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Temple University Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Vol. 39 Fred Zorn • Editor-in-Chief Raymond C. Whittaker • Advisortemple is activity Morning arrives and the University comes to life. Buildings are opened and the endless round of activity begins. The pace continues into the lote hours of night when the University closes its doors. With a full schedule of evening and summer school dosses as well as the day school program, Temple enables thousands of students to complete and further their formol education. Rounding out the complete program, students engage in many activities whether it be adding the finishing touches to a homecoming float, planning a party, hearing a lecture, attending a team practice, or just chatting with friends Growing, counselling, expanding, socializing, educating— this is Temple. 23the academic and social interact5iSJlSlii in a university ever growing and expanding 67fulfilling our heritage as a great university 8templar Contents • Administration .......................... 11 • Academic Activity ......................... 22 • Campus Activity ... ....................... 68 • Religious and Cultural Activity .......... 134 • Athletic Activity ........................ 178 • Senior Activity .......................... 222 • Seniors .................................. 254 • Closing .................................. 312 • Last Word ................................ 320 JO1112 MILLARD E. GLADFELTER President of Temple Universitypresident Millard E. Gladfelter was eighteen when he began his career in education as "teacher" to some 55 children in a one-room school in York County, Pa. The teacher-pupil relationship has become a little more remote; but today, as President to 27,000 students at Temple University, Millard Gladfelter has never swerved from the educational calling. In 1925, Dr. Gladfelter was groduated Phi Beta Kappa from Gettysburg College and later obtained his M.A. from the University of Wisconsin, and Ph, D. from the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Gladfeltcr's first contact with Temple University was in 1930 when he became director of the Junior-Senior High School. Since then, he has held the positions of Registrar, Vice-President, and Pro- vost. Dr. and Mrs. Gladfelter live in Jenkintown. They Great Court arrangements get final examination by President Glodfelter before Orientation Reception for new students and their parents. hove two sons, Phillip, 25, a Princeton graduate now studying at Harvard Law School, and Bruce, 22, o Trinity College graduote who is a student at Syracuse University. Some friendly words of advice are offered to students at Freshman camp by Dr. Gladfelter. Dr. Glodfelter chats with Judge Klein, Choirmon of the Board of Trustees, at the Founders Day Dinner. Mrs. Glodfelter |Oins the President in welcoming guests at the Founders Doy Dinner.THE HONORABLE CHARLES E. KLEIN Choirmcn of the Board of Trustees OR. ROBERT L JOHNSON CHoncelfor of the Board of Trustees board of trustees The Governor of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania The Mayor of the City of Philadelphia Lieutenant General Milton G. Baker Major General A. Russell Conwell Cooney Bishop Fred P. Corson John A. Diemand Charles G Erny Thomas L. Evans Col. S. W. Fleming, Jr. Walter D. Fuller Mrs. Richard E. Hanson Dr. Louis P. Hoyer Charles M. Johnson Dr. Robert L. Johnson Wentworth P. Johnson John G. Keck Dr. Richard A Kern Judge Chorles Klein Rolph G. Luff Dr. Alexander Mackie Drexel Biddle, Jr. Frank C. P. McGlinn Arthur T. McGonigle R. A. Montgomery James A. Nolen Arthur E. Pew, Jr. Mrs. R. S. Rauch, Jr. Henry N. Rodenbough Judge W. A. Schnader Dr. Wynne Sharpies William R. Spofford, Esq. Mrs. John A. Stevenson William H. Sylk James M. Symes Judge Peter H. Tuttle Edward B. Twombly Stella Elkins Tyler Judge George A Welsh THE BOARD Of TRUSTEES of TEMPLE UNIVERSITYDR. JOHN M. RHOADS Vice-President DR. EARL R. YEOMANS Vice-President. Secretory DR. WILLIAM W TOMLINSON Vice-President DR. PAUL E. ANDERSON Accdemic Affoirs Vice-President university vice presidents DR. WILLIAM N. PARKINSON Mcdieol Affoirs Vice-President DR. STERLING K. ATKINSON Finonciol Affairs Vice-President, TreasurerERLE EHLY Director of Extension Services administrative services GEORGE H. HUGANIR, JR. Vice-Provost GEORGE LETCHWORTH Director of Residence DR LEON OVSIEW Educationol Service Bureau KIRK GREER. ELIZABETH LANDIS. IRVING LILLY Director of Admissions, Recorder ond Rcgistror 16DR. BRUCE ROXBY Director of Heolth Service HARRY H. PITTS Comptroller ond Treosurer offer seruices CHARLES E. METZGER Director of Community Services, Assistant Treasurer RAY WHITTAKER. ESTHER SWIMMER Directors of Student Activities TH 3TM33 17 SAMUEL W. CAPLAN Director of Distributive Educotion ALBERT CARLISLE Director of Public Information RAYMOND 8URKLEY General Alumni Association CURTIS R BICKER Student Store ERNEST CASALE Director of Athletics FLORIANA BLOSS Student Personnel to the university HARRY WESTENBURGER Purchasing Agent 18SYLVESTER AICHELE Director of Plocement Service HARRY HALL Groduotc Advisor LOUISE ORAM Student Personnel Office Manager and the community WALTER HAUSDORFER University Librorion 19 W P. WETZEL Physicol Plant JACK BURNS Coordinator of Individual ServicesCARL M GRIP, JR Dcon of Men dean of men Dr. Carl M. Grip, Deon of Men, has been part of the Temple University Administration since 1956. A graduate of Befort University, Dr. Grip received his Ph D. from the University of Chicago In addition to being on advisor to Student Council and Chairman of the Board of Publications, Dr Grip is very much interested in the field of Social Psychology and is currently working on a manuscript dealing with the problems of the beginning college student with regard to the college curriculum Mony of Dr. Grip's outside interests are shored by his wife and three sons. Mr. Edward H. Eichmann, Assistant Dean of Men, is directly concerned with improving the fraternity system and expanding the University intro-mural athletic program. With our new facilities at Geasy field, Mr. Eichmann is determined to moke our sports program an outstanding one. EDWARD H. EICHMANN Assistant Dean of Men 20LUCILE SCHEUER Deon of Women dean of women A graduate of Mt. Holyoke College in Massachusetts, Lucile M Scheuer has just completed her first year os Dean of Women at Temple University Miss Scheuer is fascinated by the variety among the students and is attempting to increase means of communication between her office ond the women students. Dean Scheuer is particularly concerned with the many students from other countries attending Temple and has been instrumental in making their adjustment to Temple on easier one Miss Scheuer has set up o "big sister" counselling program for the resident women ond is also the adviser to Alpha Lambda Delta, a new honorary sorority for outstanding freshmen women Before her appointment as Deon of Women ot Temple, Miss Scheuer was Associate Deon of Women at DePauw University. Deon Scheuer is also an advisor to the International Club. 21The task of each generation is to accumulate the knowledge of the post as well as to seorch for and discover the knowledge of the future This is learning; and leorning is born of hard work—sometimes unpleosont—but always rewarding. From mid-day in Barton ond Curtis Halls to night in the evening classes, we study, attaining a blend of the theoretical and the practical.WILLIAM T CALDWELL Deon, College of Liberol Arts liberal arts Established os the first day college at Temple, the college of Liberal Arts was organized by Dr Conwell in 1891. Dr. William T Caldwell, Dean, is ably assisted by Assistant Dean Mourice F Keen The College of Liberal Arts at Temple acquaints a student with the world in which he lives through history, the natural and social sciences, and foreign languages and fosters, channels, and develops the need for beauty and truth through the study of philosophy, literature, science, and the arts. Three specific functions are performed by Temple's Liberal Arts College: it gives a four-year program combining cultural education with specialization in one field; it offers a preparation for the study of low, medicine, theology, and other professions, and it provides a foundation for graduate study os well as a program leading to the degree of Master of Arts in a number of fields, and to a degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry, English, Physics, and Psychology. 26 The onnuol Liberal Arts party gives student 0nd faculty chooce to meet informally, o MAURICE F KEEN Assistant Dean, College of Liberal Artsprouides a four-year program By listening ond then repeating whot they heard, students gain o familiarity with their bosic longuoge courses. Dr. John Hortsook, Associate Professor of Spanish and Director of the foreign language lob, starts the tape recorded lesson hcord by students in booth. Senior Edward Speshock studies in the longuage lob for advanced courses 27combining cultural education Physics lob instructor demonstrates the "pendulum motion." 28The Psychogalvonic response experiment tests the emotionol reaction of the subject to stimulus words spoken into o mike by the experimenter with specialization in one field 29By testing varying proportions of corbon compounds, a student of orgonic chemistry is better oblc to understand the reactions thot occur. Students of Mommalion Anatomy attempt to point out the various orgons of the dissected cot as desired by the student Small lob groups enoble instructors to work more closely with students os they experiment- with general chemistry principles. 30WILLIAM M. POLISHOOK Assistant Dcon, College of Education D. WILLARD ZAHN Dean, College of Education The Curriculum Laboratory, which contains many materials useful to the beginning teacher, may be used by any student ot the University. education Today, teachers ore in increased demand to help children and adults keep up with the advancements of our civilization The College of Education of Temple University wos organized to aid in this demand. The graduates of the school will try to lead their students in the direction of success. All men and women interested in supervisory positions in elementary, secondary schools, or child care centers are enrolled in this school. Courses are provided to insure the broadest possible social, as well as academic ond professional education. Emphasis is placed on the spirit of inquiry to help develop the scientific aspect of education. Temple's teaching program is accredited by most of the other states. A Bachelor of Science degree in Education is the result of four years of study. The Corporation, a speciol Faculty Council of Graduate Study, of which the Deon of the school acts as chairman, formulates and regulates the work leading to the degree of Master of Education and Doctor of Education. 31 i This sixth grade boy tries his best to please his student teochcr Mr Bessey introduces Ec Ed students to methods of teochmg mathematics Elementary Education students ore working on o science project where they ore constructing motors 32 to prouide the opportunities vmHorn economics closses introduce students to the more procticol side of life. Physical education student teacher prepares her girls to perform in a show The Health, Physical Education and Rccreotion Convention wos held ot the Ben-jomin Franklin Hotel in Philadelphia. for education and self-fulfillment 33 Gymnastics os well os precision drills are a port of the HPER courseStudent teochers m Secondory Educotion ottend a meeting where they ore given final instructions on how to conduct o closs Sheila Altmon explains o point ond then illustrates it on the blackboard and prepare future teachers Sheila knows thot it is the 10b of o good teacher to meet any individual problem that arises. The leocher's superior knowledge enobles her to perceive any trouble that her students ore hoving 3:00 moons the end of the school doy for the students but not for the teacher 34Potential business educators must learn to operate simple ond complex business machines A knowledge of various musicol instruments ond their uses is necessary for all music educators Music education student practices her piano techniques while studying o difficult piece of music. 35 to accept the challenge of democracyDR. CHARLES E GILLILAND. JR Dcon, Business School business Changes in technology and in the roles of labor, management, and government in our complex society hove made the businessman a more influential leader in America. The School of Business and Public Administration, under Dean Gilliland, tries to develop on understanding of the problems involved in humon relationships and how best to communicate with other people He must be prepared to participate in the affairs of the community, the state, ond the nation The curriculo is formulated so that it gives introductory work in the humanities and the social and physical sciences, basic courses needed for any field of business, ond specialized training. These course requirements provide the student with general education to help him to become a better citizen and to achieve professional success. Undergraduate school studies lead to the degree of Bachelor of Science, while the graduate school curriculum, which provides basic training in research as well os technical knowledge, leads to the degree of Moster of Business Administration. RUSSELL H. MACK Auijtanr Dean, Business School 36 LOUIS T HARMS Assistant Deon, Business SchoolInstructor oids student in Accounting Lob Steve Schoenstadt presents a shopping center plon in marketing class. Evening students use electronic data processing machine A problem in business law hos Mr White assisting a student provides the business student 37a with specialized training To keep up with civilizotion odvonces, a student leorns how to handle the IBM Retailing students put theory into practice. 38and a depth of understanding Sorting cords is one of the vorious phases of the IBM course. This journolism instructor finds time to create laughter while she illustrotes a point. Business School student checks to see if wires ore in the right place. In o rcloxed otmosphere, journalism students listen to a lecture on style. 39Mr. Dusenbury demonstrates broadcosting techniques in a Communications Lob. of the business world Mr. Seibel, Assistant Professor of Radio, lectures by use of the new closed-circuit television equipment in operation in Curtis Hall.. A Communications student handles the technical end of the closed-circuit T.V. operation. 40tyler Creative, perceptive, versatile—an artist must be all three. To encouroge these qualities, the School of Fine Arts of Temple University was established in 1934 by Dr. Boris Blai, the first dean, on the grounds of Oak Lane Country Day School. The following year Mrs. Stella Elkins Tyler gave her portion of the mognificent estate to Temple, enabling the school to meet the needs of its ever-expanding fine arts curriculum. In recognition of Mrs. Tyler's benevolence, the school is now known as the Stella Elkins Tyler School of Fine Arts. Dean Boris Blai retired lost June after many years of service ond was replaced by Chorles LeClair, former Professor of Art and Choirman of the Art Department of Chatham College, Pittsburgh. The Tyler program is based on the philosophy that the artist should be trained through an academic education and knowledge of varied medio— art, dance, music, and creative writing—with specialization in one particular area. Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees or, for the five year program. Bachelor of Science in Education degrees are offered. Graduate programs in fine arts and art education corry the degrees of Master of Fine Arts, Master of Education, ond Doctor of Education The main building houses the Office of the Dcon, the Tyler Library, the Pointing ond Jewelry Studios, the Physicol Science Lob, and the Exhibition Gallery. CHARLES LeCLAIR Oeon of Tyler School 41facial expression os Professor A student tries to record on canvas Abels looks on Sterner's ►Graduote student, M Lehman, works on a project in the ccromics workshop. A lithographic process is exploined to two young students by Mr Viesulas, instructor of Grophic Arts. all art is basically interrelated A student in the sculpture studio carefully examines her nearly completed work. Replacing the studio destroyed by fire lost year, this new building will contoin the senior sculpture studio, bronze foundry, ond carving studio.instruction offered in all creative media Prof. Stoffcl looks on after helping o student who is working of the potter's wheel in the ceramics studio Interested student examines some completed ceramics work. Korl Stirner, metalry instructor, is engrossed in helping some freshmen with their work. Deon Charles LeCloir discusses a painting with his senior Art Seminor Class held in the gallery of the mom building where exhibits of interest arc regularly displayed. 44ambler Devoted to the study of ogriculture, Ambler Junior College become o division of Temple University in 1958 and now provides a two-year program as brood and as enriching a background in the liberol orts and sciences as possible with intensive specialization in either Horticulture or Landscape Design; the program leads to the Associate Degree in Arts or Sciences. Before its incorporation into the Temple University program, Ambler was known as the Pennsylvania School of Horticulture. Being located just eighteen miles north of Philadelphia, Ambler offers an opportunity for country living ot its best and at the some time makes readily accessible the many advantages which only a large city can afford. The Ambler administration, headed by Director Jonothan French, attempts to develop close student contocts with the foculty, provides research moterial in its library and rare book room, and encourages a well rounded activity program through its student government while presenting the practical application of college-level theory. Modern World History ij provided in the Liberol Arts ond Sciences curriculum. Students m Horticulture ond Lcndscope Design hove the use of greenhouses os doss loborotorics for procticol experience. 45 Flower arranging »s one of the subjects offered to Horticulture ond Landscape Design studentsStudents congrcgote ot the recreation hall to folk, cot, ond relox. WILLIAM A SCHRAG Decn of Community College community college Community College, organized by Temple University os a speciol undergraduate academic division to provide training for semi-professional occupations otherwise unobtainable at a four year college, come into being in 1948 at 18th and Buttonwood Streets. Feeling the pressure of growing pains, it moved in 1952 to a beautiful suburbon-like setting at Cheltenham Avenue and Sedgwick Street near Temple Stadium. At this time the Community College and the Technical Institute were united; the present dean of both schools is William A Schrag. Associate degrees are awarded to students who complete the programs in liberal education but have no specific vocational objective, in the pre-mortuory sciences, in specialized technical subjects, ond in general business courses. Last semester Community College offered a speciol program in Police Science and Administration, which can lead to a professional certificate and an associate degree. These courses ore significant in that they ore the first of their kind to be offered in Pennsylvania. Dr. Gladfeltcr discusses the new Police Science Program with Police Commissioner Brown ond representatives of the Philadelphia Police Deportment. 46A student of accounting tries to make his debits cquol his credits under the guidonce of Mrs Crowford. Instructor of Business. Biology students identify the various muscles and ports of the body from the anatomical charts. meets the needs of semi-professional occupations Mr. Peterson, Instructor of Science, docs on experiment for his Chemistry students. sAPractical application of Ventilating and Air Conditioning course materiel is provided in the model boiler room, The Chemicol Technology progrom includes a course in Organic Chemistry, The Electronics Technology progrom offers course work in microwoves, circuit analysis, industrial electronics, television systems, ond computers. offers specialized courses in technical subjects Refrigeration opparotus is used to trom Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration majors for industrial positions. 48summer, evening Temple University offers three summer sessions which enoble students to complete required courses and take advanced work. The courses are conducted for the most part by the regular members of the severol faculties. Qualified students from other colleges ond universities are olso gronted credit toward their college degrees for courses taken during these sessions. Temple's Evening School provides an ideal opportunity for those who work in the daytime but wish to take college course work. Many of the courses that are offered to day students are also available to evening students. On completion of the requirements, Evening School students are granted the same degrees given to the Day School graduates. Evening School courses are also available to those who qualify, without hoving satisfied the requirements for admission as degree candidates. Temple University continues to fulfill the dream for which it was founded by providing complete summer ond evening school programs. school Students ore oblo to take cdditonol courses ot Temple's three Summer School sessions. Summer school students rclox between closses. Evening School was Organized in order to provide o University education for those who ore employed during the doy. Closses ore held for post-graduate os well os for under-groduate students.The dental clinic offers students an opportunity to perfect techniques under close supervision professional schools The Law Department of Temple "College" was established in 1895 to furnish a thorough and systematic course of legal study in evening classes. After 1933, the day school was added. Approved by the American Bar Association and Association of American Law Schools, Temple provides the foundation for a high degree of professional competence in the active practice of law. The first co-educational Medical School in Pennsylvania, Temple opened its Medical Department in 1901; evening closses combined with day work provided a four year day-program equivalent. By 1909 the evening classes had been discontinued. Today, the hospital, clinic, and lab units of the Temple Medical Center ore all used for undergroduate and post-graduate instruction. Leading to a degree after two years (or three years ot night), the Pharmacy School was established in 1901. The night school was discontinued in 1918. Since 1932 a Bachelor of Science Degree in Pharmacy has been given for four years of study. Accredited by the American Council of Pharmaceutical Education, and the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy, the school contains numerous lecture rooms, labs, the Kendig Museum of pharmaceutical equipment, the Frank Law pilot plant installation Lab, and a complete model pharmacy. The Philadelphia Dental College became port of the University in 1907 and is today the second oldest Dental School. Being first to include Oral Surgery, the school contains an auditorium, clinics, special labs, and closed circuit T. V. Pharmacy students gam experience in realistic settings in their model phormocyMedical students learn to deal with patients in clinics supervised by some of the outstanding specialists in the country. set high standards for ambitious students Senior class at Temple University School of Medicine has a session ot surgical clinic. 51•BHufe Instructors Mr. Young ond Mrs. Schlciffer fmd the informol otmosphere of Freshmen Comp both rcloxing and rewarding faculty activity In addition to the everyday duties of the Temple University faculty, such as teaching dosses, conducting examinations, and marking the never-ending papers that characterize the efforts of their students, our teachers also partake in many outside activities. Research work is taking place in every department of the University, both privately and under the support of University and National grants. Many of our faculty members deliver lectures to groups other than their classes Recreational activities, such os golf, bowling, tennis, and archery are of interest to teachers os well os students. We, at Temple, have learned, through much association and observation, that our foculty members are interested in providing University students with a well-rounded and diversified education both in and out of the classroom Members of the foculty enjoy both the music and the company of their colleagues ot the onnuol Founder's Doy Dinner 52Peseorch in the field of Physics is pursued by Dr. Mary Harbold, Associate Professor of Physics. faculty members at temple Dr Alprcn, typical of mony of the faculty members ot Ti Educot WT 0r°SSCd rcscarch WOfk in ,hc orco of Second Mr. Casole, of the Phys.cal Education Department, supplements his work os Director of Athletics bv delivenna lectures, 53George Makris listens os Govin White tells him about the time he pitched o no-hitter. partake in many activities • i Foculty members occompony concert choir on a four-state tour. Besides teaching closses in doncing, Kothy Piro finds time to practice her own donee techniques. Robert Poge concentrates most of his efforts in the field of music. 54Roger White ploys comedion os he instructs his closs in Business Low Copt. James Dunley hos investigated ond utilized visual oids to import information to his closs. 55Dr. Sovitz of the Sociology Deportment assists ot registrotion and provide students ivith Dr. and Mrs. Tomlinson enjoy the sun ond fun in Bermuda. The Secondory Educotion lounge enobles faculty members to meet informally. 56Scientists from all over the world come to Temple for o Summer Institute, os did some of our own faculty members. a wealth of experience Members of the foculty and administration relax after the dedication ceremonies for the new Faculty Club. Dr Zohn, Dcon of the College of Education, reloxes after a busy week. 57community services One-woy mirrors ollow quolified people to observe in the Psychological Clinic without disturbing the subject Temple University, in addition to providing for the educational needs of its mony student body members, extends a variety of services to the members of the Philadelphia Areo Community. Maintaining a variety of clinics, the Department of Psychology provides guidance and counselling services; the clinics ore the Psychological Clinic, Educational and Vocational Guidance Clinic, Reading Clinic, and Testing Bureau In addition, the Deportment of Speech and Dramotic Arts maintains ond staffs the Speech and Hearing Center. Physical heolth services are offered by the Temple University Medical Center where individuals in need of medical assistance may find aid. The Dentol School also maintains a clinic. For those individuals in need of legal assistance and advice, the Legol Aid Bureau is set up. By providing for the community. Temple University is able to provide much needed services to those residents of the city who would otherwise be unable to obtain them The Legol Aid Bureau furnishes od-vice and counsel in matters pertaining to the low. 58Toys do not pocify fhts frightened lod os he unwillingly tokes odvontoge of the Dcntol Clinic furnish needed assistance Medicol students ore permitted to observe an operation that is performed by Medicol Clinic surgeons. The Speech ond Hcoring Clinic is o foscinating place for a small girl who hos just discovered the wonder of earphones 59In the Moternity Word of Temple's Pediatric Clinic, o newborn is gently held in the comforting arms of o trained nurse. The Community Pool has o full-time program in swimming and is used by Temple University students, the Philadelphia School System students, and the members of the community 60clubs INTERNATIONAL CLUB. business ed club international club In order to bring the Business Education Deportment closer together, both professionally and socially, the Business Education Club was organized Under the leadership of President Barbara Kimmel, Vice President Judy Toplin, Secretaries Goil Wallace and Roberta Spector, Treasurer Diane Bratman, and Historian Harriet Liss, the club held its onnual social introducing new freshmen to their activities and giving the student teochers on opportunity to relote their experiences to the lower classmen The International Club of Temple University gives our students from other countries the opportunity to adjust to American College Life. American students are able to broaden their knowledge of foreign countries, their culture, arts, customs, and world outlook Under the guidonce of Advisor Miss Lucile M. Sheuer, Deon of Women, the club has a varied program of activities providing both foreign and American students the opportunity to meet and better understand each other in an informal atmosphere. BUSINESS ED. CLUB—First Row: D Settles, B Luciano, R. Spec tor, J. Blumberg, B. Kimmel, H Liss, G. Girini, M. Betner. Second Row: S Brooks, ). Frchmcl, R. Silbcrbcrg, W. Long, E Schwartz, C. Goldcnbcrg, E Robinowithz, E Pilgrim, D. Schocnfcld, A Mish, C. Long, E. Picciotti, S. Knutsen, J Willioms, V. Sokoff, L. Degler Third Row B S gel, S. Rob boy, A Folino, L Epstein, M. Rothstein, M LevyC. C. STUDENT COUNCIL—Front Row; J. Hortcnstcin, M Sullivan, R. Woid, L. Gromlich Second Row: J. Greenspon, R. Cordonick, L Terronovo, P PugocH, B Friio, B. Evons, R Hud- Gcrdwi Us'Row: w Cur' h°"'1 Ke o1’'R w° '- a c. c. student council chemistry society The Chemistry Society endeavors to provide o brooder spectrum of chemical knowledge to its student membership and ottempts to expand intellectual interests in this branch of science beyond the closs-room The Faculty of the Chemistry Department and Chemists working in industry are frequently called upon to discuss their research projects. In this mon-ner students ore confronted with some of the many unique problems associated with this science. The club is of filiated with the Philo. Areo Student Chemi-col Association and the Americon Chemical Society In addition to governing student activities at Community College, Student Council places emphosis on friendly personol relationships between students and foculty. Elected by the student body, the council members organized o number of interesting social events including mixers, teas, a freshmen orientotion program, Christmas Dance, election of o Mistletoe Queen and court, homecoming float, carnival booth and freshman picnic. CHEM SOCIETY—First Row: Dr. Tomlinson, M Goffmon, N. Greenberg, F Forino. Second Row: G. Cohen, I. Beckmon, 8. Shapin, 8. Kozdon, W. Bristowe. Third Row: L Milokofsky, D Glosser, M. Bcsnoff, S. Auerbach, H Rose, N. Bitsco Fourth Row: K, Stein, T. Willioms, C Newmon, T. Horn.HOME ECONOMICS CLUB. home ec. club hper The Health, Physical Education, and Recreation Club is an organization whose oim is to promote the growth and welfare of its members through participation in professional and social activity. Affiliated with the American Association of Health, Physical Education, ond Recreation, the club holds meetings weekly under the guidance of Mrs. Anne Volp and Dr Joseph Oxindine. Al Hoffmon, President, and Maddy Becker, Vice President, lead the club's many activities among which are guest speakers, films ond demonstrations A national organization, the Temple University Home Economics Club ottempts to provide for the professional development of College Home Economics students. Its objectives ore to develop personality, leadership, ond professional interest, to foster on interest in higher education and research, and become familior with leaders in the field. Its officers ore President Sheilo Meyers, Vice President Sandra Pintzow, Secretary Solly Roberts, Treasurer Diana Speier Miss Gladys Starr is the club Advisor HPER—Firit Row: M LeigM, T. Martin, A Hoffmon. M Becker, E Blott Second Row: J Oxendme, A Volp, M Gilbert 63THE MARKETING CLUB. marketing club The Marketing Club of Temple University was founded in 1944 and is an affilioted member of the American Marketing Association The club's faculty advisor is Mr Cloir J Reilly. The Marketing Club's purpose is to encourage an active interest in the various fields of marketing and to supplement formal education with practical applications. Meetings which are open to everyone ore held throughout the yeor at which times distinguished men and women in the field of marketing discuss modern developments and new opportunities thot are constantly arising The program of integrating formol education with practical applications is very beneficial to the club's members, for it furnishes them with a better understanding of morketinq and of the multitude of opportunities that exist in marketing todoy. 