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Colophon Achilles 2001 Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine Philadelphia, PA Editors-in-chief: Antoinette Adams and Naomi Petty Yearbook Advisor: David Martin Taylor Representative: Emmy Philipp Kachel Class of 2002 Editors: Cathy David and Dana Giacolone Class of 2003 Editors: Elizabeth Bass and Ryan McBride Class of 2004 Editors: Jake Fassman and Richard Kim Achilles 2001 was published by Taylor Publishing Company. The preparation work was done in El Paso, TX and printing was done in Great Valley, PA. The book is printed on 80 lb. enamel paper. Athena is the headline and subheadline font, and Vanguard is the body copy font. The cover is red with silver foil and embossing. The fonts on the cover are Amazonian and Times Roman. The endsheets are gray felt. 2Table of Contents Opening 4 Class of 2001 17 Club and Club Officers 104 Class of 2002 107 Class of 2003 127 Class of 2004 147 Faculty and Staff 165 Advertisements 170Oath of Hippocrates 1 solemnly pledge to consecrate my life to the service of humanity. I will give respect and gratitude to my deserving teachers. I will practice medicine with conscience and dignity. The health and life of my patient will be my first consideration. I will hold in confidence all that my patient confides in me. I will maintain the honor and the noble traditions of the medical profession. My colleagues will be my family. I will not permit considerations of race, religion, nationality, party politics, or social standing to intervene between my duty and my patient. I will maintain the utmost respect for human life. Even under threat I will not use my knowledge contrary to the laws of humanity. These promises I make fully and upon my honor.Podiatrist's Creed These following fundamental beliefs are expressed as standards of ethical conduct and propriety of podiatrists, individually and collectively with patients, colleagues, members of allied health professions, and the public: To render service to humanity with impartial respect for the dignity of man. To provide a full and complete measure of professional service and attention to patients in the practice of Podiatric Medicine. To unhesitatingly serve consultation in difficult or doubtful circumstances where it appears that the quality of service and therapy to the patient can be enhanced. To continue the improvement of knowledge and skills for the benefit of patients professions. To conduct the practice of podiatry as a credit to the profession. To never accept limitations that might destroy or interfere with the exercise of best judgement and skills or the quality of performance. To regard the confidence and information received from patients with professional care and understanding. To fully offer service and participate in the health programs for the public in keeping with the integrity of the profession.Leon S. Malmud, MD President and CEO Temple University Health System Senior Vice President, Temple University Dean, School of Medicine Temple University Health System lM« S M l—i, M.D. 3 01 N ft o 2 SUM! tn (313) 707-0000 One EMCrtM PM 0«iphM PA 19140-5189 ft. (315) 707-3261 Temp Ufrwvty HwM $y« m Sew Vice PrwtfM. Tempi Unvtnrfy Own Scnooi oi M«cn To the Class of 2001 Congratulations colleagues! Doesn't colleague have a pleasant ring to it? Every year at this time it's my honor to extend those words of congratulations to Temple's newest healthcare graduates But keep in mind that -colleague’ is just one of the many appellations you will have earned during your lifetime Others include resident, fellow, doctor, mentor, and for some, perhaps professor I would encourage you not to forget the title you've lived with the last four years student Your learning shouldn't stop when you pass through these doors on the way to your career Education itself can be described as the process of acquinng the knowledge and skills for creative adaptation to change And change you'll see. I can guarantee that Make the best use of the training you have received hero and commit yourselves to maintaining a pattern of learning for the rest of your lives I assure you that both you and your patients will reap the benefits Following your years with us at Temple, each of you will take a slightly different path in your careers Even though I don't know where each of you will settle. I know that you have prepared yourselves well Keep in mind the positive experiences that shaped you as students as you meet the challenges that you will face as practicing podiatrists The same perseverance and dedication you gave to your education will ensure your success in your professional life. Your graduation is an achievement to be shared with the family and friends who have lent you the support and encouragement that brings you to this day Congratulations, and may you be as fulfilled by your service to patients and to community, as has each of us who has enjoyed the privilege of being members of the healing professions Sincerely, Leon S. Malmud. M D. 6John A. Mattiacci, DPM Dean, Temple University School of Pocliatric Medicine TEMPLE UNIVERSITY A Common wealth L'mvtnity 5o»»A Manned. DPM Dean Vtracl of I'odutrv Mi6nn Eighth m Pact Sow PMuldplui. Prrmyl'inij 1 107-2496 Phooo 215-625 5400 FAX 215 629 192 E mail louBuccitHinpm track rfe To the Class of 2001: Congratulations for having achieved such a significant milestone! You have the distinction of truly being the first Temple University School of Podiatnc Medicine graduates of the new millennium, and the last class to have matriculated at the Pennsylvania College of Podiatnc Medicine In many ways, you represent the evolution of our School You have lived through the transition from PCPM to TUSPM. with all of the travails that are attendant with such a union. You have also reaped the benefits that the School’s integration into Temple University offers Each of you has expenenced the enhancements in curriculum, technology, facilities and residency opportunity that have come to fruition in recent months These efforts are all part of our tireless commitment to prepare you to be the moat skilled and successful podiutnc physicians anywhere in the world1 Now it is time for you to build upon the foundation rooted in your hard work and the efforts of your faculty, families and others that have guided you through your journey thus far In spite of some well publicized challenges facing our profession, there is a wealth of opportunity awaiting you As our population ages, the incidences of diabetes, arthritis, peripheral vascuUr disease and other genatnc related illnesses will increase It will be your charge to offer these and all of your patients the highest quality of care based in state-of-the-art-science. but tempered with compassion You are. now and forever, members of the TUSPM family We need your continued interest and support as we shape the future of this School and our profession. It is with profound pnde and hope for each of your futures that I welcome you as colleagues Sincerely. Cc I £CC . John A Mattiacci, D PM 'Dean 7Steven F. Boc, DPM Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Chairman and Professor, Department of Podiatric Surgery TEMPLE UNIVERSITY A Commonwealth University Swvto r Boc. DPM, PACT AS Alionow Drwt far Acadnrac Again SdMoi of Pcdiatne MiUkiim EijWh o Race Street Ph.l«Jct[Vu PrmyWutu 10107-249 P oo» 2IJ-A2MM) PAX 2IS-629-I929 F. mu! Ur nh v«lu (m int lc ed. To The Class of 2001 Congratulations on attaining the degree Doctor of Poo-atric Medicine. This is the culmination of many years of hard work on your part as well as a tribute to the support of many of your family, friends, and associates You have received the best podiatric medical education framing available with clinical experiences that will surpass any other profession Our School has strived to use an the resources available so that you can truly become the most prolific and most experienced specialists in the management of lower extremity diseases both medically and surgically. Your residency program will give you the additional training necessary to hone your skills and allow you to assimilate them into a practice environment. R is an honor to be a podiatric physician and the field needs your dedication to continually enhance and promote itself to the medical community and to the pubbc. Each new class of podiatric physicians takes with them many experiences which hopefully will benefit not only themself, but the profession. You have received an outstanding education and hopefully you will use the education and experiences you have attained at the Temple University School of Podiatric Medicme to give back to the profession in the areas of patient care, education, research and political Involvement TUSPM will always have an open door policy and I would hope that you vnll continue to remain in contact wrth the school throughout your careers Sincerely. s Steven f, Boc, 0PM Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Chairman, Podiatric SurgeryKieran T. Mahan, DPM Associate Dean tor Research Professor Department of Podiatric Surgery TEMPLE UNIVERSITY A Commonweillh Umvenity Koran T Mlhm. DHM, FACFAS Aivruut Or on for Rruon A School of Podlatrtc Medioiw bjhth M Rkc Sired Phrfidctphu. ftnmylmM I9ll)?-2r% Khone 2I5-625-5J63 F». JIS-429-0IW To the class of 2001 Congratulations Graduates: I am very pleased to have the opportunity to congratulate you on the completion of your doctorate of podiatric medicine degree You have been here during the transition from PCPM to TUSPM and have started to receive the benefits of the merger of podiatric medicine into the mainstream of a health science center Similarly, after you complete your residency training, your integration into the main stream of medicine in your own community is important for both advancing your own professional career and advancing the profession A profession requires constant and continuous learning and upgrading of your skills. Your practice life will be filled with many changes in both the care and delivery of medical and surgical management of patients with foot and ankle disorders. In order to both enjoy the profession to the fullest and provide your patient with the best care, it will be incumbent upon you to work as hard in the future to learn and gain new knowledge as you have done over the past four years. This is the completion of just one phase of your learning. One of the most exciting aspects of your profession is that it provides you with continuing intellectual stimulation. You will also have the opportunity to develop many personal relationships with your professional colleagues and with patients. Podiatric medicine is a great career and you have much to be excited about and to look forward to; I congratulate you on completing this milestone in your life. I know that your families in particular arc proud of your accomplishment. I wish you every success in the future and hope that you will always view TUSPM as your professional home CJUj2— Kieran T Mahan, DPM Professor of Department of Podiatric Surgery Associate Dean for Research 9Sheree J. Aston, OD, PhD Assistant Dean for Medical Education [ TEMPLE UNIVBBSTTY A Commonwealth Univenity School of Podia trie Medicine El hth at Race Street Philadelphia. Pennaylvanu 19107-2496 Phone: 216629.0300 To the class of 2001 This is a day you will remember always, one of the highlights of your life. Enjoy it, you have earned it! You should be proud of graduating from the finest school of podiatnc medicine in the world. You will now be rewarded for your four years of hard work, diligence and patience. The next few years of residency training or patient care will be challenging yet rewarding. TUSPM has prepared you very well for the art and science of podiatric practice. You will need to continue to learn during your career. The explosion of medical information and growth of computer utilization will continue. Be prepared to expand your podiatric medical knowledge and computer skills throughout your careers. The future will contain many personally and professionally satisfying years of providing much needed foot care. Do not underestimate your valuable contribution to the health and well being of of people in you community Congratulations to the entire class. I wish you the best of hick in your endeavors. Don't be a stranger to your alma mater. Dr. Sheree J. Aston .Associate Dean for Technology and Medical Education 10Larry M. Newman, DPM Medical Director TEMPLE UNIVERSITY A Commonwealth University Larry Muk Newman DPM, FACT AS UrAcal Dtrtncr School U Pediatric Mrdiclr Eighth it Race Street Ptuladrljlu . Prncajlnnia IS107-249 P»uoe 2IS-6I3-S2S9 FAX II5-439-M0S E-aal iar-rnjr.t»tu c«a Maple cAi Dear Claw of 2001: Do you remember when you fin waned as a freshman? Doesn't the time go »o very fast. Even though you are about to be graduated and to become doctor of podiatric medicine, your journey actually is just beginning 1 would like to extend my beanfeh congratulations to you and your families. All my best withes are with you for your future success. You should be proud that you have achieved this status and you are to be congratulated on your accomplishments, being able to fulfill the requirements to become a doctor of podiatric medicine. Please remember that success is a continuous journey and not a destination, and, your learning experiences will continue throughout your professional life. It is our sincere hope that you will not only contribute to the profession; but. will also, contribute to the success of Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine, in yean to come. Sincerely, Larry M. Newman, D.P.M. Medical Director 11James Burke, PhD Assistant Dean for Educational Affairs TBXTLE university A Common wtjJtS Uiuvmuy School of Podiitnc Medicine Eighth at Race Street Philadelphia. Pennsylvania 19107-2496 Phone: 215629.0300 To the Class of 2001 It doesn't seem possible that four years have passed since we first met I am delighted to congratulate you on your successful completion of an intense and demanding program Through hard work and sacrifice, you have overcome the challenges and hardships and arc now ready to enter a vibrant and rewarding profession Your experience, training and education have prepared you to meet the many new challenges of the 21“ century Your four years at TUSPM was just the beginning of your education in podiatric medicine Continue to be independent learners throughout your careers Always set high goals and maximi .e your potential You have demonstrated a commitment to the profession and I am sure that this fervor will remain with you as you begin your career as a practitioner It has been a pleasure working with you and I wish each of you a happv and productive life Sincerely. SS James P Burke. Ph D Assistant Dean for Educational Affairs 12David A. Axler, PhD Associate Dean for Student Affairs TEMPLE UNIVERSITY A Commonwealth University School of PodUtrtr Medicine Eighth at Race Sweet Philadelphia. IVnmytvMUa |OIOT-U4»f Phone (215) 62S6M2 Fax (2l5)6aM0O7 David A. Axler, Pli 1). Associate Dean foe Student Affair Dear Class of 2001 On behalf of the Student Affairs staft’. please accept our heartiest congratulations upon your graduation from TUSPM. When you came to orientation four short years ago. graduation must have seemed so far away. I am sure your focus then was on the hurdles and challenges that you knew were before you and whether you could handle them. Well, guess what? You handled them and you handled them well. Your hard work, dedication and focus on your goals enabled you to successfully meet those challenges. You deserve to be proud of yourselves We arc proud of you and proud of the fact you will be representing us and the profession for many years to come. The health care scene seems to continually change As you enter an uncertain future, you enter with the certainty that you are well educated and prepared to deal with the new hurdles and challenges you will inevitably face The same hard work, dedication and focus that got you this far will enable you to successfully deal with the future. On a more personal note. I am saddened that this will be my last letter of congratulations to a TUSPM graduating class, os I am retiring at the end of this academic year Sitting down to write this letter each year gives me the opportunity to reflect on the students about to be graduated and think about the wonderful experiences I have had with you and how meaningful you arc in my life. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your life, albeit for only a short time. As we both face our uncertain futures. I wish you good health, personal and professional satisfaction and peace of mind. Sincerely yours. David A. Axler. Ph.D.Do You Remember the Times 14 1516We dreamed of it, We worked hard for it, and now our time has come Congratulations Class of 2001 17 We Did It!Frank Philip Adamo, DPM Iona College BS Chemistry Economics I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of the people in my life thct have helped me to remain focused and composed during these many years of collegiate study First and foremost is my never-endmg devotion and belief in our Lord. Jesus Christ, who has given me the direction, fortitude and mental tenacity to get through life, one dcy at a time. Thank you mom Your expertise as a registered nurse has allowed me to grow up to be strong and healthy. To my loving father, you have always been available for comment and advice, and you've let me call you Mmg the Merciless for the post 10 yeors To my twin brother Tony, the love that you have given me over this lifetime is immeasurable Lena, you are the best sister and the most trusted friend I'll ever hove Rush, you are the king of home improvements. Lou Andre, you taught me the meoning of the word 'team os wen as how to be a man Sean. I'll meet you in Sloathesburg Michelle, you ore a patient, kind and loving woman to whom I owe so much In the Podiatric community, thank you Ryan Cooney, for being a great roommate of 4 years and a great friend. We will enjoy many more years of upstate New York camaraderie and borleymait nourishment together Thanks to John Swier-zewski. the best golfer I will ever know and thanks to Craig Haueisen for letting me harass him about the Yankees Drs Burke and Martin, thank you for an that you two have done for me As for Dr. Pitkow. don't break ony more tobies, fatty As for the closs of 2001. try to avod the oxymorons true replica, original copy, live recording and new tradition. Lastly, remember that taik is cheap if lawyers don't do the talk-iog 18Antoinette D. Adams, DPM Norfolk State University BS Biology Trust in the Lord with oil thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding In all thy ways acknowledge him. and he shall direct thy path. Proverbs 3:5-6 Heavenly Father I thank you for the multitude of blessings you have bestowed upon me I also thank you for your unconditional love, which never cecses Momma and Daddy: Words cannot express my gratitude The debt I owe for your constant encouragement and support is immeasurable All that I have become. I owe it to you. I share this degree with you l love you. Al, Andrea and Breha The three of you have been my solvation and sanity throughout these four years Thanks for everything Lesly You've been my beacon throughout my TUSPM trials and tribulations Thanks for the advice, long taiks and constant comedy You ere my true friend. Naomi Thanks for the laughter, your shoulder to cry on.and food when I had none Michelle and Melinda I couldn't have asked God for two better friends. Thanks for keeping me grounded Marilyn: You and I have truly weathered the storm together Through everything, we've remained gooa fnends Brett. Adam. FeFe. T. Tam These four years would have been dreadful without each of you. Thanks for the support system You have touched my heart A rash: Thonk you for being my sounding board and place of solace in this tornado I treasure the bonds we have made, my life will never be the same after having known each of you. 19Nicole Amato, DPM Pennsylvania State University B.S. Biology Mom and Ronnie Words cannot express how much you both mean to me You have given me such a wonderful life and taught me so many important lessons I could never thonk you enough You are my greotest role models and my best friends Everything I become m life is because you both loved me so much. Mom — thank you for being my rock You have this fabulous ability to always know the right thing to say You're more than a mother, you are a great friend Thank you for always giving me so much love I could not have osked for a more loving or beautiful mother I'll chensh and love you for the rest of my life Ronnie — Words cannot even begin to convey how much I love you You sacrificed your whole life for Mom. Jim. and me You brought so much happiness and love to our lives I'll always treasure the laughs, late night talks, and fantastic advice I thank God everyday thal he brought you to us Thonk you for being such a wonderful man and father. Jimmy. Thanks for being the best brother a gkl could ask for. You've grown up to be someone so beautiful and a man that I admire I feel so privileged to hove you in my life Thank you for always making me laugh and for being