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Achilles 1995 (Staff Sesrioi 1 sli t or. William F. McCarron III Class of 1 9 9 y Staff: Tracy Harris, Donna Myers, Gina Lagnese, Scott Aronson Class o f 199 j E si ii t o r. Lucinda Stiycker Class of 19 97 E si 11or. Lauren Newnam Class o f 19 9 o E si I t or: Tina Williams A si visors: Lisa Kroner, David A. Axler, Ph.D.William F. McCarron III, D.P.M. Senior Editor of Achilles 1995 Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine Folio Classmates. Looking back upon toe pest tour years. I am sum wo aO had day when wo wondered it w would eve- graduate. It all started in 1991 during Orientation, when Dr. Joseph d splayed his famous pictures Of gore We all gared around the darkenod room to get a glimpse ot everyone' reaction ot disgust. As I sat there in neck. I began to ask myself, ‘Am I the only one m this room .iitim'dated by these photos? Will I ever have the ebJty to treat such patient ? Now that four years have pasted, there t no reason tor us to ponder any more Instead, we car. hold our heads up high with genur.e pride and look on to the next step in our pod-amc cf'eers Armed with extensive knowSeCgo and wisdom, wc arc ready for new cha ienges. A tremendous amount of effort from many people was necessary for production of the t995 edition of the Achilles. My jmcero thanks goes out to an of you vrho were invoked. I hope that ten years from now. ell of u will flip through the pages of this book with a strife, reliving the memor es lead-ng up to graduation from PCPM. I with everyonein the Clast of 1995 good luck ;n their future endeavors. Just remember that as you tako pride In today's accomplishments, do not become complacent - keep striving to achieve higher goals.Retrospective of James E. Bates, D.P.M. By Carrie Smith, Director of Public Relations James Earl Bates, D.P.M. was born in Ligonier, Pennsylvania in 1923. As a young man. Dr. Bates became inspired by a dynamic podiatric physician named Alvin Mitchell. After some additional career counselling by his high school principal. Dr. Bates applied to the Temple School of Chiropody in 1941. He matriculated in the fall of that year. World War II broke out in the middle of Dr. Bates' professional training, and many of the students at Temple University signed up in the U.S. Army Enlisted Reserves Corps; they were called to active duty in March 1943. After basic training. Dr. Bates and eight other students from Temple were transferred into the Medical Detachment Unit of Camp Wolters Station Hospital, and were assigned to treat the feet of the trainees in the six area regimental dispensaries and also in the hospital foot clinic. After a bout with pneumonia. Dr. Bates was discharged from the Army and returned to Temple University to complete his podiatric training, graduating in 1946. As class president for two years. Dr. Bates worked with both students and faculty. He managed clinic schedules, acted as a mediator between classes and organized the Chiropody Ball. 1 le practiced successfully in Germantown for over 25 years. In addition to his practice. Dr. Bates held the part-time position of associate professor of Radiology at Temple University where he worked with Dr. Felton Gamble and ultimately. Dr. Vincent Jablon, both of whom were pioneers in the field of Roentgenology. In the community. Dr. Bates served as president of the Board of Managers of the Germantown YMCA, trustee and chairman of the Finance Committee of the First United Methodist Church in Germantown, and a member of the Board of the Germantown Businessman's Association. In 1962, Dr. Bates was persuaded to accept the position of president of the Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine. Due to the urgencies for funds, Dr. Bates worked on a part-time basis, still relying on his practice for income until 1966, when he accepted a small salary for working two full days a w'eek at PCPM. Over the years. Dr. Bates exercised many skills, l ie planned and directly oversaw the renovations of the former Skin and Cancer Hospital Building. Later, when the College outgrew the facility, he helped plan and oversee the new six-story PCPM building at 8th Race Streets. Then came the seven-story student apartment building and, finally, the construction of PCPM’s Foot and Ankle Institute. Due to Dr. Bates' foresight and leadership, the College encompasses almost an entire city block. As a member of the Executive Committee of the American Association of Colleges of Podiatric Medicine since 1965, and president for three years. Dr. Bates has contributed expertise, guidance and leadership to the growth of the organization and to the colleges it serves. He has also worked actively on developing scholarships, grants, gifts, and trusts for the College. (Continued on next page)Dr. Bates is renowned tor his political discernment. He communicates on a first name basis with many local, state, and national prominent citizens and political personalities. As past president of Bucks-Montgomery and Greater Philadelphia Podiatry Societies, American College of Foot Radiologists, Pennsylvania Podiatric Medical Association, and the Federation of Associations of Schools and Health Professions, he is a vigorous force for strengthening the profession. For 18 years he has actively led as Chairman of the Region Three Convention of the APMA, one of the largest, most popular and affordable regional meetings in the country. PCPM has become the outstanding college in the collection of archival artifacts, gifts, old books and manuscripts on podiatric medicine. Dr. Bates has created and fostered-with the help of colleagues, friends, fine librarians and archivists in the United States and England- the largest library and archives collection in podiatric medicine in existence. Dr. Bates is known and respected internationally, having served for 16 years as a Member and four years as Chairman of the International Committee of the APMA. He has also helped sponsor international courses at PCPM and offered faculty lecturers to foreign and international organizations’ programs. In 1982 Dr. Bates was the only podiatric physician to have been awarded "Fellow, College of Physicians of Philadelphia", one of the oldest and most prestigious medical institutions in the United States. In 1991, at the meeting of the International Congress of Podiatry in Nice, France, Dr. Bates was presented "Honorary Fellow of the Society of Chiropodists", an elected distinction awarded to only 18 American podiatrists in the 78 year history of the Society. Most recently, in honor of Dr. Bates' 70th birthday and for over 30 years of dedicated service to PCPM, a Presidential Scholarship was inaugurated on June 2, 1993. A luncheon was held in Dr. Bates' honor. According to Dr. Bates, "The Presidential Scholarship Award is one way PCPM can assure that gifted students will continue to receive financial assistance and reduce the financial hardship they may incur during their four years at the Col lege." PCPM will begin a new chapter in its distinguished history with a new president. Dr. Bates, the only president in PCPM's history, announced his retirement in June 1994. The College has been through a tremendous transformation in health care, and has led many of the advances in podiatric medicine and research. PCPM has emerged from Temple University and become the leading institution of podiatric medicine in the world. In the words of Dr. Bates, "It has been an honor to serve as president of PCPM since its opening in 1963. As the new president leads the way in podiatric medical education, and as I consider the College's future, I am confident that the best is yet to be.' Dr. Bates and his wife, Laura, have been married for 45 years. They have four children; Susan, Sarah, J. Barrington, and IVilla, and two grandchildren; Olav and Laura Jaren. Dr. and Mrs. Bates reside in Philadelphia and spend lime at their vacation home in Somers Point, NJ. 1990. The new clinic opens. 1993: At the Presidential Scholarship Luncheon, Dr. Bates shares a moment with Mayor Ft! Rendell. 1993: A patient undergoes a gait analysis in the Gait Study Center. 5 James E. Bates, D.P.M. President @ Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine lAMiVi MILvUI’M To the class of 1995: I wnte U»v message with mitcd feelmgi While it ij always a great honor and privilege to congratulate members of the gradjiLng class on your achievement!, thi is the Iasi ume I will have the cppoftiaity to do to at President. After thirty-three year , the time has come for new leadership. Thus. it is especially meaningful for rve to extend my San felt congratulations to each of you. May the best that life hat to offer befall on each of ye a, These pan four years have been a difficult journey and your success is evident in your many accomplisfcmer.Cs. The PC PM family it proud of you You are well prepared to over your resicency program! and eventually to practice your c ho ten profession You have achieved much in both knowledge and Wills. The ctxturg yean 01 not be easy. The Nation and our profession face a few yean of turmoil within the health care community. Work with your colleagues, join the organ rations wiUun the profesiion. let yoaf elected leaders hear from you. and together you will be in the health care mainstream as the century ends. Time, teamwork and uuth will survive any threats that will ratface. As I told you at orientation foar years ago. it will not be easy to succeed in a geographic area where there is an abundance of D.P.M.'t. We looked at a map that demonstrated the many shortage areas. Most of those under-terved areas still exist and I urge you to consider one of them I also aid that no roller where you pcacucc it « not yew net profit that is most important In the Icwg run ite satisfaction you experience as a caring health professional is more precious than any material reward The fow-ueary Arrcr.can public needs all of you Don't let them down. By providing the services that only we do bett yot will be improving the quality of life aad at a reasonable cost to society There will be some days of discouragement ahead. Don't give in-keep working-stick together and the future is very bright The best to each of yoa noccrely. Oihej E. Bares. D. President rM. f ICHTH AT RACE STREET • PHILADELPHIA. PA 1 107-2490 • 215-02-9-0300 • 4CO-220-FEETDavid A. Axler, Ph.D. Vice President of Student AffairsMarilyn R. Fenton, Ph.D. Dean of Educational Affairs 8Kieran T. Mahan, D.P.M., F.A.C.F.A.S. Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine to tn cun of mv Ccc.jratulac.one on the successful conclusion of the !lf t pert of your professions! Journey. Undoubtedly the put four yHil he's beer. cbelleogirg foi you. rigorous. perheps even neddenlng at tl ee. Hopefully. - have given you nee only eh knowledge end technical (kill necessary CO provide for the fooe end ankle needs of the American public. but eore leportently. instilled in you Cho desire to oontlnu your pnftllinil growth s ny ,uri after you kavi l fs thi institution. Sure are tuny wd«!al uptett to Oelng part of this profession. There I a level of respect that coaes froa your position in society, an ability to provide for your Tastily ercncelrally, and an opportunity to continue eo grow intellectually and personally. The deeands of your profetaio-. will require that you continue your pursuit of knowledge and r.ew skills throughout your professlcna. life. This is the cely -ay that you can Insure that you will provide ibe beat car poislbl tc your patients, end also continue to have satisfaction in you career The natty different kinds of people that you will ne t throughout your professional life will also pro-dde you with unigue opportunities foi personal growth Jtoet will be grateful to you. son nay challenge you. and cnee In while toeeone ney even be unhappy with you personally or professionally Thea at all challenges that you will fee is providing people -1th the l eophletlceted level of cere S -elcoee each and every on of you to Carr profession with open ino u need each of you to be as active contributing aeacer of chi profoasico. working every day to proeota the growth e-vl developin' ofi the profession I wiah you good fortune in all your future endeavors and a happiy and successful profeaatoaai life Sincerely. 0 kieran T. Mahan, ppw Vic President for Acsdee.le Affaire and Cean i hi EICHTH AT RACE STREET • PHILADELPHIA PA m07-24Cp • 21S-OM-OJOOWilliam J. Martin, D.P.M. Acting Vice President of Clinical Affairs Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine TO THE ClASS OF 1995 Congratulations on your successful coapletion of our acadoaic and clinical prograa. As you enter Into your professional caraar, I want to wish all of you succacs. Host of you will ho entering into a residency prograa next year, be sure to sake the aost of this cxporionce. The years at the collage hav given you an oxcollent foundation of knowledge. It is now your responsibility to continue to build upon this so that your patients receive quality car . Again congratulations and welcoso into the profession of podiatric Medicine. 10PPMSA OFFICERS: (From left to right) Treasurer Scott Standi, Corresponding Secretary Candace Been, Recording Secretary Rita Mis try, Vice President Kim Thurmond, and President Steve Frank. SNPMA: (From left to right) President Sharone Simmons, Monique Jones, 2nd Vice President Kim Thurmond, Hadryan Vaughn, Rodney Bland, Evangela Anderson, Delegate Lubrina Hatter, Berthie Labissiere, Narayan Prabhakar, Lisa Overton, Myla Caunin, Alayna Joseph, Mary Sheriff, and 1st Vice President Maasi SmithGary Feldman, D.P.M. Class of 1993 President Kenneth Bloom, D.P.M. Class of 1993 Vice President Donna Goelzer-Myers, D.P.M. Class of 1995 Secretary Desmond Bell, D.P.M. Class of 1995 Treasurer Tracy 1 larris, D.P.M Class of 1995 PPMSA RepresentiliveCLASS OFFICERS 1996: (from L to R) Iris Henry - secretary, Ethel Wright - president. Risa Sherer APMSA representative, Javier Dominguez - treasurer, Nilufar Medhane - vice president, Stephanie Hochman PPMA liason (missing Yeon Ah Shim - PPMSA representative) CLASS OFFICERS 1997: (from L to R) Tom Cusumano - vice president. Jasmin Francisco -secretary, Tara Durante - president, Andrew Schneider treasurer CLASS OFFICERS 1998: Top Row, L to R) Heather Lavery - treasurer, Ron- Panepinto APMSA representative, (Bottom Row, L to R) Grace Lents secretary, Cathleen Khan vice president, Kathya Darmos - presidentOath of Hippocrates I sofemnty pfedge to consecrate my Cife to the service of humanity r I unit give respect and gratitude to my deserving teachers zviff practice medicine ivith conscience and dignity y 'The heafth and fife of my patient zviff he my first consideration. I zviff hofd in confidence aff that my patient confides in me I zvifl maintain the honor and the nohfe traditions of the medical profession. 'My coffeagues zvifl he as my fatnify zviff not permit considerations of race, religion, nationality, party politics or sociaf standing to inter-zscne hetzveen my duty and my patient I zvilf maintain the utmost respect for hiuman fife. 'Even under threat I zviff not use my fnozvfedge contrary to the fazvs of humanity These promises 1 mafe juffy and upon my honor.Podiatrist Creed ‘These foliowing fundamental 6eCicfs are expressed as standards of ethical conduct and propriety of podiatrists, individuaCly and collectively with patients, colleagues, members of added health professions and the public.: ‘To render service to humanity with impartial respect for the dignity of man. ‘To provide a fuCC and complete measure of professional service and attention to patien ts in the practice of Todiatric Medicine. ‘To unhesitatingly serve consultation in difficult or doubtful circumstances zvhere it appears that the quality of service and therapy to the patient can be enhanced. ‘To continue the i mp ro vement of kn o zvle dge and s kj Us fo r t h e beliefi t o f pa t ie n ts a n d p rofess i o ns. ‘To conduct the practice of podiatry as a credit to the profession. ‘To never accept limitations that might destroy or interfere with the exercise of best judgement and s fills or the quality of performance. ‘To regard the confidence and information received from patients with professional care and understanding. ‘To fully off er service and participate in the health programs for the public in keeping zuith the integrity of the profession.16And That's The Way It Was.. Remember? No Rhyme, No Reason...Honestly, we're just good friends!!Hey Joe, did you see me on Melrose Place last night ? Ray did not put his deodorant on todaySo the rumor is true !On the heavy stuff today, Ketch ? I can t get enough of this O.J. stuff! Who is driving Gary home tonight ? I swear I've never been to Delilah's Den! Positive Bill McCarron sign! Perpetual ladies man. 21God. I hate Monday morning clinic! Who ever can tell me what this is gets the rest of the morning off!Hmm, what am I going to do with my first million? Jim, can you look up the indications for the use of the oscilometer for me? Guys, don't ignore the two charts at the front desk! 23 Can 1 place a bet on the first race at Jersey Park?HEADLINE SPORTS 1994-1995 Above photo: The Summer of 1994 brought the World Cup to the U.S. for the first time ever. Brazil defeated Italv in the finals in overtime. Center photo: Michael Jordan in 1994 retired from basketball and signed a minor league base ball contract with the Chicago White Sox. By season's end, Jordan's batting average was a modest .202 for the Double-A Birmingham Barons. Stick to gambling and golf Mike!! Left photo: The 1994 baseball season and the 1994 1995 hockey season were mired in strike talks. Baseball fans suffered through the Fall without a World Series for the first time since 1904. New York Kanger hockey fans, who had not raised a Stanley Cup Championship banner to the rafters since 1940, had to wait a little bit longer than they anticipated to raise up their 1994 Championship banner. Right photo: Unseeded Andre Agassi won the U.S. Open in the Summer of '94. 