64 The Marketing Club meetings feoture distinguished speakers in the field of marketing.OWLETTER—Front Row; J. Selkow. M Sull.von, E Emhorn, B Evens, Second Row: M Jacobson, J Axelmon, B Friio, S. Benson owletter pre-law assn. In 1957 the Pre-Low Association was first organized to fulfill the needs of future lawyers who express the desire to further their knowledge of legal problems. The association provides facilities whereby these students moy receive advice and counsel in pursuit of their objective Under the supervision of Ronald Gross, as President, Steve Arenson as Vice-president, Ben Picker os Secretary and Al Corpel os Treasurer, various speakers, films and court trips were organized for this year. To keep the students up to pace with the constant round of sociol events ot Community College and Main Compus, to acquaint them with outstanding personalities, to amuse them and to inform them are oil goals sought by the "Owletter"—student publication ot Community College. With Elliott Einhorn as editor, succeeded by Marjorie Sullivan and Barbara Evans, her assistant, the staff does a fine job in carrying out these gools. Published three times a month, its appearance is always welcomed by students and faculty alike. PRE-LAW ASSOCIATION—Front Row: A Corpel. R. Gross, S Arenson Second Row: C. Potnick. A Spector, B Robe, E. Stein, berg, H. Shopiro. Third Row: M Rcichmon, P. Greenberg, N Feldgus, J. Solomn, B. Toplinger, $. Rubin, J. WeismonROA—Front Row: J. Sovor, Mojor R. Levordsen, R. Robben, S. Newmon. Bock Row: L Zock, M Rosen, C. Edmonds, M. New-mork, P. Bunkin, W. Crobtree, A Schwortx, A Fiermon, J. Weinstein. roa sam The Society for the Advancement of Management acquaints students who are preparing for business with leaders in various business fields. SAM provides students with the opportunity to participate, organize, plan, and direct the controlling of on organization. Their varied activities are developed to further the growth of students by stimulating their thinking and widening their knowledge in the practice of business management. Club activities include lectures by business executives and plant tours of large companies The Reserve Officers Association was founded to foster o spirit of unity among its members and to keep them aware of their obligations to the armed services of the United States. By monthly meetings which feature guest speakers, films and demonstrations, ROA accomplishes its purpose. The Temple chapter participates in a number of University activities including Homecoming Day Parade and the all-University Carnival. All cadets of the Reserve Officers Training Core are eligible for membership. SAM—Front Row: R Quidort, D. Laibow, Dr. S. Wilson, R. Roil-man, 5 Shullcn. Back Row: D Smith, S. Kline, M Weinstein, W Chou, A, Segal, R Pokros. 66SESA—Front Row: J Youse, O. Bykovetz, J. Goldstein, B Loza-row, L. Cohen. Second Row: P. Prince, D. Blcshmon, L. Ben, L. Kreithen, H, Mishkin, B. Edelstein, M Lubow Third Row: B. Rosen, B. Pollock, M. Rosenberg, E. Bogdonoff, Mr. Colabrese, E Blechmon, i. Moore, J. Rcismon speaker's union The University Speoker's Union is both o student club ond o University sponsored activity. Its primary function is to provide an extra-curricular education in public speaking. To accomplish this students are trained in the arts of oratory, extemporaneous speaking, debote, and group discussion. By presentations before campus oudiences, community groups, and in intercollegiate matches, the Union is the agency for University participation in intercollegiate forensic competition. Each year the outstanding members are accepted into the national intercollegiate forensic honor society. sesa The Secondary Education Student Association, designed to promote ond unite students in both the professional and social aspects of education as a career, stems from a "Participating In Activities" course which was discontinued in the Foil Semester of 1959. With Mr. F. Colabrese os advisor and Burton Lazarow as President, some of the highlights of the club year were a gola dinner dance, banquet. New York, Hershey, New England trips, and special theoter parties to the Academy of Music for operas ond concerts SPEAKER'S UNION. 67 68The informol meeting of students in o sociol ot-mosphere is on importont port of the educational experience ot Temple University. Participating in the Homecoming Porode, guiding ot Orientation, dancing ot the gay parties, or holding membership in ony of the severol hundred organizations, the individual student grows and matures in an exciting whirl of campus life. 7071Enthusiastic Freshmen owoit bus lo toke them to Camp Shalom. freshman camp "Is anybody here from Temple?" A deafening response could be heard from the 313 spirited comp-ers who spent September 8-10, 1960 at Freshman Camp. Camp Sholom in Collegeville, Pa. played host to the enthusiastic freshmen and fifty student staffers. With the aid of Dr. Gladfelter and a movie entitled "Acres of Diamonds", freshmen learned of Temple's inspiring history. Various members of the faculty, headed by Mr. Ray Whittaker and Miss Esther Swimmer (Activity Directors), were present to help the students become acquainted with college life. A square dance, campfire, and staff show featuring five exotic beauties highlighted the week-end activities. A volleyball match won by the female staff and the annual baseball game again lost by the mighty upperclassmen provided day-time excitement. This rocc was o unique woy for campers to meet new friends. Miss Freshman Comp contestants indicate that Temple "girls" are getting lovelier every ycor. Rosonno Zimmcrmon ond Dave Wolf, student co-directors, speok to the frosh of their first formal gathering. Daily student-faculty discussions sparked the afternoon activities."Come on. Bob—hit thot boll!" an introduction to campus life Nine out of ten people of this tabic chose Kellogg's, Stoffers entertom the campers around the blaring campfire. After two years the women staffers finolly won bock the volleyball trophy from the Freshmen. "Smile, they're looking this way!'orientation The February doss of Incoming Freshmen enjoys the luncheon served in its honor. To acquoint the incoming freshmen with their new environment, Temple has designed o program of Freshman Orientation Freshmen ore introduced to members of the administration and faculty ond are given o glimpse of the many campus activities. Upperclassmen, working as guides, ore given the opportunity to counsel ond odvise the freshmen. The program begins with the President's Reception for the new freshmen ond their parents. The next doy, the incoming closs is formally welcomed by President Gladfelter, the dean of their respective colleges, and foculty members. After lunch, new student are separated into smaller groups for conferences. Student guides then take the freshmen on a tour of the campus After the tour, they are given an opportunity to select two activity sessions where they leorn about campus organizations and activities ovailable to them os students. The highlight of Freshman Orientation is the Freshman Dance, finishing off a very exciting introduction to Temple. The President's reception enables incoming freshmen and their porents to chot informally with members of the administration. 74 Coffee and coke is served to those in attendance ot the President's receptionHillol Foundation President Fred Zorn explains to freshmen the activities offered to them. frosh get first glimpse of temple "Mug Shots" ore taken of students when they complete the registration procedure Freshmen ore organized into groups according to the school in which they ore enrolled. Student orientation leaders listen os Esther Swimmer, Assistant Director of Student Activities, points out the good and bod areos of the program. 75homecoming I960 Temple's annual homecoming celebration began with a colorful parade of floats which were built by the different fraternities, sororities, and service organizations on campus, Although a steady roin reduced the number of spectators, it couldn't drown out the traditional beauty of the floats as they rolled down Broad Street. The enthusiastic crowd then rushed over to Temple Stadium to applaud the returning Owls. Cheerleaders, majorettes, and band members were in excellent form os distinguished alumni and students watched the cherry and white gridders romp to a 30-8 win over the Drexel Dragons A lively homecoming dance was held that evening. For those who liked to promenade and do-se-do, there was a square dance (complete wtih caller and band) in the West Alcove of Mitten Hall. Couples who enjoyed the conventional fox-trot, cha-cha, and jitterbug weren't disappointed with the music they heard in the dimly lit auditorium. The Men's Glee Club provided a melodious intermission for the large crowd present. Delta Zero's "Sweet Smell of Success" float rides up Brood Street in the onnuol Homecoming parade. I960 Homecoming Queen, Morcio Rut-tenberg, presents the first plocc oward for the best homecoming float.Sigma Pi entered their Pumpkin carnage in the parade. "Drug the Dragon" floot reflects hopes of a Temple Victory over Drexol The "Wise Old Owl" showed confidence in Temple's team. activities start with the parade of floats Alpha Gommo Delto is sure that "Arguys'll, Sock’em”. Fraternities compete in the house decoration contest. 77Temple comes on to the field to stort the homecoming gome agoinst crosstown rivol, Drexcl returning owls welcomed at temple stadium 78Al Roymond ond his Orchesfro provides the music for the social doncmg in Milton Holi Auditorium. With her official duties over, Marcio Rut-tenberg nears the end of her reign os the 1960 Homecoming Queen A homecoming dance ends a delightful weekend Men's Glee Club provides guests with o concert during the dance intermission. 79dorm activity All undergraduate women residents are governed by the Resident Women's Association, composed of an executive board and a standards council—the judiciary body Led by Barbara Kriss, President, and Jean Gentieu, Vice President, the Association plons and carries out a varied social program os well as governing the Peabody Hall ond Bolton House dorms Participating in Homecoming, Carnival, Faculty Coffee Hours, and Parents' Tea activities, the resident women ore also active in the intromurol sports program The Willioms Hall Dorm Council, led this year by Fred Lippman, President; Mahlon Washington, Vice President; Douglos Woodall, Secretory, and Richard Andriolie, Treasurer, is responsible for all regulations of their dorm Council also organizes ond directs many compus activity programs in which the residents participate; these include Homecoming and Carnival President William Wescott, Jr., Vice President Eli Feinberg, ond Sec.-Treasurer Leroy Moyer led Geosey House in its third year as a residence hall for men Programs initiated include student-faculty group discussions on various topics of interest. The highlight of the social year for all University resident students is the Dormitory Formal which is Dorm residents participate m the many outdoor sponsored jointly by all of the dormitory counci Is. Intramural sports ot Geosey field. Opportunities are provided for tolented students to toke advantage of the various facilities offered 80As vocation time approaches, University men prepare for the trip home a diversified activity program Jeff Kirson decides to get to the serious business of studying Sheila Litsky expresses surprise after being dealt a winning hand. The leisure activities are on important part of dorm life 81 "Thonk heoven the boys con't see us now1"WILLIAMS HALL COUNCIL 82PEABODY STANDARDS COUNCIL , where students enter as strangers After rhc school work is finished the chatting begins. THE PEABODY EXECUTIVE BOARD Girls hove a good time while trying to study. 83GEASEY HOUSE COUNCIL. and form lasting friendships There's nothing like o reloxing evening of television 84 KERN-PADDOCK COUNCILComposed resident scons the view from his window as they combine learning and leisure 85 r Students greet Eleonor Fuller, Student Activities Secretory, at the entronce to Wiott Hall. Eleonor Fuller chots with Miss Esther Swimmer. Assistont Director of Student Activities ond Mr. Roymond Whittoker, Activities Director. wiatt hall Situoted ot 1830 N Pork Avenue is Wiatt Hall. From the outside, it appears to be no different from the other buildings on Park Ave , but as one enters through the door, he is confronted by a gust of activity. Students with preoccupied looks on their foces, walk from room to room asking, telling, and explaining the different things they have to do to fulfill their port in the vast student activities program. Mr. Whittaker and Miss Swimmer direct the Student Activities program. In Wiatt Hall are the offices of the different religious Advisors, the publications—TEMPLAR, "Temple News," and "Stylus." Offices, work, students, and activities couplec with an oir of congeniality make Wiatt Hall one o the nicest places in which to spend o few hours. 86Busy Bill Shermon, Student Council President, has conference in Wiatt Hall lounge. Time for relaxation in Wiatt Holl lounge' Marlene Markowitz ond Bob Linzner chot with Religious Activities Secretory, Fran Porreco the student activities center TEMPLAR stoff members ore busily working to meet approaching deadlines. The composing room of the "Temple News" is the home of the tcchnicol end of the paper.XYW—First Row: S. Mochinton, R. Roppoport. Second Row: R. Volov, E. Binder. B Dickstein. M Semmel. service groups The service groups hove been actively participating in University and community affairs. Alpha Phi Omega, a notional froternity made up primarily of men who hove hod some affiliation with the Boy Scout movement, continues to operote the Student Book Exchange. APO assisted at Homecoming and at the May Donee, and also helped run the polls for Student Council elections. Mitten Student League, which sponsors social and cultural activities in Mitten Hall, held an All-University Mixer, art exhibit, jazz concert, student-faculty teo, folk sing, Christmas carol sing, and free "flicks". They were owarded the Mognet Service Award last year XYW (Ten Young Women), a service organization of non-sorority women, sponsored a Thanksgiving food drive, a Christmas party for neighborhood children, and co-sponsored the All-University Carnival Circle K, on international organization connected with Kiwonis International, participated in the "Toys for Tots" Campaign, the All-University Carnivol, and Homecoming Weekend ALPHA PHI OMEGA—First Row R Hogg, J Cohen, H Cylinder. Second Row: J. Gorrison, S. Choirnoff, E. Socks, M Abrams, M Sotinsky 88CIRCLE K_______Firs Row E. Steinberg. B Mirsky, D Wolf. D Opotow. H Bronin. Second Row F Borin, J Silbcrstcin, M. Krugmon, R. Gross serve the university and the community MITTEN STUDENT LEAGUE -First Row: B. Forber, J Benjormn, B Isen, B. Kress, A Eisenberg, L. Gross, M. Lotzcs. Second Row: P. Goldberg, A. Leonard, C Rose. L Ncumon, L Kreithen, S. Meskin, S. Hetzelson. Third Row: S. Melrose. R Rosen-crontz, B. Stern, M Ruttcnbcrg, G Mustin, E. Silver, R Spcctor, T. Silverman, R Weintroub. S. Mazer, S, Klein, M Kopper, M Weber Fourth Row: F. Keor, L Jcnopfsky, E Crovzow, C Beilan, C Emas. P Rosenthol, V Pitt, M Lubow C Salkin. S. Bender 89rote Army ROTC wos established by Congress in 1916 to permit students with the qualities and attributes essential for officer development to obtain reserve commissions while attending college. At Temple University, the Department of Military Science ond Tactics conducts a General Military Science Program designed to produce leaders of military caliber by providing them with a broad background of military knowledge and skills which will qualify them to serve as officers in ony branch of the service. Basic Course cadets, freshmen and sophomores, are instructed in rifle marksmanship, Americon military history, map reading, and basic tactics. Those cadets selected to the Advanced Course receive further instruction in leadership, small unit tactics, operations, military administration in addition to other courses. To supplement the course material, the ROTC program also included other activities such as intermural sports and homecoming activities. Captain Jomes Dunlcy uses the visuol-aids facilities to teach the ROTC cadets. Colonel Robert E. Quochcnbush is retiring this year after thirty yeors of service. The drill team practices maneuvers. 90All Advance Course codets are required to ottend the ROTC summer comp at Fort Meade, Maryland. Drill is on important port of the ROTC program. learn today, lead tomorrow The ROTC program includes extra-curricular activities such as participation in the Homecoming porode. 91STUDENT COUNCIL—Firit Row: R Woid, ) Rosenbloom, W Sherman. P. Richards, R Lmzncr Second Row: E Boeder, C MocDowell, V. Breen, M Mclnicoff, M Glogow, L Perlmutlcr, B. Lambert, J. Jockovint Third Row: M Schwortzbard, M Gorovitz, J Garrison, S Golosso, A. Teplitsky, J Gervois, F Osborne. F. Zom. Fourth Row: P Walinsky, D Rullo, L Katz, M. Klein, C Maloney. student council Bill Sherman, Student Council President, oddresses freshmen at Orientation on the subject of student government One of the most vital organizations at Temple is Student Council. Under the capable advisorship of Dean of Men Carl M Grip many important and worthwhile projects are suggested, discussed and carried out Officers are Bill Sherman, Presdient; Jerry Rosenbloom, Vice President; Bob Linzner, Secretary; and Bob Wcde, Treasurer. The Notional Student Association, of which Temple is an active participant, is a national organization that is very much interested in matters that affect students in all parts of the country. Representatives from Temple hove attended, and made valuable contributions to N. S A Conventions. Among Student Council's many programs is the leadership conference Active upperclassmen speak to interested freshmen and sophomores about the qualities essentiol to leadership The students who have attended these meetings have found them informative and stimulating This year, for the first time. Student Council sponsored a lecture series Students of Temple had the great pleasure of hearing speeches by Musa Amelemba, Kenya's first Negro Council Minister, and Willy Ley, famous space expert Other successful council projects this year were the formation of a Car Pool, the supervision of elections for May and Laurel Queens, the sole of old final examinations, a student tutoring service, a Student Directory, the formation of the Academic Discipline Committee, the Philanthropic Fund Budget, and numerous social events. 92As o motion is brought to the floor at Student Council meetings, a varied reaction omong Council members is opporent During council meetings, there is much varied octivity tokmg ploce providing the undergraduate student body 93 An important progrom of Student Council is the sole of old final examinations.Lynne Neuman ond Jo-Annc Gcrvais are co-choirmen for the Student Directory project. Singing Woiter entertains his table at the Sophomore-Junior Dance. Steve Moimon, Notional Student Association representative, leads o discussion group offer Council's Leadership Training Forum. with a varied activity program "The Plymouth Rock" wos the theme for the Council-sponsored Sophomore-Junor Closs Donee. 94SOPHOMORE CLASS COUNCIL: Lewis Kotz, President; Michele Melnikoff, Secretory-Treosurcr; Sam Golasso; Bob Linzner. FRESHMAN CLASS COUNCIL: Beverly Lambert; Meade Klein, Secretory-Treasurer; Morvin Gorovitz, President; Jacqueline Jaco-vini. JUNIOR CLASS COUNCIL: Clorcncc Moloney; Bill Shermon; Ellen Roid-er, Secretory-Treasurer; Lynne Neuman, President. class councils 95 SENIOR CLASS COUNCIL: Alan Tcplltsky; Fred Zorn, Secretary-Treasurer; Jerry Rosenbloom; Poul Walinsky, President."Under The Seo" theme it depicted by the Theto Upsilon first prize-winning booth Students help elect their fovorite nominee for Comivol Queen by putting money in the proper container. Lynne Newmon is crowned Miss Cormvol Queen of 1961 by I960 Otirrn Debbv Garber, os runner-uo Morv Swortx looks on carnival More than forty campus organizations built and manned booths ot the nineteenth annual All-University Carnival this year. The theme was "New Frontiers". Held in the Armory for the first time, the some 2,000 guests hod ample space to move through the colorful ond creative array of booths and attractions. Highlight of the evening wos the crowning of Miss Carnivol Queen of 1961 Lynne Newmon by Debby Garber, 1960 Queen; runner-up wos Mary Swortz Theta Upsilon's magnificent "New Frontier Under the Seo" complete with mermaids won first prize as the most attractive booth. Second and third places went to the Alpha Sigma Alpha "Mock Marriage" booth ond the Alpha Gamma Delta flower booth. For the second year in a row, the Concert Choir won the prize for the most original booth; dressed in women's clothes, the men of the Choir presented a variety show with comic advertising. Sigmo Phi Epsilon's New Frontiers booth rated first place in the "best theme" division. Co-Chairmen Bobbie Dickstem and Dove Wolf made this much anticipated event one of the most successful and enjoyable functions of the University sociol calendar. 96Bongos, poetry, and expresso are offered at the Bolton House booth. Courtesy of Pi Lambda Phi fraternity, the Flintstones visited Temple. Delta Zcto sorority sold wotcr ice as they welcomed Aloska to the "New Frontier". nineteenth annual carnivalA south sea island theme is beautifully carried out by Phi SiQmo Sigma sorority prouides pleasure and prizes The Reserve Officers' Association discovered at what point the boys could be seporoted from the men The pouse that refreshes is supplied by the Delta Phi Epsilon booth. Sigmo Pi fraternity provides an outlet for golf enthusiasts. 98Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority supplied organ music to enhance their prue-winning mock-morrioae booth The tension mounts os the crowd awaits the crowning of Mi$s Carnival Queen, 1961 "Nicky” the Clown jokes with senior Marsha Robinson, 99 for all who participatedDONNA RHODES. Military Boll Queen Military Ball Queen is elected by members of the ROTC following the selection of six semi-finalists from the Senior Class As an Honorary Colonel in the ROTC, her duties include a review of the troops The Queen and her court reign at the annuol Militory Ball. military ball queen 100JO-ANNE GERVAIS, May Queen may queen A high degree of character, personality and service ore requisites for the coveted titles of May Queen Finalists. Through a general election, the student body recognizes outstanding senior women who possess these qualities; the Moy Queen and her court of eight semi-finalists reign at the annual Moy Dance 10)JILL BANKS LORETTA CIOCCO may queen court BOBBIE DICKSTEIN JUDIE ALLENDEE SALKIND ROSANNA ZIMMERMAN may queen DONNA RHODES 103 court MICHELENE RUGGIEROLINDA KREITHEN. Laurel Queen; HELEN STRETZ, PAULA GOLDBERG, Semi-Finalists laurel queen Many factors serve os the basis for electing a Laurel Queen to represent Temple University in the stote wide contest. The junior woman who is elected by her clossmotes spends the week-end at the State Title competition in the Poconos. 104mitten hall The phrase, "Meet me in Mitten Hall", hos become a cliche at Temple University. This building hos served as the meeting place of generations of Templeites. Although situated in the midst of an urbon area, it possesses a collegiate appearance because of its ivy-clad walls. Upon entering this mossive structure, one is confronted at once by the prevailing air of relaxation. Students, while busily engaged in conversation, ore seated on the comfortable, leather upholstered chairs, while a friend is generally occupying the arm of this seat If music is heard in the west alcove and one sees people doncing, it is probobly to the music supplied by the Mitten Student League for their weekly "Come Dance With Me". Downstairs in Mitten Hall is the large cofeteria where students and faculty go to eat lunch or to have a snack between classes. On the second floor, there are the Student Personnel offices. In climbing another flight, one will find the auditorium where Temples' dramatic productions are presented. In addition, there ore ping pong tables on which one may test his skill Mitten Hall offers a place for everyone to go, whether it is to meet friends between classes or merely to sit and relax. Mr5 Wh.dden, .he Mitten Halt HoS.c«, ,s Temple Students. MITTEN HALL—the sociol center of Temple University.Graduating senior, Marcia Beisswanger, admires the bust of Conwe I I in the lounge The social center of campus The Mitten Hall Auditorium is used for mony functions including the severol Convocations held throughout the ocodemic year. The Owl Club hos o costume porty in the Clubroom An art exhibit is displayed in the Greot Court. Sloter system brings Halloween festivities into their cafeteria serviceOrchestra Leoder, Ronnie Lewis, clowns or the Freshman Class Donee Freshmen enjoy their lunch during the Orientotion program Women of Mitten Student League acr os hostesses for the All University Mixer provides a meeting-place for students Friends sit ond rclox between classes in the Grille. 107"You've gotta have a gimmick" is the slogan of Temple froternities during rushing A touch of domesticity is added to a fraternity function greek life—year of mouement and expansion Sororities work together on many protects os a closely-knit group. 108adds to the full social, athletic and service activities Pledge shows ore on omusing ond informotive port of Greek life. Frofernify parties get "more exotic" every yeor. WELC OML SMOKER FE8 13 s I________ During rushing seoson, all fraternities ond sororities hold smokers ond coke parties for potential members. 109greek week Highlight of the Greek Weekend it the annuol Greek Boll. The highlight ot the fraternity and sorority social calendar is the annual Greek Weekend, which this yeor was extended into a Greek Week Starting with several group discussions and lectures on the role of the fraternity on campus, the week culminated with Greek Sing competition and the Greek Boll; the Ball was held at the Beniamin Franklin Hotel where some 900 guests dined and danced In the lavish ballroom The presentation of the owards was the high spot of the evening The Greek Sing awards were captured in the fraternity division by Alpha Chi Rho; Delto Sigma Theta won in the sorority division by one point, over Phi Sigma Sigma and Alpha Sigma Alpha. Greek Week 1961 was a truly excellent affair, and was enjoyed by all who porticipoted AWARDS ALL SPORTS TROPHY: Tau Epsilon Phi; MOST VALUABLE PLAYER: Jack McNeil (basketball), Nick Stomponc (football); SIGMA PI EPSILON —ALL-AROUND ATHLETE: Art Barnett; TAU EPSILON PHI—GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP: Phi Koppa Theta; HIGHEST AVERAGE: Mary Peterson, Dick Weiss; IMPROVED SCHOLARSHIP Phi Sigma Sigma, Phi Sigma Delta; HIGHEST AVERAGE: lota Alpha Pi, Tau Delta Phi; COMMUNITY SERVICE Sigma Phi Epsilon; HOUSE IMPROVEMENT: Delta Sigma Pi; SIGMA PI— MONROE SERVICE AWARD: Dove Wolf; SORORITY ACHIEVEMENT: Alpho Sigma Alpha; OUTSTANDING GREEKS: Mary Peterson, Mort Frankel; OUTSTANDING NON-GREEK WOM-AN: Bobbi Dickstein; OUTSTANDING PLEDGES Marilyn Bravermon, Dave Williams. Fraternity ond Sorority members and their dotes dine ot the Greek Boll.highlight of the social calendar The Samuel Russell Pledge Award for the outstanding pledge is presented by President Al Warburton (left) to Dove Willioms of Phi Kappa Theta. Greek Sing Winners: Alpho Chi Rho Fraternity, Delta Sigmo Theta Sorority. Dean Grip presents the Mr. E.chmon, Assistant Dean of The S.gmo P,-George S Monroe Dr. Grip presents Soror- Dcon's House Improvement Men, prevents All Sports Trophy to Aword for outstanding service is pre- ity Achievement Aword Award to Delta Sigmo Pi Tou Epsilon Phi Fraternity sented to Dave Wolf to Alpho bigmo Alpho Frotemity. Outstanding Greek Woman Mory Peterson (right) and outstanding Non-Greek Womon Bobbie Dickstein ore presented with awards by Miss Lucile Scheuer, Deon ol Women; Mory Peterson olso received the oword for the highest cumulative ovoroge of sorority women. FPC President Mort Fronkcl presents the Scholarship Aword to Tou Delta Phi Fraternity; Mort Fronkel wos the rccipiont of the oword for the outstanding Fraternity ManFRATERNITY PRESIDENT'S COUNCIL—First Row. Mr. Eichmon, M. Fronkcl. G Litlc Second Row: D Williams, J. Ruskey, W Warning, R Dehbcrto. M Cohen. R Gross, R Weinstein, A Worborton FPC Secretory Jim Lowric works on some Council Business Trophy oworded by the Frotermty Presidents Council is admired by TEPi Frotermty members. f. p. c. For the first part of the yeor, President Don Cunningham led the Interfroternity Council and storted o period of transition for the group. This semester, under President Mort Frankel, the group wrote up and ratified a constitution moking the Froternity Presidents' Council on official body The group is the governing body thot regulates rushing procedures, sets house and physical plant regulations, and helps plon overall policy without interfering with the individual group policies Some of the speciol projects the council plans include the coordination of the Interfroternity Athletic Progrom and the planning with the Panhellenic Council the annual Greek Weekend festivities. Council members are the Presidents of each fraternity on campus. r 112ALPHA CHI RHO—First Row: G. Conover, J Jehl. J Ruskey, N. Buehler, $ McKittrick, R Loch, R Cunco. Second Row. H. McClenohon, J Gulick, O. Obcrholtier. E Csednck, J Ferraro, E Cherrrverys, J. MacDonold Third Row P Duckworth, D. Ccrncy, B Homon, V Christian. J Simpson, G Chose, H. Betock D Andrews alpha chi rho In the few short yeors that Alpha Chi Rho has been at Temple, it has become an octive and firmly established member of Temple's Greek Family. The Crows have felt the bite of the Redevelopment Authority, and experience all too familiar to Temple fraternity houses. John Kujawa, President, led the Crows through their sixth year on campus. Settled in their new home on Broad Street, Alpha Chi Rho held their annual Bohemian and Pajama parties and participated in I. F sports and other University activities. In addition to this, the Crows entertained children from a local orphanage and maintained a high scholostic average to round out the fraternity program Alpha Chi Rho members use house facilities during their free moments. 5cuvcnir shelves ore odmired by two Alpha Chi Rho Members 113ALPHA EPSILON PI—First Row: P List, K Sochs, D 8crkowitz, J Dubin, H. Levin. H. Klebonoff, M Kobot. Second Row: I. Beckmon, J. Fisher, J. Zuritsky, P Halpren, A Meyers. Third Row: A Freemon, M Feldman, S. Korotkin, P Gumbinner, W. Derringer, L. Rothman, L. Mint A brother tries out o new recipe alpha epsilon Alpho Epsilon Pi, established on this campus just five years ago, hos greatly excelled in scholastic, sociol, and othletic achievements. A pledge policy that stresses learning rather than suffering is most instrumental in developing men who are well troined not only in fraternity rituol but also in educational and sociol ethics. Still in the process of improving the physical plant, AEPi members completed a new wood paneling job olong with other repairs during the year They are proud of their spring semester President, Mort Frankel, who is also President of the Fraternity President Council The spirit of the brotherhood moy be summed up by the constantly repeoted expression “It's great to be in AePi." Brothers enjoy themselves ot the onnuol costume party held in the house. I 14alpha phi delta Alpha Phi Delta, founded over forty years ago ot Syracuse University, hos now become o large national fraternity. The campus chapter. Beta Delto, chartered m 1930, now located in a newly renovated house at 1730 N Pork Ave , Alpho Phi Delto, athletically, socially, and scholastically remains outstanding Dr. Corl M Grip, Dean of Men, stated in a speech ot the chapter's Fourth Annual Bonquet, thot in winning the “Notional Best Chapter Award", two of the three graduating senior awards for service to the school, and eight of the twenty seats in Sword Honor Society, APD may certainly be considered one of the outstanding fraternities on campus. At the 1960 Greek Dinner, APD received the coveted Sports Trophy which proclaimed championships in interfraternity football, swimming, handball, and bowling for the third consecutive year. Two brothers show off their musical tolents APD produly displays past accomplishments ALPHA PHI DELTA—first Row: R. Angelo, A. Puglisi, S. Golasso, P. Pierontozzi. Second Row: N DiArenzo, E. Caporaletti, J Porto, R. DiLiberto Third Row: N. Flocco, R. Pcpe, R. Gentile, D Luciono. 