia Waiko, Colleen Pacana. Kneeling: Kelso Brophy, Joanne Hoffman, Susan Rill, Wendy Feeser, Dionna Harris, Mel Frohnheiser, Jen Swantek. Florida St. 2, Temple I Florida St. 8, Temple 3 Temple I, E. Carolina E. Carolina 2, Temple I Temple 2, E. Michigan I Temple 8, E. Michigan Temple 12, Stetson I New Mexico 4, Temple 2 Western Illinois 8, Temple Temple 3, Missouri 2 Florida St. 3, Temple I Temple 2, LaSalle Temple 4, LaSalle I Temple I. Rutgers Temple I, Rutgers Virginia 4, Temple Temple 3, Ga. State I Temple 4, Delaware UNC-Charlotte 5. Temple 4 Temple 9, USC-Spartansburg Connecticut I, Temple Connecticut 7, Temple 4 Temple 7, Adclphi Adelphi 7, Temple I Drexel 2. Temple I Drexel 4, Temple 2 Penn State 3, Temple I Temple O, Penn State Temple 4, St. Bonaventure I Temple 12. St. Bonaventure I Adelphia 2, Temple I Temple 4, Adelphi Temple 6, Rutgers 2 Temple 4, Rutgers Temple 6, Rhode Island I Temple 2, Rhode Island Temple 6, St. Joseph ' s I Temple 8, St. Joseph ' s 4 Temple II, Delaware 2 Temple 4, Delaware 2 Temple 2, Rider I Temple 2, Rider I Massachusetts 6, Temple 5 Temple 2. Massachusetts I Temple 5, Princeton 2 Temple 2, Princeton Temple 3, Rutgers 2 Massachusetts 3, Temple Penn State 3, Temple 2 SPORTS 353 354 SPORTS Left to Right: Peter Daub (head coach). Terry Godman. Kyle Hawthorne. Mark Orystevich, R.J. Harr. David Astorino, Joseph Dizardo, Rich Lees. Temple 5, Pierce 3 Temple 5, Cal Poly 4 Us. Intl. 7. Temple 2 Ball St. 9. Temple Temple 6, Portland I Temple 6, Loyola Marymount 3 Temple 8. Cal State-La Temple 8, MIT Harvard 7, Temple 3 Temple 8, Pittsburgh I Temple 6, Penn State 2 Temple 8, Millersville I Temple 5. Maryland 3 Temple 8. Boston I Temple 6, Swarthmore 3 Miss. St. 4. Temple TN 3 Temple I Penn State 3, Temple I Temple 5. Rutgers 4 Princeton 7, Temple 2 Temple 6, Villanova 3 Temple 5, Bloomsburg 4 WV 5, Temple 3 Atlantic 10 Championship: 3nd Place SPORTS 355 WOMEN ' S TENNIS p « »- »sje::--:- " ■- :56 SPORTS Left to Right: Theresa Warrell (assistant coach), Linda Purdy. Cindy Barber, Jean Lupien. Mayet Lopez, Karen Williams. Temple 8, Cal Poly I Cal St.-Fullerton 6, Temple 3 Temple 7, Cal St.-Long Beach 2 Temple 6, Cal St.-Northridge 3 Temple 5, Loyola Marymount 4 Penn 5, Temple 4 Rutgers 6, Temple I WV 5, Temple I Ohio University 5, Temple 3 Temple 6, Lehigh 3 Temple 8, George Wash. I Princeton 8, Temple I Temple 9, Duquesne Penn State 8, Temple I Temple 5, WV 3 Atlantic 10 Championships: 3rd MEN ' S TRACK There were no Men ' s Track action shots available at the time of our deadline. Left to right: Car! Davis, Lance Smith, Jason W illiams, Jack Peeples, Kenny Lewis, Michael Grollman, Kirk Young, Ronald Baker, Steve White, Aaron Rolley, Basil Powell, Michael McGurn, Aaron Mills. n Yale Invitational December 3, 1988 400M dash- Jason Williams (2 0=50.73) 55M dash-Ronald Baker (4 0:06.72) 4x400 relay-Temple (5 3=31.72) Princeton Developmental December 10, 1988 400M dash-Basil Powell (2 50.8) 500M run- Jason Williams (1 1:06.4) Two mile relay-TEMPLE (4 8=23.7) 800M run-Lance Smith (2 1=58.61) Yale Invitational January 14, 1989 55M dash-Aaron Mills (5 6.5) 400M dash-Jason Williams (4 50.8) Mile relay-TEMPLE (3 3=27.4) Delaware Invitational February 4, 1989 500M run- Jason Williams (1 1=04.2) Two mile relay-TEMPLE (1 7=45.1) West Virginia Invitational February II, 1989 400M run-Basil Powell (5 51.02) 800M run- Jason Williams (2 1=52.5) 55M dash-Aaron Mills (6.43) 500M run-Mike McGurn (3 15=28) 4x400 relay-TEMPLE (3 3=24.2) Syracuse " Last Chance " Meet February 25. 1989 800M- Jason Williams (1 1:51.6) 800M-Kenny Lewis (3 1:55.1) 400M-Basil Powell (1 50.6) 400M-Steve White (4t 50.6) 400M-Lance Smith (4t 50.6) SPORTS 259 WOMEN ' S TRACK 260 SPORTS Left to right: Maila Madric, Andrea Harris, Barbara Ingram. Arlene Steele, Lauren Singleton, Linda Butts. Allison Wesley, Tracy Tompkins. Robin Davis, Sharonda Jenkins, Missy Hicks, Rachelle Clinton, Sheree Bearden, Dana Combs, Becky Morse Yale Invitational December 3. 1988 aOOM dash-Allison Wesley (6 36.50) -Barbara Ingram (7 36.89) 400M dash-Barbara Ingram (1 58.68) -Allison Wesley (4 60.35) 4x400 relay-Temple (3 4.07.1) One mile run-Robin Davis (4 5:39) -Rachelle Clinton (6 6:05) High jump-Andrea Harris (3 5 " 4 " ) Lauren Singleton (3 5 ' 4 " ) Princeton Developmental December 10. 1988 300M dash-Allison Wesley (1 37.73) -Barbara Ingram (3 38.15 -Dana Combs (3 38.31) Arlene Steele (4t 38.44) 4x400 relay-TEMPLE (3 4:07.58) 55M hurdles-Maila Madric (3 8.3) Shotput-Linda Butt s (3 13.36. 43 ' Ky) High jump-Andrea Harris (3 5 " 8 3 4) Yale Invitational January 14. 1989 400M dash-Barbara Ingram (3 58.3) Shotput-Linda Butts (4 4310 1 3) 4x400 relay-TEMPLE (3 3:57) Hurdle relay-Tempie (4 35.03) Princeton Relays January 38, 1989 Shotput-Linda Butts (3 44 ' 6 " ) Triple jump-Sheree Bearden (3 3711 " High jump-Andrea Harris (4 5 ' 6 " ) 880 relay-TEMPLE (3 1:45.06) Hurdle relay TEMPLE (5 34:03) 4x400 relay-TEMPLE (4 3=59.07) Delaware Invitational February. 