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  a '( A ✓f y ✓ ■ ✓ y L. x- f -r- y y 7t V , yy r PEt .sM 1.V .4 OOLUfi.E OF PVDlMfilC MEDIftjfe fHlLAI)E 0, PENNSY ZNIA ,A , , . " ' PENNSYLVANIA COLLEGE OF PODIATRIC MEDICINE PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIAACHILLES 1989 SENIOR EDITOR: MAURICE W. AIKEN CO EDITORS: SENIOR SECTION: FACULTY STAFF: SPONSORS: SUPPORTING STAFF: Joseph Bender Scott Glassburn Deborah Sharlin Vibha Parekh Sanjay Patel Craig Christenson CONTRIBUTORS: Kristin Janson Liz Massimini Kim Daley LYNNE M. CASPER MARK R. JOHNSTON LISA NEEDELMAN BOB FINK FACULTY ADVISOR: Bruce Hirsch CLASS EDITORS: Francis Derk 1990 Roberto Araujo 1991 Denise Opitz 1992 2iarrves E- Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine I AMES E BATES. OPM mvoCM To the Class of 1989: Preparations are already well under way for the high point of the school year — Graduation. This June 3rd will find you proudly sitting In the Acadeny of Music, dressed In your doceoral robe and PCPM hood, for all In attendance to see you for the first tine ss a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine. 7hus. you become » contributing neaber of a noble profeaslon. With that honor cooes responsibilities that each of you oust uphold. Standards have been established by those who preceded you and It nou beconat your quest to not only 1tve up to those standards but to enhance then. The donning of the nlle green hood syobollrlng your degree will stir thoughts and oenorles that are unique to each of you. Most of you will reflect on the oontht and years of study, with their Joys and challenges, that have brought you to this nchlovesent. Undoubtedly you will be filled with droan of future residencies, preceptorshlps and successful private practices. All of your alnds will be flooded with justifiable pride a you are awarded the fruit of your labor -- your professional degrse. We look forward to sharing the pride of that aotieot with you, our new colleagues. No doubt you are leaving PCPM with a bit of apprehension. There is nothing wrong In reeling that way. 1 encourage you to keep a certain aoount of this always within you; it will keep you on your toes and help you to ever Strive to do your best. You should leave us with the confidence that you have received Che finest podiatric nedlcal education available in the world today. PCPM regains your Aina Mater; feel free to return, to share your aecnnpllshoent . to nake known your current needs, and, with your dee and interest, to contribute to the growth of vour school and vour'profession. You and your classaate are the pteaent and our hope for thT'future. As you go forward to begin your careera, the Trustee , Adnlnlstrators and faculty wlah you ouch success and satisfaction In your setvlee of humanity! We are very proud of you and say tt always be thus! r 3„Sandra G. Mannix v'ce President Student Affairs I Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine SANDRA C MANNIX MCt mvoixl ttOOIKt ATfAlW Dear Cla.« of 1989 U t. alway. difficult to writ a letter of congratulatloot and vell wl.he. that doa. not .©und like J !.1 " That timply art not enough ertalivt new way. to tall you how ful Wt know you will be. lut. all of Cheat thing, art true. You havt ht.n a challenging but ravaging cleat to taaeh. You brought a .j «lal ®{ enlhu.Ui to your cla.aaa and to clinic. It ha. been a 1© g four year., but you all ware per..ve«ing and cowUt.d to the ta.V ahead. It ha. bean a ter, real pWa.ura for to gat to hjaw m l •« you wall, riaa.e do baep in touch. Alwunlfae of the calibre ITyour da., are the ba.t poa.lbla rol. oodal wa can provide for currant and future .tudanta. 1 look Urs UI to •aiMto -tinuing to work togathar aa you continue your profctonal life. Stay well! Stay happy? Ve will ■!.. you. Thinking i. ea.yi action la difficult; to act in accordance with one'a thought I. the RO.t difficult thing in the world. Coetha Much reaped and affection, Sandra C. Hannlx I David Vice Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine DAVID A AXLES. Pt. D Vice rtcsioivi tot atSCAtOt Oear Class of 1989: Congratulations to each of you on the successful completion of an intense and demanding four-year educational progran. Through your efforts, dedication and sacrifice, you o»erca«e what at tines must have seemed like leoossible obstacles. As a result, you have been preoared to enter a challenging and rewarding profession and begin a career of providing podiatric care with the competence and compassion that your patients require and deserve. You are a'so about to enter a career of life-long learnlno which will require that you make a commitment to continuing education. You are better trained podiatric physicians at an earlier staqe in your careers than your predecessors. However, you must iwlntaln an inquisitiveness and sense of observation that leads to the discovery and creation of new knowledge. We know you will. We wish you the pleasures and rewards attending the practice of oodiatric medicine. Yai have earned it and we are proud to welcome you as col leaques. As you proceed with your careers, always remember, as Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote, ’What lies behind us and -hat lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." Good luck and best wishes for a healthy and peaceful future. Idp-m. Academic Affairs 6 Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine KICRAN T. MAHAN. DPM Vtct NCltOCMl »0• AirutS AND Dt» To the Closs of 1989 On behalf of the entire faculty. 1 want to congratulate each of you on the successful completion of your four years ol study. Despite the rigors of the academic progran, you persevered; because of the rigors of the academic program, you have become competent and intelligent practitioners. In the future you will use that Knowledge, and those cKills that you have acquired to build a rewarding and successful life as a healer of other human beings. As with other commencements that you have been throuqh, this one too is but a beginning. Unlike your other commencements, this one marks the beginning of a life-long professional career. Being a professional means making an intense personal commitment to continuing your own growth in the field, and working to advance the field itself. Our profession is a young one, with many challenges and obstacles ahead. Each of us has an important role to play in insuring that the profession continues to thrive. Each patient you treat will be an opportunity for you to demonstrate the knowledge and skills of this profession with regard to the human foot and leg. Continue to challenge yourself, to strive for ever greater knowledge. Only in continuing the search for new knowledge can one truly enjoy the fruits of the profession. Congratulations, colleagues, and welcome to the profession!William J. Martin, D.P.N1. Acting Dean • Clinical Services And Medical Director Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine vmuiamj martin dpm rsr j "• “ « ' rs viokh rutiiio To The Class of 196? It l a pleasure to offer ey congratulations to each one of you on the successful conpletion of our academe and clinical program The road to completion at tines. 1 as sure, seened long and impossible You should all feel a great deal of self satisfaction with graduation The years of training at P.C.P.M. have gi en each one of you of Knowledge which all of you nusi build upon. As you enter professional career, you will continue to learn each day froi of the profession. The future of the profession it now your also. Rcnenber that your continued success will also enable to prosper. a foundation Into your ' your practice responsibility the profession it has beer, a pleasure to watch all of you develop into • sKilled Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, and 1 welcone all of you Into the profession. Congratulations and best wishes for continued success in the future. Sincerely '” uufa ft. 7Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine OAVlD R COlC td D Man ic CU KAl IDVCAIO'. TO THE CUSS OF 1989 In the flood of emotion, surrounding your graduation la a very real celebration for all of us. Your trek has been hard. Your successes have been nany. Finally, before qreen valley you anticipated. Now. you are your own future, the reputation of your college, and the destiny of your profession. That you are worthy of these responsibilities is the reason we celebrate. Congratulations! What you have earned will grow every day. It will fill your heart and mind. It will support your family ar.d your dreams. More than evor before, this rite of passage means you are on your own: you must now redefine yourself personally and professionally. The pride of beinq docborwiU never desert you. It will bring you new colleagues and friends. More than anything else, X hope it brings you fulfillment. Thank you for sharing these few years with me. It has been an exhilarating time. I hope that you too will have a similar opportunity as your career unfolds, for helping students becoming professionals is the greatest reward an educator can have and share. Have a great future. We will »is6 you. f i David R. Colo, Ed.D. Dean for Clinical EducationMaurice To The Class Of 1989: The years here at PCPM have been as fleeting as our thoughts of graduation back in our first year ‘shade number three of grey" (remember the winter doldrums ?) Many bonds of both lifelong friendships and love were made during our brief, but intense stay in Philadelphia. If for nothing more than this, we must be thankful to PCPM However, we leave here not only with memories of both good times and bad. but with a new horizon upon which we. as the best the profession of podiatry has to offer, will shine so brilliantly. I would like to present the Achilles 1989 to the Class of 1989.1 hope that you all enjoy reading it as much as the Achilles staff and I enjoyed creating it. I wish to thank the wonderful people who spent so much of their precious time helping to design a real piece of PCPM pride. A special thanks to Mark Johnston, who as my roommate was a captive co-editor; Lynne Casper for the many hours of help on senior section; Bob and Lisa Fink for professional methodology of an advertising campaign on par with Coke!: Vibha Pareh. Sanjay Patel, Kristin Janson and Craig Christenson for their great ideas and help; Joel Morse for his sense of humor. To each of you as Doctors of Podiatric Medicine, friends, and colleagues. I wish to you nothing but happiness and only the best life has to offer you You have all worked so very hard, and you certainly deserve it fondly. Maurice Warren Aiken I PCPM Class Of 1989 June 3rd $12,600 X 4 | The Achilles Tribune Philadelphia, PA June 3, 1989 Today at the Academy of Music in Philadelphia, the Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine will have its commencement ceremony for graduates. One hundred and twenty three students will step forward as new Doctors of Podiatric Medicine. Four years ago, 146 people from many different backgrounds and life experiences gathered together in a nondescript classroom, the first of three that would become home to all alike. These classrooms would each take on their own character, as the laughter, whispering, chattering and moans of their inhabitants created the bonds of the Class of 1989. If only walls could talk ... they would -have much to retell about the Class of '89. Too numerous to recall, everyone has their own special memories and nightmares. Albeit, graduation will commence today. A day we always thought was too far away is suddenly here. We will leave behind friends made and times shared, but we will always have PCPM, for good or for bad. as a four year mark on our lives. We are still all very different with different ideas and manners, but PCPM will always be our common bond for the past, present and future. 1011 Attendance was never one of our stronger points Jay, do you have any questions?Podiatric Cocktail Knowledge Student A, “Well, we’ll post the rearfoot with 3 degrees of varus and 3 degrees of motion, intrinsically post the forefoot and balance the rearfoot to vertical." Student B. "Why don't we forget the rearfoot posting and add a Morton’s extension." Student C. "Forget the orthotics. Give them a ready made Schaeffer." Wednesday afternoon.v 13 Was I supposed to heat it with the coverslip on or off How many surfaces, shapes and convolutions to memorur'Do You Remember . . . When Paul and Tony appeared in class as breasts? AI Snyder? Farside comics and "Poodle with a mohawk"? the dog, turtle, and bunny lab? the rumor that jejunum was going to be on the test? Biweekly exams? Sanner’s description of the midtorsal joint? Big league Lenny Jacobs? The video of the bikini clad women with the suction cup thighs? The unbiased drug reps? Thin man comics? Dov Kubenstein? Scott Chalson, the pododentist? Goldenberg vs. Schoenhaus? Harry Sturtz? Joe’s fish lie, "ode to mighty Joe", Joe-Brown • Sequard Syndrone? Jasons? Surfing on tables at Sinokey Joe's? Patches, Dr. Bate's dog? Mall tavern? Wedsday morning conferences? Jay's Sears Automotive T-shirts? The most manifest sign of wisdom is continued cheerfulness — Montaigne Bob. truly determined to understand the intricate boney landmarks of the human feat, braids this model to his head. As technical consultant for the movie Blue Velvet, what beer do you recommend - Heineken or Pubst Blue Ribbon? 14IS16171819In a never ending attempt to remain awake during class, many Ingenious attempts were devised. Here Clay and Joe attempt to prop up their eyelids with poker chips. While this method Initially met with success, rumor has It that both Joe and Clay were treated for a chief complaint or chronic dropping eyelids at Jefferson The diagnosis of atrophy of the levator palpebrae muscles necessitated rigorous P.T under the tutelage of Joe Bruno To this day Joe admits to still "working out" these muscles by tying wet tea lags to his eyelashes and doing three sets of ten three times a week This rare photograph of the interior of the Mall Tavern was taken during the annual Radiology Party. Dr. Zulll agreed that it was not the best idea to have the practical exam after the party but that he was amused by some of the responses-The X-rays of Gout ellkited the most varied answers. ‘"It looks like an axial view of the Amazon River basin shot with a Nikon one touch," ex claimed one student Another student, claimed that the Gouty tophus "looks like Elvis," and is said to have called PM magazine with his discovery, as of yet they have not returned his call Here, first year students prepare to step-out to their first ever plantar calcaneal navicular ligament ball The memorable quote of the night went U) Paul D, when he said "Well guys. I'z got my three babes, what are you guys gonna do for dates?" Needless to say twtstin Tim Tobin, Bruce Greenbaum, Jim "The Hullux" Ludden and Big Bob had a good time as did all. ZOWhile the mood below wnn very somber, it Is 4 clever Trout for j world renowned Podulric bfcimt-chanicv think tank This picture captured a rather heated debate between Ron and Ann over the oblique midtarsal joint. Joel Morse, noted restaurant reviewer is joined during this meal by classmate Karen Galli Joel Is sampling the house special, four martinis und a chicken nugget. Al Cecchin! would frequently spend his lunchtimes In the classroom On this particular afternoon. Al is quite amused by the antics of Jim Wang and Al Spector (not shown in pictures.) who decided to try something different by roasting an entire suckling pig over the overhead projector A Day In The Life . . . A day in the life of a fourth year student. 12:00 AM Student goes to bed after a night of studying the Gino Scartozzi book. 2:00 AM Student wakes up in a cold sweat worrying about whether he will match with CASPR. 4:00 AM Student wakes up in a cold sweat after having a nightmare where a residency director shoves thin strips of TL61 under his fingernails, after he gives uncorrect answers to interview questions. 6:30 AM Alarm wakes up student Student. who is now '‘refreshed,” heads to the bathroom to shower. Student realizes he must hurry to make Polyclinic, which starts at 7:45, and has a gracious 15 minute grace period till 8:00 AM. Student realizes that entering the classroom at 8:05 AM is strictly verboten Because he is not 5 minutes late but actually 20 minutes late, a fact that has been laboriously taught by the instructor. 7:59 AM Student arrives to Poly Clinic on time and is thrilled that the lecture is on the topic of surgical correction of synpolymacrodactylism. The student pauses and is overwhelmed by the relevance of the topic. 8:58 AM Student arrives at his designal ed clinic module and meets his "receptive and eager to learn third year." 9- 10:00 AM No patients show, student becomes hyperglycemic from eating candy from Central Supply. 10- 11:00 AM No patients show. Students spread residency rumors and find out what programs have shut down since the day before 11- 11:30 Student takes his ulcer medication and prays that no patients show 11:30 AM Patient arrives with mycotic nails that even Dr. Krausz didn't prepare us for. 12:30 PM Patient’s nails no longer resemble adult Ram's horns. Patient requests that the student use the burr. 12:45 PM Student and patient leave room that is now enveloped in aerosolized keratin and hyphal spores. 12:48-12:56 PM Student enjoys lunch from hot dog vendor. 1:00-3:00 PM Radiology class begins Student is lucky enough to be called on and drilled for 10 minutes straight. 3-5:00 PM Cadaver surgery begins Finally the student is able to sleep peacefully. 