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JNIVEPSHY NEWS EHJHAL TEMr'0 o ' tWTT PWLA.. '-fNN . 1912? w 7P I OPY f V DO NOT KEMOVc KtfOM FILE ..• A . - % • • H ♦ • - - V ,j' . - ♦ TEMPLAR 1975 VOL. 51WHAT MAKES TEMPLE SO GREAT 7IT'S THE DIVERSITY OF PEOPLE AND PLACES 3WHETHER THEY COME BY FOOT BIKE OR CAR OR LIVE IN 4TEMPLE INTRODUCES TEMPLE7o10J J. 11FROIN I THE BAPTIST TEMPLE TO THE TVLER SCHOOL IT'S TEMPLE UNIVERSITY1415TEMPLAR PHOTO ESSAY CONTEST TEMPLAR 1975 sponsored a photographic essay contest with a theme of Temple in the Community. The contest was open to Temple University students, faculty, alumni, and staff. 6The winner of the photo essay contest was Ray Breitenbach a senior psychology major, from Carlisle, Penna. 17 18THEME OF TEMPLE IN THE COMMUNITY 19JOYS AND HASSLES OF STUDENT LIFE DO NOT STAND IN THIS LINE CORRECT PROBLEMS 20 2223m HPRESIDENT MARVIN WACHMAN One of the bittersweet essignments college end university presidents heve eech yeer Is writing Yearbook farewells to gredueting seniors. This message is brief, but it comes from sll of us, feculty snd steff. et Temple. After successfully completing four yeers of higher educetion, meny of you will be entering the world of work for the first time; others smong you will continue your leerning end seek ad-venced degrees; end still others, perheps older then most of your classmetes, ere now fulfilling the lifelong dreem of gredueting from a university. Whatever path you take from here. I want to extend our very best wishes for the future, and during the years ahead, we sincerely hope that Temple will remain a part of you. Good luckl 76Right: Goorgo H. HugnnirOFFICERS OF TEMPLE UNIVERSITY 29LIBERAL ARTS 30GEOROE JOHNSON. DEAN PhD., Columbia University President's Commission on the Future; Dean of Liberal Arts for six and one-half years. Temple's College of Liberal Arts offers Bachelor of Art's degrees In thirty-eight subjects ranging from Anthropology to Urban Studies. This makes Liberal Arts by far the largest and most diverse college in the University. Nearly every student at Temple takes some Liberal Arte courses and so the College of Liberal Arte must satisfy a wide range of tastes. Perheps in the College of Liboral Arts more than any other college are the contrasts which make up an urban university. 3)32 According to Doan Johnson, "Tho College of Llberel Arts hes a responsibility to introduce the students to the excitement of learning itself. A Liberal Arts College is that part of the People's University that ought to respond to the intellectual needs of the commonwealth." The biggest Impact on Liberal Arts this year was due to a large grant from The Andrew Mellon Foundation which enabled the College to expand rather than cut back programs In face of a bed economy. With Dean Johnson'a supervision The Collage of Liberal Arts can look forward to even better service to the atudent In the future.ROY A. KRESS. ACTING DEAN (Ph.D. Tample University) Is a certified Psychologist. Dean Kress arrived here at Tomple In 1963. end until 1970 he was e Professor of Psychology end the Director of the Reading Clinic. In 1968 he was named Chairman of the Psychology of Reading Department. In 1970 he was the Associate Doan of the Graduate School. In 1973 he worked as a Professor of Psychology of Reading, and in 1974 he was appointed the posi tion of Interim Dean of the College of Education. This year in addition to acting as the Dean of Education he continues to toach courses in Psychology of Reading. 3433An undorgraduate may apply for admission to the Collogo of Education In his fourth semester. The basic goal is to prepare tho student for e teaching position. Upon graduation the student is recommended for a Certificate of Teaching which is necessary for a job. This year the College of Education gothorod all oxcept two departments into one building, Ritter Hall. The primary goal of tho College of Education is to seek more efficient and effective ways to produce competency in private and public schools In the country. 37 SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION “SEYMORE WOLFBEIN, Doan (Ph.D. Columbia University) Dean Wolfbein joined the Temple staff in 1967 when he was hired to create a new business school. He previously worked as the assistant Secretary of Labor under both Presidents Kennedy and Johnson. Since Dean Wolfbein came to Temple the business school's professional size has tripled. Programs in Health Administration and International Business as well as court reporting have become a part of the curriculum. 39According to Dean Wolfbein the Philadelphia area is a good location for accountants. He also predicts the business climate will pick up and business graduates will feel secure of their positions in the business world. While the school is expanding in size it still has remained city oriented rather than becoming nationally oriented. In the future the business schools are going to move from the public sector to the private sector. The only remaining question is how are business schools going to teach in the non profit sector as well as In the profit sector. 40l_LJSCHOOL OF COMMUNICATIONS AND THEATER KENNETH HARWOOD. DEAN PhD.. Univ. of Mo. Chairman of Philadelphia Urban Coalition Taskforce in Communications; Director of Franklin Broadcast (WFLN); and has managed radio stations ainca 1947. Temple's School of Communications and Theater Is recognized nationally as one of the leaders In its field. Besides offering majors in Radio-Television and Film, Journalism. Theater, and Communications; the school operated programs at the Center City campus. Temple in Rome. Ambler campus and for the first time the SCAT offered a year's study in London. SCAT'S enrollment was up in '74-'7B in contrast with other schools reflecting e nationwide trend toward journalism as a career. 4344DAVID L. STONE. DEAN (Ph.D. Harvard) is leaving for Temple University In Romo. Dean Stone joined Templo in 1950 as on Assistant Professor. In 1952 he was promoted to the rank of Associate Professor and become Chairman of the deportment. In 1954 he became a Professor of Music. In 1962 the College of Music was founded and ho accepted the position of donn. The College of Music will miss Dean Stone and hopos that his replacement will lead the college to even greater achiovoments in the years ahead.Tho College of Music which became independent of the College of Education In 1962 offers not only a Bachelor of Music but also e Bachelor of Music Education In cooperation with the College of Education. The College of Music trains studonts for careers in teaching or performing In music related fiolds. Students from previous yearn have performed world wide and this year’s class seems to have an even greater potential. Admissions to the school are limited by tho number of graduates from the previous year thus giving the college tho privilege of neloctlng only tho bost applicants. 48COLLEGE OF MUSICCOLLEGE OF HEALTH, PHYSICAL EDUCATION, RECREATION, AND DANCE JOSEPH OXENDINE, DEAN Ed.D.. Boston University The College of Health, Phyeicel Education. Recreation, and Dance, known ee HPERD, la the newest college within the University, crested on July 1. 1974. Originelly e department within the College of Education. HPERD became a College this year to bettor serve the needs of the students. As the title suggests, the College includes everything from bowling to anatomy end physiology with a bit of ballet in between. Nearly every undergraduate at Temple has had experience with some facet of HPERD. be it archery or figure and weight control. But only the HPERD majors know the work it takes to get e bachelors, masters or doctorate degree that is offered by the College. 5051SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE IN HPERD 5354JOHN HUMPH. DEAN Ph.D.. Lehigh University The College of Engineering Technology offers two end four yeer degrees In a number of specialised areas including Architecture. Biomodical Engineering, Civil Engineering. Construction. Electrical Engineering. Environmental Engineering, end Mechanical Engineering. The College has the responsibility to keep abreast of the rapidly changing technology of modern society and to pass these changes on to the students. In a society which is becoming more and more technical, the College of Engineering Technology tries to relate Its information In a personal way to students, keeping classes small and communication high. 53SIMON SLAVIN. DEAN Ed.D., Columbia Univaraity Paat Chairman and currant mambor of the Advertiaing Committee for The Department of Public Welfare. The School of Social Adminiatration in-cludoa the dapartmanta of Child Care, Social Welfare, end The Center for Social Policy and Community Development. Recently the School began to offer a baccalaureata degree in Child Care and 74-'75 includea the flrat graduates under thie degree. Aleo In 1975 the Temple Day Care Center w ae moved into a new home at 1500 North Broad St. while the Social Walfara department moved into new officea In the recently completed Ritter Hell Annex; a great improvement for both dapartmanta involved.SCHOOL OF SOCIALCOLLEGE OF ALLIED HEALTH PROFESSIONS FRANK L. HUSTED, Deon (Ed.O. University of Buffalo.) Daan Hustad racaivad hia doctorata In aducation bafora tha University of Buffalo became a state collage. Degrees on tha bachelor's level era offered in tha fields of Health Records Administration. Medical Tachnology, Nursing, Occupations! Therapy, and Physical Therapy. On tha Master's level only a degree in Medical Tachnology is available at this time. Evary student who graduates from the College of Allied Health Professions walks into a job. 5859 0EDICAL• TECWOtDGV m I ] -- ±j.A health RECORDS administration r-Kl :, PHYSICAL THERAPY COLLEGE of ALLIED health PROFESSIONS 60Admission to ths College of Allied Health Professions is based upon the student’s performance In his first two yesrs of college. The College of Allied Heelth Professions was established in I960 on July 1. The progrsm wes designed to assist men and women in preparing adequately for their roles In the heelth fields. 61JOSEPH O. McEVILLA, Dean (Ph D University of Pittsburgh) Aftar completing 60 lamastar hours a student may start his professional career studies In the School of Phar-macy. Upon completion of his five years of study the student is then ready for a job in the field of pharmacy under any of the fields of interest he has pursued In his college career. A student may specialize in a variety of pharmaceutical fields. Upon graduation the student ie prepared for his Interprofessional relationships with others In the medical field. 