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N- P I r CONTENTS Temple University 1981 Yearbook Introduction Administration Student Government 1 Student Life ■.■i Jn Alternate Campuses Theatre 125 •Mm »i Sports Campus Media 217 Graduation 233 • -. A ' v Senior Section k-v m: Senior Directory 238 331 Conclusion 338 1981 Templar. 404 SAC, 13th and Montgomery Ave.. Philadelphia, Pa. 19122 .?y«!rp - ' THw=«TCB. ' -s ' ■,irn; yi,r ' -» ' -- aji ; a.ty P« ' 3r= J- K l J ii T li 1 MiW »» «i a» JW - ' W »t»W» " ' Vn Xi Academic ' ?-:--j; . v ' ' Let every man or woman here, if you never hear me again, remember this, that if you wish to be great at all, you must begin where you are, in Philadelphia, now. He that can give to his city any blessing, he who can be a good citizen while he lives here, he that can make better homes, he that can be a blessing whether he works in the shop or sits behind the counter or keeps house, whatever be his life, he who would be great anywhere must first be great in his own Philadelphia. Russell Conwell .„, ., ,0 m M j . ' ■ - . s Ambler ■v AV 4. ui m f. « % A - ., w ; - ' »v ' v 7- ' ' « Ns 81 ■■1 V V, V t4RTOM MALL ■■ ' if ' - Cr d n tr ' o c ,A[ OWIAL o te Aii -i£»ir At ' -. o d {e c ( K ? " w- l ' ' ' ' ™ " ' l Remember when . . . You first arrived on campus. And you were given a map and other information about Temple. Unfortunately, despite all this infor- mation you still had difficulty in finding the building where your class was. Now, you not only know the location of every building on campus, you are helping design the maps. Thus, you are giving guidance to a lost soul that was once very much a part of yourself. The 1981 Templar serves as a map of nostalgia as once lost souls found guidance in the maze of academic diversity and activities offered at Temple. So go forth and relive those days at Temple in the pages of the yearbook. Homecoming ; 1 Registration. Everyone knows what it is. One day of complete chaos as students run from Mitten Hall, where they register, to the financial aid or academic records office to clear up some " misunderstanding " that hinders a student ' s registration. Each August and January, as if on cue, Tem- ple students return to the university to go through the ritual of registering for the up- coming semester. It ' s a time to meet friends one hasn ' t seen since the semester break and a time to get a full dosage of Temple bureaucracy. But in the end, after running around Mitten Hall and the bill is paid, a student has his or her classes and prepares for another semester. For most seniors, it is hoped this is their last. 12 The battle is lost, but there is time to win another. - Marshal Louis Charles Desaix svn H m K?tf v - mi ' i4F ' " -0 . 1 ,-tf Sports The City Philadelphia is many things to the millions of people who call it home. It ' s a soft pretzel during a summer stroll; it ' s a bike ride along the scenic West River Drive area; it ' s the hus- tle and bustle of a busy metropolis. But most of all its a place of tradition and people. Tradition is evident in the people of Philadelphia by the way they welcome the new year via the annual Mummers ' Day Parade. No other New Year ' s festivity can compare with it as men and women dressed in elaborate and colorful costumes strut down Broad Street. Thousands of spectators line the parade route braving the bone chilling January weather to watch the Mummers per- form their magic, as Philadelphians say Happy New Year ' s! The beauty of the city and the Philly-style is evident in " " everything from the acres of diamonds of Temple University to the streets that catacomb the city taking one to the various, distinctive neighborhoods. Philadelphians appreciate the city ' s beauty and tradition. Each person shares in the pride of being a small part of the variety of people who make the city what it is. Philadelphia is a place with unique character. Although the city is not steep in an- cient history like an Athens, Jerusalem, or Pek- ing, it is loved by millions of people nonetheless. It has a heritage equal to no other, because it ' s Philadelphia. 17 m I ' • II ' ' ■ ifc- " ■-m.i «• f . w rrtrff t . 1 U il -♦ . ' " if. nr i " f ¥ I II n u l« » J .1 II II Ml 11 1 ' H (9 sum JU.__4 1 s S 1 i I 1 1 23 President ' s Message To The Class of 1981: It is the year 2000. Most of you are in your early 40s and already mully the philosophical and physiological concerns of middle age. On a whim, you take down the dusty Templar yearbook of the Class of ' 81, thumb the pages and find the President ' s Message near the beginning. And the message is this; years from now, we trust you will still value your Temple University education. Let me define " education. " I am not speaking about that portion of a college education, however valuable, which deals with the accumulation of facts, statistics, dates and tables. A good portion of this kind of education will not wear well with time. In our era of the explosion of knowledge, some of the things you learned in 1981 will be outdated before the ink dries on your diplomas. Space research provides a vivid example of the incredible acceleration of information. Several years ago, we launched a successful series of probes to Venus. In 90 minutes ' time, this expehment told us more about our so-called sister planet than earth-based astronomers had learned in all the centuries since Galileo. If anything, the accumulation of knowledge in all fields of endeavor is going to speed up, not slow down, in the years ahead. What this means is that all of you will be required to update your knowledge periodically in order to keep up with the professions you choose. But there is another part of education. It provides a foundation for rational thinking and ethical decision-making, and it produces a thirst that cannot be slake for more knowledge. If your Temple professors were successful, you will never cease to value learning for its own sake and you will be able to use your critical thinking power to make decisions based on a sense of values. Some graduate from college and never pick up another book unless they have to for their jobs. Others, long out of school, continue to pick up Cicero, a new psychology textbook, a lames Joyce novel, or a biography or a book in the field of history - not because they are required to do it but because they relish the experience of learning. In an essay about growing old, Sean O ' Casey wrote about two sisters who had decided to take up the difficult study of ancient Creek. What was remarkable about this was that the sisters were both in their nineties. They had never lost their enjoyment of learning. If you have learned to value learning, you possess something that can never be taken away from you — not now, not by the year 2000, not ever. Marvin Wachman J K|i B|||| H| Bpii B B Bj B HK ' " ' " f ' wiiis im- ' ■■. 1 B P B H B K ' BIBB Ei K ' mBI! ' h ' I BmmM B ! » , y yii ; " B Vice Presidents Dr. Bernard C. Watson Vice President for Academic Administration Dr. )ohn Rumpf Vice President and Dean of Faculties I Dr. Leo M. Henikoff Vice President for Medical Affairs and Dean of School of Medicine 26 lames Shea Vice President for University Relations Lee Wenl e Vice President for Development lames Logan Vice President for Financial Affairs 27 -i ' b1 ' Vf 1 II ;M|ri c. S David Pease Tyler School of Art Deans Dr. Edward M. Mazze School of Business Administration 28 Dr. lone D. Vargus School of Social Administration Dr. Donald R. Hilsendager School of HPERD 29 Dr. Dale F. Roeck School of Dentistry Norma Furst Student Affairs ' Z3P •-1J cqnii S j pS ' -v - sim B W ' Sidney Halpern Ambler ■Hi P .J »i Is ! 1 m K. ' 1 i ' %« : W ' ' H lii: v ..jm f ■■H K ? ' - ' ■ t F. ' »■ %j ■9 4. . 30 Dr. lay Scribner College of Education Representative Student Senate My departing words to my colleagues on the Student Senate are both of thanks and inspiration. This year was an in- teresting one and I ' d really like to thank the senators, students, and RSS officers who supported the Senate and worked hard throughout the fall and spring semesters. The effort mustn ' t stop here. The next years are going to test students severely. Stude nts across the nation will have to unite and demand what ' s rightfully theirs, the colleges and the education they offer. For they exist for the student seeking to ex- pand his or her range of knowledge and understanding. Moreso, Temple offers more than a classroom education. There are many students caught in the " go to school and go home " syndrome and get their degree, nothing more. But alas. Temple is limitless in what it offers. As in life, these things are not offered to students on a silver platter. Very often students have to get involved on their own. For the students, who have yet to graduate, I plead with you to " ex- ploit this university to the fullest. " Work hard to seek out these opportunities. That is why Temple is here, for the students. Unfortunately, at most colleges across the country many other items are con- sidered more important at the student ' s expense. We ' ve come a long way but the road ahead is dangerous, but conquerable. Unite. Remember a Frederick Douglass adage: " If there is no struggle, there is no pro- gress. " We must continue the struggle because progress is the essence of education! Good Luck, John C. Thomas, )r. President Student Senate William Swank V.P. for University Affairs Spring ' 81 ■i Patt Pyott V.P. for University Affairs Fail ' 80 Alyffa Davidson V.P. for Academic Affairs Eric Shorter Secretary Treasurer 32 ;horte ' 33 34 f STUDENT LIFE 1981 September 24 — Inquirer cartoonist and Pulitzer Prize winner Tony Auth speaks in SAC, presenting a slide show of published works and the jokes that never quite made it into print. Included in the exhibition is the cartoon of a man being dragged to a miniature guillotine, drawn by Auth in response to Rev. Billy Graham ' s statement that rapists should be castrated. October 6 - The Central Intelligence Agency announces it will be recruiting Temple grads on campus, but after a protest and coverage by the Philadelphia Bulletin, the CIA withdraws from campus. October 8 - Security hires 24 more officers after the threat of a boycott of the Humanities Building by faculty, staff and students. A few days earlier, a woman had been attacked in a bathroom there, prompting increased security measures including the hiring of the officers. October 13 — Temple students take to the streets in celebration after the Phillies win the National League pennant from the Houston Astros. A thousand students march down Broad Street to City Hall, and beyond, and one student asks the question, " What happens if we actually win the Series? Do we march on Rome? " October 15 — University President Marvin Wachman announces his retirement, effective in the spring of 1982, and a university search commit- tee begins to look for his successor. October 21 — The Philadelphia Phillies win the Series from the Kansas City Royals, prompting thousands of dorm residents, along with millions of other Philadelphians, to once again march down Broad Street. Students are seen leaping on top of cars and bus roofs in their pilgrimage to Ci- ty Hall, and a few intrepid souls are reported to have actually made it down to South Philly. October 27 — Vice president of Academic Administration Bernard C. Watson submits his resignation, effective about the same time President Wachman ' s resignation becomes active. Watson later announces he has taken the head post at the prestigious William Penn Foundation. Wat- son, one of the few high-ranking blacks in Temple ' s administration, was highly respected and considered by many a prime contender for Wachman ' s post in 1982. November 6 — Students are not enthusiastic about Ronald Reagan ' s ascension to the presidency: ' Tm wearing black today because I am mour- ning the death of the common sense of the American people, " says one student. November 7 - A theft of a monkey from the psychology department leaves researchers hanging. Dimitri, a four-year-old prirriate, is stolen from Weiss Hall, leaving his friend and companion, Ivan, quite peeved and climbing the walls. November 11 - A Temple professor may be up for a post in the Reagan cabinet, some news agencies report. Economics professor Walter Williams, a native North Philadelphia and a graduate of Ivy League colleges, is being considered because of his national reputation and con- troversial stand on the American economics system. After a flurry of talk show interviews and press coverage, Williams doesn ' t get the post, but becomes a visiting professor at George Mason University. November 14 - Technical Sgt. Leonard Matlovich, a gay activist discharged from the U.S. Air Force in 1975, speaks at Temple on his recent court victory overturning that discharge. November 14 — Comedian Robert Klein speaks, sings and jokes with an audience of Temple students at a concert in Mitten Hall. The show was 36 •I Chroncile moved at the last minute from the larger McGonigle Hall so that the comedian would not have to play to almost a 1,000 empty seats, Decmeber 23 — Former Temple Owls Guard Tim Claxton dies of a heart ailment. The 23-year-old basketball player, who the summer before had failed the Atlanta Hawks physical because of his weak heart, was eulogized as the " guy that tried so hard only to get knocked back down. He had earned respect for not giving up on a dream, something that not too many people can say. " January 27 - Jan Schaffer, a part-time journalism instructor and reporter for the Philadelphia Inquirer, faces a six month jail sentence after being cited for contempt of court. Schaffer, described by the department chairman as " a lovely, attractive woman " with ' ' a real killer instinct, " was cited after refusing to testify about how she obtained information implicating three Philadelphia city councilmen in the FBI Abscam probe. January 28 — Noted peace activist Father Daniel Berrigan speaks in Paley Library against " nuclear homicide, " the direction of " nuclear homicide " he believes the nation is going in. February 18 - The Springgarden Garden post office orders an investigation into the possible tampering of dorm residents ' mail during the Christmas break. February 17 - State Rep. Alphonso Deal (D-Phila.) tells an audience of Temple students that he will advise blacks in Philadelphia to themselves for their own protection " against police if city officials do not respond to charges of police brutality. arm I February 17 - The president of the Interfraternal Council announces that the traditional Thursday night frat parties have become too expensive to continue: " At our last party we had at least $350 worth of damage, " he said. " Our parties are taken for granted. It ' s an excuse to get wasted and get radical. " March 31 — President Reagan is shot and wounded in an assassination attempt outside a Washington hotel. Reaction by Temple students is one of shock: " I was on a break from my class and this lady came up to me in the hall and said that Reagan was shot. I left class and ran over here to watch TV, " said one psychology major. In the middle of the chaos, with some students crying, one woman was heard to have said " I can ' t believe they took off the soap operas for this. " April 3 - A tentative agreement is reached by the Transit Worker ' s Union and SEPTA, ending a 19-day strike that had paralyzed the city ' s buses, trolleys and subway system. The strike had had some affect on Temple ' s 30,000 commuting students, but most of those interviewed admitted they could get to class when they really wanted to, but that sometimes they just didn ' t want to. April 21 - In a copyrighted article. The Temple News reveals the 40 names being considered by the Presidential Search Committee as possible successors to Temple President Marvin Wachman, scheduled to retire in the spring of 1982. Among the names on the confidential list are Tem- ple deans Peter Liacouras and Edward Mazze as well as former Haverford President John Coleman. Former provost University of Pennsylvania Provost Vartan Gregorian, who resigned his position after being passed over for the Penn presidency, was also reported to have been con- tacted about the position, but allegedly declined. )leoiit»s ' «»4 April 24 - More than 1,000 Temple students and faculty gather at a Bell Tower rally to protest a proposed 15-percent increase in tuition and J the federal budget cuts for higher education. " If tuition goes up again, we may not have any students, " said rally organizer Cliff Goldstein. " But we will have the largest AstroTurf field in the country, " Goldstein cynically added, saying Temple desperately needed to reconsider its priorities. 