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Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine - Achilles Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1993 Edition, Cover

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PENNSYLVANIA COLLEGE OF PODIATRIC MEDICINEMllles 1993 Senior Editor: Helen G. Gold-Balsavage Co Editors: Senior Candid Section: Gladys de Leon Julie Siegerman Sponsors: Howard Green Gina Painter Supporting Staff: Patricia Bernstein Denise Casinover Luther Bond Nimish Chokshi Art Gregory Advisor: Jennifer McMahon Class Editors: Gina Painter ’94 William McCarron ’95 Lucinda Strycker ’96 8£. Bates, Present. Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine JAMES'S BATES JXPM Dour Graduates; Doctors at last! I"o aura th«re was at loast ons moment In each of your lives during tho pnat four yearn when you wondered If you’d ever coach that goal. Now, tho treasured title. Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, will be yoore! 7hle privileged title is not being given to you. Rather, you have earned it by tho conscientious fuTfTllnent of your duties at F2PK Your persistent effort, under the able guidance of your teachers, has brought you to the realization of your droan -- a drean shared and encouraged by your families and friends. Graduation Day, June 5th. will be a elleatone for you. It will nark the beginning of your professional career as you go off to resldoncles, preceptorahlps or prlvats practice. Let no one be o presueptuous at to believe you have mastered all there Is to learn. While you have received the best podiatric itodlcal education available in tne world today, there still remain somo things which only experience can teach you. Use each now experience as another stopping stone, another opportunity for personal and professional growth. Through your work as a D.P.X. may you enjoy much success and satisfaction in the knowledge that you are helping your suffering fellow-nan. May your fanily, your teachers, end your Alma Mater be ever proud of their relationship with you! And may you enjoy long lives and prosperity as you dally live what you have learned 1 Sincerely, E. Rates, D.P.M. president RCHTH AT RACE STREET • PHILADELPHIA PA 191P7-2W© • Z15-O24-0J00 • fCO-220-FEFT "S"Vice DaM'd V res deni j v g( Ph-D- ts Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine twin A AXIUI. I v ) • Kt IMMUHt n IIMUll To The Class of 1993: On behalf ol tho Student Affairs staff, I am proud to congratulate each of von upon successfully mooting the challenges of a very demanding rout year educational program. You have met you goal of becoming a pod.auic physician by working horde than you thought you coin'd, maintaining a commitment to overcome oil obstacles in you path, losing more sleep than you thought possible and stilt survive and casing on a sense of humor and perspective wfntn a(i else faffed. These same attributes wiN hold you In good stead as you leave PC PM and lace the challenges life has to offer and wM, The doo lo a Ought future for you has bean opened. To Veep the door open and the future bright, you must continuo to grow professionally by making your graduation but a first step toward a commitment for continuing education. The commitment wB ensure that your patients are provided with the stoto of the art care they regu-i o and deserve. Wo know you will accept tho chaKcngo and the esponsibiiity. W wish you well and hope your future is filled with good health, professional and personal happinoss and peace of mind. Sincerely, '• . . »• i t Igaoj EIGHTH Ar RACE STREET • PHILADELPHIA. PA 0107 • 21 4294300 — 4ft fentofli for Educator' P vO- Iktfaits PENNSYLVANIA COLLEGE OF PODIATRIC MEDICINE Dear CTau of 1993: The long awaited day U fi.-ulty here. Soon you will receive your diplomas and leave PCl’M lo begin (he neat phase of your training. Now you will have Ihc opportunity to use thr information and knowledge that you lave gained during the pul four year . I think you will find that teaming it a continuous process. To provide your patients with Ihc beat possible care you will want to keep up with the la sl information and technical advances. Some of you may even add to the knowledge bate by getting involved in rctcarch project! t.'ul will liclp to advar.ee Ike profession Even though you are aiuxhii to leave PCPM, remember that you will alwayt be a member of the College community. We rdy on the feedbagk from alumni to help ut plan for the fututc and make adjustments in the curriculum so that we con continue to train the bctl podialric physicians I would like to thank tlvose of you who helped your fellow students by participating in the tutoring program. I would alto like to thank those who worked as teaching assistants in the Anatomy laboratories I hope you will continue lo sene your profession by wisely participating m live various professional orgaoirations, Congratulations and good luck to each and every one of you. Sincerely. • j cAtCC I? ■ Marilyn R. fenton. Ph.D. Cluinrun. Biomedical Sciences Deart for Educational Affairs MRIVbg rtw tOCt .AS»rr vverntm EIGHTH AT RACE STREET • PHILADELPHIA. PA l«JI07-2a9r • 21W-29-0300Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine AMMAN T UMIKU. I)I'M no . ui». ••■vii wUiu TO THE CIA88 07 19»J Congretuletlone on your graduation. To each of you, X know thlo ovont signals a cooptation, the culnlnatlon of your four yaaro at PC7K. nut now. aora than avar, graduation with the professional dograo la aaraly the first of nany continuing steps in your caroor. A profession like our requires you to coasit yourself to life long learning: through residencies, preceptorahips, continuing education progress, the litoraturo, and professional dialogue with your colleagues, Catlefactlon with doing things tho saao way they have always been done is a formula for nediocrlty. He have an obligation to our patients, our profession and ourselves, to constantly strive to improve our knowledge and techniques. On your greduation day you will take a eoloan oath to care for your patiente in an ethical and coneclentious Banner. In nany wayo, you have yet to underatand the true ooanlng of tho oath you will bo taxing. Tho patients that you bavo aeon end taken cere of during your yoara at PCS’ hava always been eonoona also's patients. In your residency, you will slso not have the full responsibility Tor the patients you work with. As you bogln practice, however, the weight of that responsibility will quickly fall upon you. Vou will be faced with nany ethical decisions. Tho Banner in which you resolvo these indues oust aiweys be predicated upon doing what la best for th pationt. Tho rewards of this profession aro nany, but the cost laportant ones ere the satisfaction you will rocolvo fron heollng another person, and the lasting relationships that you will develop with your patients end colleagues. Congratulations and welcoae to our profession. Fraternally, f — EIGHTH AT RACE STREET • PHILADELPHIA. PA 19107-2496 • 215-429-0300 bPennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine IVllUAM I MARTIN, Dm HW UavKIl A 1 MM.Al I un »» To The Class of 1995: Congratulations to all of you on the successful conpletlon or our academe and Clinical prograa. you should all fool a groat deal of self satisfaction with graduation. Tho years of training at PCPM have given each one of you a foundation of knowledge which all of you oust build upon. As you onter into your professional career, you will continuo to learn oach day froa your practice. Tho future of the profession is now your responsibility, p.onesber that your continued success will also enable the profession to grow. It has been a ploaauro to watch all of you develop Into a skilled Doctor of Podiatric Kodlcine, and 1 vclcoao all of you into the profession. Congratulations and best wishes for continued success in the future. Sincerely. willian J. Martin, D.P.M. Doan for Clinical Services and Medical Director EIGHTH AT RACE STREET • PHILADELPHIA, PA 19107.2 96 • 21V629OJ0O 7,. n r Go d-6a a6e’ He en C. im d.p.m'- Seww KchWes W Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine Pellow Clnsunntos, When J rcsosbor tho first few days of clans at I-CPM, I »oo a toon full of new faces without nanos or porsonalitlos. It noons so quickly that wo bocano faaillar to each other an a class as well as In distinct personality, for better or worse wo learned how to get along and how to sake it through. 7Hit! edition of the Achilles io a special ono for the class of 1993. My goal os editor has been to create a yearbook which will serve to preserve the ncooriec of our graduating year. It is ny hope that you will rononber the good tines, and the bad. and cnile with a nensc of acconpliahnent and prldo. A« wo continue our journey toward the next stop In » podiatric career, do not lose sight of the wisdoa end knowledge gained thus far. I have learned fron each porson who har. touchod ny life over the last four years, and I hopo each of you nay nake the none clala. I wish tho entire clans ol 1993 at PCPH happiness in the goal which have been achieved, and I sincerely hope for each Individual exactly what she or ho deoervos In life. Slncorely, U"- Helen Cold-l alsavage Senior Editor s - rt , vw 11 v v mi | K3 EIGHTH AT RACE STREET • PHILADELPHIA, PA 19107 H96 • 2IS-629 O3O0 8DESIDERATA GO PLACIDLY AMID THE NOISE AND HASTE REMEMBER WHAT PEACE THERE MAY BE IN SILENCE. As far as possible without surrender be on good terms with all persons. Speak your truth quietly clearly.and listen to others,even the dull ignorant;they too have their story. Avoid loud aggressive persons,they are vexations to the spirit. If you compare yourself with others,you may become vain bitter Jor always there will be greater lesser persons than yourself. Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans. Keep interested in your own career,however humble;it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time. Exercise caution in your business affairs;for the world is full of trickery. But let this not blind you to what virtue there is-.many persons strive for high ideals;and everywhere life is full of heroism. Be yourself. Especially.do not feign affection. Neither be cynical about love;for in the face of all aridity disenchantment it is perennial as the grass. Take kindly the counsel of the years,gracefully surrendering the things of youth. Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune. But do not distress yourself with imaginings. Many fears are bora of fatigue Sc loneliness. Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the universe.no less than the trees the stars;you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you.no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. Therefore be at peace with God,whatever you conceive Him to be.and whatever your labors Sc aspirations,in the noisy confusion of life keep peace with your soul. With all its sham, drudgery broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be careful. Strive to be happy. Written by Max EhrmannGet a load ol these couch pod-atoes. Ray's new pkk up line: "Hey baby, what's your foot type?" What the hell?l? 10Does Springfield know what they're in for7 Woo-hoo. Dance Fever! Meeting ol the minds. nBram Stoke’s DIANCULA! 121314Holy 4th years making the moves! Denise eating junk food7 No way. is Looks like Vanderlyke is in trouble as usual. 16 rf!I Roundy, Nim and R L. Our baby is going to PCPM this summer, we're so proud!’' Dueling reflex hammers. No really, we re working. We're discussing peeking heels 1718 Raise your hand if you’re sure!19 Crystal Gayle and Jonnie Con Smile and say "Frumunda'!20Clou Of 1993 SupexLdifact 1. Moit Likely To- Volintux - P. Bexnitein 2. Nimt Tm - M. Gxubex 3. Beit Pxeued - G. DeLeon, J. felon 4. Quieteit - A. Teplca,, K. Pobe 5. Moit Ta katbce - P. Rdtkafel 6. Moit Likely To- QuHanye A Pxofextox - S. Codex 7. Niceit - P. Catlnovex, J. PeMenna 8. Moit Likely To Be The, Fixtt Pexton At The Scene, Of An Accident - M. Bexnitein 9. Reaxfoot Khiy - M. Rockett 10. Moit Likely To Name Mil Quiche.n Alex Placet In Tern - P. Webb 11. Moit Likely To Be Related To Pxince Ckaxlet - N. Campbell 12. Moit fxiendly - M. Vexdi, G. Gaxofolo 13. Moit Likely To Ou n Stock U Spondee, - L. Alai 14. Moit Likely To Peny Getting A Retidency Pxoyxam - M. Rockett 15. Sleepieit - J. MeAx 16. Moit Likely To Be Confuted Fox A Comic, Stkip Claxattex, - M. Golet 17. Moit Likely To Be An, Olympic Podiatxiit - M. Mendeuoon 18. Moit Likely To Be A Bead Blanket Podiafcit - T. Guylelao 19. Biygeit Taloex - L. Cix olo 20. Moit Likely To Be Mutate Fox Fack Otkex - M. Gold, And J. Sicgexman 21. Moit Sexiout - L. P. Koxmann 22. Moit Likely To Be Px. Mefandi Succettox - C. Boyle 23. Moit Likely To Develop Male BxeaitCancex At A Dixett Remit Of Fxrtuuce Titty Tu tft- ext P. Vandexlykc 24. Moit Likely To Maxxy A Minox - M. GxeenLAST WILL AND TESTAMENT We the graduating class of 1993. being of unsound mind and exhausted body, do hereby bequeath the following to the remaining students of PCPM: 1. A Kidawa-English English-Kidawa electronic translator! 