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Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine - Achilles Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) online yearbook collection, 2006 Edition, Cover

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CHARLES E. KRAUSZ LIBRARY TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODIATRIC MEDICINE EIGHTH AT RACE STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA 19107TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODIATRIC MEDICINE 8th and Race Streets B Philadelphia H PA B 19107 O www.podiatry.temple.edu 2006 Achilles 5 12 5 Temple School of Podiatric Medicinereoiatinr rmjii TABLE OF CONTENTS Class of 2006 .........12 Class of 2007 ........100 Class of 2008.........120 Class of 2009 ........140 Clubs ................164 Faculty Staff.......170 Advertisements........178 Table of Contents B 3OATH OF HIPPOCRATES I solemnly pledge to consecrate my life to the service of humanity. I will give respect and gratitude to my deserving teachers. I will practice medicine with conscience and dignity. The health and life of my patient will be my first consideration. I will hold in confidence all that my patient confides in me. I will maintian the honor and the noble traditions of the medical profession. My colleagues will be my family. I will not permit considerations of race, religion, nationality, party politics or social standing to intervene between my duty and my patient. I will maintain the utmost respect for human life. Even under threat, I will not use my knowledge contrary to the laws of humanity. These promises I make fully and upon my honor. 4 H Temple School of Podiacric MedicinePODIATRIST'S CREED These following fundamental beliefs are expressed as standards of ethical conduct and propriety of podiatrists, individually and collectively with patients, colleagues, members of allied health professions, and the public: To render service to humanity with impartial respect for the dignity of man. To provide a full and complete measure of professional service and attention to patients in the practice of Podiatric Medicine. To unhesitatingly serve consultation in difficult or doubtful circumstances where it appears that the quality of service and therapy to the patient can be enhanced. To continue the improvement of knowledge and skills for the benefit of patients and professions. To conduct the practice of Podiatry as a credit to the profession. To never accept limitations that might destroy or interfere with the exercise of best judgement and skills or the quality of performance. To regard the confidence and information received from patients with professional care and understanding. To fully offer service and participate in the health programs for the public in keeping with the integrity of the profession. Oath of Hippocrates Podiatrist’s Creed E 5OUR EDITORS-IN-CHIEF Diana Tsombaris Julie Nista Editors-in-Chief Dear Clinical and Academic Faculty, Staff and Fellow Classmates, It is our pleasure to present the 2006 edition ofTUSPM’s Achilles Yearbook! The class editors devoted many hours into producing a memorable book. Many thanks arc extended to our advisor. Mr. David Martin, as well as Cooke Publishing Company Representative, Lisa Buscaglia, for guiding us throughout this process. To the class of 2007,2008. and 2009: We hope that your four years at TUSPM are as special to you as they were to us. We wish you success in all of your professional and personal endeavors. To the class of 2006: We each arrived in Philadelphia from different walks of life, but with one common goal - to become a doctor of podiatric medicine. The past four years have certainly been a bumpy road, but we made it, and can truly be proud of what we have accomplished. Best of luck! Sincerely. Itilic Nista Diana Tsombaris 6 H Temple School of Podiatric MedicineIra M. Schwartz fil TEMPLE UNIVERSITY Con well Hill. Room 401 1801 N 0ro»d Street Ptii delpfiij. PA 19122-6096 pftcoc 21S-204-4775 fit 21S-204-5816 wwl provoitOiemple edu iveo vwrw temple edWprovoy To the Class of 2006, Congratulations on your graduation from Temple University's School of Podiatric Medicine. You should be very proud of your academic achievements over the past four years. As new graduates, you join a prestigious group of alumni who are making outstanding contributions to the field and reinforcing Temple's reputation in Podiatric Medicine. I hope you will stay in touch with the University and will take advantage of Temple University's resources for alumni. Once again, congratulations and best wishes for future success in your profession. inrprplv Ira M. Schwartz ProvostDEAN John A. Mattiacci, DPM TEMPI UNIVERSITY A (imiwmrallh I'luvrrsity School of PodUtrir Medicine John A MiUurn. OPM IVun E hUi Kacr Sml nuladrlphU. EYnnayftanu 19107.’IK. (21S'i 0255100 Ku (2IS)£S1 I’.O K-nUil jnuliiarriif tinprm irn ilr nhi To the Graduating Class of 2006 of the Temple University School of Podiatnc Medicine It is with a great sense of pnde that I wnte this final letter to the Class of 2006 Each of you has just completed the most challenging four years of your young lives and 1 want to congratulate you More than that, however, I want to tell you that you arc the Temple University School of Podiatnc Medicine While it is true that we have classrooms, dormitories, clinics and laborutones, a school without the life and energy of the student is a single purpose building whose purpose has disappeared You entered TUSPM in a time of transition You have seen new faculty, new facilities and the positive growth that affiliation with Temple’s Health System affords Dunng the past four years, this was your school, but in a larger sense, you became the school As you leave us here in Philadelphia and begin post graduate training or practice; you lake the school with you You will forever be identified as a Temple University school graduate Because of this, you and TUSPM will always be connected. We have helped you to earn the finest education in the nation We have given you clinical experience that is unrivaled in the history of our profession and we have bestowed upon you the degree of Doctor of Podiatnc Medicine. Now it is your turn Because you will always be a TUSPM alumnus, we look to you to carry that degree with competence, compassion, and ultimately, success You now enter a career in which your patient and his or her condition will demand your attention As you build a practice and you expand your roots in the community that you choose. I ask that you never forget the roots that you leave here at TUSPM I want you to wear the degree that we have bestowed upon you with pnde and I challenge you to use that degree to the benefit of both your practice and your alma mater I want you to join your class alumni association and maintain connection with your class mates. I want you to come back to Philadelphia to visit us pcnodically and I want you to visit us on the web consistently Wherever you go in your life, you take our name and you remain our graduate. Never forget that because we will never forget you and the time that you have spent here Oo now and apply those skills that you gained here Be diligent Be tenacious. Be inquisitive and be successful You arc now a permanent pan of the Temple University School of Podiatnc Medicine I i 8 5 Temple School of Podiatric MedicineJames Burke, PH. D. School of Podiatric TEMPLE UNIVERSITY Medicine )• m« P. Burk . Ph D. Auooiio 0 »n phcx 215-62‘j S?57 A j jr«™ AMa»4 215-629-1929 Eignth at Race Street ema.f |bu keOtuwm temp e Ju PhixJr-'phia, PA 19107 wrt) ww»v Semple edu To The Class of 2006 Congratulations! On behalf of the faculty, it is my pleasure to congratulate you on your successful completion of an intense and demanding educational program. During your four years you have faced challenges and found ways to accomplish your goals. As you leave TUSPM to begin your careers as Doctors of Podiatric Medicine, you arc well prepared to deliver to your patients the highest quality care available. It is my hope that your profession provides you with the challenges and rewards that come from service to others. Continue to be life long learners so that you can provide stale of the an care for your patients. Good luck and best wishes for a happy and successful life. Academic Affairs Letters“ 9Samuel J. Spadone, DPM TEMPLE IMVT-RSm A Cocnmonurjhh I'wmity S kool or PodUtrir Mrdionr D hlJi il Racr Sur« n,a»V .u. lYniwytvanu 10107-WOf, 2l»)«2MJ» r« (218) UMOOS SmuwIJ S|i 8«w.nPM AnMiM Dmn fc EducMtonal MI«ir» Eauil Mimiri •pMJotvtflrtnpIr edii May 19. 2006 Dear Doctors, Graduates of the Class of 2006: As 1 write this, some three months in advance of your commencement ceremony. I am unsure how to address you I know this yearbook will be published and av ailable prior to your graduation, per se. However, I am confident that each of you, having completed a demanding course of study, will receive the degree of Doctor of Podiatnc Medicine by the time this letter is intended to be read Therefore. I think it is appropriate to address you now as my colleagues for the first time instead of as my students, and I am most grateful for the opportunity to do so. Many w ho have not been as fortunate as I in becoming faculty here may not comprehend my profound satisfaction as you metamorphosued ftom first year students to Hedging doctors, ready and able to fully benefit ftom post-graduate training. The impact of this transformation has never been far from my thoughts and is the most rewarding part of my work. In this. 1 am sure that I speak, not for myself, but for the entire faculty of the Temple University School of Podiatnc Medicine You have indeed undergone rigorous training, training now more on par with that in any other medical discipline than heretofore in the history of Podiatric Medicine You have an eminent right to be proud of your achievements in this regard and 1 am envious of the training you have received I wished for it as a student myself, but to no avail You arc truly fortunate. Though you have endured and accomplished much dunng the past four years, I still have sev eral personal requests to make of each of you. First, please let us know of your accomplishments. Second, never hesitate to call upon any of us if we can be of assistance in your future endeavors. Finally, go forth and make us proud! Congratulations on your accomplishments and best wishes for success in your personal and professional lives. Samuel J. Spadone. D.P.M. Assistant Dean for Educational Affairs lO ■ Temple School of Podiatric MedicineASSISTANT DEAN MEDICAL DIRECTOR Larry M. Newman, DPM School of Podiatric Medicine TEMPLE UNIVERSITY Larry Mark Naxrmatv DMA FACFAS It foot Aral tntfitutr at « ♦ StwM PM d pA«i f'KVMyti n a IS107-2496 PW 21S-62S-S2S9 fu 21V629-M0S emarf l»"XAr «ju rt rtww tmx V nJj Dear Class of 2006: I am extremely honored and proud to be able to express my sincere congratulations upon your great achievement of obtaining the degree of Doctor of Podiatnc Medicine You are now joining the ranks of an elite group of specialists who welcome you as colleagues. This has been accomplished by you, through hard work and perseverance; and, you should always take pride in this great achievement. As you know, graduation is a commencement, a new exciting beginning, which will propel you into the very promising future that is ahead for you. Take advantage of all opportunities, in your coming years of post graduate training and practice, to continue to be life-long learners. I know that as time goes on, you will agree that your experiences at TUSPM were well worth it, and. you should be encouraged to give back to your school and profession. Remember, that we w elcome you to avail yourself of us in the future for continued guidance and support. Always try to have the perspective of creating harmony among the many facets of your life, such as family, friends, and professionally. This will afford you the stability, strength, and comfort to energize your efforts, in the care and treatment of your patients Sincerely, ------------------- 'Larry M. Newman. DPM. FACFAS Assistant Dean and Medical Director Letters P 1112 5 Temple School of Podiairic Medicine2006 Seniors -13Adam Tyler Biglin Manmouth University BA ■ Temple School of Podiatric MedicineJill Cooper Blau East Stroudsburg University BS Athletic Training and Sports Medicine The College of New Jersey MEd Health Education Wayne: Thanks tot putting up with me du»mg stressful nights and the many more stressful mghts to come You help nuke my dreams a realm and my accomplishments worth achieving. We got through this together and so I share this time of celebration with vou I love you . Foever! Mom. Dad. Mark. Anne. Jessica and Travis: Thank vou lor vour lov and support ahvas- thieving in roe and for |ust being there I couldn't have done it with out vou! Mv friends at TUSPM: Good lu k on your luture adventures i II miss you. I hcpemir path- cross soon. Leslie, Melissa. Caroline. Stephanie and Liza: We couldn’t wait for this day to come but now that it has it's a little sad I'll miss our outings especially our lunches at the Cafe. Thanks for bong such good Inends.. keep in touch. Traces: Thank you for sharing your inspirations and knowledge and for taking me under Our wing 'ft is never too lose to be what you might have been. ‘-George Elxu 2006 Achilles 515Cody A. Bowers Gettysburg College BA Health and Exercise Science - Allied Health Four years ago. we all made a decision dial would affect us for the test of our lr.es. and icon we will graduate with the pimiigious degree ot doctors or podutnc medicine. The road has been long, we haie had mam,' obstacles in our paths, but we have endured. I congratulate the class ol 2006 for completing the journey. I have created countless memories and developed close relationships with many of sou, they will never be forgotten We will always be related by our profession, lei us make each other proud ►.tom and Dad In words, it not postble to express my sincere gratitude, love and appreciation to the both ot vou You have given me hope, confidence jnd motivation that enabled me to achieve my goal. You have led by example and loved unconditionally. I thank you lor 26 years of being at my side through the thick and th n I could not have done this without you Bndge: You have lilted me up when I've been down, brought me down when I thought I could fly, and taken my wrath when I couldn't handle it mvseH You have believed m me even when I had doubts You have traveled every bit of this journey with me, and we've made it here together Thank you for always being there tor me TUSPM You have given uv a basic knowledge of medicine, and ended another chapter m our ir.es Think you lo all the clinicians and start who haw directed us in the right direction. Class of 2006 Good luck, and I Icaw you with this . Your Uue character is revealed by the clarity of your convictions, the choices you make, and the promises you keep. Hold strongly to your punches and refuse to follow the currents of convenience. What you soy and do defines who you are. and who you are...you are forever 16 5 Temple School of Podiacnc MedicineJessica D Cerda Texas A M University BS Animal Science Mom-1don't esen know ssherctobcgn .Ytou are solving, giving, and supportive anrfsou nrsrr jvkfor anything in return. This long journey of mine would not have been possible without you. Thank sou lor everyth mg. Mike-l am so thankful that sou are a pan of our family tou give us unconditional lcr c and I couldn t ask for anything more. Thank sou for all of sour support loth, Dusti, and family-8oy Has i! been a long ride, or ssould roller coaster be more appropriate Thank y'all for never giving up on me! Dad Ybu are my hero too gave me strength and encouragement and taught mr to follow ms dreams. I is i II always be grateful Christi and family -Mot a day goes bs that I don't think of sou all You will always'■•= n ms hen! Grandpa and Grandma I finally made it' Thank sou ice always being proud and never douhnng me TLSPM friends isou know who you are -This journey ssould base br-en hnposstole if I ssould not hase hjd you all I svilf never forget the past a seats! Good luck with all of your future endeavors The rest of mv family and friends Than sou for believing in me and ahvavs being bs ms side' Love, lesska 2006 Achilles 5 17Liza Chabokrow-Kaviani Baylor University BA Pre-Med English Biology Jo nr, mother and Father VYYxth on nrt express what vou mean to me a hovv much I appreciate all ihityou hare Mi door Iw me. You haw bah Ic -ed me unconditionally and have sacrificed so much to help me Jthtfve all of my goals I hope vou know how much your support (us mean!to me. Without you both. I could not hue achieved art of my grub. Thank you tor even thing .end I hope you know bow much I lore you and how