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 ■ I: '■ . iii flilS|t mmm tfroy siV {is-.".. PENNSYIVANIA CCUE6E or PEIDIIAYPIIC MEEICINE EIGHTH AND RACE STREET PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA 19107-------------------r f ■ . ______________ Pennsylvania College of;Podiatric Medicine Jtmtt l a«n 0 M To the Class of 1984: On behalf of the Trustees and the Faculty, my congratulations upon your accomplishments. You have completed four rigorous years of study and are well qualified as Doctors of Rodlatric Medicine. We wish you much happiness and success in your chosen field of podlatric medicine. All of us are confident that this will be accomplished. Webster defines success as ’the achievement of something desired, planned or attempted . You have taken the first steps toward achieving a rewarding lifetime career. You have goals and aspirations. Careful planning and careful management will assure fulfillment of those goals. William Jennings Bryan said, “success is not searching for you. You must do the seeking. Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice; it is not a thing to be waited for, it Is a thing to be achieved. Success Is not measured only In worldly goods. Success Is measured by the respect of others, self-esteem, and participation in your community as a total person. Set your goals high, and then spend every day doing those things that will assure meeting those goals. We will be Interested in your progress and we will be pleased to hear of your accomplishments. This is your home and we want you not only to return home often, but to be an active participant in our growth. Let us know what you arc doing. Let us know how we can improve. Let us know how we can help you. By working together, podiatric medicine will continue to flourish as a health profession. Remember, again, that each day and the activities of that day contribute toward your status as a health professional. We are proud of you, your families are proud of you, and we want you--now and always--to have pride in yourselves. Godspeed! 2 EIGHTH AT RACE ST. • PHILADELPHIA. PENNSYLVANIA 19107- (215)629-0300Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine To the Class of 1984: Congratulations on your completion of a medical education that I feel has provided you with the finest in breadth and scope to perform ns a podiatric physician and surgeon. Your worthy efforts will enable you to continue your quest for knowledge and perfection in an ever expanding body of scientific knowledge. You have gained the necessary skills to continue your education in the challenging field of podiatric medicine and surgery. We must always use this knowledge for the integrity and benefit of the patient. Ultimately the improvement in mankind's ability to function unrestricted and without crippling disabilities is the aim of podiatric medicine. You should take great pride in your achievement. Although American medicine has a preeminent recognition on a world wide basis, the real pride of this country’s health care professions is podiatric medicine. No other nation has ever provided its citizens with physicians of such specialized knowledge and ability for the ailments of the foot as the Doctor of Podiatric Medicine. John M Buckaott. D P M Vied President tor Academy Artemi tnd Dean January 16, 1984 John M. Buckholz, D.P.M. U Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean EIGHTH AT RACE ST • PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA 19107- (215)629-0300 3Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine Dear Class of 1984: Let me extend my sincere congratulations upon your graduation! You are "stellar performers". I know, professionally, you will have a "long-run" success. In some respects it seems like such a short while ago that you and I arrived at the "Great White Way" of Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine to find quickly that there truly is "no business like..." being a doctor of podiatric medicine. We have certainly learned in those four years! I recall so clearly how enthusiastic and apprehensive each of you were as we first met - some in SARP, others at Orientation. The parking lot was full, everyone arriving, bag and baggage. Even the cadavers were rumored to be arriving - at 3 am (strictly a rumor). You brought, as a class and as individuals, the willingness to work together, the individuality to disagree and the originality to arrive at a meaningful consensus for all. You did work harder than you have ever worked, and some days succeeded less well than you were accustomed, but, by December, you basically knew you were going to succeed. With foresight you used good judgement to take the depth of human resources provided by the faculty, administration and staff, sorting for yourselves the world of reality. You were "troupers" as you met the challenges of National 8oards, academic and clinical experiences, externships, and finally the run for the residency. You even managed to keep your sense of humor. As personal relationships developed, some of you began families and watched them grow, and your indebtedness mounted. You never failed to share your time and talents with us, accomplish improvements, and set guidelines which make PCPM and all of us better. There is no such thing as "overnight stardom". Worthwhile achievements come from hard study, commitment and tenacity. This class has a maturity that will set the pace for many others. Once again I sense enthusiasm and apprehension: enthusiasm because this goal is near completion and well done; apprehension because this is only the beginning of many challenges both for you and PCPM. As you leave us now, know that you are appreciated for all that you have been and all that you have shared. We will miss you. As a personal note, I want to thank you for these past four years: the many good times together as well as the stimulating differences and discussions. Out of it always came, for roe, a renewed commitment and deeper relationship. Your "leading role at the Academy" begins your professional Impact. You have the capability to make the difference and we will have a finer profession because of you. Best wishes! EIGHTH AT RACE ST • PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA 19107 12151629-0300 Sincerely vours. Janice A. Ferguson, Ph.lK Vice President for Student Affairs 4Y l- ARTHUR E. HELFAND, D.P.M. To a man who has been an ever present example of committment to us. Committment to family, to education, and to the profession of Podiatry. As we begin our careers as podiatric physicians, may we take with us the balance of priorities and the dedication to the profession that Dr. Helfand has demonstrated to us throughout our four years at PCPM. We, the Class of 1984, dedicate our yearbook to you, Dr. Helfand, with our thanks. May you always enjoy it. sACHILLES '84 EDITORS Achilles Page 1 of 1 6-2-84 PCPM Class of 1984 Mobilia meininger Topic: Letter From The Editors I. Putting the Yearbook together A. In putting this Yearbook together we encountered a variety of problems: 1. collecting page materials from the Seniors 2. getting people to volunteer to help out 3. getting everyone together in the same place at the same time 4. trying to have everything ready for the deadlines 5. trying to decide whether to order out for pizza or Chinese B. As time went by we came to appreciate the significance of the Yearbook 1. the Yearbook can actually be considered an historical document as it commits to print our life and times here at PCPM 2. the Yearbook is a keepsake that we can treasure always 3. looking back you'll find that some pictures are worth more than a thousand words II. Closing statements A. The last 4 years have been like no other we will ever experience: 1. there were good times and bad, laughter and tears, joys and disappointments 2. through it all we managed to work well together B. The hardest page of the Yearbook to put together was this page. We wanted to keep the tone light, but still get some important points and sentiments across. All the sweat and time that went into this book was worth it, for this is a class well worth remembering. So, in parting we'd like to say: Congratulations, Good Luck, Good Health and Prosper............and. . . "SEE YOU AT HER- SHEY!!" Also, a note of thanks goes to: JOHN HARRIS, our Advisor PHIL KLEIN, our Yearbook Rep CARRIE PATRICK for her invaluable assistance . . . and especially to JOHN and JENNIFER MEININGER who were always willing to lend a hand 6ACHILLES '84 STAFF DAVID TODOROFF Writer JOHN CICERO Art Director SHELLY CHINKES, KAREN KULICK Advertising Editors JOHN MAST DAN ROCHE MARC LIPTON, DALE BERKLEY ANN PINSKI bird Year: Marina Mailed, Mary DeFranco, lob Knoll, Second Year: Gene Shapiro, Dorothy Powell, Pat Agnew First Year: Teresa Zierdan Bob Breiner JANET CARNEY Senior Staff Members Not Pictured: Howard Bonenberger, Greg Cormier, Phil Dao, Josephine De Palma, Paul Fachada, David Holman, Jamie Mintzer. Elaine O'Donnell, Dave Robin, Rob Russell, llene Terrell 7CLARE STARRETT, D.P.M. Rather than quote George Orwell, or give scholarly advice, I'll simply say, "Thanks". Thanks for your support, your attention, your patience. Thanks for being inquisitive, optimistic, tolerant. Thanks for stimulating my sense of humor - and maintaining yours. In that Alma Mater translates to "fostering Mother", I have only two pieces of advice: visit often and send money! Voted Best Clinician by the Class of 1984 My best wishes to the Class of '84. Accomplishment, as you have found, is not easy; it takes enormous hard work and oersistance. High scholastic grades af obuifimg a residency are important ficro s in Tm tire success, but without a relentless appetite for self improvement, a constant search for answers to questions you are not certain of, a stubborn persistance to achieve your goals, success will not be yours. You have the potential to fulfill all your goals. You are bright and well trained. This is only the beginning! Good Luck. HARVEY LEMONT, D.P.M. Voted Best Professor by the Class of 1984The Class of 1984 Is Proud To Present Its History Or "La Cage Aux Folles" ACT I, SCENE I •Preface to the reader: remember that ridicule is the highest form of flattery !! The Class of 1984 was conceived slowly throughout the school year of 1979-80; and it was born from the loins of PCPM in August 1980. One-hundred-thirty-five stong, we came in all shapes and sizes, and from many strange and faraway lands: Utah, Vietnam, Scranton... some even came from the scarred and tragically wartorn wasteland known as New Jersey. Many occupational backgrounds were represented in this newly formed class of 1984: from teachers to plumbers to professional students... one of our classmates even ran track!! Our first experience with Podiatry school life came with that ever-popular event known as "Orientation", which went off without a hitch. In our little groups wc were shuffled from place to place like little lost SHEEP RBC's in some unsuspecting E-rosette (in clinic jackets that smelled more like the plastic wrapper than the toejamb they would come to resemble in the not too distant future...) During I those first two days we became slightly acquainted with a few of our colleages and some of the faculty and administration. We knew that we were hot stuff... college gradu- there" (aka the male genital anatomy) from Thelma Chen, who of course learned everything she knew about the subject from years of textbook study. Anyway, let's face it, teaching yourself anatomy from a set of books written in Is ‘es. . . here in Podiatry school. . . mature "Student Doc-•rs" (the thrill of that particular title quickly wore off). . . ;tting an education that would be totally applicable to our tore as Podiatrists. As time unfolded we would discover lat this wasn't exactly the case. Perhaps most amazing was ie fact that the "Residency Hounds" began to surface ren at that early date. While many of us worried about aking it through the first trimester, others were planning eir bobbing strategies to unfold in the coming years. We ere about to embark on a journey that could only be iscribed as neat! Yes, in those first few weeks in Podiatry school we were meet many people: Frank Edema, Steve Frank, Frank fection, Frank Lescosky, Frank Pus, Frank Roosevelt Bou- ard, and last but not the least benign, Frank Conway. . . lese guys must have all been related). In Histology our iss could best be compared with a liver lobule. There isted there different "zones" based upon one's distance m Dr. Conway; from proximal to distal we have: the na Rather Interestaris, the Zona Intermedia and, of urse, the Zone of Permanent Repose. If, for some reason, u don't remember much of the liver (and if by chance u want to), please refer to Bloom and Fawcett. Leeson d Leeson won't have it. . . . "It's a piece of junk." Coach Harrington put our team into the real spirit of ngs right from the start. He had a way of making us feel od with his rah-rah speeches even when we knew things :re going sour. In his uplifting tone of voice he would tell to, "Review today's material; read a bit ahead each night; d for God's sake, know your objectives!