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Achilles 2002 Temple Uniyer hoo' of podiatric Philadelphia’ PA Achillas 2002Colophon Achilles 2002 Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine Philadelphia, PA Editors in Chief: Catherine David Dana Giacalone Yearbook Advisor: David Martin Taylor Representative: Emmy Philipp Rachel Class of 2003 Editors: Elizabeth Bass Ryan McBride Class of 2004 Editors: Jake Fassman Serena Letendre Class of 2005 Editors: Megan Ladley Mackenzie Nelson Achilles 2002 was published by Taylor Publishing Company. The preparation work was done in El Paso, TX and printing was done in Great Valley, PA. This book is printed on 80 lb enamel paper. Seville is the headline and subheadline font and Rinna is the body copy font. The cover is maroon with gold foil and embossing. The fonts on the cover are Amazonian and Times Roman. The endsheets are grey felt. ColophonTable of Contents Opening 4 Class of 2002 14 Class of 2003 99 Class of 2004 121 Class of 2005 141 Student Council Faculty Staff 161 Class of 2002 Advertisements 169 Table of ContentsDear Clinical and Academic Faculty, Staff and Fellow Classmates, We proudly present to you the 2002 edition of TUSPM’s Achilles Yearbook. The editors in each represented class have contributed many creative hours into the making of this book. We would like to thank our advisor David Martin and Taylor Publishing Representative Emmy Rachel for guiding us in producing a beautiful and outstanding yearbook. Achilles 2002 is in memory of those who lost their lives in the September 1 1, 2001 tragedy. Our hearts go out to the friends and family of TUSPM who have been affected personally by this event. To the Class of 2003, 2004 and 2005: We wish you all the best in your future years here at TUSPM. Continue to strive for your highest personal achievement and never forget those who will make your accomplishment possible. To our fellow classmates, the Class of 2002: It has been an honor sharing these memorable four years with each of you. Let ’s go out into the world and represent TUSPVI and our profession with pride. We wish you success and happiness as podiatric physicians. Sincerely, A. Catherine David Dana L. Giacalone Editors’ LetterSeptember 11, 2001 A date etched in the memory of all Americans. This year’s edition of Achilles is dedicated to the family and friends of TCISPM who lost their lives during the tragic events that took place on this day. Dedication God Bless America!Oath of Hippocrates I solemnly pledge to consecrate my life to the service of humanity. I will give respect and gratitude to my deserving teachers. I will practice medicine with conscience and dignity. Che health and life of my patient will be my first consideration. I will hold in confidence all that my patient confides in me. I will maintain the honor and the noble traditions of the medical profession. CDy colleagues will be my family. I will not permit considerations of race, religion, nationality, party politics, or social standing to intervene between my duty and my patient. I will maintain the utmost respect for human life. Even under threat, I will not use my knowledge contrary to the laws of humanity. Chese promises I make fully and upon my honor. ‘Podiatrist’s Creed Chese following fundamental beliefs are expressed as standards of ethical conduct and propriety of podiatrists, individually and collectively with patients, colleagues, members of allied health professions, and the public: Co render service to humanity with impartial respect for the dignity of man. Co provide a full and complete measure of professional service and attention to patients in the practice of ‘Podiatric Cftedicine. Co unhesitatingly serve consultation in difficult or doubtful circumstances where it appears that the quality of service and therapy to the patient can be enhanced. Co continue the improvement of knowledge and skills for the benefit of patients and professions. Co conduct the practice of Podiatry as a credit to the profession. Co never accept limitations that might destroy or interfere with the exercise of best judgment and skills or the quality of performance. Co regard the confidence and information received from patients with professional care and understanding. Co fully offer service and participate in the health programs for the public in keeping with the integrity of the profession.Last Quiz from TUSPM hatch the feet to the person they belong to. 1. Elke Garten 2. Rudy Zak 3. Bob Burry 4. David Dihenna 5. Mate Brennan 6. Joe Kelly 7. Audra 5iegel 8. Alex Latvinsky 9. Agim Qashi 10. Cathy David 11. Payman hoshyarsar 12. Qina Silva o 0 '3 n ‘V 'N 'I 'J T 'U 'Q 21 • Iixmm university totoA tewiDW Out JMMafMbttMfM hlUhtUxdHmi fU WMfinqhMlWM fim 1MM) M JlMItif t r l i MtiXo(fWl trf h j To the Claw of 200 Congratulation! You arr (hr fat claw that has ccmpictrd all lour yean at Temple Unherarty School of Podiatric Medtine. I will always have a special feeling for ail of you, as we both tuned this Journe)' together. I admit the Integration into the Temple University Health System m at tunes ayfqg, but wc both have achieved Hie first pan of our goal , The class of 2002 wHJ move on to (lost graduate residency training and I, along with Dr. James Buiie, will work to revise our core curriculum and improve and restructure the clinical training. In many ways you represent the evolution of our School You have also reaped the benefit that the School's Integration Into Temple Unlverslt}' often. Each of you has experienced the enhancements in curriculum, technology, facilities and residency opportunity that have come to fruition in recent months. These effort are all part of our tireJesa commitment to prepare you to be the most skilled and successful podia me physicians anywhere In the world! Now it is time far you to build upon the foundation rooted in your hard work and the effort of your faculty, families and others that have guided you through your Journey thus far. In spite of some veil-public lied challenges facing our profession, there is a wealth of opportunity awaiting you As our population ages, the incidences of diabetes, arthritis, peripheral vascular disease and other grriatric re fa fed tiineavs util increase. It will be your charge to otter these and all of your patients the highest quality of care based in stale-of-the art-science, but tempered frith compassion. You are. now and forever, members of the TUSPU toady. We need your continued interest and support as we shape the faturr of this School and our profession It is with profound pnde and hope lor each of your hitures that I welcome you as colleagues. m, w John A. Mdtracci D.P.M. Dean ' I Dr. MattiacciJames Burke, Ph.D. Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Professor, Department of Biomedical Sciences RUU I’NIVKBSITV A CommonwNlIh UnnmQ SfM of Podutric ModKio. at li«t Sfnol ivmihmi isur-sw. pt.ow m«2»(oro To The Oast d 2002 Congratulations' On oetiatl of t faculty. a my pleasure to congratulate you on yoof achievement Each ol you shco« DO croud of you' c'tert r ccfrpnKms a demjndrg and intense program Through dedcason and perseverance you h»ie overcome otiJUPes in at tme, may h «u teemed cnvfwholmng As a result you are ?jwc to enter a cna iongmg and rewarding p-ofevton and to provide to ycu' patients me rugnest ijuatr care ava«a£ e l hope mat you wit reap me rewards and iawtacnon mat comes fan netpng erne's Ajwa,s mamam a conur.trren! to education and a desire to help gade the professor r me 21 century Good tock and I w=sh eKh ol you a nappy and productie We Srcerety. .lamesP Burte.PnD Associate Dear ter Academic Affairs Dr. BurkeKieran T. Mahan, DPM Associate Dean for Research Professor, Department of Podiatric Surgery TEMPLE LNIVERSTTY A Common wcilih IMJvenky K r»»T Milun. 0PM FAO AS Aneooir Otmfiy ftuarzk School ef FodlMrie Mriiou UI|tm.iiHxs Seen PtUaMpK . PcmylvaU UIOTHW «.« 2U«2MJtt Fit Congratulations to the Class of 2002 1 am very pleased to have the opportunity to congratulate you on your graduation 1 know this is a very momentous occasion in your life and in the lives of your family members. It is a dream that has come true for you and your family. It also gives you the opportunity to recognize the many people in your life who have helped you along the way to fulfill this dream. As you enjoy your graduation and enjoy the sense of accomplishment that rightfully goes along with it. keep in mind that the nature of a profession is such that it requires you to consistently upgrade your skills and maintain your knowledge in order that you can provide your patient with the best possible care. The graduation ceremony is one of great dignity because it confers upon you not juu rights and privileges, but also significant responsibilities It also requires from you a degree of compassion and empathy that may lie tested from time to time This ts a great profession! We arc fortunate to be able to do something that benefits people tremendously, that tests our intellectual skills, and allows us the kind of personal interaction with patients that is truly fulfilling. I wish every success in the future. 1 wish you happiness in jour profession, happiness in your personal life and the ability to blend the two together successfully. Kieran T. Mahan. DPM Dr. MahanShereeJ. Aston, O.D., Ph.D. Assistant Dean for Technology and Medical Education TtMPLf: tiNivettsm A Cnmnon« .tIt (Inlvena, oj Irtr M-dlrtne ..I IWr SUt-« PMlfcMphU- I»ld7JAW Phone 21SO OOCO TO THE CLASS OF 2002 Tha is a very special lime for all of you You are enlenng a very important phase of your professional life Your shills will make a difference in the lives of your patients To bo able to walk comfortably and free is essential to a good qu.iity of Wo. Children, adults and older persons :i :• c will value your services over the years to come Chensh all the good memories you nave made while attending Temple University Schoof of Fodiatnc Medicmo Please feel free to contact us at any time during your careers. We arc here for Continuing Education. Alumni activities and just lo say hello Congratulations on this tremendous achievement' You deserve the very best life Sherec J Aston, CjD.. Ph D Associate Dean fojTechnology and Medical Education Dr. AstonLarry M. Newman, DPM Medical Director fr p 1 TEMTLK UOVERSmf P■‘WfiTryy wes 'fo (IdiWllly sdmi or Twnmic m o b I QwwieSac IMXJ MJCt Vow W FACFAS IMfcal » « ▼ rtiUkl UiL fmiyinm Wffl Mfr. rAl 315«3 -»01 B ■ ! ixvoBMacKlBnpk.Kti Cbv Cl of JtXa. The time tttreli rwy last on the roed to bob gradnecad. Yoti ur 0 to be CDSgracbcad oo i kreachkg the degree of doctoral podutncaediciiiei. Plcoc remember th your journey bjj arc come to kb end. but h jut totally began end you will be learning contxnaocdy theougfcout the rcuindcr of yocr profamoce) carter. The field od median has grown to greatly wah regud to technology tod iefomurion ±x you would four yean af Podirtric Vndi l Krh vv_ in rrtmd die there are tendencies to follow, iirren not enough. Howercr, I know dur you «r usnom to get oat into the reel world. Always try to do the thing ue would cat only benefit yocr periern; but, would bo benefit your colleagues, end they will euxeuticaUy bcccfit you m will Try to gnre beck to your pcc Mtoa and to your community. These thing ere guaranteed to ouke yoo here « more fulfilled prtrfewioaal carter end lifh. Doc t lose sight d freed «cd family. Once agaoa. congrctihr ana; and pir » keep k touch with ui in the conurg years; end, rapport your school Sincerely, Larry Vi Kewtneo, D-P.il, PACPAS Medics! Director Dr. NeumanHas It ReallyBeen Four Years?! Class of 2002Cathy and Murad dancng the night away. Class of 2002 c» riiiiiiitniiiiiin! r in mi in mu: r iiiiiuiiiiiiiif"! IHSBBK'I ssaai ansai L5E313S S13BQ Class of 2002Murad Abdel-Qader, DPM University of Texas at San Antonio Biology There are many people that influence life, but few who stand like a shining star. Mom and Dad: Thank you for your infinite love and care. Brothers. Uncles and Family: Thank you for your unconditional support. Classmates: ’You know who you are, so stop wondering why your name Is not on my page!!! Thank you for being there every step of the way. Thank you for being there for tough and happy times. I am forever great ful. Bisan The most beautiful flower in my life. May the )oumey of our life bring happiness and endless love. Thank you for the intentions of putting up with me for the rest of your life. These are the stars. May their bright light shine forever in my heart and in my life. I will always look out for your bright light every single night. May God bless you all. Abdel-QaderAnn Corridori Anderson, DPM Cornell University BS Biology Mom, Dad and Frank: Thank you for your continuous love and support. I could not have asked for a more wonderful family to support me through life's journey. I appreciate all of the sacrifices that you have made on my behalf. You have always encouraged me to challenge myself and strive for the top. and for this I am most grateful. Jason: Thank you for your faith and support as I pursued my graduate degree. I am thankful that you came into my life to be my best friend, the love of my life and my husband. I look forward to sharing a lifetime of laughter and love together. AndersonSarita Battish, DPM East Stroudsburg University of PA BS Biology Mom. Dad, Rajan, Vanessa and Aman: Thank you for your undying support and faith. I will love you always and forever. To my Friends: Thanks for a great time here at TCISPM. Battish Ronald Battle Jr., DPM Morehouse College BS Biology God: Thank you for the blessings you have given me. Thank you for the confidence, motivation, and ability to get through school. Tlruayer: My soulmate, friend, and love of my life. Thank you for everything. You have truly been supportive and sacrificial through these years. School has been a tough time but you have made it easier. As we move forward and grow together, we will reach heights we never thought we could as one. You are everything to me and I thank God for bringing us together. Thanks again. I love you. The Family: Unfortunately there are not enough words to express how I feel about you and what you have done for me. Mom. Dad. Grandmothers, and Grandfathers thanks for your support, guidance, and the way you raised me from day one. Rashonda I know you will do great in school and succeed in life: thanks for being a great sister. Thanks for all of the Jokes and laughs Gerald and Jr. To everyone else, thank you. Dr.’s Badgctt: Thanks for your wisdom, guidance, and support. Magnum Zoe: Thank you for the Joy. headaches, and everything else. Class of 2002: Good luck to everyone. Ron Battle BattleDavid Bell, DPM SUNY at Albany BS Human Biology Mom: You will always be a source of strength, support, and optimism for me. I don't know how I would have made it this far without your love and attention. Thank you for everything you have done for me to help me reach this point In my life. Dad I cannot overstress how much you have helped me In some of the most uncertain times in my life. Oiring the past 4 years, you have been my voice of logic, reason, and sensibility. I will always be grateful for all that you have provided me. I love you both. Suzanne: It seems as though my little sis Is all grown up. You turned out to be an incredible woman and best friend in every sense of the word. I cannot imagine being without you in my life. Thanks for being you the unique person you are. I love you. Jonathan Nathalie: Although I have not been the constant presence I use to be in the past few years. I know that I could always feel at home with both of you. Jon. thanks for being the brother and best friend who I could always count on. I love you both. Thanks to my friends at TCJSPM CN(for dinners keeping me sane In the midst of Insanity). Slevine.com(for returning me back to insanity then sanity again). MW (for food, shelter. trying to figure out the mystery that Is SL). JT (for reminding me how special I am). RZ(for feeding me when the circus comes to town). Double D Special K (There is life outside of school rock on). ES(for waking me up for a final also trying to solve the mystery). KB. SS. Dustin(thanks for bowling with me. Sorry if I missed anyone. Congratulations to all my classmates. I wish you nothing but the best. BellJennifer Benwood, DPM Colby College BA Biology BenwoodJennifer M. Berlin, DPM College of William and Mary BS ChemistryAlan P. Boehm, Jr., DPM North Georgia College BS Biology As my time at TGSPM draws to a close. 1 would be remiss if I did not take the opportunity to thank a few people. For these people helped to make this endeavor possible and I am forever indebted. To my family: We are all scattered throughout the country, but I have felt your presence every step of the way. You hove individually aided In the shaping of this doctor and I am forever grateful. I have learned so much from each of you and I would like to mention a few of them. Mom you have given me your compassion. Integrity, and bright outlook on life. Dad you have taught me dedication, perfection, and Inner strength. Heather, my little aster, you have shown me how to be a leader and how to be a follower and the fortitude to conquer any challenge. I love all of you so very much! To Kim: Where do I start and what can I possibly say on this tiny page that reflects what I feel In my heart. You have been with me through thick and thin, now It Is time to rejoice as we head into the future. A future I could not dream of without you. Through it all you believed in me when I did not always believe in myself and 1 am eternally thankful. 1 love you! To James. Cam. Bill, and Kiran It seems just yesterday we started at TGSPM and difficult to fathom It has been four years. We have all laughed together and on a few occasions, even cried together. 