37 Tuition Rally l fe 0.ROUP Student Fair 39 Jfff -V ' - . i 1 ,-— • ii i j f % ii rmji ■[k SP i r r ' ' r . lig gl H ar ■ fefi ' K dm Humor Us Security Rally " . ' . ' •• .. 42 Hostage Memorial i. m t Sm | ft »i m K k Diamond Marching Band PH ■ B -9 (jB; | m ll ' ' 1 M pL n 1 1 1. 46 ' 4 Each member is a professional in their own right, which can only be surpassed by them becoming better. 47 _i i f l mL 1 % r . Mi •f J ' V ' lJL il " ! | K% l ' i WL (m ' V, 4 P|7 " j% 4 f ▼ w » W Homecoming ' 81 ' ■ ' •pi ' ' m I - y- ♦ IW « f V v ' W» ? n rf m ' «v«» " 1 :: . ' ' PENN STATE PENN STATE NITTANY LIONS 53 54 I Cheerleaders , Top; (left to right): janie Stopak, Javier Gonzalez, Ron LaRosa, Joyne Miller, Patrice Koslowski, Nancy Colletti, Angle McDonald, i] Bottom: Charlotte McLean, Ray White, Ken King, Dennis Fleming, Bruce Bobbins, )oyce Mascaro, and John Thomas, Jr. li • « % r l . — P 58 ' e ' ■ , -■■■ ' . ■}. . .J : I ■ V w Spring Fling 59 Cherry and White I Orchestra I, i Tough Man Contest ftr Advertising Worksinop 64 American iVIarketing Association can iting ation Alpha Kappa Alpha Alpha Chi Reo 65 Association of Puerto Rican Students 66 Alpha Sigma Alpha Career Development Biology Society vtei 67 Delta Sigma Doctoral Fellows in Bilingual Education Gamma Sigma Sigma 68 Inter-Christian Fellowsiiip National Association of Black Accountants 69 Phi Lambda Phi Newman Center IVIuslim Students 70 ROTC Que Essence PRSSA 71 SBA College Council Ski Club Sigma Pi 72 student Association of Black Journalists 73 i Dorm Life 75 76 I 77 % c. i 79 80 81 82 83 84 i i,:¥Tl5r5 85 86 ALTERNATE CAMPUSES Campus Page Temple University Center City 89 Allied Health 92 Ambler 101 Tyler 115 88 89 90 91 Allied ■ t llOCliU ' IfZ i ■ ' ■i I 1 1 92 Health 93 94 i K% :.-» 95 96 97 98 99 100 l S V 8 ii r Ambler 101 ■ : .. -tf 1 - 102 103 104 J ' " J i ■B IKvi r VSttji 105 • - ' ;y • V y ■ ••! ' ., .-t - • 4 ' ••A. ' . v: -. . ?r 106 x ' • 107 108 ygflk ;. J jr T BE: 1 1 j P M H ' ' ' k. j V. ' i fi lIj ■ r UQL- f _ 1 B H y V vl H ni A VHI H W i-- ' y ■ — •■ " ' - 109 110 Ill 112 t. ■ Jil -TL A ' -lWLV ' - ' V ' .y . ' .- s mm 114 Tyler 115 116 M 117 118 i j plupgpiwnlr ' . St •! ' wa =fe " l|. « Al T fr " - R w ' ' SmSr %m Tsw-m i 9r- ■i»€ . a . 121 122 123 1 i . ra 1! ? 1 " " 5 fl , ■M --- 124 ' . l- " - V ' C THEATRE M. w { J-»i ' ' .«i»s :k .■-.■■ ■■ir , ' The 1981 Templar thought it would take you behind the stage curtain and show you some of the people who are responsible for making many of the performances seen on the Tomlin- son Theatre stage possible. These people are the faces and minds behind most of the productions enjoyed by the audience. In this photo story preparations are being made for The Knight of the Burning Pestle. An audience generally sees a production as a one dimensional performance consisting of the actors and actresses playing their respective characters. Rarely do they see the intense weeks of preparation and dedicated work of the light technicians, stage crew, seamstresses, or the many others responsible for the behind the scenes making of a production. They are truly the life-blood of any performance. As the lights dim to put the audience in the proper mood and the colorfully dressed per- formers step from behind the curtain onto the realistic stage, remember the people who re- main behind the curtain. They have worked hard and diligently to hear the joyous applause of the audience, also. 127 ' 9 A 128 . f- ' ••e- 129 I p ' Some people would call performers ego-trippers, and comment about how easy it is to say a few lines before an audience. But if asked to go before hun- dreds of strange rs in a skimpy costume, the majority of people would immediately refuse the offer. Acting is a talent only a few people truly master. Through numerous hours of rehearsals and im- provisations the performer helps shape his or her character ' s style and reaction on stage. The actors and actresses play their perspective part and say their lines many times seeking improvement and possible perfec- tion. The director is a counselor guiding the per- formers to achieve the zenith of their acting ability, because the main goal of any performer is to expand his or her knowledge of the craft. Tomlinson Theatre is the proving ground for many Temple students motivated to a career in acting. To be or not to be that is the answer they seek. The Knight of the Burning Pestle Naomi lacobson, )ohn Reese Sam Garcia, Brian Merles, Greg Leute 132 Karen Kimsey, Liz Carlin, Phil Meyer, )oy Aaron Temple University Theater presented " The Knight of the Burning Pestle, " Francis Beaumont and )ohn Fletchers ' rollicking Elizabethan comedy with music, a satire on theater, on February 12 through February 2 1, at Tomlinson Theater. The production was directed by Joseph Leonar- do, head of productions at Temple University Theater. Leonardo said the play was written for a company of boy actors in 1607. He called the pro- duction, " a celebration of theater of its time. " leanmarie Drauch, Anthony Powell, Brian Mertes 133 Bus Stop William Inge ' s most successful Broadway play, " Bus Stop, " opened the fail ' 80 season of Temple University ' s Theater. This vintage 1950 ' s hilarious comedy, was presented from October 16 through October 25 at the Tomlinson Theater. The action of the play takes place in a street- corner restaurant in a small town near Kansas City, where a bus becomes snow bound. Director lack Axelrod, professor of theater at Temple, says this about the play, " In " Bus Stop, ' In- ge pits the deep ache of our isolation against our desperate but glorious need to transcend it, and the contest ends in a draw. He might have mended the oriental proverb thus: Pain makes man think . . . Thought makes man wise . . . Wisdom makes life seem very, very funny. " Ellen Pitz, Phil Meyer i 134 Set designed by Ellen Bitney r leanmarie Drauch, Susan Beverly, lack Gallxaith I Susan Beverly, lack Calbraith, Ellen Pitz, Phil Meyer, |ohn Reese 135 Vieux Carre " Vieux Carre, " the affectionate name for New Orleans ' French Quarter, where blues, jazz and Dixieland were born is the title of Tennessee Williams ' play about his life as a young writer. Temple ' s Production of " Vieux Carre " was directed by Henry Lee, associate professor of theater at Temple and director of last season ' s hit, " Fifth of July, " written by Lanford Wilson. Lee called " Vieux Carre " " A memory play, " which chronicles Williams ' transition from student to professional writer. It is also a tale of loneliness and gives character sketches of the people who lived in the boarding house with Williams, which was a place of endings for most of them but a place of beginning for Williams. 136 Top; lohn Reese, (3rian Mertes B; Naomi lacobson. Bill Burns u Brian Mertes, Kim Saxey 137 Hitler Without Auschwitz British writer John Willett visited Temple Univer- sity ' s Theater to co-direct Bertolt Brechts ' " Hitler Without Auschwitz, " with Wal Cherry, chairman of Temple ' s theater department. " Hitler Without Auschwitz, " a selection of scenes from Brechts ' " Fear and Misery of the Third Reich, " was presented at Randall Theater. " Hitler Without Auschwitz " is a powerful and provocative series of vignettes depicting low-level life before the Holocaust. " Television shows are getting high ratings for making emotionally charged entertainment of the Holocaust, " said Cherry. " Both )ohn and I see ' Hitler Without Auschwitz ' as an exploration of the petty everyday examples of man ' s cruelty to man that resulted in the abominable social system that was Nazism. " 138 The Death of Bessie Smith The circumstances surrounding the death of blues singer Bessie Smith were at one time a con- troversial topic. The developing conflicts between racism and social change beginning in 1937 are the basis of Edward Albee ' s 1959 drama, " The Death of Bessie Smith. " " The Death of Bessie Smith " is an engrossing study of the racism surrounding the death of the blues singer outside a white hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. Dr. William West, the play ' s director and an associate professor of Theater at Temple, says, " I see the Lheme of the play as a comment on the way that racial prejudice can ruin your life no mat- ter who you are. " The timeless quality of the play really comes through because there is still a lot of racial prejudice around. The ' 80s are shaping up as the decade when the unfinished business of the ' 60s will be settled. " Robert Kessler, Linda Bolinski, Rod Thomas 139 Children ' s Theater Temple University ' s Children ' s Theater presented two plays during the 1980-81 season. These plays, which were presented at Temple Center City ' s Stage Three were; " Don ' t Count Your Chickens Until They Cry Wolf, " a delightful fresh musical revue built around Aesop ' s timeless Fables; and " Ghost Tales from the South; " story theater with audience participation to help create authentic ghost stories from America ' s Southland. Both plays were directed by )an Silverman, originator and director of Temple ' s Children ' s Theater. Rosanne Cornelio, Anne Seitz, Shirley Bransfield, Gwyn MacArthur 140 Gwyn MacArthur, Rosane Cornelio, David Sheward Joe Foley, Chuck Weiss, Patrice Bender, Matt Jones Matt lones, Mary Reidy, joe Foley, Patrice Bender 141 Penny Rosen, Micheal Barone The Transfiguration of Benno Blimpee " The Tra nsfiguration of Benno Blimpie, " by native Philadelphian and Tennple University graduate Albert Innaurato, was presented by Randall Theater. Director Sara ). Borie, a graduating senior in Temple ' s theater depart- ment, interprets this shocking black-comedy (a comedy with its accent on the absurd, the weird or the morbid) as, " a play about a 20-year-old man who is eating himself to death. Benno blatantly blames the world for who and what he is, yet he is smart enough to know that he cannot really blame anyone but himself. " 142 Joseph Pokorney, Ken Pearlstein, Mary Pino I lay Hoover, Cinette Molina Kevin ' s Play and Teaser ' s Taxi " An Evening ()l Comedy and Premieres ofx ' ned tl e spring season of Temple University ' s undergraduate shuvxtase studio, Ran- dall Theater, Two one-act plays, " Kevin ' s Play " and ' leasers laxi, " were presented in early March. Act one is the Philadelphia premiere of " Teaser ' s Taxi, " a [)()ignanl tale about an overly considerate New York cab driver and three bizarre passengers he encounters one rainy afternoon It was written by Leonard Melfi, a native New ()rker, whose plays are usually produced off-off Broadway Director Julie Morganstern calls the play a Kjmedy with tragic overtones because, " It captures the alienation mmI inifjersonality o today. " Act two is the world premiere of " Kevin ' s Play, ' a script in pro- gress by Thomas O ' Leary, a student in Temples [professional playwriting program. It is slightly autobiographical, a play within a play, about a struggling author. It is a comedy aljoul the singles scene, one night stands and pick-up bars. i Timothy ludson, Steven Zediker, Vanda Mikoloski 143 Waiting for Godot Who are we waiting tor ' Godot Temple University Theater presented Samuel Beckett ' s classic play, " Waiting for Godot, " at TUCC on Stage Three This music hall comedy is more than a pan- tomime. It ' s a vaudeville circus, a clown show of poetry, movement and humor. The play was directed by Dugald MacArthue, coordinator of the Professional actor training pro- gram at Temple. MacArthur is also President ot the Board of Directors of the Wilma Project, an organization responsible for bringing avant-garde theater to Philadelphia from all over the world. 144 jack Axelrod, Greg Leute, jack Galbraith, John Reese The Persecution of Eugene Waterman Temple University ' s Randall Theater presented, " The Persecution of Eugene Waterman. " Obie award winning author Louis Lippa is well known throughout the Philadelphia theater com- munity for his acting, directing and writing He teaches part-time at Temple and has appeared in productions by Peoples ' Light and Theater Com- pany, The Philadelphia Company, Hedgerow Theater and Cheltenham Playhouse. He wrote this play while he was a graduate student in Temples ' professional playwriting program. The play is about a brilliant but naive student visiting the home of a powerful professor and his wife for what appears to be a private, elegant din- ner party. " Eugene Waterman " was directed by Dr. Henry Lee, professor of theater. Dr. Lee most recently directed Tennessee Williams ' " Vieux Carre, " at Temple University ' s Stage Three. Ellen Lochhead, Ken Pearlstein 145 The Crucible 146 PI Randall Theater presented Arthur Miller ' s modern American classic, " The Crucible, " as the final production of the 1980-81 season at the Ran- dall Theater. Miller draws a chilling portrait of mass hysteria that overwhelmed the small village of Salem, Mass., in 1692. When it was first produced on Broadway in 1953, critics made reference to the parallels between the witchcraft trials and the U.S. Senate ' s " McCarthy heanngs. " But the play ' s enduring popularity attests to its relevance today. Director lames Harbour, assistant professor in Temple ' s department of theater, believes, ' The play ' s key element is the power of hysterical in- tolerance which worked its own evil on the com- munity of Salem and continues to erupt throughout the world today. " 147 The Tutor Temple University Theater presented the world premiere of )ohn Willetts ' adaptation translation of ). M. Lenz ' s tragicomedy " The Tutor. " The play is a metaphor about the role of a young 18th century Prussian intellectual who has to make his living by renting out his intellect to other people. Tutoring the children of a wealthy family he ends up compromising his ambitions and repressing his natural desires to gain financial secunty. " The Tutor " was presented at Temple Univer- sity ' s Center City Stage Three. Carl Weber, the play ' s visiting director, is head of the directing program at New York University ' s School of the Arts. Weber started his career as an actor in Germany and joined the Berliner Ensemble in 1952. He became a dramaturge and a directing assistant with Brecht in Berlin and later a director with the company. The cast was composed of students from Tem- ple ' s professional actor training program. Phil Meyer, kim Saxey leanmarie Drauch, Anthony Ashley, Karen kimsey. Bill Burns 148 4, Bill Burns, Anthony Taddei 149 ii i SPORTS .