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 .Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Achilles 1999Oath of Hippocrates solemnly pledge to consecrate my life to the service of f humanity. I will give respect and gratitude to my deserv- ing teachers. I will practice medicine with conscious and dignity. The health and life of my patientwill be my first consideration. I will hold confidence all that my patient confides in me. 1 will maintain the honor and noble traditions of the medical profession. My colleagues will be as my family. I will not permit considerations of race, religion, nationality, party politics or social standing to intervene between my duty and my patient. I will maintain the utmost respect for human life. Even under threat I will not use my knowledge contrary to the laws of humanity. These promises I make fully and upon my honor.Podiatrist Creed hese following fundamental beliefs are expressed as standards of ethical conduct and propriety of podiatrist, individually and collectively with patients, colleagues, members of allied health professions and the public: To render service to humanity with impartial respect for the dignity of man. To provide a full and complete measure of professional service and attention to patients in the practice of Podiatric Medicine. To unhesitatingly serve consultation in difficult or doubtful circumstances where it appears that the quality of service and therapy to the patient can be enhanced. To continue the improvement of knowledge and skills for the benefit of patients and professions. To conduct the practice of podiatry as a credit to the profession. To never accept limitations that might destroy or interfere with the exercise of best judgement and skills or the quality of performance. To regard the confidence and information received from patients with professional care and understanding. To fully offer service and participate in the health programs for the public in keeping with the integrity of the profession.Leon S. Malmud, M.D. President and CEO Temple University Health System Senior Vice President, Temple University Dean, School of Medicine Temple University Health System Loon S. Malmud. M.O. 3401 N B 0M S.-CC1 Tat (215) 7O7-0OXI Praudora Chat EiacutM Otlce. PhUdnphu. PA 19140-3109 Fa (215) 707-3201 Tampia Umvmty Meam SyUwn To the class of 1999: Sarw Vea PniuHN Tampia Urmwaty Ooan. Senoo c4 Maekma It is a great honor to congratulate you as the first graduating class of the Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine and to welcome you to the ranks of the healing professions. You have put forth great effort, met countless challenges and overcome numerous obstacles to earn your degrees and arc now fully prepared for what lies ahead of you in your careers as doctors of podiatric medicine. Keep in mind the lessons that shaped you as students as you rise to meet the challenges you will face as practicing podiatrists. The same perseverance and dedication you gave to your education will ensure your success in your professional life. Since its founding in 1915 and throughout its evolution, the School of Podiatric Medicine has been recognized for outstanding patient care and academic excellence. I challenge you to honor those traditions as you move forth in your post-graduate training or in your practices. Make the best use of the training you have received here and commit yourselves to maintaining a pattern of learning for the rest of your lives. I assure you that both you and your patients will reap the benefits. Your graduation is an achievement to be shared with the family and friends who have lent you the support and encouragement that brings you to this day. Congratulations, and may you be as fulfilled by your service to patients and to community as 1 have been privileged to be. Sincerely, Leon S. Malmud, M.D. 4John A. Mattiacci, D.P.M. Dean, Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine TEMPLE UNIVERSITY A ContmunM« Xh L'nlvnwty Srki.nl of rodUirtr MrOKin Ei (Mil »l Rjk SttMt RulKloliilu . Ponyhatua IOIOT.mw ffcomr 214 (09 COW To The Class of 1999 I congratulate you on being the first graduating class of Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine (TUSPM) I am honored that you are the first class to graduate under my tenure as Dean This is a time for you to be proud for this signifies a great accomplishment Hold your heads high, celebrate with your family and fnends You earned the right to be called ‘Doctor As you continue into your post-graduate residency training and proceed closer to private practice, always remember that we at the School wish you the utmost success The challenging and rigorous clinical and academic courses that you have mastered will serve you well m your professional career We ask you to use your knowledge, accept yotr responsibilities, and commit yourself to delivering the best podiatric medical and surgical care in the world to your patients Face your new horizons with confidence you will be able to handle all the challenges put before you in serving the best interests of your patients first Only then will you experience a rewarding and successful career Keep focused on your goals and you will deliver the best podiatnc care in the world Have confidence in your abilities and courage in your convictions Continue to pursue post-graduate education and professional growth You are now one of our many resources and an important member of our Aiumm Association We hope your voices are heard as you develop your professional leadership skills Oemand that our new evolving health care system provide access to podiatrists so that the Amencan public will continue to receive the best foot and ankle care m the world Because of you, our profession will become stronger and reach even greater heights of recognition Again, congratulations to the Class of 1999 and welcome to our TUSPM alumni family Sincerely. 06. John A V John A Mattiaco DPM.71 Dean 5Steven F. Boc, D.P.M. Associate Dean for Academic Affairs TF.MFW. UMVtRsmr CanmcmmhM I'wnwi Vhool of rodulrv MfdiriD Eubth «l K r Sllrrt PtuUd oa. |Vnr.i)-W7oai IN0T-3IH Ptuw ilS 63 (000 To The Class of 1999 I wish to extend my heartfelt congratulations to the Class of 1999 on a J of your accomplishments dunng the past four years Your hard work and dedication have enabled you to become the first graduates from the Temple University School of Podatnc Medicine The ngorous academic training that you have received at this institution wifl have prepared you for the many challenges that you wui be facing in your professional career The skills which you have acquired dunng the past four years ts only the beginning of your lifelong commitment to the profession of podiatnc medicine and surgory. As you go forth into your residency training and into your practice experiences, we at the School wish you the best of luck m an of your future endeavors You should consider it a prestigious honor to become a member of the pod-atnc profession and you should dedicate yourself for the betterment of humanity You are the future of our profession as such. I hope that you will take your experiences here at the School and dedicate yourself to enhance not onty your career, but the profession of podiatnc medicme and surgery We are proud to call you alumnus of the Temple University School of Podiatnc Medicine and wo hope that you wilt hold the same 8Steem and honor toward the School The institution will always be available to you and we nope that you wiO remain in contact with us throughout your careers Steven F Boc. DPM Associate Dean for Academe Affairs C|k 6Kieran T. Mahan, D.P.M. Associate Dean for Research Professor Department of Surgery To tho Class of 1999: Congrahjuton on bang in frit Oat to gradual under the banner ot Tm Torres University School ot fodmlrK Mwdein A«hough yw o » was not aMa lo 9am Ih tut benaflta that mil aventuaty Do attanad through m merger. I am lure you can tea true hai been a tremendous stab fOftabrd lor our profession and tor podiatnc mao cal education As you 90 forward m your career. I hepo you will always carry with you pnde m tti qualify ot th education that you raoarred at Pervnylvania Calaoa ot Podiatnc Median and tna Temp Unwaody School o Podiatnc Madcm V a had a strong tradihon ot acadamc a»ca»anc at PC PM and t have no doubt mat Mi wit contnua to D enhanced by tha merger vnth Temple Urwarsrty For me tna merger naa created a somewhat different career opportunity Aflar twwN yew aa Vice PresvJant tor Academe AJ? r» I hava embarked upon a naa area as tha Aiaociata Oaan tor Raaaarch Anmportant pah ct the credfcWfy of arry prot«r in 4s aoUfy to creata nee knowfedg and conerfeute to tha advancement of the scp na At PC PM we have aVvayi had a reputation as bang tha strongs ! research program ot all ot tfw cotwges of Podfetrtc Madrcr Thank to toyaatmants bom Tempi University aa can ccrwnua to butd upon Ihai reputation Bettes anhanong th credibitty at our professon. re»a rch create multiple hr between TUSPM and other department and school Minin Temple University tt also create an environmaot Mimat th ciiMjbon that embrace learning and seeking nee knowledge Congratulations on becoming me (list alumra ot me Temple Unnwrvty School of Podiatnc Medione We are pwlHlatoV pmwd ot your acoompMhmant and look torwn d to hearing ot yOur conbnwng success In your residency tracing and m your pro’essonnl careers This is a great profession' I wish you every personal and professional happiness as you continue your |oumey through your career as physicians and surgeons of the Foot and Ankle Smcerety. l£_T- UtH— Kieran T Mahan. OPM Associate Dean for Research Professor Department of Podiatnc SurgerySheree J. Aston, O.D., Ph.D. Assistant Dean for Medical Education 8 TEMPLE UNiVBtsrrr A C«iunon» iei lW»m»ity Stkool of ro4u.UK Mrdiri»r EijJuh «RKt SUwi Ffclfad' Vu. fVim.yV.nu Itl07-24M Rvxk Zl'. 69.0)00 Congratulations to everyone in the Class of 1999, you have passed a rigorous program at the leading school in podiatric medical education. I am proud of the Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine’s fine class of graduates. It does not seem that long ago that all of you were pinned in the Rite of Passage ceremony. As you walk across the stage to receive your degree, take great pride in this significant achievement. Successfully completing podiatric medical school is an important milestone in your career. If I have any advice to give it would be to maintain your sharp clinical skills and comprehensive knowledge through continuing education and professional development courses. Of course, please stay in touch with your alma mater and your classmates, these are part of your “roots” as a doctor. Many years of challenging and rewarding patient care in front of you, enjoy all of it!. jJjX Sheree J. Aston. O.D., Assistant Dean for Medical EducationWilliam J. Martin, D.P.M. Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs TEMPLE 0MV8KMTT A CtmomtUi Uiuvtracy School of Po.li.lrv Mrdinn. Eifhth .1 Rxr Street ITuUdelcfej. f niwytv»ri» l»l07-24t S PWe 2IL62»OJOO Dear Class of 1999: Congratulations! It's probably difficult for you to believe that less than four year ago you began your professional education You've traveled quite a distance and emerged a mature and learned Podiatric Physician Many long nights have been spent studying for exams and interviews and many friendships have been formed that will last a lifetime You also have developed abilities to listen carefully, ask appropriate questions and provide compassionate care to your patients These past few years have provided you with a solid foundation in which to begin your professional career. Obtaining your degree of Doctor of Podiatric Medicine is tbc first major milestone in your professional journey. As you embark on your career, many of you arc entering a residency program Your professional growth shall continue as you seek to challenge yourself and provide your patients with care You are also entering the rapidly changing healthcare marketplace. Not only will you be the caregivers for which you trained so diligently, but representatives of the field of Podiatric Medicine It is imperative that each of you assert yourself professionally and prove your integrity and credibility as the marketplace continues to evolve. It is your cholct whether you drive this charge oe ride along as a passenger While the challenges facing you have changed, there are still many opportunities You hold the key to your future and success along the journey. Approach your challenges with enthusiasm and provide your patients with compassionate, quality care and you will reap the rewards of your labors. Best of luck. Sincerely. William Martin. D P M Associate Dean of Clinical Affairs THF.FOOT NASKl 9Marilyn R. Fenton, Ph.D. Assistant Dean for Educational Affairs TEMPLE IIMVEBSmr tk ool of Podl.trlc Mrdtnnr Eighth »l K«» Slrert A Cununonaetlth Vrwmjy llilUMphu. Pennjtvutu 1910" 2496 Phon 2IMU0OCK0 To The Class of 1999 Graduation Day is finally here You will soon receive your degrees and begin the nexi phase of your professional training It is my hope that each of you realizes that the education and training that you received at TUSPM is only the foundation Your continued personal and professional growth requires that you embrace learning as a l-fe long process Although you are graduating you are still a vrtal member of the TUSPM community We will provide you with continuing educational opportunities It ts our hope to shortly begn on-J.ne programs in addition to seminars in a traditional format We also encourage you to use the resources of the Krausz Library. The School also needs your continued support, feedback and encouragement I hope that you continue to keep in touch. Computer technology has made this easier than ever Send us an e-mail once in a while I wish each of you a successful and rewarding career as a Doctor of Podiatnc Medicine Congratulations Sincerely yours. . (] | c Manlyn R Fenton, Ph D Assistant Dean for Educational Affairs 10David A. Axler, Ph.D. Associate Dean for Student Affairs TKMPU: UNIVERSITY A CMnMonmakh Untwafty School of I'odUtrtr Mr.lirim- ElKlilh R»- Slim PIiiUcVIjiIha Prnn» ..utui I9107-2«9t toot «I5)0 Fkr ai5)62)-IU07 CUwl A AaVt. 17. l Muulr I Mfl «SuWi AfTfcO Dear Members of the Class of 1999: On behalf of the Student Affairs staff. I want to congratulate each of you on successfully completing the demands of a challenging four year curriculum. Congratulations also on being the first class to be graduated from the Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine. That distinction will be yours and yours alone Four years ago. I am sure you thought this leg of your professional journey would never end. Now that the four years are over. I am also sure you are amazed at how quickly those four years passed You accomplished your goal of becoming a podiatric physician by-using the skills we knew you had Using those same skills will enable you to meet whatever challenges you face during the next leg of your journey You have the knowledge, confidence and work ethic to be successful. We know that you will be. In 1995. the door to PCPM and a health profession was opened for you. As you leave, the door to TUSPM will always remain open for you. Keep in touch. Call or come in if you need anything You are always welcome. We wish you good health, peace of mind and professional and personal happiness as you enter this next phase of your life. Sincerely yours, . d-(LL- David A. Axler. Ph.D. Associate Dean for Student Affairs 1112131415John Anderson, DPM Jacksonville, Florida Florida State University B.S., Psychology DAD, MOM, CHARLES, DAWN: Thank you for all of your support and love because without it 1 could not have made it through the last four years. Thank you for helping me realize what is important in the big picture of life. Thank you for all of your prayers also, there was definite divine intervention.... thank you Lord. Lastly 1 just want to tell you how fortunate 1 am to have a family such as you and that 1 love you. GLENN: You are the reason that 1 am still sane. You are a good person and a great freind. You were always there for me, thank you. Thanks for all the great times. I'm sure there will be more to come.... fore! Good Luck! ADRIANA, BRIAN, JANE: Thanks for the freindship and memories. Just remember that laughter is truly the best medicine. To all the other freinds (Paul, Adam, Jane, Donna, Marco, etc..) that I have met over the years and paths that I have crossed, thank you for all. Giddy Up! Thank you to the faculty and staff for a great education and time in Philadelphia 16Toronto, Canada University of Pennsylvania B.A., Sociology All praises due to the Mighty Creator in which the wonder of humankind reveals His face everyday. Thank you Mom, Dad. and Yo for all your positive support, encouragement, and most of all, money. You all have inspired me to strive for greatness. I am EXTREMELY fortunate to have a family like you. You have been and will always be in my heart. I can't forget my Toronto friends. Elio. Chuck. Joe, Alain and Craig. Thank you for keeping me grounded in reality and treating me with kindness. You gave me eight years of sanity. My younger heroes. Gabby Ycarwood and Beau Anccs. I aspire to be like both of you someday. Your maturity, determination. and ability to find inner peace with the outside world have always amazed me. Keep in touch, because I need your wisdom everyday. My older heroes. Mark Mendcszoon and Frank Bcrgin. Success should be measured by your lives, because there can’t be any more perfect, more profound or more satisfying. Last, but not least, the Taylors. Powell, the Track Gang from 1991 to 1999 and friends of Class of 1999 (Clayman, Fiore. Jessup. Jhaveri. Mehta. Zellars). You have truly made Philadelphia my home away from home. Kelsey Armstrong, DPM 17Amir Assili, DPM Potomac, Maryland University of Maryland College Park B.S., Biology M instinct «l lo win. eliminate anyone who is in competition, destroy my enemy, and move on without an kind of hesitation at ail - Arnold Schwarrmcggei Always do what you say you will do when you are dnink This will teach you to shut your mouth -Ernest Hemingway Sarcasm is protest of the weak - John 8 K notes I hope tbs isn't true, because if it is l'«n the weakest person 1 know I'd like to use this page to thank my friends and family for being there fot me throughout my tout years I'd like lo especially thank my mother and father, with out whose hard work and dedication mv dream of becoming a doctor would not have become a reality I'd also like to thank my younger brother David, whose honesty has been my inspiration and driving force Furthermore. I want my grandmother to know that she is in my heart and always will be Agdas toon portion e shorna 18Cote Saint Luc, Quebec, Canada Concordia University B.S., Sports Medicine Mommy and Daddy: I am so proud to be a part of your lives. I have learned the power of love, forgiveness, selflessness, family and the true