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 ilDSBil ■ I HI Si ■ ■ ■ r ■If Russell Coruuell could see us now . . . When Conwell established Temple University in 1884, he dedicated the college to the idea of equal opportunity in education for people of every race, religion and position in life. This idea is still carried on and the availability of this education today far exceeds anything Conwell could have dreamed of. But wouldn’t he be surprised if he could see the changes in his university—the programs, the buildings, and especially, theThe people who are Temple University come from all over the country and from all walks of life. High school graduates, businesspeople, transfer students, senior citizens—Temple attracts them all. Whether it be for the convenient campuses and schedules, the moderate tuition, or just the school’s fine reputation in so many fields, almost 40,000 people each year choose Temple as the place to advance their educations. Without the studious, without the industrious, without the crazies, this place would be just a bunch of buildings on North Broad. People bring Temple University to life, and in a way, Temple teaches its students a little bit of what life is all about.Diversity oj 'People Inst Hint IWMPBCM STUSESVeople, €tfhich temple (frcat;?V9jf 9JC 9 S9%fy Wyfo '9l fiU9ft SJfr iiii Hi_ nun ii■ uui illnn nn. ■mi in uni in ii n ui lvr.i t i In ii ii ii i u ii UlTABLE OF CONTENTTHE LAST Page 3USTUDENT SERVICESMarvin Wachman President George H Huganir Secretary UNIVERSITY OFFICERS James D. Logan V.P. for Financial Affairs and Treasurer Edward H. Noroian V.P. for Temple Hospital and Health Services wWalter H. Powell V.P. for Personnel Resources William C. Seyler Assistant Secretary •lames M. Shea V.P. for University Relations Ue H. Wenke V.P. for Development 15Bernard WaUon Acting V.P. for Academic Services Marie Cooney Kenneth Haldeman Assistant V.P. for Administration Undergraduate Admissions Richard Marvin Bursar UNIVERSITY 16David Baldwin Associate V.P. for Financial Affairs ADMIMS TRA T101 Nicolas Flocco Financial Aid Herman Niebuhr Planning Group-Associate V.P. and Assistant to Preisdont »7Program Development ADMINISTRATION Ruth Morey Associate to Dean of Students Eunice Clark Assistant V.P. for Research Program Development Robert L. Lenker Associate V.P. for University Services ieSidney Halpem Arnhler Campus DEANS Seymour L. Wolfbein Business Administration Kenneth Harwood Communication Theater Dale F Roeck Dentistry Jay Scrihner Education 19George W. Johnson Liberal Arts Mark C. Ebersole Graduate DEANS Robert H Creamer Engineering Technology Peter Liacouras Law School Joseph Oxendine Health. Phys. Ed.. Recreation. Dance Roger Sevy Medical School 20Allen Gnrrett Music Simon Slavin Social Administration Dennis L. Tarr Temple University Center City Joseph D. McEvilla Pharmacy Norma Furst Dean of Students Jack W'asserman Tyler 21Elmer Miller Anthropology FACULTY 22Annette M. lx f ez Bilingual Elementary education William R. Harvey Biology v'ictor Schutz Engineering Technology CHAIRMEN Emily Yuan Chinese lerick Higgins hnnluev Engineering Consiruction Technology men F. Korsh mouter Informational Sciences James Adam6 Counseling Education Psychology 23 John Gamble Dance Louis T. Harms Economics Donald L. Walters Educational Administration Elton Robertson Educational Media Joseph Du Cette Educational Psychology Kenneth G. Schaefer Marthe Lavalle-Williams English Language Enrichment Center French Italian 7 Toby Olshin Freshman Interdisciplinary Studies William Young Geography Robert Holtzman General Education Program for Teachers Daniel P. Tompkins German Slavic Languages Gene Ulmer Geology Eliot Wirshbo Michael L. Dolfman Man-in Levy German Slavic Languages Health Administration Health Education 15Hnnoch Guy Hebrew Near Eastern Languages George Manaker Horticulture Landscape Design John DeMott Journalism Herbert Bass History Raymond Lolla Industrial Arts William Nathan Honors Program Wayne Snider Insurance Risk David H. Roberts Business Law 26Rocco Carxo Management Albert Schild Mathematics Gerald Kneiter Music Education 27 Hugues LeBlanc PhilosophySigurd Y. Larsen Physics Charles A. Joiner Political Science Edmund Amidon Psychocducationai Processes Marjorie Johnson Psychology of Reading Timothy J Lyons Radio-Television-Film Charles Hartsoe Recreation 1-eisure Studies Franklin H. Littell Religion ?8Joseph G. Rosenfeld School Psychology Joseph Schmuckler Science Education Eudice Glassberg Social Welfare Matthew Bruce Secondary Education Willard Gandy Secondary Social Studies Education David Berger Sociology Barbara B. Aponte Spanish Portuguese 20Amos Rivell Vocational Education 30WHO'S Raymond C Whittaker Advertising Promotion WHO? 31William Melchoir Audio-Visual Center Robert Ruffin Affirmative Action, Plans Program James Herbert Banda 3?Elaine Brown Choral Activities Thomas Anderson Community Relations Jean Brodey Cooperative Education Lee Transier Continuing Education Center 33.loan Austin Experience-Based Alternative Programs Alexandra A Warxhaw Intercollegial Student Service 34Walter Gershenfeld Center for Labor Munpowcr Studies Arthur Papacoata Measurement Research Center Robin Lawraaon Media Learning Center 35Lt. Col. .lames Tenbrook R.O.T.C. Andrew Kutney Safety Office Carol Boerer Special Events Allen Shrier Sports Information 36Herbert Showell Temple Opportunity Program C. Kirk Greer University Examiner Alexander Dill. Jr. Veterans In Public Service Leroy Carl University Publications Board 37 Ronald Walker Assistant Director of V.I.P.S.SENIORSSUILEIMAN VBA NG IDA ABULKADIR. BS In- diutrial Arts: [lean's List EVA R ABRAHAM, BSW. Social Welfare FLORENCE GATE WARD AC FRIDGE BSW. Social Welfare: Alliance of Black Social Workers ROBERT JOSEPH ACQVAROLE. BS . secondary Education Social Studies. Scuba Assistant. NAll CLEVELAND E ADAMS. BS . Chemistry JOYCE ELAINE ADAMS LINDA ANNE ADLVM. BS . Computer and information Sciences MUSHTAQ AHMAD. MA Rehition, Treasurer MSA Temple CRAIG ALBERTS. BS . Accounting RUDOLPH LESTER ALBERTS. Rs Management Marketing DEBORAH I. ALESI BS Elementary Education JOSEPH MICHAEL ALESSANDRJNl. BS.. Phar-mucy DURELLE Y ALEXANDER. BA . History. Magna Cum Laude TERRENCE J. ALEXANDER JAMES J ALLEN BS. Elementary Education, President of Veterans in Ihibltc Service 40BEVERLY D ALl.EYNE. US, Economics RUTH R ALRER. BSW.. Social Work RENA I. ALSTON. HA . History ALLAN WILLIAM ALTMAN. HS . Marketing. Beta Gamma Sigma LYNDA ANNE AMBROSE. BS . Pharmacy SAPHA RITA MARY FRANCES AMATRCDA. BA Mathematics. Math Club. Dean's List CHARLES R AMODEO. BRA . Business Administration ROBERT,J ANBROSG. BA . Psychology DOROTHY ANDERSON. BS. Elementary Education FANNIE M ANDERSON BSW. Social Welfare. Social Welfare Student Union. Neu Career Ladders. Dean's List DARROW DELANO ANDREWS BA -Journalism. Neu A Sportscastrr WRT1 LAWRENCE M ANYANWY. BS Accounting. Soccer Team CARMEN F APONTE. BSW. Sinai Welfare ELMER APONTE. BA Spanish DAVID A APPLEBAUM. BS Accounting. Beta Alpha Psi, 13th Street Journal Neu spaper Staff 41GARY S ASK ENAS. BA , Journalism MARCO AURELIO. BS. Electrical Engineering Technology; IEEE. Dean's List.CET NORBBN CAROL AZEFF. BA . English NGOZI ONU AZONOB!. BA . Sociology GARY BACHARACH. BA . Psychology. Pdi Chi. National Psychology Honor Society. Honor Roll. Dean's List MARLENE LA VERNE BAG LEY. BA. Journalism. Sigma Delta Chi CLARICE MACHETTE BAILEY. BA . Urban Studies. UCLA Honors Ihogram, Communications Council Coordinator Black Student Collective. Minority Communications Network, Admissions Chairperson HAZEL L N. BAILEY. BSW. Social Welfare Administration LA METER BAINS CHARLES WILLIAM BAKER. BA.. Psychology; Dean's List. Resident Assistant. Co-ordinator for Neu Student Workshop Suburban Outreach Program!Intercollegiate Student Services ROBERT VINCENT BALDINO, BA . Psychology. Swimming. Aikido IRWIN MARSHALL BALIK. BA.. General Studies PAUL M BALLASY. BS. Trade Industrial Education ARLENE BARBARA BANKS. BA . Psychology; Diamond Marching Band RENATO CARMINE BARBACANE. BA . Psychology; President of Temple Ski Club 4?NACKSQON BAE, BS.. Pharmacy GREGG MICHAEL BA RINGOLDZ. BA.. Psychology; Intramural Football Basketball. Resident Assistant. Scuba Diver, Psychology Honors Program, Dean's List MARCY VIVIAN BARMAT, BRA.. Management MARIAN ETTA BARNES, HA . RTF; RTF Honors Program, Producer Moderator "Afro-USA", Cum Laude. WRTl CAROL ANN BARNETT. BBA, Business Administration CONSTANCEB. BARR. BS., Elementary Education CARL BARSIGIAN, BS Pharmacy; Rho Pi Phi. PPA. SAPHA . Intramural Sports JOANNE M BASILEO, BS.. Physical Education; Student Athletic Trainer. Gymnastics. Track Field. Alpha Rho Delta, Dean's List ROBERT ANTHONY BASSO. BS.. Accounting; Scholastic Distinction List NEAL A BEDF.IN. BA.. Religion. Editor in-Chief o TEMPLAR ‘77. Hillel Student Executive Board. New Student Workshop. AAGG. Religion Majors ' Association LISAJ BELL. BA.. Political Science LOUISE W BELL. BA.. Communications PHYLLIS BELL. BS. Pharmacy; Greater Phila Pharmaceutical Society. SAPHA WILLIAM A BELL JR DEBORAH BENGAMAN 43GIDEON JUDAH HEN-HO ft IN. BA.. Hebrew; Chairman UCLA. ROTC. Hillel. Dean's List SHIRLEY ELIZABETH BENTON. BS., Elementary Education DAMIAN ROSTYSLAV BEREZA, BS.. Pharmacy. SAPHA, Animal Surgery Research, Pharmacology Research MARSHA BERGER. BA.. Speech Hearing MERI-H ELAINE BERGER. BA . Speech. New Student Workshop. Alpha Sigma Alpha V Pres Panhellenic V. Pres Treasurer, Cheerleader. TEMPLE UNIV NEWS. Dean's List RITA BERGER W1LUAM CRAIG BERKELBACH. BA . Political Science; Undergraduate Political Science Majors' Association. Dean's List DEBBIE JOAN BERKOWITZ. BS. Elementary Education JAY ALAN BERKOWITZ. BBA. Business Law; Business Administration Council President Secretary, Marketing Society. Student Government DARIO FRANK BERNARDINI. BA . Journalism. TEMPLE UNIV. NEWS POWELL JULIUS BERNHARDT III. BBA. Accounting. Beta Alpha Psi. Association of Black Business Students. Dean's List CLARENCE E BERRY. BA . General Studies EVELYN E BERRY. BA . Sociology CRYSTAL REGINA BETHEA, BS., Elementary Education ROSLYN VICTORIA BETSH.L. BA.. Fine Arts 44THERESE FRANCES BIANCHINI. LKA THOR STEFAN BILYNOSKY BERTHA M BISHOP. BS. Health Education LARMETER BIVINS. BBA . Management; Sports. CEW. ASPA. SAM SHEILA A BIVINS LILIAN THEIL BUCK. BS.. Pharmacy. SAPHA. COS. State Nat'I Delegate, Resolutions Committee THERESA MARIE BUNEY. BBA . Accounting Computer Sciences SHEILA RUN A BUNCO. BA.. General Studies JANICE BLOOM. BS., Elementary Education CHRISTINE LEE BLVMHARDT. BS. Pharmacy: SAPHA. Admissions Standards Committee DONNA ELIZABETH BLYTHE. BS.. Elementary Education; Dean's List KATHl BOCK. BS.. Elementary Education, Education Majors' Assoc. JOAN D BOOKLET. BS . Early Childhood Education RANDY .4 BODOFF, BA , Journalism Public Relations; Student Member Board of Trustees. Chairman of Student Affairs. Unw. Relations Representative. Sigma Delta Cht NANCY BOLLINGER. BA . Journalism 45STEPHEN THOMAS BQNACCORSl, BA.. Psychology BRUCE ALAN BOND. BA . Sociology; Sociology Majors' Association JEANETTE BOND. BS.. Elementary Education JANET EILEEN BONNIE, BS. Early Childhood Education; Ambler Basketball, Dean's List LINDA M BOOK. BS . Art Education PHYLLIS RENEE BOOKER. BSW. Social Welfare FRANCIS P BORON. BA.. Psychology MICHAEL J BOWMAN. BS.. Finance; Co-captain Intramural Football ANTHONY J. BOYCE. BA.. Biology; Hiology Society. Cum Laude. Dean's List JAMES ANTHONY BOYCE. BA.. Anthropology. Manaxunk Project. Magna Cum Laude, Dean’s List JOHN W BOYD JR , BA.. Sociology Criminology PAULA R BOYLE. BA . Geography SHARON BOYLES. BA . Theatre; Directed Randall Ixib. Theater Rep Costume Construction VINCENT MAURICE BRADFORD. BSW. Social Welfare PATRICIA KAREN BRADLEY. BS.. Nursing. Dean's List 46JOHN JOSEPH BRADY JR.. BS.. Pharmacy; Scholarship Award Certificate of Merit, Kappa P»i ROBERTA BRAND. BS.. Elementary Education; Education Majors' Assoc., Cum Laude VICKI CARLA BREN FLECK. BS.. Early Childhood Education; Dean's Lift PEAR LI A F BRENNER BARBARA JEAN BRIDGEMAN. BA . English SHARON HOPE BRILL. BS.. Dance; Publicity for Dance Performances. Dean's List BRYAN BRADLEY BRILLHART. BS. Pharmacy; Pres. Student Council, College Council of Student Pres.. SAPHA MARILYN C BRINDISI. BS.. Early Childhood Education ALICE ANN BRISCOE. BS.. Elementary Education PAMELA CATHERINE BROADNAX. BA . Liberal Arts WILLIAM JOSEPH BROPHY. BA . Biology. Biology Honors, Cum Laude CAROLYN BROWN. BA . Political Science MARIA PATRICIA BROWN. BA . Anthropology RUTH TURNER BROWN LUCIA M BRUN, BS.. Distributive Education. Secretary for DEC A UN DA C BRUSKl. BA. Psychology CHARLES RAYMOND BRYANT JR.. BS.. Pharmacy; Rho Pi Phi DEBORAH ELAINE BRYANT. BSW. Social Welfare; Student Union TEKIA ANN BRZOZA BA.. Journalism; Alpha Gamma Delta. 