1 thank all of you for your friendship and I truly hope It does not end here, but continues to prosper. To the doss of 2002: It has been an Incredible honor to serve as your vice-president. I am very proud of this class and would especially like to thank Dana, for her dedication as class president, she was a constant source of inspiration. Congratulations doctors! Boehm IMcGill University BS Psychology Uncle Dorise and Aunt Joan I cannot think of a time where you both have not been there for me. Words cannot express my gratitude for all of your support and encouragement during all these years. Aunt Joan, how many papers did you help me with? I can't count them all. David Thank you for always being a true friend to me. You have literally been there for me throughout these past four years of 1 school, through thick and thin, and m I will always remember that. You m are such a strong person, and I M hope that one day you will realize M ; all of your dreams. You deserve it!! Ml I believe that you will be an M outstanding doctor to all of your M patients and look forward to watching you accomplish this i amazing feat! I Class of 2002: Congratulations M to you all! Thank you for all of the I memories and friendships! I wish B you all the very best of luck In your residencies and careers Dad How could I have made It this far without you? Throughout my life, you have supported me In whatever Irve chosen to do. I appreciate your constant encouragement and advice. You were always there to listen to me. and I have learned so much from you and our conversations. I will always be your 'little girl' and admire you for who you are. Your unending support and love will never be forgotten. 'Did I ever tell you you're my hero...' (Wind Beneath My Wings. Bette Midler) Mom: You were there with me every step of the way, and I will never forget that. Your constant worrying and love lias made me Into the person that I have become. You are and always will be very special to me, and I am glad that you are my mom and my friend. I am proud to be your daughter and could not have done this without your support! Michelle: Little sis...you are truly my best friend. Thank you for your encouragement to follow my heart and enter Into this career path. You have always told me the mjth. even when I didn’t want to listen. You have my best interests at heart and I will never forget that. I am lucky to have watched you grow into the amazing woman and school teacher you are today. I am glad that you are my sister!! Joey. My little brother. I could not have asked for a better brother than you! You are such a sensitive and caring Individual, and I admire all of your talents. You have always been there for me and given me the confidence and pride to succeed. I am honored to be your big sis and am very proud of the man you have become. BoucherNate Brennan, DPM Wilkes University BS Biochemistry Mom and Dad: I would like to thank you for all your help and guidance during the last four years. I promise to pay all the money back you gave to me to get me through to my next loan check. I could not have done It without you. Lanell I would like to thank you for putting up with my cranky pants during the hard times. I look forward to all the good times that lie ahead of us. To All My Clinical Cohorts: Thank you for all your help and support. Big Dawg: I love your Southern ass! I'll see you next year at the Fiesta Bowl...Irish 28 Dawgs 3. KB: I'm sorry I 'forced' you to skip class every day to play Game day. Thanks for always helping me cram stuff In the morning of a test. Bobby A proud Yankee! I hope 1 didn't lure you away from your studies too much. Dana Mario: Thanks for helping me have the best spring break In Texas style. Good luck to everyone! God Bless America! BrennanHillary Brenner, DPM Richard Stockton College of NJ BS Pre Med J l_I BrennerStephen A. Brigido, DPM Randolph-Macon College BS Biology BrigidoKevin Brown, DPM Marshall University BS Sports Medicine First. I would like to thank God for giving me such wonderful family and friends. You have truly blessed me with this life I live and I owe everything to you. Jcssica-To my beautiful wife, thank you for all your support and staying by my side through the past few years. Your positive words of encouragement, and unselfish, gracious love have pulled me through the hardest of times. I thank God everyday that we are together. I love you. Mom and Dad Words cannot express how much I appreciate your love and support throughout my life. You have always pushed me to excel in everything I do and have always been there when I needed something. I am the luckiest man in the world to have you as my parents. I am so proud of you and love you both very much. Larry and Frances-From the beginning, your hospitality made me feel as if I was part of the family. I will always chertsh those days of studying and hanging out in A-507. If it wasn't for you two I would have gone insane up here!! Best of luck! Larry. I will be seeing you in Athens in 2004! Dana and Mario-Thanks for all the great times and great food!! I am so fortunate to have befriended ya'II and made so many memories Good luck and I hope to catch a race with ya every year! Go Chevy's! Nicholas-Need a ride to C-ville? Its been fun. Thanks for all the golf tips and memories. Maybe someday we can play Augusta! Go Hoos! Bcllski You rock, dude! I am still waiting for Roadhouse on karaoke! Nate and BobTlow about a game? Good luck to you and I hope your football teams improve! Just kidding. Stay In touch! 'What Is understood need not be discussed —Loren Adams DAYTONARobert P. Burry, Jr., DPM Wilkes University BS Biology Take the colors of my Imagination Take the scent of honeysuckle In the summer night Take the faith that leads me to salvation Take the warm gentle touch of morning sunlight Among these things you will find me To my family: (Dad. Jenny. Christa. Craig. Debra. Gram. Pa. Rich. Sandy. J J.f Tammy. Barb. Jack. Pete. Bern. Bob. Wendy. Billy) I would like to thank all of you for the love and support you have given me throughout my life. I’ll never find enough time or the right words to express this, but the truth of this emotion lies within my heart. To my Mom: (Debra) Even though you're not here I can still see you In my dreams and talk to you in my prayers, and this has helped me more than you may ever know. Your love and guidance have made me a better man than I have any right to be. To my dearest friends (Dana. Mario. Larry. Frances. Kevin. Jessica, Nate) I don't really know what to say. except that I am honored to call you my friends. You have always been there when I needed you. We have shared a good deal of time with one another, and we have made many wonderful memories that will undoubtedly remain with us throughout our lives. I look forward to our future and the things we will share with one another as colleagues, and of course, friends. To my friends and classmates: I wish you all the best that life has to offer. May love. hope, health, and happiness take you by the hand and guide you through life's amazing journey. Until we meet again I will leave you with this old Irish Blessing: May the roads rise to meet you. May the winds be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face. The rains fall soft upon your fields. And until we meet again. May God hold you in the hollow of his hand. BurryStewart M. Chang, DPM United States Naval Academy BS Oceanography I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people in my life who helped to encourage and guide me through the last four years. This has been a tremendous journey of personal growth and self-discovery for me. These years have brought me through a wide range of every conceivable emotion. To those who have been with me along the way, thank you for your patience, support, and presence. To Karen: My wife, my best friend, the person who I am so happy to be sharing this life experience with, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me! Without you. this would all not be possible. You have made tremendous sacrifices to allow me to pursue my dreams and ambitions. Thank you! You have given me much more support than I have offered you. Your unconditional love through this experience has given me comfort and peace in a very tense and unsettling times. I am so fortunate to have you as my partner. I love you. respect you. and devote all my efforts these past four years to you. To Carrie and Maddie You two have given me the greatest gift a man can ever know...fatherhood. My life has been enhanced without limits by your presence. I am so proud to be your daddy, and look forward to every moment as I watch you both grow up. This experience would have been unbearable without you. Thanks for the smiles, the playful fun after a long day of studying, thanks for Just being here! I love and cherish both of you Immensely. To Mom and Dad Thank you for all your love, support, and guidance You have done so much to help my family and I thorough this. You have been a huge role model for me throughout my life. I have a strong will to achieve because of you and what you have shown me. Thank you for being so direct in encouraging me to seek further education In my life. I love you both. To Caroline: You are a loyal, concerned, and caring sister. What else could a little brother ask for? I am proud of your own achievements and relentless drive to also be In the medical field. Love you. To Bob and Bev. Your love and support for Karen, the girls, and me throughout this has been tremendous. I am so fortunate to have parent-in-laws as involved as you are. All other friends and Family: You all have helped me through this more than you will ever know. I am grateful for your interest In my future endeavors. My classmates: It has been an honor and priviledge sharing this experience with all of you. I thank you for allowing me to be your APMSA class representative. I hope you have felt our class' interests were served well. I leave you all with a few final thoughts: Our education Is Just starting .... not ending. We must always stand together in unity as a class and as a profession. There are many challenges that await us as we prepare to Join the ranks of our esteemed colleagues. Podiatry has yet to see the lasting impact TUSPM Class of 2002 will have on this profession. I am looking forward to seeing how we all will make Individual contributions to our collective future. ChangMaureen S. Clinch, DPM Rutgers University BS Biological Sciences Psychology MOM: Where do I start? I would like to thank you for everything but there Is not enough paper In the world for that. Thanks for all your love and support. You have always fostered my dreams. Without you. I could not have gotten this far. Who would have thought that playing school when I was four and those discussions about being a doctor when I was ten would have brought me this far. Mom. you are an amazing lady and I love you more than words can say. Thank you for everything. You light up my life and are the reason for my success. DAD Thank you for all your support. You have been there for me when I needed that little something. Thank you for all those trips down to Philly. They really meant a lot. I love you. KEVIN: You are the most amazing person I know. I can not imagine what four years here would have been like without you. All the walks, dinners, trips, and Just the quiet times we have spent together will always be close in my heart and my most treasured of memories. Washington. Las Vegas, and Cancun are only the beginning. There is a whole world for us to discover and there is no one I would rather discover it with than you. Thank you for being there for me and for being my best friend. I love you always. KEVIN: Thanks for being the best brother a girl could ever have. You have given me some of the best laughs of my life. You haw been there to encourage and support me and that means more to me than I could ever tell you. I love you and no matter what I will always be your 'Blarstln'. GRAM and CHRIS: Thank you all your love and support. You have shown it time and time again. Thanks for all those 'food runs' to Philly where you delivered a vast assortment of soups, sauces and other goodies. They were appreciated more than you know. I love you both. AH and AG: You guys are the best. I will never forget all the things we have done. Imagine if the walls in 306 could talk? You have made this the four best years of my life. I love you and will miss you both. No matter what we will stay in touch because our friendship is once in a lifetime. HB. JM. DP. VQ. CS. and CT: Thank you for being great friends. We have shared so much and all the memories are part of my heart forever. Good luck In all you do. I know you all will succeed beyond your wildest dreams. I look forward to working with you all. ClinchScott L. Cooper, DPM Ottawa University BA Health Care Management Mom and Dad: Thanks for all the love and support you have given me over the years. You have always been there for me when I needed you. and have helped make all of my accomplishments possible. You are truly the best parents a son could ever ask for and I love you both very much. Lisa: My. love, my life and my best friend! Thank you for your love, your friendship, and your never ending confidence In me throughout my the years. I love you with all my heart, always. Family: Thank you for always being there and for all your support. Friends and Classmates: I wish you all the best In your future careers.Christopher R. Corwin, DPM Pennsylvania State University BS Life Science, MS Biomechanics Mom, Dad. Amy, Doug. Mom-mom. and Ashley -1 can't begin to express how thankful I am for everything you have done for me. You were always there to support me and you truly gave me my roots and wings. I love you all. CorwinDavid Danielson, DPM SUNY at Stony Brook BS Biology Where did the time go? Oh. that's right. Books, labs, filling out never ending amounts of unnecessary paperwork, and every other little task that when compiled account for the majority of my memoirs at TGSPM. For the sporadic relief between, that at times felt way too sparse, occasionally guilt stricken. I would like to assert how appreciative I am for all who have been there and understood. Mom. Dad. Eric. Krista: I love you and thank you for helping me achieve my goals. Friends, old and new .. Charlie, Pete. Ryan. CXisty. Chris. Leah. Keith, Scott. Medic, Freddie and everyone else from the Island for reminding me of the past and Dorian. Darelle, Elliot. Mark. K. Jo. Chris. Mike. Allen. Dave Bell. Jay. yadda. yadda, yadda, for creating new memories for me here at school. Thanks again. DanielsonAnne Catherine David, DPM University of Central Florida BS Molecular Microbiology My Dearest Parents Words cannot express what the both of you have meant to me aB of my life. You raised the four of us very well, instilling In us a strong faith and integrity, and giving us the gift of unconditional love and sacrifice. 1 cannot thank you enough for your understanding, your support and for believing in me. This dream of becoming a doctor has now come true and I earned It in honor of the both of you. Mommy. It was so hard being so far away from you. Like a mother, you always found ways to make things better. You are the source of my strength, the best example that I know. Daddy, for as long as I can remember. I wanted to be Just Ske you. I hope I can be as good as the doctor you are. You will always be my source of inspiration. I love you both very much. Nicky: Who can ask for a better brother than you? Having you here in Phlly made it a better place. In a another year I'll be doubly blessed to have you as my colleague. Being able to perform music with you was an honor for me because you ore truly a master musican. I wil always be there for you whenever you need me. I love you Lll' Bro. Vlrna and Vera The best sisters anyone could have. I've missed you both so much (and WoWe too). You two have supported me though everything Your phone calls, your care packages, your visits have meant more to me than you will ever know. Remember If you ever need your older sis. she's always here for you. I love you guys forever. David (Faccia Bambino): My dearest friend, you have been there since day one of this journey called TCJSPM. Thank you so much for being there for me. helping me. making me laugh and getting me through some tough times. Always believe In yourself, because I've always believed In you. I have made a lifelong friend In you and you know that I'm only a phone caU away. I wish you the best in your future ... you deserve it! Audra How will my life be without you? You were my singing, shopping and dining buddy. I'l never forget our many ventures, our laughs, our tears and a new friend we found together, affectionately called Teacher.’ Remember that you have special talents. I've witnessed how you have made people smile from your beautiful voice as well as your healing hands. Thank you for being my best and dearest friend. Sembiame! James. My Asian Brother For as long as I live. I know I wID never find anyone with the same thirst for knowledge as you. You absolutely amaze me with your resourcefulness, your knowledge, and your tenacity. With all of that, you have never made me fed Inferior: you always treated me as your equal, as your friend. I love you for that. Wherever you go. know that you wiB always have a friend Asian sister in me. By the way. you are the best New York Oty tour guide ever! Murad Is it over already? This time we spent here has flown by so quickly. I'm glad you were there with me to share It all. Thank you so much for teaching me many things. You ve been such a good friend to me. you know me belter than I know myself (scary. Isn't It?). I'll miss the late night talks, the driving adventures, the many times we've shared tears of Joy (even sadness). I wish you all the happiness and luck In your future Teacher BIg Red You are much more to me than the greatest voice instructor In the world. Not only have you taught me how to sing better, not to be afraid of the high notes and how to pronounce Italian properly, but you've taught me that you have to get out of the 'comfort zone’ if you want to succeed in life's challenges Because of that, you've helped me overcome my fears and I look at the world In a different light. Words can never express how much you have meant to me. Love you Teacher. Scriuo In core .. sembianze To the friends that could not fit on this page (you know who you are): I am so glad to have known al of you. You have touched my heart In your own special way. and I will never forget you. We've made It though a difficult journey. I'm glad we were together. I wish you al) the best in your endeavors and that God blesses each and every one of you. DavidDavid V. DiMenna, DPM LaSalle University BA Biology Mom and Dad God has truly blessed me with wonderful parents. Your unconditional love and support through out my life has fven me the strength to pursue my dreams and accomplaish my goals. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your love and support. I love you both very much. I made it!! Joey. Abbic Gabriella: Thank you for all of your love, support and prayers. Joey. Its not much longer now!! Thank you for being my inspiration and pointing me in the direction of podiatry. I love you all! Michelle. Joe Renee: Thank you for your prayers, encouragement and love. Without them I wouldn't have reached my goal. Thank you Michelle for the rides into Philly together and all our talks. I love you guys!! Bryan. Jacqueline. Nicholas, Gregory, and Janeen Thank you for all of your love and support. I couldn't have done it without you. I love you!! Tracey. I am so thankful that God brought us together. God out did himself when he made you. Thank you for your love, support, and encouragement. I love you. Sweetheart! DIMennaLarry B. Dyal, Jr., DPM University of Georgia BS Zoology I can't believe its over!! Often, it seemed that time stood still, now looking back, I am amazed that It has actually been four years. The long nights studying, the long days of class, clinic and meetings...it has certainly been an adventure. Words can't begin to express my gratitude to everyone who has helped me make this dream a reality. To my wonderful wife: I thank you for your continued support In all of my endeavors. Thank you for calling out all of those notes on all of those late nights. You're my best friend and I could not have done this without you. I love you always! To my parents: Thank you for always being there for me I love you both, and appreciate everything you have done for me. To Dana Kevin Well the time has come!! I appreciate all of your help in those long study sessions. I can only hope that they helped y'all as much as they helped me. I have really enjoyed our trips, dinners out. morning dnves and ...yes even the studying...sometimes. Y'all are truly friends to last a lifetime. To my classmates: Good luck to everyone. I hope you all accomplish all of your dreams. I would like to end with a quote from Phillipplans 1.-6 'Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ... DyalTarek El-Onsi, DPM University of Western Ontario McGill University I once wrote the folowmg quote to someone who touched me deeply. 'Do the kind of things that come from the heart, when you do. you won t be dissatisfied, you won't be envious, you won't be longing for somebody etec s things. On the contrary, you wll be overwhelmed with what comes back. I write the folowlng dedications from the heart to those that have touched me the most in my life. Allah Subhanahu Wa taala Thank you for giving me the strength to be positive and happy even when times were rough. You realy opened many doors for me every step of the way. I am forever grateful. AI7amdulllah. Mom and Dad What do I say to the two people who not only gave me life, but also, gave me everything I could ever want In life? You have provided me guidance and stabiSly from the beginning cspccialy these last few years. You have seen me through the toughest times of my life and look where I am now. I made It. and now it Is time to fiy. I love and admire both of you thank you for all the sacrifices you made for me and your family, for always being there when I needed you most, for Just being my parents. I love you forever. My love for the both of you extends far beyond any amount of words could possibly express. That Is why I want to leave this simple I love you. Thank you for teaching me life's most important lesson: that commitment, faith and loving family can accomplish anything together. Mom For all those nights you worried about me. for all those times you Bstened without judging me. for every' time you prayed by your bed and prayed for my wefl being and happiness, for Just being mom. Your endless love and support has and win help me keep going Thank you for your love and encouragement. You've been there for me all these years through the rough times, now It's my turn to care for you. Dad ’hank you for believing in me even when you are more than 3000 miles away. Thank you for your understanding, for your encouragement, for being proud of your son. Ghas The brother who paved the path My best friend. Always ready to dispense that advice and most importantly, always wiBng to join me In a midnight snack. Kareem The younger brother who never ceases to make me laugh, my other best friend. If only I could say the rtdlculus sayings that you say.. Nesreen Nussy The one and only sister that I have ever had. You've grown Into a strong and beautiful woman. Thanks for letting me be your big brother. Having you a round is a blessing form God.! win always love you 'Hearts! Thank you al of you for al your love and support, thank you for standing behind al the way. The tong lasting cab made my hard work and the sleepless nights easier, thank you for being there at the other end of the phone. My best friend- Murad, where should I start? We've been through a tot and we've survived, Words cannot convey what our friendship has meant to me. You have truly been like a brother to me. I will never forget the times you were there for me. the times we've shared. You have such an uplifting, positive personality that it impacts everyone around you. Things happen for a reason and I was meant to be your classmate and your best friend for life. Stay sweet' Grandpa No matter where you are I know you wll always be that angel on my shoulder looking out for me and saying a prayer for me when I need one. I love you. May God give you the strength to carry on your journey In this life. You are my guardian angel To the people who pushed, puled, encouraged, and aided every step of the way (you know who you are), I appreciate your efforts, company and advtce. You made the journey bearable. To All We al seem to know people who seem to be ful of bfe. seem to live every day with passion, seem to keep an upbeat disposition, even in the face of adversity. What Is their secret? Maybe, their secret to Bfe is the same as an artist creating a beautiful portrait assigning the utmost importance to every stroke of his brush. If we all do that, we might just creating a masterpiece is easier than we think. El-OnsiAllan Evangelista, DPM University of La Verne BA Biology- Fuller Theological Seminary o MDiv Family Pastoral Care and Counseling Loma Linda University MPH Research Epidemiology EvangelistaAnthony Fiorilli, DPM Moravian College BS Biology-Psychology To my parents I would like to thank you for your constant love and support. You have always been willing to help me. whether It was emotionally, financially or academically. Heck you were so willing to help, you would even give your advice when I didn’t want It. Thank you for everything. I am very appreciative for all the opportunities you provided me in life. I owe a lot of my success to you. I love you! To Marc: What can I say about you? You’ll always be my little brother. Thanks for all the fun we’ve had together. You were always willing to join me for late night pizza, an extra game (of anything), or follow me down a narrow ski slope crowded with trees. HI always be there for you; nothing will ever change that. Well, you're graduating this year too. Congratulations! I'm proud of you. but It has just begun. Good luck to you as you to enter the real world. To Grandma and Grandpa Thank you for all your love and prayers. I could not have mode it without your help throughout the years. To Amy: Well, we finally made it! I can’t even begin to imagine what it would have been like without you by my side. Just think this all started with an empty promise for a cheese steak at Pat's. You have been a huge part of my life ever since the end of our first year We have made It through a lot of difficult times together. However, we also had a lot of great times. I just want to thank you for some of the things that you’ve done for me. Thank you for cooking for me so often. You're a great chef, even if you don't want to believe it. Thank you for rjving me a hug when I needed it. Thank you for all your words of encouragement and your never ending confidence in me. Thank you for being who you FiorilliKeyvan Ganjianpour, DPM University of Maryland-College Park BS Neurobiology : Physiology To all my friends who were there to help me through this Tony and Elliot (NHL). Corwin (NFL). Snydog and Tyson (Tennis) and Dave (Pong). I would have been bored without you guys. Best of luck in the future. Who can forget Mr. NY himself. DBell. GianjianpourAlison Garten, DPM East Carolina University BS Biology TO MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY: THANK YOG FOR YOUR LOVE AND ENCOURAGEMENT. ELKE GartenAgim Gashi, DPM City College of City University of NY BA Psychology 1 would like to begn by saying that these last four years were some of the most trying times of my life. There were times when I wanted to quit but with support and encouragement from my family and friends I stuck with It. Julie, thank you for your support, understanding and for your love. Thank you for giving us Demi, a perfect son. He is my little monkey, and I love him more than life itself. He Is lucky to have a mother like you. Love always. To my West Coast brother Wcissman aka Marcus. What can I say. without your friendship this would have been an impossible feat. Thanks for taking care of Pebbles. Just remember that the light in the end of the tunnel Is getting closer and we will be able to see it., in a couple of decades. We have to keep In touch so that I can keep my sanity. To Group 10: My favorite Texan Thank You for: Feeding me. letting me know when, where and what to show up for. Barbidos...you Texans are crazy. Ron the man from Ohio, pleasure to work with you and to know you. We need to stay In touch. Gozzi The------------------- Northeast Philly Girl. You are cyeat. don't ever change, your smile made clinic easier to bear. Shady Shanahan-i know. I know...you will be famous someday. You are O.K. no matter what sixty other people have to say...just kidding. Sean you are kind, honest and I consider you to be a great guy (no I said guy not gay...just kidding). The profession is lucky to have you. I know we will continue to harass each other. To my study partner and good friend Elke. thanks for taking the time to tell me what tests to study for and when they were going to be given. Yes you did win the Race, let the world know, but that's because I let you. Carey Is still not considered a big city. Good luck to you and stay in touch. Steve Levine what can I say except that you are a unique Individual. Keep thinking, and one day. one day students at TCJSPM will learn about the Levine procedure. Mind you. It will never be done, but it could... by those brave enough. Keep in touch...who am I kidding...we (you. m.w. and I) will end up partners. To my Viking brother, thank you for giving a home to Pebbles. I will never be able to repay you for the favor, but I'm sure you will find a way. As always, pillage and plunger, my Viking friend! Divide and conquer! To the rest of my friends, too many to mention. I would like to say good luck and success in your professional as well as your personal life. Keep in touch. GashiJeannine E. George-Herring, DPM I loward University BS Biology To my Parents I love you all dearly and I will always be appreciative of your financial and emotional support. Thank you for being two of the biggest motivators in my life. To Lynne You are a wonderful sister and friend. Thanks for all of your support and words of encouragement. To Jaire: You are the best brother nephew a girl could ever have. You are an inspiration to me and I thank God for you. To Raymond: You are a wonderful husband and my best friend Thanks you for all of your support and I look forward to the blessings God has In store for us. To Melanie and Mark: Thanks for the laughs and weekend excursion (when I was in town :0) You two are very special to me and I will always value our friendship. To my siblings: Caesar. Princess, Milton. Tashia, Kiesha. Mildred, and Carolyn I wish you all the best of luck. To Dr. Mcllwain and Mr. Martin, central, clinic staff . student affairs, faculty, and staff Thank you for making my years at TtlSPM memorable. Giving all glory and honor to God His grace and mercy allowed me to endure all obstacles, so that I can celebrate this joyous accomplishment. George-HerringAmy Lyn Gesualdi, DPM College of William and Mary BS Biology Mom Dad: I am so grateful for everything you have ever done, taught or given me throughout the years. You made it possible for me to become who I am today. You were always there for me and involved in my education- whether it was driving all over the state to put together a book of leaves or driving all over the East coast to visit colleges. I feel very lucky to have parents who are so selfless and loving. I hope that I have made you proud of me. I love you. Thank you. Barbara Cheryl: I think you both know that you are more than just my Aunties - you are my friends. In your own way. each of you has encouraged me to work hard and laugh harder. There certainly have been many laughs shared together and there will be many more to come. Just remember. If you ever need me. you can always page 'Dr. Sat. STAT!' Anthony Three years ago I nervously sat in a Chinese restaurant and watched you serve me my dinner. A little voice inside said. "He is too quiet and too polite. You better not let him see the real you!" Despite that warning, you have seen me at some of my best, worst, most serious and goofiest moments. Amazingly, you've stuck around! Sometimes I think we are too much alike and sometimes I don't know where you are coming from, but through it all there is one constant- you are my best friend and I love you. I could go on to tell you all of the reasons why you are such a wonderful person and why I am so fortunate to have you by my side, but I don't wont to make all the girls jealous! I will save those flowery words of praise for your eyes and ears only and for now I will wish you every success life has to offer you because you definitely deserve it. I sat down and stared at the blank computer screen for a long time before I was able to write anything. For the past three years. I read what the graduating seniors wrote to their family and friends. Mow that it Is my turn to compose a yearbook page. I realize that this Is a challenging task. It Is with great difficulty that I search for the correct words that accurately express how I feel about each of you. Therefore, in case the preceding messages did not turn out as Intended in my head and heart. I want each of you to know that I love you and I am fortunate to have you in my life. GesualdiDana Giacalone, DPM University of North Texas BS Biology Mom and Dad: Can you believe it has been 4 years since you moved all our stuff to a far away Yankee-fand called Philly?! Neither can I! Thank you for everything you've done for the past 30-something years. I am the luckiest gjrl in the world to have a family like y'all. I love you and I'm coming home! Mario You've put up with more crap the past 4 years than any husband ever should! And I can never thank you enough. You are my soul mate and my knight in dark passes. I love you! Larry. Kevin. Nate and Bob You've made me laugh more than is humanly posable. And you will never know how much It helped me get through some of the "fun times at TtiSPM. Larry Kev- See you In the South! Group 10: It was real and it was fun and It was even real fun at times. It was nice working in the best group ever! Garten Gashi: I will miss the daily beating sessions and the constant and unrelenting competition. You two were a blast to study with and I'll miss you greatly. Erika: Thank you so much for your encouragement May you never run out of time to clean a desk! Cathy God has given you so many gifts, the greatest being that of friendship. Look inside yourself and always be the most outstanding woman that you are. We've done well...who cares what they say! Smalan 6 Pomplcmoussc: Thanks for being great friends and supporters. I wouldn't have made It without you. And finally the one quote that got me through it all: Phllippians 4:13 'I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me State of TEXAS HillMkMI. GiacaloneTroels Glysing-Jensen, DPM Rider University, BS Biology Florida Interantional University, BS Hospitality Management Family: For all the years of hard work, sacrifice and support I want to truly thank Angela my best friend, wife and mother to my two beautiful children. Tak Mor og Far for alt )“res hjaelp. Class of 2002: Thanks for the good times and the best of luck to all of you. Genius is one percent Inspiration, and ninety-nine percent perspiration. -Thomas A. Edison. The more you know, the more you know you don't know. • Aristotle He who asks is a fool for five minutes, but he who does not ask remains a fooi forever. - Chinese Proverb Glysing-JensenMelissa Anne Gozzi, DPM Loyola College BS Biology Mom Dad I made lt-finally a Doctor after all these years! I promise that I'll stay out of school for awhile and get a job. Thank you so much for all of your love and support over the years. You always gave me every opportunity to succeed and I can't even tell you how grateful I am for all you have done for me. I love you both so much! Nick-now do you believe that I’ve actually been working hard the last few years? I know that sometimes It doesn't seem like It. but I do love you. Reg- Don't worry, deep down Gina knows you are much better lookin' than Tucker. Jason- How you can still want to spend your time with me after I act like such a stress case is beyond me. Thank you for talking me off all those ledges. I am so happy that you are in my life, you have made it so much rtcher. I love you. Kel. D. and Gitta You three have helped me throu i some of my craziest times (unfortunately for you. that's pretty often). Thank you guys for being the best friends I could have ever imagined. Gina What would I have done without you? You are the first person I will always think of when I look back at school. You did make me a better student and you stole my sunshine, so I guess we are even! I had such a great time with you on Spruce Street I'm really going to miss our Tuesday night specials, your great CD collection, ruining your utensils, special tree ornaments and all our crazy times. Thanks for listening to my stories 1 Ox in a row and thanks for making these years much more fun. You WILL do great next year...you deserve the best In life. Erika- Do you think life at tuspm will ever be the same without sunshine and moonbeam? Thank you for being such a wonderful friend the last few years. I wish you all the best In life and don't worry about that clock, ok? Group 10 Agim-I never would have made it through some of those days without you...especially In internal med! And- I'm really not a wuss! Dana- my favorite Texan...I know you learned to love Phllly especially after hanging out with me' Ron thanks for all those fake charts at noon! Did I mention that I'm so happy that you used to be a masseuse? Thanks for a wonderful year!! To all my friends of the Class of 2002- Best of luck in the future and thanks for the memories! GozziMyron L. Hall, DPM United States Naval Academy BS Physical Science First. I thank Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior for blessing me with this enormous opportunity and for making all of my accomplishments possible. To my mother, whose unrelenting encouragement and strong up bringing provides the basis of substance that fuels my determination, I than and love you deariy. And to my family and Doug, my best fried. I appreciate you being there for me throughout these demanding years. To the love of my life, having you in my life gives a beautiful purpose to every thing I achieve. To my colleagues In the Classes of '03. 