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■J I ■ T£, ofi phi TEMPLE UNIVERSITY of the commonwealth system of higher education Philadelphia Pennsylvania CONTENTS ACADEMICS 24 ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY 61 STUDENT LIFE 74 CULTURAL ACTIVITIES 95 STUDENT ACTIVITIES 123 COMMUNITY PROJECTS 161 ORGANIZATIONS AND HONORARIES 169 GREEKS 209 ATHLETICS 244 SPRING SPORTS 251 FALL SPORTS . 263 WINTER SPORTS 277 WOMEN ' S SPORTS 295 SENIORS 318 INDEX 438 %.. ? ' rtfti Any discussion of Temple University usually concludes with the not-too-original observation that Temple is a middle-class commuter school in the heart of a ghetto. In recent years, this generalization has become a more, rather than less accurate discription of Temple. Temple was never a campus school. Until the past 10 years, however. Temple was a small school with some rather typical college traditions. Homecoming and Carnival were important social events of the year. Fraternities, though small, were prestigous. In 1970, few of these traditions have survived. Carnival has quietly been forgotten, and Homecoming barely exists. In order to put some enthusiasm into i Homecoming, Marc Frantz became Homecoming " Queen " , and Ralph Montgomery Hintel, a dog, was elected Big Man on Campus. Attention has been focused instead on Temple as an urban university. In 1968, the administration created an Office of Urban Affairs in an attempt to relate Temple with the surrounding community. Faced with demands from the Steering Committee for Black Students (SCBS), the administration in Spring, 1969 placed a moratorium on expansion and promised to establish a black studies program, to recruit additional black students and to allow university facilities to be used by the community whenever feasible. The small minority of radicals on campus have also turned their attention more to the community. The Temple Free Press (Freep), the voice of university radicals, in 1969 changed its name to the Philadelphia Free Press. The paper, at first a reaction to administration policy, is now more concerned with news outside the campus. Greeks, in order to keep up the times and to survive in North Philadelphia, have become active in their work with the community. They still hold on to such activities as the Miss Incoming Freshmen Contest, and Shoeshine Day, in spite of the fact that most people on campus ignore them. The large majority of students are still as apathetic as they always have been. They do get a little disturbed when the community threatens violence, but mostly they complain among themselves about the increase in tuition, the price of books, and Slater food. A small group of students in attempting to change conditions have sought greater power in administration policies. Students have been given positions on a number of committees. After the Summer Commission Report was ratified, student governments were formed by organizations within the university. The problems Temple face stem from the very fact that Temple is, as everyone says, a middle-class commuter school in the heart of a ghetto. This year TEMPLAR 1970 has decided to focus on the student and his function in the university as its exists today. The following pages will show where he has been active and where he has done nothing; where he has succeeded and where he has failed. " The important thing is to pull yourself up by your own hair To turn yourself inside out and see the whole world with fresh eyes. " Marat Sade by Peter Weiss ..Ir hang on to your hopes my friend that ' s an easy thing to say, but if your hopes should pass away simply pretend that you can build them again. " hazy shade of winter " simon and garfunkel THE UNIVERSITY N before deciding what ' s right and what ' s wrong with the university, we must first decide what the university is, and what it should do. m. ackerman li r k 1 1 1 -.1 ' HiiiF ' ■VI B I K THE STUDENT woke up, fell out of bed, dragged a comb across my head found my way downstairs and drank a cup, and looking up i noticed i was late found my coat and grabbed my hat made the bus in seconds flat found my way upstairs and had a smoke, somebody spoke and i went into a dream . . . " a day in the life " lennon-mccartney .A , was, at a time it was, it was . . . a time of innocence a time of confidences, ong ago ... it must be . . . i have a photograph, preserve your memories; they ' re all that ' s left you. " bookends theme " simon and garfunkel I; i i get by with a little help from my friends, i get high with a little help from my friends, going to try with a little help from my friends, " a little help from my friends " lennon-mccartney isn ' t it singular that no one ever goes to war for waging wars, let alone advocating them? but the jails are filled with those who want peace, not to kill is to be a criminal, they put you right into jail if all you do is ask tnem to leave you alone, ex- ercising the right to live is a violation of the law. it strikes me as quite singular. the strawberry statement: notes of a college revolutionary James simon kunen I I i I 1 THE ACADEMIC PROCESS The time is now. It is a time of student involvement, and a time of change. Students are learning from the mistakes of the past, and applying these teachings toward making a better future. People are participat- ing in open demonstrations and exercising more fully their basic freedoms. The students of today have been taught to think critically and to weigh every aspect of any problem. Their suggestions are considered more seriously and acted upon more frequently than ever before. Now, more than ever. Temple ' s academic program of studies is becoming characterized by today ' s spirit of involvement and change. REGISTRATION Contrary to popular opinion, this year ' s pre-regis- tration was the easiest and most efficient in the plan ' s two year history. According to Dr. Harry S. Gallagher, Registrar, more than 14,000 out of 35,000 full time day students pre-registered for the fall semester. In addi- tion, over 11,400 students paid in full as of September 1, he said. Previously, registration was held one week before the start of the current semester, which led to mass confusion, long lines and disgruntled students. The reaction of most students to this year ' s pre- registration was favorable. According to some, even late registration was easier with the increased facilities of the new gymnasium. Many students reported that they had no difficulty in obtaining the courses they needed at the times they wanted, providing the course was still open. During the opening of the fall semester, there was the initiation of a new system, whereby if a student dropped or added a course, he received a drop card in addition to the usual add card. In this way classes were not closed out before they were filled and a student could pick up a course that another had dropped. Pre-registration had been cited as offering advan- tages to both the student and the university. The student knows beforehand what courses he will have, and his class hours, thereby leaving him extra time for work, sports participation, and community affairs. The university, in turn, is aware of the demand for a cer- tain course before the semester begins. It can then make changes in the master schedule, combining or cancelling sections as the need arises. BASIC STUDIES Basic Studies was started in September, 1964, for the broad purpose of human living, citizen involve- ment and preparation in all the professional courses. Instead, the Basic Studies Program had been criticized by many students as stringent, inflexible and ridicu- lous. Frustrated student criticism concerns the inac- 26 curate advice of Basic Studies advisors, the loss of credits when transferring from one college to an- other, and the sheer ridiculousness of taking required courses which are many times not applicable to the students ' needs or desires. Steps are finally being taken to reform the current program. Basic Studies Student Organization, the branch of student government which represents the 7,000 students in Basic Studies, is the means by which students are trying to change the current policies. Due to the efforts of BSSO, the Summer Committee for Basic Studies was formed in the summer of 1969. It contained representatives from BSSO, Basic Studies Faculty Committee, Student Senate, and the Faculty Senate. The commission favors a new Self-Develop- ment Program over the old Basic Studies Program. SDP would consist of fifty-six credit hours, thirty-two completely elective, and twenty-four taken in at least two divisions outside the student ' s prospective major. As was stated in the Temple Plan for University Governance: " The Basic Studies students know re- quirements and the classrooms, but they share the life of Temple in no other structured way. " It is precisely in the Temple student ' s first year that he has his most shocking encounter with isolation and anonymity. AMBLER The Ambler campus is tar removed from the intense pace of city life which pervades the main campus. Set on 186 acres of land in Montgomery County, the school provides a relaxed atmosphere for its 750 students. Ambler ' s 73 faculty members relate to the students in a persona! way, and " everyone knows everyone else, " according to Dr. John Cassidy, Dean of the College. The intimacy of the Ambler campus has both posi- tive and negative aspects. The campus area utilized by the students is only a small portion of the land belonging to Ambler. One hundred acres of campus land are " totally unused. " This fact, in addition to growing criticism of the further expansion of Temple ' s main campus, has made Ambler a prime area for prospective expansion. Some members of Temple ' s Board of Trustees are now in the process of investigat- ing recommendations that the Ambler campus become a four-year college, but this plan is now only in the conception stage. The school presently offers the two-year Basic Studies curriculum that is in effect on Temple ' s main campus. Ambler also offers programs of study in hor- ticulture and agriculture. Many students attend Ambler for their first two years of college, and obtain their bachelor ' s degree after two subsequent years at Temple ' s main campus. However, Dr. Cassidy noted that " the percentage of students who transfer out of Ambler to come to the city is very small. " Dr. Cassidy feels that the facilities at Ambler are " adequate for present needs, " and he would be reluctant to see a change in the atmosphere of Ambler. LIBERAL ARTS If one disects the term Liberal Arts, he would find that liberal connotes " a non-restrictive modus operan- di " and of course, art is defined as " a skill in perform- ance, acquired by experience, study or observa- tion. " By the additive property of mathematics, we would surmise that Liberal Arts refers to the non-re- strictive means of developing a skill in performance through the process of careful study. WRONG! Not only is the Liberal Arts program a " limited arts " curriculum, but many of us do not really get into it until our senior year. Here is where the philosophy of the liberal education takes root. We will all be round- ed individuals because we took a theater course in which all that was learned was how to know which number seats are on what side of the theater. To make us more worldly, we are offered a course in Govern- ment and Politics in Brazil 138, and one in Field Geology 252 so we can identify the stones in the Thomas Hall wall. Although the actual principle behind the concept of Liberal Arts is valid, it has been perverted to the point that the only really non-restrictive semester of the college career is the last. " When Brazil takes over the world, maybe I ' ll be glad I had the course. " — Scoop Boogwah, 1970 EDUCATION BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION According to the Temple University Bulletin, the purpose of Temple ' s College of Education is " to satisfy the present demand for the best possible professional training for teachers in prospect and in service. " Aside from the obvious task of teaching people how to teach, the college attempts to fulfill the function of evolving " such types of training as shall insure the broadest possible social as well as academic and professional education. " According to students, it is in the area of education toward social problems where the school seems to fail the most. As one student said, " The faculty here is made up of white, middle-class teachers who sit behind their desks, teaching in a white, middle-class school, with no experience teaching in the inner-city schools. As a result, students know very little of the educational processes in lower areas, except for the theories presented in the classroom. They don ' t know people. " Other students termed the courses " irrelevant. " Students largely feel that the courses are " unstruc- tured, " allowing for free expression of theory, but many feel that the majority of the teachers " are not good enough to make this type of freedom effective. We learn little or nothing. " However, the students acknowledge that the ideas behind many courses are basically sound, with good potential. The dissatisfac- tion stems from the attitude and teaching methods of their instructors. The goals of the College of Education seem remote in the minds of Education students. If the students themselves refuse to accept theory over experience, then it would be to the advantage of the College of Education to provide instructors who really do know people, and who are able to provide adequate and reasonable guidelines for free expression. " To compete in society, one needs a thorough knowledge of how the economy works. " In the rapidly expanding College of Business Administration, students are exposed to instructors from diversified schools and theories of education. A number of socie- ties and clubs import experts from various corpora- tions who augment and enhance the students ' con- cept of learning. Student organization and participa- tion in the improvement of curriculum is now under- way as is student involvement in a number of research projects between undergraduates and faculty. " No longer is the student simply a machine who attends classes and takes examinations, he has now become an active member in creating the forces that affect him. " " The school is good academically, but socially a lot is left to be desired. " Such is the general attitude toward the female population of the business school. Women feel that they are inherently ignorant in mat- ters of commerce and finance, and they feel discriminated against. Because of this, they go into oc- cupations with which they have been historically as- sociated, such as nursing or teaching. The future businessman experiences overtime hours of long tedious work, and high degree of competition with very little recognition for his endeavors. " Once success has been attained, he can review his experiences and understand how his education has blended to make him what he is today. " MUSIC The School of Music is a college within a college. It is so detached from the rest of the university that it seems to many of its students to be Presser University, instead of Presser Hall. But the students have good reason to think this way. There is so much to be learned that the students begin taking their eight basic music courses in their freshman year. Students find their music " very time consuming, and any other interest outside the school takes away from practice time. " However, with so many available courses, the students do not even find enough time to practice. Most of the students agree that the School of Music has excellent facilities. However, the school lacks the necessary acoustics that are greatly needed. One musician noted, " Sometimes if you stand in the mid- dle of the hall, you can hear about ten practice ses- sions going on at once. " This creates another problem. In the whole school, there are only forty practice rooms. " That is not enough. If you do not get to school early enough, you can ' t practice, because the rooms are so full. " Many piano students are especially upset, because when they finally do find a practice room, the pianos are not properly tuned. Students agree that there is a definite sense of belonging to the School of Music. The school is small, which makes it easier to know everyone, thus creating an informal atmosphere. The teachers take a great t deal of interest in their students, and have a more per- sonal relationship with them. In an increasingly complex world, it is becoming increasingly difficult for students to find themselves. The students at Temple ' s School of Music have found a place where they can emerge as unique and artistic individuals. COMMUNICATIONS AND THEATRE The students of the School of Communications and Theatre are not afraid to admit that they like school and each other. This feeling of mutual satisfaction creates an atmosphere of diligence and cooperation in Tomlinson Theatre and Annenberg Hall, which house the separate departments of Theatre, Journalism, and Radio-Television-Film. The students work closely with each other and with teachers who take the time to know their pupils in the relaxed environment of the school. Students are often on a first-name basis with their instructors, which helps to make the teacher- student relationship less strained and more condusive to learning. One reason given to the student for the more per- sonalized teaching in the school is that many courses, instead of being taught directly from textbooks, con- sist predominantly of lab work. Thus, the teacher talks to the students, not at them, as they all discuss ideas and theories involved in the fields of Communica- tions. The result is that the students learn much about their chosen majors. " It ' s not just fun and games, " explains a radio major. The students work hard, utiliz- ing such facilities as the spacious Tomlinson stage, and WRTI ' s radio station. According to another student at Annenberg, some people believe the Communications students are " cop-outs. " " But we ' re just doing everything a different way and learning just as much, " she answers. " The others should envy us; we really have it made. When we go out into the world, we ' ll be able to cope with reality, not just with textbooks. " TYLER The Tyler School of Art enjoys the distinction of being the only professional art school in the world that is affiliated with a university. The curriculum of Tyler includes programs of study in all areas of liberal arts, but the school is primarily geared towards the fine arts. Professional instruction is provided in paint- ing, sculpting, printing, and most other fields of artis- tic e xperience. The administration and student body of Tyler agree that the present curriculum offers " something of substance " to the artistically oriented individual. Students at Tyler feel little or no connection with Temple University. The rural setting of the school, in suburban Cheltenham Township, provides a sense of independence from the urban, brick and concrete at- mosphere of Temple ' s main campus. Tyler students are very much aware, however, of the problems that exist because of Tyler ' s affiliation with the University. One student noted that the funds allot- ted to Tyler are sparse, and are " spent for too much of nothing. " He deplored the " typical Temple policy of repairing and replacing when there is nothing to repair or replace, and leaving glaring deficiencies unremedied. The faculty at Tyler, for example, is find- ing it difficult to uphold the high quality of instruc- tion, due to an appalling lack of space. English classes are held in a gallery in Tyler ' s main building, and printing facilities are housed in what used to be a sta- ble. Although some funds have been allotted for the construction of two new buildings, further expansion has been limited because of complaints by the sur- rounding community. LAW It is the purpose of Temple ' s School of Law to provide manpower for the law firms for the next decade. But simply producing lawyers is not the only concern of the law school. According to Dean Ralph Novell, much emphasis is being placed on affairs which will " increase the percentage of law students ' effectiveness as lawyers. " The law school is ex- perimenting with many new projects in order to " find ways to train law students to achieve the desired end results of those engaged in legal matters. " Projects have been established for the benefit of the students, enabling them to work individually as well as becoming involved in organizational activities. The next decade should find Temple ' s law school one of the finest in the country. This year, as in past years, an attempt has been made to establish the Temple Law Students Civil Rights Research Council (LSCRRC). But this year, hav- ing developed sufficient student support. Temple ' s LSCRRC has received formal recognition from the na- tional organization, although it is not considered a function of the law school. The Council ' s chairman, Steve Farber, believes the group ' s purpose to be " sen- sitizing law students to the problems of today and try- ing to solve this problems. " " Where the law school programs people for the law firms, " LSCRRC plans to orient students to the " social and legal problems of today. " PROFESSIONAL SCHOOLS The Professional Schools at Temple University- Dental, Medical, and Pharmaceutical — prepare the in- dividual to assume an active role in the welfare of his community, through interactions with his fellow man. A new curriculum deserves precedence over other aspects of development at the Dental School. Through an intensive program, which allows the student more free time for individualized study and earlier clinical training, a 28-hour week of lectures and laboratory experiences has been developed. This programs ena- bles the student to complete required courses by the end of his junior year, thus allowing for the election of courses in the senior year. More recently, an Honors Clinic, dedicated to a 40-year member of the faculty. Dr. Louis Herman, was begun. It is designed for those juniors and seniors who are able to conduct their own practices with a minimum of supervision. Finally, student-faculty relations have recently been enhanced by the installation of an Academic Honors System, for freshmen only. A student-faculty workshop, and a tutorial system are in their thi rd year of operation. Through these institutions, students with academic problems are counseled, and, hopefully, relieved of their dilemmas. The Temple University Medical School ' s new Kresge Basic Sciences Teaching Building was dedicated on May 3, 1969. With the new facilities will come broader admissions policies and the riddance of cookbook- type courses. A thorough reappraisal of the present curriculum will be incorporated with individual and multi-disciplinary teaching approaches. In the first two years of this program, students utilize their own basic laboratory settings, plus a non-human biological learning model. In essence, this new Medical Building will be " owned " by the future doctors, especially because of the new self-learning and experimentation approach. A newly established Educational Development Laboratory at the School of Pharmacy is presently in its first year of operation. Temple ' s School of Phar- macy is the only school in the United States with such a unique facility. Through self-learning machines or the " audio-tutorial " program, a student can review Chemistry I, while the machine reinforces learning and reviews the necessary concepts. No Student, in this technique, is able to continue until all past material has been mastered. The professors and students at the School of Pharmacy are trying to change the stigma of the pharmacist from that of a " drug-store attendant " to a common feeling that the pharmacist is a vital public servant, and an essential working member of the community. A plan to change the curriculum, to add, drop, or consolidate courses, and the development of audio-visual lecture programs are in the late planning stages. Personalization and close student-faculty rapport is presently in operation, through the use of name plates for all those enrolled in, or working in the school. Altogether, the new " get involved " policy is truly a remarkable step in the right direction for Temple ' s School of Pharmacy. Any university benefits from expansion and development of its facilities. Temple is no exception. A generous grant for the construction of a five-story Allied Health Building, for pharmacy, nursing, and the various allied health professions, had been endowed. Building will, in most probability, commence in 1970. Therefore, the Dental School will have sole occupancy of the building which it now shares with the School of Pharmacy. The Dental, Pharmaceutical, and Medical Schools all plan to admit more students into their respective schools during the forthcoming years. Education, truly, is the root of all success, and self- learning, as exhibited by the many related programs at the University, will make learning that much more profitable and rewarding. GRADUATION How do you sum up four years of your life within the confines of a short paragraph? Graduation is considered the threshold of many new beginnings such as marriage, work, or perhaps even graduate school. It has also been viewed as the end to four glorious or not so glorious years. Many are looking forward to graduation from the time they enter college. Yet as the time grows closer, you suddenly realize that maybe you ' re not quite as anxious and ready to leave as you once thought you were. College life today is full of trauma, turmoil, and changes. This year ' s graduating class is vastly different from the class of even five years ago. Many will remember things such as . . . the draft . . . registration . . . the establishment . . . protests . . . rallies . . . dorm living . . . sex . . . love . . . drugs . . . student power . . . concerts . . . open house . . . frat parties . . . weekends . . . cancelled classes . . . take home exams . . . and . . . Yet whether this year ' s graduates dwell on the good times or the not so good times, one thing they are sure to remember is " you can never go home again. " 30 H H ' II. (V ' ' ' ' h II HH A . rih H II K9p li V ■ A L H i rWH Ki re 1 Js - ■ « r „ ..- 1 i t •v. 32 33 1 34 Despair weakens our sight and closes our ears. We can see nothing but spectres of doom, and can hear only the beating of our agitated hearts. Gibran i f rNDECISION... QUICK DECISION . . . m % ,. a REGISTRATION 35 i lli=lbs.li=.l=.h ' «|.=i|;]=.l:=) % 36 i BOOKSTORE 37 I used to get mad at my school The teachers that taught me weren ' t cool You ' re holding me down, turning me round Filling me up with your rules. I ' ve got to admit it ' s getting better . . . Lennon-McCartney " Getting Better " 40 I li 42 I met a man who lost his mind In some lost place I had to find; " Follow me, " the wise man said But he walked behind. Leonard Cohen, " Teachers " TYLER 45 46 -:i ' - AMBLER I: ' -tJt ' T if f ' P 47 ...escape nowhei National Pharmacy V October 5-11 196 PI i: W i PHARMACY 49 50 I HHP zzmSS pi B C B » r Ht " Bi l .M iL Bl LIBRARY Everything has been thought of before, but the difficulty is to think of it again. Goethe STUDYING . ■kr " ' -- ' . «L 52 1 FINALS 53 54 GRADUATION 55 TEMP NIVERSITY SCHOOL OE-LAW SCHOOL OF LAW SCHOOL OF MEDICINE I DMINrSTRATION AND FACULTY PAUL R. ANDERSON PRESIDENT I 62 I gv )Jr MILLARD E. GLADFELTER CHANCELLOR 63 I i TRUSTEES UNIVERSITY TRUSTEES Lieutenant General Milton C. Baker Mr. Joeseph E. Boether Mr. John R. Bunting, Jr. Dr. Karl R. Bopp Bishop Fred P. Corson Mr. Theodore E. Fitzgerald Mr. Richard j. Fox Dr. Millard E. Gladfelter Dr. Ruth Hayre Mr. Charles M. Johnson Mr. John G. Keek Dr. Richard A. Kern Judge Charles Klein Mr. Frank C.P. McGlinn Mr. Arthur T. McConigle Mr. Thomas Z. Minehart Mr. R. Alexander Montgomery Mr. Howard E. Morgan Mr. William L.Rafsky Mrs. R. Stewart Rausch, Jr. Mr. William R. Spofford, Chairman Mr. William H.Sylk The Honorable Charles Wright COMMONWEALTH TRUSTEES Mr. Samuel E. Ewing, Esquire Mr. Joseph M. First The Honorable William H. Hastie Mr. Paul Hittenkels Mr. J. Myron Honigman The Honorable George M. Leader Mr. William J. McKeever Mr. Blaine W. Scott, 3rd Mr. Francis R. Smith Mr. Henry G. Sweney Mr. Charles R. Tyson Mr. Robert M. Urbani TRUSTEES EX OFFICIO The Governor of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania The Mayor of the City of Philadelphia The Secretary Department of Education HONORARY LIFE TRUSTEES Mr. John A. Diemand Mr. Thomas L. Evans Mrs. Richard E. Hanson Dr. Louis P. Hoyer Mr. Wentworth P. Johnson Mr. James E. Nolen Wynne Sharpies, M.D. Mrs. Leeman Snodgrass Mr. James M. Symes Dr. William W. Tomlinson The Honorable George A. Welsh Dr. Earl R. Yeomans f Will 64 Dr. John M. Rhoads, Vice President for Financial Affairs and Budget and Planning James M. Shea, Vice President for University Relations William G. Willis, Vice President and Secretary Dr. Leroy E. Burney, Vice President for the Health Sciences Lloyd R. Lawrence, Vice President for Development VICE PRESIDENTS Dr. Marvin Wachman Vice President for Academic Affairs I Dr. Eugene Udell Assistant Vice President for Student Services Dr. Fred Nicolai Assistant Vice President for Administration 66 DEANS Dr. Seymour Wolfbein Dean, School of Business Administration Dr. Paul W. Eberman Dean, College of Education Miss Lucile M. Scheuer Dean of Women Dr. Richard M. Stavseth Dean, Basic Studies Dr. Kenneth Harwood Dean, School of Communications and Theater Dr. George Johnson Dean, College of Liberal Arts Dr. David Stone Dean, College of Music 67 lack Baier Director of Student Activi- ties Cynthia B. Batt Calendar and Lectures Coordinator Curtis B. Bicker Manager of Student Store .. ■1 niii " ' i M4itiiiiiitiiiiiii t it ) (I,, •iiiltllllllllKllltltllltlMtli STtJDENt lllllllllll iiuiitiiti MMttjjl hJ a ' " JJ. Alan Fox Director of Drug Education and Activities George Koval Elizabeth Landis Director of Financial Aid University Recorder John Mac Donald Director of General Alumni Association Harry Gallagher Registrar Charles Metzger Business Manager Albert V. Scaturo Director of Purchases William Seible Director of Instructional TV Dr. |ohn S. Shultz Comptroller Otis Smith Assistant Dean of Men Neil Gutman Director of Career Services Arthur Hamlin Director of University Libraries Abigail Hopkins Foreign Student Advisor Thomas W. Elliott Director of Admissions Eleanor Isard Director of Counseling Center ' If Emily Mohland Director of University News Bureau Ruth Morey Assistant Director of Student Activities Herman Niebuhr Associate Vice President for Urban Affairs Bruce S. Roxby Director of University Health Services ■ Iflf ' ' f Mark Spitatiny Assistant Director of Activi- ties Lee Transier Director of Residences Raymond Whitaker Director of University Alumni Affairs Gerald O ' Keefe Director of Duplicating teach v.t., v.i., to impart knowledge of or . The problem of education is relevent to everyone in the academic community. Immensely important is how the " one-who-teaches " opens up worlds of infor- mation for his students. Every teacher has the poten- tial to mold his students to form particular views within his subject, and many skillful people exploit this fact in their teaching, to foster deepened under- standing and appreciation of their fields. This task is, of course, much easier with students who have al- ready chosen their particular fields of interest and are therefore eager for knowledge within it. However, most students, including those who know where they want to go, reach the university level rejecting over half the possible sphere of learning. The reasons for rejection (or even choice) of certain disciplines must John A. Poole, Associate Profes- sor of Chemistry: " . . . take a kid of three, four years old — it ' s got to be before he goes to school, before he ' s been contaminated — and you find they ' re all geniuses: They ' re all brilliant, imaginative, creative, inter- ested in everything, asking very in- teresting and important questions . . . They don ' t have history here, English there, chemistry there, science, bugs here, and something, else there: it ' s all world to them; people and the world are all unified. And one subject is of equal fascination of interest as another. In fact they can unify much more than we can after we ' ve gone through this period of education. Anyway, they ' re very interested and then they go to school and all of a sud- den they start becoming dullards lie in the students ' previous experience (or perhaps non-experience or anti-experience) with the subjects involved. What, then, must be done? The obvious answer is that every level of pre-univer- sity education must be changed to halt the anti-in- tellectual effect of education in today ' s primary and secondary schools. Many parents also tend to aggravate this problem through their lack of awareness that the problem even exists. Young people should not be " turned off " before they come to college. Temple University has many excellent faculty members, seven of whom are represented here. However, many of their talents are being wasted, because students have long before been trained to reject their teachings. 70 laps sets IV- •in- ind to of iple lo ulty sre. led, ilo William A. Wisdom, Associate Professor of Philosophy: " . . . most people reason pretty well most of the time . . . But the point is, all people reason suf- ficiently badly about things sufficiently much of the time that it ' s worth, I should think, attempting to improve this. Again, I don ' t know whether I ' m more concerned to develop skills here or to develop a con- cern ... " Roy S. Wolper, Associate Professor of English: " . . . because I ' m a teacher and I say, ' Your writing is im- portant, ' means nothing as a teacher. Later on, it will mean something only if they believe Mr. Wolper is in- telligent enough that it means something for them to believe Mr. Wolper. It means nothing that their teacher says this, or that Dr. Wolper says this, or that Mr. Woiper-who-is-associate-professor says this: That ' s nonsense. It only means something if they believe this person . . . " , 71 I I Shepherd K. Roberts, Associate Professor of Biology: " ... I find that when I ' m teaching material which is based upon my own research, where I have, so to speak, a level of competence about as high as you ' re supposed to achieve, that I very often lose the students completely, because I ' m way up on one plane. And it ' s very hard to get off that plane and come down. It ' s very easy, for example, in general biology, where you ' re dealing with a very broad spec- trum of subjects, to really feel sort of stupid about something to the extent that you have to dig out material and you have to essentially learn it from the level that the student would learn it. And then it becomes, I think, better taught material in a way . . . " Paul H. Lyons, Instructor in History: " . . . it seems to me my prime purpose, particularly since I ' m teaching Basic Studies, where the courses are more general and open-ended, is to help the student know himself; so that in my mind history functions somewhat the way psychoanalysis functions. Psychoanalysis functions in terms of your mind and your subconscious. History functions in terms of your past. And to understand yourself you have to know your past, to know your present, to know what dominates you, determines you, so that you can be more free . . . " 72 John C. Raines, Assistant Professor of Religion: " . . . I suppose the essence of teaching — adequate teaching — is to take your students seriously — serious- ly as human beings who have to negotiate life in the same fashion as you do . . . Taking your student seriously is taking seriously the questions he ' s asking: not just about your subject matter which you ' re presenting to him, but taking quite seriously the ques- tions he raises about how you even define the subject matter and raise it, and draw the lines of interpreta- tion through that subject matter and make it, so to speak, understandable . . . Can you take another per- son, in this case a student, seriously, and not simply immediately interpret him into your categories of un- derstanding and so diffuse him and make him safe for ' business as usual? ' . . . " Henry Braun, Assistant Professor of English: " ... I keep one thing in mind since I teach poetry and crea- tive writing: I ' d like in the long run to have the students ten years from now buy books of poetry and maybe in the quiet of their rooms jump up and down when they come to good passages and things. I ' d like them really to get hooked on poetry. So that that is an end, I partly try to do it in a way that you may call a lit- tle bit secret and hidden. That is, occasionally I bring in poems which seem to have nothing to do with the course, which seem to be not part of any logical development, in hopes of sort of surprising them with something that ' s good. I might come in just murmur- ing a poem or say, ' Hey, look what I ' ve just read last week. ' Very often it ' s quite true. I ' ll have an enthusiasm, something that ' s new and I want to show them by example that it is possible for an enthusiasm for poetry to break into one ' s life . . . " 73 3b » . i I 7 ' . - - • ' H A i I i BRING All THE GIS HOME NOWl Student feeling at Temple is difficult to define. Most students are unable to express what they feel. They cannot tell of their concerns and worries, cannot explain what they care abo ut. But still they refute the widespread belief that Temple students are apathetic. True, Temple is not overwhelmed with gung-ho Owl fans, or students who are on numerous service and spirit committees. But there are many who do par- ticipate in sports, publications, community and school service projects, and Creek events. As one coed said, " at first Temple was just classes and subway rides. When 1 got involved in activities, I found they gave meaning to my time here. " Others demonstrate their concern for Temple in different ways. They see things wrong with the univer- sity and want to change them. They look for smaller classes, wider choice in curriculum, closer student- faculty-administration relationships, shorter lines, bet- ter food and parking facilities, and more personal at- THE STUDENT SEEKS 76 tention. Granted, to many, Temple is just subways and classes. The reasons, or excuses for this are many: " Temple ' s a commuter school. " " I ' ve got too much school work. " " I ' m only here because it ' s cheap and in the city, and my parents wouldn ' t and couldn ' t send me away to school. " " I ' ve got to work sixteen hours a week just to pay tuition. " Then there are those who are here for only one thing — that piece of paper, a husband, or a draft deferment. The fact that they ' re not involved in student activities does not mean that they ' re non-caring about everything. The Viet-Nam War, the draft, the grape boycott, and community problems have been the subject of rallies, pamphlet- ing, and strikes, both on and off campus. One coed summed up the feeling of the majority when she said, " I care about death, and war, and suffering, and lonely old people, and my friends and happiness. " Even if only about themselves. Temple kids care. KNOWLEDGE OF OTHERS . . 77 LOVE FOR HIMSELF . . . " _ Mr r v - -f?- 78 MttteEiHtiSlfi _. l) If IIMGAUTHEflB NOV t1 ISHMGTOr iCO NOV ft i y I MMUNOWI =1 ( ■■1 v 5? - 1 i - ' ' " »- ' ? . BflHj " %x m ADMIT ONE KUHIN HUUD DELL ORCHESTRA Werner Torkanowsky, Conductor Earl Wild, Pianist THURSDAY EVE., JUNE 26, 1969 8:30 P. M. ADMISSION FREE - UNRESERVED No Children undw IJ Y«in ef Ag Admittad Childran 12 to It Y ars of Ago Muit bo Accomponiod by «■ Adull. In Case of Rain watch for Postponed Date Concert No. 6. All PROGRAMS SUBJCCT TO -■ ' ■ - : % ilMONa i ' h. m " " " ' t J fc j- ' ' ' il H 1 tP( LIVING - KT . H TOGETHERk m B H y K ' j Bkb H H HI " O » ' WW c 1 l HflJSg ■K. ■I SHHC H US 1)1 Al) IN VIETNAM t M« FoW ai: a T - , ' OLDMAN 1 GpOD ON ' .r GOLDMAN TWEAirt .wV ' ' - L;:i AUGUST 21 a «r I sex .?- 4 s -y t=SI ff TEMPLE UNIVERSITY OF THE COMMONWtALTH SYSTLM OF HIGHER EDUCATION BY AUTHORmrOFTHEBOARD OF TRUSTEES AND UPON RECOMMENDATION OF THE FACULTY- HEREBYCONFEJIS UPON THE DEGREE OF Bachelor of 5cicncc in €6ttcalicrn TOGEIHERWTrH ALL THE RIGHTS PRIVILEGES AND HONORS APPERTAINING THERETO IN RECOGNITION OF THE SATISFACTORY COMPLETION OF THE COURSE PRESCRIBED BY THE FACULTY OF THE UNIVERSITY IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF THE UNDERSIGNED HAVE SUBSCRIBED THEIR NAMES AND AFFIXED THE- SEAL OF THE UNIVERSITY GIVEN AT PHILADELPHIA PENNSYLVANIA - ON THIS- TWENTY - FOURTH • DAY OF ■ JANUARY • NINITEBN • HUNDRID ■ AND • SIXTY . NINE l A ALICE ' S RESTAilB m K. If. | 9p 1 J mm ? fa lr.S-% C- ,3 1 ' o as a : 3i3 -- [your .. .own thinn RESIDENTS Life in the residence halls of Temple University provides experiences and contacts totally unavailable to the commuting student. The function of Temple ' s dorms is to provide a warm and informal atmosphere, encouraging residents to become friendly with, study with, and adapt to the habits and eccentricities of their fellow students. This year the Temple University residence halls are making notable progress toward this goal. Fewer restrictions than ever before are being placed on dormitory students. The curfew for upper-class coeds in Hardwick and Williams Halls has been replaced by a voluntary sign-out system. Johnson and Peabody Halls are experimenting with a fourty-eight hour open house on weekends. Whether the practice will continue will depend on the behavior of the par- ticipants. Although the residence hall switchboards close at midnight, residents of Johnson and Hardwick Halls have arranged to have private phones installed in their rooms, so that calls can be made and received at any hour. Perhaps the most talked-about and appreciated in- novation in the residence halls this year is the es- tablishment of a snack bar in the basement of Hard- wick Hall. This convenience seems to bring resident students closer together, as students from the four dormitories spend much of their leisure time there. Beginning in October, the basement of Hardwick Hall was transformed into a Cabaret. Humorous skits, pantomimes, songs, and games are presented, some- times involving all or part of the audience. To add to the spirit of involvement, students are invited to audi- I RESIDENTS. . . ' tion for parts in the performances scheduled for subsequent weeks. Temple University is basically a commuting univer- sity. In comparison to other universities, the dorm facilities are extraordinarily small. On the campus there is very little visable difference between a resident and a commuter, except for the fact that the resident appears much more relaxed, and not in a big hurry to go somewhere. The commuter, who represents the large part of Temple ' s population, is usually eager to leave upon the completion of his classes. This major difference tends to polarize Tem- ple students, and it frequently appears as if Temple has two distinct and separate student bodies. COMMUTERS Temple is very much an urban university, and is populated largely by residents of the surrounding urban area. This vast student population commutes to school each day by car, train, el, bus, motorcycle, and an occasional thumb. Students attend classes and then assimilate back into the surrounding area. The fluid nature of Temple ' s population is condusive to the exchange of ideas and impressions with students of many other nearby universities. Temple students use main campus as a focal point to base all moves in an outward direction. There is no cultural void at Temple, as there is at other more isolated colleges. Although Temple offers a person much in the way of live experience, there are many problems facing the commuting students. After classes, everyone leaves. There is no inter-mingling within the campus itself. This results in an apathetic and selfish student body. The major concern of most of the commuters is whether or not they will be able to find a convenient parking space. Temple students often fulfill their in- tellectual and social needs outside the realm of the university. This tends to make Temple not only cliquish, but as many refer to it, a " high class high school. " where students go to classes, and then go directly home. Temple students are not restricted in their scope or limited by an isolated campus atmosphere. The prox- imity of the campus to one of this country ' s most culturally-oriented cities, Philadelphia, presents limit- less opportunities for an interested student to greatly widen his cultural horizons. The ambitious person who uses these opportunities to his advantage, is truly an independent entity, capable of cultivating his mind more freely, and experiencing life more fully. The remedy to the apathetic situation, mostly on the part of commuting students, is involvement. This remedy, which is also the keynote of today ' s younger society, is much easier to criticize than to initiate. It can be tiring as well as demoralizing to have to spend a great deal of time each day in transit. But interest in the welfare of fellow students and the surrounding area can develop a sincere and deep desire on the part of a student to use his creativity for the benefit of Temple. This would result in more time spent on the campus itself, and with other Temple students. AND COMMUTERS 84 85 .:a-. Commuting stinks! Sandy Pearlstein AD MD:)U(VltD ALL KD | CrinFMT AWn 86 87 88 n M ipB» - 1 IF ri WEREN ' T FOR PIZZA . . . r. fill makes llfllors lil • I BIKINI In today ' s changing times, people connected with the college world view Homecoming as one of the few staid traditions left. Temple ' s 1969 Homecoming was a definite upset for the traditionalists. This was the year of surprises. Instead of a sexy beauty for a queen, side- burned, bearded Marc (Margo) Frantz, ' 72, captured the coveted title. Marc, in commenting on his victory said it was, " A small step forward for man, a large leap forward for masculinity " . A majority of the voters must have followed the old adage, " beauty is in the eyes of the beholder " , because Marc rounded up 64% of the vote. At the football game, 12,500 spectators watched Marc gallantly abdicate his crown to first runner-up Wendy Rose, ' 72. Fans readily admitted that Wendy, attractive blond, looked more like the accepted con- ception of a beauty queen than did Marc. To add to the confusion, the Big Man on Campus was Ralph Hin- tel, a mongrel, who was sponsored by Alpha Chi Rho fraternity. In keeping with the spirit of the occasion, Ralph sported a cheery and white mini-tie to the game. Coinciding with the atmosphere of the Moratorium of the week before, the mood of Homecoming shift- ed. Instead of concentrating all their efforts on build- ing floats, some organizations concerned themselves with projects more relevant to the times. As an alter- native to building a float, the service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega spent equivalent money to escort 40 orphans to the game. Hardwick-Johnson dorms con- structed a float which was a peace sign, with a caption reading, " Now. " In keeping with all this excitement, the Owls romped over a stunned Hofstra team by a score of 34- 7. The entire Homecoming experience proved to be one of the most exciting series of events at Temple in years. HOMECOMING 1969 92 169 r 93 Man, Hofstra used to beat us 900 to — in their street clothes! Bill Cosby i Dl MAGGIO LEADS TEMPLE OVER HOFSTRA, 34 to 7 94 CULTURAL ACTIVITIES " The times are a-changin ' " — and finally, Tem- ple University is changing with the times. Our alma mater has awakened to " what ' s happening. " And see- ing that it ' s good, Temple decided that it was time to start doing it ' s own thing. Without a doubt, the Ambler Music Festival and In- stitute was Temple ' s own thing. As Miss Bohlen, Assist- ant Director of the Festival, worded it, " The Festival was a total cultural experience. " Extending over a period of seven weeks, June 24 to August 9, a diver- sified program of music was presented. The highlight of the program was the debut of the Zagreb Philhar- monic Orchestra from Yugoslavia. This was the first full symphony to play a season at the Festival, and the first foreign symphony orchestra in residence at any American university. Temple University, therefore, achieved two world firsts. Additional features of the Festival were four performances by the Pennsylvania Ballet Company, two evenings with the Afro-American Dance Ensemble, a presentation of Classical Dances of India, and performances by the Institute Choir. Among the special guests were Joan Baez, Count Basie, Benny Goodman, Marian Anderson, Richard Tucker, and Aaron Copland. In addition to annual events, such as the Music Festival, Temple University also provided cultural experiences on a more regular basis. The Student Union Board sponsored plays such as " Tom Paine " , lectures, films and special events, including the Al Kooper and Biff Rose concert. Various departments offered their own series of lectures and events related to their fields of specialized interests. Temple University ' s Orchestra, Concert Choir, theater group and dance groups have also been doing their own things. The Orchestra and it ' s individual members provided music recitals almost every week. The Concert Choir performed Beethoven ' s Ninth at Constitution Hall in Washington D.C. with the Philadelphia Orchestra. They also graced Tomlinson Hall with a performance of Bach ' s Mass in B Minor in conjunction with the Orchestra and faculty soloists. The theater group performed several productions, among which was " Rashomon " . Another specialized group at Temple is it ' s dance group. Open to anyone interested, the dance workshop provided the oppor- tunity for students to express their ideas and feelings physically, through modern dance. 