-------and I prom- I'll have those Embryo handouts to you tomorrow." rariably, we'd have to close our eyes, drop back ten ds, and punt. Knatomy was, you will recall, a self-taught course as we d only three lectures: One on the heart, one on the head j neck, and one scintillating firsthand report on "down British of all things was not an easy task as two of our earliest casualties. Bob Skrypeck and Pete Felbeck, soon discovered. All was not lost as these two did manage to transfer to Dental school, owing it all to our great background in head and neck anatomy. (The most memorable thing retained is that there are two things that supply taste to the anterior surface of the tongue.) Let's not forget Dr. Churchill; heartbroken from the previous class's failure rate, she decided to make our fantastic voyage around the Circle of Willis, past the Tentorium Cerebelli, and through the upper motor neurons a bit less lesion-laden. Abandoning the time-honored percent system, she replaced it with a grading method that made it almost impossible to fail. . . repeat almost. .. after all, she needed someone to keep her company in the summer. And who could ever forget all those memorable lectures given by those Wizards of Intro to Podiatry: Lyons and Shapiro. Class was actually to meet every other week due to Dr. Shapiro's (the original Invisible Man) nebulous "prior committments"... guess they just forgot to tell us about it! ACT I, SCENE II Second term swooped upon us by surprise just after Thanksgiving as we were introduced to the comedy team of "Al" Pitkow and "Tom" Davis, who took time out from their busy Saturday Night Live schedules to tag-team-teach the mysteries of Physiology. After wrestling with Pitkow's mind-boggling Tales of _jhe Excitable Membrane we are only now beginnng to understand what Davis taught us: "Remember that the heart is like wringing out a telephone booth. . . or is it like wrapping your thyroid with Saran wrap... or is it like Addison's with Kennedy's bull testes... wait!. . . who stole my insulin?. . . I'm flying around the room!!— overload. .. lub, dub... lub, dub. .. lub, dub." Lower Extremity Anatomy, the Marine Corps of Podiatry school, was headed by Field Marshall Bruce Hirsch. Ruling his class with an iron pelvis, he insisted that we learn three things: A tubercle is not the same as a tuberosity, a fossa is not the same as a foramin, and most importantly, printing your name is definately not the same as writing it! Surely we all remember when Dr. Hirsch proved himself a compe- F P.k ,hlent artist when he attempted a drawing on the midterm... half the class maintained that it was a sketch of the tibia while the other half recognized it as the third metatarsal. Regardless of the correct answer, there was no denying that his drawing was one of... a shaft. For everything south of the patella Dr. DiPrimio was flown in direct from the heart of South Philly. Each time he stood in front of the class in his dark pin-striped suit and gently lifted his collection of ragged bones from his violin case, he brought new meaning to the phrase, "Yo, Falconio!" Drs. Fenton and Burke were the First Class Act of the first year. They were both well prepared, both had offices on the fifth floor, and they both had different last names! Oh my Gosh! Coincidence? I think not! ... for we saw far too many coincidences in this course. For a moment, picture if you will... an amino acid... alone, yet not alone... swirling endlessly in the never-ending tempestual sea of metabolism. . . a veritable jungle of activity, yet retaining inherent stability. . . synthesizing, catabolizing, metamorphosizing, from one compound to another. There in a strange, mysterious world, neither in daylight or darkness... teetering on the very brink of reality. Yes, these and countless other paradoxes were a commonplace occurance, and wedged precariously in some dark corner of our memories still lies the terrifying realm of.....Biochemistry Zone And what of Dr. Burns? In just twelve short weeks we learned two entire pages of biomechanics definitions!. . without him ever cracking a smile! Oh!, and let's not forget that this time was also shared with Marvin Jacoby... (he's almost for real; just saddle him up with spurs on your heels.) After our time spent with Dr. Jacoby (the 1981 Poster Child for Congcntial Hip Dysplasia,) most of us were very thankful we weren't enrolled in the six-year stint for the DPM-PhD in Biomechanics! As the first year wound to a close, we had mixed emotions. . . deliriously happy to be Vi of the way toward our goal (DPM), but terrified of the years that lay ahead (thanks to horror stories told by upper classmen.) In retrospect, we made some friends and had some good times: our Holiday Party at Society Hill Club was a huge success!. . . and our end-of-the-year picnic at Cooper River Park gave the animals amongst us a chance to shine: brutally rending the garments from the back of R. Pierce and turning his ever- present nametag into a worthless ball of molten plastic. By the end of the first year we had lost a few more students: some to med school, some to other podiatry schools and still others. . . just lost!! ACT II, SCENE I •Warning! This section may be confusing, even for the R.Ph. Our chests puffed with pride (and some with kleenex) at the idea of almost being a doctor, we met to begin our second year in Room 319. "Old 319", as we fondly called it, was the think-tank on the third floor for those well versed in anatomy, biochemistry and phys... physio... kwashiork. ____physiology ... whew!! We began second year thrilled at the prospect of finally learning something "applicable". Our lives were filled with spoon-shaped nails and we found ourselves dodging bullet-like spores from the many types of perfect fungi. Hearing tales told by those who had trod this path before, we were somewhat apprehensive at the thought of facing another nine months of cutting classes to snooze, ordering pizzas at midnight, and watching our liver enzymes skyrocket thanks to local clubs. . . could we take another year of the "good life"? In retrospect, the workload was greater than the first year's had been, but we were appreciative (usually) of the seemingly more relevant nature of the "Beast". ACT II, SCENE II Dr. Krausz made certain we could all spell Saracoptes scabei just in case we intended to teach Classical Greek Podiatry in the future. King Harold showed us nude babies while insulting Paul Good... and we had quizzes to determine whether we would post in varus, post in valgus, or post no bills. And speaking of posting, the test grades were no longer a secret... it soon became a spectator sport after grades were posted watching a student with a 25% act as if he she had aced the test. The Sixth Floor finally caught on and decided to restore anonymity by using our names instead of our numbers. Micro taught us that Staph was resitant. .. but we were susceptible. . . to dim lights and long lectures. Many of us ended class with our notes firmly imprinted on our foreheads ... if not our brains. Dr. Dziarski proved to be the class of this show. Though at times he was difficult to understand because of his heavy Irish accent, his lectures were of the highest quality. Dr. Axler kept us on the edge of our seats with tales of capsids and RNA viruses that reproduced like lustful heathens! Dr. Abramson used insight and compassion in his approach: when we were nearly down for the count, our highlighters bruised and battered, massive hematomas shrouding our once proud facies, he steered our recovery in Merril-Lynch fashion through all of the bull. We were fortunate to have lectures on cell structures and microbial genetics from the only gram positive coccus ever to hold a teaching position in all of Podiatry.....Bohdan Terleckyj. We soon learned that caffeine was the drug of choice for this chronic pest. We began to fear fecal fallout more than nuclear fallout and learned that somehwere out there ... indiginous to society . . . lurk more microbes than R. has hockey shorts! We were assured that although some of the materialcovered would seem meaningless to us at that point, their extreme relevance would become increasingly more apparent as we matured in our careers. Some of the fascinating topics etched in our very craniums which are already proving their invaluability are those such as: 1) The sexual cycle of Wucheria bancrofti 2) Peculiarities of stool factories and the effects of tetracycline there on 3) If we'd ever see peptidoglycan in a cell wall we'll know how to treat it. One important question raised by star-student Pointdexter "Biff" Atheras was, "Hey, what's the story with corn?!??" Pathology was no picnic either. This department, led by Tony Award Winner "Broadway" Sid Arden (star of the hit the book was a point of contention for the longest time; while Dr. Seuss wanted to call it One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Dead Fish, Dr. Whincman favored Green Eggs and Radiodermatitis. Memorable things did occur in this class that we's like to record for posterity: We all recall a certain Friday morning when one of our colleagues was literally wheeled into class, bottle of rum still firmly attached to his right hand, with the visible battle scars of the previous night's bachelor party etched onto his face and body. And let's not forget those poor souls from Becker who dared to turn on the lights in the projection room during a slide presentation. The wrath of Whineman sent them scurrying down the hall with their tails between their legs, wishing they'd never been born. Oh yes, and just remember those immortal words of wisdom, "When voting for the Teacher of the Year, be advised it is not a popularity contest!" And if Dr. Whineman thought he was perfect, Dr. Jacob knew that he was. Giving credit where it is due however, our resident schlarp aneschlezheolozghischt gave us some of our best lectures of second year. Not to build him up too much, it was kind of a jzhlerclk phizhlishin's move to punish us for poor attendence by forcing us to read the handout on cancer chemotherapy. This manuver was in lieu of a lecture that he couldn't give anyway because of a "prior commitment". Luckily for us whenever a question on cancer popped up, methotrexate was always the answer of show, Do Black Patent Leather Shoes Really Reflect Up?), consisted of an array of faculty the likes of which even James Watt would be proud: a Korean, a Philippino, two Jews and a Scotsman. "Broadway's" scintillating lectures forced us to take the full compliment of cuts lest our brains become maximally pronated and locked. And speaking of cuts, thanks to Bev Poulson each of us managed to enjoy our full allotment of them---some of the more enterpris- ing even managed to purchase a few extra from the more financially destitute members of the class. Pathomechanics opened our eyes and our minds: taught by King H. D. (Howdy Doody) Schoenhaus, we learned that the Root of all evil was not greed, but uncontrollable pronation. If we could invert the sub-talar joints of prominent heads of state we'd change the course of history. You see, in severe pronation, it's not only that the sub-talar joint is out of control, the abnormal forces are actually transmitted clear up to the sphenoid bone at the floor of the brain. This produces a pathological action upon the precentral sulcus causing personality shifts__hence the well known clinical entity: The Pronatory Personality. (Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin were both severe pronators.) Dr. Stephen Whineman (the man that Saturday Night Live used as their role model for the character of Steve and Wendy Whiner) was our host for Roentgenology. We looked for forward to this course with sincere anticipation of learning how to interpret radiographs of the foot. Disappointed, we discovered that the only soft tissue or bony pathology that could possibly occur is... pronation. On the bright side, each Friday morning we did review a bit of arithmatic... Dr. Whineman's forte seemed to be counting