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Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine - Achilles Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) online yearbook collection, 2008 Edition, Cover

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TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODIATRIC MEDICINE 8th Race Streets. Philadelphia pa 19107 • www.podiatry.temple.eclu 2008 AC (..I Its 72 f Temple Mvivctfifr School cf PcfYiat «C MtMcivtPodiatry 2008 AcUlcs 7 3■ I SOLEMNLY PLEDGE TO CONSECRATE MY LIFE TO THE SERVICE OF HUMANITY. ■ I WILL GIVE RESPECT AND GRATITUDE TO MY DESERVING TEACHERS. ■ I WILL PRACTICE MEDICINE WITH CONSCIENCE AND DIGNITY. ■ THE HEALTH AND LIFE OF MY PATIENT WILL BE MY FIRST CONSIDERATION. ■ I WILL HOLD IN CONFIDENCE ALL THAT MY PATIENT CONFIDES IN ME. ■ I WILL MAINTIAN THE HONOR AND THE NOBLE TRADITIONS OF THE MEDICAL PROFESSION. ■ MY COLLEAGUES WILL BE MY FAMILY. ■ I WILL NOT PERMIT CONSIDERATIONS OF RACE, RELIGION, NATIONALITY, PARTY POLITICS ■ OR SOCIAL STANDING TO INTERVENE BETWEEN MY DUTY AND MY PATIENT. ■ I WILL MAINTAIN THE UTMOST RESPECT FOR HUMAN LIFE. ■ EVEN UNDER THREAT, I WILL NOT USE MY KNOWLEDGE CONTRARY TO THE LAWS OF HUMANITY. ■ THESE PROMISES I MAKE FULLY AND UPON MY HONOR. 1 t TOm pit UxiYCYStlW Sc|«ce| C f Poc ijfViC Mt cCOU■ THESE FOLLOWING FUNDAMENTAL BELIEFS ARE EXPRESSED AS STANDARDS OF ETHICAL CONDUCT AND PROPRIETY OF PODIATRISTS, INDIVIDUALLY AND COLLECTIVELY WITH PATIENTS, COLLEAGUES, MEMBERS OF ALLIED HEALTH PROFESSIONS, AND THE PUBLIC: ■ TO RENDER SERVICE TO HUMANITY WITH IMPARTIAL RESPECT FOR THE DIGNITY OF MAN. ■ TO PROVIDE A FULL AND COMPLETE MEASURE OF PROFESSIONAL SERVICE AND ATTENTION TO PATIENTS IN THE PRACTICE OF POOIATRIC MEDICINE. ■ TO UNHESITATINGLY SERVE CONSULTATION IN DIFFICULT OR DOUBTFUL CIRCUMSTANCES WHERE IT APPEARS THAT THE QUALITY OF SERVICE AND THERAPY TO THE PATIENTCAN BE ENHANCED. ■ TO CONTINUE THE IMPROVEMENT OF KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS FOR THE BENEFIT OF PATIENTS AND PROFESSIONS. ■ TO CONDUCT THE PRACTICE OF PODIATRY AS A CREDIT TO THE PROFESSION. ■ TO NEVER ACCEPT LIMITATIONS THAT MIGHT DESTROY OR INTERFERE WITH THE EXERCISE OF BEST JUDGEMENT AND SKILLS OR THE QUALITY OF PERFORMANCE. ■ TO REGARD THE CONFIDENCE AND INFORMATION RECEIVED FROM PATIENTS WITH PROFESSIONAL CARE AND UNDERSTANDING. ■ TO FULLY OFFER SERVICE AND PARTICIPATE IN THE HEALTH PROGRAMS FOR THE PUBLIC IN KEEPING WITH THE INTEGRITY OF THE PROFESSION. 2008 AfUlltS 3 SJacima Do Dear Faculty, Staff. Friends Students of TUSPM. The yearbook staff is honored and proud to present the Achilles TUSPM 2008 Yearbook. It has been through much hard work and dedication that these memoirs have been diligently chosen and attentively documented throughout our time here together. The footprints that we have made here at Temple are in the past, but they will eternally leave an ever-lasting impression for the future. On behalf of TUSPM. 1 would like to thank Lisa Buscaglia. our Cooke Publishing Company Representative, and David Martin, our Yearbook Advisor, for your constant support and never-ending patience. Your dedication to the Achilles yearbook production has allowed memories to fill the pages between these covers and become treasured and cherished forever. To the Classes of 2009.2010 2011: When you think you’re overwhelmed, just take a breather! Work hard, play hard and success will be yours :) Trust yourself! To the Class of 2008: Our journey together has at last reached its destination and now we begin a new voyage in our lives. These past four years have more than show n me that I need not wish us success because our strong-mindedness and competitive spirits will see to it that our futures are burning bright. So...on that note 2008. all 1 can say is... don't forget to Dance with the Clouds. Stomp the Earth, Ride the Wind and LIVE! always lol. Jacinta IL 6 C Towplt Hxtvositif ScUej cf Pcifafvicfevttpfe MYnVCYS'tfW $cUof of pcJiafviC )ntdiCivic CLINICIANS OF THE YEAR Dr. Vlahovic and Dr. Poniious EJ School of Pediatric Medicine f±S rtum uwviuin Dear Class of XO» CoagntutationiM I waned to take this oppoenaatv to wuh you such lock tsd best wuhn at yvo ctnbart ok the new phase of your cum I iffl to proud of til of you I lave eay.vyed worlmj with each or of you tod will look fondly on the too that you nude roe tagh. how yro encwrragtd rae to think cwadr of the box. and bow you implied roe to te t better teacher 1 tin also to booored that ycu chose me as 'Ctaucun of the Year' dunig your third year I wuh afi of you the very best and hope that I have rotpetd you to love vemjear and buane dim rubes u much u I do (even just • little bit1) Bn most or all I vnoc you to know that all of the faaaky art alwsyt here for you. teal we will be proudly applauding your achievement oo your Commencement Day Best withes. Tracey C Vlahovic, DIM Asuatar Professor. Temple Ltaveevty School of Podtatrx Medicine 2008 AclullcS 7 7John A. Matiiacci, D.P.M. podi DEAN afvw School of Podiatric Medicine TEMPLE UNIVERSITY May 23 2008 O« ♦ ®f »h D«n Sth lace 60. floe WuUiMf ,I '9!07-I4S6 c o 2l$4tt-S400 fa }1S-fc29-19." rm rwKMKoCfeoea wu Mfb http Apodacy tWMte oil To the Graduating Gass of 2008 Thu year marks the forty-second commencement ceremony of our school. It is altogether appropriate to pause and reflect upon a great loss to TUSPM this past year, the passing of the founding president of our school. James Earl Bates. DPM Dr. Bates was not only president of our school for thirty-five years and chancellor thereafter, but a dynamic and motivating force in the field of podiatnc medicine. Today’s ceremonies arc dedicated in his honor. It it with a sense of pleasure that 1 write this letter to the Class of 2008. Each of you has just completed the most challenging four years of your lists and 1 take pnie in congratulating you More than that, however. I want to tell you that you arc the Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine. While it is true that we have clinics, laboratories, classrooms and dormitories, a school without the vibrant energy of the student is a building whose purpose has disappeared You arrived at TUSPM at a dmc of evolution. You have seen new faculty, upgrading of facilities and the progress that being pan of Temple’s Health Sciences affords. During the past four years, this was your school, but in a larger sense, you became the school. As you begin post graduate training and tease us here in Philadelphia, you take the school with you. You wall forever be identified as a Temple University graduate. TTJSPM and you will always be connected. We have given you the finest education m the nation. Wc have given you clinical experience that is unequakd in our profession and we have given you the degree of Doctor of Podiatnc Medicine. Now it is your turn Because you will always be a TUSPM graduate, we look to you to cany thit degree with competence, compassion, and success. You now enter a career in which your patient and his or her condition will demand your expertise. As you enter practice and develop roots m the community that you choose, I osk that you never forget the roots that you leave here at TUSPM You have earned the nght to wear the degree that wc have bestowed upon you with pride. I challenge sou to use that degree to the benefit of both your practice and your alma matter as those who have gone before you have done. I want you to become active with your alumni association and maintain connection with your classmates. Your alumni peers have generously endowed scholarships for the benefit of TUSPM students and have given of their financial resources for the continual upgrading of TUSPM I want you to come back to Philadelphia to visit us periodically and I want you to visit us on the web consistently. Wherever you go in you life, you take our name and you remain our graduate Never forget that because we will never forget you and the time that you have spent here Go now and apply those stalls that you gamed here Be diligent. Be tenacious. Be inquisitive and be successful- You are now a permanent part of the Temple University School of Podiatnc Medicine. John A. Mattiacci. D P.M. Thuplf H iiVC $itlf Scl'Oof tf Pfctat «C Vit iCiViCftVMpfe pod fvw ASSOCIATE DEAN James Burke. Ph.D. |{| School of Podiatric Medicine TEMPLE UNIVERSITY J m » ft lurk . PhO. At od t« 0 n Ac S«r-CA n Eighth it x.t Street Phttdeifrt . PA 19107 phone 215-625-5257 tor 215-629-1929 m»J puniCtiApm tempi Mu •v 6 vsnvw tempi Mj To The Class of 2008 Congratulations! On behalf of the faculty. it is my pleasure to congratulate you on your successful completion of an intense and demanding educational program. During your four years you have faced challenges and found ways to accomplish your goals. As you leave the Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine to begin your careers as Doctors of Podiatric Medicine, you are well prepared to deliver to your patients the highest quality care available. It is my hope that your profession provides you with the challenges and rewards that come from sen ice to others. Continue to be life long learners so that you can provide state of the art care for your patients. Cood luck and best wishes for a happy and successful life. 2008 AtUllts 7 9fc Hp(c pc iafvw ASSISTANT DEAN FOR EDUCATIONAL AFFAIIRS Samuel J. Spadone. DP.M. School of Podiatric Medicine TEMPLE UNIVERSITY institutional R » rch and Proyram Integrity tghtn at Race Street RNUflelsM. PA 19107 prtOr ilS-«5-S?39 tv 215-W9-19» UpatJoneOtjtjxn «mpt« «Cu «6v wn textile e 3u May 18.2008 Dear Doctors. Graduates of the Class of 2008: As 1 wntc this, some four months in advance of your commencement ceremony. 1 am again unsure how to address the graduating class. I know this yearbook will be published and available prior to your graduation, per sc However. I think at this time it is appropriate to address you as colleagues; you have worked long and hard to attain that status and had better start getting used to your accomplishment Your training has increasingly become more ngorous in depth and broader in scope than has benefited prior generations of podiatnc physicians. I. for one, am jealous of the opportunities put before you. As you prepare for your futures. 1 am confident that you will be well served by the foundations your education here has laid and have a few parting comments I wish to share When you have a moment to pause and reflect, please let us know of your accomplishments If you should falter, call on us for assistance. Finally, go forth and always make us proud! Congratulations on your accomplishments and best wishes for success in your personal lives and professional careers Samuel J. Spadone. D.P.M Assistant Dean for Institutional Research and Program Integrity C TttHpjt U nvr s«tH ef Pc «at iC McAciyitftvnplt po iafvif ASSISTANT DEAN MEDICAL DIRECTOR l fry Mark Ntmw. OPM. FACT AS 21S-62S-52S9 T « Foot A Aiiie •« 21S-629-490S Eiy.rn » » Street pm i m wiir.»flO«ui®m e i PMxJtfC O. rVrr. »-ia 9107-2496 AVrtv irnple dj Dear Class of 2008. The time travels very fast on the road to being graduated. You arc all to be congratulated on your accomplishments in reaching the degree of doctor of podiatric medicine. School of Podiatric Medicine TEMPLE UNIVERSITY Please remember that your journey has not come to an end. but has just actually begun Larry 1 Ncwmnn and you will be learning continuously throughout the remainder of your professional ' ’ career. The field of medicine has grown so greatly with regard to technology and |)P | PA (.FAS information that you would think four years of Podiatnc Medical School, keeping in mind that there are residencies to follow, is even not enough However, I know that you are anxious to get out into the real world Always try to do the things that would not only benefit your patients; but. would also benefit your colleagues, and they will automatically benefit you as well. Try to give back to your profession and to your community. These things arc guaranteed to make you have a more fulfilled professional career and life. Don’t lose sight of friends and family. Once again, congratulations, and please keep in touch with us in the coming years, and, support your school. Larry M Newman. DP M., FACFAS Assistant Dean Medical Director 2008 AfUllcs 1 IIfOMf 4c po4iafvif ASSISTANT DEAN FOR CLINICAL EDUCATION Vincent J. Muscarella, D.P.M., FACFAS School of Podiatric Medicine TEMPLE UNIVERSITY 0 p r1m«nt of PodUtriC Surgery E«yv.! r. IU:p irvj floor PhAriHphu PA 19I07-2J96 phonr 215-62 S-5350 f«. 2 5-629-4901 wt6 http itxxfWliy temple edw To the TUSPM Class of 2008, 1 would like to personally congratulate you on your major accomplishment, the attainment of the Degree of Doctor of Podiatric Medicine. I am certain that you now feel the joy and satisfaction culminating from 4 years of hard work, sacrifice, and commitment. But as you know, your joumey is just beginning. We here at TUSPM have given you the foundation for your career in Podiatric Medicine and the tools to become life long learners. It is now up to you to take this knowledge and experience to apply yourselves in whatever post-graduate endeavors you choose to pursue. Always know that I am proud of your accomplishment, and look forward to becoming your colleagues in the future. I hope that all of you feel that the College and its resources arc here for you in the future. Please do not hesitate to contact me in the future if you wish. ''Dr. Vincent J. Muscarella, K.A.U -.A.S. Assistant Dean for Clinical Education Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine 12 r TtVMpli Umvos.ti) Scl.cc! ef Pe. ,3(,ic Mdiavtfcv ipft poiiafvii ASSISTANT DEAN FOR F! podiafvw NANCE ADM! N!STRAT!0N School of Podiatric Medicine TEMPLE UNIVERSITY Offtt. oi Fiscal AHaifs 8 a! Race Steels 6D floor PtUaCephu. FA 19107-2 56 (Aw 215-625-5401 215-629-2378 emu CwnesvjKtrO: eflj nco hno odgoy ten nJu To the School of Podiatric Medicine Graduating Class of 200$: You have achieved a tremendous milestone in your professional careers and your personal development. On behalf of the business and administrative staff members at the School of Podiatric Medicine. I congratulate you for all of your efforts thus far, and look forward to your contributions as distinguished members of the podiatric medical profession. Roderick B. Jones, MBA. CPA It is our sincere hope that you have found your experiences at TUSPM to be rewarding, and that you are well prepared for the challenges that lie ahead. Be proud of the commitment and perseverance that you have exhibited thus far in your professional journey; these qualities will serve you well as you continue on your path. Please know that we are extremely proud of you! Your commencement signals 3 new phase in your careers and your lives; one that will dispatch many of you to the far readies of this country and, indeed, the World However, you will forever be connected to TUSPM. and we stand ready to assist you in any way that we arc able. We wish you all the best that life has to offer! Sincerely, Roderick B. Jone MHA. CPA .•Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration 2008 Aclulfcs ? 13Scott T Bleazev. ppm THE GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY BA BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES Mom, Dad, Mom-Mom, Beth, Guy, Marty: Your support through the past 4 years has been above and beyond anything 1 could have asked for. I hank you so much for your continuous love and support from the beginning. Jackie: I love you; you have been great through this, at times stressful, chapter of our relationship. Your persistent positive outlook was much appreciated and did not go unrecognized. Everyday 1 look forward to our future together. Friends: Old and New, I am grateful to have been surrounded by such a group who provided necessary distractions and continuous friendship. Good luck to everyone, you guys will always have my support. ( C Tcmplt Mvnvcvsilif ScUel cf PeefatviC2008 Ac( i((tS 7 17Dana Marie Cam iso. DPM FORDHAM UNIVERSITY B.S. CHEMISTRY, HISTORY ‘ )»'f. i.in thotne ruftnui on the red tigftlyou Art tupped ji or you am {font»fot to on .ill the green onet you went through Abut the u-jy‘ Todd-. My huvband. my be« friend. Who would luw ever thought rlur life would turn out like it ha»?l You have been more tupportivc and loving these pa t five year thin mou could expect from their hutbands in a lifetime. I cannot wait for our future together ind am etcitcd to vee our family grow. I love you. Mom You arc amazingly beautiful tnvidc and out and the itrongevt penon I know I aipire for nothing more than to be the prrvon and mother that you were and ate. Thank you fot your yean oftclflcss caring and advice. Dad. You have alwavv vhown your truvt and confidence in me and I can always count on your advice and knowledge. Thank you for being there for me and for allowing me to make my own deci-ilonv. I truly appreciate all you have done for me. lb aU ofmyjkmily (old and new!)