96 Being an urban university. Temple has also been enriched by the cultural offerings of Philadelphia. In one week alone, there were 22 plays running in the city. They ranged from Broadway productions to avant-garde and college production s. Musical talent performing throughout the year included Blood Sweat and Tears, Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass, O. C. Smith, Johnny Mathis, and Simon and Carfunkel. Per- formances at the Academy of Music included the De- troit Symphony Orchestra, Temple ' s Concert Choir, and the famed Philadelphia Orchestra. Philadelphia boasts some of the finest art exhibits in the world. The Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Rodin Museum, the University of Pennsylvania Museum and the Civic Center are just a few of the places that have housed great works by artists such as Picasso, Brancusi and Ben Shahn. Philadelphia is also the home of several schools of higher education. In addition to Temple University, Philadelphia is the home of the University of Pennsyl- vania, Community College, Drexel Institute of Technology, St. Joseph ' s College and others. With these schools Temple students exchanged ideas, formed new friendships and discovered more about one another and themselves. Together we cheered at the games, together we supported new ideas, together we explored Philadelphia, and together we lived what ' s happening. And what ' s happening? " The times " are happening. " They are a-changin ' . " Now, Temple is changing. It ' s just starting to do it ' s own thing. But it has potential. Who knows, maybe — someday — the times won ' t be making us change. Maybe we ' ll be changing the times. I . -. pr. CULTURE PERVADES CITY AND UNIVERSITY LIFE 97 98 ! 99 ; 101 102 103 I 104 MUSIC ON CAMPUS 105 y ' 106 . I s Yesterday the world was singing Hell was miles away. Rod McKuen %h r i 107 I TEMPLE MUSIC FESTIVAL D New York Rock and Roll Ensemble 108 m DRAWS WORLD RENOWNED PERFORMERS Pennsylvania Ballet Company 109 New York Rock and Roll Ensemble American Grass Roots 110 Herbie Mann 1 1 • •- .vi.: ; ' " I ii- .3i ' • ,•- Count Basie 111 The Romaros Arthur Hall ' s Afro- American Dance Group 112 Pennsylvania Ballet Company Joan Baez American Grass Roots 113 OPERA WORKSHOP I II II 1(1 115 SPEAKERS AND GUESTS What we ' re living with today is so complex that the public can ' t listen to straight rhetoric but needs someone throwing out pegs on which they can hang their thoughts. The necessity for com- mentary in print or on the air is un- deniable. I came here in the capacity of a government official to tell the truth about what is happening in Viet Nam. To tell why we ' ve been fighting for so many years. Tran Khoa Hoc Joe McGinniss Joe McGinniss Tran Khoa Hoc r David Ignatow Ignatow is skilled at driving the stake through the phony heart of America. Critic 117 Milton Shapp 118 Friedrich Durenmatt The world is for me some- thing monstrous, a riddle of misfor- tune which must be accepted but before which one must not capitu- late. The Marketing Man has got to know his target market inside, out- side, backwards and upside down. Clive Brash Friedrich Durenmatt Clive Brash I 119 PHILADELPHIA 120 121 122 STUDENT ACTIVITIES STUDENT ACTIVITIES STUDENT ACTIVITIES Most students were happy to leave Wiatt Hall as the center of student activities. The place was literally a fire-trap. It was crowded to extremes, especially in the individual organization offices where there was barely elbow room. It was dingy, dirty and decrepit, but Wiatt Hall had character. To some students, believe it or not, it had something to say; not neces- sarily " Hi, good morning, welcome to the place! " but when you were in Wiatt Hall, you knew it. In the winter it was too hot, as evidenced by the fact that Wiatt was the only building on campus with all the windows open in ten-degree weather. And in the summer it was still too hot, because there were not enough windows to open. After tripping up the cracked and creaky stairs, a gnawing feeling inside in- sisted that the only way out at the end of the day would be the fire escape — the stairs having given up under the pressure of one too many footsteps. Forget the bannisters — if you began to fall the safest thing to do would have been to keep rolling if you preferred to come down in stages. The plaster was not secure ei- ther, notably when the organization on the top floor began to tromp around. " The ceiling fell down today. " " Uh-huh. " Little inconveniences, such as risk of life, were to be expected and borne accordingly. Some of the organi- zations didn ' t have their offices in Wiatt, due to limit- ed space, which proved to be a major inconvenience to pampered Temple students who had to walk many miles in search of the organizations of their interests. Complaints were constant. Then came the month of January, when the New Student Activities Building opened its offices for oc- cupancy. Staffs packed anything movable and began the process of setting up all the packed and temporar- ily misplaced equipment in a foreign environment. The change was dramatic! There was no graffiti on the walls, the stairs refused to creak, and the ceilings stayed were they were. After more than five years of promises and X million dollars, the students had a building that consolidated all of the student activities into one, easily navigated unit. Of course, the place conformed to the high modern standards of sterility. The walls were painted in cheery off-beige and the pre-fabricated doors differed only in the number of windows. But these criticisms can ' t be taken entirely to heart. Included in the building were a new, improved book- store, several lounges, and a cafeteria scheduled to open during the summer of 1970. The entire third floor was devoted to meeting rooms and auditoriums. There was room and more room to relax and walk and sleep, if need be. Yes, and even an elevator for hardy souls who have had their fill of climbing stairs. And yet, with all these benefits, some of the more romantic students actually missed Wiatt Hall, feeling that it was more homey and warm. But they ' ll get over it. Even as the workmen put the finishing touches on the interior, the Student Union Board launched a grand opening week from February 24-27 that fea- tured Sweet Stavin ' Chain and other groups, light shows, and food for those who were interested enough to visit the building that will become the center of student congregation in years to come. STUDENT GOVERNMENT When the old Student Council was dissolved, Temple students were without any type of represent- ation for almost three semesters. During the summer of 1969, the University sponsored a commission to study the student government situation and recom- mended a plan of action to reinstate a foundation for student politics. The Student Senate was formed from their report on Student Governance. From its inception, the Student Senate has been plagued by internal debate and dissention. The basic struggle grew from a lack of recognition on the part of the University administration. Students were not con- sidered part of the legal corporation that is Temple University. At the same time, the student body was expecting the Senate to take instant action on every visible problem with which they were confronted. But to be functional, an organization must be pragmatic. The Student Senate set out to do some of the tedious paperwork that would prove beneficial for all students. The Senate compiled a Constitution which provides for and clearly defines student rights, respon- sibilities, and powers. The Senate has been in- strumental in carrying student grievances about issues such as food services on to the administration. The Senate has been working to have provisions added to contracts that would assure better quality in food preparation and service. Every student at one time or another has been in a situation where bureaucratic red tape has been too much and panic begins to set in. To ease these moments of frustration, the Senate initiated a service known as " Templine, " where students can call or write in about their questions and or grievances. The Templine staff does their best to answer these problems through a column published in the Temple News. On a larger scale, the Senate itself provides the same type of service. The Student Senate has given fi- nancial support to the Free University and the Free Law School of Philadelphia. It has provided a channel of communication between faculty and students through a published evaluation of courses and faculty, which is being prepared by Senate members. This would provide Temple students with an opportunity to read the opinions of their fellow students on the quality of courses and teachers before they select their classes. 124 The Senate has changed many aspects of the exist- ing University policy, a fact which the vast majority of students is unaware of, since they are unaware of most of the processes that run this University. But things are changing and changing rapidly. Once the Student Senate and student government in general has the solid foundation that it is seeking, it will be in a better position to facilitate more widespread and visible changes. TEMPLAR As Temple University comes out of the past, tradi- tions are being broken in all facets of the University ' s life. The staff of TEMPLAR 1970 is attempting to sweep away the aging dust of tradition which has clouded yearbooks ' effectiveness for years. Instead of including the trivial nonsense that everyone has been reading in other books for years, the staff is bent on compiling a true, objective record of the year at the University as viewed by the students: an aim that is supposed to be central in writing a yearbook, but which is often overlooked. Marilyn Ackerman, editor- in-chief of this year ' s book, feels that a yearbook should not be limited to the pursuit of a theme, because the exposition of the school year involves many various angles. " The student and his function in the Unive rsity as it exists today " is the focusing point guiding this year ' s TEMPLAR staff. Many all-too-typical structural traits are being scrapped in favor of formats that are expected to facil- itate better understanding of the University as a (w)hole. Copy, for instance, is being grouped together to form a more coherent flow of information that can be easily assimilated, providing better understanding of the interrelationships among faculty, students, and administration. TEMPLAR 1970 will consist of pic- tures, telling the story and setting the mood of Temple University as it was in 1969-1970. Changes in staff or- ganization have allowed individuals to concentrate on either layout or copy. This allows them to do the job they want to do, with more or less a free hand, in order to make the book more spontaneous than in the past, and thus more creative and interesting. In TEMPLAR 1970, the staff is attempting to put some real feeling into their messages, and by virtue of their status as Temple students, to honestly voice the feelings of their fellow students, all of whom have encountered similar experiences at college. This year- book is intended to enable students to recall what they have felt during their stay at Temple, an intention that can be consummated only by being objective and honest. STYLUS The Stylus has never been a leading part of Temple University. It has always been a " conservative literary publication, " serving an association of artists and those enthralled by the literary world. As a consequence, it rarely presented anything eye- catching to the student body. And therefore, it ' s no wonder that the Stylus has always been that ghost of a publication which appeared twice a year (if funds were not lacking) and then vanished ' til its next haunt- ing hour. However, the ' 70 ' s, with its pleas for involvement, aroused new aims for the Stylus. Editor Jeffrey Berger and his staff endeavoured to " make it more of a campus wide organ, promoting dialogue and involve- ment of all the departments. " In addition, the staff hopes to make the Stylus a " forum of ideas of expres- sion, " thus " filling up the void left by the TEMPLAR and the Temple News. " So, determined to carry out their proposals of mak- ing Stylus " like a student-run University review, " the staff anxiously went to work. In the end, a lot had been accomplished. Involved with the struggle of the black people, the Stylus featured a section on Black Poetry. To wash away student apathy, the Spring issue of 1970 was flooded by poems created solely by the students, as opposed to the usual domination of the Stylus by professional poets, artists, and other out- siders. Of course, the Stylus still has many problems. It has a lack of funds, which is preventing the biannual publication from expanding to a quarterly. This problem also makes it difficult to hold on to a staff, because the publication requires a lot of work and offers little remuneration. Then, of course, there is still the poor reception from the departments on campus other than the English and Journalism depart- ments. However, these problems must be left for the staff of 1971 to handle. TEMPLE NEWS Every morning the Temple News is on the stands waiting to be read, commented on, or discarded by the students and faculty of Temple University. The ideas and efforts that have gone into each paper are of little concern to Temple ' s population. But the people responsible for the presentation of the Temple News care about their paper and the University which makes the news possible. They show their concern by trying to make each issue the best one. The staff recognized that there was a need for improvement, and that the improvement would be the result of change. The changes occurred in the paper ' s policies and the im- provements were seen in the institution of new pro- grams. The Temple News is different. It is more cre- ative. It, like everything else that seeks to be up-to- date, has broken away from tradition. The News now places emphasis on opinions and feelings of the student body and editorializes on ad- ministrative actions, rather than simply report the events. According to managing editor, Chris Kelly, " Temple News has to be a leader on campus. " The News must stay on top of all that is occurring in this urban university, and the effect of these occurances on the community. News can no longer be confined to student activities on campus. The programs which began this year single out the Temple News as more than just a " campus paper. " There is the Templine, 125 which is Temple ' s own action line. For this service, the News works with the Student Senate to egg on those parties who have left some work undone. Templine hears the cry and answers the call. Another idea of the Temple News is the Fourteenth Day, a magazine which acts as a medium between functions of the University and the community. The magazine will have opinionated articles on any topic relevant to the community. These haven ' t been the only changes made this year in the News. The staff has moved into their new offices in the new Student Activities Build- ing, which affords them the prestigious location they deserve. The transition of offices has increased the News ' efficiency, since their new arrangement allows the flow of copy and other transactions to occur with less confusion. Although the offices have been crit- icized as being too open, the staff can now create a " work together " atmosphere which was forced upon them in the confines of Wiatt Hall. " While the outward appearance of the News has changed, our main function still is to report the news . . . " believes Jim Shird, editor-in-chief. But, as the man who gives the News its direction and many of its new ideas, he has seen the Temple News go far beyond merely reporting the news for the benefit of those who may read, comment, or discard the paper. FREE UNIVERSITY The Free University was conceived in order that a student could have an alternative to the established University. Here, one could choose courses of inter- est which aren ' t offered in the existing institution. There were no grades, nothing you had to do, just learning for the hell of it. Courses ranged from occult and group dynamics, to modern revolutionary politics and education in black and white ghettos, to leather working. The instructors came from all strata of the academic community. The Free Law School at Temple, founded this year, was designed to offer courses in areas not usually covered in the traditional Law School. Courses were offered in the areas of civil liberties, welfare laws, tenants ' rights, juvenile problems, and civil rights. It was hoped that prospec- tive lawyers would become involved in the problems of the oppressed and the poor. However, both the Free University and the Free Law School have had problems of their own. The Free University has been plagued by a lack of a sense of commitment on the part of the students. Many students never attended classes beyond the first or second meetings. Despite the plea for knowledge for the hell of it. Temple is still a commuter school where people feel that if their classes end at 2:30, there is no real reason to remain on campus any longer. Also complicating matters is the fact that in actuality most students don ' t really seem to be inter- ested in learning anything, let alone something not required. The Free Law School had other problems. The deans of Temple ' s Law School dismissed the idea that their school should have anything at all to do with the Free Law School. Space, therefore, was denied for Free Law School ' s registration and classes. The student group was thereby forced into using their own re- sources. The success of the Free Law School has yet to be de- termined. It remains to be seen whether people will benefit from its programs. The success of the Free University, however, may be more easily rated. Here, the individual decides whether his own personal goals have been achieved. And this is precisely the reason for which the Free University was conceived. WRTI " WRTI is the number one jazz station in Philly. " It is also one of the few University functions that is directed to serve the community. Except for the programming of sport events (including 75 Temple games), WRTI has an all jazz format and the favorable response to these broadcasts has been largely from the people of the community. Robert Kassi, the sta- tions manager and faculty advisor, realizes that most stations which are sponsored by an educational insti- tution are aimed at an educated listening audience, but WRTI plays " what will reach the everyday people and what they want to hear. " Although most of the students involved are Com- munications majors, any Temple University student may participate in the stations operation. The students who work for WRTI, such as Primus Robinson who is a late morning disc jockey, have found that student par ticipation " becomes an avenue for those planning to make a career out of communications and music. " Each disc jockey gets to plan his own show and programs what he feels the listeners want to hear. Other students prepare news broadcasts and work as station engineers. " I think it is to the students advantage to have students run WRTI, " believes Pat McTigue, a newscaster. " Most of the staff are Com- munications majors and their jobs at the station will help to better prepare them for a career. " But due to the growth of the university and RTF department, it has no longer been possible for all interested students to be active at the radio station. In the interest of the university and city, Kassi has had to release several students from the staff. The new equipment used at WRTI is excellent and is kept in the best working condition. But more impor- tant are the changes the station is planning. WRTI is now in the process of increasing its power, and has plans to go stereo. These changes are important in es- tablishing the station as a community function. SUB The Student Union Board has had a lot of problems in the past — appropriations, poor leadership, student apathy, and especially lack of space to hold their ac- tivities. It was no wonder, therefore, that SUB was de- teriorating. In fact, all looked dismal until 1970, when a dawn of bright ideas started shining for SUB, with reorganization as the goal. One glittering ray of hope for reorganization was through sensitivity training. I I 126 •I SUB members held a group dynamics session, in which they discussed their roles as leaders and follow- ers. Through understanding, they hoped to make their group more cooperative and efficient. After organizing, SUB felt ready to expand. The new Student Activities Building was theirs — halls for lectures and dances, exhibition spots, meeting rooms, and all the extras such as printing facilities were avail- able. Not only did SUB expand spacially, they also tripled their program with more movies, exhibitions, and concerts. However, SUB ' s most important reorganization oc- curred in its goals. The board realized that it was up to them to bring the scattered students together to form a student body. To accomplish this, SUB " reap- praised the area of activities. " They tried to schedule a calendar of events that would be " both challenging and entertaining. " And SUB was successful. Al Kooper, Biff Rose, Mason Williams, Melanie, Dr. Spock, The New Troupe and Chicago all became a part of the hap- penings at Temple. Finally, SUB was meeting the de- mands of change. UCM The University Christian Movement, UCM, the rep- resentative organization of the various Protestant de- nominations on campus, is continuing in its efforts to make students more aware of Temple University as an urban institution in the North Philadelphia area. By promoting awareness, UCM acts as a link between in- terested students and the organizations in which students can actively participate. Rev. Ed Lee, of the UCM staff, services the Temple draft counseling office. He also worked to institute an orientation program for incoming second semester students at the Church and World Institute. This pro- gram for entering students encompassed a wide range of activities and supplemented the orientation pro- gram offered by the University, which dealt almost uniquely with its own bureaucratic necessities. The informal yet concerned atmosphere of the Church and World Institute was the topic of discus- sion for a series of Friday afternoon Faculty Student Coffee hours sponsored by UCM. These coffee hours promoted the human side of the University and its fac- ulty, by providing students with the opportunity to meet members of the faculty in a setting free from the authority and restricted academic subject matter of the classroom. The principles of Christian life and how they relate to the present state of society is the basis for the UCM and its activities on campus. The students of today will be the backbone of the society of the future, and it is the desire of the UCM and its staff to provide sup- port and direction for these students. HILLEL Most of Temple ' s Jewish students know about Hillel. Many of them have an aversion to it, primarily because the usual opinion is that Hillel members are a bunch of ultra-conservatives who just sit around and talk about religion or the Middle East situation, and never come out of their shells to have fun. Actually, there are all sorts of things going on in that little house on Broad St., and religion is about the last topic of conversation. The atmosphere is not usually conducive to quiet, deep discussions, because of frequent distractions such as championship ping-pong games (ping-pong is Hillel ' s biggest sport, with pi- nochle running a close second.) But Hillel does have a number of places for those who just want to sit and relax. There is a library containing excellent reference material for anything vaguely concerning Judaism, a well-equipped stereo room, and a color T.V. Hillel also serves other purposes, making it far from the typical hang-out. There are frequent lectures, dances, and folks! nging events. The cafeteria is some- times turned into a coffee house for the evening. As a primarily religious organization, Hillel naturally functions to satisfy the religious needs of Temple students. It provides Kosher food to those dorm students wh o follow the traditional dietary laws. Religious services are held on Friday evenings in Hillel ' s chapel. NEWMAN CENTER The Newman Center is for CATHOLICS ONLY! At least that is what most Temple students believe. Most of the students at Newman are Roman Catholic, but, variety being the spice of life, they express a desire for including people of different religions and back- grounds. A member comments, " We give the im- pression of being exclusively Catholic, yet we ' re not. We really want people of different philosophies to come to the Center. " However, a lot of religious prejudices and obstinacies will have to be overcome if meaningful exchange of thought is to take place. Former parochial school students of all religions (and most Newman members have been parochially educated) encounter the most difficulty in opening their minds and becoming tolerant of other, perhaps opposing, points of view. Surprise! Newman Center activities include more than daily mass and ruminations on sin and salvation. The Center has a cafeteria and provides billiards, table tennis, and other diversions for interested visitors. Newman sponsors intra-mural sports teams as well as parties and informal gatherings. Marriage counselling and tutorial services are available for grade school children (in Catholic schools, of course) and the children and the Center opens its doors to the children of the community. Newman Center could be a gathering place for those who are looking for something to do, a place to go, or something in which to become involved. As Sister Kate says, " It ' s a hangout, and maybe that ' s not so bad. " 127 ( OLD » WIATT HALL 128 ■ Xw , 129 NEW STUDENT ACTIVITIES 130 131 STUDENT GOVERNMENT » 132 In tact it has taken a few students working tireless hours to achieve what we have today, and it will take many more students doing the same before even this two-year-old governance plan can be realized. And then it will take a sizable number of students to maintain the committee structure above. . .those students are not knocking down the doors to get at those commit- tees. One wonders if silent students on this campus are not getting a chuckle watching you work your- selves into the ground. " State of the Union " Joe Henderson 133 y ' 134 N , 136 TEMPLAR Jane Pastner, Managing Editor Neil Halpern, Business Manager Marilyn Ackerman, Editor-in-Chief Pat Dougherty, Layout Editor Janet Calpern, Photography Editor 137 Joanne Feingold; Mary O ' Neill, senior index editor lim Keel, Photographer bA " ■■ ft ' ' 1 Kf lj JH Ei if B Peter Kind, Photographer 138 Dave Scolkin, Ray Noona, lackee Roth, Terrill Levinson, Lisa Cohen, Jeff Bieberfeld, Frani Toben ii j-- 139 News The Temple NewJ The Temple News The Temple News The Temple New The Tempi Newt The Temple N MS The mple News] ews The T News The •ws The Te wt The Temple l ws The s ■ fliemple e Temp eOK 1 I em pie Mews The Temple News The Temple News The Temple K ws The Temple News The Temple Newt The Temple Ht vol. XLIX-no. 44 Temple University, Philadelphia, Tuesday, November 25, 1969 Price 3 .the fourteenth day The Temple News Magazine, Feb. 27, 1970 I Jhi mh down on Student Senate fm senators fell why they refused to run for re-election. r A TT 7 T « 7 X T Thursday. February 12, 1970 J i Price 5( vol. XLlX-no. 63 140 Howard Shapiro, Editor-in-Chief Fall Temple News, The Fourteenth Day Right: Mary Jane Creamer, Business Manager James Shird, Fall City Editor, Spring Editor-in-Chief Christine Kelly, Spring Managing Editor •Vifi I pie Newt The Temple News The Temi jie News e emple Newt The Temple HaNjfl Thf fii mipl ■eHcApl B K Thlweir rhWeWe NSvlrhMIRipl |mple News The Temple News The Tern ber 25, 1969 Tom Ferrick, City Editor i Evy Gay, Copy Editor Alan Niederman, Asst City Page Editor Tom DiRenzo, Editorial Page Editor Faith Haipe rn, Activities Page Editor ' ■ ' «« « Jf i 1 li Hj ■ MJariMjiL, . - Li Don Hale, Sports Editor Andrea Paskman, Entertainment Editor 143 Jeffrey M. Sternberg, Makeup Editor, and Friend Bill Hayes, Composing Room Foreman Paul Roseman, Cartoonist 144 ( ' The Temple News is not unlike a doctor ' s prescrip- tion, that is, a combination of ingredients which have been approved by the A.D.A. as a decay preventing dentifrice when used in a conscientiously applied pro- gram of oral hygiene an d regular professional care. Jeffrey M. Sternberg Makeup Editor 145 STYLUS SPRING 1969 Christine Berger, Art Editor John Kradzinski y ma Jeffrey Berger, Editor-in-Chief Lynn Moscowitz 147 T - 148 WRTI 149 s u B Lou Zaganelli, Purview International; Charles Thomas, Cultural; Gene Kress, Classic Films; Pat Patterson, Perry Shapiro, Popular Films; Bob Shanker, Hour of Pleasure; Barbara Blumberg, Mitten Student League. Karen Sherman, vice-president; David Goodman, president; Sharon Mc- Coy, secretary; Sue Chapman, publicity. . 150 Mason Williams 151 Melanie 153 154 FREE UNIVERSITY: BIRTH AND MISCARRIAGE Some came to learn, others came to experience. Many came not at all. 155 156 157 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE — Front Row: S. Totnkins, M. Schoppe, K. McKenna, B. Jakaitis, M. O ' Connell, L. Vassallo. Back Row: (. Unger, T. Lawler, ). McGeever, B. Oiehl, ). Sharkey, Rev. Charles Scherer. 159 J r vM 0 . . 11 mMWBm 3 ■ Isl ' l K. ' !! IKHal I HI H ' ' . M ■ ( B miliii aijg- -| f " 1 1 iiiiiiiMT 1 1— l B Reverend Edward L. Lee Episcopal Chaplain 160 m COMMUNITY PROJECTS TRY TO HELP ONE ANOTHER Community involvement is the word of the day, and Temple this year sponsored some one hundred programs affecting its neighbors. The list includes special recruitment and admissions, counseling, tutor- ing, special courses, recreational programs, availability of facilities, and planning vi ' ith the members of the community to obtain better future relations between the university and its surroundings. The words " com- munity projects " conjure up pictures of a Temple student working with a neighborhood child on a one- to-one basis. But the number of students who give the community anything more than a " Gee, I ' d like to do something if I had the time, " is surprisingly low. Most of those who do work in surrounding schools and recreational centers do so to fulfill education or social welfare requirements. The College of Education has instituted programs to get prospective teachers directly into the community for more than just the few hours a week in their junior year, and their senior year semester of student teaching. In the EPICT program, for example, students take all their methods courses in inner city schools, learning the special needs of these children as well as the necessary skills to teach them. The federally funded Teacher Corps formerly enabled Liberal Arts graduates to gain experience in dealing with community problems. With the advent of the Urban Education Program, the Teacher Corps was ex- tended to include undergraduates as well. This program, designed by an interdisciplinary committee including members of the surrounding community, places the Temple student in inner city schools for his entire two years of education courses. Other than those who are fulfilling course requirements, only a small number of students have any contact with the community. In the summer, some work with Conscience, a campus-centered day camp, and others participate in the National Collegiate Athletic Association summer sports program. During the school year, the fraternities sponsor groups of local boys, and occasionally some organization takes busloads of children to a football game. The only other regular community work is done by approxi- mately 60 work-study students. The Student Com- munity Action Committee (SCAC) places these students in tutorial, clerical and group leadership positions to meet the community ' s needs. The largest part of Temple ' s relationship with the community is more varied, more diffuse, and more difficult to define. Instead of a member of Temple ' s student body helping a member of the community, the University as an institution is using its facilities and personnel to awaken its neighbors to the opportuni- ties open to them, and helping them avail themselves of these opportunities. The College Achievement Program goes to local elementary and junior high schools to speak about college, making the children realize that it is a very real possibility for them. Some high school students are taken into the prodigy programs in medicine, nursing, dentistry, and phar- macy, where they work with professionals, and are perhaps motivated toward careers in the health professions. Upward Bound helps prepare local eleventh and twelfth graders for college, and assists in the actual process of applying for admission and financial aid. The Special Admissions and Recruitment and Admissions Program facilitates admission to Temple by accepting students of high potential but poor background, and enrolling them in special courses to ready them for Basic Studies. The Temple Opportunity Program provides financial and academic support, counseling and tutoring to low income students once they are admitted. There are also special education programs for area adults. The Veterans in Public Service spend half the day taking courses, and the other half teaching in inner city schools. The Family Health Workers are area women who are being taught medical skills by the College of Education. The School of Business Adminis- tration helps black men establish businesses. Various programs of education and recreation are sponsored by almost every department of the Univer- sity. In its own way, each department assists in solving local problems, and making facilities available to the community. All seek to provide the greatest benefit to both the University and the community through responsible interraction. RIGHT NOW i 162 163 r, 164 1 165 166 I ' I 1 167 168 ORGANrZATIONS AND HONORARIES HOUR OF Fl-f- SULLIVAN GRU MY FOLKSINGER GROUPS NTERE ' " f H5lJLLWANCO .AAILBOXINWIA ,,OUR OF P»-EAS ' - l i SULLIVAN GRILI ;,HY FOLKSlNGER_ GROUPS iNTERt ' o • (H SULLIVAN COb .AAILBOXINWIA riOUR OF PLE SULLIVAN C ;,MV FOLKSINC GROUPS iNTEi hsullwan MAILBOX IN m I An organization is the result of a process of bringing together or arranging related parts into a whole. It is an association, business or society. An honorary is that organization which serves to recognize the distin- guished services or high merit of a student. Those are the accepted dictionary definitions of the words " or- ganization " and " honorary. " But at Temple University, the organizations and honoraries are more than words. They are what make things happen. There are those societies which turn their attention to serving the school in various capacities. Such serv- ice groups as Cheerleaders and Loyalists work to stimulate interest in the teams, and unite the fan ' s spirit at the games. Alpha Phi Omega is perhaps best known for its book exchange service, but one of the group ' s primary projects this year was its drive for students ' donation of blood to the Red Cross. President ' s Hosts is another service organization, made up of students who show Temple ' s campus to guests of the school, and help to make their visit to the University a pleasant experience. The organizations and honoraries at Temple Univer- sity work for the students. For three days each week during the summer, the New Student Workshop orients hundreds of incoming freshman to college life. Students having difficulty with a course can go to the Student Tutorial Society, where they can get help in any subject from qualified students. Still other groups encourage active student involvement. The Inter- collegiate Conference on Government sponsors a trip for students to Harrisburg, where they participate in a model national Congress. The Marketing and the Insurance Societies emphasize training through in- volvement, so that students in these programs begin participating and functioning in the fields of marketing and insurance before they graduate. The Young Dem- ocrats involved themselves as a group to fight the tui- tion increase which threatened many Temple students. The Mitten Student League tries to get students in- volved in community activities, and is just one of Temple ' s organizations concerned with having the urban university work for the community. Organizations also sponsor cultural and social events to promote student interest and involvement, and provide enjoyable recreation. The nine groups within Student Union Board are probably the largest or- ganizers of such events. Popular Films, Special Events, Exceptional Films, Outside Lecture Bureau, Inside Lec- tures, Purview International, Cultural Committee, MSL, and Mopsee have been established to offer something of interest to those students who are active in these organizations. At the same time, the events and activities are beneficial to the rest of the Univer- sity and the surrounding community. Groups within SUB have sponsored such activities as art exhibits, rock concerts, films, and guest speakers. The foreign language societies sponsor programs where students can do anything from enjoy foreign folk music, to sample foreign foods. The Templayers, an organiza- tion composed of those students interested in dramat- ics, provide plays throughout the year for the student body. The Temple Debaters, another student or- ganization, has brought national forensic honors to Temple University. There exist at Temple organizations for those students who see room for change and Improvement. These groups are working to keep Temple a university for today ' s young people, in today ' s young world. These groups have been established to meet the student ' s needs, and to keep students aware of func- tions of the school and community. The Basic Studies Student Organization worked this year to have the Basic Studies program scrapped, and to institute the New Student Development Program recommended by the Commission on Basic Studies. In a related move, the Undergraduate Council for Libera! Arts worked to have the language requirement dropped in order to give their college ' s program greater flexibility. Students for a Democratic Society is another organiza- tion at Temple that would like to see changes made. SDS feels a need to put an end to University expan- sion, and would like to see ROTC removed from campus. The Student Mobilization Committee has proved to be one of the best-supported organizations at Temple. SMC has seen a great response to many of it ' s workshops and rallies, and has had it ' s requests for classroom discussion on the war fulfilled. These organizations are not merely titles. They are groups composed of real people, active Temple students, working for a cause in which they believe, or for the benefit of other Temple students. They are bringing together a lot of related parts and making a whole, entire unit. That ' s what it ' s all about. Getting together to do something. To do anything, whether it is to work, or to have fun. In 1970, being involved is what is happening. ORGANIZATIONS STRESS STUDENT INVOLVEMENT ■ H K V ' ' ; ' f. fl " HB ' I » _, " jI ' zT ' " ' ' ' V Vv ' ' ' ' . I l s ffj p v " iM5 H Pfi 1 M jfW ' l 1 mjmM E H MMiM 1 g 171 172 i ORGANIZATIONS 174 , ALPHA PHI OMEGA APO — Front to back: A. Binder, F. Miller, E. Schlesinger, R. Duffy, C. Blatstein, E. Burt, M. Presoma. UNIVERSITY CHRISTIAN MOVEMENT UCM Staff — Reverend R. James, Jr., C. Barrie, Dr. R. Schwoebel, Chrmn.; J. Corrales. 175 CHEERLEADERS — Front row: K. McDowell, ). Valente, D. Debs, R. Culler. Second row: G. Feinstein, B. Wilson. Third row: S. Snyder, L. Shapiro. Back row: P. Shackelford, J. Hague. CHEERLEADERS 176 LOYALISTS LOYALISTS — Front row: B. Rosen, A. Schwartz, R. Cohen, G. Roseman. Back row: R. Spiegel, pres. 177 HPER STUDENT MAJOR CLUB HPER STUDENT MAJOR CLUB — First row: V. Felicioni, M. Zanghi, D. HIiwski. Second row: V. Ciaccia, B. Wrener, G. Kimball, M. Armstrong M. Feite, S. Saperstein, J. Punn. Third row: G. Greenber A. Roselia, J. Heidelberger. I 178 DELTA PSI KAPPA — Front row: J. Heildelberger, sec; F. Feldman, treas.; C. Stride, pres.; Dr. P. Day, faculty adv.; L. Schreiber, vice pres.; |. Fox. DELTA PSI KAPPA SIGMA ALPHA IOTA SIGMA ALPHA IOTA — Front row: K. Clesinski, Sergeant-at-Arms; K. Zapf, M. Korn, treas.; T. Dolge, Year book Edi- tor; J. Zelson, S. Cohn, pres. PRE-LAW SOCIETY PRE-lAW SOCIETY — Front Row: E. Lax, G. Mogil, M. Hoffman, P. Seidman, pres., G. Freeman, D. Linken, A. Englander, S. Langsam. Second Row: B. Oxenburg ). Keel, D.Staneruck, M. Elkin, B. Flymowitz, S. Rosenweig, M. Kelly, R. Arzon, A. Ackerman, V. Tanzella. l( 180 INTERCOLLEGIATE CONFERENCE ON GOVERNMENT onil YOUNG REPUBLICANS— Front row: B. Stevens, S. Dorfman, R. Simmons, H. Berger, chrmn. Back row: M. Kelly. YOUNG REPUBLICANS INTERCOLLEGIATE CONFERENCE ON GOVERNMENT— Front row: R.Simmons, H. Berger, S. Dorfman, B. Bradshaw. Second row: W. Jackson, L. Lohman, R. Bell, M. Kelly, R. Levine. Back row: B. Lockyer, E. Burt. 181 DELTA IOTA DELTA DELTA IOTA DELTA DELTA IOTA DELTA— Left to right: B. Millard, G. McClelland, L. Weinstein, R. Alvord, M. Stempin, C. Massara, R. Herrera, Jr., pres.; S. Deeming treas. 182 I I s. GEOLOGICAL SOCIETY — Front row: |.D. Cinder, M.L. Koons, P.H. Costa, |. Makurath, A. Arif, |.S. Murphy, C. Sutphen. Second row: A. Dunn, R. Flynn, GA. Anderson, G.A. Waychunas, E. Schmid, |. Grigger, S. Brown. Third row: S. Inker, R. Hyde, G. Ulmer, F. Manns. GEOLOGICAL SOCIETY 183 INSURANCE SOCIETY INSURANCE SOCIETY— Front row: N. Carr, C. Alsberg, Prof. C. Harbnan, M. Cole, P. Seidman. Back row: B. Locke, Pres.; W. Yanko, Prof. C. Hall. ' 184 FINANCE SOCIETY FINANCE SOCIETY— Front row: G. Mogil, D. Sklar, Pres.; Back row: R. Smith, R. Bateman, |. Deltito, I. Katz, S. Ginsburg, |. Mickelberg. MARKETING CLUB MARKETING CLUB — Front row: G. Saxe, K. Lipshutz, F. Shapiro, G. Hughes, Ackisor; R. Manfredi, A. Keil. Second row: J. Lill, J. Brandimarte, A. |. Ackerman, Paul Tierney, Pres.; Jim Keel, Exec. V.P.; Jay Bycer, Adv. V.P. ii ),Piol.C. 185 PHI GAMMA NU — Front row: M. Barnett, C. Alsberg, pres.; K. Lipshub, 2nd v.p. Back row: M. Eckenrode, R. Manfredi, J. Lazar, sgt. af arms; C. Babbitt, secy.; N. Carr. PHI GAMMA NU 186 SOCIETY FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF MANAGEMENT— Front row: P. DiDomenicis, N. Carr, secy.; J. Donaphon, v.p.; S. Feretti, pres.; F. Romanoski. Back row: B. Stevens, Dr. R. Dvorsky, S. Wagner, R. Marzuoli, J. Keel, P. Tierney, D. Staneruck, F. Spacek. SOCIETY FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF MANAGEMENT PRSAA PRSAA — Front row: G. Cooper, R. Simmons, T. M. Carl, advisor; R. Ulmer, pres.; M. Rosenberg, secy. Back row: J. DiYenno, ). Shird, E. Shapson, treas.; D. Anthony, P. Roseman. 187 MITTEN STUDENT LEAGUE — M. Schiecken, past pres.; M.J. Savar, S. Kotranski, B. Cohen, 1st v.p.; I. Weiss, pres.; J. Meyers, treas.; E. Gel- ler, 2nd v.p.; H. Beller, chrmn. of events; P. Silverman, soc. chrmn.; B. Cohen, rec. secy. MITTEN STUDENT LEAGUE ENCORE CLUB I ENCORE CLUB — |.A. Forman, pres.; S.B. loachim, |. Mallack, v.p.; A. Goldman, past pres.; E.L. Hatcher, board member; R. Cauzeno, treas.; I. Li ban. STUDENT TUTORIAL SOCIETY— First row: M.R. CIddio, pres.; E. Lictenstein, S. Snyderman, D. Gallagher, R. Klein, M. Fingerut, M. Elkin, R. D. Kohn. Second row: L. Cass, v.p.; S. Dorfman, I. Blitzstein, ). Newman, B. Gibbs, C. Parrls, J. Rigberg. Third row: ). Galpern, treas.; S. Snitow, B. Wilf, K. H. Hinz, P. Cole, W. Hedrick, B. Van Horn, C. Pennes. Fourth row: S. Hurvitz, secy. Fifth row: A. I. Kal- man, J. C. Roberts, A. Horowitz, |. Sullivan, |. Schnepp, T. Spirer. STUDENT TUTORIAL SOCIETY PRESIDENT ' S HOSTS — First row: P. Hamilton, C. Ellis v.p.; B. Backman, M. R. Ciddio, secy.; L. Kotranski. Second row: E. Finkelstein, pres.; I. S. Goldstein, sec; M. Bohorad, T. Brener, S. Thomas, G. Slotter, ). GuHa. Third row: D. Butler, v.p., A. Silverman, sec. chrmn; S. Medoff. I[eas.; !■ PRESIDENT ' S HOSTS 189 HARDWICK HALL EXECUTIVE COUNCIL— Front row: F. Miles, D. Davis, M. Learn. Second row: K. Laudenslager, L. Lesse, J. Strauss, B. Cohen, J. Peikes — pres., R. Kohn, M. Bohorad — vice pres. Back row: J. Pastner, M. Brahams, S. Eissler, B. Adams, B. Dunder, M. Sorkin, D. August. HARDWICK HALL EXECUTIVE COUNCIL 190 JOHNSON HALL SENATE JOHNSON HALL SENATE— O. Allison, R. LeBlond, R. Milrad, A. Suter, M. Witkop, J. Lyons, S. Cheinack, M. Siman. muss, •■ iotkin, " . 191 I PEABODY HALL SENATE — Front row: R. Soriano, |. Adams, R. Appell, S. Witten. Second row: H. Young, P. Merloe, pres.; W. Zimmerman, |. Cottman, ). Walsh, vice pres.; A. Reed, adv. Bacl( row: E. Nolken, E. Budenstein, |. Johnson, treas. PEABODY HALL SENATE 192 t i iBieniiin, T£ WILLIAMS HALL SENATE — Front row: L. Griscom, house rep. Back row: J. Bluebond, house rep.; S. Rubin, dorm pres.; E. Panczak, pub. rel.; P. Purefoy, sec.