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look famous be legendary appear complex act easy radiate presence travel light seem a dream prove realACHILLES 1992 Senior Editor: Denise M. Opitz Co-Editors: Senior Section: Stephanie Tamburri Deborah Photos Faculty Staff: Tanya Nichols Sponsors: Suzanne Roeckell Colleen Boyle Supporting Staff: Lisa Beckinella Kelly Burek Marianne Cuttic Lisa Donatiello Catherine Henry Michele Parker Class Editors: Helen Gold ’93 Gina Painter ’94 William McCarron ’95£. Bales, President Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine IAMESC BATES. DPM msiMN i TO THE CLASS OF 1992: It doesn't seem possible that four years have passed since wo first net at your orientation! Then I congratulated you on your choico of PCPM; now I congratulate you on tho attainment of your degree. Then I predicted your days would be filled with excitement; now you understand the meaning of "oxcltemont" at PCPM. You have dono well! You havo proven yourselvos and you will be good Doctors of Podiatric Medicine. With your Class the number of graduates from this Institution now exceeds 2,000. You are the first of the next quarter century of classes that will go forth to serve society. All of us aro proud of tho accomplIshnents of those first twanty-fivo classes. Many leaders In our profession are counted In that group. Political, as well as scientific, leaders have come to the foro making those who taught them very proud. Theso Individuals took up the challenge and have contributed to tho growth of our profoaaion. Now It Is your turn. You first muat complete your residuncy and establish yourself a a practitioner. Then you will be able to make your contribution to the Hold of podiatric medicine. You must carry forth the mantle which Is passed on to you with the great traditions of this snail but important profession. This is a different world than the one which existed when you onterod PCPM four years ago. It appears the Cold War Is over; our notion is now on a peace-tlmo economy for the first time In over fifty years. The priorities and tho emphasis of government regarding health care ond Its funding will be changing dramatically In the months and years ahead. You have a responsibility to help shape those changes and to assure that the nation's public who need podiatric medical care aro not neglected. we wish you much success, health, and happiness! We look forward to tho day whon we can tell succeeding generations of your achievements and your contributions to the advancement of podiatric siodiclne. EIGHTH AT RACE STREET • PHILADELPHIA. PA 19107 • 2I9-629-0J00PEms LVAN A College of Podiatric Medicine srn EIGHTH AT RACE STREET • PHILADELPHIA. PA .9.07 • DAVID A AXIER. PKO VWS TOJIWNt rO» lOOCAIlOKAl ANO S1WWT AIMWS Dear Class of 1992: On behalf of the entire Student Affairs staff, I an delighted to congratulate each of you on the successful completion of an intense and denanding four year educational program. Through your dedication and sacrifice, you were able to overcome what at tines Bust have seemed like impossible obstacles. As a result, you are prepared to enter a challenging and rewarding profession and begin a career of providing podiatrie care with the competence and compassion that your patients require and deserve. To continue to grow as a professional, you bust make your graduation a launching pad toward a coasitaent for continuing education, and maintain a inquisitiveness and sense of observation that leads to the discovery and creation of new knowledge. We know you will. As you proceed with your careers, always remember, as Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote, "What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." May the best days of your past be the worst days of your future. Good luck and best wishes. David A. Axler, Ph.D. Vice President for Student AffairsPennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine To The Clast of 1992: Congratulations! Each of you should feel very proud. During your four years at PCPM you have faced challenges and hardships and found a way to be successful and accomplish your goals As you leave PCPM to assume your careers as Doctors of Podiatric Medicine, you will face new problems and difficulties which you arc prepared to meet if you believe in yourself and utilize your experience, training and education. I hope that your chosen profession provides you with challenges, rewards and the satisfaction that can be derived from helping others I also hope that you continue to question and leant so that you can provide the best possible care to your patiems. As you begin this new phase of your life set your goals high and strive to be the best that you can be. Good luck to each of you and I wish you a happy and successful life. Sincerely yours. Marilyn R. Fenton. Ph.D. Chairman. Biomedical Sciences Dean for Educational Affairs EICHTH AT RACE STREET • PHILADELPHIA PA 19107 • 2IS-O29 0JO0 f¥ Kieran T. Mahan, D.P.M. Vice President For Academic Affairs And Dean Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine KORAN T, MAHAN OP.M FACfS MCI UlMtW K ACADOCC UWM OlAN To the Class Of Xt92 On behalf of tho entire faculty, I want to congratulate each f you on tho successful completion of your four years of study. Respite the rigors of the acadeaic program, you persevered; because of the rigors of the acadeaic prograa, you have bccoae coapetent »nd intelligent practitioners. In the future, you will use that enowledge, and those skills that you have acquired to build a -awarding and successful life as a healer of other human beings. As with other commencements that you have been through, this one too is but a beginning. Unlike your other conacnccments, this one narks the beginning of a life-long professional career, being i professional Beans making an intense personal coaaitmont to continuing your own growth In the field, and working to odvanco the field itself. Our profession is a young one, with many challenges and obstacles ahead. Each of us has an important role to play in insuring that the profession continues to thrivo. Each patient you treat will be an opportunity for you to demonstrate the knowledge and skills of this profession with regard to the human foot and leg. Continue to challenge yourself, to strive for ever greater knowledge. Only in continuing tho search for knowledge can one truly enjoy the fruits of the profession. Congratulations, colleagues, and welcome to the profession! t-TTMX- EIGHTH AT RACE STREET • THE TOOT HILAOLIPHIA. PA 19107 • 215-429-OWO 6William J. Martin, D.P.M Dean For Clinical Services And Medical Director WRUAM I MARTIN. WM otAS x cukicai tnwru umcAi win™ TO THE CLASS Of 199J CongratulatIon on your successful completion of our aeadeole and clinical progras. Aa you enter Into your professional career, t would like to wish all of you success and happiness. It has been a pleasure to work with all of you over the past several years and observe your developaent into skilled practitioners. Welcome Into the profession. Sincerely, Willlae Martin, D.P.M. Dean for Clinical 5ervtc»a and Medical Director EIGHTH AT RACE STREET • PHILADELPHIA PA 19107 • 215-629-0300I Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine Dear Classmates! four years ago, when wo began this venture, our differences were most obvious. The competition has been tough and has often served to accontuate those differences. I hope you will agree, that over the past few months, things have calmed down a bit and we've been more down to earth with each other. We havo even had some tine to dlncuss personal goals and possible contributions to the profession. These common goals as well as our Individual differences servo to identify us as The Clauo Of 1992. It is ny privilege to present our yearbook. Achillea 1992. 1 would like to thank the das editors as well as the supporting staff for the nany hours of work put into the production of this book, special thanks to Suzanne, Tanya. Stephanie, and Deb for all of your hard work and inaginatlon. In closing, I hope that each of you will gain son feeling of connection as you turn these pages. Someday when this book is taken down from some dusty shelf, 1 trust that a smile will come as the memories of P.C.P.M. and Philadelphia return. Sincerely yours. A jnoU Denise 1 EIGHTH AT RACE STREET • PHILADELPHIA. PA 1910? • 2IS-O29-0300 ------------------------------------------—7 1)1' I. Opitz 8P.C.P.M. 1992 Class Officers Secretary- Sheila Schuler Treasurer- Phil TrapolsiFi ut Yum , . . Ftolt iMpMUioKl Fouipy Tling I Nev c Cluwqb A FRACTURED FAIRY TALUS Tv a a the night before finals and all through the class. Questions were pondered, “Will I pass? The struggle, the pain, the failure...SUCCESS: To think I waded through all that mess. I knew I’d always wonder why. My little finger had interossei Or that Pancinian, Lieberkuhn, Heissner and Brunner. Would get under our skin, later or even sooner. That we’re not hatched from egge 'tis true, I've learned that much with little ado. But seating of apera and egg is intense, Blaatula, Gastrula, and cleavage innense. I'll new never forget simple cuboidal Or inferior rectala - quite hemorrhoidal. Acinar cells in all their glory. Beautifully displayed in our bible DiFiore. Tracts, fascicula, lamina and lesions. Visceral and parietal, lats of adhesions. Dissecting cadavers from 1 to S, Isn't it wonderful to feel so alive? I really don't know if I could agree. With Sterling and Hartford's Gross Anatomy, Feeling the pressures and exhibiting aggressions Too many tests and library sessions. Brains of men and brains of sheep. Too many brains and too little sleep. Oblivious to time, addicted to coffee If not for old tests, where would I now be? It's never occurred to me why I chose. To study feet, let alone toes. It Bust be the stigma attached to our pods. Those magnificent pillars upholding our bods. But after a glance at what our feet do, All cramped ar.d crushed inside that little shoe. We’ll look and touch and C C, Give the a smile and keep the fee. We’ll make believers of all we treat Of the thrill of victory over the agony of DE FEET! Poem Ccufp MeMti Of Luc [ eldcoi, D.P.M. Cloik Of 82 nThe Year GEORCE BUSH SADDAM HUSSEIN Boris Ysltsin Kuwaiti Oil Fir© 12In Review ■XAS u MICHAEL JORDAN1991ISThe Bitter Club Faculty Advisor - Dr. Harvey Lemont 16 The classic scowlThe ARA classification and criteria for the Bitter Club 1. Honestly bitter on the inside as well as the outside (i.e. to exclude those pseudobitters who outwardly appear friendly, but on the inside are truely bitter). 2. Innate tendency towards bitterness (i.e. not cyclical or temporal in nature and without provocation). 3. Lack of direct eye contact by design (i.e. they can't be bothered; not a matter of insecurity). 4. Scowl or frown as a regular part of their persona 5. Takes an opposite position in a discussion 6. Lack of concern for outward appearance 7. Their honesty and directness allows them to demonstrate their bitterness without constraint 8. Always know where you stand with these people 9. Tendency towards sarcasm 10. Immediately responds favorably upon being offered to join the club (e.g. many people disavow being bitter by responding, "Mot me”, but truely bitter people understand the nature of this offer and are honored. CLASSIC: This diagnosis requires 7 of the above criteria. Signs or symptoms must be continuous for at least 6 weeks. DEFINITE: This diagnosis requires 5 of the above criteria. Signs or symptoms must be continuous for at least 6 weeks. PROBABLE: This diagnosis requires 3 of the above criteria. Signs or symptoms must be continuous for at least 6 weeks. POSSIBLE: This diagnosis requires 2 of the above criteria. Signs or symptoms must have a total duration of at least 6 months.4th Year Superlatives 1. Done The Most For Class 1992: Murdoch, Roeckell 2. First Person To Earn A Million: Gentile, Goldstein 3. Loudest Ties: Day, Rush 4. Funniest: Monahan, Beckinella 5. Most Likely To Have A Procedure Named After Them: Rogers 6. Person To Put John The Cartman’s Kids Through College: Monahan 7. Most Talkative: Hetman, Nichols 8. Person Who Has Changed The Most At PCPM: Calderonef Gonda 9- Quietest: Parmiter, Kaplan 1810. Person Most Likely To Win Every Award: Rogers 11. Person Most Likely To Pronate: Bailey 12. Most Likely To Deny That They Have A Residency: Marino, Parker 13. Rear foot King Queen: Rogers, Tam burr i 14. Best Dressed: Trapolsi, Cuttic 15. Most Likely To Achieve Jay Schoenhaus Status: Gunther, Rogers 16. First Person To Have Their Picture On The Cover Of Podiatry Today: Becker 17. The Unsung Hero: Saetang, Murdoch 192021Aztec Club...... 939 N. Delaware Ave Bleachers........ 520 N. Delaware Ave PCPM Stress Directory The Bank........ 600 Spring Garden Cavanaugh’s 119 South 39 Dr. Watson’s.......216 South II Beverly Hills Club.....21 South 5 Copaban na....... 334 South Dirty Frank s.........13 Pine 22iVudeGoGo Couch Dancing Bachelor P.u lie", Nude Go Go........Follow the signs Quincy’s Pub........ 222 South Monarty’s.......1116 Walnut iay’s Coffee Shop.....141 N 9th 8 TGI Friday’s......... 500 South 2nd Whitey’s 700 South 3rd2425Post National Boards Party 26iore Post Boards Partying . . . . 27'88888 Whitey’s The VA-cation John the Cartman Wayne’s World Christmas party in the ballroom My Little Babushka Dr. Mom ?8A cfiilles 1992 Graduating ClassAlberto Abrebaya, D.P.M. Florida International University, B.S We are often asked to write down our views and convictions as a means of marking transendental occasions in our lives. Inarguably, graduating from professional school is one such occasion. However, I have reevaluated many of my convictions, and reshaped many of my views since the recent death of my grandfather R.I.P. and the joyous event of my sister’s wedding. Truly life's lessons are paths for adaptation . . So I suppose my statement is a wishful prayer for the success and prosperity of my colleagues, many of whom I have come to know well and respect. The few gentle persons whom I had the prlviledge to befriend during these four arduous years will always be treasured memories for me. I postponed mentioning my family until last, simply because they are so ardently engraved in my thoughts I could hardly think of the opening commentary. Mama, Papa y Gloria, un millon de gracias per todo su apoyo y compren-sion. Los quicro muchisimo .... Best of wishes, Alberto Abrebaya 30Joseph M. Adamitis, D.P.M. Seton Hall University, B.S. To Mom, Dad. and my Grandparents: Thanks for everything. I never would have made it this far without you or your support. To my Sister, Brothers. Relatives, and Friends: Thanks for believing in me. I appreciate all you have done for me, including putting up with me. Hisham R. Ashry, D.P.M. Illinois State University, B.S., M.S — Mom and Dad: I can't thank you enough for what you have done for me. You have provided me with the love and support that I needed throughout. I love you both very very much. Hadir Well, we did not see each other much during the past four years, but we always stayed close. I am very proud to have my sister crowned as Miss Egypt. Mohammed: Well, you have finally grown up and now we can hang out together, but remember, you'll always be my little bro. Good luck in your school and your future; and I'll always be there for you. Unde Sagi: You are the greatest uncle in the world; without your support and advice. 