04, and 05. my relationships with you have been uplifting and extremely gratifying-keep striving and you know you can call me anytime. My most sincere thanks goes out to all of the TCJSPM faculty and staff; your teaching, assistance and verbal support have been Invaluable to my survival at TCJSPM. Finally, to my classmates and future colleagues, all of you are special! Thank you all for giving me the opportunity to learn and grow with you. As we say in the Navy. "Fair Winds and Following Seas and May the Wind always be at Your Back", propelling you to exceptional success! Go Cherry and White!!!!! HallMichael Henry, DPM University of' Pennsylvania BA Biology HenryMark Hill, DPM Florida A M University BS Biology Whenever trouble comes your way. let it be an opportunity for joy. For when your faith Is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow. So let It grow, for when your endurance Is fully developed, you will be strong in character and ready for anything. Mom: Thank you so much for your love and support these past years. Through your hardwork and sacrifice, you have Inspired me to accomplish my goals. I love you Melanie: I’m so amazed at how God places certain people In your life at the right moment. Your friendship has been priceless and one I will always cherish. I could not imagine these past four years without all the laughter and happiness you provided me Thanks for reminding me of all the deadlines and tests. I would have been completely lost without your help. You are truly one of a kind. Jeanninc Thanks for your friendship Class of 2002: I consider myself fortunate to have met each and every one of you. I wish all of you the best. HillPayman R. Hoshyarsar, DPM University of California BA Biology God: Thank you for giving me the strength and the perseverance necessary to accomplish this task at hand Thank you for the many blessings that you have bestowed on me and my family All praise to you. My Wife: I love you for the love you give me. You love me for the love I give you. I do not know who first gave or who first took or where it all began. But I am happy that it did. I am happy that it Is. I am happy as it Is. I am in short in long in love When you are within yourself, and aloof, and separated from yourself, and thus parted from the universe, and thus alone, a force compels me to use every trick I know to get you back Into being. When I have forgotten what I know to be true: that you are me and I am you and we are all and all Is one. a force compels you to convince me that ’we' still exist, and that "we is better than ’me.' A fabulous force. I think they call it Love. Katayoun. you arc the light of my life. Thank you for being my best friend. MOM 6 DAD: Thank you for making the decision you made fifteen years ago. I could not have done it without your love and support. You gave me everything and asked for nothing In return. You let go of your dreams Just to make mine come true I dedicate this degree to you both. Thank you. Maryam. Hamcd. Haleh: I love you all. I miss you everyday. Words can not express my love for you You are the best siblings one can ask for. I hope that we can spend more time together and less time apart. Parvln Khanoom: Thank you for all your support, both emotionally and financially. Thank you for allowing me to take your only daughter away from you. This only proves to me that you believe in me. Thank you. Group 0 15: What can I say? Alex, why? Because. Jennie and Dixit. I am pretty sure! Thank you for the wonderful memories. Jcni. thank you for your encouragement, and hearing all my nagging during the exam time. I wish all three of you the best of luck. Syed Khan I don't know where to start How about summer 2001! Possibly the best and most memorable summer of my life (so far). The summer of champagne. How do you fly to Canada? From here to Jersey, then to Montreal. I wish you the best of luck, and hope that you achieve all your goals. Food for Thought: 'You can t live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you.’ John Wooden "Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.’ Helen keller Class of 2002: Congratulations. I wish each and everyone of you the best of luck I hope that you enjoyed my friendship as much as I did yours. You all made my stay a memorable one. thank you all. Payman R. Hoshyarsar HoshyarsarMelanie Jessup, DPM University of NC-Chapel Hill BA Psychology God: Thank you for helping me to make it through these long four years. Thank you for giving me loving parents that have served as an inspiration and motivation in my life. Thank you God for giving me two loving sisters that each share my heart and whom I love dearly. Without God none of my accomplishments are possible. Mom and Dad: How do I begin to express the gratitude I have for the people that have given me life and unconditional love. Thank you so much for 25 years of love, encouragement, and support. Your love has helped me to become the person I am today. Mom and Dad you are my guiding light. I will love you always. Monica and Revonda: Monica thank you for always giving me guidance and leading me into the right direction. Thank you for always answering my millions of questions about school. Revonda. thank you for providing me with someone to hang out with on the weekends. Thank you for cooking when I have my tests. I love you both. To My Friends: Congratulations to everyone. Our time has finally come Good luck in all your endeavors.Dorian Louis Jimenez, DPM University of Georiga BS Microbiology First of all. I would like to wish everyone the best of luck along the road of podiatry life. In my time here as a member of the first ever official class of TCJSPM, I've been fortunate enough to become a part of an excellent Institution. My time here would not have been possible without the friendships that I have built over the past 3 years. My closest memories of life In podiatry school center around these Incredible friendships. Jason. Dave and Mike: we had one of the more exciting clinic groups you could ask for. Making our mornings enjoyable in the rarest of circumstances never seemed to be a problem and I will miss that about all of you. Hopefully in the future we can all reunite and become partners working at the school. Seriously, thank you guys for keeping me in good spirits and reminding that there’s something more to life than podiatry. Allen and Schmitty (and Jason again): thanks for making me believe I could sing on occasion. I'll always be able to say I was part of a band playing music to the crowds of nobody. If this whole podiatry thing disintegrates. I'll give you guys a call and we can tour more basements. Good luck next year! Margo: Thanks for being my sister Good luck next year In everything you do and I look forward to hiring you when you finish residency. I could go on and on about my last three years of life as a podiatry student and what It has meant. I am amazingly proud to be a part of the class of 2002 and I wish the most success for all who come after. I thought that it would never end but now we're ready to make a positive impact in our field and on the lives of others, and it was all worth the long journey. Best of luck to everyone. Dorian JimlnezJeffrey E. Kauffman, DPM Juniata College BS Biology Dear Jen. I am blessed to have such a loving women by my side. I thank you for always being there when things got stressful Without your caring, loving and patience support. I would not be where I'm today You put up with endless nights of studying, and never once did you complain. We have gone through a lot together, but with you by my side I will over come all. I love you dear and I am looking forward to our walk through life. Dear Mom and Dad. You have seen my travel through life over the past 26 years. Along the way you gave me the tools to advance to the next level. Without your morals and ethics I would not have risen to such a height My tower In the sky could not stand without your foundation. You are the greatest parents anyone could have. I love you with all my heart and will always be there. KauffmanSyed Khader, DPM Illinois Institute of Technology BS,MS Biology In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most merciful. All praise Is to him. Ami and Babu: How can I just say thank you for the years of sacrifice, support and unconditional love you have given me. I hope and pray that I can repay a once of what you have given me. Fayaz: Sometimes life can be rough; thank god I have you to show me the humor in it. Even though you’re younger than me I always find myself gaining wisdom from you. Family; To my entire family members you know who you are thank you for your love, support and patient. Payman (Reza): You and I don't fall too far from the tree. This road would have been unbearable if it wasn’t for your words, smiles, and support when the footing was so unsteady that I could no longer stand on my own. Best of friends forever! Bela: You were the shining light in my darkest of moments, thank you for guiding me to the shores of today. 'Potato’s and eggs' just don’t taste the same without you. I will always remember... you! Friends: To BUI. Santa. Tarek. Jen. Dixit. Caroline. Karim. Adelina. James. Alex. Tina, Murad and class of 2002: through all the turmoil and the hardships, we finally made It!! Here’s to the good times, good memories and good luck!! I wish you all the best!!! KhaderAisha Khan, DPM 1 LiicasLe BS Biology r f.' , ld ,,ke to thank for giving me strength and guidance that .as helped to accomplish my goal of becoming a podlatric physician. Mom and Dad Thank you both very much for your love and support It was endless. I am blessed to have both of you In my life. Mom thanks for always giving me advice when I needed It. I missed having you close by. Mahmood and Rabia: Thanks for being a wonderful brother and sister. You have given me happiness and joy. Thanks for being there for me for four years at TGSPM. Cousin Alia: It was great to come to your house on the weekends and your kids made it worthwhile. Thanks for the wonderful days we had together. Santa: You have been a good friend from day one at school. You made certain everything went well with my life. Thanks for always being there for me. Good Luck In your career. Clinic Group 16 (Allan. Scott and Mark) It was fun working with you guys. Thanks for helping me get through the third year. I wish you the best of luck in your future. Jenny and Adelina Thanks for talking to me about everything. You have been wonderful friends. Class of 2002. Thanks for all the support for four years. It was great working with you. Congratulations and Good Luck to all of you. KhanKevin Lam, DPM Sacred Heart University Just want to say Thanks for all those that have helped me and supported me along the way. Good luck to all of the TUSPM 2002. let's show them the future of Podlatrlc Medicine. Many people Hue as if life were a dress rehensal for some later date. In fact, no one has a guarantee that he or she will be here tommonow. Carlson, PhD PEPSI is the key to life. A person who has their fill of PEPSI will be complete: PHYSICAL. EMOTIONAL. PSYCHOLOGICAL. SPIRITUAL AND INTELLECTUAL. Everything I've learned. I've learned through Martial Arts. Bruce Lee Love you Mucho. LamOleg Latvinsky, DPM LatvinskyStephen M. Levine, DPM Wheaton College BA Biology Pictures are worth a thousand words, but I am missing a few pictures and must say a few words. Ma and Dad. I am not the only one that will graduate, if you know what I mean. I could not have done any of this without you. Beeps and pop-pop thanks for the encouragement and 'persey . I also want to thank my high school and college friends for their support: Hunt. Chad. Dan. Shaggy. Ry. Eric. Will, Devon. Jamil, and Minh. I thank all of the people at school who took the time to teach and help me. Joe Kelly and Jim. I will miss B.S.’Ing with you. Oh' Shanahan, my friend, thanks for permanently fixing my computer. Everyone in the pictures below is family to me, and these pictures are worth a thousand words. La vineKevin S. Lyons, DPM Delaware Valley College BS Biological Sciences Dedicated to my Mother and Father and Maureen who have been with me every step of the way. One night a man had a dream. He dreamed he was walking along the beach with the Lord. Across the scenes fror For each scene he noticed two sets ot footprints in the sand one belonged to him and other to the Lord When the last scene ot his life Hashed before him, he looked back at the footprints in the sand. He noticed that many times along the path ot his life there was only one set ot footprints. He also noticed that it haopened at the very lowest and saddest times in his life. This really bothered him and he questioned the Lord about it. "Lord, you said that once I deeded to follow you, you'd walk with me all the way. But I noticed that during the most troublesome times in my life, there is only one set of footprints. I don’t understand why when I needed you most you would leave me." The Lord replied, ’My son, My precious child, I love you and would never leave you. During your times of trial and suffering, when you see only one set of footprints, it was then that I carried you." Author Unknown LyonsTanjila Matin, DPM Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University BS Biology Abba Amma-1 have left the comfortable, sheltered life that you have provided for me ten years ago to fulfill my goals. Today Is that day. I hope I make you proud. Abba. I have worked hard all these years so that I can be somewhat close to where you are In your accomplishments. I am so proud of you. Your blessings, and your love means a lot to me than you actualy think. I thank you for loving me. teaching me and above aU for being the greatest father on earth. I love you Amma. ever since I was a child. I know I gave you lots of grief and probably still continuing on doing so. but I know you loved me unconditionally. I am who I am. because of you. Thank you for giving me my life, thank you for all the good foods, thank you for being here for me when I needed you the most. I love you. Chetan, I started a journey al by myself, and then you came along. You arc Ike the constant light that followed me around. You are my strength, my reason for living. I would not know what to do without you, You supported all my whims, my goals. I have never met any one so patient with me as you are. 'You are the wind beneath my wings. I love you and I thank you for being such an incredible husband. I wish to grow old with you and our kids. I know you are always proud of me. I am proud to be your wife Mashlmonl, You gave me shelter, you gave me love and support, unconditionaEy. You are like my second mother. I can never repay all that you have done for me. I love you and thank you for your love and support. Boroapu. I looked up to you all my life. Your strength, your courage and your brilliance has been a constant source of inspiration to me. I know you are far away, but you are with me al the time. I love you. Pitom. You will always be my little brother, no matter how oW you get. I hope you arc proud of your sister today. Nila and Tong: I love you both. You gave me the companionship of both friends and sisters. 