-. There arc too many of you to thank. Juvt know that all of you have nude me into what I am today. Every small action, word of advice or guiding hand hav influ ettced my action and how I »cr the world around me. I am aware that many people in thi world will never enjoy a tenth of the love that I have received from all of you. Thank you fot ittckmg with roc through mv twenty one yean of vchool! I am exceptionally proud of the woman 1 have become and I owe all of mv tuccctv to you. 7 datin' mj ttr how m.i n uy ir i Annul l t done or how rrurn people Ajiv tried it before; itj tmpor-tunt to re list that whatever you re doing, tit yourfine .ittempt At u, 18 C TO ip(c UY«tVC Sit»f Scl.cc! cf Pe .dlYtC Mtc iCiVCBetty Monteiro Carreira. PPM CONNECTICUT COLLEGE BA BIOCHEMISTRY, CELLULAR AND MOLECULAR BIOLOGY, HISTORY My incredible parent : Eu qucria comefar por agradecer aos meui pai. . F.u rcconheco que cstas pouca palavrat nao podem pagar os anos dc amor, carinho c sacrificio que me tern dado por o meu foturo. Voces tern me apoiado ramo estes anos. Nunca me esquecerei da vossa a|uda. paixao c inspiracao. Eu cenho canto orgulho dc voce , de tudo que tern feito na vidl com trabalho duro c honcstidade. Sem voces eu nao poderia ter realtzado cstc meu sonho. Mac c Pai eu sei que nao o digo muitas votes mat eu vos amo do fondo do coracao. So espero que algum dia os meu filhos tenham tao boa mac c pai. Mzdrinha. TiosJoao c Viegas, e Tia Sao: Agradcco o voco apoio c a sossas palvaras dc coragcm durante csta aventura. Mil beijinhos c abracos. Alfredo. John, and Nuno: Thanks for treating me like a sister and for being there like brothers over the years. You three are truly inspirational I'm very proud of you all for your accomplishments. Thanks for teaching me: Fredo- to never settle for the sta tus quo and to dream for the srars. John- the meaning ot self-sacrifice and patiences and Nuno: that life's an adventure that must be cn|oycd to its fullest. The Kids- Alexandra. Portia. Alex.Tluddcus(Buggy), Ariana. and Peyton: You’ve brought an incredible |ov to my life with your laughter, light heartedness and playful natures. Thank you for making me feel young again! Class of 2008: As our TUSPM journey comes foil circle I just wanted to take the op portunity to wish everyone the ben of luck on their future endeavors. I look forward to crossing paths with you all in the future. We made it and let’s savor the moment. 2008 Ac|.i((cs 7 19Javaria R. Chaiidhry'. PPM TEMPLE UNIVERSITY B.A. INFORMATION IN SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY 'In die name oi God. most Gracious, most Compassionate' "watch your thoughts-they become your words w atch your words-they become your actions watch your actions-thcy become your character watch yourcharactcr-it becomes your destiny" -Anonymous The time has finally come and ssrc can proudly call ourselves Doctors! Mow DaA, thank you for being the best parents in the world. You have taught me how to be a good person and today I am a successful individual only because of your guidance. I hone I can continue to make you proud. Zain Khalua. you guys arc the greatest 1 want to set positive examples for you both and I hope 1 can be a good role model to look up to. So. Look. Listen and Learn!! I want to especially thank my wonderful husband. Yasir. You have been very encouraging and so compassionate throughout the years. You have been morally and emotionally supportive and I couldn't have asked for someone better to spend my life svith. I love you! 23ibreem. You arc mv soul sister and my other half. What would I do without you. or better yet, what could 1 do without you. You keep me young and a "quarter way” there. I love you Dhaani!!! My partner in crime. Sara, you were my first friend at TUSPM and over the years sve have grown so close and I pray our friendship grows even stronger because you arc the bestest friend a girl could ever ask for. Mv most favorite white person in the world, faith you are such a true friend and always there to give me advice on personal nutters. I cherish your friendship and I hope you can always be a part of my life as “Auntie Faith I want to congratulate my fellow colleagues for their success. I wish you all health, wealth, and happiness. 20 C Ton pit UitiVOSiflj c(«eel cf Pcr ijf tC Mt- CiXtCarol 1. Chiang. PPM UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES 8.S. BIOCHEMISTRY To mv Father. Mother, Surer, and Brothers Thank tor being with me through all kind of hardship and difficulties. Your unconditional support mean everything to me. The family trip to Universal Studio was unforgettable. I am looking forward to our cruhc vacation to Hawaii this summer. To the Class of 2008: Congratulation to everyone of you!! It hard to believe that we arc graduating. It feels like the first day of orientation was just yesterday. Remember this is not the end. The end is just the beginning. We will start a whole new journey and face a very different kind of challenge. Thanks for all the good times and best of luck during residency and beyond!! You gam strength, courage. and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to lookfear in theface. You are able to uty to yourself, 7 have lived through this horror, I can t.tke the next thing that comes along.' You must do the thing you think you cannot do. — Eleanor Roosetelt To my wonderful big sibling Tamika and my friend Latoya from the Class of 200": I am so grateful that I have met such wonderful friend like you. Thank for your friendship and support. I believe that vc will see each other again in New York. Good luck in everything you do.____________Eunah Chung. 13PM______________________________ UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA LOS ANGELES B.S. BIOCHEMISTRY Ma y Pa: Thank you for your unconditional love, endless prayers, encouraging words and support. Thank you for having faith in me and watch me grow patiently all these years. Without your love 1 couldn't have done this. Gracias por todo y ya saben que los amo muchisiino. Jinah, Yunmooppaandjinmo oppa: I am happy to have you as my brothers and sister. Thank you for lilting me up when I was down. Carolyn: You're like an older sister I never had. Thank you for being there lor me and looking after me all these •» years. Thank you for being my friend. Sicph. Changrac and Paul: Thank you for putting up with me and listening to me when I needed someone to talk to. I will never forget the times we shared here at TUSPM. COMPARTO, Porque al compartir crczco, Porque mis penas compartidas, disminuyen. Y mis alcgrias sc duphean. Sonrio, sueno, lloro. amo. comparto. Vivo.!!! Y por cllo doy gracias, un d(a mis -Annonymous 12 C TOuplf W)«iVCYSttlJ School cf Por(iJt «CAlbert D'Angclantonio. PPM TEMPLE UNIVERSITY 8.S. ELECTRICAL AND COMPUTER ENGINEERING "Start by doingwhat snecessary. then what' possible. and suddenly you are doing the impossible' - Author Unknown Dad and Mom: Wordy cannot upten how much the both of you mean to tnc I would has never made it that far without you. You ate rm bc t frtcndi and I thank God tot being blessed to have you a» my patentv To all of my friends and family: Thank you for all of your continued support, patience and cn couragcmcnt To the deceased that are watching over me: I proinne to never quit, you may be gone but you s ill never be forgotten: Don't Quit When thing go wrong a they sometime will: When the toad you'te trudging seem all uphill; When the fund arc low. and the debt ate high: And you want to mtlc. but you hove to ugh; When care u prewing you down a bit-Re t if you mutt, but don't you quit. Succcvt it failure turned iniidc outi The silver tint of cloud of doubt: Anil you can never tell how dose you ate. It may be neat when it seem afar. S . stick to the fight when you're hardest hit It's when things go wrong that you mustn't quit. -Author Unknown- 200 AcWltS 7 23 Jaeinta Tli-Tram Sv Do, PPM WAYNE STATE UNIVERSITY B.A. BIOLOGY Daddy Mommy Always Kim And Foremost "Ba Mi - N’cu o ircn the gun fuy co nan ucn. thlcon btet chat clung U Bi Mi la run ucn tu» con, vi khongco n hv ilnh hoac Iticn nhan hoac dam dang hon Ba Ma. Su thuong veu cua Ba Ma thicr Li am bung« hact la Kon b«cn Thai Binh. Con khong the bao gio den noi su thuong yeu sa chicu chuongcua Ba Ma. nhungcon chi monglacon co the lam Ba Ma hanh dien Vi cam thay hanh ['hue nhu Ba Ma da cho con. Cam on Ba Ma da thuong con het long, het sue va cho con 11 anh chi cm thuong veu dum boc Ian nhau Thuong Ba Ma nhieu! TUSPM: McdRcc.Ccn.Supply, MAi. Front Dole Ladies. I Kelly Jess. Night Crew. NIN you arc my home away from home. Thanks for always looking after me. I owe you all! Bib. Burger, Chccbuigcr. E. Lit, John, Julev, Phong. Rob. Tash. Dinky, TM or so you think) -)out support, understandingaisd friendihipare irreplaceable' C.u lac- You've been a good friend from such a long ways...me and my TBC? Ken Ann - Although you guys didn't laugh during my OR presentation. I knew we'd mil be closer and closer Iticnds anyways. I man! At RisingTide, together we were Hunger that chased the wotdi. Sensitivity and the Rebel In Love, What will it be next ? Ebo AHF- So Annoy! From Vermont. t|uacking in shop rite. 2am BBQ clams, superman wallets to teats A: endless laughter, you've always been there, no one could ask for a better BFF Mam A: my Moms tomato salmon? You’tr hooked, its over son! Little Boo Boos A: Little Squishics Absolutely adorable, what else can 1 say? Thien Long, Minh Trang. Tuan Manh. Tien Nam. Tuan Nam-Auntsc Loves vou! Simply that. - TO THF ORIGINAL DOZEN-Chi Van. Anh Huy. Anh Bao. Chi Vy. Anh Tliang, Chi N'ln. Anh Khai. Anh Minh. Long. Bi Lon A: Mimi Air Dau? Air Dau? Thiet la ”Zo' Iv! Khong co gu dmh nao COOL bang minh! Thuong cac anh chi cm nhieu! How mam people can sav that thcv'vc always always alsvass got someone to talk to? lust us LOVE YOU GUYS PROUD TO BE A DO l 2-t C WxiVCYSi|V| ff PcrtatYtC Mc ic« «cMichael Dolen. dpm STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK AT BROCKPORT B.S. BIOLOGY Well that wasn't easy. Congrats n ill my classmates, colleague now. You ill did very well, pawed i bunch of clawc {or exam retakes), created it lent 20 ) patient {or it lent wrote dow n 200 number ' and lived through bunch of vometimev painful roed month (temple vascular I will aluav loathe you Thanks for ill of you who helped calm me down during tlic stressful part , hvtened to me rail dur «ng the endless hour dunng dime. I wasn't trying to annoy you. )ust tried to make vou vmilc or laugh. Good luck in residency, practice, and life. To the clinicians- Thankv for pining down all that information. Being a doetoi is one thing bur being! teacher it another. I appreciate all votive done. To my farhci Thankv for the mavvive amountv of cavh you provided. Not jutl for the put four year . but throughout life. 1 muvt have con you at lent a million dollatv. Even more, thankv for all the emotional support. I literally wouldn't have done thlv live past four years without you, you'll never know how much you actually helped. lb my mother: It wasn't easy to do this without you. you sure did pick a hotriblc time to go home’. But I'm sure you now know you did a pretty good job at raising me and turning me into somebody who will not only be a good doctor, but be a caring, compassionate one. By the way. your' boy s' are domg tust fine. To Enn; Wow? You put up with me for this long! Thanks for all the love and support sinee the minute you met me and especially the last four years I could go on forever about whai you've done for me. blit instead I'll take the next 100 years to show and tell you. To the rest of my family, old and newt Thank for everything. I 'll give you quite a discount when treatingyxiu in the future. Finally I'd like to thank the other things chat helped me through the last four years, in no particular otdet: mountain dew. my video games and computer, especially wow. manro polos mega fries, subway. Johnny cart for making me sick. wawa. numerous places to get butritos. lily and (otdic. the scats subway, the Eagles, "bets, and in general smelly Philadelphia -Mike 2008 AfUlcs 7 2SReema Dua, DPM cabrin: college B.S. BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES Many thanks to my family and friends for their love and support. To my lovely parents: Thank you both for instilling in me the values of respect, work ethic, and compassion. You arc truly the best parents any child could ever have. This would not have been possible without your blessings and support. Thank you for loving me unconditionally. I love you both more than words can express. Amit: I love you for always pushing me and challenging me to become a better person. Thank you for your guidance and encouragement. 1 will always look up to you. No matter what, you'll always be ms-big brother. To my DE friends: I loved growing up with all of you through our teenage years. Our iond memories are precious. 1 feel at home whenever we spend time together. Thank you for making me laugh when I needed it. Katcbatc.Tali, Annand. Sarah C Tom pit Hmvosttvf Stl-ccl of Pc ut 'C Mo ico«eChristopher John Fatti. PPM LE MOYNE COLLEGE B.S. BIOLOGY To my entire family-l don't think anything 1 can ever write on a piece of paper will ever really say enough about how much I owe you and how important you all arc to me. As far back as 1 can remember you have always been there for me. Through victory and defeat, my relationship with all of you hat kept me on track. All I've ever wanted was to make you proud and I hope today that you arc. Thank you for believing in me. To my Dad-"OId man take a look at my life, I'm a lot like you " Well. I can't believe the day it finally here. The little kid who used to follow you around the hospital on Saturday mornings wishing that someday he could 'fix people the way you did has seen a life-long dream come true. I know it is aclichcd but 1 seriously could have never done this without you, dad, The daily phone calls, advice, moral, financial, and emotional support got me rhrough day to day life here. You truly were my rock and one of my best friends through it all. I couldn't be more happy and proud that we now share a profession. 1 love you. To my Mom-Nobody has had more of an impact on who I am today than you mom. So many of the qualities 1 take pride in having I learned from you. Thanks for always being rhcrc and caring so much. I hope someday 1 can somehow repay you for putting so much time. care, and love into raising me. I love you very much. To my Nonnu-I wish you were here to sec this day because you lud so much to do with it happening. I never really got a chance to thank you for everything you did for me and taught me. Your lessons about so many things will stay with me for the rest ot my life. I hope somewhere that today you arc proud. I love and mitt you. To the class of200S: It has been quite a ride and 1 hope that in some way I made ii better. I have had sonic times I will never forget and I'm grateful for that. There are some seriously talented people among us and I know you will do our profession proud. My sincere best ss-ishes in life always. 2008 AcUllS 7 27Mariel Diana Featherstone, DPM SPELMAN COLLEGE B.S. BIOLOGY God !t i good to give thanks to the Lord, to img praises to the Mott High It ti good to pro-claim your unfailing love in the morning, your faithfulness in the evening, accompanied by the harp and lute and the harmony of the lire. You thnll me. Lord, with all you have done for me! [ ongl'or joy became of what you have done. Psalm 92-1-4 Thank you 10 much. (»od for your unconditional love. I cannot even exprett how much I love you and cannot ever thank you enough for what you have done for me, I know I would be nothing without you. I piay that my acuom will consistently reflect your principle (Psalm 119:$) and hope you will continuously u»e me in rhtt profession to that 1 may help other . Mom and Dad: 1 made it! 1 truly have the best parent in the world! Thank you to much for providing me with love and being great cxamplct for me to follow. Because of you. 1 reached my dream I know 1 do not lay it enough but I love you. and 1 know I would not have made it without you. Jadcn and Jenna I know you might not totally underttand why Auntie Mattel wai always away, but I hope when you get older you know that you played a huge patr in helping me obtain dm degree I love you two o much. I am already proud of borh of you. Pleate remember to put God first and remember to follow your heart and dreamt. Do nor let anybody ever discourage vou. You have the ability to achieve whatever your heart done . Family and Friend : Thank you for your support throughout the year . I will never forget it! I love all of you dearly. Spclman: When I entered your gates, the first lesson you taught me wa To whom much is given, much is required." 1 have never forgotten those words. 'Hunk vou for teaching me how to be strong and heave. Spclman. I will continuously ving, "Oh. God. forevet bind my heart to dime.’ Dr Martin. Dr McGuire, and Dr Burke: Thank you for your encouragement throughout the yean and for aJwavv being there for rat Class ol200H: God Bless and Best Withe in Life. 2$ Tcwjpfe Uxtvcv$t|w : c|.ccl of PcrtatviC Keith C. Fleischman, PPM UNIVERSITY OF SCRANTON B.S. 8EHAV0RIAL SCIENCES MPT MASTER OF PHYSICAL THERAPY Mom Dad John: Thank you tor all ot your support and guidance as I have continued in my education of becoming a podiatric physician. All of you are my inspiration and have helped me so much in achieving my goal. I am truly blessed to have such a great family and support network, especially over the past 4 years The Zuber Family and Andy Duffy: Thank you for all of your inspirational thoughts and prayers over the past four years. It has been a real pleasure getting to know you all and sharing my dreams with you! 1 am proud to be a part ot your family. To all of my friends in the class of 2008: You are all awe inspiring and have been a pleasure to work with in achieving our goal of becoming podiatric physicians. You will always be in my hearts and prayers as we travel to the next part of our lives and I look forward to hearing from you in the future as we discuss our future endeavors. You arc the future of the profession and I look for ward to always sharing our “dreams” and life changing endeavors. To my loving wife. Ally: I could have never done this without you. Between the "morning" meetings during my first year to our recent "I DO", you have been my rock and my support through the good times as well as the struggles. I look forward to sharing the rest of my future with you and supporting you as you have supported me so passionately over the past six years. 