1 would have never made It this far. Beth: You are the greatest best friend one can have Thank you for understanding, supporting and always being there for me. My classmates: It has been a long hard road, but its finally over. Good Luck. PCPM Soccer Champs: Pour years of glorious victories and frustrating defeats, but we always managed to hang in there together. To you, young guys, good luck and continue on with the PCPM winning tradition. And finally my bro Phil, we have been through a lot together and sure has been fun; good luck. 32Michael A. Bailey, D.P.M. University Of Georgia, B.S. Tim, Scott, Ray Strep: Thanks guys, I might have survived this place without you; hut it wouldn't have been as interesting . . GO MUTANTS!!! My Parents: Thanks for it all. Denise: You're truly the best thing I've found. Thanks for tolerating the madness. Tutor Students: What can I say? We had fun, learned some pharm, and ate well; all courtesy of PCPM work study. Goodman and Gilman would be proud. Steve and Cindy: Have fun keeping warm in Chicago! Keep in touch. 33Noel W. Barnett, D.P.M. Adelphi University, B.S. As I prepare to enter the world as a Podiatrist, I would like to thank everyone that made this possible. To God: For answering all of my prayers and for your guidance. To Mom and Dad: Thank you for all the love and support you have given me throughout the years. This degree belongs to you as much as me, You have provided me with endless support and encouragement. I want to take this opportunity to tell you how much I appreciate it. To My Sisters: A brother could not ask for better sisters. I have watched you strive to reach your goals and it only has made me work that much harder to reach mine. Thank you for your encouragement and support To My Relatives: Aunts, Uncle, Cousins, Nephews, Niece and In-laws, Thank you for your love and support. To My Friends: Thank you for the fun times and all those long nights of studying. Good luck to each and everyone of you. Never let anyone discourage you from pursuing your dreams. We all have a brain and it is up to you what you choose to do with it 34Christopher L. Barrett, D.P.M University Of Scranton, B.S. Mom and Dad I know you both thought you would never see this day come but persistence has paid off. I could never repay you for everything you have given me. I have caused you both a lot of headaches at time hut you were always willing to listen, You are the best parents anyone could ask for and you have always sacrificed for my benefit. I love you both very much. Nona I am so glad you could share this special occasion with me. I don’t know if I could have survived without those twenties you slipped me everytime I visited You are one of a kind and a very important part of my life 1 love you. To the homeboys Thanks for making the breaks a getaway from the non stop frustration of PCPM. l.ong live LA. and summers at the shore. To the Class of 92 Best of luck and success in realizing our goals. 35nr Simon Becker, D.P.M. Wilkes University, B.S. To my Wife and my Best friend: Thanks for the best 3 years of my life Without your support, making it this far would have been impossible. We both worked very hard for this degree and it is as much yours as it is mine You arc my life and my love. Our future is so bright and 1 look forward to spending it all with you. Love You FOREVER. To Mom and Dad: Thanks for being there whenever 1 needed you Your warm words of support and encouragement always seemed to bring out the sunshine in a neverending storm What you taught me in life cannot be learned in any books. I am proud to be your son. I love you both more than you will ever know. We Did It!!! In Loving memory of my Grandparents: I wish 1 could spend this day with both of you. You taught me to love people and that is the equality that will remain with me forever. I miss both of you so much To Joel and Gaye: Thanks for being there when I needed you. Nothing can substitute a true friend. The last 4 years that I have known you. I came to realize the value of that true friend Thanks for everything Pete and Kim: Thanks for being my friends. We had some great times together (Steamboat, milk cartoon, etc.). Lot's not let them end. Good luck in your future wherever it may take you. To Liz and Dave: Thanks for being our friends We shared some good times together. Good luck with your future. 36Lisa Beckinella, D.P.M. S.U.N.Y. Albany B.A. Mom and Dad: Had I been bom a Nobel or a Pulitzer. I might be able to figure out how to adequately express 2ft years of thanks in just a few words I Love you but more importantly I truly Like you Hopefully one day I’ll be just like you. Nancy, Carla, Phyllis: Together we are an "Awesome Foursome We've come a long way since "Peppermint Mouse". Let’s always he close sisters and even closer friends. PS: Hi Timmy. Michele: Even the dull times were never dull. Procrastination would never have been as much fun without you- together we turned TV watching into an art form. For all the fun and laughs here's to "Days", Your chair, lard-filled snacks, "THE DEAD", and for making 329 a home. Thanks for not getting sick of me and if you ever did, thanks for not telling me. Stephanie: You’ve been just like 3 (Sweeney) sister to me. 1st year was rough until our Lower lab friendship began- ever since then things have been "harmonious" to say the least. To: 70's medleys, gallons of wine, the pathologic shuffle gall and the millions of laughs along the way- Salut! (Shemma) Steven: Persistence certainly does pay off. Thanks for hanging in there and for always making me laugh (really hard). I owe you big time. Dave and Anthony: There's always a place for good friends good music. Jeff: Best of Luck and keep in touch. 17Stephen J. Bennett, D.P.M. S.U.N.Y. At Stony Brook To My Parents: Without hesitation, through every difficulty, you have supported me with your love. Here is no doubt, 1 could not have made it without. 1 owe you both so much, I'll start with love, then Chinese checkers and a game of pool. To my Brothers: You have both been inspirational to me. For your accomplishments and your love I thank you for keeping me going, To Aunt Joan: You have always been that extra ear that I could share secrets with. Thanks for your love and support To My Best Friends: I will not single you out for you each touched me in very special ways. You never left my side and were always willing to listen to my crazy sides I love you all. To PCPM: Good bye, time to move on. Yes! 38Scott Bernstein, D.P.M Muhlenberg College, B.S. To my future wife Marley: Words cannot express the love I feel for you. If it weren't for your understanding and compassion all of my dreams would not have come true. Thank you for being my best friend. Our future together holds no bounds. Get ready for the best times of our lives. To Mom and Dad: I'd like to thank you for ihe never ending love, support, and guidance you have given me throughout the years. You've always wanted the best for us and have strived throughout our lives to make all our dreams realities. I want you both to know that I am truly proud to be your son. I love you both very much. To Wendy: You are the greatest sister unyone could ever hope for. Thanks for supporting me for all 1 have done. I love you To Steve, Pam. and Adam: I want you to know how much you all mean to me. Steve, you've been my mentor throughput my life. You’ve always been there when 1 needed you Thanks for all your support. I wish you both the very best of everything and a fantastic life with my nephew Adam. To Lee: We finally did it after all we’ve been through. Only the best to look forward to. Good luck roomy. To Frank: Stocks, bonds and Podiatric Medicine. Do they match? Of course. Can't wait for the future 3 John Beronio, D.P.M. ViUanova University, B.S. Mom Dad: M.v only wish is that there can be a way to repay you. In my mind this degree is a tribute to all of you selflessness and sacrifice. You have been a tremendous guiding force and 1 pray that one day I can live up to the parenting standards you've set. Jen Chris: Your support and friendship over these 1 years have been invaluable and for that I thank you. You're what a family is all about. Bill: You certainly made the last 4 years bearable. Throughout it all, You Michelle have been great friends. Memories of New Orleans A Tampa are etched in my mind Thank you ror everything and let’s start those Friday night dinners on me! Paul, Joe. Anthony Greg: It is said you make friends for life in college That certainly applies to us. I'd like to thank "Corporate America" for about half of the thousands of calls we made. You guys helped me keep my sanity. Michele: You proved to be a great driving partner. You provided the proper mix of school A non school topics. Best of luck to you, You're one of my good friends. Class of 92: Best of luck in all your endeavors. I hope you all find great success. 40Thomas J. Berryman, D.P.M. Washington Jefferson College, B.A Morn Dad, The guidance and direction that you provided to me as a kid has been Instrumental in getting me to where 1 am now. The thousands of hours of hard work and effort that have gone into financing my education for most of my life examplifies to me your dedication as parents. I love you both Thank you. Audra, You're the most understanding, giving, and forgiving person I know We're as close as two people can be. I'm looking forward to the next 20 years. Ed and Jill, Thank you for your friendship and support. Tom 41 Joseph J. Bianchini, D.P.M. Manhattan College, B.S. Thank you to all the Angels and Saints (St Jude) for praying for me to our Lord for my success. To my wife Karie • Words cannot describe the love that I feel for you. You are my whole life This degree belongs more to you than to me, for without your everlasting patience, and understanding. I would not be in this position today You are indeed an angel sent to me by God. Mom and Dad - It is hard to find words to thank someone for a life time of Love, support, and sacrifice, but here goes. You both have been there for me whenever I needed you, never refusing to listen. You have been my moral and financial support no matter what the sacrifice All that I can say is 1 love you both very very much, and I dedicate this degree to both of you. My Brothers Mike and John - You guys are both one of a kind Each different, each unique and each special in your own ways, hut definitely the best brothers a guy could have. I love you both Grandpa Well peep, finally after 40 years, someone to follow in your foot steps As much as you say you are proud of me, 1 am proud of you, for setting such a good example for all of the family to follow As far as grandfathers go, you are the best. I love you very much. LaPortas • Thank you for providing comic relief, and countless outlets for my frustrations. 42Hans Blaakman, D.P.M. Fairfield University, B.S. To my Family -1 don't know where to begin . I can only hope that this kid of yours from the garage sale will continue to learn and mature. Thanks for the monetary support hut more importantly thanks for the peace, love, and understanding. DAVE • Sometimes I felt that you scolded me like a mother. Sometimes I felt that we fought like sisters. And for some reason I continued to put up with your ? ! as a roommate. Let's not forget . . . The BANK BRYN MAWR, Best of luck to you Terri as newlyweds. Thanks for the FUN, BOB - Thanks for making the fourth year of school bearable. It allowed me to forget about PCPM for a while. To my FRIENDS AT CLINIC MARY, RITA, IRENE, DONA. VERNELL, FREIDA, ROBIN JEANNETTE you made my clinic years fun and enjoyable. Thanks for helping me fill out all the paperwork. To MILFORD PODIATRY • I owe everything to you You Showed me the basis and made me appreciate the finer points of patient care and management of an office. I can't thank you enough. I hope we can continue to stay in touch.Allen Blatt, D.P.M. Washington And Jefferson College, B.S. 44Thomas A. Bowman, D.P.M. Warren Wilson College, B.A. I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory that is to be revealed to us. And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose. What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who is against us? Thank you Dad, Mom, brothers and sisters, Julie, Katie, Leanna, and Steven 45William Brown, D.P.M. University Of Scranton, B.A. If you can keep your head when all about you Are losing theirs and blaming it on you; If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you, But make allowance for their doubling too: If you can wait and not be tired by waiting. Or, being lied about, don't deal in lies, Or being hated don't give way to hating, And yet don't look too good, nor talk too wise; If you can make one heap of all your winnings And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss, And lose, and start again at your beginnings, And never breathe a word about your loss: If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew To serve your turn long after they are gone. And so hold on when there is nothing in you Except the Will which says to them: "Hold on!” If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue, Or walk with Kings-nor lose the common touch, If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you, If all men count with you, but none too much: If you can Till the unforgiving minute With sixty seconds' worth of distance run, Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it, And-which is more-you'll be a Man. my son' •Rudyard Kipling 46Kelly Dineen Burek, D.P.M. Western New England College, B.A. Quinnipiac College, A.S. John: Together we graduate from PCPM for this degree is as much a part of you as it is a part of me. Together we can do anything. As we venture forw ard on life's journey, I am not afraid because 1 know you are there I love you. You are my everything. Mom and Dad: This day would not have happened without all the support, encouragement, and love you have given me throughout my life. Thanks for being who you are and encouraging me to be who I am. I hope John and I can be as wonderful parents as you. I love you both Karin: You made me believe I could accomplish anything and that has given me confidence to face life’s challenges You are a special person. Mom B: Thanks for sharing your son with me He Is so wonderful because he has had extraordinary parents. Cramps: I appreciate your support over the years I've been in school. Love you. To all my relatives, old and new. who have been there for me 1 want to say thunks I am lucky to have not one but two wonderful families. Jim: May your life be successful, happy, and filled with long legged brunettes wearing miniskirts. To my 3rd year clinic group: Best of luck in whatever you choose to do. I would like to dedicate my degree to a very special woman-my grammy. 