63SCHOOL OF MEDICINE ROGER SEVY. Doan (Ph.D. M.O. University of Illinois) Tho School of Modiclno opened Its doore In 1901. The poaition of Dean wee appointed to Dr. Sevy In 1973. In the flret two yeera of Temple'e School of Medicine, tho etudent finds himself baalcelly in two buildings, the original School of Medicine and the newer Kresge Scienco Hall. Much of the medical student's practical learning comes from Temple Hospital. Admission Is baaed on the opplicant'a previoue education as well as his scores on the Medical College Admission Test. 6465DON LANT2Y, ACTING DEAN (M.E.A.. Tempi University) The Tyler campus Is e prime example of Temple’s desire to meet the needs of quality education with the best facilities and faculty available. The school operates an art curriculum rivaling any in the state in areas ranging from metalworking to photography. Programs were offered in painting, sculpting, jewelry making, drawing and graphic design among a host of others. 6667TYLER MAKES ART AIM ARTTyler School of Art, founded in the 1930’e has benefited greatly since becoming affiliated with Temple. The school has been able to expand its horizons to meet the challenge technology has given to art. The School has been able to offer classes in film animation, typography, and photo materials. They are also heavily involved with Temple In Rome. Even in these business oriented times people still turn to art forms for entertainment, pleasure, and contemplation. Hopefully they will continue to do so in the future, and that will be Tyler's future. 69SIDNEY HALPREN. DIRECTOR Ph.D.. University of Pennsylvania.) The 187 acre Ambler campus services Temple students In a contrasting environment from that of the Mein campus. Trees and grass replace telephone poles and concrete while birds In the air substitute for pigeons on the sidewalk. Ambler offers e serious alternative to the urban campus with four year programs In over forty different fields. The campus also operates a shuttle to the main campus to fill in the gaps In their curriculum. Currently President Wachman and the Committee on the Future are evaluating how best to utilize Ambler In the years to come. This should rosult in an even better service to the student.TEMPLE UNIVERSITY CENTER CITYIn Center City ia the neweat addition to the Hat of Temple Univeraity compuaea. Temple Univeraity Center City hea e different approach to education than other camputet. The majority of Ita atudenta are of tha middle claea and approximately 60 percent already have a degree. There la no complete undergraduate program major available, but it ia hoped that the Introductory couraea offered will entice people into attending claaaea at the main campua to complete a courae of atudy. In addition to the ueuel couraea offered there ere panel diecuaeiona. recitala by faculty mambera of the College of Muaic and the Noontime Thoater. TUCC’i approach aeema to be aucceeding in attracting atudenta who want to increaae their preaent knowledge. 73EVENING SCHOOL At four o'clock life on T»mpl»'« cam-pul doasn't end. For iome people it ii only beginning. Evening School is a great way to further one's educetion and meet new people. Temple offers a wide variety of courses in the evening for those people who went to Increase their knowledge. Many students can only attend classes in the evenings becsuse they work during the day. Others prefer the atmosphere of the classes at night. 747576PETER J. LIACOURAS. OEAN L.L.M. Harvard) The Department of Law was founded In 1 895 to supply those who were properly qualified with an opportunity to attend evening law classes. The School of Law has been approved by the American Bar Association sinco 1933. and it has been a member of the Association of American Law Schools since 1935. Klein Hall was dedicated in 1975. and was named for the Honorable Charlaa Klein who played a major role in the development of the University serving as Chairmsn of the Board of Trustees. In tha building there is a reading room, technical services. Charles Klein Law Library, and the Hirat Free Law Library. 7778 CHARLES HOWELL. Dean (D.O.S. M.P.H. Univarsity of Indians) The School of Dentistry was founded In 1863 end became a pert of Temple in 1907. Admission to the School of Dentistry is very select. New students who would previously been accepted are not because of the lack of openings. To be eligible a student must have at least a C average and must do well on hla Dental Admission Tests. In addition to offering degrees in dentistry the School offers a program in Dental Hygiene. The field of Dental Hygiene was opened at Temple In 1921.79GRADUATE SCHOOL MARK C. E8ERSOLE. OEAN (Ph.D. COLUMBIA) Associate Vice President of Acadomic Affaire. Chairmen of the Graduate Board which astablishoa programs and oliciee pertaining to graduate work here at Templo. The Graduate School offers various dogroas on both the master and the doctoral levels in collaboration with other schools and colleges in the University. This year the gradueto program, along with the role of the faculty, is undor roviow. The faculty is revamping its constitution which dates back to 1964, while the school evaluates the relevance of its curriculum for society today. 80 81CULTUREpages 84-11 5 85OLD KVW BUILDING IS NOW T.V.'S CENTER CITY CAMPUSWestinghouso Broadcasting Company President Donald McGannon formally prasanted Tampla Univarsity with thair Walnut Street building on October 9. 1974. Speaking at tha dedication caramony were University Praaldant Marvin Wachmen, James Murphy of tha Penn-aylvanla Department of Education who repreaanted Governor Milton Shapp. Milton Marlin of the Walnut Street Businessman's Association who gave tha University the Good Neighbor Award, Allan J. Boll. Vice President and General Manager of KYW. and Mr. McGannon. Tha building, at 1619 Walnut Street, housed the KYW radio and television stations before they moved to thair new facilities. 87MITTEN GAME ROOM HAD GRAND OPENING 88Tho Mitten Hall Gama Room, located on the ground floor directly oppoaito the grand court, opened in October 1974. Proaent for the grand opening ceremony were Univeraity President Marvin Wachman, who displayed his expertise of several of the facilities games, and Dean of Students Nor' ma Furst. 80DIVERSIFICATION WAS THE KEY TO TEMPLE S SPEAKERS Tempi provided e veriety of speekere for the student who wee interested In widening their horizon of knowledge. The Hillel Organlzetion end the Newman Center eponsored religious topics, evolution was an Item presented, Frenk Speicer portrayed the views of Lenny Bruce, end Don Cannon in the morning of WIBO radio and Oick Gregory added comical relief. 90 )91POLITICAL SPEAKER Among those speakers visiting Temple in the seemingly politically oriented year of 1975, were the Vice Consul of the Federal Republic of Germany Joachim Sartorius. Ex-Congresswoman of New York Bella Abzug, Thailand's Ambassador to tha United States Anand Panyarachun. two 1976 presidantial candidates—Peter Camejo and Ex-Georgia Governor Jimmy Carter, and ona of tha Aaaistant Watargata Prosecutor Jill Volner. 93FROM POLITICAL TO LITERARY-SPEAKERS VARIED AT TEMPLETVB Political and literary spoakore were everywhere on Temple's campus in 1975. Soon here are a few of the many who spoke on campus. Left, and continuing clockwise are Isaac Baahevls Singer, James A. Michener, Isaac Asimov, Michael (Rosenberg) Meeropol, Lou Hill, and Uri Suhl. ' • i 93AMBLER MUSIC FESTIVAL FEATURES A VARIETY OF STARS New York Chamber Soloists Moisoyov Dance Company Buddy Rich 9697 Stars of tho Bolshoi an98 Guorneri String Quartat150,000 ATTEND MUSIC FESTIVAL 99 Doc SeverinsonLoontyne Pnce Sarah Vaughan 100 Andre Watts Dionno WarwickoAMBLER FESTIVAL AN ENTERTAINING SUCCESS IN 1974 Smothers Brothers 101 Beverley SillsPRE-GAME ACTIVITIES SPARK TEMPLE ON TO I .v 102HOMECOMING VICTORY. 103fi 104HOMECOMING 1975— CHERYL GRACE, OWL'S QUEENV. BAND AND CHEERLEADERS ADD SPICE TO STUDENT LIFE 107THEATER THREE — A CENTER CITY PLUS Theater Throe. Tomple'e Center City Campus theater adds to the cultural happenings of Philadelphia's nightlife. Above and clockwise are scenes from "Subject To Fits," "Serenading Louie," "In A Pig's Eye." "Subject To Fits." "In A Pig's Eye." and "Scenes From American Life." 108109FROM TOMLINSON TO "NOONTIME," THEATER ABOUNDS From the Noontime Theater at TUCC to the Randall Lab and Tomlinaon Thaatara on the main campua. dramatic productiona abound at Temple. Above and clockwise are scenes from a Noontime Theater production, "The Memorandum," "People are living there," "The Misanthrope," "The Philanthropist," and “Pieces '74.” 110WHATEVER YOUR MUSICAL INTEREST, Diversified musical artists can be found performing at Temple: from the Orchestra, Temple University Trio, and Westminster Choir to ragtime artists Hersh and Montgomery or simply two students harmonizing.i SCHOOL SPIRIT; TEMPLE IS PEOPLE ium116118After two years absence Templar is back. This year the staff worked with many heavy deadlines, and a very close budget. In order to let Temple know Templar was alive the staff organized an extensive promotion campaign. The campaign included an open house, a weather balloon tied in Paley Square, and a world record attempt of hanging a spoon off the end of the nose. The success of Templar this year proved that "Templar Now More Than Ever." 119TEMPLAR LIVES AGAIN123129132MATH CLUB 133134THE BUCK STOPS HERE137139Rena Budas. Sandra Hendricks. Mickey Boltz. Pat McGowan Sheryl Grace Captain. Leo Farpor. Tana Gehret. Rona Levinson NEWMAN CENTER AWAITS MOVE TO NEW BUILDINGU3 f-Vi 144 iDELTA PHI EPSILON 146U7 SIGMA P|148149150151 IOTA ALPHA PHI152Younger B The Allman Brc 134 thers 155SENIOR PHARMACY 157 a159160162164 65 1 A.A167170mm 172173W mm I-teVN 'J ' w 5» MSI ?■WTAiTff V sgil VjuiiHft pp iMfl •mSBsi .MM'AvAxwm MS g jggasag HHB retet WlSW TEMPLE UPGRADES FOOTBALL PROGRAMJOACHIM, HYNOSKI WIN SPECIAL HONORS 178179TEAM REACHES NATIONAL RANK When Bill Cosby played football at Temple, "We'd lose to such weak teams, like Hofstra. Hofstra would kill us,man, 900 to nothing." Temple football has changed. Vetern'8 Stadium, crowds of 35,000, and national ranking mark the changing nature of the sport. All-American and Maxwell Award winner Steve Joachim teamed up with 1000-yard rusher and most valuable player in the American Bowl Henry Hynoski to crush eight of ten foes. Coach Wayne Hardin gave a hoot, and Temple football jumped from an also-ran to one of the top 20 teams in the country according to the Associated Press. 180 181YOUTH HURTS HOCKEY Fast-paced, bruising encounters and quick-thinking tactical maneuvers make field hockey one of the ultimate showcases for team efforts. Sweeping passes, deflections and infiltrating offenses are just a few of the actions that combine to give the game its intense impact. A true team sport in every sense, hockey builds stamina, co-operation and co-ordination. A 3-win 5-Io8s slate was posted by a hard-working, well-organized, but young Temple team.183STAMINA AND SKILL YIELD 14-4-1 MARK Soccer could be the one sport et Temple thet requires more stamina, talent, strength, end sheer physicsl ebility then any other. To run for e full hslf without stopping requires the endursnce of s cross country runner. To control a ball precisely while running at full speed takes the skill of a gymnast. And to protect a yawning goal from a sharply kicked bullet requires the concentration and anticipation of a chess master. The 1974 soccer team won ten of fourteen, with four shutouts and one tie. Their three losses came by a total of four goals. 