so loving I'll always be there for you and love you Grandmom I love you so much! I am so glod that we are able to spend so much time together. I cherish every single moment. You have given me so much love throughout my entire life Thank you for not only being an amazing Grandmother, but also someone who I could tell my ’deepest, dorkest secrets’ to. I'll love you forever Root Thonk you for being my husband since the third grode’ I feel so honored and thcnkful that my boyfriend is also my best friend. You've given me so much love and happiness throughout the years end are such an important port of my ife I could never thank you enough for being such a loving and extraordinary man. We have so many great life experiences awaiting us I cannot wait to share them all with you. Mari. Margie, and Bela Thank you all for being such great friends You were the best clinic group l could ask for I wish you an the very best life hos to offer personally and professionally Mari — Thank you for being such an amazing roommate and friend I'll always remember the great times we've shared and hope that there will be many more to corr.e You've continually been there for me whenever I needed you and I hope you know that M always be there for you You deserve only the best things in life Margie You always make me smile I'll never forget all the laughs we've shared You have been a wonderful friend to me for the past four years and I hope we continue that friendship Thank you for everything. Bela I am so happy that we were able to become better friends over the past year You are a great person ond I wish you all the happiness in the world 20Felicia Armstrong, DPM Earlham College BA Biology There ore so many people I'd like to acknowledge and thank First and foremost, thank you to the divine tntervention that has interceded on every exam, challenge, frustration end joy in my life Secondly. I'd like to thank my parents who have supported me in more ways than just financially Thank you for your patience and understanding ft is the blending of your ways with my own way that has allowed me to formulate my own independence. I’d like to thank my most special friend Carmen. I do not know what I would have done without you You have truly been there for me through everything Your friendship is both precious and priceless. You have been (and continue to be) a big part of my strength and perseverance. Oscar: Your ’friendship has meant a tot to me through the years You have been and will remain a very special person and for this I thank you To my TUSPM friends: To Bert: Thonk you for all of the support through the years. I truly appreciate everything I wish you much luck and success in your future. Marylyn- You always understood just how I was feeling when they passed out those exoms. Congratulations to those who struggled1 Tammy- (partner in crime) Thank you for covering the south side windows for me Also, thanks for making that world of d'ama- summer bearable Tanya- to the one whose room was my refugee first year, thanks for the Maxwell memories. To all others- much thanks, luck and success 21Amnon Barnea, DPM Technion-lsrael Institute of Technology BS Biology At the end of World Wor ll, American troops freed a young boy from a Concentration Camp in Europe Thai boy. my father, dreamt that a time would come when his family and himself will live In America Let this day be one fulfillment of many dreams that shows my eternol dedication to my very special parents and family. Thank you. my friends on both sides of the ocean for proving that true friendship knows no boundaries of time or place 22Eric Baskin, DPM University of Maryland BA Psychology Mom: I couldn't hove mode it through these four years without you You are the Rock of Gibraltar! I am thankful that I have inherited your head for business and drive for success I'll always remember your words of wisdom and the pre-exam pep talks for the rest of my life. I love you mom Dad I couldn't have asked for a better father No other father m Marlboro attended all of their son's little league and soccer games. You are the logical thinker. the voice of reason, the ANSWER MAN I can't wait to see our inventions and engineering philosophies prosper I am proud to be your son Steph: I am so proud of you and all you have become over the last few years. Your social grace and leadership qualities will propel you to unbridled success in the future Big brothers are supposed to give advice, but lotely I seem to be asking you for advice I love you Stephaniski Dr. Bauer and other Mentors: You have granted me with the gift of knowledge and have prepared me for the future, to practice the art of medicine. I look forward to moving on to the next level and maturing into the physician that I have been trained to become Oass of 2001: Good luck to you in your future endeavors. I am proud to call each and everyone of you my collecgues 23Michael James Bell, DPM Temple University BA Anthropology 1 can do all things through Christ which strengthens me PhlfippJahs 4:13 I can't believe that otter all of these years, my gocl of being a podiatric physician is reoched l dedicate this degree to all of you who dealt with my highs and lows, my good and bad times, but mostly with my stressed out mood swings. I thank God everyday to have enriched me with a warm, loving and supportive family. lo Amy Where do I start? The doy l met you my life began I truly cannot remember what living was like without you I thank you for being there for me whenever I was in need. You have given me the greatest gift that a woman can give a man, a beautiful daugh-terCRachel. I can only hope and pray that she becomes as much of a lady as her mother I love you! To Rachel' Someday I hope you will look at this book and reclize that if daddy can reoch his dreom. nothing can stoop you either You are my heart . I love you! To Mom Dad There are not enough words to express how grateful I am that you are my parents. You both have taught me that through diligence and determination I can reach my goals I thank you end credit you for me being who I am. You are the best cheerleaders l know. I love youl To Jemmy I have learned more from you than you ccn imagine I know that when life throws you for a loop, get up. dust yourself off. and keep going I hope that I can be the man that you are I love you! To Tommy: You have given me more laughs with your corny jokes then a little. I Just wish that I con be as great a doc as you, I love you! To Walt: I feel that your views and thoughts hove guided me through the tough times. You are there for me always Thank you I love you1 Lost but not least To Anna Marie: I feel you with me every dey I don’t understand why God took you, but I hove faith to believe that you are happy now. You brought me so much fun teasing you. even though mom didn't think it was funny You are forever in my thoughts. You ore the best sister a guy could want I love you! 24Sondra K. Berger, D.P.M. Hartwick College BA Biology Mom and Dad - I did ifl I made it through four more years of school. I never could hove done If without your love and support Thonks for being there for me no matter what city, state, or country l wcs in Thanks for always listening to me. regardless of the time of day or my mood. I hope I have mode you proud. I love you. Delrdre - You're the best little sister anyone could wish for. I'm glad we have become so close. I'm always here for you if you need me Just remember, with hard work you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. Don't worry - I'll make sure the Fox Is running by the time you turn 16. XOXOXOXO Adam. Brian, and Steve - The big brothers I always wanted Thanks for o great year guys -1 wouldn't have traded clinic groups for anything I'll miss our lunches at Archway and Rangoon, our great lourncl club, ploying poo' at the Best Western, study sessions in the micro lab. Steve's pencil dropping. Adam's sarcasm. and all of the harassment. Thanks for lettmg me moke you look good I'll miss you guys. RF. KK. CC. AD. BD. MM - I'D send you all autographed copies of my book. Memoirs of a Sexually Harassed Podi atry Student, when it comes out Good luck with all of your future endeavors 25Marilyn Suzanne Boyuka, DPM These past 4 years have been quite a journey for me Along the way I have encountered many twists and turns, hills and bumpy roads, but looking bock I om grateful for the experiences I om especially thankful for the people I've met along the way my classmates. close friends, and my personal angels. AB of you have helped me through these past few years and allowed me to become the person I am today I will always remember you and the times we've shared I look forward to the years ahead and I know that many of you will still be on important part of my life no matter where life takes us. Best wishes and fond memories of our years together go out to my classmates. Thanks for the many laughs and good times we've shored To my friends In the class of 2002 good luck with the craziness of your 4th year and enjoy the rollercoaster ride J Always keep your perspective ond remember to keep in mind what is realty important in life To my angels I could not have arrived to this point without your love and support, and of course kicking S.U.N.Y. Ceneseo BA History me n the butt when I needed itl vou have helped make this place a home for me these past few years and l will always be grateful for your friendship when I needed it the most. I love you all To Kathy and Alissa thank you for reminding me who l was when this place made me forget The unconditional support and understanding you have given me has meant more than you'll ever know K-who would have thought senior seminar would bring us to where we are today. A-after freshman year isn't this a surprise! Ying. Yang and Whatootsie. forever J To Mom and Dad. Paul. Grandpa and Grandma can you believe this day is finally here7 Thank you for putting up with the crazmess of the last four year$(and for the millions of phone calls too) I did not know what to expect when I began this journey. I now know that I could not have done this without an of you. I am blessed by my family ond the unconditional love and support you have always shown me Thank you for always making sure i knew you would still love me. no matter what. 26Robert Brarens, DPM Metropolitan State College Denver BS Biology Chemistry My Wife Michele, the Love of My Life Where to begin. First, for providing me with o family that I love more that life itself, as well as providing our sons with motherly love and guidance I could not imagine a better mother for my children. Second, for all the long nights, all nighters. and hard work that you put in to keep our family sheltered and fed In a job that I wished you could hove left much sooner. Thank you for sacrificing your occupational happiness for my own Third, for the endless and unconditional support that you gave me throughout my education, to include ail of the lonely nights spent apart from each other, the road trips without me so that I could study, and listening to me talk about Podiatry agnosium However, most importantly. thank you for being such a loving, caring and intelligent wife. You truly complete me in every way I look forward to growing old with you by my side You are my sunshine, my life, and my love My Sons: The other of my fife's loves. Parker and Tanner I want to thank you for bringing a smile to my face and immeasurable warmth to my heart, even during the times that I felt it to be impossible You are both such wonderful people already, a father could only hope to be so lucky. I want to thonk you both for understanding, as much as you could, that I had to be away from you from time to time to accomplish my tasks for our future family goals I want you to know that there was never a minute that you and your mother were not in my thoughts while we were ODart I promise to do my best to ensure that our time apart in the future is limited, and only os essential. I love you both uncondi-fionaBy and completely Thank you for being yourselves Kieth Goss I have to say that knowing you has made me a better person Our relationship has been a truly enlightening experience You are a person of unmatched depth of character and personal sacrifice I have found you to be inspirational, and In truth, a true role model that I have came to depend on and look up to through out my education. I consider you one of my closest, dearest, and best friends I sincerely hope that we are able to maintain our communications. and bring our dreams of Po-diatric care to culmination in the future I wish you and Kavitha the very best In life. love, and marrioge. and look forward to seeing the little Gosses soon Thank you for everything Austin Sedicum My friend, you are a person of untold intelligence and insight. I thank you for sharing even a little bit of that with me. I know that whatever if is that you finally decide to put you energy into. It will be a great success. I feel very fortunate to know such a giving, friendly, and intelligent person. Your view on life is at times ostentatious, and controversial. but has helped me see things from a different prospective and helped me grow as an individual. You have helped me out In my life in so many ways. I find it hard to consoli date them here. You have been one of my closest friends over the lost five years. I cannot imagine having gone through this without you. I hope we are able to keep in touch and take those wild vacations that we have talked about I wish Indra and yourself the very best in everything you do. Thonk you agotn for everything. Jim and Elizabeth Kutchback: It has truly been wonderful meeting two such warm and friendly people. You both embody the definition of southern hospitality to the tenth degree Jim. your sense of integrity and honor is inspiring I want to wish you three the very best, and look forward to many conversations and skiing trips m the future Good luck in everything you do. Scott and Rhaul I want to thank you both for introducing me to the Friday afternoon buffet It was definitely the best I hove found I also wanted to wish you both much success in medicine and life You are both great people and it is a pleasure knowing you I hope that our paths cross In the future The Class of 2001:1 wish you all good luck in business and life 27Merribeth Bruntz, DPM University of Colorado BA, MS Applied Mathematics Mom and Dod. Wen. I'm about to become a doctor! How did I do it? I worked hard and took pride in my work. I persevered, in spite of the obstacles thrown in my path I did my best You taught this to me. You both work hard, in foct. you work too hard You take pride in your work and you have overcome every obstacle thrown your way. You've always done your very best! I love you both very much! Jean If someone would have tokj me when we were kids that I would someday love and respect my sister. I would have said they were nuts! I guess I'm the nut. because I do love and respect you and I wouldn't trade you for any other sister on the planet! Dean: I wouldn’t trade you for any other brother-in-law on the planet either! Chris: You are the best nephew an aunt could ever have! You've appreciated the power of knowledge since you were o child and because of it your future is limitless Ashley: You are the best niece an aunt could ever have! You are entirely too determined to not be successful In life. Becky: It's hard to believe that 25 years ago we met at Ft Meade and became the best of friends. We've both had our ups and downs and somehow our friendship has survived through It all — I guess 'everything happens for a reason Thank you for being there when I needed you most, end thank you for being my friend! To my friends in the class of 2001 You know who you are - you've seen me through the good, the bad. ond the ugly. You celebrated my victories and you picked me up when i fen down. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have all of you os my friends and your patients should feel the same about having you as their doctors. May God bless each of you! 28Cindy Elise Bullock, DPM University of California at Irvine He; BS Biological Sciences MOM POP: Thonk you for supporting my dreams, offering encouragement. ond surrounding me with goodness oil of my life. Vou inspire me to approach life with adventure, tenacity, and righteousness You know I love you SCOTTY: I am so proud of my little brother Thanks to you and Max for elevating the coolness factor In the family Love you. GRANDMOTHER: Thank you for your guidcnce. You are truly amazing and I love you. GANG IN SD: Thanks for putting up with me on the short visits home and bringing me up for air You’re very special to me See you at Rubio's. GRP 20 I adore you all A giant cabbage to Luper for always entertaining us. to Kl for your sweetness ond positivity, to RS for your encouragement and VCR repoir talent, and to JP for keen understanding ond creating the original Hoppy Fun Ball JM: I am so blessed to have had such a lovely person os o roommate Thank you everyone else (MB. Girls of LRD. etc ) for being a positive force beside me as we have gone through these few years. I look forward to many more fun times. Your care has been felt and appreciated Thank you to God You knew all along we could do Itl f HISSTIWTEIfflt J 29Jarrett Cain, DPM Xavier University BS Chemistry Jesus my Lord, my Savior, my Redeemer. my Advocate, my Confidant. my Intercessor, my King of Kings, my Lord of Lords, and my very best Friend. I just want to say ’Thank You' for quietly leading me on this journey, for gently carrying me with you arms of grace and mercy, for loving me even when I disobeyed and rebelled against You, for being there when I needed You most, for hearing my prayers and anointing me for this ministry. My prayer is that you give me the heart of servant hood and wisdom of stewardship to do a work that is acceptable to God through You. All blessings, glory, and honor belong to You1 (Psalms 73) Dad Mom Cedric: Thanks for giving me life and love Dad. you gave me a 'tough love’, you lead by your actions and gave me an example to follow. I hope l can be the man father. and leader that you arel Mom, I know that I have driven you crazy, but you never gave up on me and always stayed on me in spite of my stubbornness I love you guys. Cedric. thanks for having my back. My church families: Thank you Durant Baptist for laying the foundation. Bishop Brister and Beacon Light for giving me restoration and vision; and Paster Reed and Sharon Baptist for giving passion and purpose Thank you for your prayers and being extensions of the Kingdom for the furtherance of the Gospel In my life. Drs. Well. Gordon. Mahan. Pontious. and Mcilwain: Thank you for teach- ing me The values of the profession, the art of research, and giving me a passion for podiatnc medicine Tanya J.: My sister Thank you for being a visual demonstration of I Corinthians 13 in true friendship Without any doubt, you definitely have the love of Christ shed abroad in your heart. I will definitely miss the studying, 'comedy hour , talks, debates. and getting on your nerves. The Lord definitely has a powerful plan for your life. To my other sisters (T Carlisle. S. Grisgby. L Singleton): thenks for keeping your brother sane! Babajide Flo: I've hod always admired you guys for your hard work. Thanks for all the good times. Finally to 'Sybil', thank you for your presence In my life When we met. you listen to my dreams, fears, and confusion: gave me the one thirg I need most (prayer) and then taught me how to achieve on another level Your gentleness, understanding and excellence in what you do are the likes of which I have never came in contact with and your companionship s something I am so unworthy of You win always be very near and dear to mel Class of 2001 i wish all of you the best and remember, the Lord Jesus Christ has not celled us to be successful as much as He has called to be faithful to Him and His Principles Dwayne. Justin Kosh. Sheldon, and "Boo" thankx for the friendship! 