much I cherish the relationship that we share Thank vou tor your tore and guidance not only these pas tour wan hut throughout mv litr I love vou both from the depths of mv heart Baba |an You are my heart, mv soul and the low erf my life. We have known each other tor almost nine years, yet it feels like you have always been part of or, Wr Vouarenotooh mv husband (jut aho my mend and my confidant Thank vou lor being there tor me tor the past 4 rears and I know that wr will share many more special yean together Our lito together has jus begun and I took forward to all of the memorcs that wv will make together I lore vou will ail of my heait and I hope ysw know bow much vou mean to me. To ferisa and Siamak: I love you both so much and I hope that you know hw much your lene and support has meant to me these pas) four years. We hare always Ixen close and I know thit as the vears go hr. we will draw even closer. I am so proud of all that you both hare accomplished and look forward to being a pan of all that you will both achieve in the future. Ybu both are such wonderful siblings and I am vo thjnkfol that we have all had the opportune)' to be so cine To Rctoetl I am so ludey to have such a canng and Icn uncle that lam so close to We hare always been very dose and in fact you are like mv older brother You mean so much to me and I hub appreciate all the support that you have given me throughout these years Vbu have been so successful in vour Tito, and I know that more joyousness is stiH to come I took forward to sharing all of those special moments with you. Claudu and Avery. You both are mv dear niece and nephew I lore you both so muds and I know that you both have so much waiting for you m your tuture I hope you both know that I will always be here for you and that you can both ahvavs count on me to pu you first in mv life I love ou both and I c annot wait to see vou both succeed in all of your endeavors You have alreach made me so proud. Carol me: You and I June become best fnends over the past four years Even though we have not srem each ether very much in the past year and a hall, wr are such close fnends that no manor the distance we will ahvavs be bes» friends We hare endured everything together the past 4 years and I know that even with the distance we wiB always play a special role in each other's feres. Thank voj tar ahv.iv supportmg me in school and outside d school. I know that our relationship will alway s be dose. To all of the rest of my family and friends Thank you lor aH ol vow tore and support. You all mean so much to me and I am thankful to all of vou fa your positrre attitudes and hopefulness All oi wu will always plav a special role in mv life 18 5 Temple School of Pochatric MedicineTerry H. Clarke, Jr. University of Florida BS Human Nutrition It has been a long fa sears Years tilled with stress, teaming somtcmes sadness appahenuon. joy tears and laujjthr tt has been a grossing experience one in which I wd always cherish and neser target. 8ii th« journey slid nor begin taur years ago: it began the day I was bom. And until ths vm day and every day here after. I owe oil tfui I hose (named and accomplished to Cod. family, and friends fa they are the gudmg 6ght that has shown me the was It is Cod who has gnenmcsmngthanditisms UmilyardtTwhthithr neserletmeijII For itvs I am truh grawul Mom-1 lose you so modi, words can neser describe how important you arc to me or how gratctul I am to» all you have done. You are a true inspiration. Dad- far always bring a smile to my face and joy to my heart, than you tor all that sou have done and all of lue s lessons learned You are a in father and friend lamie- Thank you lor your support and guidance, you have always been there tor me and never let me dossn You are a true role model Teresa- You have ahviys gnen me sour all and asked nothing in return For thrs I can never repay sou You art truly a special person. Big Mamma-1 could not h e asked fa a better grandmother, thank you tor you love and all you have done fa me You are a true blessing Grandma-1 will always remember the wondetiul times we have shared You are always m ms head and I w ill always lose you. Gaoward tops-Ybu brought me in as oneMvowcMU For thisl am tiulv Messed and vou will ahsavsbemmy prayers. Dadtfy. Great Grandma and Unde Hare-1 know you arc staling (town on me and your lor will never be forgotten Family . You hive each touched my head m your own special wav I will always love each and every one of vou Thank you fa your support friends-Ytiu can never know how much I depend on you, without you lite would not be complrte. I thank you Animals- FYtsaretheonh creatures that lose sou more than they k e themsehes. Cisco you will always be remembered and Black Kfflv tins suttment does not apply to you lheTsombans family-1 never thought I would have a second home «i Mtw letscv. much less a fam»V I cannot thank sou enough fa yout generosity You Jie truly amazing Dona- Ybu are thr joy m my life and I know with you by my vde I can never (ad. YOo nuke each day exciting and new YYYthhc midyears to share and I cannot wait to get started Ybu are mv angel. HollvWood Cole- It's so bird to sav goocbve, but true kgerds never d . .you will be missed. Rock on Maher4 Class a 2006-It is weherejt pleasure I have spmt the last four years serving ttwtouot duty to become a Doctor a FYxh-atnc Medicine with such a diverse class I an truly sav I have only gam! from the nuny friendships I have nude and look tow ard to the bnghc luture ahead of each and every one of us CongraaiU! tow and Good luck! 2006 Achilles -19Claire Coates Lehigh University BS Neuroscience • Um and Pap: Thank you lot teaching me Itow 10 listen, how to question, how to learn, and Iww lo love. I am who I am because oi sou and I am truly Messed I can only hope to bring all the wonderful things you’ve taught me into my new position as physician and wile. I love you both so very much Bryan: Thank you tor being mv rock, my guiding tight, my unwavering support, my constant jo , my sounding board, and ms silent strength through this journey More than that, thank you tor being who sou are WWt changed mv lite and I love you. Bcase: Tou are more oi an migration to me than you'll ever know I love you. kid Grandma and Nanny: Your ongoing support has meant the world Jo me. Ming Riser Hooligans: It was a blast Thanks tor the comic rebel and the memories. Margie: Thank sou tor sour e.« kind, eser listening ear I'll miss you1 Special thanks to Drs Vlahovic. Burke. Spadone. Martin, lemoni and Rslamarchuk for their dedication to this place and lo us To the Class of 2006: Wheresoever sou go. go with all your heart' I wish you all the best ol luck 20 H Temple School of Podiatric MedicineJustin Colarco zoo6 Achilles 3 2122 5 Temple School of Podiatric Medicine2oo6 Achilles ? 23Sharon Tanisha Cuffy University of Miami, Florida BS in Biology 24 ■ Temple School of Podiatric MedicineClayton H. Culp Texas Christian University ___________________ I would like to fhar-1 mv parents and grandparents for their undving tar and support during this (oumey I would also like to think the following tor their friendship and support during this to Br-n Beau Brian Tin White.. Alex Ron |osh Ron leremy. Dollar, Jennifer. Georgeanne, Aver.. Benito Will. Whitfield Johnny, Kswpe, WT. Ashley Brooke Ashlcv Befh, (ess. Amanda Marian, Ten. Wends. Kristy. Md, Melissa Amv, Angela, Coon Dog, Justin, lopa. Jerky. |im. Sea Bass. Sabrina, Mart. lason, Javme. Roberta Pearce Jacob. Much, and minor else I forgot To mv attending for making me the doctor I am todjs Dr ftmtius. Dr Zinser Or Miller, Dr Goss. Dr Walters. Dr leoohart. Or Zgpnts. Dr Harkless. Dr LaFomame. Dr Michel. Dr Satterfield. Dr Burnett Dr Verghcse. D: Oakes. Or Benavente. Dr. Motley. Dr Fitzgerald •The road goes on forever but the party never ends” REK 2006 Achilles -25Darlene Dao 26 ■ Temple School of Podiatric MedicineSebastien G. Demoiny Carson'Newman College BA Chemistry BA French Literature Sara: These past tour years have been a true test on our relationship. We have transitioned Irom being newlyweds to esaWsmng a rock solid marriage. In rum was , these past tour years have I seen harderon you than me Your job has been exceptionally challenging., yet you went and worked tail Mulls without com-plaining. Plus on top of your challenging job sou managed to take graduate school classes and squeeze in French classes here and there. You are such an inspiration to me and I often don t re.ili e how lucky I am to have you in my life. My accomplishments over the pas? four years arc os much a reflection on you as they are on me. Thank you for allowing me pursue my dreams, and I can't wait to see whal Cod has in store for us.. Maman et Papa Voiti j'ai etu'in tint!! Je n’en re-dens pas. Merci pour tout ce que vous aver fait pour nsoi depuis nsoo en-fa nee Je peux toujours compter sur sous. Vous m'avez toujours fait confiante et sans vous j aurai jamais su rfussir mes Etudes Je vous aime tenement«j'espere que vous e es f re de moi Je peux horsnetement dire que je suis here d'etre vow fils. Justin land Jcssicai, Cody. Drew-. Adam, and Jeremy Thank you for being such great friends over the past lour years. I am so proud to sav that you guys are my colleagues. I know that each of you will excel in your careers, flunks for the laughs, the crossword | uz-zl«. thr- debates, and the happy hours!'11 look forward to many more good times together in the future. aoo6 Achilles P 27Joseph K. Domenico Assumption College BA Biology 28 m Temple School of Podiatric MedicinePatrick R, Doyle______________________________________ ___________________Millersville University___________________ To my family . TTunk you for all your love and encouragement through the years Had it not been tor you I would not base made it to this point in my life. Even though you did not always agree with my derisions you still supported me through it all. and look at me now, your baby boy 's a podiatrist’ I Jove you and thank you all very much! To JHly: Congratulations baby, we did it! Betorc I met you I (ell like my life was spinning out of control but vuu saved me from myself and got me back on track. Never have I md someone who understands me the wav that you do I know we vr hit some bumps along the wav, but we ve persevered and I know we aSways will. Words cannot adequately evpress how much vou mean to me but I hope that throughout our Idehme together III I aMe to show vou yu« Sow special you an? to me I love you so much m» bejuliful w ife! To the Class of 2006: All your hard work has paid off. I wish you all the best of luck in vour tuture endeavors To those ot you I was close to. I thank vou fee making these tour difficult years more bearable, even enjoy able d not a little era7v at times! I'll have some great memories to take with me lor years to come. Congratulations to you all’ 2006 Achilles ? 29Kenneth Fatkin life con take many tvwss and toms through what n oftentimes a tortuous and convoluted path ner twen-h years m the Baltimore Pein e Department, my life was certainly spun around os I charted a new and mostly unknown course m m. quest to become a Doctor or fbdialric Mecfitine It has been a great adventure lor my tamily and I met these past lour years The study has been challenging, the commuting from Baltimore to Philadelphia has been grueling, but the experience hat been nothing short ot remarkable It is with great humiby that I think my family. Because ot their constant love and support I hate been able tind the strength to overcome each ditiicuh bend in the road. They make n ? who I am. Thev keep me moving forward. They give me hope for tomorrow. I am eternally grateful lor them 30 ■ Temple School of Podiatric MedicineJameela Raashida Fulton Howard University BS Biology To my mother, lather and brother back m sunny California ..To m grandparent and family in Houston...To my family from New Orleans who have perse» red to rebuild their fives To m grandmother. aunts and uncles here in Philadelphia .To m Sorws the Finer women of Z«a Phi Beta Sororm Inc.....To my Howard University Family Co 8 on! ..—.To the Herald family and Spencer family . To all of my friends in podiatry and fellow BWPs .. And to mv la«c Aunt Annie lu Fulton.. Thank you (or all of your support and love, all of which I give in return lameela 2006 Achilles 5 31J. Pearce Futch Valdosta State University BS Biology 32 ■ Temple School of Podiatric MedicineCaroline Gauthier McGill University BS Microbiology Immunology Jean-Nicolas : |eaime du plus protaod de mon orur' Merci d avoir cte A m» cb1- per.l.u -u quire arvtaes. Ta presence dans ma we. ion amour A tes encouragements m'ont pemvs de reahser lr rev quo jc cherissais. Mend d'avoir etc la tarsqoc j'cor anucuse et dEpastae par k-s cveoements Merci d avoir tfe i l'ecoute dans les moments de stress coovrv? de yoie NO)gr la distance, noire relation n'a fait que gmndir )r sais que le Mur nous reserve utse belle we ensemble « pout I'fafMe Papa, Maman. Dans A Julie : Ma ctere familfe meter pour sow support lout at ong de cc- inr - — n i la nuison, II n'v a pas de mots poor exprtmer combren vo pensces encouragements et sacrifices m oot tic mdispensablcs. |e n aurais pas realist mon rise de devenir une podiatre sans sow le sous aime tres fort! Marie-Claude : Mero Vane pour ton am-iie Toes une amiestaiment extraordinaire ?u as lais cn sortr que mon s jour aux States soit dw plus agrtabtas. PhiUWph . New York. Washington Boston a quand la prochaine viree' Stephanie: Nos deux anrees de cohabitation se son! transfoemees en one ires grande et protande amii.e Mero d avoir M one bonne am , coniidcnic cl mime une grande soeur. Tes conse «ton ecouie m oot lie ires preciem. la vie a Philadctphie n est pas la mens? sans toil" Dr Faucher, DPM : Ta passion poor la podutne a toe une grande motivation pour mot . Tout au king de mes etudes cn medccine podiatriqoe, to as etc un cxcmple. un mentor et un ami Merci poor lout' lira, Bahai. Amir A Ken: I am sogratelul tKs t luvenHsuch wondeduJ ''.enib like you My expe. - at TUSPM would not base been the same without sou Thanks for sour friendship, support, but most ol all ihe memories that I will never target. I hope that these four years are just the beginning ot a Income friendship Melissa A Jilh Thank for the d-'iners. game nights A drink nigl£ tlut you have shared with me Everything was so d fferens when we were all! mg at the 139. Xorth Street Congratulat-ans gr!s and kivp in touch! Sabrina A Saira: Thinks ; m. Canadian Intnd k being such wonderful roon mates a:wavs kness th it tiv sticking together we could survive our last year Thanks tar sharing with me vwr wonderful cuhure. friend-ship and expenences. Good luck in the future and if ever slop in Quebec let me know!!! 2006 Achilles P 33Albert A. Giagnacova III, DPM Ursinus College BS Biology Quote. 'Unless a min btbestt in humeti and makes a IMil commcment to hu career andputs ostrythmg helm into if-h mind, hii body, ha heart-whar's life north 10 urn? k'ince I amfutdi Mom and Dad: I would first like to think you for your unending support and lot footing the bill all ol these sears. Thank sou for giving me a solid footing on which to build and for always being there for me. Vou have instilled the value of ramih in a crarv world and tor that I am eternally grateful. My friends and I will never forget die eu sting parties vou hosted at the Avalon beach house and the many good times we shared My sister Nancy; I w-.ll never forget bow you visited rm Inends and I at TUSPM breezing in like a whirlwind and being a blast at the party. You definitely nude things come alive’ I want you to know that your constructive criticism has been appreciated through the years. I hope I jm as successful m the praciice of Fbdiatnc Medicine as you are in leaching. Dean Martian i You kept your promise When I came here you told me you would leach me to fix feet and lose weight. I'm still working on the latter. You truly have nude TUSPM a ramify and your support of all students is Mi throughout the class. Doctors Newman DiPrimio. Spadone, McGuire. Miller and Bauer, You are all wonderful teachers from whom I have learned so much. I couldn't wail to g« to clinic each day. Thank you tor sour inspiration, patience and guidance. |im Joe: My Consiglicfcv our bizarre conversations were always entertaining especially concerning sports and out futures. Italic Roll aka Tlse Palpation Cub. studying first year was never so much fun Ryan, Howard Jeff; Your maturity and ad.ice have been very helpful Tracy Kim: Studying at Starbucks kept me on my rites Nma Kate. I hope made your lives a little more crazy these last 3 years. Diana Terry aka Hollywood Cole You were great neighbors, mow time was ton' Last but not least, lo all of my many TUSPM classmates; I took forward to remaining friends (or a lifetime and don't forget, wr can always go to Avalon for a reunion May the crazy times nevw end! 34 ? Temple School of Podiatric MedicineCheryl Lynn Goldstein Temple University Masters in Education First and loremoS with all my heart I thank Ha 5bem tor making me who I am and illuminating mv was enabling me »tee death through the ialeidwope of Ice NW I thank my Father-in-law Stanley I. GoMste-n 8. Phatm. OPM my husband Jerry Eric Goldstein MD. ID, Adjunct Professorof Internal Medicine TUSPM. mv children Tlkva AliHL Kilura laila jnd NiUana Kfira tor all the love. support, encouragement and sacrifice they endured to make my success happen. With deep affection and a heart full of gratitude I warmly thank and honor the Oean of TUSPM, my mentors, professors nurses, secretaries, librarians, and all the start and employees of TUSPM who I am proud to count among mv friends Finally, lo my dass of 2006 and mv dear friends, warmest and sincere best wishes for future success happiness and health Cheryl Lvnn Goldstein 2006 Achilles ■ 35Leslie Graniela Rowan University BS Tn Esteban. I cou d not have done this without you! You raised my spmss when I was down and sou lei me cut sour toenails, give sou injections and tape sour feet when no one else would. Your support and love has kept me going I will love sou forever! Mv little one TaytoOr, sou have sacrificed without even reahamg. You have made me laugh when there was nothing to laugh about! You have been an angel throughout this long journey Ybu are the reason I started this journey Thank you tor your support and motivation. I have learned so moth from you I love you so much! Mom, thanks for the many needed reality checks! You havr been truthful with me from the beginning I could always count on you when I needed sou 'rt u have been a wonderful mom and my best Inend I get mv strength Irons sou. I love sou mami! till and Melissa where would I be without all of those long cotiee study hours, care lunches, terminal runs and vour crazy mnemonics' iPullana!!