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www.podiatry.temple.edu 8th Race Streets, Philadelphia. flA TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODIATRIC .tit :TABLE OF CONTENTS CLASS OF 2014.. CLASS OF 2015.. CLASS OF 2016.. CLASS OF 2017.. CLUBS.......... FACULTY STAFF MESSAGES....... Swv ''Wrf Hands-on cpodiatric training cwithin so comprehensive university health care system • I solemnly pledge to consecrate my life to the service of humanity. • I will give respect and gratitude to my deserving teachers. • I will practice medicine with conscience and dignity. • The health and life of my patient will be my first consideration. • I will hold in confidence all that my patient confides in me. • I will maintian the honor and the noble traditions of the medical profession. • My colleagues will be my family. • I will not permit considerations of race, religion, nationality, party politics or social standing to intervene between my duty and my patient. • I will maintain the utmost respect for human life. • Even under threat, I will not use my knowledge contrary to the laws of humanity. • These promises I make fully and upon my honor. PHOTO'S CREED •To render service to humanity with impartial respect for the dignity of man. • To provide a full and complete measure of professional service and attention to patients in the practice of Podiatric Medicine. • To unhesitatingly serve consultation in difficult or doubtful circumstances where it appears that the quality of service and therapy to the patientcan be enhanced. • To continue the improvement of knowledge and skills for the benefit of patients and professions. • To conduct the practice of Podiatry as a credit to the profession. • To never accept limitations that might destroy or interfere with the exercise of best judgement and skills or the quality of performance. • To regard the confidence and information received from patients with professional care and understanding. •To fully offer service and participate in the health programs for the public in keeping with the integrity of the profession. These above fundamental beliefs are expressed as standards of ethical conduct and propriety of podiatrists, individually and collectively with patients, colleagues, members of allied health professions, and the public. 4Dear Class of 2014, Thank you for allowing us to capture your personal journeys and achievements over the past four years. Through these pictures, we hope you are able to look back at your time at TUSPM with fond memories and smile. LETTER FRl THE EDITORS We wish everyone the best of luck and fortune in your future endeavors. Carry on for Podiatry. Your Editors-ln-Chief, Ashley, Romy, and ShyamDear Class of 2014: Congratulations and felicitations! It is with great joy and excitement that 1 regard the wonderful milestone that you have achieved at this point in your education. I am incredibly humbled by your choice of me as your Clinician of the Year. This distinction is all the more meaningful because yours is the first class with which I had the pleasure of w orking throughout the entirety of your third and fourth years. I have witnessed so much grow th in each of you over these past two years, and I look forw ard to your further accomplishments, not only in your personal lives, but in our profession as a w hole. Too. I must recognize the other members of the faculty and staff at Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine as they have been on integral part of your education, and should share in this accolade with me. Each of you has a unique gift. These talents may not be the same for everyone, but each makes you who you are and helps to define you as a physician. No matter how you choose to proceed with your future in medicine, 1 ask that you do so with honesty, integrity, and utmost compassion for your patients and the profession. It isn’t what we do today or tomorrow that is noticed, but what we have done that ultimately will tell the story of our greatness in the end. I conclude my remarks here with some advice. To use an old adage, never forget that there is more than one way to skin a cat. One person’s manner is not necessarily the sole method. You will work with a lot of people throughout your life. Each will provide learning for you, whether it be good or bad. Furthermore, you don't have to implement everything you learn. Take "the good, the bad, and the ugly," filter them through logic and sound judgment, and then-and only then-- implement them in your practice. Remember: at the end of the day. you are only as great as the amount of time and effort you have put into being the best you can possibly be. As a physician and a person, you must never stop learning or educating, and you must always go the extra mile to be the best. Doctors of the Class of 2014, it is with the greatest pleasure that 1 welcome you to this great profession. It is truly an honor to now call you my colleagues. Although no longer will you be here physically at TUSPM. please know that my door, email and phone arc always available to you whenever you need me. Best of luck in all of your endeavors. Again, my congratulations! Sincerely, Dr. Moore Joshua L. Moore, DPM JOSHUA L. MOORE, DPM Clinician of the YearSchool of Podiatric Medicine TEMPLE UNIVERSITY Offit o t h Dun BpMi «t lUcr Street ftuUdrlphv. HS 1910 phowl IV«V5400 fa.2IS-6i9-1919 «r l (mrwcoOluipm ic«tk ; rOj nub Mt? tompW w»j May 13.2014 I'o ihc Graduating Class of 2014: rhis year marks the forty-eighth commencement ceremony of our school. It is with a sense of pleasure that I write this letter to the Class of 2014. Each of you has just completed the most challenging four years of your lives and I take pride in congratulating you. More than that, however, I want to tell you that you ms the Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine. While it is true that we have clinics, laboratories, classrooms and dormitories, a school without the vibrant energy of the student is a building whose purpose has disappeared. You arrived at TUSPM at a time of evolution. You have seen new faculty, upgrading of facilities and the progress that being a part of Temple's Health Sciences affords. During the post four years, this was your school, but in a larger sense, you became the school. As you begin post graduate training and leave us here in Philadelphia, you take the school with you. You will forever be identified as a Temple University graduate. TUSPM and you will always be connected. We have given you the finest education in the nation. We have given you clinical experience that is unequaled in our profession, and we have given you the degree of Doctor of Podiatric Medicine. Now it is your turn Because you will always be a TUSPM graduate, we look to you to carry that degree with competence, compassion, and success. You now enter a career in which your patient and his or her condition will demand your expertise. As you enter practice and develop roots in the community that you choose, I ask tliat you never forget the roots that you leave here at TUSPM. You have earned the right to wear the degree that wc have bestowed upon you with pride. I challenge you to use that degree to the benefit of both your practice and your alma matter as those who have gone before you have done. I want you to become active with your alumni association and maintain connection with your classmates. Your alumni peers have generously endowed scholarships for the benefit of TUSPM students and have given of their financial resources for the continual upgrading of TUSPM. 