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Text from Pages 1 - 265 of the 1946 volume:

THE Templar 1946 The TEMPLAR 1946 Presented by the Senior Class of TEMPLE UNIVERSITY PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA DEDICATION to WILLIAM SCHRAG a patient and inspiring teacher, an untiring aid to returning veterans in the capacity of Coordinator of Veterans ' Education, and a sincere and true friend of every student of Temple University, we respectfully dedicate this 1946 TEMPLAR 5 FOREWORD the close of hostilities in August 1945, a new era began. With increased vigor, students returned to college determined to take utmost advantages of the opportunities offered them. This first year of peace has been one of immense growth for Temple University. Many students have returned to complete their education; new and varied programs have been instituted to accommodate the ever-changing needs of a large university. The introduction of off-campus units, such as the Olney Unit, was a great forward step, taken by Temple University, to help alleviate the over-crowding of college facilities. The staff of this 1946 TEMPLAR has tried to capture this spirit of growth, and also to retain the many traditions which a university such as ours holds dear. If glancing through this book, whether one or ten years from now, revives memories of the hours spent at Temple U, we will feel that our efforts have been successful. 6 CONTENTS administration seniors organizations honor societies greeks athletics professions MITTEN HALL Onward with Temple, banners all unfurled. 8 Wide flung our standards, to the winds they ' re hurled. SULLIVAN MEMORIAL LIBRARY THATCHER HALL Following our Founder to immortal fame 10 We pledge our lives, our hearts in loyalty. LIBRARY READING ROOM TYLER SCHOOL OF FINE ARTS Wisdom, truth, and virtue, built our Temple great. 14 Perseverance conquers, higher to create. President ' s Message For the last four years the graduating classes going out from Temple University have had to come to grips with the immediate problem of saving a world. Your responsibility is different. You face the task of reconstructing a world. In some ways, that is more difficult. In time of war, national solidarity becomes an accomplished fact overnight. We fight, toil, sacrifice as one because the alternative is destruction. But mere survival is not enough. Life is without great purpose. Your education has to you the American pattern. Your task now and mine, too, is to unite behind its high purposes all. political and religious faiths, diverse racial strains, competing economic groups—to the end that our country may perform miracles of peace as stupendous as her achievements in war. 16 Officers and Members of the Board of Trustees of the Corporation Robert Livingston Johnson PRESIDENT Charles E. Beury PRESIDENT-EMERITUS Charles C. Erny CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD Hon. George A. Welsh VICE-PRESIDENT Millard E. Gladfelter VICE-PRESIDENT Harry A. Cochran TREASURER Earl R. Yeomans SECRETARY Harry W. Pitts COMPTROLLER Milton F. Stauffer SECRETARY-EMERITUS A. Calvin Frantz ASSISTANT TREASURER Russell Conwell Cooney GENERAL COUNSEL The Governor of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania The Mayor of the City of Philadelphia Colonel Robert G. Allen Thomas F. Armstrong Charles E. Beury Russell Conwell Cooney John A. Diemand Theodore A. Distler Charles G. Erny Thomas L. Evans Frank J. Fell, Jr. Colonel Samuel W. Fleming, Jr, Arthur S. Flemming Walter D. Fuller Albert M. Greenfield Alfred M. Haas Francis B. Haas Walter C. Hancock Noel J. Hooper G. Mortonlman Illman Robert Livingston Johnson Mrs. Livingston E. Jones W. Wallace Kellett Charles Klein Frank F. Law Alexander Mackie A. A. Mitten James A. Nolen H. W. Prentis, Jr. Henry N. Rodenbaugh William A. Schnader Mrs. Theodore Sheaffer John A. Stevenson Peter H. Tuttle Edward Bancroft Twombly Mrs. Stella Elkins Tyler Hon. George A. Welsh 18 Officers of the Board CHARLES E. BEURY President-Emeritus HON. GEORGE A. WELSH Vice-President CHARLES G. ERNY Chairman of the Board HARRY A. COCHRAN Treasurer 19 Officers of the Board A. CALVIN FRANTZ Assistant Treasurer MILTON F. STAUFFER Secretary-Emeritus EARL R. YEOMANS Secretary HARRY H. PITTS Comptroller 20 General Administration MARGARET L. OSGOOD Assistant Dean of Students DR. J. C. SEEGERS Associate Dean of the Faculty of Teachers College MARION F. BOOTH Assistant to the President JOHN M. RHOADS University Registrar WALLACE P. WETZEL Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds 21 General Administration CHARLES E. METZGER Director of Community Services Office RAYMOND BURKLEY Executive Secretary of General Alumni Association JOHN BARR Placement Offlcer ROBERT V. GEASEY Director of Public Information HARRY H. WESTENBURGER Purchasing Agent 22 Genral Administration MARIE J. KLEIN, R.N. Health Nurse LOUISE S. ORAM Secretary of Student Activities MRS. DANIEL B. MURRAY Director of University Dormitories H. ERNEST HARDING, Director of the University high School and the Intensive Secretarial School JAMES J. CRAWFORD Director of Technical School 23 BLAIR A. KNAPP Dean of Students DR. WILLIAM T. CALDWELL Dean, College of Liberal Arts Our 24 DR. GEORGE E. WALK Dean, Teachers College BORIS BLAI Dean of Stella Elkins Tyler Fine Arts School Deans HARRY A. COCHRAN Dean, School of Buxiness and Public Administration 25 Our Faculty MARTHA K. WIEGAND Assistant Professor of Secretarial Studies JOSEPH A. MEREDITH Professor of Romance Languages GRACE NADIG Director of Department of Home Economics IRWIN S. HOFFER Professor of Statistics MARGARET CHURCH Instructor of English PAUL RANDALL Director of Dramatics HELEN C. CALLAGHAN Instructor of Business Education KENNETH W. CAMERON Assistant Professor of English RAYMOND J. CURRY Lecturer in Accounting MAUDE H. DUNCAN Instructor of French WALTER D. FERGUSON Associate Professor of English JANE VAN NESS SMEAD Assistant Professor of RomanceLanguages MAURICE F. KEEN Instructor of Biology ERNEST P. EARNEST Associate Professor of English FLORENCE LEHMAN Assistant Professor of home Economics MARION J. SACK Instructor of Early Childhood and Elementary Education PAUL A. BROWN Assistant Professor of English HAROLD WENTWORTH Associate Professor of English HORACE EDWARD PIKE Assistanl Professor of Music Education GRACE HUDDY Instructor of Clothing and Textiles DON M. BENEDICT Instructor of Biology VIOLA W. ZULLIG Instructor of Physical Education W. JAMES LEACH Instructor of Biology PATRICIA J. COLLINS Instructor of Physical Education Our Faculty PRUDENCE G. FLEMING Instructor of Physical Education GERTRUDE I. DUNCAN Assistant Professor of Education AMES JOHNSTON Assistant Professor of German HENRY E. BIRDSONG Professor of Journalism STANLEY F. CHAMBERLAIN Assistant Professor of Finance RALPH D. OWEN Professor of Education. CLARENCE A. HODGES Associate Professor of Physics FREDERICK H. LUND Professor of Psychology ARTHUR CLEVELAND Professor of English MILES E. HOFFMAN Instructor of Economics FRANK PADDOCK Associate Professor of Political Science FRANCIS H. CASE Assistant Professor of Chemistry CHRISTINE CLAYTON Instructor in Nutrition JOSEPH S. BUTTER WECK Director of Department of Secondary Education FREDERICK PROSCH Director of the Department of Physical and Health Education ELISABETH W. SCHNEIDER Associate Professor of English S. HOMER SMITH Professor of Business Law SAMUEL J. STEINER Assislant Professor of Spanish Faculty ELLISIO HINSEY Instructor in English RAYMOND S. SHORT Assistant Professor of Political Science STERLING K. ATKINSON Professor of Accounting MARION G. COLEMAN Insrtructor of Secretarial Studies FRANCES B. BOWERS Director of Business Education Department JAMES A. HARRISON Professor of Biology JOHN D. KERN Professor of English LEAH HANCOCK Instructor of Home Economics GROVER A. J. NOETZEL Assistant Professor of Economics Liberal Arts IRENE SUSAN BECKER 2301 WEST LEHIGH AVENUE PHILADELPHIA, PA. Biology Hillel Foundation 1, 2, Secretary 3, President 4 Rho Lambda Phi 2, 3 Iota Alpha Pi 4 Alpha Delta Pi 3 Executive Board 4 Liberal Arts Club 3, 4 Day Dodgers 3, 4 EVA BORDIN 128 WEST WHARTON ROAD GLENSIDE, PA. Psychology Astron Senior Honor Society 3, 4 Hillel Foundation 3, 4 International Relations Club 3 One World League 3 Day Dodgers 3, 4 SONIA L. COOPER 537 SHOEMAKER ROAD ELKINS PARK, PA. Biology A Cappella Choir 1 Alpha Delta Pi Hillel Foundation Phi Delta Tau ANNE MARIE BGUIN 15 MCPHERSON STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. French French Honorary Society 1, 2, Secretary 3, President 4 Women ' s Chorus 3 Temple Christian Fellowship 1, 2, 3, 4, President 2, 3 ANNA BRESSI 2022 SOUTH 16TH STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Spanish Spanish-American Society French Honorary Society MIRIAM B. DAVIDON 7864 BEVERLY BOULEVARD UPPER DARBY, PA. Sociology Pi Gamma Mu 2, 3, President 4 One World League 3 Latin-American Club 3 Dean ' s List 1, 2, 3 PATRICIA ANN DETROW AEA 620 MONTGOMERY AVENUE CHAMBERSBURG, PA. Psychology Alpha Sigma Alpha 2, 3, 4 Templayers 1, Secretary 2, 3, 4 Boosters 2 Committee of Ten 3, 4 Student Christian Association 1, 2, 3, 4 Liberal Arts Club 3, 4 Women ' s Chorus 2 Women ' s Senate 2 Dormitory Council, Social Chairman 2 Lutheran Club 1 W. A. A. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Pi Gamma Mu 4 Theta Alpha Phi 4 Student Commission 4 Senior Class Council Astron Senior Honor Society, 4 JUDITH K. EHRLICH 1420 SIXTY-SEVENTH AVENUE PHILADELPHIA, PA. Economics Pi Gamma Mu HELEN M. EBERT PHILADELPHIA STATE HOSPITAL PHILADELPHIA 14, PA. Liberal Arts Club 2, 3, President 4 Chemistry Society 3, President 4 Student Instructor in Chemistry 3, 4 Debate Council 2 WINIFRED S. EPSTEIN 2201 WEST VENANGO STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Sociology Pi Gamma Mu 34 MARJORIE N. FARMER A K A 4024 SPRING GARDEN STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. English English Honorary Society JOHN A. FLOOD, JR. NEW HOPE, PA. Biology ANTON GLASER ELLERSLIE AVENUE AMBLER, PA. Psychology French Honorary Society 4 Student Christian Association, 2, 3 Sigma Pi 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, Treasurer 3 Lutheran Club 1, 2, 3, 4 International Relations Club 1 WILLIAM FISHER 6235 JEFFERSON STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Pre-Medical BEATRICE E. GALLAHER 22 COLLIER ROAD, N. W. ATLANTA, GA. Biology ALECK GOLDBERG 309 EAST ROCKLAND STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Physics ELAINE GREEN 5453 ARLINGTON STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Psychology Pi Gamma Mu 3, 4 French Honorary Society 2, 3 Astron Senior Honor Society 3, 4 Hillel Foundation 1, 2, 3, 4 Phi Sigma Sigma 2, 3, 4 CATHRYN H. GUDMUNDSEN 622 SOUTH FRONT STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Chemistry Liberal Arts Club 1, 2, Vice-President 3, Secretary 4 Chemistry Society 3, 4 JERRY J. GUREWICH 1838 LINDLEY AVENUE PHILADELPHIA, PA. Psychology International Relations Club MARJORY J. HAVLICK 8 SABINE AVENUE NARBERTH, PA. Biology Debate Club 1 Alpha Delta Pi 3, 4 35 Liberal Arts HARRIET HERTZ 332 MILL STREET DANVILLE, PA. Pre-Medical Chemistry Society 2, 3 Program Chairman 4 Liberal Arts Club 2 Hillel Foundation 1, 2, 3, 4 Phi Sigma Sigma 3, 4 Scholarship Chairman 3 Hammond Pre-Medical Society 4 J. RICHARD HOFFMAN 605 WEST ARCH STREET POTTSVILLE, PA. Economics Transfer Student from Westchester State Teachers College JACQUELINE HYBERG 6141 IRVING STREET PHILADELPHIA 39, PA. Chemistry Chemistry Society 3, Vice-President 4 Astron Senior Honor Society 3, 4 French Honorary Society 2, 3 Liberal Arts Club 1, Secretary 2, President 3 Phi Sigma Delta 1, 2, 3, 4: Secretary 2, Treasurer 3 Canterbury Club 2 Instructor in Chemistry 4 AMY RUTH R. HODGES 6425 NORTH 13TH STREET OAK LANE, PA. Biology Magnet Senior Honor Society 3, 4 Astron Senior Honor Society 4 Alpha Delta Pi 4 Executive Board 3 Hammond Pre-Medical Society 3, Secretary 4 Student Commission 3 Junior Class Council 3 Book Exchange 3 Alpha Sigma Alpha 1, 2, 3, 4 Templayers 2, Properties Manager 3, 4 Boosters 3 Pre-Technicians Club, President 1, 2 Student Christian Association 1, 3 Liberal Arts Club 1, 2, 3, 4 FLORENCE HORTON 143 KINGS HIGHWAY EAST HADDONFIELD, N. J. Psychology Phi Sigma Delta 2, 3, 4 Liberal Arts Club 1, 2, Treasurer 3, 4 Pan-Hellenic Association 2, Secretary 3 French Honorary Society 2, 3 HARRIS KAHN 100 DANIELS AVENUE PITTSFIELD, MASS. Psychology Phi Alpha 3, 4 Grand Regent 4 CORINNE F. KALODNER 4710 LOCUST STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Sociology MORTON KLEIN 48 CATALPA AVENUE PERTH AMBOY, N. J. Psychology Pi Lambda Phi 1, 2, 3, 4 Interfraternity Council 1, 2, 3 Templayers 1, 2, 3 SHIRLEY KASKIN 5440 GAINOR ROAD PHILADELPHIA, PA. Physics Astron Senior Honor Society 4 Astron Sophomore Scholarship Award Chemistry Society 3, 4 Dean ' s List Instructor in Physics RUTH G. KOPLIN 1103 WINGOHOCKING STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Psychology Phi Sigma Sigma 2, 3, 4, Philanthropy Chairman 2, Rush Captain 3, President 4 Pi Gamma Mu 3, 4 Hillel Foundation 1, 2, 3, 4 W. A. A. Basketball 3; Boosters 4 One World League 3 International Relations Club 3 Day Dodgers 3, 4 Pan-Hellenic Association 4 War Chest Drive 3 36 GLORIA KORAL 2035 NORTH 32ND STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Physics Astron Senior Honor Society 3, 4 Phi Sigma Sigma 2, 3, 4, Scribe 3 Chemistry Society 2, 3 Mathematics Society AIMEE S. LE VITA 5749 NORTH 20TH STREET Psychology Phi Sigma Sigma Liberal Arts Club Hillel Foundation Day Dodgers PRISCILLA R. MEYER 6361 CHEROKEE STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Psychlogy BLANCHE E. KRAMER 4720 PINE STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Sociology RUTH MARY LYNCH 40 SPRINGFIELD ROAD ALDAN, PA. Chemistry Varsity Hockey 1, 2, Basketball 1, 3 Delta Sigma Epsilon 1, Historian 2, House Manager 3, Pan-Hellenic Representative 3, 4, President 4 Women ' s Senate 3 Women ' s Athletic Association, 2, 4, Bowling 2, 3 Chemistry Society 2, 3, 4 Hammond Pre-Medical Society 1, 2, 3, 4 Newman Club 1, 3, 4 WANDA S. NOLYWINSKI 4517 NORTH 18TH STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Spanish French Honorary Society 4 Latin-American Society 4 Phi Sigma Delta 3, Corresponding Secretary 4 SYLVIA PERILSTEIN 715 SIXTY-SIXTH AVENUE PHILADELPHIA, PA. Astron Senior Honor Society 4 Iota Alpha Pi 1, 2, Vice-President 3, President 4 Hillel Foundation 1, 2, 3, 4, 2, Vice-President 3 Chemistry Society 3, 4 Assistant in Physics 3, 4 SHELDON R. RAPPAPORT 7112 OGONTZ AVENUE PHILADELPHIA 38, PA. Psychology Assistant in Psychology Clinic 3 Dean ' s List 1, 2, 3 Track Team 1 JEAN G. PROWATTAIN R. F. D. No. 2 PRINCETON, N. J. Mathematics GERINE MAE REID 1242 SOUTH 18TH STREET PHILADELPHIA 46, PA. History Canterbury Club 3 37 Liberal Arts RUBY RIEMER 311 WEST 3RD STREET MT. CARMEL, PA. German Hammond Pre-Medical Honor Society 1, 2 MARY JANE ROSS R. D. NO. 1 RIEGELSVILLE, PA. Biology Alpha Delta Pi 3, 4 Hammond Pre-Medical Society 1, 2, 3, 4 Theta Sigma Upsilon 1, 2, 3, 4 One World League 4 W. A. A. Archery 1 Debate Society 1 Student Christian Association 1 H. WILLIAM SCHMIDT 195 WEST SPENCER STREET PHILADELPHIA 20, PA. Biology Alpha Delta Pi 3, 4, Executive Committee 4 Hammond Pre-Medical Society 4 Boosters 3, 4 SHELDON I. ROSENBERG 332 NORTH WEBSTER AVENUE SCRANTON, PA. Mathematics GERTRUDE SCHAEFER 4223 GIRARD AVENUE PHILADELPHIA 4, PA. Biology Hillel Foundation 1, 2, 3, 4 Liberal Arts Club I, 2, 3, 4 Chemistry Society 2, 3, 4 Hammond Pre-Medical Society 2, 3, 4 French Honorary Society 1, 2 Pre-Technicians ' Club 1, 2 Alpha Delta Pi 3, 4 FRANK SCHOLNICK 1525 POINT BREEZE AVENUE PHILADELPHIA, PA. Chemistry Chemistry Society 2, 3, President 4 Hillel Foundation 2, 3, 4 CORINNE SCHREIDER 1308 SOUTH 4TH STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. English MILTON E. SCHWARTZ 1943 NORTH 6TH STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Physics Chemistry Society Hillel Foundation Dean ' s List Assistant in Physics ILSE SCHWAB R. F. D. No. 1 WOODBINE, N. J. Chemistry Chemistry Society 2, 3, 4 Hillel Foundation 2, 3, 4 Liberal Arts Club 4 Instructor in Chemistry 3, 4 BEATRICE SECOULER 637 STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. French Honorary Society 1, 2, 3, 4 Hillel Foundation 4 Day Dodgers 3 Liberal Arts Club I, 4 38 BLANCHE SELTZER 1016 WEST ROCKLAND STREET PHILADELPHIA 41, PA. Biology Debate Club 1, 2 International Relations Club 2 Alpha Delta Pi 4 ARTHUR W. SILVER 6216 CARPENTER STREET PA. Chemistry Hammond Pre-Medical Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3, President 4 Chemistry Society 2, 3, 4 Publicity Chairman 4 Hillel Foundation 2, 3 Instructor in Chemistry 4 SALLY ANNE SPEAR 437 EAST WALNUT LANE PHILADELPHIA, PA. Mathematics French Honorary Society 4 One World League 3, 4 Student Christian Association 3, 4 International Relations Club 1, 2 Boosters 4 Liberal Arts Club 1, 3 Executive Council 4 Pan-Hellenic Association 3, 4 Theta Sigma Upsilon 1, 2, VicePresident 3, 4 Day Dodgers 4 Canterbury Club 3, 4 TEMPLAR Staff 3, 4 Mathematics Society, Vice-President 4 DOROTHY E. SHAFTMAN 2340 NORTH BROAD STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Chemistry Hillel Foundation 1, 4 Liberal Arts Club 4 Chemistry Society 2, 3, 4 Dean ' s List 1, 2, 3 Instructor in Chemistry 4 Astron Senior Honor Society 4 MAXINE E. SLIPAKOFF 5742 NORTH PARK AVENUE PHILADELPHIA, PA. Psychology Student Counselor 3 Hillel Foundation 1 IRMA E. SPRITZ 1823 NORTH 57TH STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. English Dean ' s List 1, 3, 4 Pi Gamma Mu English Honorary Society, President Day Dodgers ADA TUFFIASH 65 SOUTH CENTRE STREET SOUTH ORANGE, N. J. Psychology Debate Society 3 International Relations Club 4 3, 4 Liberal Arts Club 4 VIENO E. VEHKO Box 351 NEW PORT RICHEY, FLORIDA Economics Pi Gamma Mu 4 JOAN B. WEINBERG 5245 " D " STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Biology French Honorary Society 2 Alpha Delta Pi 4 Hillel Foundation 1 Phi Delta Tau 2, 3, 4 BEREL T. WEINER 905 NORTH 7TH STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Histoty Hillel Foundation 1, 2, 3, 4 Glee Club Dean ' s List 39 Liberal Arts LEON J. WEINER 2602 SOUTH 7TH STREET PHILADELPHIA 48, PA. Biology Chemistry Society 2, 3, 4 Mathematics Society 3, 4 Boosters 3, 4 Hillel Foundation 1, 2, 3, 4 Vigilante 3, 4 MARILYN G. YOUNG 223 EAST MAIN STREET PLYMOUTH, PA. Pre-Law Club 2, 3 Candlelight Chorus 3 Student Christian Association 4 Pi Gamma Mu 4 BARBARA J. WRIGHT CANTON, PA. English Transfer Student from Dickinson Junior College Student Christian Association 3, 4, Secretary 4 Women ' s Chorus, President 3 Boosters 4 Women ' s Senate 4 Scholarship Chairman, Wiatt Hall Dorm 4 Social Chairman, Sunday School Class 4 Latin-American Society 3, 4 Weslyans 3, 4 VIVIAN V. YOUNG 226 CHESTNUT AVENUE ARDMORE, PA. English 40 Refreshments after Frosh-Soph Tug o ' War Only a few more days ! ! Take a look at that degree School of Business and Public Administration FREDERICK A. ADE 5918 NORTH 12TH STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Business Administration PHIL BAKER 54 BERWYN STREET ORANGE,. N J. Journalism Pi Lambda Phi I, Secretary 2, 3, Executive Committee 4; 2, 3, 4; Student Commission 2, 3, Vice-President 4; Senior Class Council 4; Grille Committee 4, Chairman 3; Regalia Day Chairman 3; United War Chest, Co-Chairman Professional Schools Division 3; TEMPLAR Fraternity Editor 1, 2, 3, 4; Temple University News 4, Contributor 1, 2, 3; Council 2, Recording Greek Week-end Chairman 2, Publicity Director 1; Templayers 1, House Manager 2, 3, 4; Hillel Foundation 1, 2, 3, 4; Newman Club, Social Member 4; Vigilante 4, Counsellor 3 ROSALIE BERK 2711 SEDGLEY AVENUE PHILADELPHIA, PA. Phi Gamma Nu 2, 3, 4 Student Christian Association Newman Club BERTHA S BABA 329 HIGH STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA Business Administration MARY ELLINOR BALKE 4622 PULASKI AVENUE PHILADELPHIA 44, PA. Accounting Dean ' s List 3, 4 Alpha Sigma Alpha 2, 3, 4 DOROTHY I. BERNARD 242 MILL STREET BRISTOL, PA. Secretarial Secretarial Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Day Dodgers 4 Hillel Foundation 3, 4 JOYCE BERNSTEIN 487 BROADWAY NEW YORK, N. Y. Marketing Pan-Hellenic Association 1, 2, Treasurer 3, Corresponding 4 Women ' s Senate 3 Hillel Foundation 1 Marketing Club 3 Phi Delta Tau 2, 3, President 4 FLORENCE M. BOBB 82 EAST RIDGE STREET CARLISLE, PA. Journalism Theta Sigma Phi 3, Secretary 4 Astron Senior Honor Society, Recording Secretary 4 News 2, Managing Editor 3, 4, Co-Editor-in-Chief 4 Phi Gamma Nu 1, 2, Secretary 3, 4 Fan-Hellenic Representative 2 Lutheran Club 2 Faculty-Student Committee 4 MARIE L. BLACKBURN WOODED AND HILLTOP ROADS JENKINTOWN, PA. Business Administration Presbyterian Club 2, 3 Women ' s Athletic Association, Bowling 4 Theta Sigma Upsilon 2, 3, 4 URSULA E. BROBST 6309 MAGNOLIA STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Journalism Newman Club 2, 3, 4 News 4 42 HILDA S. COHEN 159 EAST MAIN STREET NEWARK, DEL. Secretarial Hillel Foundation 3, 4 Women ' s Athletic Association 3, 4 Dorm Council 4 Secretarial Club 3, 4 Marketing Club 3, 4 TEMPLAR 4 Boosters 4 NATALIE MARIE COLLINS BALMAT, ST. LAWRENCE CO., N. Y. Journalism Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Women ' s Senate 2, 3, 4 Theta Sigma Phi 3, Corresponding Secretary 4 Boosters 3 Wiatt Hall Dormitory, President 3, 4, Vice-President 2 News Staff 1, Military Editor 2, Features and City Editor 3, Writer 4 Inter-Dorm Council 4 Delta Sigma Epsilon 2, 3, Corresponding Secretary 4 Student Commission 3 MARIAN JEAN DAVIS 134 BOOTH HILL Road BRIDGEPORT 18, CONN. Marketing Women ' s Senate 4 Marketing Club, Vice-President 3, 4 Theta Upsilon, House Chairman 4 Phi Gamma Nu LILLIAN S. COHEN 2100 SOUTH 7TH STREET PHILADELPHIA , PA. Secretarial Riding Club, Manager 1, 2, 3 Foundation 1, 2, 3, 4 Day Dodgers 4 Secretarial Club 1, 2, 3, 4 DONALD T. COLSON 2926 GLENDALE AVENUE BALTIMORE, MD. Pre-Law NANCY JANE DERR 620 PAXINOSE AVENUE EASTON, PA. Business Administration Pi Gamma Mu 4 TEMPLAR, Armed Forces Editor 3, Organizations Editor 4 Dean ' s List 3, 4 Candlelight Chorus 3 Student Christian Association 4 Marketing Club 4 JOSEPH G. DE VITA 515 MARKET STREET PHILADELPHIA 6, PA. Business Administration Pre-Law Club 1, 2, 3 Marketing Club 3, 4 MURIEL Y. DOGULOV 1722 DEL ANCEY PLACE PHILADELPHIA, PA. Pre-Law Women ' s Athletic Association, Club 1, 2, 3, Manager 4 Pre-Law Club, Secretary 3 Day Dodgers 4 Boosters 4 Hillel Foundation 1, 2, 3, 4 ANGELO E. Di ANTONIO 1642 SOUTH 24TH STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Accounting Dean ' s List HELEN M. FEINSTEIN 65 WOODLAND DRIVE BRIDGETON, N. J. Secretarial Phi Delta Tau 2, 3, 4 Marketing Club 3, 4 Hillel Foundation 1, 2, 3, 4 Secretarial Club 1, 2, 3, 4 43 School of Business and Public Administration JOAN FINGLES 647 NORTH 22ND STREET PIIILADELPHIA, PA. Business Administration Day Dodgers 4 Hillel Foundation 4 JOHN W. GHEE 6966 CEDAR PARK AVENUE PH ILA DELPHIA, PA. Business Administration Football 2, Manager 3, 4 Newman Club 2 LEON GOTSDINER 422 NORTH 8TH STREET VINELAND, N. J. CHARLES M. GEDNEY 2656 NOTTINGHAM WAY MERCERVILLE, N. Marketing Marketing Club RITA GOLDMAN 3185 BEDFORD AVENUE BROOKLYN, N. Y. Marketing Phi Delta Tau 2, 3, 4 Hillel Foundation 1, 2, 3, 4 Women ' s Athletic Association 2, 3, 4 Marketing Club 3, 4 Spanish Club 1, 2 Crop and Saddle Club 3, 4 ROLAND GREENFIELD 1520 SOUTH 6TH STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Pre-Law Political Forum 1, 2 Pre-Law Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Veterans Club 3, 4 Dean ' s List 2, 3 IMOGENE R. GUERRIE 234 NORTH 10TH STREET INDIANA, PA. Secretarial Newman Club 1, Entertainment Chairman 2, Social Chairman 3, President 4 Templayers 2, Junior Miss 3, Box Office and Snafu 4, Treasurer 4 A Cappella Choir 3 Wiatt Hall, Entertainment 2, Social Chairman 3, 4 Student Commission, Financial 4 Senior Class Council, Student 3 Theta Upsilon 3, Rush Captain 4 Student Christian Association 2, 3 Women ' s Athletic Association, 1, Dancing 2 Secretarial Club 2, 3, 4 Owl Reporter Inter-Dorm Council 3 Pan-Hellenic Representative 4 KATHLEEN P. HEALING 1438 EAST LUZERNE STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Journalism News Staff 2, Make-up Editor 3, 4, Theta Sigma Phi, Treasurer 4 Newman Club 1, 2, 4 Secretary of Phi Gamma Nu 3 BERTHA M. HAINES WHITE HORSE PIKE WATSONTOWN, N. J. Business Theta Sigma Upsilon I, 2, 3, 4, House Manager 3 Business Administration Club I TEMPLAR 2, Organizations Editor 3, Senior Editor 4 Manager of Girls ' Softball Team 2 Student Christian Association 3 Women ' s Senate 3 Boosters 3, 4 Canterbury Club 4 IRWIN H. HELLER 4827 NORTH HUTCHINSON STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Business Administration Marketing Club 4; Veterans ' Club 2, 3, 4 44 MONTY B. HOROVITZ 4815 CEDAR AVENUE PHILADELPHIA 43, PA. Accounting IRENE VIVIAN JACO BY 6523 NORTH BOUVIER STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Business Administration Boosters Hillel Foundation Phi Sigma Sigma MAHESH C. JUGRAN PAURI, GARHWAL, INDIA Journalism DORIS E. IMFELD 117 NORTH 6TH STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Journalism Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges News Staff 2, Features Editor 3, Managing Editor 3, Associate Editor 4, Editor-in-Chief 4 Phi Gamma Nu 1, Scribe 2, 3, 4 Theta Sigma Phi, Secretary 3, President 4 Astron Senior Honor Society 3, 4 Student Christian Association 1, 2, 3, 4 Canterbury Club 2, 3, 4 Day Dodgers 4 Faculty Student Committee 4 ROBERT W. JOHNSON 6611 BLAKEMORE STREET PHILADELPHIA 19, PA. Business Administration Sigma Phi Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4 Manager of Football Team 1, 2 Business Administration Club 1, 2 Interfraternity Basketball 1, 2 Veterans Club 3, 4 SAMUEL KESSELMAN 5015 " C " STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Hillel Foundation BETTY M. KIMBER WEST WALNUT STREET COLMAR, PA. News Staff 2, Sports Editor 3 Theta Sigma Phi 3, 4, Treasurer 3, Vice-President 4 Hockey 3, 4 Basketball 2 Softball 3 SYLVAN B. KLING 5512 CATHARINE STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Journalism Manager of Varsity Soccer Team 3 News Staff 2, 3, 4, Sports Editor 4 TEMPLAR Staff 3, 4, Sports Editor 4 Jewish Student Association 1, 2 Hillel Foundation 3, 4 Editor of Joyessager 2, 3 Sigma Delta Chi, Secretary 3, 4 Zeta Lambda Phi RUTH M. KIRRSTETTER 5324 NORTH 15TH STREET PHILADELPHIA 41, PA. Secretarial Theta Sigma Upsilon 1, 2, 3, 4, Social Chairman 3 Secretarial Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Class Representative 4 Student Christian Association 1, 2, 4 Lutheran Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Boosters 4 TEMPLAR 4 Day Dodgers 4 LEON M. KROUNGOLD 1755 NORTH 57TH STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Accounting 45 School of Business and Public Administration ELIZABETH S. LACY 1114 NORTH 2ND STREET BIRMINGHAM, ALA. Secretarial Canterbury Club Secretarial Club 3, 4 ROBERT H. LIPSCHUTZ 4821 NORTH 13TH STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. International Relations Club 1 Jewish Student Association 1, 2 LILLIAN C. MANDELL 5650 LEBANON AVENUE PHILADELPHIA, PA. Astron Senior Honor Society 3, 4 Vice-President of Rho Lambda Phi 4 Hillel Foundation 1, 2, 3, 4 TEMPLAR 3 Social Chairman of Hillel Foundation 3 War Activities Committee 3 HENRIETTA LEVIN 33 S. SOUTH CAROLINA AVENUE ATLANTIC CITY, N. J. Hillel Foundation 1, 2, 3, 4 Chairman of Social Service 3, 4 Boosters 3, 4 Marketing Club 3, 4 Treasurer of Williams Hall 2, 3, Librarian 3, 4 Phi Sigma Sigma 2, 3, 4 JEAN I. LOOMIS 109 NORTH 8TH STREET CAMDEN, N. J. Secretarial TEMPLAR 2, 3, 4, Honor Society Editor 2, Sorority Editor 3, Editor-in-Chief 4 Theta Sigma Upsilon 1, 2, Assistant Editor 3, Editor 4 Secretarial Club 1, 2, President 3, 4 Boosters 4 Day Dodgers 4 Student Christian