meaning of success through your eyes. Your support throughout these past four years has helped to strengthen me during tough times. Thank you for being there. I dedicate this degree to you both. I love you. Manang: Where do I begin? I have been so blessed to have you for my sister and not to mention my best friend. We have been through so much together, I don’t know what 1 would have done without you. You have been my inspiration from the beginning. Dave: Carp diem, here’s to the spaghetti with clam sauce dinners, corn beef and rice, coffee shops, expensive long distance conversation, movie marathons, my Greyhound investments, and not to mention that dinner at Tiramisu. It was all worth it. Ron: Thank-you for being my study buddy and those endless mouth watering recipes which I never wrote down. Kathya, Enzo, Theresa and Tye: You have all made these past four years bearable. I will always remember the way you made me laugh. Sharon Barlizo, DPM 19Andrew Belis DPM Hicksville, New York Boston University B.S.. Physiology If the world does not make sense from where you stand, then you must move... Mom and Dad: I want you both to know how special you arc to me You stood by and encouraged me with loving support through these past years I can not begin to express my apprcciauon for your support and love through one of the most difficult times of my life I lov e you both very much Thank you for insisting that I strive for the best Stephanie: To my bcautiliil sister I want to thank you for being the best sister anyone could ever have asked for. I am v ery proud of you and 1 love you very much Jcnnifcr-Hope: To my best friend, constant companion, and true love You are one of the most patient people that I have ever met I don't know how you stuck with me through tliis ordeal It was certainly a rough road but we made it I hope vve have many more years together I love you always Roommates: You all know who you arc (AA, JA, BL, LT) So many different experiences with each of you: what a cra v ndc Thanks to the pseudo-roommate (JF) for those late night study sessions Professors: Thank you all for encouragement, words of wisdom, and your help in succeeding at school and Podiatry Classmates: Good luck to all of you in the future Box xpwrt® yiu oXXa! 20n State College Christopher Blakeslee, DPM Wellsboro Castleton B.A., Natural Sciences 21Richard Burnell, DPM Florence, South Carolina University of South Carolina A.S., General Studies Jeris: Words cannot express how much your support has meant to me over the past four years. Without you, this journey would have never begun, let alone come to fruition. I know there have been times when you wondered if school would ever end. but you never gave up on me. I love you more and more each day and I hope that our next nine years are a little less hectic then the first nine. Mom Dad: Thank you for raising me with the attitude that I can do anything that I put my mind to. and allowing me to make mistakes along the way without giving up on me. Friends: Thanks for not making me feel old during this stint back in school. The basketball games, tennis matches, and general camaraderie kept me going. I hope we all keep in touch.Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Trenton State College B.S., Biology James Butler, DPM Mom Dad: You are the best parents a son could ask for. always giving me your unconditional support and love. Who I amand what I am. can be credited entirely to the lessons you have taught me. I love you both. Mike: We’ve been through a lot together. My life is much richer having a brother such as you to share it with. Christine: You hold a special place in my heart sis. Know that I will always be there for you throughout your life. Dawn: You are the one who keeps me smiling from day to day It would have been hard to make it through the last three years with out yoursupport. encouragement, and love. We’ve had many great memories together and hopefully we w ill get the chance to make many more. I love you. Friends: (Bro. John. Jen. Champ. Ripal. Tom. Steve, Scott. Chris. Joey, Erika, Anne. Moon face. Thai. La Shonda. Brady. Nero. Karen. Amir. Jay. Matt, and anyone I forgot) It's been a long four years but having you guys to share it with has made all the difference. Good luck to all of you. Good Bye Mary 23Eric Caporusso, DPM North Potomac, Maryland Villanova University B.S., Biology 24Montreal, P.Q., Canada College de Trois-Rivieres C.T., Health Science Julie Caron, DPM Martin. Enfm. oo quatrc unne torn tcmtinecs Je w vunoot hcuteuse de te tavoir toujour mencute . ic nc tc rcmcrcirrai jamau »v cr pour tout le vuppon, la eotnpcEhenvion. Ic mots diencouragcmcntv cl llamour que (u mil donne dcpuit Ic loot premier jour Tout cc quc |'ai reuttvi accomplir Tu lla accompli avec moi! Enfm, on peui commenccr b.tir notre vk .Un cote de liautrc’ Je Tladore.. et Merci mille fou Jean ct Eouyae... Je Iren voui remercicr lous Ic deux du food de mon cocur pour miavair permit dc rcjlucr un r've Out. jiai souvent paru dccouragce devanl tout cc qui miatiendail mart vou aver loujout cni cn torn ct aujourdlhut. je mix heurcuse de Ifavotr fait cl surtout de Ifavolr reuui Merci pour tout Jet mnu d'cncouragcmcnt que voos m'avc apponev tl inlont aide continuer! Jcvousaimc Genevieve, Ivabcllc, ...iiennc Genevieve . Merci pour ti n sourire. lev pelilev attention , te telephone ., merci d'avoir Etc I1 Ivahelle . j'ai h.te qulon putvse pa er plu de temp envemble .tu me Itunqoe ! ticnoc... Je aula ficrc de vou que tu reuaaia bien cc que tu entreprend ., tu av lair heeteux! N'ouMie pa que je tut toujour I pour tot pour 01 trot ' Je vou adore Mtteille et Marcel Merci pour lout lev bon moment quc vou mluvez fait pavse Vou m'avez toujour accepter comrac »i j'clai votre fille ca fait cltaod au cuur! Merci diavoir etc It' Antooella and Tony... Since the fir l ycai of school you have been there for me' I can't thank you enough for everything you did. You were olway there during the good time and the hard time ...Amo, I wish vritlt all my heart that we won't be separated for too long in Hie year to come Thank you for ail the good tunc ...and moat of all Thank God. you could speak French'!! Je voo adore’ Canoe You were like a sinter to me. tometime like a Mother, hut mo l of all a great friend I am luppy that wc got to know each other better Wc have to «ta in touch . C'cvt Irnpc naif! To all my Fncnd : Kathleen. Jane. Maureen, Brian cl Toute la Gang du Quebec.. I wish all the be t of luck in your future I Love You All"'!" 25Catherine Caruno, DPM Hatfield, Pennsylvania Allentown College of Saint Francis do Sales B.S., Biology Thanks To- Mv mother for her constant selflessness and encouragement My father for challenging me Kenny for the endless support Melinda and Steve for keeping me sane at TUSPM 2bFlorida State University Myla Caunin, DPM B.S., Nutrition "If we all ilid the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves." - Thomas A. Edison To The Lord: Thank You for the unconditional and infinite love, mercy, and blessings that you give each one of us Mom Dad: Thank You for your unconditional love and for always making me feel like an exceptional individual. To My Siblings: Through our trials and tribulations, we have learned the meaning of teamwork and to strive for our endeavors. Tim: You have been a true blessing in my life! I look forward to our future! Know that you are always in my heart... Professors Clinical Faculty: For the future of TUSPM, "the only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible." To The Class of 1999: 1 wish each of you the Best! Antonella Celia, DPM Upper Darby. Pennsylvania McGill University B.S., Biochemistry M.S. Universite' De Moncton G»J: Tbank-yuu for gising me al the sircngth ini wisdom iu aanniptuh wtui I ei out lo do Without your love, rapport nj guidance I mould n.u rmi To Too) Wordscatt'lhegtnio express bow-deep my love for yoo extends ll •jui i easy being in H'hool ai ihc came time. bui we finally nude il Tbanki (or always being the light of my path, wuhoot your hoc. support uid strength I couW have never (Mica through ihcve years What I hold mcui dear to my heart, iv all the timev you pal ) curve If avide in ordet to make itxe shine Yoo ice my betl friend. m vsul mate, and my better half. My love for you iv written upon my heart Until the w ind ceases to blow, the moon lo»e» its glow. the met loves il flow. minute love forever grow To m parent No ones death come to pavs u iiboul making some impressioa, and I hove clove to the deceased inherit pari of the liberated soul and become richer m then humanness liertnan Bosh The void in m heart will never f ide I miss sharing ay life w tth the both of you You are my energy. my wisdom, and ms guidance My strengih comes from telics mg that there are holes in the floor of heaven and yoo are both watching over me This dipfciraa iv for you’" To my grandmorhc A part of my heart died with you the day I watched you go ulenily lo sleep for the very last time Your wisdom, joy foe life, and your will to never give-op . has helped me become who I am today ToMynamandJJ These years apart have changed cur lives Although we have not experienced as much as other siblings have. I know that we can alw ay % count on c.u h ocher aod lhal our bond it strongei than ever I love you both deeply To Claud KI I could nor ask for a better brother-in-law Thanks for alltfie titnev you made me smile w hen my world seemed to be crumbling down. To na Awutta and no Filippo: Thanks lor all your love and support 7.ia. you have helped (ill that empey void in my bean Worth are meaningless when it comes to bow much I love you I truly don't know how I would have ever survived without you You are a blessing from God. To my m-taw s Your constant love, support, and guidance hai helped me through this difficult pith I lose you both very much To Madiiie. Kocco. Diana, and Samania You have always been there lo lend an ear. give me great advice, and calm me down when I got a little era;y Thanks for everything Samania. you art my Imlc gift from up above I love yoo guys To Roula Our Its rs have taken a completely different path bui your Inendship I shall alw ay s s alue The miles that separate us will never affect this special relationship I do miu yool To Julie I would have neve survived these foot years w uhnot you Your friendship means a lot lo me and no mallet where we are, we will always keep in touch Ma mcilleut amir a itnladclphtrl To fcn o and Theresa: Thanks for nuking these four years bearable You are great friends To Olympia: I think you arc a lemfic person with lots of poteotul. Thanks for youi friendship To my Canadian colleagues Good luck with every thing Till we meet again' To the Claw of 1999 G x! luck in all sour endeavors' 2$Timothy Church, DPM I V l « CIIIU V • « •»!« York College of Pennsylvania B.S., Biology DDS, University of Maryland at Baltimore "We will either find a way, or make one. - Hannibal Mom and Dad: Thank you for all of your love, understanding and support for me over the many years of eduation and changes in career paths. It would have been impossible to achieve my goals without your help 1 love you both very much! Myla: You have made the last four years of mylife very special. I cannot imagine what my life would have been like if 1 had not met you. 1 have emjoyed our time together a the school and look forward to our future together. I Love You! Professors Clinical Faculty Thank you for sharing your knowledge and skill with us over the past four years. The time that you used in educating us was time well spent. The true value of our quality education will be ever more clear as the years pass. Class of 1999: Best Wishes for everyone in your future! 29David dayman, DPM Wvnnewood, Pennsylvania University of Pennsylvania B.A., Economics Mom and Dad: Thank you for everything you have done for me over the years. All of your support, encouragement, and caring helped me strive to achieve my goals and accomplishments. I hope one day I can do the same for my children. 1 consider myself very lucky to have parents like you. 1 love you guys. Dorie: You’re the best sister a brother could ever have. I had such a unbelievable time hanging out with you the last four years. You have always been there for me. Thanks for all of your love and support. Kelsey: I can’t believe we are done! I promise 1 will not complain to you anymore. Yea right. The Class of '99: Congratulations and good luck on your endeavors. 30Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Moravian College B.S., Biology Kathya Darmos, DPM KXUmWTS Am N U IlitM litin hrt kfr tnt ck) «nr. ik mxa] ivn «ihvipmn n Hw uiA ame VlsupnJ M Vr iM ihe ■aVt '.i ihe l WD Whan On leu H.« r» ' "11 1 Mr llrAri Mw i ■M l-AeJ .« 1 n IV l IV wl She nan,-I 1V1 iu«r «» »k«j IV pafl U Vi M IVI ■ inly rn ael ul liatiytitr. sv ll«i mhM iVj ii Iurwm I - IV ia VertM aul aaakle.l mw. Vi 1.11 tin. it.ll, K m Vr .V c|u.-.u,0 tv 1 HtD .U-al n HMD. ui «■ uJ IMNnlikuMlnMn pm. taa aiuM ankle all Ac nay ihu 4m| tW mMiDlMin ""■ in »|I hit Hare .. «eiy rm «l atf h traMt I Vl ndraanl ahy, .V I needed |o manl .tu •nakl tea" M TV l Hlli lapiaal, -M, flam ptti M H iWM. 1l»» )" .Ul »«.U na ta lease pm Unreal iw until -I irW .Hi •il mt| MMr pm aa inly — ul ill henytiani wasihm ihaa 1 iutjiI |1 | Ahmihihi M A A J u l‘ i Hf.ini m mt me »f »V» earn IH Ann Winn 1 nOasi mi IV Ian ftan y i I in « ha. aaa . paufAt pie -am imi Mi ■■ Vl( mil IV ,nmi a tail n-i' ml •«. used meea rnniiln tail •(dial I Ini nth «m all At hn aaal h|vii I lii wi.iil In aij liwnli family. I a. aw) aial akona all I 1‘iW Una UlUaaM Ite laonl ,Ma «U. .itetrman meaMn'l naanl M lln mam ale pan ul rsaT)ld«| I an TV Inn I hair fi» Ac tna. ill yua n nmaaaaa b mieedj pm .ln-|tf a Jw ) .-• [wa 1 IV nmaait inaiiaaa m V lamia TVnl pan lia ail ri aaa ai a|imrt anj it lecpiep or |nmitM So laallll • Vll vh p narr I aknajn Ian pm nnaa -aiy a jAsm tall ana) Vnnelleaf. I nrealrt nV • IV allai ..mi tear V" I II V uuliaii ep in pm fuyn mu» ma VI II iian auh pii«| a n Mam'I Un )naiai man. lama iMn All a aaal Xe)l llat fWlalk tn| A laaaaa I a. pued lu krx a Viable ala ae(yana a loaca aaa Ul na mat ala all I anil j Yam all a (Hal I allai lt.il.anl M ail -nil an) a IrH Hml aaal w Miiainr A tcpfy I nan II" I |wl aanl yam Ul »i a-n In nul pm a "H aaaa(aaaial aaal Ian in .1 in V Ian innffc a Vi nails Vip-i IV limn aanl.. pa. tap. an]ptoaaa .an. aaa a iianuaa ramaaJar M tan aaaal ).« .n»J Y.n « ah uuflj nn kplaa) tlnaaia aaal aria fl.a ap (M I Via fatal uatVrs nkaa 'lln •■a. hoal ra ihaa n.»4.. aa upaan la I mnaaaVi prapilf «. «a| «al I mall a f.M a. I.ai| H ant ll V ai.aW mil (Inal aaal .« al aw »l "nail !» ' at aua I laaakl laa|h mil . .haa mi Mna ll. anl .Inanu auk V lanpiaU ami. Vllaapil hi aai nun a Vi (Ul Ihwalnari l.'IsO I..' Tail aa.anaj m injct hi nartfll tai «tj I an Hifinafal Yin hn kaaa a cianlaH .nan t lafpaaraa. hna a 4 aappaal aaal I laain llna u rm .naaaaai aa il.U| TOCTTItfH Y art IV LOM L anl I Sal p Kiia A AciaAilla nllNaal ft tan n pal Im ai ulnnl I nuaakr Via I niaali laar uannatl TnfatVf ana Vah aaaM na laal aa. afraial al a (aii.ai mi IfMlal mi la haul pm Via ilrn ,cal Wa heal aa ailnalnaal Aa Clan ou ■aaal I if la avllanj nillaau Inanlatip' Ida nvnll manW aa V aa lalfhl aillaal Aa M aa» jiai i mi lila anl 11 an Hal on rmniinf. ail arauaanc in dranu at ila tin paaa I las psa la ah' I ill A RJL. f Half iharrl hi aaaas Ilians ml Vanick maimali Ihaa latn( taiaam at «• I art I nil! mo larin laal iV.W Manna aJirniaaai aa mil aa ‘taaaan' sdafpiij aa tHI Fauf” Yaai Wah air ttn ikm u ns hrar aa I Ham n«iIn ! ( ni Irani. I anr. I limihfi had Vo nn suaM harll aaniu.a. ihi. hum aaal unn ah amal IV farm. I au Ul jUJ M tuJ a. Vain wifi mailman mil. aaal Aal I urn a»!c ». aV« -are tp«ial asacm «nh ,o anl,. lami. I il.ai. laai a .pnaalimirans M ua in NYC Asa lag liana wellela arewl aaal h« Amai| aa kntrlrlW Ciani I .Ml 1111 a. na haaijk al pm Ullrf mat tlaal and I a an I aallunAlin Ihnlara Yu mil ai.apla my aaw|tia Sanaa Ila «t Ulmp aa a umlurllaf nai Van. atani thaap ha.a piiahlei in mi Inr. II naa an ml M Oa ha liana nmakltmhar ajai.i aaal pa.I a nhar ara VII -It I mil innid. hamaial pm Man SARI mllKa llfalaif a in arm mr hij -a« dm Cual »•« n all fiaaeaad me foe Ha vah »l ni Yim na a Ja.i aadfW-a mnal 1 1 1 I aaa htaeuly aa| I Vrr ni ill Vi |tiuia air I lave da.—1 au itaah ttarv aaal naanfif. Ihaap a all ina aial I kaaa alnaya laV a ..muaal TArilOTlIHI We Ka.a uaatllni. tofayarirtl i.Uiniap laildO .hw.1 aaal htlUnai am al. aaa. I a an I aril pm tana I mail aaam |aal laamlnl Idai pm «AI V .n ml an Via m .all i. lai mala a .lifTnmaa Wa mat haro i u ». lln Ua A ml la apani nr mil alnila V m laal ]U a llaMl hualaan lami llutt t«aaal Ttaiirn My Ilf hll|aaai huial an lea kni amt latra. llaaal lifrHal aaal I data anpnnl pnn ...-|.ati| .in. II ■dm nan nr Vi f HU a a, tan, au I Win YOI'NO f'OMPAVYIWAYI WITH Tilt A J H WMI'ATIII TM W 1111 HO. STRIVlKi. AMD TlYUiMAdT Of Till WfcAk AMO till .TRlXSCl BECAUSE SOME HAY Is lilt YOl HAVE BEEN All. "I THESE Tamp Waallrfnmrarail Uaraad Goal Akupau all. _______________________________________________________Vadye_____________________________________ 31Joseph Dileo, DPM Baton Rouge, Louisiana Southeastern Louisiana University B.S., Biology Mom Dad: Thank you lor all the love, support, and encouragement you gave me during this educational endeavor. 