2. A remote controlled pause button for the slide projectors during surgery lecturesi 3. Golf lessons so Dr. Boyd has a large pool of potential partners for all those tournaments! 4. "Invisibility pills' to go unnoticed in Pathomechanicsi 5. The ability to clone yourselves when working with Dr. Downey! 6. Nose clips to better tolerate those "frumunda cheese” patientsi 7. Comfortable shoes and an ample supply of band-aids when working in PM llli 8. Nair for the Sports Medicine taping workshops! 9. Lab equipment from this centuryi 10. Aromatic embalming fluid in designer fragrances! 11. Smiley faces to paste on Dr. Mahan and Dr. Feldmani 12. Expanded hours for the Business Office! 13. Yet another hair color for Dr. Conwayi 14. Guest lecturers who actually know what Podiatry isi 15. A comb and some hairspray to control Dr. Lemont’s fly-away endst 16. A personalized oscillometer with instruction manual for every studenti 17. Enough time to actually get to the foot in Loweri 18. A Grateful Dead study guide for those extra credit questions in Sports Med.i 19. Valium to slip to Dr. PontiouSi 20. A lecture and lab series by Dr. Bauer on amalgamating oneself with the object of one's choice! 21. Portable electroshock therapy units to stay awake in those less than stimulating lecturesi 22. A stenographer for Dr. Bitar i 23. A clue in Derm., if we had one to givei 24. Residency programs which pay above the poverty level. 25. Pus-filled paronychia to keep Dr. Joseph happyi 26. Ample and free student parking Dream Onli 27. A decrease in tuition — Keep Dreaming!r ■ XD Libbie Kaye Atlas, D.P.M. C.W. Post, B.S. "Once I rose above the noise and confusion Just to get a glimpse beyond the illusion I was soaring ever higher, but I flew too high Though my eyes could see, I still was a blind man Though my mind could think I still was a mad man I hear the voices when I’m dreamin . . . Masquerading as a man with a reason My charade is the event of the season And if 1 claim to be a wise man It surely means that I don't know On the stormy sea of moving emotion Tossed about. I’m like a ship on the ocean I set a course for the winds of fortune But I hear the voices say.... Carry on my wayword son there will be peace when you are done Hang your weary head to rest, don’t you cry nomore." MOM, DAD, GRAN and CHAS: Without your love, support and sacrafices my dream would never be reality, Tanks! Paul ■ Get that law degree, I’m going to need it!!! Rachel - best of luck in whatever you choose to do! Marci and Jyll "It was long ago, It was far away, It was so much better than it is today. Wendy - ”1 can’t drive 56 ... . !!!” Scott K - Can I borrow 5 Dollars? Rick and Patti Lunch today? To my aerobic diehards • Listen to sue and kirn!!! David Gunther - just 5 minutes .... when, why, can we?, will we0, not again!, I know "We will See!” Hey. you are alright bud. 2aKasra Behfar, D.P.M. East Carolina University, B.S. M.S The good and the bad in the nature of man, The joy and the sorrow that He in your fate. Do not attribute them to the Wheel, forin the path of understanding Then wilt find the Wheel a thousand times more powerless then thyself. Oinar-Khayyam To my parents: This is for you. Without your love and support non of this could have been possible. I hope that someday I will Ik able to make life a little easier for you. To my loving wife: My love for you grows stronger day by day Without you all of this wouldn't mean much. To Ali and Cindy: Thank you for your support and patience throughout the years. I will never forget all that you have done for me To my uncle and Shirin: Your guidance and encouragement have led me to this point. Thank you for everything. Last but not least to Amir: Even though we’re cousins, you've been like the brother I never had. Thanks for being there. To the guys: We finally made it!!! 25Andre Benoit, D.P.M. CEGEP DeSaint Laurent, D.E.C. 26Brent Bernstein, D.P.M. Wilkes College, B.S. 27Michael Bernstein, D.P.M. University Of Florida, B.S. To my beautiful bride, Lindsay Marie: You came in to my life at a perfect time, and have made it complete. Your love, caring and kindness have made the past few years fly by. I look foward to the endless years we have to spend together. You are and will always la: "my right one " Love you now and forever! To my son, Matthew: You’ve graced my life like a bolt of lightening! I look foward to the future father son; ball games, catches, talks ect. that we have to spend together. I love you. Mom and Dad: You gave my the love, drive, direction and ambition to get where I am today. You opened the doors for me and I will always love you for it. I couldn't have done it without you. Hal: You've become a great friend. Thru our teamwork we've accomplished tremendous achievements. Never let our friendship slip apart To the guido brothers, Ricciardi and Stefonetti: Many great times we had Let’s always stay in touch To the rest of my friends at PCPM, Bis, Roundy, R.L., Skoks, Green Cambell, Rocket and the rest of my class: I'm am proud to be future colleagues with all of you I miss you all, Good Luck! My best friends, Brel and Ed: You guys have lived through it with me and shared it all. We'll always be friends for life! 28Patricia R. Bernstein, D.P.M. Hofstra University, B.A. C.W. Post Center-L.I.U., M.S. Thank you, LORD! I looked over that rainbow and dreams really do come true! I WISH TO DEDICATE MY DEGREE IN’ HONOR OF MY MOM AND IN LOVING MEMORY OF MY DAD. without their love, guidance, and faith in me this day would not have been. Rarely does one gel to see a childhood dream become a reality as I have seen today and YES, I do believe in miracles! To MOM for taking over, bearing the burdens, taking care of Dad, Chestnut, ami keeping the home fires burning. Mom you gave me the opportunity to fulfill my dreams and this degree is as much yours as it is mine, Dr MOM! You have given me the freedom through education to achieve my goals in life Such as the saying goes: Give a man a fish and he eats today. Hut teach a man to fish and he eats tomorrow. Thank you! To my family who put up with the perpetual student: Joy, Joe, Jody, Harry, Betty, Deona, Don, Debbie, Michelle, Jason, Cari, Abe, l is, Joey, and Baby The last four years have been the hardest for me and yet an exciting mix of emotions. I thank you all for your patience and understanding. To Joy my conscience, Debbie my sanity, Hetty for compassion, and Ma Bell for making all those connections! To Joy and her feet for networking and asking all the questions that lead me on the quest to podiatry! Thank you to Dr. Adler and Dr. Pressman, my MENTORS! To my friends at PCPM thank you for being there! To Sandy the hest of everything. Your friendship these last four years has meant so much to me, thank you! I'll see you at the end of your rainbow' To Richard, "my little brother,” God Bless! 29Joseph A. Bisignaro III, D.P.M. Pennsylvania State University, B.S To my family: Thank you for all of the love and support you have given me throughout my years at PCPM, I am forever grateful I love you all. To Gaye: I have finally found the love of my life and yes you are the one Since I have met you everything is more enjoyable, more exciting and much more meaningful. We have shared many special moments during the past few years with many more to come Thank you for everything. Love always To all of my friends: You have all been invaluable over the past four years I greatly appreciate all that we have been through. Hopefully we can all stay in touch for many years so that we can create other great memories. Good luck to all of you. 30Luther Bond III, D.P.M. Moravian College, B.S. MOM: You’ve been my biggest supporter during this ordeal. A major part of this degree belongs to you. Thank you so much for all the love, patience, rides, ect. that you've provided. 1 love you!!! DAD and POP: Thanks for always being there when I needed. You have also shown me how much you love me by supporting me in many more ways than I can count. I love you both. PETE, JUBAL, STEVE, PHILIP, MIKE, KEITH, LINDA, LAURA, and MICHELE: "The best of the best" as far as friends go. Here’s to the continued good times that we’ve all dedicated our lives to. LOVELY LADIES OF THE LIBRARY: Thank you for all the "wild and crazy times" and the gossip sessions. Take can and don’t forget me (as if you could!). DEB: What can I say? You've been through the roughest times PC PM had to offer with me. You’ve given all you had to give and asked for little in return. You've even tried to understand what I do (remember looking through my books?). I'm really looking forward to a great future with you. I LOVE YOU!!! 31Colleen A. Boyle, D.P.M. Temple University, B.S. Boyle- This degree is for YOU! Thanks for the countless prayers (Wanna buy a float?) Thanks for understanding iny need to he independant; I know it wasn't easy. Everything I have today is because of your unselfish love. Thanks for always being there for me! Jimmie -1 remember pnnflle sandwiches, big wheels in the driveway, hand stands off the attic beds and you telling me to call if I got into any trouble Thanks for always being there for me. I hope one day you can be as proud of me as I am of you, Dad and Ellie - Thanks for all of the rides back and forth to school and for all of your support! Gail - We have been through saga after saga (did he call yet?) Thanks for listening and getting me through the hard times. We are two completely different people and I think that is why we get along so well. Thanks for putting up with my mood swings and my annoying habits. Thanks for being such a great friend. I'll miss ya! Jon - I'm so glad that we got to lx; friends! You’ve gotten me through more things than I want to remember. Thanks for always beings There You're a special person Jon! Keep in touch! Art, Verdi, and Gruber - God knows when I'll be able to live with three men again. Thanks for putting up with me - it’s been fun! 32Elizabeth Y. Brooks, D.P.M. Carlow College, B.S. Dear Bill, Words can not express how I feel about you. You are everything to me. Ynur love and support have made the tough times easier and the good times even belter. I'll never forget all the nights you stayed up to quiz me, give back rubs or just talk and tell me it'll be alright. Since the day we met you have Tilled my life with joy and laughter, for that and more 1 owe you Knowing you love me is all I need to know. You have made all of my dreams come true. You are the love of my life and my best friend. Being just a couple was wonderful but being a family is even better. I love you. Forever, Liz Billy, The happiest day of my life was the day you were born. You are my greatest joy and make me believe in miracles. You truely are a gift from God. All I want is for you to be happy. I love you more than words could ever express Love, Mommy Mommy and Had, Thank you both for everything you have done for me You have always pul me and Samuel ahead of your own needs and dreams. You are wonderful parents. Mommy ■ you are the most courageous and kind person I have ever known. I have learned so much about life and love and what really matters from you, 1 hope I can Ik as great a mother as you an- to me I love you. - Papa ma Mom. Had, Grandma, Punkin. Debbie, Allison, Kirk, Mark, and Kim, I am very lucky to have married into such a wonderful family. Thank you all for all your support and love. I love you all. LizMatthew Paul Butler, D.P.M. King’s College, B.S. No matter what... it is with God He is gracious and merciful His way is through Love in which we all an; it is truly- a Love Supreme John Coltrane To all the people who have helped make this moment a reality; you will always hold a very special place in my heart. . . I thank you 34Neil Campbell, D.P.M. Texas A M University, B.S To my beautiful wife Beth: You mean everything to me. Your sacrifice has allowed me obtain this degree. My forever belongs to you. To my parents: Your love, support, and encouragement (not to mention money), has been the catalyst to achieve beyond my dreams. Gram, Meemaw, and the 2 DeD ddys: You taught me to love knowledge and gave me the perspective needed to succeed. Mark, Darrell, and the families: Your "little bro" finally made it! Doug Steve. Howard, and Danny M: Thanks for all the good times, BBQs. study sessions and ski trips. May they continue for years to come. Thank you God, for blessing me with all that I have accomplished. The glory belongs to you 35Steven R. Carter, D.P.M. University Of Tennessee, Martin Dedication: To my grandfather who believed