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Achilles 2000 Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine Philadelphia, PA Achilles 2000Colophon Achilles 2000 Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine, Philadelphia, PA Editors-in-chief: Thomas Landino and Tracey Vlahovic Yearbook Advisor: David Martin Taylor Representative: Emmy Philipp Kachel Class of 2001 Editors: Antoinette Adams and Naomi Petty Class of 2002 Editors: Cathy David and Dana Giacalone Class of 2003 Editors: Elizabeth Bass and Ryan McBride Achilles 2000 was published by Taylor Publishing Company. The preparation work was done in El Paso, TX and printing was done in Great Valley, PA. The book is printed on 80 lb. enamel paper. Athena is the headline and subheadline font, and Vanguard is the body copy font. The cover is maroon with gold foil and embossing. The fonts on the cover are Amazonian and Times Roman. The endsheets are grey felt.Table of Contents Opening 4 Class of 2000 17 Millennium in Review Supplement Class of 2001 113 Class of 2002 129 Class of 2003 145 Faculty and Staff 161 Advertisements 1 77Oath of Hippocrates 1 solemnly pledge to consecrate my life to the service of humanity. I will give respect and gratitude to my deserving teachers. I will practice medicine with conscience and dignity. The health and life of my patient will be my first consideration. I will hold in confidence all that my patient confides in me. I will maintain the honor and the noble traditions of the medical profession. My colleagues will be my family. I will not permit considerations of race, religion, nationality, party politics, or social standing to intervene between my duty and my patient. I will maintain the utmost respect for human life. Even under threat I will not use my knowledge contrary to the laws of humanity. These promises I make fully and upon my honor.Podiatrist's Creed These following fundamental beliefs are expressed as standards of ethical conduct and propriety of podiatrists, individually and collectively with patients, colleagues, members of allied health professions, and the public: To render service to humanity with impartial respect for the dignity of man. To provide a full and complete measure of professional service and attention to patients in the practice of Podiatric Medicine. To unhesitatingly serve consultation in difficult or doubtful circumstances where it appears that the quality of service and therapy to the patient can be enhanced. To continue the improvement of knowledge and skills for the benefit of patients professions. To conduct the practice of podiatry as a credit to the profession. To never accept limitations that might destroy or interfere with the exercise of best judgement and skills or the quality of performance. To regard the confidence and information received from patients with professional care and understanding. To fully offer service and participate in the health programs for the public in keeping with the integrity of the profession.Leon S. Malmud, MD President and CEO Temple University Health System Senior Vice President, Temple University Dean, School of Medicine Temple University Health System L«M t. Malmud. MO MOI N S»MI V IJ1SI re'aooo PnbOMt Cfiat Catcwn 0 c« PMtuMiM |JU ror-Vti Unwi , Maaif- !»«» •► fmpt Unn rM» Oam Smw el linn To Che Claus of 2000: Your graduation from Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine is an achievement to be shared with your family and friends, whose support has permitted you to reach this important milestone in your lives As we honor you today, may you honor and remember those who worked diligently on your behalf - your faculty, your family, loved ones and friends as you dedicate yourselves as doctors of podiatric medicine. Bach of you has put forth enoreous effort, met countless challenges, and overcome numerous obstacles in the course of earning your degrees. You are. in the eyes of the faculty and administration of this college and university, well prepared for what lies ahead of you in your careers as doctors of podiatric medicine. The same perseverance and dedication that you have given and continue to commit to your education, will assure your success in your professional life The College of Podiatric Medicine since its founding in 191S and throughout its history has been recognized for the outstanding quality of its patient care and academic excellence. I know that you will honor those traditions as you move forth in your post-graduate training and in your practices. There are times that your medical and surgical skills will be able to help the patients and times that those skills will not be applicable to improving the wellbeing of your patients. In both instances, your role as a doctor of podiatric medicine will always include your commitment to treating your patients with compassion ar.d understanding, as you would wish yourself and your loved ones to be treated by others. Congratulations to each and everyone of you. Wc have been pleased and honored to have been a part of your education. Wc now welcome you as colleagues. Sincerely. Leon S. Malmud, M.D.John A. Mattiacci, DPM Dean, Temple University School of Pocliatric Medicine TEMPLE inviVEKSlTV A Commonwealth I'nivcracy School of Po4Utrie Medic toe fU Nh M ♦ Street Ptuladrtphix Peonsyhnuiu 19107 245 5 Phone 2 IS 629(000 To The Class of 2000 Congratulations! The class of 2000 will cam our legacy into the new millennium It makes me proud to be able to lead the Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine into the next century As the first graduating class of the millennium from the of School of Podiatnc Medicine, you are our future The name of our university may have changed, but our mission to graduate the best doctors in podiatric medicine in the world remains our first commitment We arc now even stronger at Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine because we arc pan of a health science center, and we have recognizable faculty who excels both in clinical practice and in teaching In addition, we arc now pan of a division and research-orientated university You arc trained to deliver the best in patient care and will become the leaders in preventing and controlling lower extremity abnormalities We are now beginning to establish collaborative research ventures between the university and our school W c have grown from a small college on Spencer Avenue to Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine to Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine Our school is now the foremost Podiatric School in the country and will continue to be the most comprehensive leader in the world The commitment of the university to help us expand our research labs, distance learning, and state of the art technology computer labs, is second to none. We are attracting students from around the world and it is our alumni who have become recognized experts in the field of podiatric surgery Our graduates will continue to be an integral pan of our past and our future. We arc obligated to see that our graduates provide the best Podiatric care around the Globe. The faculty and administrators are proud of your accomplishments and proud to call you alumni Please let me be the first to congratulate the millennium class of 2000 of Temple University's School of Podiatric Medicine into the profession. I wish you health, happiness and a most successful career as a doctor of podiatric medicine raw. hn A. Mattiacct. D P.MSteven F. Boc, DPM Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Chairman and Professor, Department of Podiatric Surgery TEMPLE UNIVERSITY S h«J uf IVtain. M 4kh» A Commonwcilth Um«crvn SmiiF R v.DI'M FACFAS (■itviair Oran for Avu-Vm.- Affoxn To The Class of 2000 ElfVli i Rtcr into Pnmiivinu 1»I07 ZiV, Itwoc fax. :uo.iw E-mill iKicntKCAluHin irmpkrthi Congratulations to the Class of 2000 After many years of hard worfc and dedication to academic excellence, you will be receiving your Doctor of Pcdiatnc Medicine degree from the Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine The accomplishments which you have achieved throughout your lifetime and throughout the past four years w-.ii be magnified as you begin your endeavors in the podiatric profession Realize that the receipt of your DPM degree rs the beginning of the most exciling phase of your life Many of you will seek additional training through residency programs and then later solidify your position «i the medical community thro-jgh certifying boards The School will always be there to support your endeavors in academics and will work to maintain the professional integrity for ail our graduates as you further your professional development View your career as a profession and not a job You are dedicated to the service of mankind Remember that you are being trained to be the best Your commitment should always be to continually enhance and build upon your educational background It is a privilege and an honor to treat patients and you vv.ll serve as an ambassador of our profession Hold yourself to the highest esteem possible in providing the best care for patients throughout your career Again, I wish the Class of 2000 the best of luck m your career and welcome you to the podiatric profession Sincerely Steven F Bcc. DPM, FACFAS Associate Oean for Academic Affairs v» ' ,Kieran T. Mahan, DPM Associate Dean for Research Professor Department of Pocliatric Surgery TEMPLE UNIVERSITY A Commonwotih Itaitcfiit) Sdwtl of PudialrW NMum CjfNih M R c Siw PhiljJdfAax Pe»ni»l»jnu WtOM T MjHit.DPM FaCFaS A imnv Oran far f,i,an A rvme ' F»« To the Class of 2000: Congratulations on being the second class to graduate under the banner of the Temple University School of Podiatnc Medicine Although jour class was not able to gam the full benefits that will eventually be attained through the merger. I am sure you can see this has been a tremendous step forward lor our profession and for podtatric medical education. As you go forward in your careers, I hope you will always earn with you pride in the quality of the education that you received at Pennsylvania College of Podiatnc Medicine and the Temple University School of Podiatnc Medicine We had a strong tradition of academic excellence at PCPM. and I have no doubt that this will continue to be enhanced by the merger with Temple University. For me. the merger has created a somewhat different career opportunity After twelve years as Vice President for Academic Affairs. I have embarked upon a new area as the Associate Dean for Research. An important pan of the credibility of any profession, is its ability to create new knowledge and contribute to the advancement of the discipline. At PCPM. we have always hail a reputation as being the strongest research program of all of the colleges of Podtatric Medicine. Thanks to investments from Temple University we can continue to build upon that reputation In addition to enhancing the credibility of our profession, research creates multiple links between TUSPM and other departments and schools within Temple University. It also creates an environment within the institution that embraces learning and seeking new knowledge We are justifiably proud of your accomplishments and look forward to hearing of your continuing success in your residency training and in your professional careers This is a great profession' I wish you every personal and professional happiness as you continue your journey through your career as physicians and surgeons of the foot and ankle kieran I Mahan. DPM Associate Dean for Research Professor Department of Podtatric SurgerySheree J. Aston, OD, PhD Assistant Dean for Medical Education I TEMPLE UNIVERSITY A Commonwealth Urweralry School of Podiatrir Mtdlriar Eithih Race $tr «t Philadelphia. Pennsylvania 19l0:-2496 Phone 21S 629 0X0 To The Class of 2000 Congratulations, you are graduating from the finest school of podiatric medicine in the world You will now be rewarded for your four years of hard work, diligence and patience The next few years of your residency training, patient care, and continuing education will be challenging and rewarding As you enter the new millennium, there will be many challenges The Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine has prepared you well to be podiatric physicians, the rest is up to you The explosion of medical information and growth of computer utilization will continue Be prepared to expand your podiatric medical knowledge and computer skills throughout your career Many years of patient care are ahead of you Your contribution to the health and well being of individuals in your community will be tremendous. The more you give to your patients, their community, and your profession the more fulfilled you will be in your career and life I wish you the best of luck Do not be a stranger to your Alma Mater Sinccfcl' Sheree J Aston. O D. Ph D Associate Dean for Technology and Medical Education TNEFOpT ANKLELarry M. Newman, DPM Medical Director TEMPLE UKIVEHSmr A Commonwealth Univenuy School of Podiatric Medicine Ei hlh at Race Street Philadelphia. Pennsylvania 19107.241 ; Phone: 215 6290300 Dear Class of 20C0; Unfonunatcly. since I just started, I was unable to get to know the majority of you. as I would have liked to, and will in the future classes. 1 have gotten to know some of you, even though in the fourth year, you have many travels. I would like to share my sincere good wishes for your future success. You are to be congratulated that you were able to fulfill the rigors of the academic needs to be graduated into such a great profession and now you are armed to enter into your next phase of Podiatric life. Once again, it is a sincere pleasure to wish you all much success, health, and happiness, and we hope that in the future you will not only contribute to the profession heartily, but will look back at our School fondly and help to contribute to the continued success of the School of Podiatric Medicine. Sincerely, Larry M. Newman, D.P M. Medical DirectorMarilyn R. Fenton, PhD Assistant Dean for Educational Affairs TEMPLE UNIVERSITY A Common wrUUi I'ruvmity School of Podiacnc MeRIcUc Eighth M Rice Su«l PhtUddpTuj. Pcmsytvanu 1910" 2«s 6 nor 215829 0300 To the Members of the Class of 2000 I would l»ke to take th.s opportunity to congratulate each of you on your achievement You should be very proud It has been a pleasure for me to work with you and participate in your education The challenges of pod-atric medical school were many but with hard work and perseverance you met the challenges and achieved your goal, you are now Doctors of Podiatnc Medicine In the "real world" there will be new challenges, but your graduation signifies that you have acquired the skills and training needed to face them Believe in your abilities and continue in your educational pursuits for much of your learning is still to come I hope that each of you have a happy and successful professional career Your success will be measured in part by the satisfaction of your patients and the contnbutions you make to the growth of your community and your profession Make a commitment to excellence and get involved' Good luck in your future endeavors Sincerely yours, Manlyn R Fenton, Assistant Dean for PhD Educational AffairsDavid A. Axler, PhD Associate Dean for Student Affairs TEMPLE UNIVERSITY A Conummwrallh I atvmtty Srkool of Podlttrlr Mrdirmr Eiffel) 41 Rjtr SUM Itiibib-liihia Pmn»)hiiua I9107-2IV, IW (Jl ) F x ;iM6.TMW: D vl A Mkr. Ph t Avtonstr IVjui for Srutlml Affair Dear Class of 2000 On behalf of ihc Student Affairs Staff. I am delighted to congratulate each of you on your graduation from the finest school of podialric medicine in the country This accomplishment is testimony to your efforts and sacrifices in successfully meeting the demands of a very rigorous four-year program At times, the years here must have seemed very long and the goal very far. But those years in looking back, passed very quickly and your dedication and commitment enabled y ou to successfully meet all tlie challenges before you We arc proud of you and arc confident that your success will continue You took much from the Temple University School of Podialric Medicine and gave much. We are all better for having had you with us for four years TUSPM will always be here for you. If there is anything Student Affairs can do for you in the years ahead, please call If not. please call anyway so wc may stay in touch Belter y et. stop by and see us. You arc always welcome Wc w ish you good health, professional and personal happiness and peace of mind. The best to each of you David A. Axler. Ph D. Associate Dean for Student AffairsClass of 2000 Rite of Passage Speech The George A♦ Sonnebom Memorial Lecture by E. Dalton McGlamry on ApriC 3, 1998 Finally, you are going to do what you came to medical school to do in the first place. You are going to be a medical detective You are going to examine patients. You are going to consult with patients and teach them the meaning of your findings. And you are going to treat patients. That is why you decided to come to medical school, is it not? For the past two years, and even during your undergraduate years before that, you have been studying the basic sciences and basic medical sciences Sometimes you got the idea that each scientist under whom you studied was trying to make you an expert in his or her particular subject And. yet. there was a reason. Because it is only with the basic medical background that you have acquired that you are able to be an effective medical detective As you begin to see some of the more complex cases in the clinic, you will quickly appreciate that few patients will present as textbook cases. Few will have all the symptoms you expect And most will have symptoms and signs that are common to a number of different Ills It is through the application of the background you have acquired that you will be able to reason through the patient's findings and arrive at an appropriate diagnosis and treatment plan. Starting now, if indeed you haven’t already begun, you are going to be a teacher To be a physician of any type involves teaching. Some of you may say. ’but I don't want to teach’. Ah. but you do! You may or may not want to teach in a podiatric medical college But you will be teaching the ciass that comes behind you. And as you become residents, you will teach your junior residents and extems. You will be teaching patients why certain tests are Important. You will be teaching them the meaning of your findings and diagnosis. You will be teaching them the alternatives of treatment and helping them to understand why one treatment is preferable to another Willis Hurst, author of THE HEART, has done a marvelous little monograph entitled THE DOCTOR AS A TEACHER. I would recommend it to you It makes a good case for the fact that ail successful doctors are teachers. Your ability to teach will have a great deal to do with your success as a physician. If you are going to be happy and really fulfilled in podiatric medicine you are going to be a lifetime student Up until now. you've largely had to read assignments and more assignments in every course you've token But from now on. you need to be doing additional reading. Even if you only have 15-30 minutes per day to do so. you need to constantly read other clinician's ideas You don't read other doctors' papers because you will want to copy them Very often you will find the ideas shallow, or outdated, or based on false premises. But that Is not why you read You read to stimulate your own thinking. Often you get excellent information from the papers and texts that you read But always stimulate your own mind and thinking Lawrence Perkins wrote, 'The essence of education is incompletion. A person who has completed his education is no longer educated. A measure of education is the awareness of an increasing number of things that lie ahead of you. Make the time to read something every day Allow yourself to be stimulated Allow your thinking to grow and evolve What you believe to be absolute truth today you may not believe tomorrow John Basmajian. the great medical writer who was at Emory University for a number of years, is a friend of mine. I once noted that he had over 40 books in print at the time I asked. 'John, how In the world do you manage to write so much?' He replied, 'I have to keep writing, because I don't want to be held accountable for what I thought 5 years ago The only defense against that is to be able to point to what I have subsequently written.' There is no greater fulfillment than that which one experiences as he excels in podiatry. Continue to read. Allow your horizon to expand.If you ar© going to be happy and really fulfilled in podiatric medicine, you need to come to grips with some basic economics. Some of your professors would argue that this concept is premature. They would say that you have no money to worry about at this time in your life. I would argue that this is the very time you need to accept economic realities, because the roots of financial troubles of the future grow from the soil of medical school deprivation. I know that most of you are living on a shoestring now, and by the time you graduate have tremendous loans that must be repaid. But I want you to be able to outgrow that. And you can. You can become financially independent if you just face reality You probably know that few doctors or lawyers ever become wealthy There is a reason for that. It is directly related to a perceived necessity to keep up a front. The need for the $1000 suits of clothes; the need for the $50,000 to $100,000 automobiles, the need for expensive country clubs; the roots for these needs grow from a feeling that 'I d;d without in medical school, and now I owe it to myself to live the good life' Unfortunotely. living above one’s means produces stress, personal, and family tension, and it guarantees that you will never get ahead. There Is a now-famous study out of National Institutes of Health which found that physicians have the highest alcoholism rate, the highest drug addiction rate, the highest divorce rate, the highest bankruptcy rate, and the highest suicide rate of any of the businesses or professions. If you stop and look at that list, you'll quickly realize that the management of money figured greatly in the progression of such problems. I have two good friends. Each came into practice owing about $100,000. The first friend has been In practice for 18 years and for more than 15 years has been earning over $200,000 per year. But after 18 years, he has yet to pay off the debts that he brought into practice with him. He teeters on the edge of bankruptcy all the time. He has a negative net worth. He is constantly stressed and anxious. He can't afford the nice home he would like. Yet he and his wife buy everything they see He has had 15 expensive new cars in 18 years. He denies himself nothing as long as his credit cards are working. He is living far above his means. The other friend has been in practice 13 years He has paid off all his debts, including his practice loans. He has bought and now paid off a nice, though not lavish home. And he has accumulated just over a million dollars in liquid investments. He has done this in spite of the fact that he earns only $125,000 per year. This second friend is under no real pressure He is able to plan his life so that he can spend time with family and enjoy his profession and friends. He has never felt it necessary to buy expensive cars to impress his friends. You see, it is not how much you earn. The Important thing is that you decide early that you are going to live on less that you earn and that you ore going to regularly Invest some of your earnings where they can grow and compound. That is the simple secret to accumulation of wealth. It also answers why most doctors and lawyers are forever stressed Get a copy of the book THE MILLIONAIRE NEXT DOOR, and look at the statistics relating to doctors and lawyers You will get a new perspective on the stress produced when you live beyond your means Finally, let me suggest that you involve your family In your profession Attend state and regional meetings and take your family with you. Let them get to know the colleagues that they hear you talk about Let them get to think of the meetings as 'our meeting' instecd of 'your meeting . When my children were growing up. they always looked forward to attending the APMA annual meeting. They got to know the children of the other podiatrists. As we would leave the meeting each year, they would typically ask. 