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TEMPLAR 1982 y m : y 1982 TEMPLAR • -► ' " . : • t ittiti I ' W Hill ' ' • ' - j .... - b , i k id ■ ' ii " - ' - ' if aJ I LA,% li .. i., ■■•»«i ' ' ■ ' " !. • ' Iladelphia, Pennsylvania X THE CLASS OF 1982 STORY Four years ago, when you first came to Temple University, you were overwhelmed by a nlultitude of first impressions. Initially, there was the city. Yes, under the smog it really is a great placanf you know where to go. Then, of course, there was the campus. Everything was so unfamiliar; the big buildings, the new faces, and the unusual art that mysteriously appeared one weekend. Everything became familiar very quickly as you made friends and strolled into those big buildings for class or for socializing. The branch campuses accommodate a diversified field of study, and a wide rangeAf atmospheres. Center city offers you a chance to experience the fast paced life of downtown Philadelphia. Tyler and Ambler, although they miss out on the smog and city life, have grass and trees, " i s, suburbia does have some nice qualities. The Allied Health campus is located north of the main campus. Here, studej; ts interested in the medical professions learn how to save lives and win malpractice suits. The administration is a fixture of the university that we tend to ignore until we have a problem. But, contrary to popular belief — they do have some redeeming value. I can ' t put riy finger on it, but I ' m sure they must ' After all, why else would they be here? No, don ' t answer that. You ' ve taken a broad look at Temple. Now, let ' s focus on campus life( There are about 2000 students who live on campus in the 3 dormatories. The area between Diamond and Norris is their do- main. Unfortunately, the cafeteria is too. But they still call the dorms home; On the other hand, some students call the engineering building or the computer room their horrye. Yes, college life can be brutal. But, there are a variety of activities that add an interesting twist to jui6t going to classes every day and returning to wherever you call home. Temple has numerous organisations and activities for every type of interest; from your major, to media, the arts, or sports. The best part of those four years is graduating. What a concept! Ybu can actually say, " I ' m a col- lege graduate! " Mom and Dad always said these are the best years cm your life. Boy, if they only knew! The 1982 Templar staff would like to take this opportunity to cqngratulate the class of 1982. The yearbook is a chronology of your college years. K A X Z TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION PHILADELPHIA CAMPUS BRANCH CAMPUSES CENTER CITY AMBLER TYLER ALLIED HEALTH ADMINISTRATION STUDENT LIFE DORM LIFE CAMPUS LIFE ORGANIZATIONS MEDIA THE ARTS SPORTS CLASS OF 1982 GRADUATION CLOSING 1 16 20 28 29 30 32 34 36 48 50 69 79 94 108 122 184 286 290 I : Angela Long Tom Baldrick HOMECOMING 1981 TEMPLE VS PITT The 1981 Homecoming Game was played at Veteran ' s Stadium. The Temple Owls played a lamentable game against the PITT Panthers. The game had many turnovers — from plays to bottles. Win or lose, it was a festive day. REGISTRATION I " I ' m sorry — the class you want isn ' t offered this semester. " I .! This year ' s Organizational Fair was hekj at tt e Grarxj Court in Mitten HaH. Its purpose was to introduce Tempte stuctents to ttte various activities available on the campus to occupy their spare time. Fraternities, sororities, and other student organizations set up shop to answer questions, look for new nrtembers, ar d inform students of their cause. The Fair ' s convention at- mosphere buzzed with people distributir g literature and displaying their awards. The Organizational Fair provided an impetus to end student apathy and revive school spirit. I i i ORGANIZATIONAL FAIR EL SALVADOR The week of March first was El Salvador awareness week. More than 200 students and faculty members gathered at the Bell Tower to protest possible United States intervention in El Salvador. The noon rally focused on the dangers of Reaganomics and its implication on military policy. The general message from all of the speakers was that the civil war in El Salvador is an interna- tional matter and should not be turned into a battleground between the United States and the Soviet Union. 10 BOOKSTORE IN S.A.C. In their travels through campus, few students have reason to enter all of the buildings. Other buildings are almost impossible to avoid. At some time in their years at Temple, every student visits the bookstore in the Student Activities Center, located at 13th and Montgomery. Long lines at the beginning of each semester make buying books a typical part of Tem- ple life. After the initial book buying spree is over, the bookstore ' s pace slows. They offer clothes for the bare — , Temple novelties, and other school supplies. I 12 { 13 SEX AND THE MEDIA " Sex and the Media in a Conservative Society " was the discussion sponsored by Sexual Minorities at Tem- ple. The forum featured Jane Whitney of Channel 10 ' s " The Jane Whitney Show " and Carol Towarnicky, features editor for the Philadelphia Dally News. The topic of the discussion In Gladfelter Hall was focused on the ability of the media to deal with sex more openly than in past years. They felt that the loosening of restrictions on the media has made some aspects of reporting sexual issues easier. Neither Towarnicky or Whitney had any overall objections to the media ' s treat- ment of sex. But, Whitney did say that " jiggle " pro- grams were degrading to women. 14 SPORTS AND THE MEDIA Don Tollefson, a television personality and sports director at WPVI-TV Channel SIX, came to speak to students about the media ' s involvement in the world of sports, and what sports meant to him, personally and professionally. The topics ranged from dedication and teamwork to women in broadcasting. He also offered three main objectives for a sportscaster to follow to be successful. All in all, it was a very entertaining and in- formative afternoon. 15 « T ' f- ' VMt 14 16 PHILADELPHIA Philadelphia is now celebrating its tri-centennial. Since the city ' s founding 300 years ago, it has flourished into one of this country ' s most promi- nent cities. History, culture and beauty sets it apart from other cities. The history of the city dates back to the revolu- tionary war. The First Continental Congress was held in Philadelphia. It was in Philadelphia where the decision was made by the colonies to prepare and write the Declaration of Independence. • Jifc JL. M 1 S d 4fi: l m i- 1 18 Today, Philadelphia along with preserving the history and beauty of the past has developed into a modern city with many facilities to serve its citizens. It has some 375 restaurants specializing in cuisine from around the world. It is also a major shopping and entertainment area. There are very few cities that offer the services, entertainment and convenience Philadelphia of- fers. These are just a few of the many reasons that make Philadelphia such a unique city. 19 CAMPUS rf 21 22 i 23 24 25 26 27 CAMPUSES z z fifi 28 DO NOT DISTURB, LESSON IN PROGRESS TUCC TUCC Cinematheque Film Archives Since its beginning in tlie Fall of 1973, Temple University Center City has been an " ageless " cam- pus, supplying courses for the fast-paced schedule of the working adult as well as traditional undergraduate courses. Nestled in two office buildings in the heart of Philadelphia ' s business district, TUCC offers a variety of films and plays, making it a cultural as well as educational center. TUCC truly is Temple ' s urban campus. PLEASE USE OTHER DOOR Temple University dDnnn t ' a°°° TSF«CX ' ' -■ 29 1 30 AMBLER Ambler Campus, with its 187 acres of green hillsides, provides an alternative to students who want a rural cam- pus with access to the facilities of a large university. Located 18 miles northwest of Temple ' s Main Campus, Ambler offers undergraduate and associate degrees while students study in a nature-filled environment. With its own radio station and newspaper. Ambler maintains a certain independence while remaining an integral part of the Tem- ple community. 31 32 lY -- ■ •,]-- i . TYLER Tyler School of Art, located in suburban Elkins Park, en- courages personal expression with intensive arts courses for its 650 undergraduate and graduate students. The 14- acre estate includes residence halls and studio- classrooms giving the prospective artists academic as well as practical opportunities. The school also provides some international coloring for its students with a program in Rome, Italy. -iix 33 34 ALLIED HEALTH Established in 1966, the College of Allied Health Profes- sions at Temple ' s Health Sciences Cannpus offers pro- grams in health records administration, medical technology, nursing, occupational therapy, and physical therapy. The college focuses on the team approach to medical problems with common courses that show how the separate fields work together. In addition to academic studies, students gain an appreciation for the talent and devotion needed for today ' s health careers. 35 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY OUR PAST . . . OUR PRESENT . . . OUR FUTURE . . . U " Every good man and woman ought to strive for power, to do good with it when obtained. " Russell Conwell ' f 36 «. " . sr jf LXC ' ' ♦] y %1 • ., ' " " - ' ' PRESIDENT ' S MESSAGE There is an unwarranted expectation with the last yearbook message of a retiring university president. Many people seem to think the occasion merits a lengthy homily containing the crystallization of wisdom garnered from many years of academic labor. This message is no such sermon from on high. Instead, I want to tell you what Temple University has meant to me and to share my hopes for you in the future. My association with this fine institution began in 1969 when I was named academic vice president. Almost four years later, I had the great privilege and honor of becoming the University ' s sixth president. But long before my arrival at Broad and Montgomery, Temple had interested me because of its proud tradi- tion. A century ago, Russell Conwell founded the University on what was then an intrepid concept — that college should be accessible to everyone with the talent to succeed, regardless of economic background. As a result, Temple has always drawn students from all walks of life, but primarily those who had to work a lit- tle harder than most to make ends meet. Many of you in the 1982 graduating class, who held down part-time and full-time jobs while attending Temple, know what I mean. The fact that I had to work my way through school, too, is one reason for the strong feeling I have for this University. The extra effort which Temple students put forth may explain why so many of our graduates build outstanding careers for themselves in business, industry, education, social services, the arts, and the health care and legal professions. In recent years, the University has also attracted increasing numbers of women students, minorities and the handicapped. At Commencement each year, I marvel at the enormous odds Temple men and women have over- come, through dedication and persistence, to obtain their coveted degrees at the Civic Center ceremonies. The memory of these graduation exercises will stay with me for a long time. As you leave the University, and as I prepare to turn the leadership of the Institution over to a new administra- tion, I hope you will remain a part of the Temple family. You and Temple have both made a considerable invest- ment in your future; I sincerely hope that you will want to return to us often and that, through the General Alumni Association, you will take an active Interest in the growth of your University in the years to come. But even more important than this, I wish three things for you: that your intellectual curiosity about the world never falters, that you put your minds and your skills to good use as concerned citizens, and that you live a life based upon ethical judgments and reason. Good luck to all of you. 38 1 ft i K i VI F ' r E ' ' • H K Ki K B ' E ■ K: ' P " E L ;■ i Ht ' V Hf " 7- i ' ■Mfe- VICE PRESIDENTS Dr. John Rumph Vice President and Dean of Faculties Dr. Bernard C. Watson Vice President for Academic Administration Dr. Leo M. Henikoff Vice President for IVIedical Affairs Dean of Scliool of Medicine 41 Lee Wenke Vice President for Development James Logan Vice President for Financial Affairs James Shea Vice President for University Relations I 42 Dr. Dale F. Roeck School of Dentistry Dr. Donald R. Hilsendagen School of HPERD I DEANS Dr. Robert Smith School of Communications and Theater Dr. lone D. Vargus School of Social Administration f Dr. Edward M. Mazze School of Business Administration Dr. Joseph McEvilla School of Pharmacy David Pease Tyler School of Art 43 Dennis Tarr Director of TUCC Dr. Jay Schbner College of Education Dr. George Wheeler College of Liberal Arts V ■ V--% ' ' flK n ■ ■ Im - N, ■ ■■ J H ' ' B P ' H 1 ■ CsSh B m. m ■ II 1 Dr. Helen Laird College of Music Sidney Halpern Ambler Norma Furst Student Affairs Dr. Robert M. Haythornwaite College of Engineering Technology 44 I 45 46 J 47 STUDENT LIFE DORM LIFE JOHNSON HALL Resident Advisors J-2 49 )-3 )-5 50 )-6 )-7 51 )-8 J-9 N ti 52 )-11 53 HARDWICK HALL Resident Advisors H-2 54 55 H-5 H-6 56 H-7 57 H-9 H-10 1 58 H-11 59 PEABODY HALL Resident Advisors P-U 60 P-2L P-2S 61 P-3L P-3S i 62 P-4L P-4S 63 For a good time call 65 MENU Lunch Hamburgers Hot Dogs French Fries Fruit Soup of the day Cream of Pony and you thought they used beef! 66 ' 67 I : ' (. J v-- v-.. ' «r 69 get by with a little help from my friends 71 LESSON FOR TODAY HOW TO BEAT THE SYSTEM . . . i 72 73 74 CHERRY WHITE DAY This year, CHERRY AND WHITE DAY had a full schedule of events that lasted the entire day and well into the evening. The calendar of events included the traditional Cherry and White football game