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 ■ rv - 2013 ACHILLES 8th Race Streets, Philadelphia PA 19107 • www.podiatry.temple.edu TEMPLE oo of- podiatric medicine 2013 ACHILLES 1TEMPLE ;rsity lc ioo of podiatric medicine Ls TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODIATRIC MEDICINE 2Temple University School of diatric Medicine table of contents CLASS OF 2013.......14 CLASS OF 2014......104 CLASS OF 2015......122 CLASS OF 2016......140 CLUBS..............158 FACULTY STAFF....166 MESSAGES...........174 2013 ACHILLES 3 HIPPOCRATES I solemnly pledge to consecrate my life to the service of humanity. I will give respect and gratitude to my deserving teachers. 1 will practice medicine with conscience and dignity. These following fundamental beliefs are expressed as standards of ethical conduct and propriety of podiatrists, individually and collectively with patients, colleagues, members of allied health professions, and the public: The health and life of my patient will be my first consideration. 1 will hold in confidence all that my patient confides in me. I will maintian the honor and the noble traditions of the medical profession. PODIATRIST'S CREED My colleagues will be my family. 1 will not permit considerations of race, religion, nationality, party politics or social standing to intervene between my duty and my patient. 1 will maintain the utmost respect for human life. Even under threat, I will not use my knowledge contrary to the laws of humanity. These promises 1 make fully and upon my honor. To render service to humanity with impartial respect for the dignity of man. To provide a full and complete measure of professional service and attention to patients in the practice of Podiatric Medicine. To unhesitatingly serve consultation in difficult or doubtful circumstances where it appears that the quality of service and therapy to the patientcan be enhanced. To continue the improvement of knowledge and skills for the benefit of patients and professions. To conduct the practice of Podiatry as a credit to the profession. To never accept limitations that might destroy or interfere with the exercise of best judgement and skills or the quality of performance. To regard the confidence and information received from patients with professional care and understanding. To fully offer service and participate in the health programs for the public in keeping with the integrity of the profession. TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODIATRIC MEDICINE 4LETTER FROM THE EDITORS Dear Class of 2013, Throughout each of your personal journeys, we editors have been so fortunate to play a part in capturing time with photographs. Through the camera we tried to capture the diligence and discipline, the long hours and the camaraderie of the class. We tried to show glimpses into your lives spent outside of studying and work. We tried to save the memories of relationships and friendships developing and how things had changed with the course of time. As friends and colleagues we have gotten to know you each personally, and there is so much that cannot be caught in a picture. Kindness, humor, and integrity. Courage, patience, and initiative. The qualities that have shaped each and every one of you into the excellent physicians you will become in a very short time. Over the course of a lifetime, 4 years is a blink of an eye. We hope that we were able to save some memories for you all, and that you all strive for the great accomplishments that you hold within your capabilities. We would like to thank our advisor David Martin, and Lisa Buscaglia for their help over the years. We truly thank you for all your help. Hippocrates once said, “Declare the past, diagnose the present, foretell the future.” We wish you the very best in your future endeavors Your Editors-in-Chief, Tiffany Osayamen Tiffany Liu and Osayamen F.digin 2013 ACHILLES 5 Jason Piraino, P.P.M., FACFAS CLINICIANS OF THE YEAR Some Congratulatory Remarks to the Class of 2013: First of all. the act of teaching, very much like the practice of medicine, is not a competitive exercise, so I can only accept this acknowledgement as a mere representative and on behalf of the entire faculty and staff of TUSPM. Secondly, instead of using this space to laud you with overused and unimaginative quotations and cliches (you're sure to hear plenty of these at graduation itsclfi), I think it would be more productive to challenge you with a couple of lessons to carry with you after leaving the watchful eye of school: ■Lunch is for doctors, not for surgeons If you're eating lunch during your residency, then you're probably not working hard enough. There is always a case to be scrubbed where you can learn something and improve your technique. It takes two weeks to starve to death! Dedicate the next three years of your life to working and learning as much as possible. Ihere is no such thing as weekends or holidays: Hospitals and emergency rooms don't shut down at 5pm on Friday afternoon and empty patients into the streets until 9am on Monday. In the same way. your patients' feet won't stop hurting just because it s Saturday or Sunday. It's nice to take a break every once in a while, but you've now made a commitment to a career, meaning that you arc always a doctor....not just during "regular business hours' . ■Gravity is just a theory. You can never know anything for certain nor can you ever “prove" anything. Keep this in mind when reading journal articles! You should always have 3 differential diagnosis and you should always be looking for a better way to treat even the most basic pathology. Never take your knowledge for granted. ■At no point in your career will you ever know enough to effectively help every patient that you encounter. You have now reached a knowledge boundary of at least minimal competence. Knowledge boundaries arc personal and individual entities; I challenge you to keep learning every day and pushing yours as close as you possibly can toward 100%. They say a teacher is someone who makes themselves progressively unnecessary. This may be true, but please don't hesitate to let me know if 1 can ever be of service to you in the future. Congratulations on this next step! Sincerely. u v Andrew J. Meyr, DPM 0 — --o Dear Class of 2013: 1 would like to extend my sincerest gratitude to you for the Clinician of the Year award. As you all know me, 1 tend to be a man of a few words, and unlike my good friend Dr. Meyr I'm going to go cliche. I will keep it short, sweet, and from the heart. It has been an absolute honor and privilege to be your professor throughout your education here at TUSPM. Please know that I greatly value the time we have spent together. My hope is that you will continue to exceed all expectations, and will forge a bright future for yourselves and our profession. It is with great pride that 1 will call you my colleagues. Please know that wherever you are. or whatever you do. you have a friend and colleague you can call. KCCO Sincerely. Jason Piraino. DPM. FACFAS TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODIATRIC MEDICINE 6School of Podiatric Medicine TEMI L£ UNIVERSITY Of! of tfw On (igNkM KoceSl'Ml ftviodotofM w V IO? fat2«VMV-t9n tmtil |miU' i Aivn(im !ntn dc 6 Wtp H «Uy, t mw Oj l orw2IS-62SM00 DEAN May 14,2013 John A. Mattiacci, D.P.M. Dean To the Graduating Class of 2013: This year marks the forty-seventh commencement ceremony of our school. It is with a sense of pleasure that I write this letter to the Class of 2013. F.ach of you has just completed the most challenging four years of your lives and I take pride in congratulating you. More than that, however, I want to tell you that you ftrj the Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine. While it is true that we have clinics, laboratories, classrooms and dormitories, a school without the vibrant energy of the student is a building whose purpose has disappeared. You arrived at TUSPM at a time of evolution. You have seen new faculty, upgrading of facilities and the progress that being a part of Temple's Health Sciences affords. During the past four years, this was your school, but in a larger sense, you became the school. As you begin post graduate training and leave us here in Philadelphia, you take the school with you. You will forever be identified as a Temple University graduate. TUSPM and you will always be connected. We have given you the finest education in the nation. We have given you clinical experience that is unequaled in our profession and we have given you the degree of Doctor of Podiatric Medicine Now it is your turn. Because you will always be a TUSPM graduate, we look to you to cany that degree with competence, compassion, and success. You now enter a career in which your patient and his or her condition will demand your expertise. As you enter practice and develop roots in the community that you choose, I ask that you never forget the roots that you leave here at TUSPM. You have earned the right to wear the degree that we have bestowed upon you with pride. I challenge you to use that degree to the benefit of both your practice and your alma matter os those who have gone before you have done. I want you to become active with your alumni association and maintain connection with your clussmalcs. Your alumni peers have generously endowed scholarships for the benefit of TUSPM students and have given of their financial resources for the continual upgrading of TUSPM. I want you to come bock to Philadelphia to visit us periodically and I want you to visit us on the web consistently. Wherever you go in you life, you take our name and you remain our graduate Never forget that, because wc will never forget you and the lime that you have spent here. Go now and apply those skills that you gained here. Be diligent. Be tenacious. Be inquisitive and be successful. You are now a permanent part of the Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine. Sincerely 2013 ACHILLES 7Kieran Mahan, D.P.M. Associate Dean for Academic Affairs ASSOCIATE DEAN FOR ACADEMIC AFFAIRS CcTjjl School of Podiatric Medicine TEMPLE UNIVERSITY Acdifemlc AUtU (Aon 2IS 25-5363 KM«M f Mih n OPM ft, 215-629-490 fqMh Jl R»c» SV »mjhanPMfMn urrfM »Ou ffitafethU. P 19107 «w» Wr«Ic 0u To The CUM Of 20X3 I would like to personally congratulate each of you and your families for your successful completion of the academic requirements at the Temple University School of Podlatrk Medicine. Your