in me and taught me to believe in myself. Mom and Dad: Thanks for your understanding, live and neverending support. Without the guidance you’ve given me, I could have never accomplished my goals Marc, Tom, and Marshall: Thanks for all the great times together in clinic. You guys are the best and I wish you much success in the future. Neil and Doug: Your friendship over the past four years has been very special to me. I’ll always remember the laughter and great times we had. Tammy: Our marriage has been the most meaningful part of my life. You're the most wonderful wife a husband could have Your patience, love, and understanding have shown me that together, there’s nothing we can't do. 36Denise G. Casinover, D.P.M. N.Y.I.T., B.S. TO MY LOVING PARENTS: There art no words to express my love for you both. Thank you for your unending love and support and for believing in me. Mom and Dad, God has blessed me with two beautiful people for parents. I Love You Both So Very Much. JIMMY: To the one I love, to my best friend. You have filled my life with joy and happiness from the very first day I met you. Your respect, encouragement and faithful love have enubled my dreams to come true. Did you ever think thut you would be marrying your junior high school sweetheart? Thank you for asking me to marry you. I will always love you Jimmy. JANINE and RICHIE: Thank you for all the wonderful childhood memories. You are both so very special to me and I know we will always be close. Distance can never separate the love we have for one another. I Love You Both. Your sister, Denise. GLADYS, KATHY, LYNN, GAIL, COLLEEN: Girls, you have been such wonderful friends. I wish you all a life filled with much success, but most of all, much happiness. GLAD, remember my famous words: "Look how beautiful the sky looks." MARK: Thank you for your unending friendship KAREN: It has been a pleasure to have you as a friend and roommate Best wishes in all you do. 3?Nimish Chokshi, D.P.M. King’s College, B.S. Words are not enough to express what we have all went through to reach our goal. The drive to push us from day to day over the past four years is as different for each of us as our goals. I want to say that support comes in many ways; financial and emotional The latter of which to me was more crucial due to the fuel that it was hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel at certain times Aarti: You have not only shown me how to give, but also to love. I have never met anyone with a heart as big as yours. You have given me an unconditional love that has shown me what can happen if you share your deepest feelings and desires with someone. You deserve this degree more than I. It was your strength and fortitude that enabled me to earn this degree. I LOVE YOU!! .Mom and Pad: Dad. thank you for your financial support I will never forget it. I love you. Mom. 1 cannot say enough. You were always in my corner providing me with peace of mind. You have shown me how to forgive and learn from my mistakes. I love you more than I can say. You are a true mother in all respects of the word. My friends: Jay. Suken, and Neil, you guys are the truest and dearest friends to me. I love you guys Matt, you are a friend that has taught me to confront my fears and deal with the rudeness of the world. Ferrell, you have been a good friend to blow-off steam with and discuss the problems of the world. 38Anne Marie Chwastiak, D.P.M. Albright College, B.S. MOM AND DAD: I would like to dedicate this degree to a man who always put his unconditional love for his children before himself. Dad, even though you may not be here with us, not a day goes by without the thought of you. I miss you. Mom, thank you for always being there for me. I appreciate all the great memories you and dad have given me: they mean more to me than anything tangible. I love you. REST OF MY FAMILY: Thank you for your love and support. CHUCK: Thanks for helping me through this place. We've had a lot of great times from our NBC Saturday Night Live Parties, to being extras on Seinfield, to our late night excursions on the streets of LA. May the craziness continue . . YO-YO-MA!!!- INNEK CIRCLE: You guys made my life alot easier coming hack to PCPM Besides always being there to lend me a helping hand, you all knew how to make me laugh. Special thanks to Anthony for being there for me during the hardest moment of my life. Best wishes to you all.. Viva Las Vegas! Darren: W'hat can I say thank you for being such a special part of my life. You always stood by me in all my dreams I appreciate all the support you have given me. 39Louis J. Ciravolo, D.P.M. Fairleigh Dickinson University, B.S KAREN: This one goes out to the one I love Karen you're the BEST and life gets better every day with you. I.uv ya, Bubba ANTHONY: You are my hope for immortality Have faith in God Love is the best medicine. We'll be best buddies always, for real! Carpe Diem Way A Ml FAMIGLIA: Cenle Ana! Alla Salute! I wish you all the joy you can wish! Te Amo! LOUIS A. CIRAVOLO. D.P.M.: His legacy has made me what I am today and what I strive to eclipse tomorrow STUART: Can you do me a favor? Which fibula is this? You driving in tomorrow? Drug Palace, where else? Anybody want to bob for doughnuts? Vaya con Dios, mi Amigo. PATTI AND NATE: Ignepedites, Podobromidrosis, Onychoheterotopia Orthobiosis, Agnail, Gravimetric, Putrescence, Columns of Morgagni, BUM RICK, CHARLIE, ANTHONY, MATT. MAURICE, MAC, GLADYS, NEMISH. JIMMIE, CONFRERES Call anytime I'm then-. Nick's Roast Beef, Whitey’s, Pin-ups, Chasers Yankees, Rangers Sky Box, Hershey, Maui. Rome Sky is the limit' CLINICIANS, PROFESSORS. HOUSE STAFF AND PATIENTS AT P.C.P.M.: Thank you for imparting to me the very best in Knowledge, Judgement, and Responsibility. People who know more, can do more! CLASS OF 1993: “What a long strange trip its been" Grateful Dead FOR ALL TO PONDER: "Educated men are as much superior to the uneducated man, as the living are to the dead" Aristotle 40Signe Coble McCallum, D.P.M. Juniata College, B.S. Mom Had: I can't In-gin to express my gratitude and love for all that you've done for me I would never have gotten this far without your emotional and financial support. Thank you for making my dreams come true. I love you both very much1 (And yes. Dad, I was serious about becoming a doctor!) Brian, My Best Friend Husband: During go»id and had times you were always then- giving me unconditional love support You always believed in me even when I didn't helieve in myself. I am truly lucky to have found such a great friend I look forward to our future and life together. I love you with all my heart! Mom Dad McCallum: Thanks for all the home-cooked meals and your support. I can't believe it’s finally over' Craig: Thanks for all the letters of support and encouragement Don't worry, there's no such thing as "studying too hard" Howard K Seth: Thanks for all the good times and for keeping me sane. Tanya Pant' You were the best roommates anyone could ask for Thanks for all the great parties and late night chats. 41Kip Coyne, D.P.M. University Of Scranton, B.S. 42Peter J. Cuesta, D.P.M. Wilkes University, B.S. Mom ami Dad: Your patience, love, and caring taught me that reserved, yet tenacious persistence, any obstacle could Ik- overcome. This degree is ours! I love you both Hear: Those nights at the Plains Pub and the realities that we faced there of our futures meant more to me then you will ever realize. You are the closest thing to a brother that I have ever hud - Depth charges away! Sean: To my friend and colleague, we've seen a lot, sang a lot, drank a lot, talked a lot, and lived a lot. You and yours will always have a place in my family Have you ever read Milton? (L.L P.) Luther, Liz and Joey D.: You guys have been the host friends that anyone could want! WE MADE IT! My Dearest Kimberly: You are my friend, my la»ve and my wife. You held me close when I thought the world would collapse and showed me that love does indeed conquer all. From the moment that I said 'I Ik ’ you have taken my hand and lead me through the mine Held of my intellect From these early days, we will forge a lifetime of happiness - I l.ove you! Only when you give up are you truly beaten' “There's more than just one answer to these questions pointing in a crooked line, and the less I seek my source for some definitive, closer I am to fine." Indigo tiirls 4JJose A. de Borja, D.P.M University Of Richmond, B.A. To Mom, Dad. Ricky, and Izzy: Thanks for the support that you have given me the past four years. I could not have succeeded without you. To All My Priends: 1 hope you still have some sanity left because I know you helped me keep mine after these past four years at PCPM. I'll miss all of you. GOOD LUCK!.' To Jon. ffcive V., Dave K., and Tony (The Best 3rd Year Clinic Group Ever): I’ll always remember our first year in clinic You made everyday in and out of clinic an adventure. I wish all of you the best of luck. Jose 44Gladys G. de Leon, D.P.M. Wilkes University, B.S. Mom, Daddy and Ronnie • I don't think I can put into words how much your love, support and prayers have meant to me the past four years. You are the best family anyone could ask for. I love you very, very much. Geniee ■ You are the sister I never had, Neecer. I hope you know I love you as one and always will Dee, Gailie, W. Paste, Hath and Lynn - What would I have done here without you guys? Probably go absolutely crazy I couldn't have asked for a better group of friends - you guys are the greatest! Good luck in all you do and never get too serious - there’s still too much fun to he had .limbo -1 had my money on you all along. I'm so happy for you both Take good care of her. Jimbo. I know you will God bless you with all the sunsets ami film! Cavus shoes, Seth. Artu, Verdi, Slander and Hosie - Thanks for all the fun! This is for you “Shoes for the homeless, yeah, yeah, yeah . . . “ Mr Fleetwood • M.H.K.T., for now. Iasa and Tara - You guys are the best things I took with me from Wilkes. Thanks for all the support and friendship you’ve given me all these years. The good times we've had. and continue to have, have helped keep me sane. I love you two - don't ever change And to all my classmates Good luck in all your future endeavors, may life be good to you. •JAnthony Di Guglielmo, D.P.M. Fordham University, B.S. To My Family: Without your support und guidance, my educational experience would not have been possible Through the course of my life, I have realized how much you have helped me and that one day, hopefully, I maybe of help to you all. To My Fiancee Gina: Throughout these years of sacrifice, you have always been there for me. I love you with all my heart and I pray that we will enjoy a life of happim s together. I cannot wait until the day we an: married, have children, and share a life of our ow n To All My Friends: In the preservation of sanity, "Going Out" was the thing to do. Thanks for the good times and all the memories. To PCPM: Yes, It is finally time to say "Good-Bye" and hit the road to prosperity. To The Future: Good Luck and Best Wishes to All! 46Joseph L. DiMenna III, D.P.M. LaSalle University, B.A. Philippians 1:1!) “I can do all things through! Christ which strengthened) me." Mom and Dad: Words can hardly express my love for you. I would have never made it this far without your undying support, patience and love. I only hope that I can send you on that trip around the world someday. Michelle: My sister and best friend, you have been there whenever I needed you. Thanks for always believing in me. David, Bryan and Jacqueline: Thanks for always being there for me. You three guys are more special than you will ever know. Abbie: They say sometimes that you have to lake a chance in order to hit the jackpot. You are the best chance I have ever taken, and now I feel like DONALD TRUMP! 4;Karen E. Dobe, D.P.M Saint Anselm College, B.A. My Family- I’ve missed a lot of Sunday dinners these past few years Not a Sunday passed that I did not think of you and wish I could be then- I l«»ve you very much. Through all my years of education the most important lesson I have ever learned is that you are what Is most dear to me. Pete- The epitome of feline beauty. There has never been, nor ever will lie, a cat more wonderful and perfect than you. I love you' Sandy I knew things were looking up when we got our lockers next to each other in high school. Thank you for your love and encouragement Here’s to many, many more years togather and no more teary eyed goodbyes. I love you much too much. l ouise- We have been great friends for a long time; from playing secret agents at recess in the third grade to this year with trips to the mall for interview suits. Thank you for always being there for me. I consider myself lucky to have a friend like you. Patti- My buddy from south of the Mason- Dixon Line. Best of luck to you. Kim Hey Kimmie! Sorry they cancelled The Young Riders and we didn't make our television debut as the rootin-tootin cowgirl podiatrists So matter how hectic it gets, chin-up and always make time for your favorite tv shows. Mozart- Thanks for Don Giovanni. 