30V w Timothy Chen, DPM Rutgers University To My Fomily: I wont to thonk you for all your support and understanding To My Loving Wife. Thonks for your understanding, support, and patience 'There is no remedy for love but to love more.' -Thoreau To note service: You people are a godsend!! To My Friends: Thanks for reminding me of oil the deadlines and test dates. Without you guys I would have never mode It Yet To Learn How to teach a monkey to perform a bunionectomy. as promised by the surgery department. About Life: Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds In your sails Explore Dreom — Mark Twain 'You got to be very careful if you don't know where you're going, because you might not get there' — Yogi Berra 31Brett A. Chicko, DPM To Mother and Father Thank you for all of the support these last four years I knew I could count on you for anything. To GM. It would not have been possible without your support right from the beginning Thank you so much To Frank. Rhonda. IV and Jessica. The Toadman and Lisa. Amy: Thank you for everything you have done for me. I could not have imoglned these last four years without all the laughter and happiness you all have provided for me To Min My best friend and my partner in crime You were always there for me to complain to when I had to stay up all night studying or when clinic got me down. I never could have done it without your laughter or your support. Thank you To Laura: My scholastic mentor I would have been completely lost in school without your help. Not only that, you always had a way of making school fun Thanks buddy DTTS. To Carman and Joanna: Thanks for always providing an escape from school. Your friendships have meant so much to me You left Philly too soon. To Adam, Antoinette, and Naomi The best clinic group ever. I couldn't have imagined closs or clinic without you. I'm still Icughing about some of the things we had said and done Memories Gertrude. Oh no you don't! Flying Tacos. Drooie-lsm, Jefferson ER. The ATM. Brett. I’m going too fasti Patrone. the Skipsrer. Bom chi chi bom bom. Ohhh Doctor .' The Abdominal Clow. Walking home from Flnnean's Wake. Con we get a camera on this? The Beetles. Pompano 2000! The Golden Boy. Hoops. The B-Train and the Caboose. PRLM. The Emperor ef al.. Do you know how far it Is to Jacksonville. Mr MFC? The Three Wise Men. 10 cent wings. Tracy's keg stand pushups. The HBK. The 11 am Ghost, Hawk and Animal. Jeff Rugby, and My Team winning it all! And lastly, to the Closs of 2001 Thank you for making these four years some of the best of my life Boston College BA Marketing 32Chad C. Clause, DPM University of Houston BS Biology Fomily: Thank you to all of my family for putting up with me colling them oil the time complaining about the cold weather and lock of Mexican food up »n 'Yankee Land' Relocating from Texas to Philadelphia is a big move You fend to take family for granted till you ore so for from them. I realty do appreciate the support that everyone gave me. I con always count on my family!! Memory My Maw-Mow passed away the last week of school You will be in my heart forever! Kristy Special thanks to my beautiful wife, Kristy, who gave 3 years of her life for my career dreams Cm very proud of her- she was able to work 40-60 hours a week, support us both, and earn on MBA in Finance in this short period of time You're the best bcbe! Pets: Thank you Arson and Tex for waking me up 2 hours early every morning before I haa to get up for school But I still luv ya! Woof woof! Classmates. Enjoy! Oh yea I really am married, yes really! Your Graduation Test-PodiOTry Test Matching:::: Warning-will be graded on a Z curvel 1 RayA Does anyone have a question? 2 FloB I'm not only the president- but also a chant 3. KhurramC Hairy butt 4 MarcD. 'The' Italian Stallion 5 ChickoE. Bigger. Bodder. Stronger But mostly bigger 33Tammy Y. Clemons, DPM Daddy Mamo Thonk you for your love, support, socriflces. and concern The time I spent at home with you on breaks wos priceless. You are both my heroes and I just wont you to know that I appreciate what you have always done for me. love me. Kimberly. Amy. Thurman: I want you to know that it is the 4 of us against the world. As we age in years we grow as friends (Yes we do Kim). There is nothing we can't do together I look forword working with you all in the future Meimda Z ’Princess Resident Thank you for giving me a profession. Thank you for the vast fashion advice and other life's lesions. You are a true fiend and God send From Spelman to TUSPM. who would have thought! When I blow up. you blow up! Naomi P Well, thank you for everything. Your time, help, encouragement. and friendly ear Meeting you was no mistake but a blessing. You are one of the reosons I mode it Felicia 'Buttercup A We ore 2 of a kind much to my denial. We both seem to land in that same sunken life boat from time to time but somehow end up on dry land Hengeiberth 'Little Precious M You are truly one of the nicest people I have ever met Don't let anyone ten you differently Remember good ol-ways wins over quasl-evll Florence M: You are truly ’wild But thanks for putting me on your altar time after time after time Antoinette A Malini S: You 2 always Spelman College BS Biology hove a smile on your foce onoa Kind word every morning, noon.night. That Is truly something for me to aspire for This will be the gift you give to your patients Saji S: We must finish the book screenplay before ice Cube beats us to it Thonks for keeping me laughing. Tanya J Jarret C: Well Its been real. You've taught me patience, understanding. and a guy named Maxwell. Minthom T Thanks for looking out for me at work and before test day. Good luck with your future endeavors Monica J. lesly R. Adrienne A To my big sibs- you paved the road for success and l appreciate it Thanks for looking out for me Group 6: Thl. Susan, Jide, Steve: Thonks for being a great group to work with Getting through this year would not have been possible without you. Group 5 7: Working with you made clinic in Diag, Ortho. Surgery a blast -welt you know what I mean Chris M-2 words- Danger Zone Melanie J, Mark H. Jeonnme G To my little sibs. Good Luck and let me know If there is anything l can do for you. Mrs. Edwards. Lydia. E, Joe. Brenda. Antoinette. Judy. Clinic Staff, central. academic staff Thanks for the help and encouragement 34Ryan Thomas Cooney, DPM Hamilton College BA Biology tests, moving to o new city, ond the yecrs of me being broke (Some day we will both drive new cars!) The rest of my years are yours I love you. now let s go see the world. Frank, my friend, it's been fun From the slums of 8 th and Race to the palace on the Rock. I have many fond memories. To you and the rest of group 19. the best of luck. To the class of 2001. have wisdom and compassion and enjoy your success GO Red Sox' I would like to thank my mother, my father and my sister for their constant love and support I deeply and sincerely appreciate the opportunities that you have provided for me Without you . I would not be who I am todoy. I hope that you are os proud of me. as l am of you Grandma, ond Grandpa, thank you for your love and prayers I also thank Elizabeth Anne Dillon, my beautiful fiance Thank you for putting up with all the nights of 35Adam Darcy, DPM College of Charleston BS Biochemistry Quidnam alius vir potis esl effi-cere. alius potis est efficere 36 WAlan R. Deroy, DPM Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute BS Biology MOM DAO: What con I soy? You hove supported me Doth financially and emotionally throughout college and medical school You have always provided me the encouragement I have needed to get through life end taught me strong values that I hope to pass on to my kids someday I love you both very much. Thanks for being the best parents I could ever hope for I share this degree with you both ALICIA: My little sister is all grown up Where has the time gone? I wish you the best of luck in your nursing career May it always bring you joy and happiness ALEX: You are a good dog.where's your knotted bone? SAFIA My best friend these last few years I have enjoyed the memories we have shored and hope that there will be many more. Thank you for always being there for me KHURRAM President, roommate, friend thanks for the memories i don't know how we made it through our fourth year with Chad and Eric on the loose. Best of luck in your ccreer' Keep in touch. HOWARD: Thank you to my favorite professor at TUSPM and someone I win always call my friend You hove mode me a better researcher something I hope to continue GAIT LAB (BL.CR. TV.JS.SB.EB SN.JW.BG.SR) Well, since I spent most of my time in the lab. I should soy thank you to all who made it both fun and crazy at times I will miss working with all of you RIT 2001: Best wishes in your future' May your lives be filled with Fee for Service patients and those that bake cookies God Bless! RPl BIOMEDS: If has been a long s x years, but v e finally made it I wish you all the very best life has to offer in your careers. In loving memory of my Memere and Pepere. two very hard working and loving people who watched me grow up 23 years only to fa" short of seeing me graduate In their eyes I’m sure I wos alrecdy a doctor 37Brian K. Doerr, DPM University of South Florida BA Chemistry To God Thank you Lord for giving me the strength to persevere, the desire to better myself, and the fortitude to complete my dream Thank you for the multitude of blessing that you have bestowed on me To April Thank you for being my inspiration and constant companion these past thirteen years or so You have always been there for me. without you I om nothing The years have ftown by so fast and everyday is one step closer to our dreams. We hove mode some great new friends since being here, but no matter what. I oireody have my best friend. YOU Thank you for being just what I needed when I needed it To Mom and Dad Well, your son did it He finally did something with his life, albeit, with a little financial support from you guys You two are the greatest parents a son could ever ask for You guys kept encouraging me and prodding me all along the way and it has all finally pold off Dcd you are the best Fishing buddy ever and a great inspiration in my life. I am proud to call you father and friend Mom. thanks for aH the letters of encouragement and hope They really meant a lot to me. To the Class of 2001: Good luck to you all. I wish you the best in life. Thanks for the memories and for your friendship. 38Jason P. Eberly, DPM 39Jill Epstein, DPM Mount Holyoke College BA Politics Psychology 40Zhanna Erenshteyn, DPM 41Raymond A. Ferrara, DPM Monmouth University BS Biology I would like to thank o few special people In my life First my wonderful wife who has given me nothing but a positive attitude and hos always beer there when i needed her. Second my parents for an the support that l needed mentally and financially I would also like to thank my Grandmother I hope that I made you proud. To my Brother, maybe some day I will let you drive my Boat Also. I would like to thank my whole family who were always there to make sure we had everything we needed I thank my dog for always being around to keep me company I have made some fnends ot school that I will never forget. You know who you ere. so thenks for c1' me good times thot we had To Chad Clause, thonk you for all the comedy materici that you supplied me with I hope that all of you get everything that you want in life and good luck with your futures. Love Raymond 42Amy Lynn Gannon, DPM David Lipscomb University BS Biochemistry GOO: 'You ore my strength when I om weak You are the treasure that I seek You are my all in all When I fa;i down you pick me up When I am dry you fin my cup. You are my oil in all Seeking you os a precious jewel. Lord to give up I'd be o fool You ore my all in all Thank you God for teaching me that that your word stands despite man's opinion All praise to you You were there when I hit my first homerun. You were there when I won my first cross- country race You were even crazy enough to dance to 'Hoppy Trails' with your daughter in o ballroom full of teenage girls For everything you were alwoys there When I got my name in the local newspaper you were so proud that you showed it to everybody you knew. I have alwoys known that you are proud of the person I that I am Tears filled your eyes when I hugged you bye and crossed the college campus to go to my dorm for the first time. Tears flowed from my eyes when you left this world too soon We had a great time together I miss you more and more os each day passes I miss stopping for coffee and discussing politics, football. Nas-car, etc I miss trying to beat you at Jeopardy and watching you dance around the room when you knew the answer Thanks to you I didn't recognize cotton growing on the roadside Thanks to 'The wind beneath my wmgs.' my Daddy (Terri Randall Hardison 04 04 50 - 12 07 96). Mama: You taught me to be kind and to give. You are the most unselfish person I know You ore always doing something for somebody else l wont you know that when you foil to think about yourself I am thinking of you The greatest compliment I ever got was to be told that I was like you. I love you Mama. The Hardison Bunch: I am so lucky to be port of such a greot family Nanny God's two greatest creations were Jesus and You And then he broke the mold. Your life is a testimony of God s love Ar.ie ond Hobie: You ore such good dogs. Tim: (Last and most important!) I am fortunate to call you my husband I mode many attempts to write how I felt about you and eoch time I found more and more to say It would take this entire book and then some for me to put into words how much I love ond appreciate you I thank God for you. You are so honest and caring. You are willing to go the extra mile even for a stranger You are so true m everything you do You ere a beautiful Christian man. We are one heck of a team babyl And remember that is Mrs Doctor Amy Gannon and always will be Class of 2001. May life bring you much joy I will always remember each of you. 43Vikas A. Godhania, DPM University of Pennsylvania BA Molecular Biology I can't Believe that this day has come I can finally add the title Dr' in front of my name. It has been a fantasy of mine smce I was a kid. Now it has become a reality This is truly one of the most joyous days of my life Although I have worked very hord for this, there are many people who have helped me get to this point I would first like to start out by thanking those members of our faculty who have inspired me and taught me so much about Podiatric medicine These wonderful people have taught me not only the basics of the croft itself, but also the finer points such os to treat the patient not simply the disease • Many m our field have been desensitized and feel that it «s good to keep their distance and not get attached to their patients. I have never believed this and have found this to be quite disturbing But. I have been steadied by observing ond learning from you. the finest docs that TUSPM has to offer And for this. I thank you very much I would like to extend my congrats to my fellow classmates On the whole, we are a great bunch and I believe that we win make some major lasting contributions to the field of Podsatric medi cine Next, my clinic group M(Tim. Bryan. Khurram) we made it guys!It You guys are great I have seen firsthand your skills, and I have no doubts that you writ all be successful and soon be pioneers of our field A word of advice strive for the best, don't ever settle for any less. I say this because our field needs doctors like you And if you guys settle and don't reach out tor your dreams, the whole field will miss out. I have enjoyed working and hanging out with you guys You have truly been there and I appreciate everything you've done for me And remember, you can always count on me as I will be there if you need me My UPENN PHILLY possee. I would not have made it here without you- SERIOUSLY i can't possibly begin to thank you (besides some of you consider it , n insult) or begm to ten you what type of impact you have had on me You have taught me the true mecning of friendship. I know I can always rely on you guys for anything, and I hope you know that the same goes for me My YORK friends. You guys can truly celebrate with me and can truly understand the importance of this time We have all grown up together and you have known my desire to be a doctor from its onset We have all moved on to great tnings and moved apart, but I will always hold you dear to me and always in my heart I am glad that our friendship hos stayed strong for the past 20 years and I hope it'll continue for another 20 Finally my family: Shital-my older, sometimes overbearing sister 2nd mom Together. we have fought, laughed, cried and fought some more You have aP ways been the wiser, more mature, •do-the-right-thing’ type of sister, I always hated that about you! just kidding Although I hate to admit it. you have impacted me a great deal You have taught me so much and have kept me in line when mom and dod weren't near. You hove given me confidence when I had none left You hove eased my pain when times were tough You have been there to celebrate with me In my most cherished memories You started out as just my sister, but you have become one of my closest and dearest friends I love you very much Mom and Dod What can I possibly write Everything I am and everything I have become is becouse of you. All that is good about me is simply a reflection of you You have taught me values and have always led me on the right path (And when I strayed, you knocked me back on the path) You guys have provided for me unconditionally ond without hesitation I could not fm-ogine a more loving and coring set of parents I thank God daily for being blessed to have you as parents. Thank you for everything you have done for me I only hope thot I con attempt to provide for you os you have for me the post 26 years 14Jason M. Gold, DPM University of Maryland BS Biology wID always keep in touch Thanks ogam for always cleaning up after me and buying some c'eanlng supplies. Matt Mott l wanted to let you know thot I will always hate mice You really are a "good guy' I hope that you will succeed m life John S Thanks for always being my co-captain You hove steered me In o lot of different directions over the years, but thanks for clways being there To my friends at TUSPM: It has been a great experience getting to know you over the years. I wish all of you a lot of luck in the future Mom and Dad: Thank you for an your support over the years I con not believe this moment has finally arrived. I could never have reached this goal without your love and inspiration I love you both very much Jodi. You are truly my best friend. I love you very much You have been there for me whenever I needed you We have had many great memories together over the past couple of years and l m sure that there will be more It has been an honor to 'mature' with you You ore my sw'eetest thing Steve: It has been interesting living with you. We have gotten to know each other very well I hope that we 45Rahul Gor, DPM University of Maryland BS Physiology and Neurobiology I would like to toke This opportunity to thank the wonderful people who hove touched my life. There is no greater appreciation for the munificence and pat-ence that has Deen expressed between us. I pay tribute to my family foremost Docile by nature, my father engraved his strong convictions in my psyche. It was Ns astounding wisdom, intellect, and gentle heart that herded this lost sheep to the coming pastures. Leaving every facet of materialism behind, he taught me of the inherent goodness of humanity I can never replace him though i must hove the discipline to follow this revered path Please keep to heart that you ore my mind and temperament. Never will there be a substitute for my sister Everlasting is her courage, honesty, and fierce sense of justice Even when I forgot, it was her instilled warrior mentality that I needed to persevere through the dark times Love is something she has conquered. A teacher by heart she speaks with grace and elegance My sister Is unmatched In beauty and intelligence she is the rhythm and balance of my life All things come to those who persevere. Let it be known that my brother is an extension of my soul Powered by the very forces that molded me. he has become the Industrious storm that chases the Indolent summer Even os the dark times approached and the gloom descended, he was the glue that kept me alive. So many times have passed (but not forgotten) when he saved my life He is courage and power that fuels me to succeed But Iasi is never the least How much does one say to a mother for the gift of life even when it seemed at an end? A lot can never be expressed but I am confident that my eyes swell with tears of joy when I think of how much I love you. Rahul is just one of three children who looks upon you with unparalleled affection Time will never change you for you are my precious mother. I love you more than anything in existence. To my grandfather I hope that I have mode your dynasty proud! Vou are a saint that must guide the sinners I miss you for now but I shal see you ogam soon. To my grandmother Never has this family needed a strong matriarch then at this moment We need you. Scott is the bnght. WHITE, light that is always a pleasant sight in my heterosexual life Can there be a greater friend in this world? Of all the places l have traveled I have never seen a man with a more gentle and loving heart To say that you are my closest friend would be an understatement Time will never move os fast os our friendship strengthens ps I will see you tomorrow and the next day as we rock to Alice. BSB. Opus, and Led Zepplin w our caffeine 'Goodnight Buddy To the Aunt Susie. Grammy and Dad Wible It was your nurturing spirit and strength that has gu»ded us to succeed Thank you for be ng so strong for us I love you very much. Stac. w an (eye): Be strong and powerful your destiny lies in greatness! To all my classmates: Khurram. Jide. Ar-teen. Bryan. Vikas. Rob. Frank Brett, and Matt. I think we have had a rapport that Is unmatched in all existence I wilt never let you down Thank you for tempering my path with your wisdom Laura and Jen-Thank you for making our group so specici To ail those I forgot to mention Do not partake my weak mind to be a symbol of unappreciation I know I will kick myself as soon as I turn tNs darn thing in 46Keith Goss, DPM Trinity University BS Biology