to twenty-five. We probably shouldn't be too hard on him as he was under a good deal of pressure at the time. You see, he and Dr. Seuss were co-authoring a comprehensive reference that was to revolutionize Podiatry. The title of choice. Speaking of questions, many a fingernail was chewed to the proximal IPJ upon reading 500 pages of notes and knowing the test would consist of a whooping fifteen questions! Orthopedics with Dr. Whitney was like visiting the dark side of the moon. With lectures brought to us directly from deep inside the subtalar joint we learned that pronation was not the only pathology of the foot. We also found that if Merton Root was obsessed with the frontal plane and Jim Ganley was obsessed with the transverse plane that Dr. Whitney's heart and soul were definately in the astral plane. Combining our vivid imaginations with his Triplane Taxonomy we could come up with many problems just screamingfor us to treat. The latter part of the year saw us finally getting some pertinent clinical courses: Physical Diagnosis, Introduction to Podiatric Surgery, and Introduction to (real) Surgery. The last course mentioned couldn't have been easier to pass even if they'd given us a copy of the final before the actual exam. Hey! Wait a minute... they did! Wouldn't you know it. . . . there always has to be one in the crowd: One guy, whose name won't be mentioned (but his initials are Ed. Fremer.) really screwed up. He knew the FBI had just installed new TV monitors in room 319... this didn't seem to matter as ol' Ed still carried in his cheat sheats. For those of us who chose to catch up on our sleep during Clinical Observation, our first day of treating patients in summer clinic produced quite the sympathetic discharge. . . more than one student, upon being handed that first chart froze in their own puddle of urine and pleaded, ''What do I do Now?” National Boards was quite another surprise. We had the pleasure of abusing Dr. Whincman, for he was under the belief that ”B” was the answer for the test. Lucky for him, he just barely passed. .. his good fortune was owed to the fact that for many of the questions, the answer was ”B' ACT III The third year was an interesting potpourri of clinic rotations, allied facilities, long afternoons in class, and the advent of. . . that's right!. . . patellar orthotics, for those industrious students trying to get ahead in the residency game. Thrilled at the prospect of being through with the basic sciences, but horrified at the stories of the coming year, we waited in silent anticipation at our "Welcome back coffee and donuts”, semi-prepared to be turned loose in the nail farm. This year, we were destined to spend our grueling mornings healing the thousands of indigents literally beating down the fifty-cent shower curtains attempting to experience our mystical mending powers. This energy seemed to flow as we'd engage in "The Laying On Of The Goniometers"... and of course, we didn't do this alone: we have THE BOYS to thank for their guidance. . . The Clinic Boys, that is: Karpo, Mags and Kwas. In clinic, in our comprehensive history taking, we became aware of the existance of many new and exciting disorders from which our patients claimed to have suffered. . . Fleabites, Fireballs of the Eucharist, The Grouch, and Two Buckets of Locusts were several of the more interesting diseases encountered. Thanks to the vast surgical experience most of us had during this year, we became artists of the pre-op workup: from shuffling patients form the insurance office to the phlebotomy lab; to explaining why they needed CAT scans, rectal exams, and adrenal function tests for a simple P and A (after all, we wouldn't want to give a phone booth to an Addison). Each afternoon following clinic we'd don our straight jackets and file into the dimly-lit room 236 (that well-padded cell on the sec- ond floor in which each of us had earned a rightful spot.) It could have been the effects of too much time being spent in our windowless padded cell but, as a group, we really started to weird out: arguing about a vote to determine whether or not we needed to hold a lottery to see who would get to participate in the lottery is a prime example. Our attitudes changed concerning grades: from the timid students we were first and second years trying our best for a good grade and hoping that they didn't try to flunk us. . . to the cocky third years shooting for the Almighty ”P” and daring them to even try and flunk us (this attitude reached its zenith at the end of the year and can be summed up in just one word: ''Unity''!) Even our attitudes towards our fellow students took a turn for the worse... In a situation where a premium should be placed on learning and intelligent inquisitivness, we had the audacity to limit the number of stupid questions to two per student per lecture. Some people were so embarrassed by our sudden shift to the left, they changed their names hoping that they could dissociate from this beast (the Class of 84); but hiding behind names like "Phil” and "Berkley" didn't fool anyone. .. we still knew who they were. And, in an effort to broaden our scope, we instituted an exchange program with the other Podiatry schools and made our first one to one trade with California... Lee Techner for Bart Edwards. It's still too early to judge the degree of success of the swap. Our classes during third year covered a wide range of topics. Some were well taught, while others were... well... you get the idea. Truly spanning this spectrum were the dreaded dynamic duo of third year... Derm and Neuro... to be discussed separately of course. Derm was presented as a somewhat less than fascinating array of macules, vasculitities, purpuric marmorato, Hen-och-Schoenlein livido reticulares... and whatever else you can possibly imagine that is red and or bumpy. Also, we were lucky enough to be presented with Dermatogly-phics, the almost forgotten language of the skin specialists of Ancient Egypt. Imagine our delight! Yes, Dermatology did provide us with a great deal of useful. . .. zzzzzzz. .. Oh! So Sorry, just dozed off! Dr. Witkowski, while reading at Vi the speed of light, strove to make the course second to none by giving us every dermatological disease known to man. .. and quite a few extra he surely fabricated from his imagination. . . come on now, from where did he pull this one? Toasted Skin Syndrome.... what did he take us for, idiots?!?? Ah yes, and what about the 14,000 slides he so expertly blended into one two-trimester long, third-rate motion picture, the monotonic drone of which just seemed to sedate us into a nice nap? His best line of the year came early on, "Who's the note-taker for this lecture today. . . that Terrell babe again?" On the other side of the coin-shaped lesion (or nummular, for you purists) was Dr. (Vampire) Bhatt. With his haunting stare and superb visual aids, his manner of instruction captured our consciousness the moment we entered the room. The most difficult time our class had with Dr. Bhatt was trying to coax him into giving us only 8 points on the midterm instead of the 12 he had originally intended. (We had hoped to sell the extra 4 points to Howard Nuss who had recently secured a position with the APA as the Council of Teaching Hospital's official "Test Point Broker". Mr. Nuss would in turn, sell the points to those of us who 17would require them after participating in the National Boards' "new, improved" method of scoring to be instituted on our Part IPs.) Anyway, back to Dr. Bhatt... he is to be congratulated on the quality of his lectures. Each was presented entirely from memory, yet the clarity and organization far exceeded that of the lectures given by most other members of our distinguished faculty. Anesthesiology was a real "sleeper" of a course... that is, until the final grades came out. The posted grades had "ateramine"-like effect on 8 of the class members. The Anesthesiology Eight had officially come into being. With visions of ketamine nightmares looming on the horizon, the viii wrote for CAPS prn relief, with substitution permissible, of course, to make up for Dr. Green's vacated seat. Passing grades were induced and "Bier" block parties became the order of the day. Dr. Harvey Lemont's Pod. Path, was another one of the few exceptions. He taught a course which was not only pertinent but it was organized, detailed and unusually punctate and sharply circumscribed. His exams were a challenge, but it was refreshing to find questions which were well written and clinically oriented. Dr. Kidawa (say "Kee dah' vah"), whose armamentarium of wordage assisted in restoration of our recomforture that accurate prognostication of the status pertaining to adequate vascularization of the pedal extremities can be ascertained qualitatively and quantitaviely both auditorily and via visualization through the continual emission of diagnostic ultrasonic energy (i.e. Doppler), taught PVD. The above-mentioned technique permits accurate evaluation of each of the digits... from the hallucal toe to the minute quintal appendage. Of course, we didn't actually learn how to use the Doppler. Instead, we finished the course fully qualified to perform quadruple Circle-of-Willis angioplasties. As a result of our resultant Podiatric inadequacies, many of our patients succumbed to TIA's (transient interdigital attacks). Our first exposure to Podiatric Surgery, although limited in terms of caseload, had no shortage when it came to didactics (but what else is new?). Between Dr. Novicki promoting Zimmer ("the biggest outfit going") and Dr. Man-dracchia as our fearless Silon baseship leader, we marched through sterile fields laden with Sta-pegs, pigs-in-holes, pigs-in-blankets and even Bone Boxes! from an era long past. . . but we still had no Embryo handouts to show for our struggles. Our close encounter of the second kind with Dr. Whitney was one for the record books. He had some interesting thoughts on treating patients which were rather. . . unorthodox, to say the least. You surely recall him discussing one of his favorite topics (with his icon of Dudley Morton ensconed in his breast pocket); partially compensated, se-miconvex first ray elevato-cavus. The treatment of which is as follows: cast for a CMO for the symptomatic foot, posting the neutral position to the obturator inferior mode while keeping the first ray entirely off the ground. An alternative method that sometimes works is to place an RWCO (right wing cruiser orthotic) on the foot with the pathology and nail the other foot to the floor. Two days later, light them both on fire and stuff the ashes into someone's subtalar joint . . . yeah . . . yeah . . . let's go with it. There were other incidents which left scars upon the Class of 84 as well. Dr. Bruno's brutal assault on Phil Dao during a crutch-walking demonstration led to a widely publicized United Nations walkout by the South Vietnamese delegation. Not until the Department of Medicine sent a year's supply of analgesic balm (the odorless form, of course) to the U. N. did this protest end. Luckily for our sake, some succinct illustrations by Dr. Stowers helped clear up any confusion regarding the use of crutches. . . . And let's not forget that memorable session on muscle testing where our class volunteer made it an unparalled success by piercing through modesty and exposing to us more than we ever cared to see about the testing of certain muscles. Dr. Helfand's course probably was applicable, but since the point was not specifically addressed in old tests we cannot say with any degree of certainty whether that statement is TRUE or FALSE. But seriously, we salute Dr. Helfand for his efforts and accomplishments as APA President, and we wish him continued success (as warden) at the James C. Guiffre Medical Center. Dr. Jay transcended two semesters with his podo-acro-batics class. He expertly combined gymnastics with didactics in a manner which no one could duplicate (with the possible exception of Dr. Steven Kravitz). We learned such a voluminous amount of pediatrics that by the end of the year no one thought it necessary to do the externship at JFK-Phila. (much to Dr. Jay's chagrin). And who could forget that many students were brutally trampled in the stampede to Dr. Jay's office to turn in research topics in time to be exempted from the midterm. Fortunately, the more severely injured had their Q angles restored free of charge. By the end of third year, our class, sick of seeing each other day in day out for the past few years, was beginning to grow apart. It was finally over, this year that they told us would