185HARRIERS STRUGGLE Imagine running until you feel you could not run any more, until your lungs burn from the lack of oxygen, until your stomach feels as if it is tied in knots, until the back of your legs ache, until the blisters on your feet have blisters. Imagine pushing yourself to go as fast as you can without being ill. Imagine running just for the sake of competition because nobody cares but you. Imagine pushing yourself so close to sheer exhaustion that you might collapse for a team whose record is only 2-9, with one win by forfeit. That was cross country at Temple in 1974. 187Although tennis and volleyball appear to be dissimilar, they are, in fact, very comparable. Both depend on the swiftness and agility of the players, the angular velocity and placement of the ball and the long, hard hours practicing to anticipate an opponent's moves. Service, volley and teamwork are needed in both to win. In volleyball, teamwork is obvious, setting up spikes and dinks as well as fakes. In tennis, although an individual can win a game, one person alone cannot win a match. In 1974, the women's tennis team captured a 5-3 mark while the volleyball squad went 18-4 and won the Philadelphia City Tournament.VOLLEYBALL TEAM CAPTURES HONORS isoCOACH CASEY HITS SECOND ROUGH YEAR191192 WASHINGTON MAKES ALL BIG-FIVE To play for any team that loses more games than it wins is, needless to say, quite frustrating. The frustration is compounded, however, when the team has a winning reputation and loses meny close games. The 1974-75 Temple Basketball team lost 19 of 26 games. Ten of those games were decided by less than ten points. No less than six of their opponents showed well in post-seeson tournaments. It was the second consecutive year of frustration for coach Don Casey, who must look forward to better luck and better seesons.WOMAN'S BASKETBALL REACHES NATIONAL TV 194TEMPLE REACHES NEAR .500 SLATEThe year 1975 saw the first nationally televised women's basketball game indicating the growing acceptance of women participating in athletics and the growing popularity of the sport. Although Temple was not one of the two teams to receive national television coverage, the women's basketball team did receive local radio coverage. The 1974-75 team finished 7-8, but three of their losses were by less than 10 points, one was against national champions Immaculate, and one to the Australia National team. 197198Swimming is the one sport that requires the use of almost every muscle in the human body. Unlike a footrace, the arms of a swimmer do as much to pull him through the water as his legs. In a long race, a swimmer's legs, arms and stomach are tied in knots, while his lungs burn for the lack of oxygen. The men's 1974-75 swim team finished with a record of 8-6 and a fifth place finish in the East Coast Conference Championships. 199Two of the most popular recreational aporta in thia country are bowling and swimming. A8 competitive aporta, however, they take on quite a different complexion. Inatead of lazily floating or gliding through the water, every muscle of a racing swimmer is in use. In bowling, the ball may seem to weigh 60 lbs. inatead of 16 when one spare makes the difference between winning and losing. The bowling team finished with a 5-1 record, while the swimmers ended at 8-5. Six women from the swimming team also traveled to the national championships.SWIMMERS END 8-5, BOWLERS FINISH 5-1202GYMNASTS SHOW GRACE AND STYLE 2038One of the most graceful spectator sports that man has created is gymnastics. The grace and beauty of the floor exercises combined with the concentration and power required for the rings makes the sport thrilling to watch and participate. Without a doubt, both men's and women's gymnastics are quickly growing in popularity. Competing separately, the women posted a 6-4 record, while the men finished with a 9-4 mark and a third place in the Eastern Gymnastics League championships. 205?0 5 Perhaps the oldest form of competition between two individuals is the contest of physical prowess. Originally done for survival, wrestling has developed into two diverse forma, professional and collegiate. Unlike the more professional melee, collegiate wrestling is a very scientific test of stamina and strength. The sheer brute strength of an individual can easily be outweighed by endurance and lightning reflexes. Temple wrestlers chalked up a 10-9-1 mark including a 10th place finish in the Eastern Intercollegiate Wrestling Association championships.GRAPPLERS EARN 10th IN E.I.W.A 207 » •708 4 FENCERS |j FINISH m AT 7-5 Fencing is another fighting form that has been transformed into athletic competition. Enshrined by movie makers and writers as a noble fighting form in England and France, fencing actually employs intense concentration and the ability to anticipate an opponent's moves. It is not easy to participate in a sport like fencing that is not widely known in this country and draws few fans. The men's fencing team posted a 7-5 record and placed third in Middle Atlantic Conference playoffs. 209If it is difficult to draw interest, both participating and spectator, for men's fencing, the problems must be compounded for the women's team. Other than the team members and their friends, few people even realize that the sport is offered at Temple. Not only is it offered, but those that worked to join the team earned a fine 12-3 record, the best of any winter team, men's or women's, at Temple in 1974-75. 2112»3214215217TEMPLE TRACK GETTING BETTER A good team that's getting better. That's the catch-phrase of Temple's track team, as it headed into the final stages of its season with a 6-1 record. "This has been one of the finest teams we've ever had," reports coach Jack Saint Clair. As far as getting better goes, captain Joe Peace is the only Owl to graduate this June, giving Saint Clair optimism for next year. "This year is an initiation," admitted Saint Clair, who fielded one of Temple's youngest and more promising teams in his eight year tenure. 2)8270OWLS IMPROVING Heading into the ECC Championships on May 9-10, the Owls looked in good shape to improve on their fourth place finish of last year. Sophomore high jumper Glenn Irion, freshman hurdler Kevin Booker, and the Owl 440 yard relay foursome all qualified for the IC4A Championships in late May and along with the mile relay seemed destined by late April to gain high seeds for the ECC Championships. "It's really up for grabs," opted Saint Clair on the ECC race. "Whoever does the best on that given day will win." 221WOMEN'S TRACK Even after three years, girls track has just begun. No one knows this better than coach Jean Roberts, who classified the '75 season as a "growth year." With only 15 members, the Owlettes still managed to have an exciting year. One of America's best high jumpers, Karen Moller, capped a successful year by travelling to China with 60 other AAU athletes this May to compete with Chinese track and fielders. The Owlettes' Most Valuable Player was spunky Joan Kirby, the team's best 440 runner who also leads off Temple's mile relay. That relay team, with Sandra Jackson, Carol Todzyinski, and Marna Waskin running the other three legs, came within two seconds of qualifying for the national championships this year. Waskin was the Owlettes' fastest sprinter, running her fastest time of 11.3 in the 100 dash against La Salle. In their only score meet. Temple downed Villanova, 60-45. "It was a wonderful experience," summed up assistant coach Frazier Thompson, "and hilarious. But girls' track is no joke." 222 After three years, no one is laughing anymore.223TEMPLE NETS 9-2 SEASON l.UH Ur225226With the sun rising over their shoulders, the Temple Crew csn be seen pushing their shell through the cold waters of the Schuylkill. This is the eighth year for the crew, and last year it finished fifth in the Dad Vail Regatta. Practice started in September and ended in the second week of May. Eleven varsity men returned this year and Coach Curran was highly optimistic. The crew raced the toughest schedule ever, winding up the season with three championship races.CREW 11 rx M230 .v'l, •- tt—, •; ■'■! ,-r , «,  231tovo varsity baseball 02-16-1) 1074 WOMEN'S GYMNASTICS 13-3-H 1974 VARSITY TOO TO ALL 0-2) Noon C a»o»na Tam on Tampa RoAna fWHJo $MUon S union Miami Jacksonville Trank In Mb ran Franklin A Marshall («W«m Tantfle Tamila Gltaiboo Mcrfai.o Mofavo T«e no« Lafayette Lahigh American U American U Salon HaO Salon Haa LeSe'a LsSaOe Vitenove Si Joaoph Si Joaaph Si John Waal Cheater Waal Cheater Pnncalon Tadiaph-Dick noon Drn«ol Dmaal Delaware Delaware Delaware «lid K ip ' Perm Bucknefl Perm State Pann Stale 0-6 W ’0-0 w 9 9 T 7.12 L 8-6 W b a w 5- 9 L 3- 9 L 6- 2 W 8-7 W 4-3 w 19-0 W 3- 2 W 8-2 W 6- 7 L 4- 2 W .0-2 W 22-9 W 18-8 W 8- 7 W 0-1 w 7- 4 w 7-6 W 0-10 L 11- 3 W 4- 3 W 10-3 W 10-2 W 13- 2 W 9- 11 L 0-8 L 17-7 W 12- 0 W 10- 1 W 5- 0 W 0-0 W 4- 0 L 3-1 W 14- 7 W 2-0 W 0-7 L 3- 6 L 4- 5 L 0-3 L .. 0-3 L East St oudabo g Trenklm A Maraheil Suite Community Collage T U of Pann W Bryn Mjwi U Of Pittsburgh L South Connecticut Safari L U'lmua Cornell W Gieaeboro U of Maryland W Tfan ion L 1974 WOMEN S FENCING 7-10 PecaCoraoa 14-2 W Slavana inatituta 10-6 W Brooklyn College 1-16 I Plymouth- Wh.tome-ali 14-11 W Muhlenberg Collage 10-0 W Concord C a" -Pa 2-23 L Pann State 4-12 L CaWwa 12-4 w Trenion Stela 2-14 L BrOCkOOh 0-11 t Hunter Co age 3.14 L Lehman Collage 4-12 L Johns Hopk-n» ... 0-10 L U o Pann 10-0 w Jattav Olv Stale Collage ||-H W Fert Qh-Picket son ai Taanack 7.9 y PaH Mi:''’ stele Ceiage 0-10 L 1975 WOMEN S BOWLING 16-11 Cowynedd-Mercy yy Westchester yy George Weelungion yv Oraeef .. w Woetchaeta' y Or " r-.A...... W 1976 CREW 12-3) Rhode 1 eland Boeton College Marahafl Southarn l n i Ho y Croas Dataware Ononnab P 1t»burflfl West Viigmie Vdanove 33- 7 W 34- 7 W 31-10 W 69 18 W 66 c w 21 17 w 20-23 L •24-35 l 3621 W 17-7 W 1974 SOCCER 110-3-1) Laaneie invvtaoonef Tournament Eeei Stroudsburg Sjwng Os'dan Refer PittUiu-uh Viltanova Hofava LaSalle Amendan Uiwavtv Trenton Slain Waat Chaata-Oraaal St Joseph's Pann Stela NYU 1 974 CROSS COUNTRY (2-9) Lefevatta Ca n-vs' Waat Cnaaiar Trenton at C W Truer Legn n -:anen at St Josephs Amancan Un.varaity tnSalta at Oraeaf Saton Man at St John's teat Coast CorFerence Champ- .11. p, IC4A ChtmcMwahaa 4 -tg y 40 10 y 32 26 I 27-28 W 31-26 L 33 26 L .. 