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» ■i 1 3?BUT FIRST, A WORD FROM YOUR EDITORS . . . Most of us entered Temple just as the era of Woodstock was dying out. Apathy was the biggest subject (or rather non-subject) for the Class of 74. For most of our class, the lack of a yearbook was quite appropriate. "Who the Hell needs one?” was replaced by "Who Cares?". Somewhere under the tons of ignorance (God only knows where) a flicker of hope survived. Through the Student Senate, a handful of students got together with the administration and Merin Studios to put this book together. With a little bit of ass-kicking and hair-pulling and a lot of blood, sweat, etc., we got it all together. We didn't hurt anyone with it: we didn’t force it on anyone, and we proved that there were enough people interested enough to have their pictures taken for this book. So the next time someone says, "Who the Hell cares?”, think about it for awhile. Who Cares? YOU DO! That's why you’re reading this now. With wishes for peace and happiness, Len Messinger Alan Pomerantz MaryEllen Driscoll Scott Rawdin. . . AND THEN, YOUR FRIENDLY PRESIDENT TEMPLE PRESIDENT, Dr. Marvin Wachman The Class of 1974 began its educational journey at Temple University at a turbulent time, in a nation struggling with an unpopular war and social unrest. You ended your brief stay here as alumni, in a nation now profoundly troubled by one of the worst political scandals of its 200-year old history. But, surprisingly, there is little cynicism in the class of 74. In fact, I think your mood is just the opposite. To me. it seems to be seasoned with optimism and hope for the future, and accompanied by a new awareness of your individual responsibilities as citizens. A democracy thrives best when it has informed, educated people who can think for themselves, reason, and make decisions based on a sense of values. The diploma you worked so hard for is therefore only one benchmark in a life-long search for values and ideas. In that continuing search, all of us at Temple wish you the very best.I 4 1972-73 Student IMephnnc I hroctury A -AN |4 ui- I oTJ3ihr UrfH'if TEMPLE UNIVERSITYFormer President Paul Anderson During our first three years at Temple, we would receive letters from the University signed “Paul R. Anderson, President." And, we would wonder who he was. The letters told us he was President of the University but, we knew nothing about the enigma behind the title. The average Temple student wouldn't have known Paul R. Anderson's face well enough to say hello, or curse him in the unlikely event he would walk through campus. A name, invisible or, worse, uninterested. Dr. Marvin Wachman decided in the first year of his tenure as President that he would like to meet the student body of Temple. So, Wachman made a concerted effort to establish some sort of rapport. He walked around campus, introducing himself, asking the students questions about the University. It would be unfair to try and judge Dr. Wachman’s first year as President on these efforts alone but. his efforts to reevaluate the University's role in both the students’ lives and in society have indicated he is dedicated to his role as an educator. Temple President Marvin WachmanDr. Gerhardt Who? is the normal reaction of the average Temple student at the mention of his name. For, despite his title, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Spiegler is one of the less recognizable names in the University hierarchy. This could be because Spiegler is essentially a behind-the-scenes person, affecting so much of what happens to a student without directly affecting the all-important transcript. He is, most importantly, a man who believes in the potential of the University and the students in it. Dr. Gerhardt Spiegler Dr. Norma Furst Dr. Norma Furst, formerly coordinator of Student Affairs, was named this spring to the post of Dean of Students. She brought with her a reputation for understanding the problems and hassles that the college student encounters. “I see my role as that of a person here to aid the students. I act as a buffer between the administration and the students, working with the faculty, helping them to understand the students. I want to see the students fulfill themselves.”There is really no reason for a woman to want any career more than that of a wife and mother. After all, if women were meant to be scientists and lawyers, there would have been openings for them long ago. Having women take care of the home while their husbands go to work to support the household is an accepted fact. Why change it? Women have that instinct to know what's right for around the house; what furniture matches what, the type of foods that should be served together. That sort of thing has been passed down from mother to daughter, sort of a trade secret, just between the girls. Except for the survival basics, a man just doesn’t do that sort of thing. He'd feel a little silly, frankly, trying to plan a menu. MALE CHAUVINISM For a few. the thrill of running for BMOC is still there. And. another thing. What's wrong with a guy wanting to hold the door open for a woman? Or lighting her cigarette, walking on the outside of the pavement? Some people really complain that they are antiquated ideas, that a woman can handle everything herself. But, there are still men who feel that these are the signs of respect for a woman, not telling her that she's capable or competent. Does a woman really want to hear that? Wouldn’t she rather hear that he is there and he’s going to protect her and make sure nothing happens to her. Surely, there are some women left who still feel they can get their greatest satisfaction in life from taking care of their man, making sure his life is comfortable. And, frankly, are they really that bad off because they feel that way?Woman was not created from man’s head, so that she could be above him. Nor was she created from his feet, so that he could tread on her. No, she was created from his rib, so that she could stand beside him as his equal. That statement may rankle a few people but, it is the essence of what women have begun to realize in the past few years. A woman's ability to count can be used for more than checking the number of ounces of baby formula, or checking the price tag of the little dress that “everyone is wearing.” Clothes and children are fine, but, now, the woman who really cares little for either can go along, presumably without having to be browbeaten for her ideas. Nor does a woman have to think of herself as a second class citizen. Woman does not have to apologize to anyone for thinking or WOMEN’S LIBERATION acting as if she is an intelligent human being. She can be a lawyer, radio technician or newswriter and she will be accepted — perhaps not immediately or totally but, at least she will not be stared at as if she were some sort of sideshow freak. Women's liberation does not mean that a woman can do without men or that she cares to. It just means that she can peacefully coexist with them; able, if wanted or necessary, to handle the bills and money matters of a household, as well as the physical duties that are necessary to keep the house itself together. A woman has a certain inner strength. It is this strength that will make a woman fight for the things she wants, whether it be a home and family or the freedom she has just acquired. Feminist Betty Friedan gives the finer points of the movement in a speech at Temple. HOMECOMING With all the talk about nostalgia and the times that were better, there has been a mad rush to go back into time, searching for symbols, incidents or artifacts that would somehow make life in the Seventies worth living, or at least the present times more bearable. For the present seems predestined to go down in history as “the bad old days,” despite constant reminders that “the good old days” consisted of, depending on your chronological starting point, one or two world wars, a depression, a national presidential scandal, unrest abroad, widespread crime and general apathy. Where then, lies the importance of trying to recapture the past, since “the good old days" left much to be desired, at least in terms of national generalities. What is the significance of an “American Graffiti?” Is it trying to throw the Kennedy idealism back in our faces or is it just there to provide us with a good soundtrack album? Or going back even further, why would any girl want to wear shouldered jackets like Joan Crawford, unless she wanted to look like a Chicago Bear lineman? Why would anyone want to be Homecoming Queen, for that matter? Especially when the word “queen” doesn't have quite the same connotations that it did in the fabulous Thirties, Forties, Fifties or whatever decade you’re pushing this week. Homecoming at Temple, 1973, proved that this is so. A tall, stately blonde ran for Homecoming Queen, as tall stately blondes have done for so many years in the past. The blonde in question, however, was Marc Monroe, an avowed homosexual, and a member of Temple's Gay Liberation Movement. That Monroe did not win is not the question in point. What does matter is that his running created questions about lifestyles and morality that cannot lie dormant. One wonders now what is relavent in an urban school where crossroads must intersect.Fencing.... Gymnastics Swimming Wi stling. prSwk.. . £, Track .., Baset l r TennisHOME TORS Volleyball .. Tenpis....... Field Hockey Basketball.. Swimming Bowling______ Gymnastics., Badminton . Fencing...... Softball .... Track .......Lines . . I must spend half my damn life at this place in line . . wish I could at least sit down on the steps . . I'd get trampled . . the Temple News used to tell which courses were closed . . saved me the trouble of finding out . . why the hell can't they schedule my required courses later than 8:30 . . Wonder if that history course is still open . . supposed to be an easy "A" . . those are gone by this time, though . . why can’t I just take things in my department . . spend half my life waiting in these damn lines . . the door? . . already? . . my student number is . . no, I’m in Communications . . no, not since I was in Basic Studies. . clear what? . . the journalism department knows that’s my HOW II 3HW1S nOA 3MWAAVH 5300 3NIH0VW N3»0i ONIXUVd iwna-wnova-wna) O ao mo oan oi 3DNVA0V — ni nox SNUfU 3NV SD0H3H0V3U1 S3WOO30 0N3IHJ sn0IA30 | TEMPI VISITING see acaocmic advisor - PICK 2 COURSCS FROM COLUMN A ANO 3 COURSES FROM COLUMN B rou isxnsr PATENT ON REO TAPE _ TIWP « PAT 0u ii watON nfiiiMHATlOH APPONTI CNT OOftACK l» CHsaovds u x NY 30 01 NO - 03W30 iN3m«Vd30 DVB 09 ONV ui3d uwens 1 NVWblVHD io Norssimijd DPOLY LIBRARY TAX PAY $4 A DAY OR 10% OF TUITION BILL MT »H S’ 0 BtOlSTfUTlC AB c»«.Tvri«r — FRESHMAN ORIENTATION ADMISSIONS ADVANCE 3 SPACES LOSES YOUR APPLICATION -GO BACK THEY VE GOTTA BE KIDDING TO GO P % major. . what library fine? . . I haven’t taken a book out all semester. . take my cards and put them . . I'll tell you where to put them . . they said I owe some money . . back of the line . . spend half my life in line . . half hour to tell me I owe a crummy nickle . . what can you get from the trucks for a dime? . . a line in front of phys ed? . . closed . . are you sure? . . how about section . . that, too? . . how about. . what time? . . omi-god . . good, great . . who else’d want underwater basketweaving? . . that’s alright . . actually, I'm mad as hell. . I just won't eat the same time as normal people . . check