1151 DELTA SIGMA PI—First Row: P. Vosbikion, C Tromer, J Hutton, J Peterson, T Corey Second Row: O. Schimickel C. Flomim, F Frchmel, A Somoljwicx, B Sherry. F DiPoolo Dr Stonley Chombcrlcm is presented o plaque dedicating the new Della Sigma Pi home in his honor. Delta Sigs stock the library shelves in their house delta sigma During the past year, the brothers of Delta Sigma Pi, Onego chapter, gothered together all their belongings and proudly moved into their new home ot 1737 N. Park Ave. After many hours of hard and tiring work, the brothers looked forward to Homecoming, when they would dedicate their beautiful new house to their retired odvisor "Doc" Chamberlin. Homecoming finally did orrive and was the big event of the fall The new house greatly aided in o big celebration after the Homecoming football game, and all who attended had an exciting time After tedious studying during the semester, IF Weekend provided a pleasant deviation from aco-demic work, and again the Delta Sigs presented themselves in grand fashion at this event As Temple grows in stature, so grow the brothers of Delta Sigma Pi 116PHI KAPPA THETA—First Row. T. Cosey, W Grubb, E Solvibilc, R. Buckonavoge, P Simons Second Row D. Corr, J. Covonough. H. Shields, 0. DeBlase, J Lillis, F. Contlin, F. Coppello, S Rose, D Williams. phi kappa theta With the opening of the new house ot 1704 N. Pork Ave., the brothers of Phi Koppa Theta, loto Chopfer, entered into o phase of octive expansion of the facilities and activities of the brotherhood During the football seoson, the Phi Kapps were proud that their eight representatives on the varsity teom were instrumental in helping Temple break the previous losing streak At the IF Boll, the sweetheort of Phi Kopp, Evie Barrack, become IF Sweetheart. With Christmos come the opening of the "Sophisticate Bar," whose painting and decorotions were hond done by the brothers. Now finished, the house is one of beauty The brothers of Phi Koppo Theta are octive in oil phases of college life—from sports to student activities—and give their service to all events President Ed Solvibile discusses doss work with house brothers. Big Brothers receive poddies from little brothers 117PHI SIGMA DELTA—Front Row: B. Levinson, M. Mocks, R. Kurtz, G. Little, G. Siegel, A Mozin, K. Kein Second Row: J. Klien, R, Riechmon, J. Muitz, 8. Adler, D. Rick, B. Postrinock, P. Borzo, J. Greenspon, H Sheer. Third Row: H Motloff, J. Stoloff, J Brooks, F Rosen, D Show, B. Socman, L Wcnogrod, P. Key One of the many chores of the pledges is house straightening after a busy day. A mid-evening breok hos brothers collaborating on a calypso tune. sigma delta This yeor hos been one of the best in the history of Phi Sigma Delta In September it moved into the beautiful new home ot 2006 North Brood Street. This post yeor Phi Sig hos climbed to the position of number one academic fraternity with a well functioning tutoring system. Athletically, they were recipients of the Sportsmanship trophy ot Greek Weekend ond also revamped the Alumnae Association which hos given it much support. This yeor Honorary Brother (cooch) George Mokias presented the annual heroism oword to John Kerr. In short Phi Sig has had o prosperous yeor and looks forward to on even more prosperous future.Pi lambda phi Combining social, athletic, and culturol activities, the members of Pi Lambda Phi Fraternity strive to mointain high standards in oil fields of endeavor. Being traditionally active in Student Council Activities, Pi Lam has established o reputation as leaders on the campus. All is not work for the Pi Loms; during the school yeor the brothers sponsored a fashion show for men and the Miss Incoming Freshman contest. In Homecoming competition, the Pi Lams took first prize with their house decorations. Each year Pi Lam recognizes outstanding Temple students with the Kovner Award for Service and the Kovner Outstanding Athletic Award Leading the Pi Loms this year were Dick Levy and Bill Sherman, the two rexes of the house. Larry Wachs entertains fellow Pi Lams with some of his humorous experiences. Informol get together-, around the piono alwoys pep up the day PI LAMBDA PHI—First Row: B Goldmon. D. Holsband, L Wochs. R Levy. I Koffler. M Weiss. P Green. Second Row R Wolkow, J. Rosenblum, W. Shermon, L Bloomcnfcld, M Roppaport, S. Wichansky, B Limner, J. Losky, A Teplitsky K Towber G. Silverman, T Spivok Third Row P Richards, J. Weinstein, M Newmark, J Savor, F Lippmon, K Laver R Miller C Bromberg, D Dorsky 119sigma phi epsilon The year 1961 marks the twenty-fourth successive year that Sigma Phi Epsilon has been on the Temple University Compus. Sig Ep activities include the tree-trimming porty, the shipwreck porty, the playboy party, and a beatnick gathering. Sig Ep took the homecoming trophy for their prize-winning float in the homecoming parade and also won the swimming trophy. All, however, has not been parties and games. The Sigma Phi Epsilon Scholastic overage is one of the highest on campus, Sig Ep pledges have a 2.45 overage while Sig Ep brothers boast a 2 7 average. The brothers of Sigma Phi Epsilon collected and distributed food for the area needy, enabling many families to have o more enjoyable Thanksgiving Two other chority drives were also conducted SIGMA PI EPSILON—Front Row: T Clark, V Jurciukonis, A. Ault, 8. Warning, H. Fretz, B. Balderson, T. Tierney, T. Lewis, B Milano. Second Row: T. Murtho, D Wilson, L Cullen, A. Axeros, B. Mctxgor, B. Troino, B. Phoris, C. Buck-olew, L Burgo. Third Row: M McGowen, H. Ouerlinc, A Smith, D. Marsh, B Gonly, R Javrinec, G. Conquest. C Gromado, J. O'Reilly. Afternoon get togethers hove the brothers joining in song. Brothers of Sigma Pi Epsilon gather for a pause that refreshes. 120SIGMA PI—Front Row: G Pierce, A Worburton, H. Hoff, D. Cunningham, F. Moore, L Gordon, R. Levocz Second Row: T Shorpe, J. Miller, G. Moffat, F Hershcy, C Brown, J Jaloway. Third Row: J. Rossi, J Boekcr, E Speshock, J. Keane, N. Wrigley, J Shuey, D. Beckner, F Evormon sigma Len Murphy unpocks closs pictures ond trophies for display after carting them from the old Sigma Pi house. The Sig Pi's look for their best pose among their closs picture proofs Tnn » V- h During the post year Sigmo Pi has excelled in many areas and has ochieved much recognition; winning the 1960 Greek Sing and winning the Dean's Service award were some of the highlights The big job for the Sig Pi's during the fall semester was moving to new quarters at 2022 N Broad Street; the brothers have storted on refurbishing ond renovating By summer, the house should be completely remodeled. Neighborhood relotions improvement was a goal set and the brothers took neighborhood children to Football games at the Breen Community Center. Leaders of Sigma Pi this yeor were Sage Don Cunninghom, Second Counsellor Harry Hoff, Third Counsellor Fred Moore, Fourth Counsellor Paul Ger-ney, First Counsellor Lew Gordon, and Herald Al Worburton.TAU DELTA PHI—First Row: J. Botolsky, A Feingold, S. Shopiro, M Cohen, G. Soitz, L. Smith, I. Hirsch. Second Row: J. Albert, I. Krouk, L Buxton, S Plosky, I Penn, D. Berkowitz, D. Gardner, J Lazarus, R. Sabatini Third Row: H Z.nner, A Eitches, L. Spivack, P Voughn, M, White, H Schimmcrling, B. Waldmon. One of the downstairs lounges mokes a perfect place for reloxing. President Marty Cohen occcpts key to the new Tou Oelt Froternity House from Notionol Executive Secretory Stan Goodmon os Dean Grip and Alumni President Walter Fidler look on tau delta phi Tou Delta Phi Froternity moved into its new house ot 1620 North Brood Street in October 1960. The new House, o former union hall, has two extremely large rooms, one of which has been mode into o ballroom accommodating over 300 persons. Under the leadership of Consul Ron Weinstein, Vice-Consul lev Hirsch, Scribe George Saitz, and Quoestor A! Feingold the brothers of Tau Delt are active in all phases of University life. The house motto ''Grow With Tau Delt" has become an increasingly meaningful slogan to Temple University. A non-sectarian fraternity embodying the spirit of fraternalism and brotherhood, Tau Delta Phi fraternity helps to provide a well-rounded college life for its ever-growing membership as well as serving the University 122TAU EPSILON PHI—First Row: D Wolf, B M.rsky, H Cosper, R. Gross, L. W.ndermon, C. Idber, N Buckwalter Second Row: F. Broun, H Sklor, L Kroin, H. Goldforb, M Krugmon, R. Weiss, E Sternberg, H. Kohn, M. Soluck Third Row: J Karsch, C. Potnick, M Nissenger, M. Asbell, E Eidclmon, E. Goldmon, S Arinson. tau epsilon phi Tau Epsilon Phi, Zeto Lambda Phi Chapter, has long been an active port of the Temple University Compus. Providing o well-rounded program for its members, TEP takes part in sociol os well os recreational events In the inter-fraternity othletic competition TEP excelled, winning the softboll os well os the bowling championships and capturing second ploce in the all-university bosketball tournoment In addition to providing porties ond socials for its members, many of the Tau Epsilon Phi parties ore open to all students Choncellor Ron Gross, Vice-Choncellor Len Win-derman, Scribe Howie Cosper, and Bursar Borry Mirsky encourage their members to be active in a variety of other school activities and hove represented in their group students in all areas of extracurricular activities Mony plans get discussed around the lunch table. A break after dosses hos TEP Brothers rcloxinq 123PANHELLENIC COUNCIL pan Hellenic council All sororities at Temple University are governed by Panhellenic Council It enforces rush and pledge regulations and gives the members of the sororities in Ponhellenic House the opportunity to work together. Each year the Council organizes and sponsors a Mother-Daughter Tea for freshmen women ond their mothers. This year, under the direction of President Vivian Reichmann, it undertook the Herculean task of revamping all sorority rush and pledge regulations. Together with the Fraternity Presidents' Council, Panhellenic Council agoin presented Greek Weekend—the top Greek social event of the year Greek Ball was held ot the Beniamin Franklin Hotel on April 22 124 Rushees gother at the rush parties sponsored by the individual sororitiesALPHA GAMMA DELTA—First Row: N. Walker, E. Bonson, B. Pilik. R. Brown. Second Row: J. Powers, R. Zimmerman, J. Gervois, M. Ruggiero, L. Ciocco, E. Barnes. Back Row: V. Sokoff, G. Girini, D Borbicri, C Schwcighordt, M Bell, A. Corpirvo, M. Hoag, B. Stoley alpha gamma delta Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority follows the philosophy of fostering a spirit of friendship among its members. By a varied program of activities, the Alpha Gams participate in many University sponsored affairs. Last year the sorority won first place in the All University Carnivol for its Japanese Pagoda booth, first ploce in the Greek Sing competition, and second place in the Volleyball league. Leaders of Alpha Gamma Delta are President, Michelene Ruggiero; Vice Presidents, Loretta Ciocco, and JoAnne Gervais; Rec. Secretary, Rosanna Zimmerman, Cor. Secretary, Elsie Barnes, and Treasurer, Janice Powers. A highlight of the social year is the Annual Feast of Roses held in April to honor the group seniors. 125 The Alpha Goms straighten up their room in preparation for o rush porty,ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA Sisters engoge in o gome during o free moment. alpha kappa alpha Alpho Kappa Alpha Sorority, the first Negro sorority, wos founded at Howard University, Washington, D C. in 1908 Since that time it has grown and now hos undergraduate chapters at all the major colleges in the country and graduote chopters in every moior city The sorority is an interracial, international organization whose aim is to hold high the standards of womonhood, to develop a sisterly feeling among the members, and to aid mankind. Delta Mu Chopter ot Temple was founded in September 1955 as a result of an increased interest in Alpho Kappo Alpho by Temple students. Since its formation, the chapter has been active in civic ond charity work throughout the city, os well as in Panhellenic and Temple activities. This year a special project was set up to provide Christmas gifts for hospitalized children. 126alpha sigma alpha Winners of lost year's Homecoming float competition, the Alpha Sigs demonstrated their all-round ability by taking first ploce in the All-University Carnival, second place in Greek Sing, first place in IM volleyball, first place in IM bosketball, and winning the Achievement Cup which is the highest sorority honor. The Alpha Sigs were not lox in scholarship despite their other activities; although one of the larger campus groups with 45 members, they monaged to win second place in scholarship with on over-oil average of 2.9. Special Activities of the Alpha Sig year include a Christmos Dance, Spring Formal, Founders Day and Porents Tea Officers are President Rosemarie Pellegrino, Vice President Marith Potter, Cor. Secretary Dru Crebbin, Rec. Secretory Betty Costales, Treasurer Joan Mc-Conaghie. Whoever loses the hand gets shot by the other players in the Alpha Sig Big Sister Show. ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA—Front Row: E Boldersoo, I Ebling, P. Kerr, S. Fluck, G DiAngelo Second Row. J. McGorvaghie, D. Crebbin, M. Potter, R. Pelligrino, D. Martin, I. Bader, M. Lcight, M. Pelterson. Third Row: L. Schebcro, B. Pike, C. Polisono, S. Brown, E Barrack, E Cocosis, B Fulmer, P. Estes. Back Row: E. Mocloskey, )■ Schnell, N McLaughlin, S. Roberts, D. Workman, M Martin. 127DELTA PHI EPSILON—First Row: L. Engel, C. Motz, S. Lempert, J. Auerbach, S Klinger. Second Row: C. Montague, M. Wilson, V. Reichman, C. Lindouer, J. Motz, E. Lindouer, 8 Triestman. Third Row: E. Levin, S. Gottlieb, C. Simon, H. Sussmon, R. Rudolph, C- Schneid, H. Asher, J. Rothenbcrg, N Schultz, E Soffrin. Bock Row: B. Leven-thal, B. Fleisher, M Cohen, S. Kimmelsmon L Schwartz, S. Frankenthol, E Koplow, R Greenfield, J Greenspan, J Klein. The sisters work on ,hc Delta Ph, Eps.lon Scrap Book to keep the record of activities up to dote P delta phi epsilon Delta Phi Epsilon strives for high scholarship, service, and the creation of an outstanding well-rounded program for university women. The voriety of its interests suggests that these goals are reolized Each year DPE holds the popular Mr Fraternity contest and porty. Other social events ore a Parents Tea, the Dinner Dance, and a closing banquet. The sisters and pledges olso work for St. Christophers Hospitol for its annual Doisy Day Drive. Within the University, DPE has won the Scholarship Achievement Award and lost year's Carnival Queen contest In order to maintain its high ideals the chapter presents the Best Pledge Award, the Service Aword, and the Scholarship Award within the University. Officers ore Corol Lindouer, President; Marilyn Wilson, Secretary; Elaine Lindouer, Treasurer; and Myra Stern, Pledge Mistress. 128DELTA SIGMA THETA—A Chandler, W, Long, M Green, D King, C. Dorroll, E Stephans. delta sigma theta Service is the byword for Delto Sigma Theta The Sorority endeavors to maintain o balance between social activities, public service and scholostic and creotive achievement Epsilon Delta Chapter at Temple finds woys of combining these goals. An annual mixer is given for the benefit of the Psychiatric Ward at Philadelphia General Hospital To encourage scholastic achievement, awards were initiated this year to the sorority and pledge with the highest overages The chapter earned on award for volunteer service from the Tuberculosis Society At Greek Sing, Delta was among the winners again The dramatic production of "Arsenic and Old Lace" and "The Family of Man" and the May Madness Spring Social were memorable moments in a yeor of service and creative fun for Delta Sigma Theta. Officers ore Marlene Green, President; Diana King, Vice President; Fronces Wrenn, Secretary; and Chorlotte Statham, Treasurer A very important port of the varied Delta S.gs progrom ore the coke soles for charity 129delta zeta Delta Zeta started off the school year very successfully by receiving first place in the Homecoming Competition with their perfumed float "Sweet Smell of Success." Although small in size, the Delta Zeto's are large in spirit and competition, as the sorority captured first place in last year's Greek Sing Activities within the sorority included an entertainment progrom for underprivileged children ot Christmas time, contributions for the Gollaudet College for the Deof, and a Christmas Dance at which time their unique "Dream Man" contest is held Leaders of the group are President Pot Warning, Vice President Pat Thomos, Barbara VonWittkamp, Recording Secretary Ginny Bialczak, and Treasurer Barbora Myers. The sorority bulletin board holds mony items of interest for Delta Zeta sisters. DELTA ZETA—First Row: A. Tressler, P. Weibol, B. Brasheors, J Agostini. Second Row: J. Rosato, B Myers, P. Thomos, P Worning, B VonWittkamp, G. Biolcxok Bock Row: S. Borber, J Pekoro, W Nork, 8. DeCorlo, L Zinger. 130IOTA ALPHA PI—First Row: N. Pciken, F. Feldmon, M Butler, J. Grossmon, C Rockower, S. Godet, M Elfenstem Second Row: L. Goodmon, A. Gcffen, A Rosner, 8 Resnick, W. Koirys, S. Rudnick, H. Epstein Bock Row: L. Dubin, F. Liebmon, J Goldstein, E. Eisner, R Wulock, R. Soldmon, M Freedmon, I Scherzer, J. Greenberg, G Stein, A Mencher, M Rosenberg, G Mondel, B Resnick, iota alpha pi After returning from a successful trip to Chicogo, Illinois, for the Bionnuol Notional Convention of lota Alpha Pi with two awards for scholarship and social progress, Sigma chapter began another busy year The activities included a Faculty Tea, a Parent-Daughter Tea, a Chanukah party, Swetheart Dinner-Dance, Mother-Daughter luncheon, and a closing picnic. Besides working at o recreational center for retorded children, the members raised money through cake sales and drives for their local philanthropy. Retarded Children, and their national philanthropy, Muscular Dystrophy Scholarship did not lag behind the social ond philanthropic programs; for the sec ond consecutive year lota Alpha Pi won the Pan-hellenic Cup for the highest sorority average Leading Sigma chapter this year were Barbara Resnick, Chancellor; Anita Rosner, Vice-Chancellor; Wilma Koirys, Pledge Mother, Arlene Geffen, Bursar, Lyndo Goodman, Corresponding Scribe; Helen Epstein. Recording Scribe, ond Shellie Rudnick, Member-ot-Lorge 131 lota sisters present pledges with their dinksPHI SIGMA SIGMA—First Row: E Ritunnono, C. Esmork, S Sirkis. V P.tt, M Robinson, J Moroolm, J. Loncourt, R Krug-mon, I Feld, M Lotzcs. Second Row: t. Neuman, R. Silverberg, M Lukoff. F. Nemiroff, I. Levinson, S. Horburger, J. Allen, J Banks. A Litw.n. Third Row: $. Litsky, M Glogow. J. AUschul, J. Shulmon, B Isen, W Rolh, D. Solkind. D Lipshutz, B. Richmon, V, Breen, L Goodmon, R Cohen, J. Cohen Bock Row: M Bornson, S Mozcr, C Seitman, J Mycrson, V. Rosenthol, R. Kohn, B Kress, E Storer, S. Dubin, C Berger. phi sigma sigma An extremely busy and successful year was climaxed when Xi chapter of Phi Sigma Sigma received the Rudolf Award, presented annuolly by their national organization to the chapter which has most distinguished itself through service. Other awards included second place in Homecoming float competition and Greek Weekend's Best Pledge Award Phi Sig's philanthropic projects were numerous: lost year's "Operation Agadir" drive reached city-wide proportions; Coke sales and other benefits were held often This year's social events include Winter Formal, Charity Boll, Spring Formal, and the Annual Founder's Day Luncheon Leading the Phi Sigs wer Isadora Levinson, Archon; Marsha Pogach, 1st Vice Archon; Marcy Lukoff, 2nd Vice-Archon; Marci Robinson, Bursar; Sue Horburger, Recording Scrib Phi Siqs work on thcr pnzo wmnmg i » Faith Nemiroff and Andra Litwin, Corresponds Scribes 132THETA UPSLION—First Row. N. Ryan, F. Palermo. C. Gervin. P. Silcon Second Row: H P Golchell. E. Castro, 0 Pisanelli, N Grosso. Back Row: J Youse, M Prince, R Cavolier, M Sitkowski, J Rodgers theta upsilon At their notionol convention in Hot Springs, Arkansas this year. Theta Upsilon received the oward os the most improved chopter in the country. For the example that they set in achieving their high scholastic standards they olso received a tri-annual oword as the only chapter to initiate all pledges without ony scholastic difficulties. Sorority activities included in the varied program of Theta Upsilon are a Christmos Party for Orphans, a Mother-Daughter Tea, and a Founders Dinner at the Drake Hotel Leaders of the groups are President Diana Pisa-nelli, Vice-President Evelyn Castro, Secretary Natalie Grasso, and Treasurer Mary Clyde Whether reminiscing over the group scrapbooks •- i“-r relaxing, the Sisters enjoy getting together 133134 Nur Religious ond Cultural Activities supplement the knowledge, add to the experience, ond round out the personality of the individual student. The spiritual guidance combined with the creotive aspects—the Drama, the Music, the Dance—broaden the scope of our educational process; first hand experience with University Guests bursts the word of the textbook into the reolm of reality. 136137hillel foundation RA8BI SHALOM SEGAL, Director The B'nai B'rith Hillel Foundation at Temple University, on organization devoted to religious, cultural, social, and counselling services among Jewish University students, is completing one of the most exciting years in its history The fall opening of the new Clara G. Katz Hillel House, gave the organization—one of the largest and most active of the more than two hundred Hillel's in the world—an even greater opportunity to increase its already active program. Highlights of the cultural calendar which stimulated widespread student interest was a varied lecture series, a display of wood sculpture by noted artist Nehemioh Mark, an Israeli Folk Dance, and the annual Hanukkah Arts Festivol Included among the guest lecturers to Hillel were Dr. Carl M Grip—Dean of Men, Dr Henry Shaw—Hillel Director of the University of London, Rev Dr Israel Porush—Chief Rabbi of Australia, Moshe Shamir—Israeli Writer, and Dr. Elozor Goelmon—Dean of Gratz College In addition full program of classes of Jewish interest was conducted by Rabbi Segal. The social calendar featured several puch hours, mixers, and the annual Spring Semi-Formal By providing a well-rounded program for the campus Jewish students in particular, and for all members of the University as well. Temple Hillel Foundation continues to fulfill the purpose for which it wos founded—to bring Judaism in all forms to campus and to increase understanding and further learning for oil. HILLEL FOUNDATION CABINET—First Row: E Litvon, H Wemdlmg. S, Klmger, P Pugach, K. Ersner. Second Row. F Abrams, E Rcsnick, M. Weiss, F. Zorn, Mrs. S. Bright. J Weiss, S Wolfsfeld Third Row B Gardner, M New-mork, M Abrams, L Messmger, P Yarrow, R Stem, S Yarrow, R Roscnkronti, H Wochstein 138a full program for the jewish student The Hillel library provides o quiet place for study Noted interpretive dancer, Audrey Bookspan, and folk singer Don Poulin performed ot the annuol Honukkah Arts Festival. Hillel president Fred Zorn accepts the key to the new B'noi B’rith Hillel Foundation Clara G. Kotz Memoriol House from Mr J. Jerome Katz ot Dedication Exercises In Mitten Hall Services ore held regularly in the Hillel Chape!The Spring Semi-Formol, South Scos Screnode, was the soool highlight of the year and was held in Mitten Holl Auditorium for the first time in several years combining religious, cultural, £ social activities The Message Center is a convenient way to contoct the many Hillel chairmen. Dr Elozar Goclmon, Deon of Gratz College, speaks at one of the many public lectures sponsored by the Foundation. Sculptor Nehermah Mork disployed his handcraft and lectured to students. Vice President Marilyn Weiss and Fron Abrams, Cor. Secretary, prepare for a Cobinet dinner. 140newman club The Newman Club at Temple University seeks to provide a place for the development for Catholic thought among the University Catholic students by arranging for speakers who discuss the up to date issues that affect both the Catholic laymon and the clergy, and schedules Communion Breakfasts for both members and non-members. The Club olso provides a full program of social activities including square dances, a formal, and several faculty-student teas The Newman Club, therefore, seeks to augment its stated purpose To deepen the spiritual and enrich the temporal lives of its members through a balanced program of religious, intellectual, and social activities, and to weld the Catholic students into a common union. FATHER McHALE, Advisor NEWMAN CLUB EXECUTIVE BOARD —Left to Right W Nort. J LovciOy, E Solvibile, M Cody. J Rossi, M Lowalski 14 INcwmon Club it co-sponsor of fhe An-nuol White Supper held ot Christmos time. Members go over the schedule of the semesters events before a meeting 142Students receive oshes ot Ncwmon Club on Ash Wednesdoy, first doy of Lent 143u. c. m. REVEREND ROBERT L JAMES, Advisor Guiding light of Protestant students and faculty members throughout daily life is the University Christian Movement. The activities planned by U. C. M. are designed to guide its members to fulfill their responsibilities more adequately. This is accomplished by attempting to bring about a fuller realization of the Christian concepts as opplied to life and work. Perhops the most significant function of the group is the regularly weekly scheduled chopel meetings where the spiritual life of the students is enriched and extended; at the luncheon following the services round-table discussions are held. Reverend James, advisor of the organization, in cooperation with Larry Porter, steering committee chairman, plans ond organizes study groups, speciol lectures by prominent leaders, conferences, and participation in weekend work camps where students aid area families with house repairs and projects for needy families. Students ond faculty ore invited to the services held in the Chopel of Four Choploins with a luncheon following. 144White Supper is o combined project of oil the compus Christion orgonizotions Weekend Work Comps ore sponsored to enoblc student to help oreo residents fix up their homes. religious actiuity emphasized Reverend Jomes ond guest speaker chot offer services. 145Mr Richard Calkins (left), Donfourthe Intern to Temple University, works with the Protestont student organization. to heighten student interest Miss Lee Spenglcr is the Counsellor to Lutheron students at Temple University. 146 The Reverend Robert Jomes, Advisor to Prot-esfont students, chats with Religious Activities' Secretory Fran Porreca.UCRO—Left to right: J Stone, Robbi Sholom Segal, M Weiss, F Abrams, D Rullo ucro The University Council of Religious Organizations, a student council for all campus religious groups tokes on active part in affairs concerning the combined efforts of all the religious bodies. It also supports the needs of member groups and individuals who seek its advice and assistance. This year for the first time UCRO is sponsoring a summer tour of Europe and the Middle East in conjunction with the Council of Religious Affoirs at Penn State. The purpose of this tour is to better the students' knowledge of the present international situation ond, at the same time, better the understanding of the problems of religious pluralism Other Council functions include participation in the University Religious Convocation and Brotherhood Week activities. UCRO also compiles the weekly Religious Activity notices which appear in the "Temple News". The Council is at present workinq on a handbook to be distributed at Freshman Orientation which will inform new students about the compus religious activities. UCRO directs the Religious Convocation held onnually In Mitten Holl Auditorium 147sullivan library Information obout sources of information and materials can be found in the Library Reference Room. The entrance of the Sullivan Library is o frequent meeting place. The Sullivan Memorial Library provides a foundation for much of the reseorch activity during undergraduate studies. Whether it is the hectic preparation of a term paper or a lab report, the catalogues, stacks and materials become a necessory part of college life. The University enjoys one of the highest circulations among ten key urban universities in the nation. The Sullivan collection consists of about 350,000 volumes, periodicals, micro-films, and phonograph records. In addition, other University collections bring a total of over half a million materials available for student use. Various rooms are set aside for leisure reading, periodicals division, reference rooms; the Browsing Room provides students with on opportunity for judicious use of free time, while the Templana Con-wella room serves as the Historical Archives of Temple University. Timely disploys ore often presented in the main foyer. 148The library collections have been selected for the purpose of oiding the cducotion program of the University resources for arts, business, education schools All rrvatenols ovailoblc ore listed in the cord cotologucs. Students con find omplc space for studying as well os for rcscorch work.theater "There's no business like show business," and the University Theoter provides interested students with on opportunity to enjoy it Co-directed by Mr. Paul E Randall and Dr. Arther C Ketels, the theater produces four fine shows a seoson. This year, the fall productions were "Summertime" and "Uncle Vanya." The spring semester began with a brilliant presentation of Cole Porter's "Kiss Me Kate," the first musical done at Temple in recent years, and was followed by an excellent production of "The Killer." Included in the Theater Deportment ore the Readers' Theoter and Vest Pocket Theoter, where beginning actors and directors alike con gain valuable experience in two different types of theater settings. The Readers' Theoter presents on hour of fun in the form of children's ploys. The University Theoter production of “Uncle Vonyo" mokes use of woodwork from one of the old houses on Pork Avenue for this realistic set. Curtom coll omid the opplouse of on enthusiastic audience. A two minute breok before o grand en. tronce. 150The success of ony ploy depends, in port, on the work done by the techmcions bock stoge. full theater experience A lovers' quarrel m 'Summertime'' is the result of the conniving of the villoincssFred Grohom tries to convince Lilli Vonessi and Horison Howe (Bob Reily) thot the two gongsters are prominent faculty members of the Actors' Studio in New York. "kate” first musical in ten years The Thcotre was joined by the Modern Donee Workshop and the Music Department in presenting the first musical in ten yeors."Try ond jostle your memory, Mr. Grohom," soys o gongster (Gcrold Joss) os he tells Fred of on I O. U gets everyone into the act Goil Poch, Norvcy Haywood, 8ob Lucci, ond Pot Burroughs assumed dual roles in "Kiss Me Kote." Here they ore in Shakespearean costumes for the opening of "The Toming of the Shrew" ploy within a ploy. Fred os oil reioice in the grand finale. 153 The post ond future ore revealed in o tender moment os Lilli Vonessi ond Fred Grohom reminisce togetherThe Combined Choirs join Eugene Ormondy ond the Philodelphio Orchestro ot the United Notions in o concert thot was broodcost by rodio end television to over thirty countries. music groups r | poch, Assisfont Monager of Choral Activities, cl Mr Page. Director of Chorol Activities, plon the Schedule for be Concert Choir tour Lmdo Hoffmon, President of Women's Glee Club, is olso Student Assistant in the Choral Activities Office. The Temple University Concert Choir members are selected by audition and enter into a rigorous progrom of extensive reheorsal in order to prepare their excellent repertoire of fine music. Under the direction of Robert E. Page, the Choir hos toured four states giving nine concerts within six days. Two other performing choral groups here at Temple, the Men's and Women's Glee Clubs, give students, not necessarily music majors, a chance to study ond perform some of the world's greatest music The Glee Clubs combined with the Concert Choir, Music Education Chorus, and the Alumni Choir participated in several performances with the Philadelphia Orchestra. On October 24 three hundred Temple students were invited to the United Nations where, under the direction of Eugene Ormondy, they sang Beethoven's Ninth Symphony which was broadcast around the world In March, the Combined Choirs performed at the Philadelphia Academy of Music and in New York's Carnegie Hall; Leopold Stokowski conducted. No college music program would be complete without a marching bond; our Diamond Band not only performs at sports events, but is well known for its excellent performances on its Februory tour and post-tour concert in Mitten Hall. The excellent University Orchestra performs at various University functions and rounds out a very thorough and very delightful program of musical activities for Temple University. 154four state tour highlights choir season Officers of Choir confer with Mr Poge about the performance of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony. Despite cold, wet weather, the Concert Choir left on their four stole tour os scheduled, January 23, 1961 THE TEMPLE UNIVERSITY CONCERT CHOIR. 155THE TEMPLE UNIVERSITY WOMEN'S GLEE CLUB. women’s voices blend in song The troditionol Condlelight Concert included o sextet from Bach's "Moqnificot " The Marlowe twins, Jeff ond Ronald, ore the pianists for the Women's Glee Club. 156THE TEMPLE UNIVERSITY MEN'S GLEE CLUB. men and music join forcesMr. Smith leods the bond ot their onnuol concert The Diamond Bond morches ot oil Temple football games. An ever-growing orgoniiotion, the Diomond Bond works hard to pleose its oppreciotive oudicnce. Go Temple! band adds spirit to the music program 158Eugene Ormondy rchcorses the Combined Choirs in preporotion for the United Notions Doy Progrom. instruments and uoices combine for special occasions The Concert Choir ond the Orchestro together set the mood for convocotion in Mitten Holl 159modern dance Sponsored by the Women's Athletic Association, the Modern Dance Group presents on opportunity for undergraduates to work toword a professional level in modern dance New members begin in the Workshop group and progress to the Concert group, which performs often during the school year Under the direction of Miss Kathy Pira, advisor, and Dena Whiteman Maidman, manager, the group performed this year at Freshmon Camp and the annual Water Show. It also represented the University at physical education conventions and at local schools ond colleges. The highlight of its season was the annual modern dance concert, which includes two performances in Mitten Hall. Miss Kothy Piro, donee instructor, and partner prcctice for the woter show. 160 The girls ore working hord to prepore for the woter show.Proctice before o mirror improves position. Practicing does pay off sponsored by women's a. a. Miss Kothy Pira shows students correct form. 161opera workshop Mrs. Elso Fmk Edelstein, Workshop Director, ond Mr. George McKinley, Producer, discuss the production A very outstanding activity at Temple is the Opera Workshop. In I960, the opera "Giannischicchi" was presented to a very enthusiastic audience Centering around o will, the opera portrayed the ways of the greedy The 1961 production is being directed by Mrs Else Fink Edelstein and Mr. George McKinley who are combining their tolents to present another outstanding production. Meeting every Tuesday evening since the beginning of the Fall Semester, the cast hos had practice in planning for their ports and in staging for the overall production "Casi Fan Tutti" is the title of the 1961 production which was composed by Mozart. The cast of the opero "Cosi Fan Tutte," (Women Are Like That) rehearse for the March production. 162In 'Gionnischicchi,'’ the I960 production, a will is found which is found not fovoroblc to the relatives; Gionnischicchi is called to rewrite it in their favor. presents yearly university opera program Gionnischicchi has fooled them oil! He rewrote the will but received all the rewords himself The singers ore Norma Sogs, George Brobyn, and Christine McGarigon 163 Jomes Shaw, who ploys the part of Betti, is deciding how much he stands to gain in the rewriting of the willwrti University radio, WRTI-AM and FM, provides a practical laboratory situation for communications students. The AM station is broadcast only to on-campus receivers, but WRTI-FM covers the entire Philadelphia area. The station is dedicated to "inform and educate" and is licensed os an educational, non-commercial station. The Station operoted entirely by students who have complete control, WRTI cooperates with the local commercial and educational stations. For example it conducts regularly scheduled programs which are presented on stations WFIL and WHYY. The student is exposed to a complete educational opportunity in all phases of broodcosting—from writing and programming to engineering ond announcing Don Cunningham is station manager this year, ond Mr Blenheim is foculty advisor. "You're on!" says Dave Silverman, os WRTI begins one of Its evening programs. WRTI stoff worked through the night to bring election results to its listeners. 