- Croup 7 it has been an aitverture. I spenr a lor of time smiling, driving getting lost and hiding with each one ol you!1 No marter what happens we will always be ihe fantastic ! Class 20001 think you are all great II don't care what they say about our class) We've had a lot of fun, gossip. fights and tears all of which we are stronger lor' You have all touched my life in some way and I am belter lor hav ing known all of you!! Good luck to all of you. 36 ■ Temple School ofPodiatrie MedicineTyson E. Green Louisiana State University BS Biochemistry For a long time I believed that success was measured by the amount 01 education you had mooes sou made, and possessions vou obtained Now alter going through this much school and having all oI those things within my reach, the only things I truly care about are a happv mamage. a healths baby, and being a good lather. First and foremost Millars I could not have done ihu without you I am so lucky to have you in my Ine To my unborn baby, I love you so much already and I can't wart to see you. To mv Mom and Oad, you have made me the min I am today and deserve all ol the credit. Sty goal has always been 10 make you proud And I only hope I can be half the lather you are. Dad. I could not have asked for a better family to mans into...thank you for letting me take your little girl to the big bad city. I am so grateful for the continued support vou have shown me throughout school It s been a great four vears w ith sou Class of 2006.. good luck and Cod Bless! 2006 Achilles 5 37Jeffery Grizzaffi Louisiana State University BS Zoology 38 ■ Temple School of Podiatric MedicineRyan J. Hiebert University College of the Fraser Valley Associate of Science 2006 Achilles P 39Edward Douglas Hutson, Jr. To Andrea [ ighs «rv 01 marriage, new cibe new job new homes, p« , (, children all of n while mow firm OJ school or another Andrew thank- xxi for The sacrifices and support that has allowed me to fulfill ms (teams bo are a great mother, v vie, and friend. Tou are the lose of my life and I tell blessed having vou in it We have had a lot of twist and turns to get to this point but the das n linallv here. I look forward to our turw adventures and to spending a I netime repaving sou and the kids for these last lew sears of sacrifice. To Mom Thank-you lot your love and support. Ihank-vcu for all the sacrifice sou have made tor me and the guidance which sou have given me. Thanks for believing in me I could not ask for a better mother. To Allison and Hunter Thanks for all the hugs and kisses a! »be end of long daw. Thanks ror understanding when I’ve been busy with school wtxk. t cannot even start iu descnl the love and pride I feel when I think of sou To classmates Congratulations to us all'. Thanks for vour friendship Co out and do great things Special thanks lo |oel Iw ake up • Mike lYou've got something on your shin;. Saira iwingmar.. Mariam t the mold-etc Kim iman beaten, Cretchen ll've got to go pick mv kids upi, Sholeh i step calling me Dog less I have two dogs1, and Tracy Ichill outi. 40 5 Temple School of Podiatric MedicineMatthew David Jones fimof afl, I wish to thank God Without H.-s opening door and gently guiding mv life. I would have no direction Next I wish to thank mv wife, Kostin Without vour love support and espccullv motivation I would not have had the dedication to complete this ;oumcy Truly fortunate people have someone to lean on during difficult times. For this. I have my wonderful, canng inspiring wife kmtw Vou are m rock my very reason tor waking up every day Without vou I believe I would have no motivation For this I love you. To Mom and Dad I believe a stable tamilv is paramount to a well-adjusted and successful life Thank vou for all you have gwen me In preparation for this journey To Cindy and Paul. Brooke and Jessica: I apprec rate the love vou have show n me and with to take the wne to tell voo all I love you. and am proud of each of you Zu Use und Josef Jedes lahr kommeo wir uns naher. lemen uns gegenseitig besser kennen und akzepberen etnander Ich bin dankbar dass Ihr mich in euere familie autgenomcn habt DeutKhland ist memo Heimat! Zu Manuela und Werner; Vielen Dank dass der Gisthot tudvik immer tur mich geoftnet »st Ihr seit nicht nur mrme Familie soodern auch meine sehr cngen Frrunde To Sabrma: Dond ever stop doing vour thing Although it frequently lands vou in trouble, it certainly makes for interesting stories. Vour friendship n one of the most valuable treasures I will be ukmg from ths experience of life in Philadelphia. I hope we will stav in contact long after wr forget the stress and difficulty ot school To the attending and rewlents who have ukrn me under their wing, I hope to amalgamate all the information and suggestions to become the best clinician possible. 2006 Achilles 5 4142 " Temple School of Podiatric MedicineJoel Daniel Kelly University of North Carolina at Greensboro BS Biology 2006 Achilles -43Junior King 44- ■ Temple School of Podiatric Medicine ip Tracy L. Klimaz Allegheny College BS Neuroscience Mom and Oatt Vonfe can never excess how much voj both mean to me You have mad.- cntPess es in our l ves in order to prov ide so many wonderful opportunities for me I have been through several ups and downs these past tour seats but the one thing that has remained constant has been sour love, devotion and support Dad. think ou tor the endless road inpv dog sirring, and humor. Yew have always been ms rock and nurrfcer one tan’ Menu sou are truly my best triend. someone I can count on through die good times and the had. I would not be the person I am today without yout lov ing guidance throughout the vearv You are the wind beneath my wings and the best USPS care packager m the world' I love vou both so much, thank vou lor all that you are 3nd ail you have cbnei Eileen: You arc the greatest Godmother a gal could ever ask ior You are loving, kind and generous » all those around vou.Ybu have helped me so much throughout the yws. and not onlv In sending me sour incredible homemade sauce You have prtwided me with a second mother and a mentor Thank you for always being a shoulder to lean oru a friend to talk to. and tot |ust being you You are a true blessing and I lew vou! ladder YVhit can I uvM may be an only child bs birth but vou have ahvavs been mv sister. We have had so manv lun times together mv stomach hurts past thinking about them Thank you lor being a great friend to nv throughout my litc. You are a wonderful person and I thank God every dav vou x e in my life. I love you! Kim taka Martha Stewart) Oh Shockers, it isfitu'ly over' From the lust rlav of Orientation I knew that we would be friends; after all we are identical twins’ You have been such a great trend throughout these four years I will never lie aWe to say thank vou enough I will never fwget our basketball trip to Miami, the henna tattoos, shopping late mghts Studying vour parties, your punch, and all those barefoot nights! I am honored to be a part of vour wedding and look forward to being friends with vou always' Afecrt: You’re a ray or sunshine at the end of a stressful day! Hunks for all ri the gre.ir memories these past lour sears, and lor being a great friend’ Emilv and tin : My two AlVgheny Carls' It has been hard to keep out friendships strong these past lew wars but no matter the distance I know you we will always be there for each other [in I can't wait to visit with my Ix flv again. Bruce Smith is the man! Ima, you are beautitui and I m looking forward to vour wedding, KKG baby! I love vou both’ Sophie and Palsy My good girls' Your puns and wags brrghtm mv day' Congratulations class of 2006: Best x luck , n you' luture endeavors' It has been a pleasure lt working with all of you' 2006 Achilles " 45Kevin Fallon Kline Lehigh University, BA Neuroscience Temple University, MA Neuroscience 4-6 ■ Temple School of Podiatric MedicineKimberly Kovack Dickinson College BS Biology Pal; What would I ever do without vou? Thank you lor leaving Redskim Tall. Radio and Network Redskins game to move to this smelly city ail for me You are my bet rnend, die love of mv lile. and my husband How lucky can one girl get' stay the rest of our lives together be as much fun as the first seven and mav we never forget the good, the less than good, and the pronated times in Ph.lly. 'it's mv life Mom Dad: Thank you tor leaching me to believe in mvself bur ;y. - understanding and enrengagement have led me to be the woman I am today, and to you I am eternally grateful I onh hope that I have made you as proud of me as I am proud to call vou .Mom and Dad I love vou both' Vicky, Jason Colin: I love vou so much. Your support and friendship means the world to me ‘Colin s pretty much my favorite nephew bred far his skills in tragic.' less: I am so glad that I convinced vou to go to Temple Law School, Seriously, wh.il would you do with out me?1tou're the yin to my vang. You're the 'S’ is 'Stupids.- Phillv would have never been the some without you ’Best sisters ever’' love you Hurley's: Thank you for evervthing. I love all of you and I am so lucky to be a pan of your family Tracy: "I am going to befnends withTracv ‘ That is my direct quote after the first day of school Maybe I like you so much because you just look so much 14c me' We are NOT sisters, but would that really be so bud' I am so lucky to have found vou. I don't think that I could have done it without you. You made me work harder get better grades, and have more tun than I ever could have imagined. I cant thank you enough tor heiping me keep things in perspective while simultaneously helping me to blow things way out of perspective I w ill ahvays remember our early morning study sessions, our late night frrak-outs. and our edebra-lions after the tests were finally over! Maggiano'S, Lucy's. Shockers... it doesn't get much better than that11 can’t wail for that glorious shopping spree when we finally get our first big paycheck, low you. Albert: Thanks tor making me laugh You're a true friend and I wish vou all the luck in the world 'You lack discipline. Cretchen. Mike. Doug, Caroline: So glad that we got to spend way too much time together good luck to all of vou! Sharon Cherisort Thinks (or your friendship and good lock in every aig you do |oe, Jeff, Rob. Rvan, Howard Jim: Get involved1 2006 Achilles 5 47Gretchen A. Lawrence North Carolina Agricultural Technology State University BS Biology Mom, Did Slcphar.c and Victors - Thanks lor all ot your lore and support in everything Ihil I do! Caidyn and Owen - May you always remember dial the best things in life come 10 those who wort hardest tor it! All ot these years were spent to give you much happiness in your tuture. I love you' Mean do all things through Han who strengthens me’ Phihppuns 4:1 J 48 5 Temple School of Podiatric MedicineSholeh Mehdizadeh Temple University To my Mother and Father You gave me everything and askr-d tor nothing m return. I wish I could r.ndawjv to thank you tor what you have done tor me There are no words to describe how grateful I am tor vour never-ending, unconditional kno. encouragement support sacrifice.. and concern. The road has not always been easy, but dunks to both otvou I made it I hope I rmkr you both proud I love you both very much. To rm brother and best friend Omid; Thank you for akvays being there tor me and helping me whenever I needed it. I wish you the best of luck m your education and future goals in Me. I love you always To the rest of mv family: I would like to thank my family tor all of th« love and support throughout my life Thank you all so much for your love and encouragement, and for always being there tor me I am so iuckvin hjve such wonderful (irmly. I LOVE YOU ALL To Mama. Nina: You have both made my transitions into each year easier far me to manage I am to lucky to have you guys as my best fneod We had so much fun together I wish you both great success and happ nesv. I will always be there if you need me just like you were tor me To Mariam. Gretchen, Saira. | ll. Joel and rest of the friends you know who you are: Our tourney through school has ended, but our friendship will last tor a lifetime I am so glad to base known all of sou. You guvs are amazing and I wish you all the best m future because you all deserve it - Congratulations to the class of 2006' 2006 Achilles 5 4950 3 Temple School of Podiatric Medicinezoo6 Achilles 5 51Sabrina Minhas University of Victoria BSc Biology TKmV. Jo my parents for thru strength and (cm teaching me the most mporur li(e lessons; you rased me in the mofl beautiful place m the world and Ought me compassion, respect, and love soraU others. Mom I dream what I dream because ot my mother, I tune yshat I hive because d my mother, I lose how I kiw because at mv mother. 