'Where Is our meeting next summer? It is infinitely easier to grow within your profession or business when you have your family's interest and support rather than their competition. I can tell you in all candor that there would never have been the COMPREHENSIVE TEXTBOOK OF FOOT SURGERY if Becky McGlamry had not been willing to do the tedious time consuming job of the English editing She took each of the author's chapters. many of them in deplorable condition, and placed them in a readable form. Without that help we would never have finished the books. Both of my sons learned photography by helping to photograph material for the book. It pays to involve your family, and it helps to insure their support of your professional endeavors. You are getting a magnificent podiatric medical education And while I do not know the exact direction health care delivery will take. I do know that most people will continue to have two feet. And as long as people continue to be active, they are going to need your services I don't know what you will accomplish as a class or as individuals. But I do know that you will be professionally wealthy if you give serious attention to the subjects I have mentioned. Don't settle for anything less than a lifetime of learning. Anyone can walk on water if you show them where the stepping stones are located. The purpose of education and training is to point out the stepping stones. Learn where those stones are. and enjoy the walk to the fullest I wish you every success for the future. You are in a great profession. We look to you to take what we give you and make it better“The Thinker” at the Rodin Museum, Phlla, PA “To him whose feet hurt, everything hurts. ” — SocratesClass of 2000 Class of 2000Kyle P. Alessi, DPM Trenton State College BS Biology AlessiDavid M. Allen, DPM University of South Florida AA Biology Dad: Thank you for always reminding me that knowledge is the one thing no one can ever take away You gave me advice while allowing me to make my own mistakes. Your never ending support and encouragement allowed me to follow my dream You will always be "My Hero" I love you Dad! Lue: You have always treated me as your son. Your advice and guidance helped me through the last four years. Thank you. Bonnie: You have brought so much joy in my life over the last 2 years. I miss you every moment you are away and my heart beats fast when you are near. I hope January brings good news, but no matter what. I will always love you. My family: I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful family. Without your support and encouragement, I never could have made it. I miss you all terribly and cherish every moment I'm home I love you all very muchl David and Renny We have been through a lot in 20 years Who would have thought from ping pong and drag racing to a doctor. I can't wait to see what the next 20 years bring. Thanks for being the best friends a guy could have. Momma and Pappa Azpeitia Your adopted son is a doctor now. Thank you for always caring for me. Pappa I know you still shine down on us, you are always in our thoughts and missed dearly. Hali, Kailyn. and Taylor The hardest part of the last four years was being sor far from you. A big piece of my heart was missing without hearing "Uncle David", "I love you more", and feeling your hugs around my neck. I hope to be home soon. I love you! Keith: I wish you and Christine the moon and the stars. Thanks for being such a great roommate and friend. Steve: Good luck finding someone with "attitude". If you need a "zig zag" golfer, give me a call. David C We made up. blue collars and all. I wish you and Linda the best of luck. The Feiners: Thank you for letting me be apart of your family. It's nice to know lhave another place I can call home. Thank you! Class of 2000: I wish you all the best of luck Work hard, play hard, and enjoy life to the fullest. "A Mirror for Our Lives" To laugh often and love much To leave the world a bit better. To have played and laughed with enthusiasm... To know that even one life has breathed easier because you have lived — This is to have succeeded. — Ralph Waldo Emerson Holli Friedberg-Alster, DPM George Washington University BS Biology Brian - You truly ore the love of my life and my very best friend I can't remember a time when I didn't have you to depend on We have been through so much together, you hove become a part of me. you are in everything I do. I thank you for your constant encouragement, love, and unending support, it is what always keeps me going. Now, it's finally over and we did it together! I love you so much. Mom and Dad - Thank you so much for all your love and support. No one could ask for better parents You have always been there for me, whatever I needed you were ready to give Mom, thank you for always listening and putting up with me, you have seen me through it all. Dad, I finally did it, thank you for all your persistence and encouragement. It has brought me to where I am today. I love you both very much Friends Marc - Thanks for being such o good friend I owe you so much, always walking me home and making sure I was OK. I feel like I have known you forever. It's hard to believe it's only been four years. You ore like a brother to me. and I wish only the best for you Jeff - Thanks so much for being such a great friend. I don't what I would have done without your call from LA or having smelly surprises in front of my door from Koda. Seriously, I hope we will always be close fnends regardless of where we end up Gina - I can't believe it's been four years. You were the first friend I made at school, ond I am so glad that v e remained friends an the wav through. Please, lets make sure we keep In touchl Fallon - The Doughboy! I hope you can survive the next few years without 14 hours of sleep a day! It has been an adventure. Thanks for all the quiz sessions and the 'NO YOUR WRONGS ' Please make sure we keep In touch. I would hate to lose a good friend! GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONEI MAY YOU SURPASS YOUR DREAMS!Adrienne Migayle Atkinson, DPM Northwestern University School of Engineering BS Biomedical and Chemical Engineering Mom Dad: Who? do I say to the two people who not only gave me life; but also, gave me everything I could ever want in !ife? You hove provided guidance and stability from the beginning but especially these last few years. I love and admire both of you so much. Thank you for teaching me life's most important lesson; that commitment, faith and a loving family can accomplish anything together. Kim, Renee Larry Because of you I didn't have to grow up an only child I always hod two big sisters and then later a big brother that always supported me, cored for me. got me out of jams, scolded me. dried my tears and loved me unconditionally. I love and appreciate all of you dearly Little Sister In just a few more weeks you will graduate from high school. This Is the year we will ooth embark on new phases in our lives. I hope that your college years will become wonderful lifelong memories. I know that you will take this world by storm and I will be right by your side You and I hove cl-ways had a special inseparable bond since the day you were born and I know that it will only continue to grow stronger throughout our lives. I love you MoLlk You've been my best friend, my confidant and the captor of my heart for the past seven years. You have supported me through all the exams, finals the ups downs I thank you from the bottom of my heart and l will always be there for you True love Is eternal. La’Shonda How many people would get up late at night, drive to my home and read my notes to me just because I'm sdk God has a special place for people like you, it's called Heaven But while you're nere on this earth, you'll have to settle for being my best friend I will miss you so much but as long as planes fly and trains chug, nothing con keep us apart. I'll meet you at the IHOP In 15 minutes. Lesly Sometime during those last minute late night study sessions while studying. commiserating, laughing and goofing off. a bond wos formed We started out study partners and ended up friends Sometimes. I feel that you and I are the only two people who have fives that have nothing to do with Podiatry (and those lives are filled with more drama than a little bit). You have such an uplifting, positive personality that it impacts everyone around you Things happen for a reason and I was meant to be your classmate and friend for life. Stay sweet Dear Dear I never thought this day would come without you by my side Though it won't be the same without you here physically, your joyful sp-nt will overwhelm me this day and everyday of my life Your voice of wisdom is so strong In my mind and soul that I find myself forgetting that you ore gone. I hope and pray that I can continue your legacy and that my children and grandchildren will be strong, healthy, happy and wise. Thank you for such a beautiful mother and iwo wonderful aunts. To you l dedicate my diploma and hope that my practice of medicine will forever be a tribute to your memory I love you. To Ail We all seem to know people who seem to be full of life, seem to live every day with a passion, seem to keep an upbeat disposition, even in the foce of adversity. What's their secret? Maybe their secret to living a fulfilling life is the same as an artist creating a beautiful portrait assign the utmost importance to every stroke of your brush If you do that, you might just find that creating a masterpiece is easier than you think. — Kevin Chappell AtkinsonMarc Baer, DPM University of North Carolina at Charlotte EconomicsLora Baker, DPM Muhlenberg College BS Biology Natural Science life. I love oil of youl Jen and Matt - True happiness arises from the friendship and conversation of a select few companions You two defme friendship for me As our lives take a new turn next year may our friendship ever stay strong And may our Eucre tournaments live onl to the class of 2000 Remember, the expert at anything was once a be-9 nner.-Hayes Scotl - You are the person whose smile brings me endless happiness Your love andsupport has made all the difference through these tough years You ore my best friend, soulmate and favorite trivial pursuit partner. I love you always! To my family - All of my accomplishments ere a reflection of your unconditional love and support I will never be able to thank you enough for all you've done throughout myRobert F. Bello, DPM Specific thanks and love to my forrn-ly who mode this possible You all have been there for me from the days way back in Hershey. PA till today Dad — thanks for the neverending and unrepayabte support Sister Ellen — thanks for setting the example to succeed NAMA 2000 + I Brother CJ end Sister-in-law Crissy — thanks for the countless hospitality and encourcgement Bonzoi (the cat) — thanks for putting up with the torment all these years Mom (most of ofl) — thanks for g.v- Fordham University BA Biology ing me the ability, determination, ond fortitude to excel I know you've been watching all along I love ond miss you! Spectol thanks to Rich beck on Long Island for much needed comic relief ond NY reality checks and to ati those who listened to ail those stories throughout 3rd year. Thanks to the Lord for providing the beauty ond tranquility of the sea because life Isn’t just about getting to the top Of the mountem but enjoying the ride up along the way! BelloTo Susan: Thank you for your love and support I couldn't have done it without you You ore the best I love you! To my mom and dod: Thank you for your support and financial contributions all four years I am lucky you are my parents. To my family: Thank you for your understanding words of encouragement! To my friends: We can finally stop studying and start life Thank you for making the four years go quickly To everyone else Good luck in your future endeavors Ira S. Bernstein, Pennsylvania State University BS Biology DPM BernsteinRobin J. Bocra, DPM New York University BA Biology Mom and Dad: I could have never done it without your support (without your money). Bill: Thanks tor carrying me the whole way. To Matt "I'm a Big Boy now" Sabo and Jenn "Got Milk" Sartorl: Feel free to submit your CV's upon completion of your residencies. BocraDiane Bray, DPM King's College BS Biology To my mom ond dad: "Thank you very much for all your love, encouragement. and prayers. I could not have done it without you Thanks for believing In me God bless you both." To my wonderful husband. "Doc" David: “Well, honey, we finally mode it Thanks for your understanding ond patience throughout the last several years The dreams we both had in college finally came true for us Thank you for your “pep talks" and constant support You helped me to get through the hardest times You mean so much to me." I would also like to thank those who supported and encouraged me through podiatry school especially "Doc M You helped meto believe in myself when I lost faith. Your kindness will never be forgotten Thank you .. Sincerely. Diane BrayJoseph W. Brown, DPM King's College BS Biology Thank you ana good »uck to the ctoss of 2000!W. Aaron Broyles, DPM ■ Brigham Young University BS Zoology It almost doesn't seem real., tour years and a couple of ulcers later, we finally mode it. I say we because I know that I couldn't have done this without the courage and faith of my loving family. Thank you Rebecca for ail of your love, patience, support, patience, long suffering, patience, and your patience My love for you is deeper than I ever dreamed it could be It is because of you that this is all possible Chelsea and Caleb. Daddy is so proud of you both! I love you two so much and I’m so excited to be able to be home with you now! You two are my inspiration and the highlights of my life. Thank you Mom and Dad. I know that having us 3.00C miles away is tough on you grandparents but I want you to know that it was you that made me the man I am today. I owe you everything I love you very much. Thank you Art and Marianne, you are the best In-laws any one could osk for Without the love o.nd support that you have given to Rebecco and I. we could never nave accomplished so much You have made it possible for us to keep our little family together and have given the kids the best environment imaginable through this tough time in our lives Thanks to JL for keepin’ it real. 'It's AG baby...' Without your friendship life here would have been a whole lot worse Thanks to RG for all the home-cooked meets at his house, even if we got a bit loud end angry at times Thanks to RvB for keeping the Mormon connection alive and keeping my head up during the tough times Thanks to ell the Homies from 'The Sponge : X. the Mullah. Big Lu. and the rest, you guys made me laugh and helped keep the insanity running high Thanks to LS. HJP. OR. and SP for all the hugs and laughs-you girls are the best' Most of all thanks to God. for giving me the strength, ability end guidance that have helped me De the man and doctor that I am Good Luck Class of 2000! BroylesSamia Riaz Chaudry, 786 in the name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful All praise Is to Him To Abu and Ami Thank you for your unconditonol love and support. I miss you, my true blue fnend Maava tun-dia chaanva. Sadia, Nada. Monsoor I love you an You guys are the reason why I run to New Jersey every weekend Brandeis University BA Biology Elvin: To my hokls. I love you with oil my heart, and no matter where we are in life, we hove to live across the street from one another. Kristine If it wasn't for you 8eon. Phitly would have been unbearable. P.S., don't forget to take me to Boston Clinic group 16 (Nick. Shashank. Aparno. Jennifer); I'm so glad that I worked with you guys We ore a great team. JK I will miss you ChaudryKellvan J. Cheng, DPM University of Texas at Austin BS Zoology and BA Psychology To God: Lord. Thank you for giving me the strength to be positive and happy even when times were rough You really carried my cross every step of the waylll To Dad Mom: 'Ba!' 'Mai'. Kam sia Hr e tia! Thank you for your support, sacrifice, and unconditional love I love youlll To My Sisters: Karen Suling. you've both grown Into strong and beautiful women Thanks for letting me be your big brother. I love you! To Koko Momo: You're a good dog ana a good cat I To 'Uncle' Sam: Finally. I've graduated!!! See you soon! To My 4th Uncle and Aunt 4th gu 4th kim. Thank you for your help these 4 years, it's special to have family away from home. I shall miss you. I'll keep in touch! To My other relatives across the USA and Taiwan I know you are all look- ing out for me and wishing me lots of happmess Hope to see ail of you soon! To Tim Hey cousri. good luck finishing up TUSPM Work hard PlOV hard! To 'the Homies : 'OCD (IY). -the Dirty-Bitter One (RFB). 'Shody Mullah' (RM). 'Sponky' (CG). 'Odd Jobs' (JL). 'the Sponge' (AB). and 'the Pervert' (RG)- You guys ore like brothers to me Thank you for all the loughs, the yelimg. the crazy study sessions, the shmanagans. and helping make 'Filthadelphia home Ferret Man (SG). Keep up the good work Ho-Ho-Ho-Homieee! Wishing you all the best and success! My door is always open to you all To all the other friends I've made here: You guys and gals all know who you are! Good Luck! To the others: GTFOHIIdpm Adrianna Ch Holy Family College BA Biology socrlfces throughout the years Iwii be forever groteful. Thanks for believing in me. To the Rest of My Family: Thank God, I'm Finished! Thank you for all your love and supocr. Knowing that you were ail behina me made the hard work a little easier. lo Husband: Thank you for your support and encouragement over the Iasi four years couldn't have done it without you I love you with all of my heart. Mom: I would like to dedicate my degree to you. I would not heave been able to accompish my goals without your unending love andDavid S. Collom, DPM CollomMikel David Daniels, DPM Muhlenberg College BS Biological Sciences As this day ends. I patiently sit and await the new dawn It is a time that will bring about fabulous and excit ng things. Yet. I must sit back and reminisce on Ihe last 4 years. Years that have brought happiness and sadness, success and failure, hopes, dreams and love; ail of which have come to pass. Now a new day dawns, but before I can open my eyes to the possibilities that exist, the past must be remembered, honored, and respec ted. Melissc: To my reoson for living, my motivation, my conscious and my one true love. I thank you for your support, your love, your suffering, and your spirits All were a guiding light that helped me to this dawn, and helped me to procure this moment. Your vision was never clouded, even when I could not see my own hands. You are my rock, you are my sustenance, you are my everything. Mom. Dad, Casey, Andy. Grandpar ents Wissow, Grandparents Daniels. Bower's, Wissow's, Daniels', Was- sermcn's. and beyond: To my family, who stood by me. encouraged me, and never wavered in their support. Your thoroughness and attention during this rocky road Is without equal. You made the road smooth when I come upon bumps, you added light to the darkness. I am forever grateful for your assistance and forever thonkful for your existence. Chuck, Dan. Scott, my friends, my fraternity brothers, and my classmc-tes To the people who pushed, pulled, encouraged, and aided, I am appreciative of your effort, and indebted to your company. You made the journey bearable and helped with the travel To all who have come before, and to a I who will come after The journey of life begins with yet a single step. One is often told that the first step is the hardest, but In reality, the hardest step is the one not yet token. Mikel David Daniels TUSPM Class of 2CC0 DanielsKevin James DeAngelis, DPM DeAngelis 7 is California State University, Northridge BA Biology Pennsylvania College of Optometry MS Vision Rehabilitation To Danielle: My wife, my best fnend. my pillar of strength£You ore so beautiful and the most incredible thing that has ever happened to met Without you In my life and your unconditional love and friendship I would have never been able to achieve my dream. You are everything to me and I thank God for bringing us together. I feel so lucky and honored that you have chosen me to spend our lives together From our love, we were blessed with Kelsey. She is so fortunate to have such a wonderful and loving mother, whom she will adore, as much os I do. as she continues to grow Thank you for making me fee! so happy and so special I cannot express enough how much I love and respect you!!' With all my heart. Kevyl To Mom and Dad Words cannot express my thoughts for you I love you so much and thank you for everything that you have done for me and my family, You are both amazing people and I have learned my compassion for others as well as my desire to succeed from you l know you are proud of me and say it often but I want you to know that I am so proud to be your son I know that my life win be happy as long as I can follow your example of creating a great family The love and respect that you have for each other is so obvious to any who knows you Thanks again. I love you dearly. Kerry. Karen. Kurt. Kent, Kim and Keith: I am so lucky to have you os my siblings I feel that I owe you pari of this degree I was fortunate to be able to continue my education and with your support and love was able to attain my goal Thanks for ail your confidence and motivation during times of stress and frustration. I look forward towards making up for lost time l spent chasing this endeavor. We ore so lucky to love one another so much and will grow old together not only as brothers and sisters but friends. To Granamom Mason: i love you and thank you for all the great stories I also thank you for becoming a special part of my life and helping us all to remember Grandpop. I am so amazed by you and your incredible life You are truly special to all of us and without you our lives would have a void. I love you Grandmom and look forward to spending more time together in the years to come To my m-laws: Thank you accepting me into your family with open arms. I enjoy ar of our fun times together and feel so lucky to have a great relationship with such a special family. Mom and Dad thanks for all your help and support Aldo ond Clorinda, I look forward towards many good times together Gordon, Michelle. Deven and Derek, I cannot wait to take many more vacations together Lots of Love. Kevin To Kelsey Abigail. I love you so much'!! You hove brought mommy and me so much happiness! I am so blessed to have such a beautiful angel in my life. Your smiles keep me yearning for more, your demands of me to be a great father will never be a burden. I will protect you in all danger. I will love you unconditionally. I will strive to provide you with the best life has to offer. I look forward to the friendship we will build over the years to come and will cherish every moment we have together All my love. Daddy James A. Denmark, DPM University of North Carolina at Greensboro BA History Eastern College MBA it is impossible to thank oil those who mode my graduation from TUSPM a 'eality. Words cannot express the faithfulness of God. the patience and encouragement of my wife, the smile of my daughter, the support of my parents All these people hove allowed me ro pursue my dream to its completion, indeed, of all these people, i am the least. I have simply beer taking tests and seeing patients. I have stood on their words, smiles, and support when the footing wos so unsteady that I could no longer stand on my own. So celebrate with me. the dream s reolized. the adventure continues. Denmark Aparna Duggirala, DPM Marshall University BS Biology Mommy. Daddy and Booby: Finally. I'm done with school I know you've been waiting for this day for the last 26 years Daddy, thank you for believing in me even when I didn't believe in myself Mommy, your endless support and advice hove kept me going Thank you for your love, encouragement and MONEY You've been there for me all these years, now its my turn to take care of you Bobby, thanks for the endless hours of pain and torture. Just Kidding. We've all missed having you close by, and can't wait for you to move back to the East coast Laura Where should I start? We’ve been through a lot and we've survived Words can not convey what our friendship has meant to me You have truly been like a sister to me. Who could forget Dunkin Donut runs at 6 in the morning, social chair events that no one showed up to. your great sense of direction (Lee. Massachusetts). Hello Dell (NY). Biscuits and Chicken salad Spinach and Hamburger Helper, Mall es- capades. and who could forget the endless nights spent in the Nerd Cubes. I will never forget the times we’ve shared and can't wait for the times yet to come, weddings, family vacations, etc You are the kindest person I ever meet and I proud to say you're my best friend I'll miss you very much Amlt Thank you for being there for me for the past four years I promise you the next time you come to DC I'll fake you to the Washington Monument Good Luck in the future and In your pursuit In finding the perfect woman Group 16 Jen. Nick. Sarnia and Shawshank- You guys have made my 3rd year a memorable one From Shunks wall banging to Nick's confrontation In Diag. we never hod a boring moment I'll miss you guys. Good Luck. Alex. Stephanie. Yuki. Elena, and to the Classs of 2000 Life at PCPM TUSPM has come to an end and we thought we’d never see this day. Congratulations to all of you!Russell D. Earnest, DPM Virgina Polytechnic Institute and State University BS Biology To my loving wife Jockie Well, here we ore. four years later I want you to know that this could not have happened without you. Thank you so much for all of your support, sacrifice. and patience with me I thank God for you (and for getting me through this) daily I love you dearty To my son Nathaniel: Don't be too surprised if you don't receive any inheritance when you get older. As hard os Jackie and I have worked these past four years, we deserve to take the rest of our lives off Just wanted to give you a little forewarning (Just kidding) To my family Mom. Dod. Trish. Tom. Eric. Val. Jim. Florence. Jim Jr. — Thonk you all for all of your support, understanding, and help during this period You an have been an encouragement throughout th.s trial. I truly look forward to the day when we con all get togeiher. without me having to study To my third year clinic group: Mark. Summer, and Jim Mark — one more day closer Summer — you are the true nerd Jim — what can I say. you've always been o father figure to the whole group That may be because you're old enough to be the father of the whole group. (Hal Don't try to send me any correspondence because I won't take it — now l have the lost word, end it is immortalized.) EarnestMark A. Erdman, DPM Elizabethtown College BS Biology Becky: You ore my loving wife and the only wife of a student in the class of 2000 who Is not a mother You encouraged and Inspired me through many extremely harsh times during the past four years Thank you for all of your love, patience, and support i could not possibly be happier that this is over and I can't wait to begin a new bright future together I am glad that I will fulfill my lifetime dreams with my very best friend. I love you with all my heart I Mom and Dod: Thanks for all your love and support You have inspired me to work hard to achieve a wonderful career. I can sum up my feelings in one quote. 