as well as a women ' s lacrosse game and other field events that engaged the participation of students and alumni. The evening was topped off with several parties on campus. The dorms sponsored an all night extravaganza with two bands and a picnic. There were several other func- tions to mark the day and to revive the old school spirit! ' It: ? J i i 1 j| si 75 76 Al " Each of us has to discover his own path — of that I am sure. Some paths will be spectacular and others peaceful and quiet. Who is to say which is the most important? For me the most rewarding moments have not always been the great moments — for what can surpass a tear on your departure, joy on your return, or a trusting hand in yours? Sir Edmund Hillary 78 ORGANIZATIONS THE GREEKS AT TEMPLE Temple University has a great variety of fraternities and sororities for students to participate in. The groups range from academic to social in nature. The social ones often have a pledging period to prove your loyalty to the group. The goals of the groups vary, but the basic goal is to improve the social quali- ty of students on campus. They eliminate student apathy, stress academic achievement, community service and overall social involvement. DELTA SIGMA THETA 80 82 ALPHA PHI ALPHA ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA 83 PHI GAMMA NU GAMMA SIGMA SIGMA 84 PI LAMBDA PHI 85 U. S. ARMY R.O.T.C. AT TEMPLE 86 87 ■unnui MEDIVAL CLUB 88 Representative STUDENT SENATE .i ||||H| Radio Station WRTI fM 89 BUSINESS STUDENTS ORGANIZATION i 90 Leisure Programs sponsored the 5th An- nual Spring Fling. The sunny April afternoon held many activities for Temple students. Many of the campus organizations had tables along Park Mall and Berks Mall. They were selling raffles on food and just trying to raise money and awareness. The highlight early in the day was the arm wrestling tournament sponsored by Miller. Later in the day, the John Herald Band took center stage to cap off the day. 92 93 CAMPUS MEDIA i 1 1982 TEMPLAR Lorrie Garber Tony Jamison Parrish Joynes Tammy Gravlsande Karin Rush Nate Lewis Mark Dillon THE EDITORS Editor-in Chief Associate Editor of Photography and Sports Associate Editor of Photography and Sports Senior Section Editor Branch Campus Editor Student Life Editor Business Manager 95 Templar . . . We ' re More Fun p H Bl ' l ■ C- ..- ' ■ ' ' ■ L HP ■ m T i P fc M ifl Rnn! w _ " f i ' Si V. t- " : i Mi tm A 96 LORRIE GARBER EDITOR-IN-CHIEF 97 Tammy Gravlsande Senior Section Editor ■■ ■.■ f 4 ) Parrish Joynes and Tony Jamison Associate Editors of Photography and Sports Nate Lewis Student Life Editor Karin Rush Branch Campus Editor l lark Dillon Business Manager wv v |, V s V Parrish Joynes PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF " i i i i i Todd Dion -S3 Tony Jamison Bing Santoro 99 I THE TEMPLE NEWS I ISf ' liri Neil Sheehan, Editor-in-Chief Frank J. Grecco Associate Editor Carlos J. Claudio Production Manager John D. McLaughlin Copy Editor 101 1 Ivan Roman Copy Editor Martha Goldhirsh News Editor Karin Rush Jackie Ward News Staff Reporters: Frank J. Grecco, Karin Rush, Jackie Ward, Sherri Gold, Regina Bufkin, Ana Artiles, Jim Dugan, Thomas Gilton, John Knebels, Mark Morgan, Michael Callahan, Gayle Artis, Alan Yoffee, Amy Bayer, Marge Battistelli, Lawrence M. Browne, Carlos Claudio, Les Clarke, Hugh Choi, Lori Cornish, Dede DoNarscia, Michael Elfand, Terri Farrel, Keith Floyd, Sharon Goodman, Alma Gensler, Fran Feldman, Martha Goldhirsh, Ron Cole, Dino loannidi, Cindy Kornetti, Alan Lasoff, Liz Lynch, Frank Lawlor, Lori McBride, John Hall, John D. McLaughlin, Ed Lennon, Marvin S. Robinson, Mary Sanderson, Birgitt Schippers, Marc Sugarman, Matt Hasson, D. L. Warner, Jacqueline Willis, Karen L. Williams, Win- some Bowen, Ron Kline, Joseph Klein, Nancy Krulik, Krista Blackwell, Maura Ciccarelli, Lynn Farley, Janet Gross, Nancy Keir, Eileen Kennedy, Jonathan King, Manny Marable, Joanne O ' Donnell, David Perlman, Mark Perner, Ivan Roman, Avi Schattner, Neil Sheehan, Robert J. Sims, Bob Steiert, Laura Tortella, William Weiss 102 Daryl Bell Sports Editor Jim Koncos Photography Editor Mark Morgan Assistant Sports Editor L. Michael Browne Assistant Photo Editor Tom Bell Arts Editor Susan Carroll Business Manager 103 Susan Schmidt-Cassdorf Advertising Manager Ana Artiles Assistant Ad Manager Lynn Farley Production Assistant Scott Freedman Sports Staff; John Knebels, Steve Feldman, Dave Krakow, Pete Schnatz, Mark Pokedoff, Regina Bufkin, Brian English, Mike Arman, William Slish, Joe Warrick, Caria Contento, Paul Webb, Denise DINorscia, Jackie Ward Arts Staff: D. L. Warner, Regina Deavitt, Myra Brown, Sherry Chiger, Lou Per- fidio, Maurizio Giammarco, Daryl Bell, Regina Bufkin, John D. McLaughlin, Patricia Peterson, Sharon Mitchell, Jim McKairnes, M. M. Rufo, John Knebels, Terry Holman, L. M. Browne Photography Staff: Larry Browne, Jim Koncos, Maury Aronow, Eileen Ken- nedy, Anita Nitkovska, Joe Boroski, Chip Evaul, A. Daniel Callahan, Ted Mayo, Paul S. Missan, Jim Dugan, Rochelle Miller, Frank J. Grecco, Carlos Claudio, Lynn Farley Business Staff; Susan Carroll, Susan Schmitt-Cassdorf, Ana Artiles, Regina Bufkin, Muriel Powell, Scott Freedman 104 ice Mu ' i. IIK ' Art Baxter Editor-in-Chief .«p»» ' 105 The funny people of Spice . . . Ip I I K fl B i3iS ' fli P I H j ' ' V ' IH v 1 ' - ' H „ ,• 106 1 WRTl 90.1 FM I 107 THE ARTS THE BANDS EMPLE UNIVERSITY DIAMOND MARCHING BAND The Temple University Diamond iVIarcliing Band is a regular feature at all of the home foot- ball games. The band consists of music majors and students who simply wish to continue their participation in band. The band, led by Mr. A. Chodoroff sets the pace of the crowd at the games and performs a variety of quality halftime shows. ? VU ' ' - :.7r Ill COLLEGIATE BAND PICCOLO: TRUMPETS: Patti Blakeslee Timothy Blessington Michael Boonie FLUTES: Scott Ghiz Carol Burgess John Gillian Anna Crannbert Thomas McFadden Lori Culver Thomas Shaw Sheili Lucas Joseph Sheehan Michael Waxman HORNS: OBOE: Janet Bischoff Dawn MakowskI Pamela Dunham Paul Losch BASSOONS: Theresa Murray Sandra Luehrs Marilyn Miller TROMBONES: Jean Beck B-FLAT CLARINETS: Matthew Berry Kathleen Bennett Michael Byrd Leonard DiGrasso Andrew Hutton Andrew Eiseman James Kane, Bass Robert Glatzer James Parker, Bass Joyce Johnson Raymond Lieb BARITONES: Kenneth Mihalik Patrick McDonald Joseph Pienkowski Scott Natter Mark Stauffer Matthew Waxman TUBAS: Paul Mosenson BASS CLARINET: James Quigley Clare Hammerbacher Bryan Snyder Christopher Troiani ALTO SAXOPHONES: Robert Keiser TYMPANI: David Power Jeffrey Anderson TENOR SAXOPHONES: PERCUSSION: John Paterakis Michael Hayes Stephen Furs Adora Hatten Theresa Murray BARITONE SAXOPHONE: Raymond Williams William Thomer Mark Witmer 112 SYMPHONIC BAND ARTHUR D. CHODOROFF, CONDUCTOR T . ff ' A mm. ' m !l .1 If SYMPHONIC BAND PICCOLO: CORNETS: Miriam Wrubel Sean O ' Neill Scott Nulty FLUTES: Brad Schoener Christine Daisey Joseph Miraglilo Anna Crambert William Ricketts Laura Lannutti Robert Rivera Miriam Polin Janine Weltman TRUMPETS: Patricia Blakeslee Scott Ghiz Sliaron Barclay John Knauss OBOES: HORNS: Jeffrey ODonnell JoAnne Hess Robert Timlin JeanZimmermann Paul Losch BASSOONS: Michael Waxman Kent Moore Wayne Horger TROMBONES: Thomas Heinick E-FLAT CLARINET: Kerry Mitchell Michael Smith Robert Dalton Ronald LaMar B-FLAT CLARINETS: ShaunCallen Gervay Burnett Diana Reid BARITONES: Gregg Eskin Daniel Flynn Marie Warchol Harry Woodhouse Jennifer Boland Steven Kramer TUBAS: Kathleen Wagner James Kane John Frazer Bearj Jehanian Ray Haertsch BASS CLARINET: Thomas McFadden Stephen Furs STRING BASS: ALTO SAXOPHONES: Ranji Kumar Donald Gallo Peter Johnson TYMPANI: Robbin Smith TENOR SAXOPHONE: Barbara Ames PERCUSSION: Linda Cade BARITONE SAXOPHONE: Theresa Murray Mark Wright Valerie Pearlman 113 THURSDAY NIGHT JAZZ ENSEMBLE ROBERT SCHILLING, CONDUCTOR wL ki 4 T E N O SAXOPHONES: Arthur Levinowitz Julie Hangen BARITONE SAXOPHONE: David Power TRUMPETS: . Joe Miraglilo Bob Fox Brad Schoener Rob Rivera Mike Boonle Armondo Men PIANO: James Holton Bob Glatzer TROMBONES: Barry Shapiro Robert Dalton Ron LaMar Andrew Hutton Jim Parker (Bass) GUITAR: Ken Spector BASS: Anthony Blandin DRUMS PERCUSSION Joe Ruscitto Ray Williams 114 I 115 f € . 116 Above (L to R); John Reese, An- thony Powell, and Anthony Ashley perfornn in A Penny for a Song. Below: Brian and John Reese in Devour the Snow. 117 TWO GENTLEMEN OF VERONA Right: Brain Mertes and Noami Jacobson perform in Two Gen- tileman of Verona. Below: Linda Libby and Jim Norton perform in La Ronda. 118 Left: Father ' s Day, featuring Jotin Reese and Anthony Astiley. FATHER ' S DAY 119 120 The 1981-82 season of Temple University Ch ildren ' s Theater opened with two delightful plays intended for children. The theater presented Arkansas Bear and Just So, an adaptation taken from Rudyard Kipling ' s classic animal tales, bought to the stage by the theater ' s director Jan Silverman. On the left Maurine Punch performs in Arkansas Bear. Above Donna Foley (ground) plays an elephant in Just So. The other performers are from left to right, Nina Hodoruk, Karen Tonjes and Richard Mailman. I 121 SPORTS ALL %i. N. :pti»mtm jraSk;f ' l . ,iqS;5 Won 5, Lost 5 Coach Wayne Hardin TEMPLE 42 William Mary 31 Syracuse 19 7 Delaware 13 Penn State 30 31 Colgate 24 Rutgers 12 24 Cincinnati 13 3 Georgia 49 19 West Virginia 24 Pittsburgh 35 125 126 Front row (L to R); Art Hood, Joe Marzzarella, Joe Rettig, Matt McArdle, Steve Conjar, Joe Butler, Duane Bell, Gerald Lucear, Sherman Myers, Jim Brown, Reggie Brown and Tony Gambone. Second row (L to R): Brian Regan, Ross Mongiardo, A! Scofield, Tracy Hall, Mike Pendino, Vinnie Mini, Criag Epiey, Leo McClelland, Jay Gicker, Ed Monteiro, Guy Peters, Ken Boyd and Harold Harmon. Third row (L to R): Ken Coffin, Tom Kilkenny, Brian Wensel, Tim Riordan, Greg Pronko, Rocco Senatore, Chuck Cohen, Mike Berger, Mike Parrotta, Bill Shirk, Todd Hershman, Jack Cerone, Rod Moore and Gene Feingold. Fourth row (L to R): Brian Slade, Mike Griffin, Bob Balkunas, Dan Betz, Joe Jovinelli, Scott Andrien, Chris Volt, Aymon De Mauro, Bert House, Andy Locust, Ken Stubbolo, Robert Moore and Dave Abdou. Fifth row (L to R): Mark Monica, Tom Riess, Joe Rostock, Bobby Shires, Jerry Keller, Nick La Rosa, Jeff Sodrosky, Walt Marlin, Bill Perna, Ray Barnard, George Speros, Anthony Young and Doug Davis. Sixth row (L to R): Bob Clauser, Ed Shubeck, John Rienstra, Eric Coss, Bill Lane, Larry Cox, Mike McClearn, Brian Gassert, Trent Conelias, Kurt Bamberger, Tore Barbaccia, Jim Madden and Gene Casciola. Seventh row (L to R): George Bailey, Dave Ryncavage, John Bauer, Mike Boas, Rick Taylor, Jim Bresto, Pat Barbato, Temple Gibbs, Tom Kentopp, John Pendzik, Kevin Walter, Todd Bowles, and Paul Darragh. Eighth row (L to R); John O ' Hanlon, Chuck Wesko, Lloyd Yancey, John Goldsworthy, Russell Carter, Paul Koster, Joe Baiunco, Jim Ermert, S am Jones, Joe Monaghan, Tom Jackson, Carl Galazeski, and Steve Major. Ninth row (L to R): Robert Marra, Bob Niglio, Kevin Mastrangelo, Tom Crocco, Joe Radaszewski, Tim Hanley, Harvey Buckley, Jim Tumulty, Mark Kraeuter, Kip Shenefelt, Pete Brescia, Jim Andrusko and Ben Roberson. Tenth (L to R): Tink Murphy, Reuben McCoy, Sherman Kelly, Vince Clark, Pete Muraca, Kevin Ross and Fran Cassidy. 127 VOLLEYBALL 128 i 129 I Won 31, Lost 25 Coach; Kay Corcoran TEMPLE 3 Lehigh 1 Washington American 2 IVIaryland George Washington 2 Georgetown 2 Maryland 2 New Hampshire 2 Princeton Georgetown 3 Villanova 1 No. Kentucky 2 Univ. ilL Chi-Cir Michigan 2 Wiscon.-Parkside 2 Michigan State Eastern Michigan 1 Rutgers 2 Yale Rutgers George Washington MacMasters 2 Edinboro State 2 Hofstra Delaware 2 West Virginia 2 New Haven George Washington 1 Princeton 2 Rhode Island 3 Univ. of Penn. 2 East Carolina Penn State 2 South Carolina 2 Rutgers 1 Georgetown George Washington 2 Clemson 3 Princeton 2 2 1 2 1 2 2 2 1 2 3 2 2 2 1 2 2 2 2 1 2 2 1 2 i TEMPLE 2 2 2 2 2 2 1 1 2 1 K New Hampshire Rhode Island Northeastern West Virginia Delaware New Haven George Washington New York Tech Georgetown Rutgers Georgetown George Washington Pittsburgh Providence Maryland k 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 1 2 ) f- 130 BADMINTON V 132 !■-, Won 7, Lost 7 Coach: B. J. Sklar EAIAW Regional Championships: TEMPLE 8 9 7 1 4 2 2 7 3 6 V 2 7 7 4th Villanova Glassboro Swarthmore 2 West Chester 8 Trenton State 5 Delaware 7 St. Joseph ' s Towson State 3 2 Lafayette Lehigh Rutgers William Patt. 6 3 7y2 2 West Chester 9 William Patt. 2 133 FIELD HOCKEY P 134 I fewppd ? i ■■ ■ i ■ Won 17, Lost 3, and Tied 2 Coach: Gwen Cheeseman AIAW DIV. I NAT. CHAMP. 2nd Place TEMPLE 5 3 2 3 4 3 1 3 3 3 5 6 3 15 4 1 3 5 1 Minnesota Clemson West Chester Lafayette Montclair American Ursimus Lehigh Maryland Penn State Rutgers Old Dominion Princeton Delaware LaSalle Penn Glassboro State Princeton Delaware Cal Berkeley Davis Elkins Penn State A ..Mi. 1 2 2 2 2 2 1 5 1 1 1 1 1 5 135 136 Won 8, Lost 7, Tied 1 Coach: John Boles TEMPLE 3 3 East Stroudsburg Lehigh Rider 1 2 2 1 Fairleigh Dickinson 2 2 Villanova 1 5 Hofstra 1 2 LaSalle 1 1 American U. 1 1 Rutgers Phila. Textile 2 4 2 West Chester 1 2 Drexel 3 5 1 St. Joseph ' s Penn State 3 2 2 Pennsylvania Trenton State 4 1 138 Front row (L to R): Tom Pote, Steve Muzekari, Chip Buck, John Gibson, Dan Lemmo and Gary Umstead. Second row(L to R): Dan Micolucci, Ashton Andrews, Bob Smetanka, Walt Peteraf, Pete Seelaus, Dave Little, Robert Delgado and Dave Alito. Back (L to R): Assistant Coach Bob Hunter, Pat Kelly, Don DeMay, Bob Greenwood, Nick Wiener, Ed Parki nson, Tim Weglicki, Mike Timken, Karl Habina, Joe Donigan, Ray Burger, Tom Howell and Head Coach John Boles. 