1 wish you both all the happiness In your lie. To all my Mashls and Mamas 1 thank you for loving me. To all my cousins. I love you aO. Nammoni. I hope I can take better care of you now that I am finally a doctor. You arc an exceptional women and I always wanted to tei you that. I love you so much. I hope I make you proud as you make me proud to be your granddaughter. Mammi and Papa. Thank you for Including me In your family. Your support and your love made my journey a smooth ride. I thank you for raising the wonderful man that I am married to. Without you he would not be here and my life would be incomplete. I love you both and I cherish you both. Ncha. I could not have asked for a better sister in law. Your sweetness, your love shines right through you. I dm looking forward to our growing friendship. Thank you for making me your bhabi I love you and I cherish you. To ai my Masir s and A asar's thank you for taking me in your arms and loving me as your own. Ba ad Bapujl. thank you lor all your blessings and your love. To all the cousins, thank you for so many wonderful memories. Mujahid: i canrt ask for a better brother then you. You have taken my abuse without complaint You were a constant leaning pole for me. You lend me your ears and your shoulder. I hope I was good to you as a sister. You gave me the highest honor by calling me your sister. I love you and thank you for all your love. Vibha. thanks for being my great friend. You loved me all these years: I wish you continue to do so. I can't ask for a better friend. Love you and thank you. MatinJason E. Morris, DPM Valdosta State University BS Biology I would like to thank my family for their love, support and understanding during the past several years. Without the inspiration of family and friends, this accomplishment would not have come to fruition. I cannot believe that this phase of our medical training has come to end so swiftly. I can only hope that residency will prove to be as enlightening and enjoyable as the time spent here at Temple. I would like to thank my friends and classmates for making this experience one that I will never forget. I wish to also extend greatest appreciation and gratitude to Dr. Henry, Dr. Jimenez. Dr. Danielson, and Dr. Qanjanpour for making my clinical experience fun and exciting each and every day. as well as. offering me unconditional friendship that I hope will last a lifetime. Michelle: Thank you so much for being a friend, companion and a source of motivation and love for the past several years. Few people have the patience and commitment that you have expressed to me and for this I love you. Class of 2002: I wish everyone all of the success and happiness that life has to offer. Thanks for the many memories and friendships that were made here and the best of luck in your future endeavors.Jennifer E. Mullendore, DPM Salisbury University BS Biology MullendoreCharles Christopher Nicholas, DPM University of Virginia BA Psychology DOXA SI KYRJE Mom and Pop How can I thank you in one paragraph for a lifetime of unconditional sacrifice. You have given me everything I have ever needed to succeed. Your love, faith, and confidence in me have made it Impossible to fall. I am so grateful for all that you have done and can only hope to be the parent that you both have been. Mom: I know that I... drive too fast, don't eat right, don't sleep enough, don't clean up enough, am always late, don’t think first, don't Iron, don't do laundry enough, and play too much golf (with pop). But I only know these things because you care enough to tell me. Your organizational approach to life has had a greater affect on me than you will ever know and I am a better person for It. Your loving words of encouragement have always been my secret reinforcement. You are my mother and my guardian angel wrapped Into one. Pop Thank you for being rif it. on just about everything. I know it took me twenty-six years to figure it out but that is the 'natural order of things as you so eloquently put it. You have always found a way to bring out the best in me. I am a better man because you taught me a better way. You are my favorite golfing partner, my biggest fan. and my best friend. Sis Thank you for keeping your brother in check. I can always rely on you lor your honest opinion without all that sugar coating that your brother likes to use. Your strengths are my weaknesses, as mine are yours, making us forever a successful team. You'll always be my little koukla me galana matia'. I will always be there for you as you have been for me. Gentlemen of TCJSPM Class of 2002: Matty- In the last four years I have seen the metamorphosis of the consummate bachelor to the loving husband and father You have given me hope that the journey can successfully be accomplished. Good luck and thank you for being such a good friend. Tiong First, let me thank you for driving everywhere, ha. ha. You were there with me in the classroom and the bar. on the golf course and the racquetball court, and everywhere in between. I have given you more advice than you could ever possibly need and you have done well to dispose of most of it. We will always be close to give each other a hard time like good friends are supposed to do. Bclsky- ’Eat. drink, and be merry for tomorrow we die.' We lived by this motto before every exam. I will never forget your studio apt. where we dined with regularity while listening to the Buena Vista Social Club mixed with the cacophony outside your window. Simple pleasures keep us sane during insane times. Thank you for being there and I hope to raise a glass with you for years to come.Dixit Dinesh Patel, DPM Rutgers University BS Biological Sciences My family: Thank you for your love, guidance, hard work and support that you have given me in the past 26 years and for making me the person that I am today. Mom. I'm finally a doctor!!! Keyuri: My wife, my best friend, and my strength throughout these past four years You arc the most beautiful person I have ever met. You have brought me so much happiness in the past five years. Without you In my life. I would not have been able to achieve my dream. I can not remember a time when I didn't have you to depend on. I thank you for your constant encouragement, love, and never ending support. You have always believed in me when I was down. You truly are my soul mate and my very BEST FRIEND. I thank God everyday for having you in my life. It s finally over and WE did it together. My little angel. I dedicate this degree to you. I love you more than anything and I can not wait to start our new life together. Kevin Because of you and your Ingenious creativity we lived in a 'penthouse' Because of your gourmet cooking, I ate like a king. I ll never forget the times we stayed up late studying. Thanks for all the coffee and thank you for being the best roommate and friend a guy can ask for. Maureen: From the moment I met you on the roof I knew we were going to be close friends. Thank you. Mo. for being so good to me. Jennifer: Jenny, we build a lot of memories together and I will forever cherish them. Thank you for being my best friend. I hope our friendship will continue on throughout the years. Caroline: No matter where I II go, I II still be your little brown boy". Thank you for trying all your ’experimental' dinners on me. I will always remember the laughs we had. Cameron I'm sorry we didn't become friends earlier. Thank you for ail your advice and for sharing your deepest thoughts with me. I wish you nothing but success and happiness. Group 15 (Jen. Payman. and Alex): We had an amazing 3th year How can I forget going to our vascular rotation in the cold at 4 JO am? You guys are the best! Thanks for making it fly by. PatelDarelle Ann Pfeiffer, DPM Sweet Briar College BS Biology and Philospohy Mom and Dad: Thank you for support in more ways than can be listed. I could not have achieved this without the both of you. I love you. Dianna and Garry: Thank you for always keeping me grounded. I love you. Tim: You have never been selfish about the sacrifices we have made and for that I will always be grateful. I love you. Family and Friends: Thanks for never doubting that this would come to be. 'The most essential part of a student's instruction is obtained ... not in the lecture-room, but at the bedside, Nothing seen there is lost: the rhythms of disease are learned by frequent repetition: Its unforeseen occurrences stamp themselves Indelibly In the memory.' • Oliver Wendell Holmes M.D. PfeifferKiran Devaiah Poylangada, DPM The College of New Jersey BS Biology God has blessed me with so many things, the cpeatest of which Is my family. Therefore. I want to express my sincere gratitude and love to my parents, my brothers Mahesh, Pavan. Ashvin. and of course, my dearest Veronica. If it wasn't for their love, sacrifice, and dedication. I would be a different person. I would also like to say thank you to my new family Nelson. Marta, Jose. Gabriela. Laura. Lorena, Maria, and Josue. I think the greatest complement I can give my family Is to tell them that I love my life and to dedicate all my achievements to them. As for the Class of 2002.1 wish you all the best that life has to offer. PoylangadaVictor J. Quijano Jr., DPM, PhD. University of Massachusettes Boston BS Biology o University of Wisconsin PhD Molecular Endocrinology To my wife- Words cannot express my heartfelt thanks for all of your support and enthusiasm you have expressed in my academic career thus far. You have been a great strength to me throughout our time together Most memorable was the beautiful daughter. Gabrielle Grace, that you gave to me. I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks for being such a wonderful friend, wife and mother. I love you with all my heart To my daughter-1 have waited so long for you to come Into my life. Although you are a brand new edition to our family. I can honestly say that as of this moment, my life Is complete. I look forward to see you grow up. I love you with all my heart To mom and dad- thank you for showing me the love and encouragement needed to embark on the path I have been on for the last 12 years. No one could ask for better parents then you. I thank you for all your help and advice. I only hope I can be half as good as a parent to my daughter, as you were to me. Love you QuijanoKarim Ravji, DPM University of Toronto BSc Neuroscience I would like to thank God and all the people In my life that have helped me reach this milestone In my career. To my parents: Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support, understanding and most importantly your LOVE. I can only hope and pray that I am as good a parent to my children as you have been to me. (Dad: from now on I'll buy the rink-side tickets for the Leafs. Mummy: I'll be there for you forever.) To my aunts (Koolsum and Murbanu): It was by your example and your many experiences that I decided to pursue medicine. All that I am today is In part due to your good guidance and love. To all my friends at TCJSPM: you can always count on my friendship and loyalty. Caroline. Dixit. Jen. Alex. Cam. Syed. Payman. and the rest of the crew: you'll always get a postcard from my travels and adventures. Adi. may you always have sunny skies ahead of you. the dark clouds to your back and the wind in your sails. To my role models at TtlSPM (Dr. Bauer. Dr. Boyd, Dr. Burke. Dr. Chen, Dr. Labad, Dr. Mahan. Dr. Martin. Dr McGuire, DR. Pontlous. Dr. Song. Dr. Spadone): Every member of the faculty at TGSPM has taught me Important lessons in Podiatric Medicine and Surgery, but you the select few have taken extra steps to help me develop my skills, you have believed in my abilities and encouraged me to continue further in this great profession. As I write this message the World Trade Center was recently attacked and has disappeared from the Mew York City skyline forever. To all the people affected by the tragedy I too am in disbelief and sympathize with you. The United States of America is a great place to live and grow, God Bless America.Matthew Regulski, DPM Mansfield University BS Biology MOM and POP: I can't begin to tell you how much I love and appreciate everything you have done for me. You have made my life so wonderful and so comforting. God has blessed me with the most wonderful of parents, and if 1 can be half the parent you were to me. I will be a great parent. You have made such tremendous sacrifices to ensure my success and provide Pete and I with everything we need and things we didn't need. I love you two more than you will ever know, PETE you have always helped me with difficult times while I was in school. We had some great conversations while we were hunting, and some very meaningful ones on the phone. You will be a great godfather to Maya and I am very blessed with you as my brother. My darling MICHELLE: you have filled my life with unbelievable joy, fulfillment and love. You have made me complete. From the moment I laid my eyes on you. I fell in love with you and I always knew I would marry you. You are my strength and my salvation. I can always count on you to see us through the most difficult of time. Your intelligence and dedication is far superior to mine and you always know the right path. Your reassurance and composure makes my life so wonderful. The way you are with May a is so loving, warm and so natural that it brings tears to my eyes how beautiful it Is. I thank god everyday that you are my wife and mother to our child. To my wonderful MAYA, your are such a gift from god. You are the greatest cgft I could ever have wanted. You are an angel among angels. You fill me with so much love and joy and your innocence Inspires me be the most loving father possible. I feel that I am the luckiest man alive to have you as my child. I am so humbly privileged to be your father and friend. To group 19 We have spent so many years together. We have shared in each other's trials and tribulations. We have had so many funny times you can't count. To Chris, Jeff and J.T.. you are my great friends and I wish you so much joy and happiness in your lives and in your practices. I thank you for everything you have given me and done for me. I will remember you always. To all my friends at TtlSPM. I can't believe that four years has passed. You have made my experience so wonderful and so worthwhile, I thank you all. Good luck in your endeavors, and may God bless you and protect you and your families always. "Some men see things and say why, other men dream things and say why not. Robert Kennedy. ’I came upon two roads diverged In the woods. I took the one less traveled by. and It made all the difference in the world.' Robert FrostNina Robinson, DPM Norfolk State University BS Medical Technolgy 01 Do not follow the path wherever it may lead. instead, go where there is no trail and make your own path. Author Unknown RobinsonMitchell C. Rossman, DPM Pennsylvania State University BS Biology To Crystal. It has been a wild and crazy ride, but I am glad that you are the one along with me. You have always supported me. even if you didn’t agree with me. I know It has been trying on you. but you are as strong a person as I know and that Is why I love you. I think the children you have taught will realize the gift you have given them as they mature. Soon you will be eating bon-bons and watching QVC with our own children. To my father, mother, and family. Thank you for helping and supporting me. and my decisions throughout my life. Thank you for respecting my thoughts and wishes and encouraging me through times when I was unsure. You always helped me when I stumbled, not Just by picking me up, but also by showing me the way and sometimes even carrying me along I love you all and hope you will never make me pay you back. To my classmates and friends. We have had four years of fun and games, now let's grab our diplomas and mn before they take them back! Good luck to everyone on your future endeavors. To Sammy, You are very special to me. and I don't know what I would do without you. ruff, ruff, bark. bark. ruff. bark. ruff. bark, howl, howl! Stepping Through Time When we are young, we take small steps and have small dreams. As we walk, many people step Into our lives along the way. As we mature, we take bigger steps and have bigger dreams. As we walk, we step into many peoples’ lives along the way. We seldom realize all of those who have stepped into our lives. We seldom realize all the lives we have stepped into. Then as we grow old. we are amazed at all of the small steps being taken around us. RossmanCamille A. Sabongui, DPM McGill University j BS Biology and Psychology Everyone said that the 4 years would go by In the blink of an eye. Thankfully, they were right. Nevertheless, there were a lot of rough moments when I second-guessed my decision to enter this career, doubted my training, and doubted the people around me. It can get easy to believe the pessimists when you are stressed out about the 7 exams looming up in the next few days and there Is no end to school in sight We’ve all been there but we survived. Even though I've only caught a glimpse of life after graduation, my outlook now is very bright. I'm convinced of the importance of the positive contributions that we as podlatric practitioners will make to this world. I know that this career will be both rewarding and challenging and I'm filled with optimism about our futures and the future of our profession. Ma et Pa; How can I put Into words how much I look up to you. respect and love you both. Throughout my life you’ve always let me know (as I still do) that I had your unconditional love. That support has always cpven me strength. You are the best role models a son could pray for and I promise to try to live up to your example. You have given me every opportunity in life and I can't wait to be able to give back a measure of the wealth that you have given me. Love you forever! Bros (including Barn and Sis): Each of you has so many gifts individually which I admire and which I strive to emulate. Because of your unique qualities. I’ve always believed that together we can accomplish anything in the world. Thank you Rami. Amir. Patrick. M M and Bamaby for your encouragement and belief in me I believe in all of your abilities too and know that you will all be able to realize your dreams as well. Thank you to the local family and friends who granted me sanctuary from school when I needed to get away. The Lissinnas (Nat. Marcel. Bryanna), the Bouloses (Mimi. Galal. Sherine, Coco. Sabrine) and the Texas Sobonghys (Magdy. Negwa, Peter. David). You helped reenergize me when I thought I couldn't go on and helped me to believe in what I was doing. Thanks to the people here at TUSPM who made life not just bearable, but an actual blast. Alan. Klran. Bill. I'll never forget our Happy Hours and all our long talks about life, podiatry and the key to success. James without your generosity, resourcefulness, and