5-6:30 PM Cadaver lab on how to do osteotomies on bone with the consistency of Farina 7-7:30 PM Student eats healed TV dinner. 7:30-12:00 Student with coffee in hand opens up his Gino Scartozzi book 21222)24“Buy My Book” Lenny Has A New Book . . . Just Say No. The Jag screeched to a halt just outside my front door. Almost immediately there was a rap on the storm door It was Sunday morning and 1 still had my coffee-stained jammies on. Half unconscious I shuffled to the door, not realizing that the funnies were stuck to my fuzzy slippers. I peaked through the peep-hole in the door, expecting one of our infrequent visits from Jehovah’s Witness — hut. Lord help me, it was HIM' Still thinking unclearlv, and too shocked to wretch. I unlatched the door. Before I could holler. “LEAVE!” — he jumped through the doorway. "Hiya-Hiya-Hiya," he began. "I'm going door to door selling copies of my NEW book." There he stood (or should I say twitched) wearing one of those shiny suits and holding a new copy of a very familiar old book On and on he rambled, "Updated ... Improved .. NEW book is that my beeper ... even’s got AIDS drugs ... when I was a resident... saved a life 'cuz I had the book." Finally, his beeper did go off. He walked to my phone, still talking, and dialed some numbers. "Mind if I borrow yer phone? Thanks .1 lot, and just as abruptly hung up and said, "Adios muchacho . . . here's my card . . . NEW book . let’s do lunch . . gotta go... BYE!" And "SLAM" sent the door. During the entire interaction I had not moved from the spot where I had answered the door I spent a confused moment by the door and then reached down and peeled the comics from the bottom of my slipper. I mosied back to the couch, laid down and thought, "Holy shit — is it already time for Lenny to have another NEW book?" jcomprehensive manner... rs arc also a very good lisy M Ofcw award.Medical School 2S262 The Boys Club Women are slowly but surely sneaking into the ranks of PCPM making their mark. For the meantime however, cars, sports and bars find their way into most conversations.The National Boards really made us sweat ' fH. Patel reviews the literature on porokeratosis mahelli Is this really the future of podiatry? 30J1 j:A-C-H-I-L-L-E-S 19 8 9 R Randal Aaranson, D.P.M. Wilkes College, B.S. HALLUX ABOUT TIME! To my parents: For a lifetime of guidence and support. I dedicate this acheivement to you. Thanx. To Jamie and Terry: Alyssa Hope is beautiful! (See below) Thanx for being the best sister and brother-in-law there is. To Harry and Karen: Being close to both of your families has been very special. I love all sixteen of youMaurice Warren Aiken, D.P.M. Univ Of Maryland - Honors, BA George Washington University I am a ship, now finally set free to sail. The many years of preparation are about to be tested In open waters. The support of my mother, sister, grandparents, family and friends Power my sails with never ending winds of belief The memory of my father is my guiding light by which I will navigate. But it is the love and trust of my wile and best friend That will keep me afloat- even when seas become troubled waters I am a ship, and now I must leave port. 8ut I am not empty For I am filled with treasures and pearls of wisdom. And I search for new horizons. Sailing is seldom without complications I know. I have been there before, but never alone. The people whom I love and who love me will be close behind To weather with me our voyage into The unknown. M W. Aiken 35Carol Auslander, D.P.M. Montclair State College, B.S. I wish to dedicate this achievement to my parents. Their love, support, and inspiration throughout my life are what truely enabled me to reach this moment. Thank you for giving of yourselves so unselfishly and for knowing just what to say to allow me to pursue my dreams. I would also like to wish all my colleagues much success in life. It has been an honor and pleasure to meet and grow with such fine people. The friendliness and warmth of this class has provided me with memories I will always cherish. Thanks to all who have smiled upon me and given me the opportunity to laugh. It has made these past 4 years that much more worthwhile. 36Savita P. Balani, D.P.M. Alvernia College, B.S. To My Lord: I thank you and praise you from the bottom of my heart. Without you I would never have made it. To Ma Pa: I dedicate this degree to you and thank you for your love, confidence, encouragement, sacrifices guidance you have given me through the years wanting more for me than you ever dreamed for yourselves. I love you both very much. To my Twm-Vmeeta. Thank you for being the best sister friend anyone could ever ask for. To Inder Bmdu Bhaiya: Thank you for all those rides phone calls. You two are very special brothers. To my friends - Rilu, Karen Inez Thank you for all those good times and for pulling me through those not so good times. I wish you happiness and success all the way. 37Joseph F. Bender, D.P.M. Fairieigh Dickinson University, B.S. 38Steven A. Bernstein, D.P.M. Emory University, B.S. To my wife and best friend Pamela To tolerate me thru these tour years and strfl love me is a much greater achievement than mine. We troth worked very hard tor this degree and it is as much yours as it is mine Honey, with you by my side there is nothing we can't achieve together. You are the most important part ot my life! I love you. To my Parents: There is finally another Or Bernstein in the family and I hold both ot you responsible It it weren't for 25 years of constant love and encouragement this could not have happened You taught me to be the best I can be and enioy life at the same time I will chensh you both forever I am very proud to be your son To Wendy and Scott We have shared many great times in the past and I look toward to many more in the future. I am always here if you need me' You are the greatest a brother can ever wish for I love you both To Bruce and Paul. You guys are the greatest You were there always to keep me in line Good luck to you always I'm here if you need me To the Class ot 1989 Good Luck Always! PS Scott Your tune will come’ 39Lorraine Bopp, D.P.M. SUNY At Stony Brook, B.S. To Mom and Dad: You have always done more for me than you have ever done for yourselves and your sacrifices throughout the years have turned my dreams into reality. It is for that reason that I dedicate my degree to both of you for your endless love, confidence, support and encouragement. Love You Both! To Arthur: Thank you for being the best brother a sister could have. To Charlie: Making it through PCPM is an accomplishment in itself making it through together is nothing less than incredible. Thank you for all of your love and understanding. You were always there to listen even when you had your own problems. I Love You! P.S. - Seven years is long enough Now we can get married. To Darilyn and Vibha: Thank you for all of your support. Friends like you are hard to find. Let's all hope that we can afford to call each other m the years to come! Love, LorraineKaren A. Borsos, D.P.M. Fairfield University, B.S. To Mom and Dad, thank you tor your love and support. Your guidance and confidence in me helped me become the person I am today. To my sister Deb. thank you lor receiving those late night telephone calls attempting to resolve my panic attacks. Just knowing you are there listening and understanding helped tremendously. To Gram, thank you for you never ending kindness. You were always there; ready to lend a helping hand. To my good friends Traci, Nazy and Paul, thank you for the words of encouragement. You always managed to keep my spirits up; to look at the bright side of things. To Savita. Andrea and Lorraine, thank you for making an intense four years seem a little less stressful. I will always remember the good times we shared. I chose the path less traveled by. It wasn’t easy, but it wasn't all bad either. And that, along with caring friends and family, has made all the difference!4.1uJoseph M. Caporusso Jr., D.P.M. Manhattanville College, B.A.Lynne Marcelle Casper, D.P.M. University Of Pennsylvania, BA TO MY BEAUTIFUL FAMILY: Thank you for your love and constant caring. Gutenshu and a galosh! TO MY FRIENOS: Thank you for your fun and laughter. Love Always. LynneAlbert Cecchini, D.P.M. St. Joseph's University, B.S. To my Mom and Dad: It is with much love that I dedicate my degree to you both, because without your love, confidence, and understanding, this degree would have been unattainable. Thank you for always telling me to be the best I can be. and for providing me the opportunity to achieve this goal. I love you both very much. To my Grandmom: You showed me that with hard work and perseverence nothing's impossible. I love you. To Michele and Glen: Having a sister in my same situation, you know what it's like. Thank you for being not only my sister and brother-in-law. but two of my best friends. To Nadine McFeeley: Thank you for all your time and support. Your advice and confidence meant more to me than you'll ever know. To Kelly: Thank you for your patience and understanding, and for all those broken dates. I love you.Scott E. Chalson, D.P.M University Of Florida, B.S. BEST OF LUCK TO ALL MY FELLOW CLASSMATES IN THE YEARS TO COME.........now where’s that gosh darned ... ah, here it is . . . application to Parkview . . WHAT!!! They want how much?!!!... $@ $$$ @!!?C%$ ...............oh. well. . gosh darn it. 48 9John Connolly, D.P.M. LaSalle College, BA "I've always been honest, and I never kissed ass. What else can I say?" JCM -Thank you Mom and Dad for believing in me. -Thanks to my animals for reminding me of simpler things and better times. -To my friends, thanks for listening. -Les, thank you most of all. for being everything to me. You are not a wave, but the sea itself. I love you beyond words. Well, if you'll excuse us. Les and I have a life to catch .... C’mon Les..........Ferguson? . . . Come here Ferg! 50Kimberly A. Daley, D.P.M. Ocean County College, A.A. Montclair State College, B.S. Special thanks to my Mother. Phil and my sister Kathy for their love, understanding and encouragement through these years. We shall steer safely through every storm, so long as our heart is right, our intention fervent, our courage steadfast, and our trust fixed on God. St. Francis de Sales 52Wendy David, D.P.M. Franklin And Marshall College, B.A. TODD: These years have flown by. You have made them so much fun! I am excited for tomorrow! LOVE YOU! DAD AND MOM Yeah! I am so excited! Thanks for being the best parents in the world. Dad. you have another partner! ST ACE: Will you work 8-1 or 1-67 Then, some tennis? TODD D: Are you going to save the world before or after you make your first million? S. SYL SKLAR: You are my favorite blood grandmother on my father's side! LIE: Thanks to you I laughed through PCPM! Thanks for always being there! GOOD LUCK CLASS OF 1989! 5JPhyllis Jean Davis, D.P.M. Mt. Sinai-City Col. School Of Nursing, B.S.N. Teacher’s Col., Columbia Univ. Ed.D. In loving memory ol my mother • you are with me always Constant exposure to so much preiudice, mediocrity, selfishness and narrow vision at PCPM taught me to truly appreciate my sisters in spirit... For this I thank PCPM faculty and students Dolly . .......always there Brenda ........no nonsense Barbara _______understanding Beverly .......Beverly . . Beverly . . Bev . . . . Some are graced by loving close family I was blessed with friends. No one statement encompasses all. There were faculty, sup porting staff and a few students who were a light in the darkness Thank you 5-4Donna-Jean Defronzo, D.P.M. Rutgers University, BA To Adam: Somehow, I have to say that it it wasn't for pharmacology, where would we be today7 To Mom: All of us are in school; some of us graduate sooner then others, but we all graduate. To Myself: Dreams are a window into another world. If you cultivate your imagination and control it. you can have whatever you want. To My Friends: Really. NO MORE SCHOOL!! 55Paul S. DeMarco, D.P.M. SUNY At Stony Brook, B.S. I dedicate this degree in loving memory of mom and dad Even though our time together was short, if it was not for your early up bringing and guidance this all would not have been made possible I miss you both. To Ltnda. my sister and best friend. Thank you for all the late mte phone calls and gossip sessions. Thanks for all the weekend trips down with the girls. You brought home a little closer. You are the best sister a brother could ever ask for. thanks for being there. To my brother Peter, thanks for all the books you supplied me with, maybe now I will get a chance to read them Thanks for listening when I needed someone to talk to. To my cousin John, thanks for washing and waxing my car whenever I came home. A special thanks to Mrs Rita Whitney lor all the care packages you sent me back with and to ail my toy feet. I would like to thank all my friends here at PCPM We have had a lot of great times together. You made the bad times seem good and the good times an unforgetable memory. To a group of special friends, we have spent a lot of time together over the past four years, and I |ust want you to know that they have been some of the best times of my life. I |ust hope that we all remain as close as we are right now. Thanks again, you know who you are. Love. PaulGabriel L. DeTolla, D.P.M. Glassboro State College, B.A., M.A. Becoming a doctor is an achievement I could not have attained without the support and belief of my family and friends. I dedicate this accomplishment to them. To my Dad who was always there when I needed advice and when times were rough, for his prayers and faith in me. Your faith Dad, gave me the will to endure. To my Mom for her unselfishness, compassion, love, and for helping me to become the person that I am today. Without you Mom Dad. I would never have made it. I love you both so very much. To my brother, Louis DeTolla. DVM. Ph.D., thanks tor the expert help when I needed it. To my friend Steve, for the endless words of encouragement in the bleakest of times. To my friends at PCPM. thank you for your help and friendship. I will always remember the good times. To my sweetheart Alice, for all the sacrifices, the years of typing, helping me to study, and always being there to tell me "everything will be OK." I graduate holding your hand, pretty girl. We made it! Thank you with all my love. Love. Gabe 57Joaquin Diaz, Jr., D.P.M. Long Island University, B.S. TO MY WIFE NANCY: To tolerate me through these years and still love me is a much greater achievement than mine. Our love is endless. TOGETHER WE CAN DO ANYTHING. TO MY PARENTS: Your unending love, understanding and support has made it possible. You gave me more than I could have ever expected Thank you for sacrificing so much while asking for so little. I am proud to be your son. I love you both very much. TO MY SISTERS: BETTY, ESPERANZA, LUZ, FLOR You are more than |ust my sisters, you are my best friends. I love you ail very much. TOGETHER UNTIL THE END. and thanks to their families. TOFLOR: Thank you so much for being there when I needed that extra push to go on. TO LOLITA. TONO Y LA MEMORIA DEL DR. LG. HERNANDEZ: Mil gracias por todos sus apoyos. amor y por nunca deiarme solo. Este logro es tanto de UDS. como lo es mio. Gracias a Dios. TO THE LOGAN FAMILY: Thanks for their love. TO SPIKEY: You are an excellent companion We love you. MY BEST WISHES TO ALL OF MY NIECES: D. J. V. C. J. A. J. THANK YOU GOD for giving me the strength to make it through and for putting such wonderful people in my life, so to make my dream a reality. SHBenedetto R. DiMichino, D.P.M. SUNY At Stoney Brook, B.S. To Mom, Dad. Nick, Trish, Theresa, and Danny: I thank you all for the love, encouragement, and support you have given me during my "incredible lourney" through P.C.P.M I cannot express in words the gratitude I feel. I truly have been blessed to have such a loving and caring family. I love you. To Mary and Katie: You are both a very special part of my life. You are always there with love and encouragement. I could not have done it without you. I love you. and I am looking forward to our life together. I cannot wait until May 20, 1989! To Vic : It was great being roommates. Good luck and don't forget "WE DON7 PAY GAS". love. Ben $9Raymond A. DiPretoro, D.P.M. Philadelphia College Of Pharmacy And Science B.S. Pharmacy In Loving Memory ol Dad: My lather, my mentor, my best friend. It is with my deepest admiration and respect that I dedicate to you my degree and my career accomplishments You gave me the greatest gift of all; you believed in me. Loving you always. To Mom: You have given so much in so many ways. Through my many troubled times you were always there for help and support. I would have never made it without you. Thank you for all the sacrifices that you made for me and all the love you gave me. To my Family Thanks for the countless favors that you did for me and the positive reinforcement toward my career decisions. Special thanks to my sister Debbie for always being there with rational advice to my many irrational problems. To my Friends: Thanks for helping me to keep my sanity and for memories and friendships that will last a lifetime. You have all made the road a little easier to bear. Michael S. Drohosky, D.P.M. SUNY At Albany, B.S. To Mom and Dad: Your never ending encouragement has been the main force in allowing me to achieve my goal over the last four years. Without your support I would have never made it. You believed, even during those difficult times when I did not. I am glad such a feeling of closeness could be maintained even though you were hours away I will never be able to repay you for the sacrifices that you made, and I will