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Text from Pages 1 - 328 of the 1976 volume:

MPLAR 1976 Published by Temple University, Philadelphia, Pa. 19122 CONTENTS OPENING 1776—1976 GRADUATES ACADEMICS STUDENT LIFE SPORTS ADVERTISING CLOSING Temple Is Temple Is ,,.,,.„,.,. ffV ' S Temple Is Participation u for Bno( WEAR HERKf VWT ., SCHOOL Temple Is 10 11 I Temple Is . . . mmwmgmmmi ?, V J m • % ' W | 12 ii I „0M « " ■ %. ' . People 13 u m What You Make It .i " " " •s 15 !i ' " S H uiMUds. j Jil. " " ' " 11 fl ITt-- Ik liiis ' r " --: l l s m :•¥• B X.. Tr ■•:::u Philadelphia 16 V viX u KM i .o vj ration .Hi iptiitcv t ' o k -Jr- 1 4k 1 , J -vO 1 1 A CllJ bRATlON.-s TWO HLIN17KLP Yl Al OK A NATION - , y. he idea of the original thirteen colonies and their leaders was born out of a passion to be free — to chart their own destiny of building a country out of this thin fabric called Freedom. % The break from England was not to come easily, as this fledgling was viewed as a ser- ious threat to the tentacles of the vast and far-flung British Empire. TV--,.; r,-r- -5.fc ■ ' _ ' fi -:: •i: . ' ' -,?: - r r v - : O _ y- A ■ - cr . c a. atriots rose from every corner of the struggling country. Help came from other European countries to add to the flame of breaking the grip of England. Farmers, fish- ermen, cobblers and men from every walk of life took up their arms to defend this new- felt right to be free. As the smoke began to clear, ideas on organizing this diversity of colonies into a coalition of united states began to take shape. The form of a Constitu- tion and Bill of Rights was molded by states- men who previously were nonexistent. r i:% -; - X - -: ' X i main and resources, thousands of immigrants poured in to start a new life. With the added growth of population, new frontiers were needed. This stretching brought new con- flicts with foreign powers who previously had laid claim to parts of the interior. s the gangling country continued to grow, internal disagreement erupted into a battle of economic and philosophical differ- ences. The battle was to leave scars which would heal only after generations had passed. Out of the wounds came a stronger fiber of freedom for the individual man. The country had survived as a unit and now its energies would be put to work in rebuilding the found- ing fathers ' ideals. A -s. v.. V J ;JZ;y. I, h .m yi xwa =? l ' B O Kit ,), , W ' fiiijiM M t ' z f ' ;M. ' ( ' ■:- ' iiuy ' l IHI f;1 " III- r? ' I i -r. ' V ,,-.,«; i ' ,lia! ; v y ' ■ ' i ' ]:• ' ijMiW ;;■ —g JMELLlJtll... Mim m fSSSj m M m P i : ' ' he need for new frontiers continued as movement spread West. A rapid explosion of technological advances pointed the country into the fore as an industrialized nation. vH s one of the leading industrial nations, this strapping, growing giant became em- broiled in the first of the World Wars. After its success with other Allied Nations, a never before-felt boom and prosperity was followed with the shattering bust of the Great De- pression. New leaders were sought to pull the Coun ' tr out of its fall, while on the horizon new storm clouds were building across the oceans. cJ K i(-uW » " « ' « ' --i. uy .. ' .. " " ' - " ' - f ' K ■x x second World War was fought to pro- tect the cause of freedom, as the now grown giant emerged to take its place as the leader of the Free World. This new role has brought with it — many challenges — many successes — j some failures . . . and through it all a spirit for all nations to envy — a burning passion that all men may one day be free . . . M. Photo Credits: National Archives-National Geographic Photographer U.S. Capitol His- torical Society-National Portrait Gallery- Library of Congress. Ui f ' A «M n: ' U w% •«W1 ' ' y,|iii Ml (.l 5 " . MWmBBi I mlMW §m . ■ ;. . " one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. " - ' V :K mmjll p? ■(ps r « ' • " " ' " . --%■ 1 K i . 4 ' " ' ' ♦-?« s-ifi -.• • -- v. n?J _ - ■ - atu ,. V Philadelphia W7 4 33 ;; ' ' •:.. ;eth p. abrams, b.a. .tsio. Television Film, v ' . TI. Dorm Senate, TEMPLAR; LEONA L. ABRAMS, B,A English, C.E W Lecturer. Tem- ple News: JEFFREY A ABROMOVITZ, B A. Pharmacy JANE C ADAMS, B,A, Liberal Arts, Judicial Board, Medium Staff member. Ambler chorus; JANE V ADAMS, BS Nursing; KAREN D ADAMS, B.A. Criminology. Alpha Kappa Alpha. Student Senate. Homecoming Court. Loyalist. STEPHEN R ADAMS. B,A. Physical Education. Soccer Co — M UP. Team. Intramural Hockey; JOAN ADOMSHICK. B.A. Art. MUSHTAQ AHMAD. B.A Religion; JONATHAN F AIKEN, B A. Radio, Television, Film, WRTI; LEONARD J, ALBANESE, BAA Marketing, Track Team, 34 IW« NAriONAL C01U8UU QYMNA ' PHYLLIS J ALBERT. B.A, Ur- ban Studies ANSON M ALFANO, BS. E E T., member of College Council of Engineering Technology, BRAD ALLEN. B,A. Political Science. Temple News. P.I.R.G,. Loyalists Club. JOHN AMATO. BA Radio. Television Film; FERDINAND F, ANDERSON JR . B A Biochemistry. Honors. Research Assistant. Biology Society DOMENIC V ANGELUCCI. B A, Psychology: SUSAN T ANTONIELLO. BA. El. Ed . Magna Cum Laude; JOSEPH F ARAGONA. BA Psych El Ed . Psi Chi. Magna Cum Laude. BARBAR A ARANGO. B A El Ed.. Deans List. Gymnastics Team. LANE ARBITTIER. BS Engineering Technology; PHILLIP T ARGYRIS. BS Finance. Dean ' s List. Loyalists. Intramural Basketball; JEROME S ARKIN. B A Psych,, vice-pres- Z B.T 35 CAROL A AIKENS. B A Phar- macy, JAYNE M. ATTANSIO. B A, EL ED , Deans List. Varsity Women ' s Bowling Team; MARY ATTIG, B A Psych., Summa Cum Laude. Deans List. JAMES F ENGINEER List: STUART AUSPITZ. ED., Deans List; FLORINE AUSTIN SOCIAL WELFARE AUDLEY, B.S NG TECH , Deans BA EL B A. LINDA AUSTIN. BA. JOURNALISM. Resident Asst.. Temple News reporter; PAULETTE AUSTIN. B BA. Business Administration; PAUL J AXENROTH. B.S. In- dustrial Mgmt.. Vet Counselor. DAVID J BACKMAN. BA Sociology. Hillel. Research Asst ; JUAN BACOTE, BA Social Welfare. S.R.A.P. Student Steering Committee. JAMES L BAGBY. BA ENGLISH; CYNTHIA ANN BAGNATO. BA El. Ed . Deans List 36 1 4 ! H . • 1 Im :■ CORNIE G BAILY BS Ed Drama Prison Busing Program; BENJAMIN BAILY BS Ed., Seeds of Blackness, Black United Liberation Front; DANIEL BALISH B S, Phar- macy. MERLE BARENBAUM BA SCOTT BARMAT B A Liberal Arts; ROBERT BARNES B.A.; SHIRLEY BARNES B S. Ac- counting, Beta Alpha Psi, Assoc of Black Businessmen; GREGORY BARON B A. Pain- ting. BARBARA BARR B A. Jour- nalism, Pres T.U Public Relations Student Society Of America, Alpha Sigma Alpha; JOHN BARRETT B A Biochemistry, Alpha Chi Rho. Bio Society, PERRY BARR BA Physical Education. BARBARA BARRON B A. Art. 37 ANTONIO S BASTEDO BA Language, CLEO J BATES Welfare Social KAREN C BATES BA Social Welfare, Delta Sigma Theta, Social Welfare Student Union; SUSAN BATT B A : NORMA BEARD BA Social Welfare, JAMES BECK B A Phys Ed, Baseball Team, ROSE S BECK BA Social Welfare; JUDY R BELL BA. Social Welfare, Deans List. GERALD F BELLETTIRIE M A Psychology: SHELLEY F BENEDICT B,A. Journalism. President ' s scholar. Magna Cum Laude JOHN BENISCHECK 8 S Ac- counting. Deans List. Magna Cum Laude. LINDA BENOIT. B.A Social Welfare BARBARA J. BENJAMIN B S, Ed French, BEVERLY I BERG BS Ed.. Sigma Cum Laude. President ' s Scholar ALAN M BERGER B A. Psychology DEBORAH BERGMAN B,A. Journalism. Temple News Managing Editor: JUDITH BERK B A. Social Welfare. DEBRA BERKOFF B S Special Ed,. HOWARD L BERNHEIM 8 S. Marketing Deans List. STEPHEN BERRONG 8 S. Marketing. JOSEPH BEY 8 A Urban Studies Soc . Deans List. Magna Cum Laude. JOSEPH BEZOTSKY B A. Phys Ed.: CAROL BITZER B A English: PATRICIA F BLACK 8 A. Psychology 39 ,,_LlE BLACK MS Ed . :jEOrge m blackman b s Marketing. Marketing Assoc , JOY B. BLACKMAN B.S Ed,, Deans List. BARTON I BLATSTEIN BA History; JEREL BLATSTEIN B S, Phar- macy; JAMES R BLOCK BS Marketing, Cross Country In- door Outdoor track CAROLYN BLUESTINE BA Spanish. Sigma Delta Psi. Alpha Lambda Delta. Phi Beta Kappa. ROBERT B BODZIN B S Computer Information Science. KAREN J BOGARDE B S Marketing. JOHN R BOLLES B A Radio. Television Film ADELE M BONAPARTE BA, Social Welfare 40 I mm mmmf t-« i mm mmm %m SI m m I mm JAMES BONNER B A Biology. Deans List, M ' 11 REBECCA M BONNEVILLE B S Music Ed , Wind Ensem- ble: JOSEPH BOOTY B A. JOHN J BORON B A Biology, SHIRLEY BOSTON B,A Social Welfare. LEROY BOWMAN B A, Urban Studies; BERNICE E BOYD 8 A Social Welfare, RALPH C BOYER B S Mech Eng, Tech ; SALLIE BOYER B A Speech, MARYB BRADIGAN B,S Ed , Deans List: JOSEPH BRADY B S Ed . AVA JACAUELINE BRAHEN B A General Studies. 