part of the rent, school would have been a nightmare. And thank you to Dixit and Jen How ya doln?' Mullendore - without your rational yet fun-loving approach to life I couldn't have kept my sanity In dlnlc this past year. I pray for you all to have a great career and joyful life. SabonguiJames C. Sang, DPM Cornell University BA Chemistry Biological Sciences Long Island University MS Biology (Medical Microbiology) My Family: Thank you very much for all of your love, support, and sacrifices that you have made on my behalf. I would not have made It this far without you. I love you very much. Murad Abdcl-Qadcr. Alan Boehm. Ann Corridori. Cathy David. David DiMenna. Kiran Poylangada. Camille Sabongui. and Audra Siegel: First. I would like to thank each and every one of you for all of the things that you have done for me. Thank you for all of the support and encouragement that you have given me. All of you have been my second family during my stay in Philly. You have made my four years at TGSPM more enjoyable. It has been an honor to have each of you In my life. You guys are the best. I wish you all the very best and much success In whatever the future holds for you. All of you will be greatly missed. Rest of TGSPM Class of 2002: We have finally made it! It has been a pleasure to get to know all of you over the past four years. Thank you for all of your help. I wish you good luck and success In your future endeavors. Lastly, always remember that if God had meant for today to be perfect, he would not have created tomorrow. SangErika M. Schwartz, DPM Brandeis University BA General Science Chemistry Mom and Dad There Is no way that I can ever thank you enough for everything you have done for me. Your support has been without boundaries as long as I can remember. You have Instilled in me the confidence to stand up for what I believe and the courage to follow through. I am forever grateful for the opportunities you have provided. I love you both very much. Jen: Well, guess It's time for us to grow up now. Both done with our graduate degrees and expected to function on our own? Thank you for your honesty and encouragement along the way. Neal. You are a strong man! It may say more that you survived these past few years than that I merely finished them. Thank you for always making me laugh at myself and putting up with the moods and tantrums. If it's true that we take our aggression out on those we love the most. I must love you a whole lot! Thank you for your endless support and encouragement. Shari We made it through! I am so lucky that you came with me from BtlSDT to ORA to Phllly! I can't imagine what It will be like If we are separated after this stage. I am proud of you for following your dreams In spite of any bumps In the road and know that you are going to be a wonderful physician. Aille: Five years ago and five weeks on the road you helped me find my way down this path. Thank you for your constant support and advice. From the first week of b'deis there has never been a moment where I have ever doubted depending on another being, because of you. Jenn and Carolyn: I am so lucky to have people in my life who have stood by me through each phase. Fifteen years ago we were brought together and today our friendships are as strong as ever through all the miles. All others In my life have commented that you are the most 'real' people they have ever met. I am so grateful for Just that. Gina Oy- we re done! Don't know how I would have survived without our complaint sessions. I hope you find everything you are looking for In life, but remember to enjoy the ride getting there. 'Forever Is composed of nows.' -Emily Dickinson Melissa Always ready to go out and see the world or Just procrastinate....you are an inspiration to me! I thank you for sharing your enthusiasm for even the smallest things with me. I hope you always keep that contagious spirit. Steve: Forever my Philly boyfriend! From the day we were first placed together in anatomy lab you have been the most constant part of my life here. I thank you for your loyalty and for unleashing the inappropriate Schwartz that few people know. Group 11: Dave. Mark and Steve-I wish you all the best In life. I have faith that you guys will have no trouble finding success. Thank you for a fun year and on some level for opening my eyes to the future. 'In the long run the pessimist may be proved right, but the optimist has a better time on the trip.' -Daniel L. Reardon Dana and Elke: From our study group first year to the end of our time here I have enjoyed my southern girls. Never forget your Chinese vocabulary or new Jewish traditions. I hope you have taken something positive from your time in the Northeast. The Northeast Is without a doubt a better place for knowing you. Class of 2002: Congratulations to you all! I wish you happiness wherever life leads you next. Schu-artz Sean D. Shanahan, DPM, MPH University of South Florida BA Psychology, BS Biology Angela, my wife You are and will always be my friend, my soul-mate. The trials and tribulations we have endured demonstrates that we are meant to be together forever. I could never love another the way I love you. Until death do our souk Join. Corlna My Cheng-o, my Nam Dep. my daughter. You are the light of my future and the reason I have never stopped trying. In you I see my immortality and fed a love that only a father could understand. I can't believe how much you are changing into a lovely young woman. It was only yesterday that you were my perfect little babydoll. Remember how much your Baba loves you? Beaucoup. Rhys: My son. my little Dao Because of you. I realize that my Ife is not meant to be away from you. Your strong spirit and colorful personalty provides me with elation and hope. When you are old enough to read and understand this, know that your Baba loves you with aD his heart and soul Hanh and Michael (Mom and Dad): You have raised me wel to know my abilties. to understand what is important and to realize that my limitations arc set only by me. You did wefl. Thank you for the long lectures (although getting hit would have been preferable at times), that I am now subjecting your grandchildren to. and for the unconditional love you have given. I bve you both and I hope you are proud of me. Thuy. Ernan and James: Thuy, my big sister, who Is the most successful of us all. I have been In awe by your resllence and strength to be your own woman. I am proud of you and Crystal is lucky to have a mother who loves her so much. Ernan. my younger bro'. who never gave up no matter what other people said. James, the Ittle Buddha. You have the potential and intellect to be anything you want, so when you get to Mars, donrt forget to write.AH three of you are a part of me no matter what the future presents to us. I love you al. Vivian and William (Yaya and Granddad): You both have been a special part of my Bfe. Yaya. you have always befieved in me without Judgment. I appreciate your love and attention. I only wish I could have been around more. I am saddened that Granddad couldn't be here to see me graduate, however I do feel his spirit around me so perhaps he Is here I love you both. Emma and Bob: Your acceptance of me and tolerance and prayers are very much appreciated. I know it wasn't easy to have me around, but you are loved more than you know. God bless. Profs and Docs (TCISPM and Public Health): Each of you has been an important influence during my years here at TGSPM. I can only soy thank you. but that does not seem to be enough (especially for you. Dr. Hdfand). Galt Lab Crew: Oh the good times we've had and the fact that you can put up with me. Thanks for the laughs and patience. By the way. I won't ever speak Into a penis-shaped microphone again. Class of 2002: Holy sacrilegious ant dung!!! We are finally...and I do mean finally... finished with our purgatory. Now the depths of reality await us with its seething teeth and dripping saiva (sounds Ike one of my wet dreams). I hope I have entertained you and showed you al that being an Immature prick Is Just as hard (hee. hee. I said ’hard1) as being a decent student. For fear of leaving somebody out or including somebody that I may despise currently or years from now; I thank many of you for your friendship. I thank others for their tolerance and I thank those who Just kept the hell away from me. I have no regrets... wel actualy I have a lot. but who cares? Peace and success to you al and remember when you are with that special someone deep in the night, try to think of me (God knows I sexually live vicariously through most of you). ShanahanAudra R. Siegel, DPM Ithaca College BS Communications Sc Music Ann 'She’s a brick house’ Corridori-Anderson: My savior! I cannot picture clinic without you. my partner in crime. You have been such a wonderful friend to me. one I hope to have for Bfe. Murad ’Stonc-Throwcr'Abdel-Qadcr: i never Iked you. Not from day one. Somehow, you grew on me. I have come to see and know the huge, warm heart that beats Inside you. You are one of my dearest friends. I truly odmirc you for all you have acheived in your life. You have persevered on with strength. Integrity and courage. I am honored to know you and cal you my friend. Sarila Battish (;,Como estas?): One of my closest friends throughout my entire tin c here. You arc sdfless and give so much to others, asking nothing in return. You are honest, sincere, and say the right thing when helping a friend in need, You have gotten me through so much, there when nobody else was. I cannot thank you enough, You have a vision of your Sfe. full of big Iwpes. dreams and plans. I hope it ol comes true for you. Cathy 'Cat-Woman' David: We have been through a tot together We are so different, don't always see eye to eye. and yet our friendship keeps on going and going There is nobody closer to me than you. The 'Cat Mobile' has put on quite the mileage over the years: shopping, eating out. and just out with ’the gang'. Clinic was much sweeter thanks to your culinary creations (thanks for burning some for me). I thank you for the songs, talks and laughs, the countless hours we spent together, and for being there always. I know our friendship will stand the test of time. James ’Hymle' Sang: The first person to talk to me from the very first day and one of my best friends. You introduced me to so much. I know, and love, all your little quirks. Thanks to you. my key chain is ful of those Stile shoppers club tags to al the major food stores (Wegmans rules!). My connection to home, there repeatedly with encouraging words, telling me not to give up and refusing to let me. Thanks for always thinking of me and watching out for me. You are a wonderful, loyal friend. I know you will be In my life forever, Siegel Caroline 'Yo. what up?' Tiglo: When I was sick, you made me yummy soup with pastina and cafted to see If I was okay. You tortured my bird...and the Derek Jeter thing...well..? No distance seems too far for you to travel to see friends. I hope we never become too far for each other. Minh-Vy 'Vccccccc' Ton: My life is forever changed knowing you. Kind, sweet and Intelligent, compassionate and modest. Never afraid to express your feelings, in happiness and anger alike, just in your feelings and coming from the heart. Thank you for seeing past my rough exterior and into my heart. I wil treasure our friendship always. From across the miles, from east to west coast, our friendship will remain strong...and you wil always remain...my Vy. Dr. Keith Goss: You taught me the true meaning of unconditional tove and friendship. You sec me for who I really am. at my best and worst, never |udging, and loving me unconditionally. You gave to me endlessly, asking nothing In return...and I did the same for you. You helped me learn about myself, relationships, life, and helped me to discover things I already knew but wasn't ready to bear. You are one of the main reasons I wil be able to call myself doctor. Thank you. I tove you always...and al ways. Clint Teacher'.’Big Red Williams: My sanity. Had I met you sooner, my life would be drasticaBy different. Thank you for your friendship. You're a wonderful person with a wealth of talent, always bring a smile to my face and make me laugh hysterically. You helped me find a part of myself that was tost music I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for me. You wil remain forever close to my heart and a part of my life. To my Family: I cannot thank you aD for your support and encouragement throughout the years, for your words of wisdom, and the lessons you continue teach me daily. Thank you for ail your help and for believing In me. I would not have had the strength and courage to do this without you alL Now...who s feet are first? To the Class of 2002: Thanks for the good times. Good luck and much success to you all in future endeavorsGina A. Silva, DPM University of Notre Dame BA Anthropology and Pre-Med Mom and Dad: Can you believe I'm graduating! Again! How can I begin to Thank You for all of the support (emotional financial) and love you have given me over the past 26 years. Despite all of my complaining during the past 4 years you never doubted that I could do it And now I am finally a Doctor. rSot to worry Ctad, I'll always be your little girl-you don't really expect me to work now do you?! I love you both and appreciate all that you have done for me more than you will ever know! Melissa We made it!! Through... 1st year, cosmopolitans, the Green dress. Tuesday nlghts-not leaving home, a Christmas tree with a T. OKAY pizza (it's better than okay), too many tests, hearing your stories 1000X, the FOP. blouse man, Saturdays on the couch, apple pie, Tucker vs Reg (was there really a competition?), hemostats Keflex. I'm a princess, and all the other gems! How would I have made it through foot school without a friend like you (and your Sunshine!) Thank you for always being there. You are an amazing person and deserve all the best in life! Elke and Erika: Oy! How did I survive my first 22 years without my Jewish friends? Thank you for all the advice (some of which I should have ignored-Garten!) and for always putting things in perspective. I wish you nothing but the best for the future! Darelle, Mark, and Chris: My 3rd year clinic group. First of all "I was not being sensitive, you are all just cruel!' That said, I couldn't have asked for 3 better people to spend the year with. We worked, (at times) laughed (no comment), and kept things Interesting (PT). I wish you all the success and happiness you deserve! To all my friends: Thank you for all the foot school memories! I will always look back and smile when I think of the good times and the (overly dramatic) hellish times we had. Congratulations and Best of Luck Class of 2002! SilvaAna B. Smigel, DPM North Carolina State University BA Psychology To my fabulous husband. I thank you for your everlasting support and guidance. I never could have gotten through these last four years without you. You're the best! To my wonderful family and friends. I greatly appreciate all your love and encouragement. Thank you for always being there for me. SmigelMark M. Snyder, DPM Georgia Southern University BS Biology To all my friends that I have made along this journey I wish you all great success. To the people that matter the most to me. Dave (a.d.d.), Chris (pulling a Corwin), and Keyvan (Gayvan). I hope the journey together has only begun. And remember Ipsa Scientia Potest Est (Lat.) Knowledge itself is Power. SnyderAdelina Statev, DPM Connecticut College BA Biochemistry Jesus. Thank you for being my joy and my peace and my exceeding and great reward, thank you for being my all and all. thank you for strengthening me in my time of need and for never giving up on me. Thank you for every promise that you have given me and for being the same yesterday, today and forever. 