1 love you honey!!! 2008 AfUlcs 7 29Kris A. Ford. DPM TEXAS A M UNIVERSITY B.S. POULTRY SCIENCE ' Trust in the LORD with ill your heart and lean not on your own understanding: in all your Way acknowledge him. and he will make your narhi straight" Proverb 3:5-6. When God lead me into rhe mrdleal protmioa these arc the word that helped me make the plunge, and the word that have encouraged me along the way Without him 1 would luve no direction or no way to succeed in that path You have truly been my rock, mv comforter, and my salvation. Mary: You supported me when I decided to chootc thi path. You muted me when I moved 1600 miles aw ay a year after we goi married. You encouraged me while wc were apait for a year You followed me to a city that wa» a long wav from everything and everyone you loved. You pur off your dreams and career to support mine. You tolerated my schedule , mood swing , arid travel . Through all of thi vou never doubted me. I thank you and love you and appreciate you more than I can ever tay ot explain. You arc the love of my lift MomAe Dad: You both alway encouraged me. but most importantly helped me strive to reach my potential. Thank you for never doubting me. always supporting me. and for raising me in a loving home You could have encouraged me to just use the degree I had a!reads earned, but you supported me and stood beside me. Thank you both fot everything. Way Ion. Amy. Victoria: You have always been a huge encouragement to me. Thanks for always being there Thank for visiting in Philly. I will never forget tho»e times. I really appreciated when you came to spend Tlunk givingwith me! Grandpa. Grandma. Mansaw : Pop: I really mus you all and have thought about you every step along the way. Thank sou for always loving and supporting me I hope I can carry on the legacy that yt U slatted. TU-SP.M friends: I will never forget the friendships I have made, the terrible time before test to the great time afterwards! Rhodcho. Arcc. Hoss. Pat the Bat. Fatti. Papi. Gordo Kelly, you guys made my ome in Philly not just bearable but enjoy able Thanks and Good luck. TOttplf WwiVtYYifTf Sc( ec( cf Pcetaf i£ MgIiCOUTara Lynette Fussell. ppm ROLLINS COLLEGE B.S. BIOLOGY James: It I were to write about the story of m lih:, I would have to mention you with every page l‘d write. You have watched me grown from a stubborn and spirited teenage girl into the woman who is now seeing her dreams come true. You were my crush, my prom date, my high school sweetheart, my first true obsession, my best friend and now my husband. Thank you for all the sacrifices you have made to make my dreams conic true. I will always treasure our memories of Philadelphia: our first home, our four-legged babies, survivor nights, taco Thursdays, bedtime prayers and long road trips. You may not be a rich man. or rock star, but you arc my cowboy, mv fireman and my hero. Life with you makes perfect sense. Thank you for loving me....intentionally. My Family: When I think of God's greatest blessings in my life. I think of you. When I look at the world around nte I think, if only they could have grown up in a family like mine. I am so blessed. Peadens: Thank you for being my “South away from the South." Thank you for taking me under your wings and being my first friends in Philly. Stacy. Marie!, Sara. Kelly. Fatti. Stephanie The Ford's. 1 will treasure the little moments spent with each of you. When I chink back of the past -» years, it is you who I will remember most. 2008 Ac|.i|(cs 7 3!Surajudeen O. Givva. PPM GEORGIA STATE UNIVERSITY B.S. BIOLOGY In the name of Allah. Mon Gracious. Mott Merciful. No other can I exalt, but the One Being that hat made thit monumental achievement a realiry. 1 thank my Creator, Benefactor and Guardian for a lifelong journey that rejuvenatet itielf each day that I am given the opportunity to live. Thank You for everything. Father Thotc word of advice paid off. to did the concern and dedication to mv cauvc. Thank you for your tupport. Mother . You brought me into thiv world with the hope that I would do well by you. Your yean of companion and concern have not gone in vain. Thank you and God bleu you Mother in Law: Your intercut in my welfare go beyond explanation. You treat me like your very own I thank you for all you arc and what you mean to me. Sitter : What can I tay about you two. One thrivet on ’give" whde the other it juu Nike. Anyhow. 1 know you guyt had my back all through thit pnxett to for that I ay big thanlu. |utt make ture you hive your co-pay anytime you come over. Brother: Man. you know how wx do. No need to get all 'muthy' with you. Holla later! Family Member : 1 thank you all for y-our tupport and pravert. Nothing can eompentate for the well withe you have offered through ihc yean. God blest you 11. Claw of2008: Sad to tav 1 will not tec many of you again, it definitely wat a fulfilled adventure. Wherever wx all end up.|utt remember that there it someone out there Mill PIMPING 25 “! Profcitori: What can I tay about a team of the belt DP.M't in the best Podiatnc inttitution there ta. If 1 ever have to brag about me. It t all became of you. Thank t-ou. My Son: Mukhtaar, I love you, I think you for being bom. You ire the reward for my belief in God. Keep being a wonderful ton. Saving the bett for Utt - My Wife: I love you. infinitely, everlastingly and unconditionally I thank you for your tup port and endurance at I took you on thit craxy journey with me. I owe you all that it me. at your existence complement! mv flaws. Thank vou for bong there at a mother and mpporring wife. God Blest! Tn»ip|c MwiVtVSiflf 5 cl cc( cf PtUiatViCJulie A. Greenwood, PPM W1DENER UNIVERSITY B.S. ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE B.S. BIOLOGY I cannot put into words how appreciative and grateful 1 am tor the many individuals in my life that have influenced, encouraged, helped me along the way. and made me the person I have become today. There arc so many people that 1 would like to rccogmzc and show gratitude towards, but the list would be way too long. However. I would like to acknowledge some of the most important people in my life: my parents, my brother and sisters. John. Lindsay, my Grandma and the rest ot my extended family, my Widener ladies and Sigma girls, the very special friends I madcatTUSPM.andmylovcdonc$in King William. To the Class of 2008.1 wish everyone all the best in their future life and success in their career. I believe in our class and 1 know that it has produced some amazing students that will make outstanding DPM’s.To the professors and clinicians of TUSPM, too numerous to count, 1 am forever grateful for the knowledge that has been passed on to me. So lastly. 1 leave TUSPM saying a simple, but deep felt “THANK YOU!!!!” 2008 Ac(m{|cs ?Robert Andrew Hadfield, DPM UNIVERSITY OF UTAH 8.A. ENGLISH People often iik m how I deal with having a family while I am in ithool The real iwuc iv how I deal with whool when it cakcv me away from my family. I could not have done it without them Hunk 11hi Natalie William and Fiona for your patience, love and tupporr. You art truly my terength When dvcve timea »eem laa paw 1 will look on them with veneration lot your diligence and ucnfrcc. Natalie. many a very dark morning I have reviewed dvne linev by Kracv: Unlelt. unheard, umccn. I vc left my little queen, Her languid atm in vliver dumber Ivmgi Ah! through their neitled touch. Vlho who could ceil how much Tlicte iv to nudiveevcnacl. or complying I hove faery Ikii how deck! Thovc bpv how motul'thcy vpcak. In npcu quiet, vludowi of vwcct touiulv: Into my fancy » ear Melting a burden dear. How Love doth know no fullncu nor no boundv And from Hamlet'»vonnet: Doubt thou the vran arc fire. Doubt that the wn doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; Hut never doubt I love. William, you were a troublemaker even before you were bom. fUK like me. I wouldn't have it any other way! Indeed, it n a humbling thing to be your hero. I hope I can live up to your admirataon. Fiona, you arr my baby girl and you always will be. You make me feel like die greatest daddy in the world! I Cannot vay it better than Axl Rove Shcv got eyev of the blucvt vkicv Av if they thought of rain I hate to look into thovc eyev And vec an ounce of pain Thank alvo to im extended fxmilv. who have Ivackcd itx wholeheartedly in din endeavor. I know we have been far from home lor a longtime, but it ha been worth it. Stacy. Frank. Tara. Jacinta. John and Julie: you guv nxk! Jeff and Greg: you got me through in one piece. Congratulation to the dial of2008. U tceh like juvt ycvectvhy llut we all vtatted school, and now we're Doctor . Bong on tendency! Av Shikcvpcarc't Henry V vayv. 'Once more unto dve breach, dear fnendv. once mote’ VTc muu vuml together to take Poduttic Medicine farther dun it ha» ever gone bdbre. Gandhi vaid. "Live av if you were to die tomorrow Lcam av if you were to live fotever". 3-f C TflMf Ic HxiVCV5«tW bcl«td of PodiatViC itdiCiMCDonald Ernest Harrison, DPM MOUNT ST. MARY’S COLLEGE B.S. BIOLOGY N’o one cm mike you inferior without your content —Eleanor Roosevelt First Year GMR Intramurali on Temple Main Late nights at Love Park’ The jean jacket" Suites at the Borgita" Alicia Keys on the Atlantic Ocean’ Black Panther’ The country bar In Naihvlilt’ Grilling at 3am in the Land of the Midnight Sun Vineland tor New Years with the bov ttom Mount St. Mary’s’ The Bang Bus in San Francisco’ Miami with the fellas Tequila and the sidewalk naps Slicing through the water Scrambled eggi and omeleti for lunch with the ladles of 2008- Second Year. Fourth of July at Calvert Beach The ness- place at "• 00 Pennypack Park trad runs The first date at Applebees Philadelphia Eagles games for free New York trip and The Color Purple Visits to Aunt Olivia’s Caribbean food on N. Broad St. Philadelphia Art Museum explorations’ Orlando and Universal Studios’ Color Me Mine (My bowl looks still looks better than your res pot!)’ Chinatown Bus rides to Ncsv York and DC’ Spaghetti Catbonara for tssro and a good mosie’ Third Year: Fourth ofjuls Cheese Steaks at 7400 Muddy Buddy svith my best buddy (Believe nsc Rich mond wasn't ready)’ Boards Part I Breakfast Party Vegas...What happened there stays there’ Black Engineers Awards Gala’ Christmas in Durham’ New York Conference and 8RQV Rock Climbing on Valentines Day the best date cs-er)’ Duke Gardens Becoming a Godfather to Chai he James Dittany m the Cadaver Lab The Flosver Show Soul food on 21“ and Allegheny’ Peanut Butter N jams’ Little Japcra and the Magic Leal4 Talladega Nights. "I piss excellence'’’ Paris Fashion Show. .. you think you're ready but you're not!’ EthcL.l Love You!’ Penn Rclas • Fourth Year: California Drcamin' on the beaches of Santa Crtir’ Ralph and Denise's Wcdding’Rooftop views of the City from Randolph St.’ Morgan and Adenah's Wedding’ Dave Matthew's Band concerts Vibrator rings’ Tenth Floor Gnll’Art Museum runs Body building ss ith Pam and Ma Binder’ Mormon Rummy Chocolate covered bananas and nun-nipples Even after all this time the sun never says to the cards, Y'ou ossx me." Look what happens with a love like that...It lights up the svhole world 2008 AcUlts 7 3Slan Randall Hersh. PPM FRANKLIN MARSHALL COLLEGE B.A. BIOLOGY The last Lour years have been tilled with memories and new friends. The support ot my parents and sisters have kept me motivated throughout my stay at TUSPM and is greatly appreciated. Heather, you have been there for me every step of the way and your influence on me is too vast to put into words. The scenery keeps on changing but sve keep staying the same (a ridiculously good looking couple with chiseled features). Adam, thanks for letting me follow you to podiatry school and putting up with me using our little apartment as a warehouse. You may own me in Madden but I will take down more Kung Pao peppers any day of the week. Ben. thank god Andy Dick did not check into rehab....you had Calvin shaking in his shoes before you made that infamous call. We let Forsberg skate once again and Old City expeditions were always eventful. Erie: I appreciate you keeping Ray's in business and AC trips would not have been the same without all rhose comps. You still cannot hit a foul shot (even lumping) and you know that I hold the 36 belt. Scott Dr. Whitneys son is proud of you and the next time you want to go to La Renaissance let me know and we can throw beer cans together. Phong; One day Pat and I will explain to you what 'The U" is and teach you how to run it. In the meantime go get yourself some funnel cake and a soda. Guys, the next time you want to go to a Temple football game maybe we can stay for more than a drive before getting our personal tour of the field Good luck to everyone else and thanks for all of the great times! 36 C Toneft Umvosity Sc(«col cf PcrfatYiC MtiibWfNga Thici 11 lo. PPM UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND AT COLLEGE PARK 8.S. BIOCHEMISTRY CONGRATULATIONSQmof2008! VCc'vcfinally mode it. andwhat a |oumc we'vehad! I owe my achievement! to the guidance and wiuiom of my Mom. Dad. Phuongand my Uadct Thanh and Tn and their familicv Thank you for your lose and support throughout mv life. Mom. your strength iv the glue that hold our family together. Thank vou for your ucririce. love and dedication. Dad. thank you for providing ternary and the Icvtont you taught me. I will alway v be your lit tie girl. My big brother, who I have alwayi looked up to and admired, thankt for y our advice and leader ihip. And ro my best friend Jane. thank you tor always lieing there. I love you like a i rci 1 never had Brandcn, thank you for alway Handing by me. Thank vou for the notice, walk . laughter and memories. Your encouragement, strength, love and fflcndihip have alway lielpcd keep my spirit ujv And to Sharon and David Rhode . thank you for your kindnci . thoughtfolnew and for welcoming me into your home. To all my friendt at TUSPM thankt for the great timet and the memnnet - from volleyball garnet to birthday baihei to wedding celebranont! Caroline, thankt for three great yean av room matci Sunt, my friend before we even met. 1 will never torget our "|ojrrtdct and browmet and movie with Donald. Caroline and Brandcn. Thity, you arc one of the brightest. mem caring, gener-out. hard working and truly humble people 1 have ever met. Thank you fot your patience and trivnd thip. I with you and your huiband happmew and prosperity. Good luck to all of mv friend . I with you the uicccis you deverve. Tlvank you Mom and Dad for alway believing in me 1 dedicate rhiv poem to voir I may no longer be that little child who alway wanted another hug or minute with you But I will miw you when wc ate apart. I may no longer need your hand for c ery «tep I take But 1 (till need your acecptatKC and uppori of every thing I do. 1 may not be that little child who atked for all the thing I ever wanted in the world But that became long ago you taught me how to go after my dream . I'll alway love you. Mom and Dad. with the heart oi tlut little child Grown to love you only more. •author unknown 2008 Ac(«i|(cs 7 37Carl Jason I loeger VILLANOVA UNIVERSITY B.S. BIOLOGY What's the point of wearing your favorite rocket ship underpants if nobody ever asks to see them? Calvin Hobbes To my lovely wife Jennifer, Thank you for putting up with me for the past four years. I couldn’t have done it without you. 1 know this goes without saying but I love you very very much. To my two sons Cooper and Clem, No matter how bad things get there is always room for a smile, and don’t ever let anyone tell you you can’t do something. TtlMpfc H «i cvsitH Scloof cfPc ijfviCCaroline G. I lio. PPM LYCOMING COLLEGE 8.S. BIOLOGY Bob- It is hard Lor me to cxprc« how much you mean to me and how much you have done for me. Thank you so much for your love and support...I know it was not always easy! You have always had faith in me even when I did not. Whenever 1 felt like I just couldn't take anymore you made me happy agam. I could not have done this without you. I love you with all of my heart and I look forward to our future together. We arc finally getting married...sorry for making you wait so long! Mom Dad- There are no words to describe how grateful 1 am for all you have done for me throughout my life. You arc the best parents in the whole world! You have given me love and support in everything that I have done. I have always wanted to make you proud, and this desire is what has driven me for most of my life. I know that you would have been proud of me no matter what! Thank you for giving me so much freedom and for always believing in me! I love you! Sara- You arc the best sister anyone could ever have! One of the hardest parts of the last four years was living so far apart! You have always been there for me to talk to whenever I needed anything and arc always especially good for a laugh...You arc always so funny! I want you to know that 1 am so proud of you and all of your accomplishments. I look forward to years of free dental work:) I am so happy that you are my sister! 