4) BRUCE C BRAITHWAITE B A Psychology; ARTHUR BRAITMAN B A Psychology; LORRAINE E BRANHAM B A, Radio, Television Film 4k .A .: ' LOWELL BRIGGS B A Radio, Television Film. WRTI, JEFFREY BRISTOL B.A. RANDEE S BRISTOL BA HEALTH ED, Summa Cum Laude KATHLEEN ANN BROM- FIELD B.S, Pharmacy, Lamda Kappa Sigma, CHARLES HENRY BROWN II, BA JOURNALISM. Temple News-City Editor, Deans List; DIANE BROWN BA Social Welfare. EVELYN C BROWN B S Computer Information Science, HARVEL L BROWN B A Social Welfare. Social Welfare Student Union, STEPHEN BRUCCOLERI B A , DEBRA LEE BRUNER B S Ed, Diamond Dancer, Deans List. ■ 42 ' ■ I MW ' jr r nt. — ■ ' 5-; ' -IS t • : ( i ■■ w - ' J ' T » 1 ■ ' " ■» 5S H 1 1 " K t JOSEPH F BRUNO B A. Biology. ROSALIE R BUCCI BS Ed.. Gymnastics Club. RENA M BUDAS B.A. Sociology criminology, cheerleader: JUDY BUNN BS Ed. Deans List. MICHAEL W BUSER B.A. Radio. Television Film. WRTI — Sports Director: ELBERT BUTLER JR AS. Police Science: JOSEPH P BUTZLOFF BS Industrial Ed . Psi Delta Ep- silon. President ' s Scholar: JOHN T CALLARI B A. Radio. Television Flim ROXANNE CAMPBELL B 8. Nursing. Delta Sigma Theta: MARK J CAPKIN B.A. Biology. Bio. Society. Presidents Scholar. Phi Beta Kappa. Pre-Med Society. ANTHONY J CAPPELLO B S. Computer Information Sciences: LINDA CAPUTO BS Elem. Ed . Dean ' s List. 43 ROBERT W CAPWELL SR B A. Religion. THOMAS A, CARACIO BS Pharmacy- STEPHEN M CARAMENICO B,A Religion: DONALD C CARDELLI BA Film; NAOMI CARROLL BA Social Welfare »3 d.tJtM I " ?-- JOHN J, CARSTARPHEN JR BA, FiimATV . JACKSON L CARTER S Police Science, Deans List; RHONDA CASEY BA Social Welfare, Summa Cum Laude, President ' s Scholar. Ik r CJ orsw- TIMOTHY S CASEY B A Radio, Television Film, Magna Cum Laude, President ' s Scholar: PETER J, CASO B A Biology LISE-COLETTE CHANDLER B,A. Journalism, Sigma Delta Chi, Pres, Society of Professional Journalists; JOSEPH CHAPMAN JR. B.S. Occupational Therapy WENDY SUE CHARSCHAN B A Social Welfare, SHARON MICHELE CHAVIES B-A. Spanish, Bowling Team, Sigma Delta Pi. Deans List JOHN Y CHIEN B S Bio-Med- Eng Tech . BETH ANN CHAVILLE B.S. Sec Ed French. Deans List. Presidents Scholar, Summa Cum Laude; HUEY-FANG JUDY CHEN B S Pharmacy, BRENDA MARIE CHERRY B S Ed CHI-CHUNG AU B A JERRY CHILDS BA Urban Studies; JAN CHWIEJ BA Psychology: ANTHONY ALAN CIUCCI B.S, Music, Phi Mu Alpha, Presidents s cholar: KATHLEEN A CLARK BA Biology, Alpha Lambda Delta: 45 ■_E M ji vVelfare _- . -ent Union ■ OROTHY M. Social Science ANTHONY MARKETING, Footba ball CLARK, BA Social VVelfare CLAEYS, BA CLAY, BS Basket- JOSEPH A CLEARY JR BS Civil Engineering Construction Technology- Deans List, Box- ing, College Council Treasurer. MARIAN COGER BS, Physical Therapy. Theta Pi Theta, Presidents scholar BARBARA M. COHEN. BS Real Estate DAVID GORDON COHEN BS Pharmacy ROBERT GARY COHEN, BS Bio-Medical engineering Deans List KATHLEEN ANNE COLA- VECHIO, BA PSHCHOLOGY MARIATHERESA COLAVITA. BS. Elementary Education. 46 :ir nr. 25; f1 1 Iff 1. ■ ' ' 1 1 1 -- - • m fe ir " iki VALENTINA Y COLLIER, BSW Social Welfare. NASW. National Associaton of black Social Workers CATHERINE M COLLINS, BA. Psychology Phi Beta Kappa MARVIN J COLONA, BS Civil Engineer SAMUEL C COULTER, BBA. Accounting KEVIN M CONVERY, BFA. Painting and Art Education, Tyler Drama LA VERNE V COOKE. BS. Elementary Education ROBERT D COPE, BA Psychology Deans List. Cum Laude NANCY COSLINE SARA ANN COSTA, BS Phar- macy. Lambda Kappa Sigma. President of the IPC. SAPhA. W I CONSTANCE M COTTER, BS Pharmacy SAPhA TRUDY LEE CRAIG, BS, Theatre. Temple Theatre. Gym- nastics ALFRED S CRAMER, BA. GENERAL STUDIES. Center for disabled students. TEMPLAR 1976, Student Life Editor. I 47 FREIDA D, CRAMPTON, BA Social Science. SDP executive committee AMBROCIA A CRAWFORD, BS. Elementary Education DAN I CRAWFORD, BA. Psychology Temple Scuba Club. President, ROBERT H CRAWFORD, BBA Accounting Beta Alpha Psi Beta Gamma Sigma RICHARD J CREEHANBS Radio television Film CONSTANCE T CREGER, BS Journalism PHYLLIS P CRUMP ERNESTO A CRUZ, BS EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION. ALMIRA CUBERO, BS. Education, Spanish, BRENDA CUMMINGS, BA, General Studies, NAOMI A. CUMMINGS, BS. Journalism. Sigma Delta Chi, DONNA CUNNINGHAM, BA History Temple Newman club. Phi Alpha Theta, EUGENE J CURRAN, BBA, Marketing, Soccer - A pNi, M ' V 48 V- m .- .J -z A - « _ .v-.-v ri e- " f . DIANE P CURRY, B A, Psychology. Alpha Kappa Kap- pa. Tennis BARBARAA DABNER.BSW. Social Welfare Deans List JOSEPH R DACRI. BS Jour- nalism The Medium, editor, CALLIOPE DAGIOS, BA MUSIC EDUCATION Dean ' s List THOMAS L D ' ALONZO. BA Biology LISA J DANDREA, BFA Interdisciplinary, JOHN E DAV IS, 8 B A Business and Law, ROSALEE P DAY, BSW, Social Work, DONALD B DEFRANCO, BA, Biology, Honors program. Biology society Intermurals, Summa Cum Laude Dean ' s List ALBERT W DE HOPE III, BS Radio television film, WRTI R DELEON B B A : Pinoy Society BETTY L DELLA-LOGGIA, BA Music 49 GARY M DEMYAN, BS Phar- macy. Kappa Psi LEWIS A DEPASQUALE, BA Science. KENNETH H. DESHIELDS, BA Political Science ELLEN G DESOUZA, BS Elementary Education DANIEL A DEVINCENTIS, BA English EUGENE D DEVINE. BSW. Social Welfare ROSANNE M DEVLIN, BS. Physical Education and Health. Basketball Volleyball. Track and Field DIANE E DICKERMAN. BS. Pharmacy H. DOBBS. BA. JANICE General GEORGE JAMES DOUGLAS, BS Electrical Engineering Technology. i k 50 DEBBIE JOY DICK STEIN B A Psych . Pres Scholar, Psi Chi JAMES T DINTING BS Sec. Engl Comm JOHN M Dl PIPI SB. A Ac- counting; Beta Alpha Psi ROSEMARY ANNE Dl- TULLIO B A Psych. MAURENIA DIXON B B A Accounting: Assoc. Black Busi. Students LYNDA D DOLSON B S Physical Therapy. Pres. Scholar, Alpha Lambda Delta. Theta Phi Theta ANTHONY J. DOMINIC, Jr. B A. Gen Studies THOMAS J DONAHUE B.A Gen S. DO RTCH JEANNE MARIE DRAKE B A. Theater. Fencing; Cellar and Randall Lab Theaters SHEILA K DRAKEFORD B S. Early Childhood Ed., Tennis MARIE D DREW B SW; NFSSW JOHN E DUNN B.A Psych 51 . :;ANNE R, DURSO BS •yurnalism: Pres. Scholar, Alpha Lambda Delta JOSEPH R EARIRDE B A History PATRICK A, EBB BB.A, Accounting GEORGINA ECHEVARRIA BS. Elem. Ed. Magna cum Laude JOHN L, ECK BB.A. Organlz. Management; Student Senate Treasurer; Student Legal Rights Handbook author MICHAEL F. ECKER B S. Civil engr Constr. Tech.; Vice-Chair. C.C. of E.T. JOSEPH R ECKERT B B A. Marketing KAREN L, EDMISTON BS. Journalism MARJORIE R EDMONDS 8 A RTF LACY G. EDWARDS B.A. Art History REGINALD C EDWARDS B S W.; Treasurer sw student union; Dean ' s List 52 GLEN R EHLY B,A Sociology PHYLLIS L EHRLICH B.S, Oc- cupational Therapy CHARLES H EISENBERG SB A Real Estate Insurance PHYLLIS E, ELAM B S Elem. Ed ; AKA ANA I ENCARNACION B.A. Spanish V ' i B JOHN M ERIK B.S, Pharmacy: flSk IPC. Rho PiPhi PAUL M ESACK B,S, Phar- IPv macy. Dean ' s List EUGENE C ESKRIDGE B.S. Vocational Ed.: EPDA Fellowship IRA A FADEN B S Pharmacy GLENN FAJARDO B B A Ac- counting EDNA L. PARAGE B.S.W., Magna cum Laude BRUCE 1 FEINSTEIN B B.A. Management II 53 STEVEN J FELDMAN B S Elem Ed., Dean ' s List LUIS C. FERNANDEZ BSW VINCENT A FERRARI BA Economics DIANE L. FETROW B,S, Phar- macy; Treas. Lambda Kappa Sigma: SAPhA SAMUEL W FETTERS BSW NEIL FEINSTEIN STUART D FIEL B A Poll Sci,: Pres Scholar ANITA F, FINDORA B,S, Phar- macy, Lambda Kappa Sigma, Vice-Pres , SAPhA ROBIN FINE ixf ' —n --• % MICHAEL E FINK BA Sociology, Dean ' s List, Pres, Scholar CHRISTOPHER M FIOR- ENTINO BBA Economics DALE M FISCHER BS Phar- macy CORA FISHER B S W. Dean ' s List, Student Union Board, NFSSW 54 MARK H FISHER