24TONIGHT, ON HARD COPY... Left photo: The years 1994-1995 involved one of the most famous American murder cases in history. Who would ever forget that unbelievable manhunt for O.J. Simpson? The entire nation ran to their television sets one June evening in 1994 to watch Simpson’s White Bronco lead a line of police cruisers down southern California freeways to his house, where Simpson surrendered after nightfall. Simpson was the suspect in the brutal slashing murder of his ex-wife Nicole and her friend, Ronald Goldman. Jackson Presley: A match made in tabloid heaven. Lisa Presley said, "I do, ' to Michael Jackson in 1994. Elvis must be flipping in his grave (yes, Elvis is dead, people!). Woodstock '94: It rained. Thousands crashed the gates. Portable toilets overflowed. Food occasionally ran short. Drugs were everywhere. Only in America! Left photo: If rock 'n' roll is here to stay, 1994 made it clear that Aerosmith is too. The bad boys from Boston took three awards at the 11th annual MTV Music Video Awards ceremony. Right photo: 21 year old Heather Whitestone from Alabama became the first contestant with a disability to win the Miss America Pageant. Heather is legally deaf. 25NEWS FROM AROUND THE COUNRTY... Left photo: If the U.S. had a health care crisis in 1994-1995, you couldn't have proved it by Congress. Despite the exhortations of President Clinton and the f irst Lady, reform was not made in the country's health care program. So, another year passed without providing Americans with universal health care. Right photo: Tens of thousands of firefighters fought a summer-long battle against scores of fires that burned more that three million acres of woodlands across the western portion of the United States. Above photo: It was a rainy month in Georgia, where Above photo: President Clinton signed a $30 million floods killed 31 people. Tropical storm Albert dumped crime law. nearly 2 feet of rain upon the Peach State. 26AND AROUND THE WORLD Above photo: King Hussein of Jordan and Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin shook hands on the White I louse lawn and signed an agreement for peace as President Clinton played host. Above photo: Civil war continued to rack Bosnia-Herzegovina through the 1994-1995 school year despite the efforts of the U.N. Above photo: The U.S. went to the brink of invading Haiti. But at the last minute Haiti's military leaders promised the U.N. that they would cede power to Jean-Bertrand Aristide, the duly elected president of Haiti. Above photo: Civil war in Rwanda killed 500,000 of its people. Left bottom photo: Cuban refugees headed north on anything that floated to escape the poverty and hunger in their country. Right bottom photo: Mark Lee and Carl Meade walked in space by using jet propelled equipment 150 miles above Earth. 27Class Gift The Class of1995 would like to present a gift to the future graduating classes of PCPM. It is a valuable tool which can be used in any stressful situation during your residency interviews. We have compiled a list of 20 different ways of stating, "I don't know, "during an interview. It is very important not to keep saying, "1 don 7 know. " If you do, it displays that you have a very narrow sense of imagination. Therefore, use this list frequently! 1) I DON'T RECALL. 2) Umm... Can you repeat the question? 3) I'M AFRAID THAT I'M DRAWING A BLANK ON THAT ONE. 4) OH NO, BRAIN FLATULENCE! 5) God, I KNEW THAT ONE YESTERDAY! 6) What do you mean by that? 7) Can you rephrase the question please? 8) Well, I don't know the answer to that question. However, I'm a hard worker and a people person! 9) Can I go to the bathroom? 1 O) You KNOW, THAT IS AN INTERESTING QUESTION. However, I don't have an answer for you AT THIS TIME. 1 1) AW MAN, I KNOW EXACTLY WHERE THE ANSWER IS TO THAT QUESTION IN THE PRESBY BOOK!! 12) Can you ask me something about antibiotics INSTEAD? 13) I AM NOT FAMILIAR WITH THAT PROCEDURE. 14) I THOUGHT THIS INTERVIEW WAS SUPPOSED TO BE ONLY 1 5 MINUTES!! 1 5) WHY ARE YOU ASKING ME ABOUT THE ANATOMY OF THE HAND? I ONLY REMEMBER STUFF ABOUT THE FOOT!! 16) Umm... Aah....Umm...Aah... 17) WHAT KIND OF ? @ QUESTION IS THAT, YOU @!! . 18) THAT STUFF ISN'T IN THE PRESBY BOOK!! 19) I DON'T KNOW, NOR DO I CARE. I WAS OFFERED A PROGRAM LAST NIGHT. SEE YA!! 20) YOUR LAST RESORT: I DON'T KNOW.Suggestion Box The Class of1995 wants to make sure the transition into the era of a new presidency at PCPM is a smooth one. For this reason, we, the Class of1995, have brought to the table a few suggestions for our new leader to possibly take under consideration. Mr. President you will become an instant hit with the student body if you: 1 ) PROVIDE AMPLE FREE STUDENT PARKING. 2) Construct a force field in the clinic that will PREVENT THE ATTENDINGS FROM LEAVING THEIR MODULE WHEN THERE ARE PATIENTS TO BE SEEN. 3) Set a stiff limit on how many patients can be seen on "Dr. Downey Days" in A.M. Surgery Clinic. 4) Provide more comfortable chairs in class so THE STUDENTS WON'T GET STIFF NECKS WHEN THEY DOZE OFF. 5) SET MORE CONVENIENT OFFICE HOURS FOR THE BUSINESS OFFICE. 6) INFUSE THE ANATOMY LAB CADAVERS WITH 500 CC. OF POLO COLOGNE IV BID. 7) PROVIDE THE STUDENTS WITH OSCILOMETER INSTRUCTION MANUALS IN THE FIRST YEAR ORIENTATION PACKETS. 8) PROVIDE 4TH YEAR STUDENTS WITH MORE SCHOOL AFFILIATED RESIDENCIES THAT HAVE STIPENDS ABOVE THE POVERTY LINE. 9) Provide air conditioning in the surgery modules. 10) Provide the PM modules with vacuums that work. 1 1 ) GET RID OF THAT ANNOYING SECURITY SYSTEM. 1 2) PROVIDE MEAL PLANS AT THE JOHNNY CART. 13) PROVIDE THE STUDENTS WITH PERSONAL FITNESS TRAINERS IN THE SCHOOL'S GYM. 1 5) INSTALL CABLE TV IN THE BALL ROOM. 16) Purchase Sega Genesis for the Ball Room. 17) Ban attendance sign-in sheets. 18) Sponsor monthly school trips to A.c. 19) Ban drug reps from visiting the clinic who do not bring Boston Cream doughnuts. 20) FOUR WORDS: FREE BOOKS FOR STUDENTS.§ 4 CO 1 4 c-o T 4 P331Delaware (fvenue Hangouts J cyi 3t SEAFOOD • STEAKS • DANCING 32Rowan College of New Jersey B.S. Biology Marque A. Allen, D.P.M. Mom: 1 think back over all the years, who would have ever imagined it would end like this. Graduation is the culmination of one long journey that without a doubt started at the bottom. But, through it all you were the one constant in my life. The love and respect that 1 have for you is immeasurable. The amount of self respect, dignity and pride with which you have led your life has guided me to do the same, although not always successfully. Mom, I thank you, without you none of this would be possible... 1 love you. Dad: Over the years we both have changed, we matured somewhat, we grew apart and then back together again. After many of years of searching I think we both have found what we were looking for in our relationship. While at times it hit bottom, I never lost the respect and admiration 1 have for you as a man. Your tendency for hard work, perfection, dedication, and confidence to lead yourown way are traits that I was fortunate to inherit, because these have played a major part of mv success. Your constant support over the years has been something I could always rely on regardless if it was monetary, eiridtiona 1,afriendshiporcompassion. It wasablessing that I never meant to take advantage of. 1 love you Dad and thank you for always being proud of me. 34University of Massachusetts B.S. Biology Scott M. Aronson, D.P.M. August 7,1993:"Ilyssa Shari Grant and Scott Michael Aronson were married at theSheratonTara Hotel in Framingham, Massachusetts' ...THE HAPPIEST DAY OF MY LIFE..."with integrity devotion we shall treasure, nourish, support respect each other '...! l ove You Forever My Beautiful Wife and Best Friend: We made it! You are my inspiration. Ihanks for all the love, understandingand support during the last four years of late nights, long commutes and shortened weekends. Some may say we were crazy commuting over 200 miles and 3 states each day, but 1 say i t was well worth it. There is not a single person in tire world that I would rather spend the rest of my life with. Thank you for believing in me. Mom and Dad: I love you. You have al wavs been there for me. Thank you for all your love, guidance and support over the years. Mom, I looked forward to your frequent 10:05pm phone calls (they were always just in time for a study break'). 1 hope you're as proud of me as 1 am of you. Wayne and Kim: Tire many miles that separate us will never affect the relationship we have. I love you. Grandma and Nana: (If only Papa could see me now, I wish he were here, I miss him dearly.) Thank you for your words of encouragement and support. Finally, I am your grandson, "THE DCX7TOR". I he Grants: You have been there since the beginning. Thanks for all of your love, caring and support through itall. You are wonderful people and I'm proud to be a part of your family. Coco and Chanel (My little girls): Thanks for the late night company. Only you could brighten up the darkest days. My Friends at I’CPM: Thanks for the memories. Good luck in the future. Keep in touch. 35Marc A. Barbella, D.P.M. Rowan College of New Jersey B.S. Biology Mom and Dad: Your love and support lias allowed me to fulfill a lifelong dream. Thank you for the dedication to the success of all of your children. If everyone had as much love and foresight as the two of you for their children, the world would be a much better place. My brothers: The dawn of a new chapter in life is upon us. I pledge to you tlrat I will never forget the lessons of our past and the values instilled in us by our parents. The future is ours. Let us never forget what has gotten us to this point. I thank you both for all your love, support and patience. I love you both as brothers, mentors and best friends. Thanks. Carolyn and Patricia: Thank you for the love and support. You are the two best sisters a brother could ever ask for. To my friends: Thanks for understanding me thru some very difficult times. All of you have been part of helping me remember the goodness of life. Remember that, "Miagi-san teach balance." We will either find a way, or make one." -Hannibal 36Ursinus College B.S. Biology J. Peter Barrett, D.P.M. To my loving wife and best friend: Helgs, you are my love and my inspiration. I look back on the things we've done, and to the future to the things we have planned, and I truly believe that you are my better half. Mom and Dad: Love to you, who made it all possible. Mom, you gave me the confidence and fortitude to achieve and conquer. Dad, you taught me not to settle for mediocrity. Thanks to you both. Antjeand Paul: I'm proud of you guys. Paul, keep your head in the clouds Captain! Antje, you're a real sweet sis! Good luck in all you do, and thanks for all the support. Mom Gert: Thanks for all your support, and a wonderful wife. You raised her well. To my colleagues: Ladies and Gentlemen, congratulations to you. Know that you are my friends, fellow physicians, healers, and what 1 do for you and yours, you will do for me and mine. Good luck to you. Peter 37  Rutgers College B.A. Biochemistry Andrew S. Bear, D.P.M. Dad: Thank you for caring and helping however you could. Unde Hy: Thank you for your guidance in my life. Stuart: Thank you for helping and supporting me in my decisions. Thanks to the rest of my family for understanding. Ann: Love always, you've provided more excitement than I ever could have expected, even from you. To the guys at school, even the young republican one: That’s cool, huh, huh. Philmore, Rage, U.S.A Basketball, Lake George-Vermont-Maine, Lobster firsts. Cape Cod, YVelfleet drive-ins, Nantucket, The man from, house sit, hot tub, buy her a horse, hit the links. Ski? Me? Good Bid Beer, Hard G-d damn work. Box I.ax, Canadians, hockey deck, happy happy joy joy. New DDs, I feel the need the need todebride,doot!yaal]. It'sgood to lx the king. 38Desmond P. Bell Jr., D.P.M. Tulane University B.A. Psychology Dc Anna: 1 love you even more today than on the day we were married! Your patience, support, selflessness, and unyielding love inspires me.now, how about a game of Twister'? Mom Dad: Your loveand guidance haveallowed metoattainmy dream. Your honesty and integrity have made you my role models. If 1 am as half as good of a parent as you both have been, then I will truly be a success! Lisa, Eileen, Rosalie: I could never have wished for three better sisters. Even though we're all in different places now, we will always be together. Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, In-laws: Thank you for all the love, laughs, and occasional$$$ you slipped me when no one else was looking!! Friends, Teammates, Co-workers: The good times we shared will always be cherished. I look forward to buying you the next round. Classmates Faculty: ‘The more extensive a man's knowledge of was he has done, the greater will his power of knowing what to do."-Disraeli Adrienne, the Wonder Dog: You are the BEST pal in the whole world... I hope you are having fun chasing squirrels in that "great backyard in the sky". THE IRISH PRAYER May the road rise to meet you...May the wind be always at your back... May the sun shine warm upon vour face... May the rain fall soft upon your fields... And until we meet again... May God hold you in the palm of his hand. Ricardo Montez Bennett, D.P.M. Virginia Tech B.S. Microbiology To my family: You had faith in me when I had lost all in myself. I can't thank you enough for your support. Without you, I would be nothing. Well, 1 would be something, probably a convict. God Bless You. To my friends: You were always there to show me good times through the bad. 1 hope that all of your dreams and hopes become reality. 40Steven Wesley Bennett, D.P.M. University of Maryland B.S. Biochemistry, Molecular Biology Lord: I le who has walked with me through all my trials and tribulations finds me worthy enough to bestow unto me the blessings of loving family members, good friends, and the gift that I have very diligently to attaiii..I thank You. Mom: Thanks for all your never ending love, support and constant prayers. This degree I share with you. I thank God for giving me the strength and you. I love you very much. Family: Sometimes our decisions to seek personal happiness and fulfillmentdoes not immediately appeartobeselfless... ToGina and Jasmine, all my aunts and uncles, cousins and other family members-- Thank you for your support throughout my education. Your love contributed to my success. Friends and colleagues: It was a memorable four years both good and bad. I lowever, the friends that I made during this time made it worth it. Thanks to theSNPMA crew for the good times and my good friends in the classes of '94, '95, '96 and '97. Good luck to all my friends - --especially RB, CS, MS, CM, KY AG. Louis Gray: I only knew you for an instant; but I will remember you, my brother, for a lifetime. Faculty and Staff: Thank you for all your support and encouragement. It was more than I expected and will not forget it. "Sometimes silence is the most sincere form of flattery.'' -S.VV.B 1993 41Rodney L. Bland, D.RM Hampton University B.A. Biology Graduating from PC I’M represents the completion of years of devotion toward fulfilling my personal dreams of becoming a health care professional. It also represents the completion of years of investment by my parents who have helped me tremendously during this arduous endeavor. Not only have I completed academic goals but I have honed in on my personaland business skills as I've developed into the person that I am today. I d like to thank every family member for thdr support in any way. My degree in part is the result of their efforts to help me. Further, there have been friends and associates that have helped me along the way, froma kind word, something tocat,a place tostay, to personal sacrifice-thank you very much...vou know who you are. My wish is that in the future I can give back to those who have given to me. To the staff of student affairs, academic affairs and theclinic, thanks for helping me with the paper chase. To the faculty, thanks for the foundation. 1 recognize that the pinnacleof knowledgecan never be reached butconstantlv approached. To the Class of 1995, good luck, peace. 42College of William and Mary B.A. International Studies Kenneth Bloom, D.P.M. Mom and Dad: I am thankful that wc are able to celebrate this achievement together. Your steadfast love, support, and guidance have enabled me to realize my aspirations. I am proud to be your son and I look forward to sharing many more happy occasions with you in the years to come. 1 love you. Bill: You are my best friend and a great brother. Grandmom, Nana, Poppie: I love you and thank you for your generous support. Gary and Kevin: Thanks for your friendship, our many runs, and helping me through my bouts of NMS. Fellow Dragons: Thanks for making me smile. PCPM Friends: Thanks for all of the laughs and I wish you much success and happiness throughout your lifetimes. 43Jonathan A. Blum, D.P.M The Johns Hopkins University B.A. Natural Science Mom and Dad: 1 want to thank you for all of your sacri fices over the years, but more importantly for your love and desire to see me succeed. I truly respect you and thank you both. Love always. Jen: The years have changed our lives, and you have become an intelligent, beautiful, and caring sister. 1 love you and only wish you the best in the years to come. To my Grandmothers: You both are such strong people and have supported me so much over the years. Your devotion and passion, for me, are inspiring. Grandpa Amici: 1 have modeled my life around you. To say that you have been inspirational would only bean understatement. Allof my achievements have not only been forvou, but because of you. 1 found you are not only the most compassionate and brightest man but the most giving. Without you I will feel lost, hopefully only to gain strength to finish what you would have truly enjoyed. Tony and Nancy: The two of you are very special to me. Over the years, you have helped fill gaps. Thank you both for everything. 