164Grcduotc Student Charles Sherman ond WRTI staff «ope o show for WFIL Studio Schoolhouse. WRTI-sponsored pre-election debate is under woy in Mitten Hall Auditorium. the temple um'oersi'tij radio station The director gives the signal for a WRTI show to begin. A musico! progrom is recorded in the WRTI studio. 165FRED ZORN, Ed.ior-.n-ChiH 1961 templar PAULA GOLDBERG, Assistant Editor; Acodomic Activities Editor JUDY MYERSON, Assistant Editor, Loyout Editor 166EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Fred Zorn (7 panorama of activity ASSISTANT EDITORS ADVISOR Poulo Goldberg, Judy Myerson Mr. Roymond Whittoker • PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR BUSINESS MANAGER COPY EDITOR Mildred Lit Susan Sirkis Sid Clearfield LAYOUT EDITORS Morilyn Levitt Judy Myerson ORGANIZATION EDITORS OFFICE MANAGER Herb Cohen Marilyn Went Judy Grossman SPECIAL LAYOUTS Alon Teplltsky LAYOUT STAFF Anito Eiscnbcrg Barbara Kreizmonn Joon Loncourt SECTION STAFF Fron Abrams l.ynne Dub in Marcia Elfcnstcm Sbeila Hefzelton John Kenealy Barbara Kress Michele Pollock Ellen Starer Mojoric Sullivan Helen Weindllng SECTION EDITORS ACADEMIC: ATHLETIC: COM. COLLEGE FRATERNITIES: REL 4 CULT.: SENIORS SR ACTIVITIES: TYLER Poula Goldberg Month Potter Ston Rose Dove Rothstem Barbara Evans Al Worburton Mildred Lit Wilma Kairys Dee Solkind Morsha Pogach FRESHMAN STAFF EDITOR Morlene Gloglow PHOTOGRAPHERS Arthur Martin Zohorb Kozanjion COPY STAFF Larry Buxton Bobbie Dkkstein Jock Klciman Annette Lccnord Doris Workmon GENERAL STAFF Diane Blosberg Elsie Carella Joan Drochman Borbara Eisen Carol Emot Helen Epstcm Jerry Fox Adam Kauffman Phyllis Rosenthal Richord Sabatini Wondo Zorkin CREDITS H. G. Roebuck Son, Inc , Printers: Mr. Arthur Schultz, Mr. G. Brincr Merin Studios: Mr Morvin Merin, Mrs. Rosenthol, Lee Whetstone Quoker City Box Mfg.: Mr. Stanley Bosche Student Activities Center: Miss Esther Swimmer, Eleanor S. Fuller Office of Public Information: Mr Albert Carlisle, Mrs Carlisle MILDRED LIT, Photogrophy Editor, Religious Cultural Activities Editor SID CLEARFIELD, Copy Editor. SUSAN SIRKIS, Business Marvoger; MARILYN LEVITT, Loyout Editor, MARILYN WEISS, Office ManagerHERB COHEN, Organizotions Editor; JUDY GROSSMAN, Organizations Editor. MARSHA POGACH, Tyler Editor. depicting all phases DAVE ROTHSTEIN, Men's Sports Editor; STAN ROSE, Men's Sports Editor; MARlTH POTTER, Women's Sports Editor DEE SALKIND, Senior Activities Copy Staff. 168Copy Staff: LARRY BUXTON, BOBBIE DlCK-STEIN, HELEN EPSTEIN Community College Stoff. MARJORIE SULLIVAN. BARBARA EVANS. Editor. JOHN KENEALY ZORAHB KAZANJIAN, Photogropher WILMA KAIRYS. Scn.or Editor ARTHUR MARTIN, Photographer 169temple news "Temple University News" is the main means of communication to the student body and the faculty Serving over 28,000 readers, it is published four times weekly If gives its contributors o wealth of valuable experience which has proved quite useful to them, as many of its writers have obtoined positions on the staff of doily metropolitan newspapers. During the semester, many original articles have been featured in the supplements added to the "News", such as men's and women's fashion reports, and literary works of the students. The "News" olso was instrumental in exposing the activities of plagiarizes on this and other campuses As a result of the great efforts of the staff to control such activities, a proposal has been introduced in the State Legislature, which osks to declare plagiarism illegal and to abolish its operation. As a crowning reword for its outstanding work in publication, newspaper ethics, and leadership, the "News" was recognized as the finest University newspaper in the Eost DENA MAIDMAN, Fall and Spring Assistant HUBIE DOYLE. Fall Editor-in-Chlef. MICHAEL SlSAK, Fall and Spring Manoging Editor. 170ELLEN RAIDER, Fall and Spring Advertising Monogcr HERMAN ROGUL, Fall Associate Sports Editor, Spring Associate Editor keeps university students infonned 171RONALD BRATSPlS, Spring Editorial Assistant LARRY LINDERMAN, Foil Sports Editor, Spring Special Events DORIS SMITH, Special Assignments. by Its complete coverage JOHN GUILICK, Spring Copy Editorstylus This year's “Stylus", co-edited by Carol Brock-mon and Leon F Seltzer, has undergone a great many changes. As usual, this officiol University literary magazine has continued to publish the creative work of the student body In addition, a junior staff is being trained in literary criticism and is helping student writers to overcome their writing problems Other changes include a drop in price to encourage increased campus circulation. Besides the literary aspects of "Stylus" work, the staff hos hod o greot deal of valuable experience in making loyouts and in advertising and sales techniques LEON F. SELTZER. CAROL BROCKMON. Editor STYLUS—Left to Right: A Bncklin. B Meyer R Donoff. I Sherman, B Polinspeakers and guests Outside the realm of regular academic classes and studies, the student of Temple is given the opportunity to meet and hear outstanding speakers from many different fields and oreos of interest Individual organizations as well as the University Administration and Faculty have presented a very full progrom of cultural interest Student Council instituted its lecture series this year and invited to campus internationally known speakers. Outstanding omong these speokers was Mr. Musa Amalemba, Kenyo's first Negro Council Minister Student organizations hove presented such guests as Julie Styne, well-known composer and lyricist, Nehemiah Mark, prominent Wood Sculpture, Eugene Ormandy, and Leopold Stokowski to name a few Temple was honored during this year’s Presidential Election Campaign with a stop by then Senator John F Kennedy who spoke to a large gathering of students. Our guests provided Temple students with a first class opportunity to supplement their classroom knowledge by a large volume of information. Honorary Degrees are presented by Dr. Gladfelter to Messrs Sirkin and Ormcndy at tho I960 Commencement. Composer Julie Styne talks to a group of students at a lecture sponsored by the Dromotic Arts Deportment 174 Classes are dismissed to enoble students to attend the four yearly convocations—tho first of which is the President's ConvocationThe Sophomore-Junior Closs Donee brought Bond Leader Buddy Morrow ond his orchestra to campus. President Glodfeltcr accepts the key to the newly dedicoted Hillel Foundation House from Attorney J. Jerome Katz, as Brandeis University President Sachor looks on. supplement classroom experience 175 Dr Tomlinson, University Vice-President, discusses his world tour experiences. Kenya’s Council Minister, Musa Amalemba, oddressed a group at the Student Council sponsored lecture.Senator John F Kennedy woves to Temple students as his campaign mororcodc looves the Temple area of ter a speech 176Dr. Loyol Do vis, Choirmon of the Northwestern University Department of Surgery, Dr. Horold C Cose, President of Boston University, and The Hon. William H. Hostic, Judge of the U. S. Court of Appeals for the Third District and former Governor of the Virgin Islonds received honorary degrees from Dr Millard Gladfclter at Mid-Vear Commencement Internationally known Israeli writer, Moshc Shamir, known for his prize winning book "King of Flesh ond Blood", spoke on the Eichmonn Triol at a Hillel Foundation lecture Mayor Dilworth and Congresswomen Kotherm Grenahon spoke at Temple during the Presidential Campaign 177 78A sportsman is a quiet winner, and a cheerful loser He does not boast, nor quiet, nor moke excuses when he fails; but plays fair and as well as he can, always valuing the game itself more highly than the result.181THE 1960 FOOTBALL TEAM. football team The 1960 football season ot Temple brought something in the opening game agoinst King's Point that had been missing for two-and-a-half years— VICTORY. After trailing through most of the game, the Owls threw off their losing ways and fought back with a desire that was to keynote the team throughout the year. Although the team won only two of nine games, several were lost by a matter of a few points. The sophomores thot were to bolster the hard core of veterons came through as expected, and the future at Temple is extremely bright. Another fine freshman team will give the Owls further support next year. Temple spotted Buffalo 6 points on the first play from scrimmage, and then fought back voliontly before succumbing to the Bulls 21-12. Sophs Don Council and Ernie Wayland did the scoring chores. A 16 yard run by senior standout Jerry Brodsky wos nullified by a penalty. The Owls lost their next three games by a heartbreaking totol of 7 points. Muhlenberg edged the Owls in the last few minutes of the game for the second year in a row. Against Lafayette the Owls ployed their finest game in recent yeors only to be beaten by a field gool late in the game. The following week, Hofstra defeated Temple ot Hempstead, New York, by the score of 6-4. In all three of these games, the Owls dominated every statistic but the final score. On homecoming day at Temple Stadium, the Owls scored in every period to drub Drexel 30-8. Senior, Chorlie Lotson scored on a nine yard run and a 41 yard pass from Soph Bill Grubb to lead the Owl's scoring. Although Temple lost their remaining three games to Delaware, Bucknell, and Gettsyburg, seniors Jerry Brodsky, Teddy Morris, Jim Ranniello, and Ray DePalma led the sophomore-studded footballers into the dawn of a new grid era. mm mm Cooches Nejrrvon, Polcndi, Rogers, Morkis, Porter, ond White discuss plans for the 1960 season. 182Brodsky (485 ond Wotts (80) lead Owls onto field for opening game of the season. Temple won over Kings Point 26-12 The blocking of Ernie Woylond (34) ond Joe Corbi (68) clcors woy for Don Council (27). In the lost few minutes of the gome, Muhlenburg edged the Owls for o 17-14 win over Temple. Senior Teddy Morris (26) follows Joe Corbi (68) through o hole in the Buffolo line; but Owls lost the second gome of the season 12-26. season starts with a long awaited victory Three Leopards close in on Bill Grubb (16) os Owls bowed 9-7 to Lofoyettc then three consecutive games of heartbreak Owls score touchdown in 30-8 Homecoming Victory over crosstown rival, Drexcl Owl reserves look on os unbeoten Hofstro defeats Temple 6-4 in a hord fought contest. 184homecoming day brings victory once more Don Council 27) attempts to outrun hij onrushing opponent Temple lost to 8ucknell 23-0.THE 1960 SOCCER TEAM. The three All-Amcricon players on the 1960 Soccer Squad are Walt Chyzowych (senior), Jim Gallo (junior), and Billy Charlton (senior). soccer team Take three All-Americans, add seven letterman and a layer of sophomores, top off with veteran coach Pete Leaness, and we have all the ingredients for a fine season. The Bucknell Bisons were in high spirits to revenge lost year's 7-0 loss, but Temple's high scoring forward line proved too much as Temple won the first game 5-0. Wogner, Hofstra, and LaSalle defeats gave Temple a four game winning streak. The only team to beat the Owls last year, West Chester, broke a 1-1 tie in the final period for a 2-1 victory. But Temple's soccermen gained their fifth and sixth victories in the next two games agoinst Lofayette and St. Joseph's. A fighting Temple team met its second loss in an overtime battle against Penn State 2-1; the third loss came when the Owls, weakened by injuries lost to Rutgers, 6-0. In the final game of the seoson, Temple gained its seventh victory in ten starts by trouncing Delaware 6-1. 186187 A fast, stop and quick turn have Temple going for o goal.basketball Coach Horry Litwock hov o tension-filled moment during o gome A St. Joseph's squad with considerable height, depth and good fortune splattered Temple's Big Five Basketboll hopes with an 86-83 overtime squeaker This foul-pocked heart-thumper put the Hawks ahead of the Owls in competition for the MAC title ond for an invitation to the NCAA tourney. Temple, however, was invited and accepted the bid to the National Invitation Tournament in New York Harry Litwack's Junior class quintet hit its peak after the mid-semester break With all five regulars averaging more than ten points a game and running through the Litwock patterns with organization and precision, the Owls won nine MAC contests up to the St. Joseph's defeat. Bruce Drysdale has been showing the clever moves, varied shots, and quick defensive reactions that made him one of America's better little men "Little Bruce" has been at his best in the big games, scoring better than 30 points in the LaSalle and St Joseph's games. John Koskinen has replaced All-Americon Bill Kennedy as Drysdale's backcourt partner. Koskinen has rebounded unusually well, helped move the boll, played aggressive defense, and made a good percentage of his shots Russ Gordon, who must face rivals much taller than himself, has had an in-and-out campaign. He showed he could score when he scored more than 60 points in three games against men his own size. He has been the teom's strongest rebounder but his tendency to pick up personal fouls still hurts his play Forwards Ed Devery ond Earl Procter have been steady performers in helping to carry out the Litwack play patterns and defenses. Both hove been valuable rebounders and hove had hot shooting nights. BASKETBALL TEAM.189 Russ Gordon 10) rushes in to help Ed Devery score aqomst Kentucky.Looping high, Eorl Proctor grobs o rebound from Bucknell player John Koskinen drives by St. John's All-Americon Tony Jockson (24). heartbreaking defeat to st. joe's costs city title Ed Dcvery poses off after snor.ng o rebound and bewilders his Bucknell guord. Russ Gordon stuffs in two points in o dose gome with Navy 190Bruce Fleming bockhonds o gool between two St. Joe defenders. Ken Kramer scored agoinst St. Joseph's; Temple lost by o narrow morgin. Bruce Drysdole leaves Villonova's Jim Huggard behind; Temple went on to win.THE GYM TEAM. Sheldon Mittmon demonstrates His winning form on the parallel bars ogoinst Syracuse University gym team Under Cooch A. Carl Patterson, our veteran gymnasts practiced all year in order to bring a winning season to Temple. In the opening meet of the season, the Owls beat Southern Connecticut State, but then they proceeded to lose to Penn State, Springfield and Navy. They got back their winning ways when they completly overwhelmed a strong Syracuse team, 63Vi-32Vi. With the Eastern championships bearing down they lost a tough decision to the United States Militory Academy, 49-47 The Gym Team is captained by Lou Datilio, who as the season was drowing to o close wos busy perfecting a double back somersault which few Eastern gymnosts hove mastered Other top members of the squad include Bob Smith—o triple-threot man on the porollel bars, side horse and horizontal bar, Dave Perilstein—the number 2 man on the tumbling events, Roger Weiner—top man on the flying rings, Ben Scotkin—side horse, and Bob Mueller—rope climb, side horse and parallel bars. 192193 Dove Perilstein demonstrates tumbling skill.CROSS COUNTRY TEAM. Coach Ed G'oham checks the time of his runner1, during o practice session. cross country As with oil other varsity teams ot Temple, Cross Country is looking up. Although the Horriers overall record was 7-1 Coach Ed Graham has reason to be optimistic about next year's chances. The victory over Elizabethtown and Muhlenberg was Temple's first in eight years. This in itself was quite on accomplishment considering that Ed Grohom hos only been here for two years, and that the Owls did not compete in 1958 Undoubtedly the record for 1960 would have been better had not Sophomore Ron Rensch been plagued by injuries throughout the season. Rensch, MAC Freshman Champ, and Sophomore Dave Vallen led the squad in a series of close defeats Despite the severe handicap of not having a small practice course on campus, Temple's freshman team had a creditable season Cornelius Williams led the freshmen to fourth place in the MAC championships while the Rensch-less varsity came in 15th. Runners compete in the Middle Atlontic Championships ot Cobs Creek Golf Course, the winner wos Temple's Ron Rensch 194cricket Ploying mainly against independent teams, the Cricket Team has just completed its fourth year of competition. This year for the first time, the team was able to practice on Geosey Field Most of their games, however, are played in Fairmount Pork Although the team does not have an outstanding record of victories, they ore rapidly developing their skills. All of the game's traditions are observed including teo breaks. The team members are from several countries including Pokistan, India, British West Indies, Ghona, and England. Albert Carlisle is the coordinator-manager of the team. The captain is Herman Rogul. Albert R Corlisle, Manager and founder of the Temple University Crickcr Club, oppties oil to a cricket bos os Herm Rogul, Coptom of the teom, ossists. CRICKET SQUAD. 195Cooch John Rodoers wipe off one of his wrestlers after o strenuous bout wrestling With a wild screaming gang of Temple faithfuls spurring them, the Temple wrestlers have grown from winless outcasts to big boys on campus and contenders for the Middle Atlantic team title They had a 7-2-1 record ofter ten meets John Rogers, primarily a football coach, accomplished this uphill drive in three years with a vigorous conditioning program, grob-them-off-the-street recruiting, and psychology The wrestling team moved into the Big Time status on Wednesday, February 17 when the grap-plers battled Penn to a 16-16 tie for the Big Two title before an overflow crowd which filled the bleachers, balcony, stage, floor, and doorways of the gym. Dave Zinkoff did his professional job of announcing and Allen Shrier distributed special Meet programs. Rich Buggelli won eight of his first nine decisions to lead the squad, followed by Phil Richards, Rick Osman, Som Shipley, Mike Weissleder, Horace Esh-boch, and Bill Lites, all with winning records. Captain Osman is the only senior and Rogers is already working with a team of freshmen WRESTLING TEAM 196Sophomore Bill Lites nears a pin in an Owl victory. Coptom Rick Osman prepares to pin his Gettysburg opponent matmen chalk up good season A tonglc of arms and legs is evident, but Rick Buggelli was victorious. 197FENCING TEAM DAVE LEE, Fencing Teom Coptoin fencing For the first time in several years, the olive wreath of victory is won by our red-scarved fencers. After o fine season of nine victories ond one loss, the gentlemen of the blades toppled the fencing powers of the Middle Atlantic Champsionship Senior Dove Lee, the Gypsy fencer, led the scoring of the season with 23 wins ond four losses. Other members of the 1960-61 Fencing Team include John Dowell, Dave Pollock, Gene Silverman, Alfred Gallo, Alon Much, Phillip Nicholson ond Will Eyster. The Fencing Team Coach is Ted Huber. 198red scarfs fly as swordsmen score a winning season Temple fencer Dove Pollock completes o successful flcche ottock. Alan Much hos his Johns Hopkins opponent retreoting. Honk Krouls scores with o touch os contest iudge acknowledges the point 199A Temple win for first and second place. 1960 Track Star, Hillel Levinson, shows top running form track and field Head Coach, Gavin White, who doubles as frosh football mentor, cloims to hove a stronger overall team for the I960 season White hos a strong nucleus bock from lost yeor's squad which finished fifth in the Middle Atlantic Conference championships To bolster the returning trackmen, a large number of sophomores have turned out. George Palmer, a broad and high jumper ond hurdler returned, along with Teddy Morris—lost season's MAC low hurdles champ Newcomers Stan Freed, Billy Rose, and Jon Forte, will |oin with other vorsity tracksters including Reggie McCoy, Ron Rensch, Bob Tag, Fred Nichols, John McClatterty, George Crispin, Ron Leach, Jon Bogle, ond Ernie Waylond. This season's schedule includes eight meets, plus the MAC chompionships and the Penn Relays. For the first time in recent years, Temple has entered some events in the IC4A indoor competitions. The Cherry and White finished fifth in lost season's MAC championships with 16! 2 points, but White predicts much improvement this season, especially from runner Ron Rensch. 200A close roee! returning trackmen stir interest A fry lor o record diStonce is made George Polmer dears the high lump bor during a practice session 201Joe Vcrdcur. Cooch, gives Eddie Sorenson odvice swimming Cooch Joe Verdeur, the former Olympion, is still the best swimmer on campus, but his squad is making better, if losing, showings. The mermen managed to tie PMC although Verdeur had to recruit a Pi Lam man from the stonds to complete his relay team The tie already makes the seoson Temple's best in years but Verdeur's young squad is working toward better things, like victory SWIMMING TEAM 202Rick Andfioli shows prize winning form. 203 coach uerdeur shapes teambaseball Sporked by the pitching arms of Don Flynn ond Jim Craig, the Temple Baseball team had an impressive 16-5 record for the 1960 seoson The big game of the season was against Penn State With the superb hitting of Herb Gorden, Nick Stompone, ond Bill "Pickles" Kennedy, Temple rounted Penn State 9-3 in what proved to be one of the best played games of the season. Against Delowore, the Owls lost 6-0 in perhaps the toughest game of the seoson and therefore lost the bid to the NCAA Tourney. During the season, there were few injuries to team members; those injuries that did occur seemed to come right before the game with Villanova. With an 11-0 record going into the game, the Temple Owls with many of its first string members out of action lost 8-3. Despite the few tough breaks, Temple still made the 1960 season a good one. Coach Skip Wilson led Temple to o 16-5 season record for 1960 THE BASEBALL TEAM. 204Temple players onxiously wail in the dugout during a game agomst Penn Stoic 205 A good pitching staff kept opponents' hits to a minimum.RIFLE TEAM—F.rst Row: M Pinsky, E DiRomaloo. A. Sporkis, K Lover. Second Row: H Storkmon, G Belsky, M Polls. L Brickcl, R Schneider, £ Hill. R. Stewort. S Sleinberg, A Thomos (Cooch) Winning style is shown by vorsity leitermon Kenneth Lover. rifle team Members of the Rifle Team ore trained in the fundamentals of rifle and pistol marksmanship and the principles of good sportsmanship The codets of the R O T C Rifle Team have participated in matches against the University of Pennsylvania, Drexel, Valley Forge Military Academy, Villonovo, and LaSalle College The team also fired in nationol pistol matches and in N R A competition The Rifle Team is guided by Alan Sharkis—captain, Kenneth Lover public information officer, and Harry Storkmon—manager The team cooch is Sgt A Thomas and the advisor is Coot James E Dunly At the annual dinner, the outstanding members were honored for showing superior abilities Varsity letters are awarded to upper closs members. Gilbert Belsky, varsity lettermon. shoots offhand 206 Captoin Alan Sharkis deploys expert formi. m. activities EDWARD EICHMAN Director, Inter’murol Activities BASKETBALL BASEBALL The Intermurol athletic program provides an outlet for both men and women who wish to participate in sports but either are not qualified for, or do not hove the time to go out for varsity sports. Football, baseball, basketball, volleyball, tennis, soccer, and ping pong ore but a few of the sports included in the schedule of activities. Many of the games are played on Geasy Field Others take place in South Hall and in Conwell Holl gyms This year-round sports program is headed by Mr Edward Eichman, Director of Intermural Athletics, who, os well os setting up the individual sports activities, sets up leogues which compete against eoch other in the various sports events. FOOTBALL 207spirit groups Much of the spirit of Temple University may be attributed to the work of the drum majorettes and cheerleaders. Performing at the football games, basketball games, and pep rallies, they stir up spirit on campus ond add color to the gomes. The drum majorettes, led by Marith Potter, are a part of the Diamond Band; the other members of the majorette squad are Wilma Nork, Evie Barrack, Mory Cosaboom, ond Peggy Crompton, Under the direction of Mr. Henry C Smith and Mr Jack Ha-mell, the drum mojorettes are a vital group at Temple. Performing with the group this year was, Billie Wolf, "Miss Majorette of Pennsylvania." Miss Majorette of the Diamond Band is Morith Potter. Under the direction of Mr. Carl Potterson, the cheerleaders add color and excitement to all athletic events. The vivacious coptain of the squad is Elaine Balderson Other creators of spirit are Clare Patchell, Mimi Kopper, Carol Album, Ellen Messing, Jo Ann Gervais, Dee Salkind, Barry Yaffe, and Lou Dotilio. TEMPLE MAJORETTES—R. Crompton, M. Potter (coptain), W, Nork, B. Wolf—prepare to march down Broad Street in the Thanksgiving Day Parade Billie Wolf, Miss Mojorette of Pcnno., performs for the Basketball fans. CHEERLEADING SQUAD—First Row: Temple Owl, C Patchell. C. Alboon, M Kopper, B. Yoffe, D. Solkind, E. Balderson, J. Gervaise, E. Messin, L Dotilio. The Diamond Bond forms a tower of a football gameCOMMUNITY WAA—Front Row: M. Sullivan. L. Gromlich, B. Evans, P. Pugach. Bock Row: M Butler, G, White, R. Cordonick, L Kuhnle, L Gillis, A Peorlstcin, S Lotshow, M Gollcr, E. D'Angelo, J. Selkow. m. a. a. MAA at Community College under the direction of Woyne Cunningham os President ond Dr. William Sossomon as odvisor carries out numerous activities during the school year. Table tennis tournament, bosketball team, bowling league, softball teams and golf instructions were oil part of the wide voriety of athletic and social functions of this organization MAA promotes school spirit and interest in intramural athletics During the last few years, however, it hos also been the supporter of the Community College basketball team which participates in the Eastern Junior College League. w. a. a. Under the leadership of Loretta Gromlich os President, Barbora Evons as Vice-president, Phyllis Pugach and Louise Dunston as Secretory and Treasurer, and Miss Kuchmeister os sponsor, the women of Community College find o useful outlet for their athletic abilities in the Women's Athletic Association. With the cooperation of the MAA, the organization sponsored two square dances to raise funds for the horseback riding, bowling, softball, and volleyball activities which kept the members busy this year. COMMUNITY M. A. A.—Front Row: Dr Soswmon. P. Jocovini, W. Cunningham, M Jacobson. Bock Row: R. Woid, A Napoli, J. Whinney, L Tcrronovo, B Bowmon, A Gordon. 209WOMEN'S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION—J. Genl.eu, D. Martin, D Borbicri, women's a. a. The Women's Athletic Association is the governing body of women's athletics at Temple University. It sponsors intramural and intercollegiate recreational activities open to all University women. W A A activities ronge from vorsity hockey to synchronized swimming ond modem dance Some of the speciol events which the W A. A. sponsored this year were conoe and skiing trips and horseback riding. At the annual banquet, the W A A gives awards based on o point system to those who have earned them These awords consist of the W. A A blazer, plaque, and the letter "T". The odvisor of the W. A. A is Miss Annette Smith and Assistant Advisor is Miss Marge Von Hart. This year's president wos Mary Peterson. 210 Activities of the Women's Athletic Association include comping trips in the country.The Modern Donee Club is olso one of the octivitics of the Women's Athletic Association. . . . a varied program of activities Conoemg is a very enjoyoble octivity which Is a port of the hostlmg progrom offered. A varied intcrmurol progrom is offered by the Women's Association. 211water show Sponsored by the Department of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation, the 1960 Water Show featured the Women's Athletic Association Aqua-belles. The Show was entitled "The Land of Oz," and was performed under the direction of Jeanne Graebeldinger and Miss Billie Wright—the faculty advisor. The script was written and narrated by Jeon Gentieu. For special effect, irridescent point was used on both the swimmers and the sets. Set production and design wos under the direction of Marlene Doberstein. From the first splash of act one, entitled "Cyclone Coming" to the last scene of "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz," the ortists entertained the audience with an outstanding performance. The Modern Dance Club, under the direction of Miss Kothy Pira, performed on the stage above water as the Aquabelles enacted their ports in the pool. 212 The Wicked Witch of the East mokes her plons to foil the travelers trip to the Emerold City.The Cowordly Lion tells of hij plight. One of the Aquabelles goes through her paces shou) entitled "the land of oz The Modern Donee Club performs in the Emerold City scene. Before the show starts, lost dabs of makeup ore opplied bockstoge. 213Mory Ann Leigh pushes post oppos.-tion. hockey M. Leight and D. Gillespie head toword goal. 1960 Hockey Squad. M. Leight, Hockey Squod Coptom. Temple's Owlettes Have, once again, finished an undefeated season. Under the superb supervision of Coach, Mrs. Anne Volp, the girls ended the season with six wins and one tie, the latter game being against the University of Pennsylvania. The Owlettes managed to score a total of 29 goals all season, allowing only nine goals to be scored against them. Five of the Temple players placed on the All-College First Team; they were, Florence Gaspar, goal keeper, Jean Gentieu, left halfback; Doris Mortin, center halfback; Mary Ann Leight, left inner; Mary Ann Swetkoff, center forward. Mary Ann Leight and Mary Ann Swetkoff were chosen for the All-Philadelphia First Teom. 2UDefensive action is token by Mary Ann Lcight. J McConogbie (II) ond D. Martin (22) Hit toward goal. M Leight, M Swetkoff, F Gosper, J Gentieu, D. Martin surround their coach, Mrs Anne Volp. ofter being chosen for the All-College First Teom oiulettes haue undefeated season Joan McConagnic and "Tizzie" Mor-tin corry the boll down the field. 215tennis The Women's Tennis team had five returning players from the 1960 tennis squad who set the base for o successful team. With an improvement in scheduling, the Owlettes had matches agoinst many of the area Colleges and Universities including Ursinus, Bryn Mowr, and Immoculata in addition to the usual five-match schedule from the 1960 season Under the guidonce of Coach and Advisor Miss Wilma Wright, the team was expanding with a promising turnover of freshmen. Returning from the 1960 Tennis Squad were team members Sarah Fluck, Linda Kline, Mary Ann Leight, Ginny Stein, and Jeon Hung Flossie Caspar executes a beautiful verve in practice session. Before facing an opponent at the net, the girls practice serving ogamst the wall 216217 Anothe» victory for Mory Ann LeigHt.BASKETBALL TEAM. basketball Quick and aggressive with high spirits describes the 1961 Women's Basketball Team Under the excellent direction of their new coach. Miss Jean Hamilton, the basketball team had a good season of five wins ond four losses. Cooch Hamilton was responsible for initiating a new system of guarding this year; this system, the shifting zone, has proven quite effective against most of Temple's opponents. Mary Ann Leight, Maddie Becker, ond Gret Gentile, Temple's starting forwards, have managed to score in the double figures during most of the games. In o fost moving game against the University of Pennsylvania these Owlettes scored 70 of the 85 points thereby trouncing Penn by a score of 85-49. The team members include M Leight, J. Gentieu, G Gentile, M Becker, B Epstein, C. Weber, P. Estes, L. Sehbera, and D Reed. The managers of the team are S. Belsky ond H Goldstein. 