2008 Atl'illcs 1 39John Joy Kadukammakal, PPM WIDENER UNIVERSITY B.S. COMPUTER SCIENCE Finally, the time has come where we can be called Doctors of Podiatric Medicine Accomplishing this great feat could not have been possible without the help of so many people. Mom Dad: Both of you have supported me all your lives. I realize that you each have worked countless hours have sacrificed a great deal in order to make me the man I am today. I am thankful to you both. I hope that I can always make you proud to be my parents. Chcchi: Even though we have different personalities, you have always backed me up. You always knew I would make it this far even when I doubted myself. Thank you for always believing in me. Julie: You 8c I have been through a lot these past few years. Even though we had our ups downs, you have made me a better person through it all. I can honestly say that I would do it all over again as long as you were right there with me. Class of 2008: Good luck congratulations to all of you. The past •» years have been great, but the real fun is just beginning. As we go our separate ways towards becoming better doctors, be sure to stop enjoy life because in the end. time waits for no one. r. Temple HoiVOSiflj ScUol cf Pe {ijf ic Mt tCiWSara Karamloo, DPM GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY 9.A. SOCIOLOGY Maman Baba: Mcro. I w-oujdnt be Here without i u_ You Allowed me to follow my dr com And helloed in me w hen i doubted myself Although I'll never be able to repay you for selflessly sacrificing vour lives to make mine better. I hope I've at least made you proud. 1 love sou bevond what any word can express Amijoon Mohboobeh, Fatideh Amoojoon: You've done «o much for me these pan 2S years. I'm extremely lucky to have you in my life and 1 want you to know that I appreciate it all and lose you for every bit of it. Mamani: You left me too soon N’ot a day goes by that 1 don't think about you. I wish you were here to witness the finale Rcra: Thanks for always calling and checking up on me. It tcolly meant the world to me. I've always been able to count on you and can't wait for you to become a lawyer and defend me Nina 4c Rob: Who would’ve guessed that such a strong bond would h»rm between a random girl from Syracuse, her boyfriend from Cali and me Thanks for all the memories Jav He Faith: I truly enjoyed watching our friendship blossom over these past few years. Here is to all the drama sve watched unravel and all the amusement we got from it. Neda 4c Moc: Thanks for all the laughs and for giving me a sense cl ’home' Reema, Brooke 4c Donald: You all played different vet major roles in my getting through these past few years I miss and wdl continue to miss you all tremendously. To All ofY'ou: "Together forever, never apart Maybe in distance, but never in heart "There comes a time when you must stand alone. You must feel confident enough within yourself to follow your own dreams. You must be willing to make sacrifices. Sometimes, familiari tv and comfort need to be challenged. There arc times when you must take a few extra chances and create your own realities. Be strong enough to at least try to make your life belter. Be confident enough that you won't settle for a compromise just to get by. Appreciate yourself by allusving yourself the opportunities to gross-, develop, and find your true sense of purpose in this life. Don't stand in someone clse's shadow when it's your sunlight that should lead the way " 2008 AcUllts 1 -nBrooke Elizabeth Keelev. PPM FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL COLLEGE B.A. CHEMISTRY Senior Note: Dear Claw of 2008. I cannot even begin to express how much I will miss everyone, especially my closest friends. Lots of luck in Residency!! Amy Elizabeth, you arc my dearest friend of all and 1 shall miss you the most and will remember our times alwavs-this experience wouldn't have been even half as good without you and I cannot even begin to think about parting for good without tearing up. And Michael, Ally. Sara. The Don. Boss. Kipper. Dana. Jade, Sarah...and of course my favorite little siblings. Mari and Jordan...you guys arc awesome and I shall never forget our times. Adam and Ian...we'll be Fummers always...so naturally you guys are the best. Extra special thanks to special someone who made me believe in myself more than anyone on this earth...my Sammy. And to our pigs who provided me with much-needed furry love on a daily basis. My parents deserve endless thanks and appreciation...but they probably will never read this book! Lots of love and good luck to everyone! Always, Brooksic -12 t Ttbtjajfe U i«vns«ti( scl ccl of Pc. iat «c Mt.(«c«utKenneth D. Kemp. PPM MICHENER INSTITUTE FOR APPLIED HEALTH SCIENCES DIPLOMA OF CHIROPODY (DCH) I've traveled to many places and each relocation brought a new chance to redefine myself To learn new cultures and to explore new meaning'. Each pit-stop altered the trajectory of my conscience and reverberated childhood memories; There’s no place like home. Along the way I’ve learned that no matter how different we arc. we're fundamentally all the same. Evers- man is more than his worst act and nearly every reprehensible act can with time be forgiven. Throughout this journey I've made new friends and lost others - but the memories persist. 1 give thanks to God. my family and friends for their continued love and support and the extraordinary clinicians at Temple for teaching me to be the best doctor that I can be. I pray that I will always be humbled by the blessings that have been previously and will henceforth be bestowed. 1 look forward to the next chapter. Congratulations to the Class of 2008 2008 Ac|«i||tS 7 43Candice A. Kepich. PPM KING’S COLLEGE G.S. BIOLOGY Mam, Dad and Jeff. Thank you so much for the love, sacrifice, support and encouragement you have always given me. Thanks Mom for all the care packages, surpnsc gifts and always being there to talk. Thanks Dad for being my financial advisor, mechanic, moving company and great dad all in one! Thanks Jeff tor all of the brotherly advice and weekends at Hershey that were well needed along the way. I am so happy that we have grown so close. You are the best brother 1 could ever ask for. 1 love you all so much and could not have done this without you. Thank you for helping me achieve my dreams and goals, and for believing in me. I could have never done it without each of you! Ryan: 1 never thought that I could ever meet someone like you. You arc a truly amazing person and I am so thankful you came into my life. You have made me so happy and you know just how to make me smile and laugh! I’m not exactly sure what the future holds, but I know you will be the most important part. I love you with all my heart today and always. Dana: Thank you for showing me what a true friend is and always being there. VC'c'vc been though a lot together over the last four years and from the very beginning you have been a great friend. We had lots of fun times and great talks and I am so glad we were able to do this together! I know in you that I have definitely found a friend for life. Class of2008: Congratulations and good luck! Thanks for the memories. -M t TOupIt UviVtVSifW Scl‘Ccl C-f PfJiJft'CPaul Y. Kim yonse: university B.S. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING I like to say thank you to my family and my friends. Without their support and friendship. 1 wouldn’t make this tar. Special thanks to my father, you always encourage me whenever I had doubt to myself. Thanks mom, you arc my foundation. And all my friends, it was great years here with you guys. Best ot luck to all you guvs!! 200i? AclolltS 7 -ISStephanie Eun-Hve Kim, PPM UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON B.S. CHEMISTRY I would like to start oft' by thanking God. I thank God for watching over me and giving me the opportunities to achieve my goals. To family. 1 could not have done this without you. There arc no words to describe how grateful I am for your unconditional love, encouragements and supports. You guys inspired me to work hard and never give up in achieving my goals. I dedicate this to my mom. dad and sister. 1 LOVE YOU ALL very much. •16 r Temple MwiVOSitM SC I eel of Pte iajYiCBeniamin J. Kleinman. PPM UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN-MADISON B.S. Z0010GY 8I010GY Thanks to everyone for the following: Adam M. - Lunches, microwaves at Graduate, the AFC North rivalry Adam L. - Sharing 3 25 95, Baltimore Ann - The Flyers, your advice at Burger King Chns F. - Fantasy hockey (you should keep on playing) Donald H. - Towson. the Wire Donald I - Linde May. old movie theaters with good popcorn Eric - Fleeing from Jeremy, one-liners, casual vomiting in LB1. trips to Rite Aid, asking you "what?' Ian - Covering the spread. Forcsbcrg. three team teasers, unopened PS3s. 2nt street between Market and Chestnut, sake bombs at Fuji Mountain, darts. Chinese food from reputable places Lauren • Everything Mike L - UW Badgers Phong - Comics, edging me out by 2 yards that won you 2nd place Scott - Unsurpassed keno prowess. Mexican food, cold weather and air conditioning. Hamilton friends, stomping on fish, the roof (when it's open), light beer Stacey - Dranumine. late night faux pas Victor - Times at the VA. talking about football 2008 AcUltS J 17Dana Elizabeth Klush. dpm LEHIGH UNIVERSITY B.S. BIOCHEMISTRY “ Life's a journey, not a destination..." ...and what a journey it has been so far! As I am graduating from Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine. I wish to acknowledge those who were here along the way: First and foremost, my parents, James and Diane. My sisters. Jaclynn and Olivia, and Uncle Joe. Uncle Frank. Aunt JoAnn, Michael, and Chase. My dear friends: Tracey. Michelle. Donald. Phil. Tony, Mancl. Keith. Corey, Maria. Jenna. Candice, Ivy. Brooke, Suniri, Julie, John. Dana. Melissa. Nga, Allison. Cordon, Sara. Patti. Ann Marie. The professors, clinicians, faculty, and staff at TUSPM. The City of Philadelphia. You arc all a very integral part of my life. I attribute my success to your influence. presence, guidance, and your inspiration. Aunt Lucy, Grandma, and Grandpa, who arc now at peace, remain my motivation for becoming a doctor. Finally. I would like to convey best wishes to the Class of 2008! I am proud to be your colleague and your friend. Congratulations on your success! -If? C Tnnplc Sfl«cc( ff Ptr iafYiC Mt iChuPhong Hoan Le. PPM CLARK UNIVERSITY B.A. BIOLOGY WORCESTER STATE COLLEGE B.S. NATURAL SCIENCES NUCLEAR MEDICINE TECHNOLOGY Mom Dad To my heroes who risked everything so cook to a world you knew very tittle about to give your children a dunce fiat a better life. I admire and thank you lot everything you have done liar ui became without the two of you pitching m. encouraging us. helping ut. unfitting ut and loving uv; we would not be here today. 1 love you two 10 very much. Dung: My sweetheart, my love, my every thing Baby . I want to thank you became I wouldn't hair made it that far without your support. tricngth. patience, truer, kindness. cncouragemcm. and love. I know ir'» been a long and cough road thru dm long durance engagement but I'm very graceful that you stuck by my iide. Doofcic. I can't imagine my world without you in it and warn you to know that. “Amytu em nhieu Urn', mote than you will ev cr know' Julie Niki: Sis. I just want you to know that I am very proud of y ou and loir you and Niki so much Vu Bto. thanks for all you support. loir and encouragement (Mom Dad) SuongKscu Tina. Lily Thank you so much tor every thiiigcspccially being there for me when I almost gave it all up and for all the great memories in-between. I hope you can all look to me as an older brother or a von that will always be there for you. 1 lose you guys to much VLCB Thanks for bang my host fottlie past ISyrs • I wouldn't hase turned out the way I did il 1 didn't have friends like you busdng my chops all the tune but at the same time, believing in me. rhe Guys: EB ’SB’IK.SS III Bk OH ES PM Man we've had tome crazy times together the past few s cats. 1 know I would has e missed out on so much if I hadn't had you fellas to share these awesome memories with so thanks for everything Isoyz. 1 am honored to hase met all of you and hope that six will all be aisle to keep in touch after we arc all long gone from TUSI’M. The Gals: TV SP JD RD SK AN JG: 1 had a blast ihrse tesv years and glad that 11 of sou lud been a pan of it all and I would bkc to wish you all the best of luck in life, lose and happiness (".lavs of2008: It's been teal, good luck eseryisne. 2008 AcInfltS -07Ebony LaShay Love. PPM GEORGIA SOUTHERN UNIVERSITY B.S. CHEMISTRY First. I would like to thank God without him none of this would be possible- I would also like to thank niv family for their unwavering support over the years. Mom and Dad thank you so much for always encouraging me to pursue my dreams and believing in me. Our many long talks have kept me tocused. I can not wait until the day I can repay you for all that you have sacrificed tor us kids. You arc truly appreciated we could not have asked God for a better, kinder, or more devoted set of parents. To my little brothers who arc not so little any more I could always count on yall for a laugh. You both have such bright futures ahead of you and 1 love you. To my friends here at Temple. 1 can not imagine my time here without you. Bam Bam aka Em aka JJ you know your like family to me and we have been through a lot. We have had many random road trips over the years. I can truly say you were down for whatever and between you and Bibi my back was always covered. Bibi. I could always count on you. Um huh. We had many unbelievable meals with unbelievably bad service. I’ll never forget the trips to At-laxitic City leaning in the elbow. Ta.sha. we watched many a movie and did way too much shopping, missed you this past year in Texas. Dinky stop wearing that old lady hat! Ken and Syd you guys cainc late in the game but 1 have had some good times with you both. John and Julie had some fun outings. Betty still waiting on that paella. I love you guys, our time here at Temple has flown bye so fast. C Temple Ibrivositif StUel cf Pc.' iat «£ Mt tCiXtAdam Blake Lovvy. DPM UNIVERSITY OF DELAWARE 8.S. EXERCISE PHYSIOLOGY Clinicians and Professors: Thank sou for gismg me live foundation to enter this grear profession. 1 im grateful to be taught bv so many intellectual and well respected doctors of our profession. I appreciate the information you have shared w ith me over the last i yean Please contin ue to share your knowledge to students after me. And of course ..thanks for putting up with me! Class ZOOS: Congratulations tnd good luck to cseryonc! It's been a rough 4 years and ssc have been through a lot together, It has taken its toll on all of us. but sve lus-c made it! 1 am glad to call all of you associates! Mom. Dad. Eric. ffc Da Sam Mom. told me in high school 1 would be a great podia mir...you’re right! You all have been by niv side for the good and the ugly. 1 could not have done this without you and your support. I cannot thank you enough I love you all! liana- Thanks for the support i£ confidence sou give me. I los-e vou very much. I am so grateful to have someone who care for me so much and always encourages me to try my best. DRP- good roommate a great friend Family Guy, cookin' dinner, parrying and burning down the apt -Since SIP 1 knew this would be J life long friendship. Good luck to sou doss n south. Ncwbs- best of luck to you out west, matzah! Mcnkc-and you thought I was a dork at interviews! Wc had some great times, keep in touch Fatti-Funniest kid at school, great times nett to you in class, keep rockin' Kcith-Your brain has overwhelming amount of knowledge Best of luck to you and Ally MJL-grcat times, great laugh 2 X'c studied A: partied together and look where u took u . Good luck A: don't screen my phone calls . Moll Blear. Bouldin- whiskey in bag at 311. keep hi touch A: good luck Arcc, Ben. Branded. Chad. Pat, Gordo. Radbill, Brooke. Amy. Sara K.. Sohl. John. Julie and anyone 1 forgot to mention- great times spent with allot you and 1 wish vou all the best in your futures I look forward to seeing how you Have succeeded in our profes »ion ‘Whatever you do, Take care of your shoes"-Phish 200tf AfUltS ? StAliya Matthews. PPM TEMPLE UNIVERSITY 8.BA FINANCE Family Sc Dearest Friends: Thank you tor your support over the past 4 years. I could not have done it without you. Class of 2008: CONGRATULATIONS! I wish all of you luck in your residencies and future careers. 'Education is just a means. If it is not accompanied by truthfulness, firmness, patience and other virtues, it remains sterile, and sometimes does harm instead of good. The object of education is not to be able to earn money, but to improve oneself and to serve the country. If this object is not realized, it must be taken that the money spent on education has been wasted." M. Ghandi S2 r To«plt HvrvtYSitif School of Peii-atvicAmy E. McCandless. PPM UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND, COLLEGE PARK PHYSIOLOGY AND NEUROBIOLOGY Mom Dad: Thank you so much tor all rhc love and upport rhroughouc the years. I would never be where I am today it it weren't for the best parents anyone could ask for. I couldn't possibly thank you two enough for all you have done for me; from building my cave, to warm meals, to listening to all of my stories. Your unconditional love has made all of the difference in my life. I love you! Kris Cait: Thanks for being such great sisters and more importantly thanks for laughing at my jokes. Grandad: You have made so many things possible tor me in my life. Thank you for being such a great grandfather and always being there for me. I love you! Brooksic: 1 truly would not have survived the past -» years without you. Thanks for moving over and sitting next to me in the back ot the room. I'll never forget rhc endless hours we spent in those scats and the awesome friendship that came of it. We have grown to be study part ners, Starbucks buddies, and lifelong friends. I wish the best for you in the years to come. Don’t ever forget how great you arc. Thanks tor always being proud of me...it means more to me than you'll ever realize. Class of 2008: Congratulations and good luck! 2008 Aci.ides 7 S3Patrick Robert McDonald. D.P.M. FAIRFIELD UNIVERSITY 8.S. BIOLOGY Thank you Mom. Dad, Steve. Moc. Gramps. Ginny. and all my other Friends and family who have been so great in lending your love and support over these past four years. 