48Diane Donato, D.P.M. Cornell University, B.S. 49Peter A. Evans, D.P.M. Wilkes College, B.S. To My Mom and Dad: There are no words to describe the gratitude I feel in my heart. You have always been there for me offering constant support and encouragement. I am proud to be your son. I love you both very much. To My Aunt Betty and Grandmom: Your help and support has not gone unnoticed, You both have played an important part in helping me obtain this degree. Thank you. To My Godfather Nick: Thanks for all the golfing tips you have given me You have taught me what professionalism is all about and 1 will always respect you for that To My Uncle Gene and Aunt Carol: Thanks for your unending love and support you have given me during the past four years It will not go unforgotten. To My Fiance Roseann: No words can express the way I feel. Thank you for always being there for me and giving me the courage to go on. You have been there during both the good times and the bad times Without all your patience and understanding I would not be in this position. I love you with all my heart! To My Friends At PCPM: Thanks for all the good times and all the memories! 50Jimmie L. Felton, Jr., D.P.M. Clark-Atlanta University, B.S. To M'dear ami Dad From a child you've instilled in me a sense of self, purpose and responsibility, words can't express m.v deep appreciation for your support of my dreams and aspirations. You shared your wisdom in times of indecision, your encouragement in times of disappointment, but most of all you gave your love at all times. And for that I’m eternally grateful To My Siblings Babbie and l wnard, I can't imagine what my life would’ve been without you, and I wouldn't want to . Thanks for your caring and support. To Aunt Louise I really appreciate everything you've done for me over the past four years. Muy God bless you and keep you in his grace, To Family and Friends Your belief in me helped ine to believe in myself. Thanks for your encouragement. To Class of '93 "Today is the tomorrow that we worried about yesterday." We made it! 51 rtf'Marc J. Fink, D.P.M. Washington University, B.A. To Mom and Dad: Thanks for all of your support, without which I would not have been able to accomplish this monumental feat. To Julie and David: Your constant guidance and concern kept me going through these long years. To Uncle Norton: I will carry on the high standards of the profession which you have displayed. To: Shaheen: A good, loyal and supportive friend is hard to find 52Gail Frances Garofalo, D.P.M. Saint Bonaventure University, B.S. Mom and Dad: How can I thank you enough for being the best parents that I could ever wish for. I can only hope in my lifetime to be half the wonderful people you both are........I love you. Denise: In your sweet quiet way you have shown me what true love is all about. I consider myself blessed to have a sister such as you. Thank God for you.......the wind beneath my wings. Grandma: Thank you for being the very special caring person that you are. All the love and support all these years has meant the world Mary, Joe and Laurie: As different as we all are you guys are the greatest! Thanks for always being there everytime I needed you Colleen: These past four years Just wouldn't have been the same without you! Its almost crazy how two completely different people supported each other and at the same time had a ball full of fun. Thanks for friendship • it’s one all always treasure. Art, Verd and Hal: Who thought living with guys would he this much fun? Thanks for being the greatest roommates and even better friends. I'll miss you! Glad, Jon and Hath: Thanks for the laughs and memories Don't forget our Boston trip - I won't! To all my friends at home and Bonas: Thanks for your understanding and support these past four years. It truly was the test of real friends'! 53 Patricia Elise Gibbs, D.P.M. Ursinus College, B.S. Bob-My husband, my best friend and my partner in life. Thank you for your love, encouragement and support during the last four years. Together we have earned this degree and together we will share its rewards. 1 love you with all my heart, Red. Chclsie-You have touched my heart and fulfilled my life in ways I never imagined possible. Your smiles and hugs brighten my days and make my life complete I love you, pumpkin! Dad-Although physically you cannot be here to share in my success I know you are with me in spirit. I know that you would be so proud of me. I miss you and love you more than you'll ever know. Mom-Thank you for helping to make me who I am today. You should be very proud. I love you. Donna and Karen-1 am lucky to have two such special friends who are also my sisters. Thank you for always believing in me and for your never ending love and support Cheryl, Helen, Leann, Penny and Trish-"A friend may well be reckoned the masterpiece of Nature." Byron To my "other" family-Thank you for your love and friendship I am lucky to have such a special group of people in my life. “The best portion of a man’s life. His little nameless unremembered acts of kindness and of love." Wordsworth 54Frank J. Godino, D.P.M Wilkes College, B.S. I dedicate this degree to the memory of my mother I will never forget her love, support and especially her encouragement which allowed me to achieve my dream. I wish that she could he here to watch me receive my degree. 1 love you and miss you, Dad: Thank you for all of your love and encouragement. Without your support, and your commitment to your family, none of this could have been possible. You taught me never to give up and that nothing good in life comes easy without hard work. Well, you were right, I made it! To My Wife Mary Ann: Words cannot express how much I love you. You have always been there for me, and your understanding cooperation and encouragement made us achieve this goal together. You sacrificed as much, if not more, than anyone, to make our dream a reality. You deserve the best and you'll get it! I love you! Joey and Tony: You two guys mean everything to me. I know it must have been hard on you only seeing me on weekends, but believe me it was hard for me too I don't expect you to understand what this was all about right now, hut you will someday. To All Of My Family: Thank you for all your help and support in making this dream come true. You're the best! Rob: You’re a true friend, we made it! I wish you happiness always. 5SHelen C. Gold-Balsavage, D.P.M. Ursinus College, B.S. 56Mark Golec, D.P.M. University Of Scranton, B.S. 57Howard Daniel Green D.P.M. York University, B.S., C.F.A To My Parents: 1 find it very difficult to express in words my sincere feelings for everything you have done for me, not only over the past four years, but forever. You have always encouraged me to pursue whatever I wanted and supported me no matter what the outcome. These past years especially, 1 know have been long and hard on everyone. The words "Thank you" may only seem small, but believe me, I mean It in the biggest way possible. Stef: I can't believe we finally did it. I think all the late night phone calls really helped a lot. Just remember even though we're Drs. now. I'm still allowed to pick on you, the world's greatest little sister! Sell: I’hilly has got to be the most obscure place for a Texan and Nova Scotian to meet. The ball-o-knowledge has definitely proven itself and has shown us the way for four years. We've shared many great times, and I wish you the best of luck in the future (P S Beth, thanks for the meals.) Signe: Just when we got into a routine, now I have to go find a new jogging partner. You're the one who somehow kept me from going crazy when everything else was. You’re a great friend and I wish you the best of luck always. Now you can open the champagne, let's celebrate! Andrea: I saved my best friend for last. For someone to be able to put up with me the way you have, it must be love With all of your support and encouragement, we have finally reached step 1.1 can't wait for our lifelong adventure together to begin I love you tons. $8Arthur G. Gregory, D.P.M University Of Scranton, B.S. Mom and Dad: Thank you for all your love, understanding, encouragement, and support over the past four years. Knowing the two of you were always there for me gave me the strength and courage 1 needed to succeed. I love you both. Jeff and Jennifer. I could not ask for a belter brother and sister. I can't imagine life without both of you. It was great growing up together and I am so proud of the fine individuals you have become. I love you guys. Grandma and Grandpa: Thank you for everything you have done to make the last four years a little easier. I am so glad that I can share this moment with you. You are both very special people.-Love, Artie. Mother and Papa: Memories of you are always heartfelt I love and miss you both. My Roommates Harold, Colleen, Gail, and Verdi: I had the best time living with you guys. I have so many hilarious memories that will last a lifetime, between the Complex and above the Golden Dragon. I'll miss you all very much. To my friends at PCPM: You made surviving the past four years much easier. I’ve had some great times. I wish you all much success and happiness in all your endeavors. Lynn: I know that it hasn't always been smooth sailing but thanks to a certain Irish holiday things have changed Thanks for always being there for me. I’m so glad I found you. Love, Art 59Harold Gruber, D.P.M. University Of Bridgeport, B.S. Parents: Hot digidy dog we made it! There were times when I didn’t think we would. Thanks for being there for me supportingly, financially, and nutritionaly Most of all thanks for being such good friends and parents. I love you. The boys back home: You guys have been with me it seems forever, What can I say that you don't already know. It's good to have friends like you P S. It ain’t no brain surgery but its a living We don't want no more-Ron. P.C.P.M. buddies: Who can believe it. To think four years ago we were strangers. What a long strange trip its been. You people have made this place worthwhile. What do you say we all move on to the next chapter together. You best keep in touch .. because I'll find you. Julie: If you only knew ... Your constant support, confidence, and love has gotten me through the past four years Your kind and gentle way has smoothened some of my rougher edges and made me a more thoughtful human being. I am in a great debt to you. Always know I'm there for you You are the greatest, I love you Life I love you all is groovy , . . "Paul Simon" 60Thomas G. Guglielmo, D.P.M. Mount St. Mary’s College, B.S Mom ami Dad: You two have been and will continue to be the greatest inspiration in my life. Your never ending love and support has allowed me to live life to the fullest while completing the most difficult of tasks. 1 could not have done it without you. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to accomplish my dreams. I love you both. MaryGrace and Jim: Not only are you my sister and brother but you are my two best friends. You were always there to give encouragement "Get a job" and support "I got this round" when it was most needed. Thanks! Sue: You have become a part of my life I never want to lose! The countless hours on the phone with you kept me sane and sometimes made me insane You gave up so much so we could be together and 1 love you for that Marshall and James: It is hard to believe we made it through school living together on South St. When I look back at all the good times, bad times, drunken times, and the amount of time we wasted, becoming doctors was truly an amazing feat. If I had to do it all over again. 1 would want you two there with me. Good luck in the future. The world is ours to conquer! Thomas G. Guglielmo 61Paul L. Harvey, D.P.M. Hampton University, B.S. Mom Dad: Thank you for your support, understanding and guidance. Nothing would have been possible without you. I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART Howard and Ashley: NERVES, NO MONEY AND GOOD LOOKS; everything a good brother and sister should be. Heather. The most caring and understanding sister a brother could have You have always been there for me May the future bring happiness and success to us BOTH. Daddy Rodney and Mother Dorthy: Love you I understand The NUPES: Phi Nupe Special Thanks to my family: Alonzo and wife, Joyce. John, John Tubb. The Atkins family. Matt Butler and to all who helped! 