139 BASKETBALL r 140 I f i Won 19, Lost 8 Coach: Don Casey ECC East Champion Big 5 Co-Champs TEMPLE 65 West Chester 53 80 Utica 35 60 Lehigh 43 64 Fordham 63 54 South Carolina 51 88 Rider 72 52 Villanova 48 61 St. John ' s 68 85 Florida 81 64 San Diego State 75 59 Pittsburgh 60 80 Bucknell 54 80 Navy 64 73 Delaware 49 61 Hofstra 58 82 Marist 72 82 St. Joseph ' s 77 50 Penn State 53 77 Maine 57 64 Drexel 44 56 Pennsylvania 59 59 William Mary 68 76 Lafayette 66 86 LaSalle 72 67 American U. 62 55 Drexel 61 (ECC Playoffs) 60 Georgia 73 (NIT) 141 Seated (L to R): Terence Stansbury, Jim McLoughlin, Kevin Broadnax, Head Coach Don Casey, Alton McCullough, Gordon Kaylor, and Ed Coe. Bacl row (L to R): Managers Dave Feinstein and Gregg Rubin, Assistant Coach Jim Maloney, Charles Rayne, Steve Warfel, Colin McNish, Scott Baggot, Dwight Forrester, Granger Hall, Mark Poplawski, Pete Aguilar, Assistant Coach Jay Norman and Head Manager Mark Thorpe. fwtro«|Lt 142 GOLF Front row (L to R): Steve Tasho, Ed Sallie, Coach John MacDonald, Mike Brown and Kevin Klier. Back row(L to R): Jon Magrace, Gary Deetscreek, Randy Rolfe and Chris Fieger. 143 WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL 144 Won 18, Lost 10 Coach: Linda MacDonald TEMPLE 64 Morgan State 46 67 Monmouth College 65 70 Lafayette 52 91 Virginia 68 78 Howard Univ. 50 70 Princeton Univ. 59 80 Long Island 58 76 Manhattan College 43 63 Univ. of Maryland 81 74 St. Joseph ' s 63 76 Univ. of Mass. 73 62 Univ. of Conn. 49 71 American Univ. 60 53 Auburn Univ. 85 89 Valdosta State 96 59 Penn State 93 67 Villanova Univ. 74 55 LaSalle College 58 84 West Virginia 68 54 Cheyney State 91 73 Univ. of Penn. 74 84 Univ. of Delaware 57 65 West Chester State 59 76 Univ. of Dist. Col. 62 89 Georgetown Univ. 70 67 Rutgers Univ. 81 64 Rutgers Univ. 79 145 1 i 146 I I WRESTLING Won 12, Lost 5, Tied 1 Coach: Jerry Villecco EIWA: 5th TEMPLE 28 Springfield 13 22 Central Conn. 13 Lock Haven Tournament 5th 15 Missouri 23 41 Western Ontario 5 17 Penn State 22 25 Buckneil 13 36 Drexel 6 41 Pennsylvania 5 39 Swarthmore 6 12 Wilkes 26 26 Hofstra 24 30 Rutgers 13 38 Lafayette 9 12 Syracuse 24 25 West Chester 14 45 Southern Conn. 3 43 Franklin Marshall 5 21 Millersville 21 15 Bloomsburg 27 147 148 Front row (L to R): Marc Schwartz, Joe Duca, Doug Castellari, Lawrence Metcalfe, Alan Fishman and Steve Cifonelli. Second row (L to R): Frank Mitcho, Rob Calabrese, Lawrence Bowman, Hube Fasolino, Kevin Gross, Dan Comfort and Lance Laucfile. Third row (L to R): Manager Lyie Muzingo, Manager Kathy Hanlon, Mike Ramos, Randy Box, Rick Lovato, Matt Haak, Bill Hyman, Matt McGee, Larry Cox, George Edmunds, Mike DeGenova and Head Coach Jerry Villecco, 149 Won 7, Lost 3 Coach: Fred Turoff EIGL: 2nd TEMPLE 243.50 Springfield 231.65 260.45 Syracuse 258.95 234.25 Cortland State 206.60 265.05 East Stroudsburg 239.50 256.40 Army 238.15 281.35 Pittsburgh 262.70 254.35 Penn State 264.00 257.55 Navy 252.58 255.40 Massachusetts 234.15 261.40 Southern Conn. 265.00 Front row (L to R): Head Coach Fred Turoff, Bobby Fleming, Captain Walt Kenney, Doug Brown and Assistant Coach Joe Magid. Back row (L to R): Assistant Coach Keith Miles Avery, Tom DePaolantonio, Glenn Castle, Barry MIsthal, Henry Horn, Carlos Vazquez and Assistant Coach Scott Bram. 150 8,15 ml Coat! 151 WOMEN ' S GYMNASTICS Won 3, Lost 8 Coach: Jeff Rosenberg TEMPLE 125.10 West Chester 134.00 121.75 127.75 128.10 Univ. of Pittsburgh Rutgers Univ. of Massachusetts 134.75 115.30 134.00 130.10 Cornell 134.65 130.10 E.S.S.C. 118.85 130.65 128.70 Univ. of New Hampshire Trenton 141.40 123.25 112.75 Univ. of Penn. Univ. of Maryland West Virginia 135.55 1 152 153 Won 10, Lost 3 Coach: Steve Penning ECC Championships: 4th TEMPLE 77 72 73 68 67 37 70 76 86 49 64 30 63 Lehigh 35 American U. 34 West Chester 40 Rutgers 40 Fordham 45 LaSalle 76 Shippensburg 43 Rider 37 Villanova 27 Penn State 64 Glassboro State 49 Drexel 85 Kutztown State 47 h. ' .,. 154 Front row (L to R): Anton Whiteford, Mario Valori, Ric Gullage, Mitch Mclnnis, Jason Goldstein, Dennis Oscapinski, George Labonty, and Manager Jerry Bobb. Back row(L to R); Manager Marcy Kraft, Head Coach Steve Penning, Dave Koch, Jason Clark, Mark Munson, Mike Mammele, Neil Simonson, Matt Traf- ford, Brian Wilson, Dan Kniseley, Diving Coach Sue Mangan and Assistant Coach Pete Mohaeey. ! 155 Won 1, Lost 9 Coach: Sue Mangan TEMPLE 42 Univ. of Delaware 97 56 Lehigh 74 70 Glassboro 51 50 Monmouth 87 35 LaSalle 99 43 Bucknell 91 46 West Chester 71 21 Villanova 41 43 Univ. ofPenn. 70 39 Drexel 60 FfonlwILI BotiDevli(i BackrowlL j ftUne.Ste 156 BASEBALL ' ' wfe fe Front row (L to R): Alex Gonzales, Izzy Menna, George Clark, Cliff Cater, Mark Moriarty, Ed Bathusien, and Jim Adams. Middle row (L to R): Lou Nicastro, Scott Jabbuscfi, Dan West, John Marzano, Jeff Erb, Rich Callahan, Kevin Thomas, Mike Stankiewicz, Mike Leibowitz, Bob Devlin, H. J. Lopes and Assistant Coach Jack Don. Back row (L to R); Head Coach Jim (Skip) Wilson, Bill Mendek, Mike McKee, Rob Eller, Derrick Dempsey, Gary Enoch, Glenn James, Steve Loden, Dennis McLane, Steve Yates, John Rooney, Roy Larsen, Mark Transue and Assistant Coach Don Flynn. I 157 158 Is g Won 25, Lost 10 Coach: Jim Wilson ECC East Champion 14 Georgetown 6 3 Rollins 5 1 Rollins 2 6 Central Florida 4 15 Detroit 5 5 Detroit 1 South Florida 4 South Florida 5 3 South Florida 7 6 Villanova 3 9 Spring Garden 4 12 Drexel 16 Phila. Textile 12 19 Drexel 1 16 lona 2 21 Fordham 13 17 Villanova 3 7 New York Tech. 10 17 LaSalle 13 13 LaSalle 4 9 West Chester 8 12 Rutgers 9 29 Hofstra 5 20 Hofstra 4 9 Glassboro State 10 13 St. Joseph ' s 10 4 St. Joseph ' s 3 12 Penn State 5 6 Penn State 3 7 American U. 8 6 American U. 4 6 St. John ' s 5 East Coast Conference Playoffs 10 Rider 7 Delaware 11 6 American 7 159 Front row (L to R): Lee Silverman, Basil Giletto, Ron Brodbeck, Paul Petrasso, Geoff Lathrop and Craig Schmitz. Back row(L to R): Paul Missan, Earle Manley, Rick Watrall, Mark Gunkell, George Infanzon, Jim Davey, Todd Harris and Head Coach Allen Kelley. 160 Won 5, Lost 2 Coach: Allen Kelley MACFA championsh ps: 2nd TEMPLE 13 Lafayette 14 9 Rutgers 18 15 New Jersey Tech. 12 16 William Mary 11 14 Stevens Tech. 13 16 Haverford 11 14 William Patterson 13 161 ! WOMEN ' S FENCING 1 i-. M 162 li Won 14, Lost 1 Coach: Niki Franke AIAW Championshi ps: 2nd TEMPLE 13 Rutgers 3 16 New York Univ. 16 Caldwell 10 Princeton 6 16 Hopkins 10 FDU 6 15 Brooklyn 1 11 Steven ' s 5 11 St. John ' s 5 6 Yale 10 12 Univ. of Penn 4 14 George Mason 2 11 Williams Mary 5 9 Penn State 7 16 Queens .m . y ' ««.,„ » • «. " .»i 163 LACROSSE 164 i; Won 16, Lost 2, Tied 1 Coach: Tina Sloane Green 1982 AIAW Div. I Champions EAIAW Mid-Atlantic Region IB, 2nd TEMPLE 29 MontclairSt. 17 Cornell 16 Yale 7 10 Maryland Harvard 12 6 Rutgers Univ. of Penn 7 Penn State 9 Ursinus 10 13 Lafayette West Chester 5 Delaware 7 18 Lehigh Princeton 3 2 Maryland Univ. of Penn 13 Harvard 6 Penn State 3 Maryland 5 1 2 1 6 8 6 4 4 4 6 5 5 6 5 2 165 166 I WOMEN ' S 1 bNNIS Won 7, Lost 7 Coach: BJ Sklar TEMPLE 8 Villanova 9 Glassboro 7 William Patt. 2 7 Swarthmore 2 1 West Chester 8 4 Trenton St. 5 2 Delaware 7 2 St. Joseph ' s 3 7 Towson State 2 3 Lafayette 6 6 Lehigh 3 1V2 Rutgers 772 7 William Patt. West Chester 2 9 167 TRACK Won 8, Lost 2 Coach: Jack Saint Clair ECC Championships: 5th TEMPLE 133 Lafayette 93 133 West Chester 49 133 Trenton State 49 133 Montclair State 35 133 Glassboro State 184 i5iy2 LaSalle 102 15172 Drexel 156 15172 St. Joseph ' s 9272 15172 West Chester 19 15172 Phila. Textile 54 170 Front row (L to R): Kevin Saint Clair, Glenn Yaffe, Bob Baxter, Allen Brown, Fred Kenny, Tim Naylor and Rich Ficco. Middle row (L to R): Saul Harris, Jose Colondres, Marlon Cocking, Roosevelt Lofton, Mike Williams, Steve Maslowski, Bill Davies, Bryan Green and George Steinbronn. Back row (L to R): Manager Michelle Saint Clair, Steve Mainart, Jim Andrusko, Darryl Wilson, Dwayne Jones, Paul Webb, Kevin Witchey, Allen Pendleton, Matt Martz, Bill Kramer, Assistant Coach Ed Roberts, Manager Tammy Goodman, and Head Coach Jack Saint Clair. 171 172 Won 6, Lost 8 Coach: Jack Staint Clair ECC: 10th Rider Phila. Textile LaSalle Lafayette Phila. Pharmacy Trenton State Stony Brook St. Joseph ' s Lehigh Bucknell West Chester Drexel American U. Delaware 44 20 50 23 34 34 34 49 42 50 30 26 15 42 U Front row (L to R): Steve Maslowski, Allen Brown, Kevin Saint Clair, and Tim Naylor. Back row (L to R): Managers Tammy Goodman and Michelle Saint Clair, Fred Kenney, Matt Martz, Bill Davies, Bill Kramer, George Steinbronn and Head ' i i ' Coach Jack Saint Clair. 173 WOMEN ' S TRACK 174 Front row (L to R): Eric Kramer, Man Windman, Mike Schroder and Jeff Meiskin. Back row (L to R): Head Coach Harvey Fleegler, Tom Kane, George Polizois, Don Griffith, Mike Harding and Willy Pequignot. MEN ' S TENNIS Won 7, Lost 5 Coach: Harvey Fleegler ECC Tourn.: 4th TEMPLE 8 Rider 8 Drexel 7 American U. 1 Swarthmore 8 St. Joseph ' s 8 LaSalle 7 Hofstra 4 Rutgers 4 Haverford 7 West Chester 4 Bucknell 2 Bloomsburg 1 1 2 8 1 1 2 5 5 2 5 7 175 Mirf B mr CREW tH « si: 176 Won 8, Lost 1 Coach: Garvin R. White TEMPLE W Marietta W George Washington W USMMA W Marist W MIT L Columbia W New Hampshire W Rhode Island W Massachusetts 1st Kerr Cup Regatta 1st Bergen Cup Regatta 2nd Dad Bail Regatta 177 I Front row (L to R): Joe Crawford, Jim Hershman, Sean Brennan, Joe Sullivan, Ed Logue, Frank KrempI, Tom Ellis, Rich McSorley and Rob Taylor. Middle row (L to R): Paul Teti, Jim Rogers, Joe Brennan, Mike Quinn, Tony Stefanski, Tom Levins, Gerry Flood, Tom Kowalik and Ed Baltzell. Back row(L to R): Head Coach Gavin R. White, Assistant Coach Mike Teti, Fran Berger, Bill Fenerty, Matt Theodosseau, Kevin Cauley, Nehl Bobal, Bill Hughes, Tony Monger!, Miles Lederer and Charlie Bracken. I 178 IW! SOFTBALL Won 13, Lost 10 Coach: Ronnie Maurek TEMPLE 4 Villanova 5 Princeton 9 Princeton 2 LaSalle 6 16 Ursinus Penn State 3 Penn State 4 4 Trenton 5 1 West Chester 2 2 2 4 East Stroudsburg East Stroudsburg Univ. of Delaware 1 Univ. of Delaware Penn State 3 Penn State 4 1 Rhode Island 2 1 Rhode Island 9 1 Providence 6 Providence 2 6 Univ. of Connecticut 1 Univ. of Connecticut 2 5 2 Rutgers Rutgers Adelphi Adelphi 1 10 2 179 180 CHEERLEADERS 181 182 I 183 Temple University The Ninety-Sixth Annual Commencement Exercises Candidates for Degrees May 27, 1982 184 CLASS OF 1982 Andrea K. Adier BS Education Byung M. Ahn BBA Accounting John H. Aigard BA Theater Hossein Alidjani BS Civil Engineering 186 Vincent G. Amorosi BS Engineering Barbara L. Anderson BS Chemistry Sharon S. Anderson BS Therapeutic Rec. Herve I. Angibeau BS Civil Engineering Pamela S. Angst BS Health Records Admin. Kevin Aniess MBA Business Admin. Jane E. Apple BA Economics Karen B. Arch BS Educatlon 187 II Mark A. Askin BS Music Ed. Marylynne Aspinall BA Mathematics Scott W. Asroff BA Psychology Matthew Aurelio BA Management Austin E. Austin BA Criminal Justice David J. Averett BA Political Science Richard S. Averett BA Lawand Business Amparo Aviles BS Education Angela E. Badame BBA Accounting 188 Debra M. Bader BSW Social Welfare Julie A. Baga BA Anthropology Herbert Bailey BSW Social Work Katherine E. Baker BA Social Welfare Steven D. Banks BS Marketing ' 1 . ■■ ' . ' ..W-; 189 Kathleen M. Barber BBA Accounting Denise L. Barbon BBA Accounting Sharon L. Barclay BA Journalism Judith F. Baren BA RTF I I Dorothy M. Barrett BA Geography James E. Barron BBA CIS Audrey G. Barrow BA Speech Alyce Barry BA Philosophy 190 Allison D. Bate BS Music Ed. Sonja L. Battis BS TherapeutIc Rec Rudolph J. Bayer BBA Economics and Mkting Miriam J. Beard BA Criminal Justice Janet M. Bebian BS Early Childhood Marci F. Becker BS Physical Therapy Elizabeth Beckett BS Social Welfare Francis P. Begley BBA CIS MGT 191 Daryl W. Bell BA JournalIsm Sandra J. Benson BBA Mgt.-Org. Mgt. Dolores W. Berk BA Crlminal Justice Mark J. Blehl BA RTF Rand! G. Birenbaum BA Biology Andrea E. Black BFA Jewelry Stanley P. Blair BA Biology Kelley A. Blaker BBA Marketing 192 Am Scott Brian BBA Marketing Jessica E. Bright BBA lnsurance and Risk John W. Brinson BS Political Science Stefani A. Bristol BSW Childcare 194 Kyle R. Brown BBA Accounting Renee D. Brown BSA Architecture Sandra M. Brown BA Journalism Oewitt Browne BS Social Admin. I 195 I BS Kurt W. Brunner BBA Finance Phillip E. Bryant BS Social Work Scott R. Buchler BS Civll Engineering Betty J. Buckley BBA I.R.O.B. Karen F. Burden BBA Accting, Insur. and Risk Margaret M. Burke BA I.R.O.B. Patricia M. Burnett BSW Childcare Ralph T. Burns BS Distributive Ed. 196 I Daniel A. Burwasser BS Music Ed. Mayeila C. Butler BSW Childcare William D. Cadden BS Computer Info. Billi J. Campbell MA Rec. Therapy i Michael A. Cancelliere BA Criminal Justice Elaine D. Carpey BA Anthropology Edward J. Carr BA Journalism Joan M. Carroll BA RTF Mfi _riii- r- ' .N O I Priscilla M. Cathey BSW Social Admin. George A. Celona BA Political Science Robert C. Chambers BA RTF Barbara J. Chavous BSW Social Admin. Sliaron B. Chester BS Biomedical Eng. Gerard A. Chiarolanza BS lndustrial Arts Judith A. Chisaricl BA Computer Science Thomas J. Chisholm BS Police Science 198 199 «i- iJjIt Thei 4 William B. Connolly BS Electrical Eng. Eileen P. Conran BS PE Eileen D. Cooper BA Sociology Sheryle B. Cooper BBA Bus. Mgmt. and IROB 200 I Theresa B. Copeland BBA Accounting Bernadette Corcoran BA Journalism Joan B. Cornish BA LatIn and Greel CC Richard F. Corson BA Political Science i Patricia A. Cruice BA Psychology Miriam L. Cruz BSW Social Welfare Joseph A. Curcillo BS Civil Engineering Terrence E. Cuskley BA Economics Michael C. Czerpak BS Health Records Admin. Nancy B. Danczak BA RTF Valerie M. D ' Angiolini BA RTF Adrianne M. Daily BA RTF Cora S. Davis BSW Social Work Sheree J. Davis BS Physical Ed. Dawn DeCesare BA CIS Jamie H. DeLeon BA Computer Science Lawrton O. Dellsser BA Blology Paula M. Demansl y BA Journalism Michael D. DeMay BA RTF Paula Denaro BA TV Performance Marian M. Denby BSW Social Welfare 203 204 I » Edward P. Dombroski BA RTF Elizabeth A. Douglas BA Advertising Joan E. Dovberg BS Education John F. Draus BA RTF Kathleen A. Droboniku