1 wouldn’t be where 1 am today without any of you. Thank you Dr. Martin and Jamie for the continual guidance you have given me in clinic and in our research projects and for always helping me keep a sense of humor. Thank you to the rest of the clinicians who have taught me so much and have guided me in my continual path to becoming a well-rounded physician. Finally, thank you to my friends at TUSPM, you guys made this such a great experience and I hope that we can always stay in touch one way or another. Good Luck to all of my colleagues in the future. VI f To«p(c MvivtvsitW Scl ccl ef Pc iafvic MtMewtAllison Menke. DPM EMORY UNIVERSITY NEUROSCIENCE BEHAVIORAL BIOLOGY Ma - As I’ve grown older and wiser, I've finally realized how smart and wonderful you arc. Without your love, support and guidance. I wouldn't be anywhere close to where I am now. Thanks for never giving up on me. always forgiving me, and for helping me through my meltdowns. You're the strongest woman I know who 1 am proud to call my mom and best friend. Dawcc - Thanks for supporting me at everything I do. You're the kindest and hardest workingman I know. Your emails and phone calls (batteries, flashlights. and insurance cards!) have gotten me through some tough times. I wouldn't have made it without you. Chrisfur - I’ve always looked up to you, and been proud to call you my brother. When we went out to lunch that day, you convinced me to take a look at Podiatry and I'm glad I did. Thanks for helping me study and letting me follow you at the hospital, even when I whined about it! I look forward to working with you, and tormenting you for the rest of our lives! Erin - Thanks for being such an amazing part of my life. We've been through so much together and 1 look forward to what the future holds. Each day we grow closer together and I thank God I have someone like you to be with. Thanks for supporting me. all the way to Georgia! Margo - You were the first one to give me a chance during surgery anti taught me to suture. Thanks lor your support and guidance along the way. I’m excited for you to join the Griswold clan, and be the sister I've always wanted. 2008 Af(m|Its 7 SSChad Dean Moorman. DPM UNDERGRADUATE SCHOOL B.S. PSYCHOLOGY Pop% The importance of hard work you instilled in me paid oft' You showed me what it means to have HEAR T and courage to believe in myself and to stand-up for what 1 believe in. WEDID IT. Aaron and Robyn: You always watched out for me, and took care of me when it mattered most You always had my back, and kept me out of trouble. You arc the best siblings I could ever have. Ms grandparents: Dean and Dorothy Moorman: RIP: I know you are with me everyday in my heart Ttoefaidh aria To Jack and Pat Colcrn. You showed me what it means to honor yourself, family, and history. From Irish Steel Workers in Ruftalo. to industry workers I will never forget the past. ’Raise the Starry Plough on High" To my Family; Thank you for all the support. I know I have been assay for sometime nosv, but your thoughts and letters kept me going over the years. Maria We have been through a lot. You have kept me focused when times were tough You mean the world to me. Thank you. I Love you. Friends: Chuck. Devin, Jake: We have been brothers to each other our whole lives, been through it all Thanks for being there. Biello. Ntco and the Spaniard you have been my family away from home: you three always offered words of ads ice. and kept me on track with my goals, thanks Branded. Jason. Pat. Chris, Cordon. Donald. Scott, and Tennessee: thanks for all the good times. May we keep in touch throughout the scars. Clinicians: Dr. P. Dr. Martin: your words of wisdom helped me through a lot here at school. Thank you. Ben H . Dr. Song and Gait lab crew thanks for all the help on my research. To the Class of 2008: Good luck in the future. 56 C Tc «pit WvivomIv ScUel efPcrtafvic Mt. c« «tAdam Mvcts DPM FRANKLIN MARSHALL COLLEGE B.A. CHEMISTRY I want to thank my mother and father for always supporting me but giving me the freedom to make my own decisions. Coming home for a weekend always relieved any stress 1 may have been feeling. You arc the best and I am forever grateful. To my brothers. Vic and Ross, you guys arc crazy. I had so much fun taking you to Hard Rock and Reading Terminal Market. Ann thanks for the countless hours of listening to me during the course the past four years. I never could have made it through school without your thoughtful insight, your positive outlook on life or you chocolate birthday cakes. Hcrshmanzadch. you owe me another game of Madden! You can have the Giants. I 'll take the Steclcrs. To my classmates, I want to wish you all the best of luck with your careers. I hope you have successful practices and private lives. 200 Ac|m||(s 1 S7Ann Nakai WEST VIRGINIA WESLEYAN COLLEGE ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE For as long as I can remember. I 've been waiting for my life to start. Once I move out of the house, graduate from college, finish podiatry school, when residency is over... I've only begun to realize that life has been happening all along. Mom and Sara. I love you so much. We each seem so independent but I couldn't have made it without you. Thanks for always being there. Tara. You always make me laugh. Thanks for being such a great room mate and friend over rhe years. Good luck with everything. I know you'll be a great podiatrist and I’ll send you my peds patients. Jacinta, Kenneth, and Sydney. Bobble Jaks forever. We’ve shared a lot of fun times. I hope we always remain friends. Temple Clinicians. Ir takes a special person to teach newer generations of podiatrists. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, encouragement and patience. Congratulations. Class of 2008. C Temple Ww«ve s«tl[ bd'ccl ff Pe iaf i£ Me iCiweSarah Marie New I v. DPM UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON B.S. MICROBIOLOGY "Give me strength to change the things I can change, the courage to accept the things I cannot change, and grant me wisdom to know the difference." A big thanks to my family, old and new. tor all the love and support they have shown me throughout my life. To my friends, past and present, for helping shape who I am and influencing who I will someday become. 2008 AcUltS 7 S9Yvonne Uchenna Ozuzu. PPM DUKE UNIVERSITY B.A. PSYCHOLOGY Thank you so much Lord tor guiding me here. I am so honored and pnvdcdgcd to be here. I have to give a huge, huge hug to the wrongest, most beautiful woman in the world, my Mommy. Thank you Mom tor constantly pushing me to be the best that 1 can Ik. To my lovely sister Wendy, you arc a true gem. Continue to shine baby! Thank you for always being there for me. To my handsome Jordan, look how much y ou'vc grown! Thank you tor saving my life! I owe you everything. CJ. you arc truly a surprise ttoin heaven. Who knew that Blessings came in your size? You arc a great brother. I want to thank Jermaine for having my back the past 2 years; I don’t know where I would be without your support. Thank you for your unconditional love.. I need to thank my wonderful BFFs: Jenny. Adelaide. Keishann and Tammy for all your love and support throughout the years; I love the Fab 5! An eat piercing SKF.E-WEE to my linesisters and my Sorors. major shout out to Spring ( 6. wow. what a nde!?! And we still have a long way to go. Thank s ou Student Council for letting me serve you to the best of my ability. I truly cn|oycd being President and 1 can’t wait to see how much things will improve and the impact that council will continue to make on TUSPM’s campus. I want to thank all the professors who believed in me and supported me. If I could go back again and pick a school. 1 would choose Temple all over again because of the amazing professors here. A huge shout out goes to Marie!, .Aliya. Victor, Reema. Sara. Dana K. Brooke my Study buddy and all the other genuine and wonderful friends that I have made at TUSPN1.1 will never forget you all; can’t wait to raise a toast with you on grad uation day. I gotta shout out My Big Sib Wendy, who guided me for 4 years and STILL giscs me a listening car. thank you for being the best BigSibinTUSPM history! Last, but certainly not least, to my Mama, who inspiicd me to enter this profession, may your spun continue to watch over me. I love all of you. So they say that I’m a doctor now? Nice! 60 C Tom pit Sfl-ccl cf Pcr iat iC Mtr i coteSuniti D. Patel BAYLOR UNIVERSITY B.S. IN FORENSIC SCIENCE Mom and Dad: I cannot imagine thu life without you gm Your cndlctt lose. encourage ment. and tupport hot brought me thn tar. Thi experience hat nude out iclationthip xtronger and I have mote icipect tor vou now then ever. Thank for ail the tacnlicc you hate made to allow me to become who and what I am today. 1 lose you both very much and can never repat all that you have done for me. It it an honor to have parent tuch at you. I owe you all ot my patt and current accomphthmcntv I dedicate chat degree to you both and hope that it nuke you proud. Shrettha I cannot put into wordt what you mean to me. I cannot .'k tor a better titter than you. Shrettha. VC’ho elte will litten to me vo undividedlv. will keep me cane and grounded Thank • for being a great titter. Iittcncr. confidant, and my bett friend. 1 |utt w ant to ay that 1 am very proud of you for the woman that you have become. Lotc you always. Avl: You arc the bett little brother anybody could a k for. You can alwayt count on me tor guidance and tupport. I am to proud of all your accomplishment . It it amazing how totneone at voung at vou can be to cornidcratr and caring. Thankt tor everything Id bro. TUSPM friend Nina. Thank you for being a mentor and a constant encouragement. Nga Thank you for being my first friend at TUSPM You ttood by my tide w hen I needed you the mott. Thankt for listening to roc when 1 needed to be heard Recma Thank you fot being a great roommate and a friend. I will never forget the dance night and the tturudest thing that we laughed at Carolyn: Thank you for watching Lou with me. wouldn't have been the tarttc without your company. Thuy: Thank vou for teaching me to be focutcd. I hat e learned a great deal from you.Jacinta Thank you for making an exception for me...you know what I mean. Phong: Thank you fot alwayt making me mule w hen I wot down and fot being there every!ime my cat died. Stacev Thank you for being such an honett and caring friend. I appreciate for all the tough and good timet we went through which made out fncndthip stronger than ever Tcnnctsce and Scon: Thank you for Ins teasing my tolerance lor alcohol (haha). 1 appreciate vou guy bang there for me and littening to all the drama even though you guy hated it Donald: Thank you for introducing me to Family Guy.,.I love it It anuzet me that someone to different from me hat the tome taitc in food and entcttaintntent I hank you for being a kind and a true friend. Arcc: Thank you for bang an honett friend .1 appreciate all the support you have given me. All the memottet we have thared arc countless and will never be forgotten. You have all play cd such an important part in my TUSPM experience and without you. I don't know how I would have made it through I am to grateful to have you guy at my friend . Thank you guys for every thing, I look forward to watchingeach of you grow, at you become excellent podiattic physician . Clan of 200S: I with each of you all the bew in vour future I hope that you alwayt practice medicine with companion and dignity 2008 AcUltS 7 61Kelly Poncheri ,dpm KING’S COLLEGE B.S. NEUROSCIENCE, B.A. PSYCHOLOGY Mom and Did: From the days ol'little league baseball. toendless travel to college field hockey garnet, you've been my I font. Tlunk you for the love and support you've always given me With every goal I've set for myself, you've been behind me 100%. and 1 share this incredible achievement with you both The patience you had for me while enduring the ups and downs of this journey is admirable. Mom- You truly are my best friend and 1 wouldn't be the strong, confident person 1 am today without you. Dad- Your 'one-liner' emails always came at the perfect time! HI always remember our Sam phone eallt when we were the only people awake and working at that hour! You've both made endless sacrifices to allow me to reach my dreams, and 1 hope IVe made you hall as proud is I iin to have you is my parents. I love you! Pop: You've been by my side through every milestone. From the days of us buying each other crazy socks, to attending my 'early thanksgiving' dinner last year, you have always been an integral part of my life. 1 could always count on you for a great laugh and commendable wisdom. Thank vou for bong there for me always. Vara I truly wouldn't hast made it through without you! From day I I knew you were special! Our weekend irudv sessions, questions of the day. summer of song, and the nde it has been arc memories 1 will hold close to my heart always! Thank you for bong such a wonderful friend. Love you BFF! Chula Thank you for your care, support, and for all you've taught me I am eternally grateful! You will be the best orthopaedic spine surgeon around, and I am so proud of you for all you've accomplished! 3 you! Kris, Fatti. Tara. Keith. Al, Dana Ca You've all touched iny life throughout this journo and have become lust flatly colleagues, but great friends! I wish you all luck and success tv j u-J) . «W At lift .ii.« vajAft, mostly wondtrful, lometrmet frightening. In my family and frientL 1 here dittetered treaiurt mart i ah, aide than fold, I iv fold Attention when I had to And Ait»v made more right t’Atki than wrong ants to end up at ihn moment, with a thotuandport! of iaU behind me. And a thou, and more to tee. C Mvttvcvv«tif Scl eel ef P «at ic KitdiciYtBarbara Marvann Porter. DPM UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND, COLLEGE PARK B.S. MATHEMATICS AND LINGUISTICS Thank you Dad for all the support you've given me over the years. You were the best dad and mom in the world. Thank you Scbastien for always being there tor me. no matter how grouchy I am when I get home. Thank you for all the dinners you made while 1 slept on the couch. Thank you to Dollic, Bob. Jcan-Picrrc and Michelle; I always look forward to the time wc spend together and I wish it could be more. Thank you Sharon tor being such a good triend to my dad. Thank you to the rest of my triends and family who arc all very important to me. Thank you to Tristan and Potroast... best cats ever! Thank you to the Reading Terminal Market for being located so close to the school. I don’t know where I'd be without you. Thank you to the front left-hand corner of ail the classrooms and Mike. Betty, and everyone else who sat in the vicinity. It was the place to be! 2008 Aclolfts 7 63Donald Rubertino Powell, PPM GEORGIA SOUTHERN UNIVERSITY 8.S. BIOLOGY Mom and Dad: You arc my rock. I can easily say that I would never be where I am today if it were not for you. You were there when I laughed and cried; succeeded and failed. You gave me the strength and motivation to complete what I started and your unending love and support never ceased to amaze me. Know that I appreciate every story, every hug. every smile and every sacrifice. You inspire me and I can only hope to be halt the parent you have both been to me. I luv you with all of my heart. To my family: Your endless support is without bounds and I am grateful for everything you have done for me. Sam. Elisc, Grandma. Raul... I luv you. To my close friends: It goes without saying who you arc and how much you mean to me. You have helped shape the very fiber of who I am and I cannot thank you enough for your loyalty, companionship, and unending laughs...I extend my deepest gratitude. Life would certainly be boring without you. To my fellow graduates: Congratulations to you all. It has been a pleasure and I wish you only the best. 6-1 ' TtHlpft UxiVCYSilVf Scl-et-l 0fP MviC KiCeliCiXtSara Radbill. DPM BUCKNELL UNIVERSITY B.A. SOCIOLOGY WITH A CONCENTRATION IN HUMAN SERVICES Mom and Dad: Thank you for all of your help and support through out all that 1 have done. 1 can only hope that you arc as proud at me as 1 am of you and your accomplishments. 1 love you both very much and I'm thankful everyday for all that you have given me. Brian: My hubby, thank you lor being my inspiration and rock of support. I don't know how I would have gotten through this without you. You arc my best friend and love of my life, and I can't wait to see what the future has in store for us. Thank you for all rhat you do for me everyday. Kelly: Our little jokes, notes, and doodles got me through these past four years. Thank you for always being there for me and for always being someone to talk to. No matter where we arc in the future I know we will always be great friends. BFF! To all of my other friends and classmates: Good luck with everything and keep in touch! “Be the change you wish to see in the world" 2008 Af|..