Association 3, 4 DANIEL E. LUBECK 2609 GERMANTOWN AVENUE PHILADELPHIA, PA. Real Estate Pi Gamma Mu 2 Zeta Lambda Phi 4 Dean ' s List 1 Distinguished List 2 Hillel Foundation I JOSEPH J. MERCURIO 1439 NORTH 15TH STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Accounting Honorary Accounting Society University Band 1, 2, 3 VIOLA M. MILLER 130 OLEY STREET READING, PA. Secretarial Marketing Club 4 Secretarial Club 2, 3, 4 A Cappella Choir 3, 4 Candlelight Chorus 4 NANCY MILLER 6241 CARPENTER STREET PHILADELPHIA 43, PA. Accounting Beta Gamma Sigma 3, Vice-President 4 Dean ' s List 1, 2, 3 PATRICK J. NAPLES 320 WILLIAM STREET PITTSTON, PA. 46 JANET M. NEWSWANGER HONEY BROOK, PA. Secretarial Beta Gamma Sigma 3, Assistant Secretary 4 Astron Senior Honor Society 3, 4 Delta Sigma Epsilon, Sergeant 2, President 3, Vice-President 4 Women ' s Senate 2, Vice-President 3 Boosters 4 University Sunday School Class 2, 3, 4 Student Christian Association 1 , 3, 4 Secretarial Club 1, 2, 3 Class Representative 4 Dean ' s List 1, 3, 4 SIDNEY PORTNOY 2420 NORTH PATTON STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Hillel Foundation 1, 2, 3 Dean ' s Honor List 1, 2, 3 DOLORES J. REYNOLDS RED LION ROAD VINCENTOWN, N. J. Secretarial Magnet Senior Honor Society 3, 4 TEMPLAR 2, 3, 4, Armed Services Editor 2, Editor-in-Chief 3, Executive Editor 4 Student Commission 2, 3, 4 President of Senior Class 4 Faculty-Student Committee on Controversial Affairs 4 Boosters 2, 3, 4, 3 Committee of Ten 3, 4 Templayers 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3 Manager of Varsity Basketball 2 Secretarial Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, 3, President 4 Women ' s Athletic Association, Crop and Saddle 1, Bowling 3 Theta Sigma Upsilon 1, 2, 3, 4, Corresponding Secretary 3, Pan-Helenic Representative 4 JENNIE PALLADINO 911 NORTH 4TH STREET ALLENTOWN, PA. Business Administration Curtis Hall Dormitory Council 3, President 3 Templayers 1, 2, 3, Box Office Chairman 3 Campus Activities Board 3 Grille Committee 3 Marketing Club 2, 3 Women ' s Senate 2, 3 Women ' s Chorus 2, 3 Boosters 3 Student Christian Association 3 Latin-American Club 2, 3 Newman Club 2, 3 Women ' s Athletic Association, Archery 1 HENRY PRICE 1542 NORTH 8TH STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Hillel Foundation 1, 2, 3, 4 Veterans Club 3, 4 VEACHEY RUDOLPH 5125 NORTH BROAD STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Business Administration Marketing Society 3, 4; Dean ' s List; igilantes 3; Day Dodgers 3, 4; Phi SigmaSigma 3, 4, Scholarship Chair man 4, Chapter Editor 3, 4 TEMPLAR 3, 4; Business Staff 3, Cirulation Manager 4; Boosters 4, Ways and Means Committee; Magnet Senior Honor Society, Vice-President 4; Pi Gamma Mu, Executive Council 3, 4; Campus Activi ies Board 3, Secretary 4; international Relations Club 1, 3, Secretary 3; Hillel Foundation 1, 3, 4, Membership Chairman of Social Service Chairman of Sea Chest Drive; Recipient of Most Active Award, Cabinet Member 3 ALFRED C. SAUTNER 4652 SHELDON STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. TEMPLAR 3 Interfraternity Council, 3, 2, 3 Delta Sigma Pi, Treasurer 2, 3, 4 Honors 3 FRED K. SHECKTOR 3226 NORTH MARSTON STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Journalism News Staff 1, 2, 4, Managing Editor President of Sigma Delta Chi Executive Committee of English Honorary Society PAUL R. SHAFER 53 THOMASTON STREET HARTFORD, CONN. Journalism Pi Lambda Phi 1, Treasurer 2, 3, Vice-President 4 Interfraternity Council 2, Secretary 4, Greek Week-end Committee 3 TEMPLAR, Photographer 2, 3, 4 News, Photographer 2, 3, 4 KENNETH SHERMAN 5900 SPRUCE STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Accounting Track 1 International Relations Club, Delegate 1 Hillel Foundation 1, 2, 3, 4 47 School of Business and Public Administration MORRIS S. SILVER 1756 GEORGES LANE PHILADELPHIA, PA. Interfraternity Council, Secretary 4, Sports 1, 2, 3, 4 Chairman of Homecoming Parade 3 Phi Alpha, Social Chairman 1, 2, 3, Chairman of Spring Formal 2 Hillel Foundation 1, 2, 3, 4 TEMPLAR, Representative 4 NANCY C. TROISI 1204 NORTH 64TH STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Accounting Newman Club 2, 3, 4 Day Dodgers 4 FRANCES M. SNELSON LEICESTER, N. C. Marketing Club 4 University Sunday School Class, Vice-President 3, 4 Student Christian Association 3, 4 BERNHCE G. WASSERBLY 2601 PARKWAY PHILADELPHIA, PA. Journalism Theta Sigma Phi News Staff 2, 3 Hillel Foundation 2, 3, 4, Cabinet 2, 3 Day Dodgers 3, 4 ELEANOR WEISSMAN 4418 SPRUCE STREET PHILADEIPHIA 4, PA. Market ing Day Dodgers 4 Hillel Foundation 4 Marketing Club, Executive Publicity Committee ADELA WLODARCZYK 3865 NORTH GRATZ STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Pi Gamma Mu, Secretary 3, 4 Beta Gamma Sigma 4 Phi Sigma Delta, President 2, 3, 4 Pan-Hellenic Association, Vice-President 4 Day Dodgers 4 WILLIAM YUSCHAK 2323 NORTH FAIRHILL STREET PHILADELPHIA 33, PA. Accounting Beta Gamma Sigma, Secretary 3, President 4 Student Commission 4 TEMPLAR, Business Manager 2, 4, Executive Editor 3 Boosters 2 Committee of Ten 3, Treasurer 4 Delta Sigma Pi 2, Secretary 3, President 4 Dean ' s List 2, 3, 4 Interfraternity Council 2, Vice-President 4, and Football 48 Queen Katie News gathering Ye olde book store 49 DOROTHY B. ABRAHAMS 5703 FLORENCE AVENUE PHILADELPHIA, PA. Secondary Education Hillel Foundation 2, 3 Secondary Education Executive Board 3 SHIRLEY ABRAHAMS 11 MAIN STREET DARBY, PA. Business Education Secretarial Club 1, 2 Hillel Foundation 1, 2, 3, 4 Business Education Club 3, 4 Phi Sigma Sigma 2, 3, 4 L. LORRAINE ANDERSON 230 EAST ELLET STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Secondary Education ELEANOR L. ARMSTRONG 2309 NORTH 21ST STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Music Education One World League 3 Women ' s Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Day Dodgers 3, 4 ALICE F. ARCHIBALD BORDENTOWN, N. J. Early Childhood and Elementary Education Alpha Sigma Tau Early Childhood and Elementary Education Council Student Christian Association Presbyterian Club CARL DAVIS BADER 2423 NORTH 29TH STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Secondary Education President, Kappa Phi Kappa ANNE BECKER 3139 WEST DIAMOND STREET PH ILADELPHIA, PA. Secondary Education Women ' s Chorus 1, 2 Templayers 2 International Relations Club 3 Pi Gamma Mu 3, 4 One World League 4 Astron Senior Honor Society 4 Kappa Delta Epsilon, Treasurer 4 FREDA BERNSTEIN 6627 WOODLAND AVENUE PHILADELPHIA, PA. Early Childhood and Elementary Education Riding Club 1, 4 Hillel Foundation 1, 2, 3, 4 Early Childhood and Elementary Education Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Templayers 4 Day Dodgers 4 Date Bureau 2 LENORE A. BELLITZ 1201 HADDON AVENUE CAMDEN, N. J. Business Education Phi Sigma Sigma 2, 3, 4 ANNA FIELDS BETHEL 5517 RACE STREET PHILADELPH IA, PA. Secondary Education Women ' s Chorus 2 Christian Fellowship 3, 4 One World League 3, 4 50 AMY L. BIAGI 100 EAST LYNEWOOD AVENUE GLENSIDE, PA. Health and Education Astron Senior Honor Society 3, 4 Physical Education Departmental Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Student Christian Association 1, 2, 3, 4 Phi Delta Pi 2, Editor 3, 4 Delta Sigma Epsilon 2, 3, 4 W. A. A. Secretary 4 Varsity Hockey 2, 3, 4 Varsity Basketball 1, Manager 3 Varsity Softball 2 Varsity Swimming Manager 2 W. A. A. Basketball 3, 4 Ballet 1, 2 Modern Dancing 2 Bowling 1, 2, 3 Tennis 3 LOIS E. BLACKBURN 558 Dupont Street PHILADELPHIA 28, PA. Early Childhood and Elementary Education Early Childhood and Elementary Education Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 3 WILLIAM H. BUDD, JR. 147 SOUTH CENTRE STREET MERCHANTVILLE, N. J. Health and Physical Education Student Commission 2, 3 Sophomore Class President Junior Class President Boosters 3, 4 Track 2 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 2, 3 Soccer 2, 3, 4, Captain 3 Delta Sigma Pi 3, 4, Chancellor 4 Freshman Affairs Committee 2 LORRAINE BINDER 4315 EAST ROOSEVELT BOULEVARD PH ILADELPH IA, PA. Business Education Astron Senior Honor Society 3, 4 Kappa Delta Epsilon 4 Rho Lambda Phi 2, Corresponding Secretary 3, Treasurer 4, Iota Alpha Pi, President 4 Day Dodgers 3, Treasurer 4 Pan-Hellenic Corresponding 4, Greek Week-end Committee 4 Marketing Club 3 Boosters 3 International Relations Club 2, 3 W. A. A. 1, 2 Business Administration Club 1, Business Education Club 2, 3, 4 TEMPLAR Business Staff 2, 3 War Chest Campaign 3 Hillel Foundation 1, 2, 3, 4, Editor of Newspaper 2, 3 BETTY L. BRANTZ 6232 NORTH 12TH STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Secondary Education Kappa Delta Epsilon 4 Relations Club 2, 3, 4 One World League 2, 3, 4 Secondary Education Club 1, 2, 3, 4 JACK G. BURNS 332 EAST SECOND STREET RIVERHEAD, N. Y. Health and Physical Education Football I, 2, 3, 4, North-South Game 3, 4 Maxwell Award 4 Temple Quarterback ' s Club Award 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3 Swimming 2 President, Physical Education Department 4 ELAINE C. BUTCHER 603 WEST OLNEY AVENUE PHILADELPHIA 20, PA. Health and Physical Education Phi Delta Pi 2, 3, 4 W. A. A. Dancing, Horseback Riding, Hockey HARRIET S. CAINE 5723 FLORENCE AVENUE PHILADELPHIA, PA. Music Education Pi Mu Honorary Society 3, President 4 Phi Sigma Sigma 2, Corresponding Secretary 3, 4 Hillel Foundation 1, 2, 3, 4 Day Dodgers 4 War Chest Activities 3 GERALDINE F. BYRD 1524 KERBAUGH STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Secondary Education Student Christian Association 1, 2, 4 Temple Christian Association 2 Women ' s Chorus 3 Day Dodgers 3, 4 International Relations Club 2 SARAH E. CARTER 416 LAFAYETTE STREET BRISTOL, PA. Home Economics Kappa Delta Epsilon 3, 4 Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Women ' s Chorus 1, 2 Day Dodgers 4 51 Teachers College CAROL E. CHILDS 1533 SIXTY-SIXTH AVENUE PHILADELPHIA, PA. Early Childhood and Elementary Education Aquabelles 1, 2, Manager 2 Riding Club 1, 4 Date Bureau 2 Early Childhood and Elementary Education Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Templayers 4 Hillel Foundation 1, 2, 3, 4 Early Childhood and Elementary Education Council 2 Day Dodgers 3, 4 RUTH S. CURSON 953 BRIDGE STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Secondary Education Debate Council 1 One World League 3, 4 RITA SHIRLEY DENBO 1582 MT. EPHRAIM AVENUE CAMDEN, N. J. Business Education Kappa Delta Epsilon 3, 4 Hillel Foundation 3, 4 Business Education Club 3, 4 Day Dodgers 3, 4 Business Education Quarterly 3, 4 GERALD F. CROWELL, JR. 1807 NORTH PARK AVENUE PHILADELPHIA, PA. Secondary Education Glee Club 2, 3, President 4 Temple Wesleyans 3, 4 Student Christian Association 4 Temple Christian Fellowship 2, 3 GRACE GISHA DENBO 1582 MT. EPHRAIM AVENUE CAMDEN, N. J. Business Education Kappa Delta Epsilon 3, 4, Corresponding 4 Business Education Club 3, 4 Hillel Foundation 3, 4 Day Dodgers 3, 4 Business Education Quarterly 3, 4 HARRIET S. DE WOLF 5142 NORTH SYDENHAM STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Secondary Education GIOVANNA F. DI 1809 TREE STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Secondary Education Latin-American Society 3, 4, 4 Phi Sigma Delta 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4 Newman Club 1, 2, 4 Secondary Education Students 1, 2, 3, 4 ADELAIDE G. EBERLY 252 SOUTH 23RD STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Music Education Astron Senior Honor Society 3 Christian Science Organization 1, 2, 3, Secretary 1, Treasurer 2, Reader 2, 3, Pianist 1, 2, 3 Music Education Class Publicity Chairman 2 Band 1, 2, 3 Orchestra 1, 2, 3 A Cappella Choir 3 HELEN B. DOERRFUSS A E T 35 HARVARD ROAD AUDUBON, N. J. Early Childhood and Elementary Education Alpha Sigma Tau 2, 3, 4, 3, 4 Lutheran Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Student Christian Association 2, 3 Early Childhood and Elementary Education Club, Council 4 Pan-Hellenic Association 3 MARY ANN EVANS A E 113 EARL LANE HATBORO, PA. Physical Education Varsity Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Bowling 2, 3, 4; Varsity Softball 2, 3, 4; Physical Educational Department Club, Secretary 2, 4; Physical Education Class Officer, Secretary 2, Vice-President 3, Secretary 4; Phi Delta Pi, Treasurer 2, 3, President 4; Delta Sigma Epsilon 2, 3, 4, Astron Senior Honor Society 3, 4; Crown and Shield Honor Society 3, 4; Professional Pan-Hellenic Secretary 4 52 MARIE LAURA EWART 408 RUNNYMEDE AVENUE JENKINTOWN, PA. Early Childhood and Elementary Education Temple Intervarsity Christian Fellowship BEATRICE P. GAINES 4626 BROWN STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Education Pi Mu Honorary Society 2 Music Committee Chairman 1, 2 A Cappella Choir 3 GERRY GEHRINGER RIVERBANK DELANCO, N. J. Secondary Education Theta Upsilon 2, 3, 4, Chaplain 4 Student Christian Association 3, 4, Social Committee 4 Day Dodgers 4 Pan-Hellenic Association 3 MARY ANN FISCHER 1016 EAST HAINES STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Physical Education LAURA GAMPER 2110 SHUNK STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Physical Education Crown and Shield Honor Society, Treasurer 3, Vice-President 4 Theta Sigma Upsilon 2, 3, 4 Phi Delta Pi 2, Secretary 3, Vice-President 4 Varsity Hockey 2, 3, Manager 4 Varsity Basketball 1, 2 HERMINE GELLENS 2301 FEDERAL STREET CAMDEN, N. J. Secondary Education Pi Gamma Mu 3, 4 International Relations Club, 2, 3 American Youth for Democracy, President 3 Hillel Foundation 1, 2, 3, 4 Day Dodgers 4 EDNA GERBER 3121 WEST CUMBERLAND STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Business Education Debate Council 1 Business Education Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Astron Senior Honor Society 3, 4 Kappa Delta Epsilon 3, Recording Secretary 4 Phi Delta Tau 2, 3, 4 SONIA GLASS 5732 NORTH CAMAC STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Business Education Phi Delta Tau, Secretary 3 Hillel Foundation 1, 2, 3, 4 Business Educa tion Club 1, 2, 3, 4 RUTH GLASS 26 WEST STATE STREET MEDIA, PA. Business Education Phi Sigma Sigma 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, Vice-President 4 Marketing Club 3, 4, Treasurer 3 Business Education Club 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4 Hillel Foundation 1, 2, 3, 4 RUTH S. GLUCKMAN 12 CENTRE AVENUE NORRISTOWN, PA. Early Childhood and Elementary Education Early Childhood and Elementary Education Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Hillel Foundation 1, 2, 3, 4 Women ' s Athletic Association 1 Boosters 4 Day Dodgers 3 53 Teachers College SORRIN I. GNESIN 369 UPLAND WAY DREXEL HILL, PA. Secondary Education Secondary Education Students 2, 3, 4 Day Dodgers 3, 4 BLANCHE J. GORDON 1010 STRATFORD AVENUE MELROSE PARK, PA. Physical Education Magnet Senior Honor Society 3, 4 Kappa Delta Epsilon 3, 4 Astron Senior Honor Society 3, 4 Crown and Shield Honor Society, Secretary 3, President 4 Physical Education Class President 2, 3, 4 Physical Education Department Treasurer 3 Theta Sigma Upsilon 2, 3, 4 Delta Psi Kappa 2, Treasurer 3, President 4 Women ' s Athletic Association, 4 Varsity Hockey 1, 2, 3, Captain 4 Basketball 2, 3 Softball 2, 3 VIRGINIA E. HENDERSON 419 STEVENS STREET CAMDEN, N. J. Physical Education Women ' s Athletic Association, 3 GRACE U. GOETZ 5721 NORTH FRONT STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Nursing Education JEAN A. HARDWICK 1619 WEST BUTLER STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Secondary Education Kappa Delta Epsilon, Activity Leader HAROLD R. HEPLER 346 NORTH WILTON STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Secondary Education Temple Christian Fellowship 2, 3, 4, President 4 DORIS E. HIRST 2357 EAST CUMBERLAND STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Physical Education Phi Delta Pi 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3 Theta Sigma Upsilon 2, 3, 4 Crown and Shield Honor Society 3, 4 Kappa Delta Epsilon 3, 4 Varsity Swimming 1 Varsity Hockey 2, 3, 4 Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 4 Baseball 2 M. MAY HUDSON 3128 MAGEE AVENUE PHILADELPHIA, PA. Education Women ' s Athletic Association Business Education Club MORTON HOCHHEISER 29 EAST SECOND STREET RIVERHEAD, N. Y. Physical Education Football 2, 3, 4 FRANCES N. HUMMEL 129 POPLAR AVENUE HUMMELSTOWN, PA. Physical Education Women ' s Senate 3, House President 1. 3 Phi Delta Pi, Corresponding 4 Women ' s Athletic Association, Bowling 4 54 ELAINE J. HURWITZ 6426 NORTH 15TH STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Business Education Astron Senior Honor Society 3, 4 New Business Staff 2, 3, Business Manager 4 TEMPLAR, Business Staff 2, Honor Society Editor 3, Sorority 4 Boosters 3, Committee of Ten 4, Secretary 4 Rho Lambda Phi 2, 3, 4, Pledge Captain 2, 3 Hillel Foundation 1, 2, 3, 4 Vigilantes 3 Greek Week-end Committee 2 University Service Board 4 ELEANOR JACK 934 EAST BRADY STREET BUTLER, PA. Business Education Astron Senior Honor Society 3, 4 Alpha Sigma Alpha 1, 2, 3, 4 Student Commission 2, Recording Secretary 3, President 4 Boosters, Vice-President 2, Committee of Ten 3, 4 Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and 4, Faculty Student 4 Business Education Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Gregg Club 2, President 3 Varsity Basketball 1 Women ' s Athletic Association Student Christian Association 1, 3, 4 HELEN G. KALTER 6008 AGUSTA STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Secondary Education EVELYN L. HUTH 443 EAST CHELTENHAM AVENUE PHILADELPHIA, PA. Secondary Education Student Commission 2 TEMPLAR, Sorority Editor 2 Day Dodgers, Social Chairman 4 Theta Sigma Upsilon 1, 2, 3, 4, Alumni Chairman 4 A Cappella Choir 4 Boosters 4 Riding Club 1 Magnet Senior Honor Society 4 One World League 3, 4 Student Christian Association 1, 4 DORIS F. KALKOWITZ 5161 NORTH HUTCHINSON STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Early Childhood and Elementary Education. Rho Lambda Phi 2, 3, 4 Early Childhood and Elementary Education Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Women ' s Athletic Association, Bowling, Archery Hillel Foundation 1, 2, 3, 4 KATHRYN KARNS 243 EAST MAIN STREET EVERETT, PA. Early Childhood and Elementary Education Alpha Sigma Alpha 3, 4 Boosters 1, 2, 3, 4 Band, Drum Majorette 4 Templayers 2, 3, 4 Student Christian Association 2, 3, 4 Astron Senior Honor Society 4 University Sunday School Class 2, 3, 4 1808 Dorm President 3 Women ' s Senate 3 Lutheran Club 2, 3, 4 MARIE W. KATZ 531 ALLEN STREET ALLENTOWN, PA. Home Economics Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, President 4 Alpha Sigma Alpha 2, 3, Treasurer 4 Templayers 3, 4 Astron Senior Honor Society, Recording 4 A Cappella Choir 2 Teachers College Sena e 4 Student Christian Association 1, 2, 3, 4 MARJORIE E. KILMER 303 FRANKLIN STREET QUAKERTOWN, PA. Home Economics Astron Senior Honor Society 4 Kappa Delta Epsilon 3, 4 Home Economics Club I, 2, 3, 4 Editor, Home Ec-Echoes 3, 4 Delta Sigma Epsilon 2, 3, 4, Historian 3 Day Dodgers 3, 4 FLORA E. KELBERG PORT NORRIS, N. J. Business Education Hillel Foundation 1, 2, 3, 4 Secretarial Club 1 Business Education Club 2, 3, 4 Rho Lambda Phi 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4 Day Dodgers 4 BERNICE A. LANDSBURG 2573 BAIRD BOULEVARD CAMDEN, N. J. Education Historical Society 3 Phi Sigma Sigma, Pan-Hellenic Representative 2 Hillel Foundation 1, 4 Basketball 2 Templayers 2 55 Teachers College NADA B. McBREARTY LINGLESTOWN ROAD, R. D. No. 2 HARRISBURG, PA. Physical Education Crown and Shield Honor Society 3, Treasurer 4 Magnet Senior Honor Society 3, President 4 Kappa Delta Epsilon 3, 4 Women ' s Athletic Association , Treasurer 3, President 4 Theta Sigma Upsilon 2, 3, 4 Phi Delta Pi 2, Vice-President 3, Secretary 4 Varsity Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4 Varsity Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 BETTY S. MILLER 524 WEST HORTTER STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Early Childhood and Elementary Education Phi Sigma Sigma 3, 4 Early Childhood and Elementary Education Club 2, 3, 4 War Chest Drive 3, 4 Hillel Foundation 1, 2, 3, 4 TEMPLAR Business Staff 3 Boosters 2, 3, 4 Day Dodgers 3, 4 JOHN E. NAEGELE 176 JENKINS AVENUE LANSDALE, PA. Secondary Education League of Evangelical Students 1 Temple Christian Fellowship 2, 3 Student Christian Association 4 Men ' s Glee Club 4 EMILY J. McWILLIAMS 117 ASHBOURNE ROAD ELKINS PARK, PA. Early Childhood and Elementary Education Delta Phi Upsilon 2, Recording Secretary 3, President 4; Kappa Delta Epsilon 3, 4; Magnet Senior Honor Society 3, Recording Secretary 4; Astron Senior Honor Society 3, 4; Student Commission, Vice-President Secretary 4; University Service Board, President 4; War Activities Board 2, 3; Theta Sigma Upsilon 1, Pan-Hellenic Representative 2, Alumni 3, Rush Captain 1, 2; Boosters 4; Student Christian Association 1, 3, 4; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities 4; Elementary Education Club 1, 2, 3, 4 HAZELYN G. MYER STONEHENGE, R. No. 5 WEST CHESTER, PA. Home Economics Magnet Senior Honor Society 3, Treasurer 4; Astron Senior Honor Society, President 4; Alpha Sigma Apha 2, Editor 3, Corresponding Secretary 4; Home Economics Club 1, Secretary 2, Social 4; Student Christian 2, 3, 4; Boosters 3, 4; Marketing Club 3, 4; Women ' s Candlelight Chorus, Secretary 4; Templayers 1, 2, 3, Secretary 4; Vigilantes 3, 4 HENRIETTA S.NIXON 5241 NORTH FRONT STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Secondary Education Astron Senior Honor Society, Chemistry Society 3, 4; Kappa Delta Epsilon 3, 4; Student Christian Association 3, 4; Lutheran Club 1, 2, 3; Theta Upsilon 1, 2, 3, 4, Editor 3; Boosters 3, 4 GLORIA M. PAONI 900 EAST RITTENHOUSE STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Early Childhood and Elementary Education Early Childhood and Elementary Education Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4 Newman Club 1, 2 Phi Sigma Delta 1, 2, 3, 4 Day Dodgers 4 Chairman of Early Childhood and Elementary Education Department Tea 3 MARY G. PARKER 13 BURNSIDE STREET LANCASTER, N. H. Early Childhood and Education Theta Sigma Upsilon 1, 2, Social Chairman 4 Student Christian Association I. Templetarian Club 1 Elementary Education Club 1, 2, 4 Early Childhood and Elementary Education Class Council 2 FLORENCE PAPAJIAN 3200 POWELTON AVENUE PHILADELPHIA, PA. Secondary Education A stron Senior Honor Society 3, 4 Delta Epsilon 3, Corresponding Secretary 3 Fench Honorary Society 2, 3, 4 Christian Association 3, 4, Secretary 3, Vice-President 4 Club 3, 4, President 3 Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Day Dodgers 4 Sec-Ed Curriculum Committee Upsilon 2, Vice-President 3, Secretary 4 ANN H. PARSONS 2948 NORTH 12TH STREET PHILADELPHIA 33, PA. Early Childhood and Elementary Education Early Childhood and Elementary Education Club 1, 2, 3, Acting President 4 56 VICTORIA PERICLES 261 SOUTH 55TH STREET PHILADELPHIA 39, PA. Home Economics Home Economics Club 4 Student Christian Association 1 Day Dodgers 3, 4 RUTH M. PRICE MAPLE AVENUE TOWER CITY, PA. Secondary Education Templayers Aquabelles Varsity Basketball Lutheran Club ALICE H. PUTNAM 310 LAFAYETTE AVENUE SWARTHMORE, PA. Physical Education MINDELLE I. PIKOOS 813 WEST STREET WILMINGTON, DEL. Music Education A Cappella Choir 1, 2, 3, 4 Women ' s Chorus 1 Boosters 1 Women ' s Senate 1 Music Education Department, 1 Phi Sigma Sigma 2, 3, 4 RUTH A. PUNSHON 35 GRA HAM AVENUE WILKES-BARRE, PA. Business Education Transfer Student from Bucknell University Junior College Williams Hall Dormitory Council 3, President 4 Women ' s Senate 4 Student Christian Association 3, 4 Boosters 4 Business Education Club 3, 4 EVANGELINE RABAIOLI SOUTH RYEGATE, VT. Secondary Education Theta Sigma Upsilon 2, Treasurer 3, Corresponding Secretary 4 Student Christian Association 1, 2, 3 A Cappella Choir 4 Boosters 4 TEMPLAR Staff 2 Presbyterian Clu b 1, 2 Kappa Delta Epsilon 4 WILHELMINA D.RAMBORGER ROUTE No. 6 BRIDGETON, N. J. Secondary Education Kappa Delta Epsilon 4 Astron Senior Honor Society 3, 4 Dean ' s List 2 French Honorary Society 3, 4 Wiatt Hall Dormitory Council Scholarship Chairman 3, 4 Inter-Dorm Council 4 Secondary Education Counsellor, 3, 4, Executive Board 4 Latin-American Club 3, 4 Women ' s Athletic Association, Club 1, Bowling Club 4 Student Christian Association 1, 2. 