1 will always appreciate the sacrifices that you made for me. 1 love you both. Phil. Glenn. Tonya, Chuck: I am grateful for having such a terrific family to count on during tough times. Thank you for all the great times we had together. Blakeli Taylor: I am fortunate to have such a great niece and nephew that bring so much joy and excitement to my life. My Friends: Thanks for making these four years more tolerable. I wish continued success for all of you. Lewis Boomer: Thanks for being great little study buddies. Class of ’99: Good luck to everyone and thanks for a very interesting four years. My Wife Erika: You’re not only my wife, you’re my best friend. Thank you for all the love, support, and understanding during these four years. I love you. 32Smithtown, New York State University of New York at Buffalo B.A., Psychology George Emmons, DPM First and foremost, thank to the Lord, who has kept me going and Riven me the tool to bring me this lar May You show me the light to continue on my path and live life to the fullest. Thanks you to all the people who made all the difference: Dad lor being the inspiration and the ideal Fur being my moral compass, and the greatest man I'Ve ever known, I am truly proud to be your son. Mom, for your patience. For your love For your kindness. For being my biggest fan when I didn't deserve any For every thing. I love you more than words can say Nan: for being my angel For showing me how to love life. For turning my eyes to the star and teaching me how to dream You have nn idea how much you mean to me. My family. Aunt Re. Uncle Bill, Grandma, Grandpa. Billy. Sue, Sam. Meri k Malt: for putting up with me, for touching my life in so many ways For all your love. I love you dll so very much. Scruffy, Edna, Maggiir for being around. For those who inspired, entertained, and filled up the corners ot my life George, Gary, Kersh, Mark. Marry. Carrie. Liam. Ewan. Jake, and Natalie land all the rest, for every single day and every single dollar); Vince Furnler. Ivan Doroschuk, Michaei Htckenbottnm. iCapt Wackyi Jim llellwjg, Duane Johnson. Mick Foley. Chris Claremont. John Ronald Reuel, Neil Caiman. Chnstina Ricci. William Zabka. Chris Irvine, Disco Stu. Handsome Pete, the Inanimate ( arbon Rod. Shigcru Miyamoto, C.umpvi Yokoi. Neal Adams, Neil Peart, Alex l.ifc-son. Gcdjy Lev. and |.W. Dundee (although that last one filled up more than just corners) Christine: For walking just about every step of the way with me I love you so very much, sweetie, and I'm o grateful lo have you in my lile. now and always You make everything o much better just by your having been there I om so blessed lo be with you.Jennifer Feeley, DPM Albany, New York Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute B.S., BiologyYardley, Pennsylvania University of Bridgeport B.S., Mechanical Engineering Profound Thanks: To my loving and supportive wife, Margie, for which this journey could not have been acomplished alone. To my son, Jack, and my daughter, Caroline, who bring me a constnat source of joy. To my mother and father, who have instilled the meaning of love, faith and integrity. And to my dearest friends, thank you. Thomas Feola, DPM 35Amy Fiore, DPM West Mifflin, Pennsylvania Washington and Jefferson College B.A., Chemistry Dearest Family and Friends, Thank you for your love and support. I could not have done it without you. Love, Dr. Amy A. FioreMission, Kansas University of Kansas B.S., Biology I can only thank the Lord for all that he has given me. He has given me parents and family who have loved, supported, and prayed for me continuously. He has provided me with an abundance of friends for strength and encouragement: some who have become like family. And He has given me a wonderful w'ife who has shown me amazing love. (I love you Michala! We have accomplished this goal together.) As I look back and see the awesome hand of the Lord leading every step of my life, I realize that all I have, all I am, and all I ever will be are due to His gracious love. Ps. 106: I Praise the Lord. Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever. Joel Foster, DPM ■ 37Brian Frenchman, DPM New Providence, New Jersey Muhlenberg College B.S., Biology and Natural Science To My Mom anil Dad: Words can not adequately express just how much the two of you mean to me. You have been my mentors, my guiding lights, and most of all. the best parents anyone could ever wish for. Your constant love and support has allowed me to turn my dream into a reality I love you both very much. To My Grandma: You will never understand how truly grateful 1 am for all that you have shared with me. I would have never made it this far without you. I know Grandpa Si would be very proud of me today. To My Brother. Jeff: Where shall I begin’' I have always looked up to you in more ways than one. Without the many phone calls late at night, none of this would hav e been possible You hav e been a great inspiration and someone that I will always look to in life for guidance and wisdom. One day Jeff. 1 hope vve can practice together and perform surgery, not only as two doctors, but as brothers. I only hope that you ate as proud of me as I have always been of you. To My Sister. Jill: Where would I be without you’’ I am so happy that you were there for me when I came home on the weekends. You have helped me through some rough times, Jill You’re a wonderful, kind, compassionate and beautiful sister: the kind of sister that makes me realize I am lucky to have you. I love you. To Mittens: Thanks foi always biting me in the ankles when you wanted to go outside and chase squirrels. Were it not for you, I might forget that there was life outside the front door waiting for me to live it. 38Cherry Hill, New jersey Rowan College of New Jersey B.S., Biological Science Cod: Thank you for always being with me in limes of Joy and in times of despair You keep me strong and you always make me feel special Mom Dad: Thank you for all the support and guidance you have given me. Your wordsof encouragement and unconditional love are the reason I have persevered Dad, please take good care of your health. I love you very much' Richard: My younger brother. I have tried to be a role model for you, because 1 care so much about you and I want you to succeed in life. Always remain positive despite what people tell you To the rest of the family: Ofcr, Vercd. Ariel Danielle You will always be in my heart. Thanks for your advice love. Grandma: Thanks for all of the prayers; your dream has come true. Nichole: "Petunia face " Thank you for all of your support and patience over the past 9 years. You are and will always be my best friend and the love of my life Uncle David 1 will always admire your creativity and charm. You are a true gentleman 1 am honored to be your nephew Craig: It's be a pleasure to be associated with you for the past 4 years. You have been a genuine friend I respect you very much and I will always be there for you. Robby. C-d bless you and vour family You are truly a good hearted person and a true friend. Keep your chin up and don't you ever give up. Teresa: Thank you for helping to raise me 61 always being there for me. Nick Gabbay, DPM 39Jennifer Gala way, DPM Houston, Texas Texas Southern University B.S., Biology Deal Lord Thank you forgetting me to the end o» thu tunnel Ihere wereticnev when I could not tee (hr light, hut you continued to guide me «vcn in all nt my doubt I Thankt fat llxtetong when I didn't have anyone elie to linen or understand roc Became uf your grace and mercy. I can truly comprehend what uixondilional love it—and I now leal ire that ll’l the men difficult thing for hununt to exhibit If anyone vhould ever write my life wnry. foe whatever rea«on there might be Youill be there between each line of pain and glory. became You're the beet thing that ever happened to me ’ Dear Christine. How do I lay thank you? You sacrificed your time and hie to raue me at your daughter You are and hate xlwaya been my inspiration. Through it all. you've been there I’tngLad I have you to talk to and laugh with I thank God fot you I l-OVE YOU' Toeu ard Stialnada. Auntie lovet both of you’ Dear Daddy and Viola Thank you for always saying. "Whatever you w anna do baby" Your love and mpport guided me over the year . Thanks foe your coonmxxl encourageioenl iheojghoui my life. You are seeing the end retail of that today Dear Reg lBrother ’ Topcax, you know I love you How about another Monopoly game, player' Selma. Yolanda Michelle. Aunties. Under. Cousin : Tltank ou for your continued Nippon over the tears You have provided roe with food, money, thelter. transportation. and love I love and appreciate each and every one of you To my Five Hranbeati iR. R. R. R. and R -1 LOVE YOCI Ronald P Frank. I love you' Dear Dawn Thankv for pulling up • ith me over the yean We’ve laughed together, cried logethri heen angry at each tKhet and have made up (the making! of a mumed couple .huh?). You and Duane were my family aw ay from home and I II neverforgei that Now that you're a doctor, you can givr up that checkered black and white ouni-tkin' Your credit n pixel with me at far at the end are concerned If you EVER oeed anything. donJt becitatc to call me Love Yu' Dear Duane iaka Butter): The mere mention of your name bnngt out a smile and then u bum of laughter I'm »u glad I won't be getting any more rallt regarding the dale of our nett etam No more going to Wal-Mart (your favorite tlorel ISmimalet befoteclotmg No mure refrsge aror fault Mint of all. I'll mm the w ave cap that garments that uniquely shaped dome of youre I smile) We don't even need lOducon the credit mue. do we’ HA' HA' I'm going to mu you I love you' Dear Alayna. Mart Patti, and Kathya I have no doubt you all will prosper Keep in touch! Love Ya' Gtrlfiiendv Joreru. Tracey, Airoee, Hope, Muty. Ava. Vera. Schelenda. Angie. Tracey F.. Tadu lhankt for the 'Wailing to Exhale". "Siella". and "Steel Magnolia" moments Thankt fot the prayers and ionsum enctiurapemcni when I fell like giving up I love each and every one of you! Dr Tina P Oliver Thank you fie your guidance and adv.ee over the purl year Thankt for Hutting me In treat your patienti I'm forever indebted to you' Thankt to TUSPM InuructordSlaff! Too many N name—I love yIt’ll! Toll A R Who know what the future hold 40Kjng'TcoHege Anthony Giordano, DPM B.S. Biology Muryann.What can I say? You've been through the ringer with me. and you've sacrificed a lot You're so many things to me. Thanks lor sticking it out. for being my guiding light, und for holding my hand through it all. 1 love you. Mom and Dad, I can't thank you enough for raising me the way you did. 1 love you both You've set me on the right path so many times. Thanks for the hugs when I was good, and the Spanks when I was bad. I'm what I am because of the both of you Crista and David. You guys arc the best. It takes a lot to put up w ith a big brother like me. Thank you for always being there for me Grammy. I couldn't have done it without you Never forget, you're the only one I'll ever let pul my Band-Aids on. You said it wouldn't hurt.. and it didn't. To my fnends at TUSI’M. We've had such good times. Let's never forget how hard we worked to get here, and let's stay in touch. G»mh1 luck to you all To my crew (you know who you arc). It's been quite a nde. I know we'll never lose track, no matter where we arc Remember all the fun we had at Bank St. Court Don't evei forget the “Labrador Slide!" I'll miss you guys. To ull my family and friends. Thunks for the encouraging words along the way I couldn't have made it here without vour support I love you all 41Portage, Indiana Indiana University Bloomington B.A., Biolog}’ Christopher Grandfield, DPM Jennifer: You have my unconditional love. 1 am blessed to have you in my life. 1 couldn't ask for a better wife or friend, you are my soul-mate. This degree belongs to you as much as it does me. Thank you for believing in me. My son Nicholas: Don't grow up so fast. Your toys are too much fun! Mom Dad: You are the best. Thank you for all of your support over the past four years. I love you both very much. Vicki Cassie: Your big brother is a doctor! Now I can take care of your bunions sausage toes. Don. Rosa Uncle Donny: Thank you for making me feel like part of the family. Best of luck to the class of 1999. 42Annette Brugh, DPM Paw Paw, Michigan Christopher Newport College B.S., Biology 43Theresa Guzman, DPM Silver Spring, Maryland University of Maryland College Park B.S., Zoology To all my fncnds at PCPM. past and present. especially Kathy a. Ripal. Nicole. Kristina. Antonella. Tyc.Tommy and I shall: I thank y ou so much for all the tunes we spent together studying or just hanging out. I couldn't have asked for a better group of friends and I feel so blessed to have had you in my lives these past four years. It sure will he weird not seeing you every day but know that I will always hold the memories that wc hasc shared deep in my heart. As lung as 1 had to suffer 3 much as I did these past four y ears I am sure glad that it was with you! My sinccrest wish is that y our lives arc filled w ith nothing » iit great happiness and success. Enzo: You arc my best friend in the whole w ide world Without you 1 never would have made it through these last four years in one piece. Who would have thought that I w ould find such a treasure, in a city as wretched as Philadelphia I look forward to discovering what the future has in store for us! Mom. Dad and Jay: Your unwavering and unconditional love has been the foundation that has held me together these past four years. My time at PCPM has probably been the hardest in my life, not so much because of the academic challenge I faced, but simply because I hud to spend so much time apart from you I have matured and I have learned to be independent during these past four years but the greatest lesson I learned is that my home and heart will always be w ith you my family. I want to thank you Mom and Dad for all the Sacrifices that you have made lor me. Words could never fully express how much appreciation, admiration and love I have for you I hope that I can follow suit and make as much of my life ax you did with yours. 1 want so much to be able to give hack to you. even a semblance of the gifts that you have given to me. Dear God in Heaven: Thank you for always guiding me and keeping me in your graces I am never afraid or in doubt because I know that you are always w ith me. Even m my darkest moments you are there beside me helping me to persevere. All that I am and all that I have in my life is because of you Thank you for always blessing and keeping in your graces my friends, family and all those I loveFairfield, Conneticut University of Scranton B.S., Biology Maureen Halpin, DPM Mom and Dad: Thank you for the support, whether it is moral or financial, I know that the two of you are always there for me. Thanks for listening during all those late night calls. 1 am sure I would not have made it out of bed some test mornings without an early morning call from home. Dad. thanks for travelling with me while I visited programs. Thank you both so much, your love and support made this possible. Shannon: To the greatest sister, thank you for your love and support. I'm proud of you; you will make a great teacher. Grandma: Thank you for the baked goods that are always so delicious. I always felt lucky to have such a caring grandmother as you. Beam: Thank you for the cards. I know this year has been rough for you. I admire your strength and courage. 45Winston-Salem, North Carolina Wake Forest University B.S., Biology Monica Jessup, DPM 46Greenbelt, Maryland University of Maryland College Park B.S., Zoology Deepa Jhaveri, DPM | 47Peter Kasyjanski, DPM Glen Cove, New York State University of New York at Albany B.S., Biology As I reflect back on the past four years, I realize that 1 couldn't have accomplished this without the love and support of my family. Thank-you, Mom. Dad. and Ted for always being there for me. I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank my wonderful fiance, Amanda. You are the most loving, supportive, and understanding person that I have ever met. and I can't wait to start a new life together as Husband and Wile. Thank you for standing by me and believing in me no matter how difficult things got. Good-bye PCPM. and Best of Luck Class of 1999. 48Reading, Pennsylvania Moravian College B.S., Biology Thanks to my parents and brother Matt for supporting and praying for me throughout the past four years. I love you guys! You're the best!!!! I also want to thank God and Jesus Christ for getting me through all the rough times and for answering all my prayers. To my current roommates Nan and Christa (and Garth and Lola): Thanks for giving me a place to stay, cleaning up after me and helping me have a great 4th year. -iiiiiiiiiiiiMiiitiin Lastly, I would like to dedicate the rest of my podiatric career to my recently deceased grandfather. Papa. If I turn out to be half the man that he was, I will consider myself truly blessed. Timothy Kirk, DPM Enzo Leone, DPM Struthers, Ohio Youngstown State University B.S., Biology 50 Odessa, Texas Trinity University B.S., Biochemistry Biology George Liu, DPM Do nothin}; from selfishness or empty conceit, hut with humility of mind lei each of you regard one another as more important than himself: do not merely look out for your own personal interests, but ulso for the interests of others Philippian Thanks be to GOD for being by my side regardless of my faults. May HE keep me humble and always keep me searching for what is right. I would like to thank my parents, brother, and sister for their lifelong support and love, I was once told that true friends were few bui lar in between. Thank you all for your friendship and for making my life richer if you know w ho you are Thank you to my mentors and friends who helped push me to be the best I could be TMBFACLAM. thank you for everything. Long roads covered in such short periods of time. Ii was a tremendous journey, one that I will not forget. In this world, there are two types of people- those who accomplish ai their own expense and those at the expense of others. The difference between the tw o is that uric only spent his lime while the other spent his integrity.. then dignity. To my class: Together wc stand, divided we fall. Good luck to you all The roads diverged I took the road less truveled and that made the world ol difference Robert Frost 51John Lo Piccolo, DPM Franklin Square, New York State University of New York at Albany B.S., Biology 52Black Mountain, North Carolina University of North Carolina at Asheville B.A., Chemistry Kurt Massey, DPM Thunk you God for allowing me u» Icum so much about the masterpiece of your creation. I have spent my life studying what you brought into existence with a single thought. And especially for hearing my prayers in this difficult journey. Thunk you Dud for teaching me things that complete my education in both knowledge and wisdom. And for being my truest friend. Thank you Brian, my dear brother, for inspiring me with your determination in the face of adversity When you see my medical degree, your name is surely written there too. Thank you mom for teaching compassion early in life Countless patients will benefit from it Bob and Sandy, thunk you for being my second parents. Thunks to those true teachers who have shared mysteries and instilled ihc thirst to know more To my friends from medical school, although the names arc few enough to list. I believe it more elegant to say that you made this environment bearable Thanks for the ski trips, southern fried dinners, and laughter..the food of the soul. Stacin. thunks for your superb example and companionship, A more thoughtful and caring person is seldom found. Greg. I always admired your intelligence and even more our friendship. Special thanks to my relatives, lifelong friends, and others whose footprints will long remain in my heart Mumaw and Granny, this could only be more complete if you were lien: with me In spirit you are. I huve been blessed 53Craig Me Hugh, DPM Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Saint Joseph’s University B.S., Biology Marie: Thank you tor all your support, encouragement, and sacrifices. You stood by me for four long but tun years never losing sight of us. You arc everything to me; words cannot express how much I adore you I love you. forever! Mom and Dad I am forever thankful for your love and sacrifice I uni also very proud to be a part of the extremely successful family you have raised You helped me through ibis journey every step of the way with your loving support ( the cash support wasn't so bad cither) I owe this diploma to both of you for all that you have done for me. I love you Family: Tom Pauline. Dan Annette. Mary Ann Bob, Tim Hcathcr, Kcn Tammy .Dennis, and Brett, thanks for all of your support «ld interest in what I was doing. I hope you all continue to call when you have any medical questions. Thank you! C D UNTOUCHABLE ( NOT EVEN CLOSE!!!!!!!! Thanks for a fun three years. Marie again Honey, we did it It is now the future, finally I love you'!'