1 want you to come back to Philadelphia to visit us periodically and I want you to visit us on the web consistently. Wherever you go in you life, you take our name and you remain our graduate. Never forget that, because wc will never forget you and the time that you have spent here. Go now and apply those skills tliat you gained here. Be diligent. Be tenacious. Be inquisitive and be successful You arc now a permanent part of the Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine. Sincerely Mattiacci l%■ JOHN A. MATTIACCI, DPM Dean 7School of Podiatric Medicine TEMPLE UNIVERSITY Attain Kkran T. Mahan OPM at Ra » FM'aaeoha. Hk 19107 phor 21S425-536J ft 215-429-4904 knvah n i uipm k)u •vrO aww ter® eOu To The Class of 2014 I would like to personally congratulate each of you and your families for your successful completion of the academic requirements at the Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine. Your graduation is a proud moment for both you and your families. It is also a proud moment for us as wc have seen you develop your clinical knowledge and skills over the last few years. Many of you have had to overcome both personal and professional challenges to get to this point. I congratulate you and wish you personal and professional success in the future. When you came to TUSPM you joined a profession that is still evolving and maturing. Even over the course of my own professional lifetime there have been dramatic changes. In order to continue to advance the profession, each and every one of you must be personally involved with helping it grow. Certainly the most important way to do that is to make each and every patient encounter a successful one where you deliver the best possible care in a caring and compassionate way. In addition there arc other ways that you can contribute to the profession: research, education, and political leadership are just a few of the different ways that together wc can advance the profession. For me, this has been a wonderful place to receive my own education and a wonderful place to have the opportunity to teach you. This profession provides outstanding opportunities for each and every one of you that you can seize with hard work and dedication. Again, congratulations on this success and good luck in your future endeavors. I hope that you will look back upon the knowledge you gained at TUSPM as the foundation upon which your career was built. Kieran T. Mahan, DPM Associate Dean for Academic Affairs KIERAN T. MAHAN, DPM Associate Dean for Academic AffairsSchool of Podiatric Medicine TEMPLE UNIVERSITY educational A flaw EgMh a! Hate Sued P latJtlphu. »A 1910; on«2IS42! -52V fc»2IS-«9-i929 e-mail ibuAHKuipm (wrplr «du na6wwnvt trcl ««j To the Class of 2014: It gwes me great pleasure to congratulate you on your achievement as a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine. Each of you should be proud of your efforts to complete a demanding and intense program As you enter the profession, continue to be independent learners as you build on your foundation of knowledge acquired through hard work and dedication Continue to question and learn and set high goals to maximize your potential Cherish all the good memories you have acquired while attending the Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine Please take the opportunity to keep in touch with the college in the coming years. It has been a pleasure to work with each of you and I wish you the best in your professional and personal lives Affairs JAMES P. BURKE, PH.D. Assistant Dean for Educational AffairsSchool of Podiatric Medicine TEMPLE UNIVERSITY Otftc of Ftaul Attain it i swn fk»f nwadripvi W07M96 «vyy»?IS«S-‘40I t M JJ5 ?9-7378 wnarf buvn»Mo«« twion' du « 6 t4tp odi «r» •xr-O «Ou To the School of Podiatric Medicine Graduating Class of 2014: On behalf of the business and administrative staff members at the School of Podiatric Medicine. I offer our heartfelt congratulations upon completion of your formal professional education. Now the “real" education begins. Take pride in your achievements and the challenges that you have overcome, and use your experience to propel you through your careers as health care providers. It has been my pleasure to get to know some of you during your time at TUSPM. and I am confident that you w ill represent your profession well in the years to come. I wish all of you the best of luck in your lives as w ell as your careers, and I hope that you will continue to be an active pan of the TUSPM family. Sincerely, Roderick B. Jones, MBA CP Associate Dean for Financb jfd Administration RODERICK B. JONES, MBA, CPA Associate Dean for Finance aneb AdministrationSchool of Podiatric Medicine TEMPLE UNIVERSITY D pvtmrnl o Student Attain 148 N 8th Street fhiuitelphA M 19107 phon 21S-« -S4M t«21V«»4907 " C hop JtfrxUtn temp «ei. To the Class of 2014: It is my honor to congratulate each of you on your momentous accomplishment of receiving your Doctor of Podiatric Medicine degree. Not long ago I was one of the first to greet you as you visited our campus. As you advanced toward your goal you developed many relationships and encountered many new experiences at TUSPM. May those experiences and rclatioaships help to sustain you dunng your career. As you enter the podiatric medical profession you are well prepared to manage and excel in the challenges that lie ahead. I encourage you to share your experiences so others may benefit as well It is my hope from our first meeting until your graduation ceremony you relished your tenure at TUSPM. You arc always welcomed to stop by for a visit I wish you a very successful career and all the best for you and your families. David E. Martin Assistant Dean for Student Affairs DAVID E. MARTIN Assistant Dean for Student Affairs JfTEMPLE UNIVERSITY ••' » n » u r A. w i9«o? bgr«i» m • Hmt di and rnfm sWone I1S-62S-S2J9 te 2IV«»-1929 eru sjetdorwatuictn urr0 «du w«6 www (ainpta a«u May 13.2014 Dear Members of the Class of 2014, One of my classmates opined that Charles Dickens had described the experience of podiatry training in the opening line of A Tale of Two Cities: “It was the best of limes, it was the worst of times ..." and so it truly seemed. The inherent contradiction between best and worst depends on one’s perspective at the moment of experience and perspective develops over time Four years at the former PCPM seemed to drag on forever and became a struggle to pass the next exam, to finish the next clinic encounter, to surmount whatever the next hurdle would be. Sound familiar? Then, at the end of my last afternoon clinic session of my last assigned rotation I looked at the clock on the K-room wall and had a peculiar flashback: In an instant time telescoped back to when I first arrived for orientation and I thought had I blinked I would have missed the whole experience. Both perceptions were of the same reality but experienced from different perspectives. One of my psychology professors dryly described reality as nothing more than the set of delusions one believes at the moment, but then again he was a devotee of Paul Watzlawick’s How Real Is Real (as am I). I don't know if I believe the experience of reality is quite that fluid, but 1 have come to appreciate that perspective colors the interpretation of mere facts and. apart from the purely physical (and sometimes even then), contributes greatly to what is perceived as real regardless of whether it is or isn’t. My hope and wish for each of you is that you will develop and maintain a healthy perspective on life. Life is not podiatric medicine and surgery, though, for you, it will be a part of life in which you strive to excel. For some among you. your professional life will be an end in and of itself; for the more fortunate and wiser among you. it will be merely a means to an end. You will never regret not giving a talk or performing a surgery, but missing a parent’s last birthday will haunt you forever. At the end of your days you will be unable to count the hours spent in the office and equally unable to forget the times you were too busy to be with a loved one or keep a promise to a friend. Time may heal all wounds but as Groucho Marx observed, time also wounds all heels. Perspective develops with time and sometimes pain. I wish each of you the good fortune to develop a balanced perspective on life painlessly while you are still young enough to live it without regret. Congratulations on your graduation and Godspeed in your journeys. Samuel J. Spadonc, D.P.M. Assistant Dean SAMUEL J. SPADONE, DPM 12School of Podiatric Medicine TEMPLE UNIVERSITY Larry Mart Nawman. DTM. racial Marlxal Olnttot The Tool MX tnteutr 148 N Slh Sneei TTaitO Na. fA 191072496 pftor 2IW2S-S2S9 T4»2 «29-4905 exnM neammOtLUjr' itnxto t»j neO wnw lampit.edj Dear Class of 2014: It has been my great pleasure and honor to have been associated with you as both a teacher and a clinician. I hope that you have fulfilled all of your dreams with regards to your experiences at TUSPM. You arc definitely to be congratulated on the accomplishment of attaining the degree of Doctor of Podiatric Medicine. 1 have always felt that this step is just the beginning of a long and fruitful journey in our Profession. Medicine has grown and continues to grow by leaps and bounds, especially in the technological and information sectors. Your experiences will also continue to grow throughout your career. It is vitally important that you maintain your earnest curiosity for further information and that you continue to be a valuable part of the podiatric medical community, as well as the general medical community, and also in your local community. I have found that in your professional career and in your own personal life, that the more you try to give back to your profession and to others the more successful and fulfilled you will be. Always maintain your prospective with regard to your friends and family. Once again, I congratulate you on your achievement Please stay in touch with us in the coming years and always try to support your school as well. Larry M Newman, DPM, FACFAS Medical Director LARRY M. NEWMAN, DPM, FACFAS Assistant Dean a neb Medical DirectorCLASSCALGARY. AB BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES UNIVERSITY OF CALGARY Mom Dad: Words cannot begin to describe my gratitude and appreciation for everything you have done for me. I could never have done this without your love and support. 