||ts 7 6SAmanclcep K. Randhawa. PPM UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA B.SC. BIOLOGY And now I'll spend my life healing feet There's some who helped me achieve this feat I'd like to say thank you to mom and dad For all your love and support I'm extremely glad Ram you’re the greatest brother a girl could ask for How is it that whenever I ask you don't just give you do more Mini as a sister you arc simply great You were right, great things come to those who wait Raj although you're the newest addition to our family It’s incredible how important you’ve become to me And as long as all of you are beside me There's no stopping what I can be.... 6 C TetHpfe Hvi tvs«fif Scl-oof of Pc ial «c KuMcixiBrandon Rcitlcr Rhodes. PPM COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY B.S. MICROBIOLOGY First and foremost I'd like to thank my parents, David and Sharon Rhodes. Thank you for the opportunities and guidance you have provided me over the years. Mom, thank you tor your love, friendship, sacrifice and devotion. Dad, thank you for your understanding, love and patience. To my brother Darren, you arc my best friend. I appreciate you always being there for me and wish you great success in your career. To David, you are a true friend and perhaps one of these years I might forgive you for going to CU. To Paul, thanks for being a brother to me all these years. Finally, thank you to my Grandparents and Great Aunt Barb. You have shown me how to enjoy life and what it truly means to be a family. Nga, whatever the future may hold, I will always fondly remember the time we spent together. Thank you for vour devotion, love, and laughter. You arc always there for me. providing an open heart and understanding car. To the Ho family, thank you for welcoming me into your lives. To all my friends and colleagues at TUSPM, good luck in your careers and future endeavors. Thank you for the memories and fun rimes. 200S AcUltS 7 67Jay Daniel Ryan, DPM UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA 8.S. BIOCHEMISTRY 1 would like to thank my family and friends for all your support and the great memories throughout the past four years. It has been a great experience that I will always remember. OS • Tnwplt U) i nsttkf ScUcI ef PevfafticAree Saed, DPM UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND B.S. IN BIOLOGY I vc been saying to my self that 1 want to graduate before I get any grey hair. This could be expressed in one word “Late". It is over, after years of being a student; no more. This is the end of student life and the practical life starts here. Thank you. Mother, for being there whenever I needed you. Thank you. Father, for all your encouragement and help. Thank you. rest of my family and friends for your supports. With out you all. 1 could not do this. 2008 Acl«iHts 1 69Chan tel Nicole Sanford, PPM UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA B.A. ENGLISH M.S. ED. SECONDARY ENGLISH EDUCATION Ftttt And foremost. I thank, my Lord And Savior Jesus Christ for the trials And blessings that cam; in m pursuit of thn degree. Psalms 37:-»-5 say . "Delight yourself Alto in the Lord. And He »ill give you the detirct and secret petition! of your heArt. Commit your way to the Lord; truit alto in Him and He will bring it to paw." To my Parents Where would I be without you? I thank you for letting me live rent-free during whool Mott ot all. I thank you for undemanding when 1 didn't have rime became I had to »tudv or wake-up early, I thank you (or letting me be Charnel even when 1 wat hard to live with. You are the be t parent a child could avk fot. I am proud to have you at my parent!. I love you and thank you In the word of The Intruden. Til alwayt love mv momma, ihc'c my favorite girl You only get one)’ To my Socorv Thank vou for having my bath and being my ihoulder. "Through the yean a« we uruggle-.We help each other for wc know there's no other like out sisterhood. Alpha Kappa Alpha." Skcc-Wee! To ihc Clinicians: Thank you for the knowledge and the experience through which 1 hate become a better person and more confident doctor. 1 can vav that 1 love Podiamc Medicine and all it ha« to offer. I know feet! Clast of2008: May you hate success in all your endeavors It nutters not how straight the gait. How charged with punishment the scroll. I am the matter of my fate: I am thr captain of mv cole Adapted from him tin by Wm. Ernest Henley 70 C Tc) ip(t UvCYCVSilM 'icI'Ool cf PodiatViC KiCtliC« CFaith A. Schick, DPM RUTGERS UNIVERSITY 8.S. BIOLOGICAL SCIENCE Thank you so much for sharing rhc past four years with me. My gratitude and affection go beyond that which words can say. I say farewell with one last foot quote. You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. You’re on your own. And you know what you know. You are the guy who'll decide where to go. -Dr. Scuss 2008 AcUlts 7 71Stacey L. Scotton. ppm BERRY COLLEGE B.S. CHEMISTRY Tennessee, if you can't stand on 2 legs, use 3. Japera, keep praising Jesus. Phong. I'm still waiting for you to appear on SportsCenter s top 10. Simmons, maybe one day you'll play a game and not hurt yourself. DE. you may be the man. the myth, the legend, but you're still chcstlcss as ever my friend. Kibibi, leave mv black card alone. 1 need it. Ian. choke slamming people is assault. Bleazey, your friends can come as long as you keep them on a leash. Ben. to bad it was just one night, and we need to work on our communication skills. Suraj. Pimpin aint easy, that's probably why you don't do it. Nwosu, luckily for you a mans worth is not determined by his height. Suniti. may it always be Soooo good to you. Jacinta. the only chances we regret arc the one's we don’t take, and watch those swan fingers, you're gonna hurt somebody. To the Family To my brother. Breath baby, this is no time for tears. Momma, you know I love you right. Dad. I am my father's son. Sheldon. It's your boy- Golllldfingcrrrr. Dr. (ioldfingcr if you don't mind, you know what you've done. ''Thanks" ZC, you better throw some business my way. Lucan the man. arc time is coming, you'll see my friend. Shac. give me a call, no reason tor wolf toes now baby. This is what 1 do. Aunts Uncles- thanks for your prayers. Aunt Galc Unclc Dale I appreciate you. “Excuses arc monuments ot nothingness and those who choose to use them will never amount to anything' T. Scotton Ir. (my big brother) 'When someone shows you who they arc believe them A man cannot rise to low expectations” -Sheldon “Rcubv Rcub" Peterson "Io everyone God has given something. but to no one has he given everything" -S.Scotton Baby ‘The race goes not to the quick or the strong but to those that endureth to the end" And with that my friends I'M OUT C 7i)«pfc H tivm«|if ScUel cf Po iatv c Mti.n tEric G. Simmons. PPM UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHAPEL HILL, 8.A. EAST CAROLINA UNIVERSITY, M.8.A. Just a few words for those who remember: Vegas baby Vegas, yellow plastic BBs. water balloons and the slingshot, the poncho, random intramural sports (dodgcball?). the bottomless keg at Kanuuuuuga, rat dogs and canoe trips, rooftop gatherings and the attack of the lire extinguisher. Oh yeah, and all those pesky classes. Thanks for 4 years of good times. I hope we all have many more to come. 2008 Ac|m(Iis 7 73Jason M. Svveeley. DP. l LYCOMING COLLEGE B.S. BIOLOGY To the class ot 2008: Congratulation ! The past four years have been a truly amazing time We’ve all had so many challenges and obstacles that we have overcome. I've met so many wonderful people and made some great friendships. I with you all the best in the future! Thank you for all the wonderful times. Mom and Dad: Thank you for all the love and support you have given me through the years. Without y ou I would not be where I am today. You have alss-ay been there for me. whether it be never missing a football game or wrestling match to helping pay for school. Thank you so much for all you have done. Ashlcv Rac: Thank you for putting up with me for the past7 years. I know it hasn't always been easy, but you have always been there for tne. I'm sure there arc mote tough times ahead, but 1 know that you'll alsvays be by my side and we’ll make it through them. 1 look forward to all that the future brings- Gram and Pap: Thank you for all the love and encouragement you have given me. You've always been there for me for whatever 1 have needed and I really appreciate it. Pop and Zctta: Thank you for all your love and supporr over the past few years. Without the financial support it would be difficult to be here today. Thank you. Jarrctt: We haven’t always been rhe closest, but that doesn't mean you've been any less important. Hunk you for all the support and encouragement you've given me. Good luck as you chase your dreams of bcinga beach bum ..oops, 1 mean marine biolo-gist To the rest of my family and friends: Thank you for all the love and support you have given me. There are too many to mention as I am running out of space, hut thank you all so much. Your love, support, and encouragement have made it possible for me to be where I am today. Thank you one and all! 7-1 C TMhpIc MxiVtVjtfW SC» Oof cf Pcr ut t( Mtr iCOiCTara Van Strander. DPM MORAVIAN COLLEGE b.s. :n biology To my Family: Thank you for your love and support! You have kept me sane! To the people at TUSPM chat helped me along the way: Thank you lor your guidance and support! Kobe: You arc the best dog ever! Sorry we can't be together... PLe, my life coach, and Eric: We've had many fun and crazy times! Thanks for everything and good luck! Ann: You arc the best roommate ever! 1 miss you! Milo: Thank you for your patience and love through the last four years! To my friends: Four years later Time goes by fast Got my memories And they will last I try to keep it simple cause I hate goodbyes I try to keep it simple by telling myself that I, I will remember you And all of the things chat we've gone through There is so much I could say But words get in the way so We're not together I will remember you You were there when I needed a friend Thank you. Thank you I never told you how much that meant Thank you. thank you I will remember you I Will Remember You-Ryan Cabrera 2008 A((iiffcS 7 7STluivhien Vu. DPM UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES MASTER OF SCIENCE, NURSING BACHELOR OF SCIENCE, NURSING To God: I praise you, O Lord for your love and faithfulness. Your blessings arc uncountable. You give my heart joy and peace even in difficult times. I pray that through my life. Your will be done and Your name be glorified. To Anh Tricu: Thank you for ALWAYS being there for me. Thank you for being strong when I'm weak, for motivating me when I’m discouraged. for loving, supporting and protecting me. You arc my best treasure in life! I love you very much. To Bo Me Sc Hoa: Thank you for the many meaningful and caring things that you have done for me over the past four years. It brings me much comfort and joy knowing that there are people thousand of miles away who care lor me and love me. I hope you know how important you arc in my life. To Ba Me: Thank you for loving and caring for me. 1 am very blessed to have you as my parents in-law. 76 t Tousle Uvivositif $c( ecl cf Pcw iatKC MofiovtLatasha T. Walters, DPM LOYOI.A UNIVERSITY OF NEW ORLEANS 8.S. BIOLOGY 2003 I'm happy to thank my family for their unyielding support through these trying years. My parents Herman and Dorothy Walters, my sisters. Javonda and Denisha, have always been there to hear the laughter, tears, and gnashing of teeth. You all arc why I keep trying. I'm happy to thank my professors, mentors and benefactors in Philadelphia and San Antonio. Dr. DiPrimio, Dr. Burke, Dr. Mattiaci, Dr. Muscurclla Dr. Michel. Dr. Lafontainc, Dr. Van Pelt, Dr. Zgonis, Dr. Harklcss, Dr. Penugonda, Dr. Brooks. Dr. Borchcrs, Dr. Felder and many more. You arc a great influence. 1 m happy to thank my classmates and my friends. I hope they know it gets better from here. I wish them all success and due to the nature of the profession. I'll see you all again. Thanks for all the advice and help, even when I didn't have the courage to ask. 2008 Ac(«i((tS 7 77Alton J. Wilks. PPM BAYLOR UNIVERSITY, WACO, TX B.A. BIOLOGY, MASTERS CLINICAL GERONTOLOGY "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" Phillipians t:13. Special thanks to my mother and father who have raised me from my youth and encouraged me every step along this journey. “Mom and Dad you never gave up on me. and never let me give up on myself.’ Whatever I said I wanted to do. you always said" I know you can do it.’ I hope 1 have made you as proud as I am to have you as my parents. “1 will always love you." Thanks to all my family (James. Nina, and Jared: Carla. Benjamin. Chloc. and Andrea; Charles and Arlene Curl, etc.), who never tried to stop me or silence my dreams, but was always there to help me when I needed it. “I love you all." I eagerly anticipate my future. I have learned from my past, and I am content with my present state. My strength has been renewed by meeting this goal in my life, and now 1 must finish my journey through life. 7tx C TOHt.lt HmVOMllf ScUol ff Pe tat tC Mo iCeMt___________________Sydney Yau. PPM_________________________ UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO B.S. BIOCHEMISTRY To my savior. Jesus Christ: Thank you for showing; me lose in a way that no other could, as your sacrifice has given me life. I am thankful that even though I am more sinful than I could ever imagine, your grace is greater than I could ever dream. 'For you know the grace ofour LordJesus Christ, that t sough hr was rich, yet for your sakes he became poor, so that you through his poverty might become neb'2 Corinthians S:9 To my family: Your never-ending support and encouragement means the world to me. Let's keep going on more family reunion trips! Mom and dad: you guys arc the best parents that 1 could have ever hoped for. Thank you for the sacrifices that you have made so that 1 could succeed. I hope I have made you both proud. Jay and Gary: We've had fun growing up together. Childhood would have been much more boring without you guys! I'm proud of both of you. To Joyce: Thank you for the patience and encouragement that you have given me as I journeyed through school, We've had many good times and some trying times as well, but 1 cherish every moment. I thank you for your persevering love. I will always treasure our past memories and I look forward to the day when we can be together forever. I love you sweetie. To all my BASIC It is a joy to share in the community that we have together. I have been fortunate to be part of fellowships that challenge me to grow as a person. Thank you to those in RHCBC, SALT. CCSA teams. SnL, Lakeside House. C- . and MLB for all the encouragement and prayers that have helped to shape me over my life into the man I am today. To the clinicians: Thank you for all the knowledge and experience that you have imparted upon me. I appreciate the time that you put in to teach us! TUSPM Friends and Colleagues: It's been fun getting to know you guys these last few years. Thanks for being welcoming to me when 1 arrived from Canada. Congratulations to all and I wish you all continued success as we continue on with our careers. 2008 A((.i||(S } 79Stacv L. Ziskowski, PPM PENN STATE UNIVERSITY Frank: You arc the mwt amazing man that I have ever met, and I am so proud to be your wit'c. You truly axe my best friend, my partner in crime, and the love of my life. I will be forever grateful for your love and the foundation that we have built as husband and wife, as future partners, and as new parents. You arc an amazing father, and 1 can't even begin to describe the joy I feel every time I sec you and Ryan together. I love you so much, and can't wait to add more little ones to our family. Thank you for all of your support along this bumps road; I ncser would hase made it through this experience svnhout you. I know that no matter what life throws our way we will nuke it through it all together -with lots of lose, a little bit of laughter, and a touch of grace. This last scar his been filled with so many good surprises, ami I can’t wait to sec what lies ahead in the years ahead. I los e you! Ryan To die sweetest little boy in the world - Mommy and Daddy lose you so much. With you in our lives, my heart feels whole; being your mom is the most rewarding job that I could ever have, and 1 couldn't ask for a better boss. It melts my heart every time 1 see that beautiful smile and hear the sweet sound of your laughter. We ate already so proud of the little man that you've become, and we look forward to all of the many milestones yet to come. Bailey and Gabby: You arc my his: babies, and I lose you with all of my heart - even it you arc twice as bad as you arc cute. You ncser fail to put a smile on my face, and for that I will always be grateful- Love you both! Mom and Dad. You gave me my wings to leave the nest and follow my dreams. Through all the years and many changes in my life. I hase always had your constant support and encouragement. 1 am the woman, wife, and mother that 1 am today because of you. I will forever be thankful for everything that you have sacrificed for tnc. and one das I will be able to take care of you die way that you has-e taken care of me. Love you! tfo C TclMpfc Hvrivtvstfw bcUff cf Pf. tjtviC Me iCi nChandrae Kiit1. PPM PITTSBURG STATE UNIVERSITY B.S. BIOLOGY “Thanks to dad. mom and my brother sungrac tor everything they did for me. Wish all of my classmates have wonderful career in the future." Graduates Not Pictured Kibibi Davison. DPM Japera Levine. DPM Brian McDermott. DPM Victor NWOSU, DPM Andrew Sohl, DPM 2008 AC( ifits )Middle: Stacy Del-Pop-AlRcady! still working hard despite little Ryan Hunter bouncing around! Below: Patrick McDonald writing clinic notes. ;USScf2008 CLASS c 12008 CLASS f2008 CL Above: Adam Lowy with a scll-mayo block while Chad Moormans and Dr. New man n observe smugly. Dana Klush and Dana Canuso arc choosing not to gel involved. Good Idea! Right: I. Kibibi Davison feeding little Peyton. 