!!’ 34Newark, Delaware University of Houston B.S., Biology M.S., University of Houston, Clear Lake FirV and foremost, I want to thank God for making this possible and giving me strength, health and happiness To my mother: This one l» for you! Thank you for listening, your advice, support and most of all. for all the prayers and lit candles. To my father: Thank you for teaching me that determination, motivation and hard work can get you your dreams. To my children: I love you more than life itself. I have heen blessed with three wonderful individuals I urn sorry for the times I could not be there because of my career but know in your hearts that you have been and always will be my priorities in life. To my husband: Without whom, none of this would have been possible You have been the strength when I was weak. You were the one to catch my falls and get me back on my feet ugain You are the r xn of all my happiness and have taught me so much by just being the wonderful person you are No women could ask for a belter husband. Thank you for your support, strength and help in accomplishing my dreams. To Kathya: We made it!!' Thanks for being a great fnend We made some great memories. You helped to invigorate the anguish TL’SPM put us through 1-a.Ht but not least, to Georgtc (Nanny): You have made the last two years easy for me. You arc like a second mother to my children and will always be in out hearts. I know my children will hold all you do for them in their hearts throughout their lives. Thank you I love you all. Putty Patricia Mcllrath, DPM 55Duane McKinney, DPM Hyattsville, Maryland Howard University B.S., Zoology First and foremost. I'd like lo give road props and praise to the Moil High Cod foe all days and Hu Son . Jesus Ihe Chnst Lord God . you are ihc source of my (Mai supply and ll' in You thai I live. move, and (uve my being I want 10 thank you for thinning me. a fallible man with feet of day. to be your ambassador Father . I am io unworthy of youi many bleismgi. but you continue to ram them down upon me even when I fail you. And now my omniveicnt Savior. I ask that you w ill continue to tcmain faithful to your Word and lead me into the great unknown Keep me in the center of your w ill, plant your holy hedge around me. and uic me in the service of your eternal kingdom. I love you Fathci God To you be glory . honor, dominion and power for now and eternity Mom and Dad Thank you lor raxing me up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord You guy s are the beat parent ever lo walk the face of Ihc Earth Mere word are not capable of expressing my appreciation for the sacrifice of your lives for Anika and L Both of you are willing to spend and he spent for u . At this time of celebration, I would like to declare to you that your labor ha dot been In vain 1 pray that someday I will Iv as faithful a parent at the both of you have been Finally. I ju« want to let Daddy know that.'I'll pay you back" Ha Ha' AnflM What up baby sis'. Listen shorty, you arc all that I marvel at the many gifts that you've been blessed w ith Thank you for not just being my little sister, hut for also being my friend i even though you can get on my nerves sometimes). Don't grow weary in your well doing, because youngm' your gonna reap in mayor way. Love Ya! The 40U Crew Well. Jen and Dawn, we finally made it through All ol those long nights laughing and study mg i many time more laughing than studying) have finally paid off I can't tell you two bow much I'm going to mt« you You guys have been there to encourage me during my rough times and to celebrate w ith me during the good times Thank you for feeding me when iny fridge w» on the 'down low" and for ptoviding a listening cur when I was griping Linen lo me ladies You tw» are very special people Finding such quality indiv iduals is like searching lor a needle in a stack of hay. I wish there were some w ay that I could pack you up and take you with me, but I know Hut God hus great plans for the three of us Be sure to keep Him first in everything, and I have o«i d'AitX Out He's gonna bless your wicks off Finally, no matter how much wc irritated each other at limes. I want you both to know that 1 love you und will always he praying for you. O yeah, let's plan for an annual reunion in the future ( Hopefully we'll all have somebody to hung by that time I 56Garden City, New York Brown University B.A., Biology Jay McMahon, DPM It is hard to believe that the moment we've all been working so hard for, for so long, has finally arrived. This moment fills us all with so many different and seemingly contradictory emotions. The most powerful of these feelings for me, right now, is gratitude. I'd like to thank: my parents for their love and care for all that I do, my family members for being present in my life in each of your own unique and special ways, my friends from outside of school who gave me a much needed outlet, the friends I've made in the class of '99 for challenging, accepting, and commiserating with me each day, and finally to my new wife Alison who without her unwavering love, support, encouragement, and commitment I surely would not have made it this far. I'm also grateful to the entire faculty and staff at TUSPM for giving me the knowledge and training that will enable me to be an excellent professional. " We shall find a way or make one" - Hannibal Good Luck Class of 1999 and God Bless You All! 57Sanjay Mehta, DPM Toronto, Ontario, Canada University of Toronto Honours, B. Sc Whenever I rclkvl upon four the tirrl though! that enter. my mind. Ural I would not lujye 1 been here had it not been lor my parent Foeall the turd wmV they 1 il lot me. lor ill theraatlicn they made lor me. and lor 11 the uttcoeidllvotvil lor eand rupporl tlvey parc me No nutter how lough things got, they never .mce complained It was their lallli m me that guulcd me to tuv graduation fhev helped make rav dream a reality your non i a doctor! And it t to you Dad and Mom that I dedicate tlu» degree loo WE did if And we will all enjoy the rrward ot our rlloita. I love you both w much . Nina, the one perron who underwood everything I ever went through. You have alw ay been my Idol From the time we wrrr lutle hid right through to graduationdav. you were )way there lot me. to provide a role model and St my ce.nlidanle I'leaw rw rr get mad at me. I know I ean do dopcv things at rimes Kit 1 need vour help |u»t keep showing nvrlhr way And let the world know that I'VE got the best utter anywhere’ I kmi you To my brother Avltiaih, th.u k lot all the dollar exchange my (nrnd. 1 never would Ivive thought that penny or two could make nuclt a dtit'ervoev To my brother Shaker and Depuk my hand will alwav be there lot vou. I hope yourU there lor me Kenny and }di. remember that you have a slioog family around y on I willalvraya have your hock To Ravi (Jl(a), my new brother Youarejuit ana iitwoc guy! Nma found the right perron Hook I lorward to the time we arc going to spend together, aorrv Kit I'm not tucking you Into led anymore Mr y ou and Nma w ill make great partner mcnmel Remember, alwayr to be trite to Nina because I'm getting too old to boat you up Your Sal . San) I awTrnce. Brian and Andy, thank tor alway coming down to I'hilly and bringing a little bit ill Toronto with you To tlw rv l ot the guy and my friend back home, look' I finally did HI! ThanV evervotve. And who can tcirget tnv be t nxnnie and tnctid at whoo! Carla, thank lor paying my ball on tittle ll'm glad at leart one of u» had a chequing account!). making rule I studied, charing your dlnuet when I didn't feel like cooking taking care o( me when I got »ick, and |u t being there when I needed vou Thank you tor being uch a good Inrnd to me You're terrific' Irtubbom. but nevi-Ttliele . rttll terrific) j A hug make the pcrlect gilt, they are returnable and one tire til all To the re t o( the World I don't eipeii much pot win pie respect and decency toward one another II you truly want to K-someone » Iriend, then be a REA I. Irtend. Friendship i. not a rwitrh tobv luintd on and oil at your convenience, you're supposed to help one another, even when K'e difficult lor vou That when you kn»iw yxiu'rv being a teal friend A conscience it the price ol morality, and morality i the price ol iivilie.itiun.- ■ Tom Clancy FS Can I have wmr tiler with that 58Nashville, Tennessee Tennessee State University B.5., Biology LaShonda Moore, DPM First give honor to God, to whom all honor is due Thank you Lord for truly blessing me You have given me a loving mother, a generous family and many devoted friends, I owe all that I am and all that I will ever be to You I pray that 1 stay in your Word and grow in Christianity. To my mother Thank you for ALWAYS supporting me in all my endeavors Your love has sustained me through and through I am forever indebted to God for choosing you to give me life I love you To TL : Thank you for being my friend and confidante We will ALWAYS be clove NMWTFH Lois of love To DW You. my xoror. have ALWAYS been my role model from the first day that we met Thank you for your support, your advice, and your friendship To Ml Through thick and thin, you have ALWAYS been there for me. I could not ask for a more wonderful friend. Hang in there Your graduation day is just around the comer. Tell Malik there is a Tiffany! at King of Prussia Mall. l ots of love, best of luck and God bless you and your family. To DM: If I had u choice to share parents with anyone in our class. I would choose you every lime. To the Class of 1999: Good luck to all of you We're outta here'William Scott Newcomb, DPM Wilmington, Delaware Bucknell University B.A., BiologyWestmont, New jersey Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science B.S., Biology Stephen Noone, DPM I waited patiently for God to help me: then he listened and heard my cry. He lifted me out of the pit of despair, out from the bog and mire, and set my feet on a hard, firm path and steadied me as I walked along. To my family Grandma . Grandpa. Mom. Donna. Jeffrey. Nicolette; Thank you for having faith in me and for all the love and support throughout the years. This accomplishment is as much yours as it is mine. To my second family Nick Toni, Melissa M., Melissa W.. Melinda. Cathy; Thank you for being there through all the good times and the bad For helping me believe in myself and laughing at all my stupid jokes and pranks. For all the shoulders, hugs, and understanding. 1 cannot begin to express how much I appreciate all you have done for me and how much 1 love you all. To Denise Thank you for helping me strive to be a better person and to always try and do the right thing. 61Michael Noto, DPM Newburgh, New York Quinnipiac College B. A. .Biology All We Really Need To Know, We Learned In Kindergarten All we really need to know about bow to live and how to be. we've already learned in kindergarten Wisdom »a» not at the top of the graduate-school mountain, but there in the vandpilc at Sunday School Theve are the tiling we learned: Share Everything. Play Fair Don't hit people Put thing back where you found them Clean up your own mew. Don't take things that arenlt your . Say youirc sorry when you hurt somebody Wa h your hands before y ou eat Fluvh Warm cookies and cold mill are good for you Live a balanced life — learn some and think vomc and draw and pawn and ving and dance and play and work some every day When you go out into the world, watch out for traffic, hold hands, and stick together Be aware and wonder Remember the little seed in the styrofoam cup: the roots go down and the plant goes up and nobody really knows how or why but w.c arc all like dial Goldfnh ami hamster and white mice and even the little iced in the styrofoam cup - they all die So do we And then remember the Dick-and-)anc book. and the first word you learned - the biggest word of all - LOOK. Everything you need to know i« there somewhere The Golden Rule and love and hwic sanitation Ecology and politic and equality and tanc living. Take any one of those item and extrapolate it into sophisticated adult tetm and apply it to your family life cu youi work or your government or your world and it hold true and cleat and firm Think what a better world tl would be if we all • the whole world • had cookie and milk about three o'clock ever afternoon and then lay down with our blankict for n nap. Or if all government had a ba««c policy to always put thing hack where they lound them und to clean up their own mess. And it is still true, no nutter how old you arc when you go out into the world, it i bevt to hold hand and stick together Robert FulghumBronx, New York Boston College B.A., English Adriana Pace, DPM Another turning point, a fork stuck in the road. Time grabs you by the hand and directs you where to go. Tattoos and memories and dead skin on trial for what its worlh, it was worth all the while. Its something unpredictable and in the end its right. I hope you had the time of your life.- Green Day Thanks Mom. Dad. Sandra. Marco. Joe, and l.ia. And thanks to my friends and my personal support group. Glenn. I've had the time of my life with you! 63Ripal Patel, DPM Pell City, Alabama University of Alabama at Birmingham B.S., Biology To MOM and DAD: Thank you for your greatest support, encouragement. and your love through the entire 26 years of my life I finally made it. The last four years have been the most enjoyable, though very challenging. You carried me through times of uncertainty and gave me the courage to jump over many hurdles in life Your advice and guidance helped me make it to the end of raj professional education. This is where life really begins and I know you two will still be there for me. your one and only. Y ou two mean the most to me and I can never thank you enough. I love you. To MY FAMILY: The last four years in Philly have been the best and I would like to thank you all for taking care of me as if 1 were your son. The Love we have for each other is remarkable. Especially to all my '‘cousins", you all are the best brothers and sisters a guy could ever have. I really enjoyed being in Philly and I know I'll always remember the awesome times we shared. Thanks for your love and support. To MY FRIENDS We did it! I'm sure we will all cross paths in the future one day and recall all the fun moments throughout our professional education. Hanging out together was the best and the memories will remain. Good luck to all. Ivanhoe, Virginia King's College B.S., Biology Heather Pearman, DPM To Brian I want to thank you most of all for your love, support, patience und prayers I could not have made this accomplishment without you. Now. we can finally have the life together we have dreamed of for so long. We finally made It! Love Always Forever. TO Mom and Dad: How do I repay you for all you have given? Thanks for all the support you have given me and especially for my never ending tab that I will pay back one day I love you both! To Zoc: You arc the greatest kitty around! To Annette: We could not have made it without our shopping adventures and mexican food. I wish you the best of luck with everything and remember I'll just take it out of your first paycheck To Eric: I wish you the best of luck until the clowns come home! To Kurt: Keep the Hag flying and I'll see you below the Mason Dixon Dierc arc good ships and there arc wood ships, the ships that sail the sea. But the best ships are friendships, and may they always be •Celtic toastChristine Peterson, DPM Greensburg, Pennsylvania Bucknell University 13.S., Biology To My Parents: Thank you for being such wonderful and supportive parents. You have always been there when I needed you and taught me to believe in myself. I thank God for giving me two good role models and friends in you. To My Siblings: Although I haven't seen you guys very much in the past few years. I always look forward to the time we spend together during the holidays. You are all well on your way to successful careers and lives. Always know that I am here for you when you need anything. To George: Fate must be in our midst. Not only were we brought together at PCPM. but also at St. Barnabas. 