1 miss you and my love is with you wherever you may be. 47Dave Calderone, D.P.M. Lycoming College, B.A. To my family. Thank you very much for your love and support. This degree would not have been possible without you. Mom and Dad, I am especially greatful to you for providing me and the rest of my brothers and sister with a wonderful life You have both worked very hard and although I don't say it very often I Love You Both Very Much. To Terri, Who ever said you don't meet nice girls at bars, at least ones worth marrying? You have definately proved that wrong. I love you very much. I want to thank you for everything, but especially for standing by me during those tough times and always telling me “everything will be alright" Our journey through life is far from over and although there are many mountains yet to climb, it will be a lot easier with you at my side The Gabriel Family, I want to thank you for everything. Mr and Mrs Gabe, you are great. Gabe, I'll never forget the Harrisburg Marathon or the Squirrels. Thanks for being a very special part of my life. To Wayne W'engert, Thanks a lot for all you did for me. You are a special friend with a big heart. I'll never forget the creamery or you. To my friends, I wish you all the happiness in the world. Thanks for all the good times and those yet to come. Good luck in all your endeavors. I 48Micheal Cherella, D.P.M Franklin And Marshall, B.A. Mom: You an- constant in my life. Always there when i need you and always always supporting the decisions I have made I love you. Dad: What more can I say except I've tried to emulate you in almost every aspect of my life. From the first days I can remember, you are my hero, l-eann Laura: I know •"‘college" has kept me uway for most of the last eight years. You have both become fine young ladies as well as great sisters Don't Change. P.S. Bob Dean take good care of them Bill, Diane, Little Billy: Your family is a constant source of inspiration to me. I hope to achieve the love you have for each other in my own family Buck, Petey. Boom: The three best college buddies a guy wuld ever want Thanks for providing the breaks in my academic Schedule. W'OJ, JB, Beast, Green, Glenn. Billy B. Danish, Day, Chris G. Ross: Good luck in all future endeavors, you guys made PCP.M a fun place to be. Christie: I don't know what the future holds for us, hut I thank you very much for helping me through school and through life. You must be a special person for putting up with me. I Love You. Grandmas: This degree represents a big step forward for our family as you iKith said if the PaPas were alive they would be just as proud of me as you are If there is anyone I forgot, I am sorry Ixive. Mike 49Timothy A. Culliton, D.P.M. St. Bonaventure University, B.S. To Mora and Dad: Thank you for all your love, support and patience, without which graduation day would not be possible. I can only hope you are as proud of me as I am of you. To Kelly: You have been a constant joy In my life. Thank you for being there when I needed you and for your patience with me during the trying times of finals. I love you! To My Brothers, Sister and Family: Thank you for all the helping hands that you have given these past four years. You all have provided me with good times and memories I'll never forget. To My "Roommates": Wolfe, we made it through! You've been my best friend the past four years and hopefully for many more. Round)', RL, Jay, Bernie and Bill, good luck with your futures. Gary, thanks for ALL your help. You guys made PCPM bearable. To the Maintenance Crew: “Very Good . .. . " 50Marianne Cuttic, D.P.M Moravian College, B.S. Dad and Mom: You always told me lhai there is nothing in my life I couldn't do but this achievement Isn't mine alone. Dad, kids grow up with heros that give inspiration and hope. J am so luck) to have my very own in you. Since childhood you have been my strength, you picked me up when I fell and urged me on.! will always need your strength no matter how grown up i am Mom, over these four years I've realized that you and I share so many common ideals You know what they say "great minds think alike" You have been ami will always be my greatest teacher You give, give, give no matter what the expense to yourself. I huve learned a great lesson. Thanks dad and mom for the love and sacrifice. This is not just my special day, it's ours. Andrew, Suzanne and Joanne: You have each given me something unique. Andrew, you taught me to be competitive, never settle for second best. Suzanne, (our rebel), you showed me that being different from the norm is ok and fun. Joanne, I've learned the moat from you over these last years, patience and practicality. You'll always be my little sis but now you are more grown up than any of us. Thanks gang for being my best friends. Grams: Someone once asked me at a residency interview, "If you could change one thing in the past what would it bc7". I wi3h that pop were here with me today. You both involved yourself in every aspect of my life and taught me a grout appreciation for things of the past. Thunks is such a small word Tor all your great deeds of love but . I love you with all my heart Jessica: You've been a bundle of excitement in my life I can’t wait to see you grow up, but don't rush it. You will always be our "little precious" and I will always be your Aunt "Donald Duck". (P S. Shopping at Macy”s? There's a sale on Claiborne for kids.) To my mentor and friend. Neal: You truly have been a great Inspiration throughout these past four years. You were right. I came to PCI’M knowing nothing and I still don't know everything I learned so much from you that books could never teach, not only about being a good doctor but about being a good person Thanks for believing in me, I will never forgel 51 Kenneth M. Danis, D.P.M. Emory University, B.S. Jodi -1 can't tell you how happy you've made me You’ve helped me get through all four years with a smile on my face and a great outlook towards our future. I can't wait to begin our life together. I love you with all my heart. Mom and Dad -1 know the sacrifices you made to allow me to be where 1 am today. Your never ending support and guidance will always be remembered. I love you both very much Nadine. Tina and the OH group - It was a blast! You guys made lunches enjoyable and missing almost all my classes even more enjoyable When arc wc going out again? Bill - It was refreshing to have a roomato as lazy as 1 was. Just remember, whatever you do and wherever you go, please - - - stay out of the patient's field of vision! To all my friends at PCPM • Good luck and best wishes for the future. 52Stacy D. David, D.P.M. Boston University, B.A. Mom and Dad, thanks for all the years of education and support You two were always there when I needed a hug. I guess McDonald's will have to do without me! Dad, now you have another partner! Wendy, Todd, Ross, and Buster I'm lucky to have a nephew and a nephdog as lovable as Ross and Buster. Wendy, I look forward to working with you and watching your boys grow up! Todd, best of health in the future! Good luck upon graduation and your future career along the HAST coast! Syl, you've been great through these years of school. You always helped me to "find it easy." Art, where would we both be today if you hadn’t called? I can't believe how time has flown by. 1 still feel like we just met. You've made these past years a lot more fun. I look forward to our future together! Best of luck to the class of 1992! Love, Stacy 53Frederick Day, D.P.M. Stockton State College, B.S. Every graduating class is different hut ours was especially Goofy. Just think of all the wasted paper and ink gone into the back row comics Top Tens . . . ! 1 feel that my contribution to the Goofyness was in the nomenclature we used Remember Shy box, out-7, gray area, windy city, taking a ride, unit, yodel, yohimbine user, work it out, nice hit, get up 4, club, neighborhood, night mare lot. going down, going to the window, home run. line away, hows the unit, you’ve got it, done deal, the cart, any action, making a deposit, are you with me. dice are out, benzopyrine, log it in, angina, reference it, leather lounge, sha gunk. quizzy's To my entire family, thank you for your support and I love you all' 54Renee Vekkos Dickinson, D.P.M. Thomas Jefferson University, B.S.N. To my husband Mark: You art the love and light of my life Thank you for your encouragement, love and patience - . . most of all your undying confidence that someday I would actually get a '‘real" job. I love you. To my children Samantha and Alexander: You make my mornings full of life with many long and sleepless nights, but most of all you've shown th« way for me to love you everyday. Thank you for helping me keep life in perspective. To my brother Thanks for your wonderful sense of humor and words of wisdom. I’ll always love, respect and admire you. To my parents and sisters: Thanks for your continuous support and love through the years. You’ve helped me more than you’ll ever realize. To my friends: The encouragement and confidence you have in me has helped me through some tough times- Thanks. 5SScott Dittus, D.P.M. SUNY At Stony Brook, B.S 56 Valerie Donaghue, D.P.M. Wheaton College, B.A. "There can lie no happiness if the things we believe iri are different from the things we do. What you do when you don't have to determines what you will be when you can no longer help it." -Hl'PYAKP KIPLING 5- Lisa C. Donatiello, D.P.M. University Of Massachusetts, B.S. To my Parents- Thank you for all of your love and understanding throughout the years. Without your support and encouragement. I couldn't have made it this far. To Nick, Guy, and Chris- I consider myself lucky to be blessed with not one, but three fabulous brothers- You're The Best!! To Deb and Lindsay- We couldn't ask for a better addition to our family To Haney (my mentor Your enthusiasm got me started here, and your encouragement kept me going. Thank you for saving me from a life of turning dials and asking, "Sharper? Clearer?" To The Kisperts- You received me into your family with open arms and hearts. Becoming one of you was easy. To Bill-1 owe you one A BIG one (about 6’6”). I can't thank you enough for introducing me to Karl To Karl- Until I met you, I didn't know that a truly altruistic person existed. You are always there, standing beside me. giving me everything you can. I am looking forward to many wonderful years together. Finally, to my Classmates- I wish you all, success and happiness in the future. 58Kenneth D. Dunlap, Jr, D.P.M Millersville University, B.S. To My Family: This undertaking has been a group effort from the beginning. I thunk you for your support and understanding for allowing me to do this at this point in our lives. To My wife, I urn truly indebted to you for your understanding and support; without your encouragement this goal would have never been reached. To My son, Den, congratulations on your graduation and your achievements. To My daughters, Adrienne and Claudine, I am very proud of your successes in your chosen careers To my parents, thank you for your prayers and support for me and my family. To My Colleagues: Some of you knew that I led dual lives, PC I’M during the the week and my family on week-ends. Thank you for sharing this part of your lives with me. Many of you had some impact on my life: from the SARP group, first year Lab Rats, the President's Secret Service, the "Hitter Club" and even the grounds’ crew Thanks to each one of you. You know I ain a man of few words arid low-keyed, Jeff. Thanks, Man! 59Sargine Dupuy, D.P.M S.U.N.Y. at Stony Brook, B.S To Fernand; My best friend, my love. You arc the one constant in my life. How can I thank you for always inspiring me, for pushing me on when I want to give up for always being there when I need you most? I don't know yet, but I have the rest of our lives to find a way. I'll start now by saying "I love you." To my mom, Junie and my dad, Ben; This would not have been possible without you. I want to thank you for your infinite love and support. I love you both very much To my granny, Yaya; my brothers Pierre, Ronald, Ben. Joubert, Georges, Berthin, Chariot, Joel, Pierre Antoine, and Jean Vanno; my sisters Manline, Solange, Sharolette, Cleta, Juliane, and Erika; my aunts Miche and Ginette; and to my uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews: I'd like to thank each of you for encouraging me in your own special way. I love and cherish you all. A special message to all my Godchildren- Dada, Enika, Patrick, Natasha, Angie, Pouchon. Betty. Danou, Junion, Jeff, Marvin, and Edwin: I dedicate my diploma to you. May it inspire you to follow your own dreams. God bless you all I'd like to say a prayer for my beloved uncle, Chavannes Calixie, who passed away recently. A part of each of us he left behind also died that fateful night. May you rest in peace, Ton Vannes. v •■ ✓ 60Lee Firestone, D.P.M. S.U.N.Y. At Stony Brook, B.S To Mom and Dad: Thank you for all of the love, support and guidance. You know that ! couldn't have done it without you, I love you both. To Glen and Michael: You are the greatest brothers anyone could ask for. Thanks for understanding and putting up with me these last few years. Scott: As far as friends and roomates go, you have to be "THE BEST." Thank you for all of your guidance. Best of luck to you and Marley in the future. You can always count on me. Albert and Joann: Thank you for all of the memories. Stay in touch. To Sheryl: You have touched my life in ways that I can't explain. You always know how to make the bad times not so bad and the good times even better. Thank you for all of the love and encouragement Now begins the rest of our lives together. I love you. 61Christopher J. Gauland, D.P.M. East Carolina University, B.S. To my Family: Mom, we did it! 1 never would have if it was not for yours and Dad's support. Start packing for the cruise (but don't hold your breath)! Jeff, the last veteran of the cold war. thanks for serving our country, you deserve a couple of years in Greenville. Mike and Andrea, now that I'm done with school, maybe I'll get out to the left coast a little more often' To All My Friends: It started with little towns like Great River, Watermill, Southampton, Montauk. Then spread to Vancouver, l.os Angeles, Greenville, Richmond, Washington D.C., Raleigh and everywhere in between. I have met many great people and have made many close friendships. I thank you all for your hospitality, and you know that wherever I wind up, the porchlight is always on, and the door is always open! To close, I would like to say that you have never lived life unless you've been in Greenville, on a Saturday in October, at Ficklen Stadium with 50,000 of your best friends! 