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ACQUAINTED WITH THE NIGHT I have been one acquainted with the night I have walked out in rain-and back in rain I have out walked the furthest city light I have looked down the saddest city lane I have passed by the watchman on his beat And dropped my eyes, unwilling to explain I have stood still and stopped the sound of feet When far away an interrupted cry Came over houses from another street, But not to call me back or say good-bye, And further still at an unearthly height, One luminary clock against the sky Proclaimed the time was neither wrong not right I have been one acquainted with the night. ROBERT FROSTumim two mm EDITOR: fRRROS l DERK SERIOR RDMSOR: SRRDRR 0. MRRRIX CO EDITORS: SERiOR SECTiOR: Limor Glazer Francine Williams fRCRirt) STR'ff: Parkson Lin Scott Dittus 92 SPORSORS: Bruce Francis Kathleen Lynch Colleen Boyle 93 Gail Garofalo 93 SRppORTiRO STR'ff: Jil Beaupain Carol Barreto 91 Cinzia Vecchia 91 CIRSS EDITORS: Roberto Araujo 1991 Denise Opitz 1992 Helen Gold 1993James E. Bates, D.P.M. President Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine TO THE CLASS OF 1990 How fortunate arc you to be grjdu.it I or at chl« pot'll tn time! The decade of the 80's ended on a positive note as world leaders wl to discuss continued arms limitation and the furtherance of world peace. In the United States, humanitarian Issues have becon -more and more prominent In politics Closer to home, within the Tri-State Area, politicians are showing greater concern lor the educational needs ol Doctors of Podiatric Medicine. tn 1989, for cxanplc, the New Jersey Governnent addressed the need for state-funded residency progruus for podtatrl its in a state where residency has long been a requirement for licensure. And at PCPM. literally In our own backyard, we have witnessed the conpletlon of a state-of-the-arl Foot and Ankle Institute which will enable us tn provide the research and health care necessary to carry the foot-sore public well Into the 2ist century. So things are looking up as you cross the threshold fron student tn Doctor! The profession you enter Is light years different than the one I entered years ago. My generation worked hard to raise the standards that we enjoyed. You too must use the hose that Is the standard for the profession today and hr lug It to new heights lor tile generation that will follow veu. In a relatively shurt time, you have completed your work at PCPM. Tliough the past four year have not been cany, I would hope that. In retrospect, vou can appreciate the personal gain which resulted froa each challenge you faced. Remember. your formal education I completed, but In order to he "the best", you will need to continue your studies because the half-life of knowledge In podiatric medicine today Is less than ftvc years. Ur are proud of what we observe In you today — skill, knowledge, professionalism and enthusiasm! We wish you nuch success as you face the challenges and opportunities to cone In the final decade of the 20th century! 9 K. Bates, D.P.M. P esldent EIGHTH AT RACE STREET • PHILADELPHIA. PA 19107 • 215-629-0 00 3Sandra G. Mannix Vice President For Student Affairs Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine SANDRA C MANNIX VICE MtVOCN rot iUlOCNT AFTAMS Dear Class of 1990i Pour years ago we entered PCPH together.unsure ot what we were going to find, perhaps even a little frightened ot the future we were about to share. In the intervening years we have experienced son good times, some nol-so-good tines and some terrible noncnts. We have argued, but more often we have worked together for your successes, individually and as a class, and you have been successful. On balance, it has been a good four years. It IS difficult to write anything that sounds new or inspiring or creative for graduates, particularly graduates who are as bright and alert as the members of the Class of 1990! But 1 did not want to let this occasion pass without a formal recognition of how much you all have meant to me. As 1 muddled through ny first weeks here, you were warm and supportive. As we both became more familiar with what and how we were doing, you remained the caring and concerned individuals I had gotten to know. You will remain very special to me. Everyone In Student Affairs joins me In ulalilng all of you the very beet in both your personal and professional lives. You have worked hard and have earned all of the rights, privileges and responsibilities that go with the tide “doctor.1 You have shown a commitment to the needy, the handicapped and those in pain. I know that cotnuitnenc will remain with you as you serve your patients with energy and dedication. Co into your careers as podiatric physicians with excitement and Joy. Wo are with you In spirit and remain your colleaguea and friends. Congratulations to you all. As always, with much affection. 4 EICHTH AT RACE STREET • PHILADELPHIA. PA 19107 • 215-629-0300David A. Axler, Ph.D. Vice President For Research Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine DAVID A AXLER Ph O via rttsiotNi »o« icstAtcM TO THE CLASS OF 1990 Conqratulat Ions! Each of you can be oroud of your effort In successfully completing an Intense and demanding four-year Journey. Through your dedication and sacrifice, you were able to overcome what at times must have seemed like Impossible obstacles. As a result, you have been prepared to enter a challenging and rewarding profession and beqln a career of providing podiatric care with the competence and compassion that your patients require and deserve. To do this, you must make your graduation a launching pad toward a commitment for continuing education. We know you will. fou are better trained podiatric physicians at an earlier stage In your careers than those that preceded you. Even with that training, you must maintain an inquisitiveness and sense of observation that leads to the discovery and creation of new knowledge. 1 wish you the pleasures and rewards that come from podiatric medicine practiced well. Vou have earned the opportunity and we are proud to welcome you as colleagues. May the best days of your past be the worst days of your future. Good luck and best wishes, . I bJL- David A. Axler, Ph.O. Vice President for Research EIGHTH AT RACE STREET • PHILADELPHIA. PA |O|07 • 2l9.o20.OWO 5Kieran T. Mahan, D.P.M. Vice President For Academic Affairs And Dean Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine KIERAN T MAHAN. OPM Viet MtCSIDENT FOR ACAJOEAOC AFFAIRS AND DEAN To the Class of 1990 Oear Colleagues: On behalf of myself and the faculty It Is my pleasure to congratulate you on your graduation. As the profession has grown, new opportunities have developed for each of you. Looking around at the College, you've seen both physical and intellectual change in the College over your four years here. Those changes have only occurred because of people cocwitted to the future of the profession, people willing to take risks to help the profession grow In this brief message, I won't spend too ouch tine congratulating you. Despite all your efforts and all your hard work, graduation is only the first step in your professional life. As of today, it is part of your past. Being a professional Beans making a cormitnent to the future, to life-long learning. That commitment is a sacred one because In your hands is the health of your patients. You oust always be prepared to offer your patients the finest health care. In addition to your patient, you cost also be committed to the growth, development and maturation of your (our) profession. There are many reasons for this, not the least of which is selfish: in order for you to thrive, your profession must thrive also. Each person, each patient, each physician, each hospital you encounter is an opportunity for you to educate others about our profession and what we have to offer our patients. Walk proudly in your professional life. Carry with you from here the tradition of excellence of PCPH. Make that pursuit of excellence your professional guide. ■tei rrr Ud—. Kieran T. Mahan. D.P.M.. F.A.c.F.s. 6 EIGHTH AT RACE STREET • PHILADELPHIA. PA 19107 • 215-629-0300William J. Martin, D.P.M. Acting Dean For Clinical Services And Medical DirectorDavid R. Cole, Ed.D. Dean For Clinical Education Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine DAVID R COLL Ed D DEAN roa CUNtCAL COUCAtlOft Dear Class of 1990: As you read this, you aay still be getting used to being called "Doctor”, but this awkwardness generally passes quickly. This title is unique in our socioty; it represents significant achievement, dedication, and ability. You have, as the result or your many years of training, earned this honor. I applaud your achievement. I also wish to extend my thanks to you. You have-not only survived PCPH's traditionally difficult curriculum, but you have also played a large role in making it better for your future colleagues. PCPM implemented the redesign of its clinical curriculum during your tenure. Change generally comes slowly in an academic community. When it does come, generally one class must deal with it all at once. Yours was such a class. The implementation of this change added stresses which nobody needed. Yet at each point, be it the new fourth year requirements. Psychiatry, Allied Facilities, or at any of the other pressure points which were a result of this change, the Class of 1990 exhibited patience, professionalism and the vitality required to soo it through. This was not always easy, and we did not always agree. However, we learnod and grew through tho experience, and thus, the program prospered. Each of you contributed to tho success of the PCPH's new curriculum, and should feel pride in your accomplishment. Now is a time for new beginnings and new successes. Your profession is growing and maturing. You will have a vory important role to play in shaping its future. You are, perhaps, uniquely fit for this phenomenon. I am confident that your class, the first class of the last decade of the twentieth century, will be able to handle these innovative challenges creatively and with a sense of responsibility. Congratulations to all of you. My hope is that your careers will bring you peace, prosperity and a sense of fulfillment. EICHTH AT RACE STREET • PHILADELPHIA. PA 19107 • 215-629-0300Francis F Drrk Senior Editor Achilles «l To lhe Class of 1990, II has been an extreme pleasure being your class editor these last four years. If not for the hardwork and dedication of the Achilles Staff, the memories captured before you would all be forgotten. I hope that someday when you look back in time, you will glimpse through these pages and remember that path we all traveled together, and the fun, happiness, and friendships we experienced. Perhaps someday our paths will cross again, and if so, may we hold true those bonds that united us as the Class of '80. Sincerely yours. Francis F. Derk 9THE 1990 ACHILLES STAFF Sandra G Mannix, V.P. Student Affairs Senior Editor and Advisor (standing) Francis berk. 1990 Achilles Editor-In-Chief Roberto Araujo. Editor-in-Chief '91 (sitting) Denise Opitz. Editor-In-Chief '92 Helen Gold. Editor-in-Chief '93 10Class of '90 staff: Francine Williams Limor Glazer Kathy Lynch Not present: Jil Beaupain Dave Chen Bruce Francis Paul Krause Parkson Lin Class of '91 staff (L to R) Michael McGlamry Kathy Szumski Devon ne Roman Michele Fleeter Carol Barreto Roberto Araujo Class of '82 staff (L to R) Deborah Photos Lisa Donatiello Denise Opitz Noel Barnett Carol Latzanich Class of '93 staff (L to R) Gladys De Leon Patricia Bernstein Luther Bono Helen Gold THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1990WE MAY BE GETTING OLDER . . . BUT WE’RE ALSO GETTING BETTER . . . MUCH BETTER! 13 What you get?! What you get?! Fifteen minutes left to clinic and then 1 Ret to polish my car. Come on guys, spread out what do you think this is it sauna! No wonder Greg and Kevin are still singleCome on pal ■ anytime • anyday • I'll whip your butt! If you want to ride • ride the white pony IS You see. this is the way I do it and it works for meThe future President and Vice President of PPMA ... "GQ" day at the new clinic. 16LUSH' 17The malls must have been closed today Just another babe after my body Cod - my head feels like a big xltl 16 1 don’t know Honey • I think there was something wrong with that tanning booth Breaking in the walla in the new clinicBlanken camara shy? Get a real life! Come on. make m.v day. All work, no play Well Dave, technically speuking 19 Ask me something I don't knowOVER THESE FOUR YEARS, WE’VE MADE SOME SPECIAL FRIENDS . . .•Our "GQ'' men . . (dbldstein and hurone) Hey Larry, no props allowed in charades. 22 The PCPM Stance Who me? I this all there is Still pure and Innocent NOTESERVICE Excedrin headache «Wi 23 Too cool for words Don't tell Cubby'!Look Dr Mahan, food in the clinic 2 Come on Lynn, you have to sway while you sin . You mean you rule the subway to school’Have I Rot the perfect shade of lipstick for you. But (lube, I'm married Because . . Rav Goldfish put hair on a man's chest Where did everybody go" Kenny gets to class early to “save seals" Gubemick, did you do it again'.’ Dueling DoctorsA DAY IN THE LIFE OF A FOURTH YEAR IN CLINIC 26Oh. you wanted isopropyl alcohol "Mutiny" looks mi ht happ What do ou mean. no snake In clinic" I plfdjtr m allrjlkncr In I hr sun . Bubsrr. where are your boohs®BUT THROUGH IT ALL . . . WE KEPT ON SMILING . . .29Would you crust your foot to this man’ Or is thts what you’re looking for in a podiatrist? Limor. it doesn’t look like Larry is buying your diagnosis 30 Saw, podiatry ts only my side job hair is my career. Dr. Downey knows better than to leave his wallet unattended with John aroundAH, THE LIFE OF A FOURTH YEAR . . .32 Yes it's definitely du to the Duricef. Did you ever eat Elmer’! glue? wm33 No Sieve. thi 1 the navicularGrateful Dead all the way! 34 I'll need one pair of extra large diapers . STAT!35 He-y - whi-rr did everybody !Anne Compeau Ames University Of Texas At Austin, B.S. GARY: It has been a long journey but we finally made it! I dedicate this degree to you because you have made it all possible- Thank you for your understanding, patience and unending love I love you very much. LAUREN: The day you were barn was the happiest day of my life. You are the sunshine In all my days. I love you MOM and DAD Thank you for all you have done for me I am proud to he your daughter, and I love you both TESS: It was a long four years, and I thank you for all the sacrifices you have made I could not have done it without you. I love you. JOHN and ELLIE: Thanks for being the best of friends. 1 wish you both the best! 36James Atkin, Ph.D., DPM University Of Pittsburgh BA Indiana University MS. Indiana University Ph.D. I 'Well, thank God wc all made it out in rime. ... 'Course, now we’re equally screwed." 37 Victor Raphael Ay bar, D.P.M. Western Maryland College, BA. TO KICK AND ART: Thanks for everythin No three brothers could be closer and loving towards each other .is we are I’m sure our relationships can only get stronger Art. I’m still one upon you in our annual Thank'-giving Day football game' TO MOM AND 1 01': Words could never explain all you have done for ine Mom. thanks for the amor and support you have always given me I'op, I'm looking forward to a life long enjoyment of Eastern Shore deer and goose hunts! "What I've got I have earned What I'm not I have learned Desire and hunger is the fire I breath ... . and the time has come to TAKE the moment" •Bruce Springsteen 38Philip Joshua Baldinger, D.P.M. Haver ford College "To make it (treat dream come true, the Tint requirement is ;» great capacity to dream, the second is persistence s faith in the dream." Huns Selyo, M.D. "There are those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who wonder what happened" Nobody said it would be easy, and if it were, it may not have been n grafitying My good friends l-uke, Tom, and Pete: 1 expect to see you lads at the 19114 World Cup A special thanks to my family for their financial and emotional support, and to Carine for her tolerance of long distance commuting and my endless hours of studying. To my fellow classmates and future colleagues. Best of luck in the future. Keep striving to make our profession the best that it can be 39Paul R. Barton Juniata College, B.S. To my parents: I can’t even begin to express in this limited space my thunk' for ill that you've done for me Without your endless love, support, guidance, and sacrifice I could never have come this far I am very proud to be your son and I love you both. To my brothers and sisters: My love and thanks for always believing in roe and pushing me to do my best You're the best brothers and sisters anyone could ever have. To Lisa: Day in and day out for the past two years you have been by my side offering your encouragement, support, friendship, wisdom, and above all, your love. For this I am eternally grateful and say without reserve - I love you 40Edward A. Beagell, DPM Muhlenberg College. BS I dedicate my degree to the loving memory of my mother Our time together w much too short Your many sacrifices gave me the drive to set and attain high goals I wish you Could he here to share the benefits .if the years of school and hard work Keep an eye on me 1 miss you, and I love you. To my loving wife Your endless love and support have been a constant inspiration to me Thank you for all of the wonderful limes so far They are only the beginning of what lies ahead May all your dreams come true I love you. Grandma and Grandpa, Cheryl, Dave. Kim. Dad: All of you have touched my life and helped to make me the person I am today You mean more to me than you could ever imagine The Kaullus family: Your generosity is exceeded only by your lose and friendship. Thank you all Joe. Vince, and all my friends old and ness TIIASKS at  Jil A. Beaupain, DPM Salem College University Of Scranton, BS They say it's always darkest Just la-fore the dawn: If so, I must have a wonderful life waiting ahead. Mil- With all my love, you have always Ix-en my inspiration To my family: I did it! To Ada "Miss Markin" Angottl, Rita Mizenko, Cheryl Brown. Joe. Michaeljov und to all the others who were always there for me- Through thick and thin, you guys are the type of people chat renew my faith in human nature Thank you for everything To Karen Marsian. Peter Ly, Anita Onufer. Susie Campurnam You all helped me so much through tough times, so kind, supportive and non-judgmentul Thank you for always accepting me for myself To Thomas J. Chang You were my hero, you were everything I always wanted to be. You taught me lessons in life I'll never forget ■4.’Gerard F. SUNV Albany, BS Blake, DPM Dear M irn and Dud, Thanks Mum for all thr great homo conked meal' I've missed your cooking the ? past four yean. Thunks Had rot going i" all those little league games even though I was striking; out I know I haven't said this enough hut I love you both very rrnnh Dear Boh, Eileen, and Mary Jo, Now that I'm a doctor you gu ' will have wear boots up to your hips To all my friends, Dee Dee, Erie S„ Tom , Have S. Howard. T ( , l.uke i . iVter S. Blanken, and anyone I may have forgotten Thank' for Wnd there during the good tim -' and the not so good Draw. Dear Lisa, Vou’re everything I've ever dreamed about 1 am truly rhe lu kieM nun in the world I love you very much 43Steven Selby Blanken, D.P.M. University Of Maryland At College Park, B.S. I dedicate this degree in loving memory of my grandfather, Morris L. Selby, D.P.M, You were my greatest Influence I miss you. To My Parents: You both have given me so much in so many different ways. Without your constant sacrifice and support, 1 would have never made it. Your never-ending love, guidance and encouragement represents my guiding light I love you both. To Laura, Steve and Blnda: Thank you for putting up with me over the last four years Thanks for being there when I needed you. I love you all To My Roommates Past and Present: Paul, Roberto and Rob: thanks for putting up with my B.S over the years To '•Gube:" Thanks for being one of my closest friends. You're like a brother to me. I can't say enough thanks. Most of all, thanks for introducing the ' third gas effect" "A.C., AC., A C. YoooohP To All My Friends at PC.P M: May you get the best out of your lives 44Tanya Jones Brookens, D.P.M. Hampton Institute University, B.S.- "let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus" Philippian 2:f To Matthew. My Husband and Best friend: When all seems off balance, you have been my equilibrium Thank you for being tolerate when I was Impassible. Thank you for your patience and humor that made those late study nights go a little easier Thank you for your steadfast and gentle love. May our friendship and love continue to grow stronger with each passing day. To Mommy and Daddy: A strong family Is the key to all our success. You have both worked so hard to Instill that in all of us. but more importantly, each day you have made it a reality for me: the encouraging words, sound advise, Daddy: your Sunday dinners and meals to go, Mommy, those much needed afternoon shopping sprees Thank you for your unconditional love, guidance, and confidence boosters when I needed it most I love you both very much To Teri and Tressa: My Girls!! Here's to the sisters, the terrible T's. No one could ask for better sisters or belter friends. Great things are in store for all of us. I hope to always be there to encourage you both as you have been for me To my Grandparents I dedicate this accomplishment in the loving memory of my MomMom. who would have been so proud. I know you are with me today and always. PopPop, Granddaddy, and Grandmommy: I am a very lucky person to have alive and vibrant grandparents like you Thank you for your endless prayers, love and generosity To Mom Brookens and Glynis: I appreciate all the love and encouragement you have given to Matthew and I Thank youl To my family and friends: Thank you for your support and encouragement. In some small or large way, each of you have helped me achieve this goal love, Tanva 45John Edwin Bubser, D.P.M. East Stroudsburg University, B.S. The rhallenge of the last four yean. is finally al an ml I could not have realized this goal without the support of my family and friend To My Family: Thanks for your confidence, encouragement. and support Without it I would not have been successful To Annalisa I am glad we met while al PCI’ M. Thanks for your friendship and support; you have helped me remember the things which are really important I hope the future holds many more wonderful times for us To My Friends: The past fout years have been challenging, hut not without many good times and fond memories Thank you all and the best of luck! John 46Thomas Caporale St. Vincent College, B.A. 47Paul J. Chamas Brevard Community College, A. A. Santa Fe Community College, A.D.N. University Of Florida TO MY PARENTS .. your endless sacrifices and relentless devotion have been like a beacon In my darkest of times Your xest for life and love of family are attributes that I will always cherish I couldn't huve done it without you both TO MY BROTHER, CHARLIE, thunk you for your love, guidance and unconditional support You truly understand Dear Linda, Jimmy. Peterrr, Jo, I’eley Peg. John "Trivia King' McL. Gamhy. Anita, Greg, LC. LI. x 2. Wilky, Annamarie, Llmor, Nadine, Tina, and Peg thanks for all the laughs and the memories 46Thomas J. Chang, D.P.M. Washington University In St, Louis B.S. In Electrical Engineering "Here’s a simple test to see if your mission on Earth is complete-, if you’re alive, it isn’t!' Illusions. Richard Bach To Mom. Fat. Mike and Veronica: To lie a pari of this family makes me the proudest person in the world My past eight years have been blessed with your constant love and support Your trust and confidence hits allowed me the opportunity to grow and realize my dreams Thank you To My Dad To the only one who has seen my brightest days and my darkest nights, you have never left my side Thank you for carrying me along. I think of you often To Elaine: I wonder if you know how incredible you muke me feel When I see you smile. 1 feel I can do anything You are the most wonderful and exciting part of my life Thank you for your love and friendship To Gerard and Barb- Thank you for all the love, support, and confidence You have been my greatest inspiration and guidance these pass four years To Luke. Fete, and Phil: I would never have made it without you guy s Thanks for all the fun, the laughter, and the magic times on the pitch To My Classmates: You have all touched my life in one way these past four years Thank you. I wish you a future with much success and happiness. Cheers! 49David Chen, DPM Villanova University, BS Thanks and gratitude to the people who have put song in my heart and meaning in my life: Mom and Dad, Ang, llui Fang; This one's for you Thunk you is not enough To the Class of 1990 and PCP.M; thank you for keeping the torch lit when all seemed infinitely dark. Integrity without knowledge Is weak and useless, and knowledge without integrity is dangerous and dreadful. Samuel Johnson We're going to fly' 50Deborah L. Chirtea, D.P.M. Guilford College. B.S. To MOM + DAI) For your never-ending support and encouragement To Heather For showing me how to laugh at life To Skip Who earned M this degree To Grandma + Grandpa Chirtea Whose simple words ring loud in my ears and help keep me grounded To Joe • For pulling each other through To Doug - My hope for the future And to all the special friends I've made here at PCPM I want to say Thank You. because without you. none of this would lie possible! 