1 cannot imagine going through the past four years without you. These years have brought us good and bad times, and no matter what the future brings us. I look forward to facing it with you. 1 truly love you. my “People’s Champ" Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania Temple University B.A., Communications Irving Pinsky, DPM With great power comes great responsibility. Uncle Ben Parker 1963 Mom. I couldn't have done this without your love and support. Thank you so much for always slicking by me. Joyce and Mark, you were always there when things got rough, and always had a cairn head when mine was about to explode. Jason and Cliff. I couldn't have picked two better nephews if I tried. You can call me Dr Uncle Irv from now on. You guys arc the only people I truly trust and love in this world and I thank you all for putting up with my crap for thirty-plus years. And look at it this way. at the very least you get a lifetime of free foot care. Finally, a shoutout to all my heroes: Ken Kcscy. Bob Weir, Harlan Ellison. Ron Jeremy. Bill Kreutzmann, Scary, Baby, Posh, and Sporty (but not Ginger). Timothy Leary. Bob Dylan. Stephanie Swift. Jerry Garcia. Frank Miller, David Lynch. Jerry Rice. Mickey Hart. New Jack, Linda Cohn. Garry Shandling, Phil Lesh.Reese Witherspoon. Howard Stem, and my favorite actress in the world. Solveig Dommartin. This degree is dedicated to my father Stanley Pinsky. My only regret is that you weren't here to share this with. ft 67Victor Quintoro, DPM Montreal, Quebec, Canada Concordia University B.S., Sports Medicine Jusquia prevent dans ma jcutic. jeuoc ic. do circonslatKCS mcroyublcv me torn amsccs, I do circonstances que je nc peuv attribuer quia jutte la chance oo a dev coincidence . Mcinc vi jiui qoclqucfoiv licvpnl cyniquv. |iai toujour u que quelquc lla-lumi vcillail ur I moi: k 'oudraiv done dedicr cc diplome a moo chci pannin Me paicntv- Je ne poonai vou. remmiet awe pour lout cc que vou aver fall pour moi Tool liamoar. lev encouragement , lev corocdx. el le support (vunoul financier) que sou mfaver offer! vont inestimable . mar jieviicre quand mome pouvoir un jour vou Ic repay er au centuple Vo sacrifice ne .vont pa. passes mapervuv Kil- Yo bro! In too bad tlui I had to come to Ptully juit when e started to get our act together Hang lough, it may be hard right now. hut it's a very bright and pretty work! oui tlsere. You know ihiu mi nutlet Iww far away I will he. you can always count on me for anything Ftiendv back home- I m tsaaack1 Save me a vpot on the I!' hey. where did everybody go " Once live tracked down all of you guy ucrovv the country. I promise quality time with all' I swear I TJU V-ball- You can't imagine how crushing that little leatlier ball has helped me keep I my sanity over the pavi four year . I will mm you guy , but I will movt definitely be back to check out our picture on ihe Great Wall of Champion ' Thanks for ihc memonev I Future Canadian collogue - Thank lor all the great nnvr.. nil the vuppon. and nil the I ad ice' I couklnlt have done it without a piece of home to carry me along the way Lei 1 gars, on a un vuper avemr dev ant nou ' Courage la tclev e' A very special thank to Rob I for vhow mg me the w ay 1 Claw of 99- Through all the turmoil and the hardihip . we finally made it! I wish you all |J the b«lt Uycn- Ftnalentenl mure re e ve realise? Jc ic reserve une petite place a cole de moo item ror mon diplomr’tu lia drnlement hicn mcnlc! fu valv bicn que je ii'aurnu jainai pu me reudre juvqo'ici vatu toi Cos quuire dermere annccs ont etc lie dure . moi on a pniuve quid faut pluv que dc kilometres pisur nou vepatet Si j'ai hicn appris quelquc cIkivc »ci, dost que jc ne peux nhiolument pa. vivre vun. toi. ci aptev join. Je ne vein pluv Jniunis qu'on e vepare Tu cv ma vie J'ai tenement lute que lonvourirc live reveille chaqoe matin tsSCote Saint Luc, Quebec, Canada Concordia University B.S., Sports Medicine Yaron Raducanu, DPM Dearest Dcbi: You arc the best thing that has ever happened to me Tire past four years would have been impossible, if not for you When times are dark, your smile and love is the light I need to continue on I truly appreciate what you have given me. and can not imagine being without you. I love you with all my heart and soul, and look forward to the many years we still have together Mom: Your friendship is something that has carried me through many difficult limes. I know that you will always he there, to give advice when necessary, but also to listen when I need to talk to someone. A friend like you is once in a lifetime. I love you Dad: The relationship we have developed over the past few years is one of the closest things to my heart When I think of where we were, and how far we've come; it's amazing. Your wisdom and guidance will be cherished forever I love you. Eddy. Nikki. Naomi and Jared: Ed. what can I say1 All I have to do is think of all the good times we've had and a huge smile comes to my face. Then I think of the wonderful family you now have and the smile can only get wider Your kids are precious and hopefully some day soon, we'll be able lo enjoy each other's company more than once every couple of years. Rhoda and Leon: Thanks for being there all those years and supporting me through thick and thin. I couldnit hope for a better extended family than you have been lo me. Michic: The little sister I never had. Hang in there kid. it only gels better. To all my PCPM (oops, TUSPMi friends( and you know who you arei What a tide!! Things would have (seen much harder without you guys around. The memories I have of school here is shaped by the good times we've had Good luck out there' 69East Windsor, New Jersey Fairfield University B.S., Biology Mom and Dad- Words can't begin to describe how much you mean to me. Without your love and support (financial and otherwise) I don't know where 1 might be. You both alwavs believed in me even when I didn't believe in myself. So thank you and 1 love you. Trish- Even though I give you a hard time I want you to know that I couldn't have asked for a better sister and I'm proud of you. Love you, honey. To all my friends- Some of you have seen me in the most precarious of positions ( you guys usually put me there), so it's probably difficult to picture me as a doctor but I have the diploma to prove it. Now I can finally start to pay everyone back for carrying me the last 4 years. Thanks to the NE Philly gang, the boys at Fairfield, and my new friends from TUSPM. Michael Rayno, DPM 70Pittsford, New York University of Rochester B.A., Economics Ishali Rekhi, DPM 71Nicole Rubackin, DPM Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey-University of Iowa B.A., Biology I »mld hie to chink everyone who helmed in me choc jum (ovr «■»» rxpecially when I did am believe in myvel! However, rpecul ihroU go ouito ibe foUowiog Mom Yiiui pervence duped my fun. jour Afiw dupe m lumrc You Iwjkl me dignity loicgnu. completion. .um urengih rod above ill lo n« above in ihnun Oui urodi to m way Woedi. in B.X f xpeeit ihr ucetxm I find, it )UU are not around lo ccbteair in thu Joyoui .veauon I loan in ni) Brin thu yoo ire look ilowm uf w me Dm and I hope Uul you are prowl of whal I hive become I Imc you »rd out. you Dai ( AKA Chet ihe Jcti li iv hied 10 exj»e« in weed. whil you h e com 10 mein to me You hue ilwiyi hren ihrrr foe me 0 good aid tod lime , i e delving l«» hourt in like me food tlwppng Evtw chough I do nee uy or vomeiimev ihow you how much you mein in inr. never douhe il Thank you lor year love and cuppert Fix ihe record I im nor youi twie Rithel Itin vull tee yoo running n Ihe but vinp I wo Kroger ihmkol you a. m an«»ying youagtt Uiler wbu ail duly .competing with roe. bul I i frvend ml in e ual. vomrone who I con Iwn lu in umrv of I rouble Thank you for all ihe boon you ipew Uttemng lo me complaining about H«.ud, hoyv. rod other tnvial miner. I enjoyed oui ntierlv hording time ir thTfcng haiKUM. aid drove wonderful family vwritionc A uni Silly. Aum Eileen, and I'nclc Sy Aunt Eileen ilwiyv making »ure ihia Kachel rod I arr run .mumming any fiduoo tiux pat Aum Silly ilwiyv checking up on roc ac Khool I am to lucky in have two Aunt, like y.w Thaik you foe Dying 10 fill the void Ihul mom left W-hind I ta le Sy yocu .A kid. Grandpa rod Nanny Think you for yvw love rod luppon Bermne rod A dim You two mi-in a lor 10 me Ikemne. you arc my oldeu Inend once chml grade to he exact You ha.e alwayv heew there for roe Betng the Maid of Honor at your weddrog wn ow of ihe happied irumxnu ta ary Ule eday To ihr frvrmlv I hive nude ai Temple: We made II Hopefully our gvilhv will CfOlt Igain • Good lack in yi ut fuluir radeivorv To the CWago gang Well I node .1 llii.ugh Tliaak you all 1.x horning w my cnmplamav iheur rcVcd I arin ill of you 72Temple Hills, Maryland Lincoln University B.A., Biology Thank you Lord for being il»c guiding light hi my life and for blessing me with nil that surrounds inc None of this could have happened without your undy ing love for me. To Mommy and Daddy: You both have been there for me without doubt or hesitation. Your love has guided me down the right paths in order to achieve my goal Thank you for being there always Thank you for the wonderful life you have provided for in the midst of it all. 1 could not have done this w ithout the two of you and I will continue to make you proud Iso that you w ill ALWAYS have bragging rights). Special thanks also goes to my loving Granddaddy. Ms. Lillie Poole. Cousins Brenda and Shawn To my precious sister Contricia I love you very much and you should know that I will do anything for you Your support has definitely been appreciated. You never could hold back the truth""!!!!!' Don’t change for anyone. Thanks for just being you as well as my best friend To Ms, Gruy: Thank you for the support and encouragement you shared with me. I found a friend in you. To the Lovely Ladies of AKA: Continue to cling the vine Special thunks to FB. Fatty. Sabnna. and Grandma. Patty. Lcsly. and Antoinette. I can't leave out my Alpha bro.s Maasi and Hadryan: Thanks for all the support and the good limes. To my special friend Shawn I just wanted to let you know your are scry special to me Thanks for being there to listen, etc. You urc a true treasure. You have a special place in my heart always. To my beloved Cooky: You arc missed and will never be forgotten. To my family at PCPM. We have definitely been through a lot. but sve will have a bond that will last forever. From DVT. femoral fracture to culled-oft weddings ami relationships, we had each other. Always remember Ritais Water Ice. South Street. Uno’s. the movies, und buffalo wings. Much love goes to LaShonda. Dawn. Jennifer. Dwayne. Lisa. Sharada, und the Class of 2001 Much love and success goes to my roommate Marilyn Travella Sellers, DPM 73Mary Sheriff, DPM Mount Laurel, New Jersey Stockton State College B.S., Biology Mama Bin Kolia A Mama Kan.li Thank ou for alway be there for me and taking cue of me is a child I nevet fell alone o that I needed my mother and dad The two great grandmother . I will always remember. I know you are w ith me each and everyday nf mj life. Your spirit ftlla my heart alway and forever Mama Martha Ss Stay Lornbeh Thank you for your parental support and endless praym I could not have done it without your prayer . I love you both dearly Ms sister my brother-in-law Word can never describe my feeling about having you as my guardians Thank you lor being there for me all these years Sivy Gertrude thjok yo, for being a sister, mother and a father to me You have always taught me to vtnve for th. best in life and I am very happy for reaching my goal I Hunk you for every thing so | love you Senesi A Boima I dedicate this degree to you thanks for your undemanding and support for all these years You are kids but always have words to brighten my day. I will alway remember your words to me when 1 wav really down Things will get better Aunty Mon. is just the matter of time. Bobta Don't sfo anyihing crary to youisell, if you do, | will ncset forgive you because we lose very muchl(Senesi) I love you kids too. Remember kids, follow the family tree, work hard and never give up your dream. It it gosxj to have nephews like you people. Ifcotna Thank y ou for the encouraging word for the pass two y ears I mused having sou around a a kid i niece I but any way I love you very much You and your brothetv are always welcome into my home Love you all Si y Josephine. Bra Chris. Bra Victor. Aunty Betty, Marie Rote Tucker A family. Annette: Think you all for the family tupport and love Miss Sylvia, thank you . think you Thanks to the rett of the family whole names 1 did not mentioned I love you all To the family in Sierra Leone: I with you all can be here, especially my brother . Sy Iv anus. Mohammed . grandma Manama and A 74Lachine, Quebec, Canada Concordia University B.S., Biology Kathleen Skelly, DPM 75Maasi Smith, DPM Irvington, New Jersey Hampton University B.A., Biology Mom. Thank )ou for all your love and support, you have helped through all the tough timet and helped me celebrate the good times, you've always been their being a wonderful mom Here ihe graduation I promised you. Pop. I appreciate you making the tough time a little caster to endure. I will never forget your endless encouragement Dr . Stewart and Vaughn, thins hros for helping me survive the torture chamber aka TUSPM. 1 foully got through and without you guyv I probably wouldn't have survived Carl, (rootndog'l than for not towing me out when mooey was tight Big Lex ( aka Student Or Robinson) thinx lot the friendship and the hook-ups Patti. Amy. Kelsey. Aaron tlunx for making third veal a brcc e Patti. Travclla. Dawn and Jen 1 will always miss your refrigerators arsd the good conversations tlunx lor never hanging up on me when I called to talk about nothin'. Patti we made it) Good luck class of 99'. clast of 2000 good luck in ihe resiliency hunt, claw of 2001A 2002 beiier you than me, I'm outta beto’ • Drs: Smilh- 76St. Albans, West Virginia University of Charleston B.S., Biology Stacey Smith, DPM Mom and Dad- Words cannot express how much you mean to me Thanks for every thing including your money, love and support Mom. I am glad we can finally be friends. Dad. no matter what happens you arc and always will be my rock. Grandmas-Hugs and kisses to both I love you, Ho babe!!! Missy and Jenny- The chics! The best sisters possible and I somehow got lucky enough to get them both. Someday we girls will look back on our lives and vuy Gimme More!!. Stuart and Ben- What can I say? Ax brothers go you two are tops Ben. we have to go out on the river again This time I promise I will be good' David and Dinah- My other parents. Thanks for the effort you made to get me through this I appreciate till you did and your love did not go unnoticed. Friends- Too many thanks to write them all here You know who you arc and what you did and I love you for it. Thanks for being part of the dance. There arc good ships and there are wood ships and ships that sail the sea. But the best ships arc friendships and may they always be. Irish Toast Don't you sit upon the shoreline and say you're satisfied. Choose to chance the rapids and dare to dance the tide. GB Driving down the road I get a feeling that I should have been home yesterday country roads take me home to the place I belong JD May you be in Heaven half an hour before the devil knows you're dead' When you reach the end Of your rope tic a knot in it and hang on! TJ The Queen Has SpokenAaron Solomon, DPM Marietta, Georgia Georgia Southern University B.S., Biology Duly is the sublimest word in our language Do your duly in nil things You cannot do more You should never wish to do less. Robert E. Lee Until I was twenty-five I had no development at all From my twenty-fifth year ! date my life. Letter from Herman Melville to Nathaniel Hawthorne Mom. Dad. Kerry, and Stephanie Thank you for support over these four years There is no way I could have done this without you Leasing home for college was easy, because 1 was always four hours away. Going to Philadelphia was lough, because I knew there would be less opportunities to come home Thanks for making the time I had to come home special. Grandma Pcrle. Aunt Carol. Uncle Jack. Ronnie and Scott, thank you for letting me know I still have a home in Chicago John and Eric Words could not describe. Chad and Jeff Thanks for the Beer. Maasi. Kelsey. Amy. and Patti Thanks for being a great clinic JR PC We kicked some ass’ Every time I look at the dents in my shins I will think of the pack. 78Shickshinny, Pennsylvania King's College B.S., Biology Matthew Sowa, DPM Mom uihJ Dad: To the two most wonderful people in the world. Thunk ou for your guidance and support through all the years I am forever grateful for the sacrifices you both have made for me. You have taught me the true meuning of hard work and dedication Thank you for allowing me to follow all of my dreams I love you and I am very proud to be your son. Melissa. I have been truly blessed to have you as my sister. 1 have followed in your footsteps for as long as I can remember. You have always given me encouragement when I needed it the most. I will cherish all ihc great memories we have had as brother and sister tsince you have the better memory you may have to remind me of most of them). Thank you for being such a great sister and I love you. Friends from home: To my best friends Rick. Mark. Mike. Eileen. Tony. Les. and Steve. I could fill a book with ihc awesome times we have had together. I know we will have more lo come in the future. I wish you all success. Tony and Tim: Thank you for making the endless hours of class in the back row more enjoyable. I had a great time with you guys. I know you both will achieve your goals in life. Jill: I know that I am lucky to have met you. You have always brightened my days. Thank you for your understanding and patience and for making my life more exciting. u. 79Steven Spivak, DPM Voorhees. New Jersey Syracuse University B.S., Psychology Mom I couldn't have wtvhed for a belter mother and friend Your guidance anil uncomliiiiKul love have made me who I am today Your loss has only iircngthencd your influence on my life. You ore in everything I do. everything I feel, and everyone 1 love 1 mm you and I love you. Dad: Thank you for your love and vupport over ihe yean, especially your patience and faith in me during Ihe early college years. Somehow you always believed I would make n Besides, I had to give you ai least one person in ihe family who's not a lawyer Gay I and Mark My brother and sister You guys have become two of my best fnends I'm very thankful for the closeness we have achieved especially recently Mark. Vipers hockey has hern one of the coulcu things I’ve done I'm so glad you did it with me. Gayl. you're an awesome person and a great hig sister. I love you both very much. Nana and Pop-Pop: You ore the two most .inuring people I know Your rest for life and devotion to each other and vour family arc an example to which I hope to live up to Joscite My love and my best Ineod Words can't express the impact you've had oo my life You've given me some of the best tunes of my life, and gotten me through the worst times. I can't tvltevc how lar we've both come. I couldn't luve done it without you I love you, To all my (needs from PCPM TUSPM You have become some of the greatest ft tends I could wnh for From SARP through foutih year wc'vc been through a lor together Your presence in the difficult tunes meant more dun you know On many occasions wc'vc let ofl steam in some interesting ways Joey, whose locker wav that, anyway ’ I can’t believe how favt tlw last four years went by Good luck to everyone, fhiv i» only the beginning of the journey SOLewistown, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania State University B.S., PreMedicine Daniel Swineford, DPM MOM ami DAI): Well, we did it! Your tireless support, advice and encouragement have made my dream a reality This degree is as much yours as it is mine You have sacrificed your own needs to sec that mine were met. You both arc exceptional people and I’m proud to be your son. I don't say it often hut I hope you know I love you lots! ItONKSY: Thanks for all the love, support and encouragement over the years It has meant u lot to me. DONNA: Thanks lor being my second mother away from home Your advice and our talks were always helpful. I'll miss you! JENN MELISSA: Two sisters, twice the fun Thanks for keeping life lite when I always started to take life ami myself too seriously over the past lout years I love you both. DAVE: Two things: (I) stop drinking my beer, go buy your own’ (2) Penn State is twice the university Vanderbilt will ever be in everything and every way !!!!! MIKE: My best friend and roomy over the last several years. So many great times like trips to AC and Monmouth Park. It has been entertaining. It just won’t be the same next year. I have one last thing to say, "Turn off that damn baseball! Its time for football, a teal man's sport!!!" Remember in life: "Our goal is to discover that we have always been where we ought to be. Unhappily we make the task exceedingly difficult for ourselves —Aldous Huxley FOR THE GLORYThink yourself. Don't go along with what other people say is the solution, or even the problem. Don't try to convince everyone of your position, just go ahead and do it. Focus on what to do each day- what’s the one thing that, if not done, will cause the greatest problem, what, if gets done, will yield the greatest reward. - Bill McGowen Leonard Talarico, DPM Rochester, New York Rochester Institute of Tech B.S.. Business A man ‘s reach must exceed his grasp, or what's a heaven for we must try and try and try. - Robert Browning Character is who you are when nobody but God is watching. - Anonymous There is no elevator to success, only stairs. - Leonard H. Talarico. DPM. LHT $2Hillsborough, North Carolina North Carolina Central University B.S., Chemistry Patti Thompson, DPM Father God. I thank Thee and praise Thee; for being the Most High God of my MlvUion1 Thou art the all-wise. all-powerful and ever-present God. ruler of all heaven and earth. Thou art holy and worthy to be pruised Dear Lord, help to keep me encouraged in all I do and keep me mindful that thou art with me always. When I am low in my spirit, let your amazing grace reach down to touch and lift me. Help me to not dwell on my circumstances or situation; hut rather meditate on your word telling me to have faith and without faith, it is impossilbc to please You (Hebr. 11:6). And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God. to them who arc the called according to His purposedRomans 8:281 To always remember I can do all things through Christ who strengthenth me (Phili 4:13) Help ntc Father, in the name of Jesus, to study and remember your rich . powerful Word; let it abide in me anad 1 in it Regurgitate Thy W'ord from me when the enemy attempt to attack me; for Thy Word is the Sword od the Spirit (Ephc 6:17), It is part of the armour you provide to your beloved children In John 10:10 your Word tells me that the thief cometh but to steal, kill and destroy, but you came that 1 might have life and have it more abundantly. I completely believe thy word, and I speak the love, peace, happiness and prosperity only you can give for my life, which is in your hands I deem it so. for all this you promised in your Precious Word' Amen. 83 Glenn Weinfeld, DPM Bellmore, New York Adelphi University B.S., Biology Mom, Dad, Amy, and Marc: Thank you for all of your continued support over the years, in both good times and bad times. You all have always had a positive influence in my life Thank you for everything. 