62Stephen C. Gentile, D.P.M. Lehigh University, B.A. Dearest Cindy: It amazes me that out of the whole world I would find the one person who coiild make my life complete. Sharing the past seven years with you has allowed us to achieve our goals both individually and as one. We have succeeded in building the foundation of our future together I love you and look forward to many cold evenings in Chicago. You've made it all worthwhile. Thank you for your never ending support. Mom: Throughout my life, your strength and perseverance have symbolized that achievement is unattainable without sacrifice. Your expectations never exceeded my ability and for this I owe you the world. Thank you for your support, great cooking, and ensuring my success with a rock solid education I love you. Greg: We’ve shared so much of our lives together. Whether selling pretzels, jamming the Chez, or eating breakfast at the Melrose, you have always been my best friend. It was great being home with my family these past four years Gentco is alive and well. Gramps; I dedicate my Doctorate in your memory. My family: What can I say but thank you and 1 love you all. Kimberly: Thank you for your endless support and friendship. Denise: Our friendship began early on and strengthened with each phone call. Your personal sacrifice was second to none. Look out MCP- Love ya! Scott, Mike: "Food of the gods", Pronation and top ten lists have all been redefined You've enhanced my PCPM experience exponentially. Congrats, we all scored. To my colleagues: Congratulations to ALL, 1 wish you much success and happiness. 63£3 Ross J. Girvan, D.P.M. University Of Toronto, B.P.H.E. Mom and Dad: Thank you for believing in me Your support was the ultimate gift you could ever give I appreciate what you have done for me. Jamie: This is just one more in a long list of goals reached. You were the best coach for the pole vault and for life. Trash, Pig Pen, Bill, Ken. and all the rest: Thanks for Bud cans, quarts. IDs and Miller bottles plus the fun, laughs, and the great times Good luck to all of you. Debby: Finally we start our life together You are my best friend and every dream It has taken a lot to keep this alive, now let us reap the benefits. I Love You! 64k Penelope Glavin, D.P.M, Metropolitan State College, B.S. Gratitude On our path to the light, we often examine our growth with an eye to what we have yet to achieve. It is very important, however, to become aware of what we have already accomplished. Make a gratitude list. Write down the ways in which you have changed and the gifts you have allowed into your life Acknowledge yourself for your dedication to spiritual growth. Consider how your family and friends have helped to bring you to this place on your path. Include those people who have served as great mirrors and teachers in your path for growth Close your eyes. Sense and visualize all that has happened, and all the gifts you now have in your life, and give thanks for each of them with the whole of your heart 65Ellen Golden, D.P.M. Emory University, B.S. Mom and Dad: Words cannot express the depth of my gratitude. Without your endless love, support (emotional as well as financial) and guidance I could not have completed these past four years. You were always there when I needed you. I know you have really been looking forward to this day for many years. Thanks for believing in me. I love you both very much. Jim: I think I see a glimmer of light at the end of that long, long tunnel. I know you see it You always do see the bright side of things even at the worst times. Thank you for all your patience, understanding, patience, love, patience and support. Did 1 mention patience? We have been through so much together, maybe some day we can live in the same state at the same time . . under the same roof? What do ya think D M.? Ben: Did you ever think your little sister would actually finish going to school? Tanya and Y'al: Remember, it's more important how you look when you say, “I just don't know." 66Mom Dad: I couldn't have done it without ail of your encouragement, words of wisdom, nagging and can packages. Can you believe I finally made it? Thanks for all of your love and support through the years. I love you both dearly. Shari: All of your phone rails and words of encouragement made my time in Philadelphia a little easier. You're the best sister a brother could ask for. To Margie — the love of my life: We've been through so much together. We've really grown a lot since that day I let your pigeon nut of the cage I thank you for standing by me through all of these difficult years. Your countless road trips and our special weekends kept me going. I'm looking forward to a wonderful future together You’re the best, and I love you. Pop: I wish you could have been here to see me graduate — but you will always he in my heart and my thoughts. I miss you! Wayne M. Goldstein, D.P.M. University Of Maryland, B.S. 67Elizabeth Gonda, D.P.M. College Of William Mary, BS College Of William Mary, MA To Karen: you survived with an apartment-mate who wasn't happy unless she was doing something (ie-baking, running, talking, whatever). After three years I’ve learned that naps are not so evil and it is good to be quiet occasionally! You’re a real pal! Panke schoen, eh? To Suzanne: As competitive as I am, you'll always be one beer ahead of me! Memories of our road trips, the YMCA and shopping will probably outlast my natural hair color To my family: Thanks for always being there To the class of 1992: Thanks for the memories. 68Paul M. Greenman, D.P.M. West Chester University, B.S. Mom and Dad: I know that many times you sacrificed more than you should have for the sake of your children. The opportunities you made available to me have made my education possible- As I look back on our days in Malvern I know who Instilled my will, determination, and values. I love you, your son. Teri: Ames.. N.Y.C.... L.A. There is not much in between, but I'll bet you'll find it. I have missed you through these long years. Love, your bro. Grandma and the rest of my family: Thank you for all of your support and encouragement. The Tremewens: For my home away from home, countless meals, care packages, advice, and most of all treating me like one of your family I am indebted to you Frank, Fred, Chin, all of my roommates and friends: We are all going to do just fine. Thank you, congratulations, and good luck Special thanks to the Haddonfield House for the attempt at converting the wrestler to an athlete. All my friends and customers at MSL Thanks for understanding, "covering." entertaining, and not smoking. We had many good nights. Linda: We have accomplished so much since we met. You have been so positive and understanding from before BIO 101 to this degree. You believed in me and gave so much of yourself. Congratulations on your M B A.; I’m very proud of you. It's time to build our life together. I will love you forever. 69David Gunther, D.P.M. C.W. Post College, B.S. Mom and Dad — Thanks for all of your love and support. You'll see that I'll still come home even though I don't need money. To all of my friends and family who helped me gel through it all Thank you. Thanks to all of the teachers who cared PS. Dr. Lemont, now can I call you Harvey? There are but two powers in the world, the sword and the mind In the long run the sword is always beaten by the mind. — Napoleon 70Joann V. Guziewicz, D.P.M University of Scranton, B.S. To our families, friends, and colleagues: May you have; Enough happiness to keep you sweet. Enough trials to keep you strong, Enough sorrow to keep you human, Enough hope to keep you happy. Enough failure to keep you humble, Enough success to keep you eager, Enough friends to give you comfort. Enough wealth U meet your needs, Enough enthusiasm to look forward, Enough faith to banish depression, Enough determination to make each day — better than yesterday. To our families: Your love and support are greatly appreciated Many thanks for all of your sacrifices We love you Joann Albert I 71Glenn A. Hebert, D.P.M. Concordia University, B.S. The past four years in the U S have been quite an enriching experience for this dude from up North. There has been birth and death, success and failure, peace and war. joy and tears, friends made and enemies lost, gratification and humiliation, spiritedness and depression, health and sickness, wisdom and innocence. Regardless, I do not regret it for one second, and 1 would like to thank the following for introducing me to those things ‘■American:" Chin: the 'joe' and 3-4 things. Chris: the beauty of sarcasm. Bill: hygiene. Dave: the love of competition Mr. Bailey: all trivia J.B.: the quota. Smith and Day: the unit Green: bunyon and pancakes. Phil: Haute Mode. Dunlap: ageless enthusiasm C'est grace a plusieurs que j'ai reussi a completer mon diplome. J'aimer ais remercier Anne et M.A., Rick et Den. Big 0 (for taking care of Jo), Lucille et Norman (who will be greatly missed). Weekends with you guys got me through some quite difficult times. Thanks also to the Benoits for making their home mine I would like to thank Mom and Dad, as well as the rest of the family, whose sacrifices have allowed me to study abroad and whose virtues have made me the man I am today Lastly. I need thank Josee. This woman whom I met many years ago has become the most important being in my life I admire most her emotional strength, confidence and intelligence. We have made too many sacrifices along the way, and now it is time to get back on track Much joy and happiness lie ahead of us. Jo. thanks for waiting. 72Catherine A. Henry, D.P.M. New York University, M.A. 73Jeff Hetman, D.P.M. Heidelberg College, B.S. Rhonda — When I got it in my heart to pursue this. 1 knevs that it would not only he a challenge for me but for you, too. It was a total disruption to life as we knew it, and the adjustments you had to make for me to accomplish my dream were enormous. During these crazy trines you were always understanding and compassionate. Most of all, you always believed in me. I love you with all of my heart Mom and Dad - Who would have thought that after all the goofiness that this would happen Maybe you did, but I never would have dreamed Through it all, though, you have always supported me. and you never gave up on me I love you and thank you for always being there for me I hope I am always there for you •4 Constantine W. Jones, D.P.M University Of Maryland, B.A, Mom and Dad Without the love, care and sacrifices from both of you, this day could never have happened. You don’t know how much it means to me knowing how much you have supported me throughout the years I love you very much. Diane and Stephanie Well, it's about time I am finally finished with school. Thanks for putting up with me for all this time. P.C.P.M. - YOU, GONE!! 75Monica B. Joseph, D.P.M S.U.N.Y. At Stony Brook, B.S. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom: a good understanding have all they that do his commandments (Psalms 111:10). Dedication: I dedicate this degree to my family because without your love, support, and guidance, achieving my goals could not have been possible To Mom and Dad: From a child you have nurtured me like a delicate rose that needed constant care and attention You have sacrificed your dreams to make mine a reality, and for this I am eternally grateful. I love you both dearly. To Pastor Jacqueline Daniel and Faith Evangelical Assembly Members: Thank you for your love, prayers, and support. You are my family To Watson, Marian, and Clarissa: You have all enriched my life and helped me to become the woman 1 am. Siblings like you are rare gems Thank you for loving me despite my idiosyncrasies. To Delcasse (Joe): "Our life has just begun." Look at the beauty along the road side and wonder no more. The goal is not the end of the road, but the constantly moving road side. So. don’t be alarmed for it is unattainable only to those who think it is their property We know it is ours, and only through hard work and togetherness can we get off the fast lane and enjoy the beauty of the road side. To the rest of my family: Your relentless encouragement and support has made this all possible. Thank you. To friends: You are all loo numerous to mention, but you know who you are! You will never be forgotten! Love, Monica 7bJeffrey A. Kaplan, D.P.M. S.U.N.Y. At Stony Brook, B.S. To Mom and Bad: Words cannot express how it feds to know that you are always there for me. Your love, guidance, and encouragement gave me the strength to make it through these past eight years. 1 will always Ik so grateful for the sacrifices both of you made to make things easier for me. This degree is just as much yours as mine. I love you both very much. To my sister, Melivsa: Thank you very much for all of your caring and support. To my Grandmothers: You can now say. "My grandson, the doctor " Thank you for all your support. You're both very special, and I love you both. To my Aunts. Uncles, and Cousins: My thanks for your support and encouragement. To Alan: Thanks for being a great roommate and friend. To my friends at P.C.P.M.: Best of luck to your ill in the future 77 Arkady Kaplansky, D.P.M. S.U.N.Y. At Stony Brook, B.S. Mom and Elaine: Thank you for your support, understanding and guidance that you provided me with. 1 would never have been able to make it without both of you. I know I do not say it enough, but I do love both of you very much. Babushka Zina: I love you with all my heart Thank you for your guidance and support. Lana: I can't believe it. but we are graduating. You are one of the few people that always made me laugh. You are the best Thank you Phil: We finally made it, dude The four years just flew by. We struggled and bitched, but we made it. Thanks, man The Brooklyn Crew: Timy, Dave, Henry, Moo, Sixto, Richie, Brocho Thanks guys. 78Albert Kline, D.P.M. Corpus Christi State University, B.S.Juniata College, B.S Brian J. Kopp, D.P.M. 80Karen Kost, D.P.M. Concordia University, B.S. To my great friends from home, Carol, Inge, and Donna — You have each helped me to retain my perspective while here, and our ability to always pick up where we left off has made you such special friends. Thanks and keep it up! Liz and Suzanne — You guys have been a constant bright spot for me during the last 3-1 years. Sue, I'm so glad I sat down next to you in class in second year — do you have any gum? Liz, my hyperkinetic rommate, having a friend like you is a rare privilege, plus you keep me laughing. Now, if only you had a dime for every dish you ever washed! Agustin — Though I came to know and love you in Philadelphia, you have come to mean the world to me. 61Carol M. Latzanich, D.P.M. University Of Scranton, B.S. DEAR Mom and Dad. THANK YOU for being the most wonderful parents, i hope someday I can be half the parents that you an-. You have given up so much for me, so I could achieve my dreams. Thank you for all the support, sacrifices, and encouragement I am proud to have you as parents. I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH! Donna, I'm glad you’re my sister, you're the BEST. Thanks for all the support and believing in me. Craig, thanks for always putting a smile on my face, putting up with me, and just being there, since the first day we met in lab Words cannot express the way I feel about you. You are the GREATEST! You made everything worthwhile to me as long as you were there You are very SPECIAL! Jim, remember the poppy seed in micro, the all night phone calls. Wendy's, and the Kelly Carol tag team. Remember... I know, you're saying, "Carol, you're rambling, get to the point!" The point is, you are the best friend 1 could have? You made life at PCPM bearable. What will 1 do without you always around?!?! Cassie, thanks for being a SUPER roomie! You were always there to give