seem to have no end. By now we knew how we would be spending the fourth year and for the most part, anticipated it with excitement. We could-hardly believe that in less than one year we would be graduating. . . and we had better gain as much clinical knowledge and experience as was possible... just in case. Yes, we had picked our externships, planned our heavy duty bobbing strategies, and officially. . . the residency hunt was on! Our garbled thoughts and emotions about the third year can best be summed up in a song: (To the tune of "Overkill" by Men At Work") I can't get to sleep I worry about palliation Debriding down too deep Iatrogenic laceration Especially at night I think about those PM presentations And hope they work out right Perhaps it's just imagination Day after day We appear Night after night My heartbeat shows the fear Chip and clip and pad away (Chorus) 13I can't get to sleep Those lesions they keep reoccuring Reappoint 'em in six weeks Patients leaving and then returning Especially at night I think about those situations That might be surgerized And it's just overkill (Chorus) I can't get to sleep These classes give me agitation Counting empty seats Or cutting without hesitation Working just to pass Doesn't give much consolation Or take 'em all to CAPS 'Cause it's just overkill (D. Robin '84) Act IV •For Your Information: Rearfoot varus has been chosen as the Official Deformity of the U.S. Summer Olympics The news hit like a bomb; the replacement for Dr. Green was going to revamp our surgery check-off sheets. Dropped would be: surgical redressing, suture removal and xray interpretation. Added on would be: liver biopsy, lumbar puncture, and modified radical mastectomy. This, supposedly, is part of the 4th Reich plans to put PCPM in its rightful place as the World Foot Health Center. Yes, once again PCPM is forging new paths on the frontiers of podiatry in an effort to push our legal boundaries clear up to and including T3. Don't hold me to it, but this move may take us international! Fourth year was very unlike any other that went before. Spending only a portion of the year at PCPM, we seemed to miss the important advances here at home that would mean more to us in our futures as Podiatrists than any residency any of us could procure. . . or not. A significant portion of our last year was spent in extern-ships, rotating through various hospitals. We tended to get more experience in these few months than the many months we spent in clinic. Being familiar with the departments of PM, Diagnosis and Physical Medicine, many of us were impressed with with those departments found in real hospitals: Ob-Gyn, Gastroenterology and Oncology. . . imagine, an entire floor devoted solely to the diseases of the nail! Some the research here at PCPM was being expertly conducted by the new Chairman of Chairman of Orthopedics. Dr. William Sanner, coming from the California School where biomechanics is the Force that governs the Universe, did some remarkable things with rohadur ''magic shovels": having already had limited success in the treatment of diverticulitis and spina bifida, he has at this writing submitted a proposal seeking approval for testing in those suffering from cryptorchidism. The Podocardiology Department has recently announced that the Electrodynagram has already proved it- self useful in the diagnosing of myo-metatarsal infarction (MMI) of the second metatarsal. News the implications of which are almost endless! Dr. Lemont, no newcomer to Podiatric Research, is soon to publish the results of two projects he recently completed: He reported that he can completely cure uncompensated rearfoot varus with an IM injection of a modified "steroid cocktail" composed of Icc Kenalog 40, 2cc of Dewars Scotch whisky and 3cc of latex. It's been dubbed "Harvey's Bristol Cream Cocktail", and should receive FDA approval by the end of '84. Also, a small group working under Dr. Lemont's guidance have developed a MIS procedure for Morton's neuroma... implantation of a tiny nuclear warhead in the affected interspace. Thus far, the incidence of recurrance of the lesion has been 0% but, unfortunately, all the subjects have been mysteriously lost to follow-up. Relatcdly, a new nail procedure has been described by Dr. Orowitz and is called the A and N. . . avulsion and nuclear destruction of the nail matrix. Alas, the total amount of destruction thus far has proven difficult to contain. He is, however, awaiting NRC approval for this procedure, the indications for which are similar for the outmoded P A. The portion of the fourth year actually spent at PCPM was pretty much as we had expected: dumping all the paperwork onto our third years, filing in line for the countless pre-ops, and dodging PM charts as we perched in the "smoking lounge" (or the elevator lobby in a previous life). A nice change was spending afternoons in clinic instead of sitting in some boring lecture. Of course, being our usual selves, this didn't satisfy us either and then we had something else to bitch about. I guess you could say that on Wednesday afternoons. . . we finally got out Embreeville handouts! Our only classes were Practice Management, Practice Radiology, and Practice-On The-Cadavers-Before-We-Turn-You-Loose... speaking of which, why did we have to take the practical even if we didn't take the course?? Why didn't we get the choice of taking the reverse option. . . that is, to take the course without the practical. Some things never change! With all our visiting and bobbing for that special program out of the way, it's hard to imagine that we're almost through spending four years together. Hopefully, we've learned enough to practice if that Residency or Preceptor-ship hasn't come through. There are some of us who will continue to be students (hopefully not another fourth year at PCPM), whether it be on to Law School (Forensic Podiatry), Medical School (Podiatric Interns), or Dental School (for those of us who still keep in touch with Skrypeck and Felbeck) to treat the pronatory deformities of the temporomandibular joint. With National Boards Part II behind us, graduation upon us, we look at what lies before us: whether we end up in solo practice, partnership, or... prison, hopefully some day we can all look back fondly at our years here at PCPM. Yes, on some occasion in the future we'll sit down, crack a bottle, crack open this book, and crack a smile. Good Luck, Class of 1984... and thanks for the memories!Allen Atheras, D.P.M. B.S., St. Francis College I attribute this success to my FAMILY and FRIENDS, who have unselfishly given their love and support throughout my life. A very special thanks goes to the dear and loving women in my life, who picked me up when I was down, consoled me when I cried, and helped me to go on when I felt I could not. I love you with all my heart MOM, NANCY, and ASHLEY for the gift of love and devotion you have given me to make life and this achievement worthwhile. To my partners in crime: the gigolo from La., the hick from N.C., and the wop from Jersey City; I cherish your friendship and the great times we shared to alleviate the pain of PCPM. 17William A. Axton, D.P.M. B.S., Mass. College Of Pharmacy I would like to express my sincere thanks to my family and friends: To my Mother, whose memory of kindness will be with me forever. To my Father, who was always there when I needed him. To my Brothers and Sisters, who encouraged me to continue. To my Friends, just for being my friends. Thank You And Cod Bless You All, Bill And in chasin' what I thought were moonbeams I have run into a couple of walls . . . But in looking back at the faces I've been I would sure be the first one to say When I look at myself today Wouldn'ta done it any other way. 18 |im CroceRobert P. Bauldauf, D.P.M. B.S., Siena College I want to thank all the people whose love and support has made this possible, especially my Mother, Father and Grandmother. But most of all, I'd like to thank my Wife, for without her, I probably wouldn't have made it. Love always, Bob 19Gary V. Bartholomew, D.P.M. B.S., Southwestern Union College 21 Kenneth J. Belle, D.P.M. B.A., Emory University This is dedicated to my wife, Helene, who gave me the motivation to try and the confidence to succeed; and to my Children, for the tremendous joy they have brought me. I Love You All, Ken 22Dale Sue Berkley, D.P.M. B.S., S.U.N.Y. At Albany To my wonderful parents: with their guidance, wisdom, unfaltering support and love, I share this special moment in my life. To my endless love - my Steven - with his boundless devotion, energy, great understanding and wonderful sense of humor, I made it through these last four years. We will share many more special moments of our lives! I Love You. 23David L. Blumfield, D.P.M. B.S., Wilkes College To Mom and Dad: Thank you for always being there when I needed strength and guidance. You gave me the upbringing and qualities that allowed me to make it to the top. I love you both very much. To Helene and Marc: We always fought as kids, but now we are very close. I'm very proud to be your older brother. There are no other two people I would want as my brother and sister. To My Grandparents: I am dedicating this degree and moment to you. Even though you are no longer here, your presence was and will always be felt. To All My Friends: When times were tough, I could always count on you to get me over the conflict. I will always remember the parties, road trips and crazy things we did. Without having all of you as friends this would not mean a thing. To All: WE FINALLY MADE IT! ILorraine M. Bohanske, D.P.M. B.S., Union College The value of life lies not in the length of days, but in the use we make of them; a man may live long, yet get little from life. Whether you find satisfaction in life depends not on your tale of years, but on your will. Montaigne, Essays 25Howard J. Bonenberger, D.P.M. B.A., Washington And Jefferson College Dear Mom and Dad, Well, we finally made it. I most certainly couldn't have made it alone. Thanks so much for your sacrifices, support, love, and understanding. Love, Howard No greater opportunity or obligation can fall the lot of a human being than to be a physician. In the care of suffering he needs technical skill, scientific knowledge, and human understanding. He who uses these with courage, humility, and wisdom will provide a unique service for his fellow man and build an enduring ediface of character within himself. The physician should ask of his destiny no more than this, and he should be content with no less. Tinsley HarrisonAdrian N. Bright, D.P.M. B.S., Iona College To my great family: Mom, Dad, Karen, Susan, Andrew and Jon. Thanks for your sincere love and support through these years. Also, special thanks to Rev. Richard Shea for guiding me in the right direction when things seemed a little hazy. Love, AdrianFrankie J. Brown, D.P.M. B.S., S.U.N.Y. At Old Westbury A.S., Suffolk C.C. CollegeJanet Carney, D.P.M. B.A., St. Anselm College Who we are, what we become, is determined by those who love us.....Edward M. Carnvale, D.P.M. B.S., M.A., Eastern Kentucky University L.P.T., University Of PennsylvaniaJerome P. Casey, D.P.M. B.S., University Of ScrantonCharles Chapel, D.P.M. B.S., Fairleigh Dickenson Univ.Shelly L. Chinkes, D.P.M. B.A, Rutgers University To My Family and Friends Thank you for believing in me. You have shared in many moments watching my dreams become a reality- To Andy . . . My "Absolute" Best Friend No words could ever express my sincere gratitude for always being there in times of need and babysitting Mindy during these past four years. I Dedicate This Page In Loving Memory To My Mother To My Dearest Wife . . . Mindy Joy You're the someone that I care for more and more each day. You're the someone that I think of in such a loving way You're the someone that I plan for in everything I do You're my happiness, my everything, my dearest dream come true Honey, thank you for your continued love, guidance, understanding and support. Without your encouragement and devotion, I would never have made it through the rain. I Love You! 36 John R. Cicero, D.P.M. B.S., Upsala College Kenneth Coates. D.P.M. B.S., Weber State College ■■Greg Cormier, D.P.M. B.A., St. Anselm College Dad: A short dedication or a mere 'thank you' does not seem to be enough for all you've taught me and instilled in me: morals, values, pride. You were always there when I needed you. You allowed me to pursue my own dreams, in my own seemingly bizarre manner and I will forever respect you for this, I can only add that I am proud to be your son. I also want to thank Bobbi, my Sisters, my Brothers-in-law, Maryann and my Nieces for being so supportive and understanding of me. I especially dedicate this occasion to the memory of my mother, Alma Cormier. My time with you was short, your lessons and memory, life-long. I Love You All. 40Russell W. Cournoyer, Jr., D.P.M. B.S., Mass. College Of Pharmacy I wish to deeply express my love and gratitude to my parents, brothers, and grandmother for their support, sacrifice, and guidance over the past four years. This graduation is as much a part of their life as it is mine. Thank You. I wish to thank all my classmates and colleagues for all the memories over the past four years and wish you all the best of luck in your future careers. 