1st V Pres., Lacrosse. Homecoming Committee. Student Senate Election Coordinator. PRSSA SHEILA BUDILOV. BS.. Elementary Education; Sr Honorar, Scholarship m Education EWA GRAZYNA BUDZYNSKA. BBA Marketing; AM A Member. Temple Marketing Society. Dean's List ANNA BUDIWSKY. BS.. Foreign language Education JEFFREY PAUL BURCH MANN. BS.. Elec trial Engineering. IEEE AMY L. BUR MAN. BA.. Landscape Design; Equestrian Team NORRETTE IRIS BURNLEY. BBA , Marketing; Assoc, of Black Business Students. Who’s Who in Students. PRSSA BARBARA ANN BURNS. BS., Elementary Education; Summa Cum Laude CONSTANCE BURTON. BSW. Social Welfare Dean's List 48JULIA FRANCIS BUR WELL. BA . Psychology CHRISTOPHER CALDWELL. BA . RTF JOHN F. CALLAHAN. BBA . Insurance Risk PATRICIA M. CALLAHAN. BS. Nursing; In-tramurals, Field Hockey. Homecoming Committee. Faculty Search Committee, Alpha Sigma Alpha PATRICIA AYNE CAMERON, BS. Speech Pathology Audiology. NSSHA MARIO LUIS CANALES. BS.. Civil Engineering. Council of Engineering Technology LOUIS NICHOLAS CANELLIJR . BA . Journalism. Basketball, Track DIANE B. CANNON. BA . RTF: Cum Laude. WRTI. Dean's List SCOTT CANTOR DALE JOANN CAPOZZOLO. BS.. Computer In-formation Sciences ANTHONY PAUL CAPPlALl. BBS.. Accounting; Intramural Hockey. Accounting Tutor A Lab Proctor. Beta Alpha f $i MARIA TERESA CARCHIDI. BS.. Elementary Education. Italian Club THOMAS MICHAEL CAR1DI. BS.. Computer Information Sciences; Assoc, for Computing Machinery. Pres, of Pi Lambda Phi ANTHONY J CARISTO. BS.. Pharmacy; Intra-fraternity Council, Alpha Zeta Omega. Dean's List BARBARA JANE-MONICA CARMICHAEL. BA.. Urban Studies 49CAROLYN ODESSA CARR. BS.. Health Education; Nominated Most Outstanding Senior—Pan-African Studies ANDREW ROBERT CARSON. BBA. Accounting. Intramurals LEON CARSON. BS., Education WILHELM IN A P CARTER. BSW. Social Welfare; Social Welfare Union ROY H CARUTH. BS.. Education MARY T CASTINEIRA. BBA . Accounting KATHRYN ANN CEBRA. BA . Liberal Arts; Fencing Team BARBARA ANNE CERBONE. BA., Social Sciences RICHARD F. CHALFIN. BS.. Pharmacy HSIAO-RUE CHAO. BA.. Chemistry CAROLE HELEN CHATEIAIN. BA.. Geology. Dean's List RONALD HOWARD CHEATHAM. BS . Mathematics Education TERESA A CHERRY. BA . Speech EVELYN B CHESTER. BS. Elementary Education; Badmitton. Tennis. Chess. Backgammon. VIPS CAROLYN DENISE CHILTON. BS. Elementary Education. Assoc Editor Communique. SRAP 50DONALD -J CHINO Y. BS .. Secondary Educalion Social Studies; Business Manager TEMPLAR 75. Pres University Ntrus Service ENOCH CHO, BA., Chemistry. UCLA Representative. Treasurer Chemistry Society. Tutorial Service. Dean's List SELMON L CHOICE. BS.. Education MARCIA MARIE CHRIST. BS.. Dance Education. Cheerleader. Dean's List WILLIAM JOHN CHRISTIANSEN. BS.. Physical Education JULIA CHRISTODOULOU. BA . English Literature m ANTHONY ROBERT CICCARELLI ADELE M CIRILLO. BA.. Journalism; Sigma Delta Chi. PRSSA JOSEPH A CIRO, BBA . Accounting ANNE MARIE CIUPAK. BA., Russian. Slavic Cultures Club GEORGE T CLANCEY DENISE CARTER Cl ARK. BS.. Secondary Education. Temple Day Care Council, Jr Year Chairperson. Dean's List DONNA GAIL ClARK, BA.. Social Administration; Summa Cum Laude. NASW EMMA J. ClARK. BS., Secondary Education LINDA RUTH CLARK. BSW. Social Welfare 51IRA S. CLAVNER, BA.. History GERALD A CLOUGH. BA , Sociology JACQUELINE SHARON CLYDE. BSW. Social Welfare JOEL CLYMAN. BA.. Political Science. Intramural Softball Football. Temple Ambler Talent Show 1975 ALTHEA MARIE COBB. BSW. Social Welfare WILLIAM JOHN COCCOLl. BS.. Physics JOHN LEONARD COCHRANE. BA . German. Pres German Club JAMES COE JR., BS.. Electrical Engineering Technology SHELDON JOSEPH COG AN. BS.. Distributive Education. Speak man Booh Exchange. DECA THEODORE COHN. BBA . Marketing Finance: In-tramural Football. Basketball, Softball Volleyball, Pi lambda Phi MARYANN E COLEMAN. BS.. Physical Education Health; Softball, College of Music Chorus. Dean's List RENEE GRACE COLEMAN. BS.. Elementary Education GERTRUDE B COLES. BS., Early Childhood Education WALTER STEVEN COLES. BA . Political Science: Dorm Senator Alternate. Black lounge Programming Committee. Mensan HERMAN C. COLEY. BS. Elementary Education 5?JUNE L COLLIER JOHN F COLLINS SCOTT EDWARD CON LAN. BA. Music; Chairman CMCC. Concert Choir, Opera Theater m BERNADETTE CONNOLLY. BS.. Medical Technology PHYLLIS KAREN CONROY. BA . French; Alpha Gamma Delta Pres., Dean's List ERIC CONSTANTINE. BA . Political Science History OLIVER TIMOTHY CONWAY GLYNISE COOLEY. BS.. General Sciences ANNE MARIE CORCORAN. BSW. Social Welfare KATHLEEN E COUNCIL. BS. Early Childhood Education DIANE COVERT. BS.. Physical Therapy CATHERINE GABRIEL COYLE. BS. Elementary Education; Dean's List DOLORES L. COYNE. BBS.. Organizational Management; Dean's List WILLIAM J CRAIG. BA . Political Science STEPHEN A CRANE. BS . l harmacy; Rho Pi Phi Pres.. Rho Chi 53DAVID LEE CRAPPS. BA . Psychology ROBIN ANNE CRAWFORD. BA . English; English Dept Student Advisor-Ombudsman. UCLA Rep. JOHN PETER CREIGHTON. BBA. Computer and Information Sciences; Dean's List HAIME CRIVOSEI. BS.. CECT 1.Ul A W. CROSSON. BS.. Elementary Education; Dean's List 5 semesters JUDY CARMINA CL'FFY. BS . Elementary Education, Honor Student PHILLIP LOVARD CULVER. BA.. Social Administration; Judo Club. National Federation of Student Social Workers, Nat. Assoc, of Black Soc. Workers. Temple Vets. CAROL LYNN CUNNINGHAM. BS. Therapeutic Recreation; Rec Majors Assoc.. Dean's List SAl.LIE LEE CUPIT. BA., Journalism. Women in Communications BRUCE E CURRIE. BBA., Business Management. Marketing Assoc., Management Club KENNETH JEFFREY CUSTIS, BS. Elemental Education. Veteran Counselor RICKY S CUTLER. BS , Pharmacy JOSEPH JAMES DALLAS. BA . Industrial Relations WILLIAM JOHN DALY. BA . RTF. Dean's List. RTF Student Org. QUENTIN ROBERT DANCER. BBA.. ccounfin j 34LUCIA PAULA D'ANDREA. BS.. Early Childhood Education WAYNE NEIL DASH. BS. Computer Informational Sciences RAMON BERNARDO DANIELS. BRA . Marketing PAGE DENISE DAVIDSON. BA.. Psychology. ASPA. Dean's List THOMAS C. DAVIES. BS. Industrial Relations ALICE A DAVIES. BS . Elementary Education CATHERINE C. DAVIES. BSW. Social Welfare DEBRA SHARON DAVIES. BA. Journalism. TEMPLE UNIV NEWS. WRFT. Carol R Simon Award for Communications. Cum Laude, Dean's List HARVETHA OREA DAVIES. BS. Early Childhood Education; Dean's List C HARM AINE DARRELL DAVIS LORRAINE GAIL DAVIS. BS.. Music Education. Marching Band. Uruv Singers. Concert Singers. Dean's List ROBERT ELLIOT DAVIS III. BBA . Business Ixiw Accounting; ABBS. College Council, Pre-ljaw Society SAMMIE LAVERN DAVIS. BS . Accounting; Black Business Assoc. JEFFREY E DA WDS LINDA ANN DAY. BA.. Recreation 55RENEE JOSEPHINE D'COSTA. BA . Education STEPHEN MICHAEL DE FUSCO. BS. Physical Therapy; College Council Rep. Pres. Junior Physical Therapy. Summa Cum Laude MARK HENRY DEHORATIUS. BA . History Ad-ministration of Justice; Sigma Pi, Intramural Soccer. Baseball Football CONNIE LYNN DEIBLER. BS.. Pharmacy; Student Council. SA.P.H.A.. RhoChi KEVIN MICHAEL DELANEY. BA.. RTF. WRTI. Dean's List GUILLERMO DELEON. BA., Social Administration HEATHER LYNN DELP. BS.. Physical Therapy; Summa Cum Ixiude. Theta Pi Theta ROBERT DELRIEGO. BBA.. Accounting RONALD ANTHONY DEMARCO. BA . RTF. Producer. Director £• Moderator WRTI JANET DENNIS. BS.. Therapeutic Recreation JOSEPH DEPARASIS. BA . Biology. Hillel MICHELE L DEPPE. BS . Health Education. Basketball. Volleyball. Outstanding Senior in HPERD. Who's Who in American Universities JAMES PATRICK DEPRE. BBA . Insurance Risk Law JOHN GERARD DEVLIN. BA . Political Science. Student Advisor Ombudsman UCLA. Student Senate. Tutorial Society. Pi Sigma Alpha DENNIS HENRY DIAMOND. BBA . Accounting. Beta Alpha Psi. Dean’s List 56JAN ELLIOT DICKLER. DA,. RTF. WRTl CIA!RE M DlFRANCESCO. HA . Geology WILLIAM JOHN DIXON. DBA . Computer A Informational Sciences. Dean's List ANNE E DOBRZYN, BS., Occupational Therapy-Dean’s List ALFRED A DOCKINS. BS.. Industrial Education WENDY LYNNE DODEK. BA.. Journalism. TEMPLE UNIV NEWS MARIANNE K DODGE. BA.. Anthropology; Anthropology Majors' Assoc. DAWNZ DOERZBACHER. BS . Physical Therapy. Judicial Board A Secretary Theta Pi Theta. Intramural Sports PATRICIA M DOHERTY. BBA . Accounting; Beta Alpha Psi EIAINE ANN DOLE. BSW. Social Welfare; Dept of Public Info JOHN BENEDICT DOMENICO. BA . Industrial Arts; Football JAMES JOSEPH D0N10. BA.. Journalism. TEMPLE UNIV. NEWS. Internship Program. Dean's List KATHLEEN MAE DORAN. BS.. Nursing; Field Hockey, Lacrosse. Intramural Sports. Alpha Sigma Alpha CAROLYN L DORSEY MARGARETJ DOUGHERTY 57GAIL KAREN DRANSF1ELD. BS. Pharmacy; SAPHA, Lambda Kappa Sigma SHIR LEE MARIE DRAYTON. BS. Nursing GEORGE J DRZEWIECKl. BBA . Accounting. Dean's List ANA MARIA DEJESUS DUARTE. BA . French HELENE N. DUCKWORTH. BS.. Elementary Education JOSEPH LORENZO DUGAN. BA . Fine Arts. Temple Talent Art Program JOHN D DUNDORE. BBA., Applied Statistics PAUL W DUNN. BSW. Social Welfare. Burk ley Scholar. Social Work Student Union Resource Com mil tee CATHERINE L DURKIN. BS . Elementary Education DOROTHY R. DYE. BS.. Pharmacy; Greater Phila l hormaceutical Society TERRENCE FRANCIS EBUNG. BS. Accounting; Dean's List WILLIAM F EBLING. BS . Pharmacy; Alpha Zeta Omega HOWARD LEE EDELMAN. BA.. General Studies. Beta Alpha Psi. Nat'I Honorary Accounting Society. V' Chancellor Tau Epsilon Phi. Pre-Dental Society, Korean Karate Club, Dean's List LYNNE ELLEN EDBLSTEIN. BA . Journalism. TEMPLE UNIV NEWS WILLIAM B EDWARDS. BA . Sociology; Pi Lambda Phi 58JOSEPH M EGLAR. BS. Biology: Deans Us( MARC S EISEN BS.. Marketing: Marketing Association CHARLES RISEN BERG NNE-EDUN EKPIKEN. BS . Economics DONNA T. EL. BS., Elementary Education TOBY HOPE ELKIN. BS.. Early Childhood Education: Alpha Lambda Delta BETTIE H ELLIS. BS.. Business Education. Pi Omega Pi. Dean’s List WILLIE GEORGE ELLISON. BSW. Social Welfare REEVE ELMAN. BS . Nursing ROBERTA ELVERSON BS.. Medical Technology: College Bowl. Medical Technology Class President ALFRED JOSEPH ENCA RNA Cl ON. BA .English SHELLI ENGELHARDT. BS. Pharmacy. Alpha Zeta Omega AKPAN MOSES ESSIEN. BA . Geography ANTOINETTE MARIE EVANS. BA . RTF CHERYL ANN EVANS. BSW. Social Welfare 59KATHERINE ABIGAIL EYRE. BA . Art. Art Majors' Associate Chairperson. Deans List ROSS ELIOT FAIGEN. BBS . Management DAVIDSON WE FARR. BS. Pharmacy; Alpha Zeta Omega FREDERICK GUSTAVE FELLECHNER III. BS.. English Secondary Education. Dean's List VICTORIA M FERNANDEZ. BS.. Early Childhood Education JOSEPH MICHAEL FERRIOCA. BS . Accounting EDMUND J. FERRO. BS.. Mathematics; Cum Laude MAR1EELENA C FESHUK. BS.. Elementary Education CAROL SUE FESMIRE. BS. Elementary Education; Dean's List HARRIET MARIE FESSLER. BS.. Physical Therapy; Theta Pi Theta Fund Raising Committee Chairperson JANETTE MARIE FIELDS. BS.. Medical Technology MARK DA V7D FIELDS. BS., Biology; CLA Honors. Inter-American Studies Certificate MAURICE FIELDS. BA.. Journalism. PRSSA. Reporter for "Umoja" RENEE YVONNE FIGGERS. BA.. Community Administration Recreation. Minority Student Representative. Delta Sigma Theta. Leisure Studies Newsletter LINDA J FINK 60THOMAS JOSEPH FINKLE. BA . Psychology FERN IN A FINESTONE. BS. Elementary Education; Dean 's List. Presidential Scholar JEFFREY LEE FINLEY. BA.. Political Science. Dean's List QUEEN ESTHER FISHER. BSW. Social Welfare. Social Welfare Student Union. Neu Career Ladders. Dean's List CHARLES HENRY FITZPATRICK. BS. Biology . Intramural Sports EILEEN MARIE FLAHERTY. BS . Early Childhood Education. Dean's List COLLEEN MARIE FLANNERY MARYANN FOLEY. BA . General Studies Liberal Arts VINCENZA V FOLLO. BS.. Elementary Education VALERIE ANN FOOTMAN. BBA., Industrial Relations!Economics; SAM. ASPA. ABBS. President. Dean's List RICHELLE FOREMAN. BS.. Secondary EducationJGeneral Sciences JOSEPH MICHAEL FORM ELIO. BA. General Studies DONNA MARIA FORNIA. BS.. Elementary Education RICK NEAL FORSBERG. BA . Speech ARLENE M FORTUNATO. BA.. Social Science. Ambler Basketball. Ambler Outstanding Freshman. Women's Residence Hall Senator. TEMPLE UNIV NEWS 61PAMELA JOAN FOUNTAIN. BA . Liberal Arts DIANE ROBIN FOX. BS., Pharmacy, Rho Cht. Alpha Zeta Omega JOY FRANK. BA . Psychology R0X1E M FRANCE. BA.. Journalism; TEMPLE UNIV NEWS DEBORAH ANN FRA TRIE VICTORIA MARION