out my cards . . which is shorter line . . seems like IFUN AND GAMES PAGE ! WHICH ONE IS THE REAL FRANK RIZZO?Earl Christopher Abrams Anita S Acetlo Richard A Acelto Bruce Ackerman Franctsca Adames Jean Adger Marsha Adler Douglas Albright Tatiama Aiftmow Luis Alvarez. Jr Desimont Alston Leonard John Annucci Katy Anders Theodore Anderson. Jr Susan Anmuth Lee S. Antoville Richard Arter Carnegie P Asking Joseph S. Assalone Abby Augenblick Ronald J. Augustyn Carl H. Bagell Louis M Bagnato Lee B Balefsky Frances A Balz Frances Barber Jane E Bardon Rosalie Freedman Barol David A. Baron Denise C. Baron Bruce Kelly Barton Kenneth Bashoft Scott Edward Becker Kathryn J Beebe Robert Bell Joseph A BellettirieGerald F. Bellettirie Roland L. Beiiuscio Raymond Bennett Steven Mark Berger Lawrence S Berman Judith Bernstein Jane Berthoif Dolores Maria Bietlo David Alan Bilker Hallie B Billups Maria Bilynsky Thomas Bizzaro Stephen Blowitski Bruce L. Blumenthal Howard L Bobb. Jr Alfred J Boland Peter J. Bombaro Nina S. Bonderow Patricia A. Bongard Mona Bookbinder Alfred R. Borden IV Lynn Eileen Bosset Josephine Boyer Florence Boyer Joyce Boykin James Bracon Joyce Bradley Sarah Bradsher Fred Branerman Paula Bratman Donald Brecht Richard Breen, Jr. Joan Brewington William Broadus, Jr. Parrie Brooks Marlene BroomerAlison Brown Gall Brown Dennis Brown James Brown. Jr. Lorraine Brown Steven Brownstein Marianne Buccl Frederick Buck Stephen Buerkle Anthony Bunch Viola Burke Rebecca Butlor Rebecca E Butler Jeanette Butler Gary But; Robert Callahan Angela Cambria Angela-Jo Cannataro Linda Caputo Isabel l Cardomck Deborah Cam Vincent Carosella Oelores Carroll Kathryn Carter Ellen Casey Michele K Casey Lee Cavalierl Rita Cescolinl Laura Chase Levi Chasten. Jr. Deborah Carn Nancy Chinchilli Lily Ching-Chung Kao Ronald Chomski Seung Ho Chon Donna ChubinValerie Cicerone Angela Cimlno Anthony R, Cioe Lucille Clark James Clausius Pauline Cleaves Oscar B. Cobb III Josephine Codispoti Barry I Cohen Robin Cohn Anthony Colangelo Glenda Cooke Paula A. Cook Effle Costallas John Costeilo Jacquelyn Cottman Ermeiinda Croce Paula Cruz Cornelia Culler Chris Culupmto Richard Cutting Chnstine D'Amico Joseph D'Angelo Judith D'Orsogna Linda Do Angeiis Pamela De Shields Guy DeVicaris Joanna DeVuono John DiLacqua. Jr. Anna Marie DiNardo Sandra Di Stefano Philip Du Pont Georoe Dames John Dannecker Joseph Darby. Jr. Lois DawdElliot Davis Andrew Davis. Jr. Barbara Y. Davis Doretha Davis Juna Dawson Bonnie Dearmond Florence Delgado Richard Dempsey Craig Donoga Anthony Devitt III Robert Dissinger Stephen Dixon Diane Dobrowolski Lynda Donaldson Earle Doneson Nancy Dorfman James Douglas Mary Driscoll Ann Druckman Bobbie Duncan Richard Dunhoft Anita Q. Edmond Denise Edmonds Gail Ehrlich Alan Ehrlich Phyllis Ehrlich Steven Etsen Ken Eisenstock Margaret Ellner Mario Evangelist Michael Enaleman Akpan tno Donna Erlick Robert Eschbach Robert Esposito Robert EuroCraig Evans Russell Faith Arnold Farley Alan Farquharson Marjorie Farrell Mary Farrell Andrew Fazzinl Fred M. Feder Robyn Felnberg Wendy Feldbaum Lynne Feldman Ira Feldman David Ference Francis Ferrari Michael Ferretti Joseph Fida Man Fielder Ronda Fields Harold Feld Brenda Flelschmann Anna Fleming Ira Flitter Oarryl Flynn Howard M Ford Robert Ford Ruth Foreman Phyllis Forman Avconcia Fossie Carol Frank Mane Franks Claudette Franks Bruce Frantz Edward Franklin Matthew Fricker. Jr. Glenn S. Freed Lorraine FriedmanRussell Friedman Marc Furman Philip Gallo James Gambone Joan Gandy Ruth Garcia Gilberto Garcia Shyrelle Gardner Suzanne Gardner Alfreda Garr Roseanne Gaspari Richard Gaudiosi Wayne Geisser Linda Generate Debra Germer Ethel Gershman Michael Gerson Daniel Gerson Margaret Getz Larry Gtacchino Howard Gibbs. Jr Wanda Gigetts James Gilbert Lucille Gillespie Rona Ginn Lawrence Givner Eddie Glover Joetta Glover Shirley Glover Michael Glovin Ertha Mae Glymp Helene Gold Howard Geller Goldberg Karen Goldstein Richard Goldstein Marla GoodmanGale Goodstat Oooa'd Gordon Margaret Gorman Seth Gorman, Jr. Joseph Grandinetti Jack Granzow Steven Grayson Jules Greipp Olivia Green Joseph Green Sharyn Greenberg Dale Greenfetd Oale M Greenfeid Joseph Gromadzyn Alan Lee Grossman Robert Grossman Harry Grozio. II Lydia Gudzyk John Guest Michael O Gum Leslie Gurainlck Elizaberh Guy Mark Haas Elliott Haaz Paula Hammond Estelle Hammock Keith Hanson Robin Horahan Mary Harbison Robin Hardack Gayle Harad Helen Harris lla M. Harris Clarence Harris George Harvey Brian HauserAllen Hauser Warren Hazelton Barrie Hazzard Cheryl Heath Ava Heffer Ceiestme Henry Andre Herbert Elizabeth Hicks Anna Hillman Shirley Hilton Susan Himmelstein Alice Hinton Sylvia Ho Sandra Hoffman Alan Hoffman Drew Horowitz Craig Housel Lillian Hudson Jeff Hurvitz Howard Hyman Emefio Iglesias Dolores Imschweiler Leon Inge Angela Ingram Dorothy Isaacs Barbara Jackimowicz Irene Jamitzky Jo Ann Jarmusik Yetta Jeka C. Yvonne Johnson Verleen Johnson Elizabeth Johnson Pauline R. Jones Sherrill I. Jones Norman D. Jones Josephine T JonesJulia Joseph Michael Joyce Joseph Juliano John Kaminski Denise Krubitzer Alison Kane Robin Kaplan Richard Kaplan Sondra Karon Elissa Karpf Patricia Lukaszewska Margaret Katz Rivka Katz Barbara Kaufman Michael Kaufman Mary Beth Keebler Marie Keller Kevin Kofty William H. Kelly Alicia Kennedy Kristina Kerdeman Barbara P. King Barbara P. King Wayne C. King Betty Kleiman Barbara Kochanski Rochelle Koff Andrew Kovats Jeffrey Krain Michael Krai Frederick Kramer. II Patricia Krankota Linda Krauss Richard Krearner Frank Krowson Jessica KrowCraig Kubanoff Lynn Kuster Richard L Crooms Steven Lackalos Susan Lagrew Alan Laken Frank Lamantia Sherri Landes Charles Langianese Patrick Larkin Karen Ann Laskey Steven M Lasky Gwen Lattany David Laver Michael Lawrence William F. Lee Miriam Leek Allan Lehrman Faith Leibman Sally Leichter Judith Lemanow Thomas Lenherr Rona Leonard Kathy Leonard Kintar Leung Stanley Levy Herbert Levin Joel Lewis Leslie Levin Marian Lewis Debra K. Levin John A. Liberatore. Jr. Ricky Levitt Helen Liberty Debra Levy Judith LichtensteinHelen Lieberman Janet Lindsay Shirley Lindsay Edna Lmeberger Ray Ungel Claudia Unton Donna Loeb Evelyn Lofton Eileen Lok Yitch Stanley Lotkowski William Lownsbury. Ill Holly Luber Jordan Lubowitz Diana DeLuca Thomas Lynch Marcia Lyons Kathy McDonnell Frances McEiree Mary McKee Donald McKenzie Nancie McLaren Stanley McMullen Jane McNtchol Alan Malkin Patrice Malloy Shelly Mammuth Marvin Mandel Helen Mandel George Manzoni Janis Marakowski Frank Marcianto Jeffrey Marcus Bruce Margolis Arnold Marlin Elizabeth Marltno Houston MartinDorothy Martin Marlene Martins Joseph Martucci Ecelesta Masgrove Arlene Mathes Marty Matusow Anthony Mauriello Linda Maxwell Frank Mayer. Ill Jacqueline Mays Barry Mailin Rodney Means Robert Mehalchlck Kristi Mehnert Georgina Melchior Solomon Merbach Bonnie Menon Solomon Mermelsteln Leonard Messinger Jerry Michaeison Victor Mlcklberg Maurice Middleberg Mary Miles Edward Milewskt Norman Millan Miriam Miller Mark Miller Jeffrey Miller Albert Mills Sandra Mllsteln Silvio Modafferl Oamalier Molina Ernest Moody Kelly Mooring Louis Morganti Richard MorrisLinda Moskovits Robert Mozur John Mrvica Wayne Mugrauer Linda Muttari Ronald Munson Lois Myers James Nallo Prestine Nash Bonnie Nathanson Stephen Nazigian Valentine Ndah John Necci Michete Needieman Albert Neri Bernadette Neri Sylvia Nichols William Nicoletti Richard Niles Cynthia Nessim Scott Nisson Tracy Nott Shirley Nurse Ebele-N-E- U me-N wag bo Thomas O'Connell Gladys O'Farrell Patricia Oakley Anita Oakley Alan Oberlender Judith Okm Lola Oliver Rudolph Ollivierre Randy Orloft Joanne Ortendahl Catherine Ortiz Susan OverlanderEdward Ozalas Anna Parrilla Michael Phillips Joseph Pietrzak Lisa Pollack Maria Putz Eileen Page Jayantilal Patel Joan Piazza Peter Pitsakis Lenora Ponisciak Molvena Quillen Linda Parker Jetfroy Perry Dennis Pidrllll Larry Pitt Stanley Porter Sandra Rahl Monroe Parker Allan Perry Tona Pickett Carol Pityk Karen Porter Joan Raimondi Walter Parker Shelia Petri Ronald Pierzntozzi Roy Piwovar Natalie Powell Eileen Ralph Lisbeth Parks Christine Pharr Sadie Pierce Gary Pollmeno John Purchase Edith RandolphEdward Segail Marlin Seidman Guy Sepielh Gregory Shaeffer Andrea Shankm Erma Shannm) Ann Schmidt Fran Schnapp Jeffrey Schrager Michael Schwager Roselyn Schwartz Priscilla Schwartz Gloria Schwartz John Scibello John Scorr Shirley Scott James Sebastion Diane Seefried Lourenia Sawyer Arthur Sagoskm Dennis Scannapieco Philip Schachterman Hanno Scholl Arthur Scherr Damian Rossi Fern Roth N Leonard Roth Evelyn Rowe Judith Rubinstein Natasha Rungta Phillip Sallon Ross Mitchell Sargen Domita Del Satchel I Mark Saul Evelyn Sausman Ronald SaviorBruce Shanzer Shirley Shapin Elaine Shapiro Oale Shapiro Richard Sheafter Nancy Sherman Joy S. Sherman Jacqueline Shockley John Sharamatew Barbara Sidote Jan Selel Carolyn Silver Lewis Silverman Terry Siman Jeanme Sepielli Christine Siwinski Jo-Ann Skiena Jerry Skolnick Iris Slemer David Slom Leo Slotkin Jeffrey Slotmck Vermella Smalls Shelia Smith Alice D. Smith Cynthia Smith Cynthia Smith Stanley Smith Ethel Smith Gloria Smith Lucy Smith Juanita Smith Beth Snader Jerrold Snyder Michael Snyder Robert SnyderGrace Soltis John Sonsim Maria Sorbirti Lillian Soto Trudi Sperling Catena Spiritosanto David Spitzberg Lawrence St Clair Janet Staneruck Rose Marie Oi Stamsloa Suzanne Starosta Dennis Starr Ramona Stephens Robert Stern Doris Stewart Elaine Stewart William Stokes Ann Marie Stone Alexander Stratienko Barbara Straus Brian Strauss Susan Strieker Rachel Strickland Joseph Strimber Deborah Strozoski Cheryl Student Andrea Sullivan Janie Summers Essie Swam Dorothy Sydnor Vivian Taylor Daniel Taylor Judy Ann Taylor Terry Taylor Gregory Taylor Michael TedeschiEsther Teich Robert Teichman Linda Termine David Tester Barbara Thomas Warren Thomas Joyce Thomas Naomi Thomas Beth Thompson Joanne Tiktin William Tingley Anthony Tolomeo Renee Tomar Thomas Tomcanin David Trachtman Jane Trout Sherry Turetzky David Turkheimer Salvatore Thso Edward Unbo John Van Sickle Dora Varvann Nicholas Ventrola. Jr. Sybil Vernon Richard Wagner Anna E Walker Betty F. Walker Betty Walker Denise C. Walls Ruth Walton Philip Ward Carol Wardiau Diane Washington Adelaide Waters Robert Waxier Ellen WeberBarbara Weiner Mona Weiner Sonny Weinstein Sara Weisberg Diane Weisberg Marc Weisman Stuart Weiss Susan Weissman Virginia Welsh Jacqueline Wemberly Gerald Wenzij Dorothea Wiermcki Theresa White Lila White Alice White Frances White Deborah White James White Frederick Whiten Vernard Whitfield Thomas Wilcox Johnnie Williams Rose Marie De Williams TM Williams Cynthia Williams Robin Williams Annie Williams Alberta Williams Gertrude Williamson Ann Willard Marva E Willis Sharon Willison Diane Wills Leila Wilson Angela Wilson Joanne WisnerBrian Witzer Dorn Wolfe Patricia Workman M.chele Yems Dwight Zerewat Mime Zumo Jill Wolf Steven Wolfson Valerio WriQht Margaret Young Edmund Zongolowicz Lorraine G Davis YOU GRADUATE — ADVANCE ONE SPACE May 29. 