1 am che person I am today because of such amazing parents. I thank you for all the sacrifices you have made and am truly a lucky daughter to be able to call you my parents. Pooja Si OP: To the best big sister and brother in law a girl could ask for. I would like to thank you both for changing your wedding date around my school schedule. Pooja, thank you for all your love and advice and of course half your wardrobe! Op, thank you for the driving lessons and your humor always helped turn any bad day I had around. Family 8i Friends: Thanks for always being there. Your support and advice helped me get through even the most challenging experiences. To those who are no longer with us you are dearly missed and arc always with us in our hearts. Amol: Thank you for being an amazing boyfriend and for everything you do. You have been nothing but understanding and supportive. I don't know what I would have done without your pep talks and visits! Thanks for being my rock. I love you TUSPM friends- We did it!! Wishing you all the best of luck. 16LOUIZfl flSSIS ” y CLINTON TOWNSHIP. MICHIGAN MICROBIOLOGY CENTRAL MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY To My Family and Friends: Thank you for your support and love that you have showed me these last few years. I could not have done it without you. Most of all thank you for believing always, even when 1 didn’t believe in myself. Mom: Thanks for being such a great role model and inspiration to me all these years. Kent: Thank you for always reminding me to not take life too seriously. Fernando: I am so proud of you for all that you have accomplished these last few years, and I am truly proud to be your sister. Julie: thank you for being the sister I never had and always being there to listen when I needed a should to lean on. Grandma Marty: Thank you so much for the support and love you have always provided. Grandma Iris: Thanks for always being there to support me even when you where thousands of miles away. Grandma Nair, Grandpa Clovis and Grandpa Bob: Even though you are no longer with us I know that you are watching me from above. You arc truly missed. 17Jflflfl MAS y COLLIERVILLE, TENNESSEE BIOLOGY VANDERBILT UNIVERSITY Congrats to the Class of 2014! Thank you to my mom. dad and Arvind!! Could not have done it without your constant love and support. A true lifelong goal becomes a reality today and couldn't be happier. I'm so grateful to haw you as my family. Thank you for always being rhere! Love you all!! 18RUSSELL flflIES I'm tired. Not of school, or learning, or working with people. I'm tired because the last four years have consisted of daily reminders of how much more I need to grow before becoming the doctor, husband, brother, son. friend I necd want to be. Luckily, I'm surrounded by people much smarter than myself who understand and support me, and know what is required to get where I want to go. None more than my family and especially my wife, Kayla, an unwavering support of love and kindness, who has taught me that I can learn so much more by listening rather than by speaking. I am grateful for the professors, and doctors that have raught me over the last four years. It was difficult learning all they wanted us to know, but their passion was contagious, and I am grateful to them for giving me the dedication I have today for podiatric medicine. 19 All that I have left to learn is what makes the future so exciting.20 GIGS GUM CHERRY HILL. NEW JERSEY BIOLOGY. MINOR IN ENGLISH RUTGERS UNIVERSITY Gopi: There aren't enough words to thank you for your love and supporr. You've done so much for me from helping me move in 1st year, to throwing me a surprise birthday party (during finals!), quizzing me, listening to my panic stricken phone calls, taking me out every weekend to catch a break from frozen food and most importantly always believing in me and encouraging me to work really hard and be the best that I can be. Mom Dad: Thank you for always encouraging me to obtain an education. You've offered me so many rewards and incentives to do well in school, including a brand new car (which I never received by the way)! Well. I’ve finally done it! 1 will most definitely pass on your famous quote "Work hard now and enjoy tlie rest of your life, or enjoy yourself right now and work hard for the rest of your life". Mike, Necla. Sunny. Rimmi: Thank you for still loving me and updating me on your life even though I couldn't always be around. You guys arc the best siblings anyone could ever wish for. I love you all so much! Priya, Dolly, Ankita, Neda, Urwah, Eji, Raisa- My TUSPM experience wouldn't have been the same without you. Thank you for the wonderful rimes and creating of great memories. Will miss you all, K.I.T.! TUSPM Clinicians- Thank you for your time and dedication to the profession and the school. Wc literally could not have made it without you. C O 2013: Congratulations!! We did it! I wish you all success in your future endeavors!fluyson mss ........ MULUCA HILL. NEW JERSEY CHEMISTRY AND BIOCHEMISTRY MONTCLAIR STATE UNIVERSITY Congrats to the Class of 2014! We finally made it! Special thanks to: Mom and Dad: For all of your unconditional low and support you have given me throughout my life! You were always there to cheer me on when I succeeded or pick me up when 1 stumbled: I would not be wliere I am today without you both! I love you so much! Grandmom: For putting a roof over my head these last four years, a meal on the table, teaching me the fine art of making entire meals with the microwave, and providing me with stories that kept everyone entertained! I love you so much. Roomie! Mike and Michelle: For all of your encouragement, love and support throughout these four years! Class of 2014: We have been through some of the most challenging and difficult years of our lives together and I couldn't think of a better group of individuals to have gone through this experience with. We laughed, we cried, we celebrated and we commiserated together, but bottom line, we made it! 1 wish everyone the best of luck in their future endeavors and am proud to be a part of this class! "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." -Eleanor Roosevelt 21LINDEN. NEW JERSEY B.S BIOLOGY BIOTECHNOLOGY OPTION KEAN UNIVERSITY I first want to give the glory and honor to the Lord for giving me the strength, courage and inspiration to culminate this chapter in my life. To my husband: Thank you for being there, even when things got difficult! You have made this dream a reality. I can say that I am successful because of your dedication and unconditional love. You supported me throughout these four years and made me smile when I felt like giving up. This is not just my success bur yours too!!! I love you. Mom and Dad: I love you. Thank you for being there for me and giving me advice every step of the way. You raised me up with values and compassion: two essential characteristics to be a good doctor. I am proud to be by your side sharing my success and welcoming the new challenges that come with serving others through the art of medicine. Dad: we made it through tough rimes, but God gave us victory, so that we could share this moment together. Paula and Steven: pursue your dreams with passion and integrity and never forget to be humble no matter how much success you achieve in life. Remember where you came from. Aunt Gra-cicla and Uncle Charlie: thank you for opening the doors to my future; this success is also yours. I love you. Grandma Evelia: I love you, and I am glad you are here to see this. Tio Jorge: eres muy especial para mi. Gracias por quererme ranto y siempre cstar pcndicnre de mi bicncstar. Tc quiero. Juliana: We made it mami! I am so proud of both of us, and 1 am proud to call you my colleague. TUSPM faculty and clinicians, thank you for helping me become a better student and future doctor. You are all amazing and 1 am very proud to enter this profession with the right foundation. Your dedication is an inspiration for me. Thank you for making this an awesome profession. Class of 2014: Congratulations ! you are all amazing: hope you guys have a great future. 22ALySSfl CARROLL TAMPA. FLORIDA BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES (BS) NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIVERSITY Congrats, Class of 2014! Its been one hell of a ride, but we made it! I would like to thank each and every one of my friends and family who provided unlimited love and support over the past four years. To Mom. Dad, Brvana and Dcvlyn- from hundreds of miles away you were able to encourage me when I needed it most and always helped me to realize my full potential. I cannot even begin to express the amount of gratitude I have for such an amazing family. 