always feel indebted. I Love You Both. To Linda: What can I say? You are my best friend I am sure glad that I went to Bermuda. Love. Mike Kimberly B. Edwards, D.P.M Wilkes College, B.S. I dedicate this degree to my family for without their constant love support I never could have come this far. To my mother: How can I put into words everything you’ve ever done for me? You've lived most of your life for D I. so this degree is as much yours as mine. Our relationship is so much more than |u$t one of mother daughter. I admire you strive to be like you more than you realize To my father: I only hope that in obtaining this degree I've fulfilled a dream of your own. If I am ever offered the magical three wishes, you will always be my first. To Dwame: You have been so much more than a sister, first a second mother now a friend. Thank you Chuck for all the moral support timely advice. You have always been still are a great role model. To Chuck: To call you my brother-in-law seems like a great injustice, for you are truly more to me than that you are my brother. You were always there with an inspiring pep talk an extra $20 when I needed it the most. To Alissa ■ the apple of my eye. You have the ability to put everything in perspective for me show me what is truly important in life. I can only hope that I can be to you what your mother's been to me. 6?Gregory Evans, D.P.M. University Of Scranton, B.S. Wilkes College, B.S. Without the love, understanding, and support of the many people in my life, this day would never have been possible, ft is to those people that this achievement is dedicated. To my family, especially to my Mom and Dad for their mspira tion, never ending love, constant sacrifice and understanding; without which no part of this would have been possible. You were always there when I needed you. Thanks. I love you all. Special thanks to my wife Karen, for putting up with me through the ordeal of being a medical student and for your constant optimistic attitude. There are no words that can adequately express my feelings for you. I love you very much. It is always easier to make it through the most difficult of times when you work together and help each other along the way. So was the case at PCPM The friendship of a few stand out. Paul. Mark, Darren, Randy, and to all those that helped make life here a little better; thanks and good luck in the future. •itArnold N. Farbstein, D.P.M. Pennsylvania State University, BA "What a long, strange trip it's been." PCPM has not been the happiest time in my life, but I can honestly say that the experience has taught me that life is not always fair; however by striving to fulfill a commitment, the final outcome can feel WONDERFUL. Any dream or goal is never easy to acheive. Luckily, I received support from some very caring people. MY BROTHER DR. SAM BERNE I cannot begin to tell you how much your support and guidance has helped me along. Your kind words and empathetic attitude have made you a successful doctor. I hope I can fulfill my dreams as you have. MY BROTHER MICHAEL Mike, I want you to know how proud I am of you. I thank you for always having a kind word to say. MOM AND DAD: Your never ending support and love has guided my life since our days on Firwood Drive. Without your energy and careful direction, my DPM would not have been possible. MYROOMATEMICHAEL:Vo man, we have come along way since PSU. I want to thank you for your support, friendship, and ability to make me enjoy BUD CANS. MY CLASSMATES: ['% been real everybody. Remember. "You’re never fully dressed without a SMILE!"Michael J. Fine, D.P.M. Nova University, BA To my Beautiful. Fantastic Wife: Thanhs for your warmth, love, patience. compassion and belie! that together we can do anything We no have our baby. lee. who I love more than life itself, and with thu diplomj. together as one we will succeed I love you, adore you. and will always be with you. To my Mom and Dad Ihr highways of life have many bumps and curves, and at times »e haie been caught on the Hanna highway ol life, tut with your support, guidance, reassurance and love. I luit become a belter person and achieved the fast of cne ol my many life long goals To my Grandparents. Harry and Sadie Sometimes people make a difference ar«J do not even hrew how much appreciated trey are Well, you two made that deference to me. You heiped m through the rough tunes by giving me the good times to chernsh Hey Cramps, laundry men are not the cleanest, lust the best To Grandma Bush You are the best adopted grandma a man could ever want You are my home away horn home. I love you. To Ron: Keep up the good work "Fish-Head I am reafty proud ol you To Mark and fllen I have made many trends n Me. thin, (at, short, and tall, but you. my triends, are the dearest, warmest and the best of them ’! Anytime, anywhere or tor any reason, ra be there”! lo my Soowai family, Amu jrvj Annelie, Pai and Lon. Mark I, Tim T and my beautiful aunt Ar.ta and my Babe Ruth uncle Bill, plus many more ol you. I thank you all Robert L. Fink, D.P.M Tulane University, B.S. TO MY WIFE USA You and I met during our first week at PCPM. and from the moment we first spoke. I knew that you were something special You and I have been through alot since that first week. We've pushed each other to conquer every obstacle this place has pot before us. Together, we've seen highs and lows and everything in between And, through it all, you have made me very proud I love you forever!! TO MY MOM AND DAD: consider myself to be one of the luckiest k ds I know .. to have such loving and caring parents! You've guxfed and encouraged me for as long as I can remember And. it is that guidance and encouragement to which I attribute my achievement this day I am as proud of you as you are of me! TO MY SISTERS SUZY AND TRACEY Well, your brother has finally reached his goal! Swy. you too have reached a milestone in your life I know, having secured your position, you will hastily cfimb the rungs of the corporate ladder. And Tracey, my little punching bag of a sister, as you plunge into the heart of your college years, remember that whatever course you choose. I am behind you. for you are now a mature and clear thinking adult I love you both. TO NAHA For as long as I can remember you have been an inspiration for me to strive to my fullest potential. Your caring ways and unselfish touch have been felt by all who have been in you presence. Lisa and I are both indebted to you! 66e.?Karen Galli, D.P.M. Wilkes College, B.S. Mom and Dad: I thought you were joking when you would say, "Someday this will all be worth it." I'm now beginning to realize what you meant. Through your constant love, support, and guidance. I've been able to achieve many goals. I'm so happy to share this special time in my life with you because it wouldn't have been possible without you. I love you both very much Kathy: Thanks for always being there to make me laugh and see the brighter side of things. I'm looking forward to the times when we can do lunch and go shopping. I'll buy. Gram: Thank you for all your support and encouragement through the years. Anne and Sharon: It's a great feeling to know you have friends who truely care and you can always count on Thanks for being there. bpRobert Gallucci, D.P.M. University Of Rhode Island, BS To My Parents: I dedicate my future career as a Podiatrist to you. It was your constant love and support which gave me the confidence to accomplish my goals. You will always have my love and thanks. To My Girlfriend Dawn: The hardest part of school was leaving you behind. I am thankful that our love and friendship is strong enough to survive this temporary separation. I now look forward to a life of love and happiness together. To My Friends The memories and friendships that we formed will be with us forever. You people will always be something special to me. and I know we will see each other in the future wJoseph A. Gershey, D.P.M. University Of Scranton, B.S. To Mom and Dad: You have been my support through my entire life. There have been many things that I have learned from you over the years. Love, values, and happiness are only a few of the many. All of these ideals have provided me with the strength to overcome the trying times and succeed. Thank you for everything and love you both. To Susan: When you entered my life I knew our future together was special. Through marriage, a new beginning emerged for me. You filled my life with love, laughter, family, and togetherness. Thank you for your love and understanding through the last four years. You have worked hard to make it all bearable. I could not have done it without you. Love you forever! "Soon we'll be away from here. Step on the gas and wipe that tear away. One sweet dream came true today, came true today." Lennon and McCartney 70Thomas J. Gibbons, D.P.M. University Of Delaware, B.S. To Mom and Dad: Thank you for all the years of valuable guidance and your never ending support and love. Dad, thank you for teaching me the meaning of hard work and dedication. Mom, I'll never forget your constant love and easy to cook meals. This is why I am dedicating my degree to both of you. Without you none of this would have been possible. To Jacqueline: Your encouragement, confidence and understanding go beyond words. Thank you for creating the precious moments and for being there to share the difficult ones. May our marriage be as happy and as loving as our parents! To My Friends: "We either get bigger by facing up to a challenge or we get smaller by backing away If we start backing away from challenges we are going to be a drastically smaller person ' • Joe Paterno. For all those nights we sat around wondering what the hell we were doing — it's time to make it pay off. :iJohn D. Gilfert, D.P.M. Shippensburg University, B.S. DESIDERATA Go placidly amxJ the noise and the haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence, as far as possible, without surrender, be on good terms with all persons. Speak your truth quietly and clearly: and listen to others, even to the dull and the ignorant: they too have therr story. Avoid loud and aggressive persons: they are vexatious to the spirit. If you compare yourself w th others, you may become vain or bitter, for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself. Enjoy your achievements as well as your p'ans. Keep interested m your own career, however humble; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time. Exercise caution in your business affairs, for the world is full of tnc«ery. But let this not Wind you to what virtue there is: many persons strive lor high ideats. and everywhere life s full of heroism Be yoursell Especially do not feign affection Neither be cynical about love; for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment, it is as perennial as the grass. Take kindly the counsel of the years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth Nurture strength of spirit to shield you m sudden misfortune But do not distress yourself with dark imaginings. Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the universe no less than the trees and the stars: you have a right to be here And whether or not it is clear to you. no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you conceive Hun to be And whatever your labors and aspirations, in the n nsy confusion of life, keep peace in your soul. With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be cheerful Strive to be happy. Max EhrmannMarissa Girolamo, D.P.M. SUNY At Albany, B.S. MOM DAD: Your constant love, encouragement, support helped me to survive these past 4 years. I Thank You from the Bottom of My Heart MOM. special thanks for your calls, letters care packages. They always arrived when I needed them most! You're a great Mom friend. Well DAD. you may never have to hear me say these words again: SEND MONEY! All kidding aside, without you Mom. this degree would still be a dream- Thanks for making my dreams come true. Thanks for the golf tips! Love Your Best 3 Girl MARK DENISE, BOB PATTY. ELENA SCOTT. PATRICE BABY RUSS Thanks for always remembering your poor sister the med student. A sister could never have asked for a better family' MY NIECES S NEPHEW Your adorable faces brighten my day Thanks for your hugs kisses! MY FRIENDS: Thanks for understanding how difficult these 4 years have been. I can only hope that our friendships grow JIM A great study partner friend! Thanks for making those endless hours of studying at that horrid table bearable. Remember the Kit-Kat Model! I wish you Dawn much love success. VIC: My favorite DPM! Over the past 4 years we've seen good bad times but because of you the good outweigh the bad Thanks for believing in me when I didn’t believe in myself. Special thanks for your silly jokes, teaching me to golf your love. 7iScott Andrew Glassburn, D.P.M. University Of Maryland, B.S.Mark M. Goldberg, D.P.M. Rider College, B.S. [lien You are the sun, moon, earth, stars and heaven to me You define love and life. Wish I could be in your heart to be one with your love, wish I could be in your eyes looking back on true love Thanks you give me a reason to believe Mom Dad- Most of all thanks, you provided the sunshine when file seemed grey I love both of you The treasures I've found belong to us Robert Danny- To my brothers, thanks for the inspiration and support. Mike- Time and space from the beginning to the end. we will be Inends Good luck to you and Ricki you deserve it. It I owned the work) I share part with you. Mark Thanks your the best, you made school bearable. flWMy Inend for almost twenty years Memories fade and time moves on. but our friendship keeps getting stronger Thanks for the continued support I wish only happiness for you and Kim h Jo Good luck neit year, keep the faith and remember Perez Classmates. Faculty. Friends A Family Thanks for all the memories. BELIEVt IN YOURSELFBruce R. Greenbaum, D.P.M. SUNY At Binghamton, B.A. To Mom and Dad and Rich: Thanks for all the advice and encouragement that you have given to me, not only over the past four years, but my whole life. Mom and Dad, without the two of you there behind me for support, this dream would not have been possible. Thanks for everything. I love you all very much. To the rest of my family: You finally have someone to call DOC! To my friends back home: Thanks for putting up with my constant complaining, but I knew I could always count on you to listen. To my PCPM friends: It has been a long and hard four years, but with all of you there, we made it through this place! Thanks for all the memories and great times and for better ones in the future. I hope we can all keep in touch! 76To my Mother It has been your inspiration, strength, love and countless other wonderful qualities that has allowed me to have come this far. For this. I give you my love and devotion. Let us now look ahead to life’s unseen challenges. It is with your spirit and guidance that will allow me to overcome any obstacle life has to offer. Mom. I Love You! To my Friends: I value your friendship and cherish the time we spend together. I thank you for good times and the support that you provide. Without this. I would be empty Thanh you. On Feet: “Tit whom whose feet hurt, everything hurts." Socrates On Doctors: The art of medicine consists in amusing the patient while nature cures the disease. Voltaire On Knowledge: Knowledge without wisdom is futile. Grusso On Education: "Whom is you?" said he. for he had not been to night school. Grusso On Love: People who are not in love fail to understand how an intelligent man can suffer because of a very ordinary woman. This is like being surprised that anyone should be stricken with cholera because of a creature so insignificant as the common bacillus. Marcel Proust On Morality: Morality is simply the attitude we adopt toward people we personally dislike Oscar Wilde Mark T. Grusso, D.P.M. Juniata College, B.S. 77Todd Richard Gunzy, D.P.M. University Of Scranton, B.S., BA To Gram The piide you expressed « my accomplishments was overwhf-n.ng even in yow subtle ways. It o this |Oj and your spiritual presence that will guide me in my We tong profession, which I debate to ou To Mom and Dad: Thank you lor your unending love, support, and understanding. You nave Mnys been there when in need and have gntn me more than cov'd possibly be expected I am proud to be your son. Love, lodd To Catherine You have brought so much tow and happiness into my Me. I am exited as to what kes ahead and proud to be your husband To be as sealless and fiwng as you are is a git! Irom a bow To keep me together this year, is a much greater achievement than mine. You deserve this day as much 3s I do May ou' days be tilled w.th love, happiness, commumcation. and tons ol smiles. We are. hrrflg m oui own tune I really low yo«, Calhers' To Jay:« was the insane moments spent together that kept me sane while at PCPM The tun and laughter will always be cherished. Not or-t are you a brother, but my best tnend. Thanks pal To Ro« Your advice and support through the years has made a cluttered path more passable thanks tor always bemg there Love. Todd. To Nadine: You scooped me up and gave me guidance Now. I am a fine cied math. . Be proud! love to you always and thanks Wilbur. Stytski. and Ed Thanks tor all the tun tilled times and your erary antics. I will miss you a To My New In laws It will be a definite pleasure to be part ol your family. I am excited' Thanks lot y your support this past year love, Todd__________________________________ "8Richard Joseph Hauser, D.P.M SUNY At Cortland, B.S.E. To my wife Sharon, The last nine years with you have been the most joytul. rewardmg. sometimes stressful, amorous, and exhilarating years ot my «.te l am so grateful to ha«e such a lonng friend who cares so much for me. The ettort you put forth in beng a wile, companion and mother is often underestimated by our friends, parents, and me. but especiaity by yourself I know these last tour years hare been difficult, often spread with tension and stress, but I teel the bond we haie formed to help each other through these times wJI be the cement to hold m through the ne t era of residency and pediatric medical practice I msh tor you to once see yourself through my eyes anj perceive the attractive, loving, kind and sensuous woman that you really are I vow to continue to strive for personal and professional eicellence so that « may accomplish our goals and realue our dreams I LOVE YOU To my children. The yoy of living, lovmg and laughing that you each eipenence has been a powerful inspiration for roe You are so uniquely specvaf to me Jeffrey with your gifts for expression and imagination. Peter with your love lor laughter, hugging jnd screaming, Heidi with her innocent and tonng eyes, gentle manner and feminine attraction that only a daughter can radiate, and my newest child, who I eagerly anticipate learning so much about I love each of your souls with all my heart Mom and Oad Wallers, Few parents have accepted a new son with such love selflessness, and generosity as you have Without your help, my post grad-ale years would have been an enormous struggle I will always be grateful for your support 3nd gudance you have provided to Sharon, our children and me Thank you for your uninhibited love and understanding I love you both. To the Walters family, f am very fortunate to have married nto such a wonderful family | wish each of you personal success ard happiness Than you for being there to help our little family in times ot need80Philip F. Horne, D.P.M. SUNY At Stony Brook, B.S. Let the disappointments pass Let the laughter fill your glass Let your illusions last until they shatter Whatever you might hope to find Among the thoughts that crowd your mind There won't be many that ever really matter -Jackson Browne And to my wife, who has endured all her own hardships as well as my own. I thank you from the bottom of my heart (and keep in mind) things can only get better. 