1974 — Graduation. My God. For some it was an event that came too soon in life; for others, it hadn’t come soon enough. But, regardless of how anyone felt, the ceremony marked the official end to college life as we knew it. Whether our involvement at Temple centered around student activities or total non-involvement, it was the end of a chapter. Eric Sevareid, the commencement speaker, told us to get back to basics, to remember what this country and its citizens are supposed to be about. The talk may have come too late to restore our shattered ideals but, Sevareid reminded us that it is our generation that must rebuild that white elephant known as America. Involvement of ourselves is essential. We must not let ourselves fall into the apathy so prevelent in recent years.FINISH Len Messmger Literary Editor MaryEllen Driscoll Layout Editor Alan Pomerantz Photography Editor Scott Rawdin With Special Thanks to . . . Jayne Wallace Gary Scalise Susan Udell Ken DeBlieu and the Temple News For their Administrative assistance . . . Thomas Coval Dr. Norma Furst and thanks to Merin Studios for publishing this yearbook.EARL CHRISTOPHER ABRAMS — Phila . Pa — Liberal Art Sociology ANITA S ACELLO — Phi la Pa — Education Elementary Education RICHARD ANTHONY ACELLO — Phil Pa — Liberal Art Political Science — President Scholar — Phi Bela Kappa BRUCE IRWIN ACKERMAN — Phi la . Pa — Liberal Art General Studies FRANQSCA RIVERA ADAMES — Phi la Pa — Education Elementary JEAN DELORES ADGER — Phila . Pa — Education Elementary Earty Childhood Ed MARSHA IRENE ADLER — Ph.la Pa — Education Elementary Ed SUSAN SHANZER ANMUTH — Phila. Pa — Education Language Art LEONARD JOHN ANNUCCI — Elizabeth. N J — Bum nest Organizational Management LEE SCOTT ANTOVtLLE — Lynbrook. NY -Liberal Art Social Scene MARLIN G ARNOLD — Phila Pa — Education Elementary Ed — Dean s List — Veterans in Public Service RICMARO STEPHEN ARTER - Phila Pa. — Liberal Arts Hiatory CARNEGIE P ASKINS — Phila Pa — Engineering Tech Mechanical Engineering JOSEPH STEPHEN ASSALONE — Phila Pa — Business Accounting — Beta Alpha P i — Acc Soc DOUGLAS ALBRIGHT — Phila . Pa — Pharmacy Kappa Pm TATIANA ALFIMOW — Ptvl . Pa — Russian Women Gymnastics — Straight Dean s Ust OESIMONT KARLOS ALSTON — Ph.la . Pa — Music Music (performance) LUIS ALBERT ALVAREZ. JR — Ph.la Pa -Liberal Art Anthropology — President. Spanish-Speaking Veteran — Counselor. Vets Program MARY KATHERINE ANOERS — Nornslown. Pa — Liberal Art Psychology — Hockey — Swimming THEODORE D ANDERSON JR — Allentown Pa — Liberal Art — Political Science — P. Sigma Alpha |Pol Sc. Hon Soc )—Member ot Undergrad Comm olPol Sc. Dept — Coeege Republicans — Alpha Phi Omega — Dean List ABBY ELLEN AUQENBLICK — Phila Pa -Education: Elementary Ed RONALD JAMES AUGUSTYN — Phils. Pa. — Liberal Arts Urban Studies CARL HOWARD BAGELL — Phila . Pa — Business Accounting — Beta Alpha Pst — Temple Loyalists — Dean's Ust (5 Semesters) — Graduated in 3 Yrs LOUIS M BAGNATO — Ptvl a . Pa — Communications A Theater Radio — TV — Film LEE BARRY BALESFSKY — Ph.la . Pa — Bum me Law I Businas — Freshman BaseOall — Pre-Law Society FRANCES ANNE BALZ — Springfield. Pa -Education Business FRANCES BARBER — Ph.la . Pa — Busin Management — Veteran at Temple JANE EUAS BARDON — Phila.. Pa — Liberal Arts Economics—Dean s Ust since Freshman Year — Honor Society in Economics (Program Chairman) — German Club ROSALIE FREEDMAN BAROL — Phila . Pa — Social Admmrstrabon Social Welfare — Continuing Education lor Women — Soc Welfare Student Union DAVE A BARON — Norristown. Pa — Liberal Arts Inter Dr — Varsity Swimming — UCLA Honors Rep A Steering Comm. — Temptme-Oebator — Loyalist DENISE CAROL BARON - Ph.la . Pa — Communications A Theater Radio — TV — Film BRUCE KELLY BARTON — Phil . Pa - Education KENNETH H BASHOFF - Phila . Pa — Business Pre-Law m Business. Commerce — Beta Gamma Sigma — to graduate Cum Laud SCOTT EDWARO BECKER — Phila . Pa — Liberal Arts Political Science — Student Senate. Chairman — Comm on Educational Policy — National Poetical Soane Honors Soc — Student Academic Adv — Educational Pokey A Programs Comm KATHRYN JANE BEEBE - Pittsfield Mass -Liberal Arts Anthropology — Anthropology Major Association ROBERT C BELL — Havertown. Pa — Liberal Arts Psychology — Temple News Photography — UPMA Member GERALO F BELLETTtRIE - Phila P — Liberal Arts Psychology — Honors Program — Undergraduate Psychol Majors Assoc Chairman — Pm Beta Kappa — UCLA Rep JOSEPH ANTHONY BELLETTIERE — Pmia. Pa — Liberal Arts. Sociology — Dean s Ust ROLANO LAWRENCE 8ELLUSOO — Jackson N J — Liberal Arts Biology — Student Council (President Vice-Pres Treasurer) — Onente-bon Group Leeder RAYMOND N BENNETT — Norristown. P — Engineering Electncal Eng — Chairman IEEE Student Branch — Outstanding Branch Chairman in Phila Section IEEE — Executive Comm IEEE STEVEN MARK BERGER — Phila. Pa LAURENCE STEWART BERMAN - Narberlh Pa — Business Law A Business — Beta Gamma Sigma — President Scholar — Dean s Ust — pre-Law Soc Intramural Sports JUOtTH W BERNSTEIN —Rydal. Pa — Education Elementary Ed. — President s Scholar JANE BERTMOLF — Horsham. Pa — Business Adm Marketing Club — Folk Dancing — Belly Dancing DOLORES MARIA BlELLO — Phila . Pa — Education Social Studio Ed — Dean a u t 6 Sem DAVID ALAN BILKER — Phil Pa — Business Accounting — Beta Alpha P»l — Beta Gamma Sigma — T u Accounting Soc — Student Adv — Tutor lor Beta Alpha P . HALUE B BILLUPS — Phila . Pa — Education Earty Childhood Ed MARIA BILYNSKY — Phila . Pa — Liberal Arts Art History THOMAS BIZZARO — Bradford Pa — Phar-macy Kappa Psi — Rho Chi Honor Soc — Student Council STEPHEN MICHAEL BLOWITSKI — Phila Pa — Education Elementary Ed BRUCE LARRY BLUMENTHAL — Huntingdon Valley. Pa — Liberal Arts Psychology — Psi Chi — Student Tutorial Soc — Intramural Sports — Undergrad Psych Majors Assoc HOWARO LEAR BOBB. JR — Phila Pa — Business Administration ALFRED J BOLAND - Phila . Pa - Uberal Arts History (Aslan) PETER JOSEPH BOMBARO — Phila . Pa — Education Ostnbution — Karat Club — Bowling NINA SUSAN BONDEROW—Phil Pa - Uberal Arts History PATRICIA ANN BONGARD — Phila Pa — Education Elementary Ed — Dean List MONA ELLYN BO OKBI NOE R — Ph.la . Pa — Education El ament ary Ed — Dean s Liat ALFRED R BORDEN IV —Overbrook Hill . Pa — Communications Theatre Theatre — Dean List — Staff Position on all Tomlinson Stage Productions "73-'74 Season FLORENCE M BOYER - Phil . Pa — Educa-bon Early Childhood JOSEPHINE M BOYER — Phila . Pa — Education Varsity Track and Tanrv Teams JOYCE LAVAOA BOYKIN — Phila . Pa — Education Elementary Ed JOYCE P BRADLEY — Ph.la . P — Education Earty Childhood Elementary Ed Dean s Ust SARAH BRADSHER — Phila . Pa — Education Earty Childhood Ed FRED RONALO BRAVERMAN — Pmia . Pa — Liberal Arts: History DONALD BRECHT — Pmia.. Pa — Pharmacy Kappa Psi RICHARD F BREEN. JR - Pmia . Pa - LK»-arai Arts English — Debating Team — In-uamixats JOAN CAROL BREWtNGTON - Pmia . Pa -Comm Theatre Journalism — Sigma Den CN (Pres I — Temple News Reporter VWLUAM BROAOUS. JR — Pmia. Pa — Liberal Arts information Science PARRiE LEE BROOKS - Pmia . Pa — Education Early Childhood Ed MARLENE ANNE BROOMER — Ph.ta Pa — Uberal Arts Pobbcal Science — Alpha Kappa Alpha PAULA BROTMAN - Pm I . Pa — Commum-cations Radio. TV. Film — Dean List — News Staff WRTI - PRSSA - Sk. Club ALISON BARBARA BROWN — York Pa — So-0 1 Administration Social Work — president Scholar — Temple News (Librarian) DENNIS BROWN — Phila . Pa — Pharmacy Student Senate (Representative) — SAPMA — Pm Della Chi (Social Chairman) GAIL ELIZABETH BROWN — Ph.la. Pa — Journalism Temple News Reporter — Sigma Delta Chi (Sec y) — Hears! Award Winner — Charles Memorial Youth Fund Scholarship JAMES P BROWN. JR — Pharmacy President Senior Clast — Kappa Ps (Regeni) — Student Council Steering Committee LORRAINE IRENE BROWN — Pmia . Pa — Education Earty Childhood Ed STEVEN FRED BROWNSTElN — 8ethl h m. Pa — Uberal Arts Sociology MARIANNE C BUCO — Phil Pa — Liberal Arts English Literature FREDERICK GEORGE BUCK — Pmia Pa — Butines Management — Night Student attending since 1964 STEPHEN VINCENT BUERKLE — Menon Station Pa — Liberal A ts Anthropology — Ski Club — Sailing Club — Magna Cum Laud ANTHONY E BUNCH — Upper Darby. Pa — Education Elementary Ed — Dean s List — Veteran In Public Service Program — Six In Six Semestor Average 3 40 VIOLA BURKE — Pmia . Pa — Education Early Childhood 6 Elementary Ed — Dean a Ust JEANETTE CAROL BUTLER — Pittsburgh. Pa — Liberal Arts Sociology — Dean's List — Graduating with Honors REBECCA ELAINE BUTLER - Phila Pa -Communication Radio TV. Film — WRTl The Bridge Production — RTF Internship Program — Oean s Ust GARY BUTZ — Phila . Pa — Pharmacy Phi Delta Chi ROBERT M CALLAHAN — Lewttown Pa — Art — Liberal Arts International Meditation Soc ANGELA M CAMBRIA — Pmia . Pa — Education Math Education ANOELA-JO D CANNATARO — Ph.la . Pa — Uberal Arts Mathematics — Math Club UNOA S CAPUTO — Phila . Pa — Sooal Administration Social Work DEBORAH CHERYL CARN — Pmia Pa — Social Administration Social Weilare — Alpha Kappa Alpha (President) — First Black Homecoming Queen m Temple s History 71-72 ISABELL CAROONICK - Ph.la Pa - Education Earty Childhood Elementary Ed — Emma Johnson Scholarship Award VINCENT CAROSELLA — Ph.la . Pa — Phar-macy Rho Chi Honor Soc — APHA — IFC — Kappa Psi DELORES CARROLL — Ph.la . Pa KATHRYN CARTER — Vauxhall. N J — Education Elementary Ed — WlA Varsity Bowling. Basketball Vo yt n — Outreach Volunieer ELLEN LOIS CASEY — Phil . Pa — Educa non Secondary — Communications — Dean's List — CEW Newsletter (Editor) MICHELE KATHLEEN CASEY — Ph.la . Pa - Liberal Art Anthropology — Dean s List — Anthropology Student Assoc LEE M CAVAUERI — Pmia . Pa — Education Mathematics RITA C CECCOUNi — Pmia . Pa - Liberal Art Political Soane LAURA CATLIN CHASE — Newtown Square. Pa — Liberal Art Urban Studies — Student Senate — Education I Pokoes 6 Procedures Comm — Women s Center Stall — Free University Coordinator LEVI CHASTEN. JR - Pmia Pa - Busmesa Adm Accounting NANCY THERESA CHINCHILU — Norrrstown. Pa — Business Accounting — Beta Alpha Pn — Accounting Club — Dean List RONALD S CHOtNSK) — Ph.la . Pa — Bus. ness Accounting SEUNG HO CHON — Harrisburg. Pa — Liberal Art Poetical Science DONNA LYNN CHUBIN - Pmia . Pa — Education Elementary Ed — B nai B nth H.llel — Tutoring SOC — President» Scholar — Grad with Honors 6 Distinction VALERIE JANET CICERONE - Ph.ta Pa -Liberal Arts Physics — UCLA rap — Student Advisor — Physics Major Assoc — Rep to Chairman Physic — Undergrad Curriculum Comm — Advisory Council for L A ANGELA C QMINO — Phil . Pa — Uberal Arts Psychology — Dean s Honor Roll — Bowling A Badminton ANTHONY RICHARD CtOE - Pmia Pa — Uberal Arts Political Science LUCILLE P CLARK — Pmia . Pa — Education Elementary Ed — Dean's Ust JAMES CLAUSIUS — Conahohocken. Pa -Pharmacy Kappa Psi PAUUNE O CLEAVES — Pmia . Pa — Education Elementary ft Early Ch — Cum Laud OSCAR B COBB III — Phila . Pa - Soc Adm Sooal Work — Black Student Union — Social Warfare — NA8SW — Temple Swing Band JOSE PUNE THERESA COO! SPOT) _ Ph.la Pa — Education Elementary Ed BARRY IAN COMEN — Phila . Pa — Communications Radio. TV Film ROBIN JEAN COHN — Phila . Pa — Liberal Arts American Studies English — University Publications Board — President s Scholar — Yearbook ANTHONY BARON COLANGELO — Pmia , Pa — Liberal Arts Biology - Pre-Medical Soc — Chemistry Soc CHRIS F COIOPINTO — Phil P — Uberal Art Gen Science — Dean List PAULA AILEASE COOK — Phila Pa — Social Administration Social Welfare GLENOA M COOKE — Ph la Pa. — Education Elementary Ed EFFIE COSTAL LAS — Atlantic C ty N J — Bus Adm Ins Risk JOtPt PATRICK COSTELLO — Ph.la . Pa — Business Adm Real Estate'Economics — Pre-Law Soc — Real Estate Soc — Beta Gamma Sigma — Studeni Assistant JACQUELYN L COTTMAN - Phil Pa — Education Elementary Ed — President a Scholar — Veterans in Public Service ERMELINDA ANNE CROCE — Ph.la P — Education Earty Childhood Ed — Dean s Ust (2) PAULA CRUZ — Pm la . Pa — Education Early Childhood Ed CORNELIA R CULLER — Phil . Pa — Social Administration Social Welfare RICHARD W CUTTINO — LeMott. Pa — Business Adm Management — Insurance GEORGE KENNETH OAMES — Phila Pa — Uberal Arts Psychology CHRISTINE A D AMlCO — Ph.la . Pa — Music Deans List — Music History Dept — Vo.ce Concentration — Women Chorus — Univ Singers JOSEPH ALBERT A ANGELO — Ph.la . Pa — Liberal Arts Gen Science JOHN RICMARO OANNECKER — Englewood. Fla — Liberal Arts Gen Science — Student Council Ambler — Campus Group Leader JOSEPH J DARBY. JR — Ph.1 . P — C E T Biomedical Engineering ANDREW C DAVIS. JR — Phila. Pa. — Business Ad rmn ot Justice BARBARA YVONNE DAVIS — Phila Pa — Business Accounting — Consultant for EASE — Bet Gamma Sigma — Bet Alpha Psi — Accounting Scholarship lor Acad Excellence — Varsity Tennis Team DOflETHA R DAVIS — Phils Pa — Sooal Administration: Social Welter — Oean's Ust ELUOT JAY DAVIS — Phils . Ps — Liberal Art Psychology LORRAINE G DAVIS — Ph.la. Pa — Uberal Arts Social Science (Political Science)— Aiphe Kappa Alpha — Pan Hellenic Council — Tutoring — Child Car Center — PAS JUNA B DAWSON — Phila. Pa — Education UNOA DE ANGELIS — Elkins Park Pa — Social Welfare Honors Program — Alpha Lambda Delta FLORENCE J DELGADO — Phila . Pa — Education Earty Childhood-Elemel nary Ed — Dean List DIANA E 0€ LUCA — Pmia Pa . — Communications Theatre RICMARO THOMAS DEMPSEY - Ph.la . Pa — liberal Arts History — Dean Ust — Intramural — Tutorial Society CRAIG OENEGA — Gladwyn . Pa — Uberal Arts Honors Program — Debate Team — Honor Program Steering Comm — Honors Club (President 1 Yf.) PAMELA AIFREOA DE SHIELDS - Pmia . Pa — Education Elementary Ed — EPtCT Student — Work-Study Dept — Psych GUY ANTHONY OE VICARIS — Andalusia. Pa — Uberal Arts Science — UCLA rep — Student Advisor — Curriculum Comm — Officer Chem Soc JOANNA A OE VUONO — Phila . Pa — Uberal Arts Biology ANTHONY HAROLD OEVITT III — Phila . Pa — Business Information Sciences ROSEMARIE OE WILLIAMS - Phil . Pa — Education Earty Childhood Ed — Dean List BONNIE JUNE OtAMONO — Phil . Pa — Education Hebrew 6 French — Magna Cum Laud — President Scholar — French 6 Italian Club — Eta Bata Rho ANNA MARIE T Of NAPOO — Pmia . Pa — Education Earty Childhood Ed JAMES EOWARD 01 SEBASTIAN — Lansdown . Pa — Liberal Arts Graduate School — Master s Degree — German — Grad Assistant ROBERT G DlSSiNGER - Phila. Pa — Pharmacy Kappa Psi — Student APHA ROSE MARIE 01 STAMSlOA — Phila . Pa — Education Science — Earty Childhood Ed — Dean a List SANORA C 01 STEFANO — Phila Pa — Businas Adm Accounting — Beta Alpha P i — Accounting Society STEPHEN J DIXON - Pmia . Pa - Uberal Arts ReligionDIANE MARGARET DOBROWOLSKJ — Phil Pa — Social Administration Social Welfare LYNOA OONALOSON — Phila Pa — Educ oo" Elemntary Ed — Delta Sigma That EARLE G DONE SON — Phila Pa — Arts A Science Psychology NANCY ROBIN DORFMAN — Phila Pa — liberal Art Political Soane JUDITH ADRIENNE D ORSOGNA — Orexal Hill Pa — Liberal Art Social Soane JAMES RAYBURN DOUGLAS — Phila Pa — Buvness Adm Finance LOIS EVON DOWD — Phila Pa — Education Elementary Ed MARYEllEN P DRISCOLL — Phila . Pa — Communication Journalism — Tempi New 1 2.3 4 — Newman Canter 1.2 3.4 — Loyalist 2 3.4 — Alpha Sigma Alpha 3.4 — JSO 3.4 (Co-charperson 4 ANN B DRUCKMAN — Huntingdon Valley. Pa — Education Eng — Dean Li t BOBBIE JEAN DUNCAN — Phila . Pa — Education Early Childhood Ed RICHARD IRWIN DUNHOf F — LatroOa Pa — Communication 4 Theatre Radio, TV. Film — Temple News Photographer 4 Reporter — Tau Epsilon Phi — Co-ordinating Council — HiNet Board of Dir — Office of Television Service PHILLIP ARTHUR DU PONT — Phila Pa — Business Busin Administration MARGARET R EBNER — Phila . Pa — Education Elementary 4 Early Childhood Education ANITA GARVIN EDMONO — Phila Pa — Education Elementary Ed. — Dean's List DENISE R EDMONOS - Phila . Pa — Liberal Art Sociology — Alpha Kappa Alpha ALAN 0 EHRUCH — Phila . Pa — liberal Art Sociology GAJl JANET EHRUCH — Phila . Pa — Education Early Childhood 4 Elementary Ed PHYLLIS L EHRLICH - West Orange. NJ — Liberal Art General Studio — Floor Rep Hardwick Ha« — Lecture Comm (Chairman H H | STEVEN ALLEN ElSEN — Phila . Pa. — Business Management — Industrial Relations — Temple News 72 KEN J EISENSTOCK — Phila. Pa — Liberal Art Psychology MICHAEL LARRY ENGL EWAN — Cherry Hilt. N J — Business Adm Accounting — Acc Soc-•efy AKPAN A ENO — Phila. Pa — Business Adm Marketing — Reading — Business — Poetics — Soccer — Writing 4 Travelling — Resident of Southeastern State — Nigeria DONNA ERLICH — Phila. Pa — Education Elementary Ed — Delta Phi Epsilon (President) — Co-chairman of Greek Coord Council ROBERT ESCHBACH — Milton. Pa — Pharmacy Rho Chi Society ROBERT S ESPOSITO — Phila Pa — Business Adm Accounting — Beta Alpha Pw (Sec y 73) — Beta Gamma Sigma — Accounting Soc — Dean s List — Acsdemic Distinction List ROBERT F EURE — Phila . Pa — Liberal Arts Psychology — Dean t list 2 — Archary Taam 3 (Won Trophy Highest Sc ore I MARIO VtNCENT EVANGEUST — Phila Pa — Education Ind Ed CRAIG HOWARD EVANS — Pittsburgh Ps — Communications Journalism — Temple News Reporter — Sports Ed — Monday Co-Editor RUSSELL FAITH — Phila.. Pa — Liberal Arts History — Dean s List ARNOLD CHARLES FARLEY — Phila Pa — Liberal Arts Psychology — CLA Honors — Student Advisor — tM Basketball 4 Voaeyban ALAN FAROUHARSON — Bethayre Pa — Pharmacy Phi Delta CM MARJORIE A FARRELL - Phila . Pa - Education Earty Cruidhood 4 Elementary Ed MARY-ANNE M FARRELL — Oft on Height . Pa — Education Elementary 4 Early Childhood Ed — Dean Usl ANOREW J FAZZINl — PMIa Pa — Communications Radio. TV. Film — Intramural — WRTl Comedy 4 Drama Workshops FRED MARK FEOER — PMIa . Pa — Business Accounting — Community Legal Sarv Volunteer ROBYN ELLEN FEM8ERG — Scranton. Pa — Communications 4 Theatre Journalism — Temple News Entertpnment writer HAROLD NELSON FELD — Phila . Pa — liberal Arts History — Dean List 7 time — President s Scholar — PM Alpha Theta Honor Soc WENOY SUSAN FELOBAUM - PMIa . Pa -Education Elamantary Ed — Taam Education — Counseling Therapy — Group Therapy IRA J FELDMAN - Edison. N J — Liberal Arts Psychology — Psych Honors — Tutorial Soc. — Pre-Med Soc — Psych Mators Ass n — Psi CM — Oean s List LYNNE J FELDMAN — Phila Pa — Liberal Art English DAVID JJ FERENCE — Shamofcm Pa — Pharmacy Kappa Psi FRANCIS J FERRARI — Narberth Pa - Liberal Arts Kalian — Italian Chib — French Stud Rep — Evaluation Comm — Drama MICHAEL FERRETTI — Phila Pa - Com-mum cations — Theatre Journalism — Temple News JOSEPH RICHARD F10A — Phila . Pa — Education MARI KATHLEEN E FIELOER — PMIa . Pa — Communications 4 Theatre Theatre — Tutorial Soc - Magnet Honor Soc — Tempi New — Temple Populist RONA CAROL FIELDS - Hazleton Pa — Liberal Art History BRENDA T FlElSCHMANN — Phil . Pa — Education Elementary Ed — Delta PM Epsilon — Alpha Lambda Delta — Women s Honor Soc — Eta Beta Rho Hebrew Honor Soc ANNA BAILEY FLEMING — PMIa Pa — Science Education IRA FLITTER — Phila . Pa — Communication Radio TV. Film — Marketing Club DARRYL F FLYNN — Toms River NJ — Pharmacy Rho CM — Kappa F»si — Student Council — Dean Search Committee HOWARD MICHAEL FORD — Phila Pa — Liberal Arts Psychology — Psych Majors Ass n — Play Guitar 4 Wnie ROBERT J FORD — Norristown Pa — Business Adm industrial Management — Football — Member SAM RUTH L FOREMAN — Phila Pa — Education Early CM Id hood Ed PHYLLIS JOAN FORMAN — Phua Pa — Education Early CMldhood Ed AVCENOA M FOSSIE — Ph.ia. Pa — Education Earty Childhood 4 Elementary Ed — Oean s List CAROL KATHARING FRANK — Phila . Pa — Liberal Am English CLAUDETTE MARIE FRANKS — Levittown. Pa — Education Elementary Ed MARIE A FRANKS — Levittown. Pa — Education Elementary Ed EDWARD L FRANKLIN III — Phila . Pa. — Liberal A is Pre-Law — Jr lawyers of America — Phi Beta Kappa — Big Brothers Ass n — Debating Oub — Campus Chairman Oemocratis National Party — Dean s List BRUCE FRANTZ — Menon Pa — Pharmacy Phi Delta Chi (A t Treas I — Professional Protects (Chairman) GLENN STEPHEN FREED - Ph.ia Pa — Liberal Arts Biology — Senior Honors Research — Vice-Pres Pre-Med Soc — Ski Oub MATTHEW P FRICKER JR — PMIa Pa — Pharmacy Phi Oeits CM (Sec y) — Interfrater-rvty Council Member LORRAINE MYRA FRIEDMAN — PMIa Pa — Social Administration Social Welfare RUSSELL FRIEDMAN — PMIa Pa - Pharmacy MARC FURMAN — PMIa Pa — Liberal Arts Political Science — Oean s List — Honor List — Ice Hockey Oub 4 Team — Delta Rho chapter of pi Sigma Alpha (Pol So Honor Soc I — Pol So Major's Assoc P» IIP J GALLO — Phila . Pa — Pharmacy Kappa Psi JAMES F GAM BONE - Norristown Pa -Business Accounting — Accounting Cub JOAN FRANCES GANOY - Cherry HM. NJ -Liberal Arts Art Major GIL8ERT0 R GARCIA - PMIa Pa — Liberal Arts Spanish — Assoc of Spanish Speaking Veterans — Service Officer American Legion — Counselor for VETS — Catholic Organization RUTH GARCIA — PMIa. Pa — Liberal Arts Sociology — Federation of Puerto Rican Students (Pres) SHYRELLE GARDNER — PMIa . Pa — Liberal Arts Biology SUZANNE DENISE GARDNER — PMIa . Pa — Education Secondary Ed — Math — Oean s List ALFREOA PATRICIA GARR — Buffalo. NY — Social Administration Social Welfare ROSEANNE RACHEL GASPARI — PMIa . Pa — Liberal Arts Spanish — Student Tutonal Soc — Phi Beta Kappa RICHARD MICHAEL GAUOlOSl - PMIa Pa -Communications 4 Theatre Journalism — Temple News Reporter — English Honors Program — Dean s List 6 Semesters WAYNE D GEISSER — Ph.ia . Pa — Business Adm Accounting — Beta Alpha Psi UNDA GENERAlE — Hatboro. Pa — Com- munications 4 Theatre Reporter Temple New — Women in Communications Inc — Soc tor Professional Journalists DEBRA LYNNE GERMER — Hyland Pa — Education Elementary Ed ETHEL S GERSHMAN — Norristown Pa — Education DANIEL B GERSON — PMIa Pa. — Communications Journalism MICHAEL C GERSON - Phila Pa — Education Elementary Ed — Student Government — Tutoring — Athletics MARGARET L GETZ— Lancaster Pa — Business Marketing — MarcMng Band — Concert Bend LARRY GIACCHINO — Ha vert own Pa — Liberal Arts Psychology — Karate Oub HOWARD S GIBBS JR - PMij Pa — Business Adm Accounting — Dean • List 2 Sem WANOA J. GIGETTS — Phila. Pa — Education Early Childhood 4 Elementary Ed JAMES R G1L8ERT — PMIa Pa — Business Admin : Accounting — Beta Alpha Psi — Accounting Society LUOLLE I GILLESPIE — Phila Pa — Science Education RONA GINN — Cheltenham Pa — Education Elementary Ed — Millet — Elementary Taam Program — College ol Ed Student s Assoc — Dean s List LAURENCE BRUCE GlVNER — Pikasv.Ha, Md — Liberal Art Psychology — Pro Med — Umv Displmary Comm — Psi Chi — Emergency Room Volunteer T U. Hospital — Psych Honors Program — Dorm Judicial Board _ Pre-Med Soc EOOIE O R GLOVER — Yeadon Pa — Business Accounting JOETTA MORAN GLOVER — Yeedon Pa — Liberal Arts Speech 4 Hearing Science — National Speech 4 Hearing Association SHIRLEY A GLOVER — PMIa Pa — Education Elementary Ed — Tennis — Bowling — Swimming — Smg 4 Dance MICHAEL H QlOVIN — Fair Lawn. N J — Lib eral Arts Political Science — Student Senate (Trees ) — Treasurer Ambler Campus — Student Member Board ol Trust CPPM Comm — EPPC — Parking Task Force — Student Senator ERTHA MAE GlYMP — PMia. Pa — Education Early Childhood Ed HELENE ANN GOLD — Phila Pa - Education Elementary Ed HOWARD GELLER GOLDBERG — PMia Pa — Liberal Arts Psychology KAREN CELIA GOLDSTEIN - Ph.ia Pa — liberal Arts Theatre — Italian — Women s Tennis Team — Gymnastic Team RICHARD JAY GOLDSTEIN —Scranton Pa — Liberal Arts Political Science — Pol So Majors Assoc 4 Scholastic Prize — Phi