advice, listen, and guide me. Good luck in the future to you and Angelo, you deserve the best! Kelly, I’m so glad we were in the same clinic group and that I had the chance to get to know you. You're a FANTASTIC friend! LOVE ALWAYS, CAROL 82Marvin P. Leneau, D.P.M. Howard University, B.S. 83David Liebow, D.P.M. University Of Maryland, B.S. 84Kathryn E. Morgan Lightcap, D.P.M University Of Delaware, B.S.N. To My Husband. Marvin: My best friend, companion, and partner — These past few years have been a team effort Your constant love, support, and encouragement gave me the strength to accomplish this goal Thank you for the .sacrifices and believing in me. You make my life wonderful, and I love you To Johanna and Morgan: You are my sunshines the light of my life, and I am so proud of you. Thank you for all of your love and patience To My Family: Thank you for your encouragement and always being there for me. To My Classmates: You brought laughter and humor into life at P.C P M and during our adventures at outside rotations; may you experience the best of luck 83Jeffrey S. Lord, D.P.M. Ursinus College, B.S. To Mom and Dad: Thank you for all the love and support that has helped guide me to all the good things in life Your influence has always motivated me to achieve past goals, and constantly seek new ones I love you both To Amy, Bruce, and Jeanette: Thanks for always being there for me and for helping me get through my education You have taught me things that 1 could not have learned in the classroom. To All My Family Friends: The years of waiting are over, and I can finally take care of your feet Thanks for all your support. To Ken: You have been a good friend for the last four years, and 1 want to thank you for being there and for understanding my hurnor Most importantly, To My Wife, Stacy: You have been my inspiration for succeeding in podiatry school. Our plans have been on hold for four years now, and I want to thank you for standing by my side. Now, it is time to live our lives. All my love, all my life 86Craig Lorenz, D.P.M. Fordham University, B.S. For once in my life I am at a loss for words. I find it almost impossible to begin to tell my family and friends how much I appreciate their love and encouragement over these last four years. Their moral support was irreplaceable. Without them, I know I would have never completed my schooling and received my DPM degree. Every person, I believe, has an effect on another. There are many individuals who have left, their mark on me; some notably more than others, but none insignificant. I will not mention any names, because I would not want to omit anyone. I can only hope that one day I am worthy of the same esteem which I hold for these people. 87Margaret A. Lubert-Doucette, D.P.M Northeastern University, B.S. To Tommy: You’ve been my strength for these long four years, sacrificing a lot of yourself. We’ve done this together! I look forward to the years ahead, when the struggling will ease. Thank you for always being there. Thank you for the house and especially J T. Love you Bud! To Mom: Without you I don't know where I would be. Always there in the good and bad times Your support and encouragement made this easier Thank you for always being there, thanks for just being you! To Ann Marie: The best friend a sister could have. I'm proud of all your accomplish ments. Thank you for helping me reach my own. To J.T.: You've made my life a whole lot brighter and a hit more complicated, but your gummy smiles make it all worth while. To Gram Gramps: Thanks for your prayers and words of encouragement Thanks for taking care of Farkie. The Murdoch’s: Well, without your friendship school would have been dull You'll always have a very special place in our families heart. My Friends: Well we finally did it! It was a long four years but we did it! Your friendships have meant a lot I wish you all the best that your future has to offer. Faculty Staff: Many of you have made school a lot happier and more enjoyable. THANK YOU! 88Ken March, D.P.M Wilkes College, B.S. MOM and DAI) Your love and support have always made it possible for me to accomplish my goals. You've always been there for me, eager to help and willing to make personal sacrifices so I could succeed I want to thank you by making you proud of me and letting you know that without you. none of this would have become reality Thanks Mom and Dad, you're the best parents anyone could ever have THERESA-1 know the last few years have beeil difficult at times, hut now we can move on. We have a lifetime of love and happiness ahead of us and soon we'll have someone to share it with I want you to know that you're very special to me, and that I’ll love you forever 89 32BJohn R. Marino, D.P.M. College Of Charleston, B.S. To My Mom and Dad: Thank you for your never-ending support and love, and for instilling in me to never give up. To My Brothers and Sisters: Don, Joe, Liz, Kim: Each of you holds a special place in my heart. I Love you. To My Grandparents: Without your help and love this degree would not be possible. Thanks for everything— Love Always, John To My Classmates: We can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel, and the future looks bright. Best of luck in all future endeavors. 90John Markley, D.P.M. Shippensburg University, B.S. 91 imsJeffrey D. Martone, D.P.M. Saint Anselm’s College, B.A. Mom and Dad: Someday I will find a way to thank you for your love and support all these years. I could not have done it without you. I hope you are proud Chris and Susie: Success and happiness in both your futures. Gramma Jean and Gramma Nextdoor: How could I ever thank you for all your love all these years? Thank you And Michelle: The best thing that ever happened to me You've been with me though it all, holding me up through most of it. 1 love you for that This is for both of us. "Wealthy is not the man who has it, but the man who enjoys it." B. Franklin “Don’t take life too seriously, you'll never get out of it alive ” Unknown 92James Meehan, D.P.M. Wagner College, B.S. Dad: Thank you for all of {he sacrifices you've made over the years to make this all possible. You've strengthened my will to never give up and to keep pushing forward to achieve my goals. Though you can't be with us during this celebration we miss you very much. Thanks for watching over me. Mom: Thanks for all the love, encouragement and support you've given me over the years. You've given me the privilege to earn this degree and I thank you for it. Your selflessness had no limit while I was here. It was a long, hard struggle but I made it. Ed and Fran: You’ve been a great brother and sister-in-law throughout this time, and 1 couldn't ask for better. Thanks for your support Craig, Dean, Maurice: You guys kept me laughing and helped me to keep my perspective on things during the toughest times. Thanks for being such great friends. Kelly: We sat together in class for three years. How did you stand it? Oh-yeah-1 was asleep for most of it. Just kidding - how could I sleep you were always talking. Thanks for quizzing me before all those big exams and thanks for all the laughs Carol: When we were lab partners in Microbiology you didn't know what kind of trouble you were getting into, but it was a blast. You've been a great friend ever since. You helped me to see the big picture when I only had tunnel vision. 9JTimothy J. Monahan, D.P.M. Salisbury State College, B.S. 94George M. Moniz, D.P.M. Assumption College, B.A. To Mora and Dad: Thanks for all your emotional and financial support throughout my studies I love you both with all my heart Your son, the doctor To Anne and Adrianna: To the most caring and understanding sisters a brother could ask for Both of you have always been here for me. whenever I needed encouragement, advice or wisdom. I appreciate and love you both more than you know To Roger and Roy: Thanks for all of your support and love. Stephanie and Andrew: The greatest niece and nephew an uncle could have. I finally made it Stephanie. You gave me the heart and inspiration I needed to reach my goal. I love you both. Tom: You girly man you, the best roommate and friend a guy could ask for. Thanks for all of the fun times and brotherly like advice May the future bring all of the happiness and success that you and Andrea deserve. Sue: To that special someone who has been a part of me in the past two years. Thanks for being the most patient and understanding person 1 know. I love you, sweetheart. To my classmates: Good luck in your future endeavors 95Douglas P. Murdoch, D.P.M University Of Waterloo, HBSc. This degree represents a culmination of love, support and guidance from a host of individuals I give thanks to the following for bringing me to this day To our Lord and Savior I dedicate this degree to your service To ray wife Lori: From the words "I do" you have been there with unlimited love, support and strength. You have helped me realize dreams 1 thought Impossible, turn my weaknesses into strengths and most importantly, laugh at myself This degree is much more yours than mine and there Ls no way to thank you in words but ... I know, "you'll put it on my hill" I love you. Ur To my girls, Brittney and Kaetlyn: No matter what happens each day, coming home to your hugs and kisses puts everything into perspective. Being called "daddy" is a privilege that far outshines any degree I look forward to growing up with you guys and making up for the time sacrificed for me. I t's wrestle about i bit To Jaoe and Joel: Your guidance and encouragement have taught me to aim high I and dream even higher. I look forward to the growth of both our professional and family lives. Oh yea, we're one step closer to that plane. . the games have begun To Mom aod Dad: At a time like this your years of sacrifices, love and guidance become crystal clear. Dad, your numerous trips down to be with us were very precious and I think Haddonfield has named a street after you To ray In-laws: There are many stereotypes about In-laws but you break all ih»-norms . your love and understanding have made this dream possible When I asked for Lori's hand in marriage I promised that I would finish my education 9 years later, "Is this enough?". To the class of 1992: The friendships I've made will be chrrished and 1 look forward to working together in our profession To the Faculty and Staff at PCPM: Your time and efforts will not Iv forgotten. ! only hope to give back as much as you have given me. %Tanya Nichols, D.P.M. Pennsylvania State University, B.S For my Mom: Thank you for always being there to support me. You have always placed my needs before your own and loved me selflessly, 1 love you with all my heart. For my Dad: Thank you for helping me to accomplish my dreams. Thanks for your patience and unconditional love. You'll never know how much your wisdom and guidance means to me. For Trace: You have always been more than just my sister, you are my best friend. We've shared a million jokes and stories; like Tracita and the Spanish Talk, the ihumbsdown dance, and Weazy Work. You have the ability to always make me laugh. I really really miss you. For Steve: Our friendship is very strong and very special. Thanks for all the beers, laughter, and tears. Thanks for always being there for me. For Pete, Cara, and the Schultz Family: You guys are the greatest second family! Thanks for all the pep talks, hugs, and bike rides. For Slg: Thanks for always listening and for all our heart to heart discussions, Living with you was a blast. Your friendship is very important to me! I'm really going to miss you next year. For Carrie: What would 1 do without you? You are my very dear friend You have always been there for me and helped TREMENDOUSLY We have loads of fun times and laughs together, and I am sure we will have loads more in the future. For Kllen, Vat, and Joe: Thanks for being the best part of PCPM! Ellen: We've had a great time talking, shopping, and studying together; Ok. mostly talking! "Tanya, I’m married!" "Oh, is Val here?” Val: I’ll never forget our study cramm sessions, rat gymnastics, or bananas. Joe, J.T., Joseph: Thanks for the smiles and stories 97Denise M. Opitz, D.P.M. Comm. Coll. Of Phila., A.D., Nursing My Parent : Endless thank for your support of my independent spirit I know like every parent You've wanted the best for me. Unlike many. You've found the patience, understanding, and faith to support and even encourage the unconventional, non traditional, and ometimo rebel. Ima choices I've made throughout my life This freedom is what I thrive on. Your love is a beacon that lights the road ahead as well as the road back home. I love you both very much My Mem: You are the ideal woman I've teamed so mod) about motherhood by watching you I value most the guidance you're given my children through the yean You are the strength behind the Doran family. • We all gire you the credit for keeping this family so dose. My Dad: You are absolutely the coolest guy 1 know' I realize and appreciate the sacrifices you've made for all of us through the yean. I know you already have a tear In your eye by the time you've read this far so f'll cut you a break. 1 love you!- you big O F.! My Daughter. Julia: We've known for the past four yean that '92 would be the big graduate year for both of ua I'm so proud of you- you've worked so hard to do well In High Schcol and I know you'll continue to do well at Penn State. You're a wonderful daughter- thanks for all your help to me over the yean- for being the responsible one- for being the organized one Thanks for staying up late with me so many night and for alway cleaning up the house no matter how tired you were Have fun in Florida and next year at Hard ton!!! t love you My Daughter- Michelle: It's hard for me to beltere I hare the two best kids in the worid You have always been so crazy and fun and made us laugh w much Rerabrr the days of "shlnusham " and "playing junk"1 Remember my • attacks"'’ Thanks for all the neck and shoulder massages Keep up the good week in school. I'm very proud I love you, "baby glri Mike: Your lore hai made all the difference in my life Thanks for being there for me the past two year Steve: "Skating away- Skating away ay- on the thin ire of a new day " Jethro Tull Lore Ya Buddy!" Martha; For 16 years it's always been easy for us to stay ckoe- the day to day crap • we always kept that separate. You and Julie are wonderful friend Patty: You are my favorite sister and a spoctal friend Thanks so much to you and Jack for bringing the twins Into our lives Challe, Ricky, Timzny: I wish you much success In the future. You're been great brother and wonderful unclei to the kids. 98Stephen E. Ouusy, D.P.M. C.U.N.Y. - City College Of New York, B.S. To My God: Thank you Father for bringing the end so near The beginning and end are one and the same in You, Thou the ALPHA and OMEGA. One generation anses as one passes away. There is nothing new under the sun. Everything that is has been already of old, but Thou LORD art forever and ever. You are my Providence; my shield and exceeding great Reward. Because of You. I am not afraid to face the unknown May You be revealed in all I do I love You, LORD To My Wife: Many daughters have done virtuously, but thou excellest them all. Who can ever reward you for those tiresome, long and unending days of solitude, noisome child cries, and bitter anxieties? Your husband will safely trust you, and the fruit of your hand will praise you In the gales. The time of your crowning is near. The bride groom cometh Keep your oils well filled, your wick trimmed, and your light shining bright for he comes with hb reward Blessed are those who wait patiently to the end To them will the crown of life be given I will always be for you To My Children: My God richly bless you and keep you May He cause His face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you May He fill you with His fullness in the LORD JESUS and grant you with strength in the Inner man. I love you. To My Fellow Students: As you go forth venturing into the deep, remember that a man’s life does not consist in the abundance of things he has. Let each man also seek the good of others. As ye would that men do unto you, so do ye unto others I am privdedged to have known and interacted with you I will miss everyone of you dearly. Go out In the Power of GOD to conquer. 