-treas.; N. Friedman, house rep. WILLIAMS HALL SENATE 193 Il HONORARIES 194 ETA BETA RHO — Front row: Dr. E. Shereshevsky, M. Cerson, L. Axelrod, B. Backman, E. Rohmm, L. Yudder, H. Beller, R. Jacobs, Dr. U. Adini. Second row: R. Brownstein, H. Rhodes, J. Stamm, E. Rosen. Third row: M. Sollowey, |. Segal, E. Goldman, P. Gravitz. Back row: M. Cogan, D. Baker, B. Koffler, ). Goldstein, Mr. R. Brauner, C. Kebbler. ETA BETA RHO BETA ALPHA PSI BETA ALPHA PSI— Front row: D.C. Linken, J.J. Lill, sec; L.Q. Hall, |. Rigberg, treas.; M. Smith. Second row: V.F. Girardi, P.S. Rovinsky, pres.; M.B. Moss, sec. ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA — Front row: S. Snilow, D. Gallagher, I. Blitzstein, A. Block, J. Newman, pres.; B. Collins, F. Ulitsky, E. Rubin, D. Miffoluf, corres. sec Back row: ). Valvano, treas.; R. Marks, A. Rose, B. Cibbs, F. Phillips, C. Pairis, C. Pennes, B. Pollack, M. Brown, E. Martin. ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA I 1 196 SWORD SOCIETY — Front row: |. Oietz, B. Wittels, pres.; H. Rosenthal. Second row: Fr. C. Scherer, A. Marcus, R. Simmons, R. Llewellyn, G. Klein. Back row: A. Reed, |. RIgberg, B. Roxby, E. Mattson. SWORD MAGNET MAGNET — Front row: M. Ackerman, B. Newman, |. Adelman. Back row: D. Muchnick, A. Polish, M. Katz, V. Flynn, P. Fallon, K. Uphoff. Front row: R. Cooper. Second row: R. Hossler, N. Bronkesh, A. Kalman, I. Paul, P. Hamilton, S. Katz, B. Ox- enburg. Third row: C. Schnee, J. Strauser, S. Benson. PHI ALPHA THETA 198 Front row: ). Kaufman, v. pres., M. Clickman, pres., N. Levin, I. Silver, sec.-treas.; Sec- ond row: M. Patterson, R. Davis, D. Helms, M. Pappadakis, R. Adams, L. Tager. Third row: H. Schwartz, M. Graber, R. Cooperman. SIGMA PI SIGMA SIGMA DELTA CHI Seated: R. Simmons, R. Ulmer, sec, ]. O ' Rourke, |. Shird, pres.; Standing: G. Cooper, P. Roseman, D. Anthony, R. Kirkpatrick, S. Medoff, treas. TA )l J PHARMACY 200 AMERICAN PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION AMERICAN PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION — Front row: C. Peterson, adv.; M. Cohen, sec; M. Weber, treas.; C. Wilson, pres.; J. Zellers, vice-pres.; F. Gable. Second row: R. Colasante, B. Sigman, M. Finkelstein, N. Sabo, H. Bodnick, S. Strong, K. Kim, E. Williams, D. laindl, O. Katchak. Third row: T. Kelly, T. Deets, D. Dobler, A. Hendrie, K. Snyder, D. Reges, B. Kut,W. Grove, D. Novitsky. Fourth row: E. DeSimone, J. DeMaio, |. Kitzen, B. Feingold, R. Seigle, C. Quap, B. Livengood, E. Rothenberg, B. Robbins, C. Agostini, J. Mitala. Fifth row: |. Tenbus, A. Kirschner, M. Silberman, W. Ravis, R. Roach, R. Kaufman, J. Raffel R. Schachere, S. Orkin, M. Schnee, A. Hel- meczi. Back row: E. Andruczyk, N. Yapsuga, H. Ecker, |. Costa, S. Grissinger, ). Shuster, L. Gever, |. Wolf, R. Knipple, D. Moses. 201 PHI DELTA CHI — Front row: J. Gladys, treas.; P. Cascella, rec sec; S. Grisslnger, vice pres.; E. Fackenthal, adv.; E. Wargo, pres.; H. Ecker, corres.; S. White, prelate. Second row: G. McCormick, W. Grove, F. Port, C. Wilson, B. Feingold, R. Harleman, B. Fishman, E. DeSimone, E. Krystopowicz, R. Roach, C. Bronder. Third row: D. Allen, E. Andruczyk, F. Poff, R. Seigle, J. Goodyear, W. Ravis, T. Deets, B. Balin, ). Kitzen, J. Cugini. Fourth row: R. Ice, adv.; C. Viola, R. Arner, 1. Tenbus,|. Shuster, |. Zellers, R. Parente, L. Gever, R. Kaufman, R. Prewitt. Back row: R. Knipple, J. Wolf, A. Walch, S. Havsky, N. Yapsuga, |. Raffel, J. Costa, C. Gilmore, W. Durdon jr., P. Steff, M. Tuckerman, J. Mackie. PHI DELTA CHI y ' 202 RHO PI PHI RHO PI PHI — Front row: D. Szmal, scribe; F. Gottlieb, vlce-chanc; S. Paul, adv.; B. Sigman, chanc; A. Kirschner, treas. Second row: A. Kop- man, R. Colasante, M. Silberman, L. Miller, E. Davis, ). Donley. Third row: |. Volgraf, V. Donato, G. Levy, ). Litvin, R. Maier, D. Geltzer. Back row: N. Steinberg, A. Weiss, B. Koch, R. Yates. 203 KAPPA PSI KAPPA PSI — Front row: |. Mitaia, chaplain; |. Williams, sec; C. Pursell, regent; R. Lewullis, vice-regent; D. Novitsky, treas.; R. Gautieri, grand council deputy. Second row: R. Bryan, W. Snyder, C. Rosensteel, J. DeMaio, M. Burnside, ). Deppen, R. Genesio, M. Matthews, P. Ben- ton. Third row: A. Salmieri, L. Cacchio, R. Kenney, C. Quap, T. Wright, 1. Singer, E. Budzynski, P. Kanjorski, A. Helmeczl, W. Kiser. Back row: J. Polinski, D. Moses, |. Burge, J. Gannon, C. Gumede, C. Ganse, R. Zeiss, R. Coleman, M. Tamayo. 204 RHO CHI RHO CHI — Front row: ). Wolf, historian; F. Port vice-pres.; W. Grove, pres.; R. Smith, adv.; D. Jaindl, sec-lreas. Second row: R. Schachere, D. Alsdorf, K. Snyder, D. Reges, C. Pursell, A. Helmeczi. Back row: J. Polinski, R. Knipple, ). Deppen, J. Burge, R. Lewullis, D. Barash. 205 LAMBDA KAPPA SIGMA LAMBDA KAPPA SIGMA— Front row: B. Tucholski, rec. sec; K. Snyder, corres. sec; T. DeVita, pres.; M. Mackarey, treas.; D. Jaindl, vice- pres. Second row: N. Sabo, W. Hughes, K. Kim, M. Weber, M. Goby, E. Williams, M. Finkelstein. Back row: A. Hendrie, D. Reges, S. Strong, B. Kut, H. Bodnick, B. Ewing, O. Katchak. 206 MORTAR AND PESTLE— Front row: D. Jaindl, M. Weber, M. Finkelstein, O. Katchak, B. Kut, E. Williams. Back row: A. Kirchner, H. Ecker, B. Sigman, W. Grove, F. Gable, director; G. Levy, D. Novitsky, E. DeSimone. MORTAR AND PESTLE 207 ALPHA ZETA OMEGA — Front row: R. Schachere, sub directorum; R. Smith, adv.; S. Orkin, direclorum; N. Willett, adv.; M. Cohen, treas. Second row: B. Robbins, signare; W. Rosenbaum, N. Wolf, J. Sipala, A. Mariani, N. Cohen, D. Haenick, C. Agostini, bellarum. Third row: M. Schnee, D. Kaplan, E. Rothenberg, R. Walker, ). Gordon, A. Friedman, F. Meboy, C. Zarrow. ALPHA ZETA OMEGA 208 [ow; M. CA GREEKS mi I.F. WEEKEND CANCELLED Inter-Fraternity Weekend was not held this year because of a conflict with the date of the March on Washington. " November 14 and 15 were the only dates available, " said Al Ketzes, Fraternity Coordinat- ing Council vice-president. " We feel that it wasn ' t right to have a party on a day of national conscience, " he added. Rallies were held in Philadelphia on Friday, and group trips ,to Washington were organized by local anti-war groups. Hundreds of University students at- tended the March, including the entire brotherhoods of two fraternities. The march through Washington, organized by the New Mobilization Committee to End the War in Viet- nam, was crowded, but orderly. A few incidents did take place, but the general tone of the march re- mained peaceful. Performers such as Peter, Paul, and Mary, Arlo Guthrie, Richie Havens, and the cast of " Hair " were on hand to entertain. Timothy Leary, Leonard Bernstein, and Dick Gregory also made brief comments on the significance of the day. The chill in the air did not cool the spirits of the marchers, although by the end of the day, the thou- sands of posters had been converted into bonfire fuel for the comfort of those who participated in the event. FREE i 210 How many times must the cannon balls fly before they ' re forever banned? Bob Dylan 1 211 Another meaning of the word " fraternalism " has been discovered by the Creeks. The Community Rela- tions Project of F.C.C. and P.P.C. has shown that genuine fraternalism extends far beyond the four walls of the house. In keeping with this new fraternal spirit, various community clubs were given the, use of frater- nity houses and the Panhellenic House for meetings and parties. The Fraternity Coordinating Council can- celled I.F. Weekend, so that all Greeks would be free to attend the March on Washington. The orphans of the war dead enjoyed a Christmas party sponsored by the Greeks. The change in today ' s college student has also been realized by the Greeks. The " rah-rah " of fraternity is fading, in favor of a new ideology. Some fraternities and sororities have been slower to accept the change than others, as evidenced by the fact that not all of the houses participated actively in the Greek philan- thropic projects. The fact remains, however, that all of the Greeks at least advocated the projects, even if for various reasons they could not, or would not, implement them in their houses. Fraternalism is beginning to mean brotherhood in its finest sense. Fraternalism is truly no longer just for the Brothers and Sisters. The Greek spirit at Temple today is con- cerned and involved, with the campus, the city, the nation, and the world. NEW GREEK IMAGE OF INVOLVEMENT AND CONCERN i The Greek system must obviously conform to today ' s student, but there are certain traditions which must remain, or the system will cease to be unique. The Kid 213 Temple ' s Greeks are involving them- selves in our urban community. My colleagues and I are proud of the efforts and achievements of our fra- ternity and sorority members. Paul R. Anderson, President 2)4 215 The rumored stereotype, the typical sorority girl, no longer exists on Temple ' s campus. The Greek system has not died, but has been re-born into a new and more meaningful system. The traditional spirit and feeling of sisterhood has been re- tained, while new values and pur- poseful goals have entered the sys- tem. Adrienne Zecca Panhellenic President I Certainly, as the campus grows, the importance and need for Greek let- ter organizations within the campus framework will also grow. Millard E. Gladfelter Chancellor SAVE ALL URINE . 1 i.4 iir-e t) 1 4M ■■c« »-.. F.C.C. — S. Vesotsky, B. Mazer, president, M. Richards, A. Ketzes, E. Con- nors, G. Schwartzman. " 4f •. : ■ %i i ta 1 inSi 1 hV 1 -. 6 X.T V ' - , FRATERNITY COORDINATING COUNCIL Brotherhood is a feeling generated by the brothers, as they are bonded together for the betterment of their house and the Greek community. Buck Mazer President, F.C.C. F.C.C. — Front row: J. Cliff, R. Duchaine, L. Levine, G. Hahalis. Bacit row: J. Gallagher, |. Rowan, D. Valenti. ALPHA CHI RHO ALPHA CHI RHO — Front row: D. Shobert, T. Welter. Second row: D. Fran- cisco, R. Wittko, J. Gallagher. Third row: C. Cruber, C. Schnee. ALPHA CHI RHO— Front row: D. Visco, R.M. Hintel, M. Cohl, J. Slupecke. Back row: J. lacyshyn, F. Juliano, |. Wellbrock. ihilii. ilenii ' u 221 ALPHA PHI DELTA ALPHA PHI DELTA — Front row: S. Vesobky, F. Lanzetta, P. Pen- dino, B. Fedulla. Back row: J. Fabrizio, M. Grieco, ). Cattalo, J. Puleo. ' 222 ALPHA EPSILON PI 223 DELTA SIGMA PI DELTA SIGMA PI — Front row: R. Mayo, T. Icoca, J. King, |. Toth, V. Kolesnikov. Back row: W. Wright, R. Mitchell, M. Wiesel, G. Briegs. 224 PHI KAPPA THETA PHI KAPPA THETA— Front row: J. Andrei, B. Rubble, I.M. Avirgin, E.M. Wolb. Back row: T. Slick, N. Bullmash, S. Freud. 225 PI LAMBDA PHI PI LAMBDA PHI— R. Coldenberg, L. Cohen, J. Davis, P. Gelles, H. Sokoloff, S. Weiss, A. Marcus, president. Gellti iidenl SIGMA PHI EPSILON — Front row: C. Miller, M. Richards, president; B. Matlack, K. Smith, R. Temoyan. Back row: S. O ' Neill, J. Freihofer, A. Wood. SIGMA PHI EPSILON SIGMA PHI EPSILON — Front row: T. Wiezerak, L. Chivrilotti, |. Frihoffer. Back row: D. Kurzinski, C. Mulava, B. Mazer, C. Houck, T. Burns. SIGMA PI — Front row: M. Spadiccino, C. Naudasher, |. Bohnert, R. Metcho, D. Pat- terson. Back row: R. Fedder, K. Martin, J. Kissel, J. Mullen. SIGMA PI SIGMA PI — Front row: T. Thorne, R. Spier, C. Meione, Lady, A. J. Ketzes, president; P. Lagosky. Second row: E. Digian, R. Lucey, S. Giles, M. Searcy, H. Jenkins, E. Connors, J.R. Flynn, H. Kleinman. Back row: D. Kramp, ). Ring, R. Fritzinger. 228 TAU TAU DELTA PHI— Front row: T. Kurpiel. Second row: P. Sheehy, F. Smith, R. Spinelli, G. Hahalis. Back row: R. Schuster, R. Wormser. DELTA TAU DELTA PHI — Front row: T. Lamberti, M. Jaffe, C. Kalck. Back row: R. Duchaine, P. Kudan, D. Cohn. PHI 229 TAU EPSILON PHI — G. Baron, R. Lipman, M. Greene, L. Pincus, S. Liebowitz, L. Cherkas, R. Silvers, S. Chizik. TAU EPSILON PHI TAU EPSILON PHI — H. Soifer, A. Tuckerman, L. Rovner, A. Hoffman, president; B. Lens, E. Geben, K. Bloomfield, E. Classman, S. Lavner. 230 ZETA BETA TAU ZETA BETA TAU — Front row: G. Tuckfelt, Val P. Dog, B. Schactner, G. Mogil. Back row: D. Maine, president, G.I. Dontnow, C. Schwartzman, J. Cronln. 231 PANHELLENIC PRESrOENT ' S COUNCIL The changing climate of the campus community warrented a necessary change in the sorority system. Long over due awareness of the world around us sud- denly hit the seven Temple sororities. Together they began working for the community, the city, various charities, as well as for each other. " The system has changed because the girls themselves have changed, " said Adrienne Zecca, president of Panhellenic. Inter-house activities also flourished under the di- rection of the Panhellenic Council. Sisters and pledges of all sororities worked together on scholarship, com- munity and house improvement committees. " Working together, for others as well as ourselves " was the theme adopted for the year. PANHELLENIC PRESIDENTS COUNCIL— S. Needleman, first vice- president; A. Zecca, president; S. Eissler, second vice-president 232 system, ussud. ef they various em has niEed, " thedi. ' ledges ), corn- selves " ALPHA GAMMA DELTA ALPHA GAMMA DELTA — Seated: E. Bradley, D. Pepin, president; S. Czapf; A. Kupper, L. Adier, S. Fisher, B. Walzer. Standing: S. Illy, ). Zurbach, J. Latini, M. Creamer, |. Grant B. Reinitz, K. Miller, I. Click, C. Sadjian, D. Nemeck. u 233 ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA— Front row: D. Flanagan, A. Poindexter, president; K. White. Second row: D. Bristol, C. Floyd, D. King, B. Reed. ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA 234 M ■ WKf ( N 2» i ' 1 J i DELTA PHI EPSILON — Front row: C Korman, E. Berger, president; D. Squaresky, J. Garretti. Second row; S. Eissler, B. Nessel, R. Segal, S. Paul, T. Sherer, L. Lucker, S. Goldstein, S. Zirin. Third row: L. Falkow, H. Liebel, P. Address, S. Eiser, F. Feibel, G. Herman, P. Berger, G. Garvin, T. Rubin, L. Freedman, ). Jacobs, K. Brecker, R. Karp, M. Nenner, S. Bellet Fourth row: L Silvers, D. Luber, B. Simpkins, S. Paris, N. Raphael, K. Poul, T. Love. DELTA PHI EPSILON 235 DELTA SIGMA THETA — Front row: C. Brandon, J. Murray, |. Cauley, F. Sydnor. Second row: J. Guy, M. Davis, |. Massey, P. Henderson, G. Smith, S. Stewart DELTA SIGMA THETA ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA— Front row: J. Hartman, P. Hamilton, N. Neldhardt, K. Presto. Second row: A. Zecca, E. Robinson, president; E. Jones, K. Caldwell. Third row: J. Koch, C. Konzik, L. Wilson. Fourth row: E. Welsh, J. Andreoli, D. Hamil, K. Ciannini, S. OHer, I. Gulla. IOTA ALPHA PI— Front row: J. Abrams, S. Mattleman, L. Perlsweig, |. Presser, A. Suttin, B. Klieman, N. Messenger. Second row: S. SIrkin, N. Prince, B. Palazzi, M. Leimberg, president; B. Mason, S. Needleman, L. Rosenwald. IOTA ALPHA PI I 238 PHI SIGMA SIGMA— Front row: A. HoKman, C. HoKman, |. Panltch, G. Granoff, A. Cohen, M. Solomon, H. Lebow. Second row: E. Schechter, R. Tanur, D. Muchnick, president; S. Fine, F. Granoff, P. Stein, S. Garoneick, B. Budin, R. Tarshls, S. LItman, J. Rash, S. Weiss, M. Hendler, H. Litwack, C. Abrams, R. Dobin. Third row: D. Mogul, E. Aronson, A. Wilderman, K. Koenig, G. Stein, M. Davis, W. Rose, J. Feingold, S. Wisotsley, L. Harris, E. Rensel, D. Miffoloff, M. Richman. PHI SIGMA SIGMA 239 GREEK WEEKEND Once again, Greek Weekend was the culmination of Creek events of the year. It began in Mitten Hall, with the traditional Greek Sing competition, and ended at the Marriott Ball Room, with a formal dinner-dance and presentation of awards. Tau Epsilon Phi ranked first in fraternity sports awards, while lota Alpha Pi won the coveted Panhel- lenic Achievement Cup. TEMPLAR ' 69 editor, Cynthia Batt, and Temple ' s basketball player, John Baum, were chosen as the University ' s most outstanding non- Creeks. The long weekend of festivities and recognition was a fitting tribute to the worth of certain traditions and the beautiful feeling of being Creek! X 240 PLEDGES ON PARADE Pledges on Parade was the first formal affair of the new school year. The annual charity ball was held at the Doral and sponsored by Delta Phi Epsilon. The proceeds were donated to Cystic Fibrosis. During the Ball, the pledges of all the sororities re- ceived flowers and were formally introduced into their new Creek society. This year, P.O.P. included a buffet supper, and musical entertainment was provided by Jay Jerome and His Orchestra. The Ball and the individual parties later in the eve- ning were enjoyed by sisters and pledges alike. Mem- ories of the affair were not soon to be forgotten. 241 ADRIENNE ZECCA, GREEK EDITOR • ' 3tf -0 «k sA A 245 COLLEGE ATHLETICS IN ITS GLORY YEAR College sports is in a field by itself. It ' s a bunch of kids doing what they like to do most . . . competing against other kids, and finding out who is best. The laughter and the tears, the victories and the defeats, the pain, and the pride, all play a definite role in the world of sports. But they play an even bigger role in the world of college sports. Why? Because these kids are out on the field not for the money, but for the simple thrill of winning. There is a wide barrier between the college athlete and the professional. That barrier exists until the college ath- lete leaves the threshold of college and moves on to where sport becomes no longer a game, but a busi- ness. So while the college athlete is still in school, it ' s up to him to get the most out of sports while he can still enjoy it. Once he has left college, his playing days will become a dream. And those Saturday afternoons that he spent on the playing field will exist only in the far reaches of his mind. But while those Saturdays exist, they belong to the athlete alone. He is the one who will savor every cheer and every great play. While a victory may be a team effort, a personal pride goes along with it. The kind of pride that no one can ever take away. College athletics has reached it ' s glory year. This is the 100th year of college football, and all college ath- letics has benefitted from it. It has brought an added dimension to college sports from the athletic director all the way down to the fans. Yes, the fans. Those rowdy college students who come out to watch a sports event because it ' s the thing to do. After all, you just wouldn ' t be in, if you didn ' t attend the homecom- ing game, or the first basketball game of the season. But it ' s all a part of the game. Whether the fans are fake, or they ' re for real, the main thing is that they are there. They will always be there, because tradition has its place in sports too. There definitely is a feeling of apathy when it comes to sports. But it ' s a type of apathy that is kept well hid- den. The athletic directors somehow manage to fill the stadium or fieldhouse every week with a fairly decent crowd. They still sell the sizzling hot dogs, and they still wave the home colors, and they still sing the fight song at halftime. But it ' s a fake. The crowds aren ' t real. They might as well be puppets. There is but one breed of fan left. They are the boosters. The loyalists. Those hearty souls who really feel for the team, and who get out and support the team because they want to, and not because it ' s the thing to do. These are the kids that make the athletes feel wanted. These are the kids that stand by the team when they ' re losers, and cheer them when they ' re winners. They are only ones who can bring new life back into the game. But maybe the fans, and the confetti, and the hot dogs aren ' t really necessary anyway. Because all that really matters is that there is an athlete out there on the field, court, track, or diamond, who cares enough to get out there and give it his all every time he hears that starting whistle. This is what exemplifies sports. The college athlete and his undying desire to win. Nothing can beat that combination. While a victory may be a team effort, a personal pride goes along with it. The kind of pride that no one can ever take away. College athletics has reached it ' s glory year. This is the 100th year of college football, and all college ath- letics has benefitted from it. It has brought an added dimension to college sports from the athletic director all the way down to the fans. Yes, the fans. Those rowdy college students who come out to watch a sports event because it ' s the thing to do. After all, you But maybe tRe Tar dogs aren ' t really necessary anyway. really matters is that there is an athlete out there the field, court, track, or diamond, who cares enough to get out there and give it his all every time he hears that starting whistle. This is what exemplifies sports. The college athlete and his undying desire to win. Nothing can beat that combination. 250 SPRING SPORTS If by nothing else, spring sports would have to be characterized as being a season of ups and downs. Things ranged from excellent to down-right disgusting. But probably the most disgusted of all would have to be Skippy Wilson ' s baseball team. The Owl nine that started off by sweeping nine games in a row and tying that one after that looked as if they were on their way to a banner season. But somewhere along the way, Skippy ' s boys lost their hitting shoes. Not only did they lose them, but they never seemed to find them again. In the last seventeen games the cherry and white could manage only six wins, a performance which left them with a not-too-impressive 15-11-1 overall record. What saved the season for the Temple nine was the fact that they won the Big Five, defeating LaSalle and St. Joseph ' s twice, and handling the Penn Quakers. Credit must be given where it is due, and should def- initely go to Bob Agiira and Ted Frett, who were se- lected to the NCAA District II first all-star team, and Chico Sacchetti, who made the second team. In track, things didn ' t go well at all for Owl head coach Jack St. Clair. Although he was working with a small group of boys with a lot of talent, the Saint ' s team was still pushed from jump pit to high jump bar. After winning the first two meets of the year against much weaker teams, the Owls proceeded to drop their last four meets and finished no better than fourth in the Middle Atlantic Conference Championships. How- ever, the Owls did come up with three MAC cham- pions in distance man Jack Schilling, who won both the 880 yard and mile titles; sophomore flash Ted SPRING SPORTS 1969 I McGhee in the 440; and Big Bob Parker, who captured the shot put. In tennis, things grew a little brighter, as a pair of juniors helped push Temple to a 6-2-1 record. Led by Mark Levine and Scott Rubenstein, the Owl netmen were quite impressive, despite decisions dropped to yearly champion Swarthmore, and the ever-tough St. Joseph ' s team. For coach Joe Lipshutz, it was a year for counting up the wins, instead of worrying over the losses. Crew is probably the most demanding of all college sports. It takes a special breed of athlete, who is will- ing to make a number of sacrifices in order to make the grade. Apparently Tom Curran has a group of ded- icated athletes who are willing to make those sacri- fices. While finishing with only a 3-3 record, Curran ' s squad has nothing to be ashamed about. In only their second year of varsity competition, the Schuykill River addicts managed to go all the way to the semi-finals of the Dad Vail Regatta. For the Bear and his boys, things are on the way up. Up the river, that is. Temple ' s golf team managed to compile an 8-4 record. While the record is not bad, the Owls could do no better than sixteenth in MAC competition. Taking over the spotlight for the Owls was Dave Brookerson, who won the MAC individual championship and, in outside competition, finished second in the Philadel- phia Amateur Open. While spring sports didn ' t have what you would call a spectacular year, it has its moments. And in sports, there is not one exciting moment that is forgotten. 252 BASEBALL 253 254 RECORD Temple Opponent 6 Classboro 2 13 Textile 3 4 American U 1 9 American U 2 16 Castleton 4 13 Penn 9 6 LaSalle 5 6 Fairleigh Dickenson ... 3 8 St. Joseph ' s 1 7 Princeton 7 9 Rider 10 2 Rider 11 4 Fordham 3 1 Moravian 3 St. John ' s 2 West Chester 5 5 Lafayette 1 5 Cornell 3 4 Delaware 5 8 Penn State 9 Gettysburg 1 4 Gettysburg 6 10 LaSalle 1 7 Bucknell 13 3 St. Joseph ' s 2 5 Lehigh 3 5 New York U 6 r TRACK RECORD Temple Opponent 113 American U 21 78 St. Joseph ' s 66 50 Delaware 95 56 Lafayette 89 66 LaSalle 79 41 Pittsburgh 104 |:.t ' I V Temple 7 8 7 7 4.5 3 5 3 9 6 TENNIS RECORD Opponent American U 2 Gettysburg 1 C.C.N.Y 2 Lafayette 2 Rider 4.5 St. Joseph ' s 5 Alumni 4 Swarthmore 6 LaSalle Delaware 3 I 258 ' ■ to -m •% •» « « « » « • ♦ 4. % - " y - i CREW RECORD Temple Opponent W Phila. C.C L W Fordham L L Marietta W L LaSalle W W Manhattan L L Geo. Washington . . . .W 3rd Pres. Cup Regatta 2nd Bergen Cup Regatta 260 -1 w FALL SPORTS FALL SPORTS »! " " " H!1 " ! " MB» Although the season wasn ' t exactly a disaster, it certainly couldn ' t be labeled as successful. Temple ' s fall sports teams found themselves on the short end of the score more often than not, and Athletic Director Ernie Casale searched for ways to hold up the prestige of an athletic department with a losing record. It ' s rather unusual to see Temple ' s fall season filled with losing records. Before last year, the football team had a long string of winning seasons. The soccer team was an annual MAC contender, many times capturing a berth in the NCAA playoffs, and the cross-country team had always managed to maintain a respectable record. But this fall, all three teams were washed down the drain. The football team, of course, took the brunt of the critical abuse, because they were, as usual, in the sea- sonal limelight. But George Makris, working with an offense that consisted of seven sophomores, never really managed to find a combination that clicked. With Terry Scaiise and Frank DiMaggio trading turns at quarterback, the Owl offense never settled into a set pattern. And they paid for it. After getting off to a rousing start by defeating Rhode Island 47-3, the offense dissipated, and lost to William and Mary 7-6. Then the Owls came alive again with a 34-0 win over Wayne State, only to mysteriously lose their new-found offensive strength, and manage only a 7-7 tie with Bucknell. The offense had one more spurt, defeating Hofstra 34-7, but then the roof caved in, as the Owls lost consecutive games to Delaware, 33-0, Buffalo, 33-0, and Gettysburg, 16-14. By then, the win over Northeastern and the loss to Boston Univer- sity had no meaning. The damage had been done. And Makris could only say, " Wait ' til next year. " For Pete Leaness and his soccer team, the shock was even greater. Leaness ' teams have a long history of being winners, but their season this year, from the opening game, never approached anything but medi- ocrity. There ' s not much you can say in defense of a 5-7-1 record, except that, as Coach Leaness said, " Four of the teams that beat us are in the playoffs. " At least that ' s an excuse. Not a good one, but there ' s not much else to say. In cross-country. Jack St. Clair reached the point where he thought he might be running the races him- self. With almost only freshmen available, his varsity members either injured or retired, the young team was forced to compete against experienced runners. And they paid the price, with a 3-9 duel meet record. But in the MAC playoffs, the young harriers surprised every- one with a respectable fifth place finish, and hopes are high for next year. In freshman football, Frank Massino ' s squad went undefeated, 5-0, and left George Makris ' mouth water- ing. Led by some of the finest prospects in Owl his- tory, this teams performance helped take the damper off a very dismal fall. But if never giving up means anything, and it does, the Owl season still was a success. Because one thing is for sure. The Owls never quit. 264 FOOTBALL RECORD Temple Opponent 47 Rhode Island 3 6 William and Mary 7 34 Wayne State 7 Bucknell 7 34 Hofstra 7 Delaware 33 Buffalo 33 14 Gettysburg 16 35 Northeastern 17 3 Boston University 21 265 I 1 268 I i V-r-i - A " ifj ' 1, a r j| tRB i 1 1 . i • 1 i; 1 HMPU 1 Gom ;: . TIME 13 16 1 QTR. DOWN YDS. ...- 1 i 1 ,,...... 10 4 ; Mm ' 1 1 269 RECORD i Temple 1 Textile Oppo nent ..1 !• Penn 3 Rider B 3 Long Island . . . Pittsburgh . . . . 1 Hofstra 2 LaSalle I f •0 y ..3 I mm mm N.Y.U 1 M 3 Delaware . . . . West Chester . 1 m 4 Penn State . . . . . . . 2 r- St. Joseph ' s . . . 1 American U. . . :::l 1 H SOCCER . % ' I .. 1 ' Iji. WSmUr 1 t T MtM V, r 1 21 M IE ■ " ■fffp w Ev ■ tV W tlNb i ' ' - . f I 1 WT " ' ■ m • 271 • £: .i -:$M ' Jt:wm m 272 273 CROSS-COUNTRY Temple 15 15 46 24 15 48 15 17 15 15 20 45 RECORD Opponent Lehigh 50 Penn 40 Albright 16 Gettysburg 35 St. Joseph ' s 48 Rider 15 Delaware 46 LaSalle 30 Seton Hall 50 St. John ' s 50 American U 38 Westchester 16 ' : _: s M. 274 WINTER SPORTS What do you do for an encore after your team has won an N.I.T. championship? That was the dilemma facing coach Harry Litwack as his team prepared it- self for the ' 69- ' 70 basketball season. And with the prospect of a team with four sophomores and a sen- ior making up the starting unit, it looked as if the Owls would need a Houdini on their side. After being all but laid to rest by the local sportswriters, the Owls turned around and won themselves the Middle Atlan- tic Conference Championship, and a trip to the NCAA tournament. Led by senior Tom Wieczerak, the Owls after post- ing a 7-9 record for the first half of the season, stormed back to finish with a 15-12 overall record. It included a stunning upset over St. John ' s in the Owls opener, two lopsided wins over Syracuse and Pittsburgh, and the MAC championship game win over St. Joseph ' s. Although the Owls lost the opening round game in the NCAA tournament to Villanova, Litwack ' s squad proved to fans and sportswriters alike that a team should not be judged before it performs. And this year ' s performance made a lot of people think twice. Coach Al Kelley ' s fencing team had won the MAC title five years in a row, and people were starting to wonder if his team wasn ' t made up of a bunch of Errol Flynn ' s and Douglas Fairbanks ' . Once again, Kelley ' s fencers proved they were the class of the conference by slashing their way through the season to a 12-3 record, and then for the sixth consecutive time, win- ning the conference title by an outlandish margin. WINTER SPORTS I I Coach Bill Coco came to Temple last year with the enormous job of replacing the late Carl Patterson as gymnastics coach. He has succeeded. This year the Owls fielded their greatest team ever as they went 11-1 for the regular season, losing only to Springfield by 1 10 of a point. However, the success of the whole season, which hinged on the Owls defeating Penn State, saw Coco ' s gymnasts come out on top in probably one of the finest exhibitions of the year. From there on, the Owls went on to win the Eastern championships, and at the time this publication went to press, the Temple squad was preparing for the National championships to be held in McGonigle Hall here at Temple. Coco has filled Patterson ' s shoes. Now he ' s moving on to the next size. In wrestling. Bob McCreary ' s team pulled off what would have to be considered an upset by winning the Middle Atlantic Conference wrestling title. After suf- fering through a dismal 4-8 dual meet season, the Owls bounced back to win five individual titles, and virtually sweep the MAC title off the mats. In swimming, however, the trend worked in reverse. After first year coach Chick Webb led his swimmers to an 11-3 dual meet record, the Owls turned around and did a nosedive in the championships by finishing eighth. But when it comes right down to it, it ' s pretty hard to top four Middle Atlantic Conference championship teams, and two teams that took part in National tourn- aments. To say the least, the winter was good to the Owls. 278 BASKETBALL mas ■to xos iihe Owls ttlie what gthe fsui- , the .aod eise. erslo ' haid nihip oufc- ;olhe I 279 RECORD Temple 60 .... 73 61 Opponent . . St. John ' s 59 . Lehigh 70 . Rider 59 62 .... 68 .... 79 .... 70 .... 63 . . N.Y.U 64 . Manhattan 80 . . Delaware 67 . . West Chester .... 71 . . Hofstra 67 69 . . LaSalle 61 BASKETBALL 280 57 Penn State 65 58 Navy 57 59 Penn 68 64 Fordham 70 90 C.Washington . . 72 69 Lafayette 60 67 Villanova 75 71 South Carolina ... 79 90 Syracuse 69 101 Pittsburgh 72 54 St. Joseph ' s 55 55 Long Island U. . . 50 76 American U 66 281 282 283 RECORD Temple 118.00 149.20 152.40 140.00 132.00 , 155.00 . 138.00 143.00 150.00 . 163.65 162.00 , Opponent West Chester . . 76.00 Long Island Springfield . Cornell .... Syracuse . . . Navy West Virginia Pittsburgh . Army Penn State . Conn .110.45 .152.50 .108.00 .111.00 .150.00 .104.00 .134.00 .141.00 .162.30 .158.00 GYMNASTICS i ii aOBBBl BEM I iri 286 is K. :. S H BBl I 287 I RECORD Temple Opponent 82 Lycoming 21 67 Bloomsburg 37 72 American U 41 73 Penn State 40 82 St. Joseph ' s 75 48 Gettysburg 55 72 Fordham 41 61 Lafayette 49 52 Pittsburgh 61 73 Delaware 39 34 Villanova 70 43 West Chester 70 55 LaSalle 49 51 Drexel 44 I I 288 SWIMMING ! 289 FENCING RECORD Temple Opponent 25 Lafayette 2 22 Seton Hall 5 18 Drew 9 11 Penn State 16 11 Penn 16 22 Pace 5 11 Army 16 15 Newark 12 22 Fordham 5 18 Muhlenberg 9 18 Stevens 9 19 Haverford 8 17 Rutgers 10 16 Paterson 11 291 I WRESTLING RECORD Temple Opponent 9 Princeton 27 16 Delaware 19 14 Northwestern 23 12 Pittsburgh 18 11 Penn State 25 6 Navy 30 20 Hofstra 12 21 Rutgers 11 12 Syracuse 22 18 West Chester 19 24 F M 13 292 293 M y u J WARA " ii.nl WARA The Women ' s Athletic and Recreation Association is designed to foster a spirit of good sportsmanship, and to promote the welfare of Temple students through sponsorship and organization of women ' s varsity sports, intramurals, and coed recreational programs. Under the department of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation, the WARA executive board and staff endeavor to offer a well diversified program to all students on campus. All women students are automat- ically members of WARA, with membership open in many programs to interested male students and Uni- versity faculty. The intercollegiate sports program is as extensive and strong as student participants desire and work to make it be. The coaching staff, equipment, and space available at Temple facilitate competition at all levels of skill with outstanding women athletes from other east coast educational institutions In such areas as field hockey, tennis, swimming, basketball, bowling, gymnastics, and lacrosse. WARA has already sent par- ticipants to national competition in women ' s field hockey, lacrosse, and swimming. The intramural program represents many interests on campus, including the Newman Center, the sorori- ties, Williams Hall, and Hardwick Hall, with teams par- ticipating in such sports as women ' s basketball, coed volleyball, coed Softball, and coed tennis. WARA has also undertaken the sponsorship of coed recreational clubs because ' of the need to expand such opportuni- ties offered by the HPER department. With the new and enlarged facilities of McConigle Hall, there has been much opportunity for providing this type of serv- ice to students, and because of this, the scope of WARA involvement has widened. WARA sponsored clubs in badminton, fencing, folk dance, archery, judo, karate, modern dance, syncronized swimming, sailing, scuba, tennis, and horseback riding. It also hoped to sponsor a ski club and a weight control club. Judy Benscoter, president of WARA, said that increased coverage by the Temple News and the new WARA Newsletter has increased student interest and support of WARA programs. She also said that in 1971 a National Badminton Tournament will be spon- sored by WARA at Temple. i 296 lew 298 i 4l ' 302 -- . ' 15B ' iR) w ■ E m • 4 fc j i ' i v ■ M tlm m mim i i l a W f a w -tMHMi I 305 They ' ve played the college game to the very end . . . Protests communes philosophies The Temple News speakers films dorms commuting Greeks registration bookstore lines drop-add cards papers grades laughter tears and a million other things have been part of the game. Then Senior Year: The fun began slipping into the background Always some concern: The draft, graduate school, work, mar- riage, the " future " . . . But at last Graduation! . . . WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO PLAY? " This Senior Class is unique: It is the Class of 1970 And 1970 is a new decade. A tired world looks to the 70 ' s for hope . . . hope for Vietnam, the Middle East, Biafra . . . solving the problems of ecology, inflation, education, racism, oppression, war . . . Will the Seniors of 1970 face these problems, or, will they turn away, as have so many before them? They ' ve won their degree; The game of college is over for them . . . They ' ve learned. They ' ve experimented. They ' ve become aware of the universe around them. Perhaps they ' ve become aware of other people; maybe even of themselves. )l 306 1 And now they leave to face other challenges. They ' ve seen, if nothing else, that things can change, and that they could be the forces to make them change. With what we ' ve gained at Temple, we can uphold the hope in the 70 ' s, ... or we can shatter it. The Answer must lie within each senior of the 1970 class, away from the college security, where it ' s the " in " thing to concern oneself with others. Where you go depends on you. So some may ask, as the Beatles have of the beautiful people, " Now that you ' ve found another key. What are you going to play? " 307 TVAOMddV MOd IMVnOS NOIiVMlSIMWaV Ol 03 mV3 SNOHd V MOd S1N33 01 ONV NMOi I ason SOdWVS ONDmVd Mai waMVH -NOSNHOf JO INOMJ NI M»Vd nOA WV Of 6 xs avoxa i33dS3 l jnas QNV SNMni z 3son NOIiVZINVOHO SndWV3 V NIOf noA Nxni I AiNO asoi iHlOOWS A13A1JV13M Noixvaisioia iHd goo o aujo£) aidutai eijj o n z s t: z c — yr r ?: 5 i : ' = z 3 X z ■ X " C O I " n -. = Z T C X ■c — — z i :£ i? I X - X 2 C m - a! u. O CO UJ J) z c. POOR HOUSE A PHYSICAL GO TO FINANCIAL All) ACADEMIC ADVISING BOARD OF TRUSTEES STL ' DKNiS AKt- NOT PFKMII IH) TO I.ANO ON 1HIS SPACK HEALTH CENTER PKK LP 2 ASPIRINS ( l I KA( K IC) 1()KK() U)KM (. «U5W ' OVOl ;f H Page 10 Tuesday, January 20, 1970 The Temple News HI IV i { i Ol tfl IK aooj Mtioa so N )IS 1 H ' ) I CIVHHV H 0 V wniHOivaoM IHI M HI HI)IIMVH 1() ONISIAOV 3IM]aV3V (IMVOH Hill lINllOMV ai«l VMIXI NV X Vi 100H3S avao C) 1 O ' J Oi. - ' t. it ' •. U: ClNltf - z a ' z i - - •y. t = C — a: — Z 5 J - 5 z w » The Temple Game tUSH REGISTRATION IIS All (.KH K TO VOL FltM ' ;,SPil " MO F BACK 3 io)i«« " Ij: JJ i.osh r 1 h si 2 TL KNS LOTS 3.4 6 AND 51 Rh nil. GO HOME (,F I 6 KMKA HOLKS Sl.h P I.OSK I Tl ' RN i z o r ADMINrSTRATION SQUARE VKS. IIUV AKK ' l.OSl 1 ILKN ()l START MIH ORIENTATION VOL ' C KT NOTHING OL ' T Oh THIS SQL ' AKK The Temple News Tuesday. January 20. 1970 Page 11 TEMPLAR ' S OUTSTANDING SENIORS HOWARD SHAPIRO— Temple News, Fall Edilor-in-Chief; The Fourteenth Day, Editor; Sigma Delta Chi, Vice President; Sword Society; English Honor Society. MARY JANE CREAMER— Temple News, Fall and Spring Busi- ness Manager; Alpha Gamma Delta, Vice President; Theta Sigma Phi; PRSSA. 310 STANLEY ZIMMELMAN— Student Senate; New Student Work- shop Leader; Undergraduate Council of Liberal Arts; Sword Society. 311 BUCK MAZER — Fraternity Coordinating Council, President; Sigma Phi Epsilon, President; Varsity Football; Intramurals; Pre- law Society. GARY MOGAL — Student Senate, Treasurer; Finance Society, President; Liason Committee; Pre-Law Society; Charette. PAT PATTERSON— Student Senate; U.C.L.A.; Outing Clu b, President; S.U.B.; Magnet; Universi- ty Disciplinary Committee; New Student Work- shop Leader. 312 JULIE WEISS MAHON— New Student Workshop, Assistant Director; Newman Club, President; Student Judicial Committee. KAREN SHERMAN— Student Senate; S.U.B., Vice President; Pres- ident ' s Host. ALAN NEIDERMANt— Temple News, Assistant City Editor; S.U.B. 313 ARCHIE REID— New Student Workshop, Leader; Con- cert Choir; Liaison Committee; Sword Society; College of Music Collegiate Council, Resident Assistant, Pea- body HaM. ED MATTSON — New Student Workshop; Tembler; Resident Assistant, Peabody Hall; Interdorm Commit- tee for Human Relations; Sword Society. JIM SHIRD— Temple News, Fall City Editor, Spring, Editor-in- Chief; Sigma Delta Chi, Presi- dent; Sword Society. CHRIS KELLY— Temple News, Fall Stuff Page Editor, Spring, Man- aging Editor; New Student Work- shop; Magnet. 314 ADRIENNE ZECCA — Panhellenic Presidents ' Council, president; TEMPLAR, Greek Editor; Alpha Sigma Alpha, Editor; WRTI; Student Senate. MARILYN ACKERMAN— TEMPLAR, Editor-in-chief; Mag- net; Theta Sigma Phi. TOM WIZERACK — Varsity Basketball, Captain; Universi- ty Discipline Committee; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Comp- troller. ROBERT AGLIRA— Varsity Baseball, Captain; Most Valu- able Player 1969; Phi Kappa Theta, Vice-President; Pi Mu Epsilon; Phi Eta Sigma. Phyllis Arlene Aaron ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elemen- tary Hillel 1 ; Reader ' s Service for the Blind 2; Judo Club 2. Bruce A. Abate ' Philadelphia, Penna. Communication; RTF ' Alpha Phi Delta pres. 3. Lois Mary Abraham ' Philadelphia, Penna. " Education; Elemen- tary " Bonnie Rose Abrams ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education ■ Hillel 4. Leonard Sidney Abrams ' Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; Political Science ' Political Science Student Organization 3,4. Rochelle M. Abrams ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Elemen- tary Varsity Tennis 1. CLASS OF 1970 Gerard William Abramson ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Busi- ness Education ' Pi Omega Pi 3, pres. 4. Karen Dale Abramson ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elemen- tary Alan Jay Ackerman Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Market- ing Marketing Club 3,4; Pre-Law Society 3. Marilyn Ackerman ' Philadelphia, Penna. Communication; Jour- nalism ' Hillel 1; Mitten Student League 1; Resident Women ' s Student Assoc. 2,3,4; Student Union Board Laymen Lectures 1 ; TEMPLAR trainee 1, Organizations and Honoraries ed. 2, Page ed. 3, editor-in-chief 4; Temple News 4; XYW 3; Distinguished Juniors 3; Kappa Delta Epsilon 2; Magnet 4; Theta Sigma Phi 4; Coed Council 4. Mark Irving Ackerman ' Philadelphia, Penna. " Arts; Biology Christine Elizabeth Adams ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elementary Patricia Joan Adams ' New Holland, Penna. Education ' C.erman Club 2. Susan Heape Adams ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Art ' Beverly Lynn Adelman ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; French ' Harvey Saul Adelman ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; English ' Joan Ruth Adelman ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education Conscience 2,3; Mitten Student League 1,2,3; Ski Club 2,3; Student Tutorial Society 2; Student Union Board 1,2,3; Alpha Lambda Delta 1, vice pres. 2; Magnet 4. Roslyn H. Adelman ' Abington, Penna. ' Education;ElementarySki Club 3,4. 316 k Susan Faye Adelman ' Philadelphia, Penna. • Education; Elemen- tary itten Student League 2,3,4, publicity chairman, 2nd vice- president: President ' s Hosts 2,3,4, training chairman; Kappa Delta Epsilon 3,4; Magnet 4. Mellon Bruce Aff rime Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Science " Susan H. Afrait ' Philadelphia, Pa. " Social Administration; Social VVeltare ' Social Welfare Student Union. I Robert Bruno Aglira ' Drexel Hill, I ' enna. Arts; Math Pi Mu Epsilon 1; Varsity Haseball 4; IM Basketball 1; IF Hasketball 2, Football 2. Claude Thomas Agostini Old Forge, Penna. Pharmacy Alpha Zeta Omega; Biology Club 1 ; I oyalists 1,2; Newman Club 1 ; IF Basketball i,4; IF Football 3,4. Robert N. Agre ' Yeadon, Pa. Arts; History Loyalists 2. k k Sherrie Dee Agre Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elementary David R. Ahles Virginia Beach, Va. ' Business; Marketing New- man Club 4; Varsity Football 3,4; Varsity Crew 3,4. Barbara Carol Ainslie Philadelphia, Penna. Tyler liih- ience o(ial Lvi« Elizabeth Ann Alberici ' Yeadon, Penna. Social Administration; Social Welfare ' Social Welfare Student LInion. Allen H. Alexander ' Wilmington, Delaware ' Arts; Sociology Rose Mary Alexy ' Cornwells Heights, Penna. ' Education; ECE ' Joseph Charles Allegra Secane, Penna. ' Arts; Chemistry Loyalists 1 ; Chemistry Society 3, vice-pres. Faith Allen ' Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; English Alpha Lambda Delta; English Honor Society. Leslie Jill Alper Hewlett, N.Y. Education; Elementary Sti 317 Carol Lynne Alsberg ' Melrose Park, Penna. ' Business; Market- ing " Insurance Society 3,4, vice-pres. 4; Marketing Club 2,3,4; Pre-Law Society 3,4; SAM 3,4; Ski Club 1,2,3; Marketing Student Council 3,4; Marketing Student-Faculty Organization 3,4; Phi Gamma Nu 2,3,4, vice-pres. 4. Dennis William Alsdorf Reading, Penna. ' Pharmacy American Pharmaceutical Assn.; Rho Chi. Leigh Joseph Altadonna ' Clenside, Penna. • Education; Elemen- tary OutingClub4. Patricia S. Altschul ' Penn Valley, Penna. ' Education- Judith K. Altschuler ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elementary- Thomas B. Alter Shamorin, Penna. ' Business; Industrial Manage- menfChessClub 3; Marketing Club 3,4; Newman Club 1,2; SAM 3,4; Ski Club 4; Veterans at Temple 3,4; IM Basketball 2,3,4; Fencing 3; IM Football 3,4; Judo Society 4; House of Foulkrod 2,3,4. Eileen Diane Alva ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education ' Bowling Club 2,3; Conscience 1 ; Sigma Phi Nil 1 ,2; Student Tutorial Society 4. Jean Marie Amabile Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Nursing Heather Lynne Ambacher ' Elkins Park, Penna. Education ' Alpha Lambda Delta. Robert George Ames ' Philadelphia, Penna. Business; Pre-Law Evelyn M. Amey Philadelphia, Penna. ' Social Administration; Social Welfare Black Student League 3; Loyalists 1; President ' s FHosts; Student Tutorial Society; Social Welfare Student Union. Marjorie Beth Amram ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education Eleanor Theresia Anderson Drexel Hill, Penna. ' Arts; Sociol- ogy Sociology Club 3,4. Gerard A. Anderson Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Geology ' Geo- logical Society; Outing Club; Student Council; U.C.L.A. rep. James Frank Andiario ' Havertown, Penna. ' Arts; Sociology New- man Club 2; IM Basketball 1,2. II Charles T. Andrews ' Allentown, Penna. Arts; Biology ' Biology Club. Michael John Andrews Wayne, Penna. ' Business; Management Jane Theresa Andrusko " Huntingdon Valley, Penna. ' Arts; Spanish " 318 Eileen Katherine Angerame ' Phlladelphia, Penna. Arts; Social Science ' Mary Marthinson Angstadt ' Baia Cynwyd, Penna. ' Education; Elementary Helene A. Ansel ' Philadeiphia, Penna. " Education; Elementary David Joseph Anthony Pottsvi lie, Penna. ' Communication; Journalism ' Newman Club 1; ROA 1,2,3,4; Temple News 1; Sigma Delta Chi 3,4; Public Relations Student Society of America 3,4; Diamond Torch 1,3,4, editor 3,4; Scabbard and Blade 3,4. James J. Antonacci, Jr. ' Roslyn, Penna. Education; Math Robert U. Anyanwu Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Business Management ' Steven I. Applebaum Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Market- ing ' Marketing Club 3,4. Edward Albert Argentina ' Philadelphia, Penn. Education; Ele- mentary John Vincent Armenio ' Ardmore, Penna. ' Business; Manage- ment ' Circolo Italiano 4; Newman Club 3; SAM 4; Intramural Sports 3. Mary Armezzani Jessup, Penna. Education; Elementary Junior Counselor 4. Robert Howard Aronson ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; His- tory ' Loyalists 3,4; Distinguished Juniors; Phi Alpha Theta. Jennifer Aronovitz ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Mathemat- ics Hillel, 1,2; Loyalists, 3,4; Alpha Lambda Delta; Distinguished Juniors. Bernice Myra Arzt ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts ' Alpha Lambda Delta; Mitten Student League 2. Janice M. Atkins ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; History ' Black Student League 3. Steven Jay Atlas ' Coatesville, Penna. ' Education; English ' Concert Choir 2,3,4; Pre-Law Society 2,3,4; Templayers 1,2,3,4; Aviation Reserve Officer Candidate, USNR 2,3,4; Varsity Crew 1 ,2,3,4. James A. Attanasio ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Natural Science Loyalists 2; Newman Club 1,2, tres. 3,4; T.U. Inter- collegiate Bowling Team 1,2,3,4. Myra Deborah Atterman Hillside, N.J. ' Education Gail Diane Auden ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Music ' Delta Phi Epsilon 1,2,3,4, rec. sec, vice-pres.; Concert Choir 1,2,3,4; Hillel 1,2,3,4; Music Educators National Conference 3,4; President ' s Hosts 1 ; Student Union Board 1,2. 