4 1989 400M run-Barbara Ingram (3 57.4) 500M run-Barbara Ingram (3 1:15.5) 55M hurdles-Maila Madric (4 8.53) 4x400 relay-TEMPLE (3 3:57) Shotput-Linda Butts (l 44 ' 9 " ) High jump-Andrea Harris (3 5 ' 8 " ) Triple jump-Sheree Bearden (3 37 ' ll " ) West Virginia Invitational February II. 1989 400M run-Barbara Ingram (5 57.7) 200M run-Barbara Ingram (3 35.6) 4x400 relay-TEMPLE (3 3=56.8) Shotput-Linda Butts (l 44 ' 9 " ) High jump-Andrea Harris (l 5 ' 8 " ) -Laura Singleton (4 5 ' 4 " ) Syracuse " Last Chance " Meet 300M run-Sherce Bearden (1 35.7) 400M run-Barbara Ingram (3 56.4) -Allison Wesley (4 58.4) 55M dash-Sheree Bearden (1 7.3) 55M hurdles-Maila Madric (1 7.3) 4x400 relay-TEMPLE (1 3:56.4) Shotput-Linda Butts (l 43 ' 7 1 4) -Tracy Tompkins (4 35 ' 8 1 3) 1 4) Triple Jump-Sheree Bearden (4 35 ' IO ' ) SPORTS 361 26J SPORTS Standing: Head Coach, Sharon Daniels-Oieksak. Missy Johnson. Shelly Miller. Jennifer " T nomas, jenni- fer Holfer. Michelle Swartz, Jeanne Richardson Sitting: Robyn Brossart, Avery Byrd. Allison Glovna, Diane Walther, Jennifer Weisbra, Asst. Coach. Harold Lockheimer. Asst. Coach, Lee Ann Wentzel TEMPLE 3. Howard Northeastern 3, TEMPLE James Madison 3, TEMPLE TEMPLE 3. Connecticut TEMPLE 3, American TEMPLE 3. Northeastern TEMPLE 3. Seton Hall Louisville 3. TEMPLE TEMPLE 3, Pennsylvania 2 North Carolina 3, TEMPLE Penn State 3. TEMPLE TEMPLE 3, St. Bonaventure TEMPLE 3, LaSalle TEMPLE 3, Villanova I Pennsylvania 3. TEMPLE I TEMPLE 3. Lehigh I TEMPLE 3, Duquesne West Virginia 3. TEMPLE E. Illinois 3. TEMPLE I TEMPLE 3, Rider Rutgers 3. TEMPLE Rhode Island 3. TEMPLE TEMPLE 3, Massachusetts Drexel 3. TEMPLE 2 George Washington 3, TEMPLE 2 Delaware 3, TEMPLE 2 Syracuse 3, TEMPLE I Penn State 3, TEMPLE Pittsburgh 3, TEMPLE TEMPLE 3, Jacksonville TEMPLE 3, Central Florida I South Florida 3, TEMPLE South Florida 3, TEMPLE I SPORTS 363 LACROSSE 1- 264 SPORTS V , V SPORTS 265 y ••• ' , . ll f (■ ■ . ' i J ■f ' M - xi , , , -i ... . ... I l( V ' - ; . , 7 I ; 7 H v ' , ' . i v- ' y ■ ■ f v .Vl DANCE X-9 ARTS ARTS 369 JAZZ 370 ARTS ARTS 371 ODCHESTDA 373 ARTS ARTS 273 r,0 ' v ' ■V. J ' , h i y ' ■ ' , ' ' ' .{ ■ I ■ 3 S JV V " 1 I 4 f V If 4 -V- : .? vV 1 • ' 376 GRADUATION w GRADUATION 277 278 GRADUATION GRADUATION 279 280 GRADUATION •w«MCr GRADUATION 381 J8i GRADUATION .. ? :r GRADUATION 28i - 1. ■y , ' i fr C-- 7h ' ■...■ ' yA,n ( ' . If.- r ! -: ■. , M ' X x , ' p r 4 ' - MA J J, CLOSING Editor ' s Notes 286 Special Thanks 288 Index 290 Special Times 300 EDITOR ' S NOTES Ai I Ik, Tlii, THoliuicuH Bui UattMiMq Tir TU Eagiu And LoiUng Out OifO, Boot Uoukt oui, I Tlufuglt About Tin, ExeOlKg OuA TU Lu, Alaad Of Me Ok AuguHC SI . 1988. Tki, Ntui Vm, At Ttm Wak Readfi To BegUt, I Wal TU VW Bdlt U-ClUif Of TU Ttmpit YembooL It Wai GoUy To Be A Gvut Yeau hloiri CcuUI Kiumin, Wluit IkomM CUtMgu A al d Me U Room, 404 £AC7 If I Had Kmuik,, I Wondm, If Id Bt, l m No . It Hal OtfuuHAf Beoi A Lmg Yeau U Ondm FoK You, To Appueuiti, Tia, If-lt-Waut-Red-lt-WouU-Bt-FuM ff £ « Of TU 1988-89 £eU Yeac, U Me, Td You. A Qi . TU, 1988 Yemhoolc Wal Rtdd d Wltk PnabU, BdOi Budg ty And OnquHzOLowl. WlitM, I ROauiid U Tia, FcM, Tkb Ymhook Fdltb ' l IVo t Ig t uM Wak IValOiig Ton, Mt. At Tia, Poov Tit, 1988 Yembook Had N BtUL fmktd Tit, Otadiu it, Wal U 9a( f Auguit But UtYeaci EdOk, Had fl em SdmOed Tia, Pagu. TU, Ai Tit, OJg Avadobk BiUIm, I Wak Uk W(tk Tin, Talk OffmlilMg Tkb 1988 Yeadtook Btftm I Ccuti BegiM, M Own. Ougum At Tlut WoKdM Nmi, I Wt t To Tkb Offia, To Hout ItUoktl EifffujtiiMg Wal GoJ Tkb Compute IVal Gottb, Tkb Pkod luf Equlpnndt IVal Goni,, Tit, PHoduOm £ fulpmad ' IVal Gottb, Tkn In Add LufoutftAMl, Copg Foumi, MealMing Tooi, Ett. U Addltbm,. Ai Of Lit Yeati Pkitog k Wm A MuilMg. Em TU Pmoud Km I Had Ltfi; U Mg Peik, Wm Gom,. Obi lf, I Wal Bod kxhd And Eictagtd Lalt Yeati Book Had To Bb RiUilad, But Tiat, m NoOuig U To FuUik It W(tL AtTkb oM Tlmt, Wb CouJU NdtBegiK TU 1989 Yeanbooi Beeaulb Tia, Pt dg luf And PubieOm CcOuA Had Not Yg BuM, RbMgoddtd, Wb Had No RL On, PnoduOm Etfulpniedt Fo Oum, Own, Book EOkgu TlutWal NdtAi. No Ont, Knenf Houf Mang Pagei Of TU 1988 Yead)ock Had Bein, UmlBid. Tkb PagH RtpoiUd j To Tkb Cmtpaiig Old Not McH Tin, Numhm. Of PagU Tin, Compang Repo To Ha ReMnd fiMeMg, Tkb Compute, IVal R Utftd. Al IVal Cw(» Of Tkb Camaa, Eifulpinatt Homwm,, Tkb Pwkdbn, Efulpn d ' IVal Ne n Reeo eud. Wku, AH Tkb Pagtl IVm Tnaektd Oouin, Bg Tkb PuhAjiet, IVb OuMtud TU 100 Pagtl h m NdtCompfyed. I RAd U Con«, Of TU Gapi, And Old Tit, Belt I CouU To Get It Oont WiA, BegOoUng Mg Ouin, Book Mang eiOot, PlSHuui Had Not Betn, uhmOid, C Tieg Had To Bb Letiid, A CmMi Pagb Al Wtt Al Odm VltU Antai h en Ado Ntmiang. In, Utb NomhtK. Tkb PkitigHapig CoOw Wal Igntd IVb Cou i Begin, Taking PlOm At Lalt Ai Tit Witlb, To Add To Tkb Anadg Pecpk Began, To Cd Oemmdlng TitU 1988 Yead)ook Wb CouU OJg TeM Titnc Witn, Wb ExpeeSd Tit Book No Ont Knt Ton, Cuu, Wit. It WoJd Bb Readg. In, Penndm, Wb Signed Tkb PuhAlUng Cotdkaii RnaSf Wb Had p ul Mg UtAStAl EdtUn, Befou, Tit Omtnel Bntak Wal To finiik Tit AJdUlonl To Tkb 1988 386 CLOSING EDITOR ' S NOTES YemhooL ItT IVtU Ldot, l4mffMq An And UAed