99Christopher Paladino, D.P.M Siena College, B.S. To Mom, Dad, Karen, and David: Thank you for your love and support throughout my educational career None of this could have been possible without all of you To Grandma, Grandpa, Nanny: Thanks for all of your prayers, support, and love. To Dorothy: Thank you for always being there for me You helped me through some of the toughest times of my life. When I was down, you gave me the courage to keep fighting and not give up. As we enter the next stage our lives, I look forward to sharing more happy times together. To Nadine and Tina: Thanks for all your advice and support. Some how we were able to see through all that thick smoke and become motivated, focused, well-oiled, expedient machines. Well . . . some of us did To my Classmates: Best of luck to all, and go out and clip one for the Gipper To my Housemates: I had a ball in the “Haddonfield Frat House." Good luck to all Wojo, I have enough material for the book now. 100Michele J. Parker, D.P.M University Of North Carolina, At Chapel Hill, B.A. MOM and DAD: To just say thank you, doesn't seem to be nearly enough. You've given me both encouragement and entertainment. I’m not quite sure which one has come in more handy You mean the world to me and I love you both very much. Special thanks to the RP RP Endowment Fund for the education of students. DAWN. KAREN, AND GAIL: 2. 4. 6. 8. who do we appreciate" My three FAVORITE sisters. For being the friends who are always there for me and for never disappointing me, I love you. LISA: Since living together, my love of junk food has rubbed off on you, while your 100 ways to avoid studying have rubbed off on me Although my grades may have suffered, the friendship and laughter you've given me mean much more J.B.: Here’s to a year of sunny weekends for me and football weekends for you. STEPHANIE: The Point-Counterpoint of the past four years has been fun and enlightening. Thank you for stimulating my mind. “Ain't no time to hate Barely time to wait. Whoa ho what I want to know Where does the time go.” Greatful Dead 101William L. Parker, D.P.M. St. John Fisher College, B.A. To my wife, Laurie, There are no elegant words or poems to express what you mean to me. The strength and love that I receive from you cannot be measured. Your selfless sacrifices are endless. Life with you is pure joy! To Mom and Dad, A simple thanks is not enough for all of your love and encouragement. You believed in me when I did not, you prayed for me when I could not. You have always been there for me; my success is a reflection of your love. To all of my family. You are all very special to me. If family is a gift from God, I have received the greatest of gifts! To Dr. Davis, You have taught me the finer points of research, writing, and Faith I graduate from thus place with a piece of you that I will always treasure. To John, Jeff and all my friends. May God bless you in all that you put your hand to. and may we always remember the things that really count Trust in the lx rd with all thine heart; and lean not unto your own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths. Proverbs 3:5,6 102Daniel R. Panniter, D.P.M. Philadelphia College Of Pharmacy Science, B.S. 103 Vrr Scott F. Parratto, D.P.M. Washington And Jefferson College, B.S. MANY THANKS TO THE PEOPLE I LOVE To my family: I can never thank you enough for your unending love, understanding, encouragement and support Your greatest contribution to my success has been the character you have instilled in me. You've taught me honesty, sincerity, dedication, compassion discipline and loyalty. I'm truly proud and extremely fortunate to have such a family. I love you all very much. Scott To my friends: I can look at each and every one of you and recall any number of "occassions", "situations", or "experiences" that make us friends and life a ?@. $ blast. Keep smiling and never take life too seriously. Love, Scott To Nadine and Tina: I don’t know what I would have done without your guidance, friendship and support Thanks for all your advice I can always rely on you. Love, Scott To Joann, my best fripnd: I never thought I would desire to spend every second of each day with any one particular person You once wrote "someday we'll be together all the time Until then I'll spend my time dreaming about you and the days to come". I couldn't have expressed myself any better. I love you Jo. Love, Scott 104John P. Patton, D.P.M. Brigham Young University, B.S. To my wonderful wife, Karen, who worked and sacrificed so much supporting me through eight years of school, and a beautiful daughter along the way. You must know that the greatest portion of this degree is yours. I thank my Mother and Father for supporting me in everything I have ever participated in, and helping make this degree a reality. I have some great friends that I will always be thankful to for their help and support throughout the course of challenges these past Tew years. Thank you. To the Class of 1992; I’m glad to have been a part of you. — One Ship Drives East — One ship drives east and another West, While the selfsame breezes blow; Tis the set of the sail and not the gale That bids them where to go Like the winds of the air are the ways of fate As we journey along through life; Tis the set of the soul that decides the goal And not the storm or the strife —F.lla Wheeler Wilcox 105Deborah A. Photos, D.P.M. Saint Francis College, B.S. Mom Dad: What can 1 say? Words cannot express the thanks ! have for all your love support and encouragmenet over the years Without you this degree would have been impossible. I love you both, and you're the best that anyone can ask for. Dad now you can bet the house. Richie: You lead the way and softened up the folks for me. Thanks for the extra push I needed now and then. May Laurie and you have many happy years together. Robbie: Well bro we made it. We both deserve a pat on the back. May our career paths never cross. P J.: the “brainiac” You make me proud little brother. Remember you can always count on me. You’re destined for great things. Gram: You're great! I'll always be available to take care of your feet. Aunt Diane: Thanks for always being there to provide that extra support I needed every now and then. Unde Steve: My “mentor", thanks for all your words of wisdom and encouragement. They did not go unnoticed Freddy: you make my life complete. You're the bestest!! I love you! Susan: I finally finished. You were there through it all. You are a true friend. May we always stay in touch. Finally to all my friends and classmates may you have much success and happiness in all your future endeavors. 106Orlando H. Rivera, D.P.M. University Of Puerto Rico, B.S. To My Mother: Wherever you are. this degree is yours more than mine. Thank you for having faith in me through all these years of hard work and sacrifice. God bless you. With love, Your son, Orlando .... mV1 107David W. Robertson, D.P.M. California University Of Pennsylvania, B.S. To My Wife, Sally It is to you, my dear, that I dedicate this degree. For twenty years you have given me the strength and encouragement to succeed. You have worn many hats in this marriage, and I'd like to thank you for being a great wife, mom, housewife, breadwinner, and most of all, my best friend To My Children God truly gave me a wonderful gift when he made you a part of my life On many nights I have sat and watched you sleep and gave thanks for how blessed your Mom and I are to have three beautiful girls such as you I look forward to our many years of happiness and magic ahead. To My Parents Thank you for the love and support that you have given me throughout my life. To Elizabeth To a truly delightful person, and the world's best mother-in-law. You have been a tremendous help to my family over the years, and I certainly do appreciate your kindness Life is good..... 106Suzanne Roeckell, D.P.M S.U.N.Y. Stony Brook, B.A. To my family and friends-1 feel truly blessed to be surrounded by people who are so loving and giving. Mom Dad - I am having u real hard time trying to find the words to express how much you mean to me and to thank you for all you’ve done. You have given me a life filled with love, understanding, encouragement and the opportunity to experience so many things. Thanks for being so special. Gina Mary - Thanks for everything and for believing in me You're the best! John and Rich are O K too. Baby Gina You've changed our lives. Karen K Liz • You have been my sanity through these years. I'm glad we became friends. I wish you the best Art, Colleen Gail - From that first night at the Trnc, to lunches at your place, to stealing poiatoe chips and dip or just hanging out-it's been a blast! Tami - I tniss you! Pedro, my best friend - I love you! 109Stephen J. Rogers, D.P.M. Albright College, B.S. Mora and Dad: Your support and love truly knows no boundaries. Thank you for sacrificing so much so that I may have the chance to succeed Beth (a.k.a. kiddo): Hats off to the best sister a brother could ask for There is no need to wish you good luck with Dental school; you're already the greatest. Aunt Helen and Uncle Harold: A car, tuition, trips to Europe and Aspen, and tons of love. Don't you two ever get tired of giving? I hope that someday I can do for both of you what you have done for me. (irandmom: Hardly a day goes by that I don't think of you. I love you and miss you. Dave, Sally, Emma, and Kaltlyn: My friends, my family, my goddaughter. Denise: Not lastly, but instead, most importantly, I thank you Denise! Without your inspiration and love I never could have accomplished such a task as becoming a Doctor. I dedicate my degree and success to you Thanks Babes, 1 Love You, Stephen noHolly D. Rosenberg, D.P.M. Western Maryland College, B.A. 1 VIPatrick Rush, D.P.M Temple University, B.A. Julie: I couldn't have done it without you. You deserve this degree as much as I do. Dad: Thanks! Steve: Thanks for listening to me for 4 years. Many thanks to everyone who have made the last 4 years bearable. I leave everyone with something to think about . The physician is only nature’s assistant • Galen The practice of medicine is an art, not a trade, a calling, not a business Osier No man is more worthy of esteem than a physician who exercises his art with caution and gives equal attention to the rich and the poor • Votaire I wonder why ye can always read a doctor's bill and ye niver can read his purscription • Dunne 112Sheila D. Schuler, D.P.M. I Lock Haven University, B.S. To my husband Gary, my best friend and partner for life: Saying thank you for being there and your endless support does not come close to expressing my appreciation We made it out ALIVE. Here’s to the best years Coming up. All my love. Country roads take me home! Thank you God for helping me get where I am today, for a healthy family, and for good friends. "To whom much is given, much is expected " To the class of 1992, always remember: Of all the people you will know in a lifetime, You an the only one you will never leave or lose To the questions of your life, you are the only answer. To the problems of your life, you are the only solution. -Author Unknown 113Richard T. Samson, D.P.M. Providence College, B.S. To my wife, Susan, thank you for your unending patience, encouragement, understanding, and love. I share this degree with you as we begin a family of our own. To my son, Christopher, your arrival into my life makes everything worthwhile. To my parents, thank you for your continuous love and support. Dad, I now realize that you have shown me how to be a really awesome father. 1 hope that I can live up to your example. To my sisters and relatives, thanks for being there when I needed to know the WCF on Washington or the score at the Garden or the lineup in Winter Haven. As of yet I’m free next winter if anyone wants to go skiing. To my friends who helped me elucidate the trivial and recognize the humorous, good luck and please stay in touch! 114Xeng B. Saetang, D.P.M. Messiah College, B.S. To Christ Our Lord - I give all glory, honor, praise and thanks to Thee. To my wonderful Parents and Family • The Saetangs and the Becks, No words can fully express my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for all the things that you have done for me I dedicate this degree to you. Your inspiration, encouragement, support, sacrifices, generosity and unending love have helped me turn my dream into reality, Thank you for teaching me the value of education and offering guidance when 1 needed it. I love you all very much! To My Best Friend and Wife, Cheryl We made it!! Thanks for your faithful support through my ups and downs. Your enduring love, care and understanding has sustained me. Having you by me side has given me strength and courage these past four years. Thank you for believing in me Remember I will love you so for always!! To Faculty and Staff - Thanks for the knowledge, challenges and friendships you shared. To Nadine and Tina - Special thanks for a wonderful experience shared in the O.R. To the O.R. Crew - Thanks for being "there" even when I'm not. To Friends at PC PM • Congratulations! 1 wish you much happiness and success with all your endeavors. 115Earnest P. Sims, D.P.M. Canisius College, B.A. To Mom and Dad: This degree is dedicated to you, for the opportunities you made available to me. This is also for your lifetime of sacrifices, love, direction, inspiration, and the dreams you instilled in me. Thank you, for being you. I love you, your son. the doctor. To Sherie: We have finally reached the doorstep to our dreams, You have been there for me during some of the bad and good, with little complaint and a lot of support. Thank you! You are a loving person with many attributes: intelligence, beauty, compassion, sincerity, and a sense of humor. Also, in a few weeks we will have our first baby. 1 love you, Paul. To Donna and Wanda: Both of you have been there when I needed you. Thank you! Donna, I wish you and Norman health, love, and happiness Wanda. I wish you and Darryl years of love and happiness. To my nieces and nephews: Continue to dream and always do your best. In that way. reaching your goals will come naturally. To my PCPM partners: Marvelous, Alberto. Tarp. Noel, Billy D: I will always remember those all-night study sessions. 