1 love you very much. Grandma and Grandpa: 1 will always love you both very much. Thanks for just being great grandparents! Adriana: Thank you for the love and the relationship we have shared together. It has been quite a rough road from the stall You arc an extraordinary person and I am very fortunate to have met you. 1 look forward to a great future ahead for both of us. Love always! Fossa Johnny: What else can 1 say about our time here at school. Thank you for your support throughout. I will not forget. It’s been a crazy four years together There's too much to say, but most importantly Good luck and slay fat always! Marco, Jane, and Donna: I had some of the best times at school with the three of you. especially the wild chicken during the Christmas party! Excellent group' Good luck to all of you. CT: Sec you in Vegas...New Orleans, Louisiana Dillard University B.S., Biology Dear ton! Youcamrdtn:ihroughallofmyink'.dtuiK;liiu.o», hlc. edmewith loving patent' good fnrndv and g ivea me the aNhiy m alum dm gnat. I Thank Yob Ii it only ktuutc of your grace and ocrey that I havr reached dm point in my lift Daddt: Dtci I'c year,. you hate given me to aueh. mlmal- »i mat, ,cnfi, • fnram You inuilli-din ■- the impedance of education, hard wort, and yoo lute gitco trie a mini foundation on attach lit huild a Itfr Think you I love you Daddy Mnmm Yooi guidance, tore, and wllhngnrwiogivr ailofyuurwlf to your t mldrra list leagha me many ienont diroughuut Ihc yean However. I will rut forget Ihe moil Inv Aiwa,, pul Ihe Veil (tru. because il it only through film I Hal all thing! arc ponihD Lovt too Mommy Daddy anil Mammy I am truly Mnuat lohave i»w wonderful paienlt I Ime you both very rr-uch lylar Hub) you arc alway • wild me I love you leva I aniKC. lam aiakoi fur wntdtliinhclicvaNeliuh') Thank you. lixheiog ibere thrctagh il all. Yoo a« my lien friend and toy confulaaa SVayne. (hnutell, Shondra, and Imrry Lee illofyouguyt arc practically ggiiwniadulto You a. I have laggage r alvei. lunHandi. kid,), pirate gne r an oppoflumty n puk up tume luggage I prnmne in namm it down Co a fea yeart Thank yuo all loa all of ihe tuppon. hut mmi of all ike hiughi I love you all Sha'kella and Kryaial Sugar. Untm-(home loyuacan da roy Mill km.SfcanUl.anitShenla gel retd) hoc.w I am Mining lo take care of your feo Yen m baby gull Mike Nichnta, thank yoo Itrmg ur undemanding Love you JTI) W’c had tomany good initMCogeoier. I u,ll neter forgri you Tako care M e»a Smith You were i V firvl prr-.nl in Ion r rre in tec my poirMiel .a} I ant eternally grand . I l)r. Burke A Ilf. WlIBi Thank you foe all i« your advice tupgmt. and alwayt lying iltcrc lo luteii Jtnnlfrr A Ihiane Well. r finally madell to gtaJuaiumday IK-.r Inuryear. teemed like an »tcmil) although aumellmei we thought we would not mate il. one would not in the oiltci till We hate ahaard to much logout, leg", down,, laupht. and a few lean I, Inn tac luve taopawnJ 11 all You two air die hctl I will mi , yoo Mai, If cither of you need to reach me yoo know whet lo do. and I'll he there. S‘F. AO: Jra.I’I. AK I'll cee you girl, ji iU iiuri : g|tfu MS Thank, ineeverything, ytaaiie ■•■-• in a million (.'happen .Calaway. Mcklnney.and SHIm f amily Think you furopraang yi whorl- aadhonteMnnv Sharrl My pit. thank y » fur all of Ihe lalkt. wiikv hoi moil lU of all. ihe prayrn which lute helped mr in wayt you can’t begin Ui imagine Tf-SPM S'ali ami Fatuliy. thank you fm all ol yoaar help uvea ifw vrart ( law of VU Bcu Wldict Dawn Williams, DPM --Jennifer Wool, DPM Candor, New York Le Moyne College B.S., Biology People arc like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out. but when darkness sets in. their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light within.. Ross To my family: Shoot for the moon Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars. Brown. Mom. Dad and Kyle; You have taught me to try for anything that I wanted You always made me believe that no matter how difficult things may seem they will always turn out the way that they were supposed to. Thank for your unfading, unconditional love, and constant support I am lucky to he able to call you not only my family but also my dear friends. Most of all you ate my inspiration. To my friends: No one can make you tcel inferior without your consent Thanks for all the late night study breaks (whether singing badly to CD's, heading to south Philly or just talking). Togeiher we have all completed a large chapter in our lives, and I am richer for been able to share those times with you. I wish you all of the happiness that the world may hold Do not ihc most moving moments of our lives find us without words'? Marceau When you tollow your bliss doors will open where you would not have thought there would be doors; and where there wouldn't be a door for anyone else. Campbell 86Washington, District of Columbia Spelman College B.S., Natural Sciences Melinda Zellars, DPM | d I hasc joy in my wrcnglh and I w.ll grail rejoice lor you hase given me my heart's denies You have made me mott blessed 4 ever. and I uu 1 in you Lord-1 love you Mi I cannot Bunk you rmvgh 1or your love «ml eacouragemrai You are toy tirenjiA and m) fife Tim one't fm ) m. icricho family Ttunki for believing in mt' Victory! KmvXwan Pc always telling mr I •« Ihc hen e«i maim wlu«' I lint: yuu Hill Thankt Inf your help Of Mclltram Than! you Tammy My Spelman Mttei Looking fuck It icon like yesterday. who unsaid think uui |ourne would In ill ut lint fm Remember. Trust the Lord Sieve: My beta fnciiil. my wont enemy. We argued. we bitched, we fmight, we failed, we yelled, we wieawd.Dainn. I lo e you friends Ice life Keep in touch. Cal My soul allla. Too hail u hnJ en end ut km I know you aftn'i too % 1 I mil alwayt n-mrir-ber uu plots fur rctenge. an especially out practical pikes Remember all Hail the Queen' Monica 4 yean scerm like 40 bui wrndc it I will mnv you and all ol om good umes K I 1 and gel at id Dang Lcaly Mn Hill My partner in enme, my ace You ocver laughed al my dream■ May all of ynui dreamt eoeoe in I fove you and will mm you Rcrotmbet through it all there u value ia the talley Kcltey I finished! I finished! K I T feuica You mtpctrd me in reach foe thr Mart If you eter read ihit I goi ooe for you farmi Even ibotgh we disagree WWfWfN, I mil know I am right You will alwayt hate a specul pface in my heart Suy focused You arc Mewed. I love you. fates (Hoddha) Slay ouiui ouhlc' Pirate If you need anything holler al me' letaciVTanya: It ran only get worse Keep hope alive Study and pray Min Samoa I will mita ya! Thanks )oo for helpoig mr Brown sugar Cvar.grla My molhrr, my titter, my fnend My sanity and my INSANITY Whal a special bkstin you arc In iny life. I love you o. h In rotasoey. Mayhell frnkiss IIW-1903) Thr Uu thing you taid lit me was . I warn In lise tu see you ■mk K, IM 87Azfar Ahmed, DPM Jesse Blankenship, DPM Donna Boccelli, DPM $8 Mark Boyer, DPM f Jane Brady, DPM Adelina De Silva, DPM Timothy Downs, DPM Jeffrey Dunkerley, DPM 69Charles Edwards, DPM Eric Foreman, DPM Steven Gonzalez, DPM Sandra Mulligan, DPM 90Kurt Gustafson, DPM Austin H. Hewlett, DPM Michael Joyce, DPM Jane Kliuri, DPM •iiKaren Kozub, DPM Y fc ) f John Moran, DPM Theresa Limido, DPM Gregory Ng, DPM 92Brian Rell, DPM Jeremy Rich, DPM t Lisa Rhodes, DPM Chad Rounds, DPM 93Christina Saulny, DPM Christopher Teramura, DPM Marco Ucciferri, DPM Robby Wiemer, DPM 94Kristina Williams, DPM Not Pictured: Ann Hollenberg, DPMClass of 2000 A New Beginning... THE FOOT ANKLE INSTITUTE PENNSYLVANIA COLLEGE OF POCNATRIC MEDICINE Hj TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PODIATRIC MEDICINE ||Spring '98 Evemnts The Rite of Passage Ceremony... Spring Ligament... 97International Day... The Latin Fred and Ginger? End of the Year Party...Fall '99-Just Another Day in Clinic Is that a verruca vulgaris works! I'm m Gimme"There are charts at the front desk..." 100 I love the smell of Barge in the morning!Last Year of Classes... 101102Please use the microphone; I have a cordless Derm Quiz? Pete Pondering the Prepondurance of Podiatrists1M Got Milk?105106107Class of 2000 Officers: Sharada (SNPMA), Adrienne (Social Chair), Anne (PPMSA), Dawn (VP), Dave (Pres), PPMSA: Rob (VP), Aparna (Parliamentarian), Cindy (Recording Secretary), Bill (Pres), Missing: Kvle (tresurer) The following people were not captured on film but are here in spirit: Robin Bocra, Aaaron Broyles, Mikel Daniels, Brian Fallon, Mike Flatley, Chuck Ganime, Rich Johnson, Ken Kilgore, Jeff Kleinian, Joe LaCava, Jay Langley, Jude Park, Attalay Sahin,Awi Shabat, and Bill Slotter. Yearbook Staff: Editor: Tom Landino Asst.Editor: Tracey Vlahovic Photographer: Mike Younes 109Welcome Back Class of 2001 2 down and 2 to GO!!! das of 2001Gass of 2001Enjoying the last rays of summer Class of 2001Orientation for the First Year Students (if they only knew.............) Khurram and Jen welcome Caroline to TUSPM New friendships formed Antoinette and Jennifer working orientation. Steve helping the first year students sign their lives away. Class of 2001The Calm Before the Storm Please don't squeeze the Charmin Rahul shaking a tail feather Hengelberth's birthday celebration APMA Day Scott is going to "Pump you up" Khurram's sex, lies and videotape Jide. Max, Hengelberth, and Chris enjoy a day of soccer Chanda, Chris and Susan at a SNPMA journal Club meeting Class of 2001Hi Guys! Brett in Microbiology lab Christmas party .it Dean Mattiacci's Jen selling her "goods" to make some loot Who's that cool cat? I'm starting with the man in the mirror Ioanna is all smiles Soccer anyone, anyone? Class of 2001Susan in the snow Sunny California meets snowy Philadelphia Hey Tim. that is not going to be on the test! Keith doing some last minute studying Dr. Schoenhaus, can you explain. What's in the bottle, Marc? O Amy is all smiles at Christian Fellowship Class of 2001Antoinette and Naomi at the Christmas Party Elise and Thai exchanging beauty secrets Melissa and Craig on a talk break Adam and Jen soaking up some rays Jodi and Steve - picture perfect! Arteen and Lynette studying for one of many tests Antoinette and Jen ready for a night out Class of 2001Travella, Tanya, and Felicia dressed to impress Jen. Malini, and Bela talk about tlieir daily topic- Days ol Our Lives Rahul and Scott- Best Couple Laura. Chad, Matt, and Khurram chat before class Jarrett, Antoinette and Jide enjoy the snow Class of 20010.155 0(2001The Freaks Come Out!! The vet diagnoses Mad Cow Disease The Great American Heroes- C..I Janes (....and knowing is half the battle) Who's driving? We have Thin Mints, Pecan Sandies, Trefoiles $2.50 a box. Trick or Treat!! Do fries come with that "shake"? Class of 2001 I icy Scott, looks like you gotta handful Breakfast js the most important meal of the day, and Jason has got a mouthful Angelic Justine and the Devilish Jen Me caveman, you cavewoman The thug Vikas gives innocent Antoinette and 'nice" Cartman lessons in drinking Class of 2001I did not have sexual relations with that woman" You've got a great body, hut a bad perm For that splitting headache how about some Naprosyn Sodium The purple Grim Reaper and 4 out ot 5 dentists recommend to brush twice a day It's mighty windy out there, huh Matt? Frank and his girls What that be a 40 DDD? Did we get up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, Jim’ Class of 2001Ever dance with the devil m the pale moonlight. I always ask that of all my lriends M.innilda cooking up fun with Raggedy Ann and Elvira Follow the yellow brick road I'd like to thank.... It is time for your suppository Scott showcasing his "worst costume award' Got Milk????? Dr. Christman taking Hooter girl's measurement for longer shorts Static cling. Hey girls, ever heard of dryer sheets? Class of 2001Presenting the Class of 2002 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF P Cfauw ol 2002Class of 2002ICERS PLOWDEN DICKSON. PRESIDENT 1998 Keyvan Canjianpour Sr Camille Sabongvi, Co-coordinatorsClass ot 21X72Class of2002Class of 2002Hammerin Can't touch this! Next year, the lawyers are dead meat! Class of 2002Class of 2002Moments To Remember Happy Holidays, Secret Snowflake! 1 lot date last night, Camille?! Hey Matt, keep your eyes on your own plate. tKMi'ii'i i'"v Class of 2002"Two men and a baby" How low can you go, Alex? James, Dana Cathy at Studio 1A for the Today Show. Nice boobs. Pay man. Look Mom, no chopsticks! Class of 2002Class of 2002Class of 2002136 Class of 2002•lUffjitri JKanp people wall in and oui oj■ pour life, Sut on Ip prinis in pour deari. Class of 2002 137 Faculty and Staff 138 C lass of 2002Department of Biomedical Sciences DuvkJ Aider.PhD Robert Rml, PhD limn CUri. Ph P Fttiuin( ii w y. PhD Carl Abramson. Ph D lames Atkin. D I’M Henry Beilstem. Ph.D Am DcrMardersoun. Ph.D. Raymond DiPnmio. O.P.M. omehus Donahue. D.P.M. Charles GiNey, Jr. Ph D Jay Hammel. PhD James Kinurn. Ph D. Julia LewandowskL MS. John Rutter. PhD Arthur Washburn. Ph D Zwd U4«l. M D Bruce Hutch. PhD Himini hlWmr I'KDDepartment of Podiatric Medicine Harvey I DP M Kiiferti Chrutmxn D.P.M. AnwU MJnuiv D P M Wmimi hm-ph. D PM. Anthinv KjJ.ma. D P M THitna » MafttirtU. D P M WUir». DPM Keith Calligaro M D. R.uni'n Manon-E»tailLit. M D Jud . DPM Charles Kraus , DPM Leslie He ». DPM Steven Nterenbcrg, M D Samuel Spadone. D.PM AuRusftnr Morarvo, D.PM. Joseph Wilowski M D Cerals Falaxa. M D Kenneth Weiss. M D Erwin. Youssef KabbanL DP M 140Department of Podiatric Orthopedics Ed Brandcis. C P E D Richard lay. D P M James McNemey. D.P M- Lam- Kalker. D P M Harold Schoenhaus. D P.M Alan Whitney D P M Steven Knvitz, D.P.M. lames Furmato. D.P.M. Philip Brrsnahan. D.P.M Youssef KabKmi. D.P.MDepartment of Podiatric Surgery Mxharf Downey, DP M . Chiu Cin JUuct. D P.M. Smo Hoc, D I' M Kwt.it' M.ih.in. O P M Su«m» NUiuk UPM AUn Mhultu-iuVi D P M Un ftMtutM. DP.M 142 Siundia Daulton, D P M Louis Newman. D.P.M I m« HciU. M.D. Jefferev Lynch. M D |am« McNemey. DP MDepartment of Community Health Arthur H«ii»nd I) I' M Monti Barrett, D-P M. [esse Lirberm.tn. M.A. Ernestine Estes. MS.W Lawerenee Levine. M S .W Philip Demp, DP At Michael WUinsky. D.P.M Joseph Bruno, K P T Andrew Newman, M.D.J.D. Alien Gcnvitt, Phartn D Department of Library Sciences 143Administration John Mattiacd, D.P.M Dean David Martin Dir. Admissions and Minority Affairs Tammi Hons Dir. Admissions and Minority Affairs Laura Lambright Dir Marketing. Health Services Lyn Boocock Taylor. V.P., Institutional Advancement Anthony Morris Dir. Physical Plant Lee Delle Monache Institutional Advancement Elamc Musial Dir. Operations. Health Sen-ices Controller Terry Murphy, Psv D. Thomas Maiorano Dir Financial Aid Judy Kclius Dir. Alumni RelationsDepa rtment Staff William Young Dir Human Resources Marva Brown Student Affairs Jeneen Winters Admissions Office Art Depnrtnu Dawn Frcitag Human Resources Joy Oelenschlager Registrar A« Var,m"'nl Joseph Heston Mail Room Deborah Jefferson Student Affairs146 Department Staff Dept, of Surgery Vol.md Taylor A1 H assail Dept of Surgery Carmen Harris Earl Jones Physical Plant Tina Lauri Dept, of Surgery Sharon Nelson Gait Lib Jessie Scott Physical Plant Kim Flood Dept - of Surgery Ernesto Mujorra Biomedical Sciences Charles MacFarland TV Studio Tyrone Evans PrintingHealth Services Jeanette McGerry Health Services Victor Thompson Biomedical Sciences Carol Romano Dept, of Medicine Mari Oehler Health Services Health Services Virginia Kohoe Health Sen-ices Brenda Reid Health Services Michelle Fuller-Cravelv Health Senices 147Department Staff Donna Boni Health Services Laura Gardner Health Services Jennifer Ford Health Services Sharon Childrey Health Sen-ices Lenette Graham Health Scnices Marilsol Davila Health Services Lydia Grazier Health Services I Loretta Health Services US Judy Benckert Health Sen-icesAdvertisements 1494-lLJ-b Kr ij- UoM At youf C2ohi ROiTULAT oa S’X'Ouh S € o r)rJ L. ove; f%fn vJDad .l L -LL. CONGRATULATTONS MARY! You did it! Perseverance is a virtue, We wish you the best. Bengie Gertrude Blake 150152DR. GLENN DAVID WEINFELD "HARD WORK ALWAYS PAYS OFF WITH SUCCESS" WE WISH YOU THE BEST ALWAYS LOVE MOM, DAD, AMY, MARC, MISTY Finally the jackpot!!! 