41Philip M. Dao, D.P.M. B.S., Temple University What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. Ralph Waldo Emerson I dedicate this page to my loving parents, whose faith, support and encouragement have made all of this possible. Thank You.Mark S. Davids, D.P.M. B.S., Muhlenberg CollegeJohn M. Delaney, D.P.M. % B.A., Alfred University M.A., University Of Texas Diese Urkunde wird das Arbeitsprodukt von drei: Zuallererst ist bestimmt der Herr des Heers-charen; Na'chstfolgend, Terrie, meine Ehehalfte; Meinc Beststrebung war die geringste .... 45Josephine De Palma, D.P.M. B.A., University Of Louisville M.A., Kean College Look to this day . . . For yesterday is but a dream, And tomorrow is only a vision. But today, well lived Makes every yesterday a dream of happiness And every tomorrow' a vision of hope. Sanskrit Proverb Thank you, Mom and Dad, for you unquestioning belief and support. You have eased my way and helped me to become what I am today. I love you both. Best of luck to the Class of 1984.✓ George J. Duft, D.P.M. B.S., Daemen College Thanking You........ Pamela, without your love and unending support I would not have made it. Tyler, for making all these years worthwhile. Mom and Dad, for all the years of love, encouragement and support . . . this one's for you guys. Mom and Dad " M", for all your prayers, reassurances and confidence in me these past few years.Eugene M. Edelstein, D.P.M. B.S., Juniata College M.S., Temple UniversityF. Bart Edwards, D.P.M. B.S., State Univ. Of California The future belongs to those who belive in the beauty of their dreams. A. E. Bradley Thanks to my Family and Friends for helping to make my dreams come true. Love, Bart 51Paul D. Fachada, D.P.M B.S., Colby College M.S., University Of New HampshireJohn J. Falconio, D.P.M. B.S., R.Ph., Phila. College Of Pharmacy Dear Mom and Dad, I want to specially thank you for your love, help, and support through these many years of education and through life in general. Your Loving Son, John S3Raymond V. Feehery, D.P.M. B.E.A., University Of Delaware M.S., Pennsylvania State Univ. To Mom and the memory of my Dad, looking back over the past decade, it seems like my plans to achieve this goal were well thought out, but I'm sure you sometimes wondered. Thanks for your understanding and love through the years of growing up. To my wife, Chrissie, you have endured, encouraged and encountered. Thanks for everything, especially the encounters! My Love Always, Ray 54Robert C. Floros, D.P.M. B.S., Manchester College For Corns And Things Prune your corn in the gray of the morn With a blade that's shaved the dead, And barefoot go and hide it so The rain will rust it red: Dip your foot in the dew and put A print of it on the floor, And stew the fat of a brindle cat, And say this o'er and o'er: -Corny! morny! bladey! dead! Gorey! sorey! rusty! red! Footsy! putsy! floory! stew! Fatsy! catsy! Mew! Mew! Come grease my corn in the gray of the morn! Mew! Mew! Mew! J. Whitcomb Riley 55Eugene Fox, D.P.M. B.S., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute To my Parents and Darlene, whose love and support have made the fulfillment of this dream possible. 56Steven J. Frank, D.P.M. B.S., Pennsylvania State Univ. Ph.D., Temple University Simply, for my Wife and Daughter, Mother and Father, and Mother-in-Law and Father-in-Law, all of whom supplied the means to reach this end.Gary L. Garbus, D.P.M. A.B., Lafayette CollegeJames J. Genakos, D.P.M. A.A., Union County College B.A., Rutgers College Congratulations fellow Podiatrists! Hang in there! I thank my Father for his strength and character. I thank my Mother for her quiet inner strength, her compassion, and kindness. I thank them both for their love. I thank my sister, Kathy, for her unselfish love. I thank Mr. and Mrs. Cocores ... all six. Especially I thank my Theo Stavros (Uncle Steve) and Thetsa Eleni (Aunt Helen) for giving so deeply of themselves, especially when I needed it most. I thank my godbrother. Dr. James Alexander Cocores, M.D., for setting the example and being my big brother. I thank Dr. Robert Moss, D.P.M., for being my role model. I thank Mrs. Moss for being her gracious self. In memory of my Yaya (grandmother) Athanasia Genakos; may the Lord bless her and keep her.Michael Gittleson, D.P.M. Emory UniversityPaul Good, D.P.M. B.A., Pomona CollegePeter R. Grinkewitz, D.P.M. B.S., St. Joseph's University I would like to thank those who have helped me to reach my goal, and most of all Debra, who has brought love and joy to my life. 63Jim Gruber, D.P.M. B.S., Pennsylvania State Univ. M.S., Michigan State Univ. I would like to thank my family; in particular my parents, Ella and Jim; my brothers Scott and Eric; our dog, Dixie, and my grandmothers, Buba and Aunie for their never ending love, and their moral and spiritual support which has inspired and guided me, not only through these past four years, but throughout my lifetime. 64 Aldo LeopoldScott E. Gruber, D.P.M. B.S., Penn. State University My deepest thanks and love to you, Mom and Dad; you've given up so much so that others may succeed. You're the best. Jesus, your light and love has given me the continuous strength and calm I need to shape my life and to reach the Ultimate Goal. 65James M. Haggerty, D.P.M. B.S., University Of Scranton 66Cory B. Haimon, D.P.M. B.A., Temple University To My Family, It certainly has been a long haul. Without your support I could not be where I am today. Thanks, I Love You All. There was one person who above all was my greatest fan and whose motivation and love has made it all worthwhile. Although she isn't here today, I still love her; Mom, This One Is For You! 67 Richard B. Handelman, D.P.M. B.A., Brown UniversityDavid C. Holman, D.P.M. B.S., East Stroudsburg State College 70Peter J. lannuzzi, D.P.M. B.A., Erskine College B.S., Mercer University I dedicate this milestone in my life to my Wife for her love and support; to my Children for making it all worthwhile; and finally, to my Parents, for without them, none of this would have been possible.David S. Ivill, D.P.M. B.S., Westminster College slfj I dedicate my career to those who have made it possible: To my Parents, who show such unfailing love and support; To my Brothers, who have taught me so much; And to My Lord, for his ever present guidance. Thank You. 72Frederic C. Jewett Jr., D.P.M. B.A., St. Anselm College Dear Joanie, Thank you so much for being you. Your love patience, and hard, hard work these past four years have made my goals become our accomplishments and my dreams become our reality. As we look forward to the challenges ahead of being parents, raising a family and loving and caring for each other more each day, I will never forget the times we've shared, the sacrifices you've made and the love we've had and will always share. It's no wonder you're not only my wife, but also my LIFE, my LOVE and my BEST FRIEND. Love Always, FredMichael G. Kachmar, D.P.M. B.A., William Paterson College To my Parents: For the sacrifice that they have made for me and the love they have given me. I am truly fortunate. Love, Mike A little learning is a dangerous thing; Drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring, There shallow draughts intoxicate the brain, and drinking largely sobers us again. Alexander PopePeter Kaminski, D.P.M. B.S., King's College B.S., Temple University I would like to thank my Family and Friends whose encouragement and support has made this possible. 75M. Steven Khoury, D.P.M. B.S., Albion CollegeLewis Klotzman, D.P.M. B.S., University of MarylandKaren A. Kulick, D.P.M. B.A., Penn. State University To Mom and Dad Thank you for all your love, support and encouragement. I'm glad we've made It without any gray hair. To Charlene For all your long talks of encouragement and your understanding. You are the true meaning of the word 'sister'. And last, but not least, a very special "thank you" to S.C.Z. 78 Frank A. Lescosky, D.P.M. B.S., Allegheny College R.T., Nuclear Medicine In Memory of Frank A. Lescosky Sr. (1917-1983) This is what the Lord requires of you: only this, to live justly to love tenderly and to walk humbly with your God. -Micah- Thanks, Dad, for showing me, for saying "we" when we worked together because we were a team, and when it was our cross to bear we never turned away. I was proud of you. 79Marc N. Upton, D.P.M. B.A., S.U.N.Y. at AlbanyJohn MacLeod, D.P.M. B.S., University of Rhode IslandI ♦ Kenneth F. Malkin D.P.M. B.A., Drew UniversityJohn Wayne Mast, D.P.M. B.S., Eastern Mennonite M.ED., Millersville State I dedicate this page with gratitude to: - My wife, Barbara, for encouragement, patience, that extra push, your love and belief in me. - My children, Doreen and Steven, for giving me the time to study when you would have preferred a father with time for you. - My parents, wife's parents, and our families and friends, for your understanding, support, and prayers. A special thank you to all who helped in times of illness and cared for our children. Cod .Bless You. 86Kathryn L. Meininger, D.P.M. B.A., William Paterson College THIS IS FOR: My Best Friend and Husband, John, who has taught me there is no such thing as an impossible dream. I will never forget all the sacrifices you have made over these past nine years. Thank you for all the joy and love and laughter you have brought into my life. . . you are everything to me! My Daughter, Jennifer, who has shared me so unselfishly for so long. I love you with all my heart. Mom, Dad and My Family . . . thank you for always being there when I needed you. You're the best! Mom, Pop and all the Meininger's ... thank you for the faith you've always had in me and the love you've always shown me. "Love one another, but make not a bond of love: let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls." Gibran 8?James H. Mintzer, D.P.M. University of MarylandKeith A. Mobilia, D.P.M. B.A., S.U.N.Y. at Buffalo First when there's nothing But a slow glowing dream that your fears seem to hide deep inside your mind All alone I have cried silent tears full of pride In a world made of steel, made of stone. Now, I hear the music I am rhythym In a flash it takes hold of my heart What a feeling seems to be there I can have it all I'm dancing for my life Take your passion and make it happen You just come along, you can dance right through your life. -FlashDance- Mom and Dad - thanks for making me see that all dreams come true if you have the first requirement: the great capacity to dream! Janet - May our years ahead hold as much happiness and love as we have shared these past 4 I love you ... 18Charles T. Murphy, D.P.M. B.A., Dartmouth College To My wife, Gwen, and My Family for all the love, support and encouragement they have given me over the years. 