'You have raised two very fine young gentlemen,' by Harvey Golden No one could have done a better job than you two I love you! Grandmother and Grandfather-Thank you for all of your love, kind-heartedness. and for taking me on many camping trips You have inspired me to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail, which was my most challenging goal ever I admire you both greatly for everything you have done and all the memories we have shared I hope that I can follow in your footsteps someday I love youl Matt, Jerry. Jason, and Q: I am very fortunate to have brothers friends like you I have always enjoyed camping with 50 foot pyro fires or playing disc golf. We have stuck through a lot of great and difficult times together and I know I can always count on you. Holly I am looking forward to having a new sister on July 1. 2000. Other family and fnends You are all very special to me and I am grateful to have so many people that I can't fit on this page that are a part of my life. Russ: I am glad we met and become friends Never forget the infamous quotes 'One more day closer to being finished with this place;' 'That would be so sweet if they hand us another 50 page packet to study two days before the exam, better yet make that a 100 page packet. 'Did you remember to sign the sign-ln sheet?' 'I just can't get enough of this place I wish clinic would be open on Sundays;' The ultimate quote was usually announced at noon. 'We have five charts for Dr X Our response. 'Rock on! I get to miss lunch ogain for the 14th day in a row ErdmanBrian Fallon, DPM FallonMichael P. Flatley, DPM Hahnemann University BS Biology First l would like to Thank my third year clinic group Pfeif. Miller. RVB Pfeif for finally making me sit down and learn a thing or two. Miller for mcking me un-leam c thing or two. and Rob for being the voice of reason for all of us. We definitely hod the best group, and the best time' I would also like fo thank my father, who helped and supported my going ’back fo school’ when I finally decided to. But the people that deserve the most thanks are my family, especially my wife Linda You put up with me and supported me through this entire ordeal, no matter how 'hectic things got at home. Your unwavering support and encouragement kept me going more times than I can remember l hope that one day I con do the same for you Mike. Tim. Kyle, and Colin.I Love You Guys! Thanks everyone! Flatley =Justin Fleming, DPM Widener University BS Biology FlemingAlex W. Garcia, DPM University of Puerto Rico, Cayey Biology Papi y Maim Al fin terminoron de criar. Gracias por ©I opoyo y ©I omor qu© stempre me han bnndado y por todos sus socrificios. Carlos V Efrancito Ustedes son los mejores hermanos mayores qu© se puede tener. I© doy gracias a Dios por dorm© hermanos como ustedes Abuela Gracias por todos tus ora-ciones y ©sos 'santos d© cabeza” Juamto. Betsy. Cynthia. Efren. Charlie. Blanca y todos cquellos que pusieron su gramto d© arena para mi educacion Gracias Laura Thank you for the great memories. you will always be cherished. Summer and Geoff THANK YOU! Tracey: My latin soul sister. Thank you for the sangna and the salsa (dance!) Amlt. Aparna. Mcrinildo Thank you for tear me away from my studies laundry when I needed to have some fun It's finally over!Summer G. Getzen, University of Massachusetts, Amherst BS Zoology DPMBernadette Giangreco, DPM St. Joseph's University BS Biology Mom ond Dod — 1 couldn't hove Rose — I wish you were here to see done it without you. Thank you for Thcnk you for sending Glgl in your my peace of mind. place. GabrieBa — You're my Inspiration John — Thank you Physiol! In spite of and strength. it all. we still had fun. My Husband Tod — I cm sorry for all the crazy mood swings It was you who core the b'unt. It seems like it was a group effort and it v as. I love you all very much. Bernadette Giangreco. DPMRichard Gosnay, DPM New School of Music BM Music O; GosnoyGary F. Gregasavitch, DPM Slippery Rock University BS Public Health Mom. Dad. end Family: Thanks for Ihe overwhelming love and support I could not have achieved my goals without you Minhtam: You are my Pest friend, my little angel. my everything. Thanks for all your love and encouragement It hos not been easy, but my future with you looks brighter every day! 'Everything in this world must come to an end — beauty, wit. sentiment, and the sun itself - but that which has no term is the hoppiness I find with you.' Nick K: Thanks for three years of comfortable living in luxurious 410 Luck and success Dr Karoutsos! 1996 SARPIES What a great v ay to kickoff professional school Proud to be associated with such a group of impressive specimens (you know who you ore!). Grateful for those strong friendships that were developed during the summer of 1996. 3rd Year Clinic Group Specal thanks to my 'Stonewall Brigade' - LaMar. Garcia. Stoll, and Yuki It was on honor to be in your presence I will miss ya all Luck and success to al LaMar. I will never forget our ND Mchlgan bet Gen Andrew Johnson and Father Thom Crandall: Thanks for organizing and executing our yearty trip (my only vacation) to our Mecca - South Bend. IN, to rally on the Fighting Irish of ND. Since 1993. this is. without a doubt, my favorite time of the year! Chris Dig and Family Thanks for the support, friendship, and hospitality, especially during the holidays Ya make me feel like one of the family. I treasure the friendship. let keep it tight I My Heroes: God. Napoleon, Lee. Jackson. Aristotle. Plato. Socrates. Jefferson. Lincoln. Schwarzeneggger. Mom. Dad and Minhtam - all have had a profound impact on me! Quotes. 'Death is nothing, but to live. Defeat is to die every day 'A man of words and not deeds is like a garden full of weeds' •The life of he who knows is pleasanter than he who Is learning •Joseph A. Hannon, DPM East Stroudsburg University of PA BS Movement Studies and Exercise Science Mom Dad Without you I would not be the person I am today. You shaped and molded me, guided me. carried me. taught me. loved me. and for these things I thank you both Dove You're the best little brother I guy could ever have You're my friend, my buddy, and the best example of inner strength anyone only os lucky os me could have around Kathya You are my best fnend You've been my greatest source of encouragement ever since I met you. I admre you in every way. Your caring, compassion. hope, joy. kindness, wit. and beauty are the things I hold most dear. I love you so much! My Group Brad. Dove. Scott, and Kyle: you've been a blast, some true friends. ('Don't worry Mov I got your wing 'Flower Girl!' 'Four! 'You just don't get it Scott, do you?' Summer. Bill. Robin: You guys have been there since the beginning, and I can't imagine what it would hove been like without you Thanks. (Anyone who feels thct I forgot to mention them Thanks!) 0) HannonJennifer Hasan, DPM Ursinus College BS Biology To Mom. Dad. and Omar Thank you for your support and encouragement over the years. Special thanks to my Mom for putting up with my grumpy moods during exam times (seemed like all the time!) I love you. To Grandmaster Chang. Masters Ron and Jim. Instructors Senior Members Priscilla. Floyd. Mike. Freddy. Nick. Dave. Sangy. Kelly. Jay. and my entire Chang Karate School family. Tang Soo Do has been my lifeline for the past 12 years The discipline and perseverance that karate has taught me has carried me through these 4 difficult years and helped me realize my dream of becoming a doctor Thank you all for your dedication to Tang Soo Do. for your motivation and encouragement and for your friendship Ko mop sum ne do Tang Soo! To Sangy Words cannot express how much your friendship has meant to me Thank you for standing by my side through so many tough times and never giving up. Thank you for constantly leading me down the right path in life with your endless strength, guidance, and wisdom. You ore the greatest friend anyone could ever ask for Love ya lots! To Corta. Judy. Jason. Rich. Romyar, and my awesome clinic group (Nick. Apoma. Samla. Shoshank): We did it I It's been a long, hard 4 years, but we made it through You guys ore great fnends Good luck to you and to the entire TUSPM Class of 2000'Moshe Hillel, DPM Yesliiva University Biology 1 - v ‘i?v ' '+{) L kS ml ,v»S »vW -iV vJ ' oA 'K'j , Vji y'lAl-X |ti,N £ ij-iii s yJj . ijU W 1 13 J( 'b o f-Ji td,( ■' fj|p4 . jjA M 1M K‘‘ji C©} ' • full HillelStephanie L. Horling, DPM Ursinus College BS Biology My Parents Thank you for all your love and support throughout the years. It made c world of difference to know thot you were always there whether I succeeded or not. Now that I have I hope thot I have made you proud Jen; Thanks for always listening to me- about school end life. Good luck in your 4th year. Darla (my cat): Thanks for always staying up late ana studying with me My TUSPM Friends. Well we finally made It. Looking back first year seems so far away We nave made many memories along the way May our paths meet again some day Good luck and best wishes to all of you. HorlingMonique P. Jones, DPM Bennett College BS Biology Being confident of this, thot He who began a good work in you will carry It on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. (Phil 1.6) How appreciative I am that God entrusted this task to me Thank you. Father, for the des:re. will and fortitude that brought me to this expected end. To my Parents: Thank you for your spiritual, emotional and financial support Your prayers and encouraging words made this entire process that less challenging I love you both dearly end appreciate all that you've done for me To Shona. Lane. Samone and Aretha: I’m proud to call you family and I thank you for your friendship. Although I was not that far awoy. your cards and phone calls mode the miles between us disappear. I love you all. To my Pastors Lawrence and Vanessa Powell Thank you again ana again for praying on my behalf and importing truth in my life I'm blessed to be under such compassionate leaders with whom I coll my friends. Thank you to my church family for your prayers and uplifting words To my 'true blue' friends: I hoW you dear to my heart and count your friendship a gift Through joyous times and sad. I could always count on you. Thank you for your honesty (sometimes brutal) and support down through the years For all the promises of God in Him ore yea and in Him amen, unto the glory of God by us. (II Cor 1:20) TO GOD BE THE GLORY! i..o' oNicholas F. Karoutsos, DPM Cornell University BA Math Dad. Mom. Steve. Vageli- Thank you all for your patience, your wisdom, ana your encouragement through the years It's meant a lot to me I have and will continue to depend on you to give me strength end push me forwara I love you all To my friends and extended family back home- Thank you for oil the memories we've had and the great moments to come Elena- the sister I (thonkfulty) never had- It's been an interesting four yeers to say the lecst. Thanks for always being there for me l couldn't have done it without you. and l sure os heck know you couldn't have made it without me Dear friends; Shunk. Aparna. Bela. Samia. Tracey. Amit. Brian. Mark Lisa. Sharada. Jen. Cindy. Bill. Alex. Gary, and many others with whom I hove spent these last four years-Even though Phiily has grown on me somewhat (ie McGiiian's. Lorenzo's, etc ) it goes without soying I will miss my friends most of all KaroutsosKeith Kendall, DPM »• ©1, 4 Kendoll University of Delaware BS Physical Education Christine- For your love and support the post live years, I can't thank you enough. You have always believed in my abilities and have encouraged me to pursue my dreams. Even though it has been rough at times, you have always been there for me, I could not hove made it this far without you at my srde and I am thankful you have shared this time of my life with me I love you very much and promise that l will support you and care for you as you have for me Mom and Dad- tt’s hard to believe that I've mode it this far. I thank you for the patience and the encouragement you have shown over the years. Thank you for making me the man that I am today and allowing me to achieve my goals. I am proud to have you both as my parents and I hope I have made you proud os well. To my other Mom and Dad-Thank you for raising such a wonderful daughter and allowing me to become a part of the family. You both have helped me in so mcny ways that I can't thank you enough. Thank you both for your kindness and generosity over these past years Krista and Lakysha-To my one and only sister and my one and only niece. I am proud to be your only brother and your only uncle. I am thankful to have you both in my life. Regina D. Khoury, DPM Catholic University of America BA Psychology 'Cause it's a great big world calling you to take a ride And it's a great big world singing come and see and come inside Oh yeah a great big world reminding you you're not alone So hold on this great big world we only get to rent we never get to own Thank you Dad. from the the bottom of my heart, for your continued guidance and support, my hope is to one day be the inspiration to my child, as you are to me. Mike, if has been a long, long rood and I wouldn't have wonted to travel It with anyone else May the road never end... I love you To the Class of 2000. Good times, good health and good luck Take carelll ■■■Jeffrey E. Kleiman, DPM University of Michigan BS Biopsychology MOM DAD What con I say? Words cannot adequately express how I feel about you two You are the two greatest individuals and I am truly blessed to have such amazing parents. I will never be able to thank you enough for your love, guidance, hard work, and support that you have provided over the last 25 years DAD - You are the most dedicated and hardest working man I know Yet. you have also shown me that without the family, you hove nothing Thank you for affording me the opportunities to go after my dreams and believing in me along the way. I hope to be as great of a father to my kids as you have been to me. I love you very much Go Blue! MOM - You are the greatest, no one even comes close. To raise four sons like you have (and live to tell about it) is incomprehensible and a true reflection of the person you are Thanks for always believing in me and providing your unconditional love, support and guidance. I love you very much I have missed you two over the years and look forward to seeing you more often. I could not have fulfilled this dream of mine without you two in my life I am dedicating this life achievement to both of you. ANDY Thank you for showing me right from wrong and for setting a great example I have tried to emulate your dedication, strength, perseverance. and work ethic. You are the perfect older brother and role model. Thanks for always being there when I needed advice or help along the way Thank you for leading me along the same path that has provided you with so much success and happiness Promise to keep your script pad available and I will do the same for you. Thanks and I love you. ROB There is no one in the world I am more proud of than you You are truly an amazing person and an unbelievable brother life hos continuously challenged you by throwing one curve ball after another Each of these speed bumps tested you in ways none of us will ever know. Yet. you hove managed to tackle each of these challenges with amazing personoi strength and devotion. I admire you very much and am so proud of everything that you have done m your life Thanks for helping me out when I needed it even if it was just a laugh and a smile l wish you only the best in life and I love you very much. STEVE You are the greatest little brother I've watched you grow up into a special guy. I know it was difficult for you at home alone when we were away at college Now it is your time to head off to college and I promise to visit you often I see a tot of myself In you and I can usually understand how you are feeling Thanks for all the little things you've done for me and remember that I am always here for you I hope your college experience is as great as mine was and I wish you the best I love you DAKOTA You are truly my best friend Thanks for helping me get through all of the long nights and difficult times over the tost few years The time we have spent together is always great and I am so glad that you are such a big part of my life FAMILY FRIENDS I want to thank all of you for being such an important part of my kfe I would not be the person I am without each end every one of you Thanks for being there for me and helping me to reach my goal of becoming a podiatrist KleimanJoseph M. LaCava, DPM Upsala College BS Biology To My Wife. Christine Without whom I coula never hove achieved this dream For all you have given up or done without...I Thank You. For all the time we spent apart while I was out studying ....I Missed You. For all the times that you picked me up and assured me that tomorrow is another day...I Need You For bringing into this world the most beautiful, perfect son a man could ever dream of ..I love You To My Mother and Father Thank you both for all the lessons you hove taught me. from making sure that my homework was correct In grammar school to being responsible for my actions In adulthood Thank you for teaching me too never be satisfied until I achieved all of my goals and dreams. You both have done so many things for me throughout the years that words can never show my gratitude I can only hope that l can be os good a parent to my son os you both are to your three sons I love you both To My Brothers, Greg and Chris: Now that we ail have our own famines lets always work to ossure that we maintain the brotherhood that we have shared all these years — Forever No matter how far let us always remember to bring our families together so that they can grow up with the large, exciting and loving family that we grew up with. I love you both. To My Grandfathers, Big Pop and Small Pop: I know that you both are sharing this achievement with me You are thought about everyday and missed greatly. Thank you for all the summertime visits, late night advice out in front of the house and memories throughout my childhood. I will never forget you and I love you both. To My Grandmothers. Agnes and Ann Thank you both for oil the great memories of holidoys past and lessons you taught. I love you both dearly To My Son, Joseph Michael I have waited a very long time and dreamed many dreams about you Since your birth on April 11. 1999. youhove exceeded my every dream Many nights. I stand by your crib and just look at you while you sleep in amazement You are my beautiful, baby boy and i will forever be there for you. I love you LaCava (©: • (tu:Laura LaMar, DPM Michigan State University BS Psychology DAD You've mode the lost four years possible. Thanks for all the advice. support, and of course-money I This diploma is for both of us I love you. MOM. YAYA. GRANDDAD Your faith m me meant more than you'll ever know, thanks for never giving up. I love you all. DON HEATHER To the dorkiest little brother I ever had. end the beautiful wife who fumed him around-try to keep your nav culars in one piece) BRIAN You're the best ’buddy I've ever had Whatever happens In the future. I wouldn't trade the post two years for anything I want to let you in on a little secret-1 love you BRETT You are my sanity and my haven Thanks for your listening ear. the Sunday nights at Doc Watsons, and the rollerblading adventures I'm your friend for life whether you like it or not I APARNA Sometimes, all you need is a friend to lean on. Thanks for all the gym dates, study parties, and shopping excursions You're also stuck with me for fife! ALEX You've been a good fnend who always manoged to make me laugh I'm glad we finoily straightened that out! Wherever we end up. remember that you can always count on me STEPH We've come a long way from the roach motel, number 210. All ways remember this, something is Okay Even something something But something, something, something is serious business! YURI: To the sweet and innocent httle Japanese girl I'm not fooled! You're the best, thanks for the friendship, the understanding, and the funny stones LaMarBradley M. Lamm, DPM Moravian College BS Computer Science and Honors Biology 'Success is never final, failure is never fatal, it's courage that counts Thank you Lord for all you hove given me and for blessing me with family and friends. Mom and Dad — Words cannot adequately express Just how much the two of you mean to me Your constant love, prayers, guidance, and support has empowered me to make my dreams become a reality. I thank you. and love you from the bottom of my heart. Alison — To my best fnend. favorite companion, my inspiration, my source of constant happiness, and true love. It's been fantastic sharing these years with you and I know together we are always getting stronger Thank you for your tireless support, caring words of encouragement, and endless love throughout the years Now we hde off Into the sunset on a new adventure and I am so glad to have you with me I Love You, Ali MomMom — I am etemlly grateful for oil that you and PopPop have done to support my education. I thank you in the highest regards for all your love and support l know PopPop would be very proud of me today MomMom and PopPop Lamm — Thank you for all your love, 'head medicine , cookies, and relentless help with my outrageous projects throughout the years Gary — I have always looked up to you in many ways You have been a great help with my car. an inspiration. and someone that I can always look to in life for guidance and wis dom Thanks, brother Roommates — (DM 'wlrvg man chair and chain pusher . AB 'if this Is wrong. I don't want to be right . IF 'house ) I appreciate all your help, support, generosity, and Inspirational words through these crazy times Keep in touch! Clinic group — (KA. SM. DM. JH) Remember. It's always a good day to golf Best of luck and stay in touch •You Just don't get it. do ya l Gait Lab — (SB. JS. SN. HH, JF. JW. BG 'Jeff'. SS. BL. SD) It's great being aboard, thanks for everything I'll never forget the picnics at Howards' Professors — It's been a great pleasure learning from you over these four yeors I am and will always be grateful Thank you for all your time and effort and for helping me become the person and doctor that I am today Love and God Bless — Brad LammThomas M. Landino, Northeastern University To my family end Tania — thanks for all your support and encouragement! To my friends (Borry. Joe. Your.es, T-Roch. Sachs. Will. Flemming). Group 12. the guys in Ihe back row TUSPM Class of 2000 — thanks for the memories, it's great to be done1 Best of luck in your future endeavors and to leave you with this thought from G.M. Humphry. The Human Foot and the Human Hand. 1861 The Human foot is ’an Instrument of support and of locomotion it excels BS Physical Therapy the foot of any other animal. It evinces its excellence by enabling man to stend upright In a way that no other animal can do and so efficiently does the foot accomplish this and perform the task of carrying the body, that the hand is set at liberty to minister to the will Thus is the foot Instrumental in giving us an advantage over other animcis. and in enabling us to provide the means of defense, and. thus if aids us to carry out those wondrous works which are second only to the marvelous results of creative power. DPMJasen Langley, DPM Rutgers University-Newark, NJ College of Arts and Sciences BA Biology It's been o long ond rough journey for me. but I hove finolly mode it!lll!l Dad ond Mom: Thank You for creating the son thot you hove m this world Thank you for believing In melll I know I have been unbearable at times but you understand I want to soy I love you and Thank You. Lora My sis ond my bonk. You hove been there for me when times were rough. You have been a loving and caring sister. I Love you and Thank you for being there. Essence ond imani Daddy is proud of you Just remember that I love you and be successful in all that you do. Families of Drs. Atheros. Menditto. and Ornsteln: Thank you for your guidance, fun times and stories about podiatry. You have made me realize the 'real world and 'academia Thank you Lou S.. Mike A., and Steve N My partners at home. I wiil always remember the weekends and trips where we were 'true ployos' Aaron B.: A true friend who has been there when I hod 'drama We have had some really fun times at this institution I will always remember you and Thank You!!! RTB My cigar buddy. I will always remember you kick- ing me and Ma-Mulloh out but when in doubt, it is always a ’Triple. Ramyar M: Whot can I say l A friend who I hod a lot of fun at venous places. KC: There s one word to describe you excruciating OCD (Loris): Take it EZ. It only gets better Leslie: My girl, my ace. my confidante I wiil always remember fun times together ot this place. Thank you for reassurance and Thank You for listening Ty-Hesha Scott A close friend who has help through some tough times. Shawra W‘ Thank you for the quiet and special moments we hove shared together. In a matter of time we have grown to love each other and we have grown to learn about each other I will always be there for you I LOVE YOUMHI TO THE CREATOR. I WANT TO THANK YOU FOR BLESSING ME WITH THE ART OF PRACTICING MEDICINE EACH AND EVERYDAY I WILL BE THANKFUL FOR THE GIFTS I POSSESS Good Luck Class of 2000 Dia McCaughan, DPM Xavier University BS Biology Mom and Dad I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your generous support throughout my college years and for always being there to listen. Without you. I could never have kept my sanity The phone bills were a small price to pay for the amount of wisdom I gained from you, I love you both Sis: I hope I'll always be able to get free legal advice and counseling from you. ’Oh Great Debater' Thanks for helping with the wedding planning last summer, you were a great help My one