2. Sydney Yau hit in the eye with a dystrophic nail. 3- Javaria Chaudry and And} So hi admire the 200" yearbook.:) S2 C Tcbtplt Hxtvosity ScUcI cf Mc.licivitcf2008 CLASS 12008 CLASScf2008 CLASS Above: Brooke Kcclcy defend , her expert opinion of the Xra with Dr. Pontimis and man-deep Kandwawa. Left: 1. Ebony Love. Jacinta Do and Julie Greenwood smile for a picture. 2. Candice Kepich and Sydney Yau finally catch a break after 20 7.illion charts in wound care. 3. Jay Ryan Ian Hersh enjoy light morning clinic with crossword puzzles. 2008 Af|.«||tS 1 8'jAcross: 1. Gordon McCrary scheming a devious plan. 2. Donald Harrison and Miiliccnt Brown. 3- Julie Greenwood and Belly Carriera. Nga Ho and Rranden Rhodes. 5. I.iz and hubby Erie Simmons. CRAZY HATS FOR THE HAPPY HEW YEARS! Above: Howdy Donaltl Powell! He says thumbs up for a great New Year's Party! Right: Robert Hadfield. Yee-hah! Above: John Kaduka-ster and Julie (.reenwood are always great New Years hosts! ivl ' TOnpIt Hl'iVOSillf cfPc.-tat ic iCOU'illlil'lrtl Above: Julie Greenwood and Donald Powell getting into the New Year Spirit with some new moves! Left: 1. Donald Powell and Dana KJush. 2. Dana Klush and Brooke Kceley. 3. Brooke Kcely and Donald PowclL 2008 Ac(n||tS 1 8SI I t Above: Tara Fusscli sacrificing for the sake of education. Above: Faith Schick very proud of her orthotic’s outcome. Good Job! Right: Paul Kim handsome as can be! SO C Temple M tivevs«tw ScUel ef Pc.'tafyiC SitdidYtAcross: 1. Suniti Patel hiding from the camera. 2. Ian Hersh. 3. Sara Karmaloo. 4. Patrick McDonald. 5. Javaria Chaudry THESE LAST FEW CLINIC DAYS TOGETHER... 2008 AcUllts 1 87Below: Chandrae Kim and Erie Bouldin collaborate in the- famous hallway corner by the clinic elevators. t Above: Sarah Radbill, Al D'angclantionio and Kelly Fonchcri make an awesome team. I Above: Ben Kieinman wants the camera put away already! Right: Dr. lahhad aka .-.Man 88 C Tnnplt UxiVOSitk ScUel cf Pc.(«3l «c Mt iCouAcross: 1. Amandccp Rand wawa. 2. Stacey Scotton posing and smirking :) 3- Changrac Kim. i.Mike Dolen. 5. Dana Canuso with her pretty pearly whites, a soon bride-to-be. APPROPRIATE CLINIC BEHAVIOR INCLUDES: 2008 Acl'illtS 7 SOAcross: I.F.ric Bouldin playing catch with an Iceberg Lettuce head. 2. Brooke Kceley. 3. Phong Le, Eric Bouldin Suniti Patel. 4. Sara Kar-nuloo and Sarah Newby enjoying the BBQ. 5. Jacinta Do and Kibihi Davison enjoying the warm weather outside. GRILL MASTERS’ RBQ IN THE COURTYARD Above: Adam Lowy, Brooke Kceley Donald Powell. Right: Donald Harrison with the grilled ginger pineapple rum and Eric Simmons ready to fight for it. YUMMY! Above: Texan GrilLMaSter Kris Ford with a perfectly cooked dancing chicken. 90 C Temple Hxivrottif Sieved efpdiafvic Me itixeAbove: GrUlmastcr Adam Lowy feeding Eric Bouldin with a wicked appetite. Left: 2008 Classmates enjoying the BBQ. 2008 AcInljlS 7 91Below: Canoes and kayaks al shore after a rainy day on the creek. Above: Scott Blcazcy. Stacey Section. Tara VanStrundcr Eric Bouldin. Above: Standing: Tara VanStrander, Phong Lc, Suniti Patel, Stacey Scotton, Scott Blcazcy, Erie Simmons. Eric Bouldin. Sitting: I i Anderson Jacinta Do. Left: Scott Blcazcy, Stacey Scot ton and Eric Simmons putting out the tree which kept us warm and the campfire burning throughout the night. 92 C Tew Jt MHivcWitlj StUol ef Por iatVtC KicMcoitAcross: I. Donald Harrison can't get enough of the Ginger Pineapple Rum. 2. Jacinta Do Phong Lc. 3. Eric Simmons, -t. Stacey Scot-ton. 5- Batsto Visitor Center. Below: Top Row: Scott Btcazey, Stacey Scot-ton, Erie Bouldin Erie Simmons. Bottom Row: Suniti Patel. Phong Le. Tara VanStran-tler, Jacinta I)o Liz Anderson. CAMPING IN BATSTO, NEW JERSEY Above: Suniti Patel and Phong Le loading up the car to head back to Philadelphia. Right: Tara VanStrandcr S Scott Bleazey. X. Above: Tara VanStrandcr. Suniti Patel. Eric Bouldin Jacinta Do. 2008 Acldlts 7 93Below: Tara VanStrander and Donald Powell. Above: Adorable Couple: Liz Anderson and hubby Eric Simmons at a class social event. Above: Sarah Kadhill and Kelly Ponchcri. Left: John Kadukammakal, Julie Greenwood and Ebony Love at John's Birthday at Dave and Buster's on Columbus Road. 9-1 C Tttwplc MRivm'tlM Scl'ccl rf Pcdiatuc Mt icotcEVERLASTING FRIENDSHIPS MEMORIES 2008 Aclullcs 7 9SBelow: Tara F us sell and Stacy Ziskowski pretty as can he. Above: Branden Rhodes and John Kadukam-makal. Above: Ladies of the Class of 2008. Fop Row: Liz Anderson and Dana Kiush. Bottom Row: Caroline Ijjlio, Amy McCand-less, Candice Kepich. Jacinta Do and Brooke Keeley. Left: Candice Kepich and Dana Kiush. 96 C Ttmplt «ve s»fvj Softool ef PtxtafviC KudicouAcross: SMOOCHES! Julie Greenwood Jacinta Do Ann Nakai Below: Ladies of 2008. Amy McCandless, Sara Karamloo. Candice Kcpich. Julie Greenwood, Jacinta Do. Brooke Keeley, Dana Klush, Caroline Iglio and Ann Nakai SPRING LIGAMENT Above: Ann Nakai and Steve Right: Tara FusscII and Mariel Featherstone. Above: Caroline Iglio and fiancee. 2008 Ac|ti||($ 1 97Below: John Kadukainmakal. Julie Greenwood and Sara Karamloo. Above: Dana Klush and John KadukammakaL Above: Dr. Pontious with students Ivv Ozuzu, Amy McCand-less and Candice Kepich. Left: Nru llo and Branden Rhodes. 98 C Temple IfrjveYfitir ScUcI cf Po iatvicMc CixtAcross: Julie Greenwood with the Fellas: John Kadukamakkal, Eric Simmons and Donald Powell. Below : 2007 TUSP.M Indies Basketball Team. Whew! Hot Mamas! SPRING LIGAMENT Above: Faith Schick and Sara Karamloo. Bight: Dana Klush, Julie Greenwood and Candice Kepich. 2008 Acl t((cS } 99CRIP Registration 100 f TttMpft M iVCVSitlf ! c(«ccl cf POi iatViCAcross: Embassy Suites Lobby Views. 1. Jacinta Do and Sara Karamloo. 2. Saraii Newby. WEST CRIPS: LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA 2008 A(|udcs 7 101Below: Chris Fatti. Kris Ford with some beer pong action. Bran-den Rhodes relaxing and watching the free entertainment. Above: Gordon McCrary Ann Nakai participating in some beer pong action. Nga Hi relaxing after interviews. 102 t Temple Mpivtvsitvj Scl'cel ofPc «at «C fAtditixtPizza Monsters Across: 1. Chicago Sign (beautiful picture taken by Aree Sacd). 2. Arce Sard and Kris Ford pre-pizza devourment. 3- Kris Ford chowing away. 4. Aree Sacd not too far behind! 5. And Chris Fatti never bad a chance with those two. CENTRAL CRIPS: CHICAGO, ILLINOIS I.eft: Ann Nakai- a walking Christmas decoration. Interview s must have been rough! Below: Chris l atti strikes a pose. Above: Gordon McCrary agrees with Ann. interviews were tough! 2008 Atl'ilfcs 7 103Below: Donald Harrison and Siaccy Scot ton still staying GQ despite these stressful interview times. Above: Good friends: Kelly Poncheri and Sarah Radhill Leone Above: Dana Klush. Kenneth Pimp Kemp Candice Kcpich. Left: Almost caught you Brian McDermott! ICM C Thu pit H «t t silv| School efPe iatvic Mt «C vtAcross: 1. Sheraton Hotel. 2. Bran-den Rhodes and Eric Simmons finally catching a break from interviews. 3. Tara FusscU Kelly Poncherl. • . Jacinta Do and Arcc Saed. 5. Sheraton llotelhalcony looking into the lobby. Below: A Group Photo in the Sheraton Lobby. Betty Carricra, Jacinta Do. Donald Harrison, Kibibi Davison. Sara Karamloo. Javaria Chaudry. John Kadukamakkal f aith Schick. EAST CRIPS: ISELIN, NEW JERSEY Above: Phong Lc and Jacinta Do still have time for a quick holiday picture! Season Greetings! Right: Amy McCandless and Brooke Kecley Above: Michael Lyndc. Adam Lowy and Patrick McDonald for a quick group photo outside the Crips Registration room. 200tf AfUilcs 7 10S Below: Julie Greenwood points out John Kadukamakkal's awesome sense of fashion with Nike socks from yours truly, root Locker. Above: l at McDonald and Adam Lowy Above: Sura) Giwa, Ian Hersh and Adam Myers all look well groomed and ready for inter views. Left: Michael Doled registering with Angel Haldcman, our cvcr-so patient Graduate Placement Advisor. 106 C Ttlwplc Wvtivnsttv bd'tcl cf Pc iaf iC KitMCivcAcross:l.( hriMma Tree in Sheraton Hotel Lobby. 2. Phong Lc. 3. Jason Sweeley Betty Carricra. 4. Cbangrac Kim Ebony Love. 5. Kenneth Kemp, Nga llo Claroline Igllo. EAST CRIPS: ISELIH, NEW JERSEY Above: John Kadukammakal and Chad Moorman taking a break between Interviews. Right: Aliya Matthews, Donald Harrison and Ivy Ozuzu. Larger Picture Above: Ebony Love, Donald Harrison. Barbara Porter and Ann Nakai. Above: Friends at a local bar after interviews: Top Row: Phong Lc and Donald Harrison. Bottom Row: Stacey Scotton, Scon Bleazey F.ric Bouldin. 2008 ACl tilts 1Across: Friends from Class join Keith Fleishman at his wedding. WEDDING DELLS ARE CHIMING... Mr. Brian Leone Mrs. Sarah itadhill Leone November 18. 2006 108 c TtWp.lt HvtiYOVitif Sc(«ce( ef PotfafViC yiufitiMt2008 AcUlt 7 109CLASS i f2009 CLASS of2009 CLASS of2009 Above: Gian Stcinhauscr, Kwasi Kwaadu. Manoj Lai. Crisial Dc-cuir-Charbonnct.Jadc Barnard. Millieent Brown and Evan Cl-chelli Right: Jcs ica Shaw Ifo i TonJc MviVtttitV $cl ecl t-f PtxfatviC Mt.liCixt CLASScf2009 CLASS 2009 CLASS cf2009 2008 Acl«i((e$ 7 HIRight: Spring Ligament 2007 was held at Top of the Tower SPRING LIGAMENT Jeff McAlister. Katie Guryn and Jashnn Valjee Jessica Shaw and huhhv The CkhclUv. Evan and Ashley Dan Perez and Olga Gon ale ■Angela McLaughlin and her boyfriend John ClockwLse:Jason Naldo. Natasha Lcclair, and Ashley Mayer II1 C Towplt MxiYCYSitH ScUo! cf Pc.'tafHC Mc iCO CLeft: Marianne Ravert and her boyfriend Tim Below (Left 10 Right): Christina Rowe, Mike Kipp, Sarah Montgomery. Marianne Raven. Tim Peacock, and Katie Gun n Above: Jasban Valjce shows off his new moves as Cassic looks oil. Right: Olga Gonzalez and Milli cent Brown Above: Chris, Page, Zach. and Cassic 200 AcUltS 7 113Right: Ashlcv Mayer working hard at the MS walk Far Right: It's ok Jeff, it's only intramural soccer l Above: "I have a booboo’ says Carl Kilim Right: Milliccnl Brown and W ill l.ong attend the APMSA meeting EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES Above: Evan Cichelli bringing on the pain 11 1 t TcVnpft Hvivmitif ScUel of Po fatviCAbove: Jashan, Jason, Natasha. Ashley, and Dan at the Breast Cancer Walk. Left: Gian. Warner.Jordan, and Angela keep their eyes on the ball. 20OS AcImHcS 7 115I Right: Dr. Labhad and John Mallettc WHITE COAT CEREMONY “Thou .shall not harm fcct....“ Om1 very important practice run 2 hours before the real thing. "Don't we have to do finals next week?" “These arc as clean as our white coats arc ever going to Ik ." Rajan Patel and Jake Wynes Purvi Patel, Ali Ahadi. and Aroob Moln 116 C Tnuflc Hvovtvsilif ScUol ef Po iiat iCWhere’s chc camera? Below (Left to Right): Angela, Zach, Olga. Cassie Above (Left to Right): Eric Roberts, Gian Stein-hauser. Glenn Atifseeser. Ijaz Zia left (.Left to Right) Top Row: Jason, Nate, Jason Bottom Row: Ashley, Natasha. Cristi 2008 AtlullcS 1 117Ncda and her fiance VACATION TIME AT LAST Jason. Natasha, Nate. Olga, and Kajan at a Phillies Game. Jordan, Erie, Jeff, and Glenn (Not shown in picture their 80 year old dates) Marianne and Tim in Fort Laud- Jeff Macking with his Mac erdale Aliza and Matthew seeing the Zach and Glenn Roughing it. sites 118 C Tt tp|c Hmvtvsitif Sfl cc( cf Pc tjf «cJeff and Jordan Cruising the World Below: Wii would like (o play Above: Katie and Chris in Gettysburg (after the battle). Left: Girls night out with nate 20OS AclullcS 7 119Might: Zach Ritter “Two legit two quit" JULY 11,2007 BOARDS IN REVIEW Celebrating I.cmarra's birthday in (lie study lounge Cheers to boards being done. Karol Raw alec studying in clinic There’s always time to find Celia Storey and Cristi Wart some ladies finding any place to study Make it stop! 120 Tonpfc W»ivcvsit»f Scl'ool of Pe.l«at «c MtiiCiVt Left: Katie and Marianne are all smiles after the test Below. MUllcent, Kwasi. Ali, Salil and Crystal take a much needed study break Above: Rocket helps Evan with some last minute cramming Left: Warner can play a mean plastic guitar 2008 AeUlcS 3 121Aimp Patel and Michelle Glover TO CLINIC WE GO 122 C Temple Uvivcvsrfu ScUcI cf Mc.tatxtZerah All 2008 AcUlltS 7 123Right: Everyone celebrates holidays in their own way HOLIDAYS 12-1 Tom pit Uxivosifkf StUef cf Pc iafviC Mol.couLeft: Gian carving the turkey Below: A very Spartan Halloween 2008 AclolltS ? 125Right: Jason and Zach INTERCLASS OLYMPICS CHAMPIONS Above: Ciian Steinhauser. Jeff McAlister, and Will long experiment with duct tape (and not on warts) Right: Kajan Patel is getting too old for this Three legged race 126 C Tctaplc M)ftVCY$ftM StUftl tf Pcrl»at «C Mc iCtVC2008 AcUftS ? 127RELAXING- 4TH YEAR HERE WE COME The official IT SPM Justin Timberlake fan clul» Christina, Victanh. Aroob. Steve. Celia and Tina The Hebrew Hammer Millieent with Karol Kelting crazy on the dance floor Jason: "Jashan. you're in too many pictures, Get out!" Raj and Jake celebrate Jake's birthday at Famous Dave's I2£ ( TOMpIc UwiVtVSttif id'Cel tf MufifiXCDid they just call out a chart for Dr. Palamarchuk? 2008 Aclullcs 7 129Rccd Mauser and Dara Shcr share a inonient. fit class of 2010 130 C Tnnplc Hn.vtvsilif Scloe! ef PafiatvicMt lCfrc(Left) MaryEllen Urucato and Michelle Oliver (Left) Camille Ryan. Krista Kulnev and Nicole Dalessandro enjoy an (oddly spooky) Christmas (Below) Hilary Nosker takes a break from studying (Above) Shital Patel. Dunni Osofisan and Lily Ke-lian at the Spring Ligament 2008 ac|m||cs 7 131(Below) Alison Croughan poses after t lancing ( Below) Patricia Kim and Cor ' Wells CLASScf2010 CLASScf2010 CLASS (2010 (Above) The Class of 2010 pose at their table (j$2 C Tcptpft MpiVCYSilir Sfl'CcI cf PcrtatliC KUiltCiVt(Left) Nicole Dalcssandro and liuoi Lam (Below) Hobby Close, Nick Adams, Eugene Timpano and Akhbar Abanayeh are stylin' SpVtVtg Ltg VMCVff (Above) Paige Majors and her date (Above) Camille Ryans, Kim Nguyen (Left) Niquinn Fowler and Angel Cox 2008 AC lull tS 3 133(Right) Jeff Belnncio J r. rj-f C TnMf lt HH«VtYS»1lf $cl«e l cf Pcrtal C(Left) Dunni Osoflsan. Lily Kc-lian, and Shital Patel (Left) Mr. and Mrs. Jeff and Kathleen Belancio (Below) Mr. and Mrs, Peterson (Above) The Merrill family 2008 AC (stilts } 1351 (Above) Valaric van CIccf. Kelly Pirozzl. Dara Slier. and Michelle Oliver (.Above) Jasdeen. Saadia, and Niquinn 136 C Tc)m pit HxiVCVSitlf bd'ccl cf KUtkdVtON. (Left) Paige Majors and I.aura Zagrocki celebrate their birthdays 80s style KJc (oVC fo Lt tVlCCcjVltfo... (Right) Nick Adams and girlfriend (Above) Anh Nguyen. Anant Joshi, and Kim Nguyen 2008 Ac(.«||ts 7 137(Below) Anant Jos hi and Tien Dang share a moment of tenderness. (Above) Hina Shafqat. Jaslccn Arora. and Shane Fernando (Above) Francis. Eliot, and David 138 f Tetopfe MviVtVSitM Scl'oef cf Pc t-ltVif 2008 AfUllcs 7 138(Above) Sabina and Devanshu (Above) Diinni. Sbiial, Dara. and Craig (Above) Vogue!!! Tricia. Saadia, F.llisc, and Shital (Above) Hina.Jaslecn. Lauren, and Saadia ( Above) Kinna, Saadia. Nicole, and Elllse (Above) “What an odd threesome" 2008 A(l«if|t$ 7 139(Below) Lauren and Akbar (Above) Starting the new year off right CLASS of 2010 CLASStf2010 CLASSef2010 (Right) Devin Hull and Leanne Arnold HO C Te)Mp(c Uvtfvtvsitw Sekeef cf Pc iatv ( Kac.(«c«vc200S A(('i(|e$ 7 HI(Right) F.d and Sabina jHaytgtVtg OMf H2 C Temple U «ivcv$itH 5c( col cf Pc.'tatviC Me icou(Lelt)Jaslccn and Jen Van 2008 Ac(m((cs 7 143144 C Temple Utiivtvsiflf ScUcI tf Pc »at «c Medicine (Left) Cory Wells, Paige Majors, Pam Sabct 2008 AclulltS 7 1451-16 C Towplt H «« C S«tVf sd'ccl cf PcdijfViC MtdiCi iC(Left) Hob and Cassle (ciyicj CVtCS 200« Ac( i((tS 7 H7(Right) Sarah Mele and John Sullivan (Abovc)John. Anant. and Fd (Above) Rccd and Geno (Above) Pam. Isaac, and Laura l Above) Shital and Nicole Mg C Temple Uxivcvsitv Scl'cel ef Po ta|v«c Mc icixc2008 Atl«i||c$ 1 149! LASSof2011 CLASSof2011 ClASScf2011 CLflS • So C Tc Hp(t U »tvns«1if Sc(«oo( tf Pc.' iafviCScf2011 CLASS (2011 CLASScf2011 CLASSofi (Left) Zachary J.. Jordan M.. and Elyann D. 2008 AcImIIcs 7 IS11S2 C Tom pic l4 i«YOS'i1»f Scl'Ocf cf Pc tat iC M tdi Yt(Top) Joseph P., Yvette C.. Joseph S.. Corine C... and Ini E. ORIENTATION WEEK 2008 AcUlt 1 I S3Jennifer M.. Kirsti I). Sharon Am Brandon D.. David V.t and Cassandra S. MAD RIVER IS-1 r ToHpIt Mwivtvstfw Sf(«cc! of Pc iat iC Mt idxc(Top) Ashley H., Crista Z.. Becky Bradley S., Elizabeth II.. and Caitlian M. (Left) Ann W., Kristen B.. Sarah K.. Laura NV.. Cortland F.. and Christine N. 2008 AtUftV 7 ISSjO |90»l?5 il}iSO- MH IJ MJL ) 9 1(left) Mark P., Brandon L. and Caitlin M. (Left) DonK K. HALLOWEEN NIGHT 200S AcImIIcS 3 1 71S8 f TOhpIc H »ivt Sili( c( ecl cf PeAriu KuAtCtvt MkLUNCH BREAK 2008 Aclulles 7 1S9(Right) Joudy-Aim D. STUDY STUDY STUDY!!!!! (,0 C Tt)«pfc UxtvtystiV ScUcI cf P© iat»i£ Mcltftw (Top) Aiiza B. (Top Left) Ashley H.. Crista Z-. Tara S. (Left) Elizabeth H.(Top) Taral S. Frank O. (Left) Renee F. and Nekeisha .V. 200 Ac('i((cs 7 161162 C Temple Hvivositif SeUol of Pc iafviC b tAitmKARAOKE NIGHT 2008 Aclullcs 3 163 6 1 C Temple Mw«vtvsito bt( cel cf Pe iatvic K tMcouGIRLS NIGHT OUT Ranufchcli B.. Jamlnclli I- Christine E., Jennifer M.. Naitali!».. Cassandra S.. and Mehrna K. 2008 Atlulfes ? 