319 Allen Auerbach Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Biology Biology Club 3,4; Pre-Med Society 3,4. Bette Joan Auslander ' Springfieid, N.J. Education; Elementary Richard Auspitz ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elemen- tary Loyalists 1,2,3,4; IM Baseball 1,2,3,4; IM Basketball 1,2,3,4; IM Football 1,2,3,4. Stanley D. Auspitz Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; Art ' Beatrice S. Ausvilz Philadelphia, Penna. ■ Business Encore Club 2,3, treas. 4. Irene Monica Avizonis ' Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; English SCAC 2; Student Tutorial Society 4. Frances Awruch ' Phiiadelphia, Penna. ' Education Lynn Cheryl Axler Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Biology XYW 2; Young Democrats Organization 3,4. Richard Phillip Axler ' Philadelphia, Penna.Arts; PhysicsSPS 3,4; Phi Eta Sigma 1,2,3,4; Sigma Pi Sigma 2,3,4. Anna Ceorgianna Ayoub ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Music; Voice, Music EducationMusic Educators National Conference 3; Women ' s Glee Club 3; Chorus 1,2. Ned Christopher Bachus ' Philadelphia, Penna. " Arts; Psychol- ogy Loyalists 3,4; Student Union Board 4. Bertha Backman Philadelphia, Penna. Arts: English " Hillel 3; Lit- erary Society 3; President ' s Hosts 3; Reader ' s Service for the Blind 3; Rifle Club 4; XYW; Hillel Glee Club 3; Folk Dancing Club 4; Hebrew Club 3; English Honor Program 3; Eta Beta Rho 4. Ronald Gordon Bacon ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Social Administra- tion; Social Welfare ' Kappa Alpha Psi pres. 4; Steering Commit- tee for Black Studies. Ann Marie Badey ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elemen- tary Newman Club 3. Joan Marie Badie ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elementary Arlene I. Baer ' Phoenixville, Penna. Arts; Speech Pathology Sig- ma Alpha Eta 3,4. Richard Howard Bagwell ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Physics ' Barbara Jane Bailine ' Philadelphia, Penna. Communications; R.T.F. ' Loyalists 3; Student Union Board 1. i 320 Charles Samuel Baker ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education ' Delta Sigma Pi 2,3,4, scholarship chrmn., senior vice-pres. Maryann M. Baker ' Philadeiphia, Penna. ' Arts; English Newman Club 1,2. Harry loseph Balliet ' MJiton, Penna. ' PharmacyAmerican Phar- maceutical Assn. 3,4. Shelley Wingate Bance ' Toms River, N.J. ' Communication; Journalism ' Theta Sigma Phi 4; Modern Dance Club 4; Tembler, co-editor, 1,2; Temple News 4; Dorm journal comm. 4. Walter Scott Banlster ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Law and Business ' Varsity Swimming 1,2,3,4, MVP 4. Pauline C. Bantom ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Beta Alpha Psi 1. : August Joseph Barber ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Account- ing- Roger Allen Bard ' Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; Psychology Rifle Clubl. Sol B. Barenbaum ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Social Studies ' Alpha Epsilon Pi; IF Baseball; IF Football; IF Soccer; IF Volleyball. • • f |[j m Doris Barlow ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; English ' Temple Christian Fellowship publicity chrmn. 4. Patrick Clyde Barnes Hollidaysburg, Penna. ' Arts; Psychol- ogy ' Loyalists; Newman Club; Varsity Football; IM Basketball; IM Softball. Marcia Barnett ' Havertown, Penna. ' Business; Marketing Bowling Club 1 ; Debating Club 1 ; Home Economics Club 1 ; Insurance So- ciety 3,4; Marketing Club 3,4; Resident Women ' s Assoc. 1 ; Resi- dent Women ' s Student Senate 1 ; Ski Club 3; Social Service in Ac- tion 1 ; Management Club 3,4, sec; Student Senate 4; Marketing rep. 3,4; Phi Gamma Nu. Alan Robert Baron ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; History ' John James Barrett, Jr. Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Political Science ' Kathleen M. Barrett Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Math ' Mltten Student League 3; Newman Club 1,2. 321 Michael Francis Barry Drexel Hill, Penna. Educatlon Newman Clubl; Education Student Assn. Rona Joyce Bass ' Philadelphia, Penna. Educatlon; Elemen- tary ' Coed Council 4; Kappa Delta Epsilon 2,3, pres. 4. Stamatoula Bastas ' Philadelphia, Penna. " Education; Elementary Robert]. Beard Doylestown, Penna. ' Arts; French ' Phi Delta Pi 3. Donald J. Beavers il Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Accounting Niel Wesley Bech Philadelphia, Penna. ' Technical; Mechanical Engineering ' Temple Christian Fellowship 1,2,3,4; Temple Student Life Center. Mlh tk V s!! David Alan Bechtel Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; English Kenneth Warren Beckelman Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Marketing ' Loyalists4; Marketing Club 3,4; SAM 4; IM Baseball 4; IM Basketball 4; IM Football 3,4. Alan Yale Becker Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Accounting Rebecca Edna Becker ' Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; History Andrea R. Bedrick Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; History ' Phi Alpha Theta 2. Barbara Hillary Begelman ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; English ' Hil- lell; Resident ' s Women ' s Student Assoc. 1,2; WRTI; Williams Hall Publicity Chairman. Marc Begelman Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Political Science Hal S. Beilan ' Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; Chemistry Barry L. Bell ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Pre-Law Society. Lynn Bell ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Management ' Delta Phi Epsilon treas. 1, Rush chrmn. 2; Loyalists 2; Marketing Club 3, vice-pres. 4; Pre-Law Society 3, vice-pres. 4; SAM 3,4; Student Council 2,3,4; Student Union Board 1,2; Young Democrats Orga- nization 2; Curriculum comm. 3,4; Basic Studies comm. 3; College Council 3,4; Management Dept. Organization 3,4; Mag- net 4; Distinguished Juniors 3. Ralph Douglas Bell ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Mathematics ' Ardele Bellman ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Communication; Journal- ism ' Bridge Club 2,3; Debating Club 2,3; Film Society 3,4; Liter- ary Society 3,4; Philosophy Club 3,4; Ski Club 1 ; Resident Fash- ion Coordinator 4. II 322 Sylvia Belmont ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Spanish ' Encore Club pres. 1 ; Sigma Delta Pi. Rochelle Toby Belsh ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Tyler; Painting, Art Education RabiaBenchakroun Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Psychology Le Petit Cercle Francais; Purview International; Spanish Club; Student Tutorial Society. Richard Noel Benjamin ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Biology ' Phi Kappa Alpha 1,2. Kathleen Ann Bensing ' Aldan, Penna. Education; Nursing Peter M. Benton Fairless Hills, Penna. Pharmacy Kappa Psi. Christine )aye Berger Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; Art ' Stylus 3,4, art editor Elayne Norma Berger ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Elemen- tary ' President ' s Hosts 4; Student Union Board 2; Pres. Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority 4; Member of Student Senate 4. Ellen N. Berger Education; Elementary ' Outing Club 1,2,3; Young Democrats Organization 1,2,3,4; Horseback Riding Club 1,2; Dis- tinguished Juniors 3. Howard M. Berger ' Andover, Mass. ' Arts; Political Science ' HilJel 4; Young Republicans chrmn. 4; Student Activities Committee 1; Committee on Instruction of the College of Liberal Arts 1 . Naomi M. Berger ' Wyncote, Penna. Education; Elementary Barry C. Berkowitz ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Busi- ness Hillel 4; Ski Club 1; Loyalists 1; Freshman Crew 1. Henry Bruce Berkowitz ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Science Out- ing Club sec. 2,3,4. Robert Allen Berkowitz ' Pittsburgh, Penna. ' Arts; Political Science Hillel 2; Pre-Law Society 3,4; Young Republicans 3. Joanne Y. Bemabei Havertown, Penna. Education; HPER Delta Psi Kappa 3,4; HPER Student Major Club 3, coorr. sec. 4; New- man Club 1 ,2; Young Americans for Freedom 2,3; IM tennis 2,3,4, Basketball 1,2,3,4; Lacrosse 1. Craig Robert Bernhardt Lancaster, Penna. ' Tyler; Graphic Design ' Arthur). Bernslein ' Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; Political Science lntercollegiate Conference on Government. Helen Marcia Bernslein ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Busi- ness Pi Gamma Nu. 323 Richard Michael Bernstein ' Cranford, N.J. Arts; Psychology Ger- man Club 1 ; Loyalists 2,3,4; Judicial Board 4; Psychology Club 3,4; IM Baseball 1,3,4; IM Basketball 1; IM Football 1,3,4. Naomi Ellen Berry Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Elementary Elaine C. Berschler Wyncote, Pa. ' Communications; RTF ' WRTI, Director of Special Services. Alan J. Bianchini ' PhiJadelphia, Penna. Business SAM, 3. Edward J. Bialous ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Account- ing Business Education Club 4; Newman Club 1; IM Basketball 3; Varsity Football 4. Gerald Biberman ' Philadelphia, Penna. Arts Cinematography Club 3; Debating Club 1,2,3; Hillel 1; Student Forum 4; Psychology Steering Committee; Eta Beta Rho. I f Jeffrey Mark Bieberield ' Harleysvilie, Penna. Arts; His- tory TEMPLAR 4; History Major ' s Association 4. David Frank Biffen, Jr. ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; English ' Varsity Track 1,2,3. Minou Bina ' Philadeiphia, Penna. Arts; Chemistry Purview Inter- national 3; Chemistry Society 3. Nancy Bincarousky ' Phlladelphia, Penna. Education; Elemen- tary Newman Club 1,2,3,4; Kappa Delta Epsilon 4. Margaret P. Bing ' Willow Grove, Penna. ' Education; Social Studies Black Student League 2,3,4; Encore Club 4. John H. Bittner ' Philadelphia, Pa. Business Loyalists 2,3,4; Mar- keting Club 3,4; IM Basketball 2,4, Volleyball 2. 4 Christine Antonia Black Melrose Park, Penna. ' Education; Elementary Mitten Student League 4; Newman Club 3; CESA 3,4; MOPSEE4. Claire Roslyn Blank ' Merion, Penna. ' Education ' Bowling Club 2; Conscience 2; Student Tutorial Society 2,3; Templar 2. Paul Jay Blankman ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Account- ing ' Beta Alpha Psi 4. Robert S. Blasi ' Philadelphia, Penna. Business ' Deborah Lynn Blask Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; English ' Hillel 1 ; Reader ' s Service for the Blind 1,2,3,4; Blue-White Club 3,4. Mark Stephen Blaskey ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Account- ing Pre-Law Society 3,4; President ' s Hosts 2,3,4; Beta Alpha Psi; Beta Gamma Sigma. I 324 Patricia Ann Blee ' Havertown, Penna. ' Arts; Psychology David Ira Blitz ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arfs; Psychology Faith Blitzer ' BloomfJeld, N.J. ' Arts; French Resident Women ' s Student Association 4; IM Basketball; IM Volleyball; Varsity Girl ' s Tennis 4. Theodore S. Bloch ' Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; History Pre-Law Society 3,4; Ski Club 3; Phi Alpha Theta 3,4; History Majors Asso- ciation 3,4. Marsha R.BIoom Reading,Penna. Arts; English Hillel 1,2,3; Mit- ten Student League 1; Purview International 1; Resident Women ' s Student Association 1,2,3,4; Resident Women ' s Student Senate 2; Resident Assistant 4; Alpha Lambda Delta 1 ,2; English Honor Society 3, pres. 4; Magnet 4; IM Volleyball 2,3. Joyce Ann Blount ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education Delta Sigma Theta Dean of Pledges 3; Black Student League. • .•_,-: " ' ' -. i ' Robert Earl Blue ' Lansdowne, Penna. Technical; AD and BCT Marcia Hope Bluestein ' Philadeiphia, Penna. Education; Elemen- tary Delta Phi Epsiion 2,3. Barbara Susan Blumberg ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Mathe- matics Loyalists 2,3,4; Mitten Student League 1,2,3,4, First Vice- President; Student Union Board 4; Chairman of Temple Mixers 2,3,4. Martin Blume ' Philadelphla, Penna. ' Communication; RTF Richard Allen Blumenthal ' Philadelphia, Penna. Arts Alpha Epsiion Pi 3. Matthew D. Bochanski Lansdovvne, Penna. ' Technical; Architec- tural Design Milton Alan Bodek ' PhiJadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Political Science Helene Natalie Bodnick ' Philadelphia, Penna. Pharmacy Lambda Kappa Sigma; Pharmacy Queen 1969; American Pharmaceutical Assn. 3,4,5; Pharmacy Student Council 3; Mortar and Pestle Players 3. Kopytko Bohdan ' Philadelphia, Penna. Pharmacy Chess Club; Rifle Club; Ski Club; Ukranian Club; Varsity Tennis; Varsity Volleyball. 325 Janyce Elyse BoWen ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; French ' Alpha Kappa Alpha; The Other; SCBS. Charles M. Bolno ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; History ' Tau Epsilon Phi; IF Baseball; IF Basketball; IF Football; IF Soccer; IF Swim- ming; IF Volleyball. Beverly lean Bolton Hummelstown, Penna. ' Arts; Psychology Resident Women ' s Student Assoc. 2,3; Student Tutorial Society 1. Peter loseph Bonasto ' Vineland, N.J. ' Communication; Journal- ism " Clark Phillip Bonetti Philadelphia, Pa. Business Loyalists 2,3; Marketing Club 4. Stephen Alexander Bonnie Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Eng- lish ' Loyalists 3,4; Student Council 2; Varsity Soccer 2,3,4, track 23,4; IM Basketball 1,2; IM Volleyball 1,2. fti Robert lames Borkowski ' Philadelphia, Penna. Business; Man- agement ' Marketing Club 4; SAM 3,4. Carol Sue Borowsky Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education ' Kappa Delta Epsilon. DorrieAnn Boss ' Bryn Mawr, Penna. ' Education; English Lawrence Vincent Boston ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; History ' Phi Alpha Theta. David George Boughter Lansdale, Penna. ' Communication; RTF ' David H. Boyd Reading, Penna. ' Business; Administrative Management ' Marketing Club 3,4; SAM 2,3,4. Thomas Boyd Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Philosophy ' Philosophy Club 3,4. Diane R. Boyle Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; HPER ' HPER Student Major Club 3,4; Delta Psi Kappa; Varsity Tennis. Gertrude Maria Boyle Yeadon, Penna. ' Arts; English ' Newman Club; XYW. Bron E. Bradshaw Richmond, Va. ' Arts; History Intercollegiate Conference on Government Recording Sec. 3,4; Pi Alpha Theta 4. Marilyn Brahms Somerville, N.j. Arts; Biology Dormitory Execu- tive Board 4; Varsity swimming 3,4, tennis 3,4; IM volleyball 2. Anita Deane Bram Elkins Park, Penna. ' Social Administration; Social Welfare 326 «k AsaC. Branch ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Industrial Manage- ment SAM 3,4. John Alan Brandimarte ' Paoli, Penna. ' Business ' Loyalists 4; Mar- keting Club 4. Ceraldine Elizabeth Brandon ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elementary ' Delta Sigma Theta 1; Black Student League. Terry Ellen Brasky Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; HPER ' HPER Student Major Club; IFWAA. Patricia S. Bratman Brooklyn, N.Y. ' Tyler; Printmaking ' Joel Braunstein ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Biology ' Biology Club 4; manager of freshman basketball team 1; co-manager Varsity basketball team 1. oiy ' Phi Monica Marie Brazel Bridgeport, Penna. ' Education; Social Studies ' Kenneth Lloyd Brendlinger Green Lane, Penna. ' Buslness; Ac- counting Joseph M. Brennan ' Upper Darby, Penna. ' Buslness; Marketing ' Renee Ann Bresler ' Havertown, Penna. ' Arts; Math ' Bowling Club 1; President ' s Hosts 3,4; Pi Mu Epsilon. Sol Bress ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Communlcations; RTF ' WRTl. Stephen A. Brezler ' Waynesboro, Penna. ' Buslness; Account- ing ' Student Senate 4; Accounting Student Union 4. ■iiion; Margaret Lee Bridge Bloomfield, N.J. ' Arts; Sociology ' Loyalists 2; Resident Women ' s Student Assn. 1,2,3,4; Society of Under- graduate Sociology Major 2,3. Ronald Fred Briggs ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Sociology Omega Psi Phi; Black Student League 2; Black Student Steering Commit- tee; Black Student Advisor. Louis Broad ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Math ' PI Lambda Phi; Pi Mu Epsilon; IF Baseball; IF Football; IF Bowling. Irene C. Broido ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Speech Therapy ' Noah Bronkesh ' Millvllle,N.j. ' Arts; History ' Hillel 1; History Majors Association 3,4; Phi Alpha Theta 2; Phi Eta Sigma 4; John- son Hall Senate — treas. 2; Student Union Board 2; Johnson Hall Unit 1 — vice-pres. 2; Dorm Film Comm. — chrmn. 2; Sword Soci- ety 4. Alan Scott Brooker ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Biology ' 327 Richard Marc Brooks ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business ' Ski Club 1; Phila. Tutorial Project 1 . Annette L. Broolcshire ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Elemen- tary Avrom S. Brown ' Merion Station, Penna. ' Arts; Economics ' Hillel 1 ,3,4; Pre-Med Society 2; ROA 1,2,3,4; Templayers 1. Stanley Davis Brown Haddon Heights, N.J. ' Arts; Geology ' Geo- logical Society 3,4, vice-pres.; Loyalists 2,3,4; Ski Club 2; Student Union Board 2. Karen Lynn Brownstein ' Education; Elementary Esther Brunengraber Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Social Welfare HilleM; Hebrew Speaking Club 1,2,3,4; Eta Beta Rhol. Anita E. Bruni ' Philadeiphia, Penna. Education; Elementary ' XYW; Circolo Italiano. Richard J. Bryan ' Philadelphia, Penna. Pharmacy Kappa Psi histo- rian 3,4,5; Spanish Club 2,3,4,5; Student Tutorial Society 2; American Pharmaceutical Assn. Leia Elizabeth Bucl(inghain St. Louis, Mo. Arts; Biology ' Biology Club; Black Student League; Basketball; Tennis. Dennis Joseph Bucltley Havertown, Penna. Business; Account- lng Newman Club 1 ,2; Pre-Law Society 2; Student Senate 4; Ac- counting Organization 2,3,4. Edward R. Budzynski ' Philadelphia, Penna. Pharmacy Kappa Psi 3,4,5. Michael Vincent Buenaflor ' Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; Science Glen R. BuKum ' Springfield, Penna. Arts; Mathematics Archery Club 2; Pre-Med society 1; Student Union Board 1,2, Publicity chrm. 2; Math Students chrmn. 4; Math Department Executive comm. 4; UCLA Representative 4; L. A. Executive comm. 4. Marilyn Buhs ' Union, N.J. ' Tyler; Printmaking Nadine E. Bullock Warrington, Penna. Education; Elementary Mary Elizabeth Bulman Warminster, Penna. Education; Elemen- tary loseph |ohn Burge ' Shenandoah, Penna. Pharmacy; Phar- macy Alpha Chi Rho 1,2,3,4,5; Kappa Psi 3,4,5; Loyalists 2,3,4,5; American Pharmaceutical Assn. — Student Chapter 3,4,5; Rho Chi 4,5; IF Basketball 3,4,5. Loretta Grace Burnett ' New Cumberland, Penna. ' Arts; Psychol- ogy 328 y ' Ceo- Sludeni clal iRhol, Carol Anne Burns ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; English Carol Elaine Burns ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Foreign Lan- guages- Eugene Clinton Burt ' Cheltenham, Penna. ' Arts; Art His- tory ' Alpha Phi Omega 1,2,3, pres. 4; Intercollegiate Conference on Govt. 1,2,3, vice-pres. 4. I ml- 4;At- Mildred Louise Burton ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elemen- tary ' Norma Marie Busillo ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elemen- tary ' Newman Club 4, sec. 1,2. Linda Susan Butler ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education ' Mitten Student League 1; President ' s Hosts 1. " Richard J. Butler Norwood, Penna. ' Business ' Marketing Club 4; Newman Club 1 ; SAM 4. Edward |. Cabott ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Industrial Management ROA. Louis John Cacchio ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Pharmacy ' Kappa Psi. imefr 10 Chi 1 ReneeArleneCaHee Philadelphia, Penna. ' Music; Educa- tion ' Concert Choir 3,4; Music Educators National Conference 1,2,3,4; Women ' s Glee Club 1; Madrigals 2,3,4. Katherine E. Caldwell ' Norfolk, Va. ' Arts; English Alpha Sigma Alpha 2,3,4, pledge class pres. 3, publicity chrmn. 4. Charles William Calhoun ' Norristown, Penna. ' Business Leonard Anthony Campanaro ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Ac- counting ROA 2,3,4; Beta Alpha Psi 3,4. Marguerite A. Campiglia ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Speech ' Newman Club 1,2,3,4. Catherine Linda Cannataro ' Philadelphia, Penna ' Arts; French ' Newman Club 1; Pi Delta Phi 1,2,3,4. 329 Frances A. Cannon ' Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; History History Majors Association. Ellen Martha Cantor ' Phiiadelphia, Penna. Arts; Anthropology Stephen Lee Caporiccio ' Phiiadeiphia, Penna. Education; Sec- ondary ' Newman Club; Resident Men ' s Student Association; Spanish Club; IM Baseball; Varsity Football; IM Track. William Pasquale Carapucci Education; Social Sciences ' Alpha Phi Delta. E. Robert Cardin Warnninster, Penna. ' Arts; Chemistry Sigma Phi Epsilon sec. 2, pres. 3; Bowling Club 1,2; Chess Club 1,2; New- man Club 1,2; Resident Men ' s Student Association 2; Resident Men ' s Student Senate 2; Student Council 2; IF Baseball 1,2,3; IF Basketball 1,2,3; IF Football 1,2,3; Varsity Football 2; Varsity Coif 1,2; IF Soccer 1,2,3; IF Swimming 1,2,3; IF Tennis 1,2,3; IF Track 1,2,3; IF Volleyball 1,2,3. Ellen S. Cardonick ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; HPER ' Cheerleaders 3, capt. 4. ! Harriet Sheila Cardonick ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education Steven Cardonick ' Philadelphia, Penna. Business; Account- ing Hillel 3; Beta Alpha Psi 3,4. Joseph Louis Caristo ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Mathemat- Ics ' Cerman Club 1.2. Rande Sue Carmosin ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Music; Educa- tion ' Music Educators National Conference 1,2,3,4; Orchestra 1,2,3,4; Women ' s Glee Club 2,4. Estelle Litz Carpey ' Broomall, Penna. ' Communication; Journal- ism ' Encore Club 3. Joseph John Carr ' Yeadon, Penna. ' Music; Music Education ' Con- cert Choir; Men ' s Glee Club; Music Educators National Confer- ence; Newman Club; University Singers. « Nancy M. Carr ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business ' lnsurance Society 3,4, sec.-treas.; Marketing Club 4; SAM 4; Phi Gamma Nu 3,4. Thomaserica Irene Carr ' Alloway, N.J. ' Arts; Political Science Philadelphia Tutorial Project 2; Steering Committee for Black Students 2,3,4; Political Science Honor Society 4. Carlotta L. Carradice Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; German ' Ger- man Club 1,2, pres. 3, sec-tres. 4. Maureen P. Carroll ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Communlcation ' Young Americans for Freedom. Joan Teresa Carson Norristown, Penna. ' Education; Elemen- tary German Club 1,2. Suzanne B. Carter ' Rochester, N.Y. ' Tyler 330 Ne . ident UlF ityColf Track Cheryl Casalio ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; French ' New Student Workshop 4; Resident Women ' s Student Assn. 2; Ski Club 3,4. Donna Lynn Case ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Mathemat- ics ' Alpha Sigma Alpha; Bowling Club 3; Temple Christian Fellowship 2. Robert R. Cassel ' Phiiadeiphia, Penna. ' Business; Accounting Pi Delta Epsilon sec. 3, pres. 4. Vincent Louis Cataldo ' Phiiadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Mathe- matics Edward Frank Chacker ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education Susan Carol Chapman ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elemen- tary ' Coed Council 1; Mitten Student League 1,2,3,4, pres. 3; Student Union Board 3, Publicity Dir 4; Templayers 1. Con- i James Raoul Charron ' WIndgap, Penna. ' Tyler; Graphic Design Penni F. Chasens ' Margate, N.J. Communication; Theater. Scott David Chelmow ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Communication; RTF ' Cinematography Club 3,4; Templayers 1 ; Temple News 4. Joseph Eugene Chervenic ' Upper Darby, Penna. Business; Law and 8usiness Alpha Phi Delta; Cinematography Club 3; German Club 4; Karate Club 1; Marketing Club 4; Newman Club 1; ROA 4; Ski Club 2; Ukrainian Club 1; Flying Club 4; IF Football; IM Swimming. Maria Frances Chilleml ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Biology Biology Club 3,4; Biology Undergraduate comm. 3,4, sec; UCLA 4. George Christine ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Psychology John Christopher ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Communication; RTF ' WRTI 4; Steering Committee for Student Council in school of Communication 4. David A. Churchill Yardley, Penna. Business; Marketing ' Market- ing Club 2,3,4. Annette C. Cianfrini ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elemen- tary ' Mary Rose C. Ciddio ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Sociology ' New- man Club 1,2,3; President ' s Hosts 2,3, sec ' y 4; Ski Club 3; Student Tutorial Society 1,2,3, pres. 4; Phi Delta Pi 2,3,4. John Frank Ciesielka ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Biology ' PKM 1,2,3, pres. 4. Henry Edmund Ciurlej ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Social Studies I) 331 { Patricia A. Clark ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Political Science Loyalists 2; Ski Club 1; Young Democrats Organization 1. Michael E. Cogan ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Religion Hillel 1,2; HebrewClub 1,2,3,4; Religion Society 3,4; Eta Beta Rho 3,4. Emily Ruth Cogen Havertown, Penna. Social Administration; Social Welfare Social Welfare Student Union 3. Allan Cohen ' Philadelphia, Penna. Business; Accounting Andrea Joyce Cohen ' Rydal, Penna. Education; Business ' Pi Omega Pi 4. Barbara Cohen ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education Burton S. Cohen ' Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; Psychology Loyalists 2,3,4; Young Democrats Organization 3; IM Baseball 1,2,3,4; Var- sity Basketball manager 2,3; IM Basketball 2; IM Football 2,3,4. Donna Gail Cohen ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Elementary Ina Lynn Cohen ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education Jerry Alan Cohen ' Broomall, Penna. Arts Biology Club 3,4; Loyalists 1,4; Pre-Med Society 1; Varsity Baseball 1,2,4. Lee S. Cohen ' Philadelphia, Penna. Arts Pi Lambda Phi v.p. 3,4; FPC Representative; Loyalists 1,2,3; Temple News circulation manager 4; IM Sports. Mark M. Cohen ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Pharmacy ' Alpha Zeta Omega, bellarum, treasurer; American Pharmaceutical Assn. sec- retary 4; IF Basketball; IF Football. Nancys. Cohen ' Abington, Penna. Arts; Political Science ' Phi Delta Pi 3; Political Science Honor Society 3. Philip Franklin Cohen ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Biology ' Pi Lambda Phi sec. 2, pledge master 3; Bridge Club 2; IF Baseball 2,3; Football 3,4; Soccer 3,4. Robert Cohen ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Market- ing ' Marketing Club 2,3,4. Stephen N. Cohen ' Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; Biology Biology Club 3,4; Hillel 3,4; Pre-Med Society 3,4; Eta Beta Rho 3,4. Sydney Marsha Cohen ' Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; Spanish ' Stu- dent Tutorial Society 2,3. Mark Barry Cohn ' Philadelphia, Penna. Business Marketing Club; Student Council. 332 I Susan Carole Cohn ' AIexandria, Va. ' Music Coed Council 4; Con- cert Choir 4; Music Educators National Conference 1 ,2,3, pres. 4; Templayers 1; Vestpocket Theater 1; Sigma Alpha lota 2, secy. 3, pres. 4; University Singers 1,2,3; Magnet 4. Richard John Colasante ' Hatboro, Penna. ' Pharmacy ' Rho Pi Phi social chrmn. 3; Newman Club 2. Mitchell lay Cole Huntingdon Valley, Penna. ' Business; Risk and Ins. " Insurance Society 3,4; SAM 2,3; Ski Club 4. Stephanie B. Cole ' PhiladelphIa, Penna. ' Arts; French ' Ski Club 2. Nancy Jean Coleman ' Shillington, Penna. ' Social Administration; Social Welfare ' Soclal Welfare Student Union. Nancy Eleanor Colflesh ' Philadelphia, Penna. " Education; French I. set- Patrick Thomas Colligan Bronx, N.Y. Arts; History Crew 3,4. Dino A. Colombini Phlladelphia, Penna. ' Business; Finance Ellen Frances Coltun ' Lansdowne, Penna. ' Education; Elemen- tary f I Dominic V. Condo ' Phlladelphia, Penna. ' Business; Account- ing ' Newman Club 1,2. James George Connery Trenton, N.j. Business; Marketing Donald Cook ' Philadelphia, Penna. Business ' Catherine Adelle Cooper Cales Ferry, Conn. ' Tyler; Paint- ing ' Women ' s Standard ' s Council. Georgia E. Cooper ' Syracuse, N.Y. ' Communication; Journal- ism ' Temple News 2. Robert Alan Cooper Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; History ' Phi Alpha Theta 3; Distinguished Juniors 3. 333 Robert L. Cooperman ' Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; Physics Les Alan Cooperson ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; French Hillel 1; Intercollegiate Conference on Government sec ' y 2; Le Petit Cer- cle Francais 1; Student Tutorial Society 3; Phi Delta Pi 2; Phi Eta Sigma 3; Sword Society 2. Corinne Diamond Copeland Drexel Hill, Penna. Education; Elementary Resident Women ' s Student Association, cultural chrmn. 3; Junior Counselor 4. Bernita H. Cornfield Havertown, Penna. Education; Elemen- tary Delta Phi Epsilon. Helene Marilyn Corson Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Elemen- tary Homecoming Committee, Ambler 1,2; Social Activities Com- mittee, Ambler 1,2. Thomas Dallam Cox ' Newark, Del. Arts; Science ' Newman Club 3,4. Marie Sandra Coyle ' Elkins Park, Penna. ' Arts; Psychology Carol Crane ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; English Sheila B. Crane ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; English James Joseph Crawford Willow Grove, Penna. ' Business; Market- ing Newman Club 3; IM Baseball 1,2; IM Basketball 1,2; IM Foot- ball 1,2; IM Volleyball 1,2,4. John Edward Crawshaw ' Philipsburg, Penna. ' Arts; Biology ' Biol- ogy Club 3,4; Pre-Med 3,4. Mary Jane Creamer Haddon Heights, N.J. Communication; Journalism ' Alpha Gamma Delta editor 2, corr. sec. 3, 1st vice pres. 4; Temple News 1, office manager 2, bus. manager 3,4; IM basketball 1,2; IM volleyball 1,2; Theta Sigma Phi 4. Susan Lee Cross Melrose Park, Penna. Education Maxine L. Croul Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; Spanish Spanish Club 1,2; Student Union Board 1; TEMPIAR 1,2. Paul Christian Csonka ' Philadelphia, Penna. Music; Music Phl Mu Epsilon-Rho Epsilon-Sinfonia 4; Men ' s Glee Club 3; Music Educators National Conference 4; Orchestra 1,2,3, pres. 4; Student Council 4; Symphonic Wind Ensemble 1; Sand 1,2,3. Frank John Cullen Darby, Penna. Business; Real Estate ' Real Es- tate Society pres. 4. John Michael Cummins ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; English Eng- lish Majors Assoc. 3,4; English Dept. Representative to U.C.L.A. 3,4. Jerald Robert Cureton ' New Shrewsbury, N.J. Business; Finance Ij Jta JTa 334 5 Com- Maura D. Curran ' Wayne, Penna. ' Arts ' Barbara Conover Curry ' Fort Washington, Penna. ' Education; Elementary Thomas Richard Cusack Folcroft, Penna. ' Arts; Political Science Patricia Ellen Cushman Philadelphia, Penna. Educatlon; French ' Temple Christian Fellowship 2,3,4; Alpha Lambda Delta 1,2; Phi Delta Pi 3,4; Varsity Hockey 1,2; IM Basketball 2. Arnold I. Cutler ' Philadeiphia, Penna. ' Arts; Psychology ' Tau Epsilon Phi 1,2,3,4; Chess Club 2,3; Ice Hockey Club 3,4; Loyalists 1,2,3,4; Spanish Club 1,2,3; Student Union Board 1,2,3,4; WRTI 3,4; Young Democrats Organization 3,4; IF Football 1,2,3, Swimming 1,2,3,4, Wrestling 1. Fran S. Cutler ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education; French Fool- Lynda Cay Cutler ' Bryn Mawr, Penna. Education; Social Welfare Michael Anthony Cutler ' Cherry Hill, N.J. ' Arts; Psychology ' Tau Epsilon Phi, Kitchen Bursar 3,4, pledge comm. 3, rush comm. 3; Loyalists 2,3,4; IF Baseball 2,3,4, Basketball 2,3,4, Football 2,3,4, Soccer 4, Swimming 3,4, Volleyball 2,3,4. Anthony Alexander Czarnecki, Jr. ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Social Science Henry John Dahl, Jr. Warren, Penna. Business; Marketing Kathy Ellen Dahlgren ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education ' Ski Club 2,3,4. Paula Jill Dall Willow Grove, Penna. ' Education; Elementary i lealts- m Moce ' Maria E. D ' Angelo ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Spanish Cir- colo Italiano; Spanish Club. Susan Carol Danner ' Lampeter, Penna. Education Resident Women ' s Student Association 1,2,3,4, Judicial Board 2, Sports Chairman 3; Kappa Delta Epsilon; IM Basketball; IM Volleyball; IM WAA. Samuel Domenic D ' Antonio ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business ' Newman Club 1,2,3; SAM 3,4. Joseph Peter Darpino ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Social Studies ' Newman Club 1 ; Young Democrats Organization 2; Philadelphia Tutorial Society 1. Margaret Anne Darragh ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Nurs- ing ' Pre-Med Society. Bruce Henning Davidson ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; English ' 335 I I Edward A. Davies ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Communication; Journalism New Student Workshop; Purview International. Doreen A. Davis ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Elementary Education ' Newman Club 1,2; Service Comm. Chairman of Hard- wick Hall 3,4. Jerome J. Davis ' Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; Political Science ' Pi Lambda Phi 2,3,4, historian 3, corres. sec. 3,4, house manager 3,4; Hillel 1; Loyalists 2,3,4; Pre-Law Society 3,4; political science honors comm. 3; political science news letter co-editor 3; politi- cal science planning comm. 4. Judith Marta Davis ' Jenkintown, Penna. ' Arts; French Mary Catherine Dawson ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Ele- mentary Young Americans for Freedom 1, vice pres. 2, pres. 3. Marie Elizabeth DeAngeio Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Health, Physical Education, and Recreation ' Delta Psi Kappa 3,4, president 4; coed Council; Newman Club; WAA. Vera Madeline Deas ' Trevose, Penna. ' Education ' Consclence 1; Women ' s Glee Club 2. Mary Patricia Debalis ' Phiiadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; English ' Cerman Clubl. Donna Ann Debs Philadelphia, Penna. Communicatlon; RTF ' Cheerleaders 4. Karen Lou DeCario ' Cornwells Heights, Penna. Education; Early Childhood Ronald Joseph DeFulio ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Technical; Mechan- ical Engineering ' Tau Alpha Pi 4; A.S.T.M.E. 4. Nancy M. DeCregoris Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Psychology Newman Club 1. Barbara Diane Dekosky ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education Hillel 1. Helen M. DelConte ' Ciementon, N.J. Education; Nursing John A. DelGrippo Upper Darby, Penna. Arts; History Michael Gerard Deller ' York, Penna. Arts; Biology Biology Club 3,4; Loyalists 2,3,4; Newman Club 1,2; Pre-Med Society 1,2,3,4; Reader ' s Service for the Blind 1 ; Resident Men ' s Student Assn. 1,2; Student Tutorial Society 1; Vietnam Village Comm. Treas. 1,2; Intramural Sports 1,2. Richard Hossler Delmar ' Ardsley, Penna. Arts; History Phi Alpha Theta4. Marjorie P. Delp Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Nursing I 336 lanice Eileen Oelson ' Bala Cynwyd, Penna. ' Arts; Biology Hillel 1; Orchestra 1,2; XYW 3,4; Sigma Alpha lota 3,4. Ralph John DeLucas ' Collingswood, N.J. ' Business; Management John James DeMalo ' Chester, Penna. ' Pharmacy ' Kappa Psi, Chaplain 4; American Pharmaceutical Association; Newman Club. Frank Anthony DeMascola Media, Penna. Education; Social Wel- fare. Esta J. Denholtz Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education Henry John Denl ' Croydon, Penna. Education; Social Studies Michael Damien Denk ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Manage- ment ' Newman Club 1; SAM 3,4; Student Council 3; Veterans at Temple 1,2,3,4, Pres. 3,4; Student Senator 3; Management Department Council Undergraduate Representative 3. Diane Jacqueline Dennis ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education Stephen Edward DePalantino ' Warminster, Penna. Communica- tion; Journalism gl -%: Hii James William Deppen ' Harrisburg, Penna. Pharmacy Kappa Psi 2,3,4; Literary Society 2; Temple Christian Fellowship 1,2; vice- pres. sophomore class; pres. junior class; Interfraternity Council 3,4; IF Basketball; IF Football. Mary Ann D. DeRico Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Business Education Phi Gamma Nu editor 3,4. Esther Derkotch ' Philade lphia, Penna. Education; Elemen- tary Mitten Student League. Rose Anna DeStefano ' Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; Music Louis J. DeTolla ' Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; Psychology I. Dennis Detweiler ' Telford, Penna. Business; Business Law and Real Estate ' Chess Club 1,2; Marketing Club 4; Real Estate Society 4. 337 Charles Irving Diamond ' Reading, Penna. Business; Accounting David Gary Diamond ' Dresher, Penna. ' Business; Manage- ment ' SAM 4. lanis Marissa Diamond Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; His- tory ' Circolo Italiano 1,2,3; History Majors Association 3,4; Phi Alpha Theta 3,4. i Karen S. Dickison Janesville, Wise Education; Elementary Alpha Sigma Alpha; Reader ' s Service for the Blind 4. Paschal L. DiDomenicis ' Chester, Penna. ' Business; Manage- ment SAM. Nicholas Charles DiDomenico, Jr. ' Arts; Biology Biology Club 3,4; Loyalists 1,4; Newman Club 1,2,3,4. Marie C. DiEnno ' Philadelphia, Penna. Arts Alpha Gamma Delta 1 ,2,3,4, 1 st vice-pres., editor; Newman Club 1 ; SCAC 2. Carl Albert DiFrancesco Horsham, Penna. ' Arts ' AlphaChi Rho 2,3, Recording sec. 4; Geological Society 2,3,4; Newman Club 1; IF Football 2,3,4. Edward James Digian Bryn Mawr, Penna. Business; Manage- ment ' Sigma Pi Social chrmn. 4; Newman Club 1,2. Terri C. DiCiovanni ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Elemen- tary Alpha Sigma Alpha 1,2,3; Newman Club 1. Jae Frances Dilworth ' Lansdale, Penna. Arts; English ' Alpha Lambda Delta 2. James N. DiMaggio ' Philadelphia, Penna. Business Newman Club. Leonard John DiNicola ' Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; Biology Cheerleaders 4; Loyalists 4; Varsity Gymnastics 1,2,3,4. Delia Frances DiNunzio ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Communication; R.T.F. Theta Sigma Phi; Cinematography Club 3; WRTI 3; Temple Sport Parachute Club co-founder 3,4; Girls Varsity Tennis 3. Stephen L. Di Pietro ' Glenolden, Pa. ' Education Robert A. DiValerio ' Drexel Hill, Penna. ' Business Carol Ann Dixon ' Washington, D.C. Arts Black Student League; Conscience; Volleyball. Earl Dixon ' Camden, N.J. ' Arts; Physics I 338 Peggy Ann Dixon ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Biology Biology Society 3,4; Le Petit Cercle Francais 2; Pre-Med Society 2,4; Philadelphia Tutorial Project 4. John A. DiYenno ' Canonsburg, Penna. ' Communication; Journalism ' Resident Men ' s Student Association 1; Temple News 3; PRSSA 3,4; Dorm Judicial Board 2,3; Varsity Football 1,2,3. loanne Queen Dobbins ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Ele- mentary ' James Joseph Doherty ' Ardsley, Penna. ' Business; Account- ing ' Newman Club 3,4; IM Baseball 1; IM Basketball 1,2; IM Volleyball 2. Cheryl M. Dolin ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; English ' Vestpocket Theater 1. John Dolores ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Math ' Karate Club. Lynn M. Dolphln ' Scranton, Penna. ' Arts; General Science ' Ceo- logical Society 4; Ski Club 3,4. John Robert Donaphon ' Brookhaven, Penna. ' Business; Account- ing ' SAM 2,3,4. Ronald Rocco Donatuccl ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Political Science ' Alpha Phi Delta corres. sec, treas., pres. James Russell Doniey ' Pittsburgh, Penna. ' Pharmacy ' Rho Phi Phy; American Pharmaceutical Association; IM Basketball; IM Football. Barbara Mae Donziger Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elemen- tary ' Mitten Student League 1. Sister Anna Mae Doran ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Educatlon; Nursing Ed. Robyn Baela Dorfman ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Tyler Sidney H. Dorfman ' Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; Biology Biology Society. Richard Paul Double ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Philosophy Dennis Patrick Dougherty ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Science Brina Joyce Dozor Philadelphla, Penna. ' Arts ' Mitten Student League; History Majors Association. FreddaMerril Dranoff ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education 339 Bernard Michael Dressler ' Flourtown, Penna. ' Arts; Biology Al- pha Phi Omega 1,2; Newman Club 1,2. Janice Ruthe Druckman ' Wyncote, Penna. Arts History Majors ' Assn. 3,4; Distinguished Juniors 3; Phi Alpha Theta 4. Zenon J. Drze%vieckl Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Real Es- tate Newman Clubl; SAM 1. Lynn Dubin Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Psychology Hillel 2; Reader ' s Service for the Blind 3. Linda Dubrow Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; Psychology lota Alpha Pi; President ' s Hosts; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Delta Pi. John J. Dugan ' Jim Thorpe, Penna. Business; Law ' Loyalists 2,3; Resident Men ' s Student Senate 2,3; Johnson Hall Senate, pres. 3; Dorm. Judicial Board 1. II I I Joseph James Dugan ' Phlladelphia, Penna. ' Pharmacy Kappa Psi. Lydia Ellen Dugan ' Willow Grove, Penna. ' Education Lynne Dumln ' Wyncote, Penna. ' Education; Biology ' Phi Sigma Sigma, Social chrmn. 2,3,4; Marketing Club — Miss Temple Uni- versity of the Marketing Assoc. 1; Modern Dance Club 1,2; Pre- Med Society 1,2,3; Student Tutorial Society 3; Templayers 1,2; Alumni Assoc. — performer; Carnival comm. 1,2,3; Homecoming comm. 2,3. Patricia Ann Dunbar ' Ciendora, N.J. ' Education; Elemen- tary Ambler Dormitory Council. Francis Joseph Dunn ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; HPER ' HPER Student Major Club 3,4, junior representative, senior representative; Phi Epsilon Kappa 3,4, officer; IM Baseball 3,4; IM Football 3; IM Soccer 3; IM Swimming 3; Varsity student trainee; IM Football official 4. Andrew Louden Dunn ill ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Geol- ogy Geological Society 3,4; Chemistry Society 3; ROTC Drill Team 1,2. f Susanna Helena Dussinger ' Jenkintown, Penna. ' Arts ' Newman Club; Alpha Lambda Delta 1,2. Diane Antonia Dwyer ' Yeadon, Penna. ' Arts; Psychology Doris Eason ' Philadelphia, Penna. Business; Personnel Manage- ment Black Student League 1,2; Reader ' s Service for the Blind 2; Women ' s Glee Club 1. Frank Eugene Echols, Jr. ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Mathematics Mary Ellen Eckenrode ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Account- ing ' Coed Council 4; Phi Gamma Nu 2,3, pres. 4. Charles Eckert, Jr. Trevose, Penna. ' Education; History ' 340 lerome I. Edelstein ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Communication; Joumalism ' WRTI 2; Phi Eta Sigma. Mitchell Elliot Edelstein ' Philadelphia, Penna. Arts Biology Club 2; Hillel 1; Pre-Med Society 3; Temple News 1, editorial car- toonist; Registrar ' s Aide 3. Paul L. Efros ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Speech Joanne P. Egan ' PhiladelphIa, Penna. ' Education Pamela June Eide ' Trenton, N.J. ' Education; Elementary ' Modern Dance Club. Arthur |. Eigabroadt ' Abington, Penna. ' Arts; Social Science g mMMt k Joseph R. Einhaus ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Communication; Journalism Philip Musser Eisenstat ' Drexel Hill, Penna. ' Business; Econom- ics ' Debating Club 3,4. Jewel Ellen Elias ' Wanamassa, N.J. ' Education; Elementary Delta Phi Epsilon 1, house manager 2,3, rush chrmn. 4; Hour of Pleasure 1 ; MOPSEE 1 ; Dormitory Standards Council Rep. 4. Michael Sylvan Elkin ' Philadelphia, Penna. Communicafion; Journalism ' Circolo Italiano 4; Hillel 1; Hispanic Cultural Society 2; Pre-Law Society 4; Student Tutorial Society 3; Student Union Board Publicity Committee 2; Stylus 4; Temple News 2; Young Democrats Organization 4; Sigma Delta Chi 4. Charles E. Elliott ' Linwood, Penna. Technical; Mechanical En- gineering ASTME 3; Society of Automotive Engineering vice pres. 3. Meredith Dorothy Ellis ' Havertown, Penna. Education Outing Club; Ski Club. Rachel Kozuch Emmett ' Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; Mathemat- ics ' Pi Mu Epsilon. Majorie B. Engel ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elementary Herberts. Engelsberg ' Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; Anthropol- ogy Anthropology 4. 341 John Thomas England Summerdale, Penna. ' Arts; Chemistry Newman Club 3,4; Chemistry Society 3,4. Joseph L. England ' Oxford, Penna. ' Pharmacy Alan Samuel Englander ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Law Business Pre-Law Society treas. 3,4. Gary William Engler ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; English Alan |. Epstein ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; History Loyalists 1,2,3,4; History Majors Assoc. 3,4. Robert Morris Epstein ' Wyncote, Penna. Arts; History History Majors Association 3,4; History Undergraduate Council 3,4; His- tory Planning Committee 3,4; History Honors Committee 3. k . II Rose Epstein ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Sociology Sara Lynn Epstein ' Cherry Hill, N.J. ' Social Administration; Social Welfare Timothy Michael Erdman Lebanon, Penna. Communlcation; Journalism Band 3,4. Paul Michael Esack ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Biology ' Barbara]. Eshner ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts ' Loyalists 1; Student Tutorial Society 3. Darrell Eskridge ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Social Stud- ies ' Resident Men ' s Student Association; UDC; Inter-Dorm Committee for Human Relations. Linda Victor Esrov Kingston, Penna. ' Arts; Psychology German Club 2; Resident Women ' s Student Assoc. 2,3; Ski Club 3. Louise C. Esterhai ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Manage- ment Insurance Society 4; Marketing Club sec. 3; vice-pres. 4; SAM; Pre-Law Society; Phi Gamma Nu 3,4; Management Steer- ing Comm. 3,4; Student Senate 3,4; Student Faculty Comm. 3,4; Junior Counselor 4; College Council — Management 4. Cathy H. Ettinger Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elemen- tary ' Loyalists 1,2,3,4; Sigma Phi Nil 1. Gail L. Ettinger Roslyn, Penna ' Education; Elementary ' Women ' s Athletic assn. vice-pres. Ambler campus. John David Evans ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Music; Applied Voice ' Concert Choir 1,2,3; Opera Workshop 4. Terry Alfreda Evans Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elemen- tary ' Reader ' s Service for the Blind 2; Community Services. 