62Jon Ian Heller, D.P.M. S.U.N.Y. At Binghamton, B.A. To my Parents: There are really no words to describe the feelings and gratitude I have for you. Without your help, I would not be here today. The examples you set, the sacrifices you make, the advice you give, and the love you show are tremendous. I hope that 1 will Ik- able to be as good parents as you have been. Thanks and 1 love you To Gordon, Jason, and Sharon: Your role in my success is never underestimated. Thank you all for making home such a special place for me. I love you all dearly. To Seth: Eight years and we haven't killed each other yet May all your dreams and aspirations come true. Your friend forever. To my Friends: I hope during these last four years I was able to bring some happiness to you all. Good luck. To Colleen: For you who have listened to all my BIS. over the past four years, I only wish the best. You are truly a special person whom 1 will miss dearly. Never forget that I will always be your friend. ToQ.E.: Over the past year, both you and your family have shown me more love and support than I could have ever possibly imagined. I look forward to the time when academic concerns and other trivial matters will be a thing of the past so that we may share a beautiful future together. I love you. 63Ferrell Collins Hill, D.P.M. Presbyterian College, B.S. Anderson Podiatry Associates, PC Dr. James D. Hill Dr. Ferrell C. Hill Podiatric Medicine and Surgery Thanks Mom and Dad 64Philip Edward Holmes, D.P.M. Florida Atlantic University, B.A Many thanks to the academic and Clinical staff for the part they played In my personal and professional education these past four years. Special thanks to Drs Pitkow, Roth and Leopold. Also, many thanks to my family, Sam and Annie, and numerous friends for their love and interest I DON'T E'JEN “ ATTEMPT TO STAY INSIDE LINES 65 Stuart W. Honick, D.P.M. Rutgers University, B.A. To my Grandparents Morris and Miriam Fidel: I dedicate this degree to both of you. Thank you for your love, support and encouragement in allowing me to pursue my dreams. To My Family: Thank you all for your understanding, support, love and generosity in allowing me to attain this goal. To Clare: My wife and best friend. Thank you for your infinite patience, sacrifice, commitment, caring and love • I share this achievement with you. To Brian Joseph: I wish you a life full of health and happiness. Clare and I love you with all our hearts. 66Scott T. Koppel, D.P.M. University Of Maryland, B.S. Sonia; You came into my life at a point when I really needed someone. You have been with me for the past two years and always make me look forward to getting home at night. Our future will be better than you can imagine. I love you. Todd: Its your turn to congratulate me now. Thanks for always being the one to call. Mom anti Pad: The two of you are always there when I need you, which isn't as often as you would like. Now its two doctors in the family. I eigh: I’ll call you in two years so we can open up together, but not in N Y Keith: Well, maybe moving in together wasn't the ideal move l.ihhie: Pul you forget your lunch again? Wendy: Hold out for 25 carats 6768Jonathan S. Levey, D.P.M Glassboro State College, B.S. Mom Dad: Each and every individual who has struggled, anguished and strived to attain a dream, must owe the major share of their accomplish meats to those whose unwavering guidance, wisdom and love were the hands that formed the shapeless clay into the reflection of all that they hold dear This holds true for some more than others, and I, more than ali. Through all our years together I have watched and listened to you both carefully, and I have forgotten very little. All that you an- is reflected in me. I only hope that in this moment of accomplishment. I have made both of you as proud of me, as I am proud, to be your son. My three best friends: Nicky: Mission accomplished, Captain! One to beam up! Kich: Cogilo Ergo Zoom! Tommy: Use the back door! Howard: Without you these last two years would have been impossible! I will never forget all you have done for me. Thanks, Boss! Classmates, faculty, friends: I would never be able to thank each of you individually, but please accept this sincere, heartfelt thank you, to all who have kept me in their thoughts and prayers during a very difficult time I will never forget you 69Michelle S. Levine, D.P.M University Of Massachusetts, B.A, Via and Dad: I do not think it is possible to express the love I have for you as I graduate and become a doctor. Thank you for the years of love, support, and guidance you have given and the sacrifices you have made for the entire family. I could never have done this without you Thanks for all of the "down payments on the Porsche.” You are with me wherever I go. I love you. Gram and Gramps: To the cutest grandparents in the world (Imagine me pinching Cramps' cheek now.) I am forever grateful for all that you have given me You are the strength behind us all. I pity those thul do not have as great a family as I I love you. Lauren and Joy: Thank you for being great sisters and friends. We still are close despite our distance apart (Excuse me. could you please pass the hankie?) I love you. Matt B: "Wink wink, do it again sailor!" You are so much fun! Good luck in the future. Keep in touch. Malt R: Can't watt until you bring over a lasagna and babysit for the kids. Uncle Matt! Best of luck in all you do. 70Mark Maehrer, D.P.M. Muhlenberg College, B.S. TO MY PARENTS Thank you for the direction, support, and love you provided me always TO MY BROTHER KARL: For always looking after your little brother. Please don't stop now TO MY BEAUTIFUL WIPE JOLIE: For being grade school, high school, and college sweetheart, wife, and most Importantly best friend. I love you. TO THE BIS MAN: Do you suppose if we never met we would have studied harder, watched less T.V., or never have joined this lovely country club?.Naaaaah!!Raymond E. McCarroll, D.P.M. Indiana University Of Pennsylvania, B.S. Mom and Dad: This day could not have been possible without all of your support. This is your triumph as much as mine. You both always wanted me to have the best even at your own expense. I appreciate your sacrifice and hope that someday I will somehow be able to repay you Thank you for all your love. To my Grandparents: You both always told me that an education can take me as far as I want to go in life. Thank you for your guidance, wisdom, and love. I will never forget it Michelle: Who would have ever thought that a night of making brownies and drinking Corona could have brought as much pleasure into my life? You have touched my life in so many ways; I cannot explain You are my best friend and love. May our future together be bright and eternal. Matt: It has been a long, hard ro3d. I could not imagine doing it without you Keep in touch By the way, I still cannot wait until you get a girlfriend!! Anthony Morris: Please don't call rne; I'll call you !! Just kidding. Thank you for helping me with my finances. To my Classmates: Carpediem. 72Mark J. Mendeszoon, D.P.M. Miami University, B.A., Suny @ Stony Brook, M.A.L.S. Mum Pop: Today I stand with my head high knowing that after ail these years I've finally obtained my goal. This is much more rewarding than any race I have ever won and if it weren't for your love, patience and support. I would have never finished this “race". "Bedankt vor alles" Lieve, Jan Wally taurie: Who could ask for a better brother and sister? Whenever I needed an ear to listen, a place to crash or a heart to soothe my pains, you guys were always there. Needless to say my wardrobe has improved drastically. I love you and just remember I'll always be here for you. Mendeszoon and Mendeszoon, 1 like the sound of it So where will we hang our shingle? Tim Carolyn: If it weren't for your love, caring and support, Philadelphia would have been a much "colder” place to live in. Wherever I wind up you'll always have a second home. Thanks for everything! Kay, Kaz Juan: When I first met you guys I thought 1 was at the I N. However, I realized you clowns really added a new dimension to my life I just can't figure out what that is yet'.' Nevertheless. Best of Luck and stay in touch. Al, Doug. Keith: "Zoomer, shut your mouth and go to bed!" Now let's show Zipper what he can do with his 1968 track shoes, carbonated rot gut and "mimimal" scholarships You guys are my foundation. THANKS! Donna: For you have shown me the meaning of life Mv horizons have expanded immensely and it's all because of you We've been through some tough times, but I promise you the best is yet to come. I count my blessings for LODI strappings and dirty floors I Love You Donna . . billions 73Robert Miller, D.P.M. Wilkes College, B.S. MOM and DAD: There are no words that can possibly express my appreciation for the things that you have done for me. With your love and support, you gave me the strength to make my dreams come true. Thank you for your selfless parenting, but more Importantly, thank you for being my friend. I love you both very much, and I dedicate this degree to you. SUSAN: Four years of happiness, hard work, trials, and tribulations have brought us to this point. Your patience, support, and tolerance of me has been unremarkable Thank you for the countless hours of listening to and encouraging me in my times of need. I happily and eagerly look forward to spending the rest of my life with you as my wife and best friend The love that we share will last forever. FRANK: Not even Ryerson could describe a friend as great as you. From the bars to the books, we always made the best (and worst) out of every situation. Thanks for the endless support, laughter, and friendship you’ve provided over the last four years. I wish you and your family the best of love and success in your future career. BRIAN. BRETT, and BRITTANY: Thanks for the weekend stress busters No matter where we end up, "The B's" will live on forever. 74Keith A. Naftulin, D.P.M Temple University, B.A. To My Family: Thanks for always being there to support and encourage mo May our future together hold many new opportunities, successes, and most of all happiness. I love you! To Kate: You have been a very special friend to me over the past few years. Thanks for your support during those long study weekends, and thanks for corrupting me whenever you could I love you. P.S. Thanks for doing my laundry and using my credit cards. To L.R.: Thanks for being a normal room ate over the past few years. PS. You still abuse the air-conditioning. To Mike It: Thanks for the PCPM Alumni Fitness Center You made tny years here a lot nicer To. S K.: I never could hold a grudge. Hi Sonya! To my fellow classmates and faculty: I wish the greatest success to everyone. Through your hurdwork and dedication, our profession can grow and prosper To Golden Dragon: for the atherosclerosis. 75Marshall Novis, D.P.M Albright College, B.S. Nothing left to do but SMILE, SMILE, SMILE. I wish the best of luck to my friends. We have shared many of the same ups and downs. May you all find the happiness and success you deserve in a place where the wind don't blow so strange, maybe off on some high cold mountain chain What a long strange trip its been Pray for wind and peace, Marshall 7bMaurice A. Palucci, D.P.M. University of Rochester, B.A. Mom and Dad Without your love, guidance, and encouragement I would not have been able to achieve this goal. I will always be grateful for the sacrifices you both have made for roe. This degree is as much yours as it ls mine. I love you both and hope I can continue to make you proud. AMPM KJM- All of your phone calls and words of encouragement have made my time away from home a little easier You’re the best! I wish your new life together filled with much love, Happiness, and success. AD AJD- Thank you for all the advice and support over the past years. Semper Fi. 'Fins, and Mustangs forever! Dr. Fenton- Thank you for making a difference in my education, and above all, thank you for your friendship. Dr. Burke- " . . , You’re what’s happenin' ..." Ranchi Brother's Racing- ”... Live in fearYour suffering will be legendary ...” 