Pum Mtj BobL Wim I U Tkb T adu ofH BiU iMtaUng Ta Tkb EagAi And LookUy At Bott hlouie Roui U Jemauf Of 1989, I Wmtmd WU Kuul Of TemltWoM Bt. Tie, iW Of Tki FoM Ttim Had Bum, OuitdMq. I Tiougdt Of QutBUiq M Job Bmif Owf. Tv TlUi Ptuf, I Amend Im M him. m Ai Tit, CoOiaA Riu And, H4 Had A Nta Lmt On, Uk, Ad Wt, Ciayed Akud On Tilt, 1989 BooL UnhikutiAi, Tia, 1988 Book Wou i NotGo ' Auian. tt Had Bum, Out, Tir Be, Fudiitd U O obm,, TitM. Nafudm, Tlitu, JoMuauf, Tim Fttmauf, And RmoS It WoJd Be, ett Pum Tlit, Pubtukm, On AfiHii 22. UndtnloMdiUf UfnO; MoMif udedi Ad PoHuSi CUe, T» l ett TitU fmHuHoni On MeMAea Of Mif taff. Somt, Oeufi It Toole ItH tUot FiiiSluk Tv AiHitiieK, Ttt, Te plume,. In Tit, MeaiSlMt , H4 Wm MwfUiq Afonq Qulti, Wei. Tit, LkuJ Oiffumbtk Appeaitd omt PeopU IVen fildti Mf He ffJ, It Took A IM EOia POtMBt, n Oed hlOi Titm, But Ai In A« We, Did Manage, n GstMutOfWidtWe, Netdid Pum Tit, TeM CmMmMi%. RmJ On Apd 19, Tit, 1988 Yeatboeic Anxlmd, eM Montk Ldk Tit, FiMj PnobU Of Tit, Yem, Wal In WOi Tit, TitM» Of Tit, Yeau omtont, B Im Tit, Offu» And M, Tit, Cmfxdh And Tit, Ptidbu flldtContoit IVlSi Titfi , Titff A Looted Ad GeMifu f Meued Up Tit, Rootn. I Tifped Tie, RemaiMing Copif On Mif Fie SUe, TifpeunEbt At Home, It IVai Jult AnOm. InMofeMltMtt. I Lufed Out Tit, Utll2 Pagei At Hom RmcAj, On JuMt, 26, Tit, 1989 Yeaibook, Wat ftnuied. I Take, GuttPntdt, In Tiu BooL It k Mg Fifik Book, I Old Tim In Higk eluJ Ad Tuxr At TeM ItWak Mg InttMDcn To NotOnAf Oeilgn A Book Wild Loked Gttat, But Wiitk Would Ak r Capiat, A Pltee, Of Tempie,. On f You, Can TeM If I ueoudd. You, Mag Not F en Be, Ab , Tv ReaSg Oeadt, If I Han, Bum, A utmi On, A falina, Pon, MuMg Yeau. Tie, Magital PuuSlon Of A Yeanhook h T(r Be, A Kiad Of TlMut, CapifiU. In Tuienlg Yeaa, Wien You, Heax, An OU On Tie, Radiir, If Titg Makt, RadLoil Ad You, Tknk, Of At Tit Tunti You, Head Titt Cong At Te» pU, Tit NoitJgU!, Impu H WlM Ltd You, Tv Take, Out Till BooL Tiet Motntnt Wii Be, Tie, Meaiuxt, Of Mg Aeilt ement If I Han CompAd A Book Wiusk BhIm A Ctnik Of ReaognJtian Tv Youx, Pa», Magbe, Pifen, A Tean, Fon, Yeaa Gont, Bg, TitM,, I Han Oone, Mg Job. Iti Tkot Momeiit Wiiek Ive, Oone, Ai Tiu Wonk Tir ReaeL Ai-ln-Ai, Iti Bum, A Yean, I Would Not WuMt To Re ett . . . But I Am, Happg WO, Tiu Book, Ad I Hope You, Au , Toor. CLOSING 287 SPECIAL THANKS TU foUfuiQ Peopib And OngemizetUmi Hi d Mt Tv PuiWt Mif Cutl , And Picujtd A Voluhte, And, AppveiOd R A U Thb PuiAutUm Of TU 1989 TtmpU Tlumk Tff Mif Mm, Pad, And B t6(ium , LamM fo LutaUiy Tc Mif Comp Mt And Fot f e Uy Ttr FlMUk TU Book. Tluuxigk Tlitifu PnoofntadiMq, Laifout Ideai and Gttmal po . Mif Roomtnela And fkuuk Wlur Wm Gvtt P lfeJildU t -La ' (i Utlg Ta Mif Nm BoUAk And TeJciMg Mif Mud Off Ms PKobU. Tia, YiMbook Qaff: Bob, Jm, BsOi, And Tmtia. A Gvat Gtoup. fl4 » Ptit TogeUet Oka ffeX Of A BooL To Pid WcAk, Wlur Wak TU Ovu Of QuJta Uk U Tkb Fat Tom, Tlumk Fc 4uy Me. To C oK Up TU 1988 Yeofhoolo mAi iMPauAi PmdA To ' B(M aekmoK, Wlur AuuMtd Pliill PupomihiMlH OuMiMg Tin. Tern. TkaiJa Fo GwUtg Mt Tkb Fnudim To Ov Tldiyi Mif Om Waif. To Gotuf FnudMtm, Tkb Giuuko AuUlaiit Wlur fielded Ui Kup Ouk BuiiMiu U Ondeu Matuf Tluuik Fint Ai YoM Ad Ux And Tkb Maiuf floun Of Good CotafOkctlotu n Tii. PuhtUudUmi Boofid fo TUiM. PoUwt W(tk TU 1988 fUeo, And Fo Yowu ConOM, Wltk TU 1989 Temf U. Tff Dan, BeJoof Fo Ai fflA ffej IVHi Poumeei. IVl out You,, Daft, I Could ai t, Nwn Fiid Out Ai T uu Foum. To Tkb Qiapke. AiSl Cedev, AudUr Vuwd Cain, And o InfoimdUm, F» T iiU ConSUbtiJloni To Ouk Pf Bod IVm PleSau And CopifUy ign im. To Rob K» And Todd ekmidt, Tkb FaM And ting EdUo Of TU Tempib Ntnk, ReipeeS e f. Tlumk Gwfl Fo YouM, ffef And Fkundikif. To Mtmhm Of Tkb FoA And p Staffl Of Tit, Temp , Nm Fo TialM, f e WktM, Ntedtd. Tor JaMJb Tomaehr Of Tkb PuMtkakUtq Oepadimi: Tkanla Foi Youx, ffef) In Tkb Bidding PwtUU Fot, Botk Tin, PkHbgnapluf And Puh6ikUy CoOwA. Tor Joitpk And Mdcb OiaiMZi Of Cad WJf QiidUr, Ouk Plioto luf Hubiy, Fo Youx, Coni1ani£f tfOoi, ani» And Fon, YouJt PeJlbnOb Wltk F en, Out CuiiitiC Re unH. To Tkb Cad Wof Pkjtog ktm Wkr Comb To Tahb tnlo , Pletim At ' Temptb. Tlumk F t Polng An EjeoAi Job And fox. Ca L£f Pea Lg WUk Tkb E fu pmoit Pxcb And Con Hult Mo¥lng Of LocdHoni. J88 CLOSING SPECIAL THANKS n PidK u OfJcHtm PiMiMg. Miuuf TluuJn Fo Youm, f 4 m TU MeO g OfOeadAm A,ul Thb MsDm Of Thu WtmdM Coiftfb. YoM l dinab IVai Gua ApptteUHd. To- Tkb Eu ea Of Jci U Puh6jUMg. Tkamkk ve Yom BaeStiiiU IVimH and foK, Peelphfit £«« Of TU Cti fitb L edS I ' CbmC In And fo Yowo PdtUniu, Wlan, OlMeuiUi A t . Tir OUM Lit, Thcmk Fm Yom Hti CoMBwUnq Ktgk Ad Otim PtoblMi Wdk Om OffiOb. F eHeMu Whu, A LeakUy Pipt Twuud TU Sbtagt Room, It Sir An, Indoor ImmUig Pod. Ttr TU taHnKUk And Offijob AufiSuSk Of C. Tluuik Fo AM YoM hle IV int TUe, FmagtMin Popptd Up. Tv KnlHi IVlmiUek, Tk Peon Of StudeM. TluuJa Fok, Yom po , And CmkduiBb. Tluuk Onib And Ai Fo-c Ai YoM ffe . Tlui Book k A CJbShft Wo Of MoMff Peopfe, Wlur f ed U MoKfj OiffmuH: IVeufl FtOmv BtldMid Tkb otmtk, Ok Out U Fad: I f op» I oaft LuH FifMfoM