342 William W. Evans ' Ardmore, Penna. ' Business; Marketing IM Baseball 4; IM Football 3,4. Philip Louis Faccenda Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Business and Law Sister Mary Anthony Fahey Philadelphia, Penna Education; Nurs- ing Educatlon Newman Club 3. Linda Rose Falbo ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Elementary, NKP Newman Club 1,2,3. Alan Harry Falcon ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Accounting Paul Ronald Falconiero ' Camden, N.J. ' Business ' Marketing Club; IM Basketball. Eileen Susan Falk ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elemen- tary Delta Phi Epsilon 1,2,3; Hillel1,2; Reader ' s Service for the Blind 3; Templayers 1. Arlene Falkow ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Elemen- tary ' Hillel 1,2; Mitten Student League 1,2; Student Tutorial Soci- ety 2,3,4; Kappa Delta Epsilon 2,3,4. Patricia J. Fallon ' Pleasantville, N.J. ' Liberal Arts; Biology ' Biology Club 3,4; Newman Club 1,2,3,4; Pre-Med Society 1; Alpha Lamb- da Delta; Magnet. Arthur David Farber ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elemen- tary ' C l Student Assoc. 4; College of Education Student Assoc. 4; Faculty Comm. on Education 4. Merle Rose Farcus ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elementary Edward Charles Farley ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Social Sciences ' Michael Charles Fayer ' Cheltenham, Penna. ' Technical; Chemical Engineering ' Photography Club. Cicely Feierstein Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elementary Jeffrey Feinberg ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; English ' Alpha Epsi- lon Pi 2,3,4,5, scholarship chrmn. 2; pledge education comm. 3; Chess Club 2,3. loseph Paul Feldman ' Phiiadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Manage- ment ' Alpha Epsilon Pi — Asst. exchequer; Loyalists 1; SAM 4. Kathleen Garrett Fenyvest ' Mt. Holly Springs, Penna. ' Tyler; Graphic Design ' Anthropology Club 4; Archery Club 1; Biology Club 1 ; Cheerleaders 1 ; Debating Club 2; Film Society 3; Karate Club 2; SDS 3,4; Ski Club 4; Ukranian Club 3. Ronald G. Ferraro ' Philadeiphia, Penna. ' Business ' SAM 4. 343 ' ▲£[k Robert Ferri Ho- Ho-Kus, N. J. ' Business; Economics ' lM Baseball 1,2,3; IM Basketball 1,2; IM Football 1,2; IM Soccer 1; IM Volleyball 1,2. Richard C. Ferry ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Engllsh»DTWA. Barbara Jane Fettis ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Music ' MusIc Educators National Conference 1 ; Women ' s Glee Club 4. Barbara H. Field Melrose Park, Penna. Music Concert Choir 1,2,3,4; Music Educators National Conference 3,4; Opera Work- shop 3; Tennis 2; Phi Sigma Sigma 2,3,4. Barry Field ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business Marlynn B. Field ' Philadelphia, Penna. I !! Sharon Fiegleman ' Scranton, Penna. Education; Distribu- tive ' Marketing Club 4; Phi Gamma Nu Sorority 3,4. Ellen Barbara Finkelstein ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education Hillel 1; President ' s Hosts pres. 4; Reader ' s Service for the Blind 2; Res- ident Assistant. Robert Alan FigHn ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Chemistry Chem- Istry Society, vice-pres. 2,3,4. Shelley D. Fineman ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Communication Steven Ben Finer ' Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; History ' Student Union Board 1. Melvin Allan Fingerut Philadelphia, Penna. Arts Student Tutorial Society; Young Republicans 2,3,4. II Sharon Lynn Finlc ' Elkins Park, Penna. ' Education; Elementary Marsha Eileen Finkelstein Pharmacy Lambda Kappa Sigma IPC rep.; Mortar and Pestle Players 3,4,5; American Pharmaceutical Assn. 3,4,5; class sec. 4,5. Richard Anthony Finnegan Philadelphia, Penna. Business; Indus- trial Management ' SAM. |anice)ean Fiore ' Montrose, Penna. Music; Music Ed. and Applied Voice, Concert Choir 1,2, treas. 3, v. pres. 4; Opera Workshop 3; Orchestra 1; Music Education Council. Ellen Donna Fireman ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Spanish Horace A. Firth ' Norrisfown, Penna. Technical Tau Delta Phi 2,3,4; Student Senate 2; Tau Alpha Pi pres. 2; Society of Automo- tive Engineering 3. 344 Carolyn A. Fisher Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Nursing ' En- core 3. Dennis Alan Fisher Drexel Hill, Penna. Communication Temple News 2; WRTI 2. Harriet |o Fisher ' Baltimore, Md. ' Comnnunication; Theater Sheilah Mary Fisher Philadelphia, Penna. Education; N.K.P. ' AI- pha Gamma Delta 2,3, Panhellenic Delegate 4; Newman Club; President ' s Hosts; Floor President 4. Burton Barry Fishman ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Sociology ' Stu- dent Senate 4; Undergraduate Council of Liberal Arts 4; Execu- tive Committee of Liberal Arts 4; Undergraduate Sociology Orga- nization vice-chrmn. 4. Michael J. Fitzgerald ' King of Prussia, Penna. Arts; English ' New- man Club 2; Pre-Law Society 1. I I enl Uoni Audrey Diane Fitzpatrick Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Ele- mentary ' Zeta Phi Beta; Black Student League 4; President ' s Hosts 3; Student Tutorial Society 3; Temple Christian Fellowship 4; UCM4. Virginia Josephine Fiumara Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Mathe- matics ' Newman Club 1,2,3; Distinguished Junior Program; Pi Mu Epsilon. Diane Marcia Flanagan Philadelphia, Penna. ' Social Administra- tion; Social Welfare Alpha Kappa Alpha 1,2,4,4; Black Student League; PPC 1; Women ' s Glee Club 1; University Disciplinary Committee. P i Phi iilomo- Robert Michael Fleisher Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Psychology Ronald Fleisher Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Social Science Loyalists 2,3,4; Student Tutorial Society 3; IM Baseball 2,3,4; IM Basketball 2,3,4; IM Football 2,3,4. William L. Fleisher ' Conshohocken, Penna. Arts; Veterans at Temple 4. Donald Fleishman ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education; English Dolores Renee Fleming ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Soclal Administra- tion; Social Welfare Marie Agnes Fleming ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Nursing 345 loseph James Flynn ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Industrial Management ' SAM. Ronald Thomas Flynn ' Melrose Park, Penna. ' Arts; Science ' Geo- logical Society; ROA. Virginia iVIarie Flynn ' West Nyack, N.Y. ' Arts; Psychology New- man Club 1,2,3,4; Temblerl; Magnet 4. i Philip S. Fogarty Harrisburg, Penna. ' Business; Industrial Management ' Marketing Club 4; SAM 3,4. Alex Barry Fogel ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Accounting Laurence Andrew Ford ' Westfiled, N.J. ' Arts; History ' ♦ Mark E. Forman ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Social Studies Stacy Joseph Fowler Horsham, Penna. ' Communication Elizabeth Marie Franl( Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elemen- tary ' Newman Club 1,2; Sigma Phi Nil 1. Jonathan Frank ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; English Sharon Lynne Frank Havertown, Penna. ' Arts; Political Science ' Delta Phi Epsilon 1, sec. 2, cultural chrmn. 3; PPC vice pres. 2; Temple News 1,2; Habonim 4; Hebrew Club vice pres. 4; Political Science Undergraduate Steering Committee 3; Political Science Personnel Committee 3,4. Sandra M. Frankel ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Communication; Journalism l Bruce B. Frantz ' Merion, Penna. ' Arts; Psychology Pre-Med Soci- ety 4. Faith Renee Freedman Elkins Park, Penna. ' Education; Early Childhood ' Hillel 1,2; Basic Studies Summer Commision 4. Stanley Richard Freedman Levittown, Penna. ' Arts; Political Science ' Political Science Honor Society 3,4. Gail Sherryl Freeman Education; English Hebrew Club 3. Yale Taitz Freeman Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Real Es- tate Pre-Law Society 2, vice-pres. Diane Lois Freiberg Huntingdon Valley, Penna. ' Education; Elementary ' Magnet 4; Ambler Dorm vice pres. 2; Ambler Judicial Board pres. 2, Student Government for Curriculum and Instruc- tion 3. 346 Nanette Fremont Easton, Penna. •Communication; Journal- ism ' Dormitory Standards Council 3; Dormitory Junior Counsel- or 3. Theodore Carl Frett ' Camden, N.J. ' Education; Social Studies Var- sity Baseball 2,3,4. H. Dahni Freund ' Caldwell, N.J. ' Arts; Sociology Hillel 1,2; Loyalists 1,2; President ' s Hosts 2; Resident Women ' s Student 2,3, Big Sister Committee 3; Johnson-Hardwick Desk Supervisor 3,4; IF Volleyball 1,2,3,4. Mark Steven Fridkin ' Merion, Penna. ' Arts; History ' Pi Lambda Phi 1,2,3,4; Pre-Law Society 3,4; IF Soccer. Janie Ruth Fried ' Yonkers, N.Y. ' Arts ' Modern Dance Club 2; Resi- dent Women ' s Student Senate 2,3. Linda C. Friedberg ' PhiladelphJa, Penna. ' Educatlon Allen L. Friedman ' Millville, N.J. ' Pharmacy ' Alpha Epsilon Pi 1,2; Alpha Zeta Omega 3,4,5; IF Baseball; IF Basketball; IF Football; IF Soccer; IF Volleyball. Andrea Ruth Friedman ' Laverock, Penna. ' Educatlon; Social Sciences ' lota Alpha Pi 1,2,3; Hillel 1; Curriculum and Instruction Student Organization 3,4. Jayne D. Friedman ' Philadelphia, Pa. ' Education; Elementary ' Film Society 1,2,3; Loyalists 1,2. Joseph Robert Friedman ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; English ' Judy H. Friedman ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Educatlon: Business Educafion ' Business Education Club 3,4; Reader ' s Service for the Blind 2; PI OMEGA PI 3,4; Sec. Business Education Honor Soci- ety. Lynn Beth Friedman ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Spanish ' New Student Workshop 1,2; Spanish Club 1,2; Student Council 1; Student Union Board 1,2,3; Delta Phi Epsilon 1,2. k Michael Joseph Friedman ' Union, N.J. ' Business; Business and Law ' Pre-Law Society 4; College Council Steering Committee 3,4; Business School Executive Committee. Robert Mitchel Friedman ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Educa- tion ' College of Education Student assn.; Curriculum and Instruc- tion Student Organization 3, chrmn. 4. Steven Marc Friedman ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; History ' Alpha Eta Pi Steward, Files chrmn., Social chrmn., Greek Weekend chrmn.; Loyalists 2; IF Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Swimming. Patricia Anne Friel ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Psychology ' Raymond Howard Friend ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Econom- Ics ' Kappa Alpha Psi; Black Student League 2; IM Basketball. Charlotte Anne Frisch ' Norristown, Penna. ' Arts; Spanish ' Spanish Club 2,3,4; Homecoming Queen ' s Court, Ambler Campus 2; Emergency Committee for Student ' s Rights, Ambler 2; Homecoming Committee, Ambler 2; Social Activities, Ambler 1,2; Templayers Ambler 2. 347 Raymond A. Fritzinger ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; In- surance ' Sigma Pi House Manager, Publicity chrmn.; FPC; Insur- ance Society; TEMPLAR Creek ed. 3,4, IF Football 3,4; IF Baseball 3,4; IF Basketball 3,4; IF Bowling 3; IF Soccer 3,4; IF Volleyball 3; IF Swimn)ing 3; Temple News 3; Young Republicans 3; Young Democrats 4; University Christian Movement 3; Hillel Founda- tion 4; SDS 3; President ' s Hosts 4, ROA 1,2. Gail E. Fronheiser ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Tyler; Design Esther Joyce Fruchter ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Physical Education ' Hillel 3,4; HPER Student Major Club 3,4. Diana Jensen Fry ' Nevwille, Pa. ' Social Administration; Social Welfare ' Resident Women ' s Student Assoc. 1,2,3; Hardwick Hall Junior Counselor 2; Head Junior Counselor 3; Hardwick Hall ' s Standards Council 1,2; Hardwick Hall Executive Council 3; Social Welfare Student Union 3,4. Ellen Sue Furman Moorestown, N.J. ' Education; Elemen- tary ' Temple News 2. Anthony J. Gagliardi ' Clenolden, Penna. Education; Social Studies I Charles Peter Gagliardi ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Manage- ment ' Jeffrey Carber ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elementary ' Sigma Epsilon Xi. Michael Garber ' Phila., Penna. ' Arts; History ' ROA 1,2. Cheryl J. Gardner ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Educatlon; Elementary Margaret L. Garrett Broomall, Penna. Education Alpha Gamma Delta; Newman Club 1. Donald Leslie Garrison ' Pipersville, Penna. Communications: RTF ' Templayers 2. •! Lillian L. Gaskins Philadelphia, Penna. ' Educatlon; Social Wel- fare Maryanne Joan Gasparo ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Biology Biology Club 3,4; Newman Club 1. Byron M. Gaston ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Biology ' Biology Club; Pre-Med Society 3; Registrar ' s Aide 2. Joanne T. Gaudiello ' Woodlyn, Penna. ' Educatlon; Secondary Temple News Reporter 1,2. Michael Alan Gealt ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Biology Biology Club 3,4; Hillel 1,2; Biology Undergraduate comm. 3, chrmn. 4; UCLA 4. Marc M. Gecker Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts ' Reader ' s Service for the Blind. 348 I Gary George GeWert Lancaster, Penna. ' Arts; Math ' Ice Hockey Club 3,4; Resident Men ' s Student Assn., vice-pres. 2; Student Union Board, Popular Films 1; IM Baseball 1,2, Soccer 1,2. Jay K. Geist ' Hatboro, Penna. ' Arts; Psychology Gymnastics 1,2,3,4. Shirley Gelb ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elementary Paul Evans Gelles ' Baldwin, N.Y. Communication; RTF ' Pi Lambda Phi steward 2,3, treasurer 3,4; Student Union Board; WRTI 3; Special Events comm. co-chrmn. 3,4; Cultural comm. 3,4; IF Soccer. Gregory Anthony Gentile, Jr. ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; In- surance and Risk ' Insurance Society; Newman Club. Carol Ann Gershenson Philadelphla, Penna. ' Arts; Psychology ' Anthropology Club; Modern Dance Club. Sociil I Geraldine Meg Gershkow ' Cheltenham, Penna. ' Education; Elementary Eta Beta Rho. Maureen Ann Gervase Philadelphia, Penna. Education Alpha Gamma Delta Chaplain. Kathleen Ann Giannini ' Phliadelphia, Penna. Arts Alpha Sigma Alpha 1,2, House Manager 3, Membership Director 4. Rochelle F. Gilbert ' Phlladelphia, Penna. ' Education; English Rona Ann Gilbert ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elementary Joseph Basil Giletto ' Bala Cynwyd, Penna. ' Arts; Psychology Karate Club 3. ReginaT. Gilligan Drexel Hill, Penna. Arts; Psychology Allen Jay Gilman ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Social Studies ' Alpha Phi Omega 2,3,4, Sargent-at-arms; IM Football 3,4. Jacob D. Ginder ' Norristown, Penna. ' Arts; Geology Geological Society 2,3 ,4, Sec.-Treas. 2, Pres. 3; U.C.LA. (Steering Committee) 3,4. i«.4; ;efo ' 349 Barbara E. Ginsburg Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elemen- tary Hillel 1; Kappa Delta Epsilon 2,3,4. Dennis Carl Ginsburg ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Technical; Engineer- ing ' A.I.A. 1,2,3,4; Loyalists 1,2,3,4; Mitten Student League 1,2; Crew 1,2; IF Football, IF Softball; IF Volleyball. Fred Jay Ginsburg ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Manage- ment ' Marketing Club 4; SAM 3,4; Veterans at Temple treas. 3,4. Sharon D. Ginsburg ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business ' Marketing Club 3,4; Beta Camma Sigma 4; Phi Gamma Nu 3,4. Alan E. Ginter Newark, N.J. ' Communication; RTF ' Victor Francis Girardi ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Account- ing ' Beta Alpha Psi pres. 4. II Eugene S. Gittelman ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Account- ing ' Loyalisfs 2. Barbara Citler Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elementary ' Kap- pa Delta Epsilon. Pamela Jean Gladding ' Macungie, Penna. ' Tyler; Fine Arts, Sculp- ture Beverly Ann Glantz ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elementary Virginia Glanville ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; English. Hubert Thomas Glassey ' New York, N.Y. Education; Social Studies ' Newman Club 4; Resident Men ' s Student Association 1; IM Baseball 4; IM Basketball 4; Varsity Football 4; IM Track 4. 4 Barry H. Glazer ' Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; Science ' Penny Gleit ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Psychology ' Barbara Glick ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elementary ' Ski Club 3. Michael L. Glickman ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Physics ' Sigma Pi Sigma vice pres. 3, pres. 4. Eileen P. Glosser ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts Hillel 1; President ' s Hosts 1,2; Resident Women ' s Student Assoc. 1,2,3, Scholarship f hairman 1. Kivian Ann Glover ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Communication ' Temple ews. 350 Ann B. Godshall ' Warminster, Penna. Education Ellen Annette Gold ' Wyncote, Penna. ' Business; Business and Law- Marc Stancey Goldberg ' Phlladelphia, Penna. Communica- tion ' Templayers; WRTI. Michael H. Goldberg ' Phlladelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Biology ' Pi Lambda Phi; IF Baseball 3; IF Basketball 3; IF Football 3,4; IF Soccer 4. Pinkus Goldberg ' Phlladelphia, Penna. Arts; Psychology Hlllel 1. Genie Ellen Goldberger ' Woodmere, N.J. ' Tyler Arlene Golden ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Sociology Hyman Coldfeld ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Market- ing ' Marketing Club 4. Harvey Eric Goldman Philadelphia, Penna. Business; Business Education Business Education Club; Philosophy Club. Almee Judith Goldstein ' Phlladelphia, Penna. Education; Ele- mentary Anita Sherrie Goldstein ' Phlladelphia, Penna. ' Education Ellen S. Goldstein ' Phlladelphia, Penna. Education llene Susan Goldstein ' Phlladelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Art History President ' s Hosts 2,3,4, Secretary. Joan G. Goldstein ' Phlladelphia, Penna. ' Social Administration; Social Welfare Soclal Welfare Students Union 3,4. Joshua Goldstein ' Prlnceton, N.J. ' Arts; Soclology Film Society 3; Hlllel 1,2,3,4; Student Zionists Organization; IM Basketball. Marc S. Goldstein ' Phlladelphia, Penna. Arts; Psychology Psi Chi 4. Regina Goldstein ' Phlladelphia, Penna. ' Education; Mathemat- ics ' XYW 2; Young Democrats Organization 3,4. Leo A. Gomberg ' PhlladelphIa, Penna. ' Music 351 David C. Goodman ' Cheltenham, Penna. Business; Real Estate Alpha Epsilon Pi 1,2,3,4; Real Estate Society 4; IF Baseball, Basketball, Football, Soccer, Swimming, Track, Volleyball. Gladys F. Goodman Philadelphia, Penna. Education; NKP Michael C. Goodman ' Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; Biology Peter R. Goodman ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Mathemat- ics Loyalists 2; President ' s Hosts treasurer 1; Young Democrats Organization 4; Philadelphia Tutorial Project. Robert Barry Goodman ' Philadelphia, Penna. Business; Account- ing Beta Alpha Psi. Beth Arna Gordon ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Foreign Lan- guages Kenneth Lee Gordon ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elemen- tary Ski Club. Neal L. Gordon ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Science Robert M. Gordon ' Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; Psychology Psy- chology Majors Steering comm. 4. Suzan Celia Gordon ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elemen- tary ' Mitten Student League 1,2, vice-pres. 3, publicity chrmn. 4; Student Union Board publicity 3; Carnival Steering comm. 2; Young Democrats Organization 2. Vivian Penny Gordon ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Sociology Russell Earl Gordy ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Market- ing ' Marketing Club. I Robert D. Gorodetzer ' Phiiadelphia, Penna. ' Arts ' Hiliel 1,2,3,4; ROA sec. and vice-pres. 1,2,3,4; Student Tutorial Society 1; Young Democrats Organization 1,2; Temple Orchestra 1,2,3,4; Scabbard and Blade 3,4. Susan M. Gosnay ' Media, Penna. ' Arts; Art ' UCLA 3. David R. Gow ' Riverside, N.J. ' Business; Administrative Manage- ment loan Craber ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Chemistry Martin Alan Graber ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Physics Sigma Pi Sigma; Society of Physics Students; Physics Department Improved Instruction Committee. Richard Edward Graeff ' Drexel Hill, Penna. Business; Market- ing ' Marketing Club 3,4. 352 fceiDii. lomis taouni- ignlan- Hyacinth Lucille Grannum Philadelphia, Penna. Education; English Ida Smith Cranowitz ' Port Chester, N.Y. ' Social Administration; Social Welfare Resident Women ' s Student Association 3,4; Dor- mitory Resident Assistant 4. Barbaras. Green ' Philadelphia, Penna. Educatlon; Social Sciences ' Sigma Phi Nil 1. Estelle Green ' North Hills, Penna. ' Communication; Theater Joyce Barbara Green ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education Distin- guished Juniors; Pi Mu Epsilon. Richard A. Green ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Marketing ' Phi Kappa Theta Sergeant-at-Arms 1, pres. 2; FPC. Cy A. Greenbaum ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Physical Education Pres. Phi Epsilon Kappa; HPER Student Major Club. Michael Greenberg ' Philadelphia, Penna. Rochelle Ann Greenberg ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Foreign Languages ' isM Rose G. Greenblatt ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; English ' Hillel 1; Templayers 2,3; Alpha Lambda Delta. Rebecca Ann Creenlaw ' Folcraft, Penna. Communication Norman E. Greenspan Huntingdon Valley, Penna. Arts; Science Dormitory Council 3; Dormitory Judicial Board 3; IM Basketball 2,3,4, Football 3. Linda Diane Greenstein ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Spanish ' AI- pha Lambda Delta 1,2; Sigma Delta Pi. Anthony Agnew Greenwood ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elementary Resident Men ' s Student Senate 2, vice-pres. 3; Resi- dent Assistant 4; IM Football 1,2,3,4; Freshman Track. Richardson Cabell Greenwood ' Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; Chemistry Wrestling 1,2,3,4. 353 Lee Edward Griftiths ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business John Gilbert Grimditch ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Social Studies ' Sidney Croinic ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; English Charles Henry Groom ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Account- ing ' Newman Club 1,2; Varsity Crew 2,3,4. Alan Philip Gross ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Mathematics ' Dinah Gross ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Psychology ' Black Stu- dent League; SCBS. Amy Grossman Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Nursing ' Gary L. Grossman ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Business ' Jay S. Grossman ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Communication ' Cinema- tography Club 3; Film Society 2; Le Petit Cercle Francaise 4; New Student Workshop 1; Ski Club 3; Student Union Board 2; WRTI 1,2,3,4. Lois Beth Grossman ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elemen- tary ' Mitten Student League 1,2,3,4, treasurer 2; Kappa Delta Epsilon 3,4, treasurer. William R. Crove ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Pharmacy ' Phi Delta Chi; Rho Chi, pres. 5; v. pres., junior class 4, senior class 5; Mortar Pestle Players 3,4,5; A Ph A 3,4,5; Hospital Director Search Com- mittee 5; PPA 4,5. Jewel D. Grover ' Riverside, N.J. ' Education; Business ' Phi Gamma Nu 3,4; Pi Omega Pi. I II Galen H. Guberman Bronx, N.Y. ' Education; Social Studies ' lM Baseball, Basketball, Football, Volleyball; IM Champions Football 1,2, Baseball 2, Basketball 2. Ralph Lee Guerrero Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Social Sciences Carl Gerald Guretse, Jr. ' Lansdale, Penna. ' Business; Account- ing ' Newman Club 3,4; IM Volleyball 2. Caroline Gutman Philadelphia, Penna. ' Social Administration; Social Welfare ' Social Welfare Student Union. Joyce G. Cuy Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education ' Delta Sigma Theta. Steven Edward Gwirtz Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Psychol- ogy ' Reader ' s Service for the Blind 3,4; Student Union Board 2; Psychology Dept. Steering Committee 4; Psychology Dept. Evalu- ation Committee 4. I 354 Karen Hackett ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Tyler; Crafts Sandra Lois Hadley ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elemen- tary ' Black Student League 3,4; Loyalists 3; Modern Dance Club 2; junior Counselor, Hardwick Hall. George Thomas Hahalis Bethlehem, Penna. ' Arts; Political Science Tau Delta Phi 1, sec. 2, pres. 3, parliamentarian 4; FPC 2,3, sec. 4; Reader ' s Service for the Blind 3,4; Resident Men ' s Student Association 1; IF Bowling 2,3; IF Soccer 2,3; IF Softball 2,3. lanet Marion Hahn ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; History Henry L. Haines, Jr. ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Social Studies Karen Donna Halbert ' Jenkintown, Penna. ' Communication; Journalism ' Temple News 2,3,4, Business Office Manager; Theta Sigma Phi 3, pres. 4. Lorrain Hall ' Phiiadeiphia, Penna. ' Business; Accounting ' Market- ing Club 4; Young Democrats Organization 1,2; Beta Alpha PsI; Accounting Student Union. Robert George Hallemieier, Jr. ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Biology ' Student Tutorial Society; Phi Eta Sigma. VeraOkon Halpern ' Cornwell Heights, Penna. ' Education; Math Hebrew Club 2; Alpha Lambda Delta. Patricia Rose Hamilton ' Drexel Hill, Penna. ' Arts; History ' Alpha SigmaAlpha best pledge 1, sports chairman 3,sec ' y4; President ' s Hosts 4; University Disciplinary Committee 2,3,4; Phi Alpha Theta 3,4; Creek vs Independent Quiz Show 3; Girls Basketball 1. Phyllis Schwartz Handler ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Ele- mentary ' Loyalists 2. Eileen Hankin ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Sociology ' [Villi- Richard G. Hanley ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Account- ing ' Marketing Club 4; Newman Club 2,3,4; Veteran ' s at Temple 2,3,4; Student Senate 4. Claire Louise Hanna ' Ft. Washington, Penna. ' Educa- tion Homecoming comm. Ruth M. Hannum ' Southampton, Penna. ' Education; English ' Frederick Charles HanselMr. ' Narberth, Penna. ' Business; Ac- counting ' Barbara Lee Haren ' Cranford, N.J. ' Arts; Speech and Hearing Therapy ' Sigma Alpha Eta 3,4. Nancy Atkiss Haring ' Clenside, Penna. Education 355 )MdtMm Ika Harris ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Elementary Robert A. Harris ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Economics ' ln- surance Society. William Francis Hartnett ' Collingdale, Penna. ' Arts; Biology ' Fenc- ing Club 4; Biology Club 4. Philip Joseph Harvey Havertown, Penna. Education; Distribu- tive David Andrew Hasiul Willow Grove, Penna. ' Business; Econom- ics Suzanne Fox Hathen Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Economics Carol loan Hedson ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elemen- tary Bridge Club 1; Coed Council 2; Modern Dance Club 1. C. Edward Hege Philadelphia, Penna. Business; Accounting Linda Sue Heinle Danboro, Penna. Tyler; Painting Morley Jennifer Hawk Philadeiphia, Penna. Arts Folk Dancing Club; Sigma Delta Phi 3,4. John William Heath, Jr. ' Philadelphia, Penna. Business; Law and Business Sharon Harriet Hecht ' Bala-Cynwyd, Penna. Education; Elemen- tary Hillel 3,4. « Albert William Helmelzi ' McKeesport, Penna. Pharmacy Kappa Psi 2,3,4; Resident Men ' s Student Association 1; UCM1; senior class pres.; American Pharmaceutical Assn. 2,3,4. Harvey Edward Hellerstein ' Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; Science; Hillel 1,2. MaryEllen Marie Hence Philadelphia, Penna. Valerie C. Hendriclts ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Early Childhood Black Student League 3. Emma Jean Henfey ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Mathemat- ics William K. Hengen Philadelphia, Penna. Arts I 356 nom- Kathleen Mary Hennessy ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Eng- lish ' Newman Club 1 ; Undergraduate Council of Liberal Arts, sec. 3; English Majors Assn.; Sigma Delta Pi. Linda Lorraine Henserjenkintown, Penna. ' Education; Math ' Temple Christian Fellowship 3, sec. Sara B. Herman Englewood, N.J. ' Arts; Sociology Student Coun- cil rep. 2. Susan Myra Herman ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Sociology Timothy Edward Heron ' Ridley Park, Penna. Arts Newman Club 3,4. Barbara Lynn Hershey ' Allentown, Penna. ' Education; Dental Hygiene Harriet H. Hershlcovitz Philadelphia, Pa. Arts Linda Margaret Hertzler ' Cumberiand, Penna. Education; Ele- mentary Franit E. Hetzel ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Chemistry ' Ski Club 4; Chemistry Society 3,4. John A. Heusser ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Art Susan F. Heydt ' Upper Montclair, N.J. ' Tyler; Design GiselaC. Hill Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; History Jeffrey Harris Hill ' Philadelphia, Penna. Tyler; Graphic Design Gladys B. Hirsh ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elementary ' En- core Club 1,2,3,4. Gloria lune Hoch ' Swarthmore, Penna. ' Arts; Psychology ' 357 Lee J. Hockstein Broomall, Penna. ' Arts; Biology ' Hillel 1. Alan Jay Hoffman Merion, Penna. ' Business; Business Law ' Tau Epsllon Phi rush chrmn. 2,3, sec. 2,3, pres. 3,4; FPC treas. 3,4; Loyalists 2,3,4; Marketing Club 4; Pre-Law Society 3,4; Student Union Board 2,3; Young Democrats Organization 3,4; Distin- guished Juniors 3; Phila. Tutorial Project 3,4; Intercollegiate Con- ference on Government 3,4; FCC; All-U rush chairman 2, treas. 3,4; IF Baseball 3,4; Football 2,3,4, Soccer 4, Volleyball 2,3,4. Robert Alan Hoffnian Philadelphia, Penna. ' Tyler Mark Hofkin ' Philadelphia, Penna. Susan Marjorie Hofsteln New Hyde Park, N.Y. ' Social Administra- tion; Social Welfare Hillel 3,4; Modern Dance Club 3,4; Ski Club 3,4; Young Democrats Organization 3; Social Welfare Student Union 3,4. Richard A. Holcombe ' Collegeville, Penna. ' Business; Account- ing ROA 1,2,3,4; Cadet Officers and Senior NCO ' s Club, Pres. 3,4; Scabbard and Blade 3,4. John Lawrence Holmes Drexel Hill, Penna. Arts; Biology Biology Club 2,3,4; Newman Club 3; Pre-Med Society 1,2. William Allen Holtzman ' Philadelphia, Penna. Arts Ski Club 4; IM Baseball 4. Charies Joseph Hopkins Hatboro, Penna. ' Business; Account- lng SAM 4; Accounting Society 4. Michele Horon ' Bethlehem, Penna. Arts; History ' History Majors Association Lecture Committee 4. Lenore Horowitz Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Elementary Ruth Horowitz Cambridge, Mass. Arts; Sociology Modern Dance Club 3,4; SCAC 3; Sociology Club 3,4. Phillip Horton Camden, N.J. " Business; Management ' Veterans at Temple. Joan Margaret Horvath Piscataway, N.J. ' Communication; Journalism ' Temple News make-up editor 3, editorial page edi- tor 4. Susan Leslie Horwitz Cherry Hill, N.J. ' Education; English Conscience; Concert Choir; Debating Club; Encore Club; Film Society; FPC; Distinguished Juniors 3. Donna Beth Haskins Laverock, Penna. ' Education; Social Studies Kappa Delta Epsilon 2,3,4; President ' s Hosts 3,4; Inter- Fraternity Queen 3; Sweetheart of Tau Epsilon Phi 3. Samuel Houtkin ' Lakewood, N.J. Arts Tau Delta Phi 1, vice pres. 2,3,4. Frances Marie Ho%«rard Moorestown, N.J. ' Music; Educa- tion Music Educator ' s National Conference 4; Newman Club 2; Women ' s Glee Club 2,3; University Singers 4. 3S8 Judith L. Hreussler ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Nursing Maria H. Hud ' Phiiadeiphia, Penna. ' Arts; Spanish Hispanic Cul- tural Society 3; Newman Club 3; Ukrainian Club 3,4; Sigma Delta Pi 3,4. Claude C. Hughes ' Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; History Temple Christian Fellowship, vice-pres. 3, pres. 4; Temple Student Life Center. Winnifred Carol Hughes Bangor, Penna. Pharmacy Lambda Kappa Sigma pledge mother 1, rec. sec. 2, IFC 4; American Phar- maceutical Assn. Elizabeth Ann Hulsart Bradley Beach, N.J. Tyler; Jewelry Arthur Weldon Hummel ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Ele- mentary ATW David R. Hunt ' Wiliow Grove, Penna. ' Communication; RTF Robert B. Hunt»Stockton, N.J. Communication; RTF ' Chess Club; German Club; Loyalists; WRTI; ITV; IM Baseball; IM Football; IM Track. Elinor Bernyce Hunter Paterson, N.J. Education; Elementary Education Deita Sigma Theta 1,2,3,4, Sec. of Pledge Class, Secre- tary; Black Student League 2,3,4; Reader ' s Service for the Blind 1; Steering Comm. for Black Students 2,3,4; Jr. Counselor — Hard- wick Hall 2,3; Steering Comm. for Hardwick Hall 1; Greek Week- end Comm. 2; Philadelphia Tutorial Project 1,2. Glenn C. Hunter Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; Psychology German Club 2,3. Stephen Charles Hurvitz Philadelphia, Penna. Arts Student Tu- torial Society 4. HeleneZ. Hyitt ' PhiladelphIa, Penna. Education Rochelle Karen Hyman ' Philadeiphia, Penna. Education Hillel 1,2; Mitten Student League 3; Outing Club 4; Spanish Club 3; Student Tutorial Society 3. Bernard J. Hyniowitz Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; Political Science Pre-Law Society 4. William Michael lezzi Philadelphia, Penna. Communication; Journalism Geological Society 1; Karate Clubl; Outing Clubl; IM Baseball 1; IM Football 1. AdrianaS. lmbrogno Cherry Hill, N.J. Arts Delta Zeta. Michelle Korff lnsdorf Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Elemen- tary foseph E. Ippolito ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Management 359 Robert Michael Ippolito ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Ele- mentary Steven Laurence Israel Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; Science Pre- Med Society 3; Student Tutorial Society 3. Richele Joyce lssadore Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; English ' Ski Club 3. Mark Bruce Itkowitz ' Philadelphia, Penna. Connmunication; Radio, Television, and Film Pi Lambda Phi 2. Arthur Harris Jacoby ' Philadelphia, Penna. Business IM Basket- ball; IM Football; Varsity Golf. Lynn Christine Jacson ' Philadelphia, Penna. Communication; Radi-TV-Film Cinematography Club 3; Newman Club 2,3,4; Modern Dance Workshop 4. Marianne Elsa Jaeger ' Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; Psychology Ellen Renee Jaffe ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Elemen- tary ' Mitten Student League 1; Templar 1. Marc Howard JaHe ' Philadelphia, Penna. Liberal Arts; His- tory Loyalists 2; Pre-Law Society 3,4; Phi Alpha Theta. Diane Renae |aindl Allentown, Penna. ' Lambda Kappa Sigma corr. sec. 1; vice-pres.; Portar and Pestle Pestle Players; American Pharmaceutical Assn.; Penna . Pharmaceutical Assn.; Rho Chi sec- tres. Sharron Leslie |amison Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elemen- tary Samuel |archower Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; Psychology ifi Deborah Ann Jasner ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Elemen- tary ' Reader ' s Service for the Blind 4; XYW 3,4. Daniel Ira Jeffers Philadelphia, Penna. Business; Economics Christine Dariingleffries ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Tyler; Painting Robert Alfred George Jeffers Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Social Studies Temple Christian Fellowship 3,4, publicity; Templayers 2. Suzanne 8. |oachim Philadelphia, Penna. Communication; Journalism ' Encore Club. Howard Jolles Philadelphia, Penna. Arts 360 Margaret Bailey Johnson ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Math- ematics ' Alpha Eta Alpha 1,2,3, pres. 4; Coed Council 2; Magnet 4; Alpha Lambda Delta 1, pres. 2; Laison Committee 2,3. Susan R. Johnson ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Manage- ment ' University Sports Queen 2; Resident Women ' s Student Senate treas. 3. Willis Nathaniel Johnson ' Philadelphia, Penna. " Education; Math- ematics Carlotta Edna Jones ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elemen- tary Cynthia L. Jo rdan ' Elkins Park, Penna. ' Education; Elementary Eugene J. Jordan Philadelphia, Penna. Business; Manage- ment ' SAM 4. J. St. Girard Jordan ' Philadelphia, Penna. Business; Accounting Rodney Thomas Joseph ' Cheltenham, Penna. Technical; Chemi- cal Engineering John T. Joyce ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Law and Busi- ness ' Newman Club 2,3; Pre-Law Society 4; Young Americans for Freedom 3; IM Baseball, Basketball, Football. Frank Joseph Juiliano ' North Plainfield, N.J. ' Education; Eng- lish ' Temple News; Sailing Club; Varsity Soccer; IF Soccer; Var- sity Track; IF Track, Alpha Chi Rho. Carole Penny Kaden ' Levittown, Penna. ' Arts; Spanish Hispanic Cultural Society vice-pres. 1, member 2,3,4; Le Petit Cercle Fran- cais 1; Purview International 1,2,3; Spanish Club 1,2,3,4, vice- pres. 1; UCLA 3. Michael E. Kafrissen ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Philosophy Hillel 1,2; Philosophy Club 3,4; Purview International 1; Pre-Med Soci- ety 3; Varsity Fencing 2,3,4; Hebrew Club 1,2,3. Walter B. Kahn ' Narberth, Penna. Communication Student Union Board 1,2; WRTI 1,2,3; IF Basketball 1,4; Pi Lambda Phi 1,2,3,4, Social Chairman 2. Bernice E. Kalaminsky ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elemen- tary Ronald Kail ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business ' Outing Club 2; ROA 1; Marketing Club 3. 361 Arnold Ira Kalman ' Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; History Pre-Law Society 2,3,4; Student Tutorial Society 2,3,4; Phi Alpha Theta 3,4, vice-president, president; Distinguished Juniors 3. Ronald I. Kalstein ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Psychology Music and Art Construction 1,2,3,4. Linda D. Kaminski ' Chester, Penna. ' Arts; History Mary Kanas ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elementary Sandra Kanter Conshocken, Penna. Education Mark Alan Kantrowitz ' Palisade, N.J. ' Arts; Biology Loyalists 1,2,3,4; Dormitory Floor Judicial Board 2,3; Dormitory Floor Legislative Board 1,2; IM Baseball 1,2,3; IM Football 1,2,3; IM Soccer 1,2,3; IM Swimming 1,2,3; Life Guard, CW Pool 1,2,3. E. Guy Kaplan Bethlehem, Penna. ' Arts; Mathematics Hillel 1; Loyalists 2; Men ' s Glee Club 4; Tau Delta Phi, Treas. 3; Pi Mu Epsilon 3,4; IM Baseball, Bowling, Soccer 2,3,4. Joan M. Kaplan ' Springfield, Penna. ' Education; Elemen- tary Student Union Board 1. Diana C. Kaplin ' Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; Speech ' Phi Sigma Sigma1,2; Debating Club 1,2; New Student Workshop 1; Resi- dent Women ' s Student Association 1,2; Resident Women ' s Student Senate 2; Student Union Board Special Events chrmn. 2; TEMPLAR WAA ed. 1,2; Varsity Swimming 1,2; Varsity WAA; IF Volleyball. Edwina Caroline Kaplinski Churchville, Penna. ' Business; Ac- counting Accounting Student Union secretary 3; College Coun- cil — School of Business 4. David Karasick Penna. Arts; Psychology Pre-Med Society 2; Psychology Honors 2. Stephen Karasick ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Psychology Pre- Med Society 2; Psychology Honors 2. Marsha Sharon Karlin ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education lacks. Kartsch ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; History ' insurance So- ciety; Majorettes; History Majors Assoc. Oksana Maria Katchak ' Philadelphia, Penna. Pharmacy Lambda Kappa Sigma 3,4,5; American Pharmaceutical Assn.; Penna. Phar- maceutical Assn.; Mortar and Pestle Players. Irwin Robert Katz ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Finance ' Fi- nance Club 3,4. Lynn Rose Katz ' Dresher, Penna. ' Liberal Arts; Spanish ' Templar 2,3; Phi Delta Pi 2,3,4; Sigma Delta Pi 3,4. Mildred Katz ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' 362 Richard Hildon Katz Philadelphia, Penna Arts; Biology ' Chem- istry Club 4. Steven Katz ' Wyncote, Penna. ' Arts; Biology ' Biology Club 3; Hillel 1 ; Pre-Med Society 3; President ' s Hosts 2. Susan Singer Katz ' PhiladelphIa, Penna. Arts; History Dale B. Kauffman ' PhiladelphIa, Penna. ' Education; Elemen- tary ' Student Tutorial Society 3,4. Marlene Mona Kauffman ' Trevose, Penna. ' Arts; Psychology ' Meryl Kauffman ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Mathematics ' Robert S. Kauffman ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Biology Biology Club 4; Pre-Med Society 4; Phi Eta Sigma 1. Steven Alan Kauffman ' Trevose, Penna. ' Business; Account- ing ' Beta Alpha Psi 3, Secretary 4. Warren Curtis Kauffman ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Manage- ment ' Marketing Club; SAM; Student Council; Temple Christian Fellowship. Jeffrey L. Kaufman ' Huntingdon Valley, Penna. ' Arts; Physics ' Sig- ma Pi Sigma, vice-pres. 2,3,4. Joseph Peck Kaufman Bala-Cynwyd, Penna. ' Communication ' Jacob R. Kay ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Political Science ' Alpha Epsilon Pi 1,2,3, social chrmn., parents ' comm. chrmn.; WRTI 1,2. yk h Ch John Francis Kearney Rivertown, N.). ' Business; Pre-Law ' Delta Sigma Pi sec. 1, vice-pres. 2, pres. 3; FPC 2; Newman Club 1; ROA1,2; Pre-Law Society 4; Young Republicans 1; IF Soccer 1,2. Sherman William Keeney, Jr. ' York, Penna. ' Business; Account- ing ' Varsity Golf 2,3. Alicia B. Keil ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business ' Marketing Club 4; SAM 4. Christine M. Kelly Woodlyn, Penna. ' Arts; English ' New Student Workshop 3; Temple News 1,2, Managing Editor, Copy Ed. 3, Staff Page ed.. Managing ed. 4; Magnet 4. lames Curtis Kelly Willow Grove, Penna. ' Arts; History ' Phi Alpha Theta4. Robert Thomas Kelly Media, Penna. ' Arts; Psychology ' 363 William D. Kelley ' Philadelphia, Penna. William H. Kelly ' Philadelphia, Penna. Business; Police Science and Administration. Jeffrey B. Kelvin ' Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; Sociology William). Kemeza ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Geography Ceo- graphical Association 1; Newman Club 1. Michael Kennedy ' Philadelphia, Penna. Music Black Student League 2,3,4; Music Educators National Conference; Phi Mu Alpha 1,2,3,4; University Singers 1,2,3. Viola Eileen Kennelly ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Engllsh WRTI 2. Mary Catherine Kenny ' Ambler, Penna. ' Communication; Journalism David George Kepharf Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; History ' Karate Club 3,4. Leslie B. Kernodle ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elemen- tary ' Black Student League 3. John A. Kerns ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Pre-Law ' ROA 1,2,3,4; Board of Governors 3,4; Drill Team 1,2,3,4. Susan Kesler ' Wyncote, Penna. ' Arts; Sociology Barbara Gail Kessler ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elemen- tary Hillel1. Bruce |. Kestelman Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; Psychology Presi- dent ' s Hosts, pres. 1,2,3,4; IM Baseball 2,3,4, Football 4, Soccer 4. Nancy T. Keyser ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education Alpha Gamma Delta 3,4. Wayne L. Kieffer ' Lansdale, Penna. ' Business; industrial Manage- ment ' ArcheryClub2; Chess Club 1; SAM 4. Kathleen T. Kijewski ' Lansdowne, Penna. ' Arts; Social Sciences ' WAA 1,2, sec. 3,4; Varsity Swimming 1,2,3,4. Lois Ellen Killough ' Richboro, Penna. ' Education; Nursing Marlene L. King ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Social Science 364 Raymond Gene King Philadelphia, Penna. Education Ricki H. Kipnes ' Kingston, Penna. ' Arts; Psychology Mitten Student League 1; Purview International 1; Resident Women ' s Student Association 1,2,3,4; Social Chairman of Dorm Floor 1; Dorm Newsletter Editorial Staff 2; Dorm Standards Council Member 4; IM Volleyball 2. Alan S. Kirschner ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Pharmacy ' Rho Pi PHi recording scribe, guardian of exchequer 1 ; Mortar and Pestle Players 3; American Pharmaceutical Assn. 2,3,4; Penna. Phar- maceutical Assn. 2,3,4; IF Baseball, Basketball, Football. Wayne Allen Kiser ' York, Penna. ' Pharmacy ' Kappa Psi; Student Council; American Pharmaceutical Assn.; IF Basketball; IF Foot- ball. Joseph Francis Kissei ' Peckville, Penna. ' Business; Statistics ' Sigma Pi 3,4; Varsity Football 1,2,3; Head Junior Varsity Football Coach 4; IM Softball 2,3,4; Asst. Freshmen Football Coach 3. Ronald J. Kitchenman ' Levittown, Penna. ' Pharmacy mi BHih l £ LL .M feii r. iX JS ig§B!i 1lini • -TiTTf ! ' « t I Est;i =; -L.-±. r ar:k: Ursula Diana Klaiber ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts ' Temple Christian Fellowship 1,2,3,4; Young Democrat ' s Organization 1,2,3,4; Soci- ology Major ' s Club 3,4; Philadelphia Tutorial Society 1,2. Barbara Bennon Klein ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education Hlllel 1; Willaims Dorm vice-pres. 3. Gerhart Leopold Kleln ' Newtown Square, Penna. ' Communica- tion Debating Club 1; New Student Workshop 2; WRTI 1, Production Director 2, Station Manager 3; Sword Society 4; Sigma Delta Chi 4. Marilyn Hope Klein ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Marketing Club 4; SAM 4, secretary; Student Representative for Distributive Education 4; Phi Gamma Nu 3,4. Morton A. Klein ' Philadelphia, Penna. Robert J. Klein ' Mt. Vernon, N.Y. Communlcation Tau Epsilon Phi 1,2,3,4; Loyalists 1,2,3,4; IM Baseball 1,2,3; IM Football 1,2,3; Wrestling 1. Steven Klein Hatboro, Penna. " Education; Secondary Alpha Epsilon Pi sec. 3; vice-pres. 4. Susan I. Klein ' Philadelphia, Penna. Social Administration; Social Welfare Social Welfare Student Union 4. William Conrad Klein ' Bethany, Conn. Tyler; Printmaking 365 Linda M. Kleinguenther Philadelphia, Penna. Education; mentary Terry Kleitman ' Phiiadelphia, Penna. Education; Elemen- tary Loyalists 3,4; Distinguished Juniors 3. Nadine Faye Klemow ' Hazleton, Penna. " Education Ele- Susan Klinger ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Business Phi Gamma Nu 4. Ricky Carl Knipple Audubon, Penna. Pharmacy Phi Delta Chi 3,4,5; American Pharmaceutical Assn.; Penna. Pharmaceutical Assn. Carol R. Kocur ' Andalusia, Penna. Arts Mitten Student League 1; President ' s Hosts 1; Resident Women ' s Student Assoc, pres. 1. Carol Dee Kodak ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education Young Ameri- cans for Freedom 1; Hillel 1. Karen Koenig Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; Speech Pathology Phi Sigma Sigma rush chrmn. 