90Zachary Newland, D.P.M. B.S., So. Carolina State College B.S., Medical University Of S.C. To my wife, Camillia: Thanks for the love, understanding, support, and most of all the strength that you gave so that I could accomplish this goal. 91Dennis O'Brien, D.P.M. B.A., Boston CollegeElaine A. O'Donnell D.P.M. B.S., Wilkes College To my Parents and Family for their love, support and encouragement, without which the fulfillment of this dream would not have been possible. Love, ElaineIll ,Robert Otis, D.P.M. B.A., St. Anselem CollegeGeorge N. Pace, D.P.M. B.S., Penn. State University Vito Petruzella, D.P. B.S., Montclair State College To my Parents: Thanks for the opportunity you gave me, plus the love, support and guidance needed to accomplish my goals. To my high school sweetheart, Cindy, who has been an integral participant in my life accomplishments .. . I dedicate part of my degree to her. This dedication would not be complete without mentioning Millie . . . thanks for your unending generosity which I will never forget and have been very appreciative of. To my PCPM Friends ... for the memorable moments, the following is for you: "It's okay to feel afraid, but don't let that stand in your way. Einstein said, 'We can never understandRobert J. Pierce, D.P.M. I would to thank at this time, my Parents for enabling me to sustain this honor and also express my grateful thanks for their enduring encouragement, love and support. I would also like to share this page with my Brother and Sisters, who have provided me with much support and many good times. My feelings of appreciation and love are also most dearly felt for Gianna, who will make my future endeavors worthwhile.David L. Pontell, D.P.M. B.A., Univ. Of Pennsylvania To Mom and Dad who have always been there with their love, encouragement, and direction . . . my brother and I are so lucky to have you. To Jon, my brother and best friend . . . , To my Grandmas and Aunt Phyllis, who never stop loving, and . . . To Aunt Jo, Uncle Larry, and Joel, who are real family . . . My Love To You Always, DavidJames A. Potter, D.P.M. B.S., Temple University To my Mom and Dad who gave me life and taught me how to live it. To my brothers and sisters: Tommy, Robby, Carol, Kathy and Janet, who gave me my sense of pride. To Lori, who gave me happiness. To my Grandmother, in memory, who was always there when I needed someone and who I only wish could be here on this special day. And to God, whose guiding light has shown me the way. To all these people whose love, inspiration and support made my dream come true, Thank You. I Love You All Very Much, JimJohn A. Prior, D.P.M. B.S., University Of Miami Thank you, Mom and Dad for helping me through my journey and beyond, for when I had only one eye focused in the distance, you opened the other so that I could follow the path with sagacity, intrepidity, and love.Don Reese, D.P.M. B.A., Wilkes College M.S.W., Temple University I would like to thank my Wife, my Parents, and my family for all the support and encouragement they have given me over the years.David Robin, D.P.M. Univ. Of Pennsylvania I dedicate this special moment in my life to the following people: To my Mother and Father - Thank you for your guidance, love and support through all these years. I could never have made it this far without you. To my sister, Diane - Thank you for being a true friend and always having confidence that I would succeed. To Jeanne, my Philadelphia connection Thank you for providing the outside motivation I have always needed, for now' and forever.Daniel J. Roche, Jr., D.P.M. To Victoria Who has endured my moods and supported her partner with love and encouragement. Our many sacrifices have strengthened our bond. I love you. To My Parents Without you love, support and guidance this goal would never have been possible. Your long hard years of work and unselfish dedication will never be forgotten.Richard A. Rogers, D.P.M. B.S., Geneva College I dedicate this achievement in my life to my wife, Brenda, my son Joshua, and to my Parents and my In-Laws, for their love, support, and continued encouragement when times were unbearable. Thanks for helping me to see that today's troubles often yield tomorrow's joys and achievements. Love, RickNicholas M. Romansky, D.P.M. B.A., Hartwick College M.S., Pennsylvania State UnivRobert I. Russell, D.P.M. B.A., University Of Alabama To Mom and Dad: For all you love, support, and encouragement. To Julie: For your love, understanding, and incredible patience; for helping me believe in myself. To Andrew: For making my every accomplishment even more meaningful and worthwhile. To my fellow podiatrists: Good luck, much success, and above all, much happiness. Rosemarie Rynkiewicz, D.P.M. BSMT ASCP, Temple University These years seemed to fly by so quickly. Yet captured moments are remembered like deserts of time stretching endlessly. A struggle to achieve and many anxieties seemed to reign in these four years, but joys and happiness were found along the way through friends and new experiences. Was it all worth the effort? I look now only to the future for my answers. For this great opportunity, I'd like to thank my Mother, for without her constant love and undying support, my goals would not have been achieved Thank you, Mom . . . and I love youT Edward A. Schwartz, D.P.M. B.S., East Stroudsberg State College These past four years could not have been possible without the support of my family and friends. I Thank: My Friends My Brother and Sister My Grandparents My God Mom and Dad: I dedicate this degree to you for your love and the confidence you have instilled in meGeorge Scott, D.P.M. B.A., Temple University At this major turning point in my life and career, I would like to thank everyone who has helped me with special thanks to: My Mother-in-law and Father-in-law - their kindness and devotion were superceded only by their generosity. I will never forget that. My Mother - her encouraging words of wisdom served as a source of inspiration through some pretty rough times. My Father - his hard line policies taught me to reach out and be only the best I could be, and he would always be there to push me back up if I fell. My Wife - her dedication, tireless effort and unyielding faith in me made my life much easier during these long four winters. I love you, Eileen, and could never have made it without you. My Son - for all the enjoyment he brings into my life by just being GEORCIE.James R. Smith, D.P.M. B.A., Temple UniversitySuzanne M. Smith, D.P.M. B.S., University Of Michigan "Far away in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them But I can see their beauty Belivc in them and try to follow Where they lead." Louisa May Alcott Thanks to my Family and Friends who have seen me through it all.Susanne N. Solomon, D.P.M. B.A., Cornell University So often great things are achieved because of the strong and everlasting foundation in life that has been built over the years. Thank you, Mom and Dad, for your sacrifices, trust, and constant, loving encouragement. I love you. Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead, where there is no path and leave a trail.J. Bradley Stowers, D.P.M. Thanks goes to my new Family for all the love and support given, sometimes not shown but understood In memory of my Mother . . "Hey Mom, I made it!"Ilene S. H. Terrell, D.P.M. B.A., C. W. Post College M.S., Va. Polytech Inst. And State U. Mom and Dad - When I was young and learning to dream, you were always there you listened . . . and encouraged me to follow my dreams . . . You helped me to become all that I am. Because you believed in me I learned to believe in myself. Thank you for everything. L. P. Moore HuDavid S. Todoroff, D.P.M. B.S., Lebanon Valley CollegeMatthew G. Troxler, D.P.M. B.S., North Carolina State UniversityThomas Troy, D.P.M. B.S., Delaware Valley College To my Wife and Family for their role as an island of sanity during these past four long yearsWilliam M. Urbas, D.P.M. B.S., University Of Scranton To My Family: Thank you for your support and love, and for being there in good times and bad. To the boys in the Squad: It's been different Good luck! To My Love, My Wife, My Partner: This special time in my life is as much yours as it is mine. You have given of yourself more than any one person should be expected to. I Love You Forever.John J. Vomero, D.P.M. B.A., Nasseau Comm. College B.A., M.S., Adelphi University To My Wife: Four years ago I took you from your family and friends to a place where we knew no one. Each exam that I took you worried along with me, feeling as though it would never end. Hopefully, these few words can express how much I am grateful to you for all your love and understanding these past four years. Having you to come home to has made life easier and more pleasant. I could not have done it without you! I Love You Very Much, John B O D B s QUfloMichael S. Werner, D.P.M. B.S., Clarion State CollegeStephen M. Wilder, D.P.M. B.S., University Of Florida This accomplishment I dedicate to my Lord for giving me a loving family and dedicated parents who are responsible for all the good things that have ever happened in my life.James P. Wilton, D.P.M. B.S., Catholic University This page is dedicated to the people who have been inspirations to me along the way.John Zervos, D.P.M. B.S., Lehigh University To Mom, Dad, Papov, Yiayia, and Mary. . . Thanks for all the support you've given me these past eight years. Without your support, I wouldn't have made it. To all my friends .... Thanks for putting up with me these past four years. A special thanks and good luck to the members of the "Bomb Squad" for making 3rd year clinic one of the highlights at PCPM. Steven Zichichi, D.P.M. Louisiana State Univ. To my Father, who has sacrificed so much, and to whom I dedicate this accomplishment. To my sister, M.J., who kept me going when I was ready to quit. To my Grandparents, for always providing that little extra something .... and yes. I'm eating all my veggies. And last but not least, to all those who helped me survive the wrath of Don; in particular the members of legendary Bomb Squad: Woody, Comer Vomer, Captain Suds, the Ethilon Kid, Leroy B. Bubblebutt Brown, and the Road Warrior. I Love You All.132134135HALLOWE'EN 136 136139140 S. Seamans, ). Saeva, D. Schiettino, R. Sheinson, J. Scerbo141 I Hurst C. Szymaniak, J. Brey A. Del Priore, H. EdwardsJ. Mirarchi. R. O'Leary, M. Newman, J. Nugent, R. Novicki M. Maulucci, L. Lardner Dr. Kidawa, C. Friedman C. Szymaniak B. Gale, J. Coster, J. Mangano, B. Weinstein, B. Goldstein 142B. O'Leary, R. Ferguson Dr Lemonl, I. Gottlieb, P. Good B. Leon Dr. Adams, B. Knoll J. Jurta, P. Lai King 14 J B. Shollenberger, M. Smith R. DinapoliG. Zaccheo, M. Wilson, C. Dinan, G. Pontious, J. Pontious D. Baskwill, C. Szymanaik, A. Borgia, J. Bray, E. Bailin R. DeLuca, T. Dunn, P. Corrigan M. Feigenbaum C. Lapinski, D. Mance, ). Maiocco S. Love 144 H. GentileG. Zaccheo, M. Wilson, B. Weinstein, F. Tursi, L. Ziman us J. Evans, P. Corrigan R. ChiarelloD. Crider, R. Adams, C. Szymaniak, M. Conte, J. Bray B. Dechowitz % C. lapinski, C. Schluckebier B. Sokolowski B. Halton Aft R. Dinapoli, T. Dunn, J. Evans, H. Edwards, M. Bussler 146J. Toole, G. Stolarick, T. Tillo, P. Turrisi, B. Toll, C. Turcic J. Quinn, R. Renzi, A. Rice, L. Rosen, K. Owens, S. Reilly j. Maiocco 147 M. Jacko, J. Kerzner, R. Dinapoli, I. Deming J. McGarry, B. McConnell, D. Micca■.mm H. Gentile I M. Wilson V. Pongia, B. Knoll, M. DeFranco, M. Maulucci M. Manlucci, M. DeFranco 148 E. Pappas, D. ManceI150151 "Dynamite Danny"153Janice Postal Susan Kibes and Alan Lechan Bradley Castellano- "go for it Vince Mandato 154155 Paul CiVatte1S6157ORIENTATION COMMITTEE I to r: Joseph Stern, Sandra Davis, John Guiliana, Mark Gotfryd, Patrick Agnew, Richard Maleski, Neil Ohora, Douglas Glod, Vince Mandato, Jerold Fleishman, Barry Corn "AC residents, you are being protected by this man" 158159160CLASS OF 1987Bob Breiner Eric Ricefield, Mike Walinsky, Herb Strauss John Geovijan, Jim Pelletier, Kevin Kreilman, Ira Dzigas, Dave Potash, Gino Scartozzi Not Pictured: Maureen Brennan, Joe Dickinson, Mark Evans, Robert Gilfert, Tom Hoffman, Tony Ignatovich, Lena Kevorkian, Elle Merkle, Mary Mascari, Mike Romisher, Steve Steinberg, Chuck Williams, Ed Trowbridge 162Steve Levy Jeff Wilps, Juli Weilzen, Sue Yatzun, Ralph Wentz, Dave Witt, Wendy Wood Pat Dwyer, John Ranieri, Mark Burton, Jeff Wilps, Suzi Campanaro, Raef Fahmy, Scott McGrath, Anne Sonoga 16? Steve Reiner Mr. and Mrs. Fusco164 Carol Divaid165Elaine Alicakos, DaveLevine, Andy Milner, Jim Alderberg, Todd Nit-kin, George Rezac, Don Evans, Gregg Corrigan, Andy Levy, Bill Simon Dan Stern, Chris Stern, Peg Smith, Larry Rubin, Ron Small, Clinton Clarke, Wayne Chippa Mike Coby, Stu's Friend, Stu Jacob, Jay Ringel, Robert Liberatore, Darren Wardle, 166Frank Lindley, Phil Cohen, Joel Stern, A.J. Philips, Steve Hollander, Keith Oliver, Stuart Deitcher, Kelly McLaughlin, Chip N'ippert, Keith Newman 167All rhrough PCPM. . ■i 168Terri Zierden, John Kosar, Karen Campbell, Henry Taylor, leann Lessel, Dennis Gould, Mark Durkin 169170171 Gwen Anderson, Linda BaylisUlADMINISTRATION John Buckholz, D.P.M. Larry Buss John McCormack LeGrand Newman Clare Starrett, D.P.M. Harvey Lemont, D.P.M Janice A. Fergusen, Ph.D. (RuxAt ty I 1 174DEPARTMENT OF ANATOMY Bruce E. Hirsch, Ph.D Chairman judy Rae Churchill, Ph.D. Robert B. Boyd, Ph.D. Raymond R. DiPrimio, D.P.M. Francis J. Conway, Ph.D Charles W. Gibley, Ph.D. 175David A. Axler, Ph.D. Chairman Carl Abramson, Ph.D. Sidney H. Arden, M.D Roman Dziarski, Ph.D Bohdan Terleckyj, M.S. DEPT. OF MICROBIOLOGY PATHOLOGY 176William Sanner, D.P.M. Clare Starrett, D.P.M. Richard M. Jay, D.P.M. Chairman John H. Walter, D.P.M. James E. McNerney, D.P.M. Alan