3, 4; Women ' s Chorus 3; Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Boosters 4; Temple Christian Fellowship 3, 4 ALBA E. REGOLI 501 FOURTH AVENUE BRADLEY BEACH, N. J. Secondary Education English Honorary Society 4, Secretary 4; Kappa Delta Epsilon 4 French Honorary Society 2, 3 Astron Senior Honor Society 3, Entertainment Chairman 4 Theta Upsilon 1, 2, Excollegio 3, Captain 3, President 4 Pan-Hellenic Treasurer 4 Newman Club 2, 3, Social chairman 4 HELEN H. RANERE 231 FAIRVIEW AVENUE HAMMONTON, N. J. Home Economics Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Pi Lambda Sigma 4 Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Council 2 GRACE E. RIPKA WHITE HORSE ROAD BERWYN, PA. Business Education Astron Senior Honor Society 4 Temple Christian Fellowship 1, 2, 3, Secretary 4 Westminister Club 1, 2, 3 A Cappella Choir 1, 2, 3, 4 Women ' s Chorus 2 Business Education 1, 2, 3, Treasurer 4 Gregg Club 2, 3 Phi Gamma Nu 3, 4 57 Teachers College CARMELA R. RISICA 2922 SOUTH 13TH STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Business Education Kappa Delta Epsilon 3, Publicity Chairman 4 Business Education Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Newman Club 2 SHIRLEY S. RUBIN 5414 LEBANON AVENUE PHILADELPHIA, PA. Secondary Education Pi Gamma Mu, Executive Board 3, 4 One World League 4 Phi Sigma Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4 Hillel Foundation 1, 2, 3, 4 Secondary Education Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Boosters 4 SARAH SAPHIR 1901 NORTH TAYLOR STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Business Education. Astron Senior Honor Society 3, 4 Kappa Delta Epsilon 3, 4 Rho Lambda Phi 1, 2, 3, Iota Alpha Pi 4 Business Education Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Business Education Quarterly Staff 1, 2, 3, 4, Humor Editor 2, 3, 4 Hillel Foundation 1, 2, 3, 4 Day Dodgers 3, 4 FRANCES ROTHMAN 908 NORTH 64TH STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Elementary Childhood Education Delta Phi Upsilon 3, Recording Secretary 4 Kappa Delta Epsilon 4 Iota Alpha Pi 1, 2, Pan-Hellenic Representative 3, Corresponding Secretary 4 Early Childhood Elementary Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Council 3 ELAINE Y. SAMANS 1136 SOUTH 54TH STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Secondary Education Pi Gamma Mu 4 Kappa Delta Epsilon 4 Historical Honor Society 3 Phi Sigma Sigma 2, 3, Bursar 4, Executive Committee 4 Women ' s Chorus 1 A Cappella Choir 1 Hillel Foundation 3, 4 Secondary Education Club 2, 3, 4 BARBARA F. SCHWARTZMAN 225 COLONY ROAD NEW HAVEN, CONN. Music Education Dormitory Council 1 A Cappella Choir 1, 2, 3, 4 Women ' s Chorus 1, 2 Hillel Foundation 1 LILLIAN SHAPIRO 4559 WHITAKER AVENUE PHILADELPHIA, PA. Secondary Education Executive Board 4 Activities Board 3 Secondary Education Club Chairman 3 Planning Committee Director 4 Hillel Foundation 4 Kappa Delta Epsilon 4 FLORA R. SILVERSTEIN 5621 LEBANON AVENUE PHILADELPHIA, PA. Music Education Pi Mu 4 Music Education Class President 3 ELAINE SILVER 519 MASKER STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Secondary Education Kappa Delta Epsilon 3, 4 Secondary Education Executive Board 4 Secondary Education Club 1, 2, 3, 4 SELMA F. SION 1422 SOUTH PATTON STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Early Childhood and Elementary Education Early Childhood and Elementary Education Club 58 POLLY ANN SMITH 21 VENE STREET MONTPELIER, VT. Theta Sigma Upsilon 1, 2, 3, 4, Representative 3, Recording Secretary 4 Early Childhood and Elementary Education Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 2 Boosters 4 Student Christian Association 1, 4 Presbyterian Club 1 JANET H. STEWART 3669 FRANKFORD AVENUE PHILADELPHEA, PA. Early Childhood and Elementary Education Delta Phi Upsilon 3, Secretary 4 Kappa Delta Epsilon, President 4 League of Evangelical Students 2, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship 3, 4 Teachers College Student Senate, Secretary 3 Early Childhood and Elementary Education Club, Council 1, 2, Vice-President 3, President 4 Student Christian Association 4, Day Dodgers 4 Astron Senior Honor Society 4 FRANCES E. SMITH 940 HUDSON STREET GLOUCESTER, N. J. Secondary Education Student Christian Association 3, Social Chairman 4 Secondary Education Executive Committee Theta Upsilon, Ex-collegio Officer NANCY C. STIMSON NINTH STREET AT BUTLER CHESTER, PA. Secondary Education Student Christian Association 3, President 4 Methodist Club, President 3, 4 Day Dodgers 4 One World League 4 FRANK STROCKBINE, IR. 154 FRAZER AVENUE COLLINGSWOOD, N. J. Music Education Templayers 1, 2, 3, 4 Sigma Pi 3, 4, Secretary 3 Music Education Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, 3 A Cappella Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 4 Student Christian Association 3, 4 KATHLEEN A. SULLIVAN 1021 MORGAN AVENUE DREXEL HILL, PA. Home Economics Astron Senior Honor Society, 4 Kappa Delta Epsilon 3, 4 Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Parliamentarian 2, Treasurer 4 DORIS J. SWARTZMAN 4503 CONSHOCKEN ROAD PHILADELPHIA, PA. Secondary Education Pi Gamma Mu 4 Kappa Delta Epsilon 4 Secondary Education Students ' Vice-President International Relations Club 2, 3 Hillel Foundation 1, 2, 3, 4 One World League 4 Day Dodgers 3, 4 JOHN F. TUCKER 7345 OGONTZ AVENUE PHILADELPHIA, PA. Music Education Orchestra 1, 2, 3 A Cappella Choir 1, 2, 3 SHIRLEY M. TREFZ 1627 SOUTH CONESTOGA STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Secondary Education Phi Sigma Delta 3, 4 Secondary Education Club Association 1, 2, 3, 4 59 Teachers College AUGUSTA VESHNEFSKY 4178 LEIDY AVENUE PHILADELPHIA, PA. Early Childhood and Elementary Education Delta Phi Upsilon, Treasurer 3, 4 Early Childhood and Elementary Education Club 1, 2, 3, Treasurer 4 Iota Alpha Pi 4 GLADYS WAINER 5201 GLENO CH STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Music Education Templayers 4 EDITH E. WARNER VINTONDALE, PA. Home Economics Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4 MILDRED L. VON TUNGELN 3402 BUCKNELL TERRACE PHILADELPHIA, PA. Early Childhood and Elementary Education GRACE W. WALTI 158 WEST GREEN STREET NANTICOKE, PA. Early Childhood and Elementary Education Astron Senior Honor Society 4 Women ' s Senate 2, President 3, 4 Student Christian Association 1,2, 3, 4, President 2 Dormitory Council 1, 2 Home Economics Club 1, 2 Early Childhood and Elementary Education Club 3, 4 War Activities Board 3 Pan-Hellenic Association 3, 4 Alpha Sigma Alpha 2, Chaplain 3, President 4 MARJORIE B. WATSON 902 DUNCAN AVENUE YEADON, PA. Physical Education Varsity Hockey 1, 2 Basketball 1, 4 Women ' s Athletic Association, Fencing 2, Bowling 4 DORIS WEINSTEIN 150 STOCKTON STREET HIGHTSTOWN, N. J. Secondary Education Kappa Delta Epsilon 3, 4 French Honorary Society 2, 3, 4 Secondary Education Club Chairman 4 ELIZABETH H. WITTE 5106 NORTH CARLISLE STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Secondary Education Magnet Senior Honor Society 4 Boosters, Secretary 3, President 4 A Cappella Choir 3, 4 Day Dodgers 4 Student Christian Association Pi Gamma Mu 3, Executive Committee 4 Hillel Foundation Award 3 Theta Sigma Upsilon 2, Program Chairman 3, 4 One World League 3, 4 RENEE WITKIN 342 SOUTH 16TH STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Early Childhood and Elementary Education Early Childhood and Elementary Education Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Rho Lambda Phi 3, Iota Alpha Pi 4 IRENE H. WUNDERLICH 258 SUMS STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Early Childhood and Elementary Education Alpha Sigma Tau 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4 Delta Phi Upsilon 3, 4 Pan-Hellenic Association 3, 4, 3 Lutheran Club 1, 2, 3, 4, President 3, 4 Early Childhood and Elementary Education Club 1, 2, 3, 4 60 MARY T. YOUNG R. D. No. 2 DOYLESTOWN, PA. Business Education Kappa Delta Epsilon 3, 4, Vice-President 4, President 4 Astron Senior Honor Society 3, 4 Business Education Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Gregg Club 2, 3, Vice-President 3 Day Dodgers 3, 4 Temple Wesleyans 3, 4 MARY V. ZAEHRINGER 4142 REESE STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Home Economics Kappa Delta Epsilon 3, 4 Astron Senior Honor Society 4 Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Pi Lambda Sigma 3, President 4 Newman Club 2, 3, 4 SHIRLEY A. YOUNG A E E 5330 BAYNTON STREET PHILADELHPIA, PA. Physical Education Varsity Hockey 2, 3, 4 Varsity Swimming 1, 2, 3, 4 Physical Education Class Treasurer 2 Women ' s Athletic Association, Manager 3, 4, Modern 1, 2, Ballet 3, 4 Phi Delta Pi 2, 3, 4, Chaplain 3, Historian 4 Delta Sigma Epsilon 4 RITA J. ZAWITKOWSKI 1162 PRINCESS AVENUE CAMDEN, N. I. Music Education Astron Senior Honor Society 4 Pi Mu 3, 4, Recording Secretary 3, Corresponding Secretary 4 Pan-Hellenic Association, Vice-President 3, President 4 Music Education Class, Social Chairman 1, 2, 3 President 4, Pi Lambda Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4, 3, Vice-President 4 Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4 A Cappella Choir 4 JANICE E. ZIEGENFUS 306 EAST MAIN STREET SCHUYLKILL HAVEN, PA. Secondary Education Delta Sigma Epsilon 2, 3, 4 Vice-President of Wiatt Hall, 3, Secretary 4 Women ' s Senate 3, 4 Dormitory Council 3, 4 Secondary Education Executive Board 4 . Boosters 3 Pan-Hellenic Representative 3 Kappa Delta Epsilon 4 Spanish-American Club 4 61 hollywood canteen for SERVICE MEN Organizations STUDENT COMMISSION It is the purpose of Student Commission to govern the undergraduate of Temple University. The Commission is composed of the sophomore, junior, and senior class councils and appointees of the clean of students. Members are elected in the semester preceding that in which they take office so as to prevent any delay in activity. These activities started on the first day registration with the sale of dues cards and freshman " dinks. " The Commission sponsored dinners in September and February to welcome freshmen. The Activities Board, which replaced the War Activities Board, carried on such projects as Bond Drives and solicited subscriptions for the United War Chest. All-University informal dances were held throughout both semesters. The fall semester was highlighted by the Frosh-Soph Cotillion and the Frosh-Soph Tug of War. The second semester was filled with plans for the Junior-Senior Ball, the annual Regalia Day, and spring elections. An annual Student Commission Dinner brought to a close the varied program of activities for the year. 64 OFFICERS President ELEANOR JACK Vice-President PHILIP BAKER Recording Secretary ISABEL SCOTT Corresponding Secretary EMILY MCWILLIAMS Financial D irector IMOGENE GUERRIE MEMBERS Philip Baker Joseph Biben Florence Chambers Patricia Detrow Sam Fisher George Green Imogene Guerrie Eleanor Jack Sonya Kaplan Douglas Kaufman Dorothy McCuen Emily McWilliams Richard Prevail Dolores Reynolds Rae Sacks Sandra Sarokin Isabel Scott Peter Scuderi Edwin Virshup William Yuschak Jack Yuschak Sarokin Kaufman Baker Detrow Prevail Chambers Scuderi Scott Virshup Green Reynolds Fisher Sachs Guerrie Biben Caplan McCuen 65 WOMEN ' S SENATE OFFICERS President GRACE WILLIAMS Vice-President RHODA KRANE Secretary-Treasurer GLORIA TASCHMAN Women ' s Senate is an organization which and enforces rules of the dormitories, sorority houses, and approved Senate is composed of the president of each house and, members elected from the three upper classes with one representative for every twenty girls. At the beginning of the spring semester freshman representatives are elected, but their participation is limited to discussion. MEMBERS Rosemary Bawn Natalie Collins Marian Davis Carol Fuld Carol Hankwitz Edna Hartraupt Mary Louise Jones Sara Kennedy Rose Marie Muster Jennie Palladino Virginia Price Ruth Punshon Selman Arlene Sensenig Joanne Tyson Katherine Walsh Geraldine Witmer Barbara Wright Janice Ziegenfus Selman Walti Bawn Tyson Taschman Sensenig Price Punshon Fuld Kennedy Palladino Davis Witmer Collins Jones Ziegenfus Wright Walsh Hartraupt 66 TEACHERS COLLEGE STUDENT SENATE Left to right: Lord, Burns, Dr. Fisher, Baliban, Zahn OFFICERS President LEONARD BALIBAN Vice-president LORRAINE LORD Secretary CAROL ZAHN Treasurer JACK BURNS Teachers College Student Senate is the organization that is maintained for the welfare of all the student organizations or for the welfare of Teachers College at large. It seeks to advance the professional growth of the students and acts as coordinator between the faculty and the student body. It is comprised of the presidents of the respective departments in Teachers College. In the spring the organization sponsored an All-Teachers College Night which was its main activity. An informal dance and party were held in Mitten Hall after this occasion. 67 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY NEWS Temple University " News " plays a very important part in Temple ' s life. It serves to acquaint the undergraduate and professional schools with all phases of the University ' s In addition to its regular job, for the third year it handled the jobs previously done by the " Handbook " and the " Owl. " There were feature stories of campus activities and opinions of professors on different topics, and interesting stories received over the United Press teletype. This is the fourteenth year that the " News " has been issued as a tri-weekly publication. 68 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY NEWS STAFF DORIS IMFELD, Editor, First Semester Co-Editors, Second Semester FLORENCE M. BOBB MARLIN A. LEVIN Associate Editor, LEE COLLINS Business Managers ELAINE HURWITZ HERBERT HIRSCH Sports Editor Features Editor Herbert Freedman Betty Steck City Editors Mae Moore Margaret Lo Monaco Makeup Editor U. P. Editor Kathleen Healing Blanche Stuckelman Night Copy Editor Staff photographer Rosemary McGirney Paul Shafer Alumni Editor, Catherine Walsh Writers Marvin Gross Lila Allan Rosinsky Features Writer, Bernard Lipskin Reporters Ruth Frishkopf Ursula Brobst Mickey Fried Bill Segal Al Freedman William Silver Frank Kalmbach Sandra Shaff Elaine McGinley Edith Ignatin Bob Stevenson Business Staff Gladys Schwartz Florence Jack Zagrans Back Row, lelt to right: Row: Stukelman, Steck, Ignatin, Shaff, McGinley, Melnick, Shafer. Second Row: Kalmbach, Healing, Kling, Bobb, Imfeld, Hurwitz, Wolkin, Miss Steck. First Row: Moore, Lo Monaco,Walsh 69 THE TEMPLER 1946 In this first year of peace, the 1946 welcomes back all those students whose college careers were interrupted by the call to arms. We have tried to capture, by word and especially by picture, the many activities that have made this year a very busy one, and the spirit that is Temple University ' s heritage. Conditions were such this year that the Dental School and the School of Chiropody have to the publication of their own record books. 70 The Staff I. LOOMIS, Editor-in-Chief JACK E. ZAGRANS, Business,Manager VEACHEY RUDOLPH, Subscription Manager Bert Haines Senior Editor Nancy Derr Organizations Editor Sylvan Kling Sports Editor Phil Baker Fraternity Editor Elaine Hurwits Sorority Editor Joan O ' Connell Honor Societies Editor Dolores Reynolds Executive Editor William Yuschak Executive Editor Paul R. Shafer Staff photographer Paul A. Milrod Assistant Photographer Editorial Staff Norman Baker Ruth Spear Ruth Frishkopf Harold Thompson Rosalie Glassman Vivian Reed Lynn Virshup Edith Ignatin Joseph Rhode Wellikson Rhoda Katz Gloria Schonberger Wydzsynski Business staff Ursula Bucki Joan Cohen Bobby Kaiserman Wolkin School Editors Lawrence Jacobson, Co-Editor A. Silver Law Mary Forgash, Co-Editor R. Driscoll Theology Nonnie Beissel Oral Hygiene Row, left to right: Zagrans, Kling, Shafer, Wellikson, Baker, Dallas. Second Row: Derr, O ' Connell, Reynolds, Reid, Katz, Spear, Cohen, Bucki. Find Row: Haines, Sampson, Virshup, Schonberger, Frishkopf, Loomis, Ignatin, Cholerton, Snyder. 71 OFFICERS president IRENE BECKER DOROTHY TENSER Secretary CICELY WHITEMAN Treasurer GILBERT HORWITZ Left to right: Tensor, Becker, Horwitz, Whiteman HILLEL FOUNDATION 72 HILLEL FOUNDATION Hillel Foundation spent its second year under national guidance, after being the Jewish Student Association until 1944. There was a full roster of social, cultural, religious, and educational activities. Highlighting the year were Chanukah festivies, Veterans ' Dance, Freshman Tea, P alestine Rally, and musicales. Rabbi Milton Arfa, director, conducted classes in Hebrew, the Bible, and literature. The Ellis Memorial House, 1905 North Park Avenue, where Hillel is located, provided a place of recreation and relaxation for students. The smoothly working committee bought new furniture, stocked the record collection, and had the house completely painted. Miss Meta Schwab, housemother, kept the house inviting and pleasant. Hillel hopes to continue its record in the future, and remain a center of activities. 73 Front Row, left to right: Weathers, Neary, McMann, Doyle, Du Frayne, Zakrzewski, Petro, McKinney, Di Sandro, Bielski. Second Row: Montgomery, Baggani, Di lulio, Regoli, Steck, Guerrie, Zawitkowski, Kaminsky, McGirney, Calhoun, Scott, Rosetti. Third Row: McDonnell, Arlia, Lynch, Collins, Wenner, Wessels, Chesonis, Lo Monaco, Schulte, Del Borello, Zuikis, Azarewica, Doherty, Byrne, Heck, Geidemann, Walsh, Collins, Brobst. Last Row: Wiley, Clarahan, Devine, Reagan, Pace, Manning, Bickel, Dowling, Scanlan, Farrell, Ball, Cihiy, Garofalo OFFICERS President IMOGEN E GUERRLE Vice-president CARMEN CONSOLE Recording Secretary BETTY STECK Corresponding Secretary LILLIAN RUSSO Treasurer RITA ZAWITKOWSKI Sergeant-at-Arms EDWARD KAMINSKI Editor CATHERINE WALSH The Newman Club belongs to the Mid-Atlantic Province of the National Federation of Newman Clubs. Membership is open to all Catholic students. Miss Helen Callaghan is faculty advisor to the club, assisted by Miss Jacqueline Steck. The Reverend John McHale is chaplain. Among the annual events sponsored by Newman Club were the Shamrock Ball, a breakfast, and a hayride. A new innovation this year was the admission of social non-Catholic students who could join and attend all the club ' s social activities. NEWMAN CLUB 74 UNIVERSITY SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASS OFFICERS president JANET PAN TON FRANCES SNELSON Secretary-Treasurer ROSEMARY BAWN Social Chairman BARBARA WRIGHT T. Y.U Representative EMILY JANE SHERWOOD The University Sunday School Class meets every Sunday morning in the balcony of Temple and is ably taught and guided by Rev. Daniel K. Poling, co-minister of Baptist Temple. During the year there were several social activities in which the class participated. In September a reception was given by the Temple Women ' s Club. In October, a fall picnic was held at the Baptist Camp on Perkiomen River near Collegeville. In January, a banquet was held with the Methodist Clubs of Temple and the University of Pennsylvania. A spring picnic at the Baptist Camp was the last event of the season. MEMBERS Martha Arbogast Clair B. Bardo Rosemary Bawn Phyllis Beatty Mary Lou Bigler Mildred Bingham Carolyn Bobb Jeanette Calvert Perry E. Dunnick, Jr Irvin W. Engle Pearl Fruehan Ella Mae Hoffman Nancy Houser Jeanne Ann Kelder Janet King Gloria Learn Betty Lesh Jane Livingston Jane McAfee Rose Nakayama Janet M. Newswanger Hazel Nolt Jem Nolt Janet Panton Marion Phillips Ruth Reamer Emily Jane Sherwood Frances Snelson Barbara Wright Fourth Row, left to right : Sherwood, McAfee, Bingham, Gilson. Third Row: Arbogast, Reamer, Livingston, Beatty. Second Row: Lesh, King. Find Row: Rev. Poling, Panton, Snelson, Bawn, Wright 75 STUDENT CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION The Student Christian Association is a fellowship of students and faculty who, desiring to be personally and vitally Christian, are dedicated to: rediscovering and sharing the of Christian Faith, becoming aware of a new world order and needed action toward this goal. The program consisted of student-faculty discussion groups, chapel services, and socials. The highlights of the year were the Thanksgiving Chapel Service, the White Supper, a Town Hall Forum, the World Student Service Fund Convocation, an Easter Communion Service, and a Picnic-Campfire Dedication Service. The Temple University Student Christian Association is affiliated with the Middle-Atlantic Regional Student Christian Movement, the National Y. M. C. A. and Y. W. C. A., and the OFFICERS President NANCY STIMSON Vice-president FLORENCE PAPAJ IAN Secretary BARBARA WRIGHT Treasurer HORACE PATTON head Table at SCA ' s White Supper 76 World Student Christian Federation. Members of Student Christian Association attend and retreats held by these organizations, as well as helping to plan area and regional Student Christian Association conferences. The Student Christian Association attempts to draw the denominational clubs together and to provide a well-rounded program of activities for all interested students. Speak ers, on subjects ranging from world organization, church and labor, and social action to prayer and Jesus ' love and teachings, are drawn from far, and near. The socials included dinners, entertainments, and a bazaar. Plenty of food, fun and holiday spirit. 77 Fourth Row, leftl to right: Schwartzman, Marchand, Dekosky, Seiler, Holton, Oppecker, Cherubini, Corson, Zacharius, Third Row: Henning, Goldberg, Cathcart, Lafferty, Komins, Rudolph, Myerov, Todd, Zawitkowski, Eberly, Row: Audereck, Rothstein, Gaines, Strockbine, Skiffington, Mrs. Brown, Tucker, Crawford, Dannettelle, Huth, Beier,Taylor. Row: Clark, Witte, Mann, Rabaioli, Camara, Parker, Gains, McDougall, Dubs, Kelder, Ciarlatti, Burgess MEMBERS Janet Audereck Marilyn Beier Jessica Burgess Florence Camara Robert Cathcart Richard Cherubini Olympia Ciarletti Virginia Clark Elton Corson Rhea Crawford Charlene Dannettelle Samuel Dekosky Janet Dubs Adelaide Eberly Beatrice Gaines Edna Gains Gilbert Goldberg Robert Hanes Christine Henning Jack Holton Evelyn Huth Jean Kelder Clifford Komins Robert Lafferty Jean Magin Sylvia Mann Rene Marchand Jean McDougall Joseph Myerov Frank Oppecker Evelyn Parker Samuel Patchell Evangeline Rabaioli Ruth Rothstein Morton Rudolph Barbara Schwartzman Donald Seiler John Skiffington Frank Strockbine June Taylor John Tucker Doris Todd Bette Witte William Zacharius Rita Zawitkowski The A Cappella Choir, under the direction of Mrs. Elaine Brown, welcomed back this year a large percentage of the male voices it had sacrificed to the war. Membership of the A Cappella Choir is drawn from all schools and departments of the University, the premise being that not all qualified singers are majoring in music. In addition to its regular Spring and Christmas Concerts in Great Court, the Choir is called upon to provide music for commencements, convocations, and many other University activities. And now, with the return of a full personnel and the means to transport it, the A Choir prepares for a season filled with outside engagements and a possible statewide tour. A CAPPELLA CHOIR 78 WOMEN ' S CANDLELIGHT CHORUS OFFICERS President SANDRA SAROKIN Secretary LYNN MYER Librarian NANCY LIPPMAN Librarian MARGARET SCHICKLING The Women ' s Candlelight Chorus is an organization open to all undergraduate women of the university. The group was originally formed eighteen years ago as the Women ' s Glee Club, and its traditional activity has been the Candlelight Concert which follows the White Supper prior to the Christmas holiday. The procession of the chorus, carrying lighted candles through the Great Court of Mitten Hall, and singing the familiar carols, is an inspiring Candlelight Chorus has also sung for outside organizations. During the war the group sang at Fort Dix and for several years their custom has been to sing at the Presser Home for the Aged. The group is conducted and directed by Miss Emily V. Smith. MEMBERS Martha Arbogast Rosemary Bawn Virginia Brenner Jeddica Burgess Harriet Canady Marilyn Frank Lillian Geraci Anne Gilmore Jane Godfrey Joyce Goldy Ethel Gosfield Janet Hagyard Doris Hampp Phyllis Hubbard Jean Kelder Kikue Kikuchi Janet King Seda Kuyunjian Jean Magin Jean McDougal Frances McMahon June Miller Viola Miller Jennie Palladino Janet Panton Isabelle Pirritano Amelia Rabinowitz Ruth Reamer Pat Reed Bernice Sheporaitis Emily Jane Sherwood Bernice Shields Marion Skiffington Dorothy Stiteler Violet Stuart June Taylor Gloria Taschman Harriet Trautmen Genevieve Tulowitzki Jane Young Alice Zukis 79 Left to right:: Mr. Hitchner, Jurgens, Corson, Lafferty, Zacharias, OFFICERS President GERALD F. CROWELL Vice -President REN E MARCHAND Secretary WILLIAM ZACHARIAS Treasurer ROBERT LAFFERTY Librarian PAUL JURGENS Director MR. WELBERT B. HITCHNER Mr. W. B. Hitchner MEMBERS Stanton Althouse Robert F. Baker Robert Cathcart Elton Corson Gerald F. Crowell, Jr Samuel Dekosky George Dozier Saverio Garofalo George Garven Robert Gebhardtsbouer Merrill Haines Sidney Jenkins Paul E. J urgens Robert Lafferty Carlton J. Lake Rene Marchand Edwin Mickiewicz John E. Naegele James Nasser Frank Oppecker Matthew H. Parry Samuel Patchell Richard Prevail Morton Rudolph John Sandiford Louis Schopfer John Skiffington Chester W. Smith Richard Stephenson William Volin Harold E. Worley William Zacharias 80 MEN ' S GLEE CLUB Under the leadership of a new director, Mr. Welbert B. Hitchner, the Men ' s Glee Club has returned to the campus after two years of inactivity. Although only three members of the last active club were available this year, the large February enrollment provided a wealth of new material. The club spent much of its time in building a good repertoire, including all of the Temple songs and other fine numbers, such as " The Winter Song " by Bullard, Romberg ' s " Stouthearted Men " and " On Great Lone Hills " based on the theme of " Finlandia " by Sibelius. Upon some occasions a quartet selected from the group was featured. Highlight of the second semester was the Spring Concert, which had not been on the activities roster for the past several years. Local trips and participation in campus events rounded out the club ' s program. The members of the club and their elected officers have felt that the organization needs to be reinstated as a vitalizing factor in campus life. This will come as a gradual process, but the 1945-1946 group has laid the groundwork. Third Row, left lo right: Marchand, Jurgens, Jenkins, Zacharias, Carofalo. Second Row: Volin, Lafferty, Oppecker, Crowell. First Mickiewicz, Rudolph, Skiffington, Sandiford, Corson. 81 Behind the scenes OFFICERS President PAT DETROW Vice-President JOHN SHUMAN Secretary LYNN MY ER Treasurer T EDDY GUERRI E Templayers returned to its prewar schedule this year, presenting four shows. The first two were comedies - " My Sister Eileen " and " Snafu. " Owen Davis ' " Detour " was given in an unusual stage setting by the new technical. director, Clemen Peck. The season came to a successful climax with the presentation of " One Sunday Afternoon, " set to music by John Shuman, with lyrics by Jerry Stevens. 82 MEMBERS Alice Anderson Dick Albany Phil Baker Jerry Bass Irene Bromberg Elaine Burkett Jeannette Calvert Lee Caplan Bill Cohen Bill D ' Arcy Sophia Davidovitz Frances Deitsch Marilyn De Nooyer Patricia Detrow Neil Estern Penny Frear Teddy Guerrie Amy Ruth Hodges Dell Housten Edward Kaminski Marie Katz Florence King Edith Kremer Larry Levan Natalie Levin Tom Loftus Lorraine Lord Ellen Mannix Rosemary Massa Jerry Melamed Gastone Milano Lynn Myer Jennie Palladino Dede Reynolds Robert Sabbato Charlotte Roum Morton Schaeffer Rosalyn Scheibman Phyllis Schwartz Isabel Scott John Shuman Henry Siegle David Silverman Charlotte Solakian Irwin Stahl Gilbert Stein Frank Strockbine Joanne Tyson Barbara Weinsweig Jack Zagrans TEMPLAYERS 83 Fourth Row, left to right: Spousel, Boosert, Spear, McWilliams, Stephenson, Karns, Palladino, Detrow, Huth, Pike, Solakian. Third Row: Cohen, Rabaioli, Haines, McGirney, Muster, Caplan. Second Row: Witte, Mamamud, Kirrstetter, Hart, Brown, De Nooyer, Reynolds, Lyer, Rudolph, Snyder, Loomis, Calhoun, Newswanger. Find Row: Schonberger, Frishkopf, Litman, Katz, Ignatin, Sampson, Rotman, Shapiro, Lord, Smith. Boosters, established nine years ago, has as its objective the increasing of student spirit toward all Temple activities and the uniting of students in a spirit of loyalty at Temple. The group has done a great deal to fulfill its aims and during the past year sponsored an outdoor supper at Temple Stadium, numerous pep rallies with well-known speakers, a grille show, a penny race, and decorated the Mitten Hall showcase. The executive body, known as the Committee of Ten, includes: OFFICERS President BETTY WITTE Vice-President GEORGE GREEN Secretary ELAINE HURWITZ Treasurer (First Semester) BILL YUSCHAK Other members are Eleanor Jack, Dede Reynolds, Carol Zahn, Pat Detrow, Ed Virshup, and Rosemary McGirney. BOOSTERS 84 UNIVERSITY SERVICE BOARD OFFICERS President EMILY MCWILLIAMS Secretary ESTHER RUDOLPH MEMBERS Student Commission SANDY SAROKIN Women ' s Senate JENNY PALLEDINO Pan-Hellenic SONNY STARR Interfraternity BRENNER Business Administration ESTHER RUDOLPH Teachers College EMILY MCWILLIAMS News ELAINE HURWITZ The War Activities Bo ard was founded in the year 1943-1944. Its purpose was to the many drives that were going on for the war effort so they wouldn ' t overlap and so that a variety of different drives could take place during a college year. The board was very successful and as a result many contributions were m ade to the war effort. Now that peace has come, the board has changed its name to the University Service Board. Some of the money drives that have passed through this board this year are: Victory Loan Drive, Christmas Seal Drive, War Chest Drive, a drive to help Chinese students, a clothes drive for Yugoslavia, and a Red Cross Drive. Members were appointed by the various organizations represented and the deans of the three colleges suggest candidates and the members vote on these conditions. Rudolph Starr Sarokin 85 Left to Right: Caroll, Binder, Miss Osgood, Soll. The purpose of Day Dodgers is to promote better relations between campus and students; to provide a home for commuting women students on campus that will enable them to take an active part in student affairs. This year ' s program consisted of a combination of social, cultural, and social service events. An annual tea honoring Mrs. Johnson was held. Lectures were delivered by famous to world affairs. Popular among these lectures were those delivered by representatives of John Powers. Day Dodgers was organized in the spring of 1945 under the sponsorship of Miss Margaret L. Osgood, Assistant Dean of Students. DAY DODGERS The Homecoming Float 86 OFFICERS President ISOBEL SOLL Vice-President RENEE CAROL Secretary CHRISTINE HENNING Treasurer LORRAINE BINDER Social Chairman EVELYN LOEBLE HUTH " I ' m forever blowing - at the Carnival The Tea honoring Mrs. Johnson 87 LATIN-AMERICAN SOCIETY Left to right: Di Iulio, Salgado, Cabezas, Baggiani OFFICERS President MARIA ELENA CABEZAS JEANNE DI JULIO Secretary VICTOR SALGADO Treasurer GLORIA BAGGIANI Medical School Representative WALTER RAMIREZ Dental School Representative FERNANDO LOPEZ Undergraduate School Representative JULES BLUMENTHAL Faculty Advisor DR. SAMUEL J. STEINER 88 The purposes of the Latin-American Society are: to accumulate, elaborate, and diffuse by all means, scientific knowledge as well as any form of legitimate Latin-American culture; to increment a greater cooperation, solidarity, and spiritual union among the students of the University; to organize and intensify social, cultural, and intellectual activities; and to protection and orientation to its members by all means within the powers of the society. The society held regular monthly meetings, and sponsored several special events. Two conferences were held; one by the Consul of Mexico on the cultural background of his country, and the other by Dr. Richardson, a very well-known traveler, commissioned by the American government to study South American nations. Other events which the society held were of a social nature, including several informal dances featuring Latin-American music. The of the season was a colorful " Fiesta. " The Spanish touch was given by a Mexican dancer and singer, a trio of guitars, and a tango performance. Membership is extended to Latin-American and American students who are interested in the Spanish language, culture, and inter-American relations. Fourth Row, left to right: B. Santiago, V. Salgado, F. Quintana, E. Perez, M. Pagliughi. Third Row: M. Frenchmansky, J. Palladino, M. Fincke, M. Schulte. Second Row: Baggiani, M. Cabezas, B. Owen, L. Ruffs, J. Davis, P. Hautz. First Row: A. Di Julio, W. Ramborger, W. Wright, J. Ziegenfus. 