81John M. Hurchik, D.P.M. Boston College, B.S. Mom and Dad: Your love and support has made this all possible I could never thank you enough. Gram: I don't know how you did it. but you put up with me tor all these years • and never stopped smiling. I’m going to miss 1937 Dudley Street. Cheryl: Your dedication and devotion to me through these years have often times been all thats kept me going. I hope that throughout our life together I am able to make you even half as happy as you have made me. 82Kristin Elisa Janson, D.P.M. SUNY At New Patti, B.S. I dedicate this page to Mark, Jenson. my wonderful husband' Mark, We made it! How could I have done it without you? You took better care ol me than I did for myself Ttiank you. sweetheart, for all the limes you cooked dinner so I could take a nap. for the packed lunches, breakfasts, for getting me to study, dragging me to the library, getting me coffees from 711. and dragging me out of bed in the morning. You were the "secret to my success at PCPM and I am so lucky to have such a loving, devoted and thoughtful husband' You are my treasure, my oasis in a turbulent world and the most important part of my life. Mar . I love you very much To my family- Thanks for your support faith in me. My sister Karin- Thank you for being a friend. M I adore you Mom and Dad Jenson For the lasf 8 years you've cared, listened, given me a shoulder to cry on You've been wonderful parents to me. Steve Kim You've become very special to us. May we always be friends Drop in any time lor chicken helper' NBH MIL- We've had so many great times Keep in touch To tm RJ. MM. SCW. AS. KB. it. IB. MA. MJ. 1C. GJK. RM. I'll miss the crazy fun and laughter we shared that made the PCPM 'experience' tolerable Good luck and Much success in the future'Mark R. Johnston, D.P.M. University Of So. Florida, BA Mom, Dad, and Grandma: Thank you lor all the support and encouragement to do my best I know you thought I would go directly from school to social security, but now the end is in sight. Deb: You’re the best sister anyone could ask for. If life isn’t a beach, it should be! Bethann: My very best friend. You've shared my good and bad days from the very beginning, and many of my accomplishments would not have been without your patience and support. Love, Mark Maurice: You've been a great friend and roommate. I wish you and Ruthie all the best. Mark: Thanks for making these four years more than |ust school. Dr. Boyd, J.M.. V.T., and my other golfing buddies: Thanks for the great times on and off the tour. To the rest of my friends, classmates, and faculty: Thanks for all the great memories. I hope our paths cross again. 84Timothy P. Kalla, D.P.M. University Of British Columbia, B.S. 86Lawrence D. Kassan, D.P.M. Syracuse University, B.S. I would like to dedicate this page to the friends and family who have made it possible for me to reach what once had seemed unreachable. I thank my father for your inspiration, support and encouragement, I hope your as proud of me as I am of you. I thank my mother for your unending confidence in me and for always being there when I needed you. I thank Val, Jeff, Doug, Gregg, Missy, and Bean for being the best brothers and sisters anyone could want. Don't think that entitles you to free foot care or anything though. I thank my wife Carole for the love and happiness you brought into my life every day with your smile. Finally, I thank my friends for the fun. laughs and memories which overshadow the hard times of school and made these past few years something worth remembering CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1989!Michael Kerzner, D.P.M. Dickinson University This accomplishment is dedicated with love and gratitude to my Grandfather Joe, I know he is always with me. Mom. Thank you with all my heart for the love, support, sacrifice and guidance you have given to me through the yaers. Dad. You have been my father and friend these last four years. I love you very much. Bub. Thank you for just being there whenever I needed to hear your encouragement, wisdom and love. You're the greatest I love you. Cher, My "leettle" sister is the best! I hope your life is filled with as much |oy as you've given me. To my special friends at PCPM. Your friendship means a lot to me. I hope to always keep it. 88Jonathon Kletz, D.P.M. University Of Maryland At College Park, B.S. I dedicate my decree in loving memory of my Father I love you and miss you very much You will always be my constant inspiration Jo My Mother Thank you lor all the love and Support you have given me. especially over the past four years I love you. Jo My Brothers Bruce Michael. Steven, and My S ster Caren Thanks for all your support and help you have given me It has been a long road, but I finally made it. I really appreciate it and I love you a‘.l Jo Chuck and Mike. If it wasn't for your constant harassment and friendship, these four years would have been unbearable Thanks a lot for everything Jo Vic: Thanks for Virginia Beach. You called it Jo Donna Thank you for putting up with me and giving me support when I needed it I will always love You Jo My Nieces Thank you for brightening up my life To All My friends at PCPM I wish you Happiness and Success in the future love. Jon 89James J. Klocek, D.P.M Muhlenberg College, B.S. To Mom and Dad: Thank you for all the love and support you have given me throughout all my years of schooling. I know you have made many sacrifices so that I could attain this goal. I am grateful to have parents as giving and as caring as yourselves. I couldn't have done it without you. I am proud to be your son To my Grandparents: Your prayers, letters and financial support have given me the strength to make this day possible. To Poppy: For all that you've been to me; I know that you're sharing this moment with me now. I miss you. To Vtc: Thanks for steering me away from PT school. I am grateful for the confidence you have given me in these past four years. Thanks to you I still have all my distal phalanges. You helped the long study hours fly by. Here's to a lifetime friendship. To Marissa: Thanks for being a great study partner and a great friend. We all made it with teamwork To my future wife. Dawn: WE MADE IT! It hasn't been easy these past four years, but you helped me get through it. You always put my needs and goals above your own. You were always there beside me giving me encouragement and support. I am looking forward to sharing the rest of my life with you. To my best "Buddy”, I will love you "Always and Forever”. •MILori Ann Kocur, D.P.M. Wilkes College, B.S. I would like to dedicate my degree to the loving memory of my dad. Thank you. dad. for your pride, faith and encouragement that inspired me to reach my goals. Your love, kindness, and support are truely missed by all. I loved you yesterday, today, and I always will I miss you very much. Mom: Words aren't enough to express my gratitude and love for you. You always know how to guide me back onto the right tract when I am lead astray. Every dime you gave me was like a million, every bed-time story a cruise trip, every kiss and hug a fur coat - all your love gave me more than money could've ever bought I'm proud to be your daughter. Aunt Dolly and Ba-Ba: The greatest blessing to any girl is a mother. I'm truly blessed because I have 3! I thank you both for all your sacrifices, love, and encouragement to be the best I could be and to be proud of who I am! Dorrine and Helen: To two wonderful sisters, thanks for lifting up my spirits when I needed it' I hope our close bondage will be as strong with our next generation Melissa: To the star of the family. I wish you the best of luck and hope one day your dreams will be fulfilled as mine are today. Keep on dancin’! Jay: I wished upon a star and "you" came true! This past year you made the sunset more beautiful, my smile brighter, and my life more meaningful. I love you now and forever 91John A. Koschak, D.P.M. University Of Pittsburgh, B.S. Special thanks to my family for their love and understanding A very special thank you to Kenny and Beth for helping me keep school and life in perspective I will never forget PCPM for the friends I have made, times I have had. and the growing I have doneSteven W. Kreamer, D.P.M. Millersville University, B.S. TO MY PARENTS: I've told you many times and will always mean it you're the best parents in the whole world Thanks for your guidance, unselfish love, and support • this achievement would not gave been possible without you Thank you lor your faith and pride in me. I love you both very much and I dedicate this degree to you TO UNCLt BOB Thanks for opening up the world to me Thank you for showing me that one can still be a man of principle and character in this world today Thanks also for your weekly phone calls and for your confidence in me TO BUPPS My big brother in Christ. Thanks for always being there to lift me up and get me back on the right path. Thanks for your unconditional love and understanding. And thanks for constantly reminding me |ust how much God cares about us. TO KtM My wife and my best friend. All ol this wouldn't mean a thing it you weren't here to share it with me Thanks for putting up with me through all of Ihis I can't begin to thank you enough for your love, support, and understand mg. You still ama e me ■ alter almost four years of marriage. I still tall more deepiy m love with you with each and every day I love, admire, respect and 'dore you. TO MY FRtENDS Kris. Mark. Kim. Doug. Linda. Rema. Donna. Maurice. Mark, Nadine. Mark, joe. Jafly. Jim, John, loel and many others thanks for making these years very special I wish you all the bestAdam M. Kruczay, D.P.M Rutgers University, BA To Mom and Dad: This accomplishment could never have been achieved without your dedication and persistence. You gave more than could ever have been expected. Through your love, guidance, and how could I forget, financial support you have made it all worth while. Thanks for always being there. I love you very much. To Joy and Jerry: Vow excellence as role model and physicians is truly inspirational. The extra help that you were always willing to give me means a great deal and I don't know if I could have made it without you. I will do my very best to apply what you have taught me to become the best that I can be. Love, Adam. To My Friends: Thank you for your understanding and support. 14George J. Kupar, D.P.M. Washington And Jefferson College, B.A. Mom and Dad, Your support, understanding, and love during these tour years have held me up when everything around me seemed to be crumbling down I can not imagine having been raised in any better way than you have brought me up. Without you behind me. I would neither be where I am now. nor have such a great future. I thank you for everything that I have. Now your good times will begin! Karen and Kevin, Thank you for your patience and indulgences, along with your home! Times were not always fun, but they were always good. My thanks also to my aunts, uncles, and cousins for their support and encouragement. I accept my degree in honor of Bubchi, Baba, and Judek.%Margaret Littel, D.P.M. Immaculata College, B.A. TO MY FAMILY: Thank you for all the love, understanding and encouragement that you have given me over the years. Without your support, I would not have had the strength, nor the courage to achieve my goals. You have been my best teachers and I will never forget the sacrifices made for my sake. TO STEVE: "To love another person is to see the face of God.” You have given me hope, joy, and love as well as a feeling of wholeness and serenity which is truly a devine inspiration I love you. TO MY FRIENDS: Thanks for walks on South St., long phone calls. Donut Days, pizza, and afternoon tea; all of which helped to make these past four years much more tolerable Good Luck.Larry L. Lodge, D.P.M. Ohio State University, B.A. A long journey is finally coming to an end only to start on another. Thanks very much to all of my family, and all of my friends for being patient and caring during the past few years. Best wishes to my friends Tony and Paul. The past four years were tough but you guys made it all worthwhile. Ten Sue we've had the time of our life, but the best is yet to come. I love you all 98James Craig Loomis, D.P.M. University Of Scranton, B.S. In memory of my Mother: often wish you could be here to share this special time with me, but you are always in my thoughts and your memory is always with me I love you and miss you very much. To my Father: whose knowledge and wisdom I admire greatly. Thanks for your love and support. To my wife. Jacky. We really have been through a lot together the last three years. I really could not have done it without you. Thank-you for always being there for me. We have a lot of good times to look forward to and a lifetime of dreams to make come true. I love you very much! 99James W. Ludden, D.P.M. University Of Scranton, B.S. When a child is born, he learns quite instinctively on whom he has to depend hss mother She feeds him. clothes him and cares lor him She loves him unselfishly and gives without expecting anything in return For all you've done for me Mom. I dedicate my accomplishment to you11 LOVE YOU I was fortunate enough to another woman in my life She too always there without reservation and without ever thinking of herself first my Grandmother. Nonme, for all the pride and love you always have in me, I dedicate my accomplishment to you! I LOVE YOU! To my brother and sister. Joey and Jerrilynn who have always been there through good times and bad; and have always supported me m all that I have done; I dedicate my accomplishment to you' I LOVE YOU BOTH' My final dedication ts extended to my beautiful and loving wile Roslyn. One cannot fully appreciate the sacrifices a woman endures tor her husband in the name of love. A woman must move away from the security of her home, give up her own name for another's and learn to make response decisions lor her future as well as her husband's Honey, you have done all this for me and more without hesitation You are the inspiration of my dreams, my hope tor the future and my friend for life. To you I dedicate not only this accomplishment, but also aH my love tor the rest ot my LIFE! I TRULY LOVE YOU! 100Elizabeth L. Massimini, D.P.M. Franklin And Marshall College, B.A. I would like to dedicate this to all who believed in me and wtio helped make it possible: lo my Mother and Father This degree s as much yours as mine With all my heart. I thank you for always being so supportive and understanding, and for giving of yourselves so unselfishly these past lour yean I respect and love you both very much I am very proud to be your daughter To Wendy You have been a true friend My happiest times at PCPM were spent with you Thank you tor beating it into my head that if isn't that I don't know anything but that I don't know everything To George Thank you for reminding me that life does exist outside of school Your patience, love, and understanding are appreciated To Peggy II you should ever need a boost in confidence, think of a certain "smoked sausage'' and realize how much you have going for you To my family and friends - Thank you for keeping me sane and for having faith m my abilities I love you all Liz "I am glad now that I accomplished this- partly because if was well worth