Aboifb. If I ffa e MwLtd AngoM, P ali Fo t Mt And Kuan Tk£ I lia t N Foig n, You, U Mif eadT Temmy Kuhdc, Fdlta U-Ciiif, 1989 TempU All senior pictures taken by Carl Wolf Studio, which also provided various can- dids throughout the book. CLOSING 289 INDEX Adul-Hahim, Ruslina 34 Abdullah, Jamal 34 Abol, Edrees 34 Abrams, Jerald 34 Abse, Daniel 34 Abu Ammar, Ibrahim 34 Abusamaha, Adnan 34 Acchione, Donna 34 Acker, Kenneth 34 Adams, Crystal 34 Adams, Eric 34 Adams, Melissa 34 Adams, Victoria 34 Afanassiev, Sasha 34 Agree, Jonathan 34 Agresar, Andrik 34 Aisenstein, Janet 34 Al-Azemi, Salem 34 Al-Mawaly, Adi 34 Alameri, Tariq 34 Alba, Elaine 35 Albergo, Michael 35 Aleszczyk, Cheryl 35 Alford, Terry 35 Alhadabi, Humaid 35 Alhubail, Jamal 35 Allman, Richard 35 Alsammak, Reyadh 35 Alston, Veronica 35 Alsubaiei, Barrak 35 Altomare, David 35 Alzamora, Annabelle 35 Ambrosini, Anthony 35 Amento, Christine 35 Amit, Opher 35 Anderson, Lillian 35 Anfinrud, Annette 35 Angelidis, Lukey 35 Ankney, Jonathan 35 Anthony, Shawn 35 Apple, Quentin 36 Arai, Nozomi 36 Arena, Arthur 36 Armstrong, Catherine 36 Aronowitz, Eric 36 Arzoumanian, Sonia 36 Ascharzadeh, Ramin 36 Ashanti, Brenda 36 Assenmacher, Andrew 36 August, James 36 Augustlnov, Sindy 36 Austin, Kenneth 36 Axe, Kimberly 36 Babiak, Andrew 36 Baczara, Bohdan 36 Baker, Jane 36 Baker, Lamont 36 Ballantyne, David 36 Ballard, Amelia 36 Banick, Deborah 36 Barbacane, Deborah 37 Barberio, Mary 37 Barkan, Shirley 37 Barnes, Karia 37 Barnes, William 37 Barron, Robyn 37 Bashore, Kevin 37 Basile, Dawn 37 Bauman, Sally 37 Baxevanidis, Theodore 37 Becker, Barbara 37 Bednarsky, Alexander 37 Beebe, Cindy 37 Begley, Gregory 37 Belford, Jeff 37 Bell, Kelly 37 Bell, Lawrence 37 Bell, Ruby 37 Bennett, Christopher 37 Bennett, Susan 37 Berkley, Valerie 38 Berlin, Marna 38 Bernard, Renee 38 Bernatovech, Jacquelyn 38 Berzins, Peter 38 Berzinsky. Tamara 38 Beutler, Kurt 38 Bey, Trudith 38 Biddison, Leonard 38 Bierbower, Lisa 38 Bilyk, Martha 38 Birman, Robert 38 Bittenbender, Jillian 38 BIzieux, Florence 38 Black, Deborah 38 Blackmon, Patricia 38 Blakely, Sabrina 38 Blakeslee, Bonnie 38 Blanco, Kristina 38 Blanding, Mary 38 Blasch, Sandra 39 Blazes, Mary 39 Blei, Rebecca 39 Blumberg, Pam 39 Boateng, Issaac 39 Bodoff, Dave 39 Bohush, Matthew 39 Bolden, Jonetta 39 Boiler, Audrey 39 Bonanni, Augusto 39 Books, Lisa 39 Borel, Gil 39 Borgia, Joseph 39 Borish, Sharon 39 Boroch, Gerald 39 Bosco, George 39 Botchway, Anita 39 Botchway, Shirley 39 Bouldin, Priscilla 39 Bouras, Jane 39 Bowersox, Robyn 40 Bowles, Dana 40 Bowman, Yolanda 40 Boxer, Randi 40 Boyle, Donald 40 Boyle, Judith 40 Boyle, Patricia 40 Boyle, Patrick 40 Boze, Colleen 40 Bozicek, Sinisa 40 Brabson, Adalynn 40 Brace, John 40 290 CLOSING Bradford, Tamala 40 Bradley, Christopher 40 Bralow, Jerrold 40 Brandenstein, William 40 Brantley, Derrick 40 Brayer, Jayne 40 Brazell, Colette 40 Bresse, Arthur 40 Brems, Matthew 41 Brennan, Maureen 41 Brenner, Sherri 41 Brewton, Lauren 41 Bridges, Dorothy 41 Briggs, Rhonda 41 Brinkworth, Bruce 41 Brockman, Nancy 41 Brodsko, Pamela 41 Brooks, Albert 41 Brooks, James 41 Brooks, Marion 41 Brooks, Sherene 41 Brooks, Valerie 41 Brown, Carmella 41 Brown, Gradette 41 Brown, Gwendolyn 41 Brown, James 41 Brown, Randall 41 Brown, Thomas 41 Brownstein, Lynn 42 Brunetti, Linda 42 Bura, Aburas 42 Burns, Andrew 42 Burroughs, Rose 42 Burton, James 42 Bussey, Gordon 42 Butczynski, Lynn 42 Butler, Stacey 42 Button. Christopher 42 Byrne, Thomas 42 Byrnes, Patricia 42 Bys, Douglas 42 Cadet, Michelle 42 Calabrese, Mauricio 42 Callahan, Mary 42 Campbell, Mark 42 Campbell, Mary 42 Campbell, Natalie 42 Canale, Donna 42 Cane, Michelle 43 Cantando, Robert 43 Capocasale, Robert 43 Caporale, Antonietta 43 Capovilla, Fernando 43 Cardozo, Carlisle 43 Carey, Charles 43 Carpenter, Harry 43 Carpenter, Linda 43 Carr, Bernadette 43 Carrigan, Daniel 43 Carrington, Steven 43 Cartafalsa, Joseph 43 Caruso, Gabriella 43 Casallas, Flora 43 Case, Laura 43 Cassidy, Bernard 43 Castaneda, Karina 43 Cataldi, Lisa 43 Caudo, Michael 43 Celestino, Michael 44 Cephas, Barbara 44 Ceraolo, Cheryl 44 Chalfin, Robert 44 Chambers, Deborah 44 Chaminade, Guillaume 44 Chatary, Michael 44 Chilnick, Mark 44 Chin, Catherine 44 Choisez, James 44 Chow, Chung 44 Chow, Henry 44 Chow, Ka Po 44 Chowdhary, Sanjay 44 Chrepta. Eugenia 44 Christensen, Gregory 44 Christopher, Gladys 44 Chun, Kyungwoo 44 Chung, Ellen 44 Cianelli, Stefano 44 Ciarciello, Richard 45 Clark, Bernice 45 Clark, Earlene 45 Clarke, Charles 45 Clemens, Maureen 45 Cohen, Brian 45 Cohen, Ted 45 Cohen, Valeri 45 Colangelo, Anthony 45 Cole. Dale 45 Coleman, Dulaine 45 Coleman, Thomas 45 Coles. Phoebe 45 Collie, Annamaria 45 Collins, Charlotte 45 Collins. Kimberly 45 Colobaro. Connie 45 Colosimo. Diane 45 Commons. Rachel 45 Conigliaro. Susan 45 Connell. Terrence 46 Conrad-Cielesz. Kathleen 46 Conte. Cindy 46 Conteh. Mohamed 46 Cooke. Jay 46 Cooley, David 46 Cooney. Kevin 46 Copeland. Mark 46 Corbie, Leslie 46 Cost, Evan 46 Costa, Angelina 46 Costello, Susan 46 Couot, Dominique 46 Cowden, George 46 Coyne, Eileen 46 Cromwell, Kyle 46 Cross, Lisa 46 Cruz. Cynthia 46 Curran. Maryanne 46 Curry. Timothy 46 Cvetkovic. Dianne 47 Cwiklinski, Mary 47 Cyrus. Donna 47 D ' Addarie. Anna Marie 47 CLOSING 391 D ' Alessio. Gabriella 47 Dickson, Felicia 49 Edwards, Hayley 5! i| D ' Agostino, Michelle 47 Dietrich, Daniel 49 Edwards, Karen 51 U D ' Anjolell, Richard 47 Difebbo, Michael 49 Edwards, Kurt 51 H Daher, Sami 47 Difilippo, David 49 Edwards, Sherran 51 9 Dahman, Haifa 47 DIfuria, Arthur 49 Egan, Matthew 51 !