44Kevin Peter Brady, D.P.M SUNY at Stony Brook B.S. Biology Stephenie: Finally we can say thatSOMEDAYis here! lam looking forward tosharing many more happy times together. You arethe most beautiful and thoughtful person that I have ever met and I am so fortunate to have you as my wife. We were so many miles apart, yet your never-ending love, support and sacrifice made if feel as though you were right by my side all the time. Thank you for so much. I love you. Mom and Dad: Thank God for parents like you two! You guys have given so much, and have made these past four yearsa lot easier for me. Words can not express the gratitude that I feel. Thank you for all the love, encouragement, guidance and home-cooked meals that kept me going. Tom, Janice, and Caroline: 1 guess it is time to start treating you people out todinner instead. Thatprpfessionalstudent excuse caribnly go so far. Caroline, you have plenty of years left on yourexcuse. Maybe Elvis is alive. Namaw: You area perfect grandma. Thank you for all your love and support. Uncle Joe and Aunt Gerda: Thanks for being a special part of my life. Those holiday dinners wouldn't be the same without you two. Mr. and Mrs. T.: Florida, Florida, Rorida. Those sanity saving vacations with a great restaurant included. You guys are great people. Thank you so much for everything 45J. Palmer Branch, D.P.M Furman University B.S. Biology To my family. 1 offer my thanks for putting up with me over the past few years Yoursupport was always there when I needed it most. You instilled in me the desire and motivation to succeed. I love ya II very much. To the men of the Sugar Shack Penthouse: 1 offer my thanks for many days and nights of carnage, imbibing, sea mining, shut fling gaits, lights left on, perpetual leaks, and general bittemessfalthough we could not compare to Secordian, the Bittermaster). Essen, trinken, und sei dicht und betrunken! To my remaining friends: (and various and sundry drinking partners) I offer my thanks for helping me forget the frequent frustrations and celebrate the occasional joys of PCPM. 1 wish you all the best of luck. May your bunions be plentiful and your hangovers be minimal. To the Surgery Department: 1 offer my thanks for your hard work and organization in your lectures. Your department, along with Orthopedics, made the clinic an excellent learning experience through your expertise, teaching ability, bedside manner, and genuine concern for students. You truly set the example for the rest of the profession to follow. "But nothing is more, estimate that n physician who, having studied nature from his youth, knoll's the properties of the human body, the diseases which ass sol it, the remedies which will benefit it, exercises his art with caution, and pays equal attention to the rich and the poor," - Voltaire "Pitlmaris hmgus el finilo!" -Ligametous Laxity Man 46University of California, Irvine B.S. Biology Mom and Dad: Thanks for all your love and support as well as the care packs and cash flow. 1 would have never survived out here without you. I love you both. Ron and Marilyn: My academic mentors and confidants. You both gave me the inspiration and determination toexcel. Thank you fervour thoughtful advice and words of wisdom. I know the printer running at 3 am kept you up a few times and your patience is well appreciated. Thank you for helping my dream come true. Liz: AKA "Lizard": If Ev didn't keep taking my seat in the first year, I might have never moved next to you and become your friend. You've always been there for me and 1 can only hope to be as kind and considerate to you. You truly mean a lot to me so keep in touch. All the best. Sccordian: Cod needed the 7th day just to create you Dave. You truly are a piece of work and I'm glad 1 had the privilege of becoming your friend. Nobody on earth can make me laugh like you. Kick ass or use your jack-boot wherever you go. Stay close. Dorothy: Thank you forall your love and affection. You've touched me in a way I'll always remember. Best wishes. Penthouse crew: You guys were cool roomies. Bill, I know you were the one who threw marbles at the barking dog. Scott, "Mr. Philadelphia", a towel between the wall and headboard works wonders. Palmer, buy stock in antihistamines. Best of luck guys. See you at a CME lecture. Mark K. Brekke, D.P.M. 47Joel W. Brook, D.P.M. Vassar College, A.B. Biology Columbia University, M.S. The question that was asked of me most during podiatry school was, "How do you do it with a family?" To that 1 answer: I don’t know how I would have done it without my family. Cathy: You are my strength. There has never been a more caring supportive wife. Without you, this would have been an empty academic exercise. "You are my only one.” Sam and Eli: You are my motivation. A glance at you both always put life's priorities in the proper perspective. Watching you grow gives me my greatest pleasure. Mom and Dad: A child never stops needing his or her parents. Your continued support and advice has never been more appreciated. 1 love you both very much. Finally, Pete: You have been a great friend and study-buddy. I look forward to staying in touch over the years, and wish nothing but the best for you.SUNY at Albany B.S. Biology Gideon Burian, D.P.M. Mom, Kenny, Sandy, and Heidi: Thanks for the support, caring, understanding and the space. You knew just what I needed through the journey. Now, 1 want to come home. To the Vcrdcrame's and Scopi's: It was great becoming Italian! You've been the extended family 1 never had. 'The way to a man s heart..." To my "friends from home": Look out! I'm joining the employed American community. I may be starting in a hole, more like a canyon, but anything can happen! Special thanks to: Those fire businesses that honored my HEAL credit card over the past four years. IIoI: Let's recap shall we? I came to medical school, I married an "orientation girl '; the woman who wanned my heart, filled my dreams, and changed my life. Through all the obstacles, adversity and that damn black cat, together, we never lost perspective. The only poor Jewish kid from N.Y. strikes it rich in Philly The lone wolf no longer walks alone. Worth repeating: If you think you'll lose, you're lost. For out in the world we find, success begins with a fellow's will. It's all in the state of mind. -Vince Lombardi 49Michelle L. Butterworth, D.P.M Saint Joseph's University B.S. Chemistry Mom: Words cannot express how grateful I am to have you as mv mother. You have always put my needs and desires before your own I trulv admire you. Thank you for your love, support, and words of encouragement Thank you for your advice and allowing me to make my own decision . Thank you for behoving in me even when I didnt But, most of ali thank you tor being my best tnend I love you. John: A girl couldn't have asked for a more caring and understanding boyfriend than you. I could never repay you for your love and support you've given me over these past four years. Thank you for all the wonderful time we shared together. 1 will cherish them forever. I love you and I always will Cod only knows why you put up with me The rest of my family: I thank God cverv day forgiving me such a wonderful, warm, loving family 1 could have never made it this far without everyone's encouragement and belief in me. Icnnifer Sometimes 1 think you know me better than 1 know myself. Thanks lor being a true friend and alw ays standing by me Maybe some day we will be in the same city again so I can afford to talk to you for an hour every night Kate: I leave you with our quote to live by 'Everything happens for a reason." Gary: I bet you will never sit next to an empiy seat again. Y ou never know who will vt down next to you. Thanks for I istening to the tnals and tribulations of my life for three vears and trying to give me advice. 1 wish you the best of luck with everything. |on: 1 m certainly going to miss fixing your tic in dintc every day I hanks (orour hm dime time and putting up with my daily sagas Good luck with everything Liz: I r-i't have a few words for you New Orleans, Os Moines, Basketball. Pittsburgh, and San Francisco. I could list things forever but you know the rest. Pooh: I lore s to the ultimate level. I love you ________________________________________________________________________________ 50John Cavalli, D.P.M. Saint Joseph's University Biology Mom and Dad and Sister Linda : Thank you for all your support and love throughout these 4 yrs. This degree is as much yours as it is mine. I love you both and hope 1 can continue to make you proud. Dean: Best friend and roommate. Good luck! We will always remain in contact. Sean and Tracy: We’ve had some great times together and I'm looking forward to many more. Pete V.: "Tackle Berry". Thanks for saving me from the pit of despair. Larry G.: Thanks for all the summaries and helping my academic career flourish. Karen: Thanks for putting up with me. To the rest of my friends (Dave S., Brad, Mark D., Buddy, Akilis, Gus, and Stacey): Thanks for all the support and memories. 51Adina L. Chasan, D.P.M. Rutgers University B.A. Psychology To IMMA, ABBA and all the MISHPACHA: Thanks for all the love and support and putting up with me over the past four years. I couldn't have made it without you. I love you all very much. Le'aretzsheli, EretzHakodesh, Eretz Yisrael: AniMitga-agat! Achshav rack nishar ha stage veoz ani chozeret ha baytah. Toall theguys ingroup B - Jon B., Erfle, Scalzo, Rob, Jim: Thanks for making third year so bearable. I'm still waiting for our trip to the zoo! To Pete T.: Thanks for being there. Can you believe we made it? "If you will it, it is no dream.' Theodor Herzl 52Donald E. Collings II, D.P.M. Mount Saint Mary's College B.S. Biology "Weall, like sheep, have gone astray, each of us has turned to his own way: and the Lord has laid on Him the iniquity of us all." Isaiah 53:6 "I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down I lis life for the sheep." John 10:11 "For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever bclicvcth in Him should not parish, but have everlasting life." John 3:16 “Jesus saith unto him, I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me." Johnl4:6 "Behold, 1 stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.” Revelation 3:20 tfswntn. AftwtAsttn. t ait 53 iiiiiiiiiiiijKimberly Ann Culp, D.P.M. King's College B.S. Biology To my parents: Well, 1 made it. It has been hard on all of us but you stayed bvmysidethroughitall. If it was not fervour loveandsupport.This might not have happened. I love you both and thank you from the bottom of my heart Cathy and Rob: First, congratulations on the new baby. She is beautiful. I wish Rob and you the best. I love you very much and lam so glad to have you in mv life. Kristy: Thank you for being there. You are a terrific sister and a wonderful friend. Keep up the hard work, it really does pay off. To my new niece Elizabeth Ashley. I love you very much. You are beautiful and have a woixlerful life ahead of you. Remember that all dreams are possible and to never give up on them. To Dr. Karen Dobe: Well,do you believe it? Iain done. Tliankvouso much for all the help you havegjveft meover the past fouryears. It hasbeen wonderful having you in my life and getting to know you. I will never forget our late night talk sessions or ou r Young Riders. You are the best aixi I wish you thcbest in your practice. Remember, tlrereisal wa vs horseshoing in the west. Keep in touch. To Michael: Hang in there, it is really worth it. Remember to always look on tire bright side of everything. Study hard, dream big, atxl remember if I can do it so can you. You are a wonderful frieixl and not a bad roommate. Good luck in the future. To Dr. David Liebow: 1 hope you find what you are looking for in life. 34University of Delaware B.A. Biology Mom and Dad: Thank you for all you have done to make this possible. The love you have shown me in the past 25 years is indescribable by words. Y ou have always: been there for me in times of need, this will never be forgotten. All I can say is thank you for everything. This degree is dedicated to the two of you. Chris: Thanks for being someone for me to look up to through the years. You have not only been a great brother to me in the past but a great friend as well. Love ya bro. Grandma: You will always hold a special place in my heart. You have been both supportive and giving my entire life. Thank you for all you have done for me. HolmdelBoyz: WhatcanIsay,tc describethememoriesandalIwe have done together in the past would take up this whole book. (Although it would be pretty funny though.) There are many good times to come in the future as well. I love you guys. 1112 Rodman and The Back Row Crew: Thanks for making these past four years bearable. Without the comic relief it would have been along4ycars. We are out of here! Good luck to all of you. Youailnced to hit the gym though. Mark Anthony De Cotiis, D.EM. 55Christina M. DeFeo, D.P.M. LaSalle University B.A. Biology 56Antonio M. de Melo, D.P.M. University of Massachusetts, Amherst B.S. Zoology N'adine: Honey, thank you for all the love, support and encouragement. You have always been there to help me through the difficult times. You are my wife and best friend and I truly love you. You and Amanda are gifts from God and have added so much love to my life. I dedicate this degree to you. Amanda: Cupcake, you are a wonderful daughter that I love very much. You make my life fun and give me an excuse to be a big kid. Together with mom, we are the best family. Dad, Mom, Nelson, and Dan: Thank you for the support through theycars. Without your love and sacrifice Icouldn'thavemadeit to this point. Thank you for my wonderful childhood memories. Mom and Bill: Thank you for the love and motivation you have given me Most people have one wonderful set of parents, but I am blessed with two. The rest of my family: Thank you for everything you have done to help me through life and with my education. Andy and Rich: Thanks for the good times and the memories. Andy, you are the 'best "best man anyone could have. Rich, you did a pretty good job standing in for me at my rehearsal. I-'riends and classmates: I wish you the best in the future. God: Thank you for the direction you have given me in my life and for all those answered prayers. May You continue to bless me and my family. 1 would like to thank all the other people who have helped me reach this goal. 57Marc Deasy, D.P.M. Temple University MOMMOM: Thanks for all the love, support, and guidance. POPPOP: 1 wish you were here to see me graduate. You are the one that showed me that hard work and treating people fairly would pay off and you were right. MOM DAD: Thanks tor everything. Without you I wouldn't be where I am today. BETTY. Thanks for all the love and support you showed me while at P.C.P.M. KEVIN: Congratulations in passing theCPA exam. Ihavenodoubt you will succeed in your future endeavors and make a fine lawyer. LARA: Keep up the good work. You have less than two years to go and they will goquick. You know I will always be there if you need me. CLASS OF 1995: I wish you the best! 58Tracy Anne Dufault, D.P.M. Fitchburg State College B.S. Nursing Mom and Ray: Your unselfish love, understanding and support through all the late night phone calls, with tears of disappointment, words of encouragement, and smiles of joy made my time here worth it. I'm forever grateful for fax machines, "tucksies", Ma Bell, and the Man upstairs. 1 love you both. Mom, I dedicate this degree to you. Your example was an inspiration. Dad: Tin short visits to Philly made for well needed study breaks. It was nice to relax with someone from home. Thank you for your continued faith and the "little something's " in the mail. I love you. The "Mine, Yours, and Ours" Gang Good times, celebrations, and Sunday morning breakfasts came and wentbutnot without thoughts from PA. As the "big sister'1,1 wish I could have been there for you more often. My heart and prayers were always with you. Thank you all for the same. Guys in my group: Each of you added something special to my life in your own way, 1 hope you know how important you all were to me. I'll remember you al ways. "Doesanyone wantanything from thebookstore? J.G: Our friendship grew into something not even Lauge-Hansen could even classify. Thanks for the many memories. I'll miss you with all my heart. Steph: You're the greatest roommate ever!! Thanks for keeping my secrets. You are a wonderful person and a terrific friend. I wish you the best. Reliable Copy Service: I couldn't have done it without you. God: Thank you for the Serenity, Courage and Wisdom. RM 'Learn as if you would live forever, live as if you would die tomorrow." 59Richard W. Durocher, D.RM. University of Massachusetts, Amherst J r B.S. Hotel Rest. Travel Administration Mom and Dad: Thank you for always being there to support and encourage me in all of my endeavors. You have always been there when I needed you. I'm very proud to have you both as my parents. I really appreciate everything you have done for me. Carole R.: Thank you for the love, patience, confidence, and support that you have given me. You hold a very special place in my heart. To my family: Thankyou for your Support and encouragement in making this goal come true. Carole, thank you for always being there for me with guidance when 1 needed it. To my friends: You have been invaluable over the past four years, especially Steve, Scott, Larry, and Barry. I really appreciated all the good times we had. Let's keep in touch in the years to come. 1 wish you all happiness and success in your future endeavors. 60Elisabeth Charlotte Elsinger, D.RM. Unversity of Connecticut B.S. Mathematical Genetics To my family: Thank you for all of the unending love and support you have given me throughout my years at PCPM. Donna and Tracy: You guys are at the center of it all. From our first date with Lee and Lou to our last with Brian, Rusty, Josh and Dick we have truly enjoyed the PCPM journey. There is an old saying that if you meet one true friend in a lifetime you are lucky. Well 1 guess I'm twice as lucky. Save the last dance and don’t forget to spin around. Tracy: My favorite classy ho-bag. I think I'm going blind. Dl, 02, D3...where does it end? Whose sneakers are those, anyway? Donna: You're awsome...yes,yes, You. Move over NY, Millville is a metropolis. Mark: From printing Christmas cards to 3:00 A.M. chats, you have been a constant source of laughter, strength and happiness. I guess Marry and Sally were wrong. Mere's to frequent flier mileage. Michelle: Mmm,Mmm finger-lickinggood! Just remember 2 things in life: never touch a basketball and conserve water. Lisa: What am I going to do when I want to talk about life over Indian food? Chris and Rick: Papa-hood forever! Chris: Oh, Canada. Dipping will never be the same. 61David C. Erfle, D.P.M The Johns Hopkins University B.A. Natural Science To my beautiful wife Linda: Thank you for vour constant love and support through four years of ups and downs. Our marriage is the most meaningful part of my life. I'm looking forward to a great future with you. 1 love you! To my parents: 1 can not express in words my gratitude for your love, encouragement, and SUPPORT throughout my entire educational process. You have been the best parents a person could ever have. I can only hope to be as good a parent to my future children. 