FRAZIER. BA . Theater RUTHE GOLDSTONE FREEDMAN. BA . Journalism. Dean's List GARY PHILIP FREEMAN. BS. Mormon; Phi Delta Chi. Rho Cht STEPHEN DAVID FREEMAN. BBA . Accounting. Dean's List ADRIENNE FRF. I LICK. BS.. Early Childhood Education. Dean's List DEBBIE KAY FRICK IE. BA. History LEE FRIEDBERG. BS.. Finance HENRY CLIFFORD FRISBY. BSW. Social Welfare DOUGLAS FRUEH. BS.. Biomedical Engineering Technology; IEEE. Gymnastics. Biomedical Engineers Society. CCET MARYANNE B FRY. BS.. Vocational Education 6?RONALD HAROLD FULTZ US.. Education PATRICK TIMOTHY GALLAGHER BS. Engineering; Student Chairman American Society of Mechanical Engineering JOHN FRANCIS GALLEN. BA Psychology RICHARD STEPHEN GALLUB ROBYN J. GANG!. BS., Music Education Voice, TU. Singers. TV Concert Choir. Preservation Jarz Choir. Dean's List RITA J GANDELMAN. BA., Speech Pathology. NSSHA. Dean's List LOUIS CHARLES GANZELU. BS . Education MARC RICHEY GARBER. BA.. Political Science THE MEDIUM. Magna Cum Laude JOHN ANTHONY GARBES. BA.. Psychology ALICIA GARCIA. BS., Nursing MARIE GARRIA GAYLE ■ GARRIEST, BA.. Journalism; V. Pres. Sigma Delta Chi. Bowling Team. WRTI. TEMPLE UNtV. NEWS. Dean's List DEAN GEIS. BS.. Accounting RENEE PELT GELBORT. BA.. History. Dean's List SHARON HELENE GELLER BA . RTF; WRTI. Internship Program.Summa Cum Laude, WAREHOUSE. Women in Communications 63JERRY MARTIN GELOIRTZ. HA.. Political Science; UCLA Honors Program, Cross Country. Track. Dean's List KENNETH ROBERT GERLACH. BA.. Journalism SHERRY LYNN GERNAT. BA . Therapeutic Recreation. Intramural Sports ANDREA P GETEK. BA.. Journalism; TEMPLE UNIV NEWS DANIEL JAY GEVER. BA.. Political Science; Tri-Dorm Senate, WTDR. Dean’s List TERRENCE HAROLD GEYER. BBA . Accounting. WRFT, Accounting Majors' Association ROBERT LOUIS GIBBS. BS.. Elementary Education. V. Chairman VIPS. Dean's List SARAH GIBSON. BA., Journalism. Pan-Afrtcan Students Association. TEMPLE UNIV NEWS ROXANNE GIGANTE. BS. Elementary Education RITA CATHERINE G1LDEA. BA . History; Treasurer CIA. Dean’s List DOUGIAS BORDON GILL. BA . Theater LESLIE IONE GILMAN. BA . Psychology■ Tutorial Society, Dean's List KATHLEEN E GILSON. BA . Liberal Arts; Dean s List MICHAEL FRANCIS GIORDANO. BA . Psychology SHARON MONA GLASSHOFER. BS.. Elementary Education; Education Majors' Association, Cum Ijjude 6 JEANETTE GLENN. BA.. Social Administration JOEL H GUCK. BS. Education MARK C GUCKMAN. BA . Journalism TEMPLE UNIV NEWS. WRTl. Magna Cum Laude MARY LEA GOBUE DEBRA DEE GODFREY. BA . Psychology. Alpha Kappa Alpha CHERYLE MONA GOLDBERG. BS-. Nursing; Alpha Lambda Delta. Hi I lei. Jr. Class President RHONA JOY GOLDBERG. BS.. Speech Hearing Therapy; NSSHA Treasurer. Speech Student Advisor-Ombudsman. Speech Monitor LYNN AMY GOLDBLUM. BBA.. dccounfme; New Student Workshop JOSEPH L. GOLDFARB. BS.. Elemenary Education DENNIS GOLDSMITH. BA . Psychology. Martial Arts, Psychology Research KENNETH JAY GOLDSTEIN. BS. Mechanical Engineering Technology JOYCE P GOLD FIN. BS.. Dance Education. Dean's List ABIGAIL GORDON IRIS GWENN GORDON. BBA . Accounting; Pres. Beta Alpha Psi. Tutorial Society. Center for Disabled Students, Who's Who in American Colleges. Dean's List RAE ILENE GORIN. BS.. Speech A Hearing; Symphonic Marching Bands 65CARRIEDELLA E GOSSETT. BS.. Speech Hear-ing. Student Union Board GLORIA GOTTLIEB. BA . Political Science DEBBIE JEAN GRAHAM, BS.. Dance Education SONDRA T GRAHAM. BA . Social Administration MARIANNA THERESA GRASSlA, BBA , Marketing; Marketing Society CATHERINEJ GRAVES. BSW.. Child Care Social Welfare ERNEST JEROME GRAY. BA . Sociology R ANN GRAY. BS.. Business Education; Pi Omega Phi. PBEA KATHLEEN N GREEN. BS.. Elementary Education ROGER GREEN TONY GREEN. BA.. Journalism BARRY RICHARD GREENE. BS . Psychology; Pres Psi Chi. UCLA. Dean’s List ELLEN R GREENE. BS, Child Care ALAN RICHARD GREENSTINE. BS . MalhematicsfPhilosophy ROBERT JAMES GROSCH. BA Theater. Stage Three Productions 66MICHAEL SIMON GROSS. HR A . Accounting. Beta Alpha Psi. Zeta Beta Tau. Soccer. Dean's List RANDALL P GROSS. BBA . Business Management ELAINE VERA GROSSMAN. BS. Elementary Education; Field Hockey. Softball. Lacrosse. Resident Assistant MICHAEL LOUIS GUISS. BBA . Marketing HARRY GUNG. BBA.. Accounting; Beta Alpha Psi RICHARD LYMAN GUSTAFSON JR.. BS.. Chemistry u RODERICK JOHN GYSUNG. BA . Psychology JOHN SCOTT HAAGE. BBA.. Accounting DENISE HAAS, BS., Physical Therapy CLARITA ROSE HACKMAN. BA.. Political Science KIM E HACKENBERG. BA . Journalism.PRSSA FRANCIS CHARLES HAGAN. BA . Political Science; Political Science Majors' Club CLAUDIA B. HALL. BSW.. Social Welfare MONTAIR OAK MAN HALL. BS.. Elementary Education JAMES EUGENE HALPERN. BA . Journalism. TEMPLE UNIV NEWS 67MELISSA ANN HALPIN BS.. Early Childhood Education, Dean's List JESSE TATSU HAMASHING, BA . Urban Studies BRENDA DYANNE HAMMOND. BSW. Social Welfare. Delta Sigma Theta JAM EEL HAMOUD. BA. Industrial Arts JOHN SCOTT HANINGTON. BA . RTF ANN M HANNA JOSEPH CHARLES HANNON. BS., Pharmacy. Rho Pi Phi. Rho Chi TONDA B HANNUM. BA . Dance; Cheerleading Captain POLLY LEE HANSON. BA. RTF. WRTI. Womens Softball PETER LOUIS HARMS. BS. Computer Inf or-motional Sciences; Omicron Delta Epsilon, Association of Computer Manufacturing ED WA RI) JOSEPH HA RRIGA N CRITTENDEN PRYOR HARRIS. BS.. Elementary Education. I re$ident's Scholar HERMAN ALAN HARRISON. BA . Psychology BARBARA E HASKINS. BSW. Social Welfare SUSAN ELIZABETH HATCH. BS.. Pharmacy, SAPHA. Pres. Lambda Kappa Sigma 68JUDITH LYN HAUG. BA.. Sociology; Diamond Marching Hand LOR RENE LOUISE HAWKINS. BS.. Pharmacy; Rho Chi SUSAN E HAWK YARD KEITH T HAYASHl. BS.. Pharmacy; Alpha Zeta Omega KENNETH GUY HAZLETT. BS.. Business Education DANIEL JOSEPH HEARN. BBA . Accounting NORMAN E HEILENMAN. BBA.. Business Administration BRUCE L HEIM AN. BA. Journalism; WRTI STEPHANIE HEJKO. BS., Elementary Education; Cum Laude. Dean's List JAY A HELLER. BBA . Accounting. Beta Alpha Psi ELIZABETH S HENDERSON. BS., Vocational Industrial Education MOSES A HENRY. BSW.. Social Welfare; Dean's List BEATRICE V. HERBERT. BS . Elementary Education EDITH MAY HERBST. BA.. Social Sciences LAWRENCE G HERSE. BS. Pharmacy; Alpha Zela Omega 69DEBORAH ANNE HESS BRUCE WILLIAM HESSELBACHER. BBA . Management NANCY R HILL. BS .. Dance Education VIRGINIA HILL. BA . RTF. WRTl. Dean s List JOHN BRENNAN HOBBS. BA . RTF. Director A Producer WRTI THOMAS ERIK HOEKE, BBA.. Accounting MARGARET LOUISE HOFFER. BSW. Social Welfare MICHAEL HOFFMAN. BBA . Accounting GLORIA A HOFFNER. BA., Journalism, Sigma Delta Chi. Dean's List FERGUS MI LIARD HOKE. BA. Political Science; T.U. Rome Campus. Cum Laude JOSEPH EDWARD HOLlAND. BS. Pharmacy DAVID MALCOLM HOLLOWAY. BA. RTF. University Singers GEORGE EARL HOLLOWAY. BBA . Accounting RENEE C HOLLOWAY. BS . Secondary F.ducationJSocial Studies CARMEN DEAN A HOLT. BBA . Business Law; Chairman of Pre-Law Society. ABBS 70EDGAR HONER. BBA.. Finance Accounting; Finance Majors' Club. ABBS BERNARD HOOKER BERNARD HASSEN HOPEWELL. BA . RTF. Intramural Basketball. Pres Omega Psi Phi JANE S. HORBATY. BS. Early Childhood Education; Alpha Lambda Delta. Summa Cum Ixjude PHYLLIS LYNN HORN. BA . History GLORIA GAVE HORRISON. BA., Sociology. Alpha Angels Organization EVELYN V HOUSTON. BA. Psychology; Delta Sigma Theta EDGAR HOOVER. BS. Finance Accounting DIANE GRACE HOWE. BA., Spanish; Italian Club JANET M HUBER. BBA . Accounting; Beta Alpha Psi. Volleyball. Student Government, College Republicans FRA NCIS JOSEPH HUFNELL JR . BBA . Business Administration JUNE WILHELM HUNTER. BBA , Accounting; Scholastic Distinction List WILLIAM GEORGE HUNTER. BS.. Pharmacy. Phi Delta Chi. V. Pres GPPS MICHAEL S HULL BA . RTF LINDA S HWEE. BA . Computer Informational Sciences 71RONNY HWEE. BS.. Civil Engineering Const ruction Technology; Soccer STEPHEN JOSEPH IANNACONE. BA . Political Science Administration of Justice DONNA THERESE IANNUCCI. BBA . Business Imw!Accounting; Dean's List HELENE PATRICE IAVECCHIA. BA . Sociology: Honors. Cum Laude SHARON JOYCE INGRAHAM. BBA . Business Administration. Accounting JOSEPH G. INT1LLE. BBA.. Business Administration STUART LOUIS ISAACSON. BS.. Pre-Osteopathic Medicine; TEMPLE UNIV. NEWS. Future Pres, of America Club. Dean's List LAUREL IVES. BS.. General Science CAROL ANN IVINS. BA . Journalism ANTHONY NIC HOI AS IZZO. BS . Civil Engineer-mg; Student Senate. ASCE BESSIE S. JACKSON. BBA., Business Administration JERRY DEAN JACKSON. BS.. Elementary EducationDENISE JAMES. BS. Pharmacy. SAPHA NATHANIEL BRUCE JAMISON. DBA . Accounting EUGENE C. JANDA. BBA. BusinessJLou JEFFREY N. JAY.BA . Psychology DEIDRE D JEFFERIES. BSW. Social Welfare ANGELA MARIA JENKINS. BS.. Early Childhood Education RICHARD CHARLES JENKINS. BS. Economics DENNIS EINAR JOHNSON. BA . PaintingfGraphic Design JAMES A. JOHNSON. BA., Journalism: V. IWs.-Sigma Delta Chi KAREN ANN JOHNSON. BBA . Marketing LAVADA A JOHNSON. BSW. Social Welfare MYRTLE A JOHNSON. BS. Education. Deans List PATRICIA ANN JOHNSON. BS.. Nursing WILLETTE VERESA JOHNSON. BSW. Social Welfare PAUL R JOLLES. BA.. Psychology 73BRITTON C JONES. BA . Political Science CAROL ANN JONES. BSW. Social Welfare DANIEL P JONES JANICE JONES JANIS MARIE JONES. BS. Elementary Education FRANK JONES JR.. BA . English r LAWRENCE DAVID JONES. BS.. Pharmacy; Rho Pi Phi SHARON A JONES. BS . Elementary Education; SHIRLEY BROWN JONES. BS. Elementary Education, Alpha Kappa Alpha. Dean's List WYNNE CECILIA JORDAN. BA . Sociology ROBERT ALAN JOSUWEIT. BA.. RTF. Temple Amateur Radio Club STEVEN DAVID JOUBERT. BS.. Elementary Education ROBERT JOSEPH JUBACH. BS . Pharmacy; Rho Chi SUSAN ELIZABETH JUNG LAS. BS.. Pharmacy LYNNE DIANE KALLUS. BSW.. Social Welfare 74ROBIN L KAPLAN. BS . Secondary Education!Social Studies. College of Education Selection Committee. Band. Phi Sigma Sigma MITCHELL JAY KANTER. BS.. Biology. Biology Society. Dean's List TRACI ANN KAUFFMAN. BS.. Therapeutic Recreation: Dean's List BARBARA ANNE KAUFMAN. BS.. Pharmacy BARBARA J KEARNS. BSW. Social Welfare BRYON SOMERS KEATON. BS.. Elementary Education, Intramural Sports. Education Majors' Atsoc., Magna Cum Laude DEBORA MAY KELLY. BS. Music Education; Marching Band. Divan's List DONNA MARIE KELLY. BS. Physical Therapy. Basketball. Lacrosse. Field Hockey. Theta Pi Theta JOAN I AURA FLEISCHMANN. BS. Elementary Education. Alpha Lambda Delta, Delta Phi Epsilon MARION LOUISE KELLY. BA.. Sociology; Sociology Honors BRENDA JEAN KEMMLER. BS. Early Childhood Education; Education Majors’ Association. Dean's List RITA J KEMP. BA . Social Studies NANCY KENDRA. BS.. Elementary Education JOSEPH CHARLES KENSIL. BBA . Marketing; Marketing Association. Temple Scuba Divers MICHAEL HOWARD KERNIS. BA , Psychology; Dean's List 75MAUREEN ELIZABETH KERSHAW. BA . English STUART W. KESSLER. BBA.. Pre-LawfAccounting; Intramural Sports. SGA YONG SHIK KIM. BS Pharmacy FLORENCE J. KIRCHHEIMER. BSW. Social Welfare. Hillel. Social Welfare Student Union. Dean's List JOEL L KLEIN. BBA . Insurance Risk; Insurance A Risk Society SHARON KLEIN. BBA . Accounting. Alpha Lambda Delta. Beta Gamma Sigma, Beta Alpha Psi VICKI H KLEIN. BA.. Social Administration; Dean's List ALICIA STANISLAWA KLUGER. BS. Pharmacy; Lambda Kappa Sigma, Dean's List KENNETH STUART KLUTH. BA .Applied Music Voice; Opera Theater. Concert Choir EDWARD C KNOLL GEORGE HERBERT KNOLL. BS . Industrial Arts ROBERT J KOCH JR.. BA . RTF ROBERTA A KOERNER. BA.. Physical Education Athletic Training; Hockey. Lacrosse. Alpha Sigma Alpha RINA KOHN DEBORAH KOMINS. BSW. Social Welfare; Dean s List 76LYNN M KONCHAK. BS. Medical Technology SCOTT KORDELLA. BS.. I harmac . Rho Chi, Rho Pi Phi AUGUST CHARLES KORN. BS.. Elementary Education L NICHOLAS STEPHEN KOWALCHUK. BBA . Business Administration PAUL CHARLES KOZENIEWSKI. BBA Marketing. Intramural Sports. Marketing Majors' Association JOHN JOSEPH KRAKOWIAK. BBA. Industrial Relations!Management; V Pres. American Society of Personnel Association KIMETHA LAURA KRAUSE. BA., Sociology. Undergraduate Sociology Majors' Association ILENE KRAVITZ. BBA . Marketing RICHARD JOSEPH KREINES. BS. Elementary Education; Elementary Education Majors' Association ALEXANDER KRIM, BS , Electrical Engineering STEPHEN PETER KRULL JR. BS . Pharmacy. Kappa Psi GERARD M S KUDUCH. BS.. Physical Education. Badmitton, V Pres. HPERD ROBERT E KUHL. BS.. Pharmacy; Dean's Lust. Rho Pi Phi. SAPHA JUDY ANN KULICZKOWSKI. BS.. Music Education Voice MICHAEL STANLEY KULAN. BS.. Mathematics; Dean's List 77RICHARD IRWIN KUNIN. BRA., Real Estate ROCHELLE G KURMAN. BA.. Psycho tony; Phi Beta Kappa