Beta Kappa — Phi Sigma Alpha - UCLA MARLA H GOODMAN — PMia Pa — Education Elementary Ed — Oean List GALE LYNN GO OO ST AT — Plamhcld. NJ — Liberal Arts Poetical Science — Pol So Majors Assoc — Loyalists — Dean s List — Dorm Senate — RA Selection Committee GALE LYNN GOOOSTAT - PUmheld. N J — Liberal Arts Political Science — Loyalists — Political Sci Majors Assoc DONALD NORMAN GORDON — Huntingdon Valley, Pa — Liberal Arts Psychology — Oean s List MARGARET THERESE GORMAN — PMia . Pa — Education Early Childhood Ed SETH ROBERT GORMAN JR — Newtown Square. Pa — Liberal Arts Psychology JOSEPH D GHANOINETTl — Feetferv.il . Pa — Business Law 4 Business — Pre-Law Soc JACK EDWARD GRANZOW — Yardley, Pa — Liberal Arts Philosophy — UCLA (Treas 4 Rep ) — Philosophy Oub — Veterans at Tern- fple STEVEN ROBERT GRAYSON - Ph.ia. Pa — Liberal Arts Political Science JOSEPH GEORGE GREEN - PMia Pa — Education Recreation — IM Basketball 4 Football OUVIA CHIOUITA GREEN — Phila .Pa — Liberal Arts Psychology —AKA SHARYN JANE GREENBERG - Omncy, Mass — Social Administration Social Welfare DALE MERYL GREENFELD - New York. N Y — Communications 4 Theatre Radio. TV. Film — Dean s List — Commencement Speaker Comm — Loyalists — Group Leader Onente-tion — Credentials Comm — Senate Election Comm JULES R GREIPP — Phila . Pa — Liberal Art Psychology — Phi Bet Kappa - President s Scholar — Psych Undergrad Affairs Comm — P I Cm Honor Soc — Student Advisor JOSEPH GROMADZYN — Phil . Pa — Pharmacy Rho Pi PM — School Show ALAN LEE GROSSMAN — Phila Pa — Bus -n a Admm Accounting — Acct Soc — Dean List — Soc for Adv of Mgt ROBERT J GROSSMAN — Phila Pa — Pharmacy mtartratarmty Council President HARRY GROZJO. II — Nanticoke. Pa — Buv-nes Adm Marketing LYDIA A GUOZYK — Phila Pa — Liberal Arts Chemistry JOHN JOSEPH GUEST — Phila. Pa — Liberal Arts Political Science — im Basketball 4 Sohbaii — Dean s List MICHAEL 0 GUM — Nazareth Pa — Pharmacy Kappa Psi LESLIE ANN GURALNICK - Overbrook Hals. Pa — Liberal Art Speech Pathology 4 Audiology — Center for Disabled Students — Readers Service for the Blind EUZABETH CECELIA GUY - PMia Pa -Communications Radio. TV. Film — Delta Sigma Theta (Pres) MARK STEVEN HAAS — Phila . Pa — Liberal Art Urban Stud-es — Dean s List — Urban Studies Newsletter 4 Majors Assoc ElUOTT R HAAZ — Elkins Park Pa — Pharmacy Rho Pi Pm ESTELLE FRANCES HAMMOCK - PM I . Pa — Liberal Arts Psychology PAULA ESTELLE HAMMOND — PMI Pa — Social Administration BSW Socai Welfare — Tennis KEITH RICHARD HANSEN — Phil .Pa — liberal Arts Psychology — Honor List 2 semesters GAYLE F HA RAD - Hamsburg Pa — Education Elementary Ed MARY C HAR»SON — Giens.de Pa — Education Elementary Ed — Presidents Scholar — Summa Cum Laud ROBIN SHERRY HAROACK — PMia . Pa — Education Earty Childhood Ed — Oean List CLARENCE HARRIS - Earlv.il Pa - Education Industrial — President s Scholar HELEN L HARRIS — Phila . Pa — Education Earty CMldhood Ed. — B S Cum Laud I LA MERSEDES HARRIS — W.llow Grove. Pa — Education Early CMldhood 4 Elementary Ed — CEW — Dean s List GEORGE E HARVEY — Phila. Pa — Social Administration Social Work ALLEN HAUSER — Phila. Pa — Pharmacy Pres Student Council — Who Who Am r Co«eg»s 4 Umv - SAPMA - Kappa Psi — ASHP — Sub-Committee for Board of Trustee BRIAN ROSS MAUSER — Phil . Pa — Liberal Art Political Science — Accounting Soc — Pol Sci Major s Assoc WARREN JAMES HAZEL TON — Langhorn Pa — Communication 4 Theatre Journalism — Temple College Republicans — Student Senate — Rep intercoDegiat Studies institute BARRIE DOUGLAS MAZZARD — Lafayette Hrii. Pa — Social Administration Socai Welfare CHERYL DIANE HEATH — PMia Pa - Education Elementary Ed ANORE J HEBERT — PMia Pa — Engineering Tech Electrical Eng Tech — Student Rep on Faculty Comm M Engineering — Vice-Chairman of College Council ol Eng Tech CELESTME L HENRY — Phila. Pa — Education Earty Childhood 4 Elementary Ed EUZABETH J MCKS — PMia . Pa — Socai Welfare ANNA M HILLMAN — PMia. Pa — Social work Social Welfare Adm SWRLEY HILTON — PMia Pa — Music Music Ed — Concert Choir 1.2 — Music Ed. Nat i Conference 3.4 — Women s Glee Oub 3 — CEW SUSAN RENEE MMMElSTElN — Phila . Pa — Liberal Art Psychology — Summa Cum Laud — Phi Beta Kappa ALICE JUANITA HINTON — PMia Pa — Social Adm Socai Welfare SYLVIA HO — PMia . Pa — Music P no Performance AVA ROSLYN MOFFER — PMI Pa - Liberal Arts Psychology — Templine Bus Mgr — Psi CM (Sec . Treas ) — Student Senator ALAN L HOFFMAN — PMI . Pa — Business Computer SciencetCrtminology — Cum Leud — Beta Gamma Sigma — Upsilon PI Epsilon SANDRA HOPE HOFFMAN — Co!ling wood, N J — Social Adm Socai Welfare — Pres Oorm Ambler Campus — Student Senate — Ambler Student Govt Assoc — Ambler Intramural — Dean s List ROBIN ANN MORA HAN — Roelyn. P« — Liberal Art Art — Oean a List — Woman s Honor Soc (Magnet) — Art Majors Soc — Art HistoryDREW MlTCHEL HOROWITZ — Allentown Pa — Communication Radio. TV Film — History — IM Football A Basketball — Jud-aai Board CRAIG HOUSEL — Cornwell Haights Pa — Pharmacy Alpha Zeta Omega ULLIAN ETHEL HUDSON — Ptui . Pa. — Education Early Childhood A Elamantary Ed JEFFREY R HURVtTZ — Phila Pa — Communications A Theatre Radio TV. Film — Radio Station WRTI — Newscasting. Sports-casting D«sc Jockey Work HOWARD MARK HYMAN — Phila. Pa — Communications Journalism — Student Senator-at-Large — Senator SCAT — Student Union Board — Housing Commit!oe — Parking Committee DOLORES FLORENCE IMSCHWEILER — Phila. Pa — Education Early Childhood A Elementary Ed LEON INGE — Phila Pa — Pharmacy Phi Delta Chi — SAPHA - SGPPS ANGELA KAYE INGRAM - Phila Pa — Education Business Ed — Bowling — Swimming DOROTHY C. ISAACS — Phila Pa — Liberal Arts Biology BARBARA JEAN JACHIMOWICZ — Phila , Pa — Liberal Arts: English IRENE A JAMNITZKY — Brooklyn. N Y — Liberal Arts Speech pathology — Htliei Foundation JOANN MARIE JARMUSiK — Phila . Pa — Business Mgt (Industrial Relations) — Minor Acctg — IM Softball Bowftng — Ace! Soc — Trees Sorority YETTA JCKA — Phila.. Pa — Social Ad mm — Social Work C YVONNE JOHNSON — Phila , Pa — Education Early Childhood Ed — C O P — Tutorial Soc — Cum Laude ELIZABETH JOHNSON — Phila , Pa. — Education Earty Childhood A Elementary Ed VERLEEN F JOHNSON — Ptwla Pa — Education Elementary Ed — Dean a List JOSEPHINE TABB JONES — Phila , Pa — Education Early Childhood Ed — President s Scholar — Dean's List NORMAN D JONES — Phila Pa — Liberal Arts: Soc PAULINE R. JONES — Phila . Pa — Education Early Childhood Ed SHERRILL ILENE JONES - Phila . Pa — Education Early Childhood Ed — Dean s List — Developing Early Childhood Lab JULIA E JOSEPH — Phila . Pa — Education Early Childhood Ed — Dean s Us! MICHAELA. JOYCE — Phila . Pa — Education Industrial Arts JOSEPH OONALD JULIANO — Scranton. Pa — Communications A Theatre Journalism — Temple News — Intramurals CRAIG ERIC KUBANOFF — Phila , Pa — Liberal Arts: Psychology JOHN MICHAEL KAMINSKI — Phila Pa — Education Business ALISON KANE — Phila. Pa — Education Elementary Ed — Dean s Ust ULY CHING-CHIUNO KAO — Hong Kong — Liberal Arts: Biology (Pre Med) — Dean List — Biology A Pre-Med Societies — Church Choir Pianist — Community Activity Chinatown RICHARD DANA KAPLAN - Brooklyn. NY — Libera Arts History — Varsity Fencing Teem (Capt) — History Honors — Pre-Med Soc. — Dean s Ust ROBIN ILENE KAPLAN - Phila . Pa. — Education Early Childhood A Elementary Ed — Dean s Ust — Summa Cum Laude SONORA PHYLUS KARON - Easton. Pa -Education Elementary A Early Childhood Ed — Dean e Usl — Jr Counselor Hardwick Hail ELISSA RUTH KARPf — Phila.. Pa — Business Accounting — Dean s List — Beta Alpha Psi MARGARET JEANNE KATZ — Phila . Pa — Liberal Arts Chemistry RIVKA KATZ — Phila Pa — Education: Early Childhood A Elementary Ed BARBARA JEAN KAUFFMAN — Peon Wynne. Pa — Education Elementary A Earty Childhood Ed. MICHAEL NEIL KAUFMAN — Phila Pa — Communications Radio. TV. Film — PRSSA (Pres) — Public Into. Volunteer Amencan Cancer Soc — Member Office ot Television Services MARY BETH KEEBLER — Phila , Pa. — Pharmacy MARIE LEE KELLER — Huntingdon Valley Pa — Music Musk Ed — Flute — Concert Choir — Chamber Singers — Symphonic Band — Marching Band — Dean s List KEVIN PETER KELLY — Phila . Pa — Liberal Arts Political Science — Student Senate — Fh nance Committee — Chairmen Student Services — Chairman Curriculum Comm — Steering Comm — Student Govt Assoc (Ambler) W1LUAM H KELLY — Phila Pa — Business Adm of Justice — Newman Canter — Security Classes (Part-time instructor | ALICIA REGINA KENNEOY — Phila . Pa — Liberal Arts Speech A Hearing Science KRISTINA KEROEMAN — Phila Pa — Education Elementary Ed BARBARA P KING — Phila . Pa — Education Elementary A Early Childhood Ed — Dean s List WAYNE CHARLES KINO — Riverton. NJ -Business Adm Insurance — Swim Team (Cap! 73- 74) MVP 72 74 — Outstanding Collegiate Athletes 72 A 73 — Dean s Ust BETTY R KLEIMAN — Orelaod Pa — Business Adm Marketing EMIUO IGLESJAS. JR — Phila . Pa — Liberal Arts Spanish — Spanish Club (Pres ) — UCLA BARBARA J KOCHANSKI — Phila , Pa — Education Earty Childhood A Elementary Ed — Dean s List BARBARA LOUISE KOERNER — Rockledge. Pa — Allied Health Health Records Adm — Dean s Ust ROCHELLE SHARON KOFF — Phila . Pa — Communications A Theater Journalism — Tom pie News Editor-m-Chiel SHARON L KOTTLER — Freedom Pa — Liberal Arts. English ANDREW KOVATS — Phila.. Pa — Engineering A Technology Biomedical Engln A Toch — Student Member IEEE — Karate Club (Green Beft) — Certified in Scuba Owing JEFFERY LEE KRAIN — Phila Pa — Ubaral Arts Political Science — Pol So Assoc — Pre-Law Soc — Bowling Team MICHAEL JOSEPH KRAL — Lenttown Pa — Communications A Theater Film FREDERICK PHIUP KRAMER. II — Mapte Glen. Pa — Liberal Arts: History PATRICIA L KRANKOTA — Butler. Pa — Business Marketing — Marketing Club — Dean s List LINDA A KRAUSS — Rostyn. Pa. — Uberal Arts Psychology — Oean ■ Ust RICHARD B KREAMER — Narberth Pa — Pharmacy Kappa Pst FRANK E KREWSON — Springfield, Pa JESSICA BENOER KROW — Ph.la, Pa — Liberal Arts Geography — Alpha Lambda Oefla — Varsity Womans Field Hockey — TemPtRG (Public Interest Research Group) LYNN MARTIN KUSTER — Phila . Pa — Pharmacy Kappa Psi — Mortal — Pestle Players STEVEN CARL LACKATOS — West Bristol. Pa — Liberal Arts: Sociology SUSAN BERNADETTE LAGREW - Phila , Pa — Education Early Childhood A Elementary Ed ALLAN LAKEN — Phila , Pa — Business Administration insurance A Risk — Dean's List frank R LA MAN Tl A — Phils Pa — Education: Math — Karate Oub SHERRI LANDES — Phila Pa — Liberal Arts Psychology CHARLES WCHAEL LANGIANESE — Aldan. Pa — Liberal Arts Political Science PATRICK VINCENT LARKIN — Ph.la . Pa — Business Adm . Accounting — Beta Alpha Psi — Beta Gamma Sigma — Varsity Football Team — Accounting Society — mtramurals KAREN ANN LASKEY — Phila . Pa - Liberal Arts Psychology — Cheerleader — Psychology Honors Society STEVEN MICHAEL LASKY — N Massapequ . NY— Liberal Arts Science — Judicial Board — IM Sports — Uterary Magwme GWEN BERYL LATTANY — Phila . Pa — Education; Earty Childhood A Elementary Ed — Cum Laude DAVID ALLEN LAVER - Ptula . Pa. — Liberal Arts Gen. Science — Tutorial Soc — Loyalists — Dean s List MICHAEL A LAWRENCE — Bristol. Pa — Business Accounting — Accounting Society WILLIAM FRANCIS LEE — Norristown. Pa — Liberal Arts Psychology — Dean s Usl — IM Football. Basketball MIRIAM A LEEK — Phila . Pa — Liberal Arts Earty Childhood Ed ALAN JAY LEHRMAN - Ph.la . Pa - Uberal Arts English — Dean's List — Presidents Scholar — Student Tutorial Society FAITH H LEIBMAN — Menon Pa — Uberal Arts Sociology — Varsity Hockey. Lec oese — Rifle