and only sis, you have put up with so much of my crap that I don't even know where to begin Thank you Jimbob: My love for you grows deeper every day You keep me on my toes with your crazy ideas, but that's what I love about you We have so many great memories together. and a lifetime of more to come. You have hod the luxury of hearing about my bod days and the very few good days with school You always give me the time I need to study or meet deodlires (rushing to the post office with my residency applications). I love and cherish you Dave C.: A great friend - what can I soy? I wish you the best in life. Thanks for being my lunch buddy, the study sessions, and especially for your friendship You end Keith kept us all laughing during 3rd year! i know we'll stay in touch - take care Dave A,. Joe. Keith. Steve. Lora. Monique. Anne, and the rest of the 2000 crew Thank you for some wonderful memories and I hope our friendships last well into the future x ' McCaughanAnne McNamara, DPM East Stroudsburg University BS Biology Mom and Dad Whoo! I made it Thanks for all your unconditional love and support even through those 'rough years' Even though I sometimes forget to express my love and gratitude, please realize I appreciate everything. You both never stopped believing in me Pfeif: You are the best best friend. I can't even begin to express how much fun I've had these post 4 years. You always mode even the worst of days better No one could osk for a more giving and caring best friend Ok. here's a few memories: the bank, Aruba. South beach, tote nites In labs, candle ceremony, sea isle trips, moving X 2. shopping trips X 3 million, ray's coffee runs, runs across bridge X 1 tv marathons, occasional McGillan's stops, PPMSA meetings with beverage. Let's not continue our reputations of not keeping n touch with people No matter how fcr apart we may be. I'll stay in touch because friends like you are once in a lifetime Finn: Thanks for keeping me ‘in line' these last few years. You always moke me laugh and see things in prospective You are the one constant in my life because I know no matter what you are always there for me. I know we can make it work and have a great life together You are my everything and I love you Gp 19: Never forget the great group we had Best of luck to you 4! I always looked forward to spending time with you in the mornings-never a dull moment (expect maybe. well, you know maybe sometimes) L.L.. A D . S.H.. M M . J.K., LS.. Thanks for all the fun! Good luck In all your endeavors, personal and professional Couldn't have done it without you guys McNamaraScott A. Melamed, DPM MOM Thank you for your never ending guidance and unconditional love. Your constant support has allowed me to turn my dream into a reality. I LOVE YOU dearly. Thank you for being my 'giving tree'. DAD: I cannot thank you enough for your cdvice. encouragement and love that you have shown me throughout the last 25 years Your son Is finally a doctor I could not have done this without you. I love you PS- Your first visit with me will be on the house... ERIC: l know that it took many years for us to get our act together, but I'm thankful of the closeness that we have finally begun to achieve. Hang In there cause I know that if I had half of the wit and intelligence that you possess. I'd be just fine. No matter where you wind up. remember that you can count on me for anything Love ya BRO" PS: You are still the BOOCHIE. TO MY GRANDMAS AND GRANDPAS: A special thanks to you all for your support in my lifelong endeavors I love you all LEO: l guess our dreams of the professional racquelball tour will have to be put on the bcckbumer for now Thank you for your friendship, advice SUNY at Binghamton BA Biology and for being somebody that I con always count on. DYAN I'm glod that we have stayed good friend through it all I promise that I will not try to set you up anymore AUNT SHELLY AND UNCLE BOB: I hove finally made it Thanks for your support and love through it all. MIKE: Thank you for helping me retain my sanity over the Iasi few years I know things are a bit different now. but know that I will always consider you my boy. I wish you the best in oil that you do. KYLE Let's see. million doilar question... Two medical students have a final In two days, what should they do? A)$tudy or B) Play golf. You know the answer as well cs I do See you at the first tee Good luck in a;i that you do Thanks for being such a good friend ATTY To quote Tone Loc: If you can't get It here, you can't get it anywhere.(edited version) KIR: A special thanks to you. Words cannot describe what you mean to me. You have become a special part of my life and have helped me get through all of this Thank you. Good Luck to all. (©) MelamedMichael B. Miller, DPM University of Maryland BS Life Sciences Stephanie - You toleraTed me through the good times and the bod The good times are better and the bod times aren't so bad because of you You are the love of my life end my best friend My Family - Thank you for your love and support Melamed -1 hod no picture of youl All the great times I had the last few years were with you I hope we always stay tight Alessi • Quality guy, great friend and. may i soy. rather jeeked. It's been a blast living with you these tost years I also had no picture of you Heen - You're a fresh talkin’ bum' It s been fun man Pfeiff-Dog -1 hope this won't be the lost time you hear these words •Pfeiff. you're the bomb • And that you truly ore Flatulence - Wish we became friends earlier You are the man, even though you're k nd of on the ancient side Wellens - You are one of the kindest people I've ever known Please don't ever change Moc - You rule RVB - Save the best for last You truly are the best Miller : • ‘Ml. • Yuki Morita, DPM University of Montana BS Athletic Training MorrtoRamyar Moussavi, DPM University of California at Irvine BS Biology I©} {gjT MoussaviDavid S. Mullen, DPM Moravian College BS Biology I would like to thank everyone who has helped me in the past four years My endeavors were inspired Dy my grandfather, fueled by my parents, challenged by my teachers and mentors, and completed by my supportive wife. Stacey I started my journey all alone, but now I feel that I hove made many fnends who understand the dedica- tion it takes to make it through-especially my 'wing-man. Bradley Lamm Lost, but not least, my grandparents, my aunts, my uncles, my cousins and my friends have all been invaluable to me I love you all. Thank you for all of your support and encouragement MullenHeajin Jude Park, DPMSharada D. Penugonda, DPM City College of New York BS Biology Mom and Dad: Your support and encouragement through the years along with innumerable sacrifices you both have made, gave me the opportunity to become whot I am today Thcnk you for everything and especially for being such wonderful parents I dedicate this degree to you Pedda Anna Vadina and Chinna Anna Suhosini: I am the luckiest little sister to have brothers and sls-ters-ln-laws who are so caring thoughtful olthough busy with careers and family I would not be here today without your guidance and support Thank you for everything you hove done for me. You are my role models. Brijesh. Dinesh, and Akul. Watching you guys growing up has been a blast It is always fun to spend time with you Fond memories tucked away and so many more to come My Cheering section at TUSPM You were always around even in the wee hours to offer advise and cheer me on in whatever I decided to take up Thank you for oil your encouragement and confidence In me The pest few years hove been filled with many great memories that I wiil cherish forever, and hope to have many more to come TUSPM Class of 2000 It has been really nice to get to know all of you over the past years. Good luck In your future endeavors in life Professors and Clinicians at TUSPM It has been a great honor and privilege to learn under your guidance Collectively. you all make this a great institution Thank you for contributing to my personal and professional growthDawn M. Pfeiffer, DPM Lafayette College BA Biology Mom and Dad: I would like to thank you for the love and support that you gave me throughout this journey. Thank you for being there, especially these past four years. I owe my success to you for oil the hard work, sacrifice, dedication, guid-once and love that makes my life special and unique I thank god (or giving me the best parents anyone could ask for. I hope I have mode you proud Kristen Well sis. I made it Thank you for listening, encouraging and most of oil just being there for me throughout my life Through your example. I have learned what It means to work hard, and to take chances Your ore a great inspiration to me and I admire you greatly Thank you (or being a great sister. Jim: Thank you for not giving up on us. You have been my friend, my confidant and my one (rue love. Your support has enabled me to moke it through these post four long years. You have been there throughout the tears of frustration, (he tears of joy ond my endless hours of studying I hope you will always be there. I believe we can make it no matter what life throws our way. Annie Moc. Whof can I say to the one person who has been at my side through every step of the way You hove been my study partner, ond my best fnend I am thankful that life let our paths cross. I know I would not have made it without you.. You mode studying bearable, the stress a little more tolerable and the celebrations a lot more fun I will never forge? you. To my clinic group Miller: I con not begin to explain to you the ways in which you rule£ You hove been a great friend throughout these past four years I can t imagine not seeing you everyday with your jokes and sarcastic sense of humor Your friendship has made these past four years enjoyable I loved our study sessions even when yelling was involved I hope we will keep in touch I would like to leave you with one final thought, 'Once again Tip ' Fiotley- I am so glad we were in a clinic group together our third year I actually looked forward to clinic everyday You mode the toughest year in school my best year I am so glad I got to know you so well I respect you totally for your ability to have a wife, four kids, a Job. to be in school, ond do it all successfully You better not forget me!!! RVB- You ore a great person I truly respect you for your honesty, hard work and dedication to your family and to school Thank you tor making my third year great To all my friends: Aparna. Laura. Steph. Cookie. Tom R.. Tom L.. Kyle.Will. Scott. Alex. Leslie. Adrienne. Lisa. Sharada. Elena. Baer. Holly, Fallon. Sandie. Tracey. Klelman (ond Dakota), and anyone else I have forgotten, thanks for a great four years. I wish you all lots of luck PfeifferPeter Redko, DPM SUNY at Stony Brook BS Biology To Mom and Dad Thank you for all your love and support in the past four years, both emotional and financial. I could not have done it without you I love you both To Christina: It was twenty years ago that I pointed to a woman wheeling her baby down the street and told mom that I wanted a doll like that of my own A year later you were bom to become the best sister that a brother could hove. Amidst all the teasing and practical jokes it is fun to have you os a sibling, to lean on. to laugh with, ond joke around Congratulations on graduating college, now welcome to the real world Don't worry, there is always a place for you to live at home. and I'm stiil working on getting you that pet moose you've secretly always wanted To Kristine Two and a half years ago on that cold day at the airport I first laid eyes on you. and I knew that there would be a future for us together You were early that day. a big plus in my book, and as I helped you with your bogs I couldn't keep from looking Into your beautiful hazel eyes and upon your pretty smiling face. Since then we've forged a wonderful relationship ond you've opened my eyes to see the wortd for what it is You are a wonderful person and you've reached out ond tapped the love of my heart. I cherish our time together and look forward to spending many more years by your side I love you. Kristine RedkoWilliam D. Respess, DPM East Carolina University BS Biology Mom and Dad I can't thank you enough for oil of your love and support through all of my life's ups and downs! I would have never made It without both of your unconditional support and guidance I can only hope that when l become a parent that one day I may nse to the level that you both hove sacrificed to achieve for both Scott and me. If I could have only one wish rt would be to be able to give back all that I have had the privilege of receiving I will love you both always and forever. Scott: l could never have asked for a better little brother and best friend! If only everyone could posses the love and compassion for all that you have shown to me. please don't ever change. Keep up the good work and I promise you life will reword you with everything you could ever hope to achieve1 You are now and will always be an important part of my life and I will always be there for you Sherri: Where do I start? You have made these years so much more manageable If you only knew how much your encouragement and support has meant to me. I can't thank you enough for everything you have given and done to or for me. Thank you for the memories and for the journey to come Group 9: We did Itl Now who has the protein? Where is that gogo bar? Dude. Are you kidding me!?! And lost but certamly not least. Sir? You guys really made the past couple of years an adventure like no other! Joe. Barry ond Brion don't ever change, you guys are the best1 Thank you for all the memories! May you all be as successful os ME1Carla Ribeiro, DPM Providence College BS Biology and BA Chemistry Mae e Pai Desde do tempo de cri-anca. tinhc sonbos de ser uma doutora Hoje os meus sonhos se realizam Eu tenho muito d'ogrodecer aos pals Durante estes quatro anos os pais meu derem amore. encorajomento e apoio Por isso meus queridos pcis. eu vos cmo do fun do do meu corccao. Ltsa To my fraternal twin Thank you for your words of wisdom, your love and support It has been a long road, but if Is finally here Sheryl: To my pest friend You have kept me sane these past four years Thanks for all the long distance calls Words cannot express how much your friendship means to me. Sanjay: You have been such a wonderful person In my life and I want to thank you for always bemg there for me You will always have a special place in my heart My friends at TUSPM. I want to thank you for a wonderful four years i wont to wish you all the best of luck in your future endeavors Congratulations doctors (TV. JD. JH. JH. SS. NK. DB. SG)I!I!!I RibeiroLesly Robinson, DPM Howard University BS Biology God, tncnk you tor oil the blessings that you have bestowed upon me. Thank you for giving me endurance, your grace mercy Mommy. Daddy. Deb Thank you for all of your emotional financial support and most Importantly your unconditional love My sisters- Jude. Lisa. Shorada: i love you guys You girts mode school bearable. Thanks for c'l the laughs, the long talks, and believing in all my dreams. Jasen: (BIG PUN) For the past four years we have climbed mountains, been in the volley, and now we finally reached the peak of our journey, and hey isn't the view great from up here. Adrienne: We laughed, we cried, we held our tongues, we have gone mad. but we made it Thank you for being a friend till the end. I could not have made it without you. I love you. A.A. Thank you for listening to me when no one else would Thank you for being a good friend and soror You are an angel Well most of the time Love ya Monique. I om so glcd that I met you. good luck in all of your endeavors. Monicc. Melinda. Evangela. Maasi. Traveiia Thank you all for faking me under your wings. To my Little Sibs. TC. TJ. NP, FLO. Good luck You guvs are almost there Melcnie Saji: Soror thcnks for keeping me company Saji l promise i won't drink anymore coffee Malcolm: Thank you for being a special friend. I know you will achieve your dreams Jess. Mo Ros. Tralonne. 0. Thanks for being loyal and loving friends. To central, clinic staff, and student affairs, DR Willis DR SM Thank you for making my years at TUSPM memorable. .... RobinsonThomas M. Rocchio, DPM Marist College BS Biology Mom and Dad It's nice to finally be here I couldn't have done it without your support i hope I make you proud Remember to call my secretary for an appointment, and have all insurance information ready Ellen. Pete. Paul. George, and John. free orthotics for everyone Kate Thanks for putting up with three years of my stressed-ouf whining You're the greatest! Vince. Mike. Dunk, Dirty. Chad. Hor-ling. Solly. Petrak. Landino. Neil. Elena. Steph meet me at McGiilins RocchioJoseph Rondeau, DPM Springfield College BS Biology MOM and DAD. I love you both from the inner depths of my soul and the bottom of my heart Without your love, support, and encouragement my life would not hove been complete It is virtually impossible to offer enough thanks and appreciation for ail that you have given me. Your perpetual concern for my regcrd is without equal My achievements thus far are because of you both, and my love for you is eternal TOM and TERRY: Now where would I stay if I didn't have a key to your house Oust kidding) Putting up with me is a task in itself (I know), and I am grateful for your understanding You are irreplaceable and on invaluable source of inspiration to my endeavors. Tom. I admire you more than anyone I have ever known; you are my courage You are always in my thoughts as well os my heQrf BARRY. BRIAN. JUSTIN. TOM. AND WILL All of the tribulations, obstacles, struggles (and complaints) that we've endured these past four years have not been in vain If nothing else, we've gamed solid friendships that will hopefully continue indefinitely l consider all of you my closest friends and I am there for you without question, 'The soul is dyed the color of its thoughts. Think only on those things that ore m line with your principles and con bear the full light of day The content of your character is your choice. Day by day. what you choose, what you think, and what you do is who you become. Your integrity is your destiny it is the light that guides your way. — Heraclitus. Greek Poet and PhilosopherMatthew J. Sabo, DPM East Stroudsburg University BS Biology To Mom and Dad Words cannot express the thanks that I owe you two Throughout the years your encouragement. understanding, trust and most important your love gave me the courage and strength in reaching this goal Your lives are a reflection of what I am. and because of this, you both made me a wise, dedicated and a strong podtotric physician l love you both very much and I thank God everyday for being a part of your lives and all that you have done for me. To my brothers and sisters: All through my life I always received your love, devotion, and encouragement You all define what brothers and sisters are all about, ond it is this that helped me through this endeavor I love you all and there is not a day that goes by w-thout me thinking of you To Jenny My love, my life ond my best friend! Thank-you for your love, your friendship, and your never-ending confidence in me throughout our years here at school You are the person who makes up for all the qualities that I lack - which makes us a great team 'Love does not begin and end the way we seem to think it does Love Is a battle, love is war. love is growing up together.' - James Baldwin To Jason. Joanna and the DiPeppe family You all have been a second family to me since the day Jason and I meet You definitely have seen the worse of Jason and I, and this year you're seeing us at our finest I want to thank-you for all of the good times, dedication, and love that you have provided me through out the years. Carpe Diem! To Scotty and Loro. To our drunken days to our me-rvor days. You both mean a lot to Jennifer and I All of the good and bad times that we endeavored. Jenn and I will never forget I only hope that the years to come are even better then the past •Be courteous to all. but intimate with few. and let those few be we» tned before giving them your confidence True friendship is a plant of stow growth, and must undergo and withstand the shock of adversity before it is entitled to the appellation ' -George Washington To Bill Robin and Tracey The past years have been unforgettable. Thank-you for your dedication through both the good and rough times, and although this year we may separate, we con always reflect on the good times we shared together. o p». , SaboBrian Sachs, DPM University of Maryland BS Biology I once wrote the following quote to someone who touched me deeply 'Do the kind of things that come from the heart. When you do, you won't be dissatisfied, you won't be envious, you won't be longing for somebody else's things. On the contrary. you'll be overwhelmed with what comes back I write the following dedications from the heart to those that hove touched me the most in my life MOM AND DAD — Mom — for ail those rvghts you worried about me. for all those times you listened without judging me. for every time you kneeled by your bed and prayed for my well being and happiness. for just being mom. thank you Dad — for understanding me more than anyone else possibly can. for ait your advice, for all your encouragement. for being proud of your son. for all the sacrifices you made for me ond your family, for always being there when I needed you the most, for Just being dad thank you. You have seen me through the toughest times of my life and look where I am now I mode it. and now it is time for me to fly My love for the both of you extends for beyond any amount of words could possibly express. That is why I want to leave this simple I love you BRETT AND MIKE — Brett — The older brother who paved the path My best friend Always ready to dispense that advice like only an oider brother can And most importantly, always willing to join me in my midnight snack to help tide me over until my 3 a m snock. Uuuuummmmm 3am snock. Mike — The younger brother who never ceases to make me laugh My other best friena If only I could write all the ridiculous sayings that we have come up with together. Unfortunately. I don't think anyone would understand any of them We'll just have to keep them between you ond me Did (between you ond me) didatl. You are my two best friends. I am glad we have become close; ond no matter what, both of you guys will always be close to my heart I love you guys LAURA — My new best friend. A true child at heart who always seems to see the world through the eyes of a young child looking at the world for the first time Never let anything taint that wonderful outlook on life I love how you can always make me laugh, and I look forward to many more years of laughter GRANDMA — No matter where you are I know you will always be that angel on my shoulder looking out for me and saying a prayer for me when I need one I love you. WILL. BARRY. JOE — Four years of craziness and good times; and if we are lucky, the rest of our lives will be even crazier with even better timesAtalay M. Sahin, DPM Cornell University BS Nutrition SahinMp Jennifer S. Sartori, DPM Binghamton University BS Biology MOM and DAD Thank you for your unending support, wisdom, and guidance. IT's the opportunities you have given me thot hove made this dream a reality I love you both. JESS and JOHNNY: What can I say ..you're my favorite sister and brother You guys are the best! MATTY: Looks like we made it You stayed by my side and helped me through the lost three yecrs. Thank you tor putting the smite on my face. You forever hove my love I love you to pieces 'Tell me who admires end loves you . and I will tell you who you are' — Charles Augustin Samte-Beouve LORA and SCOTT My partner in crime. Who will I get into trouble with after this year'? Thanks for the past four yecrs This is not the end only the beginning Scotty B. .con we retire the name S-$% (a atori Rex now? •A friend is someone who knows and loves you just the same. — Elbert Hubbard ROBIN, BILL, and TRACEY Although time and space may come between us. the memories we have shored will keep you all close to my heart. o f'yt Sartori = 1 (@1 Avvi R. Shabat, DPM Binghamton University BA Biology I would like to thank Hashem Miz-boruch (G-d) for all the kindness He has bestowed upon me Thank you Mom and Jim for all the long talks on the phone and for helping me m so many ways Thank you David. Lenka and Ben for always being so understanding and caring Thank you Softa and Foggie for being the best grandparents I could ever osk for. Thank you to all the Rcbbomm who have helped me through my forme-tive years Thank you to oil of the friends I've made at school in the clossroom and out. •He used to soy: If I am not for myself, who is for me? And if I om only for myself, what cm I? And if not now. when? — Pirke Avot chapter one- Tm a Jew and I'm proud and I’ll sing it out loud ’cause forever that’s what I will be:Amit K. Shah, DPM Rutgers University BS Biological Science To My Porents: Thank you for always being there for me. Your love and support have earned me throughout my life and without it I would be tost I am forever grateful for all the sacrifices you hove made. God has truly blessed me with wonderful parents, words could never express how much love I have for you both To Meeta. Vivek and Rojan Thank you for all of your help and encouragement Your guidance and ad- vice have helped me throughout my professional education I know I can always depend on you three in times of need I am truly lucky to have such o tovmg family To All My Friends The last four years have been quite a ride Thanks for all the great memories and fun times and for making it all bearable Hopefully our paths will cross In the future fill then I wish you alt the best of luck ShahLisa Shah, DPM Syracuse University BS Biology Mom and Dad You always hove been, and olways will be, my two most important role models I will never stop bragging about how WONDERFUL and PERFECT my parents are Thank you for supporting me and inspinng me through out my life I love you very muchl Rajen I am $0 proud of you for all of your accomplishments and mostly because you are truly a wonderful person I have watched you grow from being my cute little brother to a mature, handsome man. But to me. you'll still d© my ‘little brov I'll always be proud to say that I’m Rajen's sister! My Girls at TUSPM You know who you are!' When you guys walked into my life. September 1996, I never knew that this would turn out to be a friendship for life. Thanks for making my years at TUSPM crazy, but fun! No matter how for we end up, you’ll alv ays be close to my heart Keep in touch! Preston Some things In life are meant to be like you and me! I look forward to our future together. Thank you for coming 'nto my life! ShahSteven Shannon, DPM Villanova University BS Biology Mom ond Dad: Thank you for all your unending support through these years. I would never hove mode it this far without your encouragement end patience. You ore the ones that have made all of this possible l hope that I have made you proud Thank you and I love you. Corrine Big sis. you hove clways been there for me to talk to in the best and the worst of times. Thcnks for listening whenever I needed you to. I hope I con give back to you aO the time and patience you have showed to me Continue to have those positive ’gut feelings! Keith and Dave. Wow! Can you believe its over You guys have mode the last four years bearable and even enjoyable I'm going to miss crashing at your place after those nights of going out. I olreody dol Now you both need to start playing more golf so we con hove on excuse to keep hanging out You guys have been great friends and l know we will continue to be Dave C . Joe B.. Lora. Dio. + Steph: Thanks to you guys for making the clinical, academic, and social aspects of going to school on enjoyable experience Hopefully we will have more fun in the future as we move on to bigger and better things l believe I hear Finnegan's Wake colling us back Class of 2000: Congratulations to everyone and good luck in the future. Shannon o ifw«John M. Simoes, DPM Mae e Poi Eu querta de agredecer aos meus pais para o amor que me dao todos os dlos. I love you Mom and Dad Paul Before you know it. you'll be done too Kick bock and enjoy the ride' Bern and Family Thanks for mcking Phiiiy tolerable We bonded like glue through ail of the transitions: ’That's Boston College BA Psychology just the woy we were.’ Mel. Kristin. Liz: Anyone for some Outback? MEOWI Melinda I'll miss yo brown shuga! Mike H.: I'll miss all of the odes through the ghetto. Thanks for everything! Best Wishes To All Of My Classmates (I'm gladly passing the baton to the next generation of Pod Students)Shashank Srivastava, DPM Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University BS Psychology First. Dad . Mom. ond ShafaU. I have to thank you guys the most for all of the love, support and encouragement since day one Without you guys. I don't know where I would be today To all of my friends I have made over the last four years, thanks for all the good times, the stress relief the cold beers, the spots in the weight room, the ponies ond happy hours, the fun times in clinic, the roommates, all of the advice, and everything else you guys have given me over the years f • I i o SrivastavaWilliam C. Stoll, DPM Rutgers University BS Biological Science Thank You to Everyone To my classmates and future colleagues When I first entered school. I hod no idea my face could turn so red from embarrassment I have tried to control it but It seems to have gotten worse throughout the years If it were not for the sense of humor of this class. I would not have made it to graduation Thank you to all for the support you gave and the friendships we have made It has been a pleasure, an honor, and a privilege to work with all of you. May you all have a successful practice and life os o Podta-tric Physician To Cindy The very firsl day I dropped off my bags into the aportmenl complex of PCPM was the very first time I told you I loved you. Since then, you have been my motivating factor towards reaching this goal We may not have seen each other dally because of the distance between us. but the time we spent on the telephone and the Internet meant more to me than you could know You were there for me through the hard times as well as the good times, ond I cherish every moment we spend togelher I will always love you To Dod: I do not know how I could have mode it without your help You related to my troubles not only os a father would, but also as a friend would I could never ask for anything more than what you have given me these post few years Your support, love, and trust in me will always be remembered You set the standards for fathers everywhere To Mom- For all your phrases and letters, for ail your poems you get from those books, ond for all the times you offered your wisdom ond advise, thank you You always mode me feel toved and important. You got excited during the good times, and occasionally even more excited during the bad limes, and I will always treasure having a mom like you. I will never forget that when something bad happens, you can ‘turn that scar into a star Ilf To my family and friends, back home There con be no doubt that you have all ployed an important role in my life as a student doctor here at TUSPM Even though time was shod because of closses. we hung out whenever possible and hod a lot of laughs Thank you StollTodd C. Talbert, DPM Valencia College BS Biology Christine: Thanks for being the best wife, mother and friend I could ever Imagine. Your never-ending love, confidence and encouragement have Inspired and guided me through the pest four years. I have truly been blessed to go through this experience with my soul mate by my side I love you (most) and knowing I have your love makes all my dreams come true. Mom: Without your unconditional love, support ond motivation I would have never become the person I am today Thank you for encouraging me to always pursue my childhood dream which has finally become a reclity Words can never thank you enough for your guidance and for having so much confidence in me and my abilities Mike I can now feel totally comfortable calling you Mike Instead of Dr Smith Thanks for being my role model mentor and friend over the years. Greg. Ira and Kevin We finally made itl Thanks for all the countless hours of studying, laughter and just being there as the best friends I con Imagine I wish you guys happiness and success end of course still being the optimist. I still expect us an to meet every few years. See yo. o , -.0 TalbertRobert L. van Brederode, DPM Brigham Young University BS Zoology God Thank you for helping me endure this journey and enjoy myself along the way I know that ail I have comes from you Darcte I love you and thank you for all of your support and encouragement through my education You are my best friend. I could not ask for a better wife! Marianna and Ashlyn: You are great children Thanks for 'studying with me Your smiles at the end of o long day kept me going Dad. Mom. Beth. Susie, Kathy. John: All of your influence and confidence were always an inspiration to me Thanks for reminding me that someday the work will pay off Ken- We made it through thick ond thin. You'll be a great doctor there In the Outer Banks CHnic Group: M-Member that time at West Jersey, that was awesome! You guys are cool, thanks for letting me hang with you1 von BrederodeTracey C. Vlahovic, DPM Yale University BS Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry Mom and Dad God couldn't have blessed me more when He gave me you. Your never-ending love, support. strength, and listening ear has helped me through the tough times and has celebrated the good times I love you both so muchl l am a very lucky daughter! Tony, my big brother Ml always be your III' sister, but I can polka better than you! I thank you and Nino for your support, and l love you! Anthony, my nephew: I love you. sweetiel You always bring a smile to my face! Stacy, Eric. Teresa. Ang, Jade Cory. Winnie Jerry. Nic Wolfi. $o-longe. John, and V: Your friendships have helped keep me sane! I miss all of you so much I am so lucky to have you as friends — Where'er upon life's sea we sail •For God. For Country, and For Yalelll Stanley, my coach and mentor: You and Jennifer are my second family In NYC Your faith In my dancing and support hos been incredible Thank you. Diane. Carla. Ntck. Alex. Matt Jen. Sarnia. Sandie Einstein said 'if A equals success, then the formula is A« X Y - Z. where X Is work. Y is play.' and to me Z is happiness and contentment with your hfe I wish you all never-ending happiness and success in life Diane and Carla Girlfriends, we have come a long way1 We made Itll You better keep in touchi Nick I heard about this Tango movie with mobsters in it — wanna see if? hee heel Quizzo. anyone9? Alex Oye. mi cuerpo pide salsa . .Bailomos? Matt Jen You have been great roommates and friends and I do remember running down the hallway •Every day I count wasted in which there has been no dancing — Friedrich Nietzsche 'Do. or do not. there is no •try —YodaRobert G. Walters, DPM Thank you Missy - for late night coffee, words of encouragment. love and companionship University of Illinois BA Biology Mom Daa - for endless support Kelsi - for being you Graham - for being my son shine Cindy Todd - for your confidenceElena Kathleen Wellens, DPNA Saint Michael's College BS Biology Thar.k you. Godl I mode ill study lounge m-.nioture golt. nights Mommy end Daddy - You ore the out in Old City. Lorenzo's. etc. - it will best parents a daughter could ask all be immortalized in the BK N at-forl Thanks tor all the love and sup- chives (as long as I have enough port you have given to me through brain ceils lett • I may hove used the school l wouldn't hove made it with- last tew up while studying tot inter-out you I love you both very much! views')! Best ot luck to oil ol you! Susan. Roger. Michael and Bryan - Nick -1 met you as Picky Ncky Car-Thanks tor always beieg there tor rotsauce and watched you become I me. I couldn't ask tor better siblings Dr Nick You’re a wondertvi person I The laure!wood experience ond ond you will make a great podiatrist the tun that we hove has helped It's been a tun A years. Thanks tor keep me sane I love you all! being such a good triend Best ot B Aunt Mary - You have always been luck always! so good to me! Thank you tor every- Becky and Robin - Out Itiendship thing -1 love you very much! over the past eight years has been m All oi my TUSPM friends - Thanks tor special Can you believe we've L making the past 4 years bearable come so tat since treshman year at kL and even tun at times Tuesday night SMC0 Thanks tor being such great ■ wings and pitchers at McGillins. tnends -1 love you guysl ■ bowling, late night food tights in the bye bye McGteWUl!Michael Westerman, DPM Fairleigh Dickinson University BA Economics Stoll Hey Bill, that was a good try ot the Copt Kirk look except Capt Kirk didn't dye his hair. Miller Mike, you ore good friend, but the Orioles stink. Long live the New York Yankees Shabbat Hey Awl. for once in your life have more to drink than half a beer Melamed and Alessi. backgammon anyone Swirveford Hey Dan. my best buddy from TUSPM When it comes down to it baseball is the greatest gcme ever created. Penn State footbail is no replacement for the New York Yankees. Hey. I know how you know tnat woitress 8rower. Oh well. I guess Philadelphia will have to deal with only one DPM Ph D. student I Gosnay Hey you spatula packer I guess we now know how much Denny ’the lock Picking dog is worth. I will miss sitting in the back row of the classroom tolling osieep with Broyles and you Mousavr Hey Ramyar. are you ever going to pay bock the people you owe money too? Broyles No. I hove never tried LDS before, but what kind of drug is it? By the way. I hope you ’iked the book I sent you (and the people that come with it) Sohin: yo Sillyman's sister told me a slightly different story about that night.Barry White, DPM Springfield College BS Biology Mom and Dad: Thanks for all the love and support you have given me over the years. Vou have clways been there for me when I needed you, and have helped moke all of my accomplishments possible You are truly the best parents a son could ever ask for and I love you both very much. Family; Thank you for always being there when I needed to tcik or just get away from Philly. I appreciate all the encouragement, literary tips, tocns, dinners. B-dav ond anniversary gifts, etc., these past four years. I feel fortunate to have such a great family Dr. loti Thank you for bringing me into this great profession. As my mentor you have taught me a great deal and nave helped me stay focused so that I could do so well here at TUSPM I will never forget the things you taught me. end I hope to one day work along side you I hank you again for everything Friends and Classmates: I want to wish the Class of 2000 all the best in their future careers. To my good friends ( Joe. Tom. Will. Brian. Justin) I want to thank you ail for keeping me sane these past four years I will never forge? some of the times we had (D D. Delaware night. New Years. B-Days. NJ shore etc.), and I hope that we always keep in touch To JR. It has been a long four years but I think Springfietd College would be proud of our achievements You have been a great friend and roo-mate and I wish you all the success in the future - you deserve it To TL. I can't think of a better guy to have as a co-resident. The next three years at Graduate should be greatLoris Yadegarian, DPM University of Southern California BS Chemistry Venl. Vidi. Vici - 'I cam©. I saw. I conquered' — Julius Caesar. Letter to Amantlus. 47 BC Mom Dad: I want you both to know how special you are to me You encouraged me and stood by me with unconditional support through these post years I cannot begin to express my gratitude for ail that you hove done, ond all the love you have provided through these most difficult times of my life I love you both very much Gilda. To my beautiful sister I thank you for being the best sister anyone could ever have asked for I will never be able to repay you for all that you have done I am very proud to have you as my sister and I love you very much, io the rest of my family: Words cannot express my appreciation for all your love and concern Aram My dearest and oldest friend You've been with me through thick and thin You've shared both my pain and joy. You have been like a true brother Thank you To my friends in beautiful sunny CA: MPO, AO. AP. RE. SH. Al. ES. GH. EDG, ST. ADB. PZ. GA. AA, JVH. EW. AM. etc. I'm done! Now. I'll wash my face! Bela You hove been my North Star You have given me guidance and pushed me when I hcd no more to give I am truly blessed for having you In my fife I thcnk you for the wonderful memories. Romyar (The Mullah): My West Coast brother. Thanks for looking out for me. You have kept my sanity during these challenging times I thank you for being my friend and future servant (because you're Iranian). I know we'll have a bright future together Kellvan ('X’): My Asian brother in arms. Thanks for all the advice you hove provided during my troubled times. I also thank you for being a good friend and someone with whom I can exchonge useless information with at all times of the day Now. go blow up Chinallll To the other HOMIES: Thom (CG). Axe (RB). Pervert (RG). Oddjob (JL). and Sponge (AB) = A Big 'O Sa-lutel Other notable mentions: IB. SK. TT. KD. JR. BS. BW. JH. JH = Thanks for everything! 'Live Bait' Thanks for keeping my brain numb on the weekends To the REST Good luck and GTFO! Michael B. Younes, DPM University of Delaware BS Athletic Training Special Thanks To Those Who Believed in ME For the Past Four Years Mom and Dad Ratty and Qweps Drs. McDonough Killian Thank you to a:l of my family and friends: John: You still manage to make me do things I have to think twice about Jumping off the Rt 68 Bridge ond too many others to mention!!! Keri Ann: For Putting up with ME TB For telling the same story ten times over Landino: You Rock Steph For analyzing every situation Dunk Unbelievable!III!II Uncle Sam For the great rate on loons And to all the others BOOOO YAM!!! ' » (ml »' YounesCharles D. Ganime, DPM Cabrini College BA Psychology William Slotter, DPM Temple University BA Biology ; Closs of 2000 members Michael Paris, DPM Temple University BA Psychology]udy Hsiung, DPM Univ. of Virginia, BA Biology Richard Johnson, DPM Rutgers Univ., BA Biology Kenneth W. Kilgore, DPM Millersville Univ Bb p Jason Lacher, DPM Yeshiva Univ., BA Bioldgy i °diatry Class of 2000 not pictured :A Timeline of the Class of 2000 Orientation First Exam, Histology August 28-29, 1996 Sept. OUCH! Welcome to Medical School! Gross Anatomy Alpha and Bravo groups That was pretty intense... McGillan s Tuesday Nights Wings!!First Year Lower Anatomy... Biochemistry Final Spring Ligament Another Quiz??!! Finally!!! Spring 1997 Foot Bones??!! Last Summer Free!!Classes Begin...1997 Can someone fix Thank Goodness for the projector? Note Service! “Carl, Carl, Carl” (Carl s Gone!) Dr. Triolo: Diuretics, etc...Wait, what the?, who the?, hey you, come back here! (Minutes earlier, Dr. Triolo requested that no one leave Pharm during lecture) Halloween Party. Radiology Class WE ARE DEVOSecond Year Pathomechanics, February, Rite of Passage, Dr. Schoenhaus is On which day did we April 1998 asked by a student, not have an exam? "Is that the anterior or the posterior view of the foot in your drawing??"' Summer Clinic and Boards Part I in JulyAs of July 1. 1998, Welcome to TUSPM! Clinic in the AM Class in the PM Externship Applications Due... Where should I go?Third Year Derm Quiz: Trauma class: Last Final Exam Ever!!! 7. "Which of the following is not Take out a piece of paper and draw May 1999 a synonym of the color ham?” the Sneppen Classification...Beginning of Externships... June 1999 Residency Interviews Sept-Nov Match Day Jan 4, 2000 Fourth Year Boards Part II Senior Roast March 2-3 May Graduation May 21, 2000Around Philly f •Scenes of Philly.. • l.U Chinatown Martinis, anyone? 18th and Walnut Another view of Boat House Row"The education of the doctor which goes on after he has his degree, is after all, the most important part of his education — John Shaw Billings ’Rocky at the First Union Spectrum Class of 2000 4th Year Officers: President: David Allen Vice-President: Dawn Pfeiffer Treasurer: Holli Alster PPMSA Rep: Matt Sabo Honor Court Rep: Alex Garcia Honor Court alternate: Ann McNamara Social Chair: Laura LaMar Closs of 2000World News 1001 Work begins on the Tower of Marco Polo goes to China and returns with riches Ferdinand Magellan begins to circumnavigate the world AP.WO And The Wall Came Tumbling Down The world spent much of the past thousand years making some pretty amazing history. As the millennium began, Druids practiced dark rituals, while the Byzantine Empire dominated Eastern Europe. Conqueror Genghis Khan put the Mongols on the map in the 1 200s, and the Great Wall protected China against would-be invaders. The Middle Ages, though plagued by feudalism, heralded gallant knights and the governing ideals of the Magna Carta. The Renaissance and The Enlightenment both saw great achievements in art, science and exploration, followed by Romantic and Revolutionary periods in France and colonial America. As industry and capitalism grew, so did Communism in the Soviet Union and beyond. The World Wars and other 20th century conflicts brought struggles for power amid vast advancements in communications and technology. History's movers and shakers included Joan of Arc, the teenager who led France to victory against England in 1429, and Martin Luther whose religious reforms shocked the 16th century. King Henry VIII of England kept his head while several of his spouses lost theirs. Sir Winston Churchill helped England stand courageously against Nazi Germany. One recent hero is Nelson Mandela, South Africa's first black president and anti-apartheid activist. Time marches on...and the next chapter is already being written. Happened? In 1961, the Berlin Wall was erected to prevent residents of Communist East Berlin, Germany, from fleeing to non-Communist West Berlin for a better way of life. In 1989, the East Germans opened the Wall, lifted immigration restrictions and reunited Germany. Tearing down the Wall symbolized the end of the Cold War, which started when the Soviet Union created "Iron Curtain" countries isolated from the Western world. In the '50s, fear of communism in the United States resulted in the "Red Scare." What On EarthAPAVdO Wc-kl In A Flash, A-Bomb Creates Nuclear Age Crusading Towards The Holy Land i $ i With the world population now topping 6 billion and increasing at an annual rate of 1.6%, more people are living now than have ever died. The population is rising because of high birth rates coupled with much lower death rates as a result of better living conditions. Ten days dropped from the year as Julian calendar switches to Gregorian calendar Plastic is invented, leading to credit cords and toys in cereal boxes Indira Ghandi becomes first woman prime minister of India Where would the Ty-D-Bowl Man and bathroom libraries be without the flush toilet? After septic tanks and modern sewage systems were improved, civilizations significantly reduced the risks of severe illnesses and epidemics ► which were so common during the Middle Ages. Concerns prompted public health improvements, including garbage collection and disposal, water treatment and food processing. The Christmas tree began as an evergreen decorated with apples, symbolizing Eden in a December medieval German play. By the 1600s, trees in German homes were trimmed with candles, fruits and cookies. Currently, Christmas is a multi-billion dollar business with wreaths, mistletoe, stockings, movies, outdoor decorations and cards. When Muslims took control of the Holy Land during the Middle Ages, Christians from Western Europe vowed to recapture the area. Nine major Crusades were organized with ' tgs, nobles, peasants, and even children taking part. None was successful. Holy wars have continued to rage in such places as the Middle East, including the Six-Day War between Israel and Egypt in 1967. On August 6, 1945, a U.S. plane, the Enola Gay, dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan, annihilating the city and nearly 130,000 of its citizens. Japan surrendered soon after, ending World War II. Because of Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor, resulting in America's participation in the war, and the Holocaust atrocities perpetrated by Adolf Hitler's Nazi Germany, the destructive effects of World live in Setting Oft An Explosion The Royal Fads I Fashion The Answer. My Friend. Is Floating In The Ball She's Got The Skinny On The Mini "Outlook Good.” "Yes Definitely.” In the '60s, important decisions were made by turning over the Magic 8 Ball or putting fingers on the Ouijo board. Holy Dionne Warwick! Perhaps these were even more reliable than the Psychic Friends Network. Through the ages, fortune tellers and the supernatural have fascinated seekers of the unknown. Was all this stuff for real, oh Magic 8 Ball? "Don't Bet on It." ASK LAIIR With the correct hip action, the bright round plastic Hoola-Hoop could rotate for hours. When Wham-O introduced it in 1958, stores couldn't keep Hoops stocked and sales topped $ 100 million. Who could forget Yo-Yos, Super Soakers, Slinkys, Pogo Sticks, Clackers, Wiffle Balls, Silly Putty, Frisbees and all those other preoccupying pastimes? The threat of war may have loomed in Lebanon, but the real fighting broke out in toy stores between frenzied parents who found Cabbage Patch Kids in shor supply before Christmas in the '80s. No sooner had consumers recovered from this invasion when they were hit with Power Rangers, Tickle Me Elmo, Beanie Babies and Furby manias. Dolly, can you say "Buy, Buy?" The miniskirt caused a sensation in Swinging '60s London and beyond. The mini series led to the ultra-short micromini, ankle-length maxiskirt, calf-length midiskirt, hot pants and virtually every look ever shown in music videos. Hemlines have risen and fallen throughout history—from hoop skirts and gowns to '20s flapper dresses.