1 love you both very’ much. To Paul, Joan, Mary, Clair, and Tom: What can I sav?....If your foot or ankle ever hurts, give me a call! I love you all. To Skinny, Bud, Small Man, Gobbleneck, Meatball and Bradford: You made a lousy four years entertaining. You guys are great. Good luck! 62William D. Farrett, Jr., D.P.M. New York University B.A. Biology If you think you are beaten, you are; If you think you dare not, you don't; If you'd like to win, but you think you can't. It's almost a cinch you won't. If you think you'll lose, you're lost. For out in the world some find Success begins with a fellow's will; It's all in the state of mind. If you think you are out classed, you are; You've got to think high to rise. You've got to be sure of yourself before You can even win the prize. Life's battles don't always go To the stronger or faster man; But soon or late the man who wins Is the man who thinks he can. --Walter D. Wintle Thank you family, peers, and faculty. We all 'can'. 63Gary E. Feldman, D.P.M. University of Maryland B.S. Biology MOM DAD: Without your direction and guidance, this day would not have been possible. Your support for me in the last 4 years has been overwhelming. You've truly helped meearn this degree and for that I'm forever grateful. I love you both. NANCI: I'm anxiously looking forward to a great life together. While this degree means a lot, nothing will ever be more important than you are to me. You're the best. I love you and I always will. K K: Carll-ewisandjim Fix you ain't,but running with you guvs has been great; in every sense of the word. You're good friends and you'll be greatdoctors. I hope you both have very happy and successful careers. Let's stay in touch. 64Slippery Rock University B.S. Biology To My Lord and Savior Thank you for giving me the strength, guidance and determination to make my dream a reality. I will always put you first in anything 1 attempt to do in life. ToMomand Dad: I truly thank you for being by my side every step of the way. You both havegiven me the inspiration to nevergiveupand to be all I can be. This achievement is to honor you and the Fitzhugh family. 1 Love you deeply. To Lance: Thanks for being in my corner through the rough times in my life. 1 wish you nothing but the very best in life you deserve it. Keep God first in anything you do. 1 will always love you. Now Let's Make It Happen. To Family and Wayland Baptist Church: Thank you for all the prayers and support you have given me over the years. To Friends You know who you are. Thanks for all thegood times. PCPM will never be the same. A special shout out to Breeze, Ruth, Clarence, David and my Alpha brothers. I had fun. To Kim: Thank you for being there when I needed you. We have shared many good and bad times together, but remember the best is yet to come. Rodney Jay Fitzhugh, D.RM. 65Robert D. Frankfather, D.P.M University of Northern Colorado B.A. Zoology Ma: 1 could not have wished for a better parent. Your guidance, faith, and confidence in me through the years have given me the strength to fulfill my dreams. 1 am where 1 am at today because of your love and support, and for that I am eternally grateful to you. I love you! Beth and Chad: 1'hank you for all the memories over the years. You both have been there through thick and thin. Boys Back Home: Can you believe it? PCPM Boys: 1 wish you all much success and happiness in your professional and personal lives. My Hoa: Thank you with all my love for the excitement you brought into mv life these past couple of years. Thanks to the Man Above for the wonderful people he has brought into my life and for giving me the chance to make a difference. 66James Andrew Furmato, D.P.M B.S. Rutgers College of Engineering M.S. Lehigh University Hi, Judy' Thanks for all the rimes you kxlnapped me away from my books or the computer helping meavoid brain lock. Asmy wife, you have lull power to shoot to kill if i ever try to enter another degree program. Hi,Dad! Hi, Mom! You were my first teachers. You gave me the basksin music.art. math and science to help me get started. In raising twelve children and in canng for Grandpa (pictured wth my parents) you demonstrated perseverance and management skills that are difficult to duplicate. I hope Judy and I can follow your example in quality, if not quantity. To my brothers and sisters. Matt, Rose, Pete, Angel, Steph, Tom, Lucy, Theresa, Susie, I Tulip 3nd Annie, I offer thanks for the challenges each of you presented me (some more than others). You wvre my first patients, or siftims Thanks to my extended family which nurtured me when I needed it most.esjxwill v: my grandfathers, Angelo Masia and James Furmato, and my grandmother. Rose Furmato. who areix Larger v ithus;OtherineMasia,mygraiv.inu)tlx r(s vnblowingouttlK candlcsather 80th birthday); Uncle Angelo, fix his friendship and inspiration; and Uncle Anthony and Aunt Annie. 1 have special thinks to Aunt Gloria, my godmother. That's a picture of her holding my niece, Anastasia. She had been active in many different orgam atxms until her devobon to over 30 nieces and nephews ami their children monopoh cd her calendar Hit generosity defies all reason (imagi ne, fi x example, t he size of her Qmstmas list). Aunt Gloria has always offered support in every venture I’ve undertaken and knowing I could depend on her has given me the courage to try things as radical as leaving an engineering career and entering podiatry. God bless you, Aunt Gloria' To my classmates. thanks fex working with me over the-post four years aid not complaimngaboutiny note services except for tfutOflehideot$M cro that wasn't my fault. Speaking of Micro, can anyone name six of the five Ks of disease transmission, identify five of rise most popular house pets, or describe a pre-cow? 67Thuy Diem Giang, D.P.M Catholic University of America B.S. Medical Technology Ba Ma Kinh Thuong. It isdifficult for me to express my thanks to you, who have given me so much throughout my life. You have taught me ethics, discipline and responsibility. Your love and sacrifice have given me the courage to endure throughout the rough time of my life. My Love, Gratitude, and appreciations go far beyond any words 1 could ever express. Without you, 1 would never be where I am today. Mai mai nho thuong BA MA. Anh Sanh Thuong Nhieu, Thank You for all the Beautiful memories? Honey, 1 would like to share this Achievement with you for you have always encouraged me when 1 was at my least. Your support and Love have given me confidence in determination to pursue my long life dreams. No words can help me expressing my Love and gratitude to you. MAI MAI BON ANH. TSMM. Cac Em Thuong, I have many memories of us six growing up together from VN to U.S.A. I am so proud to have you all as my brothers and sisters. Even though we have been through a lot, you all have been wonderful members of the GIANG's Family. Let's stay together forever. Thao my dearest friend. Congratulations to you! Love always. Christine, Welcome Back to U5. I wish you and your family the best always. Dr. and Mrs. Buchanan, III always remember you both as my best teachers and best friends. 1 never forget those moments at Whittier lunior High Rosina. Thanks for being my best roommate. I miss your topquality story. Maria. Those were the greatest study sessions on the phone I will miss you Good Luck to you. Vanessa, We finally made it! I'll miss those long talks about having a family of our own. Are you sure? just kidding! Evaristus.Good friend is hard to find. Thanks for everything. Please keep in touch. 68Ruth Gilliam, D.RM Morgan State University B.S. Biology To Distill a lifetime of love, sharing, and gratitude, and then lock it into the narrow confines of a moment squeezed between these margins is an impossible privilege that only the fortunate are blessed to face. So. with pride and gratitude let me begin by saying thank you to: ...God, Who enables, inspires, consoles and confronts with a love that heals and saves. ...Mom. whose inspiration was, and is, my beacon and a source of constant direction-MWho loves you, baby...' ...Dad, who has been the most consistent man in my life,and in the process exceeded fatherhood by becoming a true friend; be sweet, 1 love you. ...Gloria, my sister, who shares with me the warm, rich memories of childhood, and the bold adventure of mature life ...My Aunt Dee, who opened her life and home to me, and is a true 'God-sent gift. ...Rodney, a close friend, who gives true meaning of the word. "You Know you are my boy." ...Clarence, my supporting and affirming confidant, friend and partner; always there for you Grasshopper ...Sondra, Whose patience and kindness and ability to spot an opportunity to shop, saw me through many a difficult dayfand night). ...Marcia, for your ever-present enthusiasm and positivity. ...Yvonne, for you considerate and thoughtful expressions. ...Jeffery, your being there was a dependable gift. ...Gerri, for gab sessions over good seafood. ...Tony Downey, Trina and Zina, for decades of laughter and friendship. ...Jonathan, for adding elements to my life that will long out live the material and ephemeral. ...Mvron, you really did look out for me. ...Bill, for confronting me when 1 needed it and caring when it mattered ...Moyo and Chris,you'll always be- my lil' brother and lil sis. ...Maasi, you will always be my baby. ... PCPM friends. I wish you good luck. God-speed and much success. 69Larry R. Goss, D.RM Wilkes University B.S. Biology To Maria- I ife is funny with its twists and turns and it amazes me that out of the whole world 1 would find the one person who could make my life complete here al PCPM You have touched my life i n so many ways that I don't knew where to begin. You have been a great inspiration throughout these past four years. You taught me there can benohippinessifthethingswebelieveinaredifferentfromthethingswedo. Yourknv. wisdom, encouragement and understanding gave me strength to make this ‘dream’ a reality It is for these reasons and many more that I kwe vou with all my heart 1 do not know what my future will be like, but can only hope that you will be a part of it To Mom and Dad: Think you for your support and believing in me Your expectations never exceeded my ability and vou never give up on me I low you for always being there for me. 1 lrope I am always tliere for you To Nana and Pop: Words cannot express live depth of my gratitude. I know you have been looking forward to this day as much as I haw. Think you for sacrificing mi much that I may have the chance to succeed. You both hold a special place in my heart. 1 hope that someday I cando for bothof you what vou have done for me. 1 love you both very much and dedicate my diploma to ycu. To My Friends: Yes, Fm finally finished with school. Thank you for your encouragement and confidence that someday I would actually get a "real job We had a lot of fim, laughs, and great crazy times. Thinks for the memories, tliey will never be forgotten See you at the 19th hole To My Colleagues: Congratulations to all! I wishyou much success and happiness, farewell. To PCPM: I came here confused. I'm leaving here confused, but ala much higher level -Larry ' Here I go again on my own, going down the only road Fve ever known like a drifter 1 was bom to walk alone. I ve made up my mind, I ain't wastin' no more time.... - • Whitesnake 70Barry J. Gould, D.P.M. Rochester Institute of Technology B.S. Electrical Engineering I'd like to thank all the people who helped me during my education. 11 took a lot of hard work but without the support of my family and friends, the task would have been unbearable, j Special thanks goes to my parents, Don and Mary, who helped me in every way they knew how. My in-laws, Don and Anne, 1 Roe, who have always treated me like one of the family. Dr. Dennis Gould, who inspired me and motivated me to achieve unlimited goals. Aaron, whoalways keeps me running, and the rest of my family support thank you. The most thanks and honor has to go to my wife Jennifer. She makes dreams come true. I love you. Deven and Kiersten, who are too young to understand what my classmates and I have been through, thank you for all the joy and happiness you’ve brought to us. 71Maria Teresa Guamieri, D.P.M. Farleigh Dickinson University B.S. Biology Mom: Not a day has gone by when I haven't thought about you. I'm ograteful for the times we've had together. It's just hard toletox You were an amazing individual ivi th a good heart andincrediwe strength. I thank you for the wonderful memories and all the sacrifices you've nude. I love you and miss you very much. Dad: You have always been much more than a father. You always put our lives in front talks we all hwe. YouYe ed us with great wisdom and always respected and listen our thoughts and Ideas. Thank you. for being such a wonderful fetener, guide and roost of aHatrue caring friend I hope some day 1 can do as much for you as you've done for me. Ikw you very muen. Analisa Since the moment I was bom! thought you were the neatest thing. I've always looked up to you and followed you where ever you went. You've always been tfiere ftir nv whenever 1 turned to vou. Your loving support helped me to grow and succeed. You are my very best friend and f loveyou very inucn($2S for an umbrella? Lets iunK). Pammy Myothersister." You've been like fanuly through the years You've been there during the celebrations atxi some tough times loo Thank you for bringing happiness when it was needed most. Congratulations, Doctor? Are we out of tl ? tug boat vet? Vanessa. Congratulation' i can't believe it s finally over. I don't think I've ever liughed as much as 1 did with you on the nights before e ams. Ill never forget the great memories. The mustard smear will be a small reminder of the past Thank Gal wo ve finally reached the point where we can look back and laugh. Thuy. You're a uroque individual with a warm heart. Thank you for the good times and making the rough times bearable. 1 lock forward :o the future when weU meet for Vietnamese food and go sheppingifor 4 1 2 shoes?) Larry These past four years were a challenge, but you never failed to remind me that grades are not everything. Vou reminded me not to forget the most important part of my hfefmy family) You made me realize even more just how lucky I really am and no: everyone is so fortunate. Were two wry different people and we have learned so much trcHn each other There will always be a special place in my heart for you.Richard C. Haas II, D.RM. Lycoming College B.A. Chemistry Up on the watershed, standing at the fork in the road You can stand there and agonize Till your agony’s your heaviest load. You'll never fly like the crow flics, get used to a country mile. When you're learning to face the path at your pace Ever)' choice is worth your while. Well there's always retrospect to light a clearer path Ever)' five years or so I look back on my life And I have a good laugh. You start at the top, go full circle round Catch a breeze, take a spill- B ut ending up where I started again makes me wanna stand still. Stepping on a crack, breaking up and looking back Ever)' tree limb overhead just seems to sit and wait Until every step you take becomes a twist of rate. 73Joseph P. Haley III, D.P.M. MiUersviUe University of Pennsylvania B.S. Business Administration To my family: 1 can never thank you enough for your unending love, understanding, encouragement and support. Your greatest contribution to my success has been the character you have instilled in nie. You have taught me honesty, sincerity,dedication,compassion,disciplineand loyalty. I am truly proud and extremely fortunate to have such a family. I love you all very much. Thank you. Akilis and Bryan: When the hour is at it's darkest, it's a brave man whocan kick back and party. Thanks for the party! 74Brandeis University B.A. Biology Tracy A. Harris, D.P.M. MOM: You're a Goober, but 1 love you the most. You are my unconditional love, inspiration, and best friend. When I grow up 1 want to be just like you. (Well, just the normal parts!) ROBERT: You're the best big brother a rotten little sister could have. But 1 still think you cheat at Scrabble! I love you! DONNA: Florida'93! Do your lips feel numb? Let's go out soi: will rain. Tanning on theroof. Thanks so much for having me share your wedding day. I love you chiquita! From chickenface. And always remember-no one gets the Jello! LIZ: Where did you meet him? You are my idol! If I were a guy... Liesl, you are my constant reassurance and you make up the best bedtime stories. You're sick, but 1 love you anyway! See you in the nursing home. FromtheClassy____. To you both: The 'babes of 506'. That's what he said—YOW! Puh-lease! FIRE!!! 1 think I'm blind! Myrtle Beach '94—Did you bring the "item"? Freeing our minds'on exam days! The big girls club. 2 cranberries a cauliflower. I love you both and there will always be one Last Dance'!! Ricardo, George, Vasco, Des: Freak that booty! Rick Chris: PAPAS!!! You're awesome! Concha y Toro! Dragons: Thanks for making it a whole lot of fun! In memory of my father: Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all." -Tennyson 75Garrett L. Harte, D.P.M SUNY at Stony Brook B.S. Biology To all my fellow classmates: Don’t think of this as the end of your education, and remember to live by the Hippocratic Oath. Always strive for excellence with each new day as a professional. Go out and teach others all that you have learned and let others teach you as well. HI miss you all. good luck. To my Family: Thank you all for putting up with mv stressful mood swings. Whether 1 was anxious or solemn you all had kind, caring and supportive words for me, those words liave not gone unappreciated. It's too bad the miles have separated us for so long but the limes we have had together were not taken for granted but rather cherished. Thank you all again for the last 26 years, I love you all now and always. To my Dog Elwood Thanks for making the last 2 1 2 years of school that much more difficult!!! To my Best Friend and Wife Christine: We made it through it all I lonev! 