Dear Mom and Dad I have tell your gentle spirits aside me through every step of this journey Along the woy. I have thought often of your soft smiles, which silently speak of the immense love and pride you hove for me I hove seen so cleorly that your care and devotion has no limits, and for this I am truly blessed, for I have not only been enriched with support, cut enriched with the most important lesson of Loving-kindness Dear Kovitho The world hos granted me the finest companion. I dream of you now - as I always have - as the presence of the divine In my life. I have bared my soul to you. so often without words And for years when I cast these dreams like flower petals on the wind, you captured them, still fragrant, and cherished them with great care deep in your heart And I. too. have painstakingly kept every whispered word, every special moment shared between us - and the larger spirit they held has been my vital energy of inspiration and ;oy. and has kept my heart focused on the ideal we shared so long ago. Humbled, my knees tremble - that I may accompany the woman of my dreams and witness for a lifetime the grace of true beauty. Dear Bob: Vour daily presence within my life will be missed, and I hesitate to think of this chapter closing along with the excellent conversation, the laughs, the big ideas, the herd times we shared But. I am eager to see such a combination of talent, heart, and determination press-on to create a brilliant future. I hove more confidence and admiration for you than l suspect you realized and I hope that knowing this, you will remember I am your biggest fan. next to your family I am proud to call you colleague, friend, confidant - and I am fortunate to have truly known and understood such a fine man Dear Austin Many have languished without a muse, but not I. You have visited into my hfe as an infinite source of possibilities, endless laughs, the most far-reaching Ideas, the most daring of plans I am in owe of the variety one person alone could bring to my life, without my asking, without payment, without any concern but the complete, generous surrender of all one could offer another after a full life's experience. You and indra are a most precious gift to this world, without equal, and I am honored to be a friend To all others Best wishes for a rewording future 47Jennifer Jean Gross-Eclwards, DPM MOM DAD-Thonk you for supporting me for oil these 20 yeors of school I can not believe that I am finally done with school Thank you for at) the cords, letters, and gifts that helped me to get through the hard times and that were a reward for oil the good times Thanks so much for everything, even the little things like the laundry and groceries And of course for all the moving in and out of dorms and apartments- was that 12 times? KARVN- Vou have been the best sister and friend We nove had our rough times like most sisters will have, but in the end there hos been more good times and better times ahead. I really enjoy our time together, especially since the wall came down for the final year before our weddings. I only wish the best for rny little sister and for her new life with Bert May the two of you be ever so hap py and lots of luck with the cards Thanks for everything (especially In froducing me to Kevin) KEVIN- You are truly the man of my dreams. To think that we have made Cedar Crest College BS Biochemistry so much over the past years from a blind date I look forward to being your wife and sharing the rest of our lives together You hove been there for me for the hard and good times Thank you so much for being who you are and allowing me to be who I am. BABA PAPPAP- Thank you for all the support Thank you for all the breakfasts and for having my favorite foods In stock whenever I come up to visit. PAPPY- Thank you for giving me support through out all my years of school I know that you are proud of me and MAMMY would be too. PAT- Thank you for everything that you have done since you entered my life. You and Don rosed o perfect gentleman LAURA- Thanks for ali the trips home, shopping, ond for all the bridal talk Best of luck to you ana Dove in your marriage JEN DOI CREW- Thanks for all the fun times at school Together we mode the yeors go by quicker and the lunch hours last longer. 48Alexandra Grulke, DPM University of Delaware BA Biological Sciences First. I must thank my family. Matt, you have been my coach, my best friend and my shoulder every time i have needed you To Emily, my sunshine, you fitl my heart with joy Mom ond Dod you pointed me In the nght direction and then supported me every step of the way Mom and Dad G thank you for all the times I came to you for help and you we re always there I came here to school to get an education, what I didn't count on was al) the friendships that I have gained and all the wonderful people that I have met Thanks to everyone Good Luck closs of 2001 49John Harris, DPM 50Craig Haueisen, DPM Salisbury State University BS Biology 51Robert C. Hinze, DPM University of Nebraska at Lincoln BA Anthrology — ---- DAUNTLESS 52Jennifer L. Johanson, DPM Ursinus College BS Biology To my fcmily Mom. Jonine. Jeannette and Billy. Thcnk you for oil of your unconditional love and support through oil of my years of school. You have given me encouragement and strength to strive and achieve my goals. When times were rough. I found comfort knowing that eoch of you were just a phone cell o way. I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful family. To Dad; I cherish the time that we were able to spend together, although too short I know that you will be smiling and cheering from above on graduation day and the years to follow To Mark thank you for your patience and unyield ng love over the last few years. You have helped me celebrate the good times and have helped carry me through the bad. I am giod thet you hove held my nend along this long journey, it has made it more fun You are the person that knows how to moke me laugh and knows how to wipe my teers i look forward to the beginning of our life together as husband and v.':fe To Dr. Stephanie Thank you for aB of you guidance and advice about school and life in general We hove known each other for years ond I cherish our friendship i wish you nothing but the best for the future! To the Class of 2001: Thank you for the memories and friendships. I wish you much success and happiness! •The highest reward for a person's toil is not who! they get for it, but what they become by it.' John Rushkln 53Tanya M. Judd, DPM Hampton University BA Biology To the Almighty Pother God. all praises are doe for giving unconditional love and everlasting life. In times I felt fear, courage, sadness, joy. and triumph, thank you Lord for hearing my prayers, being my comforter, and having your way m my life Whatever direction my path may lead. I will always remember your words and reach out on faith. Trust in the Lord with all your heart. And lean not on your own understanding, In all things acknowledge Him. And he shall direct your path Proverb 3:5-6 To Ma, Thanks for all of your love and support, both emotionally and finan daily I could not have done this with you believing n me and raising me with good morals and values One of these days I hope you will be discovered tor your raw comedic talents and acting abilities. To Family. A special thanks to my Grandparents for your prayers, understanding and lending ears Thanks to everyone for your calls, cards, emails and money that mode a difference in my life and kept me grounded To Monty Thanks for everything To Kristen, my partner in crime, thanks for listening to all the numerous stories and having my back. I know great things are in store for you I Just hope one day I will be able to offord your paintings. To Jay oka Raheem. thank you for being here with me and allowing me share my feelings with you. Thanks tor all the talks. |Okes, rides, and eats that mode school a little eosier to handle. I will never forget our friendship and the bond we share. You have o fnend in me for fife bruh!! To dl my friends. My ladies at TUSPM (FA.. NP. FM A.A T C ) and Jrde I wlB never forget the times we shared getting through these four years together Much love ond success to you Thanks to Melinda and Leslie for all your od-v»ce. To Dr Joseph. Dr. VJm. Dr. Hilistrom. Dr Mclllwaln. and Dr lemont, thanks for setting the examples of model clinicians 54Michelle Jupin, DPM Syracuse University BS Biology Dcd ond Mom. Your support hos deepened my self-confidence. your humor has brightened my outlook and your encouragement hos brought me closer thon ever to my dreams Always, you've been there to listen, to understand and to help me grow Thonk you both To my brothers- Rick. Bob and Mike. Growing up with the three of you hos mode me o tougher person Whether it was the brutal wresting matches or baseball gomes. I will always cherish our childhood together I wish the brightest future to each of you. Harbinder. Though miles seporate the two of us. you hove always been close by in my heart With you I am happier than I have ever been Thank you for being you 55Bryan Edward Kentner, DPM Ohio Dominican College BS Biology Mom Dad: Thank you for the love and support you've given me throughout my life. I wouldn't be the man that I om today without it. I can only hope that I may be as great a parent to my children os you were to me I love you both Mr. Mrs How Thank you for taking me into your family and for having such a wonderful daughter Your love and generosity have helped me arrive at this day I love you both. Ruih Anne. Heather. Loraine Karen You are the best sisters anybody could ask for. thank you for your encouragement throughout my life I love you all Carol To you I owe the most For putting up with me over all these years, through oil of our tribulations I thank you. For giving me the best yecrs of my life and for being my best friend. I thonk you And finally, for giving me the best little girls a man could ask for. I thank you. I love you. without you none of this would have been possible. Kelsey Madeline Thonk you for your smiles and love When I looked into your happy faces, all of my cares and worries vcnished. You kept me sane and grounded and allowed me to remain a kid at heart I love you both, Tim. Vikas Khurram You are my best friends and ore the best guys that anyone could ask to work with All those lost minute, late night cram sessions hove finally paid off Congratulations to you all and I w sh you a» the best n your future endeavors I love you guys 56Khurrham H. Khan, DPM New York University BA Biology in the nome of Alien, the Grocious. the Merciful All Praise be to him “There's no vocabulary for love within a family, love that's lived in. but not looked at Love within this light of which all other love fmds speech, this love is understood. T.S. Elliot Mom Dad I cou’dn't have done it without you You have given me everything and hove asked for nothing in return You gave me life, you gave me unwavering and unconditional love and belief. You gave me ail of you whenever I needed it Thank you. Thank you for all you have done for me Thank you for your love and support Thank you for the tremendous sacrifices you hove made for your children’s happiness. I hope I have made you proud I will do my best to honor you both Even though I don't say it much I love you now and I will love you always and forever Azam Farrukh Ok. you both have to call me Dr Bajain I hope that I have been o good brother to you both Someone with whom there are no secrets and there is no judgment I look forward to seeing you two striving for and enjoying all that life has to offer Remember whenever the weight of the world is on your shoulders and the ground below you begins to crumble, let me be the one you can to lift you up because as long as l am around you are never alone Always remember your family, your post, your heritage ond you will never fail Don Mattiacci-Thank you for all you have done for me, for my class, for TUSPM Dr Helfond-The man I respect the most ot TUSPM For a small guy you sure do have a big heart. Thank you for making the profession what it is today You will never be forgotten Faculty end Staff al TUSPM-Thanks for all your help and support I know many of you win breathe a sigh of relief when I am gone, but understand this, my motto is to leave o place better than when I found it As Albert Einstein once said •question always' 'I keep my friends as misers do their treasures, oeccuse. of all the things granted us by wisdom, none is greater than the friendship.'Pietro Aretino Things I will remember at TUSPM My third year Group Bryan 'Shady' Kentner. Tm •Tsiang Tsiu' Chen. Vikas •Your so money and you don't even know if Godhonia-there’s a reason we were the number one group. I gave you grief for your own good, but you guys are the greatest I wish you the best of luck Alcn-The only person I know who spent more time m the gait lab then in hrs room, we had some nice talks till the wee hours of the morning. I wish you and your family the best (ps-for me to poop onl). Saji the •onti-lndian'-my first roommate and my first friend here at TUSPM We had some wonderful talks times together, good luck in whatever you do Ray-long talks ond practical jokes, wei-' its over dude Good luck to you. Louro the mutt Chad ’big guns' Clause-don t ever chcnge. actually scratch that-PLEASE CHANGE Amnon-we win always have the garbage can Incident to re-live over and over ogain Thanks for your late night taiks. and the late night cappuccinos, good luck in everything Samir- l have a quick question , meanwhile my phone bills are through the roof-be well Frank-thanks for 4 yeers of friendship, cigars, and the best dinners at TUSPM Brett Bert-our car rides to jersey Good luck gentlemen Matt-remember anatomy lab study breaks-deuces brother Loura-fhonks for sitting across from me in Anatomy lob. Sondra-Thanks for teaching me about thongs, (ond for show tg me yours) Darcy-all the jokes in class end the M ata-it was an experience to say the least Doerr-I'll visit you in Florida for those fishing trips. Marc-the only perverted M M in the bunch. Scott Rahul-you can't say one without the other-Rahul; Shri 420 will always be better than Anarl. Lots of luck to you both Jlde-tne night with Harkiess-one of my most memorable experiences at TUSPM. I am glad we could share it To all the class officers past and present thank you for making it a success. To my ’pimp daddy ccddy'-l miss you To all my friends at TUSPM. too many to name, ond to the closs of 2001 on o whole. Thank you for letting me be your President the last four years. Remember th $-'’Dream what you want to dream go where you want to go. be what you want to be. because you have only one life and one chance to do ail the things you wont to do " Good luck, be well, ana God speed to oil. 57Glenda King, DPM n i Dartmouth College BA Biochemistry 58Jason Kline, DPM Wake Forest University BS Biology 59James W. Kutchback, DPM Memphis State University BS Biology This degree is dedicated to the memory of my mom I love you and I miss you This degree was made possible by the love and support of family and friends. Especially my wife. Elizabeth, .there is no way I would be here today without her I love you very much and I'm proud to have you for my wife without her, you'd see a different man; I'm what she makes of me. she's half the man I am " Clint Black AND the best mother-in-law and fo-ther-ln-law In the whole world .James and atsy Ccpo. Two incredible things you've done for me. give me your blessings to marry your doughter. then take her halfway across the country to chase my dream I love you both Class of 2001 may we always strive to become loyal servants to your community 60Kelly R. Lawler, DPM University ot Delaware BS Chemistry Molecular Biology Mom Dad The support you both have given me throughout my life has been more than I could have ever asked for I am extremely lucky to have pcrents like you Thanks for all the long distance phone calls and for listening to me when I needed you to I should thank you more for the kick in the butt whenever I needed it At least I never hod to read to you ot the dinner table! I love you both more than you know!! Tracy. Norv. Ty Madalyn: Lurehoggs. I made it' Thanks for all the support and care packages you sent me! J All the little things made me feel not so far from home and from all of you!! Thank you and I love you all! I Shannon. Billy Kaycee We all have had a tough few years, but we mode Itl We Doth leaned on each other"s shoulder once in a while and became stronger because of it Thank you and I love you ollll Brian How con I tell you how much you mean to me We hove been though so much over the past 5 years and now we have finally made it Our future can really begin now You are my best friend, supporter, and love of my life. I would not have been able to make it through school without youll! Thank youl! I love you!! J Parul I will miss you and all of our little 'adventures over the past few years. I will never forget them You know you can always call on me when you need I wish the best In all you do and happiness in life You are my best friend here and I couldn't hove made it through without our Shopping trip stress rebevers!! J Group 20: Cindy. Jen. Rich, and lu-per. I only have a few words for you all! Sesmoidial Cabbages! Same height Same weight Same shoe size What a perfect group! J I will miss you all dearly and wish you all the best of luck, success, and happiness ( adventuring os far out of the city os we canll J) Class of 2001. For those friends I mode during my time here. I will miss you all and the fun we hod To those who I didn't get the chance to be closer to. I wish we had the chance to change it. Best wishes to all. and remember that there is life beyond feet Don't forget to experience It!! J 61Todd Adam Levenstein. DPM S.U.N.Y. at Binghamton BA Biology 'Great spirits have alwoys found violent opposition from mediocrities. The latter cannot understand it when a man does not thoughtlessly submit to hereditary prejudices but honestly and courageously uses his intelligence Mom S Dad; 'if I have seen farther than others, it Is because I was standing on the shoulders of giants' — Albert Einstein How does one express gratitude for a lifetime of love’ What do you say to the two most influential people in your life? The people who took core of you. taught you right from wrong, lead by example, let you know that win or lose they are still proud, stood by you when no one else would, allowed you to experience life, sacrificed so that there children would hove more than they did. never lost confidence in you. and gave you the gift of life. I say thank you from the bottom of my heart I love you both Your wisdom, support, and love will remain with me alwoys. Dawn: You are the one person in the world that I cannot get mad at Your sensitivity, sympathy, and ability to care for others, is what mokes you such an excellent teacher and a special sister. I app eciate our phone conversations that help me to put things in perspective You are going to make for a beautiful bride, and a wonderful wife. Damon To the 'little brother that adds a little bit of spice into the world I cannot imagine growing up without you. Your humoristic approach in diffusing difficult situations is a tribute to your character You are my brother, my advisor, and my best friend Thank you for showing me that kfe con be much more exciting if you go out and take risks. I want you to know that I will always be there for you. Grandma To the kindest and most caring women I know You hove sat bock for years and watched your grandchildren grow into a teacher, a doctor and a lawyer Every bit of the way you were bursting with pride. It is time for you to take credit for your accomplishments I want thank you for your support and encouragement I know that grandpa Is smiling down upon us. Friends To Steve (golden boy). Brett (grandpa). Adam (muchln clot). Matt (balls), and Jason (gold). I cannot imagine getting through such stressful times without such a good group of friends. I cannot think of a better way to waste endless hours of lecture, than by passing 'top ten' notes that literally degrade and dehumanize one another Who better than to spend countless hours at nightclubs with, just for a chance to go 'trolling ? What better way to spend loan checks for school, than to gamble them owoy on poker games every Tuesday night’ Thanks for showing me that life does exist beyond the boundaries of New York To my non-TUSPM friend, Stacy: Thank you for putting up with such a difficult person. You are a true friend. Ihe Road Not Taken Two roads diverged In a yellow wood. And sorry I could not travel both And be one traveler, long I stood And looked down one os far os I could To where it bent in the undergrowth; Then took the other, as ;ust as foir. And having perhaps the better claim. Because it was grassy and wanted wear. Though as for that, the passing there Had worn them really about the same. And both that morning equally lay In (eaves no step had trodden black Oh. I kept the first for another day I Yet knowing how way leads to way. I doubted if I should ever come back I shall be telling this with o sigh Somewhere ages and ages hence Two roads diverged in a wood, ond l- l took tne one