HEIJA KWON. BS . Pharmacy MICHAEL KAYODE I A DELE. BS., Mechanical Engineering. Pres Nigerian Student Association. Pres. African Student Association DONNA MARIE LABODA. BA.. Journalism, Advisor LOUISE LA CRETA DEBORAH LAMB. BA.. Psychology JOHN M LAMB. BA.. RTF. Student Union Board. Intramural Sports. Dean's List BARBARA ELLYN LANDAU. BS. Elementary Education. Education Majors' Assoc., Summa Cum Laude ERIC LAWRENCE LANG. BA.. Psychology JANICE TRUEHART IARK. BA . Journalism. Sigma Delta Chi. "Pamoja" News Editor ROBERT JAMES LASANTA JAMES SCOTT LAURIE. BA . RTF. WRTI GEORGE REYNOLD LAVALAS. BS. Physical Therapy. Athletic Trainer. Dean's List KAREN LEE LAVERTY. BS . Dance; Dance Club. Diamond Dancer. Education Majors' Association. Cum Laude 78BEVERLY JEAN LATIF. BA. Graphic Design BERNADETTE P LAVINI. BS . Medical Technology. Dean's Lut D1EDRE MICHELLE LAWRENCE. BA Ceramics MICHELLE B. LAWRENCE. BSW. Social Welfare LOIS YVONNE LAWSON. BSW. Social Welfare HOPE I LAZAR. BS., Art education; Assoc Director College of Education Student Association, Dean's List VIRGINIA A. LEASURE, BA.. Social Administration DONNA M LEE, BA . Religion JAMES C. LEE JR., BS.. Business Education; Pi Omega Pi. Dean’s List MARGARET LEE. BS.. Elementary Education VIRGIE YOUNGER LEE. BS.. Business Education PATRICIA ANN LEFCZIK. BS. Pharmacy; Rho Chi. SAPHA CHRISTOPHER ANTHONY LENTO DANIEL JOHN LEONEm. BBA.. Accounting ELLIE ANN LESHANSKY. BS. Elementary Education 79GARY S LESHNER. BS., Computer A Informational Sciences HSUEH WAH LEUNG. BS., Early Childhood Education DOUGLAS F LEVIN. BA . HistorylPolitical Science; Rugby. Boxing MARK REED LEVIN. BA.. History! Politic a I Science. Student Gov't.. Pres Political Science Majors' Assoc., Dean's List KAREN RANDl LEVSON. BA.. Journalism ROSEMARY M LEM’. BA . RTF DAVID JOHN LIGHT. BA . Political Science. Band. SGA. Political Science Majors' Association ROBIN LIGHTSTONE. BSW. Social Welfare. Cum Laud DAVID MICHAEL UNKF.R. DBA, Insurance Risk; Dean's List HELENE UPPER. BA.. Psychology IRV HARRY UPSCHUTZ. BA . Psychology. Dean's List PEDRO P LLORENTE JAY HARRIS LOADENTHAL. BA.. Physical Education! Recreation WALTER CORNWALL LOCKHART. BS. Pharmacy CYNTHIA 1) LONG. BA . Journalism; Sigma Delta Chi 80JAMES OTIS LONG, BA . Economics EDWARD G LONGAZEL, BA . Sociology. Social Committee Chairman, Executive Committee Dormitory Senate DEBORAH SERITA LOPEZ. BS.. Each Childhood Education KAREN HELEN LORENSTEIN. BA Sociology. Honors in Sociology. Research A t Teaching Asst GEORGE L LOTTER. BA.. Psychology THOMAS LOUIE. BS . Biology. Biology Society. Strategic Games Club. Dean's List JOHN ALLYN LOWER. BA.. Urban Studies. Dean s List PAUL PHILIP LUCAS. BBA. Management TODD AIAN LUFT. BBA., Accounting, Beta Gamma Sigma ELMER RICHARD LYNN. BS. Education. VIPS BRIAN DOUGLASS LOOMIS. BA . RTF LEONARD LEWIS LYONS. BA . Social Science CHARLES HARRIS MACDONALD. BBA . Management MICHAEL W MACELROY. BA . Social Science MARLENE MACOOL. BS.. Pharmacy. Lambda Kappa Sigma 81THOMAS CARY MADORNA. BA , TF KEITHS MADOW. BBA . Accounting. Beta Alpha Psi BETTY A MADURA. BA . Psy chology KEVIN ANDREW MAGEE. BA . RTF ALAN HOWARD MACILL. BA.. Communications; AAGG CATHERINE A MAKEM. BS. Foreign Language Education PHILIP A MALLOY. BS.. Physical Therapy. Cum Laude MARVIN MANDEL. BS. Pharmacy; Rho Chi. SAPHA, Dean's List DOMENIC JOSEPH MARANO JR. BBA . Economics. Omicron Delta Epsilon DIANE ANGELA MARCHESAN1. BS . Nursing HELEN ROSE MARCONI. BS . Elementary Education; Dean's List ROBIN MARCUS. BA . General Studies ROSALYN PHYLLIS MARCUS. BS.. Pre-Medicine THOMAS A MARGEVICIUS. BA . General Studies. Bicycle Racing Club SUSAN DORY MARGOLES. BS. Elementary Education Dean's List 82HOWELL MARGO LIT BS.. Mathematic CATHERINE MIRSCH MARIAN. BA. Religion. Student Advisor. UCLA Ombuds person ■JOSEPH MATTHEW MARIN AH. BA. Speech Hearing DONNA THERESA MARK. BS. Elementary Education ANDREW MARKOE. BA. Political Science MARY BARBARA MARPLE. BA . General Studies ROBERT BRUCE MASEL. BBA . Economics WILLIAM MARSHALL MASSIE. BBA.. Business. Dean's List J MICHAEL ROBERT MATALONIS. BS. Pharmacy; Kappa Psi MICHAEL JOSEPH MA TRICCIA NO, BBA.. Marketing; Marketing Society CHARLES BERNARD MATTHEWS. BA.. History; Tennis. Sailing DIANE M MITCHELL MATTHEW. BA.. General Studies UN DA R MAURER. BS.. Business Education; Pi Omega Pi. Nat’l Honor Society john james mcal'lister. bba.. Management lndustrial Relations LEE D McCABE. BBA . Accounting; Concert Choir. University Singers. Dean's List 83john f McCarthy, bs . Civil Engineering Construction Technology. Pres. American Society of Civil Engineers, lift os llfto in American Universities. Dean's List JULIA ANN McCAUL. BA . Liberal Arts; NCAA Swim Team JOYCE ANNE McCAULEY. BA . Psychology; Dean's List JOHN NICHOLAS McCLOSKEY. BA.. Snciology Admimstration of Justice; Dean's List RITA R McCormack. Ba . English MINNIE B McCotter. BS., Early Childhood Education BETH ANN McCRAY. BS. Elementary Education SALLY ANNE McCUNNEY. BBA. Accounting. Beta Alpha Pst. Badmitton JANICE McCUTCHEN KEVIN STACEY McDONNELL. BS.. Architecture MARIE LORETTA Me ENTER. BA . Journalism ; PRSSA. Women m Communications RICHARD SCOTT McEUEN. BA . Journalism. Tri-Dorm Senate, Resident Assistant mm EDWARD G. McGINLEY. BS.. Pharmacy-. Phi Delta Chi. SAPHA MARGARET M McGINNIS. BA . RTF THOMAS FRANCIS McGOVERN. BS . Geology 8- IRIS McGRANE. BS. Vocational Education MILDRED CURLEY Me GRIFF. BS. Secondary Education Social Studies ANTHONY CHARLES MclNTOSH. BA . Social Science MIRIAM ROSEMcKEEGAN. BS . Busmen Education. Pi Omega Pi. Dean's List JOHN PATRICK McKENNA. BHA . Accounting Management: Beta Alpha Pst. Dean's List MARY BETH McKENNA. BA . Journalism WILLIAM JEFFREY McKIBBIN, BA Political Science MICHELLE MARIE McLAUGHLIN ANCRF.A ANGELA McLEOD. BS. Elementary Education; SRAP. Dean's List PATRICK McMAHON MARY A McMULLtN. BS . Early Childhood Educa-tion SHARON JOAN McNICHOL. BS.. Pharmacy BRIAN McNULTY. BS.. Pharmacy DOUGLAS I)A VIS McPHERSON. BHA . Marketing NANCY E McPHILLIPS. BA . Art History 65LOUISA DO AZIO McSHEA. BA.. Planning; Magna Cum Laude WILLIAM REGIOUS McTIGUE JR . BA . Uberal Arts: Band ANNETTE MARIE MECOU. BS. Elementary Education KAREN FRANCIS MEEKS. BS.. Medical Technology BERNARD A MENTA. BBA . Finance SAM A MERLINO. BS., Vocational Education JULES JOSHUA MERMELSTE1N. BA . Political Science; Student Gov't. RUTH SUSAN MERMELSTEIN. BS.. Mathematics; Summa Cum lAude EVELYN JEAN MERRICK. BBA . Accounting. Beta Alpha Psi, Alumni Scholarship. Exchange l rogram BIRGIT MERSCHER. BBA . Accounting. Dean's List RICHARD D MICHAEL. BBA.. Marketing SHELLEY JOYCE MICHAELS, BA.. Pre-Uu WILFRED E MICK IE. BS.. Secondary Education Industrial Arts; Chairman VIPS CHARLES DANIEL MIELE. BA . Social Sciences. Omicron Delta Epsilon. Boxing. Track. Cross Country. Judo. UCLA. Dean's List ARGIA MIKROUDIS. BS.. Pharmacy 86I WILLIAM ANTHONY MILlClA. BS. Element or. Education JACK ROBERT MILLER JAMES H MILLER JR . BA Print making. Dean's List MARIA R MILLER. BA.. English PENNY SUE MILLER. BS . Mechanical Engineer-tng Technology. ASME. General Motors Scholar. Dean ’» List PHILIP STANFORD MILLER. BA . History; Zeta Beta Tau SARAY THERESA MILLER. BSW. Social Welfare Band. Pep Band. Collegiate Band. Secretan SWSl’ GEORGE PETER Ml LULL BS.. Pharmacy; Rho Pi Phi. V. Pres. Senior Class SUSAN A MINNICK. BS , Elementary Education. Dean's List NORMA DEAN MINUS. BSW. Social Welfare ROBERT WILLIAM MITCHELL. BS.. Secondary Education Biology GREGORY RAYMOND MONACO. BBA . Managemenl Orgonization; Hockey. Football MARCO E. MONTALVO. BS.. Engineering; ASME. ASHRAE LURENE T. MONTEIRG. BS . Medical Technology JOSEPH MICHAEL MOONF.Y. BA . Journalism Dean’s List 67BEVLAHMAE STAC HER MOORE. BS. Elementary Education RITA MARIE MOORE. BRA . Accounting THOMAS W MOORE. BA . RTF VIDA A. MOORE, BS. Elementary Education KATHLEEN T MORELU BA.. Social Sciences JANE CLAIR MORRIS. BBA. Real Estate; Dean’s List MAUREEN F. MORRIS. BA.. Recreation; Basketball, Softball. Tennis. Hockey CHARLES A MORRISON. BBA . Accounting JOSEPH ROCCO MORRONE. BA . Sociology CYNTHIA THERESA MORROW. BBA , Accoun-ting. Alpha Kappa Alpha. Black Business Association. Black Nat'l. Assoc, of Accountants DARYL LYNN MOSER JOHN C MOSER. BA . RTF. Boxing. Volleyball. Football, Hockey. Softball, WTDR JEFFREY H MOSHER. BA . Political Science JEFFREY PAUL M0SK0W1TZ. BS. Pharmacy; SAPHA. Dean's List FRANK D MOSS. BSW. Social Administration 88ANTHONY FRANK MR A K. BBA... Management Industrial Relations CAROLE ANTONIA MRAK. BS . Music Education Voice; University Singers. Delta Mu, SAl, Dean's List JOHN ROBERT MULLEN. BA . History PATRICIA ANN MURDOCK. BSW.. Social Welfare JOSEPHJ MURPHY. BS.. Civil Engineering PATRICIA JANET MURPHY. BA . Liberal Arts SUSAN MICHELLE MURPHY. BA . RTF GRETA A MURRAY. BSW. Social Work MARIA ANN MUSGROVE. BSW. Social Welfare. Dean's List KIRK EDWARD MUSPRATT. BA.. Music Presidential Scholar. Dean's List SUSAN RACHEL MYERS. BA . Sociology; Sociology Majors’ Association JAMES ANTHONY NACHTR1EB. BA.. Mechanical Engineering. Honorary Scholarship STEPHEN NASOBKOW JR . BA . Psychology DEBORAH A NAWOCZENSKI. BS.. Physical Therapy; Basketball, Volleyball. Presidential Scholar. Magna Cum Laude. Theta Pi Theta. Alpha Lambda Delta PEDRO NDOMBE. BBA.. Economics 89JOHN M NEEDHAM SAMUEL D. NEEDLEMAN. BS.. Pharmacy. SAPHA RICHARD I NEFF. BBA , Accounting; V Pres College Council, Beta Alpha Psi ERLENE BASS NELSON. M ED . Early Childhood Education. Honors Program BARBARA ANN NICHOLS. BS . Physical Therapy. Pi Theta WILLIAM W NICOLETTI. BS . Pharmacy BARBARA ANN NOI.AN. BS.. Nun,mg; Alpha Lambda Delta. Alpha Sigma Alpha RONALD NORMAN. BS.. Health Education; Racketball Cap't., Track. Handball. Cross Country, Dean's List RISA STEPHANIE NOVACK. BS.. Elementary Education: Dean'$ List DAVID C NOWAKOWSKI. BBA . Accounting JOHN BERNARD O BRIEN. BA . RTF Dean's List COLLEEN ANE O'CONNELL DENIS O'CONNOR. BSW. Social Work JAMES PATRICK O'CONNOR. BBA.. Accounting; Beta Alpha Psi SUSAN ROSEMARIE OFFENBECHER. BA.. Jour■ nalism I 90EDDIE ESINKI'MO OGOUN. DBA . Industrial Relations ANN SHIRLEY OHL. BA . History ROBERT PAUL OLKOWSKI. BBA . Marketing SUSAN B OLLIS. BS.. Speech Hearing. N.S.S.H A.. Dean's List PATRICK J O'MALIA. BA.. English. English Majors Assoc.. Cycling Club JACKIE LEE ONWU. MA . African Studies SUSAN OR! AN DO. BBA . Marketing WALTER E ORME. BBA . Accounting. VVTio s Who In American Universities MICHAEL R OSBURNE. BBA . Marketing. Marketing Club MARK BARRY OSOKOW. BS . Biology EVE ANDREA OSWALD. BA. Theatre; Dean's List KATHRYN OTERI. BA . Psychology MICHELLE OVERTON. BS Education; Dean's List THOMAS JOSEPH ORSSNS, BA . Journalism. PR S S.A TEMPLE UNIV NEWS. Football LEAH OZLEK. BA . Sociology 91JOYCE ANN PACKER. BS. Recreation; Tennis. Recreation Society. PRPS. NRPA. Dean't List SANDRA JEAN PACKER. BA.. Music; Symphonic Orchestra FRANCES H PALLADINETTI. BS. Elementary Education; Dean's List NANCY ELIZABETH PANCARL BA . General Studies BARBARA JOYCE PAPROTA. BS.. Speech Pathology; National Student Speech!Hearing Assoc NADINE E. PARENTE. BS . Elementary Education ESTHER PARKER. BA., Social Administration JANICE EVELYN PARKER. BS. Elementary Education JUDITH T PARKER. BA.. Social Administration MARION C PARKER. BSW. Social Work; Student Union WILKINS M PARKS FRANZELLA PARSONS. BFA . Printmaking ROBERT M PASQUARELLA. BBA . Real Estate. Boxing. Dean's List JEFFREY MARC PASSMAN. BS.. Chemistn GALE NADINE PASTER. BS. Early Childhood Education; Cum Laude 92ROBIN SHERI PASTOR, BS.. Early Childhood Education. Dean's List JOANN C DATA. BS., Health Records Administration; Class Pres.. Dean's List IRIS E PATTERSON. BA.. Sociology GARY iV. PAULACHOK. BS., Environmental Geology; Pres Scholar. Phi Beta Kappa. Student Advisor PAULA AMY PAYSON. BS.. Early Childhood Education; Dean's List JEROME FRANCIS PEIT .MAN. BA . Sociology. Track. Resident Assistant. T V Jazz Ensemble CLAUDIA I PELZER. BS., Occupational Therapy IDA DEMENA PERKINS. BSW. Social Welfare; S.C.A.R., Pan-Afncan Students JEFFREY LAWRENCE PERLMAN, BA., History Pre-Law LLOYD CHARLES PERLMUTTER. BBA. Accounting. Beta Alpha Psi. Who's Who Among Students. Dean's List CHARLES LYNWOOD PERRY. BSW. Social Welfare; Nat "I Assoc Black Social Workers. Nat'I Assoc. Social Workers. Veterans' Association. Dean's List WILLIAM AUGUST PBRZZI, BA . Advertising BONNIE I. PETERSON. BS . Health Physical Education MARIA ELENA PETRONE. BS.. Elementary Education; Summa Cum Laude, Education Majors Association PATRICK JOSEPH