-? ' ' « " I 11 Sport Page Football 153 Soccer 159 Field Hockey 163 Volleyball 167 Men ' s Bowling 170 Men ' s Fencing 172 Wonnen ' s Basketball 1 74 Women ' s Bowling 178 Men ' s Basketball 180 Women ' s Gymnastics 1 86 Badminton 187 Women ' s Tennis 188! Men ' s Swimming 190 Wrestling 192 Women ' s Track 194 Softball 196 Men ' s Gymnastics 200 Baseball 203 Lacrosse 208 Crew 210 Men ' s Track 212 Golf 214 Women ' s Swimming 214 Women ' s Fencing 215 Men ' s Tennis 215 152 Football d 153 Temple 3 7 2 53 7 16 23 17 28 7 7 Football (4 7) Rutgers Delaware Pittsburgh Boston U. Syracuse Akron Cincinnati Louisville West Virginia Penn State Villanova 21 28 36 6 31 7 7 12 41 50 23 154 I 155 11 156 157 I First row (left to right): Assistant Coach Sterling Brown, Steve Shapiro, Tyrone Williams, Kevin Ross, Vince Clark, Art Hood, Sherman Myers, lames Bruce, jim Brown, Matt McArdle, |oe Butler, Steve Conjar, Ken Rowe, Bill Poletti, Sam Shaffer, Bob Stark, Chuck Corrigan, Tony Gam- bone, Mike Fuoco and Head Coach Wayne Hardin. Second row: Assistant Coach Bob Dipipi, Lonnie Davis, Harold Harmon, Kevin Duckett, George Bailey, Reggie Brown, Pat Raymond, Mark Mc- Cants, Ross Mongiardo, Duane Bell, Matt Rogers, )im Andrusko, joe Marzzarella, Vinnie Mini, George Speros, Gene Feingold, Larry Cox, Ken Coffin and Assistant Coach Earl Cleghorn. Third row: Mark Monica, Bob Balkunas, Dave DeTitto, Pat Clamp, Ed Monteiro, Bill Shirk, Craig Epiey, Drew Wesnak, Bob Callager, |oe Rettig, Howard Schwartz, Tim Hanley, Brian Regan, Rocco Senatore, Tim Riordan, Matt Lauck, Todd Hershman and Assistant Coach Frank Massino. Fourth row: Assistant Coach Carmen Piccone, Brian Slade, Tom Tadley, )oe Radszenski, Jack Cerone, Mike Williams, Martin Manning, Brett Hardenstine, Jerry McDowell, Bobby Shires, Brian Wensel, Scott Haley, Mike Pendino, Reuben McCoy, Dom Ragazzone, Doug Davis, |oe Dorsett, Kevin Mastrangelo, Bill Perna and Gene Casciola. Fifth row: Assistant Coach Lary Kuharich, Bert House, Dwayne Tillerson, Doug Hayes, Gerald Lucear, Colin McCarty, Rich Garza, Jerry Bobb, Jim Presto, Vince Stutz, John Critelli, Jim Ermert, Aymon DeMauro, Jay Cicker, Harvey Buckley, Charles Cohen, Joe Caliguire, Bob Clauser and John Kauffman. Sixth row: Chris Stinger, Brad Johnson, Kevin O ' Donahue, Tore Barbaccia, Temple Cibbs, Marvin Jones, Scott Andrien, Mike Parrotta, Ai Scofield, Paul Lippman, Ken Jenkins, Guy Peters, Pete Borosky, Mike Berger, Joe Jovenelli, Walt Marlin and Assistant Coach Vince Hoch. Seventh row: Tink Murphy, Mike McClearn, Ben Will, John Snellman, Dave Abdou, Mike Griffin, Ken Stubbolo, Tom Kilkenny, Rod Moore, An- dy Locust, Greg Pronko, Tom Crocco, Steve Major, Rico Venturelli, Paul Darragh, Jeff Sodrosky, Paul Koster, Ed Olson, Bill Lane, Steve Siminitus and John Pendzik. 158 1 Soccer (12-4-1) Temple 4 2 2 East Stroudsburg Lafayette Lehigh Rider Fairleigh Dickinson Villanova 3 Hofstra 2 La Salle 2 American U. 1 3 Rutgers West Chester 3 Drexel 1 St. Joseph ' s Phila. Textile 2 Penn State ECC Champion ECAC mid-Atlantic Champion 1 1 1 2 2 2 1 2 160 1 161 Front row (left to right): Tom Pote, Mitchell Greenberg, Pete Seelaus, Dan Lemmo, Mike Devlin, lohn Gibson, Zarik Moradian, Gary Umstead and Tom Zielke. Middle row: Assistant Coach Bob Hunter, )eff Kraft, )oe O ' Brien, Ashton Andrews, Ed Parkinson, Tim Weglicki, Scott Land, Mike Timken, Bob i Greenwood, Tom Howell and Head Coach John Boles. i Back row: Wayne Africano, Chip Buck, Bill Purvis, Alberto Gaglianese, Herb Viniarski, Ray Burger, Walt Peteraf, Robert Rashford, Bob Delgado ( t and Erik Nelson. i 162 Field Hockey I «i I 163 Field Hockey (15-4-1) Temple 1 St. Louis 3 1 Penn State 3 3 West Chester 4 St. Joseph ' s 1 5 2 2 3 E. Stroudsburg William Mary Lafayette Montdair 2 1 3 American U. 1 Ursinus 1 4 Lehigh 5 2 Maryland Trenton State 4 3 LaSalle 2 3 2 Rutgers Princeton 2 1 Delaware 2 2 Penn State 1 2 Classboro 1 Lock Haven (EAIAW) 2 164 I f §■■■•■■■■■■■■■■■•■ ■■■■■•■• " •■■■■■■■■••■■ «ii«««»aiiiaiBi,,, " ■■■ ■■«•■»«■■■ ■■■■■■■■■■■laa jmBaBMMvvaaaaaaaa " ! « « •■■■■•■■•■■■«««»aii ' «a -tjisj ,,,, ■ ■■■■•■■■■■■■aaaaaiiv iasaaaaBi ■■■■■■■■■■■«••■»■ v« . ' !»aii«aiaiii FffBBWaavaaasaiRaaaat •aaiaci: •■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■aav !■■■■« l«» i ' ! il 165 f , ' ' » ' ■ ' ' f,f T f ' i:f .1 ,t t ; gggjf? . ., «r- ( Head Coach Cwen Cheeseman, Asst. Coach Cheryl Fulginiti, Tina Arcaro, Terry Brookshaw, Barbara Budko, Susan Chillano, Marie Deveaux, Charlene Ebersole, Ian Falk, Karen Fechter, Sharon Garber, )oyce Good, Kathy Hagmann, Liz Harkins, Robin laffe, Elaine Kint, Karen Kilgarift, Terry Koff, Andrea LeBlanc, Carol Sue Liga, Larraine Lodise, Carol Maltby, loan McHugh, Stacey McHugh, Kathy McMonagle, Caroline McWilliams, Tern Nottle, Roni Pack, Patricia Rhiel, Marie Schmucker, Dawn Schwenke, Lor: Wambold, lanet Zdun. i 166 Ml Volleyball Mane I.Kawii 167 } Front Row, (left to right): Lisa Lamberton, Cathy Miani, Lynn Yurchak, Cathy Wise, Sue WekseL Liz Woeckner. Back Row: Susan Miller, Diana Durrell, Patty Lawson, Bridget Rice, Mary Beth Wilson, Ann Metz, Dawn O ' Brien, trainer; Head Coach Kay Corcoran Volleyball (23-24) Temple Pittsburgh Cleveland 2 Kent State 1 Cleveland 1 Kent State 3 Lehigh Miami-Ohio 2 Maryland N. Kentucky Michigan State 3 Lafayette 1 S. Connecticut 2 Syracuse 2 Fairleigh Dickinson 2 Navy Rutgers 2 Louisville 2 Ohio U. Cleveland 1 Rutgers Maryland 1 C. Washington 2 Laurentian W. Virginia Maryland 2 Towson State 2 Hofstra 1 Connecticut 2 New Haven 1 Princeton 3 Penn State 2 Princeton Rutgers 2 Massachusetts ' 2 Clemson 2 Rhode Island 1 UNC-Chapel Hill 1 Rhode Island Rutgers 2 Central Connecticut 2 E. Stroudsburg New Hampshire 2 Drexel 3 Robert Morris 1 W. Virginia 1 Princeton 2 2 2 2 1 1 3 2 ' 168 169 Top (left fo right): layne Attanasio, coach, Ben lankowski, )ohn Ordille, Art Silverman Bottom: Mike Higgins, Mike Rodman, |ohn Scudder 170 r i Bowling 171 Bottom row (left to right): Howard Simpson, Craig Schmitz, George Scott, Geott Lathrop, Earle Manley Top row; lames Otto, Pete lohnson, George Intanzon, Ron Brodbeck, lames Davey, Darren Greenblat, Rick Watrail, Allen Kelley 172 J Fencing I Fencing (7-2) Temple 18 Latayette 9 9 Rutgers 18 19 N. I. Tech. 8 21 lersey City 6 22 Pace 5 14 Stevens Tech. 13 13 Haverford 14 17 N. estate 10 15 William Mary 12 21 Drew 6 15 William Paterson 12 1st MACFA ■jkj ' j H SI 5 27 JE ii« " V 173 Basketball 174 Basketball (12-17) emple 69 Navy 74 92 Virginia C. 77 51 Monmouth 68 69 Lafayette 60 57 American U. 64 75 Virginia State 60 90 E. Stroudsburg 56 68 Queens 90 65 Indiana 74 64 Rutgers 104 11 Dalhousie 67 74 Syracuse 75 83 McGill 81 71 Connecticut 68 63 Penn State 89 62 Cheyney State 81 95 Delaware 101 74 Manhattan 82 64 Immacuiata 63 67 Villanova 104 84 LaSalle 88 11 Lehigh 60 83 W. Virginia 86 62 Georgetown 82 70 Catholic 57 60 W. Chester 67 77 Penn 78 96 Kean 76 87 St. Joseph ' s 68 [ 175 II I Front Row (left to right): Phyllis Cubit, Patty Brennan, Sue Stimmel, Donna Kennedy, Carolyn Frame, Pam Derderian. Back Row: Assistant Coach Pat Thompson, Peggy McAteer, Lynn Blaszczyk, Marilyn Stephens, )udy Sherwin, )enniter Cowan, Pam LeBlanc, Head Coach Linda MacDonald. 176 ■% i mm. 3 11 4 i m;;mi ' .v ' ' T7 -i. ► ' IL- = i v- V.?« itfl A V « " .1 s % V-- ' - L 177 1 .■ -V i fl i " R n| fK r jI ■K? 1 Top (left to right): Nadia Batson, lenny Conroy, Beth Mostovoy, Michele Mutinski, Antoinette Scota Bottom: Nancy Napolitano, Head Coach )ayne Atlanasio, Lon Wisnowsl i, Rhoda Rodchester. 178 I Bowling ■ 1 Bowling (1 1-3) Temple 12.5 Drexel b.5 12 5 G. Washington 5,5 7.0 Maryland 12,0 1 lO Lincoln 80 14,0 Gettysburg 5.0 130 Bloomsburg hi) 5,5 Penn State 15 5 lh,() Gettysburg 5.0 15,0 Lincoln bO 4,0 Penn State I5() 15,5 Bloomsburg 5 5 l ' -»,0 Maryland 00 IMO G. Washington 00 IbO Drexel 5.0 1st ACLII Regionals 1st PMIBC ird AMF Championship 179 M 180 Basketball 181 182 I « Basketball (2()-«) emple Mi West Chester 77 97 Lehigh 62 82 Delaware 60 105 Point Park 75 67 Cincinnati 48 49 UCLA (Tokyo) 73 65 UNCL 68 70 Maine 64 43 Penn State 39 59 Fordham 62 49 U ot Penn 51 56 Lafayette 50 68 S. Carolina 64 59 Manhattan 53 80 William Mary 68 71 Villanova 68 80 Hotstra 56 84 Drexel 63 69 Rider 61 58 St. Joseph ' s 61 77 Bucknell 59 84 LaSalle 84 53 Maine 51 62 American LI. 70 68 Hotstra (ECC) 63 55 St Joseph ' s (ECC) 60 90 Clemson (NIT) 82 76 W. Virginia (NIT) 11 183 Front row (left to right): Ron Wister, Keith Parham, )im McLoughlin, Skip Prince, Neal Robinson, Kevin Broadnax, Terence Stansbury and Randll Coode. Back row: Head Coach Don Casey, Assistant Coach )ay Norman, Steve Warfel, Colin McNish, Granger Hall, Cordon Kaylor, Scott Baggot, Marl ' ] Davis, Alton McCullough and Managers Bruce Solomon, Chris Jones and Mark Thorpe. sJSI 184 185 Gymnastics Mi ni Gymnastics (0- 12 Temple HI 80 Trenton M2 MO W, Chester 7S,45 Springfield HM,05 Rutgers IOS,35 E, Stroudsburg 105,35 Cornell MM 15 Massachusetts Ml, 10 New Hampshire lOHOO Pittsburgh l()b.80 Maryland 106 80 W, Virginia 10b 80 Uof Penn. 186 Badminton J Badminton (12-2) Temple 3 U. of Penn. I 5 Ursinus 5 Swarthmore 9 C. Washington 6 Hood College 5 Drexel 1 W. Chester 4 5 Ursinus 4 Princeton 1 6 William Mary 2 5 Bryn Mawr 5 U. of Penn 2 W Chester 3 5 Albright 2nd PAIAW 13th AIAW 187 Tennis (13-2) Temple 7.0 Villanova 2.0 7.0 William Paterson 2.0 7.0 Classboro 2.0 9.0 Swarthmore 0.0 9.0 Trenton State 0.0 5.0 LaSalle 0.0 7.5 Delaware 1.5 9.0 E. Stroudsburg 0.0 6.0 Seton Hall 3.0 8.0 Towson State 1.0 5.0 Ursinus 0.0 5.0 Duquesne 0.0 3.0 Rutgers 6.0 3.0 W. Chester 6.0 6.0 William Paterson 3.0 .i ' • .rani. n m.-m 1 1 i 9k-x, L 1 vmi J ir .• SmBww, M B|B K . " . ' . k ' i ' jj %• 1 ■« ■ i i 1 t. 1 r r 1 i ii i 1 ■ if J j [ f ' 1 M Zl 1981 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY VARSITY TENNIS Front row (L. to R.): Carin Kraut, Karen Ostenso, Stephanie Rosenbaurm, Missy Wolfinger. Back row (L. to R.): B) Sklar (head coach). Hyacinth Yorke, jeanette Tomcavage, Ginger Gorman, Karen Elefant, Chosed (assistant coach). Debbie 188 Tennis r k - 4 jn - . ' . H w ' m I ' ' ' M- J i I i h t - l A eljct ' f 1 189 Front row (left to right): Pete Mohacey, Taylor Cooper, Dennis Oscipinski, Brian Wilson, Anton Whiteford, Jason Clark, Kieth McFarlene. Second row: Dave Koch, Dan Kniseley, Mario Valori, Ric Callage, Steve Zediker, MyrI Zawoiski, Mitch Mclnnis. Third row: Manager Mary Beth Koenig, )ay Goldstein, Matt Trafford, )ohn Walgast, Neil Simonson, Mike Mammele, Assistant Coach Ed Quarry and Head Coach Chris McKee. 190 Swimming t - ' _A J K Jlflr Swimming (7-6) Temple 4b Lehigh 67 6b American U 44 68 W Chester 56 51 67 Rutgers Fordham 62 44 45 LaSalle 68 47 74 Pittsburgh Bloomsburg 66 54 60 Rider 53 45 Villanova 67 48 Penn State 65 60 Classboro 44 67 Drexel 46 3rd ECC i 191 Front row (left to right); Kevin Gross, Dan Comfort, Steve Cifonelli, Alan Fishman, Greg Thomas, Vinnie Levin, Tom O ' Neal. Second row: Kevin Bleacher, Frank Mitcho, Mike Ramos, John Grieffer, joe Duca, Hube Fasolino. Third row: Assistant Coach Howie O ' Neill, Tony Mantella, Rick Lovato, Latt lackson, Carmen Aker, jim Tunstall, Keith Kreider and Head Coach lerry Villecco. 192 Wrestling Wrestling (12-5-1) emple 28 Springfield 13 22 C. Connecticut 13 15 Missouri 23 17 Penn State 22 25 Bucl neii 13 36 Drexel 6 41 U. of Penn. 5 29 Swartmore 6 12 Wilkes 26 26 Hofstra 24 30 Rutgers 13 38 Lafayette 9 12 Syracuse 24 25 W. Chester 14 45 S. Connecticut 3 43 Franklin Marshall 5 21 Millersville 21 15 Bloomsburg 27 5th EIWA ; 193 I Track 4th EAIAW Indoor Championship 6th EAIAW Outdoor Championship 195 ' i ' . V N ' H ♦ l l| - ' Vr- ' tj ' m » , Softball 197 Softball (20 7) Temple 3 Villanova 9 Kean 6 Kean 3 Montclair 3 Montclair 3 LaSalle LaSalle 11 Ursinus 5 Ursinus Penn State 3 Penn State 1 Rutgers Rutgers Connecticut 1 Connecticut 11 Trenton 3 W. Chester 1 2 2 E. Stroudsburg E. Stroudsburg Classboro 7 Glassboro 7 Delaware 5 Delaware 2 Massachusetts Massachusetts 4 Springfield Springfield 2 2 2 2 2 1 6 2 1 - Front row (left to right): L to R: Lynn Yurchak, Shirlee Tremont, Terri Reid, )an Williams, Rose Cassiano, Larraine Lodise Middle row: Terry McVaugh, Terri Fitch, Dawn Schwenke, Sandy Philippi, Carol Gr Back row: Ronnie Maurek (head coach), Cindy Schlieker, Rosie Papa, Sheree Davis, Kim Cray, Terry Koff, Kathy Arendsen (assistant coach) 198 Pl L. I i iWii» ' irolCt free ft ' f " ' ■ ' •- ■ 1 ■ ■ - ' ■■■■ 199 200 Gymnastics I 201 Gymnastics (8-1) Temple 248.05 Springfield 252.45 Syracuse 254.70 E. Stroudsburg 253.85 Army 257.30 Pittsburgh 250.65 Penn State 263.15 Navy 259.80 Massachusetts 260.90 S. Connecticut 2nd EICL Front row (left to right): Walt Kenney, Matt Marutani, Captain Keith Miles Avery, Doug Brown and Kenn Alvord. Middle row; Tom DePaolantonio, Hank Horn, )udah Lynn, Scott Bram, Glenn Castle and Rich Bertone. Back row; Head Coach Fred Turoff, Manager Dan Wong, Carlos Vazquez, Trainer |oe Ingemi, Forrest Hartley, Matt Stinson and Assistant Coach )oe Magid. 