it. and chiefly because I shall never have to do it again " Mark Twain 101Kevin Alan McNamara, D.P.M Drexei University, B.S. These three letters that now follow my name were achieved through a team effort So, J woukJ now like to thank my teammates Annmarie You are undoubtedly the sweetest, most caring person on this earth. Over and over agam. your love has kepi me going In times of need, you are the shoulder on which I lean When the time comes lor celebration, again you are right by my side Now, we can really celebrate Thanks for being so patient! Mom: A large portion ol tins degree belongs to you. also Your unending love, encouragement, and support is cherished every single day It is your guidance that brought me here today Dad Thanks tor always giving me such good advice, not to mention a good game of tennis Keep it coming, because I still need it My family and friends Thanks for all the good times that make life so much tun God: I thank you most ot all. tor without you. life and ail the wonderful peopfe m it could not exist From what I'm told, we wifi actually be glad we attended PCPM However. I think that is not until after the loans are paid back Good luck to ail 102Rudolf Kurt Meier III, D.P.M. Thiel College, BA This diploma «s dedicated to aU ot those who have touched my life over the past 25 years To my AMMand DAD: Thanh you lor all ot the love and guidance you've given me over the years (not to mention a place to stay!) I could only hope that you are halt as proud ot me as I am ot the both ot you I love you both! To my sister Pobynani brothers Bill. Steve, and Scott Thanks tor being there at times when I needed you You guys always kept me on my toes ard kept me laughing when I needed it most. To my Grandparents Thank you tor all ot the support and love that you gave to the "college kid". To my m laws. Mom and Dad Prccwne Thank you lor all that you've done tor us. and thank you tor not obiecting oo loudly when I married your “baby"! To he rest ot my family not mentioned by name. I love you all1 To my HOT and best friend. BPLtf AW Vie'. I. we made it! Thank you tor all ot your support and tor giving me the conlidence and strength when I needed it most. I love you more than anything else in the whole world1 Maybe now you'B let me "fu your teet"7!! To all ot my classmates Best ot luck in the future' love, Kurt 103Paul Joseph Merkel, D.P.M. St. Michael's College, BA LORI: Where does one begin to say thanks to someone for whom words alone cannot express the feelings of love and gratitude for just being here through it all? The hardest part of getting this degree wasn’t the late nights studying or the stressful exam weeks, but rather it was seeing the sacrifices that you made for me . . . THANKS! ANDY: As the years go by you probably won't remember much of Mom’s going to work and Dad's going to school, but here it is in a nutshell: One year old and you would cry every time I would drop you off at Phoung's. Two years old, you had the system figured out and when I was late getting home and leaving early in the morning, you would say. ”1 guess you have a lot of tests this week. Right Daddy7" By three, you pretty much took control and told me not to worry when I went away on externs. cause you’d take care of Mom . . . What's next Andy? MOM DAD: Thanks for your constant support, understanding and encouragement which you have always given to me. I love you both. FATHER TOM: A special thanks for always being there for all of us. 104Charles Meyer, D.P.M. S.U.N. Y. At Stony Brook, B.S. Lorraine Yoor friendship and love mean the world fo me! I am looking forward to beginning our new lives outside of school You gave me so much without complaint and helped me make it through every single day I love you. Mom Thank you for listening to me complain these last nine years wh-le I was in school Dad You taught me how to use my common sense. Most people never lake that class. Sury. Christine I Jesse Thank you lor putting up with me these last lew years. You always made me remember what the word family meant To me I would like to thank myselt tor making it through lour years without ever once falling asleep except during classes, exams and case presentations To PCPM At this time I would like to deny you any forwarding address, look tor me in debtor's prison. CHARLIE 10SJay Marc Mickenberg, D.P.M. University Of Maryland, Baltimore County, B.A. "The only place where success comes before work is m the dtctronary". There have been many influential people in my life who have consistently been at my side encouraging and supporting me. I would like to extend my deepest and smcerest gratitude to these very important people Dr Mervyn Feldman Thanh you for introducing me to this wonderful profession. Classmates "Never shall I forget the days which I have spent with you Continue to be my friend, as you will always find me yours" Linda A [lien: Both of you have been very supportive-th3nk you I feel that we have shared quality time together which has enhanced our friendship. Mom A Dad You have been the best parents anyone could ever wish for and I love you both. You have stood behind me and have been my txggest fans all of my life. Thank you for your unyielding support both financially but more importantly emotionally Karen: My little Pooh Words will never express how much I truly love you and how much you mean to me Thank you for believing m me when I begin to doubt myself. I love how you encourage me to attempt new challenges always knowing that I wiH succeed I'm looking forward to marrying my best friend and sharing my life with you. lot.Mark S. Miller, D.P.M. Bowling Green State University, B.S. To Mnm Dad. 8Marcy. Aur.l Belt; and hfom Stem You haie all pul up with a lot (rom r and yet a-'ways encouraged me to portae m, dreams Without your support and encouragement, these last lour years would ha been almost unbearaUe I love you 3II1 To My Wile, loan Whjt can I say TKs degree n as much yours as mine Because without your v ,» support and willingness lo put your dreams on hold, my becoming a 0 P M wr. ukj not be a reality I love and respect you more than words can express As a comp»« on. a fund and a mother there is none bett« I love you now and will forever think you1 To My Daughter Pamela As you grow and learn. I only wish lor you the joy and happiness that you have given lo your mom and I I an, very provd ol you and love you very much' To Dad Stem. Grandma and Uncle Burl TNs dedication is to thank you lor your continuous love, supporl and encouragement You ire in my thoughts always To lay. Tony. Greg and Joel We finally made it1 Thanks for your support during the difficult limes and Inendshrp ad the time The best ol foci to you all' To PCPMs Class ot 1989 It is said that the longest journey begins with a v j?e slep We have now earned the right to take the next step I wish you all the best and as we depart PCPM remember lo be lair, caring and concerned w th Ihe lulure ol our profession signed JugheadGregory Douglas Mills, D.P.M Columbia Universty, BA As graduation day is nearly upon us. I would like to acknowledge some very special people for making this accomplishment not only possible but also worthwhile. To my lovely wife Susan This accomplishment is deservmgiy dedicated to you. Susan, for without your unconditional love and support graduation day would not have come This degree belongs 35 much to you as it does to me Enjoy I love you To my lovmg Dad .. who always said, "Greg, you are already a DPM m my eyes", I wtsh you could have been here today I know you would have been proud Know m your heart that I always did and always will love you. and that I was always proud to be your son This one's for you. Dad. I love you Your Son Greg To my Mom .. I thank you for all your love and support throughout the years Your unselfishness has truly made a difference, and for this I am greatly appreciative Lo e, Greg To my wife's parents and family .1 must thank you for your sincerity as well as for making me a true part of your family Your deep concern and generosity know no bounds. May our relationship continue to grow and prosper, love. Greg To my brothers Bob and left Thanks tor all your words ot encouragement over the years. May the good times we've had together never end love, Greg ttwM. Joel Morse, D.P.M. Zassar College, B.A. — MOM and DAD: This is for you • (hanks for all your love and patience in helping me to obtain this degree. Vour friendship in my life means so much to me. I can't believe the number of obstacles which I have conquered in the past four years. And I don't even want to think about the ones in the future. I guess if I had it easy, I would think there's something wrong, and would look for ways to challenge myself - to test how much I can endure - to feel the pressure. When one is in the thick of it - involved in something that is hard and unfair, one wishes it were over When its over, one looks for more. — MY FRIENDS: Thanks for all the humor we used to numb ourselves as we plowed through the stupidity and administrative red tape of PCPM. It is you who I will remember. It is you which makes life worth getting up for. — Written while on a remote site externship in the boring old dead-ville town of Onacock, VA  Rockwell Moulton, D.P.M. Harvard University, B.A. I chose to invest four years of my life at PCPM in order to achieve my ambition of becoming a physician. I entered with no illusions that it would be an enjoyable experience. My four years here been an ordeal. There is no other way to describe it. I have achieved my goal through hard work and significant personal sacrifice. I feel no sentiment about PCPM or my years here. I leave without regret. I would like to thank those people who have sustained my spirit through these difficult times: -my family which, as always, has been my foundation •my friends scattered around the country who have continued to remind me that there is more to life -my friends at PCPM whose loyalty and support have made my daily burdens lighter -the rest of my colleagues in the Class of '89 for tolerating me. I don’t feel no ways tired I've come to far from where I started from Nobody told me that the road would be easy I don’t believe he brought me this far to leave me noJeffrey W. Muir, D.P.M. University Of Scranton, B.S. Twenty-one years of exams and lectures is finally coming to a glorious end. I won't miss the academia of education, but I sure will miss the friends I made along the way. Some I will occasionally see but others I may never see again. To all of you. I wish success and happiness and thanks for four great years of friendship and compassion. I would like to thank a beautiful person, who happens to work on the fourth floor of our building, for the love and support she always expressed. You will never be forgotten Belinda. I would like to thank my roommates over the past four years (John. Gary. Bobby, Bill and Joe) for helping cope with the hardest of times. Scott is my brother and a damn good one! He has always been there when I needed him. I can't thank him enough. Mom and Dad. there |ust isn't enough to say about the two of you. Through the years you have expressed nothing but love and generosity and have always encouraged me to succeed at whatever I ventured into. Well, I ventured and I succeeded but not without the support of two very special people I love you both so very much. mRichard Myers, D.P.M Lycoming College, BA He was a scholar, a right and a bright one. V . Shakespeare I wish to dedicate this degree to my grandmother, Theda E. Miller. without her constant support and help, this event would not of occurred. In my eyes. Momma, you are one of the most loving and giving humans living in today’s society. Thanks for being my best friend. I would also like to extend my deepest gratitude to the rest of my family for their constant support, love, and understanding. Finally, I wish to thank all my friends who stood behind me and gave me moral support when needed. You all know who you are. so thanks! 112Lisa Maxine Needelman, D.P.M. Brandeis University, B.A. TO MY PARENTS-lhink you lor all that you have done lo make my my career possible Your love and support has given me the strength to achieve my goals TO LOTS. RICKY. ADAM, KfliMYYou have always been there lor me with love, patience, and encouragement. Thank you lor sharing your lives with me and allowing me to share mine with you. TO My Dear GRANDMAS BUI AND DORA You are with me at all times, in a special place in my heart TO IH£ m FAMSt Y MOM. DAD. SU i. TRACEY AND NANAYou have welcomed me into your lives with open arms filled with lots of loving, caring and understanding Thank you lor making the rough weeks seem easier by Idling our weekends with a fun. cozy place to call home TO HARRIET CORtE. LOIS. MARLENE. DtNA M SSY-Thank you for all ol your phone carts and letters and most ol ail your true friendship You have stock by me throughout it all and have kept me smdmg. TO MY FRIENDS AT PCPMYie have panicked together and partied together Thanks for all ol the crazy nights both in the library and on the dance lloor TO MY DEAREST BOBBY'You have made these past lour years the happiest, most wonderful years of my life You have shared with me endless amounts ol loving, listening, caring, hugging and laughing I couldn'l imagine a better relationship than the one we share I look forward lo making the rest of our dreams a reality! And finally, thank you to the special prolessors, clinicians and staff who have made me proud to be 3 pari of PCPM 113 John M. O’Hanlon, D.P.M. S.U.N. Y. At Albany, B.S. Obtaining the degree of Doctor of Podiatnc Medicine has taken four years of hard work and sacrifice, but it has also been marked by moments of exhilaration and unmeasurable personal satisfaction. Education is both a privilege and a challenge I have met the challenge this institution offered me and as a result. I have gamed the profound privilege to offer medical guidance and treatment to my fellow man. For this I am grateful To my parents:Tour never ending encouragement, support and trust has made me what I am today. One could not ask for a better mother and father To Liz; You were always there when I needed you Thank you for your patience and understanding I love you To my GodYou have walked this long path with me. You were always beside me My faith is. and always will be my strength To my classmates How many words were there in the definition of Podiatry’ You're a great bunch of people let's give them the best we've got To Nadme: Thank you for your gift of friendship You're a breath of fresh air Erin Go 8raugh Johnny 0 114115Gary Alan Pacyna, D.P.M. University Of Scranton, B.S. To my Parents: Thank you for all your guidance, support and understanding. To Man: Thanks for always being there for me. through the good times and the bad. You proved weeks are not as long when there are weekends to look forward to. Remember; THIS IS ONL Y THE BEGINNING! To my Friends: Thanks for the memories, and the alternatives to studying. I'll never forget the week night ski trips and football games. GOOD LUCK! 116Vibha Parekh, D.P.M. S.U.N. Y. At Stony Brook, B.S. Dear Mom. Oad. and Ba: For the sacrifices you have made for me. and for the love, support and encouragement you've given to me. I love you very much I could have never done this without you. I am very fortunate to have parents like you. and I am proud to be your daughter. To the memory ol dear Dada You are my constant inspiration I wish you were here to see this day. I miss you. Dear Kalpu and lagu No one could ash for two better sisters, t know no matter what the future has in store for us. we will always be together I wish you both lots of happiness in your lives Jags because of aH that we have been through together. I feel that we are now that much closer You are both very important to me. and I love you both Dear Lorraine The best part of last four years has been our friendship I'm glad you were there for those tears, laughs, talks Thanhs And to my very best triend Paresh, I love you. You're everything I ever dreamed ol my friend, my love, my future Love always. Vibha 117Sanjay V. Patel, D.P.M. S.U.N. Y. At Stony Brook, B.S. To Pappa and Mummy, Through your guidance, love, understanding and faith in God. my dream has come true. I dedicate my degree to you. Love. Sanju 118David B. Picchione, D.P.M. University Of Hartford, B.S.R. T. In loving dedication to Baba and Nana Mom. Dad. Rob. Jefl Chena These past J years have been both trying and rewarding I can't thank you enough for your unyielding patience and support with all my "extracurricular adventures" which augmented this grand safari Your love and reassurance when times were tough, helped make the journey more bearable I am proud to be your son brother. but am even more fortunate to have you as my family I love you' Nancyann Q. you've made this the best part of my life to date and you know how much I love you for it I can't wait to see and share in our joined success in future years! This is such a small space for confirmation, but you know how I feel. PCPM was almost "fun" with you by my side: I can't imagine what feet would be without you! Thanks for Moyer St We could not have done that without each other. Finally, thank you tor your loving encouragement to succeed—I am your biggest fan! Maureen, David Matt My adopted family! A friendship like this is rare, and I know that we will often share wine together. Thank you for everything My Friends: Words cannot express my thanks and appreciation for all you've done, especially when I needed you most. Through your wit. humor and craziness, you have shown me that sanity and solitude C3n truly exist in an entropvc work)! Wilson You're a wonderfully warm, furry feline (Purrrrr!) 