1 won't...can t say it was easy, but I will say I couldn't have done it without you. You were there during my highs and lows and never once made me sleep on the couch! Although it never had to, your schedule flexed to fit mine and you still managed to get your career started through it all. I'm so proud of you sweetheart, good job! 1 love you to death, thanks for being my best friend. 76Glenn M. Hartman, D.P.M Widener University B.S. Biology LINDA: Your love, devotion and especially patience over the years has meant more to me than words can say. The Lord has blessed our lives by bringing us together and through Him our love and faith will continue to grow’. You are my best friend and I’ll love you always. Mom Dad: Thanks for all of your love, support and guidance. You've helped me achieve every goal I’ve ever set. Love you both! Granddad: Tins degree is dedicated to you more than anyone else. Thanks for being such an inspiration and for making me feel so special. Bill Kic: You guys were murder on my insulin. Thanks for all of the great memories. To HEAL: I'm outta here. Don’t bother looking for me, either. To the Class of 1995: Good hick to you all! Aimforexcellence-you owe it to your patients, your profession and to yourselves. t 77Jonathan F. Ketchum, D.P.M. Western State College of Colorado B.A. Chemistry To my family: Mom, Dad, Jeanne, Douglas. You all have given me a tool that I may put in my construction box for life! Mom: As a teacher, you gave me a healthy respect for education a nd the learning process. Dad: You gave me optimism, generosity and the courage to take risks. Jeanne You taught me pride. Douglas: You showed me the beauty of innocence. I love you all! To my wife: Mara You are the greatest thing that ever happened to me! You've given me the strength to achieve greatness and you've given me something to strive for. I'm so lucky to be sharing the american dream with you I love you! To my friends: Look beyond the materialistic world we live in and be the best person you can be. Let's help each other because together we're strong and alone we are weak. Max: You cra .v wolf, get off the bed! 78Frank John Killian, D.P.M. Rutgers University B.A. Biology To Mom: In the hardest times of your life you chose to stand up and fight to make life better for our family instead of giving up. You have been an inspiration for me these past four years. Thanks for your love and guidance for the past twenty-five years. You will always share in my success. To Karin: You are truly amazing! 1 feel I should thank you for tolerating me these past four years while I concentrated most of my time and effort on school and not on our relationship. You of all people know what this achievement means to me and the family you and I will have. Please do not hesitate to remind me when I seem to lose sight of what is important. I love you To all of my friends who helped me keep my sanity through this experience: Thanks a million! Good luck in your future endeavors. 79Andrew La, D.P.M. University of California Los Angeles B.S. Biology Mom and Dad: Thank you for your love, encouragement and support. Sis: What can I say? You are the best!! Thank you for always being there. Don, Rich and Tony: God bless and best wishes! Stay young, sharp, and wild! 80Gina M. Lagnese, D.P.M. Rowan College of New Jersey B.S. Biological Science Mom: II t hcreisone thing Iadmire you for the most, it is the strength year, —JWL-r.r___________ I )ad: Not only ha ve you been a great dad,' but you have been a great mend as well. Thanks for tire lone talks on the phone, the "fatherlv" advice, and the financial support. 1 love you! Michael: I wish we could have ' hung out" more often, but with the support I love you! both our schedules, it was impossible. Either wav, I’ve always admired you for your dedicatior. and (dare I say?) intelligence. 1 oril ome thing I__ -TUN 'thanks for all the laughs- in classand out. Goodl.uck - 111 miss each of you! Smell ya!! Sharon: From day one, I knew vou were someone I could talk to and hang with. The fact that I could fell vou EVERY-THING madeour friendship unique, and I thank you for listening and giving your advice. Don't ever forget the laughs we had,all the' mess meir hearts”, and especially, the' luther". pressed, or happy, yo _____________________________________________ thank you enough for it. I know we will always be good friends, and someday when we're both making money, well sit back and laugh about how broke we wrere. Maroue: You are the one person who always believed in me, even when I didn't believe in myself. It is because of vou that I am here at PCI’M, and I can't thank you enough for it. I will never forget all those times you answered the phone at midnight and listened to my "life stinks- speech, only to tell me' yeah, you re 25 and you're gonna be a Dr., life stinks! You're one in a million - Thank ■ ; vou! 81James Madison University B.S. Biology Dad and Mom: 1 dedicate this to you. The many sacrifices you have made for me have not gone unnoticed. Without vour love, support, and guidance, I would not have had the opportunities you have provided me. You are my best friends as well as the greatest parents Lori and 1 could ever have. I especially would like to thank my Dad. ft was he who made me what 1 am today. 1 hope I made you both proud. I love you with all of my heart. My clearest Val Your low has been the only constant ir. my life since i met you. You are my partner, my best friend, and future mother of my children. I am anxious and proud to share the rest of my life with you! The love, motivation, and determination you have shown over the years always pushed me over that mountain. Thanks for always being there as a friend and as a companion I love you. Sis: My other best friend. We have shared many secrets together. Although we have not experienced as much as some other brothers ana sisters, 1 always knew I could count on you whenever I needed a friend. I look forward to the many good times we have ahead of us. We have a lot of catching up to do. 1 love you. Nana The world's greatest grandmother. 1 deeply appreciate the many prayers and blessings vou have made for me. 1 think someone was listening to you. Thank you for tne encouragement and 1 love you. Mom MomTwilley. The other world's greatest grandmother. I know it has been a while since we Have talked but 1 think Dad did a great job with me. 1 miss and love you. I will talk to you tonight... Papa:' Although I know you are at peace now and the suffering is over, it is selfish of me to wish vou were here to celebrate this special occasion. 1 hope that I can live up to alf the wonderful things vou made me out to be. Your strength and determination that 1 witnessed‘throughout the years will be engraved in my mind. Even though you are not here with me moody, 1 know you will always be in my heart, f miss and love you. Bradley Todd Lemon, D.P.M. 83James A. Levitt, D.P.M. University of Central Florida B.A. Biology I'd like to thank my loving wife for her support and just being there for me these last four years. S4Drexel University B.S. Bioscience Biotechnology I want to thank a few special people in my life: The TDT: The best motivatin', supportin', loud music playin', beer drinkin' bunch of friends a guy could have. My brothers and their families: For the love, friendship and times when my wallet was light. NOW I'm done with school...really...! promise! Dad: Your love, guidance, support, and understanding have been beyond measure and your influence will continue to reach me in ways you can't possibly imagine. Lisa: With your love and companionship there are no limits to the joys and heights we will reach together! Finally, my talus and 1 would like to thank everyone at PCPM for their healing hands, well wishes and friendship. When there is no one left to leave you. Even you don't quite believe you. That is when nothing can deceive you. While you see a chance—take it. Find romance—make it. Because it's all on you. Steve Win wood Scott W. Lindsay, D.P.M. 85Lisa Lipset, D.P.M. Hofstra University B.B.A. Finance To My Family: Thank you so much for all your love and support throughout the years. Mom. Thanks for all the words of wisdom. Nanny. I'll never forget all of your stories. Chris: Does this sound alright to you! 86Lori A. Lundberg, D.P.M. College of St. Scholastica B.A. Biology Thanks to my family and friends for the encouragement, support, and understanding over the last four years. Words cannot express how much it has meant. 87Paula Jean Luznar, D.P.M. University of Central Florida B.S. Biology Always close in heart and thought. Love always, Paula 88William F. McCarron III, D.P.M. Boston College B.S. Biology Mom and Dad The road was rocky and steep. But, we made it together! Thanks for never leaving my side. All of my hard work would have meant nothing without your love and support. I love you both very much! Mom, you're hired! Dad, it's time to bring out your master-mind business schemes. Partner! Kate: These last 7 years have been tough! I've really missed not being able to see you! We've changed a lot since we went to college. A couple of things haven’t changed, however. Fortunately, our friendshipand love for each otherstayed strong through it alii Now that this is over, I hope we can be together again asbrother and sister. No, this doesn't mean that you can have tne car back!! William F. McCarron Sr.: Grampa, since you passed away. I've made every attempt to make sure that your name lives on with dignity ana pridethrough myactions. I hereby dedicate this degree to you. I love and miss you very much! Papa Shea: I know you are busy "up there” working on God's pipes. I just want you to know that your 1 grandson loves and misses you very much. My memories of our rides in your truck will last for ever, eventhough I only knew you for a short time. Nana, Grama, and Aunt Mary: You are the most warm-hearted women that I know. Thanks for always thinking of me. I loveyou. Aunts, Uncles and Cousins: Thanks for all your love and support over the years. Who dares to be my First sucker (Oops, I mean patient)?! Maureen: A guy couldn't ask for a better friend! Reading your letters always made me laugh and got me through the tough times. Thanks for your encouragement and listening ear. 1 look forward to your wedding in August! John is one lucky dude! It's party time! 89Raymond Adam McQanahan, D.EM. Liberty University B.S. Physical Education Thank-you Mom and Dad. Thank-you Rachel. Thank-you classmates for learning with me and challenging me personally and professionally. Good luck! 90Alvernia College B.S. Biochemistry Lord: Thank you, for giving me the courage and strength to make my dreams possible. Pais: Thank you forall you support, guidance and love. Wordscan never express how much 1 love you! Mae, your my inspiration, my role-model and my best friend. I could never have made it this far in life without your courage and strong will. Pai, 1 finally made it. Even though at times I had doubts, it was always your courage and strength that made me go forward. Bernie: I low can I ever thank you? Your love through the last four years has been unconditional. This degree is as much yours as it is mine. How can I ever thank you for all the patience you had for me through all the hard times. I wish 1 could only be 1 2 of what you are asaperson. lam so proud of you!! You gave me courage and strength, but above all you taught me how to have faith and courage in myself. I am forever grateful to you. Bernie, 1 love you, and June 10,1995 will be the beginning of our life together as one. Avo: On June 5,1991 yougavemeall thecouragel needed to go for a dream. Although you're not here to enjoy this joyous moment with me, 1 know that you’re smiling down upon me. I love you! Dan and Maria: Thanks for all the times you let me cry on your shoulders, and all the support and encouragement you gave me. I love you both very much! Paula C. Mendes, D.P.M. 91SUNY at Purchase B.S. Biology Robert Howard Moss, D.RM. Thank you to those who have been behind me all the wav since the beginning, and have made this all possible: GOD, Mom, Dad, Barry and Matthew (My brothers and partners in crime, so to speak). My grandparents, my professors, and my friends. A Very Special Thank You to KAREN; you have taught me the meaning of love and joy, plus you were there for the bad times. You were mv inspiration, mentor, and breath of fresh air when I needed you the most; so now we must continue on not only as husband and wife, but Doctor Doctor. Doctor Robert Howard Moss, 1 like the sound of that. I would alsolike to thank my grandparents, who stood behind me all the way through, as well as my friends. 92Donna Goelzer Myers, D.P.M. Rowan College of New Jersey B.S. Biology Brian: From your senior prom to our wedding day — who could believe how much fun we've had! I'm so lucky to be sharing my life with you — God truly blessed me. You arc my true companion --1 love you always. Mom and Dad: You two have allowed me to go so far. Thank you for always encouraging and never doubting — I love you both. Joshua: You were born the very week I began this marathon. You helped me enjoy the scenery along the way instead of just aiming for the finish line. Thanks for keeping the most important things in life in perspective. Tracy and Liz: I don't know how three girls in one small apartment could become and remain such great friends. You two haveeach surpassed friendshipand you were the greatest cranberries any bride could ever hope for. I still can't believe the surprise Myrtle Beach trip and all the "items" I had to bring and all the' items" 1 wasgiven! You guysare the best and I love you both. Never forget to "Free Your Mind" and always dance "The Last Dance"!! Kenny, Kevin, Andy, Ricardo, George, Vasco, and The Papas (Rick and Chris): You guys have made PCPM a fun place to be. What would it have been like without Dragons, South Street Pizza, and ConchayToro? I wish you the best! 93Mansour Nejadrasool, D.P.M. University of California, Davis B.S. Physiology Thanks toall my family and friends who made these long four years bearable for me. 94University of Utah A.S. General Education Steven C. Nielson, D.P.M. To my family: Thanks Mom and Dad for all of your love and support. Without you, I wouldn't have made it. To my friends: Thanks for all the kind words and good times. To my Son: I love you always. May I give you All that I can. 95Bernard A. Novabilski, D.P.M. Wilkes University B.S. Biology First, 1 want to thank the Dear l,ord for giving me the courage, strength, and guidance in obtaining my goal Through prayer and thought, you hel ped me through the difficult times and shared tlac happy moments with me. For that, I love you. Mom: Although you are not here to share this special moment with me I know you are smiling with happiness. 1 will always niniss you and love you. Dad: Thankyou for your su pport, gu rdance, and love through thepast four yearn Words cannot express how much I love you. I finally achieved my goal! Poppy Grandma You are the best grandparents in the world any grandson can have. 1 will never forget all the$5 you gave me, and all the meals you made for me. Thank you for .ill vour love and support. Paula (Bear): What can I say! You have been the most understanding and caring person throughout this whole ordeal You taught me how to become a confident, responsible, and aggressive person in life. 1 dunk you. I love you more Ilian life itself and ain't wait to grow old with you. Nothing can hold us back now. 1 knew in my heart the whole time that you would nuke it l-ove you, little Bear!! Pai Mae: Words cannot express liow much you have given me. You have unsdfislily given me love and support as if I was your own son Tcnho prazer a ter mis pais como voces. Numto obngado por tudo, i eu ti a mo munto. John I'm glad I have you .is a brother and a good friend. ThankS for all the Lite night calls and visits. By the way we all know tlut the Red Wings will raise llie- cup real soon. To .ill my Aunts Uncles. Hunk you for your kive and support Dan Maria: You are two very special people, I’m glad I'm part of your family. Thank you for everything. ”1 had a wedge of it myself, it's tcmriflk". Chris Thank you for being my best friend, we've shared many good times together. Let's do the Time-Warp again!!!! 96Dick Yutaka Okino, D.P.M. University of California at Los Angeles B.S. Biology THANK YOU MOM AND DAD! Thank you both for your love, patience, and tolerance for the past 4 years I know it was tough on the both of you and I am thankful to God that 1 have parents that are as wonderful as you. I love you both! To my older brother Joey, I want to thank you for all your support while 1 was here at PCPM. 1 also want to thank you for taking care of Mom and Dad for me during my absence. 