89 Second Row, left to right: Cantor, Pritsker, Shaffer, Corson, Silver, Mongin, Kuhn. First Row: Lee, Mr. Hostettler, Scanlon, Healing. OFFICERS president FRANK SCAN LAN Secretary MARY LEE Faculty Advisor MR. GORDON F. HOSTETTLER The Debate Council opened its 1945-1946 season with a new director, and an expanded program of activities. Mr. Gordon F. Hostettler, the new director, came to Temple from Kent College, Idaho. The year ' s schedule was highlighted with tournaments, conventions, and debates. Members of the Council participated in the U. S. Military Academy Tournament, the Shippensburg State Teachers ' College Tournament, and the Mount Mercy College Tournament. The Council also sent representatives to the Pennsylvania Debating Association Convention in Harrisburg, Pa., and to the annual Penn State College Convention at State College, Pa. In April the Council sent two teams away on a series of intercollegiate debates. The team going north debated Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Syracuse, and Cornell. The team going south debated the U. S. Naval Academy, William and Mary, Georgetown, and the University of Virginia. Both teams used the national debating topic, " Resolved: That the foreign policy of the United States should be directed toward the establishment of free trade among the nations of the world. " The Council ended its season with an annual Banquet and Oratorical Contest. DEBATE COUNCIL 90 CHEMISTRY SOCIETY The Temple University Chemistry Society completed another successful year under the sponsorship of its faculty advisor, Dr. Floyd T. Tyson. This organization aims to promote fellowship and better understanding among students majoring in chemistry, and those interested in the study of chemistry, by furthering their knowledge and appreciation outside the classroom.. The society has sponsored an extensive program of faculty and student speakers as well as outside speakers and films on applied chemistry. In addition to the more educational aspect of its activities, the society has sponsored several social activities, a several parties, and its annual banquet. Now in its second year of publication, the society ' s newspaper, the Condenser by Cathie Gudmundsen, has served as a link between the alumni and those students still in attendance. OFFICERS president FRANK SCHOLNICK Vice-president JACKIE HYBFRG Secretary HELEN EBFRT Treasurer DONNI SHAFTMAN publicity Director ARTHUR SILVER MEMBERS Senior Helen Marie Dearden Helen Ebert Cathryn Gudmundsen Jackie Hyberg Ruth Lynch Frank Scholnick Ilse Schwab Donni Shaftman Arthur Silver Graduate Shirley Mark Meyer Solomon Third Row, left to right: Scott, Goldstein, Gilson, Solomon, Weiner, Silver. Second Row: Deardon, Hertz, Shaftman, First Row: Allanoff, Ebert, Dr. Tyson, Scholnick, Kuprunas, Schwab. 91 XYW CLUB XYW was originated by ten young women in November of 1944 for the purpose of all University functions and interests on the campus, in so far as they will be a benefit to the school. Requirements for membership state that any girl is eligible for membership if she is not a member of any sorority on campus, is above freshman standing, and is enrolled as a day student at Temple University. OFFICERS President HARRIET RUGOWITZ Vice-president ARLENE SNYDER Secretary CHARLOTTE Roum Treasurer ROSALIND SCHEIBMAN Faculty Advisor MRS. JEAN KEOGAN Sarokin Sagan Corn Newman Rugowitz Scheibman Bernard Yesner Roum Salup Balis Lerner Blank Weiss Grosser Snyder 92 First Row, left to right: Hudson, Rienzi, Nacchio, Saphiro, Halpern, Lebaris, Lord. Second Row: Monaco, Petronyolo, Oppenheim, Gerber, Orchow, Zipf. Third Row: Piccone, Carr, Punshon, Montgomery, Budano, Berry, Row: Williams, Binder, Kelberg, Fisher, Dowling, Kron, Welsh, Young. OFFICERS President LORRAIN E LORD Secretary G LASS Treasurer BETTY RIPKA The Business Education Club opened its year of social events with the annual Departmental Dinner, held in honor of Dr. J. Frank Dame, new director of the department. The Quarterly, former newspaper of the department, was christened the Ed, and gave the students bits of news about their colleagues. During the second semester a tea was given in honor of Mrs. J. Frank Dame, wife of our new director, and an informal party and dance highlighted the closing of the semester. BUSINESS EDUCATION CLUB 93 EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION OFFICERS president CAROL ZAHN Vice-president RHODA KRANE Secretary GLORIA PAONI Treasurer AUGUSTA VESHNEFSKY The Early Childhood and Elementary Education Club opened its year of social events with a dinner in the Mitten Hall Club Room for the freshmen and their " big sisters. " Club activities included the annual Departmental Tea to the faculty to which parents, alumni, students and friends were invited, a Theatre Party to see Squaring the Circle, at Christmas the making of toys and scrapbooks for needy children. During the second semester the club had its annual spring dinner. The club ' s function is to unite the classes, thus creating a feeling of oneness in a group of people striving toward the same objective, and to inform the alumnae of the activities of their departments. 94 Third Row, left to right: Breuninger, Zorn, Rhoads, Gross, Yoshida, Ranere, Paoni. Second Row: Walsh, Katz, Hancock, Sullivan, Kilmer. Find Row: Williams, McCurdy OFFICERS president MARIE KATZ Vice-president CHRISTINE HENNING Secretary JEANETTE GROVE Treasurer KATHLEEN SULLIVAN parliamentarian JEAN MCCURDY Club Advisor MISS LEAH HANCOCK MEMBERS Sara E. Carter Helen Ranere Marie Katz Kathleen Sullivan Marjorie Kilmer Ruth Williams Victoria Pericles Fochiea Yoshida Lynn Myer Mary Zahringer The theme of the club this year was " Home Economics and International Relations, " and this theme was carried out in the monthly meetings. At the luncheon meetings foreign foods were served, including Italian and Hawaiian dishes. At the Christmas Party Christmas in lands was described by two of the members. Some of the other highlights of the year were a party for the freshmen at the Home Management House, a Fashion Show, with a speaker from the Simplicity Pattern Company, a party given by the freshmen, a Spring Banquet, and a picnic. As our charity project for the year, our club contributed gifts to the World Christmas Festival. These gifts were sent to teachers in the liberated countries of Europe. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB 95 Fourth Row, left to right: Zipf, Horton, Kiumjian, Shaftman, Stern, Schwab, Budenstein, Trautman, Gudmundsen. Row: Hyberg, Stafansson, Dearden, Lee, Kurtz, Allanoff, Woltemate, Azariewicz. Second Row: Verdaro, Anoia, Wendkos, Mannino,Sheporaetis, Norvell, Sherwood. First Row: Gibson, Ebert, Kuprunas, Zdaniewicz, Shecktor. OFFICERS President HELEN EBERT Vice-President JEAN STEPHENSON Secretary CATHRYN GUDMUNDSEN Treasurer FLORENCE HORTON Sponsor DR HAZEL M. TOMLINSON Membership in the Liberal Arts Club for Women is automatically extended to every girl upon enrollment in the College of Liberal Arts. Club activities are organized to develop interests, promote friendship and give service to the University. This year the club took an active part in the Victory Bond Drive, attended a group dinner, the opera and theatre, and served as hostesses at the Freshman Mixer given by Dean Caldwell. The project for the year was planning and furnishing a Liberal Arts Club Room for the use and enjoyment of all Liberal Arts women. LIBERAL ARTS CLUB FOR WOMEN 96 MARKETING CLUB OFFICERS President ELEANOR WEISSMAN V vice-president MARIAN DAVIS Treasurer WASSER The Marketing Club, whose purposes are to give students an opportunity to meet people connected with Marketing and to bring about friendship of its members, has had a very successful year. Along with regular business meetings, a successful climax for the year came with a Presentation Dinner. Awards for outstanding work were given to Dr. Robert L. Johnson, and Mr.Arthur Kauffman of Gimbel Brothers. The next affair was the Spring Dance, held at the Warwick Hotel in the Mirror Room on April 5. Plans for next year have already been started, with a slate of potential speakers in all fields related to marketing, along with a formal dance. 97 MUSIC EDUCATION The Music Education Club opened its activities with a party for the freshmen. During the year a Concert by the freshmen, a Concerto Concert, and a concert at Kennett Square were presented. In addition, the annual Scale Match between the freshmen and sophomores was held in Mitten Hall. Highlights for the season were the Christmas and Spring Concerts, followed by parties in Mitten Hall. OFFICERS president RUTH LEUK EL MINDELLE PIKOOS Secretary VIRGINIA CLARK Treasurer VIOLET STUART CLASS REPRESENTATIVES Freshman SHIRLEY SHETTMAN Sophomore JUNE MILLER Junior SANDRA SAROKIN Senior RITA ZAWITKOWSKI SENIOR MEMBERS Eleanor Armstrong Adelaide Eberly Beatrice Gaines Mindelle Pikoos Barbara Schwartzman Flora Silverstein Vivian Sobel Frank Strockbine John Tucker Gladys Wa iner Rita Zawitkowski Fourth Row, left to right: Kulchycky, Cardon, Schwartzman, Komins, Oppecker, Holton, Cherubini, Corson, Lafferty, Dannettell, Third Row: Miller, Hitchens, Shechtman, Vigderman, Armstrong, J. Skiffington, Rudolph, Strockbine, Wainer, Canady, Soble. Second Row: M. Skiffington, D. Skiffington, Silverstein, Rothstein, Stone, Eberly, Gosfield, Marmelstein, Waldman, De Cray, Alexander. First Row: Mann, Stuart, Sarokin, Bree, Snyder, Russell, Patente, Collier, Hubbard, Le Blang, Harris, Rabinowitz, Caine, Dubin, Gaines, Rosen. 98 NURSING EDUCATION CLUB OFFICERS president ELIZABETH REIMET JANE LIVINGSTON Secretary ELIZABETH LESH Treasurer MATHLEEN KINCH The annual " Big-Little-Sister-Get-Acquainted " Party opened this year for the Laura H. Carnell Nursing Education Society. This party was followed by monthly meetings, at which plans were made for the Christmas Party and the Spring Banquet. The nursing eds visited hospitals and clinics, and enjoyed professional meetings with leaders in the nursing field. 99 Third Row, left to right: Sherwood, McMahon, Eshelman, McDonald, Miss Hinchey, Jezalik, Serotla, Levenson, Forman, Baker. Second Row: Bell, Yvonne, Hopkins, Katin, Archanbault, Eddy, Rotman, Bargerstoch, Barner, Davis, Knapp, Nichelson. Row: Haas, Reamer, Cantor, Levinbook, Abrams, Sampson, Atmore. PRE-MEDICAL TECH CLUB OFFICERS president RUTH REAMER Vice-president MURIEL HAAS Secretary BEATRICE CANTOR Treasurer GRACE LEVIN BOOK The Pre-Medical Technology Club held bimonthly meetings to which all members were invited to hear talks concerning future hospital work. It is the hope of the club that in the very near future a special dormitory for Medical Technicians will be established. The Pre-Medical Technology Club was organized approximately four years ago. At this time, there were very few members, but as the years passed new members were rapidly added. The enrollment in the course is now sixty. In 1939, the year the course was incorporated into the University, there were six students who received the degree of Bachelor of Science in Technology. The club aims to introduce the Pre-Medical Technician students to their future work and its problems. 100 SECRETARIAL CLUB OFFICERS president DOLORES REYNOLDS Secretary KATHY SMITH program Chairman JOANNE CALHOUN All the members of the Secretarial Department of the School of Business and Public Administration belong to the Secretarial Club. Activities are so planned to bring the members,faculty, and alumnae together socially, as well as in the classroom. The first event of this year was a Get-together in the Mitten Hall Auditorium to welcome the freshmen. What a grand bunch they are! At Christmas time the girls gave their annual gift to the Temple University Hospital for the Jackson Children ' s Ward. The club has held two theatre parties this year, going to see two of the Templayers ' productions. Before the opening curtain of " Detour " a dessert party was held in the Grille to entertain the February freshmen. The annual Student-Alumni Luncheon, in honor of the senior students, was held at the Homestead on May 4. About 75 guests, students, and alumnae were present. The students of the department also acted as secretaries at th e Annual Career Conference at Temple University. Now that the membership of the Business Administration Club is soaring, plans are being made to hold the traditional doggie roast in conjunction with them in the fall. Fifth Row, left to right: Houtz, Sponsel, Bossert, Davies, H. Papazian, Cohen, Mirach, Pilipietz, Wlodarczyk, Stewart, Lacy, Mr. Fourth Row: Miss Coleman, Bernard, Vassey, Kayjian, Bak, Ridzen, King, Yates, Miss Wiegand. Row: Burbett, Reynolds, L. Cohen, Gonaborow, Si man, Bucki, Pasternack, Steiner, Gomberg, Wagner, J. Cohen. Second Row: Straup, R. Muster, B. Muster, Kirrstetter, Brown, Howard, Loomis. First Row: Calhoun, Smith, Newswanger, Cools, Schwartz, Nahan, Kaiserman, Kleinfeld, Werlar, Krasnich, Harken. 101 SECONDARY EDUCATION STUDENT ' S ASSOCIATION OFFICERS president LEONARD BALI BAN DORIS J . SWARTZMAN Secretary DANIEL RYAN Treasurer DON PAUL Faculty Advisor MR. THOMAS CLAYTON " Main Floor, please, Clarence. " To Sec Edders this means the ninth floor of Carnell Hall which is the center of activity for the Department of Secondary Education. The and offices of the director and his staff are to be found on this floor. The clubroom is equipped with a radio-phonograph, record collection, magazines, a chairs and that informal good fellowship which contribute to the inimitable " Spirit of Sec Ed. " Twice a year, with the arrival of the freshmen, the upperclassmen welcome the new Sec Edders with a party in the clubroom. Of course, the clubroom is also the scene of and informal dances throughout the year. An important yearly affair is the Spring Banquet held in one of the city ' s hotels, where the seniors are bid farewell and the new officers of the Students ' Association are installed. Every year, except during the war when travel was restricted, Sec Ed sponsors two at Christmas and the other at Easter. Sociological and educational problems are studied intimately. During Christmas, 1945, some thirty students and faculty spent three days in the Pottsville anthracite coal region. These trips are financed, in part, by the Activities Fund. This fund is also used to provide Sec Edders with tickets to cultural events at a nominal fee. The Junior Class obtains an appropriation toward its annual New York City trip where schools are visited. These activities and the official publication of the department, Horizons, tend to unite the students socially and professionally, and to promote a better understanding of Secondary Education. 102 VETERANS UNIVERSITY CLUB The Veterans University Club is organized to aid veterans to readjust themselves to life. It provides a program whereby veterans needing aid in their studies can obtain The club also has social activities and athletic activities. An important function of the Veterans University Club is to disseminate pertinent relating to veterans in college, from various acts of Congress and decisions of the Administration. A weekly club paper is planned to aid in this news distribution. The club also cooperates with veterans ' clubs of colleges in the Philadelphia area, the National Veterans Collegiate Association, and American Veterans Committee to insure coordinated programs for vete rans ' activities. OFFICERS president KALMBACH Vice-president MARTIN PAGLIUGHI Secretary SAMUEL DASH Treasurer SELIG PICKER Leff to right: Dash, Kalmbach, Pagliughi, Picker. 103 OFFICERS President LEE COLLINS Vice-President WILHELMINA RAMBERGER Social Chairman PEGGY COREY Scholarship Chairman BARBARA WRIGHT Secretary JANICE ZIEGENFUS Treasurer LILLIAN CARBONE Wiatt Hall, named after the little girl whose legacy of fifty-seven cents was left to Dr. Conwell as an offering toward the realization of his dreams of Temple University, celebrated the first anniversary of its naming on November 21, 1945. Wiatt Hall held four seats on Women ' s Senate, one freshman and three seniors. The houses 2 graduate students, 13 seniors, 3 juniors, 11 sophomores, and 22 freshmen. The social calendar for the year was highlighted by a fall hayride, informal parties, " Peanut Week, " the annual all-dorm Christmas Formal, and the Spring Tea. Miss Eleanor Clark has been house director of the dorm for fourteen years, long before the house became Wiatt Hall. WIATT HALL 104 First Row, left to right: Klass, Schonberger, Patterson, Erney, Lord, Punshon, Cohen, McMiname, Taylor, Hyson. Second Row: Mrs. Helen Leigh, Kahn, Carr, Snyder, Nagle, Gilmore, Lurio, Pangonis, Goldblatt, Boyer, Gimera. Third Row: Klein, Cominsky, Nicholson, Noll, Baker, Mize, Walsh, Reithoffer, Green, Croll OFFICERS President RUTH A. PUNSHON Vice-President LORRAINE LORD Secretary MARTHA PATTERSON Treasurer FRANCES ERN EY Social Chairman RONIA COHEN Scholarship Chairman MCMINAME Williams Hall began the 1945-1946 season with its traditional Open House in the fall. A tea in honor of Mrs. Helen Leigh, the new housemother, was the next social affair. A new custom was established with the introduction of a Chocolate Hour held one in each month for the residents and their friends. Among the year ' s highlights was the dormitory Formal Dance, held in Mitten Hall Auditorium, to the music of the Haverfordians. One of the year ' s main achievements was the drawing up of the dormitory ' s first WILLIAMS HALL 105 CURTIS HALL DORMITORY COUNCIL Palladino Greene Houseknecht Taschman Livingston Muster Lippman Dubroff Moore Burkett Wallace Golden OFFICERS President JENNIE PALLADINO V ice-President (First Semester) GLORIA TASCHMAN Vice-President (Second Semester) NANCY LIPPMAN Secretary ELAINE BURKETT Treasurer JANE LIVINGSTON Scholarship Chairman JUNE HOUSEKNECHT Social Chairman DOROTHY GREEN E Publicity Chairman BETTY JEAN MUSTER Show (First Semester) NANCY LIPPMAN Swimming MARY WALLACE Athletics JOAN GOLDEN Music ROSLYN DUBROFF Fire Chief JANE MOORE Head Howe Chairman RHODA KRANE Curtis Hall, the name given to the main dormitory, 1808 North Park Avenue, houses the largest group of resident women. The members of the Dormitory Council are chosen by popular vote, and lead the girls in their social, athletic, and professional activities. We opened our social season with a Freshman Party and Picnic on our " campus . " Shortly afterwards we donned jack-o ' -lanterns and black cats for a Hallowe ' en Party. The girls their ability as gracious hostesses by serving a Faculty Tea in the fall. The big event of the year was the annual Christmas Ball. The second semester was highlighted by a party planned and managed by the freshmen, and a Parents ' Tea. Other events of the year included dinner and theatre parties. 106 Have we interrupted something? Campus politics in action Swing your partner CLASS COUNCIL President DOLORES REYNOLDS Phil Baker Imogene Guerrie Pat Detrow Eleanor Jack Emily McWilliams At last-1946! For three years we have worked toward this—our Senior year. It ' s been a lot of hard work, but a lot of fun, too. Yes, it certainly has been worth the effort. The Junior-Senior Ball was beautiful. Chuck Gordon and the snappy rhumba band really outdid themselves, and the canopy, the fountain, the sparkling silver ball, and the beautiful gowns all blended to make it an evening to remember. Then came Senior Week, the Garden Party, the Dinner and Dance, the traditional planting of the ivy, the Baccalaureate Service, and then it was here—June 6—graduation. And so, we turn over the role of Senior to you, the Class of 1947, and the best of luck to you all. 108 Examining the ivy 109 ELEANOR JACK NADA McBREARTY JEAN LOOMIS DORIS IMFELD IMOGENE GUERRIE 110 DOLORES REYNOLDS PATRICIA DETROW LYNN MYER EMILY McWILLIAMS PHILIP BAKER 111 Junior Class WAR ENDED! DEMOBILIZATION OF ARMED FORCES!! 1945 Headlines . . . and the Junior Class of Temple University found its number the largest since 1943. Encouraged by the enrollment, Juniors ambitiously supported War Bond drives, shows, and all other school functions. Their own informal class night was a success unequalled since pre-war class functions. April 27th presented the Junior-Senior Ball—truly the highlight of our entire school year. Mitten Hall Auditorium—a veritable vision with its spring decorations—saw a crowd enjoying this college treat. Regalia Day assured the Class of 1947 its goal; Senior year, was in view. And so, on May 3rd, the Juniors assumed Senior duties and started the last lap of the race. 112 Sachs, Caplan, Virshup, Chambers, Scott One sunny afternoon 113 The morning after Can ' t wait! you ' re almost Patience-you ' re almost through 114 The Last Straw Library Templana Collection Cream and sugar? 115 Sophmore Class The active Sophomore Class started making a name for itself early in the fall, when it strongly backed the Vigilantes in intense hazing of the " poor freshmen. " As a climax to the hazing period, a gala affair was held combining a tug of war, dinner, and street dance. With the exception of those who came in contact with the fire hose, everyone had a grand time. The Sophomores staged another gay affair on December 1, the Frosh-Soph Hop. Mitten Hall ' s auditorium looked its loveliest and Georgie Auld and his orchestra provided enticing music. And so they danced the night away—till 1 A. M. !! 116 Scuderi, McCuen, Biben, Green Oh, you say that to all the girls!! 117 The winning float Phi Delta Tau ' s prize-winning display HOME and on up Broad Street 118 I ' ve got it!!! The runner-up float One of the house decorations COMING Solemn tribute to Dr? Conwell Let ' s go, Temple! 119 Freshman, Class " Button Frosh!! " " Beat Syracuse!? " The freshmen are still reacting automatically to that yell. This year, the largest freshman class gathered in Mitten Hall Auditorium to wander through the daze of registration? The get-acquainted picnic, and the traditional President ' s Reception were only two of the many activities of Freshman Week? The affairs of the freshman class are under the charge of the Freshman Affairs Committee of Student Commission. Two representatives of the class itself are chosen to give suggestions This year the freshman representatives were Roberta Shaw and Kenneth Darcy. The biggest event for the freshmen was the Frosh-Soph Hop, held on December 1. 120 Where do we go from here? Well, what do you think of it? 121 Register here for Comp. 1 Oh, for some Windex! What is a picnic without some ants? 122 Oh well, only seven more times to go Do you think it ' s good? Have you heard the one about . . . 123 Honor Societies ASTRON SENIOR HONOR SOCIETY OFFICERS President LYNN MYER Vice-President KATHLEEN SULLIVAN Recording Secretary MARIF KATZ Corresponding Secretary FLORENCE BOBB Treasurer HENRIETTA NIXON Chaplain PATRICIA DETROW To become an Astron member, a senior woman student must attain a high standing in both scholastic and extra-curricular activities? Astron ' s aim is to be of service to the This year, Astron carried out this aim by sponsoring the Christmas Seal Drive on Campus? The two highlights of Astron ' s program for this year were a tea given in February, and the annual spring banquet in May. An award was given to the sophomore with the highest average for the sophomore year. An award was also given to the February graduate with the highest scholastic average? Astron members may be identified by their five-pointed star pin? The colors of the society are the colors of the rainbow? 