119Timothy Pitts, D.P.M. Valdosta State College, B.S. I'd like to thank my parents for all the support they have given me during my years here at PCPM. and for making my transition from Southern to Northern living easier. I still remember the culture shock that I experienced those first few months of living in Philadelphia. I recall having my car towed the first day I arrived I thought, "Hell, I've only been here two hours, and some Yankee has already stolen my car!". And I still have yet to find a restaurant that makes sweet tea. I guess I'll also leave here not knowing the ingredients of scrapple. The thanks to my roommates. Ron and Sanjay. go without saying. I don't know another Southern, Indian, and Jew who get along together as well as we do. I'd like to thank Steve, my auto mechanic, who's driven my car as much as I have. I'm sure he would like to thank me. too. I want to give a special thanks to Lori for talking me thru many difficult times. I should have purchased stock in Pennsylvania Bell instead of Condoms! The last person I’d like to thank is God. for helping me to keep my sanity and my southern drawl. Tim Pitts 120Nancyann Quimby, D.P.M. Goucher College, BA To My Family: Mom. Dad. Brooke. David, Charles Gram. You’ve always been there for me. Thank you for all the love . support . phone calls. . special gifts... hugs and kisses .. prayers... P.$. Mom and Dad. thanks for co-signing the house! Maureen. David and Matt Thank you for opening your home and lives to me You really are my second family! Weekends at the land can never be equalled. And lastly, dearest David, where do I begin7 We've put in many long hours studying for and dreaming about the days that are now upon us. Before we leap ahead, just remember the dining room table with notes everywhere borrowing your number 2 pencils . . study breaks. . pasta (again) . Fishtown "weekend projects" driving Williamsburg wild ponies bite and kick . the land . grape planting . . and. of course. Wilson. Those memories are special because of you! Thank you for being you. the greatest friend and much more 143! Here's to many years of podiatry and new adventures. Love, Nancy P.S live long and prosper! -SpockTherese M. Rinaldi, D.P.M Widener University, B.S.N. Two roads diverged in a wood, and I-I took the one less traveled by. And that has made all the difference. Robert Frost The mode in which the inevitable comes to pass is through effort. Consciously or not, we all strive to create the kind of world we desire. Oliver Wendell Holmes The tortuous path ahead is filled with many decisions. May life’s opportunities continue to be so abundant and rewarding.Gregg Douglas Rock, D.P.M. Rutgers University; BA A VERY SPECIAL THANKS: I dedicate my degree to my mom and dad who have made this all possible for me because of your sacrifices and generosity. Your endless love, understanding, encouragement, friendship and support have turned my dream into a reality When I encountered disappointment you comforted me with your reassurance and when I found happiness you shared in my |oys. There are not enough words to describe my love for the two most important people in my life....... To my sister Linda: For the many times I could have been more understanding of you, and for those times you were there for me. with all my love .... To All My Grandparents: Thank you for your wisdom, compassion, faith and love You have touched my life in a very special way......... In Memory ol My Cousin and Friend Steven: Your untimely tragic death has left an emptiness in all our hearts, but will always cherish the wonderful memories you left behind 121Edward W. Ruane, D.P.M University Of Scranton, B.S. To Mom. Dad. and Kay There is nothing I have attempted that is more difficult than trying to find the words to express my love and gratitude for all of the guidance, support, and encouragement you have provided throughout my life. Your never ending love has kept me strong m the face of many challenges, and I dedicate this degree to you. To Mark. Dave. Todd. Dave. Mark, Aus, and Jane Thank you for being a friend then, now. and always. To Mark Mischief "The significance of a couple ol beers and a few laughs is sometimes enormous. Thanks for always being around to provide a lot of both." •originally quoted somewhere near South Street on one of those late nights.. . To the 1988 and 1989 graduates of the Warnock Academy All of my best wishes for a happy and healthy future. 1J4Joseph M. Russo, D.P.M. S.U.N. Y. At Buffalo, B.A. W',William J. Schlorff, D.P.M. Bloomsburg University, B.S. My degree is not solely my own. it is shared by all those who helped to make it possible and to whom I owe my countless thanks and love. To Mom and Dad, your love, encouragement, and support kept me going through the tough spots when I was wondering if it was all really worth it. To make you proud of me by doing my best was the greatest reward of all I love you both dearly Thanks also to Diane for being such a great sister To My Friend and Comrade Ann, These four years would have been boring without your friendship, laughter, and late-night phone calls, "Do you think we really have to know that?" And also to Phil and Gina, Mark. John. Ed and Todd and other fellow inmates. Thanks for the memories! To Dot, Colleen, Donna, Rema, Amanda and Diane, Thanks for all your time and understanding when I had neither, Thanks for all your help, I will never forget it. To My Friends from Art School and The Blessing crew. Thanks for the escapes. You too Spanky!! i_»hDebra A. Schocher, D.P.M. S.U.N. Y. At Albany, BS. I dedicate this degree to my parents whose guidance, encouragement, pa tience, and love have both inspired and touched me All that I accomplish and achieve I share with them We have earned this honor together. I love you both very much. To Chris. Dane, Lynne. Glenn, Kathy, Mutti and Uncle Johnny. Over the past tour years you have given me a deeper understanding for the meaning of the word ' family" Than you for all your support I love you all To Paul. Linda. Rotxn. Larry. You have made my years at P C P M special and memorable Thank you To Tony, You have touched my life in a way words can not describe You will always have a special place in my heart To Uncle Paul, Thanks for always being there when I needed You To Brian. You are that special '‘someone" I have searched my whole life for Thank you for listening, caring, and sharing, but most of all. thank you for making me Laugh To my fellow graduates. May you always have Happiness. Health, and Success! love always, Debbie T17Andrea Schulman, D.P.M. Rutgers University, B.S. Jo Mom and Pop: Thanks for everything: The love, the dedica lion, the open arms you two always have for me. Thanks for being patient and understanding. You are both the best. To Bro:May our friendship always grow Thanks for the "Second Home" in Florida. The visits were great medicine. Jo Grandma: I love you so very much. You helped to inspire me to Start fulfilling my dreams Thanks. Jo Aunt Hilda: Thank you for always lending a hand and letting me know I have someone like you who cares about me. I love you. To my college Roommates: Gail, Wendy. Nancy and Linda: Who would believe five girls who lived in a two bedroom apart ment for three years could remain such good friends for so long. You’re all great. To Karen, Carol, Lorraine, and Savita It is not too often a person can find friends like you. We have been through a lot. Thanks for being there. l.’flAnthony R. Sergi, D.P.M. Fairieigh Dickinson University, B.S. "A persons accomplishments are a reflection of their friends influences, parents guidance, and an entire family's love. Without these things few goals are ever obtained.” To Mom and Dad: Thank you for all your love, your faith in me. your endless words of encouragement and support and for wanting more for me than you ever dreamed for yourselves. I love you both very much. To Denise: You have been so many things to me these past two years. How do I begin, except to say thank you and S.C.A Y. To Larry, Paul, and Debbie: For making the unpleasant times somehow pleasant and the lonely times not so lonely. Thanks To the Crew: For making me feel like I was never away every time we met. Thanks130Deborah J. Sharlin, D.P.M. Dickinson College, B.S. To my family Words cannot express the sincere appreciation I feel for all that you've done for me these past four years You've always been there to support me and believe in me when I needed a little boost and you've been there to share in my accomplishments. Your continued encouragement throughout my life has helped me to achieve my goals, so you deserve as much credit for this degree as I do. I love you all! To Ellen, Karen and Marcie: "Friends whose love and loyalty no words can ever measure-the ones who have walked the extra mile with me." Thank you for always lending an ear. for your words of wisdom and for always being there when I needed to escape the clutches of PCPM You will always be my best friends. To all my friends at PCPM Congratulations! We finally made it! The good memories of our four years at PCPM far outweigh the rough times and I II always remember the fun we had. I want to wish everyone the best of luck in the future I'll miss you. 131Ronald H. Sheppard, D.P.M. S.U.N. Y. At Binghamton, B.A. 132Kirk Douglas Skinner, D.P.M. University Of Massachusetts, M.S., B.S. To Anne- We have finally made it. It has been a long road that we have traveled. Many obstacles were in our way. but we overcame them together The pressures and stress of the last four years have tested our love. Instead of diminishing our feelings the pressures have made our feelings stronger. It was this love that help make this degree possible. The diploma really should have both our names on it since we accomplished it together. There were many times your words of encouragement gave me exactly what I needed to carry on. How you knew precisely what to say still amazes me. Of all the things I should thank you for. I would most like to thank you for our son. The ultimate expression of our love is the child we had together. Your unselfishness was remarkable, you gave so much and asked so little in return. You are truly an incredible woman. I could not have been more fortunate to have you as my partner in life. WOOF ZZZ’S love Kirk 133Ronald Stephen Slatick, D.P.M. University Of Florida, B.S. I would like to say THANK YOU to all of those special people in my life that made this day possible. Thank you DAD for helping me along the way and encouraging me, ELEANOR for treating me as your own son and all of your help. PAT and BRENDAN ot the many times you’ve helped me out in times of need, JIM and CAROL for your emotional support and confi dence. A very special THANK YOU to SAND for her love and support and to her family for making me feel comfortable and a part of their lovely family. I would like to dedicate this degree to the loving memory of my MOTHER, whose fond memories I cherish and whom I wish could be here with me on this graduation day. With much LOVE, and heartfelt THANKS to you all and the best of luck to my friends in this graduation class. Love Always. Ron 134Adam K. Spector, D.P.M. George Washington University, B.S. I am tower pateful to all my family and trends who have helped me to succeed in finally becoming a do tor Morn, Than you tor the encouragement throughout Thank', tor the hearty holiday dinners that I looked toward to at the end ol exams, and lor the timely installments ot brownies and bagels that kept me going I love you DnJ. You are a constant inspiration and roJe model tor me On countless occasions, you have been there to bail me out of some kind ot trouble or mild depression with much needed advice and guidance. I can't thank you enough I love you Betti and Ctotssy. We wui always be close Your tug brother loves you both Mom and Dad [Mem. Thanks tor heJptog to make our I .es as easy as possiWe and tor treating me Me one ot your own. Jett and hyson. After as these years, we ate still part ot each other's lives Thanks. t helps Many. I can't imagine going through these last lour years without you You bring excitement to every moment ol my life. Your many sacrifices, undying patience, and taring support enabled me to persevere We made a good team you and me, and we truly d»l earn this degree together I lore you more than I could ever say My trends here at PCPM. I consider myselt iery ixky to hare faHen m with such a strong circle ot friends We helped each other to study, celebrate and survive We made •I 135Alan Spector, D.P.M. S.U.N. Y. At Stony Brook, B.S. To Rhonda, my wife and best friend Over the past tour years you have supported, encouraged, reassured, understood, and given me all the tove needed so that our dream became a reality Thank you for always being there, tor making the good times better and the bad times seem not as bad I will always love you. To Mom and Dad • Your love, support, guidance, and sacrifice mean so much to me Without you. none of this would be possible. To Mom and Dad Chnstal Thank you so much for all your tove and kindness. You have helped make the past four years a tot easier for me To Marty. Steve, Monica. Nanci. and Dan Thanks tor putting up with all my complaining the past lour years.. To JCW • We have had so many eipenences since we began PCPM. some good, some not so good. Thanks for all those untorgettabto memories. See you at Uncles! Albert C. - Ya Butchm'1!!! To the class ot 1989 Congratulations and best ol luck in the future! AJan 136Ann Speziale Dardes, D.P.M. Wilkes College, B.S. MOM AND DAD-1 am truly blessed to have such wonderful parents. You believed in me at times when I didn't believe in myself. Your limitless love, sacrifice and guidance have made this day possible. Words cannot adequately describe how much I love you both! We did it!!! NICK My happiness, my strength, my joy you came into my life and made it complete. You are the light in my darkest day. We share this accomplishment as we share our lives. Our love is infinity. MICHAEl-The best big brother a girl could ever ask for. Having you as a role model, I couldn't help but succeed. I thank you and sister-in-law Pamela for all your support and especially for two beautiful nieces, Pamela Ann and Samantha, who bring laughter and hope into all of our lives. AUNT JEAN AND UNCLE JIM-Your immeasurable love and encouragement have made this dream a reality. You have given so much of yourselves to help me achieve my goals. I love you more than I can say. GRANDMA You're the greatest! All my love and gratitude for always being there. TO MY FRIENDS-For all the good times that made the last four years worthwhile. Much luck and success in the future. God Bless. Ann 13?Kelly Lou Stevenson, D.P.M. West Liberty State College, B.S. Here's an old hymn because every lime I hear it it brings so many psctures into my mind ol my family, the strongest people I know Pictures of growing up with all of you • filling up the church pew. hiding Easter baskets, running those many miles, and listening to Oad play the piano. Pictures that just remind me of "WHERE CAME FROM" the Old Rugged Cross chorus: So I'll cherish the old rugged cross Till my trophies at last I lay down: I will cling to the old rugged cross And exchange it some day for a crown verses On a hill far away stood an old rugged cross. The emblem of suff'rmg and shame. And I love that old cross where the dearest and best For a world of lost sinners was slam To the old rugged cross I will ever be true. It's shame and reproach gladly bear; Then He'll call me some day to my fame far away. Where His glory forever I'll share Special IHANXS to Ruth Wilson for ail your prayers and love! I WJafar Tavassoli, D.P.M. Howard University, B.S. To My Parents: I wish to thank you for your endless support, guidance, love and understanding. Your unselfishness and sacrifices over the years have turned my dream into a reality. I am proud to be your son. To My Brothers and Sister: You have proven time and time again that love and support is what makes a family strong. Thank you for your prayers and faith in me. To Kathy: I love you. 139G. Clay Taylor, D.P.M. University Of Georgia, B.S. THIS PAGE IS DEDICATED TO MY TERRIFIC FAMIL Y. TO MY WIFE. JULIE: This degree is ours. Without your warm, thoughtful and supportive ways, making it this far would have been impossible. You are always making sacrafices without a word of complaint, but instead with a smile. You always knew lust what to say and do to help me through those stressful weeks of finals. For these reasons and more I owe you the greatest thanks and offer to share this degree throughout our life together. I love you forever. TO MOM AND DAD: Throughout the years you have taught me morals and discipline as well as offered encouragement and advice. You are always there for support and without you this degree would only be a dream Thanks for everything. I love you. TO MY BROTHERS: Steve. Ronnie and Allen, having three brothers like you has made achieving my goals easy. Thanks for the guidance and the good times. TO MY IN LAWS: Diane, iim, Buster and Ellen, you are wonderful and I greatly appreciate your support and encouragement. Thanks for being there. TO MY CLASSMATES: Vie finally made it! Good luck with your future endeavors. 