202 Baseball 205 «« ' 4f ' V ' ' ' % ' v ' 2 Front row, left to right; Dan West, Lou NIcastro, Alex Gonzales, Izzy Menna, Clitf Carter, Scott DiGuardi, Scott labbusch. Bill Mendek, Mark Maron. Middle row: Ed Bethusian, Dave Fulwider, )eft Erb, Steve Yates, Gene Wisniewski, Rich Callahan, H. ). Lopes, Derrick Dempsey, Doug Kepple, Dan Karasiewski, Mark Moriarty and Greg Wilson. Back row: Head Coach Jim (Skip) Wilson, Bob Cooper, Mike McKee, Bill Zitomer, Gary Enoch, Brian Schiavo, Dave Myers, Glenn lames, Bob Devlin, Dennis McLane, lohn Rooney, Mike Mcllvaine, )im Swilley, Art Mignogna and assistant coach lack Don. ■ Nru. A 206 -I !f IMe Baseball (22-11-1) Temple 7 Rollins 5 4 C. Florida 3 3 C. Florida 8 4 Rollins 15 2 C. Florida 2 14 Florida 13 4 S. Florida 6 3 St. Leo 12 St. Leo 9 14 Villanova 6 26 Spring Garden 13 Drexel 8 10 Drexel 3 9 U. of Penn. 6 17 Phila. Textile 5 7 Catholic U. 5 19 Hofstra 6 9 Hofstra 1 7 Seton Hall 4 11 Classboro 10 10 American U. 13 25 LaSalle 4 18 LaSalle 4 2 W. Chester 6 14 Rutgers 6 11 Niagara 10 7 St. Joseph ' s 9 7 St. Joseph ' s 4 4 Penn State 5 19 Bucknell 10 4 American U. 6 8 Lafayette 3 Rider 2 4 Rider 207 1 Front row (left to right) ' : Sue Stimmel, Tammy Slusser, Lisa Delia Pelle, Bernice Marble, Terri Nottle, Lori Wambold, Mindy Jacobs, Marty King Back row: Lisa Harkins, Eileen Conran, Roni Pack, Donna Kennedy, Sharon Garber, Mary Alice Yakutchik, Karen Kilgariff, Debbie Kelly, Chrissy Lli, Smith, Marie Schmucker, Kathie Daley, Stacy McHugh, Jennifer Goodwin, Joan McHugh Missing: Sue Chiliano, Karen Fechter, Lori Cayman, Janice Mayer, Caroline McWilliams, Sandy Snyder, LeVon Spruill, Cheryl Toll 208 Lacrosse Lacrosse ( 10-6) Temple 5 Harvard 12 15 Swarthmore 3 3 26 7 7 Maryland Montgomery CC Rutgers W. Chester 7 1 6 4 4 Ursinus 12 20 14 Lafayette Trenton 3 4 8 U. of Penn. 7 4 Penn State 17 12 13 Lehigh Glassboro 3 2 7 Delaware 8 4 7 Penn State (EAIAW) Maryland (EAIAW) 5 2 209 Crew (6-1) Temple 1 Charleston 2 W. Virginia 3 Marietta 4 Kings Point 5 Manhattan 4 Massachusetts 5 6 LaSalle 1 1st Kerr Cup 1st Bergen Cup Front row (left to right): Chris Scalone, )oe Sullivan, Frank KrempI, Sean Brennan, )ohn Tucker, Ed Logue, Bob McDevitt, Tim O ' Brien and Tom Ellis. Middle row: )ohn Murphy, )oe Lennon, Russ Fiorek, Mikes Lederer, Steve Berg, Al Pepper and Bill Fenerty. Back row: Head Coach Gavin R. White, Kevin Begley, Mike Sullivan, Mike Quinn, Tony Stefanski, Charlie Bracken, Tom Kowalik, Kevin Cauley, Bill Irwin, Jerry Flood, assistant coaches |udy Kapler and Mike Teti. 210 Track (8-1) Temple 127 Lafayette 90 127 W. Chester 51 127 Classboro 226 127 Phila. Textile 48 127 Trenton State 41 107 St. Joseph ' s 71 107 LaSalle 52 107 W. Chester 45.5 107 Phila. Textile 24.5 3rd East Coast Conference Championship Front row (left to right): Dwayne )ones, Darryl Wilson, Marlon Cocking, Roy Gilliam, Brad Larkin, Jim Thomas and Ceorge Steinbronn. Middle row: Ulf Linquister, Mark Drinks, Brad Krum, Jeff Knoll, Roosevelt Lofton, Mike Williams, and Tim Naylor. Back row; Head Coach lack Saint Clair, manager Bob Baxter, Rich Price, |im McKnight, Chuck Shields, Bill Davies, Bill Kramer, Harry leffries, Lon- nie Davis and Fred Kenney. L 212 ■: I Track I 213 Golf (11-0) Temple 361 LaSalle 393 361 Drexel 390 402 U. of Penn 414 402 Lafayette 422 371 W. Chester 407 371 St. loseph ' s 397 374 Rutgers 382 389 Villanova 423 389 Phila. Textile 425 400 Rider 420 400 Lehigh 407 1st East Coast Conference 1st Eastern Invitational Championship I i ' • Left to right: Gary Deetscreek, Randy Rolfe, Steve Tasho, Ed Sallie, Head Coach |ohn Mac- Donald, Mike Brown, David O ' Kelly and Kevin klier. Swimming -6) Temple 70 Army 51 78 Glassboro ' 51 63 Lehigh 66 74 Monmouth 46 84 E. Stroudsburg 48 87 Kean 48 98 St. Peter ' s 21 96 W. Chester 33 54 Bucknell 77 67 LaSalle 73 51 Villanova 89 .87 Immaculata 41 96 Swarthmore 31 82 Montclair 58 58 Drexel 82 77 Penn State 62 91 Delaware 49 5th PAIAW Championship nth EAIAW Championship 214 J Lett to Right: Cinny Collins, Mary Bilodeaux, Yasmine McCormack (captain). Head Coach Nii ki Franke, India Hayes (kneeling), Annie Varjabedian, Maureen Leun, Diane Depken Fencing (18-3) Temple Ih Caldwell 14 New York U. 15 MIT 14 William Mary 15 lohns Hopkins 15 Stephen ' s 15 Brooklyn 8 St. John ' s 16 Montclair 16 Barnard 16 Queens 12 Harvard 1 1 CCNY 6 U. otPenn. 12 Fairleigh Dickinson 1 1 Jersey City 13 Hofstra 5 Penn State 13 William Paterson 14 Indiana ot Pa, 1 1 Cornell 2nd EAIAW Championship 2nd AIAW Championship 2 1 2 1 1 1 8 4 5 10 4 5 3 11 3 2 5 Tennis (12-3) Temple 6 Drexel 8 Hofstra 1 7 lona 2 1 Swarthmore 8 4 Rider 1 Concordia 6 y W. Chester 8 American U. 1 8 C. Washington 1 y LaSalle 6 Rutgers 3 7 St. Joseph ' s 1 4 Haverford 5 5 Bloomsburg St. 4 7 Lehigh 2 2nd ECC Front row (left to right): Tom Kane, )eff Meiskin, and Mike Schroeder. Back row: Head Coach Harvey Fleegler, llan Windman, Don Griffith, Robert Litterst, George Polizois and David Lafuria. 1 215 a Sportsman If you took a poll of 12-year-old boys to find out what they wanted to be when they grow up, you wouldn ' t be surprised to find Tim Claxton was no exception, ne too nau uiuugnis u, a professional athlete. But on December 23, 1980, he died from a heart ailment and his dream wasn ' t fulfilled. That ' s the really sad part of it. I never knew Tim personally but when he played for Temple, he was my favorite Owl. I would always look in the box score to see his stats and when I could, go to a game just to see number 22 do his thing on the basketball court. I saw him make his last stab at becoming a pro in the summer of 1980, when he tried out for the Atlanta Hawks. But he failed the physical, something about his heart not being sound enough to take the pressure. I found that hard to believe. Here was a guy who surprised so many people with his play in the past and they said his heart wasn ' t all nght. He was the eighth » highest scorer in Owl history with 1418 points. And considering not , too many people were interested in him when he graduated from j Germantown High in 1974, 1 found that he did have heart. It was because of his heart that he was able to play in a league like | the Continental Basketball Association. It was because of his heart that he kept the dream of going pro aJive despite getting rejected more times than a jimmy Connors serve. When he died, there was an emptiness in my soul of a guy that tned so hard only to get knocked back down. He had my respect for » not giving up on a dream, something that not too many people can say. , They said that Tim Claxton ' s heart was bad. On the contrary, he had a strong heart. The problem was that his physical heart wasn ' t strong enough to meet the goals he set for himself. - Daryl Bell ' AMPUS MEDIA e INSIDE TODAY ' S ISSUE: A 12page special report examining the relation- ship between Temple and North Philadelphia. x ' . V . (S ft . ' ' . • site of ' ' ei w A,S. aV ' Aft: •V ...- .e- :»r; " !f Wife of hostage talks here By NEIL A. SHEEHAN News Editor Bonnie Graves, wife of American hostage John Graves, lambasted the media and the American government during an appearance Friday in SAC for creating a " soap opera " at- mosphere that delayed release of the 50 embassy captives. Soccer remains unbeaten Ar pie. phol cour able slaff. edito repo lime photi Th duce new! proff anyn Th( excel! andT ' tliene ta «t °oVB 9.tv ' . Je Searchpanel considers 40 By Neil A. Sheehan and Paul Suszynski Temple News Staff Writers Copyrighl © 1981 by The Temple News The Presidential Search Committee has met once a nionth since December at the staid Urban League building in Center Ci- ty to determine who will replace Universi- ty President Marvin Wachman when he retires next year. Although the meetings are held behind closed doors, the Temple News has ob- tained from several sources close to. the committee the names of the candidates under consideration. They include two Temple deans, a Temple professor and several adminstrators from other univer- sities. The Temple University L saiia dfpanme tounfe Hie news didojoi Mentci ' ndtheci (UtBbin. semester Itiecov P ' Wfited ' N-. 218 I I An editor must be all things to all peo- ple. He is an administrator, writer, photographer, copy editor, psychologist, counselor and businessman. He must be able to bring out the best in his entire staff. Sometimes this involves yelling at editors to keep deadlines or telling a reporter to rev rite a story. Most of the time it ' s just telling a reporter or photographer " nice job. " This semester I felt that my staff pro- duced one of the best college newspapers that Temple had. A level of professionalism had been achieved that any newspaper could be proud of. The layout of the newspaper was par excellence. Thanks to Felix, Terry, Terri, and Tom for producing and providing for the newspaper photo or news content. News is the backbone of a newspaper. Without it there would be no Temple News. That is why the job of news editors Neil and Maura were all more significant. They came up with stories every day that made the News a useful tool of journalism. Backing them up were the copy editors Mike and Vernon, who made sure that every story was the best that it could be. For those of you I haven ' t mentioned don ' t be upset — you know who you are and I know how important each and every one of you were to the News. Lastly, I would like to thank the readers, for after all you are the people that the News serves. — Paul Suszynski Spring ' 81 Editor-in-Chief As a college newspaper, The Temple News seeks to inform students about campus life, and seeks the truth behind actions that occur on campus. But a newspaper cannot live on copy alone. That ' s where the News ' business office comes in. It is the business office that handles the financial affairs of the paper, orders the supplies to keep the presses roll- ing, and solicits the ads that pays for the paper, and fills in when there just isn ' t enough news to go around. It is the business office that keeps the books straight, keeps the advertisers happy, makes sure that there is always enough film to print copy and headlines and keeps the News ship afloat. Nobody sees Lissa, John, Susan, William, Brian, Darryl, Chris, loAnn, and Beth do their tedious and most time difficult work in the business office. As business manager of the News, I have watched my staff put in hours of dedicated work time, for low pay and much aggrava- tion. But they are dedicated people, who made my job a little easier. And believe me, it ' s not an easy job. The business staff is made up of very special people. They spend endless hours do- ing tedious work, and never get fully acknowledged for their efforts. Now everyone knows what it takes to put out a newspaper — it takes dedicated people. — Rosita jaipaul Business Manager jCenleti. nwiitii A University as large and diverse as Temple is a difficult task to cover. There are dozens of departments, hundreds of professors and countless student groups that want coverage. The news also must fulfill its function as a wat- chdog of the university and an advocate of student causes. These two types of coverage and the coverage of all sides of controversies must be balanced perfectly or people will complain about the newspaper. But despite the hassles of equipment breakdown and people ' s complaints, the semester was successful. The coverage was varied. The stories were presented in an attractive and objective fashion. And most important, the newspaper hit the stands every morning so students could get the last information concerning Temple. This success did not occur by accident. It was the result of hard work and dedication of editors shown on the following page. I ' d like to thank them for the fine job they did. An editor becomes so wrapped up in the daily workings of the newspaper that the newspaper becomes his life. He becomes obsessed with it. I especially want to thank my staff for making that obsession a pleasant one. — Mike Brehm Fall ' 80 Editor-in-Chief 219 ■WHATS HAPPENING AT TEMPLE OCTOBER ,.- lkjp— ' .SlWl r ' i ' Lissa Levison, Advertising Manager Terry Tooney, Sports Editor Harry Kenney, Managing Editor Felix Winternitz, Managing Editor 220 Maura Ciccarelli, News Editor Dennis Syndney, Production Manager Phil Beck, Arts Editor i 221 Vernon Clark, Copy Editor Jodie Green, Production Manager Neil Sheehan, News Editor 222 Tim Blangger, Copy Editor Tom Cote, Photo Editor Bill Mueller, Sports Editor Tern Hallman, Arts Editor 223 224 I 225 Gerri Doherty Senior Section Editor 1 p.. m ir ' " ' . m r Tony lamison Photo Editor Patty Sweney Sports Editor Vance Warren Alternate Campuses Editor Nate Lewis Student Life Editor 226 V, Templar 1981 Douglas Scott Editor-in-Chief Christopher Hein Business Manager Bobbi DiCarol Theatre Editor Beth Mostovoy Ad Manager 227 Photographers Steve Berkowitz: 132, 133, 134, 135, 136, 137, 138, 139, 140, 141, 142, 143, 144, 144, 146, 147, 148, 149 Robert Beyer: 35 Tom Cote; 33, 4 1, 180, Hi. 224, 225, 238, 3 17 Cerri Doherty: M 1 Mark Fogelman: 87, 102,105,107,108,111,118,120, 121,125,342 Lome Carber: 62. 63, 74, 75, 76, 77. 78, 79, 80, 8 I, 82, 83, 84, 85, 86 Tony lamison: 22,23.26,28,40,42,48,60,61,66,71,89,90,91, 172, 173, 174, 175, 177, 186, 187, 191, 197,254, 350, 351 Parnsh loynes: 192. 193, 200 Nate Lewis: 58. 59. 64, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69, 70, 71, 72, 73 Mike Panzera: 220, 222, 239 Douglas Scott: 1. 5. 6, 8, 9, 10, 1 1, 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19, 20. 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26. 27. 28. 29. 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 38, 39. 43. 45. 46. 47. 49.50,51,52.53.54,55.56,,96,97.98. 100. 103. 116. 118. 119. 125. 126. 127. 128. 129. 130. 131. 151. 153. 154. 155. 156. 157, 159, 160, 161, 163, 164, 165, 167, 169, 170, 171, 174, 175, 177. 178. 179, 181, 182, 183, 185, 188, 189, 193, 193. 195. 200. 201, 202, 203, 204, 205. 207. 210, 211, 213, 216, 217, 219, 220. 221. 222, 223, 224. 225, 226. 227, 228, 229, 230, 231, 233, 234, 235. 236. 237, 252, 271, 276, 279, 282, 340, 341, 342, 344, 345, 346, 347. Paul Suszynski: 41, 44 Merin Studios: 2,3,6,7.8.9,87.92.93,95,97,98,99, 101, 102, 103. 104, 105, 106. 107. 108. 109. 110, 112, 113, 114, 115, 116, 117, 118, 120, 121. 122. 124. 239. 241. 243. 244. 246, 248, 250, 258, 261, 263, 265, 266, 269, 281, 285, 287, 289, 3 1 1, 312, 338, 339, 342, 343, 345. 347. 348, 349 Copy Written by: Darryl Bell, Cerri Doherty, Douglas Scott, Felix Winternitz Cover Design by: Nathaniel Scott 228 :. ' • ' ■ ■ . iiV: : . _ " M ■■ ■i jl__ HOiilHlllilH jhH - IHHBI 1 - --- " ' _• fc ,,fttf ,151, f lil " l . i 229 5pice 230 :e; KTHIi Ke The time has come. Four years have passed. I must now prepare myself to join my fellow journalism majors on the nation ' s unemployment lines. For many, it is a time of reflection over their col- lege careers. For me, this means looking back over two years of editing SPICE, Temple ' s humor magazine. SPICE has come a long way in the past five years, from a gleam in the eyes of Tom Cornell and Rick Feehry, to a finan- cially strapped " underground " magazine, to a popular university- funded student publication. It hasn ' t been easy, but it ' s been a lot of fun, and a great learning experience for everyone involved. SPICE, however, does not exist only as a journalistic playground for creative writers, editors, and artists. It exists mainly for its readers, those hard- working students who need to laugh every now and then to keep from going crazy. Large bureaucratic institutions like Temple need publications like SPICE to add some humanity to an otherwise drab, triplicated, computer-formed world. I hope SPICE will continue to brighten the university life long after I have left. I have expectations that my predecessors will carry on the tradition. Steve Beale 1981 Spice Editor Carl Spicer, Associate Editor Tim O ' Conner, N4anaging Editor 231 WRTI 90.1 FM Vincent Thomas, Station Manager . f»,V H Ik. i? " f . ■, f- -- sf. ■•i-f.: 1 M fc fl 4P . 4 ' w %3 t ji ■HP 1 t , 234 ■ i — f»M ■ l l I B . ..--l ' i. ' . B n. " .i- S Mh . •■ L.J d 3 H K 1 » . 1 Kl k ' v ' » . -t May 28, 1981 Program Prelude The Temple University Wind Ensemble, conducted by Glenn A. Steele Academic Procession The National Anthem Led by Marietta Simpson, Class of 1981 The College of Music Invocation The Reverend Dr. Henry H. Nichols Pastor. Janes Memorial United Methodist Church Conferring of Honorary Degrees Marvin Wachman President of the University Honorary Degrees Barbara Chase-Riboud. Doctor of Fine Arts Presented by John E. Dov»ell Bowen C. Dees. Doctor of Science Presented by Bernard C. Watson John L Dotson. Jr.. Doctor of Journalism Presented by Paul W. Sullivan Irving S. Shapiro. Doctor of Civil Law Presented by Walter J. Gershenfeld Bill Bradley. Doctor of Laws Presented by Fitz Eugene Dixon. Jr. Commencement Address The Honorable Bill Bradley Member. United States Senate Conferring of Degrees President Wachman Recognition of Honor Graduates John L. Rumpf Vice President and Dean of Faculties President ' s Salute to the Graduates Alma Mater Led by Marietta Simpson Onward Willi Temple. Banners all unfurled; Wtile llung our standards. To ihe winds they ' re hurled Following our Founder To immorldl tame. Making true his vision, Ot a deathless name FHail ' Alma Mater, Honor, praise to Thee; We pledge our lives. Our hearts in loyalty Wisdom, Truth and Virtue Built our Temple great, Perseverance conquers; Higher to create 235 236 ■T " ' " • ■ ip 1 s %a sT -.i l ' ' - 1 W ' «? H ■ T i ET F» mK Fc U m _ 1. K . H r J-V ..i? ;i? ' :;; r. TntTT Hbi ' Qi P J HIIII U ' -31 !w t_ •■- ' ■ ' vTfl k Hta ,- ' •:■ ' -• ' K .