1 am who I am bee ause ot my mother Thanb (or the midnight swims, walks, and nights you spent talhng and lisscmmg, ifou are my best (fiend and I lose you. Dad Your confaferce in me carried me through the hird Imres; sou encourage me and male me (eeJ like I am the most important thing in your life. You are the most hardworking, seltes. and devoted person I know and arc the one man I w ill always be able to depend on in lire I love you dearly. Saira Frrends and losers come and go but you always hive yom snter Dunks (or cunng and for try mg to protect me from all at the evil thsngs and peoplr in the world Ybu have seen me through my best and worst and loved me through it all. I could not have made it here without sou Sweeter and Shamarxi: Born my baby brothers but lorever my (trends. Thanks lor your love and support you are so intelligent and talented and I am proud or the respectful men you've become I am truly blessed to have you as my brothers. Unclle, Grace. Erin Diana My Canadian sisters’ Who would've drought meetmg in eSemenUry school that we would become best friends lor life. Together we survned limkm hearts, laughter and lean. Vodka, all nigltf phene calls, weddings, and baby boss I remember all the road trps and crazy nights; veu continue to believe m me and hose been my shoulders to lean on for so long, and I'm grateful to have sou in my life. I opa D di yuu laughed with me and stood by me during my rough patch; you wiped mv tears and shared my happiness and became another sister tom? Thinks (or being you Matt You were there for me without hesitation, you were the one who new made me (eel lame for studying on a Fridiv reght, you talked me through n all, and volunteered to bek ass i( I needed it Thanks try your (nendshp and for brmg a pseudo-brother. Ben Thanks tor showing me how exhilarating it (rets when ifs right tou'll always have a sfres ial place in mv heart Dr. Palamarchuck: Thanks lor you' kindness and friendship at school, you’ve been a grejt influence at TUSPM 52 5 Temple School of Podiatric Medicine2006 Achilles H 53 C 0 • CO CO ►t CO o M • rf 03 o o r—1 0 09 • o r-» 0 ►i ( » ■V CD | 3 IT £D 0) Fanta Vaughn Morgan University of Maryland Eastern Shore BS Biology Pre'medicine and foremost I must gr,p all the glory to God who has truly been my shephard I would hast never maintained the strength 10 overcome so many trials and tribulations without my lord and Saviour lesus Christ. I would next hie to thank my parents who always believed n me and constantly emphasized the importance nl luving la th no matter the situation It is because of the constant support and the love from mv family and founds I never came close to giving up To m ‘BPP's.' meeting all oi you has truly been a blessing to me. You ail are my ev tended family and I will lake a little piece oi each oi you with me to wherever my journey leads me Through my tour year I have lejrned tlut life rs not fair and perseverance and self-determination is a necessity in attaining my goals. As Edgar A Cues! wrote . There are thousands ro ref you it cannot be done, There are thousands fo prophesv failure; There -w rheounds 10 pant out to you, one by one The dangers rhw wait fo assaif you. Butfuu burilr in wirh a hit oi a grin. usf tAe off your coaf and goto it. tun sfarr ro sing as you taci'e the thing That 'cannot be done.'and ion’ll do it. 54 ■ Temple School of Podiatric MedicineLara Murphy Northland College BSc in Chemistry Weil, we did it Four scars o» hard work and long hours have paid on We are now dcwon Thanks to all of you at TUSPM who helped me to find my plate in Podsamc Medcine. Thank you to the clinicians that had the trust and confidence In me to allow me to continually espand my knowledge and training in the field of ftsdiatrv. I have learned to befceve in myself and be proud ot who I am and what I capable o» doing I look forward to being one of your colleagues in the future To my family, thank you for all the lose and support Thanks Mom and Dad tor the being there lor me not only in person but spint whenever I needed sou Thank sou for seeing my dream through and being such an intricate pan of the whole process I would not have been able to cfo this without you jean think vou for believ ing in me and putting up with me during those long stressful days we have had and the long hours to come. I look forward to spending the rest of mv life with vou. Kyle and Amy thank vou for bemg who vou are and being behind me in all my decisions And Damen you are the most perfect nephew any Aunt could ask tor. To the class of 2006 good luck in all ot sour endeavors and may all your hopes and dreams come true 2006 Achilles ■ 55Julie M. Nista Assumption College BA Biology To mo tk D in DPM »shared 1 wavs - representing the word doctor, Darnel, and Dad Without the two most important men in my life, mv achievement would hove never been possible To Mom and Dad - It n dirt null to express how I truly feel through the words written on this page You have given me uncorutomrul love, encouragement, and support throughout mv life. You have given me the self-confidence to strrve for excellence Stkc I was a young girl, I was taught that the value of education is endless, that being grven the opportunity to attend school is a privilege Thank you for giving me the guidance that enabled me achieve mv goal - you jrr 'Jl'AN' fine Mom and Dad 1 ps - thanks for all the care packages Mom1 To Daniel. You are the love of my tile, my best mend I thank you tor your unvarying encouragement, yout never ending support, your patience, and your love. I look forward to our future, experiencing our mrfcvid-ual hopes and dreams as a couple united in ihe love of God As Elton John has perfectly put it - 'How wonderful life is while you're in the wodd . To Mjrybeth and Katie. I am verv thankful to have you as vstwv You are always there when I need a good laugh, fashion tips, and advice Alter all you were the best truds-of-honor a girl could ask lor1 Girlfriends come and go. bur sistm are forever. To Grandma Nista Ihe values you have instilled on our family have taught us to cherish every moment in life The king hours that you and Grandpa spent working in the ista Shoe Store and equally the same time at home have given our entire family the opportunities that wr have today. We are a vrrv p oud, hardworking religious, loving and generous family - who never misses a meal t- and realizes the most important time ot' the day K sitting around the dinner table with family. To the Graduates Never loose site of the moral responsibilities you now have as physicians. Treat every patient with respect and integrity Always remember that we arc not just treating the foot and ankle, we are treating the cnt c person I leave you w rth an inspirational though that a verv important person has told me which will remain in my heart forever 'Our Lord never goes us a cross am heavier than we can carry- - Godfather. Dr Uncle George NisU 56 ■ Temple School of Fodiatric MedicineOlufunmilayo Olanipekun University of Miami BS Biology Exercise Physiology Cod Dunk you tor watching over me and allow mg me to gw tin lur because with out vou there no .w I would have of could have made rt Family You ve been thefe tor me trom the beginning with more support than I could have r.ei nked ' ■ Anytime I needed encouragement ou were there Anytime I was broke vou were right there a! the bank making a deposit Anytime I said I wanted to come home vou reminded me ho»v close to the end I was and there was a light at the end of tunnel For all ol this I love you and say thank vou even though I know that these gestures am so small in comparison to what vou have done tor me Friends Ya II have been with me through ihirk and thin and we ve been through mam things that havr brought us closer. There are no words that can describe how grateful I am that I have been blessed tor ha. -ing you in my life Evwv Imp we took, phone call, e-mail, letter or card you sent arc all the reauxts why I was able to make it Those things gave me that little bit of motivation that I needed to make if to tha point, and tor that I love you and say thank vou. The crew Its been a 4-year journey that I'm glad is over. I mhapps that we experienced this worm-, ti get her. Our late night runs to Wawa. Thursday's at the 5 Spot. Saturdays at Pinnacle, late night walks on South Street and around the cm- is what kept me somewhat sane dunng the past 4 years There's no need for me to say let's keep m touch because that's already a given. ,Us we all see rm h success m our futures and not forget what it took for us to get there To myself Dr Otu superstar extraordinaire and queen of the world bu finally made if kid, but I alw avs knew you would because failure was never an option no matter how much you said vou didn't want to be here You are truly amazing as you already know And with tlut I'll just toll you lo 'make it happen’ 'leave no doubt', and 'do the damn thing', because the Coldm State protect is finally done. At least we hope so 2006 Achilles “ 5758 ■ Temple School of Podiatric MedicineFairuz Parvez Temple University BA Siy. '0 Atl'h! Possessor of the Kingdom, Vou give the Kingdom to whom You w ill, 2nd You take the kingdom from whom You wfll, and You endue with honor whom You will, and You humifiate whom You will. In Your Hand is the good. Verilv. You are Able to do all things.' -Ai-lmran 3:26- Praise to All’h! t have been granted a glorious reward tjm.lv, and ability to heal. All blessing come from Ybu. You are the Greatest, Most High’.!! This also, would not have been possible without my AMAZING and loving tam.lv. You all stood b mr supported me. encouraging me to be the best I could be. I cannot fully express rm love and gratitude into words, but I will try I dedicate this (ifgree tn each and even-one of you Stay Cod ahvavs keep you in His favor. •Mama, I cant men begin to express in words how much you mean to me lam THE luckiest person m the world to be honored and blessed to have you as a mother, best friend, and counselor. Ycxi give the phrase 'unconditional love' a whole new meaning at a much higher level loving me and helping me. many a night you were my shoo Wet to lean on and ears to listen You ALWAYS stood beside me. especially when no-one else could and fought for mv rights Ybu ahvavs guided me with wisdom and kindness that no other human being could show. You always gave you're All tor me no nutter what n was. In devout prayers, the fitV words on y-our lips were ahvavs for me Anything and everything humanly possibly was done without complaint or request for anything in return Sleepless nights spent on prayers and con sunt thoughl for me was your routine. My guardian angel. Barak All’h feekee" Cod bless you former and m3v He bestow all ot his grace blessings and Firdaws upon you as you selflessly wrnlxcd yourself and life lor me Daddy, Heat, snow or in the middle erf work ,you painstakingly dedicated lo getting to all places I needed to go. You were always there for me no matter what Your patience, kind words, aduce and pride helped keep me going. I will earn your name b.-gh and am deeply gteadul tor all you love done lor me May Cod shower you with mertv and blessings and grant vou Firdaws Tanq. Amru Nahed, Shanela. and Faisal, Oh where do I begin You were always there for me. Youi patience and constant prayers, oh those nightly tahjj|ud prayers iwhen you could have comfortably slept) wdl new be forgotten, I am forever indebted to everyone. You all have a special place in mv heart May Cod bless you and grant you all Firdaws as well. I love you all!!! 2006 Achilles ■ 59Mark R. Pipher Arizona State University BS Human Nutrition First and foremost, thank you Cod Did Mom thank you for your constant love, encouragement, understanding, and support. You hast bwn fantastic role models m both your personal and proteswonal lives. I could not hive better parents I derkaSe tbs to you Steve. Enn. Grant: thank you for the encouragement, support, jokes that kept me laughing, and good times with mcAocnws boating and lishmg when I was home on breaks Oanr. my precious nephew, I look forward to watching you grow up Grandma Pipher your lose, prayer, notes, coolues. and rolls have been wonderful all of my hie You have led a great example I have not met anyone with a better outlook Grandpa Pipher your amputation initiated my interest in this specialty: in your memorv may I help others trom such an event Thank vou for your lose and teaching me to golt Grandpa A Grandma Johnson thank you for sour love, prayer, and encouraging mv educational pursuits. I wish you couW have had longer lives, Alan Crock DPM. Trom a college mentorship to becoming my mentor and friend; I am very fortunate Thank you for alw ays allowing me to observe vour surgeries and clinic, teaching, and encouraging me Douglas Leeland MD, your brilliance, kindness, and cart I want to cmulale Thank vou for being such a fine eumple loseph foote, DMD, MD and Karel dokeeuw. DDS. MD your treatments hast improved the quality of my life and you have been wonderful examples for me Richard jacobv DPM, Stefan Mudryj DPM, Cathleen McCarthy DPM. thank vou for allowing me to shadow in your clinics and surgeries, teaching, and encouragement Clinicians, professors, vufl ofTVSPM, and attending;, residents, and stati of theVAMC Phoenix: thank you for vour friendship and dedication to my education. CCC and D-slvp: excellent friends you have all become Thank you lor your prayer and erxrouragement: it has meant a lc Friends: think you tor all the good limes staying in touch, and visiting me. I am so fortunate to have so many great friends. Classmates: thank you to mv friends, we have had some fon along our yournev Best of tor k to everyone 'In the middle of difficulty lies ojtportunity - Altiert Einstein 60 “ Temple School of Podiatric MedicineMike Plishchuk Kean University BA Biology To m mother- Thank vou tor giving me nervch.ng that I needed in l v Thank vou tor your sacr'icesso that I could fulfill my dream Vou have always been there lor me when I needed vou Vou have inspired me to work hard and never got up m achieving my goal . Now it mv turn to return the favor. I love vou mom To my sisters Maria and Irene-Thank vou lor your love and support. Both or vou have helped me through some rough times. I could not have done this without both of vou. Love ya Amy-1 finally made it What a wild ride I could net have done this without vout love and support Scoce the day I met you vou have gnen me the strength, compasswn. and dedication to accomplish anything that I put my mind to. You are not only my guhnend: vou are iny best friend that I love verv much You are in my heart, mind, and soul Since day one. Vou have stuck with me through the greatest times and through the worst of times. PS I win Jim-Where's Bubbaf Mariam-1 am glad that we met and got through all this hard work together Hanging out with you it so much fun we always have a blast together, Vou have become one of my best mends and I will cherish our friendship always, i will always have your back I wish you all the happiness and success. Friends forever. Saira- You're a Cool rat m my book Our talks were so much iun throughout the years You- birthday parts was great and ended in a big blast, friends forever. Mark- What can I sav brother we made it. You're my one at my best tnr-nds and now my colleague Howard, Doug and Albert- you have been great friends throughout the vearv I can alw aw (Ount on you gins. Doug vou can t beat a free meal card. To the class of 200t - We have survived the tourney These tour yean has been such an incredible evpcn-crxe Wishing everyone success in our turure careers 2006 Achilles 5 61James Polowczyk Binghamton University BS Biology 62 ■ Temple School of Podiatric MedicineMariam Popal George Mason University B.S. Biology M.S. Chemistry I woufaliketosUrtodby tharkmgGQDAlmightv for jlkwvngnte to reach my dreams. I think COO twgts-ing me heafch. a loving family. wonderful friends, strength to stiwc lor excrffonce. and for gn ing me it cpportum-WS in life rtvu mam onto wish far. lores ask tor COO'S meres and guidance tor din lifetime and the Hereafter lo ms vsondmul parents: Mem and Dad, I LOVtYOl" Thank sou far sour consent lose and support bu hast brought mv «5 rs and I up m a strict, losing emvoomeot in which sou instilled the importance ol ctfocaKwt family. and teaching tor the stars in our minds foutoth have worked so hard and has only asked tor ustoW twinoujeKesandtonesergiseup, "It one door dcsesthen their wrflhe a hundred morrto cprn' t think sou far abvays believing in me and reaching us all the v aluable lessons of hie. I am so proud d ou. Mom and Dad for the arruzmg people sew are. I can never thank you enougi far everything you base done for me To little kid Vw are beaut« intelligent, supports, ms best friend, an aiming human beng vsho has so much devotion to helping others, a clean heart, a listening ear and a grace about sou that vs ill make sou an outstanding doctor. Vbu are more then just my little sister but also mv doves confidante. I thank sou tor all the wondrrfJ adnee and tor nuking mv Irvine experience in PKiS ted more bke home How about vse open a dine together, I'll get 75 » ot the profits and ou 25 V Okay . |USt kidding we ll make 11T0V me and J0% yw. I am oUei Toms older sister I have learned so much from watchng you gross- and blossom into the person you are todas Thank sou lor allwvng me to choose the pads that I have in Irfe through foaming from your experiences. I hope for Mem and Dad to soon say that they have three Great Doctors as the children To my dear friends: First. I'd lie to start oh by thanking my friends tuck home tor never allowing me to forget where I came from and for allowing me to never led tondv mv lint seat Wore mv little ssser airbed. lu-Thank sou lor the wonderful advice, late night talks, helping me ge through some tough times, and the last-paced walks through the 'better' pans ot Phillv. Saar and Wit-VNOW, have we been through a fat together! I thank you for helping me get through and keep away from the Devil ot the daw oi 2006. She was a menace to the class. the school, and to mr and I pray that we all never hive to deal with her craziness again, GOD-willing fou two will become awesome doctors and I know I will be m dose contact with the both of you. fadrth-l will mss our dnses back and forth from Phillv toVA. Shdch Mirvs a. and Mitu-I am so glad I met you gins. We have jM foamed so much from each other, Our joumev at TUSPM has come to a dose, but our friendships will Last forever To the test erf the class of 2006-fm so way I couldn't menticn all oi the wonderful friends I have made. I wish you all the besz cif luck m your lufure endeavors Congratuktoom to sou all' 2006 Achilles 5 63Neda Sadat Ketabchi Northeastern University BA Biology 64 5 Temple School of Podiatric MedicineMarwa Sayed Temple University, College of Science and Technology BS Biology In the name of Allah. The Gracious, the