graduation is a proud moment for both you and your famflies. It is also a proud moment for os as we have seen you develop your clinical knowledge and skills over the last few years. Many of you have had to overcome both personal and professional challenges to get to this point. I congratulate you and wish you personal and professional success in the future. When you came to TUSPM you joined a profession that Is still evolving and maturing. Even over the course of my own professional lifetime there have been dramatic changes. In order to continue to advance the profession, each and every one of you must be personally involved with helping it grow. Certainly the most Important way to do that is to make each and every patient encounter a successful one where you deliver the best possible care In a caring and compassionate way. In addition there are other ways that you can contribute to the profession: research, education, and political leadership are just a few of the different ways that together we can advance the profession, for me, this has been a wonderful place to recetve my own education and a wonderful place to have the opportunity to teach you. This profession provides outstanding opportunities for each and every one of you that you can seite with hard work and dedication. Again, congratulations on this success and good luck In your future endeavors. I hope that you will look back upon the knowledge you gained at TUSPM as the foundation upon which your career was built. Sincerely, UL t UtA— Kieran T. Mahan, DPM Associate Dean for Academic Affairs temple university school of podiatric medicine 8ASSISTANT DEAN FOR EDUCATIONAL AFFAIRS School of Podiatric Medicine TEMPLE UNIVERSITY educational AHwi {.girth M ac»5itwC Ph-todM , PA 59107 P oneilS-«SS2S7 Pa»21S-«29.t9?9 r-tnW |6u'i« iuipm Mu w 0 wwm impit Mu TO THE CLASS OF 2013: Congratulations! Through dedication and sacrifice, you have successful completed an intense and demanding four year journey. You are now poised to enter a challenging and rewarding profession This stage of you career is only the beginning of a continual commitment to education. Through the growth of the profession, you are bettor trained physicians at an eartier stage than those that preceded you Continue to push the boundaries of knowledge that will lead to new discoveries and advances. It has been a pleasure to work with you both as individuals and as a group As you begin this new phase of your life set your goals high and strive to be the best that you can be Good luck to each of you and I wish you a happy and successful life. James P. Burke, Ph.D. Assistant Dean for Educational Affairs 2013 ACHILLES 9Roderick B. Jones, C.RA. Associate Dean for Finance and Administration ASSOCIATE DEAN FOR FINANCE AND ADMINISTRATION School of Podiatric Medicine TEMPLE UNIVERSITY OMioodauUlfan Ml»t«JC SlrWtS Wilma PSUtHglM. M 19)07-2496 719629 9401 1 219629-2278 •mW tuwvHcflu 'uietn adu » hro JfeoSjov ttmp «A, To the School of Podiatric Medicine Graduating Class of 2013: Congratulations for all of the hard work and diligence that has culminated with you earning the degree of Doctor of Podiatric Medicine. Though there may have been times when it seemed this day would never come. I hope you look upon your experiences at TUSPM with fondness and pride. We arc certainly proud of you! You represent the next generation of health care professionals. Moreover, you arc the future of the podiatric medical profession. Your patients expect your scientific competence and your compassion. Your peers require your leadership, wisdom and commitment to propel the practice of podiatric medicine through the 21“ century. Having come to know many of you of the years. I am certain that both constituencies will be very well served. On behalf of the business and administrative staff members at the School of Podiatric Medicine, it has been our pleasure to serve you on your academic and professional journey. Our commitment to you does not end with your commencement. We hope to hear from you and will continue to support you as you advance your lives and careers. Sincerely, Roderick B. Jones. MBA. CPA Associate Dean for Finance and Administration TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODIATRIC MEDICINE 10ASSISTANT DEAN FOR STUDENT AFFAIRS School of Podiatric Medicine TEMPLE UNIVERSITY tyi llvdwt Affatn 148 N inMiM » 19107 fe 2IV42»4907 W Mlp jVD UVV U T » »Jj To The Class of 2013 I offer ray heartfelt congratulations on your achievement! While preparing for your profession you have met the demands placed upon you and flourished on many occasions. We recognize bow hard you have worked and the numerous sacrifices you have made. You arc encouraged to allow the knowledge and fortitude gained in meeting those unprecedented challenges tosustain you as you pursue your professional goals. You have the opportunity to contribute greatly to your profession and create a legacy for your Class. We wait to learn of your continued accomplishments. Each of you have experienced the past 4 years in a manner unique to yourselves and have grown from the opportunity. It is our hope we all gain from your perspective and thus please share those valuable experiences with your family, friends, patients and all those you encounter. When you reminisce about your careers at TUSPM.we wish you fond memories. Please take time to keep in touch and all the best from the staff in the Office of Student Affairs! David E. Martin Assistant Dean for Student Affairs David E. Martin Assistant Dean for Student Affairs 2013 ACHILLES 11ASSISTANT DEAN FOR INSTITUTIONAL RESEARCH AND PROGRAM INTEGRITY TEMPLE UNIVERSITY UNIVERSITY tghth at k» Stietf PMaiWirta. M 1910? mtituttmi id Program pfxx 2H-62i-Sm O.JI5-629-I9W WttotWwmytmitlt «Ju M«e wmw «9U Samuel J. Spadone, D.P.M. Assistant Dean for Institutional Research and Program Integrity May 14. 2013 Dear Members of the Class of 2013: Congratulations on your achievement. The sacrifices and efforts you have made during the last four years have borne fruit as you are awarded the degree of Doctor of Podiatric Medicine. It is well to remember that you did not ascend this summit alone; you had the help and support of others, were they friends, family, or faculty. It is also well to remember that all good things including humility are best taken in moderation. However much others were there for you during your studies, you and you alone did the heavy lifting, so be proud! You are graduating at a time of accelerating change in the healthcare delivery system in this country. The role of podiatric medicine in evolving healthcare models is uncertain. As almost everyone who has shot rapids and livod to tell about it knows, you cannot control your fate if you simply flow with the current. 1 encourage all of you to be proactive and steer the course with all your resources, not only for your own good, but for that of the profession. Identify the niche where your skills best serve the needs of your patients, carve it out. and show the world how the best and most cost-effective healthcare is provided. When you shine, we all do. You are well prepared to meet the challenges ahead and I have faith in you. Please stay in contact and let us know of your future accomplishments. May fair winds be always at your backs and rising stars on your horizons. Better still. I hope to always see your stars rising on my horizon. Sincerely. Samuel J. Spadone, D.P.M. Assistant Dean TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODIATRIC MEDICINE 12ASSISTANT DEAN AND MEDICAL DIRECTOR TEMPLE UNIVERSITY tarry Mart Nnmn OTM. »ACTAS Tt» foot Antic tMtnutr ligNh »t tc Juccl M l«107-}496 0Aor»2IS-6?VS2S» «cr2IJ »-«05 «m« tommr+’uipm fOu ««6 mm Urv» rOu Dear Class of 2013: I am extremely honored and proud to be able to express my sincere congratulations upon your great achievement of obtaining the degree of Doctor of Podiatric Medicine You arc now joining the ranks of an elite group of specialists who welcome you as colleagues. This has been accomplished by you through hard work and perseverance; you should always take pride in this great achievement. As you know, graduation is a commencement - a new. exciting beginning which will propel you into the very promising future that is ahead for you. Take advantage of all opportunities, in your coming years of post-graduate training and practice, to continue to be life-long learners. 1 know that, as time goes on. you will agree that your experiences at TUSPM were well worth it; you should be encouraged to give back to your school and profession. Remember that we welcome you to avail yourself of us in the future for continued guidance and support Always try to have the perspective of creating harmony among the many facets of your life, such as family, friends and professionals. This will afford you the stability, strength and comfort to energize your efforts, in the care and treatment of your patients. Sincerely, Assistant Dean and Medical Director Larry M. Newman, D.P.M., FACFAS Assistant Dean and Medical Director 2013 ACHILLES 13TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODIATRIC MEDICINE 14CLASS OF 2013 2013 ACHILLES 15Kingston, NY Human Biology SUNY at Albany Saba Afzal I would first and foremost like to thank God for rewarding me with everything that I have achieved today. It is with His blessing that I have such a wonderful family who has supported me through thick and thin. Thank you ammi and abu for believing in me and my entire family for always being there for me. Love you all. Someone said, “The highest courage is to dare to be yourself in the face of adversity; choosing right over wrong; ethics over convenience; and truth over popularity— these are the choices that measure your life. Travel the path of integrity without looking back, for there is never a wrong time to do the right thing." After our journey here, we embark on a new adventure and who knows where our feet will lead us. So 1 wish upon you the best of luck with all of your endeavors. Congratulations and carry on for podiatry! J TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF POD!ATRiC MEDICINE 16Randolph, NJ Biological Sciences Drexel University Masters Biological Sciences Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine 7 Z Modupe Agunbiade The translation of the Yoruba name Modupe is simply “Give thanks to God.” ! am happy and extremely thankful for the path that he has lead me down. I am very grateful for all the