1 love you guys. To Chris- the amount of pride you have for me is never ending and inspires me to continue to challenge myself every single day. I am blessed to have found someone so perfect, and am excited to see where our journey takes us. 1 love you. To Ashley and Mary Ann- to this day I can't believe how lucky I am to have found you both. We came together as three girls not knowing a single thing about one another. and became sisters. 1 couldn’t have done this without you two. How we survived Mitzie McKenzie Place... I'll never know ;). I know you will both will continue to do well in life and in your careers as you are bright, dedicated women. Thanks to all faculty, who prepared me to become an intelligent and capable doctor. As I close this chapter of my life, and begin the next. I am extremely thankful for rhis experience at TUSPM. 23MW MLHUflUl CHAPIN. SOUTH CAROLINA BIOLOGY. MINORS IN CHEMISTRY AND ENGLISH PRESBYTERIAN COLLEGE On June 19. 2010, a sweet, shy young man agreed to love me for the rest of his life and to leave his whole family and life behind to follow me on this crazy journey twelve hours away from home. Ashton, I could never have done this without you. Thank you for believing in me enough to come with me. I also could not have done this without the support of my wonderful family, who gave me the courage to pursue my dreams, even though they knew they would only be able to see me a couple times each year. Mama, thank you for sending me care packages for every birthday and holiday that I could not be home. Dad, thank you for keeping me motivated when I was unsure of my path. Brandon and Joshua, thank you for reminding me where 1 come from and keeping me grounded. To my grandparents, aunts, and uncles, thank you so much for all the prayers. 1 know they made all the difference in the world. And lastly, thank you to all my girls. You all have been the sisters I never had. I will never forget the pre-pathology test freak outs followed by margaritas for lunch or the late nights studying in the anatomy lab and going home reeking of formaldehyde. I love you all. and I will always cherish the memories we have together. Thank you, also, to the wonderful professors that I have been so blessed to know at Temple. 24CENTERVILLE. OHIO B.S. BIOLOGY MIAMI UNIVERSITY; OXFORD. OHIO I would like to thank my family for their unconditional love and support throughout my life. I would not have been able to make it without you! To my friends and colleagues. I wish you all the best of luck in your future endeavors. Congratulations! 25TAMPA. FLORIDA B.S. IN BIOLOGY AND CHEMISTRY UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS Friends, classmates, professors, and mostly my family: Thank you! The road hasn't always been smooth, but those bumps, puddles, and that one big pothole that made me fall and break my nose, have not stopped me. The sleepless nights, stressful days, tears and even shingles, have all made me a stronger and better person. These last few years I’ve had the pleasure of meeting amazing people and enjoy friendships I hope will last a lifetime. Thank you all for helping me achieve this amazing fear. I hope I'll get to share many more adventures with all of you. Congratulations Class of 2014! Papas y Caro: Estc logro cs para ustedes. Este logro cs uno cn cl cual han sido participes y esencialcs ustedes tres. Sc que no ha sido facil. para ninguno de nosorros. No saben cuanto Ies agra-dezco dia a dia rodos los sacrificio que han hecho por mi. Todas esas lagrimas que alguna vcz tuvimos que derramar no han sido cn vano. Hoy, cl nino de la casa sc convierte cn Doctor, y no lo hubicra hecho sin ustedes. Hoy, no solo cumplo mi sucho, si no que anado un exito mas a la scrie de logros que hemos alcanzado juntos, y que seguiremos alcanzando. Dicen que el sueno Americano no cxiste. Yo creo que si ex ste. y como familia, juntos, luchando. lo cstamos alcanzando. Aqui si vale decir... GRACIAS TOTALES! LOS AMO! 26TAMAQUA, PENNSYLVANIA BIOLOGY LEBANON VALLEY COLLEGE Mom, Dad, Rich, and Family: Thank you so much for being my backbone throughout the past four years of my podiatric medical education. I could not have gotten through them if it wasn't for your love and support. Dad and Aunt Anna Marie, thank you for introducing me to podiatry and for paving the way towards my future profession. Chuck: Thank you for hiring me as your work study student. 1 never missed a class! Hope I made you proud. Clinicians, Faculty, and Staff: Thank you for your patience and guidance through the foundation of my clinical years at TUSPM. Each and every one of you has made an impact in shaping me into the doctor I have become. “Good things come to those who Believe, Better things come to those who are Patient, and the Best things come to those who Don’t Give Up.” 2728WILMINGTON. DELAWARE B.S. BIOLOGY SAINT JOSEPH S UNIVERSITY 29A simply, but sincere thank-you to everyone that has helped me achieve my goals and become the person that I am today. I would not have been able to accomplish so much without the support of family and friends. I love you all. 30LOUIS DEFIIZIO SCRANTON. PENNSYLVANIA KINESIOLOGY PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY Thank you to my family and friends for your love, supporr, and encouragement! 31HOLMDEL. NEW JERSEY BIOLOGY WITH MINOR IN PSYCHOLOGY MARIST COLLEGE To my family and friends, without whom none of this would have been possible. Thank you for all your unwavering support, understanding, and dedication to my hopes and dreams. Without you I could not be the person I am today. The journey was long and strenuous, but it was with your guidance that I was able to accomplish all that 1 have. Finally to my classmates, I wish you all the best and I hope each and every one of you succeeds in all ways possible. 3233asm finn Vv, . . , • . ' . - y BETHLEHEM. PENNSYLVANIA CELL AND MOLECULAR BIOLOGY. MINOR IN PSYCHOLOGY WEST CHESTER UNIVERSITY Mom and Dad: Thank you for being the greatest source of encouragement in my life. You have always been there for me, especially when I struggled. Thank you for raising me in a Christ centered home and reminding me that there is a unique plan for my life. I love you and wouldn't have made it to this far without you. Rebekah. Sarah, and Rachel: 1 know I missed a lot in the last four years but you will always be my best friends! I'm incredibly blessed to have such wonderful sisters. I love you very much and appreciate all of your support and encouragement. To my favorites: I can't believe our time at Temple has come to an end. I definitely would not have made it without all of you! Thank you for all the laughter, froyo dates, movie nights, and the occasional study sessions. Thank you for listening to me vent and supporting me when I had a few turns of bad luck. You have become some of my closest friends and I’m lucky to have you all as we continue on into residency. You will all be amazing doctors...especially those of us who may or may not start their own lymphedema clinics. Most of all thank you to Jesus. "For I know the plans I have for you...“Jeremiah 29:11 34«L GHOSH EAST BRUNSWICK. NEW JERSEY CELL BIOLOGY AND NEUROSCIENCE RUTGERS UNIVERSITY Dear All, Its hard to explain how thankful I am to everyone for their help and support at every stage of my life. To Ma and Baba, I would not be who 1 am today without you. To Didi and Dada, I'm not sure how I could survive just about anything without the two of you and a special thanks for always letting me be rhe baby in the family. It was a tough ride, but totally worth it! Congratulations and good luck to everyone from TUSPM Class of 2014! 35SUNRISE. FLORIDA BUSINESS MANAGEMENT FLORIDA ATLANTIC UNIVERSITY First and foremost, 1 want to thank God for everything I am blessed with, alhamdullilah =) Ammi Si Abbu: You're unconditional love and support has helped me become the woman I am today. I can never thank you guys enough for all the sacrifices you two made to get me to where 1 am today. I hope I've made you guys proud. Inshallah. it's my turn to take care of you guys =) Love you guys! Zubi: You're the most special part of my Temple experience =) 1 am so thankful for you. Even though you are a horrible tutor haha. I couldn't have gotten through these years without your support. I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with you! I love, love, LOVE you...enough to let you rank better than me. Toffee Uncle Si Nano Khala: Thank you for your tremendous love and support. You guys are truly special! Forget Saba and Aliya. I'll take care of you guys too when you're old and grey! Love you guys! Shaqstars + BILs: You guys are awesome! Even though I ignored many group texes and calls from some o! you (haha!), I cannot begin to explain how much I am thankful for you guys. Thank you for always being there no matter what! Nazi: Thank you. You don't understand how thankful I was to have you here. Love you! 1 1- CARLISLE. PENNSYLVANIA EXERCISE PHYSIOLOGY WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY Congratulations to the Class of 2014! It has been a pleasure working with all of you and I wish you luck in the future. Thanks to my family for the support throughout the years. Its been a long journey and you ve always kept me motivated and headed in the right direction. Jess, I couldn't have done this without you! I cannot thank you enough for your patience, understanding, and your ability to make me smile through it all. I love our crazy adventures together! Tim, Khoa, Kyle and Mota, I was fortunate to have you as friends and am excited to see how successful each of you will become. Thanks for the good times at the Broad Street Run, on Franklin field, and on the slopes! 