| Daids-Love. Andrea 47 Digiorgio, Valentino 49 Einheber, Jeffrey 51 t Einsig, Kenneth 51 j Einwechter, Albert 51 ] Dalakas, Harikiia 47 Dillon, Kimberly 49 Dam, Anh 47 Dinerman, Renae 49 Damiani, Gerard 47 Dinh, Quan 49 Eka tos, Costas 51 Damico, John 47 Dinh, Tina 49 Elfand, Susan 52 ' ; Dang, Ha 47 Dini, Zarinah 49 Elliott, Thomas 52 ' : Darang, Mireiile 47 DiNizio, Nadia 49 Ellis, Robert 52 ' Daukaus, Heather 47 Dintino, John 49 Elsetinow, Anthony 52 Davis, Danielle 47 DiPaolo, Diana 50 Eriick, Dean 52 , Davis, Francis 47 DippI, Vanessa 50 Esposito, Barbara 52 ] Davis, Mark 47 Dobeck, Eryn 50 Esposito, Janine 52 1 Davis, Nicceta 47 Dobson, Marc 50 Evans, Derrick 52 Day, Kenneth 48 Dobson. Robert 50 Faccenda, Scott 52 Dean, Alecia 48 Dolan, Andrew 50 Falabella, Bill 52 Dean, Michael 48 Dondero, Leslie 50 Famoso, Lisa 52 DeAngelo, John 48 Donnian, Christina 50 Fareri, Debbie 52 DeCecco. Denise 48 Donovan, Joseph 50 Faria, Julio 52 DeFlavia, Russell 48 Dougherty, Michael 50 Farnsworth, James 52 DeFronont. Gilles 48 Douglas, Maureen 50 Faunce, Patricia 52 Dean, Michael 48 Dovidio, Craig 50 Feaster, Michele 52 DeGiacomo, Mario 48 Dowdell, Jerome 50 Feldman, Gary 52 Deivert, Denise 48 Doyle, Daniel 50 Penning, Matthew 52 . Delaney, Raighne 48 Doyles, Michelle 50 Feoli, Timothy 52 Delgaudio, Stephanie 48 Dubisee, Regina 50 Ferrell, Fan 52 Dellipriscoli, James 48 Dudash, Stephanie 50 Ferrer, Hector 53 Delong, Nannette 48 Dudley, Kim 50 Figueroa, Anibal 53 Dembeck, Michelle 48 Dudley, Paul 50 Filaire, Anne 53 Demetris, Artemis 48 Duff, Lisa 50 Filer, Elizabeth 53 Dempsey, Gina 48 Duncan, Maria 50 Fink, Elizabeth 53 Depasquale. Robert 48 Duncan, Michael 50 Finkel, Bruce 53 DeRosa. Darren 48 Dunleavy. Sheila 50 Finn, Mark 53 Dettro, Timothy 48 Dunne, William 50 Fireman. Elisa 53 Detweiler, Pamela 49 Durham, Michelle 50 Fisal, Farizan 53 Dezorzi, Deanna 49 Durning, Beth Ann 50 Fisch, Laurence 53 Dezzi, Theodore 49 Dutcher. Helen 50 Fisher, David 53 DiAgostino, Michelle 49 Eck, David 50 Fisher, Keith 53 , Diamond, Theresa 49 Eckardt, Dawn 50 Fisher, Margaret 53 Dick, Linda 49 Edmonds, Shawn 50 Fisichella, Maria 53 Dicke rson, Pamela 49 Edrisinghe, Dushianthi 50 Flaynik, Robert 53 | 292 CLOS ING Flick, Eleanor 53 Flounders, Gwen 53 Foisy, Joseph 53 Foley, James 53 Foote, Marion 53 Ford, Darren 54 Foreste, Paulette 54 Forst, Mark 54 Fouche, Alexis 54 Fowler, Sandra 54 Fox, Faith 54 Fox, James 54 Fox. Sharon 54 Fox, Stuart 54 Foy, John 54 Franck, Richard 54 Franco, Steven 54 Franklin, Jeffrey 54 Franklin, Shai 54 Frazier, Kimberly 54 Frazier, Lynn 54 Freedman, Marc 54 Friedman, llene 54 Friedman, Wendy 54 Frizzell, Paul 54 Fry, Joanne 55 Fry, Susan 55 Fukuoka, Takahiro 55 Funk, Donald 55 Furtick-Wheelan, Renaya 55 Gabriel, Luisa 55 Gale, Vaughn 55 Galing, Jeff 55 Gallagher, Anne 55 Gallagher, James 55 Gallagher, Nancy 55 Gallen, Margaret 55 Gallo, Donato 55 Galloway-Wright, Brenda 55 Gannon, Eileen 55 Garber, Scott 55 Gardiner, Lisa 55 Garrity, Joseph 55 Gary, Valerie 55 Gatta, Joseph 55 Gaughan, Kathleen 56 Geiger, Steven 56 Geller, Dalit 56 Gentile, Jeannin 56 Gentile, Lisa 56 Gentore, Clarissa 56 Germana, Frank 56 Gershman, Sheryl 56 Gershon, Beth 56 Gerstein, Jodi 56 Gessner, Jennifer 56 Ghorra, Nabil 56 Giaccio, Caria 56 Giacobetti, Darlene 56 Gilchrist, Krystal 56 Gilfor, Ellen 56 Gill, Theresa 56 Gilorma, Joseph 56 Gimpel, Elizabeth 56 Gingerich, Karl 56 Giunta, Maria 57 Gloway, Michael 57 Golanoski, Lee 57 Goldberg, Michael 57 Goldberg, Paula 57 Goldberg, Robert 57 Golden, Kathleen 57 Goldfrad, Fay 57 Goldman, Marisa 57 Goldstein, Jaclyn 57 Gomez, Matthew 57 Gonzalez, Elaine 57 Goodwin, Adeline 57 Gordon, Anita 57 Gordon, Patricia 57 Gore, Ann 57 Gosling, Laverne 57 Gotkin, Diane 57 Gould, James 57 Grabania, Steven 57 Grabel, Sharon 57 Grabowski, David 58 Grabowski, John 58 Gralnick, Abby 58 Grant, Laureen 58 Graub, Richard 58 Green, Melissa 58 Greenberg, Lisa 58 Greene, Lee 58 Gresham, Gloria 58 Griffin, Charles 58 Griggs, Jacqueline 58 Grimes, Susan 58 Groch, Karen 58 Grofe, Charles 58 Gross, Harris 58 Gross, Lloyd 58 Grossman, Stephen 58 Grosso, Diane 58 Gruenwald, Ulrika 58 Guaragno, Kenneth 58 Gunchenko, Joseph 58 Ha. Carol 59 Haag, Lisa 59 Habata, Hiromi 59 Hadfield, Joseph 59 Haefelin, Arnaud 59 Hall, Marian 59 Hall, Patricia 59 Hall. Tracey 59 Hamati, Nadea 59 Hamilton, Glenn 59 Hamilton, Matthew 59 Han, Yong 59 Handa, Kazuya 59 Hann, Kathryn 59 Harrington, Barbara 59 Harris, Lauren 59 Harris, Vernita 59 Hart. Helene 59 Hart, Steven 59 Harth, Jeffrey 59 Hastings. Elizabeth 60 Hayashi, Kikuko 60 