153Dr. Michael P. Nolo We wish you.... HAPPINESS.....Deep down wilhin SERENITY....With each sunrise SUCCESS.... in each facet of your life CLOSE and Caring friends LOVE.... That never ends SPECIAL MEMORIES.... Of all the yesterdays A BRIGHT TODAY.... With much to be thankful for A PATH.... That leads to beautiful tomorrows DREAMS....That do their best to come true AND APPRECIATION.... Of all the wonderful things about you!!!! Collin Me Cany All our Love, Mom, Russ, Dad, Janet, Jeff, Lisa,PJ Brian, Mike Poppi,Gig Aunts,Uncles,Cousins and Friends 154DR. PATRICIA A. MCILRATH Wife...Mother... Friend As you start your career tt is perfectly clear, The education so tedious and deep All to help the maladies of feet, You worked so hard driving through the snow Just to get there and fix their toe, Your husband and children want you to feel We know you will be the best doctor of heels Congratulations Matt. Vic, Randa, and Tan 155Dr. Duane A. McKinney Congratulations, A Job Well Done! We are very thankful that God has enabled you to realize your goal of becoming a Podiatrist. Now, as you begin your career remember the prescription that God gave to Joshua for success:44 This Book of the law shall not depart out of your mouth; but thou shall meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein: for then thou shall make thy way prosperous and then thou shall have good success. All of our Love, Mom, Dad, and Anika YOU ARE THE MAN(dcdicatcd to by brother) You arc the man that God desires You are the man God’s women want. Every man to be To have stand by their side. 1 look around this hcll-bound world. Because the seek a man of strength And this is all I see. And in you stength abides. The failure of the man to gain You are the man that mamma bore God'i crown upon his head. Before my day drew nigh. Because he fails to seek God’s way, And when I came you proved to be He goes his way instead A brother from on high. You are the man that God first made I followed you each place you went. Back when the world began. You never teemed to mind But now man just degenerates. I really tfajnk you wanted me And ruins God’s first plan. To foOow dose behind The man was made to walk with God You are the man who has attained All of his living days. The goals that men can’t reach. He wanted man to uplift Him, And one more goal God has for you. He wanted all men's praise. You have the call to preach You are the man God wrote about The chills used to go up my spine. Within His Word I read. As basketball you'd play. There’s Joseph, David , Abraham, Now when you share the Word of God, You follow as they lead. I foel just that same way. But men today choose leaders who You are the man that God will bless, Put God in the wrong place. Just on His path remain. They try to put God out of sight This poem’s written so I can show, But His fierce wrath thcy'U face. How much I love you, Duane. Love, Anika 1569 •. Con iatulati ons Pr. Travel la A. Sellers ALONG TIME COMING R I' ADY TO START MAKING HOJfFY LWAYS HAS ROOM FOR DESSERT i 157Kathya... Since, you wene foun yean. old we knew you wene yoiny to be a docton. Sou wene alway walkiny anound with youn "medical bay" yiviny a "check up" to evenyone in the family. Thene wa neven any doubt in oun minda about it! Sou have alwaya known what you wanted and needed to yet to youn yoal... to become a caniny, patient and kind pennon; and to apply all thoAe yualitie to the cane of youn patienta. Hija, we know you ane yoiny to be a yneat docton (often all, you ane Kathya Pi. D.) and we ane veny pnoud of you, a we have alwaya been!! ConynatulationA Dn. Kathya PI. Danmo Love alway ... Piom, Dad, Launa, Donna, Aliya, Kayla and Douy Alwaya a Lady 158Dfc. SVfLftaa R- NOONE - Cfin ra+ulaKofvs]_ To cl wonderful S jGfa h$oi j%fo L j Uncle. IDi-VVv all OUT ouL olaU Aclm'raVto A_ on aoKtmn jour drtarvv of becoming ou ( l ou pR-"' Uk are. Ye 'j proad of ioll LnooS VKl Xo-McnT! 6-re.aV Success for -fba fuWa, as Noll p + loaf pro-cKce- oa ’Vs F£(L+ Love. OJujcoVs XofVl G-randmom-t Grand pop, Lonra_ + ETglPP Tfirole-VVo 159Son, The Day Has Finally Come -Dr. Peter Kasyjanski, It's Finally Done!!! Remember to Always Put Your Best "Foot" Forward! We're So Proud of You -Mom, Dad, Teddy and Amanda p J00 pOOCjr Dr. Maureen E. Halpin Congratulations! Four years of podiatry school (Thai’s two years for each foot.) May the road rise to meet you May the wind be always at your back May the sun shine warm upon your face; The rains fall soft upon your fields And. until wc meet again. May God hold you in the palm of His fool -An Old Irish Blessing May you ha c all the happiness And luck that life can liold-And at the end of all your rainbows May you find a pot of gold. Love, Shannon. Mom Dad 160Dr. Chad R. Rounds Congratulations To A Man That Has Always Been Caring And Gentle Here’s Hoping That You Can Help Someone Else Put Their Best Foot Forward. Love JOE, MOM. MONICA, JACOB 161, Dr. Christine M. Peterson Your Family Friends Congratulate You! Grandma Gordon Granddad Gordon Tara Uncle Bob Aunt Bobbie Aunt Mary Unde Ron Uncle Jay Mom Dad Aunt phy,|js 9e Stephen Andrew Kevin Beth Don Mike Am'iee Jennifer Uncle Bob C " Aunt Ellen Tim Katie Rob Robin Chris Carol Ted Henry Chloe Ty er Tori Tucker A T iho stj {f c, c Wishisl l l t f -1 p OL+c or yoc i Lovt t orr?, dy Or s z } JOdA. is cJf (jyrtxrnf? Lj f to Xj 162Dr. Victor Ch. Quintoro Has Made His Parents Proud. You've Always Wanted To Be A Doctor. And You Have Achieved This Admirable Goal. Congratulations! Love, DAD, MOM AND YOUR BROTHER. Congratulations To Mv Life-Long Friend And Love. UYEN Dr. David A. dayman Congratulations We Are So Proud Of You. Love, MOM DAD DORIE- % Dr. Steven S. Spivak Congratulations on your wonderful accomplishment. We are all very proud of you. May your skills, and knowledge and humanity always be with you and a comfort to your patients. LOVE ALWAYS Dad Gayl and Dean Mark and Heidi Nana and PopPop Dr. James J. Butler Jr. Congratulations You Have Worked Very Hard To Attain Your Goal Of Becoming A Doctor. You Have Made Us Very Proud Of Your Accomplishment. May You Achieve Success In All Your Future Goals. Love MOM DAD MIKE CHRISSYCongratulations! Dr. Kelsey L. Armstrong You’ve Applied Yourself____ Made Sacrifices--- Spent A Lot Of Time And Effort... And Now You’ve Accomplished A Milestone In Your Life. It Feels Great.... And We Are Very Proud. There Are No Barriers To Your Future Growth. Only Challenges To Meet And The Promise Of A Greater Sense Of Accomplishment. Well, This Is The End Of Your Journey. Which Leaves A Thought That Is Big And Strong. And A Wish That Is Kind And True. Love Always MOM. DAD AND YOLANDA 165Dr. Dawn Marie Williams Congratulations sweetheart, I am very proud of you. Love Daddy. 166PATTI IT IS IMPORTANT IN OUR LIVES AND WORK THAT WE CELEBRATE OUR LITTLE VICTORIES AS THEY come, for if We Wait for something major to CELEBRATE, WE WILL MISS MUCH OF THE POTENTIAL JOY IN OUR LIVES. YOU HAVE REACHED A MAJOR VICTORY IN YOUR LIFE. NOW YOU CAN SHOUT AND REJOICE IN THE LORD. We are proud of You LOVE DAD , MOM, AND TAMESHA • delight Yourself also in the lord and he shall GIVE You THE DESIRES OF YOUR HEART." PSALM 37:4 167Joel, From the start« has been our |oy and delight to see God's plan tor your Me untold, and we rejoice with you now as you graduate No parents could bo prouder' We are proud ot your dedication and achievement, happy that the years of intense study are over, and gratetul for your obedience to God We ateo thank God for giving you a perfect mate, and us a ported daughter. Our love and prayers are with you both. Mom and Dad completion unW the day of Christ Josus Philippian 1:6 Congratulations Dr. Aaron Solomon We're very proud of you. We Love You! Stephanie, Kerry, Mom Dad CONGRATULATIONS Dr. Daniel P. Swineford You have finally reached the top of the mountain you’ve been climbing for the past ten years. Now the world is at your feet. Go for it! We’re Penn State Proud Mother and Dad 168CONGRATULATIONS Dr. Daniel P. Swineford You've worked hard to attain your goal, Your student loans have you in a hole, Our bunions are beyond belief, We’re waiting Dan for pain relief. THE SWINEFORD FAMILY Adriana, This is a very special moment for us, for all of your joy is our joy, and your dreams will always be our dreams. We are very proud of your accomplishments. We wish you the best in all your future endeavors. Love, Mom, Dad. Marco, Sandra. Joe, and Lia. P.S. You've accomplished a great “feet”. DR. MARCO UCCIFERRI YOUR BEST FOOT FORWARD YOU'VE STRUGGLED AND STRIVED AND YOU'VE FINALLY MADE IT. WE'RE BURSTING WITH PRIDE AND EXTREMELY ELATED. YOU'VE CRAMMED ALL THE KNOWLEDGE GIVEN BY YOUR PROCTOR. NOW YOUR DREAM WILL COME TRUE AND YOU WILL BE A DOCTOR. WE REMEMBER WHEN YOU WERE BARELY KNEE HIGH AND WE ALWAYS KNEW THAT YOU'D REACH FOR THE SKY. BUT YOU NOW HAVE SURPASSED OUR WILDEST DREAMS, YOUR WHOLE LIFE LIES AHEAD, THOUGH SURREAL IT DOES SEEM. SO WE WISH YOU GOOD LUCK THOUGH WE KNOW YOU'LL NOT NEED IT. 'CAUSE YOU HAVE THE WHOLE PACKAGE AND NOTHING CAN BEAT IT. WE'VE BEEN BLESSED TO HAVE YOU, SO SUCCESSFUL AND SWEET. NOW WE ASK JUST ONE THING, TAKE GOOD CARE OF OUR FEET! !!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS! ALL OUR LOVE, DAD MOM; MICHELE, LINA, CLAUDIO, NADIA; JOE GRACE; ANN, DAVE, ANGELO. YOLANDA, NICOLE, SAMANTHA; AND SADIEGod creates so few men with unqucstienable integrity. I thank Him for placing them here at Temple. Robert Boyd James Burke Warren Joseph Harvey Lemont Kieren Mahan 170YOU HAVE A SPECIAL SIFT People believe in you You are the person who listens, advises and heals. You know how to care. Not everyone can do what you do. Not everyone has the heart and the mind or knows how to walk the tightrope between them, but you do...and you do it extremely well You create smiles, give hope and heal wounds. "To the world you may be just one person, but to one person you may be the world.." You have a special gift Brian. WE ARE SO VERY PROUD OF YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS. AS YOU CONTINUE ON YOUR JOURNEY AS A DOCTOR KNOW THAT OUR LOVE IS FOREVER WITH YOU-.WHEREVER YOU MAY BE xoxoxox ALL OUR LOVE xoxoxox MOM, DAD, JEFFREY, JILL AND GRANDMA MARTHA 171172Congratulations as you step into the future. IrniJ Temple University |IH| Health System In Matters of Your Health, Choose Temple. 1-800-TempleMED 'temple University Hospital • Temple University Children's Medical Center • Temple Physicians Jeanes Hospital • Lower Bucks Hospital • Neumann Medical Center • Northeastern Hospital Episcopal Hospital • Elmira Jeffries Nursing Home • Northwood Nursing Center • Home Health Care Services .Affiliate members: Temple University School of Medicine • Philadelphia Geriatric Center John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital • Temple University Medical Practices 173 ... All working together to keep you healthy. 'earns to Se an award-winning podiatrist dove yaw nim md Kefdum Smed, met Soma, 174jjVU- OJLlxjOu c fXU±. jU"UA_ OjZaJc (j lUJlAd. . Ld-e- (Jal u u - psuzu-cL. Oj tyju-, U cJt o - frUtazoAO j OiXAM7r f3JLLAJv usu£ , UX- JUnM- ru'-, ITurm, l ouaL! LiLwdLu h,! udt DR. JENNIFER F. WOOL HAS MADE HER PARENTS PROUD AGAIN. You have always wanted to be a Doctor and now you have achieved this admirable goal. What a splendid accomplishment. We always Knew that what ever you reached for, you would achieve. Love, Mom, Dad and Kyle P.S. Take your career one foot at a time. 175To our Son Matthew ...from his proud Parents Sister Doctor Matthew Sowa ... You seemed to know early, right from the start your career would focus on just one body part. A field of medicine dealing with ankles and feet a personal decision that couldn’t be beat, We know school life was hectic at 8th and Race but you’ve proven to us you could keep up the pace. Its time to close the book on this academic year time to extend best wishes as you start your career. W'ith pride we say to you, Matthew, our Son as a Podiatric Doctor, you’re Number One! With all of our Love ... Mom. Dad Melissa When the praises go up the blessing Will come DOWN, PATTI You HAVE DONE A WONDERFUL JOB IN GETTING YOUR: D.P.M. • LOVE ALWAYS • QRANDDADDY • MAIA • AUNTIE BARBARA • MARLA • BABY TRENTONNational Entertainment APFbccallKS iam«Jl V »»: xu fVtatasA tfqspati mA VYtskt }s.m» « m m crw w m w m,» wW X WnS s . 0 A discotheque fire in Goteborg, Sweden, kills 61 teens and injutes several more, making il the deadliest fire in modem Swedish history. Arson is the suspected cause of the October fire. nM.dwfc summit in vAirch countries endow, an n V4tuj campaign, the 1.%. vows to spend an estimated tuition over the neat five years on anti-drop, advertising corporate and civic iartnerstiips md promotion. 0 memorial commemorating the First anniversary ol the death ot Princess Liana and Lodi Fayed is put on display in London's Uarrods department store, which is owned by Lodi's lather. taSeplmtet Uwt TM$W crashes in Unseam Care.Nwa Scotia. Canada. ViWing all 1B tpasacevfcm av 4 crew ahoaiA. A cockpit wirin?. Tire isMw suspfccttrl cause at the AisasteT. O In retaliation for the African embassy bombings, the U.S. attacks a suspected chemical weapons factory in the capital of Sudan and a terrorist training camp in Afghanistan, and launches a worldwide search for suspected mastermind Osama bin laden.✓ O ugust 7. powerful bO jtexplode outside the UflRihassies in Kenya and Tanzania killing 2-18 people, including 12 Americans, and injuring more than 5.000. NASA and Russia will conduct -15 missions to launch and assemble the International Space Station Alpha. Set for completion by 2004. the station will be powered by almost an acre of solar panels and will weigh almost one million pounds. AT PfcoCtt-iofci MeCoaoico The remains of Czar Nicholas It and his family, killed in 1918 in Central Russia and buried in a mass grave, arc exhumed and laid to rest in St. Petersburg. G President Clinton becomes the first U.S. leader to visit China since the Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989. Many criticize Clinton for his apparent leniency toward I China's human rights restrictions. The worst summer flooding in China since 195-1 kilts 3,000 people, destroys 17 million homes and affects one-fifth of the country's population, Hurricane Mitch ravages parts of Jr Central America and kills more than 10.000 people, making it the second deadliest storm in the region’s history. After months of negotiations. Swiss banks and Jewish groups reach a $1 25 billion settlement in a lawsuit filed by thousands of Holocaust survivors to recover lost savings. John Hume and David Trimble. Northern Ireland's two main political party leaders, win the Nobel Peace Prize lor ihelr ettorts to end the violence that has plagued the British province tor three decades. Alter a stop in Mexico City in January 1999. Pope John Paul tl arrives in St. Louis. Missouri, and celebrates Mass with over 100,000 people in attendance. In January 1999. an earthquake that measures 6.0 on the Richter scale hits Colombia killing over 1.000 people. On January 1.1999. the euro debuts as the new currency in 11 European Common Market countries It will be three more years before euro coins and cash are officially put into circulation. King Hussein ot Jordan. 63. dies on February 7. 1999. ot lv« - -Hus '—’hou AcMffcCvwco ju rr - . APtWoTPCnUr £f National ews Convicted killer Martin Gurule escapes death row and is later found drowned in a nearby river. (Jurulc is the first Texas inmate to escape death row since 1934. 3 President Clinton becomes the second president in history to be impeached. The House of Representatives charges him with two counts of obstmetion of justice and perjury. The Senate acquits Clinton after a five-week trial. 0 A massive Millennium Clock in New York City's garment district counts down the days, hours, minutes and seconds to the year 2000. vV iT£T ' S if B7999183SC The U.S. Treasury unveils a new $20 bill designed to be much harder to -j.pl counterfeit and more capable of withstanding heavy abuse. 8 79991835 C Z OS 92059 US 2 06 92°" ■ After 50 years of work. the face of Crazy Horse is revealed at the South Dakota monument. When completed, the memorial. carved out of a mountain, will N, hr; the largest sculpture in the world. President Clinton declares the entire state of Florida a disaster area after fires bum over 300.000 acres and damage or destroy 150.000 homes. • In June. African-American James Byrd Jr., 49. is Chained to the back of a truck and dragged to his death in Jasper. Texas, by three men, two of whom have ties to white supremacists. O Sixteen of the 2-1 glass beads that historians believe were used to buy Manhattan Island from Native Indians in 1626 are donated to the Indian Museum of North America located at the Crazy Horse Memorial. AP F .aCruv Itorv U«m ul RotS Of'AVJ. F (; A Titanic exhibit tours the U.S. featuring over 200 artifacts and displays chronicling the fateful ship’s maiden voyage and tragic sinking. Mentally unstable Russell Eugene Weston Jr. charges into the U.S. Capitol building on July 24 and fatally shoots Special Agent John Gibson and Officer Jacob Chestnut. AP FSXo ry Cudcjot Pool C Northwest Airlines pilots strike for 17 days in August and September causing more than 27,000 canceled flights and a loss of $338 million. RfuKrv.’im fkwrJ'Aichht Phxoj In response to family pressure. DNA testing confirms that remains buried in the Tomb of the Unknowns are those of Michael J. Blassie, an Air Force pilot shot down in Vietnam. C Reform Party candidate Jesse Ventura shocks the nation when he wins the race for governor of Minnesota in November. Ventura is a former Navy Seal, pro wrestler and action movie actor. In summer 1998, North Texas temperatures exceed 100 degrees for 45 daw. The state’s heat death toll climbs to 132 and fires bum over 344.000 acres. ( in September. Hurricane Georges crashes through the Florida Keys and Mississippi. The killer storm causes the largest mandatory evacuation in Florida history, and Mississippi victims receive over $131 million in aid. In August. General Motors Corporation and United Auto Workers reach an agreement that ends an eight-week strike. President Clinton announces the federal government ends the 1998 fiscal year with a budget surplus ol $70 billion, the first surplus since 1969. Matthew Shepard, a 21 year-old gay student at the University of Wyoming, dies five days after being brutally attacked in an apparent hate crime. Vigils in his memory are held across the country. More than 280 colleges now admit some or all ot their applicants without regard to SAT or ACT scores. Many schools say the system improves the academic quality and diversity ot their student bodies. DNA tests determine that Rebecca Chittum was unknowingly switched wtlh Callie Conley at a Virginia hospital alter their births three years ago. This case prompts a national debale on the need for stricter hospital procedures. "U"__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ vw A computerized T-shirt, woven with fiber optics and electrically conducted thread, may soon monitor the health of soldiers, rescuers, the elderly and others who are medically vulnerable " "tiews G NASA's Lunar Prospector finds scattered pockets of ice beneath the lunar surface. The presence of water con’d enable astronauts to use the moon as a kind of space-based filling station. A study demonstrates that the more hours people spend on the Internet, the more depressed, stressed and lonely they feel. An analysis of Eastern Seaboard weather shows it really does rain more frequently on weekends than during the week, an average of 22 percent more. Automobile emission patterns are the suspected cause of the phenomenon. G Apple's translucent aqua blue iMac personal computer, its first consumer offering In years, is marketed mainly for Internet usage and. therefore, doesn't come with a disk drive. Its popularity soars and it soon becomes available in several other colors. w The comet Tempel-Tuttle causes a meteor storm when it passes by Earth. The comet will be visible again in fall 1999, after which it won’t reappear for aoother;p2 years. G John Glenn, 77. becomes the oldest astronaut when he undertakes a space shuttle mission in October. 