1 also want to thank you for taking me to see the Phantom. Your obedient servant, O.G. To Andy La, AKA • ALA KING, Thank you for always being there when 1 needed help. You have been a great friend ever since we met in undergrad at UCLA. 1 want to wish you and your family the best of luck always. Let's keep in touch through residency and throughout private practice. Maybe you, Don and 1 can go fishing after residency is over. To Nadine and Tony, congratulations on your marriage. I want to wish the both of you the best of luck and God be with you. To Mary and Don, I also want to congratulate the both of you the best of luck and may God bless you both. Good luck and may God bless the rest of the Class of '95 and the future Classes of PCPM. Yours Truly, Rich 97Evaristus Oshiokpekhai, D.P.M Kean College of New Jersey B.A. Biology To my parents: My appreciation, affections, respect and gratitude continue to grow endlessly with time. You instilled in me a sense of dignity, and you taught me to stand up for thetruth and fairness. I still remember dad's saying, "One man is another man's god", and 1 do think that these words have and will continue to withstand the test of time. The truth, unlike paradigm shift occurring with timee.g. "The Flat Earth", remains true irrespective of the class, number, or race of people perceiving it to be otherwise. To my brothers and sisters: Bruno, Linus, Helen, Tom, Mike, Lasarian, Fidelia and sister-in-laws (especially Celia), and all of the OSHIO kids. Aunt Terry and mom, you have all been a constant source of support and 1 deeply appreciate your affections and care. My sincere thanks to all my friends and professors: Dr. Amelia Smith and Dr. I inden( Kean College), Dr. Klingensmith, Dr. Miller, Mendelson, Janet, and Loretta (Governor s State University at Illinois), Dr. Pontiousand Dr. Willis(PCPM), thank you for your ad vice and support at a time I where I felt that 1 was alone. Thuy, thanks for being a great friend and study mate. 98Susan Elizabeth Papp, D.P.M. Franklin and Marshall College B.A. Mathematics WE MADE IT!! 99David Harrison Pfizenmaier, D.PM. Rutgers University B.A. Psychology The perception of the passage of time has always amazed me. Time appears to progress so slowly on a day to day basis that the "end of the road" seems quite distant when one is involved in a long term | curriculum or project. Yet in looking back upon the "road just traveled", one can't help but to wonder where has all the time gone?" For me, 1 have experienced both the best and worst of "times" of my life during my PCPM years. Each has involved the status of my health. Thankfully, I have been fortunate enough to regain my health, both mentally and physically. I should only hope that my fellow classmates and friends never take their health for granted, or anyone else s for that matter. For it is the possession of one's health that grants an individual the ability to obtain and perceive happiness and to help others attain the same goal. Good luck to all of you' Above all. I would like to thank my family for their continued support throughout my life. I love you Mom, Dad and Davi! To my closest friends: Michael (CS), Rock.Secord, Rico,Cork,and Maria—without your influences, sanity would not have been possible. Lastly, 1 would like to thank Vanessa for always being a kind, caring and very special person in my life. 100Hau T. Pham, D.P.M. College of William and Mary B.S. Chemistry I dedicate this degree to the memory of my father who sought and fought for FREEDOM so that his children can have a better life. Thank you Lord for giving me the strength and peace to achieve this goal. TO MY WONDERFUL WIFE: Thank you so much for your LOVE and SUPPORT. 1 really appreciate everything you had to put up with when 1 was at sea and at school and leaving you home alone with Hannah. Youaretruly thevery BEST. IhopelcanmakeitalJupforvou some day. TO MY SILLY DAUGHTER: You are my happiness. Seeing you and spending time with you gives me new strength to goon. TO MY MOTHER AND SISTERS: It has been a long time but 1 will be back home some day. Thank you for your love and prayers while we are thousands of miles away. TO THE WARDROOM OF USS KNOX (FI-1052): We fight to win". Mid-watches and daily general quarters for 6 months in the Gulf were not everyone's idea of fun but we all managed to stay alive and kept our sanity. Thank vou for all the encouragement. TO MY IN-LAWS, ESPECIALLY MOTHER-IN-LAW: Thank you for helping my wife and daughter. Special thanks to Dr. and Mrs. TRUONG who provided the morale and financial support, and the inspiration to get my life restarted in the right direction. 101Elizabeth Ann Reilly, D.RM. North Carolina State University B.S. Zoology II would take 10,000 pages to thank my family for all the love and support they have given me all these years! 1 could never love anyone more than 1 love you! Now, where should I send those honor payments? 102Amannda Leigh Richline, D.PM. Moravian College B.S. Biology God: Thank you for giving me a wonderful family and husband. Without their support, 1 could not have obtained this degree. Ed: To my best friend and my only love. You have been such a wonderful husband. 1 am so lucky to have you. Thank you for always standing by me. You mean everything to me. 1 will always love you. Ma: You are the kindest, most giving person 1 will ever know, lam so lucky to have you as my mother. You havegiven so much tosupport me. You have always been there for me, supported me and, most of all, believed in me. Thank you so much for vour love and guidance and allowing me to grow into my own person. I love you so much. Dad: You have always taught me to never give up, accept set backs and to find the positivesof every situation. You have helped me todeal with and accept difficulties w'hich has made me a stronger person. Your guidance, financial support and motivation helped to make my goal possible. Thank you. 1 love you Donna: Growing up with you hasbeen so much fun We've had so many experiences only sisters can have. Thanks for all your advice and being a great roll model as we grew up. Sy: To the attest little bird in the whole world. You have made my years here a little easier. Thanks for the nest. I love you. Dr. Kramer: You have been a mentor to me for the past ten years. The knowledge and guidance I received from you was invaluable. Thank you for all of your time and allowing me to make this decision completely alone 103Jeffrey J. Rock, D.RM Wilkes University B.S. Biology After a seemingly endless career of education, my goal has finally been accomplished. Along the way 1 have been helped, encouraged, and supported by many people. It is not important to name all of your names, because the list would be too long to fit on this page. Also, I believe all of you already know who you are, and I just want to say thank you for everything. Finally, 1 want to wish all of my classmates good luck as they enter their new careers. 104Vanessa Lee Rodzinak, D.RM. King's College B.S. Biology Mom and Dad: I love you! 1 cannot even tell you how thankful I am that God blessed me by giving me parents like you. You both are the most selfless people I know. You have given me love, support, and values that will last mea lifetime. I would never have made it without you. Thank you. Anjanette: You are the greatest! Yeslamyour' bigsisser" as you would say. Remember that I will always be here for your just as you ha ve been there for me. Thanks forgiving me the best memories ever and making life great. Love you! Nenny. Grandma: I love you! Maria: We did it! All the crazy study sessions finally paid off. I wish for you the very best. We have experienced many changes together with many more to come. GOOD LUCK! Thuy: Thanks for being such a great person and friend. You "crazy girl". David: It is hard to believe that I have known you for four yearsalreadv, but the last two have certainly been the greatest. Words can not even express how happy I am that you are a part of my life. Thanks for being everything to me. Love you, Vanessa. 105Mark A. Roemer, D.RM. Shepherd College B.S. Biology Mom and Dad: This accomplishment is dedicated to you. Without your love, support and guidance, I never would have made it. You have always been there when I needed you, providing love, understanding and encouragement. You've both sacrificed so many things to enable me to follow my dreams. For this 1 will be forever grateful. I love you so much. My Sister: Michelle, you have grown into a beautiful woman. I am so proud of you, and 1 wish you the best of everything in the years to come. I will always be there for you. The West Virginia Gang: You guys are my lifeline to sanity. I am extremely lucky and thankful to have such a fantastic group of friends. I have so many memories of you guys that I'll cherish always. As our lives continue to develop and change, 1 know our lines of communication will never fade. "Zippidy Zealum Bliznik Storik Klig.' Sean, Pete, Suzanne: We’ve developed a friendship that I'll never forget. We've had a lot of fun times and I'm thankful for meeting people as nice as yourselves. The last four years would not have been nearly as enjoyable without you. Danielle: I Thank God that we w'ere able to meet. You are the sweetest person I’ve ever met. You bring happiness to my life and I care for you deeply. The future looks bright and I pray that you'll be there to enjoy it with me. 106Boston University B.A. Biology To Mom and Dad: It’s been a long eight years since I left for Boston. The road lo fulfilling my dream of becoming a doctor was not always smooth. Thank you for helping make a dream come true by believing, supporting and encouraging. (Mom--what color is the car 1 owe you?) To Ritchard: Thanks for the helpful hints. To Joel and Mitchel: Thanks for being there through the years. Being the youngest was not always easy, but it is worth it. I love you guys! To my friends: Thank you for sticking with me through school, though there may have been times we didn't speak for a year at a time. I'll always be the same person-just remember to call for an appointment. To my wife, Adyna: Remember what 1 told you when 1 started school? Thank you for making my words hold true. You have truly been an inspiration to me. You have made me believe in myself and become the best I can be. You were always there to pick me up and get me back on my feet when times got rough and exams got me down. I love you very much, now and forever. Eric Stephan Rosen, D.RM. 107University of California, Irvine B.S. Biological Sciences Jodai D. Saremi, D.P.M. It seems hard to believe that 1,460 days have brought so many changes! Like the movement of clouds as they pass the sun, moments flash through my mind's eye: gross lab (the room of the dismembered); Arti; when my grandmother died from cancer; ballet with Alex (my instructor, mentor, and friend); New York in the November rain; D.C. in the spring; Persian feasts on the floor; calling home when EVERYONE was there; crying with jov; laughing becauseit feels good; waiting for the plane; watching fireflies; holding hands under the moon; looking out over the city feeling silly in a long white dress with a veil listening to my aunts being daughterly sisterly a godchild a wife...and now, a graduate. The memories all run together. Thank you. Mom and Dad, for loving me through it all; forgiving words of guidance, encouragement, and hope. Thanks for being the greatest parents. I love you very much. Garo, the future is ours. Let's roll the bones! My little brother, Zane, you will find only if you seek. To my family 1 can only say that the distance has made me realize how much you !1 mean to me. My friends, you've all been most excellent company Your lively Conversations and laughter kept me happy and safe front loneliness! 108David Anthony Scalzo, D.P.M Temple University B.S. Biology Mom and Dad: Thank you so much for all you have done for me in the past to make me succeed these four years. You both carried me through the hard times when 1 never thought I would see the light at the end of the tunnel. I love you both. I dedicate this degree to you. Grandma: Thank you so much for the emotional and financial support as well as thecalamariand tripe dinners that you provided in the past. 1 couldn't have done it without the help of you and Grandpa. You are the first to get a ride on my I larley. Andrea: To thebest sister a brother could ever have. Thank you for everything. Buddy, Brad and Mark: "Yo Bros", we finally made it I'm never going to forget the "hell" we raised at 1112 Rodman. The only thing to do now is "Live to ride and ride to live.” 109David J. Scibek, D.P.M Pennsylvania State University B.S. Nutrition Mom and Dad - Thank you for everything you have done for meand given nte. There is no way in the world I could have accomplished this goal without the two of you I am eternally grateful for vour neverending understanding, support, and sacrifice. "Yes Dad, I'm studying for that test." "Yes Mom, I'm eating." Donna and Tom - Thank you for being my personal long distance psychologists during my years at PCPM. You helped me more than you will ever know. Thanks. Kathleen - Thanks for putting up with all my crap, reminding me that there is more to life than studying, and taking me away from it all (even if it was only for the weekend). I love you. God - Thank you for blessing me with such a wonderful family, watching over me in my time of need, and hearing my prayers. 110SUNY at Buffalo B.S. Business Joshua Scoll, D.P.M. The past four years have been the most difficult in my life. They also have been the most rewarding and satisfying years. With the help of a couple of people, I have grown into the person that I am today. To my wife: Thank you for all your support. I know I have not been the easiest person to live with this past year. But, I want to let you know that I need you and love you very much. To my parents: It is finally over and 1 DID IT! Mom, keep up the good work. You only have one more year yourself. Thank you for everything. To my sister: Well sis, school is finally over. Mow maybe we can spend some time together. 1 love you very much. Good luck with your job. To my family and friends: Thank you for your support these past four years. It meant and helped a bunch. Class of 1995: GOOD LUCK AND CONGRATS!!!!!!! IllDavid John Secord, D.P.M. University of Dallas B.A. Philosophy Thanks to Mom for her emotional and financial support. Thanks also to God and supportive friends for strength and encouragement. To Chuck S. and Tony R.: Mo one remembers you now! To Dr. A: Sony about the insurance thing. Better luck with the younger classes who do not know any better. I still want my $46.00 back, and so does everyone else. To the professors and clinicians of PCPM: My life has been enriched in countless ways. I can never thank you for the tools you have given me. For the school itself,a suggested plaque to mount above thedoor of the business office: Lasciate ogni speranzi voi ch'entrate Above the weight-room door: Mens Sana in corpore sano Finally, above the gait lab door: Credo ut intelligam --Thanks a million for everything you've given me, 1 loward. 112Christopher J. Seymour, D.P.M. hirst, I would like to thank God for enabling me to fulfill my own potential. Thanks Mom and Dad for being a constant source of support and encouragement during these challenging four years. Drew, 1 greatly appreciated your insightful comments in helping me to maintain me focus. Let me also acknowledge Mrs. Mattie B. Love and other members of my church family. In addition, my sincerest gratitude to all my Hampton University professors,especially professors Ramsey and Mcqueen. To my friends, I wish nothing but success and happiness. Louis, I wish you could be here with us, but God knows best. Hampton University B.A. Biology 113Marcus N. Shapiro, D.P.M Syracuse University B.S. Psychology Mom and Dad: My life long dream has finally become a reality. I | : cannot begin todescribethefeelingsandgratitudethat I haveforyou, j For without your total love, support, guidance, and sense of humor, I would not have been the person thal I am today. With sincere | appreciation, I dedicate this great achievement a long with my love to 1 you. David: With all that we havebeen through and shared, both good and bad, 1 can think of no better definition of a brotherand best friend than you. So"'Here's to you, 1 lore's to me..." Joy: 1 remember like it was yesterday how 1 held you in my hand. , And as I approach this new plateau in my life, I can't help but watch as you reach yours... as a beautiful young lady. You greet me at the door with the most memorable hugs and kisses. You liave the purest of mindsand thegentlest of hearts. You are my sister. You are my Joy. To Hlysa, Fran, Lori, Mike, Pain, and Stephanie: 1 am so glad to have friends like you to share this great chapter in my life. To Mike: Who am I going to call fora fish emergency? To the most creviest of individuals and Howard Stem's 1 fan, I wish you only the best. You have been a great roommate and friend. Sincerely, BA BA BOOEY! To the XERO happy hour crew: Hot wings and S0.60drafts. I wish you all the best. Lisa: It seems like I have known you forever. 1 consider you a very special friend and hopefully we will stay in touch.______________ 11-1Pennsylvania State University Liberal Arts All the strength, time and encouragement that was expended to reach this level wasdrawn from God, my family, my friends.and my own will. So because of your love, caring and time I share this .accomplishment with you. Mom: thank you for all your endless loveand encouragement you have al wav's shown me. You are the main reason, ami force that has enabled me to reach this level. No more words can come dose to explain the love, appreciation, and admiration I have for you. My love and gratitude. To the rest of my family (Billy, Kathy, David and Katie) I thank you for being my spring board at times, and for sharing your opinions, advice, and support when I needed it the most 1 love and thank you. Tire "Possc"(KiKi, Ship, Bob, Capt. Lou, Bones, Welsh): A group of friends second to none, and whom I love and value very much in this world. Thanks for the humor, support, and always an opportunity to go nuts with... If you don't want to run with tire big dogs, then you better stay on the porch... And finally to the other two-thirds of the 'Trinity ', the other 2 "Amigos". Akilis"little buddy, junior, mothergoose"Tlrcoharidi$,and Joseph "cabin man, stealth" Haley. What can Isay guys? I kwe you like brothers. Becauseof you two, the time at school was pleasurable. From our 'TV is good" time, to our last minute doggy study, to all the great laughs, to all the late night senseless phone calls, our frieirdshipgrewintoonethat I will always hold dear to my heart and honor all my life. For I view you two as brothers of mine, you are family. Tlranks Akilis and Haley, I will always be there for you. Remember.. .