less traveled by. And that has made all the difference 62Keith J. Luper, DPM University of Alabama at Huntsville BS Biology My wife Anyone willing to sacrifice for me whot you have since we were marned is sick - gel help. Seriously. I thank you for being an I could ever dore to ask and more What a really crazy way to begin a life together When we're finally able to have more normal lives we may be bored. Therefore, to prevent boredom, how about law school or ostroncut school an acting career just kidding, baby I love you My family: Thank you ail for your continual support of my endeavors, no matter how ridiculous at times Without such love and support I would never have hod the confidence and inspiration to achieve much of anything I love you oil very much My friends: Thank all of you for showing me that our dreams can be made into realities. Yes. the slocker of the group is finally ready to begin a career also You guys are the best 63Christopher E. Majewski, DPM The George Washington University BS Physical Therapy 64Florence M. Marcus, DPM Morgan State University BS Biology Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Praise Him all creatures here below. Praise Him above ye heavenly host. Praise Father. Son. and Holy Ghost Footprints of Jesus, leading the way. Footprints of Jesus, by night and by day; Sure if I follow, life w.il be sweet' Saved by the prints of His wounded feet God has been so good to me. if I had ten thousand tongues. I just couldn't thank Him enough I Mommy and Daddy: You both have given me a wonderful life since the day I was born I can never thonk you enough for all the sacrifices you both made to ensure that Mackie and I hod everything. God truly sent me the best parents in the worla Your faith in me has allowed me to reoch for the stars and soar for the highest heights You both exposed me to the best a‘l my life and taught me to be the best ct whatever I do. I appreciate all the prayers and the late night conversations about everything I can only hope that I hove lived up to the high ‘Marcus standards you taught me so long ago Thank you tremendously and infinitely for your love and support. I love you both. Matthew You have been a wonderful brother throughout my life Growing up with you has been a great and fun experience Thanks for getting me in trouble with Mommy and Doddy o" the time I have always enjoyea being your •little sis and following behind you all the time. You are indeed a wonderful Marcus man end I have always admired you. Thonks for always being there for me. I love you Mama Florence Thanks for giving me your beautiful name I am sorry for worrying you with my going up and down the road, but your prayers kept me safe You taught me how to be a warm, thoughtful, loving, and family-oriented young lady because you exemplified it to me all my life. I love you and thank God for your 91 years Dona and Chris Dana, you have given me a beautiful nephew and I thank you. I have enjoyed our sister-to-sister talks over the years and I’m proud to call you my sister-in-law Thank you for your support Chris. God bless your young, precious life May you grow up to have the best of everything and whatever your heart desires Family and Friends: Your love, support and prayers hove motivated me and kept me going every since I can remember All of you have been there to offer me encouragement through all of my hopes, dreams, ana goals, at home, away from home, and obroad. and I cannot thank you enough for that I always love our family gatherings, because the moments and memories are so precious I love you all 11 look forward to many more good times together and pray for prosperity, happ ' ess. and success amongst everyone Marcus. Thcnk you for your love and support always Dr Gifliam-Phillips: Thonk you for Introducing me to the wonderful world of podiatry. I appreciate your support and help. Church Family Thank you for your prayers and know that God has definitely answered them. The Crew We have been together for 4 years It's been great having you all beat me up all the time about everything I've enjoyed our chats and crazy study sessions May God continue to bless you all in your podiatric careers and throughout your lives Stay In touch I'll miss you all Instructors and Clinicians Thank you for allowing me to be In your presence during this time. I appreciate how each of you has in your own way touched my life, shaped me as a person, and molded my education Of course I have tried to absorb all of your knowledge by asking questions, so I cannot thank each of you enough for your time, lunch hours, and patience I only hope that I con be a podiatrist of whom you oil will be very proud TUSPM Fomily Student Affairs. Minority Affairs. Office Personnel. Financial Servi ces, Maintenance. Clinic Personnel Housekeeping. Front Desk. Med Records. Everybody. I love you ail1 Thanks for all of your help and time. You all kept me laughing and gave me warmth and a semblance of home Class of 2001 it has been o pleasure getting to know you all. I will miss our time together I wish you all mega bucks, hcpplness. and love always 65Scott McLeod, DPM Moravian College BS Biological Science Mom Where do I begin? vou told me one day to reach for the stars and here this doy I present it to you You told me to never stop dreaming. I shall not Wisdom, courage, strength, and warmth are the only words to describe your very being I groduate today a doctor but my true degree of humanity. I owe to you You are my educator. You hove shown me to put others before yourself. and so I do. You have mode me who l am today and today I thank you. If I had one last breath in my body to spare. I would sum up my whole entire life by saying. 'I LOVE YOU . Gram and Dad How can I fafl If never given the chance? How can I stumble if all paths before me are cleared? Grammy, you are the core of this family ond your strength ond beauty know no boundaries Dad. these are some of the words that remind me of you: 'Work. Ethics. But ter Pecan Ice cream. Taxi. Coach. Early to Rise. Foundation and Above all Hero Family: Tom, Sally. Justin, Lisa. Mark, Ashton. Collin. Aunt Eddie. Uncle John, ond the cousins, we are one big happy family Jason The best guitarist I know You have already succeeded in life ond I have never been so proud of your accomplishments You will be one doy my 'best man Stoci Stacl w an 'i . you have made life easier for me by becoming the fuel of my ambition. I love you Arteen Ten-Four Brown Camel. Who else can assist me in stopping a tran- sit bus. We have directed traffic at movements and maybe even changed the course of history You have always been In my thoughts I cannot express how much our friendship has meant I will always remember DD and ST Say 'hi' to the family for me ond especially your little brother Friends: Nina. Rob H., Brett. Matt, you ore and have been in my prayers every night I wish you success hop-plness and prosperity Gor Family: Betty and Philbp (Bharti and Dilip). Kemcho (That is all l know). Thank you for your love and attention and for being my second family. Rahul: My mentor. Four years ago I could have never guessed that I would have instilled a friendship so powerful os the one l have today. I owe my DPM to you You are my best friend and you ore brown. You ore and win always be 'The Indian Amaretto coffee. Seinfeld at 7 30 w dinner and countless hours of conversation will always be remembered. Wherever I go and whatever I do. my heart stays with you Your mission in life is put a smile on every face you encounter but especially the one m me. You are a walking dictionary but above all the sweetest guy I know ps I wi see you tomorrow and the day after that 'Good night buddy Class of 2001.1 am humbled by having the opportunity to work with the most tolented group ever. Laura ana Jen thank you To the rest of 2001 May God bless you all 66Jessica F. Merker, DPM 67Justine M. Metcho, DPM To My Parents God has blessed me with two of the most wonderful people to have for parenls. Mom and dad. you have given Ron and I such a happy and loving home Thank you for an of the sacrifices that you have made, the support you have given and for all of the encouragement that you have given us Dod. thank you for all of the early Monday morning rides to Lewisburg and Philadelphia I will treasure those conversations that we had You are the best father, always putting your children first i admire you so much, and am very proud of your accomplishments. Thank you for allowing me to reach my goals and thank you for all of the encouragement you have provided along the way I love you very much dadl Mom, you ore so very special to me. You are the person who has Instiled in me the importance of education, remember Ant-arc-tica? We hove such o close bond. I am so very lucky to have you for a morn Words cannot express how thankful I am for all that you have done for rne. You are the most beautiful person I know, both Inside and out From the bottom of my Bucknell University BA Biology heart, I love you mom! Ronnie, thank you for bringing joy and loughfer to my heart Just thinking of you makes me smile i am so proud of you You have turned out to be such a greet person i love youl The four of us. we always were and always will be a team. To John- Five years ago you come into my life and I thank the stars every nlgnt for bring ng us together I could never count all of the reasons why you mean so much to me I could never count all ot the Joy end happiness that you have given me I could never find enough ways to say how much I am in love with you. For all that you have brought to my life John, thank you. For always being so proud of me and supportive of me. thank you You are such a good person, always putting me first You have been my pillar of strength, with out which | never would have made it How lucky am I to be marrying my best friend and the love of my life With ell of my heart and soul. I love you John. Forever 68Melissa Ordan Miller, DPM University of Maryland BS Biology Jason You are the love of my life, my best friend, and my soul mate I would never have made it this far if it weren't for your constant love and support You inspire me everyday to be the very best I can be both In my professional and personal life. I wish words could express how very special you are to me These last few years hove been difficult at times, but we've onJy grown closer We’ve shared so much together, laughed together, and sometimes cried together. and I know In my heart that we were mode for each other I couldn't have done this without you. I love you monkey! 'You complete me. - Jerry McGuire Mom- I don't know exactly when It happened, when you mode the transition from mother to friend, but I want you to know how very special you are to me. Thank you so much for always being there to listen to me. and help me through the rough spots You have always encouroged me to be a strong. Independent woman, and I appreciate that more than you know I hope I've made you proud I love you! Dad I mode It! You have helped me get through this journey every step of the way It has meant so much to me that whenever I needed to talk about school or just life, you put everything else down and listened You have always made me feel like I could accomplish anything, and I want to thank you so much for all of your love end support. Who else would still hang my report cards on the fridge? I will always be daddy's little girl I love you Ryan: I couldn't hove asked for a better brother You are such a car- ing warm, and fun person, and I want you to know that I consider you a friend There have been times when you were the only person I could talk to who understood, and for that I want to thank you I always know that I'll laugh and have fun when we hang out (and get my ass kicked) I love you little brother-sorry •younger brother. Momma Elaine Popa Bert You are the best grandparents in the world I love you both so much, and I want to thank you for all of your tremendous generosity You are so incredibly loving and giving, and you always make me feel so special I love spending time with you. Thank you for being there whenever I need to talk You have taught me so much I love you Janet. Stuart. Steven: You ore all so very special to me You have been so incredibly supportive, and for that I want to thank you. I feel so lucky to be gaming such an amazing family. I love you all Jodi Well babe, we made it You are one of my best friends, and I am so lucky to have met you when I did We hove been through so much these lost four years, and l look forward to being friends for life You are an amazing girt with so much to offer this world, and I am so proud of all of your accomplishments. Congratulations. I love you. John You have become one of my best fnends Who would've thought a princess and a Kennedy would hit it off so well? Thank you for being such a fun. coring, and honest friend Good luck in everything, and I guess I'll see you at CME in Hawaii-right? (smiley face) 69Marc V. Minner, DPM Rutgers University BA Biology To my wife and parents Thonk you tor all of your love and support Without you, l would hove never mode it this for This was not on individual accomplishment, but rather a group effort l To my friends in 'The Circle of Idiocy it has been a long, hard rood thanks for makmg if more bearcble If I take nothing else from my four years at TUSPM. I gained some good friends Ray the Intergolactlc Douchbag Ferrara Jim 'Cold Beer Kutchback Steve 'Grandpa Wirt John 'Chicken Beak Harris Adam 'Real men don't drive M-atas Darcy Khurram 'Big Buddha Khan Vikos Got a Honda Godhonia Chad 'The Cherry Clause Saji ’Slideboy Simon Sondra 'Big Guns' Berger Eiise 'Could you pick up that pen for us?' Nelsen Keith Extro On ons Luper Rob ’The Sniper Winze To all of my classmates; best of luck in your future careers Just remember. podiatry is what we do. not who we ore. 70Hengelberth D. Montufar, DPM Rutgers University BA Biology Mama, grades a usted y a Dios por derme la vida Grccias por estar alii siempre para contesfar todas mis preguntas y por darme todos $us consejos. Usted es muy importante para mi Gonzalo, gracias par ser mi papa Gracias por dar tanto incondicional-mente Su perseverancia fue la que me inspiro a seguir adetante Tlo Yuri y Corino, grades por los em-pujones y los reality checks Espero tenertos a mi lado por el resfo de mi vlda, osi como yo estore al lado de ustedes Tlo Esteban. Tia Mayra. Esteban. Karla, Alejandro. Carlos y toda la famine en los Estados y Guatemala, gra-Cios por inspirarme y darme proposito pora seguir adelante Class of 2001. thank you for my experience on diversity You all have contributed to my growth and development either directly or Indirectly. Tim. thanks for all the talks and tne joking around Pel-da. thank you for being there for me I will not forget you I wish you the best of luck and success, you deserve it 71Adam P. Mucinskas, DPM Assumption College BA Biology To all my family and fnends especially Mom. Dad. ond Kristen Although the rood may have been bumpy at times, and the distance especially trying If was you who made the hard times a little easier and the dark times a Kttle brighter Without your enduring patience, love ond support none of this would have been possible For ail the ways you nave been there for me. ond an the ways you continue to be there for me i just wanted to soy thank you To all my friends anew Always look to the future, but don't forget the past. Thanks for making life in Philly a little easier Be sure to take care of yourselves. I wish all of you the best of luck in the future Thanks again, — Adam 72Elise Janell Nelsen, DPM Wilkes University BS Biology Mom and Walt I lov© you both so much. I know it hasn't been easy, but your guidance and support has helped me through It oil. Thank you for giving me strength, encouragement, ana :ove Mom. you ore my best friend, and I am truly grateful that you are also my mother Pearl I heard a saying once that reminded of you 'You ore the reciest person I know. Thanks for all of the memories and for always being there for me. We definitely had a ROYAL time I will always have a place on the beach for you when the PTA gets to be too overwhelming Who else could make a rainy trip to Baltimore more exciting then me. you. and a lot of cheesecake? Thi: To my guardian angel, you are a special and caring person who has brought so much joy to my life Thank you for listening to me and giving me strength when I needed it You are a beautiful individual who will always have a place In my heart Marilyn You hove been a true frtend Thank you for being there whenever I need a shoulder Don't ever forget driving in the snow chasing strange men from Home Depot, faking pic- tures of dinner, the lovely tr-p to Temple's ER. and our many. many, many visits to Outback I wish you the best m all that you do. and I can't wait to see your house I know it will be oeoutiful. Keith Your brilliance and kind heart has enriched my life Thank you for being such a great friend Jarrett Such a sweetheart you are Even though you can read me like a book. I am so glad that I got to know you You are truly a wonderful person Sorry about the spell. Sleepy Where would I be without your support? Thank you for always being there when I needed perspective. Chris, Jason. Ed: You guys made third year more than interesting Thanks for all of the laughs. Gass of 2001 It was great to know all of you Thanks for being the best class ever at TUSPMIIH Just remember to 'love to live and live to love 73Babajide A. Ogunlana, DPM University of Illinois BS Biochemistry Praise be to God Almighty for His infinite Blessings m my life Special praise to my ancestors (ogun tana rere ko mi o) for they paved the way for me to be here today A journey that began twenty eight years ago has now reached a monumental milestone that cans for celebration A few people have made an impact on this journey and do deserve some mention To my parents thank you for raising me. and for instilling in me the virtues of life The notion that 'Charity begins at Home which you instilled in me early on in life Is still a big driving force in my life I am grateful for your encouragement and support throughout my education Thank you for giving me the opportunity to grow up to be a responsible citizen of the world. To Alhaja Falilat Anjorn I wish you were here to see me walk on stoge. I am sure you are watching over me. and I hope I have made you proud. I miss you so much. It hos been a long and hard-fought rood, but I’ve made it There were times when I was in need, and the Lord always sow to it that my needs were met. We often hear that 'behind every successful black man. there is a strong block woman This saying is epitomized by you. Funke I am thankful for your love and support for the past four years. Thank you for giving me that bundle of joy. Dotun She is a blessing from above We have to be grateful to the Lord for giving us the strength to persevere In the midst ot trials and tabulation I want to congratulate you on your graduation from the Pharm D pro- gram at Howard University. I know it's been one long road, but you ore already there Stay strong, and be positive To my wonderful sister. Deun. you are the best. You encouraged me when I needed to be encouraged. You gave me financial and moral support whenever I needed it I Just wont to say thank you for believing In me I love you. To my fellow group 6 (Thi. Susan. Tommy, and Steve), it's been quite an experience and I am glad l got a chance to work with you all Good luck to you. ond God bless. To every member of TUSPM class of 2001, it's been a pleasure knowing you all. I will cherish the memory of our experiences together. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be your noteservice coordinator for the post two years I wish you ail the best in your future endeavors To Tonya Judd, thanks for being like a sister to me To JC. thanks for those heorl to heort talks. To Flo, thanks for staying on my bock freshmen year To Leslie Robinson. Mary Sheriff. Jason Langley, and other members of class of 1999 and 2000. thank you for furnishing me with those 'supplies and textbooks. I am very appreciative. There is an old saying that 'the heort that cares remembers and my heart remembers you today end always. Stay true to yourself, and you will never be wonting I txd you farewell hoping that someday our paths will cross ogam Congratulations Class of 2001111 -Bobajide Ademyl Oguniano 74Susan Paek, DPM Barnard College-Columbia University BA Biology To my family and friends: Thonk you Thank you for the support and help whenever I needed it Thanks for the confidence you had in me to become a seif-relicnt person Thanks for giving me hope when I doubted myself. Thcnks for the heartaches and the laughs, they all contributed to my learning about life To clinic group 6. Thi. Tammy, and Jide HEYIII We're done1 I know all of you guys will do great m all your endeavors Don't forget each other We're were a great group to work with. I hod fun working with you guys. Thanks to Jide and Tommy for giving us a lift to the outside rotations. Tommy. you keep smiling and making your snide little jokes. 