126 MEMBERS Anne Becker Amy Biagi Lorraine Binder Florence Bobb Eve Bordman Patricia Detrow Adelaide Eberly Ann Evans Edna Gerber Jeannette Gordon Elaine Green Elaine Hurwitz Doris Imfeld Eleanor Jack Gloria Karel Shirley Kaskon Marie Katz Marjorie Kilmer Lillian Mandelle Emily McWilliams Lynn Myer Janet Newswanger Henrietta Nixon Florence Papajian Sylvia Perilstein Wilhelmina Ramberger Alba Regoli Sarah Saphir Dorothy Shaftman Janet Steward Kathleen Sullivan Grace W. Walti Mary Young Mary Zaehringer Rita Zawitkowski Standing, left to right: Bordin, Young, Zawitkowski, Papajian, Ramberger, Evans, McWilliams, Green. Seated: Kaskin, Regoli, Katz, Detrow, Newswanger, Nixon, Walti, Zaehringer, Myer 127 Back Row, left to night: Dr. Atkinson, Dr. Mack, Mr. Rhoads, Finnel. Front Row: Wlodarczyk, Miss Weigand, Yuschak, Dr. Hoffer, Newswanger, Miller OFFICERS President WILLIAM YUSCHAK Vice-President NANCY MILLER Secretary JANET M. N EWSWANGER Secretary-Treasurer MARTHA K. Faculty Adviser IRWIN S. HOFFER MEMBERS William Finnel Janet M. Newswanger Nancy Miller Adele Wlodarczyk William Yuschak Faculty and Adrninistration Dean Harry A. Cochran Irwin S. Hoffer Sterling K. Atkinson Rosella James B. Eileen Finkbeiner Russel H. Mack Alma Fry Nuss John M. Rhoads Ada E. Harker William A. Martha K. Wiegand Hanorary Members Robert L. Johnson W. D. Fulle r Frank J. Fell, Jr. Wayne C. Meschter Beta Gamma Sigma is the national honorary for students in Collegiate Schools of Business Administration. The Temple University Chapter its tenth anniversary in April, 1945. in the society is by invitation only and is limited to the upper ten per cent of the senior class and the upper three per cent of the junior class. Requirements for membership, in addition to scholarship, are good moral character, good standing among members of the student body, and a sincere interest in the welfare of Temple University. The activities of the organization are primarily of a social nature. A prize is given each year to the ranking member of the sophomore class, and an award is also made to the highest ranking member of the freshman class in the School of Business and Administration. These awards are made at the June Commencement. BETA GAMMA SIGMA 128 CROWN AND SHIELD MEMBERS 1946 Ann Evans Laura Gamper Jeannette Gordon Doris Hirst Nada B. McBrearty 1947 Florence Chambers Betty Evans Alice Putnam Virginia Wright OFFICERS President JEANNETTE GORDON Vice President LAURA GAMPER Recording Secretary DORIS HIRST Corresponding Secretary ANN EVANS Treasurer NADA B. MCBREARTY Faculty Adviser DR. GERTRUDE DUNCAN Crown and Shield is an honorary Health and Physical Education organization for women. Scholarship, personality, leadership and service are the requirements upon which is based. Crown and Shield acts as the coordinating link between the student body and the faculty. This year, Crown and Shield assigned " big sisters " to the incoming freshman girls and thereby helped them to become acquainted with the Physical Education Department and Temple University. Crown and Shield also sponsored a tea for the department which was given in honor of Dr. and Mrs. Hughes. Dr. Hughes is the newly appointed head of Physical Education at Temple University. The organization also works toward the maintenance and upkeep of Room 601, the Education Department lounge. Left to Right : Wright, Hirst, Putnam, Gordon, Chambers, McBrearty, Evans 129 DELTA PHI UPSILON OFFICERS President EMILY MCWILLIAMS Vice-President IRENE WUNDERLICH Recording Secretary FRANCES ROTHMAN Corresponding Secretary JANET STEWART Treasurer AGUSTA VESHNEFSKY MEMBERS Selma Cohn Zelda Devine Bernice Flinker Florette Hunn Doris Kalaminsky Emily McWilliams Esther Melnick Marilyn Orlinger Diane Rachlis Frances Rothman Miriam Schwartz Mary E. Sell Janet Stewart Agusta Veshnefsky Irene Wunderlich Carol Zahn The Theta Chapter of Delta Phi Upsilon, national Early Childhood Education honorary fraternity, had a successful year. Functioning for the second year since the war, the fraternity sponsored a luncheon at which the alumni and the faculty members of the Early Childhood Education Department were entertained. The freshmen of the Early Childhood Education Department were entertained at a tea. The fraternity also sponsored a speaker for the entire department. To become a member of Delta Phi Epsilon a student must have a B average in addition to professional potentialities. The fraternity ' s purpose is to encourage scholarship and professional attitudes among undergraduate women, and to foster a closer relationship between the college women and those in the field of Early Childhood Education. Back Row, left to right: Cohen, Melnick, Sell, Zahn, Schwartz, Devine. Front Row: Orlinger, Rothman, Veshnefsky, McWilliams, Stewart, Rachlis 130 Back Row, left to right: Smith, Silverstein, Orlinger, Saman, Carter, Hen ning, Kalter, Silver, Price, Ziegenfus, Regoli, Carol, Veit, Gnesin, Rabaioli, Zahn, Soll, Man, Fisher, Curson. Second Row: Simon, Scheerbaum, Ramborger, Young, Gerber, Stewart, Dr. Church, Denbo, Risica, Denbo, Anderson, Crowther. First Row: Swartzman, Becker, Brantz, Shapiro, Fuld, Wright, Kallich, Trefz OFFICERS President JANET STEWART MARY YOUNG EDNA GERBER Secretary GRACE DEN BO Treasurer ANNE BECKER Publicity Chairman CARMELA RISICA Advisor DR. MARGARET CHURCH MEMBERS Lillian Anderson Anne Becker Betty Brantz Renee Carol Sarah Carter Janice Crowther Ruth Curson Grace Denbo Rita Denbo Edna Ferber Mary Anne Fischer Carol Fuld Laura Gamper Isabelle Gnesin B. Jeannette Gordon Jean Hardwick Christine Henning Doris Hirst Suzanne Kallich Helen Kalter Marion Kashoff Marjorie Kilmer Florence King Gladys Man Nada B. McBrearty Emily McWilliams Henrietta Nixon Marlyn Orlinger Florence Papajian Ruth Price Alice Putnam Evangeline Rabaioli Wilheimina Ramborger Alba Regoli Carmela Risica Elaine Samons Sarah Saphir Lillian Shapiro Elizabeth Sheerbaum Isabel Scott Elaine Silver Flora Silverstein Tamara Simon Frances Smith Isabel Soll Janet Stewart Kathleen Sullivan Doris Swartzman Dorothy Welsh Virginia Wright Mary Young Carol Zahn Janice Zeigenfus Kappa Delta Epsilon is a national professional educational honorary society, which admits women in the junior and senior classes of Teachers College, who have completed at least hours of work at Temple University (including six credits in Education) with an average of B, and who have also participated in at least one campus activity that demonstrates A chapter was established at Temple University in April, 1933. The purpose of the society is to further the educational growth of prospective teachers and those teachers already in service. KAPPA DELTA EPSILON 131 McWilliams, Miss Coleman,Rudolph, Gordon, Reynolds, Myer, Hodges McBrearty OFFICERS President NADA B. MCBREARTY Vice-President ESTHER RUDOLPH Recording Secretary EMILY MCWILLIAMS Treasurer LYNN MYER MEMBERS Jeannette Gordon Emily McWilliams Amy Ruth Hodges Lynn Myer Evelyn L. Huth Dolores Reynolds Nada B. McBrearty Esther Rudolph Bette Witte MAGNET SENIOR HONOR SOCIETY 132 Membership into Magnet Senior Honor Society is limited to fifteen women. Girls are selected on a basis of scholastic achievement, campus leadership and personal eligibility. High juniors are chosen in the spring and seniors are selected in the fall. In the fall Magnet conducted the United War Chest Drive for the undergraduate schools at Temple. A cake sale was also held this year for the purpose of completing the fund for Laura Carnell ' s portrait. This was very successful, and the portrait was unveiled at a luncheon in the spring. Magnet women help sponsor the annual career conference held at th e University for high school students and act as ushers at many important functions, such as the President ' s and Convocations. Dean Laura Carnell founded the society in 1925 for the purpose of recognizing women at Temple. Miss Marion G. Coleman is the advisor of the society, and. Dr. Anna Jane Linglebach is honorary advisor. McWilliams Rudolph McBrearty Reynolds Hodges Gordon Huth Witte Myer 133 HAMMOND PRE-MEDICAL SOCIETY OFFICERS President ARTHUR W. SILVER Treasurer AMY RUTH HODGES MEMBERS Lillian Balter Anna Jane Gilson Harriet Hertz Amy Ruth Hodges Ruth M. Lynch Marie Ragni Mary Jane Ross Gertrude Schaefer William Schmidt Arthur W. Silver Frederick H. Wescol Joseph Ziegler The Hammond Pre-Medical Society was founded in 1926 as an honorary society for students who have attained high scholastic averages. Founded by Dr. Frank C. the society has existed as a means of uniting the pre-medical students, in addition to its function as a source of enlightenment on various topics interesting to pre-medical students. The general meetings are open to all interested students. Meetings were held every two weeks throughout the year. At these meetings, films and speakers on various medical topics were presented. Dr. William Rogers, of the Chemistry Department, is the sponsor. He succeeded Dr. Duncan in January, 1946. Ross Schmidt Schaefer Silver Lynch Hertz Ragni Gilson Hodges 134 Back Row, left to right: Beyer, Bortner, Baliban. Portnoy, Kobler, Dr. Brown, Mr. Eswine. Third Row: J. Epstein, Detrow, Lubeck. Second Row: Derr, W. Epstein, Young, Koplin, Bordin, Stukleman, Weinstein, Silver, Miller. Find Row: Auerbach, Mrs. Fairlamb, Houselcnect, Vehko, Rudolph, Wlodarczyk, Davidon, Green, Shantz, Ehrlich, Snyder, Palladino, Gellens OFFICERS President MIRIAM DAVIDON Secretary ADELA WLODARCZYK Adviser DR. BUCKWALTER Advisor DR. MACK MEMBERS Emelie Auerbach Leonard Balaban Martin Bashoff Walter E. Beyer Eva Bordin Oscar S. Bortner Douglas S. Brown (Faculty) Bernard Cohen Miriam Davidon Nancy J. Derr Patricia A. Detrow Judith Ehrlich Joyce Epstein Hermine Gellens Elaine Green Renate Hirsch June Houseknecht Evelyn Huth Corrine Kalodner Marion Kashoff Edward Kobler Ruth C. Koplin Daniel E. Lubeck Lillian Mandell Eleanor K. Miller Jennie Palladino Sidney Portnoy Richard Prevail Evangeline Rabaioli Shirley S. Rubin Esther Rudolph Elaine Samans Elda Shantz Elaine Silver Beatrice Snyder Irma Spritz Blanche Stukelman Doris Swartzman Vieno E. Vehko Ruth Weinman Doris Weinstein Esther Wishnoff Elizabeth Witte Adela Wlodarczyk Marilyn Young Shirley S. Zimmerman Pi Gamma Mu, national honorary fraternity, was established to promote those ideals in the Social Science field which Phi Beta Kappa endeavors to accomplish in the field of literary studies. The fraternity admits those students who have distinguished themselves in the Social Sciences. The four dinner meetings sponsored annually by the Eta Chapter at Temple University afford its members an opportunity of meeting and listening to speakers who have gained in their field. PI GAMMA MU 135 Left to Right: Sarokin, Russel, Gaines, Rabinowitz, Clark, Caine, Zawitkowski OFFICERS President HARRIET CAINE Vice-President VIRGINIA D. AUSTIN Recording Secretary FLORA SILVERSTEIN Corresponding Secretary RITA ZAWITKOWSKI Treasurer HELEN LITTLE Faculty Advisor MISS EMILY V. SMITH Albert Ruth Baker Virginia Clark Evelyn F. Cumming Eva Ellis Henrietta Englesbery Sylvia G. Flinker Beatrice Gaires Marguerite Goll Marion Graham Virginia Harter Miriam Hoffmeister Elizabeth Little Helen Little Dorothy Mauger Anna Monroe Lillian Rau Gloria Reber Marjorie Ross Amelia Rabinowtiz Sonia Ruby Frances Russel Sand ra Sarokin Elva Smith Hester Snyder Erna Sobczak Muriel Stratton Vivian Walton Ethel Weimar Ella Wile Undergraduate members One of the loveliest affairs, which Pi Mu Honorary Society holds, is its annual Christmas dinner preceding the Christmas Concert of the Department of Music Education. The Faculty Dining Room is decked with sprigs of holly, colored candles and silver balls. In keeping with the holiday spirit, small gifts are exchanged. The Pi Mu Award, given to the girl with the highest average of the semester, is twice annually—at the Christmas and closing dinners. At the open meetings that were held, such speakers as Dr. Claude McGinnis and Dr. Arthur Cleveland from Temple, Miss Margaret Kearney from the University of Pennsylvania, and distinguished musi c educators appeared.. Membership to the society is extended to girls in the music department, and is based on scholarship and participation in extra-curricular musical events. PI MU 136 Emily McWilliams Isabel Scott Phil Baker Colleges and Universities Pat Detrow Lynn Myer Sandy Sarokin 139 INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL The Interfraternity Council is a centralized group of two representatives from each fraternity on campus and its purpose is to supervise rushing and coordinate the activities of the various campus fraternities. This year two more fraternities, Theta Kappa Phi and Zeta Lambda Phi, were readmitted to the Council, bolstering the group to its almost pre-war strength. In addition, a new set of rushing rules governing selection and admission of new of the various fraternities were adopted. Working hand in hand with the National Interfraternity Conference, the local council has adopted many of its suggestions and practices to continue the high standards of the fraternity system. Together with the Pan-Hellenic Association, the Interfraternity Council sponsors Greek Week-end and the formal Saturday night dance. 142 OFFICERS President RICHARD STEPHENSON Vice-President ALBERT ZANGER Recording Secretary PAUL SHAFER Corresponding Secretary MORRIS SILVER Treasurer ROBERT TRIOZZI Alpha Phi Delta Pete Scuderi Robert Triozzi Delta Sigma Pi Martin Paglughi Albert Zanger William Yuschak Phi Alpha Bernard Brenner Morris Silver MEMBERS Pi Lambda Phi Phil Baker Theodore Halpern Paul Robert Shafer Sigma Phi Epsilon George Barlow Robert Woodside Sigma Pi Richard Prevail R. W. Stephenson Theta Kappa Phi Ralph Foster John Karch Zeta Lambda Phi Albert Sarowitz Donald Spivack Baker Brenner Prevail Shafer Silver Barlow Halpern Triozzi Woodside Zanger Scuderi Spivack Pagliughl Stephenson Sarowitz 143 ALPHA PHI DELTA BETA DELTA CHAPTER Founded at Syracuse University 27 Active Chapters OFFICERS President BOB TRIOZZI Vice-President PETER SCUDERI Treasurer ANGELO MONACO Recording Secretary DOMINIC DE BIAS Corresponding Secretary JOHN ESPOSITO Sergeant at Arms FRANK MARATEA Bob Triozzi Carmen Console Dominic De Bias Albert Amoresano Frank Maratea Jesse Cancelli Edward De Vita Paul Fiorino MEMBERS 1947 Peter Scuderi Angelo Monaco 1948 Frank Biondo William Di George 1949 John Fiuni John Genzano Tony Gerace Gus Milano John Esposito Lou Russo James Spinelli Frank Trama Al Papola William Rugeriis James Valente John Vignola 144 An active and enthusiastic group, the brothers of Alpha Phi Delta were key men in any school or interfraternity project that demanded their services or talents. They were in a great measure responsible for the success of the Frosh-Soph tug-of-war, and took first prize in the Homecoming Day Parade. Hit by the manpower draft as were other fraternities, Alpha Phi Delta, nevertheless, carried on in fine style. Depending on a small number to pull them through, Beta Delta Chapter took up where it left off by inducting several men to swell their ranks again as men returned from the battle fronts, and younger men came to Temple. The problem now confronting the brothers is the housing situation for which they hope to find a solution soon. Biondo Milano Trama Teti Gerace Scuderi Rugeriis DeBias Monaco Esposito Genzano Triozzi Cancelli Fuini 145 DELTA SIGMA PI Headmaster ALBERT F. ZANGER Senior Warden MARTIN PAGLIUGHI Junior Warden HARRY SMITH Scribe EDMUND KAMINSKI Treasurer JOSEPH L. MESSA Chancellor WILLIAM BUDD OFFICERS Historian RICKEY VERGARA Faculty Advisor DR. STANLEY F. CHAMBERLIN Alumni Advisors HERBERT RISLEY ARTHUR Executive Committee HERBERT RISLEY ARTHUR AUDET DR. STANLEY F. CHAMBERLIN OMEGA CHAPTER 1843 N. PARK AVENUE Founded at New York University 67 Active Chapters MEMBERS 1946 Fred Ade Bill Budd Richard Hoffman Patrick Naples Philip Peace Alan Sautner William Yuschak 1947 Angelo Di Antonio Martin Pagliughi Stuart Tait Rudi Wuennenberg Albert Zanger 1948 Richard Cross Robert Dunphy Frank Kalmbach Edmund Kaminski John Konchak Joseph Messa William McGettigan James Owens Frank Scanlan Harry Smith Rickey Vergara 1949 Joseph Huckel Richard Jefferies Paul Klug Joseph Karmonicki William McLarin John Scibal Anthony Smoluk Robert Sweet William Williams 146 Zanger Colson Smoluk Pagliughi Jordan Di Antonio Sautner Klug Scibal Scanlan Budd Ade Konchak Cross Jefferies Naples Messa Smith Dunphy Biggest news of the year for Delta Sigma Pi Fraternity was the opening of the new home at 1843 North Park Avenue, which quickly became the center of their many activities. With the return of hundreds of veterans to the University, and the resumption of pre-war activity, Delta Sigma Pi had secured its place among the leaders in reconversion by opening a house. A nucleus of six worked feverishly during the war years to keep the Delta Sig banner high on the roll of fraternities at Temple, and to them goes the success of bringing the present roster up to its peacetime level of thirty-two members. During the first semester twelve pledges were admitted to membership at a formal ceremony at the Beta Nu Chapter of the University of Pennsylvania. Several discharged servicemen, who had been active prior to their entering the armed forces, also helped in the membership. 147 PHI ALPHA OFFICERS ALPHA BETA CHAPTER 2010 NORTH BROAD STREET Founded at George Washington University in 1912 34 Active Chapters Grand Regent HARRIS KAHN Grand Vice-Regent JOSEPH COHEN Keeper of the Exchequer STANLEY KAPLAN Keeper of the Sacred Scrolls MORTON MOLOTSKY Bearer of the Mace BASS MEMBERS 1946 Joseph L. Cohen Harris Kahn Sheldon Rosenberg Morris Silver 1947 Edward Kane Harvey Rosen Harold J. Smolinsky 1948 Jerry Bass Bernard Brenner Harold Cramer Lawrence Levan Morton Molotsky Robert Klovsky Jacob Steinberg Jack E. Zagrans 1949 Joseph Behrens Lester Greenberg David Gallner Jules Bielitsky Herbert Desman Morris Resnick 148 In anticipation of the return of many brothers from the armed forces, Phi Alpha has upon a program of expansion in all phases of fraternity life. The chapter moved into a new home chosen to meet the requirements of a center for the social activity, the scholastic accomplishments, and the fraternal spirit which have long been traditional with Phi Alpha. In addition to many successful house parties, the Alpha Beta social calendar included three important annual events, the Alumni Smoker, Parents ' Day, and Spring Formal. Phi Alpha looks confidently toward the future with the assurance that upon the they have established they will ever " perpetuate friendship among its members and link together with fraternal ties those who might enter within its portals. Silver Bass Rose Rosenberg Molotsky Steinberg Zagrans Shaffer Levan Kahn Kane Brenner Kaplan 149 PI LAMBDA PHI ALPHA DELTA CHAPTER 1850 NORTH 16TH STREET Founded at Yale University in 1895 35 live Chapters OFFICERS Rex MARVIN BLUMENTHAL Archon PAUL SHAFER Keeper of the Exchequer ROBERT COLE Scribe ROBERT PEITZMAN 1946 Philip Baker Marvin Blumenthal Morton Klein Marlin Levin Paul Shafer 1947 Robert Cole Theodore Halpern Jules Malamud MEMBERS Stanley Neigut Robert Peitzman Edwin Virshup 1948 Joseph Biben Norman Epstein Lee Goldstein Norman Nuddle William Pomerantz Philip Slosburg Sidney Rosenblit Howard Wasserman Sey mour Wellikson 1949 Alvin Berger Lester Botoff Jay Drob Norman Grossman Harry Hyatt Robert Miller Ernest Rovins 150 Shafer Cole Drob Virshup Malamud Botoff Peitzman Wellikson Berger Rosenblit Blumenthal Halpern Biben Baker Klein Slosburg The 1945-46 school year was one of the most eventful years in the history of Alpha Delta Chapter of Pi Lambda Phi. After two successful rushing seasons and the return of many brothers from the armed forces, the house was filled. Leading the way in all phases of school activities, the Pilams again captured the Alfred Lloyd Kovner Memorial Trophy given annually to the fraternity which excels in interfraternity sports. The cup is named in honor of a former Pilam president who was killed in an air mission over Germany. A scholarship, established in Kovner ' s name, was given to Marvin Blumenthal. The scholarship presentation was made at a dinner attended by actives and alumns, and was given by Manny Kovner. In further perpetuating Kovner ' s spirit, the chapter presented the University with a gold trophy, which, beginning next year, will be awarded annually to Temple University ' s athlete. The cup was presented at the Regalia Day exercises. The Pilams continued their social activities with house dances, open house and the big event of the year, Spring Formal, held at a downtown hotel. Brothers were also in attendance at the Pi Lambda Phi Fifty-first National Convention held in New York last December. 151 SIGMA PI OFFICERS Sage RICHARD W. STEPHEON First Counselor DOUGLAS KAUFMAN Second Counselor RICHARD PREVAIL Third Counselor RICHARD DALLAS Fourth Counselor JOE WILEY Herald SAVERIO GARAFOLO KAPPA CHAPTER Founded at Vincennes, Indiana, in 1897 27 Active Chapters Continuing in their zealous fight to make a better Temple, Sigma Pi Fraternity rendered many services toward that goal. Each brother worked in some way for the university ' s and were prominent in many activities. The big event of the year came when Sigma Pi walked off with the Glee Club plaque in the annual Greek Sing. Despite the decision of the brothers to close their house in 1944, Kappa Chapter maintained its active chapter roll, increased by induction of new pledge groups and the return of servicemen to Temple. Next year with everything back to normal Sigma Pi looks for its biggest and most successful year. 152 Prevail Glaser Dallas Stephenson Henss Garafolo Strockbine Lynch MEMBERS Kauffman Burley Wiley Smith Gable Crane 1946 Edward Metz Frank Strockbine 1947 Wilson Anderson John Birbeck Rudy Henss Morris Hulsizer William Kuser John Michael Richard Prevail Wayne Siglin Elmer Smith Arthur Wittick 1948 Gordon Burley Richard Dallas Douglas Kaufman Carleton Lake Robert Pfeilsticker John Skiffington 1949 Vaughan Baughn Alfred Capkovic Ralph Chimel John Dietrich William Dunkin Frank Gable Saverio Garafolo George Garver Robert Hartman Frederick Holsworth Billy Johnson Alfred Lowe Samuel Patchell Darwin Rannels Robert Silva Richard Stephenson 153 ZETA LAMBDA PHI OFFICERS Grand Exalted Ruler AL SAROWITZ Vice-Grand Exalted Ruler DONALD SPIVACK Scribe ROBERT ENTIN Corresponding Scribe PAUL MILLROD Pledge Chairman SYLVAN KLING Assistant Pledge Chairmen SANDY GELB TED SEIDENBERG MEMBERS 1946 Sylvan Kling Daniel Lubeck 1947 Jules Blumenthal Bob Entin Harold Finldeman John Harrison Jerry Johnson Leonard Rosenthal Alfred Sarowitz Donald Spivack 1948 Morton Aronson Leonard Edelman Benjamin Fishbein David Fox Beryl Friedlander Sanford Gelb Robert Hoffman Nelson Romisher Arnold Rosenthal Marvin Sandler Leonard Shtendel Irving Weiss 1949 Jake Bariss Eugene Cohan Paul Millrod Ted Seidenberg 154 After a four years ' absence on campus, Zeta Lambda Phi Fraternity was reorganized at the beginning of the school year by two returning ex-G. L ' s, who were active before going into the service. Although the fraternity home was not available this year, the brothers met regularly to conduct their affairs. An alumni-undergraduate banquet was held at the Bellevue-Stratford, where new members had a chance to meet alumni. Induction ceremonies for pledges were held. The brothers participated in all phases of fraternity and school activities. The fraternity publication, the Zelaphone, was published regularly during the school year. Sarowitz Seidenberg Gelb Weiss Lubeck Millrod Blumenthal Shtendel Finkelman Kling Spivack Entin 155 SIGMA PHI EPSILON OFFICERS President ANTHONY DURSO Secretary ROBERT WOODSIDE Treasurer GEORGE BARLOW 1946 Robert W. Johnson 1947 George P. Barlow, Jr. Clement J. Groady Van Zandt Janeway, Jr. William B. McColly Robert H. Woodside 1948 Anthony N. Durso Robert H. Fertig 1949 R. Langrall Insley Harvey R. de Krafft, Jr. William J. Murray Depicting themselves as homeless orphans in the Homecoming Day Parade, Sigma Phi Epsilon ' s remnants of prewar days put the lie to their lamentations as they came up with a new home early in April. Holding meetings throughout the war, despite the presence of but three or four active brothers, the Sig Ep tenacity paid off when several brothers came trooping back to college to give them a foundation upon which they could rebuild their organization. Now that they are reestablished in a stronghold, Sig Ep plans to get back into the swing of things in the fall with a well-rounded social and service program. 156 Seventh Annual Greek Week-end 157 The victorious Sigma Pi ' s Dede Reynolds grins after being presented with the Monroe Award by Sigma Pi Pi Lambda Phi receives the Alfred Kovner a ward 158 Oh, Rose of Delta Sig Alpha Sigma Alpha and Sigma Pi, winners of Greek Sing Gerry Bass—Miss Sorority Traditional white blouse and dark skirts at Greek Sins 159 Regoli, Perilstein, Bernstein, Zawitkowski, Wlodarczyk PAN-HELLENIC ASSOCIATION OFFICERS President First Semester (Pi Lambda Sigma) ZAWITKOWSKI Second Semester (Pi Lambda Sigma) MARY ZAEHRINGER Vice-President (Phi Sigma Delta) ADELA WLODARCZYK Recording Secretary First Semester (Iota Alpha Pi) SYLVIA PERILSTEIN Second Semester (Iota Alpha Pi) LORRAINE BINDER Corresponding Secretary (Phi Delta Tau) JOYCE BERNSTEIN Treasurer (Theta Upsilon) ALBA REGOLI Advisor DEAN MARGARET L. OSGOOD The purpose of the Pan-Hellenic Association of Temple University is to strengthen sorority life and intersorority relationships, and to encourage high social and scholastic standards in the University. The Association consists of the ten active social sororities on campus with the presidents of each sorority forming the Pan-Hellenic Council. Each year, Pan-Hellenic awards a scholarship cup to the sorority maintaining the highest average. The Association also sponsors a formal tea during the year for those girls eligible to become sorority members. Pan-Hellenic also contributes to the various charity drives and gives its support through the sororities to student activities on the campus. Recently, much has been done to revise the rushing rules and changes are still being made to make them fair for all the sororities on and also more practical for use at Temple University. 160 Alpha Sigma Alpha Grace Williams Walti Alpha Sigma Tau Irene Wunderlich Delta Sigma Epsilon Ruth Lynch Phi Delta Tau Joyce Bernstein REPRESENTATIVES Phi Sigma Delta Adela Wlodarczyk Phi Sigma Sigma Ruth Kaplin Pi Lambda Sigma Mary Zaehringer Iota Alpha Pi First Semester Sylvia Perilstein Second Semester Lorraine Binder Theta Sigma Upsilon Sally Spear Theta Upsilon Alba Regoli Zawithowski Regoli Zaehringer Bernstein Binder Wlodarczyk Spear Koplin Perilstein Lynch Wunderlich 161 OFFICERS KAPPA KAPPA CHAPTER 1938 NORTH PARK AVENUE Founded at Farmville State Normal School in 1901 27 Chapters President GRACE WILLIAMS WATI Vice-President PATRICIA DETROW Recording Secretary VIRGINIA CLARK Corresponding Secretary LYNN MYER Treasurer MARIE KATZ Registrar ISABEL SCOTT Editor CAROL ZAHN Chaplain NAOMI HARTMAN House Manager JOANNE TYSON Kappa Kappa ' s of Alpha Sigma Alpha returned early this fall to the mad rush of registration and Freshman Week, with their first job that of opening the house. This completed, a tea was given for students and faculty in honor of Mrs. Mildred Fairlamb, the new hostess in Mitten Hall. Homecoming Week-end found the Alpha Sigs entertaining the alums at the annual Alum Dinner. Open house and a pajama party ended the activities temporarily. Alpha Sigs were mighty proud when their " Graveyard " float won second prize in the Homecoming Parade. Christmas came all too soon, yet Kappa Kappa ' s found plenty of time to decorate the house, have their annual formal Christmas party, go Christmas caroling and take part in all the University ' s Throughout the year, rushing was carried out with all the customary fun and excitement. of the season were the football party and formal dinner. Not only did Alpha Sig gain in this year but also two new patronesses joined our group—Mrs. Mildred Fairlamb and Mrs. Grace Muddy. But an Alpha Sig ' s life was not all parties. During the Founder ' s Day service everyone contributed to the memorial library fund established by the national vice-president, Mrs. Reindard Schlosser, in memory of her son, killed in action. Another project was undertaken—that of raising money for a new type of book projector for helpless veterans. Bond drives, Christmas Seal sales, the WSSF and all similar drives found the Alpha Sigs doing their share. 162 ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA MEMBERS 1946 Patricia Detrow Eleanor Jack Kathryn Karns Marie Katz Lynn Myer Grace Williams Walti Ruth Williams 1947 Rosemary Bawn Elaine Burkett Florence Chambers Virginia Clark Marilyn De Nooyer Naomi Hartman June Houseknecht Rosemarie Lachenmayer Mildred Olsen Janet Panton Virginia Ried Isabel Scott Mary Sell Joanne Tyson Eleanor Walsh Virginia Wright Thelma Wuchter Carol Zahn 1948 Doris Becker Virginia Brenner Dorothy Cooling Dorothy Greene Jeanette Grove Olga Krewonsuk Jane Livingston Jean McCurdy Jane Moore Ruth Reamer Bette Reimet Violet Stewart Ann Weaver Jane Wildermuth Pledger Ruth Addis Martha Arbogast Natalie Cadwallder Mildred Doane Anna Jane Gilson Carolyn Keller Maxine MacMinime Edna Smith Walti Tyson Scott Becker McMinamne Detrow Reid Weaver Wildermuth Reamer Myer Houseknecht Greene, D. Gilson Brenner Cooling Addis Reimet Clark Katz Zahn Bawn Sell Hartman Panton Olson Burkett Livingston Karns Lackenmeyer Chambers Krewonsuk Walsh Jack De Nooyer Wright Stewart Grove 163 Big plans being hatched! OFFICERS President Recording Secretary IRENE WUNDERLICH ELIZABETH SCHEERBAUM Vice-President Corresponding Secretary HELEN DOERRFUSS JEAN GILBERT Treasurer LOIS BLACKBURN Lambda Chapter started its activities off with a bang this year. Hardly had their spring pledges been initiated, when it was time for four of the members to spend a week-end in at their Eastern District Convention. They came back full of pep and ideas from their sisters on other Eastern campuses. Then came fall rushing climaxed by the annual Founder ' s Day Banquet with the Alumnae Chapter at McAllister ' s on November 16. December was highlighted by their first program meeting of the year at the home of their patroness, Mrs. Westenberger, and the annual Santa Claus party given by their president, Irene Wunderlich. In between, the girls sandwiched supper meetings together and joined in the University Victory Bond Drive. The end of the semester found, them deep in preparation for their all-sorority program meeting with Rev. Daniel K. Poling as guest speaker on February 18. Then, winding up the year in a whirl of activity, the girls joined in Greek Week-end the Lambda Graduates ' Party, and the annual week-end house party at Browns Mills in June, with many of them looking forward to the National Convention in Cincinnati in August. The Lambdas were very active socially, but also tried to maintain the high educational, cultural, and ethical standards which they pledged to Temple University and to the National Sorority. LAMBDA CHAPTER Founded at Michigan Normal College in 1899 21 Active Chapter. 