“A man is not judged by Irow many barriers he comes upon... but by how many he overcomes..." Classmates: Good luck to you all Bryan Michael Sheehan, D.P.M. 115Brian G. Stahl, D.P.M. Ursinus College B.S. Biology I would like to thank my family for always giving me the love and support I need. You will never know how much 1 appreciate your understanding my absences over the past four years. Bridget, Justine and Johnny: Never accept a situation, always strive for bettemess. Never let anyone tell you that you can not do something because you always can. Most importantly, never forget that 1 love you. Carmen and Chris: Thanks for a life of accepting my schizophrenic ways. I'll never find dearer friends. Jon and Mara: The time I spent at YVoodlawn Avenue will forever be embedded in my mind. 1 think we all lived, learned and laughed to the fullest extent. Jon, we havegot plenty of Basin' to do!! To all my friends (Chris, Garrett, Davey, Etc): What would I have done without your shoulders to lean on over the past year or two? Thanks!! Tracy and Jeanne: Thank God for unanswered prayers!!!! 116Clarence M. Stewart El, D.P.M North Carolina State University B.S. Zoology God: Thank You for the strength to finish another piece of the puzzle. Monv Sister, late Grandmother Thanks for the support and love and being the influential women in my life. 1 love you Fathers: thanks for your support and teachings in your own distinct ways. Aunts and Undcs: Thanks lor vour help in the time of need. Tutherestofthefamily: I know I was in you r prayers to succeed. For that, lam thankful. If you need me I'll be there. NLV: When 1 first met you, 1 knew you were sperial in some way. 1m glad I took the time out to find out what. You really came along and filled a void Je t'aimerab toujouns. Dr. Gusto: Thanks for support and teaching me what it took to fill your shoes. Nook forward to out years together in business. Aren't you the greatest or what Dr. Chico: Ihe best Brazilian buddy money can buy. Dr. K. W Your smile has been missed since you left, but you have not been forgotten Dr. D.B Tlwnk you for teaching me how to love. Grasshopper Such a beautiful young lady in mind, spirit, and body You deserve the best arid shouldn’t settle for less. Always keep in touch. Hot Rod F: I've known you and grasshopper for4 yis. and they are all memorable. You are a great friend Keep in touch. Breeze: Just like your nickname, you would Now in, we'd hang, and you'd Now out. We'll be friends for ever. N elson and Stokes Best fr.ends that camealongcarly in my life. Thanks for your calls during the rough times. Maasi You now have tlx- mantle of successor. Treat tt with nrqxxt and don't make me kx k bad. Doc If Max can't, you can S.M.: Don't change your sexy ways. You made me feel special. Karen W.: You are a unique lady whom Im glad to call you a friend Yvonne, Tracy, Lisa, Reed, Johnny Boy, Rock. Redd, Boo Boo, Cam, Hut, K-Love: Thanks for the good times and good luck! Berthie: Kiss to my little sis with a big heart! Class of "95: C-ood luck in yuur professional endeavors. To the World, The Main Man Cometh! 117Peter Gavin Tames, D.P.M. SUNY at Buffalo B.A. Biological Sciences I just want to thank my wife, family and friends for their loving support and understanding through the last four years. I wish all my classmates good luck in their future endeavors. 118Akilis M. Theoharidis, D.P.M. Messiah College B.S. Biology Dear Lord: Thank you for blessing me wilh a caring, loving family, good friends, strength, and faith. To my family: Mom, Dad, Dimitrios, and Maria-Thank you for your endless support and belief in me. Without you none of this would be possible! I appreciate all the sacrifices you have made to help me get to where I am today. I love you all! To Sherri - aka Gustavo: Thank you so much for helping me get through the past four vears...you ve been my confidant, my secretary, my supporter. I love you always! To the Young family: Thank you for your support and those home cooked dinners! To my friends -- Dean, Brian, Joe, and Vish: Thank you for your encouragement and all the good times that made these years more enjoyable! To the faculty and staff: Thanks for all your knowledge and inspiration! Carpe diem! 119Michael S. Travisano, D.P.M. SUNY at Stony Brook B.S. Biology Mom and Dad : You guys have been my biggest supporters throughout this whole ordeal (not to mention financially). I know it's been hard on everyonebut you veal wavs been right behind me. Thanks for all the sacrifices you've made for me Now when I come home to visit you wont have to wony about me raiding the refrigerator or looking or money, 11 LAVE AJOBNOW. Dean, Jill and Kate: I wish 1 could have been a round more these last four years. Sony 1 took all of Mom Dad's money before you amid get your grubby hinds on it. Too bad, get yourselves jobs and earn it. Grandmas: Thanks for making sure that 1 always had clean clothes and that I always had something to eat. N ow you ca h tell all your friends that vour grandson is a doctor. Ivy: No one knows me any better than you do, you've been the greatest. You were able to put up with the temper arid attitude when no one else could or would. 1 know its been tough on us at times, but you stuck it ou t with me, thanks. 1 promise that the future will only bring us closer together and hippier beyond our dreams. My partners in crime: Marcus: BaBabooev Hianks for beinga great roommaleand friend. 1 don't think anyone else could have put up with niy s— the List few years. Hunks. Garrett Maybe now that you are a doctor you'll get a raise in your allowance. Sean: Hunks for the many hours of sega, keep searching for the perfect wave. Tracy: Maybe sometime in the future you'll Lx- able to buy mustard and cream cheese in the store and not have to nuke it yourself To all my friends at home: Hunks for keeping me down to earth when 1 was caught up with all the nonsense here at school. Uncle Vinny and Aunt Kathy: Thanks for being real friends, and concerned about what's going on in my life. 120Boston University B.A. Biology Mom and Dad: I don't know where to begin. 'Thank you" just doesn't seem adequate. Without your love, support and encouragement, this dream may never have been fulfilled. Through your sacrifices and faith in me, you have allowed me to become the person I am today. I hope 1 will always make you proud. 1 love you so much....Thank you. Matt and Chris: You guys are the best. A girl couldn't ask for two better brothers. Not only are you family, you are also my friends. Even though we are going in three different directions, I know we will always be close. Thanks for putting up with me over these past 4 tormented years. I love you guys. Scott: Can you believe it...I never thought this day would arrive. You were there beside me every' step of the way - it seems this degree should have both our names on it! Your unselfish love and unending support helped me to stay focused and achieve this goal. Thank you! You are theloveof my life and my best friend. Now the real adventure begins. To all my family and friends: Thank you for keeping me grounded. To my fellow classmates: I wish you all good luck and the best life has to offer. Sharon Treston-Magnacca, D.P.M. X 121Sean Van Marter, D.P.M Franklin Marshall College B.A. Biology To Mom and Dad: It is from the bottom of my heart that 1 thank you for all the sacrifices that you have made along my educational career. You have given me the guidance, understanding, compassion and love 1 needed to follow my dreams. I want both ofyou to know that lam deeply grateful forall that you havedoneforme. Thank you for being there toguide me through the rough times and helping me to remain focused on my goals. 1 love you both. Mom and Dad, and I couldn't have done it without you. To my brother Marc: You have grown into a fine young man. 1 know that you will soon find the direction and profession that you want. We have had a lot of great times and I hope for many more. You are my one and only brother, I love you Marc. To Su anne: You have been with me through some rough times these past couple of years. Thank you for your love and support. You really made some of those times much easier to deal with. Thank you for all of the fun, laughter and gcxxi times we have had. I look forward to many more. 1 love you Suzanne. To Pete. Whatcan 1 say? We have been friends foralmost eight years now. You have been the best friend a person can have. I will cherish our friendship forever. I know that you will be successful in whatever you do. Keepyourhead up arid follow your dreams. 1 love you Pete. 122Karen Vargas-Moss, D.P.M. University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez B.S. Biology I would like tothanMirstofallGodforlettingmeliveuntilthisday, my parents for always being there when 1 needed them most, and Robert and his family for always provid mg me with a home away from home. When 1 came to this country, 1 was afraid because I did not know what to expect and I did not know anybody But, I must thank all my colleagues, friendsand professors. You all have helped to build up my confidence and my intellect. You guys have been great and I will miss you. Robert: Thank you for always being there when 1 needed a friend and for not letting mesecondguessmyself. Without you and your help, I would have never made it this far. Thank you forsupportingmy goals and dreams. Never forget how important we are to each other. Mom, Dad, Andy(Brother), Frankie(Nephew Godson), Robert, and all my Grandparents and relatives: You guys are the best family that anyone could ever ask for. God bless you all. 1.0 ve, Karen I 123Cameras fiy Graduates: .Linda CaCftoun, ‘D.L.WC. John Qregory, D d.OVi. Odenry DdenczeC, D.L.JvC. DavidOdigh, D.L.Oid. 124 (Sorry 9dom's and Dad's)TO THE FRIENDS, FAMILY AND COLLEAGUES THAT KNEW Student Doctor E. Louis Gray: We as people in our own insecure and self prolific way try to phantom the Divine plan for us all Striving to attain the goals which we feel so strongly in our souls, we lose sight of even’thing else around us. Louis was a person who. with his gifts, of intellect perception, articulation and bowl-edge of biblical passages, could always bring you back down to earth, lie inspired all who bew him by challenging our thoughts and ideas (hat we fervently held fast to our hearts. Student Doctor Gray was a proud African-American voice who strongly believed in the fair treatment of others as well as himself His devotion to young African-Americans in community awareness projects and service in feeding the homeless should not go without mention. Louis was one of three students who volunteered to assist in the first efforts to give trays of warm food to the homeless. rfhis event occurred on one of the coldest nights of the year in December 1992. Tin's initiated the annual Food to the Homeless Dinner of which .N.P.M.A. members and so many others are so proud to be a pari Laris will always be remembered for his intelligence, sense of humor, athletic competitiveness, and his articulate and skillful manner of debate, which no one could argue was thought provoking. We miss you my Brother! We will strive and continue to keep your Spirit alive in all that we do. (Special thanks to William McCarron and the rest of the yearbook staff for providing this opportunity to express our feelings about a good friend to many Thank you, 6tcven W. Bennett Christopher Seymour Class of 199? Second Annual M.L.K. Jr. Dinner 1993: Photographed from Idl-qght. Podney fitzhugh. Louis Cray. Ricardo Bennett. Clarcncc Stewart. Rodney Bland. Steven Bennett. 3nd Kvari luft CXshiokpckhai (in front) 125We have vacuums ? Hey, no eating in clinic, you two! Oh well, two more unsatisfied customers! Bemie; it's five o'clock, lust copy what was written in the last note so we can leave! 126 Rodney, we re fourth years. Loosen up and take off your clinic coat!127 Hey, never make fun of my Villanova Wildcats!Does anyone have any Day Pro for my hangover? 128Life is lonely when you arc a Jets fan! OK, who tried to draw blood from a patient in t We re one big, happy family here!Hey, Akilis, do you know you have a Gyro stain on your tie? Liz must have a residency program! Lighten up John! You'll be in Florida soon! (left photo) Oh no, a Perch chart! (right photo) 130So that's who’s writing his SOAP notes in Latin. Thank God I'm not a third year! I think Gina could use a hot oil rub! (left photo) Kev, just how big is Kenny's Buddha Belly ? Marcus doesn’t know it vet, but we slipped some extra cheese in his lunch! (right photo) 131132 We haven't seen Rich since last year so we decided to visit. Dave, if you smell the scent of burning flesh, just give a yell!We brushed with minty fresh baking soda! Kenny's future is so bright, he has to wear shades! Dave, I hope you like Buffalo wings! 1 low many podiatrists does it take to tape an ankle ? Monsour didn't! Hey, guy! Mike checks to see if Linda is wearing a wig. 133t-ei S l V3A 3H± H nmiHi N3 3MOHVHJohnny is always open for business. Scott, does tins mean we don't have to go to afternoon clinic? You have become a fourth year when your charts start to look like this !The Class of1995 would like to wish good luck to the future graduates of PC PM. Don't stop pursuing excellence in your profession!!1996CLASS OF ■JSYLVANIA COLLEGI 138OF PODIATRIC 139140 141142143144145OH MY GAWD! UH, PHIL SHOULD I EVEN ASK? DON'T ASK!! ME...HICCUPUM.V1M, WELL, LET'S SEE 147CLASS OF 1996 CAN YOU GET THAT OFF MY HEAD? 148...UNTIL FOURTH YEAR 149 PEACE!THANKS TO fiLL MY CLASSMATES WHO HANDED IN AND TOOK PICTURES. SPECIAL THANKS TO CARL CONUI COEDITOR CLASS OF 1996! 150152153154155156157 1586£l160162 Our Second Annual Winter Semi-formal 1997 163We're halfway through!!! Special thanks to our photographers - , zccie t ttecvtuzm 164‘TiJeCcame fo ‘Ptultcf, ta ?%ACROSSl (Brass JVnatnmtr TLnb 167Family Day 22S-169175Department of Biomedical Sciences Robert Boyd, Ph.D. Francis Comvay, Ph D. Bruce Hirsch, Ph D. David Axler, Ph.D. James Burke, Ph.D. Bohdan Terlcckyj, M S. Marilyn Fenton, Ph.D. Chair Ziad Labbad, M.D. Howard Pitkow, Ph.D. Brian Clark, Ph.D. Carl Abramson, Ph.D. James Atkin, D.P.M., Ph.D. Henry Beilstein, Ph.D. Robert Davis, Ph.D. Ara Dermarderosian, Ph.D. Raymond DiPrimio, D.P.M. Charles Gibley, Ph.D. David Roberts, Ph.D. ISODepartment of Community Health Morris Barrett, M.P.H. Joseph Bruno, R.P.T. John DeGovann, D.P.M. Philip Demp, D.P.M., Ph.D. Ernestine Estes, M.S.VV. Allen Geiwitz, Pharm.D., Ph.D. Gary Hvmes, D.P.M. Meil Kanner, D.P.M. Lawrence Levine, D.P.M. Robert Levine, M.S.VV. Jesse Liebermann, M.A. Steven Mandel, M.D. Andrew Newman, M.D., J.D. Francis Ott Jr., D.P.M. Vincent Tisa, D.P.M. Michael Walinsky, D.P.M., M.B.A. Barry Wolff, D.P.M. Arthur Helfand, D.P.M. Department of Library Sciences Frances Peters, M.L.S. Barbara Williams, M.L.S. 181 Marga Hirsch, M.S.L.S.Department of Podiatric Medicine Harvey Lemont, D.P.M. Chair Robert Christman, D.P,M. Arnold Feldman, D.P.M. Warren Joseph, D.P.M. Anthony Kidawa, D.P.M. Thomas Maglietta, D.P.M. Jeanean Willis, D.P.M. Jack Cohen, M.D. Stanley Cohen. M.D. James Giuffrc, M.D. Leslie Hess, D.P.M. Erwin Juda, D.P.M. Warren Katz, M.D. Brian Kelly, M.D. Charles Krausz, D.P.M. Steven Maridel, M.D. Russel Maulitz, M.D. David Mayer, M.D. Augustine Morano, D.P.M. Steven Nierenberg, M.D. James Rockett, D.P.M. M.H. Samitz, M.D. Kenneth Weiss, M.D. Joseph Witkowski, M.D. LouisZulli, D.P.M. 182Department of Podiatric Orthopedics Howard Hillstrom, Ph.D. Fred Kugler, M.S. William Martin, D.P.M. James McGuire, D.P.M., P.T. Kendrick Whitney, D.P.M. John Walter, D.P.M., M.S. Chair I toward Palamarchuk, D.P.M. Albert Bravo, D.P.M. Philip Bresnahan, D.P.M. Sharon Grissinger, D.P.M. Richard Jay, D.P.M. Youssef Kabbani, D.P.M. David LeBovith, D.P.M. James McX'erney, D.P.M. Morris Moss, D.P.M. Harold Schoenhaus. D.P.M. Lee Techner, D.P.M. Bruce Vanett, M.D Alan Whitney, D.P.M. Michael Zarro, D.P.M. 183Department of Podiatric Surgery Michael Downey, D.P.M. Choir Gary Bauer, D.P.M. Steven BOc, D.P.M. Steven Corey, D.P.M. Gregory Caringi, D.P.M. Walter D'Alonzo, M.D. Pamela Fera, D.P.M. Ira Fox, D.P.M. Donald Green, D.P.M. Youssef Kabbani, D.P.M. D. Scot Malay, D.P.M. E. Dalton McGlamry, D.P.M. James McNemey, D.P.M. Vincent Muscarella, D.P.M. Louis Newman, D.P.M. David Novicki, D.P.M. Paul Quintavalle, D.P.M. John Ruch, D.P.M. I. E. Schifalacqua, D.P.M. David Seitman, M.D. Harold Vogler, D.P.M Stephen Weissman, D.P.M. 184PCPM DEPARTMENT STAFF Student Affairs: (top) Joan Jenkins-Brown, David Axler, LeGrand Newman, Thomas Maiorano, (bottom) Carmen I farris, Lisa Kroner, Marva Simmons, Linda Greiner Yolanda Tavlor-Alhassan and Donna Polisano - Surgery Department .isa Jenkins and Sharon Mack - Orthopedics Department Dorothy Agee - Medicine Department Biomedical Sciences: (top) Theresa Pingitore, Cachutta Johnson, (bottom) Carol Kendrick Kristen Donohue - Animal Victor Thompson - Biomedical Bernice Jackson and Ernesto Carol Krouse - Academic laboratory Sciences Mujorra - Biomed. Sciences Affairs Brenda Gillis - Educational Affairs Edith Bobb - Graduate Placement 185 SIXTH FLOOR STAFF AND ADMINISTRATION Dennis Donohue - Fiscal Affairs, Vice President Viola Warren -1 luman Resources Marie Biggans -1 luman Res. Vanessa Napoleon - Fiscal Aff BUSINESS OFFICE: (left to right) David Thompson, I isa Jones, Denise Lucas, Carol Donner, Colleen Lobel, Theresa Webster, Maxine Preston LIBRARY: Joyce Bryant, Marga 1 lirsch, Michelle Chen-Wang 186 1NST11L 1IONAL ADVANCEMENT: (top) Marianne Lipson, Carrie Smith, Lisa Honig, (bottom) Colandra Coleman-Giles, Jeanne MillerCLINIC STAFF Patient Billing: (top) Virginia Kehoe, Barbara Fuller, Chris Kinard, Medical Records: (top) Brenda Reid, Judy Benckert, Carmen Gist, Darlene Johns (bottom) Diana Davenport, Joanne DeGaetano (bottom) Loretta Edwards Front Desk: (top) Antoinette Griffin, Tina Clinical Services: (top) Sharon Nelson, Appointments: Michele Fuller-Graveley, Young, (bottom) Carol McKenna DeAnna Clendenon, (bottom) Mary Gates Maryanne Basile, Vanessa King al Assistants: (top) Jeanette McGerry, Kim Johnson, Ra'Nalda Brown, ta Boni, (bottom) Gina Mammarella, Tracy Brown, Patricia Brennan Mary Oehler and Richard Cerruti - RadiologyPCPM STAFF Anthony Morris - Head of Physical Plant Charles MacFarland - TV Studio I.oretta Whitney - Switchboard George Dillon, Robert Ross, Sean Pulliam - Mailroom Kathleen Loveland and Karen Gooden - Art Rarl Jones and Jessie Scott - Physical Plant Department Kathy DiGirolamo PCPM lost a valued colleague when Kathy DiGirolamo of the Business Office passed away suddenly this fall. The entire College extends sympathies to her family. We miss her. 188Advertisements 189Congratulations! Marque A. Allen, D.P.M. We had a vision 1966 For all your achievements that you worked so hard to get, YOU ARE ADMIRED For all the obstacles you have conquered and the goals that you met, YOU ARE RESPECTED For the courage and your patience and your will to gain success, YOU ARE LOVED We not only wish you life's best, we are confident it will be yours. We love you Marque, Dad, Mom Dana 190 It has come true 1995Rodney Lewis Bland, D.P.M. Congratulations to you in fulfilling your goal after years of perserverance. We are proud of your achievements. Love, Family Dr. Kevin Brady Congratulations! Good luck and happiness in your future. We are all very proud of you. Love you. Mom, Dad, Caroline, ) a nice and Tom i V V Commencement' does not just mean graduation, it means a new beginning' Dr. Jonathan Blum Congratulations f 1 From your very beginning, we have happily participated in the discovery of your talents and watched as you learned to enjoy the process of learning Life is for learning .. it is highly experiential and experience is the best teacher experiment and make your life an active science. 