1,2, president 2,3, pledge mistress 3,4; Modern Dance Club 2; PPC 2,3; Reader ' s Service for the Blind 1 ; Spanish Club 2; Student Council 2; Templar 2,3; Student Senate 3; Carnival Sterring comm. 1,2; U.C.L.A. 3; Temple Students for Israel 3,4; Sigma Alpha Eta 3,4; Varsity Tennis 1,2. Donald Joseph Kohri ' Philadelphia, Penna. Communication; Journalism WRTI 1; Public Relations Student Society of America 4. Dmytro Komesz Gardners, Penna. Arts Dorm Senate Represent- ative 1,2; Dorm Floor Manager 3; IM Basketball 2; IM Football 3; IM Soccer 1,2,3. Dolores S. Konn ' Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; Math Sherry Joyce Koons Malvern, Penna. Arts; Political Science Sym- phonic Wind Ensemble 1 ; University Concert Band 1 ; Percussion Ensemble 1. Deborah Kooperman ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education Williams Hall Junior Counselor. Arthur Lloyd Kopman Philadelphia, Penna. Pharmacy Rho Pi PHi senator; American Pharmaceutical Assn.; Intrafraternity Council vice-pres., pres.; Phi Eta Sigma; IF Baseball, Basketball, Football. Jerry Korn ' Norristown, Penna. Communication Marcia E. Korn ' Irvington, N.J. Music; Piano Sigma Alpha lota; Concert Choir 3,4, Accompanist; Music Educators National Con- ference 2. Irving KorostoK ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Secondary Linda Marie Kosteski ' Milmont Park, Penna. Education; Mathe- matics 366 ;iiel; 1, Shirley Eve Kotranski ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Psychology Mit- ten Student League 1,2,3,4, rec. sec. 3, pres. 4. Aaron )onathon Kotzin ' Cheltenham, Penna. ' Arts; Psychology Margaret E. Kotzin ' Cheltenham, Penna. Education; Nurs- ing ' Student Council. Linda Rae Koupf ' Philadeiphia, Penna. ' Education; Elemen- tary ' Mitten Student League 1. Michael Lee Kowaiski ' Erie, Penna. Arts; English ' Literary Society 3; Student Union Board 2; New Student Workshop; Sword Soci- ety 3,4; IM Footballs. Lawrence P. Kozubal ' Philadeiphia, Penna. ' Arts; Chemistry Chemistry Society. Syij- Raymond!. Kraft, Jr. ' Maple Shade, New Jersey Business; Ac- counting Sharyn Rodelle Kraiman Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Ele- mentary Joan M. Krajewski ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elemen- tary Distinguished Juniors 3. Garry Alien Kramer ' Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; English Bette Else Kranawetter ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Second- ary Susan R. Krantz Wyncote, Penna. ' Arts; English Cheerleaders 3; Intercollegiate Conference on Government 2, regional secretary, chapter corresponsing secretary; Alpha Lambda Delta 1; Magnet 4. oii; icon- itbe- Tanya Maurine Krape ' Philadeiphia, Penna. ' Education; HPER HPER Student Major Club 3,4; IM WAA. Beth Rebecca Krasnoff ' Phiiadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Psychol- ogy ' Newsletter and Publicity for Psychology Major ' s Association. Barbara Pepi Kravitz ' Cherry Hill, N. J. ' Education; Elementary Lee M. Kraus ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Psychology ' Alpha Phi Omega 1 ; Hillel 1 ; Men ' s Glee Club 1 ; Pre-Med Society 2; Stu- dent Tutorial Society 3; Young Republicans 1 ; Philadelphia Tutorial Project 3. Frederick L. Kraus Ill ' Philadelphia, Penna. Arts I 367 Michael lohn Kraynyak ' Philadelphia, Penna. Business; Industrial Management Loyalists 3,4; Newman Club 3,4; SAM 3, pres. 4; Varsity Crew 1,3. Brian Wealand Kreider Lebanon, Penna. ' Communicatlon; RTF Fllm Society 4; Pre-Law Society 3; Templayers 4; Vestpocket Theater 4; WRTI 4. Elaine Macey Kreider Phlladelphia, Penna. Arts; Ceography ' Blo- logy Club 2; Geographical Association 4; Newman Club 1,2; Res- ident Women ' s Student Association 1,2; Spanish Club 2,3. Zen Krekevich ' Phlladelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Spanish Hispanic Cul- tural Society 3, advertising and vice-pres. Gene Gordon Kress ' Meadowbrook, Penna. Arts; English ' Clne- matography Club3; Circle K 1; Outing Club 1,2, treas. 2; Rifle Club 1,2,3; Student Union Board 3,4, chrmn. Exceptional Films 3,4; Templayers 1,2,3, secretary 3. Joel M. Kriger ' Philadelphia, Penna. Business Free University 4; Finance Society 3,4; Alpha Phi Omega 1,2,3. M Gloria |. Kriss ' Wayne, N.J. ' Education; Elementary Alexander Krywoshia ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; History Anthony P. Krzwicki ' Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; Political Science Political Science Undergraduate comm. 4. Carol Joan Kugelman ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education; French and Spanish Hillel 1. Meryl Linda Kulla ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education Meyer Kurtz Phlladelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Psychology i Deborah M. Kushner ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education Resident Woman ' s Student Assoc. 4; Student Council 3. Ruth Kushner ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Biology Hillel 1; Pre- Med Society 1; Orchestra 1. Barbara R. Kut ' Sellersviile, Penna. Pharmacy Lambda Kappa Sigma, pledge mistress 4; Newman Club 1; American Pharmaceu- tical Assn. 3,4,5; Penna. Pharmaceutical Assn. 3,4,5; Mortar and Pestle Players 3,4,5. Edward Stanley Kutrzyba ' PhiladelphIa, Penna. Buslness; Ac- counting David M. Lagan ' Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; Sociology Varsity Crew 1,2,3,4. Karen Ann Lagosky ' Allentown, Penna. ' Music; Music His- tory Music Educator ' s National Conference 1,2; Newman Club 1,2,3; Orchestra 1,2,3,4; Resident Women ' s Student Association 2,4; Women ' s Glee Club 3,4; Sigma Alpha lota 3,4; Temple Band 1. 368 Pok-YeeLai»Philadelphia, Pa. ' Arts; Mathematics ' Purview Inter- national. Lee Stewart Lamison ' Spring City, Penna. ' Education; Math Archery Club 2; Varsity Wrestling 1,2,3; IM Baseball 1,2,3,4, Soccer 1,2,3,4. Donald Leslie Lamont ' King of Prussia, Penna. ' Business David Marshall Lancaster, Jr. ' North Wales, Penna. ' Arts; English Phi Epsilon Pi. Ronald E. Langberg ' Elkins Park, Penna. ' Arts; Psychology Saul Langsam ' Philadelphia, Penna. Business Pre-Law Society 3,4; SAM 2,3. « -. Anthony Lanzetta ' Warminster, Penna. Arts; Physics Ronald Charles Lapointe ' Ardmore, Penna. ' Business; Finance Richard D. Laquer ' Cape May, N.]. Business; Finance Finance So- ciety 3,4; Accounting Society 4. Gerard Blane Laut ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Social Sciences. Francine Linda Lavin ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Social Welfare Donna L. Lavins ' Phiiadelphia, Penna. Social Administration; Social Welfare Stephen B. Lavner ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Political Science ' Tau Epsilon Phi co-chairnnan. Homecoming 1, co-his- torian 2, handball coach 3, volleyball coach 4; Intercollegiate Conference on Gov ' t. 3,4; Loyalists 3; Marketing Club 3,4; Pre- law Society 3; Honors Committee, Political Science 3. Francine Elyce Lean ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elemen- tary Marion Kaye Learn ' Laceyviile, Penna. ' Education; Dental Hygiene dTi iSk. 369 Nina Fern Leberstien Philadelphia, Penna. Education ' Carol M. Lebowitz ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elemen- tary Le Petit Cercle Francais 1; Sigma Phi Nil 1. Larry Joel Leeder ' Newtonville, Mass. ' Music; Music Educa- tion Men ' s Glee Club 1,2; Reader ' s Service for the Blind 3,4; Chorus 1,2,3; Madrigals 4. Nancy Leff Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Early Childhood Hil- lel 3; Ski Club 3; XYW 3,4; Young Democrats Organization 3,4. Eva Lefkowitz ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elementary Dis- tinguished Juniors; C l Student Assoc. Thomas R. Lehe ' Doylestown, Penna. ' Arts; Psychology ' Karate Club 4. M. Colette Anne Lehner Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Philosophy ' Elise Coleman Leibowltz ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Educa- tion ' Loyalists 1,2; Mitten Student League 1; Ski Club 1. Gayle Sandra Leibowitz ' Andalusia, Penna. ' Education; Social Welfare ' Temple News 1; Reader ' s Service for the Blind 1,2; Social Welfare Student Union 4. MIchele D. Leimberg ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elemen- tary ' lota Alpha Pi 1, corres. sec. 2, member-at-large 3, president 4; PPC 4; Student Union Board 1. Gerald Joseph Leimkuhler, Jr. Philadelphia, Pen- na. ' Business ' Newman Club 1,2,3,4, sports chairman 2; Student Council 3, Finance representative; Finance Society 3,4. Genevieve J. Lento Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Math ' Coed Council 3; Newman Club 1,2; Student Tutorial Society 1,2; XYW 2,3,4; Kappa Delta Epsilon 3; Pi Mu Epsilon 3,4. ♦ Linda L. Lenz Astoria, N. Y. ' Arts; Sociology Miguel Angel Leon ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Sociology ' Michael J. Leone Philadelphia, Penna. ' Tyler; Design ' Clrcolo Italiano; Symphonic Wind Ensemble; Ukranian Club; Sword So- ciety; Varsity Football; Varsity Volleyball; IM Wrestling. Marc Elliott Lerner Dover, N.J. ' Arts; History ' Ski Club 3. Stephen Anthony Leslie Philadelphia, Penna. ' Communication; RTF ' WRTI 4, newsman; ITV 3. Laurel Sherman Letter Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; English ' Encore Club 3,4. 370 Robert Ian Lev ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Finance Cynthia |. Levin ' Phiiadeiphia, Penna. ' Arts; Economics Modern Dance Club; President ' s Hosts; Student Tutorial Society; Eta Beta Rho. Gerald Bruce Levin Huntingdon Valley, Penna. ' Arts; Physics ' SAM 2,4. Jay H. Levin ' Phiiadeiphia, Penna. ' Arts; Psychology Joan Anita Levin ' Clenside, Penna. Social Administration; Social Welfare ' Delta Phi Epsilon parliamentarian 2, treasurer 3; Student Union Board; Social Welfare Student Union. Jonathan Laurence Levin ' Phiiadeiphia, Penna. ' Arts ' Hillel; Pre- law Society; Young Democrats Organization; Distinguished Junior; Et a Beta Rho. Naomi Levin ' Phiiadeiphia, Penna. Arts Anthropoiogy Club 2,3,4; Geological Society 2,3,4. Neil Levin ' Phiiadeiphia, Penna. ' Arts; Physics ' Sigma Pi Sigma 3,4. Renee E. Levin ' Phiiadeiphia, Penna. ' Arts; Speech Pathology ' Hil- lel 1; Literary Society 3; Outing Club 2; Student Union Board 1; XYW 2; Young Democrats Organization 1 ; Sigma Alpha Eta 3. Stan Levin ' Phiiadeiphia, Penna. ' Arts; Political Science ' Stephen Levin ' Phiiadeiphia, Penna. ' Arts; Political Science ' New Student Worlcshop 3,4; Pre-Law Society 3,4; Student Council 1 ; Young Democrats Organization 3; University Disciplinary Com- mittee 3,4; Student Senate 3; Political Science Student Govern- ment 3, pres. 4; Pi Sigma Alpha 3,4. Linda Marlyn Levine ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elemen- tary ' Mitten Student League 3; Modern Dance Club 2; Purview international 4; Ski Club 3,4; Templayers 2. on; icofe Nance Leblang Levithan ' Coatesville, Penna. ' Arts; Sociology ' SI i Club 3. Bruce Avrom Levltt ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elemen- tary ' Film Society 3; German Club 2; Veterans at Temple 3. Robert E. Levitt Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Biology ' Student Tu- torial Society 1,2,3; Phi Eta Sigma. Gerald S. Levy ' Dewitt, N.Y. ' Pharmacy ' Rho Pi Phi pledgemaster 4; Mortar and Pestle Players; American Pharmaceutical Assn.; Penna. Pharmaceutical Assn.; IF Baseball, Football, Basketball, Bowling. Marcia Sybil Levy ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elementary Michael H. Levy ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Real Es- tate ' Alpha Epsilon Pi 1,2,3,4; Real Estate Society; IF Basebaii; IF Football; IF Soccer; IF Swimming; IF Volleyball. 371 Stephen Levy Philadelphia, Penna. ' Communication; RTF Pi Lambda Phi Rush chrmn., vice-pres., 3; Reader ' s Theater 2,3; WRT1 1; Intercollegiate Speech Festival 2. Joseph Edward Lewandowski ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Marketing Irene E. Lewicki ' Philadelphia, Penna. Angela C. Lewis ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Spanish Edmund Gordon Lewis ' Churchville, Penna. ' Business; Adminis- trative Management Loyalists 2,3,4. Edward James Lewis ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Communications; Journalism dtk Edwin William Lewis Lansdale, Penna. Arts; History Loyalists; Newman Club; History Majors Assoc. Paul Keith Lewis ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Industrial Management Paul R. Lewis ' Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; Political Science Loya- lists 4; Pre-Law Society 3,4; Political Science Newsletter editor 3; Political Science Departmental Committee 3,4; Phi Eta Sigma 1,2,3,4. Shalom J. Lewis Haddonfield, N.J. ' Arts; History Sharon D. Lewis ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Blology ' Young Republicans 1. Ronald Michael Lewullis ' Shenandoah, Penna. Pharmacy Kappa Psi vice-regent; class treasurer 4,5. m « f Francine Anne Liberi ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Psychology George A. Licci ' Philadelphia, Penna. Buslness; Accounting ' Sig- ma Phi Epsilon. Barbara Ellyn Lieberman ' Philadelphia, Penna. Educatlon; Ele- mentary David I. Lieberman ' Philadelphia, Penna. Business; Account- ing Loyalists 2,3,4, vice-pres. 3; SAM 3,4. Lois Susan Lieberman ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elemen- tary John Joseph Lill ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Account- ing Newman Club; Beta Alpha Psi. 372 OIlie Lindsay Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; English ' Alpha Kappa Alpha 3,4; Black Student League; Reader ' s Theater; SCAC. Dennis Carl Linken ' Union, N.). Business Pre-Law Society 3, vice pres. 4; Ski Club 2,3; Beta Alpha Psi 3,4. Harriets. Lipschultz ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Second- ary — Spanish iinis. Karen Joan Lipshutz ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Market- ing ' Marketing Club 3,4; SAM 4; Ski Club 3; Phi Gamma Nu 3,4. Stephen H. Lipsky ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Accounting ' Brendajoy Liss Gettysburg, Penna. ' Arts; Psychology ' Coed Council; Hillel 1; Reader ' s Service for the Blind 1; Student Senate Secretary 3,4; Undergraduate Council for Liberal Arts 2,3,4; In- struction Committee 3,4; Workshop Alternate 4; Junior Dorm Counselor Dorm 3. Jerry Litvin ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Pharmacy ' Rho Pi Phi, pledge- master 4; American Pharmaceutical Assn. 4; IF Baseball, Foot- ball. William Joseph Litvin ' Potfstown, Penna. ' Business; Law and Business Pre-Law Society 3,4. Rochelle Ruth Litwack Huntingdon Valley, Penna. ' Education; Elementary ■n Thomas Harvey Litz ' Philadeiphia, Penna. ' Soclal Administration; Social Welfare ' Curtis Aaron Lizenbaum ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Ac- counting ' Barry Locke ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Insurance ' insurance Society 3,4, pres. 4; Marketing Club 3,4; Pre-Law Society 3,4; SAM 3,4; Ski Club 3; Insurance Student Council 3,4; Insurance Student-Faculty Organization 3,4. Yvonne Elizabeth Lomax ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Biology ' Del- ta Sigma Theta 1,2,3,4; Biology Club 4. Wendy Felice London Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elemen- tary ' George Henry Loper ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Music; Music Educa- tion ' Concert Choir 3,4; Music Educators National Conference 3,4; Concert Band 1,2,3,4. kJth 373 Sister Betty Lou Lorentz ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Nursing Education Marie Andrea Lotano Edison, N.J. ' Education; Elementary DebraLuber ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education Delta Phi Epsilon, treasurer 4. Murray ]ay Lublin ' Philadelphia, Penna. Business; Business and Law Loyalists 2,3,4; Young Democrats Organization 1. Susan Lucas ' Flourtown, Penna. Barry S. Ludwig Huntingdon Valley, Penna. ' Business; Market- ing Insurance Society vice-pres. 3,4; Loyalists 2,3,4; Marketing Club 3,4; SAM 3,4. Bonnie Luken ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education; English Natalia Margareta Lukianovich ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Cerman ' Ukranian Club. Richard Stephen Lund ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Science Gym Team 3. RoseLustbader ' Education Hillel 1; Student Tutorial Society 3. Gerald Joseph McAnally ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Dis- tributive ' Business Education Club 3; Loyalists 3; Newman Club 3. Thomas Francis McBride ' Old Forge, Penna. Arts; Psychology Newman Club 1,2,3,4; Tembler 1,2; IM Basketball 2, Football 1,2. Charlotte McCarraher ' Morristown, N.J. ' Education; Nursing " Joseph H. McClintock ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education " Maria A. McCloskey ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education " Kathleen Ann McCullough ' Philadelphia, Penna. Music; Music Education ' Sigma Alpha lota sgt-at-arms 3, vice pres. 4; Orches- tra. Sandra McDaniel ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Communication; RTF Black Student League 2,3,4; WRTI. John Joseph McDermott ' Stratford, Conn. ' Arts; Psychology " Loyalists 2,3,4; Resident Men ' s Student Association; Resident Men ' s Student Senate, pres. 2; Johnson Hall Resident Assistant 3,4; IM Baseball; IM Basketball; IM Football. I 374 I md Gerald Thomas McFadden ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Political Science Patricia Rose McCee ' Chester, Penna. ' Arts; Psychology Karen Elizabeth Mcknight Lafayette Hills, Penna. ' Arts; Eng- lish ' Newman Club 3; Social Welfare Student Union 3. Lorraine McLaughlin ' Patterson, N.Y. ' Education Norma McLean ' Arts; English Encore Club 3,4. Sandra Beverly McLean Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; Mathemat- ics ' PI Mu Epsilon 4. 1)3. Dii- Club!. tail Edward Joseph McNellis ' Philadeiphia, Penna. ' Business; Ac- counting ' Marketing Club 4. Eileen V. McVean ' Ridley Park, Penna. ' Education; Elementary. Jeanette Mary McVeigh ' Upper Darby, Penna. ' Arts; English Bonnie MacDonald ' Philadelphia, Penna. Kevin Thomas Mack ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Social Science ' Susan A. Mack ' Norristown, Penna. ' Arts; Spanish ' Alpha Sigma Alpha 2,3,4; sec. 3; Newman Club 1,2,3; President ' s Hosts 2,3; Ski Club 4; Spanish Club 4; Resident Assistant Hardwick Hall 4; Junior Counselor 3; Standards Council Representative 3; Staff Advisor 4. Music Ifthes- deni siilani 1 Frances M. Madden ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; English " Joan Carol Magarick ' Yeadon, Penna. ' Education ' Resident Wom- en ' s Student Association 2,3,4; Floor Publicity Chairman 2; IM Volleyball 2. Steven M. Magerman ' Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; History Julie Marie Mahon ' Philadeiphia, Penna. ' Arts; Speech ' Newman Club 1,2,3,4, president 3; Reader ' s Theater 4; WRTI 2,3; New Student Workshop, group leader 2, assistant director 3. Robert James Maier ' Willow Grove, Penna. ' Pharmacy ' Rho Pi Phi ' Newman Club. Joseph H. Makurath ' Havertown, Penna. ' Arts; Geology Geologi- cal Society 3, pres. 4. 375 Marjorie P. Malamed Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education Modern Dance Club 1,2,3,4; SDS 3; Student Tutorial Society 2,3,4; Young Americans for Freedom 3,4. Delores I. Males ' Collingswood, N.J. ' Education; Nursing Anthony Mallace ' PhiladelphIa, Penna. ' Education; Elementary Domenick Louis Mallace ' PhiladelphIa, Penna. Education; Ele- mentary Marguerite J. Mallach ' Philadelphia, Penna. Social Administra- tion Encore Club vice pres. 3,4. Grace Mancuso Philadelphia, Penna. Delaine M. MandelI ' Leola, Penna. Education; Nursing Educa- tion Aron D. Mandelbaum Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; Mathematics Pi Mu Epsilon 3,4. Rosalie T. Manfredi ' Philadelphia, Penna. Business; Market- ing Marketing Club 4; SAM 4; Phi Gamma Nu 4. Richard Frank Mang ' Upper Darby, Penna. Technical; Architec- ture A.I.A. 1,2,3. Richard Manichello ' Ambler, Penna. ' Communication; RTF Tem- players; Varsity Football. Francis T. Manns ' Sellersville, Penna. Arts; Geology Geological Society 3,4. Arthur lay Marcus ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Political Science ' Pi Lambda Phi Housing Committee 3, chairman of Miss Incoming Freshman Contest 3, pres. 3,4; IM Sports 2,3,4; FPC political ac- tion committee 3, chairman 3,4; Intercollegiate Conference on Gov ' t 3; Loyalists 1,2,3; Student Senate Executive Committee 3; Pi Sigma Alpha; UCLA rep. 3, steering comm. 3; Distinguished Junior. Dale Eileen Marcus ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Psychology Reader ' s Service for the Blind 3; Alpha Lambda Delta. Marilyn Marcus ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education Norman Marcus ' Philadelphia, Penna. Communication; RTF ' WR- Tl 3,4, Head Promotional and Copywriter. Susan Rae Marcus ' Harrisburg, Penna. Social Administration; Social Welfare Social Welfare Student Union 4. Donna Marie Marcynyszyn ' Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; Anthro- pology ' Newman Club 3. 376 Jeffrey Allen Margolls ' Haverfown, Penna. ' Education; Social Studies ' Alpha Phi Omega 1,2,3,4, vice-pres.; Hiltel 1; Carnival Steering comm. 3; IM Baseball 1; IM Football 3. Linda Harriet Marinoff Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elemen- tary Susan Ruth Markovitz Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Social Welfare ' Phi Sigma Sigma; Mitten Student League 1; Miss Incom- ing Freshman; Student Union Board 1,2. Edward Thomas Marshaleck Langhorne, Penna. ' Arts; Bio- logy ' Newman Club; Cadet Officers and N.C.O. ' s Club 3,4. Roberta Yvonne Marshall ' Philadelphla, Penna. ' Social Adminis- tration; Social Welfare ' Alpha Kappa Alpha 2,3; Newman Club; President ' s Hosts 2; Sociology Student Organization; Social Wel- fare Student Union. lames N. Marshbank ' Phlladelphia, Penna. ' Business; Finance ' SAM 3. hilet- ■ ' Tem- ogical Ann Christine Martha ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; English ' New- man Club 3,4; Student Tutorial Society 4; Stylus 4. Ba rbara Ann Martin ' Merion, Penna. ' Arts; English ' Joan Eileen Martin ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Political Science i TfWJ- on; i Suzanne Joy Martin ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Sociology ' Loya- lists 2. Leslie Barbara Marx ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Account- ing ' Conscience 2; Hillel 1,2; Marketing Club 4; SAM 4; Account- ing Student Union Representative. Bernhard Albert Marzell ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Mathemat- Ics ' Student Tutorial Society 3; Temple Christian Fellowship 2,3,4. Richard William Marzuoli ' Easton, Penna. ' Business; Market- ing ' Marketing Club 3,4; SAM 4. William Vincent Masier ' Easton, Penna. ' Arts; History ' Ski Club 4. Arlene B. Massaro ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; English ' Student Tutorial Society. 377 Michael M. Matarazzo Union, N.J. Arts; Chemistry Ellen Brandoff Matter ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Elemen- tary Reader ' s Service for the Blind 1,2. A. Edgar Mattson, Jr. ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Communications; RTF Cerman Club 1,2; New Student Workshop 3,4; SCAC 3; Res- ident Men ' s Student Assoc. 2; Tembler 1,2; Lecture Series 2; Res- ident Assistant 4; Orientation comm. 4; Sword Society 4. Christopher D. Mauer Norristown, Penna. Arts; Science Eugene Joseph Maurer ' Cheltenham, Penna. Arts Spanish Club 1; Independent Socialist Club 2,3; Newman Club 1,2; IM Basket- ball 1,2,3. Bonnie M. May ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Elementary ' V I.. William Thomas Mayer ' Orland, Penna. Business; Market- ing Newman Club 1. Bernard James Mazer Columbus, Ohio Business; Law and Business ' Sigma Phi Epsilon 1,2,3,4, Pres. 4; FCC, Pres. 4; Pre- Law Society 4; Law and Business Comm. Francis Peter Mazur Mt. Carmel, Penna. Business; Account- ing Loyalists 2,3; Beta Alpha Psi. Elisa M. Mechanic ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Social Administration; Social Welfare Maria Beth Mechanic ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Elemen- tary Carlos G. Medley Philadelphia, Penna. Business; Account- ing Black Student League 2; Student Tutorial Society 2; Black Torch 3,4. Stephen Charles Medoff Philadelphia, Penna. Communication; RTF Loyalists 4; President ' s Hosts 2,3,4; Temple News 3; WRTI, traffic and promotion director 1,2,3,4; Sigma Delta Chi treas. 3,4; IM Baseball 2. Kathleen Noreen Meehan ' Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; Sociology Dale Melincoff ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Political Science Sarah Gail Melnick ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Elementary Saul Harris Melnick ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Distributive Education Tau Epsilon Phi 1; CESA. Richard M. Meltzer Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Account- ing SAM4. 378 Ronald E. Meredith Levittown, Penna. ' Education Gail D. Merlino ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; English ' New- man Club 2,3,4; President ' s Hosts 2,3; Kappa Delta Epsilon 2,3,4. Alan L. Meshon ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Psychology ' Cheer- Ieaders1,3; Hillel 1,2; Karate Club 1; Outing Club 1,2,3; Ski Club 1,2,3; Dorm vice-pres. 2,3; Dorm social chrmn. 2; Gymnastics 1,2; Volleyball 2; Soccer 1,2. John A. Messa, Jr. ' Lansdale, Penna. ' Arts; Biology ' Biology Club 4; Circle K 1; Newman Club 2; Outing Club 3,4; Rifle Club 3; WRTI 3. Leo Arthur Metague ' Philadelphia, Penna. Linda MetcoH Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education Paul Daniel Metzger ' Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; Psychol- ogy Chess Club 2,3,4; Psychology Honors Program; Philadelphia Tutorial Project. Marlene N. Miamidian ' Landsowne, Penna. ' Social Administra- tion; Social Welfare ' Social Welfare Student Union. Esther R. Michaels ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elemen- tary Encore Club. Marianne E. Michaels ' North Versailles, Penna. ' Education; English Dormitory Council sec. 2. Cladace I. Michaile ' Clenside, Penna. ' Arts; Economics ' Encore Club 3. Betty Jean Michalko ' Coraopolis, Penna. ' Arts; Sociology Joel A. Mickelberg ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Finance ' Loy- alists; Marketing Club; SAM. Leo Thomas Middlemiss Laurel Springs, N.J. ' Technical; AD and BCT Loyalists; Society of Automotive Engineers pres. Myra G. Middleton ' Marlton, N.J. Arts; Biology ' Elaine Paula Miffoluf Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Busi- ness ' Business Education Club 3. SaraMigden ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Social Administration; Social Welfare ' Loyalists1,2. John F. Miglio ' Yeadon, Penna. ' Communication; Journal- ism ' Karate Club 3,4; PRSA 4. 379 Doris E. Milbourne ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education Encore Club 4. KentM. Mileikis ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Marketing lce Hockey Club 3,4; Intercollegiate Conference on Gov ' t. 3; Mar- keting Club 3; Pre-Law Society 2,3. Janet Elizabeth Miles ' Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; Sociology Ann Marie Milewski Phlladelphia, Penna. Education; Nursing Education. Jack Edward Milkis Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Anthropol- ogy ' ROA 2,3, sec. 4; Scabbard and Blade Society sec. 3,4. Eugene H. Miller ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts Pre-Law Society 3,4. John F. Miller ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Geography Geographi- cal Association; Newman Club; President ' s Hosts; Student Coun- cil. Joyce Miller Philadelphia, Penna. Education Hillel 2. Karen A. Miller Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; French Alpha Lambda Delta; Le Petit Circle Francais. Lynne Dorothy Miller H addon Heights, N.J. ' Education; Elemen- tary ' Scott H. Miller North Hills, Penna. ' Arts; Psychology ' Richard Bruce Milrad ' Harrisburg, Penna. ' Arts; Biology Pi Lamb- da Phi; Biology Club 3; Film Society 1; Pre-Med Society 2; Resi- dent Men ' s Student Senate 4; Student Council 1; Student Union Board 1. Joseph Jerrold Mitala Trenton, N.J. ' Pharmacy ' Kappa Psi chap- lain; IF Basketball; IF Football. Felicia Mlynski Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Anthropology ' Pur- view International 3,4. Ellen Joan Moffa Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; English ' Richard Edward Mogel Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Manage- ment Gary M. Mogil Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Finance Zeta Beta Tau 1,2,3, treas. 4; Hillel 1; Loyalists 1,2; Pre-Law Society 4; Student Senate treas. 3,4; Young Democrats Organization 1,2, parliamentarian 3,4; Liaison comm. 2,3; lUC Executive comm. 3; Finance Dept. Representative 3,4; Business School Council vice- chrmn. 3; Faculty Senate Bookstore Committee 3,4; Senate Steer- ing Committee 2,3,4; Food Services comm. 2,3,4; Housing Task Force 3,4; Finance Society vice-chrmn. 3,4; IF Sports Council treas. 3,4; Faculty Senate Lectures comm. 3,4; Student Senate Procedures comm. 3,4. Arlene I. Mogilefsky ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts ' tl 380 Fredric |. Mogilefsky Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Distribu- tive ' C.E.S.A., vice-president 3, treasurer 4. Thomas C. Mogill ' New Hope, Penna. ' Music; Education ' Music Educators National Conference 4; Band 1,2,3,4; Phi Mu Alpha 2,3, treas. 4. Esther Moldavan ' Freehold, N.J. Arts; Psychology Hillel. Sandra Lynne Mollen ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Mathe- matics ' Cheerieaders 2,3,4. William John Molnar ' Lansdale, Penna. ' Arts; Math Edward F. Monaghan ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Economics m Caren Beth Monastersky ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Social Administra- tion; Social Welfare ' Social Welfare Student Union 3,4. Barbara Anne Montemuro ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Foreign Languages Gerard John Moore ' Education; History Newman Club 1,2; Freshman Basketball 1. Alfred Julian Morgan ' Moorestown, N. J. " Music Marcia Carol Morganstein ' Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; Psychol- ogy ' Alice Carol Mormar ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Elemen- tary James George Morphesis ' Broomall, Penna. Tyler; Painting Kenneth Alan Morris ' Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; Biology Biology Club 3,4; Pre-Med Society 4. Linda Susan Morris ' Kingston, Penna. Education; Elemen- tary CESA 4; TOP 4. i 381 Milton J. Moser ' Philadelphia, Penna. Business; Business Douglas F. Moses Andalusia, Penna. Pharmacy Kappa Psi; Loyalists; Opera Workshop; Rifle Club; Ski Club; American Phar- maceutical Association — Student Chapter; IF Basketball; IF Foot- ball. Morton Larry Moses Phlladelphia, Penna. ' Social Administration; Social Welfare Ida Rose Moskowltz Ventor, N.J. Arts Hillel 1; Intercollegiate Conference on Gov ' t. 2; Hardwick Junior Counselor 3; Hardwick Journal 2; Williams Hall Journal 1; Alpha Lambda Delta 1,2; Mag- net 4; Phi Alpha Theta 3,4, secretary 4. Joyce Linda Mouzon Philadelphia, Penna. ' Social Administration; Social Welfare Alpha Kappa Alpha sec. 2, pres. 3; Black Student League. Gregory Hart Moyer Bethlehem, Penna. ' Arts; Political Science Patricia M. Mrockowski ' Phlladelphia, Penna. Arts; Newman Club; Tembler. Donna K. Muchnick ' Cheltenham, Penna. Arts; Speech Phi Sigma Sigma 2,3, pres. 4; Mitten Student League 1; Student Union Board 1,2; Panhellenic Presidents Council 4; Judo Club 4; Magnet 4; Sigma Alpha Eta 3,4. Thomas J. Mullen ' Philadelphia, Penna. Business; Marketing Robert Joseph Muliigan ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Buslness; Account- ing SAM 4; Prep Program. Claire Marie Murphy ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education Geraldine Marie Murphy ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' E ducation Joanne Stanek Murphy Orexel Hill, Penna. ' Arts; Geog- raphy Geographical Association 3,4; Geological Society 4. Thomas Joseph Murphy ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Political Science William L. Murray ' Roebling, N.J. ' Technical; AD BC-T Sigma Alpha Epsilon 4. Susan E. Musselman ' Telford, Penna. Education; Elementary Elliott Marc Myers Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Manage- menfSAM 4; IM Basketball 2; IM Volleyball 2. Richard J. Naftulin ' Wyncote, Penna. ' Arts; Political Science ' Pre- Med Society 3,4; Ski Club 4; Chemistry Society 4; Pi Sigma Alpha 4; Distinguished Juniors 3; Political Science Newsletter Staff 4. I 382 nee ' Saundra Nager ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education Hemalatha Nallanna ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Math ' Purview International 2. Rita Kohn Nathanson ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elemen- tary Hillel; Student Tutorial Society. Albert M. Navarro ' Warminster, Penna. ' Education; Science ' BI- ology Club 3. Cheryl R. Neal ' Reading, Penna. Education; Nursing Marianne E. Nebel ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; English Leonard ). Needleman ' Collingswood, N.J. Business Marketing Club 3,4; Ski Club 4; Veterans at Temple 3,4; Young Republicans 4. Sandra H. Needleman Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elemen- tary ' lota Alpha Pi 1, parliamentarian 2,3,4; Panhellenic Council vice-pres. 4; Spirit Club 2. Sheldon Curtis Neff Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; Economics AII University Senate; Undergraduate Business Council; U.C.L.A.; Liberal Arts Curriculum and Instruction Comm. Nancy Lynn Neidhardt ' Philadeiphia, Penna. Education Alpha Sigma Alpha, Rush chrmn.; President ' s Hosts 2. James Boyd Nesbit ' Camphill, Penna. ' Arts; Science Varsity Fenc- ing 3,4; Varsity Tennis 3,4. Ellen B. Netsky ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elementary Margaret M. Nevins ' Philadeiphia, Penna. ' Education; Nursing Barbara D. Newman ' Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; Speech and Hearing Science ' Magnet; Sigma Alpha Eta; Readers Repertory. Terry L. Nickey ' Cariisle, Penna. Arts; History Pre-Law Society 4. Gail Diane Niden ' Philadelphia, Penna. Music Delta Phi Epsilon 1,2,3,4, receiving sec, vice-pres.; Concert Choir 1,2,3,4; Hillel 1,2,3,4; Music Educators National Conference 3,4; President ' s Hosts 1; Student Union Board 1,2. Alan Louis Niederman ' Broomall, Penna. ' Communication; Jour- nalism ' Student Union Board 2, chairman Special Events comm. 3,4; Temple News asst. city ed. 4; WRTI 1. Annette Ellen Noble ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Elemen- tary 383 Sherrie Caiman Noch ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elemen- tary ' David L. Norman Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Accounting Ac- counting Student Union. Joanne Novack Huntingdon Valley, Penna. ' Social Administra- tion; Social Welfare. David Andrew Novitsky ' Olyphant, Penna. Pharmacy Kappa Psi treasurer; Pharmacy Student Council 1,2,3,4, vice-pres., pres.; IF Football; IF Basketball. Lynn Novodvorsky ' Bayonne, N. J. ' Communications; Journal- ism ' Resident Women ' s Student Senate publicity chrmn. 2; Temple News Activities ed.. Special News ed.. Managing ed.; Public Relations Student Society 4; Theta Sigma Phi 3,4; Ski Club 2. Burtun L. Nussbaum ' Pittsburgh, Penna. ' Arts; General Science ' Tau Epsilon Phi, House Manager 3, Sergeant at Arms 4; HilleM; Hebrew Club 1,2; IF Football 23,4, Soccer 1,2,3,4, Swim- ming 1,2,3,4. John W. Oates ' North Wale s, Penna. ' Communication; Journal- ism David Joseph O ' Connell ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Ac- counting ' Veterans at Temple; Beta Alpha Psi. M. Kathleen O ' Hanlan ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Social Science ' Samuel Minodu Okoro ' Owerri, Biafra ' Education ' Purview Inter- national 2; Temple Christian Fellowship 2; Soccer 1, Tennis 1. Dori Rodin Olen Havertown, Penna. ' Education; Elementary ' Jerry A. Olshan ' Broomall, Penna. ' Arts; Biology ' Biology Club 3,4; Ski Club 3,4. Marie D. O ' Neill ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; English Mary Margaret O ' Neill ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Communication; Journalism ' Mitten Student League 2,3,4; Templar 2,3, sec. coor- dinator 4; Theta Sigma Phi 4. Robert F. O ' Neill ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Accounting ' Cheryl A. Opalack ' Pottstown, Penna. ' Arts; Geography ' Reader ' s Service for the Blind 1,2,3,4; Geography Council sec. 4. AnnMarie Patricia O ' Reilly ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elementary ' Sheldon Nathan Orkin ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Pharmacy ' Alpha Zeta Omega signare, directorum; Signa Phi Nil 1; WRTI 1; Ameri- can Pharmeceutical Assn. vice-pres. 4 4 384 iCIiib Swim- Marty H. Orlick ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Anthropology James David Ortner ' Wyncote Penna. ' Arts; Social Science Loy- alists 1,2,3; Young Democrats Organization 2,3, vice pres. 4. Norman Paul OstroH Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Physics Beverly Jane Overend Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Eng- lish ' Temple Christian Fellowship 1. Barry H. Oxenburg ' PhiladelphIa, Penna. ' Arts; History Pre-Law Society 4; Phi Alpha Theta 4. Harvey Aaron Oxenfeldt ' Penn Valley, Penna. Business; Account- ing President ' s Hosts 3; Student Union Board 3,4; Beta Alpha Psi 4. i l;Aiiie ' i- Mary Roberta Padberg Philadelphia, Penna. Education Kappa Delta Epsilon 1,2,3,4. Marguerita S. Page ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Social Wel- fare Social Welfare Student Union. Charles William Paiede ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; English £ Frank W.Palatucci Haskell, N.J. Education; English Student Tu- torial Society 1; IM Baseball; IM Football; IM Soccer. Jacqueline MillicentPaquin Sharon Hill, Penna. ' Arts; Art Richard J. Parente, Jr. ' Bethlehem, Penna. Pharmacy Phi Delta Chi, prelate 3; American Pharmaceutical Assn. 2,3,4; Penna. Phar- maceutical Assn. 3,4; IF Basketball. Michael Joseph Paretchan ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Man- agement Loyalists 2,3,4; SAM. Ellen Pariser ' Havertown, Penna. Arts; Political Science ' Young Democrats Organization 3,4. Gail Parker ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education Christian Science Organization 1,2, pres. 3,4; Spanish Club 1; EPICT 3,4. 385 Joan Lee Parkes ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Biology Jonathan Owen Parry ' Kensington, Conn. Tyler Student Council 1,2,3,4. Michael C. Pasquarello ' Philadeiphia, Penna. ' Business; Account- ing ' Harry Platton Pastuszek, Jr. Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; Political Science Patricia Ann Patterson Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Political Science New Student Workshop, group leader 3; Outing Club 2,3, pres. 4; Student Union Board, popular films comm. 3,4; Student Senate 4; U.C.LA. 4; Orientation Committee 4; Dis- cipline Committee 3,4; U.C.L.A. executive Comm., sec. 4; Magnet 4; Political Science Honor Society. Elliott Robert Paul Levittown, Penna. ' Communication; RTF Hjl- lell; WRTI 1,2,3,4. Isabel BrinaPaul ' Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; History William Gerald Paul Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Psychology MaryJ. Pavloski ' Fairless Hills, Penna. ' Arts; History Reader ' s Ser- vice for the Blind 2; Temple News 1; WRTI 1. Robert Pelsis Philadelphia, Penna. Buslness Resident Men ' s Student Association; SAM; Men Dorm Judicial Board 3; Intramu- ral Football 3. Lee Jay Peltzman Havertown, Penna. Arts ' Alpha Phi Omega 1,2,3,4, secretary; Intercollegiate Conference on Gov ' t. 4; Student Senate 4; Young Democrats Organization 2; Phi Alpha Theta; IM Baseball; IM Football. Diana R. Pepin ' Franklin, Mass. ' Arts; Mathematics ' Alpha Gamma Delta 1,2, treas. 3, pres. 4; Newman Club 1; PPC 4; Resident Women ' s Student Senate 3,4; IM Basketball 1,2,3; IM Volleyball 2,3. Lois Dale Perch Philadelphia, Penna. Social Administration; Social Welfare Temple News 2. Phyllis Susan Peritz ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Elementary Polly Elizabeth Perkins Ocean City, N.J. Tyler; Painting Stafford Dean Perkins Philadelphia, Penna. Business; Manage- ment SAM 4. Marsha Perlnian Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Elementary Dorothy A. Perrucci Plain Field, N.J. ' Communication; Journal- ism Bowling Club 3,4; Temple News 3,4; P.R.S.S.A. 4; Theta Sigma Phi 4; Templar 4. 386 lilical T ' Hil. Mary E. Perry ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; HPER ' Bowling Club 3; HPER Student Major Club 3,4; IM WAA. Delores C. Peters ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elementary Priscilla Annette Peterson ' PhiladelphIa, Penna. ' Education; HPER ' Black Student League 3; HPER Student Major Club; Delta Psi Kappa 1; IM Basketball; Varsity Gymnastics; IM Volleyball. Joan Marie Petrella ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Elementary, N.K.P. ' Newman Club 2,3,4; Kappa Delta Epsilon. Robert Thomas Petrosky ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Technical Fern Petrov ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Social Administration; Social Welfare Loyalists 1,2. b IS Iramu- l pha laH) Linda Ann Petti ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Psychology Mary Petzinger Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Nursing Wayne John Piersanti ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Philos- ophy " Karate Club 3,4; Philosophy Club 3,4. Martin B. Pincus ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Secon- dary SAM 2. Michele Wendy Pincus ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; French Le Petit Cercle Francais 3,4; U.C.L.A. — Rep. of French Dept. 3. John A. Pinti ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Pre-Law Lena Frances Pinto ' PhiladelphIa, Penna. Arts; English ' Newman Clubl. Mary Ann L. Pitingolo ' Philadelphia, Penna. Arts Newman Club 1,2. Ellyn Faith Plaskow ' Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; History Loyalists 1,2,3,4; Distinguished Juniors 3; Phi Alpha Theta 3,4. Eric Stephen Plaum Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Business and Law Pi Lambda Phi 1,2,3; Pre Law Society vice pres. 3,4; Steering Committee for Law and Business Curriculum 3,4; IF Baseball; IF Basketball; IF Football. Harry D. Pliscof Philadelphia, Penna. ' Communication; RTF Cynthia Rona Plotkin Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elemen- tary 387 loseph Bernard Polinski ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Pharmacy ' Kappa Psi; Rho Chi. La%vrence John Polis ' Camden, N.J. Education; Social Studies Anita S. Polish ' Phiiadelphia, Penna. Education; English Student Union Board; Templayers; Alpha Lambda Delta; Magnet. Linda Robin Pollack Phlladelphia, Penna. ' Social Administration; Social Welfare Social Welfare Student Union. NanqrJ. Pollack ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Social Welfare Steven I. Pollack Freeport, N.Y. Arts Kobert J. Pollock ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Nursing William Kalman Pollock ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Economics Patricia Ann Pondo Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; Psychology New- man Club. Harris Popolow ' Upper Darby, Penna. Business; Administra- tion — Management. Anthony J. Porter ' Philadelphia, Penna. Business; Account- ing ' Dean ' s List 2,3. Michael Raymond Porter Philadelphia, Penna. Business; Ac- counting I Jeffrey Portner ' Philadelphia, Penna. Tyler; Graphic Design Raymond Rene Poteau ' Media, Penna. Education; Business ' Pi Omega Pi. Sally Poulshock Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; Mathematics Anthony Joseph Povilonis, Jr. ' Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; Physics Richard Powell ' Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; Geography Geogra- phical Society 3,4; Student Council 3,4; Student Chairman of Ge- ography Undergraduate Council 4; President of Geography Club 4. Walter L. Powell Brookhaven, Penna. Technical; Architecture, AD and BCT A.I.A.; Sigma Alpha Eta 4. 388 Flora M. Prestileo ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; French George Priestly ' Philadelphia, Penna. Catherine Prioleau ' Philadelp hia, Penna. ' Education; Nurs- ing ' Black Student League. Robin Ann Procopio ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elemen- tary David James Puchalslci ' Dunmore, Penna. ' Education ' Mewman Club 2; IM Baseball 4; IM Basketball 4; Varsity Football 4; IM Track 4. Fienard Puliey ' Phlladelphia, Penna. ' Education; Social Studies Roselyn Purnell ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; English Peter D. Quick ' Stratford, N.J. ' Business; Law Veterans at Temple 1; Finance Society 1. Betty ). Quinn ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Music; Education ' Music Ed- ucators National Conference 3,4; Orchestra 1,2,3,4; Women ' s Glee Club 3,4. Rosalind G. Rabin ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Nursing Isabel Harriet Raboff Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Elemen- tary SkiClub1. Robert A. Racciatti ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Secondary John F. Raimondi Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; History Sallie Dana Rakoff Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Span- ish Spanish Club 1. Bonnie Phillips Ralph ' Secane, Penna. ' Education; Nursing ' t 389 William Henry Randel Hatsboro, Penna. ' Business; Marketing Israela Rath Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elementary Susan Klein Ravitz ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Tyler; Art Education. Florette Marie Rechnltz ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Spanish Cir- colo Italiano 3,4; Hispanic Cultural Society 3,4; Spanish Club 4; Sigma Delta Pi. Isabelle Frances Redden ' Rockledge, Penna. Educatlon; Elemen- tary Daniel N. Reddy Philadelphia, Penna. Business; Accounting Peter J. Reddy ' Philadelphia, Penna. Business Brenda Reed ' Philadelphia, Penna. Educatlon Alpha Kappa Alpha rec. sec. 1,2,3,4; Black Student League. Claire M. Regan ' Lafayette Hills, Penna. ' Arts; Social Science Michelle M. ReiberPhiladelphia, Penna. Soclal Administration; Social Welfare Margaret Reich ' Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; Sociology Temple Christian Fellowship 3, vice-pres. 4. Linda SpeachtReilly Fort Washington, Penna. ' Arts; Psychology Douglas George Reiner ' Elklns Park, Penna. Tyler Sally Jo Reiter Easton, Penna. Social Administration; Social Wel- fare ' Phi Sigma Sigma 1,2,3; Resident Women ' s Student Associa- tion 1,2,3,4; Student Union Board 1,2,3,4, co-chrmn. special events comm. 3,4; MOPSEE 1; Spirit Club 1; Social Welfare Student Union 3,4, program comm.; IM Basketball 1,2,3; IM Volleyball 1,2,3. Maryann Elizabeth Reitmeir Bethlehem, Penna. ' Social Adminis- tration; Social Welfare Newman Club; Ski Club; Social Welfare Student Union. Bonnie Rae Reskof ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Elementary Harold Rhode ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; History ' Eta Beta Rho 2,3,4; Phi Alpha Theta 2,3,4. laclynn Rice Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elementary ' 390 emet- f i Sharon Richman ' Philadelphia, Penna. •Communication; Journal- ism ' Theta Sigma Phi; Public Relations Student Assoc. 4, sec, treas.; Theta Sigma Phi. Steven A. Richman ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Social Adnnlnlstration; Social Welfare Loyalists 1,2,3,4. Marylou Riday ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education; French ' Ski Club 3. Jay Rigberg ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Buslness; Accounting ' Student Tutorial Society 3,4; Acc ' t Honorary, Treas. 