B B A Ac- counting; Pres Scholar, Beta Alpha Psi. Beta Gamma Sigma E FIUMARA HOWARD M FLANK BB.A. Marketing EDNA B, FLYNN BS Elem. Ed. KENNETH C FOELSTER BS. Elem. Ed DAVID S FORMAN BB.A. Accounting; Secretary Beta Alpha Psi MARY M FOX B S Early childhood Ed MICHAEL J FOY B A. History; Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Alpha Theta ELLIS FREEDMAN B A. Physics NAOMI J FREEDMAN B S. Journalism; Temple News, Alumni Review JENNIFER E FRENCH B.A. Psych.; Templar ROBERT D FRESCATORE BB.A Finance 55 KAREN LEE FRETZ B S Nur- sing LYNNE R FRIEDMAN BS Elem. Ed. DIANE D FRIEDRICH BS Health Physical Ed : Pres. Alpha Gamma Delta, v-pres Panhellenic: Lacrosse CAROLIESE I FRINK BS Sec. Ed. Social St LARRY A FRITZ BS Indst. Arts E d. MORRA JOY FROST B S Elem Ed HOWARD M FULMER BA Math, Deans List LUCINDA B. FULMORE BS Elem. Ed. 1 % ' ANTHONY A. GASPAI B A Biology, Pre Scholar, Pres Pre-me Society WILLIAM L GENET B A Lit History LUCILLE B FULTON BS.W. MARYANN P GALLAGHER B.S. Elem Ed. Deans List. Pres. Scholar RICHARD D. GALLO B B.A. Management AUDREY GANS B A. JOSEPH T GARRITY B.A, RTF JOHN M GARTLAND B B A. Accounting I 1 GRACE E. GASTON BS.W,, Dean ' s List; n a.sw JOHN M GAZDA B.S Oc- cupational therapy WILLIAM GEBHARDTS- BAUER B A, RTFWRFT RADIO, Bus Gen. Manager; WRTI RICHARD T GENDELMAN B B A Accounting, Summa cum Laude ANDREW G GERSON B A. Biology, Pres. Scholar, Templine JOSEPH J GETKA BB.A. ANNMARIE A MCGETTI- GAN B S W LEONARD L GETZ B A. English; Temple News bl. " - " " ' „,. ' HisW 57 R. GILARDI B.A ._e: Sigma Pi. Soccer, jo. Softball, Volleyball JAROL T GIMBEL B,S, Oc- cupational Therapy CLAUDIA G GIOMI B.A. Art Therapy, CLA Honors; American and Delaware Valley Art Therapy Associations EILEEN GIORDANO B A Sociology A. GIADSDEN CATHERINE R GLASS B.S. Elementry Ed. CYNTHIA GLASS B S. Therapeutic Rec: Dean ' s List: Volleyball ALLEN GLICKSMAN B.A. American Studies, honors: Marshall New mark Hillel Scholarship ALICE A, GLOWIENKA B S. Education PAUL A. GLUCK B.S. jour- nalism: Dean ' s List; WRTI Radio MARTIN E. GODFREY Management B.A. 58 LORRIE GOLD ■ ' ■ir M. SCOT E GOLDBERG B A, Biology; Bio Society. Amer. Chem, Society MARC E GOLDE B,A RTF: Student Union Board LAWRENCE GOLDMAN B A. Pre-med TAMARA GOLDMAN B S. Journalism SANDRA M GOLDSMITH B,A RTF; WRTI News staff, Women In Comm-, CEW ALAN S GOLLIS BS Art Education; Art club SUSAN K GOODMAN B.A. CLA Honors Program; Student Senate Secretary; Templine FRANCES J GORDON SHERYL L. GORDON B A ; Dean ' s List; Int ' l Students Assoc JOYE S GORDON B A American Studies; Vice-pres Amer St Student Assoc MARVIN GORDON BS W, Social Welfare « - ' 4f 59 WILLIAM M GORDON BA Biology BEVERLY ANN GORDY B A. Psychology STUART GORIN CAROL BETH GOULD PHILIP M GOULD BA. Religion. Philosophy; EDWARD J. GRACELY BA. Math LINDA M. GRADY B S. Nur- sing ANDREW S. GRAY BA. Com- munications; WRTI FM Sports reporter; Intramural Sports WENDY JOY GRAY B S Elementry Ed.; Nat. Speech Hearing Assoc. NEILL R GRECH B B A Com- puter Science Marketing; Market. Maj Assoc ; basketball GERALDINE M GREEN B.S W Social Welfare MICHAEL GREENBERG B.A. Psychology; Dean ' s List; Psi Chi; Undergrad Council of Lib. Arts REVA R GREENSTEIN B A. Speech and Hearing Sci : Pres. Scholar; Phi Beta Kappa 60 BEVERLY C GRIFFIN B S. HPERD; Volleyball, Softball CHARLES GRIFFIN Associate in Court Admin. CYNTHIA G GRIFFIN B S.W.: Deans List, Resident Asst. H J EAN GR ITZ B.A. Economics: Econ Honor S ociety JOHN T, GROCE Sr. B.S.W. Social Welfare PHYLLIS GROSS HERMAN A. GROSSMAN JOSEPH J GUARINO B,A. Math LOIS A, GULDIN B,S. Jour- nalism; Temple News, Edit Page editor: Monday mag.. Warehouse JAMES C GULLO B.S.W.: Nat. Assoc, of Social Workers ROBERT S GUSTASHAW B.S, Pharmacy: Phi Delta Chi FRANK J. HALL 61 I JEFFREY M HALLER B,A. Biology: Dean ' s List, Phi Betta Kappa. Pres of College Scholastic Awards: basketball HELEN D. HANSBERRY B.S.W,: President ' s Scholar, Temple Tutorial Society CAROLYN G, HARDEN GREGORY E, HARGROVE 8 A History and Sciences STEPHEN R, HARKAWAY B,S Pharmacy: Kappa Psi, Pharmacy Frat. B S B,A CLIFTON B. HARMON Engineering Tech CURTIS C HARMON Music Composition CHARLOTTE D, HARRIS B,A Sociology, Honors Program CYNTHIA K HAYES BA Art PATRICK A HEGARTY B B A CLARENCE N HARRIS BS Vocational Ed DOROTHY Y HARRIS B S W. RONALD WINSTON HART B S,W, Social Work; Dean ' s list. S W. Student Union TERRY A HATCHER B,B A; Assoc of Black Business Students; Upward Bound program DALE M HAUPT B S. Phar- macy; Sapha, Phi Delta Chi DELORES HAWKINS BOA. Accounting EDWARD J, HAYES B.A, Political Science; Student Athletic Council, Baseball JULIUS A. HAYES B A, Psychology MELVIN D HAYNES B.B.A, Marketing, ABBS. EASE Member DIANE V HEERY BS, Theatre DAVID M HENCH B B A Economics ERNESTINE C, HENDERSON B S. Elementry Ed. JUDY R HENDERSON BS. Journalism; President ' s Scholar. Student Society of Amenca. Temple News ROBERT W HENDERSON 63 A R Y B E T H H E P P B S , t-ementary Ed. SHERRY J HERMAN B,S, Elementary Ed.; President ' s Scholar; Summa cum Laude HOLLY HERMITT WILLIAM A. HETTEL B.S. Journalism CHARLES H. HIGHT B.BA. Marketing; Marketing club Vice-pres and Tres. ANITA HILL B,S Elementry Ed. NORMA J. HILL B.S.W. VERNATTE C. HILL B.A. Speech; NSSHA SHIRLEY HINTON B S. Elem. Ed. GAIL R HIRSHFELD B S W.: Dean ' s list. Soc Wei Student Union il CARL W HITTINGER: BA Political Science; Honors, Pres. Tri-Dorm Senate, Pi Beta Kap- pa, Pi Sigma Alpha, CLA Exec Comm Stu Life ADV Comm ■h ROBERT L HOCHBERGER 8 S Pharmacy RHONDA H HOFFMAN B A. English DANIEL F HOFFMANN B A. Biology MARIAN R HOGAN B A. English. Eng. Maj Assoc, Forensics JAMES S HOMAN B S Jour- nalisnn: Templar, Temple News, Journ Students Assoc. LAURIE J. HOPKINS B.A, Fine Art THEODORE H HRYCYSZYN Jr. B B.A Organ. Management JANICE L HUDES BS Oc- cupational Therapy; Dean ' s list; Secretary Ambler Student Govt Assoc JOSEPH D HUl BS. Mech. Engineering GLORIA M HURST B.B.A. Organizational Management JANICE A. HUSTED B S W. Summa cum Laude, Dean ' s List, Honorary Scholarship ' v 65 JOYCE HELENA lAVECCHIA B,A. Psychology; Magna cum Laude, President ' s scholar, Phi Beta Kappa, Jean Plaget Socie- ty JOAN P INGLESE B S Jour- nalism VICTOR C, INTINTOLO B S.W , Dean ' s List SCOTT I ISSACMAN BA General Studies, cum Laude, Dean ' s List; basketball, soccer, bowling ALAN W . JACKSON B.S- Journalism; PRSSA, Sigma Delta Chi, Co-chair. SUB Pub. Rel. comm.. Special Asst. for Pub. Affairs to Student Trustee CHERYL DENISE JACKSON B A Psychology DEBORAH E JACKSON B.S. Elem. Ed. ELLEN D, JAFFE B.S. Elem Ed., Phi Sigma Sigma OLGA JAKUBOWSKA B BA. Accounting PATRICIA ANN JAMES BA TV, Dean ' s List TERRY J. JAMISON B FA, Painting, Education PHILIP C JANISON ELAINA MARIE JANULE- WICZ B A. Psychology, Dean ' s List. Honors; Psi Chi Pres 66 Y ' r KRISTINE M, JENKINS B.S. Education MORRIS T. JENKINS B B A. Management CASANDRA B JETER B S. Pharmacy; Lambda Kappa Sigma, SAPHA. Greater Phila, Pharmacy Society JOHN C JOHNS BS Civil Engr and Constr. Tech (CECT), Dean ' s List; Tau Alpha Pi Nat. Honor Society ANDRIA N JOHNSON BS. Childhood Ed BERNADETTE T. JOHNSON B S.W. Child Care; Del. Valley Assoc, of Child Care Workers PATRICIA Y JOHNSON B S W THEODORA F, JOHNSON BS. Health and Physical Ed., Dean ' s List r rx WALTER W. JOHNSON B.A, Psychology. Deans List; Tri- dorm Senate WILLIAM F. JOHNSTON Jr. B A. Psychology BARBARA J JONES M. Ed. PAUL C JONES B A RTF; ac- tive in Temple Newman Center 67 ROBERT E, JONES, B,A, Political Science. Fencing. Vets at Temple RUBIN L. JONES BA. Jour- nalism SYMORE M, JONES JR BA General SHERRY ANNETTE JONES, BA Religion WILLIAM R JONES JR., BBA, Accounting ' r-S:; WILIAM R, JONES, BA Social Administration CHARLES H. JUNOD, JR BA. Political Science ANGELA H. JUSZKIEWICZ, BS. German JAY ALAN KARP. BA Political Science. Intramural boxing, Hebrew Students Club LYNN A. K EEYS, BS Radio television film, Deans List. 68 r MARYANN KACERGUIS, BA Psychology Psi Chi SOPHIE KAHN BA Russian MICHAEL B KALSTEIN BBA Computer and Information Sciences Phi Beta