164 ALPHA SIGMA TAU MEMBERS 1948 Marjorie Hofmeister Ruth Trauger Margaret Woodring 1946 Alice Archibald Lois Blackburn Helen Doerrfuss Irene Wunderlich Doerfuss Blackburn Krauger Plumley Alumnae Advisers Miss Emily Reedy Miss Mabel Schreiber Patronesses Mrs. H. Westenberger Mrs. Kirby 1947 Jean Gilbert Grace McQuistion Inez Plumley Elizabeth Scheerbaum Doris Wetter Scheerbaum Wetter Archibald Wunderlich Gilbert Woodring 165 An old-fashioned songfest OFFICERS Sponsor, MRS. CLAUDIA T. CUSHING President RUTH LYNCH Vice-President JANET NEWS WANGER Recording Secretary ANN EVANS Corresponding Secretary LEE COLLINS Treasurer ELEANOR MILLER Chaplain MYRTLE BIRCHENALL Historian BARBARA STEINER Sergeant MARY FORGACH House Manager MARY LOUISE JONES Pan-Hellenic Representatives MYRTLE BIRCHENALL RUTH LYNCH KAPPA KAPPA CHAPTER 1922 NORTH PARK AVENUE Founded at Miami University in 1914 31 Active Chapters Delta Sigma Epsilon Sorority was founded at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, on 20, 1914. Since that time Delta Sigma Epsilon has grown until now it has thirty-six situated all over the United States. Kappa Kappa Chapter at Temple University has had a very full year during 1945-46. They started the fall semester with a tea for their Mothers ' Club formed last Mother ' s Day. Homecoming was next, with Delta Sig taking one of the prizes in the traditional parade. The actives and alums held their annual luncheon on December 6 at the Tally Ho Inn. Plans were then formulated for the Silver Anniversary celebration. This celebration went off in grand style as the Delta Sigs had planned with a dinner-dance in Mitten Hall on February 9, and a tea at the chapter house on February 10. They were very happy to welcome back so many alums and to meet some of Kappa ' s original girls. The Mother ' s Club gave them a beautiful silver tea service. The alums found a tray to match and some silver spoons that the girls will proudly use at all their teas. Grand Council sent them two compotes. On top of such gala festivity, the Delta Sigs are now looking to their first postwar conclave in August. This conclave brings Kappa Kappa a special joy as it will be held in Philadelphia for the first time. 166 DELTA SIGMA EPSILON MEMBERS 1946 Amy Biagi Myrtle Birchenall Lee Collins Ann Evans Mary Forgach Edna Hartranft Marjorie Kilmer Betty Lou Longenecker Ruth Lynch Janet Newswanger Ann Stuart Barbara Wright Janice Zeigenfus 1941 Doris Bessey Marian Droney Betty Guthrie Mary Louise Jones Esther Mancinelli Eleanor Miller Barbara Steiner Joan Wheeler 1948 Mary Bielski Virginia Bosler Jane Kemner Betty Lesh Ann Nolan Sally Rhoads Ann Marie Stapleton Marie Stitzel Betty Varker Jean Wallace Pledges Shirley Young, ' 46 Betty Evans, ' 47 Mary R. Kovach, ' 48 Lynch Biagi Bielski Kovach Newswanger Guthrie Wheeler Young Evans, A. Kilmer Droney Evans, B. Collins Jones Steiner Varker Miller Ziegenfus Wright Bessey Lesh 167 The Iota Alphas talk over big ideas OFFICERS Chancellor (First Semester) SYLVIA PERILSTEIN Chancellor (Second Semseter) LORRAINE BINDER Vice-Chancellor (First Semester) LORNA CARROLL Vice-Chancellor (Second Semester) ESTHER MELNICK Recording Scribe TAMARA SIMON Corresponding Scribe FRANCES ROTHMAN Bursar (First Semester) LORRAINE BINDER Bursar (Second Semester) SUNNY STARK Pledge Captain. FLORENCE KING SIGMA CHAPTER Founded at Temple February, 1946 (Formerly RHQ LAMBDA PHI founded at Temple in 1931) Exchanging their traditional violet for the rose of iota Alpha Pi was the highlight of the season for the former Rho Lambda Phi girls. In February they were pledged by the national sorority and at their annual spring Dinner-Dance they were formally inducted as Sigma Chapter of the group. Although the venture meant a new round of social activities for the girls, they continued in their Temple stride, participating actively in the Homecoming Parade, the Pan-Hellenic Tea, and the Greek Sing. The All-University Victory Dance on December 7, which the girls gave, in conjunction with the Veterans ' University Club, was one of the most successful affairs of Temple ' s social season. The Iota Alpha Pi girls are proud of their achievement and are looking forward to their new association with confidence, anticipation, and pride. 168 IOTA ALPHA PI MEMBERS 1946 Irene Becker Lorraine Binder Elaine Hurwitz Doris Kalkowitz Flora Kelberg Lorna M. Carroll Sylvia Perilstein Frances Rothman Sarah Saphir Doris Swartzman Augusta Veshnefsky Renee Witkin 1947 Sunny Auerbach Clare Freiberg Florence King Marcelle Linett Esther Melnick Florence Qbel Tamara Simon Shirley Singer Sunny Starr Dorothy Tenser 1948 Bernice Borock Florence Gross Gene Grubnick Helen Hirsh Harriet Kilisky Pledge Diane Nathenson Perilstein Starr Saphir Gross Binder King Linett Kilisky Carroll Veshnefsky Hirsch Auerbach Freiberg Abel Rothman Hurwitz Witkin Grubnick Melnick Kalkowitz Borock Singer Becker Kelberg Swartzman Tenser 169 " Have you heard the latest? " OFFICERS President JOYCE BERNSTEIN Vice-President LEATRICE ROSEN ZWEIG Recording Secretary ROSE WHITE Corresponding Secretary MARILYN KRON Treasurer SON IA CAPLAN Pledge Captain ADELE ORCHOW Publicity Director ROSE WHITE LOCAL SORORITY 2006 NORTH PARK AVENUE Founded at Temple University in 1940 Phi Delta Tau started the season with an agenda chockfull of activities, and there was never a dull moment for any of the members throughout the year. The first event of major importance was the complete renovation of the sorority house. Rooms were painted, fresh drapes hung, floors scraped and polished, and the house literally shone as proof of its ability to undertake the full social season to follow. The year was officially opened with a tea honoring Mrs. Elizabeth Brophy, the Phi Delta Tau ' s charming and helpful housemother. From then on, it was full speed ahead. Homecoming, 1945, is an event the girls won ' t forget for a long time. They have a plaque on their wall to remind them of it always. The plaque is the tangible approval of the judges when they examined the house. Phi Delta Tau ' s was judged the best decorated house front. The whole week-end was wonderful, what with welcoming back old friends to the house, whom the war had kept away for a long time. Frequent Open House Parties, a gala Christmas Party, a Slumber Party House Shower, at which every city girl along with the house girls spent a lively, wakeful evening at the house (admission by gift for the house), induction dances and parties, and lots of other exciting events, made for a wonderful year and provided wholesome, never-to-be-forgotten fun in sorority and Temple University. 170 PHI DELTA TAU 1946 Joyce Bernstein Sonny Cooper Helen Feinstein Edna Gerber Sonny Glass Rita Goldman Rose Nathan Shirley Oppenheim Bobby Schwartzman Joan Weinberg Rose White 1947 Evelyn Birenbaum Selma Block Sonny Caplan Byrna Feldman Rosalie Glassman Marian Goldstein Selma Hultzman Rhoda Katz Jean Kramer Marilyn Kron MEMBERS Lenore Lester Edith Litman Jean Nirenberg Adele Orchow Muriel Park Vivian Reed Leatrice Rosenzweig Janice Rubin Marian Selman Thelma Shon Phyllis Taplinger Rose White 1948 Ronia Cohen Sylvia Diamond Naomi Feldman Ursula Goldstein Doris Green Florence Kamrash Rhoda Kline Ruth Liebman Miriam Orchow Marilyn Reese Rhona Rosner Phyllis Steinbaum Elayne Stern Lynne Virshup Eleanor Freedman Natalie Greenberg Rosalie Shragowitz Marilyn Wolpert Bernstein Goldman Nathan Stern Selman Rosenzweig Glass Holtzman Steinbaum Reise Oppenheim Feinstein Shon Feldman Orchow White Gerber Litman Leibman Goldstein Kron Park Reed Glassman Kramer Schwartzman Katz Kline Cohen Cooper 171 OFFICERS President ADELE WLODAFCZYK President JEAN STEVENSON Recording Secretary JEAN STEVENSON Recording Secretary NATALI E ZDANEWIECZ Corresponding Secretary WANDA NOLYWINSKI Treasurer JEANNE DI JULIO ALPHA CHAPTER Founded at Temple University in 1928 The Alpha Chapter of Phi Sigma Delta Sorority was established at Temple University in 1928. The society was founded to further the interests and provide a spirit of fellowship among members. On November 15, Phi Sigmas held their Rush Dinner at Leeds ' Restaurant, then to the theatre. Plans were made for Homecoming Day, but at the last minute complications made it impossible for them to participate in the parade. The Pan-Hellenic Tea was attended by the majority of our members, and all were agreed that it was a delightful affair. Despite the storm, on Wednesday, December 19, we sponsored a Christmas party for men in the service and for veterans. As those who were there will attest, it was a huge success. April was marked by two important events, the Mother ' s Day Tea and a Skating Party at the Adelphia Rink. The tea gave the mothers a chance to become acquainted with each other and with the girls themselves. The Greek Sing, in which all sororities and fraternitie s participated, was an affair that we could not afford to miss. Our voices gave forth in a volume of harmonious sounds. 172 PHI SIGMA DELTA 1946 Florence Horton Jacqueline Hyberg Jean Di Iullio Wanda Nolywinski Gloria Paoni Joan Stephenson Shirley Trefz Nancy Troisi MEMBERS Adele Wlodarczyk 1947 Carola Baus Joanne Carey Mary Ferenchak Mary Jane Gibson Una Vardaro Natalie Zdaniewiez 1948 Dorothy Faust Myrta Hafner Seda Kujumjian Josephine Lazowski Sophia Pachucki Inez Paoni Wlodarczyk Zdaniewiez Paoni, I. Paoni, G. Di Iulio Stephenson Trefz Horton Troisi No lywinski 173 OFFICERS Archon RUTH KOPLIN RUTH GLASS Scribe S. LOIS BROWN Tribune HARRIET CAINE Bursar RAE SACHS Rush Captain FLORENCE WOLKIN XI CHAPTER 1935 NORTH BROAD STREET Founded at Hunter College in 1913 23 Active Chapters PHI SIGMA SIGMA MEMBERS 1946 Shirley Abrahams Lenore Bellitz Harriet Caine Sophia Davidowitz Ruth Glass Elaine Green Harriet Hertz Esther Hollander Irene Jacoby Ruth Koplin Gloria Koral Hank Levin Aimee Le Vita Elaine Levitt Betty Miller Mindelle Pikoos Shirley Robin Veachey Rudolph Elaine Samans Blanche Stukelman Gladys Wainer Bernice Wasserbly Florence Wolkin 1947 Betty Allanoff S. Lois Brown Annette Buckman Carol Fuld Betty Hexter Natalie Levin Shirley Ostrum Florence Riemer Sue Ring Rae Sachs Beatrice Snyder Dorothy Wilson Marilyn Wittlin Vivian Wolff 1948 Libby Abrams Mitzi Allanoff Suray Chernick Doris Feurer Connie Glassman Fleur Halpern Joan Klinefield Aidee Lesse Anette Modell Helene Odlin Ella Plavin Dolores Romm Maxine Rosner Rosalie Rudolfker Pearl Silver Isabelle Solomon Odette Sporkin Phyllis Weinstein Irene Yaffe Pledged Gerry Bass Faye Cohen Evelyn Feurer Marcella Goodman Bobby Kaiserman Lee Kaplan Bernice Kevin Nora Koral Lenore Litwin Harriet Orlinsky Brena Rosenberg Shirley Weinstein 174 The Phi Sigs opened the season with a " Back Home for Keeps " Party in honor of the vets on campus and followed the theme for Homecoming. Besides keeping their high position in the Bond Drive, and entertaining children at local nurseries, they were busy working on their donors and group donor for the National Philanthropic goal pledged at the Founder ' s Day Dinner at the Sheraton. The social highlights centered around the Phi Sig winter featuring a Semi-Formal Dance and Rustic Party, and the Spring Formal. The girls have been active in the " News, " TEMPLAR, Magnet, Astron, Hillel, and other societies on campus, but they have also found time for some redecorating touches to their house, to issue a chapter news letter, and to participate in intramural sports. They have also taken an active part in the induction of the Beta Zeta Chapter at Penn State. The long-awaited treat of a national convention will become a reality in June. Koplin Rudolph Stuckelman Hollander Koral Wolkin Bellitz Wasserbly Green Levitt Brown Snyder Rudofker Chernick Yaffe Sacks Rubin Levin, H. Ostrum Warner Samans Reimer Allanoff Levin, N. Caine Davidowitz Fuld Wittkin Hartz Glass Rosner Miller Kleinfield Weinstein Abrahams Ring Pikoos Glassman Lesse 175 OFFICERS President MARY ZAEHRINGER Vice-President RITA ZAWITKOWSKI Secretary GLORIA SABATINI Treasurer DOROTHY BICKEL Adviser MISS HELEN CALLAGHAN GAMMA CHAPTER Founded in 1921 6 Active Chapters Pi Lambda Sigma, national Catholic soroity, aims to foster the social, intellectual, and spiritual life of its members. The active members are in close contact with the alums, who have a very active chapter themselves. The two groups have many social affairs together. The Christmas Party is the biggest event of the year. Alums from all over the country come out to make this a big sorority reunion. In addition to the social affairs, Gamma Chapter has as one of its objectives service to Temple. To this end, it has contributed a newspaper subscription to the Periodical of the Sullivan Memorial Library, and is sponsoring social and cultural events around the Temple Campus. Often the girls gather in close friendship for Communion Breakfasts, establishing close bonds of spiritual comradeship among the Catholic students. As part of their service to others, this year the girls have " adopted " a needy family, remembering them with a Thanksgiving basket and Christmas gifts. 176 PI LAMBDA SIGMA MEMBERS 1946 Helen Ranere Mary Zaehringer Rita Zawitkowski 1948 Dorothy Bickel Gloria Sabatini Pledges Catherine Mercanti Rose Palazzo Rose Sabatini Margaret Schickling Teresa Tighe Bickell Zawitkowski Schickling Zaehringer Ranere 177 " Merry Christmas! " OFFICERS GAMMA CHAPTER 1936 NORTH PARK AVENUE Founded at Kansas State Teachers College in 1921 22 Chapters President SALLY SPEAR Vice-President ROSEMARY MCGIRN EY Secretary POLLY SMITH Adviser MRS. Treasurer JOAN Editor JEAN LOOMIS House Manager ARLENE, SENSENIG EDIE KLAIN Gamma Chapter of Theta Sigma Upsilon returned to its house at 1936 N. Park Avenue this fall, and started at once to make plans for a busy season of social activities. The first of these was an All-University Tea given in honor of Miss Margaret Osgood. Later in the semester the pledges entertained the active members at a Saturday night " hoe down " including original skits and songs. Homecoming Week-end brought a bustle of activity. Preparations for a float and house decorations took up most of the spare time of each Theta Sig. On Friday night open house was held and on Saturday the Social Committee sponsored a coffee hour which was held after the All-University Dance. Mid-November found the group busy with plans for rushing season. With the fun of behind them, last semester ' s pledges were faced with going through the long anticipated " Hell. Week " and " Worm Court " which preceded their initiation. At Christmas the girls held their annual Pajama Party and also formed a group to go caroling on the campus. Monday night " penny suppers " and open house after most of the University sponsored affairs rounded out the Theta Sig ' s program. Future plans include raising funds to sponsor a delegation to the Theta Sigma Upsilon National Convention next summer. On the more serious side the Theta Sigs have shown their willingness to cooperate in all student drives. The Victory Bond Drive, Red Cross Drive, and WSSF are only some of those in which each Theta Sig did her share. 178 THETA SIGMA UPSILON MEMBERS 1946 Marie Blackburn Laura Gamper Jeannette Gordon Bert Haines Doris Hirst Evelyn L. Huth Ruth Kirrstetter Jean Loomis Nada B. McBrearty Emily McWilliams Mary Parker Evangeline Rabaioli Dolores Reynolds Mary Jane Ross Elda Shantz Polly Smith Sally Spear Bette Witte 1947 Joanne Calhoun Audrey Jones Lorraine Lord Rosemary McGirney Mae Moore Joan O ' Connell Arlene Sensenig Martha Stefansson Mary L. Woltemate 1948 Jayne Beattie Elaine Beehler Shirley Brown Stella Cominsky Eleanor Dowling Frances Erney Louise Fisher Doris Hampp Virginia Hart Mary Ann Hyson Jeanne Martin Rose Marie Muster Marty Patterson Marie Patton Dora Pearson Rita Tursi Geraldine Witmer Pledges Doris Cholerton Allyne Kase Colleen Keller Jackie Peifer Kay Robertson Kathy Walsh " And he said . . " 179 THETA SIGMA UPSILON Sensenig Pearson Hart Rabaioli Tursi Beehler Calhoun Loomis Gordon Beattie Brown Smith Gamper Muster Kase McGirney Ross Jones Robertson Spear Shantz Moore Hampp 180 McWilliams Witmer Erney Hyson Huth Fisher Martin Steffansson Hirst Patton Patterson Reynolds Kirrstetter Cominsky Walsh Witte Blackburn Lord Cholerton McBrearty Parker Dowling Keller 181 OFFICERS President ALBA REGOLI Vice-President KATHRYN VEIT Secretary FLORENCE PAPAJIAN Treasurer JANICE CROWTHER Ex-Collegio Officer FRANCES SMITH Editor JEANNE ADAMS Chaplain GERALDINE GEHRINGER DELTA ALPHA CHAPTER 1928 NORTH BROAD STREET Founded at the University of California in 1909 32 Chapters Many social events marked the year for Theta Upsilon Sorority, including a Christmas Party, teas, and various social get-togethers. On January 19, a formal Dinner-Dance was held at the Sheraton Hotel, to celebrate Founder ' s Day. The recent initiates, pledges, and of the sororities and fraternities on campus were the guests of honor. The spring rush parties were held at the sorority house and the Adelphia Hotel. The theme of the first party was a night club, complete with floor show. Delta Alpha Chapter of Theta Upsilon was established at Temple University in 1932. The national sorority is a member of the National Pan-Hellenic Congress. Mrs. Donald Clark is the chapter advisor, and Mrs. Emma G. Fredericks the housemother. 182 THETA UPSILON MEMBERS 1946 Nancy Stimson Kathryn Veit Shirley Kimmel Marian Davis Morsa Geraldine Gehringer 1948 Rufus Imogene Guerrie Jeanne Adams Marie De Luca Schulte Henrietta Nixon Janice Crowther Rita De Marco Smith Papajian Gertrude Funk Evelyn Esposito Sponsel Alba Regoli Jean King Patricia Houtz Wieand Frances Smith Dorothy Nixon Keul Regoli Guerrie Schulte Esposito Smith Nixon, H. Nixon, D. De Marco Wieand Papajiam Kimmel Hautz King Crowther Gehringer Funk Stimson 183 Steck Evans Gordon Imfeld PROFESSIONAL PAN-HELLENIC OFFICERS President (Delta Psi Kappa) JEANNETTE GORDON Vice-President (Phi Gamma Nu) BETTY STECK Secretary (Phi Delta Pi) ANN EVANS Treasurer (Theta Sigma Phi) DORIS IMFELD Professional Pan-Hellenic was introduced on Temple ' s campus this year. Four sororities form its membership. They are Delta Psi Kappa and Phi Delta Pi, professional sororities in Physical Education; Phi Gamma Nu, national professional sorority in Commerce; and Theta Sigma Phi, honorary professional fraternity for women in Journalism. These groups are all members of the national Professional Pan-Hellenic. Other o rganizations, who meet the requirements set up by national professional Pan-Hellenic, will be made eligible for the Temple chapter and will be voted into membership by the four groups already in it. The officers of the organization are rotating, and each will have a turn at each office. 184 That Phys Ed smile! TAU CHAPTER Founded at Normal College, Indianapolis 32 Active Chapters MEMBERS 1946 Jeannette Gordon 1947 Evelyn Anderson Jane Craigmile Jean King Margaret Staples Carmen Trull. OFFICERS President JEANNETTE GORDON Vice-President MARGARET STAPLES Recording Secretary JEAN KING Corresponding Secretary CARME N TRULL Treasurer EVELYN ANDERSON Delta Psi Kappa is a national physical education fraternity. Tau Chapter was founded at Temple in 1928, and has played an active part in its field since that time. This year Delta Psi Kappa has joined with other professional organizations on campus to form a chapter of the National Professional Pan-Hellenic Association. The girls have aided many campus activities during the year, and have also taken part in many social functions. They all enjoyed the annual Christmas Party with the alums at the home of Mrs. John B. Kelly. The Psi Kaps have tried to promote professional knowledge and activities by sponsoring open professional meetings. DELTA PSI KAPPA 185 Meeting will now come to order OFFICERS President, Sergeant at Arms ANN EVANS BETTY EVANS Vice-President Chaplain LAURA GAMPER AMY BIAGI Recording Secretary NADA B. MCBREARTY JOAN WHEELER Corresponding Secretary Historian FRANCES HUMMEL SHIRLEY YOUNG BETA CHAPTER Founded at Normal College, Indianapolis, in 1916 18 Active Chapters Phi Delta Pi is a national professional women ' s physical education fraternity. This year the members promoted professional knowledge by sponsoring several open professional meetings. One outstanding meeting along this line was conducted with Delta Psi Kappa. The girls played " Hostess for a day " on March 17 at Mitten Hall. The girls were kept busy attending a " workshop " every month held by the alums, where they learned a great deal about many aspects of the profession, teaching included. Phi Delta Pi became a member of the newly established Professional Pan-Hellenic Association this year. A great deal of time was spent in putting heads together and writing up a constitution for that organization. Along social lines, the girls had a big time on February 2, celebrating Founder ' s Day at a party given by the alums. The Beta ' s also attended the Psi Kap-Phi Delt party given in honor of Dr. Hughes. The Beta girls are in on everything about campus. The organization is well represented on student government, Women ' s Athletic Association, honor societies, varsity squads and other doings around school. 186 PHI DELTA PI 1946 Amy Biagi Elaine Butcher Ann Evans Laura Gamper Doris Hirst Frances Hummel MEMBERS Nada B. McBrearty Shirley Young 1947 Florence Chambers Betty Evans Mary Anne Fischer Rosemarie Lachenmeyer Mildred Olson Alice Putnam Virginia Ried Barbara Steiner Joan Wheeler Virginia Wright Steiner Fischer Wheeler Hirst Olson Lachenmeyer Gamper Young Chambers Wright McBrearty Biagi Reid Evans, B. Evans, A. Hummel Butcher Putnam 187 " Now it says here . . . " OFFICERS President ELIZABETH STECK Vice-President DORIS IMFELD (First Semester) KATHLEEN HEALING (Second Semester) Secretary FLORENCE BOBB Treasurer MARGARET LO MONACO Treasurer SYLVIA ANDERSON Scribe ROSALIE BERK EPSILON CHAPTER Founded at Northwestern University in 1924 8 Chapters Phi Gamma Nu, a professional sorority in Commerce, was begun in 1924 at Midwestern University. As a professional sorority, Phi Gamma Nu was one of the groups instrumental in introducing professional Pan-Hellenic Association to the Temple campus. Along with their activities in the professional field, the members of Phi Gamma Nu have celebrated its Founder ' s Day, and held a week-end party at the farm house of one of its members. The aim of the sorority is to extend the professional hand of friendship through open and discussions. The national organization of Phi Gamma Nu has established a file to help members obtain the positions they desire, and to introduce them to members in the fields they wish to enter. 188 PI GAMMA NU MEMBERS 1946 Rosalie Berk Florence Bobb Marian Davis Kathleen Healing Doris Imfeld Betty Ripka 1947 Sylvia Anderson Marietta Bortz Norma Chabat Eleanor Jammel Margaret Lo Monaco Betty Steck Imfeld Bobb Bortz Healing Ripka Cha Steck Lo Monaco Jammel 189 Athletics Morrison ' s Starting Team. Top left to right: Orseck, Carlton Elliott, Morton Hochheiser, and jimmy Wilson. Middle Row: Ed Virshup, Gene Zawoiski, and George Waltzer. Bottom Row: Jack Burns, Harlod Roberts, Mark Dolin, and John Piscatella FOOTBALL After three heart-rending years of war-time football, Temple snapped back into winning form in the 1945 season by compiling a record of seven victories and one loss. The Owls, rated at the beginning of the season as a so-so ball club, fooled the experts by becoming one of the Nation ' s top teams, and ending up with a surprising 14-6 upset over Holy Cross, a team which went to the Orange Bowl despite this setback. The Owls bowled over Syracuse, New York University, Bucknell, West Virginia, Pittsburgh, Lafayette, and Holy Cross, with only Penn State marring a perfect record. The team of Ray Morrison, composed largely of freshmen, piled up 198 points while holding the opposition to fifty-one points. Temple was mentioned as a possible Bowl team, but missed out on the post-season contest by a very narrow margin. In any case, it was the best season in eleven years, a season which saw all five home games result in victories. Cherry and White gridders gained honors during the season and after the season. jack Burns and Phil received the Maxwell Award, an honor given to the best college player of the week. Burns was named by the United Press as the back of the week after the Holy Cross game, when Morrison called him one of the smartest quarterbacks he had coached. Burns was said to have called " the perfect game " by experts the Nation. In post-season summaries, six Temple men were given honorable mention on the All-Eastern team. They were tackle Mike Jarmoluk, guards George Waltzer and Ed Virshup, center Mort Hochheiser, and backs Jack Burns and Phil Slosburg. Hochheiser and Burns were on the first team of the Associated Press all-State eleven, with Slosburg and Virshup on the second team, and jimmy Wilson on the third team. Hochheiser was named the outstanding lineman of the year by the Alumni Board, and Burns was chosen the back of the year for the second straight time. The two, who were seniors, along with Jimmy Wilson, another senior, received gold footballs. High scorer for the team was Slosburg, who tallied seven touchdowns. He was also best ground gainer, totalling 741 yards in all departments of ball-carrying, including 459 yards in rushing. According to National ratings, the Owls ended up twenty-third in the country. RAY MORRISON Head Coach HAROLD WILLIAMS Backfield Coach JOSH CODY Line Coach SUMMARY T. Opp. 7 Syracuse 6 59 New York University 0 64 Bucknell 0 28 West Virginia 12 6 Pitt 0 20 Lafayette 0 0 Penn State 27 14 Holy Cross 6 198 51 193 The Football Team. Back Row, left to right: Andrews, Lee, Cloud, Walsh, Hochheiser, Waltzer, Wysocki, Stuffick, Hauser, Conway, Roberts, Elliott, Varga, Kuser. Middle Row: Burns, Strohl, Orseck, Babett, Wilson, Virshup, Slosburg, Constantine, Piscatella, Ermak, Cancellieri, Bonner, Cian. Row: Schiavo, Baugher, Crispo, Rzepski, Wolfrum, Godek, Zawoiski, Benincasa, Basca, McCoach, Thomas, Willard TEMPLE 7, SYRACUSE 6 The Owls opened the season by nosing out a scrappy Syracuse team in the late minutes of the game. It looked like Temple would run away with the game as the team marched straight down the field. But fumbles aided the Orangemen in staving off the Cherry and White menace for three periods. In the third period, Syracuse marched ninety-four yards on a series of plays that culminated in a A sixty-nine-yard pass accounted for the late in the fourth quarter, Syracuse fumbled. Substitute halfback Joe Crispo pounced on the ball on the fifteen-yard line. After a number of tries in the line, fleet-footed Gene Zawoiski plunged over to tie the score. Jimmy Wilson kicked the extra point, and the first game ended victoriously. TEMPLE 59, N. Y. U. 0 An avalanche of touchdowns rained down on a New York University aggregation that was outplayed for sixty minutes. It was a parade, with seven Owls scoring touchdowns.Jimmy Wilson and his understudy, Andy Wolfrum, accounted for two apiece. Wilson went thirteen and thirty-two yards, respectively. Wolfrum scored on a three-yard dash and a forty-five-yard sprint. tallied on a fifteen-yard jaunt; Crispo took a pass from Baugher and scored, while end Carl Elliott raced forty-two yards on a pass from Baugher. Slosburg scored from the ten, and fullback Chester Orseck went over from the two. A seventy-five-yard punt return by George Rote was nullified. The Owls gained 317 yards from scrimmage and held New York University to a minus thirty-three yards. TEMPLE 64, BUCKNELLO In another torrent of touchdowns, the Owls ran up the most one-sided score any Temple team has made in decades. It was also the worst drubbing Bucknell ever took, and it made the Morrison tribe winners of the " Old Shoe, " an award to be given each year to the winner of the Temple. Bucknell game in memory of the athletes of both institutions who died in the war. Slippery Phil Slosburg led the attack with three touchdowns. Zawoiski, Burns, Wolfrum, Rote, Elliott, Wilson, and Bonner scored the others. Burns ' came on an eighty-three-yard return of a punt, and was the longest run since Jimmy Powers went 105 yards with a kickoff in 1940. 