1 LOVE YOl ALL!! • deb - I've made me a mooncatchin' net. And I'm goin' huntin' tonight. I'll run along swingin' it over my head, And grab for that big ball of light. So tomorrow if the moon's still shinin' there Look clone underneath and you'll get A dear look at me in the sky swingin' free With a star in m moon • catchin' net - Shel Silverstein - 51Luke D. Cicchinelli, DPM North Carolina State University, BS Dedication: To Mom and Dad who have created and enlarged all my opportunities Special thanks: To my brothers, sisters, and relatives for all the encouragement and support. Nothing compares to the family. To Devonne for reminding me in a very special way that there's a lot to learn and enjoy outside of academia. To my close friends and classmates from Albany to Raleigh to Phllly You know who you are and I've needed you all To those Individuals of the administration, faculty and staff who consistently go that extra mile as educators, and truly teach both the science and the art. and flnally-t© the lads and supporters of Football Club Podlatric and all my mates at the Dickens Inn for the cheerful respite from it all! "Well yesterday's over my shoulder, I can't look back for too long. There's just too much to see waiting in front of me and I don't think that I can go wrong “It’s those changes in attitude, changes in latitude, Nothing remains quite the same. "There's just too many faces and too many places, If we couldn't laugh we would all go insane, Yes if we couldn't laugh we would all go insane " Jimmy Buffett 52Janice Patricia Coia Montgomery County Community College, i4.i4.5L, R.N. May the good Lord be with you down every road you roam And may sunshine and happiness surround you when you're far from home And may you grow to he proud, dignified, and true And do unto others as you'd have don- to you Be courageous and be brave And in my heart you'll always stay Forever young. May good fortune be with you. May your guiding light be strong. Build a stairway to heaven with a prince or a vagabond And may you never love in vain And in my heart you will remain Forever young. And when you finally fly away I'll be hoping that I served you well For all the wisdom of a lifetime No one can ever tell But whatever road you choose I'm right behind you, win or lose Forever young Rod Stewart Dedicated to my Nana 53Francis Von Ferdinand Derk, D.P.M. The Pennsylvania State University, B.S. Pre-Medicine There comes a time in everyone's life when u bain Is delivered, or a promise is fulfilled For me, that duy has finally come. As I look back in time, I recall the guidance, wisdom, and love of a man who helped make this day possible. Without his fatherly love and Inspiration, my life would he elsewhere I regret that our time together was short, but the moments shared and the loving memories will forever be a part of my life If I had but one wish, it would be for you father, to be by my side today and accept my degree For it is In your loving memory that I dedicate this degree- May you now rest in peace 545SJoseph V. Donnelly, III, DPM Widener University, BA Thank you Mom, Dad. John, Kimberly, and Michael, for your love and support K.u:h, in your own way. helped make this experience .» little easier Grandma and Grandpa, thank you for your prayers and love. JB. Dave. Matt, Dean. Tom, and Walt Although I wasn't always mound; anytime I was, It wav Just like old times. I can’t tell you how much it meant to me Smilty, Kevin. Paul, Anthony. Skip, l-rwis, and the rest of the A-Team; the OK guys, past and prevent You are what made I’CI’M worth it Little Debbie, thank you for everything Your friendship and understanding hr|| - | in more ways than I eun express Nadine and Tina. The times I spent talking with you, and working in the OK, I will never forget Your guidance and most of all friendship mean a great deal to me Thank you. Mom und Dad Nazzam, Thank you for your understanding and support, and most of all, for your daughter My wife. Deborah. How can I express what you mean to me 1 You have the patiente and love to deal with me, which is immeasurable Your support, and understanding, and love I cherish now and always. Thank you. I love you, Joe 56Chau-Trung-Duong D.P.M. 57Annemarie Ascaminz Edwards, D.P.M. Hood College, B.A. Once upon a time there was a first year student by the name of Annemarie, who along with her brave and handsome husband, Douglas, decided thut P.C.P M would be part of their future for the next four years This fearless couple supported each other through thick and thin. Yes. there were some dark moments in Annemarie' walk through the halls of podiatry, but with the help of her family and husband, she made It through as a better and stronger person. There were also many happy moments throughout her podiatric education - Dougie hugs, snowy nights, long distance calls, late night talks with Judy, remembering the good umes with Tern, KiKi, Miguel. Along the way Annemarie met many professors who inspired and helped her reach her goals. They will always hold a very special place in her thoughts There are many other people she would like to thank, but alas, room is limited on this page Fortunately, the story ends well, Annemarie Is now a D P M , married to a wonderful husband (who might see her more often now!) and ready to tackle the foot problems of the world .. . . Watch out cuz here she comes' PS. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH DOUG!!!!!! 58Bruce J. Francis St. Anselm College BA MOM AN!) DAD: YOU BOTH MEAN SO MUCH TO ME YOU DOST KNOW HOW IMPORTANT IT IS TO ME TO HAVE PARENTS WHO ARE ALSO MY VERY BEST FRIENDS THE TWO OF YOU HA E GIVES SO MUCH FOR THIS DAY THAT IT IS AS MUCH YOUR DAY AS IT IS MINE I LOVE YOU HEATHER: YOU ARE THE BEST SISTER THAT ANYONE COULD ASK FOR. WHEN YOU TOLD ME THAT YOU HAVE ALWAYS LOOKED UP TO ME. I SHOULD HAVE TOLD YOU THAT I HAVE ALWAYS LOOKED UP TO YOU TOO I KNOW THAT YOl WILL BE SUCCESSFUL AT ANYTHING THAT YOU WISH TO DO BUMP: YOU ARE THE GRANDFATHER THAT EVERY GUY WISHES HE COULD HAVE. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING. PHIL: YOU HAVE BEEN A GREAT ROOM MATE- EVES BETTER THAN MEATY (OH GOD. ITS IN WRITING) WHO ELSE WOULD HAVE CONE OUT AND BOUGHT ME FLEA SHAMPOO AT 11:30 PM? M + B: YOUR POOL PARTIES ETC HELPED ME TO KEEP MY SANITY DURING A COMPLETELY INSANE PERIOD YOUR EXERCISES ALWAYS DID THE TRICK. THANKS FOR BEING THERE WHEN I SEEDED YOU. GOOSE: THANK GOD FOR AUNT KAY, UNCLE BILL AND PATSY CLINK. IT WOULDN’T HAVE BEEN THE SAME WITHOUT YOU BS AND LS: I'LL NEVER FORGET TALISMAN. THE HUNGARIAN REFUGEE SISTERS, OR WHIP CREAM WRESTLING. THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES S9John F. Franceschini, DPM Rider College, BS Mom and Dad- thank' for your love and support. Without you this achievement would not have been possible You have always been there for me. to be my role models and my inspirations Thank you and 1 love you very much John Now and then it’s good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy. Mr. Wizard 60Lewis Freed, PM Ithaca College, BA To my wife and best friend Julie: We finally graduated' These last four years will make m appreciate the future You have remained with me and supported me through some very tough times and 1 will never forget it Your love and affection has been a true inspiration You have taken great care of Snorkv and me and we both love you You are the most Important part of my life. I love you. To my Dad: Thanks for everything. Your love, support, advise, and perseverance has made this degree attainable I hope it was worth all the aggravation by making you proud. You will never know how much I appreciated it. You're the best To Ma: Please leave the phone open for a few more late night phone calls. After all these years of "crazy experiences" It's hard to believe I'm going to be a doctor You should tie proud you survived. Thanks for all the support. You were always there when we needed you, I hope to return the favor I am very lueky to have a mother like you. 1 love you. To thr rest of my parents: Thanks for everything Julie and I really appreciate all the support. We love you all Nan: You are the best grandmother in the world’ Keith, Rob, Bruce and Rick: The best friends anyone could hnve. Sorry I couldn't hang out more the last four years but we have many years to party. Woody, Aqua Sultant Rich, and Steve: Triathlons forever I'll never forget 6:00AM swims. Snorky: Thanks for chewing my notes and harking at me when I study I love you. To the Class of 1990: I'm proud to be part of the Class of 1990 Good Luck 6tPaul T. Gambardella, D.P.M. Southern Connecticut State College, B.S. To My Wife and Best Friend Lynn: If it hadn't been for you, making it through this four year "roller-coaster ride of emotions” would have never been possible Your never-ending love, understanding, and faith always gave me the strength to keep going, even at the toughest of times You truly ure my inspiration, and I look forward to spending the rest of our lives together I love you forever To My Mother: Thanks for all your support, encouragement, and love through the years. Y’ou have always wished nothing but the best for me in life. I have a loving wife and family, the greatest friends anyone could ever ask for, and a |).P M degree Look like your wish came true, Dot I love you Mom In Loving Memory Of My Father: You always encouraged me to strive to be the best I could be I only wish you were here to sec that your guidance has led me down the right path I love you, and miss you very much. To My Family: Your moral support and help these past years will never be forgotten, To My friends At PCPM: Thank you all for your friendship and help through these past years. I wish you all the best of luck in the future. 62Bruce Russell Ganey Pennsylvania State University, B.S. To Our Parents: Without your love and support going back to school would not hast been possible. To Connie and Sean: Your countless sacrifices and endless love have made this day possible. You are my Inspiration. The degree belongs to the three of us The future Is bright because we will share it, together. To Ryan: You are with the angels now We miss you more then words can say. I hope you are proud of your daddy 63Limor Glazer, D.P.M. SUM’ At Binghamton, B.A. ! am forever grateful lo my family ami friend who believed in me and who helped make this passible This includes my grandfather, who I know is watching from above. To my Mom and Oad: I dedicate this degree to you Your sacrifices, generosity, endless hive, understanding, encouragement and support have turned my dream into a reality. Thank you for leaching me the value of respect, compassion and understanding; and for your strength and guidance when I needed it most To my Grandmother. Safta: Thank you for your wisdom, faith, love and support You have touched my life in a very special way To my best friend and husband to be, Gary We made it' Thank you for vour patience, understanding and support With you by my side there is nothing we can't achieve together I love you. To Doron: For lieing the best brother anyone could ever have Thunks for always being there when I needed you To Fran, Kathie, Marla and Dun: For making the unpleasant times somehow pleasant and the lonely times not so lonely You mean a great deal to me. To ull my friends at PCPM: Congratulations! The good memories of our four years at PCPM far outweigh the rough times, and I'll always remember the fun we had Good luck always! I'll miss you What a fortunate person I am to be surrounded by such loving, caring, special people Our combined efforts and strengths add meaning and happiness to all our accomplishments. With love, Limor 64Robert Goldstein SUNY Binghamton B.A. Your inspiration, your support, your selfless actions throughout m) years has been undying No words can express my sincerest appreciation No son could be more proud, more thankful, than I, to have been blessed with parents with such love I hop - I've touched your lives a fraction of how you have touched mine, and 1 hope I've made you proud on this most special occasion. You are the backbone of my accomplishment' To my closest friends: I shudder to think about the four years here without you You've made the experience a pleasurable one and I simultaneously learned the uniqueness of true friendship The quality of ours is genuine We have been through so much that it suffices to say vv art, and we will be hound through time I thank you for all you have given me To Pamela: You have been a pillar of support throughout my last two years. A woman of your caliber comes around but once in a lifetime You are the only girl who has ever known the real me You are an essential [tart of me, the very heart of me I ran only hope at this lime that you will realize the magnitude of what we have and that 1 want to share a life with you. Never forget what we've had. and what the future holds for the two of us. and remember I love you. always 65James Robert Gosse Skidmore College, B.A. To my parents, my brothers and sisters, and my friends, for their encouragement, guidance, and support Thank You. 66Steven M. Grant, DPM Miami University, BA To my family: Through your love, thoughtfulness and never-ending encouragement you have enriched my life beyond what I ever thought possible To Columbo: I'll see you in Kona 'Til then, don't drop your elbows hut do drop a few pounds- To McDonald: How about a heel lift or some piano felt for that knre pain? To Barker. Thanks for the reality checks and not tuking PCPM too seriously. To Tom and Eric Thanks for the constant vacancy In the guest suite and the friendship to match. To all of you Thank you for being a friend. 67Steven Ira Gubemick, D.P.M. Philadelphia College Of Pharmacy And Science, B.S. Drexel University; M.S. This degree is lovingly dedicated to the memory of my mother, whose time on this earth was far too short. You are always in my thoughts. To my father: I know it wasn't easy, but you did a great job raising both Ann and myself. I treasure your loving support and the fact that you always encouraged me to "do my best" in whatever I did. I know you made a great deal of sacrifices for me, and for this I am eternally grateful To my sister Despite all our arguing, we both now realize that we love each other dearly. Thank you for all your moral support when 1 needed it most. To my Uncles Joey and Jerry: You are the greatest pair of uncles that any nephew could ever have. I'll never forget your unwavering support for me. To my friends: What more can I say other than to thank you for all the great times. I wish you good health, happiness, and success always To Steve Blanker: Being paired up in lower lab was a blessing in disguise, as we became the best of friends. Don't forget our many phone calls, our last minute trips, and all the great times we shared Yo! To Madeline: It's never been easy, but I know we can make it work The love we have for each other can conquer any obstacle I look forward to a life of joy and happiness with you. I love you! 68Jerry Harris, D.P.M Elizabeth City State University, B.S. 69Leslie M. Hollander, DPM Rutgers University, College Of Pharmacy, BS Mom and Dad- IFedld ll Tills degree Is as much yours as it is mine You ware always there for me and I love you both for it Thanks is hardly enough! Lori- Four years as roommates- that in itself is a Mitzvoh! I couldn't have done it alone. Thanks for all those "pick-me-up" hugs when I really needed it. I will miss you tremendously. Howard- Cadaver lab, Bennigans, New Years, roommates, California, my foot surgery, the year (hat wasn't and now the year that was and years that will be! We've come full circle but what truly count' is where we are today . together. You are my honey (even though you look like a chicken) and I will always be there to make biscuits and tea for you! I love you. PS. see Vic. Heb Seventeen years of friendship speaks for itself!! Thunks for being the terrific friend that you are you are irreplaceable Who would believe I was Wendy in 1973 and lost sing In 1978'!! 