32-27 L ’23 4t 20 L • 6tn piece 2’at Mace 1976 VARSITY LACROSSE 11-4) Swerthmore ........ U or Perm Dnaal Urantta Waat Cheater All Cottage Tournament 2-10 L 3-6 L 13-2 W 2- 10 L 3- 16 I 3rd Manana Trinity Georgetown Manana New York Maritime ken Cup Regatta Bergen Cup Regatta L L W w 2nd 2nd 1974 VARSITY TlELO MOCkEY 13-6-0) LaSalle Eaatam Trantor- 1975 WOMEN S VARSITY SOFTBALL 17-3) 1975 TENNIS (9-2 Waat Cheater Pnneeaon 9-1 W 140 W Dreae Unlalia W Rucks County Vpflenove Wan aw w w 1974 WOMEN S VAR8ITY TENNIS (6-3 01 Pann State 16-0 W Rider w Chav nay Bryn Mewr U of Pann 5-3 W Waat Cheater L LsSare Eastern 16-1 W 13-6 W Amancan u LaB—a w w Chaatnut Hill . U Pann Swarthmore 19-5 W Swartnmore L Baavar ESSC 2-12 L St Joseph w Waat Chaster Urainua 7-20 L Lehigh w Ttanton Waat Cheater 2-17 L Rutgara w St Joseph a 4- 1 W 12 I 5- 1 W 0-2 L -O’ L VO W 0-6 t 0-2 L s-o w 60 W 60 W 0-6 L 4-1 W 6-0 L 4-1 I 60 W1978 WOMEN S BASKETBALL |7-0) Wm R attar mx' 13-14 L J« MV Crty Slats 16-11 W R nn Slotr—Ogonu 82-31 W N J Inat ol T ch 18-12 W Buck County 61-98 I Raco 34-3 W V—nc « 49-48 W Stevens 12-16 L Choynay 04 08 L HMiford 16-11 W Draw of 81 22 W Rutgsra 11-18 L Pitlaburgh 59 96 W Pann Stata 8-19 L S' Joseph 45-84 L D.anr 21-6 W Australia 2B- 72 L MuhlarvOarg 10 11 W immaculate 34-00 L Pittsburgh B-B L Uf inu 60-74 L 8North Ctrot'Ma Stata 4-3 W Ola shorn 48-60 L BSouth Carolina Slow 0-15 L OsNwara 39-60 I BVcrth Carol-r-a Slltt 3-4 L Tims" 98-33 W Weal Ctw'i" 88-39 W A- NCAA South Atlantic Regional Con'-anmce Plavoffs U of Pann 0-4 ( w B East Coast Cor oronco Playoff 1878 WOMENS SWIMMING (8-81 1978 VARSITY GOLF (13-21 Bryn Mays' ........ 81-10 W VBannm 85 31 W Drone W U of Pann ... 52-43 W WaRlQ as..« w U Of PilMOurgn UMN 45-77 k 81-28 W WKtanar .g . Ta.t'ia w w t shgh' 64-33 W Hof sirs w Waat Chostar 40-85 L St Joseph w 48-31 W Lah.g i Gles thorn 70-61 W Scranton w Svuarthmora 68-75 L LaSalla w Tran ton 79-46 W Poor w Daiawara 76-111 L Lafiigr- w HoChaatnr Gaitsburq V.llanova w 1976 WOMEN S BADMINTON w (CC Toi.-nemant 1.1 Chaaiisui Hat 4-1 W tIGA Tournament . 'at Bryf Mewt 0-5 L U of Pann .0-8 I Waat Chaste Stata 0-8 I 1976 Tracy 18-11 Draxal 1-4 CM Franklin A. Marshall 1-4 L w w Ouckno Watt Chesta- w 8t Joseph w 1974 MEN'S OVMNASTICS (9-41 ECC Tournament 5th Long Island U Won Souilsom Conn LOS1 1974 VOLLEV8ALL HB-4-OI Wast V.rg.r-a Won SLopery Rock Won Pann Stata Ogonti W Pittsburgh Won LaSalla W Artny Won Dean-are ... L Rann Stata lost Maryland W Won Cnaatar Won Sevshury L Comall Won Rciamont W Won toai VMIanova W Bryn Mayvr ... L 1074 FENCING 7-91 Tnanton W U ol Rarvi W Maryland 8-10 L East Stroudabaro a . L Lafavatta 19-8 W Princeton W FAM Owerttimoro RRfladolpua A Tourney 187 VARSITY BASKETBALL l -»SI H Malta 72-06 L Waal Chaatar .39-37 W St John s 66-88 t W aah-ngton 46-54 L Focdhem 68-67 I Navy 64-03 W Rl tQO 66-78 k Memcfiia Stata • 08 71 L Jacksonville 52 03 L Cincinnati 63 83 L Princeton 4B 50 L Fordhem 49-80 L Syracuse 87-62 t. V-ianov» 00 92 L Pittsburgh • 61-70 L American u 02-63 1 PTvIo To.ma 59 09 L LaSar 83-74 C Pann Stato 02-53 W St Josaoh's 01-67 L Guo-go Wash rig ton 70-83 L 65-57 L . i ?DAVID D ADAMS. BS. Art Ed JAMES N ADAMS BA. History JANET P ADAMS. B S . Elem Ed ADEBOLA ADEBAMIRO. BSC Pharmacy GRANVILLE W ADGER. B B A Business and Law JOANNE M ALBRIGHT. BA Psychology JEANNE E ALDWORTH B BA Economics BERNARD P ANDERSON 8 B A Business Admin JOHN D. ANDREWS III.. B.B A . Accounting. Beta Alpha Psi. tutor for ABBS and SRC REGINA A ANOREWS. M S W . Social Admin . Dean's List 236EILEEN BAKER. BS. Pharmacy MARK A BALDWIN. B A . El Ed REID L BAKER. BA. Speech, tonms IRMENIA D ARAGON, M Ed. Elem Ed Sci THOMAS H ARASZ. B B A. Accounting Doans List JAMES W ARMSTRONG. B B A Marketing JENNIFER C ARMSTRONG. B S . El Ed ALICE M ASCENZI. BS Holath and Phys Ed. softball hockey, la crosse. basketball ADHIAMBO O AYAGA. B B A . Finance CRAIG M BACHOVE. B B A.. Accounting MARIA E BADESSA BA. Math LORETHA M BADGER. B S Eng Ed . Doan s List ROBERT G BAGIAN B S. Pro-Med 237MOLLY A BAMBRICK B S Pharmacy Lambda Kappa Sigma. Rho Chi Honor Society Student Council Vice Pros ROBERT L BARBOR B S . Math Ed AMY c BARMAT. BS English Ed. Doans List. Coptoin of Diomond Oancers GARY J P BARRETT. B S . Science. Doan s List. Pres Scholar DONALD S BARSTOW. B A RTF SUZANNE E BARSTOW. B S . El Ed SARKIS BARUPIAN. BA. Biology. Soccer RICHARD B BATCHELET. B.S . Pharmacy, Rho Chi Honor Socioty JOYCE M BAUKMAN. B S W . Social Welfare DEB8IE S BARO. B A RTF. Dean1. List. Magna Cum Laude SUSAN E BARKER BA. General Program CLARA S BARNES. B S Ed JOYCE M BARNES. B A. Psychology 238DONNA M BAUMGAOVER. BSW Social Welfare BEVERLY M BEACH B S . Comm and Theater. Dean s List THOMAS J BECKER, 8 A . Liberal Arts. History BEVERLY T BECKETT B S.. El Ed CHARLES J BEISHL B S EET ZEIVEN B BECHTCHMAN. BA. Psychology BARBARA E BELL B S . Business Ed Pi Omega Pi. Pres Beta Alpha Psi LORRAINE E BELL B S . Business Ed . Pi Omega Pi DAVID L BENEDICT. BA Business Management DON BENN. B A . Sociology. Criminology. Inter Pres Sigma Alpha Rho. Pres Emrald Lodge 239ARNOLD BERKOWITZ. B.A. Biology. Undergraduoto Honors Program MARC BERKOWITZ. B S . Pharmacy STEVEN BERKOWITZ. B S . Art Ed DIANE C. BERNOFF, B A . Political Science. Tomplo Nows Managing Editor MARY M BEYER. B S., Dance Ed Dean List ELLEN G BIANCARDI. B S.. El Ed.. Dean s List DENISE M L BIEBERFELD B A . English DENNIS J BlERYLA. B S.. Pharmacy. Vice Pres and Pres Kappa Psi CYNTHIA DE M BIGGS B A, Journalism. An Peters Scholarship UOARTHUR M BINDER 88 A Marketing BRUCE R BIRNBAUM B B A Accounting REGINA M BIRTCH, B 8 A . Accounting HARRY S BLOCH. B B A . Rool Estate MARY L BLOUNT. B S W . Social Welfare RUTH G BLUMSTEIN. B S . Ech and El Ed . Pro Scholar. Dean Ust EUGENE F BONNER. B S . Physical Ed . Football HENRY D BORAWSKY, B A . Sociology JACQUELYN H BORDEN. B S Physical Ed. Dnon's List Bowling JOHN T 80RTHWICK. BA. Bidogv THOMAS W BOWEN. B S.. Pharmacy DEBORAH J BOWERS. B S Nursing BERNADETTE E BOWLES B S Business Ed THERESA BOWLES. B S . El Ed Honor Student CHERYL L BOYD. B S . El Ed . Deans List RICH T BOYO. B B A . Infor Science 241 r 11 rlDOMINIC J BOYLE B A . History. Doan s Ust. Band KEVIN L. BOYLE. B S . Pharmacy BERNICE BRABHAM. B S W . Soc.al Welfare PEGGY A 8RADIN. B A . Anthropology. Omega Pi Mu CASSANDRA BRADLEY. B S El Ed JUDITH E 8RAMAN. B FA. Art JAMES F BRENNAN. BA. Anthropology ELISE C BRESSLER. B S El Ed Pres Scholar MARIAN L BRICKHOUSE. B S . Ech and El Ed SANDRA L BRANNER B A Sociology JOHN BRAWNER. B A History MICHAEL M BEGGAR. B S Pro-Medic me RAY A BRElTENBACH. B A Psychology. Sec and Vice Pres Alpha Chi Rho Doan's Ust. Templar. Temple Nows 242 LINDA G BRIGHTFUL B A . RTF BARBARA J. BROWN, B A , Psychology GWENDOLYN D BROWN. 8 S . Biology Ed JOHN BROWN 8 S.. Pharmacy PENELOPE D BROWN. B A. Sociology STANELY J. BROWN, BS. Business Adm. THOMIA S BROWN, B F A Art Ed GREGORY W BRUCKNER. B A Russian DAVID N BRUOER. B S Pharmocy. Rho Chi MARGARET J A BRYANT. B.SW. Social Welfare LOUIS J. BUCELLI. JR.. B A . Political Scienco ELIZABETH W BUCKLEY. BS. El. Ed.. Magna Cum Laude THOMAS F BURKE. B S Business Adm ENRIQUE BURSTIN. B A . Inform Science. Honor Socioty. Upsilon Phi Epsilon JOEL BURTMAN. B.SW, CPP. Asst in Science. Adm of Justice. Summo Cum Laude Pros Scholar RICHARD A BURTON. JR B S . El. Ed 243ERIC M BUTHER B FA. Art Ed WILLIAM C BYGRAVE. B A Journolism GLENDORA BYRD. B A Communications PETER J CALIN B A Spanish Football DANIEL H CALLAHAN. JR BA. Journalism. Temple Nows THOMAS P CALLAN, B BA Marketing YVONNE E CAMPBELL B S RTF. Alpha Lambda Delta. J V Bowling Softball ANTHONY F CANNIZZARO B A . Pro-Law WENDY E CAPWELL. B S . El. Ed JAMES C CARAVOULIAS. B S Pharmacy ALBERT CARDON. B A . Economics. Dean's List Temple News MAUREEN A CARPENTER. BA English ROBERT P CARR. B S . Therapeutic and Recreation JOHN E CARSON. BSW Social Welfare 244CAROL CASCIO. B S . El Ed MARY E CASE. B A. American Studies. John Lynch and Arthur Mollmgor Scholarships MICHAEL A CASTELLANO. B S Pharmacy. Pres Phi Delta Chi. Sigma Pi RICHARD T CAWLEY. B S . Physical Ed Dean's List. Pres Scholar. Track MARK A CELLINI. B B A Marketing PATRICIA F CESARE BS Pharmacy. Lambda Kappa Sigma MARGERY L CHACHKIN B B A Finance ROBERT C CHANTIGIAN. B S , Pharmacy. Rho Chi IRWIN M CHARLAP B 8 A Industrial Management STEVEN R CHAZANOFF. B B A Economics. Honor Society, Pros Omicron Delta Epsilon BRAD S CHILNICK. B S . Architecture DAVID B CHINNOCK. B A Recreation Football 245LINDA A CHOWAN I EC. B S . Pharmacy. Rho Ci. Lambda Kappa Sigma Sec. Alpha Sigma Alpha Sec JULIE E CHUPLIS. B S . El Ed . Magna Cum Laude DORINA L CICIARELLI. BS. Music Ed Concert Choir CARMEL R CIPPARONE. B S . El Ed IRISSE CLAVER. BFA Weaving MICHAEL H CLEMENTS. BA Political Science. Cum Laude R08ERT J CLOAK. B A Political Science BETTY J COCKRELL. B S English Ed ALAN R COHEN. B.S . RTF ALLEN L COHEN B A Political Science CHERYL COHEN. B S . Ed DALE A COHEN BA General Studies Honors Program DENNIS L COHEN. BA, Religion. Dean's List. Pres Alpha Phi Omega EDWARD P COHEN B A RTF. DJ for WRFT FRED H COHEN. BA RTF 246JAN L COHEN. B S . El Ed.. Alpha Lambda Delta. Doon's List JUDITH P COHEN BS El Ed LISA 2 COHEN. B A. English MELANIE J COHEN. B S . Speech Science and Ed JOSEPH C COLASANTE B S . Pharmacy Phi Delta Chi MICHAEL J COLLINS III. BS History. Military Honor Society WILLIAM J COLLINS. 8 S El Ed LOUISE A COLONNESE B A Italian JOSE V COLON, B A . Spanish STEVEN J CONSALVO. B S . CECT SHIRLEY C COOLEY. BS. Ech. and El. Ed JOHN E COPELAND. BS. Pharmacy. Kappa Psi 247ERIC W COPUN. B A RTF. WRTI CARLO P COPPOLA BA Math ROBERT W COROCRAN. Asst Mechanical Enginoor Honor Society PETER D CORDA. BA. Biology THOMAS B COREY. B B.A . Organization and Management. Omicron Delta Epsilon. Beta Gamma Sigma. Who's Who in Amer Univ and Colleges MARCI L CORSON. 