Merciful.... Jo Mom and Did I can not thank sou enough for all vour love and support. I know you've been waiting for this day, and I could not have made it without you Thank you. I will always lose you very very much. To Mahmoud, Hnhitit .tnrf Jawi Than for all yot support, and keep up the good work! I wish vou good luck and success w your lives Jo -Nina and ShoWt: Congratulations, girls' Looking back to the first year seems so far away V e have made so many memories along the wav that I will chensh all my life. Good luck so you and will keep in touch To my Group IV httnd ind my other friends. Alarum, Alike, ill. Ke m. Junior and Sarah I will remmsber you, and I will always wish you the best. TUSPM Class of2006 Best wishes to all of you Professors and Cfowciam af TUSPM It has been a great pleasure and a great honor to learn under youi giMiance Thank you lor contributing to mvseb" as a person and a doctor 2006 Achilles 5 6566 5 Temple School of Podiatric MedicineHoward Shapiro Temple University BA Human Biology 2006 Achilles ■ 67Renita Ta’Sha Shaw Alcorn State University BS Biology Many win fuse been i roned Many urns mding mack fuse been vudesirjighi True foendships strengthened jnd Some ss evened, but vet I sunned Many sec this degree as just an ends to a means but fa me it has been a test ol my strength and my determination. And this« a summary of mv gratitude to all that has helped mr To my lord and Sis tor Thank you fa opening doors that many would have closed in my face Thank you fa your renewing strength and mercy that hive carried me through these last i years ot my life. Mv mere •Wife are nothing but I sav thank vou lor allowing me to be your vessel to help those who need my turning the most To my parents: I lose sou. Thanks fa your arms that hj.e reached out to me when I had nothing When no one else could imagine my struggles you base ALWAYS been there whether cmotsonal or financially you stuck by me and I thank you Dad thanks fa always asking 'What's between your ears, Remtaf'l finally understand, ansi mom thanks fa fostenng a lene fa Christ in me fa that s what has keep me To my Sis Wendy Thanks fa listening and advising me when I was at mv wits end I lose you and thank you fa all the prayers and support. I would also like to apologue fa lying on you when I was J . I really thought you pushed me off the bed. Hey. I was loopy then and I'm loopy now. To Tree Words aren't enough' Through this last year you have been my protective angel I low you fa ail tlut you ve done and I know the best«ytr to come! To my friends and fellow doctors Fanta. Sharon, Funmi Jantmte. Cher, Junior, ludith, and Prarte I pray that each of you will be successful in all that you do I wish that you will always remember the joy we feft when we started this journey and the true bleswng ol walking that stage This n pm ilegc to be who and where we arc in our Inw and I pray that you all will be blessed. O and by the way thanks fa all the birthday gifts, support, study sessions, notes 1 dxInT get mysehi, food tides and prayers To mv professors (Robinson, Zinuer, and Pontiouv thinks fa all of the support and shoulders to cry on when I fell like giving up! It has been a raid that few iviH ti.net Sul if i (fair and I took hick w ith a smifr for nuns hnc r.irr.ed me Jo this end Ihaf it duly the beginning ot the ml Of my for Cod bless vou all TDSPM class of 2000 68 ■ Temple School of Podiatric MedicineMarshall Shieh John Hopkins University BA Biophysics A Musician's Prayer lord. Thou Greal Physician, I kneel before Thee. Since every good and perfect gift must come from Thee: I Pra Give skill lo ms hand, dear vision to mv mind, kindness and sympathy to my heart. Give me singleness of purpose, strength to lift at least a part of the burden of my suffering felloss men, and a true realization of the rare privilege that is mine. Take from my heart all guile and worldliness, that with the simple faith of a child I may rely on Thee. Amen Dear friends. These last four sears have been the moss exciting oi mv life. Medical xhool has been difficult beyond books. I am truly grateful for my family, friends, and instructors who have lieen an endless resource instilling me with the mental focus to get through these past lew veais. Marry thanks to my mother and father who h e made a very large investment oi money and tune. I am tor-ever indebted to mv parents for being then every step of the wav. Many thanks to my mentors away tram school. Dr Smolens and Dr Gerland. I would not have even been at Temple if it was not tor them. They have never steered me wrong and have always reinforced my believe that I am in the right profession. Many thanks to Dr Palamarchuk. Dr McGuire, and Dr Whitney. They have given me countless clinical pearls regarding gj it analysis and biomechanics, mv most favorite area It s been fun Carry on lor Podiatry . -Or Boyd. 2006 Achilles “69Robert Spencer California State Fullerton BA Biology I wcwld Metottv thank you to m mom and dad. Mom . you have been my backbone. You hjye given me the support that I needed to survive and have donr this my cntse Ide. Dad.. you are my role model I pay 'hat someday I could achieve bemg even hobo! the doctor you are or half the nun that you an I love you both very much Nin. thanks lot putting up with me I can truly «v that without you, I do not know how I would have got Ihrcugh the tough rimes I love you and look toward to our future together with whatever it may hold Sara, thanks to taking cote or Nin for me I enjoyed story time and will miss it greatly. Good luck in your remaining years. Doot worry... you are ymarter than both Nm and I lules what can I «yf You have been them since 5ARP. Good times. Good times. Good luck to you and Dan and I wish you the best Mb' you know who you are. I will itvss hanging out. It you're ever out my way, you II have a place to crash. Untie Rob, thanks to all of the fabulous dinners. Ybu always took care of me out here in Phffly. Qandrnj and Grandpa, good ol grandma and grandpa Thanks to your lose and support.. ..oh yeah and the checks helped our a to too finally Class of 2000. thanks. A good majority of you have been my fnends and have supported me Thanks’ I w rvh everyone the best of luck and look toward to either seeing you at conferences or working with you in the luture in some way, 70 ? Temple School of Podiatric MedicineDrew Taft Syracuse University BS Biology To mv wife, Theresa: Hrgh school graduation we've been there done that College gr.idiut.oo ..wf ic been there and done that Now graduating from fcefcatric Medicine. u vou asked me 8 vears ago where t thought I’d be today I might not have foreseen Podiatry school but I knew I would always be wvth you Vou are truly the love of my Ide and my- best mend I can't thank you enough for the unconditional support and encouragement you have always given me. You are the most selfless and canng person I have ever ma and with all that said, it makes me the luckiest person to have sou as mv wife. I love vou sweetie' To Padre: Ybu are one ot the smartest, hardworking and vuccc-utul people I know You have irni will always be a hue role model to me Thank vou for giving me even opportunity I could have ever asked tor I was able to fulfill my dream ol becoming a doctor and I cant thank vou enough for your love and support I love vou Dad' To Mom: Thank you for ail the love, suppon and encouragement vou hive given nr throughout ns, long academic career. You have always been there lor me and no doubt, helped me to get where I am today I love you Mom' To Bryce: Vbu're the nun I am ectremeK proud oi everything vou have accomplished tlvj‘ la and I know you will continue to succeed in whatever you do I m sorry I haven't been able to be more apart ol vour life at home but I look lotvvard to the good times we w ill for sue have ahead I love vou Bto' GO WILDCATS' To Mom and Dad Black: You hive been like second parents to me. allowing me into vtxir home, vout tarn dies and vour heart I thank you for all the support, love and care you have given me since div one You both have always gone wav above and beyond to see that Theresa and I received all the help wr may have needed these years past. I don't know how we ll ever repay you. I love you Shim and Dad’ To April: I know we joke about this bur vou arr truly the Miter I never had. Continue to be canng. loving and supportive because that is what makes you the person you are. Congratulations on all your accomplishments thus far m and out ot school. I know vou will continue to be successful in whatever you do m I ilc. Move you Apes' To the rest of my family and friends You ate very important people in my life and I would not be where I am today without all your love and encouragement Thank you for everything, everyone!' 2006 Achilles ■ 71Jeremy M. Thomas Western Carolina University BS Sports Management To My Family. I think about what it has taken to be who I am and where I am. Often I have felt myself accomplishing another goal or pushing myself to excel at another task. The past tour years and even the past eight have been tough and I have often been down. I am truly blessed in that I have the most amjzing family who have taught me and guided me. It is because of each and every one of you that I am where I am today. Mom and Dad: I could not ask tor more of tlse most loving, caring and supportive parents in the wodd. What I have learned from you and the drive that you instilled in me is priceless Dreams come true in life, in that you guys raised a son who became a doctor and tln-re are not many parents who can say that I was able to make my dream come true as well, and that was to not fail you You are the reason I am who I am and tor that I thank you. My Grandparents: Thank you for being mv words of encouragement and financial supporter through all of the tough tunes. Thanks for the cards and reminders that I would make it through. Rick and Betty: Thank you lor always being there and making my life and needs more Important than your own. Ange and Kandy: I am equally proud of you two as you are or me. We have went through this journey together as family and students. You guys have always been my favorite borne away from home and the times we are together make my life seem so minor to wlwt you guys have. I am lucky to share a life with both of you. I am proud to say that you are not only my family hut my friends. Thank you. Lora: When god began making angles yc u were lust on his list The love and support you have given me over the past four years is truth of your love fix me. I can not think of anyone else in the wodd I would have rather sjxmt these years with than you. I c an not begin to thank you and try and show you how much you mean to me. You arc my life and I can not imagine a second going by without you in it I look forward to our next journey together in life and hope that no matter where we are you know how much I love you Thank you 72 ■ Temple School of Podiatric MedicineDiana S. Tsombaris St. Joseph’s University BS Biology To my parents: A simple thank you is not sutfidwt I truly bel e e I would not have achieved this degree had rt not been tor your support, sacrifice and motivation. You hive always believed in me even when I doubted my own capabilities. The strong morals and values you have instilled in me will undoubtedly be the foundation of my future career. To mv sisters: Thanks for being my sounding board through all the stress and excitement over the last tour years. It's always comiorting to know that I have ‘two’ shoulders to lean on Your encouragement and advice has been priceless. Terry: Who would of thought a city girl would fall ror a country bo. 11 cannot imagine how I would have survived the last two stars without your positive energy and support. You have opened my eves mmd and heart to more than I could have ever hoped for. I look forward to beginning our lives together’ To the Class of 2006: You have certainly made the last tour years memorable. Trunks tor all the good times' Best or luck during residency and beyond 2006 Achilles fB 7374 ?! Temple School of Pediatric Medicine_____Channa B. Williams________ Huntingdon College' Montgomery, AL BA Chemistry Thinks be » COD xx ill at hn grace and mercies! My childhood drcom has come true I am a doctor! It has been a test oi endurance to complete this journey. However, there t one thing that l e learned along the w av: 'for the are not to the jw iff or the kittle to rhe strong but to the one who endure to the end' Ecclesiastes 9-11 Though mv journey as a doctor has just begun I know that w fits thr lonj •. help, I will see it to the uety end Gratitude and Thanks Mom and Dad- Thank sou mommy and dadch (nr your unending support through out every star I vt been in school. I am more fhan blessed to hast two sen loving, supportive parens like you two You encouraged me when I told sou that I wanted to become a doctor at nine stars old Dreams do come true1 Mommy I appreciate sour prayers and cards«lost and support dun rig the dtft cul? times m podiatry school I love sou' Dadd : Your manv lessons about life's i rrcumsunces svill never be rorgot-twv— neither will your financial support when mv pockets were empty1 Icr.i- sou1 Sisters Chandra: Ve made it pinner1 Both of our dreams have come true! I was blessed bv GOD to have a 'buitun' fnend for life. I cannot wait for us lo work together and build a practice together. I am blessed to hast you as my sister, best fnend twin, and now, my optometrot’ I am so proud of vou jnd I lose sou ser, much Kenyatta: Thank you for your phone calls, conversations, and your support. Tell Amber and Nia to hurry up and become dentists so they can join our practice! I bve sou’ Aunts and Uncles: Thank you lor sour prayers and encouragement Family friends and neighbors:Thank sou for sour support Antioch Church Family: Thank you far sour lost prastrv and encouragement Whatever the future holds. I am comxfcrw that GOD svill order my lootiMpS I am committed io rm role as a podiatnc physjcan in beahheare ' And the etv cannot fj to die fund I hue no need thee not .if J n the head to theieet, rave no need oi you Njy, muchirwrerhoserntrobmorrhefcoch which seem robe more iceble. are necessary I Connthians 12 21-22. 2006 Achilles -75Jayme Richele Williams Texas A M University BS Biomedical Science We know what wr are, but know nol what we may bf -VV Shikespeare Though we all nuy have paved this rood differently we all end up at the end of the same path. May Cod continue to use each or our creatneness to make the path your own But remember- First do no harm' Mom and Dad What can I say you're grren me evrrvtlung I re orr wanted w ithout tpoiling me. You've always supported me no matter what the cause I will for ever be indexed to the both of you especially H sou decide to take on this debt I've accumulated!! I low you lor ever! Room 111 Whether above or below vou I knew I always had a sale haven within your walls! You guys made Phillv a place to be missed and modeled a friendship in marriage. Thank vou for all the late night 6$ Gulps, goofs dancing marathons TV companionship and not Vflmg me eat out alone' Green and H'Ree Mv Society Hill escape’ God knows that I'll never lose touch with the two ol you II only the plan would work out the wav Hce and I'd like it to! Congratulations on your new arrrvaJ and the successful life that lurks around the corner Nisti and D. If it wasn't for the two of vou I would never have made the many memories 1 made in the Ctfy of Brother! Love I will always cherish the bond we made and look iorward to seeing how the lord will continue to change and mold you mio vour perfect torm as Doctors, Woes and Mothers All vou Southerners; We mule it- early morning conferences, late nights with HarUess, TDI ghetto dime, |Ournal dull, VA fungus and pimpng intact We're all better tor it . at least I hope so Well always have the River Walk! May wp all prepare ow minds lor the best life has to offer! 