77Kathleen A. Panepinto, D.P.M. Albright College, B.S. Mom and Dad: I know you have been looking forward lo this day as much as I have I would never have made it this far if not for your constant love, support, and encouragement You have always been there when I needed you. Thank you for all the sacrifices you have made, and for Riving me the opportunity to fullfill my dream. I love you! Paul and MaryBeth: Yes, I'm finally finished with school! You both have helped me out these past years more than you know Paul, even during my most stressed out moments, you never let me feel sorry for myself. You always managed to keep me laughing Thanks for providing the comic relief I needed to maintain my sanity MaryBeth, as we get older I realize what a special friend you've become. Our phone calls, visits, and shopping spree’s have made these past four years much more bearable. Joe: This year has been filled with so much laughter and happiness. I'm very lucky to have found you I Lynn: For as long as I live I'll never forget living above the Golden Drgaori We have had so many fun times together. Thanks for being a great roommate. I'll miss you! Barbie and Julie: In the roughest of times 1 could always count on you for encouragement. Thanks for believing in me. To my friends at P.C.P M: Thanks for the love, laughs, and support I'll treasure our friendship always. I wish you all success and happiness, 78Femand-Philippe Auguste, D.P.M. Suny at Stony Brook, B.A. 79Barbara Puplampu, D.P.M. Columbia Barnard College, A.B. 80Richard L. Reilly Jr, D.P.M. William Penn College, B.A. Thank you GOD Mom and Dad: Thanks for the support and INSPIRATION! To the rest of iny family. Thanks for being there To my friends from Western PA. Thanks for providing me with character and hack • bone! To my friends at P C P.M. Thanks for the good times, To C.W, and J.C. in IA Thanks for Showing me the other Side. Ida: Thanks for Showing me patience, and being there in my times of need 61Anthony M. Ricciardi Jr., D.P.M. Wagner College, B.S. Mom Dad: Without your love and support this road would have been impossible. You picked me up when I was down and helped me though tough times. You gave me encouragement, love and direction and taught me never to give up on my dreams. The love I have for you both cannot be put into words, I'll never forget what you did for me and thank you for were I am today. You play a major role in my life and are always there when I need you without any questions. Thank you for a lifetime of support and sacrifice I love you both with all my heart, love your son, The Doctor. . Grandmom: Thanks for all those great pasta dinners. I love you with all my heart your Grandson LSAT: Thanks for being there for me when I needed someone to talk to or just hang out. 1 love you all. Your Brother PSS: You guys bring happiness and joy into all our lives including mine I love you all dearly Love your uncle. The boys: The suffering was legendary They will never forget us. NEVER! "The way I see it. we all have to take a beatin’ sometime ” "Here I go again on my own. going down the only road I ever known like a drifter I was born to walk alone, I've made up my mind, I ain't wastin' no more time” -Whitesnake 82Matthew S. Rockett, D.P.M. Washington Jefferson College, B.S. MOM ti DAD Thank you for all your support and love throughout all of these years You have been there when I needed advice, and support, always. I can not express in words what you have meant to me. except for three simple words, I LOVE YOU. DANIEL - You may be tidier than me, but remember I still can take you. I love you little brother and I will always be there for you Thea, Drew, and Allison To my cousins I wish the best of life, and being the eldest grandchild. I have seen you all grow, and I hope we all stay close as we all grow older FELECIA You have been more of sister than an aunt to me, and I thank you for all the support that you have given me GRANDMA THEI.MA Thank you for your support through the years. RAY How could two totally different people be such good friends? I’m gonna miss buddy, but always remember the good limes, especially the night at Dicken's. THE INNER CIRCLE - My friends it was a bloodbath! DMA "PEACE, PRONATION, PROPHYLAXSIS" THE WHITY'S CREW - Larry make sure you keep my seat warm. I’ll be back. MICHELLE Make sure you take care of Ray GKANDI’A -1 miss you deeply, I wish you could he there in the crowd when I get my Degree, hut you will always be with me. “YOU MAY BE RIGHT. I MAY BE CRAZY. BUT IT JUST MAY BE A LUNATIC YOUR LOOKING FOR" ”1 CAME HERE CONFUSED. I’M LEAVING HERE CONFUSED BUT AT A MUCH HIGHER LEVEL” 83Segundo R. Rodriguez, D.P.M. S.U.N.Y. Stony Brook, B.S. To my parents No hay forma ni palabras para exprtS T rni orgullo d« que sea mis padres- Ks a usieds quien les dedico estc grado, no lo habia podido lograr sin usteds. To my family There is no doubt that this effort has come from both of us, thank you for your patience. To the nuys Thanks for being there. Andre, I want to go too. Quotes: • I was born alone - Ax (ask) • Very very funny • The Bellu (Bellvue) • Tip - Holaids (Rolex) To my co-workers It has been a pleasure knowing you all. thank you Mary 84Gary Rogers, D.P.M York University, B.A. To my Family: Dad, David (Skipper). Lisa, Erin, Lindsay, and. Jonathan; You know how important your support was. it was always there. To my Friends at FC.I'M: Good luck in your Future To Nornianski: We owned the "Irish I'ub". To "The Product’': Thanks for being a Great Friend through I years of ups and downs. If you apply yourself You can do anything, Kit Joseph Rogers, D.P.M. Glassboro State College, B.A. 86David S. Rothafel, D.P.M. St. John’s University, B.S. To My Morn and Bad: thank you for all your love and support through the past four years. To Mom and Bad Glasgow: Your love and understanding has Helped me to succeed In my goal To My wife Msbeth: Thank you for being there, thru think and linn. I love you always you wall always be my K.F Without you I never could have gotten thru these long four years, love you. To my son Joshua: You brighten up my life and always bring joy to me each day. I love you very much. To Simon and Julie thank you for being our good friends and for giving me the needed push to achieve my goals. 8 Leigh Rubin, D.P.M. Muhlenberg College, B.S. Mom and Dad: Thanks for all the love and support throughout the years. I promise that I'll still come home lo see you although I will not have school breaks. Keith and Scott: I don't know how we survived each other for two years The only thing we didn't do was hit each other. However, it made school bearable. Scott, your cooking was great I will miss that. Keith, Beaufort and the Hobie rides are great memories. Hopefully, our friendships will only grow When I decide to expand I'll think of you guys. Class of UWI: G xkI luck and best wishes in your future endeavors 88Seth Schweitzer, D.P.M S.U.N.Y. At Binghamton, B.S. To Mom ami [)ad: The love for the (M th of you just can't be described with words. You have given me endless support and encouragement throughout my entire life. You are my role models and I only hope I can follow your road to love, happiness, and success. I love you both very much!! To Dina and Tom: I am grateful to the both of you for your support and encouragement. Dina. I can honestly say you are the best sister a brother can have You have always given me love, encouragement, support, sound advice, and friendship (not to mention much needed household appliances) Being that Dina is the best sister Tom, this automatically makes you the best brother-in-law but I feel you have proven that on your own. I am proud to have you ils part of rnv family My love and admiration for the luith of you are endless. To all of my family: I thank you all for your love and support. To,Ion H.: What can I say? You have made the past S years as enjoyable as possible. We have survived the best and worst of times and I owe a lot of it to you I will cherish out friendship for as long as I live and I know this is just the beginning. You're a hard worker and a survivor and I admire you immensely. I wish you health, happiness, and success in vour future. Thanks again!" To Dave K I owe you greatly You are the only one who mulched iny musical interests. Thank you for making the I’hilly Night l.ife hearable. Keep in touch! p.s OIKKKS M F (WASH ND BI'HN To Rich V., Brian K., Jason (j., and all my friends at home: I treasure our friendships and ho|H- they last forever. You all helped me more than you know and I thank you for it!' To all my friends at IHI'M: Thanks for your friendship and all the good times. I wish you all the most success and happiness in the future Julia B. Siegerman, D.P.M. University Of Maryland, B.S. Bladderhead: (aka "the Princess of Hyperextension") Which one are you? I get u.s mixed up. I suspect the mother We’re looking for a few nude policemen. Sexual sofas My promontory's hack and it's on top of my sacrum, ala, ala, ala go lat. Hose garden and pot pourri scents Cool Whip containers afire Lyle, the effeminate heterosexual. Ssss, lardass, Boom, microwave' We’re both married not to each other The Kuegler bus People are strange when you're a stranger Look, this says they hoth live in 801 Cherry St.! Alrighty! Thanks for making these past four years bear able. Good luck! Poodster, P.B.. A B.H.: After spending an entire year together we all need some therapy. Want to pet my collar? Heath out your hands and touch the T V. screen. Patty G.: "Somebody push that lady in the purple dress down the steps?' Like so many others, I thought of dedicating my degree to a supportive loved one. However, since I've worked my butt off for four years to earn this DPM degree, it is hereby dedicated to ME in loving memory of all those brain cells which gave their lives. I would, though, like to thank Brad and Sammi the Wonder Hog for their support and understanding in putting up with my constant studying and P.E.M.S. (pre exam mood swings). Thanks for everything, especially the study breaks Stephen J. Skokan, D.P.M Rider College, B.S. To the Holy Trinity:I dedicate this degree, fur without you I could not have attained this goal A lorn and Dad: I can not express enough thanks for all you have done. Through the years you have always been there for me, in tny trials and triumphs your love was there to comfort me. I love you both with all my heart. Uncle John: Confidence is half the battle' liarhara and Johnny: Now that we are older, I appreciate our differences and hold dear the things we all share I thank God for the two people I can proudly call my sister and brother. The HerKcnslocks: Thank you for vour love and support To my professors and instructors: Thank you all for making this student a doctor To Harold, Mike and Howard: Best of luck next year and always. Uemom-her: Colchicine Is diagnostic for gout. To Jnnint: Even though the past four years moved by quickly, it seemed like an eternity not having you near. Vet, we never really were apart; you were always with me I anxiously wait for the day when we walk down the aisle and will l e together forever I love you my Janine 91Charles P. Stefonetti, D.P.M. University Of Scranton, B.S. in closing I would just like to say thank you to my family; to my wife, Debbie for her patience and understanding, to my children, Amee and Anthony. I’m sorry I was a weekend Dad. hut thanks for the fun we did have, to toy Mom and Dad thank you for helping us through these past four years, Mike, Carol, and Jeannie. do you have a few bucks to help get me through the week'.’ ... to the Family; Anthony, Elmo. Matt to the best of times yet income, thanks for the memories. Apples, Oranges. Tomatoes, Chicken Legs, Baggies, Quarters, "May the games begin!" James P. Sullivan, D.P.M. Villanova University, B.S. GAIL, You could not have been more supportive of me. in everything that I have done since the day we met Thank you for patiently waiting on deck for me, I know it hasn't been easy. I could not have asked for anything more than what I have found in you, God has surely smiled upon me! I love you (very, very much!). You are a Queen among women MOM and DAD, Thank you for providing the best of everything for me. Thanks for your advice and guidance throughout my entire life. You have always pointed me in the right direction, and gave me the confidence to take it from there I hope that 11 an give to my children, what you have given to me. Mlt. and MRS. LONKKGAN'. Thunk you for your endless votes of confidence. Thanks for all the food and supplies, they kept me sane and the cases of beer helped me make some friends. Hut mast of all, thank you for your daughter, I will take good care of her! MARSHALL and TOM. I'll remember the good times we had over the last I years You have heen great friends, and I'm sure that we'll keep in touch with each-other throughout our lives "Shine on you crazy diamonds!” P. Floyd "The most essential part of instruction is obtained, not in the lecture room, but at the liedside. Nothing seen there is lost; the rhythms of disease are learned by frequent repetition, its unforseen occurrences stump themselves indelibly in the memory." Oliver Wendell Holmes "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." Klenor K Roosevelt h-- I 'I IPascal Teolis, D.P.M. College De Maisonneuve •»Andrew Thomas Teplica, D.P.M. Villanova University, B.S. TO MY FAMILY Thank you for your love and support. The sacrifices you have made are much appreciated You have always set an excellent example, and I am ;ts proud of you us I know you are of me. TO MY FIUKNDS Thanks for all the fun. Your friendship has made the past four years enjoyable. 