37ROSEVILLE. CALIFORNIA B.A. BIOLOGY UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. BERKELEY To the class of 2014: We’ve sat together through painfully long lectures, taken at least 100 tests (if not more), and survived the mayhem of TUSPM.... Congratulations! Podiatry is a small community, so I look forward to seeing all of you in the future. To my husband. Allen: I love you and I’m so lucky to have met you (thanks, TUSPM). I can't wait to begin the next chapter of our life together. Here’s to a lifetime of shenanigans and pillow-fcct-talk. To my sisrers. parents, and in-laws: Thank you so much for all of your love, support, and patience. Without all of you, I would not be the person I am today. To my friends: I love you, • • . I am so thankful to have gone through this journey with all of you. We’ve shared so many unforgettable experiences and memories together (good, bad, and ugly). And “milkkkkkkk'’, 1 honestly wouldn't have done it any other way. Thank you to all of the clinicians. I truly appreciate all of your hard-work and effort. You have taught me so much. And a special shout-out to Grace (Ray’s) and IP (the usual hangout). 3839SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA B.S. NATURAL SCIENCE LOYOLA MARYMOUNT UNIVERSITY Mom, Dad, Alyssa, and Ginger: I cannot adequately express my gratitude for all that you have done for me. From the days on the soccer field and throughout professional school, you have been there to support and guide me with wisdom and love. You have made me the person 1 am today, and I am so fortunate to have such special people in my life. Friends: I never thought I would meet such truly amazing people. that I am now lucky enough to call my friends. I cannot believe how fast the past 4 years have gone by; from late nights studying to epic nights at Drinker's NoChe, all of my favorite times at TUSPM have been with you. Thank you all for always keeping things entertaining. 1 could not have made it through these past 4 years without you. Good luck to all of you in the future and always remember the Bird Book. 40STRONGSVILLE. OHIO B.A. BIOLOGY MINORS IN CHEMISTRY AND MUSIC PERFORMANCE CASE WESTERN RESERVE UNIVERSITY Thank you to my family for always supporting me. Dad would always say “We all go through it. but someday it will be easier!" and Mom for reminding me how important it is to take care of myself. And thanks to my brother and sister for calling me on my truly bad days to encourage me and tell me that everything will be ok. Thank you to Anthony for being my biggest cheerleader, have always encouraged me to chase my dreams, no matter far, or how long it kept us apart. I am so lucky to have met and look forward to our future together You how you. 41 To my class: We made it! And what a journey it has beenME HUH v; BLOOMSBURG. PENNSYLVANIA PSYCHOLOGY AND CHEMISTRY FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY Congratulations to the class of 2014! I wish you all continued success and prosperity throughout residency and your careers! I have no doubts that you all will become selfless, compassionate and caring physicians. There have been many people who have helped me along the way on rhis crazy journey rhrough TUSPM and I would like to mention a few. First all glory goes to God in the highest because without his love and guidance I would not be where I am today. Secondly, many thanks to my loving family for constantly being the rock upon which I stand. Lastly, MT, JH. ZC. TK. KN. AS. NM, AB and CD; thanks for memories. 42SUGAR LAND. TEXAS BIOLOGY UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT SAN ANTONIO First and foremost I would like to thank God for allowing me to complete this challenging chapter in my life. I also want to thank my family, especially my parents, for constantly encouraging me to continue to work hard to achieve my goals. I love you with all my heart. I would not be where I am today without all of your generosity and unconditional love. I don't think I can ever express how thankful I am to have you in my life, I am forever indebted to you. Last but most definitely not least, I would like to thank my amazing fiancee. Thank you for being there for me and supporting me through all the tough times. You arc by far my greatest inspiration and I am so excited for our future together. I love you. 43OERWOOD, MARYLAND BIOLOGY MORGAN STATE UNIVERSITY First fruits and thanks go to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ in whose grace has fulfilled this promise. Despite this journey being the greatest challenge of my character and faith, I have finished the race. Thank you for all the support and prayers that pushed me into seeing today. These words aren’t enough to express the gratitude I have for the experience that I have been privileged to have. I will repay ten-fold if not more, the sacrifices made so that this simple man can impact, heal, and save lives. As deep as my words arc, so arc the depths of the purpose for my life and yours. Fathers, mothers, brothers, and sisters again I say, “Thank you." "Jeremiah 29:11: For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you. plans to give you hope and a future." 4445PHILADELPHIA. PENNSYLVANIA BIOLOGY. MINOR IN CHEMISTRY AND ANTHROPOLOGY UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA I would have never gotten to where I am today without my family. My parents arc my strength and foundation. In everything I do, I sec my dad. Even though he is no longer with me, he will always be part of me. 46ftomy h. pair v •• BARTLETT, IL B.S. BIOLOGY LOYOLA UNIVERSITY CHICAGO To my amazing parents and sister, I am only here due to your endless support and love. You are the best parents and sibling anyone could ask for. I will forever be thankful for all that you have done for me. To the 3 roommates, we had some awesome times in that wacky little apartment building in Chinatown and I wouldn't change a thing about it. To my aunt, thanks for driving two hours every other week and delivering food and everything under the sun for me. To all of the doctors, thanks for educating me and giving me knowledge. Special thanks to Dr. Moore for guiding, and assist-ing me in countless situations. To my classmates who 1 will never forget, congratulations and good luck with everything in the future. Lastly I would like to thank God. without whom nothing is possible. 47SntHfl PATH ■ ' HICKORY, NORTH CAROLINA B.S. BIOLOGY AND B.A. WOMEN AND GENDER STUOIES MERCER UNIVERSITY Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever. Mahatnu Gandhi 48RICHMOND. VIRGINIA B.A. BIOLOGY. SOCIOLOGY UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA Mom and Dad: Thank you for your love and all of your support throughout the years. I am the person that I am today solely because of you two. Thank you for sacrificing so much so that I could get the best education and have a promising future. I will make it a priority to take care of you as you have done for me. My little sister Ravina: Thank you for being the best little sister any brother can ever have. You always know how to put a smile to my face. I wish you all the success in the world and will always be there when you need me. Bijal: December 16th, 2011 was the best day of my life, because that was the day that I met you. my soulmate. I am excited for the life we will have together in the future and thank you for always being by my side. I promise that I will always love you and will be there to care for and support you. "When 1 tell you I Love You, 1 don't say it out of habit or to make conversation. I say it to remind you that YOU ARE the Best Thing that Ever Happened to me'. My friends: They say that the friends that you make in medical school are ones that will be lifelong friends there after. I know that no matter where we all end up, that we will still make time to catch up and enjoy each others company. Thank