1 wish you health, peace, and happiness. Friends to the end! God bless. Earnest P To all my friends at PCPM: Thank you for great limes, support, and memories. Good luck and best wishes. “Without struggle there is no progress" — Frederick Douglas 116Frank J. Smith, D.P.M. Western Maryland College, B.A. To my wife end best friend, Tracey. If not for you I would not be writing In this book or receiving this degree. Thanks for always being by my side and “going" This long mile with me. This D.P.M. degree is half yours In so many ways. Your dreams will come true also, you will travel the world over and make positive, constructive and rewarding changes in the field of Special Education, We have both sacrificed, but In the end we have both won. You have been my best friend, defender and above all the most special person In my life. I love you so very much, your husband- Prank To my parents, Thanks for not giving up on me, you also have traveled this long mile with me. I have learned so much from both of you. Dad you are by far the greatest example of what true “Integrity" b all about. Mom thanks for showing me how not to ever quit in a very Indirect way. I love you both so very much. Your Son-Prank To ray brothers You're both so very different, but have always backed m goals 100% We must always be there for each other, for thb world Is too rough to travel alone. Love Always- Frank To Mom and Dad inlaw and Karen- Thank you for helping me organize my thoughts during these most difficult years. You have always believed in me and my dreams. You are very spcciol people and have contributed greatly towards the completion of thb degree Love Always, Your son in-law, Prank To my Uncle Bob, Thanks for all the pep talks and support one could get You have always pushed me to work hard I'll never forget the help and caring you have given me over the years Love your nephew- Frank To my Friends Paul GreenmaB-Roomnte, nicest guy. hard-worker, great companion Steve K. Roomute, WMC fossil, Hebrew Brother, like a brother Scott P.-Plorida '89, partying together, driving school Scott B.-BMW, Marlev, Large practices. Ring days, New years, Ocean City Fred D.-XMI, SP600, Hugo, Timewarner, calls, all-nighters you to Paul Gary A.-Best man, WMC, Giants suck, all the great times out! Hugo-Great friend counselor, Genius, Ice Blood, Buying on Margin 117Brent E. Tabor, D.P.M. University Of Maryland, B.A. Thanks to Lisa for all the love and support given to me Tor the past four years To Mom and Dad, Thanks for playing a major role in my life and always being there when I needed you. "It's a dog-eat-dog world out there and I'm wearing Milkbone underwear. Norm Peterson Cheers 118Stephanie A. Tamburri, D.P.M Seton Hall University, B.S. Embarking on a major career move is always a challenging experience. Alterations in every facet of one’s lifestyle are inevitable. Without the sacrifice, support, encouragement, and love from others, the fear, anxiety, doubt, and frustration endured could never be overcome. Words of gratitude are then, in store Mom and Dad: Your unending love, generosity, reliance, and reassurance, as well as enthusiastic words of wisdom and perseverence cannot go without commendation. I love you both with all of my heart. Vince, Maria, and Paul: With age, we’ve certainly grown closer Your assistance in making my goal a reality is deeply appreciated. Kevin: From the start, you offered me the moon and stars and catered to my every need. And now, after four years filled with great expectations, apprehension, uncertainty, and hardship, you still strengthen my spirit, build my confidence, make me happy. 1 thank and love you dearly. Lisa: To reiterate the lyric from that silly "Brownie" song that we sang so long ago, "Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver, and the other’s gold," Stay gold, Kooch! Lisa: l,ower Extremity Anatomy lab—a strange birth place for a true friendship! You are one of my favorite people in this world, I ki You filled life in Philadelphia with laughter, animation, and lightheartedness The memories are and will remain bright Michele: If junk food, a nice easy chair, and a remote control are the secret to your success, I'm definitely doing something wrong! Thanks for making Philly a good time. 119Philip Anthony Trapolsi, D.P.M. Allegheny College, B.A. God: I asked, you answered; I tried, You encouraged; I achieved, you smiled. Please watch over and guide me always. Mom and Dad: You have always taught me to love God arid myself-without cither I cannot be my best. You encouraged me to strive and achieve; to never quit and to never forget others or who 1 am For these gifts I thank you and I love you. Karen and VJ.: Be steady-everyday. Don't allow distractions to get you off track. Always be yourselves and have fun! Thanks for all the prayers. Brian: Word!! Has P.C.O.M had enough of Podiatry yet? Thanks for all the great times, bro! Body Buddies, Inc.-opening soon Arkady, Hisham (Smoots), Alberto (Smootic): We have had great times and the memories to go with them Here's to close friend always! Dave and Terri: Have a wonderful life together! F.C. Podiatric: From our mentors to our successors-wc’ve shown the PPSSL what Podiatry is all about Well in lads! Cheers! Time turns minutes and minutes to memories Life takes away the Dreams that we have planned You are young and you are the future So suck it up and tough it out And be the best you can J.C Melleneamp Scarecrow, 1985 120Joseph R. Treadwell, D.P.M. Virginia Tech, B.S. A full-blooded Pima Indian out in Arizona needed some cash, so he went to a banker and asked about a loan "How much money do you need?” asked the banker. "Me want two hundred dollars.” "For how long9" "Maybe two week; maybe two month " "And what security have you'.'" "Me got two hundred horses " This seemed sufficient security, and the loan was made A short time afterward, the Indian came into the bank with two thousand two hundred dollars cash, paid off the note and started to leave with the rest of his roll. "Why not let us take care of that money for you?" The old Indian's mind flew hack to the day when he wanted two hundred dollars, and looking the banker straight in the eyes, he solemnly asked. ”llow many horses you got9" It is with the deepest love that I say “Thank you" to my mother, father and brother for their never ending support I love y’all very much 121 V James G. Waller, D.P.M. David Lipscomb College, B.S. To my Mom and Dad: Without your support and advice, I never would have made it Thank you for everything you have done. You are the greatest. To my wife Courtney: I love you, and 1 am glad that we able to stick it out up here in the “big city". 1 know that it hasn't been too much fun living here, but hopefully we are finally “outa here”. Let's head back to God's country—The South! To the group of 90-91: Margie, Xeng, Tom, Mike and Chickenman- Ya II made it a fun anrffunny year. Who could forget, “I think it's hypervitamin-osis D." To Tom Berryman: Keep working on it- maybe some day you'll be able to take me to the glass. 122Brian Wascavage, D.P.M Lycoming College, B.A. Mom and l)ad: No matter what I write it would never come close to describing what your constant love, prayers, and support have meant to me over the last four years. I love you both with my whole heart, and soul. Pap, Nana and Bam Bam: Thank you for the endless hours of prayer for all those special intentions I hope the knees held up. I love you. Mike, Krisa, Kevin and Allison: I'll always be your big brother and I'll always be there for you guys when you need me. Nadine and Tina: Hopefully I will find somebody like you two during my residency. I felt I could come to you with anything and get advice; not always advice I agreed with but advice showing that you cared, I will never forget the two great years we had in that smoke filled room. 1 love you both. Ricky: Four years later after meeting on the softball field you still put up with tne. You should receive a special award. Man, your my best friend and hope you always are. I wish you and Dot the best of luck with your future together! Dot is the coolest Chin, Ken, Bill, Scotty, .IB, Green, David See you guys at the P A.A.P. conventions. 1 couldn't have made a hetter group of friends. I hope to never lose touch. Christie, Jody. Linda and Terry, deserve to be saluted for putting with it all. 1 am glad to have gotten to know all of you To my classmates: Best of luck in all your career endeavors "The business of life is to enjoy oneself: everything else is a mockery." •Norman Douglas 123Eric A. Wolfe, D.P.M. East Stroudsburg University, B.S To my wife Victoria-1 guess the long distance relationship paid off, you're stuck with me forever. You helped me through all the bad times and shared all the laughter and tears of the good times. Thanks for being there. 1 love you, 11B To Mom I)ad- Your love and understanding have carried me to this point in my life. Thank you so much for all of the sacrifices you have made for me. I love you both. To Phyllis, Dawn, Heather- Well, Bro finally made it. I knew you had no doubts. I love you all. To Scully, Roundy, Jay, Berny, R.L.- Your insanities kept me sane NOT! Roundy where are your hands? Jay I'm right you can't be right, Berny for your next pet get a piranha they're not as viscious, RI, Pittsburgh sucks, and Scully cheers to you big guy! P.S. Yes Dad you are inadvertantly paying for this! 123Joel C. Zarzuela, D.P.M. University Of Maryland, B.S. I would like to dedicate my diploma to my father and mother whose constant encouragement allowed me to continue to do my best, brothers and sister whose companionship I will always treasure, my wife and her family whose love and concern deeply touch me, friends in faith who have guided me throughout, and of course, my son who always manages to take all my worries and fatigue away with his smile. "At crucial moments when major obstacles occur, faith means to forge on with the courageous heart of the lion king." "Youth, especially, should never lose the attitude to constantly study and learn " Daisaku Ikeda I wish everyone in the Class of 1992 the best of luck and happiness in the future! To Steve Cwusu: Let's get together someday and eat sushi! 125Spring Ligament 1990 Spring Ligament 1991 126Spring Ligament 1991 Spring Ligament 1992 127128129f 130Partying At The Irish Pub 131Acfiilles 1992 Class Of 93Hey, my fingers are taped together. Lacking adequate fiber intake, Luther? 134 Once again, Jon uses his sexy legs as a babe magnet.135 Mr. President? Early morning Radiology Conference or plotting a coup?136 O K. Step 1-Plug in vacuum. Step 2-Tum switch to "on'’. Step 3 So I only got two of his toes in the cast - big deal!So can you play Nintendo on this thing? Sorry, Kaz, norargyle no style. 137 S- Mr Frankie, you say sunny or cool tomorrow?What was that hangover remedy? 138139The Vcrdster and the Dobester ... Scandelous What, no omlette? OK. now what? 140 Lessons on how to build a sports medicine practice.141 Working cheek to cheek? jfl II ® 5«=B Ate II m % ill $ l"l f|| =» II « II •v=a Eli A BBS Mk m I'j m 9 ► ff ||| HI l| Yes, Phil I’d say it was an ANGRY looking x-ray. It seems pretty pissed off to tell you the truth. Dr. Lemont, does Hyperkeratosis Traumatica Marginus Os Calcis of Manteau really exist or did just you make that up? It’s 9:00 in Ortho, time to make the test pads! What?!? You want a charger view too?!? Gail and Glad Eli 142No personal calls Dimenna, get off the phone so we can order lunch. Sorry, I can't take that chart. 1 only do the ones that have the "Send Report” sticker on them. Size 24 foot? We don't have X-ray Him that big! No, I’m not studying! I’m making up the guest list for my wedding Pascal, that's not an artifact, that’s where I flicked my ashes by accident 144 Those are ERODING Fronds Joe, trust me.i, (his is Diane. Are you the cute guy that just tiled my beeper number. Yeah, we're going to Holland for Spring Break, what’s it to you? Dr Skokanstein! A Vascular Kxarn?, It's ll:.‘J5! My secret spaghetti sauce recipe? It'll cost you. OK Howie, I'll trade you a Sports Med paper for my hockey tickets. 145Victor, what are you measuring? Denise is training for the Olympics . .. Neck press. Smile and say “Toe Cheese". Editor in Chief Helen Gold Photography Patricia Bernstein Luther Bond Denise Casinover Gladys de Leon Captions and Layout Gladys de Leon Denise Casinover Helen Gold Julie Siegerman 146 PCPM’s newest singing group- Digital Sound.Achilles 1992 Class Of 94148Many Thanks To All Who Have Contributed . . . Jackie Luna Alex Buk Dina Stock Gerry Skaziak Kelly Brown Angie Dy Steve Kinard Jose Ruiz Melissa Gaffney Robson Arujo 149150151152153 154155156157To All Those, Who Put Up With I Can’t Because . . . I Have A Test I Have To Study 156I Have To Go To Clinic I’m Too Tired I’m Going Crazy Thank-You For Understanding And For Your Support. 160«r 162163164165166167i6a169170“Bathroom Surgery 101” “The 70’s Was My Favorite Era!” “Anything For An ‘A’!” :?CPH - • »•»» 171 “Coffee Talk”172173174Achilles 1992 Faculty And StaffFull Time Faculty David A. Axler, Ph D. Gary Bauer, D.P.M. Milad S. Bitar, Ph.D. Steven F. Boc. D.P.M Robert B. Boyd, Ph.D. James P. Burke, Ph.D. Robert A. Christman, D.P.M. Francis J. Conway, Ph.D. Robert H. Davis, Ph.D. Michael S. Downey. D.P.M Arnold Feldman, D.P.M. Marilyn R. Fenton, Ph.D. 176Full Time Faculty Arthur E. Helfand, D.P.M. Gilbert A Hice, D.P.M. Bruce E. Hirsch. Ph.D. Warren S. Joseph, D.P.M. Anthony Kidawa, D.P.M. Howard llillstrom, Ph.D. Harvey Lemont, D.P.M. Thomas G. Maglietta, D.P.M. Kieran T. Mahan, D.P.M. D. Scott Malay, D.P.M William J. Martin, D.P.M. Howard Palamarchuk, D.P.M. 17?Howard S. Pitkow, Ph.D. Jane Pontious, D.P.M. Linda C. Stanley, M.L.S. Clare H. Starrett, D.P.M. Bohdan Terleokyj, M.S. John H. Walter, D.P.M. Alan K. Whitney, D.P.M Full Time Faculty 176Part-Time Faculty Carl Abramson, Ph.D. Philip Bresnahan, D.P.M. Howard Hillstrom, Ph.D. Richard Jay, D.P.M. Erwin J. Juda, D.P.M William Lloyd. P.T. Nadine McFeeley, R.N. Morris Moss, D.P.M. Andrew Newman, M.D., J.D. Harold Schoenhaus, D.P.M. Joseph Witkowsli, M.D. Louis Zulli, D.P.M. 179Staff Pages Loretta Whitney Donna Schell Frances Peters, M.l.S. Linda Stanley. M.L.S. Judith Bush Carrie Smith Rita Paul Julia Lineman Leslie Levy Victor Thompson Ernesto Mujorra Bernice Jackson 180Viola Warren Dennis Donohue Vanessa Napoleon Marie Biggans Brenda Gillis Anthony Morris Chuck MacFarland George Dillon Mike DePoder Chet Johnson Sheena Jackson Carol Kendrick Lovell King Earl Jones 181Mary Wisniewski Vernell Davis Tina Laun Marti McCall Rita laBree Billing Services Brenda Reid Loretta Edwards Mary Oehler Rich Cerruti Janet McGinnis Jeanette McGerry Mary Gates Carmen Gist 182Gma Mammarella Terry Bianco Patricia Brennan Oonna Bom ieff Frey Michele Fuller- Graveley Lynn Hogan Vanessa King Felicia Rivers Robin Brookins Edith Bobb Howard Hillstrom Fred Kugler Missy Berryann James Tuite Tom Maiorano Brad Bierbauer Nancy Brown David Axler. Ph D. LeGrand Newman Jennifer McMahon Nancy Epstein Sharon Mack 183Donna Adams Yolanda Taylor- Al Hassan Dorothy Agee Carol Romano Carol Krouse Peggy Anfmsen Maxine Preston Terry Webster Dave Thompson Mary Ann Bosze Kathy Tague Lisa tones 184 Not pictured: Rose Skore Gerard SchweglerAchilles 1992 AdvertisingCONGRATULATIONS Congratulations DR. ELLEN GOLDEN 1 Dr. John R. Markley D.P.M. You have always worked hard, and we will always be proud of you. Love always, Mom, Dad, Ben, and Jim 1 LOVE MOM DAD 1 CONGRATULATIONS MARGE . • . DR. LUBERT 1 DR. MRS. JEFF I HETMAN We are all proud and happy for you on reaching “Your Goal.” Best Wishes in your Professional Career. Love Mom Dad And The Caswells We love You, John Thomas, Tommy, Mom, Ann Marie, Grams and Gramps Lubert, Tom, Mary, and Andy Doucette, All your Aunts, Uncles, Cousins Especially: Joan, Ken, Jack, Jerry, Dave, Denny, and Farkie.  