8 S Pharmacy. Dean's List RONALD J COURI. B S . Businoss end Accounting SHELLEY COVERMAN BA. Sociology. Departmental Honors ROBERT D COWART. B A General JOSEPH CIOFFI B B.A Business. Captain of Football SUSAN V CRAWFORD B A Psychology. Dean's List Pst Chi STEPHEN R CREEKPAUM. B A . Psychology CELESTE A CRENSHAW. B A RTF. Fencing NILZA V CRONIN. BA Spanish GEORGE M CROSS III, B S.. Communications. Tomple News STEPHEN CRUEL. B A Social Science 248GARY F CUMMINGS. BA, Journalism, Managing Editor Temple News MARGARET M CURRAN. BA Psychology Dean's List JOANNE CURRIE BA Sociology JOBETH L D'AGOSTINA. B A . Biology. Ph. Beta Kappa ROBERT E DALESSANDE. B A Biology STEPHEN D DALY. B S RFT. Pres Scholars ERNESTINE DANCY. BS . El Ed CAROL O DANIHEL B S . Nursing MOMODOV N DARBOE. BA. Sociology MARY L DARBY. B S . Ech Ed ELLEN L DAUCHESS. B S . Pharmacy. Lambda Kappa Sigma Treos ANDREW C DAVIS. JR B B A . Adm of Justice ARTHUR A DAVIS. JR , M E D . Health Ed 249BRIAN C. DAVIS. B S. Pharmacy CATHERINE W DAVIS. BS. Ech and El Ed. Doan's List DORIS DAVIS B S. Medical Technology JEREMIAH DAVIS. BA. Religion MARION S DAVIS. BA. Therapeutic Recreation. Sec Delta Sigma Theta WENDY s DAVIS M E D Health Ed JUAN A DAWSON. Asst Electrical Engineer. Dean's List. Editor of College of Engineering Paper LAURA S D'CONADA B A . General SARA L DEAN. B S.. Ed JOYCE Ol BELL B.S . Nursing. Pres. Scholor GAIL DE BERARDINIS. BA, Foroign Lang Ed. Pro Scholar. Dean's List GARY G DEHLINGER. B S . Industrial Arts Ed Magna Cum Laude KATHRYN R DE HORATIIS, B S. Math Ed 250KRISTA N DELLO IACONO BA Communication and Theater RICHARD DELP. BA Political Science WILLIAM A DENHAM. B 8 A . Accounting NICHOLAS B DERlTlS. BA. Sociology TERRY DERSHAW B A Political Science Cum Laude. Pi S»gma Alpha Honor Society PAUL A DESANCTIS. A B Math ROBERT DETTERY JR.. B A Biology MAUREEN E DE VALIA. B A Journalism. SRAP Award. Dean's List. Tomplo News MICHAEL J DEVINEY 8 S . El Ed m ■ AWILD V. DIAZ. B A General STEPHEN P DICHT B A Political Sconce RONALD J. Dl GIAMBATTISTA. B S. Pharmacy 251BARBARA J DlGUILO BA Italian MICHELLE R DINGERDIS-SEN. B S C . Pharmacy ROBERT J DIVITO R PH YVONNE J DOLLMAN BSW Child Care PATRICK F DONCHEZ A B Psychology. Psi Chi Honor Society EDWARD H DONESON. B S Journalism. Tomplo News EILEEN M DONOHOE BSW. Child Caro DONNA R DONOVAN. BS. El Ed Dean's List DARLENE H DOOKY. B S . E Ch Ed MARI F C DORAN. BA. General Studios Field Hockey 252MARCl L DURLAM. 8 S . Sociology. Alpha Kappa Alpha. Dean's List MILTON P M DURHAM. BS. RTF and Comm Theater. WRTI CHARLES M DURKIN. 8 B A Accounting. Temple News THOMAS J DOUGHERTY 8 S . Ed. Deans List Tennis Fencing GERTRUDE M DOYON. BS El Ed. Dean's List DOLPH A DRUCKMAN. BA Anthropology JOYCE A DUCKETT. BA. Biology MIRIAM L DUCKETT. BS Math Ed MARY A DUFFY 8 A Journalism CATHERINE F DUGGAN B.SW. Social Work. Dean's List MAMO OULA. B S . Pharmacy MICHEL F DUNN BA History DIANE D DUNNING. 8 S . El Ed , Summa Cum Laude 353JEFFREY H DUTILL. 8 S C.. Pharmacy. Phi Delta Chi SHIRLEY EATON 8 S W Social Welfaro ROBERTA M EDGE. B A . Political Science. Dean s List MELIND S EILENDER. B S Eng Ed Pres Scholar SAUL ELLMAN. B S . Pharmacy EMANUEL EILENDER. BS RTF LUZ T ENCARNACION. B S . Ed JACK L. ENCO. BSW. Social Welfaro ANTIONETIE L EOB8I. B S Journalism PHYLLIS E ELAM B A El Ed WAYNE R ELIAS. B B A Accounting CLAIRE R ELLIS, B S. Physical Therapy RUDIGER ELLIS BA. Political Scionco 254EILEEN V ERLICI Linguistics. Interdiscipli Beta Kappa H BA •nary. Phi IAN D. ESSEN. B S Phormacy GABRIEL V A ESSIEN. B B A , Low and Business JEAN M EVANS. B S . Ed MICHAEL J. EVANS. B S Civil Engineer and Construction Tech. Dean's List. Football ROY D EVANS B.S Pharmacy. Ph. Delta Ch. JOHN P EWAN IUK. BA Theater Dean's List GLORIA H FALKOW. B B A Marketing RONALD FANTROYAL B B A . Accounting PAMELA D FARIS. B B A Accounting WILLIAM J FASCIDCCO BA. Social Sciences DAN H FAUIRNER. BS., Physical Ed, Football LILLIAN B FAULKNER. BS. ECH Ed HAROLD FAUST. B S Physical Ed 255SHARON L FAYE 8 A History Alpha Lambda Delta. Phi Alpha Theta EILEEN C FECENKO. BSW, Sociol Welfare MARSHALL E FELDMAN. B S . RTF RONALD G FENDER. BA Geology PAUL FENNING. BA El Ed Deans List Marching Band OONNA B FINE BS. Pharmacy. Lambda Kappa Sigma Oean's List MARSHA Z FINKELMAN. B A General, lota Alpha P. LINDA E FINKELSTEIN. BS El Ed. Cum Laudo DENNIS FINLEY. B S Sec Ed . Cum Laude Dean s List WILLIAM D FINLEY. B B A , Accounting Alpha Phi Omega CRAIG J FINESTONE. B B A Accounting SUSAN L. FIRMAN. B S . Nursing 256PAULINE P FISHER. B A, Dance Ed. Doan's List MARGARET A FLATERTY. B A , Music CARL FLINTERMANN B A German CECELIA S FLUELLEN. B S . ECM Ed Dean s List JOHN L FOLEY B A . Psychology. Temple News SABINO J FOLLO. B A . Journalism Temple News JOSEPH N FORD. BSW. Social Wolforo SUSAN R FOSSLER B S . Physical Ed. JV Tennis, Fencing WILLIAM M FOSTER. JR B A . Journalism SAUL A FOX. B S Communications and Computer Science. Dean s List. Summa Cum Laude SHELLY FOX. BS El Ed MARIA A FRANCHETTI, B S. Nursing Margaret Miller Award. Marching Band MICHAEL S FRANCHETTI. B A Musk: Ed JAY A FRANK. B S . Pharmacy Ph. Delta Chi DEBORAH L FREDERICK. B S . ECH Ed Alpha Kappa Alpha GARLAND M FREEMEAN B S Mochan.cal Engineer Rifle Team 757JAY S FREEDMAN. B A Film Production WARREN FREEMAN, B S Marketing HARVEY D FRIED. J D . Law School RANDY C FRIED. B S . El Ed GAIL H FRIEDMAN, B A, Sec Ed and English. Dean's List JOHN J FRIES III. BA.flTF VINCENT F FRUSTILLO 8 B A Finance Dean s List. Who's Who Among Collego Studonis in American Universities RENE R FUENTES B S Accounting JOANN FUSCO B S . El Ed JAMES F GALLAGHER B S Civil Engineering 258 MARC S GALLICCHIO B A . History. Dean's List JAMES S GALLO. BS, Pharmacy Kappa Psi ARTHUR GALPERN. B B A . Accounting Beta Alpha Ps . Marching BondJOYCE H GARGANO B S Journalism, Sigma Delta Chi DELORES GARRISON B S Ed BARBARA A GASKIN. B S . El Ed WILLIAM J GERMAN. 8 S . Journalism ELLEN M GERSHBERG. B A Speech and Hearing Science. Honors in Speech LOUISE V GHAZARlAN. B S,. Physical Ed JOHN D GIAMPIETRO. BS Psychology Marching and Collegiate Bands ADELLA E GlBSON. B A . Ed CLAUDIA H GIBSON. BA Art Ed KEVIN M GIBSON. B.8 A . Marketing MICHAEL G GIBSON. 8 A, Journalism Tem-plo News Sports Editor ARLENE G GINSBURG. BS El Ed ANTHONY J GIRODANO. B B A Management MARVIN L GITTELMAN. BA Sec Ed JAMES S GLADEK. B S Pharmacy Dean's List. Rho Chi Honor RICHARD T GLANCY. B A History 259MARILYN S GOEINS. B S . El Ed DANIEL B GOLD. B S Sec Ed . English EVELYN I GOLDBERG. B S . El Ed JACQUELINE H GOLDBERG. BS English Ed LAUREN L GOLDSTEIN. B 8 A , Accounting. Beta Alpha Psi. Beta Gamma Sigma Dean’s Ust STEVEN J GOLOFF. B S Pharmacy. Alpha Zeta Omega MARIA D GONZALEZ. 8 M E . Music GREGORY Y GOODE B B A Organization and Management JEFFREY P GORDON B S . Pharmacy. Alpha Zeta Omega LESLEY GORDON. B A Political Soonce. Dean Ust GLORIA GORMAN. B S . El Ed 260CHERYL J GRACE. BS Recreation Dean's List. R A in Dorms. Homocoming Quoon. Cheerleading and Sr Captain PAULA L GRAHAM. B A . Psychology Doan's List Ps Chi GEORGE J GRANDIZIO. B S Soc-al Studies DALE GREEN. B A, Speech Pathology GREGORY O GREEN. B S . El Ed ANNETTE F GREENBERG, BS Business Ed . lota Alpha Pros.. Pi Omega Pi. Ed Honor Society BRENDA G. GREENBERG BS El Ed Doan's List. Board of Ed Scholarship TOMIYO K GREEN. B A Geology MADGE E GREENBLATT. B B A . Law and Business, Beta Gamma Sigma Summa Cum Laude. Pros Scholar LORRINE A GRONSKI B S Pharmacy Lambda Kappa Sigma Pres MARY GROOMS. MED. Administration Ed Pnncipa! Bi-Lmgual ANDREW E GROSS B B A Accounting and Insurance, Beta Gamma Sigma Bota Alpha Psi. J V Baseball 261ROBERT B GROSSMAN B S . Journalism JAMES D GROSSO. B S Architecture Sigma Pi KURT R GUTWEIN-GUENTHER B S . Sec Ed ALEXIS L GRZYBOWSKI. BS. Journalism. Dean's List. Templar LINDA A GUERTIN. B S . Journalism SOLOMON HABTEMICHAEL, BSC Business Ed DENNIS D HAEFER. B S Pharmacy MADELINE K HAGGANS. BSW. Social Welfare FRANCINE HAILEY. BA Speech GLADYS M HALL. B A . Liberal Arts JOHN H HALL II BA. Computer and Information Science. Upsilam Pi Epsilon NATHAN I HALL. 8 B A Organizational Management Football SANDRA L HAMIL. BSW. Child Care RANDALL L HAMME. B A . Industrial Arts, Wrestling GARY R HANNIGAN. BS, Pharmacy 262 R5TPATRICIA HARRELL. B A . Political Science HEATHER L HARLEY BSW Child Care MARIE H HARRISON. BS. ECH Ed VINCENT A HARRISON BS. Electronic Engineering DELORES HAWKINK. B B A . Accounting ARTHUR J HEIGHTMAN. JR . Sociology and Criminology ELLEN D P HEINCER. BA.. History GARY E HENOLER B A Journalism. Tomple News TERRI B HENDLER, B S . Nursing. Alpha Lambda Delta Sec. Pres Scholar TANI F HENRY BS. Biology EDWIN A HERDER. B F A Design CHERYL A HERING. 8 A Geography. Marching Band. Equestrian Team 263JANET L HESS B S , El Ed Cum Loud© PAMELA J HETTEL. B S El Ed Dean s List CATHERINE A HILLS. B S . El Ed Cum Laud© FREDRICKA G HILL BS.Snc Ed MYRA R HILLER BA. Communications EARNEST E HINES. B A Finance and Pre Law MARIA W HO. B S.. Phamarcy. Rho Chi KENNETH E HOELZLE. B S . Scionco BARRY G HOFFMAN. B B A Law and Business. Tau Epsilon Phi, Doan's List CHRISTINE J HOFFMAN BA Psychology JANICE R HOFFMAN B 8 A . Accounting. Sigma Cum Laudo. Alpha Lambda Delta. Beta Alpha Psi Beta Gamma Sigmo RANDYE S HOFFMAN. B A Speech Pathology JOHN P HOGAN. B S . Journalism. Temple News Sports Editor WOJCIECH J HOLLENDER. B M E Music CAROLYN L HOLLEY, BS El Ed ROY L HOLLINGER 8 B A Accounting. Beta Gamma Sigma Dean's List 76 DELORES HOLMAN B S Social Welfare JEROME A HOLST. BA. Aa H.story RONALD F HOLT B B A . Accounting DAN HOMAN. B S Industnel Arts RONALD A HONESTY. B S W Child Care RONALD L HOPPES. BS El Ed GEORGE E HORNE. B S . Physical Ed . Track and Field HENRY F HOUSTON. B A . Journalism ANNIE D HOWELL BS. ECH Ed. Deans Ust SABINA I HOWELL BA. History. Phi Alpha Theta. WRFT 265 ANTHONY A HUBB B B A Marketing CHRISTINA HUBICKI. BS. Physical Ed Track and Field DIANNE P HUGEY BA. Social ScienceJANET B HUNTER HILL BA.. Mathematics SHARON L HUNTER 8 A Communications. Dean s List MICHAEL A HURLEY. BA. Journalism Crow Captain. Temple News HENRY P HYNOSKI. BBA, Marketing Pi Lambda Phi. Athletic Honor Roll. All American. MVP American Bowl. All East Football GEORGH E HARVEY. M S W . Social Work JEFFREY V IAVECCHIA. B S . RTF ROCHELLE D IAGERMAN. B S El Ed.. Dean’s List Cum Leude MARTIN I ISENBERG. B S Occupational Therapy ALEXANDER V ITUWE. M S . Industrial Ed BARBARA JACKSON. B A. Science DEIRDRE A JACKSON. B S . ECH Ed Doan s List ROBERT J JACKSON. JR. BA Pharmacy VICTOR JACKSON. B S Accounting 266STEVEN A JACOBS. B A . Biology ERNESTINE JAMES. B S . Physical Therapy WILLIAM C JAMIESON. B A . Art CAROL O JAVAGE B S.. El Ed PETER A JENSEN. B M E Music Ed . Marching Band Choir HOWARD JOHNSON. B B A . Accounting TERRY L JOHNSON 8 S El Ed VELMA JOHNSON. B BA, Management WANNETTA A JOHNSON. BS El Ed . Alpha Kappa Alpha ROBERT E JONES. B A . Political Science. Fencing VIOLA L JORDAN. B A Urban Stud.es ROSE C JOSEPH. B S El Ed 267WILLIAM J JOSEPH. BA, Political Science DAWN F JURKIEWICZ B S.. ECH Ed . Pres Scholar Award. Summn Cum Laudo SUSAN J KAHN. B S W Social Welfare. Vice Pres lota Alpha Pi TERRI S KALCHMAN. BS. El Ed. Dean's List CHRISTINE M KAPLAN. B S El Ed LINDA S KAPLAN. B A Journalism. Hearst Journalism Contest MARK J KAPLAN. BA. Biology PAUL R KAPLAN. B A American Studios. Doan's List JOHN J KAPLAVKA B S.. Math Ed DONNA J KARBIWNYK B S El Ed. Dean's List JUDY D KARNS. B S Pharmacy. Lambda Kappa Sigma Sigma Zeta. Alpha Lambda Dolts ANITA L KATZ. B A English. Phi Beta Kappa Pres Scholar Summa Cum Laudo 268BERNARD A KING. B B A.. Accounting. Beta Alpha Ps JESSE KING. JR B.S.. Business Ed Pi Omega Pi LEONMEY W KING. A B . Engl.sh HOWARO D KAY. B 8 A Accounting EDWARD A KAZMIERSKI JR . B S . Scienco Ed GINETTE Y KEEBLER BA Speech and Hearing ROBERT P KEISLER BA.RTF ROBERT KELLER 8 S.. Pharmacy. Dean s List. Rho Pi Phi JAMES M KELSH. JR B.S.. R T F , Pi Lambda Phi Vice Pros and Pres Sports Director WRTI BETH I KESSELMAN. B S . El Ed Dean s bst WILLIAM T KESSELRING. JR . B A General Science DEAN I KESSLER BA. Sec Ed. Dean s List CAROLYN KIMES. 