BBA CIS Joyce A. Dunham BA Journalisnn Yves R. Dupont BA CIS Martin L. Dyas BS Civil Engineering Jill E. Eberle BS Comm. Health Ed. Karen Eckert BBA lnsurance and Risk I RoyG. Edmonds BBA Management JoAnne Edwards BS Recreation Marie A. Egitto Gwen C. Eisen BA RTF BA Education • 1 j- 4 1 J? I I Karen J. Elefant BA Com. Info. Sciences Scott J. Elias BBA Accounting Luz T. Encarnacion MED Science Helen M. Enright BBA Management Dayid A. Ensminger BBA I.R.O.B. Robert J. Eppinger BA Biology rifiniifttt i Robert Falkenstein BA RTF Beth J. Engel BA English Everald L. Fagan BBA Business Mgmt. Gary N. Farber BBA Marketing 1 ! Bruce G. Fay BA Theater Stefan T. Feaster BS Education Karen E. Fechter BBA Marketing ( Stephanie Feck BA Theater Steven C. Fein berg BA Advertising Robin S. Feldman BA English David W. Felicioni BA Political Science Phyllis L. Fields BSW Social Work Victoria Fikes BSW Social Welfare 209 M 1 9 1 1 ■ H 1 r 1 I H 1 3 P 1 1 1 i i 1 A 1 1 1 Judith M. Fiocco BSW Social Welfare Susan E. Fisher BA Theater James J. Fitzgerald BA RTF Lois M. Fitzgerald BA Political Science Kevin F. Fitzpatrick BBA Marketing Michael A. Flacco BA Psychology 210 Dorian B. Foyil BBA Acct. CIS Joseph G. Franchetti BA Economics Elaine G. Francis MED Special Ed. Marcia L. Franklin BA Biology 211 Susan E. Frantz BS Occ. Therapy Caren A. Frazier BA Sociology Laurie S. Frey BS Women ' s Studies Sheila D. Fruman BBA MarketIng Michael V. Fuoco BBA Accounting Susan H. Furman BA RTF Linda L. Gable BS Education Carmina A. GagliardI BA Music 212 I Robert J. Gallagher BS Phys. Ed. Michael A. Gallagher BA Archltecture Lorrie Garber BBA Management Richard B. Garden BA Biology Robert B. Garfield BBA Marl eting Brigitte A. Garvin BA Journalism D. Douglas Gaston IV BA RTF Deborah L. Gause BS Education 213 Sanchia M. Gaylen BS Elec. Engineering Steven D. Geary BS Criminal Justice Karyn Geist BA Journalism Linda E. Gelfin BA Geography Josepti A. Gennett BBA Econonnics Jacqueline S. George BBA I.R.O.B. Jeffry N. Gerber BA Chemistry Marylou M. Gerrity BS Ther. Rec. Soc. Wei. 214 Mary Ann W. Gidlewski BA Psychology I Marcia E. Gitter BSW Social Work Vincent J. Giusini BA Psychology Mitchell B. Glashofer BBA Accounting Bik .Jm Jennifer R. Glass BA Criminal Justice .1 ' Marlon V. Gocking BA Psych. and P.A.S. Fred E. Gold BBA AccountIng 216 Javier Gonzalez BBA Management Lisa J. Goodstein BA Art History David A. Gordon BBA Accounting Vera K. Goss BS lndustrial Ed. Jeffrey G. Graber BBA Accounting Carole J. Graham BS Education Robert G. Graham BBA Marketing IROB Carlene M. Granieri BA RTF Vanessa L. Graves BA Criminal Justice Maureen A. Gray BA Music Ed. 218 i Anajinette Green BS Therapeutic Rec. George B. Greenig BA RTF Debra L. Grohotolsky BBA Marketing Kevin E. Gross BS Civil Engineering 219 Joann Hagis BA Com. Info. Sci. KathyA. Hahn BA Criminal Justice Maryellen A. Haigh BSW Childcare Jill A. Haley BA Music Leslie A. Hall BA Journalism Paul H. Halpern BA Physics Math Zina G. Hampton BSW Social Welfare Willis G. Hare Jr. BSW Social Welfare Pamela D. Harper BA Music Crystal N. Harris BS Therapeutic Rec. 220 J. Mitchell Harris BS Elect. Engr. Tech. Betsy L. Hart BA Pan African Stud. Earl D. Harvey BA RTF Sharon N. Harvey BA Psychology Dianne Hassett BA Criminal Justice Susan Hauck BA Comm. and Theater DebraA. Hauser BA Political Science Ruth F. Hauser BA Geography 221 Tracey L. Hawkins BA History John M. Haynes BS Electrical Tech. Thomas P. Heer BA Psychology Christopher D. Hein BBA Acct. lnsur. and Ristc Denise E. Heller BBA Marketing Deborah A. Helm BA CIS John H. Hepp IV BA History and Pol. Soi. Deborah S. Herr BA Landscape Design 222 Paul E. Herrmann BBA Marketing James C. Hession BA RTF Mary A. Hewston BA lnsur. and Risk Jarmila H. Hlobik BBA Marketing Richard J. Hodeika BA Management Tanya R. iHotfman BA Criminal Justice Janice M. Hollenback BA Speech Marko S. Holowczak BA Bio-Chemistry Jill S. Hopkins BBA Marketing Richard J. Horner BA Chemistry 224 Ellen E. Howard BA Comm. Health Eric S. Howe BBA Marketing Bohdan Hryhorsky BA Economics Ann M. Hudson BA Psychology Joan S. Hudson BA Crlmlnal Justice Noralyn B. Hunter BBA Acct. CIS Waltor H. Hunter BA Math Gayle D. Hurd BA RTF 225 I Rosalie Hutson BSW Social Admin. Paulette R. Hylton BSW Social Admin. Felice M. Hymson BBA CIS David J. lacono BS Civil Engineering William R. lies BSW Soc. Wel. Crim. Jus. Michael T. Infanti BBA Accounting George Infanzon BS Elec. Engineering Charle S. Ireland I BA Psychology Cheryl D. Jackson Doc. Urban Education Donna Jackson BA Econ. Pan-Afr. Stud. Laurie C. Jacobs BA Biology Rosita Jaipaul BBA Mkting IROB Karen D. Johnson BA Music Ed. Lenora R. Johnson BA Speech and Hearing Sabrina D. Johnson BS Ther. Rec. and Nurs. Sandra Johnson-Smith BS Education PJ tafcr t- ' A " m P a H ic? 1 I Serena D. Johnson BS Ther. Rec. Phys. Ther. Antonia A. Jones BS Health Education Audr ey T. Jones-King BA Political Science Gwendolyn Jones BSW Social Work 228 } r ' Jesse A. Jones BA CrimJnal Justice Terry L. Jones BBA Mgmt. Mrkt. Mitchell E. Kaltz BA Math Biochemistry I Craig J. Kamen BA Law Enfrcmt and Corr. Alan J. Kaminsky BBA Finance Lisa A. Kane BA Political Science Judith M. Kapler BS Exercise Science Leonard E. Kane BBA Accounting Dennis Karaszkiewicz BA Psychology i! 229 Robert D. Karen BA Criminal Justice Brenda R. Kato BSW Social Welfare Sandra L. Kauffman BS Biomed. Engineering Thomas F. Kearney IV BS Mech. Engr. Tech. Mary L. Keehn BA RTF Debra L. Kelly BBA Marketing Gregory G. Kelly BA Economics Nancy A. Kelly BA RTF 23 0 II Jamie Klinger BA RTF Mary B. Koenig BA Journ. Advertising Carol A. Kolinchak BBA Accounting Natalia A. Kowalyszyn BA History Shirley M. Kozlow BBA Accounting Guy F. Kneebone BA Psychology Mark E. Kraus BA RTF Carin L. Kraut 232 i Ronald M. Kravit BA Political Science Arthur G. Krevitz BBA Accounting Kenneth Kuby BA Law Robin A. Kul linski BBA Accounting Maria S. Lacorte BS Childcare Joan M. Laessig BA Psychology Dorothy A. Lafferty BS CECT Mark C. Lanan BA Mathematics 233 Florence J. Larcamp BBA IROB lnsur. and Risk Geoffrey K. Lathrop BA Political Science Juanlta Lavalais BA RTF 234 Angela LaRocca BBA Computer Science Elizabeth Lassiter BA Social Welfare Joseph M. Laub BBA Accounting Joseph C. Lawless BA History Sharon B. Lauro BS Therapeutic Rec. Regina Lawrence BBA Acct. Bus. Ed. Shirley M. Lazowicki M FA Art Loretta Leal BS Educatlon Barbara C. Lee BA RTF Beverly B. Lee BBA Real Estate John W. Lee Jr. BBA Accounting Boaventura K. Lemane BA Pol. Scl. Pre-Phar. Brabara L. Lempert BBA Marketing John P. Leneweaver BBA Marketing m Elinure Leonards BSW Social Work Michael B. Leshner BA Criminal Justice Paula E. Leshner BSW Childcare Keung K. Leung BBA Marketing Mira S. Lichtenstein BBA Marketing ■ c " H 1 Kr ' h» H u B l j B ' -T ■ w P Hk t ' M r M iaSv sH rsv .i l n Jill N. Lleberman BBA Marketing Velva B. Lilly BS Criminal Justice Jack L. Lipken BA Sociobiology Susan H. Liss BS Health Records Admin. John K. Livingstone BBA Fin. Marketing Leslie D. Lloyd BS Education Caren B. Lippe BS Education Gary Lofurno BBA Accounting Miriam A. Logan BA Communications s 237 Doris A. Lopez BSW Social Work Jessica K. Loy BFA Graphic Design Walter J. Lubanski BA Political Science ri " Suzanne J. Lundy BA French Mark A. Lunsford BBA Accounting Bernadette M. Lynn BA Theater Learley L. McAllister BBA MarketIng Brenda L. McArttiur BSW Social Work Robert McCall Jr. BA RTF 238 I Catherine A. McDevitt BS Elec. Engr. Tech. Joanne McFadden BA Journalism Nicholas J. McGinty BA Journalism Bernard J. McGorrey III BA Theory Organ 239 Deborah A. McKean BA RTF Vincent J. McKenna BBA Marketing John D. McLaughlin BA JournalIsm Rose M. l 1cNelis BBA CIS Marianne E. McPeal BS Therapeutic Rec. Angela M. McRae BA Criminal Justice John J. McWilliams BBA Accounting John G. McWilliams BS lndustrial Ed. Robert N. Mandel BA Psychology Steven Manera BS Civil Engineering Harris I. Mann BA Biology Boyd M. Manning BA RTF Helen Manos Sara J. Mansfield BA RTF Jeffrey A. Margolis BS CIS Oluseye A. Masominu BSW Cfiiidcare Frank C. Massi BA Computer Science 241 James A. Matthews BA Sociology Patricia Matthews BA Psychology Joseph V. Maugeri B A History Manooher F. Mehrabi BS Mech. Engineering Olgal. Melendez BS Education Philip C. Mesthos BA Biology Bryan J. Meyers BS Distri. Ed. Mrl ting Debra R. Mezzy BS Education 242 Suzanne D. Misher BSW Social Work Scott M. Mishkin BA Political Science Carol A. Mitchum BSW Social Welfare Sharon A. Mitnik BBA Management 243 Dean L. Mittman BA Biology Ross F. Mongiardo BBA Marketing Mary B. Montgomery BA Political Science Pannela A. Moore BA Biology Robert J. Moran BA Theater Joseph E. MorgantI BA Criminal Justice Richard A. Moses BBA AccountIng Mary P. Mosley BSW Soclal Welfare 244 I Linda A. Mulry BA Psychology ■ m ■V. y Lorraine Munson BA Distributive Ed. Karen A. Mutschler BA RTF Denise D. Myers BS Nursing Nancy M. Napolitano BS Therapeutic Rec. Sandra H. Necclii BA History Writing Carmel J. Needleman BA Biology Lois S. Neiman BA Spanish Marl P. Nessel BA RTF 245 Ellen L. Newberg BA Art Concentration An C. Nguyen BBA Accounting Dlep N. Nguyen BBA AccountIng Denlse P. Nichols BSW Social Work Eric L. Nilsen BA RTF Charlene R. Nolan BS Comm. Health Ed. Robert G. Nolfi BBA Marketing Sonia G. Gates BA Psychology 246 i ' Joan-Anne O ' Brien I BA Psychology Peter C.O ' Byrne BBA Accting Law James C. O ' Connor BA RTF Maria O. Ogar BA Sociology Margaret K. O ' Reilly BBA Accounting 247 Christine Parkinson BS Education 248 Sheila C. Pastorius BBA Accounting Arthur Patalowski BA Blology Debra Patterson BS Dlstributive Ed. David J. Peltzman BS Connputer Science Yvonne C. Pierce BA RTF Richard S. Pieri BBA Accounting Edward J. Pisarcik Jr. BBA Actuorial Science Cathy L. Pieskunas BBA lnsurance and Risk 250 Carole E. Porter BA Biology Kim Price-Wen BA RTF Susan F. Priole BA CIS Gudrun B. Pugh BS Education Patricia L. Pyott-Gale BA Journalism Jane K. Raphaelson BBA AccountIng Ida C. Ranleri BSW Childcare Donna K. Rankin BA Theater Navarat Ratanakanaka BS Architecture I 251 Jamie D. Raublogel BA Speech Comm. Patrick D. Raymond BS Civil Engineering Sliaron A. Raynor BBA Acct. Finance Robert R. Regan BBA Marketing 1 Angela P. Reynolds BBA Marketing Teresa M. Ricci BA Art Susan L. Richer BA Psychology Mark T. Richter BA History 252 Floree Ricketts Donna L. Riddick BS Early Childhood Lorraine C. Rivera BA CIS Celita M. Rivera-Wilson BS Health Rec. Admin. Jennifer L. Robbins BA Political Science Leroy W. Roberts BA Productlon Barbara J. Robertson BS Admin. Justice Celeste T. Robinson BA Journalism 253 Jodie L. Robinson BS Tlierapeutic Rec. Gloria L. Robinson BS Education Glenn F. Roedel BA Man Bawdy L. Rolfe BBA Marketing Stephanie J. Rosenbaum BS Physical Ed. Rob 254 -jT miMi.- Robert M. Rosenthal BBA Acct. lnsur. and Risk David R. Rousseau BA Poiiticai Science Sheila C. Royal BA Criminai Justice Edwin S. Rulsei BA RTF Esther Rubin-Revsin BS Education Lisa J. Rudnick BA Voice Performance Michael P. Rudock BA CIS Hayes S. Russock BA RTF 255 I Amber R. Salzman BA CIS Charles F. Sanders Jr. BS Electrical Engr. Gail R. Santoro BA RTF George Sarklsas BS EET Kevin D. Satterthwalte BA CIS John S. Saulino BBA Marketing Roxanne M. Scallatino BSW Childcare Salvatore J. Sceisi BBA Accounting 256 James G. Schaal BBA IROB Steven J. Schaefer BBA Marketing Ann T. Scharf BA Chemistry Donna A. Schmid BSW Childcare i Colleen R. Schmidt BA Mathematics Michelle C. Schmidt BS Education Gary A. Schmitt BA RTF David W. Schneck BS Health Rec. Admin. n til • Jjl Edward J. Schoenleber BS Civil Engineering Alan W. Schwartz BBA Accounting Lily G. Schwartz BA Religion Scott J. Schwartz BA RTF Thomas E. Schweitzer BA RTF Theresa J. Schweizer BS Health Rec. Admin. Helen Scott BSW Social Welfare Wendy P. Scott BA RTF Comm. Andrew J. Seger BS ElectrJcal Engr. Richard H. Seideman BS BJomedical Engr. Bruce M. Seres BA CIS Susan D. Setzer BS Early Childhood Debra I. Shambaugh BBA Marl eting Marcle R. Shapiro BS Early Childhood Sonia Shaw BBA Accounting Robert F. Shedinger BS Civil Engineering Thomas C. Sheetz BA Criminal Justice 259 I I Toby Sherin BSW Social Welfare Mark S. Sherman BBA Accounting Thomas J. Shiels Jr. BS Civil Engineering Gary J. Shoblock BA RTF Judith M. Shuster BA Political Science Debbie S. Siegal BS Education AlanG. Sigman BA CIS Michael Sigman BA RTF 260 i t I i i Rose Marie K. Siravo BBA Accounting -NO HllIING OR -NO PROFANID ' VATCH YOURr VIOWTDRS WILL IG WIJH Joyce P. Smith BS Social Admin. Leatrice C. Smith BA Poiitical Science Robbin M. Smith BA Music Ed. Ruth S. Smith BA English wm m m m K Stephanie A. Smith BS Physical Therapy Theresa T. Smith BA Communications Una C. Smith BSW Social Welfare Bradley Z. Snyder BA English 262 Cynthia A. Soloman BA Business Ed. Louis J. Spadafora BA Computer Science Carl L. Spadaro BS Environmental Tech. Macqueline Sparkman BA IROB Gloria Stanton BA Psychology Marianna E. Stark BA Psychology Barbara A. Starr BA Criminal Justice Lillian E. Stefanek BS Exercise Science 263 Theresa Stefkovic BS Therapeutic Rec. Judy L. Steiner BA Management Alan J. Stern BSW Social Welfare Eric L. Stern BA Psychology Maria A. Stevens BA RTF Wanda L. Stewart BA Psychology Josie Strom BA Crlminal Justice Joni D. Stutman BA CIS Robert F. Suermann BBA Accounting 264 Cheryl A. Toll BA Business Law Gregory L. Tomaino BBA Marketing Ellen J. Toomey BA Criminal Justice Robert A. Trauffer BBA Accounting 266 Alex Tulchinsky BA Computer Science Abdulia M. Twereet BA Economics Lauren D. Ukkerd BA Criminal Justice i Henry W. Urban BBA Marketing Curt E. Utz BA Computer Science Daniel J. Vaitis BBA CIS Deborah Vanore BA Theater Annie Varjabedian BS Exercise Physiology Alice R. Veeney BSW Social Welfare 267 (■ I Gary M. Villante BS Civil Engineering Kristine D. Vizzi BS Occup. Therapy Christopher J. Volker BA Advertising Terry A. Wade BA Journalism Donna M. Walker BBA Marketing Janice E. Walker BSW Social Welfare Deborah L. Warner BA Journalism Henry Weaver Jr. BBA IROB 268 Jeffrey W. Weaver BA Criminal Justice Cathy L. Weinstein BBA Marketing Alison J. Weir BBA Law Deborah A. Weiss BBA Accounting Leon H. Weissman BBA IROB Law Mark S. Weitzel BA Math Sue Weksel BA Com. and Info. Sci. Phyllis Y. Welborn BS Therapeutic Rec. 269 Lisa A. Welsch BA RTF Rhonda Welton-Crommarty BSW Childcare Deborah Werbitzky BA CIS Robin J. Werner BBA Marketing 270 t Judie R. Wolfe BBA Accounting 271 i Cecil Wong BA Biology Kathy A. Wyszynski BA Political Science Thomas S. Wong BBA Accounting Geraldine G. Woodall BS Child Development Ida M. Wooden BA Criminal Justice Gail M. Yazersky BA Urban Studies 272 Paul A. Young BA RTF Terence Young BS Therapeutic Rec. Steven J. Yourl Richard J. Zambito BS EET Martha M. Zawadowylz BA Biochemistry Mark J. Zedar BA Chemistry Nadine P. Zeller BBA Marketing Lee B. Zeplowitz BBA Accounting 273 CLASS OF 1982 o u UJ 5 O z UJ " Ai;.,, a. DCiety of C i vil MOtm Kti-M, - ABBOMZIO, CHARLES J. Philj PA _ ar„BjilniinlunMandgfr, V Pres Lnminal (uslice Assot . ' ■Temple Univ Police Cadet S raiii yi M| ■■L- ABRAHAM, VICTOR E RioPiediJS. PR l ' ;Ljnil. |jPhi BA Biolog ACHUCBU,VICTQJUA Enugu 1£D.E.:.. ADAMS, DENISE Phild PA P ' ' ' • ' ,ni1 Survivors American Society of Civil f ' riiv Engmeemg A«i Bs --ing ADAMSKY, RICHARD A. Du iesiov n Pa BA RTF ADKINS,LYNNE DresbtT PA Nev Rh|.. iritT , v S!,,r W m.