K. Whitney, D.P.M. Leonard Hymes, D.P.M. Harold D. Schoenhaus, D.P.M. Gilbert A. Hice, D.P.M. DEPARTMENT OF ORTHOPEDICS I M '- ■ .. -ri 177DEPT. OF COMMUNITY HEALTH Arthur E. Helfand, D.P.M. Chairman Leonard Hymes, D.P.M. In Memory of a man who has contributed much to the profession of Podiatry and to the students of PCPM Not Pictured: Joseph Bruno, R.P.T. Edwin Seave, D.P.M.,J.D. Bruce I. Weiner, D.P.M. Michael Breggar, D.P.M.DEPT. OF PHYSIOLOGICAL SCIENCES James P. Burke, Ph.D. Marilyn R. Fenton, Ph.D. Chairman Howard S. Pitkow, Ph.D. Robert H. Davis, Ph.D Ronald L. Brittner, D.P.M. Leonard Jacob, M.D., Ph.D Charles D. Puglia, Ph.D. i?9Charles E. Krausz, D.P.M. Lee N. Orowitz, D.P.M. Richard E. Kwasnik, D.P.M. Gilbert Master, D.P.M. Thomas G. Maglietta, D.P.M. Arnold S. Karpo, D.P.M. — — X Morris B. Moss, D.P.M. Blanton'T. Adams, D.P.M. Gaurang. P. Bhatt, M.D. Joseph A. Witkowski, M.D. Stephen D. Weissman, D.P.M. Benjamin A. Lanza, D.P.M.DEPT. OF PODIATRIC SURGERY Harold Vogler, D.P.M. William J. Martin, D.P.M. Laurence T. Costanzo, D.P.M. Chairman Paul R. Quintavalle Jr., D.P.M. Joseph N. Uricchio, D.P.M. Vincent J. Mandracchia, D.P.M. Louis M. Newman, D.P.M.Isabelle Dick Elizabeth Holloway John Harris Peter Kaprielyan Sharon Geller Olive Lord Robert Sowinski Roseann Piccarro Margaret Frey 183 Michaeline Hamilton Terri Webster Gail RothbergRuth Torres Nancy Brown Dee Smith Connie Cerminaro Nadine Dougherty Faye Crawford Tina Gagliardi Keren Click Kathy Heisler 184Lynne Nowak Carol A. Kendrick Mafalda Thorstensen Beverly Poulson Lenora Duppins Loretta Whitney 185 Diane Brown Susan Dudek Bonnie DenmarkCarrie Patrick Geraldine Rhinehardt Chuck McFarland Bernice Jackson Ernesto Mujorra Hal Rizen Monica Edwards Tim Mallon Ernest Matias Levi Smith 186Mary Murphy Linda Marie Glenn Michelle Kelly Sheryl Holloway Nivea Dejesus Adrineh Edgarian Loretta Stevenson Louise Carango Gail Ennels 187DR. ALLEN ATHERAS You Made It And We're So Proud Love, CAROL, RUTH AND GEORGE i DR. WILLIAM A. AXTON Congratulations Bill — May God, Someday, Grant You The Feelings I Have For You This Day. Love, DAD What A Happy Occasion For DR. BOB MRS. JANE BALDAUF, They Have, Without A Doubt, Pulled This GREAT Day Off! We Are Very Happy Proud, Heaven Only Knows, Our Prayers Go With You Today, THE PORCELLINrS AND THE RIZZO'S. DR. ROBERT BALDAUF Many Sunrises And Sunsets Have Passed Each One Remembered, Tho Our Values Have Changed. We've Managed To Grow In Doing This Together, I'm Glad We Can Share Our Dreams Now And Always . CONGRATS ON YOUR GRADUATION! All My Love, 189DR. ROBERT P. BALDAUF Congratulations There Are Words So Few To Say How Proud We Are Of You GARY V. BARTHOLOMEW, D.P.M. We See Success In All Congratulations Doc! You'll Do. Best Wishes From, With All Our Love, THE FAMILY "CREW" CADDY THE NEXT 50 YEARS ARE ON YOU!!!!DR. GARY V. BARTHOLOMEW CONGRATULATIONS And BEST WISHES For A Prosperous Future And Great Success. G.R. CICCONI f’lqya del S 1 5SODR. GARY V. BARTHOLOMEW Congratulations On Your Graduation. We're Proud Of You! WITH ALL OUR LOVE, MOM DAD DR. JAMES B CAHILL To A Bright Future May You Receive The Joy Of Success And Know The Pride Of Those Who Love You. LUV MUM DR. JANET CARNEY Congratulations On Achieving Your Ultimate Goal. Perseverance And Prayers Have Seen You Through. You Have Our Love And Pride Always. MOM, DAD, JIM, CHUCK, JOHN AND MAURA DR. JEROME P. CASEY We're Proud Of You. Congratulations Success In All You Do LOVE MOM DAD 192TO MY WONDERFUL HUSBAND DR. SHELLY L. CHINKES As we Reminisce Over The Past Four Years There Have Been Many Trials And Tribulations Dispersed Among The Joys And Happy Occasions That We Have Shared, But There Was Never A Doubt In My Mind That You Would Make It. Your Deep Sense Of Motivation And Determination To Live Life To Its Fullest Along With Our Strong Bond Of Love Helped Us To Make It Through The Rain. As I Congratulate You Upon Your Long-Awaited Graduation And Wish You Much Success In Your Profession, I Know That Our Love Will Only Grow Stronger And Our Two Hearts Will Always Be One. MAZEL TOV! Love Always And Forever From Your Special Girl, MINDY JOY DR. SHELLY L. CHINKES You "Made It Through The Rain," And Now It's Time For "Celebration"! Congratulations! Good Luck! We're So Proud Of You! Love, MOM, HAL, ROBIN, BUTTONS AND RASCAL 193DR. SHELLY L. CHINKES In Loving Memory Of Your Mother And The Pride She Would Have Shared With You On This Special Day. With All Our Love, ANDY, MINDY, JADENE AND MICHAEL DR. SHELLY CHINKES CONGRATULATIONS On Your Graduation. Love, BARBARA, ROBIN AND DAD CONGRATULATIONS DR. SHELLY L. CHINKES We Are All Very Proud Of The Perseverance And Determination That You Demonstrated Over The Last Four Years. Thanks For Letting Us Be A Part Of It. Our Best Wishes To You And Mindy. Your Friends Always, ROBIN, SHIRLEY, PAUL, LARRY, JOEY AND MARY ELLEN DR. SHELLY LEE CHINKES Congratulations On Your Graduation. You Have Made Us Very Proud. Good Luck! LOVE, MOM-MOM, POP POP, AUNT JUDI, UNCLE PAULIE, BARRY AND MICHAELDR. SHARON ANN CICILIONI May Your Future Be As Wonderful As You Have Made This Day For Us. Congratulations On Your Graduation. We're Proud Of You. With All Our Love MOM, DAD, DEBORAH ORLANDO JR. DR. RUSSELL W. COURNOYER, JR. Congratulations And Best Wishes May You Be Blessed With A Wonderful Future And Great Success. We're Proud Of You!!! Love, MOM DAD WILL, PAUL NANA 195DR. CLEMENT M. D'ANGELO Best Wishes For Success! May Your New Career Bring Fulfillment And Happiness Into Your Life. Congratulations From Your Loving Admirer And Best Friend. M.E.C., D.P.M. DR. MARK S. DAVIDS Congratulations! I Look Forward To A Wonderful Future Together. Love, DEBBIE 196DR. MARK S. DAVIDS Congratulations, Good Luck, Health And Happiness To You And Debbie. Love, MOM, DAD, ENID AND IDELLE Congratulations To The GEORGIA BOYS From The DALTON GANG DR. GEORGE DUFT May Your Future Be Full Of Joy Congratulations! We're Very Proud Of You. Love You Very Much, 197DR. J. KENNETH DURHAM Congratulations! It's A Long Way From A Peanut Farmer To A D.P.M. — BUT WHO KNOWS? Love, MAMA, PATSY, RAY, TERRY AND THE "OLE MAN". DR. PAUL D. FACHADA Congratulations! Good Luck And Love MOM DAD 1%DR. JOHN J. FALCONIO Congratulations To A Beloved Grandson. We Foresee A Wonderful Future For You And Are Very Proud. God Bless You. All Our Love, GRANDPOP AND GRANDMOM 199DR. JOHN JOSEPH FALCONIO Congratulations For Many, Many Years Of Hard Work, John! We're So Proud Of You And Your Accomplishments. May Your Future Be Full Of Happiness, Success And Satisfaction In All You Do. With All Our Love And Pride, MOM, DAD AND FRANK 200DR. EUGENE A. FOX Congratulations! Good Luck And Success! All Our Love, MOM DAD DAVID, ANDREW, JULI DR. EUGENE A. FOX Congratulations And Success Always. LOVE, DARLENE, MOM DAD TAYLOR AND FAMILY. (KANDY-KANE AND BANDIT TOO!!!) DR. STEVEN J. FRANK CONGRATULATIONS!!! This Is Just The Beginning Of A Future Of All Things Good. Much Love, MOM, DAD ROB 201DOCTOR, DOCTOR STEVEN JAY FRANK All Our Pride And Love Are With You Today And Forever, As We Embark On A Bright Future Together. Lovingly, LESLIE JOY SARAH HILARY DR. JAMES C. GRUBER II DR. SCOTT E. GRUBER Congratulations Jim And Scott We Are Doubly Proud Of You! God Bless You With The Best Of Luck. Great Success, And May Your Futures Be As Wonderful As You Made This Day For Us! All Our Love, MOM, DAD, ERIC DIXIE DR. DAVID C. HOLMAN Congratulations To You For A Job Well Done. With All Our Love, We Extend To You Our Wish For Many Years Of Success And Happiness. MOM, DAD, MARK, AND GRANDMA 202DR. KAREN KULICK Remember, No Matter Where You Go— There You Are! Love Always, MOM, DAD, MARK, CHARLENE, JOHN PUGGER 203DR. MARK DAVID LUDWICK Congratulations! You Have Made Me A Very Proud Mother . . . May Your Future Endeavors Be As Successful And Joyous As This Day. Much Love, MOM DR. MARK D. LUDWICK Congratulations, A Title You Have Rightfully Earned And Deserve. We Are Proud Of You. We Love You! BROTHERS: BRIAN, DEAN AND DAVID AND YOUR FAVORITE SISTER MARIA DR. MARK DAVID LUDWICK Congratulations Good Luck And Much Success. Love, NAN-NAN POP-POP DR. MARK D. LUDWICK We're Very Proud Of You. Congratulations! Our Love, SUSAN, MOM AND DAD HIPP TOM, CAROLYN AND BOB 204DR. MARC N. UPTON You Always Put Your Best Foot Forward . . . But Today We're Prouder Than Ever — Our Shoes Off To You!!! Love, MOM, DAD, MICHELE, SAM TOOTSIE DR. JOHN MAST Congratulations John On Your Graduation. The Family Is Happy For Your Success. Love, MARTIN MOHLER FAMILY , DR. KEITH MOBILIA You Have Always Made Us Feel Proud But Especially Today We Are Happy To Share In Your Graduation. We Wish You A Life Of Happiness. Love Always, MOM, DAD, DONNA THOMAS DR. DENNIS J. O'BRIEN Congratulations, We Wish You Success And Happiness In All You Do. Love, MOM, DAD ALL THE FAMILY 205DR. KENNETH F. MALKIN We Are Proud To Share This Special Day With You And Express Our Loving Wishes For A Bright Future. Congratulations, Good Luck, And Above All, . . . Happiness In All You Do. All Our Love, MOM, DAD, DAVID AND THE KRANZ FAMILYDR. KATHRYN LEEDS MEININGER Congratulations And Good Luck!! We Are All So Proud Of You!! Love, MOM, POP, DEBBIE, DENNY, DIANE, MICHAEL, MARY, REBECCA, MARY LIZA 207DR. KATHRYN LEEDS ’ MEININGER Congratulations Wife, Mother, And Finally, Doctor. The Last 8 Years Have Been Filled With Patience, Determination, And Hard Work. Now It's "Miller Time"! Love. JOHN JENDR. KATHRYN LEEDS MEININGER Look To This Day! For It Is Life, The Very Life Of Life With Love And Pride, MUM AND DAD CONGRATULATIONS, KATH May You Cherish Your Yesterdays, Dream Your Tomorrows, But LIVE Your Todays. Love, ELLEN AND CAM TO KATHI Warmest Wishes For A Future Filled With New Dreams, New Joys, New Horizons. Best Of Luck, CASEY AND BARRY J09DR. JAMES HOWARD We Are All So Proud And Glad There Is A Doctor In The Family. Congratulations And All Our Love, JACK, MARILYN, MARK, CAROL, PERRY AND LYNN. HOW DO WE SPELL RELIEF? Graduation Of DR. JAMES H. MINTZER We Are Very Proud Of You, All Our Love, DAD, MOM AND ALISA JODI AND EVANDR. ELAINE A. O'DONNELL Congratulations On Your Day! All Our Love And Best Wishes For A Wonderful And Happy Future. MOTHER, DANNY, MARIPAT DR. WILLIAM G. OLISCHAR Congratulations On Your Graduation. Here's To A Bright Future. Love, MOM, DAD KAREN Dr. Vito Petruzzella No Words Could Express The Joy We Feel For Your Great Accomplishment Congratulations And Good Luck!! Love Always, MOM DAD 211 Wc takcctraatpribd in cottarcttulaitng xjoat,a£ woitScjtit gour career t n Recutita mtnteint fiau ©oiilesstjoat tinlff ccejss altDaij 2lTc loaetfoit, _ 91tom aifi 2)afi. 212Dr. Daniel Roche To My Life Time Partner — For All Of Your Hard Work And Sincere Dedication To The Podiatric Profession, I Wish You A Future Filled With Success. Love, VICTORIA TO: DR. DANIEL J. ROCHE, JR. "May Your Future Be As Wonderful As You Have Made This Day For Us." Congratulations On Your Graduation. We're Proud Of You. With All Our Love, MOM DAD 214Dr. Nicholas Mark Romansky Congratulations On A Job Well Done. We Always Knew You Could Do It! Here's To A Successful Future. Love From MOM DAD And Especially From NORMA. DR. ROBERT I. RUSSELL To My Husband And Best Friend Who I Have Watched Over The Past Four Years Pursue A Dream, Which Is Now A Reality. Congratulations! DR. ROBERT I. RUSSELL Congratulations-We Are Very Proud Of You, Julie Andrew. Here's To The Beginning Of A Wonderful Future. Love, MOM, DAD, RICHARD JOHN 215 Andrew And I Love You!IN HONOR OF DR. RITCHARD C. ROSEN Men See In Their Dreams Only That Which Is Suggested By Their Own Thoughts...... A Dream Of Yours Has Come True And Your MOM DAD are Very Proud Of You! Love To You And Stacey We Are Pleased From Heel To Toe, Our Brother Has Made It As A Pro. Below Our Knees Can Be Fixed Now That You Are A Podiatrist! Mazel Tov, Love, JOEL, MITCHEL ERICDR. GEORGE SCOTT Congratulations! During The Last Eight Years, You Have Been A Hardworking, Dedicated Student Plus A Wonderful, Thoughtful, Loving Husband And Father. We Are So Proud Of You. We Love You. Your Loving Wife And Son, EILEEN GEORGIE Congratulations We Knew You Could Do it DR. GEORGE J. SCOTT NANCY KENT SCOTT Congratulations DR. GEORGE JOHN SCOTT From Two Parents Who Love You Mom DadDR. GEORGE SCOTT Success Come In Many Forms, The Most Rewarding Form Is By Hard Work, Dedication, Love, Understanding And Compassion. In The Time We Have Known You, There Is No One Else Who Is As Dedicated, Or Who Works As Hard Or Who Has The Compassion For His Fellow Man. With These Ingredients Blended With Your Knowledge, Success Is Inevitable. It Has Been