8 A Communications and Theatre 269DANIEL H KUNE. B S . Pharmacy. Rho Pi Phi GERALD J KLOSS. B S. El Ed PETER A KNAB, B B A . Management. Dean's List EDWARD KOCH B S . Ed DEBI S KOCZEN. B S Nursing JODY KOLODZEY. B S. Journalism. Temple News. Editor Ambler Magazine KATHLEEN P KOPERA. BS. Nurs.ng WENDY J KINDY. B S . El Ed GAIL A KIRSCHEN. B S Physical Ed LORNA T KLASKY B A . Speech and Hearing DAVID E KLEIN B B A Accounting. Beta Alpha Pai Bota Gamma Sigma DEBBIE H KLEIN BS. El Ed JAMES E KLING. B S . General Science 270Welfare SUSAN G KORNELIT 8 S Physical Ed.. Dean s List. JV Volleyball ELLEN KORNFIELO B A Sociology GREGORY S KOSMORSKY B A Biology PAUL D KOWALCHICK B S Physical Ed Football JEAN A KOZEL. B A Psychology ALICE J KRAKOWSKI B A Psychology SUSAN J KRAUS. BA Linguistics. Doan's List. Temple Nows. Cellar Theatre EUGENE F KREDENSOR. BS Civil Engineering and Technology 271CAROLE A KRISS B S W . Social Wolfaro MARGARET O KUDARASKAS 8 A. Anthropology WALTER G KULASINSKY BS. Pharmacy CHRISTINE L KURDZIEL. B SW. Social Welfare BARRY C KWANY. B S . Pharmacy. Kappa Psi KATHLEEN A LACEY BA. Spanish. Deans List. Magna Cum Laude JOYCE P LAGREW. B S El Ed ROSE N LAMBERT BA. Psychology RICHARD LAMBROSCHINO B S . Pharmacy. Alpha Zeta Omega GEORGE G LAND. 8 S . Electrical Engineer MARGARET I LANGENOORF BA. Soc.otogy KATHLEEN D LASKOWISKI. B S . ECH Ed . Pros Scholar. Ruth Towns Scholarsh.pPETER T LAU. B S Pharmacy FRANCIS J LAYER B S Pharmacy Rifle Team GREGORY S LAZAR. B B A . Business. Sigma Pi Scholastic Distinction HARVEY 8 LEAN. B S. Engineering Technology. Who's Who .n American Universities and Colleges TREVOR L LE-BLANC. B A Political Science. Dean's List Soccer STUART J LECHTMAN B B A . Accounting JACKIE A LEE. B S Soc Ed ZACHARY J LEMBO, BA. Political Science ERIC I LERNER. BA Political Science Dean's List DONNA C LESNER. B A . Sociology. Doan's List Honors m Sociology NANCY L Lt i i ERIE. B S Pharmacy Lambda Kappa Sigma ALAN E LEVENSON. B A Moth MARTIN S LEVENTON. BA. Urban Studies 8RUCE LEVIN. SB A Accounting. Beta Alpha Psi. Beta Gamma Sigma JOAN H LEVIN. BA Italian. Vice Pres Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Beta Kappa. Spanish Honor Sooty KAREN L LEVIN BA American Stud es 773SHERRY LEVIN. B S W Social Welfare Cum Laude STEVEN D LEVSON. BSW. Social Welfare. Dean's List CAROL E LEVY 0 A Psychology Dean's List Alpha Lambda Delta MATTHEW F LEWANDOWSKI B A Sociology CARMEN S LEWIS. B M Music. Doan's List. WRTI INGE LIBAN B S . ECH and El Ed RONDA S LlPTON. B S. ECH Ed Dean's List Food Fair Scholarship MARIANN K LIVINGSTON BA Psychology DANIEL H LLEWELLYN. B S Pharmacy. Phi Delta Chi MITCHELL R LIEBERMAN. B B A Real Estato JANICE S LEIBOWITZ BS. El Ed Emma Johnson Award. Academic Scholarship Dean's List LYN H LINKER BA Psychology CHARLES E LIOTT B A . Business Management, Football 274 1 ESTELLA LOGAN B S W Social Welfare MARY L LOMANOO B A . English MARSHA L LONDON B A . Hebrew Hcbrow Honor, Pres Scholar DANA H LONG. B A French Dean's List ANGEL L LOZADA B A . Journalism BEVERLYN LUNDY BSW. Social Welfare RICHARD J LUONGO. B S . Pharmacy LINDA S LUTHER. BA. English ROBERT M LYERLY, B S.. Physical Ed Dean's List. Magna Cum Leudo PAUL R LYLE. BB A. Business Who's Who in American Universities and Colleges. Magna Cum Laude. Pres Scholar CHARLES E LYONS JR. MA. Urban Studies. Phi Kappa Phi NANCY L MACDONALD, B S Sec Ed . Social Studios SCOTT H MACLAREN. B 8 A . Insurance Pi Lambda Phi Pres and Vice Pres JV Football PAUL T MADEIRA B A Chemistry and Biology, Alpha Chi Rho Honors Program. Dean s List VICTORIA D MADRID B A English JAMES I MAGAZINER. B S English Ed Zote Beta Tau, Football. Cellar Theatre 275JOSEPH W MAJOR BA, Urban Studies LESTER P MALINOWSKI BS Pharmacy MICHAEL J MANASHIL. B A Social Anthropology RENEE M MANCINI, B A . English Dean's List ALLAN D MANESS. B S . Moth Ed . Doan's List GARY D MARGULIS. B A Biology JOSEPH L MARINARO B B A Accounting. Boto Alpha Ps.. JV Baseball SUSAN L MARKS. BS. Ed ARNOLD MARSHALL B S. Political Science CLARENCE A MARTIN. B S Industhsl Art Ed , Veterans in Public Service FRANK A MASCARO 8.S Civil Engineering 276RICHARD J MATTEIS. 8 S El Ed WILLIAM V MAUGERI. B A Political Science. Sigma Pi BERT S MAX. B A Political Science Dean's List. Sales Manager of Templar Cheerleading RODELL A MAYS B B A Business Administration THOMAS T MC CANN. B A Distributive Ed . Captain of Crew JAMES D MCCARTHY B B A. Management MICHAEL A MCCLATCHY. BA RTF WRTl Newsman LEONARD J MCCUEN JR 8S Architecture, Dean's List TERRY MC ELVEEN. B S . El Ed MARIE D MC GRATH. B A Psychology THOMAS L MCGURK. BA, Biology TOBATHIA A MCILWMIN.RTF 277JACQUELINE L MC INTOSH. B S Business Ed RENEE MCLAURIN. BS. Phormacy. Doan's List JAMES M MC MURDO. B B A Accounting Football, JV Football REGINA A MEACHAM. E M . Counseling Psychology GLENN M MEDNICK. B S . Law and Business Dean's List JESSE F MERRILL B S , Industrial Arts Ed CHRISTOPHER R MESANKO. 8.F A Print Making CELIA B MICHAELSON. B A , English. Phi Alpha Theta WALTER G MIELOCH B A Biology FRANKLIN E MlLANI. B A . History HENRY L MILLER. B S Business MICHAEL A MILLER, BA. Political Science Dean s List MICHAEL E MILLER B B A . Organizational Management. Dean's List. Magna Cum Laude. Beta Gamma Sigma, Who's Who in American Universities and Colleges Omicron Delta Epsilon SHELLEY W MILLER. B S . Graphic Design and Art Ed MARIAN F MCCRIMMON. BS. ECH EdSHIRLEY E MILLER. B8A, Accounting STEVEN R MILLER B B A . Business Administration TERRY A MILLER BS Physical Ed Dean's List. Soccer LEONARD V MILLMAN BS. Pharmacy Rho Pi Ph, MARIA E MILLS. BS. Foreign Language. Ed DAVID MINNICK. B A History DIANE G MITCHELL B A . Ed JEFFREY G MITCHELL. BA Communications and Theater CONSTANCE H MITCHUM 8 A , Psychology, Psl Chi MARGIE E MITTELMAN 8 S . R T F and Theater. WRTI JILL H MOGIL BS. El Ed Achievement Award Temple News KAREN P MOHAN. B A RTF 279NILSA MOLINA 8 A . Political Science KAREN L MOLLER. BS. Physical Ed. Track DWIGHT M MOLOTSKV. B S Pharmacy. Alpha Zoto Omega LOUIS G MONTEFERRANTE B. A Political Science RANDALL L MONTGOMERY B S. Journalism. Sigma Delta Chi, Doan's List. Baseball. JV Baseball, Temple News MAUREEN A MOORE. BA Moth Student Advisor SILAS J MOORE. JR B B A , Accounting RALPH O MORGAN. JR . Psychology WILLIAM Z MORROW. BS Music Ed Phi Mu Alpha CONRETTA H MOSES. B S B.ologv HAROLD K MOSES B S Industrial Monagoment MARC A MOSKOFSKY, B S . Phnrmocy GARY C MOSKOWITZ. B A . Communication EILEEN A MOULTRIE. B S French and Spanish Ed . Award for Volunteer Service in Tutoring AUGUSTUS G -MOYER. B S . Film Production RICHARD MORRIS B B A Business Administration v V ?80ASUNCION MUNOZ 8 A . Political Science MARILYN F MURRAY BA English Alpha Lambda Delta. Magna Cum Laudo MARCINA MUKALIAN. BS Sec Ed French and Spanish Dean s List BONITA V MULLINS. B S . ECH Ed . Honor Student JUDITH E NAGER. B S Pharmacy. Lambda Kappa Sigma WILLIAM E NAGLE B A Political Science BLANE J NASVESCHUK. B A . Goology Captain of Gymnastics JANICE I NEIDENBERG. BS. El Ed DOUGLAS J NEILSON. 8 A . Journalism. Warehouse Editor. Tomplar JOSEPH H NEJMAN B A. General Studios. JV Football Ml CLARENCE L NELSON. B A . Religion PATRICE A NELSON. B S Nursing KAREN E NESTEL. BA. Physical EdDANN NEUBAUER. B A . General Stud.es ROBERT L NIPON B A . Social Scene© HAROLD R NDER III. BS. Biology MARTIN A NOCK. B.A , Social Science CARMELA M NOVIELLI. B A Italian AMIEL B NOUOSELLER. B B A.. Management SAMUEL J NUGENT B A Political Science Magna Cum Lauda. Golf DANIELI S NYAMAGENI. B S . Pharmacy. Phi Delta Ch. TIMOTHY A OCHLAK. B S Pharmacy. Kappa Pa. 282 THOMAS p O'CONNOR. BA Anthropology. Omega P. Mu KATHLEEN OLDER B S„ Geology MICHAEL J OLENSKI.BA .R T F IDA R OLITSKY. B A Hebrew. Summa Cum Laudo Ph. Beta Kappa PFMII!DOLORES M OLS2YNA. BA Chemistry MARTHA M ONAFERKO. B A Journalism Temple Nows Editor Student Handbook Editor BERNICE M ORLANDO B A Sociology Magna Cum Laude ROBERT F OSTRUM B A . Biology. Doan s List SUSAN E OVERLANDER B A Psychology GARY W PACROPIS. B A . B-ology EVELYN B PAGE B S W Social Welfare ANNIE M PALMER. B S . ECH Ed . Honor Roll BRONIA W PALMER BS. Pharmacy 283 DANIEL J PALMO B S . Industrial Arts Dean's Ust VINCENT J PANETTA BS HPERD . Pres Scholar VALERIE A PANUNTO. B A . French. Dean's List. Temple's TheaterGREGORY W PAPA. B S . Pharmacy. Rho Pi Phi EDMUND B PAIERNIK. B A.. RTF SANTIAGO L PARLADE B S Moth Ed. BRUCE E PARLOW. B B A Accounting EVELYN E PARTRIDG. B S Pharmacy JEAN M PASQUARELLA. B S El Ed . Dean's List LOIS M PASSALACQUA 8 S Journalism MICHAEL J PASTORE, 8 B A. Marketing ELIZABETH L PATTERS B S W . Social Welfare TERRI M PAYNTOR B A Psychology 284MITCHELL E PFEFFER. B A. Psychology WILLIAM J PHELAN. B B A Marketing. Sigma Pi. Soccer GEORGE E PHILLIPS III. 8 A. Physical Ed.. Track. JV Basketball MARK S PEARLSTEIN. 8 A Political Soenco Dean's List. Pres Scholar Athlotic Awards Crow. JV Crew ROSEANN PECORE BSW. Social Welfare STEPHEN M PElPER, B A . Anthropology JUANITA J PEREDO B S . El Ed MARVIN PEREL. B B A Economics Ormcron Delta Epsilon. Honors Society RAY J PEREZ. B A Sociology KAREN F PERKEL. B A Sociology MICHELE PERLMAN B S . El Ed . Emma Johnson Scholarship. Summa Cum Laude. Pros Scholar LOUIS A PERRY. BS. Social Studios Sec Ed DANNY PETRARCA B A Psychology. Doan's List 285ANNE PIKUTIS. BS Pharmacy CASSANDRA M PlSTORIUS B S English Ed Doan’s List ANNIE R PITT, BS., ECH Ed EDWARD M PIURKOWSKY, B A . Sociology MARC P PLOTNICK. B A Biology MILFORD L PORTER B A , Journalism WAYNE A POTOK B B A . Finance. J V. Crow LARRY A PIETRAFITTA. B A . Art History JOAN S PINSKY. B A . Art History CEREDA M PINTO BS. El Ed HUBERT W PIPKIN. B B A . Accounting JV Boskotball 2WRICHARD B POTTS B A Anthropology. Phi Beta Kappa. Omega Pi Mu EDGAR W POWELL III. BA Political Science. Pi Sigma Alpha STEPHEN H PRAISSMAN. B S , Pharmacy. Rho Pi Phi MICHAEL N PRENTICE. B S Physical Ed and Health GARY PRESSLEY. B A , Spooch Honors m Speech IRMA L PRICE BS .ECH Ed MITCHELL S PRICE. B M E . Musrc WILLIAM J PRIESTLEY. BS Biology DARIA M PROCHURSKA. B S . RTF NANCY R PRUDEN. BA. H.story. Honors In History RICHARD C PRUYNE. B S Pharmacy. Kappa Psi THOMAS I PULEO B A . Political Science ERNEST J QUATRANI. JR.. B S . Communications KENNETH R RADO. B S.. Electrical EngineerFRANCIS J RAFFA B S Foreign Language Ed CYNTHIA L. RAND. B S Sec Ed . Social Studies Magna Cum Lauda EDWINA L RANKIN. B S . Journalism, Tompto News Ambler Medium FRANK J RASO B B A . Industrial Relations. Doan's List MICHELE M REDDEN. B S W.. Social Welfare ELOlSE M REED. BSW. Social Administration SARA L REINHART B S ECH Ed DAVID C REINSTEIN. B B A Marketing JOHN D RENWICK B B A Business WILLIAM J REYNOLDS. B B A. Statistics. Ambler Medium NICK A RICH. B A . R T F BRENDA RICHELSON. B S Ed 288RUSSELL G RISK B F A . Graphic Oosign ROBERT W RICHIE. BA Political Science SHELDON RIZEN. BA. English CHRISTOPHER M ROCK, 8 S . Pharmacy Alpha Zeta Omega JOSEPH G ROKACZ. B A . Political Science. Magna Cum Laude RAMON ROMAN. B S Art Ed BURNS A ROSE BA Business Ed NANCY J ROSE. B A Anthropology SHERYL R ROSEN, BS. El Ed ELLEN B ROSENBAUM. BA. Sociology STEVEN L ROSEN8ERG. B A Genoral Science TOMMY ROSENFIELD. BB A Accounting ALLN G ROSENFIELD. B F A . Painting RICHARD D ROSENTHAL B A Urban Studies ROBERT A M ROSS B S Music Ed Pn, Mu Alpha. Sinfonio Summa Cum Laude. Temple Choir MARLENE R ROSSI. BS El Ed . Deans L-st 289THOMAS W ROUNDS. B A , Psychology MARY C ROWLEY. B A . Liberal Arts JOYCE E ROYSTER. B S W. Social Administration MARCIE L RUBIN. 