you all for making my time in Philadelphia an unforgettable experience. Special thanks out to my roomates, DNC, Brown Town, and the Yacht Crew Class of 2014, Best of Luck! 49These 4 years have been quire a journey... countless nights studying, beautiful friendships, tears, laughs, proving my faith in so many ways, and letting go when 1 wanted to be in control. To my husband: You arc my sunshine, my strength, my biggest blessing, and my best friend. Thank you for always having a word of encouragement or an analogy with soccer to lift me up. These 10 years of marriage have been the best years of my life. I love you. To my family: Mamita, tu cres mi inspiracion. Gracias por ser mi mejor amiga y confiente. Papito y Karen, aunque distanres, siempre los llevo en mi corazon. Gracias por siempre impul-sarme a hechar para dclanrc. Hcrmanita Clau. gracias por todo tu apoyo y amor. Mauri, gracias por hacerme rcir y darle saber a nuestras vidas. A mis suegros, gracias por su ayuda incondicio-nal. Familia, los amo mucho. TUSPM friends. I'm blessed by your friendship. I love ya! To God: I wish I knew how all my fears and all my questions arc going to play out in a world I can't control. Lord, it's so hard for me to see where this is going and where You're leading me. From where You’re standing. Lord, You see a grand design that You imagined when You breathed me into life. You are always with me. You arc my faithful friend. This doctorate degree is for you. Use it as you please. Thank you for adding salt into my life. 50LONG ISLAND, NEW YORK MUSIC MCGILL UNIVERSITY It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us. we were all going direct to Heaven, we were all going direct the other way. - Charles Dickens This pretty much summarizes our 4 years at TUSPM. Thank you to my family for all their love and support during these past 4 years. Thank you to my friends who have been there for me all the way. Thank you to my professors for their patience and guidance in setting me on the path to being a dedicated and caring clinician. 51ELDOfl C. fTO •_ -j BRASSTOWN, NORTH CAROLINA B.S. BIOLOGY THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHAPEL HILL Thank you friends, family and faculty for all of your support. Eldon Peters 52APPLETON. Wl B.A. BIOLOGY LAWRENCE UNIVERSITY Thanks to my friends for helping me make it through school. I couldn't have made it alone. We always take more than we can give and for that. I am forever in debt to you. And thank you to Ashley, you are my guiding light and my driving force. 53The past four years have gone by faster than any other four years in my lifetime. I came to Philadelphia with the sole goal of becoming a Physician. Yet, as this time comes to an end I find it to be definitely a bitter sweet process. 1 have met some friends that I hope to have part of my inner circle for many years to come. First I would like to thank God. To him all praise is due. Mom and Dad. without your encouragement and constant expectation for me to live up to my potential I would never have come this far. I owe you this and any future success. Omid, thanks for the calls in the med library to just check up, I needed it. Wish you and your new bride, Kiran. a beautiful life together. Ammar, Hashi and Adnan, brothas from anotha mot ha. Our time at apartment 6E F will never be forgotten. The late night treks into the city and the random ransacking of each others rooms are some of the best times I’ve had in my life. They say your personality at any given time is a mixture of the few people you associate with most. I'm a better person because of this association. Shout out to the rest of the Brown Crew, The Fit (Hub, The A Team and my T Town boys. To the class of 2014. I am proud to call you all colleagues and equals. All the best going forward. 54My dearest Mother. Since my first day on this earth you have always put my needs ahead of your own. Endless sacrifices that were undoubtedly taxing to you, both physically and mentally. Through ic all, your strength and tenacity never wavered. You truly are fearless. Your actions never go unnoticed. Know that I appreciate everything you do. As I have grown into an adult, our relationship has evolved, and I consider you one of my best friends. I look to you for advice, motivation, and as the example that I have modeled myself after. 1 thank God for blessing me with such a charismatic, fun, loving, intelligent, and beautiful mother. You have given me the tools needed to be successful in all aspects of life. You are my hero. I love you. Martina 55n ' •___________ in flmtR . ....... -• t4y HAVERTOWN. PENNSYLVANIA NUTRITIONAL SCIENCES UNIVERSITY OF DELAWARE "If it wasn't hard, everyone would do it. Its the hard that makes it great.” Thank you mom and dad for supporting me through all the tough times and continuing to push me towards my dream of becoming a doctor, I wouldn't be where I am now without you both. Thanks Tim and Greg for always being there for me and being the best brothers anyone could ask for. Marissa. you arc my everything thank you for making me a better man and going on adventures with me. I love you. Good luck class of 2014 in everything you do. 56m raw r-7V'-- J? MANALAPAN. NEW JERSEY BIOLOGY UNIVERSITY OF DELAWARE Mom and Dad: Thank you for encouraging me to become a doctor and always believing in me. 1 love you both. Amanda: You will shine in college no marter whar you do. I’m already looking forward to visiting! Love you, little sis. Catherine, Rebecca, and Kavira: We have been best friends since the 8th grade, but at this point you 3 are like family to me. Years of memories will nor be forgotten while I am away for residency. We will be CRAK forever!! David: I never thought meeting you at Jims steaks would bring me such an incredible relationship. Having you in my life during podiatry school definitely made it a lot more enjoyable, and I don’t know what I would have done without you the last 4 years. You are my best friend and the most amazing person I know. Class of 2014: I wish everyone much success during residency and beyond! 57flflVIO SflOOUGWflflZflDEH GERMANTOWN. MARYLAND B.S. BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND COLLEGE PARK In the past 4 years, I experienced some of the best memories and most challenging moments of my life. I made friends and shared a deep bond with total strangers that would have been impossible otherwise. Looking back at it all. I must say that my medical school experience was very unique and amazing; such an experience that can only be understood by those who have gone through it and experienced it first hand. I sincerely hope to at least keep in touch with these friends and wish the Class of 2014 the best of luck in all of our future challenges. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my family and friends who supported me throughout this great endeavor. Merci 58I would just like ro begin by thanking God for all of His constant blessings over the past 4 years. Mom and Dad: You have been everything a son could possibly ask for. You supported me through everything. Your unconditional love for me pushed me through these last 4 years. 1 love you and owe you more than you can ever imagine. To My 4 Wonderful Sisters and my Brother-in-laws: You have each helped in your own way. I cannot begin to describe how important it was to have each and every one of you in my life throughout this journey. To My Nieces and Nephews (13): You drive me crazy. That is ail. I love you though. Last but not least, to my wife to be, Dinah: We have practically grown up together. You have been there for me throughout the good times and the bad, and your support for me has never waiv-ered. I look forward to the future that is in store for us and I could not imagine a single moment without you. I love you. 59First of all. I thank CJod for everything and all the opportunities. I also give thanks to my family who supported me throughout last 4 years. I would not been able to do this without rhe support from my family. Lastly. 1 give my great appreciation to all the classmates and faculties at TUSPM. Good luck everyone! 60HAMILTON. NEW JERSEY BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES RUTGERS UNIVERSITY- NEW BRUNSWICK To my Mom, Dad, and Ami, I would not be here without you. You are the best parents and sister anybody could ask for. Thank you for the continuous support, and a place to stay during my 4th year. Sunny, Romy and Jugs, it was so much fun living with you throughout the years. You guys will always be my bros. 1025 will go down in history Fay-Tay, what can I say?! You make me happier than when the escalators are working at the Gallery I'o all clinicians, thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge. Thanks to my Mentor who has given me a wealth of guidance and scrutiny on rhe Sock Game. I.ast but not least, I would like to thank God. Everything is possible through You. sum a. sunn 61LOUIE SUOU ■, , . . ......................... . y MAPLE GLEN. PENNSYLVANIA B.S. BIOLOGY THE PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY Everything that I have been able to accomplish in my life has been because of the love and support of my amazing family and friends. I can not thank you enough for all that you have done for me. The challenges arc tamer and the successes are sweeter because I get to share them with you. To my classmates, it has been quite the journey and more challenges are ahead. Thank you for all the memories and I look forward to our continued success. Congratulations to the Class of 2014! 