PHILBIN. BS.. Biology; Dean's List 93ROBERT PICOW. BA . Journalism THERESA JEAN PIER. BA.. Social Science CHRISTINE MARKS PINTO. BBA . Accounting. Beta Alpha Psi. Beta Gamma Sigma MAYBERRY PITTS. BA.. Communications CHRISTA LUISE PLACEE. BA.. Spanish WILLIAM JOSEPH PUCHTA. BA . Recreation and Leisure Studies ELLEN SUE POLSKY. BA . Spanish LARRY NEAL PORTNOY. BS . Pharmacy VINCENT JOSEPH POPPA. BBA . Accounting BRUCE PRESSLER. BBA.. Marketing; Dean s List STEVEN ROBERT PRIBIS. BS . Actuarial Science: Marching ConcertfJazi Band. Choir Ambler. Insurance and Risk Club DONNA ANN PRICE. BS.. Elementary Education DARRELL MACK PRIDGEN. BA.. Communications; Marching Band. W.R.T.I.. Orchestra JEFFREY CHARLES PRINGLE. BS . Science LOUIS J PROLACCI. BA RTF Dean's List. Hockey. W R TI 94BETTY D PRUSSEL. BSW. Social Welfare. Social Welfare Student Union. Loyalist PAUL PURTLE, SI.Ed, Psychoeducattonal Processes JOHN LEROY PRUTZMAN. BBA . Marketing. Marketing Majors Association JUDITH NAOMI PULLMAN. BA.. Political Science: Alpha Lambda Delta. Political Science Honor Society, Phi Beta Kappa MICHAEL PURCELL III. BBA . Business Ad. ministration MARIE PURNELL. BS.. Health Education. Dean’s List BERNICE M ORLANDO CARLO G MUSClANO. BS.. Vocational Education BARBARA L QUIN BY, BSW. Social Work. Social Welfare Student Union MARK S RABINOWITZ. BS.. Pharmacy: S.A.P.H.A GERALD THOMAS RAFTER. BA . RTF MARIA S. RAG USA. BA.. Political Science 95 SASAN RAHMATIAN. BS . Mathematics KAREN M RAINES. BS.. Elementary Education JOSE LUIS RAMOS. BS . Civil Engineering. SoccerANNIE RUTH RANDALL. BSW. Social Welfare JOSEPH DA VtD RANIELLI. BS.. Pharmacy; Kappa Pm. SAPHA ALINE KIM RATHSMILL PATRICIA ANN RAUN. RA . Printmaking KATHLEEN ANDREA RAYTF.K. BS.. Metals Art Education. Dean's List MICHAEL EDWARD REDICK. BS.. Civil Engineering Construction Tech ; American Society Civil Engineers xv %v | W » I nw» 'www i aailtnniu, BARBARA JEAN REED. BS.. Industrial Education; Ambler Senate FREDA V REESE. BS.. Health Education MICHELLE ARLETE REESE. BSW. Social Welfare PORTIA STEPHANY REIBRICH. BS. Music Education Voice FRANK ARTHUR REICHL. BBA. Accounting; Beta Gamma Sigma JESSICA R REID. BA . Liberal Arts THOMAS EDMOND REIDY. BBA.. Insurance and Risk. Football. Softball. Dean's List. Treas In sura nee Risk Soc DAWN MARIE RF.IF. BA . Journalism; TEMPLE UNIV NEWS MICHAEL JAMES REILLY. BBA., Insurance and Risk 96MARA RENCS. BS. Psychology JAMES R RENSMAN. BS . Mechanical Engineer- ing LOUIS J RICCARDI. BS. Physical Education. Wrestling KATHERINE GALE RICHARDSON. BS. Music Education MELVINA MICHELE RICHARDSON. BA Theraputic Recreation DONNA RAE RILEY. BS.. Speech Heanng Sciece MARGARET ELIZABETH RINEHART. BS.. Physical Therapy; Fundraising Committee, Theta Pi Theta. Volleyball DONNA LU RITZEN, BS., Elementary Education, Dean's List PATRICIA L. ROADC LOUD. BSW. Social Welfare JACQUELINE MARIE ROBERTS. BA . History . Dean's List DOLORES C ROBERTSON CONSTANCE THOMASINA ROBINSON. BA . Sociology JOSEPH ROBINSON. BS . Electrical Engineering Tech. KIM CHERISE ROBINSON. BA.. Sociology Criminology. Dean's List LIMMIE SHIRLEY ROBINSON. BS.. Pre-Dentistry; Delta Sigma Theta 97MARLENE ROBINSON. BS.. Business Education; Pi Omega Pi WILLIAM ROBERT ROBINSON. BS . Biomedical Engineering Tech NANCY ANN ROCKS. BS.. Pharmacy. Rho Chi. Dean's List JUDITH RODGERS. BS.. Speech Hearing; NSSHA ALBERTO RODRIGUEZ. BSW, Social Welfare PATRICIA L RODRIGUEZ. BBA . Insurance Risk; Co-editor of Speakman Newsletter. Who's Who in American Universities MICHAEL MARTIN ROMANAUSKY. HA Sociology MARI BETH RON AN. BS.. Elementary Education ROBERT MITCHELL ROOSEVELT. BA . History LESA EDITH ROSAMOND. BA . Urban Studies. Delta Phi Epsilon. Sec’t. Pan-Hellenic Council. Dean's List JOHNATHAN EDWARD ROSE. BA . History EVYI.EE ROSEN. BS.. Elementary Education JOSEPH FURMAN ROSEN. BBA Economics. Omicron Delta Epsilon. Dean's List LISA MERLE ROSEN. BA . Theater. WRTl. Delta Phi Epsilon. Student Senate. Dean's List RACHELLE LYNN ROSEN BS . Biology 98RHONDA DALE ROSEN BUM, BBA . Industrial Relations Management; Society Advancement Per-sonnel Admin., 0micron Delta Epsilon FRED SHELDON ROSENZWEIG. BBA Accounting, Dean's List MARK JOSEPH ROSSI ALISON A ROTENBERG. BA English FRANCES T ROTH PHYLLIS ROW DEN, BSW, Social Work. Community Exchange CLS. Dean's List HENRYE ROY KENNETH MARC ROZOV WENDY CARA ROZOV. BS.. Geology LAURA ANN M ROZYCKA. BBA . Business Administration; ODE. Society Advancement Management MARK HOWARD RUBIN. BS. Pharmacy. SAPHA MORRIE R RUBIN CARLEEN RUFO. BSW. Social Welfare DONALD PAUL RUT BERG. BA. Speech Communication; WRTF. THE MEDIUM DAVID I. SACAVAGE 99BARBARA SADEK. BBA. Finance, SAM JAY STEPHEN SADOW. BA. Journalism: In-tramural Sports. Campus Tour Guide, Cum Laude, TEMPLAR 77, TEMPLE TIMES. TEMPLE UNIV NEWS ELLEN RUTH SAGER. BA.. Journalism; PRSSA, Sigma Delta Chi, Women in Communications DIANNESALISBURY. BS.. Early Childhood Education; Dean's List ESTHER SAl.T7.MAN. BA . Psychology Tutorial Society, Hillel CAROLYN D SAMUELS. BS., Business Education. PBEA, Pi Omega Pi JAYNE ELIZABETH SANDERS. BS.. Pharmacy; Rho Chi. SAPHA RA YMOND NICHOLAS SANSONE. BBA . Accoun ting!Management; Dean's List GAIL LYNN SANTANGELO. BS. Elementary Education; Education Majors' Assoc.. Cum Laude ROBERTM SANTOLIQUITO, BS . Civil Engineer-ing DON SARRACINO. BS.. Pharmacy ARTHUR H SAUNDERS. BA WILLIAM EDWARD SAYRE. BA. Art; Art Students Association JANE FEOLA SCACLE7TI. BBA., Accounting; Beta Alpha Psi. Dean's List STEVEN C SCARPA. BA.. RTF 100ALFRED FRANCIS SCHAEFER. BA. RTF DENISE MARIA SCHAEFFER. BA RTF HARRIS NEIL SCHAFFER BRA.. Marketing. Ski Ctub. Marketing Club RICHARD CHARLES SC HEEL. BA . History MARYFRANCES ELIZABETH SCHEIH. BS.. Child Care ERNEST SCHIFF. BS . Vocational Education PAUL STEVEN SCHLECKER. BRA . Marketing; Marketing Majors ' Association MARION.JANE SCHLEIFER. BS . Print making Art Education RICHARD F SCHLOSSER. BBA., Businm Real Estate JANET ELLEN SCHMIDT. BS. Elementary Education. Education Majors' Assoc., Magna Cum Laude NIT A H SC H NALL. BS.. Early Childhood Educa lion GARYSCHNOLL GARY LEE SCHNELL. BBA . Accounting; Dean's List ANDREAS ALEXANDER SCHOENWANDT. BA . Political Science JOANN M SCHOFIELD. BA . Social Administration. SWSU 101MIA TECCO SCHRANK. BA.. Sociology. Cum Laude ANNE D SCHWARTZ. BS . Elementary Education. Education Major Assoc.. Cum Laude ■JERRY BRUCE SCHWARTZ. BA . RTF JODEE JILL SCHWEON. BA . Social Sciences. Dean's List GERALDINO ANNE SCLOCHENE. BS.. Nursing RODERICK GABE SCRATCHARD. BS. Graphic Design JANE ELIZABETH SCOTT. BBA . Business Administration KEVIN A SEARS. BBA . Business ROSA LEE SEA WRIGHT. BA . Anthropology ILENE BETH SECAN. BS. Early Childhood Educa- lion; Cum Laude. Dean's List BRUCE H SEGAL. BA . Speech JILL IV SEIDMAN. BS . Speech Hearing. Speech Hearing Association MARCUS SEIGLE. BS . Biology GLORIA J SEUG CARNELL DELORES SESSOMS. BA . RTF; WRTl. Dean's List 02DIMITRIA TRULA SFARNAS. BS Education Education Club. Tennis. TU. Choir, Dean's List MARK ANTHONY SG RICCI A. BS.. Pharmacy. Phi Delta Chi. SAPHA PAULETTE MAXINE SHADEED. BA Psy chology JOYCE BEATRICE SHANEFIELD. BA.. Psychology RONALD J. SHANEFIELD. BA., Psychology MARK ELLIS SHAPIRO. BS.. Pharmacy. Rho Chi RENNET IAN SHARF. BA . Liberal Arts BARRY RA Y SHA TZMAN SABRINA SHAW. BA., Political Science, Honors. Badmitton. Templine RICHARD SHE1NS0N. BS . Secondary Education Mathematics WILL!AM H SHELTON JR. MBA. Finance. BBA . Accounting; Beta Alpha Psi, Rowing. Dean's List LISETTE LOUISE SHIRDAN. BSW. Social Welfare MORRIS ABRAHAM SHALMOWITZ. BS Pre-Medical: Dean's List JACKIE BLAINE SHOEMAKER. BS.. Elementary Education; Magna Cum Laude. Education Majors' Assoc.. Dean's List DEBORAH EILEEN SHUGERMAN, BS. Early Childhood Education. Dean's List 103 JOSEPH T SICKORA. BA . RTF. WRT1. Deans List DEBRA MINDY SILVERMAN. BA . Social Administration; Honor Roll ROBERT ELLIS SILVERMAN. BBA . Accounting. President's Scholar, Beta Alpha Psi, Beta Gamma Sigma. Who's Mo in American Universities, Dean's Ust DEBRA MARIE SI KORA. BS.. Pharmacy. SAPHA GARY M SILICH. BS.. Pharmacy BRUCE A IAN SILVER. BS. Mathematics; Soccer. Softball ETTA SIMMONS. BA.. Sociology EDITH ELAINE SINGLETON. BS . Social Work; swsu ROBERTA IRENE SINGLETON. REA., Fine Arts DEAN RALPH SIZEMORE. BS.. Health Education; Wrestling MARY E SKIGO. BS.. Physical Therapy JOAN ROSE SLOBODZIAN. BBA.. Finance. Omicron Delta Epsilon. Dean's List GERALD JOHN SLOTO. BS.. l harmacy; Phi Delta Chi ZACHARY BYRON SMACK. BBA . Organizational Managementllndustrial Relations. Society Advancement Management ARNOLD GORDON SMILEY. BS.. Actuarial Science 104CHR1SANNA SMITH. HA.. History CLARA SMITH. BSW, Social Welfare. SWSU. NASW, Dean's List JAMES JOSEPH SMITH. HS . Environmental Engineering; Creu Team KIMBERLY SMITH. BS.. Speech Pathology LA WRESTE EDWARD SMITH. HA . Sociology SARAH P SMITH. BSW . Social Work. Dean's List VICKIE ANN SMITH. BSW . Social Welfare; lYes. SWSU. Delta Sigma Theta WAYNE ANTHONY SMITH. BS.. Music Education; Dean's List WILLAMAE C SMITH RANDI S. SNADER. BS.. Elementary Education; Education Majors' Assoc. JAMES WILLOW SNOW. BBA . Accounting; Beta Alpha Psi. Dean's List BARRY E SNYDER. BS . Marketing GAYLE LYNN SNYDER. BSW. Social Work. V Pres SWSU JEFFREY DAVID SNYDER MURRAY M SNYDERMAN. BA. English. English Majors' Association. Student Union Board 103ALAN WA YNE SOFTER YOUNG ROCK SONG. BS.. Pharmacy CASSANDRA EILEEN SOYNER. BA . Dance Performance, T.U. Dancers. Dean's List KATHLEEN ANN SPANGLER. BS. Art Education JOAN MARIE SPARLING. BS . Biology MARK JOHN SPANNINGF.R. BS . Computer Informational Sciences. Tennis. Honors SCOTT A SPECTOR. BRA.. Marketing. Marketing Majors' Association VALERIE ERNICE SPENCER. BS. Physical Therapy SHARON LYNNE SPIEGEL. BS. Occupational Therapy: Folk Dancing. Volleyball SANDRA SPIVAK. BSW. Social Welfare STANTON R SPOON. BS.. Pharmacy. SAPHA GEORGE FOSTER SPRENKLE. BRA Accoun-ting Finance MYRAN II SPRINGEL. BS. Therapeutic Recreation. President's Scholar. Summa Cum Laude. Dean's List CONCETTA C SQUILLAC10TI. BS.. Psychology. Dean's List RICHARD STABILE. BS.. Pharmacy 106PAULA ANN STANKIEWICZ. BS.. Physical Therapy RICH A HI) CRAIG STAFF. BBA.. Finance. Deans List DEBORAH L STATON, BS.. Business Education. Pi Omega Pi. Business Education Majors' Assoc., Dean's List MARTHA A STEIN. BA.. Sociology IRA MURRA Y STERN. BS . Science; A ED. Phi Beta Alpha MIKE AARON STERN. BA . Joumalism.WRTL TEMPLE UNIV NEWS SANDRA MARIE STESKAL. BA.. Psychology VIRGINIA WARDELL STEVENS. BA.. Psychology MADELINE I STEVENS. BBA.. Business Manage-ment; ABBS BEVERLY ANN STEVENSON. BS. Secondary EducationJSocial Studies; Dean s List SHARON LYNN STEVENSON EARLENE BERRY STEWART. BS.. Art Education MARSHA ANN STEWART. BS.. Physical Education; Alpha Kappa Alpha JERRY STICKLER. BBA . Economics. Dean's List MARK ANTHONYSTILUTANO. BS., Elementary Education 107CAROL GAII. STIMMF.L. BBA . Management LAWRENCE HOWARD STOCK EL. BA . Paint mg ROBERT CHARLES STOECLE. BS .. Civil Engineering!Construction Technology; Who's Who in American Universities. Dean's List ALFRED K. STOKES. BS.. Business Administration CHARLES B STOKES BA . Philosophy. Dean's List SHIRLEY CATHERINE STOKES. BA . Social Administration; swsu RENEE STUBBS. BFA. Print making KAMAl NALINl SUBRAMANIAN. BFA . Printmaking MARK S. SUGARMAN. BS.. Pharmacy; Alpha Zeta Omega. Dean’s List MICHAEL PATRICK SULUVAN. BA . Psychology ROBERT W SULLIVAN FLORENCE E SUMTER. MSW. Social Welfare RICK LEZLIE SUMTER. BA.. RTF. WRTI MARLENE BARBARA SUSCHIN. BS . Elementary Education ROBERT TIMOTHY SWIECICKI. BA . Philosophy; Cum Laude 108MARYANN CATHERINE SZYMCZUK. US . Phar-macy: Alpha Zeta Omega CAROL LYNN TADZYNSKL BS.. HPERD. Gym-nasties. Track JOSEPH GARY TAGIALATELA, BS.. Speech Pathology Audiology, NSSHA ANDRE JEROME TALIAFERRO. BBA . Business Administration DIANE LEE TAYLOR. BS.. Elementary Education KENNY R TERRELL. BBA . Marketing CARL JOHN THERN. BBA . Marketing CAROL DENISE THOMAS. BS . Music Education. Orchestra. Alpha Kappa Alpha EL0U1SE R THOMAS. BA . Social Administration JOSEPH FRANCIS THOMAS. BS.. Psychology; Phi Chi LINDA PREITZ THOMAS. BS . Pharmacy; Lambda Kappa Sigma MICHELE THERESA THOMAS. BS.. Art Education VANESSA ANTOINETTE THOMAS. BS.. Dance Performance Education; Cheerleader. Alpha Kappa Alpha ALICIA R THOMPSON. BA., Communications BARBARA A THOMPSON. BS Physical Education 109CYNTHIA DENISE THOMPSON. HBA . Marketing; Alpha Kappa Alpha GREGORY E THORNTON, BS.. Elementary Education. Basketball, Dean's List HOWARD JOSEPH