Team — Student Tutorial Society SALLY LEICHTER — Phila Pa — Education Elementary A Early Childhood Ed — Dean List JUDITH ANDREA LEMANOW — Phila.. Pa — Ubaral Arts Speech A Hearing Science — 2nd VP Nat i Student Speech A Hearing Assoc — MM RAYMOND GEORGE LENGEL - Springfield Pa — Uberal Arts Psychology THOMAS VINCENT LENHERR — Phila Pa — Uberal Arts Science KATHY A LEONARO — Tremont. Pa — Pharmacy SAPHA — Student Council — Sr Class Sec y RONA BARBARA LEONARD — Phila , Pa -Education — Science Early Childhood A Elementary Ed — Dean s List — President s Scholar KINFAR LEUNG - Phila . Pa — Liberal Arts Sooai Science — President s Host — Cheer-leading OEBRA KAPNEK LEVIN — Phila . Pa — Uberal Arts Art HERBERT A LEVTN —Phila . Pa — Education Vocational Ed — EPDA Fallow — Loadarship Program in Voc Ed — One ot Twelve Nat IU S Office of Ed Recipients for Ooctoral LESLIE LEVIN — Havertown Pa — Science Elementary Ed — Dean s Usl RICKY ALAN LEVITT — Havertown Pa — Liberal Arts Psychology OEBRA LEVY — Phila Pa — Liberal Arts Psychology STANLEY MILES LEVY — Phila Pa — Liboral Arts English JOEL EPHRIAM LEWIS - Phila.. Pa — Uberal Arts Biology — Pi Lambda Phi — Classic Films Comm — Publicity Comm. MARIAN W LEWS — Phila Pa — Education Social Studies Ed — Master ol Ed — S gma Gamma Sorority JOHN A UBERATORE JR — Phila Pa — Business Adm Industrial Management HELEN EVE UBERTY — Havertown, Pa — Communications Radio, TV. Film — Honors Student — Student Senate — Templine — Ski Club — Yearbook — Miss Incoming Freshman JUDITH W LICHTENSTEIN — Ph.la Pa — Education filamentary Ed HOLLY DENISE UEBER — Havertown Pa — Uberal Arts Franch'Pra-Mod — Honors List HELEN T LIEBERMAN - Phila . Pa — Ubaral Arts: Information Science SHIRLEY ROSALIND LINOSAY — Phila . Pa — Education Elementary A Early Childhood Ed — Dean s Ust JANET UNDSEY — Phila Pa — Education English Ed EDNA S LINE BERGER - Phila Pa - Education Early Childhood Ed CLAUCHA UNTON — Pittsburgh Pa — Education Elementary Ed — Jr Counselor — Dorm Social A Food Committees DONNA LOEB — Phila . Pa — Uberal Arts History — Phi Beta Kappa — Nat I Women s Honor Soc — President s Scholar — History Honors Society EVELYN JILL LOFTON — Phila . Pa. — Education Recreation STANLEY MICHAEL LOTKOWSKI — Phila . Pa — Liberal Arts History — Ph. Kappa Theta EILEEN SAUNORA LOK YITCH — Harrisburg. Pa — Communications Radio. TV. Film — Tutorial Soc — Dean s Ust WILUAM HENRY LOWNSBURY III — Fort Washington. Pa — Liberal Arts General Studies — Tempi News Pol Cartoonist JORDAN JAY LUBOWITZ — Phil .. Pa. — Uberal Arts Psychology PATRICIA V LUKASZEWSKA - rth.1 P — Communications A Theatre Arts — Journalism THOMAS EDWARD LYNCH — Ph.la Pa — Business tndustna! Relations MARCIA R. LYONS — Phila Pa — Education Earty Childhood A Elementary Ed (Infant Program) — Dean s List — T U Scholarship Winner — Temple Women s Bowling Team 3 Year (Captain) — Board Mem bar ot Women's Intercollegiate Athletics KATHY JOAN MC DONNELL - Phila . Pa — Education Health —Physical Ed —Recreation — Oean s List FRANCES C MC ELREE — Phila , Pa — Education Earty Childhood Ed JACQUELINE J MC KAY — Phila . Pa - Education Elementary Ed MARY F MC KEE — Phila , Pa — Communications Radio. TV. Film — Young Republican OONALD EUGENE MC KENZIE — Phila . Pa — Education: Science (Earth A Space) NANCtE E MC LAREN — Phila.. Pa — Communications A Theater Journalism STANLEY LEE MC MULLEN — Phila . Pa — Communications A Theater Radio. TV. Film JANE E MC NICHOL — Ardmore. Pa — Liberal Arts Art — undargrad Council Of L S (OWlcar) — Student Admissions Recruiter — New Student Workshop — Stud Affairs Comm ALAN GARY MALKIN — Rydal Pa — Liberal Arts Biochemistry Honors — Phi Beta Kappa — Chemistry Soc — T U Honorary Acad Scholarship — Dean s Ust PATRICE SHANNON MALLOY — Riverton N 4 — Business Marketing — Oean s List SHELLY SUSAN MAMMUTH — Ph.la . Pa — Education Earty Childhood A Elementary Ed — British Exchange Student — Co-Chair Student Senate Election — Math Tutor — President s Scholar HELEN FRANNtE MANDEL — Elkins Park, Pa — Liberal Arts Psychology — Oean s Usl — Tutor — Grad Cum Laud MARVIN MANOEL — Phila Pa — Liberal Arts Psychology GEORGE JOSEPH MANZONI — Ph.la Pa — Liberal Art Science JAMS FELICE MARAKOWSKI - Ptula Pa -Liberal Arts Chemistry — American Chom Soc Scholastic Award — American Inst ol Chemists Scholastic Award — Phi Bela Kappa — President s Scholar FRANK PETER MARCIANTE - Phil . Pa -Communication Radio. TV, Film JEFFREY PAUL MARCUS — Ph.la , Pa — Uberal Arts Political Science — Marching Band — Symphonic Band — Tamplina Stall BRUCE STEVEN MARGOUS— Havertown. Pa — Liberal Arts Psychology — Pre-Mod Soc (Pre ) — P 1 Ch! Psych Honor Soc — Tutor.si Soc — Undergrad P yc Ma)or Assoc EUZABETH M MARUNO— Lansdown . Pa — Social Administration Social Welfare OOROTHY C MARTIN — Phila Pa — Liberal Arts English — Honors List HOUSTON KEITH MARTIN — Southampton, Pa — Business Adm Marketing MARILENA MARTINS — Burlington, NJ — Education Early Childhood Elementary Ed JOSEPH JOHN MARTUCCl — Ph.la . Pa — Liberal Arts English ARLENE JOYCE MATHES — Ph.la . Pa — Lib oral Arts Chemistry — Chemistry Soc MARTY B MATUSOW — Ph.la. Pa — Education Earty Childhood Ed ANTHONY O MAURIELLO — Natick Masa — Business Adm Accounting — Beta Alpha Psi 4 — Cheertaading 3.4 — Dorm Food Comm 2,3 — IM Sports — Oean s Ust — Scholastic Distinction Ust 3.4 UNDA DEMISE MAXWELL - S« Albans. N Y — Education Early Childhood — Infant Program FRANK A MAYER ■! — Cheltenham. Pa — Business Pre-Law — Omlcron Della Epsilon — Rep to Coa g Council (School ot Busmesa) — Pre-Law Soc — Ski Club — IM Sports — Water Polo Oub JACOUEUNE MAYS — Phil , Pa — Education Elementary Ed ROONEY M MEANS — R.verdale. N Y — Liberal Arts Psychology ROBERT MEHALCHICK — Towenda. Pa — Pharmacy Rho Pi Phi KRISTL LYNN MEHNERT — Chester, Pa — Communications Journalism — Women in Communication (Treat ) — Alpha Lambda Delta — Magnet Honor Soc — Student Journalism Award horn Phila Branch Nat I League of Amei Pan Women GEORG4NA L MELCHIOR — Ph.la . Pa - Uberal Arts Religion BONNIE SUE MERION — Phil . Pa — Education Elementary Ed — Tutorial Soc Magna Cum Laud SOLOMON MERMELSTEIN — Phila. Pa — Business Adm Real Estate — Law LEONARO DAVE MESSENGER — Phil . . Pa. — Ubaral Arts Potibcal Science — Radio. TV. Film — Templine 12.3.4 (Director 3)—Student Senate 12.3.4 — Cheir ot Services 3.4 — TURTT 3.4 — Ed in Cruet Templar — Cash Food Serv Comm — UDC — Parking Task Force JERRY S MICHAELSON — Ph.la. Pa — Business Accounting — Beta Alpha Psi A VICTOR MICKLBERG — Phila , Pa — Education Elementary Ed MAURICE ISIDORE MIODLEBERG — Phila. Pa — Uberal Arts History MARY G MILES — Phila . Pa — Education: Elementary Ed EOWARD JOSEPH MILEWSKI — Conshohoc-ken. Pa — Business Adm.: Accounting — Beta Alpha Psi NORMAN JAY MIL LAN — Phila . Pa. — Business Marketing — Cross Country 1 — Marketing Club — iM Basketball JEFFREY R MILLER — North Wales. Pa — Music Music Ed — Marching Band — Wind Ensambl — Orchestra MARK STEVEN MILLER — Phila Pa — UberalArtt English — Reeding Service to• Blind — Spo i» - H.B l MIRIAM E MILLER — Kingston Pa — Education Elam ant »ry 4 Early Childhood Ed — Daan Ust ALBERT I MILLS — Cheltenham. Pa — Liberal Am Political Soane — Pot So Honors Erat — Tempi News — Temple Young Democrat — Pol Sc Major Assoc SANDRA CAROL MILSTEIN — Levtttown, Pa — Move Piano Performance SOLOMON EO MIRBACH — PTuU Pa — Pharmacy Rho Chi Honor Soc — Phi Delta Ch SILVIO EAUSTO MOOAFFERI — Phila Pa — Liberal Art Political Science — Debating Team DAMAUER JOSEPH MOUNA - Ph4a Pa — Liberal Arts Urban Studies — Judo Club — Federation of Puerto Rican Student ERNEST W MOODY - Phi la . Pa KELLY DANIEL MOORING — Phila . Pa — Busin Adm Management (Ind R i) — Winner Continental Can Scholarship — Soc tor Advancement ol Mgt (President) LOUIS S MORGANTI — Ph.ia Pa — Education Early Childhood Elementary Ed — Dean List RICHARD MORRIS — Phila Pa — Business Administration L1N0A F MOSKOVtTS — Yonkers. NY— Education Elementary Ed. — CESA (Chair) — Sol Fineslone Award — Student Seante — Various Univ Comm BARRY ROBERT MOZUN — Phila Pa — Liberal Arts General Science ROBERT S MOZUR — Phila. Pa — Liberal Art Political Science JOHN MATTHEW MRV1CA — Phila. Pa — Liberal Ads Geography WAYNE ARNOLD MUGRAUER - Hatfield. Pa S Liberal Ads Political Science LINDA JANE MULTARI — Phila Pa — Educa- bon Spanish —Sec Ed RONALD WILLIAM MUNSON — Bridgeton N J — Liberal Am History 4 Poetical Soane — Student Gov t Assoc — Congressional Student Advisory Board — Cultural A flair Comm. — Men s Dorm Senate — IM. Fencing — Football ECCLESTER B MUSGROVE — Phil , Pa LOIS M MYERS — Phila . Pa — Liberal Arts Psychology JAMES D NALLO — Phila Pa — Social Adm Social Welfare — Social Welfare Stud Urn on (President) PRESTINE EUSE NASH — Flint. Mich — Education Early Childhood Elementary Ed BONNIE SUE NATMANSON — Bethlehem Pa — Social Adm Social Welfare — Dean's List STEPHEN ARTHUR NAZJGlAN — Rutledge Pa — Communications 4 Theater — Film. TV — Radio VALENTINE AKPAN NOAH — Phila, Pa — Business Administration Marketing JOHN FRANCIS NECO - Praia Pa — Liberal Am History — Young Republicans — Phi Alpha Theta — Dean s Lisl — German Club MICHELE S NEEDLEMAN - Elkins Park. Pa — Liberal Arts Biology ALBERT J NERi — Phila . Pa — SCAT: Journalism — Temple News 2J.4 — Reporter. Entertainment Ed . Copy Editor BERNADETTE NERI — Phila. Pa — Liberal Am kalian CYNTHtA NESSlM — Warminster. Pa — Liberal Am General Program RICHARD GUY NILES - Fort Lee N J — Liberal Ads English — Orientation Group Leader — Campus Judicial Board — Final Selection Board — Cultural Affair Comm (Chairman) SCOTT HARRIS NISSON — Phila . Pa — Business Accounting — Beta Gamma Sigma — Beta Alpha P . SYLVIA R NICHOLS — Phila . Pa — Education Earty Childhood Ed WILLIAM W NICOLETTI — Hamburg. Pa. -Liberal Ad Science — Temple s Crew TRACY KAY NOTT — Faidess Hills. Pa — Liberal Ads Psychology — UPMA SfdflLEY NURSE - Sharon Hill. Pa — Education Earty Childhood Ed — Dean's List AMTA MARIA OAKLEY — Phila . Pa — Liberal Art Art. Painting — BFA — Teaching Certif PATRICIA JEAN OAKLEY — Phila . Pa — So-oal Administration Social Work — Student Union — Social Welfare Comm (Co-ordinator) ALAN S OBERLENOER - Phila . Pa — Pharmacy Drug Abuse Comm — Protect Speed THOMAS A O CONNELL — Phila . Pa - Education Mathematics — Varsity Footbal 4 Baseball GLAOYS SMITH O FARRELL — Phil . Pa — Education Early Childhood 4 Elementary Ed JUOITH SUSAN OWN — Phna. Pa — Sooai Ad ns lustration Social Work — Presidents Scholar LOLA M OLIVER — Phila . Pa — Education Early Childhood 4 Elementary Ed - CEW RUDOLPH OLUVtERRE — Phil Pa — Liberal Arts Biology — Winner of TUARA Interclass Fencing Tourn 72 RANDY BRUCE OflLOFF — Ph.ia P — Liberal Art Psychology — Psychology Club JOANNE MARGARET ORTENOAHl — Phila Pa — Education Elementary Ed — Volunteer Reading Tutor — Drama Oub — Dean List CATHERINE RIVERA ORTIZ — Phila Pa — Education Earty Childhood 4 Elementary Ed — Dean s List SUSAN ELIZABETH OVERlANOER — Phila. Pa — Liberal Arts Psychology EOWARD MICHAEL OZALAS — Phila Pa — Communications 4 Theater — Film EILEEN PAGE — Phila . Pa — Education Earty Childhood 4 Elementary Ed UNDA PARKER — Phila Pa — Education Early Childhood 4 Elementary Ed — Infant Program — Christian Science Org (President) — Received Teachers Grant MONROE CRAWFORD PARKER — Salisbury Md — Liberal Arts Urban Studies — City Ptanmng — Football — Track — Alliance of Black Businessmen - Veterans at Temple — Phil Urban Coalition — Action Allies — Dean's ust WALTER KARLTON PARKER — Ph.ia