70David Iorio Villanova University, B.S. ! dedicate thi-v page and degree to my family and friend whose love and support have given me the strength to achieve my goal To Morn and Dad: Only through your love, guidance, friendship, encouragement and faith in God, was it possible for me to attain my degree. I am unable, in these few words, to express the thanks you both deserve 1 will never forget the sacrifices you huve made for my sake. I can only say I love you. To my Family: I am both proud and fortunate to be your brother grandson nephew- brother ln law did I forget anyone? Kalph. Vlnnie, Jon thanks for all the joy. laughter and craziness we have shared I am truly blessed To the Class of 1990: All of my best wishes for a happy, healthy, and successful future. Good Luck’ To Mary Rose: My love and my best friend: Thank you for your support, confidence and love Heing aNr to share this with you makes it all worth while I am a better person because of you I admire, respect and mostly love you ” it's when things seems worst that you must not quit." 71Ruth Glassburn Jones D.P.M. Eastern Mennonite College, B.S. Mom- your unfailing support and generosity to us are deeply appreciated Scott- Than you for sharing your life with me. God- Thank you for Sharon 72Omiro George Karalis Saint Vincent College, B.A. ! wish to dedicate this achievement in my life to the memory of my brother Jerry You're with me today as always in iny thoughts and prayers. To Mom and Dad: Thank you both for all your constant love, support, and encouragement as 1 could have never fulfilled this dream without them Because you've always wanted more for rne than you ever dreamed for yourselves, this degree is as much yours as it Is mine I love you both very much and am proud to be your son To Nicole: Thank you for lieing such a good friend us well as the greatest sister any man could ask for. I wish you continued success in your career and years filled with happiness ahead You deserve it. You're the best. urn! I love you dearly To Josephine. George, and Evil Thank you for your love and support through these trying times I wish you both lurk and success in the years ahead, and to my dearest Niece Eva, a life of health, wealth, and love Finally, I wish to thank all of my friends I met during my years at PC I’M who made the difficult times more enjoyable Your support and encouragement leave me with the most treasured memories. It was the miriness that kept us from going nuts Good Luck to All!! Love, Romeo • ASE TOUS ALLOUS NA I.KNE • Mom. Thanks for the "MARCARO" • "SHRIMP" 73Scott H. Ratine, DPM Temple University, BAS Mom. I dedicate this degree in memory of you If not for your inspiration and love I would not have accomplished this goal I have only one regret, you are not here to see it I love you always. Dad. words can never thank you enough for all your support and understanding over these lost four years. To the rest of my family, I appreciate all your confidence in me, especially during some rough times. Once in a life time you come across a good friend. Craig, you happen to be just that Let' never forget all the good times. Thanks Buddy' Words cannot express the love I have for you Sandy You have not only given me lots of support and encouragement, you have also given me the most precious girt that a woman can give a man. our son Joshua. There have been times that I had wanted to give up, but you became my strength and my courage This degree is as much yours as It b mine I thank you for not only you, but for our son and our love that we share I love you always babe 74Paul Kennelly, D.P.M. St. Joseph's B.S. DEB You were there through it nil, the days of frustration, anger, endless hours, excitement. Joy and anticipation No matter what happened each day was better because of you Your love was the solution to the problem before it arised Just "Always Remember I love you STEPHEN AKA "Stephen Johnson Syndrome" If 1 had known what a joy you were going to he I would have wanted you a long time ago FRIENDS The last four years were a trip and I'm Rlad you were the ones I did it with I hope we still see each other but in case our paths don't cross again let me take this opportunity to wish all of you the best life has to offer FAMILY Deb, Stephen and I would like to thank all of you for the countless things you've done to help us reach this point in our lives The Kennelly Family 7SLori Kirsch, DPM Nothing left to do but smile smile smile LESLIElike all meaningful relationships we endured many trials. Some fun ones and some painful ones. We grew to love and respect each other and ourselves for what we are nnd not for what we are not. Tom and Enc have nothing on us' This Is going to hurt me more than It's going to hurt you MOM. f)AD. AND MICHAEL-Hard to say who suffered more, you or I. It's over now. That's right Mom I'm done’ I cannot thank you enough for your love and support and for giving me all the space I needed I'll strive to be as selfless and patient to my family as you to me What I am is what I am you what you are or what LN. HOWIE. HOWARD, DALIAH MARK AND RON'IT- You guys drive me nuts- You're lucky I like nuts Knowing that there was life outside PCPM and that you were enjoying It motivated me more than anything else. Road trips, Dead shows (Well. I had Fun), homecomings. New Years, ski trips, international dining, and sundrenched beaches We've had so much fun together That's all I wanted, someone special something sacred In my life ANTHONY-Your first kiss was definitely worth the year I waited for It' Every day with you is warm and sunny. The House of Games was only the beginning We surprised everyone but ourselves Hey, who's better than you? I spent four years prostrate to the higher mind, Got my paper and I was free 76Michael Richard Kressler Wilkes College, B.S. Mom and Dad Thank you for believing In me when I Inst all belief in myself For without you. my goals would have surely faded Kim: I don't think it is possible for brother and sister to be closer in heart, mind, and 'Siul than the two of us. Thunk you for that special understanding, Elsa: You came to me in Life's durkest moment and managed to shine my w ay to a wonderful future You are my "speciul someone" To the Class of 1990: " . 1 know you have a little life in you yet 1 know you have a lot of strength left 1 should lie crying, but I just can't let It show I should be hoping, but I can't stop thinking ol all the things 1 should have said that I never said all the things we should have done that we never did all the things I should have given but I didn’t . . . . . . give me these moments back . KATE BllSH- 77Paul G. Krouse B.S. Biochemistry Albright College Mom and Dad I dedicate my degree to you. Thank you for all the support through the years I never could have done It without you. To my Friends: We've had a lot of good times Thanks. To Dr.'s Boyd, Fenton, Pootious, and Lemont for going out of their way to make a difference in my education. DESIDERATA Go placidly amid the noise and haste and remember what peace there may be In silence . . . Mas Ehrmann 78Grace Anne Kuzara University Of British Columbia, M.P.E. Northern Illinois University, B.S. I dedicate my degree to the loving memory of my parents. You taught me so much in so little time I will never forget your love and encouragement. I wish you could he here today I miss you To my sister You never hesitated for a moment when tailing on the responsibility of raising me. You have been my source of continuity. Thanks for all of your love and support And yes I'm finally getting out of school To my niece: Who has been a constant joy in my life. Thanks for being the best. To Avis: Thanks for your friendship and for helping to maintain my sanity over these past four years. I'm looking forward to more good time' To all of my friend- Thanks for not giving up on me when I was unable to spend time with you due to never-ending exams, Our fun-filled times kept me smiling I v7 t w I 7980Callie LaMay, DPM Brown University, BA To my family: Mom. Dad. Cindy, Honor. Peggy. Lccho and Jake-Thank you for your never-ending love, support, friendship and for just being there for me every step of the way. I love you! To my FCPM buddies: Grade, T.C., Pete, Elaine, Kathy, Paul and the rest- I wish nothing but the best for you. I am very proud to share my friendship and profession with you. "We laughed at ourselves and that made all the difference!" I dedicate this degree in loving memory of my Dad—for teaching me to enjoy the journey . . I am! 81Adam Scott Landsman, DPM University Of Virginia, B.S. University Of Pennsylvania, MS Donna; You were my favorite part of Pharmacology, The Beat ts yet to come. I Love You. Mom and Dad: You are both tough acts to follow. I hope that you are as proud of me a$ I am of you. All that I am is laid on the foundation you built for me. Thanks for always being there for me. Barbie: We have always stuck together (Well, except for 'T didn't do it, he did!") Thanks for always reminding me how to smile Russ: You have shown me what it means to have a real friend. You'll still be my best friend when we are both old and you're bald and I'm not. right? Dominic. Mike, and Jonathan: If it weren't for you guys, I wouldn't have any friends with prison records. We sure have been through a iot together. Thanks for nil the great times. PC PM Faculty: Thank-you for giving me such a fine education Who would think that this would only take me six years! 82Lawrence G. Lazar, D.P.M. Cornell University, B.S. Mom and Dad: When two road diverged in .« wood, you cared not which r ad 1 chooe, only that 1 was satisfied with my decision; for that 1 will be eternally grateful. Your unending support and unconditional love form the foundation of thin accomplishment It seems like only yesterday that we made our first ascent of Libe Slope: It has been a long climb, and you’ve made many sacrifices for me along the wuy Thank you for all that you've done 1 love you more than words ran tell Grandma Dora: You have always been there for me. You are the cutest, und I will always cherish you. Phyllis and Randi: When the words like when you're older' didn't appease me. you stood by and helped ease the growing pains You are both wonderful sisters, and I love you very much Susie: We have been through so much together: Organic. LL.C Nerds, and yrv. Fish Chitlerling! What would I do without you’’ Mueho gracias for the norlands; I only had to use it once! James: You taught me Anatomy. 1 taught you Biochemistry: God knows I'm a better teacher! John and Elise: Your calmness, wisdom, und rainl-dose Daper are to my life, what F'PT is to Shock! P.C.P M. Class of 1990: "Someday we'll look back on this and it will all seem funny1" Remember Law »I3 of the House of God: "The Delivery of medical care Is to do as much nothing us possible" And I ask you one final time: Who U John Galt" 83Laura R. Lefkowitz Cornell University, B.S. FINALLY, I really am Dr Rabinowltz-Lefkowltz. What a mouthful' I'd like to thank everyone who has made this degree possible; David: Where would we be now without A.Y.H, 1981, and Rash Hashanah, 1982? I love you, I lerve you, I luff you. Always. Mom and Dad: You are the best! With your love and support all of these years. I have found the strength to fulfill my dreams. I can only pay you back by finally letting you say "Our daughter the doctor says ... (And Daddy, you were right all along, Doctors are just plumbers of the body. I told you I always wanted to be just like you.) Paula. Jeffrey, and Ross: All 1 can say is thanks, I love you, and offer free foot care for life. To all of my friends at PCPM, thanks ami good luck! My feet, they haul me Round the House, They Hoist me up the Stairs; I only have to steer them, and They Rkic me Everywheres. •Gelett Burgess. My Ft'rt Hey David! Let's get back to our future!! Parkson Jiann Lin, D.P.M. University Of Maryland At College Park, B.S. I wish to dedicate this degree to my loving parents without whoso support 1 would not have had the strength to finish. Your words of encouragement and guidance kept me going when I thought I would falter You showed me that with hard wotk, perseverance, and dedication come future rewards. 1 am truly lucky to have you both as parents. I know that at times I may not have appreciated your love, and I may rarely say it. but I love you both dearly and will always try to make you proud. Jan, to put my feelings about you into words would be inadequate Your friendship and love were a bright light among all this madness and darkness. 1 realize things have not always been smooth, but the good times and memories that we shared will last a lifetime Though we may not always be together physically, I know wc will always share a common bond and be together In spirit and love To my friends: The road was long and sometimes difficult, but you provided the fun. enjoyment, and welcomed diversions which kept me sane. Congratulations and may your futures be happy and prosperous. The woods are lovely, dark and deep But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sl«p. And miles to go before I sleep. 