16SFLYER’S NIGHT C Temple W «vtY5«1v Sc(«oo| cf Pc iat iC Mt ic«vc2008 Acl«i((cs 7 167FLYER S NIGHT Ann W., Caitlin G., Felicia B.. and Corine C. Kirsti D. Sharon A. Andrew L Brandon L I(, C To»iplt Mvivtvsitw ff Pe iatviC WitixcSPECIAL EVENTS Elyann D. and her new addilion. Hannah bora 12 09 07 NafLsa H.’s Birthday Party ara’s Big Race 2008 AflnlltS 7 169Top Row: M ill Long (SNPMA Rep). Milliccni Brown (President Temple Student Body). Marija I grinich (APMSA 0” Delegate). Amy Wisdo (APMSA 0" Parliamentarian). Yvonne Ozuzu (Past Prcsi dent of Temple Student Body). Jake Wynes (APMSA Rep 09). Zach Ritter (APMSA Alternate Rep. 09) Bottom Row: Laura Zagrocki (APMSA Rep 10), Donald Harrison (APMSA Rep. 09) Millicent Brown (President). Paige Majors (President Fleet). Kim Curesky (Secretary), Pam Sabet (Parliamentarian), Cory Wells (Treasurer) STUDENT COUNCIL APMSA I 7(1 Tc Mp.U cUtlcf Porlut «£VOTING MEMBERS OF THE STUDENT COUNCIL The entire voting members of the TUSPM student council Josh Hill (Name Here), Jeff McAllisterSNPMA Angel Cox (Delegate), Niquinn Fowler (President), Jaslccn Arora (Treasurer), Isaac Necquayc (Vice-President). An up Patel (Secretary) PRACTICAL MANAGEMENT Hina Shafquat (President), Kelly Pirozzi (Treasurer). Dam Sher (Secretary), Dunni OsofLsan (President-Elect) 172 C Tnttplc UvtiYCVSifVf Scl'tel cf Pc. u1 iCAAUP Maryellen Hmcato (Vice President). Tricia Kim (Treasurer). Deborah Hrucknerl President). Surah Mele (Secretary) lisa Hobbs (Treasurer). Kinna Patel (Vice-President). Dcvanshu Patel (Secretary ), Sabina Malhotra (President Fleet). Mellissa Stoprya (President) 2008 AclulltS 7 173RADIOLOGY CLUB Jeff Manway (Secretary), Jake Wyncs (Vice President), Dan Perez (President), Glenn Aufsecscr (Treasurer) SPORTS MEDICINE CLUB Will Long (Second Vice-President), Jashan Valjec (Treasurer), Natasha Lee lair (Secretary), Jason Mal-Icnc (President),Jason Naldo (Vice President) (7-1 C TtWtofe U ««vcv$it)f $c( eftf ef Pt ;tal iC KiicUdviDIABETES CLUB Darrell lloppcs (Treasurer). Victanh Vu (Vice President). Alexis McKeown (President), Crlsti Wart (Secretary) WOUND CARE Salil Singh (Vice President). Celia Storey (President), Tina Patel (Treasurer). Sung Byun (Vice President Elect). Shcetal Patel President Elect). Elli.se Natividad (Treasurer Elect). Jon Sullivan (Secretary) 2008 AcUlcs 1 f 7STowpfc U fiVCVVifW of Po iatvic WtCi ft ADMINISTRATION l|» Christopher Hlackwall Director of Development James Burke. Ph.D. RoderickJones Associate Dean for Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs Finance and Administration David Martin Director of Admissions John Mattiacci. DPM Dean Vincent Muscarclla. DPM Assistant Dean for Clinical Education Anthony Morris Larry Newman. DPM Samuel Spadone, DPM Director of Physical Plant Assistant Dean and Acting A! ! islanl Dean for Medical Director Educational Affairs I7ts C Tom pie IhoAtVVitw ScUel of Pe.(iat «tPcpavtxicxl of Bto we fica| Sciences FACULTY STAFF James Burke, Ph.D. Marion Chan, Ph.D. Raymond DiPrimio, DPM Ziad Labbad. DPM, MI) Biomedical Sciences Chair Pcpavlwuxt of Po tViC Ovl(f Optics FACULTY STAFF Steven Kravitz, DP.V1 William Martin, DPM James McGuire, DPM Howard Palamarchuk. DPM Kendrick Whitney, DPM Orthopedics Chair 2008 Aciullts 7 179Pct a i)HC ff cf Po cafviC FACULTY STAFF W Robert Christman. DPM Harvey Lemont, DPM "A jOcd Icacl'CY is fi(tt 3 C3 1 fl{t —if COY $M MC$ itSefffe |ic}( f f(«C v3ij foY of(iCY5- Author Unknown James McGuire. DPM Samuel Spadonc. DPM Tracey Vlahovic, DPM Kathya Zinszer. DPM Medicine Chair Director of Leonard Abram's Center for Advanced Wound Healing 180 C Temple H u osif.f Scl'C-ol cf Mn iftmDcpavfhintt of Po iafvcC Smv cvk FACULTY Kim Flood. RN Tina Latiri. RN Gary Bauer, DPM Kieran Mahan. DPM Gabriel Mendez. 1)PM Jason Miller, DPM Vincent Muscarella, DPM Jason Piraino. DPM. MS Jane Pontious. DPM Assistant Dean for Clinical Education 2008 Acl'illts 7 181Pcpavt «cx1 of c(t fic Staff FACULTY STAFF Iinda Bradley Marva Brown Richard Cerruti Ray Cianci Charles Dawkins Loretta Edwards Tyrone Evans Cedric Fuller Robert Gallagher Mary Gates Lydia Grazier Sue Grigley Angel llaldeman Andrea llallowell Carmen Harris 182 C TtHpIc MtuVtVSittf $cl ec| cf Pw ijfHC Mt ifoitJoe Kelly Carol Krousc Chuck MacFarland Tomika Marsh Jeanne Martino Benjamin Mali Jeanette McBcary Marge McSorcly Mary Ochler Loretta Ooten Yvonne Randolph Carol Romano Brenda Reid Jesse Scott Nikki Scullon DeVonna Smith Katterra Snead Carol Vincent Terry Webster Tarik Williams 2008 Acl'illes 1 i«3To Our Beloved Dr. Stephanie Kim!! Hi Sleep Monster! We have watched you snore at night and talk in your sleep all the way to becoming a wonderful, elegant, and not to mention a cute DPM. You had not only worked hard to get to where you are today, but also was unselfish the entire time. We look forward to seeing your success in the future, and we know you will succeed in everything that you do! Congratulations Dr. Stephanie Kim We love you with all our heart!!! From Mommy, Daddy from above, and Younger Sister! Dr. Allison Joy Anders Menke Today we celebrate a dream that has come true. There are no words that can express how proud we are of you. You are truly a blessing to our family. You have worked diligently to obtain your goal. Please know how much you are loved and how much richer our lives are because of you. God has blessed you and we pray that he continues to bless you as you continue this path in life one step at a time. Congratulations Dr. Allison Know the tears you see are tears of great joy and love. We love you Mom, Dad, Christopher, Margo and Erin Happy C Tctopfe cf PwfiafYic Mc iCixcDOCTOR CHRISTOPHER FATTI .. .NOW WE HAVE THE HANDS... .. .AND FEET COVERED... CONGRATULATIONS! AND GOOD LUCK! You've achieved your goal! I am PROUD! You've worked hard! Residency, here we come! Much Love! XO, DAD 2008 AcImIIcs 7 I8SDr. Sara Karamloo, Our young daughter from far, far away is now our Dr Sara. Since the day we met you at the airport for the first time you have established a very special place in our heart; a place we will treasure to the last moments of our lives. Somewhere, in some book, someone has written, “Your foot is like your second heart.” We can now claim that we have our own doctor for our second heart... Sara, you have made us so very proud. This was not unexpected, however, when you factor in your talents and determination. Still, for us, you our beyond our expectations. We congratulate you and your dedicated parents. Wishing you the BEST in life. Your Aunt Farideh and Uncle Reza Sara-yeh Azizam, You know that you have always been like my own daughter. For you to reach this moment in your life means the world to me, and words can’t express how proud I am of you I hope you will always remain healthy and successful throughout your life. 186 C Tc «d(c WviVCVSihf ScUcI of Pc ijfViCDr. Sara Karamloo, our little ballerina... I can’t believe how fast time flies. It seems only yesterday the doctor put you in my arms for the first time. From the moment you set foot in our lives, we have been blessed with love, laughter, and joy. We have treasured every moment with you and it has been hard not having you more than a room away. You are truly special and have succeeded in whatever you set out to accomplish. There are no words to express the happiness you have given us. It has been an honor having you for a daughter, and a privilege to be your parents. We are VERY proud of you! Love Always, Mom Dad Doc, Congratulations on your accomplishment. It’s been hard not having you around... luckily you’re a phone call away! I guess now that you’re finally a doctor I’ll let you hood me. There I said it! Love, Your OLDER, SMARTER, CUTER... Brother 2008 Aerifies 7 187Dr. Candice A. Kepich 'Congratulations! Today is your day. You're off to great placesl You're off and awayl Out there things can happen and frequently do to people as brainy and footsy as you. OH THE PUCES YOU’LL SO! You'll be on your way up! You'll be seeing great sights! You'll be doing foot stuff . You won't lag behind, because you'll have the speed. You'll pass the whole gang and you'll soon take the lead. Wherever you fly, you'll be the best of the best. Wherever you go, you will top all the rest." You finally made it and we are so proud of you! Congratulations Dr. Kepichi Love, Mom, Dad and Jeff Feet, feet, feet. feet, feet You've been Inundated with them. You know that strange little appendage. At the end of your limb. Regardless, of whether it's A callous, bunion or hammer toe. Your doctors and professors have taught All that you surely must know. Anatomy, neurology, ethics, Bio-mechanics and histology, too. And your favorite pharmacology. You weren't sure you'd get through. So you've studied real hard New friends you now know. Betty, Ann, Brandon and Fong Tara. Nga and Jacinta Doe. if ever there was a person Who with patients should work close. It’s you dear one, You'll know bow to stitch, cut and dose. So take all this knowledge. Put it to good use. I'm sure there won't be a problem Whose answer you can't deduce. You've always been the one. Whose spark for life is Just right. So look out “Podiatry World” Your about to ignite. Love and Congratulations Mom, Dad, Jody, Jackie Jaime, Jill John ' TCMpfc ScUcI of Pc iatVieCongratulations Dr. Jason Sweeley Jason, You started making impressions the day you were born. The kind that stay in the hearts of those who know you. Having always given your best and never accepting failure you have made us very proud over the years, and still do. May you continue great success in the future and nothing but lasting impressions to those you meet along the way. We are elated that you have achieved your dream and hope nothing bur the best for your future. Let us be the first to say, CONGRATULATIONS DR. JASON SWEELEY. Love. Mom and Dad Jason, Congratulation for the fulfillment of your dreams, may success always be with you. Love, Grandma JoAnn and Pap Jim Jason. We arc very proud of all your accomplishments and knew you would succeed in whatever profession you chose! May you have a fabulous future! Love, Pop Don and Zetta Jason, We are so very proud of our "first born” nephew. Who knew the little child we held so proudly in our arms would grow up to accomplish such things? We did!!! Congratulations, and much love to you. Congratulations Jason, I'm honored to be the brother of someone who is so driven and motivated. Good luck in everything that you do from here on out. Love. Jarrett Congratulations Jason and best wishes for a successful practice!! Love, Uncle Jim. Aunt Candy, Britrni. and Joshua CONGRATULATIONS. Love, Uncle Dan. Aunt Gcssica, Noah. Jaclyn, and Kevin 2008 A(|.«||tS 7 1Dr. Adam B. Lowy It seems as though we’ve always known that through diligence, hard work and STUBBORN determination you would surely succeed in becoming a fine doctor. Your compassion and kind manner will only enhance your medical skills. Your graduation is the culmination of your years as a student (FINALLY) and the beginning of a lifetime filled with success and happiness. So, at the risk of being “corny”... WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU! WE WISH YOU ALL THE WONDERFUL THINGS YOU DESERVE! WE LOVE YOU! Adam, Today, more than ever, I am so proud of you and your accomplishments. It has been a pleasure to be by your side throughout the past 4 years of School watching you grow from a student, to an extern, and now, a Doctor. I have gradually watched your persistence, determination, and passion for what you do, mold you into the terrific man that I love to share my life with. Looking forward to many great years ahead; Congratulations! Love, liana 190 C Ttmpfc ScLoef cf Pc.T jt c.Phong Hoan Le. A YEAR worth of School Bills: $40,000 A MONTH worth of Travel Expenses: $1000 A WEEK worth of Food: $150 The DAY you become Doctor Le PRICELESS v. Your Family 2008 Acl«(lis 7 191Perfect proof that nothing substitutes for hard work and perseverance. We are elated to celebrate your achievement with you today and we could not be more proud. Congratulations! We love you very much, Mom Dad Patrick, You worked hard and succeeded. I am so proud of you. Love, Grandma Moe Congratulations Patrick on your graduation. We know how hard you worked to achieve your goal. You will be an "awesome" podiatrist. We are very proud of you and love you. Ginny and Grandpa Roy Doc, Congratulations on completing your journey through Temple Medical School. This is a great achievement and you should be very proud of yourself. Love, Steve Cousin Pat, I always loved the sense of pride I felt as we went through life and reached our accomplishments together. As I watched you walk across the stage and accept your diploma at Fairfield, I never thought I could be happier or more proud...until now. Congratulations! I love you. Colleen Congratulations Pat! We're so proud of you! Love, Your aunts, uncles and cousins 192 r Tom»|t H (ivost|if Sfl'Cfl cf Pe iatviC MtfLovtYour strength, ambition, and accomplishment have made our family happier than ever. We are blessed to have you as a son. We ask god to bless what you are today and direct what you will be tomorrow. Congratulations. Love, Mom and Dad Victor, Your work ethics are superb and your dedication to academic excellence is spectacular. You have alwavs excelled in what ever vou do. Your completion of a doctorate degree is icing on the cake. To God be the glory. To you I say, "Bravo, Victor, for your great victory." Love, Rev. Father Mike Nwosu We, your brothers and sisters, cannot express enough of our happiness and gratitude to God for what you are today. We are so proud of you. Your footsteps have laid a solid foundation for us to follow. You are a great joy to us. Congratulations, Love, Jessica, Valentine, Kristine, Sideney, and Nicole 2008 Ac('t((cs 7 19?COMULATPLATIOHS 7% S » u mm i Mmn ROM YOUR FIRST STEFS, WE KNEW THAT YOU WERE SPECIAL. YOU ARE A STEP OH STEPPIY6. IOVI MOM 4T OEITE SINCE 1908 " Toiiplc H fiVt $ij|f School cf Pediatric UtdicoitC ongratulations . CVvantel N. Sanf I know you will be very successful throughout your career and there’s no bones about it. Love always, Poopie On graduating from Tcl! pM. Good luek with every step you take in the future. aula, earl Congratulate) Dr. 5(3fP Mag each dag keep gou on gour toes as gou help people keep their toes. From Ms. Vann Congratulations Dr. Eric Simmons! vve are so very proud of you. All your friends and relatives can hardly wait to have you cure all their foot problems. All our love. MOM and Dad 2008 AtfilltS 1"No matter how long it takes, if you keep moving, one step at a time, you will reach the finish line." Congratulations on your graduation! We are very proud of your accomplishments. Good luck with the next step of your journey. Love, Mike, Tracy, Ashley, Kaitlin Wow Dana - what an amazing FEET you’ve accomplished. You are the perfect example of what hard work and determination can achieve. We have no doubt that this is just the beginning of what will be a long, successful and fulfilling career for you (especially since you’ve talked about being a Dr. since the age of 5). To say that we all love you so much and arc proud of you is a given, you truly touch the depth of our SOLES. Thank you for being you. Congratulations Dr. Dana Canuso (aka Mrs. George)!!!! With all our love always. Dad, Casey, Blake Candice Sweels Wrangler Toes to old to photograph Grand mom Grandpop Nan Pop xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo Is there a doctor in the house? There is...a brand new one!! Congratulations on this landmark accomplishment! We wish you an exciting and rewarding career as you reach this stepping-off place for your future endeavors! We are so proud of you, Dr. Kelly Poncheri! Love, Mom Dad • 96 t Tomp|c Hxrvmilif Scl ccl cf Pc f«: f iC McrfiCouTo our loving father and husband Suraj Giwa We knew you would do it We watched you all the way We saw you work very hard Each and every day. We had faith in you As you studied through the nights We prayed to God to guide you through And make it just alright As the years went from one to two And two to three then four We saw you became transformed And respected even more So now you are a doctor Thank God you got this far So congrats with lots of love From Fatimah and Mukhtaar 2008 Atl.illts 7 197To Dr. Suraj Giwa The road has been long and rough, but you made it. How does this sound: Hello Doc? From your Mother-in-law Aderonke Alii 196 C Tttaplc Uv«vo$itkf S(l cet cf PcTutviC KuAcixtCONGRATULATIONS TRAM!!! I'm so proud of you. It seems like yesterday when we were at CK. Remember when the three of us got and trouble and we're walking home from CK and the rain and all those lime at IN OUT buying flaming hot chee tos?? Fun times! Now look where you are now...Dr. Do. SO DAMN SWEET!! Our family has come a long way since the big D. Chuc mung em horn nay! Xin Chua giu gin em mai mai. Thuong em nhieu. - AK21 2008 Acl'tflcs ? 199PR AMY Me CAM PUSS To faw is a da | tc ccfctvatc .i|( of 1|okv la d vov(c a)ul JeJiC fiot. Vv'c avt sc P CM.'I cf IfCM. RRIKCJ OK THt FOOT PALACE! i r« T PALACL Hii' little p cg needs ness short. 5 Ilns little piLV has ; callus. . 1 l"v little piggy warn- a pedicure. Hu , little piggy’s tcvt |tH»k c-’- • dll thev- htilc piggies go wee nee wee all the w»y to the »-a. — hoet Palate'" -r----------------------------- fHE Love. M©K Dad, Kvisfev. Cailliv avdM« M‘ Dr. Dana Canuso Congratulations!!! Words cannot express how proud we are of you! You have always strived for greatness, but as the first doctor in our family you have exceeded all of our expectations! We know you will be an excellent Podiatrist! Your family and friends look forward to putting our feet in your hands! We love you. Mom Mark Grandmom Grandpop Aunt Sherry 200 f UHiYtVSiftf Sc(«cc| cf Pc. iat «C Mt iCiVUAiCrSis-e- 4 Leri LOi g. ltte O j) ?yu HAue US P Dufi I i'Vorv On, ■W ° 7o 6 wul Pres of oj:USScf2008 CLASStf 2008 CLASS (2008 CLAS 202 Hxivtvsitif sc|«ocl cf PoffiafviC2OOtf AcImIIis 7 20 ;LASScf2008 CLASScf2008 CLASS (2008 CLAS 20 f C Mv«iVOStfl| ScUcI ff PUiaiYit2008 AcItilltS 7 20SEditor-in-Chief Jacinta Do Third Year Editors Glenn Aufseeser Zack Ritter Marianne Ravert Second Year Editors Shane Fernando Nicole Dalessando208 C Tcvwpft Mvivtvs«tif Seized cf PediafviC Mt ic«xt COOKE PUBLISH WARMINSTER. F MPANY VANIA CHARLES E. KRAUSZ LIBRARY TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODIATRIC MEDICINE EIGHTH AT RACE STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA 19107 Y •V t- n + ' w •V' n crs, % «w £3 •ITS' vW s .: ;

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