Kappa. College Council President ' s scholar GEORGE A KAMMERELE B.S. Physical Education. BARBARA L KAPLAN. BA Journalism JANE L, KARDON BA. Speach and Hearing Therapy. NSHA STEVEN KARP BS. Com- munications. ALAN S, KARPO. BBA Ac- counting JERRY KATZ, BBS. Pharmacy. Dean ' s list. JOHN E KAUKER Associate. Court Administration. Magna Cum Laude ANN F. KEHS, BS Pharmacy. Lambda Kappa Sigma, pledge mother Student council SAPHA ELIZABETH M. KELLY BS. Physical Education. Lacrosse. Badmittin, Alpha Sigma Alpha. RITA J KEMP BS Education. GERALDINE I. KENNEDY BS. Education 69 ■ O i-J B, KEY. BS, Pharmacy. N :-ppa Psi. American Phar- macutical Association. CORNELIA KIDNEY. BS. Journalism. Magna Cum Laude. ROBERT A. KIMELHEIM, BA. Biology CARMELLETTA C. KING CSABA L KIRALY, BBA Marketing. Dean ' s List DEBBIE L KISH. BBA. Economics Computer and in- formation Sciences. Omicron Delta Epsilon tx-r. M f SHERYL E KLASKY. BBA Ac- counting. Alpha Beta Psi, Beta Gama Sigma lota Alpi, Loyalists. Summa cum Laude GERALD J. KATZ, BBA Marketing. ALI M KLEIBO, BA. Social Anthropology Deans List WILLIAM M KLEINFELTER, BS Pharmacy. Student Coun- cil, Phi Delta Chi, SAPHA. WILLIAM D. KLINE. BS Vocational Education Dean ' s List. 70 SANDRA KNIGHT, BS Jour- nalism, Temple News. kd£iL KOHEN, BBA. F. KOLLA, BS, Education. In- CHRISTINE M KOGUT, BS Physical Education. Basketball Volleyball, Softball. Dean ' s List, President ' s Scholar. SOL E Marketing. RONALD Physical tramurals. JEANNE L KOLODNER, BS Occupational Therapy Treasurer Phi Sigma Sigma. JODY KOLODZEY, BS Jour- nalism. Temple News Copy and Photoeditor, and Editor-in- chief. Templar, RANDY KOMINSKY BBA CHARLES B KOONS, BA General Vets at Temple BRADLEY J KOREN, BBA, Statistics. HEBERT E KOSMAHL, BA. General ROBERT E KOSTER, Mechanical Engineering. ALAN H KOZAK. BA. History. 71 WILLIAM M, KOZUCH. BA. Psychology ELWOOD L. KRAMER. BS Vocational Education- SANDRA M KRAVITZ, BS Pharamcy. £% 1. k- } h t . ARTHUR KRATCHMAN BRUCE KREELY STUART M KREMER BA, Biology. Dean ' s list VICTORIA C KREMSKI. BA Biology Linda T. KRESSEN. BS Phar- macy Lambda Kappa Sigma recording secretary. SAPhA. JOHN R KROBACK. BS. Journalism Temple News WRFT- Intramurals RICHARD M KRUKOWSKI, BS Pharmacy Kappa Psi DAVID R KWASNY, BS. Phar- macy. Kappa Psi. ELAINE B LAKERNICK. BS Elementary Education. Dean ' s List. GILLIAM G LAMARDE, BS. Education Basketball, In- tramurals 72 LANDIS, BS. CHARLES G Pharmacy RONALD S LAPIDES, BS. Health and Physical Education. JOSEPH J LAROSA. BA Psychology. ERIC LAUF, BA. Psychology JANIS F LAURIE, BA. Psychology Magna Cum Laude IRA D. LAWRENCE. BA. Biology Deans List, Phi Bets Kappa. JOHN T LAWS. BSW Social Work and History Pan African Student committee. ROTC Cadet SANDI P LEACH. BS. Oc- cupational therapy. Deans List WENDY LEBING, BA. English. Phi Beta Kappa. President ' s Scholar Student Government. Three Gold key Faculty Awards. B ETTYE J LEE. MA Psychology of Reading. MUl F. LEE, BBA Marketing. JRACHEM LEENEN 73 MAUREEN C LEISE. BA Speech and Hearing Science NSSHA ELIAS LEON, BS. Journalism. Templar. Student Senate PRSSA. intramurals Dorm Radio CORNELIUS F LEONE, BS Journalism. The Medium. STEVEN LENINE LEWIS S. LERMAN, BBA. Real Estate Dean ' s List JAMES D. LEVAN. BS, Phar- macy. Kappa Psi. ETHEL K. LEVIN, Presidential Scholar. RICHARD LEVIN, BA Biology. Dean ' s List. JAY B LIEBERSON B A. Speech: President ' s scholar D LITTLLE. 74 RHONA M LEVINSON B A. Political Science; Phi Sigma Sigma; Panhellenic Pres JAY LEVITT B A Psychology DUKHEE B LEW B,S. General Science; Dean ' s List. Pre-med Society JAMES LEWIS BOA Marketing, Mgt i Nf PATRICIA ANN LEWIS B S W Child Care; Del. Valley Child Care Workers ROBERT L. LICHTENSTEIN B.S. Pharmacy LOIS LINDEN B S Education JAMES P LINK Jr. B.S. Biomedical engineering LARRY M LIPSON B S Phar- macy SUSAN B LIPTON B S.W. JEFFREY M LITT B A. Psychology; Dean ' s list. President ' s scholar DEBORAH E LITTLE B S W. EVA LITTLES B S W PHILIP W LO B B A Accoun- ting. Temple News, Templar staff 75 BLANDORA R LOMAX B.S.W SCOTT E LONG B,A RTF LINDA L LOOS B A Math JOAN C LOUGHRAN B B A Health Administration MARTHA L LUCAS M Ed Math, Dean ' s List MICHAEL LUCIW B.B.A Management li!? DIANE C LUKISH B,S Phar- macy; Lambda Kappa Sigma, SAPhA MARYANN T, LYONS B B A Health Rec Admin DANIEL C MAGNOTTA B A, RTF, WRTI, Temple News HARRY K, MANAWELIAN B S, Pharmacy ALICE L MARAGLIANO B.A. Chemistry s ( Vr ; JON J MARCH B A Biology, Dean ' s list HAROLD A MARCOVITZ OS. Journalism MARIE MARCUCCI B S. Health Ed JONATHAN I MARGOLES B A, History GEORGE J. MARION Jr. B B A Management, Dean ' s List FRANCIS T, MARKWARD B A RTF MARIO J MAROZZI B.B.A. Accounting DAVID MARTIN B.S. Phar- macy; Kappa Psi. secretary two years AMELIA M MASCUCCHINI B S Physical Therapy: Theta Pi Theta, Dean ' s list BERYL P MASH B A Political Science FRED MAURER 77 JANETTE F. MAXWELL B.A, History KAREN R MAXWELL B.S-W,; Social Welfare Student Union MARILYN S. MAY B.A. Social Science . N kk ;! ROSEMARIE A MAYFIELD BS.W. LOREN A MAYS B.S. Phar- macy: SAPha. Rho Pi Phi BETH E. McCLAIN B.S. Nursing JOANN McCONDICHIE BS.W,; Social Welfare Student Union WILLIAM W McCOY B.S. Mechanical Eng. Tech SUSAN M Mcelroy b.s. Physical Ed., deans list PETER J McFARLAND B.A. RAYMOND J McGRATH B S. Pharmacy; Phi Delta Chi GERALD E, McGRORY B.S, Pharmacy; Rho pi Phi. SAPA, IFC KATHLEEN T. McHUGH B S.W.; Co-editor Soc. Welfare Student Union Newsletter 78 s .m ARLINE C McKEEVER B S. Elem Ed. Magna cum Laude JAMES J McKEOWN B S. Physical Therapy PETER J. McMANUS B A. Psychology, dean ' s list, Cum Laude, Psi Chi Honor Soc.. DOROTHY A McNAMEE B S. Elem. Ed , Dean ' s List GERARD J. McPHILLIPS B.A. RTF, WRTI Radio GREGORY MEACHAM B.A. Psychology STEVEN H. MEISELES B.B.A. Accounting NELSON L. MELLITZ B.B.A. Management, Dean ' s List, Numismatic Assoc, Karate JOSEPH D MENTO B S Phar- macy, Dean ' s list MICHELE B. MERBACK B A. PAMELA BETH MERIN ELLEN LYNN MERRITT B.S.W. Child Care CLIFFORD L MERZ BS Eng Tech ; IEEE MICHAEL F MESSERSMITH B B.A Organiz and Manage- ment: Summa cum Laude; Beta Gamma Sigma, Sigma Pi. Omicron Delta Epsilon ANTONIO C MESSINA BA Italian. BRUCE MESSINGER SB A. Accounting NANCY E METZ B FA Pain- ting: Presidential Scholar DAVID N. MEYER II B A, RTF THOMAS A MEYERS BA Sociology MARY E MIDDLETON BA General Science L ' M ' ■ , ' . •I r - - Irv ' ' NEIL I MITTIN BA. Social Science. Dean ' s List S GIOVANNI MOLETTIERRI B S Health Ed , Dean ' s List t MAUREEN MIKOS COSTELLA H MILES BA General Studies, Cum Laude JEFFREY R MILLER B B.A. Accounting REBECCA D. MILLER B.S Secondan Ed Eng GINA M. MIRARCHI B A General Studies ADELINE J MITCHELL B.S.W. EDWARD P MACKUS B A, Political Sci.: Pi Sigma Alpha LESLIE ANNE MOGUL BA Public Relations; Vice-pres women in Comm . Inc ELEANOR Y. MOHEAD BA Biology; BSU, Basketball RUTH ANN MOHNACH B.S. Elem Ed JOAN R MONDRESS BS Occupational Therapy JOHNNIE M MONTGOMERY JOHN J. MOONEY B S, In- dustrial Arts, Dean ' s List; Varsi- ty Crew Team BARBARA L MOORE B B A Health Records Adm. 81 fj ,.EN K, MOORE B.S nysical Ed.: Dean ' s List; Pres Undergrad Assoc. HPERD Asst. Gymnastics coach JOHN E MORANTZ BBA Accounting Info Sci. THOMAS M, MORELLI B.B.A, Accounting; Beta Alpha Phi DAVID P MORGAN B S Pharmacy; PPA. Phi Deitachi, IPC Rep LEONI E, MORGAN B.S.W. Social Adm. GLEN R. MORRIS B.B.A. Economics; Omicron Delta Ep- silon, Hillel, Pres. Scholar II t CHARMAGNE F MORROW B.A. Psychology; Consumer Adv. Comm. TINA MORSE PATRICIA JANE MORTON B.A Political Science SUZANNE MOSES B A. Psychology 82 RICHARD A MOTEN Dance, Dean ' s List B S. Jw SHEREE S. English MOVER B.A. MARCINA MUKALIAN B S. Sec. Ed, French Spanish, Dean ' s List JOHN J IVIULLIN SB A. Ac- counting AZALEA T MURRAY B S Journalism Pub. Re!., PR Society of Amer. MICHELE A. MURPHY B.S. Elem Ed MARIA ANN MUSGROVE BS.W, MWENDE B. MUTUVI B.S. Business Ed. CHERYL LYNN MEYERS B.A. Political Sci. MICHAEL R. NAGURNY B.A. Social Sciences WALTER S. NAGURNY B.A. Social Sci. DONALD M. NAlSMITH B.B.A. Accounting RUTH M, NAlSMITH