-r WRFT Mpha lambda nelid BA RTF ' ADLER, ANDREA K. Phita PA imm mm f - BS Elemenlarv Fi j AHN,BYUNGM. Fikin-Pd-. BRA Ai. .. , AIGARDJOHNH. Coatpsv ' ilte PA " B BA Theaier ALIDJANI, HOSSEIN Upper UarPy. PA Bs Ci il En ineenn) AMOROSI, VINCENT G. C nside, PA BSMET ANDERSON, BARBARA L " -.ia PA ; A Chemistr ANDERSON, SHARON S. Willow Grove PA BS Therapeutic Rt--C. ANCIBEAU, HERVE I. Phila PA Program Coord Minority Engineering Mudeni Assoc Intramural Soccer Civil Engineering ST, PAMELA S. Lawren. cviIIh m College ' • .un, I Km,) E O P Club BS.-Healihk,., ,.r.|. Admin ANIESS, KEVIN VVarmr im- ;■ ■■ MBA C IS Husi-iHss dmin APPLE, JANE E. LansdalH 1 ' ■ Urban siuiii.- ,if,r , Assoc , tcononucs Club BA ECMCMnu. s ARCH, KAREN B. Phila.. P- Stude- ■ ' " :•■■ . II ir Criminal justice BS Ea- , ' tiiMhr„,cj ElemlarvEd ARMSTRONG, JOHN M. Hislorv Mtljurs Assoc Pres BA ' Hislorv ASHIN, MARK A. Vineldnii M Kara ' - ' ijii MarchingBand BS, i.- ' Ffi ASPINALL, MARY L. Phila. PA BA ' Malhematics ASROFF, SCOTT W. Phila PA V Pres Psi Chi, Psychology National Honor Society. Deans List. Psychology Majors Assoc BA Psvchology AURELIO, MATTHEW Drexel HiO PA BBA Management AUSTIN, ANDREA E. Phila PA BA Criminal Justice AVERETT, DAVID J. Churchville, PA Temple News BA Piililicai Science AVERETT, RICHARD S. Churchville PA BA law + Business AVILES, AMPARO Phila . PA BS Elementary Ed - B ml Sei BADAME, ANGELA E. Phila , PA Assoc of Temple Divers. Italian Club BBA .Accounting BADER, DEBRA M. Nornstown. PA BSVV. Social Welfare BAGA,JULIEA. Phila., PA Deans List. Tutorial Society BA Anthropology BAILEY, HEOBERT Phila, PA BSW Social Work BAKER, KATHERINE E. Phila , PA BS Childcare |BANECKER, DAVID H. Upper Darby, PA BBA Accounting CIS BANES, MARYBETH Mapleglen PA BA Hislorv BANKS, SHOURRONNE Phila PA ' " BSV Sni l,.ll WclL.irf ___ BANKS, STEVEN D. ,L Mcaduw, , " i t Marching Band, Collegiate Sand, Food Committee, Intramural Basketball BBA Marketing BARBER, KATHLEEN M. f relanri, PA BBA Accounting BARBON, DENISE L. V ,irrinul(in PA Bh- ■ " BH :.lg BARCLAY, SHARi Springlield PA Marching Band. WRTI. Colle] B.A lournalism BAREN, JUDITH F. lenkinlovvn. PA 8A.RTF BARRETT, DOROTHY M. BalaCvnvvvd PA Tugres. Lindergrad FLcjnors Program BA Ceographv BARRON, lAMESE. PA i ' ■ indBand. Band C ciinniiiiee. Inlra-mural F..,„i„j„ ,„,,Kev BBA.CiS BARROW, AUDREY G. B.il.it vnwyiJ PA Nalmnal Speec h. Ljngu.ige + Heari BA Speec h BARRY, ALYCE Phila . PA Summa Cum Laude BA, Philosophy BASILE, ASSUNTA Phila PA Treasurer + V Pres Italian Club BA. Criminal lustice BASKIN, RUBY J. Phila . P BSW Social VVork BASS, THERESA Phila . PA National Assoc of Black Accrjuntants BBA Accounting BATE, ALLISON D. Phila PA NtED .Music Ed BATTIS, SONJA L. Phila , PA Alpha Kappa Alpha BS Therapeutic Rec BAYER, RUDOLPH J. Warminster, PA American Marketing Assoc BBA. ' Economics. Marketing BEBIAN, JANET M. Phila PA BS Early Childhood BECKER, MARI F. N Wales. PA FHillel, Ski Club Intramural Baskel ball + Vollev ball. Co- chairperson ol Allied Health Studem Council BS Physical Therapv BECKETT, ELIZABETH Phila . PA Chairperson of Graduating CommitS BSW Social Welfare BEGLEY, FRANCIS P. feasierville, PA Pre-LawSociety. Rowing Team, sA,M, AC ' Grievence Committee, Treasurer s8A Collegi- ( oug BBA, CIS Management BELL, DARYL W. ' Phila , PA Assoc of Black lournalists, Temple News Assistant Sports Editor, Society of Professional lournalists BA lournalism BENSON, SANDRA J. Nornstown, PA BBA Mgt Org Mgt BERK, DOLORES W. Phila PA BA Criminal lustice " BIEHL,MARKJ. Broomall, PA Office Television Services BA-RTF BIRENBAUM, RANDI G. Phila PA BA Biology BLACK, ANDREA E. -Mplro?eT»ark, PA— .- BE A Jewelry BLAIR, STANLEY P. Phila , PA BA Biology BLAKER, KELLEY A. lansddlf. P Student Governmeni Representative BBA , Marketing BLEILER, ELLEN ROSE Eleelwoixl PA Temple Diamcjnd Marching Ba! BS Bioineflic al Eng BLUESTEIN, JOYCE M. Phtid PA BS Kec r dtional Therjpy BOBBINS, BRUCE S. Prdbn, | Cheerlfader, Tempit- f ' u BA. Brt.jddcdst |ou n,lll nl BODOFF, WENDY ]. Phila , P,A Bus Admin College i uni ' i Computing MachintTv Assoc BBA CIS BODTMANN, MARIA Wo.iil-Ridge, N| BA .M.ilhematlcs BOMBERGER, ANN L. Pollsiovvn, PA Beta Camma Sigma. SBA Ccjilege Delta O D E , Manager, Womens BBA CIS Economics BONACCORSO, MARIA Phila PA BBA Marketing BONECK, DIANE M. Nornstown, PA BSW Social Work BONINFANTE, LENORA A. Phila PA WRTI BARTF BOWDEN, JOANNE L. Phila PA BA RTF 275 f WFI. PATRICIA M. vi Club, Psychology Major ' b. ' " fycnoiogy BOYD, BRIAN S. Phiid , PA ODE., Economic Honor Society BBA CIS Economics BREEN, ANNE V. Phila., PA 5panish.Club, LoyaliMs Club. Ne Spanish Honor Society BBA Business Law BREITHAUPT, 8ARBARAANNE T Phila , PA BA ' Spe ' irK -Piirhology BRETTt, MARIO Ambier, P BBA Markcting BRIAN, SCOTT Phila , PA BBA Marketing - BRIGHT, JESSICA E. Phila., PA raRo jOHN W. PhitafPA Phi Beta Sigma •% BA Political Science BRISTOL, STEj kNI A. Phila,, PA fi t Alpha Lambda LDwa BSW Childc§| BRITL TERRENCE P. Phila, gH ' BBA Accounting BROCKMAN, BARNEY P. Phila.. PA BA Criminal justice BROOKSHAW, TERESA A Fairless Hills, PA Manager Womens Basketball, V. Field Hockey, V Softball BS Elemtary Ed. BROSAN,DEBRAB. Phila , PA BS Elementary Ed BROWN, KAREN E. Phila , PA BSW Social Welfare ROWN, KYLE R. Phila,, PA V Pres National Assoc. Black Accountants, Sociel .■Advancement ot Management BBA. Accounting BROWN; I EE D. Phila , PA BS Affihitecture BROWN, SANDRA M. Phila., PA Temple News Writer, Assoc Black loOITialists, Pres Women in Communications, Inc. BA lournalism BROWNE, DeWITT Phila., PA BS Social Administration BROWNE, WILHELMINA Phila., PA lA Real Estate Law RUNNER, KURT Wf plen Riddle, PA BA Finance BRYANT, PHILLIP E Phila., PA BSW Social Work BUCHLER, SCOTT R. Mapleshade, N| BS ' Civil Engineering BUCKLEY, BETTY). Dovlf ' . ' own, PA BBA- ' IROB BURDEN, KAREN F. Phila, P Beta Alpha Psi, Gamma lota Sigma SBA Acct- ' Insur. + Risk BURKE, MARGARET M. Harlcysville,, P, BA. ' IROB BURNETT, PATRICIA M. Phila., PA 276 jr BS Childcare BURNS, RALPH T. Phila., PA Pres, DE.C.A.D.E. Lab Supervisor BS Distnbu« | , BURWASSER, DANIEL A. Phila PA BS Music Ed BUTLER, MAYELLAC. Phila P Temple Local 1723 BS Childcare F ' MJilll ■I CARPI HPI ntl c — Ha BA C JWi BA i CADDEN, WILLIAM D Doyieslown, PA IBM Program Coop 8S - ' Computer Inlo CAMPBELL, BILLI J Phila, PA MA, ' ' Rec, Therapy CANCELUERE, MICflSElA Phila, PA BA. ' CriminaHiisiice CARPEY, ELAINE D. _,lon Valley, PA lonors Program, Alpha Lambda Delta Anthropology CARR, EDWARD J. Havertown, PA BA journalism CARROLL, JOAN M. illow Grove, PA BA RTF • ? q RROZ yNINA ' Itementarylp, ARRVTHERlTRICHMi Hartford, CT BA RTF CATHEY, PRISCILLA M. Phila , PA , BSW Social Admin, CELONA, GEORGE A. Phila P Tempip News BA Political Science CHAMBERS, ROBERT C. Springfield, PA Alpha Lambda Delta Natii l Honor Tlieater, London Abroad P ram BA RTF • CHAVOUS, BARBARA J. Jamison P,A Student Union BSW ' boiial Admin CHESTER, SHARON ■phila , PA College Coun Exafc Committee, I E Chairman CHMSOIAFCA, GERALD A. Lafayette Hill PA Air Forte Ri )TC Industrial Arts Club BS Industrial Arts i CHISARICK, JUDITH A. Phila,, PA Swim Team Capt , ,Mpha Lanibda Delta, Ai Cornputing Machinery B Computer Science CHISHOLM, THOMAS J. Phila,, PA BA ' Police.Science CHRIsflAN, HORACE D. Wexford, PA Upper Darby, PA Temple News BA )oumalism CITRON, JODIB. Ardmore, PA BA Sociology CLARKE, MATTIEB. Phila,, PA BBA Marketing COANE,LISA Phila, PA Sr. Student Rep,, Co-chairman Public Relations C BA Criminal justice COHEN, LORNA A. Phila,, PA BA Political Science COHEN, DEBRAS. Haverford, PA BS Music Theory COHEN, ROBERT H. Phila, PA Ski Club, Karate, Ice Hockey. Psychology Ma|ors| BA Psychology COHEN, SUZYL Phila , PA BA Criminal justice COLL, THOMAS Phila., PA IEEE. 8S Biomedical Engr COLLETTl, NANCY A. PhJSKPA " pleading, LlniversityT . riminal justice COLUER, GLORIA G. Phila., PA Black Student Union, Ambler Christian Fell? BA Criminal justice COLLINS, CAROL C. Phila,, PA - Jj Sotial Welfare CONNOLLY, JOHN G. Phila , PA BBA .Accounting CONNOLLY, WILLIAM B. Chalfont.PA BS Electrical Engr CONRAN, EILEEN P. Phila., PA Lacrosse, Badminton BS PhysicalEd. COOPER, EILEENLD, Phila, «f - BA Sociobgy j " KCOOPER, SHE .E B. Phila, PA I BBA Bus Manag. lRfc)B COPELAND, THERESA B Elkins Park, PA BBA Accounting CORCORAN, BERNADETTE Phila , PA BA journalism » CORNISH, JOAN B. - Melrose Park, PA - . lA Latin + Greek Classical Cul. HARD F. Pol. SfcT ajors Assoc, Pre-law Soc , Pol. BA Political Science «.»i:;OURTNEY, VERONICA Phila., PA BA Psychology CRAFT, LINDA Phila., PA i BS Music Ed- » CRAWFORD, SHARON S. Phila., PA Honors Rep., Temple Extern, Amer. .Assoc. T atfSS ' German, German Workshop BA English CRONIN, JAMES M. Roslyn, PA BA Thealer CRUICE, PATRICIA A. Phila., PA Manager Mens Cross Coi BA Psychology CRUZ, MIRIAM L. Phila,. PA BSW Social Welfare CURCILLO, JOSEPH A. Phila., PA Pres. P.S.L.S.. A.S.C E. BS Civil Engr. CUSKLEY, TERRENCE E. Morrisville. BA BA Economics CZERPAK, MICHAEL C. D ' " ■ ' l ' H. Phila . PA EOP Club. Class Sec + Treas. BS Health Rec Admin. I D Ml?l W DANCZAK, NANCY B. Phild . PA Media Club, PA Production Office B RTF D ' ANCIOLINI, VALERIE M. B ' RTF DAILY, ADRIANNE M. Phila., PA BA RTF DANISH, ANDREW R. Phila.PA BF A Graphic Design DAUPHIN, PAUL T. Clitlon Heights, PA BS Therapeutic Rec DAVIS, CORA S. Phila., PA Alpha Delta Mu BSW -Social Work DAVIS, SHEREE ). Fairless Hills, PA V Basketball, V. Softball BS Physical Ed. DECESARE, DAWN Mt, Laurel, NJ ACM BA CIS DELEON, JAIME H. Phila , PA BA Computer Science DEUSSER,LAWTi Willingboro, N| Undergrad Coun of LA, College Bowl, Campus Crusade for Christ, Chemistry Society. Student Advisor BA Blology DEMANSKY, PAULA M. 1 ft Allentown, PA PRSSA, SP| BA Journalism DEMAY, MICHAEL D. Bethel Park, PA Res Asst. BA RTF DENARO, PAULA Phila.PA Co-chairman Social Committee, )DS BA ' TV Performance DENBY, MARIAN M. Phila., PA BSW . ' Social Welfare DESSIN, PEGGY T. Phila., PA BS Elemenlary ED. DIA, CLAUDETTE L. Phila., PA BA PAS DIAMOND, STEVEN E. Phila . PA Treas Biology Soc., Diving Club, Biology Tutoring Soc BA, ' Biology DICKSTEIN, ANDREA E. Huntington Valley, PA Alpha Lambda Delta, Deans List, Hillel, Medium, Freshmen Honor Soc. BA Psychology DIDZEARKIS,JEANM. upper Darby, PA BBA, ' Marketing DiCROCE. RICHARD M. Phila., PA Intramural Hockey, Deans List, Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Soc, BA. ' Mathematics DILIIHAY, VIVIAN K. Phila , PA BS I.R-OB. DILLON, MARK A. Phila., PA Templar Bus Manager. RSS BBA ' .Accounting DOBBINS, THOMAS W. Phila., PA Pres Stat Club, Student Ombudsman for Stat Dept,, Mu Budget Review Comm - Sigma Rho National Stat Honor Soc BBA Statistics DODSON, JACQUELINE Phila, PA BA Criminal Justice DOHANYOSI, EVA C. Phila , PA BS ' Rec Therapy DOHERTY, PHILOMENE M. Phila.PA Assc. Computing Machinery Sec. Bus. Admin College Council BBA Computer + Info. Sci DOLIN, ERIC J. Ply, Mts., PA BBA CIS ' Bus Mgmt. DOMBROSKI, EDWARD P Stanford, CT Equestnan Team, WRFT Staff, Collegiate Ban f. Dorm Sports Rep. BA.RTF DOMSKY,MARKF. ElkinsPark, PA Biology Soc, Hillel, Alpha Chi Rho, Concert Committee BA. ' Biology DONOVAN, CAROL A. Phila.PA BA Thealre DORtZIO, VICTOR A. Phila., PA BS. ' English Comm DOUGLAS, ELIZABETH A. Norristown, PA Advertising Club BA Advertising DOVBERG, JOAN E. Phila., PA BS Elenientary Ed. DRAUS,JOHNF. Pgh., PA Office of TV Services BA RTF DROBONIKU, KATHLEEN A Phila., PA Intramural Sports BBA CIS DRUM, DENISE L. Williamsport. P.A Senate Rep, on Dorm Floor BS Physical Therapy DUBNER, ANDREA Cherry Hill, NJ BS Elementary Ed. DUDLEY, APRIL Norristown, P.A Resident .Assistant BBA I ROB. DUFFNER, JOHN F. Phila . PA FootlMll, Track BA Geotogy DUFFY, LAWRENCE J. Cliffside Park, N| Football. Track BA Ceology DUNHAM, JOYCE A. Phila , PA BA. ' lournalism DUPONT, YVES R. Phila., PA BA CIS DYAS, MARTIN L. Greenville, PA BS Civil Engr EBERLE, JILL E. Leechburg, PA Student Athletic Trainer BS Comm. Health Ed ECKERT, KAREN Phila, PA Gamma lota Sigma Insur. + Risk Soc BBA lnsur. + Risk EDMONDS, ROY G. Phila.. PA SAM, SPA BBA Management EDWARDS, JOANNE Phila.. PA TR.L.S Assoc, EM S BS Recreation EGITTO, MARIE A. Phila., PA BA RTF ELSEN, GWEN C. Phila, PA m % BS Early Childhood Ed ' f ELEFANT, KAREN J. Phila . PA V Tennis Team BA. Computer + Info Sci ELIAS, SCOTT J. Melrose Park. PA Beta Alpha Psi, National Acct. Honor Soc , Bus dmin College Council, T R IS ENCARNACION, LUZ T. Phila.. PA MS Science ENGEL, BETH J. Phila . PA BA ' English ENRIGHT, HELEN M. Ambler, PA BBA Management ENSM1NGER,DAVIDA. Timonium, MD V.Pres Alpha Chi Rho BBA IROB EPPINGER, ROBERT J. Phila.PA BA Biology FAGAN, EVERALD L. Phila , PA West Indian Club. Basketball. Caribean .Alliance Club BBA.Bus Mngf FALKENSTEIN, ROBERT Upper Derby. PA Temple News Photographer. University Singers BA.