blessings that 1 have received thus far. The unconditional support and love from family and friends has been incredible. Words cannot fully magnify the appreciation and adornment that I have for you. I could not have made it this far without your constant motivation, guidance, and patience. Daddy. Mommy. Shola. Tunde, Femi, Uncle Korcde, Aunty Deola. and the Borishade Family thank you so much for the positive impact you have made in my life. Congratulations TUSPM c o 2013. We have worked extremely hard to get to this stage of our lives. I wish everyone the best in their future endeavors and look forward to continue working with you in the near future. New Orleans, LA B.S. Business Management Loyola University of New Orleans .Tawi fife w Irfan Ahsan Special thanks to all my family, friends, attendings. and teachers for their continuous support and patience throughout the hardest four years of my life. Although the journey is far from over. I am hopeful that the best is yet to come. TUSPM class of 2013 wussssuuUUUuuuupppppp!?! TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODIATFUC MEDICINE 182013 ACHILLES 19Plano, Texas Texas Tech University Zachery Barnett To My Family- Thanks for all the prayers and support. I’m sure I will be returning the favor in all y alls medical needs, even those I have no clue about...remember. I'm a foot doctor To Texas- Thanks for being a country once and to hopefully secede one day if things get out of control To the Philly Crew- We really soaked up Philly like a sponge- From that dorm room Kevin nearly lost is head. Ron’s love-filled quotes, Mike’s love for Susan G. Komen specific body parts. Reid at my wedding, the politically correct antics of the whole crew...Friends for Life. Cheers Dems! TEMPLE 20 UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF POD1ATRIC MEDICINE2013 ACHILLES 21Woodbridge, NJ B.S. Biology Brandon Bosque To my incredible Parents, Grandma, Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins. Your endless love and support has shaped the person that I've become and has made possible any feat that I have ever accomplished. Life's journey is a long and complicated road that cannot truly be walked alone. I’m truly grateful and lucky to have had the endless support that I’ve had from my family, I know that not everyone has that. Mom and Dad, for your sacrifices and love. I feel like I could never truly pay you back, but I could try. Thank you. Angel, Even after all this time the sun never says to the earth, “you owe me." --Look what happens with a love like that. It lights the whole sky. TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODIATR1C MEDICINE 22Olympia, WA Human Anatomy BYU My family is awesome, thanks for being there whenever I needed you. Just having kids doesn't make you good parents but Mom and Dad. you are the best parents anyone could ask for. Ashley, March 6th was a great day in my life because that was the day that I met you. We have had great times and some that weren't, but successful relationships are about surviving the peaks and the valleys and I know we'll have many more great times together in the future. The road through school was long, the road in our future is longer, but no road seems long with company like you. To the rest of us “success doesn't come to you, you go get it": Git er done! 2013 ACHILLES 23South lake, TX B.S. Biology University of Texas Austin Tony Brockington I would like to thank my parents for their inspiration and support these last few years. I love you guys. To my classmates, good luck on your endeavors. Lastly. Go Cowboys! TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODIATRIC MEDICINE 24Eric Bronfenbrenner Medical School doesn't just affect the life of the student. It complicates the lives of all those loved ones around you. Caryn, you didn’t choose to have your husband forfeit a really good job and drive over 60 miles to Philadelphia every day. You didn't choose the long weekdays where you felt like a “single mom.” You didn't choose the loss of money, loss of vacation time, or loss of time with me. I know the last 4 years have felt like an eternity. Just know that 1 could not have done this without you and it would be completely meaningless if you weren't still by my side. 1 can't make up the sacrifices you’ve made but 1 can spend the rest of my life showing my appreciation. I love you. Bcnnet and Max, Daddy doesn’t have to go to Doctor School anymore...but he does have to go to work. I only hope as you grow older you appreciate that hard work will always pay off in the end. You two are the reason I look forward to waking up at 6:00am on a Saturday. Mom and Dad. you’re the best free daycare in the world. I wouldn't have considered school without your willingness to help us out with the kids. I am lucky to have you as parents. I love you. And just think, now you can tell your friends that your son went from selling drugs to prescribing them! Kip and Linda, David and Anna. I love you. While I’ve been staring at feet, you've been a huge help to Caryn and the boys. I am eternally grateful. “Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right." -Henry Ford "Mmmm, donuts." -Homer Simpson I 2013 ACHILLES 25Salt Lake City, Utah B.S. Leisure Services Management Brigham Young University Thanks to my beautiful wife Amce for her support these last 4 years. I couldn't have done it without her! Also thanks to death pong, the CMS anatomical society, and Tyrone for always keeping it real. Landon T. Cameron TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODIATRIC MEDICINE 26Chadds Ford, PA B.S. Athletic Training Salisbury University, Salisbury Ml) Alicia Canzanese Good Luck to the Class of 2013 Thank you to all my friends and family for their support and love. Special thanks to my roommate Laura. Podiatry school and the Pod dorms would have been rough without you! You are a great friend and I know you are going to be a great resident and a great doctor! Also, thank you to Jason, you are an amazing part of my life, I never would have been able to do all this without you. Thank you to my Parents, you have always been so supportive of me. and really allowed me to be myself. Thanks, 1 love you! 2013 ACHILLES 27TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODIATRIC MEDICINE 28San Antonio, TX B.S. Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Tulane University Catherine Churchill First and foremost. I thank my family. Dad. you taught me from the beginning to be independent and that nothing worth having ever comes without effort. Your support is unwavering. You have no idea how much I appreciate you. David. Thank you for being the steady rock in my life. You always arc even-keeled when my nerves get the best of me. You arc the most genuine, loyal, and lovably stubborn person 1 have ever met. You have made me a stronger, wiser person. I can’t wait for the next step in our lives together. Jenny. I never would of made it through classes without your sarcastic humor to lighten my mood. 1 know we will be lifelong friends. Class of 2013, best of luck! 2013 ACHILLES 29Boca Raton, Florida B.A. Psychology University of Central Florida ijivbmbt m, Scott Cohen I would like to thank my mom, dad, and sister for your love and encouragement throughout this journey. I am truly forever grateful for all your support. To my friends, thanks for all the fun times we shared over the years. To the class of 2013, 1 wish everyone the best of luck... We did it!! TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODIATRIC MEDICINE 30Allentown, PA Chemical Engineering Penn State University Byron Cook The Most Interesting Man in Podiatry: He has never found a penny that was not heads up. Once, while sailing around the world, he discovered a shortcut. He always rounds to seven digits. He climbed Mt Everest, K2 and Kilimanjaro all in the same weekend and still had time for brunch with his mother. His cell phone always has full bars...even in the OR. ATMs charge themselves for the privilege of dispensing his money. Waiters tip him. If he were to pass you on the street and not say, “hello" you would still fed like he stopped and asked you about your day. He can cure onychomycosis just by looking at it. He doesn't always practice medicine. But when he does, he works on feet. 2013 ACHILLES 31San Antonio, TX B.A. Chemistry University of Houston Sarita Dan’yel Dillard I would first and foremost like to thank God for allowing me to successfully complete this chapter in my life! I also want to thank my supportive parents (Mike and Denise Minor), family, friends and linesisters for always encouraging me to continue to work hard. It was pretty tough being away from home for the past four years and I am blessed to have a support team that continuously motivated me to pursue my dreams. Last but most certainly not least I want to thank my amazing husband, best friend and lifetime partner, larett. You are by far my greatest inspiration 3nd I am so lucky to have your support. I wish all of my classmates and the TUSPM staff the best of luck in their future endeavors. TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODIATRIC MEDICINE 32Syracuse, New York B.S. Biology Syracuse University Joseph R. DiStefano AAAAAYYYYYY!! I would like to express my deepest and most sincere thanks to all those who have played a role in my life. Mom and Dad: Thank you for your love and support throughout the years. I wouldn't be where I am without either of you. The meatballs helped. Dr Guido: Thank you for teaching me how to be a man. I couldn't have asked for a better mentor, advisor or friend. Courtney: With you in my corner I know I'm unstoppable. To the Doctors at TUSPM: Thank you for caring enough to teach. Thanks to the Pakis for Hillcl cart. Thanks to Moffett for all our adventures. 907 will always be where my brothers lived. Congratulations class of 2013! Good luck! 2013 ACHILLES 33Houston, TX B.S. Biology, Minor Chemistry Prairie View A M University Osayamen Edigin I would like to start by thanking God Almighty for giving me the strength and grace to persevere through this facet of my life. It was not an easy race, but His mercies saw me through and helped me achieve my goals. Mom Dad: Words alone cannot express enough how much I am grateful and thankful for all the love. care, prayers and life lessons you showed and taught me. Today I have grown to become a young man and would one day become a fine physician because of all the live lessons you impacted in me. Thanks for your unconditional love and support all these years; you have been the best parents a child could ever ask for I love you. Sis Nosa. Efc, Rumen Osayl: I could not have asked for better siblings, you guys have shown exceptional love, support and encouragement throughout my career pursuit. 