218J. Gentieu posses the ball to her teammate during a touch contest with Drexel neio coach brings new ideas to temple 219 Forward M A Le ght gets ready for a shot.new guarding system proves successful A jump boll i topped to Gret Gentile during a gome. WOMEN'S BASKETBALL Loretta Schebera, Judy Licby, Cindy Neol, Peggy Estes—oil Junior Varsity, watch a Varsity gome 220 Mory Ann Lcight fokes her guord out of position.lacrosse The Lacrosse gome of the North American Indian had a definite religious significance and was played in full regalia of feathers and war paint Unlike today's game which is ployed on a regulation field, the Indians covered hundreds of miles of prairie during their contest. The game has changed considerably since those early days, and England is credited with laying the foundation for present-day Lacrosse. The all England Ladies Lacrosse Association introduced the gome to the United States in the early 1900's. Since then the game has developed rapidly in the eastern states and is spreading gradually to the mid-west. Lacrosse become on active varsity sport at Temple University in 1958. Since then the knowledge, interest, enthusiasm, and skill of Temple girls has grown to the extent that Lacrosse is firmly established ot the University During the seoson the girls play Ursinus, Beaver, Swarthmore, Drexel, and Penn After graduating from Temple, any girl may participate in the week-end sessions sponsored by the Philadelphia Lacrosse Association. Who will moke this catch Coach Miss Edenborn teaches some enthusiasts how to hold the lacrosse stick. senior A ctivityDuring our yeors at Temple many changes have taken place both in the facilities and the personnel. Our stoy started for the Class of 1961 with a trip to Freshman Camp; here many friendships were started. Freshman Orientation, Registration, the President's Reception, the Physical Examination all quickly followed. We began to accustom ourselves to the ways of a large urban University and experienced what for many was our first midterms and final examinations. The years flew, and with each year came changes in the physical structure of Temple: the 1900 block of Park Avenue was razed and work began for our new science building; a final resting place for our founder, Russel Conwell, was prepared outside Con-well Hall; Gcascy Fields were made into a usable recreation area; work on the new twelve story Men's Dormitory was begun; and the area adjacent to Curtis Hall was cleared for future use. Dr. Robert L. Johnston after many years of dedicated service retired as our Third President and Dr. Millard E. Gladfelter became our Fourth President. Our well loved Dean of Women, Miss Gertrude Peabody, retired and Miss Lucile Shcuer began her duties as our new Dean of Women. As our Sophomore and Junior years flew by, we began thinking about Graduation. Our Senior Class Officers represented us in planning the Senior Prom, Senior Giving, and student details for Graduation. We have been a port of Temple during its most rapid period of growth ond our four years have not only been important to all of us personally but have been years of greot importance for the University as a whole. scrap book Sports font will probably remember the 1958 Baskctboll team; the Owls defeated Dartmouth College 69-50 for the Eostern Regional Championship and went on to win third place in the 1958 NCAA Championship . As the Freshmen of the Clots of 1961 prepare to start their iournoy to Freshman Camp, they are alto beginning their journey towords graduation.Freshmon Comp was the stort of o very wonderful and very profitable four year for the Clots of 1961. looking back on our gears at temple Leading our class during its Junior ycor were President JoAnne Gorvais, Secrctory-Treosurcr Joel Sheor, Councilman Alan Tcplit-sky and Poul Walinsky. An atomic charge, which demolished a portion of the comer house, marked the ground breaking ceremonies for Borton Hall. President Johnson presided. Peabody Holl named in honor of Miss Gertrude Pea-Pody, former Dean of Women, was completed at the beginning of our freshmon year. Durmg our four years here, the face of Temple has changed considerably; this picture was taken before construction of Borton Hall hod begun. The 1900 block of Park Avenue was composed of many smoll buildings before they were torn down to moke woy for Borton Holl. evidences of improvements jA final resting place for Temple's founder it prepored in front of Conwell Hall. and great aspirations were realized An outdoor patio is provided for Temple students on Wott Street IWKot Street?). An overall view of Temple's main campus in 1961 shows many changes from the 1959 view. old buildings and the memories associated with them. The Tempi community regard the finithed Bor. ton Hall with pride.mm in 1959. -■ _____________President Millard E. Gladfcltcr, at his inauguration, accepts the University seal as a sign of his new responsibility. occasions that will be recorded Former President Robert L. Johnson, third president of Temple University, revcols portrait of Gertrude Peabody, Dean of Women, as she looks on. Both Miss Peabody and Dr. Johnson hove retired. Dr. Dunning, (confer) former chemistry professor, finds remork spoken at Ms farewell luncheon bv President Gladfeltcr very amusing. Mrs. Cushing sits ot her well-known desk in Mitten Hall where she smilingly helped visitors and students Miss Hinchey, former assistant professor of biology ond advisor to for many years before retiring in 1960. sororities, presides at the 1960 Greek Weekend Ball. and friendly faces that toill never be forgotten Mrs. Ross, familiarly know os "Mrs. Mitten" because of her rolo os Mitten Hall Hostess for many years, blows out candles ot her farewell tea, as students observe. Josh Cody retired in 1959. as Director of AthletictPAUL WALINSKY President JERRY ROSENBLOOM Councilman senior class officers FRED ZORN S«crctory-T rcasurer ALAN TFPLITSKY Councilman 232Bobbie Dickstcm (left). Dee Salkind, Rito Solus, ond Eileen Binder address Senior Ball Invitations coordinate senior activities Ann Metiers gives contribution to Rito Silberbcrg for Senior Giving os Borry Mersky looks on. Joy Strossbcrg is mcosurod for a groduotion cop ond gown os Berme Milono waits his turn. Groduotmg Senior Esther Pilgrim ponders over some groduotion forms. 233senior activities A very important part of our educational process at Temple is the vast program of activities offered Only through the efforts of capable leadership con this activity program exist There is a group of students who have devoted a great deal of effort and have made significant contributions to these activities In our Senior Class there are many students who have distinguished themselves by contributing involuoble leadership and service to the various facets of the University Activity program Being able to combine scholarship, leadership ond service, many of our more active seniors are able to pursue their interests outside the classroom The TEMPLAR staff has attempted to recognize the many areas of student interest and some of the more active seniors who have successfully contributed in those areas. It must be remembered that these few pages could never hope to include every senior, who, through some contribution of time and ability, has helped to further Temple's ever developing activity program Jo-Anne Gcrvois, 1961 May Queen ond originator of the Temple Student Directory received the Sword Aword for her outstanding service to the University in such oreos os Student Government, Sorority, and Cheerleoding activities Alon Teplitsky (left) ond Poul Wolinsky, Sword Aword recipients, served as copable leaders of numerous student government functions os well os many other compus activities Fred Zorn contributed involuoble leadership ond service to mony student activities ond served os President of Hillel Foundation ond Editor-In-Chief of the 1961 TEMPLAR 234A combination of the outstanding leadership ond abilities of 8obbi Dickstcin, XYW President, ond Dave Wolf, Circle K President, wos just whot was needed to moke this year's All-University Cornival one of the best ever. seniors make significant contributions Dennis Lcbofsky, recipient of the Owl Award for his combining scholarship with service wos also the recipient of o Woodrow Wilson Fellowship for graduate study. The newly formed Frotermty Presidents' Council wos obly led by Mort Fronkel, President Ploying on importont part in the ocffve functioning of sororities ot the University were (from left): Rho Pelligrino, Alpho Sigma Alpho President, Mary Peterson, Ponhellenic Council Member, ond Mickey Ruggcrio, Alpha Gamma Delta President Don Cunningham's voried activities ran the gomut from WRTI Station MonoQer to Interfroternity Council President. 235Both Men's Glee Club and Concert Choir have been fortunate to have the talent and services of John Simpson (right), and Denny Oberholtzer denoting their time and talents Dee Solkmd, in oddition to o lorge variety of sorority ond service activities, wos very active os o cheerleader. Elaine Baldcrson (right) mode many important contributions os Coptoin of the Cheerleaders Much of the wide acclaim given our WAA teams hos been due to the outstanding skill of T. U Award winner and All-Americon Hockey ployer Mory Ann Leight. Jerry Roscnbloom's many activities included presiding os Vice President of the Student Council During the Spring semester the "Temple News" maintained its usuol high standards largely through the efforts of Editor-in-Chief 81II Double 236to our diversified activities program Hubie Doyle, Foil semester "Temple News" Editor-in-Chicf and Sigmo Delto Chi Journalism Froternity Vice President, tokes o well-deserved rest between publications. Sheila Meskin, Mitten Student Leogue Vice President, and Eileen Binder, XYW Vice President, discuss plans for the up-and-coming Service Board Accompanying almost every University choral performance, the Marlowe Twins—Ron ond Jeff—accomplished concert pionists, can be found Varsity Gym Team Captain, Al Hoffman, who has distinguished himself by winning the T U Aword presented annuolly by the University to the outstanding athlete, was an All-American and won severol National Gym Tournament owards Rosemarie Russo hos contributed her able leadership to mony activities including the Presidency of Magnet ond Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority 237Contributing their skills in untiring service to all facets of the "Temple News' were Doris Smith and Herm Rogul. combining interests and abilities Leading our sprightly mojorettes through their pronces wos Coptoin Marith Potter Astron Women's Honorory sponsored many successful projects under the oble leadership of Myrno Norwitz As President of University Christian Movement, Rosolie Stoub hos been instrumental in moking religious activities an important part of campus life. Rick Pokros obly served R. 0. T C in a dual copocity os Codef Bottle Group Executive Officer ond President of Scabbard and Blade Society; Ray Forceno (right) has contributed to University Activities including Scobbard ond Blade Society.As President of the Resident Women's Student Associotion, Bobbie Kriss wos responsible for regulating many of the dorm activities Arnold Kcndoll's dromotic abilities hove been invaluoble to University Theatre. Reeder's Thcotre ond Vest Pocket Thcotre productions. Greek Weekend wos one of the most dozzling affairs of the seoson due largely to the efforts of John MacOonold, Chairman Lvith academic pursuits NAACP ond other organizations hove profited greatly from the experience ond leadership of Diane King, 239The scintillating personalities of Gerold Joss ond Morv Silvermon added grcotly to "Kiss Me Kote" os well os numerous other University Theotre productions. Matty Becker, Flossie Gosper ond Jeon Gentieu helped this year's Women's Athletics to reach new heights 240 to enrich nil facets of University life The University's Wrestling Teom, led by Captain Rick Osman, had its most successful seoson in years Much of the high oedoim given our Women's choral groups wos due to the untiring efforts of Gref Gcntiln ond Condy Com Voluoble help to our ever-improving University Dio mend Bond wos only one of Paul Kogan's many contributions to Music ActivitiesALPHA LAMBDA DELTA—First Row: S. Boron, G Horb.n, W. Koirys, F. Fcldmon, A. Rower Second Row: Miss Lucile Scheuer, F. Boker, D. Solkind, F. Eichler, T. Binder, S. Meskin, M, Einstein, M. Miller. I. Lipsehultx, Dr. Mobel Worthington Third Row: K. Koistenen, N. Szwec, P. Colwell, M. Peterson, J. Brener, B. Kessler, M Levitt, N Glick, P. Forcono, L Seidenberg, D Smith astron The major part of Astron's program is Q tutoring service for freshmen Other activities include service on the Moy Day Committee, operation of a booth at the Carnivol and planning social functions for the foreign students. Membership is open to women who possess at least a 3.0 average and a maximum of extra-curricular activities or a 3.5 average and o minimum of activities. Officers for this year were President, Myrna Nor-witz; Vice President, Dee Salkind; Recording Secretory, Rita Silberberg; Cor. Secretary, Bobbie Dick-stein; and Treasurer, Sheila Meskin Group Advisor is Mrs Edith Schleifer alpha lambda delta Alpha Lambdo Delto is a Freshmen Women's Honorary Society which is open for membership to all freshmen women having ottained a 3.5 scholastic average. The Temple Chopter was installed on December 5, 1960. In recognition of their scholostic achievement. Dr. Tomlinson, R. Rhue, and Dr. Mein-koth were installed as honorary members that night Officers are Wilmo Koirys, President; Froncine Feldman, Vice President; Moxine Lubow, Secretory; Grocemorie Harbin, Treasurer; ond Shelio Baron, Senior Advisor. ASTRON—First Row: D. Brotmon, P. Goldberg, S. Meskin, S. Likach. Second Row: M. Norowitz, Mrs Schleifer, D Salkind. Third Row: M Peterson, B Dickstein, S. Mudrick. R. Votov, R Rappoport, F Nemeroff, L Neuman 242DELTA FSI KAPPA—From Left: P. Fine, M. Becker, M. Leight. H. Mo.chick gltd psi kappa alpha sigma pi Alpha Sigma Pi wos founded more thon fifteen years ago It attempts to stimulate scholarship in the biological sciences; to moke available to members and to other lectures by authorities in these fields, to make available exhibits, reports of research, discussions and other activities; and to finance biologicol research. The highlight of the year is the Annual Banquet held in the springtime which brings together members of the society and members of the faculty in the Biology Department. Delta Psi Kappa is o professional Physicol Education frotemity for women It wos founded on October 23, 1916 ot the Normal College of the American Gymnastic Union ot Indianapolis, Indiana by thirteen women. Today it has grown to a national organization consisting of 22 active chapters and 8 alumni chapters Notional projects include an educational loan fund and a research fellowship given to a woman engaged in research work in the fields of Heolth, Physical Education or Recreation ALPHA SIGMA PI—First Row: Noncy Swec, Barbara Resnick, Judy Allen, B. Schwartz Second Row Stu Sogcl, Morsho Kessler, R Kotzen, H. Seigel. Third Row: John Sopoznckoff, E Frccmon, Jules Cohen, L Rosenfcld. 243beta alpha psi President Sandra Berger leads initiation ceremonies for new members os Or Howe and officers look on Beta Alpho Psi, the national honorary accounting fraternity, is represented by the Alpha Phi chapter at Temple University Membership is by invitation to accounting majors with above academic performance ond a disploy of future success in the accounting profession. Throughout the year guest speakers representing outstanding accounting, industrial, ond government offices attend meetings and lecture on changes, opportunities ond significant activities occurring within the various facets of the accounting profession. Many of the speakers as well as other prominent leaders are honorary members of Beta Alpho Psi One of the principle services rendered by fraternity is free tutoring to all accounting students desiring the assistance. Chorles W De Walt and Sandra Berger served as presidents; Dr W A Howe was the faculty advisor BETA ALPHA PSI—First Row: S Kroftvow, M Golm, S Boyors, W Ethngoff, W Doyle. Second Row: Dr W A Howe, Mr D Hyde, E Matzkin, C DeWoll, S Berger, A. Goldstein, G. Rosen, M T. Fitzgerald Third Row. J. Miller, P. Simkins, A Brush, Mr. S. Timko, G Schott, Mr H Kensky, M. Botcl, B Slough Fourth Row: L Spector. R. Ciferonr, J Caputo, H Qulttcl, I Koffler, N Mcstrontuono 244BETA GAMMA SIGMA -First Row Dr. W R. Buckwolter, A Goldstein, R Cohen, C. De Walt, Miss R James Second Row; C Hetser, R P Forceno, Mr. J Ritchie, S. Berger, F Kom, B Shore, Mr G. Owens, L Brown, A Levin beta gamma sigma Beta Gommo Sigma is a national honorary fraternity for the highest ranking men and women in the School of Business and Public Administration Members are elected on the basis of high scholarship and the potential of marked future business obility. They are chosen from the upper ten percent of the senior class and the upper three percent of the high junior closs. Each year Beta Gamma Sigma presents awards to the business students with the highest average in the Freshman and Sophomore classes. It holds monthly luncheons to which they invite speakers to address the group on various fields of business In the spring o banquet is held which is attended by current members os well as alumni. Leading the group was President Charles W De Walt, and Rosella James, Secretary-Treasurer, Dr James A. Mullen acts os faculty advisor. Meetings feature speokers and informative talks. m 245DIAMOND HONORARY—From Left: H Ingber, P. Leoder, A. Blott, N. Bcndon, J Homcll, H. Smith, M Potter, P Kogon, L Hillerson, C Armoto diamond honorary english honorary English Honorary Society membership is open to those students who hove ot least a "B" overage in English ond hove taken ot least four English courses. With the assistance of sponsor Dr. Charles J. Burkhart, Assistant Professor of English, the officers Dennis Lebofsky, Corole Weiner, Gole Meyers and Loretta Ciocco, have orranged interesting lectures and reading in drama, poetry, ond the novel for the members of the society. Most meetings are open so that the programs may provide a source of stimulation to develop a stronger appreciation of literature on the Temple University Campus. Diamond Honor Society, governing body of the Diamond Bond, holds regularly scheduled meetings. Until last year it admitted only men; but due to the increased female enrollments in the Band, girls were invited into the society. Diamond Honorary may not number more than fifteen active members ot any one time Induction fees, for life memberships, pay for the induction dinner, the pin, ond serve the group in its various activities. Honorary life members of the society include Dr. Gladfelter, Dean Zahn, and Dean Grip ENGLISH HONORARY—First Row: L Ciocco, O. Lebofsky, C Weiner. Second Row: H. Andreotis, C. Kay, S. Potrinos, M. Lit, G. Meyers, R. Lee, Dr. C. Burhkort, D. Krebs, D. Solkind, R Shrom-chcnko, B Dickstcin, A Fox. 246KAPPA DELTA EPSILON—First Row: S. Fern, A Gold, L Britncr, S. Smith. Second Row: D. Solkind, M. Mel-litz, A Benson, F Nemiroff. S. Horburger, N Levine pi mu epsilon In the Spring 1960, the Temple Math Society joined the Pi Mu Epsilon Notional Honorory Fraternity. The purpose of the group is to increase interest and to promote scholarly activity in mathematics. The organization headed by President Nick Mocri held bi-weekly meetings, invited guest lecturers, and had conferences for interested high-school students ot which speakers discussed opportunities in the field. At present the Mathematics department is working with the group to help acquaint new freshmen with some of the modern concepts in mathematics. kappa delta epsilon "Above and beyond the Call" is the theme of Kappa Delta Epsilon, professional women's honor society Zeta Chapter hos aimed at promoting the cause of education by fostering a spirit of fellowship, high standards of scholarship and professional ideals among its members The chapter is continuing its support of a Greek foster child through the Foster Parents Plan. Service to the school is promoted by its members in vorious community projects including book and clothing drives. Monthly programs, under the leadership of Lois Brittner, President, are aimed at enriching professional information of the members. In these ways Kappa Delta Epsilon hopes to influence the development of young women in every phase of teaching PI MU EPSILON—First Row: R. Segal, B. Ro-binowitch, B. Hoffman, C. Monosh. Second Row: L. Fireman, Mr. T. Slook, L. Broitman. Third Row: R. Craig, H. Brono, S Axelrod. G. Cohen. C. Benner. 247MAGNET—First Row: M. A Leight, M, Peterson, R Russo, M Becker. Second Row: S. Meskin, D Sal kind, R. Silbcrbcrg, J, Gcntieu, M Ruggiero, F. Koons, E Brosheors, B Dickstein. magnet Election to Magnet, senior women's honor society, is indeed o high honor. Women who have shown outstanding leadership and maintained a 2 7 averoge are chosen annually. Since its founding in 1925 by Dr Laura Cornell, Magnet's purposes have been to stimulate leadership of women in various campus activities, to encourage "esprit de corp" among organizations, and to recognize and promote scholarship among the women of the University. During Freshman Orientation each year, Magnet presents on oword to the freshmon womon who hos maintained the highest average in her first year at Temple. Also, a plaque is presented to the organization having given the most service to the University during the past year This Outstanding Service Award is now presented at the onnuol Recognition Day exercises. Visitors to the University are sometimes greeted by these women who serve as tour guides and hostesses Miss Adele Frisbie is advisor to the society. 248 Proud Pledge is inducted by Magnet seniors.PI SIGMA ETA—First Row: J. Slowik, M Zimmcrmon, J Norton, W. Schontz. Second Row: R. Hudziecko, Dr. H. Cox, M Zimmcrmon, A. Kutr, L. Tcrronovo. Third Row: R. Coleman, R Borrctt, W Leon, J. Hortenstcin, G. Weber, J. Holowczak, J. Dewold, D Merck, 8 Woid. scabbard and blade Scabbard and Blade is a notional military honor society with local chapters located in 131 leading Colleges and Universities which offer Reserve Officer Training Progroms. The honor society was founded to develop ond foster the ideals and proctice of military education in the United States. Membership is by election only ond is divided into four classifications: active, alumni, associate, and honorary pi sigma eta The fields of plastic surgery and embalming ore expanding. Under the combined leadership of President Michael Zimmerman and Advisor Dr. Harold Cox, Pi Sigma Eto strives to discover new methods to satisfactorily solve the problems constantly arising in these fields os well as to promote a medium of fellowship ond exchange of ideas This year members of Pi Sigma Eta ottended conferences and sponsored fraternity dinners and dances which were very successful SCABBARD AND BLADE—First Row: R Pokros, Maj. R. Lovordscn, Col. R. E. Quakenbush, Copt. J Dunlcy, L Gordon, Second Row: R. Rabben, A Levin, M, Blum, A Belchic. A Samolovciz, S. Wo-linsky, R. Forceno 249SIGMA DELTA CHI—Sitting: T. Lewis, M Sisak. Standing: H Rogul, B. Double, J Hirsch. J Gulick, Mr A Carlisle, J Simpson sigma delta chi sigma pi sigma Sigmo Pi Sigmo was founded for the purpose of honoring students of high scholarship with potential in the field of physics. The society stimulates interest in research and promotes a feeling of professional unity omong its members. The chapter plans trips to outstanding laboratories in the Philadelphia area, enabling members to observe research ond ocquoint themselves with various fields of advanced study. The officers are President, Steve Morris; Vice President, Gerhart Duerr; Secretary, Soydean Smith; and Treasurer, Louis Zeiger. Sigma Delta Chi, Nationol Professional Journalism Fraternity, celebrated its 51st anniversary in 1960. Michael Sisok is President of the University chapter, Hubert Doyle is Vice President, and Mike Kimmel is Secretary-Treosurer. Members are selected from students who expect to make o career of journalism The local chapter orranges for panel discussions and informal meetings with prominent professional newsmen; ond, it is the acknowledged leader of freedom of the press. SIGMA PI SIGMA -First Row L Zioger, $. Morris, $ Smith, G Duerr. Second Row H Edelwn, J Stricb, M Abrams, H. Goronkm, L Burton, B Steinberg. G. Cohen 250SWORD SOCIETY—First Row C Hesser, J Malloy, G Cohen. Second Row M Archer, P. Richards, A. Teplitsky, D Weiss, M Kimmel. R. Forceno, A Fox, A Lebofsky, P Wolinsky. sword society The Sword Honor Society, founded ot Temple University by Russell Conwell, recognizes male students of outstonding scholarship and leadership. In the post year, Sword has attempted to improve its membership, tradition, and service to the University. To improve membership, the files for Junior and Senior students were scanned, and hundreds of the most eligible students were encouraged to apply. From this group, the best possible representatives of Temple scholarship ond leadership were inducted into the society. To better realize the tradition, closer contact has been initiated with the alumni, service to the University has also been encouraged 251 Dr. Carl M Grip, Dean of Men, is the advisor to Sword Society.THETA SIGMA PHI—Left to Right C Polisono, G Levin, D, Smith, D Brownstein, E Dick, D Workmon, I Pagoms. phi alpha theta Phi Alpha Theta is the notional honor society in history, founded in 1921. The Temple Chapter, Alpha Upsilon, was founded in 1947. The organization gives recognition for post superior scholarship in the field of History The officers of the Chapter this year hove been: President, James Malloy; Vice President and Treasurer, Enoch Resnick; Secretary, Phyllis Weisman The faculty advisor is Stephen R Wagner. theta sigma phi Theta Sigma Phi is one of the 40 notional fraternities for women in Journalism and is geared towards the professional. Women in the Journalism or Communications Curriculum ore eligible to join in their junior year The student chapter at Temple University, in its sixteenth year, works with the professional chapter in Philadelphia The chapter hostesses the annual High School in Journalism, unites the women in the department and encourages them in their work. PHI ALPHA THETA—First Row: S. Mosk.n, S. Hyman, J Malloy, P. Colwell, W Noveck Second Row: J. Zoslow, A Borden, S. Wogner, H Stein, M. Marks, S. Armson Third Row: J. Karsh. J. Rosenthal, G. Snyder, B. Bloom, M Cohen, B Drysdale, L. Green. Fourth Row M Peters, G Mack. C Hesser, G Joss, F Raffi 252S eniors 253 VtBETTE IRENE ABBOTT • Deol, N. J • Educotion • Elementory • WAA Wotcr Show; ECEEd Council; Resident Women's Student Assn., rep 4; Bolton House Council, pres. 4. ERWIN ABRAMS • Philodelphio, Po. • Educotion • Business • Vorsity Basketball. MURRAY STANLEY ABRAMS • Philodelphio. Po • Arts • Phys-sics • Sigma Pi Sigma; Alpha Phi Omego. ROCHELLE RUTH ABRAMS • Philodelphio, Po. • Education • Elementory. SHARIE MAE ABRAMSON • Philodelphio, Po. • Educotion • Health, Physical, ond Recreation • Varsity Hockey, Swimming, Lacrosse, Archery, Bowling, co-copt 3,4; IM Volleyball; Delto Psi Koppo, vice-pros. 4; HPER Club. RAYMOND TYSON ALBERT • Roscmcnt, Po. • Community College • Generol Arts • MAA; Sigmo Pi, frotemity handbook cd. 1; "Owletter," ed. 1. FRANK EARL ALEXANDER • Philodelphio, Po. • Community College • Architectural Design. ELIZABETH SMITH ALLEN • Springfield, Po. • Educotion • Elementory. JUDITH ALLEN • Philadelphia, Po. • Arts • Biology • Alpha Sigmo Pi; Phi Sigmo Sigmo, Ponhellcnic rep. 3, parliamentarian 4; Hillel; Mitten Student League, rec. sec 2; Student Rep Club; Freshman Orientation I, 2, 3. RALPH THOMAS ALLEN • Philodelphio, Po • Educotion • Secondary • Varsity Football. ROBERT E. ALPERIN • Philadelphia, Po • Business • Administration, SHEILA ALTMAN • Philadelphia, Po. • Educotion • Secondary • Templayers; Hillel. HENRY ROBERT ALTSCHULER • Philodelphio, Pa. • Business • Real Estote and Insurance. ANDREW H. AMSTERDAM • Philodelphio, Pa • Business • Pre-Law. ROBERT JAMES ANDERSON • Philodelphio, Po • Arts • Philosophy. JOEL ALAN ANTHONY • Philadelphia, Po. • Education • Elementary • Vorsity Baseball, Basketball; IM Softball, Basketball; Hillel. MIRIAM LEVIN APTAKER • Philodelphio, Po. • Educotion • Elementary • Hillel; SNEA; ECEEd Council 3, 4, freshman advisor 4. EDWIN JOSEPH ARENSBERG • Philadelphia, Po. • Business • Marketing • Marketing Club. temple universitySTEPHEN ARINSON • Philodelphio, Po • Arts • History • PH. Alpho Theto; Tau Epsilon Phi; Pre-Low Assn, vice-pres. 4, Student Rep. Club; Scobbord and Blade. LENORE AROST • Philadelphia, Po. • Educot.on • Secondary • Delta Phi Epsilon; Hillel. RICHARD BARRY ARROW • Philodclph.o, Po • Business • Accounting • 8eto Alpha Psi. ESTELLE ASHKENAS • Jersey City, N. J. • Education • Elemen-tory • Vorsity Bosketboll; IM Volleyball; Women's Glee Club; Hillel. RUSSELL H. ASTLEY • Philadelphia, Pa. • Arts • English • English Honor Society; "Stylus," cd 4. DONALD AUERBACH • Livingston, N. J. • Arts • Biology • Alpha Sigma Pi; IM Basketball, Baseball; Hillel; Alpha Phi Omcgo. HONORA SHERR AUERBACH • Philadelphia, Pa. • Education • Elementary • ECEEd Club, class pres. I, council rep. 2, 3, pres. 4 GAIL AUGUST • Philadelphia. Po. • Arts • Psychology • Psi Chi; WRTI; Student Tutor Assn. ALAN GEORGE AULT • Philadelphia, Po. • Business • Fmonce • IF Soccer; Sigma Phi Epsilon, treas. 4, Finance Club. BEVERLY AURITT • Philadelphia, Po. • Education • Elementory • Phi Sigma Sigma; ECEEd Club, class rep. 3, 4. ROSALIND GOLD AXE • Philodelphio, Po. • Education • Home Economics • Hillel; Home Ec. Club; SNEA. SAUL AXELROD • Philadelphia, Pa. • Arts • Mathematics • Pi Mu Epsilon; Owl Club; Hillel; SZO. STEPHEN CHARLES AXELROD • Mer.on, Pa. • Business • Accounting. IRMA LUISE BADER • Huntingdon Volley, Pa. • Education • Secondary • Alpha Sigmo Alpho. SHEILA MARKOFF BAER • Philadelphia, Po • Education • Elementary • Hillel. SEYMOUR LARRY BAILlS • Philadelphia, Pa. • Community Col- lege • Mechanical Design • IM Softball; Phi Sigma Delta. CAROLYN ETHEL BAKER • Philodelphio. Po • Business • Sec- retarial • TCF; Secretoriol Club, pres. 2 ELAINE LEANDRI 8ALDERSON • Melrose Pork, Po. • Education • Secondary • IM Volleyball, 8oskctball; Alpha Sigmo Alpho; Newman Club; Cheerleaders, copt 4 class of nineteen sixty-oneR BRUCE 8ALDERS0N • Philodelphio, Pa • Community College • Electronics • Sigma Phi Epsilon; Student Council, rep. 1. ANNE CALESNICK 8ANDEL • Philadelphia, Po • Education • Elementary • SNEA. JILL CELE BANKS • Drcxcl Hill, Po • Arts • Speech and Dro-motic Arts • Temployers; English Honor Society, Ph Sigma Sigma, rush copt. 2, 3, pledge mistress 4; Vcstpocket Theatre; University Theotre; Hillel; Mitten Student League; Student Council, librory comm. 2, rec. sec 3, petitions, spirit comm., chrmn. 3; Freshman Orientation 1, 3, steering comm 2 ALLEN BARBER • Philadelphia, Po • Tyler • Fine Arts • Cross Country DOLORES M BARBIERI • Philadelphia, Po • Arts • English • Vorsity Basketball, Lacrosse; IM Volleyball, Softball; WAA, publicity director 3, 4, Alpha Comma Delta, altruistic chrmn 4. WRTI; Newman Club. ELSIE G BARNES • Philadelphia, Pa • Arts • English • IM Volleyball, Basketball. Synchronized Swimming, Alpha Gommo Delta, chaplain 4; TCF; UCM; Chemistry Society. ARTHUR GILBERT BARNETT • Philodelphio, Po. • Business Accounting • IF Baseball, Soccer, Football, Basketball, P«°9 Pong; Tou Epsilon Phi, chaploin 3, 4. Hillel. RICHARD BARNETT • Mohnton, Pa • Community College Electronics Technology • CC Student Council 1 SHEILA MAE BARON • Cynwyd, Po. • Arts • Psychology • P Chi; Alpha Lambda Delta, senior odvisor 4, LAWRENCE JOHN BARRESI • Moys Landing, N. J. • Community College • Architectural Design JOYCE EGERTON BARRETT • Philadelphia, Pa • Education • Secondary • Delta Sigma Theto; TCF; UCRO; Sec. Ed Student Assn ; NAACP; International Club; UVP; TAC; Student Council 2. FRANK ROY BARSICK • Atlont.c City, N J. • Tyler • Pointing • Fencing; Sigma Pi; University Theotre. STEVE BARSKY • Philadelphia, Po. • Arts • History • Phi Alpha Theto; IM Basketball, Softball. KENNETH BASS • Comden, N. J • Business • Accounting • Tau Delta Phi, custos 3. HARVEY JAY BAUMGARTEN • Bala Cynwyd, Pa. • Business • Pre-Low. ALLAN THEODORE BECKER • Philadelphia, Po • Community College • Bcsic Business • MAA; Hillel BETTY S. 8ECKER • Rutherford Heights, Po • Education • Nursing. LOIS BECKER • Philodelphio, Po • Education • Prc-Sociol Work • Alpho Lambda Delta. temple universityMADELINE BECKER • Philodelph.o, Po. • Education • Heolth, Physical, ond Recreation • Magnet, treos 4; Vorsity Hockey, Basketball, Locrosse; Modern Dance Workshop; WAA, Woter Show, publicity comm. 3; Delto Psi Koppa, corr. sec 3, pres. 4; HPER Club, corr. sec. 3, vice-pres. 4. SANDRA LEE BECKER • Philadelphia, Pa • Arts • Sociology. RICHARD PHILIP BEHRENS • Ph.lodelphio, Po. • Education • Pre-Sociol Work STEPHEN ALLEN BEHRMAN • Philodelph.o, Pa. • Community College • Architectural Design CAROLE CHANIN BEITCHMAN • Philadelphia. Pa. • Arts • English • Women's Glee Club, ARTHUR BELCHIC • Huntingdon Volley, Po. • Business • Accounting • Scabbard ond Blodc; Tou Epsilon Phi, social chrmn. 3, scribe 4, Circle K JAMES BENDO • Broomoll, Po • Community College • Mechon-icol Design • IM Softball. SANDRA L BENDON • Philadelphia, Pa. • Education • Elementary • ECEEd Council, sec. 2, vice-pres 3, pres. 4 HOWARD KENNETH BENOWITZ • Philadelphia, Po • Business • Administration. STEVEN ROBERT BERG • Ph.aldelphio, Pa. • Arts • Biology. SANDRA BETH BERGER • Philadelphia, Pa. • Business • Accounting • Bcto Alpha Psi, sec. 3, treos., pres. 4; Beta Gamma Sigmo. DOLORES EVELYN BERLINER • Ph.lodelphio, Pa • Educot.on • Elementary • Kappo Delta Epsilon. ARNOLD THEODORE BERMAN • Ph.lodelphio, Pa. • Arts • Chemistry • Sigma Pi Sigmo. Hillel; Chemistry Society. JUDITH H. BERMAN • Philadelphia, Po • Education • Elementary • Hillel; SNEA, ECEEd Club, freshman advisor, 4 CECILE M BERNARD • Philadelphia. Pa. • Arts • Psychology. EDWARD BERNSTEIN • Philodelphio, Po • Business • Accounting • IM Basketball HENRY CHARLES BETACK, JR. • St. Clair, Po • Tyler • Painting • Varsity Fencing, Alpha Chi Rho, homecoming comm. 2, 3, 4, publications comm, 2. 4, carnival comm 2; TEMPLAR art ed. 3; Student Directory Comm 3; Opero Workshop; Tyler Student Council, vice-pres. 3, pres 4. Tyler Cornivol Comm 3; Tyler Holloween Comm 2, 3. MARY ERNESTINE BETNER • Philadelphia. Pa • Education • Business • Modern Dance TCP, Business Ed Club. Mitten Student League class of nineteen sixty-oneGARY LOUIS BETZ • Mople Shade, N. J. • Business • Pre-Low. MARLENE BILOKUR • Philodclph.a, Po. • Education • Heolth, Physical, ond Recreotion • Varsity Swimming, Hockey; Synchronized Swimming; Tennis; Gymnostics Club; Delto Psi Kappa, sec 3, 4; WAA; International Club. EILEEN PEARL BINDER • Philadelphia, Po. • Education • Ele-mentory • Carnival, publicity chrm. 4; XYW, vice-pres. 4; Freshman Oricntotion 4, co-chrmn. 3. JAMES F BISHOP • Philadelphia, Po. • Business • Administration. RICHARD ANTHONY 8ISSELL • Philadelphia, Pa. • Community College • Architectural Design • Newman Club. ETHEL BLACK • Philadelphia, Po • Arts • English • English Honor Society; Spanish Honor Society, Student Tutor Assn MIRIAM M BLATT Philadelphia, Po. • Education • Secondary • Sec. Ed. Student Assn. MARCY BLAU • Philadelphia, Pa • Education • Elementory • ECEEd Club, class sec. 4. MARGERY TOBIAS BLEIMAN • Philadelphia, Pa. • Education • Nursery, Kindergarten ond Primory • Hillol. ELAYNE DENKIN 8LEZNAK • Jenkintown, Po. • Education • Secondary. MERLE ELAINE BLOCK • Philodelph.o, Po. • Education • Secondary • English Honor Society; "Stylus." JERRY HUBERT 8LOOM • Philadelphia, Pa. • Arts • English RONALD BLUESTEIN • Philadelphia, Po • Business • Accounting • IM Basketball. CAROL ELAINE BLUM • Wyncoto, Pa. • Education • Secondary • Sec. Ed. Student Assn, director of student activities 3, 4. sociol chrmn, 4. GWEN RHODA BLUM • Ph.lodelphio, Po • Education • Elementary • Kappa Delto Epsilon, membership chrmn. 4; ECEEd Council. MANUEL BLUM • Melrose Pork, Po. • Business • Accounting • Scobbard ond Blode, treos. 