1 just want to know one thin , for a thousand bucks, would you TO MY CLASSMATES I know it may seem impossible to go on after graduation without having my bubbly personality around to lift your spirits every day, but I know you'll survive. All kidding aside, best of luck to everyone. "One generation passeth away, and another generation eometh; but the earth abideth forever . The sun also anseth, and the sun goelh down, and hasteth to the place where he arose . . . The wind goelh toward the south, and turneth about unto the north; it whirleth about continually, and the wind returneth again according to his circuits . . All the rivers run into the sea; yet the sea is not full; unto the place from whence the livers come, thither they return again " -EcclesiastesNathan B. Thomas D.P.M. Brigham Young University At the dose of these four long years. I give.»tremendous amount of credit to my wife and children for helping me through the tough times. My family has been a great support to me, ami my driving force to cross the finish line, gr.ih my diploma and look forward to my next challenge. With the recent death of my brother came a new dr iving force in that I was able to. in some small way, fulfill a dream of his (which was to become a doctor) that had been cut short Therefore I accept this degree not only for myself but also in memory of my brother, Trevor I feel fortunate to have been acquainted with all of you especially the friends who have made these four years go a little smoother and quicker (Jood luck to all of us in our future endeavors wherever and whatever they may he. Victor M. Torres, D.P.M. Glassboro State College, B.S. To My Parents Family: Thank you for your support encouragement during these long four years. To Ish: Thank you for those long drives to and from Philly. To Mom Pop (In Florida): Thank you for those faithful prayers which have and will always help me. To My Wife (aka: Puku): I could only tell you I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for your kindness thoughtfulness. Your my hestfriend I know dreams will come true with you. God has blessed me with you as a partner in life. Your one of a kind, I LOVE YOU! To My Friends: Kasra, Herminio, Mark, Ray, Andre, thanks for all the support. •Special Thanks to those Instructors Clinicians They know who they are. To My l ird: Your first in my life. Without your guidance this dream would still be only a dream. I HAVE FOUGHT THE GOOD BATTLE, I HAVE FINISHED THE JOURNEY, I HAVE KEPT THE FAITH II Timothy 4:7 THANK YOU, LORD. 97David S. Van Derlyke, D.P.M. Wilkes College, B.S. 98Michael Vincent Verdi, D.P.M. Upsala College, B.S. Mom, t'nc, Aunt, Nicky, Marianne, Jimmy- The support, encouragement, and love I have received all my life has made me feel very lucky. Any accomplishments in my life are a result of what you have done for me. Thanks for being the best? Sue, Mr. and Mrs 0., Ged, Glenn, Rich- Thanks for being so nice to me. G.R.- If you could have only used your talents toward your school work, you could have rewritten the Textbook of Foot Surgery. You are a great friend Good Luck in everything you do Art, Gail, Colleen- You saved me from this pit. You are what made these four years worth It. I'll miss you guys. Dave and Jose- Thanks for the friendship and fun times Dee and Gee- Best of Luck! Joey D.- You’re late for dinner! Good Luck, Pal PCH - You definitely are a pirate born 200 years too late. Good Luck! S.C. is getting one good podiatrist To all my friends at P.C.P M.- Much success in the future To do is to be- Sartre To be is to do- Freud Do be do be do- Sinatra 99Edward Villanueva, D.P.M. The Johns Hopkins University, B.A. Dearest Mom, All that I am and will be I owe to you. Your love, support, encourage ment, and sacrifices have made this moment possible. I am forever grate ful. Life has been good, thanks to you. I love you, Ted 100Douglas E. Webb Jr., D.P.M. Texas A M University, B.A Tracey: We have accomplished more together these last four years than we both imagined possible. No words could express how grateful I urn to have you beside me. Your sacrifices, your work and your love have allowed us to reach this goal together. We will look back on these as "the good ole days" and always have "our first little house on 9th Avenue." I love you always. Mom and Dad: Your love, support and encouragement has been never ending for as far back as I can remember. I will always treasure my memories of our family together and the travels we made. I could never repay you for what you've done for me, except maybe with . grandkids!!!! l ove Doug. Chris and Heathen You both mean the world to me. Your caring and generosity has been more than I could ever ask. We will soon have our hig family weekends together Neil, Steve and Howard: We’ve had some great times together and I'm looking forward to many more. Hello Texas, It sure is good to see you again! Jimmy Buffett, I9SI) 101Richard A. Young, D.P.M University of Pittsburgh, B.S. To Melina: I love you, Thank you for sharing the last four years with me. It's only the begining of the ride Please do not loosen your seat belt until we have tome to a complete stop. Hold on tight. To Mom and Dad: I can never thank you enough. Without your love and support achieving this goal would not have been possible. I love you both very much To my family: Thanks for your support. I guess I finally have to get a job. Now I can go and get those dual quads and velocity stacks. To Koolys, Clowns and Red Hots: Life’s to short to be in a hole so bust into your funkiest stroll X2. To my PCPM friends: Best wishes of success and happines to you all. Thanks for the fond memories. You made the last four years bearable. It’s only a matter of time before you're behind the wheel of that red convertible XJS To PCPM: You'll never see a dime. Sock it! 102— Wendy R. Young, D.P.M Emory University, B.S. ED: This degree Is for you. The one who believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. Even though you can't be with us today, I know you are always watching over me. I love you, your only daughter MOM: My rock of life, and best friend Thanks for always being there, I love you. ADAM: 10 years, but who is counting, IIA HA. I hope the next ten years are even better. I love you Pooh! Papa Nolan: My inspiration, I can only hope to achieve what you have achieved in one lifetime. I.ittle One Smaha: Baby blanket, and fishthlhat die!!! Thanks for being there. I.ibbie: I think we saw it all at Voorhees, does that ring a bail????? Don't ever give up, in the end you will Ik- successful Rick, Scott, and Patty: It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, but it was fun anyway. 103Goodbye PCPM - We Made It! 104•« Class Of 1994 Hey man. I’ve been playing guitar and debriding callous for years now. I didn’t know Jetset could do this to you It might be a fractured ulna. It’s only a small prick, it won’t hurt!Is Robsan drying his Jheri curl? You Sher you know how to take a B.P.? What do I do next?The foot cleaning module? Somebody strap me in. I’m ret to gol Colgate Smiles Habitual flatulence can be very inconvenient when having to treat patients. Happy and Smiley Gerry does biodex testing to get cat burglars back to work 108 Class Of 1994mGerman women are easy! Peacock reverts to former career and embalms himself Tom Huott still thinks that beer will re-open your growth plates ... it just gets you drunk. Why are these two smiling? (check your wallets) Men at work 112 Class Of 1994Can Dave handle this much woman? Anasarca def: total body edema Drinking sewage with the devil. 113Class Of 1994 Stefonetti? Roids R Us Who has the best BVD's? 114 The Champs - Where's Steve?This little piggy went to market These little piggies stayed home These little piggies had roast beef These bloody piggies got none And this silly piggy had a bunion and hammer toes nsCan you tell which one is married? Brian and JJ already have their recommendationsPCPM's board study guide Special thanks to all who worked on staff doing layouts, typing, photography, captions, and editing. Robson, Elmo. Alex. Brian. Angie. David. Rich. Bill. Jackie. Barb. Jose. Karen. Dina. Gerry, Kelly, and anyone not mentioned. Thank-you. Before and after boards? ne Class Of 19940 4 0 e-trfss o “slSTS W t'KS st vs si si 1207orr» z oe ezr 'ts0?m tw 12■ e i tss 07 — Tt i OTVSS'n P HZTfy f99S 12212e tSS O? ?995 4‘KO‘tt'HV 7 7fZ ... 1241251261?71281301317 T»0 ‘ t'UZ S‘D pwtnos: Z'm i uiAQ'nssz $AKKST7 AAK1S fAMSS SAKKST7 A eiA 4,4%$AKA (fA’mSS ?UK’MA‘70 'XS'Jt'Jt'ty ‘SMOOTH VOTITtA $OZA$SK P OIO KAP S'RS: SJt'?$AGSrr» S4lS'}'Jt$SK SeOTl AKOTtSO'Jt TMj’ A'M WeeAKKOTtCLASS OFFICERS Ido Friedman: class treasurer Dolly Mishra (secretary) and Ed Dos Remedios (APMSA rep.)Steve Frank: Vice President 135136137• • • • • « • I • • 138HANGING OUT 139On the Bus to Atlantic City. 140 kvillfaOFF CAMPUS 141142143144SPECIAL THANKS TO: SUSAN GAMBLE HAROLD HOROWITZ PHILBERT KUO KIMBERLY THURMOND STEPHANIE HOCHMAN TANYA BUTENSKY 146 Full Time Faculty David A. Axler, Ph.D. Gary Bauer, D.P.M. Milad S. Bitar, Ph.D. Steven F. Boo, D.P.M. Robert B. Boyd, Ph D. James P. Burke, Ph.D. Robert A. Christman, D.P.M. Francis J. Conway, PhD. Stephen V. Corev, D.P.M. Robert H. Davis, Ph.D. Michael S. Downey, D.P.M. Arnold Feldman, D.P.M. 148Full Time Faculty Marilyn R. Fenton, PhD. Arthur E. Helfand, D.P.M. Bruce E. Hirsch, Ph.D. Warren S. Joseph, D.P.M. Anthony Kidawa, D.P.M. Fred Kugler, M.S. Howard Hillstrom, Ph.D. Harvey Lemont, D.P.M. Thomas G. Marietta, D.P.M. Kieran T. Mahan, D.P.M William J. Martin, D.P.M James McGuire, D.P.M. 149Full Time Faculty Alan Mlodzienski, D.P.M. Howard Palamarchuk, D.P.M. Howard S. Pitkow, Ph.D. .lane Pontious, D.P.M. I.inda C. Stanley. M.L.S. Clare H. Starrett, D.P.M. Bohdan Terleckyji, M.S. John H. Walter, D.P.M Kendrick Whitney, D.P.M. 150Part Time Faculty Carl Abramson, Ph.D. Albert Bravo, D.P.M. Philip Bresnahan, D.P.M. No Photo Available Richard Jay, D.P.M Erwin J. Juda, D.P.M. James McNernev, D.P.M. Morris Moss, D.P.M. Andrew Newman, M.D., J.D. Louis Newman, D.P.M. 151Part Time Faculty Michael Walinsky, D.P.M. Alan Whitney, D.P.M. Jeanean Willis, D.P.M. Joseph Witkowski, M.D. Michael Zarro, D.P.M. Louis Zulli, D.P.M. Staff Loretta Whitney Denise Weintraut Carrie Smith Kim Baxter Linda Stanley Judy Bush Frances Peters Rita Paul 152l eslie Levy Viola Warren Dennis Donohue Staff Vanessa Napoleon Marie Biggans Brenda Gillis Anthony Morris Chuck McFarland George Dillon Mike DePoder Kimberly Flood Tina Lauri Carmen Gist 153Jeff Frey Edith Bohh Donna Polisano Staff Yolanda Taylor-AI Hassan Dorothy Agee Carol Krouse Peggy Anfinsen Mary Oehler Rich Cerruti Victor Thompson Ernesto Mujorra Bernice Jackson Kathleen Loveland 154Staff Chet Johnson Sheen a Jackson Carol Kendrick Jessie Scott Hilly R. Hilts Ed Brown Earl Jones Janet McGinnis Jeanette McGerry Mary Gates Brenda Reid Loretta Edwards Michele Fuller-Graveley Lynn Hogan Vanessa King Felicia Rivers Robin Brookins Joanne DeGoetann Virginia Kehoe Hat O'Malley Diana Davenport Barbara Fuller Darleen Johns Chris Kinard Gina Mummarella Terry Bianco Hatricia Brennan Donna Boni Carol Beck DeAnna Clendenan Carrol McKenna Sharon Saunders Tina Young Judy Osleeki 155Staff Maxine Preston Terry Webster Dave Thompson Mary Ann Bosze Kathy DiGirodano Lisa .tones David A. Axler, Ph D. LeGrand Newman Jennifer McMahon Nancy Epstein Carmen Harris Marva Simmons Linda Greiner Tom Maiorano Nancy Brown Not Pictured: Brod Bierbraver Martin Shell Sharon Mack Lisa Jenkins Angela Long Beverly Miller 156Doctor Helen C. Gold-Balsavage, D.P.M. Congratulations! Dear Helen We’re So Proud Of What You’ve Accomplished, It's Hard To Find The Words. We Wish You The Absolute Best Of Luck In Your Career. And Wish You Peace, Happiness And Love As Well As Satisfaction In Your Work. From: Dad, Mom, Elisabeth, Ed And Ray We All Love You! Congratulations To Our Marvelous Son, Brother, Brother-In-Law And Friend Keith Naftulin. Keith Has Persistently Strived For Challenging Accomplishments. Keith’s Hard Work In Education And Love Of Helping People Have Made Him A Great Success. Keith Learned To Be Assertive And Literally Assumed A Leadership Role In His Many Social Circles. Keith’s Family Are So Proud Of His Accomplishments In Education; Professional Career With The U.S.D.A.; Podiatry Training, As Well As Being Well Rounded In Athletics, Such As Weight Lifting; Running And Biking And In Sports Where He Mogul Skis With The Best Of Them, Also Water Skiing, Sailing And Ice Hockey. Keith Manages, With No Fanfare, All His Finances Of Medical School, Independent Living As Well As His Recreational Activities. We Know Nanny And Mom-Mom Are Smiling Down On Him. With Our Warmest Love And Regards, Mom, Dad, Brothers