24 years old. Hmmm j Jide. you were a good SNPMA-VP and we achieved a lot Good luck and much success to you. moke our profession proud Thi, you ore a great, dear friend through out the whole time we were in school Thank you for the lunches, and dinners whenever I was sick or too busy to eat Thank you for your spiritual support and morale support, you could bring a smile to anyone's face. J Just don't kick or hit anyone out there. Hugs to you ail i want to thank the TUSPM class 2001 for making these three to four years memorable I would like to thank each and every one of you guys in this yearbook but I would run out of room Thanks for all the laughs and support, it was fun working with you guys Good Luck out there Susan Paek 75Parul K. Patel, DPM Baylor University BS Biology Mom and Dad — What can I say. you have given me everthing I have ever dreamed about There is nothing more I could ever ask for Both of you have been my inspiration in life Watching you os I grew up. I have realizea that anything Is possible In life with the love and support of your family Thank you for always being there for me end for your support I hope l have made you as proud of me as I am of you. I love you very much, Neal — My younger brother. Ihe one i used to get in trouble all the time, until one day you realized how to outsmart me ond turned the tables. I have watched you grow from a scrawny little boy who didn't care about anything into a fine young man Thank you for always being there when I needed you. even If it was for stupid things. I am very proud to be your sister. Just remember one thing, you will never get rid of me — 50% Elise — Can words truly express what we have been through the post years. We made ItII I don't think I have acquired as many memories with anyone else os I have with you From the summer of 99. to our rood trips (Remember AC? Ocean City?), to the wonderful city of Athens, PA. and some of the not so wonderful experiences, studying, putting up with each others' moods, and of course men. Thank you for all the times l needed someone to talk to and for making these yeers bearable I want you to always keep in mind, dreams do come true, i'll see you ot the beech in 20 years. Michelle — My surrogate Indian friend I couldn't mcke any Indian friends, so I hed to improvise and find someone to share the culture and food with. You always know how to make someone laugh and enjoy the simple things in life I know I'll never find someone who con sing those 80’s tunes like you Merk — What will I do in my spare time?? Thursday rights?' Good luck ond alwoys remember to have fun Kelly — We've been through a lot these post few years. Who else could I count on to cccompany me on my escapades? I hope the future brings you everything you deserve and more Class of 2001 — I'm glad I had the chance to bring some fun info our yeors here and to get to know each one of you. Good luck to ad of you in the future. 76Maxime Patenaude, DPM College de Maissonneuveo DEC Health Science God You hove been with me throughout my life and especoily these post few years. I thank you for every opportunity you gave me and those that ore yet to come Show me the path and I will wolk it Chantole: My Angel. I felt your presence every step of tne way Keep an eye on me and oil our family I will think of you every day I love you Marcel ef Olive: Sans vous. je ne serais pas ou je suis aujourd'hui. Votre support a dtd sera toujours indispensable Toutes ces anodes de sacrifices n'ouront pas dtd vaines. Merci miile et une fois' Mere, tes pieds ne te feront plus souffrir. foi de oodiotre. Pere. c'est le temps de jouer au golf J'olmerais remercier tous ceoux qui ont cru en moi et fait de cette oven ture une rdussite Louis. Monon. Christian. Mothieu. Fred. Marius. Charles. Rob, lo famine VaiHancourt et tous mes amis d maison. as wellos all my T U.S.P M classmates Julie My love, we beat all odds Quel beau couple nous formons Je ne peaux Imoginer ma vie sans tot Ton amour m'a donne courage de passer d trovers ces demldres anodes et je ne te remercierai jamais assez Une dtape de plus est malntenant termlnde et j'attends Impatiemment ceile ou nos vies seront unies d jamais Je t’aimais. je t'oime et je t'oimerai. 77Matthew J. Pettengill, DPM Eastern Connecticut State University BS Biology Through it all I have leorned that TUSPM hod more to offer than I ever expected and that new adventures will always be just around the corner I look forward to a bright future with the hope that my classmates and I will reap every reward afforded to only those whose efforts go above and beyond the call of duty, To the class of 2001. Cheers! Mom and Dad Thank you for never doubting my ability or questioning my path You are always there for me with a kind word, a shoulder, a waBetl I love you 2 Dtddly-Bop Thcnks for understanding all that I am and ever will be We came up fom da hood togeta - ya no 'You’re my closest link to the post and I love you. s«s Nana and Grampy Thank you for cord games al night, cake and the beach I love you both. Grampy. wherever you are. th s one’s for you' Tara You are the girl of my dreams and my best friend Thank you for reminding me of optimism, forgiveness. and true love, before you. I had forgotten I love you dearly 2001-remember, always: Steve-Maul. penny drinks.Comping. T.L Smooth Nipple-never leove you wingman Jay-12 in 1 week, smoke breaks on the roof Adam-Comping in the catskllls. Mr Peels John- Banana Man vs. The Brown Spot Bret-what’s a 'reflex'? Max- weii obviously. I’m out of here'. Poker night. Bert-why are our pasts so similar? Khur-rom- studying for the boards, the biggest breakfast I have ever seen. Laura- the best lab partner a guy could ask for Rahul-good luck in Africa. Scott 'Gookus' M-'l couldn’t help noticing you. noticing me' Michelle-have you been working out? Parul-I can't bei eve you let Jay operate on you Glenda- Riverdance1. 'is that a satellite campus? Austin-now I know how to make Chicken Brewster Jason K 'That’s not what I asked, not what I asked' Scotty V •Allillll right now. yooouuu guuys'. this was such a circus To the rest of the class of 2001. thank you for the good times and remember my smile as I will remember each of yours 78Naomi S. Petty, DPM Hampton University BS Biology The Lord is my strength and my shield, my heart is trusted in him and I am helped My heart leaps for joy and I will give thanks to him in song Psalm 28 7 To my family Thank you for olwoys loving me and encouraging me to continue on ond to do my best You all are the best and I don't know what I would do without you l can only pray that I can continue to make all of you proud in the coming years. Thank you for everything, and I mean everything you have done for me I will always be grateful You all are truly the wind beneath my wings Granny: May you be in the arms of the angels I look forward to seeing you ogoin. so until then I love and miss you. C C: My Hamptonian sisters, you both are great and l couldn't ask for better friends Thank you for always looking out and for always being there for me I love you both Jackie: I bet you never knew that helping a lost Ogre find her way to Armstrong Field would turn into such a beautiful relationship You are like a sister to me and l thank you from the bottom of heart Joseph: I con't find the words to let you know how much you mean to me and how thankful I am to hove you in my life We have shared a lot in a little bit of time and your friendship. love and "Madness have encouraged me more than you'll ever know, and for thot I love you and I thank you Antoinette: I hold you so dear to my heart and I thank you for all the good times and for keeping me sane. I can't imcgine being here without you. Thank you and God bless you Tammy. Tanya and Felicia My workout divas, I will never forget all the laughs we had together, especially our happy hours I can't emphasize enough how wonderful you all ore to me and that I love ya'II so much. You all made being here something memorable I wish you all luck and love Flo Know that I will never, ever forget you. Thank you for always looking out for me. I wish you all the luck Jarrett and Jide You guys have been great ond I thank you for always bemg there for me. Good luck ond God Bless Adam Brett »3 and 10 out of 8. it has been great having you os friends and chnic partners I'll never forget you guys. I wish you both good luck and happiness For those names not mentioned, but never forgotten, the thanks and appreciation I have for you is immense Thanks and God bless 79Lanhuong T. Pham, DPM University of Texas at Dallas BS Molecular Biology Mom Dad' Com on Ba vo M© nhreu lorn, do thuong yeu con trong mol hoan canh cua cuoc song. Con that may man vo hanh phuc da duoc Ion ten trong vong tay yeu thuong cham soc cua Ba Me Bo Me da nuoi vc day con nen nguol tot de den hom noy con duoc truong thanh. Con hy vong rang minh s© !a mot bcc sy tot de khoi phu long nang do vo lo long cua Ba Me dcnh cho con trong 27 nam qua Brothers Thanks so much to my two wonderful brothers (Juan and Huynh) - for always supporting me and caring for me I love and appreciate both of you dearly I am truty blessed to have such a wonderful family because you both give me encouragement. Anh Duy Thanks for your presence In my life and I fell fortunate to have you. I have learned from you a great deal although I have not said much to you up until today I appreciate every moment thal we been together ©specially your love and caring Church Friends Thanks to all of my wonderful friends at The Vietnamese Euchanstic Youth Groups Your support and caring has helped me so much for the last four yeors while I was away from home I will keep each of you in my prayers Elise and Michelle Thanks for be-ng such great roommates and friends. I feel lucky to know both of you. 1 wish you both the best in the future. Clinic Group 6 It almost doesn't seem real thanks to Susan. Jide. Tammy and Steve for making the four years go quickly Susan, you helped me a lot You walked with me whenever I needed you and brought me food when I was sick You ail will be in my heart Most of all thanks to God for giving me strength, ability, guidance, family and friends that have helped me to become who I am today Lanhuong Pham 80Margaret Portela, DPM Rutgers University BS Zoology Physiology Thank you God for navigating me through this journey Mom and Dod: Thonk you so much for your love. help, and support these past years I would not have accomplished this without you Thanks for all the encouragement and for believing In me even when I didn't believe in myself This degree is really not mine, but yours, for it would have been impossible for me to earn It without you. I love you both very much Sofia Thanks sis for always making me laugh when i went home I will always treasure the summers we spent together We really did have a blast!! I am very proud of you and I love you very much Anthony Babe, words cannot express how happy I am that you ore in my life I am so glad you came into my life 9 years ago I couldn't have made it through these past four years without your love You have been my rock and you have been my strength throughout these 4 challenging years. Thank you for encouraging me to keep going even when I thought I couldn't. You never failed to be there for me and you always believed in me. I look forward to spending the rest of our lives together I love you so much Clinic Group « 4 Thank you so much for the best clinic group anyone could ask for You three ladies are true professionals and I wifi always remember the great times we had together I wish you the best of luck In the future and l hope that we can always keep in touch Mari and Nikki We did It I Thcnk you for your friendship I will always vclue our friendship and all the fun we had together You made these post three years bearable Thank you for all your help, your pearls of wisdom and for alwoys making me roar. I wiH always fondly remember the birth-dcy parties, endless phone conversations. dinners at Fridays and Olive Gordon, and all the other fun stuff I am so glad that our paths crossed I miss you both already Bela Thank you for your friendship You were the very fwsl person I met the day I moved into the apartment complex that hot Sunday afternoon I remember how nervous I was but your calmness helped me r.. .ax And now we have made It 11 really hod so much fun in clinic this year. I will always remember the laughs and fun we had together. I will miss you very much Malini Thank you for your friendship. I will never forget the Interesting conversations and laughs we had together I will always remember your encouraging words Never change who you are and keep spreading your sunshine. I will miss you very much. Padrino and Abuelita. Thanks for your love and support through all these years You always made my weekends brighter when I went home and l love you both. Abuelito and Madrino You are both gone but certainly not forgotten. Thank you for your love and encouragement throughout the years My only regret is that you are not here to celebrate my graduation with us I miss you both so much but I believe that you are here in spirit and I love you both Prlncesa Thonk you for 18 years of love and affection I love and miss you so much and I will always remember you Congratulations and Good Luck Class of 200111 81Jennifer S. Price, DPM University of Delaware BA Biology Mom You have been by my side every step of the way You have taught me the value of love, fnend-ship and family I am amazed by your devotion to both your work and family You have set a wonderful example for me to follow t would not be the person that I om today without you I love and respect you more than words can say. THANK YOU! Brad Who would have thought we would end up being such good friends with the track record we have’ We have come a long way from the car fights in the back of the wagon You hove become more than just a brother to me You truly are my best friend You hove been there through ihe tough times, when I needed you most I want you to know that I will always be here for you Dad l know you are up there looking down on me with a big smile. I finally a.d it! I love and miss you everyday Granamom: I can't tell you how lucky I feel to have you in my life. Your kindness and generosity have been an inspiration to me The Invaluable life lessons you have taught me will never be forgotten Allen Well. I fincily mode it. I would not have been cble to do if without you by my side Thank you for your love, support end patience You truly ere my soulmate Group 20: Cindy. Keith, Kelly and Richard - l om so grateful to have known and worked with all of you. it was a pleasure to be part of such a caring and considerate group I will miss you all Don't forget about the Group 20 reunion To my friends at TUSPM I guess the time has finally come to move on Each of you has helped make these four trying years more enjoyable The people we meet and the friendships we make become part of who we ore. I will not forget any of you 82Brian C. Quick, DPM Southern Methodist University BA Biology 83Arteen Rassool, DPM Old Dominion University BS Biology Dear Lynette I can't believe three Dear Mom and Dad: How con i possi- years have gone by since we have bly express how grateful I am for be- been together It seems like I have ing fortunate enough to have you os known you all my life I could never my parents? You have sacrificed so imagine living in Philfy without you much and dedicated your ell mto You became my family away from giving us the proper environment to my family We have made it through grow and to succeed in As a young the tough times together hand In boy growing up. I looked up to you hand, walking side by side I am very as my role models and molded my- fortunate to have you. self after what I sow All that I am ond all that l will ever achieve are be- Amir Thanks for helping out with C cause of you There is nothing more when I left for Philly. end for all the a son could ever ask for I am very buzz cuts Thanks for keeping in proud of you and very proud to hove touch and making me lough when you as my parents I could only hope things were rough. I hope by now the to provide the same for my children book I told you to check out from the library has helped you slow down Dear Sherin Thank-you for being a bit such a wonderful sister to me Ever since childhood, we have devel- Scott. Rahut and friends Thanks for oped a close bond together You the good times, loughs, talks ond are very special to me and have memories. Thanks for the lost minute served os a voice of reason and a and early morning pre-exam pep-friend during my years awoy from talks You guys ore irue friends that I home. You are a very sweet, caring could count on. and I really appreci-and beautiful person. Your future ate that I'll meet you guys at the husband s going to be one lucky buffet, guy. To Ron: 'You're what's up. that's Dear Cyrus Thanks a lot for giving what’s up!' me someone to dunk on and reject in hoops But don't worry, in a few years, you'll be the one putting me in head-locks 84Steven Michael Remus, DPM Dickinson College BS Biology Mom and Dad' l thank you for everything you have given me You've allowed me to fulfill my dream through your love, sacrifices and support Both of you hove given me a wonderful family and helped me without hesitation I thank you for my childhood memories, but most of all I thank you for being my friend. Katie To my girlfriend and best friend. You are so special to me. from asking how my day was to just putting up with my antics. Thank you for giving me comfort when I needed it most You have given me all the motivation a person can need The memories we’ve had here in Philly are end’-ess and I look forward to all that lies ahead John To my b+g brother, congratulations on your recent marriage You're the first of the Remus boys to go down I’d never be at this point without you I feel as if we are getting even closer os the years go by I'm proud of you. you have been a person I could follow through your examples. Kenny To my younger brother the Dream , yeah rightIII You remind me so much of a young me. I’m jealous Enjoy yourself Your best attribute is being yourself Your future is so bright My only regret is living away from you John all these years Pops Throughout all of these years you've been my number one football fan. and now you've become my number one patient To my Aunts. Uncles. Cousins and Grandma. You guys make me feel special I look forward to all of our family gatherings. There Is finolly a doctor in our family to go along with all of our nurses Grandma and Grandpa Remus. I know your watching from above To my friends at TUSPM You all have made these years enjoyable and memorable. From Rugby, to card night (watch out for red-----). to Miami's South Beach, to a i of our drunk escapades and adventures, we've done our best at staying young. Gold you've been a great roommate (Thank God I don't have to clean up after you anymore) 85Anabela Rocheta, DPM Montclair State University BS Biology 'God. grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can. and the wisdom to know the difference' Pai Quero agrodecer-te por todos os sccnficlos que fizeste por mim, toda a pociencia e calma que tiveste. e todo o apolo que me tens dado. Mom — i don't know what t would do w out you. u always know what colors go best, where to get the best deals, and no matter what I do you always come back to the sidelines to cheer me on You are my biggest advocate + my best friend Thankx 4 everything. Avos: Voces sao o meu sol num dia de chuva.Sao o meu comforto, a minha paz. a razao principal para ir a Portugal. Beijlnhos Eddie:my bro — who Is growing up way 2 fast thanks 4 helping me exe cute my plans these past few years I've enjoyed all the late night chats.You are strong-minded ond I know U will succeed Mari:l‘ve had so many great times dancing, watchln' movies, talkin about life. U seem to weather every storm imaginable. I admire you 4 lhat You've come through 4 me so many times1 Thankx for teochin' me ihe meaning of REAL friendship Lons my hardest coach, my persis tant teacher, one of my best friends Thankx 4 showin' me a better, more efficient way of doing things — for being a big lion w a passionate roar 4get U Not .'End of discussion,’ Margie I've enjoyed getting lost at Temple + finding our way was kind of fun too Thanks 4 all the laughs + 4 keeping me informed... Syed-We'R Geminis to the core...Thanks 4 being o calming force in my life, 4 putting up w all my chaos, 4 all our talks on the ledge ond the banano-str smoothies. I'll always remember the good times. N(kki:Thankx 4 all the advice ♦ 4 being so oafient w me esp. when we were suppose to leave at 5:30 AM. Murad: 4 the awesome chocolote cake. 4 telling me 2 go 4 a 'long walk in the park by myself'.4 reminding me about circles, trains. + hardwork Thankx 4 all others who have uniquely touched my life Mollni-4 sendln some positive rays my woy. Ellie. Bernice- 4 ail the pearls of wisdom. Ro-lando someone I could always confide in. Geo-4 keeping me sane throughout the years. Dr.Malkin-4 all your advice ond kindness. Rodney-for keeping the writer in me alive, and others more a deep felt THANK YOU '...to know one life has breathed easier b c I have lived, that is 2 have succeeded • — Ralph Waldo Emerson •..the path was worn + skppery. My foot siipped from under me knocking the other out of the way. but I recovered and said to