6263min i«y ivfark Tenny Student Doctor SPOKANE, WA NUTRITIONAL SCIENCE BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY To my classmates: Thanks for all the memories these 4 years! Thank you to all my friends and family who have supported me through this journey. A special thanks to my beautiful wife who should get an honorary degree since she went through everything with me and without her I wouldn’t be where I am now. She pushed me in to do better, supported me when things weren't going so well and raised our son Mackay through the last 2 years. Nicole you arc amazing! 6465Rflisfl TsvflyGtnRflum To my family- [hank you for your constant love and support. 1 feel so honored to have been born into this family. You guys spoil me. support me. and love me unconditionally. Mom Dad-I hope that I am always bringing you two happiness and pride. I couldn't have been given better best friends and role models. To my friends -many of you might not realize this message goes to you too, but so many of you guys have really touched my heart, whether it was listening to me complain, or sitting through another one of my silly stories. Thank you to all those that 1 have gotten to know very closely. To all my roommates- I really loved you all. Some of you guys have taught me lessons I will never forget. I may have not appreciated each minute of our time together then, but 1 still think about all of them now. Thanks for all the fun and dedication, especially "to my wellbeing". To all my "study buddies," I would have never survived without you all. Keep on for Podiatry! Have fun out their guys! 66FAYETTEVILLE. GEORGIA M S. IN BIOLOGY UNIVERSITY OF WEST GEORGIA B.S. IN BIOLOGY CLAYTON STATE UNIVERSITY To My Mom Dad: Thank you for all of your support, both emotionally and financially. I would not be where I am today had it not been for your encouragement throughout this arduous process. To My Wife: You are my backbone, my sanity, and my best friend! Thank you for all of the sacrifice that you have made since we first met. Without you by my side, I would not have been able to successfully complete this journey. To My Friends Colleagues: Thank you for helping to make this process so much more enjoyable. I’m proud to have been surrounded by the most intelligent and driven individuals that I have ever met. To the Staff of TUSPM: Thank you for pressing F9 and for providing the best technological advancements available in medical education. To the Brown-Forman Corporation: Thank you for distilling Woodford Reserve. 67To my family: Thank you for all the love and support, I would not be where 1 am today without all of you guys To my friends: Thanks for the good times, laughter and memories. To Tori: Thanks for the love, support, care, advice, and everything that you have done and continue to do for me and for us. Love you always! To the doctors: Thanks for the lessons in podiatry, practice, for rhe future and life lessons. 68PHILADELPHIA. PENNSYLVANIA B.A. BIOLOGY. MATHEMATICS TEMPLE UNIVERSITY Mom Dad- Thank you! Without your prayers and constant support 1 would have never made it this far. You always put your needs aside in order to help me reach my goals. I will forever be grateful. Urwah- Never would I have guessed that I would find my wife sitting in the same classroom. We've been through A LOT and survived. I love you and always will. 1 hope that you will continue to keep me grounded and feed me regularly. What more can 1 say. other rhan: You are my ‘sole’ mate. Osman- 'Yeaaaaa boul". Thanks for being an awesome little brother and a constant reminder that 1 need to set a good example. Soon it'll be your white coat ceremony and Med school graduation. 'Then we chilillinnn" Friends- Thanks for making my time at TUSPM memorable. With all the sleepless nights in the study lounge came lifelong friendships. I wouldn't change a thing. Ramadan crew- I'm going to miss all those round table discussions and the endless ping pong games. We did it all and annoyed ALL of our neighbors along the way. DNC- Epic group chat is epic. Need 1 say more? Class of 2014, GET IT!! 69LIVINGSTON. NEW JERSEY B.A. BIOLOGY UNIVERSITY OF DELAWARE To my family, friends, and girlfriend Cara, thank you for all of your support during these past four years at TUSPM! Thank you Mom Dad for all the love, encouragement, and help you have provided for me since the day I left home for kindergarten until now. It has been a long journey and we finally made it to the other side. I have really enjoyed my time at Temple and being a part of this “dysfunctional family that we have all created. Good luck to everyone in your residencies and beyond! 70JUGAL A. OAAAIA . ■ y PHILADELPHIA. PENNSYLVANIA FINANCE. REAL ESTATE. BIOLOGY TEMPLE UNIVERSITY Mom and Dad: 12 years ago you two made the decision to move to this country so that I can have a better future. AH your hard work and countless sacrifices has made this day possible for me. I am truly lucky and grateful to have parents like you. I know cant ever repay you back but I will do my best. I could not have done it without your endless love and support. Thank you Vidhi: Although you are my younger sister, last four years you have taken care of me. 1 cant thank you enough for all the rimes you came to drop off mom’s cooking and my clothes. Thanks for being there whenever I needed you. To the 1025 cherry family, thank you for keeping it real. To the class of 2014, “Started from the bottom now we here." 1 wish everyone the best ofluck!! 7172 MEDIA. PENNSYLVANIA POLITICAL SCIENCE CABRINI COLLEGE Congratulations to everyone on graduating. It has been a fantastic four years, and it has flown by. 1 would like to thank my Mom and Dad, who have always supported me. I know I would not be where I am without them. Also. I'd like to thank my Aunt Mary Kay, who has always done everything possible for me. Finally, a big thanks to all of the excellent professors and staff at TUSPM. Best of luck to everyone in residency. EDO STATE. NIGERIA CELL AND MOLECULAR BIOLOGY WINONA STATE UNIVERSITY. WINONA. MN First off, I give all the praise, glory and honor to God Almighty for providing me with the strength, courage, drive and the perseverance to go through these 4 rigorous years. This phase of my life wouldn't have been successful without His help and I dedicate this accomplishment to Him. Special thanks to you Dad and Mum for the financial, emotional, mental and academic assistance you have provided me with. I especially thank you for the drive, passion and ambition you instilled in me. I know that this will be the beginning of even greater things to happen in our lives in Jesus Name. I love you! Thanks to my siblings Danjuma. Ehinomen, Raymond. Kings. Happy and PrincewilL You guys rock and I Love you all so much!! Thanks to my very supportive extended family, Uncles Twist. Frank. Okhaifo and Rogers. Aunties Helen and Josephine. Daddy Eromosele. Pastor Tony Arivie. Mark. Ella. You all have been an integral part of my life and my academic achievement. I thank you very much! Shout out to my mentor Dr. Ogunlana; My mentor of Life!! Words cannot describe how grateful I am to you for your continuous support. Also to my supportive friends Raisa, Osayamen, Dee, Ola. Gracie, Tolu; we've been through it all from my crying about my little tests to major life decisions lol. I am very appreciative for having you all in my life! I am especially thankful to the love of my life. Yomi Shobowale. You have been my rock! 1 thank you for being very patient and understanding during my long and sleepless days and nights. Together, we have crossed this hurdle. I know God will give us the strength to cross even bigger hurdles in the future. 1 love you honey!MARBLEHEAD, MASSACHUSETTS BIOLOGY WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY, MIDDLETOWN. CT BALDWIN, NEW YORK BIOLOGY DUKE UNIVERSITY 73SHENANDOAH. PENNSYLVANIA BIOLOGY WILKES UNIVERSITY Thank you for a great four years. I wish everyone the best of luck in healing people and to live a very happy life. Carry on for podiatry! 