194 TEMPLE 28, WEST VIRGINIA 12 Again the Owls had to come from behind, but they did it with a vengeance after the Mountaineers scored early in the first quarter on a twenty-five-yard pass. They tallied in the fourth quarter on another pass, but in between, it was all Temple. Zawoiski climaxed a thirty-seven-yard drive with a thirteen-yard run to the two-yard line. In two plays he scored. Seven plays and eighty-five yards later, Wolfrum ploughed across for number two. It was Erie Baugher, second-string quarterback, who raced fifteen yards around end for the third score. And again Slosburg contributed to the scoring with a thirteen-yard end run into pay dirt. Halfback Bill Brown pitched both touchdown passes for West Virginia, with John Pozega and Bob Pence the receivers. TEMPLE 6, PITT 0 In a hard-bitten game, the Owls upset the dope by scoring early in the game when Slosburg went over from the four-yard line. Wilson ' s try for the point was no good, and it didn ' t look like the Owls could hold on to the anemic lead. But for the remaining three periods they staved off desperate Panther thrusts by sheer determination and grit. The Temple line rose up to a man and stopped the Pitt backs time and again. With aid from huge Mike discharged from the Army only a few days before, the giant line refused to yield. George Hewson, and Mort Hochheiser were demons on defense. Several times the Panthers came within ten yards of the Owl goal line, only to be repulsed and thrown for losses. It was a magnificent victory for the team, and brought the Owls to National attention. They were one of a handful of unbeaten teams. TEMPLE 20, LAFAYETTE 0 Remaining unbeaten, although not very impressive in thwarting the Leopards, Temple scored three times in the second half to win, 20-0, in what appeared to be a deliberate attempt to keep down the score. Confused and listless in a scoreless first half, the Cherry and White came back strong in the third period. Gene Zawoiski scored first on a five-yard plunge through the line. A few minutes later, substitute back Ed Rzepski raced thirty yards and was in the clear, but stumbled and fell on the three-yard line. He set up the score, for Joe Crispo carried across a minute later. The final score came when George Waltzer blocked a punt and, on the next play, Slosburg raced twenty yards. The Owls actually muffed six scoring chances on fumbles and penalties. However, it marked their sixth straight victory, the fifth at home. Owl cheerleaders whooping up things before the game. 195 Jack Burns, the man in the iron mask, being hemmed in. TEMPLE 0, PENN STATE 27 It rained at State College, the only game the Owls played in the rain. It was an evil omen, for State smashed the Temple attack while pushing across four touchdowns. Joe Tepsic, Guadalcanal hero, raced downfield and lateralled to center Bronco Kosanovich, who scored the first six-pointer. Tepsic went twenty-one yards all by himself for the second score. Later on, George Rote went back to punt. Two linemen rushed in, blocked the punt, and one of them, tackle Marino Marchi, picked up the loose pigskin and went for seventeen yards and a score. Back in their own territory, the Owls fumbled when Slosburg dropped a shovel pass. Center Kosanovich rushed in, fell on the ball in the end zone, and State had its fourth and final touchdown. The battle of the sour-pusses: Syracuse ' s Eddie Dolan meeting head-on with. Temple ' s Joe Crispo 196 TEMPLE 14, HOLY CROSS 6 But the season wasn ' t a complete washout, for the Owls came right back into the winning column by a heavily favored Holy Cross eleven and all American Stan Koslowski. It was the sensational signal-calling of Jack Burns, as well as the great defensive play of the entire team, which threw a monkey wrench into the Orange Bowl plans of Holy Cross, but only temporarily. It seemed that the Owls had knocked the Crusaders out of the bowl, and put themselves into it, but things didn ' t turn out that way. On a sixty-yard drive through the whole Crusader line, Jack Burns crashed over from one yard out. kick failed and it looked like a short lived vacation as the Crusaders came crashing down the field after the Owl halfback Andy Wolfrum getting a pat on back from a Bucknell tackler as he charges the sidelines marker. George Rote gets a bear hug from a Bucknell tackler. Note facial expressions Chug, chug, chug, goes Zawoiski around end as the opposition moves in kickoff. Their drives were finally checked, with the Owl line making sensational tackles. The Owls almost scored again when Slosburg tossed to end Joe Lee in the end zone. Lee held the ball momentarily, then dropped it. On the next play, Hewson caught a pass but was out of the end zone. In the third period the Crusaders scored when Joe Byers took a lateral from Koslwoski and galloped twenty-two yards around end for a score. In the fourth period, the Owls put together a seventy-two-yard drive, capped when Zawoiski crossed the goal line from the five. 198 Although the Owls didn ' t receive a post-season Bowl bid, they did get some satisfaction out of having five men play in the annual North-South all-star game at Montgomery, Alabama, on New Year ' s Day. Ray was on the North coaching staff, and became the first man to have coached both sides. He had been on the South coaching staff while at Methodist. Mort Hochheiser was chosen captain of the North by teammates. He, Mike Jarmoluk, Jack Burns, and Gene Zawoiski were on the starting ele ven, with Phil Slosburg substituting for Zawoiski in the second quarter. The North won, 28-0, and Burns and Zawoiski both scored touchdowns. Button, button, who ' s got the football, as Burns plows through to score against West Virginia Joe Crispo finds it slightly difficult to break away from enemy tacklers. A beautiful block by Ed Virshup paves the way for Gene Zawoiski ' s touchdown sprint against New York University. Quarterback Jack Burns doing a Boris Karloff routine around left end. The fastest man at Temple, Phil on his way to a touchdown. 201 COACH " PETE " LEANESS SOCCER For the 1945 varsity soccer team, it was four and one defeat. The booters, coached once again by Dr. William (Pete) Leaness, played all five games on foreign soil and, except for West Point ' s hard-hitting team, would have had a perfect record. In the opener, the Owls turned back Muhlenberg, 1-0. It was the first time the team had played together as a unit, and it took a great dea l of maneuvering Sam Fogel, returned Air Force veteran, could drive in the winning marker. The Owls took the measure of Penn State in a 2-0 upset when. Fogel and Bob Woodside, ex-ensign in the Navy, put together goals. A long and tedious bus trip, plus a driving mixed with hail and sleet, contributed to a 2-0 reverse at West Point. On the rebound, the Owls downed West Chester the following week, 2-0. Fogel again scored, along with Lincoln Ramsey. For the final game, Woodside and Jim Duffy goals as the Templeites defeated Swarthmore, Bob Woodside blocks a drive by George Barlow and Will Weber in scrimmage. 202 One, two, boomps-a-daisy, as takes a rebound with his noggin. The booters were led by Jerry Rullo, Fogel and George Barlow. Other members of the team were Gaskill, Warren Allen, Ramsey, Woodside, Al Smeraglio, Duffy, Walter Dawson, Bill Gross, Will Weber, Al Jackson, Dick Rodgers, and Don Hugo. Captain George Barlow made the All-American Soccer Team. 203 BASKETBALL The deadpan gallery at the bench during a hectic play at Coach josh Cody is second from the right. The 1945-1946 basketball team was one of the best college fives in the country, but Temple f were disappointed at the record of twelve victories and eight losses. Tutored for the fifth year by Josh Cody, the Owls met all top-flight opposition, and toppled some of the nation ' s outstanding teams including Kentucky, West Virginia, Muhlenberg, and St. John ' s, but the back-breaking schedule took its toll. Favored from the outset of the season to reach the National Tourneys at Madison Square Garden in March, the Owls faltered when the chips were down. However, they had the satisfaction of knowing that several teams they trounced were invited to the Tourneys. Two members of the team, Jack Hewson and Jimmy Joyce, were selected on the all-Philadelphia college five. Joyce was the only player from this area to be invited to play in the East-West all-star basketball game. Hewson was high scorer for the second straight year, collecting 237 points in the twenty games. The season was filled with upsets, and too often the Owls were the victims. The team was beaten by mediocre quintets, but turned the tables on the good teams, and were labelled " the hot and cold ball club " by many sports writers. Notable events during the season included the return of the same varsity line-up that played the previous season. That first-string line-up was Bill Budd and Jimmy Joyce at forwards, Jerry Rullo and Dave Fox at guards, and Jack Hewson at center. In the fourth game of the season, Freshman Eddie Lerner broke into the starting line-up and stayed there, thanks to his record production of twenty-four points on twelve field games later, Hewson scored thirty-two points, setting four new Temple records. One of them was fourteen out of fifteen foul tries. 204 Ray Wertis is surprised that Kosta can dribble. In February, three new men joined the squad after discharges from the Army, and Cody -was able to inaugurate a two-team system. He played Joyce with 27-year-old Max Wharton, Bill Bechtloff, Jack and Alex Kosta. For added depth he had Norman Rosen, Rod Reardon, and Bob Pfeilsticker. INDIVIDUAL SCORING RECORD Player Garner Goals Fouls Pts. Ave per Game Jack Hewson 20 87 63 237 11.9 Eddie Lerner 20 87 27 201 10.1 Jimmy Joyce 20 70 37 177 8.9 Jerry Rullo 20 64 36 164 8.2 Dave Fox 20 35 42 112 5.6 Bill Budd 20 31 28 90 4.5 Alec Kosta 8 8 2 18 2.3 Bill Bechtloff 8 6 4 16 2.0 Jack McLaughlin 9 6 3 15 1.7 Max Wharton 9 4 1 9 1 . 0 A lay-up shot by the Owls. 205 Rullo handling the ball SUMMARY, 1945-1946 T Opp. 47 Muhlenberg 33 57 Bainbridge N. T. S. 56 36 Oklahoma A. M. 38 87 Lehigh 54 36 Tennessee 43 53 Kentucky 45 70 La Salle 60 34 Penn State 46 52 Syracuse 53 49 Valley Forge 44 54 St. John ' s 57 47 Holy Cross 53 48 West Virginia 42 64 Duke 38 55 St. John ' s 51 54 Penn State 38 51 Valley Forge 50 57 New York University 59 62 St. Joseph ' s 42 43 Kentucky 54 Tommy Larkin ready to spring at Rullo 206 Alex Kosta tries to stop a Valley Forge field goal SEASON ' S RESUME The Owls were very impressive in their first two games, beating Muhlenberg, 47-33, and Bainbridge Naval Training Station, 57-56. Both opponents were leaders in Eastern basketball. Hewson scored seventeen points in the first, and Lerner won the second game with a set-shot from the corner as the whistle blew. Oklahoma A. and M., National champion, paced by seven-foot Bob Kurland, took a 38-36 decision with Kurland collecting seventeen points. Temple bounced back to smother Lehigh, 87-54, with Lerner banking twenty-four points and Hewson, eighteen. Then tripped the Owls, 43-36. Temple followed this with an impressive 53-45 victory over Kentucky, later to become Southeastern Conference winners. La Salle was next on the list and fought hard before succumbing, 70-60, in a record-breaking game. The big upset for Temple found Penn State ' s slow motion cagers winning, 46-34, at State College, Pa. Young Wally Hatkevich bagged twenty-one points for the Nittany Lions. This was followed by another upset, with Syracuse winning, 53-52, on a string of fouls which caused a good deal of comment. Temple played its best game of the season by thwarting the Medics from Valley Forge, 49-44. Laden with former all-American basketball talent, the Forge five played sensational ball, but the Codymen put forth their very best efforts and continued to be the Forge five ' s nemesis. St. John ' s nipped the Owls, 57-54, and it was huge Harry Boykoff who did most of the damage. He had twenty-eight points. Holy Cross trounced the Owls up at Worcester to the tune of 53-47. It looked like the Owls would end up the season with a losing percentage, but they trimmed the next five opponents. Unbeaten West Virginia fell, 48-42. Southern Conference leader Duke was outclassed, 64-38. Travelling to Madison Square Garden, the Owls fought an uphill battle to gain revenge upon St. John ' s, 55-51. Boykoff was held to eighteen points by Hewson, who did a magnificent job of guarding the giant. Penn State was the next to feel the sting of revenge, this time by a 54-38 count. Again the Codymen blasted the Valley Forge team, this time by a score of 51-50, which was considered dangerously close since the Forge had lost most of its stars. And then came the contest with New York University 207 which was to decide whether or not Temple would get a Tourney bid. The Violets took a commanding lead twice, but both times the Owls whittled it down and tied up the game. But New York University won in the last five minutes, 59-57, and a battle royal was averted as the final whistle blew. Temple won the mythical city title by topping St. Joseph ' s, 62-42, then ended the season by bowing to Kentucky at Louisville, 54-43. Wally Jones proved the Owls ' undoing as he banked seventeen points, most of them in the second half. Eddie Lerner handed Temple fourteen points in the first half, but was held to one foul in the second half. Joyce takes a one-handed stab Bill Budd runs a race with St. John ' s Kenny Pressman 206 " Look out, that ' s mine! " Dave Fox trying to stop a play under the basket 209 " .... and it ' s Eddie Lerner with a one-handed stab for Temple! " Valley Forge player moves away with the ball as Budd and Lerner cringe in the background. 210 Hewson doing a ballet act with Boykoff " Get ' cha big paws out of my face! " 211 An elbow in the jaw-what would Emily Post say! Temple more than doubles the score against Duke 212 Huge Harry Boykoff of St. John ' s measuring 6-foot, 6 Bill Budd Walter E.Scherbaum with intramural managers, Horowitz and Brenner. Fiery action in the intramural basketball league, fraternity division 213 Ben Ogden ' s track team taking a few laps around the cinder path, Owl cindermen soaring over the hurdles. 214 BASEBALL Back after a three-year absence, Temple ' s baseball team made an impressive showing by trouncing such top teams as Princeton and New York University. With Ernie Messikomer at the helm, and many boys back from the service, the team showed pitching strength and heavy hitting. Howard Cunningham, tall was a tower of strength in the Owls ' line-up, hurling successive wins over Princeton and New York University. Jerry Johnson and Joe Papieves rounded out the mound corps, with Papieves handling first base chores when not pitching. Top batter on the Owl nine was Joe Chielli, who played second base. Chieli had six hits in his first nine trips to the plate, and continued powdering the apple throughout the season. Shortstop duties went to Eddie Rzepski, and Warren Rozelle, the most talented member COACH ERNIE MESSIKOMER 215 Cap flying, Owl batter breezes down the first base line of the infield, was at the hot corner. The outfield consisted of Howard Davis, Jerry Rullo, Phil Slosburg, and Joe Onesti. Dick Fretz and Mickey Constantine shared duties. Unfortunately, the final record was not available at press time. Dick Fretz waits in vain for ball as Nutmeggers score a run 216 SWIMMING Frank Wiechec ' s swimming team had a bad season, winning only one of seven meets. The tankmen, almost entirely of former servicemen, swam against Princeton, Lehigh, Bainbridge Naval Training Station, Franklin and Marshall, West Chester, and twice against La Salle. Each meet was decided in the last event, and it was here that the Owl mermen yielded. The team was undermanned, and several times it was necessary for the men to participate in two or three different events. Short of wind and tired by the final rounds, the succumbed six times at the end. The squad was composed, with one exception, of first-year men, and was, therefore, too inexperienced for the high caliber of the opposition, especially the Naval Training Station team, which was made up of professional champions. This was the only meet where the Owls lost by a huge margin. In the backstroke and breaststroke, Wiechic was well pleased with his swimmers, but it was in the freestyle events that the men fell short. Ed Mullane, a top won eighth place in a National Championship event in diving. Charles " Chuck " Bonner, of the swimming team 217 Left to right : Biagi, Chambers, Hirst, Gamper, Young, Evans, Eastlack, White, Du Boyn, Putnam, Edenborn, Coach Pat Collins. Kneeling: Gordon HOCKEY The hockey varsity went through a tough, seven-game schedule with only two losses to Beaver and Ursinus. Playing a close season, with five games and the meet all within two weeks, Pat Collins ' girls racked up eighteen points, against seven for their opponents. Jean Gordon, who will be graduated this semester, captained the team. Players were Shirley Young, Nada McBrearty, Flossie Chambers, Irene White, Elise Dubois, Carol Fuld, Doris Hirst, Claire Alden, Ann Evans, Alice Putnam, and Mildred Edenborn. SCHEDULE T. Opp. 5 East Stroudsburg 0 0 Beaver 2 1 Ursinus 3 5 East Stroudsburg 1 2 Swarthmore 1 2 University of Pa. 0 3 William and Mary. 0 18 7 CAPTAIN JEANNIE GORDON Standing, left to right: Evans, Mulholland, Magin, Hirst, Wheeler, Eyre. Kneeling: McBrearty, Chambers, Possler, Coach Pat Collins BASKETBALL Watch where you ' re going! Pat Collins coached her girls to seven victories and just one defeat, working with a combination of very experienced and inexperienced players. The sextette took Swarthmore, 23-15, for the first game of the season. They traveled to Ursinus and Albright for their next two victories. Most exciting game was the heartbreaking loss to age-old rival, Immaculata, 32-33. The record crowd watched a terrific display of teamwork on both sides. The varsity bounced back and won their next four games. They finished the season triumphantly by Penn, 28- 16. Captain Nada McBrearty and Alice Putnam were named to the first and second all-district teams, Virginia Bossler was given special mention for excellent work as both a forward and a guard. The team included, in addition to these girls, Flossie Chambers at forward, and Ann Evans, Claire and Jean Magin as guards. SUMMARY Opp. 23 Swarthmore 15 32 Ursinus 26 39 Albright 19 32 Immaculata 33 38 East Stroudsburg 24 49 Beaver 33 45 New York University 17 28 University of Pa. 16 286 183 219 SWIMMING Mrs. Prudence Fleming coached the swimming team, taking over where Bess Halpin left off. A tough schedule only netted the girls two wins to three losses. Isabelle Johnston, accounting for most of the Temple points, served her second season on the varsity. The perfect finish to the season was the victory over Penn, 33-24. SUMMARY T. Opp. 19 Swarthmore 21 21 Ursinus 36 34 Hunter 23 28 William and Mary 29 33. University of Pa. 24 135 133 220 SOFTBALL 1946 SCHEDULE Apr 17 - Drexel (practice game) Apr. 25 - University of Pa. May 4 - Albright May 7 - Beaver May 10 - Swarthmore May 16 - Ursinus The softball team ended the 1945 season, its second as a varsity team, with a record of four wins and one loss. Several veterans have returned to add to the fresh blood. BOWLING The varsity bowling ended a spectacular season, head and shoulders above the district schools and national colleges and universities. Captained by Ella Plavin, high scorer, the girls won the National Intercollegiate Telegraphic Meet, and bowled over three local colleges and New York SUMMARY T Opp. 2583 University of Pa 2323 2223 Drexel 2163 1636 Swarthmore 1258 1974 New York University 1607 Plavin, National Collegiate Women ' s Bowling Champ. 221 Back Row, left to right: Wolf, Aldan, Olson. Front Row: Trull, Wright, Gordon, Pat Collins, McBrearty, Biagi ARCHERY TENNIS Under the direction of Miss Muriel Campbell, the women archers took part in an Intercollegiate and met local colleges. The 1945 tennis schedule was incomplete, with three of the five scheduled games rained out. The girls won one game with East Stroudsburg, and lost the other one to Swarthmore. Peggy Dalsemer and Sandy Sarokin, veterans of last year ' s squad, showed up for practice this year. SCHEDULE April 26 Swarthmore May 3 Penn May 9 Rosemont May 14 Drexel (practice game) SCHEDULE April 24 Swarthmore May 2 Drexel (practice game) May 4 William and Mary May 9 University of Pennsylvania May 11 East Stroudsburg May 17 Ursinus 222 Women ' s Athletic Association OFFICERS President NADA MCBREARTY Vice-President JEAN GORDON Secretary AMY BIAG Treasurer VIRGINIA WRIGHT MANAGERS Archery DORIS MACHT Basketball ESTHER MANCINELLI Bowling ELLA PLAVIN Dancing VIVIAN WOLF Golf RONNIE COHEN Hockey JANE EYRE Riding BARBARA SMITH Skating CARMEN TRULL Softball MARIE MAURO Swimming DOT WILSON Tennis SHIRLEY YOUNG Varsity Basketball MILDRED OLSON Varsity Hockey LAURA GAMPER Varsity Tennis JOAN WHEELER 223 School of LAW DR. ELDEN S. MAGAW Administrator This year marks the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of Temple University School of Law. In 1895 a young Philadelphia lawyer, Henry S. Borneman, inspired by the immortal. Russell Conwell, the founder and President of our University, approached the President with the idea of enlarging the scope of the University by making it possible for worthy young people to prepare for a profession by study after working hours. The project was approved and the young lawyer was made Dean. The first class, which started in September, 18%, was composed of forty-six students. From that modest beginning the Law school grew until it reached a total of five hundred and seventy-two in 1928, and established a Day Department in 1933. During the late war enrollment dropped below a hundred, but the Spring Term of 1946 saw the return of veterans in large numbers and the first day and evening classes were filled to The growth and progress of our Law School is indeed a tribute the faithfulness of the Deans and Faculty who have devoted a great part of their lives and talents to the development of the School. All join in the hope that their efforts will bring to the Law School, in the near future, a permanent home of its own. ELDEN S. MAGAW. 226 ROBERT E. LEE JOHN W. LORD, JR. WILLIAM BRADLEY WARD FACULTY Professor of Law Elden S. Magaw (Administrator) Warren M. Ballard William E. Masterson Robert E. Lee Elvin E. William C. Thompson Adjunct Professor of Law Albert E. Burling Albert B. Maris Associate in Law John Blessing, Jr. Fred L. Rosenbloom William B. Buchanan Henry W. Scarborough, Jr Bennett Clark Lemuel B. Schofield John W. Lord William B. Ward Lawrence N. Park James R. Wilson Bertram K. Wolfe Librarian Harriet Neff Gans Discharged from Service. HENRY W. SCARBOROUGH, JR. ELVIN E. OVERTON LAWRENCE N. PARK WILLIAM C. THOMPSON Captain, U. S. N. R. WARREN M. BALLARD 227 Seniors of 1946 WILLIAM M. ALPER 1006 SPRUCE STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Dean ' s Honor List 2, 3, 4 American Jurisprudence Prizes in Corporations, Evidence, Sales, Trusts, Bills and Notes, Constitutional Law Associate Editor of Temple Law Quarterly 3, 4 Class Vice-President 4 Lord Chief Justice of Lambda Sigma Kappa 4 DAVID O. BOEHM 5613 WALTON AVENUE PHILADELPHIA, PA. Dean ' s Honor List American Jurisprudence Prize, Corporations 2 Exchequer of Lambda Sigma Kappa 3 Temple Law Quarterly, Associate Editor 3 MORTON E. EVANS 220 COOPER STREET CAMDEN, N.J. Lambda Sigma Kappa, Warden 2, Prothonotary 3 ADA E. BECKMAN 1237 SHACKAMAXON STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Dean ' s Honor List 1 American Jurisprudence Prize, Equity 3 Class Vice-President 3, Secretary 4 Temple La iv Quarterly, Secretary 3, 4, Associate Editor 4 MARTIN L. BURKE O A A 2030 WEST BELLEVUE STREET PHPHILADELPHIA, PA. Phi Alpha Delta, Marshal 3 PAULL. GOMORY 87 SOUTH LANSDOWNE AVENUE LANSDOWNE, PA. American Jurisprudence Prize, Pleading Temple Law Quarterly, 3 LEONARD GREEN 2284 NORTH 51ST STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Lambda Sigma Kappa, 3 MURRAY C. HAINES 246 WEST UPSAL STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Phi Alpha Delta, Treasurer 3 Class President 3 HERBERT H. HADRA 1723 NORTH 33RD STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Dean ' s Honor List 1, 2, 3 American Jurisprudence Prizes in Contracts, Equity, Sales, Bills and Notes, Insurance Temple Law Quarterly, Contributor WILLIAM B. HARRIS 1307 NORTH 15TH STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA Temple Law Quarterly, Contributor 3 228 ROBERT V. HUBER 32 NORTH PENNEWELL DRIVE EDGEMOOR GARDENS WILMINGTON, DEL. AMBROSE McALEVY 824 WEST STREET WILMINGTON, DEL. LANDRETH T. MURRAY 705 AUBREY AVENUE P.A MICHAEL C. PORAZZI 217 ANTHRACITE STREET BETHLEHEM, PA. CARL E. REIDY 4827 YORK ROAD PHILADELPHIA, PA. HENRY P. REILLY 5302 NORTH SYDENHAM STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Class President 1 Phi Alpha Delta, Vice-Justice 4, Justice 4 Temple Law Quarterly, Recent Case Note Editor 3, Editor-in-Chief 4, Executive Editor 4 American Jurisprudence Prizes in Corporations 2, Conflict of Laws 4 KATHRYN M. RENZULLI 100 GLENDALE ROAD UPPER DARBY, PA. Class Secretary 1, Treasurer 2, 4 JOSEPH A. RHODE 5940 WOODBINE AVENUE PHILADELPHIA, PA. Dean ' s Honor List I, 2, 3 American Jurisprudence Prizes in Agency 1, Insurance 2 Lambda Sigma Kappa, Exchequer 3, Board of Governors 4 Temple Law Quarterly, Note Editor 4 Class President 4 LOUIS H. SLIFKIN 4540 NORTH 13TH STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Class Vice-President 1, Secretary Treasurer 3 Lambda Sigma Kappa, 2, Chancellor 3, 4 Temple Law Quarterly, Note Editor 3, Executive Editor 4, 4 229 Seated, left to right: Ada E. Beckman, Herry P. Reilly, Lcuis SI fkin, Gladys H. Lux. Rear Row: James M. Marsh, David O. Boehm, Joseph A. Rhode, Patrick N. Balsinger, Howard R. Leary TEMPLE LAW QUARTERLY EDITORIAL BOARD Editor-in-Chief (Vol. 19, No. 3) Louis H. Editor . JOSEPH A. RHODE Editor-in-Chief (Vol. 19, No. 4) HENRY P. Editor JAMES M. MARSH Executive Editor (Vol. 19, No. 3) HENRY P. Care Editor PATRICK N. BALSINGER Executive Editor Louis H. Review Editor HOWARD R. LEARY Associate Editors WILLIAM M. ALPER BENJAMIN L. P. GORHAM DAVID O. BOEHM ADA E. BECKMAN GLADYS H. LUX The signal recognition now given to the Temple Law Quarterly is largely due to the untiring efforts of its Editorial Staff, who spend night after night in legal research and in material that has been submitted. The Editorial Board and associates are selected from those students who have consistently demonstrated marked superiority in the classroom, an aptitude for " finding de law, " and clarity of expression. In order to qualify for the staff, members, in addition to satisfying the foregoing requirements, must submit a note and case note worthy of publication. In addition to student contributions, the Quarterly publishes articles prepared by authori- ties in the various fields of law. The Quarterly has often been cited by appellate courts, and student authors have frequently been commended by eminent jurists for their outstanding work. Although the members of the Editorial Staff devote all of their spare hours to the work, the honor, prestige and experience gained thereby give them untold advantages in their later practice. 