- 1 i 237 Senior From Yesterday Section Into Tonnorrow Robert M. Abbott BA Psychology Bernard ). Adelsberger BA |ournalism Veronica |. Ahiagbe BA Criminal Justice Lisa E. Albany BS Elementary Ed. )ody M. Alberts BBA Marketing Alfonso R. Allen BA Admin. of Justice 1 Carolyn Allen BS Elementary Ed. Matthew B. Allmann BA RTF Paul M. Alper BBA Accounting 240 241 Carmita ). Alverez BSW Social Work Hiram Alvelo BA Criminal lustice Andrew M. Andrews BA )ournalism Ruth M. Andrews BS Early Child Ed. Anthony Angelini BS Therapeutic Rec. Susan ). Anger BA Psychology Rhonda B. Aniess BSW Social Welfare Maria V. Arbizo BBA C and IS Grace E. Arrington BA Psychology Ik 242 Karen Asroff BBA Accounting Chi-Tak Au BA Biochemistry Yvonne M August BA lournalism !l 243 Charles L. Avner BBA Accounting Dornenic Bdgliuo BA Psychology Diane M. Bailey BSW Social Welfare 244 If Vincent ). Bdkanauskas Ali A. Baraty BS Mechanical Eng. Michael L. Barnes BM Music Performance Ross T. Barnes BA Criminal lustice Michael P. Barnett BBA Accounting 1 Beth L. Bartmann BA Communications Michael C Basheda BA Classics Ronald ). Bass BBA Accounting 245 f k Leona L Battiste BS Elementary Ed Dolores Baxter BA Social Admin, Stephen B. Beale BA )ournalism i I i ' • W ' V«C ' ' -S.-;Je ' 246 I Serilyn P. Bell BA Social Admin. Debbie A. Beller BBA Accounting Angela D. Benson BA Criminal Justice Kennetli A. Belz BS Civil Engineering Karen j. Bentz BS Early Childhood Ed. Dee N. Berman BA Psychoiogy Mario ). Bertinelli BS Civil Engineering loanne M. Bilotta BA Biology 247 Peppino S. Blando BA Psychology Sherle A. Blau BA Sociology Ellen D. Bluestein BS Therapeutic Rec. 248 i Robert J Borda BBA Management V p» «•■ ) " » fcs ' ' ' k BJP C i.,.. George S. Bobnak BA Political Science Carol A. Bonitatis BA Journalism Charles W. Border BA RTF David M. Bomberowitch BA )ournalism Gladys L. Boone BS Physical Ed. Anthony ) Braciszewski BA Criminal justice 249 Ann M. Brady BA Journalism Lisa Brady Sondra D. Brand BBA Accounting 250 Steven D, Brand BBA Accounting Joseph R. Brandon BSW Social Welfare Michael N. Bratman BA Psychology- Esther R. Britton BA Speech leri K. Brockington BA Political Science Mary Broderick leanette E. Brooks BS Elementary Ed. Lisa A. Brooks BBA Management Brenda ). Brown BSW Social Work 251 Samuel Brown BA Anthropology Wanda L. Brown BS Therapeutic Rec. Elsbeth B. Browndorl BA Psychology S h 252 Sandra E. Bubernack MA Medical Technology Thomas | Bugieda BBA Marketing Sonya M. Bundy Robert D. Bunsick BBA C and IS Deara M. Burton BSW Social Welfare Medora E. Cadwallader BS Elementary Ed. David D. Caldwell BA lournalism Loretta Campbell BBA C and IS lulie A. Capin 253 Mai " wi _ F-i ' ' ' ' ' 1 , iHMsbt mk k vF 3 1 i ' " " " • wJMj f JNi gpy P Daisy Carter BS Community Rec. Sally Carter BA Admin, of lustice Robert ) Centonze BBA Finance 254 Susan Chadwick Mary M. Chan BBA C and IS Theresa M. Childers MSW Social Planning Marie j. Chmielewski BA Theatre EnjoCho Woo II Choung BA Political Science ince I Maggie K. Chung BBA Accounting Kathy A. Cimino BA Political Science Alonnia E. Clark BA Criminal Justice 255 Vernon A. Clark BA Journalism Brendan ). Clearkin BBA Management Judy L. Cohen BA English Rona ld B. Cohen BA Communications Christina L. Cole BSW Social Work Henry ). Conicelli BBA Accounting Mark Connors BA Biology Regina T. Contantine BBA Management 256 Vincent P. Conti BA RTF Steven ). Coper BBA C and IS Cynthia A. Coppolino BBA Accounting )anis Corff BBA Accounting Sharon R. Costello BA Criminal lustice Lorna T. Cote BA Political Science Howard K Cove BS Elementary Ed. Mary R. Cowperthvvait BSW Social Admin Richard E- Crisafull BA Biology 257 ■cmmn:i3]T 1 I p Cfa( i Theresa M. Cross BFA Graphic Design Wayne S. Grossman BA RTF Robert F. Cuthbert BA Russian 258 I Grace R. D ' Alessandra BS Elementary Ed. Michael R. Damirgian BBA C and IS lames C, Czarnecki BA History William A. Dalton BBA Economics Carlotta Y. Daniels BA )ournalism Marianne Czerpak BS Therapeutic Rec. Tina M. DAmano BA Political Science Margaret R. DArcangelo BA Biology 259 )udy D. Davis BBA Accounting Marian L Davis BSW Social Work Teresa A. Davis BBA Accounting layneM. Dayer BA Psychology Paul B. Deasy BBA Marketing Michael ). DeCrescio BA Criminal justice Francis M Delaney BA RTF Horace M. Delisser BA Biochemistry Alan S. Depaul BBA IROB 260 •1 m X. $• I Daine E. Depken BA Criminal Justice Margaret M. Devine BBA Business Maria D. Dicristo BBA IROB 261 Anthony Diflorio BA RTF Anita C. Diggs BS Elementary Ed. Debora R. Dill BS Therapeutic Rec. i Wfw Lutissua D. Dillard BSW Socia! Admin. Carmen R. Dimalanta BS Elementary Ed. Robert A. Dinokowitz BA Criminal justice Charles ). Diorio BA Political Science Lisa DiTullio BA Psychology Florence Dixon BSW Child Care 262 Ret Btice David A. Dodies BA Political Science Michael W. Donahue BBA Accounting Rosemary B. Donahue BBA Accounting 263 Rita H. Donatucci BA Criminal Justice Annemane Dougherty BS Distributive Ed. DondlcJ k, Dougherty BS Architecture Gwen G. Dubin BS Early Childhood Ed. Marc ). Dubner BA Biology loseph T. Duffy BBA Marketirng Theodores Dukes BSW Social Work Ernest Durelli, )r BS Environmental Eng. Deirdre S. Dyer BA Communications IL 264 Melody H. Einbinder BS Physical Therapy Uldis Eisensmidts BA Political Science Brenda |. Eison BBA Business 265 Carol ). Ekizian MA Communications Latifah R. Elahi BSW Social Admin. Lisa D. Eldridge BBA Business Law V R 266 Ronald H Elgart BA Political Science Edward S. Emmi BA Philosophy David A. Epstein BA Anthropology Luann English BA Speech and Hearing S. Mary C. Ervin BSW Child Care Karen |. Eskandarian BA Art History Sally Eskin BS Elementary Ed. Raymond |. Eskridge BA Sociology 267 Clover L. Etheridge BSW Social Work Ann 5. Eustice BA Political Science Elmer M. Evans BBA Marketing Mark E. Eyerly BA )ournalism lames S. Fagan BA Biology Robert |. Fahey, )r. BA Communications i Vito P. Faruolo BBA Accounting ludith R. Feldman BS Early Childhood Ed. Linda G. Fell BBA Accounting 268 1 j I Sandy L. Ferrino BA History ColieenM. Fida BA Philosophy Joseph M Figueiredo BA Criminal Justice 269 David M. Fine BA Psychology Deborah |. Finney BBA Marketing Michael B. Fisher BA Biochemistry Jean O. Fitzgerald BA Biochemistry Robert P. Fitzmartin BBA Accounting Michael ). Flaherty BA Political Science Dante A Floyd BSW Social Work Mark C Fogelman BA RTF Pamela A. Ford BA Biology 270 I I ence Drexel E. Foreman BSW Social Welfare me nr KT rf ' pifTrrt-f ' wr- m Robert G. Forsberg BA Psychology Lori N. Forsceitt BA RTF 271 Michael B. Fox BA RTF Kenneth W. Franklin BA Mathematics Renita G. Freeman BA English 1 Ry| 272 Eugene R. Fuchs BA RTF David k. Fulmer BBA C and IS Catherine L. Furlong BBA Management 1 Rubv O Garrett BSW Social Welfare Daniel E. Cargel BS Electrical Eng. let frey Caskin BA Political Science i I Hpi i P 1 1 i 1 Cheryl R. Garrett BA Sociology Ellen A. Gaston BBA Marketing 273 . - f ' yjK ' .i . mLUK m Michael. p. Gaughan BA RTF lames S. Gdowik BA Mathematics Risa Gelman BA Biology Cynthia C. George BSW Social Work Anita M. Gerace BA Psychology Catherine Gettenk Alonzo E. Gilbert BA Criminal Justice loanne R. Gledhill BSW Social Welfare Roxanne Goldberg BBA Accounting 274 I enk William L, Golden BSW Social Welfare Arlene P Goldline BA Spanish Harold ). Gordon BBA Economics Penny M. Goldman BFA Interdepartmental Cynthia L Graham BA RTF Rhonda B. Graham BA )ournalism Carl L, Gray BA Criminal justice Dorethid M, Gray 275 Ellis F. Gray BBA Marketing lepal R. Gray BSW Social Admin. Vivian V. Gray L 276 2 Eddie Green BA Chemistry Michael E. Greenberg BA Poiitical Science loanne Grossi BA )ournalism loenell R. Greene BS Elementary Ed. Sheila S. Grossman BA Pre-Medical Judith M. Cruca BA Political Science Rollin Hatter BS Physical Ed. Colleen P. Haley BA Art 277 Diana W. Hamlett BS Business Education Pamela L. Hanna BA Biology lasmin F. Hanson BS Architecture Yolanda D. Harrell Tessa Harris BA Speech Evelyn N. Haug BA Psychology Douglas P. Hayes BS Secondary Ed. Karen P. Haynes BA Psychology Michelle T. Healy 278 . ' .■:?. •7 ' (mi , 1 i y % Kimerlyn R. Hearns BS Physical Education Donna M. Hegyi BS Health Records Admin Steven R. Heier BBA C and IS 279 Christopher D. Hein Marcia K Henderson BS Business Education Donna M. Heron BA |ournalism Gwendolyn R. Holmes BS Therapeutic Rec. Susan E. Hopkins BFA Painting Louise B Holts BSW Social Work Lee S. Horowitz BA Psychology Renee M. Hooper BA Psychology Fred Horton, |r, BA Communications 280 J p eron opei Walter D. Norton, )r. BA Sociology Sharon Hurewitz BA Political Science Duncan V Idokogi BBA Finance Howard M. Isaacson BM Music Education Renette M. Ives BA Urban Studies 281 lulie A. Jackson BS Secondary Ed. Blanche T. Jacobs BS Health Education Marc E. Jacobsen BA Mathematics i 1 282 r [j K? ' M i jg ■ B Una M. lames BS ' Secondary Ed Lorraine A. lanicki BA Cnminal lustice Sedora R, jetferson BA- Speech Denise A. lenkins BBA Finance lulian lenkins BSW Child Care Valorie E- lenkins Stephen Z. )oales BS Physical Education Albert S. lohnson Alex lohnson BSW Social Admin. 283 Diana V. lohnson BA Pan African Studies Luther Johnson Jacqueline D. lointer BS Electrical Eng. Barbara I lones BA French Gloria ). lones BSW Social Welfare Jessie R. Jones BSW Social Work Mildred Jordan BA RTF Christopher S. Jovais BA Chemistry Sonia P. Kaugan BSW Social Admin. 284 fitef Rebecca A. Keiser BSW Social Welfare Roberta M. Kelly BBA Accounting Nadine C. kelman BS Elementary Ed. 285 Li John M. Kennedy BBA Accounting Barbara A. Kenner BA Speech Pathology Neal Keyserman BBA Accounting Kevin W. Kidd Sonja D. Kiett BSW Social Admin. Boklye kim BA Chemistry Sung Con Kim BA Liberal Arts Larry C. Kincaid BBA Marketing Peter B. King BSW Social Welfare 286 i iw n«V0efBH Lynn N. Kleiman BBA Marketing Marilyn B. Klein Stephen B. Klein BBA Management 287 F. R. Knight BBA IROB Randi M. kodroll BA Biology Annette S. Kohen BS Early Childhood Ed. Elizabeth ). Konowal BA Psychology Saeed A. Kordbechen BS Eiectrical Eng. Maria T. Korn BBA Accounting i Patrice M. Kozlowski BA Journalism leanne H Kraft Arlene M. Krakowiak BBA C and IS 288 Li Earl Kroger Wayne Kroger BA )ournalism Bruce R. Kutler BBA Accounting 289 Jana Kutner BA Sociology karia LaCount BA RTF Linda L, LaDue BFA Craphic Design Michael A. Lagreca BBA Real Estate Carolyn LaMacchia BBA Marketing Nathan LaMonica BS Electrical Eng. Lynn B. Langendorf BBA lnsurance and Risk 290 Rita Langerman BBA Accounting Susan C. Lapotin I I } - T )ye Bruce A. Lazar BA ' Urban Studies onica H I Elayne S. Lemanow BA Political Science i Maureen M. Leun BS Early Childhood Ed Mozelle E. Lee BA Criminal lustice Dennis Lenwood BSW Social Work Laura A. Levine BA Criminal lustice Sabrina D. Lee BBA Statistics Stephen |, LePera BA RTF Rhonda C Levin BBA Insurance and Risk 291 Keith Levinson BS Early Childhood Ed. Gim-Pin Lim BBA Marketing Phyllis M. Linefsky |oy H, Linton BA Speech Pathology Timothy A. Lipscomb BA Communications Ian f L(jU(jn BS Therapeutic Rec. Uebra Loiiil erg BA RTF Annemarie V , Long BA. Political Science 292 i Robert R. Longstreet BA Psychology Donald W. Lubin BA Biology Karol ). Lubowitz BA Art Education CTinb Natalia O. Luchanico BS Architecture Carlos E. Lugo BA Bilingual Ed. lustine M. Lytwyn BA Psychology f(i(f Thomas A. Mackin BA Journalism Colleen R. MacLachlin BBA Finance Thomas |. Mahon BA )ournalism 293 Ann L. Maitz BSW Social Welfare Marylynn M. Maloney BA RTF Roberta L Markovitz BBA C and IS Craig W. Martin BBA Accountlng Susan j. Martin BA Anthropology Joyce V. Mascaro BS Physical Education Lisa A. Matleo BS Coinniunity Rec. Patricia L Matthews BSW Child Care 294 ■ toy Sherri L, Matthews BS Health Education Charlotte A. kClean Kenneth A. McClellan BA Biology )udith McCook BA Admin. of justice Cynthia E. McCormack BA Cnminal lustice Cathy E, McCoy BSW Social Work I I iiliewi Care Lula M. McCoy loseph G. McGinn BBA Economics Francis X, McGowan BA RTF 295 Michael M. McCowan BA RTF Ann M. McGutfin BA Sociology Eugene A. McHale BS Civil Engineering Anastasia McHugli BS Health Education Regina McHugii )ohn P. McLaughlin BA )ournalism Michele D. MtLaughlin BSW Social Work lahala McLendon BA Criminal justice 296 cHale I ience i Patrick P. McNally BA RTF Virginia S. McNally BA Criminal lustice Judith P. McNeal BA lournalism Timothy T. McWilliams BA Poiitical Science Carolyn M. Mehrer BA Speech Pathology Kevin 1. McNamara BA |ournalism Sharon Meles Lucia D. Menocal BA Spanish Translation Bonnie Mermelstein BBA Marketing 297 MB Ann M. Metz BS Physical Education Rhonda ). Meyer BA RTF Hamp Miller, )r. BBA Marketing Janet B. Miller BBA Marketing Maureen Miller BA Criminal Justice Michael S, Miller BA Rsychology P ■ m " i H -- f 1 Stephanie F. Miller BS Early Childhood Ed. liLhele A. Mills BSW Social Welfare Marion Mintzer BA Liberal Arts 298 loseph A. Mirarchi BA Psychology Cynthia Mitchell BA Spanish Steven I. Mitchell lief Beth A. Mlkvy BBA Marketing Warren S. Montague BA Criminal lustice Carole E. Moore BA Social Admin. lames A. Moore BA Geography Karia D. Moore BA journalism Evelyn Mora BS Elementary Ed. 299 Margaret Mora BFA Art Marie D. Morgan loseph F. Morace BA Criminal lustice Nancy E. Morris BA Psychology I Preston M. Moretz BA |ournalism ludith A. Morriss BS Vocational Ed. J [3evi(la L. Morrow BSW Social Admin. Esther M. Morton BSW Social Welfare n Penny E, Moss BA Speech V 300 ■elz Beth Mostovoy BA )ournalism Robert W. Muench BA Criminal Justice Nancy B. Muller Janice J. Muncey BA Psychology Shelley E. Murray BA Criminal Justice Lisa M. Myers BA Criminal Justice John M. Negro BBA Accounting Gerald J. Neill BA Geography Nadine L. Nelson BSW Social Work 301 Lois L. Nemes BA Communications lean L. Nerino BA )ournalism Irma R. Nesmith BA Secondary Ed. A Larry E. Newman BM Music Education Helene F. Nied BA History leffrey S. Nossbaum BBA Marketing I Teresa L Nottle BA )ournalism Steven R. Novak BS Civil Engineering Lynn K. Nyer BA ' Criminal justice 302 Stephen P O ' Hara BA Women ' s Studies Michael B. O ' Meara BA RTF Diane Olevnik BS Occupational Therapy Michael C. Onyiah BS Civil Engineering Rosita M. Ortiz BSW Socia! Welfare loan H. Overby BA Criminal Justice Helen M. Pack BBA Management 303 John S. Paczewski BS Architecture Mary Ellen A. Pahlka BA Journalism Ruby |. Palmer BA Criminal Justice Robert J. Panichelle BA Crlminal justice Stephen J. Panichelle BA Criminal Justice Patricia D. Parker BA Journalism Louise M. Pascucci BSW Child Care Evelyn Pastrana BS Elementary Ed. Angela L. Patrick BA English 304 Valyrie L. Patton BA Criminal Justice Donna F. Pavalow BBA lnsurance and Risk loAnn M. Pavlosky BBA Accounting ]ki I Lora ). Payne BBA Accounting Ronald Peden BBA lnsurance and Risk Margaret R. Pelullo BA )ournalism Hope E Percival BBA Marketing Marcy L Perlmutter BM Music Education Jacqueline N. Phillips BA )ournalism 305 Ella V. Pierce BSW Social Work Vincent A. Santa Pietro lanet M. Pinkney BA Political Science Cheryl L Pitts BSW Social Welfare Veronica M. Polaneczky BA English BrendaH. Pollard BSW Social Welfare Candace G. Potash BS Occupational Therapy William S. Powell BBA Marketing Leslie A. Prahar BBA Accounting 306 K 1 i 1 Ellen L Pray BS Business Education Natalie S. Pressman BA Biology Cwenciolyn Price BA Criminal justice Victoria M. Quiqiey BBA Accounting [Diane M. Ramanauskas BA English Filamena Ranieri BSW Child Care Mary A. Ranieri BS Early Childhood E(L Robert B Raubtogel BBA Marketing 307 Penelope D. Reddick BBA Marketing William M. Redington BA Geography lessie M. Reed BA Psychology Suzanne M. Reisman BA Psychology Bridget L. Rice BA |ournalism leffery H. Rice BA |ournalism lohn A. Ridd BA Chemistry Esther |. Robbins BA Anthropology Kathleen M. Roberts BA Criminal lustice 308 i Bonnie K Robinson BBA C and IS Fredericka E. Robinson MSW Social Planning Michael D. Rodman BA RFT slice I Joseph D. Rooney BA RTF Grace E. Romano BS Physical Therapy Rachelle K. Rosen BSW Social Welfare lames M. Rooney BBA Marketing Stuart L. Rosen BBA Real Estate 309 Edward S. Rosenberg BA Political Science Scott B. Rosenberg BA Biology Rande E Rosenthal BBA Accounting Alan B Roth BBA Accounting Annette C Roundtree BA Political Science Kenneth A Rubin BBA Accounting Evangeline A. Rush BSW, Social Work Kimberlee A. Russell BM. Music Education 310 i :ien(e lohn P, Russo BBA Marketing lohn A. Ruziskey BA Biology Chen D. Salley BSW Social Admin. indlree :ieiice 311 Hamid R. Salmasi BS Mechanical Eng. 4« ' 4AA4«U- ' i, AhJ« tf JAd| Alice E. Sams BSW Social Work John A. Sannuti, |r. BS Electrical Eng. Ruth Sassman BM Music 312 Martina H Santiago BSN Nursing Robert ). Sass BA Biology Christopher ). Schad BA Psychology Mary Ellen E. Schaeffer BA Psychology Diane E. Schafer BFA Dance Stephen ). Scherf BBA Accounting ■Vi ' ii rniiririii ' irifi ' I iif • ' ' Lorraine A Schultz Douglas E Scott BA |ournalism 313 George R Scott BBA C and IS Larry F. Sechuk BA Criminal Justice Lori M. Secouler William F. Seefried BBA Marketing Lisa M. Seybold BBA Accounting Michael S. Shapiro BA |ournalism Abdolrahim Shariat BS Mechanical Eng. 314 I ■ li il Eileen M. Shaw BA Communications btephen bheinen Mohdmmad H. Shiekhy BS Electrical Eng. 315 Leann R. Shields BA RTF Randy M. Shocket BA Chemistry Eric ). Siiorter BBA Management Portia V. Showell BSW Early Childhood Ed. Peter ). Sidor BBA Accountine Deborah E. Silvano BA Political Science H !