140Timothy Tobin, D.P.M. Assumption College, B.A. To Mom and Dad. I want to thank you for all the support and encouragement that you have given me over the past four years. Without your support I could never have made it this far. Thank you for putting up with me for these hard years. I love you! To Mary and Patrick, Thanks for all the kindness and support that was extended to me when I needed it. To my friends at P.C.P.M., Meeting and becoming friends with all of you made it easy to get through the tough times. The enjoyable times will be remembered forever. Good luck to all! 141Michael Tritto, D.P.M. Pennsylvania State University, B.S. I want to thank my Mom and Dad along with the rest ol my family for their love and support—I LOVE YOU ALL! To Arme: We’ve been through some serious times, but we made it. Let’s go to the Collmont! To Chuck and Jon: (Future Man and Present Man respectively) You guys are great friends! You made my four years bareable-let's not become strangers—where's that limo! Let's Go Rangers! Did you get tickets7 I also want to thank the U.S. Government for allowing me to add a zero to the federal deficit. Goodbye P.C.P.M.!Victor G. Tritto, D.P.M. Muhlenberg College, B.S. Mom Dad: What can I say7 Thanks for the many care packages, the much needed phone calls most of all the love and inspiration your thoughts and prayers have brought me. I love you both very dearly I could have never made it without you. Dave Gary: You guys are all an older brother can ask for. I admire both ol you for all of your achievements in life. GIP. MOOSE thanks for everything. I love you guys! To my Grandmothers: The times we have spent together especially during the holidays the summers will always hold a special place in my heart. Thanks for all of the love. Bennett: We do pay gas! You're a great friend and have been a super roommate. Thanks. Much love to you, Mary Katie. Jim: We’ve been together through it all. We made it! Man, just let me say that you're one of the best. Much love to you Dawn. Time will go on and so will our friendship. GO MULES! Manssa: I swear these rabbits were huge, like dogs. Thanks for making my life brighter I'm glad we looked for the light at the end of the tunnel together Regardless of where our lives take us I’ll never forget the good times we've had. Best friends always! To the rest of my family: You are all in my thoughts. Thanks for the support and encouragement. CV. MT. JK. MJ. JM: Let’s tee it up again real soon. FORE! 14iBenedict Valentine, D.P.M Mercy College, B.S. !o Mom and Dad Thank you for five opportunity to pursue ray goafs Without you two this degree and lots more would not have been posvWe A son could not haie been blessed with more caring supportive parents. I always hare and alwars will love you two very much, more than words could describe lo Sue and Dave You two have been gr«Mo me throughout the years, especially the last tour It I was to do it all again (no thanks) Td want you guys there just the same The weekends at IBI with you were fantastic many more to come I love you two and always will lo Donna; You have beers the best friend a guy couM ask tor thank you tor being there tor me thiough the rough times and lor being so understanding and patient ri never forget Hopeless lunctmn, IBI and Ja A? you tube to bn and Mike I don't know how I tolerated you two tor four years, but I did1' You guys are great t-jf you already knew that Lot's of good times pce-iog. bowing and golfing. Many good times m the classrooms even though the lecturers' sometimes distracted us!! Mike ftANGlRS fORiVlR" bn dyers •!! Thanks for the memories. Good luck in life and keep in touch To VT. MG. BD and The times we spent together were always good and I'll ne«er lorget them or you guys Best of luck in Mure endeavors II was great sitting behind you guys. Vic. the links were always a Nast as were the laws . Chug ctung!’ You are the BlSfCTOfi!' 144Anthony John Visalli, D.P.M. Loyola College, B.S. Mom and Dad: Thank you lor ail of your love, patience, and guidance. Without your support. I never would have made it through this school. My accomplishments are all because of you. I love you both very much. Joseph: You have always stood by me through the good and bad. Thanks for being a great brother and lor turning down the stereo when I needed to study. Sal and Maria: To my other great brother and my wonderful sister-in-law. Thank you for all ol your kindness and for all those letters and cards which would always cheer me up To my classmates: Thank you for the friendship you have given me. There was never a time when I needed help when I could not get it from you. I wish each of you all the success and happiness in the world. 145James C. Wang, D.P.M. West Virginia University, B.A. To My Mother and Father To simply say thank you for all the time, effort and sacrifices you have made m order that my dreams and goals be accomplished would not be appropriate. Your love, patience and support have guided me in attaining this degree which is as much yours as mine. Thank you for everything. I love you both very much! To Jody. You have been my best friend and biggest supporter throughout these past four years. Your love and encouragement have made us and all of this possible I LOVE YOU! To Jeff and Carol: I could not have asked for two better or more talented siblings Thanks for your love and encouragement the past four years. To Ty Webb and Ben Hogan. "Let's play golf!" Thanks for being instrumental in my social life and raping. To Ai a.k.a "The Worm": Thanks for being a great friend the past tour years and making life bearable here in Philly. To AI C: "You're ButchinT Out of every fruition of success, no matter what, comes forth something to make a new effort necessary. Walt Whitman 146William F. Ward III, D.P.M. Columbia University, B.S.E.E. New York University C.C.S. "We feel free when we escape—even if it be from the frying pan into the fire." Hoffer "It is astonishing with how little reading a doctor can practice medicine, but it is not astonishing how badly he may do it." Osier 147Inez M. Weeks, D.P.M. Howard University, B.S. "The race is not for the swift but for he that can endure to the end” My deepest thanks: To God for his grace and spiritual support. A listening ear that was never too heavy to hear my prayers To my parents for their support, love and sacrifice To my brothers and sister for being the best To my dear friend and study partner Savita - Remember our laughing fits while studying. To my roommate Jenny • All the best To my sister in Christ, Sandra and to the many who are not represented in pictures or words but who are so important to me • Thank you so very much. 148Kevin Welch, D.P.M. Juniata College, B.S. I wish to thank my Mom and Dad and my brother and sister. Doug and Heather, for their sacrifices, guidance, encourage ment, love and support. I am very lucky to have you as my family. I wish to thank Paulette for her patience, understanding, companionship and love. Thanks also to Jeff. Nadine, the OR crew. Joe and my fellow workers in the Bookstore. It was a pleasure learning and working with you. usShari Williams, D.P.M Cheyney State College, B.A. I dedicate this page in loving memory of my father Thank you. Daddy, tor encouraging me to be the best that I could be. You never let me give up, no matter how impossible situations seemed You gave me confidence in myself, pride in my heritage, and a sense of my responsibility to my community. I miss your wonderful bass voice, your unending supply of ta:i tales and your priceless dance routine. I am blessed to have had a father like you I miss you SO very much MOMMY: Without your strength, love and patience: I never could have reached this goal You believed in me. when I didn't believe in myself Thanks for kstenmg to my many frustrations, drying my tears and making me rea.'ue that tomorrow b full of possibilities. I love you ANGIE:My ''unique'' little sister It is from you that I learned how to adapt to any situation that comes my way. Thanks tor all those long distance calls from Nebraska TAMIL Y A FRftNDS I am very lucky to have had such an extensive "support group " Thank you for enduring my "Trials and Tribulations" with understand mg and kindness. You made my time here a lot more bearable. All OTHERS:"The penalty of success is to be bored by the people who used to snub you.” Lady Astor ISOSo Ching Wong, D.P.M. Yale University, BA Success is speaking words of praise. In cheering other people's ways. In doing just the best you can, With every task and every plan. It’s silence when your speech would hurt. Politeness when your neighbor's curt, It's deafness when the scandal flows. And sympathy with others' woes. It's loyalty when duty calls. It's courage when disaster falls. It's patience when the hours are long. It's found in laughter and in song. It’s in the silent time of prayer, In happiness and in despair. In all of life and nothing less. We find the the thing we call success. ANONYMOUS 151is:PCPM EXIT EXAM JUNE 3, 1989 Directions: Match the quote with the professor. Choose the best answer. Answers may only be used once, and there may be no correct answer at all. 1. "The rima irguilaun is acmected to the..." 2. " OS cnly corrects trensvorse plane rrcticn." 3. " Cheater £kins rtMnr proper." 4. " Diabetic ? Ifepatitis ? Get started...Ctn't cut her." 5. " I'm any the speaker jriikta't make it this mining, but sigi in anyway." 6. " Without further ado..." 7. " CD you have deun tocby.. .acpin?" 8. " Chfcdiit is vhat it really should be called." 9. " Be it as it may, the patient should assure the..." 10. " Brrevs, Eurcws, Burovs..." 11. " I'm net cfcake yot" 12. '’Hyperkeratosis TranmLica Mirginalis Cfe Gilsis of IfcntuiK.. or was that a callus?" 13. "Get those patients ait of here by 12:00." 14. " So... tell me about the 46 phases of ward hEoling..." a. Cr. Latent b. Dr. ’bh=n c. Dr. Smear d. Dr. Starrett e. Dr. A. Vhitney f. Dr. Ftntcn g. Dr. Lfcwrwi h. Dr. Jay i. Dr. Bauer j. Dr. Schoatous k. Dr. Ffeldren l. Dr. f-bster m. Dr. Zulli n. Dr. f'hrtin 0. Dr. Helfard p. Dr. Boyd q. Dr. EbMT r. Cr. Maglictta s. Vt. Rex t. Cfc . Joseph u. ti . Levine v. Cr. Ziviala w. Cr.Milay x. C4 . BnesnahTi y. nr. tensnik z. Dr. Kicbwa aa. Dr.Krausz 15. " Keller, Keller, Keller.. .Hbw mny times nust I tell you?" 16. " Vfculd you like to join ny TVD-TVD Cliio?" 17. " That’s not a FF Vans. That's 1° FF Valgus." 18. " This '•■as a peer bastard." 19. " Have you erer trade Metancal dolls?" 20. " How are you doing, mm?" 21. " CDes anyone vmt to kuy golf balls?” 22. " Alvays use other people's i.xney." 23. " flmegate? Vhat are you talking about?" 24. " Unilateral anputee..." 25 " CD you fallow rre ? Arty thoughts an that, Ken?" 26. " Jc e...(,ku i, Lau -i)...vas that your chair that trade that noise?" ISiThe Class of 1989 Hereby Bequeaths to: Dr. Fox- electronic attendance surveilance system, automated with manual overide. Dr. Kwasnik- a good night's sleep. Dr. Bates- an identity Dr. Cole- a D.P.M. degree; empathy. Dr. Kidawa- an interpreter ( for the benefit of the patient !). Dr. Joseph- an Audi that works; H. Sturtz in the passenger's seat. Dr. Vogler- complete rights to the offset -V osteotomy. Dr. Downey- golden 0 15 blade Nadine- a real o.r. ; an anesthesiologist Dr. Christman- an x-ray reading room on the 6 th floor. Dr. Malay- a gold 6.0 cancellous on a herringbone chain. Dr. Feldman- an M-16 loaded with Heptavax. Dr. Mahan- a sombrero and a bag of Columbian beans. Dr. Newman- Misericordia Dr. Hirsch- a portable MRI Dr. Weissman- MIS...all of it. Dr. Boyd- a house on the 18th green of Pebble Beach. Dr. Martin- another administrative position (Dr. Cole's job, to be specific). Dr. Helfand- our thanks and respect for all you have done to better our profession. Dr. Master- nothing but the finest of memories. Dr. Juda- your own private office. Dr. Axler- a Lazy Boy recliner for Micro Lectures, Dr. Walter- two very homey rabbits Dr. Lemont- Driving lessons Dr. Schoenhaus- a drag race down Market Street with Dr. Lemont. Dr. Jay- a gift certificate to Boyd's. PCPM- lotto ticket subscription.. .so that the rest of the building can be completed.RUMORS WE'VE HEARD THROUGH THE YEARS Dr. Bates' jacuzzi is the size of an indoor swimming pool! You'll never have more than one final each day. Introduction to Pod just deals with corns and calluses. Elvis is alive. PCPM is the Harvard of Podiatry. Next year's class will only have 30 students. You only have to take one bus to get to your allied facility. You will only be tested on the class notes. A three story parking garage will be built by '87...'88...'89 It's in your module cabinet.........Look again. This lab is not painful to the turtle. You can do a closing base wedge osteotomy with MIS. No walk-in patients will be treated after quarter of... It doesn’t matter what you know, just memorize. Class will end promply at ten of the hour. 15S....MORE RUMORS_____ You'll do fine...just write down the right answer. Clinical evaluations are well thought out, through, and accurate. NIH found no reason for the 1000 fold increase in testicular cancer. You must buy an oscillometer in order to pass this course. Psychiatry is a gut course. Don't worry about it. The success of PCPM'S advertising campaign is unmeasurable... really unmeasurable. The new edition will handle the clinic's overflow. Don't worry. Dr. Cole is really here to help us. The CASPR match is designed in favor of the students. Dr. Bates is going to retire next year. They'll be opening up a whole bunch of residency positions.... reeeal soooooon. The class of 1989 is the smartest class PCPM has ever seen . You'll have no trouble paying back your loans. We're here to help you pass. 157PH-ILIY 1989 Why Am I Sitting Here Trying To Think Of Things To Say.................. So It Would Seem We've Still Got A Long, Long Way To Go. But I've Seen All I Want To See Today. P. CollinsClass Of ’90 Workin Hard . . . Staying Alive 160Tom's so enthused, it must be orthopedics Another Good Deed from Eagle Scout Kevin Sorry Gotta Run, K-Mart's Annual Sale 161 Megan's wilting from the pressures of x-ray This must be either x-ray or P.T. Another hour to kill? How about the shoe museum? R read this whole book by tomorrow? No problem! "and then a step to the right' Do you think it’s something I ale? Have you tried foot powder? 163 No • I'm not Bobby Clarke. Hindsight is 20 20Oh iny God I’m Stuck with Gutor-nick again! ] . 4 f Lawrence of Arabia. You meAn there is a surgery test today. Third Year. No problem. The 3rd Gas Effect (Clark Kent) • Where's the telephone booth? I wish I was in Buffalo Let me tell you, that guy is u nickle and dimer. The Future of PodiatryHello Dominoe's, large piza with .... Are you wearing the same tie again? Hey Alan, check this out! Yesss. Nadine. Tom Pelt) and the Bunion-Breakers! Ahhhhh I can t see!PCPM's Rebirth Please - I’ll • I'll even mop the floors foj your program I Another Podiatric victory Chau he wears nothing but Calvin Go ahead - make my day! A real shoe expert HAV - I knew it as usual! The way we do it in Canada is often better!And U's the Christman's - our Climbing that ladder of success What's this about pumpkins’ Gah-Gah-GingaI heard it through the grapevine. Hey Larrv - How big is it? How was the x-ray rotation Franimal? Geez! Absolutely no privacy at PCPM! Off to the beach!169A very special thank you to all who came out and helped with this years yearbook. I can't express enough all the gratitude and appreciation for a job well done! Francis F. Deck '90 Editor of the Class of 1990: Francis F. Derk Layout and Design: Limor Glazer Parkson Lin Francine Williams •John Mehnert Bruce Francis •Jil Beaupain Howard Roesen Andrea Moulton Emmanual K. Ohemeng Jr. Photographers: Howard Schulfheiss Bruce Nigro Lawrence Lazar Paul Kraus David Chen Judy Sperling 170. Co L --kj_ L—-4. |)Knou»ledge yw) Judgment { f Responsibility | ?S7cW A-C-H-I-L-L-E-S 19 8 9 THE CLASS OF 1991 THE YEAR WE WENT WHERE NO CLASS HAS GONE BEFORE The ones who dared to lead us •What?" Gary jamming away. "I love pathology!' invest in h • • What is that group up to now?" 172 Is class over yet?"If you ask me, she’s pronating into midstance Good orthotics made the difference! "We’d like to make you a deal . .. PPAC is like a warm puppy' "Lunch! My favorite class!1 174 Ladies' night out.Now, Look Bob . . . 17S Check out that gait! SMILE!!!!"Go ahead, make our day.' "The best Nerd around" Do you think I'm sexy?" r » c cor-: 176WOW! Hov. did Carol Ret so tall? This must be 4 strange Canadian ritual How about J nice juicy Ida? Hob: “Go off1" Sheryl: “Give my beer hack!" Michel; “That girt is cute.""Come in outside world . come in . . •Trying to hide those dirty magazine again?" "Which chick should we go for next’' Raise your hands if you have been studying pharm! Yes Dr. Bitar, I think you're right 178 Newspaperology is one of the most favorite classes at PCP.M" “Guess what lecture this Is?'Smile for the camera girls. “Here Craig, you can have my notes." This is how you sneak out. Teacher of the Year, and a good friend as well. "Oh shit! One more thing . . ." Yes! Casting . can . . be ... fun! Watch what you're doing Carol! 180The Running Club 181F.C Podiatric. The new champs at PCPM. Thanks for believing in us Dr. P! Thanks for the support Dr Boyd! PPMSA Rep ., Patho Rep,. Note Service Coordinatot What should I go for next?" Where were you guys? Editor In Chief: Roberto Araujo Layout and Design: Carol Barreto Fran Dork (special guest) Fred Cause Dee-Dee Roman Cinzia Vecchia Photographers: Carol Barreto Lorraine Farkas Michele Fleeter Tami Hew Gary Pichney Dave Strelecky A tough year has passed us by, but we made It through in one piece Not even the comments made about our class separated us. Congratulations Class of 1991! Better years are yet to come! 182AC • E • S H • I • L • L 19 8 9Class Of 1992 The Brains Behind It All! The class of 1992 would like to thank everyone who helped us out. V'e especially want to thank the class of 1991 and 1990 yearbook staff for all their help. 184My kind of guy! o Hurry breaks almost over. Sold to the man with the Bud Lite. 18$ ? r»Simon, get that leg up THINGS ARE SHAPING UP Sweatin' to the rhythm 186I should have bought Faucet!First Year Soccer Stars • • • Hisham Ashry Tim Monahan Phil Trapolsi George Moniz Scott Parrutto John Markley Not Shown: Steve Owusu 188 And They’re Off . . . 