Scott Eric, Sister-In-Law Barbara And Sweetheart Kate. We Love You! Joseph "Dr. J” Bisignaro III D.P.M. Your Courage. Determination, Dedication And Love For Your Profession Will Carry You Always To Be The Best Of All. We Knew You Could Do It. Go For It Jaybird! The Reward Belongs To You. May God’s Hands Guide Yours Always. We’re So Very Proud Mom Dad Lisa Susann Jenni Tracy Dear Dr Jay, Someone Once Wrote That Integrity Is Honesty While Nobody Is Looking. You Have Practiced Integrity All Of Your Life And It Shows. We Love You And Support Your Outstanding Effort. Mom, Dad Lisa, Susan Jennifer And Tracy. Dr. Anne Marie Chwastiak Congratulations! Daddy Was So Happy To Know You Continued Your Education. All He Ever Wanted Was The Best For You. He Was Always So Proud Of You, As We Are Today! Be Sure That Dad Is Smiling Down On You From Heaven As You Receive Your Diploma! Best Of Luck Always! Love, Mom, Serge, Ted, Sandy + Fr. John, Dr. Richard + Ann, Gary + Lucy, Tanya, Nat, Richard, Nicole, Mitchell + Markr Congratulations, Dr. Gregory You Made It With Class We Are All Very Proud Of You; And Wish You Much Success In Your Medical Career May Good Health And Happiness Be Yours Always. We Love You Very Much. Mom, Dad, Jeff And Jennifer li Congratulations, Mark On Putting Your Best Foot Forward Love, Mom And Dad 1 Dr. Peter J. Cuesta I Congratulations For A I Job Well Done! I We’re Very Proud Of 1 You! 1 Love I Mom, Dad 1 And Especially Kim V To Have To Summerize Our Thoughts, Admiration And Describe Our Love In A Few Lines Is Almost An Impossible Task. Seth . . . You Have Been A Source Of Pride For Us For Your Entire Life .. . We Wish You All The Goodness That Life Has To Offer And Let Us Be The First To Officially Call You Seth Schweitzer, Doctor Of Podiatric Medicine Love, Mom + Dad JM 160Congratulations To The Class Of 1993, And To Our Son, Anthony . . . (Or Should We Say . . . Dr. Di Guglielmo!?!) Words Can’t Express How Proud We All Are Of You! May You Always Get The Best In Life, Because You Truly Deserve It! So, Here’s To You, Tony ... You Made It! Best Wishes Always . . We Love You! Mom, Dad, Rina, Mikey, Grandpa Di Guglielmo Grandpa Strazza (P.S. Are We Going To Have To Pay For Our Visits Too?) Your Hard Work Made You What You Are Today, A Doctor, Something You Have Wanted Since 3rd Grade. The Success You Have Achieved Can Be Truly Credited To Your Faith In God And Hard Work. Your Success Is Proof That Prayer Works -So Live The Life You've Prayed For. Remember Steve, Anything Worth Having Is Worth Working Hard For. We Are So Very Proud Of You And Know You Will Be A Credit To Your Family. Remember Those Who Have Gone Ahead Are Always With You To Guide You. We All Love You Very Much. Have A Good Life! Mom, Dad, John, Barbara, Uncle Johnf To Our Dearest Gladys • Seven Years Is A Long Time. More So When Lots Of Hard Work And Sacrifice Are Involved. But It’s All Worth The Wait. You Have Done A Most Wonderful Job. We Are Proud Of You, We Are Happy For You. We Love You. Congratulations, Doctor! Mom, Dad + Ron To Our Son, Dr. Marshall Scott Novis You Have Always Been A Shining Star. We Are So Very Proud Of You. You Have Fulfilled One Of Your Dreams With All Your Hard Work. We Hope Your Future Success Will Be Met With Love And Compassion. We Know You Will Be A Great Asset To Your Profession. With Our Deepest Love And Admiration Mom, Dad, Sean And Evan Congratulations To The Entire Congratulations Gary! I Am Expressing The Thoughts Of Your Mother And The Family By Wishing You Happiness And Success. Love DadCongratulations, To Our Son Jon And The Class of 1993, For Your Accomplishments And Achievements. May Your Futures Be Filled With Health, Happiness And Continued Success. Rona + Al HellerCongratulations: Dr. Patricia R. Bernstein Patti, I Never Had Any Doubts, Love Mom. Patti, We Knew You Could Do It! Love Joe Joy Jody Hoping You Know How Proud We Are Of You. Love Harry, Betty + Deona Put Your Best Foot Forward, Patti. Love Don, Deb Jason + Cari Best Wishes From: D + S Industrial Plastics Inc. We Know Dad + Chestnut Are Watching Over You From Above + Are Very Proud Of You Love, Mom Abraham, Lois + Joseph Bernstein Dear Michelle, Success Is To Laugh Often And Much, To Win Respect Of Intelligent People And The A ffection Of Honest Critics. To Appreciate Beauty And To Find The Best In Others To Leave The World A Bit Better. To Know Even One Life Has Breathed Easier Because You Lived. You Are Truly A Successful Woman You Are A Rare Jewel, And We Love You.CONGRATULATIONS! DR. NEIL A. CAMPBELL WE ARE PROUD OF YOU AND WE PRAY FOR YOUR CONTINUED SUCCESS MAY GOD BLESS YOU AS YOU CONTINUE TO FOLLOW HIS WILL FOR YOUR LIFE FROM YOUR FAMILY WHO LOVES AND SUPPORTS YOU GRANDPARENTS REV. MRS. M.L. RICHARDS (DEDADDY R. MEE-MAW) MR. MRS. O.A. CAMPBELL (DEDADDY C. GRAM) To Our Dear Son Michael, You Have Made Us So Very Proud Of You. You Deserve The Very Best Of Everything In Your New Profession And Life To Come PARENTS BROTHERS MARTHA BILL MARK BUNNY, ATCHISON TRISHA, EMILY TRAVIS CAMPBELL DARRELL BARBARA CAMPBELL Congratulations James Sullivan! We’re Proud Of You, And Thankful For The Lord’s Guidance. Love, Your Parents Your FamilyDear Son: Dr. Anthony Michael Ricciardi Jr. Congratulations On This Monumental Occasion, Your Graduation From PCPM. You Have Always Been A Ray Of Sunshine In Our Lives. You Are Everything A Son Should Be. Once Again You Have Made Us Prouder Than Words Can Ever Express. So With Love And Pride We Wish You A Life Filled With Health, Happiness, Success And The Best Of Everything. Ail Our Love, Mom And Dad Dr. Gold (Helen): Congratulations For A Job Well Done. We Are Very Proud Of You And Wish You All The Joy And Happiness Life Has To Offer God Bless You Mom And Dad Balsavage Congratulations To Dr. Libbie Kay Atlas Hard Word And Dedication Have Brought You To This Day Our Thoughts Have Been With You All The Way (And Our Wallets) Mother And Dad, Grandparents Too! And A Brother And Sister Who Always Love You Wish You Health And Happiness, Love And Best Wishes And A Life Lived Long And Ever Delicious Love From Mother And Dad Toots And Chas Paul And Rachel J 16'Whether you’re establishing or maintaining a professional foothold, You Deserve the Best — The Best Products The Best Prices The Best Service The Most Knowledgeable Sales Staff In The Industry (Including a Licensed Podiatrist) $ Serving the Podiatric Professional Since 1932 SILL PODIATRY SUPPLY AND EQUIPMENT CO. 7803 Freeway Circle Middieburg Heights. Ohio 44130 Member of Corporate Advisory Board National WATS 1-800-321-1348 Local 1-216-243-3700 — Greiner Saur Orthopedics, Inc. — Branch Locations: (Main Office) 6721 Castor Avenue 605 Spring Garden Street Philadelphia, PA 19149 Philadelphia, PA 19123 (215)743-3939 (215) 627 3400 Summit Orthotics Prosthetics 2301 Evesham Road Bldg. 800 . Suite 123 Vouchees, NJ 08043 (6091 770-8484 2214 West Chester Pike BroonuU, PA 19008 (215) 353-9000 527 Reading Avenue West Reading. PA 19611 (2151376-2211 Certified OrthotisLs Certified Pcdorthists Plastic and Conventional Braces Orthopedic Shoes and Corrections Sport Medicine Orthotics proftitional Strritt Since IH97 Podiatrists: Start off on the right foot! Call today for your free office-opening package. 1-800-234-1464 medical corp. 389 John Downey Drive New Britain, CT 060 50 The Pedinol Pride... FUNGOID TINCTURE ONY-CLEAR NAIL SPRAY Anti-fungal agents for nail beds and grooves FUNGOID CREME, HC-CREME, SOLUTION Topical treatment for fungus, yeast and bacterial infections of the skin HYDRISINOL CREME LOTION Emollient skin softener LACTINOL-E CREME LACTINOL LOTION _________ Aids in dry, scaly skin (xerosis) PEDI-BORO SOAK PAKS Astringent wet dressing PH A KM AC A L IIMC J SALACTIC FILM SAL-PLANT‘ GEL Aids in removal of Verrucae PEDINOL PHARMACAL, INC. UREACIN-10 UREACIN-20 FARMiNGD NYmss Aids in removal of Hyperkeratotic tissue (516j 293.9500 1-8OO-PEDINOL SERVING THE PODIATRISTS AND THEIR PATIENTS FAX 516-293-7359 PHARMACAL INCI'd been looking forward lo dial day for years. Ihe day I began praclicing podiatry. Bui I had always llioiigbl I would spend my days with patients.not paperwork. With a million new things lo worry about. I turned lo experienced podiatrists for advice. They told me about the realities of practicing podiatry today including malpractice insurance. Many of Ihe podiatrists I know are insured by OUM I had heard about OHM through the scholarships they offered at my podiatric college. But I had never heard Ihe personal stories, as I have from my colleagues, of how people at OUM go Ihe extra mile lo protect podiatrists from unfair claims. I trust Ihe word of my friends and colleagues, and I trust their choice of OUM for their insurance coverage. And that's one less thing for me to worry about. John Parmelee. DP M Kent. Washington OUM . . . Friends Indeed A R TTDIC PROGRAM 1-800-423-1504 Member Health Care Professional Program. A Purchasing Croup 170PASCAL TEOLIS. D P M College de Maisonneuve, D.E.C Paps, words cannot describe how much you mean to me. Your constant love, support, confidence, guidance, encouragement and wisdom gave me the strength to pursue my goals You have always stood by me no matter how difficult I or events became. I realize that you have made numerous sacrifices in your fife for me. I hope someday to pass on all the strong moral values you have instilled in me that made me the man I am today. My admiration and love for you are as infinite as the Universe. You'll always be an inspiration to me I know I don't say it enough, but I love you very much. Let me take care of you now Mammma. your love, understanding, care and patience towards me were always and still are limitless I hope to be as good to and with my patients as you are with me I am very lucky to have a mother like you. I know I don't say it enough, but I love you very much You are the best mother in the world Thanks for everything. Marta and Stefan, you guys have a promising and marvelous future ahead of you You form a great couple. May your love for each other grow for the rest of your lives I'll always be there for you if you need anything. Thanks Ste for the Saturday morning calls. I was always religiously waiting for them; it made me feel very, very good. “Dioui", your energy and joie-de-vivre will never seize to amaze me You've always been there to remind me of the lighter side of life. Good luck in law school. I'm always here for you. Nonm Concettma. Mana. Pasquahno e Stefano. grazia per la luce e le preghiere che mi hanno protetto questi quattro anm Vi voglio a tutti bene Un merci special aussi a deux gars sans qui ces quatre annees auraient ete impossibles Benoit "Big Ben-Bemto El Chaponez-Paparadis (far-tu oublie un surnom7!)" Paradis [root ton support et amitie'dans mes moments les plus creux et difficiles (Dteu sait combten fen ai eus. .) fas toujours ete la quand j'avais besom de parier a quelqu'un. J'espere notre amitie tree a |amais. Et Fernand Philippe-Auguste. un frere pour moi. touiours pret a me depanner quand fetais dans le besom ou franchement dans m.... t'as ete LE SEUl a m'aider. m'ecouter quand fetais seul et perdu Je te dors tenement, la page n'est pas assez grande pour ecnre le nombre de mercis correspondant aux nombreux services rendus et ton soutien moral. Jamais je n'oublierai ce que tu as fait pour mot Viens me voir lors de tes passages a Montreal Ecoutela Fernand, je pense que ton .............. . Finalement. faimerais remercie mes amis qui m'ont aide a'traverser ces quatre annees eprouvantes mais combien valonsantes et enrichissantes. Vos encouragements contmus par vos lettres et appels m'ont fait chaud au coeur et donne beaucoup de force: Nance la protuberance-osseuse nasale. Orange Julep, Mary-Jo, J-F. Mosh Kelly la-question, Johnny D„ lady Di. Bob. Mike, Bubbles (O R.7 Yeah. OR). M Tremblay. Annie pour I'espoir et la flamme et C.G. pour les rayons de soled a Pie XII. WHERE THERE SEEMS NO WAY OUT. LET GOD IN. 171THE FREEDOM SHOE Sample the advantages of the Reece Orthopedic Shoe Both patients and practitioners endorse the "no-cast" freedom of the Reece Orthopedic Shoe. It can be applied in a fraction of the time required for casting...giving added mobility and eliminating cast itch. This sturdy, versatile shoe is also frequently chosen for post-operative surgical care, burn treatment, bursitis and athlete's foot. Easily stocked in small, medium and large men's and women's sizes...plus shielded toe models for the ambulatory worker. Investigate the freedom and efficiency of the Reece Orthopedic Shoe. Ask your equipment dealer for a sample or write us today. Ladies Standard Model 173 Men's Shielded Toe Model 175CG REECE WOODEN SOLE SHOE COMPANY "In continuous business since 1885" Columbus, Nebraska 68601 SN11SOf

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