myself it's a slip - not a fall. — Abraham Lincoln 86Marinilda Rodriguez, DPM 87Lynette M. Santiago, DPM University of Michigan BS Microbiology To my parents Very few people hove the privilege of saying they have complete and unconditional support from their porents. emotionally and financially I consider myself extremely fortunate and blessed to have you in my life. Through all my years of education, I can honestly say you have been my greatest teachers I have always admired your dedication to work yet your unremitting devotion to Leslie and I Despite all the tears ond frustrations I have caused, you have always mode me feel I wos your lop priority, and l am forever grateful. For this reason, I could only aspire and strive to become as wonderful as you when I start my own family If you do not know il by now. I hold the highest respect for all you have occom-p’ished both personally and professionally I wont you to know your hard work and sacrifices were not done in vain because I appreciate all you have provided. I know you will always think of me as your baby, but you will soon come to see the woman I have become os I begin my professional career I love you both dearly and am honored to call you mom and dad. To my sister Even though you are on the opposite coast. I owe you huge thanks for always lending an ear and being my big sister You have always been there when I needed some advice and never hesitated to lecture me on my wrongdoings l want you to know I am so proud of all your accomplishments You are on your way to becoming a successful lawyer and have found a wonderful and loving husband I think you are such a caring and charismatic woman, and I consider myself fortunate to hove you as a role model We have proven the last few years thal distance con never keep us apart ond I know we wiH continue to stay cs close os we are wherever we end up ToArteen Ever since the end of firs? year, you have been known os my •other half , and I could think of no one else more fitting of that description than you We have been faced with many challenges where we could have easily colled il quits but instead, chose to work things out For that reason. I appreciate and love you The purpose of this page is to thank-you for all you have done for me. so here it goes thank-you for always sharing your food, driving me around, studying with me. entertaining me, putting up with my moods, trying my cooking, taking me home to your family, making me laugh, making me cry. making-up after arguments, holding me when I needed a hug letting me into your life, and most of oil. thank you for loving me 88Jodi Rachelle Schoenhaus, DPM University of Michigan BS Kinesiology Mom and Dad: Thank you for believing In me and having faith in my accomplishments You hove been my supportive backbone and without you I couldn't come this far Thanks for all you’ve given me and for providing me with such a loving family, Dod I look up to you I revere you as an amazing doctor. I can’t express how honored I am to be able to learn from you. I love how you've taken me under your wing to show me how to fly. I promise to be dedicated to you end podiatry as you have been so dedicated to me since the day you first put me in your arms. Millstein: I love how we clicked the first time we met and have been like true twin sisters ever since Thank you for all your advice and support Caesar: Who would believe that when I was looking for love — true love — you were right under my nose? Thank you for never giving up on us and believing in our strength You've helped me through school by teaching me what I couldn't understand. by making me laugh and bv believing m me. I conf imagine my life without you. ond I never want to be opart fram you. I cherish you and I'm honored to be the one who you share your heart with. I love you Your sweetest thing 89Christopher A. Seda, DPM University of Pittsburgh BS Accounting 90Joanna G. Shuman, DPM Lehigh University BA English Mom. Dad. Andi and Josh- thank you for all the support ar.d encouragement over the years You made this possible and shared the good and the difficult times. Sally. Robin, Emily. Pam, Debbie. David. Jeff. Lisa- You made these last few yeors easy to get through and were clways there to bring levity Into Philadelphia And. thanks for letting me practice on your fee? I could not have done it without you. I love you 91Saji J. Simon, DPM Texas A M University BS Biochemistry Genetics Great deeds are accomplished through the help of great people It Is true that words are not enough to relay the joy I hove experienced these lost four years I hove these people to thank for that joy Mom. Dad and Sunu Thcnks for your support and encouragement . I love you very much Khurram ‘What five pxllars?' Khan: I am proud to call you a friend You will do great things. B S thanks for the good times and great laughs You guys are the best Lesly : Hold on and don't let go of your dreams... believe m God and you will get there. Brian' It ail tastes good1 Kentner Thanks for the laughs and good luck to and your family Vikas G. You are so cool, you could almost be South Indian To my S A R P crew: It took us an extra month but we made it. Philadelphia became an easier place to live in because of you Jen J. : Thanks for being you. I still see the feathers.. I wish you happiness. A. Adcms : Gimme an 1 Gimme an 'H . Gimme an 'A' We'll both make it I know it' To those I have missed. Thank you 92Malini S. Singh, DPM Rutgers University BS Biology Dad, Mom. and Ranj: I thank God everyday for giving me such an incredible dad. mom. and brother I am truly blessed to have such an omczing family Words cannot express how I fee! about you guys. Thank you for ell the love, laughter, and support that you have given me Thank you for ail the confidence and strength that you have instilled in me. You guys have always sacrificed and put me before yourselves end for that I am forever grateful This degree belongs to you all for the sacrifice, dedication, and encouragement that you have always given me. You always help make all my dreams become a reality. I know that I can do anything just as long cs I have you three in my corner. I love you guys. Class of 2001 Congratulations! We did it. I am so glad that our paths have crossed I wish each and every one of you happiness success, laughter, and good health in the future Keep smil-mgtl 93Richard Wayne Swails, DPM Here we ore coming to the end of a path, one of many in our journey through ife The road behind us has not been easy, nor Is the one ahead It's time however to give thanks to those who have been my support over these pot few years. First and foremost I want to thank God for being there with me every step of the way. Thank you for your ever-listening ear. guiding hand, and your patients Next I'd like to thank my parents Without your emotional, financial. and loving support all this could not be possible Finally to my friends. I thank you for everything else. Mom Dad: I never thought that moving so far away from home would be so hard I just want you to know that I have greatly missed having you close by and that I love you both very much. You both have made me into the man I am today, fortunate, thankful, and proud of you for this. Mike: Words cannot describe the support you hove given me over the past few years. Through ail the good times and the bad you have always been there for me with your bright smile, playful outlook on life, and your vigilance You are my best friend in the whole world and I love you TMD Group 20 My little clinic group. Phillips University BS Biology yeah! We ROCK!!! If it was not for you all I don’t think I would have mode It. You guys kept my head screwed on and my nose pointed in the right direction Cindy - You are such a sweet and oecutifui person both inside and out. I hope you never change Thanks for always being there Jenn - You are always so laid back and easy going yet at the same time so persistent and determined, you know Just what you want and you go for it. I admire that. Kelly - You ore always so quite, compassionate and warm hearted, thanks for always listening. Keith - Your just a goof-ball! You always know how to make light of any subject. Thonks for the laughs and thanks for keeping It real Others: Brion - Thanks far aU the concerts. games of golf, and car pools with Steve Thonks for all the great ideas and advise you have given me I wish you and April the best life can bring you and your new family Mary Saji - Thank you for being part of my extended family and for olways bemg there to support me m all my times of need both emotionally and intellectually Everyone else - Thank you all for filling the rest of the gaps that make life so rich To the whole class of 2001 I wish us all the bet of luck and success in our future endeavors 94Minhtam Thai, DPM Creighton University BS Chemistry My dearest Abba You know me by heart As I grow older. I've come to understand you better. Now I know that you will always be there tor me. Thanks for the unconditional love and please forgive me for the times I've had doubts In you My parents and my family: Thanks for the silent sacrifice. You've never showered me with profuse loving words, ond yet in deeds that you show your deepest Jove My brother Soy: You are my best friend When life gets tough, our bond gets stronger I love you as my dear little brother, and l odrme you for your intelligence and perseverance through difficult times. I hope one day I’ll be able to achieve what you've already accomplished You've made me very proud Joan. Dave, ond Tuyet Thonks for your unfailing love and faithful friendship. You are the people who have stood by me In the darkest times of my life. You are with me no matter what I've done or will do and what I am or will become. I hope I've been good enough to deserve the sup- port and friendship you hove given me throughout the years Hiep Thanks for your love and support in my undergrad We did not make it. but I am and will always be there for you Gary My coolest and best friend: It's hard to write about you. whom I now feel like the other half of myself We fought, cried, made peace, and laughed together Three valentines we shared together, and I still feel as If we just met yesterday Time stood still when we were absorbed in our little world, and we were oblivious to everything else You've made professional school a fun Journey for me. Words cannot express the void within my heart ond the emptiness I feel now that we ore apart. If I have not told you often enough of how much you mean to me and of my little plans and dreams In which you hove a part, just listen to my heartbeats and you will find it's at the same rhythm as yours. The future is un known and remains a mystery, but with you be there waiting. I am not afraid to move on. 95Laura P. Virtue-Delayo, DPM University of Scranton BS Biophysics To my parents: Thank you for oil of your support throughout my mony years of schooling I greatly appreciate everything that you sacrificed to be able to send me to Trinity and the University of Scranton Although of times you may not believe it. I love you both To Dana. Thank you for continuously injuring yourself All of your injuries (sprained wrist, stubbed toes. In-grown noils, etc.) allowed me to practice the many treatment techniques that I learned in school. Thank you for being my guinea pig. You will always be my Pi patient. I love you very much To Christo: I love you. even though you always bothered me while I was studying! I will always be your Poop-sie Pie Thank you for climbing end lumping on me while I read my many boring note services. To my friends at TUSPM I want to thank everyone for giving me four incredible years at TUSPM To my anatomy group, thank you for making the many long lab sessions fly by You were always there to ask me absurd questions and to listen attentively to my mony dramatic stories To the Days of Our Lives group, thank you for giving me a place to hide oway during lunchtime The only thing that I regret is not starting 'The University Hospital Club. To my clinic group, thank you for making my third year both exciting (to say the least) and memorable. Scott and Rahul, you taught me that the best doctors are those that listen to there patients And finally to Jennifer Gross, thanks for cotching all of the keywords that I missed during class, thanks for having coffee ot Starbucks and lunch ot Archway with me. and thanks for driving the PA turnpike traffic with me. My wedding and my years at TUSPM would never have been so great without your advice and friendship Thank you. To David (the true POOPSIE): We did itl We survived all of the long rood trips. Remember, 'home is the Pennsylvania turnpike! I do not know how to express my deep gratitude You were the only one there for me. during both the good and not so good times You are the most important person In my life. Thank you for putting up with me while I stressed out during exams and interviews You have had the patience of a virtue. You are my best friend and my sole mat© Thank you for all of your support. both emotionally and economically. I love you and l cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with you. 96Samir F. Zaky, DPM Pennsylvania State University BS Pre-Meclicine Love - Devotion; Feeling - Emotion Don't be afrod to be week Don't be too proud to be strong Just look into your heart, my love That will be the return to your-self The return to innocence If you wont, then stcrt to lough If you must, then start to ay Be yourself don’t hide Just believe in destiny Don’t core what people soy Just follow your own way Don't give up and use the chance To return to innocence That's not the beginning of the end That’s the return to your-self The return to innocence •Reason is lostmg - passion is living And dying is teaching us how to live Dear Jesus: Why It has to be like this Why we don't realize Why we're too blind to see the one Who’s always on our side Just tell me why Why It has to be like this That the good ones disappear I'm asking why Nobody gives on answer I'm just asking why If you understand or If you don't If you believe or if you doubt There's a universal Justice And the eyes of truth Are always watching you Thank you for every thing you have done for me. from allowing me to live till this day to allowing me success In my life. Words can not describe your Influence in my life Dad and Mom: The path of excess leads To the tower of wisdom It’s hard to find the balance when you are in love You're lost in the middle cause you have to decide between mind hecrt Heart ts the engine of your body but Brain is the engine of your life We are floating over the line Let us follow our mind AH of our life we'll wait for the answer And the question is why We're just travelers In endless space If we're following our mind We can glide into bght No one knows if there’ll be on answer While we're morphing thru time Sylvia: Here's the mirror Behind there is a screen Turn around On both ways you can get in Don't think twice before you listen to your hearl Follow the trace for a new start What you need and everything you’ll feel is just a question of the deal In the eye of storm you'll see a lonely dove The experience of survival is the key To the gravity of love Look around just people, can you hear their voice Find the one who'll guide you to the limits of your choice The experience of survival Try to think about it That's the chance to live your life and discover Try to think cbout it The experience of survival The experience The experience of survival The experience To everyone else who has touched my life. I wish you success with your future endeavors 97Steven Ginsberg, DPM Scott Vantre, DPM Edward Piskorski, DPM Chanda Wan, DPM 98Austin Sedicum, DPM John Swierzewski, DPM 991973-2000 Same people, same very special people like if am lotted otic can neve he replaced, they can only he remembered for the rick full life they led... dor the thinys they accomplished throuyh the yea rs Jar the time they made us lauyh and comforted us when WC'cried, for their thouyhtfulness, their warmth and thei r unselfish ness, %(unflt specially he remembered for mahiny such a positive difference in so many people 's lives. C1 (’onderful memories such as these never fade with time hut only yrout sirotufer and dearer throuyh the years. 100The time has come and gone, 101but the memories will go on forever.We want to thank all of you for allowing US to ?e . yearbook editors for the past four years. We hope thut yOU have enjoyed the yearbooks as much as we have enjoyed doing them. Good luck and Congratulations to you all. Thank you Antoinette and Naomi 103TUSPM Student Council and Club Officers Executive Officers: Ana Smigel (Pariimentarian). Mandi Stranix (Secretary). Elizcbeth Bass (Vice President), and Kiran Polylangada (President) Not pictured: Robbi Young (Treasurer).Troe!s Glysing-Jensen (PPMA Rep.). Rudy Zak (NJPMA Rep ). Keith Luper (Past President). Myron Hall (SNPMA President) and Mike Avato (Chairman of Election Committee) 104 AAWP Victoria Toole (Trees.). Tina Boucher (VP). Caroline Tiglio (Pres.), and Jen Benwood (Sec.) ACFOAM Ann Corridori (Pres.) Jen Benwood (VP), Tina Boucher (Sec ) and Anthony Fiorilli (Treas)Club Officers Diabetes Awareness Ana Smigel (VP). Erika Schwartz (Pres ), and Amy Gesuaidi (Treas.) Not pictured: Murad Abdel-Qader (Sec.) Hallux Helpers Gina Silva (Sec.). Mark Synder (Co-Pres.). Dixie Dallas (Co-Pres), Dave Clarkson (Treas.). and Monica Agarwal (VP) Practice Management Syed Khader (Treas.). Caroline Tiglio (Co-Pres.). Payman Hoshyarsar (VP), and Bill Trabulsi (Co-Pres.) Not pictured Minh Ton (Sec.) Radiology: Amy Gesuaidi (Sec ). Anthony Fiorilll (Treas.). Payman Hoshyarsar (VP), and Syed Khader (Pres.) 105Club Officers SNPMA: Heidi Mandei (2nd Delegate). Milton Stirling (2nd VP). Myron Hall (Pres ). Melanie Jessup (Treas.). Pryncess Johnson (1st VP). Caroline Gaynor (1st Delegate), and La'Genia Mitchell (Sec ) Not Pictured Matt Liwski (Parliamentarian) Sports Medicine: Troels Glycing-Jensen (Co-VP). Jen Benwood (Pres ), and Chris Corwin (Co-VP) Stirling-Harford Gobrielie Geliman (Tutorial Committee). Gina Silva (VP). Jennifer Purvis (Treas ). Mark Synder (Pres ). Jordan Stewart (Tutorial Committee), and Caroline Gaynor (Sec.) Surgery Club Minh Ton (Treas.), David Bell (Pres.), James Sang (VP), and Amy Gesuaidi (Sec.) 106CLASS OF 2002 The Year of Discovery, Adventure and Challenges... Sarita enjoys her time in Paris for the Holidays! Alex and the Mummers Dana Larry. New Years Eve Class of 2002Alex, Bill. Payman, Tarek. Syed, Sarita George A Sonneborn. MD Memorial Lecture presented by Louis Jiminez. DPM Class of 2002Ann, Maureen, Cathy, Stewart, Tina, David. Hillary Chris, David, JT, Erika, Steve, Sean, Gina Back row: Syed, David, Agim, Mark Nate, you made it! Way to go. Allan! Front row: Kevin, Rudy. Melissa, Ana Class of 2002 Scott. Bob, Victor, Kevin, LarryCamille. James, Kiran Alan Buy. Buy! No. Sell. Sell! Mike, Dorian. Chris, David Dana Jen. Elke. and Cathy Melanie. Ron Jeannine Class of 2002Ortho Conference Get those sheets signed off! Sarita checks for something interesting. Another perfect cast. Ron. Steve, are you maximally pronated and locked? Keith and Jen surfing for podiatric literature... yeah right! Amy and Caroline waiting for the morning ortho presentation Alan. Ann and Camille making orthodigita. Class of 2002International Day 2000 Dave Bell - New York Style! Minh Vy and friends Nina and Scott sampling the tasty morsels! Alsha and Tanjila Myron and Jen Tanjila. Murad, and Melanie Dana Jim Two-Steppin' 8c Jitter Buggin' Dixit assisting Kevin in Karate Class of 2002A Little Free Time Elke and Agim enjoying a cold one. Bitter beer, Dave? You want a piece of me?! JT and his undescribable form! Jason shows us how it is done. Class of 2002Mitch working on jy$t enj0yjng Elke's party! hand ties. Class of 2002If you control the calcaneus, you control the world! Payman, Jen, Alex and Dixit Dave. Keyvan Chris putting their tuition to good use! Class of 2002filing Burgers... and Making s Q •ron Chefs Mark and Rudy West Coast vs. East Coast Erika and Melissa say "Cha Ching! Melissa and Chris strike a pose Hurry up JT. I'm waiting!" Settle down. Dave! It off season you know! Dana and Alan servin' Up the grub! "Medium rare. Cheddar cheese hold The onions, please?" Class of 2002SfrUtiy 2000 Bill. Rob. Robbi, Ron. Kiran Agim Alan and Kim enjoying what the buffet has to offer. Robbi and Rob Young Watch out Agim. looks like Dave has something on his mind! Class of 2002 Myron and Antoinette- You look Marvelous! Cathy Nick performing for our Teachers of the Year Kevin and MaureenWalking for Diabetes The Temple Owl visits our table. Japanese Gardens. Jen, Melissa and Gina up bright and early! Tony and Amy take time out to pose for the camera. things organized. Class of 2002FOOT SCREENINGS Ann at Americas David at the Aging Expo Keith at the Aging Expo Jen and Vy working on the Temple Basketball Team Chris. Mark and Dave at the Temple Foot Screening Know Feet. Third year students proudly pose with Coach Cheney. Class of 2002Closs of 2002Class of 2002What did you do last summer? Nina playing in the sun in Jamaica. Vy visiting the Notre Dame in Paris, France Alex in Quebec City. Canada. Elke. Darelle. and Amy in Class of 2002 Kevin Nate catch some big ones on Amelia Island, FLWelcome to the family of 2002! Kevin and Jessica Brown August 12, 2000 Sean holding Rhys Dao Shanahan born May 3. 