Healy, Carlos 60 Heck. Dana 60 Hedden, Erika 60 CLOSING 293 Hedgepeth, Scott 60 Hedrick, Barbara 60 Heggs. Bettye 60 Helzner, David 60 Henderson, Lisa 60 Henighan, Mellicent 60 Hennessy, Victoria 60 Hershman, Jeffrey 60 Hertich. Amy 60 Hess, Brian 60 Hetzel. Jean 60 Heuschel, Brian 60 Hill. Virginia 60 Hillman, Tara 60 Hinton. Earlette 60 Ho, Danny 61 Ho, Sophia 61 Hoey, Mark 61 Hoffman, Michael 61 Hogan, Timothy 61 Holienbach, Kristine 61 Hollick, Fiona 61 Holloway, Michael 61 Holm, Linnea 61 Holscher, Heidi 61 Horan, Regina 61 Horrell, James 61 Horrow, Andy 61 Horsey, Linette 61 Horwitz, Wende 61 Houras, Kyriaki 61 Howell. Kimberly 61 Hubbard. D. Reed 61 Huff, Colleen 61 Huffman, Julie 61 Huntowski. Robert 62 Hure, Christian 62 Hutton. Deborah 62 Hyman. Wendy 62 Hymes. Tracy 62 iacono. Theresa 62 latarola. Louis 62 Imran, Tarek 62 Incognito. Andrew 62 Ingram. Barbara 62 Islam, Waliul 62 Islmail. Rozita 62 Ives. Amy 62 Jackson. Andrea 62 Jackson. Rhonda 62 Jacobson. Amanda 62 Janney. Scott 62 Jenkins, Tracy 62 Jermyn. Mark 62 Jessup, Shed 62 Johns. Mertine 63 Johnson. Bridgett 63 Johnson. Donna 63 Johnson. Dorothy 63 Johnson. Floyd 63 Johnson. George 63 Johnson. Lisa 63 Johnson. Rosetta 63 Jones. Aleathea 63 Jones. Andrew 63 Jones, Jean 63 Jones, Linda 63 Jones, Mary 63 Jones, Susan 63 Jordon, Myrna 63 Josephs, Scott 63 Judge, Michelle 63 Judith. Karen 63 Juniu. Suana 63 Jurczak. Taras 63 Kaiser, Kenny 64 Kalb, Wendy 64 Kaliner, Wendy 64 Kanfer, Sherri 64 Karetny, Michelle 64 Katz, Robert 64 Kauffman, Andrea 64 Kaupp, Robert 64 Kean, Michael 64 Kearney, Dean 64 Kee, Robert 64 Keenan, Eileen 64 Keenehan, Karen 64 Keller, Mark 64 Kelly, Tim 64 Kendrick, Colleen 64 Kennedy, Roxanne 64 Kennedy, Susan 64 Kenney, Colleen 64 Ketterer, Christine 65 Key, Karen 65 Kilroy, Kathleen 65 Kim, Joseph 65 Kim, Jung 65 Kim, Sookhyun 65 Kimmel, George 65 Kingston, Robert 65 Kishida, Ayako 65 Kleintop, Debra 65 Klenk James 65 Kline, David 65 Kline, Lisa 65 Kline, Steven 65 Klinger. Kristin 65 Klitelli. Micah 65 Klotz, Jack 65 Klugler. Howard 65 Knitter. Joseph 65 Knoff. Susan 65 Koffler. Miriam 66 Kogan. Irene 66 Kohn. Holly 66 Kohn. Robert 66 Koller. Rita 66 Koller-Babore. Maryann 66 Kornegay. Douglass 66 Kornilow, Jan 66 Kostomite. Maria 66 Kothapa, Pravin 66 Kouakeu. Anatole 66 Kouroupas. Paul 66 Kozloski, Jackie 66 Kratz, Andrew 66 Kraus. Susan 66 Krenitsky, Gregg 66 Krewson, Deborah 66 Krick, Christine 66 i94 CLOSING Krick, Jessica 66 Kriegsman, Robert 66 Krieble, Donald 66 Krueger, Carolynn 67 Kuchta, Tania 67 Kuczborski, Michael 67 Kuehnle, Rachel 67 Kuhbler, Andreas 67 Kwong, Koon 67 Lagioia, Natalie 67 Lagrange, Nicholas 67 Lamb, Kathleen 67 Lance, Bruce 67 Landis, Deborah 67 Langan, Tom 67 Larock, Alan 67 Larson, Jack 67 Lauletta, Joseph 67 Lazenka, Michael 67 Leauby, Christian 67 Lebofsky, Adam 67 Lechtzin, Noah 67 Leder, Cindy 67 Lee, Joan 68 Lee, Stephanie 68 Lee, Sun Wing 68 Lee, Wing Chi 68 Legates, James 68 Leiii, Sonia 68 Lenenfeld, Randi 68 Lerro, Philip 68 Leso, Robert 68 Leventhal, Steven 68 Levick, Adam 68 Levine, Bruce 68 Levine, Robert 68 Levitt, Marjory 68 Lewis, Denise 68 Li, Ding 68 Libor, Carolyn 68 Liedtke. Michelle 68 Lim, Eujin 68 Lim, Ginyoung 68 Lines, John 69 Linsalata, Sherri 69 Lipkin, Bryan 69 Lipschutz, Beth 69 Lisiewski, Joseph 69 Liss, Mitchell 69 Lizandra, Mireia 69 Lobron, John 69 Lockwood, Marie 69 Loftus, Catherine 69 Loftus, Peter 69 Lombertino, Laurie 69 Long, Barry 69 Longo, Maryanne 69 Lopresti, Valerie 69 Loren, Lewis 69 Lotz, Paul 69 Loughlin, Tom 69 Loughran, Kathleen 69 Louie, Evelyn 69 Loutfy, Hussam 70 Loux, Wendy 70 Love, Frances 70 Love, Laura 70 Lowe, Gladys 70 Lowell, Robert 70 Lowery, Thomas 70 Lubawy, Margaret 70 Lubrano-Lavadera, Philip 70 Luu, Sydney 70 Ly, Vincent 70 Lynch, Kevin 70 Lynons, Joseph 70 MacDonald, Thomas 70 Machado, Camilla 70 Mack, Charles 70 MacLeon, Francis 70 Macrina, Marcy 70 Maholick, Nancy 71 Maialette, David 71 Malachowski, Kristine 71 Malatesta, Michael 71 Malchman, David 71 Malone, Drema 71 Malone, Walter 71 Malone, William 71 Maloney, Mark 71 Maker, Christopher 71 Mamas, Anthony 71 Mancinelli, Debra 71 Mandel, Matthew 71 Manfredi, Diane 71 Mange, Regina 71 Mantegna, Stephanie 71 Marasheski, Robert 71 Maravich, Michael 71 Marcone, Florence 71 Margas, Helen 71 Margolis, Scott 72 Maribello, Rosemarie 72 Marin, Yolanda 72 Marino, Michael 72 Marionnet, Laurent 72 Marsh, Lisa 72 Martella, Joseph 72 Martin, Annemarie 72 Martins, Richard 72 Martocello, Tina 72 Maslin, Mindy 72 Mason, Frederick 72 Mason, Jane 72 Massey, Danielle 72 Matthews, Rita 72 Mawhinney-Curina, Gwen 72 Max, Violaine 72 Maxwell, Leslie 72 May, Chris 72 May, Lisa 72 Mayes, Harold 73 Mayne, Melinda 73 Mcalpin, Doric 73 Mcateer, Linda 73 McAvoy, Shawn 73 McBrearty, Diane 73 McCabe, Roger 73 McCaffery, Sharon 73 Mccausland, Daniel 73 Mcclarren, Michelle 73 McCloud, Jeanne 73 CLOSING 295 INDEX McClure, Karen 73 Milia, Raymond 75 Mutton, Shelly 77 Okonk McCollough. Risha 73 Miller, Barbara 75 Myers, Ernest 77 Okoro McCoy, Eva 73 Miller, Robert 75 Myrick, Reginald 77 Oldhar