'You are the Love of my life You are the joy of my morning. You are the song of my heart And I will praise your Holy iSame.' -Anonymous Dear Mom and Dad, Thank you for your love and support, for encouraging me even when the situations were tough. I love you very much and I know I would not have been able to do this without you. Dear Virginia. I love you very much and I can't wait to finally be able to spend more time with you sweetie. God bless you and keep you. Dear Karim. Thank you for being a Tme Best friend. Thank you for teaching me never to take 'no' for an answer. I will miss our laughs, and the good as well as the bad times. I will miss the 'all-nighters trying to go over the material one last time and I will certainly miss 'the conveyor belt style food service . I know that this friendship will last until the end. Dear Caroline. Keep up your spirit, and don't forget Pittsburgh. '...As for man. his days are as grass: as a flower of the field, so he flourished. For the wind passeth over It and it Is gone: and the place thereof shall know It no more. But the mercy of the Lord is from everlasting to everlasting upon them that fear him. and his righteousness unto children's children...' Psalm 104:15-17 StatevCaroline Tiglio, DPM Catholic University of America BBE, MBE Biomedical Engineering The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. ... anything is possible if you have faith' Mark 9:23 To my family: thank you for all your love and support To my friends: thank you for the memories and friendship TiglioJonathan Michael Tiongson, DPM Dickinson College BA Anthropology TiongsonMinh Vy Ton-Nu, DPM Ton California State Polytechinc University - Pomona BS Biological Sciences 'Cong Cha nhu nui Thai Son. Nghla me nhu nuoc trong nguon chay ra.' Mom Dad: This is the first poem you taught me before 1 could read. I’ve carry this poem close to my heart through all my journeys. This poem has given me strength, courage, and inspirational. You've sacrificed and devoted your life making me the person 1 am today. There is nothing that can repay your unconditional love for me. I promise you that I'll bring honor and pride to our family. I'm truly bless by GOD to have you as my loving-kindness parents. Love you much. To Zombie: "you and me, busb?'You haven't contributed much to my education. When we are together. It seems like we always find our way down to South Coast Plaza instead of the library. What a sister! You and me together are trouble. However. I do enjoyed all the laughter that you bring into my life. Thanks Silly Old Bear: Through good and bad you've always been there for me. You are just wonderful. Kito, I love you so. To TGSPM Staff: I wouldn't have this happy day without those who have touch my life for past four years. You will always be part of me wherever I go. Thank you so much. My friends: You've taking me into your hearts and lend me your hands to help me these past four years. Your friendships mean the world to me. K.l.T GOOD LOCK TO YO(J CLASS OF 2002Victoria Toole, DPM University of Florida BS Nutrition It's strength of character. To be able to do this and see it through. It doesn't mean it wasn't difficult. What sets us apart from the rest is that wc made it a happen, despite the obstacle. Daddy, sorry you couldn't be here for this, but you knew in your heart, which made me know in my heart, that I could be anything I wanted to be, Good thing I gave up some of my other Ideas! My father's favorite quote: Your reason and your passion are the rudder and the sails of your seafaring soul. If either your sails or your rudder be broken, you can but toss and drift, or else be held at a standstill In mid-seas. For reason, ruling alone, is a force confining; and passion, unattended, is a flame that bums to Its own destruction. Therefore let your soul exalt your reason to the height of passion; that It may sing: Kalil Gibran Mom. you've been my best friend for the last four years. Always there when I needed you. always rising to the occasion. I love you. Richard, my brother. You're the reason I'm here, having done this. You refused to see my life any other way and thank God for you. By having dreams for me. you knew they 'd come true because you knew I'd never let you down- in penance for having been such a rotten little sister growing up. I love you. Randy. I saved the best for last My one and only You are the person and place I go home to. which is the best gift anyone has ever given me. Thank you for always wanting more for me. always encouraging me to be better, but accepting me when I just needed to be still and to rest. By the way. a month at the beach sounds pretty good right about now. I love you. Oh....Go Gators!William Trabulsi, DPM St. Joseph’s College BA Psychology There are so many people I would like to Thank. To Mom and Ted. Thanks for all the support and love. To Claire and Jack. For all the care packages and gifts, I thank you. To Dr. Guyer and Dr. Petrinitz.. Thanks for opening my eyes and helping me see what I am really capable of. Most importanenUy. to my wife Carolyn. This would not have been possible without your love, patience, and support. You have been my source of strength these past four years. You have sacrificed so much of yourself to allow me to achieve this dream. You truly are my best friend. Although. I may not say it enough. I thank God everyday for the gift I have in you. In the words of Vince Gil: if they want to see what true love should be than just look at us. To all the wonderful staff at TCJSPM and Temple hospital for taking the time to share your knowledge with the students. To God. Thank you for the gift of serving your people. I pray I will always be an extension of your peace and compassion. TrabulsiKeith Frederick Tyson, DPM Franklin and Marshall College BA Biology To Katherine: My wife, my best friend, and my pillar of strength. You are the most Incredible and most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me. Without you in my life and your unconditional friendship I would have never been able to achieve my dream. You are everything to me. and I thank God for bringing us together. I cannot say enough how much I love and respect you. With all my heart. Keith. To Mom and Dad You are two of the most amazing people I know. Words cannot express my thoughts for you. 1 thank you so much for everything you have done for me over the past 26 years, from Bermudian, F M. and now here at Temple. I have learned my compassion for others as well as my desire to succeed from you. I know you are proud of me because you tell me everytime we talk, but I want you to know how proud I am to be your son. Thanks again for being there when I needed help financially, emotionally, or academically. And thank you for teaching me to persevere in the face of all adversity.Mark A.Weissman, DPM Syracuse University BA Nutrition Science To Melissa- words can not express my love and appreciation for you. You have not only made this Journey possible, but you have made It fun. I will never forget the Joy I had each day returning from school to see your smiling face. I cherish the memories we had these past four years and look forward to our future. To my Family- Thank you for all of your love and support. You have provided me with the strength and confidence I needed to accomplish my goals, and a shoulder to cry on when I fell short. You have always believed in me. and have shown me what hard work, perseverance, and dedication can accomplish. Agim- How much do you want for your dog? David Give me a call If you ever want to start a lighting company on the side. Ron You have earned your place In the Dr. Schneider hall of fame. Rudy- You are a true lover of the fat cat sandwich. Sean- Its a good thing that your married, otherwise I would be a little worried about you. Steve- You are a machine. Make sure you keep your components greased Weissman Wirt Steven Michael Wirt, DPM University of South Carolina BS Business AdministrationRobbi A. Young, DPM University of North Carolina BS Biology To Rob, Amanda, and Zachary- Wow! We finally made It, guys. Four years ago we quit our jobs, packed our things, said good-bye to family and friends and moved to Pennsylvania. I had a goal to graduate and become a doctor, but I couldn't achieve that goal by myself. I needed help, support, and prayers and you guys gave It all generously and without complaint. I can never thank you enough for everything you have done to make this achievement possible. The graduation celebration shouldn't be for me but for you three. This accomplishment belongs to us all. I love you guys more than words con express. I hope you know how proud I am to be a part of this family, which is and always has been the single most important priority in my life. I Love You! Hugs and Kisses. MOMMY To Mom. Dad. Stacy, and Shari Thank you for the support and prayers through the years. You've always been there when I needed you. Your unconditional generosity with car repairs, babysitting, school supplies and numerous other things is a wonderful testimony to your Christian faith. Thank you for raising me with the highest standard of work ethics and values. I will use them to the best of my ability to serve God and mankind as a physician. Thank you for everything you have done to make this possible. Love. RobbiAnne To the Class of 2002: Congratulations! There were times when I thought this day would never arrive. Mow that it is here I don't know how to say goodbye to the many dear friends and colleagues that 1 have come to cherish over the years. My prayer for everyone is that you will practice our trade with compassion and dignity, always putting the patient's needs before your own. I wish everyone success and happiness In every endeavor! Your Colleague. Robbi Young YoungRudolf Zak, DPM ZakLife as a Fourth Year Class of 2002Dave, now you know where I get all my Information....the Metro!! Karen. Thanks for the coffee, the pretzels, and the great conversations. Class of 2002Class of 2002Dixit and Keyuri on the Isle of Capri Jennifer and Jeffrey Kauffman March 31, 2001 (Wefcome to our 2002 cpamiM Dixit Patel Keyuri Bhagat-Patel July 7. 2001 Class of 2002Class of 2003 Class of 2003Class Officers Class Council: Dave Granger (President), Peter Externship Committee: Elizabeth Bass, Johnson (VP), Ryan McBride (Social Chair). Brighid Lodge. Erin Engel. Adam Katz (Chairperson of election committee). Mandi Stranix (Secretary). Brighid Lodge (Honor Court). Valerie Winter (Treasurer), Milton Sterling (Honor Court Alternate) Noteservice Class of 2003 Michelle Hinze (Distributor), Jin Kim (Coordinator). La'Genia Mitchell (Coordinator), Todd Rice (Treasurer). Ha Nguyen (Recorder)Microscopes Standing in the cold waiting to return microscopes Class of 2003 Mandi, La'Genia, and Brighid are all smiles now that they don't have to look at gram stains.Spring Ligament Good friends, Good drink, Good fun! The three beautiful ladies of apartment 606. Niccos David, A sturdy shoulder to lean on. Valerie and Todd dance the night away.Scott and Margo get cozy. Elizabeth. Brighid, and Mandi looking statuesque. Lovely Ligament Ladies _v Class of 2003 1 103 Look at those Irish Eyes!Recipients of the Professor of the Year Award, and their guests. Enjoying the ballroom at the Ben Franklin House. A toast to another successful year. Class of 2003Rite of Passage Class of 2003 prepares to enter the world of clinical medicine. Angel, once again bringing order to a world of chaos. Class of 2003 Eager anticipation of the pinning ceremony. If they could see us now!Crisp white jackets and greenhorns. Look how empty those pockets are! Time to get a tractograph. measuring tape, monofilament, pharmacopoeia. H P cards. . . I vie is looking good and feeling great! Denise congratulates Elizabeth on a job well done. Class of 2003Take a look at these wise guys! Well I guess this means we finally get to touch the patients! Class of 2003 Edwin. Brighid. and Ryan are ready for the next stepping stone.Gellman, Ghosh, Guertin, and Gold, this must be the G section! Finally, things are looking up! There is a light at the end of the tunnel! Class of 2003SMPMA Bachelor Auction Limbo Mo! The Edwin Martin School of Chippendales Dancing. Southern Style. Class of 2003Looks like 13 is Brighid's lucky number! Elizabeth buys a little bit of happiness. Charlotte and her new pet Katz. Caroline and Cabana boy a2 Caroline buys a seven course meal with a side of Ha. Monica makes an investment and gets her self a Hiro. Class of 2003AAWP Talent Show Cathy and Audra performing a duet. Myron sings out. The David Family Singers. Alan. Schmitty, and Niccosjam. Class of 2003End of the Year Party and Summer Adventures Nomi and La’Genia enjoying the Spring air. Edwin and Ramiro work on their tans. Time for a cool refreshing beverage! Class of 2003Look out clinic here we come! Smiles this big can only mean one thing. . . Pathology is over! Damian, Danny, and Brighid catch some rays on the boardwalk. Brighid, Danny, and Lisa get wild at Wildwood. Class of 2003Beginning of the Year Party and Red Cross Fundraiser Damian and Valerie handle the donations. Tasha, Kiesha, and Nsima dig in. Jordan. Scott, and Brian are made in the shade. Iron Chefs: Todd Rice and Jason Molan Chowing down for a good cause.Nonacademic Clubs Money Management Dinner Club Adam bakes for Dinner ClubHalloween Jenkies! 116? Class of 2003 I want to suck your insane clown blood!Fun Times Happy Birthday Mildred! Mildred's Party Crew Ivie chilling with her pals: Doc and Teddie Dave called for active reserves after September 11. Chrissie and Angelique give the gift of life. Class of 2003Study Todd scrubs in and brushes up on internal medicine T rauma-ta-what? Jennifer helps the newest member of the class. Dr. Labbad. drive. Break! Brian plots to kill the president. Damian creates a new art form: study breakdancing! Mo in da middle!Clinic Memories Class of 2003.•% s Class of 2003Class of 2004 Class of 2004TUSPM CLASS OF 2004 Class officers: Jared. Anthony. Steve. Matt. Jay (top L to R) Peter. Serena. Mindy (bottom L to R) 'TCJSPM SNOW FOOT'-by Everett Ferradlno Class of 2004Bachelor Auction Class of 2004Spring Ligament 2000 Class of 2004 Class of 2004Some miscellaneous pictures for your viewing pleasure... Class of 2004No. no...you have It all wrong. Meagan. you’re married to Mike. Stacy, you're married to Gary Let's try It again, shall we? ’ Class of 2004South of the Border Class of 2004First-Year BBQ I thought you were my big brother. Peter? Drink up. Sonam!Class of 2004CIRCADIABETES CLUB 2001 Class of 2004 Phllly Fanatic drops by to say helloHAPPY HALLOWEENI'm too sexy to play football... Men’s Intramural Football Class of 2004Women’s Intramural Basketball Focus... Class of 2004Smiling Contest...lets see those pearly whites!Class of 2004There’s A Fungus Amongus 'The yeasty boys' rise to the top. Class of 2004 Mick mixes with precision. Impressing Matt and Charlotte. VClass of 2005 Class of 2005Class of 2005Class of 2005Partying at the Picnic Class of 2005Class of 2005 T 145Roftinq With The Good Times... Class of 2005Class of 2005Doinq Their Tfiinq Halloween Happiness Class of 2005Sociai Hour in the Complex Class of 2005jvlerry wwivTwo by two Class of 2005 Stylin' and Profilin'Holiday Hoopla v» • 154f Class of 2005Class of 2005Giving and Sharing Class of 2005Correlation Crew Class of 20051st Tear Ciass 158?Class of 2005Starting the morning off right I wish I was in bed... Class of 2005 Sharing bones160f Class of 2005 Yearbook Staff Kicks Ass!Student Council F acuity Staff Student Council Faculty SlaffTUSPM Student Council and Club Officers Top row; Adam Katz (Chairman of Election Committee); Jennifer Stoltz (President-Eject); Mandi Stranix (Treasurer); CXjsty Haverly (Parliamentarian); Nick Pagano (PPMA Rep.) Bottom row: Denise Bonnln (NJPMA Rep.); La'Genia Mitchell (SNPMA President); Lisa Price (Secretary); and Elizabeth Bass (President) AAWP Connie Hoang (VP); Keisha Oliver (President); and Jenny Nguyen (Treasurer) Not Pictured: Linh Nguyen (Secretary) Practice Management Shawn Reiser (President); Lesley Richey-Smith (Treasurer); A'Nedra Fuller (Secretary) Not Pictured: Alison DeWaters (VP) Student CouncilClub Officers Radiology: Andy Gormley (Secretary); Jason Nolan (VP); T Noimany (Treasurer); and Mike Avato (President) SNPMA: Milton Sterling (1st VP), Randall Tibbs (Delegate); Mandlsha Matthews (2nd VP); Kevin Malone (Pariimentarian); La'Genia Mitchell (Pres.); Mandi Stranlx (Treasurer); Brigliid Lodge (Secretary); and Isaiah Williams (Alt. Delegate) Sports Medicine: Ryan Ahalt (Co-VP); Randy Clements (Co-VP); and Krista Ammlrati (President) SNPMA National Officers; Pryncess Johnson (VP); Caroline Gaynor (President); and Mildred Sartec (Secretary) Sterling Hartford: Evan Gross (Learning Center Coordinator); Caroline Gaynor (Pres.); Jordan Stewart (VP): Nancy Prechtl (Sec.); Chad Friedman (Learning Center Coordinator); and Peter Kim (Treasurer) Surgery: Michelle Hlnze (Treasurer); Jay Piraino (President); Chrissie Miller (Secretary); and Todd Becker (VP) Clubs Not Pictured ACFOAM Jason Nolan (Pres): Jenny Nguyen (VP); Denise Bonnin (Sec); and Jong Min Lee (Treasurer) Diabetes Awareness: Meagan Lewis (Pres); Heather Salton (VP); Jong Min Lee (Sec); Connie Hoang (Treasurer) Hallux Helpers: Dave Clarkson (Pres.); Monica Agarwal (VP): Gabby Gellman (Sec); and Scott Herbert (Treasurer) Wound Care: Serena LeTendre (Pres.): Evan Gross (VP); and Adam Katz (Treasurer) Student CouncilDepartment of Biomedical Sciences James Burke. Ph D.. Associate Doan for Academic Affairs Marlon Chan. Ph.D. Department of Biomedical Sciences Chair Francis Conway. Ph.D Marilyn Fenton. Ph D Bruce Hlrsch. Ziad Labbad. MD Howard Pitchow, Ph D. Ernesto Mujorra Chet Johnson Faculty StaffDepartment of Podiatric Medicine, Podiatric Orthopedics, Jane Pontlous, DPM, Surgery Chair Robert Christman. DPM Harvey Lem on t. DPM Thomas Maglietta. DPM Howard Hilstrom. Ph.D. Steven Kravlt . DPM William Martin. DPM Steven Mcllwain, DPM Howard Palamarchuk. DPM Jlnsup Song. DPM Kendrick Whitney. DPM Faculty Staffand Podiatric Surgery Steven Bex:. DPM Gary Bauer. DPM Kleran Mahan. DPM Tina Lauri Arthur Hdfand. DPM. Community Hearth Chair •15 il' Faculty StaffAdministration John Mattiaccl, DPM . Dean James Burke. DPM. Associate Dean For Academic Affairs Kieran Mahan. DPM Lany Newman. DPM Associate Dean For Medical Director Research Sheree Aston. OD. Ph D.. Asst. Dean Medical Education Roderick Jones, VP Contra Ber David Martin, Director of Admission Stanley Boc. DPM Director Alumni Relations Deborah Cornell. Alumni Relation Carol Romano. Alumni Relations Anthony Monts. Director of Physical Plant Department Staff Angel Haklcman. Morva Brown. Graduate Placement Re$sirar Thomasina Coley. Admissions Office Tomeka Marsh, Administrative Assistant Carol Krause, Academic Affairs Marge McSorety, Dean's Office Jeanne Martino. Art Department Chuck McFarland AV services TV studio Tyrone Evans. Print Shop and MaUroom Joseph Heston. Print Shop and Mallroom Raymond Cion I. PC Technician Robert Gallagher, Info. Services Mary Gates. Health Services Medical Records Supervisor Judy Benckert. Medical Records .