TIGER. BBA. Finance; Golf BELINDA M TILLEY. BS.. Pharmacy. Rho Chi. SAPHA PATRICIA A TILLGER. BS.. Physical Therapy. Theta Pi Theta THOMAS MICHAEL TOALE. BS. Pharmacy. SAPHA ORIA H TODD ROXANNE YVF.TTA TOTO. BA . American Studies; Field Hockey, UCLA. American Studies Student Association ALVIN PETER TOWNES. BSW. Social Work. Bowling JASMINE DENISE TRAPP. BA.. Sociology DONNA MARIE TRETINA LISA M TROILO. BA . Social Sciences, Dean's List ROBERT JOHN TRUCK. BBA.. Economics. Volleyball. Basketball. UClA, Omicron Delta Epsilon JAMES M TSAFOS BBA., Business Administration WIN-YU TSAI. BS.. Pharmacy noLOUIS ANTHONY TUCCI. BBA. Marketing STEPHANIE DENISE TURNER. BSW.. Social Welfare KATHLEEN MARIE TYRRELL. BA . Sociology i MICHAEL E UDOH. BBA. Accounting; ABBS NANCY W UFFNER. BS. Early Childhood Education; Magna Cum Laude STEVEN THOMAS UHAS. BS.. Pharmacy. Kappa Psi. SAPHA RICHARD ORLANDO UNTl. BA . Social Sciences; UDC. Temple Veterans. Templine CAROLYN LEE UPSHAW. BS. Elementary Education. Magna Cum iMude MM A YEN -J USES. BA.. RTF MARGARITA VADEL. BSW. Sociat Welfare KENNETH CHARLES VANSANT. BS . Electrical Engineering Technology. IEEE, Dean's List DEMOSTEHENES JOHN VASILIOU. BS . Civil Engineering JOAN CLAIRE VELOS. BS.. Nursing. Secretary of Chemistry Society MICHAEL R VENDITTI. BS . Insurance £• Risk; Insurance Society, Scuba Club BIRiTE RUTH VIENAZINDIS. BA.. Sociology 11JOHN A VIERCINSKI. BS . Pharmacy; Kappa Pm. SAPHA STEPHEN R VIJAN. BS . biology; Scuba. Skiing. Alpha Chi Rho. AAGG STEPHANIE VOID. BS . I h stcal Education RICHARD JAMES VON A. BS.. Civil Engineering Cons (ruction Technology; ASCE. Secretary of Council on Engineering Technology BETH B VROON. BS . Early Childhood Education. President's Scholar. Dean's List THOMAS J WADE. BBA.. Accounting JAMES C. WALDRON. BA . RTF. Dean's List DELBRA T WALKER. BA . RTF!Journalism. Sigma Delta Chi. Delta Sigma Theta ANNE E. WALSH. BS.. Physical Education; Soft-ball. WIA BRIAN JOSEPH WALSH DEBORAH MARIE WALSH. BA . Journalism; Editor-In-Chief THE MEDIUM EDWIN PATRICK WALSH. BS.. Secondary Education Social Studies; Football, Cum laude, V’. Pres Tri-Dorm Senate. Dean's List MICHAEL ANDREW WARCHOLA JR BS . Secondary Education Social Studies; Tennis DEBRA ARLENE WARD. BA.. General Studies; CBA. Resident Assistant LINDA F WARREN. BBA.. Accounting 112ANDREWS. WASH BS . Physical Education; Football. Dorm Senator WENDY ANNE WASHBURN. BS.. Physical Therapy. Band. Fencing BERTHA S WATERS. BSW . Social Welfare; Alpha Lambda Delta. Dean's List DAWN WEBER. BS.. Elementary Education. Cum Laude. Education Majors’ Association EVERTON JOSEPH WEEKS. BBA . Business Management SHAWLE WEHIBE. BS . Pharmacy ANNE MARGARET WEIDF.RMAN. BS.. Early Childhood Education STEPHEN FRANCHOT WEINER. BA . RTF BRUCE DOUGLAS WEINSTEIN. BBA . Economics. International Economics Honor Society EARL STEPHEN WEINSTEIN. BBA . Business ELLIOT HOWARD WEISS. BS.. Pharmacy GLEN WILLIAM WELCH. BS.. Medical Engineer-ing Technology; Chairman ASME THERESA BERNADETTE WELDON. BSW. Social Welfare PATRICIA JEAN WELLS. BS. Elementary Education; Secretary of SRAP SANDRA M WENITSKY. BA . Psychology l 3BARRY WARHOFTIG. BBA. Accounting: Tennis. Marketing Majors' Assoc. CONSTANCE M WERCHAN. BS. Occupational Therapy DONALD JOHN WETZEL. BS.. Pharmacy: Kappa Psi. Rho Chi FAY P. WHITAKER. BS , Elementary Education DENISE L WHITE. BS . Elementary Education ANNE B. WHITEHEAD DEBORA RENAY WHITESIDE. BS . Early Childhood Education CONSTANCE E WHITFIELD. BS.. Early Childhood Education SARA WILBURN. BA . Social Administration. CEW BRENDA L WILDES. BS.. Education MARLENE NORMAN WILKERSON. BS . Education: Dean's List MARIA REGINA WILKINSON. BS . Music Educa tion; Band. Concert Choir. Grant Choir. Baroque Ensemble WALTER E WILKS. BA . Social Sciences ANN JOYCE WILLIAMS. BSW. Social Welfare Fencing. Softball CARLOYN B WILLIAMS. BSW. Social Welfare 114FELICIA TYWAIN WILLIAMS. BBA.. Economics JOYCE T WILLIAMS. BA.. Sociology LEON WILLIAMS. BS.. English Education. Dean's List I NICHOLAS F. WILLIAMS PAUL M WILLIAMS. BS.. Mechanical Engineering Technology PHILLIP TERRENCE WILLIAMS. BA . French RHONDA GISELLE WILLIAMS. BA . Journalism; Sigma Delta Chi. Dean's List SAMUEL B WILLIAMS. BS.. Elementary Education ULYSSES WILLIAMS JR.. BS.. Biology JERRY B WILLS. BS , Occupational Therapy GREGORY WIUSON. BS.. Occupational Therapy RICHARD PAUL WILSON. BA.. Journalism. University Relations Committee. Templine TYRONE EARL WILSON. BBA.. Accounting CHOYA LYNN WILSON-DIXON. BS. Elementary Education. Band. Dean's List RICHARD CHARLES WISS. BS. I harmacy. Alpha Zeta Omega USROBERT M WOERNER. BBA , Accounting. Soccer. Dean's List BRUCE WOLF. BA.. Hist or ROBERT ERNEST WOLF JR.. BS.. Chemistry; American Chemistry Society Award DANA SARITE WOMACK. BA . French. Pres Alpha Kappa Alpha DENISE Y. WOMACK. BS.. Business Education. Ih Omega Pi. Delta Sigma Theta DANIEL BOWAH WONG. BS. HPERD; Gymnastics, Who's Who in American Universities. Dean's List CYNTHIA L WOOD. BA . History. History Majors' Association HENRY CHARLES WOODRUFF III. BS.. Early Childhood Education; Phi Theta Kappa. Education Majors' Association PATRICIA WOODS. BSW. Social Work SONIA M WOODS. BS . Psychology EVAN CAREY WOOLF. BA.. English; Cum Laude MELVIN WILLIE WRIGHT. BS.. Mechanical Engineering Technology. Fencing HARRY TED YAM POLS KY. BS. Biology. Deans List DENNIS EDWARD YEINGST. BS. Pharmacy-Kappa Psi. SAPHA BARBARA YELLENBERG, BS.. Elementary Education, Dean's List H6CHOONG KUN YOO. BS. Mechanical Engineering Technology MICHAEL GERARD YOST. BBA, Accounting OLLIE I. YOUNG BONNIE J YUDOF JOHN C ZAGONE BBA . Accounting GLENN EDWARD ZALUSKl BA.. Recreation Leisure Studies DONNA LYNNE ZAMR1N. BS.. General Science; Biology Society, DeanList LARRY MITCHELL ZASLOW. BS.. Pharmacy ADELLE R. ZAY AD A. BS.. Pharmacy, v Pres. SAPHA. Alpha Zeta Omega - DOREEN C ZEMBLE. BS.. Elementary Education BARBARA A. ZIELINSKI. BBA . Management; Dean's List MARC FREDRICK ZOLL. BS . Pharmacy DOROTHY KOHLER ZUCKERMAN. BS.. Elemen-tan1 Education M MICHAEL ZUCKERMAN. BBA . Accoun-tmg lnsurancr Risk Management. Resident Assts. tant. Beta Alpha Psi, Student Senate. Zeta Beta Tau MARK THOMAS ZYSK. BBA . Industrial Relations 17STUDENT LIFE(tfl'MpvS ‘‘«To everything there is a season 120iv.V rv,vv,v,v:.: ; :" HWA% WSSWA' ijf •: ' • : ¥ ' : : ; : : : : : ¥ : ; : x : : : ' : : : : ; : : : i y y. y :• : : (m (y.y. $-5 ml ks?B$K Wcitxy : ; !•; y. ? : : : :♦:■: : : ; : : : : : :♦:■y M Qy.« ■ ¥•: a«i a 0 et cry j urj ose under heaven. 121122123 Between registration and the Student Store? ,ines...lines...lines...and more line?(jucst Speakers Above: Dr. Ovisi Gelman; opposite page, clockwise: Marcia Friedman, Asher Naim, Bernadette Devlin, Chiam Potok. 26JMnd %A[cre £vest Speakers, 128 Above right: Khotso Seatlholo Above: Simon Weisenthal Opposite: William ColbySae VerjormersSpecial Ways at templeClockwise: Apple Day at St. Christopher s Hospital; Women’s Day; Black History Day; Turkey Trot Day; Good Neighbor Day. “Whatever you vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe, and enthusiatically act upon . . . must inevitably come to pass.” Anonymous 31132The B'nai B’rith Hillel Foundation at Temple University is located at 2014 North Broad Street and is the Jewish community center for Temple University. This past year, under the direction of Peter Braun, Temple Hillel has offered a multi-dimensional program. It has brought to Temple's campus a number of renowned speakers, including the Nazi hunter—Simon Weisenthal. Temple Hillel is also the home of the Jewish Free University which has had a great success here on campus.tf cwman Center135 “What do we live for if it is not to make life less difficult for each other?” George Elliott 134Wood ID rive “ expect to pass through this world but once. Any good therefore that I can do, or any kindness that I can show to any fellow creature, let me not defer or neglect it, for 1 shall not pass this way again. ” Anonymous 138Center jor 'Disabled Students This center was established by students to make the student’s educational experience as valuable and rewarding as possible. This center brings physically and visually handicapped students aware of the various services available to them at Temple. 139“Vhe Signature is 'Unmistakable" 140 JRrt Student JRsscciation2tudeat 'Wo’-kfhoj, Senior Class oj Medical echnolcgq J,Association oj Blac ; Business Students ulfussiness tA{ajors JUssociation V storn %A[ajor JRsscciatioa M2 free pretzels •Rove tJuitional Sjfcech and bearingI 45“We are but the instruments of heaven. ” Owen Meredith 146I" to be elated at success and dissajtpoinled at Jailure is to be a child oj circumstance." Lin VutangutSt g vutBig !K LISI 1l9(L BUiusvfi vnctiff15?Omega Vs i Vhi EDGAR A. LOVE On November 17 1911, m Of Howard University, sacred to oil Omega men... 'If FRANK COiEM V OSCAR J COOPER OMEGA PSI PHI FRATERNITY WAS DORN ERNEST E. JUST 156157“And all that jazz Temple University’s number one jazz station just happens to be Philadelphia’s as well. Anything from sports to panel discussions, jazz to newscasts can be found at .90. on the FM dial. The station broadcasts from 6 a.m. to midnight throughout the Delaware Valley 159 Dorm LiJe JOHNSONapnl 7 hord k 9 loorye Senate. syJ ttllel, Ioho w5 f(?diutir , phem GoIKouj LU d Spri fc, 12 30 ?p) 1612“0, call back, Hesterdan, bid time return?” ZhaKcs eareSPORTS 4. •WHEN YOU’VE GOT IT— YOU’VE GOT IT! This year the Temple Owls played well but not well enough—they finished the season with a record of 4 wins and 6 losses. The Owls started the season with a big win at Akron (23-13). The second game vs. Grambling was quite a thriller! With only 2 minutes left in the game—and Grambling was leading by 6points—it was up to Temple to score 1 more touchdown and THEY DID IT! 168TOGETHERNESSThe Owls were defeated in 5 consecutive games and it was the second year in a row they lost to West Virginia. It was also the second year in a row that the Owb lost to Penn State by 1 point. After their final touchdown. Temple failed to make the conversion point and the score was 31-30. Over 42.000 were in attendance to see the Nittany Lion's victory—the largest crowd all season! 171 »»VScores from the Gridiron Temple Opponent 23 AKRON 13 31 GRAMBLING 30 7 PITTSBURGH 21 16 DELAWARE 18 0 WEST VIRGINIA 42 14 SYRACUSE 23 30 PENN STATE 31 31 DRAKE 7 35 DAYTON 6 7 VILLANOVA 24 i OiV THE WAY TO VICTORY1976 was the best year for the Soccer team since 1952. They were rated sixth in the nation, first in the East, had their first win against Penn State since 1969, had a season record of 13-1 and were ECC (East Coast Conference) Champions. The Booters defeated Bucknell 2-1 for the ECC title. After advancing to the NCAA playoffs they were defeated in the second round by Textile 4-0. It was the first time in 15 games that more than 1 goal was scored against Temple. Leading scorers for the Booters were Bill Sautter. Joe Stefa and George Lesyw. Goalie Dave Bragg averaged 7 saves per game, but had 9 against East Stroudsburgh and 17 against Penn State. Graduating members of the team are Dave Bragg. Mark Cumberland. Enver Diker. George MeBrien. Russ McPaul and Earle Smith. 177YOU JUST TRY AND SCORE! 178This year the Women’s Field Hockey team was one of the youngest Temple ever had— but their youth did not stop them from trying. The Lady Owls finished the season with a record of 5-4-1. Scores Temple Opponent 6 ST. JOE’S 0 0 WEST CHESTER 2 4 LA SALLE 0 2 SWARTHMORE 0 0 URSINUS 5 1 TRENTON 0 6 EASTERN 0 2 PRINCETON 2 1 UNIV. OF PA. 2 0 GLASSBORO 1 179This year the Cross Country team, which was made up of mostly freshmen and sophomores, had a record of 5-8. Captain Mark Gilman (above) broke 3 school records, including the record for the 5-mile course. He ran it in 26:19.4 (previous time was 26:28.0). 181182UP AND OVER . . . AND YOU’RE A WINNER! This was a busy season for the Owlettes as they ended the season victoriously with a El-0 record. The team, under the direction of their new coach Kathy DeYoung, won the Philadelphia "A" Tournament, finished third in the Brooklyn Tournament and made it to the quarter finals of the East Coast Regionals. 