B.S. Photo, and Art Ed., Dean ' s List: Templar 83 JAY ARTHUR NEEDLE BS Pharmacy; Phi Delta Chi BENJAMIN J NEIMAN BA History CHERYL D NESBITT B A. Biology .h RUBY L. NG B B A Accoun- ting GRANT S NOCHOLS B A Psychology. Cum Laude Psi Chi WALLACE C NICHOLSON B S W, LINDA D NOBLE BS Jour- nalism Pub Rel : PRSSA STUART K NOBLE B S Elem. Ed . Pres Scholar MARIAN G NORTON B S. Journalism pub Rel . women in Comm.. Sigma Delta Chi MARGARET ANN OBRIEN B S-W. DEAN ' S List RICHARD K O ' CONNOR B A. RTF JAMES P O ' DONNELL BS ED. MICHAEL F O ' DONNELL B A Political Sci mmm :-, ..i J tim 2r VIRGINIA S OKLESSON B A, Social Sci,. Dean ' s List BENSON F OLAWORE B B A Finance THOMAS P OLEARY B A. Chemistry JOYCE V OLIVER BA Psychology, Delta Sigma Theta MAURICE A OLSON LAWRENCE P OLSZEWSKI B S Pharmacy, Kappa psi, SAPHA. PPA MARK K ONEILL B B A Law and Bus . Ne A man Center Stu- dent Chairman TERRI ANN ORCZEWSKI B A. Art ROSEANN ORTIZ B S, Nur- sing MITCHELL M ORTON B A, RTF MERYLE S OSTROFF BA Speech, Rhet and Comm.; Honors Program, Pres. Scholar MARION B OZIMINA B,S, Journalism; Sigma Delta Chi. Temple News, Women in Comm 85 SUSAN PACHTER B S Physical Ed KEVIN J PADDEN B A RTF WILLIAM C PALEMBAS B.S Pharmacy, Alpha Chi Rho DILIP PANDHI MBA, ACCOUNTING, CPA LAWRENCE J PANZONE B.B A Industrial Management FREDERICK W PARKER B A. Social Science KENNETH A PARKER 8, A. Economics; Latin Amer, Stud, Program MICHAEL A PARLETT B A, Psychology i6» VICTOR L PEFFER B,S Phar- macy; SAPhA, Phi Delta Chi CONSTANCE E PERSON B S, Occupational Therapy, Dean ' s List 86 CHARLOTTE R PARRiS BS Early Childhood Ed . Dean ' s List. Delta Sigma Theta. CESA JOHN A PARVENSKY B.A Political Science. Presidential Scholar. Phi Beta Kappa BARBARA S PASTORE BS Elem. Ed- Dean ' s List. Summa Cum Laude. CEW CECIL VAN PATTERSON B A Political Science; Judo Club DIANE LEE PAVALONIS B S. Nursing HARRY E PECK III BA. Afro- Amer Hist MARY E PEMBLETON BS Journalism; Sigma Delta Chi HOLLY MERLE PERELMAN B S. Physical Therapy. Dean ' s List; Theta Phi Theta NEIDA M PEREZ B S. Elem. Ed-; Fed of Puerto Rican Students RONALD PERRIN BS. Phar- macy; SAPhA, PPA. Phi Delta Chi FRANCES P PETERAF B A Political Science JUDY LYNN PETERSON B S Pharmacy; APhA ROBERT E PHELAN B.S- Music Ed Magna Cum Laude; Phi Mu Alpha JUDY ANN PHILBIN BBA Business Law Industrial Rel- 87 L : iA MARIE PHILLIPS BS i ' ' .i.3ing. Dean ' s List MICHAEL J PILACIK B A Biochemistry: TU Marching Band. Pre-Med Society LEON R PLANKINTON BS Engineering B S JANICE L PODOLSKY Art Ed, MICHAEL J. POLICARE Amer History, Dean ' s Sigma Pi LINDA C, POLIZZI BS Ed, Foreign Lang,; Alpha Gam ma Delta B A List, Sec. TIBERIU POLLAK B,A. Comm. DEBRA L POLLARD B A, Sociology DONNA MARIE PORPIGLIA B S Nursing STEVEN M POSTOL B B A, Finance MARIANNE B POWELL B S, Therapeutic Rec , Pres, Scholar, Magna Cum Luade 88 NORMAN G PRAJZNER B A Biology, Dean ' s List MARIA ANN PRANTNER B.S. Therapeutic Rec-; Pres. Scholar; Magna cum Laude KATHLEEN ANN PRENTICE B.S. Occupational Therapy ANITA H PRESSMAN B S W Dean ' s List JANE E. PRICHARD B S Pharmacy LYNN JOY PRINCE B.BA Economics, Omicron Delta Ep- silon DANIEL D. PRINGLE B BA Accounting RACHEL W PROVETTE B S Elem Ed DOROTHY MAY PURIFOY NOVATA W PURNELL B.S.W,, Dean ' s List MANSOUR RADMAND B S Elec Eng MOSTAFA RADMAND B S. Civil Eng. Constr Tech LINDA M QUIRING B S.W y 89 PIROUZ RADMAN B S Engineering BARRY F RADOLAN B.S. Elect eng Tech; Co-edit. Eng. Newsletter EDWARD J. RAFFERTY B,A. Anthropology Geography DIANE L RAGINS B A RTF. Dean ' s List RUTH C. RAGSDALE B S. Elenn. Ed. RICHARD RAISMAN B S. Elem. Ed. cum Laude ANDREA I RAIZEMAN B.S.W. GLADYS J. RAMSEY B S. Pharnnacy; Vice-pres. GPPA: PPA. SAPhA JACK RASPER B.A Political Sci.; Bowling, Tennis. Basket- ball. Football " .yi " TWT n CONSTANCE RATLIFF Adm. of Justice CLIFFORD RAYNES B A. General Studies; Phi Beta Kap- pa KAREN REDNOR DORAIKANNU REGUNA- THANB B A Info Sci , Deans List % 90 JOAN LYNN REICH B S Oc- cupational Therapy GARY W REILLY B S Phar- macy, honors; Phi Delta Chi, Sigma Pi MARK S RHEINHARD BS Pharmacy: SAPhA, Rho Pi Phi PAUL REN B.A. Psychology SHERYL ROBIN RENTZ B.B A, Economics, Dean ' s List: Omicron Delta Epsilon PAUL M, REUTER B,S, Phar- macy; Kappa Psi MARY L, REYNOLDS B A Sociology RANDE H RHEUBAN B S Art Ed., Dean ' s List CHARLE J. RICCI B.A. RTF DANIEL M. RICCI B.S. Phar- macy: Kappa Psi ALAN T, RICHARDSON B.B, A Accounting BRAD A RICHMAN B A Sociology 91 HARRIET N. RICHMAN B,A Psychology BRUCE E, RILEY B.SAA . EILEEN E RINEAR B S. Health Ed MICHAEL WAYNE RINELLI B A, RTF: WRTI-FM DONNA M, ROBBINS B S. Pharmacy L ROBBINS SAUL ROBERSON B,S, Elem. Ed GREGORY A. ROBERTS B.S. Music Ed. iii M ROSA R ROBINSON BS Nursing DONNA L RONDOLONE B A , Dean ' s List; Alpha Lambda Delta: Phi Beta Kappa: Summa cum Laude 92 JACQUELINE M ROBERTS B.A History. Dean ' s List ROBERTA C ROBERTS B,S. Elem, Ed. DEBRA J ROBIN B S Elem Ed. ALAN H. ROBINSON B.A. RTF DARNIECE E ROBINSON B A RTF JAMES L. ROBINSON B S In- dust. Arts RICHARD W ROBOLD BERNARD RODENBERG B B.A, Management MICHAEL B ROEPEL BA Geography MICHELE M ROMANO B.S Pharmacy NANCY B. ROSE B S Elem. Ed., Dean ' s List MICHELE ROSEDALE BA Speech and Hearing Sci.: Vice- pres. Nat Stud Speech and Hearing Assoc. BARBARA F ROSEN B B.A. Bus Adm ; Beta Alpha Psi Vice-pres. Beta Gamma Sigma PHYLLIS R. ROSEN B.A Ger- man 93 jgcf-:, vv ROSENBERG 8 •; . . sical Ed.: Dean ' s List: • ■:j. " -i. Varsity Gymnast .. :::ryl l. Rosenberg b a. Psychology: Pres. Phi Sigma Sigma, Vice-Pres Panhellenic council, exec Board Hillel WILLIAM L ROSENBERG, B A. RHONDA G. ROSENBLUM B B,A. Indust. Rel, JUDITH ANNE ROTHBART B S Elem. Ed., Deans List SLYVIA L. ROULHAC BA Psychology LESLIE C ROVIN BA. English HOWARD P ROVNER B B A : Pres, College council ELAINE F ROWLAND B S W., Dean ' s List DANA RUBENSTEIN B.S. Elem. Ed.. Cum Laude MITCHELL LEE RUBIN BS Jo urnalism: student union board 94 JACK R RUDLEY BS Phar- macy MICHAEL R. RUGGIERI B,A. Psychology, cum Laude, Dean ' s List; Zetta Beta Tau, Psy Chi Honors Society ANITA LYNNE RULTENBERG B A Theatre, Deans List STANTON L RULTENBERG B S Biomed. Engineer., Dean ' s List; B ' nai Brith JOSEPH L RUSSINO BA Biochem. CARMEN W RUSSO B A Psychology, Dean ' s List ADRIENNE L. RUST BS, Elem Ed,, Pres, Scholar SHIRLEY E RUTH B,A. Biology, Magna cum Laude, Dean ' s List SYLVESTER D RUTHER- FORD BA Criminology JAMES A RYAN B A, Psychology PATRICK M, RYAN BA, Social Sci GAYLE R RYDER BS Elem. Ed., Dean ' s List 9S PHILIP W. SALAS, BS. Radio Television film. RTF. in- tern, intermural hockey BETTY N SALKIN. BA Urban studies ESTHER D SALTZMAN, BA. Psychologv Hillel BARRY I SANKEY, BS. Jour- nalism. Deans List, Temple News, managing editor. LARRY SATINOFF, BA Social Science HOWARD 8 SAVAGE. BBA. Accounting BARRY E SAUNDERS, BBA Accounting. GARY D SCALISE. BS Radio television film Temple News photo editor MADELINE N. SCARLATA, BA General Science. mfwai JUDITH SCHECKN ANDREW A SCHIAVONE, JR , BA Psychology President ' s scholar Dean ' s List. IRENE SCHILLING LIVI MICHELLE ANN SCHLIFFER, BBA. Real Estate, 96 BARRY H SCHLOSSBERG DEBORAH GAIL SCHMITT. BS Physical Therapy ROBIN L SCHNELLER. BS Therapeutic Recreation. President ' s Scholar LARRY A SCHULTZ, BBA Accounting. MERRITT M SCHULTZ, BS, Pharmacy Omicron Delta Chi, Athletic Chairman ANNE M. SCHWAB, BFA Architectonics. RONALD B. SCHWADRON, BA Psychology Psychology honors Program MARGARITA SCHWARTZ, BS Elementary Education, Continuing Education for Women RANDY SCHWARTZ ROBERTA L SCHWARTZ, BA Speech Pathology and Audiology. Ski club. Hillel. RONALD P SCIARETTA, BS. Civil Engineering and Construc- tion Technology Dean ' s List, Honor Society Publications Board EDDIE V SCOGGINS, B S W, Assist Class Rep for class of 1973 Music Student. Dean ' s List. Travels 97 ELLEN SCHEIN- d A. Math. Magna cum .iie. Dean ' s List •YRNA L, SCOTT, BSW Social Administration. FLORENCE E. SEEMTER WILLIAM H SEESSELBERG, BS. Radio television film. WRTI RTF Intern. Deans List ALISON C. SELBST, BA. Psychology. President ' s scholar Psi