■ ' Hs . m, ' m T j » n _ " 1 } In loyce M. Sims Carry Simon Linda Simons BA Sociology 316 lente I Michael H Simons BBA Accounting David A. Simpson BA Psychology loyce M. Simpion BA Journalism 317 Curt R. Singer BA RTF Alice M- Singletary BA Accounting |()hn M, Skilldn, |r, BA Communications Richard M. Slater BA American Studies Robert D. Slough BA, History Tammy K. Slusser BS Physical Education Karen L. Smallwood BSW Social Work ClidilotleM Smitli BS Business Education Janice E. Smith BSW Social Welfare 318 I It loseph P. Smith I BA )ournalism Margaret M. Smith BA Theatre Richard C, Smith BA Liberal Arts i ii Teresa A, Smith BSW Child Care Vivian M. Smith BSW Social Welfare Scarlet Z. Sneed BBA Accounting ♦I Harry S. Solomon, |r. BM Music Education Claire M. Somp BS Education Domenic P. Spagnoia, )r. BA Theatre 319 George W. Spear I BBA Marketing David H. Spring BA Biology Matthew E. Spritz BA Psychobiology Cynthia E. Squillace BA RTF Teresa M. Staerl BA )ournalism Cynthia M. Stankiewicz BBA C and IS Gregory Stea BBA Marketing Maria Stefanidis BBA Management Alan Steinberg 320 lacqueline R. Steinberg BS Secondary Ed. Timothy D. Stephens BBA Economics Muriel A. Stewart BS Ed. of the Handicapped Karen L. Sturdavant BA Sociology Paul S. Suszynski BA )ournalism Mary P. Syres BA Political Science Karen M. Taylor Kenneth E. Taylor BA Criminal lustice 321 Timothy A. Taylor BBA Accounting Abbas ). Tehran! BS Civil Engineering Marita Teretenko BSW, Social Work Robert W. Terry BBA C and IS Alma W. Thomas BSW Social Welfare Anthony G. Thomas BA Biology Deborah D. Thomas BSW Social Work John C. Thomas, )r. BA RTF Luther ). Thompson, )r. BA Journalism 322 ! I i Catherine E Thornton BBA Marketing Karen L Tobin BA Cnminal lustice lames C Toll BBA Accounting Guy ). Tolomeo BA Criminal justice )ohn W. Tomlin BA Cnminal lustice Terrene e f loohey BA ' lournalism Alexander L. Torban MS Mathematics Ed. Marian L. Townes BA Political Science Donna M Travis BA RTF 323 David C. Troiano BA RTF Eileen M. Troisi BA )ournalism Joann E. Tropea BA History Daniel W, Tynan BA Biology Patricia M. Ulmer BA Urban Studies Thomas R. Upton BA RTF Ronald A Vaccaro BBA Accounting Maria D. Verrecchia BS Elementary Ed. Teresa A. Vekteris BA journalism 324 I ¥ Patricia M. Vigneault BA Journalism Minh-Nghia T, Vuong BA Chemistry Eric S. Wagner BA Mathematics John M. Walgast BA Biology Deborah L. Wallack BA RTF Michael K.Walsh BBA Accounting Willie M. Ward BSW Social Welfare Angela R. Waters BA Psychology Elliott D. Waters, Sr. PhD Elementary Ed. 325 Pamela L. Waters BSW Social Admin. loseph A. Watts BBA Real Estate Rachel A. Weinstock BBA Accounting Marilyn Welsh BBA Business Admin. Susan F. Wenick -BA Speech and Hearing Russell B. Wenitsky Jdcque P. Whaumbush, jr. BA Political Science Cassius White BM Music Education Gail D.White BA Admin. of Justice 326 Hope P. VVhyte BA Psychology Consuelo M. Wickman BA History Rachel Will BA RTF eoil ) ' Cheryl L. Williams BA Biology Barbara C. Williamson BA )ournalism Elaine C. Willingham BBA Marketing Anthony Wilson BBA Accounting Donna V. Wilson BA Criminal Justice Robert L. Wilson BBA Marketing 327 Jeffrey R. Winkler BA Mathematics Michele M. Wolfe BBA Marketing Donna M. Wright BA )ournalism Felix T. Winternitz BA )ournalism Harry ). Wood BBA C and IS James M. Wright BBA Accounting Mary Wiser BA Political Science Charles E. Worden, Jr. BS Mechanical Eng. 328 -4 I J n •ij JSl mm W L. ™ i 1 Jft ' t Andrea V. Yarbough BSW Social Work Stephen C Yborra BA |ournalism Mary K. Yost BBA Marketing Atshin Yazdjerd BS Mechanical Eng. Lin Yee BBA Marketing Christine M Young BA English 329 Marilyn D. Young BA Criminal lustice Hydil Yu BBA Accounting Michael |. Yurescko BA Biology Deborah M. Zawinsky BA Speech Alexander Zemtsov BA Chemistry Andrew S. Zitomer BA. Psychology Saeid I Zcjmorrodian BS Bio-MeditalEng, 330 Paul I LI Liliil k liSV Sonal Work I A llOltf Robert M. Abbott Ba Psychology CLA National Honors Program Bernard ). Adelsberger ba lournalism Temple News Veronica |. Richardson- Ahiagbe BA Cnminal lustice Lisa E. Albany BS Elementary Education lody M. Alberts BBA Marketing and Personnel Alfonso R. Allen ba Administrative lustice Carolyn Allen BS Elementary Education Deans List Matthew B. Allmann ba RTF Paul M. Alper BBA Accounting Robert A. Alsberg ba Psychology Cum Laude Scott ). Alters BBA Law and Business Tri-Dorm Senate, Intramural Sports David S. Altman Carmita |. Alverez BSW Social Work Hiram Alvelo ba Criminal lustice Association of Puerto Rican Students Andrew M. Andrews ba journalism Temple News Ruth M. Andrews BS Early Childhood Education Anthony Angelini BS Therapeutic Recreation Dean ' s List Susan ). Anger ba Psychology Rhonda B. Brecher-Aniess BSW Social Welfare Maria V. Arbizo BBa Computer and Information Science Association of Computing Machinery Grace E. Arrington ba Psychology Psychology Major Association Karen Asrotf BBA Accounting Chi-Tak Au ba Biochemistry Yvonne M. August ba Journalism SCAT Student Council, Temple News, Future Leaders Scholarship, RSS Area Coordinator, " Remember the Hostages " Vigil organizer Charles L. Avner BBA Accounting B Donnenic Bagliuo 8a Psychology Diane M. Bailey BSW Social Welfare Deans List Lucille R. Bailey Vincent ). Bakanauskas Ali A. Baraty BS Mechanical Engineering Michael L. Barnes BM Music Performance Big Man On Campus Ross T. Barnes ba Criminal lustice Criminal lustice Club, A.S. Criminal lustice, ludo Club, Chinese Martial Arts Michael P. Barrett BBA . ccounting Beth L. Bartmann ba Communications President ' s Scholar, Gymnastic team manager. Temple News Michael G. Basheda Ba Classics Ronald J. Bass BBa .Accounting and Economics Ski Club, Sports Club .Advisory Council Leona L. Battiste BS Elementary Education Deans List Dolores Baxter ba Social Administration Stephen B. Beale ba Journalism Spice Magazine Sherilyn P. Bell ba Social Administration Debbie A. Beller BBa Accounting and IROB A, SPA., American Marketing .Association, Dean ' s List Kenneth A. Belz BS Civil Engineering 331 Nanette Bendyna BA Journalism Temple News Angela D. Benson BA Criminal justice Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Karen J. Bentz BS Early Childhood Education Dee N. Berman BA Psychology Mario J. Bertinelli BS Civil Engineering Joanne M. Bilotta BA Biology Resident Assistant, Biology Society Peppino S. Blando BA Psychology Intramural Soccer and Hockey Sherle A. Blau BA Sociology Ellen D. Biuestein BS Therapeutic Recreation Dean ' s List, Temple T.R.L.A., Aerobic Dance instructor for CCLP, Intramural Swimming, Who ' s Who In American College Kenneth C. Boberick BA Biology Phi Beta Kappa, President ' s Scholar George S. Bobnak Ba Political Science Political Scienc Majors, Pre-Law Society, Intramural Hockey, Tennis, and Softball David M. Bomberowitch ba journalism Advertising Workshop Joseph W. Bongard BBA Marketing Carol A. Bonitatis ba lournalism Gladys L. Boone BS Physical and Health Education Robert ). Borda BBA Management Charles W. Border ba RTF Temple News, Cum Laude Anthony ). Braciszewski ba Criminal Justice Ann M. Brady ba lournalism Advertising Workshop Lisa Brady Sondra D. Brand BBA Accounting Beta Alpha Psi, Cum Laude Steven D. Brand BBA Accounting Dean ' s List, Beta Alpha Psi loseph R. Brandon BSW Social Welfare President ' s Scholar, Summa Cum Laude Michael N. Bratman ba Psychology Behavior Lab Assistant, DB. Fraternity, ZLA Ester R. Britton ba Speech and Hearing Science Reader for the Blind, National Student Speech and Hearing Association, Cum Laude Jeri K. Brockington ba Political Science University Disciplinarian Committee, Political Science Major Association Mary Broderick Jeanette E. Brooks BS Elementary Education Dean ' s List Lisa A. Brooks BBA Management and Marketing Society for Advancement of Management, American Marketing Association Brenda ). Brown BSW Social Welfare Debra A. Brown BSW Social Work Samuel Brown ba Anthropology Zeta Beat Tau Fraternity Wanda L. Brown BS Therapeutic Recreation Recreation and Leisure Society, Gymnastics, National Recreation and Park Ethnic Minority Society Inc., Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Elsbeth B. Browndorf ba Psychology Future Leaders Scholarship, Pre-Law Society Sandra E. Bubernack ma Medical Technology Thomas ). Bugieda BBA Marketing Sonya M. Bundy Robert D. Bunsick BBA Computer and Information Science Dean ' s List, Association of Computing Machinery Deara M. Burton BSW Social Welfare Medora E. Cadwalladerr BS Elementary Education David D. Caldwell ba lournalism Temple News Lor etta Campbell BBA Computer and Information Science Julie A. Capin Daisy Carter BS Community Recreation Administration Sally Carter ba Administration of justice Secretary for Elementary Education Robert J. Centonze BBA Finance and IROB College Council, Finance Representative, Athletic Committee Chairman, Beta Gamma Sigma, Dean ' s List Susan Chadwick Mary M. Chan BBA Computer and Information Science Theresa M. Childers MSW Social Planning Marie j. Chmielewski ba Theatre and Communications Dance Enjo Cho Woo II Choung ba Political Science Maggie K. Chung BBA Accounting and Business Hong Kong Student Association Kathy A. Cimino ba Political Science Cum Laude Alonnia E. Clark ba Criminal Justice Chairperson of S.R.A.P. Vernon A. Clark ba Journalism Future Leader Scholarship, Art Peters Memorial Fellowship Brendan J. Clearkin BBA Management Dean ' s List Judy L. Cohen 8A English Ronald B. Cohen ba Communications Temple Students for Anderson, SCAT Student Council, Dean ' s List Christina L. Cole BSW Medical Social Work Elouise Coleman Ba Psychology Psychology Majors Association, Dean ' s List Henry J. Conicelli BBA Accounting Mark Connors ba Biology Regina T. Constantine BBA Management and Marketing Student Senate Tuition Task Force, SBA College Council, RSS Outstanding Service. Vincent P. Conti ba RTF Extern Program Steven J. Coper BBA Computer and Information Science Cynthia A. Coppolino BBA Accounting Janis Corff BBA Accounting Dean ' s List, Beta Alpha Psi Sharon R. Costello ba Criminal justice Lorna T. Cote ba Political Science Political Science Honor Society, Research Assistant for Dr. Peter Baehuach Howard K. Cove BS Elementary Education Emma Joanson Award Mary R. Anne- Cowperthwait BSW Social Administration Magna Cum Laude Richard E. Crisafulli ba Biology Student Senate Theresa M. Cross BFA Graphic Design Wayne S. Grossman ba RTF Dean ' s List Robert F. Cuthbert ba Russian Slavic Association Penny E. Cylinder ba Journalism James G. Czarnecki ba History Marianne Czerpak BS Therapeutic Recreation Alpha Sigma Alpha, Crew Team, Recreation and Leisure Society, Dean ' s List D Grace R, D ' Alessandra BS Elementary Education Dean ' s List William A. Dalton BBA Economics Tina M. D ' Amario ba Political Science Michael R. Damirgian BBA Computer and Information Science Association of Computing Machinery, Judo Club, Student Programming Team, intramural Sports Carlotta Y. Daniels ba journalism Association Student Association of Black journalists Margaret R. D ' Arcangelo ba Biology Biology Society, Phi Beta Kappa Judy D. Davis BBA Accounting Tennis, Traveling Marian C. Davis BSW Social Work Homecoming Queen, Social Welfare Student Union, School of Social Administration Graduation Committee, Co-Rec Volleyball, Extern Program Teresa A. Davis BBA Accounting Jayne M. Dayer ba Psychology Paul B. Deasy BBa Marketing Future Leaders Scholarship, Marketing Club, Ski Club Michael J. DeCrescio ba Criminal Justice Dean ' s List, Intramural Football, Baseball and Hockey Francis M. Deianey ba RTF SCAT Student Council, WRTI-Radio Horace M. Delisser ba Biochemistry College Bowl, Undergraduate Council of Liberal Arts, Student Advisor and Ombudsman Alan S. Depaul BBA IROB Daine E. Depken ba Criminal Justice Fencing Team Margaret M. Devine BBA Law and Business Student Government Association, judicial Board, Pre-Law Society, Dean ' s List Maria A. Dicristo BBA IROB American Society of Personnel Administrators Anthony Diflorio BA RTF Anita C. Diggs BS Elementary Education Debora R. Dill BS Therapeutic Recreation Ethnic Minority Society Lutissua D. Dillard BSW Social Administration Student Activity Club, Community Participation Committee, Editor and Director of " Link " News 332 Carmen R. Dimalanta BS Elementary Education Robert A. Dirokowitz BA Criminal justice Charles |. Diorio BA Political Science Lisa DiTullio BA Psychology Florence Dixon BSW Chiici Care David A. Dodies BA Political Science Deans List Michael W. Donahue BBa Accounting Rosemary B. Donahue BBA Accounting Rita H. Donatucci BA Criminal justice Annemarie Dougherty BS Distributive EcJucation President DEC A. Donald K. Dougherty BS Architecture Gwen G. Dubin BS Early Childhood Education Marc |. Dubner BA Biology Joseph T. Duffy BBA Marketing and Real Estate Marketing Association, Ski Club, Student Government Association Theodores Dukes BSW Social Work Ernest Dureili )r. BS Environmental Engineering American Society of Civil Engineers Deirdre S. Dyer BA Communications Deans List, PRSSA Melody H. Einbinder BS Physical Therapy Honors Program Uldis Eisensmidts Ba Political Science Crew Team Brenda ). Eison BBA Law and Business Carol ). Ekizian ma Communications Latifah R. Elahi BSW Social Administration Community Referral Services Lisa D. Eldridge BBa Business Law Cum Laude Ronald H. Elgart ba Political Science Edward S. Emmi ba Philosophy Luann