85Peter Nghi-Kien Ly, D.P.M. U.C.L.A., B.S. "Each day I live, I want to he A day to give, the best of me I'm only one, but not alone My finest day, is yet unknown I broke my heart, for every gain To taste the sweet, I faced the pain I rise and fall, yet through it all This much remains I want one moment in time When I am more than I thought I could be When all of my dreams lire a heartbeat away And the answers are all up to me Give me one moment in time When I am racing with destiny Then in that one moment of time I will feel. I will feel Eternity!" - • - A. Hammond J Bettis 86Kathleen M. Lynch Canisius College, BA Dad and Mom- Thank you for believing In me and (caching me to believe In myself You’ve showed me what it means to love, to laugh and to care Maybe that mutant gene isn't so bad after all! Joe, Mary, Karen. Maureen and Kevin- 1 couldn't have done this without your encouragement and understanding You're not only my brothers and sisters, you're my closest friends. Can I borrow someone's car? PS. Collette, welcome to the family! Fran and Limor- To have a friend is to have one of the sweetest gifts. I'm so lucky to have both of you. Craig, Chris, Steve, Cassie. Taml. Mike, Rich, Angelo and Gus- You mean so much to me. I can't imagine life without you. I shall never forget these past few years. I wish you all the best in what lies ahead Friends forever! Maryann At Alan Life on the sixth floor would never have been the same without you Thank you for your friendship and your cooking lessons Denise- Thunks for putting up with me this year. I wish you luck and happiness in the years ahead To the Class of 1990- Success can be measured by the number of lives we touch with helping hands . I wish you much success. Lovo always, Kathleen 87Karen Elizabeth Marsian, D.P.M. American International College, B.A. MOM and DAD: I love you both dearly because you gave me the respect, encourage' ment, and Intelligence I so desperately needed to get me through this Thank you The beach condo in Honda is yours X.O ELIZABETH. BRENDA, SANDRA: I love you because you patiently tolerated my ego as you sat by and watched me change then made sure I returned to NORMAL Maybe I'll let you wiggle your lives in my pool X.O. WIZARD: I love you dearly because 1 do, and you have always been there for me when I needed someone the most You knew when I was alone and made sure it wasn't for long. You are my family away from home and I'll always be there for you PS. Is there ANYTHING you DON'T know??? XO UGLY: Thank you for palm trees, sunsets and symphonies. You still owe me a camping trip you ugly old thing I'll love you forever. P.S. Survey says 991. of all PCPM males do NOT mind being manhandled. Wonder who that I is? DR SCHULTHE1SS: You I love for your wild side and that makes you SPECIAL For all you have changed you always remained Howard . thank you for being my friend and my buddy and for teaching me there Is more to life than just being serious When you finish that house make sure you invite me to the PARTY Be good. XO CHOU: To the man who studio like a storm ugainst a w indow life will give you everything you want because you deserve it most of all. Love always XO TINO: Wherever you are I know you're having enough fun for both of us! XO J.W., K M , and J A B: Thunk you ladies for your gossip (you too ERIC)! friends like you are hard to find, but I expect we'll be dishing out the dirt a while longer When your ship rolls in. invite me to the Wedding XO TO THE CLASS OF 1990: I have enjoyed watching all of you during the past four years. Some of you 1 partied w ith and others just said HI but all of you I will love for the good times, the stones and the memories I'll keep forever. Good luck, Be Happy. May GOD Watch over you and make all your DREAMS come true! LOVE ALWAYS, Marsian XO MKarona Monica Mason Brown University, B.A. To My Lord ! give thanks and praise Without you, this dream would not have been fulfilled To my family and friends: When blessings were handed out, I received more than m share You have loved, encouraged, sacrificed ami given dignity You are the ke to my success I love you To my granddaddy Mason: In memory of your honesty, hard work, integrity and love for your family, I dedicate my degree to you 1 hope 1 will make you proud To Jeanean: True Happiness consist mu in the multitude of friends hut in their worth and choice You have been a true friend T T B.O.D To Karen, Rob, Dave. Romeo and l-iriy : Your friendship allowed me to enjoy myself in spite of myself. To those special P( I“M employees (you know who you are): You listened and cured when on one else did Thanks To my colleagues: Resolve to be tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving and tolerant of the weak und wrong Some time in life you will have been all of these Author Lloyd Shearer 89Ritu Mathur Glass boro State College, BA Ammaji, I dedicate this degree to you with all my love and respect, you possess all the qualities I admire and hope to attain some day Darling Sanjeev, You are the best husband In the world Thank you for your constant love, support and sacrifices thru these tough times. Being married to you gave me the strength to reach my goal We have had many wonderful times together, but the BEST is yet to come! I IX)VE YOU! Daddy and Mommy, 10 yrs ago we embarked on a Journey to a new country, it was scary yet exciting Thru these past years we have all had good times and bad times and it was a great feeling knowing you were always behind me I want to thank you for your Inspiration, encouragement, support, love and faith in God, all of which made my dream come true WE DID IT' You were right. "Hurd Work Pays"! I love you both. Papa and Mummy, Thanks for your loving and supporting letters thru these years I am very fortunate to have married Into such a wonderful family. Anujda, Bhubi and Kaji. Having the three of you to share my tears, laughter and smiles made these last I yrs more enjoyable. Thank you for everything. You are the Best Bunch' Love va! Savita, Elizabeth, Andrea and Anita. Thanks for making life at PCPM more enjoy able. I'll miss you all. Keep in touch. Good Luck Always! 90Jose’ A. Mattei Diaz M.D., D.P.M. Universidad de Puerto Rico World University Dominicana, School Of Medicine, Dominican Rep. Rosa, "eras tu ml coherencin, ml perspecliva . .. sin li exto anna de futuro inclerto aun serian, quizas mi futuro y no mi ptt ado. Gracias por lu eonfianza en mi. por tu pacleneia, por amarine 'in rnznn nl causa v por danne unos hljos tan maravlllo- SOS " Jose and Adriana: You both, hast- Risen me and Maml, a sense of profoundness, continuity and purpose that goes beyond our existence. I love you now and will love you Tony and Laura: Because of you, I am. That Is the biggest gift of all, and I can only lhank you with the love of my children and assure you thal they will also be Raul, Cherry, Willi Kster. Guillermo and Laura Ester: I love you and always will thank you for your support. for always been there Matllde Sosa, Ramos and Sosa's: Thunk you for your daughter and for always thinking of us. To my friends, how more difficult would it have been if it weren't for you Success to all of you and happiness. Dr Rob Mele. I wish you get from life, all you deserve and have worked hard for To God. thank you for your love and company through all this years; for my wife and children, ull my family; and for allowing us to be part of you. 91 John Patrick McLoughlin Manhattan College, B.S. Biology Mom and Pops: You were always there for me. How can 1 thank you enough’ Mom. I made it, Now you can give St Anthony some rest. Dad, You are my model of integrity mid courage. Do 1 have to thank Lucky also? Maria: As usual, I can find no words to express what your love means to me My best times have always been with you, and I'm happy that we are finally nearing our goals together. P A. Joe: You drive too fast! Her, Tony and the Kid: I never mentioned it, but you guys have shown me what can be achieved with perseverance, hard work and love. Roach bag; 1 was right about you first year, I was also light about the pathology Goddess, But I am afraid to correct you because you have a beard. I guess I should also thank Alex for helping rne achieve my most important goal at PCPM Boom: Thanks for showing me the importance of Individual thought, and why-outlaws are necessary To my friends at PCPM: I wish you every success. I have actually enjoyed these years with you Thanks to my clinic group for putting up with the "CMO rap" and by the way. I arn not a pig. And so we have that, J. Patrick McLoughlin 9?91Robert J. Mele, DPM LaSalle University, BA Success is failure turned Inside out, The silver tint of the clouds of doubt, Ami you never can tell how close you are. It ma be near when it seems afar. So stick to the fight when you're hardest hit, It's when things seem worst that you mustn't quit To my parents: You have provided me with u solid foundation upon which to build. Your support, encouragement and understanding have enabled me to pursue my goals To Greg and Debbie: Thank you for listening, the typing and the open door invitations. To Doctor Robert Davis: Thank you for the spiritual guidance To my friends at PCPM: If misery loves company, I am fortunate to huve spent these times with you You very special people know who you are Thanks for the encouragement, sharing and comic relief To Cher My wife, partner, best friend. I am truly blessed to have someone as special as you to share eternity with. You gave me the incentive and strength to survive these past few years of insanity For all your sacrifice, devotion and love, | thank you We share this accomplishment together I love you, Rob 94Lawrence J. Menditto, DPM Rutgers University, BS To my wife. Rochelle: The lost four years of struggle have been a team effort. M accomplishments are not just a result of the work I have done, they also stem froi your love, encouragement, pep talks, etc. This degree belongs to you as much as does to me. You and Nicholas .ire the best' To my parents: Thank you for the incredible amount of support you have provide over the years. Your generosity and the sacrifices you have made for me are deep! appreciated I can only hope to repay you for everything you have done for tm 95Peter Andrew Miller, D.P.M. Northwestern University, B.A. It «ll boils down to this Four more years of education have been completed, bringing me four years closer to the day I can begin my journey towards financial Independence. Now we will make the transition from professional student to professional slave I wrish everyone In the Class of 1090 the best of luck in their post graduate endeavors. I would like to thank my family for all of their support, and for enduring my graphic explanations of the less than pleasant side of podiatry Much love 3nd admiration to Siaci, who helped me pull me through the tough times and was always there for me A million thanks to my friends and roommates sharing four years of hell with others is a lot easier than going it alone. I will always remember the experiences we shared, and all of the diversions w hlch made life at PCPM enjoyable Here’s to us! Peter %Daniel R. Molcsan, Jr. DPM Allegheny College B.S. Biology Mum and Dad: I never will be able to express to you how much you have helped me through these troubled years Your strength and support have been enough to keep me going even through the most trying of times. Having gone through It all now, who Is to say If it was worth it or not; but I can always say you were there for me and I love and respect you for It. I never will forget the people who helped me get through school, and I only hope that someday I will be in a position to help them School has taught me a lot of great things but unfortunately it has also taught me Just how ugly people can get and how they can change, but then again, "C'est la vie." Pequods from High School: “You people" certainly have made school a lot easier and I only wish I could spend a lot more time with you especially In remembering the good times we all had together. Love you lots. Frankie, Roxanne. Maggie, and Jade: All of you are very special to me and I will always remember the great times wc hud together and I look forward to spending many more with you all in the years to come My Family: It is impossible to Thank all of you for everything you have done for me, and I just wanted to say I love you all Dan 97 Alan M. Morris, D.P.M. Union College, B.S. Becoming a DPM would not have been possible without the help of some very special people. 1 dedicate my degree to those of you who helped me get through my four years at PCPM: My Parents: Thanks for the never-ending support, both emotional and otherwise. I am very fortunate that you both cared enough about my future to help me make my dreams come true ‘Yes, Dad, I am happy doing this " "Don't worry Ma, it's almost over!" Ellse. I feel that the distance caused by school and growing up has only made us closer "It's common for a brother and sister get along, but it is wonderful when they are friends." Beth: Thanks for being so understanding. You were always there when I needed you. doing w hat you could to cheer me up and help me out "Look what you did! You got it all over yourself!" Nick: From that first fateful question ("Are you the guy that wants to play basketball’"), we have had quite a friendship I'm sorry about that career ending back injury, but the truth is, you will never beat me at hoops Keep the faith because someday our dreams will come true. Thank God for ESPN! Bruce and Paul: I can't tell you how much easier my life was because of you guys Aside from being my "mentors ', you are two of the best friends that I've ever had. Fred: You followed me from UC to PCPM What's next’ Go Dutchmen and Whalers forever! Nadine: Thanks for the encouragement, confidence and friendship that turned me into a “well oiled machine " "The Vietnamese place or Ben and Jerry’s for lunch?’ The Girls of the Sixth Floor (KL and MAH): Thanks for four great years as floor, study and playmates. To the Gass of 1990: We can be the ones that make a difference. Two quotes to sum up my four years at PCPM- "Take me for a ride, strip me of everything Including my pride; But spirit Is something that no one destroys.” S. Winwood With this bright future, you can't forget your past" B. Marley %Andrea Marie Moulton, DPM St. John's University, BS To my parents; This degree is dedicated to you. Thank you for your constantSupport and love. You mode my tedious journey bearable. Thank you for always being at least a phone call away-ulw ys willing to listen to my complaints, chatter, laughter, etc. To Mom: "CHIN'S IT' . I love you both To Aunt Ocille, Aunt Ann and Margaret: Thank you for the homecooked meals, the listening ear and the words of encouragement To Grandma Violet: I hope the Importance of this day will have an impact on your memory To Marcus: From undergraduate to PCPM we have travelled a long, bumpy journey . . here's to a new beginning To Manny, Kenny, and Lu£ Press on. Don’t quit ever Good luck Hclieve that you have the ability to become all you can in life Know that life will offer some disappointments, tton't overlook them .. work through them. Find your dreams and make them come through. Press on Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence Talent will not Nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent Genius will not Unrewarded genius is almost a proverb Education alone will not The world is full of educated derelicts Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. 99Bruce Martin Nigro Brookdale College A.S. As usual the road seems short when reflected back upon Many things stand out though. The hours dedicated, the friendships made, the great times as well as the tough times For me life Is about people, about sharing and living the road together It's the people, the memories and bonds we've made, that 1 remember most about the last four years. These 1 know we ll all have forever. To you DAD, MOM, and ERIC, for always supporting and encouraging me in all ways conceivable. I thank you, because it is your love for me and faith in me that keeps me going each day. I love you all To BEGOOTHKA and LVKDON, the greatest friends in the world You guys mode the difference that counted for everything, because within our friendship is a sanctuary for all things I thank you both for the ways you've touched my life, and look forward with great anticipation to the times that lie ahead To those special people that I have laughed, loved, cried, and shared a portion of my life with, thanks for the memories of times that are like gifts to hold precious within my heart And now the road ahead seems long again, many miles to go. places and people to know To the class of 1990, GO FOR IT! capture all that you destre, make real the dreams that mold you. Most of all enjoy fhe road and each step of the way Good luck to one and all.Emmanuel K. Ohemeng, Jr., D.P.M. Delaware State College, B.S. Biology A Dedication: This page and my degree are both eagerly dedicated to the beloved memory of my always loving, always giving and always caring grandmother. Rosie B Howard. Her affection, approval and special guidance have truly helped mold me Although she is no longer here physically, I'm sure that she is looking and smiling upon me from heaven as I earn this D P M degree Grandma, I'll always love you!!! I miss you so very much To Jesus Christ: Thank you for never leaving my side I also thank you for providing me with the opportunities to succeed and grow when I achieve and to learn when I fail To my dear Mother. Amy: Thanks for always believing and trusting In me and my abilities. Thanks for the countless sacrifices you have made over the years to that Dora and I could both have the best chances In life to succeed I cordially share this degree with you. For without your abundant love and support, this wouldn't have been remotely possible. Mn, I love you dearly. To my sweet sister. Dora: Thanks for being there for me Thanks for ail the motivating pep talks when the "road of P.C.P M " was shaky and unbearable. You taught me the meaning of a basic, yet important rule of life: "In times of trouble, we have to strive our hardest to succeed " You are the very best sister a brother could have. I love you very much. Many XOXO!! To my other loving relatives (I'ncles Don, Sonny and Jerome; Aunts Regina. Lena and Betty; Great unde and aunt Britt and Zadie R; Cousins Frances, Donna. Dana. Svronda, LaTisha, Arnlta, Cedric. Way ne, Hans and Jerome): Thank you all for your never ending love and support over the years I sincerely appreciate it. I love vou all!!! To my other “brothers and sisters" in spirit (Kenny, Jerry, Calvin. Karona, Jeanean, Andrea and Tanya): Praise God!! We all kicked - - - and made it through P.C.P.M. together. May we grow stranger and continue to serve as positive Black role models for today's often misguided youth. Peace! A special thanks to all of my patients: Thanks for trusting me and allowing me to gain practical experience while working on you I hope that my future patient population consists of people like you all. Thanks for being so warm, understanding and receptive. To all of my P.C.P M. Clinicians: Thank you all for sharing your academic know ledge and clinical experiences with me I have learned a great deal. I also thank you all for teaching me the skills that i will use throughout my professional career Dr. Emmanuel K Ohemeng Jr D.P.M. 101Anita A.C. Onufer Wheeling College, Wheeling West Virginia B.S. Respiratory Therapy Many thanks ■to all my teachers for sharing your knowledge and expertise ■to all my classmates that helped make the experience at PCPM an interesting and enjoyable one •to all those I studied with, especially Rim. We made it! •to Mom Dad, my sisters, brothers-in-law, niece and nephews and friends for always being there •to Roger for being the wonderful person that you are and wanting to share your life with me. 102Craig Otto, D.P.M. 10)Nicholas M. Pachuda University Of Pittsburgh BS Biology It's over For better or for worse So I'll simply WCORnire those that should be. For without them I wouldn't be this happy-go-lucky Two dimensional black and white you see before you At this time I'd like to thank the 8cadem Mom, Dad, Alan, Steve, and Ken Thanks for your support A few parting thoughts- Honesty may be painful but always true, Never be satisfied with success, Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. It is belter to look good than to feel good. So I’ve got that going for me, Heh Alan, what's for lunch? 104Lynn Pane LeBlanc, DPM University Of Vermont, BA To my husband David: Words cannot express how much I love you and how much your love and support have meant to me over the past seven years. Accomplishing this degree would never have been possible without your endless encouragement and constant support As my husband and best friend I am so lucky to be able to share my dreams and goals with you Your sacrifices for this degree have been numerous, hut the end is. in sight and very soon you will have thut par three In the backyard that you always wanted To my Parents: Your encouragement, guidance, and love have made it much easier to get by these past years. Remember the weekly rails where you listened to all my problems and convinced me to hold my head high; without that I wouldn't have made it Thanks for being the most devoted and unselfish parents anyone could ask for To my sisters: Noorie could ask for two better sisters. Both of you have been here for me thru the good and bad Your wonderful marriages and optimistic outlook on life have given me hope and guidance to fulfill all my dreams Thanks for believing in me and letting rue know that nothing ts impossible 10'Anthony G. Perry, DPM Millersville University Of Pennsylvania, BS To my Mom and Joe: I can't thank you enough for all your love and prayers. You were both always there for me and never let me down To my Dad: Thank you for sparking my Interest In this profession and supporting me all the way. To the rest of my family and all of my friends: Thanks for all the support and GREAT times Without you these years would have been meaningless 10bJoseph Damian Quattrone DPM Pennsylvania State University BS BIO TO MY CLASS: We all share somethin together Hut it’s not from our hands that worked so hard What we were in the beginning was common to us all Let us remain united TO MY CLOSEST FRIENDS: Without you guys, reaching our goals would have been much less colorful The support we’ve all shared has an eternal light that shines far beyond a four year span TO MY FAMILY: The support you all have given me provided a firm anchor from which to operate TO MY MOTHER AND FATHER. It all began a little over 27 years ago It is to the both of you I owe my existence and opportunity to help our fellow man I love you with all my heart I could never materialize the feeling I have in my heart for the both of you TO MY WIFE VALERIKt You have endured countless hours upon hours of mental turmoil and was the rigid structure in my life that stood strong through so many storms. Together we are one Without you and your love, my life would mean nothing . . . THANK YOU ALL' JOSEPH DAMIAN QUATTRONE 107Kevin David Roberts, DPM, RPh University Of Rhode Island, B.Sc. To Mom: There to nothing I can say that would tell you how much your love and support has meant to me. I Love You. To Mel and Jean: Thanks for being the greatest sisters a brother could ask for. I will deny I wrote this To Nana and Poppy: thanks for your love and understanding. To Gina: Thanks for all the special moments (Xmas party, the ride home, breakfast with Pokey) we've shared .. You always bring a smile to my face. Love and kiss To my friends: Thanks for all the great times together. Slamming beers wouldn't have been the same without you but I still would have done it P.S. If everybody in the class gives me BO cents I will turn my bone box in. John Me. is a bird. Socood lo kni oi me Momeoro 1 8Howard M. Roesen, D.P.M. University Of Virginia, BS Then is really no way to say thanks for all that my family and friends have done for me. Whatever happens to me. success or failure, I always will know that I have great friends and family To my Parents; There really are not words to describe the feelings and gratitude I have for you I have no doubt that I would not be here today without your help. The examples you set. the sacrifices you make, the advice you give and love you show are tremendous. I hope, that I will be able to be as good parents as you have been Thanks and I love you To my grandparents: Thanks for always being there to support me. I hope I will be as happy and successful with life as you are To ray sister. My favorite hotel administrator, I am so proud of you! Thanks for being a great sister. Keep that smile' To Leslie; PCPM has brought me knowledge and experience, but most Importantly I met you. Not everyone meets the perfect girl! No one knows what the future will bring, but I do love you, and I hope that we can spend our future together. To Paul. NeaJ and Andy; Nothing is ever that had after I talk to you guys. When I think of us I really understand what friendship means. New Years together 'til we die! To Dave, Eric and Tom: I'm not sure what these last four years would have been without you. Thanks for all of the beers, Florida trips and late nights. I'll miss you guys' To my other friends at PCPM: Thanks for the great times and Good Luck’ 109 Kenneth Samuel Rosenstock Rutgers University, B.S. The past four years have made my dream one step closer to reality Perseverance, never ending support and a few car waxes have brought me to the pinnacle of the education system Therefore, several people deserve special mention. My parents' names should also appear on this diploma Their encouragement got me through the most Intense time of my life My brother Jason, kept me on my feet when I felt like falling to my knees. I'm confident that I'm setting an example for him so he can learn from my achievements as well as misfortunes Some other names come to mind Bob Fink and his wife Lisa are an example. They guided me through a two year stretch here Finally, Kevin, Dr Pontious my roommates, neighbors, and close friends h3ve been key factors in the completion of this monumental task. no► Karenthea Wietecha Rouw, D.P.M. Chestnut Hill College, B.S. To my husband Greg: what can I say' You mean the world to me. Your love and understanding have kept me anc In this hell hole. Together all our dreams will come trur Ik hou van )ou. To Samantha: You are our first "baby" until the hairless pets arrive. Your antics bring me hours of fun and show me the lighter side of life To my parents: I have finally made it Thank you for all your love, support, and encouragement. Without them it would have been a longer, harder, road To my second mom: Not only did 1 gel u great guy on August o, but.»wonderful mom too. Thanks for the love and support you give Greg and I. w ■■Patrice Jacques Roy, Jr., D.P.M. College de Sherbrooke To Marin: Our love is as deep as the ocean, as Infinite as the universe. If it is permitted to love in eternity, I want to love you Thank you for your warmth, your patience and your friendship. You are my reason to live. To My Father Your support and confidence made it nil possible. Without you, I would not be u doctor today. You will always be an inspiration to me To My Mother. I only hope I can be as understanding and caring with my patients as you have been with me To Usanne: When things get too serious, you always remind me that there is nothing more important than your smile. “Cognc, cogne la caboche!" To Steve: Thanks for always being there! You are the best or the best What a great future you have. I only hope to be part of it' To Michel J, Michel B, Hob and other Quebecois: May our close friendship remain for the rest of our careers Working with you is and will always be fun TO THE CUSS OF 1990: BONNE CHANCE! 112John Salahub, D.P.M. Delaware Valley College Of Science Agriculture, B.S. 113David E. Samuel, DPM University Of Maryland, BS To my parents: You've always wanted the best for us and have strived throughout our lives to make all our dreams realities Your guidance and encouragement, not just through these past 4 years, but from day one, have made many of those dreams come true. Thanks for always being there. 