3, 4; IF Ping Pong; Tau Epsilon Phi, membcr-ot-large, 3; Hillel. JUDITH TOPLIN BLUMBERG • Philadelphia. Po. • Education • Business • Hillel; Bus Ed Club, corr. sec 3, vice-pres. 4 ARLENE S. BOBROFF • Philadelphia, Pa. • Arts • Mathematics • Pi Mu Epsilon; Women's Glee Club; $DA, chrmn 3; "Stylus." temple universityALBERT J. BOGDANOWITSCH • Ph.ladelph.o, Po • Arts • Psychology • Psi Chi; German Club; Russian Club ROLAND KARL BONASCH • Philodelphio, Po • Education • Music • IM Boskotbofl; Opera Workshop. Music Ed Chorus. JOHN ANTHONY BONFANTI • Trenton, N J. • EduCOt.on • Music • Diomond Bond; Orchestro; Music Ed Chorus; Brass Ensemble; Opera Orchestra ALEXANDER BORDEN • Philadelphia, Po. • History • Student Tutor Assn.; Phi Alpha Theta; Hillel. JOSEPH BORIS • Philadelphia, Po • Community College • Mechanical Design MARK LOUIS BOROWSKY • Philodelphio, Pa. • Business • Accounting • IM Football, Softball, Vollcyboll, Boskctball; Tou Epsilon Phi. DEBBIE R. BORTH • Melrose Pork, Po. • Community College • Secretarial • WAA MAX BOTEL • Philadelphia, Pa. • Business • Accounting • Sword Society; Beta Gommo Sigma; Alpho Beta Phi, Varsity Tennis. BARRY JAMES BOWMAN • Philadelphia, Po. • Community College • Basic Business • MAA SEFTON BOYARS • Philadelphia, Po. • Business • Accounting • Beta Gommo Sigmo. HARRY L. BRANO • Philadelphia, Po • Arts • Mathematics • Pi Mu Epsilon; UCM MARGARET ELIZABETH BRASHEARS • Philadelphia, Pa. • Education • Music • Delta Zeta, social chrmn. 1,2,3, hist, ed 4; "Temple News," Women's Glee Club, sec 4; Music Ed Chorus; Concert Choir; Music Ed Club, treos. 3, 4, Freshman Camp Staff 2, 3, 4; Freshmon Orientation 2, 3; Student Rep Club ALBERT CHARLES BRASLOW • Philadelphia, Po. • Business • Pre-Law. MARK BRAVERMAN • Philadelphia, Po. • Business • Pre-Low • Alpha Epsilon Pi; "Stylus;" Hillel; Student Council 1, class pres. 2; Freshmon Oricntotion 1, 2, 3; Freshmon Camp Staff 2, 3. JOSEPH FRANCIS BRENNAN • Fulcroft, Pa. • Business • Accounting ond Finance. BEVERLY BRENNER • Philadelphia, Pa. • Education • Secondary • Readers Theotre; Vest Pocket Theotrc DAVID NORRIS BRENNER • Philodelphio, Po. • Business • Communications. JULIUS ROY BRETSCHNEIDER • Philadelphia. Po. • Community College • Mechcnicol Design • IM Softball; Float Comm class of nineteen sixty-oneEducation • ALBERT FRANCIS BREVE • Ph.ladelph.o, Pa Secondary. BURTON BRE2NICK • Ph.ladelph.o. Po • Arts Phys.es • Sigma Pi Sigmo SANDRA ROSE 8RISKIN • Merion, Pa • Arts • Pine Arts WILLIAM W BRISTOWE • Philadelph.o, Po. • Arts • Chem.stry LOIS HARRIET BRITTNER • Ph.ladelph.o, Po • Educot.on • Elementory • Kappa Delta Epsilon, corr. sec 3, pres. •» TEMPLAR JERRY BRODSKY • Philadelphia, Po • Business • Pre-Law • Varsity Football; IM Bosketboll, Softboll. IF Boskctboll, Softball. Tau Epsilon Phi NANCY VIRGINIA 8RODT • Ph.ladelph.o, Po. Tyler • Pointing • Tyler Literary Art Publication WILLIAM M BROOKS • Elkins Pork, Po. • Arts H.story. MELVIN C. BROOMES • Ph.lodelphia, Po. • Arts • Spanish • International Relations Club; Modern Dance JOAN DIANE BROWN • Ph.ladelph.o, Po • Arts • Music. LEONARD ROBERT BROWN • Philadelphia, Po. • Business • Pre-Law • Beta Gamma Sigmo M AMELIA BROWN • Ph.ladelph.o. Pa • Education • Secondary • SDA; NAACP RAYMOND GEORGE BROWN • Philadelphia. Po • Community College • Mechomcal Design • Float Comm ROBERT H BROWN • Philadelph.o. Po • Business • Accounting • Finance Society, SAM; Hillel, Accounting Assn , treos. 3, v.ce-pres. 4; Circle K; Homecoming Comm . Finonce Comm , coshier 2. DEBORAH ELLEN BROWNSTEIN • Philadelphia. Po • Business • Journalism • Theta Sigmo Phi, pres 4, “Temple News." WRTI ARNOLD BRUSH • Philadelphia, Pa. • Business • Accounting • Beta Alpha Psi ISRAEL HARRY BUCK • Ph.lodelph.o, Po • Business • Account-mg • IM Sports, Phi Sigmo Delto; "Temple News;” Hillel. Alpha Phi Omego ERNEST JOHN BUCKLEY, JR • Hovertown, Pa • Community College • Accounting temple university to nHUGH JOHN BUDINICH • Bristol. Po • Community College • Architectural Design • CC Student Council. NORMAN C. BUEHLER • Phtlodctphio, Po • Business • Pre-Low • Alpha Chi Rho, vice-pres 3, pres. 4 HENRY R. BUHNER • Philadelphia, Po • Arts • Chemistry • Bowling Club, Chemistry Society DMYTRO BYKOVETZ, JR. • Philadelphia, Pa. • Education • Secondary • OCF, URCO, German Club; Sponish Club, Sec. Ed Student Assn , sec. 3, 4; $NEA, vice-pres. 2, 4, acting pres. 4 KATHLEEN MARGARET CAIN • Philadelphia, Po • Education • Music • Magnet; Alpha Sigma Alpha, rush capt. 3, chaploin 4; Music Ed. Chorus; Women's Glee Club; Concert Choir, vice-pres 4. Opera Workshop; Music Ed. Club, pres. 4 ELISABETH JOSEPHINE CAMPBELL • Philadelphia. Pa. • Education • Music • Alpha Sigma Alpha; Women's Glee Club, Opera Workshop. Concert Choir, Orchestra; WRTI-FM; TCF .‘a n er tp 1 4 - i HARVEY CAPLAN • Philodclphio, Pa. • Business • Accounting RICHARD EDWARD CAPLAN • Philodalphia. Pa. • Business • Pre-Low • IF Softball, Football, Basketball; Tou Epsilon Phi EUGENE CAPORALETTI • Philadelphia, Po. • Education • Hoolth, Physical ond Recreation • Varsity Wrestling, Track; IF Basketball, Football, Swimming, Softball, Hondball, Volleyball; Alpha Phi Dclto, pres 4 ALBERT CAPORALI • Philadelphia, Pa. • Community College • Electronics Technology. JOSEPH JACK CAPUTO, JR • Philadelphia, Po • Business • Accounting • Beta Alpha Psi; Accounting Assn WILLIAM CARONA • Ardmore, Pa. Community College • Technology. ROSEMARY M. CARDONICK • Philadelphia, Pa. • Community College • Secretarial • WAA; CC Women’s Assn , Hillel, CC sec. 2; Float Comm; CC Student Council. PEARL SHIRLEY CARMAN • Philodclphio. Pa • Education • Elcmcntory • Mitten Student League, vice-pres 4. ECEEd Club, freshman advisor 4. ARLEEN JOAN CARPINA • Philadelphia, Po. • Education • Elementary • Alpha Gommo Delta, activities chrmn. 3, ed. 4 Newman Club THELMA JANET CARWITHEN • Philadelphia. Pa • Education • Music • Women's Glee Club EVELYN MARIE CASTRO • Philadelphia, Pa • Education • Elementary • Theta Upsilon, sec 2. chaploin 3. vice-pres. 4 TCF MICHAEL JOSEPH CATALINE • Philadelphia, Pc • Community College • Mechanical Des-an • IM Baseball, Footboll; Newmon Club class of nineteen sixty-oneSALVATORE CHARLES CATANIA • Ph.lodelphio, Po, • Arts • Mothemotics • Phi Kappa Theta. SANDRA PENN CHANIN • Philadelphia, Po. • Arts • Spomsh • Sigmo Delfo Pi; Delta Sigma Rho, University Theatre. JOHN T CHAPIN • Philadelphia, Pa • Arts • Physics. WILLIAM THOMAS CHARLTON • Philadelphia, Po. • Education • Health, Physical, and Recreotion • Varsity Wrestling, Soccer; Sigma Phi Epsilon. ROBERT LOUIS CHERRY • Philadelphia, Pa. • Education • Secondary. LINDA MARIE CHIN • Philadelphia, Po • Education • Business • Newman Club; International Club. VINCENT JOHN CHRISTIAN • Camden. N. J • Business • Administration • IF Bosketboll, Football, Baseboll, Bowling; Alpho Chi Rho; Finance Society WALTER S. CHYZOWYCH • Philadelphia, Po • Education • Heolth, Physical and Recreotion • Vorsity Soccer, Boscball; IM Bosketboll; HPER Club; Ukraimon Club ADELE REGINA ClARLANTE • Philadelphia, Po. • Education • Secondary • Spanish Honor Society; Bowling Club, Newman Club; Sec. Ed. Student Assn., student facilities 2, rep 3, banquet comm 1, 3, 4; Club Amistod. TAVI C. CINELLI • Mt Laurel, N. J • Community College • Architectural Design • IM Boscball. copt 4 LORETTA GRACE ClOCCO • Philodolph.o, Po • Arts • English • English Honor Society, treas. 4, Alpho Gamma Delto, social chrmn 2, Ponhellenic rep 3, rushing chrmn 4, TEMPLAR, Mitten Student Lcogue. SIDNEY MAURICE CLEARFIELD • Philadelphia, Pa • Education • Secondary • Owl Club, pres 2, 3 Hillel, cabinet 3,4; SZO; SDA; TEMPLAR, copy ed 4 TOBY DOROTHY CLIGMAN • Philadelphia, Po • Business • Journohsm • Theta Sigmo Phi; "Temple News," make-up ed 3, co-feoture ed 4. GERALDINE B. CLOSE • West Chester, Pa • Business • Journalism • Alpha Gomma Delta MARY KAUTZ CLYDE • Philadelphia, Pa • Education • Secondary • Vorsity Hockey, mgr. 2, Bosketboll, mgr 4; Theta Upsilon, treas. 3, 4. Sec Ed. Student Assn., treas. 3; SNEA EVELYN ARTEMIS COCOSlS • Merchantville, N. J • Arts • Sociology • WAA, IM Volleyball. Bosketboll. Alpha Sigmo Alpho. DELORES COFER • Philadelphia. Po • Business • Accounting • Varsity Bowling; IM Archery, Alpho Koppo Alpho, pledge dcon 2, 3. social chrmn. 3. onti-bosileus 4 ALLAN LESLIE COHEN • Union, N J • Tyler • Art Education and Painting • IF Football; IM Fencing, Pi Lombdo Phi, social chrmn 2, 3. |r exec 2, 3, homecoming chrmn 2, 3, 4; Circle K. temple universityGERSON HENRY COHEN • Philodelph.o, Po • Arts • Chemistry • Sigma Pi Sigmo; Pi Mu Epsilon; Sword Society, treos. 4, Hillcl. choir chrmn. 3. 4; Chemistry Society; Freshman Comp 4. Foreign Student Comm 4 JUDITH MAY COHEN • New York, N Y • Tyler • Design • IM Boskctball, Volleyball; Tyler Chorus. JULES J. COHEN • Philadelphia, Po. • Arts • Biology • Alpha Sigmo Pi; Alpha Phi Omego, vice-prcs. 4; Hillel; Freshman Orientation 2. MARILYN WENDER COHEN • Philadelphia, Po • Education • Secondary • University Theatre; Theotro Workshop; Children's Theotre; Hillel; Swimming Club. MARTIN E. COHEN • Philadelphia, Po. • Arts • Physics • Track. MAXINE S. COHEN • Cheltenham, Pa. • Education • EJementory • Koppo Delta Epsilon; Phi Alpho Theta; Modern Dance Club; ECEEd Club. ROCHELLE RITA COHEN • Philadelphia, Pa. • Education • Ele-mentory • SNEA RUTH COHEN • Philadelphia, Pa. • Business • Statistics • Beta Gammo Sigmo, sec, 3, 4; Alpho Lombda Delto; Mitten Student Leogue. SEYMORE COHEN Philadelphia, Po • Community College • Mechanical Design LEO M COHN • Philadelphia, Po • Business • Administration • SAM. ELLIOTT H COLEMAN • Philadelphia, Po. • Arts • Biology • Alpho Sigma Pi; Freshmon Orientation; Student Tutor Assn JOHN WESLEY COLEMAN • Philadelphia, Po. • Educonon • Pre-Theology • UCM, TCF. RICHARD JAMES COLEMAN • Philadelphia, Po. • Community College • Mortuary Science • Pi Sigmo Eto; CC Glee Club; Newmon Club DAVIDA COMER • Philodelphio, Po. • Education • Elementary • Phi Sigma Sigmo. GEORGE WAKELY COOPER • Philadelphia, Po. • Community College • Mechontcol Design GERALD CORDERO, JR • Pine Hill, N. J. • Community College • Technology. MARIA BETTY COSTALAS • Havertcwn, Po • Education • Elementary • IM Volleyball, Basketball; Alpho Sigma Alpho, sec. 3, ECEEd Council, rep I. WILLIAM F CRABTREE • Moorestown N J • Business • Accounting • Vorsity Footboll class of nineteen sixty-oneHERBERT UMSTEAD CRAFT, JR • Ph.lodelph.o Po • Community College • Mortuory Science. R08ERTA SANDRA CRAMER • Wyncotc. Pa. • Tyler • An Education ond Painting DRUSILLA MARGARET CREBBIN • Hovertown, Po • Educot.on • Elementary • IM Basketball, Volleyboll, Alpha Sigma Alpha. Panhellcmc Council rep. 3, sec, 4 GEORGE CROSLAND, JR • Pottstown, Po • Community College • Architectural Design. CICERO RODRIGUEZ CUA • Manila, Philippines • Business • Economics. DONALD ALAN CUNNINGHAM • Elkins Pork, Po. • Business • Communications • Sigma Pi, sec. 3, pres 4, IF Council, treas 3, pres 4; WRTI-AM-FM, program director 3, stotion monager 4; Collcgiotc D; Student Council 4; Freshman Comp Stoff 2, 3, 4 WILLIAM WAYNE CUNNINGHAM • West Middlesex. Po. • Community College • Mortuory Science • Bosketboll; CC Glee Club; MAA, pres 3, 4, CC Student Council; Float Comm ; Lounge Comm , chrmn. 3, 4, DONALD JOEL CUTLER • Ph.lodelphio, Po • Business • Reol Estate and Insurance • IM Bosketboll. HARRY L. CYLINDER • Philadelphia, Po • Arts • History • Hillel; SZO, treos. 2, 3, cd, 4, Alpha Phi Omego, historian I, treas. 2. 3, 4; Three Arrows; ADA. JOSEPH EUGENE CZARNECKI • Philadelphia, Pa • Arts • Biology • IM Softball, Bosketboll; Newman Club, Germon Club, pres. 3; Gcrmcn Christmos Dromotic Club; Circle K, board of directors 3, treos. 3, 4, Debating Club; Freshman Orientation 2; Student Inougural Luncheon, chrmn 3 WILLIAM K. DAHN • Philodelphio, Po • Community College • Technology JOHN ANTHONY DAMIANO • Philadelphia, Po • Educot.on • Music • Opera Workshop. CHARLES WILLIAM DANIELS • Hovertown, Po • Community College • Architectural Design • CC Student Council. MARGARET JANE DASS • Philadelphia, Po • Educotion • Secondary. LOUIS ANTHONY DATILIO, JR • Philadelphia, Pa. • Educot.on • Physical, Heolth and Recreation • Vors ty Gymnostics, copt. 4; Cheerleader LEONARD N DAVIDSON • Philadelphia. Po. • Arts • English GLORIA VERNETTE DAVIS • Ph.lodelph.o, Po • Education • Music • Women's Glee Club. Concert Choir; Delta Sigma Thcto JOHN WILLIAM DAVIS • Lev.ttown Po • Community College • Electronics Technology • MAA temple universityMARVIN S DAVIS • Philadelohio, Po. • Business • Pre-Low MELVYN RONALD DAVIS • Bolo, Po • Business • Real Esiote and Insuronce RICHARD ANTHONY DcBLASlO • Bridgeport, Po • Community College • Electronics Technology. ELEANOR LINA DEGLER • Collingswood. N. J. • Business • Two-Year Secretonol • TCF. Secretarial Club. RUDOLPH L DEL VECCHIO • Ph.lodelph.o, Pa • Community College • Electronics Technology. RICHARD T DELZINGARO • Philadelphia, Po • Education • Secon dory • TCP, UCM; SNEA LEONARD RICHARD DePUE • Philadelphia, Po • Education • Hcolth, Physicol ond Recreation • Varsity Gymnostics. Phi Epsilon Koppa. SALVATORE NICHOLAS DeSANCTIS • Philodelphio, Pa • Education • Secondary. BRUCE D. DESFOR • Philodelphio. Po. • Business • Pre-Law • Vestpocket Theatre; SAM ROBERT HERBERT DEVOE • Ph.lodelph.o, Po • Business • Communications • “Temple News"; WRTI JOSEPH AARON DEWALD • Schuylkill Haven, Pa. • Community College • Mortuary Science • MAA, Pi Sigma Eto CHARLES W. DEWALT • Glensidc, Pa. • Business • Accounting • 8eto Alpha Psi, vice-pres. 3, pres 4. Beta Gamma Sigma ANNETT GIACOBBE DEZII • Philodelphio, Po • Education • Secondary • Modern Dance; IM Basketball, Volleyball, Alpho Gamma Delta, vice-pres. 3; Newman Club, rec sec 2; Mitten Student League; Freshman Orientation I, 2. ANTHONY J DiBLASl • Mt Penn, Po • Community College • Electronics Technology EDNA FRANCES DICK • Philadelphia. Po • Business • Journalism • English Honor Society, Alpho Gamma Delta, ed. 3, activities chrmn 4. Theta Sigmo Phi, sec 4. "Temple News", Women's Glee Club; Mitten Student League. GORDON A. DlCKMAN • Woodbury, N J • Business • Communications. BAR8ARA MERLE DICKSTEIN • Philadelphia, Po • Education • Elementary • English Honor Society; Astron, corr. sec. 4, Magnet, Freshman Hondbook Comm.; Humor Magazine, TEMPLAR; ECEEd Council, XYW, rec sec, 3, pres 4; Freshmon Oricntotion, steering comm. 3, 4. Freshmon Camp Stoff 4; Carm-vol, publicity comm, co-chrmn 3, carnivol co-chrmn 4, May Dance, chrmn 3; Student Union Conference, Temple rep. 3. JENNY DiFILIPPO • Philadelphia, Po. • Education • Secondary • Alpho Sigma Tau; Newman Club; Circolo Ifoliono, sec. 2, vice-pres. 3; Club Amistod, Mitten Student League White Supper Comm 2 class of nineteen sixty-oneJOHN RICHARD DiLULLO • Norristown, Po • Business • Accounting. EDWARD A. DINGWALL • Strotford, N J. • Community College • Technology NEWTON ROBERT DISNEY • Philodelphio, Po • Education • Nursing. STEVEN DITTMANN • Philadelphia, Po. • Business • Marketing • IM Softball, Football; Marketing Club. RENNIE IRVINE DODD • West Chester, Po. • Arts • Science PHYLLIS LEA DOLINSKY • Margate City, N. J. • Education • Elementary • Bowling; Archery; WAA, Hillcl; SNEA WILLIAM G DOUBLE • Lester, Pa. • Business • Journalism • "Temple News," copy ed 4, editor-in-chief 4 JAMES JOSEPH DOWLING • Philadelphia, Po • Business • Journalism • "Temple News," cartoonist, ort ed 3, 4 CHARLES DOWNHAM • Philadelphia, Po • Education • Heolth, Physical, and Recreation • Varsity Footboll, Baseball; IM Basketball; Phi Epsilon Koppo; HPER Club. JOHN DOWRICK • Clifton Heights, Po. • Community College • Technology. HUBERT ROBERT DOYLE • Mt. Carmel, Pa. • Business • Journalism • English Honor Society, Sigma Delto Chi, vice-pres. 3, 4; "Temple News," sports ed 3, ossist. ed., ed-in-chief 4 GEORGE R DRAKE • Trenton, N J • Community College • Electronics Technology ALLEN JAY DRESNIN • Philadelphia, Po • Business • Accounting. JUANITA CHARLOTTE DREYER • Philadelphia, Po • Education • Secondary • TCF; Bowling Club; Spanish Club. SUSAN GAIL DRUCKER • Philadelphia, Po • Education • Elementary. GERHART CHARLES DUERR • Philadelphia, Po. • Arts • Physics • Sigma Pi Sigma, vice-pres. 4 DAVID MARC DUFFY • Philodelphio, Pa. • Education • Secondary • Sponish Club. LAWRENCE HOWARD DUKAT • Philadelphia, Po. • Educot.on • Secondary • Sec Ed. Student Assn., SNEA temple universityLOUISE ARMSTRONG DUNSTON • Philodelphio. Po • Community College • Secretarial • WAA. sec 4; CC Women's Assn.; Glee Club. Newman Club. DUANE WALLACE E8AUGH • Stewartstown. Po • Arts • Biology • Alpho Sigmo Pi. IDA VIRGINIA EBLING • Springfield, Pa • Education • Secondary • WAA Volleyball; Alpha Sigma Alpho, sgt-at-orms 4 Sec. Ed. Student Assn , ed. I, Math club, social activities club 2 EDWARD J. ECKROTH • Philadelphia, Po. • Community College • Mechanical Design. HENRY D. EDELSON • Philadelphia, Po. • Arts • Physics • Sigma Pi Sigmo. ELLIOT F. EINHORN • Ph.lodelphio, Pa. • Community College • Basic Business • MAA; "Owlettcr," ed 2. Hillel, CC treas. 2. CONSTANTINO ANGELO ELIAS • Atlantic City, N. J • Community College • Electronics Technology • WRTI, engineer, onnounccr 1; Radio Club NORA MARALEA ELLIOTT • Philadelphia, Pa. • Education • Music • Music Ed. Chorus; Women's Glee Club; Concert Choir. ROBERT ELLIOT • Philadelphia, Po. • Community College • Electronics Technology. i CHARLES DONALD ENGLE • Phtlodelphio, Po. • Education • Secondary • Diamond Band; SNEA BARBARA EPSTEIN • Philodelphio, Po. • Education • Health, Physical, and Recreation • Vorsity Hockey, Bosketboll, Lacrosse. Archery; IM Volleyball; Delta Phi Epsilon; HPER Club; Water Show. CAROL EPSTEIN • Philadelphia, Pa • Education • Elementary • SNEA MARCIA EPSTEIN • Philodelphio, Po. • Education • Elementory • ECEEd Club, freshman advisor A SHEILA EPSTEIN • Philadelphia, Po. • Education • Business • IM Vollcyboll; Delta Phi Epsilon, Ponhellenic rep I, trees. 2, ways and meons comm, chrmn. 3; Hillel; Business Ed. Club DENNIS WILLIAM ERBRICK • Philadelphia. Po. • Business • Finance • Sigmo Phi Epsilon C. LANCE ERICSON • Hovertown, Pa • Business • Finance • Finonce Society, vice-pres 4. CARL ROLAND ERNEST • Trenton, N. J. • Community College • Mechonicol Design. ERWIN RONALD ESCHERT • Clcmcnton, N. J • Business • Administration • SAM. class of nineteen sixty-oneDEBRA LYNN ESKIN • Philodelphio, Po • Arts • Sociology WILLIAM ETTINGOFF • Philodelphia.Po. • Business • Accounting • Beta Alpha Psi; Hillel. BARBARA ANN EVANS • Philadelphia, Pa • Community College • General Arts • WAA, vice-pres 3, 4; IM Bowling, Golf, Softball; Cheerleader, CC Women's Assn., vice-pres. 2, 3, 4, "Owlettcr;" TEMPLAR; "Temple New ;" Library Aid; Float Comm I, 3; Social Comm , co-chrmn 3, 4, CC Student Council E GLADYS EVERLY • Philadelphia, Po. • Education • Elementary • Women's Glee Club; UCM WILLIAM MYERS EYSTER II • York, Po. • Business • Administration • Fencing; SAM HARVEY M. FACTOR • Philodelphio, Pa. • Business • Accounting • Alpha Epsilon Pi. STEPHANIE FAGAN • Philadelphia, Po. • Arts • Sociology • loto Alpha Pi, pledge mother 2, greck weekend comm 3, sociol chrmn. 2, 3; Spanish Reading Club; Hillel; SZO; Sociology Club. FRANCIS ANTHONY FARINA • Philadelphia, Po • Arts • Chemistry • Chemistry Society, vice-pres. 4. STEPHEN JOSEPH FARRELL • Philodelphio, Po. • Business • Administration. CYNTHIA G. FASTMAN • Philadelphia, Po. • Education • Elementary PHILIP ANTHONY FATTIZZO • Philadelphia. Po • Arts • Psychology. OLEH FEDAK • Philodelphio, Po • Community College • Electronics Technology. JOHN FEDERANKO • Carney’s Point, N J. • Community College • Electronics Technology. MERVYN N. FEIERSTEIN • Philadelphia, Po. • Arts • Biology • Delta Phi Alpha, pres. 4; IM Softball, Wrestling, WRTI-FM, announcer 3; Diomond Bond; Concert Bond. JACK FEIN • Philadelphia, Po • Community College • Bosic Business • MAA DAVID BERTRAM FEINBERG • Philadelphia, Po. • Community College • Bosic Business • IM Bowling, Basketball; CC Glee Club; Hillel. JACQUELINE FEINER • Melrose Pork, Po. • Educotion • Secondary • Kappa Delto Epsilon, corr sec 4, SNEA SUZANNE I. FELDMAN • Philadelphia, Po • Education • Elementary • Phi Sigma Sigmo, rush chrmn. 4 temple universitySUSAN FELDSTERN • Merion, Po. • Educotion • Elementary ALFRED F FERGUSON • Philadelphia, Po • Business • Administration. ADALBERT W. FILIPOWICZ • Philadelphia, Pa. • Arts • Biology • Newman Club ELINOR SCHWARTZ FINEMAN • Philadelphia, Po • Educotion • Elementary LEONARD JULES FINKEL • Ph.lodelphio. Po. • Bus.ncss • Accounting • Accounting Assn. JOANNE ROSITA FIORIGLIO • Philadelphia, Po • Arts • Sponish • Ncwmon Club; International Club; Sponish Club, pres. 3; Italian Club; French Club. ■ LILYAN FIREMAN • Philadelphia, Po. • Arts • Mathematics • Pi Mu Epsilon, treos. 4; Hillel. ELAINE TRACTON FIRST • Philadelphia, Po • Educotion • Elcmcntory • Hillel; ACE; SNEA HERMAN FISCH • Philadelphia, Po. • Business • Accounting. IRENE M. FISHER • Wyncote, Po • Education • Elementary • SNEA. Hillel; ECEEd Club ARNOLD NORMAN FISHMAN • Philadelphia, Pa. • Business • Pre-Low • Marketing Club; Circle K CAROL ANN FISHMAN • Philadelphia. Po • Business • Secretarial • Hillel; Secretarial Club. MARVIN FISHMAN • Philadelphia, Po • Community College • Electronics Technology. ADELE EVELYN FISHTEIN • Philadelphia. Po. • Educotion • Nursing, Kindergarten, ond Primory • ECEEd Club, froshmon advisor. 4. MELVIN FLITTER • Philadelphia. Po. • Arts • Biology WALTER FRANCIS FLORKOWSKI • Philadelphia, Po • Business • Accounting • Ncwmon Club; Accounting Assn. SARAH ANN FLUCK • Trenton, N. J. • Arts • Mathematics • WAA; Vorsity Swimming, Tennis; IM Volleyball, Bosketboll; Pcobody Hall Council, junior counsellor 2; Alpha Sigmo Alpho. ANDREW J FOLINO • Philadelphia, Pa. • Educotion • Business • Business Ed Club; Circle K class of nineteen sixty-oneRAYMOND PETER FORCENO • Philodelphio, Po • Business • Pre-Low • Sword Society; Sccbbord and Blade, sec. -4, IM Soft-boll, Football. Beto Gamma Sigmo; Pre-Low Assn. LULA VIRGINIA FORD • Philadelphia, Po. • Education • Secondary • WAA Tennis; "Temple News," librarian 2; Readers' Theatre; Women's Glee Club; TCF, sec. 3, A HARRY H FORMAN • Philadelphia, Pa. • Business • Accounting. JEROME JAY FORMAN • Philadelphia, Pa • Business • Accounting. ALLAN B. FOX • Philadelphia, Pa. • Arts • English • English Honor Society; Sword Society; SZO, vice-pres. 3, pres. A BARBARA E FRANK • Plymouth Meeting, Po. • Arts • Psychology • Psi Chi. LAWRENCE A. FRANK • Cheltenham, Po • Education • Sec-ondary • Varsity Wrestling. RONALD DAVID FRANKE • Moorestown, N. J. • Community College • Architectural Design • IM Softball, Football. MORTON EARL FRANKEL • Philadelphia, Pc. • Business • Pre-Law • Alpho Epsilon Pi; IF Council; Hillel RICHARD FRANTZ • Philodclphio, Po • Business • Accounting • Accounting Assn. SELMA FREEDMAN • Philadelphia, Pa. • Education • Elementary. SPENCER GORDON FREEDMAN • Philadelphia, Po- • Education • Secondary • Sigma Delta Pi ELIOT FREEMAN • Philadelphia, Po. • Arts • Biology • Alpho Sigmo Pi; Chemistry Society; Student Tutor Assn, FRANK A. FREEMAN • Philadelphia, Pa. • Education • Pre-Social Work • NAACP; ADA; TAC NORMA RUTH FREESMAN • Philadelphia, Po • Education • Secondary • Speech Therapy Society; Hillel; Sec. Ed. Student Assn. ROY KENNETH FREIMAN • Philadelphia. Pa. • Community College • Bosic Business • "Owletter" GEORGE EARL FRIEBIS • Philadelphia, Po. • Business • Marketing • Marketing Club HENRY FRIEDMAN • Philadelphia, Pa • Arts Mathematics • Hillel; Pi Mu Epsilon; Sigma Pi Sigma. temple universityNEIL FRIEZE • Morgote, N. J • Community College • Bone Business • IM Bowling. Hillel BRUNO ANTHONY FRIIA • Philadelphia. Po. • Community College • Electronics Technology • MAA, "Owlettcr N'ewmon Club; CC Student Council. BARBARA JEAN FULMER • Hovcrtown, Pa • Educotion • Speech Theropy • Alpha Sigma Alpha ROBERT JOHN GAMEL • Phillipsburg, N. J. • Community College • Electronics Technology • IM Softball; MAA, Newman Club. GEORGE HARRY GANGLOFF • Woodbury, N. J. • Community College • Mechanicol Design MARILYN MAYER GARFIELD • Philadelphia, Po • Arts • English • English Honor Society; TEMPLAR; XYW. pres 4, Cornivol, co-chrmn 3; ICG DIANE ROSLYN GASH • Philadelphia, Po. Educotion • Music • loto Alpha Pi; Women's Glee Club; Orchestra FLORENCE GERTRUDE GASPAR • Philadelphia, Po. • Education • Health, Physical, ond Recreation • Varsity Hockey. Boskctboll, Lacrosse, Tennis; IM Vollcyboll, Bowling; Delta Psi Kappo, vice-pres. 2, 3; Newman Club; HPER Club. JONNIE M. GATHINGS • Montrose N. Y • Tyler • Sculpture • Tyler Student Council 3, 4 MARK GELBER • Philadelphia, Po. • Arts • English EUGENIA MAY GENTIEU • Claymont, Del. • Education • Heolth, Physicol, ond Recreation • Varsity Hockey, Boskctball, copt. 4, Lacrosse, Tennis; WAA Water Show; Modern Dance Concert; Phi Dclto Pi; HPER Club; WAA, publicity chrmn 3, corr. sec 4; Peabody Hall Standards Council, vice-pres 4; Women's Dormitory Senate GRET PATRICIA GENTILE • Lonsdowne, Po • Educotion • Heolth, Physical, ond Recreation • Varsity Hockey, Basketball, Tennis; IM Volleyball; Phi Delta Pi, sec. 3, pres. 4; TEMPLAR, women's sports ed. 3; Women's Glee Club; Concert Choir; Orchestra; UCM; HPER Club; WAA, news correspondent 2, 3, treos 4, Water Show; Modern Dance. PAUL A. GERNEY • Philadelphia, Pa. • Business • Administration • Sigma Pi, herald 3, counsellor 4. Men's Glee Club, scc-treos. 4; SAM STEVEN RONALD GEROFF • Philodelphio, Po. • Arts • English • Spanish Honor Society; English Honor Society; Hillel; Student Tutor Assn. JO-ANNE CATHERINE GERVAIS • Philadelphia, Po • Business • Administration • Mognet; Cheerleader; IM Bosketball, Volleyball; Alpha Gammo Delta, pledge pres. 1, social chrmn. 2, rush capt. 3, vice-pres. 4, Student Directory, ed. 3, co-ed. 4; Newman Club; SAM; Mitten Student League, pres. 1,2,3, Student Council, closs sec -treos 2, closs pres. 3, communications commission, co-chrmn. 4; Freshman Orientation 1, steering comm 2, 3, executive comm 3, chrmn 4; Homecoming Dance, ticket chrmn. 2; Inauguration Luncheon, publicity chrmn. 3 JACOB GETSON • Atlontic City. N. J • Tyler • Fine Arts • Vorsity Football; IM Softball, Track; Pi Lambda Phi, pledge master 2; Tyler Chorus. Tyler Student Council 3,4 JERILYN GETSON • Philodelphio, Po. • Arts • Spanish • Le Cercle Francois. VERA GREENBERG GETZ • Philadelphia, Po • Education • Elementary • Kappa Delta Epsilon, vice-pres 4; Hillel. class of nineteen sixty-oneJUDITH ILENE GETZOW • Elkins Pork, Po • Educotion Elementary • ECEEd Club, sec 3; Mitten Student League MAX I. GILBERT • Philadclphio, Po • Educotion • Heolth, Physicol, ond Recreation • Circle K; IM Soccer; HPER Club, closs sec. I. LEAH GAIL GILUS • Philadelphia, Po • Community College • Secretarial • Bowling. WAA, Cheerleader; CC Women's Assn JOHN ALEXANDER GILMORE • Philadelphia, Po • Education • Secondary • UCM; TCP, trees. 4 NORMAN STUART GINSBERG • Philadelphia, Pa. • Educotion • Health, Physical, and Recreation • Varsity Basketball; HPER Club. THOMAS GEORGE GIRMAN • Trenton, N. J • Community College Electronics Technology • Alpha Chi Rho, sports chrmn, 2 SHEILA GITTELMAN • Philadelphia, Pa • Education • Secondary. LOVIE L. GLENN • Philadelphia, Pa • Education • Elementary • WAA; Basketball; Alpha Kappa Alpho RICHARD H GODDARD. JR • Drexel Hill, Po • Community College. JOHANNA GOECKLER • Philadelphia, Pa. • Arts • English • English Honor Society; University Theotrc MARTIN GOFFMAN • Philadelphia, Po • Arts • Chemistry • Circle K; Hillel; Chemistry Society, treos 3, pres. 4, Diamond Bond. DOROTHY MILDRED GOLD • Philodelph.o, Pa • Business • Two-Yeor Secretarial • Hillel Secretarial Club. ELAINE GOLDBAUM • Philodelphio, Po. • Education • Nursery, Kindergarten. Primary. MIRIAM GOLDBERG • Philadelphia, Pa • Educotion • Elementary • Hillel; ECEEd Club, freshmon odvisor 4. ECEEd Teo CLAIRE GOLDENBERG • Philadelphia, Po • Educotion • Business • Hillel; Business Ed. Club ARTHUR HOWARD GOLDMAN • Philadelphia, Po • Business • Pre-Low IRENE GOLDMAN • Philadelphia. Po • Education • Secondary JUDITH TOBY GOLDSMITH • Yeodon, P0 • Educot-on • Secondary • Hillel; Sec. Ed, Student Assn temple universityARNOLD JACK GOLDSTEIN • Philodelphio. Po • Business Accounting • Beta Alpho Psi, corr sec 4. Beta Comma Sigmo, vice-pres. 4 ELAINE W GOLDSTEIN • Philadelphia. Po • Arts • English • "Stylus," ed. 4 PURNAL WILLIAM GOLDV • Blockwood, N. J • Education • Health, Physicol, and Rccrcotion • Varsity Baseball, Soccer MELVYN BARRY GOLIN • Philadelphia Po. • Business • Accounting • Beto Alpha Psi, Hillel RICHARD ANDREW GONDOLF • Camden, N J. • Educotion • Sccondory LYNNE BARBARA GOODMAN • Philadelphia, Pa. • Education • Elementary • Hillel, ECEEd Council 3, freshman advisor 4 HARRY JOHN GOOS • Philodelphio, Po • Educotion • Pre-Theology • TCF, vice-pros 3,4 RONALD NISHAN GOOSHIAN • Philodelphio. Pa • Business • Accounting. ALVIN HAROLD GORDON • Philadelphia, Po. Community College • Bosic Business • MAA; Hillel; CC Student Council, porliomentorion, sgt-ot-orms, 3. I BARBARA SUE GORDON • Philadelphia, Po • Arts • Mathematics • Pi Mu Epsilon, trees 3. sec 4 HERBERT GORDON • Philadelphia, Pa. • Educotion • Health, Physicol, and Recreation • Varsity Boseball JAMES ROBERT GORDON • Philadelphia, Po • Community Col. lege • Basic Business • Boskctboll; CC Glee Club; Hillel ROBERT J. GORMAN • Philadelphia, Po • Arts • English HERBERT GORONKIN • Philadelphia, Po • Arts • Physics • Sigma Pi Sigmo. HARRIET PATRICIA GOTCHEL • Comden. N J • Arts • Eng-hsh • Theta Upsilon, ed I, vice-pres 2,3,4; Germon Club; Russion Club NATALIE D GRAFF • Philadelphia Po • Education • Elemen-tory- WILLIAM EDWARD GRAHAM • Ph.lodelphio, Po • Business • Administration LORETTA SANDRA GRAMUCH • Philodelphio, Pa. • Community College • Secretarial • WAA pres 2; CC Women's Assn.; CC Student Council, sec. 2, Student Council 2 class of nineteen sixty-oneWILLIAM FRANK GRANIERI • Wcstville, N. J. • Education • Health, Physical, and Recreotlon • Varsity Wrestling, Alpha Phi Delta. NATALIE MARY GRASSO • Philadelphia. Po • Education • Elementary • Theta Upsilon, ed. 3, sec. 4; ECEEd Club JOANN GRAYSON • Bala Cynwyd. Po • Arts • Speech ond Dramatics • WRTI-FM DENNIS MURRAY GREEN • Philadelphia. Po. • Arts • Mothe-motics. NORMA GREEN • Philadelphia. Po. • Education • Elementary • Student Council 2 SHIRLEY DEENA GREENBAUM • Philadelphia, Po. • Education • Secondary • Temploycrs SONDRA GREENBERG • Philadelphia, Po. • Arts • History • Phi Alpha Theta; "Temple News;" Women's Glee Club; Hillel. JEROME LEONARD GREENSPAN • Philadelphia, Pa. • Community College • Mechomcal Design • IF Baseboll, Footboll, Phi Sigma Delta, vicc-pros. 3; IF Council rep., sports council rep 4 Hillel, CC Student Council. MYRNA RAYE GREENWALD • Ph.lodclphio, Pa. • Education • Secondary. CHARLES GREINER • Philadelphia, Po • Community College BARBARA GROSS • Philadelphia, Po. • Education • Elemcntory S. WARREN GROSS • Philadelphia, Po. • Arts • Biology • Alpha Sigma Pi; Hillel; French Club, Chemistry Society, Fresh, mon Orientation 3; Student Tutor Assn ABB LYNN GUNN • New Castle. Del • Education • Music • Diamond Honor Society; Koppo Phi Koppo; Koppa Alpha Psi; Diamond Bond; Orchestro; Concert Choir; Brass Ensemble; Canterbury Club EMMA MARIE HALL • Philadelphia, Po. • Business • Two-Year Secretarial • Music Ed Chorus; Secretarial Club. HELEN ELIZABETH HALL • Philadelphia, Po • Community College • Secretarial • Newman Club. WILLIAM W. HALL • Orodell, N. J. • Business • Administration. THOMAS C. HAM II • Philadelphia, Pa • Arts • Chemistry • Chemistry Society. DANIEL P HANLON • Philadelphia, Po • Education • Secondary • iF Football. Softball, Boskctboll; Phi Koppo Theto; Newman Club. temple universityJOSEPH T HANNlGAN • Philodclph.o, Pa • Community College • Electronics Technology SUZANNE LOUISE HAR8URGER • Elkins Pork, Po • Education • Elementary • Phi Sigma Sigma, sec 4 MELINDA ELAINE HARMON • V.nelond, N J • Education • Home Economics • Home Ec. Club. MILDRED E HARPER • Ph.lodclphio, Pa • Tyler • Pointing ANNETTE G. HARRIS • Philodclphio, Po • Education • Ele-mentory • loto Alpha Pi, pres. 1; Hillel. Koppo Delta Epsilon. JAMES J. HARTENSTEIN • New Freedom, Po • Community College • Mortuory Sc-ence • MAA, Phi Sigma Eta; CC Student Council, treos 4 JOHN HARTWICK, JR • Warminster, Po • Business • Accounting. HARRY WM HAUCK • Philadelphia. Po • Education • Health. Physicol, and Recreotion • Vorsity Soccer ARTHUR HAUSMAN • Philadelphia, Po • Business • Real Estate and Insurance • Phi Sigmo Delto. JOHN HEINEKEN • Pooih, Po • Community College • Technology. MARILYN SANDRA HEISMAN • Philadelphia. Pa • Education • Elementary • ECEEd Club. MONTE DELEON HENDERSON • Alton, III • Business • Pre-Law • IM Basketball; SAM, NAACP. ALLEN HOWARD HERMAN • Philadelphia, Po. • Education • Sccondory • IF Footboll, Baseball; Phi Sigma Delto; IF Council rep 2; Sec. Ed Student Assn , sports club chrmn, 2 MORTON HERTZMAN • Philadelphia, Po • Business • Accounting CHARLES ROBERT HESSER • Philodelphio, Po • Business • Finance • Sword Society, vice-pres. 4; English Honor Society; Student Tutor Assn., freshmon advisor; Beta Gommo Sigmo; Phi Alpha Theto; Phi Tlpha Kappa, Newman Club; Finoncc Society, pres. 4; Pre-Low Assn.; Internotionol Club; Debate Club; Speak, er's Union; SAM. SDA FRADA NATHAN HEYMAN • Philadelphia, Po. • Education • Elementary. RAMONA DIANE HIBBARD • Philadelphia, Po • Tyler • Art Education. EDWARD JOHN HILL • Salem, N. J • Business • Finance • IM Footboll class of nineteen sixty-oneRONALD HODES • Newark, N. J • Tyler • Pointing • IM Fencing; Tyler Chorus, HARRY CHARLES HOFF • Philadelphia. Pa • Business • Administration • IF Football, Basketboll, Softball, IF Sports Council, sec. 2, 3, pres A Sigmo Pi, vice-pres. 4. SAM. ALAN JAY HOFFMAN • Philodelphio. Po. • Education • Health. Physical, and Rccrcotion • Varsity Gymnostics, capt. 4, Phi Epsilon Koppa, sec. I, 2, 3, 4, HPER Club, vice-pres 3, pres 4 ALLEN LEWIS HOFFMAN • Philadelphia, Pa. • Education • Secondary. JAMES FREDERICK HOFFMAN • Orclond, Pa • Business • Communications • Varsity Footboll; "Temple News," WRTI; Marketing Club. MORTON M HOFFMAN • Philadelphia, Po. • Business • Marketing • Phi Sigmo Delto; Marketing Club. SEYMOUR SAMUEL HOFFMAN • Philadelphia, Po • Business • Real Estote ond Insurance • Pi Lambda Phi. social chrmn. 