76 “ Temple School of Podiarric MedicineJon M. Wilson, Jr. Louisiana College BS Biology Gloria—sty beautiful wife' Going on 9 years' These las: tour sears hast- been a (ha! enge tor both a in (eel we have no( only grown in kross ledge but also in lose I have been blessed m life with the most wort-dertul catipanion Thank you tor soot encouraging words. lov mg heart, and canng hand and tor your patience, understanding, and financial support You are rhe most unseflish trusftvcrthv. and dcpeodtble person I have r»er known Vbo yourseW have accomplished much while bewg here, for that lam proud and I thank you—you are my motivation and eumple You base a beautiful spirit and personality I have enjoyed all of our adventures while being up here I am glad our laughs and tears have been with each other You have made did journey ton Thank you tor being the grratesf friend a person could ever ek tor. I pray we always keep Cod first n our Ines. Cant wart to spend tomorrow with you' I adore you The "O-P" is coming! To my family-1 love and miss you all Thank you tor your love, support, and encouragement We ll be back soon! Bro. So. Pacheco- Thank you ir sour love pavers, and unsetrishncSs I could not have done this without your daughter Greg—We dkl it'! Now what drug might give you red tears? Cheryl—Congratulations" Channa and Corrine-Those 'VA special s' are still holding up Thanks for a great 3 rd year' Class of 20% M.n sou succeed in all vour goals and 'me healths, prosperous lives 2006 Achilles ■ 77Jill Zeiss Doyle West Virginia University BS Environmental Protection To my family: 'tout love and support means so much to nv I never dreamed that I would be this happv I came 10 school not knowing what to expect I never knew how much I would grow as an individual. All of you have been here with me through everything. Even though you were lour hours away, vou still managed ro guide nw when I needed you. At the start ol everyday I remind nr.sell how lucky I truly am. I would never have made il this tar in my life without vou. Mom you are so incredible. Vou have always been so strong and you are such an inspiration. Thank vou for every thing! I love you! Dad. thank you lor ail ofyour encouragement over the years. It s been a difficult journey, but with you cheering me on it made it much easier on me I often think ot the day that we went to lunch and I just wanted to ghe up. What vou toW me that day ha kept me going when it got tough and I'm still going! I iove you and thank you ror everything Bert, thank vou SO much for the encouragement vou have given me. You have helped me become the person I am today and I love you lor it Vou always told me. 'lust get done Well, it's done so what's next? Emily, my sweet little sister! I love you and thank you for all the beautiful pictures over the years Watching you grow mto a little lady mikes me stmt to be a better person, hate, my sweet littlest sister. I'm surprised you didn't graduate from here before me! Thank you for all the phone calls and the hinny stories thjt keep me going every day with a smile. I love you Mi Mi Thank you (or all of your advice over these difficult years. You have wanted so much for your family sour entire life. MiMi. thank you for all of your sacrifices that have brought us to where we are today. Patrick, my wonderful husband: Wow, I came here to become a doctor, I never imagined I would meet vou You are my best friend I love you more every dar. No one has ever been so kind, loving, and supportive. You give so much and I think you (nr everything vou do for me and for us. Co Team Oovlc! My friends and Tb'SPM family. First of all I want to v y that I'm happy we all finally graduated' You have made my time here much more enjoyable From Center Gtv summers to long walks from Temple Hospital I loved almost every minute of it! I would pul my feet m sour hands any day' To the Class of 2006: Good luck to everyone! 2006 Achilles 3 79GRADUATES NOT PICTURED: ' Gregory Cook Jason Smith Oklahoma State University BS Physiology 80 “ Temple School of Podiatric MedicineA Few Final Words of Wisdom... “Eighty percent of success is showing up.” - Woody Allen "Our lives are not determined by what happens to us but by how we react to what happens, not by what life brings to us. but by the attitude ire bring to life. . I positive altitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events, and outcomes. It is a catalyst, a spark that creates extraordinary results." -.flnon. “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” • Mark Twain Ability is what you're capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it." Lou Holtz '‘Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts. ■ Sir Winston Churchill “To laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children; to earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; to appreciate beauty, to find the best in others; to leave the world a little better; whether by a healthy child, a garden patch or a redeemed social condition; to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is the meaning of success.” - Bessie Anderson Stanley 2006 Achilles S 81ASSISTANT DEAN FOR FINANCE ADMINISTRATION _ J Roderick Jones School of Podiatric Medicine TEMPLE UNIVERSITY Office of Fiscal Affairs 8th at Race Streets 6th Floor Philadelphia. PA 19107-2496 phone 215-62S-S401 fax 215-629-2378 email busmessofficeCluspm temple edu web httpy podiatry temple edu To the School of Podiatric Medicine Graduating Class of 2006: On behalf of the business and administrative staff members at the School of Podiatric Medicine, I offer our heartfelt congratulations upon completion of your formal professional education. Now the “real" education begins. Take pride in your achievements and the challenges that you have overcome, and use your experience to propel you through your careers as health care providers. It has been my pleasure to get to know some of you during your time at TUSPM, and 1 am confident that you will represent your profession well in the years to come. I wish all of you the best of luck in your lives as well as your careers, and I hope that you will continue to be an active part of the TUSPM family. Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration 82 ? Temple School of Podiatric Medicine2006 Achilles !■ 8384 3 Temple School of Podiatric MedicineSO MANY FEET... 2006 Achilles S 85SO LITTLE TIME. 86 5 Temple School of Podiatric Medicine20o6 Achilles 5 8788 ■ Temple School of Podiatric Medicine2006 Achilles 5 8990 5 Temple School of Podiatric Medicine CLASS OF 2006 2006 Achilles !LET’S GET CLINICAL! 92 E Temple School of Podiatric Medicine2006 Achilles 5 9394 ■ Temple School of Podiatric Medicine2oo6 Achilles ™ 9596 5 Temple School of Podiatric MedicineBACK IN THE DAY 2006 Achilles ■ 97Top 10‘Things.... you May lHave TLshed yourself about ‘Dr. ‘TiodijvJoodCote Surgery 10. 'Where does ‘Dr. Molly wooddo surgery? Mostly in the southeast, hut it s Been said that he also has a (isence in Texas, where he sometimes works with ‘Dr. ‘Bohhy ‘Durango. 9. ‘Does ‘Dr. Hollywood wear gloves in surgery? Absolutely, one white glove on the left double othro gloves on the right (with the jingers cut out). 5. 'When using x-ray during surgery, does Dr. iHollywood wear lead? ‘yes, he wears a thyroid shield over his jewels. 7. What type of surgical instruments does Dr. IHollywood prefer to use? 'Me only uses Alabama pickups, a 10 blade, Cjigli saw, and a 0.062 'Kjwirefor all fixation. 6. What materials does Dr. Mollyzvood use for closure? Staples and superglue. 5. What makes Dr. ‘.Hollywood mad during surgery? If the scrub nurse forgets to add a sterile shotglass to his tray. 4. Does Dr. Mollyzvood wear eye protection during surgery? Always, tinted aviators with an T am Smiling "scrub cap. 3. What is the craziest surgery Dr. Mollywoodhas performed? Me once did a triple arthrodesis at bedside zvith a suture removal kit. Me used the scissors for all dissection, he then broke the pick-ups in two, shoved one side in the subtalarjoint, the other side in the c-cjoint, and used the scissor handles to close dozvn the t-n joint. Me closed all layers with superglue and a bandaid. 2. What is Dr. Mollywoodsgreatest contribution to podiatric surgery? 'The Mollyzvood Cole ‘Procedure." Closed reduction of a bunion zvith percutaneous pinning. 1. Mow can I contact Dr. Mollyzvood? Me is hard to contact in person, but can usually be reached by phone between the hours of 10pm-6am ‘Triday through Sunday. 2006 Achilles S 39lOO ■ Temple School of Podiatric Medicine(Left) Jocelyn Kelly, Condii Jackson and Maria Ibanez look ready to take the next step in becoming a doctor. (Below, top) Take a good look and classify this Berndt Hardy stage. (Below, middle) An 'ol pro at podiatric surgery: Dr. Schoenhaus. Class of 2007 -101 (Above, middle) Philly can look pretty. (Above, bottom) Marija Ugrinich, Jocelyn Kelly, Kate Paskev and Carmen April are sharing their knowledge on feet at a Foot Screening.(Right) Steven Prak, Roody Samimi, Soraia Rciq, Maggie Umeres and Irene Economou sit together at their table and take a break from dancing. (Below) Maria Piemontese with her dream date Or. Srhoenhaus, the Professor of the Year. DK op it like it's Hot! (Above, top) Tamika Bolden poses with another Professor of the Year. Dr. labbad. Looks like trouble...Amy Wisdo is surrounded by Javan Bass (left) Eric Meehan raises his glass of Captain and Coke, and Harold Coleman (right). Can anyone guess how many he's had? (Above, bottom) Stylin' podiatry students Carmen April and Karl Michael. 102 — Temple School of Podiatric Medicine(left) Sandi Nagata and The Boys: Eric Meehan, Adam Peaden and Teddy Roberto. (Belovs) Iranine Cunningham and |an Golden show their pearly whites with these big smiles. SPRiDG LiGaMCnt 2005 Quick question...you wanna dance? The one- Hotties in the house! (Back to Front) Marija Ugrinich, Condii Jack-and-onlv Harold Coleman making his moves on son, Maggie Umeres, Wendy Perry and Aiesha Wilson, the dance floor. (Above, top) Amv Wisdo, Maria Piemontese and Lindsav Wojtukiewic arc happy to be anywhere but at school. (Above, bottom) Buddies Will Harris and Esther Barnes partner up for a dance or two. Spring Ligament 5 103(Clockwise, Front to Back) Lindsay Woj. tukiewicz, Scott Littrell, lake Lee, Shelly Levulis, Jeff Korab, |amic Kinchsular, Bryana Zaplin, Frank Ziskowski and Scoll Shrem do a group huddle before walking into Ihe ceremony. (Above) Patrick Dunn and Ali Deyhim wonder whal Ihe hold up is as they're waiting in line to enter the building. (Right) Tamika Bolden, Javan Bass, Esther Barnes, Carmen April, Nina Babu, Harold Coleman, lea-nine Cunningham, Mike Cashdollar, Miguel Cunha, Melissa Allman all know what it's like doing things first by being at Ihe beginning of the alphabet. (Below) The ceremony was held inside the Arch Street Meeting House. 104 5 Temple School of Podiatric Medicine(left, Top) Karl Michael, Yuko Mivazaki, Sandi Nagata and Eric Meehan showing off their Temple patches. (left, Bottom) Irene Economou, Travis Dwyer, Patrick Dunn and Kenny Donovan enjoy the fresh air pre-ceremony. (Below) Dr. Kidawa poses with Frank Ziskowski after pinning him. Charles Nguyen. Kevin Quids and Kate Paskey stand patiently next to them. (left) Karl Michael, Rahn Ravenell, William Harris, Javan Bass, |amie Kinchsular and Harold Coleman on display. (Below) Cathe McNerney looking very doctor-like in her white coat. Rite of Passage 5 105(Below i Marissa Abao has grown some extra arms (donated by Yuko Miyazaki). (Right) Maria Pirmontese say it's too cold outside on a walk home and declares the newspaper stand her new home. Amy Wisdo can't do anything but help her poor friend inside. Tall ape Gpaaaazy! (Above) Sexy Sirens: Soraia Refq and Maggie Umeres. (Above, top) Hoooo-man! Hoonun Tabatahamir knows he can have it his way with this crown on. (Above, bottom) Ryan McMillen claiming he can be king too. (Right) Chad Long...just fill-in-the-blank for what you think he's saying at this moment. (Right) Scott Shrem. Hooman Tabatahamir, Tami-ka Bolden, Will Harris, Farid Quraishi, Aiesha Wilson, Melissa Allman, Nicole Brnnning, Chad Long, |eff Findling and Ali Deyhim share some laughs for Hooman's birthday. 106 5 Temple School of Podiatric Medicine(left) Cheerleader and Players: Lindsay Woj-tukiewicz, Miguel Cunha, Chad Long, Frank Ziskowski. Jeff Findling, Mike Cashdollar, Kale Cashdollar, Scotl littrcll, Kevin Oulds, Shell Le-yulis, Kale Paskey, Amy VVisdo, Jake lee, Marija Ugrinich and |osh Kai. TUSPM “CLASH OF THE CLASSES" TOURNAMENT CHAMPiONS 2005 Are you ready for some football? (Above) Chillin on the benches at Crackhead Park: Jeff Findling, Miguel Cunha, Kevin Oulds, Frank Ziskowski and Jake Lee. (Far left) Teammates Sandi Nagala and Kale Cashdollar enjoyed playing in the tournament so much, they entered into a Manayunk two-hand touch league with Mike Cashdollar and Marissa Abao. Co Gunners! Adam Peaden explains strategies and moves to use on the field to Kate Paskev and Maggie U meres. Class of 1007 ■ 107(Below) Happv HI Birthday Mateo! Maria Ihanei. Kate Paskey, Soraia Refq, Kevin Oulds and Wendy Perry celebrate. (Right) Hooman Tabatabamir, Kevin Oulds, Karl Michael, Nicole Branning, Josh Kai, Kate Cashdollar, Mike Cashdollar, Marija Ugrinich, Scott Littrell, Ali Dey him. frank Zixkosvski, Miguel Cunha, lake Lee and Soraia Refq out for dinner at a local restaurant. (Above) Partying in the dorms: Pravin Rajakumar. Darrell .Martins. Ryan McMillen and Scott Littrell. EVEN HARD-WORKiNG STUDENTS NEED A BREAK virh t stud irvgf (Above) Cathe McNerney. Vuko Miya aki and Marts ) Abac out dubbin’ in PhiUy. (Right) This picture of Chad long and left find-ling was taken either after an exam, after class or during class. Soraia Refq, Melissa Allman, Latoya Haskin, Maggie Umeres and Tamika Bolden dine out together. 108 H Temple School of Podiatric MedicineAnya, Maria Piemontese, Ryan McMillcn, |occ-lyn Kelly, Carmen April, Katie and Eric Meehan, lindsav Wojtukicwicz, Teddy Roberto, Sandi Na-gata, Amy Wisdo, Adam Peadcn and Chad Moorman ('08) braved the humidity at Cavanaugh's River Deck. (left) Maria Piemontese, Lindsay Wojtukicwicz, Hooman Tabatabamir, Amy Wisdo and Tamika Bolden take advantage of a Happy Hour at Lucy's Hat Shop. (Below) Bad Boys: Jake Lee, lavan Bass, Rahn Ravcnell. Harold Coleman, Mike Cashdollar, Scott Littrell, Karl Michael. Out in Philly "109JULV 6. 2005 BOARDS PART I Let loose! Boards are done? Carmen April and Amy Wisdo do some booty-shaking backup dancing for Maria Piemontese to ‘Baby Got Back." K Survivors: Ryan McMillen, Carmen April and Adam Peaden. HO S Temple School of Podiatric MedicineSarah and Cordell Smith, Yuko Miyazaki and Carmen April, Jocelyn Kelly, Rahn Ravenell, Aiesha Wilson, Cordell's Dad run a I OK Road Race in Dewey William Harris, Nina Babu and |avan Bass at the SNPMA Christ- Beach. Delaware in August 2005. mas Party held at Dean Mattiacci's house. Kate Paskey having way too much fun practicing with saw bones and a powertool at a workshop. extra-curricular0 activities Stop giggling Aicsha. this is serious! Marija Ugrinich assists as Aiesha Wilson drills into a navicular. You hold. I'll cut...Nicole Branning, Jan Golden and Patrick Dunn partner up in a powertool workshop. Carmen April and Melissa Allman spent time with the Sports Medicine Club in Washington D.C. at the Marine Corps Marathon, teaming up with the Marines and treating the runners. Kate Cashdollar, Scott Littrell, lake Lee, Condii Jackson, Mike Cordell Smith and Roods Samimi practicing their Cashdollar and Ali Deyhim went hardcore for a Blist-O-Ban re- skills in a workshop, search project by waking up before Sam to put the product on participants and wear the fashionable fanny packs. Class of 2007 "111(Below) Ali Deyhirn, Eric Meehan, Andrea Roemer and Cordell Smith hanging out in radiology. (Right) Latova Haskin, Kate Paskev, Yoonok Han, Carmen April and Wendy Perry cram into the Diag room to wait for charts to be called. (Above, middle) Kevin Oulds tediously writing out a SOAP note. (Above, bottom) It must be an ca v day in Ortho, 8ryana Zaplin and Monique Rollc look happv. (Right) Travis Dwyer being extra careful in getting every letter in the correct space. 112 5 Temple School of Podiatric Medicine (Above, bottom) Will Harris and lamie Kiochsular talking football.(Left) Melissa Allman, Patrick Dunn, Irene Economou, Marissa Abao, Sandi Nagata and Wendy Perry patiently waiting in line for a doc. (Below) Nina Babu and Will Harris spending some quality time in the Kellelis Room. (Above) Eric Meehan, Teddy Roberto, Adam Peadcn and Ryan McMillen look professional in their button down shirts and ties. CLASSES ARE OVER. NOW IT’S TIME FOR CLiNiC CHARTS UP FOR... Time for clinic! (Above, middle) Lindsay Wojtukiewicz, Amy (Above) Maria Ibanez getting ready for major Wisdo. Scott Shrem and Maria Piemontese. surgery...or a nail avulsion. (Above, bottom) Aiesha Wilson, Kate Cashdollar and Shelly Levulis. Class of 2007 in the clinic E 113WELCOME TO OUT? 2007 FAMILV Travis is a Dad! Travis and his wife Janet have a daughter, Jamie Marie Dwyer on March 24, 2005. Jeff's son Carter Michael Korab(left), who is 2 1 2 years old, got a baby brother Owen Patrick (right) on July 26, 2005. Tamika Bolden got the pretty pink stoned ring she always wanted from fiancee Michael on November 5. 2005. leaninc Cunningham w ill become j Brinkley on October 28, 2006. Josh proposed to her on July 2nd...right before 8oards Part 1, making her the only girl that could smile on the exam day. It all started at TllSP.M...Stacy DelPolpolo t'06) and Frank Ziskowski were engaged on September 27, 2005. 