1 hope I can be as good a parent as you both are I am proud to be your son (Pity you’re not Republicans) I love you both very much. Allen: My brother, the Donald Trump of the family. You're a classic Thanks for always making my phone calls home so interesting (and cheap) with all your escapades. I know you'll be a huge success, living in a "super lavish" mansion in no lime. Just keep at it and try not to forget us little people when you get to the top. Thanks for being a great brother To Gramps: Your "mysterious foot conditions" has truly prepared me for my future practice. There has never been a dull moment with your sharp wit and comical ways Thank you for your endless love and guidance. I love you. To Aunty: You've always been there when 1 needed you Thanks for your love and support Whenever you need a pad made, just call. I love you Grandma Rachel: I hope I can be as kind to my patients as you were to everyone you came in contact with. You will be missed but never forgotten. 1 love you. To my special friends at PCPM: Without you guys, 1 would have opened an artery after first year. Pete, how did we live in that box our first year? Howie, you deserve the bronze star and a purple heart for these past $ years, but you've been a great friend and super roommate Eric and Tom. you've both changed the way my liver and I look at life. Ly nn and Colonel for maintaining a level of sanity that kept me going. 1 will never forget the trips and adventures we shared over these past 4 years, (although some were but shadows the next morning) Dickens Inn owes us a special room of our own The Irish Pub should change its name to "The Irish. Jewish. Italian, and German Pub." Thanks for the memories, but mostly for your friendship. Good luck In your futures 114Peter J. Sardella, DPM Springfield College, B.S. 115Howard L. Schultheiss, D.P.M. St. Francis College, B.S. A lot of people don't realize what's really going on. They view life as a bunch of unconnected Incidences and things; they don't realize that there's like this lattice of coincidence that lies on top of everything I'll give you an example, show you whnt I mean. Suppose you're thinking about a plate of shrimp, and suddenly somebody will say like, plate or shrimp, or plate of shrimp out of the blue ... no explanation No point In looking for one either. It’s all part of the cosmic unconsciousness. I'll give you another incidence. You know the way everybody Is into weirdness right now? Books In all the supermarkets about Bermuda Triangles, U.P.O.'s, how the Mayans invented television, that kind of thing? Well the way I see It, It's exactly the same. There ain't no difference between a flying saucer and a time machine People get so hung-up on specifics, that they miss out on seeing the whole thing Take South America for example .. In South America thousands of people go missing every year. Nobody knows where they go, they just like disappear. But if you think about it for a minute you realize something There had to be a time when there was no people, right? Well, Where did all these people come from? Huh? I’ll tell you where . the future And. where did all these people disappear to? The past, that's right! And how did they get there? Flying saucers which are really, yeah, you got it, time machines. I think a lot about this stuff." Thank-you Mom and Dad, I couldn’t have made It through without your constant support. 116Eric Schultz, D.P.M. Rutgers University, B.A.David L. Smith Aquinas College, B.S. To my family: Thank you for being so patient and understanding of my needs- Your enthusiasm, encouragement, and material support made this undertaking much more easy. I will never forget what you have done and will always be ready to return the favor Thanks again! To my friends at PCPM: I hope the last four years of fun and friendship can continue Into the years ahead. Good luck to everyone In both work and pleasure To my special friends at PCPM: Joe-holy Toledo, you're killing me, did you say something, now beat it' Kevin May the wonders of the bearded brothers never cease Lamarra-Hey, lets put some snow m the rudmtor Nudine-Your fortune reads: good health, a happy family, many college tuition payments, and most importantly many more years of fun and friendship Thanks for all the good times! 115Judith Ann Sperling, D.P.M. B.A. Ithaca College MAI Fairleigh Dickinson University IMAGINATION IS MOKE IMPORTANT THAN KNOWLEDGE •Albert Einstein Mom and Did, Thank you for ill the love and support you've given tne not only, but especially, during the past four years. I couldn't have made It without our weekly Sunday Collect (!) phone caili I feel that since your hair has become somewhat grayer through this stressful time, and mine hasn’t, that this Is as much your degree as It Is mine. Now you can finally retire! Phil, Mindy and Dan, Thank you for being there when I needed you. And thanks for first requesting, and then following my long distance broken-toe advice' Grandma A Grandpa, I just want you to know how much I Jove you and how proud I am to have you M with me at this special time Thank you for all your support, for always believing In mr, and for the choooUte chip cookies! Friends, Thanks for listening, and for enabling me to live life at I00V 119Elaine Gail Stanifer D.P.M. Univ. Of California At Santa Barbara, BA Mom and Dad I want u thank you for the trust that you have invested in me which has given me freedom and confidence In my decision making. Over the years, academic demands and personal growth required lime, energy and understanding. I thank you for your unyielding love and support which has contributed Immensely to the fulfillment of my dreams Tom A very special thanks for always being the great friend that yoo have been and for all the love and encouragement that you have shared You have been and continue to be, a very beautiful part of my life. I love you. Slv and Spencer Thank you for the opportunity to grow and enrich each others lives with your honesty, your listening and your contributions It has been u truly amazing year. I love you guys. 120Calvin H. Sydnor, IV DPM Hampton University, BA I dedicate my degree to the loving memory of my Great Grandmother Eva Price. 1 love you and miss you very much To my wife Joanna. We have finally made it! The love and support given to me throughout this rollercoaster ride are incomprehensible Thanks for giving so much and on so many occasions receiving so little. This degree is yours as much as It is mine I love you very much To my son Calvin, V: My pride and joy This degree means nothing without you in my life. Mom and Dad: Your unending love and spiritual guidance have given me the strength to make it through PCPM. You are the greatest disciplinarian', motivator' educators and role models a son could ever want I love you. Gloria, Christopher, Walter, The Wells family. The Hoskins family. The Sydnor family: Thanks for all of your love and support I love you The 7th Infantry Division, Fort Ord, CA: Here I come AIRBOKNF. all the way! Huh' Kevin Burton Terry, D.P.M. Loyola College, B.S. Words can not express my feelings of gratitude and appreciation for all those who have loved and supported me. To my darling wife Lil, thank you for your devotion and especially for your perseverance to make a marriage work through some really trying times I'll love you always. Mom and Dad. I couldn't ask for anything more than to have parents like you both. I only hope that I can he half as caring and supportive in my life us you have been for me. The core packages and calls meant a lot to me. I love you both Brian and Mary, no one could have a better brother and sister than you two. I know no matter what the future has in store for us. we will always be together. N’an and Aunt Jo, you both have helped raise me to be what I urn today I am thankful for that and greatly appreciate your love and prayers. Ken. John, and Anthony, along with friends at school and home, thank you for your help and friendship through these tough four years A special thanks to the Blessed Mother, without whore intercessions, life would be impossible. 122Gregory James Valkosky, D.P.M. Pennsylvania State University, B.S. Mom and Dad: Your never-ending love, encouragement, and support during m life will never tw forgotten. To begin to describe how much both of you helped me achieve rny goals would be an exercise in futility, for there are not enough words to do so You are not only m parents, you are my best friends Doug. Carol, John, Debbie, Jeremy. Shane, and Mary Ann. To say you are just my family would not begin to do Justice in the support you have given me over the past four years. Joanne: Deep tn my heart, I know that God only gives a person a few very special friends during their life. Thanks for being one of mine Larry: To u great friend and roommate Where would I be without those original songs about those mi near and dear to us1' 12JJoanne Waclawski, D.P.M. Glass boro State College, BS To my mother and father. It Is difficult for me to express my Thanks to two people who have given me so much throughout my life. It goes beyond the love and support, phone calls and care packages. You have sacrificed your own needs and desires so that I could fulfill mine Day after day, consistently supporting me with understanding and love I always know that whatever happens to me I have two parents that love me and u home I can go back to. This degree should have your names on it because I couldn't have done it without you. I only hope that my children love me as much .vs I love you. Thank you To my sisters and brother. Chris, Kathy, Marie, Tony, and Donna, Each of you holds a special place In my heart. God couldn't have given me a more loving family Thank you for everything I love you To Herpen- m crazy housemate. You are the only person I know who could spend more money than me! Thanks for your friendship and all the luughter you brought into my life To SPUD, I couldn't have done it without you You are a very special friend. I wish for you only the best. I’ll never forget you To my dear Michael, I cant seem to find the words to tell you how much you mein to me. So I'll just say thank you for believing in me when I gave up on myself, for loving me for who I am and for being the best thing that has happened to me. I love you. 124Stephen V. Wilkinson, D.P.M. Western Maryland College, B.S. To my wife: Thank you for being my best friend Thanks for lifting me up when I was down and for giving me the courage and resolve to continue when things get tough. Everything wc hltve and everything we do in the future is possible because of your unfaltering confidence and devotion I love you To m Dad: I'm sorry you're not here to see me realize the dreams you knew I was capubie of achieving. I only hope that in the future I will be able to accomplish as much as you did on your own. I will always love you. To my family: Thanks for all of the support and encouragement over the past four years To fat and Greg: Thanks for being the best, in school and out. To Larry, John, Bill and Pat: Thanks for being there when I needed you the most I will always remember your caring gesture To Luke: Thanks for reminding me that the world is not a perfect place To Emily and Tin: Thanks for all of the love and distractions! 125 V'' Francine M. Williams, D.P.M. LaSalle University, R.A. Did you ever know that you're my hero, Ami everything I'd like to be. I can fly higher than nn eagle. Because you arc the wind beneath my wings Thank you Mom. Dad and Steve for being my wind Mom and Dad, Thank you for encouraging tne and making me feel that there is nothing that I could not achieve. You have allowed me through your love, support, and guidance to make all of my dreams a reality My achievement especially makes me proud because I knew I'm fulfilling your dreams, too Your unselfish love for me means more- than you will ever know. You are not only exceptional parents, (and I mean in every way) but also two of my best friends. 