Vgp V ; +} V ; 3 VlR- Dear Suzie: A t A step in the right £ t direction... t Congratulations! t Mom Dad Pedro t t Gina John Mary Rich ’’S v Vr 'Dear Chris Dear Scott We are so very proud of your accomplishments, and wish you a good life filled with success and happiness. Love, Mom, Dad, Karen, and David Congratulations, dear Simon: Today you become a doctor and today is the first time Mom can name you a colleague, and be so proud of you. Today is the day of our victory! The soul and every cell of our bodies celebrate this event. It was a long and difficult battle from the time you were in kindergarten in Russia and continued all of these years. We are so delighted to have you pursue the profession your Mom loved so much, but was interrupted when we left Russia to give you u better future. It means a great deal to me for you to specialize in podiatry, since I have experienced and lived with foot problems resulting from polio since two years of age. Now , you will be able to help ease the suffering for those in need, both adults and children. Dear Simon, you are a very special son and a very special person to all who know you. There is no doubt that you will be a great doctor and give of your time, your knowledge and your kind heart. I know that God will guard you and guide you to sene those who are in most need. Love, Mom and Dad WE WISH YOU HEALTH, HAPPINESS AND LOTS OF SUCCESS. YOU WILL TRULY BE AN ASSET TO YOUR PROFESSION. WE’RE SO VERY PROUD OF YOU AND CAN’T WAIT FOR YOU TO BE IN FLORIDA. WE LOVE YOU, PAM, STEVE, AND ADAM P.S. IT’S GREAT HAVING ANOTHER POD IN THE FAMILY! Dear Simon, Words can not describe how proud I am of you on this day. It took a lot of hard work and determination to achieve your dream. You are a wonderful husband and I am so happy to be a part of your life. Love, Julie=TI, DR. SCOTT BERNSTEIN IT IS WITH GREAT PRIDE WE CONGRATULATE YOU ON BECOMING A DOCTOR OF PODIATRIC MEDICINE. WE WISH YOU HAPPINESS, JOY AND MUCH SUCCESS IN YOUR NEW PROFESSION AND MARRIAGE. ALL OUR LOVE, MOM, DAD, AND WENDY TO SCOTT BERNSTEIN It All Began Four Years Ago, Where Would It All Lead We Did Not Know. You Went Off To Philly To Study All Day, While I Stayed In New York Trying To Earn My Pay. Through Mid-Terms And Finals, And Being Apart, Somehow We Never Left Each Other’s Heart. And Now That Schools Over, The Studying’s Done, It’s Time To Look Forward, Our Life’s Just Begun! A Great Podiatrist I Know You Will Be.....There’s No Way You Won’t Make It ’Cause You’ll Always Have Me!! Love Always And Forever, Marley ■ ■ 18'CONGRATULATIONS TO: JOSEPH J. BIANCHINI D.P.M. AND TO THE ENTIRE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1992! Dear Joseph: You have been a pleasure since the day you were born. We wish we could raise you all over again. Your hard work and dedication has finally paid off (with a little help from ST. JUDE). Your future patients are the lucky ones now. We are all so very proud of you. GOOD LUCK and GOD BLESS you always. Love, Mom, Dad, Michael, and John CONGRATULATIONS CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES JOANN AL JOSEPH J. BIANCHINI D.P.M. To The Finest Grandson We Are All Very Proud Of You Dr. Felix V. Cavaliere From The Guziewicz’s Klines “Portables”CONGRATULATIONS DR. JEFFERY A. KAPLAN DPM Your Determination, Perseverance And Desire Made Your Dream A Reality. You Are Very Special And We Are Extremely Proud Of You And Your Accomplishments. Stay As Wonderful As You Are And Always Keep That Sunny Smile On Your Face. May Your Future Be Filled With Much Success, Good Health And Happiness. With All Our Love Mom, Dad and Melissa 5 I CONGRADULATIONS DR. JEFFREY A. KAPLAN Congratulations To Our Favorite Podiatrist .... Our Feet Are Aching For You . . . Much Success And Happiness For A Wonderful Future. With Our Love Aunt Muriel And Uncle Eddie Our Warmest Congratulations to . • • Dr. Jeffrey A. Kaplan Words Cannot Describe How Proud We Are Of You. Your Hard Work And Determination Through These Years Earned You The Honor To Be Called Doctor. Much Success And Happiness In The Future With Our Love And Admiration Your Grandmothers, Aunts, Uncles And Cousins Patrick J. Rush, DPM Congratulations Best Wishes Be The Best You Can Be Good Luck In Your Profession We Are All Proud Of You. Francis Rush Julie Rush Beverly Johnson Congratulations Best Wishes Dr. Lisa Donatiello And The Class Of 1992. With Love And Pride From Your Family. 0Dea 20e 2064 1 Tfott ;4 Sctcce44 u f ‘ytyeait uf, 'Z tzfoficf, 0?cctcvie. s4 s4Ctv4y , TOe s4ne Veny 'Placed 'tyatt 4wct dave 'fyatt l eny ‘7 ttcc i. T t tn Dad s4 ut 'Sec6iae££ zf D. P. 7 £. 193John J. Beronio, DPM To Dr. John J. Beronio, It is with great pride that we congratulate you and wish you every success and happiness for the future. We are happy and very, very proud of your accomplishments and hard work. May God Bless you and fill your life with health, love, compassion and family. These are the ingredients of success. We love you very much. Your Family, Mom, Dad, Chris, Jennifer Rick, Your Grandmothers, Cousins, Aunts And Uncles. CONGRATULATIONS TO A VERY SPECIAL PERSON DR. MONICA B. JOSEPH D.P.M. Congratulations to a very special person DR. MONICA B. JOSEPH Thank God It’s Over “Well Done”. Without Christ In Your Life, Constant Prayers, Determination, Motivation And Perseverance, You Could Not Have Made It. May God Continue To Bless You. You Make Mom And Dad Proud. Love Mom, Dad, Watson, Marlon and ClarissaYOUR FAMILY WE’LL KEEP YOUR OFFICE BUSY James Meehan, DPM Jim, Your Dad Was Always So Proud Of You. I Know On Graduation Day And Through The Coming Years, He Will Be Watching Over You With Pride And A Loving Smile. Congratulations May God Bless You Always. We, Too, Are Very Proud Of You. Love, Mom Edward Fran Teddy TaraTo “Soon To Be Podiatrist”: This One Is For You Noel Barnett! Your Success Is A Result Of Your Determination And Desire To Help Others. You Have Taken Every Challenge That Was Placed Before You And Changed Them Into Accomplishments. As You Continue To Pursue Your Dreams, Remember You Are Never Alone. You Are Thought Of Each Day With Heartfelt Love, And Affection. We Celebrate Your Success And W ish You The Best That God Has In Store For You. May You Find Love, Happiness, And Satisfaction In Your Sincere Efforts As You Endeavor To Help Others. Mr. Mrs. Venris Barnett (Parents) Sisters The Rest Of The Family. DR. WAYNE GOLDSTEIN To Wayne Who Is Dear And Neat You Have Completed Your Degree To Work On Feet. Luck And Success We Wish For You We Know You’ll Make Us Proud In All You Do. Love, Mother, Dad, Sister Shari, And Wife Marjory 196 CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO DEAN JONES AND THE CLASS OF 1992 DR. MRS. WILLIAM C. JONES Dear Dr. Stephen Bennett, Just One Cute “Footsy” Saying: You’re Really A Terrific Parcel-From Head To Metatarsal! We’re Very Proud Of You. Love And Congratulations-Mom, Dad, Jeff, Robert, Aunt Joan.STRUGGLE —There is no royal rood to the temple of melody, where St. Cecilia dwells. There is no short cut to the temple of the beautiful, where Apollo reigns as lord of the arts of color, form, and music. The eager aspirant for eloquence, or wealth, or wisdom, begins a long. long way from the excellence that crowns one s life-worlt. Every morning Mother Nature whispers to the youth. "Strive, struggle. Every night her last message is. "Sleep to waken again to new struggles, wrestlings. and achievements. In the realms of conscience and character man must work out his own solvation through ceaseless struggling, toiling long. hard, and patiently. And just in proportion os he goes toward excellence does the work become difficuIt..— Veu ef Dwight Hillis. Congra tula tions, we're very proud of you. Love, Mom Dad Dear Cindy, You Made It All Worthwhile. I’m Looking Forward To Our Time Together In Chicago. Love, Stephen DR. SCOTT DITTOS, D.P.M. CONGRATULATIONS LOVE MOM DADDR. KELLY P. BUREK D.P.M. CONGRATULATIONS, KELLY! YOU SET YOUR GOAL AND ACHIEVED IT WITH DETERMINATION AND PERSEVERANCE. YOU’RE A RARE COMBINATION THAT DESERVES AN OVATION AND OUR ADMIRATION. WE ARE PROUD OF YOU. YOUR STRENGTH AND LOVE. YOUR HUSBAND, JOHN YOUR MORAL AND FINANCIAL SUPPORT. YOUR PARENTS, MOM AND DAD YOUR NEVER ENDING ADVISOR. YOUR SISTER, KARINCongratulations! To David Gunther And His Fellow Classmates. Love, Mom And Dad Scott and Eric And The Pussycats gaayriatccfaU M i. 7 y 'David t u cttien, tact 76e ?2 t fldt KJeM 'Dane, .we, Suteui, "Paut, IQacfot tad Sann a; tad Sect 'Tfat dleaAt, dlMie. To: Dr. Jeff Martone . . . We are so-o-o happy, you have achieved a wonderful goal. To Morvin P. Leneou: Good Ludi on your groduorion Love always— Dad Mom Chris Sue Gram M Gram C Love-Morher Forher Isoioh Peorl Leneou Fomily 1 Congrats 1 Dr. Stephanie 1 Tamburri Kathryn Morgan Lightcap, D.P.M. Four years ago you started, To be a Podiatrist was your aim. At times it wasn’t easy, But you made it just the same. I from “La Familia ” And now that your time At PCPM is all through. We just wanted to say How PROUD we are of vou! Love, Marvin, Johanna Morgan Congratulations Dr. Denise M. Opitz, D.P.M. Tv owi demeS daugldm Penile,, two use, Look fot an affinmdlm that Hama I a God in the, ffezu em uilur ui'tM WJand Hole uilw, agaimTgwat oddl, Miami in fofflowing Ha path fall tkavefed instead of HJcing Ha ealg path. AM owe love, and hope, Mom and Dad, Ju a, and MidveMe, Pdig and Jade and Ha tuiinl ChafiA and Lila, and Ha kidl Ride Tim;g s Who Is He? He’s a young man groomed for success His parents taught him to do his best. In work, or play, by example shown, he’s soon a doctor, his achievements not yet tolled. He’s energetic, dedicated, warm and positive role model too. He is a young man whom I call ‘'brother"; and may (iod bless you! Keep your eye on the sparrow and your back to the wind. Love, Your sister Donna, brother - law Norman nephew Norman Jr. and niece Tamika A Path In Life As an adolescent, striving for adulthood, we must come to grip with our life, and recognize the need for education, and the need to develop and maintain a personality that grows throughout a lifetime. Well, what can I say Earnest Paul, you have certainly traveled a long and productive route. As you journeyed through time, you worked hard, you were mindful, and a good listener to a family who cared. Now, you are prepared to graduate with your D.P.M. degree, and move on to greater paths in life. Yes, Dr. Earnest Paul Sims (my brother), is a good listener, an achiever, And ... ready to take on the responsibilities of professionalism. The World Awaits You! Ix ve, Wanda i Fercertion And Persistence As your parents, it gives us great Pleasure to say that you are Number one and our shining star in life! Our daily routine in life always consisted of praying for your good health and continued success in life. Earnest, your congenial personality and consistency of hard work has has helped you to achieve your D.P.M. Degree. We always knew that whatever you strived for in life, you would successfully achieve. Life is full of trials and tribulations, but down the road when you have achieved many of your goals you can say that it was well worth it! Love, Mom and Dad ’02 203Bethlehem. Pennsylvania 10017-9099 ©1990 THE BlOPRACTIC GROUP II. INC Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Doctors Of 1992 Gordon Laboratories State and Parkview Roads Upper Darby, PA 19082 215-789-3055 • 1-800-356-7870Madajet XL...Designed For Your Comfort! You will feel more comfortable knowing that the Madajet XL Needle-Free Injector reduces the fear and trauma most patients associate with traditional needle injections. This needle-free injection system provides virtually painless injections of anesthetics yielding adequate anesthesia for most of these podiatric procedures: ♦ Digital Blocks Digital Steroid Injections ♦ Palliative Incurvated Nail Procedure ♦ Radical Removal (Avulsion) ♦ Plantar Vernica Procedure ♦ Laser Therapy Anesthesia ♦ Electrodesiccation Manufactured and serviced by Mada Equipment Company in the USA. the Madajet XL comes with a full year warranty. To learn more about the advantages of the Madajet XL and obtain your FREE copy of the Technical Guide call 1-800-332-MADA, or write to: Mada Equipment Company 60 Commerce Road Carlstadt, NJ 07072 FAX: 201-460-3509 JMLacla Equipment Company inc! 60 Commerce Road Carlstadt. NJ 07072 FAX: 201-460-3509 1-800-332-MADA Whether you're establishing or maihtaining a professional foothold, You Deserve the Best — • The Best Products • The Best Prices • The Best Service • The Most Knowledgeable Sales Staff In The Industry (Including a Licensed Podiatrist) Serving the Podiatric Professional Since 1932 »» Jbti-L PODIATRY SUPPLY AND EQUIPMENT CO. 7803 Freeway Circle Middieburg Heights. Ohio 441 JO Member of Corporate Advisory Board National WATS 1 800-3211348 Local 1 216 243-3700 The Pedinol Pride ... BREEZEE MIST foot powder Anti-perspirant, anti-fungal, mistified powder spray FUNGOID CREME SOLUTION Topical treatment for fungus, yeast, and bacterial infections of the skin FUNGOID TINCTURE Anti-fungal agents for nail beds and grooves HYDRISINOL CREME LOTION Emollient skin softener PEDI-BORO SOAK PAKS r--- - Astringent wet dressing SALACTIC FILM Aids in removal of Verrucae V--✓ UREACIN-10 UREACIN-20 pedinol pharmacal, inc. Aids in removal of Hyperkeratotic tissue 30 banfi plaza north FARMINGDALE, NY 11735 SERVING THE PODIATRISTS AND THEIR PATIENTS (516) 293-9500 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1992 1-800-PEDINOL L h .’06P.Y) Premiere Edition You know about PDM’s leadership role and innovative spirit in the podiatry field for over two decades. In keeping with this great tradition, we are pleased to announce the first in a series of stylish new podiatric chairs THE PREMIERE 90. With all of the new design and modern materials that make the PREMIERE 90 so unique, we chose not to abandon any of the time tested and proven electrical and mechanical systems that have made our chairs so reliable. TAKE A STEP INTO THE 90's and call PDM today or your authorized PDM dealer for a free color brochure 1-800-453-8474. 2601 South Constitution Blvd.. West Valley City, Utah 84119-1988 801-972-3165 FAX 801-975-7732JOSTENS

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