183WE woi a This year the Men’s Basketball team dribbled their way to the HI spot on the ECC (East Coast Conference). They also tied for the first place in the City Title with Univ. of Pa. for the first time since 1972. The Owls were led into their winning season (17-11) by co-captains Bruce Burnett and Marty Stahurski. During the Fordham game, Stahurski scored his career high—28 points. The fans at the Villanova game were able to see Stahurski score his 1,000th career point. Only 12 other Temple players have achieved this. During the Basketball Banquet, held at the end of the season, Bruce Burnett and Lou Canelli were named cowinners of the Harry Litwack Award by the university Varsity Club. Burnett also won the Outstanding Rebounder trophy. Stahurski won, for the third time, the trophy for most accurate foul shooter. Other trophies were won by Walt Mont ford—most consistent player, Ricky Reed—most important player and Bruce Harrold—top newcomer. 186TEMPLE OPPONENT 79 Point Park 61 83 Hofstra 75 55 West Chester 59 95 Dickinson 60 79 West Virginia 64 55 Navy 54 67 Kings 54 65 Arizona State 73 49 St. John's 59 65 Wm. and Mary 68 46 Cincinnati 61 64 American 81 83 Fordham 53 91 Buffalo 82 50 St. John’s 66 72 Penn 83 67 Syracuse 76 95 CCNY 59 55 Biscayne 51 73 Manhattan 51GET THE BALL IIS THE BASKET! TEMPLE OPPONENT 48 South Carolina 49 86 Penn State 66 87 LaSalle 75 73 Villanova 66 61 Drexel 58 78 Pittsburgh 48 81 St. Joe’s 74 58 Hofstra 58TEMPLE OPPONENT 61 LaSalle 76 54 Glassboro 68 73 Penn 54 40 Cheyney 86 76 Delaware 91 37 St. Joe’s 72 64 Villanova 59 46 Immaculata 87 57 Edinboro 77 66 Ur sinus 78 61 Pittsburgh 90 55 Trenton 60 56 Rutgers 111 54 West Chester 74 190This year the Women's Basketball team participated in the pre-season Holiday Tournament. They also played in the EAIAW (Eastern Association of Intercollegiate Athletics for Women) Basketball Championships and lost to Edinboro 75-48 and lost 75-48 to East Stroudsburg. Team captain was Faye Lawrence. The team hosted the Women’s Regionals Tournament. 191193 HHMII % kl fg p i f ■ A 1U 1-A. k 1 ; ;nJ|i 2i w_ i fi- r- 194 EVERYBODY IIS THE WATER! "Y ktr '3f3L® T .1 195 M •vis The Men’s Gymnastics team had a uic-torious season (8-2). The boys were coached by Fred Turoff and their co-captains were Tom Kouic and Tom Ahn. One member of the team, Peter Korman, was an Olympic Bronze Medal winner. The team placed second in the EILC (Eastern Intercollegiate League Championships) with a score of 413.455. Four of the gymnasts were eligible to contend in the NCAA Championships: Mike Siluerstein—floor excercise, uaulting and rings; Tom Kouic—horizontal bar. and Chuck Dakin and Ed Yakucheu—Pommel Horse. 96197THIS YEAR'S RESULTS: I-ong Island Univ........ Springfield.............. Pittsburgh............... Army .................... Penn State .............. West Chester............. Navy..................... Syracuse ................ Southern Connecticut..... Massachusetts ........... 183.45-146.85(W) 205.95- 205.25(W) 206.95- 177.60(W) 208.95- 202.35(W) . 209.65-214.10(1.) 197.15-169.40(W) 201.75-179.80(W) 204.90-173.20(W) .204.15-215.45(L) 209.10-205.90(W) 199KEEP YOUR BALANCE! 200 The Women’s Gymnastics Team placed I4th in the top 17 contenders of the EAIAW Regionals. Debbie Barnes was the only team member to make it to the AIA W Nationals. She defeated the defending National Champion in vaulting and placed second in competition. SCORES Pittsburgh.................128.85-126.75 (W) Penn State ..................105.00-144.3 (L) East Stroudsburg............126.80-126.475(L) Massachusetts ..............143.23-121.75 (L) Trenton ....................124.19-111.21 (W) 201IT’S NOT AS EASY AS YOU THINK! 202204Varsity Wrestling is another of Temple’s team to have a victorious season—the Grapplers ended their season with a record of 12-8. Several team members participated in the Canadian Open National Wrestling Championships. In the EIWA (Eastern Intercollegiate Wrestling Association) Doug Parise and John Akins finished fourth; Carmel Morina, Ed Rivera, Lou Rivera and Mike Flynn finished fifth. 705TO UCHE! MEN’S FENCING: Coached by Allen Kelley. Ended their season with 8-2 record. Placed second in MACFC. WOMEN’S FENCING: Coached by Nikki Franke. Ended season with a 15-4 record. Finished second in NIWFA Sectionals and participated in NIWFA Nationals. 206207CHEYNEY...............5-0 (VV) BRYN MAWR.............3-2 (W) DREXEL................3-2 (W) GEORGE WASHINGTON.....2-3 (L) ALBRIGHT .............3-2 (W) URSINUS...............0-5 (L) SWARTHMORE............3-2 (W) BROOKLYN .............5-0 (W) WEST CHESTER .........0-5 (L)KNOCK DOWN THOSE PINS!miThis year there are 9 TOP “trackees”: Kevin Brooker (hurdles), Lou Canelli (high and triple jumps), Mark Gilman (3 and 6 mile). Art Grossman (100, 220 and 440 yds.), Tom Hurd (800 yd.. 1 and 3 mile, steeplechase), Glenn Irion (high and triple jumps), Marty Kelly (800 yd. and 1 mile), John Schaeffer (shotput and discus), Rick Thomas (javelin and discus). 212HOP, SKIP AND JUMP! 213 214This year’s top netmen are: Nick Gregory Omar Sebastian Allen Bond Rami Rotholz Gary Solomon Dave Osborn Chuck Tirendi 216WHAT'S ALL THE “RACQUET” ABOUT?218BA TTI1XG THEIR WAYSTARTING LINEUP: 9—Jim Beck, IB 22—Rod Johnson, 2B 17— Pete Dempsey, SS 29—John McArdle, 3B 25— Stan Krzyston, OF 12—Paul Neggebrugge, OF 19—Mark Santobianco, OF 26— Ted Lucyk, DH 33— Bob Steele, P 18— Jay Hallman, P 34— Dan Slick, P 221224 SWINGIN' ON THE GREEN!SET, SHOOT, SCORE . . . LET'S PLAY LACROSSE! 277 The Women’s Softball team is coached by Veronica Maurek. Based on records for three-quarters of the season, the team record is 7-3. Senior members of the team are: Maureen Morris Paula Montoney Vicki George Nancy Nase Ann WalshMAKING A “HIT” WITH THE CROWD! 229THEATRETemple University Center City (T.U.C.C.) houses STAGE THREE, a semi-professional repertoire company made up of graduate theatre majors. Often under the guidance of guest directors, the STAGE THREE company usually puts out three or four productions a year. Noontime Theatre, another facet of STAGE THREE, presents several one-act plays for those on their lunch break—the audience is invited to eat their lunch during the show. Also at T.U.C.C. is Children's Theatre (see below) which is held on Saturdays. Meant for both children and adults, these productions combine (he troupe's acting and dancing skills to make an enjoyable, lively show based on children’s stories. STAGE THREE 232TOMLINS ON THEATRE TOMLINSON THEATRE, located in Annenberg Hall on the main campus, is Temple's main theatre and has a seating capacity of almost 500. Auditions are open to all students, but only theatre majors and members of the faculty can direct the productions. TOMLINSON has all the facilities and workings of a professional theatre, among them an extensive wardrobe and make-up department. The stage crews can be found at the theatre past midnight working to create a believable atmosphere for an upcoming production. With all the talented people working hard at TOMLINSON, it's no wonder that Temple's School of Communications and Theatre is nationally accredited.Tennessee Williams' CAMINO REAL was Tomlinson Theater’s opening production this year. Mr. Williams complimented the company by attending the performance of his rarely-presented play. Directed by Robert Chapline. CAMINO REAL can best be described as a dream play, a fantasy within a fantasy. In CAMINO, characters such as Casanova. Kilroy, and Don Quixote interact on stage and the results, though outrageous. were vintage Williams — funny, sad. exciting and vital.The premiere of a 'new' Shakespeare play? In 1977? QUEEN MARGARET OF ENGLAND, Tomlinson's most ambitious production of the year, really was a new Shakespeare play, with dramatic scenes excerpted from Henry VI. Editor and compiler Robert A. Potter wrote the rest of the play which followed the political career of Margaret, wife of King Henry VI. QUEEN MARGARET OF ENGLAND featured lavish costumes designed by Neil Bierbower — so elaborate that even the city newspapers made mention of the tremendous work and expense that went into their creation. Directed by Professor Tom Markus. QUEEN MARGARET OF ENGLAND starred Jane Moore in the title role, Richard Peter Glockner as Henry, and William Swoope as their son, Edward. 236QUEEN MARGARET OF ENGLAND 237IX SEARCH OF SIX CHARACTERS Tomlinson closed out its 1976-77 season with I.uigi Pirandello’s SIX CHARACTERS IN SEARCH OF AN AUTHOR. Director Leslie Reidel updated the 1922play by incorporating television monitors with the live theater production. SIX CHARACTERS . . . lakes place on a stage where a television company is preparing to film a scene from DEMOCRACY, a Stage Three production The technicians are interrupted by six characters who demand to be allowed to perform the drama implied in their lives. The life stories and interrelationships of the six characters are then presented. SIX CHARACTERS . . . was produced by the Tomlinson staff with the help of Warren Schloss, producer-director in the Office of Television Services.6ZITHE CEREMONY OF USISOCEJSCE Stage Three’s premiere production of the 76-77 theater season was THE CEREMONY OF INNOCENCE. Written by Ronald Ribman and directed by Dugald MacArthur, CEREMONY was a history play about a pacifist king who resists his advisors’ recommendations to enter into a war. Like Shakespeare's Henry V, THE CEREMONY OF INNOCENCE tells us something of our own world by seeming to talk about a historical event. Through King Elthelred. the author says that if we will work to make reason, order and peace will follow. THE CEREMONY OF INNOCENCE was an anti-war play that spoke not only of the senselessness of fighting, but also of personal responsibility to make the world a more liveable place. 2 0242BACK COUNTY CRIMES BACK COUNTV CRIMES, the production of several ballads of "the killin' kind”, was Stage Three s second offering this year. Written by iMnie Robertson and directed by David Chambers. BACK COUNTY CRIMES tells in ballad form of aging and death in a town called Duty in Love County. BACK COUNTY CRIMES is Temple University's entry into the American College Theater Festival 76-77. The play featured seven musical numbers with lyrics by the playwright and music by Mel Marvin. ?43 •I.DEMOCRACY DEMOCRACY, a political comedy written by Romulus Linney, premiered at Stage Three in February 1977. Based on two novels written by Henry Adams in the 1880’s, DEMOCRACY explores the corruption, ambitions and romantic interests of the Grant Administration. The play is made more timely by incorporating a bit of women's lib and the political story strangely parallels Richard Nixon '$ presidency. The Stage Three company was excellent under the direction of Steven Robman. Special mention should be made of Paulette Ciotti, who portrayed Mrs. Grant. She managed to keep her eyes crossed throughout the entire play. 24-t2 5COUNT DRACULA VAMPS AGAIN 246Stage Three ended its third season with COUNT DRACULA, a thriller in the old Saturday matinee vein. Adapted by Ted Tiller from Bram Stoker's 19th century novel, COUNT DRACULA told the familiar story of the vampire and the lovely object of his demented attentions. Special effects by Daniel Boylen were an important part of the show—a mechanical bat which flew out into the audience, Dracula's glass coffin at the end of the show, and animal sounds and creaking noises which sustained the play’s mood. Director Joel Friedman’s production of COUNT DRACULA with Richard Peter Glockner in the title role topped off a fine season of drama and comedy at Stage Three. 747NOONTIME PRESENTS: “It's Called The Sugar Plum” “Murder of Mrs. Magoo 248The Beginning of the End ProductAMBLER T.U.C.C. TYLERsr AMBLER The AMBLER Campus, located in Upper Dublin Township, is an ideal place to escape from the hectic hustle and bustle of Broad Street. The 187-acre campus of the Pennsylvania School of Horticulture for Women joined with Temple in 1958 to make available to more students its specialized curriculum Today, students can work towards many different associate and baccalaureate degrees at AMBLER without having to supplement their course work at the Main Campus Many of AMBLER's 2300students commute between there and the Main Campus with the help of a free bus service. AMBLER maintains a number of activities, including a student government and an intramural sports program. In addition, AMBLER has "The Medium", a weekly student newspaper, and WRFT, its own radio station AMBLER is an enjoyable place to receive an education while getting back to nature in a beautiful countryside setting 255Horne of the Temp le Music Festival257TL.MPLC L'NJIVERSITV :LLA ELKINS TYLER, H(D)LoMFINE ARTS 258TYLER SCHOOL OF ART Besides it's campus in Rome, Temple offers another specialized school for its more creative students. The TYLER SCHOOL OF ART, located eight miles north of the Main Campus in Elkins Park, was donated by Stella Elkins Tyler in 1934. The 14-acre campus can accomodate up to 600 students and offers bachelor and masters degrees in fine arts and art education. Programs from photography to sculpture are offered at TYLER The intimate setting and small enrollment at TYLER encourage student-faculty relationships and help to create a unity of purpose which leads to great concentration in each student’s specific area. 759hr T.U.C. C.