•15 Faculty StaffVirginia Kehoe. Medical Record Maty Ochler, Radiology Dept Richard Cerruti. Radiology Dept Joseph Kelly. Central Supply Brenda Reid. Central Supply Lydia Grazier. Medical Assistant Martsol Davia. Health Service Jeanette. Me Beaty Medical Assistant Jessie Scott. Physical Plant Earl Jones. Physical Plant Sharon Childery. Carman Hants. Keturah Thomas. Wanda Johnson, Health Services Gravely. Health Orthopedics Dept Medicine Dept Administrative Services Secretary Secretary Assistant Cart Abramson. Ph D. Lorry Kalker. DPM Niclole Rosati James Atkin. DPM James McNemey. DPM Kristen Donaohue Henry Beilstein. Ph.D. Alan Whitney. DPM Kelly Moorhead Raymond DiPrimio, DPM Ed Brandeis. CPED William Dobkowski Cornelius Donahue. DPM James Heitz. MD Susan Griegley Charles Gibley Jr. Ph D. Jeffrey Lynch. MD Terri Webster James Kimani. Ph D. Moms Barrett. DPM Barbara Williams Jay Hammel. Ph D. Phillip Demp. DPM Loretta Ooten James Kimani. Ph.D. Jesse Lleberman. MA LaConya McIntosh Julia Lewandowskl. MS Michael Wlalnsky. DPM Linda Ott John Rutter. Ph D. Joseph Bruno. RPT Jill Lachock Charles Krausz. DPM Ernestine Estes. MSW Helen Brochowski Leslie Hess. DPM Andrew Newman. MD. JD Carolann Vincent Steven Niereoberg. MD Lawerence Levine. DMP. Mark Rose Augustine Morano. DPM MSW Joseph Witowski, MD Allen Geiwitz. Pharm D Erwin Juda. DPM Philip Breshnahan. DPM Harold Shoenhaus. DPM Linda Bradley Rosalyn Barnes Faculty StaffClass of 2002 Advertisements AdvertisementsDr. David Danielson Mom, Dad, Krista, Eric arid Victoria. your family and friends, wishing you continued happiness and achievement in the years that follow Podiatry is a better profession as of today; words cannot express our joy in your success. Congratulations, you've earned it! It's clearly Su [xt ca 11 fra j; 111 Mfh pct k cr arus i ■ 2002 {piaufi 5 I told you, Studenr Notts go on the left in reverse homological order Dixit 170 f AdvertisementsCONGRATULATIONS LARRY AND DANA We are so PROUD OF YOU! LO VS, VMPro AtfD 3$-AjlC£s AdvertisementsTo a guy who loved to run the hurdles in both high school and at Syracuse I University. Congratulations in accomplishing the hurdle to Hour professional education as a Podiatrist. We are very proud of you Mark. Our Love Always, Mom, Dad, Kevin, Rachel, Mark AdvertisementsJennifer Anne Benwood Dr. Jen D.P.M. You did it! Piano recitals, band concerts, cross country races, marathons, and mountain climbing... Endless exams, hours in cadaver lab. bunions, ingrown toenails... ALL THESE GREAT MEMORIES. The best is yet to come! You're number one! Love Mom, Dad, Nana. Jeremy Kristin hammock in the sky ice skates and hot chocolate running in the storm waterville, cork, philly... couch sleeping vineyard on a hill frozen yogurt and ice cream jenny casserole pudding and ookie driving january 3 carlos in the rain little (thorny) cactus Love, Con Advertisements■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■a Aim R. Siegel D.P. Dear Audra, You have many talents within you, Theater, music, and crafts to choose. But you care about others and decided to treat... People with bunions, corns, and bad feet!! You have met the challenge. Four years have passed, And your future is solid... Your success will last! Love, Mom, Dad, Sandy Grandpa, Aunts and Cousins “Nobody knows... More about toes !! “ : 8 I h " ■ i r ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ ■ .......... in...... ■■■uni ■ ■■ ■■■ ■■■ ■'J ' ) •. David (DifWennui l ongf at i la lions! am i' happy for yon anil proud of you!!! 1 love yon!!!! Tmry We are so proud of you. We wish you all of the luck in the world!! Lore, Mr. Mrs. Vlahovic ut'J you tnii Yrrvtfv yw U'jII [uni, knock, ami it inII hr upetifJ to you. — Hlattheu.- 7:7 floliur.g rtapptitf KiilW ftr , n dry.'in: —Sar! Sandburg .•» »•. AdvertisementsTo Our Dearest Erika aka Dr. Schwartz, DPM, You have made your dream come true and we are so proud of your accomplishment. What we wish for you now, is that all your future dreams be realized as well. Be happy. We love you, Mom, Dad, and Jen m CLASS OF 2002' YOUR ACHILLES EDITORS. CATHY AND DANA AdvertisementsRonald G. Battle, Jr., DPM Congratulations on your completion of medical school and I am extremely proud of your accomplishments. Your commitment and integrity towards your goals arc to be commended as you persevered in obtaining your dream I am confident that you will continue to excel in your future endeavors with the knowledge you have gained. There are many more challenges that you will encounter as you are definitely headed in the right path. Hold fast to the love, the teaching, and blessings which have lead you in your path and may God’s footprints always carry you Love always. Tiruayer One night I dreamed I was walking Along the beach with the Lord. Many scenes from my life flashed across the sky. In each scene I noticed footprints in the sand. Sometimes there were two sets of footprints. Other times there were one set of footprints. This bothered me because I noticed that During the low periods of my life when I was Suffering from anguish, sorrow, or defeat, I could see only one set of footprints, So I said to the Lord, "You promised me. Lord, that if I followed You, You would walk with me always. But I noticed that during the most trying periods Of my life there have only been one set of prints in the sand. Why, When I have needed You most. You have not been there for me?" The Lord replied, “The times when you have seen only one set of footprints is when I carried you." By Mary Stevenson AdvertisementsAdvertisements CONGRATULATIONS!!! We love you! Mom, Amy and Matt Alison Jane [Elke] Garten It seems like just yesterday that you were on the tennis courts at East Carolina shouting "Who am I" when you missed a point. You know exactly who Elke is now. You have worked so hard to achieve your goals. Your compassion, respect for others and ambition will make you a great doctor We are very proud of you "little red”!!!!The Manalili’s: Simeon, Sheilla, Sonny, and Sonia The Cousins: Edwin, Michelle, Nelson CONGRATULATION , CATHV! "Can Dr. Scholl stand the 'callous', Hip competition?" Philip Sakornsin " Tintlty if on'vc q aduatcd and M tltet'i I4t if a debt to pat ...Con mtf on you c auotnptifl HiCHt." Couh d y UiitLi "I am so proud of you! Cathy, you definitely kept your FEET on the ground and endured the rough roads to your success. Way to go!!!" Michelle David Congratulations on reaching one of your greatest accomplishments! You’ve set out to reach your goals and finally everything has come to full circle. Good luck! Love. Sheilla Cowyotatotiois Ccrtfly!!! I wisR you affi ■fe to in.tfte ioo(i£dJ! JIWL wy (loOe -Sonia Manatt "Congrats on graduation! All your hard work and perseverance have paid off!" Sonny and Simeon Manalili The Sakomsin’s: Philip and Paul And last but not least...Conrad! dvcrtiscrticntsDearest Anne Catherine, Look at the great footprints when you were born... They had walked you through hard work, sacrifices and lots of challenges in life. Now that your goal is achieved, success will be with you always. God Bless! Take good care of those FEET! We are so proud of you! Mom and Dad Nicky Virna Vera AdvertisementsCongratulations!!! Dr. Anthony Fiorilli Doctor of Podiatric Medicine You have always had the skill of achieving your Goals. We wish you the best of health and happiness as you step into your career. As always, we are very proud of you! Love Mom, Dad, Marc, Grandma, Grandpa, Rocky Joker AdvertisementsDr Jason E . Morris of your dreams come true. We are very proud of you! Love, Mom, Dad, Paxton, Kameron Emil CONGRATULATIONS!!! MICHAEL E. HENRY Doctor of Podiatric Medicine From baby "feet" to adult "feats" You fill our hearts with joy and make our world complete. May your life be filled with much success We wish you health, love, and happiness! We Love You, Mom. Dad, David. Eric, Bubba Advertisements c L x Uo .__ $ec €C wie KfrnyUtfa difaonO on zwW oafa a-no ny aoaU onic aodiotJornon aoaa n r ca-ioot no deonff- cor ttoe fau!’ i ioyf 2$0cfai- yf oodafa-ir. flodeino in Hub znon iyf fizzy. 2002. fito at» ow Cz-t e a zayo u£m4 in tao you - dfayfaZono a-no fatzteaulanoo uzzu eomo fa uifaon. jfifiy lona y u d ffa Z uz-n you- ot- doony tf ooui y f anofOUOetfOy fi izzydiot' (fiyod' uzo ««4w you fa . yir A4and fa ot 'dfiazztoon aoyou yin you - taot in Zfie4o n itfa cf fiumcmo y. - fifizy yo fdfiod you fao zy faonottotu anofadaayo.. IP a nn An yfiom g- fi$az %L f eome a Any way AzAy. At yaoi AoA ai you now . % •. Advertisements AeesnA , c a Azst y ye4 eAs ny aoa aoaaa MesUsy e , a ybajfifct A yaAtA s fitf t y ayisy tide am siee . ( e . zaa, a AiA utyA AiAtA yi UAu az au u w aa eef ?A'A , z aa ycA as s i e. z M zur ama aa yae a aa ? aoaa AzytAt fy e jbtedtf A z A i y tt A iAAct pA, AUMtyAZ44A M siAu s kvA, y A yui an j AzU yAf e A e y ed a zaa. fy iAzA sZ WAAty tasrf Z s e e ztA P00 ? Dr. Maureen S. Clinch, D.P.M. Congratulations, 5is! "Look at every new obstacle as nothing more than a stepping stone." (Unknown) I chose this quote because it best describes you. I admire you because you diligently work towards your goals and conquer them. Furthermore, I have the utmost respect for you not because your're my sister, but because you're a wonderful person always trying to better yourself. I love you. Your Brother, Kevin Dr. Jeffrey Kauffman Through hard work and dedication, you have achieved your goals of becoming a podiatrist. I am so very proud of you for your accomplishments and I look forward to spending our life together, achieving our goals. Lotte, Mlkxts, Jeu AdvertisementsOr. Kevin D. Broun C Congratulations Kevin-We are no proud of you. rite dream you had as a young boy to become a doctor has been achieved. We have watched your calculated approach to decisions, your dedicated study habits, and now we are pleased to share your joy of attaining that dream-that goal. We anticipate a great future ahead for you. GOOD LICK! W e I .ove You, Mom and Dad Kevin. First, let me sa how extremely proud I am to be your wife. From the moment we met. I knew you were going to do something ery special with your life. For the past few years, you bas e pushed ourself to be the best you can be, and now it is your turn to stand back, smile, and be proud of the things you have accomplished. You finally did it! Congratulations! I Love N oil. Bab ! Jessica Kevin I). Brown, D.P.M. AdvertisementsDR. GINA SILVA Through die years you have grown from our sweet baby girl, our princess, into a beautiful special person, a woman we are proud to have for a daughter. As you rejoice in the satisfaction of seeing your goal achieved, we congratulate you on the strength, wisdom and confidence you possess that is so much a part of the woman you are. May you always find contentment in die simple diings, work well-done, family and friends well loved special moments cherished. Love, Mom Dad Dr. Silva, Congratulations on a job well done. Wishing you a great future as a Podiatrist. Love, Eric Silvia ■ ■■ . % •. Advert ist crnisCongratulations Karan! U)e are proud of you. U)e wish you all the bet. Cove always, CDom, Dad, COahesh and Ueroniea Congratulations! ‘Dr. (Tina nne Douclier You have always been a capable, ambitious niece who could stand on her own two feet. Your high school dreams of becoming a doctor are coming to realization. During your years after graduating from McGill University, however, it seemed as if you had a case of cold feet or maybe you were just dragging your feet when you worked as a sales representative for Fraser and Repap Papers. Possibly, you were just getting off on the wrong foot. Then, finally, you landed with both feet on the ground as you began medical school at Barry University in Florida and then on to Temple University in Pennsylvania. And once you started and got your feet wet with those first courses and lab experiences, there was no time for grass to grow under your feet. You always managed to be on your toes and you continued to knock your family off their feet with your excellent grades and accomplishments. Now it’s time to put your feet down before you are on your last leg with one feet in the grave, and begin to enjoy your life, career, and face the challenges ahead as you practice medicine. Maybe, that special someone will even sweep you off your feet. So... kick up your heels and celebrate!! Love. Uncle Dorise, Aunt Joan. Kate and Philip 186 f AdvertisementsDr. Tina A. Boucher D is for your dedication and hard work R is for the repayment of your obscene loans B is for your beautiful smile that brightens the room O is for opening your intelligence to the community U is for unleashing yourself to new opportunities C is for cherishing your family and friends H is for wanting to heal people’s feet E is for enormous amounts of stress R is for receiving such high recognition We are all so veiy proud of you. You took your career into your own hands and fulfilled your ultimate dream of becoming a Doctor. We wish you a lifetime of success and happiness. Good Luck, Tina! We love vou! Dad, Mom, Michelle, Joey Grandma AdvertisementsRAM I OWN SCHOOL. 1990 l.ct the word go forth From this time and place lo friend and toe alike That the torch has been passed To a new generation of Americans - .11 K FRLLHOl D HIGH S( HOOI 1994 “Science may have found a cure for most evil, but it lias found no remedy for the w orst of them all- the apathy of human beings." — Helen Keller Inaugural Address Jan 20. 1901 SWEBT BRI AR COLLEGE, 1998 “This is the true joy in life - that being used for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one. That being a force of nature, instead of a feverish, selfish little clad of ailments and grie unccs complaining that the world w ill not devote itself to making you happy. I am of the opinion that my life belongs to the whole community and as long as I live, it is my privilege to do for it whatever 1 can." -Cieoree Bemaid Shaw Darelle Ann Pfeiffer 5 DPM Advertisement .Congratulations Dr. Rudy Zak !! You did it! Congratulations on your wonderful accomplishment. Wishing you great success and happiness in all that you do! Lots of love. Your loving family AdvertisementsHall Gets Navy Academy Appointment Myron L. Hall, DPM You are a wonderful son. grandson, brother, and A blessing from God. You have always been loyal, dedicated, strong, loving, and an inspiration to us. You prayed, studied, worked hard and became Lieutenant Myron L. Hall. You prayed, studied, wo: and became Dr. Myron L. Hall. May God continue to and guide your every and your life. WE LOVE YOU, MOMA GRANDMA GRANDDA MARLAN LEE SI I ALAN SHAMARR SHALEA AND SHAMANTE .• •. Vdvcrtisenicnt Professions -many different ones he tried, From baseball, football, 4 to even a grim reaper, But none worked out, he was denied. Fhere once was a little boy, who had a big heart, He knew he wanted to do things that was special with his life, right from the start. Then it came to him, one night in a dream, He woke up with a start and even screamed, f A foot doctor! This is what I shall be! A field in foot care, is the vision I see! He wanted to accomplish things that were unique and great But life is a mystery, so he left it up to faith. He put in long hours 4 hard work—day 4 night With good friends 4 fomil' supporting him. He was able to endure the fight. Congratulafions!!! 4 wishing you oil the best So began the academic journey, which lead to his career From high school to college to podiatry. His dream of becoming a podiatrist was very near... Always remember that you art a foot above the rest!Congratulations Dr. Scott L. Cooper We don’t remember Growing older. When did you? Hard work and determination has helped you accomplish your goal! We are so proud of you! Your graduation is the beginning of a bright future. All our love: Mom, Dad Jeff, Erick, Barbara, Jon Aryn Lisa Mom AdvertisementsCONGRATULATIONS! DR. WILLIAM T. TRABULSI We are proud of your achievement. All our love, Mom and Ted DR. DAVID A. BELL Congratulations! Dr. Mitchell C. Rossman WE ARE VERY PROUD OF YOUR OUTSTANDING ACCOMPLISHMENTS, AND WE WISH YOU A BRIGHT FUTURE. WITH YOUR KNOWLEDGE, DEDICATION AND FRIENDLY PERSONALITY, YOU WILL ACHIEVE YOUR GOAL OF HAVING A REWARDING AND SUCCESSFUL CAREER. ALL OUR LOVE, MOM AND DAD MICHELLE AND LOUIS SUZANNE, JONATHAN AND NATHALIE OUR CONGRATULATIONS TO TUSPM CLASS OF 2002 We are so proud of you. Good luck in everything you do. Love Always. Crystal, Sammy, and the Wierbowski Family AdvertisementsDr. Charles Christopher Nicholas Christopher, From that Christmas Day when you made your appearance, you have continued to amaze your family with.. Your love for your church Your devotion to your family Your pride in your heritage Your loyalty to your friends Your drive and ambition to achieve your goals Your eternally optimistic attitude Your wonderful sense of humor Your empathy for others You were destined to be a doctor The “feet’' of Virginia Beach await you Congratulations, Dr. Nicholas! We are so very proud of you With all our love. Mom and Dad, Catherine, Yiayia Nina, Pappou Charlie, Uncle George, Thca Vickie, Uncle Alex. Mikie AdvertisementsWhat a FEET ! DR. STEVEN MICHEAL WIRT D.P.M. You took many steps along the path less(mostly never) traveled. We who know you best never lost faith in your ability to succeed in this most difficult undertaking. We are all so very proud of you. WELCOME TO THE WIRT MEDICAL SOCIETY With Love, Mother Mary, Sister Madeline, Brother Robbie, Brother Richie Advertisements 195CONGRATULATIONS DR. BOEHM!!!!! You have worked so hard over the past four years to achieve this outstanding "FEET." We are very proud of you! Love, Mom, Dad, Heather, and Kim Congratulations I" DR. 1 § jm “VANILLA BEAN M r l M SO PROUD OF YOU $ Always and i FOREVER 1 :N fp Love i 1 P BUBO -Lvj I i Wg.; May your unbounded enthusiasm bring you great joy iu your accomplishments; May your heart always bring you love in return. Dana, we are so proud of you. Mom, IZ ad, Mario 196f VKi-rtiscnu'iusDR. STEPHEN M. LEVINE Hammer Toe Mom Has Roared! Shoes Off!” “To The Doctor You never cease to amaze! The entire family salutes your outstanding “feets” with theirs. Love, always forever, Mom, Dad. Richard and Het Beebs, Pop-Pop and Uncle Richie AdvertisementsDr. Robbi Young Congratulations to a wonderful wife mother and friend! You have made your family so proud, your hard work and dedication is an inspiration to us all. We know you will be successful in every thing you do. If superman bad a sister it would be you. You are our superwoman and we love you. Not many people have the honor of healing people and bringing a smile to their face like you do. Take pride in the fact that God has given you a warm heart and a desire to use it to comfort people. We love you, Rob. Amanda and Zachary. .•% •. AdvertisementsEven vrtien she was a little gW. we knew she'd be something special! RobbiAnne Sauer Young - Dr. Young we love you and are proud of you! AdvertisementsCONGRATULATIONS Doctor Amy L. Gesualdi Someday you'll see feet that jumped through puddles. That took a stroll or ran a race. Someday you'll see feet that walked across the street. Or maybe walked in space. Someday you'll see feet that scaled a mountain. Or danced in the ballet. Someday you might see feet that walked a tightrope. Or explored the ocean floor. But for today we’re happy just to know. You’ll be there to treat them when they're sore. With all our love. Mom Dad, Tw V 

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