3 ARTHUR EDWARD HOGATE • Salem, N J. • Community College • Mechanical Design BENTLEY AARON HOLLANDER • Haddon Heights. N J • Arts • Biology • Alpho Sigmo Pi; Circle K. JOYCE HOLLIN • Philadelphia, Pa. • Educotion • Elementary • Hillel; SNEA; ECEEd Council RICHARD DAVID HOLSTEN • Pennington, N J. • Arts • Biology • Alpha Sigma Pi. ROBERT D. HOPKINS • Philadelphia. Pa. • Educotion • Heolth. Physical, and Recreation • Varsity Swimming, Footboll, IM Soccer, Softball; HPER Club ROBERT DAVID HORNICK • Upper Darby. Pa. • Business • Accounting • Accounting Assn. NOLAN MARK HOROWITZ • Philadelphia. Pa. • Business • Accounting • IF Softball; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Accounting Assn MAMIE YVONNE HUDSON • Farrell, Po. • Educotion • Secondary • Women's Glee Club. ROBERT DENNIS HUDZlECKO • McKees Rocks, Po. • Community College • Mortuary Science • P Sigmo Eta. Newman Club; CC Student Council, mortuary rep. 3, 4 JOHN BERNARD HURLEY. JR. • Philadelphia, Po. • Business • Administration. JOYCE SELMA HURVITZ • Philodelphio, Po • Educotion • Elementary • ECEEd Club, hostess 2, 3, doss treos. 4 temple universityWALTER WILSON HUTCHESON III • Glenside, Po • Community College • Electronics Technology JOSEPH JOHN HUTTON • Ph.lodelph.o. Po • Bus.ness • Accounting • IF Sports; Delta Sigma Pi, sociol chrmn. 1,2, pres 3, 4, Newmon Club; Accounting Assn; Marketing Club; Management Club; Internotionol Club ANTHONY NICULOAS IACONO • Chester, Po • Educot.on • Secondary. MARY ANN IOVINO • Bristol, Po. • Education • Elementory • Alpha Sigma Alpha; Women's Glee Club; ECEEd Club, trees 2 VERNON JOSEPH IRVIN • Philadelphia. Po. • Arts • German BERNARD IVENS • Philadelphia, Pa. • Educot.on • Secondary • Vorsity Bosket ball; IM Softball, Football; Freshman Basketball ROBERT DAVID JACK, JR • Homsburg. Po • Arts • Psychology. ANTHONY WAYNE JACKSON • Jeffersonville Po • Bus.ness • Administration, DANIEL DAVID JACKSON • Levittown, N J. • Business • Accounting JEANETTE JACKSON • Trenton, N J. • Education • Business • "Temple news," Women's Glee Club; TCF; Business Ed Club IRWIN JACOBSON • Philadelphia. Pa • Arts • Psychology • Owl Club; Hillel PETER JOSEPH JACOVINI • Ph.lodelph.o, Po • Community College • Mortuary Science • MAA, vice-pres, 2; Varsity Bos-ketboll. JOHN JAMES • Hovertown, Po. • Community College • Electronics Technology PHILIP JASLOW • Ph.lodelph.o, Pa • Arts • Psychology • Hillel ALLAN JASPAN • Philadelphia. Pa. • Business • Accounting. HOWARD JAY • Lownsidc, N J • Education • Elementary • Varsity Trock. JACK WALTER JOHNSON • Devon Po • Business • Accounting. JAMES REYNOLDS JOHNSON III • Ph.lodelph.o, Pa • Business • Finonce • Finance Society, treos. 4 class of nineteen sixty-oneGERALD ALAN JOSS • Philodclphio, Po • Arts • English • English Honor Society, Phi Alpho Theta; Chi Rho Beto; "Stylus;" Temployers; Men's Glee Club FRANKLIN DONALD JULIAN • Linwood. Moss • Arts • History. CHARLOTTE EVALYN KAHN • Neshommy, Pa. • Community College • Basic Business • WAA; CC Women's Assn.. Hillel MARLENE GAY KAHN • Philadelphia, Po • Education • Elementary. RICHARD DAVID KANE • Philadelphia, Po. • Business • Pre-Law • IF Footboll, Boskctball, Boscboll; Alpho Epsilon Pi DAVID I. KARABELL • Ph.lodelphio, Po. • Arts • English • Temployers, Readers' Theotrc, pres. 3, 4. University Theatre ARAM SIMON KARAKASHIAN • Philadelphia, Po • Arts • Physics • Sigma Pi Sigmo. ELANA RACHEL KARFF • Philadelphia, Po. • Arts • English • Phi Sigma Sigmo; Hillel; Mitten Student Lcogue AIKATERINI M. KARLOS • Solcm, N. J. • Business • Accounting PHILIP FRANK KASHOW • Willow Grove, Po • Business • Accounting MARILYN KASINET2 • Philadelphia, Po • Education • Secondary • Alpho Sigma Pi; "Stylus;" Hillel. JOSEPH ANTON KASPAR • Vineland, N. J • Community College • Basic Business • Newman Club. LOUIS ALAN KASSARICH • Philadelphia, Po • Business • Pre-Law • Phi Alpho Theto DIANE SHEILA KATZ • Jacksonville, Flo • Education • Elementary. HOWARD ELLIOT KATZ • Philadelphia. Po • Business • Marketing • IM Softball; WRTI NAOMI CAHAN KATZ • Philadelphia. Po • Tyler • Fine Arts HOWARD ROY KAUFF • Philadelphia. Pa. • Community College • Electronics Technology BERNARD KAZDAN • Philadelphia. Po • Arts • Biology • Chemistry Society temple university tk c yp- J life .dik ft 4k HAROLD JOHN KEANE • Ph.lodelphio, Po • Business • Pre-Low JOHN THOMAS KEANE • Philodelphto. Po • Business • Real Estate ond Insurance • IM Softball, Basketball, Football; Sigmo Pi, Chi Rho Bcto; Diomond Bond; Color Guord, copt 2 3; Circle K. RICHARD CHARLES KEENAN • Ph.lodclph.o, Po • Business • Real Estote ond Insurance • Phi Kappa Thcto. ARNOLD SIDNEY KENDALL • Philodclphio, Po • Education • Secondary • Sword Society, Temployers. University Theatre, vice-pres. 4; Reoders' Theatre, vice-pres 4; Vestpocket Theatre; Sec Ed. Student Assn., student faculty relations comm 4 STEPHEN A KENDALL • Philadelphia, Po • Business • Marketing • Tau Epsilon Phi; Marketing Club JOHN CLARK KENEALY, JR Glodwyne, Po. • Community Col-lege • Electronics Technology • Newman Club. CC Student Council, publicity comm 4 SHELDON BRUCE KENIN • Philodclphio. Po • Education • Elementary • ECEEd Club KIRK KENYON • North Hills, Po • Business • Accounting ROBERT NELSON KERSHAW • Philadelphia, Po. • Community College • Electronics Technology 8ETTY C. KESSLER • Rydol, Pa. • Arts • English • English Honor Society; Alpha Lombdo Dclto LEONARD MICHAEL KESSLER • Philadelphia, Po • Arts • Biology • IM Football, Softball, DIANE RUTH KESTLER • Possaic, N J • Education • Elemen-ary. BARBARA KIMMEL • Philadelphia, Po. • Education • Business • Kappa Delto Epsilon. Secretarial Club; Business Club, pres 2. SNEA. trees. 2. DIANA KING • Ph.lodclph.o, Pa • Arts • English • IM Bosket-ball; Dclto Sigmo Thcto, vicc-prcs. 4. NAACP, sec 3 4; ADA. Panel of Americans, pres 4 EDWARD W KIRK • Philadelphia, Po. • Community College • Electronics Technology • IM Bosketboll, Softball; Newman Club EDWARD RAY KLE8E • Jenkintown, Po • Education • Secondary. JACOB A. KLEIMAN • Philadelphia, Po. • Arts • Psychology • Psi Chi; "Temple News," Orchestra; WRTI Jazz Show, Student Tutor Assn . Owl Club; TEMPLAR CHARLES ARTHUR KLEIN • Philadelphia, Po • Business • Pre-Low • Hillcl class of nineteen sixty-onePHILIP SIMON KLIGMAN • Philodelphio, Po • Business • Ac. counting • Tou Epsilon Phi, Pre-Low Assn.; Circle K JUDITH RHEA KOCHE • Collmgswood, N. J • Educotion • Ele-mentory • Hillcl; Mitten Student League, ECEEd Council, vicc-pres. 4 WILLIAM HENRY KOEHLER Philodelphio. Po • Community College • 8osic Business • Varsity Bosket boll; MAA. RUDOLPH PETER KOELLER. JR • Wilmington, Del. • Business • Accounting. GEORGE DENNIS KOELMEL • Huntingdon Volley, Po. • Business • Administration • SAM ROBERT LOUIS KOENNECKER • Philadelphia, Po • Community College • Architectural Design and Building Construction • IM Bosketboll. PAUL KOGAN • Philadelphia, Po • Education • Music • Diamond Honor Society, pres. 4; Concert Choir; Diamond Bond, 2, 3, 4, University Brass Ensemble. IRENE E KOHN • Philadelphia, Po • Education • Secondary • Phi Sigma Sigmo, historion 4; Student Directory Comm 4, Hillcl; Young Republicans Club, sorority coordinator 4 ELAINE MARIE KOISTINEN • Philadelphia. Po. • Educotion • Business • Alpho Lombda Delto; Synchronized Swimming; Phi Gamma Nu, pres. BARBARA JUDITH KOLIN • Philodelphio. Po. • Education • Business • Business Ed. Club. ROBERT A. KORN • Melrose Park, Pa. • Business • Pre-Low • Vorsity Tennis RUTH KOTZEN • Chester, Po • Education • Secondary • TEMPLAR; Hillcl; Alpha Sigmo Pi. FRED A R. KRAFT • Southampton, Pa • Community College • Architectural Design • Architectural Club, sec 2. treos. 3. STANLEY ALFRED KRAFTSOW • Philadelphia, Po. • Business • Accounting • Beta Comma Sigmo JOEL JOSEPH KRAMER • Philadelphia, Po • Business • Administration. MINA B. KRAMER • Philadelphia, Pa • Education • Elementary • Kappa Delta Epsilon, publicity co-chrmn. 4, Hillcl. JUDI ANN KRENGEL • Philadelphia. Pa • Education • Elementary. KAREN KRETCHMAR • Philodelphio. Pa • Business • Secretarial. temple universityBARBARA KRISS • Brooklyn, N Y • Arts • Speech • Delto Sigmo Rho; Speokers Union, vice-pres. 3; Mitten Student League, corr. sec. 3, 4, Peobody Holl Council, Resident Women's Student Assn, pres. 4, PHYLLIS SUE KROSSKOVE • W.lm.ngton, Del. • Educorion • Secondory • Women's Glee Club; Concert Choir, Hillcl MARSHALL HENRY KRUGMAN • Clifton, N. J • Business • Real Estate end Insurance • IF Swimming; Tou Epsilon Phi, hist. 3, 4; WRTI; Real Estate and Insurance Society, Circle K. board of directors 3. 4 ALAN NORWOOD KUTZ • Norristown, Pa. • Community College • Mortuary Science • Pi Sigma Eto, second vice-pres. 4. Circle K, CC Student Council, treos. 2 ALAN LABOVITZ • Philadelphia, Po. • Business • Communications • "Temple News," WRTI-AM-FM WALTER L. LABS • Dolyestown. Po • Community College • Mortuory Science • MAA WILLIAM HOWARD LAMPLUGH • Philadelphia, Po • Community College • Architectural Design BARRY LANE • Philodclphio, Po • Business • Communications • WRTI-AM-FM, news director 3; Vestpocket Theatre; Fmoncc Society, sec.-treos. 1 DAVID J LANE • Philadelphia, Po • Business • Administration JOHN LASHENDOCK • Philadelphia, Po • Community College • Technology SANDRA ROBERTA LATSHAW • Philadelphia, Po • Community College • Secretarial • WAA, CC Women's Assn KENNETH A. LAVER • Philadelphia, Pa. • Business • Marketing • Rifle Team; Pi Lambda Phi; Marketing Club; Management Club HARRY J. LAVIN • Philadelphia, Pa • Community College • Technology. BARRY NATHAN LAVINSON • Trenton, N. J. • Business • Administration • Phi Sigma Delto; Hillel; Accounting Assn., sec. 2; SAM, sec, 4 ARNOLD S. LAZAR • Philadelphia. Po. • Business • Retailing • Hillel; Marketing Club. BURTON LAZAROW • Philadelphia, Pa • Education • Secondory • Hillel; Sec Ed. Student Assn., pres. 4, Student-Faculty Council IRENE S. LEBARIS • Phoenixville, Po. • Education • Home Economics • OCF, sec 3; Home Ec. Club, vice-pres 3 DENNIS STANLEY LEBOFSKY • Philadelphia, Po. • Arts • English • English Honor Society, pres 4, Vorsity Gymnastic Team, mgr 1,2, 3, 4, Hillel; Student Tutor Assn; Sec. Ed Student Assn, board of directors 2, 3, student-foculty relations comm 3. Sword Society. class of nineteen sixty-oneGERALDINE C LcBOW • Philodeiphio, Po • Education • Nurs-••ry, Kindergortcn. Primory • ECEEd Council. GREGORY W LEE • King of Prussia Po • Arts • History • Varsity Swimming IRVING B LEE • Philadelphia, Po • Community College • Architectural Design • IM Basebol, Football CHARLES ALLAN LEIBER • Philodeiphio. Po. • Business • Pre-Law • Freshman Football. IF Football, Softball, Trock, Bosket-boll; Tou Epsilon Phi, sgt-ot-orms 4 ARNOLD LEIBOWITZ • Philadelphia. Po • Arts • Physics • Sigma Pi Sigma JOAN MARIE LEIGHT • Medio. Po. • Education • Health, Physical, ond Recreation • Alpho Lambda Delto; Phi Alpha Theto. WAA Hockey. Swimming, Lacrosse. Archery, Bowling 5 ' V 'I lift 4 MARY ANN LElGHT • Kulpsvillc, Po • Education • Health. Physical, ond Recreotion • Magnet. Varsity Hockey, capt 4, Basketball. Lacrosse, Tennis; IM Volleyball; Alpha Sigma Alpho, rush copt 4; Delto Psi Koppo; HPER Club, corr sec 4, WAA. rec. sec. 4 CURTIS ALLEN LEONARD • Philadelphia. Po • Education • Prc-Soc.al Work • Men's Glee Club, NAACP LEE BAMBERGER LEOPOLD • Altoono, Po. • Arts • History ond English • Pi Lombdo Phi, "Stylus," Intcrnotionol Club ARLENE LEVINE LESSACK • Philodeiphio, Pa • Education • Elcmcntory. ARNOLD LEVIN • Philadelphia, Pa. • Business • Pre-Law • Beta Gamma Sigmo; Scabbord and Blodc Pre-Low Assn . SAM GARNETT K. LEVIN • Strotford, Conn • Business • Journolism • Diomond Honor Society, trees 2, 3, 4; Theta Sigmo Phi; "Temple News," Diamond Bond. WRTI-FM MARVIN ARNOLD LEVIN • Philadelphia, Po • Business • Accounting • Hillcl NESSA LEIS LEVIN • Philadelphia, Po • Education • Elementary • Kappa Delta Epsilon, "Temple News," Hillcl; Frcshmon Comp Stoff 2. ISADORA DOROTHY LEVINSON • Melrose Pork, Pa • Education • Elementary • Phi Sigma Sigmo, corr. sec. 3. pres. 4. Vcstpockct Theatre; Hillcl; ECEEd Club, Mitten Student Lcogue, Freshman Orientotion 3. MARILYN LEVITT • Philodeiphio, Pa • Education • Secondary • Alpha Lambda Delto, Koppo Delta Epsilon, English Honor Society, TEMPLAR, loyout cd 4; SNEA INA LEVY • Philadelphia, Po • Arts • History RICHARD EDWARD LEVY • Merton, Po • Business • Retoiling • Pi Lombdo Phi. pres 4. Marketing Club temple universityCLARE HARPER LEWIS • Rosemont, Po • Education • Elementary. GORDON Z. LEWIS • Philadelphia, Pa. • Community College • Basic Business • MAA PAUL LICHTMAN • Philadelphia, Po. • Education • Secondary • IF Basketball, Softball; Tou Delto Phi. CAROL LINDAUER • Wynnewood, Pa. • Education • Elementary • IM Volleyball. Delta Phi Epsilon, Ponhcllemc rep 2, 3, pres 4, Ponhellonic Council, sec. 2, vice-pres. 3; Hillel; ECEEd Club. Mitten Student League; Freshman Orientation 2; Student Rep Club; TEMPLAR. ELAINE LINDAUER • Wynnewood, Po. • Education • Elementary • IM Volleyball; Delto Phi Epsilon, philanthropic chrmn, 2, corr. sec. 3, hist. 4, treas 4; Hillel; ECEEd Club; Mitten Student League; Freshmon Orienfotion 2; Student Rep. Club LAWRENCE D. LINDERMAN • New York, N. Y • Bus.ness • Journolism • Freshmon Basketball; Sigma Delta Chi; "Temple News," sports od. 4; Vestpockct Theatre; WRTI. FREDRIK SAMUEL LIPPMAN • Atlontic City, N. J. • Business • Accounting • IF Footboll, Soccer, Basketball, Softball; Pi Lambda Phi, steword 2, Marketing Club; William Holl Council, pres. 4; Upper Men's Council, rep. 3, 4 ELEANOR LIPPNIAN • Philadelphia, Po • Arts • Biology • Alpho Sigma Pi. M. BARRY UPSON • Wynnewood, Po • Arts • Psychology • Alpha Sigmo Pi. HARRIET LISS • Philadelphia, Pa • Education • Business • Business Ed. Club, hist. 3. EDWARD MICHAEL LITISHIN • Phoenixville, Pa. • Community College Electronics Technology • Newman Club; CC Student Council, publicity comm 4. GARY SCOTT LITLE • Rivers.de, N. J. • Arts • Science • Ph. Sigmo Delta, pres. 4. CONSTANCE P, LITOW • Philadelphia, Pa • Education • Secondary • Phi Sigma Sigma, Sec. Ed Student Assn. RITA SUZANNE LITVACK • Philadelphia. Po. • Education • Elementary • Phi Sigma Sigmo, Hillel; SZO ANDRA DEE LITWIN • Wyncotc, Pa. • Education • Elementary • Phi Sigma Sigma, corr scribe 4. Hillel. JERRY LARRY LOCKE • Philadelphia, Po. • Business • Journalism • "Temple News;" Hillel; Marketing Club; SAM ARTHUR PRICE LOEB • Ph.ladelph.o, Po. • Arts • Sociology • Le Cercle Froncais; TAC WANDA LOUISE LONG • Philadelphia, Pa. • Education • Business • Delta Sigmo Theta, vice-pres. 4; Business Ed Club class of nineteen sixty-oneCHARLES EDWARD LOTSON • Philodelphio, Pa. • Education • Heolth, Physical, ond Recrcotion • Varsity Football, Track. Wrestling. JAMES EDWARD LOVE. JR. • Drcxcl Hill, P0 • Community College • Architectural Design. LEONARD K. LUCENKO • Philodelphio, Po • Education • Health, Physical, ond Recreation • Varsity Soccer, Track, Bose-boll; IM Soccer; Sigmo Phi Epsilon; Phi Epsilon Koppo; HPER Club; Ukrainian Club, treos 4. International Club LUBOMIR LUCHANKO • Phtladelph.o, Pa • Community College • Electronics Technology. BARBARA ANN LUCIANO • Camden, N. J • Education • Business • Newman Club. Business Ed Club RUSSELL RICHARD LVDEN • Philadelphia, Po • Education • Secondary. TAMARA B. MAAS • Paterson, N. J • Tyler • Painting • Fencing, Tyler Chorus. CHARLES T MAAT • Clifton, N. J. • Education • Secondary MARJORIE LOUISE McCANN • Philadelphia, Pa. • Arts • Sociology • Vorsity Bowling; IM Volleyball, Basketball, Women's Glee Club. WILLIAM JOHN McCLAIN • Philodelphio, Po. • Education • Elementary EDWIN FRANCIS McCOY • Philadelphia. Po • Education • Music • Diamond Band. Brass Ensemble; Orchestro; Music Ed Chorus JOHN MacDONALD • Philadelphia, Pa. • Business • Communications • Alpha Chi Rho; Greek Weekend, chrmn. 4, "Temple News;" Vestpocket Theatre, WRTI; Newmon Club; Student Rep. Club, pres. 3; Debotc Club, Student Council, NSA coordinator 3; Young Rep. Club, sec-treos. 3. DORIS ANN MACK • Philadelphia, Po • Education • Elementary • WAA; Bowling Team. Newmon Club JOSEPH THOMAS McLOUGHLIN • Philadelphia. Po. • Arts • Psychology ROBERT LEE MocQUARRIE • Ridley Pork, Po • Commun.ty College • Architectural Design. NICHOLAS MACRI • Philadelphia, Po • Arts • Mathematics • Sigmo Delta Phi; Pi Mu Epsilon, pres. 4, Sigma Pi Sigmo, Alpha Phi Delta. ROGER EUGENE MAFREDAS • Fond du Loc, Wis. • Education • Elementary BARRY JAY MAGARICK • Philodelphio, Po. • Business • Com-municotions • IM Softball; Owl Club; "Temple News," WRTI-FM, music director 1, promotion director 4; Hillel; University Theatre temple universityDONNA CONSTANCE MAGGl • Holyoke, Moss. • Education • Secondary • English Honor Society; UCM: Music Club; World Affairs Club ESTHER B. MALTER • Philodelphio, Pa. • Education • Elemcn-tory. MARIAN M MAMOLEN • Williomsport Pa. • Arts • English • Concert Dance Group, mgr 2, 3, 4 HARRIET BERKS MARCHlCK • Philadelphia, Pc • Education • Health, Physical, and Recreation • Field Hockey, Lacrosse. Dolto Psi Kappa; HPER Club. MURRAY SHELDON MARGOLIS • Philodelphio, Po • Commu-mty College • Heating, Air Conditioning, ond Refrigeration. MARY F MARINCOLA • Philadelphia, Pa • Education • Elementary • Newman Club FORREST EUGENE MARKS III Philadelphia, Pa • Community College • Architectural Design JEFFRY R MARLOWE • Philodelphio, Po • Education • Music • IM Bosketboll; Men's Glee Club, RONALD MAURICE MARLOWE • Philadelphia, Pa. • Education • Music • IM Basketball; Men's Glee Club. ALVIN B MARSHALL • Philadelphia, Po. • Business • Accounting • IF Baseball, Basketball, Football; Alpha Epsilon Pi, pledgomoster 3, pres 4; IF House Pres Council WILLIAM E MASON • Philadelphia, Pa • Education • Elementary • TCF; Alpho Phi Omega EDWARD V. MATTIA • Philadelphia, Pa. • Education • Secondary • Vorsity Football EDWIN M MATZKIN • Philadelphia, Po. • Business • Account ing • Beta Alpha Psi, vice-pres 4 STEPHEN H MAXMAN • Philadelphia, Pa • Arts • Physics • Stgmo Pi Sigma; Hillel WILLIAM HENRY MAYBAUM • Philadelphia, Po. • Arts • Psychology • Hillel. DINO MAZZOTTA • Philadelphia. Po • Business • Communications. DEBORAH SUSAN MEDVENE • Philadelphia, Po • Education • Elementary • Cheerleader; Phi Sigma Sigmo, homecoming chrmn. 2, 3; Sigmo Alpha Eta, vice-pres 3, 4, Hillel, Freshmon Oricnto-non I, luncheon chrmn. 2, 3; Freshman Camp Staff 2, 3. 4 Student Council, class pres 1, NAACP; Spirit Comm Mitten Student League, corr sec. 3 ANNE ELIZABETH MELLERS • Philadelphia Pa • Art. • Speech Theropy • Alpha Gomma Delto, vice-pres 3, Newman Club; Mitten Student League; Freshman Orientotion 2, 3, Freshman Camp Staff 3, 4 White Supper Comm chrmn -t class of nineteen sixty-oneMARILYN SUSAN MELLITZ • Wyncote, Po. • Educotion • Ele-mcntory • English Honor Society. Koppo Dclto Epsilon LINDA SUE MERKIN • Easton Pa • Educotion • Elementary • Phi Sigma Sigmo SHEILA VIVIAN MESKIN • Philodelphio, Po • Arts • Sociology • Astron, treos 3, 4; Phi Alpha Theta; Sigmo Delta Pi; Alpha Lombdo Dclto; Hillel; Mitten Student League, sec 3, vice-pres 4; Magnet 4 SALVATORE MESSINA • Philadelphia, Po • Business • Accounting • Alpho Phi Delta. ROBERTA BLAVAT METZMAN • Philadelphia, Pa • Arts • Mathematics • Pi Mu Epsilon. ALVIN JACK MEYERS • Philadelphia, Pa • Business • Ac counting • Marketing Club. PAUL MEYERS • Philadelphia. Po • Arts • Biology. DEBORAH BETH MEZEY • Merion, Pa. • Educotion • Secondary • Vestpocket Theatre; Concert Donee Group MARTIN LOUIS MIKELBERG • Philadelphia, Pa • Business • Accounting • Diamond Honor Society; Diamond Band BERNARD JOSEPH MILANO • Pennsouken, N. J. • Business • Accounting • IF Basketball, Football, Softball, Soccer; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Bcto Alpha Psi; N$A, osst coordinator 3 EVELYN RUTH MILLER • Philodelphio, Po. • Educotion • Elementary. JAMES ROBERT MILLER • Sanotogo, Po • Business • Accounting • Sigma Pi MARTIN MILLER • Philadelphia. Po • Arts • Psychology. MELVIN LOUIS MILLER • Philodelphio, Pa. • Business • Accounting RALPH R. MILLER • Philadelphia, Pa. • Community College • Technology ROBERT DAVID MILLER • Philadelphia, Po • Community College • Basic Business • MAA M. J MINTZ • Philadelphia. Po • Business • Accounting BARRY MICHAEL MIRSKY • Passaic, N J • Business • Accounting • IM Basketball, Swimming, IF Softboll. Football, Trock; Tou Epsilon Phi, treos. 3, 4; IF Council; Hillel; Accounting Assn, vice-pres 2, sec. 3, Circle K, board of directors 4 Dormitory Government Freshmon Camp Staff 4 temple universityANDREA DIANE MlSH • Cl.Iron Heights. Po • Educot.on • Business • Delta Phi Epsilon Business Ed Club LINDA HELENE MOERMAN • Ph.lodelphio, Po. • Education • Elementary • Kappo Delta Epsilon, publicity chrmn 4, Hilicl. ECEEd Club, class pres. 4 LOUIS SIDNEY MOHOLLEN • Roslyn, Pa • Education • Elc-mentory • Kappa Phi Koppo, sec 3, Circle K ROSEMARIE RITA MOLETTlERE • Lonsdale. Po • Educot.on • Secondary • IM Softball Newman Club; Itolion Club, French Club JEROME R MOLIVER • Philodelphio, Pa • Business • Marketing FRANCINE MYRA MOLLEN • Ph.lodelphio. Pa • Education • Elementary • ECEEd Council, vice-pres. 4 IRIS MADLEY MOLOTSKY • Philadelphia, Po • Arts • History, CAROL BERNHARD MONASH • Ph.lodelph.o, Po • Arts • Mothemotics • Women's Glee Club ELLIS ALAN MONASH • Philadelphia, Pa • Arts • Phys.cs • Sigma Pi Sigmo. Pi Mu Epsilon; Hillel; Circle K; Student Tutor Assn HENRY THOMAS MONROE • Ph.lodelphio, Pa • Business • Pre-Low. BRENDA ANNE MOON • Philodelphio, Po • Education • Secondary • Delta S.gmo Theto HUGH A MOONEY • Philadelphia, Pa. • Educot.on • Heolth, Physieol, and RecrcotiOn • Vorsity Scccor. HPER Club, TILGHMAN LEWIS MOORE • Philadelphia, Po. • Educot.on • Health, Physical, ond Recreot.on • Vorsity Gymnostics; Kappa Alpha Psi. HPER Club HENRY L MORGANSTEIN • Bayonne. N J • Arts • Psychology • Hillel; Alpho Phi Omego; Owl Club DAVID JEROME MORLEY • Queens, N Y • Education • Ele-mentory STEPHEN M MORRIS • Huntingdon Valley, Pa • Arts • Physic, • Sigmo Pi s.gmo, pres 4, Owl Club, vice-pres 4, Hillel. Alpha Phi Omego THEODORE MORRIS • Philodelphio. Po • Arts • Chemistry • Vorsity Football. Track; Chemistry Society JAMES STEWART MORRISON • Haddonficld, N J • Community College • Architectural Design. class of nineteen sixty-oneBERNARD MOSKOW • Philodelphio, Po • Business • Administration • Alpho Delta Sigmo, pres. 3, 4. ESTHER RUTH MOSKOW • Philadelphia. Pa • Education • Elc-mentory • ECEEd Club, freshman advisor 4 International Relations Club MARSHA G. MOSS • Philadelphia, Po • Educotion • Secondary • Modern Dance. Philosophy Club; International Relations Club, ADA ABDELLAHF MOULINE • Robat, Morocco • Arts • Politico! Science • International Soccer Club; Internotionol Club; "Temple News." WRTI RUSSELL MULKEWYCZ • Camden, N J • Community ColloQe • Electronics Technology • Newman Club GEORGIA ANN MULLER • Philodelph.o, Po • Commun.ty College • Basic Business • CC Women's Assn . Newman Club LEROY MUNDY • Jenkmtown Po • Community College • Mortuary Science HARRY MURPHY. JR • Philadelphia, Po • Community College • Bosic Business • MAA HARRY J MURPHY. JR • Philadelphia. Po • Educot.on • Sec -ondary PHYLLIS SHEILA MYERS • Philadelphia. Pa • Arts • Biology • Alpha Sigma Pi HARVEY DANIEL MYERSON • Philadelphia, Po • Business • Pre-Low • IM Basketball, Softball; Finance Club; Circle K; Pre-Low Assn BARBARA JOAN NALVEN • York, Po • Business • Communications • WRTI-AM, music director, program director 2. WRTl-FM, traffic director 3, continuity director 3, Vestpocket Theotre; Women's Resident Assn., floor chrmn 3. big-sister chrmn , exec board, junior counsellor 4. MICHAEL ANTHONY NEGRA • Philadelphia, Po • Business • Pre-Low CAROL HARRIET NELSON • Philadelphia, Po • Educotion • Elementary • Koppa Delta Epsilon, sec 4; Hillel; ECEEd Council FAITH NEMIROFF • Philadelphia, Po • Education • Elementary • Astron; Phi Sigma Sigma, corr. sec 3, 4; Koppa Delta Epsilon; ECEEd Club LENORE LEAH NEMKOF • Philadelphia Po. • Education • Music • Orchestra, Music Ed Choir; Hillel. JUDITH ELLEN NEUBAUER • Philadelphia, Po • Educotion • Elementary • Hillel FREDERICK GORDON NEUDOERFFER • Ambler Po • Community College • Architectural Design temple universityMYRON NEVINS • Woodbine N J. • Art • Biology CYRIL NEWMAN • Ph.ladelphio, Po Ar,» Chemistry • Chemistry Society MARK M NEWMAN • Philodclphio. Po Business • Morketmg • Beta Gommo Sigmo; Alpha Della Sigma, Marketing Club, vicc-pres. 2. MARSHALL DANIEL NEWMARK • Philodelph.o, Po. • Business • Administration • Pi Lombdo Phi, ROA, SAM, Hillel, house chrmn 3, 4 MILTON STEVEN NEWMAN • Philadelphia, Pa • Business • Administration • Diamond Drill Tcom ROA, treos 4 HORACE J NICE • Philadelphia, Pa • Community College • Electronics Technology. I FRANK NICHOLAS NlCOLINI • Philodclphio. Po • Arts • Biology • Alpho Sigmo Pi. Newman Club PATRICIA CAROLYN NIEMYTSKl • Berlin. N J • Community College • Secretarial LINDA ANN NIVERT • Scranton, Po • Education • Secondary MYRNA REVA NORWITZ • Philadelphia, Pa • Arts • English • Astron, pres 4; English Honor Society, sec 4. "Stylus;' WRTI, Hillel, Freshman Orientation 2, 3, steering comm 4 EVELYN M NOTlS • Philadelphia, Pa • Education • Secondary • Hillel, Sec, Ed. Student Assn., trip comm. 1, 2. sec 2 JOSEPH L NOTTAGE, JR. • Philadelphia, Po • Community College • Electronics Technology WILLA S NOVECK • Roosevelt, N. J • Arts • History • Delta Sigma Pho, Phi Alpha Theta; Hillel, choir 2, 3, 4. Speakers Union; Le Cercle Francois; Resident Women's Student Assn , sec 3, scholarship chrmn 4 DENNIS ROSCOE OBERHOLTZER • Coopersburg, Po • Business • Administration • Alpha Chi Rho; Diomond Bond; Men’s Glee Club. Concert Choir, pres 4 SAM. IF Council, trees. 3. SUZAN SANKEL ODEN • Philadelphia Po • Education • Elementary • Hillel. SZO ii am SAMUEL JOSEPH O'KANE JR • Haddon Heights N J • Business • Management ANTHONY M OLIVETO Pennsauken N. J • Business • Administration • Tau Delto Phi custos 2, IM Bowling. Softball. IF Bowling, Softball WALTER A OLT, JR • Marlton N J • Community College • Electronics Technology. class of nineteen sixty-oneDAVID H OPATOW • Philodelphio, Po • Arts • English • English Honor Society, Temployers; Hillel; French Club; Circle . K; Freshman Orientation PHOEBE ZIMMERMAN ORLOFF • Philodelphio, Po • Education • Elementary • ECEEd Club, pres. 4, RICHARD H OSMAN • Upper Darby, Po • Business • Morket-ing • Varsity Cross Country, Wrestling, copf. 4, IF Football; Sigma Pi. Marketing Club JANETTE LILLIAN PACKER • Woodbury, N J. • Education • Nursing. CONSTANCE MARHIONE PAGANO • Vineland, N J • Education • Elcmcntory GEORGE EDWARD PALMER • Philodelphio, Po. • Business • Accounting • Varsity Bosketball, Trock. Cross Country. R08ERT RUSSO PALMER • Pennsauken, N.J • Community College • Bosic Business • Newmon Club VIRGINIA ALICE PANCOAST • Philadelphia. Po. • Education • Music • Alpho Gommo Delta; Music Ed Chorus Concert Choir, sec. 4 RALPH ANDREW PAOLONE • Drexel Hill. Pa. • Business • Management • Alpha Phi Dclto FRANK PARMET • Philadelphia, Pa • Business • Accounting • Accounting Assn. NORMA JUNE PASCAL • Philadelphia. Po • Education • Ele-mentory • Koppa Delto Epsilon, treos. 2, 3, 4; Hillel. ECEEd Club, freshman advisor 4, Mitten Student League. BALLI N. PATEL • Philadelphia, Po. • Business • Industrial Management • Varsity Cricket JOHN M PAWLING • Media, Pa • Community College • Electronics Technology. JOHN WILLIAM PAZDRICK • Reading, Pa. • Community College • Architectural Design. SUSAN SORTINO PECARSKY • Philadelphia. Po • Education • Secondary • SNEA sec 3, 4 SONDRA L PElTZMAN • Lonsdale. Po • Education • Elemen-tory. ROSEMARIE E PELLEGRINO • Langhorne. Po • Education • Elementory • VoHoyboll, Basketball, Tennis; Alpha Sigma Alpho, sgt-af-arms 2 pledgemaster, greek sing chrmn 3. pres 4 Newmon Club, ECEEd Club, vice-pres. 3; Freshman Orientotion 1.2, 3. 4, Freshman Comp Staff 3,4 Mitten Student League. BARBARA ELAINE PENNOCK • Philadelphia Po • Education • Elementary • Koppa Delto Epsilon, membership chrmn. 4 ECEEd Council. temple universityR08ERT E PEPE • Yeadon Po • Aft-. • Biology • IF Footboll. Softboll, Bowling; Alpho Phi Delto; Newman Club L STEPHAN PERCHICK • Ph.lodclphio, Po • Community College • 8asic Business • "Owletter;" CC Glee Club; Hillel WAYNE MAXWELL PEREL • Philadelphia Pa • Arts • Chemistry • SDA PEARL KAUFMAN PERLMUTTER • Ph.lodclphio, Po. • Education • Elementary JAMES LAWRENCE PETERSEN • Philadelphia, Po • Business • Accounting • Delto S'gmo Pi, treos 2, 3. 4 Monogemcnt Club MARY AGNES PETERSON • Springfield, N J • Arts • English • Astron; Magnet, vice-pres. 4, Alpha Lambda Delta, WAA. vice-pres. 3, pres. 4. IM Volleyball, Basketball. Softball, Modern Donee; Alpho Sigma Alpho, treos 2, Ponhelicnic rep. 3, Pon-hellenic treos. 4. TEMPLAR, women's sports ed 2; UVP; Resident Women's Student Assn., sec. 2, junior counsellor 2. 3. STEVE PETKOV • Philadelphia, Po. • Arts • Political Science • ADA; NAACP EDWINA RITA PICCIOTTI • Philadelphia, Po. • Education • Business • Alpha Sigma Tou. Italian Club. GILBERT CARROLL PIERCE, JR • Philadelphia, Po • Business • Administration • IF Footboll, Soccer, Boskctboll, Boseboll; Sigma Pi; SAM VALENTINE FRANK PILAREK • Nonticoke. Po • Arts • Physics • Phi Alpho Theta MARY OLIVIA PINKETT • Philadelphia, Po. • Education • Secondary • Kappa Delta Epsilon; Alpha Koppo Alpha, asst deon of pledges 4 SANDRA FAYE PINTZOW • Philadelphia, Po. • Education • Home Economics • Alpho Lombda Delto, Hillel, welfare comm 4; Home Ec Club, vice-pres 4 WALTER RONALD PIRIE • Toronto, Conado • Arts • Physics • Sword Society, sec. 4. Pi Mu Epsilon; Sigmo Pi Sigmo DIANA THERESA PISANELLI • Ph.lodclphio, Pa. • Education • Nursery, Kindergarten, and Primary • Theta Upsilon, guord 2. pres. 3, 4 Ponhelicnic rep 2, treos. 3, Newman Club SHEILA B PITT • Philadelphia, Po. • Education • Secondary CARMEN A PLA • Philadelphia, Pa • Education • Secondary • Club Amistad, International Club MARSHA POGACH • Philadelphia, Po. • Tyler • Fine Arts and Education • Phi Sigmo Sigma, parliamentarian 4, vice-pres 5; TEMPLAR, Tyler ed. 3, 4, 5, Jozz Club, Hillel; Freshmon Camp Staff 4; Freshmon Orientotion 4, Tyler Freshman Orientation 3, 4, 5; Tyler Student Council 4 Student Rep Club RICHARD M POKRAS • Huntingdon Volley, Po • Business • Administration • Scabbord ond Blode; IF Softboll, Footboll Sigma Pi, Concert Choir; Men's Glee Club SAM class of nineteen sixty-oneMYRNA E POLAK • Philodelphio, Po • Education • Secondary • "Stylus,” BETTY GROVE PONTZ • Philodelph.o Po • Educot.on • Health. Physical, ond Recreation, MARION EVELYN POOLE • Havertown Po • Educotion • Music • Orchestra Music Ed Chorus; Music Ed. Club treos 3 CHARLES LESTER POPE • Trenton N, J. Community College • Mechanical Design SYLVIA POPPER • Philodelphio, Po. • Arts • Speech and Dramatics LEONARD PORTNOY • Philadelphia. Po • Community College • Generol Arts JOSEPH LOUIS PORTO • Philadelohio, Po • Business • Pre-Low • IF Football, Baseball, Bowling, Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Track, Handball; Alpho Phi Delta, hist 2. sociol chrmn. 3, vice-prev 3, 4 MARITH ANNE POTTER • Maple Glen Po • Educotion • Elementary • IM Volleyball. Basketball; Alpha Sigma Alpha, sec 3. vice-prcs, 4; TEMPLAR, sports ed. 4; Drum Majorette, capt 4; Freshman Comp Stall 2; Freshman Orientation 2; Hostess Comm,; White Supper, publicity comm chrmn 3, 4, International Club. RONALD HARVEY PRAGER • Camden, N J • Business • Real Estate ond Insurance • "Temple News;" Hillel y JEANIE CARTER PRALL • Boonton. N J • Tyler • Art Educotion • Tyler Chorus; Tyler Council 2, 3 LYELL HAMILTON PRICE • Lonsdowne. Po • Business • Pre-Low • Orchestro, TCF; Finonce Club SHELDON PRUSHAN • Ph.lodelphio, Po • Business • Accounting • Tau Epsilon Phi. PHYLLIS ETHEL PUGASH • Philodelph.o, Pa • Community College • Secretonol • WAA, treos 4. Hillel, Owlettcr reporter, CC pres. I, 4; CC Student Council; Publicity Comm , chrmn 4 CC Women's Assn. ANTHONY STEPHEN PUGLISI • Ph.lodelph.o, Po • Arts • Biology • Rifle Teom Alpho Phi Delto ROBERT CHARLES QUIDORT • Philodelph.o, Po • Business • Administration • SAM, sec 3, vice-pres 4 ROBERT GABRIEL RABBEN • Ph.lodelphio, Po • Arti • Political Science • Scobbord and Blade, Diamond Torch, Hillel, ROA, pres 4; Diomond Rifle Drill Team, first so' 2. pledgemostcr 3. capt 4. ESTELLE RABINOWITZ • Philadelphia Po • Educotion • Business • Hillel Bus Ed Club SNEA CHARLES L RADBILL • Philodelph.o, Po • Arts • Biology • Fencing, WRTl cnqmeer-onncuncer 1. 2 International Relotrcns Club temple universityTOBY RAIT • Hewlett Horbor, N Y Educot.on • Elementary JAROPOLK RAKOWSKY • Philodelphio, Pa • Arts • Psychology ROBERT A RANDALL • Philadelphia, Pa. • Community College • Electronics Technology REINA ANITRA RAPPAPORT • Ph.lodelphia, Po • Educot.on • Elemcntory • Astron; Koppa Delto Epsilon; Hillel; ECEEd Club; XYW, Mitten Student Leogue JAMES HEILMAN REBER • Ph.lodelph.o, Pa. • Business • Accounting LINUS N. REBHORN • Philadelphia, Po. • Business • Administration. JUDITH POULETTE REDWITZ • Cornwells Heights, Po • Education • Elemenfory NANCY CAROLE REESE • Philadelphia, Pa. • Education • Elemenfory HARRY ROBERT REEVE • Glen Mills, Po • Business • Marketing • Marketing Club. MERVIN L REGENER • Modena, Po • Business • Accounting • IM Basketball, Soccer. Acounting Assn. HENRY W. REINBOLD • Philadelphia, Pa. • Community College • Electronics Technology. CHARLES GEORGE REINHARDT • Philadelphia, Po. • Arts • Physics RONALD REISMAN • Philadelphia, Po. • Arts • Economics • Spomsh Honor Society; Tau Epsilon Phi; Hillel; SAM, pres 4 Morkcting Club; International Relations Club SELMA REISMAN • Philodelphio. Po. • Arts • Spon.sh • Spon.sh Honor Society; Orchestra; International Club VIVIAN M RENSHAW • Philadelphia, Po • Educot.on • Nursery, Kmdcrgorten, Primory. MARYANN REPICE • Merchontv.lle, N. J • Educot.on • Secondary • Newmon Club; Bowling. BARBARA RESNICK • Philodelphio, Po • Arts • Biology • Alpha Sigma Pi; Iota Alpha Pi, Ponhellenic rep 2, v.ce-pres. 3. pres 4; Ponhellenic Council, corr sec 2 ENOCH F. RESNICK • Philadelphia, Po. • Arts • History • Ph. Alpho Theto, vice-pres., treos 4. Sigma Delto Phi; Hillel. bos-ketboll coach 2, treos. 3. 4 class of nineteen sixty-oneCATHERINE M RESPASS • Philodelphio, Pa • Arls • English • "Stylus ' ossoc cd. 3, 4. Temploycrs; Women's Glee Club; Newmon Club; Three Arrows Club. SDA, NAACP DONNA AUDREY RHODES • Philadelphia. Pa • Education • Nursery, Kindergarten, ond Primary, JUNE ERMA RlEDRICH • Ridley Pork, Pa • Tyler • Sculpture. ELAINE ANN RIEFEN8ERG • Hozleton, Po. • Tyler • Art Education • Alpho Gammo Delto; Peabody Holl, |unior counsellor 2. 