English ba Speech and Hearing Science KatherineM. Entrican BSW Social Administration David A. Epstein ba Anthropology Ski Club Mary C. Ervin BSW Child Care Karen ). Eskandarian ba Art History Sally Eskin BS Elementary Education Dean ' s List Raymond ). Eskridge ba Sociology Honor Student Clover L. Etheridge BSW Social Work Campus Crusade for Christ Ann S. Eustice ba Political Science Debate Club, Honors ' Society Elmer M. Evans BBA Marketing Mark E. Eyerly ba journalism Temple News, Society of Professional journalists. Cum Laude James S. Pagan ba Biology Robert J. Fahey, )r. ba Communications Intercollegiate Athletics, WRTI and WTDR Radio, Varsity Baseball manager Vito P. Faruolo BBA Accounting Judith R. Feidman BS Early Childhood Education Linda G. Fell BBA Accounting Beta Alpha Psi Sandy L. Ferrino ba History Colleen M. Fida ba Philosophy Student Advisor Ombudsperson of Liberal Arts Joseph M. Figueiredo BA Criminal Justice David M. Fine ba Psychology Deborah J. Finney BBA Marketing and Accounting Michael B. Fisher ba Biochemistry Dean ' s List, CLA Honors, Temple Strategic Simulation Club, Zeta Beta Tau, Magna Cum Laude Jean O. Fitzgerald ba Biochemistry Robert P. Fitzmartin BBA Accounting Michael J. Flaherty ba Political Science Dante A. Floyd BSW Social Work Mark C. Fogelman ba RTF Templar, Channel 17 intern Pamela A. Ford ba Biology Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Silhouette Dance Troup, Psychology Society, Alpha Angel Drexei E. Foreman BSW Social Welfare Robert G. Forsberg ba Psychology Psi Chi, Dean ' s List Lori N. Forsceitt ba RTF Michael B. Fox ba RTF Kenneth W. Franklin ba Mathematics Marching Band, Diamond Key Award, Collegiate Band Renita G. Freeman BA English Eugene R. Fuchs ba RTF David K. Fulmer BBA Computer and Information Sciences Computer Programming Team, Honor Program, Outstanding Achievement Scholarship Catherine L. Furlong BBa Management Tri-Dorm Senate, Intramural Sports Barbara E. Ganias ba RTF Daniel E, Gargel BS Electrical Engineering Technology ROTC Cadet, Sigma Pi Fraternity Cheryl F. Garrett ba Sociology Ruby O. Garrett BSW Social Welfare Jeffrey Gaskin ba Political Science Ellen A. Gaston BBA Marketing American Marketing Association, Dean ' s List Michael P. Gaughan ba RTF James S. Gdowik ba Mathematics Risa Gelman ba Biology Alpha Lambda Delta, Dean ' s List, Biology Society, Hillel, Biology Tutoring Committee Cynthia C. George BSW Social Work Anita M. Gerace ba Psychology Dean ' s List Catherine Gettenk Alonzo E. Gilbert ba Criminal justice Joanne R. Giedhill BSW Social Welfare Social Welfare Student Union Roxanne Goldberg BBA Accounting SBA College Council, New Student Orientation Committee, Academic Forums Committee William L. Golden BSW Social Welfare Ariene P. Goldfine ba Spanish Sigma Delta Pi, Phi Beta Kappa Penny M. Goldman BFA Interdepartmental Sherri H. Goldstein ba RTF Dean ' s List Harold J. Gordo n BBA Economics Cynthia L. Graham ba RTF WTDR-Radio, Tri-Dorm Senate, Outstanding Achievement Scholarship Rhonda B. Graham ba journalism Temple News, Front Line, Student Association of Black journalists Carl L. Gray ba Criminal justice Dorethia M, Gray Ellis F. Gray BBA Marketing and IROB Ice Hockey Team, American Marketing Association, American Society of Personnel Administrators Jepal R. Gray BSW Social Administration Vivian V. Gray Eddie Green ba Chemistry Undergraduate Chemistry Society Michael E. Greenberg ba Political Science Pi Sigma Alpha Joenell R. Greene BS Elementary Education Victor H. Gross BA Political Science Boxing Club Joanne Grossi ba journalism Society of Professional journalists. The Medium Sheila S. Grossman ba Pre-Medical Phi Beta Kappa Judith M. Gruca ba Political Science Political Science Honor Society and Program H Rollin Haffer BS Physical and Health Education Varsity Badminton, MVP Badminton, Student Athletic Director, Service- Spirit Award Colleen P. Haley ba Art Diana W. Hamlett BS Business Education P.B.L. Pamela L. Hanna ba Biology Jasmin F. Hanson BS Architecture Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Yolanda D. Harrell Tessa Harris ba Speech Evelyn N. Haug ba Psychology Psychology Honor Society, Phi Beta Kappa, Psychology Majors Association Douglas P. Hayes BS Secondary Education and Social Studies Varsity Football and Track, Intramural Sports, Loyalist Karen P. Haynes ba Psychology Michelle T. Healy Kimberlyn R. Hearns BS Physical Education P.E.U.M.A , Majic Dace Co., Akindelas Fraternity, Third World Association, TWA. Theatre Group, Dean ' s List Donna M. Hegyi BS Health Records Administration Dean ' s List, Cum Laude Steven R. Heier BBA Computer and Information Science Christopher D. Hein 333 Marcia K. Henderson BS Business Education Phi Beta Lambda, Eastern Business Education Association Donna M. Heron BA lournalism Temple News, Dean ' s List, Clairol ' s Business and Professional Women ' s Association Scholarship Gwendolyn R. Holmes BS Therapeutic Recreation Ethnic Minority Society, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Dean ' s List Louise B. Hoits BSW Social Work Renee M. Hooper Ba Psychology Psychology Majors Association, Spanish Club Susan E. Hopkins BFa Painting Lee S. Horowitz ba Psychology and Sociology Psi Chi, Alpha Kappa Delta Veterans Club, Pni Theta Kappa Honor Society, Veteran Counselor, Cum Laude Fred Horton, )r. ba Communications and Education Adult Student Association Walter D. Horton, )r. ba Sociology Sharon Hurewitz ba Political Science Future Leaders Scholarship, CLA Honors Society I Duncan V. Idokogi BBA Finance International Students Organization Howard M. Isaacson BM Music Education )azz Band, Orchestra, Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble Renette M. Ives BA Urban Studies 1 Julie A. Jackson BS Secondary Education and Mathematics Dean ' s List Blanche T. Jacobs BS Health Education Dean ' s List, Sol Feinstone Award Marc E. Jacobsen ba Mathematics Math Majors Association, Math Team, Spice Magazine, Hillel, TUCA Consultant Una M. lames BS Secondary Education and Mathematics Lorraine A. Janicki ba Criminal justice Future Leaders Scholarship Sedora R. Jefferson ba Speech Third World Association, Pre-Law Society Denise A. Jenkins BBA Finance CLA Honors Program, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Collective of Black Students, Class Representative Julian Jenkins BSW Child Care and Social Welfare Valorie E. Jenkins Stephen Z. Joales BS Physical Education Albert S. Johnson Marching and Collegiate Band, Pre- Law Society Alex Johnson BSW Social Administration Diana V. Johnson ba Pan African Studies Luther Johnson Jacqueline D. Jointer BS Electrical Engineering College Council of Engineering Technology Barbara J. Jones ba French and Computer Science Gloria J. Jones BSW Social Welfare Jessie R. Jones BSW Social Work Mildred Jordan ba RTF Christopher S. Jovais ba Chemistry Honors Program K Sonia P. Kaugan BSW Social Administration Rebecca A. Keiser BSW Social Welfare Roberta M. Kelly BBA Accounting and Finance Beta Alpha Psi, Dean ' s List Nadine C, Kelman BS Elementary Education Dean ' s List, Day Care Center Award, Pre-Law Society, Art Club John M. Kennedy BBA Accounting Barbara A. Kenner BA Speech Pathology Neal Keyserman BBA Accounting Kevin W. Kidd Sonja D. Kiett BSW Social .Administration Que Essence, Club of t he Omega, Psi Phi Fraternity Boklye Kim ba Chemistry Sung Gon Kim ba Liberal Am Larry C. Kincaid BBa Marketing Tennis Team Peter B. King BSW Social Welfare Summa Cum Laude, President ' s Scholar LynnN. Kleinman BBA Marketing American Marketing Association, SBA College Council Marilyn B. Klein Stephen B. Klein BBA Management F.R. Knight bba irob American Society of Personnel Administrators, Karate Club Randi M. Kodroff ba Biology Biology Student .Advisor. Biology Society, Cum Laude Annette S. Kohen BS Early Childhood Education Elizabeth J. Konowal ba Psychology Psi Chi Saeed A. Kordbachen BS Electrical Engineering Maria T. Korn bba Accounting Patrice M. Kozlovvski ba journalism Deans List, Cheerleader Jeanne H. Kraft Arlene M. Krakowiak bba Computer and Information Science and Marketing American Marketing ,Association, Association of Computing Machinery Earl Kroger Wayne Kroger ba lournalism The Medium Bruce R. Kutler bba .Accounting Jana Kutner ba Sociology Karia LaCount ba RTF WRTI-Radio Linda L. LaDue BFA Graphic Design Michael A. Lagreca bba Real Estate Carolyn LaMacchia bba Insurance and Risk and Marketing Insurance and Risk Society Nathan LaMonica 8S Electrical Engineering Technology Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges Lynn B, Langendorf bba Insurance and Risk and IROB SBA College Council, Insurance and Risk Society, Deans List Rita Langerman BB,A .Accounting Susan C. Lapotin Bruce A. Lazar ba Urban Studies Urban Studies Maiors Association, UCLA Representative Mozelle E. Lee B.A Criminal lustice Cnminology and lustice Association Sabrina D. Lee bba Economics and Statistics Elayne S. Lemanow ba Political Science Delia Rho, Political Science Honors Society, Deans List Dennis Lenwood BSW Social Work Social Welfare Student Union, Extern Stephen |. LePera ba rtf Maureen M. Leun BS Early Childhood Education Fencing Laura A. Levine B.A Criminal lustice Dean ' s List, Criminal justice .Association. Dorm Senate Rhonda C. Levin bba Insurance and Risk Insurance and Risk Society Keith Levinson BS Early Childhood Education Dean ' s List Gim-Pin Lim bba Marketing and Statistics David S. Linefsky bba Marketing American Marketing Association, SB,A College Council Phyllis M. Linefsky Joy H. Linton ba Speech Pathology and Audiology Timothy A. Lipscomb ba Communications Jan P. Lofton BS Therapeutic Recreation Debra S. Lomberg ba RTF Dean ' s List, Ambler Singer, Campus Food Committee Annemarie V. Long ba Political Science Robert R. Longstreet ba Psychology Donald W. Lubin ba Biology Dean ' s List, Honors Student, Magna Cum Laude Karol J. Lubowitz ba Art Education Dive Club Natalia O. Luchanico BS Architecture Student Senate, Ukrainian Club, Energy Conservation Commission Carlos E. Lugo B.a Bilingual Education Gideons International, National Association for Bilingual Education, Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Language Justine M. Lytwyn B,A Psychology M Thomas A. Mackin ba lournlaism Pre-Law Society, Dean ' s List, Intramural Sports, In Print Magazine Colleen R. MacLachlin bba Finance Thomas J. Mahon ba journalism Temple News Ann L. Maitz BSW Social Welfare Dean ' s List, Presidents Scholar Marylynn M. Maloney ba RTF WTRI-Radio, Deans List Kathleen M. Maloney B.a journalism SCAT Student Council, College Council Roberta I. Markovitz bba Computer and Information Science Hillel, Association of Computing Machinery, Dean ' s List, Phi Beta Kappa Craig W. Martin bba Accounting Susan |. Martin ba Anthropology Dean ' s List 334 loyce V. Mascara BS Pliysn al tduration Cheerleader, PhysK al Education Majors Assotialion, Dorothy A. Seegers Award. Student Senate, HPtRO Administrative Committee Lisa A Matteo BS Community Recreation Cymnaslirs Team. Gymnastic Scholarship Patricia E. Matthews BSVkV Child Care [Dean s List. Magna Cum Laude Sherri L. Matthews BS Health Education Charlotte A. McClean Kenneth A. McClellan B Biology ROTC Distinguished Student and Graduate Judith McCook BA Administration ol justice Cynthia E McCormack Ba Criminal justice Third World Association, Deans List Cathy E. McCoy BSVV Social Work Lula M. McCoy loseph G. McGinn BBa Economics and Finance Crew Team Francis X. McGowan ba RTF Michael M. McGowan ba RTF WRTI-Radio Anna M. McGuffin B.a Sociology Research Assistant, USMA President Eugene A. McHale BS Civil Engineering Anastasia McHugh BS Health and Physical Education Field Hockey and LaCrosse Teams Regina McHugh Kathleen M. Mclntire B.a Political Science Student .Advisor, Political Science Honor Society John P. McLaughlin B,a journalism Ice Hockey, PRSSA, Ski Club. Deans List Michele D. McLaughlin BSW Social Work Jahala McLendon ba Criminal justice Criminal justice .Association Patrick P. McNally ba RTF Extern Virginia S. McNally ba Cnminal justice Kevin ). McNamara ba journalism Judith P. McNeal ba journalism Society oJ Professional journalists, journalism Ma|or Association Timothy T. McWilliams ba Political Science Sharon Meles Carolyn M. Mehrer ba Speech Pathology Lucia D. Menocal ba Business Spanish Translation LaCrosse Team Bonnie Mermelstein BBA Marketing Ann M. Metz BS Physical Education Varsity Volleyball. Sottball, and Bowling. Deans List Rhonda J. Meyer ba RTF WRTI-Radio Hamp Miller, Jr. BBA Marketing Track Team, Third World Association Janet B. Miller BBa Marketing Maureen Miller ba Criminal justice Michael S. Miller ba Psychology Biology Society. Deans List Stephanie F. Miller BS Early Childhood Education Michele A. Mills BSW Social Welfare Marion Mintzer ba Liberal Arts Certificate in Gerontology from Temples Institute of Aging Joseph A. Mirarchi BA Psychology Cynthia Mitchell ba Spanish Marching Band, Spanish Tutor Steven ). Mitchell Beth A. Mlkvy BBa Marketing Warren S. Montague ba Criminal justice Carole E. Moore B.a Social .Administration James A. Moore ba Geography CO I Representative. ROTC, Geography Club Karia D. Moore ba journalism and Theatre Temple News, Theatre Public Relations Evelyn Mora BS Elementary Education Puerto Rican Association Margaret Mora BFA Art Dean ' s List Joseph F. Morace ba Criminal justice Varsity Crew Preston M. Moretz ba journalism Professional Writing Award. WRTI- Radio Marie O. Morgan Nancy E. Morris ba Psychology Psi Chi. Magna Cum Laude Judith A. Kruger-Morriss BS Vocational Education Teacher Certificate Health Occupations Devida L. Morrow BSW Social Administration Esther M. Lilley-Morton BSW Social Welfare Social Welfare Student Union Penny E. Moss b.a Speech Band, Modeling La Mode Naturelle Beth E. Mostovoy ba journalism Temple News. Bowling Team, .Advertising Workstiop. Templar Robert W. Muench ba Criminal justice Nancy B. Muller Janice 1. Muncey ba Psychology Psychology Major .Association. American Marketing Association. Outing Club Shelley E. Murray ba Criminal justice Lisa M. Myers b.a Criminal justice Black Students Concern, Third World Association, Residential Lile Outstanding Service, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Resident Assistant N John M. Negro BBA Accounting Gerald J. Neill ba Geography Nadine L. Nelson BSW Social Work Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Social Welfare Student Union, Dean ' s List, Angel Club of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Lois L. Nemes ba Communications and Theatre Jean L. Nerino ba journalism Irma R. Nesmith ba Secondary Education and Social Studies Larry E. Newman BM Music Education jazz Ensemble. Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band Helene F. Nied ba History Jeffrey S. Nossbaum BBA Marketing Loyalists Club Teresa L. Nottie 8a journalism Varsity Field Hockey and LaCrosse, PRSSA, MIP Women ' s Field Hockey, Rose Vernick .Award Steven R. Novak BS Civil Engineenng Amencan Society of Civil Engineers, Pennsylvania Society of Land Surveyors Lynn K. Nyer ba Criminal juslice Student Senate. Marching Band o Mark M. O ' Connor ba Psychology Psychology Club. Psychokjgy Honor Society Stephen P. O ' Hara ba Women ' s Studies Diane Olevnik BS Occupational Therapy Robin D. Oliver BSN Nursing Michael B. OMeara ba RTF Michael C. Onyiah BS Civil Engineering and Architecture Rosita M. Ortiz BSW Social Welfare Joan H. Overby ba Criminal justice Helen M. Pack BB.a Management John S. Paczewski BS Architecture Mary Ellen A. Pahlka ba journalism .Advertising Workshop Ruby I. Palmer ba Cnminal justice Robert J. Panichelle ba Criminal juslice Honor List. Cnminal juslice Association. Intramural Basketball Stephen j. Panichelle b.a Criminal juslice Patricia D. Parker ba lournalism PRSSA. Temple News, WRTI, Student Association of Black journalists Louise M. Pascucci BSW Social Administration and Child Care Evelyn Pastrana BS Elementary Education DeansLisl Angela L. Patrick B,A English and Pre-Law Pre-Law Society. Extern, Access Student of Co-Op Program Valyrie L. Patton ba Criminal justice Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. Criminal justice .Association Donna F. Pavalow BBA Insurance and Risk and IROB SBA College Council JoAnn M. Pavlosky BBa .Accounting Women ' s Soccer and Football Clubs, Intramural Basketball and Volleyball Lora J. Payne BB.a Accounting Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Association of Minority Business Students Ronald Peden BBA Insurance and Risk Margaret R. Pelullo ba journalism Hope E. Percival BBA Marketing Marching Band, .American Marketing Association Marcy L. Perlmutter BM Music Education Marching, Symphonic, Collegiate Band and Pep Bands, University Singers Jacquelin N. Phillips ba journalism Student Association of Black journalists. Advertising Club Ella V.Pierce BSW7 Social Work Vin cent A. Santa Pietro Janet M. Pinkney ba Political Science Cheryl L. Pitts BSW Social Welfare Veronica M. Polaneczky ba English 335 Brenda H. Pollard BSW Social Welfare Candace G. Potash BS Occupational Therapy William S. Powell BBa Marketing Beta Gamma Sigma, American Marketing Association, Dean ' s List Leslie A. Prahar BBA .Accounting and Finance Beta Alpha Psi, Accounting Honor Society, Dean ' s List Ellen L. Pray BS Business Education Phi Beta Lambda Natalie S. Pressman BA Biology Biology Majors Association, Biology Honors Gwendolyn Price Ba Criminal Justice Criminal Justice Association Cyril G. Pyle ba Biochemistry CLA Honors Victoria M. Quigiey BBA Accounting and Insurance and Risk SBA College Council, Insurance and Risk Society, Gamma lota Sigma R Diane M. Ramanauskas ba English Filamena Ranieri BSW Child Care Magna Cum Laude Mary A. Ranieri BS Early Childhood Education Dean ' s List, Magna Cum Laude Robert B. Raubfogel BBA Marketing Penelope D. Reddick BBA Marketing William M. Redington ba Geography Geography Club lessie M. Reed ba Psychology and Sociology Suzanne M. Reisman ba Psychology Bridget L. Rice ba lournalism Volleyball Team, MIP Volleyball, Temple News leffery H. Rice ba lournalism Temple News, WRTI-Radio )ohn A. Ridd ba Chemistry Esther ). Robbins ba Anthropology Dean ' s List, Phi Beta Kappa Kathleen M. Roberts ba Criminal justice Cnminal justice Society, Dean ' s List, Cum Laude Bonnie K. Robinson BBA Computer and Information Science Fredericka E. Robinson MSW Social Planning Michael D, Rodman ba RTF Bowling Team Patricia A. Rogers BBA Economics Debate Team, Honors Student Grace E. Romano BS Physical Therapy James M. Rooney BBA Marketing Ice Hockey Team Joseph D. Rooney ba RTF Racheile K. Rosen BSW Social Welfare Student Struggle for Soviet lewry Stuart L. Rosen BBA Real Estate Edward S. Rosenberg ba Political Science Scott B. Rosenberg ba Biology Biology Majors Association Audrey F. Rosenbluth ba Political Science Rande E. Rosenthal BBA Accounting Beta Alpha Psi Alan B. Roth BBA Accounting and Marketing Society for Advance Management, Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity Annette C. Roundtree B,a Political Science Kenneth A. Rubin BBA Accounting Society for Advance Management Evangeline A. Rush BSW Social Welfare Future Leaders Scholarship Kimberlee A. Russell BM Music Education College of Music Choir, Flag Team John P. Russo BBA Marketing Varsity Wrestling John A. Ruziskey BA Biology Dean ' s List Cheri D. Salley BSW Social Administration Senior Class Representative Hamid R. Salmasi BS Mechanical Engineering Alice E. Sams BSW Social Work John A. Sannuti, Jr. BS Electrical Engineering Martina H. Santiago BSN Nursing Robert J. Sass BA Biology Biology Society, Research Inorganic Chemistry Christopher |. Schad ba Psycnology MaryEllen E. Schaeffer ba Psychology Diane E. Schafer BFA Dance Stephen J. Scherf BBA Accounting Beta Alpha Psi, Beta Gamma Sigma, Omicron Delta Epsilon Neil 1. Schreiber Lorranie A. Schultz Douglas E. Scott ba lournalism Temple News, Templar, Student Association of Black lournalists. Society of Professional lournalists, Scripp-Howard Foundation Scholarship, RAP-UP! Magazine, Intramural Sports George R. Scott II BBA Computer and Information Science Varsity Fencing, Co-Winner 1980 Mid- Atlantic Fencing Conference Team, EPEE Champion Larry F. Sechuk ba Criminal justice Lori M. Secouler William F. Seefned BBA Marketing American Marketing Association Martin C. Seloirch Joyce Sewell BSW Social Work Lisa M. Seybold BB.A Accounting Michael S. Shapiro ba lournalism Advertising Workshop, Cheerleader Abdoirahim Shariat BS Mechanical Engineering Eileen M. Shaw ba Communications Stephen Sheinen Mohammad H. Shiekhy BS Electrical Engineering Leann R. Shields ba RTF Randy M. Shocket ba Chemistry Student Advisor-Ombudsman, Undergraduate Council of Liberal Arts Eric J. Shorter BBa Business Law and Management Student Senate, B.ASICS, Black History Council, Peer Consultant Portia V. Showell BSW Early Childhood Education Peter J. Sidor BBA .Accounting Social Club Deborah E. Silvano ba Political Science Phi Beta Kappa, Research Assistant for Dr. Botwinick Joyce M. Sims Garry Simon Linda Schwartz-Simons ba Sociology Michael H. Simons BBA Marketing David A. Simpson B.A Psychology Joyce M. Simpson Ba journalism Student Association of Black journalists, Tulsa Curt R. Singer ba RTF Tri-Dorm Senate, Photography Club Alice M. Singletary ba Accounting Beta Alpha Psi, Association of Minority Students John M. Skillan, Jr. ba Communications Dean ' s List. Templar, Resident Assistant, Advertising Workshop, Temple News Richard M. Slater ba American Studies Robert D. Slough ba History Tammy K. Slusser BS Physical Education Basketball and LaCrosse Teams, Athletic Trainer. Dean ' s List, Academic Merit List Karen L. Smallwood BSW Social Work Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Social Welfare Student Union Charlotte M. Smith BS Busines Education Phi Beta Lambda Janice E. Smith BSW Social Welfare Joseph P. Smith 111 ba lournalism Cum Laude Margaret M. Smith ba Theatre Richard C. Smith ba Liberal .Arts Dean ' s List. Resident Assistant, FIS Student Advisor. Intramural Basketball and Football, Rugby Club Teresa A. Smith BSW Child Care Vivian M. Smith BSW Social Welfare Scarlet Z. Sneed BBA Accounting Beta Alpha Psi Harry S. Solomon, Jr. BM Music Education University Singers Claire M. Somp BS Education Domenic P. Spagnola, Jr. ba Theatre Randall Production Board, actor George W. Spear III BBA Marketing American Marketing Association, Dean ' s List David H. Spring ba Biology Matthew E. Spritz ba Psychobiology Hillel Cynthia E. Squillace ba RTF Volunteer Reading for the Blind Teresa M. Staerk ba lournalism Manager Varsity Soccer Team, Temple News, SGA Representative 336 ynthia M. Stankiewicz IBA Computer and Intormation ■cience eta Gamma Sigma Honor Society regory Stea ;BA Marketing Joxing Team. Dean ' s List Vlaria Slefanidis 5BA Management and Marketing iociety ol Advance Management, merican Marketing Association, )BA College Council Man Steinberg acqueline R, Steinberg BS Secondary Education Math Maiors Association Timothy D. Stephens BBA Economics Marching Band, Dean s List Muriel A, Stewart BS Education of Mildly Handicapped Gina S. Stortini BBA Computer and Information Science and .Marketing Association of Computing Machinery, Marketing Club Karen L. Sturtdavant BA Sociology Paul S. Suszynski BA journalism Temple News. Temple News and Templar Photographer of the Year, Tri-Dorm Senate, Deans List Mary P. Syres BA Political Science Karen M. Taylor Kenneth E, Taylor BA Criminal justice Adult Students Program Timothy A. Taylor BBA Accounting Cum Laude Abbas 1. Tehrani BS Civil Engineering Marita Teretenko BSW Social Work Resident Coordinator. President ' s Scholar, Social Work Student Union, Sol Feinstein Award Robert W. Terry BBA Computer and Information Science American Computing Machinery, SBA College Council Alma W. Thomas BSW Social Welfare Dean s List Anthony G. Thomas BA Biology and Psychology Psi Chi, Biology Society, Psychology Majors Association. Intramural Sports, Cum Laude Deborah D. Thomas BSW Social Work John C. Thomas, )r. BA RTF Student Senate, Cheerleaders, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Majic Dance Co,. LJnited States Student Association Luther |, Thompson, jr. Ba journalism and English Catherine E. Thornton BBa Marketing American Marketing Association. National .-Kssociation of .Accountants Karen I. Tobin BA Criminal justice lames G. Toll BBa Accounting Guy ), Tolomeo BA Criminal justice Dean ' s List, Intramural Hockey John W. Tomlin BA Criminal justice Terrence P, Toohey ba journalism Temple News, Intramural Sports Alexander L, Torban MS Mathematics Education Marian L. Townes ba Political Science Donna M. Travis ba RTF Diamond Dancers. Dean ' s List. Dorm Senate David G. Troiano ba RTF Eileen M, Troisi ba journalism Temple News, In Print Magazine loann E, Tropea ba History Daniel W. Tyran ba Biology u Patricia M. Ulmer ba Urban Studies Dean ' s List. Dorm Senate (Ambler) Thomas R, Upton ba RTF Future Leaders Scholarship Ronald A. Vaccaro BBA Accounting Beta Alpha Psi Maria D. Verrecchia BS Elementary Education Terese A. Vekteris ba journalism The Medium. Society of Professional journalists. Dean ' s List Patricia M. Vigneault B.a journalism Alpha Sigma Alpha. Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society. Outstanding Achievement Scholarship, journalism Scholarship, Scottish Rite Minh-Nghia T. Vuong BA Chemistry w Eric S. Wagner ba Mathematics Honors Department Certificate, Outstanding Achievement Scholarship John M Walgast ba Biology Varsity Swimming Deborah L, Wallach ba RTF Michael K, Walsh BB -Xciounting Beta Alpha Psi Willie M, Ward BSW Social Welfare Social Welfare Student Union, Treasurer ot UndergratJuale das ' . Angela R, Waters ba Psychology Delta Sigma Theta, Psychology Majors Society EilliottD, Waters, Sr. PhD Elementary Education Pamela L. Waters BSWASocial ,- dminislralion loseph A, Watts BBA Real Estate Rachel A. Weinstock BBA Accounting Beta Alpha Psi, Student Senate, SBA College Council, Student Government Association Marilyn Gantt-Welsh BBA Business Administration Susan F, Wenick ba Speech and Hearing Science Russell B. Wenitsky lacque P. Whambush, )r. ba Political Science Student Senate, Intramural Football, Who ' s Who In American Colleges Cassius White Gail D, White ba Administration of justice Hope P, Whyte ba Psychology Psychology .Ma|ors Association Consuelo M, Wickman ba History Rachel Wilf 8a RTF Cheryl L, Williams ba Biology Biology Society Barbara C. Williamson ba journalism PRSSA, Varsity Track and Field and Cross-Country, Tri-Dorm Senate Elaine C, Willingham BBA Marketing Alpha Kappa Alpha, Association ol Minority Business Students Anthony Wilson BBA Accounting AICPA Scholarship, National Association of Black Accountants Donna V. Wilson ba Criminal justice Robert L. Wilson BBA Marketing Varsity Soccer Jeffrey R. Winkler ba Mathematics Alpha Chi Ro, Hillel, Alpha Lambda Delta Felix T. Winternitz ba journalism Temple News, Residential Assistant, Sigma Delta Chi Scholarship. Dean ' s List Mary Wiser ba Political Science (debate Team, Intramural Racquetball Michele M. Wolfe BBA Marketing Diamond Dancer, Intramural Sports Harry ). Wood BB,a Computer and Information Science Charles E, Worden, Jr. BS Mechanical Engineering American Society ot Mechanical Engineers. American Society of Heating. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning. Pi Lamt)da Phi Donna M. Wright ba journalism PRSSA. Public Relations Student Society of America lames M. Wright BBA Accounting Lori L. Wright ba RTF Dean ' s List, WRFT-Radio Celestine |. Wynn B a Pan African Studies and Social Studies Magna Cum Laude Andrea V. Yarbough BSW Social Work Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Que Essence Club, PPC Representative, Big Sisters Afshin Yazdjerd BS Mechanical Engineering Hooman Yazdjerd BS Mechanical Engineenng Stephen C, Yborra Ba journalism Advertising Workshop, Dean ' s List Lin Yee BBA Marketing Chi I. Yoo Mary K. Yost BBa .Marketing and IROB Christine M. Young BA English CLA Honors Marilyn D. Young ba Criminal justice Hydil Yu BBa Accounting Michael I Yurescko ba Biology Deborah M. Zawinsky ba Speech Alexander Zemtsov ba Chemistry Dean ' s List .Andrew S. Zitomer ba Psychology Saeid |. Zomorrodian BS Bio-medical Engineering Paul j. Zuzulock BSW Social Work 337 ' - FSBSsk I 9B iBkW ' ' H The desire accomplished is sweet to the soul, r -Proverb 13:19 ¥ 1 FT- ■ ■ .• ' ny 344 Temple University y Foot, Dy Cor, Dy Subwoy There ' s more than One Woy to Q QUQiity educQtion 345 Performers We never do anything well till we cease to think about the manner of doing it. — William Hazlitt • -- %♦ Itfjt % k Editor ' s Note After a hectic year of administrating a staff, coordinating the production of the yearbook, and performing various other duties associated with the job, the editor- in-chief is likely to sit back when the finally pages of the yearbook are mailed and say, " Phew! It ' s all over. Thank Goodness. " Being editor was a demanding job of meeting company representatives, negotiating contracts, photographing graduates, and assisting the yearbook staff. Add the daily ritual of attending class, and you have one busy person. The 1981 Templar, however, was a coordinated ef- fort on the part of the editor and his staff. My staff should be applauded for the fine work they have done. These staffers who work with little recognition deserve much credit for the time they spent in planning and producing this annual publication. Moreover, a yearbook would not be a yearbook if it were not for the students. The graduates, who as of May 28, 1981 became Temple alumni, and other students provided the impetus for the Templar staff to document campus ac- tivities and the people who make the cam- pus a university. Without students, faculty, administrators, employees, and other peo- ple. Temple would truly be the concrete jungle some people claim it to be. They make Temple liveable and enjoyable. As you flipped through the 352 pages of the 1981 Templar, the staff and I hoped that you have found this issue to bring back memories of a hectic, sometimes chaotic, voyage through academia. We also hoped that it services as a reminder that for four years Temple was more than acres of con- crete and brick, but a place where you made friends and gained knowledge. — Good Luck, iLL ' Douglas Scott Editor-in-Chief Every man who rises above the common level has received two educations: the first from his teacher; the second, more per- sonal and important, from himself. - Edward Gibbons The 1981 Templar is dedicated to all the people who made its publication possible: Stan Maurek, Tom Ferrick, Glenn Williams, Merin Studios, The Publication Board, Tem- ple News, students, mom, dad, family, and friends. And especially, the 1981 yearbook taff who worked hard to produce one helluva yearbook. il H

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