McCrae, Kendra 73 Millhouse, Curtis 75 Nadkarni, Sachit 77 Olveir McCrea, Tracey 73 Mills. Wanda 75 Nadolski, Kevin 78 Onuma McCurdy, Alice 73 Milsztein, Gail 75 Nagayasu, Nobuo 78 Ooster McDermott, Joseph 73 Mimms, Tenea 76 Nalie, Constance 78 Opeew McDonald, Edward 73 Mintzer, Janet 76 Nanni, Anne 78 OrjU McDonald, Rebecca 73 Mitchell, Robin 76 Napoli, Angelo 78 Orr.V McDonough, Bill 74 Mitsui, Michiyo 76 Nantillet, Lyndia 78 Orr.R McDowell, Thomas 74 Mohdisa, Jazlan 76 Natale, Loriann 78 Orssai McFadden, Donna 74 Mohdzin, Mazdurah 76 Nave, Mark 78 Pace, McFarland, William 74 Mondo, Janette 76 Neal, Constance 78 Pannii McGarvey, Doug 74 Montgomery, Nichelle 76 Nealy, Robbyn 78 Panun McGee, Mary 74 Mooney, Colleen 76 Neenhold, Heather 78 Paone McGee, Maureen 74 Morre, Charles 76 Neerenberg, Harry 78 Pappa McGinley-Buckley, Ann 74 Moore, Diana 76 Neff, Lisa 78 Paquin McGlniey, Michael 74 Moore, Laura 76 Negishi, Masayoshi 78 Park, McGinnis, Paul 74 Mordecai, Rhonda 76 Neiderman, Bari 78 Parlow McGinty, Edward 74 Morgan, Dawn 76 Neiman, Glenn 78 Pasca McGorrey, Michael 74 Morgan, Geoy 76 Neiman, Sharon 78 Patel, McGough, Patricia 74 Morgan, Jeffrey 76 Neirotti, Alan 78 Patel, McGowen, Margaret 74 Morgan, Michelle 76 Nelson, Annette 78 Patete McGrath, John 74 Morgan, Robert 76 Nelson, Lisa 78 Pavuc McGrath, Paul 74 Morris, Cecelia 76 Nevel, Jeannette 78 Peasn McGrogan, Robert 74 Morris, Dawn 76 New, Elizabeth 78 Pecor McKellar, Danna 74 Morris, Lewis 77 Newman, Michael 78 Pediti McKendry, Diedre 74 Morris, Richard 77 Newmiller, Carolyn 78 Pellec McKeone, Majorie 74 Morrone, Charles 77 Nguyen, Christina 79 ?i n McKeown, Frank 75 Mostrowski, Alex 77 Nguyen, Tarn 79 Pelsz] McLaughlin, Joanna 75 Moyer, Michelle 77 Nickerson, Leslie 79 Perils McLaurin, Philip 75 McQuade, Robert 77 Nicolo, Eugene 79 Perry McManus, Damon 75 Mudge, Lisa 77 Nomura, Suwako 79 Perry Meadowcroft, Dale 75 Mohd, Azmi 77 Noonan, Maria 79 Perth Meak, Narom 75 Mullen, Michelle 77 Norrett, Joan 79 Pesca Melfi, William 75 Muller, Marygail 77 Novak. Thomas 79 Pestc Meltzer, Andrew 75 Mulligan, Maureen 77 Nudel, Laura 79 Peter Merrill, Caroline 75 Mullins, Stefanie 77 Nyikos, Antal 79 Petro Meszaros, Marilyn 75 Muroff, Cindy 77 O ' Byrne, Peter 79 Pettii Mgrdichian, Roger 75 Murphy, Dennis 77 O ' Conner, Priscilla 79 Pettil Miceli, Karen 75 Murphy, Francis 77 O ' Hara, Patricia 79 Pezd Michael, Kristine 75 Murrell, Karen 77 O ' Neill, Dierdre 79 Phillii Mikanda, Nyembo 75 Murset, Kurt 77 Ochabillo. Shirley 79 Phillii M kus. Donna 75 Musson, Sharon 77 Ogawa, Akihito 79 Place i96 CLO ING Okonkwo. Michael 79 Okoro. Francis 79 Oldham, Erica 79 Olveira, Anne 79 Onumah, Veronica 79 Oosterom, Michael 79 Opeewe, Timothy 79 Orji, Christopher 79 Orr, Michael 80 Orr, Richard 80 Orssaud, Stephanie 80 Pace, Marcell 80 Pannullo, Lillian 80 Panunto, Michael 80 Paone, Elizabeth 80 Pappas, Margie 80 Paquin, Nanette 80 Park, Sung 80 Parlow, Michael 80 Pascale, Andrea 80 Patel, Chetan 80 Patel, Milauni 80 Patete, Perry 80 Pavucek, Susan 80 Peasnall, Brian 80 Pecora, Angela 80 Peditto, Colleen 80 Pellechio, William 80 Pelszynski, Ann 80 Pelszynski, Eugene 80 Perlish, Brian 80 Perry. April 80 Perry, Lisa 81 Perthes, William 81 Pescatore, Cynthia 81 Pestcoe, llena 81 Peters, Page 81 Petrone, Michael 81 Pettinato. Theresa 81 Pettit, Nancy 81 Pezdire, Felicia 81 Phillip. Kathleen 81 Phillips, Matthew 81 Piacentino, Anne 81 Pierandozzi, Mark 81 Pietromartine, Michael 81 Piffer, Diane 81 Pilla, Rocco 81 Pintozzi, Michael 81 Piotrowski, Susan 81 Pittner, Frank 81 Pizzo, Luca 81 Pizzullo, Louis 81 Platel. Kimberly 81 Plavner. Julie 81 Plumley, Barbara 82 Plunkett. Teresa 82 Poeick, Eric 82 Pohl. Heidi 82 Poinsette, Kelly 82 Polidoro. Elizabeth 82 Pollack. Francine 82 Polter. Sherwood 82 Poncet, Christian 82 Potter, Diane 82 Poulos, Tracy 82 Powals, Matthew 82 Power, Grace 82 Pribula, Nadine 82 Primo. Anita 82 Prodorutti, Joseph 82 Prodorutti, Michele 82 Pupo. Karen 82 Purcell. Joseph 82 Purdy. Susan 82 Purificato, Angela 82 Quarles, Debra 82 Quincerot, Mieko 82 Quincerot, Thierry 82 Radbill, Keith 83 Raffiaati, Thomas 83 Ralis, David 83 Randazzo, Anthony 83 Randzo, John 83 Rao, Arathi 83 Readinger, Clare 83 Reahm, Donna 83 Rebrioux. Laurence 83 Regan. Kathleen 83 Reilly. Donna 83 Reilly. Michael 83 Rembert. Carolyn 83 Renick. Phillip 83 Reyes, Elsa 83 Rhee, Joungmee 83 Richards, Wilhelmina 83 Ricks, Novella 83 Ridball, Richard 83 Ridolfi, Kenneth 83 Righter, Nancy 83 Rimberg, Susan 83 Ring-Moskovitz, Missa 83 Rivera, Maribel 83 Rivera, Mildred 84 Rivkind, Jon 84 Robbins, Oliver 84 Roberts. Ann 84 Roberts, David 84 Roberts, Renee 84 Robinson, Efrem 84 Robinson, Jocelyn 84 Robinson, Keith 84 Robinson, Sheryl 84 Robison, Steven 84 Robinson, Tracy 84 Rodgers, Kimberly 84 Rodia, Carolyn 84 Rodney, Michelle 84 Rodriquez, Juan 84 Roeser, Margaret 84 Rogers, Christopher 84 Roma, Susan 84 Rose, Christina 84 Rosen, Howard 84 Rosenberg, Amy 84 Rosenberg, Paul 84 Rosenfeld. Beth 84 Rosenthal, Suzanne 85 Roski. Anne 85 Roth, Alan 85 Roth. Rachel 85 Rothberg. Brad 85 CLOSING 