74MILFORD, VIRGINIA BIOLOGY THE GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY STROUDSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA BIOLOGY TEMPLE UNIVERSITY Foremost, I thank God for unconditional love and wisdom. Next, I would like to thank my one and only family for unconditional support, understanding, and trust. Last and definitely not least, I express unfailing appreciations to my friends and colleagues. 75ASM fH. fOUGAI JUlft GAAAIAL77COLLffl LflUJ JDUn Lff LflUflfl mtGORDtn M LflZflROFf 78 08336735immy PtyTon ELOOy SIOUDtft m Turns AHEIA STRUS RRySTLR TROytR 79LISfl VflSSflLOTTI UJILUflm UJOLfE GRADUATES NOT PICTURED ZRCflflRU D. CRISWELL CflRfl L. DlfllOO IIIICML f. GRIESSm RflTRICU fl. LtVIflt jessicr t. moftGfln MRU fl. flELSOfl munflmmflD srrrif fTlflUHGUJ R. TRfln jiuho yoo 8082ro co Lit: 8 uim I IDS ml rttJIJJ iiiV.Vil VA-.i tkliii 848687889091 CLASS y o 9798dam J. Badaczewski Student Doctor 99100Su Life; 12 01 vv' WH8 104105 m 106GUESS WHO ANSWERS Top Left: Ugo A. Second from the Left: Justin L. Third from the Left: Pete S. Left Top little pic: Tameka F. Left Bottom little pic: A lyssa K. Bottom Left: Amy B. Right Top: Tanu K. Right Bottom: Rai K. ■ fm tm 'IU-i im 107COIre mile 112li r ii hcu tk s i5E m M 113LJ1 1161181191204»Kri :?rn 121123125IOOL OF PODIATRIC MEDICINE ____ OF 2017131132m 1343ffl ijtrci CLASS 1355¥l= jf Ft137nliTi| f1407 TEMPLE SgOlATRY «ESHBSB 141 7CLUBSAAWP WOMEN'S CLUB President- Ashleigh Well Vice president- Taylor Hoff Treasurer- Raffaclla Pascarella Secretary- Urja Shah CHRISTIAN PODIATRIC STUDENT ASSOCIATION Co-President- Esther Shin Co-President-Jessy Pierre Louise Vice President- Natalie Hoffman Treasurer- Alyssa Piccillo COMMUNITY SERVICE CLUB President- Michelle Le Vice President- Robert Lee President-elect- Kristen Cadieux Treasurer- Andreas Kaikis Secretary- Alissa Kuizinas 148•»- Ml iJulr. M.O. MEDICAL « Piaclic« M»n»g»m«n1 Cluti JPMA President- Elliott Fiallkoff Vice President- Lion Sassoon Treasurer-John Tavakoli Secretary-Justin Lobello Event Coordinator-Jon Pirak MEDICAL SPANISH CLUB President-Jocelyn Gullen Vice President- Carmen Maldonado President- Elect- Carolina Perez Treasurer- Sasha Valdizan Secretary-Jasmine Cruz PRACTICE MANAGEMENT President- Benjamin Marder Vice President-Justin Lobello President-elect- Tayyaba Hasan Tech-Specialist- Ricky Kaufman Treasurer- Rebekah Cherian Secretary-Jacqueline Chen 149SPORTS MEDICINE President-Jacqueline Chen Vice President- Mike Price Prcscdcnc-clcct- Rebekah Cherian Treasurer- Amy Bruce Secretary- Evan Hirchbein ACFAOM President- Merihan Borros Vice President- Richard Harris President-elect- Sejal Bhojani Secretary- Nisha Shah Treasurer- Taylor Hoff SALSAL President- Natalie Hoffman Vice President- Natasha Holada President- Elect- Katlin O'Hara Treasurer- Rob Farbcr Secretary- Carmelita Harbcson ACFAOM 150 ySIM CLUB President- Zachary Cavins Vice President- Elena Manning President-Elect- Katlin O'Hara Treasurer- Colleen Vetri Recruitment- Tasneem Masqati Secretary- Chinenyc Ezike SNPMA President- Ugo Adigwcmc Vice President- Nisha Shah Historian-Jocelyn Gullen National Delegate- William Murray Treasurer- Sunny Makhjani Marketing- Faizan Bador Community Outreach- Mithun Sivadasan Secretary- Carmen Maldonado TECHNOLOGY CLUB Co-President- Pete Smith Co-President- Ricky Kaufman Co-President-Elect- Sidhartha Mathur Co-President-Elect- Phil Savage Treasurer- Rai Kang Secretary- Esther Shin 151ACFAS President- Michael Berger Vice President- Adam Badaezewski President-Elect- Emmanuclla Eastman Research Coordinator- Katie Adams Treasurer- Mike Gcrrity Secretary- Ashleigh Wells DERMATOLOGY CLUB President- Caleb McFerren Vice President- Chris Heisey Vice President- Marcus Richardson President-Elect-Jake Brownel Treasurer- Natasha Hollada Secretary- Emmanuella Eastman RUNNING CLUB President- Chris Heisey Vice President- Robert Ezewuiro Treasurer- Rizwan Tai Secretary- Katlin O'Hara 3D OR DRINK 152MUSLIM STUDENTS' ASSOCIATION President- Rizwan Tai Vice President- Faizan Bader Secretary- Ali Mumtaz Treasurer- Ramy Elattal Public Relation- Lateef Lawal FORENSIC CLUB President- Jayson Choi Vice President- Sara Sharma Treasurer- Zachary Cavins Secretary- Gayatri Samnarain 153FIRST YEAR EDITORS ArWa El-Sayed Lucy Barrow Thanh Hoa Bui Emily Kccccr SECOND YEAR EDITORS Thuy-Trang Pham Jacob Leigh 154THIRD YEAR EDITORS Tamaika Floy Jasmine Cruz FOURTH YEAR EDITORS Romy Patel Ashley Mastrangelo Shyam Sheth 155Temple University (D £ •rH O •rH cu 2 o •i—H 4- cd •r—4 o CL M—I o o o X o CD James P. Burke, Ph.D. Assistant Dean for Educational Affairs Roderick Jones Associate Dean for Finance and Administration Joseph Leso Director of Development Kieran Mahan, MS. 0PM David Martin John Mattiacci, DPM Associate Dean for Assistant Dean of Student Affairs Dean Academic Aflairs Anthony Morris Larry Newman. DPM Samuel Spadone, DPM Director of Physical Plant Assistant Dean and Assistant Dean for Institutional ■Medical Director Research and Program Integrity 156Marion Chan, PhD Biomedical Sciences Raymond DiPrimio, DPM Biomedical Sciences James Furmato, DPM, PhD Medicine and Orthopedic Kim Flood. RN Surgery fflCULTy 6 STUFF Robert Herpen, DPM Medicine and Orthopedics Heidi Meely Hunt, RN Surgery Marc Karpo, DPM Medicine and )rthopcdtc Ziad Labbad, DPM Medicine and Orthopedics 157 Tina Lauri Surgery Kieran Mahan, MS, DPM Chair, Surgery James McGuire, PT, DPM Medicine and Orthopedics Gabriela Mendez, 0PM SurgeryTemple University School of Podiatric Medicine FflCULiy STUFF Andrew Meyr, DPM Surgery Joshua Moore Surgery Howard Palamarchuk, DPM Medicine and Orthopedics Steven Pettineo, DPT Medicine and Orthopedics Jason Piraino. DPM, MS Surgery Jane Pontious, DPM Surgery Lesly Robinson, DPM Medicine and Orthopedic Marinalda Rodriguez, DPM Surgery Jinsup Song, DPM, PhD Michael Troiano, DPM Tracey Vlahovic, DPM Kendrick Whitney, DPM Medicine and Orthopedics Surgery 1 Medicine and Orthopedics 158CL MOItS 6 STIlfF Lisa Brooks Marva Brown Richard Cerrutti Sue Grigley Charles Dawkins Loretta Edwards Tyrone Evans Angel Haldeman 159 Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine Joe Heston Wanda J. Hicks Giavanna Ippolito Chet Johnson 160tunic noiniiiisiRfliis 6 w Susan Huggins Brenda Reid Carol Romano Nikki Scullon Devonna Smith Katerra Snead Dana Tango Carol Vincent Congratulations, Nicole! Best of luck and success in all of your future endeavors as a podiatric physician. Love, Mom and Dad 161GERARD COSTELLA GradAAXztion Ls atime to- celebrate your achievements', prepare for a future of opportunities' and embrace a world of infinite possibilities'. We are proud of you , your accOYripltshmenty and how you constantly push yourself to- achieve greatness . AIways' remember how much we aU love you and wish you every success - God '8less You Love Grandma, Uncle Tony, Aunt f ran, AuntLiy , Uncle Neat, Aunt Terri Chris , Neal, Srian , Robert, Alyssa, Gab-, Nina and Anthony 162Doctor Ashley Melissa Reznik Words cannot express how much we love you and proud we are of your accomplishments. Since you were five you knew that you wanted to be a doctor. You pursued your dream and worked very hard to achieve your goals. We wish you a lifetime filled with health, happiness, love and success. Love you unconditionally, Mom, Dad, Amanda, Aunt TonLAnne and Uncle Arthur 163Dr. Carly Earglc Chapman You have really earned that title. We are so proud of you. It has been such a long, stressful ride, but finally all of the studying and hard work has paid off. You have been through so much, you and Ashton, and we are so grateful he has been there with you. You have gained so much knowledge and experience and made so many friendships and memories. We love you so much and are so very proud! You did it! Mom. Dad, Brandon and Joshua 164Congratulations 2014 Graduate Dr. Martina Randall Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine Our Future Orthopedic Surgeon Love, Mom, Jordyn Family 165Congratulations Stephen on a job well done Love, Your family and friendsCongratulations Jordan Hoachlander On the completion of your educational requirements at the Temple School of Podiatric Medicine. We wish you the best of luck in your internship and your endeavors to reach all of your goals and dreams. We are very proud of you, Mom and Tim Dad and Diana Justin, Kirah, and Evelyn Shannon And all of your family and friends. Dr. Louis V. De Fazio II Class of 2014 Congratulations Medical School Graduate! We are so proud of you. Determination, hard work, persistence and believing in yourself made all of your accomplishments possible. May you be blessed with a future filled with dreams, health, success and happiness. We Love You! Dad and Mom 167Congratulations Dr. Matt Rementer, D.P.M "You're off to Great Places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, So... get on your way!" Dr. Seuss We are so proud of you, Love, Mom, Dad, Tim, Katie, Greg, Erin, Ryan and Evan 168

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