3, publicity chrmn 3; Freshman Orientotion 2. LINDA DORIS RILEY • Philadelphia. Pa • Education • Elementary • ECEED Club. ROBERT H RITTER • Warminster, Po • Business • Accounting GEORGE A ROBERTSON • Chester, Po • Community College • Electronics Technology. RONALD R. ROBERTSON • Chester, Po • Community College • Electronics Technology. MARCIA ELLEN ROBINSON • Jenkintown, Po • Education • Elementary • Phi Sigma Sigmo, pledge mistress 2, 3. treas. 3, 4 MICHAEL JOHN RODELLE • Woodbine. N, J • Arts • English • Phi Sigmo Delta. HERMAN ROGUL • Philadelphia, Po. • Business • Journalism • Cricket, capt 3, 4, Sigma Delto Chi. "Temple News," copy cd. 2, sports ed. 3, monoging cd 4, TEMPLAR, sports ed 3 VICTOR F RONE • Vineland, N. J. • Arts • Political Science • Varsity Track. IF Football, Bosketball. Pi Lambdo Phi, vice-pres 3, 4. JAY I ROSEMAN • Comden, N. J • Business • Reol Estote and Insurance. BARRY ROSENBERG • Philadclpiho, Pa • Business • Communications • "Temple News," WRTI-FM, sports diretcor 4 MARTIN ROSENBERG • Philadelphia, Po. • Education • Secondary • Sec Ed Student Assn , trip comm 3, 4, elections comm chrmn 4 SNEA. NAOMI FRAN ROSENBERG • Havertown, Po • Arts • Psychology • Psi Chi; English Honor Society, Astron; Orchestra; Mitten Student League JERRY SAMUEL ROSENBLOOM • Philadelphia. Po. • Business • Administration • IF Footboll, Bosketball, Softball, Pi Lambda Phi; Millet. Finance Society; SAM, Student Council, vice-pres 4; Freshmon Camp Staff 4 Freshman Orientotion 2. 3, Alpho Phi Omcgo; IM Bosketball MICHAEL ROSENFElD • Philodelphio, Po • Arts • Psychology temple university1 LOIS THERESA ROSENFELT • Ph.lodelphio. Po • Educotion • Secondory • Women's Glee Club; Sec. Ed Student Assn , social comm , chrmn 2, 3 JERALD LOUIS ROSENTHAL • Philadelphia, Po • Education • Secondary • Phi Alpho Theto; Ses Ed Student Assn, ed 1,2; Hillel; Owl Club, vice-pres. 3, counsellor 4 SANDRA C. ROSS • Philadelphia, Pa. • Educotion • Secondary • Sec. Ed Student Assn., bridge club 2 STEVEN ALAN P.OTH • Philadelphia, Pa. • Business • Pre-Low • Alpha Phi Omego; University Theatre. JAMES ARTHUR ROTHERMEL • Polmyro, Po • Community College • Mortuary Science. DAVID HOWARD ROTHSTEIN • Ph.lodelphio, Pa. • Educotion • Secondary • Vorsity Footboll GEORGE SAMUEL RUCH • Ph.lodelphio, Po. • Tyler • Art Educotion • Tyler Student Council R08ERT ALLEN RUDOLPH • V.nelond, N J. • Community College • Bosic Business • MAA, Hillel. JOHN FRANCIS RUFF • Philadelphia, Po • Business • Administration • Vorsity Footboll. MICHELENE RUGGIERO • Wind Gop, Po • Educotion • Music • Alpha Gommo Delto, choploin 3, pres 4; Women's Glee Club, Concert Choir, Music Ed Club, sec. 4, Mitten Student League. Resident Women's Student Assn , treos 3 FRED A RUPLEY • Wormmster, Pa • Business • Industrial Management. JAMES A RUSSELLO • Philadelphia, Pa. • Community College • Electronics Technology RALPH J RUSSO • Eost Lonsdowne, Po • Community College • Technology. ROSEMARIE RUSSO • Laurel Springs, N. J. • Education • Secondary • Magnet, pres. 4, IM Sports; Alpha Gamma Delto, rush capt. 2, greek weekend rep. 2, 3, greek donee, co-chrmn. 2, 3, pres. 3; TEMPLAR, co-features cd. 3; Newman Club. SNEA, vice-pres. 2; Mitten Student League; Freshman Orientation 1,2, 3, 4; Freshmon Comp Stoff 3 ETTA LEE RUTHBERG • Merion, Po. • Education • Elementory • Phi Sigma Sigmo, Mitten Student Lcogue PETER M RYAN • Philadelphia, Po • Community College • Electronics Technology EVE SACHS • Philadelphia, Po. • Educotion • Elementary • ECEEd Council, rep. 4 STUART STEVEN SAGEL • Philadelphia, Po • Arts • Biology • Alpha Sigmo Pi; Chemistry Society; Phi Sigmo Delto; Student Tutor Assn class of nineteen sixty-oneDIANA H SALKIND • Philodelphio, Pa • Education • Elemen-tory • Mognet; Astron, vice-pres. 3, 4, Alpha Lambda Delto; Phi Sigma Sigma, rec. sec, 3, Kappa Delta Epsilon; "Temple News;" Freshmon Handbook Comm; Humor Mogoxine Staff, Hillel, Mitten Student League, Cheerleader, Freshman Camp Staff 4, Student-Focultv Conference; Spirit Comm , chrmn 3; English Honor Society, TEMPLAR 4 RITA SALUS • Philadelphia, Pa • Arts • Psychology • Women's Glee Club, Hillel; Psi Chi. ADRIAN ALEXANDER SAMOJLOWlCZ • Philadelphia, Pa • Business • Administration • Scobbord ond 8lode; IM Bosketball, Softball, Soccer. Delta Sigma Pi, trees 3; OCF, Reserve Officers’ Assn. m i? AW ARLEEN SAMUELSON • Ph.ladelph.o, Pa • Education • Secondary • Concert Dance, Mitten Student League. JOHN BARRY SAPOZNIKOFF. JR. • Philadelphia, Po • An-. • Biology • Varsity Swimming. Alpho Phi Omcgo, Alpha S«gma Pi JAY EDWARD SATZ • Philadelphia, Pa • Arts • Biology. BEVERLY SATZ8ERG • Philadelphia, Po • Education • Elementary • "Temple News;" Hillel, sec. 2; Mitten Student Lcogue JUDY SAUL • Margote, N J • Education • Music • Music Ed Chorus; Hillel LAWRENCE ALAN SAUNDERS • Morgate City, N J • Arts • Biology • Tennis; Alpha Phi Omega, treos., vice-pres 4, WRTI Diomond Band, German Club; International Club. V MICHAEL JERRY SAVAR • Philodclphio, Po • Business • Administration • IM Bosketball, Fotboll; Hillel; Diomond Bond; Reserve Officers' Assn; Pi Lambda Phi. G. THOMAS SCHAFER • Pcwoukee, W.s • Tyler • Fine Arts • Theta Chi; Tyler Chorus, Modern Dance SIDNEY SAUL SCHAFFER • Philadelphia, Po • Business • Real Estote ond Insurance GERALD MARVIN SCHALL • Philadelphia, Po chology • Owl Club, WRTI; Hillel Arts • Psy- JUDITH ELLEN SCHIFFMAN • Wilkes-Borre. Po Elementary • Women's Glee Club; Hillel Education STEVEN S. SCHOENSTADT • Landsdowne, Po • Business • Marketing • Rifle Team; Owl Club, trees 3, pres 4 Hillel; Marketing Club. SHEILA SCHREIBSTEIN • Camden, N J • Arts • French • Delta Phi Epsilon, treos. 2, Tcmployers; Reader's Theatre, sec 3, 4; Vestpocket Theatre, Hillel; French Club, sec -treos 3, 4; Gcrmon Club; Spanish Club ROBERT C. SCHULTZ • Philadelphia, Po • Community College • Electronics Technology. BARBARA SCHWARTZ temple university iCHARLES S. SCHWARTZ • Ph.lodelph.o, Po • Business • Mor-ketmg • Marketing Club; Management Club. SHARI MURIEL SCHWARTZ • H.cksv.lle, N Y • Business • Journalism • Hillcl, choir 3, 4 MARILYN SUE SEELY • Villanovo, Po • Education • Elementary ALLAN ROBERT SEGAL • Philodelphio, Pa • Business • Administration • Beta Gamma Sigmo; SAM ARNOLD SEGAL • Philadelphia, Po • Business • Pre-Low • Freshmon Camp Staff 4, "Stylus," Pre-Low Assn ROSALIE SEGAL • Philadelphia, Po • Arts • Mothemotics • Pi Mu Epsilon; "Temple News;" Hillcl LOIS ANNE SEIGLE • Philodelphio, Po • Education • Elementary • Women's Glee Club. Concert Choir DOLORES INA SELIKOWITZ • New Brunswick, N. J • Education • Elementary • Hillel JUDITH SELKOW • Philadelphia, Po • Community College • Secretarial • Bowling Club; Softball; WAA Donee Comm . CC Women's Assn , Float Comm., "Owletter;" Hillel, CC vice-pres. 2. MERLE CAROLE SEMMEL • Philadelphia, Po • Education • Prc-Sociol Work • Bowling Club; Hillcl; Sec. Ed Student Assn., foculty relations comm 4, XYW, sec 3, 4 FRANCIS PETER SERPENTE • Ph.lodelph.o, Po • Commun.ty College • Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration. DORIS LORRAINE SETTLES • Sharon Hill. Po • Education • Business • Bodmin ton; "Temple News"; TCF; Business Ed Club FLORENCE G. SHANE • Philodelphio, Pa. • Education • Secondary • IM Basketball, Bowling; Newman Club; Math Society GLADY5 MIR YAM SHANE • Londsdolc, Po • Education • Elementary. LOUIS J. SHANE • Philadelphia, Po. • Community College • Electronics Technology. DONALD ROY SHAPIRO • West Orange. N J • 8us.ncss • Accounting • Tou Epsilon Phi STEVEN LAWRENCE SHAPIRO • Camden, N J • Business • Accounting • IF Bowling, Softball. Basketball; IF Sports Council, rep. 2. treos. 3, 4; Tou Delto Phi, momu od 2, 3, vice-pres 4 Hillel, Acounting Assn; Circle K. ALAN LEWIS SHARKIS • Philadelphia, Po • Arts • Mathematics Rifle Teom, copt 3, 4, ROA class of nineteen sixty-oneJOEL SHEAR • Philodelphio, Po. • Arts • History • Pre-Low Assn.; Freshmon Orientation I, 2, 3; Student Council 3; ADA, vice-chrmn 3, chrmn 4; International Relations Council; NAA-CP, CVP; UVP. LOIS BARBARA SHECHTMAN • Philadelphia, Pa • Education • Secondary • English Honor Society; "Stylus," SNEA HENRY PATRICK SHIELDS • Philadelphia, Pa. • Arts • Economics • Phi Kappa Theta. EPHRAIM SHOCHET • Philadelphia, Po. • Business • Administration • Russian Club; Fmonce Society. N DEBORAH SHOENFELD • Melrose Park, Po • Education • Business • Hillel; Secretarial Club; Business Ed Club. SNEA. JOHN FRANCIS SHOOSMITH • Philadelphia, Pa. • Education • Secondary. BARBARA M SHORE • Philadelphia, Po • Business • Accounting • Beta Alpha Psi, corr sec 3, treas 4. Beta Gamma Sigmo; Hillcl, AJA chrmn 4 LEONARD B SHORE • Philadelphia, Po. • Business • Finance. GERALD AARON SHUSTERMAN • Philadelphia, Pa • Education • Health, Physical, and Recreation ROMAN JOSEPH SHWED • Philadelphia, Pa. • Community College • Architectural Design orvd Building Construction • Ukrainian Club; Newman Club HANO ARMIN SIEGEL • Philodelphio, Pa • Arts • Biology • Alpha Sigmo Pi; Chemistry Society; Student Tutor Assn BERNARD SlGEL • Philadelphia, Po. • Education • Business • Business Ed Club RITA C. SILBERBERG • Philadelphia, Pa. • Education • Business • Astron, sec 4, Alpha Lambdo Delta; Phi Sigmo Sigmo; Hillel; Business Ed Club; XYW. Freshmon Comp Stoff 2, 3. Freshmon Orientation I. exec comm. 2, 3, 4. DAVID CHARNEY SILVERMAN • Philodelphio, Po • Business • Journalism • Theto Alpho Phi, vice-pres. 3, pres 4; "Temple News"; Templayers, hist. 3, exec officer 4; WRTI, Hillel. ELAINE JOAN SILVERMAN • Philadelphia. Po • Tyler • Fine Arts. MARVIN SILVERMAN • Philadelphia, Pa. • Education • Secondary • English Honor Society; Varsity Tennis; Sec. Ed Student Assn , exec boord. public rolotions chrmn. 3, Circle K. PAUL BARRY SILVERMAN • Philadelphia. Pa. • Arts • Biology • IM Sports LINDA ANN SIMON • Eoston. Pa • Education • Elementary • Hillel; Student Rep Club, vice-pres 3, Peobody Hall Council, tumor counsellor 3. temple universityBusiness SALVATORE FRED SIMON • Clcmenton. N J • Administration. PATRICIA OWEN SIMONS • Ph.lodelph.o, Po • Arts • English • IM Bosketboll. Volleyball, Alpha Sigma Alpho, UCM Fresh-fflon Camp Staff 2 CAROL ZEITZ SIMPSON • Philadelphia, Po • Education • Elementary • Koppo Dclto Epsilon. JOHN PATRICK SIMPSON, JR. • Philodclphio, Po • Business • Communications • IF Softball, Soccer, Football, Basketball, IM Basketball; Alpho Chi Rho, sgt-ot-arms 2, pledgcmoster 3, pres 4; IF Weekend, chrmn. 4, Men's Glee Club; Concert Choir; Frcshmon Orientation 3. BARTON ALLEN SINGER • Ph.lodelphio, Po • Arts • Psychology • English Honor Society, Sword Society; German Society, Men's Glee Club. University Theatre; Reader's Theotre RUTH LANDIS SINGER • Philadelphia, Pa. • Education • Music • Koppo Delta Epsilon; Alpha Lombdo Delta; Music Ed Chorus, Opera Workshop STANLEY STEPHAN SKORB • Philodelph.o, Po • Business • Journolism • Phi Alpho Theto; ''Stylus;'' "Temple News." DORIS J. SMITH • Philadelphia, Po. • Business • Communications • Alpho Lambda Delta; Theto Sigma Phi, vice-pres 4 "Temple News," city ed., managing ed 3, editonol writer 4. DOROTHY DAKERS SMITH • Clinton, S. C • Education • Home Economics • Home Ec Club. RICHARD FONT SMITH • Philadelphia, Pa. • Education • Secondary • TCF; See Ed Student Assn., vice-pres 3, Alpho Phi Omego, pres. 3. ROBERT ALVOID SMITH • Philadelphia, Pa • Tyler • Design • Varsity Gymnostics; Tyler Student Council 3 SANDRA LAVESON SMITH • Melrose Pork, Pa • Education • Elementary • Koppo Delta Epsilon, vice-pres 4; Hillel; ECEEd Club; Mitten Student League SAYDEAN SMITH • Philadelphia, Po • Arts • Physics • Sigmo Pi Sigmo, sec 4 STANLEY B. SMULLEN III • Philadelphia, Po • Business • Administration • SAM, treos 4 Amcricon Finance Society AUDREY MITNICK SNYDER • Philadelphia, P0 • Educot.cn • Secondary • Hillel. Sec Ed Student Assn GEORGE JOSEPH SMITH • Eroil, N. J • Community College • Electronics Technology. HARRY ROBERT SMITH • Conshohocken. Po • Business • Accounting. JOEL N SMITH • Philadelphia, Pa • Business • Marketing. class of nineteen sixty-oneJOEL HANK SNYDER • Philodelphio, Pa. • Arts • Biology • Freshman Basketball, IF Football, Basketball, Alpha Epsilon Pi MAXINE WEXLER SNYDMAN • Penn Volley, Po • Educot.on • Elementary CARL SOIFER • Philadelphia, Po • Business • Pre-Law • IM Basketball; Hillel, Pre-Law Assn MURRAY C SOSS • Philodclph.o, Po • Art-. • Mathematics • IM Basketball; Hillel, Mitten Student League. MADELEINE SOUDRY • Moknes, Morocco • Arts English LOUIS MICHAEL SPAGNUOLO • Philadelphia, Pa • Community College • Electronics Technology. JOHN ANTHONY SPARTA • Havertown, Pa • Community College • Bosic Business • MAA TONI N SPECKER • Philadelphia, Pa • Educotion • Elementary • ECEEd Club PHYLLIS H. SPECTOR • Philadelphia, Pa • Educot.on • Elementary • Vestpocket Theotre, WRTI; Dcbote Club MARCIA LOIS SPERLING • Philadelphia, Po. • Educot.on • Elementary • Orchestra. ROBERT M SPERLING • Philadelphia, Pa • Education • Music • Orchestro, Diamond Bond. Music Ed. Chorus EDWARD JON SPESHOCK, JR • Teaneck, N. J. • Arts • English • IF Football, Bosketboll. Softball; Sigmo Pi; Dorm. Council, pres. I. LYLE WILLIAM SPIELMAN • Philadelphia, Po • Business • Accounting. THEODORE PERRY SPIVAK • Philadelphia, Pa • Business • Real Estote ond Insurance • IF Boseboll. Footboll; Pi Lombdo Phr, sec 2. piedgemoster 3 ERWIN SPRINGER • Philadelphia. Po • Arts • Psychology Pti Ch, HELEN MARIE STACK • Nont.coke, Pa • Arts • Sociology • Tempfaycrs. Debating Club; Speakers' Union ERNEST D STATON • Woodbury, N J • Community College • Technology ROSALIE EMMA STAUB • Philadelphia, Pa • Arts • Philosophy • UCM, pres. 4, Philosophy Club; German Club, pres 4, International Club, sec 4. Women's Glee Club temple universityCLIFTON BERTRAM STEELMAN • Hovertown, Po • Community College • Mortuory Science. MAX M STEIN • Philodclphio, Pa. • Community College • Mechomcol Design. ANDREA MYRA STEINBACH • Philadelphia, Pa • Arts • Speech ond Dramatics • Women's Glee Club. WRTI; Hillel, choir 2. 4. Internotionol Club; Theotre Crew ROBERT N STEINBERG • Philodclphio, Po. • Business • Ad-rmnistrotion. MARVIN SAUL STEINER • Chillum, Md. • Arts • Biology Alpha Sigma Pi; Hillel; Alpha Phi Omogo; Owl Club. HARVEY STERN • Philadelphia, Po • Business • Accounting JEROME CORTEZ STEVENSON • Ph.lodelphio. Pa. • Arts • Sociology • IM Basketball; NAACP, vicc-prcs 3 JEROME PAUL STEWART • Hoddonfield, N. J. • Business • Marketing RICHARD STEWART • Schoeneck, Po. • Community College • Architectural Design KATHLEEN JEAN STICKEL • Margate, N J • Arts • Philosophy • Fencing; Orchcstro. UCM. Canterbury Club, pres. 4; Philosophy Club. MARTIN STRAFF • Philodelphio, Pa • Business • Retailing • Varsity 8aseboll; IF Football, Basketball, Volleyboll; Alpho Epsilon Pi. JAY A STRASSBERG • Philadelphia, Pa. • Business • Communications • Vorsity Fencing; Alpho Epsilon Pi; WRTI-AM-FM Hillel. ANN STRAUSS • Philodclphio, Po. • Education • Elementary • Koppo Delto Epsilon; Hillel. JAY DAVID STRIEB • Philodelphio, Po • Arts • Physics • Sigmo Pi Sigma. DARRELL GENE STRONG • Hoddonfield, N. J. • Arts • Chemistry. MARJORIE VERONICA SULLIVAN • Philadelphia, P0 • Community College • Generol Arts • Bawling; WAA, dance 3. Softball. TEMPLAR; "Owlettcr," osst cd 2; CC Glee Club. Newmon Club; Float Comm CC Women's Assn., pres 4 CC Student Council, vicc-prcs 3, 4, dccorotions, refreshment comm organizations comm., chrmn 4, publicity comm , chrmn 4 FREDERICK H SURGENER • Ph.lodelphio, Pa • Community College • Electronics Technology. SHERYL RONDA SUSSMAN • Elkins Park. Po • Education • Secondary. class of nineteen sixty-oneJAMES EDWARD SWAGZDlS • Philodetphio, Po • Arts • Biology • Alpho SiQma Pi SHIRLEY TURNOFF SWERDLOFF • Elk.ns Pork. Po. • Educotion • Elcmentory NANCY SONIA SZWEC • Clifton Heights, Po • Arts • Biology • Alpho Sigma P. Alpho Lambda Delto. Newman Club, Ukrainian Club EDMUND JOSEPH SZYMKOWSKI • Philadelphia, Po • Community College • Electronics Technology. ROBERT BURTT TAGGART • Hovcrtown, Pa • Arts • History DONALD TASCA • Philadelphia, Po. • Arts • English. FRANCINE TELMAN • Philadelphia, Po • Arts • Sociology • Phi Alpho Theto ALAN TEPLITSKY • Philadelphia, Po • Arts • English • Spomsh Honor Society; Sword Society; English Honor Society; Pi Lambda Phi, plcdgcmostcr 2, pres. 3, social chrmn 4; TEMPLAR, special feotures ed 3; ADA; Freshman Orientation, co-chrmn. 2, chrmn. 3; Freshman Camp Staff 2. 3, co-director 4. Collegiate D; Student Council 1, sec 2, pres 3. academic affairs commissioner 4; NSA Delegation Chrmn 2 BRENDA SANDRA TEPPER • Atlantic City, N. J • Educot.on • Secondary • Hillel, SZO; Club Amistod, SNEA PHILIP TERRANOVA • Philadelphia, Po • Business • Journolism RAJINDRA THAPAR • Bombay, India • Business • Administration • Cricket Club, sec 4, International Club. KIRK JOHN THIEROFF • Philadelphia, Po. • Educotion • Secondary • TCF, ROA; Sec. Ed Student Assn , vice-pres. 3; Alpho Phi Omega, pledgcmaster 4. ETHLYN I THOMSON • Webster Groves, Mo • Tyler • Art Educotion. ROBERT B THOMPSON • Drexel Hill. Pa • Business • Administration THOMAS ROBERT TIRNEY • Philadelphia, Po. • Business • Administration • IF Footboll, Softball; Sigma Ph. Epsilon, vice-pres. 4 ARCHIE WINFIELD TODD • Philodelph.o. Pa. • Educotion • Secondary. DOLORES LUCILLE TOEWS • King of Prussia. Po. • Educotion • Secondary. FRANK H TOMLINSON. JR • Philadelphia. Po. • Community College • Technology temple universityROBERT CLARANCE TONEY • Ambler, Po • Business • Mor-keting. JACQUELINE GILBERT TOOVY • Chorleston, W Vo • Arts • History • WRTI, Women's Glee Club. Hillel JOSEPH CARMEN TORDONE JR. • Upper Dorby. Po • Com-munity College Electronics Technology. JOHN F. TORRE • Philadclphio, Po • Business • Adm.nistro-tion • IF Basketball; Phi Koppa Theto. social chrmn 2, 3; Newman Club. RUDOLPH S. TORRISI • Hoddon Heights, N. J, • Business • Administration NORMAN H TOWELL • Philadelphia, Po. • Business • Accounting • Varsity Soccer. IM Basketball BARBARA NINA TREISTMAN • Foirlown, N. J. • Educotion • Sccondory • WAA Volleyball; IM Bosketball, Bowling; Delta Phi Epsilon, pres. 2, 3. Jazz Club; Hillel; SNEA; Mitten Student League; Student Rep. Club. Peabody Hall Council, Junior counsellor 3. DONALD DAVID TURNER • Ardmore, Po. • Community College • Architectural Design • CC Student Council SUZANNE PAULA TUROCK • Philodclphio, Po. • Educotion • Secondary • English Honor Society; "Stylus." JOSEPH FLOYO TYSON • Philadelphia, Pa • Tyler • Pointing. JACK HUEY VINOKUR • Media, Po • Education • Secondary DAVID AARON VITT • Philadelphia, Po. • Business • Marketing • Alpha Epsilon Pi, house monager, hist 2; Marketing Club. M ALLAN VOGELSON • Camden, N. J • Business • Accounting • "Temple News;" WRTI; H.llel LAWRENCE ROBERT WAGNER • Philadelphia. Pa • Education • Music. ROBERT MITMAN WAGNER • Eoston, Po. • Community College • Electronics Technology • CC Student Council ROBERT W. WAID • Meodville, Po. • Community College • Mortuory Science • Varsity Basketball; MAA; Pi Sigma Eta; CC Glee Club. Circle K; CC Student Council, pres. 2; Student Coun. cil, treas. 4; CC Cornivol Comm , chrmn. 2. MORRELL MARK WALCOFF • Philodclphio, Po. • Business • Marketing • Morketing Club. PAUL WALINSKY • Philodclphio, Po. • Arts • Biology • Sword Society; Fencing; Owl Club; Hillel. Student Council, class sec.-treos. 3, class pres. 4; Alpha Phi Omega; Freshmon Orientotion 2, steering comm 3,4, Freshman Camp Staff 3. 4 UVP, vice-pres. 3 class of nineteen sixty-oneSAMUEL HENRY WALINSKY Philodelphio. Po. • Education • Heolth. Physical, ond Recreation • Scabbord and Blade; Vorsity Wrestling; Ride Tcom; Phi Epsilon Kappa, pledgemoster 3. ROA. Freshman Football. REBECCA WALKER • Philadelphia, Po • Education • Elementary ALBERT R WALLETE • Feostcrville, N J • Community College • Electronics Technology DONALD CAMERON WALRATH • Levittown. P0 • Arts • Psychology • Psi Chi WILLIAM T WALTERS • Philadelphia, Po • Education • Health, Physical, ond Recreation • IM Basketball, Boseboll, Trompolme Team RICHARD H WANNEMACHER • Haverfown, Po • Educot.on • Heolth, Physical, and Recreation • Cross Country JAMES WARTENBERG • Philodelphio, Po • Community College • Bosic Business • IM Bowling, "Owlctter," Hillel; CC Student Council; Freshmon Orientation, chrmn 4 MAHLON HAROLD WASHINGTON • Chesilhurst. N J • Edu-cation • Secondary • Club Amistad. Willioms Hall Council, vice-pres. 3; Men's Residence Assn, pres 4, Student Council; International Club JOEL OSIAS WASSERMAN • Philadelphia, Po • Business • Accounting. STOUGHTON LOUIS WATTS • Jenkmtown, Po • Education • Elementary • Basketball, Football LAURENCE EDWARD WEAVER • Philadelphia, Pa. • Business • Administration ROBERT L WEAVER • Elkton, Md • Business • Journalism • '’Stylus,” "Temple News." HARVEY AUSTIN WEBB • Phildelphio, Po • Community College • Architectural Design • IM Softball, Football, Bowling. CAROL LEVY WEINER • Philadelphia, Po • Education • Heolth, Physicol. ond Recreation • Vorsity Hockey. Bowling, Archery, Fencing, Volleyball, Delta Psi Kappa, publicity chrmn 2,3, treos. 4 HPER Club CAROL RUTH WEINER • Philodelphio, Po • Arts • Engl.sh • English Honor Society, vice-pres 3. 4; Temployers. sec 3; Panel of Americans; Hillel PHILLIP M WEINSTEIN • Philodelphio, Po • Business • Insurance • IF Sports, Pi lombda Phi DEANNE SHEILA WEINTRAUB • Philadelphia. Po • Education • Elementary • Hillel JUDITH MOSKOWITZ WEINTRAUB • Philadelphia, Po • Education • Elementary temple universityLILY FRISCH WEISBERG • Ph.lodelph.o. Po • Educot.on • Music • Music Ed Chorus; Orchestra; String Ensemble; Hillel NELSON WElSBERG • Philodelphio, Po • Business • Pre-Low • IF Football, Soft boll, Boskctboll; Tau Epsilon Phi. Hillel; IF Sports Council; Sports Cooch 4 PHYLLIS BARNETT WEISMAN • Philodelphio, Po • Arts • Speech • Phi Alpha Theto, sec. 4. JERRY WEISS • Philodelphio, Po • Business • Pre-Low • Trock, Men's Glee Club. JOEL HERBERT WEISS • Philodelphio, Po. • Business • Accounting • Hillel. LOIS RUTH WEISS • Philadelphia, Po • Education • Elementary • ECEEd Council, class vice-pres., hostess I. MARTIN WEISS • Philodelphio, Pa. • Business • Pre-Low RICHARD DAVID WEISS • Harrisburg, Po. • Arts • Biology • Alpha Sigma Pi; Sword Society; IM Softball, IF Softball Tau Epsilon Phi, Men's Glee Club; Circle K; Freshman Comp' Stoff 3, 4; Freshman Orientation 2, steering comm 3, 4 MARY LOUISE WENTZEL • Cholfont, Po • Tyler • Sculpture • Tyler Art Literary Publication. PETER FLICK WESTCOTT • Doylestown, Po. • Community College • Architectural Design • Architectural Club, vice-pres 3 WILLIAM I WESTCOTT. JR • Doylestown, Po • Arts • Psychology • Goosey House Council, pres. 4 JOSEPH G WHINNEY • Andolusio, Pa • Community College • Bosic Business • MAA BERNARD J WHITE • Boothwyn. Po • Community College • Electronics Technology ELINOR WHITE • Philadelphia, Po • Education • Secondary. ELIZABETH MARTIN WHITE • Philadelphia, Pa • Education • Elementary H RICHARD WHITE • Philodelphio. Po • Arts • History • Hillel; SDA PETER K WHITE • Philodelphio. Po • Business • Communications • IM Football. Softball, Soccer. Sigma Pi, corr sec 3, 4 WRTl. JOHN CONRAD WIELAND. JR • Philadelphia Pa • Business • Accounting • Varsity Soccer class of nineteen sixty-oneRUSSEL WILHOUR • Sunbury, Po. • Community College • Elec tronics Technology • Sigma Pi, sec. 3 ARLENE MANNAH WILKE • Philadelphia, Po • Tyler • Fine Arts. BARBARA L WILLIAMS • Philadelphia, Pa. • Education • Elementary. JANICE ELIZABETH WILLIAMS • Philadelphia, Po • Education • Business • Delta S«gmo Theta, sgt-at-orms 3, 4, Business Ed Club. MARSHALL WILLIAMS • Philodclphio, Pa • Arts • English • University Theatre, stogc manager 4; Tcmploycrs RICHARD TRACY WILLIAMS • Collingswood. N J • Business • Accounting MARILYN SHEILA WILSON • Upper Darby, Po • Business • Journalism • Delta Phi Epsilon, scrapbook chrmn 3, rec sec. 4; Theta Sigmo Phi, treas 4. "Temple News," Hillel. Organization X JOAN BARBARA WINDERMAN • Philadelphia, Pa. • Business • Two-Year Secretarial • Hillel, sociol chrmn 2; Secretarial Club. LEONARD S WINDERMAN • Forrest Hills, N. Y • Arts • Psychology • IF Boseboll, Volleyball; Tou Epsilon Phi, vice-chancellor 3, 4; Freshman Orientotion 2, 3 WALTER WINWARD, JR. • Philadelphia, Pa. • Education • Music • Diamond Band; Brass Ensemble; Orchestro FLORENCE NATALIE WISE • Philadelphia, Po • Education • Elementary • Hillel. ROBERT HENRY WISNIEWSKI • Philadelphia, Po. • Business • Administration • IF Football, Boskctboll, Softball; Phi Kappa Theta PRINCESS YETIEVE WITHERSPOON • Ph.ladelph.o, Pa. • Education • Elementary • Alpha Kappa Alpha LOUISE WITONSKY • Philodelph.o, Pa • Education • Elementary. RAYMOND CHARLES WITT • Roslyn, Po. • Business • Industrial Relations BRYNA WITTENBERG • Lonsdale, Pa • Arts • History JOEL HOWARD WOLDORF • Philadelphia. Po • Business • Accounting • Jazz Club. Accounting Assn SAM DAVID GARY WOLF • Philadelphia, Pa. • Business • Administration • IF Footboll; Tou Epsilon Phi, kitchen bursor 3, pledge warden 4; IF Ball Comm , chrmn. 2, IF Council; IF Hondbook, cd 4 Circle K, pres. 3, 4, Collegiote D; Freshman Orientation 2. 3, 4, Freshman Comp Stoff, director 4; Carnival, chrmn 4 temple universitySTEPHEN WOLLACK • Philadelphia, Po • Arts • Psychology • Psi Ch., ESTHER WOLOSHIN • Philadelphia, Po. • Education • Elementary • ECEEd Council, freshman advisor 4 BARBARA JEAN WOODWARD • Feosterville, Po • Educat.on • Music • Concert Choir; Christian Science Organization, pres. 4, UCRO DORIS ANN WORKMAN • Upper Darby, Po. • Business • Journalism • Alpha Sigma Alpho, Panhcllcnic rep. 2, 3. scholarship chrmn 4; Theta Sigma Phi; TEMPLAR, features ed 3; "Temple News," Organization X MARGARET HODGMAN WORRAU • Wyncote, Pa. • Education • Secondary. DELANEY SYLVESTER WRIGHT • Philadelphia, Po • Arts • Mathematics DELLAMAE WRIGHT • Kingston, Pa • Business • Journalism • Alpha Sigma Tau, ed 3, treos 4, Greek Weekend Comm , UCM; "Temple News.” ELSA PEARL WRIGHT • Philadelphia, Po • Am • Biology • Alpha Sigmo Pi. Hillel, choir 3, 4 CAROL JANE WYCKOFF • Philadelphia, Po. • Tyler • Fine Arts. FLORENCE YAFFE • Philadelphia, Po. • Education • Business. FLORENCE RUTH YAFFEE • Philadelphia, Pa • Arts • English • English Honor Society; "Stylus." JOHN A YOUNG • Philadelphia, Po • Community College • Electronics Technology JOSEPH DENNIS YOUNG • Ooklyn, N J • Business • Accounting. G. R YOUSE • Gilbertsville, Pa. • Community College • Electronics. DOLORES YUSCHAK • Philadelphia, Po. • Education • Home Economics • Bowling; OCF, vice-pres. 3, 4, Home Ec. Club, hist 3, pres. 4. Brotherhood Dinner, food chrmn. 2; White Supper Comm. ELLIS ZAKROFF • Philadelphia, Po • Business • Accounting • Finance Society; Accounting Assn JAMES ZANGHI • Cordiff, N. J. • Community College • Architectural Design JERRY ZASLOW • Philadelphia, Pa • Arts • History • Phi Alpha Theta, Hillel. class of nineteen sixty-oneEDWARD ZATLYN • Upper Darby, Pa. -Arts • English • WRTI LOUIS SEYMOUR ZEIGER • Philadelphia, Pa. • Arts • Physics • Sigma Pi Sigma, Pi Mu Epsilon. Ov»l Club, Hillcl. ROCHELLE ZEITZ • Philodelphio, Po Education • Elementory GEORGE GORDON ZIEGLER • Philadelphia, Po. • Community College • Mortuary Science • Pi Sigma Eta VIRGINIA ZIER • Philadelphia, Po. • Education • Elementary • TCP, treos 2, 3, 4; UCM MICHAEL JAN ZIMMERMAN • Allentown, Po • Community College • Mortuary Science • MAA; Pi Sigma Eta, pres 4 Circle K, CC Student Council, mortuary rep. 2 MILES B. ZIMMERMAN III • Hornsburg, Po. • Community College • Mortuary Science • IM Basketboll; Pi Sigma Eta PAUL M ZIMMERMAN • Cloymont, Del. • Business • Management. BENITA MAXINE ZISERMAN • Philodelphio, Pa • Education • Nursery, Kindergarten, and Primary FREDERICK JOEL ZORN • Philadelphia, Pa. • Arts • Psychology • Hillel, ed 2, vice-pres 3, pres. 4; TEMPLAR, layout ed. 3, asst. ed. 3, ed.-in-chief 4; Owl Club, founder 2, counsellor 2, pres. 3; Freshman Orientotion, guidonce counsellor 4. Student Council, UCRO rep. 3, treos 3, class sec.-trees 4, Philanthropic Fund chrmn. 3, 4, Leadership Training Forum chrmn. 4; UCRO. Sword Society. WALTER FRANCIS ZUBRZYCKI • Woodlynne, N J • Business • Administration JOSEPH ZURITSKY • Philodelphio, Po • Business • Real Estate and Insurance • Varsity Swimming; IM Ping Pong, Volleyball, Handboll, Swimming; Alpha Epsilon Pi, SAM, Hillcl 308 temple university“I ask not for a larger garden, But for finer seeds. I ask not for a more distant view, But for a clearer vision of the hills between. I ask not to do more deeds, But more effective ones. I ask not for a longer life, But a more efficient one for the present hour." RUSSELL H. CONWELL class of nineteen sixty-one 309310INDEX Academic and Departmental Clubs 61-67 Administration 12-21 Alpha Chi Rho 113 Alpha Epsilon Pi 114 Alpha Gamma Delta 125 Alpha Kappa Alpha 126 Alpha Lambda Delta 242 Alpha Phi Delta 115 Alpha Phi Omega 89 Alpha Sigma Alpha 127 Alpha Sigma Pi 243 Ambler 45 Astron 242 Baseball 204-205 Bosketboll, Men's 188-191 Basketball, Women's 218-220 Beta Alpha Psi 244 Beta Gamma Sigmo 245 Bowling 217 Business, College of 36-40 Business Education Club 61 Carnival 96-99 Cheerleaders 208 Chemistry Society 62 Circle K 88 Class Councils 95 Community College 46-48 Community College Student Council 62 Concert Choir 155 Cricket 195 Cross Country 194 Dean of Men 20 Dean of Women 21 Delta Phi Epsilon 128 Delta Psi Koppa 243 Delta Sigma Pi 116 Delta Sigma Theta 129 Delta Zeta 130 Diamond Band 159 Diamond Honor Society 246 Education, College of 31-35 English Honor Society 246 Evening School 49 Faculty Activity 52-57 Fencing 199 Footboll 182-185 Fraternities 112-123 Fraternity Presidents' Council 1 12 Freshman Camp 72-73 Freshman Orientation 74-75 Greek Weekend 110-111 Gym Team 192-193 Hillel Foundation 138-140 Hockey 214-215 Homecoming 76-79 Home Economics Club 63 Honoraries 241-252 HPER Club 63 loto Alpha Pi 131 Intermural Sports, Men's 207 International Club 61 Kappa Delta Epsilon 247 Lacrosse 216 Laurel Queen 104 Liberal Arts, College of 26-30 Library 148-149 Magnet 248 Majorettes 208 Marketing Club 64 May Queen May Queen Court Men's Glee Club Military Ball Queen Mitten Hall Mitten Student League Modern Dance Group Music Groups Newman Club Opera Workshop Orchestra "Owletter" Pan-Hellemc Council Phi Alpha Theta Phi Kappa Theta Phi Sigma Delta Phi Sigma Sigmo Pi Lambda Phi Pi Mu Epsilon Pi Sigma Eta Pre-Law Association President Gladfelter Professional Schools Religious Groups Rifle Team ROA ROTC SAM Scabbard and Blade Scrapbook Senior Activities Seniors SESA Sigma Delta Chi Sigma Phi Epsilon Sigma Pi Sigma Pi Sigma Soccer Sororities Speakers' Union Student Council "Stylus" Summer School Swimming Sword Society Tau Delta Phi Tau Epsilon Phi TEMPLAR "Temple News" Tennis, Men's Tennis, Women's Theoter Theta Sigma Pi Theta Upsilon Track Trustees, Board of Tyler University Christian Movement UCRO University Services University Vice Presidents WAA Water Show Wiatt Hall Women's Glee Club Wrestling WRTI XYW 101 102-103 157 100 105-107 89 160-161 154-159 141-143 162-163 158 65 124 252 117 118 132 119 247 249 65 12-13 50-51 138-147 206 66 90-91 66 249 224-231 232-240 254-309 67 250 120 121 250 186-187 124-133 67 92-94 173 49 202-203 251 122 123 166-169 170-172 198 221 150-153 252 133 200-201 14 41-44 144-145 147 58-60 15 210 212-213 86-87 156 196-197 164-165 88 3113133U315in a tradition steeped city 316317by providing a full and rich educational program Thousands of feet have tread Temple's walks and paths before, hurrying to the familiar or searching for the unknown. Other thousands are yet to come Though, during the past four years, paths have crossed to create the Class of 1961, they may never meet again as each stretches toward a personol destination. temple is activity 319the last word During our undergraduate stay at Temple, the Class of 1961 has grown and matured-both physically and mentally-under the capable guidonce of our faculty and administration. We have been exposed to a well-rounded educational program and were able to pursue many areas of interest both in academic and non-academic activities. As we have grown, so has Temple-building, expanding, rising-as new classrooms, offices, recreation areas, and dorms spring up around us. We know that much of the physical part of Temple has changed during our stay; but the spirit for which Temple was first founded continues to make an education possible for all young men and women who have good minds and the will to work. To learn is important; to put our knowledge to use is our goal. And whatever direction our interests may take, we shall always remember our undergraduate hours at Temple-the men and women of the faculty, the acquaintances and friends, the long hours of study, the lectures, the labs, the classrooms, the cafeteria, the chapels, the speakers and guests, the library, the plays, the sports events, the line of students in the bookstore, the dances and socials, the important decisions, the joyous moments, the disappointments, the honors, and above all our pride in our university. Our tradition at Temple is a great one-a tradition we must be proud of; for the opportunity to learn is here for all those who wish to grasp it. And so, as we leave Temple and our days as undergraduates, many of us will continue to build, in graduate or advanced programs, on the educational foundation we have constructed, while others will begin using their acquired information and skills in professonal pursuits. Temple University is our University -a center of learning through experience, of opportunity through contact, of understanding through friendship. The 1961 TEMPLAR is a tribute to Temple University and to its 1961 graduates. The staff and I sincerely hope that we, in our long months of intensive work, have been able to preserve many memories of these past few years; and that on re-reading and re-examining these pages,we may all recall and relive our undergraduate stay at Temple. May this book continue to hold for all of us our feeling and attachment for Temple University and for each other; and may you find the strength and direction for successful achievement in your post-graduate endeavors With best wishes. 320 FRED ZORN Editor-In-Chieftemplar university

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