3,4; Acc ' t Student Union, vice-pres. 3,4. Janet Frances Riley ' Phlladelphia, Penna. ' Education; Social Sciences ' Alpha Sigma Alpha Corresponding sec. 3, Recording sec. 4; Newman Club 1 ; Ski Club 4. David Conant Ringer North Wales, Penna. ' Communication; Theater Opera Workshop 2; Templayers 3; Vestpocket Theater 2. ation; Alan J. Rinkus ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Psychology Lawrence H. Ritman ' Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; Anthropol- ogy Reader ' s Service for the Blind 2,3. Ernest Paul Ritter ' Jacksonwald, Penna. Business Loyalists 2; Marketing Club 4. Kenneth Ritter ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Psychology Frances J. Rizzo ' Springfield, Penna. ' Education; Social Stu- dies Newman Club 3; Young Democrats 3. Bruce A. Robbins ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Pharmacy ' Alpha Zeta Omega sec. 4; American Pharmaceutical Association; Pennsyl- vania Pharmaceutical Association. neniafy " laRho Shirley Dolores Roblnson ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Educa- tion ' Reader ' s Service for the Blind 3,4. Susan Ellen Rochlis ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Eng- lish ' Coed Council 3; Hillel 1 ; Mitten Student League 1, Special Events chrmn. 2, pres. 3; Resident Women ' s Student Senate 3, Head Junior Counselor 4; Student Union Board 3; Kappa Delta Epsilon 3,4. Susan Alberta Rodgers ' PhiladelphIa, Penna. ' Education; Elemen- tary ' Newman Club 1; Young Republicans 1,2,3. Susan Roessel ' Newton, N.J. ' Arts ' Margaret Marie Roethe Wayne, Penna. ' Education; Elemen- tary ' Newman Club 1,2; Student Tutorial Society; Young Ameri- cans for Freedom. Barbara Ann Rogers Hatboro, Penna. ' Education; Elemen- tary ' Alpha Gamma Delta Corresponding sec. Homecoming chrmn. and Creek Sing Leader 3, Rush chrmn. 4; Loyalists 1; Newman Club Publicity chrmn. 1,2,3,4; Liaison Government 2,3; Hardwick Hall Floor pres. 3. 391 Barry Michael Rogers ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Social Studies Phyllis Elaine Rogers ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Political Science Sallie Erna Rogers ' Paterson, N.J. Arts; Psychology Sandra O. Rogers ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Sociology Bowling Club 3; Sociology Club 4. William Charles Rolar ' Shippensburg, Penna. ' Music; Applied Music ' Orchestra 1,2,3,4. Joseph H. Romano ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Communication; Jour- nalism Joseph Patrick Romano ' Philadelphia, Penna. Business; Business Law and Real Estate Archery Club 2; Chess Club 1 ,2; Pre-Law So- ciety 3; Real Estate Society 4. Billy Rose ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Fine Arts Robert Mitchell Rose ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education Angela Immaculate Rosella Philadelphia, Penna. Education; HPER HPER Student Major Club vice-pres. 2; S.E.S.A. 2; Delta Psi Kappa vice-pres. 2; Varsity Basketball 1; Varsity Hockey 1; Varsity Tennis 1. Patricia A. Roseman ' Woodbury, N.J. ' Arts; French Le Petit Cercle Francais 4; Varsity Gymnastics 4; IM Gymnastics 4. Paul Edmond Roseman ' Huntingdon Valley, Penna. Communica- tlon; Journalism Llterary Society 3; Stylus 3,4; Temple News edi- torial cartoonist 3,4; Young Democrats Organization 3,4; Public Relations Society 4; Journalism Student Council executive comm. 4. Ronald Craig Roseman ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Psychol- ogy ' Loyalists 3. Marcie Lynn Rosenbaum ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Communicatlon; Concert Choir 2; WRTI 3. Walter Hugh Rosenbaum ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Phar- macy American Pharmaceutical Assn.; Penna. Pharmaceutical Assn. Robert Charles Rosenberg ' Mount Vernon, N.Y. Business; Ac- counting IM Basketball 2,3; IM Softball 2,3,4. Barbara Nancy Rosenblithe ' PhlladelphIa, Penna. Arts; History Alan Rosenberg ' PhiladelphIa, Penna. Arts; History 392 Marc H. Rosenberg ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Communicafion; Journalism Hillel 3,4; Public Relations Student Society of America 4. Marshall J. Rosenberg ' Scranton, Penna. ' Business Hillel 4; Mar- keting Club 3,4; Resident Men ' s Student Association 4; SAM 3,4. Carol Sue Rosenblatt Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Sociology S Maxine Kay Rosenblum ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education Phi Sigma Sigma 1,2,3,4. Harry S. Rosenthal ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts IM Basketball 3,4. Susan J. Rosenthal ' Wyncote, Penna. Arts; English Delta Phi Epsilon; Purview International. Stanley I. Rosenwelg ' Bala-Cynwyd, Penna. Arts; History Hillel 1,2,3,4; Ski Club 1. Bernlce Ruth Rosner ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Mathe- matics Geraldine E. Ross ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Religion Norma Carol Rothbardt ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Educatlon; Ele- mentary Eugene Alan Rothenberg Philadelphia, Penna. Pharmacy Alpha Zeta Omega; IF Basketball; IF Football. Barry Marc Rothman ' Yeadon, Penna. ' Business; Market- ing Loyalists; Marketing Club pres.; WRTI; Varsity Gymnastics. Ina Rothman Philadelphia, Penna. ' Educatlon; Elementary ' Skl Club 2. Mitchell Jay Rothman ' PhiladelphIa, Penna. ' Business; Market- ing ' Marketing Club 3,4; Ski Club 4. Murray Harris Rothman ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Educatlon; Sec- ondary ROA2. 393 Ron P. Rothman ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Science Toby Rothman ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Elementary Paul Rovinsky ' Phiiadelphia, Penna. Business; Accounting Chess Club, P- " ' - ec. 4; Student Tutorial Society; Beta Alpha Psi. Joseph Scott Rowan ' Allentown, Penna. ' Business; Market- ing Alpha Chi Rho, President, treasurer F.C.C., chairman, senior gift committee; FPC 2,3,4; Marketing Club 3,4; SAM 4; Ski Club 3,4; Temple News 3,4; IF Baseball 2,3,4; IF Football 2,3,4; IF Swimming 2,3,4. Lawrence Josoph Rozanski Monroeville, Penna. ' Business; Indus- trial Management Karate Club 3,4; Newman Club 1,2,3,4; Varsity Football 1, Baseball 1,3. Fred E. Rubin ' Philadelphia, Penna. Business; Business and Dis- tributive Debra Kaufman Rubinsohn ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Elementary Jane E. Rudnick ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education Susan Rudolph ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elementary Francine A. Ruggieri Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Elemen- tary Maureen R. Ruggiero ' Merion Station, Penna. ' Arts; Sociology Lynn Karen Russeck ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elemen- tary Richard Eugene RusseI ' Lansdowne, Penna. ' Arts; Political Science ' Veterans at Temple 3. David Richard Russell Herndon, Penna. ' Arts; Chemistry ' Chem- istry Society 2. Anthony Charles Russo ' Norristown, Penna. ' Arts; Engiish ' New- man Club 3,4. Gloria lean Ruszkicwicz ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Chem- istry ' Chemistry Society Corresponding sec. 3,4; Alpha Lambda Delta 2. Richard Rutner ' Levittown, N.Y. Tyler; Painting Rosina Catherine Ryan ' Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; History £k 394 ((IIOI iDis. Marilyn Sabin ' Drexel Hill, Pa. ' Arts; Sociology Newman Club 3,4. Gary M. Sable ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Account- ing ' Spanish Club 1,2; Accounting Society 4; Judicial Board 2. Joseph C. Sado ' Conshohocken, Penna. ' Arts Barbara Ann Sadvoy ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Elemen- tary ' Student Tutorial Society; Kappa Delta Epsilon. Alan Barry Safian ' Broomall, Penna. ' Arts; Political Science Sheila L. Saldman ' Kingston, Penna. ' Arts; English ' Phi Sigma Sigma 1,2; Hillel 1; President ' s Host 1,2; Student Union Board 1; English Majors assn. 3. } David B. Sakas Cherry Hill, N. J. ' Business; Business Manage- ment ' Karate Club 2; SAM 4. Mary Lou Saldutti ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Spanish ' Marsha F. Sall ' Wyncote, Penna. ' Education; Elementary ' Kappa Delta Epsilon, publicity chairman 4; Hillel 3; Resident Women ' s Student Association. Anthony Peter Salmieri ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Pharmacy ' Kappa Psi. Theresa B. Salvlno ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elementary ' Howard L. Samit ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Accounting 1 Sandra C. Samit ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Business Steven S. Sampson ' Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; Physics Physics Undergraduate Curriculum Committee 3,4. Francine Pearl Samson ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elemen- tary Hillel 1 ; Eta Beta Rho 2,3,4. Samuel Michael Samuelian, Jr. ' Upper Darby, Penna. ' Com- munication; RTF Betty Sandelman ' Cleveland, 0. Arts; Engllsh ' Resident Women ' s Student Senate 1,2. Claire E. Sanders ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elemen- tary ' Mitten Student League 1, fund-raising 2, sec. 3, treas. 4; Student Union Board asst. publicity chrmn. 4; Templar trainee 1. 395 Ruth Linda Sanders Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Marketing Maureen Santangelo ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Foreign Languages ' Newman Club 3,4; Varsity Basketball 4. Doris Santiago ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elemen- tary ' Hispanic Cultural Society 4; Spanish Club 4. Joseph Peter Santini ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Technical; AD and BCT ' A.I.A. 3; Alpha Phi Delta. Cynthia Anne Satterfield ' Media, Penna. ' Arts ' Nancy Marie Savarese ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; History ' New- man Club 1,2,3,4; Circolo Italiano 3. Dona Ruth Saxanoff ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education ' Stewart H. Saxton ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Accounting Nicholas John Scafidi ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Political Science ' Robert V. Scannapieto Philadelphia, Penna. Music; Music Education ' Phi Mu Alpha 1. Barbara Ann Scavozzi PhiIadelphia, Penna. ' Education Ronald M. Schachere ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Pharmacy ' Alpha Zeta Omega, sub-directorum; Loyalists, 1,2; American Pharmaceutical Assn. 3,4; Penna. Pharmaceutical Assn. 3,4; Rho Chi; IF Basket- ball, Football. Ross N. Schaerer ' Phoenixville, Penna. ' Education; Social Studies ' Robert Schailey,|r. Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Speech ' Tem- players2,3; WRTI 1,2. Frank Thomas Schait ' Montclair, N.J. ' Business; Business Law WRTI 4. Ellen Ruth Schechter ' PhiladelphIa, Penna. ' Arts ' Phi Sigma Sigma 1,2,3,4; pledge mistress, homecoming chrmn.. Creek Sing chrmn.; Women ' s Glee Club 1 ; Club Blue and White 3,4. Edward H. Scheingold ' Trevose, Penna. ' Education; Elemen- tary ' Loyalists 2,3,4; Assistant Resident Assistant 4; IM Football 2. Betsy Ann Schenker ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Math 396 Mindie N. Schieken ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Biology ' Biology Society Chrmn. 4; Coed Council 4; Mitten Student League philanthropy chrmn. 2, corres. sec. 3, pres. 4; Student Union Board 4. Marlye C. SchiHrin ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; English ' En- core Club treas. 2. John Samuel Schleyer ' Norristown, Penna. ' Business; Account- ing ' lM Basketball; IM Football; IM Volleyball 2. Samuel Schlosberg ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Political Science ' Political Science Department Steering Committee. Marc Schmerln ' Johnstown, Penna. ' Arts; Psychology ' Bridge Club 1,2; Intercollegiate Conference on Government 4; Loyalists 1,2,3,4; Pre-Med Society 1,2,3,4; Tau Epsilon Phi 1,2,3,4; IF Basketball 2,3,4; IF Soccer 3,4. Allan Frederick Schmid ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Biology ' Var- sity Soccer 2,3,4. I Gail Ann Schmuckler Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Sociology ' Ski Club 3,4; Undergraduate Sociology Organization 3,4. Carole H. Schnee ' Phiiadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elementary Craig Schnee ' Upland, Penna. ' Arts; History ' Loyalists 2; Resident Men ' s Student Association 2; Temple News 1 ; Alpha Chi Rho, Rit- ual Officer, Pledge master; Phi Alpha Theta 3,4; Phi Eta Sigma 1,2,3,4; IF Baseball 1,2,3,4; Basketball 2,3,4, captain 3; Football 2,3,4; Soccer 2,3,4; Track 2,3,4; Volleyball 3,4; IM Soccer 1. it MarcS. Schnee ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Pharmacy Alpha Zeta Omega; American Pharmaceutical Association 3,4,5; Pennsyl- vania Pharmaceutical Association 3,4,5. Susan Schock ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elemen- tary Bowling Club 2; Hillel 1; President ' s Hosts 1,2,3,4, Secretary 4; Reader ' s Service for the Blind 2,3; TEMPLAR 2; Hardwick Hall Food Committee 3; Kappa Delta Epsilon 1,2,3,4. Nancy Elinor Schofield ' Springfield, Penna. Social Administra- tion; Social Welfare ' Charles Henry Schorpp ' Philadelphia, Penna. Business; Business Administration Catherine Saddux Schossberger River Edge, N.J. Arts; Art Le PetitCercle Francais 1; Modern Dance Club 4; Outing Club 1; Purview International 1; Stylus 4. William Frederick Schuler ' Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; Eng- lish ' Christian Science Organization 2,3, President 4; Ski Club 3; Student Union Board 4; Varsity Soccer 2, Crew 2,3,4. 397 Kare Lee Schultz High Point, N.C. ' Education; Dental Hy- giene American Dental Hygienists ' Association 1,2,3,4. Anita Schumer ' Phlladelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elementary Eileen Marsha Schwartz Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Ele- mentary Mitten Student League 3. Gail H. Schwartz Broomall, Penna. Social Administration; Social Welfare ' Social Welfare Student Union Curriculum chrmn. Hedy Brenda Schwartz Pottstown, Penna. ' Education; Elemen- tary Resident Women ' s Student Assoc, executive board 1. Herbert Mark Schwartz Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; Physics Hil- lel; Student Senate 3,4; Undergraduate Council of Liberal Arts 3,4; Basic Studies Summer Commission 4; Society of Physics Students 3,4; Sigma Pi Sigma 3,4. Ilene Brenda Schiffman Schwartz Philadelphia, Penna. ' Educa- tion; Distributive Marketing Club 1; Kappa Delta Epsilon 2. Jack Robert Schwartz Union, N.J. Arts; Chemistry Chemistry So- ciety 3,4. Maxeen Ellen Schwartz Philadelphia, Penna. Tyler; Craphics Ex- periment in International Living. Robert Bruce Schwartz ' Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; General Science Sheila Marsha Schwartz ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Ele- mentary Susan Bennett Schwartz ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education Frank J. Schweighauser Plymouth Meeting, Penna. Communica- tion; RTVF Film Society; Reader ' s Service for the Blind; Student Tutorial Society; Stylus; Veterans at Temple; WRTI; Communi- cations Freedom Society; TV Production Club; Webbed Foot Productions. Henry Charles Schweizer Philadelphia, Penna. ' Buslness; Market- lng MarkefingClub3. Diane Elizabeth Scott Willow Grove, Penna. ' Tyler; Sculpture Meredith Unger Scott Audubon, N.J. Education; Eng- llsh Tembler 2; Templayers 2; Ambler Dorm Council 1, treas. 2. Michael Lyn Searcy Malvern, Penna. Communication; RTF Sig- ma Pi 1, House Manager 2, Rush chrmn. 3, Sports chrmn. 4; ITV 4; IF Baseball; IF Basketball; IF Football; IF Soccer; IF Swimming; IF Track; IF Volleyball; IF Bowling. Sharon Kay Seeney Glen Mills, Penna. Educatlon 398 Social ation; Social Biology Biology iences ' Phi Sigma -ge 3; New tec. 3, vice-pres. 4; b-chrmn. 2; Im VolleybalM,2,3; Harriet A. Seffren ' Philadeiphia, Penna. ' Arts; Math Howard )ay Segal ' Phlladelphia, Penna. Business Marketing Club 3; ROA 1,2. Phyllis N. Segal ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education Stanley Carl Segal Bayonne, N.). ' Education; Social Studies Susan B. Segal ' Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; History Human Rela- tions Lab; Discount. Ronnie Segall ' Philadelphia, Penna. Educatlon; Elementary I Leslye Beth Seidman ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; History Lynne Rose Seidman ' Wallingford, Penna. Tyler; Painting Paul Joseph Seidman ' Philadelphia, Penna. Business; Business and Law lnsurance Society 4; Pre-Law Society programming chairman 3, president 4; Steering Committee Law and Business Curriculum chairman 3,4; Freshman Wrestling 1. Kenneth Robert Selbst ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Psychol- ogy Phi Eta Sigma 1,2,3,4. Ruth Selter ' Rego Park, N.Y. ' Education Mary Magdaline Serra ' Jeannette, Penna. Arts; Art Jeffrey Dean Servin ' Penn Valley, Penna. ' Business; Business and Law ' Pi Lambda Phi 1,2, Jr. Executive 3; Pre-Law Society 2,3,4; Student Senate; Business Steering Committee; IF Baseball; IF Basketball; IF Football. Jerald B. Serviss ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Political Science Pre- Law Society 4; Young Democrats Organization 2,3, pres. 4. Joseph Yates Seville ' Camp Hill, Penna. Arts; Political Science ' Young Democrats Organization 4. John Michael Sewell ' Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; Political Science ' Francine Jane Shaffer ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education Edward Gregory Shagen Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Mathe- matics 399 loan Elaine Shames ' Bromall, Penna. Education; Social Studies Neil Arthur Shanzer ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Buslness; Law and Business Pre-Law Society 3,4. Susan llene Shanzer Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Elemen- tary Hillel 2,3; Loyalists 3,4; Reader ' s Service for the Blind 2,3,4. Gail H. Schwartz B Welfare ' Social Wei Hedy Brenda Schwi tary Resident Worn Herbert Mark Schw lei; Student Senate 3,4; Basic Studies Si Howard Stanley Shapiro Altoona, Penna. ' Communication; Journallsm Templayers 1 ; Temple News copy editor 2, editorial page editor 3, managing editor 3, editor-in-chlef 4; WRTI 1,2; Sigma Delta Chi vice-pres. 4; Sword 4; English Honor Society 4. Richard B. Shapiro Phlladelphia, Penna. ' Education; HPER Phi Epsilon Kappa 3,4; HPER Student Major Club 3,4; Loyalists 2,3,4; IM Baseball 1,2,3,4, Basketball 1,2,3,4, Golf 1,2,3,4. Steven Shapiro Phlladelphla, Penna. ' Arts; Biology Edward Michael Shapson ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Communication; Journallsm ' Hillel 1; Loyalists 1,2,3,4; Student Council 3; Student Llnion Board 2; WRTI 1; Young Democrats Organization Director of Public Relations 3,4; Student Society of America 3,4. Michael Richard Sharp ' Phlladelphia, Penna. Business; Account- ing Maryann Eileen Sharpe Phlladelphla, Penna. Education; Eng- lish ' Newman Club 3; Temple Christian Fellowship 4. Shirley Anne Shaw ' Clnnaminson, N.J. ' Education; Elemen- tary Reader ' s Service for the Blind 2,3,4; XYW 3,4. Deborah Joyce Shayne Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; English Circo- lo Itallano 1. Stanley Daniel Shectman ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Ele- mentary S.E.S.A.; IM Baseball, Basketball, Football. William Joseph Sheehan ' Lansdowne, Penna. Education Loyalists 3,4; Newman Club 1,2; Varsity Crew 1,2,3,4, captain 3,4. Rosalie Shenkman ' Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; Engllsh Dlstin- gulshed lunlors. Carol Joyce Shensky ' Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; Speech Therapy ' Sigma Alpha Eta chrmn. 3,4. Dolores R. Shepherd ' PhlladelphIa, Penna. ' Educatlon; Social Studies. Susan Elizabeth Sher ' North Hills, Penna. Education Newman Club. Edward J. Sheridan Medla, Penna. ' Buslness; Accounting ' Beta Alpha Psi 1 ; Marketing Club 1 ; Reader ' s Service for the Blind 1 ; SAM 1 ; Veterans at Temple sec. 2. 400 George Joseph Sheridan ' Blackwood, N. J. ' Education; Social Studies ' Newman Club 4; IM Basketball. Jules Neil Sherman Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Biology Biology Club 2; Pre-Med Society 2. Karen Sherman Merion, Penna. Arts; Social Sciences ' Phi Sigma Sigma 1, homecoming chrmn. 2, member-at-large 3; New Student Workshop; Student Union Board 1 ,2, sec. 3, vice-pres. 4; Templar 2,3; Student Senate 4; Spirit comm. co-chrmn. 2; TUPENS 2; Hour of Pleasure 2; Project Seed 1 IM Volleyball 1,2,3; IM Basketball 1,2,3; President ' s Hosts 2. Lois G. Sherman Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elemen- tary ' Phi Sigma Sigma tribune 2, vice-pres. 3,4; Distinguished Junior 3; Student Union Board 2; Magnet 4. James Allan Shird Cape May Court House, N.J. ' Communication; Journalism ' Tau Delta Phi 1; Sigma Phi Nil 1; Temple News 1,2,3,4, city editor, editorial page editor, editor-in-chief; WRTI- FM News Director 3; Young Democrats Organization 1; Public Relations Student Society of America 3,4; Temple Free Press man- aging editor 3; Sigma Delta Chi 3,4, president. Barbara Renee Shocket ' Levittown, Penna. ' Arts ' Resident Wo- men ' s Student Assoc. 2,3,4; Resident Women ' s Student Senate 3; Williams Hall pres. 3; Williams Hall Board 3; Open House Comm. chrmn. 3; Big-Little Sister chrmn. 2. Patricia Gay Shoop York, Penna. ' Social Administration; Social Welfare ' Temple News 4. Alan Ira Shore ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Technical; Electronics En- gineering ' Loyalists 1,2,3,4; Young Democrats Organization Con- stitution and Bylaws Committee chrmn. 3,4; Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers 1,2,3,4. Harry R. Shugar ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Marketing ' Pi Delta Epsilon. Carolyn Siegel Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Elemen- tary ' Bowling Club 2; Modern Dance Club 2; President ' s Hosts 4; Reader ' s Service for the Blind 3; Student Tutorial Society 3. Ina Judith Siegel ' Woodbine, N.J. ' Education; Elementary ' Bruce Stephen Sigman ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Pharmacy ' Rho Pi Phi guardian of exchequer 1, chancellor 2; Pre-Med Society 1,2,3; Spanish Club 1; Mortar and Pestle Players; Penna. Pharmaceu- tical Assn. 3,4,5; IF Baseball, Basketball, Football. Earl L. Sigmund ' Philadelphia, Penna. Business; Account- ing ' Hillel2. Robert Stephen Sigovich ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Communica- tions ' WRTI 4. Laura Bernice Sikowitz ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elemen- tary ' Le Petit Cercle Francais 2; Philadelphia Tutorial Society 3. i 401 Mark Gerald SikowiU ' Phil adelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Mathemat- ics ' Vice-Director Pi Mu Epsilon 3,4; Student Senator 3,4. Paul Alex Siladi,Jr. Cornwells Heights, Penna. ' Business; Market- ing ' Sigma Pi vice-pres. 2; FCC; Marketing Club; IM Baseball; IF Baseball; IM Football; IF Football; IF Soccer. Alan MarkSilberman ' Philadelphla, Penna. Tyler; Painting M m Lynn Silberman ' Monroeville, Penna. ' Education Arlene C. Sitver ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; English Barbara M. Silver ' Philadelphia, Penna. Music; Music Educa- tion ' Music Educators National Conference 4, secretary; Orches- tra 4; Women ' s Glee Club 3. I Ilea M. Sllver ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Physics Hillel 1; Sigma Pi Sigma sec. and treas. 2,3,4. Louis Edward Silver ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Account- ing Accounting Society, promotional chrmn. 4; Committee to evaluate Business School Teachers 4. Marc I. Silver ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business ' F « .5 »N ki Natalie F. Silver ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education ' Ellen Linda Silverman Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Anthropol- ogy ' Mitten Student League 1,2. Ernesta Irene Silverman ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Nurs- ing ' ti llene Sue Silverman Levittown, Penna. ' Education; Elementary Fredric David Silvers Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Political Science Tau Epsilon Phi Committee chrmn.; Pre-Law Society 3,4; President ' s Hosts 3,4. Lynne P. Silvers Havertown, Penna. ' Education; Mathemat- ics ' Delta Phi Epsilon; Student Union Board 1,2,3. Earl L. Silver$tein Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Political Science ' BowlingClub2; Film Society 3; Loyalists 1,2,3,4; Pre- Law Society 3; Young Democrats Organization 3,4; IM Basketball 1,2,3,4, Football 1,2,3,4, Volleyball 1,2,3,4. Gay Flora Silverstein Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elemen- tary ' Linda S. Silverstein Philadelphla, Penna. ' Education; Elementary 402 Cynthia Simms ' Philadelphia, Penna. •Education; Dental Hy- giene ' Black Student League. Cheryl A. Simons ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; English ' Temple Christian Fellowship 3,4. Monica Annette Simyal Rosemont, Penna. ' Education; Busi- ness ' Newman Club 1,2. Karen Linda Singer ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Elementary Ruth D. Singer ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Elementary Albert). Singleton ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Philosophy. Ethel Sitelman ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Early Childhood and Elementary Hillel 1,2. Donald S. Sklar ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Finance ' Loyal- ists; SAM; Finance Society 3,4; chairman of Unification Commit- tee of Finance Society. Kenneth Skversky Philadelphia, Penna. ' Communication; RTF WRTI 3,4. Sheldon Barry Skversky ' Philadelphia, Penna. Business EiiseA. Slifkin ' Elkins Park, Penna. Education; Biology Phi Sigma Sigma, Ways and Means chrmn. 3,4; Pre-Med Society 3,4. Carol E. Smith Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Business ' Tempie Christian Fellowship 2. i Carole I. Smith Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; English Black Student League. Carolyn Elizabeth Smith ' Chester, Penna. Education; Social Ad- ministration ' Black Student League 2,3; Karate Club 1; Modern Dance Club 4; Resident Woman ' s Student Association 2,3; Woman ' s Glee Club 1,2,3,4; University Band 1. Eric D. Smith ' Philadelphia, Penna. Business Marketing Club 4; Ski Club 3. James Samuel Smith ' Tyler; Painting Joanne Helena Smith ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Chem- istry Newman Club 1; Chemistry Society 2,3,4, Publicity Com- mittee. Joyce Elaine Smith ' King of Prussia, Penna. ' Education; Nursing 403 Kirk W. Smith ' Pittsburgh, Penna. Business; Marketing ' Market- ingClub; Sigma Phi Epsilon 3. Michael j. Smith ' Lauredale, Penna. ' Business; Account- ing ' Loyalists 2,3; New Student Workshop 3; Newman Club 2; Resident Men ' s Student assn. 2,3; Resident Men ' s Student Senate 2,3; Temple News 2; WRTI 2; Young Republicans treas. 2,3,4; Beta Alpha Psi 3,4. Paul Joseph Smith Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elementary Richard Frank Smith Phlladelphia, Penna. ' Business; Finance ' Fi- nance Society 4, chrmn., program committee. SusanneSmith ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; French ' Mitten Stu- dent League 1; Purview International 1; Ski Club 3. Victor Donald SmIth ' Red Lion, Penna. ' Arts; Speech ' Debating Club 1,3; Reader ' s Theater 2,3,4. Martin Saul Smukler ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Biology ' Lynne Sharon Snethen ' Drexel Hill, Penna. ' Arts; French ' Alpha Sigma Alpha 1,2,3, sec. 4; Le Petit Cercle Francais 2; Loyalists 2; Student Tutorial Society 1; University Disciplinary Committee 2,3,4. Russell Michael Sniady Freedom, Penna. ' Tyler; Graphic Design Milton Albert Snyder, Ill ' Upper Darby, Penna. Buslness Karate Club; Pre-Law Society Rifle Club. Charles Snyderman ' Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; History Spencer E. Snyderman ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Account- ing ' Marketing Club 3,4, vice-president of advertising; Account- ing Steering Committee; IM Baseball 3,4; IM Basketball 3. I Jean M. Sobota ' Palmerton, Penna. ' Education; Dental Hygiene ' Marlene Soffer ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elementary ' Film Society 1; Modern Dance Club 1. Harvey Alan Solfer ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; History Tau Epsilon Phi scholastic chrmn. 2; collections 2,3, ad chrmn. 3, scribe 3,4, spring chrmn. 4; ROA; Scabbard and Blade 3,4; IM Football 3,4; IM Soccer 2,3,4; IM Softball 3,4; IM Swimming 2,4. Harris lay Sokoloff ' Bethayres, Penna. Arts; Philosophy Pi Lamb- da Phi — Marshall; Bridge Club 1; Philosophy Club 4; Templar 4; Temple Free University Provost 4; IF Soccer, Volleyball, Handball. Philip Charles Sokoloff ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; English ' Hillel Chorale 1,2,3,4; La Mama ' s Children 3. Stanley Jay Sokolove Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Account- ing ' Pre-Law Society 3,4; Volleyball 2. 404 i itate Steven Harris Sokolove ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Psychol- ogy Pre-Med Society 3,4. Lawrence Lee Soloff ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Accounting Audrey loan Solomon ' Pittsburgh, Penna. ' Tyler; Ceramics. Marcia Ellen Solomon Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; English ' Mitten Student League 1; Templayers 2. Raymond M. Solomon ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Psychology Roberta H. Sonconle ' Philadelphia, Penna. Social Administration; Social Welfare Loyalists 1,2; Newman Club 1,2, social director 3,4; Spanish Club 1. Linda Bette Sonkin Ventnor, N.J. ' Arts; Sociology Paul Warren Sonstein ' Cherry Hill, N.J. Arts; Political Science German Club 1,2,3,4; Student Council 3,4; Student Senate 3,4; Political Science Steering Committee 4. Barbara Anne Sorbini ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Social Welfare Newman Club 1; Social Welfare Student Union 3,4. George T. Sosnow Philadelphia, Penna. Business; Marketing ' Myron Drew Spanier Brooklyn, N.Y. Business; Business Ad- ministration; ROA; IM Football; Varsity Crew. Arthur Robert Sparrow, Jr. ' Philadelphia, Penna. " Business; Economics ' Linda Butler Sparrow ' King of Prussia, Penna. Education; Spanish Student Council 1. Cecelia Specter Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; English Mark Jay Spector ' Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; Biology 405 Susan Elizabeth Speed ' Clenside, Penna. Education; Elemen- tary ' Newman Club 1,2,3. Reginald L. Speir Bedford, Penna. ' Arts; Psychology ' Sigma Pi Herald, First Counselor; Concert Choir 1; Intercollegiate Confer- ence on Government 1,2; Loyalists 1,2,3; Resident Men ' s Student Senate 1, vice pres. 2; Ski Club 1,2,3,4; Student Council 1,2; IF Baseball 2,3,4, Basketball 2,3,4, Football 2,3,4; Soccer 2,3,4, Swim- ming 2,3,4; Varsity Tennis 1,2; IF Track 2,3, Volleyball 2,3,4. Ronald W. Spiegel ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Account- lng Loyalists 1,2,3, president 4; IM Baseball coach 1,2,3,4; IM Basketball coach 2,3,4; IM Football 2,3,4. Jon Deiches Spielberg Edison, N.J. ' Communication; RTF Dormi- tory Resident Assistant; University Film Association; Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers. Tobin Spirer ' Levittown, Penna. ' Arts; English ' Chess Club 2; Student Council, pres. Ambler Campus 2; Tembler-Ambler Campus 2; Men ' s Judicial Board, Ambler, chrmn. 1; English Honor Society 3,4; Temple Tutorial Society 4; Distinguished Juniors 3; Sword Society 4; Varsity Fencing 3,4. Lillian Splro ' Philadelphia, Penna. Tyler; Printmaking ifei | Roslyn F. Spitalny ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education; French and Spanish Gary Stuart Spivack ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Political Science ' ROTC Student Council Jr. Rep.; Pi Sigma Alpha. Reese W. SpoKard ' Ardsley, Penna. ' Business; Marketing Janet Spritzler ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elemen- tary ' Student Council 1; Temple News 2. Joseph Edwin Spuhler ' Wildwood, N.J. ' Business; Manage- ment ' Marketing Club 4; SAM 4; Ski Club 3,4; IF Baseball 2, Basketball 2, Football 2. Donald Lee Staley ' Kulpsville, Penna. ' Business ' SAM; IM Basket- ball 3, Football 3. i( Helen Stanek ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education ' David P. Staneruck ' Clenside, Penna. ' Business; Pre-Law ' Pre-Law Society; SAM. Jean A. Stango Philadelphia, Penna. ' Music; Education ' MusIc Ed- ucators National Conference 3,4; Orchestra 1,2,3,4; Women ' s Glee Club 3. Joan Barbara Staple ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elemen- tary ' J. Thomas Stavely ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Accounting ' Mark S. Steciw ' Swarthmore, Penna. ' Educafion ' Loyalists 3,4, IM Baseball; IM Football; IM Soccer; IM Track. 406 (Of Sandra Lynn Steiker ' Clifton, N.J. ' Arts; Psychology ' RivaSteiman ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; French Hillel 1,2; Le Petit Cercle Francais 2; Spanish Club 1. Michele Frances Stein ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Tyler; Painting Michele Paula Stein Huntingdon Valley, Penna. Educatlon; Elementat7 Mitten Student League 3. Roberta Naomi Stein ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Elemen- tary Hillel 1 ; Mitten Student League 2,3; Student Tutorial Society 2,3; Student Union Board 1; Distinguished Juniors. Deborah P. Steinberg ' Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; English Coed Council 4; Hillel 1,2,3; Le Petit Cercle Francais 3; Reader ' s Ser- vice for the Blind 1 ; Resident Women ' s Student Assoc. 2; Resi- dent Women ' s Student Senate 3; Reader ' s Theater 2,3; XYW, Sec. 2, Treas. 3, pres. 4. lasket- Sheryl Linda Steinberg Education; Elementary Willa L. Steinman Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Nurs- ing Biology Club; Film Society; Ski Club; Student Tutorial Soci- ety. Patricia Ann Stepsus Drexel Hill, Penna. ' Education; Nursing Education Newman Club 1,2. BerniceStern ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Elementary Garry H. Stewart ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Biology John S. Stewart, Jr. Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Secondary JAW Sandra Arnetta Stewart Philadelphia, Penna. Social Administra- tion; Social Welfare Delta Sigma Theta soc. chmn. 2,3,4; Distin- guished Juniors. Sandra Lee Stewart Philadelphia, Penna. Communication Brent Lee Stine Harrisburg, Penna. Arts; Political Science Carol Gayle Stit2er Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Elementary Mary Edith Stockwell Philadelphia, Penna. Communication; Theater Readers Service for the Blind 2; Reader ' s Theater 3; Templayers 1; Philadelphia Tutorial Project 2,3. Harry M. Stokes Horsham, Penna. Business; Business Adminis- tration — Law Sigma Phi Epsilon sports chairman 1,2, tournament chairman 2,4; Controller 3; Loyalists 4; Nevtrman Club 1. 407 Virginia C. Stokes ' Drexel Hill, Penna. ' Education; Elemen- tary ' Bowling Club 1,2; Modern Dance Club 2; Newman Club 3,4. loseph Edward Stolnis Drexel Hill, Penna. ' Education; Second- ary Newman Club 2. Randy Fleishman Stone ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Sociol- ogy ' Loyalists 2; Ski Club 2; Social Service in Action 2; Student Tutorial Society 2; Sociology Club 2. Sanford Bruce Stone ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Psychology. Virginia Lynne Stone ' Cinnaminson, N.J. Arfs Signfia Alpha Eta 3,4. Dennis Bruce Stoner Hershey, Penna. Communicatlons; RTF Reader ' s Theater 3; Templayers 1; WTRI 1. loseph Strampello ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Social Stud- ies ' Alpha Phi Delta. )ohn C. Strauer ' Miiiersburg, Penna. ' Arts; History ' Phi Alpha Theta, Alpha Chi Rho 1, chaplain 2, member-at-large 3,4. Iris Lynne Straus Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Elementary Franklin David Strong ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Biology ' Blol- pgyClub; Hillel; Biology Society; Chemistry Society. Linda Marie Stutz Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; English Stephen Joseph Sudall ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Business Law ' Newman Club; Pre-Law Society; Rifle Club. Philip John Suhocki ' Trevose, Penna. ' Communicatlon; RTF ' Cine- matography Club 3; WRTI 3. Maurice Swartz Philadelphia, Penna. ' Debating Club; SAM. Karen Barrie Swidler ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; English ' Literary Society; Modern Dance Club; Templayers; Vestpocket Theater. Bohdan J. Swidrak ' Bridgeton, N.j. ' Arts; HJstory ' Ukrainian Club 3; History Majors Club, Advising comm. 3,4; Varsity Soccer 1,2,3,4. Akos S«vierkiewicz Stroudsburg, Penna. Purview International 1,2, Cultural chrmn. 3, pres. 4; Student Union Board Inside Lec- tures chrmn. 2. Switlana Szumskyj Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elemen- tary ' 408 i Diane D. Szymborski ' Education Francine Tafflin ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education Les R. Tager Hartford, Conn. ' Arts; Physics ' Student Council; Sigma Pi Sigma vice pres. 2, pres. 3; AT T 3,4. Miguel E. Tamayo ' Phiiadeiphia, Penna. ' Pharmacy ' Kappa Psi; American Pharmaceutical Assn. Ted |. Tanenbaum ' Roslyn, N.Y. ' Arts; Political Science Pre-Law Society 1,2; Johnson Hall Men ' s Senate 3,4; Social Chairman Johnson Hall 4; Homecoming Committee 3,4; Open House Com- mittee — Johnson Hall 4; Dorm Weekend Committee 1,2; Politi- cal Science Majors ' Association 3,4; IM Basketball 1,2,3,4; Soccer 1,2,3,4. Edwin M. Tanner ' I vyiand, Penna. ' Business Varsity Soccer 2,3,4. i siness Ruth R. Tanur ' Pittsburgh, Penna. ' Education; Elementary ' Phi Sigma Sigma rush chairman 3, homecoming chairman 3, treas. 3,4, Creek Weekend Committee 3; Hillel 1. Ghana TaradaJsky ' Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; Hebrew ' Hillel 1; Eta Beta Rho. Hsiung Tarasanar Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business Marketing Club 4; Purview International, Publicity Chairman 2, Vice-Pres. 4; Student Union Board 2. Ann RookiinTarlow ' Jenkintown, Penna. Education; Elementary Joy Michele Tamoff ' Bryn Mawr, Penna. Education; Elemen- tary ' Student Union Board 2,3,4; Young Democrats Organization 1. LeahTarshish ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Tyier; Painting ' r ional .[ec- Christopher John Tatreau ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elementary ' Joseph A. Teofiial Chester, Penna. ' Technical; Mechanical En- gineering ' Society of Automotive Engineering treas. 3. Anthony Albert Tereo ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Psychol- ogy ' Ski Club. T - f 409 BohdanTerlecky ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Biology Jacqueline Diana Testa ' Merion, Penna. ' Communication; Theatre Templayers 2,3,4. Mary Jude Teter ' Jessup, Penna. Arts; English ' Mitten Student League 2; Newman Club 2,3,4. Gary Leonard Theodore ' Allentown, Penna. Business Alpha Phi Omega 2, corresponding sec. 3,4; Debating Club 2; Hillel 2,3,4; Loyalists 2,3,4; Marketing Club 2,3,4; SAM 2,3,4; Student Union Board 3,4; Young Democrats Organization 2,3,4; Golf Club 3, vice pres. 4; Carnival Committee 3; Marketing Department Student Organization 2,3,4; IM Baseball; IM Basketball; IM Soccer. Paul Roland Therrien ' Somerdale, N.J. ' Arts; Math John Adong Thich ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Biology Club 2; Newman Club 1; Purview International 1,2,3; Pre-Med Society 1,2,3; SCAC 3; Philadelphia Tutorial Project 2. hdl John Clair Thomas ' Runnemede, N.J. ' Education; Mathematics Ronald James Thompson ' Ambler, Penna. Business; Law and Business Beverly A. Thrasher ' Philadelphia, Penna. Communication; RTF Templayers 2,3,4. Paul Gerard Tierney ' Springfield, Penna. Business; Manage- ment Marketing Club 2,3,4; SAM 3,4. Janice G. Timerman Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Foreign Languages Phi Delta Pi (French). William Edgar Tirill ' Warminster, Penna. Arts; Philosophy Allan N. Tischler ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Chemistry Russell Lawrence Tobias ' Abington, Penna. ' Arts ' Outing Club 2,3, treas. 4; Society of Physics Students 3,4; Sigma Pi Sigma 4; Pi Mu Epsilon. Robert Joshua Tohzi$ Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Biology ' Biology Club 3,4; Hillel 1,2,4. J hd Mitchell Toll ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; English ' TEMPLAR pho- tographer 1 ,2,3,4; Sigma Pi Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma; AT T 3,4. Stephen David Toltzis ' Yeadon, Penna. ' Arts; Philosophy ' Karate Club 3,4. Anthony Kenneth Tomasello ' Hammonton, N.J. ' Communica- tions; RTF ' Alpha Phi Delta 2,3,4; IF Football; IF Soccer; IF Track. % 410 Terrence Louis Tomasello ' Hammonton, N.J. Arts; Sociology Toni W. Tomei ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Biology Biology Club 3,4; Newman Club 1,2,3,4; Pre-Med Society 1,2. William Tonuci ' Philadelphia, Penna. Business; Account- ing Newman Club 1. David Israel Toof ' Philadelphia, Penna. Arts Pi Mu Epsilon 3,4. David Emit Tordone ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Market- ing Marketing Club 4; Varsity Basketball 1,2,3,4; IM Soccer; IM Softball. Mark B. Torpey ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Geology ' Anthropol- ogy 2,3,4; Geological Society 2,3,4. Stuart Allan Torrey ' Swarthmore, Penna. ' Arts; Political Science Alpha Chi Rho 1,2,3; Pre-Law society 1; Varsity Baseball 3; IF Baseball 1,2,3; IF Basketball 1,2,3; IF Football 1,2,3. Robert E. Tramo Philadelphia, Penna. Business Real Estate Soci- ety 3. Mary Jane Trani ' Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; Psychology mSak wk Suzanne M. Treis ' Southampton, Penna. Social Administration; Social Welfare Social Welfare Student Union 3,4. Marcia Leone Trinkley ' Yardley, Penna. Education; HPER Delta Psi Kappa treas. 3, corres. sec. 4; Coed Council 4; HPER Student Major Club 3,4; Modern Dance Club 4; Women ' s Athletic Associ- ation vice-pres. 3. ZdzislawTrocki ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Market- ing Marketing Club 4; Newman Club 2; SAM 3, vice-pres. 4; Fi- nance Society 4. Lawrence Jerry Troise ' Clenside, Penna. Technical; AD and BCT ' A.I.A. 4. Mary L. Trusty ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Social Studies Edward J. Trzcinski ' Camden, N.J. Arts Phi Kappa Theta 2,3,4, vice-pres. 4, FCC rep. 3; Loyalists; Newman Club; IF Baseball; IF Basketball; IF Football; Varsity Crew 3,4. Bonnie Tucker ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Elementary ' Linda J. Turnbaugh ' Harrisburg, Penna. ' Arts; Sociology ' Resident Women ' s Student Association 3,4; Young Democrats Organiza- tion 4; Sociology Club 3,4. Jaclynn Rose Turner ' Eddystone, Penna. ' Music; Applied Music Education ' Women ' s Glee Club 2,3,4; Chorus 1. 411 Patricia Ann Tusavitz ' Elkins Park, Penna. ' Modern Dance Club 2; Newman Club 1,2,3; Sigma Alpha Eta 3. Nancy J. Tyer ' Phiiadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Social Sciences ' New- man Club. Carol H. Ufberg Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elementary Phi Sigma Sigma 1,2,3,4; IM Volleyball; IF Volleyball. Mardys C. Ulan ' Hackensack, N.J. ' Arts; Mathematics ' Con- science; Student Senate. Raymond E. Ulmer, Jr. ' Upper Darby, Penna. ' Communication; Journalism ' Temple News 3, Copy Editor 4; Sigma Delta Chi 3, Sec. 4; Public Relations Student Society of America 4, pres. 4; IM Softball, Basketball. Kathleen M. Underwood Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Math ' kt Kathleen Leslie Uphoff ' Stamford, Connecticut ' Education; Ele- mentary ' Alpha Gamma Delta activities chrmn.; Resident Assis- tant 4; Magnet; IM Basketball 1; Varsity Swimming 2; IM Volleyball 3. Larry Urofsky Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elementary Sheri Vale Utain Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education ' Kappa Delta Epsilon2,3. William George Vair ' Philadelphia, Penna. Pharmacy; Pharmacy Bruce Edward VanDyke ' Upper Darby, Penna. Education; Business ' Men ' s Glee Club 1; Representative for Secretarial Studies Student Senate 4; Freshman Basketball 1. Lois Fay Van Sciver ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; English Barbara Sue Van Tosh Reading, Penna. Education; HPER ' Delta Psi Kappa 3, treas. 4; HPER Student Major Club 3, treas. 4; Syn- chronized Swimming Club 3,4; Women ' s Athletic Association 1,2,3,4; Magnet 4; University Senate 3,4; Varsity Swimming; IM Volleyball. Susan Joan Varani ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; English Newman Clubl. Elizabeth Anne Varga ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elemen- tary ' Newman Club 1. David R. Vaughn ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; HPER ' Phi Kappa Theta, religious chrmn. 2, vice-pres. 3; HPER Student Major Club; Varsity Football 2,3,4; Varsity Track 1,2,3,4. Mark Louis Venit ' Havertown, Penna. ' Arts; Political Science ' Comm. Against Communist Ideology 1,2,3; Temple News, political columnist 1,2,3,4; WRTI newscaster 1,2; Young Americans for Freedom 1,2,3,4; Young Republicans 1,2,3,4; League for Better Student Government 2,3. Marilyn Sue Verbits ' Drexel Hill, Penna. ' Education; Elementary 412 Dominic Louis Visco ' Southampton, Penna. ' Arts; Mathemat- ics-Alpha Chi Rho 2,3, Rush chrmn. 4; IF Baseball; IF Basketball; IF Football; IF Volleyball. Patrick A. Vitale ' Lansdale, Penna. ' Arts; Psychology Inter- collegiate Conference on Gov ' t 2,3; Newman Club 1,2,3,4; Student Council 1 ; Board of Governors, ROTC, Pres. Paul C. Vitt Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Sociology ' Sociology Majors Organization 3,4; U.C.L.A. 3. Robert Matthew Vitullo Elizabeth, N.). ' Communication; RTF ' Templayers; WRTI 3. Warren Vogel ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Political Science ' Pre- Law Society 2; Pi Sigma Alpha. Anna Louise Maria Votta Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Social Studies ' XYW 3, secretary. micy ' I Marsha Wachs ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Business Educa- tion ' Business Education Club 2. Jane Edith Wagman Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elemen- tary ' Janice Susan Wagman ' Dresher, Penna. ' Education; Elemen- tary ' S.E.S.A. 3,4; Templar 2; Temporary Election Board 3,4; CESA 3,4. Lois Wagner ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; English ' Philadelphia Tu- torial Society 3. Wolfgang Wagner ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Political Science ' Ronald Waigenfeld ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Clifford Oneal Waiters Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Political Science ' James P. Walker ' Colwyn, Penna. ' Communicatlon ' Temple News 3. Allen R. Walsh Philadelphia, Penna. ' Pharmacy ' Phi Delta Chi pledgemaster 4; American Pharmaceutical Association; Pennsyl- vania Pharmaceutical Association. 