1 am forever grateful to God for giving me you guys as siblings. Thanks for all your financial and emotional support and for you prayers. I love you guys. Aunty Vero: Thanks, from the depths of my heart, for all the love, care and support you have shown to me all these years. You have been instrumental to my success here in the United States and for this and many more, I say Uwese! Thanks to all my aunties, uncles, cousins (esp Laura and Lizzy) and other family members. I appreciate all your love, support, encouragements and prayers. Thanks for believing in me even in times I did not believe in myself. Muskets: 1 am truly grateful for the friendship we have shared all these years. You guys have been a strong pillar and a great support system. I can't express enough how much I am indebted to you. I love you guys. And to all my friends from Nigeria. Houston and my Philadelphia peeps, thanks so much for all the times we shared together, it will be forever engraved in my heart the experiences and memories we shared. My Mentors: Drs Ogunlana. D. Wolf. G. Kegisford. Carson. R. Oki and others. Thanks for the advice, encouragements, support and lessons you taught me. I appreciate all your guidance throughout my professional Journey. Thanks for believing in me and sharing your knowledge and experiences, both professional and personal with me. I hope I have made you proud. Class of 2013: Congratulations guys, we made it! It is my earnest prayer and desire that we all make fine physicians and continue to be good ambassadors of TUSPM. Goodluck with residency! Special thanks to my co-editor. Tiffany Liu. you have been exceptional this past 4 years and it's been a privilege working with you. Thanks for all your help and success in your career pursuit. TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODIATRIC MEDICINE 34Baltimore, MD B.S. Biological Sciences B.A. History University of Maryland, Baltimore County Benjamin D. Elgamil Mom and Dad: Thank you for your unconditional love and support throughout my life. Grandma: Your home-cooked meals over the past four years kept me from starving. Elaine and Robin: We are now professionally known as "two ps and a pod.” To the faculty at TUSPM: I am grateful for all of your dedication to helping me achieve my academic and professional goals. To the Class of 2013: From dance circles at Marathon to the fourth year roast, there are so many unforgettable memories. I wish everyone the best of luck in their future endeavors. 2013 ACHILLES 35Valdosta, GA B.S. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology B.A. Spanish University of Georgia Whitney Ellis TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODIATRIC MEDICINE 36Jason Fiske-Baier 2013 ACHILLES 37San Jose, California Molecular Cell Biology University of California, Berkeley Shengsheng (Jack) Guan Mom and Dad: Thank you so much for the LOVE SUPPORT and understanding for all those years. Without you I would not be where I am today. I couldn't have made this far without you guys. I give all Glory to you and God. With your love and support, I am sure 1 will be a better physician surgeon. I love you all sooooooooo much. Thank you!!!!! My LOVE: We have been through ups and downs (mostly ups). You have helped me been through some really tough times. Thank you so much for been there for me all the time. 1 really appreciated to have you in my life. You have made me a better, stronger, awesome person and believed in me when I needed the most. 1 put our faith into GOD (your father's hands. THE ONLY THING STANDING BETWEEN YOU AND YOUR GOAL IS THE BULLSHIT STORY YOU KEEP TELLING YOURSELF AS TO WH Y YOU CAN T ACHIEVE IT! -Jordan Belfort TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODIATRIC MEDICINE 38Orangeburg, SC B.A. Biology South Carolina State University Aaron Haire Would like to send special thanks to my family who kept me motivated and kept me from giving in. Wish the best of luck and success to my classmates as we embark on yet another new adventure in life. IC.STITI 2013 ACHILLES 39Declo, Idaho B.S. Neuroscience B.A. Russian Brigham Young University Derek Harper TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF POD1ATRIC MEDICINE 40Sinking Spring, PA ,B.A. English B.A. Philosophy' [Lafayette College Its all about balance-work and play, life and love, good times and bad. A balanced life is a happy life. My family, beautiful wife to be, and friends helped me to keep this motto in check these last four years and for that I am incredibly grateful. My buddies helped me to figure out how to combine a study session with a ton of laughs. My family was always there to support me, no matter what. Melissa, you gave me the inspiration to get up each morning and were so unbelievably patient each time I look off to the outdoors on my next adventure. THANK YOU ALL! 2013 ACHILLES 41Charlotte, NC B.S. Biochemistry B.S. Microbiology North Carolina State University wma Patrick Ryan Honeycutt First I would like to thank my family for everything they have done for me, and for instilling integrity and tenacity in me. 1 love you all dearly. The last four years have been some of the most exciting and most trying years of my life. 1 want to thank all of my classmates for helping me get through them. Whether it was studying with each other, or bringing a smile to my face by telling a well-timed joke, you all helped me in some way. You all are like a second family to me, which was nice to have being so far from home. I will miss you all, and wish nothing but success. To all of my friends from North Carolina. 1 hope we all make it back to our beautiful home state to practice, and influence and shape our profession there. And now I leave you all with a line from my favorite poem, “Think where man’s glory most begins and ends, and say my glory was 1 had such friends." TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF POD1ATRIC MEDICINE 42Seoul, South Korea Economics University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Joon S. Hwang To my wife: Your support and guidance has made this come true for me and I know that you will be there for me every time 1 would need you to hold my hand and show me the way ahead. Thank you for being there for me. TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODIATRIC MEDICINE 44Merritt Island, FL B.S. Biomedical Sciences B.A. Russian University of South Florida Mathew Johnstone Thank you... Those two words could never be enough to show my gratitude for all of the people who have shown me love and support these last four years. To my parents who loved without question and worked tirelessly to give me the opportunities that I enjoyed: I owe you everything. To my grandparents, who always belcived that I could: I will make you proud. To my sisters, who put up with me: I'll never stop being annoying! To my classmates that I’ll never forget: Congratulations. Most of all, to my beloved Natasha, as we end four long years apart to start our lives together: I Love you. 2013 ACHILLES 45TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODIATRIC MEDICINE 462013 ACHILLES 47Ann Arbor, Michigan B.A. Asian Studies University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Michael J. Kim I want to thank all my family, friends and especially to my wife for all the support and love. I would not have been able to go through this tough and rewarding journey without you guys. TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODIATRIC MEDICINE 48 Ashley, PA B.S. Chemistry-Biology West Chester University Dina Konetski Thank you to everyone who helped make these past four years such a great experience. To Mom, Dad, Nick and Julie - your encouragement and faith in me has gotten me through any times that I've ever doubted myself. Thank you for always being there for me. To my TUSPM girlfriends • you are amazing! I'm so lucky to have found you to make this crazy journey much more bearable and fun. I'm going to miss all the happy hours and Mixx lunch dates. Last but not least, to Bob - you (and two cats) are the best part of every day. I’m so blessed to have someone who makes me as happy as you do. Thank you for always listening to me vent (and for telling me to stop whining when I needed it!). Congratulations and good luck to the rest of 2013! 2013 ACHILLES 49Wilmington, Delaware B.A. Foreign Languages and Literatures University of Delaware Pete Larned ‘Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened." -Dr. Seuss TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODIATRIC MEDICINE 50 Issaquah, WA B.A. Economics University of Washington Khanh Le I would like to start by thanking my family for all their support in helping me get me to where I am today. And to my wife, I can't begin to thank you for all you've done in these past years for me and our little family. 1 have been so blessed to have someone as wonderful as you to share my life with and 1 look forward to the memo rable moments that lie ahead. I love you. 2013 ACHILLES 51TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODIATRIC MEDICINE 52Elbasan, Albania B.S. Biology Salem State College, Salem, MA Bruni Leka To my husband, love of my life: Thank you for being there for me throughout these four challenging years, and not only my love. I could not have made it through without your unconditional love and great support. Thank you for being the wonderful husband and friend, and for being a very devoted, dedicated dad for our boys, To my lovely boys, my angels: Kevin and Brian, mommy's sunshine, thank you for giving me strength and determination, and making me get through the challenges I had to overcome during these years. Mommy did it. for you guys! You and daddy played an enormous patron mommy’s biggest achievement. I could not have done it without your sweet smile and genuine laughs every evening! Brian, mommy will try to make it up the time we lost this last year. 1 know I will always regret I missed your first birthday, but one day you will understand that mommy did it not only to achieve her lifelong goal, but also to provide for a better future for you! To my mom. dad. brother and sister: Thank you mom. dad. Katja and Ardit! I maddest through for you as well! You have been a great inspiration and very supportive throughout my school years! We have faced together endless challenges in life and yet made it through successfully! Thank you for making me the person I am today, for raising me the way you did. for putting my education first at all times and helping me get through it! To my friends and future colleagues: Congratulations to each one of you! We made it guys! It was tough and challenging, but worth the effort and dedication! "Carry on for Podiatry'. Elza, thank you for being a great friend, my best friend! We have gone through a lot of ups and downs throughout these 4 years, but you know what??? We made it successfully and even had precious gifts during podiatry school, our little angels, our babies, which I am sure will know all about Lower Extremity anatomy when they start talking fluently. LEA is going to be their mother language. Thank you Erum for being there for me in these years, you are a wonderful person and will make a great doctor. Thank you God for watching over me and my family throughout these tough years, thank you for making my dream come true, thank you for allowing me to get my DP.M degree and also creating the wonderful family I have, who make every day of my life special and worth fully. 