— The Center Of It All! to be placed 0 0U% MAILING US7 Pt : vr Cf TX V PCS PE TAILSBroad Montgomery Campus . Temple University Temple University Center City, better kncwn as TUCC, is housed in what was, until 1973, the location of the KYW television station. Donated to the University by the Westinghouse Broadcasting Company, TUCC at 1619 Walnut Street offers a variety of courses from almost every school and college in the University. Most of the courses ar ? offered in the early morning, lunch hour, late afternoon an I evening, making TUCC a convenient center of educatic i for those working in center city. Many people enroll in TUCC courses, workshops ar.d special programs simply for the experience, without concern for academic credit. When the building was remodeled, some of the studi s were left intact for use by the School of Communicatio is and Theater. The basement of TUCC houses Stage Thr e, one of Temple’s three theaters. A full season of producti m includes Noontime Theater, one-act productions held f ve days a week during the lunch hour, and Children’s Theat ir, programs based on childrens stories and jokes held on Saturdays. 263PUBLICATIONSThe Temple University News The entire staff of THE TEMPLE UNIVERSITY NEWS—reporters, typists, photographers, public relations people and composing room assistants—is made up of students of the University from all majors, not only journalism. The editor and business manager are elected each semester by the University Publications Board, which oversees the paper. This year's editors were Mark S. Guralnick (far right) and Richard Leiby (below).Is Everywhere! Temple University is a center of higher education, an institution where brains are expanded and filled with knowledge. To be educated, people must be aware of what’s going on around them—they must be informed. Temple fulfills the obligation to inform through various publications that keep students, faculty and alumni in touch with University affairs. THE TEMPLE UNIVERSITY NEWS, now in its 60th year, reports on community and national affairs that affect Temple, as well as University business. Published four times a week, the paper covers news events, sports, activities and entertainment, including movie, play and concert reviews. This year, the NEWS expanded its coverage to include the Presidential debates and election results, a first here at Temple. 269SOME FACES OF THE NEWS L. toR.: (top) Helen Slater. Lee Farber. Arnold Lurie, Barbara Elliot. Susan Overlander; (bottom) Cheryl Gordon. Marc Guralnick, and Barry Levine.272Ambler's Happy Medium Ambler's weekly newspaper, THE MEDIUM, is created specifically for those students attending this scenic campus. Under the direction of editor Debbie Walsh (top-center). THE MEDIUM is a 12-page tabloid filled with features, events and news of the Ambler campus. 273We Put It All Together— TEMPLAR ’77. After the arduous years of schooling are finished, the student is left with a sheepskin diploma, invaluable lessons learned, and at least four years’ worth of memories, the best way to recapture the years is through THE TEMPLAR, Temple University’s yearbook. Now in its 53rd year of publication, THE TEMPLAR includes various events that have occured during the year, campus organizations, and of course, the faculty and administration. Temple’s alternate campuses are also covered in the book, and the graduating seniors are featured as well. Yearbooks are still the best memories, and editor Neal A. Bedein and the staff of THE TEMPLAR have tried to compile the fondest of those memories here for you. 274Clockwise, starting with immediate left: Neal A. Bedein, Bryna Goldstein. Susan A. Kraus, Aileen Greenberg. John Heck. Karen Fink. Myra Goldberg, John Paige, Maryanne Maloney, Terez Giuliana, Jay Sadow and Debbi Hittner. 275The Alumni Review For those who no longer attend the University where they earned degrees, Temple has its own alumni magazine. THE ALUMNI REVIEW, edited by Richard Wescott. keeps the alumni in touch with events going on at Temple. The quarterly publication also keeps the alumni informed of the ever-changing appearance and function of a university which began as an “Acre Of Diamonds” and is still going strong. 276 The Temple Times Besides being served by the campus newspaper, the faculty also has its own publication. THE TEMPLE TIMES, published every two weeks, devotes its pages to newsmakers in the administration. faculty and staff. Occasionally it includes noteworthy students, but the primary interests of THE TIMES are activities and news concerning those in the faculty and administration. Under the direction of editor Frances Israel-Greenspan, THE TEMPLE TIMES keeps the “higher-ups” informed of how their colleagues are performing in University-related affairs. 277PEOPLETeaafleUi: • Uncqual OPPORTUNITY F pi.oy£r ;■■■ mJ ■ci tr ■ ■■ ir ■ ir rr ■ il M ■ ■I l mi it. Ill ivSpend four years at Temple and you 'll hear all the jokes. That a Temple diploma isn't worth the simulated sheepskin it 's printed on. That its neighborhood is so tough that even the sparrows wear leather jackets. They’re old jokes maybe not as old as Russell Conwell, but they're right up there. Well, it’s about time somebody put those jokes away for good, because Temple University is a wonderful school. In what other institution of learning in the world could a professor lecture for an entire semester on Coke bottles and cowboys and still imbue his students with a deep understanding of the workings of the collective mind of America? Where else could you watch old movies, from “Little Cesaer" to "Broadway Melody of 1938" and learn about the cultural goings-on during the Great Depression? And what other school offers you the opportunity to be taught complicated physics by a professor who used to have his own kiddie show on television? No where in the world but Temple. Temple prepares you for life in the real world better than any other college ever could. Bounded on four sides by tall buildings that serve to block out the surrounding slums, it's like another world—no longer Philadelphia, but instead a city of students. It has everything—its own government (complete with bureaucracy), a hospital, a day-care center, even a legal aid society. And all kinds of people come to Temple, from the 17-year-old high school graduates and their mothers to middle-aged business executives and professionals. Here a student can learn more about a subject from the person sitting beside them than from any number of textbooks, because many people already established in one field come back to Temple to broaden or refresh their knowledge about other fields. The individuals that make up this city within a city are many and unique. You can almost always tell what school a person belongs to after a few minutes’ observation. For example, if you see two people on Park Mall greeting each other with a loud kiss, the odds are that the two are theater majors. The only people in the world that make that much noise when they kiss are theater majors and your old maiden aunt. Education majors are easily recognizable—they're always carrying around lots of crayons and poster boards and kiddie books like "Charlotte’s Web" and "The Little Engine That Could. ” You can always distinguish the journalism majors-—just look for the tell-tale pencil tucked behind the ear. And if you see a group of people dressed as if on their way to a job interview, five'll get you ten that they’re business majors. Back in Mitten Hall's Game Room, you'll find America's future lawyers involved in a hot pinochle game, the foreign students will be gathered around the ping-pong and foosball tables, and the nattily-dressed business majors will be perched about the pool tables, waiting to hustle any sucker who's not on to their game. But it’s the architecture majors who seem to be having the most fun at Temple they're always walking around with little houses made out of popsicle sticks! Temple is a one-of-a-kind place filled with one-of-a-kind people. The diploma may just be printed on sheepskin, but the education behind it is priceless. Surrounded by housing projects and run-down buildings. Temple University is a beautiful place to those who can see the true value in it. 289?90  ?9.’  ?«9301eot:304705THE LAST WORD[m I' mm , tnmi f , to R (top): Jay Sadow. Maryann? Maloney. John Paige, Aileen Greenberg. (center) Bryna Goldstein. Neal Bedein. Debbi Hittner; (bottom) Karen Fink. Terez Giuliana. Sue Kraus. Myra Goldberg Editor-In-Chief: Neal A. Bedein Business Manager: John H. Paige Managing Editor: Susan A. Kraus Photography Editor: Jay Sadow Copy Editors: Terez Giuliana John Heck Art Editor: Bryna Goldstein Student Services Editor: Aileen Greenberg Student Life Editor: Myra Goldberg Seniors Editor: Karen Fink Sports Editor: Debbi Hittner Staff Persons: Maryanne Maloney, Jonia Sumler. Brian Goldstein Photographers: Lee Farber, Phil Lo, Jay Schwartz. Harris Bookfor, Bobby Beyer, Nate Pierson, Adrienne May. Thomas Goertel, Sid Kirchheimer. John Paige, Neal Bedein, Thaddeus Govan, Phil Flood, Joseph Burke, Valentin I. Jablokov, Myra Goldberg, Cheryl Gordon, Alice Urbanski. The TEMPLAR’77 Staff 3173»831932)322Without The Vruclg We’d Go cf uts 323Temple's 1 Vn 'Basketball JRnd Soccer}  VVCOLU temple l 328Although Temple functions as a community within a community, involvement with the surrounding neighborhoods has been increasing. The Physical Education department sponsors an athletic program for area youths, and the services of the Legal Aid Society are open to everyone in the community. Political groups are active on campus, and THE TEMPLE NEWS expanded its campus and community reporting to include coverage of the presidential debates and the election. The University services not only the intellectual needs of its students but also the social needs. “Beury Beach” and the Game Room at Mitten Hall have become the new centers of student “extra-curricular” activity. After a few months here, a student usually finds a favorite vendor and patronizes him loyally. The 10 social frats and sororities hold fund-raising events for charities and give the students a feeling of belonging. 1THE TEMPLAR has tried to show . you that in many ways, Templet-University is just like any other large m urban University in America. Hopefully, we have also shown you a little of Temple’s uniqueness. With its sprawling campus, varied programs and distinguished professors, Temple’s appearance is much like that of many other schools. Our uniqueness is found within the broad spectrum of people here. nple's 'Uniqueness Vs Wound Temple University functions for and because of the people. Students come here from all over the country, and the religious, ethnic, and racial mix creates a multifarious student body. But no matter where they come from, sooner or later they will absorb a bit of Temple and pick up some typical T.U. habits—eating hot pretzels, lounging on ‘Beury Beach’, or pouring over textbooks in Mitten Hall.•zpsr taro TEMPLAR 77 has shown you how people and their education are what Temple University is all about. People are an integral part of Temple University. In the same way, many people have been part of TEMPLAR 77, ensuring its existence and maintaining its modern and unique quality. Specifically, I must make mention of four people on my staff to whom I am greatly indebted. They are: Bryna Goldstein; Susan Kraus; John Paige; and Jay Sadow. In addition, I must thank four more people without whose existence this book would not have been published: Vice President James Shea; University Publications Board President Dr. Leroy Carl; TEMPLAR 77 advisor Howard Shapiro; and our Inter-Collegiate Press representatives Robert Leicthman and Frank Lee. Temple University's existence could then be compared to the Universe, whose purpose it is to lift people to their highest possible level of perfection. TEMPLAR 77 therefore leaves you with some old but very relevant words of wisdom—“Seek peace and pursue it"! JCZSl A ec Neal A. Bedein Editor-in-Chief, TEMPLAR 77 336

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