114 E Temple School of Podiatric MedicineKatie O’Leary became Mrs. Eric Meehan in a beautiful hotel in Newport, Rhode Island on May 20, 2005. David lurk and Melissa Allman said their "I do's" on May 7, 200S. Scott Littrell celebrated the end of his didactic career by Retting married to his sweetheart Billie on November 26, 2005. e ,4Les a wim w',h hcr ’ y« r Cordell, Sarah and Preston Smith enjoyed wagon rides around Maria Teresa Sulpi io. their neighborhood this summer. old son Mateo I eme Ryan McMillcn took Anya up Ml. Washington in Pittsburgh on |ulv 23, 2005 to pop the big question. Arrivals Weddings 5 11 5(Right) Chef Nicole Branning hanging out with her friend Bryana Zaplin, Farid Quraishi and Melissa Allman, who no doubt enjoyed her pumpkin pic. (Below) Navy SEAl and 3rd place Halloween prize winner Frit Meehan. William Harris' costume speaks for itself. A pirate (Maria Piemontese), a witch (Amy Wivdo) and Digger the dermatophyte (Lindsay Wojlukiewicz, 2nd place winner). Yup, this combination can only be found at a TUSPM Halloween party. ? fcmple School of Podiatric Medicine(left, back cow) Showing some Halloween spirit: Adam Peadcn, Scott tfttteil. Nina Babu, Ryan MeM lien, (front cowl Teddy Roberto, trie Meehan and Shelly IcvuUs. (Below) KISS member Condii lackson took home the gold and won 1st place tor her costume. 1! school girls?? Cafhe McNernev and Vuko Miyazaki in Mike Cashdollar lakes a break from winging hit Sleelert'lcrribleiovtel" to til and talk w f. gait fan and "Who Dry!" yelling Scott littrell.(Right) locelyn Kelly and Kate Paskey and the rest of the class will never have to fill in bubbles with a si pencil at IUSPM ever again. Now that's a reason to smile! (Below) Kenny Donovan will drink to the fact that he doesn't have to read anymore note service. (Right) Nina Bahu gets a much needed shoulder massage from Rvan McMillen. (Below) lake lee and Mike Cashdollar look ready to catch up on sleep before they even leave Coco's Bar. 118 5 Temple School of Podiatric Medicine(left) Sandi Nagata, Bryana Zaplin, Amy Wisdo and Maria Picmontese tick-back and savor Ihc feeling of being done. (Below) Jcanine Cunningham wears a big grin and can't wait to start the next stage of her pediatric career. Exams arc done! "119OF 2008 Omar Barakat Keith Fleischman Phong Le Donald Powell Scott Bleazey Kris Ford Japera Levine Sara Radbill Eric Bouldin Surajudeen Givva Ebony Love Amandeep Randhawa Dana Canuso Julie Greenwood Adam Lowy Branden Rhodes Betty Carreira Robert Hadfield Michael Lynde Duane Romana Janine Cavalluzzi- Donald Harrison Amy McCandless Jay Ryan javaria Chaudhry Ian Hersh Dee Gordon McCrary Aree Saed l-Shan Chiang Nga Ho Brian McDermott Chantel Sanford Eunah Chung Carl Hoeger Patrick McDonald Faith Schick Albert D'Angelantonio III Caroline Iglio Allison Menke Stacey Scotton Kibibi Davison John Kadukammakal Chad Moorman Eric Simmons Stacy DelPopolo Sara Karam loo Adam Myers Andrew Sohl JacintaTu-Tram Do Brooke Keeley Ann Nakai Jason Sweeley Michael Dolen Candice Kepich Sarah Newby Han Tran Reema Dua Changrae Kim Victor Nwosu Jade Trowbridge Tara East Paul Kim Yvonne Ozuzu Tara Van Strander Aliya Fagan Stephanie Kim Suniti Patel Thuy Hien Vu Christopher Fatti Benjamin Kleinman Kelly Poncheri Latasha Walters Marie! Featherstone Dana Klush Barbara Porter Alton Wilks 120 ■ Temple School of Podiatric MedicineTop : 2008 Class Council Middle: Caroline, Tara F. Mike Bottom: Gordon Alton Classmates getting together in the Podiatry Dormitory for a picture. Class of 2008 5 121haiids $n leapmnc Right: Students preparing for lower Final. Below : Ebony love and Donald Harmon Donald shows Eh his extra cervical vertebrae! 122 ■ Temple School of Podiatric Medicinecaucut in ciassr Top Left: Microbiology LabMates: Ian, Suraj. |ohn and Ben U this normal flora? Middle Left: Students getting ready for test Below: Andy Sohl uh oh!! Sohlman caught outside class! Bottom Left: Maricl and Ivy Caught in Class ■ 1 23WORKSHOPS Scott and Carol have their feet casted. Carol comes in peace. Mike Dolen Gangsta Mike being GANGSTA! Al, quite satisfied with his casting job for lapera Branden Rhodes tests his postural balance Kris Ford magnifies his nasal mucus for Caroline. Carl and Andy demonstrate how to perform neurological exams in FPP. 124 55 Temple School of Podiairic Medicine 4 Muriel and Aliya play doctor in FPP workshops Watch out Carol!! Krith, Omar, and Paul arc after you. No more peace lor you! lavaria hard at work. J Adam M. goes lor a postural balance check-up Andrew takes the postural balance test. Andrew tunes into Stephanie and Eunah for FPP Thuv-Mien steady and ready! lacinta and Reema practice casting . Dr. Goldstein with Suraj, Donald and Kibibi learning FPP basics. Workshops 5 125CLASS OF 2006 IlSStS tHC FIRSt tuspm intcpciass rsucnaNcnt 126 5! Temple School of Pod airic Medicinesue Muiti-atuietic acuities Athletics 5 1127SPRING LIGAMENT 2005 . ........ ........... i ... 128 ■ Temple School of Podiatric MedicineSix Flags-129FUN IN THE SUN!! Right Bottom: •'Tennessee" Eric, Jacinta. Donald and Stacey in Miami for the APMSA basketball tournament. The boys are bringing the trophy home! Below: Betty and (acinta in Miami hanging by the poolside in between basketball games. Right: Ann ( no "E" and Ebony having a good 'ol time as always Below: Stacey Scotton handling that business 130 ? Temple School of Podiatric MedicineTop Ufc Mike Kipp, Amy, Ben. Ivy, Slacey And lobe oulside. Bolow: Sara K., lay. Kelly. Sa„ R And Adam lake a break bom school lo calch op i.nthnrappctiUrandiun. out on tiie town!! Bottom left: N a, Branden, trie lason, Aree, lohn, Phonft and Suniti enjoy a well desen ed sit down dinner. Ivy and Nga cute as can Be . Out on the ”Top Right: Brooke and Amy mailin' and rclaxin’ while getting a pedicure. lapcra giggling at a great birthday gift. Hancin' out • •• Aimee's Birthday Party: _ lacinta and |ulev having fun at the birthday party. Top Row: Brooke, Amy, Kipp, Ivy, Elliot, John, Julev, Aliya, Donald Bottom Row: Jacinta, Mariel Aimec, Han 132 ■ Temple School of Podiatric MedicineBelow: Dana Canuso shows her pretty smile Top left: Choo!! Choo!! Stacey gives lacinta a mini train ride to class. ant) wane in m • •• Aree tells lacinta how much he loves the yearbook! Latasha and Donald team up for a picture together. Top: Michael Lynde listens attentively Bottom: Candice and Kelly in between class breaks. Hangin’ Out 5 133Reiievmc stress. • • 1 34 ■ Temple School of Podiatric Medicine• • .anD Fincinc Fun! Stress Relief “135wuat a cpazY uauewecnn Right: Rod-Hot cheerleader Andy and Crazy Cowboy (Eric) get the crowd goin' wild! Below : Suniti become a walking box! Abo c: Dana and Todd are the cutest Royal Roman Couple! Bottom Right: Adam a Napoleon Dynamite and Donald the Breathalizer keep the Halloween party going all night long! FOR PEDRO oooooc Ull OMM PARTY 136 ■ Temple School ofPodiatric MedicineTop Left: Caroline the lady bug and Napoleon Dynamite (who's still sleepy from the previous picture). ■Middle Left: Maria and Chad Below: Caroline, Suniti Nga Bottom Left: Brooke and Dana Klush Halloween 5 137Dwayne after giving blood to the Red Crow Blood Drive. Nga, Chris Fatti Suraj all on krutches! Stacy is still all smiles after donating Wood. HAPPY HOLIDAYS! lavaria Ann and Tara enjoying dinner from the Christmas Potluck Top: Pat, Mary and Kris Bottom: Arghhh!!! Eric likey Turkey!!! 138 " Temple School of Podiatric MedicineKayla Imani Matthews Melissa Romano Cooper Jacob HoegCr Mukhtaar O. Giwa Robert Natalie Hadiicld with Twins Fiona William Victor with Amara K. Nwosu Weddings and Babies 5 139OF 2009 Ali Abadi Michelle Glover Ashley Mayer Zachary Ritter Adeleke Olukola Olga Gonzalez Jeffrey McAlister Eric Roberts Neda Arjomandi Kathleen Guryn Alexis McKeown Christina Rowe Glenn Aufseeser Bradley Hortman Angela McLaughlin Karen Shum LeMarra Brown Catherine Hudson Aroob Mo in Warner Siegle Millicent Brown Adam Isaac Bryan Molen Salil Singh Holly Cartella Denise Johnson Sarah Montgomery Gian Steinhauser Yolanda Chacon Jordan Katz Jason Naldo Melissa Stopyra Man Cho Karol Kawalec Kaitlin Nelson Celia Storey Siming Chou Carl Kihm Manikaran Oberoi Monicia Summers Evan Chicelli Kwasi Kwaadu Sae-Lyong Park Jessica Tounjian Keith Clark Manoj Lai Serra Park Nathan Ullom Alexandra Coq Natasha LeClair Rajan Patel Jashan Valjee Kimberly Curesky Kelvin Lee Anup Patel Jennifer Van Christal DeCuir-Char- David Lee Purvi Patel Aliza Vazana bonnet William Long Mia Pearson Vietanh Vu Steven Ea Jason Mallette Daniel Perez Cristi Wart Fatima Esmail JeffreyManway Monica Ponche Charles White Mohammad Esmaili Mark Maurer Marianne Ravert Jacob Wynes Suzanne Fuchs 140 5 Temple School of Podiatric MedicineClass of 2009 !■ 141Reassns why we Ai?e PODiatPY SCHOC1 D$PKS... - You have ever said “Hirsch is God” -You can discuss dissection over a meal -You bring a box of Crayolas to class - You use more than one color to take notes - You have used up more than 6 highlighters in the past 6 months - You have highlighted something that you wrote You retype handouts given in class -You have a callous on your finger from writing 142 ? Temple School of Podiatric Medicine'Friends give you weird looks for using medical terminology when speaking with them ' You skip class to study 'You can name more amino acids than presidents -You use more than 5 acronyms an hour ' You know what part of what bone hits the ground with every step -You can’t remember what you had for breakfast -You don’t know what the weather was like for the past week or right now. 'In your spare time you look up answers to challenge - You have made a medical joke no one laughed - You figure they just weren’t that far in studying Class of 2009 "143cettmc ACQuamteE) 144 5 Temple School of Podiatric Medicine• • • • FiPSt RSUM) OF EXaMS little tension release Class ofPicnic witu me cean 146 3 Temple School of Podiatric MedicinestuDY weak 148 ? Temple School of Podiatric Medicine...FinauY” • • .................................................................................Anetiiei? Micut 150 5 Temple School of Podiatric Medicineen tue town Class of 2009 5 151rii?st t ar 9F LfwepHsiiDavs sn campus 154 5 Temple School of Podiatric MedicineClass of 2009 ■ 155 pest-Filiai »• • 156 ■ Temple School of Podiatric Medicineceiecpatien - - •Apapwcnt 158 - Iemple School of Podiatric Medicinen$ppinc Class ofmen... 162S Temple School of Podiatric Medicineano nsw Class of 2009 E 163The entire 2005-2006 Voting members ofTUSPM student council. President of TUSPM Student Council: Ryan McMillcn a nat- Diabetes Club: ural delegate at meetings. President: |ocel n Kells Sports Medicine Club: Vice President: William Harris Secretary: Stephanie Kim TUSPM Student Council Executive Members at a regular 5 o'clock meeting 16 A Temple School of Podiatric MedicineExecutive President Elect: Ivy Ozu2u Executive President: Ryan McMillen Executive Treasurer: Keith Fleishman Excctive Secretary': (acinta Do Parlimentarian: Mari cl Featherstone SNPMA Parliamentarian: Michelle Glover National Delegate Elect: Millicent Brown Secretary: Alton Wilks President: Carmen April Vice President: focelyn Kelly Treasurer: Stacey Scotton National Delegate: Latasha Wallers National President: William Harris IV Clubs Activities S 165Treasurer: Suraj Giwa Secretary. Candice Kepich Vice President: Sara Radhill President: Kelly Ponchcri PRACTiCE MANAGEMENT ------- 166 ? Temple School of Podiatric Medicine ’ACFAS President: Miguel Cunh.i Secretary: Kale Cashdollar Treasurer: Scott Shrem Vice President: Tamila Bolden AMERICAN COLLEGE OF PODiATRiC RADIOLOGISTS STUDENT CHAPTER President: Phong Le Vice President: john Kadukammakal Treasurer: Julie Greenwood Secretary: Eric Bouldin Clubs Activities 5 167THE STUDENTS OF TUSP2006 Achilles H 169170 T Temple School of Podiatric MedicineFaculty Staff 5 171temple university of podiatric medicine Education is not the ( ill mg of a pail, but the lighting of a fire. William Rut lor Yeats. Christopher Blackwall James Burke, Ph.D. Director of Development Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Roderick Jones Controller David Martin Director of Admissions John Mattiacci. 0PM Dean Anthony Morris Director of Physical Plant Larry Newman, DPM Samuel Spadone, DPM Medical Director Acting Assistant Dean for Educational Affairs 172 “ Temple School of Podiatric Medicinedepartment of biomedical sciences ®©©®©©© ®©@©© Robert Boyd, Ph.D. James Burke, Ph.D. Marion Chan, Ph.D. Raymond DiPrimio, DPM Biomedical Sciences Chair Ziad Labbad, DPM, MD department of podiatric orthopedics ©©©©©©© ©®®©© Larry Goss 0PM Steven Kravitz DPM William Martin, DPM Howard Palamarchuk, DPM John H. Walter Jr. DPM, MS Kendrick Whitney, DPM Orthopedic Chair Faculty Staff 5 173Ateacher affects eternity, he can never tell where his influence stops. 99 Henry Addins department of podiatric medicine ©®©@®©© ®©®©© Robert Christman, DPM Erwin Juda, DPM Harvey Lemont, DPM Larry Newman, DPM Medical Director James McGuire, DPM Medicine Chair Augustine Morano, DPM Leslie Robinson, DPM Jinsup Song, DPM Samuel Spadone, DPM Tracey Vlahovic, DPM Kathya Zinszer, DPM 174 ■ Temple School of Podiatric Medicinedepartment of podiatric surgery ©©©©©©© ©©©©© Gary Bauer, DPM Kim Flood, RN Tina Laurl, RN Ifyou study to remember, you will forget but ifyou study to understand vou will remember Unknown Faculty Staff 5 175department and clinic staff ®®©®®©® ®©®©© Marva Brown Richard Cerruti Ray Cianci Loretta Edwards Tyrone Evans Robert Gallagher Mary Gates Lydia Grazier SueGrigley Angel Haldeman Andrea Hallowell Benjamin Heilman Joe Heston Chet Johnson Wanda Johnson Joe Kelly Tomika Marsh Chuck MacFarland Carol Krouse 1 Sarah Lyons 176 ■ Temple School of Podiarric Medicinedepartment and clinic staff ©@©®©©© ©©©©© Jeanette McBeary Carol Romano Marge McSorely Brenda Reid I Jesse Scott Loretta Ooten Nikki Scullon Jeanne Martino Yvonne Randolph Mary Oehler DeVonna Smith Katterra Snead Carol Vincent Terry Webster Tarlk WilliamsGengsuttulatioM, 2)i. fas on Smith!!! Ifeu have tnade yowc family puuul! (fed Site IJcui in tjeivt futwie. £eve, Atom, 2)ad, Atandy (Shiloh Tad too!) Commit to the Lord whatever you do and your plans will succeed. Proverbs 16:3 Dr. Tracy L. Klimaz The way in which you set and achieve your goals is truly inspiring. Your courage, hard work, and determination are second to none. May your Future be everything you dream of and more. Love, Jackie Dr. Tracy L. Klimaz You are a breath of Fresh air with your vitality and your zest For liFe. I wish you sunshine, shamrocks, and a rainbow in your pocket. May the best be yours. Love, Eileen 178 ?! Temple School of Podiatric MedicineDr. Leslie Graniela, After a long journey it is finally done. 1 am very proud of you. Congratulations on this new achievement. 