Pa — Liberal Art Poetical Science — Pan-Afncan Students Assembly — Pol Sc. Assoc — Africa) Oversea Study Tour USBETH MOCH PARKS — West Hartford Conn — Social Welfare Social Work ANNA L PARRILLA — Ph.ia Pa — Education JAYANTILAL M PATEL — Kutrtown. P — Pharmacy Phi Delta Chi ALLAN CAREY PERRY — Liberal Art History — History Honor Soc — Phi Alpha Theta JEFFREY CHARLES PERRY — Pfula . Pa — Liberal Arts Chemistry — Chemistry Soc — Undergrad Curriculum Comm — Executive Comm — Entertainment Division SHEILA KATHLEEN PETRI - Ph.1 Pa — Liberal Arts Psychology — Dean s List — Chemistry Soc CAROL R PETYK - Phila Pa - Liberal Arts Psychology CHRISTINE C PHARR — Phila. Pa — Education Elementary Ed — Dean List — Rep Continuing Ed tor Women — Tutoring MICHAEL LOUIS PHILLIPS — Phila Pa — Business Maketmg — Outing Club — Photography Club — Student Advisor JOAN MARIE ELLEN PIAZZA — Phil Pa — Liberal Arts Psychology — P i Chi (Nat i Honors Soc m Psych ) Honors Program Psych DENNIS MICHAEL PICOR1LU — Bethlehem Pa — Liberal Arts General Stud (Math) — Production of Stop the World — Glee Oub — Campus Recruiter — Cultural Dept — Res Halls — Dean s Ust TONA T PICKETT — Phila. Pa — Education Earty Childhood 4 Elementary Ed — Deen List — Member COP Program RONALD PlERANTOZZI — Phila . Pa — Liberal Art Chemistry — Chemical Soc (President) SADIE L PIERCE — Ph.ia Pa — Social Adm Social Welfare — Student Rep to Advisory Board — Oass Rep Evening Students JOSEPH R PIETRZAK — Phil . Pa — Com-munications Radio. TV, Film PETER GEORGE PlTSAWS — Huntingdon Valley. Pa — Liberal Arts Biology LARRY PITT — Wyncole, Pa — Liberal Art History — Dean s List — Phi Alpha Theta History Honor SOC — Cum Laud ROY SICHEL Pi WO VAR — Wyncote Pa — Business Accounting — Accounting Soc at T V. — Dean s Ust GARY DENNIS POUMENO — Pfula Pa — Business Accounting — Beta Alpha Psi USA D POLLACK — Pittsburgh. Pa — Education Math — President s Scholar — Dean s Ust — Debate Team — Project Upward Bound IE NORA THERESA PON I SOAK — Phoenix-v lle. Pa — Education Earty Childhood 4 Elementary Ed — Dean s List — President Scholar KAREN PATRICIA PORTER — Ph.ia Pa — Education Elementary Ed STANLEY MARTIN PORTER — Ph.ia . Pa — Liberal Arts Psychology — Dean a List NATALIE SELBER POWELL — Phila. Pa — Education Earty Childhood 4 Elementary Ed JOHN C PURCHASE — Phila . Pa — Liberal Arts Political Science — Student Senate — College Republican — YAF MARIA ELENA PUTZ — Pfula Pa - Liberal Arts History MELVENA THERESA OUILLEN — Phila Pa — Education Art Ed — CESA SANDRA LYNN RAHL — Pfula Pa — Education English Communications — Dean s Ust JOAN M RAIMONDI — Ph.ia Pa — Education Elementary Ed — Doan s List — President s Scholar — England Exchange Program, lo Berkshire Teacher s College EILEEN C RALPH — Glenoiden Pa — Business Adm industrial Relations Management EDITH RANDOLPH — Ph.ia . Pa — Education Elementary 4 Earty Childhood Ed DAMIAN A ROSSI — Conshohocken Pa — Business Accounting — Associates Degree Temple 72 — Cum Laude m Business PATRICIA ANN RATUFF — Camp Hill, Pa — Liberal Arts Political Scene — R n Team 1.2J.4 (Cap! 4) — Drill Team 2 3.4 (Cap!) — Int I Students Assoc — Resident Hall Jr Counselor — B g Sister CHARLES RAUDENBUSH — Feasterv.il Pa — Liberal Art Political Scene — Pol Sc Majors Assoc — Republican Club IRENE JEAN REEO — Horsham Pa — Liberal Arts English — Eng Majors Assoc WILLIAM HENRY REED JR — King of Prussia Pa — Education Counseling SHERRY LYN REiCHENBACH — Erdenheim Pa — Education Elementary Ed — President s Scholar — Amble' Campus STEPHEN ERIC REIOELL — Pittsburgh. Pa — Tyler Fin Arts Painting SHARON JOY RElSMAN — New Providence N J — Liberal Arts Science R1CHELLE OENA REfTENBERG — Pfula.. Pa — Liberal Arts Pofcbcai Scene — Poi Sc Mem Award — Pi Sigma Alpha — Sigma Della Pi BETH GALE RESNlCK — Pfula . Pa — Liberal Art Speech Pathology 4 Audiology BARBARA EVA REVESZ — Bala Cynwyd. Pa — Liberal Ads Psychology PATRICIA 0 RICE — Phila . Pa — Education Early Childhood 4 Elementary Ed ELAINE A R RICHARDSON — Ph.ia . Pa — Education Earty Childhood 4 Elementary Ed — Dean s Ust MONICA MOSLEY RICHARDSON — Pfula. Pa — Communications Radio. TV. Film — Photography — Swimming — Trampoline — News Broadcaster WRTI JULIAN ADOLPH RlCHTER — Phila Pa — Communications Theater — Journalism JAMSE MARCEL RIPK1N — Ph.ia . Pa — Liberal Arts Psychology PAUL R IT OR TO — Veadon. Pa — Pharmacy Phi Delta Chi CHRIS GUY ROBERTS — Pfula. Pa — Liberal Arts Geography OAVIO A ROBERTS — Phila . Pa — Business ALBERTO MADGAUNE ROBINSON - Pfula . Pa — Education 4 Science — Early Childhood 4 Elementary Ed OOESSA W ROBINSON - Ptui . P - Education Early Childhood Ed WARREN ROBINSON — Pfula . Pa — Pharmacy: Student APHA — Gymnastics YVETTE JOAN ROBINSON - Pfula . Pa — So-cal Adm Social Work — Swimming — Oanc-mg MELBA EDITH ROOtRGUEZ — Pfula . Pa — Liberal Art Spanish 4 Ed Certification — Dean s Ust — Fed of Puerto Rican Students JOiei CHRISTOPHER ROI — Ph.1 Pa — Uberai Arts Psychology — Dean s Ust KENNETH ROMANOWSW — Pfula . Pa — Busin Adm Finance — Dean s Ust — Newman Center (Chairman 4 Publicity Chairman) — Part-Time Teller at F t Pa Bank AIDA VALERIE ROMOUM — Pfu'a Pa -Education Elementary Ed - Alpha Gamma Delta (Pres) — Intramural Tutoring JANET LYNN ROSBOROUOH - Blue Bell. P — Liberal Arts Psychology ANDREW MARK ROSEN — Pfula Pa — Liberal Art Political Science — Accounting Soc — Pol Sc. Majors Assoc. — Pol Set Honors Soc. EDWARD M ROSEN — Pfula.. Pa — Liberal Arts Psychology JUOITH CAROL ROSEN — Ph.ia . Pa — Social Work Member House of Delegate — Council on Social Work Education SHELLEY ROSENBERG - Pfula . Pa — Edm cation Earty Childhood 4 Elementary Ed — President s Scholar - Magnet Honor Soc — Magna Ct n Laude — Dean Ust STEVEN NEIL ROSENBERG — Pfula Pa — uberai Art Sociology — Ski Club — UCLA Research Assistant JERROLO ROSENTHAL - Pfula Pa — Liberal Arts History LUCILLE E ROSENTHAL — Pfula . Pa — Edu- cation Early Childhood Ed — Dean » List — Magna Cum Laude ALAN ROSENZWEIG — Giens.de Pa — Liberal Art Psychology PWLOMENA M ROSICA - Phila Pa — Education Business Ed — P. Omega Pi (Pres) — President s Scholar — Alumni Award Bus Ed LYNN EILEEN ROSSET — Mer.on Pa — Liberal Arts Psychology — Psych Major Assoc — Ski Chib — Resident Rep — Dean s Ust — Summa Cum Laude FERN BARBARA ROTH — Clark N J — Education Secondary Ed — EngfcshCommun — Tutorial Society N LEONARD ROTH — Ph.ia . Pa — Pharmacy Rho Pi Phi EVELYN T ROWE — Pfula . Pa — Education Earty Quid hood Ed — President s Scholar JUOITH ANN RUBINSTEIN — West Chester. Pa — Education Dental Hygiene Ed — Dean List — Tempi News (Assistant Advertising Mgr) NATASHA RUNGTA — Malvern Pa — Liberal Arts Psychology — Tutorial Soc.— Oean » Ust ARTHUR WILLIAM SAGOSWN — Pfula Pa — Uberai Art Psychology — Psi Cfu — Tutorial SOC — Vice-Pres Pre Med Soc ERMA MARY SANNINI — Pfula. Pa — Education Elementary 4 Earty Childhood Ed — Deen s Ust — Alpha Gamma Delta MITCHELL ROSS SARGEN - Plymouth Meeting. Pa — Liberal Arts Urban Studies — Dean s List — Research Assist for Soc Prof — Urban Studies Club — Johnson-Hardwick Dorm Social Comm — Spanish C ub OAMITA DEL STACHELL - Camden NJ — Socui Administration Social Work MARK CRAIG SAUL — Pfula. Pa — Liberal Arts History EVELYN H SAUSMAN — Pfula.. Pa — Education Elementary Ed — Dean's Ust ROLANO SAVIOR — Phila Pa — Business Accounting LOURENIA W SAWYER — Pfula. Pa — Education DENNIS C. SCAN MAPI ECO — Phil . Pa — Communications Radio. TV. Film ARTHUR MARC SCHERR — Pfula . Pa - Business Adm Accounting — Beta Alpha P i HANNO SCHOLL — Pfula . Pa. — Engineering Tech Eieclr.cai Eng Tech — Dean s Ust — Ski Club (Vice-Pre 4 Pres ) FRAN LEAH SCHNAPP — Elkins Park. Pa — Social Adm. Socai Work — Dean s List — Magnet Honor Soc — Young Democrats — Hiiiei — Yearbook 72 PHI UP M SCHLACHTERMAN — Ph.ia, Pa — Liberal Arts Speech ANN M SCHMIDT — Upper Buck Eddy. Pa — Uberai Arts Speech 4 Hearing Science — Nat I Student Speech 4 Hearing Assoc JEFFREY W SCHRAGER - Phila . Pa — Science Education MKXAEL J SCHWAGER - Ph.ia Pa — Liberal Arts English — Phi Beta Kappa — President s Scholar — Student Uruon Board — Classic Film Comm (Chairman) GLORIA ANNE SCHWARTZ — Yonkers, NY -Education Elementary Ed — Ski Club — Dean s List PRISCILLA JANE B SCHWARTZ - Bala Cynwyd. Pa — Uberai Arts Anthropology ROSE LYN SCHWARTZ — Pfula Pa — Uberai Arts Psychology — Dean s Ust JOHN ALBERT SOBELLO — Prospect Park. Pa — Liberal Arts Psychology JOHN T SCORR — Phila Pa — Business Business Administration SHIRLEY WASHINGTON SCOTT — Ph.ia . Pa — Education Elementary Ed — Dean s List — Black Student League — Steering Comm for Black Stud DIANE MARIE SEEFRED— Ph.ia . Pa - Bus n s Adm Actuarial Science — Beta Gamma Sigma — Paul A Tanker Scholarship in Actuarial Science EDWARD L SEGALL — Ph.ia . Pa — Liberal Arts Information Sciences — Information Set Tutor — Assoc for Computing Machinery MARTIN LEE SEIOMAN - Ph.ia . Pa - Business Adm Accounting — Loyalists (Pres.) — Who's Who m Stud Airier Colleges 4 Univ — Athletic Council — Homecoming Comm — Accounting Soc — Co-ordinator of H S Outreach JAN HELENE SELET — Bala-Cynwyd. Pa. — Liberal Arts Spanish — Spanish 4 Portugese Club (Vice-Pres) — SUB Popular Film Comm — Dean s Ust — Slud Tutorial Soc GUY A SEPlELU - Pfula Pa — Uberai Arts Interdisciplinary — Psych 4 Ed Psych JEANNIE I SEPlELU — Phila . Pa — Uberai Arts SociologyGREGORY K SHAEFFER — Red Lion. Pa — Pharmacy Kappa Pw — Student Council — APHA ANDREA MERYL SHANKIN - Ph.la.. Pa -Education Early Childhood 4 E to man t ary Ed — Cum Lauda — Loyalists BRUCE WAYNE SHANZER — Ph.la. Pa — Business Adm Accounting — Beta Alpha Psi Vico-Pres 74 Trees 731 — College Council Member from Bus School — Dean s List — Bowling Team SHIRLEY ROSENZWEIG SHAPIN - Phila Pa — Social Adm — Social Welfare — Honors DALE CYNTHIA SHAPIRO — Phila Pa — Education Elementary Ed — Cum Laude ELAINE JUWTH SHAPIRO - Altoona Pa — Communications Radio. TV. Film — WRTI Staff — Sigma Delta Chi — PRSSA — Radio Drama Workshop JOHN SMARAMATEW — Phila Pa — Education Elementary Ed RICHARD ALLEN SHEAFFER — Lansdale. Pa — Business Adm Accounting — Beta Alpha Psi IVY SUSAN SHERMAN — Harrisburg, Pa — Education Early Childhood Ed NANCY HELENE SHERMAN — Bala-Cynwyd. Pa — Liberal Arts Biology — Alpha Lambda Dene (Trees — Tutorial Soc — Biology Majors Org JACQUELINE MILLER SHOCKLEY — Pn.la . Pa — Social Work Dean s List BARBARA ELLEN SlOOTE - Elmwood Park. N J — Liberal Arts Philosophy — Doan s List — Newman Center CAROLYN N SILVER — Phila . Pa — Education Earty Childhood 4 Elementary Ed — Dean s List LEWS SILVERMAN — Pennsauken, NJ — Communications 4 Theater Radio. TV, Film TERRY JAY SIMAN — Balo-Cynwyd, Pa — Communications 4 Theater Journalism CHRISTINE SUZANNE S1W1NSKJ — Phila . Pa — Liberal Arts Speech — Ptu Beta Kappa — President’s Scholar — NSSHA — Student Adv JO-ANN SKIENA - Phila . Pa — Music Music Ed — Chamber Singers — Opera Theater — Oean s List — Diadem JERRY M SKOLNICK — Andalusia. Pa — Pharmacy Vice-Pres Sr Class — Drug Abuse Comm — Phi Delta Chi — Stud Council — Pro|ect Speed DAVIO IRA SLOM — Phila . Pa - Liberal Arts Sociology LEE ALAN SLOTKIN — Woodbridgo. NJ -Liberal Arts Psychology — Intramurals JEFFREY MARK SLOTNICK — Phila Pa — Liberal Arts Psychology VERMELLA K SMALLS — Pfula . Pa — Education Early Childhood 4 Elementary Ed ALICE 0. SMITH — Phila Pa — Education Early Childhood Ed — Dean $ List CYNTHIA MARtE SMITH — Pmia . Pa — Education Early Childhood 4 Elementary Ed — Summa Cum Laude ETHEL DOZIER SMITH — Pfula . Pa — Pharmacy Stud Memo Greater