297 Roudaut, Bertrand 85 Rouhani, Parto 85 Ruane, Michael 85 Rubio, Sharih 85 Runyen, Maureen 85 Ryan, Maryann 85 Rzepela, Basia 85 Sacks, Carl 85 Sagel, Susan 85 Sajid, Nabila 85 Sakowski, Susan 85 Salamone, Sal 85 Salmon, Jennifer 85 Sammut, Maria 85 Samuel, Steven 85 Sandre, Brian 85 Santerian, Harry 85 Sardella, Peter 85 Sasaki, Katsy 85 Sauerbaum, Richard 86 Savelli, Dionisia 86 Scaaf, Robert 86 Schaefer, Daniel 86 Schemm. Angela 86 Scherzinger, Milite 86 Schiele, Mark 86 Schimp, David 86 Schmidt, Dawn 86 Schmidt, Todd 86 Schmitt, Barbara 86 Schmon, Edward 86 Schroeck, Beth 86 Schwartz, Beryl 86 Schwartz, Irving 86 Schwed, James 86 Schwyter, Christopher 86 Scipio, Linda 86 Scott, Anthony 86 Scotti, Michael 86 Segal. Doron 86 Seifert, Robin 86 Sellin, Christopher 86 Sepulveda, Rebekah 86 Serensits. Eric 87 Sevy, Francois 87 Shaari, Roslina 87 Shanefield, Billie 87 Shanken, Paul 87 Sharp, Beverly 87 Shaw, Andrew 87 Shchuka, Adrian 87 Shea, Edward 87 Sheehan, Paul 87 Shotz, Howard 87 Shulman, Alan 87 Shulman, Erica 87 Shusterman, Jeffrey 87 Sierra, Franco 87 Silli, Rodolphe 87 Silverstein, Eileen 87 Simmons, Sandra 87 Simon, Nicolas 87 Sin, Taeyoung 87 Sinclair, Led 87 Singer, Jeffrey 87 Siwinski. Kareen 87 Skibiak, John 87 Slachta, Christopher S8 Siinkard, Richard S8 Smalls, Audrey 88 Smith, Cheryl S8 Smith, Eric 88 Smith, Julie 8S Smith, Melonie 88 Smith, Nathan 88 Smith, Sonya 88 Smith, Sonya 88 Sodicoff, Merryl 88 Solanki, Nisha 88 Speakman, Helen 88 Spector, Cynthia 88 Spinogatti, Carmelita 88 Spriropoulos, Demetrius 88 Staiber, Elaine 88 Staley. John 88 Stalter, Patricia 88 Staples, Gregg 88 Stec, Peter 88 Stefanidis, Dimitrios 88 Stefankiewicz, James 88 Steffe, Michael 88 Stein, Susan 89 Steinman, Angela 89 Steitz, Joseph 89 Stephanos, Peter 89 Stevens, Lisa 89 Stith. Joy 89 Stoner, Susan 89 Stott, Christine 89 Stoughton, Steven 89 Stroman, Adam 89 Suchsland, David 89 Sudano, Michele 89 Sukinik, David 89 Sullivan, Florence 89 Sullivan Kathleen 89 Sulzburgh, Judith 89 Suplee, Amy 89 Sweet, Stephanie 89 Swift, Janine 89 Swift-Merrick, Tracy 89 Sysol, Timothy 89 Syzc, Lauren 89 Szczepanek, Miriam 89 Tabakin, Brad 89 Tadokoro, Mayumi 90 Tahopoulos, Thom 90 Tait. James 90 Takagawa, Yasuhiko 90 Takahashi, Junro 90 Takahashi, Naoyo 90 Tancredi, Jon 90 Tantum, James 90 Tarasiewicz, Mark 90 Tarhan, Mehmet 90 Tasch, Alexandra 90 Tate, Bryan 90 Tate, Jacqueline 90 Tatem, Betsy 90 Tatum, Jeffrey 90 Taverno, Anthony 90 Taylor. Colleen 90 39S CLOSING Taylor. Litha 90 Terrizzi, Michelle 90 Thomas, Kathryn 90 Thomas, Patricia 90 Thompson, Carol 90 Thompson, Marcella 90 Thompson, Mary 90 Thompson, Raymond 91 Thorin, Adeline 91 Tinney, Colleen 91 Tobin, Sean 91 Tokarski, Sharon 91 Tokarski, Wendy 91 Toppi, Annamarie 91 Toole, Earl 91 Torpey, Richard 9! Torres, Oscar 91 Tran, Tanbuu 91 Tran, Thuhang 91 Tran Nooc, Bao 91 Traynor, Gerard 91 Trinidad, Philomena 91 Trofi, Charles 91 True, Julia 91 Truong, De 91 Truong, Minh 91 Trzaska, Paul 91 Tsilimidis, Nicholas 91 Tsokas, Katherine 91 Tucker, Brenda 91 Tucker, Lisa 91 Tucker, Perketer 92 Tucker, Rodney 92 Tuski, Joseph 92 Ubah, Thomas 92 Uemura, Akira 92 Unger, Karen 92 Unterberger, Ronald 92 Urban William 92 Uris, Robin 92 Utiey, O ' Neal 92 Vacchiano, Ann 92 Vallone, Ronald 92 Van Pelt, Amy 92 Vassallo, James 92 Vassallo, Thomas 92 Velasquez, Wilson 92 Venuti, Sandra 92 Vergalla, Paul 92 Vespe, Richard 92 Vicente, Mark 92 Vogt, Angela 92 Wade, Andrea 92 Wagman, Carolyn 92 Wagner, George 92 Walker, Rodney 93 Walko. Cynthia 93 Wallace, Michael 93 Walton, Joseph 93 Walton, Kimberly 93 Wanner, Harry 93 Wardhana-Zecha. Alan 93 Warokomski, Donald 93 Watson, E.W. 93 Watson, Victoria 93 Watts, Mary Jo 93 Weathers. Mack 93 Webb. Regina 93 Weinberg, Steven 93 Weinles, Dan 93 Weiss. Jill 93 Welch, Steven 93 Welcome, Hadith 93 Welsh. Brian 93 Weltz. Vincent 93 Wentz. David 93 Werner, Rachel 93 West, Jerry 93 Weyer, Thomas 93 Whalen, Lisa 94 Wheeler, Sandra 94 White, Dina 94 White, Lisa 94 Whitehead, Jennifer 94 Whitney, Felicia 94 Why, Karen 94 Wierzbicki, Peter 94 Wilder, Adam 94 Williams, Cheryl 94 Williams, Gladys 94 Williams, Rosalyn 94 Willis, Bernadette 94 Wilson, Kendra 94 Winberg, Christine 94 Wisch. David 94 Wismer, Ron 94 Wister, Scott 94 Witmer, Judith 94 Wolfe, David 94 Wood, Mary-Ann 94 Wood, Susan 94 Woods, Joseph 94 Worth. Diane 94 Worthy, Shannon 95 Wylie, Marilynn 95 Wylie. Mildred 95 Yamazaki, Tomoyuki 95 Yelshin, Penny 95 Yesner, Michael 95 Yi, Sambeth 95 Yip, Yam 95 Yoshida, Daigaku 95 Yoshino, Takehiko 95 Young, Jocelyn 95 Yu, Taekhwan 95 Yuen, Lisa 95 Yurescko, David 95 Zaienski, Catherine 95 Zeenkov. Scott 95 Zern, Brent 95 Ziegler, David 95 Zimberg, Lisa 95 Zimmerman, Linda 95 Ziss, Marc 95 CLOSING 299 . ' CV CLOSING SPECIAL TIMES CLOSING 30t J03 CLOSING CLOSING 303 SPECIAL TIMES J04 CLOSING r f :-l-- ' V l ■ ir ■ t s ' k .f .,. : . 4 1 I :•-. ' . " t k ..Ml :n ' ! f ' ■h 1 J f .f ' 7 ' ' J- ' -,] ' .m ' ■-w: ' . " ?, ' : ' S fe: i l - ' ■ ' t ' - •■ . ■ . 1 .:Jlr .?sy jr7 1 1 -Li- l_._Lf .

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