•1903 Yellow and green boxes of eight Cra ola cro ons appeor •1921 Chanel No. 5 perfume introduced •1974 Polyester leisure suits make lounge lizards of men everywhere oo Stare And Stare Alike The 3-D thrill of the Viewmaster was love at first sight. Then along came Magic Eye, random dot stereograms that revealed 3-D images hidden in colorful graphics with holograms that practically jumped out. life had become a virtual reality. More than 200 million people twisted their way to the 3-D solution of the Rubik's Cube puzzle in the '80s. Some tried memorizing the cube's configuration while it was still in the package. Preoccupation with puzzles dates back to the first jigsow puzzles in the 18th century. The world is still trying to solve crosswords, word searches, "Where's Waldo?" and other brain-busting challenges. That's Pretty Fad-tastic! Leaders. Followers. The millennium caught every generation a bit off-guard, but folks quickly had the lingo and the look down. When Elizabethan life got ruffled around the collar, everyone copied. Then poof! Powdered wigs, some several feet high, got nobles noticed in the 17th century. How about wooden teeth in Washington's time? By George, it beat having none at all! As the years passed, women wore the bustle and disco freaks did the Hustle. The '50s poodle skirts bred '70s dog tags, '80s spiked dog collars and '90s Old Navy mutts. Who knew there'd be just as much fur-vor over Davy Crockett coonskin caps in the '50s as with raccoon coats in the '20s? While some slipped on shining armor, carefree flapper dresses and Calvin Klein jeans, others followed different fads. Joysticks maneuvered Pac-Man into the arcade hall of fame. Suddenly everyone cared for Pet Rocks, squeezed into phone booths, pounced on Pog, pierced body parts and chose CB radio handles. Will there be as many "must haves" next millennium? Only the Magic 8 Ball knows for sure. As The Rubik Turns •1150 Stained glass becomes popular in church windows •1482 Sandro Botticelli paints The Birth of Venus •1600 Kabuki theater begins in Japan Nearly every civilization during the millennium expressed its culture and defining events through art and architecture. Great painters, musicians, authors and sculptors vividly captured the emotions of their day. Early Romans built coliseums and staged comedies. Byzantine mosaics and icons reflected Eastern Christian beliefs while Chinese painters produced deft landscapes. The Middle Ages fostered the rise of Gothic cathedrals, poet Chaucer's "Canterbury Tales" and finely woven tapestries. In the Renaissance, William Shakespeare pumped up a volume of still-popular plays. Michelangelo busily sculpted his marble marvel David. Novelists such as Jane Austen characterized the Romantic Movement of the 1 8th century while the 19th century promoted Impressionist painter Monet, socially-conscious authors including Charles Dickens and the riverside adventures of Mark Twain. Ballet legend Nijinsky leaped on the 20th century arts scene. Picasso broke with tradition to pioneer Cubism and Dali turned dreams into surreality. Don't forget Dadaism, Mamaism and Norman Rockwellism. Opera was a trill a minute with stars including Beverly Sills and Luciano Pavarotti. Stephen King and Ann Rice chilled with horror novels, while Ernest Hemingway and John Steinbeck proved more down-to-earth. Broadway was Neil Simon-ized, then "Lion King"-ized. __________________________________________ J When 19th century French sculptor Auguste Rodin created his bronze work, The Thinker, he used his knowledge of anatomy and movement to capture intensely human emotions as great Renaissance and Baroque sculptors Michelangelo and Bernini had done before him. Many 20th century sculptors crofted more experimental works, such as Marc Chagall's mobiles and Marcel Duchamp's creations from discarded materials. Smile. You're On Canvas Camera Renaissance master Leonardo da Vinci's 1503 portrait of Mona Lisa, the wife of a silk merchant, was extraordinary with its dramatic dark light contrasts and ultra-mysterious smile. A face immortalized in history was a cinch if one happened to know such artists as Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Toulouse-Lautrec or Wyeth. Many painters, however, opted for religious scenes, still lifes and landscapes. Arts Imitate LifeSouper Imposed Clawing Its Way To The Top Sometimes You Feel Like A Nutcracker Sixty-year-old Willie toman spent his life way out there in the blue, riding a smile and a shoeshine, a salesman extraordinaire. Arthur Miller's drama, "Death of a Salesman," became one of the most riveting plays ever staged as it questioned the American dream and explored the depths of failure. During the 20th century, audiences have witnessed other gripping dramas such as "A Raisin in the Sun" and "The Glass Menagerie." Call it the face that launched a thousand album covers, f-shirts and manic-depressive sufferers. Norwegian Edvard Munch's 1893 painting, The Scream, was an anguished cry of isolation and fear that influenced the 20th century Expressionist movement and reminded us of our own stressed-out lives. Vincent Van Gogh and Edgar Allan Poe were among other desperate artists and authors of the time. After Andrew Lloyd Webber picked up T. S. Eliot's Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats at an airport, he grabbed the theater world by the tail as creator of "Cats," history's longest-running musical. The 20th century set the stage for vaude-villian singing and comedy acts, as well as some of the greatest musicals to hit Broadway: "Showboat," "Porgy and Bess, " "Phantom of the Opera," "Hello, Dolly!" and "The Lion King." In 1892, Russian composer Peter Tchaikovsky turned the The Nutcracker into a beloved holiday ballet with his remarkable suite. Twentieth century dance gained popularity as composers wrote musicals that were imaginatively choreographed, including George Gershwin's "An American in Paris." Music and dance partnered dramatically with the Tango—followed by the carefree Charleston, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers’ ballroom elegance, the Jitterbug, the Twist and Disco. Andy Warhol did much ''Mmm' Mmm! Good! for the art world when his silkscreen print, "32 Campbell’s Soup Cans," was exhibited in 1962. From there, the white-haired artist commented on popular consumer culture, coining the term "Pop Art.” His other creations involved striking images of mass-media icons Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor. Warhol helped other pop artists including Roy Lichtenstein and Leroy Neiman, enjoy their 15 minutes of fame. AP Vi'-de World •1845 Edgar Allan Poe writes short story, The Raven •1916 Norman Rockwell illustrates the first of his 300 Saturday Evening Post covers Pages Through The Ages The past thousand years have seen more books written than Steven King could author in his wildest dreams (and he's had some pretty wild dreams). Try to mate!) some of literature's most colorful characters with the books they made famous. A. Healhcliffe 1. Roots B. Pip 2. Little Women C. Natty Bumppo 3. Wuthering Heights D. Kunta Kinte 4. Robinson Crusoe E. Ophelia 5. Hamlet F. Jo March 6. Great Expectations G. Holden Caulfield 7. Tom Sawyer H. Friday 8. The Last of the Mohi cans 1. Becky Thatcher 9. Catcher in the Rye AfVVVttft Wofkl Super Slock Bartolommeo Christofori builds the first practical piano Guiseppi Verdi composes opera, Aida Barbershop quartet singing reaches harmonious proportions From Motown To Moonwalker Put another nickel in" beckoned the jukebox, the first electrically amplified automatic phonograph. 1930s to 1960s, it held memories of teenage years and breakup Covered in chrome, the jukebox magically queued up that special 45. The transistor radios, 8-tracks, CD jukeboxes and disemans that followed just couldn't a tune The Gloved One's 1982 "Thriller." containing such hits as "Beat It," became the best-selling album ever. Before the rhinestones, there was Detroit's Motown label, which signed Michael and his Jackson 5 brothers when he was still learning his "ABCs." With the toast of '60s soul—The Supremes, The Temptations, The Miracles, Stevie Wonder— music couldn't get mo' betta than Motown. Music of the millennium started on a somber note with the Gregorian chants of monks and ended on samba, "La Bamba" and "Living La Vida Loca." French troubadours roamed the countryside with poems and tunes in the Middle Ages. Lutes and flutes added richness to the Renaissance, while chamber music was Handeled well in the Baroque period. Beethoven, Mozart and Tchaikovsky crowned the classical music of the 18th and 19th centuries. Strauss then waltzed in to share the spotlight and Sousa marched over to greatness. The birth of the Blues and Jazz brought Billie Holiday and Duke Ellington, followed by Big Bands and the easygoing Swing era. With a twist and shout, Rock Roll cruised in from Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, Jimi Hendrix, KISS and Aerosmith. "We Are the World" provided musical relief and Farm Aid helped heal the heartland. Patsy Cline and Willie Nelson added that country twang, Sinatra made the It Came From Deep The Jukebox Crank Up the UolumeJust Sighted In Aisle 14 The Original Puffin' Daddy The Wild, Wild Woodstock The first 45 rpm record is released by RCA Alvin asks for a Hoola-Hoop in the Christmas gimmick single "The Chipmunk Song" Live Aid concert raises money for Ethiopian famine victims Louis Armstrong blew away the competition with his virtuosity on jazz cornet and trumpet. New Orleans-born Satchmo (his cheeks puffed like a satchel when he played) became one of the greatest jazz musicians of the 20th century with recordings like "West End Blues." His wordless "scat" singing influenced other jazz greats such as Ella Fitzgerald. Dixieland Jazz, Boogie-Woogie, Beebop, Cool Jazz and Electronic Jazz have carried on the tradition. Betcha dollars to jelly donuts that Elvis Presley will always be the King, with his swivel hips and voice that thrilled fans on The Ed Sullivan Show and the big screen. He burned up the charts with hits like "Hound Dog" and "Jailhouse Rock." He also popularized Las Vegas casinos with his shows, spawned Elvis impersonators and sparked kitschy trends like Graceland'; jungle prints, shag carpeting, flashy jumpsuits and long sideburns. Thankyuhverymuch. Who was this sexy singer who burst on the scene in her 1984 "Like a Virgin" video? Madonna set off a wannabe frenzy. Changing her look and style like a chameleon, she proved no one-shot wonder, continuing to wow audiences with her music, dancing, acting, tours and business sense. She also paved the way for other exciting female rock acts including Janet Jackson, En Vogue and Alanis Morisette. The Woodstock Music and Art Festival, an Upstate New York be-in that hosted music’: grooviest stars from August 15-17, 1969, to be the largest rock concert ever. An unexpected 500,000 fans, from hippies to anti-war protesters, braved traffic jams to witness this far-out trip guided by legends including Jimi Hendrix, Jefferson Airplane and Janis Joplin. Not bad for a single day's ticket price of $8. Woodstock later inspired such mega-concerts as Lollapalooza and Lilith Fair. was How'd four lads from Liverpool turn the music world on its ear? Once "I Want to Hold Your Hand" and a string of Beatles' hits reached 1, teens screamed for more. John, Paul, George and Ringo rushed into the studio and, armed with great melodies, created some of the most amazing songs of the 1960s, from "Yesterday" to "Eleanor Rigby." Yeah! Yeah! YeahlHealth Fitness •1284 Eyeglasses invented •1285 Toothbrush developed in China •1670 Existence of bacteria is discovered lOOl In the Middle Ages, the average life expectancy in Europe was about 30 years; today it is more than 70 for both men and women. Improved nutrition, sanitation, disease prevention and disease treatment are some of the main reasons for the increase. Despite numerous medical milestones, curing diseases such as AIDS and cancer eludes the population. In the '80s, Ryan White, a hemophiliac, contracted HIV through blood transfusions and later died. The AIDS virus is the latest epidemic civilizations have battled. The Bubonic Plague killed 40 million by the 14th century and the Typhoid Fever outbreak of the early 1900s claimed countless lives as well. Vaccines now prevent such diseases as smallpox, but any mutations could pose a threat again. Consumers have become more concerned about keeping healthy, germ-free and well-groomed from head to toe. During the Middle Ages, baths were rarely taken, but today showers and baths are taken daily in order to keep clean and healthy. Today toothpaste, deodorants and mouthwash are used daily. Vitamins and natural herbs ore popular and medical advancements keep folks functioning better. Workers on the run were sold sandwiches from horse-drawn lunch wagons in the 1 870s. America's fast food frenzy hit the road with the diner in the '40s and it's been burgers, fries and vending machines ever since. McDonald's put fast food on the map in the '50s, and its Big Mac Attack proved unstoppable. KFC, Arby's and Taco Bell have even sprung up in school cafeterios, airports, grocery and convenience stores. Would you like Beanie Babies with that? Prior to the use of anesthesia during operations, early surgeons and barbers cut veins to drain "bad" blood, or sucked it out with leeches to cure patients. Boiling oil was sometimes poured on wounds to sterilize them. Before nitrous oxide and ether were introduced as anesthetics in the 1800s, most operations weren't performed at all. Surgical conditions were unsanitary, causing infections to spread rapidly. M Latin America 64 United States 73 _ Australia 74 Asia 62 Africo- 51 Former Soviet Union 65 Europe 73 Global AveVage 61•1762 The Earl of Sandwich invents the best thing since sliced bread •1796 Edward Jenner gives the first vaccine against smallpox •1967 Dr. Christian Barnard performs the first human heart transplant e 0 i p 1800 live longer! See Better! Be Slimmer! Health Yourself With the average life expectancy rising, people will try liposuction and tummy tucks, facelifts and collagen injections to stay younger looking. RK and IASIK procedures make contact lenses and glasses obsolete for many, and hearing aids are almost invisible. Heart, lung and other transplants give new hope, as do today's medicines compared to the quack cure-alls of the 1800s. Curling Irons Bodybuilding became a pumping iron passion after ex-97 lb. weakling Charles Atlas promoted his "Dynamic Tension" muscle-producing exercises in the early 20th century. In the '80s and '90s, Arnold Schwarzenegger wannabes bench pressed and lifted weights in the gym so they could burn fat and get fit. Harmful steroids were protein bars to performance. The mysteries of medicine, better health and longer living were revealed as the millennium unfolded. Diseases prevalent in early times were conquered through improved medicine, sanitation, immunization and eating habits, although other factors such as high cholesterol, smoking and junk foods brought on such foes as heart disease, cancer and obesity. The Food and Drug Administration now ensures proper processing to kill bacteria and preserve foods longer. In the 1 800s, Austrian monk Gregor Mendel formulated the basic rules of heredity that led to genetics, and better understanding of human makeup. Florence Nightingale brought reforms to nursing in the 19th century including more sanitary conditions and scientific care for the sick. Instead of the guesswork so common in the Middle Ages, doctors now work to control, cure and prevent illness. Medical specialties were created, producing such authorities as pediatrician Dr. Benjamin Spock who knew all about babies. Exercise became almost an obsession as gyms, jogging tracks and Jane Fondas sprouted, and personal trainers zeroed areas. Take a and say to yoga, stress reduction therapy, medications to feel happy energetic calmer, wrinkle creams, alternative medicines, just name it. Either people are living better or just becoming more high maintenance.Transportation •1100 Traveling carriage first built •1509 First vessel of the British Navy constructed •1825 First successful steam railroad operates in England Coming And Going Attractions Gas Transit Getting around was slow and hard during the beginning of the millennium but somebody had to do it. In the Middle Ages, horses got saddled with pulling wagons transporting goods and passengers for long distances. Viking ships found rough sailing to Greenland and later America, but compasses and better construction of vessels in the 1400s made voyages and overseas trade possible. Canals and paved roads hastened travel in the 1700s and the first major U.S. Highway, the National Road, created road rage in the mid-1800s. After Robert Fulton invented the steamboat, British inventor Richard Trevithick helped develop the locomotive. Life quickened as travel and hauling freight became more economical. Electric trains, streetcars and gasoline-powered engines drove transportation into the modern era. Suddenly automobiles putt-putted along and sprouted everything from running boards to fins. Airplanes soared, subways roared and spaceships explored. The risks of progress have also been great, such as the loss of pilot Amelia Earhart and her plane on an around-the-world flight in 1937, the Space Shuttle Challenger explosion in 1986 and numerous airplane crashes. Tomorrow's transportation could include human teleportation and faster-than-light travel. The ride's been pretty good so far, but inevitably some still ask, "Are we there yet?" Once steam-powered engines invaded 18th century Europe, a steam car, or horseless carriage, seemed a natural. The gasoline engine and pneumatic fire, however, made automobiles practical. Henry Ford's 1908 assembly line mass production of his Model T made owning a car affordable. This led to the growth of suburbs, superhighways, motels, road-trips, traffic jams, malls and, of course, fuzzy dice. i1700 1SOO •1937 •1957 •1983 Hindenburg airship explodes Ford introduces the ill-fated Edsel Dr. Sally Ride is the first American woman to orbit the earth in Space Shuttle Challenger Leonardo da Vinci dreamed of flying machines with wings, but it took centuries to get the concept off the ground. The Montgolfier brothers were full of hot air when their balloon ascended in 1783. Orville and Wilbur Wright had the right stuff and flew the first successful airplane in 1903. Charles Lindbergh and Amelia Earhart flew far and solo, and Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier. Today, airplanes carry millions of business, pleasure and military passengers. But airline food still hasn't improved much. In the 1860s, the Central Pacific Railroad laid track eastward from Sacramento, California and the Union Pacific Railroad laid track westward from Omaha, Nebraska. The Transcontinental Railroad was finished in 1869 when both railroads met in Promontory, Utah. Coast-kxoast freight and passenger lines dramatically increased settlements and trade. Today's subways, light rail and ultra-fast bullet trains move commuters like crazy and make good action movie sequences. You'd be brave and dirty if you traveled in the bumpy horse-drawn wagons that existed before stagecoaches arrived in 1670. Stagecoach lines carried passengers and mail along routes in the West. Passengers defied hard seats and bandits such as Jesse James. Settlers came in covered wagons along with their freight, forming wagon trains that sometimes traveled only one mile per hour. Folks with the need for speed rode horseback. Sure beats getting seasick in a bumpy hovercraft or swimming if. In 1994, the chunnel made the world smaller by linking the continent of Europe and the United Kingdom via railway tunnel underneath the choppy English Channel. The high-speed Eurostar train can transport riders from London to Paris in just three hours. Will the future bring travel under the great oceans? Across the universe? Or back in time? Oops...that lost one's already happening. It's called the re-introduction of the Volkswagen Beetle. In the Cold War, the scientific power of the U.S. and Soviet Union rested on advances in space. After Sputnik I probed space in 1957, chimps, dogs and finally men rocketed into the sky. Astronaut John Glenn took Friendship 7 for some spins around Earth in 1962. By 1969, Americans were picking up moon rocks. Since then, shuttles launch and space stations orbit. ' X Are We There Yet? I With the many modes of passenger transportation that have evolved, there are ever-faster ways to reach a given destination, especially for those with friends in high places. So what's the best way to travel from Los Angeles to New York City (2,824 miles) nonstop? On foot, 6 m.p.hji.'.....................19 days On horseback, 40 m.p.h. . . rrff.........3 days By car, 60 m.p.h. average................2 days Bullet Train, 200 m.p.h..................1 day Jet airplane, 500-600 m.p.h. ............4-5 hours Concorde jet at 1,000 m.p.h. . . . ......2-3 hours Space Rocket (18,000 m.p.h.) .... ... 9-10 min. Star Trek transporter . . ......... (just stand still) 1 •1882 Judo begins chopping up Japan •1919 Sir Barton becomes first horse to win the Triple Crown •1928 Notre Dame football team wins "One for the Gipper" I ri I 1 I I kJ - Ik— Ji -A •’ We Get Game Sports gained popularity as time lunged forward. While forms of games resembling soccer were played during the 1 Oth century, life rarely allowed time-outs for recreation. Thank goodness for the 1600s, when the English played Rounders, a baseball predecessor, and Scotland saw early rounds of golf. By the 1 800s many people led the sportin' life, including James Naismith who invented basketball, and the students of Canada's McGill University who scored with the first hockey rules. Native American athlete Jim Thorpe won fame in early 20th century Olympic track and field, as well as football and baseball. Babe Didrickson, his female counterpart, excelled in golf as well as track and field. As baseball became a pastime and football a passion, Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron belted pitches "outta here," Jackie Robinson broke color barriers, Joe Namath threw footballs and John Elway busted Broncos loose in the Super Bowl. Today sports revolves around such stars as heavy-hitter Ken Griffey, Jr., golf sensation Tiger Woods and hoops immortal Michael Jordan. Amateur and school sports are also serious stuff. Millions are on the fast track with NASCAR auto racing, on the edge for extreme sports and in the ropes for wrestling. What really makes an athlete like home run king Mark McGwire a hero? Getting on General Mills' Wheaties cereal box, of course. There's nothing flaky about the morning mania created since 1924 by "The Breakfast of Champions.'’ Sports merchandising—from corporate-sponsored Bowl games to endorsement deals—seems like the hottest game in town. WKW, “PViVdV600 1700 1800 •1972 •1994 U.S. Swimmer Mark Spitz wins record seven gold medals in Olympic Games Pele named Brazil's Minister of Sports after dominating soccer for more than 20 years The Russians hadn't lost an Olympic hockey game since 1968, but they were iced over by the 1980 U.S. hockey team's "Miracle On Ice" victory at Lake Placid—which led to an eventual gold medal. Since the modern Olympic Games began in 1896, heroes such as track star Jesse Owens, figure skater Tara Lipinski, platform diver Greg Louganis and the 1996 women's gymnastics team have inspired sports fans everywhere. Before modern boxing was introduced in the 1700s. the sport was brutal, with no rest periods or gloves allowed. Jack Dempsey, Joe Louis and Rocky Marciano emerge victorious in the 1900s. But no fighter jabbed and jested like Muhammed Ali. Quick, agile and boastful, "The Greatest' even wrote poems describing how he would defeat opponents. He also made heavyweight contributions to the community and human rights. America got a kick out of the U.S. Women's soccer team, which won the 1999 World Cup by defeating China. Their victory proved that anything men can do, women can do just as well. Big milestone: President Richard Nixon signed into law Title IX, giving girls equal access to school sports like football Four Scores Seven Yards The Green Bay Packers sent the Kansas City Chiefs packing 35-10 at the first Super Bowl in January, 1967. Today, it is America's most popular annual televised event with hype and million-dollar commercials galore. Not only are college and high school football championships also big, but the teams are just as good as the pros at the coin toss. In the 1100s, the French originated tennis, calling it "jeu de paume "(game of the palm). Today it holds court as a major spectator and leisure sport. Star servers have included Don Budge, Helen Wills Moody, Arthur Ashe and 1973 "Battle of the Sexes" rivals Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs. Recent top seeds such as Pete Sampras and Martina Navratilova have settled for anything but love by dominating Wimbledon and other championships. ■ Baseball, bowling ■wand other familiar sports appear out of the blue. Here's a roster of some game origins. Baseball: Cooperstown, NY 1839. Abner Doubleday based his new sport on bat-and-ball games such as "one old cat." He adopted the diamond-shaped field for his game and assigned playing positions. Bowling: Germany, third century. Every German peasant carried a club called a kegel for protection. In church, faith was tested by setting up the kegel as a target (representing the heathen) and rolling a stone to try to knock it down. Those who succeeded were considered free of sin. Fencing: Italy, 16th century. Fencing began in ancient times as the practice of swordsmanship to prepare men for duels and warfare.•1894 Movies •1927 •1933 •1940 _»fci. . • . i. Record of a Sneeze is the first film to receive o copyright Wings wins the first Academy Award for Best Picture First drive-in movie theater opens in New Jersey Fantasia introduces stereo sound to movies [ 1 r It Was All An Act Weapons flying past! Spaceships zooming above! Bwana Devil wowed tinted glasses-wearing crowds as the 3-D movie phenomenon burst from the screen in 1952. But high cost and poor quality made 3-D fall flat. Disney's Captain Eo gloriously revived 3-D in the '80s and became on audience-grabber at Epcot Center. Now seven-story IMAX theaters, IMAX 3-D technology and simulator rides truly immerse viewers in movies. After Thomas Edison invented the commercial motion picture machine, the Kinetoscope, in 1 893, projection machines greatly enlarged a film's image. This led to one of the 20th century's most popular forms of entertainment, the movie. Sunny Hollywood beckoned such film directors as D.W. Griffith, who revolutionized film editing with The Birth of a Nation in 1915. Silent films made quiet stars of comedian Charlie Chaplin, handsome Douglas Fairbanks Sr., Rudolph Valentino and Jean Harlow. In the 1930s, audiences heard voices when "talkies" caught on after The Jazz Singer's premier in 1927. Screwball comedies including It Happened One Night thrust such stars as Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert into the limelight. Alfred Hitchcock made classic thrillers, and Frankenstein was a chiller. Casablanca dramatized war and Dr. Strangelove spoofed it. Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn lit up the screen, and Charlton Heston found fame of biblical proportions. John Wayne saved the day, and James Bond was never shaken or stirred. The Rat Pack cruised the Vegas strip and the Brat Pack cruised the halls in The Breakfast Club. Blockbusters have ruled recent movies. Sylvester Stallone punched up Rocky. Harrison Ford dodged madmen and meteors in Star Wars and Raiders of the Lost Ark. Armageddon and Titanic astounded audiences with their mega-dollar budgets. Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts and Will Smith became idols at 24-screen multiplexes. •1955 James Dean stars in Rebel Without a Cause d 1 •1966 Sound of Music wins five Academy Awards t J •1982 Steven Spielberg phones home with the introduction of E.T. As? ■ •1997 Titanic breaks records earning more than $1.1 billion worldwide 960 1970 Gone To The Movies Shuffle "Oh Fiddle Dee Dee," mused Scarlett O'Hara (Vivien Leigh) over the men and misfortunes she encountered as the strong-willed and resourceful mistress of Tara Plantation in 1939's Gone With The Wind. Often called the greatest film made, CWTW told of a woman who could deal with the Civil War but not with losing the love of Rhett Butler (Clark Gable). Other unforgettable romances: The Way We Were, Breakfast at Tiffany's and Shakespeare In Love. "Soitenly" audiences loved comedy teams such as The Three Stooges in the '30s and '40s. Those n'yuk n'yuk n'yukleheods pulled punches to make 'em laugh. Laurel and Hardy got into fine messes, while Abbott and Costello turned their antics into the monstrous classic, Abbott Costello Meet Frankenstein. Groucho, Chico and Harpo Marx were top bananas in zany romps including Monkey Business and opened the trap door for crazies such as Martin and Lewis, Crosby and Hope, Steve Martin and Eddie Murphy. ightsTamerM Some movie pairings are so memorable, they have become legendary. Here are a few of Hollywood's most famous film couples: • Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy (Woman of the Year - 1942) • Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor (Cleopatra - 1963) • Jessica Rabbit and Roger Rabbit (Who Framed Roger Rabbit? - 1988) • Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks (Sleepless in Seattle - 1993, Joe Versus the Volcano - 1990 l. and VouVe Cot Mail - 1999) Julia Roberts and Richard Gere (Pretty Woman • 1990 and Runaway Bride - 1999) Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman (Casablanca - 1942) Oh, those ruby slippers! A brilliant technicolor blast brought Kansas’ Dorothy over the rainbow and into audiences' hearts as The Wizard of Oz premiered in 1939. One of the best-loved movies because of its re-releases and annual television broadcasts, the film boasted wicked witches, munchkins, a cowardly lion and the magical Judy Garland. The Wizard of Oz inspired an African American musical and movie, The Wiz. And who could forget that dogged '70s rock band, Toto? £ up«r MOCK George Lucas bet his high-tech space fantasy. Star Wars, would be a major force in movie history. Sure enough, the Star Wars trilogy and Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace were "Jar-Jarring" successes The special effects were out of this world, as Hollywood cranked up the thrill factor past Earthquake and Jaws to Jurassic Park, Armageddon and Independence Day.•1944 NBC presents first U.S. network newscast •1948 •1949 Milton Berle's Texaco Star Theatre captures 92% of viewing audience Canned laughter, a.k.a. laugh tracks, debuts, making so-so jokes seem funnier ITT Scheme Me Up, Scotty You bet your life it was big money: The $64,000 Question paid off for the networks as it and other '50s quiz shows lured viewers with cash and swell prizes for smart contestants. When it was revealed some shows were rigged, the fun and games were in jeopardy. Among all-time winning shows: What's My Line?, The Price Is Right, Let's Make A Deal and Wheel of Fortune. On July 20, 1969 millions worldwide sat glued to their TVs as the Eagle landed on the moon and Apollo 13's Neil Armstrong took one giant leap onto the lunar surface. Americans witnessed the lift-off and return of other manned space flights on TV, including the horrific 1986 Challenger space shuttle disaster. Learning the alphabet was yummier with Cookie Monster and naming numbers was not so scary with The Count. Big Bird and his Sesame Street Muppet friends, Oscar, Grover, Kermit The Frog as well os Bert and Ernie, have captivated children since 1967 with letter-perfect skits and songs. Howdy Doody, Captain Kangaroo, Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood and Barney also packed lots of kid power. Is it time for Teletubbies? He was the all-American boy. Theodore “Beaver" Cleaver, freckled, curious and a handful, loved getting dirty and hated girls, unlike big brother Wally. Leave It To Beaver, which summed up the '50s suburban family, also included vacuum-ing-in-heels-and-pearls mom, June and understanding dad. Ward. Father Knows Best, Ozzie and Harriet and The Donna Reed Show also vied for the title of "most likely to solve everything with milk and cookies." Klingons and Vulcans and Tribbles, oh my! Battling 23rd century aliens by the score, Mr. Spock, Captain Kirk and the rest of the Enterprising crew of Star Trek boldly went where no science fiction series had gone before: becoming immortalized in movies, spin-offs, Trekkie conventions and collector plates. Other '60s close encounters with space, time and the supernatural included The Twilight Zone, Lost In Space and My Favorite Martian. What’s My Line? Folks said the darndest things on TV. Can you name the shows from which these famous lines came? (Answers on last page) "Hey, little buddy" • "You rang?" • "Here come de judge" • "Say the secret word and win $100" • "This tape will self-destruct in five seconds" • "Honey, I'm home" • "Shut up, meathead" • "Sorry about that. Chief" • "Won't you be my neighbor?" • 'To the Moon, Alice" • "Cowabunga, dude" • "Live long and prosper" • "Hello, Newman" • "You're traveling through another dimension"DANGER •1969 Turn-On is first show to air only once •1972 The Fonz says "Ayyyy!" on Happy Days •1980 Oil-slick bad boy J.R. Ewing is shot Dallas-style •1984 To introduce Macintosh computers, Apple runs its "1984" commercial only once-during the Super Bowl 106011970 1980 i i V "Be the first on the block to own a set!" Would folks go as bonkers over television in the late 1940s as they had over radio in the '30s? As sure as Gunsmoke and The Colgate Comedy Hour, they did. Day and night, TV entertained, reported news, televised sports and created bright stars. Variety hosts such as Ed Sullivan shared the television waves with westerns, talent shows and sitcoms, including The Honeymooners. The Beverly Hillbillies struck a ratings gusher in the '60s, and Gilligan's Island, Laugh-In and Gomer Pyle just kept the jokes coming. Batman zapped, Mission Impossible infiltrated and Bewitched twitched to greatness. It was Walter Cronkite for news and Johnny Carson for late-night talk. Those '70s shows such as The Brady Bunch, M A S H, Fantasy Island and All In The Family appealed to young and old viewers. Real People made life entertaining, while 60 Minutes took a harder look at the news. Roots popularized the miniseries, Cheers and Cosby caused '80s laughs and soap operas including General Hospital cleaned up. In the '90s, tabloid TV delved deeply. The Simpsons kept batting Homers, cable TV became a turn-on, and ER and Seinfeld were must-see. What in Oprah's name is next? Baba-Lucy On The Loose "Waaahhl" like a kid in a candy factory, scheming redhead Lucy Ricardo (Lucille Ball) was zany in Love Lucy. She routinely got into mischief with neighbor Ethel Mertz, often exasperating Cuban bandleader hubby, Ricky Ricardo. Each Monday night, '50s America laughed itself silly over Lucy's antics, inspiring later side-splitting sitcoms .« such as The Honeymooners, Mary Tyler Moore and Frasier. ! ■ Brought You Insane Pets From The Network That «x Stock •1513 Ponce de Leon begins exploring Florida •1620 Pilgrims land at Plymouth Rock •1773 Boston Tea Party staged to protest British toxes •1866 "In God We Trust" added to U.S. currency lOQI Betsy Ross was a well-known Philadelphia seamstress. In 1776, the young widow was approached by George Washington's Continental Congress committee to sew the first official U.S. flag per their 13 stars 13 stripes design. With the speed of Paul Revere, she finished it off as a July 4th accompaniment to The Declaration of Independence, which laid the foundation for the United of America. Fate of the Union From the wilderness came a nation ready to fight for freedom and survive all odds. Native Americans had lived in the continent long before European explorers and colonists arrived in the 16th century. Thirteen British colonies formed, and the Revolutionary War erupted when England tightened control, and Paul Revere warned of the oncoming British invasion. Independence and the United States of America were both declared in 1776. The new nation weathered heat from France and Mexico, but acquired new territory such as the Louisiana Purchase. After gold in California was discovered in 1 849, America heard the roar of the Civil War, Reconstruction and Native American warriors such as Geronimo. Industry growth fueled prosperity until World War I and the beginning of the Great Depression. Two heroines, Rosie the Riveter and First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, emerged during World War II. Peace efforts chilled as the Cold War, Korean War and McCarthyism isolated the U.S. from Communist nations. Life prospered in the suburbs and man rocketed into space, while civil rights struggles ignited. President John F. Kennedy was struck down, as were countless soldiers in Vietnam. Then President Richard Nixon struck out after the Watergate political scandal. The Gulf War, pollution and tragedies such as the Oklahoma City bombing hit hard in recent decades. Yet Americans still rally around the Stars and Stripes.Deal ing with Depression 1700 1800 "I Have a Dream that my children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character," said Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to Washington, D.C., protesters in 1963. His non-violent approach helped advance civil rights for all races. Other warriors for racial equality include anti-segregationist Rosa Parks, and Jesse Jackson, who pushed for African-American economic power. President Abraham Lincoln called it "A House Divided." The United States was unofficially split between the North (the Union), which sought to abolish slavery and modernize America, and the South (the Confederacy), which favored preserving slavery and an agrarian lifestyle. From 1861 to 1865, the bloody Civil War raged until General Robert E. Lee's Confederate army surrendered to General Ulysses S. Grant's Union force. Slavery was abolished and the United States became one nation again. •1916 •1964 •1994 Income tax implemented The Tonkin Gulf resolution authorizes U.S. troops to take military action in Vietnam O.J. Simpson trial begins In 1869, Susan B. Anthony helped found the National Women's Suffrage Association to seek equal rights for women. Her efforts led to passage of the 19th Amendment in 1920, giving women the right to vote. Other women's rights leaders furthered the cause, including Gloria Steinem and Betty Friedan. Role models such as astronaut Sally Ride and Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor opened still more doors. 5.000. 000 4.000. 000 : 3.000. 000 ; 2.000. 000 1.000,000 - The 1920s roared with prosperity until October 29, 1929, Black Tuesday, when the New York Stock Exchange crashed and millions of shares of stock were suddenly dumped, plunging many into poverty. Franklin D. Roosevelt defeated President Herbert Hoover in the 1932 election. Roosevelt worked to end the Great Depression with the New Deal. Since then, America has survived inflation, recession, tax cuts, and somehow, lunchroom food. It was a simpler time colled "The Good Old Days." The porch, or stoop, was the nightly gathering place for several generations of family and friends. Evening breezes and conversation filled the air while a passing parade of buggies and neighbors moved past. Maybe it was the coming of television, indoor air conditioning or the faster pace of suburban communities that caused the front porch to disappear. "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free," beckons the Statue of Liberty A gift to the United States from France in 1884, she has welcomed millions of immigrants to American shores with her towering presence in New York Harbor. Though they hail from many nations, they now call only one country home. She Carries a Torch lor FreedomCommunications APV kfr We're All Ears Revenge Of The CyberNerds In Depression-era Americo, radio was no! only a necessity but a reossuring source of comfort. Turning the dial brought cheery hit songs, soap operas, comedies, news of the world and President Franklin D. Roosevelt's encouraging fireside chots to the nation. Though the nation later became obsessed with television, radio kept up its cool beat with rock music, talk radio, rap and other listening pleasures. Going geek is a good thing if your name is Bill Gates. Computers revolutionized the speed and accuracy of information processing, ever since a punch card machine tabulated the 1890 census. In the 1970s, a computer's entire workings fit on a chip. Things got PC when Microsoft created software programs, making Gates a "bill"-ionaire. The Internet logged on in the '90s with waves of Web sites, interactive games, chat rooms and all-important e-mail. Pretty incredible.com, eh? No sooner had the Persian Gulf War erupted in 1991 than Ted Turner's Cable News Network, CNN, covered it nonstop. Broadcasts had never been so immediate. The Big Three networks were also shocked by the popularity of such other cable offerings as HBO, ESPN and A E as well as satellite dishes and pay-per-view. Television viewers, however, loved all the remote possibilities. F Gfe som© newspapers took ree om of the Press too far. To gain new rea ersh'p, some of America's leading newspapers began sensationalizing accounts of Spanish oppression in Cuba to provoke America's entry into the Spanish-American War. After this outbreak of ye ow journalism," news media took great measures to heighten credibility, though tabloid-style reporting still exists. On the flip side, investigative reporting gained popularity in the 1970s by exposing government corruption, such as Watergate, as well as improper business practices. the A. B. C. D. E. F. G. H. I. cat s meow. Wired Smokey Grub Lousy It's the bunk Boob Tube Kick It Reet Home skillet you clueless daddy-o. 1. Television ('30s) 2. Food (1600s) 3 Relax ('90s) 4. Top dog ('90s) 5. Disbelief ('20s) 6. Bad (1700s) 7 Excited ('90s) 8 State trooper ('70s) 9 Excellent ('30s) its own speak Match thong with its correct meaning, y'hear? (Answers on last page)•1160 Chinese sew pages to make stitched books •1300 Chinese invent abacus and count their blessings •1455 Gutenberg publishes Bible with his newly invented press •1888 Hand-held camera patent issued to - •1960 •1974 •1985 Xerox corporation patents revolutionary copying process The first People magazine is published Cellular phones first invade cars "Mr. Watson, come here," said Alexander Graham Bell into the telephone he developed in 1876. It's become one of today's most valuable communication devices, linking people throughout the world at lightning speed. From the telephone's humble beginnings have emerged high-speed fiber optic networks, fax machines, cellular phones, computer modems and videophones. There's some connection here. Get The Message Already? People spoke, wrote letters and sent messengers before this millennium but communication was usually local and slow. Most mm church leaders were among the few who could read. Monks copied books by hand »y Middle Ages books were religious because 3mong )piedl and town criers were neard since they announced news. Printed books of the Renaissance allowed the masses to read the Bible and other works. By the 1600s, newspapers enabled inquiring minds to read ship schedules. Benjamin Franklin helped establish regular postal service in the 1700s and the Pony Express ran mail crosscountry in the 1 800s. While steamships and locomotives sped the spread of news, it wasn't until Samuel Morse invented the telegraph in the 1840s that coded messages were transmitted rapidly. Cameras, the typewriter, telephone, phonograph and motion pictures put communications on an even faster track. Advances came in short and long waves when Guglielmo Marconi invented radio. Television was perfected, and tape recorders came into play. Since the 1960s, communication satellites relayed TV, radio and other signals across the planet. Computers and modems instantly processed data, and the Internet linked the world. Broadcast journalists, such as 20 20's Barbara Walters, fueled the rise of information junkies. Fiber optics, VCRs, CD-ROMs and HDTV not only furthered technology but gave adults lots of expensive new toys. Ring Ma Bell «JOJS XK SOn the last day of the millennium I was On the first day of the millennium I was That was so This is so Last Century! This Century! What to leave in the 20th century What to bring into the 21 st century CLOTHES ___________________________ __________________________ MUSIC ________________________ __________________________ TELEVISION ________________________ __________________________ ACTOR ________________________ __________________________ ACTRESS ------ _________ ________________ SLANG ________________________ __________________________ DANCES ____________________________. ________________ ELECTRONICS __________________________________________________ GAMES ________________________ FOOD ________________________ Back in the LAST In the NEW Millennium... Millennium... Places I went:___________________ Places I want to go: People I knew: _______________________ People I want to meet: Stuff I used to do for fun:________________ Things that are fun now: I used to think: ____________________________________ Now I think: Book Character Answers: A-3, B-6. C-8. D-1. E-5. F-2, G-9, H-4.1-7 What's My Line Answers: Slogan's Island • The Addams Family • Laugh In • You Bet Your Life • Mission Impossible • Love Lucy • All in the Family • Get Smart • Mr Rogers Neighborhood • The Honeymooners • The Simpsons • Star Trek • Seinfeld • The Twilight Zone Slang Answers: A-7, B-8, C-2 D-6, E-5, F 1 G-3. H-9 1-4 A •' Class of 2001HANGING OUT AT TUSPM Merribeth and Marilyn not listening to Dr. Helfand's advice Marinilda. Felicia, and Hengelberth enjoying the class picnic. Frank and Jim at the class picnic Men's Night Out Naomi. Brett and Antoinette showing each other love. Elise and Parvjl are feeling claustrophobic in our newly gated courtyard. Third years celebrating passing the boards. Class of 2001Arteen and Lynett© enjoying the last rays of summer. Third years celebrating the end of sec ond year. The guys pondering the etiology of Icthyosis Vulgaris. Group eight out celebrating Jarrett's birthday. Jennifer and Allan at Todd's party. Naomi, Steve and Todd are well rested from summer vacation. O © ' Ladies Night. Class of 200 TRITE OF PASSAGE Cindy. Jen and Kelly trying to decide who is going to take the next patient Keith, would that be a high fiber diet'’ John posing for GQ Magazine The line up for Rite of Passage The first class pinned as TUSPM Class of 2001John and Jim catching a breather from a long, hard day. Can I get a Dremel. burr and 312 blade? Hey guys, don't forget the lead aprons! Marinilda. Brett and Nicole just chillin’. Ed, Jcson. and Chris Jarrett. Jill and Tanya eagerly await PT patients Felicia and Richard Class of 2001INTERNATIONAL DAY India TUSPM students representing the many facets of America Matinl doing her cultural dance Vietnam I want to 'sop you up with a biscuit. Hengeibertn. Felicia. Malinl. and Rob Class of 2001Jim doing the Texas Two-Step To The Externship Committee. We appreciate your hard work and dedication Thanks again Adam. Vikas and Zhanna. The Day After SNPMA members partaking in the end of the yeor party Class of 2001PAINTING THE TOWN RED Laura. Jen and Jen dressed to impress at the Spring Ligament Felicia and Bert at the Spring Ligament Elise and Marilyn Jarreti and Bert enjoying dinner ar Spaghetti Warehouse Naomi and Antoinette partying -n D C Enjoying the Spring Ligament Christmas party at the Dean's house Parul and Michelle take a break from studying. Chanda. Cindy. Kelly and Scott Ray's Wedding All the brave souls that did not fear the Pathology exam the next day x % ' @ ° Unexpected snow storm provides a great opportunity for fun. Class of 2001JUST ANOTHER DAY Two men and a baby Jason in Ortho Workshop II. Cindy and Merribeth enjoy a relaxing x o •, weekend with the dogs = Class of 2001 Michelle and Parul make their own or-thotics. I have $40 for Matt; can I get $45? Tanya shows 'Goldenboy' what's up! Jill taking the bull by the horns. Jason. Matt and Max design their own orthotics.MAKING A DIFFERENCE MARINE CORPS MARATHON MEDOI -$ID T r dN (TS TUSPM students in the Diabetes Walk. Foot Screening at the Manne Corps Mcrathon in D.C Jill and Cindy at a foot screening Joanna and Jenn practicing cast ing. TUSPM students volunteering Class of 2001CLINIC Arteen practicing physical medicine Jodi. Steve and Melissa discuss the PVD midterm Adam, true limb length is measured from ASIS to the medial malleolus Group 19 during their PM rotation Rob, Jen and Laura discuss the treatment for a patient dam. Sondra. Brian and Steve are raumatized after O R Workshop with : Class of 2001 Scott and Joanna during morning conference Saji. Samir and Jarrett study for yet another Ortho quiz.Margaret. Bela, Nicole and Chris the Surgery module Keith taking care of a patient Susan, Tammy. Thai and Jide Tanya and Jodi Elise, Mike and Marilyn Brett participating in the biomechanical ex- am Class of 2001 Scott and Chris lounging.Guess Who?? T LIS PM CLASS of 2001 Class Picnic Tammy and Felicia Class Picnic From Your Yearbook Editors: Antoinette and Naomi Antoinette and Naomi : : laSS ° Jennifer Ray's WeddingJason and Jodi Porul studies how to -gauntletize' according to Dr Bauer Is that a pencil in your pocket, or are you just Jarrett as he studies Porokerato-happy to see me? sis Plantaris Discrete. Matthew and Tara Class of 2001Brett and Antoinette are inseparable. Chad "Big Guns' Clause. PICTURE I RECEIVED 7 TUSPM Student Council (formerly PPMSA) President Keith Luper Vice-President: Kiran Poylangada Parlimentarian: Jodi Schoenhaus Treasurer. Jill Epstein Secretary. Robbi Young PPMA Rep: Troels Glysing-Jensen NJPMA Rep: Rudy Zak Election Committee: Jim Kutchback, Malini Singh, Ana Smigel Zhanna and Jill working outside of clinic. 2001 Class Officers: President Khurram Khan Vice President: Jennifer Johanson Secretary: Felicia Armstrong Treasurer Elise Nelson Social Chair: Parul Patel Honor Court: Adam Darcy Alan Deroy Zhanna Erenshteyn PPMSA Rep.: Saji Simon APMSA Rep.. Rob Hinze Naomi and Antoinette. Parul and Elise t'nopedics. some Joy in Of Class of 2002 Class of 2002International Day ADA Bachelor Auction Class of 2002prmg i Class of 2002Tanjila Matin Che tan Desai July 17, 1999 Class of 2002 Pay man Hoshyarsar Katayoun Tadjali - August 6.1999 Ana David Smigel - June 12,1999 Keith Kathy Tyson - July 7. 