36 years after his | first space flight. Later, Glenn retires from a 24-year career in the U.S. Senate. Columbia University graduate student Elizabeth Brannon and psychology professor Herbert Terrace demonstrate that monkeys can master simple arithmetic on at least the level of a two-year-old child. ThedJSDA announces that a 25-millisecond blast of 270-degree steam applied to meat kills 99.99 percent of the bacteria. This process follows the unpopular method of irradiation. Astronomers discover and photograph a planet outside our solar system that is about 450 light years away from Earth. Alabama hairdresser Philip McCory discovers that human hair soaks up oil from water, which prompts NASA to investigate ways to use human hair to clean oil spills. In August, renowned Houston heart surgeon Dr. Denton Cooley performs open-heart surgery which is broadcast live on the America's Health Network Internet web site. 0 On August 12. the SI billion Titan 4 rocket explodes 42 seconds after liftoff The rocket payload included a highly classified Defense Department satellite. David Scott, who losi his lett I fireworks accident, receives t U.S. human hand transplant i O Paleontologists in Argentina discover thousands of shards of fossilized dinosaur eggs. Several shards contain the fossilized remains of unhatched embryos and their never-before-seen embryo skin. The Electronic Structure of Atom J t irv N ux on.k»MAft j Emtswon Sp«ctr» 3 2 ir»B«f rwo J«or IK» Atom 3 3 Iho wjie uoJ« Ot In Atom C Chemistry professor Claude Yoder co-authors "Interactive Chemistry," a CD-ROM that uses animation to lead students through chemistry problems, eliminating the need for a textbook. A? Pt„.-.yA= rxan VW-.ni rtl Nature) Hllterr, t Merit Alan Shepard, the first American in space, dies on July 22 at the age of 74. Researchers discover a gene that may cause the aggressive behavior of “killer bees." This knowledge may help tame African bees, whose sting has deterred beekeepers from tending hives. q Researchers reveal a new technique that determines the sex of a baby before conception. This technique uses a laser detector that measures the DMA in sperm cells. P . :ocoutttsy of the i-jthots (C Voter. O.Rrttcrrr.M Tloatta .-i3K Hew) : The FDA withholds medical approval of St. John's Wort, the popular herbal supplement widely believed to relieve depression. However. American consumer demand has led to its use in everything NATUHiFL St. John's wort  C A USA Today investigation reveals that many of the nation s safe drinking water regulations are not being enforced. The report (y reveals that even the worst violations have just a 1 in 10 chance of drawing legal action — 3 Lovegety, a palm-sized matchmaking device, is the latest craze with Japanese teenagers. When it comes within 15 feet of another lxivegety, high-pitched beepers go off. lights flash, and the "love detectors” display whether the users' preset interests match. It's now available in the U.S. O PlayStation's "Crash Bandicoot: WARPED" supersedes its popular predecessors. Also new is Crash's sister Coco who gallops along the Great Wall of China and cruises through enemy-infested waters. Furby. the year's must-have interactive toy. has a vocabulary of 200 words in both English and its own language. "Furbish." Furby knows when it is being petted, when the lights go out. when music starts, and if there's another Furby in the room. (; WildEyes contact lenses feature several designs, including a starburst, black eight ball and cat's eyes. The $165 lenses come in prescription and non-prescription and don't interfere with eyesight. Appearing in malls In 33 states, job kiosks dispense employment opportunities for interested applicants. Job seekers enter their skills and ambitions and the machine scans its database for a match. fT - in 3 Consumer groups demand the recall of Olestra from the market, or at least the adoption of strict guidelines as to its use. after thousands of people become sick from eating the popular fat substitute. However, studies suggest that chips made with Olestra do not cause greater stomach problems than regular chips. I WANT YOU , U75.ARMY ENLIST NOW In December. Selective Service activates online registration. Fighteen-year o'.ds can now register Instantly Instead of filling out forms at the post office that take two to three months to process.In hopes ol reducing the divorce rate, the Florida legislature passes the nation's first law requiring that high school students be taught marital and relationship skills. Spurred by lierce competition, colleges and universities are going online to otter students a new way to get an education Florida State and New York University are a lew lumping on board. Pwl A. Sooien'C Cortu As thtneed for toll-free numbers greatly increases, the 887 prefix joins the 800 and 888 prefixes already in use. A sleek, redesigned version of the '60s Volkswagen Beetle enters the market. Despite a May 1998 recall for wiring problems, the New Beetle is wildly popular. Butterflies and dragonflies are the hot motif in the fashion world appearing on everything from clothes and bags to hair accessories and jewelry A For $20 30 a day, trained professionals at dog and cat day cares will play with, read to. feed and pamper pets in their care. V ?- •' .’.l" C Cargo pants invade stores and become the must-have piece of apparel I for teens across I the nation. Mr. Payroll is the first ATM that can cash a check - even for someone without a bank account. The machine "memorizes" facial features and matches them with a social security number to verify the users identity. itioioceurtesjol Mr Payroll Cccp«c o Pilates. a low-impact form of exercise that uses unique equipment and deep stretching techniques, becomes popular with men and women. In (he wake ol grim automobile accident statistics, California is one of several states to pass stricter teenage licensing laws The average home Internet user spends 25 hours a year waiting lor web p3ge$ to load. O Rollerbladc introduces durable;, all terrain in-line skates that can traverse dirt paths and rocky trails. The large-wheeled skates retail fora cool $600o Britain's best Scrabble players commemorate the popular board games 50th anniversary in October by playing in London's Wembley Stadium using letter tiles the size of dining tables. J-'£ O Kart Malone and Dennis Rodman face off in a World Championship Wrestling tag-team match. The event pits Rodman and Hollywood Hulk Hogan against Malone and Diamond Dallas Page. : NBC's "Frasier'' makes history by winning its fifth consecutive outstanding comedy scries award at the 50th annual F.mmy Awards. Kelsey Grarnmer, in the title role, wins his third Emmy as best comedv actor. Tom Hanks stars in Steven Spielberg's Saving Prirate Ryan, an authentic recreation of World War ll's D Day. The film receives 11 Oscar nominations. : Adam Sandler stirs in the surprise hit The | Waterboy, which earns a record 09.1 million in its November opening weekend In November. ABC's "Spin City" star Michael J. Fox. 37. reveals he has Parkinson's disease. Fox underwent brain surgery in March 1998 in an attempt to relieve severe tremors. C Trail Burner, a hand held mour bike racing game, uses motion sensors to him comers and jump hills and water pits. Crashes make the handlebars vibrate. , Heartthrob George Clooney announces 1998-99 will be his last season on NBC’s award winning television drama. “ER."AP ftottvViE. tout Sotwson ash Megastars Bruce Willis and Demi Moore announce their separation in June after almost 11 years ol marriage. The American Film Institute rates the top 100 movies ot the 20th century. The top ten include: Citizen Kane, 1941 Casablanca. 1942 The Godfather, 1972 Gone With the Wind, 1939 Lawrence of Arabia, 1962 The Wizard of to, 1939 The Graduate. 1967 On the Waterfront, 1954 Schindler's List, 1993 Singln' in the Rain, 1952 Fans Hock to theaters to see the two-minute trailer lor Star Wars: Episode I • The Phantom Menace and many leave without staying to watch the main attraction. The prequel to the wildly popular Star Wars trilogy opens in May 1999. Wall Disney's A Bug's Ule is one of at least) 15 animated feature films that will flood the nation's theaters in the next two years. C In June. Keiko arrives in his native Iceland to begin his assimilation to his new surroundings. The move concludes a four-year campaign to release the five-ton star of the movie Free Willy. 5 Taco Bell’s talking Chihuahua becomes a favorite teen advertising icon and sparks a surge of interest in the breed Actor Rick Schroder replaces Jimmy Sinits on ABC's; “NYI’D Blue " The fate of Smits' character in his last episode he dies when a heart transplant fails — became a source of nationwide speculation. O In May 1998. the much-anticipated movie Godzilla opens to disappointing reviews and box office numbers. The epic leaves theaters quickly. iYo Quiero Taco Bell! Players of Vertical Reality, a combination video game and amusement ride, shoot at moving targets on a 2-1-foot-tall screen and sit in chairs that rise with each successful hit. The winner rides to the top for a grand view. The wildly popular stars of The WB network's “Dawson's Creek" hit the big screen, filming eight feature films during hiatus. Magazine covers by TV Guide, Seventeen and Interview fuel the craze. C The coming-of-age drama “Felicity" quickly gains popularity with teens. The WB show revokes around a young woman and her new experiences at college.HMDS O Spice Girl Geri Halliwell, belter known as Ginger Spice, announces in May 1998 that she is leasing the popular group for creative reasons. O Nineteen v,tr old Usher is named Billboard Music Awards' Artist of the Year and R B Artist of the Year. Touring with Janet Jackson and malting television and movie appearances has heightened Usher's popularity. Thanks in part to their 42-city tour. The Backstreet Boys' self-titled album sells nine million copies making it the third best-selling album of the war. Sharp and Sony introduce portable MiniDisc recorders. This digital alternative to audiocassettes records [customized music compilations and doesn't skip when bumped. C Alanis Morissette's new album. Supposed Former In fatuation Junkie, is released in Novembc and vaults tn No, 1. The album sells -169,000 copies in the first week O In January 1999. the )cr V b ' O The Dixie (’hicks' Wide Open Spaces is the fastest-selling debut album by a country music group. The group wins the Vocal Group of the Year award from the Country Music Association. group N Sync wins Favorite New PojvKock Artist at the American Music Awards. Singer and actor Frank Sinatra dies at the age of 82 on May 14.1998. Musi 3Swing dancing makes a big comeback with the'help of music from bands like Cherry Poppin' Daddies (shown) and the Brian Sctzcr Orchestra. ; Jewel scores on two fronts. Her book of poetry A Sight Without Armor, makes the New York Times best-seller list, and her album. Spirit, is released in November. ATKotoTiic Shania T vain wins the Favorite Female Country Artist award at the American Music Awards and receives six Grammy nominations. Natalie Imbruglia wins Breakthrough Artist honors at the MTV Video Music Awards in September. Her album. Left of the Middle. features hits "Tom" and “Wishing I Was There. The popularity1 of Lauryn Hill's album The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill leads to 10 Grammy nominations, the most for any female artist in history. Hill kicks off a worldwide tour in January 1999. Acrosmith’s “I Don't Want to Miss a Thing." from the movie Armageddon, becomes the group's First single to hit No.l on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. ;) Monica is the only artist in 1998 with two No. 1 hits on the Billboard Hot 100. including “The First Night" and “The Boy Is Mine," a duet she sings with Brandy. Psychologists discover a connection between musical training and verbal memory. Children trained to play a musical instrument grow up to have 16 percent better word memory than other adults. In November. Garth Brooks' new album Double Live enjoys first-day sates of over 500.000 copies, the industry's best one-day tally. Brooks makes special TV and Wal-Mart closed-circuit TV appearances to promote the release. Movie soundtracks account for nearly halt ot the Gold and Platinum certilication Some ot the top soundtracks include Titanic anti Return to Titanic. City of Angels. Armageddon. Hope Floats. Dr. Doolittle and The Wedding Singer. Whitney Houston's My Love Is Your Love Is her lire! studio album in eight years. The album includes the hit duet with Mariah Carey entitled When You Believe Actor rapper Will Smith wins three American Music Awards, including Favorite Pop Rock Album. Favorite Soul H B Album and Favorite Soul B B Male Artist.Krulrn kibi UromrVihnr Rioloi ■BC’s LeslevVissc th "inn s the first Hi'inan to report from thi sidelines'during “Monday Nigm Football." tbcil998 Super Bowl, the NCAA Final Four and NFL plavofl games. O Skiboards, short skis with twin tips that allow forward and backward jumping, debut in competition at the 1998 ESPN Winter X Games. Jeff Gordon wins the NASCAR Winston Cup for a second year in a row. Gordun, 27, is the youngest driver to win three WiflSton Cup championships In March 1998. ESPN laupche large-format sports magazine; ESPN The Magazine, to compe with Sports llluftraied. On January 1, 1999, Tennessee beats Florida State University 23-16 at the Fiesta Bowl in Arizona to win the national championship. It is the first vear of the Bowl Championship Series, created to ensure that the highest ranked college teams nationally meet in a bowl game. ; Defending champion Detroit Red Wings win the 1998 Stanley Cup championship, beating the Washington Capitals 4-1. Defenseman Vladimir Konstantinov, severely injured in a car accident after last year's Stanley Cup win. joins the celebration '• Flamboyant sprinter Florence Griffith Joyner (FloJo). triple gold medalist at the 1988 Olympics, dies at age 38 in her sleep, of suffocation during an epileptic seizure. Sports C Sang Lan, China’s 17 year-old gymnastics champion, breaks two vertebrae during a vault at the Goodwill Games in July, leaving her paralyzed from the chest down. APftictt'S'atf A'f- ihh iBsssJ'ii C St. l.ouis Cardinal Mark McGwire hits home run number 62 on September 8. breaking the record set by Roger Maris in 1961. McGwire ends the season with 70 home runs. Af FhocaKuJty Ke ;rCy C Olympic gymnast Dominique Moceanu is declared a legal adult after suing her parents, alleging they squandered her earnings and oppressed her for years. Later. Moceanu is granted a protective order against her father for stalking her Sffrtt OUoe.Kru'.f 0 The Chicago Bulls capture their sixth NBA championship by beating the Utah Jazz 87-86 in game six. Michael Jordan earns the Finals MVP award. In January 1999. Jordan announces his retirement from the NBA 1 after 13 seasons. AfPsouyEncfcrtcrj The defending champion Denver Broncos meet the upstart Atlanta Falcons at Super Bowl XXXIII in Miami. The Broncos win 34-19. Golfer Casey Martin, who suffers from a circulatory disorder in his right leg, wins a lawsuit allowing him to use a cart during PGA and Nike golf tournaments. On September 13. Sammy Sosa of the Chicago Cubs also breaks Roger Maris' record with his singleseason 62nd home run. Sosa ends the season with 66 home runs. On September 20. Cal Ripken Jr. ends his 16-year streak ol 2.632 consecutive baseball games played by withdrawing himsell from the Baltimore lineup tor that night. NBA owners impose a lockout on July 1 that causes almost hall Ihe '98 -‘99 basketball season to be lost. The labor dispute is settled on January 6. Tennis star Pete Sampras wins his film Wimbledon title and remains the world's No. 1 player lor a record sixth straight year, breaking Jimmy Connors' mark lor consecutive seasons on top. The NFL season is plagued with controversial and incorrect calls. Instant replay is not reinstated, but coin toss procedures are implemented In a 4-0 : wct3» gain$t the San Diego fedres, the New York Yankees win the 1998 World Scries to claim their 24th championship. The Yankees' 125 total victories is a modem baseball record. O In July. France beats Brazil 3-6 to win its first World Cup soccer title. During celebrations, a motorist drives through the crowd on the 60 people. G Lindsay Davenport. 22. defeats Martina Hingis in the U.S. Open in September and becomes the No. 1-ranked player in the world. .VPPtotoWm piM M'FtaafirtkE.nmcrAPlTKitotJur Krt Aftoful Hie O Olympic gold medalist figure skater Tara Lipinski takes part in an anti-tobacco rally with area school children on Capitol Hill in May 1998. The rally is sponsored by the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids. oanaoian loom Belanger escorts a mannequin to his high school prom. He names her Jen. picks out her dress and corsage and arrives in a limousine. David Weinllck for a wile and choose jdent Elizabeth Rurue finis who (ravel to thu tea in Minneapolis In mre and Weinllck roa ostens 599 Jo r“-i ews Miss Virginia Nicole Johnson is crowned Miss America 1999 in Atlantic City. The 24-year-old diabetic wears an insulin pump on her hip and plans to spotlight diabetes awareness during her reign 3 Seventcen-year-old Katie Hnida is named Chatfield Senior High School's Homecoming Queen as well as starting kicker for the varsity football team The No. 1-ranked kicker in the state of Colorado. Hnida hopes to play Division I college football next year. O O Fifty-six-year-old Linda McCartney, photographer, animal rights activist and wife of famed Beatle Paul, dies of breast cancer on April 17.1998. After dropping out of the third grade in 1902 to-care for her 11 younger siblings, retired nanny and housekeeper Eugenie Garside finally receives her high school diploma at age 98. Hirofumi “The Tokyo Terror" Nakajima (right), reigning world hot dog eating champion, eats 19 hot dogs and buns in 12 minutes to win the annual Nathan's Famous Fourth of July Hot Dog Eating Contest. Beloved puppeteer Shan Lewis dies of cancer on August 2. Her creations include her trademark Lamb Chop, Hush Puppy and Charlie Horse. NBC’s "News’Radkr star and former "Saturday Night Live'' cast member Phil Hartman dies from a gunshot wound 1 inflicted by his wife in May 1998.

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