8 S . El Ed.. Iota Aloha Pi. Dean's List TOBY A RUBIN. BS. ECH Ed Pres Ph. Sigma Sigma ROBERT B RYAK, B B A . Management. Baseball. J V Football JOHN J RZEMIEWSKI. BA. Art MARCIE D SA8AROFF. BA. Spanish BARBARA A SADO. B A , Psychology JETHER H SAILER. JR B A . Industrial Relation. Dean s List 790 JAMES M SALAMONE. BA. Political Science SHARI E SALIS. BA Music EDWARD M SALKIND. B A History. Zota 8ota Tau. FencingV w i JOHN A SALMI ER I. B B A Accounting CARL SAMUELS B S Pharmacy QUINTON SANDERS B A . An VALORlE B SANDERS B A . Sociology FELIX SANTIAGO. BSW Social Work GLENDA R SAVAGE. B S . El Ed NANCY L SAVIE. B S . Nursing GARY S SAVRIN. B B A . Accounting WILLIAM J SCHAEFER. BSW Social Welfare BERNARD E SCHAEFER. B A Political Science BELLA L SCHAFER. BSW Social Welfare ROBIN A SCHAFFER BA. Psychology RICHARD E SCHEUERMANN. B S Pharmacy. Rho Pi Phi Dean s List EDWARD T SCHLOSSER. B S Political Science MARIE B SCHMELTZER. B S . El Ed Doan's List CAROL A SCHMID B A Sociology ■29 WITNEY W SCHNEIDMAN. B A History. Afr.con Studies HANS V SCHOENBERGER B B A Accounting. Beto Alpha Ps. FREDERICK M SCHOLL. B A. Speech STEPHEN F SCHREIBER B A . History EDWARD H SCHULTZ. JR . B B A . Accounting Botn Alpha Psi BERNARD P SCHWARTZ BA General Studies HELEN SCHWARTZ. B A Anthropology KENNETH R SCHWARTZ. B B A Accounting RONNIE M SCOTKIN. B S W . Soc-al Work. Dean s List. Temple Nows JOSEPH B D SCULL. BS..RTF. WRTI HESTER L SEARLES BS. Ed. Deons List BARBARA A SEAY. B S . El Ed JAMES R SEITZ, BA, Political Science. Dean's List DANIEL F SNEBERGER B F A . Design. Tracks Magazine 292ANDREW L SESSOMS B A . Psychology MARCIA D SESSOMS. BSW Soc.al Welfare. Award for Volunteer Services GAIL N SHAMBERG. BS ECH Ed RAV G SHANKWEILER B A . Liboral Arts ANDREW c SHAPIRO. B S . Pharmacy ENA S SHAPIRO. BS and BA Ed and RTF. Dean s List. Tennis FREDRIC A SHAPIRO BA Political Science. Phi Bota Kappa. Dean's Ust. Pros Scholar. Summa Cum Laude MICHAEL D SHAPIRO BA Biology Biology Honors. Phi Beta Kappa Pros Scholar. Dean's List ROBERT SHARAMATEW BA History Temple Marching Band SIDNEY E SHARP BS Biology ana General Science BETH E SHECKMAN B A Spee Pathology MICHAEL SHENKMAN B S Pharmacy Rho Pi Phi, Deon's List 393ROBERT H SHERMAN. BSW Social Work, Dean's Ust SINOY I SHERMAN. B A . French CHERYL E SHORE. B S . El Ed JANET SHROPSHIRE. BS. ECH and El Ed Doan's List SUSAN M SHUBERT B A. Psychology Dean's Ust SHEILA R SIDNEY. B S El Ed CAROL C SIEGER. B S . Pharmacy RUGENIA SILVER B B A . Accounting. Beta Alpha Psi Dean's List MARY J SIMEO. B A Psychology. Dean's List EUGENE S SIMKO. B B A.. Economics. Omicron Delta Epsilon. Honor Society DAVID A SIMON. B B A.. Accounting. Dean's List. Beta Alpha Psi HEOY K SINGER 8 S El and ECH Ed Magna Cum Laude. 1975 Fulbnght Graduate Rocroetion Award for Fencing. Fencing Team CHARLES SINGLETARY. BS. Recreation CLARA A SKIPPER. B S ECH Ed GERALD A SKLAROW B B A Accounting, Bote Alpha Psi 294ELLEN SLUTSKY. B S El Ed.. Dean's List RICHARD G SMITH. BA Psychology SUSAN G SMITH. BS. El Ed THERESA K. SMITH, BS. El Ed MARC SMOLONSKY. BA, Journalism. Editor Monday Magazine, J V Football MAXINE SMUKLER B S ECH Ed CHERYL J SNYDER. BS Chemistry Ed VICTOR M SNYDER BA. History BARRY SOBEL BS RTF CINDY SOBIESKI. 8 B A . Accounting, Beta Alpha Psi Beta Gamma Sigma. R A in Hardwick CAROL SOFFA. B A , History. Phi Alpha Theta. Dean s List MURIEL E SOLOMON, B S W . Social Welfare 293DENNIS W SOWERS B A . English. Dean's List, Temple News ANNETTA C SOYODE 8 S . Business Ed DAVID D SPEACE 8 A RTF Temple News Monday Manager LARRY M SPERLING. BS Moth Ed ROBIN G SPIEGELHALDER. BS Pharmacy LYNN E SPILOVE. BSE Art Ed. Vice Pros Delta Phi Epsilon, Doan's List JOSEPH C SPNELLI. 8.S. El Ed. Dean's List HARVEY SPIVACK B S . Math Ed STANLEY R STARK. B B A Marketing SHARON V STATKIEWICZ B A . Music Ed NANCY H STAPLER. B A . Music. Summa Cum Laude LAMONT B STEPTOE. BA RTF SHELDON D STEING. BA. Hebrew SHERRYL L STERN. B A . Psychology. Psi Chi Society ANNE D STEVENSON. B A Psychology VASHTINE STEVENSON. B S El Ed 296CHRISTINA L STEWART B B A Accounting. Beta Alpha Psi HEATHER R STEWART. B S W . Social Welfnro FRANCES M STITH B S W Social Wolfere RAYMOND C STOKES. B S Pre Law IRA V STRAIN-BEY. BS. Physical Ed. Kappa Alpha Psi. Doan's List ALFREDA STRAND, BS ECH Ed VICTORIA A STURGES. B S , El Ed Alpha Lambda Delta. Magna Cum Laude ANTOINETTE C. STYER B A . Speech SANDRA M STUMPO. B S . HPERD. Dean's List STEPHEN SUGARMAN, B S Pharmacy. Alpha Zeta Phega 297 JOYCE E SUMMERS B A . Counseling Psychology MICHAEL E SUTTON. B A . Liberal Arts, Kappa Alpha Psi LINDA M SZYMANSKI B S ECH Ed Oeon's ListLESLIE A TADZYNSKI. B S Pharmacy. Pho Pi Phi. Dean's List. Rho Chi Honor Society EDWARD C TABAS B S . El Ed PAMELA M TAGLIENTI. B A English THOMAS F TAIT. JR B S . Architecture FAYE J TARANSKY. B S Ed GOLDIE D TARLO. B.S . Journalism R A m Hardwick. Bowling. Templar STACY TARNOPOL 8 A Political Science HEDY A TAUB. B A Psychology. Psi Chi Honor Society MARY J TAYLOR. B A . Psychology PATRICIA A TAYLOR. B A Political Science LARRY H TEITELBAUM. 8 A . Journolism ZEV TEPEL. B S . Pharmacy. Alpha Zeta Omega 798RICHARDO E TERRERO. BA. Spanish Ed BERNADETTE M THOMAS. B A . El Ed DARLENE THOMAS BSW Social Welfare Donna List LORRAINE THOMAS. B B A . Accounting Beta Alpha Psi. Doan’s List ROBERT J THOMAS. JR BA. Sociology. Dean’s List GARLAND L THOMPSON BA Journalism RTF TERESA THOMPSON B S W Social Welfare Dean s List ROSA I TIRADO. B S . El Ed BARBARA A TIRRELL. BA Theatre. Charlotte Cushman Award Temple's TheatreELLEN B TOLL BS Pharmacy. Dean s List GEORGINE M TOMASI. B A Spanish NATALIA M TOMASSINI B S El Ed JOSEPH S TOMKO, B S . Pharmacy. Kappa Psi JAMES R TOMLIN JR BS. Civil Engineer MARC B TOPLIN. B A American Studies JOANNE TROIAND. BS El Ed Deans List GAETON A TROPEA B A Psychology TALMA TSUR, B S . Ed THEOLA F TUCKER. B S . El Ed Alpha Lamda Delta. Summa Cum Laude. Alpha Kappa Alpha 300FRANK VITULE III, B B A Accounting. Beta Alpho Psi. Doan's List JANE M VONBERGEN. BS. Sec Ed, Temple News CYNTHIA E VORON. B S , RTF. Dean’s List ROBERT J TURNER. B B A Accounting HARVEY R UDELL B A History. Phi Alpha Theta JOSEPH N URICCHIO. B A General Program. Sailing ISAAC B USEN B B A Finance CAROLYN L VANN 8 A ECH Ed . Dean's List LAURA VARANO. B S . El Ed AIDA VEGA Master Ed El Ed MOSHE VEISBLATT. B A Political Science RUTH V VENNEN 8 A Chemistry LOUIS R VIOLA B S . Pharmacy. Kappa PsiBRADFORD D WAGNER. B A Political Science, Cum Laude SHERYL L WAGNER BS. El Ed. Dean's List STEPHEN J WASKO. B A . Russian CAROL J WASNICK B S.. El Ed . Cum Laude. Dean s List DONALD R WASSINGER. BM E. Music Ed. Temple Choir NANCI K WASSMANN. B A . Art, Archory EVELYN E WATERS B A El and ECH Ed.. Dean s List JAMES S WATSON. BS. Accounting MARJORY J WATSON B A English IVAN E WAISBORD. B S Accounting ELOISE D WALKER. BA. History JAMES V WALSH. B B A . Statistics VALERIE K WALYNETZ. BA. English 302WILLIAM H WATSON. B S Economics ALAN S WAXMAN. B A Psychology R08YN H WAXMAN 8 S . El Ed WENDY B WAXMAN. B S . El Ed CHARLES L WEBB. B A . Social Science. Doan’s Ust THOMAS B WEBER. B B A Marketing EDWARD J WEICK JR BA. Sociology. Dean’s U6t JAY WEINER B A . Liberal Arts ILYA J WEINGARTEN, BSW. Social Welfare MARY N WEINSTEIN BS. Sec Ed. French and Spanish EBENE2ER WEISH. JR.BME Mus.c Ed . Alpha Phi Alpha. Marching Bond BART C WEISS, BA RTF WRTI MARIE E WEST. B A Psychology Pros lota Alpha Pi DAVID G WESTERHOLM B S . Pre-Mod 303BARBARA O WHALEY BS. ECH and El Ed LINDA C WHITAKER, B A Psychology ROSS E WHITE, BA., Psychology THERESA B WHITFIELD. BS. ECH Ed GARY W WHITHAM B S Pharmacy RALPH W WHITLEY. 8 BA Marketing PAMELA N WHY ATT. B A . Economics HENRY R WIESE B S . Sec Ed EDWARD S WIGGINS. B B A Accounting RICHARD W WIGMOR. E B A. Business Management MARYANN R WILHELM 8 A . Accounting ond Insurance GEORGE R WILHELMI. B S.. El Ed acuBEATRICE WILLIAMS B S El Ed DAYNESE A WILLIAMS. BS.Md Technology GLENN R WILLIAMS, B BA. Insurance and Real Estate BELINDA M WILSON. Master Health Ed . Cheerleader THOMAS S WILSON. BA Sociology STANLEY D WINKLER BA. Journalism DIANA E WINOKVR B S . Sac Ed . Pros Scholar. Dean's List DAVID L WISE. B M Music Theory. Phi Beta Kappa BRUCE J WISOTSKY. B A . Psychology. Tau Epsilon Phi. Psi Chi. Sum- mo Cum Laudo STEPHEN WOLPER. BA. Biology ADA 8 WOOD. B S El Ed ARLENE E WOODS. B B A Accounting CHARLES E WOOLSON. JR BA Politico! Science PETER WOEKIN B A Political Science Fencing WAYNE S WRIGHT. B S. El Ed Doan's List KYUCHUL YANG. BS English Sec Ed. Pres Scholar 305MARC S YANOFF. B B A Industrial Relation Dean's List LAWRENCE A YATES BA..RTF SUSAN YELLENBERG B S . El Ed BRUCE R YOUNG. B S Pharmacy. Kappa P CHARLES B YOUNG. JR.BA. Sociology PAUL S YUSEM, BA. Psychology JOYCE A ZAWOONY. BA, Art SUSAN W ZAWROTNY, B S Pharmacy. Rho Chi ARTHUR C ZEIDMAN. B A . Political Science and History. Ph. Beta Kappa. Pi Sigma Alpha BARBARA B ZACKER B S . El Ed SummoCum Lauda JACOB H ZAMANSKY, B A Political Science Dean's List Summa Cum Laude Tennis. Swimming. Hockey. J V Hockey RONALD ZARITSKY. B B A Marketing MICHELE J ZAVIOOW BA Sociology. Deans List 306DAVID S ZEITZER B B A Marketing HERBERT J ZIEU B B A . Marketing. Who's Who in American Univ and Colleges RHONDA G ZITMAN. B S . Nursing JOANNE C ZMUIDA B A Anthropology ALLYN S ZYGMUND. B S El Ed . Dean's List EDWIN APONTE MELENDEZ. B A Psychology RA m Hardwick DOROTHY W BAUER B S . Business Ed P. Epsilon Pi. Magna Cum Laude HARRY BRUNER. B S Pharmacy THOMAS L CARPENTER B A Physical Ed Baseball THOMAS J DARKINSON. B S Theatre ROBERT C ELWELL. B S Pharmacy CATHERINE C KENT, Masters El Ed . EDMOND LUSCO BA Cum Laude RETHA B MC FADDEN. Masters Ed Magna Cum Laude GREGORY C MCKENZIE. BS Pharmacy Kappa Psi. Kappa Psi Scholarship STEPHEN MC NICHAL B B A Business Admin 307JOHN A PIETRAFITTA. B S . Pharmacy ELIZABETH T PARKER. BS. Social Welfare DE80RAH Y REESE. BA. Business Ed ERIC M SAFIRE BA. American Studies. Dean's list YVONNE D SENKINS BA. Psychology. Alpha Kappa Alpha ROBERT L SPIVAK. B S . Pharmacy ROBIN G STRICOFF. B S W . Social Work MARGARET VANBUSKIRK. B S Ed THOMAS J WEINTEL. B A . Theater STANLEY J WOJCIECHOWSKI. BA. Architecture ALLEN G DAVIDSON ETHELYN DAWSON MARY R DESIMONE DELORES GARRISON ANNETTE F GREENBERG JAMES G HARTLEY MARK G PRESTOY RICHARD PRUYNE ARLENE N WARNER 3083M Commencement photos courtesy of The Temple Times312 rail nnujffrtfw r Mar % r k' F • SjOPS! HmdCflur Hml isnl Itslcd in the fall schedule Lom lQS P»usmfsymn and law PWe isik Lav»I Ttw DIBOflH tore 20001 Bd HUBWl cnrollrfcn! Into to 20 m mgtkr ami fAl %mmu 19 IS Um+ 206 m»tg£ uun tatoputfi £0 4 11 'Thur 9 %e vomvi. P, ¥ I313V,' 316317319320 PEOPLE PAGES 320- 330 The next eleven pages may be nothing but people, but that's Temple; People. tmm  Ol rV± Oyu 322325327BitYou have just seen over thirty pictures of people, and if you still wonder what Temple is all about, look at them again. Why? Because Temple is all of the people you just saw. That is what Temple is all about, people. Love-hating, laughing-crying, smiling-frowning, and most of all living. People in all their many moods, that's Temple. 