-RTF FARBER, GARRY N. Phila , PA f sketball. .Amer Mklg .Assoc BB.A . ' Marketing FAY, BRUCE G. Wilmington, DE SCAT Student Council, Soc for Creative Anachronism BA Theater FEASTER, STEFAN T. Phila.PA ' !«»«»• BS Early Childhood Ed WBf jL FECHTER, KAREN E. W JM Willow Grove, PA field Hockey, Lacrosse, V. Pres Alpha Theta AlpF BBA Marketing FECK, STEPHANIE Phila.PA BA Thealre FEINBERG, STEVEN C. Phila.PA Advertising Oab A(jveriising Workshop. Temple News Advertising BA Advertising FELDMAN, ROBIN S. Phild . PA Outing Club. V Pres Bityi ling Club B A English FELICIONI, DAVID W. Phila . PA B.A Politie al Science HELDS, PHYLLIS L. Phila . PA NSWA. Student Phila PA BSW Social Welfare HKES, VICTORIA Phila., PA BSW Social Welfare FIOCCO, JUDITH M. Phila.. PA BSW Social Welfare HNNEY, JOYCE B. Phila.. PA BSW Social Welfare 277 FIRTH, SARA A. Conshohocken, PA BA Psychology FISHER, JAMES W. Phila , PA BBA Accounling FISHER, SUSAN E. Wallingford, PA BA Theater FITZGERALD, JAMES J. Horsham, PA SCAT Student Council, Student Senate, WRTI, Temple News, Inlermural Sports, Newman Center Pres. BA RTF FITZGERALD, LOIS M. Warrington, PA Track, Crew. Wharton Crew Club, Pol, Sci Honors Fart. BA Politica! Science FITZPATRICK, KEVIN F. Phila ,PA Intramural Basketball, Hockey, Volleyball, Marketing Club. Pres Biking Club BBA Marketing FLACCO, MICHAEL A. Phila , PA BA Psychology FOCHT, CLARK E. York, PA College Bowl, WRTI, Campus Crusade for Christ, Tri- Dorm Christian Fellowship BA RTF FOLK, LYNDA M. Roslyn, PA Marching Band BA RTF FORD, MICHAEL A. Havertown, PA ' BA Computer + Info Sci. FOX, RUTH J. Elkins Park, PA Treas French Connection BA Hislory FOYIL, DORIAN B. Phila , PA Beta Alpha Psi BBA Acct CIS FRANCHETTI, JOSEPH G. Cherry Hill, N| BA Economics FRANCIS, ELAINE G. Phila , PA MS Special Ed FRANKLIN, MARCIA L. Havertown, P,A Biology Soc, Pep Band, Manager Marching Band BA Biology FRANTZ, SUSAN E. Lehighton, PA Occupational Therapy Club, Sec. |r Class BS Occupational Therapy FRAZIER, CAREN A. Phila , PA BA Sociolcjgy FREY, LAURIE S. Abilene. KS BA Wotnens Studies FRUMAN, SHEILA D. Phila , PA Amer Mktg. Assoc BBA Marketing FUOCO, MICHAEL V. lackson Hts , NY Football, Beta Alpha Psi BBA Accounting FURMAN, SUSAN H. Auduson, PA BA RTF CABLE, LINDA L. Phila , PA BS Elementary ED GAGUARDI, CARMINA A. Holland, PA Sigrna Alpha Iota, Delta Mu Chapter Pres Temple Orchestra BS Violin Performance GAINES, CALVIN J. Phila , PA Reporter, Writer, Evening News GAJEWSKI, RICHARD A. Phila , PA Outing Club, Chess Club, Psychok gy Majors Assn 7 re PRSSA, Temple News BA journalism GALE, SHELLY L. Phila , PA National Assn of Black Act mis BA Law + Business GALLAGHER, ROBERT J. Phila , PA B5 Physical ED GALLAGHER, MICHAEL A. Phila , PA Alpha Chi Rho BA Architecture GARBER, LORRIE Huntington Valley, PA Editor in Chiel Templar, Yearbook Pho Publications Board BBA Management GARDEN, RICHARD B. Baltimore, MD Biology Soc , Lab Instructor BA Biology GARFIELD, ROBERTS. Haddonfield, Nl AM.A. BBA Marketing GARVIN, BRIGITTE A. Phila . PA Chairperson of SRAP Steering Committee BA journalism GASTON, DECOPELAND O. Phila, PA V Pres. RSS, BASICS BA RTF GAUSE, DEBORAH L. Phila., PA BS Early Childhood Ed CAYTEN, SANCHIA M. Sharon Hill, PA MESA BS Electrical Engr. GEARY, STEVEN D. Phila., PA BA Criminal lustice GEIST, KARYN Bensalem, PA Arts Editor, Reporter Temple News B,A |ournalism GELFIN, LINDA E. Phila , PA Pres Geography Majors .Assc , BA Ceography GENNETT, JOSEPH A. Phila , PA BBA Economics GEORGE, JACQUELINE S. St Thomas, U.I. Que Essence Club, Dorm Senator, Dorm Programming Board, Amer Soc. for Personnel .Admin BBA IROB GERBER,JEFFRYN. Warrington, PA Treas. Chemistry Soc. BA Chemislry GERRITY, MARYLOU M. Scanton, PA Intramurals, Deans List, Resident Assistant BSW Social Welfare BS Therapeutic Rec GERSTENFELD, ALICIA Atlantic City, NJ Temple Orchestra, SAI Delta Mu Chaplin BS Music Ed. Cello Perfor. GESSESSE, TEDLA Phila., PA Soccer BBA Statistics Com. Sci, GESTEN, LESLIE E. Phila, PA Deans List BE A Painting GIANNASCOLI, CYNTHIA A. Dresher, PA BBA Marketing GIBBONI, MARIA E. Ambler, PA BA Theater GIDLEWSKI, MARYANN W. Lafayette Hill, PA Psi Chi, Psychology Majors B A Psychology GILETTO,BASILP. Phila., PA V. Fencing BA Music GILLIARD, RAYMOND L. Upper Darby, PA BBA CIS GIOROANO, PAUL G. Phila, PA Beta Alpha Psi BBA Accounting GITTER, MARCIA E. Bensalem, PA BSW Social Work GIVSINI, VINCENT J. Phila., PA Intramurals BA Psychology GLASHOFER, MITCHELL B. Phila., PA BBA Accounting GLASS, JENNIFER R. Stratford, CT Third World Assoc , Tri-Dorm Senate, RSS, Que Essence Club, Aux , Omega Psi Phi BA Criminal lustice GLEASON, DEBORAH A. Phila., PA BA Criminal lustice GLENN, DENISE A. Phila,, PA V. Basketball, Student Senator BS PhysicalEd, COCKING, MARLON V. Phila., PA Track + Field BA Psych. + PAS GOLD, FRED E. Cinnaminson, N| BBA Accounting GOLD, IRIS Forest Hills, NY B A English GOLDE, PHYLLIS J. Phila,, PA Graduation Committee BSW Social Work GOLDHIRSH, MARTHA J. lenkintown, PA BA |ournalism GOLDINER, LONNIE S. Phila., PA Student Energy Club, Amer. Soc, of Civil Engr BS EET GOLDSBY, JEWEL M. Phila., PA B5W Social Work GOLDSTEIN, JEFFS. Phila , PA BA Criminal lustice GOMAN, DEBBIE Phila., PA Beta Alpha Psi, Acct Honor Frat. BBA Accounting GONZALEZ, JAVIER Phila,, PA Cheerleading, Tri-Dorm Senate BBA Management GOOD, DON M. Elizabethtown, PA BA RTF GOODMAN, CORA L. Phila, PA BA Biology GOODMAN, SHARON L. Phila, PA ROTC, Cadet Public Info Officer, Cap. ROTC Color Guards BA lournalism GOODSTEIN, LISA J. Great Neck, NY BA Art History GORDON, DAVID A. Phila, PA Alpha Lambda Delta, Beta Alpha Psi BBA Accounting f CKOSxk ? Ir! 278 ■ si; COSS,VERAl PhiU.PA, BSInduslridlEd RABER, JEFFREY C. Broomdll P Bov li()g Club. Neta Alpha Psi, Bowling Intramurals. Alpha EisilohPi . . BB ' Actounyng GRAHAM, CAROLE ). ■Phila P- RS Elementary E«j GRAHAM, Rl BERT G. H.nerlown.P mer Mklg AisOc. Amer- Soc o( Personnel Admin. BBA ' IROB Mifl GRANIERr, CARtiNE M, „ .Sensalem P- jj» " Temple Newi Ptioiographer W? s f BA RTF ■ " ■ ' - GRAVES, VANESSA L Phila , PA BA Criminal lustice - CRAY, MAUREEN A. Ptiila. PA BS Music ED GREEN, ANAIINETTE Phila.. PA Ethnic Minority bo 8S- ' Therapeutic Rec CREENIG, GEORGE B. V arminster PA BA-RTF CROHOTOLSKY, DEBRA L, Palmerton, PA BBA.Marketing GROSS, KEVIN E. Baden, PA Amer. ScK. of Civil Engr.. Pres. V Wrestling BS Civil Engr GROTHMANN, MARK L. Broomall, PA AiNetic Trainer BS.-Physical Ed. CUIOO,ANNAE. Phtia , PA BA Criminal (ustice GUTIERREZ, EUZABETH S. Phila. PA IEEE BS Biomed Engr H HAAS, DIANE R. Boyert j, n.PA Alpha Beta Psi Freshman InterdtsdpBnarv Studies BBA.- ' Acct .- ' Rnance HAOS, lOANN Phila, PA ACM, Math Soc BA. ' Contiputer + Info Sci HAWSI,KATHYA. Phila., PA BA •Criminal (ustice HAIGH, MARYELLEN A. Phila , PA BSW. ' Chldcare HALEY,JIUA. Qarence, NY BA Music HAIL,LESUEA. Phila., PA Alpha Kappa Alpha, Tentiple News, SP|. PRSS, WIC BA. ' kxJffialism HALPERN,PAULH. Phila, PA Trse. Physics Soc , Math Qub, Honofs Soc. Asst , Editor Honors An ifier BA. ' Physics Math HAMPTON, ZINAC. Phila-. PA BSW Social Welfare HARE, WILLIS G. Phila,, PA BSW ' Social Weitare WARPER, PAMEUD. Phila., PA HARRIS, CRYSTAL N. Ethnic MRbnly Soc. NRP As. BS. ' TherapeuticRec. HARRIS, MITCHELL |. Phila., PA ROTC MESA, Z8T Frat BS EET HART, BETSY L. Phila . P BA. ' Pan African Studies HARVEY,EARLD. Phila , PA BA RTF HARVEY, SHARON N. Phila., PA BA PsychgtogY HASHEMI, HOMAYOUN A Lafayette Hill, PA Biology Soc BA ' Biology Pre-med HASSETT,DIANNE Phila , PA BA Criminal Justice HAUCCSUSAN Phila, PA BA Comm + Theory HAUSER, DEBRA A. Phila,, PA BA Politital Sci HAUSER, RUTH |r Huntington Valley PAi Student Advisor Ombudsman. BA Ceography HAWKINS, PATRICIA Phila., PA BSW Social Welfare HAWKINS, TRACY L Oltsville, PA Pres. History Majors Assoc. BA History HAYNES,JOHNM. Phila., PA IEEE, Who ' s Who 1982 8S £lectrical Engr. HEER, THOMAS P. Plfd. Nl Newman Center, Psych Major BA Psychology HEHCHRISTOPWRD Phila , PA BAAC, SBA College COUCouncil, Pre Risk Soc , Rss, Board of Trustees. Templar, Beta Gamma Sigma, Beta Alpha Psi. Gamma tola Sigma, Coun. Student Leaders BBA Acct hisur. tRisk HELLER, DENISEE. Richboro, M B8A Markeling HELM, DEBORAH A Glenside, PA BA CIS HEPP,|OHNH. Cynwyd. PA History Majors Assoc., UClA, Pol. Sci Majors Assoc. BA History Pol. Sci. HERR, DEBORAHS. C M.C.H , N| AS Landscape Design HERRMANN, PAUL E. Hartsville, PA BBA Markeling HESSION,|AMESC. Phila., PA BA RTF HEWSTON, MARY A. Phila., PA lnsur+ Risk Soc, ASPA BBA lnsur. + Risk HLOBIK,|ARMILAH. Phila . PA Marketing Club, Sec. BBA Marketing HODELKA, RICHARD J. Quakertown. PA . BBA Management HODGDON, LAURIE Boolhbay Harbor, ME BS Early ChiUhood i HOFFMAN, TANYA R. Phila , PA BA Criminal justice HOGAN, THERESA C. Phila . PA BA Art HOLLENBACK, JANICE M. Upper Darby, PA Bowling BA Speech HOLLEY, BRENDA A. Phila , PA BSW SocialWork HOLUDAY, VANESSA t Norristown, PA BS Natural Science HOLOWCZAK, MARKO S. Phila , PA Intramural Soccer, Ukranirian Club, Chemistry Club, Cap of Zajonzhians BA Bio-chemislry HOLTERMAN, GLENDA D. Phila,, PA ;cbtMajors Assoc , Pres., Psi Chi Sec " " ■ lology MOUSAUR, HELEN E. Phila . PA Mpha Lambda Delt. BBA CIS.Acct. HOPKINS, JILLS. fi iatCing HORNER, RICH J. Levittown, PA BA Chemistry HOROWrrZ,LISAA. St. Berk, CA Bf A Painting HORWrrZ, JILL B. Phila., PA BS Early Childhood HOWARD, ELLEN E. Phila., PA Track + Field BS Comm. Health HOWE, ERIC S. Broomall, PA BBA Marketing HRYHORSKY, BOHDAN Lansdale, PA BA Economics HUDSON, ANN M. Orange. N| Third World Assoc , Psych Undergrad Assoc, Alpha Psi Heart BA Psychology HUDSON, JOANS. Phila, PA BA Cnminal lustice HUNTER, NORALYNB. Phila , PA BBA Acct. CIS HUNTER, WALTER H. Ridley Park, PA BA Math HURD,GAYLED. Linden, Nl Third World Assoc , Delta Sigma Theta, Scat Pres Silouelte, WRTI Dance Troupe BA RTF HUSSEY, LINDA R. Phila. PA BA Advertising HUTSON,ROSALBE Phila.. PA SWSU, CCSU BSW Social Admin HYLTON,PAULETTER. Phila., |A BSW Social .Admin. HYMSON, FEUCE M. Phila., PA Alpha Lambda Delta, Assoc. Co mputir Machinery BBA CIS .Kappa Phila.PA " S ASCE, PASLS, Italian Club, Cum Laude, Deans List BS Civll Engr. ILES, WILLIAM R. Phila., PA „ : ' Pres Soc. Wei Student Union, RSS Senator BSW Social Welfare BA Criminal lustice INFANTI, MICHAEL T. Phila, PA BBA Accounting INFANZON, GEORGE Phila., PA Fencing, IEEE BS Electrical Engr. IRELAND, CHARLE S. Eadenheim, PA Orchestra BA Psychology ISKIN, FLORENCE Melrose Park, PA BA History, I JACKSON, AUDREY L. Phila , PA Sec. SWSU, Alpha Delta Mu Honor Soc. BSW Social Welfare BA Criminal lustice JACKSON, CHERYL D. Lamott, PA Alpha Kappa Alpha DOC Urban Ed. JACKSON, DONNA Phila., PA Collective Black Students, Pan .African Studies Majors Assoc. BBA Economfcs Pan Afr Studies JACOBS, LAURIE C. Phila., PA Biology Soc. BA Biology JAIPAUL,ROSITA Phila, PA Bus. Manager Temple News, Mktg Qub, Student Senator, Chairperson Tri-dorm Programming Comm BBA Mktg.-IROB JAKUBOW, MICHAEL R. Phila., PA UDC, Tusk BA Criminal lustice JAMES, DIANE E. Phila.PA BA Court Admin JAMISON, TONY Phila.PA ROTC, Assoc Black lournalists. Alpha Phi Alpha, Associate Photography Editor Templar BA RTF JENKINS, JAYSON Phila , PA BA MktgOist Ed. JAHN, JACQUELINE G. Darby, PA Fencing - ROTC, Pre-law Soc. BA History JOHNSON, EUZABETH A. Brintwood, NY Cap. Womens Gymnastics BS. ' Therapeutic Rec, JOHNSON, KAREN D. Phila., PA BS. ' MusK Ed. JOHNSON, LENORAR. Phila , PA BA - ' Speech + Hearing JOHNSON, SABRINAD. Phila. PA E.M,S., Gymnastics, Dancing, .Acting BS Recreation + Nursing JOHNSON-SMITH, SANDRA H. Phila.PA Student Advisor College ot Ed. BS Elementary Ed JOHNSON, SERENA Phila.. PA Dancing, EMS. BS Recreation + Phys Therapy JONES,ANTONIAA. .PA BS Health Ed. JONES-KING, AUDREY T. Phila , PA CL A. Honors. Adult Student Network Club, WRT1 BA Political Sci JONES, GWENDOLYN Phila, PA BSW Social Work JONES, JESSE A. Phila., PA Pol. Sci. Assoc. Pre-law Soc , Abroad in Rome BA Criminal lustice JONES, TERRY L. Willow Grove, PA Medium Photography Editor BBA Mktg Mngt K KALTZ, MITCHELL E Phila , PA Talmud Study Croup. Zionist .Alliance B A Math Biochemistry KAMEN,CRAIGJ. Drseher, PA Intraneural Softball + Basketball BA Law Enfor + Corrections KAMINSKY, ALAN J. Phila., PA BBA Finance KANE, LEONARD E Phila , PA Intramural Basketball BBA Accounting KANE, LISA A. ' incaster, PA Sci Majors Assn - Pre-law Soc, Pol Sci Honors V. Pres-, Newm Clut , Polish Club ' olitical Sci. M KAPLER, JUDITH . Phila , PA _„B«i«na, Assl Crew Coach BS Exercise Sci. KARASZKIEWICZ, DENNIS Phila , PA 8,A Psychology KAREN, ROBERT D. Phila., PA Medium. Intramural Basketball BA Criminal lustice KATO,BRENDAR. Phila , PA BSW Social Welfare KAUFFMAN, SANDRA L Phila , PA IEEE BS Biomedical Engr. KEARNEY, THOMAS F. Phila , PA Alpha Chi Rho, Pres., ASME, ASHRAE BS Mech. Engr. Tech. KECK, LINDA M. Easton, PA IDS, Resident -Assistant BBA Management KEEHN,MARYL. Havertown, ?, BA RTF KELLY, DEBRAL. Maple Glen, PA Lacrosse, Alpha Theta Alpha, AK BBA Marketing KELLY, GREGORY G. Phila, PA BB.A Economics KELLY, NANCY A. Yeadon, PA WRTI BA RTF KEMP, AMY Phila.PA BSW Childcare KENNEY, MARK E. Phila.PA Marching Band BS Secondary Ed. KEPPLE, DOUGLAS Delran, N| Baseball, IDS ■ lournalism KESSIER, MARILE6 Bensalem, PA ASPA AIR08 KIELAR, FIRST j Phila , PA BBA Accounting KIM,SUNHEE Sewel. Ni BB.A Management KIM, YOUNG jl " king of Prussia, PA BA Biology KIME,ARLENEH. King of Prussia, P,A BBA Acct Law KLEIN, KENNETH R. Churchville, PA B8A CIS KLEINBERG, MARILYN T. Phila., PA Temple News. V. Pres., PRSSA BA RTF KLINGER, JAIME Phila-. PA BA RTF KOENIG, BETH M. Morton, P,A Medium, Manager Swim Team, SP), D| tor WRFT, Cultural Affairs B.A lournalism. ' .Adver tising KOLINCHAK, CAROL A. Levittown, PA Diamond Dancer, Beta Alpha Psi, Swim Team, Mgr., Tri- Dorm Senate BBA .Accounting KOWALYSZYN, NATALIA A. Phila.PA Ukrainian Club BA History KOZLOW, SHIRLEY M. Phila., PA Sec. Alpha Lambda Delta, Beta Gamma Sigma, Beta Alpha Psi BB,A ■ Accounting KNEEBONE, GUY F. Riegelsville, PA Intramural Soccer. Basketball, Softball, Campus Crusade BA Ps chology KRAUS,MARKE. Norris, PA BA RTF KRAULT.CARINL. Phila. PA KRAVrr, RONALD M. Howard Beach, NY Pol. Sci Majors Assn,, Hillel BA Political Sci KREVITZ, ARTHUR G. Phila., PA Alpha Chi Rho Counseling .Ad isor Pre-law Soc. BBA Accounting KUBY, KENNETH Cheltenham. PA SR- Rep SCA, D| WRFT BA Law SBA KUKLINSKI,ROBiNA. Phila., PA Beta Mpha Psi, Outing Club BBA Accounting KURITZ, MICHELE Huntington Valley. P.A BS Early Childhood lAMBS.IO t P! mm, WOlVICkl, Sl,lOR[T si, 10 LACORTE, MARIA S. Phila., PA BSW Childcare LAESSIG,JOANM. W. Berlin, N| BA Psychology LAFFERTY, DOROTHY A. Phila,, PA BS CECT LANAN,MARKC. " 1 mmx i. ' im. PA ■i ' J 280 4 - Norriil H .M.llh LARCAMP, FLORENCE ). PMa PA Injur +Ri ' kSo( V Crp-; .SB- Council. Cainm iloliiSigni.i V Vies BB IROBInsur + Risk lAROCCA ANCEU Philj PA BA C oiiipi.ler Sc, lASSITER, ELIZABETH Phild , PA BS V SocialV ork LATHROP, GEOFFREY K. Lev ittovvn, PA V Fencing Pol Sci. Major " . A n BA Political Sci Pre-law LAUB, JOSEPH M. Bethleham. PA Beta Mpha Psi BBA- Accounting LAURO, SHARON B No Plfld. M I ■i BS Therapeutic Rec LAVALAIS, JUANITA PhHa . PA BA RTF LAWLESS, JOSEPH C. Phila ? BA- History LAWRENCE, REGINA Phia.. PA BBA Acct Bus. Ed LAZOWICKI, SHIRLEY M. Creamer ?. MFA Art lEAl,LORETTA Phila , PA AHSSec BS. Elementary Ed LEE, B.ARBARAC- Flourtown, PA BA RTF LEE, BEVERLY B. Phila , PA BA. Real Estate LEE, JOHN W. Phila., PA ?BA.