2013 ACHILLES 53Clermont, FL B.S. Nutritional Sciences University of Florida Ashley Lowry Thank you Mom. Dad and Kyle for your love and support when I needed you most. I am so lucky to have such a caring family and appreciate ail the times you have comforted and encouraged me. Casey, thank you for being my best friend and boyfriend over the bst four years. Meeting at our interview sparked such a wonderful relationship and I am so grateful to have you in my life. We have shared many wonderful experiences and hopefully many more. Amanda, you are like a sister to me and I am so glad we got to have so many fun times together over the years. I know we will be lifelong friends. Dina, we had a great time in clinic together and I will miss not having you around to spend time and share stories. The last four years have been challenging and exciting so I'm eager to continue my journey but cherish all the great memories along the way. TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF POD1ATRIC MEDICINE 54Shelley, Idaho B.S. Psychology BYU Jared Rick Malan “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven." -Matthew 5:16 2013 ACHILLES 55New Bern, NC B.S. Zoology Master of Physiology North Carolina State University Scott Michael Martin It's all finally over. Now its on to more challenges, more responsibility, paychecks, and large payments on student loans. I wish everyone in the TUSPM Class of 2013 the best of luck in their future residencies and careers. 1 would like to thank all of the clinicians for their hard work and dedication. 1 have enjoyed, for the most part, the past four years at Temple Podiatry School. Maybe I’ll sec some of you in the conferences in Hawaii, Las Vegas, etc. TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF POD1ATRIC MEDICINE 56Philadelphia, PA B.S. Temple University mim i ■ Rinsa Mathews First anti foremost I want to thank the Lord for bringing me this far and helping me to finish school. Dad and Mom (India and Philly): Thank you so much for being there for me and being my support. Thank you for all your prayers and guidance. To my siblings: 1 couldn’t have done this without you all. Thank you for bearing with me and for listening to me whine non-stop. To my husband: Thank you baby for being there for me and being my support and strength. You have been there for me whenever I needed you and I thank the Lord for giving me you. I love you. 2013 ACHILLES 57Princeton, NJ Biological Sciences Rutgers University Allen Mirzaei 1 want to thank everyone that has helped me along the way to fulfill my lifelong dream. To Mom, Dad. and Niki: Thanks so much for all of the sacrifices you guys have made. I would not be the person I am today if it wasn't for you guys. Love you! To Sandy: I can t imagine what my life would be like without you. You were there with me through the ups and downs of school and life and want to thank you for that. To all of my friends: Thanks for the good times and memories. Finally, thanks to all the educators in my life that have helped me achieve what I have. Congrats class of 2013! TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODIATR1C MEDICINE 58Richmond, Va B.S. Biology, Minor in Chemistry Virginia Commonwealth University Neeraj Narang WOW. this has been a great ride! I did not realize that four years could go by that fast. However, it was some of the best times that I have ever had. I would not hesitate to run it back again with all of you. Throughout our years at Temple, I have learned an enormous amount of information for which I thank all of my instructors. I am positive that I will use my gained knowledge during my career in Podiatric Medicine. I would also like to thank my family for supporting me through my many years of education. Lastly. I would like to thank my friends who always took time out to join me so we could enjoy life. 2013 ACHILLES 59Newark, DE B.A. Psychology; Biology minor University of Delaware Stephanie Ng First, to my parents: Thank you for being so supportive throughout my life. I never would have made it this far without the two of you. Randall: 1 am so excited to begin our life together and thank God that you are in my life. To all of the TUSPM teachers and clinicians: I cannot express how grateful I am for all of your hard work and patience. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding: In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.” •Proverbs 3:5-6 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODIATRIC MEDICINE 60Grand Forks, North Dakota B.A. Psychology Concordia College Sarika Parikh Congratulations to the class of 2013. we did it! At times, it seemed like we would never end up here but with all the love and encouragement from each other we made it happen. I would like to sincerely thank my parents for being there for me the whole way through this journey, especially financially;). I would not have been able to make it here without you. Thanks to my sisters for answering my phone calls for a little vent session every now and then and keeping me motivated. To my friends, your friendship made this long journey tolerable. Whether it was a going to six flags, shopping, or eating (which was mostly what ended up happening), we always had the best times together. 1 am confident that we received the best education at TUSPM and am excited for our new journey to being. Good luck to my friends and classmates! 2013 ACHILLES 61 Marlton, NJ B.S. Biomedical Engineering Rutgers University Rikhil Patel Life is a storm. You can bask in the sunlight at one moment and be shattered against the rocks the next. What makes you formidable is what you do when that storm comes. You must look into that storm and shout out. "Do your worst, for 1 will do mine!". Then the fates will know you as we know you: the man. To all the friends and colleagues 1 have made throughout this journey we call Podiatry School. 1 thank you for all the memories, life lessons, and laughter we have shared together. We must take all wc have learned, and all we are inherently made of to battle in the life we have ahead. For when I look back on it all. I will be able to say that 1 left my mark. Cheers Class of 2013 and continue to be awesome. -Rikhil Patel TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF POD1ATR1C MEDICINE 62Spartanburg, South Carolina B.A. Biology Exercise and Sport Science University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Swapnil Patel Mom and Hardik: I could have never done this without your unconditional love and support and I really appreciate everything that you have done for me. Roomies: WOW! Can't believe its over, last 1 years were Legen...wait for it...dary. Keep killing the zombie horde! I want to thank the Class of 2013 and TUSPM faculty for an incredible 4 years. 1 have learned so much form all of you and I am looking forward to where the next four years takes us. 2013 ACHILLES 63 Schaumburg, Illinois University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign Molecular and Cellular Biology Vivek Patel To my family: Thank you for the continual support and unconditional love. To my friends: Thank you for keeping me sane outside of school and all the good times. To my future wife: I don’t know what 1 would do without you in my life. You are definitely my better and better looking half. I love you so much! Allen: Exxxx Fiiixxx Irfan: Suuuuuupp do 2013: “ I know the process is so much stress, but it’s the progress that feels the best." -Lil Wayne TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODIATRIC MEDICINE 64Vienna, Va B.S. Psychology Clemson University 1 1 Andrew Peacock Thank you to all my classmates, professors, friends, and family for all of your love and support the last four years. With a special thanks to my parents for all of their help along the way. Congratulations class of 2013, and best of luck in residency! 0 2013 ACHILLES 65Palo Alto, California B.S. Biology University of San Francisco Jessica Isabel Popelka God has infinitely blessed me and I thank him for my strength and faith. No words could express the love, appreciation and gratitude I have for my mother. She is my rock and beacon amidst the toughest times. I am so blessed to have her in my life. Mom you are my inspiration, everyday you make me believe anything is possible. A mi Abuelita que siempre me impulso dandome el deseo de ser su orgullo. Thank you to all the clinicians who have inspired me and challenged me throughout this journey. TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODIATRIC MEDICINE 66Manchcster-by-the-Sea, MA B.A. International Studies Middlebury College Katharine R. Reeve Mom. Dad. Daphne. Quentin, Lowell, Grandpa: Th»s wouldn't have been possible without you. Thank you lor your continuous love and encouragement. Matt: Thank you for everything! Our late night study sessions, weekends at the library and date nights over textbooks all paid off. You've pushed and motivated me to find my way and enjoy it at the same time. Thank you for always believing in me. I love you. Dr. Patricia Kim: I wouldn't even be here if it weren't for you. Thank you for constantly reminding me how far I've come and what I look forward to in the future. You are the best! My friends: Thanks for making my time at TUSPM so fun! You are my support pillar and I'll miss you all. TUSPM clinicians: Thank you for your generosity and guidance; you are wonderful educators, mentors, and sources of inspiration. 