189Gee, I see that exercise is working!! 190191192You, in my office now! The guys on skid row I Oh no, what did we do?? 193 Joe, you stud muffin, you Not during my lunch time. Mister!Editor-in-Chief: Denise M. Opitz Layout and Design: Noel Barnett Debbie Photos Simon Becker Pete Cuesta Brent Tabor Ken Dunlap Hlsham Ashry Lisa Donaliello Suzanne Roeckell Jeff Martone Dean Jones You can never be to close Photographers: Simon Becker Brent Tabor Hisham Ashry Some Pictures from: Lisa Donatiello Brian Eyer 194 A-C-H-I-L-L-E-S 19 8 9Clinical Faculty Gary Bauer, D P M. Philip Bresnohan, D.P.M Steven Boo, D.P.M. Robert Christiaan, D.P.M. Arthur Helfand, D P M Michael Downey, D.P.M. 1% Arnold Feldman, D.P.M Gilbert Rice. D.P.M Richard Jay. D P MClinical Faculty Warren Joseph, DP M Edwin Judu. DPM Anthony Kidawa. DPM Gilbert Master, DPM Harvey Lemont. D P M William Lloyd, P.T Thomas Marietta. D P M D. Scott Malay, D P M. Nadine McFeeley. K N 197Howard Palamarchuk, D P M Jane Pontious. D P M William Sanner, D.P.M Clinical Faculty Harold Schoenhaus, D.P.M Louis Zulli, D.P.M Clare Starrctt, D.P.M. 198 Harold Vogler, D P M John Walter, D.P.M Alan Whitney, D.P.M.Basic Science Faculty Carl Abramson, PhD Milfld Bitar, Ph D Robert Boyd. Ph D James Burke. Ph.D. Francis Conway, Ph D Robert Davis, Ph D Marilyn Fenton, Ph D. Bruce Hirsh. Ph.D. Howard Pitkow, Ph D Bohdan Terfeekyj, M S 199Staff John W. McCormick Executive Vice President Rochelle Weisman Anthony Morris Katrina Celenza Rita Paul Peter Kaprlelyan Tom Crehan Melissa Reich Mary Gallagher Fred Kugler. M S Felice Walden Kathy Tague Maxine Preston Margaret Frey Terri Webster Dave Thompson 200Staff Linda Stanley, MLS Reina Diaz Donna Scholl Frances Peters, M LS LcGrand Newman Larry Buss Eleanor Strayhwn Pricr Yolanda Taylor Casey Marks Marlene Jefferson Loretta Edward Lorestine Prr-sslcy Virginia Kehoe Patricia O'Malley Darlene Johns Deanna Civera 201Staff Kathy Palagruto Christine Barbour Edith Bobb Viola Warren Mary Gates Colleen Kennedy Yvette Hicks Kathy Orlando Dorothy Agee Carol Romano Loretta Whitney Nancy Brown Mary Oohler Richard Cerruti Harold Rixen Staff Olga Tumnska Diane Brown Alfred English Rita UBree Rosa Nesmith Amanda Reeder Diane ('arisen Donna Boni Paul Carter Caroline Taraska Barbara Hoffman Jeffrey Frey 203Staff Beth Bakely Linda Kill Victor Thompson Melanie .Iordan Ernesto Mujom (Not shown) 204 A-C-H-I-L-L-E-S 19 8 9CONGRATULATIONS COriGRA TULA TIOnS! and put your best foot forward You've Done It! Mice Going! GREGORY D. MILLS, DPM CRAIG J. CHRISTENSON, D.P.M. We're So Proud!!! You Are Special To Each Of Us!!! Much Success To You! From Dad, Mother Keith DR. ANN MARIA SPEZIALE DARDES Your Journey Mas Been Long And Tiring, But Thru Thick And Thin, You've hung Right In For That Degree, That's Worth Admiring You Have Made Us All Very Proud Of You. Much Success And Happiness In The Future. Nick, Mom, Dad, Grandma, Aunt Jean, Uncle Jim Mike, Pam, Pamela Ann, Samantha 206Dr. John M. Hurchik Determination And Hard Work Have Made Your Dream A Reality. We re All So Proud Of You . . . CONGRATULATIONS! Love From All . . . Mom, Dad, Susan, Mike Marybeth Dr. John M. Hurchik John, I'm Proud To Be Your Wife. You Are A Special Person Who Gives 110 Percent To Everything You Do. I Feel Lucky To Be Part Of Your Life. You Are A Great Husband And Will Be A Great Doctor. CONGRATULATIONS .... I LOVE YOU, CHERYL Dr. Robert E. Gallucci, DPM Your Desire, Determination And Satisfaction In Your Academic Endeavor Is a Tribute To Your Hard Work And Perseverance. A Successful Future Is Eminent And We Share With You All Your Future Dreams As A Doctor. MOM, DAD, EDWARD, DANA, DONNA AND GRAM 20 7DR. RAYMOND DIPRETORO YO .... DR. DEBBIE, F.F.F. Take Time To Work .... It Is The Price Of Success. Take Time To Play........ It Is The Secret Of Youth. (FUTURE FOOT FIXER) Take Time To Enjoy Family And Friends . . . It Is The Source Of Happiness. Congratulations Ray! We Love You, Mom, Moni, Debbie, Gary, And Stephen YOU MADE IT ...... CHRIS COriGRATULATIOnS . DIANE HAPPINESS ........ LYNNE SUCCESS .......... GLENN GOOD LUCK ........ KATHY LOVE MR. MRS. MOM DAD SCHOCHER LORRAINE AND CHARLES You Have Made All Of Us Very Proud, You Have Enriched Our Lives, And We Wish You Both Good Health, Success And Prosperity In The Years Ahead. Love, MOM, DAD AND ARTHUR Our Congratulations And Best Wishes To The Class Of 1989 The Bopp Family :oaDr. John Koschak Good Luck And Congratulations From Vour No. 1 Support Group Mom, Andy, Ken, Lu, Kenny, Elizabeth P.S.-‘‘Please Hurry Cure My Foot Problems.” Dear Alan, Congratulations And Best Wishes For A Wonderful Future. We Love You. Mom, Dad, Rhonda, Marty, Steve And Monica Dr. Shari Lyn Williams Congratulations! As Your Daddy Would Say, "YOU CAN DO IT,” And You Did. You Meant Everything To Him, You Were Special. He Was Always Proud Of You, Just As We Are Today. Best Wishes For A Successful Future Filled With Love, Health And Happiness. God Bless You! Keep Looking UP. Mommy And Sister AngieOur Warmest Congratulations To ... . DR. CARNIG C. SHAKARJIAN MAMY BEST WISHES FROM YOUR PROUD FAMILY DR. JOSEPH A. GERSHEY CONGRATULATIONS! WE'RE VERY PROUD OF YOU! LOVE, MOM AND DAD Our Love And Blessings To A Wonderful Daughter, Sister And Aunt .... MARISSA GIROLAMO, D.P.M. Your Hard Work And Dedication Was What It Took To Succeed. Our Love And Constant Support At Those Times When The End Of The Tunnel Seemed Miles Away Marissa, You Made It And We Are Very Proud And Happy To Say "Dr. Girolamo"-Go For It! The World Is Waiting. You Have So Much To Contribute. Stay As Wonderful As You Are Now, And Always Keep That Beautiful Smile On Your Face. Congratulations! We Love You Very Much. Mom And Dad, Mark. Denise, Bob, Patty, Elena, Scott, Patrice And Russell, Lorraine, Elizabeth, Mark, Stephanie, Kristen And Kathryn. 210CouqtatlaJlcmi Jind Kneu You Could Do tt-Fn Though It Wai Rouai At Tumi. In Wdtcied You, Detroit, Fnty Bit Of Yowdeff; - Youi Turn,. Fffoxt. Ability CcmpaUicn: To Ariien Tie Mat mpodanT Mcit Demanding Cool Of You Lift- . . . Being A Dodo ... Alt Lionet. A Pxidt.-FuM Of AreornfAlunenT. Nut To You, Jin. ALayi Feel A If I t Tie, Lu JUit Woman In Tie Wotfd And Today h Andie Out, Of That euf f p fried Tima: To Bt Ftanding Fide By Fide, To Fomtone WOk Fuei Peatwetanee And Dfdisa o Makti Ml Remembe flow Vexy Fperiod And Unique You Art And Lieu ZtUf Murk Lon You, Aieod Of You li A Wonderful Caxtet Full Of Furceu . . . And Ahead Of Hi li A Net Lilt Toqe e Full Of Lon. ALayi And Fount - Dm . ren. Dr. Victor Tritto-Congratulations To Our Very Dear, Very Special Friend. Everything You Worked For Is Finally here fir You Deserve Every Bit Of Your Success. Our Wishes For A Very Happy, Very Profitable Life Ahead Full Of Love; fir ho Matter How Far Away You Go-True Friends Are hever Far Apart. JAMES L. KLOCEK D.P.M. Jim fir Dawn Dr. James Klocek, Congratulations!! Congratulations! We All Want To Tell You How Very Proud We Are To Have You As Part Of OUr Family-We Love You Very Much-"Doctor "! Mom-Mom C. Pop-Pop C Aunt Toni Uncle Anthony Aunt Kathy Jennifer fir Megan Mom-Mom fir Bill E. Pop-Pop T. Uncle Kenny Aunt Marilyn Dawn + Kari P.S. Don't Forget Mom-Mom C. And Aunt Toni Are Your First Patients!! We've Watched You Work So Hard; We Watched You Put Everything You Had Into Achieving Such An Important Goal In Your Life. And You Did It!!! Despite Hard Times-You Accomplished It, And Came Out On Top! Jim, We re So Proud Of You And We Love You Very, Very Much! Many Wishes For All Of The Success And Happiness Your Life Ahead Can Hold. Love, Mom And Dad Colson Rick And Stephen 211Dr. Albert Janes Cecchini III Dear Al: If each star in the sky wore given to everyone on earth who worked hard to achieve a goal and then aspired and worked for more, you would undoubtedly be one of the first recipients. Although you are not the type of person who looks for recognition for all of your good deeds And hard work, we reust t«ke this opportunity to let you know thAt your fanily has noted every" one We just hope that you will achieve all of the new goals ahead of you. We love you and wish you success and happiness in your future. Love, Dr. Albert James Cecchini III We Wish You All The Best! Because You Are The Best! We All Love You! Bill, Pat, Karen And Robb Michele and Glen Grandmom Aunt Theresa Aunt Fran Uncle Dick Richard, FrAncine and Rich, Maria and Richie CONGRATULATIONS Dr. Albert James Cecchini Hi We Always Knew You Were Special And We Are Very Proud And Happy For You. Your hard Work And Determination Has Made Your Dream A Reality And Your Reality Has Been Far Beyond Our Wildest Of Dreams We Had For You. May God Always Be With You And May Your Life Be Filled With Happiness, Health And Great Success. With All Our Love, MOM AMD DAD 212CONGRATULATIONS .... TO DR. DONNA-JEAN DEFROnZO May Your Home Be Filled With Laughter, And Your Office With Patients. We Are Very Proud Of You, And We Love You. BEST WISHES FROM YOUR NEW EXTENDED FAMILY DR. DONNA-JEAN DEFRONZO I Love You And Am Just Beaming With Pride For You. Now That You Are Finally Finished, Let's Go Find That Sailboat With Our Name On It. Love, Adam T- ArftuJ do it". T- rr poouh- O j. • L-OnIan ■» Y°»r Q[ 9 ?r y- -y 5» r Qj O'CCi -L Vrorr O" Congratulations, Nancy Hines! Best wishes in your new profession, and may all your plunges become windfalls. kHth all our Love, ft©m and Dad, 213 DR. ALBERT JAMES CECCHINI II! Words Cannot Describe How Proud I Am Of You. Determination And Hard Work Has Earned You The Honor To Be Called Doctor. May Your Future Be Filled With Success And Good Health. 1 Love You, Kelly CONGRATULATIONS To Our Favorite Podiatrist. Congratulations To My Son .... Gabriel DeTolla, D.P.M. And All Of His Classmates. God Bless You. Mom And Dad DeTolla CONGRATULATIONS KAREN BORSOS, D.P.M. Ron Sheppard We Are Very Proud Of You Love, MOM, DAD AMD BEN You've Always Worked Hard, And We'll Always Be Proud Of You. Love, Mom And Dad 21 Congratulations To □R. ROBERT L. FINK a DR. USA M. NEEDELMAN We Are All So Proud Of The Two Of You. Not Only Have We To Congratulate You On Your Never Ending Determination And Perseverance In Attaining The Right To Be Called Doctors, But You Are Beginning A Life, Together, Which Exemplifies Love And Commitment. We Are So Proud! 21SMAURICE, With Determination, Love, And Great Personal Strength, You Pursued Your Dream. And At Last, Despite All The Hurdles Along The Way, The End Of One Journey Has Been Reached. As We Embark On Our New Adventure Together, Always Know That I Will Be Here To Be Your Friend. All Of My Love, Ruthie COP1GRA TULA TIONS! DR. MAURICE W. AIKEN “Our Feet Are Aching For You!” Your Loving Family, Mom, Elene And Gil Nan And Pop Pop Aunt El, Uncle Al, Jeff And Josh 216★ Jf ★ TO ALL THE BRIGHT "STARS OF THE 1989 Steve, GRADUATING Congratulations CLASS . . . GOOD LUCK AND Bro! BEST WISHES IN You've Set Many Goals And Worked Hard To Achieve ALL OF YOUR FUTURE Them. I've Always Been Very Proud Of You! ENDEAVORS. Maybe The 2nd Half Of The Pod Squad Can Be As Successful As The 1st Half LILLIAN AND IRA Love, OSTROFF YOUR BROTHER, SCOTT if ★ ★ To Our Son Lawrence Kassan, D.P.M. We Wish You Health And Happiness, Pursuit Of Fine Goals And Achievements In Your Life-Time That Can Be Looked Back Upon In Later Years As An Asset To You And Your Profession. We All Love You, 1 Your Mom And Pop. 1 217DR. ELIZABETH L. MASSIMIHI To Our Dearest Daughter, With Love And Pride, We Congratulate You On Your Achievement. Your Hard Work And Perseverence Through These Years Earned You The Honor Of Being Called Doctor. How, We Can Proudly Say . . . "Our Daughter The Doctor.” We Know You Will Bring Knowledge, Passion And Dignity To Your Chosen Profession. May God Bless You With Love, Good Health, And Much Success. Your Loving Parents And Joyeux With All Our Love And Admiration, Your Grandmothers, All Your Aunts, Uncles, And Cousins (Godchildren Also!) Know That Both Of Your Grandfathers Are Looking Down With Much Love And Pride. :i8DR. JOEL MORSE CONGRATULATIONS FROM YOUR LOVING FAMILY We Wish You A Happy Beginning And Continued Success In Your Profession. We Always Had Faith In Your Talents And Determination. Heart Felt Wishes From Mom, Dad, Dan, Miriam Grandma, Grandpa And The Entire Family. 219HAWAII • BAHAMAS • CARIBBEAN s The Podiatry Insurance Company of America Congratulates the Graduating Class of 1989!! As you move Into the subsequent phases of your podiatric career, PICA would like to help you plan your Next Step. A few of the services we offer are: Nationwide insurance coverage giving you the flexibility to practice where you wish. Special Professional Liability Policy and payment plan available to Residents and Preceptees. Claims-Made Professional Liability Policy. A tailor-made policy for your profession. Discounts for the new practitioners. Multiple payment option without finance charges. 100% Podiatry Owned and operated. A company owned by you and your peers. Podiatry Insurance Company of America (Risk Retention Group), A Mutual Company 110 Westwood Place, Suite 100 Brentwood, TN 37027 (800) 251-5727 (615) 371-8776 PICA, Today's Insurance, for Tomorrow’s Podiatric Physician! _J .’. 0THE THRILL f)F MAKING IT. Yoti rc now a fellow researcher, a fellow clinician, a fellow explorer into the biomechanics of human yait Your new role as a professional inspires us all. Because out of new. passionatel held ideas, innovation is born. That alone is reason to celebrate. The Unger omecfun.cs Group. Inc 21 f-ist liKln»lf Couri, Dccr r.nh ny 1172'J mwcai'S;.., Biomechanic Grouo 221Congratulations and Best Wishes OXFORD LABORATORIES to the Doctors of 1989 336 Loney St. Phila, PA 19111 (215) 722-0751 CUSTOM MADE-SPORTS, QERI, ROHADUR, AND LEATHER ORTHOTICS PLASTIC AND METAL BRACES. 10 Years Experience With Pro Athletes. We Bill Medical Assistance Health Pass. me Ww K » - iw. r roc. • IKIUMTO Superior Quality and Dependability from X-CEL X-RAY SHORT ARM FLOOR MODEL P-700 AC (Base Height 8" MOBILE FLOOR MODEL (Low Bate ) 10-700 AC (Base Heght 3Vt“) TWO YEAR WARRANTY -rrrrrT “♦ See your local dealer for complete specifications on the items shown. Manufactured in Crystal Lake, Illinois, U.S.A. Wherever possible, products of American Manufacture and origin are used. •Patent applied to inEasy Walking REECE ORTHOPEDIC SHOE Comfort and Mobility The Reece Wooden Sole Shoe offers many of the advantages of cast protection with more flexibility and less edema Patients and doctors find the Reece Shoe more satisfactory than a cast for many broken or crushed foot bones and dislocations It can also be used effectively for post-operative care for most cases of foot surgery and as an aid in the treatment of burns, sprains, athlete s foot and bursitis You'll fmd the Reece Shoe adds efficiency to your practice - it's far easier to administer than a cumbersome cast and more readily accepted by patients For more information and sample shoe, ash your equipment dealer or write to REECE WOODEN SOLE SHOE M,c.JST2il ladies Sh ei 3e J Toe Model 173 CG • Men's $n eided Toe Model I75CG St»nO rO tr 3 » WettW foe mode's Uy Oof men end women Coniy ifoc eO - oo ' » Of nghtt (worn on finer roof end m at in f nrtt fits only Whether you're establishing or maintaining a professional foothold, You Deserve the Best — • The Best Products • The Best Prices • The Best Service • The Most Knowledgeable Sales Staff In The Industry (Including a Licensed Podiatrist) Serving the Podiatric Professional since 1932 (GIL-L PODIATRY SUPPLY AND EQUIPMENT CO. ® 7803 Freeway Circle Middleburg Heights. Ohio 44130 National WATS 1-800-321-1348 Ohio WATS 1-800-362-0708 Local 1-216-243-3700 22 JONE STEP AHEAD . . . . a Eastern Podiatry Laboratories, Inc 1702 Fifth Street Trenton, New Jersey Phone: (609) 882-4444 • Functional Orthotics • Biomechanical Control Of The Athlete • Biomechanical Control Of The Active Senior Citizen The Pedinol Pride . BREEZEE MIST foot powder Antl-persplrant. anti-fungal. mlstitied powder spray FUNGOID CREME SOLUTION Topical treatment for fungus, yeast, and bacterial Infections of the skin FUNGOID TINCTURE Anti-fungal agents for nail beds and grooves HYDRISINOL CREME LOTION Emollient akin softener PEDI-BORO SOAK PAKS Astringent wet dressing SALACTIC FILM Aids in removal of Verrucae UREACIN-10 UREACIN-20 Aids in removal of Hyperkeratotic tissue H «t M SANT) PlAZA MATH rAMMNGOALS. NY IITS liitimew SERVING THE PODIATRISTS AND THEIR PATIENTS CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1989 THE ACHILLES 1989 STAFF Wishes Success And Happiness To All. L 224DR. LYNNE M. CASPER CHESTER AMD MURIEL CASPER ADD FAMILY CONGRATULATE YOU ON THE COMPLETION OF YOUR PODIATRIC MEDICAL STUDIES AND WISH YOU SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS IN YOUR FUTURE PROFESSIONAL CAREER. Best Wishes To The Class Of “1989” THE SERGI FAMILY SUCCESS TO THE CLASS OF 1989 STEVEN ....... CONGRATULATIONS! We Love You Very Much And Are So Very Proud Of You. We Know That You Have A Wonderful Future Ahead. ALL OF OUR LOVE, MOM, DAD, SCOTT, WENDY, AND PAMELA 225SNllSOf? •• t Kntmz library ' vnnsytoania College of Podbbtc Race at 8th SL Philadelphia. P«. 19107 For Reference Not to be taken from this room

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