413 Edward John Wargo ' Roebling, N.J. Pharmacy Phi Delta Chi pres., vice-pres.; pres. freshman class, pharmacy. George Raymond Warner ' Phiiadelphia, Penna. Arts; Biol- ogy Biology Club 3,4; Pre-Med Society 3,4. Theodore Connell Warner IV Haddon Heights, N.J. Arts; Psychology Tracey Warner ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Psychology Debbie S. Wasserman Philadelphia, Penna. ' Social Administra- tion; Social Welfare. Michael B. Wasserman ' Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; Chem- istry Pre-Med Society 2,3,4; Ski Club 4; Young Democrats Or- ganization; Chemistry Society 3,4, sec. 4; Tau Delta Phi. Joseph James Waters Norristown, Penna. Business Accounting; Loyalists. James Watson Wendel, Penna. Communication; Journal- ism Temple News 3; IM Football 1,2,3,4. Joyce Anne Watson Feasterville, Penna. ' Education; Elemen- tary Conscience 1. Ronald A. Watson Bristol, Penna. Arts; Biology Ernest Sutton Waugh Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; Engllsh Black Student League 2. William I. Weaver, Jr. Morrisville, Penna. ' Business; Business and Law Marketing Club 4. Bonnie Norma Weber Philadelphia, Penna. Education Delta Phi Epsilon 1,2,3, pledge mother, corres. sec; Mitten Student League 1; Student Union Board 1; Carnival Steering comm. 1. Bruce Alan Weikel Sellersville, Penna. Education; Business Anita B. Weinberg Philadelphia, Penna. Social Administra- tion lota Alpha P1 1,2,3,4; Social Welfare Student Union secy. 3,4; Magnet 4. Michael Aaron Weinberg ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Social Adminis- tration; Social Welfare ' Alpha Epsilon Pi 4. Michael S. Weiner Philadelphia, Penna. Education Samuel H. Weiner Swarthmore, Penna. ' Communication; RTF 414 Adrienne Weinstein Philadelphia, Penna. Arts Dona Dee Weinstein ' Upper Darby, Penna. ' Arts; Psychology Lauren Gloria Weinstein ' Trenton, N.j. ' Music ' Sigma Alpha lota 2,3, sec. 4; Music Educators National Conference 2,3,4; Orchestra 2,3,4; Symphonic Wind Ensemble 1; Women ' s Clee Club 3; Uni- versity Band 1,2,3,4. Sharon ZeldaWeinstein Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Ele- mentary Readers Service For The Blind 1. Sherry Weinstein Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; Elementary Irene Weintraub ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; NKP Philip Weintraub Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Accounting Be- ta Alpha Psi 3,4; Beta Gamma Sigma 4. Miriam R. Weisbein ' PhiladelphIa, Penna. ' Arts; Mathemat- ics " Delta Phi Epsilon 1,2,3,4; Alpha Lambda Delta 1,2; Pi Mu Epsilon 3,4; Distinguished Juniors 3. Michael John Weisel ' Allentown, Penna. Arts; Political Science ' Karate Club 2,3. David Gregory Weisenthal ' Philadelphia, Penna. Business Pi Lambda Phi Housing Committee 2,3, chairman Miss Incoming Freshman Contest 4; Loyalists 2,3; Marketing Club 4; Pre-Law So- ciety 4; Ski Club 4; Real Estate Club 4; IM Sports 2,3,4. Robert Russell Weiser ' Hershey, Penna. Communication; Journa- lism Elliot Howard Weiss ' Philadeiphia, Penna. ' Arts; Anthropol- ogy ' Purview International 4. RTf Florence Geraldine Weiss ' Philadeiphia, Penna. ' Communica- tion WRTI 1, exec. 2,3, special features director 4; Young Demo- crats Organization 1,2. Lynne Shari Weiss ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Psychol- ogy ' Reader ' s Service for the Blind 2,3; Psychology Majors Steer- ing Committee 3,4. David Weissberger ' Scranton, Penna. ' Arts; Biology ' Hillel 1,2,3, board member 4; Loyalists. Joyce Weissman Melrose Park, Penna. ' Education; Elementary ' Chipp Davis Wells ' Fairfield, Conn. ' Tyler ' Harry Vincent Wendt ' Westmont, N.J. ' Business; Marketing ' 415 r Brenda G. Wesley Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; Spanish ' SCAC 2,3,4; UCM 1,2,3,4. Kenneth Wessel ' Ardmore, Penna. Arts; Political Science Pre- Law Society 3,4. Barbara Jane West ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Elemen- tary Alpha Lambda Delta. James). Whelan ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education; English ' Varsity Swimming 1,2,3,4, captain. Howard Charles Whlte Coafesville, Penna. ' Arts Steven Lowell Whitney Drexel Hill, Penna. ' Arts; Sociology ' lce Hockey Club 3,4. Marilyn Widman Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Elemen- tary ' Temple News 2; Women ' s Glee Club 2; Temple McCarthy Comm. co-ordinator 3; Kappa Delta Epsilon 3,4. Thomas J. Wieczekzak Metuchen, N.J. ' Business; Manage- ment ' Sigma Phi Epsilon rec. sec; Loyalists 1; University Judicial Board 3,4; University Disciplinary Comm. 3,4; Varsity Basketball 3,4; IM, IF Baseball 3,4; IM, IF Football 3,4. Susan Wilen Wiener Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Mathematics Aston B. Williams Atlantic City, N.J. Arts; History ' Black Student League 1,2,3,4; Pre-Med Society 1; Reader ' s Service for the Blind 2,3,4. Diana Lynn Williams Pleasantville, N.J. ' Education; Elemen- tary Zeta Phi Beta 2,3,4. Elizabeth Ann Williams Summit Hill, Penna. Pharmacy Lambda Kappa Sigma 3,4,5; American Pharmaceutical Assn. 3,4,5; Penna. Pharmeceutical Assn. 4,5; Student Council 5; Student Senate 5; Mortar and Pestle Players 3. Paul Perry Williams ' Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; Sociology Black Student League 1. StevenP. Willis Woodbridge, N.J. ' Arts; History lce Hockey Club 2,3; Loyalists 1,2; Ski Club 2,3; IM Football 1,2, Basketball 1,2,3,4, Softball 1,2,3,4, Referee. Alan Jay Winderman Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; French Hillel 4; Student Tutorial Society 3; Phi Delta Phi 3; IM Baseball 1; IM Basketball 1. Howard Neil Winikur Havertown, Penna. Business; Market- ing Alpha Phi Omega 2,3, sec. 4; Marketing Club 4; IF Football 3,4. Jamie Sharon Winn Broomall, Penna. ' Education; Elemen- tary ' College of Education Student Government 3. Susan Jay Wint Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; English ' Delta Phi Epsilon 1,2; Coed Council; Resident Women ' s Student Assoc. food chrmn.; Student Tutorial Society 1,2,3,4; Student Union Board 1 ,2,3, sec, treas. 4; Templar 2. 416 isti ' Varsily ology ' lce Stanley Carl Wiseberg ' Chestnut Hill, Mass. ' Arts ' Alpha Epsllon Pi steward 1. Sherry Ann Wisner ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Biology ' Matthew M. Witkop ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education; English ' Ice Hockey Club 2,3; Resident Men ' s Student Senate 3, pres. 4; Student Tutorial Society 4; Dormitory President ' s Council 4; Dor- mitory Food Contract Committee 3,4; chrmn. 4; English Honor Society 4. Barnaby C. Wittels Melrose Park, Penna. ' Arts; Political Science Debating Club 1,2, pres. 3,4; Literary Society 2, sec. 3,4; New Student Workshop 2; Political Independent Club pres. 1,2,3,4; Sword Society 4; Political Science Undergraduates Steer- ing Committee 3,4; Political Science Honors Committee 3,4; Po- litical Science Undergraduates Curriculum Committee 3,4; Tem- ple Draft Counseling Service 4. Joseph John WIttman Ill ' Cherry Hill, N.J. ' Business, Account- ing Beta Alpha Psi vice-pres. 4. Kitty Karen Witwer ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Communicatlon; Theater Reader ' s Theater; Templayers. ickSluta iorlhe!li«il lemen- cy ' liuMi I Senates; Donna Marie Wolf ' Churchville, Penna. ' Arts; Political Science John CruverWoH ' Manheim, Penna. ' Pharmacy Biology Club; Bridge Club; Chess Club; Loyalists; Pre-Med Society; Student Council; Student Tutorial Society; American Pharmaceutical Assn.; Penna. Pharmaceutical Assn.; Phi Delta Chi; Rho Chi; IM Football; IF Football; IF Golf. Robert P. Wolff Philadelphia, Penna. Communlcation; RTF Hil- lel 1; Student Union Board 1,2,3,4; WRTI 2; Young Democrats Organization 1. Marsha Wolfson PhiladeIphla, Penna. Social Administration; Social Welfare Social Welfare Student Union. Linda F. Wolk ' Philadelphla, Penna. ' Arts; History Alpha Lambda Delta 1 ,2; Phi Alpha Theta 3,4. William R. Wood ' Altoona, Penna. Communication; Journal- ism ' Temple News 2. ; Mattel- Iffc ' ' Delli ' ' enlW " ' Raymond Eng Wong ' Kearny, N.J. ' Arts; Political Science ' ROA vice-pres. 3, pres. 4; IM Basketball 1; IM Football 1. Curtis John Wood ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Nurs- ing Student Senate 4. Robert Downs Wombell, Jr. ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business ' New- man Club 1 ; SAM 4; Veterans at Temple 3,4. ikiLik 417 Elaine Euphemia Woodcock Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Elementary ' lM Basketball; Varsity Hockey; Varsity Tennis. Frederick Thomas WoskoH ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Communica- tion; RTF ' Ice Hockey Club 4; Loyalists 1,2,3,4; WRTI 1,2, Sports director 3,4; IM Softball 2,3. Michael A. Wozbramsky Philadelphia, Penna. Business; Manage- ment Loyalists 2,3,4; SAM 3; IM Basketball 3. Linda J. Wozny Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education Robert A. Wydra ' Philadelphia, Penna. Arts; Psychology Stanley A. Wyner Pittsburgh, Penna. Business; Market- ing ' Marketing Club 4; IF Football. Marsha Joane Yablon ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education; Elemen- tary Robert K. Yakatan Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Psychology Ski Club 3; Varsity Baseball 1; IF Baseball 1. William F. Yanko ' Philadeiphia, Penna. Business; Insurance ' ln- surance Society 4. lynne Marie Yarnell ' Philadelphia, Penna. Liberal Arts; Math Glenn Allen Yeager ' Reading, Penna. Business Zeta Beta Tau; Phi Sigma Delta; Marketing Club 1; Pre-Law Society 3,4; SAM 2,3; ROA 1; Young Republicans. Louis Monson Yeck ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Industrial Management Insurance Society 4; Marketing Club 4; SAM 3,4; Veterans at Temple 3,4. I I Elaine Yeutter Philadelphia, Penna. Education Phi Gamma Nu. Stuart Lee Yowell ' Upper Darby, Penna. Education; Elementary Maria M. Zak ' Throop, Penna. ' Education; Distributive Phi Gamma Nu 3, treas. 4; Marketing Club 4; Ski Club 3,4. Howard Bruce Zarodnick Philadelphia, Pa. Arts; English ' ROTC; Loyalists. Elizabeth Kosty Zavetsky Dresher, Penna. Education Adrienne Louise Zecca Philadelphia, Penna. ' Communication; RTF Alpha Sigma Alpha publicity chrmn. 3, ed. 4; Coed Council; Mitten Student League 1; Newman Club 1,2; PPC publicity chrmn. 3, pres. 4; Reader ' s Theater 4; Student Council 1; Student Senate 4; Student Union Board 1,2; TEMPLAR Creek ed. 3,4; Templayers 1,2,3; Temple News 2,3; WRTI 1,2,3,4; Theta Sigma Phi 4; Student Directory ed. 2. 418 Herbert Leroy Zeger ' Chambersburg, Penna. ' Music Geraldine Eckhardt Zeich ' Lansdale, Penna. Education; Nursing Marcy Zelikovsky ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Education MaryAnneZeyher ' Philadeiphia, Penna. ' Arts; Biology Michael F. Zidik ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Business; Economies ' President ' s Hosts 1,2,3,4; Sigma Phi Nil 1; Young Democrats Organization 1. Hynda Joy Zieu ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Psychology ' Stanleys. Zimmelman ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Arts; Anthropology- Biology Anthropology Club 4; Biology Club 2,3; Concert Choir 1; New Student Workshop 3; Outing Club 4; Student Senate 3,4; Resistance 1,2,3,4; L.A. Undergraduate Council 3,4; Sword Soci- ety 4. Penny Joy Zimmerman Huntington Valley, Penna. Educatlon; Elementary James P. Zipperlen Meadowbrook, Penna. Arts; Economics Andrea Zirpoli ' Philadelphia, Penna. Social Administration; Social Welfare Social Welfare Student Union Board 3,4. Alyson Bette Ziskis ' Philadelphia, Penna. Education; English FreyaN. Ziss ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Social Administration; Social Welfare PinochleClub4; Mitten Hall Social Club 4. Sheila Fox Zitman ' Philadelphia, Penna. ' Social Administration; Social Welfare ' Conscience 1; Social Welfare Student Union 3,4. Tema Lurie Zukin ' Pleasantville, N.J. ' Business; Marketing ' lota Alpha Pi; Marketing Club 3,4; Purview International 1; Student Union Board 1,2; University Disciplinary Committee 2,3; Pres- ident ' s Summer Commission on University Governance 3; IF Volleyball 2,3; IF Basketball 2,3. .2 - 419 CONCLUSION Another year came and went at Temple. Another freshman class entered and another senior class left. For the student it was one less year until gradua- tion. Nothing much happened — the usual grind. . . reading. . .research. . .mid-terms. . .papers. . .finals. Most students continued to commute to school, at- tend one or two classes, cut the rest, and commute home again. The Student Senate was organized and attempted to operate. The long-awaited Student Activities Center opened in January, but these were of minor impor- tance. Although Temple students have never been exactly enthusiastic about Temple, they seemed even less so this year. The college coed whose life revolved around being a college coed died or was in seclusion at Penn State. Students, instead, became more involved in com- munity work in North Philadelphia and in fighting for peace in Vietnam. More than ever before, students took on part-time jobs to pay for tuition or gain pro- fessional experience. Many, however, continued to do nothing. It was a quiet year for protests. The riots at Colum- bia, Harvard and San Francisco State were incidents of the past. Only on October 15th and November 15th did students come together to call for immediate peace in Vietnam. Hundreds of Temple students marched on City Hall on October 15th and went by bus, train or car to Washington on November 15th. But what the student did this year was only the out- ward sign of his thoughts, emotions, and beliefs. Facts are just the medium in which meaning exists. Events of the 60 ' s had a deep influence on him, whether consciously or unconsciously. The assassi- nations of Malcolm X, John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr., Robert F. Kennedy. The Poor People ' s March, the 1968 Democratic Convention, the Colum- bia and Harvard riots, the March on Washington, the Chicago Eight trial. Man ' s first landing on the moon. In relation to what happened in the 60 ' s and to what he was doing outside the campus, college activi- ties took on less significance. College itself became more of a means to an end rather than an end in it- self. People talk about student apathy. In terms of student activities, there is apathy. Students are simply not interested. In terms of what is going on in the world, however, students want to play a much greater role. " ... For he had learned some of the things that every man must find out for himself, and he had found out about them as one has to find out — through trial, through fantasy and illusion, through falsehood and his own damn foolishness, through being mistaken and wrong and an idiot and egotistical and aspiring and hopeful and believing and confused. " " You Can ' t Go Home Again " Thomas Wolfe 421 I . i I 1 425 the world is a beautiful place place of all for a lot of such IP 1, . I,.,,., ;„,.. k;.,„. ,. „. .1 ;.,,, .i-,g jp if you don ' t m ihe love aking the sad ;un scene . . ' -alking ni ground II at Tell no verything . . . and even ling is line thinking in heav— don ' t world is a beautiful ill the time ... p yet the world is the best lawrence leningnetti 427 i am waiting for my case to come up and i am waiting for a rebirth of wonder and i am waiting for somi to really discover amer ica and wail and I am waiting for the discovery of a new symbolic western frontier and i am waiting for the american eagle to spread its wings and straighten up and fly right and i am waiting for the age of anxiety to drop dead . . . " i am waiting " lawrence ferlinghetti I 428 i INDEX Aaron, P. A. 316 Abate, B. A. 316 Abraham, L. M. 316 Abrams, B. R. 316 Abrams, C. 239 Abrams, J. 238 Abrams, L. S. 316 Abrams, R. M. 316 Abramson, G. W. 316 Abramson, K. D. 316 Academics 24-73 Ackerman, A. 180 Ackerman, A. J. 185,316 Ackerman, M. 137,315,316,447,448 Ackerman, M. I. 316 Adams, B. 190,191 Adams, C. E. 316 Adams, P. J. 316 Adams, R. 199 Adams, S. 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L. 345 Fleishman, D. 345 Fleming, D. R. 345 Fleming, M. A. 345 Floyd, C. 234 Flynn, J. ). 346 Flynn, ). R. 228 Flynn, R. T. 183,346 Flynn, V. M. 346 Fogarty, P. S. 346 Fogel, A. B. 346 Football 265-269 Ford, L A. 346 Forman, J. 188 Forman, M. E. 346 Fowler, S. J. 346 Fox, A. 68 Fox, J. 179 Francisco, D. 221 Frank, E. M. 346 Frank, J. 346 Frank, S. L. 346 Frankel, S. L. 346 Frantz, B. B. 346 Fraternity Coordinating Council 220 Freedman, F. R. 346 Free University 154-155 Freedman, L. 235 Freedman, S. R. 346 Freeman, G. 180 Freeman, F. S. 346 Freeman, Y. 178 Freeman, Y. T. 346 Freiberg, D. L. 346 Freiberg, ). 33 Freihoper, ). 227 Fremont, N. 347 Fretl, T. C. 347 Freund, H. D. 347 Freud, S. 225 Fridkin, M. S. 347 Fried, J. R. 347 Friedberg, L. C. 347 Friedman, A. L. 208,347 Friedman, A. R. 347 Friedman, |. D. 347 Friedman, J. R. 347 Friedman, J. H. 347 Friedman, L. B. 347 Friedman, M. ). 347 Friedman, R. M. 347 Friedman, S. M. 347 Friel, P. A. 347 Friend, R. H. 347 Frihoffer, ). 227 Frisch, C. A. 347 Fritzinger, R. 228,348,447 Fronheiser, G. E. 348 Fruchter, E. J. 348 Fry, D. J. 348 Furman, E. S. 348 Cable, F. B. 201,203,207 Gagliardi, A. J. 348 Cagliardi.C. P. 348 Gallagher, D. 189 Gallagher, H. S. 68 Gallagher, J. 220,221 433 Calpern, J. 137,189,447 Cannon, J. 204 Canse, G. E. 204 Carber, |. 348 Carber, M. 348 Gardner, C. J. 348 Garrett, M. L. 348 Garretti, J. 235 Garrison, D. L. 348 Garvin, G. 235 Gaskins, L. L. 348 Gaspare, M. J. 348 Gaston, G. M. 348 Gaudiello, |. T. 348 Gautieri, R. F. 204 Gealt, M. A. 348 Gecker, M. M. 348 Geffert, G. C. 349 Ceist, J. K. 349 Gelb, S. 349 Geiler, E. 188 Gelles, P. E. 349 Celtzer, D. 203 Genesio, R. J. 204 Gentile, G. A. 349 Geological Society 183 Gershenson, C. A. 349 Gershkow, G. M. 349 Gervase, M. A. 349 Getson, E. 230 Gever,L. 201,202 Giannini, K. 237 Giannini, K. A. 349 Gibbs, B. 189,196 Gilbert, R. A. 349 Gilbert, R. F. 349 Giles, S. 228 Ciletto, J. B. 349 Cilligan, R. T. 349 Gillis, R. 226 Cilman, A. J. 349 Gilmore, C. 202 Ginder, J. D. 183,349 Ginsburg, B. E. 350 Ginsburg, D. C. 350 Ginsburg, F. J. 350 Ginsburg, S. 185 Ginsburg, S. D. 350 Ginter, A. E. 350 Girardi, V. R. 350 Gittelman, E. S. 350 Citler, 8. 350 Giwerc, B. 447 Gladding, P.J. 350 Gladfelter, Millard E. 63 Gladys, J. 202 Clantz, B. A. 350 Glanville, V. W. 350 Glassey, H. T. Glassman, E. 230 Glazer, B. H. 350 Gleit, P. 350 Click, B. 350 Click, 1.233 Clickman, M. 199 Glickman, M. L. 350 Closser, E. P. 350 Glover, V. A. 350 Goby, M. 206 Godshall, A. B. 351 Gohl, M. 221 Gold, E. A. 351 Goldberg, B. 33 Goldberg, H. 226 Goldberg, M. H. 351 Goldberg, M. S. 351 Goldberg, P. 351 Goldberger, C. E. 351 Goldman, A. 188 Golden, A. 351 Goldfeld, H. 351 Goldman, H. E. 351 Goldstein, A. J. 351 Goldstein, A. S. 351 Goldstein, E. S. 351 Goldstein, I. 186 Goldstein, I. S. 189,351 Goldstein, J. 351 Goldstein, J. G. 351 Goldstein, M. S. 351 Goldstein, R. 351 Goldstein, S. 351 Comberg, L. A. 351 Goodman, D. 33,150 Goodman, D. C. 352 Goodman, C. F. 352 Goodman, M. C. 352 Goodman, P. R. 352 Goodman, R. B. 352 Goodyear, ). A. 202 Cordon, B. A. 352 Cordon, J. 208 Gordon, K. L. 352 Cordon, N. L. 352 Cordon, R. M. 352 Cordon, S. C. 352 Gordon, V. P. 352 Cordy, R. E. 352 Cordotzer, R. D. 352 Coshay, S. M. 352 Gottlieb, F. 203 Cow, D. R. 352 Graber, J. 352 Craber, M. 199 Graber, M. A. 352 Graduation 54-55 Craeff, R. E. 352 Grannum, H. L. 353 Granoff, F. 239 Granowitz, I. S. 353 Grant, J. 233 Greek Editors 242-243 Greek Weekend 240-241 Greeks 209-243 Green, B. B. 353 Green, E. 353 Green, J. B. 353 Green, R. A. 353 Creenbaum, C. A. 353 Creenberg, C. 178 Creenberg, M. 353 Creenberg, R. A. 353 Creenblatt, R. C. 353 Greene, M. 230 Greenlaw, R. A. 353 Greenspan, N. E. 353 Creenstein, L. D. 353 Greenwood, A. A. 353 Greenwood, R. C. 353 Crieco, M. 222 Griffiths, L. E. 354 Grigger, ). 183 Crimditch, J. C. 354 Crissinger, S. 201,202 Crolnic, S. 354 Groom, C. H. 354 Cross, A. P. 354 Cross, D. 354 Grossman, A. 354 Grossman, C. L. 354 Grossman, J. S. 354 Grossman, L. B. 354 Grove, W. R. 201,202,205,207,354 Crover, ). D. 354 Cruber, C. 221 Guberman, C. H. 354 Cuerero, R. L. 354 Gulla, I. 189 Guretse, C. C. 354 Golla, ). 186,237 Culler, R. 176 Gumede, C. 204 Gutman, C. 354 Cutman, N. 69 Guy, 1.236 Guy, J. G. 354 Cwirtz, S. E. 354 Gymnastics 284-287 H Hackett, K. 355 Haenick, D. 208 Hague, J. 33,176 Hahalis, C. 229 Hall.C. 184 Halpern, N. 33,137,429,447 Hamil, D. 237 Hamilton, P. 188,189,237 Hamlin, A. 69 Hardwick Hall Executive Council 190 Harleman, R. 202 Harris, L. 239 Harris N. L. 447 Hartman, G. 184 Hartman, J. 237 Harwood, K. 67 Hatcher, E. 188 Havsy, S. 202 Hedrick, W. 189 Heideiberger, ). 178,179 Helmeczi, A. 201,204,205 Helms, D. 199 Henderson, P. 236 Hendler, M. 239 Hendrie, A. 201,206 Herman, C. 235 Herrera, R. 182 Hillel 156,157 Hintel, R. M. 221 Hinz, K. 189 HIiwiski, D. 178 Hoc, T. 116 Hockstein, L 358 Hoffman, A. 230,239,358 Hoffman, C. 239 434 Hoffman, M. 178,180 Hoffman, R. 358 Hofkin, M. 358 Hofstein, S. 358 Holcombe, R. 358 Holmes, ). 358 Holtzman, W. 358 Homecoming 92,93,94 Honoraries 194-199 Hopkins, A. 69 Hopkins, C. 358 Horon, M. 358 Horowitz, A. 189 Horowitz, L. 358 Horowitz, R. 358 Horotn, P. 358 Horvath, ). 358 Horwitz, S. 358 Hoskins, D. 358 Hossler, R. 198 Houck, C. 227 Houtkin, S. 358 Howard, F. 358 HPER Student Major Club 178 Hreussler, J. 359 Hughes, C. 359 Hughes, W. 206,359 Hulsart, E. 359 Hummel, A. 359 Hunt, D. 359 Hunt, R. 359 Hunter, E. 359 Hunter, G. 359 Hurowitz, A. 189 Hurvitz, S. 189,359 Hyde, R. 183 Hyitt, H. 359 Hyman, R. 359 Hymowitz, B. 180,359 I Icoca, T. 224 Ice, R. D. 202 lezzi, W. M. 359 Ignalow, D. 1 17 Illy, S. 233 Imbrogno, A. S. 359 Index 430-436 Inker, S. 183 Insdorf, M. K. 359 Introduction 2-23 lota Alpha Pi 238 Ippolito, ). E. 359 Ippolilo, R. M. 3faO Isard, E. 69 Israel, S. L. 360 Issadore, R. J. 360 Itkowitz, M. B. 360 ) Jackson, W. 181 Jacoby, A. H. 360 Jacobs, J. 235 Jacson, L. C. 360 Jacyshyn, J. 221 Jaeger, M. E. 260 Jaffe, E. R. 360 Jaffe, M. 229 Jaffe, M. H. 360 Jaindl, D. R. 201,206,207,360 James, R. Rev. 175 Jamison, S. L. 360 Jarchower, S. 360 Jasner, D. A. 360 Jeffers, D. I. 360 Jeffers, R. A. G. 360 Jeffries, C. D. 360 Jenkins, H. 228 Joachim, S. 8, 188 Joachim, S. B. 360 Johnson, C. 67 lohnson Hall Senate 191 Johnson, M. B. 361 Johnson, S. R. 361 Johnson, W. N. 361 Jolles, H. i60 Jones, C. E. 361 Jones, E. 237 Jordan, C. L. 361 Jordan, E. J. 361 Jordan, J. S. C. 361 Joseph, R. T. 361 Joyce, J. T. 361 Juiliano, F. J. 361 luliano, F. 22 1 Kaden, C. P. 361 Kafrissen, M. E. 361 Kahn, W. B. 361 Kalaminsky, B. E. 361 Kaick, C.229 Kail, R. 361 Kalman, A. 198 Kalman, A. I. 362 Kalstein, R. I. 362 Kaminski, L. D. 362 Kanjas, M. 362 Kanjorski, P. ]. 204 Kanter, S. 362 Kantrowitz, M. 362 Kaplan, D. 208 Kaplan, E. C. 362 Kaplan, J. M. 362 Kaplin, D. C. 362 435 Kaplinski, E. C. 362 Kappa Psi 204 Karasick, D. 362 Karasick, S. 362 Karlin, M. S. 232 Karp, R. 235 Kartsch, J. S. 362 Katchak, O. M. 201,206,207,362 Katz, E. 447 Katz, I. 185 Katz, I. R. 362 Katz, L. R. 362 Katz, M. 362 Katz, R. H. 363 Katz, S. 198 Katz, S. 363 Katz, S. 363 Kaufman, J. 199 Kaufman, R. 201,202 Kauffman, D. B. 363 Kauffman, M. M. 363 Kauffman, M. 363 Kauffman, R. S. 363 Kauffman, S. A. 363 Kauffman, W. C. 363 Kaufman, J. L. 363 Kaufman, J. L. 363 Kaufman, J. P. 363 Kay, J. R. 363 Kearney, |. F. 363 Keel, J. 138,180,185,187,447 Keeney, S. W., Jr. 363 Keil, A. 185 Keil, A. B. 363 Kelly, M. 180,181 Kelly, C. 141 Kelly, C. M. 314,363 Kelly, I. C. 363 Kelly, R. T. 363 Kelly, T. S. 201 Kelley, W. D. 364 Kelly, W. H. 364 Kelvin, J. 364 Kemeza, W. J. 364 Kennedy, M. 364 Kennelly, V. E. 364 Kenney, R. 204 Kenny, M. C. 364 Kephart, D. C. 364 Kernodle, L S. 364 Kerns, J. A. 364 Kesler, S. 364 Kessler, B. C. 364 Kestleman, B. J. 364 Ketzes, A. ). 228 Keyser, N. T. 364 Kieffer, W. L. 364 Kijewski, K. T. 364 Killough, L E. 364 Kim, K. 201,206 Kimball, G. 178 Kind, P. 138,447 King, D. 234 King, M. L. 364 King, R. C. 365 Kipnes, R. H. 365 Kirkpatrick, R. 199 Kirschner, A. S. 201,203,207,365 Kiser, W. A. 204,365 Kissel, J. F. 365 Kissel, J. 228 Kitchenman, R. ). 365 Kitzen, J. 201,202 Klaiber, U. D. 365 Klein, B. B. 365 Klein, C. L. 365 Klein, M. H. 365 Klein, M. A. 365 Klein, R.J. 189,365 Klein, S. 365 Klein, S. I. 365 Klein, W. C. 365 Kleinman, H. 228 Kleinguenther, L M. 366 Kleitman, T. 366 Klemow, N. F. 366 Klieman, B. 238 Klinger, S. 366 Knipple, R. C. 201,202,205,366 Koccir, C. R. 366 Koch, B. 203 Koch, j. 237 Kodak, C. D. 366 Koenig, K. 239,366 Kohn, D. S. 366 Kohn, R. 189,190,191 Kohri, D. J. 366 Koleshikov, V. 224 Komesz, D. 366 Konzik, C. 237 Koons, M. L. 183 Koons, S. J. 366 Kooperman, D. 366 Kopman, A. 203 Kopman, A. L. 366 Korman, C. 235 Korn, J. 366 Korn, M. E. 179,366 Korostoff, I. 366 Kosteski, L M. 366 Kotranski, L 189 Kotranski, S. E. 188,367 Kotzin, A. J. 367 Kotzin, M. E. 367 Koupf, L R. 367 Koupf, L. R. 367 Koval, C. 68 Kowalski, M. 33 Kowalski, M. L 367 Kozubal, L. P. 367 Kraft, R. )., Jr. 367 Kraiman, S. R. 367 Krajewski, J. M. 367 Kramer, C. A. 367 Kramp, D. 228 Kranawetter, B. E. 367 Krantz, S. R. 367 Krape, T. M . 367 Krasnoff, B. R. 367 Kravitz, B. P. 367 Kraus, L. M. 367 Krauss, F. L., Ill 367 Kraynyak, M. J. 368 Kreider, B. W. 368 Kreider, E. M. 368 Krekevich, Z. 368 Kress, C. 150 Kress, G. G. 368 Kriger, J. M. 368 Kriss, G. J. 368 Krystopowicz, E. G. 202 Krywoshia, A. 368 Krzwicki, A. P. 368 Kudan, P. 229 Kugelman, C. ). 368 Kulla, M. L. 368 Kupper, A. 233 Kurpiel, T. 229 Kurtz, M. 368 Kurzinski, D. 227 Kushner, D. M. 368 Kushner, H. 226 Kushner, R. 368 Kut, B. R. 201,206,207,368 Kutryzyba, E. S. 368 Labs and Classes 38-43 Lacquer, R. D. 369 Lady 228 Lagan, D. M. 368 Lagosky, K. A. 368 Lagosky, P. 228 Lai, P-Y 369 Lambda Kappa Sigma 206 Lamberti, T. 229 Lamison, L. S. 369 Lament, D. L. 369 Lancaster, D. M. 369 Landis, E. 68 Langberg, R. E. 369 Langsam, S. 180,369 Lanzetta, A. 369 Lanzetta, F. 222 Lapointe, R. C. 369 Last Word 448 Latini, J. 233 Laudenslager, K. 190,191 Laut, C. B. 369 Lavin, F. L. 369 Lavine, D. L. 369 Lavner, S. B. 369 Law School 56-57 Lawrence, L. R. 65 Lax, E. 178,180 Lazar, J. 186 Lean, F. E. 369 Learn, M. K. 190,191,369 Leberstein, N. F. 370 LeBlond, R. 191 Lebow, H. 239 Lebowitz, C. M. 370 Lee, Rev. E. L. 160 Leeder, L J. 370 Leff, N. 370 Lefkowitz, E. 370 Keke, T. R. 370 Lehner, M. C. A. 370 Leibowitz, E. C. 370 Leimberg, M. 238 Leinberg, M. D. 370 Leinkuhler, G. ). 370 Lento, G. J. 370 Lenz, L. L. 370 Leon, M. A. 370 Leone, M. J. 370 4 436 t t Lerner, M. E. 370 Leslie, S. A. 370 Lesse, L. 190,191 Letter, L. S. 370 Lev, R. I. 371 Levin, C. |. 371 Levin, C. B. 371 Levin, ). H. 371 Levin, J. H. 371 Levin, |. A. 371 Levin, J. L. 371 Levin, N. 371 Levin, N. 371 Levin, N. 199 Levin, R. E. 371 Levin, S. 371 Levin, S. 371 Levine, L. M. 371 Levine, R. 181 Levinson, T. 139,447 Levithan, M. L. 371 Levitt, B. A. 371 Levitt, R. E. 371 Levy, G. S. 203,207,371 Levy, M. S. 371 Levy, M. H. 371 Levy, S. 372 Lewandowsi, J. E. 372 Lewicki, . E. 372 Lewis, A. C. 372 Lewis, E. C. 372 Lewis, E. J. 372 Lewis, E. W. 372 Lewis, P. K. 372 Lewis, P. R. 372 Lewis, S. J. 372 Lewis, S. D. 372 Lewullis, R. M. 372 Liban, M88 Liberi, F. A. 372 Licci, C. A. 372 Liebel, H. 235 Lieberman, B. E. 372 Lieberman, D. 1. 372 Lichtenstein, E. 189 Lieberman, L. S. 372 Liebowitz, S. 230 Lill, J. 185 Liil, |. J. 372 Lindsay, O. 373 Lindsay, R. 138,447 Linkon, P. 178 Linken,D. 180,373 Lipman, R. 230 Lipschuitz, H.S. Lipshutz, K. 185 Lipshutz. K. |. 373 Lipshutz, K. 186 Lipsky, S. H. 373 Liss, B. J. 373 Litman, S. 239 Litvin, ). 203,373 Litvin, W. J. 373 Litwack, H. 239,283 Litwack, R. B. 373 Litz, T. H. 373 Livengood, 8. 207 Lizenbaum, C. A. 373 Locke, B. 184 Locke, B. 373 Lockyer, B. 181 Lohman, L. 181 Lomax, Y. E. 373 London, W. F. 373 Loper, C. H. 373 Lorentz, Sister B. L. 374 Lotano, M. A. 374 Love, T. 235 Luber, D. 235 Luber, D. 374 Lublin, M. 374 Lucas, S. 374 Lucey, R. 228 Lucker, L. 235 Ludwig, B. S. 374 I Liken, B. 574 Lukijnovich, N. M. 374 lund. R. S. 374 Luslbader, R. 374 Lynch, D. 226 Lyons, ]. 191 Mc McAnally, G. 374 McBride, T. 374 McCarraher, C. 374 McClintock, ). 374 McClosky, M. 374 McCormick, C. 202 McCoy, S. 150 McCullough, K. 374 McCullough, P. 33 McDaniel, S. 374 McDermott, ). 374 McDowell, K. 176 McFadden, G. 375 McCee, P. 375 McGinniss, ). 116 McGlelland, G. 182 McKelvey, J. 33 McKnight, K. 375 McLaughlin, L. 375 McLean, N. 375 McLean, S. 375 McNeills, E. 375 McVean, E. 375 McVeigh, ). 375 M MacDonald, B. 375 MacDonald, J. 68 Mack, K. T. 375 Mack, S. A. 375 MacKarey, M. 206 Mackie, J.202 Madden, F. M. 375 Magarick, J. C. 375 Magerman, S. M. 375 Mahon, J. M. 375 Mahon, J. W. 313 Maier, R. J. 203,375 Maine, D. 231 Makris, N. 226 Makurath, J. H. 183,375 Malamed, M. P. 376 Males, D. I, 376 Mallace, A. 376 Mallace, D. L. 376 Mallach, M. J. 376 Mallach, J. 188 Mancuso, G. 376 Mandell, D. M. 376 Mandelbaum, A. D. 376 Manfredi, R. 185,186,376 Mang, R. F. 376 Manichello, R. 376 Mansfield, A. 138 Manns, F. T. 183,376 March on Washington 210-211 Marcus, A. J. 226,376 Marcus, D. E. 376 Marcus, M. 376 Marcus, M. 376 Marcus, S. R. 376 Marcynyszyn, D. M. 376 Margolis, ). A. 377 Mariani, A. 208 Marinoff, L. H. 377 Markovitz, S. R. 377 Manks, R. 196 Marshaleck, E. T. 377 Marshall, R. Y. 377 Marshbank, H. N. 377 Martha, A. C. 377 Martin, B. A. 377 Martin, E. 196 Martin,]. E. 377 Martin, K. 228 Martin, S. J. 377 Marx, L. B. 377 Marzell, B. A. 377 Marzuoli, R. 187,377 Masler, W. V. 377 Mason, B. 238 Massara, C. 182 Massaro, A. B. 377 Massey, J. 236 Matarazzo, M. M. 378 Matlack, B. 227 Matson, E. 33 Matter, E. B. 378 Mattleman, S. 238 Matthews, M. F. 204 Mattleson, E. 314 Mattson, A. E. 378 Maurer, C. D. 378 Maurer, E. J. 378 May, B. M. 378 Mayer, W. T. 378 Mayo, R. 224 Mazer, P. J. 378 Mazer, B. 227 Mazer, B. 220,312 Mazur, F. P. 378 Mechanic, E. M. 378 Mechanic, M. B. 378 Medical School 58-59 Medley, C. G. 378 Medoff, S. C. 189,199,378 Meehan, K. N. 378 Melincoff, D. 378 Melnick, S. G. 378 Melnick, S. H. 378 Melone, C. 228 Melroy, F. 208 Meltzer, R. M. 378 Meredith, R. E. 379 Merlino, G. D. 379 Meshon, A. L. 379 Messa, J. A. 379 Messenger, N. 238 Metague, L. A. 379 Metcho, R. 228 Metcoff, L. 379 Metzger, C. 68 Metzger, P. D. 379 Meyers, J. 188 Miamidian, M. D. 379 Michaels, E. R. 379 Michaels, M. E. 379 Michaile, C. I. 379 Michaiko, B. J. 379 Mickelberg, J. 185,379 Middlemiss, L. T. 379 Middleton, M. C. 379 Miffoloff, D. 239 Miffoluf, E. P. 379 Migden, S. 379 Miglio, J. F. 379 Milbourne, D. E. 380 Mileiki , K. M. 390 Miles, F. 190,191 Miles, J. E. 380 Milewski, A. M. 380 Milkis, J. E. 380 Millard, B. 182 Miller, E. H. 380 Miller, F. 175 Miller, C. 227 Miller, J. 380 Miller, J. F. 380 Miller, K. 233,380 Miller, L M. 203 Miller, L. D. 380 Miller, S. H. 380 Milrad, R. B. 191,380 Mitala, J. J. 204,380 Mitchell, R. 224 Mitten Hall 88-90 MIynski, F. 380 Moffa, E. J. 380 Mogel, C. 312 Mogel, R. E. 380 Mogil, C. M. 178,180,185,231,380 Mogilefsky, A. I. 380 Mogilefsky, F. C. 381 Mogill, T. C. 381 Mogul, D. 239 Mohland, E. 69 Moldavan, E. 381 Mollen, S. L. 381 Molnar, W. J. 387 Monaghan, E. F. 381 Monastersky, C. B. 381 Montemuro, B. A. 381 Moore, C. J. 381 Moray, R. 69 Morgan, A. ). 381 Morganstein, M. C. 381 Morman, A. C. 381 Morphesis, J. C. 381 Morris, K. A. 381 Morris, L. S. 381 Mortar and Pestle 207 Moser, M. |. 382 Moses, D. F. 201,204,382 Moyer, G. H. 382 Moskowitz, I. R. 382 Mouzor, J. L. 382 Moyer, C. H. 382 Mrockowski, P. M. 382 Muchnick, D. K. 382,239 Mulava, C. 227 Mullen, J. 228 Mullen, T. J. 382 Mulligan, R. J. 382 Murphy, C. M. 382 Murphy, G. M. 382 Murphy, J. S. 183,382 Murphy, T. J. 382 Murray, |. 236 Murray, W. L. 382 Music Festival 108-113 Music on Campus 104-107 Musselman, S. E. 382 Myers, E. M. 382 N Naftulin, R. J. 382 Nager, S. 383 Nailanna, H. 383 Nathanson, R. K. 383 Naudasher, G. 228 Navarro, A. M. 383 Neal, C. B. 383 Nebel, M. E. 383 Needleman, L. ). 383 Needleman, S. 232,238,383 Neff, S. C. 383 Neiderman, A. 313 Neidhart, N. L. 383 Nemeck, D. 233 Nenner, M. 235 Nesbit, ). B. 383 Nessel, B. 235 Netsky, E. B. 383 Nevins, M. M. 383 Newman, B. D. 383 Newman Club 158-159 Newman, J. 189 New Student Workshop 32-33 New York Rock and Roll Ensemble 108 Nickey, T. L. 383 Nicolai, Dr. F. 66 Niden, G. D. 383 Niebuhr, H. 69 Niederman, A. L. 383 Noble, A. E. 383 384 139,447 L. 384 Novack, ). 384 Novitsky, D. A. 201,204,207,384 Novodvorsky, L. 141,384 Nussbaum, B. L. 384 Gates, J. W. 384 O ' Connell, D. J. 384 Offer, S. 237 O ' Hanlan, M. K. 384 O ' Keefe, G. 69 Okoro, S. M. 384 Okoro, D. R. 384 Olshan, J. A. 384 O ' Neill, M. M. 138,384,447 Noch, S. G. Noonan, R. Norman, D. t i I 4 438 O ' Neill, R. F. 384 O ' Neill, S. 227 Opalack, C. A. 384 Opera Workshop 114-115 O ' Reilly, A, M. P. iH4 Organizations 174-193 Organizations and Honoraries 174-209 Organizations Feature 172-173 Orkin, S. N. 207,208,584 Orlick, M. H. 385 O ' Rourke, ). 199 Ortner, ). D. 385 Ostrolt, N. P. 385 Outstanding Seniors 310-315 Overend. B. |. 385 Oxenburg, B. H. 180,198,385 Oxenleldt, H. A. 385 Padberg, M. R. 385 Page, M. S. 385 Paiede, C. W. 385 Palatucci, F. W. 385 Palazzi, B. 238 Paley Library 50-51 Panhellenic President ' s Council 232 Panilch, ). 239 Pappadakis, M. 199 Paquin, J. M. 385 Parente, R. ). 202,385 Paretchan, M. J. 385 Paris, S. 235 Pariser, E. 385 Parker, C. 385 Parkes, J. L. 386 Parris, C. 189 Parri, ). O. 386 [ Pasquarello, M. C. 386 Pastner, J. 190,529,137,191,447 Pastuszek, H. P. 386 Patrick, M. 33 Patterson, D. 228 Patterson, K. 33 Patterson, P. 33 Patterson, M. 199 Patterson, P. 312 Patterson, P. A. 386 Patterson, P. 150 Paul, E. R. 386 Paul, I. 198 Paul, I. B. 386 Paul, S. 203 Paul, S. 235 Paul, W. C. 386 Pavloski, M. J. 386 Peabody Men ' s Seanate 192 Peikes, J. 190,191 Pelsis, R. 386 Peltzman, L. J. 386 Pendino, P. 222 Pennes, C. 189,196 Pennsylvania Ballet Company 109 Pepin, D. 233 Pepin, D. R. 386 Perch, L. D. 386 Peritz, P. S. 386 Perkins, P. E. 386 Perloff, S. 226 Perkins, S. D. 386 Perlman, M. 386 Perlskin, S. 447 Perlsweig, L. 238 Perrucci, D. A. 386,447 Perry, M. E. 387 Peters, D. C. 387 Peterson, C. F. 201 Peterson, P. A. 387 Petrella, j. M. 387 Petrosky, R. T. 387 Petrov, F. 387 Petti, L. A. 387 Pefzinger, M. 387 Pharmacy 48-49 Pharmacy Organizations 200-208 Phi Alpha Theta 198 Phi Delta Chi 202 Phi Gamma Nu 186 Phi Kappa Theta 225 Philadelphia 120-122 Phi Sigma Sigma 239 Phillips, F. 196 Piersanii, W. J. 387 Pi Lambda Phi 226 Pincus, L. 230 Pinkus, M. B. 387 Pincus, M. W. 387 Pinti, ). A. 387 Pinto, L. F. 387 Pitingolo, M. A. L. 387 Plaskow, E. F. 387 Plaum, E. S. 387 Pledges on Parade 241 Pliscof, H. D. 387 Plotkin, C. R. 387 Pott, F. 202 Poindexter, A. 234 Polinski, ). B. 204,205,388 Polis, L. J. 388 Plish, A. S. 388 Pollack, B. 196 Pollack, L. R. 388 Pollack, N. J. 388 Pollack, S. I. 388 Pollack, R. J. 388 Pollack, W. K. 388 Pondo, P. A. 388 Popolow, H. 388 Port, F. 202,205 Porter, A. J. 388 Porter, M. R. 388 Portner, J. 388 Poteau, R. R. 388 Poul, K. 235 Poulshock, S. 388 Povilonis, A. J. 388 Powell, R. 388 Powell, W. L. 388 Presoma, M. 175 Presser, J. 238 Prestileo, F. M. 389 Prewitt, R. 202 Priestly, C. 389 Prince, N. 238 Prioleav, C. 389 Procopio, R. A. 389 PRSSA187 Puchalski, D. J. 389 Pulley, F. 389 Punn, ). 178 Purnell, R. 389 Pursell, C. 204,205 Quap, C. 201,204 Quick, P. 389 Quinn, B. 389 Rabin, R. 389 Raboff, I. 389 Racciatti, R. 389 Raffel, J. 201,202 Raimondi, J. 389 Rakoff, S. 389 Ralph, B. 389 Randel, W. 390 Raphael, N. 235 Rash, J. 239 Rath, I. 390 Ravis, W. 201,202 Ravitz, S. 390 Rechnitz, M. 390 Redden, I. 390 Reddy, D. 390 Reddy, P. 390 Reed, B. 234,390 Regan, C. 390 Reges, D. 201,205,206 Registration 36,37 Relbel, M. 390 Reich, M. 390 Reid, A. 314 Reilly, L. 390 Reiner. D. 390 Reinitz, B. 233 Reiter, S. 390 Reitmeir, M. 390 Religious Activities 156-161 Rensel, E. 239 Residents and Commuters 82-87 Reskof, B. 390 Rho Chi 205 Rho Pi Phi 203 Rhoads, J. 65 Rhode, H. 390 Rice, J. 390 Richards, M. 220,227 Richman, M. 239 Richman, S. 391 Richman, S. F. 391 Riday, M. 391 Rigberg, J. 189,391 Riley, J. 391 Ring, J. 228 Ringer, D. 391 Rinkus, A. 391 Ritman, L. 391 Ritter, E. 391 Ritter, R. 391 Rizzo, F. 391 Roach, R. 201,202 Robbins, B. 201,208,391 Roberts,]. 189 Robinson, E. 237 439 Robinson, S. 391 Rochlis, S. 391 Rodgers, S. 391 Roessel, S. 391 Roethe, M. 391 Rogers, B. 391 Rogers, B. M. 392 Rogers, P. 392 Rogers, S. 392 Rogers, S. O. 392 Rolar, W. 392 Romano, ). 392 Romano, ). P. 392 Romanoski, F. 187 Rosalie, S. 33,447 Rose, A. 196 Rose, B. 392 Rose, R. 392 Rose, W. 239 Rosella, A. 178,392 Roseman, C. 177 Roseman, P. 187,199,392,447 Rosen, B. 177 Rosen, R. 177 Rosenbaum, M. 392 Rosenbaum, W. 208,392 Rosenberg, A. 392 Rosenberg, M. H. 187,392 Rosenberg, M. J. 393 Rosenberg, R. 392 Rosenblatt, C. 393 Rosenblithe, B. 392 Rosenblum, M. 393 Rosensteel, C. 204 Rosenthal, H. 393 Rosenthal, S. 393 Rosenwald, L. 238 Rosenweig, S. 180,393 Rosner, B. 393 Ross, G. 393 Roth, J. 139,447 Rothbardt, N. 393 Rothenberg, E. 201,208,393 Rothman, B. 393 Rothman, I. 393 Rothman, M. 393 Rothman, M. H. 393 Rothman, R. 394 Rothman, T. 394 Rovinsky, P. 394 Rovner, L. 230 Rowan, J. 394 Roxby, B. 69 Rozanski, L. 394 Rubble, B. 225 Rubin, F. 394 Rubin, T. 235 Rubinson, D. 394 Rudnick, J. 394 Rudolph, S. 394 Ruggieri, F. 394 Ruggiero, M. 394 Russeck, L. 394 Russel, D. 394 Russel, R. 394 Russo, A. 394 Ruszkicwicz, G. 394 Rutner, R. 394 Ryan, R. 394 Sabin, M. 395 Sable, C. M. 395 Sabo, N. 201,206 Sadjian, C. 233 Sado, J. C. 395 Sadvoy, B. A. 395 Safian, A. B. 395 Saidman, S. 395 Sakas, D. B. 395 Saldutti, M. L. 395 Sail, M. F. 395 440 Salmieri, A. P. 204,395 Salvino, T. B. 395 Samit, H. L. 395 Samit, S. 395 Sampson, S. S. 395 Samson, F. P. 395 Samuelian, S. M. 395 Sandelman, B. 395 Sanders, C. E. 395 Sanders, R. L. 396 Santangelo, M. 396 Santiago, D. 396 Santini, J. P. 396 Saperstein, S. 178 Satferfield, C. A. 396 Savar, M. J. 188 Savarese, N. M. 396 Saxe, C. 185 Saxonoff, D. R. 396 Saxton, S. H. 396 Scafidi, N. J. 396 Scannapieto, R. V. 396 Scaturo, A. V. 68 Scavozzi, B. A. 396 Schachere, R. N. 201,205,208,396 Schactner, B. 231 Schaerer, R. N, 396 Schailey, R. Jr. 396 Schait, F. T. 396 Schechter, E. 239 Schechter, E. R. 396 Scheingold, E. H. 396 Schenker, B. A. 396 Scheuer, L. M. 67 Schieken, M. N. 188,397 Schiffrin, M. C. 397 Schlesinger, E. 175 Schleyer, ). S. 397 Schlosberg, S. 397 Schmerin, M. 397 Schmid.A. F. 397 Schmid, E. 183 Schmotz, H. 201 Schmuckler, G. A. 397 Schnee, C. H. 397 Schnee, C. 198,221 Schnee, M.S. 201,208,397 Schnepp, J. 189 Schock, S. 397 Schorpp, C. H. 397 Schofield, N. E. 397 Schossberger, C. S. 397 Scotkin, D. 447 Schreiber, L 179 Schuler, W. F. 397 Schultz, K. L 308 Schumer, A. 398 Schuster, R. 229 Schutzbank, T. 139,447 Schwoekel, R. 175 Schwartz, A. 177 Schwartz, E. M. 398 Schwartz, G. H. 398 Schwartz, H. 199 Schwartz, H. B. 398 Schwartz, H. M. 398 Schwartz, I. B. S. 398 Schwartz, J. R. 398 Schwartz, M. E. 398 Schwartz, R. B. 398 Schwartz, S. M. 398 Schwartz, S. B. 398 Schwartzman, G. 220 Schwartzman, C. 221 Schweighauser, F. J. 398 Schweizer, H. C. 398 Scotkin, D. 139 Scott, D. E. 398 Scott, M. U. 398 Searcy, M. L 228,398 Seeney, S. K. 398 Seffren, H. A. 399 Segal, H. J. 399 Segal, P. N. 399 Segal, R. 235 Segal, S. B. 399 Segal, S. C. 399 Segall, R. 399 Seible, W. 68 Seidman, L. B. 399 Seidman, L. R. 399 Seidman, P. 178,180,184 Seidman, P. ). 399 Seigle,R. 201,202 Selbst, K. R. 399 Seller, R. 399 Seniors 314-419 Serra, M. M. 399 Servin, J. D. 399 Serviss, J. B. 399 Seville, J. Y. 399 Sewell, j. M. 399 Shackelford, P. 176 Shaffer, F. J. 399 Shagen, E. C. 399 Shames, J. E. 400 Shanker, R. 150 Shanzer, N. A. 400 Shanzer, S. I. 400 Shapiro, F. 185 Shapiro, H. S. 141,310,400 Shapiro, L. 176 Shapiro, P. 33,150 Shapiro, R. B. 400 Shapiro, S. 400 Shapp, M. 118 Shapson, E. 187 Shapson, E. M. 400 Sharp, M. R. 400 Sharpe, M. E. 400 Shaw, S. A. 400 Shayne, D . J. 400 Shea, J. M. 65 Shectman, S. D. 400 Sheehan, W. J. 400 Sheehy, P. 229 Shenkman, R. 400 Shensky, C. J. 400 Shepherd, D. R. 400 Sher, S. E. 400 Sherer, T. 235 Sheridan, E. J. 400 Sheridan, C. J. 401 Sherman, K. 313 Sherman, J. N. 401 Sherman, K. 401 Sherman, L. G. 401 Shird, J. 141,187,314,199,401 Shobert, D. 221 Shocket, B. R. 401 Shoop, P. G. 401 Shore, A. 1.401 Shugar, H. R. 401 Shultz, Dr. J. S. 68 Shuster, 1.201,202,207 Siegal, C. 401 Siegel, 1. 1. 401 Sigma Alpha lota 179 Sigma Delta Chi 199 Sigma Phi Epsilon 227 Sigma Pi 228 Sigma Pi Sigma 199 Sigman, B. S. 201,203,207,401 Sigman, M. E. 401 Sigmund, E. L. 401 Sigovich, R. S. 401 Sikowitz, L. B. 401 Sikowitz, M. J. 402 Siladi, P. A.,)r. 402 Silberman, A. M. 402 Silberman, L. 402 Silberman, M. 201,203 Silver, A. C. 402 Silver, B. M. 402 Silver, I. 199 441 Silver, I. M. 402 Silver, L. E. 402 Silver, M. I. 402 Silver, N. F. 402 Silverman, A. 189 Silverman, E. L. 402 Silverman, E. I. 402 Silverman, I. S. 402 Silvers, F. D. 402 Silvers, L. 235 Silvers, L. P. 402 Silverstein, E. L 402 Silverstein, C. F. 402 Silverman, L. S. 402 Siman, M. 191 Simmons, R. 181,187,199 Simmons, S. 181 Simms, C. 403 Simons, C. A. 403 Simpkins, B. 235 Simyak, M. A. 403 Singer, ]. M. 204 Singer, K. L. 403 Singer, R. D. 403 Singleton, A. |. 403 Sipala, ]. 208 Sirkin, S. 238 Sitelman, E. 403 Sklar, D. 185 Sklar, D. S. 403 Skversky, K. 403 Skversky, S. B. 403 Slifkin, E. A. 403 Slotter, C. 186 Smith, C. E. 403 Smith, C. I. 403 Smith, C. E. 403 Smith, E. D. 403 Smith, C. 236 Smith, J. S. 403 Smith, J. H. 403 Smith, J. E. 403 Smith, K. 227,404 Smith, M. J. 404 Smith, O. 68 Smith, P. J. 404 Smith, R. 185 Smith, R. F. 205,208,404 Smith, S. 404 Smith, V. D. 404 Smukler, M. S. 404 Snair, A. 447 Snethen, L. S. 404 Sniady, R. M. 404 Snitow, S. 187 Snyder, F. 236 Snyder, K. 201,205,206 Snyder, M. A. 404 Snyder, S. 176 Snyder, W. F. 204 Snyderman, C. 404 Snyderman, S. 189 Snyderman, S. E. 404 Sobota, J. M. 404 Soccer 270-273 SAM 187 Spitaliny, M. 69 Soffer, M. 404 Soifer, H. A. 230,404 Sokolof, H. J. 404 Sokoloff, P. C. 404 Sokolove, S. J. 404 Sokolove, S. H. 405 Soloff, L. L. 405 Solomon, A. J. 405 Solomon, M. 239 Solomon, M. E. 405 Solomon, R. M. 405 Soncini, R. H. 405 Sonkin, L. B. 405 Sonstein, P. W. 405 Sorbini, B. A. 405 Sorkin, M. 190,191 Sosnow, C. T. 405 Spacek, F. 187 Spadiccino, M. 228 Spanier, M. D. 405 Sparrow, A. R. 405 Sparrow, L. B. 405 Speakers and Guests 116-119 Spector, C. 405 Specter, M. J. 405 Speed, S. E. 406 Speir, R. L. 406 Spiegel, R. 177 Spiegel, R. W. 404 Spielberg, J. D. 406 Spinelli, R. 229 Spire, T. 189,406 Spiro, L 406 Spitalny, R. F. 406 Spivack, C. S. 406 Spofford, R. W. 406 Spring Sports 251-262 Spritzler, J. 406 Spuhler, J. E. 406 Squaresky, P. 235 Staff Page 447 Staley, D. L. 406 Stanek, H. 406 Staneruck, R. 180 Staneruck, D. 187 Staneruck, D. P. 406 Stango, J. A. 406 Staple, J. B. 406 Stavely, J. T. 406 Stavseth, Dr. R. M. 67 Steciw, M. A. Steff, P. 202 Steiker, S. L. 407 Steiman, R. 407 Stein, C. 239 Stein, M. F. 407 Stein, M. P. 407 Stein, P. 239 Stein, R. N. 407 Steinberg, D. P. 407 Steinberg, N. 203 Steinberg, S. L 407 Steinman, W. L. 407 Stempin, M. 182 Stepsus, P. A. 407 Stern, B. 407 Sterens, B. 181 Stevens, B. 181 Stewart, G. H. 407 Stewart, J. S. 407 Stewart, S. 236 Stewart, S. A. 407 Stewart, S. L. 407 Stine, B. L. 407 Stitzer, C. G. 407 Stockwell, M. E. 407 Stokes, H. M. 407 Stokes, V. C. 408 Stolnis, J. E. 408 Stone, Dr. D. 67 Stone, R. F. 408 Stone, S. B. 408 Stone, V. L. 408 Stoner, D. B. 408 Strmpello, J. 408 Strauer, J. C. 408 Straus, I. L. 408 Strauser, J. 198 Strauss, J. 191,190 Stride, C. 179 Stong, F. D. 408 Strong, S. 201,206 Student Activities 123-160 Student Activities Center 130-131 Student Government 132-135 Student Life 74-243 Student Services 68-69 Studying 52 442 Slutz, L. M. 408 Stylus 146-147 Student Union Board 150-153 Sudall, S. I. 408 Suhocki, P. ). 408 Sullivan, |. 189 Sussman, M. 447 Suter, A. 191 Sutphen, C. 183 Suttin, A. 238 Swartz, M. 408 Swierkiewicz, A. 408 Swidler, K. B. 408 Swidrak, B. j. 408 Swimming 288-289 Szmal, D. 203 Szumski, S. 408 Szymborski, D. D. 408 Table of Contents 2-3 Tafflin, F. 409 Tager, L. 199 Tager, L. R. 409 Tamayo, M. E. 204,409 Tannenbaum, T. J. 409 Tenner, E. M. 409 Tanur, R. R. 409 Tanur, R. 239 Tanzella, V. Taradalsky, C. 409 Tarasanar, H. 409 Tarlow, A. R. 409 Tarnoff, J. M. 409 Tarshis, R. 239 Tarshish, L. 409 Tatreau, C. 409 Tau Delta Phi 229 Tau Epsilon Phi 230 Tauris, C. 196 Temoyan, R. 227 TEMPLAR 136-139 Temple News 140-144 Tenbus, ). R. 201,202 Tennis 258-259 Teofilak, J. A. 409 Tereo, A. A. 409 Terlecky, B. 410 Testa,). D. 410 Teter, M. ). 410 Theater 100-101 Temple University Theater 100-103 Theodore, C. L. 410 Therrien, P. R. 410 Thich, J. A. 410 Thomas, C. 447 Thomas, J. C. 410 Thomas, S. 189 Thomas, S. 186 Thompson, R. J. 410 Thorne, T. 228 Thrasher, B. A. 410 Tierney, P. 187 Tierney, P. 185 Tierney, P. C. 410 Timerman, J. G. 410 Tirill, W. E. 410 Tischler, A. N. 410 Title Page 1 Toben, F. 139,449 Tobias, R. L. 410 Tohzis, R. J. 410 Toll, M. 410,447 Toltzis, S. D. 410 Tomaselio, A. K. 410 Tomasello, T. L. 411 Tomei, T. W. 411 Tonuci, W. 411 Toof, D. 1.411 Tordone, D. E. 411 Torpey, M. B. 411 Torrey, S. A. 411 Toth, ). 224 Track 256-257 Tramo, R. E. 411 Trani, M. ). 411 Transier, L. 69 Treis, S. M. 411 Trinkley, M. L. 411 Trocki, Z. 411 Troise, L. J. 411 Trucks 64 Trustees 64 Trusty, M. L. 411 Trzcinski, E. J. 411 Tucholski, B. C. 206 Tucker, B. 411 Tuckerman, A. 230 Tuckerman, M. M. 202 Tuckfelt, G. 231 Turnbaugh, L. ). 411 Turner, J. R. 411 Tusavitz, P. A. 412 Tyer, N. ). 412 Tyler 44-45 U Udell, E. 66 Ufberg, C.412 Ulan, M. 412 Ulmer, G. 183 Ulmer, R. 187,199,412 Underwood, K. 412 University Christian Movement 175 Uphoff, K. 412 Urofsky, L. 412 Utain, S. 412 Vair, W. 412 Valente, J. 176 Valvano, J. 196 VanDyke, B. E. 412 Van Horn B. 189 Van Sciver, L. F. 412 Van Tosh, B. S. 412 Varani, S. J. 412 Varga, E. A. 412 Vaughn, D. R. 412 Venit, M. L 412 Verbits, M. S. 412 Vesotsky, S. 220,222 Vice-Presidents 65-66 Viola, C. 202 Visco, D. L. 221,413 Vitale, P. A. 413 Vitt, P. C. 413 Vitullo, R. M. 413 Vogel, W. 413 Volgraf, ]. 203 Votta, A. L. 413 W WARA Sub-Divider 295 Wachman, M. 66 Wachs, M. 413 Wagman, J. E. 413 Wagman, ). S. 413 Wagner, L. 413 Wagner, S. 187 Wagner, S. 187 Wagner, W. 413 Waigenfeld, R. 413 Waiters, C. O. 413 Walch, A. R. 202 Walker, J. P. 413 Walker, R. 208 Walsh, A. R. 413 Walzer, B. 233 WARA 295-303 Wargo, E.J. 202,414 Warner, C. R. 414 Warner,!. C. 414 Warner,!. 414 Wasserman, D. S. 414 Wasserman, M. B. 414 Waters, J. J. 414 Watson, ). 414 Watson,]. A. 414 Watson, R. A. 414 Waugh, E. S. 414 Weaver, W. 1.414 Waychunas, G. A. 183 Weber, B. D. 414 Weber, M. E. 201,206,207 Weikel, B. A. 414 Weinberg, A. B. 414 Weinberg, M. A. 414 Weiner, M. S. 414 Weiner, S. H. 414 Weinstein, A. 415 Weinstein, D. D. 414 Weinstein, L. 182 Weinstein, L C. 415 Weinstein, S. 415 Weinstein, S. Z. 415 Weintraub, I. 415 Weintraub, P. 415 Weisbein, M. B. 415 Weisel, M. J. 415 Weisenthal, D. C. 415 Weiser, R. R. 415 Weiss, A. 203 Weiss, E. H.415 Weiss, F. C. 415 Weiss, I. 188 Weiss, L. S. 415 Weiss, S. 239 Weissberger, D. 415 Weissman, J. 415 Welch, E. 237 Wellbrock, J. 221 Wells, C. D. 415 Welter, !. 221 Wendt, H. V. 415 Wesley, B. C. 416 Wessel, K. 416 West, B.J. 416 Whelan, J. J. 416 Whitaker, R. 69 White, H. C. 416 White, K. 234 White, S. 202 Whitney, S. L 416 Wiatt Hall 129 Williams Hall Senate 193 Widman, M. 416 Wieczekzak,!. J. 315,416 Wiener, S. W. 416 Wiesel, M. 224 Wilderman, A. 239 Wilf, B. 189 Willett, N. 208 Williams, A. B. 416 Williams, D. L. 416 Williams, E. 206,207 Williams, E. A. 416 Williams, J. J. 204 Williams, M. 151 Williams, P. P. 416 Willis, S. P. 416 Willis, W. C. 65 Willson,C. 201,202 Wilson, B. 176 Wilson, B. 176 Wilson, L. 237 VViiidormon. A. ). 4 lb Winikur, H. N. 41b Winn, ). S. 4 1b VVint, S. ). 41b Winter Sports 277-294 Wiseberg, S. C. 417 Wisner, S. A. 417 Wisotsley, S. 239 Witkop, M. M. 191,417 Wiltels, B. C. 417 Wittko, R. 221 Witlman, ]. ). 417 Witwer, K. K. 417 Wolb, E. M. 225 Wolf, D. M, 417 Wolf, ). C. 201,205,417 Wolf, N. 208 Wolfbein, S. b7 Wolff, R. P. 417 Wolfson, M. 417 Wolk, L F. 417 Wombell, R. D. 417 Wong, R. E. 417 Wood, A. 227 Wood, C. J. 417 Wood, D. 447 Wood, W. R. 417 Woodcock, E. E. 418 Wormser, R. 229 Woskoff, F. T. 418 Wozbrannsky, M. A. 418 Wozny, L. |. Wrener, B. 178 Wrestling 292-294 Wright, T. A. 204 Wright, W. 224 WRTI 148-149 Wydra, R. A. 418 Wyner, S. A. 418 Yablon, M. |. 418 Yakatan, R. K. 418 Yanko, W. F. 184,418 Yapsuga, N. S. 201,202 Yarnell, L. M. 418 Yates, R. 203 Yeager, C. A. 418 Yeck, L. M. 418 Yeutter, E. 418 Yowell, S. L. 418 Zaganelli, L. 150 Zak, M. M. 418 Zanghi, M. 178 Zapf, K. 179 Zarodnick, H. B. 418 Zarow, C. 208 Zavetsky, E. K. 418 Zecca, A. 232,237,315,418,447 Zeger, H. L. 419 Zeich, C. E. 419 Zeiss, R. 204 Zelikovsky, M. 419 Zellers, |. 201,202 Zelson, ). 179 Zeyher, M. 419 Zeta Beta Tau 231 Zidik, M. F. 419 Zieu, W. J. 419 Zimmelman.S. 33,311,419 Zimmerman, P. J. 419 Zipperlen, ). P. 419 Zirin, S. 235 Zirpoli, A. 419 Ziskis, A. B. 419 Ziss, F. N. 419 Zitman, S. F. 419 Zukin, T. L. 419 445 i i

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