1 love you Riqui. Dr. Esteban Baeza Messages to Graduates 5 179Congratulation Dr. Fairuz Parvez Looking at your picture as a little girl took us back to those beautiful memories of your childhood. Now, here wc are proudly celebrating a graduation of an ambitious and serious doctor. May every patient find remedy within your professional care and kindness. You are the first of our generation to become a Doctor and have given us another reason to raise our heads high. Just make sure you don’t leave your scissors inside your patient after surgery! © Your loving parents Zohra To our Dearest Sister: Sillv Important Sympathetic Talented Extraordinary Radiant ....are some of the words that represent your unique personality. We thank God for giving us an amazing gift. You. Your personality, smile, laughter, beauty and optimism makes our hearts sing with glory. We never doubted you. We were always confident that you would become a magnificent doctor that will teach your patients love and kindness. We supported you through your tough years and will continue to support you in your future years. Over the years, we have seen you blossom from an unorganized and nervous student to an exceptional Doctor. Your wide range of talents is a blessing to others as well as yourself. You are not just a sister to us but a best friend as well. We sense each other’s pain and we share each other’s bliss. A sister like you is a miracle from heaven alone. "What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us " Fairuz you always had it in you, you have the unique ability and passion that few doctors encompass. Run and make your dreams come true. The world’s opportunity awaits your precious reach. Take the world at your fingertips and paint yourself a successful picture for all to gaze upon and admire. Congratulations on your graduation we wish you success on all that you do. •Your Loving Sisters and Brothers Amna, Tariq, Nahed, Shanela. Faisal 180 ? Temple School of Podiatric MedicineCen iatdatienA Vn Gutchin. dan s£aw ience ©u, haue adwai achieued oJUL that i oa haue «et t© accompHiih. We cue p ieud © i ©iu muxm and determination. ©a cue a remcu)2ab(!e doctor, woman and mother and i ©a haue ihewn the w©r£d that "It Can Be Done!" We C©ue ty©a. lUom, Dad, Stephanie. Victoria. Caitft n and Gwen Messages to Graduates f 1 81To Our Sweet Diana. Since you were 8 years old you knew the path you would take. With your caring nature, determination and focus you have now achieved your goal. We are so proud of the amazing young woman you have become and wish that the next steps you take through the journey of life are happy, healthy and successful ones. Always think with your head, work with your hands and follow your heart. We love you very much, Dad, Mom, Stephanie Georgia Dr. Oorinne Marie Wisdo CONCRATU LATIONS! From your earliest moments you knew what you wanted and pointed yourself in the right direction. We are proud of you and your commitment to become a D.P.M. Love Mom and Amy 182 ■ Temple School of Podiatric MedicineCONGRA TULA TIONS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dr. Olufunmilayo Olanipekun In the words of Dr. King, “a man should do his work so that the dead, the living and the unborn can do no better”....I believe your achievement in the medical field is an embodiment of that phrase.... Congratulations from a Proud Papa Funmi, we are very proud of you and of your commitment to becoming a D.P.M ! Love, Mom, and Seun Messages to Graduates S 1 83Congratulations Dr. Claire M. Coates We celebrate with joy in our hearts as you go with the gift of healing. All you have learned and accomplished through life is honored when you share yourself with others. With our love, Mom, Dad, Evan and Bryan Congratulations Dr. Feslie Graniela. Jour hard work has paid off. Jon have traveled a long hard road and you'refinally there. I)n very proud of you Doctor! love. Mom CONGRATULATIONS CHANNA! FOR A JOB WELL DONE We are very proud of you and your accomplishments. May GOD continue to BLESS YOU and YOU continue serving Mankind. "To GOD BE THE GLORY," for ALL, HE has done in OUR lives. WE LOVE YOU VERY MUCH, Mama Daddy 184 ■ Temple School of Podiatnc MedicineYou set your goals, stuck to your guns, and never accepted that it couldn't be done. So ends the history of a boy and begins the history of a MAN. Keep your eyes open - think for yourself - and be your own d— man! All our love, Mom and Jamie Messages to Graduates H 1 85DR. TRACY L. KLIMAZ You have brought richness to our lives that no money could buy, a joy that is priceless. Our words fail to capture the pride we feel as you reach this goal. It is no surprise, you started at a very young age always trying to excel in all that you did. A competitor in school, and in sports, yet with kindness and caring extended to everyone around you. We know this success has stemmed from hard work, determination, but most of all, heart. They say life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage, and you have demonstrated this quality-in so many ways. Through good times and hard times, you have never lost focus of this dream. The true measure of success however, includes the person you are inside, and sweetheart, you shine! Your patients w ill receive the best of care from a doctor who truly does care. Congratulations with all our love! Mom and Dad 186 “ Temple School of Podiatric MedicineWhat a delight to watch your own child grow and develop from a baby with such a great need and dependency to the man you have become. You are a man of character. Your courage, compassion, tenderness, leadership, love, devotion, determination, respect for others and commitment to truth are some of the values that have shaped your philosophy. You have worked hard and overcome many obstacles growing from each experience you encountered along the way to fulfill this, your dream. Our prayer is that you will find as much joy in sharing your talents and serving people as experienced by your father. Words cannot express the immense pride you have given your mother and father and all of your family. We love you very much!! Mom, Dad and Cinnamon CONGRATULATIONS You have arrived at the top of the school mountain and begin a new journey in life. I don’t profess to be a great scholar so I went to the great book of wisdom for something to share with you. This is what I found. “As you work to heal the patients that have come to you for help, remember this, as you hold the tools of your trade, the syringe, the probe, the scalpel, never say ‘oops, uh oh, or that's not suppose to happen.” Great job, stay the course and fight the good fight! Love, Dave, Colleen, Blake and Jacquelyn “I will lift up my eyes unto the hills from whence cometh my help. My help cometh from the Lord which made Heaven and Earth.” Psalm 121:1-2 Dr. Robert J. Spencer It is not the oath that makes us believe the man, but the man the oath. Aeschylus (525 - 456 BC) Short of addressing one’s father as “Doctor”, there are few honors greater than the ability to address one’s brother as “Doctor”. So, Dr. Robert Spencer, thank you for giving us that honor. Love, Brad. Jennifer and Evan Messages to Graduates "187JUST A FEW WORDS FOR DR. CERDA Jessica. Congratulations on your graduation from medical school! You did ! I want you to know that you set a high standard with your dedication and focus, and I am so very proud of you. When you set your sights on something, you go for it and achieve it. You are a rare individual. Jessica Not only are you able to accomplish that which you seek, but you have a tender, loving, and caring heart as well. I guess you could say that you have heart and drive! I am blessed to be part of your kfe, and I love you very much. Mike Be not careful in your dreams For they are what you are to become. Circumnavigabng through toiling waters. To catch the current of that wave Which holds the course of your life, Grasping a ring belonging to accomplishment. Swinging forth unbridled from restraint. Be not careful in your dreams For they are what you are to become. Love, Uncle Mickey, Vivian, and Family My Dear Jessica, What do you say to a woman that has achieved so much. Your accomplishments, your heart, your character are just a part of the beautiful woman you have become... and your great looks which you got from me! Many people go through life not knowing what direction they want to journey, but you did. I am so proud of you for fulfilling this part of your dream. You have hurdled over many challenges you have faced with great perseverance and strength I know you will continue to soar, moving ahead of the crowd I love you for who you are and who you are becoming. Love always. Mom , __ _ , Congratulations! You are an inspiration to us all Your commitment and determination are admirable Love. Uncle Rickey, Bonnie, and family The Jessica Cerda World Tour commences in graduation!!! Congratulations Jessica'!! •Brad Schmerbeck Jess, You have been one of my closest friends for the last thirteen years. Thank you for sharing your kfe with me. Congratulations on graduating. All those hours of hard work and months away from your friends and family are finaDy about to pay off Best of luck in future endeavors and here's to hoping our friendship continues to blossom over the coming decades Ryan Scharrer Jessica, Congratulations on your long journey. You have always had a special place in our hearts We wish you the best of luck in the years to come We love you forever Love always. Alfc. Jeanie. Frank, and Calli Hi. From Andy "Well it's about time!!! Just kidding!!! Congrats. Love ya!" Q Gas-$1,037.50 Wendy's 7 Combo with a Biggie drink- $95 80 Red Bull- $59 70 Driving 7,781 miles with your best friend- priceless Its been a long journey and I am so proud of you for your dedication and commitment to achieve your dreams!. Congratulations Jessica!!!! Luv ya girtfnend. Tami Jessica, as you come to the end of a major milestone in your life, the doors to a bigger future open up and We would like to say Congratulations and we are very proud of you. You are such an intelligent and loving young woman We love you very much Aunt Karen. Doug. Jennie. Ryan. Madox Wayne and Rodney I am so proud of you Your determination and hard work have been fulfilled as you graduate Now you can shape your destiny to walk in love for others and explore those feet til your heart’s content I remember you all through the years, such a determined, single minded kttle girl. What a delight you have always been and how my heart swells with love for you. But I have to tell you. all the times you would say yuk to things you didn’t want to touch I am surprised you took to touching so many pairs of feet Ha-Ha You wtll be great and perform an excellent service to many people. You are needed in this profession with your caring heart. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU DEARLY. Aunt Sherry and Misb welcome you AH of your hard work and passion for a career as wonderful as podiatry has made this possible Congratulations on everything you do, and may the future hotd nothing but the best for you. PS - don't forget to keep up with reading the daily news; you're gonna have to have something to talk about with your future patients . -Richard Jessica. I mean Dr. Jessica, we are so proud of your accomplishment and proud to be your friends! Knsti and Eric From the Beginning To the End We will be Twins And like no other. Always Friends Love Always. Josh Congratulations Dr. Cerda. Love. Dusti Auntie. Here come the Chapporal! Love. Luke. Grant, Colton FROM YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS 188 5 Temple School of Podiatric MedicineMy Ocarcst Mariam, Lonely nights, thoughtful words, happy smiles, tears of joy, tears of cries, holding hands, huggahle hugs, warm hearts, annoying kinkos computers, wonderful train rides, Rose 4 U Roses, moley, mcley moles, beautiful eyes, the number "SLX f6J”, ’hadoooes ’ and L LOVE YOE's, these are fe%v of the many things that L have seen in you for the past two years■ L hope you remembered our poem, so here it goes- LLOVE YOU THIS MCCLL... Enough to do anything for you - give my life, my love, my heart and my soul to you and lor you. Enough to willingly give all of my time, efforts, thoughts, talents, trust, andprayers to you. Enough to want to protect you, care for you, guide you, hold you, comfort you, listen to you, and cry to you and with you. Enough to be completely comfortable with you act silly around you, never have to hide anything from you, and be myself with you. Enough to share all of my sentiments, dreams, goals, fears, hopes, and worries - my entire life with you. Enough to want the best for you, to wish for your successes, and to hope for the fulfilment of all your endeavors. Enough to keep my promises to you and pledge my loyalty and faithfulness to you. Enough to cherish your friendship, adore your persooah'ty, respect your values, and see you for who you are. Enough to right for you, compromise for you, and sacrifice myself for you if need be. Enough to miss you incredibly when we’re apart, no matter what length of time its for and regardless of the distance. Enough to believe in our relationship, to stand by it through the worst of times, to have faith in our strength as a couple, and to never give up on us. Enough Co spend the rest of my life with you be there for you when you need or want me, and never, ever want to leave you or live without you. I LOVE YOU TILLS MCCLC Congratulations on all ofyour accomplishments, L am very lucky and very proud ofyou Messages to Graduates S 189CONGRATULATIONS! Dr. MArk Pipher We are so proud of you! You have worked very hard to achieve this great accomplishment. May God continue to bless your life. We love you uvery much! Dad, Mom, STeve, Erin, Grant, Grandma 190 3 Temple School of Podiatric MedicineDr. Bro! I just wanted to say congratulations for becoming the big Doctor. It must be an incredible feeling to know that you've reached one of your dreams. Throughout your life you’ve gone through many challenges and been able to come out on the top and I look up to what you've done. You are a big inspiration and that helps me with my goals in life. Each day you are one step closer to that Porsche Turbo and remember.... just make sure you don't forget to give me a test drive when you do get those keys. Good luck on what is only the beginning of your career in feet. Once again congratulations. Bro, on becoming a D.P.M.! Love, Bryce Congratulations, Drew! I am so proud of you -you are the best brother-in-law I could ask for I look up to you so much. You made it!! xoxo, Apes:) Dear Drew- We arc all proud of your achievement. After aU these years of hard work you have proved these gems of wisdom: • The longest journey does begin with a single “step.' • Sometimes the turtle does win the “foot” race over the hare. • I guess the only thing you haven’t proven is the existence of “Big Foot." But don’t give up, there’s still time. -Dad Black To my husband: I have never been so proud of you. What you have accomplished is merely a hope and a dream for others. Though these years have been filled with late nights, early mornings, and lots of stress, you have never let it get you down. Your hard work and determination have paid off You are an inspiration to others and loved by us all. You did it. Drew, and I’m so happy to have been there for the ride. Congratulations hunny, I love you!! Love, Theresa Congratulations Drew! Good luck in your profession. Love, Papa Joe Congratulations Dr. Drew H. Taft! Drew: Your ambition since 8'h grade was to become a doctor. How exciting is it that your ambition is now being fulfilled. Discipline, focus, hard work. In addition, you possess the heart “soul" that will allow you to become an excellent doctor. Congratulations, Drew H. Taft, D.P.M.! With love and great pride from one of your biggest fans. Mom Dear Drew, You're a guy who has always been thinking fast on his feet - or is that thinking about fast feet?!! Anyway, we are so very proud of you and so glad that you are a part of our family. You are a son to us and know you will achieve great things with your intelligence and compassion for others. The future is bright and we can't wait to stay tuned for the next chapter! Love, Mom and Dad Black Drew. All of your in-laws think it’s neat. To have a handsome new doc to treat our feet. As a family of ballerinas with well-worn toes. We’ll have plenty of bunions, calluses and woes. Best of luck. The Keoghs Dr. Drew: It was an absolute pleasure watching the first half of academic strategies being played on the field of one's youth’s mental development. Am betting the shots on goals in second half to be thrillers. Love Padre and Evie Messages to Graduates 191CONGRATULATIONS! Dr. Patrick Ryan Doyle That unlucky day turned into the inspiration to be just like your doctor. Your goal’s been achieved, and we’re all thrilled for you. Love you. Mom and Dad Taking lemons.... ...and making lemonade! CONGRATULATIONS! Dr. Matthew David Jones Matt, we are so proud of you! You made it through all the classes, tests, externships, rotations, and much more! It’s over! You did it! Your family, Kerstin, Ilse, Josef, Manuela, Werner, Jan, Ron Cindy, Paul, Brooke, and Jessica! 192 5 Temple School of Podiatric MedicineJeremy, you have brought us such joy over ihe years and we are so very proud of you. It has been a long road but you have achieved great success in your journey We arc thankful that you have followed your heart and have made your dream come true Your dedication and commitment have shown what a canng person your are and your willingness to helping others. Congratulations! Dr. Jeremy Michael Thomas cowgtRji tula nomi Dr. Tyson E. green- We are very proud of you and aCC of your accompCisfiments! Tou set high standards and achieved them. What a great podiatrist you iviCChe. We couCdn’t he prouder! We love you very much! Mom. Dad. Angela, Randy. Paw Paw. Maw Maw. Betty, Rick and Simon Love, Tour Tamify "LEARNING IS NOT ATTAINED BY CHANCE. IT MUST BE SOUGHT FOR WITH ARDOR AND ATTENDED TO WITH DILIGENCE" - BIGAIL ADAMS Perseverance through the unknown, the obstacle; and with great sacrifice— kong this joumey n the road less traveled.... Now, from a ehildnood dream to. real it y.... j i.a physician. Words cannot express howtSteud I am of you and how lucky 1 am tojiave been with gou on this journey. Glor[a Congratulations f)r. Jon M. Wilson, Jr. Messages to Graduates 5 193ACHILLES YEARBOOK STAFF2006 CLASS 072007 (E‘DI(TO%$ - Sandi 9{agata ((eft) Lindsay ‘Wojtufyeivicz (right) 1Temple School of Podiatric MedicineCLASS 2008 E‘DI(TO%S - Jacinta Do (right) Lbony Love (heft) Editors ■ 195CLASS 0(F2009 ‘EDILO'KS-Zingela McLaughlin (left) Zachary tetter (right) 196" Temple School of Podiatric MedicinettotMpvywy ‘yEsun oox ‘E'DITOHl- CtiI9{p Editors E 197198 5 Temple School of Podiatric MedicineAutographs ■ 199COOKE PUBUSHw: w DEVON .PENNS 4 200 5 Temple School of Podiatric Medicine 

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