1999Jen in Okinawa. Japor' Mark, Agim, Rudy...hanging loose at the beach house! Karim with the Masai Mara Tribesmen at the Wildlife Game Park in Kenya. Alex and the topiaries in Columbus, Ohio. Kevin utilizing his extrication techniques with the Jaws of Life while working for the Wayne Township Fire 0 ,, _ Department (©) Class of 2002VI Orientation 1999 Erika and Chris Orientation Coordinators Where have I seen one of these before?Leti Get Fktend !Myron Melanie Sean. Tina Victor Elk© performing her managerial duties Lack of Hageman Factor XII? Elliot, Nina Larry display their refined dining etiquette. ninute break. Class of 2002Fungi, Yeasts, Molds...Oh My! Bacteria Buddies: Payman, Syed, Tarek Mark, can you see those branching hyphae? Class of 2002Diabetes Walk-a-thon ‘99 at the Philly Zoo Class of 2002Mark and Dave...chillin' FIRST RAYS (,r lu LLt — LLt in »IL0' hiuu Hint) HAMMERIN' HALLUX Packers? Class of 2002Adelina, Vickie, and Karim Murad, David, and Jeff J.T. and Sarita Dixit and Alan Myron. Melissa and Troels Tony and Amy Class of 2002Thanks Dinner k - 4 r Class of 2002 Class Officers PULL TOGETHER "The chadenge for every organization is to luiifd a feefing of oneness, of dependence on one anotfter... becaiuse tfie question is usuatty not ftow weff each person works, but flow weff they work together.” -Vince Lombardi Jones, Social. Gina Silva. PPMSA. James Sang. Honor Court. Dana Giacalone. Pres; Melissa Gozzi. Sec; Stewart Chang. APMSA Note Service Officers Camille Sabongui James Sang. Coordinators. Vickie Toole Sec; David Bell. Distributor. Alex Latvinsky, Tapist Class of 2002 Class of 2003 Class of 2003TUSPM Class of 2003 Closs Council. Social Chair- Elizabeth Bass, Vice President- Dixie Dallas, Fundraising- Damien Roussel. Secretary- Mandi Stranix. Honor Code- Brighid Lodge, Melinda Sangalang, APMSA Representatives- Michelle Hinze. Jennifer Purvis, President- Adam Katz, PPMSA Representative- David Granger. Treasurer- David Clarkson, Not Pictured: Social Chair- Denise Bonnon { © I Class of 2003Class of 2003 President Adam Katz and Vice President Dixie Dallas Note Service Coordinators: Andy Gormley and Jason Nolan Note Service Distributor- Todd Becker Note Service Treasurer- Joe Santomaura Note Service Recorder-Pryncess Johnson Class of 2003e innin Hey! Gimmie one of those Stephanie! getting to know you . getting to know all about you! You need one of these, and one of these, and one of these. . . What do you mean I don't have a reservation? Class of 2003 I moved to Philly for the cream cheese. How about you?Party at Dean Mattiacci's House Three Musketeers! Forgeddaboutit . . No pictures! Play it again, Nick! . . Where the grass is green and the girls are pretty . cake and eat it too! Class of 2003Let's Press on for Science Basophils are blue?l? I haven't seen anything blue! Just memorize the slide. O.K.? Mohammad gets his learn on . Todd and Daren look on as Dr. Boyd rehearses for his Cave audition. What do you mean you don't see the blue cell?!? Class of 2003Bang! Next Practical Time to forget everything we just memorized! Will beer help? Party and pizza but Caroline can't remember if she sided that last tagged structure . . . A quick review: Michelle: lateral, Schmitty: superior, Valerie medial. Albert inferior Three wise and happy men. Carolina Cuties Class of 2003iHappu ‘Halloween VJ ? OCT Oil El! I'm ready for my close-up Senorita Bonita! Witches and devils and Frankenstein, oh myl Pumpkin Plantation Marc Greek God of Podiatry. Come here, you little devil! Class of 2003Good food, good beer, good costumes, what else could you ask for? Who's your daddy? Ghoulish party crew TUSPM Thanksgiving dinner It's Finger lickin' good! Did you try the cornbread? Class of 2003Zoo Walk for American Diabetes Association First year class represented well: Natalie, Nhi, Linh. Ryan, Jennifer. Elena. Mandi. Daniel, and Valerie in the morning sun. Ryan tells Natalie that he wishes he could sleep on one leg like the flamingos. Natalie and Valarie got some exercise and visited the giraffes. Nhi, what are you doing walking?!?Sports and Clubs Intermural Basketball and Football: Adam Nguyen, Damien Roussel, Daren Guertin, Milton Sterling, David Kelinbrodt. and Jason Nolan. Dinner Club: Brighid Lodge, Lisa Price, Ryan McBride, Mandi Stranix, and Adam Nguyen. Class of 2003Foolin' Around Hiro's got the in with Dr Boyd I don’t know Edwin, I just can't get any volume1 Roomies!!! Big Daddy! Philadelphia, the City of Sisterly Love! What time does the building close? Party! Parte! Partie! Class of 2003Ready • • • Sit Back and Relax! I think I'm slidin' outta this thing. . . I vie does some serious studying. . . Chrissy is sooooo excited for Christmas! Scargo! . . or is it Margott? With a car you can have friends too! Class of 2003Set Time to go bar hoppin' Gabby. Angelique, and Ryan congratulate Ms. Mayo 2000. Chrissy! Scott gets all the girls. . Ryan and Johnathan exhaust the menu at Uno's. Lookin’good baby! Really good! One more drink and we're off to Shampoo! Class of 2003GO!!! John Patrick's Wings, need we say more? Elizabeth wins the most happy prize! Caught again at Who's on Third. Happy Birthday, Big Daddy! your name . . B-Le! Lisa and Valerie explore their heritage and act as Irish as possible. Class of 2003TUSPM Cavewomen! LaGenia and her personal butt bongo! Elizabeth and her private dancer! Yearbook Staff Cave Clan! Elizabeth Bass Take it off baby, take it off! Cioss of 2003 Ryan McBrideAdministration, Faculty, and Staff Administration. Faculty, and StaffDean's Office and Academic Affairs John Mattiacci. DPM Dean Marilyn R. Fenton. PhD Assistant Dean for Educational Affairs Snaron Mack Director of Graduate Placement. Continuing Education, and External Programs Not Pictured: Kelly Moorhead Kristen Donohue. Animal Lab Rita Redfern Dean’s Office Steven F. Boc. DPM Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Kieran T. Mahan. DPM Associate Dean for Research Sheree J. Aston. OD, PhD Assistant Dean for Medical Education Carol Krouse Academic Affairs m Faculty and StaffStudent Affairs David A Axler, PhD Terry Murphy, PsyD David Martin Marva Brown Associate Dean for Director Educational Director Admissions and Registrar Student Affairs Support Minority Affairs Thomasina Coley Deborah Jefferson Jeneen Winters Admissions Office Student Affairs Admissions Office Not Pictured: Carolyn Ung, Director of Student Financial Services Krista Smith, Student Affairs Faculty and Staff Department of James Burke, PhD Acting Chairman Robert Boyd. PhD Francis Conway, PhD Marilyn Fenton, PhD Bruce Hirsch. PhD Howard Pitkow. PhDBiomedical Sciences Ernesto Mujorro Victor Thompson Chet Johnson Not Pictured: Carl Abramson, PhD James Atkin, DPM Henry Beilstein, PhD Ara DerMarderosian, PhD Raymond DiPrimio. DPM Cornelius Donahue, DPM Charles Gibley, Jr. PhD Jay Hammel, PhD James Kimani, PhD Julia Lewandowski, MS John Rutter, PhD Arthur Washburn, PhD Faculty and StaffDepartment of Podiatric Orthopedics John Walter. DPM Chairman Thomas Maglietta, DPM Director, Section of Medicine Robert Christman, DPM Arnold Feldman, DPM Howard Hillstrom. PhD Warren Joseph, DPM Anthony Kidawa, DPM Harvey Lemont. DPM William Martin. DPM Faculty and Staff Not Pictured: Keturah Thomas Mark Mantell, MD Charles Krausz. DPM Leslie Hess. DPM Steven Nierenberg, MD Samuel Spadone, DPM Augustine Morano. DPM Joseph Witowski. MD Erwin Juda, DPM Jeffrey Fry, C Orthand Podiatric Medicine Steven Mcllwain, DPM Howard Palamarchuk, DPM Kendrick Whitney, DPM James McGuire. DPM, PT Jeanean Willis, DPM Carmen Harris Carol Romano Sharon Nelson Not Pictured: Youssef Kabbani, DPM Ed Brandeis, CPED Richard Jay, DPM Harold Shoenhaus, DPM Larry Kalker, DPM Steven Kravitz, DPM James McNerney, DPM James Furmato, DPM Alan Whitney, DPM Philip Breshnahan. DPM Sofia Bhimji. MS Faculty and StaffDepartment of Surgery Steven Boc. DPM Chairman Gary Bauer, DPM Kieran Mahan. DPM Jane Pontious. DPM A Kim Flood. RN Tina Lauri. RN Yolanda Taylor-AI Hassan Donna Polisano Not Pictured: Sandra Dalton, DPM James Heitz, MD Jeffrey Lynch, MD James McNerney. DPM Faculty and StaffDepartment of Community Health Arthur Helfand, DPM Chairman Not Pictured: Morris Barrett, DPM Jesse Lieberman, MA Ernestine Estes, MSW Lawerence Levine. DPM, MSW Philip Demp, DPM Michael Wlainsky, DPM Joseph Bruno, RPT Andrew Newman, MD, JD Allen Geiwitz. PharmD Institutional Advancement Stanley Boc, DPM Director Alumni Relations Laura Lambright Director Marketing, Health Services Not Pictured: Deborah Cornell Faculty and StaffHealth Services Marisol Davila Loretta Edwards Mary Gates Faculty and Staff Sharon Childrey Judy BenckertVirginia Kehoe Joseph Kelly Lydia Grazier Michelle Fuller-Gravely Mary Oehler Jeanette McGeary Brenda Reid Not Pictured: Linda Bradley Rosalyn Barnes Nicole Chiarella Karen Horsey Leyda Nelson Faculty and StaffLibrary, Art, and Information Services Gerard Mahlman Library Marie-Elena Bradley Library Karen Whitmore Art Department Jeanne Greene Art Department Chuck McFarland AV services TV studio Not Pictured: William Dobkowski, Library Robert Gallagher. Info Services James Wyche. Info Services faculty and StaffFiscal Services Not Pictured: Iris Falu Susan Grigley Terri Webster Roderick Jones Controller Print Shop and Mailroom Tyrone Evans Joseph Heston Faculty and Staff Physical Plant Anthony Morris Earl Jones Jessie Scott Not Pictured: Khalidah Sheppard. Front Desk Barbara Williams. Shoe MuseumJames V. Ganley, DPM 1930-1992 When Dr Ganley was a freshman at Villanova, he was taking a very tough chemistry course. It made him question his decision to take pre-med. He was thinking about whether he should change his majors, switch colleges, etc. He was disheartened to the point that he walked with his head hanging. As he approached 4th St in Bridgeport, he found a piece of paper on the sidewalk. It was the following poem. “Don't Quit99 became his motto. He shared this with his children and many others when they were discouraged. Don't Quit When things go wrong as they sometimes will, When the road you're trudging seems all uphill, When the funds are low and the debts are high. And you want to smile, but you have to sigh, When care is pressing you down a bit, Rest if you must — but don't quit. Life is queer with its twists and turns. As every one of us learns. And many a failure turns about, When he might have won had he stuck it out. Don't give up though the pace seems slow, You may succeed with another blow. Success is failure turned inside out. The silver tint of the clouds of doubt. You never can tell how close you are. It may be near when it seems so far. So stick to the fight when you're hardest hit. It's when things seem worst that you must not quit. — AnonymousAdvertisements Class of 2000 AdsI)r. David Allen. DPM «u have always been a wonderful son. oil are loved, respected and a person to he proud to know. our most recent honors as President of your ttrnduuting class and a degree as a Doctor of Pediatric Medicine are two of many accomplishments to add to a life full of success. May you always continue in (he path of honor, respect, success and upward mobility. N e give you all our love, and support for your future. DAD and I I I Dp. David Allen Congratulations! hank you for all the wonderful things, big and small, you have done for our family. We are truly proud of your accomplishments, knowing the obstacles you have overcome to get to where you are today, your family wishes you all the success and happiness you so richly deserve. your loving family a Achilles 2000DR. IRA S. BERNSTEIN CONGRATULATIONS Your dad and I can still hear the pitter-patter of your little healthy feet running through the house. Now you have the opportunity to make sure that every man, woman, and child will always run on healthy feet. Take your career "one foot at a time." We are so proud of you and we love you always. Mom and Dad DR IRA S. BERNSTEIN has made his grandparents very proud. You have accomplished a great deal. By working hard, you have reached your goal of becoming a doctor. We have faith and confidence in your ability to accomplish all that you have set out to do. We love you very much, Grandma and Grandpa Dr. Ira Bernstein (AKA Doc Bernz) Congratulations! We are proud of all that you have accomplished. You worked so hard, and is was well worth it. Love always and forever, Jaclyn and Jason Class of 2000Dr. Diane Stchur Bray A Bouquet of Best Wishes From All — Diane, This wonderful accomplishment seemed so far away, yet even the longest journey begins with the first step. Your steps of academic achievements have been marked by hard work and determination, and now you receive the prestigious title of 'Doctor. Thank you for making me proud and may the Heavenly Physician continue to guide your steps always. Congratulations. Love, Mom Best Wishes Congratulations Diane Love, Peter Diane, Your childhood dreams of becoming a medical doctor have finally achieved reality. Although the path may not have been a smooth one, your 'footing' was made strong by your dedication, diligence, and perseverance. Congratulations Dr. Dee on your stupendous achievement. I am very proud of you. God grant you many successful years! Love, Dad You’ve come a long way, little sis! I'm extremely proud of you and your stellar accomplishment. Continue to put your best 'foot' forward! Congratulations, Dr. Diane Stchur Bray. Love Always, Suzanne Diane, I’m so proud of you for accomplishing your childhood dream of becoming a doctor. All of your years of hard work has finally paid off. May God continue to bless you. Love, Julianne Dear DeeDee, You go, girl! What a great 'feat . Congrats. Love, Marianne XOXO Congratulations, Diane! You’ve made it through medical school. I’m sure you’ll be a great doctor. Way to go! Love, Mike Diane, Congratulations on receiving your life-long dream ot becoming a doctor. You have always taught me to strive for my goals. May God continue to grant his blessings upon you. Love, Joanne To Aunt DeeDee, You have weathered well! Love, your Godchild, Noah Andrew Cote Achilles 2000Stephanie Horling, DPM “If you can dream it, you can do it.” You followed your dreams, We know it wasn’t easy, We always believed in you, We are so proud of you. Congratulations, Doctor! Love, Mom, Dad, Shawn, Blaze, and Danielle - v. Class of 2000To our brother Kellvan, Sometimes it seems like it was only a tew short years ago that we were sharing an apartment at college with you, a cat, and a dog. You have come a long way since then and we are proud of your achievements. We wish for you even greater achievements. Love your sisters, Karen and Suling To our son, Congratulations on your graduation. This is the beginning of your career and we believe you will be a successful doctor because of your care and compassion. We are proud of you. Love, Mom and Dad To Kellvan, You have worked hard for your success. Congratulations, Dr. Cheng. Love, Sam, your close family friend Dr. Lora Baker DR. JENNIFER HASAN We are very proud of you YOU ARE THE BEST! Love, Mom, Dad, Omar to walk in the new millenium We are very proud of your accomplishments, and know with your bright mind and compassionate heart that you'll make an excellent doctor. Love, Mom, Dad, Stacy, Denise, and Pete 182 Achilles 2000Dr. Jeffrey Eric Kleiman Your graduation from podiatry school marks a major milestone towards the goal and dream you have had since early high school. Your commitment, dedication and love for people will continue to bring you success and brighten the lives of those you touch. We know how you love to do crossword puzzles, but this one is completed for you. It depicts the people, places and the many interests that have been part of your 26 years. Your family and friends are very proud of all of your accomplishments. Words can not express our joy and excitement for you at your graduation. We love you, Mom and Dad Andy, Hob, and Steve P.S. Keep this great smile always!!!!! Class of 2000 183Congratulations on your Achievement Monique P. Jones, DPM For all the promises of God in him are yes, and in Him Amen, to the glory of God through us. 2Cor1:20 Love you. Dad Mom You Worst is over and your Best is yet to come. Love you, Shona Now it's all said and done, We Praise you God, the victory is won. Love you, Samone Through Christ all things are Possible. Best wishes Congratulations. Love you, Lane and Aretha Antoin, Azantae, Aneisha Congratulations, Monique Jones on your Achievement Proverbs 2:6 For the Lord Giveth Wisdom: Out of His Mouth Cometh Knowledge and Understanding. Love, Your Aunts, Mamie, Ernestine, Bernice, Jo-Anne, and Pamela Achilles 2000p o Congratulations Monique Jones on your Medical School Graduation y God's richest blessings accompanyyou as you begin your Medical Career Pastor Mrs. Lawrence Powell and Agape Family Worship Center 1071 New Brunswick Avenue P. O. Box 1623 Rahway, New Jersey 07065 732.680.9800(ph) 732.680.9801(fax) www.agapecenter.org Class of 2CDr. Kendall, Congratulations on such an amazing feat! We are so proud of you and love you very much! Love, Christine and Mom Dad Lally Keith Sidney Kendall Never did we dream when you were small, That one day we'd be saying, This is our son, "The Doctor" y'all! Our pride is great; We hope you stay in our state? We have lot's of friends with feets to mend! Love, Mom Dad CONGRATl l.ATIONS TO MONIQl E JONES May God Continue to Bless you in your endeavors. Love N our Friends for Life. Mary, Teresa Jan CONGRATULATIONS OUR FAMILY is so very PROUD of YOU DR. WILLIAM C. STOLL Happy feet are satisfied feet from a successful Education! It all started at Woman's Shoes NORDSTROMS -f Achilles 2000Dr. Michael J. Paris Congratulations on your graduation from medical school!! Your dedication and hard work have been a constant source of inspiration and pride for your family and friends. The determination you have shown in all your endeavors will serve you well as you embark on your medical career! Class of 2000 Love, Doid, Cindy, and FamilyCONGRATULATIONS!! LOVE MOM DAD Bradley M. Lamm, DPM Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path. Ps. 119:105 Dr. Steven Shannon Congratulations 'Ljau made, it We ate o iy fistaud you May the (once oUuayA be with you Jlaoe Mam and 2 ad (lemembesi {eet one waiUny Achilles 2000BRIAN L. SACHS, DPM Brian - Congratulations!! We are so proud of how you have grown into such a wonderful man with such a gentle heart and a bright mind. You have always strived to do your best. You have worked hard to achieve your doctorate with such determination and perseverance. When challenges blocked your goal, you met them head on (or foot first) and learned from them. Your life experiences will enable you to be a better listener and to be more understanding to the sensitive needs of your patients as you administer expert medical care. Your future patients will be most fortunate to have you as their doctor. Our wish is that you will enjoy all that life holds for you. Love you, Mom, Dad, Brett, Michael and Laura Class of 2000, 25 C0 Or- To Kick your feet up ond relax. o 3 _J “O o o I CT o o Q_ r c o 7T Congratulations to my brother in law who has his leet on the right track. Love your sister, Wendy Congratulations to the man who swept me off of my feet. I am so proud of you. Your loving wife, Christine You've earned yourself a break! Congratulations. Love, Kaye Congratulations on graduating from podiatry school. Your accomplishment is the foothold to a bright future. We are so proud of you1 Love, Skip and Lynn. Achilles 2000DR. MICHAEL B. YOUNES You "wow'd" us the day you were born and tipped the scales as the largest that week. You amazed us on the soccer field as thunder foot and with your athletic prowess in baseball, football and now jet skiing. Your determination and hard work helped you achieve Eagle scout, Certified Athletic Trainer and now Doctor. Your smile and kind spirit have made you a better man and this will show in your dedication to your new profession. We have all enjoyed your journey in life and revel in your achievements. You have made us proud! Good luck love you, Mom, Dad, Chris Ryan cvvor rcx.y y Q f r ot SlLAsKvwe-’ [ Vj XNj Ji'Yvrou.aV "Vne_ c ovuLs ‘trckWS'Vorrns p°° o A x_» otvcLs. lku)A,Wv L oAvo x. j«c bppfl 1 r votvv !" r I Class of 2000Dr. Tracey Vlahovic From the Dance floor to your future O.R., We are so proud of you. Congratulations, the best is yet to come. All our love. Mom and Dad Tony, Nina, and Anthony •You can dance anywhere and you can dance in your mind, in your heart.'' — Jacques D'Amboise •To laugh often and much, to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children, to eorn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends, to appreciate beauty, to find the best in others, to leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition, to know even one life has breathed easier because you hove lived This is to have succeeded' — Ralph Waldo Emerson And, will you succeed? Yes! You will, indeed! (98 and 3 4 percent guaranteed.) Kid, You'll Move Mountains! — Dr. Seuss from "Oh, the Places You'll Go!" in the Achilles 2000 tA RECORD OF YOUR FEAT Gre S Walters jme Heavy Load Weight 9 96-5 00 Date 24 hrs a day Time Too Long Length Robert G. Walters, PPM PHYSICIAN Setting a goal in life and achieving that goal is something to be proud of. You devoted all of your time and effort in order to get through successfully and I admire you so much for that. We learned over these last four years what real struggling was all about financially and emotionally but we made it through. With the support of COD and a loving family, you now have a wonderful future as a doctor. As a husband you have given me all I could ever want. You brought Kelsi into my life and you have given me my little Graham. I could never ask for anything more. I wish all the best for you as you begin your new career. Just remember have lots of "Patients" and don't step on too many "Toes." I Love You - Missy Dad, I thought I wouldn't be able to make it without you for four years, but you being the 1 dad it felt like you were there right by my side through everything. I'm so happy for you because you have accomplished many things that other people can't. I just wanted to tell you that I never haa a doubt in my mind that you wouldn't be able to complete your goal. I love you so much. Dad, and feel so blessed to have you in my life. Congratulations! Love always. Pink Greg, no one is more proud than old grandma. Just remembering when you and Todd ran across the yard to meet me and tell me to come in and see you make X's, "Quite clever!" Love, Grandma From "thumbs out" to "thumbs up"! Love ya. Aunt Wanda Uncle Greg, you've come along way and I'm really proud of you. Thank you, for always being there for me, and good luck in the future. Love, Kya Greg, you set a goal and relentlessly sought it, and now you've achieved it!!! Now; we have a class reunion to attend. I'll drive! Todd. We are all truly inspired Love, Todd, Paula Jake Greg, My - what strides you have made n our business we have to charge by the inch and you are now qualified to charge by the fool. Son, from "cop" to "doc" you have mjde us very proud. Love, Mom and Dad "To set a goal is to dream; to achieve a goal is a Success." You, Greg, are a success. I am so proud of you. Through all the stress of practicing medicine, remember to always keep focused on the two most important things in life, God Family. I love you Doc. Your Sister, Cindy Greg - Congratulations! Your perseverance has served you well, and we arc proud of you. Our hats are off to your wife, daughter and son that supported you behind the scene. We love you: but hurry up, our feet arc killing us. - Uncle Mike Aunt Sandy Greg, you arc a son-in-law to be proud of! You've accomplished something you believe in. We love you, Milton DeloresDr. Scott Melamed This wish is co love and affect grand ever and tiurino shared is a may lh Vha h much are a n special n. hds b were juite small, htfulness you have •y to one and all. So piness and joy you have given"return to you today to let you know you aj»e loved much more than word$Nui»T5 ever say. indpa Sam Grandma Dee Dr. Scott Melamed You have riven your family much pride and Joy since you were a toddler to the fine Joung man you are ay. Congratulations. “Dr. Scott", and best wishes for success and happiness always. Love. Grandma 1.11 ________- Q(f) a UNCLE LEO FAMILY WISH YOU THE VERY BEST Dr. Scott Melamed We are all delighted with your outstanding "FEETS" and accomplishments! Just remember that greatness is accomplished one step at a time. We are very proud of you. Love, Aunt Shelly, Uncle Bob Cousins Jill David Achilles 2000Dr. Scott Melamed Today, wo celebrate your becoming a doctor. We wish there were words that could fully express the happiness you have given us. Wo are very proud of your accomplishments and successes, and especially of the person you are. We hope you know how very much we love you and how much richer you have made our lives...just by being our son. I.ove Forever. Your first patients. Mom Dad Class of 2000DR. MATTHEW JAMES SABO 10 WAVS TO KEEP DOCTORS ON THEIR TOES Loafer: For all the times you’ll get caught loafing around. Sandal: To help you escape quicksand. High Tops: To help you leap over all your obstacles. Water Shoe: For all the times you’re in deep water. Boots: When you feel your deep in @? (of course snow!) Ski Boot: When you feel you’ve reached the top. Slipper: For all your slip ups. Sneaker: Sneaking out of the office early. Astronaut Boot: Because you’re out of this world!!! Running Shoes: To help you get back on track. NO ONE WILL EVER FILL YOUR SHOES!!!! CONGRATULATIONS ON ACHIEVING YOUR GOAL! LOVE, MOM, DAD, JOHNNY, DEBBIE, SANDY BRIAN Achilles 2000CONGRATULATIONS f DR. JENNIFER S. SARTORI Once she was our little peanut But today she's all growed up. She applied herself to the task Of doctoring feet, that's a fact. And now she'll go on her merry way To play with feet most every day. We hope that she'll be kind and sweet And always take care of her family’s feet! She used to be our little squirt Who liked to whine and play with dirt. Now she's cleaned up,all shiny and neat And has accomplished a truly great feat. Congratulations on a job well done To us you'll always be NUMBER ONE! You're toe-tally toe-riffic!!! Love, Dad, Mom, Jessica, and Johnny P.S. Congratulations Matt. We’re proud of you, too! Class of 2000 =DR. MICHAEL E. WESTERMAN "You have always been one step ahead of the crowd, And the way you put your best foot forward, makes us very proud!" With Love, Mom, Grandma, Lisa, Dan, Matt, Bobbi, Pam, Robert and April Achilles 2000DR. THOMAS LANDINO CONG RATI LATIONS!! We all think the world of you This is what you were bom to be — so do it accomplishments in your life. Tom — my son or accomplishing your goals: Love, Dad Landino Happiness is your Dr Thomas Landino!! What more can 1 say?! Love, Mom Landino Remember die places you Have been, for each has a special meaning and knowledge gained to you. Stop, remember the past nd look to the stars — together let them credible d Dad Alcsi ttaskl Good luck ove. Tarp fc You are the ember-’Tfibney is a good servant but a bad cla! to us and yc congratulate you on the e. 'WeT.qve mrfGrandpa and Grandma Sdao rornyour Grandpa and Grandma Alcsi WE guide youtjjath to.success. in your future endeav rs. La accomplishmehrfbrgnjequaliy incredible (nan! weares yf)roud of you! Love Congratulations on completing such a difficu architect of your past and future 'T3oodJuckv master". Love, Richard Dear Tom, awarding of your degree Best of luck jbrybutvfi t Best wishes and blessing! With love always LOVE YOU MAN' Jake Ivan you honey!! All my love, Tanit 1 am s,o happy foryou — to l e living your dream! Cheers to "It is not the critic who counts', not tk6 man whoffoiitts out where thk.strong man stumbled or how the doer of the deeds could have defne thenyoetter. Tke f edit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust, sweat and biclod; who strives valiantly, who errs and comes short again and again;Avhcy knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, and spends himself in a worthy causey yh yf. in the end. knows the triumph of higlgach i event ent..." Theodore Roosevelt Congratulations to the Class of 2000H Tfiank you to the famides and friends who contributed to this year's ads. Best wishes to the Classes of 2001; 2002, aral2003f The Achilles 2000 Tear6ooh Staff Class of 2000 !iu JbiSktuiUMis CHiate Q wv T.U.S.P.M CKumui CUjcciatlcu Stanley E. Boc ‘72 Mary Ellen McCoy ‘86 President Vice President Jay Schnitzer ‘71 Secretary Jeffrey Keating ‘77 Treasurer » 45} , 1 Good Luck to the Class of 2000'

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