2013 ACHILLES 67Old Town, ME B.A. Communication Pre-Med University of Colorado-Boulder t m Preston D. Ringo I would like to thank David L. Richer. DPM. Thank you for taking me under your wing and preparing me for my clinical experiences. Thank you for introducing me to this wonderful profession. One day I will pay your generosity forward. Thank you Roy Corbin. DPM. my hometown podiatrist who inadvertently and unknowingly got me interested in podiatry when I was a freshman in college. Thank you Dad and Ada for believing in me and encouraging me to press on. Thank you. Mom. for helping me watch your grandson when I needed it. Most of all, to my wife Megan, thank you for being a strong and devoted woman, and an amazing mother to our beloved and boisterous son. TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODIATRIC MEDICINE 68Sugar Land, TX B.A. in Economics University of Texas at Austin HWCTHTTrnirr!? Erum Roopani Dearest God- Thank you lor protecting me, guiding me, for my wonderful family and friends, for my good health, and for everything I have in my life. Mom. Dad. Chachi. Chacha- Thank you for your unconditional love and support. Thank you for always keeping me in your prayers and for your generosity. I would have never come this far without your help. 1 am so grateful to have you four in my life. Hina, Zohra, Shch ad, Sohail, Rahil. Anil- Thank you for your support, love, and encouragement. I'm so fortunate to have you all in my life. Taseer, Salman I'm thankful for your support and am glad that you both arc a part of our family. Friends in Texas- Hook ‘cm!!! Thank you for being supportive and understanding I thank you for being there for me through good times and bad times. I miss you all and can't wait to hang out again. Sana, Sarika, Stephanie, Nazia, Rinsa, Saba. Elza. Bruny- Thank you for always being there for me. TUSPM would not have been the same without you girls. Chuds and Sp Thank you for making me feel at home. I will miss you both so much. Thank you for always sticking by my side. I will miss our crazy times together. TUSPM Faculty and Staff- You all have been an inspiration to me and 1 sincerely thank you for all your help, knowledge, and guidance these past 4 years. Dr. Karpo and Dr. Spadone- Thank you for having faith in me. I will always be grateful for all your help and for allowing me to sec my own capabilities. To my Big, the Class of 2012, and Others- Thank you for all your advice and help! Friends at TUSPM- I'm grateful for meeting you all. 1 will always remember the struggles and great times we shared. I wish you all the best of luck and prosperity in your lives. Ria, Sameel, Dannu-1 love you! Thank you for always bringing a smile to my face. I 2013 ACHILLES 69Elkins Park, PA B.S. Psychology and Neuroscience Dickinson College To my mom and brother, I would not be where 1 am today if it were not for you. Thank you for always being on my side and providing me with unconditional love and support. To my friends, thank you for always being there for me. You are the best friends a girl could ask for. I am so lucky to have such amazing people in my life. To the TUSPM faculty and staff, thank you for your time and dedication to my education. Thank you for pushing me to strive to be better. To the Class of 2013: “carry on for podiatry" TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODIATRIC MEDICINE 70Marlton, NJ B.S. in Nutritional Science University of Maryland-College Park Megan Sandora To my family and friends, there are no words that can express my appreciation for all of the love and support I have received throughout my academic career. I am so lucky and honored to be surrounded by such amazing people. Thank you for believing in "Dr. Footsies." To the Class of 2013, wc made it! It was a long journey, but I would not have traded our experience for anything in the world. No matter where our careers take us, I know we are all destined for greatness. Good luck in all of your future endeavors! To the TUSPM faculty, thank you for challenging me and pushing me to my greatest potential. You have provided me the tools and wisdom to allow me to be the best physician I can be. I am so grateful for your lime and dedication to the field of Podiatry. Thank you. 2013 ACHILLES 71Monkton, MD B.S. Biology, Economics Muhlenberg College, Allentown, PA Laura Sansosti Mom and Dad: Thank you for your love and support throughout this entire journey. You have always encouraged me to go for my dreams and have been there every step of the way cheering me on. Your pride in me is a constant source of motivation and I wouldn’t be where or who I am today without you. It seems like just yesterday I was running around the house playing “Doctor" and now it's real! I am excited to share this accomplishment with you both! Love you! Matt: Your support and encouragement throughout this entire process has meant the world to me. You make me laugh when I need it most and you always make me feel like there is nothing I can’t do. Thank you for being my home away from home. Your “rescue missions” are the best and I can’t wait for the adventures yet to come! You are the best friend that anyone could ask for and I am so grateful to have you in my life! Love, MP Alicia: You are the best roomie ever! We have had so much fun and I am lucky to have such a great friend. Just remember when times get tough and you want to get away...BING! And we will get to Bora Bora one of these days! Class of 2013: Congratulations! To “Gang Green." the best group ever, thanks for all the good times and laughs in clinic. To all my friends, you arc all amazing and the last four years wouldn’t have been nearly as much fun without you. I wish you all the best! Clinicians: Thank you for all the wisdom and knowledge you have imparted to me over the past four years. It has been a privilege to work with all of you! TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODtATRIC MEDICINE 722013 ACHILLES 73Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Biology-neurophysiology University of Maryland College park «iw, Sana Jahan Shamim Thank you Allah for always paving the way and surrounding me with wonderful people who have made getting to this point in life absolutely glorious. Ami Abo: Thank you for praying for me every day, always believing in me, always loving me and encouraging me in the worst of days. Mom Pad: Thank you for always being understanding and supportive to a daughter who is never around. Bhaijan, Mu na Baji, Apa, Ashraf bhai Bhai: Thank you for always taking care of me. No one has ever been as blessed to be part of such a caring and loving family. Elisha, Unum, Maaz, Zoya, Zayd, Zohabc, Zara Ayla: Thank you for your laughter, giggles and love which makes each day brighter and more meaningful. Stephen: You've seen me at my best and my worst. Thank you for always pushing me forward and giving me hope when 1 had lost faith in myself. Friends who have become family: I hope you know that I love you guys and that I and that I will miss you from the bottom of my heart. Class of 2013: Congratulations!! TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODlATRIC MEDICINE 74Philadelphia, PA Molecular Biology Saint Joseph’s University Regina Snow I like to thank my family and friends for all the unwavering support thru this journey. It was very hard, but well worth it. Congrats to the class of 2013. we did it! 2013 ACHILLES 75Pocatello, ID B.A. Spanish Idaho State University Jared Spicer Jennie: Thanks for all of your love and support. There is no way I could have accomplished this without you. 1 know we can achieve anything together. 1 love you so much. Bentli. Tatum, and Teagan: Coming home to you is always the best part of my day. Mom Dad: Thank you for always pushing me to go after my dreams and achieve my full potential. Friends: You guys are awesome. I really appreciate all of the study sessions and cramming we did. I don’t know what I would have done without it. TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODIATR1C MEDICINE 762013 ACHILLES 77Sacramento, California B.A. Environmental Earth Science University of California Berkeley Michael Vincent Strangio Congratulations Class of 2013! To all my tricnds and colleagues: Thank you for being a friend and for the continued support during these four years. Hopefully, 1 will see you all again sometime in the future. 1 also want to thank Dr. McGuire for always answering all my questions that I had about the profession. Mom and Dad: Thank you for instilling in me that education will lead to a successful and bright future Thank you for the constant support and unconditional love throughout the years. I love you both with all my heart. Dad, thank you for helping me reach my dream of becoming a podiatrist. Mom. thank you for always sending care packages across the country to me. Steven: 1 ley Steven. I am happy that you are my brother. I miss you and I hope things are well with you. Thank you for being my brother. I love you! lennlfcrCrow: Thank you for loving with me all these years. From here, things can only go up. My grandparents: Thank you for believing in me. I have done my best: however, I am sorry you are not here to see it I miss you and wish you were still here. Tsai Saefong: Thank you for educating me about the real world. I would not have made it this far without your advice.Elista, Russia B.S. Mathematics Drexel University B.S. Applied Mathematics and Physics Moscow Institute of Physics and Technologie Elza Tyshko To my dear, lovely, wonderful husband: I love you! You are my everything. 