Chi MICHAEL A SEMRARO, BS. Pharmacy. JOSEPHINE DOMENICA SERGI, BS. Dance Education Dean ' s List Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Univer- sities JEFFERY M. SERIO, BS Radio Television Film. Dean ' s List. Presidents Scholar. LARRY I SEROTA. BS Physical Education Cum Laude. % CHERYL S. SHATZ BA Psychology. Phi Beta Kappa Alpha Lambda Delta THOMAS J. SHELLY JR , BA History. Phi Alpha Theta. presi- dent ' 75- ' 76 Dean ' s List 98 ' ■JK• :: NANCY M, SETTLE. BS Film, JEANETTE E SEYBOLD. BA Economics Speech and Debate, president. Phi Beta Kappa Alpha Lambda Delta, Secretary President ' s Scholar, Omega Delta Epsilon, ALAN M SHAPEY, BA History EDWARD D SHAPIRO MARCELLE J SHAPIRO. BA. Psychobiology Templine, Psi Chi, Phi Beta Kappa Summa Cum Laude Presidents scholar RHONDA C SHARP, BBA Law and Business. DOV J SHAZEER, BA Physics SHING-YEEN SHEEN. BS, Civil Engineering and Construc- tion, Ping-Pong, KAREN E SHEFFLER, BS, Elementary Education, Alpha Lambda Delta Dean ' s List, President ' s scholar Summa cum Laude, BETH C SHELIGO. BS Jour- nalism Temple News, Phaser, Warehouse, NEIL A SHERMAN, BS Phar- macy JEAN M SHORE. BS Psychology JEFFERY M SHORE, BA Religion, Philosophy SARAH T SHORE, BBA Business Administration, 99 JOEL D SHPIGEL B S Phar- macy ROBERT W. SICHLER B.B.A. Computer and Info. Sci GLORIA SIGAFOO MARK G SIKOWITZ BOA Compt. and Info. Sci GARY M SILVER B A Histon and Sec. Ed.: Phi Alpha Theta: Honors Prog. JANNA RUTH SILVER B.A. Gen Studies ALAN SILVERBERG B.A. Gen. Studies, Dean ' s List: Phi Beta Kappa: Pres. Scholar JOAN A SILVERMAN BA Psychology NITA SILVERMAN B.A. English: Honors Prog.: Templine STEPHEN J SILVERMAN B.S Physical Ed. .nN»JJ BHARAT RAGBIR SINGH B A Gen Sci SJ ,4« - 100 ' « ■ -■ • MIKE SINKO MARGUERITE M. SIZER B.A. RTF DAVID T. SLABEK B B,A Real Estate THOMAS F SLOAN B A Photography LINDA L SMALLWOOD B.S.W, ALBERT L SMITH B S Jour- nalism BERNICE G SMITH B.S. Journalism JACQUELINE M, SMITH MS Ed NANCY MARIE SMITH B.S.W,: Gray Panthers ROBERT CANBY SMITH B.A. Gen. Studies SHIRLEY T. SMITH B.S.W Adm STANLEY F SMUCKLER B S Sec. Eng. Ed.: Hillel ■M m 101 . . A BONNIE C SNYDER B A, Sociology DONALD C SNYDER. Jr B S Sec Ed. Sci. Biol. ELIZABETH P SNYDER B A. History FRED M SNYDER JILL LISA SNYDER B S. Physical Therapy NANCY MARIE SNYDER B A. Science. Sigma Phi Alpha. Nat. Dental Honor Society. Xi Psi Phi JOHN W SOLE B S Elem Ed. CAROLE R SOLOMON B.A, Speech Path, and Audiology: Pres. Nat Stud. Speech and Hearing Assoc. RONALD SOLOMON B S. Journalism. Dean ' s List r JOHN R SORKIN BA Psychology Pre-law, Psi Chi DALLAS B SOWDEN B A Political Sci cum Laude RUDOLF R SPEGELE B A. Psychology MARY L SPINK B B A Indust. and Labor Rel 102 ELAINE M SPORKO B S Art Ed SANDRA STAEHLE JD; Phi Alpha Delta GARY H STERNBERG B S. Journalism, cum Laude: Tem- ple News, Sigma Delta Chi ALAN I. STEVENS B,A Psych. LINDA L STEVENS B S Elem, Ed BETSY D STEIN BS Early Childhood Ed DIEDRE G STEIN B S Psych of Reading ERIC M STEIN BBA Marketing: Templar Bus, Mang,. Sect, Market. Club ROBIN G STEIN B S Art Ed,. Dean ' s List SARAH W STERLING B S. Therapeutic Rec Magna cum Laude, Deans List ALBERT STERNBERG DR Ed, MARIAN J STIEBER B A Opera, Pres. Scholar 103 LEE ELLEN STONE THOMAS M. STONEHOUSE B B A, Indust. Rel, Manage- ment JEFFREY A STOVER BS Journalisnn. ROTC ELMINOR M STRONG MS Ed DEBRA J STUART BS Early Childhood Ed., Deans List; Alpha Lambda Delta. Honor Society THOMAS R Engin Tech., JAMES L Physical Ed., HELENA D, STUTZ B S Elect EEE SULLIVAN B S Dean ' s List SUMMERS BS. Elem. Ed., Dean ' s List ROBERT A TARR B A Political Science BARBARA E. THOMAS B.A. Speech and Hearing Path.; NSSHA 104 i JSM I STic JENNIFER ANN SUTTER B A Psych . Pres Scholar JAMES C SWEENEY B,A. Psych. STEVE R SWERSKY BBA Real Estate. Senator JUDY E SWINGER B F A. Printmaking JEFFREY SYEN BS Phar- macy. Pres Alpha Zeta Omega RICHARD J TANNENBAUM BA Political Sci.. Athletic Honor roll BEVERLY ANN TATE B S Nursing GAIL TAYLOR B S Early Childhood Ed , Deans List LINDA TEDESCO BSW DOROTHY E TERCHA BBA Marketing. Tennis DEBORAH ANNE THOMAS BS Early Childhood Ed GLORIA B THOMPSON BS Pharmacy: SAPhA. Student Council. SGPPS. PPA HANNAH V THOMPSON B S. Early Childhood Ed DENNIS F TILLEY BS Phar- macy; Phi Delta Chi 10S BARBARA TOLBERT B.S W MARK A. TONOFF B S Elem. Ed -., ' -■ ;■ A TOPPING B.A. iNN TORAN BA. B S MARC C TORJMAN Health and Phys Ed, DIANE L, TOSCANO B S. Pharmacy: SAPhA FRANCIS J, TOTH B.B A Ac- counting DONALD J TOTO B S Civil Engin Constr, Tech MARIAN J. TRACEY BA Theater. Dean ' s List; Cellar, Randall, Tomlinson Theaters VALERIE E. TUCK B,S. Nur- sing; St. George Nursing Socie- ty GENDOLYN B TUCKER BA. Psych., cum Laude. Honors PRINCE T. TUCKER M.Ed. Counseling DONNA B TUTKA B S. Physical Ed VALERIE A TYLER BA. Gen Studies; Black Student League, Seeds of Blackness ARLYN UMIN DENISE M. UNGARO BS Early Childhood Ed.. Honors 106 JESSYNA M. UPSHAW B,S Therapeutic Rec. VALERIE C VALENTINE B S Elem.Ed; Delta Sigma Theta MARGARET M . VIZZARD B S W RONALD A VOTRAL B S. Pharmacy. Kappa Psi. SAPhA SHARON M. WAGNER B.A. Economics DOROTHEA ANNE WAL- BERG B A Amer Studies: Pres. Amer. St Student Assoc. BRUCE WALDMAN B.A. RTF; Sigma Delta Chi, Temple News, Student Senate Vice- Chrm. JOSEPH T WALDNER B S. Electrical Engineering, IEEE Treasurer JEFFREY WALDRON B.S. Rec. Leisure Studies, Honors i fr 107 BONNEE C WALDSTEIN B.B.A. Health Rec Adm ABDUL SULTAN WALJI M.B.A Actuarial Sci ; Starr FoundatiotT Fellowship PATRICIA G. WALISON B S. FhE. ' tnacy ALAN M WALLACE B A Psych.: basketball JAMES A, WALLACE B.S, Pharmacy; SAPhA WILLETTE C WALLER B.A. Psych: CLA Honors PETRISA C WARCHOLA B S Sec.Ed.Eng. Comm, BRUCE S. WARTELL B.A, Hebrew ANGEL O WASHBURN B A Urban Studies, Dean ' s List VICTORIA P WATSON B S W Social Adm BAILUS M, WEBB, Jr. B.S. Music Ed., cum Laude JEFFREY A WEINER B.A Poll. Sci., Dean ' s List, Pres. Scholar, Hillel DENNIS J WEINRAUB B.S Physical Ed. CHARLES E WEINTRAUB B.A. Psych. MICHAEL E WEISBERG B A Poll. Sci : Summa cum Laude; Phi Beta Kappa PHYLLIS E WEISFIELD B.S.W. lOS U M RICHARD S, WEISMAN CAROL F WEISS B A, MIRA B WEISS B A, Theater. Dean ' s List, Pres Scholar. Managing Dir Temple Randall Theater Lab WILLIAM N. WEISSMAN B.S. Bio-med Engineering; Honor Society JOYCE S WEIZER B B A, Ac- counting, Dean ' s List; Pres, Alpha Lambda Delta JEFFREY B WELLIVER B S. Pharmacy, Pres. Phi Delta Chi. Class VP ' ' 74-75, SAPhA JOHN E WELSH Jr B B.A, Finance, Dean ' s List ELAINE WESLEY B.A Speech; NSSHA CLj RA WHALEY B a. Psych,; Volleyball, Softball 109 KAREN D WHITE B S. Elem, Ed. MARGARGT ANN WHITE B.S. Occupational Therapy. Dean ' s List SUSAN L. WHITNEY B.S. v ' hvsk ' .al Therapy -i WIENCKOWSKI B A ogy HAL A WEINBERG B B A Ac- counting DENISE S, WIGGINS B.S.W. Soc. Adm. MARTHA J. WIGGINS Sum- ma cum Laude SONDRE E WILCOFF B.S. Early Childhood Ed., Dean ' s List. Honor Roll ANDRE C, WILDER B.A. Math STEPHEN W. WILEY B.S. Pharmacy: Chancellor Rho Pi Phi HELEN H WILKINSON B.S.W., Dean ' s List ELESTIA WILLIAMS B.S.W.: SWSU JAYNE M WALLACE B A. Speech, Rhet. Comm.: CLA Honors Prog., Templine Dir. LINDA Y WILLIAMS B.A. Ur- ban Studies MOLLIE C WILLIAMS B S Ed TERRI ANN WILLIAMS B.S. Med Tech ; Basketball vr " " -M % no LESLIE C WILLIS Speech Hearing Path. B A. BARBARA ANN WILSON B.S, Pharmacy; SAPhA DOROTHY M. WILSON B.S W ISADORA M, WILSON BS.W. Soc. Adm.; Student Union MICHAEL J WILSON B B A Management VANESSA L WILSON B A. Speech Path; NSSHA BARBARA A WINTERS B,A, Biology: CEW. Bio. Club, Black Stud League. Pre-med. Soc. BONNIE WOLF in MICHAEL B WOLF B B A Ac- counting MICHAEL S WOLF 8 S Phar- macy: otoderit Council. SAPhA Prfiis., Phi Deiia Chi DAV!D A WOLFE B.S. Jour- .riijrr.. Dean ' s List, Tri-dorm . v:3. Tennple Nevjs O - N M WOLFE B,A, Social Sol. RONDA ANN WOLFE BA Soc Sci. EUNICE F WOLMAN B S W ROBERT A WOLPER BS Elem, Ed SUSAN WOLSKI B S, Nursing ANITA WOODRUFF B S W SONIA M WOODS BA Psych. MICHAEL A WOODY B B A Econ. Marketing LARUE C WRIGHT BSW; Delta Sigma Theta, Black Stu- dent League JAMES A YANN Jr. B.S Civil Engr. Constr. Tech., Pres. ASCE: Edit ET-CET-ERA BRET 8 YARC ZOWER B A Psych.; Dean ' s List, Honors Program, Psi Chi LOUIS J. VARRICCHIO BA. Comm. Theater Arts; Temple News, WRTI Radio LAWRENCE A YATES BA RTF Comp Sci , ROTC, BMOC 112 HELEN D YECK B S Elem Ed Dean ' s List JOSEPH L YEDLOWSKI II B A Anthropology; Zata Bata Tau SUSAN AMY YESERSKY B.S Elem, Ed. Pres Scholar, Pol Sci Club GARY L macy SHARON Real Estate LISA MARIE ZALOT B Music, Dean ' s List YODER B S Phar- B ZAGER B B A. LINDA ANNE ZAPPACOSTA B S W ; Newman Center PATRICIA E ZEISS B S Elem. Ed , Dean ' s List THEODORE A ZEITZER B.A. Sociology BARBARA F ZEMBLE B S. Elem Ed, DAVID M ZUMMO B B.A, Marketing: Dean ' s List, Vice- Ch, Marketing Mgrs. Assoc. 