-Accounting LEMANE, BOAVENTURA K. " nila. PA . Pol. So Pre-Pharmacy LEMPERT, BARBARA L. Phila.. PA BBA- ' .Marketing LENEWEAVER, JOHN P. Ctenside PA AMA BBA.Marketing LEONARDS, ELINORE Waiminster, P.A B5W -Social Work LESHNER, MICHAEL B. Mt Laurel, Nl BA Cnminal Justice LESHNER, PAULA L. Phila., PA Chjidcare Student Union BSW.-Oiiidcare LEUNG, KEUNGK. Phila, PA BBA,- Marketing LEVENTON,WILUAMJ. Phila., PA BS - Civil Engr, Tech LEVINSON, LISSA Phila , PA Ad Mgr Temple News, Templar BA lournalism LEVY, FERN D. Phaa., PA B A.- Speech , Hearing LEWIS, FREDA M. Phila . PA BSW .-Social Work LEWIS, STACY R. Narbeth,, PA Spice agazine .Elementary Ed UCHTENSTEIN,MIRAS. Phila , PA BBA.- ' Marketing UEBERMAN, JILL N. Phila, PA BBA Marketing LILLY, VELVAB. Phila., PA B,A Criminal lustice UNDER, JOHN R. Phila . PA B A Criminal lustice LIPKEN,|ACKL. Phila., PA CL.A Honors ■ " BA.. ' Soriohinlogv LIPPE,CARENB. Phila . PA Math Majors Assn BS Secondary Ed tath USS, SUSAN H. PhHa , PA Dorm Senate Rep BS Health Rec. .Admin LIVINGSTONE, JOHN L Phila , PA Crew, AMA BBA. Finance. ' Mktg LLOYD, LESUE D. Phila , PA BS. Elementary Ed. LOFURNO, GARY Phila. PA BBA --.Accounting LOGAN, MIRIAM A. Phila., PA BA Communications LOPEZ, DORIS A. Phila, PA BSW .■ ' Social Work LOY, JESSICA K. Utica, NY Lacrosse, Student Faculty Cofrii BFA Craphic Design LUBANSKI, WALTER J. Cavbondaie, PA V Pres Student Gov Assn . V. Pres. IDS, Pres Pol Sci Majors, Who ' s Who In .Amer , Alpha Chi Rho BA- Political Science LUNDY, SUZANNE J. Phila., PA Pres French Club, Spanish Club, CLA Honors, Phi6?ta Kappa BA- ' French LUNSFORD, MARK A. Roslyn, PA Intramural Softball + Football BBA,-- .Accounting LYNN, BERNADETTE M. Drexel Hill, PA Theatre Performer BA. ' Theatre fe ■WiH Mc McALUSTER, LEARLEY L. Phila., PA SRAP Steering Comm BBA.Marketing McARTHUR, BRENDA L. Phila , PA BSW -Social Work McCALL, ROBERT Newark, DE Intramural Basketball BA,- ' RTF McCLURD, HOWARD C. Phila, PA Tres Pol. Sci Assn BA- Political Sci. McCLOSKEY, THOMAS F Phila, PA Crew BBA,. ' Marketing McDAVID,VENITAF. Washington, DC Track + Field, PRSAC BS- ' Physical Ed, McDERMIN, SANDRA L. Camden, N| P riHcj lu iOC,, onWrtngrs Pol, Sci Majors Assn . LJtLA, PgLSCLHonuoboc Cimbudsperson StucJeni BA Political Science McDEvrrr, Catherine a. Hatbnro PA lEEE.Sei (fFT.Sec Marc hing Band, W BS, ' EET McFADDEN, JOANNE Dresher. PA Journalism Ma|orsAssn Pre;, , Sigma T ltaChi, So lournalists BA. ' fournalism McGINTY, NICHOLAS J. Phila,, PA Teiiiple News, Intramural Hoi key Phi Thela kappa BA.- ' lournalism McCORREY, BERNARD J. S. Hampton, PA BA.-Theory. ' Organ McKEAN, DEBORAH A. Morrislown, N| BA, RTF McKENNA, VINCENT J. Phila , PA AMA, Karate Club BBA, Marketing Mclaughlin, JOHN D. Phila , PA Temple News, Outing Club B,A,- ' |ournatism McNEUS, ROSE M. Phila , PA ACM, Bus College Council BBA CIS McPEAK, MARIANNE E. W. Berlin, N| BS.- ' Therapeutic Rec McRAE, ANGELA M. Phila . PA BA. ' Cnminal lustice McWlLLIAMS, JOHN J. Phila., PA BBA Accounting McWILUAMS,JOHNG. Phila . PA BS. Industrial Ed Prof. I M m MACALEER,LYNND Phila,, PA SS, ' Recreation MAGUIRE,PAUL1, Phila, PA BA- ' RTF MANDEL, ROBERT N. ElkinsPark,PA BA ' Psychology MANERA, STEVEN Pennsauken, N| ASCE BS -Civil Engr MANN, HARRIS I Phila, PA Alpha Chi Rho, CEem Soc , BA, Biology MANNING, BOYD M New jersey Football, Yearbook Photographer BA.RTF MANOS, HELEN Phila , PA MANSHELD,SARAJ. Phila , PA BA ' RTf MARGOUS, JEFFREY A. Broomall, PA Sigma Pi BBA, ' CIS MASOMINU,OLUSEYA. Phila, PA BSW Childcare MASSI, FRANK C. Colls, N| BA Computer Sci MATTHEWS, JAMES A. Phila , PA Powerlitting Team ,«? Wf:- 281 BA ' Sociology MATTEWS, PATRICIA Phila , PA Psych Majors. Club BA Psychology MAUGERI, JOSEPH V. Phild . PA Treas Pre-law Soc BA Hislory MEHRABI, MANOOHER F Phila , PA BS Mech Engr MELENDEZ, OLGA I. Phila , PA BS Elemenlary Ed METHOS, PHILIP C. Burlington, N| BA Biology MEYERS, BRYAN J. Souderlon, PA Epsilon Delta Epsilon BS Distrib Ed Mktg MEZZY, DEBRA R. a Phila , PA m B5 Elementary Ed MILLER, LAURA J. Wyncote, PA Pres UCLA, Chairperson CSL BA Psychology MILLER, MARILYN J. Enola. PA Marching Band BA Psychology MILLER, REBECCA ElkinsPark, PA PEUMA, Rec Services, Public Relations BS Physical Ed MILLER, STEPHANIE D. Chester, PA BSW Social Work MILLER, SUSAN L. Phila , PA BA Speech MISHER, SUZANNE Bala Cynwyd, PA BSW Social Work MISHKIN, SCOTT M. El, NY Alpha Epsilon Pi BA Political Sci MITCHUM, CAROL A. Phila , PA BS Social Welfare MITNIK, SHARON A. Huntington Valley, PA Track, WIA BBA Management MITTMAN, DEAN L. Warminster, PA Tres, Biology Soc, Rho Chap Phi Beta kappa BA Biology MONCIARDO, ROSS F. Staten Island, NY V, Football BBA Marketing MONTGOMERY, MARYBETH Wyncote, PA BA Political Sci MOORE, PAMELA A. Clinton, CT BA Biology MORAN, ROBERT J. Phila. PA BA Thealre MORGANTI, JOSEPH F. Phila, PA BA Criminal lustice MOSES, RICHARD A. Phila , PA Pres NABA, SAM, Kappa Alpha Psi BBA Accounting MOSLEY, MAdlf. Phila , PA P BSW SocialWelljrp MUl, NORMAN K. Phila , PA Table Tennis Club, PCACC Sec. BS Architecture MUl, THOMAS K. Phila , PA CPR, Life Guard BS Architeclure MULRY, LINDA A. Frackville, PA Marching Band, Cap Diamon Dancer, Alpha Lambda Delia, Big Sis Assn BA Psychobiology MUNSON, LORRAINE Phila , PA BS Distributive Ed MUTSCHLER, KAREN A. Warminster, PA BA RTE MYERS, DENISE D. Doylestcjwn, PA Alter Rep CCN, Sr Rep RCN BSN Nursing N NAPOLITANO, NANCY M. Phila , PA V Bowling Team BS TherapeulicRec. NECCHI, SANDRA H. Eall River, MA Strategic Simulations Club BA History Writing NEEDLEMAN, CARMEL |. Elkins, Park, PA Deans Lsst BA Biology NEIMAN, L Phila , PA Sigma Delta Pi BA Spanish NESSEL, MARK Phila , PA BA RTF NEVAREZ, MARIi Plumsteadville, PA Student Gov Rep, Dean b List, Ptes Pol. Sc i Assn Chairman Elect Comm BA PolilicalSci NEWBERG, ELLEN L. " W.L B , N| BA Art Concentration NGUYEN, AN C. Phila , PA BBA Accounting NGUYEN, DIEP N. Phila , PA Inter Student Soccer Club, Scuba Diving Chub Club BBA, Accounting ' NICHOLS, DENISE P. GDenside, PA Crad Committee BSW, Social Work NILSEN,ERICl. Fanwood, N| BA RTF NOLAN, CHARLENE R Merion, PA Sec Eta Sigma Gamma BS Comm Health Ed NOLFI, ROBERT G. Drexel Hill, PA BBA Marketing Aikido o GATES, SONIA G. Phila, PA BA Psychology O ' BRIEN, JOANANNE L. Kulpsville. PA PWN, Psych Majors Assn BA Psychology O ' BYRNE, PETER C. RockvilleCentr. NY Alpha Chi Rho, Resident Asst , Intramural Soccer, Hockey Basketball, Football, Volleyball BBA Act I Law O ' CONNOR, JAMES C Phila , PA BA RTF OGAR, MARIA O. Yeadun, PA BA. Sill iology OLDER, RUTH A. Warminster, P,A — Newscasier WRFT, Sec. Ski Club, Ad Workshop 1 BA RTF ' O ' LOUGHLIN, MARYJANE Fort Washington, MD IntrdmurdI Kai quetball. Volleyball BA Freni h O ' NEILL, PATRICIA A Phila , PA BA Criminal lustice O ' REILLY, MARGARET K. Phila., PA BBA Accounting ORTIZ, ROSi; Sharon Hill, PA BSW Social Wor ' OSTROW, Ml Wyncote, PA BBA Economics PALMER, HAROLD J. Phila , PA BS ' Comp + Into Sci PALMORE, EZRA Phila . PA Black Student Coun , Librdr Softball Team, Boxing BS Elementary Ed. PARKER, DEAN A. Phila , PA WRTI BA Journalism PARKER, DONNA C. Phila , PA Art. Club. AAF, PRSSA BA.RTF PARKINSON, CHRISTINE Collingswood, N| BS Elementary Ed. PARRISH, CYNTHIA M. Phila., PA BBA Law PASCO, CINTHIA Phila., PA SAM BBA Accounti PASHKO, SAND¥G; Phila., PA Pres. Soc Ma|ors, UCLA, Alpha Kappa Delta, Deans BA Sociology PASTORIUS, SHEILA C. Bluebell, PA BBA Accounting PATALOWSKI, ARTHUR Scranton, PA Dorm Senate BA Biology PATTERSON, DE BRA Phila., PA Deca Club, Distri Ed Club B5 DistributiveEd PELTZMAN, DAVID S Phila , PA BA Computer Sci. PERRY, Rl Dorchester BA RTF PETTUS, TEl Phila,, PA BA Biology Pre- PHARR,ELINAL Phila., PA NABA BBA Accounting PHUN, MUl A. Phila , PA BBA Accounting PIERCE, YVONNE C. West Chester, PA WRTI, Third Ui. rid Assn BA RTF PIERI, RICHARD S. Phila , PA Beta Alpha Psi, Beta Gamma Sigma BBA Adiiuniing List 282 i« .%i PISARCIK, EDWARD J. VV ' ilkesBjrre, PA Bew Gamma Sigma. RSS, Intramural Football, Basketball, Volleyball, + So7tball BBAAfiuarial Science PLESKUNAS, CATHY L. Phila PA BBA ln ur +Risk PLUSH, DONNA M. Glen Riddle, PA Dorm Senate, Diveri Assn . Alpha Lambda Delta BA-RTF POLAND, SUSAN M. Phila PA BA Elementary Ed POLEK, JAMES E. Phila , PA BA lournalism POUDORO, ROCCO J. Phila , PA BA,Economics POLLACK, INA A. Fords, N| Bowling Team. Rep Student Senate. Beaux Arts Comm. BFA. Art. ' Ed, POLLACK, UNDA C. Phila , PA Italian Qub, Rep, Honors Dept B A,- French PORTER, CAROLE E. Phila , PA BA Biologv PRICE-WEN, KIM Drexei Hill, PA BA.RTF PRIOLE, SUSAN F. Glenside. PA BBA, ' CIS PUCH,CUDRUNB. Langhome. PA German Club BS ' Education PYOTT-CALE, PATRICIA L. Rosenhayn, Nl RSS, Res, Asst BA. ' lournalism R RAPHAELSON, JANE K. Phila,, PA BBA ' .Accounting RANIERI,iDAC. Phila.. PA BSW.-Childcare RANKIN, DONNA K. Phila , PA Fencing Team BA.Theater RATANAKANAKA, NAVARAT Phila, PA BS.- ' Architecture RAUBIOGEL, JAMIE D. Lafayette Hill, PA SSA B,A, ' Speech Comm. RAYMOND, PATRICK D Hampton. NH V Football BS Gvil Engr RAYNOR, SHARON A. Phila. PA NABA. Beta Alpha Psi BBA- ' .Acct, Finance REGAN, ROBERT R. Huntington Val!e , PA B8A, Marketing RENNIX, CHERYLS. Meadowbrook PA Sigma Delta Pi BA. ' Spanish REYNOLDS, ANGEU P. Phila , PA .AMA. NOMA. Pan- African Study Tour Comm BBA. ' Marketing RICCI, TERESA M. Phila.. PA BA.Art RICHER, SUSAN A. «i t:i ' Jg! ' WUTli! " Hiliel, Sr SSC BA, Psychology RICHTER,MARKT. Churchville, PA Medium BA.-History RICKETTS, FLOREE Phila , PA RIDDICk, DONNA L Phila , PA Delta BS, ' ' Early Childhood RIVERA, LORRAINE C. Phila., PA Karate, Akido, Spanish Club, BBA BBA CIS RIVERA-WILSON, CELITA M. Phila-, PA BS- ' HealthRec. Admin ROBBINS, JENNIFER L. Phila.. PA BA- ' Polifical Sci ROBERTS, LEROYW. Phila. PA Alpha Phi Alpha BA. ' Product ion ROBERTSON, BARBARA J. Phila, PA BA- ' Admin, (ustice ROBINSON, CELESTE T. Phila , PA BA. ' ' |ournalism ROBINSON, JODIE L Levittown. PA V. Gymnastics BS. ' Therapeutic Rec ROBINSON, GLORIA L. Phila,. PA BS. ' Elementary ROEDEL, GLENN F. Doyiesiown, PA BA Man ROLFE,RAWDYL. Waterford. CT BBA.- ' Marketing ROLLE, HILTON I. Phila,. PA ROMSPERT, RALPH C. Phila, PA Res .Asst BS. ' Elementary Ed. ROSATI,JOHNA. Phila., PA AMA BBA-- Marketing ROSEN, WILLIAM M. Flemington. N| Pi Lambda Wii BA. ' RTF ROSENBAUM, STEPHANIE |. Phila . PA V Tennis BS. ' Physical Ed ROSENBLATT, NANCY K. Biology See , Bio Student Advisor BA. ' Biology ROSENBLUTH, MICHAEL A. Phila , PA Alpha Epsilon Pi BA. ' Cnniinal justice ROSENTHAL, ROBERT M. Phila,. PA Insur, + Risk, Beta Mpha Psi, Gamma lota Sigma BBA. ' Acct Insr + Risk ROUSSEAU, DAVID R. Hightstown, N] BA ' PolilKalSci ROYAL, SHEILA C. Phila.. PA B A, ' Criminal Justice RUBEI, EDWINS. Paoli, PA WRTI Sports BA RTF RUBIN-REVSIN, ESTHER Phila , PA BS DLstributiveEd RUDNICK,LISAJ. Havertown. P.A BA Voice Porformani.e RUDOCK, MICHAEL P. Ml Carmel, PA Baseball, Dorm Senator BBA. CIS RUSSOCK, HAYES S. Willingboro, N| H A ,BR A BA RTF SABOLICK, STEPHEN M. Phila , PA BBA.