330Templar 1975 wishes to take this opportunity to thank all those whose advertisements have helped to make this yearbook possible. We would like to thank everyone personally, however time and space do not permit us. You can help us show our appreciation by patronizing their businesses. The Templar 1975 StaffWishing won’t do it... Saving will8 Western w Womb . OIC Broad A estnui Sweets l UMrtehia 19107 It’s Time... March of Dimes Time. » tr«ct (out. •• T« r-m »««. Your College Ring... IT S REAL THINK OF THE VALUE! Liletime Guarantee 4 Week Delivery Josten's Inc. W.C. Ludwig, Jr. Tcmp|e Univ. Bookstore 415 Moreland Road 13th antj Montgomery Aves. Huntington Valley. Pa. 19006 Phila., Pa. 19122 947-4272 LEN RUBIN 517 MAPLE HILL RD. HAVERTOWN PA. HI6-269S RAY MURPHY Dispensing Optician 6447 RISING SUN AVE. PHILADELPHIA, PA. 19111 PHONE RA 2-8049 OR RA 5-3650 332We re telling 44 million prisoners in the United States how to escape. For a free booklet on how to stop smoki ng. call or write your local unit of the American Cancer SocietyLIFE CASUALTY If you compare, you’ll select AEtna... If you don’t compare, don’t say we didn't warn you! CAMPUS REPRESENTATIVES Irwin Charlap Marian DeBerry Elaine Easton M ichael M cBryan Ross Schriftman 3 Penn Center Plaza Phila., Pa. 19102 (215) L08-2131 Suite UII11 The AEtna College Plan... Life Insurance for students AEtna Life Insurance Company, Hartford, Connecticut 33 Custom Drapery Cleaning Since 1896 WE MAKE CUSTOM TAILORED DRAPERIES SOUNDEX ELECTRONICS OF WILLOW GROVE. PENNA Emm « a Vo Roadi Widow Oiom. mn 14000 OR 6944 a 019 8819 SUPCRSCOPC CC15M fM CAR RADIO CONVERTER You nayar Hoard it no food • MANHEIM AVR Scientific FOR FREE ESTIMATE call 438-4116 Flame Proofing The total approach to your laboratory needs. 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Thanks to all our friends at for your continued patronage, cooperation and encouragement, the Macke company College University Services Division Cheverly. Md. 20781 FOOD SERVICE MANAGERS AT THE FOLLOWING FACILITIES ■ Student Activity Center ■ Peabody Hall ■ Ambler Campus ■ Tyler Campus ■ Johnson Hardwick Halls 3ttJOHN M. DUFFY AND P. HUGHES SON PROVIDENT NATIONAL LANK 15-21 North 59th Street Phi ladel phia, Penna. 19139 3509 N Bioad Street Philadelphia, Penna. 19MO BROAD MOSORS 30RD Center City’s Only Ford Dealer 600 N. Broad Street Philadelphia, Penna. 19130 GR6-7450 GR6-8436 (2 IS) CE6 7500 A Franklin Music Man doesn't just sell audio. He knows 1125 CHESTNUT ST Pn U »elph«a • (font RECORDS PLYMOUTH MEETING MALL Plymouth Meenng P phone 825-92 2 SPRINGFIELD MALL am Sprmgli«ld P« "-one $43 audio. A Franklin Music Man is the difference between buying an earful of sound and an earful of sell He's someone who knows what he's talking about. 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P09-1523 commercial office supply company office furniture . business products . printing • 1150 orthodox itreet Philadelphia, penna. 19124 Cumberland 8-9933 340Best Wishes to the Class of 1975 MERJN STUDIOS Grant Avenue and Ashton Road Philadelphia, Penna. (215) 0R3-5777 341The Old and Original $mmr, is back! Congratulations to the Senior Class Stop By Anytime! 3244 Germantown Avenue (215) 228-9749 YOU'RE ALWAYS NUMBER ONE AT rr CONTINENTAL BANK. 6 Easy Ways to Pay 343 555 N. Broad Street Philadelphia, Penna. 19123 Phone (215) 923-2250TEMPLE GRILL HOO ONEWAY THE AIRPORT EXPRESS BUS. Alrpoft Ban vtop at Hlh K Matin Sltfrt Kvading Trimiiwl City Mall Station IViw Cfnlci 30lh Sltffl Station !o flat I Kara tali' • The I lanlfoid o« t IndrinuM I inn • On Beading l inn • thr Broad Stiff! t Ina • A bin »f thf rrnnCanlial I lw% • Marin St na prim Cfntral I Wn Broad Street Rising Sun Avenue (2IS) BA6-6090 To the Class of 75 LINTON'S RESTAURANT .1700 N. Broad Street Transfer privileges av.ill.ihle lo and from Intervening Sf.PTA transit routes For more information call IXV) 4800 SYSTEM lrtm Prftv Aw Vmi rovcmsttmM t r tystom Mr. H.M. Bugg, Mgr. Mr. J. Ellis. Assistant Mgr. Mr. R. Ferron, Assistant Mgr. Congratulations to the Senior Class from GfNO'S Broad Street Columbia Avenue 343The General Alumni Association proudly welcomes you as a member. We sincerely hope that you will wish to continue your association with Temple University, since its continuing and ultimate strength rests with its alumni. This Handbook has been prepared to acquaint you with the activities and services of the Association, in the hope that you will remain actively interested and involved in its progress and that of the University. SCHOOL ALUMNI ASSOCIATIONS Each school and college of the University has its own alumni association, governed by a board of directors. Each school board has representation on the General Alumni Association Board, and reflects the particular academic and professional interests and needs of its school. Membership on school association boards is open to any alumnus of the school. TEMPLE ABROAD Alumni and their families are offered exceptional high-quality, low-cost tours through the Association's group travel program, Temple Abroad. ALUMNI CLUBS A wide network of regional, athletic, and special interest clubs are available to alumni throughout the country. ALUMNI INSURANCE The Association, through the Collegiate Alumni Trust, provides a truly excellent life insurance program to its members. Young alumni particularly benefit from the low rates. SERVICES The University extends library services and recreational facilities to all Temple alumni. FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION For more detailed information, or for assistance on any of the services or activities listed in this Handbook, please write the Executive Director, Alumni Center, 1619 Walnut Street, Philadelphia. Pa. 19103. Telephone number (215) 787-7521. 344Temple University Center CityCongratulations to the Senior Class from The Vendors MIKE'S LUNCH AL'S COFFEE TRUCK Montgomery Park Avenues 13th Street Montgomery Avenue SID'S LUNCH TRUCK - COSMIC PRETZELS W N.E. cornerol No. 1 1 2th Street Berks Avenue 13th Street Montgomery Avenue No. 2 13th Street Paley Library AL'S GENE'S LUNCH BOX 12th Street Berks Avenue Broad Street Berks Avenue Fantastic meatball sandwiches A hot dogs. Stop in we treat you right NICK'S LUNCH Broad Street Law School Hot Dogs Hamburgers Meatball Sandwiches SAM THE FALAFEL MAN THE GOOD FOOD BUS 1865 N. 13th Street 1 Falafel 2 Hot Bagel 3 Kosher Egg Roll ■1) Kosher Hot Dogs Specializing in: gourmet dishes, the best chunky chicken in Philadelphia, 5 good atmosphere' 346 Gerhard Who? Gerhard Who? Gerhard Who? Gerhard Who? Gerhard Who? Gerhard Who7 Gerhard Who? Gerhard Who? Gerhard Who? Gerhard Who? Gerhard Who? Gerhard Who? Gerhard Who? Gerhard Who? Gerhard Who? Gerhard Who7 Gerhard Who? Gerhard Who7 Congratulations to the Senior Class of 1975 from the folks who brought you- 1. An end to the towing 2. Free legal parking on Temple streets 3. The preservation of the Student Development Program 4. The Mitten Hall Game Room Good luck from the Student Senate IOhm pjPMjap omm PJCM O c°MM pjeqjao d°MAA pJeqjaQ omm pjeM-»9 pJ6M 39 pJeiiJOO 348 Gerhard Who? Gerhard Who? Gerhard Who? Gerhard Who? Gerhard Who? Gerhard Who? Gerhard Who? Gerhard Who7 Gerhard Who7 Gerhard Who? GerhardGet your career off to a flying start. How? Qualify for Air Force Officer Training. It'll open the door to pilot or navigator training. And it’ll lead to an executive career with major opportunities, responsibilities and rewards. Let the details convince you. Visit our Air Force Office at 119 N. Broad St., or call 597-9344. 349TEMPLAR DEDICATION Templar is back after a three year absence. The road to recovery was difficult and required the assistance of a few really great people who aided Templar unstintingly. To show our appreciation of the selflessness shown us by these two people the 51st volume of Templar is dedicated to Dr.s Norma Furst and Lee Carl. Templar thanks its "fairy god mother" and "knight in shining armor". 350TEMPLAR 1975 oditor-in-chlef business manager managing editor sales manager photography editor seniors editor academics editor culture editor sports editor Samuel A. MacDonald Donald J. Chlnoy Timothy S. Casey Douglas J. Nellson Raymond Breftenbach Sherry Lewln Christine Nellson lllone J. Cowen James Homan staff: Tanya Binner, Rhonda Casey. Brian Ficak, Jennie Fleck, Lexi Qrzybowskl, John Hogan. Pattis Matkowski. Bert Max. Dave Mueller. Karen Tanningsin staff artista: Edwin Herder. Kevin Padden, R. Gregory Risko, Oan Snaberger photographers: Timothy S. Casey, lllona. J. Cowan. Peter J. DiPaolo. Lee Ferber, Valentin I. Jablokov, Elias Leon. Philip Lo. Douglas J. Nellson contributing photographers: Ken OeBlieu. Art Braltman. John Campoli. Anna Casey. John Folay. Jody Kolodzey, Arnia Lurie. Joseph Millard. Gus Moyar, Gary Scalise, Dave Speaca. Goldie Tarlo. Pater Voriimmer, Joal Ziegler THE LAST WORD Traditionally the last page in a yearbook is for the message to the students from the editor, but all I can think to say is thanks. It isn't the staff who makes a yearbook possible. It's the students who make a yearbook possible. So, thanks for making Templar possible. In particular great thanks should go to Stan Mazurek, Bernice Stalberg and the rest of the Temple Purchasing Department for without their help we wouldn't have a Templar. Thanks also go to Tim and Rhonda Casey, who were my strongest supporters, John Gruszka and Macke Co., Temple Times, The Temple News. Conwella Templana, Mary Desimone, Marv Merin and Merin Studios, and Steve Hamer and The Inter-Collegiate crowd. More personally I thank all my friends who helped me this year and most importantly the Templar staff, they are the ones who brought you this book.BNIVfcRSJTY NfcWS BURfcAl TEMPLE university •'"HUA. PENiMA 19122TEMPLAR 1975

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