Our Pleasure To Be Your Family! May We Always Be Close To You. Congratulations, We Wish You Every Success, With All Our Love And May God Bless You And Your Family. MOM DAD REED MARY, JAY HELENE NANA, AUNT CATHY, AUNT MAUREEN AUNT HELEN. DR. EDWARD A. SCHWARTZ Congratulations . . . For Putting Your Best Foot Forward Good Luck, Love — MOM, DAD, JOE, MELISSA DR. JAMES B. STOWERS There Have Been Mountains In Our Way, But We Are Taking A Step Each Day. Brad, We Always Had Confidence In You And Always Will. Just Remember, "Everything Good Takes Time." Look At Us. Loving Every Minute With You And Always Will. JANICE LOVE YOU DADDY! JASONDR. SUSANNE N. SOLOMON A Major Goal In The Ladder Of Success Has Been Completed. We Are Both Proud To Share The Accomplishments Of Your Childhood Dreams. May Our Congratulations Add an Extra Touch Of Happiness To This Special Time For You. We Extend Our Many Wishes For Your Good Luck And Continued Success Toward A Wonderful Future. May God Grant You Many Blessings And Many More Happy Years!! Love Always, MOM DAD 219DR. SUZANNE M. SMITH Take One Giant Step Into A Fulfilling Future Congratulations And Love, MOM AL BRIAN DOUGLAS AND ALL THE SMITHS. DR. ILENE S. HALPERN TERRELL The Family Joyously Shares With You This Important Day — The Achievement Of Your Life-Long Ambition. Heel To Toe Away You Go To A Successful Future Love Forever DAD, MOM, MARSHA, ANDREA 220DR. MICHELLE M. URBANEK Success, Happiness, A Beautiful Life Congratulations! Much Love, MOM, DAD, CHRIS, JANET DAVID DR. MICHAEL WERNER Congratulations Son! May Happiness And Success Fill Your Life. Love, MOM DAD DR. STEVEN ZICHICHI Congratulations, Good Luck Love, MARY JO AND DAD 221THE AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF PLASTIC AND RECONSTRUCTIVE FOOT SURGERY O. Theodore New, D.P.M. DABAFS, President CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1984. MAY YOUR NEW LPROFESSION ENRICH AND FULFILL YOU AND MAY YOU IN TURN ENRICH PODIATRIC MEDICINE 222bach-simpson limited LONDON, ONTARIO, CANADA. Since 1966.......The World’s Most Advanced Doppler and Medical Electronic Equipment fOAe 0° U TS261 RECORDER °0A BVM 30 B(-D.RE TZ CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF ’84 NIGHTINGALE MEDICAL LIMITED PHILADELPHIA., PA. 19135 (215)333-2506 bach-simpson limited U.S. Representative 0 e ass 1984 3%est wishes ujjon youz yzaftuation an$ may youz hutuze in 'po'hiatzy always be ul illiny. Sheldon Langer, d.p.m.. f.a.c.f.o., President and Chief Executive Officer Justin Wernick, d.p.m., f.a.c.f.o.. Executive Vice-President Michael Polchaninoff, d.p.m., f.a.c.f.o., Vice-President, Professional Technology, Inc. Patricia A. Padula, d.p.m., f.a.c.f.o.. Director, Langer Gait and Posture Analysis Centers Paul Jordan, d.p.m.. Director, Clinical Research and Development Glenn A. Ocker, d.p.m., f.a.c.f.o.. f.a.C.f.s.. Director, Podiatric Medical Services West Barbara Resseque, d.p.m.. Clinical Research Consultative Services Jeffrey Cusack, d.p.m.. Clinical Research Consultative Services The Langer Biomechanics Group, Inc. • Langer Onhotic Laboratory. Inc. • Langer All-Sports Research Laboratory. Inc. • Biomechanics Research Laboratories. Inc. • Professional Technology. Inc. • LangerGaitandPostureAnalysisCenters. Inc. • Langer Orthotic Laboratory (U.K.) Ltd. • Langer AustrallanPodiatryServlces Where knowledge makes the difference and technology makes it work.” 21 East Industry Court, Deer Park, New York 11729 2951 D Saturn Street, Brea, CA 92621 22 Vans Mer “ULTRA LONG DISTANCE” RUNNING SHOE REMOABLE NSOLE TO ACCOMMOGATE ■ORTHOTCS OR MANUFACTURED SPACE ACCOMMODATION! MODEL 252 MENS- SIZES 2V, THRU 16 WIDTHS-AAAA THRU EEEEE BOTH STYLES V , AVAILABLE A' a FOR MEN AND WOMEN MODEL 352 WOMENS - SIZES 4 THRU 14 WIDTHS-AAAA THRU EEEEE A New Custom Fit Service From These corrections may be ordered by prescription only through your local participating VANS dealer. Custom Fit brochure available. For further information you may contact: VanS P.O. Box 729. Anaheim. CA 92805 Attn: Randy Notko 714 772-8270 225THE PDM “BACK TO BASICS" SERIES It you think quality'' and “economy" are mutually exclusive terms, lake a clow look at the PDM Back to Basics" chairs. from the hali-mth thick steel pedestal base to the heavy duty steel trained upper structure, these chairs are made tor comfort and durability. For example, the tastefully upholstered cushions are removable for tuture returbishmg And it you ever decide you want some of the “extras" the upper structures are wired and engineered to allow the addition of our lull power medical base. Starting at under $2,000 (with our special promotions), the only thing basic about these chairs is the price. Everything else is in a class by itself Please call 1 800 45 J-8474 (toll-free) for more information and prices P S Don't miss our special summer promotion, featuring our free £2142 stool (Value $3 X)) Ottered with the graduate students and residents in mind UVIH A Health Chair Croup Company ■ tNTfMAoa 2h0l South 2700 West Salt Lake City, Utah 84119CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1984 Our Sincere Best Wishes For A Long And Successful Career. ARCHCRAFT LABORATORIES (Creators Of Custom Foot Orthotics) For 45 Years We Have Been Satisfying Our Customers, We Can Do The Same For You. FLeisher Bldg. 26th Reed Sts. Philadelphia, PA. 19146 (215) 5634900-01CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1984 Best Wishes, ALUMNI ASSOCIATION OF THE PENNSYLVANIA COLLEGE OF PODIATRIC MEDICINE 228Chicago Medical Equipment Company 300 Wainwright Drive Northbrook, Illinois 60062 SERVING PODIATRY EXCLUSIVELY Headquarters 300 Wainwright Drive Northbrook, Illinois 60062 Pennsylvania Regional Representatives: Kim Cook Mike Moscow Western Regional Showroom: 2400 Westborough Blvd. Suite 200 S. San Francisco, California 92080 Toll Free Hotline: 800 323-5110 Illinois Customers: 800 942-5860 the pedinol pride... fungoid creme solution Topical treatment lor fungus yeast, and bacterial infections of the skin hydrisinol creme Si lotion Emollient skin softeners. fungoid tincture Anti-fungal agents for nail beds and grooves. ureacin-IO S ureacin-2Q Aias ,n 'em0VBl 01 salactic film Aids m removal ol Hyperkeratotic tissue Verrucae pedi-boro soak paks Astringent wet dressing. pedinol pharmacal inc. Servicing the PODIATRIST and his patients 110 Bell Street. W Babylon. L.I.. N Y. 11704 Phone (516) 293-9500 A 229Of Service To Podiatry SCHERING CORPORATION Galluping Hill Road Kenilworth, N.J. 07055 Phone (201) 951-2000 The Difference Is In House Podiatrist Corrective Plaster Method State Of The Art Materials Used Trained Lab Technicians Excellent Turn Around Time Courteous Service Eastern Podiatry Laboratories, Inc. 60 Artie Parkway Trenton, NJ 609-392-1144 Robert Pagano-General Manager 230MAYFLOWER PODIATRY SUPPLY COMPANY INCORPORATED Serving The Podiatry Profession Exclusively NATIONWIDE SALES AND SERVICE Scholastic Discounts On All instruments Supplies SENIORS - RESIDENTS SPECIAL PACKAGES FOR NEW OFFICE SETUPS WITH GUARANTEED PRICES Putting your best foot forward starts at Podo Medical. Are you a now doctor just starting out? PODO-MEDICAL can pul you on thal road to success with quality merchandise, personalized service and prices lo tit a new doctor's tight budget Whatever your podiatry needs, trom an otlice lull of equipment tocolton swabs, PODO-MEDICAL has it all lor you podo-meoical-We start you off on the right toot And keep you going. medical SUPPLY CORP. 42 Mam Street • Monsey. N Y 10952 (914) 356-1948 (212) 562-5757 Call Toll Free: (800) 431-2320 JOLL FREE Jericho. New York 1 -800-645-3000 Los Angeles. California Distributors of the finest equipment, instruments and supplies ABACUS is the LEASING SPECIALIST for the DOCTOR! Tm OPENING OR EXPANDING YOUR OFFICE? 100% tax deductible while leasing the latest equipment; then own it at the end of your lease. ■ FOR THE INVESTMENT -MIN DED DOCTOR: Recycle your depreciated equipment for additional cash flow through lease-back (limited to California residents only). ■ Contact ABACUS to make the smart move. You’ll find our competitive rates hard to beat! ABACUS LEASING COMPANY INCORPORATED 10727 feramount Boulevard Oowney, California 90241 TTTTTT1 ffTTTfl Call Collect: 213 213 Out of State Toll Fret: 800 8699955 862-6546 ; 6624380 STOP CAST ITCH lid'fv ShitlflfO To MoiJei 173 CC V • . Men's Shielded toe Model 1 5 CG Sl»nU»' 3 nG tfeeMM to fr XUHi tor botn men r j women l»Ur ItOCAM - no If fi Of f-t lj (worn on ntn t foot) jna mto n tfwee iutt only with the REECE Orthopedic Shoe The Reece Orthopedic Shoe ends the constant scratching problem of foot casts The Reece Shoe offers many of the advantages of cast protection with more freedom and less discomfort You and your patients will find the Reece Orthopedic Shoe far more satisfactory than a cast for many broken or crushed foot bones and dislocations It provides better post-operative care tor most cases of foot surgery and aids in the treatment of burns, sprains, athlotc s toot and bursitis The Reece Shoe is far easier to administer lhan a cumbersome cast and more readily accepted by pationts So. stop scratching use the Reoco Orthopedic Shoe tor superior comfort, mobility, and ventilation For more information and sample snoe. ask your equipment dealer or write to REECE WOODEN SOLE SHOE CO. Columbus. Nebraska 68601 PODIATRY SUPPLY EQUIPMENT CO. "IN STEP WITH YOUR NEEDS SINCE 1932 ' Nationwide Sales Service Call Toll Free: 800-321-1348 6430 Eoiilond Road Brook Pork, Ohio 4142- 1379 Phone (216) 243-3700 The Oldest Podiatry Supply Company in the U.S.A. OFTEN IMITATED.. NEVER DUPLICATED! Look for The • Your Symbol of Professional Quality At Sopp-V Mouses $n 50 Oozon or Wr.te M-F Athletic P O Box 8188 Cranston. Rl 02920 M-F Heel Protectors The Original Heel protector First In Quality. Lowest in Price Coll toll-free 800-556-7464 in RI 942-9363 Z o _j u. u. D CO ui Z Z U) o o o § 5 Tru-Mold® Shoes provides the best accommodation for problem feet. Excellent for diabetic and arthritic feet, and other deformities. For information, please contact: TRU-MOLD SHOES INC. 1695 Elmwood Ave. Buffalo, N.Y. 14207 Tel. (716) 874-3474 TRU MOLD SMOES.iNCOOPC«ATeO 232cAtlantic Financial Federal W OUR NUNttttS THERE 6 STRENGTH Home Office 50 Monument Road. Bata Cynwyd. Pa 19004 Local Divisions of Atlantic Financial Federal: COMMUNITY l±l±M FEDERAL 8AVING8 [ 31 METROPOLITAN FEDERAL SWINGS Provident Savings Assn. BE ACCURATE BE ARTICULATE BE AWESOME LOUIS P. ZULU, D.P.M Archway Sandwich And Pizza Shop Our Famous Hoagies And Double Steaks Pizza With Homemade Sauce And Fresh Dough Take Out Service 923-6106 DR. GREG CORMIER Greg- I Know How Much You Wanted This And How Hard You've Worked Toward Realizing Your Dream. Your Compassion And Deep Sense Of Committment Will Ensure Your Success. My Love And Respect For You Continue To Grow Each Day-I'm Very Proud To Be A Part Of Your Life. Congratulations! LOVE, BOBBIDR. GREG CORMIER, D.P.M. Congratulations, Greg! One Man's Accomplishments Become A Family's Pride. LOVE, UN JOHN NAN PAUL LORI KEVINDR. DAVID BLUMFIELD Congratulations To Our Son The Doctor. We Always Knew You Would Make It And We Are Very Proud! LOVE, MOM DAD DR. DAVID BLUMFIELD Congratulations Big Brother! We Know You Will Be A Great Doctor Because You're There When We Need You. LOVE, HELENE MARC DR. GREG CORMIER Congratulations Greg As You Endeavor On To Your Life's Dream. LOVE, DAD MARYANN 235CONGRATULATIONS DR. DAVID LEE BLUMFIELD Continue Always To Be The Best, And With You Goes My Love And Best Wishes TRICIA Dr. Thomas E. Brooks III (Dr. Daddy) This Day Makes All The Hard Times Of The Past Four Years Well Worth It. We Are So Proud Of You! Congratulations From All Of Us: joni, Murphy, Fat Cheekies, Roo Bird, Gram Frank, Dad, Lois The Wellivers, Rea, Gram Feister, Momma Pappy Gilbert, Hollis, The Ermishes, The Boss And Mom Brooks All The Brooks Family PATRONS Dr. Mrs. James E. Bates Dr. J. Christopher Connor, D.P.M. Judy Rae Churchill, Ph.D. Ken Ann Francis Dr. Mrs. Richard Kwasnik Dr. Harvey Lemont, D.P.M. Dr. Arthur E. Helfand, D.P.M. Dr. William Martin, D.P.M. William And Lovina Mast Dr. Mrs. Howard S. Pitkow Beverly J. Poulson Helen Prior Mr. Mrs. Robert Prior, Jr. Dr. Mrs. Paul Quintavalle, Jr. Dr. Clare Starrett, D.P.M. Ms. Thorstensen Dr. John H. Walter Jr., D.P.M. Dr. Joseph N. Uricchio, D.P.M. Dr. H. Schoenhaus Dr. R. JaymT Ww imm'in' vr »•

Suggestions in the Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine - Achilles Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) collection:

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