113 ACADEMICS 114 115 Liberal Arts ! BARTON HALL CLASSROOMS m m m. - if ! XV inilH. Ill ' ■♦■■■ » r ' -- ' ' ' - ; ,... ' ,: i " m: ? ■it I 1 •J i - i 1 D " ™ . y — li a® r HAa f- ♦ Education 120 122 123 URH r IS ' hi m m Business Administration 125 »y - h Y !• n i 126 i J S: 1 I I i 127 Music V. 128 129 130 ■- v. ' Tyler School of Art 1 I OK M 132 , )«»u ;j;txi- . T ' r : :f ■ma ■J ! •■3 i ' ▼IT I k 5 , " 1 1 133 ' ■ ' if -i ' r .v 134 That Far Out Place — Tyler ! T 135 Allied Health i -1 ' VVKkVVl VW. J jr. 136 137 m J J-A t- I turesque Ambler 140 142 143 C mmunications EOUin««T ROOM m ■ ■ " ■ H . HBI _p t4i us 144 Engineering ' I «- Technology w 148 149 Pharmacy ' " ■ • " ■== ' » ' • L r «« I i i . ! 1 m HHHHI H li 1 " I M ir fJ _v H R iim rV MH 4 O rl ■ r l al J- ___L B i Hh hi HUHil H 1S1 152 I !--i4tAnd We Have Our Healers lEiT 153 1 1 f : - H i ... ., ? ' ' " ' • i • - V ' 2 Physical Education Recreation And Dance 1SS ' W ' 1 mple University Center City n 136 Temple Universiti • : :-v J 1619| I 137 . ? - y ' i 158 e: ET E M P L IVERS T|r SCHOOL ©F DENTISTRY . Pound L tal olle(. 186 3 159 .— j, - i. ' 160 School of Medicine 161 Law School 162 The Graduate School Temple Universil DE jrfty-jRlNHH • 4 ' j, ,-9 The True Night Owls J1 It lift ' • •KiiiiMiHri ■t •J ) • ■ iinii l pt i« 1 « iirtiiiii ' it - J M • 1 ,g L ■ " ■ MjisHf r % rx mM Wfkm ■■i3 m i««|M llHWWll mm pwin lia wmm i i| ■ ■■H liaBaii (Mil ■■ an ha aaw t«ii IlKVM lia a a. J. P« lilIMM R»f « »: -• .■■ .jft -■ ■vm ■ B H ' ' if ill rr P " V3l I ' d Rather Be Here Than in Philadelphia 4 , %i ' . Or Would I? 169 % r 171 172 H wK KKk ' « il — — % il AI HH BiLa, vjRif ] ifiSfil 1 H H ' ' ' V Hi H HW H H a mn ■Vi Hi 1 ■ii H H 13 H k « ' • 7 ! • Y Ki K Br ' B ! H K i Bi ' . 1 ■Mfiifl 174 i 175 176 177 178 179 ISO 181 183 183 185 186 n IT v - ' - ■-- n T 187 188 I li 189 190 li Theaters Temple University is lucky to be one of the few Universities to have more than one theater it can be proud of. The next sixteen pages are shots of the various productions performed by these theater groups Unfourtunately due to the nature of this book v e could only donate these few pages when actually they deserve more. 192 193 194 Randall Lab 195 IT! H I f M ! 1 ; M ; : ■ I i M : I » ' Tricks 196 197 199 Children ' s Theater During Lunch Noontime We have here the Noontime Theater an interesting concept that works here at temple. During the Lunch Hour we have plays that run for forty to fifty minutes. The next four pages shows some of these productions. H ' ' i«« H l r " Bm S 9 W ■ a K a l Hpn%jL i R Bi H % El l J m 202 204 203 The Tavern . ' - :t ' i J»» - ■ ♦ -i. 207 s Politics 208 Mc The World Go Round 209 Guest Speakers H w H H L ' :-i B ' f- •tVi JiST ft . J. . L ' .: 210 H 211 Society for The Advancement Of Management m The Society for the Advancement of Management was offically organized by the followers of Fredrick Taylor ' s scientific management. Originally consisting of 30 members the society has over the years serviced and sup- px rted the careers of more than one million managers. Now as a division of the American Management Associations, SAM supports more than 125 Campus Chapters. 212 9 Messianic Jewish Movement The Basic concept of this movement is that a belief in Jesus is the fulfillment of Judaism. They are Zionists and have a growing con- gregation 213 Hillel Is NovN B ' NAI B ' RITH NDATION KATZ WOUSI 214 University Singers Lives %Sk 2)6 M 217 Center for Disabled Students 218 Loyalists 219 220 !li 221 Student Senate Student Government The Student Senate is an organization designed to represent the students of Tem- ple University. They, lil e most other organizations on campus this year, have had their problems. However, during the last election they changed their name to the Stu- dent Union maybe this will change the im- age that the students have painted of the student senate. 222 223 w ? li MtKt ■ml s l« Ik y riA The Temple News y ' l 226 228 . ;■■» y%. _. " klV .v ' -W - ' y T Jk ■jii fit ?■ ' ' ■ ' ! ._, --v»- ' - ' ' ■■ •Ssr ' f -sji .v 229 Templar Continu 330 231 SPORT! . ■ ■f ' 232 I I I i 233 A S ha key Start, But Strong Finish Temple ' s gridders were only 2 nninutes away from knocking off Penn State as more than 57.000 looked on; but it wasn ' t to be. Final score: Penn State 26 - Temple 25. It was downhill from there as the Owl gridders went on to lose 4 out of their next 5 games. However, pride and courage helped carry the Owls to victory in their final 5 games, which gave them a winning record of 6-5 for the season. 234 |ry._ , V ■■ .-t " • «„., r Ld ' 235 Temple Gridders Make the Team 2M I r This past season was marked by several outstan- ding individual accomplishments. Kicker Don Butterlich broke 6 NCAA records and 1 1 school records He also starred in the Hula Bowl and the Japan Bowl, and is looking forward to an NFL career with the Seattle Seahawks. Other stars included Joe Klecko and Pat Staub, each of whom attained Ail-American status. 237 Hardin Leads Ow lto 1 ■ " ■ ' B " ' ' T? «r-. 238 iii M To Winning Season This year marked Coach Wayne Hardin ' s 6th consecutive win- ning season at Temple. Each year the schedule has been up- graded along with the program. Although many top Owls have graduated, next year promises to be as action packed as ever. Led by Ail-American returnee Joe Klecko, Temple could be tough to handle 239 Lady Owls ' Stick ' Together This year the girls displayed stronger, better skilled, and more ex- perienced talent. With the natural ability of freshman Carol Sauppe, who scored 27 goals in 10 games, the Women ' s Field Hockey team was able to try a new 4-3 front line up This acquisition gave the team more speed and also allowed the girls to apply their in- dividual skills. Other key performers were Denise Bianchini, Kathy Powers, and Cindy Tropell, who all played aggressive games. After fighting a tough schedule. Coach Tina Sloan ' s girls emerged with a record of 5-3-2. Climaxing the season was a bid to the Eastern Regional Tournament. 240 iR ' 241 Temple Soccer Has Strong Finish 242 Soccer 76 243 Cross Country Improves 244 24S Hoot! Hoot! Hoot! 246 w. 247 248 Owls Struggle Again " Si- The 1 975-1 976 season was again another disappointing one for Don Casey ' s Temple Owls. Some hard luck and the inability to put forty solid minutes together spelled doom for the Owls Although the Owls reached the East Coast Conference finals, they only managed to compile a 9-1 8 record. Though inconsis- tent through much of the campaign, the Owls were at one time referred to as " The best 2-12 team in the nation. " ' 249 Young There ' s an old saying that every cloud has a silver lining, and this year ' s team, even though they struggled, was no exception. Some of the bright spots were Tim Claxton, Marty Stahurski, and Bruce Burnett, all of whom finished the season averaging in double figures, and Walt Montford, the im- posing center, who at times looked awesome Since every key member of the squad will be returning, inexperience will be less of a detriment next season. 2S0 ' Pr " " ' ' r " " |p p s.