1 love you both very much, and as you were always there for me. I will always lie there for you. Steve, The constant happiness that you have given me means more than anything to me. You have never hesitated and have always placed me and my needs first and tills only makes me love you more. 1 certainly look forward to sharing my life with you and try ing to bring you the happiness and love you have given mi- You truly are the wind beneath my wings and at times I'm sure that this was no smull PEAT! Kaffer, Limor, Marla and Dan, Your friendship and love have meant a lot to me. You have been my family away from home Thanks for all your loveKenneth Williams, D.P.M. Cheyney University, B.A. Biology From My Favorite Authors: 1 am the way, the truth, and the life, no man Cometh write the Father, but b me . If ye had known me. ye should have known my father also, and from hence forth ye know here; And huve seen him. Verily, verily, 1 say unto you. he that believelh on me, the words that I do shall he so also; and greater works than these shall he do because I go unto the Father . . . John M:6 If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you: If you can trust your self when all men doubt you . . If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew to sene your turn long after they are gone. And so hold on when there is nothing in you If you can fill the unforgiving minute with sixty-seconds worth of distance run. yours ts the earth and everything that i» In It To My Family . Thank you for life' To my father, You have always known how to gel the most out of me; you have always known what to say when to say it Thank you so very much! To my brother; Words can not express thanks To my mother You were there to give the shattered pieces back together. You were there to listen when I needed you You have helped me to keep; the other half of my already lost mind To my Friends, Dorinda. you kept me from the edge; My partners In crime Emanuel, Calvin, Jerry and Dr. Jackson-be the best there is: to my sisters. Andrea. Karona. Juz-Estrada. Jeanean (stay everted) I Love You ALL 12?Jeanean D. Willis, D.P.M. University Of Maryland, B.S. First, I would like to give honour to God. because without Him, none of this would have been possible. To my Family. I could never thank you enough for your prayers, encouragement, and unending support. You gave me strength when the battle seemed unbearable Well Karona. we're finally getting the hell out of Dodge The best thing that came out of this Is (hat we have a special bond that includes Rob and Dave that will never be broken. The best of friends through thick and thin FOREVER! To everyone that I befriended during my stay at PCPM, good luck and thank you for your support and friendship God bless! PS Eric S. you can buy me hair anytime!Megan Byrne Woerth, DPM Temple University, BS To Mom and Dud: Thank you for your unending love, support and understanding you have given me throughout these years You have always been there wlu-n 1 needed you and en.couraged me when I was feeling down Thank you for all your kind words and thoughtfulness. Words cannot truly express my appreciation. To Danny, Karen, and John: Thanks for listening to me and encouraging me when 1 thought I'd never make It through. To Aunts Carol and Diana: Thanks for all your advice and caring throughout these years. To the Woerth family Thank you for welcoming me into your family und for your support these past few years. To my friends at PC I’M: You have filled these past four years with laughter, memories, und many long phone calls' Good luck to all of you In the future. And finally to me husband John: You have made these past four years enjoyable and surmountablr Without you I don't think! would have achieved this goal. Thank you for all the sacrifices you made for me- the bagels and backrubs, dinners, rides to the train, quizzing and typing. I urn very lucky to have such a thoughtful husband I look forward to our future together. I love you 129132 '  CHES JW w,ll ( • Cli 'c‘ Inform afi°nWe the Class of 90’, Bequeath the Following: 1. Dr. Bates - A time shared condo in Florida 2. Dr. Mahan - A patent on the Shick and Gillete procedure 3. Dr. Cole - A lazy boy recliner 4. Peggy (Dr. Cole’s secretary) - A promotion 5. Dr. Malay - A free babysitter 6. Dr. Downey - A gold plated AO set 7. Dr. Lemont - A library pass to get his own books 8. Dr. Kidawa - A Kidawa to English dictionary 9. Dr. Joseph - 1 gallon of Cefa-Cefa and Bananamycin 10. Dr. Bauer -1 year supply of Llama chow and a pair of Coban underwear 11. Dr. Helfand - many thanks 12. Dr. Palamarchuck - Newly appointed Chairman of Dance Medicine class 13. Dr. Vogler - A conveyer belt to the O.R. 14. Dr. A. Whitney - A slot machine 15. Dr. Fox - A signature analyzer for Wed. morning conference sign-in sheets 13816. Dr. Walter - Best wishes for his new family 17. Dr. K. Whitney - Chris Everett’s tennis shoes 18. Dr. Feldman - A patent for the “Feldman chair” -one push and it adjusts perfectly 19. Dr. Pontious - Best wishes with her new baby 20. Dr. Maglietta - All HMO Referrals 21. Dr. Christman - Pb plated briefs 22. Dr. Master - To a good and happy retirement 23. Dr. Zulli - A food stipend 24. Dr. Sanner - More residents 25. Dr. Palamarchuck (AGAIN) - New appointed owner of the Doll House 26. Dr. Juda - extended clinic hours 27. William Lloyd, P.T. - A large clinic hot tub 28. Dr. Schoenhaus - A free subscription to “Motor Trend” 29. To the class of 91’ - Best of luck with your fourth year 30. Student Affairs - Thanks for all your help and support! 09Good bye my friends Maybe for forever, Good by my friends The time waits for me. Who knows where we will meet again, if ever, But time, flowing like a river -to the sea. Who knows where we will meet again, if ever, And time, flowing like a river to the sea. 140CLASS OF 1991 f d(kJ[]bui,CLASS OF 1891 CLINIC + CLASS = HEADACHE THE KEEPERS OF THE "PEACE' , The Food Club. Rob SDeaks into another picture. "I don't think 1 got this from note service Pile on!"We have our Instruments Where arc yours?" "I wilder if Hyperkeratosis Traumatica Marginalia 06 CaJcls of MantOtt i a contraindication for whirlpool therapy." 144 "Bill wants this patient to do how man) repetition's?"Do you think that was enough to kill that roach?" "Holy Rads, Batman' If the Bat-apron doesn't work, lt‘ curtains for Rich’s future kids!" Rich: "Lauge Hansen Supination-Eversion Type II! Injury." Nick: "Vou said a mouthful.” The most Italian x-ray group. "Yes. we're glad we have x-ray during finals!" "Oh yes! It would be our pleasure to take your x-ray!'"What angle did Dr Whitney assign me again?" 146 •Is it Friday yet?"147 'Wr pledge to see only your patient Dr Whitney "Yep, 1 Just injected my own finger." "Doesn't this ulcer look great?-' •Phew!' "Could you PLEASE watch what you're doing!" "I'm picking up good vibrations -.. Keep holding up those walls guys! 148Behind this door we find MaryAnn writing up a chart and behind this door 149"Stop staring at me, Chris!" "Feet make my day." Sheading some light on Pharm ISO "What does it say here""and you Just got your hair cut yesterday?" Well, if Podiatry doesn't work out we could always try . . . Dentistry General medicine. “You mean I have to take a chart?" "I'm just going to sit here and read my P M. K. notes" The "Great Chart Race."Canadian mice? The power of remote control. "Beam me up, Scotty."This Bud's for you’ The Dancin' Machines or »?EOr? e p v 8 o cosozs mllli tiLLizl Lt.ZiLmZ IliiiLX 153 'Dee-Dee. are you sure we can run this race-’The team finished in third place, with an overall record of 6-2-1. Not pictured: Pete Sardela HLsham Ashry John Markley Mark Maehrer Keith Naftulin "Yes, my foot is now killing me " Editor In Chief: Roberto Araujo Layout and Design: Lorraine Farkas Fred Lause DeVonne Roman Kathy Szumski Cinzia Vecchia Photographers: Michele Fleeter Sheryl Greene Tamara How Mike McGlamry Gary Pichney That's it gang! No more classes! Good luck to everyone in what will be a busy fourth year. May we run into each other from time to time. 154 "Gosh, they scored again!'CLASS OF 1992A TIME TO PARTY156 Now that I have your attention . Another August WeddingCatchin' Hies'’ Calendar Men Miller Time!160161162 Cheese!) Isum Whew Dr. KuppRADIOLOGY CLASS 164TRICK OR TREAT 16S166Editor in Chief: Denise M Opits Photographers: Noel Barnett Simon Becker Scott Dittu Lisa Donatieilo Catherine Henry Contributors: Pete Cuesta Lee Firestone Carol Lapzanich 168CLASS OF 1993174175176177180 ;VEditor In Chief: Helen Gold Layout and Design: Luther Bond Gladys DeLeon Helen Gold Juan Suarez Photographers: Patty Bernstein Luther Bond Helen Gold Juan SuarezFACULTY AND STAFFArnold Feldman. D.P.M Richard Jay. D.P 'I Gary Bauer. D.P.M Philip Bresnahan, D.P.M. Steven Boc. D.P M Robert Christman. D.P.M Arthur HelFand, D.P.M. Gilbert Mice. D P M Michael Downey. D.P.M 184185 Thomas MftglfcUa, D P M D. Scott Malay, D.P MHoward Palamarchuck, D P M Jane Pontius, D P M. William Sanner, D P M. Alan Whitney, D.P.M.Carl Abramson, Ph D. Mi lad Bitar. Ph D. Robert Boyd, Ph P. James Burke, Ph D Francis Conway, Ph D- Robert Davis. Ph D Marilyn Fenton. Ph D Bruce Hirsh. Ph D. 187 Howard Pitkow. Ph D. Bohdan Terleckyj, M S,STAFF Katrina Celenta Rita Paul PcMr Kapriet an Tom Crehan Mellisa Reich Mary Gallagher Fred KuRler. M.S Felice Walden Kathy Tague Maxine Preston Margaret Frey Terri Webster Dave Thompson Rochelle Weisman Anthony Morris i»8Linda Stanley. M LS. Donna Scholl Francos Peters. M L S B XII WCNOI in'u pv UGrand Newman Tom Malornno Eleanor Strayhorn-Price Yolanda Taylor Casey Marks Marlene Jefferson Lorestlne Pressley Virginia Kehoe Patricia O'Malley Darlene Johns Deanna Civera Loretta Edwards 189Kathy Palajruto Christina Barbour Edith Bobb Viola Warren Mar)' Gate Vvetw Hicks Kathy Orlando Kim Creighton Carol Romano Loretta Whitney Nancy Brown Mary Oehler Richard Cerruti Harold Rizen 190STAFF 01 iw Turiansfca Alfreds English Robin Wade Rita LaBree Rosa Nesmith Liz Kurkland Diane Carlsen Donna Boni Paul Carter 191 i Caroline Taraska Barbara Hoffman Jeffrey Frey192 Victor Thompson Beth BakelyLevi Smith Sheena Jackson Bari Jones Wayne Perkins Dortheu Bennett Chet Johnson►61 iiih ®puriADVERTISINGCongratulations Congratulations To Peter A Miller, D.P.M. I)r. Daniel R Molcsan Jr., D.P.M. From From: JON MELISSA, MATT, MOTHER DAD AND MOM DAD, GRANDMA GRANDPA ALL WHO LOVE YOU. Congratulations, Judy — We Are Happy And Proud Of Your Accomplishments Love, MOM, DAD, PHIL, MINDY, DAN. 1%Good Luck To Our Son. Joseph And His Classmates. The 1990 Graduating Class MR. MRS. JOSEPH V. DONNELLY, JR. Dear Howard, At This Special Time In All Our Lives We Want To Say How Proud We Are Of You And How Much We Love You. May Your Future Be Filled With Happiness. Joy, And Success. God Bless You. Love, MOM, DAD, BILL AND KARYNDr. Karen E. Marsian, With Congratulations And Great Pride We Wish Success And Every Happiness To Our Wonderful Daughter. All Our Love, MOM DAD Is There A Doctor In The House? No . . Just A Podiatrist! Karen, We Are All Very Impressed And Honored To Have You For A Sister. May Your Hard Work Pay Off With Happiness, Love And Tons Of Money. Welcome Home, Dr. Marsian. If You Think The Last Four Years Have Been Tough — Wait l.'ntil You Get Back!! Love, BETH, BRENDA AND SANDRA Dr. Alan A Morris, D.P.M. We Are Proud You Put Your "Best Foot Forward" Towards Your Goal. With Pride And Delight, But Mostly With Love, We Wish You Health, Happiness And Success. Love, MOM, DAD ELISE 198To James Gary Homsher Dinulos, our son THE HUMAN TOUCH Tis the human touch in this world that counts, the touch of your hand and mine, which means far more to the fainting heart than shelter and bread and wine: For shelter is gone when the night is o’er. and bread lasts only a day. but the touch of the hand and the sound of the voice sing in the heart alway. Spencer Michael Free As you travel along life’s journey always remember to give the human touch. Best wishes and lots of love from your family. We are very proud of you. James. Dr. and Mrs. Baltazar T. Dinulos Congratulations Ur. Howard M. Roesen To Lewis Freed, D.P.M. "Way To Go!" You Did It And We’re Proud! We Are So Proud Of You Now And Always Love, Love, MARLENE DAD DAD, MOM AND SHARON, GRANDPA ERIC F., JULIE, EMILY, LOU, CINDY, AND NANNIE SNORKY, ERIC M, SUSAN LARRY 199 Dr. Francine M. Williams Congratulations Fran. Ever Since We Can Remember You Have Always Wanted To Become A Doctor. You Have Finally Realized Your Dream And We Are So Proud Of You. Francine, You Fill Our Lives With Happiness And We Can Now Say With Great Pride "Our Daughter The Doctor." We Love You, MOTHER AND DAD Congratulations To Our Doctor Kathleen M. Lynch. D.P.M. We Are So Proud Of You, Your Many Accomplishments And All Your Hard Work. May Your Future Always Be Bright And Prosperous. God Bless You. With Loving Pride. DAD, MOM, JOEY, COLLETTE, MARY, KAREN, MAUREEN, KEVIN - GRANDMA PA FURLONG, GRANDMA LYNCH SKIPPER TOO. 200Congratulations Ur. Andrea Marie Moulton As I Oxik Back On All Your Hard Work And Dedication, I Must Take Time Out To Ia?t You Know How Proud I Arn To Have A Daughter Like You Today Is The Greatest Day Of My Life. 1 Am Very Happy On Your Achievement. God Bless You And Good Luck. Love, MOM Dr. Andrea Marie Moulton To My Niece Andrea M. Moulton. Congratulations On Your Achievement. I Am Sure That Your Mom A Dad Are The Two Happiest People. I Pray That The Blessings Of God Will Remain With You And With His Guidance You Will Have The Strength And Faith To Carry On. God Bless You. AUNT CECILLE Pr. Andrea Marie Moulton, D.P.M. Congratulations! Your Hard Work And Dedication Was What It Took For You To Succeed. You Have Made Us Very Proud. Much Success And Happiness In The Future MOM, DAD, AND AUNT CECILLE 201 Dr. Steven Selby Blaken To The Finest Son, Grandson, Brother And Uncle, We Are So Proud Of You. Congratulations! It Is No Surprise To Us That You Have Succeeded In Your Endeavors. We Always Knew You Would And We Are So Very Proud. With Love, Congratulations THE FAMILY OF LAWRENCE G. Love, LAZAR MOM, DAD, LAURA, STEVE AND BINDA Dear Kwab, Though you have had some rough times over these last four years, you have withstood all hurdles. Your hard work, perseverance and belief in God have pulled you through. We are all so very proud of you and wish you a most successful and fulfilling future. Congratulations, Dr. Emmanuel K. Ohemeng Jr., for a job well done! Love, x Ma Dora Uncle Don Uncle Sonny Uncle Jerome Great-Aunt Zadie Great-Uncle Britt 202Nicholas Pachuda, D.P.M. Congratulations On Your Graduation. All Our Best Wishes For Your Future Hi Dr. Mike Kressler, Your Parents And Sister Are Very Proud Of Your Success. We Are All Waiting For You To Work On Our Feet. From Your Family With Love. MOM AND DAD DICK, SHIRLEY KIMBERLY KRESSLER Congratulations To David E Samuel We Love You And We Are Proud Of You MOM DADCongratulations Megan We’re All Proud Of You! Love, DAD, MOM, DONNY, KAREN JOHN THE FREEDOM SHOE Sample the advantages of the Reece Orthopedic Shoe Both patents and practitioners endorse the "no-cast freedom of the Reece Orthopedic Shoe It can be applied m a fraction of the time required for casting...grvmg added mobility and eliminating cast itch. This sturdy, versatile shoe is also frequently chosen for post-operative surgical care, bum treatment, bursitis and athlete's loot. Easily stocked in small, medium and large men's and women's sizes...plus shielded toe models for the ambulatory worker. Investigate the freedom and efficiency of the Reece Orthopedc Shoe. Ask your equipment dealer for a sample or write us today Lades Standard Model 173 Men s Shielded Toe Model 175CG REECE WOODEN SOLE SHOE COMPANY 'In continuous business since 1685' Columbus. Nebraska 68601 Congratulations And Good Luck LESLIE HOLLANDERJOSTENS

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