1 worked hard, but you worked thousands times harder. You were the one who inspired me to go to medicine, you were the one who made it possible for me. Thank you for all your endless love, support, care, advices. Thank you for our beautiful children, for being both mom and dad for them while I was studying. I cannot even express how much 1 appreciate all what you have done for our family. Ya ochen silno lyublyu tebya! Valeric, Andrew. Victoria: Valeric, you are my gorgeous princess, you arc my genius child. At the age of three you already knew what Pharmacology is. and how sickle cell differs from a normal one. You will be a great doctor! Andrew, you are my treasure. Your hugs and kisses were so warming and charming, that even after the hardest days of work. I felt so good and happy! Victoria, you are my little sunshine. You arc the sweetest child, your smile is precious, you give me strength to work hard. I love you, my little children! I love you very very much! Mama and Papa: Mamochka. spasibo tebe. rodnaya chto privila mne lyubov k uchcbc. chto vinyanchila moih detok, za to chto terpela vse boll I bolezni. no vse ravno nc spuskala s ruk moih malishey. Papochka. spasibo tebe. chto posvyatil vsyu zhizn nam. chto rabotal kazhdiy den svocy zhiz.ni. chtobi ya smogla uchitsya. I love you! Mama Maria. F.lveg. Valya. Ira,...: Thank you for everything. I love you! 2013 ACHILLES 79r Meehanicsburg, P B.S. Biology, Minor in Englisl Messiah Col leg Clinicians: My great grandmother always said. “You need a good foundation build a house." You've laid that foundation and have instilled in me a hunger I knowledge and a passion for our profession. 1 cannot thank you enough. Mom. Dad and Rob: Thank you for your endless support and for pushing me succeed. Thanks for feigning interest when 1 get excited about pus. You've kept r grounded and kept me smiling through it all. and 1 could not have done it without y Class of 2013: Some sound advice from the first doctor we ever knew... So be sure when you step. Step with care and great tact And remember that life's a great balancing act. Just never forget to be dexterous and deft. And never mix up your right foot with your left. -Dr. Seuss TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODIATRIC MEDICINE 80Fond du Lac, Wisconsin B.S. Pharmacology Toxicology University of Wisconsin - Madison Long Island, NY B.S. in Biological Sciences Stanford University Jarret Drucker Best of luck to everyone! And most importantly, I’d like to thank my Mom. Dad. brother and sister. I didn't get to see them a whole lot being away from home, but 1 always knew they were offering immense love and support for me over these last four years. Thank you guys, I love you! Thank you also to all of my friends. The friendships I’ve gained in Philadelphia have given me many memories and they will continue to last a lifetime. Robert Bertram Congratulations TUSPM Class of 2013! After four challenging years we've made it! Congrats to all of my classmates and I wish everyone the best of luck in the future. First, I'd like to thank our professors and clinicians for their instruction and guidance over these years. 2013 ACHILLES 81Galloway, NJ B.S. Chemistry-Biology West Chester University I would like to thank my family for all the support and love they have provided me throughout the years. I would especially like to thank my Mom. I don’t think I could ever thank you enough or express how grateful I am for everything you have done for me. 1 love you Mom. To my roommates and all of my friends. We've had a lot of great times. Thanks for the memories. Thanks for everything. Lastly, I would like to thank the faculty of TUSPM. 1 feel honored to have gained so much knowledge from you all. Thank you. Palm Bay, Florida B.S. in Biology University of Central Florida Eric Moffett "As we grow up. there are seven lost secret fascinations and abilities. They are that: animals can talk: your favorite blanket is woven from a fabric so mighty, that once pulled over your head, it becomes an impenetrable force field; nothing is too heavy to lift with the aid of a cape; your hand, held forefinger out and thumb up. actually fires bullets; jumping from any height with an umbrella is completely safe; monsters exist and can be both seen an done battle with; and the greatest, most special and regrettable loss of all: the ability to fly Radio Flyer A professor once told me, “Those that say it can’t be done need to get out of the way for those that arc doing it.” TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF POD1ATR1C MEDICINE 82Kendall Park, NJ Rutgers University B.S. Biology B.S. Psychology Mohamed Saleh It was a great 4 years here, 1 look forward to what the future brings. I will never forget what I’ve learned at tuspm. Thanks to all of the great people I have met here, my supportive family and my beautiful girlfriend for all of the support! “Fortune favors the bold" Virgil Plantation, Florida Health Administration Florida Atlantic University Nazia Shah Dear Salman, Shaqstcrs, in laws. TUSPM faculty and friends and MOST importantly, ammi and abbu, You better believe that every time I see myself wearing a white coat, I will be reminded of the generosity you have given me through my journey. I would not be here without your support and encouragement. You have given me the best gift of all - education. May you be happy with OUR accomplishment, because God knows this was not just my accomplishment alone, but ALL of ours together. A simple «thank you» is not enough for all that you have done for me. I am forever indebted to you. Love. Nazia Shah. Doctor of Podiatric Medicine YF.S. WE DID IT!:) 2013 ACHILLES 83Orlando, FL Molecular Biology and Microbiology University of Central Florida Kathleen Telusma Thanks to everyone (you know who you are) for joining and supporting me throughout this experience. I appreciate you all. Looks like I've finally made it! "What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson NOT PICTURED: Aiman Bishara Fresh Meadows, NY South Valley University, Egypt Haywan Chiu San Francisco, CA University of California Brett Dupont Hyde Park, NY SUNY Health Science Center Corey Goolsby Portland, TX Texas A M University Danny Khalifa Kendall Park, NJ Rutgers University Qin Y Li Harker Heights, TX Texas A M University Lance Nethercott Afton, WY Brigham Young University Matthew R. Rien Scotch Plains, NJ Virginia Polytechnic Institute Melissa Ann-Keimel Younger King of Prussia, PA Eastern University TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODIATRIC MEDICINE 84 SapanAmin VihangBajani Elliot Busch DinaCasparro Shivani Chandhok Kevin Denis Ronald Dirlam Seth Eberhardt Randall Eldridge Larissa Hatala Ton Ho Jonathan Kimw : Lawrence Larussa An D Le Andrew Lonabaugh Stephanie Mathew Kazi Rahman David Schrieber Jae Shin Christopher Tveter Khoa Vuongaltimore, Maryland .A. in Psychology oyola College in Maryland Colonia, NJ B.S. Biology The College of New Jersey :oul, South Korea .A hio State University n sr - • c 5 k; CO o p- p Seoul, Korea B.A. Chemistry New York University Emily Rose Jenna Jang-Soon SongMENTORS AND FRIENDS TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODIATRIC MEDICINE 86 2013 ACHILLES 87CHELSEAFC i A LOOK BACK BEFORE WE LEAP TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODIATRIC MEDICINE 882013 ACHILLES 89A PARTING SHOT TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODIATRIC MEDICINE 90A GOOD THING GOING 2013 ACHILLES 91TODAY’S DREAMS, TOMORROW’S MEMORIES TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODIATRIC MEDICINE 92201.3 ACHILLES 93FLASH MOB TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODIATR1C MEDICINE 94«•» n 2013 ACHILLES 95WHEN WE FIRST BEGAN TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODIATRIC MEDICINE 96I OUR FIRST YEAR 2013 ACHILLES 97NIGHT OUT muL TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODIATR1C MEDICINE 982013 ACHILLES 99FRIENDSHIPS IN THE MAKING TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODIATRIC MEDICINE 1002013 ACHILLES 101BACK TO THE BEGINNING TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODIATRIC MEDICINE 1022013 ACHILLES 103TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODIATRIC MEDICINE 104CLASS OF 2014 2013 ACHILLES 105WHITE COAT CEREMONY TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODIATRIC MEDICINE 1062013 ACHILLES 107TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODIATRIC MEDICINE 108 WHITE COAT CEREMONY2013 ACHILLES 109HAPPY HALLOWEEN! TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODJATRIC MEDICINE 110TEMPLE HAS CULTURE AND TALENT! TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODIATRIC MEDICINE 112 2013 ACHILLES 113TEMPLE HAS CULTURE AND TALENT! TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODIATRIC MEDICINE 114 LOVING FAMILIES 2013 ACHILLES 1152013 ACHILLES 117GOOD TIMES2013 ACHILLES 119CLINIC emple university school of podiatric medicine 20TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODIATRIC MEDICINE 122CLASS OF 2015 2013 ACHILLES 123FROM WINTER TO SPRING TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODIATRIC MEDICINE 124U.I.U.I 2013 ACHILLES 125OLYMPICS TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODIATRIC MEDICINE 1262015 A SPRING LIGAMENTVACATION TIME »nr imi iiiiiwiftiM'i tf TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODIATRIC MEDICINE 1302013 ACHILLES 131iVuUiey CASTING WORKSHOP TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODIATRIC MEDICINE 132 mt2013 ACHILLES 133CHRISTMAS TIME TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODIATRIC MEDICINE 134ijxxzk 2013 ACHILLES 135DOWN TIME TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODIATRIC MEDICINE 1362013 ACHILLES 137 OH WHAT A YEAR!! TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODIATRIC MEDICINE 1382013 ACHILLES 139TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODIATRIC MEDICINE 140CLASS OF 2016 2013 ACHILLES 141IMAGINETEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODIATRiC MEDICINE 144 WITH ALL YOUR MIND2013 ACHILLES 145BELIEVE TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODIATRtC MEDICINE 1462013 ACHILLES 147WITH ALL YOUR HEART2013 ACHILL 1ACHIEVE2013 ACHILLES 151 i ‘a WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODIATRIC MEDICINE 1522013 ACHILLES 153THE BEST TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODIATRIC MEDICINE 1542013 ACHILLES 155IS YET TO COME TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODIATRIC MEDICINE 1562013 ACHILLES 157TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODlATRIC MEDICINE 158CLUBS 2013 ACHILLES 159CLUBS Community Service Romcy Patel-Treasurer Ammar Sayineh-Vice President Sunny Patcl-Sccrctary Michelle L c-Prcsidcnt Elect Patrick Iordan- President Christian Natalie Hoffman - President Elect Esther Shin - Secretary Not Photographed: Aneta Strus -President Juliana Paternina-Vice Prcidcnt A lyssa Gill - Treasurer Jessy Picrre-I.ouis - Outreach Liaison Dermatology 2nd Row L to R: First Year Liaison Jake Brownell President-Elect Caleb McFerren