Pfula Pharmaceutical Soc GLORIA SMITH — Pfula . Pa — Music Music History JUANITA CONSTANCE SMITH — Roanoke. Va — Education Elementary Ed — Summa Cum Laude — Dean s List Thru Grad Stud.es LUCY C SMITH - Phila . Pa Sooal Administration SHEILA ARLENE SMITH - Phila . Pa - Social Administration STANLEY BERNARD SMITH - Phila . Pa — Business Adm Accounting — Assoc of Black 8usmess Students (Trustee) BETH JOAN SNADER — Pfula . Pa — Education JERROLO M SNYOER — Phila . Pa — Liberal Arts Templine — Loyalists — Temple Owl — Dean s List MICHAEL SNYOER — Pfula . Pa — Pharmacy SAPHA — PPA (Stud Delegate) — Mortar 4 Presue Players —Stud Rep Pa State Board of Pharmacy Tripartite Comm ROBERT SNYDER — Phila . Pa — Communications PHILUP B SOLLON — Canonsburg. Pa — Liberal Arts Sociology — Football _ Temple News Photographer — IM Athletic Coach — Honors Program Dept of Sociology GRACE SOLTIS — Bethlehem. Pa — Liberal Arts Psychology JOHN DOMINICK SONSlNl — Phila Pa - Liberal Arts Psychology — Dean s List — Honors Program — Alpha Lambda Delta ULUAN D SOTO — Lansdale. Pa — Education Spanish — Foreign Language Ed — Fed of Puerto Rican Stud — Exchange Somm 4 Exchange Student to Unlv Of Puerto Rico — Dean a List TRUOI M SPERLING — Clark, N J. — Music Muvc History — Oean s List — Hebrew Honor Soc — Magna Cum Laude CATENA M SPtRITOSANTO — Levittown Pa — Liberal Arts Speech Pathology — Karate Qub — Temple Women s Lib DAVIO M SPITZBERG - Phila. Pa - Business Adm Accounting — Beta Gamma Sigrm — Beta Alpha Pv — HiRei Foundation JANET GAIL STANERUCK — Plymouth Meeting. Pa — Liberal Arts Psychology — Deans List SUZANNE LYNN STAROSTA — Ph.la . Pa — Liberal Arts Mathematics DENNIS STARR - Ph.la . Pa - Business Accounting Accounting Society LAWRENCE MICHAEL ST CLAIR - Ph.la . Pa — Liberal Arts Speech 4 Hearing Science IRIS CHERYL STEINER — Philo . Pa — Education Earfy Childhood 4 Elementary Ed — President s Scholar — Alpha Lambda Delta — Tutorial Soc — Dean s List — Exchange Student Berkshire College Of Ed (England) RAMONA MARIE STEPHENS — Pfula Pa — Communications Radio. TV. Film — Temple News (Assist Photo-Ed ) — Templme Radio Program ROBERT HOWARD STERN - Melrose Park Pa — Liberal Arts PoMical Science — Dean s List — Honor List — Delta Rho Honors Soc — Pol Set Maiors Assoc — Summer Orientation Sel Comm DORIS DINGLE STEWART - Phila.. Pa — Education Early Childhood Ed — President s Scholar — Dean's List ELAINE STEWART — Phila . Pa — Liberal Arts Religion WILLIAM GEORGE STOKES - Mt Ho»y. N J — Liberal Arts Music 4 English — Dean s Us! ANN MARIE STONE — Ph.la . Pa — Liberal Arts Philosophy ALEXANDER ANDREW STRATIENKO — Phila.. Pa — Liberal Arts Psychology — Honors — Psi Chi (Pres ) — Undergrad Affairs Comm BARBARA CAROL STRAUS - Pfula Pa — Liberal Arts Sociology — Ski Club BRIAN LEIGH STRAUSS — Levittown. Pa — Liberal Arts: Political Science — Dean s Ust — All Umv Soft ban Championship Team — IM Soccer. Football — Pol Sci Assoc SUSAN STRlCKER — Phila . Pa — Sociology Alpha Kappa Delta Soc Honor Soc RACHEL STRICKLAND — Ph.la . Pa — Education Early Childhood 4 Elementary Ed — Dean s List JOSEPH STRIMBER - Phila . Pa - Liberal Arts Political Science — Pi S gma Alpha Honors Soc — Temple News Reporter — Reader for Blind 4 Disabled Stud — Newscaster I or WRTI DEBORAH T STROZESK) — Wyncote. Pa — Pharmacy Class Pictures. Sr CHERYL RUTH STUDENT — Willow Grove. Pa — Liberal Arts. Economics ANDREA H SULLIVAN - Ph.la , Pa — Education Physical 4 Health Ed — Varsity Hockey. Basketball 4 Lacrosse JAME M SUMMERS - Phila , Pa - Education Earty Childhood 4 Elementary Ed ESSIE 8ENB0W SWAIN — Pfula . Pa — Education Elementary 4 Earty Childhood Ed — Oean s List DOROTHY D SYDNOfl — Pfula.. Pa — Business Administration DANIEL E TAYLOR — Phillipsburg. N J — Pharmacy Student Council — Rho Pi Pn. (Trees ) — Physical Planning Committee GREGORY R TAYLOR — Pfula . Pa — Sooal Adm Social Welfare — Dean s List — Stud Rep Sooal Welfare Faculty Meetings — Grad School Comm (Chair.) Of Social Welfare Stud Union JUDY ANN TAYLOR —New Cumberland. Pa — Pharmacy SAPHA TERRY R TAYLOR — Chester. Pa — Communications Journalism—Temple News (City. Copy 4 Editorial Page Editor) — Reporter VIVIAN OOESSA TAYLOR — Ph.la . Pa. — Education Elementary Ed — Oean s List MKXAEL TEDESCHl - Ph.la. Pa — Pharmacy ESTHER LYNN TElCH — Wilkes-Barre. Pa — Sooal Adm: Social Welfare — Dean s List —Jr Counselor at Hardwick Hafts ROBERT ALAN TEICHMAN — Roslyn Heights. NY— Education Health — Gymnastics Team — Eastern Champ nstup Finalist 74 UNOA j TERMiNE — Ph.la Pa — Business Management — Cheerleader — Alpha Sigma Alpha (Pres 4) — President s Hosts DAVID CHARLES TESTER — Phila . Pa — Liberal Arts Enghsh — Center for the Blind BARBARA A THOMAS — Phila Pa — Sciences Education JOYCE THOMAS — Phila . Pa — Education Elementary Ed — Dean s Ust NAOMI E THOMAS - Pfula Pa — Social Adm Sooal Work WARREN ALVA THOMAS — Phila . Pa — Communications Jouranlism — Play Organ. Piano 4 Ciar.net in Group BETH ANNE THOMPKJNS — Pfula . Pa — Liberal Arts Psychology — Psi Ch. — Psych Honors JOANNE BETH TIKTIN — West Nyacfc. N Y — Education Enghsh Communications — Dean a List — Presidential Scholar WILLIAM M TINGLEY — Springfield Pa — Business Management ANTHONY PAUL TOLOMEO — Phila . Pa — Communications Radio. TV. Film — WRTI Sports Stall — Orama Workshop — IM Volleyball, Hockey. Softball RENEE T TOMAR — Pfula . Pa — Education Elementary Ed THOMAS TOMCANIN — Monosson. Pa — Pharmacy Student Council — Rho Pt Phi DAVID H TRACHTMAN — Pfula . Pa — Liberal Arts Pohtical Science — Student Senator — Stud Space Advisory Comm — Publicity Du Ski Club — Loyalists JANE TROUT — Ph.la Pa — Education Early Childhood 4 Elementary Ed SHERRY LINOA TURETZKY - Ph.la . Pa — Liberal Arts Psychology — Undergrad Psych Maiors Assoc — Volunteer 4 Coordinator Center for Disabled Students DAVID K TURKHEIMER - PNIa . Pa SALVATORE J THSO — Vineland. NJ — Pharmacy Kappa Psi — Drug Abuse Comm — Project Speed EBELE-NZOIWU-ENUSI UME-NWAOBO — Camden. NJ — Communications 4 Theater Radio. TV. Film EOUAROO URIBE — Pfula . Pa — Education Math. Ed JOtPi DAVID VAN SICKLE — Manasouan. N J. — Liberal Arts Political Science DORA SOPHIA VARVARIN — Phila .Pa — Ut era! Arts Sociology - Alpha Kappa Delta Honors Soc. — Sociology Club — Ukrainian NICHOLAS JOHN VENTROLA. JR — Levittown. Pa — Education Health 4 Physical Ed — Veterans Club — Cum Laude SYBIL 0 VERNON — Upper Daiby. Pa — Music Music Ed — Varsity Cheerleader — IM Sports — usher at Athletic Events — Orchestra RICHARD M WAGNER — Phila .Pa — Pharmacy Kappa Pn ANNA ELIZABETH WALKER — Phila . Pa — Education Earty Childhood 4 Elementary Ed BETTYE F WALKER - Pfula . Pa - Education Early Childhood 4 Elementary Ed — Presidents Scholar — Magna Cum Laude DENISE CELESTE WALLS - Havertord. Pa -Education Earty Childhood 4 Elementary Ed — Oean s List RUTH E WALTON — Pfula . Pa — Education Earty Ctuidhood 4 Elementary Ed — Dean s List PHILIP WARREN WARD — Warminster. Pa — Business Industrial Relations Management CAROL UNOA WARDLAU — Pfula . Pa — Liberal Arts Biology DIANE LOUISE WASMNGTON — Phila Pa — Education EnglrShCommurucations — Alpha Kappa Alpha ADELAIDE DELORES WATERS - Pfula . Pa — Liberal Arts Psychology ROBERT GORDON WAXLER — Ph.la . Pa — Liberal Arts History — Dean s List — Table Tennis Club ELLEN MlNOY WEBER — Phila . Pa — Liberal Arts Sociology — Hillet — Outing Club — Undergrad Soc Majors Assoc BARBARA A WEINER — Baldwin NY— Education Elementary Ed MONA BETH WEINER — Pfula . Pa — Liberal Arts Hebrew — Dean t List — President s Scholar — Hebrew Club — Phi Beta Kappa — Hebrew Honors SONNY (SOL) VICTOR WEINSTEIN — Phila . Pa. — Communications 4 Theater Radio. TV. FJm — Tutorial Sooety — ASA (Pres) DIANE GAIL WEtSBERG - Cheltenham. Pa — Liberal Arts Alpha Lambda Delta — Chemistry Soc — Phi Beta Kappa SARA SUPERFINE WEtSBERG — Ambler. Pa — Education Earty Childhood 4 Elementary Ed MARC A WEISMAN — Gienvde. Pa — Liberal Arts History — Student Senate — Dean s List STUART JOEL WEISS — Phila . Pa — Liberal Arts Science — Dean s List — Varsity Fencing Team SUSAN H WEISSMAN — Phila Pa — Liberal Arts Journalism VIRGINIA WELSH — Phila . Pa — Social Adm Social Welfare — Candidate Fuibnght-Hayes Award — Magnet Soc GERARD M WENZIG — Pittsburgh. Pa - Business Adm Management ALICE WHITE - Phila . Pa — Education Early Childhood Ed DEBORAH A WHITE - Ph.la . Pa — Liberal Arts Biology FRANCES JANE WHITE — Folsom. Pa — Communications 4 Theater Journalism — Temple News — Campus Republicans JAMES ALLAN WHITE — Pfula . Pa - Liberal Arts General Slud.es — African History — Certificate) In African Studies LILA JOHNSON WHITE — Pfula , Pa — Education Earty Childhood Ed — Magna Cum Lauda THERESA ANNETTE WHITE — Ph.la . Pa — Business Marketing FREDERICK LEWIS WHITEN — Phila . Pa. — Education Elementary Ed — Treasurer Veterans m Public Service — Deans Ust VERNARO RUDOLPH WHITFIELD — Phila. Pa — Business Adm Management — Com Laude DOROTHEA LEE VWERNICKJ — Lang borne Pa — Education Social Studies — Secondary Ed — Magna Cum Laude THOMAS H WILCOX — Willow Grove. Pa — Education industrial Arts ANN MARIE WILLARD — Lansdale. Pa — Business Adm Management ALBERTA F WILLIAMS — Phila . Pa — Education. Earty Childhood 4 Elementary Ed — Doan s List ANNIE F wiluams — Phila Pa. — Education Earty Childhood 4 Etemantary Ed — Dean s Ust CYNTHU RENEE WILLIAMS — Phila . Pa Liberal Arts Dance JOHNNIE LEE WILUAMS — Pfula. Pa — Social Adm Social Welt are — Deans List — Continuing Ed tor Women — Coordinator of Social Service Programs ROBIN GAIL WILUAMS — WestviBe Grove. N J — Communications Journalism — Deans Ust — Varsity Field Hockey — Valley Forge Freedom Foundation — Certif ot Honor — Finabst tor V.r Hem Award for Foreign Study TEIRNEY M WILUAMS — Harrisburg, Pa — Liberal Arts Sociology GERTRUDE W W1LUAMS0N — Pfula . Pa — Education: Earty Childhood Ed — President s Scholar MARVA E W1LUS — Phila . Pa — Education Earty Ctuidhood 4 Elementary Ed — Dean’s List DIANE V. WILLS — Phila . Pa — Uberal Arts: Economics ANGELA OENtSE WILSON-Phila Pa - Liberal Arts Political Science LELIA B WILSON — Phila . Pa — Education: Early Childhood 4 Elementary Ed JACQUELINE WIMBERLY - Phila Pa - Social Administration: Social Wertare — Karate Club — Sunmmlng JEANNE G WISNER — Viiianova Pa — Social Administration Social Wedare BRIAN DAVID WITZER — Wyncote. Pa — Uberal Arts Political Science. Speech Enghsh — Honors Program — President s Scholar — Debate Soc (Pres) — Internship at Montg County DA s 0rt.ee — Magna Cum Laude — Karate 4 We.ghthft.ng Clubs JLL KAREN WOLF — Wyncote. Pa — Uberal Arts Psychology DORIS E WOLFE — Pfula . Pa — Education Earty Childhood Ed — Dean $ List STEVEN ALAN WOLFSON — Elkins Park. Pa — Engineering Tech Biomedical — Pharmacy Work — Sports — Appear on folder promoting Biomedical Engineering Tech PATRICIA MARIE WORKMAN - Pfula . Pa — Business Adm Management industrial Relations VALERIE JUSTINE WRIGHT — Phila. Pa — Liberal Arts Psychology — Delta Sigma Theta MtCHELE ANDREA YEWS — Phila . Pa — Uberal Arts Psychology — Psi Chi Psych Honor Soc — Eta Beta Rho Hebrew Honor Soc — Delta Phi Epsilon — Loyalists MARGARET M YOUNG — Phila . Pa — Education Elementary Ed — Dean s Ust — Tutorial Soc - DWIGHT MITCHELL ZEREWAT — Newtown Square. Pa — Uberal Arts Pohtical Science EDMUND JAMES ZONGOLOWICZ - Ph.la . Pa — Uberal Arts History — Honor Roll — History Majors Assoc — tntramurels — Tempts News — Newman Center mimi maria ZUiNO — Phila. Pa — Liberal Arts: Mathematics

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