- 251 Sf n i Z »-,-•■ - r, ■sfWW e .4ji r ?Tl— ., , % •••i» ; £» ' - ' - 2S3 M Sports Is Where It ' s at! 253 Swimi A swimmer steps onto the starting block and starts to think about the opponent stan- ding next to her. The signals begin: " Timers and judges ready . . . swimmers take your mark . . . " Bang! The gun is fired and they ' re off The definition of swimming is heightened by the performance of these athletes gliding through the v ater The swimmers turn into their last lap. They move faster andfasterThen it ' s overand all the ex- citement is past. 253 Women Swimmei Compete for Perfection This competition was displayed at its height by Temple ' s Women ' s Swim Team The thir- teen swimmers put as much effort as possi- ble into their sport. Moving the team closer to victory was captain Lee H ahn. who placed first in more than half of her events Helping along the way, were teammates, Beth Bates, Deb Zimmerman, and undefeated diver, Kay Monaghan. This was the first season for Coach Eve Atkinson, who displayed a great amount of encouragement, hard work, and concern for a successful season. Atkinson taught a team of swimmers inexperienced in competition how to understand the swimming " language. " 2S6 257 258 Kovic and Rice Do It! " emple Gymnasts Show Strength Ti li I 259 Temple Places in Nationals ■8 W " 261 M Owlettes Sparkle 263 ass3ia Gymnasts Enjoy 0glSIl f " 264 Winning Season 265 Grapplers Enjoy n Ever Amateur wrestling is possibly the most demanding sport in ex- istence, calling for stamina, precision, and ability Rigorous training and devotion are a must in order to succeed. This year the Owl grapplers enjoyed their most successful season ever, a 22-2 mark. The season was climaxed by a 4th place finish in the Eastern Intercollegiate Wrestling Cham- pionships. This was the highest finish in Owl history. 266 The nationally ranked Owls sent two matmen to the National Championships They were a pair of freshmen. Carmel Morina and Edwin Riveria. who compiled a 35-2 mark between them. Seniors Jim Wolf, Hans van Brill, and Tom Cunningham n ere among those who also enjoyed success during the winning season. Coach Dave Steiler has succeeded in instilling a winning at- titude in the entire squad Three years ago Steiler entered the scene and turned a dismal program into an eastern powerhouse. 267 . J 268 Flying Free 269 ' • 4 ; -!; Individual Efforts; Team Work; Combine for Owl Victory 270 271 272 1 1 } .» J «i 1 1 d H a Improve Record T 273 Temple Bats Its ' Way to %n, t ' ? ' % •. 274 ' fli ' " ' lu :. : ' l(iilliliv7 ' ( ' ' 1 Conference 27S Hard Work, Talent Produce Success on The Diamond 276 tmti K»3)« tap x dtai 277 Diverse Programs Encourage Opimum Participation. 278 279 } Temple Track Shines :.;4 ; ' . ' A ' ..3t . .-. H ... • ' 2S0 281 Temple Track Versatile 282 283 Sports World 284 285 Our Owls Prepare In Early Spring 286 0 287 ■ I Temple Nets Victorie» 288 , ??!i; Pl ' N - 1 iiffl P ' J ' j Ln " « - B ., J ■m W ' ' ' ' ' HHi ■ n % ll K " T rjp - f . " , " m m f ' IP S r ■B t ■ 1 1 -- .-v ■••: f . v 289 290 ' %J5S! r ' mf rr Rowers " Stroke ' To Strong Season 291 Tennple Golf Champs i 292 Golf 76 I ii 293 294 I J- «fc, 295 MJ. ADVERTISEMENTS Temple University Center City 2M The General Alumni Association proudly wel- comes you as a member. We sincerely hope that you will wish to continue your associa- tion with Temple University, since its con- tinuing and ultimate strength rests with its alumni. This Handbook has been prepared to acquaint you with the activities and ser- vices of the Association, in the hope that you will remain actively interested and involved in its progress and that of the University. SCHOOL ALUMNI ASSOCIATIONS Each school and college of the University has its own alumni association, governed by a board of directors. Each school board has representation on the General Alumni Asso- ciation Board, and reflects the particular aca- demic and professional interests and needs of its school. Membership on school associa- tion boards is open to any alumnus of the school. TEMPLE ABROAD Alumni and their families are offered ex- ceptional high-quality, low-cost tours through the Association ' s group travel program, Temple Abroad. ALUMNI CLUBS A wide network of regional, athletic, and special interest clubs are available to alumni throughout the country. ALUMNI INSURANCE The Association, through the Collegiate Alumni Trust, provides a truly excellent life insurance program to its members. Young alumni particularly benefit from the low rates. SERVICES The University extends library services and recreational facilities to all Temple alumni. FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION For more detailed information, or for assis- tance on any of the services or activities listed in this Handbook, please write the Executive Director, Alumni Center, 1619 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 19103. Telephone number (215) 787-7521. i 297 Bob Franie Cravero The Only Van With A Breakfast Special 13th And Montgomery L Hot Roast Beef Steaks Hoagies 298 Seafood Fish Chips The Only MEATLESS SANDWICH VEGETABLE EGG ROLL HOT BAGELS SAM ' S FALAFEL The Only Truck On Campus With All Our Food Fresh Daily Reasonably Priced Hot Bagels Kosher Hot Dogs N ;l« 299 J KOSHER HOT DOG STAND 13th Montgomery ASSORTED SNACKS AND SANDWICHES CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Sid ' s Lunch v ivjV.- -.;- ■f.-.: - ' f ' 7 Ki 300 Hey . . li I ■I 4, THE GOOD FOOD BUS SPECIALIZING IN GOURMET CUISINES BEST CHUNKY CHICKEN IN PHILLY OPPOSITE PALEY LIBRARY FINE FOOD IN A TERRIFIC ATMOSPHERE 301 PHONE: (215)684-3001 GEORGE WASHINGTON Proprietor ' e f e- M. , TAILORING DRY CLEANING SHIRTS LAUNDERED ALL WORK DONE ON PREMISES PROGRESS PLAZA SHOPPING CENTER BROAD OXFORD STREETS PHILADELPHIA, PA. 19122 PICK-UP DELIVERY DISCOUNT FOR STUDENTS 302 INGI I ni, ■REEIS I tt GOOD LUCK to OUR GRADUATING CLASS ' 76 From LEO ' S Pizza Steaks 303 WE LOOK SUN LIFE OF CANADA 304 A LIFE YOUR WAY IRWIN M. CHARLAP SUNLIFE OF CANADA 13th Floor Suite 1318 1339 Chestnut Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19107 i 305 BEST WISHES TO OUR CLASS OF ' 76 from DOTTIE JOSI Your Pretzel Ladies 13th Berks 306 307 Mac DOUGAL ' S DRUGS PROGRESS PLAZA 1501 N. BROAD ST. PHILADELPHIA, PA. PO-9-1523 CARL ' S Best Coffee Snacks Serving you in front of Paley Library I BLIMPIE ' S for SUBS SHAKES ICE CREAM A CONGRATULATES TEMPLE ' 76 GRABS We ' ve Enjoyed Serving You . . Come Back And See Us 309 ONE OF THE BEST! CENTRAL LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANY ai Hl HI 6.S0SS ■■■ HI 6-5039 ■ ■ . 643-0723 E Ross F. SCHRIFTMAN Michael E. McBryan Insurance Manacement Service Inburakce Management Service CLA Agency CLA AGENCY 8649 We8T Chester Pike 1576 DILLON RD. 8049 West Chester Pike Upper Dahbtt, Pa. 19082 MAPLE GLEN. PA. 19002 Upper Darbt, Pa. 19082 HI 6-S0S3 MICHAEL E. MCBRYAN Insurance Management Service CLA AGENCY 8649 West Chester Pike Upper Darby, Pa. 19082 I 310 H i BEST WISHES to the CLASS OF 1976 MERIN STUDIOS GRANT AVE. ASHTON RD. Philadelphia, Penna (215) or 3-5777 311 BE LEFT :N THE1G0LD, TKJ IPLAR ' 77 TODA¥f }I2 I ir V " . The Temple University The Group That Brought You Coverage of the Presidential Debates New and Larger More Specialized Making Temple ' s News Your Memories I 1 313 314 3IS v Mv-x.9 J I? i ».K m mple Talks 317 l; :i3K -Jli»=J " • • a • i 319 THE LAST WOR Well, it ' s finally here. The TEMPLAR ' 76 in all of its glory is complete. After all is said and done, there is still a lot more to be said than done. Therefore, our special thanks must go to all of the following people: (In alphabetical order) Sue Burba: Lee Carl: Richard Cohen: Al Cramer: Barry Fisher: Norma Furst: Brian Goldstein: Susan Kraus. Bob Leichtman: John MacDonald: Stan Mazurek; Chris Neilson: John Paige: Howard Shapiro: James Shea: Pat Staub; an, of course. The Temple Ne A s. ■ Most of all, we would like to thank all of you who have supported the TEMPLAR in the past and to all of you who will give us your patronage in the future. Peace be with you, Neal A Bedein Samuel A. MacDonald 320 is sit bit IcfilerlSK b Leidiw Ivouwlici t

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