Secretary • Christopher Hcisey Treasurer - Marcus Richardson Front Row L to R: Fundraiser Chair- Michelle Lc Vice President- Payel Ghosh Not Photographed: President Navid Sadoughianzadeh TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODIATRIC MEDICINE 160Diabetes Vanessa Cardcnas-Secretary Cara DiNardo- President Natalie Hoffman- President-Elect Not Photographed; Norshae Harding-Vice President Martina Randall- Treasurer Priva Anand- Fundraising Chair CLUBS Forensics Robert Peck - Vice-President Mike Falci - President Not Photographed: Carly Chapman - Secretary Ashley Finn - Treasurer Improvement Committee Zachary Cavins Cody Blazek 2013 ACHILLES 161CLUBS Journal Adam Badaczewski - Treasurer Michael Gerrily - President Michael Berger - Club Liaison Not Photographed: Alex Simcox - Vice -President Matthew Waxman - Secretary Computer problem.' r 011.6 66 X_ (or help. Radiology Neda Mchmandoost- President Not Photographed; Tanu Kaur- President-Elect Ankita Kumar- Vice President Urwah Haq- Secretary Adnan Zubair- Treasurer SNPMA Carmen Maldonado - Secretary Eji Ativie - President Melody Stouder - Treasurer Nisha Shah - National Delegate Not Photographed: Ugo Adigwetne - President-Elect Lisa Vasalotti - Vice President TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODIATRIC MEDICINE 162CLUBS Pediatrics Cara DiN'ardo - Secretary Adam Badaczewski - President-Elect AmmarSavmch - Vice-President Not Photographed: Icssica Morgan - President Norshac Harding - Treasurer Spanish Club Carmen Maldonado Vice-President Jasmine Cruz- Secretary Jocelyn Guillen- President Sasha Valdizan- Treasurer Ricky Chica- Student Tutor Practice Management Ricky Kaufman - Tech Officer Jacqueline Chen - Secretary Juliana Paternina - President Benjamin Mardcr- President-Elect Justin l.oBello - Treasurer Not Photographed: Ann Clautice - Vice-President 2013 ACHILLES 163CLUBS Surgery Michael Berger - President-Elect Brett Williams - President luliana Paternina - Treasurer Not Photographed: William Wolfe - Vice-President AI ly ssa Jones - Secretary chnology Kang Treasurer erShin - Secretary Smith - Co-President ;y Kaufman - Co-President M ED‘C,NEWomen’s Ashley Mastrangelo - President Priya Anand - Secretary Gigee Bhular - Vice-President Ashley Wells - Treasurer and President-Elect Yvonne Onyckaba - Co-President CLUBS Orthopedics Merihan Botros- President-Elect Not Photographed: David Goodman - President |ana Bala - Vice-President Mike Griesser - Secretary 2013 ACHILLES 165TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODIATR1C MEDICINE 166FACULTY STAFF 2013 ACH1LL1 1 temple 168 Temple School of Podiatric Medicine ADMINISTRATION lames Burke, Ph.D. Roderick Jones Joseph Leso Assistant Dean for Associate Dean for Director of Development Educational Affairs Finance and Administration Kicran Mahan, MS, DPM David Martin John Mattiacci, DPM Associate Dean for Assistant Dean of Student Affairs Dean Academic Affairs Anthony Morris Director of Physical Plant Larry Newman, DPM Assistant Dean and Medical Director Samuel Spadonc, DPM Assistant Dean for Institutional Research and Program Integrity UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODIATRIC MEDICINETemple School of Podiatric Medicine FACULTY STAFF Marion Chan, PhD Raymond DiPrimio, DPM Biomedical Sciences Biomedical Sciences Kim Flood, RN James Furmato, DPM, PhD Surgery Medicine and Orthopedics Heidi Meely Hunt, RN Surgery Robert Herpen, DPM Medicine and Orthopedics Marc Karpo, DPM Medicine and Orthopedics Ziad Labbad, DPM Medicine and Orthopedics TinaLauri Kieran Mahan, MS, DPM William Martin, DPM Surgery Chair. Surgery Medicine and Orthopedics James McGuire, PT, DPM Medicine and Orthopedics 2013 ACHILLES 169Temple School of Podiatric Medicine FACULTY STAFF (iabricla Mendez, DPM Surgery Andrew Meyr, DPM Surgery Howard Paiamarchuk, DPM Medicine and Orthopedics Steven Pettineo, DPT Medicine and Orthopedics Jason Piraino, DPM, MS Jane Pontious, DPM Lcdy Robinson, DPM Marinalda Rodriguez, DPM Surgery Surgery Medicine and Orthopedics Surgery Jinsup Song, DPM, PhD Medicine and Orthopedics Michael Troiano, DPM Surgery Tracey VJahovic, DPM Medicine and Orthopedics Kendrick Whitney, DPM Medicine and Orthopedics TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODIATRIC MEDICINE 170Temple School of Podiatric Medicine TUSPM STAFF CLINIC ADMINISTRATORS STAFF Lisa Brooks Marva Brown Richard Cerrutti Charles Dawkins Mary Gates Loretta Edwards Tyrone Evans Robert Gallagher Lydia Grazier SueGriglcy Angel Haldeman 2013 ACHILLES 171 Temple School ofPodiatric Medicine TUSPM STAFF CLINIC ADMINISTRATORS STAFF Carmen Harris Joe Heston Wanda I. Hicks Giavanna Ippolito Chet Johnson Reagan Kane Joe Kelly Carol Krousc Chuck MacFarland Taniika Marsh Marge McSorley MaryOehler TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODIATRIC MEDICINE 172Temple School of Podiatric Medicine TUSPM STAFF CLINIC ADMINISTRATORS STAFF I.orclta Ooten Susan Powers Brenda Reid Carol Romano Nikki Scullon Devonna Smith Katerra Snead Dana Tango Carol Vincent Tarik Williams 2013 ACHILLES 173The road hasn’t been easy, but look how you have grown. This is truly the time to celebrate your achievements and embrace your future. May God continue to bless you as you strive to be the best podiatrist you can and will be. We are very proud. With love, Dad, Mom and Alicia TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODIATRJC MEDICINE 174Doctor MOE, Congratulations, we are all so proud of our little angel. We all knew you have that burning desire to reach your ultimate goal in life. We knew you were a part of the “select few". We are all proud of your hard work, perseverance and accomplishments. You are an amazing role model to your siblings. Wishing you all the best of luck as you pursue the next call of duty to serve humanity. We know you will always put your patients’ interests first as you practice your trade. Reach out for the stars and always remember that "no mountain is too high to climb". We are all very excited to see you start the next phase of this endless journey. We’ll be there to support you 100 percent all the way! Love, Daddy, Mommy, Shola , Tunde The rest of the family. 2013 ACHILLES 175You did it and we are so proud of your perseverance. Throughout your incredible life there have been exciting moments of celebration and obstacles to overcome. In every case you have exceeded our expectations and we have rejoiced. We love you, tough mudderl With love from all of us, Mom, Dad, Stephen, Maggie, Grams, Fops, Charlie, Papa, Nonie, and Mamaw- We always knew you would discover that special thing that would define who you are, congratulations, DR. ANDREW B. PEACOCK Patrick from the moment you were born you have brought so much joy and laughter to our lives. Through hard work and perseverance you have made us proud of you and all that you have achieved. Along this path called life you have grown to be the man that you are. Congratulations!! All our love, Mom, Dad, Jonathan, Allison, Samantha, and Owen TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODIATRIC MEDICINE 176' U tchL 7Dr. r£chu BrdX To our little Texan who has always exuded honesty, character, integrity, faith, love, and loyalty. Congratulations Doc Brock. We are so proud of the man you have become and look forward to following all your future successes. Love always, Mom Dad Tastier You have always been The Little Engine that Could No matter what the challenge You have shown unrelenting Dedication to realizing your dreams. Anyone who is your patient is a truly Lucky person, because you genuinely care About others and will always put the Patient first. Hold fast your dreams Within your heart keep one Still secret spot for little dreams to go And sheltered so may thrive and grow Where doubt and fear are not. Oh, Keep a place within your heart For little dreams to go. (From Camp Navarac) you were, are and always will be My Heart. All my love, Mom 2013 ACHILLES 177We are very proud of you and your accomplishments! You have worked very hard and long to become a Doctor! We love you very much Dr. Canzanese Love, Mom and Dad Your hard work has paid off and we are so proud of you! We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility of our future. Scott, You were a sweet baby, a challenging tween, and a wonderful, grown man! We are so proud of you! Congratulations, Dr. Scott Cohen Love, Mom, Dad, and Rachel You are going to be able to help people as you have wanted to do since you were ten. We’ve always told you that you were smart. Now you are combining those two things together to become what we know will be a skillful and caring doctor. Love always, Mom, Dad and Jordan Yep, were proud! Love you, Mom and Dad TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODIATRIC MEDICINE 178 xNVTVmu ft N L Y FS i t!N ' t L-£T T £ XfcftiA S vo VAX'SSft- 'yo' - v £ £T Vk)£ ft . ftu. Yt, Aft SV; u_«. Vs £ ) e-O-ft «9 cS , Wv p t'VA ev£w e' , NNc.eN'K ft c-NM e - fto i ft v_V c.vc Kvjs e.vr VaM fw VKV a 2013 ACHILLES 179This is a well-deserved accomplishment. It is with great pride that the entire family honors you. With our love, Dad, Mom and James LE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODJATRIC MEDICINET)r. (Ks uui ((y ui cr The moment you’ve dreamed of since G(hidnihifatu nsf GJtt fie G. T s uuy T)PR i you were little is finally here -YOU’RE A DOCTOR! You’ve worked so hard, and we are so proud that you’ve strived to achieve all of your goals. May your dreams stay big, and your worries stay small. Congratulations, Joshua! All Our Love, Mom, Dad Jaclyn We’re so proud of you. Love, Uncle Andy and Uncle Mike (y(htJnUu fdtutits jrtc S. 'Ryhsner FROM “TON CAKE” TO TEENAGER TO BEAUTIFUL, CARING WOMAN AND DOCTOR WE ARE SO HAPPY FOR YOU LOVE GRANNY AND POP POP (Pndrtihi sUifais ) : I tic iacfGchiLs St cuifa From St. John’s where you learned to read To Mamaroneck, Ithaca Temple where you persevered. You now join a profession to help those in need We are very proud of all that you have achieved With all our Love Mom, Dad, Ali, Gabe Audrey 2013 ACHILLES 181TEMPLE. UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODIATRJC MEDICINE S 2third year EDITORS fourth year EDITORS 2013 ACHILLES 183TEMPLE UNIVERSITY or podiatric medicine TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODIATRIC MEDICINE 184 Printed and Bound in the U.S.A COOKE PUBLISHING COMPANY Warminster. Pennsylvania TV ■ ■ —— mmmmm 

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