-CIS SALZMAN, AMBER R. Merion, PA ACM, Student Adviser, Ombudsmen BBA CIS SANDERS, CHARLES F. Darby, PA BS ElectricalEngr SANTORO,GAILR. Norristown, P.A BA RTF SARKISAS, GEORGE Phila,, PA B5 EET SATTERTHWAITE, KEVIN D. Phila, PA ,ACM, Intramural Sports BBA CIS SAULINE, JOHN S. Lafayette Hill, PA BBA Marketing SCALLATINO, ROXANNE M. Phila, PA BSW Childcare SCELSI, SALVATORE J. Phila, PA BBA Accounting SCHAAL, JAMES G. Spring House, PA BBA lndus.Rela,+ Organ Behav. SCHAEFER, STEVEN J. Potsdom, PA Pi Lambda Phi, Sec, Mktg, Club BBA -Marketing SCHARF, ANN T. Phila,. PA Chemistry Sor , V Pres, Phi Beta kappa, Chem , Curr. Comm. BA Chemistry SCHMID, DONNA A. Phila., PA BSW Childcare SCHMIDT, COLLEEN R. Phila,, PA V, Pres Pol Sci. Majors Assn BA Mathematics SCHMIDT, MICHELLE C. Phila., PA BS Elementary Ed SCHMITT, GARY A. Phila., PA OTUS, Deans List BA RTF SCHNECK, DAVID W. Allentown, PA Sr. Class Pres , EOP Club, Grievance Comm BS Health Rec. .Admin. SCHOENLEBER, EDWARD J. Oakford, PA V, Pres. ASCE, PSLS, Who ' s Who BS CECT SCHWARTZ, ALAN W. Phila, PA BB.A Accounting SCHWARTZ, LILY G. Havertown, P,A BA Religion SCHWARTZ, SCOTT J. Phila,, PA Radio Internship BA RTF SCHWEITZER, THOMAS E. Huntington Valley, PA Baseball, Concert Comm., Ad. Workshop BA RTF SCHWEIZER, THERESA J. 283 Springfield, PA EOPCIub.jr, Class Pres. BS HealthRec, Admin. SCOTT, HELEN Phila , PA BSW Social Welfare SCOTT, WENDY P. Classboro, N) WRTI News Staff BA RTF SEGALL, BRAD R. Phila , PA WRTI BA RTT SECARS, JOAN B. Phil . PA BA. Cnminal (uslice SEGER, ANDREW I Pfiila.PA Alpha Chi Rho BS Electrical Engr. SEIDEMAN, RICHARD Shrewbury, N| IEEE, AAMA. PAMIA 8S- ' Biomedical Engr SERES, BRUCE M. Broomall, PA BBA CIS SETZER, SUSAN D. Phila . PA BS Early Childhood SHAMBAUGH, DEBRA I. Landisburg, PA BBA Marketing SHAPIRO, MARCIER. Bensalem, PA BS-Early Childhood SHAW, SONIA Phila., PA Treas. NABA, SAM BBA .Accounting SHEDINGER, ROBERT F. Elkins Park. PA BS Civil Engr. SHEETZ, THOMAS C. Villanova, PA BA- ' Criminal justice SHERIN,TOBY Phila.. PA BSW ,-Social Welfare SHERMAN, MARKS. lakevvood. NJ Beta Alpha Phi BBA Accounting SHIELS, THOMAS |. Phila , PA .ASCE, PASLS BS- ' CivilEngr. SHOBLOCK, GARY J. Highlslown, Nj BA RTF SHUSMAN, ALYSE F. Phila. PA Pre-faw Soc. BBA Management SHUSTER, JUDITH M. Phila , PA Pol Sci Honors Soc , Pol. Sci BA Political Sci. SIEGAL, DEBBIE S. Phila , PA BS Elemen(ary Ed. SIGMAN, AlAN G. Phila , PA BBA. ' CIS SIGMAN, MICHAEL Phila , PA Pi. ' s Bnai Brith Hillel Foundailon ISA -k IF SILWANOWICZ, IRENE S.Rivw.NI BBA Mand iHntent SILVERMAN, DEBRA M. Huntington Valley, PA PRSSA, Sec. BA journalism SIMONSON,NEILM. Boca Raton, FL Diving BBA ManagemenI SIMS, JOYCE M. Majors Assn Phila , PA Tennis, Swimming, Weight Lifting BA Psych Sociology SIRAVO, ROSEMARIE K. Somerton, PA BBA Accounting SISO, BARBARA A. Nornstown, PA BS Therapeutic Rec SKINNER, ALAN C. Forest Hill, MD BA RTF SLIWINSKI, DANIEL J. Cheltenham, PA BA Theatre ..j—™ ' SMITH, JOYCE R. Phila , PA BSW Social Admin SMITH, LEATRICE C. Lie, NY Delta Sigma Theta, Senator RSS, BSMA BA Political Sci ' SMITH, ROBBINM, " ■ PA Percusston ■ching Band, Collegiate Band, Uni Singer m. ' Music Ed SMITH, RUTH S. Phila,, PA BA English SMITH, STEPHANIE A. Oley, PA BS Physical Therapy SMITH, THERESA T. Cherry Hill. Nj Third World ,Assn, Concerned MX BA Communications SMITH, UNA C. Phila., PA BSW ' Social Welfare SNYDER, BRADLEY Z. Merion, P.A BA- English SNYDER, JONI Roslyn. PA Honor Scx. BS Elementary Ed SODY, DIANA L Nornstown PA BS Therapeutic Rec. SOLOMON, CYWHIA A. Phila., PA Phi Beta Lambda 8BA Business Ed SPADAFORA,LOUISJ. Phila, PA ACM BA Computer Sci. SPADARO,CARLL. West Chester, PA BS Environ Tech SPARKMAN, MACQUELINE Phila , PA B8A 1ROB SPIEGEL, ANITA J. Phila,, PA Pres. SPl, Sigma Delta Chi BA |ournalism STANTON, GLORIA Phila., PA BA Psychology STARK, MARIANNA E. Langhorne, PA Pres. Psi Chi, Turkey Trot, UCLA, Chem. Soc, Psych Majors Assn BA Psychology STARR, BARBARA A. Phila , PA BA Criminal justice STEFANEK, LILLIAN E. Tamaqua, PA Deans List, Who ' s Who BS Exercise Sci. STEFKOVIC, THERESA Cherry Hill, N| BS Therapeutic Rec. STEINER, JUDY L. Audubon, PA BBA Management STERN, ALAN J. Phila , PA BSW Social Welfare STERN, ERIC L. Phila , PA BA Psychology STEVENS, MARIS A. Phila , PA BA RTF STEWART, WANDA I. Phila . PA Delta Sigma Theta, Psych Honors, .Alpha Phi .Alpha Angel BA Psychology STROM, JOSIE Phila , PA BA Criminal justice STUTMAN,JONID. Huntington Valley, PA CLA Honors, ,ACM, Ntagna Cum Laude BBA CIS SUERMANN, ROBERT F. Phila, PA BB.A Accounting SUMMERS, STUART R. Cherry Hill, Nj BA RTF SUSWEIN, RUTH E. N- Bellmore, NY Pub Board BA )ournalism SUTHERLAND, LYNNE E. Phila, PA Psych Student Advisor, UCL,A B.A Psychologv SZYSZKO,PAULB. Phila., PA Intramural Soccer, Hockey. Basketball, Vollevball, Foott all. Alpha Chi Rho BBA Management TABAKIN, NORMA C. Phila , PA Deans List BS Elementary Ed TARTER, MICHAEL P. Phila., PA Beta Alpha Psi BBA Accounting TAYLRO, ROBBIN C. Wyncole, PA BSW Sociai Welfare THOMAS, CATHERINE Phila., PA ASPA BBA |ROB Mngt THOMAS, JOHN H. Phila., PA Alpha Phi Alpha, AMBS, NABA, Senator RSS BBA • Accounting THOMPSON, AMANDA D. Wayne. PA BBA Marketing THORNLEY, WILLIAM A. Elkins Park, PA BS Elementary Ed. TIMBERS, BRENDA L. Phila , PA BSW Childcare TINT, DEBORAH R. Phila, PA BA. Speech + Hear Path, TOGLIA, TINA M. Ardmore. P.A BA Piano TOLL, CHERYL A. Warrington, PA French Club, Economics Oub, Ski Club Lacrosse BBA Bus. Law TOMAINO, GREGORY L. Neptune, Nl Pi Lambda Phi, Pres.. Mktg Club, Bowling Club, Temple Mascot BBA Marketing TOOMEY,ELLENJ. Bensalem, PA BA Criminal lustice TRAUFFER, ROBERT A. Phila., PA i l ' HCi)in|)i.!t V »ANOIii,0i ;i!,DOV •■ w ■ ■■n. «1M,C (,■,.t■ • WZZI,li]!ISl a; C V01KHI,a :?l,Pii, i9 1 w WADE, If! ftrrew). " •mil «« [ii,[ -Ui,f 284 Marching Bjnd, Coiuerl Band BBA tcounting TULCHINSKY, ALEX Phila,. PA BA, Computer Si TWEREET,ABDULIAM. Phllj PA ; .,. BBA EtonuniKs • " u UKKERD, LAUREN D. Phila,, PA BA Criminal luslice URBAN, HENRY W. Phila.. PA BBA Marketing UTZ,CURTE. Phila., PA BA. ' Computer Sti, VAITIS, DANIEL J. North Wales, PA BBA. ' CIS VANORE, DEBORAH Phila, PA BA ' Ttiealre VARJABEDIAN, ANNIE Ridgetield Park, Nl V. Fencing BS Exer. Physiology VEENEY, ALICE R. Phila., PA BSW. Social Welfare VIDER,DOVA. Cherry Hill, N| Amat. Radio Club, Pres.. IEEE, ETCi BS. ' EET VILLANTE, GARY M. Phila., PA BS -Civil Engr. VIZZI,KRISTINED. Magnolia, Nl Campus Crus, Christ BS Occupational Therapv VOLKER, CHRISTOPHER f. Phila . PA SPI, Pub Asst. Ad Qub, PR Intern BA, ' Advertising ' w WADE, TERRY A. Runnemede, N| BA- ' loumalism WALKER, DONNA M. Abington, PA Alpha Theta Alpha, Pres., ,AMA BBA.Marketing WALKER, JANICE E. Phila , PA Future Leaders BSW Social Welfare WARNER, DEBORAH L. Phila , PA Temple News BA, ' |oumalism WEAVER, HENRY Nor PA BBA-IROB WEAVER, JEFFREY W. Phila., PA BA Criminal justice WEINSTEIN, CATHY L. Phila , PA BBA.-Marketing WEIR,AUSONJ. Clenside, PA SCA 8A,-Law WEISS, DEBORAH A. Melrose Park, PA Beta Alpha Pis BBA Accounting WEISSMAN, LEON H. LhMllown. PA SB A ASP A BBA IRC1B LAW WEITZEL, MARK S. Phila., PA Pres Math Majors Assn, Math Studen BA Math WEKSEL, SUE Yorklown, Hts NV WIA Volleyball, Badminton, Track + Field Softball, ACM BBA. ' CIS WELBORN, PHYLLIS Y. Phila., PA V Pres EMS BS Therapeutic Rec. WELSCH, LISA A. Phila., PA t Manager Football Team BA RTF WELTON-CROMMARTY, RHONDA Phila., PA BSW, ' Childcare WERBITZKY, DEBORAH Phila., PA BBA. ' CIS WERNER, ROBIN J. Bensalem, PA BBA -Marketing WELER, ROBIN R. Phila., PA Temple News BA, ' Advertising WHISTLER, JIM V. Phila, PA Outing Club Pres., Pre-Law See , Debate Team ' 8 A. Criminal lustice WHITE, RAY A. Mt Sinai, NY Intramural Football, Basketball, Cheerleader BA.-RTF WICKER, JOAN V. Phila, PA P.AS Majors Assn, OAU, Students for Non-Alignment BA.-- HIS PAS WILK,MICHELEL. Phila., PA BS Elementary Ed. WILUAMS, JOHN E. Phila . PA BA Math .; m ' m. WILUAMS, LATANYA B. j H Hf Phiia., PA ' ? BS Early Childhood WILUAMS, ROSALIND C. Phila, PA BASIC, NABA BBA. ' Accounting WILUS, DENISE C. Phila., PA DVABP, Psych. Ma|ors Assn BA Psychology WILSON, DEBORAH L. Warminster, PA ROTC BA, ' PoliticalSci. WILSON, RUTH Z. Phila, PA BSW.-Social Welfare WILUSZ, MICHAEL T. Harleysville, PA B,A- Computer Sci WINOCRAD, LESLIE N. Sronxville, NY WTDR, Dorm Record Co-op BA, ' RTF WOLFE, JUDIER. Ft. Washington, PA Tennis BBA . ' Accounting WONG, CECIL Phila., PA CSA BA Biology WONG, THOMAS S. Phila., PA Beta Alpha Psi, Deans List. Hrmg Kong Student Assn BBA- ' Accounling WOODALL, GERADINE G. Phila., PA PAACW BSW - Child Development WOODEN, IDA M. Wilmington, DE PHIC BA. ' Criminal lustice WORSLEY, RICHARD D. Phila , PA AMA BBA, Marketing WRIGHT, TINA L. Phila , PA Alpha Kappa .Alpha BSW Social Admin WYSZYNSKI, KATHY A. Phila., PA Polish Club, Pol Sci. Majors Assn BA .- Political Sci YAZERSKY, GAIL M. Phila . PA Hillel, Outing Club, UCLA. Temple News, Magna Cum Laude, USSA Slage Manager 8A Urban Studies YOUNG, ANNABELL Phild PA BS. Physical Ed YOUNG, DIANE E. Phila , PA BS. ' Elementary Ed YOUNG, PAUL A. St. Albans. N ' Indoor Track, Third World Assn BA-RTF YOUNG, TERRANCE Phila.. PA BS. Therapeutic Rec. YOURL, STEVEN J. Ncjrristovvn, PA ludo Karate Club, Od Club ZAMBITO, RICHARD J. Clark, Nl BSEET ZAWADOWYLZ, MARTHA Phila., PA Sec Chem. See, Pres. B.A ' Biochemistry ZEDAR, MARK J. Bentleyville, PA Alpha Lambda Delta, Intramural Wrestling, Softball Foott all, Pi Lambda Phi, Chem .Advis BA ' Chemistry ZELLER, NADINE P. Lancaster. PA BBA.Marketing ZEPLOwrrz, lee b. Phila. PA Ombudsman SB A, College Coun SB.A, College Bowl Beta Alpha Psi BBA -Accounting ZUBRZYCKI, DIANE L Pennsauken, N| Marching Band BA Music CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES! ' ! 285 The Ninety-Sixth Annual Commencement Exercises Temple University Presents The Class of 1982 287 288 HALLOWEEN This year, Halloween weekend was marked with a concert by Mr. Charlie. The six man group played a rousing repertoire of Grateful Dead songs. The Dead Heads that attended partied and rocked the night away with the band at Mitten Hall. M R 291 Did you ever notice? Everyone ' s a comedian! IlKJ 292 m km Ibll ■= 1 B v , ' |yj BSPv ' Bi ■ e- M ' 293 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I ' d like to take this opportunity to thank the 1982 Templar Staff for a job well done. Everyone has done their share and more. This dedication is what made the book great. Mark, If it weren ' t for your encouragement, I don ' t think I would have made it. I really ap- preciate all of the time you spent, filling in and doing layouts and copy. You ' ve been a great friend and I wish you all the luck and happiness in the future. And, I saw a cat in Chinatown. Parrish, you ' re " only PJ, " but what more could I ask for? You ' ve been great with all of the " I need this yesterday " jobs! Without you in the darkroom, we never would have made our first deadline. Long live our buddy Jack D. and Rock ' n Roll. Tony J., thanks for all of your patience and time. I ' m glad you were organized first semester or we wouldn ' t have the pictures to complete the book. You ' ve done a great job with our photography staff. Tony M., you really come through when the pressure is on. Your last minute help was in- valuable. I knew we ' d make our first deadline. Tammy and Karin, have I made you crazy yet? Thanks for your help and late nights at the of- fice. Aren ' t you glad it ' s all over? You both did a great job with the time constraints you were working with. Todd, Bing, Hawk, Rich, Nate, Peg, and everyone else who helped, thank you for your con- tributions of pictures and time. Everyone was really helpful with their time, late nights and work. I really enjoyed getting to know everyone. I feel like 404 is my home, it almost is. Good friends, bad jokes and lots of laughs (not to mention most of Mark ' s aspirin) made working a lot easier. Jack D., hugs and big shoulders helped too. I ' d like to thank the staff, Kathy, and all of my friends for keeping me sane and humoring me when I wasn ' t. It ' s been a great year! 295 fl 296 I J . f 7 , ; N- - . " 1 - ■.V- l3 ■ -;H kfe. ,! " ' f.«ii!r» ' :ie y,; 297 298 Many of us have taken this walk before, through Park Mall and across to Broad and Columbia; to catch a bus or a train. For sonne of us, this will be the last time we ' ll ever be at Temple; for other students, it ' s just another day. It may be an end of a routine. Time to think about a new beginning, time to plan, time to share . . . 299 I ' ve been lost in an illusion In fantasy — of nny youth Life was really simple I just went to school each day Sometimes I didn ' t want to But after 16 years of classes It seemed a part of my life Now I ' m out of college I ' m finally done with school It ' s time to face reality I ' ve got to get a job I can ' t hide in my youth I think I made the transformation From a sheltered illusion to truth L.G. 7 300 CREDITS Editor in Chief First Semester Editor Associate Editor of Photography and Sports Senior Section Editor Branch Campus Editor Student Life Editor Business Manager Business Staff Photographers Lorrie Garber Vance Warren Tony Jamison Parrish Joynes Tammy Gravlsande Karin Rush Nathaniel Lewis Marl Dillon Margaret Cording Todd Dion Lorrie Garber Michael Hawkins Tony Jamison Parrish Joynes Anthony Mangeri Bing Santiago Richard Tronolene Studio Photography by Varden Studio, Rochester, New Yorl Representative Photographers Kathy Dollard Steve Barnes John Duden Ken Goodrich Publishing by Taylor Publishing Company Representative Sandy Russell Special Thanks to: Stan Mazurek — Publishing Agent The Publications Board All of our friends who helped and humored us c ' s II ' «l •Mm 1— W»- " ■ « » Editor ' s Note Taking this job mid-year was a difficult tasl . This yearbool almost wasn ' t because of problems which oc- curred during the first semester. The staff should be ap- plauded for its outstanding work and extra effort that made this book possible. After many late nights and some help from our friend Jack D., we present this book to you as a chronology of your years at Temple. We hope that when you look back into the pages of this yearbook it will bring back happy memories of your college years. When you look at those years in retrospect, even the most traumatic events seem funny. College is the stepping stone to your future. It ' s the place to gain knowledge and make friends. We hope that this book will enable you to hold on to those memories. We ' d like to thank the students, faculty, ad- ministration and our friends for their help and cooperation. May everyone live their dream! Good luck, C 2 ot4 u2 Ua o Lorrie Garber Editor in Chief " We can lift ourselves out of ignorance, we can find ourselves as creatures of excellence and in- telligence and skill. We can be free! We can learn to fly! " Jonathan Livingston Seagull 303 v . ' z; m 3 c y SS nfiffiel .s S irsmeqifrnl lOiadettTpi %jr- iT nH HHB LT f iM agMine .y . J B OrthestpP H ■jjtou fortines On tt H Nobo4y1 jibws . Auj phndy who Mnsa H MdHi H I Iw Hr Llyti ' ' ® 3t Fte i aii OT ' iS EK ApyHi 7S Md, rfe ss-f H ffB . ]ViH Ml ii K 2 e J| gf fva l • Jl ! j«st anRQw . f S ££ fly cii ° If m ;nP ' ia| It B BU fl jfm B B B gv . " You m B » w8?wl p Pii9 4 KKMi -l I

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