230 Front Row, left to right: William D. Harris, Morton Evans, William M. Alper,Louis H. Slifkin), David 0. Boehm. Back Row: Sidney B. Klovsky, William A. Silver, Victor Koche, Joseph A. Rhode, Arnold Silvers, Victor J. Silverstein, Samuel Sablosky OFFICERS Lord Chief Justice WILLIAM M. ALPER Lord High Chancellor Louis H. SLIFKIN Prothonotary MORTON EVANS Chancellor of the Exchequer DAVID O. BOEHM WILLIAM D. HARRIS warden WILLIAM A. SILVER Board of Governors HOWARD I. FORMAN JOSEPH A. RHODE MEMBERS Inner Temple William M. Alper David O. Boehm Morton Evans Leonard Green William D. Harris Sidney B. Klovsky Victor Roche Joseph A. Rhode Samuel Sablosky William A. Silver In service Arnold Silvers Victor J. Silverstein Louis H. Slifkin Morton Tabas Seymour Waldman Outer Temple Alexander Deitch Herbert Fineman Howard I. Forman Abraham J. Golden Joel Mittelman Morris L. Rush Charles Weintraub Lambda Sigma Kappa Founded in 1922 at the School of Law, Lambda Sigma Kappa Legal Fraternity records its twenty fourth year of service to the Law School, the student body, and its membership. The history of Lambda Sigma Kappa is interwoven with the growth and of the Law School to its present respected position. Through the years, its members have served with distinction in moot court activities, with the Law " Quarterly " and in class offices. Its alumni have achieved prominence at the bar, as members of the judiciary, and in public office, bringing credit to the caliber of legal education offered by the Law School, In furtherance of its traditional policies of interest in legal subjects, and developing in its members the qualities and abilities requ ired by the legal profession, the fraternity conducts a lecture series on topics of professional interest with outstanding members of bench and bar as speakers; it has initiated an intrafraternity moot court program, and plans the development of moot court competition with other Law School groups. The fraternity publication, The Counsellor has carried the news of fraternity activities to brothers in service throughout the world. 231 Seated, left to right: A. R. Romeika, Raymond A. Klemp, Martin L. Burke (Marshal), Henry P. Reilly (Justice), Murray C. Haines (Treasurer), Patrick N. Balsinger (Clerk), James M. Marsh. Row, standing: Carlile E. King, John Balish, J. Edgar Joseph P. Gorham, Benjamin L. Long, William J. Magarity, Charles P. Mirarchi, Jr. Michael C. Porazzi. Row: T. Murray, Joseph S. Oppenheimer, Carl Joseph Malone, Francis J. Alpha Delta, which is a national legal was founded in 1898 and now has chapters in more than fifty leading American law schools. The Temple Chapter, established in 1939, was named for Mr. Justice Owen J. Roberts. Outstanding events involving Phi Alpha Delta the past year include the induction of President Harry S. Truman and Attorney General Tom C. Clark, the designation of the Honorable Robert H. Jackson as Chief U. S. Counsel before the International Tribunal, the appointment of the Honorable Biddle as American Judge on that Tribunal, and the naming of the Honorable Harold R. Burton to be Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court. Mr. Justice Burton is the fourth Phi Alpha Delta member of the present Supreme Court, the others being Justices Jackson, Rutledge and Douglas. Outstanding Phi Alpha Delta members in this area include the Honorable George J. Welsh, Grover C. Ladner, and David G. Hunter. Membership in the Owen J. Roberts Chapter is based upon integrity, scholarship and leadership. Chapter members are pledged to strive for the of those principles which bring about fellowship and understanding among all men and particularly honor and dignity in the legal pro-fession. Phi Alpha Delta OFFICERS HENRY P. REILLY Vice-Justice HOWARD R. LEARY Treasurer MURRAY C. HAINES Clerk PATRICK N. BALSINGER Marshal MARTIN LEO BURKE MEMBERS Louis A. Aleli Patrick N. Balsinger Francis J. Bouda John Balish Martin L. Burke James J. Convery Vincent J. Donahue Patrick F. Doherty John C. Gregory Joseph P. Gorham Ambrose J. Hinnegan Murray C. Haines William B. Joachim Raymond A. Klemp Carlile E. King Howard R. Leary Benjamin L. Long Landreth T. Murray Carl J. Melone James M. Marsh William J. Magarity Chas. P. Mirarchi, Jr. Joseph S. Oppenheimer Michael C. Porazzi Edward J. Puhl Henry P. Reilly A. R. Romeika J. Edgar Spielman N. Henry Stuhlmiller 232 school of ORAL HYGIENE CLASS OF 1946 To THE ORAL HYGIENE CLASS OF 1946: It is with great pleasure that I extend to you my sincere congratulations on having completed your preparation for your chosen career. As you go about your activities in the next few years you will realize that we at Temple have tried to give you a foundation on which you must build. Every day ' s experience will give a new polish to your skills, each patient add to your be completely successful you must give of yourself that you, in turn, may receive of others. Take your place in your professional organizations and let me urge you, be a " doer. " Share with your sister hygienists your experiences and make possible for those who come after you to learn from you. I shall watch with interest your progress and rejoice with you in your success. It is my sincere wish that great prosperity shall be your reward. Cordially yours, May 3, A. BAILEY. MISS MARGARET A. BAILEY, Supervisor MISS RUTH HECK, Assistant Supervisor 234 Backward Glance Well, we ' ve waited nine months for this day and it ' s finally come. On September 13, 1945 we thought that June 4, 1946 would be the happiest day for us all and now none of us are too sure of that. Remember our first trek to the lecture room and the daily serenades at 10:15 and 3:15 coming frcm our neighbors-the audible sighs and swoons as our new professors put in their first appearance-the " super-smeller " production put on by some erstwhile so-called actors during rest period in manikin class and the Christmas Party which Dean Timmons paid us the honor of attending. Oh yes, there are Miss Heck ' s tears of joy, Cue ' s sneezes which we ' ll never forget, our " private " conferences with Miss Bailey and last, but not least, our first day in clinic, all prepared with hairnets, freshly washed faces, long uniforms and a gremlin under our new white caps building up our morale. It hasn ' t all been play and fun. Plenty of hard work was put in on the mastery of our quarterly exams and Dr. Buhler ' s " pop " quizzes. Just to mention a few of the subjects on our crowded roster there were bacteriology, physiology, histology, tooth anatomy, chemistry, and histo-pathology taught by our dear friend, Dr. James. In closing, we want to thank both Miss Bailey and Miss Heck. They were not only our instructors but have proven to be our personal and dearest friends. THE ORAL HYGIENE CLASS OF 1946. First Row, sealed, left to right : Darlene Wilkerson, Muriel Combs, Miss Bailey, Miss Heck, Janice Taylor, Ivelvn Brake, Marienne Beissel. Second Row, standing: Nancy Shull, Estelle Jankowski, Anne Harris, Ann Coryell, Penelope Stevenson, Helene Mandell, .Marion Ruth Witman, Cordelia Wine, Wanda Colvin, Vivian Swift, Marjorie Segraves, Jeanette Geesey, Maxine Koontz, Emma Mears, June Parsons. Third Row, standing: Marjorie Ziering, Alice Anderson, Mary Crim, Martha Mize, Miriam Kaletsky, Helen Thompson, Alice Conville, Violet Maxwell, Lorraine Thon. 235 ALICE REED ANDERSON MARIENNE H. BEISSEL 1501 GREEN STREET 6606 60TH PLACE PHILADELPHIA 30, PA. RIDGEWOOD 22, N. Y. " Blonde hair and eyes of blue; " Lively, likeable, jolly with all; Effervescent personality too. " Ready to ansrwer fun ' s first call. " WANDA A. COLVIN IVELYN BRAK E 309 EAST HANCOCK STREET WOODBINE, PA. MILLEDGEVILLE, GA. " As quite as a falling snowdrop And just as white. " " Carefree and Come what may. ' ALICE R. CONVILLE MURIEL COMBS 74 TYLER STREET 2260 NORTH BROAD STREET SYLACAUGA, ALA. PHILADELPHIA, PA. " She isn ' t an artist but can draw a born leader, needing neither crowd of push nor pull " ANN M. CORYELL MARY C. CRIM R. D. No. 1 LAGRANGE, GA. MALVERN, PA. " She ' s a girl you ' d like to meet; Her friendly nature can ' t be beat. " " Sweet and demure; Lovely, we ' re sure. " JEANNETTE L. GEESEY ANN E. HARRIS CHESTNUT HILL 601 CYPRESS STREET K, PA. YEADON, PA. YORK PA. " 1 little joke, a little cheer, " She hasn ' t very much to say, A little mischief and ' Cue ' s ' right But we like her here. " 236 PHYLLIS HEUTER 456 LINCOLN STREET YORK, PA. A soft voice, a pleasant - smile, Phyllis all the while. " ESTELLE JANKOWSKI 142 BRADLEY STREET NEW HAVEN, CONN. " Just like sugar Sweet and refined. " MIRIAM K ALETSKY 1496 BOULEVARD NEW HAVEN, CONN. " Capable in every phase, Lovable and sweet in all her ways. " MAXINE KOONTZ WELCOME, N. C. " Nice girl,snappy style; For everyone she has a smile. " HELENE L. MANDELL 106 WASHINGTON STREET NORWICH, CONN. " Sometimes good - sometimes bad; Forever gay but never sad. " VIOLET MAXWELL PINK HILL, N. C. " Fun loving, jolly and true; Without our what would we do. ' ' EMMA V. MEARS 316 NORRIS STREET PA. " Short and sweet, But surely a treat. " MARTHA MIZE 1237 OWSLEY AVENUE COLUMBUS, GA. " Flashing eyes and brunelle; The kind of girl men won ' t forget. " JUNE PARSONS 3453 SHAW STREET NEW CASTLE, PA. " Not only does she draw well But everyone thinks she ' s swell. " MARJORIE J. SEGRAVES 177 EDWARDS AVENUE LONG BRANCH, N. J. " Margie may be a ' devil, ' But she ' s certainly on the level. " 237 NANCY SHULL Box 2126 HERNDORN, VA. " Two smiling eyes, a vision gay; They hold your attention all the day! ' PENELOPE J. STEVENSON 3506 QUESSADA STREET, N. W. WASHINGTON 15, D. C. " Dependable and neat, Cheerful and sweet. " VIVIAN SWIFT 6273 OLD YORK ROAD PHILADELPHIA, PA. " She ' s little but she ' s wise; She ' s a ' humdinger ' for her size. " JANICE M. TAYLOR 4 NORTH SECOND STREET WORMLEYSBURG, PA. " Some of the best things in life come in small packages. " HELEN R. THOMPSON 337 LIBERTY STREET C LARION, PA. " She ' s a man-hater She hates to leave them. " LORRAINE M. THON SMITHMILL, PA. " Modest and sweet is she; A success she ' s sure to be. " DARLENE E. 1627 EAST CHELTENHAM AVENUE PH ILAD ELPH IA 24, PA. " She ' s witty and smart; Sure to win your heart! " CORDELIA A. WINE 1616 SOUTH STREET, S. E. WASHINGTON 20, D . C. " Neat and clever; Failue - never. " MARION RUTH WITMAN 602 GLENWOOD AVENUE WILLIAMSPORT, PA. " A very nice girl she seems to be; She ' ll reach the top—you wait and see. " MARJORIE ZIERING 412 LINCOLN STREET NEW BRITAIN, CONN. " Our margie ' s quite a pearl; We ' re surety going to miss that girl. ' 238 CLASS OFFICERS President MURIEL COMBS Vice-president DARLENE WILKERSON Secretary JANICE TAYLOR Treasurer IVELYN BRAKE Editor of the Yearbook MARIENNE BEISSEL Co-Editor of the Yearbook HELEN THOMPSON 239 Keep ' em 240 Smiling 241 school of PHARMACY class of 1946 DEDICATION DR. ARTHUR E. JAMES MR. CARL MAYO THROUGHOUT the years we have spent as college students, it has been our privilege and extreme good fortune to have been associated with two men who have wielded a potent influence in the shaping of our future careers. These two, both brilliant, both well versed in their respective fields, and both very capable of con- veying to the student the essences of their courses, are endowed with the additional sincere will to serve the student not only but spiritually and morally as well. To DR. ARTHUR JAMES, professor of Inorganic Chemistry, and to MR. CARL MAYO, instructor of Physics and Organic Chemistry, we, the Class of 1946, proudly, sincerely, and dedicate our section of this yearbook. 243 PHARMACY DR. H. EVERT KENDIG Dean Kendig ' s Message to the Seniors A class composed of men and women, combatants and non-combatants, who have survived the greatest war in history, will always occupy a unique place in the annals of its Alma Mater. Amidst the strife which slaughtered uncounted thousands of human beings, miraculously as it seems, you have been spared. Why such distinction was reserved for the Senior Class of 1946 may never be revealed by a break in the obscuring cloud, but it is quite possible that the reasons may become evident by slow degrees to each of you through your useful labors. That some purpose, great or small, is part of the eternal plan for the welfare of this and succeeding generations you must believe; and believing, be ready ever to perform the segment of the plan assigned to you. You are marked men and women of whom much may rightfully be expected. You have been educated for a life of service. Your education in the domain of science has not been to further the destructive processes of war. The force which may be released because of your four years of scholastic effort, will have an effect the very opposite of the destruction of armed conflict. Your knowledge of the atom and of the sciences is beneficial in its inception and beneficent in its application. Your function in the years to come is to conserve, not to destroy. You are trained to aid in the use of the of m edical science so that pain will be eased and life prolonged. Your labors will aid and promote the cause of peace. I congratulate you as Commencement Day and the beginning of your opportunities for service approaches. You have a great privilege and a corresponding obligation. Knowing you individually, I am confident you will discharge your duty with distinction. 244 EDMUND W. WYDRZYNSKI President MARTIN BARR Vice-President MR. HARRY CORNFELD Class Advisor MARRY FORGACH Secretary Senior Class Officers MARTIN SCHWARTZ Treasurer 245 MARTIN BARR 1908 SOUTH GALLOWAY STREET, PHILADELPHIA, PA. Galen Pharmaceutical Society 4; American Pharmaceutical Association 3, 4, Vice-President 4; Student Council 4; Pharmacy School Basketball Team 4. ARTHUR BERSH 1452 LARDNER STREET, PHILADELPHIA, PA. Galen Pharmaceutical Society I, 2, 3; American Association 3, 4; Student Council 1. SARAH A. ENGOLD LAKELAND ROAD, BLACKWOOD, N. J. American Pharmaceutical Association 3, 4. MARY L. FORGACH 10 MARKET STREET, GLEN LYON, PA. Delta Sigma Epsilon 2, 3, 4, Sergeant 4; Rho Xi Sorority 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4; American Pharmaceutical Association 3, 4; Newman Club 2, 3; Class Secretary 3, 4; Student Council 3; TEMPLAR Staff, Co-Editor of Pharmacy Section 4. EDNA E. HARTRANFT A E E 22 EAST LUDLOW STREET, SUMMIT HILL, PA. Rho Xi Sorority 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3, President 4; Delta Sigma Epsilon 2, 3, 4; American Pharmaceutical Association 3, 4; Women ' s Senate 4. LAWRENCE I. JACOBSON 673 HAZEL STREET, WILKES-BARRE, PA. Galen Pharmaceutical Society 3, 4, Vice-President 3, Secretary-Treasurer 4; American Pharmaceutical Association 3, 4; Class Vice-President 2, President 3; University Band 2, 3, 4; University Orchestra 2, 3, 4; Hillel Foundation 2, 3, 4; Staff, Co-Editor of Pharmacy Section 4, Assistant Business Manager 4. HAROLD LIGH TSTONE 2143 NORTH 9TH STREET, PHILADELPHIA, PA. American Pharmaceutical Association 3, 4; Galen Society 3; Varsity Track Team 2, 3, 4; Pharmacy School Basketball Team 4; Staff, Pharmacy Manager. BETTY LOU LONGENECKER 402 NORTH DUKE STREET, LANCASTER, PA. Rho Xi Sorority 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, 4; Delta Sigma Epsilon 2, 3, 4; American Pharmaceutical Association 3, 4, Secretary 4, 246 MORRIS RUBENSTEIN 2528 SOUTH 9TH STREET, PHILADELPHIA, PA. Galen Pharmaceutical Society 1, 2, 3, 4; Pharmaceutical Association 4; School Basketball Team 2, 3, 4; Class Treasurer 2. LEONARD J. RUSSOCK 600 NORTH 3RD STREET, PHILADELPHIA., PA. Galen Pharmaceutical Society 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 3, President 4; American Pharmaceutical Association 3, 4; National Association of Retail Druggists 4. MARTIN LOUIS SCHWARTZ 722 WEST BERKS STREET, PHILADELPHIA, PA. Galen Pharmaceutical Society 3, 4, Vice-President 3, Manager 4; American Pharmaceutical Association 4; Class President 2, Treasurer 4; Pharmacy School Basketball Team 4. JEROME A. SPATZ 37 SOUTH IOWA AVENUE, ATLANTIC CITY, N. J. Galen Pharmaceutical Society 1, 2, 3, 4; Association 3, 4; Council 1, 2; Vice-President 3, President 4. WILLIAM EDWARD SPRING 15 INNIS STREET EXTENSION, OIL CITY, PA. Kappa Psi 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, President 4; Pharmacy School Basketball Team 4; National Association of Retail Druggists 4. EDMUND WILLIAM WYDRZYNSKI 2552 EAST ONTARIO STREET, PHILADELPHIA, PA. Kappa Psi 4; American Pharmaceutical Association 3, 4; Class President 4, Secretary 3; TEMPLAR Staff, Editor 4. SILVIA G. ZAPPASODI 1901 SOUTH 18TH STREET, PHILADELPHIA, PA. Rho Xi Sorority 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Secretary 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Council 3, 4, President 4; Pharmaceutical Association 3, 4, President 4. 247 STUDENT COUNCIL AMERICAN PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION 248 PRESENTATION OF WYETH AWARD FOR PROFESSIONAL WINDOW DISPLAY WYETH DINNER FOR SENIORS 249 Mr. Carl Mayo Ph.G., B.S., M.S.; Physics and Organic Chemistry Prof. Harry W. Mantz Ph.G., B.S., M.S.; Assistant to the Dean Dr. Arthur E. James B.S., M.A., Ph.D.; Inorganic Chemistry Mr. Frank N. R. Bossle Ph.G.; Inorganic Chemistry Mr. Robert Rowen P.C., B.S.; Inorganic Dr. Frank H. Eby Ph.G., Phar. D.; Botany and Pharmacognosy Dr. John H. Graham B.S., M.A.; Physics and Chemistry Herbert M. Cobe B.A., M.A., Ph.D.; Mrs. Eleanor H. Victor B.S.; Dr. Leo G. Penn Ph.G., Phar. D.; Pharmacy Mr. Arthur K. Leberknight Ph.G., B.S.; German, Botany and Bacteriology Mr. Harry G. Cornfield Ph.G.; Pharmacy and of Pharmacy 250 Our Faculty Dr. Thomas M. Logan A.B., M.D.; Bacteriology. S. Walter Foulkrod, Jr., Esq. B.S., LL.B.; Pharmaceutical Law Dr. Fritz O. Laquer M.D.; Biochemistry Dr. James C. Munch B.S., M.S., Ph.D.; and Bio-assays Mr. Maurice L. Leitch B.S., M.S.; Biology Dr. Mikhail B. Plungian Ph.D.; Pharmaceutical Chemistry Mr. John A. Lynch Ph.G.; Pharmacy and Pharmacy Dr. Evert J. Larson A.B., A.M., Ph.D.; Mr. J. D. McIntyre B.S.; Bio-assay Mr. Edward Eachenthal B.S., M.S.; Physics and Inorganic Chemistry Miss Elaine Highley Secretary to the Dean Miss Edith Hay Secretary to the Dean 251 JUNIORS AND SENIORS FRESHMEN AND SOPHOMORES 252 Galen Pharmaceutical Society OFFICERS LAWRENCE JACOBSON Secrelary-Treasurer EUGENE W EBER Chaplain LEONARD Russock President MARTIN SCHWARTZ Activites Manager MEMBERS PROF. HARRY CORNFIELD Faculty Advisor Jerome Spatz Martin Barr Leonard Novar Bernard Brown N. Ralph Aaronson James Bersh Milton Zahn Irving Blatt Pictures Absent: Ray Fleisher. Irvin Malamed, and Morris Rubenstein Pledges : Lester Constantine, Meyer Slott, Harry Smith, David Perliel, Norman Cronfeld, and Albert Friedman. 253 GAMMA PHI SIGMA Gamma Phi Sigma, Gamma Chapter of Galen Pharmaceutical Society, was founded years ago by David Eisman, now a prominent Philadelphia druggist and still an active alumnus, at Philadelphia College of Pharmacy. Other chapters, including our own which was sponsored by Dr. Leo Penn, were soon established and now Galen is the oldest student society on the Temple Pharmacy campus. Last term our organization began to regain its pre-war spirit and strength. This term it has been one of the most active groups at Temple. We have become firmly allied with our brother chapters and with the Galen Alumni Association. We have taken part in plans for a House and these plans we hope to see finally realized in a very few years. We ' ve had many social evenings together and a dance at the Stephen Girard Hotel. We ' ve had a swell time. 254 RHO XI SORORITY OFFICERS President EDNA HARTRANFT V ice-President M. JANE KEMNER Secretary BETTY LOU LONGENECKER Treasurer MARY L. FORGACH Faculty Advisor EDITH HAY Rho Xi Sorority was instituted at Temple University School of Pharmacy in 1940. Its main purpose is to foster closer relationship among the students. During the past year we have been steadily growing, the membership having increased twofold during 1944-1945. After our dinner at the Walton Roof last June we made preparations for " Fall Rushing. " An informal party for thirteen rushees was held at Mitten Hall in October. Ten days of badges, umbrellas, rules (ask the Frosh followed. Initiation took place in November and was followed by a theatre party. We have had a very successful and eventful year. Coover Haddock Holderle Kovach 255 256 257 258 259 260 261 Class History On a sultry day in June, 1943, a group of bewildered and confused students assembled and was formally received by Dean Kendig who told us of his expectations, our duties, and our were informed that we would be required to complete our course in two years and nine months instead of the customary four years because of the accelerated program due to the war. After our rosters, and with one glance at that eight to five schedule, we realized that those happy and carefree high school days were over. But on the contrary, we realize now, they were just the guidance of Dr. Arthur James, our class advisor, we became adjusted to our school and began to understand the mysteries of Freshman Chemistry. Most of our classes were at Conwell. Hall, 10th floor. However, we spent two days each week at 18th and Buttonwood where we experienced our first real climb in college-up to the Botany lab !.There, during the hot summer days, we spent endless hours searching for stone cells, pore canals, etc. Oh yes, and diatoms. Dr. Eby was very patient. Under the supervision of Dr. Penn we received our first taste of practical pharmacy: rolling pills, making powders, " cracking " (oops) preparing The usual Thursday cry, " Where ' s the soap? " No response, for everyone is wondering about the same thing. And who could ever forget those English classes from eight to ten with a ten-minute intermission to stroll through the " campus. " We still don ' t know what the color of the binding of " Who ' s Who " is. In February we learned what " cramming " and " finals " really were !. It was about this time that the size of our class was greatly decreased by the draft. This meant more personal attention to each of us, which was all right except during quizzes. The clearest memories of our sophomore years are in the Qualitative lab; an endless affair of precipitating, pipetting, centrifuging, " cook book " chemistry, and reporting unknowns to Mr. Bossle, this latter being the most crucial step. We shall always remember those hikes along the Wissahickon with Dr. Graham and Mr. Mayo, and to Bartram Gardens with Dr. Eby. Before we knew it we found ourselves in Organic lab with its delicate and costly apparatus which took hours to set up but seconds to break. During the lectures we became acquainted with those complex organic compounds. Following our one and only summer vacation, which was made possible by deceleration, we became high and mighty Seniors. We welcomed returned veterans to our class and settled down again to work. Once again we resumed our search for stone cells, fibers, collenchyma and Arachnoidiscus Errenbergii. Some of us never did find that last one, a diatom. Dr. Laquer ' s Bio-Chemistry period from four to five on Wednesdays will always be a memorable one. Our social events, formerly curtailed, expanded. Who will ever forget the trip to the Penn football game? Or the hayride? We all had an enjoyable time at P. A. R. D. luncheons, at the Wyeth affair, the semi-formal, and the trip to Sharp and Dohme ' s research plant followed by that delicious dinner. We certainly hope that our futures will be as fruitful and enjoyable as our college years. 262 THEOLOGY Dean ' s Message We all think occasionally of those who have gone before and the record of their deeds. We cannot do this in the School of Theology without being moved to gratitude. We read the story of the seven students who to prepare for the Christian ministry coming to Dr. Conwell seeking his aid, and the reception they received from a truly great and inspiring man. The of their number with the organization of Temple College and its growth into the University is a most romantic story. We are not less aware of the present because we the past. The present student body face this bewildering day with humble confidence in God and the sufficiency of His Grace. In this faith we are to be good ministers of Jesus Christ. We would remember the attitude of Dr. Conwell toward the need which presented itself to him. Without discrimination he ministered to the need of his day. So would we. This is our purpose, and we call upon all people of good will to join us in this Holy Cause. There is a place for all to serve and the joy of service in this work is a rewarding portion as we watch the young people move out to their ministries in different parts of the country and the world. Left to right: Dr. Thomas, Dr. Swain, Dr. Hummer, Dr. Wailes, Dr. Adams, Dr. Loetscher, Dr. Kroner, Chaplain Morris. 263 Homecoming Day Reception Chapel Die Lounge Left to right: Crossley, Driscoll, Dr.Hummer Parker. 264 HOWARD WALTER BOCK 6479 Ross STREET PHILADELPHIA 19, PA. Muhlenberg College Phi Kappa Tau Alpha Kappa Alpha WILLIAM JOHN COULTER 431 MILLBANK ROAD UPPER DARBY, PA. A.B., 1936, University Pennsylvania. CLARENCE W. CROSSLEY 213 MAUDE AVENUE BROOKLAWN, N. J. B. S. in Ed., 1944, Temple. University Student Council 2, 3, President 3 ALBERT DENNIS CURRY QUINTON, N.J. B.S. in Ed., 1947, Temple JOHN R. CURTIS, JR. 2534 DIAMOND STREET PHILADELPHIA 21, PA. A.B., 1936, Lincoln University B.D., 1940, Andover Newton Theological School FRANK E. DAVIS 1003 OLD LANCASTER ROAD BRYN MAWR, PA. B.S. in Ed., 1979, S.T.B., 1940, Temple University President, Theology Alumni, 1945,1946 LIONEL R. DRISCOLL AURA, N. J. .S. in Ed., 1944, Temple Staff 3 GERARD H. GEBHARDT 4948 LOCUST STREET PHILADELPHIA 39, PA. 1918, Heidelberg College B.D., 1921, Central Theology Seminary Pi Kappa Delta HAROLD R. HAWLK Box 121 LEESBURG, N. J. B.S. in Ed., 1943, ' Temple JAY KANTNOR HELMS 2114 PINE STREET WILMINGTON 252, DEL. B.S. in Ed., 1942, Temple S.T.B., 1945, Temple University Student Council 1, 2 Theolog Editor 1 Temple Interseminary Conference hairman 265 HENRY HEAVENER FALLINGSTON, PA. 1945, Kings College. CHARLES E. JONES BRIDGEBORO, N. J. B.S. in Ed., 1944, Temple University SHEPPARD JOSLIN THROFARE, N. J. B.S. in Ed., 1943, Temple University. RALPH A. KAPPLER ATCO, N. J. B.S. in Ed., 1944, Temple University ALBERT V. LANG 2973 NORTH CONGRESS ROAD CAMDEN, N. J. B.S. in Ed., 1945, Temple University tudent Council ROBERT B. CLARK 2338 EAST DAUPHIN STREET PHILADELPHIA 25, PA. A.B., 1929, Taylor University A.M., 1930, Drew University B.D., 1932 Eastern. Baptist Theological Seminary S.T.M., 1937, Temple University KENNETH LEO LORD 1828 BROADWAY CAMDEN, N. J. A.B., 1942, Houghton College. HOWARD W. MARSH 364 STRASBURG AVENUE PARKESBURG, PA. A.B., 1941, Ursinus College Conwellian Staff GEORGE E. MATTHEWS DOVER, DEL. A.B., 1952, Wilberforce B.D., 1931, Payne Theological Seminary Alpha Phi Alpha Sword and Shield (Honorary) Sen Mehr Retch (Scholarship) R. GORDON McNAUGHTON BRIDGEPORT, N. J. B.S : in Ed., 1946, Temple University 266 WILLIAM F. PARKER 516 SOUTH 42ND STREET PHILADELPHIA 4, PA. A.B., 1943, Temple University Chapel Committee 1 Student Council 2, 3 TEMPLAR Staff 2 Chapel Organist 1, 2, 3 Editor of Conwellian 2, 3 DONALD W. SCOTT 8232 RIDGE AVENUE PHILADELPHIA 28, PA. A.B., 1935, Lafayelle College Th.B., 1938, Princelon Theological Seminary EDMUND H. STEELMAN 15 SHORE ROAD LINWOOD, N. J. B.S. in Ed., 1937, Temple University Th. B. Eastern Theological Seminary S.T.B., 1937, Temple University S.T.M., 1939, Temple University HARRY DUDLEY TEAT BARNSBORO, N. J. B.A., 1941, Bob Jones College 13.D., 1944, Eastern Theological Seminary EDGAR G. THOMAS, JR. 2107 NORTH 12TH STREET PHILADELPHIA 22, PA. A.B., 1957, Morehouse College Kappa Alpha Psi 267 Printing - Westbrook Publishing Company Photography - Sarony Studios Engraving - Basil Smith System Cover - S. K. Smith Company STAFF Jean I. Loomis - Editor-in-Chief Jack E. Zagrans - Business Manager Veachey Rudolph - Subscription Manager Bert Haines - Senior Editor Nancy J. Derr - Organization Editor. Paul R. Shafer - Staff Photographer Lawrence E. Jacobson - Editor, School of Pharmacy William A. Silver - Editor, School of Law Lionel Driscoll - Editor, School of Theology Nonnie Beissel - Editor, School of Oral Hygiene Meet and Eat at LEW TEMDLER ' S 227-229 S. BROAD ST. for extra goodness SUPPLEE Sealtest ICE CREAM CHARCOAL BROILED STEAKS SEA FOOD AT ITS BEST GOOD LIQUORS PROPERLY MIXED 268

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