'J4s you continue in life remember ■"We don't receive wisdom; '"VVe must discover it for ourselves after a journey That no one can take for us or spare us." -Marcel ‘Proust And as grandpa might have said. ’Victory belongs to the most persevering." N poioon WE ARE VERY PROUD OF YOU AND YOUR ACHIEVEMENTS1 With Love. Venturer I ‘•77 191Pictured to the left: At first, young Kenny was intimidated, even dismayed by the bizarre and the unfamiliar. Pictured to the right: However, he quickly learned to surmount the most formidable obstacles and found his destined route to success. Lumbering along the precarious path, he laboriously made his way to a beckoning well- lit office over which hung the polished emblem stamped "Kenneth Bloom, D.P.M." Congratulations Ken. We knew you could do it. You have, once again, made us proud. Love, 1192 Mom, Dad and BillSCOTT M. ARONSON, D.P.M. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! The last four years have been a challenge. You commuting to Philadelphia to earn a degree in Podiatry, me commuting to New York City to keep shoes on our feet. We knew that the road would be long but on Graduation Day we would say that it was worth it all. Well, here we are on Graduation Day 1995. All of your hard work and determination have earned you the degree. Doctor of Podiatric Medicine. Words cannot express how very proud I am of you and all that you have accomplished. Here's to a lifetime of health, happiness and much success. I look forward to the future with my husband, The Doctor. LOVE ALWAYS FOREVER, ILYSSA DR. SCOTT ARONSON We don’t know where the time has gone since those little boy days. It doesn't seem that long. Yet, here you are, it’s your Graduation Day. There’s one thing we’d like to say... be kind, be gentle and always be fair. And remember, though now you have become a Doctor, you will always be our Scotty- a loving son and brother. You filled our lives with so much joy as we watched you grow from that little boy... CONGRATU LATIONS! WE LOVE YOU, Mom, Dad, Wayne KimDR. ELISABETH CHARLOTTE ELSINGER Congratulations LEE-Z! You have made all who know and love you, very proud of your accomplishments and endeavors DR. LIZ, find much happiness, success and fulfillment in your "WORLD OF FEET". We love you. May God bless you always. Mom, Dad and Simon My Dearest Ruth, Since you were born, you have been such a beautiful addition to our family. Now that you are grown, I can see that you are a beautiful addition to the world. I am so very proud of you. As I watched you doing things on your own, I know that you will find happiness and success. You are confident in your ability, knowledge and values. Remember, I am always here to help you, to understand you, to support you and , most of all, to love you! Continue your commitment to excellence by aiming higher and reaching out to new horizons! Eternal love. Aunt VeeRuth, As you have been blessed, this world has been blessed with an intelligent, kindhearted, "fine" woman determined to contribute to mankind. We love you, and we're proud. Love, Zina Grant, Marcia Simson, Catherine Howard, Jeffrey Pope, Myron Williams, and Tony Downey To My Very Special Daughter Ruth L. Gilliam Always remember that if one dream should fall and break into a thousand pieces, never be afraid to pick up one of the pieces and begin again. Believe in your talent. It is what God gave you. Skill is how you keep care of His gift. No goal is unreachable when your goal is above the clouds. No one can predict what height you can soar to. Even you will not know until you spread your wings. You are limited only by your imagination and dreams. You are so very precious to me. I knew that the day you were born. Nothing has changed since that very special day. Love, To Ruth, To Ruth, Words can not describe how proud we are of you. Your patience and perserverance to obtain your goal is extremely admi- As you prepare for commencement day, your friends from Baltimore have a few words to say. We want you to know that your graduation fills our hearts with joy and admiration. We know how hard you've worked to obtain your dream, and we think it is really keen. rable and because of those traits you will succeed at whatever you endure. You are one of a kind and with pride we say we’ll be your friends forever and a day. With all our love. CONGRATULATIONS RUTH Aunt Fernell and Love, Aunt Renee Yvonne and Erine Congratulation And Best Wishes To Our Granddaughter Ruth Latanya Gilliam, D.RM. Having a granddaughter like you makes being grandparents especially rewarding. Congratulations Ruth From Your Sister Gloria For you are at a wonderful time in your life - a time of dreams and new beginnings and the promise of your future unfolding is an exciting thing to watch. We wish you a lifetime of good health and great success. In your hands you hold today. In your dreams you hold the future. In your faith you hold forever. I applaud and congratulate you on yet another of your many accomplishments. You have worked hard for this moment, sacrificed for it, now enjoy it. May God bless you for ever. All our love. Love Always, Grandmother and Grandfather Jim and Fernell Perkins 126 GloriaCongratulations To Our Daughter Ruth L. Gillium, D.P.M. Thank God an individual can grow! However, accept this point in life as a prelude to more challenging accomplishments. Do not lose focus as to where you can go. This is just a stepping stone toward greatness. You were blessed with tenacity to prevail. Key on that factor. Always strive to be the best at whatever you embark upon. Having a daughter like you, makes parenthood especially rewarding. In essence, if everyone in this world could be exactly like you, this would be one wonderful place to live. Remember mostly that you have the love and support of your Mom and Dad both with you and behind you. 197 -Ulysses Gloria GilliamJonathan Ketchum, D.P.M. Between a teacher's obligation and each student's goal lies a battlefield. Against all odds, you fought your battles. When the standards are high and the competition fair, men learn and grow. For your boundless energy, insatiable curiosity, skillful precision, compassion for all people, for eveiy doctor who inspired you, thank God! You'll be a credit to the profession! Mom, Dad, Jeanne, Douglas and your wife, Mara CONGRATULATIONS Dr. Maria T. Guarnieri We can't begin to express how proud we are of you. You've come a long way to make your dream a reality. Kindness, compassion, and sincerity are just a few of your many attributes which will make you a fine doctor. We want to wish you good health, happiness and success always. We love you. Dad and Analisa PS. - Welcome to the medical profession! A.G.ALICIA T. LAZZARA, D.P.M You have walked a long road, steps littered along the way. Sheer strength of will, talent and determination have brought you to this day. Your devoted family loves you, our hearts are filled with pride. You have much to look forward to, and never fear, we'll be there...strolling at your side. You are SPECIAL, Dr. Lazzara (Our own Lici!) Mommy, Dad, Scott, Alexis, and Althea Bradley T. Lemon, D.P.M. We are so very proud of you We love you very much Love, Mom, Dad, Lori, Erica, Taylor, Nana, Valerie wm ANN MlNBlBmS DPM CONGRATULATIONS Your family, friends, and community are very proud of you. Graduating from high school in Alexandria, Minnesota...on to the College of St. Scholastica in Duluth, Minnesota...and now graduating from the top College of Podiatric Medicine in Philadelphia. You have had a dream and you never gave up. Continue to follow your dreams and pursue them with courage, for it is the pursuit of those dreams that makes life really worth living. You have worked so hard . Your faith, motivation, and perseverance have made you successful in your endeavors. You have made us very proud and so happy that you have achieved your dream. Our Love, Mom, Dad, Alison, and PhilDr. William F. Ale Carr on III CONGRATULATIONS Bill, we've never written a letter to the editor before. But, on this occasion, we wanted you to know that we will be sharing in your happiness and wishing you a future filled with much success. We also wanted to share the following with you: Dream and as you dream, remember that only you can make your dreams come true. Reach and as you reach, remember that success takes time, devotion, and sometimes a little disappointment. Believe and as you believe, you will find reaching gets easier, setbacks get more manageable. Life becomes more meaningful. There’s a wonderful dream waiting just for you... I know you can make it come true. -Renee Duvall Bill, it is with great pride and never ending love that we offer our congratulations and wish you every success and happiness for the future. LOVE, Mom, Dad and Kate and Tori too 200CONGRATULATIONS!! DR. STEVEN C. NIELSON YOU HAVE ALL THE TALENT THAT YOU WILL EVER NEED, YOU'RE GOING TO SUCCEED. THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING OF SOMETHING WONDERFUL FOR YOU. TOMORROWS ARE FILLED WITH PROMISES OF JOYS YET TO BE. WE ARE PROUD OF YOU. ALL OUR LOVE YOUR FAMILY CONGRATULATIONS Scott W. Lindsay, D.P.M. We did not know you had to be a patient first to become a doctor!! We are all proud that you made it. Best wishes in all you do in the future. Love : Dad Andy, Dave, Karen Teddy, Mark, Mary Lou, Jen, Kevin Matt From your ---to your little big bitty feat” we've been with you! CONGRATULATIONS to yo«;for your dedicated perservance while in school and your love for the medical profession octor Raymond A. McClanahan. Love, Mom and Dad Dear Eric, our son number four With us, you always score!! Dick Okino, D.P.M. Congratulations from Japan Many years of schooling has made you today Doctor of Podiatry, we are proud to say. We wish you, Eric Adyna (your wife), A healthy, happy prosperous life! Sotsugyo omedeto! Yoku ganbatta ne. Totemo ureshii desu. Korckaramo genkide shiawase wo negatte imasu. Love Mazel Tov, Mom Dad P.S.- One last thought...Happy, Happy are we after 19 years we are finally tuition free!!! Love, Grandmother and Grandfather Gekko P.P.S.- Mazel Tov from the rest of the family Dick Y. Okino, D.P.M. OMEDETO!!! Dick Y. Okino, D.P.M. CONGRATULATIONS!!! It' been four long years but vou made it... YOU MADE rri You have worked very hard for this and you succeeded. We are very proud of your achievments. May your future bring you lots of success. Hats off to you. Doctor! You made us very proud. Congratulations, son! Love, We love you. Joey Okino and Mom and Dad Geri Mulvihill 202 CONGRATULATIONS!!! Paula C. Mendes, D.P.M. Escrever una note para este livro nao foi facil. Mas sim altameute imocional recordar as tuas palavras no dia que foste para o. P.C.P.M. en Philadelphia Pia nunca isquecerei os teus cousillos e Saberei defender a minlsa dignidade e nunca perdiri a fi. Nos estanios orgullosos e felizis pelo tu valor... May God Bless You Always We love you, Paula Mom Dad CONGRATULATIONS Dr. Robert H. Moss Dearest Rob, Your father and I have waited for this moment for a long time. It’s finally here. You may now be called Doctor. We are very proud of you. Much love. Mom, Dad, Barry, and Matthew Elizabeth Anne Reilly May your future be filled with happiness, peace of mind, good health and an abundance of care and concern for those you meet along the way. Keep that sense of humor, zest for life, and independent nature, for these qualities enabled you to be a success! We're proud of you! Mom, Dad, Deborah, and all the four footed pals 203Dr. David Scalzo In honor of your graduation We wrote a poem for you. Four years ago it started find now it is finally through. Your journey was a tough one. With many hills to climb. We assured you that you would make it Time after time after time!! From parking tickets to break-ins. Our wallets have been broken. To the City of Brotherly Love We have paid quite the token. Now the day has finally come We can proudly call you our Doctor. We wish you the very best That life can ever offer. Socks off to you, Dave!! Love you. Mom, Dad, findrea Mike, Gram all your fiunts, uncles and cousinsCongratulations!!! Dr. Brian Stahl We knew w'hen you w'ere 6 years old this day would come! We are so proud of you and wish you a life full of love and happiness. May you always keep God with you. We Love You Always, Dad, Diane Bridget PS. Take each day one foot at a time!!. Dr. Michael S. Travisano Congatulations!! The whole family is proud of you and wishes you Great success for the future. Love, Mom, Dad, Dean, Jill and Kate BRIAN G. STAHL, D.P.M. CONGRATULATIONS! ! ! At a very young age you had the vision that caring for others would be your life's mission. By high school you had formed your position. Becoming a healer (heeler?) was your decision. You worked very hard to gain med school admission. A difficult task and no minor ambition. Ignoring attrition and some inhibition you stayed on your course, refusing revision while avoiding collision throughout the transition. Then came the search to land a position - against stiff competition. Though no politician, you have great intuition. And with your dedication and our affirmation you reached a solution to this situation. Despite the frustration and no relaxation, your work bears fruition - a doctor's commission. You deserve admiration, for sure recreation, but there's still one condition..... repaying tuition! With Love and Best Wishes for the Future Mom and Family P.S. With some trepidation and of our own volition, we submitted this verse without your permission. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 205Sharon Treston Magnacca D.P.M. 'The great thing in this world is not so much where we are, but in what direction we are moving. -Oliver Wendell Holmes "One can never consent to creep when one feels an impulse to soar. -Helen Keller In honor of your graduation I've written a little verse To help remind you how far you've come From Chem 101 at BU to Anatomy (and worse !) The time we first met in Boston Is forever etched in my mind To meet you in Warren Towers Was truly an extraordinary "find" You were in my mind both day and night At times just a phone call away We had our ups and downs, at times it was rocky I’ve told you once. I'll tell you again "I love you" and I'm here to stay. I remember that 21 st day in August in 1993 Your brothers, parents. Father Andy and all the rest Gave both of us a gift, a memory that will last forever A day and an evening that Iknow was the best Listening to your dreams of becoming a Doctor At the time it seemed so far away You never wavered in your conviction And now you’ve made it to that magic day At PCPM the courses were tough and the challenges were many You put up with a lot. dealing with classes, investments and hot coals The months turned to years and passed in a flash It happen so quickly, now you’re achieving your goals I’m very proud of you and all you have done It's your day to shine, reflecting on all your success The journey . the adventure has just begun Now let's celebrate and have some fun I Carpe Diem ! Love ScottTo Our Daughter DR. SHARON LYNNE TRESTON-MAGNACCA As a child you said a Doctor I will be Over-coming many obstacles as you receive your degree Surpassing every dream we ever had for you Words cannot express our pride and our love too Congratulations for your accomplishment dedicated from the start Sucav for your future we wish with both our hearts With al1 our love MOM AND DAD Dr. Vanessa L. Rodzinak CONGRATULATIONS!!! "WAY TO GO SHARON" Sharon Lynne Treston-Magnacca, D.RM. Those who achieve success are those who take a dream and make it come true... Congratulations on fulfilling your dream. Your hard work and dedication are an inspiration to all. We know you will make a wonderful doctor and we wish you much success. Your success has made us extremely proud of you. God Bless You Always, Mom, Dad and Anjanette With Love, Your Brothers Matthew Treston and Chris Treston 207CONGRATULATIONS TRACY ANNE DUFAULT, D.P.M. You dreamed of accomplishing great things, then you did your best, and made your dreams come true. You've earned this success, and on this special day, you should be filled with pride, satisfaction, and all the happiness you deserve. Once again, you have made your family and friends proud of you. Your unfailing optimism and enthusiasm serve as a lesson to us all. We praise you for what you have become, but love you for who you are. MOM RAY, DOUG PAM, KIM, MIKE DENNISROB, Another goal achieved! I am so proud of your determination and stamina. I hope this accomplishment brings you much peace, happiness and success (All of which you deserve.). Love You, Mom Dearest Tracy, We are so very proud of you and of the direction in which you are moving! Love, Robert and your "Gooby” MomCongratulations to the Class of 1995 ALUMNI ASSOCIATION PENNSYLVANIA COLLEGE OF PODIATRIC MEDICINE Anthony S. Kidawa, DPM, President Barry Wolff, DPM, Treasurer JOSTENS

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