2000. Matthew Michelle Regulski November 25, 2000 Katherine and Alexander Glysing-Jensen born January 4. 2001. Madeline June Chang born January 3, 2001 Class of 2002CLASS OFFICERS 00-01 Top row. Dorelle Pfeiffer. Social Chair, Dana Giacalone, President. Payman Hoshyarsar. Honor Court Alt. Erika Schwartz. Treasurer. Melissa Gozzi. Secretary Bottom row: Ron Bottle, SC Rep. Alan Boehm. Vice President. Stewart Chang. APMSA Rep; James Sang, Honor Court Note Service Officers Alex Latvinsky Recorder Maureen Clinch. Co-Coordinator; Audra Siegel, Distributor; James Sang. Co-Coordinator. Vickie Toole. Treasurer Z he onlij limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of todaij. £et us move forward with strong and active faith. — Franklin ‘D. Roosevelt Class of 2002TUSPM Class of 2003 127The Leaders of Tomorrow Class Officers Adam Nguyen (Social Chair). Mandi Stranix (Sec.), Lisa Price (Social Chair). Adam Katz (VP). Valerie Winters (Treas ), Dave Granger (Pres.). Melinda Songalang and Brighid Lodge (Honor Court Reps.) Not pictured. Jennifer Purvis and Michelle Hinze (APMSA Reps) and Pete Johnson (TUSPM-SC Rep.) » Noteservice Coordinators: La’Genia and Damien Noteservice treasurer Todd Rice 128 Distributor Michelle Hinze Recorder: Ha NguyenSNPMA International Day Adam and Linh strut their stuff! Dinner Chib 129 Dinner club with a special guest; Dr. Boyd!! Dinner Club 2000 2001Three of a kind ...Todd, Todd, and Todd Pryncess. La'Genia. and Keisha make a grand entrance Dave and Keisha take a dancing creak with Brenda and Maureen Dave and his honey Jules The beaus pose 130 Adam and Dixie enjoying the ligament.All dolled Up and somewhere to go. Brighid and Damien rehearse Dip her Jason! "Scent of a Woman'' 131 Observing the dance floor from afar.Summer Adventures Jonathan overlooking the Seine and the Louvre in Paris Mandi, La'Genia. Valerie, and Elizabeth at the shore. Hiro. Anchal, Linh, Ivie, and Jennie tour a museum. Ryan at the Picasso Museum in Paris. Anchal, Jennie, and Linh playing pirateOrientation 2000 Gabby. Adam, and Dixie prepare for an Anatomy discussion Melinda sales dissector kits., greasy bits are $.50 extra. Adam keeps the money cadaver free 133Orientation 2000 Valerie and Ryan pose with Valerie's creative brew. Valerie and Elizabeth: Achille's Pale Ale Girls A smile this big can only mean that Orientation is almost over. Todd says, "I don't know if you have two left clavicles or not." 134Abilene Party Charlie’s Angels Neil and his sweetie! Orientation and Big Sibling Crew Dan....the Ladies' ManAbilene Party Together after a summer apart. Margo and Elizabeth share their summer stories. 136 Jay and the Orientation gals.Diabetes Walk Representing TUSPM Diabetes Awareness Club Margo. Elizabeth, and Daren set the pace. Linh at the TUSPM Foot Screening Booth. 137 Scott and Margo relax for a moment.Halloween Party Flappers and Floozies This Backstreet Boy sold his soul to the Devil for some dance moves. Oh God. you Devil! Todd's “One Night Stand" is a winner! The Seven Dwarfs to follow.. 138Adam, Schmitty. and Nick jam at the Halloween bash. Heaven, Hell, and everything in between. 139 Farmer Jen It's off to Nevemeverland!Casting Notice Dixie's gentle perpendicular motion with the Stryker saw. 140 Todd destroys his creation. Hope you used enough WebrillAcademia Student Doctors on the way to Clinic I don’t know man, all I see are purple dots. 141 Look, it's Elvis!!! "Mike, did you heat fix this??"(at t e Detui Four lovely ladies enjoying the hospitality of the Dean. Christmas cheer!! 142 Dean and Mrs. Mattiacci admire their gift from SNPMA. Caroline and Pryncess play Santa. Nick sings his heart out at the AAWP Talent Show. Party in Room 606 143Happy Birthday Everyone!! Adam and Natalie at Mandi's birthday party Ryan. Natalie, and Lisa observe beer pong. Celebrating Valerie's Birthday and the Guiness Toast. 144 Neil is how old??? Valerie helps Natalie celebrate her birthday at Uno's.Let's Party! 145 Cuddly Cuties!!Friends and Family Class puts a smile on your face. Sixth floor Christmas party The who's who at "Who's on Third" Natalya and Olga Abramova's graduation 146 Boris. Tatyana. Natayla. and Olga Abramova2.00 1 rTI CLASS OF 2004 The Journey Begins... 14-And now . . . presenting Temple’s finest! 148Smile Everyone! My left hand is going to get you! Hey, how's the pizza? YUMMY!!! 149 We’re So Cool! Oh no! Here comes the camera! This beer is good!CHEERS! 150Chillin' at Dr Mattiacci's! 151152Whoa... what's this? Will You Be My Bone-Box Partner? I 153 Look, a chicken wing!154Relaxing at Abilene's! ‘VU! 1 1111 IRi9 LUCILLE in men d'lui L2J wolt lirm JUNIOR PARKER 155 After exams, 1st years know how to party!! 156Charlie's Angels Live Again!! 157V A I5S “Can't talk.... Eat now!"Halloween, TUSPM-Style! 1590 SPORTS We Work Hard, and We Play Hard, Too!! 161The Art of Studying! STUDENT HAMTOOOKS This book should be called ‘‘Everything You Wanted To Know About TUSPM. But W ere Afraid To Ask" “Bang! Next Slide!”“MACROPHAGE!!!!” 163First-Year Yearbook Editors, Jake and Rich! Everyday-thoughts of first-year students at TUSPM... ''When the heck happened to us? We're being attacked by the pictures!" "7 can’t take it anymore. Rich! Let me outta here!” "Wait for me. Jake! I can't gel this window-screen open!!' ’ 164Department of Biomedical Sciences Robert Boyd, Ph.D Francis Conway. Ph.D Marilyn Fenton, Ph.D Bruce Hirsch, Ph D Howard Pitkow. Ph.D David Axler, Ph.D Marion Chan. Ph.D Ernesto Mujorra Victor Thompson Chet lohnson 165Department of Podiatric Medicine; Podiatric Orthopedies ■A XS5. Steven Boc. D.P.M., Surges Chair lohnll Wjlt«r fr. D P M MS Mcdune«xl Onhopwtc Ch« Ihranj MjgfiHlI. D y t Datum S«t«" Mtdctnt Robert Christman, O.P.M. Anthony Kidawa, D.P.M. Harvey Lemont, D.P.M Samuel Spadone. D P M. Howard HiNstrom. Ph D l.nsup Song. D.P.M William Martin. D.P.M. Howard Palamarchuk, D.P.M. Kendrick Whitney. D P M 166and Podiatric Surgery Cary Bauer, D.P.M. lane f’nniious, D.P.M Tina Laurr Carol Romano Kieran Mahan, D.P M. Suzanne Maxian, Ph.D Kim Flood. RN Carmen Harris Sharon Nelson Yolanda Tavlor-Al Hassan Ou»Administration lohii NUnmo (J.PM Oran Mn n Ho Dr »1 lot AtMlrmk Allan Ainciile Dnh l» UptMith NV-dicil tVedor A» l jl f.lojlion Kodrncl lonrt, V r Ow K r' (Aran li» Mudiml Alim , Mur|i n f» I), Of« Mufnliirtjl Vi| t w1 AiVmtvxim Jiwl MiiHwilv Al»ii« IVI u.ili c'omrll Aluiivru KVIalntn Carol KlOlrtr Acnlrilui 4ru«t Department Staff Maifir VVNxrlv (Van t Ollier SUnr (Imw BratSv . lit»»i Drpartirami OfMrtnwiI 168Vitginu Keho -. Met!- jl «cnk Aiililanl Uri loon Hiy-vol »‘linl .Wiry OhW». Ku.tokiRy Dtftf Ris'l.i IlfjMi Swviirt urdCrm ti. VftKft lovcph KrVv Cemul Svpph BrrmiiKc.1 CriMul Sipplv liMiwilr SU4 «fy Aititljnl Inw Volt. I h»v jl nml Carl Abramson. Ph.D James Atkin. DPM Henry Beilstein. Ph D Raymond DiPrimio. DPM Cornelius Donahue. DPM Charles Gibley Jr Ph D Jay Hammel. Ph.D James Kimani. Ph.D Julia Lewandowski, MS John Rutter. Ph.D Arthur Washburn. Ph.D Charles Krausz. DPM Leslie Hess. DPM Steven Nierenberg, MD Augustine Morano. DPM Joseph Witowski. MD Erwin Juda. DPM Harold Schoenhaus. DPM Larry Kalker, DPM James McNemey. DPM James Furmato. DPM Alan Whitney. DPM Ed Brandeis. CPED James Heitz. MD Jeffrey Lynch. MD Morris Barrett, DPM Phillip Demp. DPM Jesse Lieberman. MA Michael Wlainsky. DPM Joseph Bruno. RPT Ernestine Estes, MSW Andrew Newman, MD. JD Lawrence Levine. DPM. MSW Allen Geiwitz, PharmD Phillip Breshnahan, DPM Linda Bradley Rosalyn Barnes Nicole Chiarella Kristen Donohue Kelly Moorhead Keturah Thomas William Dobkowski Susan Grigley Terri Webster Barbara Williams 169 Tv ■ m • $ r » ■ • % CO' _ •••• £ .. £} fSI A « 4? 0V,;J v r 4? o'. 0 j 8 4? 0 “Dr. Sandie the Podiatrist” A Poem written for Alexandra K. Grulke, D.P.M. P is for the Patients that will benefit from your care. 0 is for the Oath you will take to be honest, giving, and fair. D is for the Devotion you have put toward your trade. 1 is for the Impressions you have positively displayed. A is for the Amount of time you have given in dedication. T is for the Training you received from the best college in the nation. R is for the Reward you will receive on graduation day. I is for the Interest payments you will soon have to pay. S is for the Surgeon you were meant to be. T is for the Tears of joy wept by your family. "S If a £ - f $ 4? w Congratulations Sandie. We are incredibly proud of $ $ you. Love your family. A 9 0 .5 v'-' »' A • 46 ®46 2? A ? 'W 3?You left sunny Texas For med school in Philly You missed margaritas Tex-Mex To study feet be chilly It was all well worth it Dr. Clause . . . now that’s you We’re proud of you “Froggy” Lots of Love Good Luck, too! Mom, John, Dad, Marsha, Herb, Kathy Kristy G 0 co y, CONGRATULATIONS! M r o 'A We are so proud of you. You made it over. We know times were hard but you made it simple. You studied hard. We Love You, Your Family -Mother, Dad, CedricDr. AdAM P. MtciNskAS Depend okA feet... % you can client +Ke. Kigke-st motm+ain... We Alu Ays Iove you, DacJ, Mom, ERic, KrIsten, CRAMpiE, CRAINdMA, CRAMpS GRANdMACONGRATULATION, TO RICHARD SWAILS FROM THE WHOLE ClAH: MOM ( PAP ANP RAN A GRANPMA t GRANPPA PALMER UNCLE ALLEN t AUNT KAREN, BRIAN PALMER AUNT JOANN t UNCLE TOM TRUSS TRIPP t ASHLEY WARREN AUNT SANPY ( UNCLE RAY LUPWIG JOSH, BILLY i MARY GRANPPA SWAILS GRANPMA HELEN PAVIS UNCLE JERRY SWAILS aunt Joyce t uncle john eckstein JEFF, JENNIFER, t JULIE AUNT JANET ( UNCLE TERRY YARBROUGH CIMARRON ( JENIFER We all love you very much and ate vety ptoud of yout accomplishments. "Keep yout best foot fotwatd" and good luck in yout fufute. AH of the Boys and Adults at Ttoop Z7S would like to congtalulate you Rlchatd on all of yout accomplishments. We ate so vety ptoud of you, and We love you and miss you!!ongratutations to 3)r. Antoinette 3)enise Adams We have watched you grow from a little girl with great ambitions into a secure and independent person. You have achieved your goal through hard work and faith in God. We wish you good luck and much happiness in your future endeavors. Love, Dad, Mom, Albert, Jr., and Andrea Breha says “Me too! ” 174YAiss VY xriJ-S Prcschooll ar' tlemenWij chool , C O o c a o rfe r® O ncyxduloTionS on a job U)e.U done.. lOeVe. "proud 05- ou. 111 c—+- O n HV. i ellvj"R. L uo l er Q_ -s ( C- p w %■ b= Love; Yf orr a»d ’l .VlorvjT erSvVvdftlan | OWannon i Upbtf Kajcee. STC uunQ "3 Amqnq q jni r JOiutfL, Q— ( H SOD 9. Out there things can happen and frequently do to people as brainy andfootsyasyou. And when things start to happen, don't worry. Don't stew. Just go right along. You'll start happen i ng too... Today is ■ • - ' ' your day! Your mountain Congratulations...may all your is waiting. So...get on dreams come true! your way! Love always. Mom, Dad and Dee . pr Seuss 175Dr. L.B.: Having passed so successfully through these portals, for you the very stars of heaven are due. With Love, Mosy Girl, Gram, Dad, Sally, Tom, Jason, Justin, Nickki, Lisa, Mark, Collin, Ashton and Dillon With special thanks to Roger for his guiding influence from afar. 176Dr. Bryan Quick You have really hit a home run now! We are all so very proud of you! With Love, Your Family and Your Friends 177Dr. Christopher E. Majewski You never ask for your limitations and your dreams become reality. All your excellence involves discipline and the tenacity of purpose. What made you successful in the past will lead you through the future. But remember to be thankful for what is given and always possess the ability to enjoy a good laugh. With support and love, Sharon 178 P.S. Reach for the feet!Dr. Frank P. Adamo Congratulations and Best Wishes always to a wonderful son and very « special human being. We're all so proud of you. Love, Mom, Mike and t Tonv Dr. Steven M. Remus From childhood to adulthood your dream of becoming a doctor has come true. Your family is so proud of all you have accomplished. You are a bright and loving person who will be a great asset to your profession. Love, Mom, Dad, John, Kenny, Kelly, Katie, Granny, Pop Pop, Aunts and Uncles P.S. Take your career one foot at a time. 179 ou did it! Dr. Qetuti er S. Thrice Ve Cove you, Mom, Dad, Qrandmom Brad’ Your dedication and hard work have yielded the success you deserve. You have made us proud beyond our wildest dreams. CONGRATULATIONS! 181Ql)r. @{aymond Ferrara 0on» fykdi- !2Sm . ty ou were the beauiifd baby boy who won my heariforeoer. dfbu utere a midebiee tud toddle whut adleed a million yuediiond and never- di ffled more t uin a minute. tyfou were dofll of(if and m-riodiiy about die tvorld around you-. • y utill tieoerforyei your vetyjlrdi day f6eho U. your (florid,yourflrtwmd. your yraduaiion and your wed liny. Jtot deeinyyou 6 mile briyhi end my world. fyfnen if dee you dia-ndiny before me, rUder eoun leddflreeioud memorial that Iceefl Indeed In my hea rt . . f eel af ride that id indurmountable. . ¥ have loved w tielunyyouy rout into die fleei d and f man aluwyd Anewyou uwuld be. ffou utill be a wonderful Qfoeior, and oner ayain have been bleiAed by beiny your mom. 18 2 “ Your attitude almost always determines your altitude in life... ” ... You have climbed so high... CONGRATULATIONS!!! Dr. Marilyn Suzanne Boyuku On the road to success you can he sure of one thing... there is never a crowd on the extra mile.” Congratulations on going that extra mile, reaching your goal, and making your family so very proud of you. We Love You, Mom, Dad, Paul, Kylie, Thunder and Spike 183Step by step Through bbood, sweat and tears ‘You worked towards yourgoaC for a(t those Cong years. (Despite doubts and frustrations you stayed right on track. (A[ow your a DOCTOR Sind we are so proud of that! Cmmtukions Hr, m I Dm Brian K. Doerr Doctor of Podiatric Medicine » New Patients Welcomed 0 a w Godt 184you MAX6 US PROUD. U)6 LOW6 yOU MOMRJ7A DAD-DAVJD Aumjes. QRANVPARCN1S; CAROiyN, R6NC€„ J6AAt 7 DAVID geRAiene, KJM COUSINS; AHMAD. R ACM 61, Roeyn. CUR1JS, JAytOR IBS! CONGRATULATIONS!!! TO JARRETT CAIN Class Of 2001 -The Jacksons-Johnnie, Doris and Anita 186(We Cove you. cJ)r. jfnt. Mom. Jfanute. ffcannelle .fliffy and .Mari rJjou started on (his path tony ape find we are aff so proud of you! May fjod Mess you as you start your career, .find we know that aff thinys worh toyether for pood to them that hove Yfod. ” tRomans 8:28 l)r. Cindy E. Bullock ‘The talent of success is nothing more than doing what you can do well; and doing well whatever you can do.' -Henry Wadsworth Ixmgfellow We are so proud of you! With love. Susanne, Penny, Cathy and Adam CONGRATULATIONS! Dr. Cindy E. Bullock The dream you have dreamed has finally come true! k You have always been a beautiful person, inside and out. We are proud of your decision to help and serve others. California feet are waiting! Love always, Pop and Mom Scott and MaxCONGRATULATIONS TO DR. FELICIA A. ARMSTRONG GOD BLESS YOU! WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU. BE TRUE TO YOURSELF AND HAVE A GREAT LIFE. 18HdLujmon (!?. C?eMO o. ‘'Dco ol Rcujoiond, ll)e fov« you t} muc i °7jo«. fiode mo3c uo eoWxfif. pioui)!!! 10 c Wiafi you off t ft Cppinou « t w. 10e ftopc to Jo oW in you« "|oot atcpa! JSp4e, Ijou Couoina L$ . £R wpnon3 C?. C e UMO Dcu ii oymon . id c ow -Sc-ty p-tou3 oj? you. (Oc nc J you cou do it. 10c. to-Je you vety much! vjxommo (Sunt QaAai 189DR TANYA M. JUDD YOU’VE AI.WAYS BEEN ADORED. CONTINUE AS YOU ARE YOUR SMILE AND KNOWLEDGE WILL DELIGHT AND HEAI. MANY LOVE ALWAYS “AUNT AUDREY" ... “he. did. it so- can. ycno” Con 'atidatUrriy You. cUdy it a- d- w are. proud of you.. four years wabtit so bud., wat it Dr. AI teen K atsool? With. aU owr love , Daddy, Monuny, Slieri v£r Cyrufr Oettificat of (ftcAlevement tftom J)ad. rflllba. grandmas. Wagrlk c tcy 18. 2001 (Jhlb certificate Lb presented to mjom J)octor of (fodiatric (ftedlcln In recognition of outstanding accomplishments as scholar, lovelg daughter, slbter, granddaughter and wife, (flow Lb a time for new oneb. £ood luck! 190161 UiOdJ£ ‘aoocy Jdy jaBoj sjno6 jno 6uinajyav ¥ to ajij tui fcutpuads o pjT rojoJyooj puv no Jo pnoud ijao fiijfvipod d f u iiuoodcjJo jvo6 jno i pacta tyav aovy mou puv S'JDaA jnoJjsvdayj jano pn y tuan payjono puvpaojjijom aovy noj (no j ‘JSj,uuag ufijvjc pUV lpV(£ ‘wojfc iDS DS ino °°J jnofi Jo pnojd £ ? or ay( anj au oo uvo swvajQ pvatjv sa6uajjvyo 6udjj£ •auop auv sAvp 6u tjooijvs Jnofa ipkJTHDprj rcoug uvaJJ JajniuajjCongratulation Best Wishes to JARRETT CAIN ON YOUR GRADUATION FROM MEDICAL SCHOOL T - From - REV NATHANIEL CHRISTIAN, CHURCH BOARD AND THE MEMBERS OF DURANT MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH DURANT, MISSISSIPPI 'The world and it's future is yours" In everything you do, put God first, and He will direct you and crown your efforts with success.. -Proverbs 3:6 192DR ROBERT M BRARENS A long tough road with unbelievable sacrifice for you and your family, but now the vision is realized. We are so proud of you. Love from the support team: Michele, Parker, Tanner, Mom, Dad, Deb, Cole, Alan a, Shanee Aaron CONGRATULATIONS Dr. Matthew J. Pettengill You have earned your degree Doctor of Podiatrtc Medicine ft Excellence Perseverance Achievement Recognition Reward Remember to follow your dreams and reach for your highest goals GOD BLESS YOU With our pride and best wishes YOUR LOVING FAMILY TO: Jody Schoenhaus Jason Gold We wish you much success and happiness as you step forward in both your careers and lives together. We hope that you will always be there for each other, both personally and professionally. Together no challenge will be too big to defeet you. Love always. Leslie Harvey 193 DR. GLENDA L. KING “Congratulations! Today is your day. You're off to Great Places! You're off and away! You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose." Dr. Seuss And when... “There's no one to talk with-Just talk with your shoe. He does have a tongue And an inner soul. too. He’s awfully well polished. So straightlaced and neat (But he talks about nothing, But FEET-FEET-FEET)" Shel Silverstetn And... We'll understand when talking with you. Our FOOTSIE Lingo we'll need to review. Since Tarsal and Cuboid are words to be used. This terminology will make us confused. How’s This?... Mail us your Talus? How’s your Blooming Bunions? Is your Calcaneus spontaneous? Neuroma Baboma? Ahhh, Toe Schmoe! CONGRATULATIONS ANYWAY! WE LOVE YOU! From the Legends behind the Myth: Mom. Dad. Kendra. Jennell, John, Shawn, Nead, Mackenzie. Conor, Cole, Tate. Courtney fl « R R R R R R R_R w n R R R R_ PL R_ R_ R R R R R R R R R R R R £ £ £-■’ -m 9-m 9-m s- ' -m - ' -m s-m » ■ • 9 • 194195Dr. FELICIA ALNE ARMSTRONG Sincere congratulations to our niece and best wishes on this jubilant occasion. Qod continue to bless gou and direct gour path in all endeavors. 11 gifts from Qod are indeed precious but gou are profoundlg special. c unt iJYcnt unr Imcttn £fnclc £ooI CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES to Dr. FELICIA A. ARMSTRONG Wc Wish You Joy, Peace and Happiness "Who can find a good virtuous woman for her price is far above rubies" (Proverbs 31:10) Mr. Mrs. James Mcllwain Carolyn (The Late Mr. Mrs. Sam Grier) 196Dr. Christopher A. Seda CONGRATULATIONS You always looked like you were going to be a doctor. Love, Dad and Susan COWMMATto fi DR. JF JCA 'IFRKFR wkEW Yol WERE A kid we ALWAYS eaTw wHEHYol GREW lP what yoc wolLd do Yol SLCKED YolR Toe TILL JT URf ED BLVE we tWEw what school was BEsrfor yol Af ER YEARS ArBIf GHAf1roWUBECAME CLEAR Another YEAR' wPHol TALL THE BEER YOi STVD1ED AM STVDIED ALL DAY R ALL MGHT DRJ AM COFFEE Cf rtL VlE FIRST SlGfF oF LIGHT flow Vi A T YOL RE FIfFISHED am school IS Pfi rr A f EW CAREER- HARD WOA - AT LAST Mw STARTBOM THE BEST doc Yol CAf BE I s time to take care or mommy am fit Love MoM AffO DADCongratulations! Dr Jill Epstein You've Come a Long Way, Baby! Love, Dad Laura Mom Jerry Debi Jack Spike Mischief Zeke Joey 198COMQ'RA.TV.LJATlOm DJL JAMABBLJA JIOCHBTJA ju — —j. ; T hroughout the years, we’ve watched you take steps in the right direction. You’ve accomplished a great “FEAT”!! Luv ya, EDDIE MOM DAD GRANDMA GRANDPA Dr. Eric S. Baskin You’re the Mo a! Congrotulotione on your Groduotion... You've finished your forme I etudiet end Medicine io the hfe you've choeen. You've climbed the to Kent mountoine. fiehed the dee feet rivere, j end turfed the high eat woven. t 4001 Continue to folio your then... Class Your proud ond los ing fomify Ttfem. ZW. StefiooU. (yunUmo. tftomdfo. T mmt uotUo. ttod Dr. Maxime Patenaude Ton courage et tes efforts sont etifiti recompenses. Our very best wishes for a life full ofpeace, love and success. Nous sommes tons fiers de toi. Felicitations! Maman, Papa et la famille 199ermine cermet tong jubilation in your steadfastness nod triumph. jiccept your laudatory f3cV } accomplishment with humility and grace. Recall with thanks those who bowed down that you may now stand tall. Open yourself to the universe and serve as you go along, j sccod the fray and labor to smooth the rough edges, untie the hard knots, mend the torn and straighten the bent. pe love ou.1 M yotn. brother 

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